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Tuesday, 21 November


25 Most Shocking Medical Mistakes, and How You Can Protect Yourself Waking Times

Dr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

Hospitals are typically thought of as places where lives are saved, but statistics show theyre actually one of the most dangerous places you could possibly enter.1,2 Each day, more than 40,000 harmful and/or lethal medical errors occur, placing the patient in a worse situation than what they came in with.3

According to a 2013 study,4,5 preventable medical errors kill around 440,000 patients each year more than 10 times the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes. A 2016 study6 calculated the annual death toll to be around 250,000.

Medical Mistakes Are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

Either way, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., and have been since at least 2000, when the late Dr. Barbara Starfield published her shocking conclusion that doctors kill 225,000 patients each y...


Berto Jongman: How algorithms are pushing the tech giants into the danger zone Public Intelligence Blog

Berto Jongman

How algorithms are pushing the tech giants into the danger zone

The algorithms Facebook and other tech companies use to boost engagement and increase profits have led to spectacular failures of sensitivity and worse. How can we fight back?

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Monday, 20 November


Is it time to move India's capital to escape the smog? RSS feed from

Drastic measures are needed to combat Delhi's air pollution. Moving the national capital may be one of them.


Three hunters shoot themselves on gun deer opener in Wisconsin Signs of the Times

Three hunters shot and wounded themselves on the opening day of Wisconsin's gun deer season. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Recreational Safety Warden Mark Little says the first happened in Brown County about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. A 49-year-old man was working on his firearm when it discharged into his right ankle. The second happened after 9 a.m. in Forest County. A 49-year-old Crandon man was sitting in the cab of his truck when he saw a deer. When the hunter went to move his rifle, it went off, sending a bullet through his legs and then the truck's seat and door. WSAW-TV reports the third incident happened in Shawano County. A 51-year-old man bent over and his holstered handgun fired, hitting his leg. The season runs through Sunday, Nov. 26. Source: AP


The Montreal Protocol: triumph by treaty RSS feed from

The Montreal Protocol on the ozone layer, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is one of the most successful international treaties ever struck.


10-year-old boy found dead after crocodile attack in Malawi; 2nd such incident locally in 3 months Signs of the Times

The body of a 10-year-old boy who was attacked by a crocodile was discovered in the Southern African country of Malawi on Saturday, police said. Owen Sanudi was attacked by the reptile while he was swimming with friends in the Shire River, which passes through Liwonde National Park, police spokesman Davie Sulumba said. "The deceased was attacked by a hungry crocodile and he drowned in the river," said Sulumba. "Post-mortem results from Machinga District Hospital proved that the death was due to loss of blood and suffocation." The incident was the second death caused by a crocodile in the district within three months, a situation linked to lack of prey for the crocodiles, Sulumba told the German Press Agency (DPA). Reports have suggested that Malawi's decision to join the International Convention on Endangered Species (CITES), which limits the culling of crocodiles, has led to a rise in their numbers. Source: DPA


Twenty Years after Castoriadis, one Hundred Years after the October Revolution Lefteast

Source: Le Monde Diplomatique.

Editors note: this text has been published in cooperation with the web journal dVersia / d, where it first appeared. The text is also available in Bulgarian.

Two consecutive events in Sofia at the end of September 2017 one on the 27th at Sofia University and another one on the 29th at Fabrika Autonomia gathered radical activists, scholars and others involved with social and political issues, to commemorate the heritage left by Cornelius Castoriadis on the twentieth year after his passing. The way we as dVERSIA saw it, the discussions sought to provoke deeper reflection regarding the complex nature of imagination as a force in history and of history-based praxis in the light of the struggles of today.

The following interview with Nicos Ioannou (political journalist) and Alexandros Schismenos (philosopher, PhD) activists and scholars of Castoriadis is meant to provide further food for thought. Our belief is that in Bulgaria (but also throughout the whole of the post-communist world, if not further beyond) theres an urgent need for critical reflection of the past which simultaneously keeps the idea of the political and the urge for social transformation. This is where radical political theory gets in, becoming a challenge of utmost importance. And this is where these two temporal occasions the 20th anniversary of Castoriadis passing and the centenary of the October revolution come to aid our efforts in their own significances, clashes and interpellations.

Ivaylo Dinev and Stanislav Dodov

Looking at the political context, what is the importance of Castoriadis work and what can we learn from him for todays struggles? And what is your take on todays big trends in social imaginary judging by what social movements are achieving?

Nicos Ioannou: Castoriadis teaches us how to interpret the activity of the social imaginary. In order to imagine, to achieve radical social transformation, we need to speak about the fundamental, basic elements of every society. And...


Insulin, not cholesterol, is the true culprit in heart disease Signs of the Times

About 80 percent of the cholesterol in your body is made internally, primarily by your liver. The remaining 20 percent comes from your diet. If you consume less, your body will compensate by making more, and vice versa.By themselves, total cholesterol and LDL are virtually useless predictors for cardiovascular disease. However, elevated LDL may be a good marker for insulin resistance.Evidence suggests high total cholesterol and even high LDL are insignificant when trying to determine your heart disease risk. Your best predictor is your insulin sensitivity The video above, "The Fat Emperor: Insulin Versus Cholesterol," features Ivor Cummins, a biochemical engineer with a background in medical device engineering and leading teams in complex problem solving. In 2013, Cummins ran into health problems. His serum ferritin was very high (which is a potent risk factor for heart disease), as were his liver enzymes. After consulting with three different doctors, he realized none of them really understood the root cause of these problems, or how to address them. As a result, he delved into the medical literature, found the problem and reversed his abnormal test results. He also dropped 35 pounds in the process.


Minor damages after earthquakes 6.2 and 5.8 hit Ecuador coast Signs of the Times

Emergency service cameras caught the moment when the earthquakes hit the Ecuadorean coastal towns. Two earthquakes shook the coastal area of Ecuador on Friday, leaving several structures damaged. A first 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Guayaquil at 8:40 a.m. local time and was felt strongly in other provinces. It was recorded to have a depth of 47.11 kilometers. The earthquake occurred 20 minutes before a simulation exercise was planned in that city to prepare citizens on how to deal with these types of emergencies. On the same day, at 11:23 p.m. local time, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Balao in the same province, Guayas. The quake was closer to the surface, with 8.4 km of depth. No deaths have been reported.


The transgender zealots are trying to destroy truth itself Signs of the Times

Most of these politically correct fads are just designed to wind us up and provoke us. For example, I now regret having wasted so much time trying to argue rationally about same-sex marriage. All the sexual revolutionaries wanted was an excuse to call me a bigot. They could then ignore everything I said, or tell lies about me, or both. It was a tiny issue. In 2014, for example, in England and Wales, there were 247,372 heterosexual weddings, and 4,850 same-sex marriages. Already there are several hundred same-sex divorces each year. Once the novelty has worn off, I suspect the numbers of same-sex unions will decrease, just as heterosexual ones are doing. The point - that the old ways are dead and gone - will have been made, and the campaigners will move on to something else. I once thought the same about the transgender issue. But the idea that people are whatever sex they think they are is a terrifying weapon in the hands of modern Thought Police. Whatever you say, you cannot possibly be right about this.


Kenya Supreme Court upholds re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta RSS feed from

Kenya's Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed the petitions challenging the validity of the 26 October presidential election.


How Asian nomadic herders built new Bronze Age cultures Signs of the Times

In wagons and on horses, Yamnaya pastoralists left their genetic mark from Ireland to China Nomadic herders living on western Asia's hilly grasslands made a couple of big moves east and west around 5,000 years ago. These were not typical, back-and-forth treks from one seasonal grazing spot to another. These people blazed new trails. A technological revolution had transformed travel for ancient herders around that time. Of course they couldn't make online hotel reservations. Trip planners would have searched in vain for a Steppe Depot stocked with essential tools and supplies. The closest thing to a traveler's pit stop was a mountain stream and a decent grazing spot for cattle. Yet, unlike anyone before, these hardy people had the means to move - wheels, wagons and horses. Here's how the journeys may have played out: At a time when rainfall dwindled and grasslands in western Asia turned brown, oxen-pulled wagons loaded with personal belongings rolled west, following greener pastures into central and northern Europe. Other carts rumbled east as far as Siberia's Altai Mountains, where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meet today. Families of men, women and children may have piled on board. Or travelers may have been mostly men, who married women from farming villages along the way. Cattle, sheep and goats undoubtedly trailed along with whoever made these trips, under the watchful guidance of horse riders. Wagons served as mobile homes while on the move and during periodic stops to let animals graze. These journeys, by people now known as the Yamnaya, transformed human genes and cultures across a huge swath of Europe and Asia. Yamnaya people left their mark from Ireland to China's western border, across roughly 4,000 kilometers.


Air Force Col. buys 24 billboards to expose cops who murdered his son Signs of the Times

Thirteen years have passed since one man's son was fatally shot by police officers, and he cannot rest until his family sees the men who shot and killed his son brought to justice. Unsatisfied with the turn-around investigation which, predictably, exonerated all of the officers involved, Michael Bell Sr. has now leased 24 billboards in and around Kenosha, Wisconsin, calling for an investigation into his son's death to be reopened. Lt. Col. Michael Bell (USAF, Ret.) lost his son, also named Michael Bell, 13 years ago. After a night of drinking, Bell was reportedly the soberest of his friends and drove his friend's SUV home early on the morning of Nov. 9, 2004.


A Partisanship Of The Heart: Interior Measures Towards A Re-Visioning Of Capitalisms Imperium Of Death Dissident Voice

According to a nationwide study conducted by the Center For Disease And Prevention (CDC) a greater number of US Americans died (approximately 65,000) from drug overdoses last year than were killed during the course of the Vietnam War.

All part and parcel of capitalisms war against life itself. The emotional and physical pain, anxiety, and depression inflicted by the trauma inherent to a system sustained by perpetual exploitation has proven to be too much for a sizeable number of human beings to endure, thus their need to self-medicate.

The root of addiction is trauma. The soul of the nation is a casualty of war. There is not an Arlington Cemetery for these fallen, no hagiographic ceremonies will be performed over their graves nor statues erected in memoriam. Their ghosts will howl through the long, dark night of national denial. Listen to their wailing. It is an imprecatory prayer. A curse and augurythat admonishes, our fate and the fate of the nation will convergeas the nation will stagger, keening in lament, to the abyss.

The solution: Within each of us swells a deathless song. Powerful. Resonate. Piercing. A song, miraculous of influence, plangent with the force to seize back your soul from the death-besotted spirit of the age. Let it rise from within you. Notice: how flocks of empires death birds scatter like ashes in the wind.

Yet it will not be possible to navigate around the cultural deathscape; we must walk through it and chronicle its serial affronts to our humanity:

You have to see that the buildings are anorexic, you have to see that the language is schizogenic, that normalcy is manic, and medicine and business are paranoid.

 James Hillman

Try this: Simply stand in the isle of a corporate, Big Box chain store or in the parking lot of a strip mall that squats, hideous, on some soul-defying, U.S. Interstate highway and allow yourself to feel the emptiness and desperation extant. The tormented landscape, besieged by an ad hoc assemblage of late capitalist structures, emporiums of usurped longing, reflects the desperate, rapacious nature of late capitalist imperium.

Compounding the pathos, the forces in play impose a colonising effect upon the mind; therefore, a large percent of the afflicted have lost the ability to detect the hyper-entropic systems ravaging effects. Stranded among the commercial come-ons and hyper-authoritarianism inherent to late stage capitalisms imperium of death, the human psyche, like the biosphere of our planet, subjected, at present, to humankind-wrought ecocide, has begun to display the terrible beauty of a nightmare. Internal weather has grown increasingly chaotic: the earths oceans and seas are rising; wildfires rage; drought scorches the earth. And conditions will grow increasingly inhospitable in regard to the flourishing of inner life, per...


Peter Sripols Home Built Electric Plane

I have a young son whos interested in aviation, so I knew about Peter Sripol from his FliteTest days. Peters segments were always our favorites on FliteTest because his builds were completely over the top. When I saw that Peter was building a real electric plane with R/C grade motors, 3D printed parts and stuff []


MSF challenges 'unmerited' Indian decision on pneumonia vaccine RSS feed from

MSF will urge India on Tuesday to remain the pharmacy of the developing world and re-think a decision that solidifies Pfizer monopoly on a critical pneumonia vaccine


FLASHBACK: Chomsky: Russiagate only serves as a distraction from the actual scandalous happenings in D.C. Signs of the Times

World-renowned intellectual giant and respected academic, MIT professor Noam Chomsky recently sat down for an interview called 'A Continuing Conversation with Geographers'. In the interview, he clearly makes his thoughts known regarding the Trump administration's ongoing media driven pseudo-scandal involving Russia, and specifically concerning Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer. Chomsky, the author of more than 100 books, including "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media," in which he breaks down how U.S. corporate media has been weaponized as a means of controlling public opinion by propagandizing the American people, didn't mince his words, previously noting: "It's a pretty remarkable fact that - first of all, it is a joke. Half the world is cracking up in laughter. The United States doesn't just interfere in elections. It overthrows governments it doesn't like, institutes military dictatorships." "Simply in the case of Russia alone-it's the least of it-the U.S. government, under Clinton, intervened quite blatantly and openly, then tried to conceal it, to get their man Yeltsin in, in all sorts of ways," said Chomsky. "So, this, as I say, it's considered-it's turning the United States, again, into a laughingstock in the world." "So why are the Democrats focusing on this?" he said. "In fact, why are they focusing so much attention on the one element of Trump's programs which is fairly reasonable, the one ray of light in this gloom: trying to reduce tensions with Russia? That's-the tensions on the Russian border are extremely serious. They could escalate to a major terminal war. Efforts to try to reduce them should be welcomed." "Just a couple of days ago," said Chomsky, "the former U.S. ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock, came out and said he just can't believe that so much attention is being paid to apparent efforts by the incoming administration to establish connections with Russia." He said, 'Sure, that's just what they ought to be doing.'" Continuing, Chomsky said, "So, you know, yeah, maybe the Russians tried to interfere in the election. That's not a major issue. Maybe the people in the Trump campaign were talking to the Russians. Well, okay, not a major point, certainly less than is being done constantly." "And it is a kind of a paradox," he said, "that the one issue that seems to inflame the Democratic opposition is the one thing that has some justification and reasonable aspects to it."


FLASHBACK: Volcanoes are erupting all over the place right now. Scientists have figured out why: A minute slowdown in the planet's rotation Signs of the Times

The Earth seems to have been smoking a lot recently. Volcanoes are erupting in Iceland, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mexico right now. Others, in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, erupted recently but seem to have calmed down. Many of these have threatened homes and forced evacuations. But among their spectators, these eruptions raise this question: Is there such a thing as a season for volcanic eruptions? While volcanoes may not have "seasons" as we know them, scientists have started to discern intriguing patterns in their activity. Eruptions caused by a shortened day The four seasons are caused by the Earth's axis of rotation tilting toward and away from the sun. But our planet undergoes another, less well-known change, which affects it in a more subtle way, perhaps even volcanically. Due to factors like the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, the speed at which the Earth rotates constantly changes. Accordingly the length of a day actually varies from year to year. The difference is only in the order of milliseconds. But new research suggests that this seemingly small perturbation could bring about significant changes on our planet - or more accurately, within it.


PLO's Dr. Ashrawi: U.S. is punishing the victim and not the perpetrator in Palestine-Israel conflict Signs of the Times

In response to media inquiries concerning the U.S. administration's refusal to extend the waiver of statutory restrictions on the General Delegation of the PLO to the United States in Washington D.C., PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi condemned such a move and said: "Instead of holding Israel liable for its persistent violations of international law and conventions, the U.S. administration and Congress are threatening to punish the Palestinian people because of statements made by President Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations and other leaders pertaining to ICC accountability for Israel and for its war crimes in Palestine. It is ironic that the U.S. is taking steps to punish the victim (the occupied) and not the perpetrator of the crime (the occupier).


UK MPs publish campaign group's evidence on Rohingya crisis RSS feed from

As EU and Asian foreign ministers meet in Burmas capital, a UK parliamentary committee has published a campaign group's evidence of EU complicity in the Rohingya Crisis.


Roy Moore case: Calls for arrest of attorney Gloria Allred over possibly forged signature in accuser's yearbook Signs of the Times

Following The Gateway Pundit's viral story on Judge Roy Moore's alleged signature inside accuser Beverly Young Nelson's yearbook, more evidence suggested it was a forgery. On Monday, CNN published photos of the signature showing two different inks. The signature says "To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, 'Merry Christmas.' Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House." Strangely, "To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, 'Merry Christmas.' Love, Roy," is written in black ink, while "Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House," is in blue ink.


Total Control: The FCC is about to let monopolies decide what local news you see Signs of the Times

What would happen if the politician you love to hate were indicted, but your local news didn't report it? No newspaper stories, no TV news, no radio news on the hour, nothing. Couldn't happen? Think again. The Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission will vote Nov. 16 to allow just one corporation to own the local newspaper plus nearly every commercial TV station in your town. Nifty way to reduce down to just one newsroom then dictate whatever information that corporation does - and does not - want you to know in this democracy. It's exactly what's happened with radio. Back in the day when lots of companies owned 40 radio stations, the broadcast industry made big promises that local information would be much more diverse if they could simply own many more stations. The 1996 Telecommunications Act resulted in a handful of corporations owning thousands of stations - and force feeding conservative programming down our country's throats ever since, no debate, no opposing opinions allowed. The Media Action Center showed during the Scott Walker recall in Wisconsin that "conservative" radio giants there gave millions of dollars in free airtime to the GOP candidate - while refusing to allow a single Democrat on the air at all. GOP operatives there still gloat about radio winning elections for them. After 21 years of this kind of divisive public policy, 60 million people listen to conservative radio, about the same number that voted for Donald Trump.


Rogue State George Monbiot

How the guardians of nationhood conspire in its destruction.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 18th November 2017

What is this country we are asked to love? This might once have been an easy question to answer. National identity was built around a range of institutions, considered to represent the national interest. Rebellion against them was characterised as treason. But one by one, these institutions have been subverted from within. Look to the top to see treachery at work.

The most obvious and most trivial example is the way in which the Crown has used investment vehicles based in offshore secrecy regimes to enhance its wealth. The Paradise Papers show that both the Queens investors (the Duchy of Lancaster) and Prince Charless private estate (the Duchy of Cornwall) have been conducting their affairs beyond the view of government. If the Crown mocks its own agencies in this way, why should anyone else respect them? But this, by comparison to other recent revelations, is froth.

Priti Patels engagements in Israel, which culminated in her professed intention to divert British aid money to the Israeli army in the occupied Golan Heights, raised the question of whose national interests she was representing, the United Kingdoms, or Israels? Its a question that could be directed at several British ministers and their departments. The governments of Saudi Arabia and the United States frequently appear to benefit from British decisions that seem more attuned to their interests than to ours. Brexit is likely to exacerbate this tendency.

We were promised that in leaving the European Union we would regain our sovereignty. But in abandoning an association based on equal standing, we expose ourselves to coercion by other nations. Our relationship with the United States, especially under the stewardship of the trade secretary Liam Fox, is likely to look like that of servant and master.

Fox, preposterously, is now the only official member of the UKs board of trade. The new trade bill grants him...


Mad Maxine Waters thinks she inspires people by calling for Trump's impeachment Signs of the Times

Thursday on Bloomberg, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), said when she calls for President Donald Trump to be impeached, she "inspires" people. Waters said, "Let me just say this - I have learned over the years that I have been in this business that there are few people who are willing to speak truth to power and to talk about what really is bothering our society and our democracy. It is not thought well of to step outside of that box. When I talk about impeachment, I described what I think about this president. I think he is deplorable. I think he defined himself in the campaign, the way that he mocked and mimicked a disabled journalist, the way he talked about grabbing women by their private parts, the way he called names of his peers. I think that is unacceptable. For people to allow this kind of behavior to be normalized is beyond what I believe our democracy should be all about."


Merkel may not rule after all: Coalition talks collapse, Germany may hold new elections Signs of the Times

The pro-business Free Democratic Party abruptly announced its exit from three-way talks to form the German government on Sunday, citing a lack of common ground. The setback may see Germany hold new elections, challenging Merkel's all but secured chancellorship. The chances for a so-called "Jamaica coalition" of Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU), the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens have worsened after the FDP slammed the door on exploratory talks late Sunday, with its chairman, Christian Lindner, saying that the party would rather not be in the government than agree with the terms of the proposed coalition accord. "Today there was no progress but rather there were setbacks, while the achieved compromises were questioned," Lindner said, following marathon 12-hour talks.


Something to hide? PR firm hired by Mandalay Bay owner MGM Resorts deletes replies to Twitter bots pushing 'crisis actor' conspiracy theories Signs of the Times

Why has the PR team hired by Mandalay Bay been pushing bogus conspiracy theories clearly meant to discredit legitimate inquiry into the Las Vegas shooting? In another strange twist to the largest mass-shooting in recent U.S. history, a damning report indicates that the parent company of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, MGM Resorts International, is paying crisis management firm Joele Frank to spread disinformation about the massacre online. According to a bombshell report, published by Thomas Michael on Medium, the crisis management firm is deliberately spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories on social media in an attempt to discredit legitimate inquiry into the bizarre official narrative - and actively trying to muddy the water about events surrounding the mass-shooting. Comment: Not quite. What Michael claims to have found is evidence that an employee of Joele Frank "made replies to" tweets made by others that push the 'crisis actor' nonsense. We can't see this evidence because, Michael says, the relevant replies have since been deleted.


And The Award For Dumbest Disguise on a Lebanese TV Shows Goes to Blog Baladi

Most of the drama shows on local TVs are an insult to our intelligence. Theyre poorly produced and are just there to fill air time. Even when there are decent producers involved, the acting is usually really bad, so bad that you cant help but laugh your ass off at scenes like the one below:

My question is: How stupid could you be to agree to play in a scene like this one? Couldnt they tell the guy wearing the wig to take out the wig and cap? How dumb do they think viewers are? Seriously?


British publicist Rob Goldstone who arranged infamous Trump Tower meeting says he exaggerated damaging information about Hillary Signs of the Times

The British publicist who set up a meeting between senior Trump campaign figures and a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer says he exaggerated an email promising damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Rob Goldstone also said he had accepted invitations to meet federal investigators examining allegations of Russian collusion with Donald Trump's election team. In an interview with The Sunday Times, he said he was keen to set the record straight about his role in introducing Mr Trump's son, Donald Jr, and other officials to a lawyer promising to "incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia" with "official documents".


Trump renews call for border wall after patrol officer dies in Texas CLG News

Trump renews call for border wall after patrol officer dies in Texas | 19 Nov 2017 | President Trump on Sunday reiterated his calls to build a wall along the country's southern border after a U.S. Border Patrol agent died from injuries he sustained on patrol in Texas. "Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt," Trump tweeted. "We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!"


Saudi Arabia Seeking Support To Deal With Irans Aggression Your News Wire

Saudi Arabia urged fellow Arab League nations to find a solution to deal with Iranian aggression during an emergency foreign ministers meeting in Egypt. The Arab League meeting was held at the request of Saudi [...]


Former Alabama mall manager says Roy More was not banned over harassment claims Signs of the Times

"But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall." The former manager of the mall in Alabama that some claim GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore was banned from dropped a bombshell in a recent interview with a local FOX affiliate station in Birmingham. Barnes Boyle, who managed the Gadsden Mall from 1981 to 1996, told WBRC FOX 6 on Wednesday that Roy Moore was not actually banned from the local mall for approaching teenaged girls. "Sure, it was part of the job," Boyle said. "We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall."

Former Alabama mall manager says Roy Moore was not banned over harassment claims Signs of the Times

"But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall." The former manager of the mall in Alabama that some claim GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore was banned from dropped a bombshell in a recent interview with a local FOX affiliate station in Birmingham. Barnes Boyle, who managed the Gadsden Mall from 1981 to 1996, told WBRC FOX 6 on Wednesday that Roy Moore was not actually banned from the local mall for approaching teenaged girls. "Sure, it was part of the job," Boyle said. "We did have written reports and things. But to my knowledge, he was not banned from the mall."


Fracking Earthquakes: Government sponsored scientist reveals link and cover up Signs of the Times

Hydraulic fracturing is a natural gas extraction method that has become extremely controversial for its environmental impacts. Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand, and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure, which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well. Wastewater produced from this process is highly toxic and filled with a variety of chemicals. In many cases, people who live near fracking sites have been able to set fire to the water and air that comes through their pipes. It has also been found to contaminate drinking water. Unfortunately, fracking is still somewhat popular publicly because people know very little about it and it is also popular politically because all of the politicians have a hand in it. Due to an increased prevalence of seismic activity in the vicinity of fracking areas, many activists have pointed that this process may cause earthquakes as well. While environmentalists have been hoping to raise awareness about this problem for years, new testimony from one of the country's top seismologists gives us a glimpse into why the scientific community has been largely silent about this issue.


NFL Hell: Kneeling backlash continues in week 11; empty seats plague multiple stadiums Signs of the Times

The NFL is still reeling from the kneeling backlash. Week 11 games have empty seats galore at stadiums across the league. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the New York Giants and there are many empty seats visible. "Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled. #GiantsPride," tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey.

NFL kneeling backlash continues in week 11: Empty seats plague multiple stadiums Signs of the Times

The NFL is still reeling from the kneeling backlash. Week 11 games have empty seats galore at stadiums across the league. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the New York Giants and there are many empty seats visible. "Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled. #GiantsPride," tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey.


Charles Manson, notorious psychopath and cult leader, dead at 83 Signs of the Times

Charles Manson, the demented cult leader who ordered seven people killed in August 1969 as part of a sadistic plot to start an apocalyptic race war, died Sunday night in California, according to a prison official. He was 83. The cause of death was listed as natural causes. Manson, who lingered near death for days after he was wheeled into a Bakersfield hospital surrounded by five uniformed cops, died at 8:13 p.m. local time. Department of Corrections spokeswoman Vicky Waters declined to identify who was with Manson during his final hours. Manson, one of the most notorious criminals in American history, was serving several life sentences at Corcoran State Prison when he fell ill. He was moved to the hospital for treatment. Instantly recognizable for the crude, self-carved swastika on his forehead, the sadistic mass murderer was a wannabe musician and unemployed felon before unleashing his bloody rampage as the messiah of a mostly female group of acolytes known as the Manson Family.


31 (8000?) Sealed Indictments In D.C? Terra Forming Terra

What we have here is speculation at the moment that arose a week ago while Trump was Overseas.  Other reports flushed out another 290 sealed indictments which may all be completely unrelated.  we simply do not know.

On the other hand the narrative does make excellent sense and  superior to what we actually have or have not been told.  Add in the statement made by a former insider that the NSA data has been processed by the DOJ for the past decade and we have ample likely cause for 290 sealed indictments.

Recall that data includes every phone call and email ever made.  Thus it has become possible to construct all the networks of folks who are self serving in a criminal manner.  This is no small matter when you consider that in the past such  investigations always needed a tip off for questions to be asked.

My central point here is that a massive housecleaning is completely plausible and definitely possible.  Add in Muellar and Trump carefully playing the media while this is going on and this is truly huge and likely about to happen.  It certainly kept the perps asleep with false hope until their interviews.  It will be the biggest sting in history.

So far Trump has consistently done better than i was able to imagine and executed better.  We are now waiting for the real boot to drop on those declared internal enemies of the State.  It is not his style to let things ride.

Hammer Of Justice Falls On Clinton Crime Family 31 Sealed Indictments In D.C. 

Baxter Dmitry 



The Fixers Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

Thanks for everything you do, Jehu. Jehu Garcia YouTube Via: Vice:



Great Britain's Nigel Farage is at it again, this time calling for an investigation of Darth Soros' influence within the European Union, according to

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EU attempts to coerce Turkey by reducing funding Signs of the Times

The European Union will cut funds allocated to Turkey due to the "deteriorating situation in relation to democracy, rule of law and human rights" there, according to a European Parliament (EP) statement. The bloc will shrink the so-called "pre-ascension funds" for Turkey by 105m euros ($124m) and suspend an additional 70m euros in the 2018 budget, the statement said on Saturday. Ankara is entitled to receive 4.45 billion euros from the EU between 2014 and 2020 in the framework of the bloc's "Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance". The Council of the EU and the EP, the two legislative institutions of the bloc, still need to formally approve the new budget.


LA Schools Lose 13,000 Students in 1 Year Following Mandatory Vaccination Law The Crazz Files

What do you do as a parent, when vaccines repeatedly proven to injure and kill are mandated for your children to attend public school?
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Exposing the SPACE FENCE Connecting the Surveillance and Transhumanist Agendas The Crazz Files

The Space Fence is a massive, planetary-wide, space surveillance system currently being constructed that aims to monitor you all the way down to your DNA. Read More


German coalition government talks failure Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

German coalition talks fail as would-be partner pulls out

19 November 2017

German coalition talks fail after a would-be coalition partner pulls out of negotiations. Latest developments create hurdles for Merkel to secure herself a fourth term.

By Peter Schwarz in Germany:

German government coalition talks stall

20 November 2017

After four weeks of talks, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Christian Social Union (CSU), Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Greens failed to reach agreement on a so-called Jamaica coalition by Thursday evening. German Chancellor and CDU leader Angela Merkel had set the November 16 date as the deadline for the conclusion of exploratory talks. Two months after the federal election, Germany remains without a new government, and it is entirely unclear when one will be established.

The negotiating teams separated early Friday morning after 15 hours of talks, having reached no agreement on any essential points in dispute. Several meetings of party committees organised to discuss the result were cancelled. The talks began again at midday on Friday, without a deadline for their conclusion being set.

The views on if and when an agreement will be reached diverge wildly. Deputy FDP leader Wolfgang Kubicki said, We are so far apart on the issues in disputeimmigration, combatting climate change, finance policy,...


Big Brother Is Here: Twitter Will Monitor Users Behavior 'Off Platform' After the Shift

In perhaps the most intrusive move of social media platforms' efforts signal as much virtue as possible and appease their potentially-regulating government overlords, Twitter has announced that it is cracking down on what it defines at hate-speech and not just by looking at its own site.
In what amounts to a major shift in Twitter policy, Mashable's Kerry Flynn reports that the company announced on Friday that it will be monitoring user's behavior "on and off the platform" and will suspend a user's account...


Vatican opens fresh probe into 'sex abuse' at school After the Shift

The Vatican has opened a new investigation into possible sexual abuse committed before 2013 at a private school in Rome for children destined for the priesthood, the Holy See announced Saturday ...


New CDC Guidelines: 5 Year-Old Can Receive up to 19 Vaccinations in One Month The Crazz Files

Close-up of a little black African ethnicity boy getting a medical injection as a vaccination.

by Christina England
Health Impact News

On November 12, 2017, Neil Z. Miller made an online announcement that was guaranteed to shock thousands of parents worldwide. Read More


Tax Cuts for the RichHallelujah! Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Tax Cuts for the RichHallelujah!
by Bill Bonner

Have we been too cynical? Yesterday, the House passed its big tax-cut bill. The Dow popped up 187 points on the news. A reporter asked us later: Will the Dow go to 40,000? Assuming a tax bill comes through the Senate and out of committee in more or less the same shape, it will be a bonanza for your editor. We are one of the people who will benefit most (relatively speaking). Most of our income is pass-through money from an S corporationand we need protection from estate taxes. Thank you, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan!

Federal parasites: In addition to helping us, Republican sponsors say it will increase growth rates and jobs. Hmmm How will it do that? Stimulus, of course. The bill will reduce federal tax revenues by $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years, says The Wall Street Journal. And the Tax Foundation says it will cut the feds income by $1.08 trillion. Meanwhile, th...



RJ Spina, Contributor
Waking Times
Many people who have already begun to question the very nature of their reality will inevitably come to the persistent yet illusory experience we call time. What is time? How does it work? And why do we experience it in the way that we do?
Some are concerned that we are running out of time both individually as well as collectively for our individual and planetary spiritual awakening. Some subscribe to the seemingly obvious notion that time is the enemy and the eventual death of all physical life. The unrelenting march of time traps us all in a downward spiral of entropy, decrepitude and eventual demise. This seems to be the current paradigm Humanity agrees to. And then there are those who simply desire to experience a better time, even for a moment, where chaos, confusion, greed, manipulation and a lack of awareness were not so pervasive.
Somewhere beyond all of this exits what truly is.



"Worst Case Scenario" Looms As Merkel's "Jamaica Coalition" Collapses; EUR Sinks After the Shift

We warned on Friday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a 'night of the long knives' in her efforts to bring together the co-called 'Jamaica' coalition of four parties and after a desperate weekend of talks, Bloomberg reports Merkel's efforts at forming a coalition have failed meaning a second election looms and sending the euro sliding.
As Bloomberg reports, talks on forming German Chancellor Angela Merkels next government collapsed, throwing the future of Europes longest-serving leader into doubt and potentially pointing the worlds fourth-biggest economy toward new elections.


8 minutes that will make you leave Islam Terra Forming Terra

8 minutes that will make you leave Islam YouTube

This resolves a serious question i had with the historic slave trade.  That must be defined best as  asking where are  the descendants of the fourteen centuries of African slaving?  This video resolves that issue.

It turns out that all men were castrated outright.  Worse, the dominant gender for the Arab trade were women who were all sold as concubines.    All pregnancies were ended by killing the new born.

It is thought that 11 million made it to the Americas to form their current populations.  At least twice as many were shipped into the Muslim world and no significant extent population exists.  In the same way, few white populations exist in the Arab world as well although white slaving was endemic until the eighteenth century.


Medical Destruction: Its Not Just Opioids Humans Are Free

Some people are just waking up to medical destruction, by way of news on the opioid epidemic (my article archive on Opioids is here).

Theyre late to the party, but thats all right. They can catch up.

Here are a few horrific catch-up quotes. Ill discuss the source afterwards:

appropriately prescribed prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of deathAbout 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the US and Europe.

They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more [6.6 million per year] hospitalizations, as well as falls, road accidents, and about 80 million [per year] medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble productivity or the ability to care for others.

Deaths from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.

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Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency Terra Forming Terra

Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency
 This is important.  The Mayan collapse has begged explanation for decades.  As well we also have significant coastal abandonment at other locales to explain.  Hurricanes solve the whole problem nicely.

After all since our recent bombardment, coastal construction is looking far too fool hardy.  Now imagine the frequency jumping to decadal rather than every century.  That is what happened and recovery became impossible as would happen with us as well.

We are also seeing how a poorly organized society gets on as well in Puerto Rico.  They are not too far from all been refugees..

Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency

Titanium-Gold Alloy: Physicists Combine Gold with Titanium And Quadruple Its Strength Terra Forming Terra

Sometimes nature simply surprises you.  This produces a super hard metal that can go into the body. 

Titanium does pretty well but this is much better.

All good to have.

Titanium-Gold Alloy: Physicists Combine Gold with Titanium And Quadruple Its Strength

IN BRIEFScientists from Rice University have discovered a titanium alloy that's better than titanium at being a medical implant, and it is four times harder than titanium and a vast majority of steels.


When it comes to bone replacements, the go-to material is still titanium. Hard, wear-resistant, and compatible to the body, titanium looks like the best alternative to actual bone, maybe even better. Who knew that you could improve the gold standard by just adding actual gold?

Rice University physicists have discovered that an alloy of titanium and gold is three to four times harder than steel, and may actually be better as a material for replacement body parts. The study, published in Science Advances, described the properties of an alloy of the two metals, a 3-to-1 mixture of titanium and gold, called Titanium-3. They found the alloy to be four times harder than titanium.

When they checked the biocompatibility and wear rate of the alloy, the researchers knew that it would rank high, since its parent metals are already biocompatible and used in medical implants. Surprisingly, Titanium-3 performed well over their expectations, actually being more biocompatible and wear resistant than pure titanium.




The Zoroastrian Texts of Ancient Persia & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations with graham hancock Terra Forming Terra

This information confirms reasons for the building of underground refugia throughout Anatolia and by extension, surely throughout Europe as well.  That they were forced to reside there for 150 years is shocking.  What is not explained is how folks were fed.

However, we also know that we are dealing with modernism in terms of their technology.  We have lighting panels mentioned and we must presume a food production infrastructure which was compact.  All this would have been extracted upon the abandonment of the refuge.

Longer life spans are also implied as well.

This report conforms with that of Noah and the Kolbrin bible as well.  Thus we have an organized society aware of the pending impact who goes underground in order to survive.  The tunnel work is not rough either and surely done using heat devices.  We would be hard put to do as well...

The Zoroastrian Texts of Ancient Persia & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations



How Microsofts Dona Sarkar Keeps Her Future Self On Track Fast Company

Whatever the opposite of FOMO is, I have that.

I believe that your dreams and your day job can coexist. I always have at least four projects going on at the same time, and I switch frequently between them. If Im struggling to work on a project for Windows Insiders, Ill write a chapter of a nonfiction book I am writing, or Ill sketch something from my fashion line, or Ill watch a short [tutorial] video.

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SoulCycles Julie Rice Wants To Whip WeWork Into Shape Fast Company

The shared-workspace companys new brand officer is putting its community to work.

There is perhaps no brand quite as beloved and parodied for its cult-like following as the stationary bike club SoulCycle. Now WeWork wants a bit of that mojo. The office-leasing company has coaxed SoulCycle cofounder Julie Rice, who was been enjoying a momentary pause since leaving the spin-class giant last year, to join on as chief brand officer.

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Leftist defeats Blairite in Scottish Labour leader election Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Scotland sadys adbout itself:

Richard Leonard | Real Change | 06/09/17

Richard Leonard lays out his vision.

By Conrad Landin in Scotland:

Socialist values the way back to power

Monday 20th November 2017

Resurgent Labour can retake Holyrood, says new leader Leonard

LABOUR can win control of the Scottish Parliament if it makes the case for a socialism rooted in values forged in the fire of daily struggle, Scottish Labours new leader Richard Leonard said on Saturday.

At an event in Glasgow, the party announced that left-winger Mr Leonard, a former trade union official who has served in Holyrood for less than two years, had won the backing of 56.7 per cent of the partys electorate.

He beat Anas Sarwar, a former vice-chairman of the Blairite faction Progress. Mr Leonard will succeed Kezia Dugdale and will become the Scottish partys sixth leader since it was ousted from government in Holyrood elections 10 years ago.

In a victory speech, Mr Leonard who was backed by most of Labours affiliated unions said being elected to lead a movement of socialism was a source of immense pride but also very humbling.

Our shared purpose is clear: to build again, to win...


Anomalous cold weather hits Central Siberia Signs of the Times

Temperature 10-12C below the climatic norm. Severe freezing has hit parts of Evenkia, Irkutsk and Yakutia. On November 19, the temperature fell to -40, -42C. It was even colder just east of Yakutia. In Ytyk-Kel and Churapcha, Teplyi Klyuch and Tompo, the thermometers showed -44 C, In Deliankir and Oymyakon -47C. In Yakutia, such frosts are fairly common at this time of year. But for Central Siberia, this is a serious temperature anomaly (italics added), because the average daily temperature for Nov 18 was 10-12C below the climatic norm. For tonight, forecasts call for heavy snowfall in Evenkia, with frosts dropping to -30, -35C. In the regions of Katangsky and Northeast is expected to be -33, -38C. On the night of Nov 20 in Yakutia, the temperature will be -38 to -43 C. Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link.


Charles Manson is Officially Dead at 83-Years-Old Awareness Act

Chances are you have seen at least one or two articles online about how Manson is either dead or dying, Right? I have seen at least three just on my timeline this week, but which is it?

News of Mansons bad health came just a few days ago on the 15th when TMZ made a post saying that it was just a matter of time before Manson passed. They claimed to have a source come forward who saying that Manson was hospitalized and his health was only getting worse. We know Manson was dealing with some health-related problems back in January since he was hospitalized for severe intestinal bleeding but was deemed too weak by doctors to get the surgery he needed to repair the lesion. TMZ was told that 83-year-old Manson looked ashen and was lying covered in blankets going through treatments and that it was just a matter of time. 

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation


Spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has now confirmed that Manson died at 8:13 PM (11:13 ET) November 19, 2017 at a hospital in Kern County. According to NBC News authorities called Debra Tate (sister of the actress Sharon Tate) at around 8:30 PM to inform her of this news. People everywhere know Mansons story and many have been fascinated with him for a long time. Manson has been the face of evil here in the US ever since the late 60s/early 70s, at 83-years-old despite many wishing his death sentence had been carried out long ago he is gone.

The statement released merely said as follows:

 Inmate Charles Manson, 83, died of natural causes at 8:13 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2017, at a Kern County hospital.



10 Things You Need to Know About Cheating Awareness Act

In life, cheating is something we are all going to be affected by at some point or another be it directly or not. In this day and age cheating is more common than staying loyal.

When it comes to cheating in a relationship there are things we need to be aware of. I think the list of things below should be known long before a relationship is ever even established. Cheating is not as black and white as most people think, what I find to be wrong may not be what you find to be wrong and that is okay. Personally, I do not believe any form of cheating is ever excusable.

10 Things You Need to Know About Cheating:

1. Just because your relationships is an unhappy one doesnt mean it is the cause of the cheating.

There is never any reason to justify cheating. If you are unhappy you get out of the relationship, point blank. Being unfaithful is what causes cheating not being unhappy. Plenty of unhappy people remain faithful to those they are promised to.

2. Just because someone cheats does not mean they are unhappy in the relationship.

Plenty of people cheat even when they have what most would call a perfect relationship. You can be the best girlfriend in the world and still get cheated on. As I mentioned in the number before this one whether or not someone is content does not change the outcome for the most part.

3. Women cheat too, it is not just something men do.

Sure, a lot of guys cheat, but a lot of women cheat too. It all boils down to each individual person and whether they would or would not. Gender does not matter as much as most people would like to think it does.

4. It is normal to be overwhelmingly out of your mind when it happens to you.

Dont let anyone ever tell you that you are overreacting, when someone cheats on you it is perfectly normal to go a little crazy. Betrayal of this stature can take a serious toll on us. Being cheated on can lead to anxiety, depression, and is seen as a form of trauma to some.

5. Cheating is not something that just happens.

Just because someone says it just happened doesnt mean it did. Cheaters use this line more than any other and it is complete bullshit. Life is not a porno, the delivery lady didnt just walk in and pull your cock out asking for your dick. You made the decisions to cheat and found someone to do it with.

Cheating requires careful planning and quick decisions making. There is nothing about cheating that just happens. Dont let any asshole tell you otherwise.

6. Just because someone feels bad about it doesnt mean they wont do it again.

Sure, this may sound a bit over the top, but once a cheater always a cheater. Cheating ruins trust and for me kills the relation...


Multiple Clergymen Busted in FBI Sting for Sex-Trafficking Children Humans Are Free

Exposing the breadth of pedophilia across the United States, three Ohio pastors have been indicted on charges of sex-trafficking children.

A federal grand jury indicted the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, the Rev. Anthony Haynes and the Rev. Kenneth Butler on conspiracy to sex-traffic children. The three men have all plead not guilty, according to the Associated Press.

The superseding indictment alleges that beginning in June 2014, the three men conspired and agreed with each other to knowingly recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide, obtain, maintain, patronize, and solicit a girl who was 14 years old at the time, as well as other minors to engage in paid sex acts, according to the Toledo Blade.

If convicted, prosecutors will seek life in prison for the men, Michael Freeman, an assistant U.S. attorney, told the Blade.

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 20, 2017 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 20 2017

Compiled 12:10 am EDT 20 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Nov. 19 2017 7:02 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2017

1. Marines in full combat gear arrived in Langley yesterday Nov. 18 with V-22 Ospreys and stormed into the CIA headquarters.

2. Several individuals running CIA operations were arrested on the spot.

3. There have been 1,800 Sealed Indictments and counting so far - although this figure was said to be not even close to the actual amount.

4. On a day to day basis meetings were taking place about the right time to begin the transition (to the New Republic).

5. The new monetary system and all of it's counterparts including the RV has been readied for activation.

6. The New Republic Government was fully operational.

7. We are on the verge of the transition.

B. Nov. 19 2017 6:36 pm EST TNT It is to Happen Mon, Dr. M J Randy: "It is to Happen" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts w/ RayRen98

1. I was told that a basket of nine (9) different foreign currencies would re-value tomorrow Mon, Nov. 20.



SOTN: JFK Assassination Plot Exposed with Multiple Co-Conspirators Identified Operation Disclosure

JFK Assassination Plot Exposed, Multiple Co-Conspirators Identified

Posted on November 18, 2017 by State of the Nation


JFK assassination evidence and cover-up points to the former C.I.A. Director as the black op overseer

Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles ran a virtual assassination headquarters at The Farm in November of 1963

State of the Nation

If there is one individual who could be considered the driving force (domestic) behind, and operational manager, of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Allen Dulles is the man. The quintessential point man.

Allen Dulles, Richard Bissell, President Kennedy, John McCone

Dulless fingerprints are literally all over the Dallas crime scene, as they are all over the C.I.A. cover-up that he once directed.

First and foremost, because only the Central Intelligence Agency could have pulled off such a high-profile hit, the former C.I.A. Director is clearly suspect #1.

Secondly, because only the C.I.A. could have successfully covered up the public execution for 54 years, Dulles is a key figure during the years following Kennedys assassination.
Just who was Allen Dulles?



(Video) Retired General Stubblebine on 9/11 Operation Disclosure

Comment: I started following Dr. Roma who blew the lid off Nazi codex which would kill massive amounts of people by starvation and nutrient deficiencies. This military man has been working side by side with Dr. Rima.

I have been following them since 2004.

Published on Feb 12, 2013

Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III is a retired Major General in the United States Army. He was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984, when he retired from the Army. He is also known for his interest in parapsychology.

Stubblebine graduated from the United States Military Academy and received a master's degree in chemical engineering from Columbia University.

[1] His active duty career spanned 32 years, and he is credited with redesigning the U.S. Army intelligence architecture during his command of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984.

Other U.S. Army commands that he led included the Electronic Research and Development Command (ERADCOM) and the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

[2] Stubblebine was a key person in the U.S. military invasion of Grenada and was, according to a report published by the Daily Mail, "at the heart of America's military machine".

[3] He is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

[4] Stubblebine appeared in the 2006 documentary "One Nation Under Siege"[2] in which he states, in relation to the attack on The Pentagon which took place on September 11, 2001: I look at the hole in The Pentagon, and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon, and I said "The plane does not fit in that hole. So what did hit the Pentagon?"


Avoiding Misery Can Take Decades La Paz Group


Thanks to Anthony Doerr for this opinion, which we tend to agree with:

We Were Warned

Boise, Idaho Twenty-five years ago this month, more than 1,500 prominent scientists, including over half of the living Nobel laureates, issued a manifesto titled World Scientists Warning to Humanity in which they admonished, A great change in our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet is not to be irretrievably mutilated.

They cited stresses on the planets atmosphere, forests, oceans and soils, and called on everybody to act decisively. No more than one or a few decades remain, the scientists wrote, before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost.

I was 19 years old when their warning was published and though I understood, in a teenager-y, Rainforest Rap sort of way, that humans were messing with the planet, the document freaked me out. It was so urgent, so dire. E. O. Wilson had signed it. Carl Sagan had signed it!



12 Photos That Prove You Have No Clue How Food Grows Awareness Act

Sure, we all know what our favorite foods loom like when they are ready to purchase but most of us wouldnt know what to look for when it came to the actual plant. Some of the most unexpected foods come from the weirdest looking plants.

Take a look at the list below and let us know which ones youve seen before. I cannot believe almonds look so weird before being harvested! I am sure some of these will catch you off guard, they sure did me!

12 Surprising Photos That Prove Most of Us Have No Clue How Food Grows:

1. Peanuts

Tessgarcia, Nebedaay

2. Cranberries

Bernd Haynold, Keith Weller

3. Pistachios



How Pie Became A Powerful Punchline In Political Provocation Fast Company

The rise and fall (and rise again) of dessert-based activism.

When Sean Thompson showed up at a farm-to-table dinner at Sacramento Charter High School in September of 2016, he was there to serve up some just desserts to Mayor Kevin Johnson.

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Ex-Facebook manager: The company cares about stopping negative press, not how its data is used Fast Company

The above allegation comes from Sandy Parakilas, a former operations manager on the platform team at Facebook, who worked for the company in 2011 and 2012. Writing an op-ed for the New York Times, Parakilas argues that Facebook cant be trusted to regulate itself in an age of fake news and forging governments using its

The above allegation comes from Sandy Parakilas, a former operations manager on the platform team at Facebook, who worked for the company in 2011 and 2012. Writing an op-ed for the New York Times, Parakilas argues that Facebook cant be trusted to regulate itself in an age of fake news and forging governments using its platform to influence elections. He comes to that conclusion because his experience at Facebook showed the company isnt interested in any kind of self-regulation.

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After Admitting to Secretly Experimenting on Troops, Army Refusing to Provide Them Medical Care Humans Are Free

In a testament to how the US government views its military service men and women, for decades, troops were used as experimental test subjects and doused with chemicals, injected with drugs, and otherwise treated like human guinea pigs leading to a slew of negative health effects.  When these troops simply tried to get care for the onslaught of medical problems brought on by these experiments the government told them to kick rocks. For decades, the military flat out denied medical care to those it injured through these unethical experiments. After being poked, prodded, and force-fed with everything from lethal nerve gases like VX and sarin to incapacitating agents like BZ, and given drugs like barbiturates, tranquilizers, narcotics and hallucinogens like LSD, soldiers were told that is what they signed up for and were offered no care after their end of active service. Read Entire Article


Germany has banned childrens smartwatches thanks to nosy parents Fast Company

The countrys telecoms watchdog, the Federal Network Agency, announced a ban on sales of childrens smartwatches that have a built-in listening system, the FNA announced in a press release. A number of childrens smartwatch makers offers an eavesdropping function on their smartwatches aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 12, which is designed

The countrys telecoms watchdog, the Federal Network Agency, announced a ban on sales of childrens smartwatches that have a built-in listening system, the FNA announced in a press release. A number of childrens smartwatch makers offers an eavesdropping function on their smartwatches aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 12, which is designed to help parents listen in on their children via a remote app. The problem is such a function could allow parents to listen to other peoples conversations if their children are nearbyand parents have been using them to do just that, according to FNA president Jochen Homann:

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"Butterflies..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"I think humans might be like butterflies; people die every day without many other people knowing about them, seeing their colors, hearing their stories... and when humans are broken, they're like broken butterfly wings; suddenly there are so many beauties that are seen in different ways, so many thoughts and visions and possibilities that form, which couldn't form when the person wasn't broken! So it is not a very sad thing to be broken, after all! It's during the times of being broken, that you have all the opportunities to become things unforgettable! Just like the broken butterfly wing that I found, which has given me so many thoughts, in so many ways, has shown me so many words, and imaginations! But butterflies need to know, that it doesn't matter at all if the whole world saw their colors or not! But what matters is that they flew, they glided, they hovered, they saw, they felt, and they knew! And they loved the ones whom they flew with! And that is an existence worthwhile!"
- C. JoyBell C.


Tsunami waves observed after 7.0 earthquake hits near France's New Caledonia Signs of the Times

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake has struck in the Pacific near the overseas French territory of New Caledonia, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reports. Tsunami waves have been observed after the quake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) reports. The quake was centered 82 km (51 miles) east-northeast of Tadine, on Mare Island, which has a population of over 5,600. The epicenter was 10 km (6 miles) deep. The numbers have been revised by USGS from earlier reports, which placed the epicenter 68 km from Tadine and 25 km deep, and reported its magnitude as 7.3. The PTWC has warned of "hazardous tsunami waves" possible for coasts within 300 km of the epicenter, which puts the Loyalty Islands archipelago, with a population of over 17,000, within range. It later issued a message saying tsunami waves "have been observed."


Londons buses are going to be powered by used coffee grounds Fast Company

The London-based company Bio-bean has partnered with thousands of coffee shops across the U.K. to collect their used coffee grounds and turn them into biofuel to help power Londons buses, reports Bloomberg. The used coffee grounds have a high oil content20% by weightmaking them perfect to mix with ordinary diesel to create the biodiesel fuel.

The London-based company Bio-bean has partnered with thousands of coffee shops across the U.K. to collect their used coffee grounds and turn them into biofuel to help power Londons buses, reports Bloomberg. The used coffee grounds have a high oil content20% by weightmaking them perfect to mix with ordinary diesel to create the biodiesel fuel. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to make biofuels that dont use food for fuel so as to not waste resources that can be used to feed populations. Besides used coffee grounds, companies are researching ways to also make biofuels from inedible plants and used cooking oil.

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ECB & the Coming Banking Crisis Armstrong Economics


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your post of November 16th where you state that the ECB is looking to freeze accounts in a banking crisis, does that mean they will no longer honour the claimed insurance of 100,000 per account?


ANSWER: No. They will not pretend to eliminate that insurance, they just will suspend it as a bank holiday. But you gloss over another problem. The insurance of  100,000 is NOT per account, but PER PERSON. So taking 1 million euro and spreading among 10 banks does not thereby provide insurance for the whole lot. The same is true in the USA. The ECB is proposing supplementing it with discretionary powers to suspend bank withdrawals. To say that the entire program will be terminated is an exaggeration. Nevertheless, it reflects the realization that the European banking system is in serious trouble. I recommend that Europeans should have a stash of cash, and if you have a lot of cash in your account, put some into dollars in the States before it is too late.


Warning About People Soliciting Money for Trading Armstrong Economics

It has come to our attention that there are individuals soliciting clients for money to trade on their behalf claiming they have mastered our system and will use it. These people have NEVER managed money and handing them money is no different than asking a cab driver to conduct surgery on you because he sounds like he knows something about medicine. Managing money is a difficult task, to say the least. It takes nerves of steel and every study has shown that someone who trades a small amount of money even successfully, loses money when they try to trade size. In fact, 66% of large-cap active managers failed to top the S&P 500 in 2016. Some 58% of hedge fund managers reported a decline in assets under management in 2016 and 63% of funds-of-fund firms also reported a decline in assets under management.

Handing money to anyone without a LIVE TRADING background is suicidal!!!!! Emotion will ALWAYS overrule their decisions when it counts most! This is why I have NOT endorsed anyone. I am at that stage in life that money does not impress me. I am interested in demonstrating that there is a better way to manage our economy and our future. This service is about trying help clients stay on the RIGHT side of the market. I need not push any philosophy religious or otherwise.

Life is a journey of learning. We have all made mistakes in life. If you learn from your mistakes, that is the path to wisdom. If you fail to learn, that is the path to ruin. Most losses take place in trading because people try to find a trade or they are listening to the TV. There is far more at stake here than personal OPINION. A trader who follows his opinion and tries to claim he is better than someone else is a total fool. Success requires always assuming you are wrong and that demands you constant recheck what you are doing. NEVER marry a trade or form an inflexible opinion.



Germany Moving Toward Political Crisis Armstrong Economics

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday her efforts to form a three-way coalition government had failed. Merkel only received 32.5% of the vote, which is probably the lowest vote of any major world leader. The FDP pulled out of negotiations thrusting Germany into a political crisis and ever closer to a possible new election.

Meanwhile, German hoarding of cash is escalating and the municipal level debt burdens are exploding in Germany accelerated by the refugee crisis. The entire game was to hide the debt crisis in Germany until after the elections. With the failure to form a government, new elections are appearing likely extending this Year from Political Hell and more of the truth will now begin to be exposed.

This is becoming the global political crisis that just will not go away. Politics around the world remains in turmoil and as our computer had forecast, this would contribute to the collapse in public confidence. Only then will we witness the dramatic moves our computer has projected. So hang on tight. We will be coming out of the eye of this storm.

The fate of the Euro hangs in the balance.


7 Ways To Turn Around Your Bad Day In A Few Minutes Fast Company

When crawling back into bed isnt an option, use these tips to turn your day around, pronto.

We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed, annoyed, and feeling like everything is going wrong at work. If you find yourself longing for your commute home, take a few minutes and use these expert and science-backed strategies to change your mood and your day.

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China Is Testing Weapons That Can Reach The US In 14 Minutes BlackListed News

A secretive hypersonic wind tunnel, nicknamed Hyper Dragon, is helping the experts reveal many facts that Americans have not found out, one Chinese researcher said in a propaganda documentary

USAID and Wall Street: Conflicts, Coups, and Conquest BlackListed News

In 1928 when the US-based United Fruit Company - now known as Chiquita Brands International - faced labor issues in Columbia, it had at its disposal Colombian troops which gunned down hundreds of strikers to maintain production and profits. Ensuring that Columbia protected "American interests" was the US State Department who hosted company representatives at the US embassy in Bogot, which in turn was in contact with Washington.

Charles Manson Dies; The World's Morbid Fascination With His Life Continues BlackListed News

Charles Manson, the mass-murderer and leader of the "drug-induced flock of followers " known as the Manson family died aged 83 of natural causes at 8.13pm on Sunday night. Although his followers committed the seven Tate-La Bianca murders in the summer of 1969, Manson was convicted of murder for directing them and was sentenced to death in 1971.


From the Shit You Could Not Make Up Part 122: Hillary Goes Nixon Shenandoah

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 23:50 ET

Just Fin wow.

Hillary is actually believing the nonsense her supporters promote, just like Nixon did.

Hillary Clinton actually claims the following (thanks to The Daily Caller for this one):

He didnt tweet about it, he got to work about it and he actually got it done


Listen you wicked bitch, it is sad enough you attack everyone who didnt vote for you, which by the way was a majority of the nation outside the shitholes of the Northeast and West Coast, but to say something so absurdly stupid demonstrates that not only were you less qualified to be President than Donald Trump (bitch-slap #1), but you are so ignorant of history and your husband that is pathetic (bitch slap #2).


Twitter was not invented until 2006.


God you are an evil ignorant piece of crap.

Just please just go the fuck away.


Despite Idealism, the Communist Mugabe in Zimbabwe was Not Deposed Due to Idealism Shenandoah

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 23:35 ET

This weekend the inte...


"The World..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The world is not respectable; it is mortal, tormented, confused, deluded forever;
but it is shot through with beauty, with love, with glints of courage and laughter;
and in these, the spirit blooms timidly, and struggles to the light amid the thorns.
- George Santayana


A Cherokee Proverb, "The Two Wolves" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, generosity, empathy, truth, compassion and faith. The grandson thought about this for a minute and then asked the grandfather, Which wolf wins? The old Cherokee simply replied, The one you feed.

A Cherokee Proverb


Bird of the Day: Ashy Woodswallow La Paz Group

Ashy Woodswallows by Gururaj Moorching - La Paz Group

Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Karnataka


Zimbabwes President Robert Mugabe has shocked the Nation by pledging to remain on as leader ! blogfactory

Zimbabwes President Robert Mugabe has shocked expectations that he would resign by pledging to remain on as leader of his ZANU-PF party in an address to the nation. That despite the party removing him as leader earlier in the day.

The partys Central Committee had given the 93-year old less than 24 hours to vacate his office or face impeachment. The move was an attempt to draw his lengthy reign to a close following a de facto coup.

However when he addressed the nation on Sunday, Mugabe made no mention of resigning.

In a long speech Mugabe vowed to preside over ZANU-PFs congress next month despite no longer being party leader.

The congress is due in a few weeks from now. I will preside over its processes, which must not be possessed by any acts calculated to undermine it or compromise the outcomes in the eyes of the public, he outlined.

The president said the failures of the past may have triggered anger in some quarters. He said this was quite understandable.

The chairman of the Zimbabwe War Veterans Association, Chris Mutsvangwa, who led the campaign to oust the worlds oldest head of state, said Mugabe, 93, is deaf and blind to the desires of the people. He added that plans to impeach Mugabe would go ahead as planned.

Mutsvangwa also told Reuters that people would take to the streets of Harare on Wednesday.

The leader of Zimbabwes opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai, echoed the sentiments, saying he was baffled by the address.

I am baffled. Its not just me, its the whole nation. Hes playing a game. He has let the whole nation down, Tsvangirai told Reuters.




Israel has Sold Its Soul to Islam in the Name of Security Shenandoah

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 23:00 ET

Today on Israeli Army Radio, the Israeli government admitted a deep dark secret which many of us have suspected:

From Haaretz today:

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with Saudi Arabia amid common concerns over Iran, a first disclosure by a senior Israeli official of such contacts.

In an interview on Army Radio, Steinitz was asked why Israel was hiding its ties with Saudi Arabia, which does not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

Steinitz replied: We have ties that are indeed partly covert with many Muslim and Arab countries, and usually (we are) the party that is not ashamed.

Its the other side that is interested in keeping the ties quiet. With us, usually, there is no problem, but we respect the other sides wish, when ties are developing, whether its with Saudi Arabia or with other Arab countries or other Muslim countries, and there is much more (but) we keep it secret.

Excuse me? So the so-called conspiracy theorists (of which I have been accused of being a member of) are now validated when we see Israel be...


We Are In A Huge Upgrade of Expanded Consciousness Which Leads To Light Body Formation Humans Are Free

Beloved Tribe,

We are RIGHT NOW at the beginning of the VERY BIGGEST Transformation mankind has ever seen. All is being revealed and all secrets will be brought to the LIGHT.

When this happens, it happens not only in 3D but also in every community on earth including the spiritual community. The false lights will also be brought into the open as they will no longer be able to spread their agenda.

As a psychic I know when things are coming in and where they will end up. This is a gift that I have had my entire life, seeing how things will play out in the future depending on the timeline selected.

Read Entire Article


Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Why Intelligent People Fear the Truth
by Julian Wash

Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that bargains with uncertainty and finds comfort in denial. Every so often we must deal with an unpleasant truth we wish would just go away. Sometimes the truth can be very shocking and we find ourselves inadequately prepared to handle it. Thats when denial comes to the rescue -  and what cant be denied can always be rationalized away.

Perhaps we take for granted our gift of expression and ability to interface in such a complex world. Its a wondrous thing really. Our curiosity and appetite for adventure are tempered only by the fear of death. We fancy ourselves as intrepid beings willing to brave most any course and face the great unknown. Be this as it may, there are limits. There are places where even the most courageous will dare not venture. 

In the following paragraphs I intend to wrestle on a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that are way too tight. You see theyre stylish, expensive and give a good impression. The blister forming on my big toe is of no consequence. I need only convince myself that its me and not the shoe thats the problem. As usual, Ill put on my best face and its off to the party I go.

Ignorance is Bliss: As we walk in this light of consciousness we find ourselves on a narrow isthmus just above the churning waters of doubt an...


Mind-Blowing Animation Exposes The Shadow World That Controls Us All Awareness Act

There are many diverse components of the reality we know of. Only a few we are able to visually see, but that doesnt mean darker realms dont have a great influence on our everyday lives because they already control it.



Ecological Armageddon: Massive Die-offs, Plummeting Insect Populations" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Ecological Armageddon: 
Plummeting Insect Populations Could Ravage Life on Earth
by RT, Oct 19, 2017

"The stark decline in insect populations has placed the world on a path to ecological Armageddon, according to a study. Researchers from Raboud University in the Netherlands made the discovery following a decades-long study of nature reserves across Germany. Since 1989, the team has been collecting insect samples across 63 sites using mesh tents known as malaise traps. After measuring each years samples by weight, scientists found that the average fell by more than 75 percent over the 27-year period. During the summer months, the fall was measured at around 82 percent.

Insects are essential for life on Earth as they act as pollinators and prey for other species. Increased urbanization, habitat loss and pesticide use are being blamed for the declining population. Caspar Hallmann, a member of the research team at Radboud, described the figures as very alarming. "All these areas are protected and most of them are managed nature reserves. Yet, this dramatic decline has occurred," Hallmann said in a ...


THEY RECYCLE YOUR SOUL by Wes Penre The Crazz Files

Produced by Anton Karamanutsa. All credits to Wes Penre: After a while, however, it was time to be recycled again. The Sirians and their helpers, residing in this dimension, and whose job it was to manage these in between spirits, had to block the memories of their victims before they were shot back into a body. Read More


8 Ways For Empaths To Shield Themselves From Negative Energy While Sleeping Awareness Act

During this time of year empaths and healers alike are at an increased risk of psychic attacks and overwhelming negative energies. Chances are you have noticed how intense these shifts have been lately, I know I cannot be the only one feeling this energy.

The world is in a very deep state of stress and uncertainty, that much I know is true. Negative energies from all over the world are making their way around and affecting us all. In order to be able to do your job for this world properly, you need to be sure to keep these negative energies from affecting you too much. You see, the more these energies get to us the more crippling they can be. As an empath, you cannot let the intense negativity in this world right now hinder you from doing what you were put on this planet to do.

If you are not properly protected then chances are right now you are going through some of the following things:

  • Restlessness
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Dark dreams
  • Stress
  • Emotional strain
  • Feeling trapped
  • Anxiety

If this sounds like you then you need to be doing something about all of this negative energy you are allowing to run rampant in your life. If things continue as they are you will lose your way and your purpose will no longer matter. I have found that even when we protect ourselves during the day these energies make themselves known at night while we are trying to rest. It is important to ensure you are being protected during the day as well as at night. We all know how to protect ourselves during the day but for nighttime protection check out the list below.

8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Negative Energies While You Sleep:

1. Crystals

Put a small piece of black tourmaline in your pillowcase and a piece of hematite under your sheet at your feet. This will anchor your energy and prevent negative energy from creeping up on you. You can use different crystals as you see fit but for this situation, I feel those are the best two to use.

2. Essential Oils

Diffuse calming essential oils while you sleep. It will make a huge difference! I personally use Lavender most often, but you could also use rose or even cedar.

3. Intentions/Affirmations

When we speak with authority energy really does move. Set your intentions and speak some of your affirmations before bed. We always have authority over our own spiritual selves.

4. Clearing Your Energy

Be sure to clear your energy field as often as possible. If you are holding onto something negative it will affect you. Letting go is one of the best things a person can do in regards to this kind of thing.

5. Before-Bed Meditation

I meditate every night before bed and I...


Turkeys that will be pardoned by Trump check in to Willard Hotel CLG News

Turkeys that will be pardoned by Trump check in to Willard Hotel --Americans will be able to vote on which of the Minnesota-bred birds will appear with President Trump at the turkey pardoning ceremony on Tuesday | 19 Nov 2017 | The nation's luckiest turkey - and its understudy - have arrived in Washington, D.C., to participate in President Trump's first Thanksgiving turkey pardoning, which will take place at the White House Tuesday. Following tradition, the birds (Bow and Tie) are being housed at the Willard Hotel in Washington, the Beaux-Arts beauty located just a block down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. On Sunday, the White House put out an Instagram story, showing the two birds standing on the two beds in their suite and then walking around the hotel room.


Over 6,000 in 2016: Pentagon releases sexual assault data by military base Signs of the Times

For the first time, the Pentagon has revealed data on the number of reported sexual assaults for each US military base. In a report that was released earlier this year covering October 2012 to September 2016, the Pentagon disclosed that 6,172 sexual assault reports were filed in the 2016 fiscal year. Even though the study outlines where a report is made - not necessarily where the sexual assault occurred - it does detail the bases with the highest number of reports. In the 2016 fiscal year, Norfolk had 270 sexual assault reports, Ford Hood had 199, the Naval Base in San Diego had 187, Camp Lejeune in North Carolina had 169, Camp Pendleton in California had 157, and Fort Bragg in North Carolina had 146 reports, cited by Stars and Stripes. Outside the US, the American bases in South Korea had a logged a total of 211 reports of sexual assault. It is important to note that the cases of sexual assault represent only those that were reported. The US Department of Defense (DoD) estimates that fewer than a third of victims report sexual assault cases. In an annual report published by the DoD in May, an estimated 14,900 members of the US military were sexually assaulted in 2016.


Why 2018 Will Continue to set Records for Stocks (Until it Doesnt) Shenandoah

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 22:00 ET

The theory behind Trumponomics is as simple as it gets:

Buy the bubble until you can not afford to.

This is the same issue which arose during the 1990s, yet few, if any, of todays young quants can relate to the issues of that time which are mirrored in todays era of stock froth and insanity. Old dogs like Dennis Gartman and Art Cashin wonder aloud why the traditional shorting and other strategies are floundering in the face of an overvalued market based on theoretical versus real earnings in an economic circumstance of sub 4% official GDP growth.

Yet since the crash and low of 666 on the S&P 500 the approximate 388% growth in the price of the S&P 500 is undeniable:



ZAP/POOFness Report: "So Much Trouble In The World" -- November 19, 2017 Operation Disclosure

"The Office of Poofness"

"So Much Trouble In The World"

Bob Marley

So much trouble in the world

So much trouble in the world

Bless my eyes this morning

Jah sun is on the rise once again
The way earthly thin's are goin'
Anything can happen.

You see men sailing on their ego trip,

Blast off on their spaceship,
Million miles from reality:
No care for you, no care for me.

So much trouble in the world;

So much trouble in the world.
All you got to do: give a little (give a little),
Give a little (give a little), give a little (give a little)!
One more time, ye-ah! (give a little) Ye-ah! (give a little)
Ye-ah! (give a little) Yeah!

So you think you've found the solution,

But it's just another illusion!
(So before you check out this tide),
Don't leave another cornerstone
Standing there behind, eh-eh-eh-eh!
We've got to face the day;
(Ooh) Ooh-wee, come what may:
We the street people talkin',
Yeah, we the people strugglin'.

Now they sitting on a time bomb; (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)

Now I know the time has come: (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)
What goes on up is coming on down, (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)
Goes around and comes around. (Bomb-bomb-bomb! Bomb-bomb-bomb!)



US drone strikes soar in Somalia under Trump Signs of the Times

President Trump's expansion of war is most evident in the skies of Somalia where an acceleration in drone strikes have been reported. U.S. Africa Command has conducted fourteen airstrikes since August bringing the year's total to eighteen. The increased tempo of airstrikes started in September between the Kismayo and Mogadisu region. Earlier this month, we reported on Trump's administration hitting a new milestone - when U.S. Africa Command launched its first airstrike against the Islamic State-linked fighters - further accelerating the US presence.. U.S. Africa Command has released data on 18 strikes this year, more than four times the average over the previous seven years.

US deep state justifies military presence in Horn of Africa with increased drone strikes in Somalia - Trump powerless to stop it Signs of the Times

President Trump's expansion of war is most evident in the skies of Somalia where an acceleration in drone strikes have been reported. U.S. Africa Command has conducted fourteen airstrikes since August bringing the year's total to eighteen. The increased tempo of airstrikes started in September between the Kismayo and Mogadisu region. Earlier this month, we reported on Trump's administration hitting a new milestone - when U.S. Africa Command launched its first airstrike against the Islamic State-linked fighters - further accelerating the US presence.. U.S. Africa Command has released data on 18 strikes this year, more than four times the average over the previous seven years.


The Superwoman of Masisi RSS feed from

High in the hills of Masisi, Democratic Republic of Congo, thousands of families have found safety but still face hunger.


Extend carbon pricing and renewables subsidies, UK urged RSS feed from

This week's UK budget should introduce a stronger carbon price and extend existing financial support for renewable power, says a climate change research body.


New mainstream study concludes fluoride lowers IQ Signs of the Times

Explosive: new mainstream study concludes fluorides are lowering children's IQ. The study referred to in this interview was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, in September 2017. It is titled: "Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6-12 Years of Age." It is often referred to as the Bashash study, after its first listed author. The study concluded: "...higher prenatal fluoride exposure, in the general range of exposures reported for other general population samples of pregnant women and nonpregnant adults, was associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at age 4 and 6-12 y." In short, pregnant women exposed to fluorides give birth to children who later show up with lower IQ. I interviewed Paul Connett, PhD. From his CV: "Paul Connett is Professor Emeritus in Environmental Chemistry at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. For the past 30 years, Paul has put his scientific knowledge to work by helping (without fee) communities around the world understand the science of controversial issues like...fluoridation. In addition to explaining the dangers of these practices he offers details of the alternatives...[Dr. Connett is the author of] The Case Against Fluoride (Chelsea Green, 2011, co-authored with James Beck & H. Spedding Micklem)." "Paul has researched the literature on fluoride's toxicity and the fluoridation debate for 17 years. He helped to found the Fluoride Action Network (FAN)."


John Brennan and James Clapper: Elder statesmen or serial liars and arch criminals? Signs of the Times

On Sunday, Former CIA Director John Brennan and Former National Intelligence Director (NID) James Clapper appeared on CNN's morning talk show, State of the Union, to discuss Donald Trump's brief meeting with Vladimir Putin in Vietnam. The two ex-Intel chiefs were sharply critical of Trump and wondered why the president did not "not acknowledge and embrace" the idea that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections. According to Brennan, Russia not only "poses a national security problem" for the US, but also "Putin is committed to undermining our system, our democracy, and our whole process." Naturally, CNN anchor, Jake Tapper, never challenged Brennan or Clapper on any of the many claims they made regarding Russia nor did he interrupt either man while they made, what appeared to be, carefully scripted remarks about Trump, Putin and the ongoing investigation.


Madagascar plague death toll rises as bombshell report reveals extent of outbreak CLG News

Madagascar plague death toll rises as bombshell report reveals extent of outbreak | 19 Nov 2017 | The Black Death plague has ravaged Madagascar over the last few months - and the death toll has gone up once again. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report has revealed 174 people have now been confirmed dead from the medieval disease. It also said 82 doctors have been struck down from the plague - though luckily none have died...Doctors have issued warnings about a new strain [Fort Detrick?] of the airborne disease which "can kill in three hours".


Scientific Discover Reveals our Bodies are Frequency Based Operation Disclosure


Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Charles S. Richardson

A Russian scientific team researched our DNA, specifically the 90% of our DNA which was considered "junk" DNA. What they discovered was that our DNA is frequency based and provides a sophisticated bio-language for body communications. They also discovered our DNA can be reprogrammed with frequency.

With all the cell-phone tower frequencies and their cell phone frequencies, pesticides and GMO foods inundating our environment along with chem-trail fallout and the chemicals Big Pharma is using to reprogram our DNA, it's no wonder diseases and illnesses are rampant in our world.

It is disgusting. We decided enough is enough. We are doing something about it.

We are Systems Scientists and a patented inventors. We invented a new science which corrects all the distorted frequencies effecting our DNA and returns our DNA frequency back to its' healthy frequency.

Over the years, we have tested our technology with great success. The technology is non-invasive, tested 100% safe (even for pregnant women and people with pace makers) and is extremely effective. There is video proof of efficacy on our web site -

Pregnant women receiving our frequency-based health solution have had bigger, stronger, smarter and healthier babies then the babies they had before receiving our treatment.

We contacted the National Alzheimer's Association in Chicago, to inform them of a new breakthrough in the remediation of Alzheimer's. They said they wouldn't tell anyone about it because it might seem like they were endorsing us. We contacted the Michael J. Fox Foundation to inform them of a breakthrough in Parkinson Disease. They told us they are into Pharmaceutical research or technology which promoted pharmaceuticals or surgery, not our technology, and please don't email us again. They adamantly stated they would NOT aid with even clinical trials. We guess Big Pharma has its' fingers into everything about our health and well being. They never come...


Norfolk Island economy headed for disaster following Australian Government intervention, new report claims (We) can do better

An independent report on the economic situation on Norfolk Island following the Australian Government takeover of governance of the island last year, released today, warns the islands economy is heading for disaster as a result of spiralling costs and inappropriate regulation. Problems include the widespread imposition of Commonwealth and NSW regulatory regimes; the planned introduction of Australia's Modern Award System; the failure of the Australian Government to take up the responsibilities previously held by the Norfolk Island Government, such as for the promotion of tourism; the loss of direct passenger airline services between New Zealand and Norfolk Island; restrictions placed on primary producers and agricultural pursuits; and the removal of the general revenue raising powers of the Norfolk Island Government.

Written by economist and former scientist Dr Chris Nobbs, On the Brink of Disaster: The Impact of the Australian Government Reforms on Norfolk Island Businesses provides a detailed analysis of the impact of legislative and regulatory changes imposed on the island during the past 15 months.

Dr Nobbs concludes that the growing crisis is the direct result of flaws in the intervention by the Australian Government in Norfolk Island's governance and economy from 1 July 2016.

The report outlines the impact of substantial cost increases facing businesses, including double-digit price rises for incoming freight, a 15 per cent rise in telecommunications costs, a 12.7 per cent rise in regional council fees, along with regulatory changes that will see wage costs jump more than 35 per cent next year.

Based on a detailed examination of the current economic situation and the impact of significant legal and regulatory changes, it is projected that Norfolk Island will suffer a very large rise in prices, a steep downturn in tourism, a slump in business, a rise in unemployment, and widespread community distress, Dr Nobbs said.

By requiring both that Norfolk Island pay its own way and that Norfolk Islanders become like mainland Australians in terms of their obligations and expectations, the Australian Government is crushing the island's economy in a vice from which few groups will escape unscathed.

Critical factors the report singles out as responsible for the economic crisis include:...


Idiotic Chancellor makes monumental gaffe on TV: 'There are no unemployed people in the UK' Signs of the Times

As the Tory party struggles to put out the fires from multiple public gaffes ahead of this week's budget, Chancellor Philip Hammond has claimed "there are no unemployed people in the UK." In a discussion on BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Hammond tried to draw comparisons with the IT revolution of the 80s and 90s when discussing the potential impact of driverless cars on British employment in the future. "It's a simple choice: either we embrace change or we try to hide from change and we allow ourselves to slip behind," he said. "I remember 20 years ago we were worried about what would happen to a million shorthand typists in Britain as the personal computer took over. Nobody has a shorthand typist these days."


History of Bush, Clinton, US Government and CIA Drug Dealing Operation Disclosure

Bush, Clinton, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack and U.S. governmental drug dealing

The ruling elite is mafia. George Bush, Jeb Bush, Bill, Hillary Clinton is the mafia. They run the cociane industry. They should be in prison.

U.S. government are drug dealing criminals and fascists
There is much to read about how the U.S. government, Cliton's, Bush's and CIA's criminal drug dealing. The U.S. government is a cocaine mafia. They invade poor countries, fund local militia and use military conflicts to hide the drug trade. When Bill Clinton was governor in Arkansas he helped the CIA to establish themselves there with criminal activities. The Mena airport has been used by the CIA for secret drug operations for a long time.

Bill clinton, Hillary Clinton, CIA, Cocaine
smuggling, Jeb Bush, George Bush
the secret life of bill clinton
Jeb Bush, VP George Herbert Walker Bush
and CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal
Jeb Bush Barry seal murder
George Bush Barry seal cocaine
Gary WebbMurdered by CIA?

C.I.A (Cocaine.Import.Agency) ...The Drug
Affair (part 2)!

CIA Bush Clinton Cocaine

C.I.A and N.S.A

Illuminati is itanimulli backwards
Go to Google and write and
press enter. You come to


Fake News 'fact checkers' are the new snake oil salesmen Signs of the Times

Since the issues of alleged "fake news" and "Russian influence" have cropped up, several media institutions highlight their public fact-checkers. Social media companies hire them to filter "fake news" from their content. Traditional fact-checkers within a newsroom considered the veracity of the pieces their own reporters wrote up. They corrected factual mistakes before those were printed or aired. The new crop of fact-checker is testing the veracity of claims made by other media outlets and public entities. The Tampa Bay Times's PolitiFact is one of the oldest and biggest of these organizations. It was founded in 2007 and has offices in several states. Like all such entities it has a certain political flavor. Thus the supposedly neutral fact-checking site PolitiFact gets fact check by a site named PolitiFact Bias.


Alabama Governor stands by Moore: 'I will reserve judgment until we get the facts' Signs of the Times

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey told reporters Friday that she plans to cast her ballot on December 12 for Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Ivey made the endorsement after Alabama's annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon event held at the governor's mansion on Friday. Earlier in the week when asked about Moore, Governor Ivey said, "I will hold judgment until we get more of the facts." As of Friday, Ivey seemed to indicate that she had all the facts she needed to determine whether she would vote for Moore. "I believe in the Republican Party, what we stand for, and most important, we need to have a Republican in the United States Senate to vote on things like the Supreme Court justices, other appointments the Senate has to confirm and make major decisions," Ivey said. "So that's what I plan to do, vote for Republican nominee Roy Moore."


10-year-old journalist to 'professionals': 'Get off your butts & find the truth!' Signs of the Times

Last year, Christine wrote about Hilde Kate Lysiak, a 9-year old reporter from Selinsgrove, PA. Lysiak had just broken a major murder story in the town of 5,000. This obviously irked some of the "professional" journalists in her area. Many were quick to condemn Lysiak, but the determined reporter had a message for her critics: "If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?" Her story is making the rounds again, after a Tweet highlighting an interview she recently had with the Society of Professional Journalists went viral.


Man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' near French border prompts Spanish police to shoot him Signs of the Times

Police have shot a man who sparked a terror alert near Spain's border with France by shouting 'Allah is Great' at a checkpoint. Officers opened fire on the man, believed to be a Frenchman of north African origin, after he began to shout in Arabic when the vehicle he was traveling in was intercepted at a motorway toll near La Jonquera on the Spanish side of the border. He was hit in the leg and rushed to a nearby hospital. He has undergone an operation at the hospital - the Doctor Josep Trueta University Hospital in Girona - and his life is not said to be in any danger. Local reports said officers ordered him out of the car he was in after searching the woman driver - and became suspicious after seeing he had a 'suspicious object' by his waist.


Characterization of IDI-4, a bZIP transcription factor inducing autophagy and cell death in the fungus Podospora anserina RSS feed from

Characterization of IDI-4, a bZIP transcription factor inducing autophagy and cell death in the fungus Podospora anserina


Economic feasibility and marketing of perennial vegetables in South Gujarat RSS feed from

Economic feasibility and marketing of perennial vegetables in South Gujarat


Morphology ana life history of Haematococcus pluvialis RSS feed from

Morphology ana life history of Haematococcus pluvialis


Cassava/sweet potato intercropping studies in Tanzania; a summary RSS feed from

Cassava/sweet potato intercropping studies in Tanzania; a summary


Former Secret Service agent who worked for Hillary: "She's a liar and a fraud who deceives with ease and skill" Signs of the Times

Former Secret Service agent who worked for Hillary, Dan Bongino came out swinging this week and destroyed Clinton in a viral tweet. Bongino has firsthand experience with Hillary and often slams her as a liar and a fraud. "I worked for Hillary. She's the most inauthentic human being, holding a position of prominence, that I've ever met. It's not just that she lies and deceives, it's that she does it with such ease and skill. Caveat emptor." Bongino tweeted.


Exclusive: Dr. Paul Connett interview on shocking new fluoride study The Crazz Files

by Jon Rappoport

November 19, 2017

Explosive: new mainstream study concludes fluorides are lowering childrens IQ.

The study referred to in this interview was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, in September 2017. Read More


Capitalising on climate unity RSS feed from

Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd outline the opportunities on the horizon for countries worldwide to raise their level of climate ambition and lock in sustainable growth.


Women Are Twice As Happy When They Are Single, According to a New Report Awareness Act

Guys, you might think that all girls want to be with someone, and you may even think they all want to be with you. But news to you, studies show that women are actually happier without you!

Men these days are taught from a very young age that women are objectified and that its essentially okay to use them as we please, breaking hearts and sleeping around like horny rats. This toxic sense of masculinity has also caused men to think that all girls want them, or to be with someone in general. While everyone does want a soulmate, studies show that women are actually happier when theyre single!

A new report from a consumer analyst found that 61% of British women are happier being single versus the 49% of men happy single. The report, conducted by Mintel, found that 75% of women arent even searching for a relationship! Mintel found that people who still see being in a relationship as a sign of maturity while 25% still view singles as more grown up than they are. This was found to be strongest in women over the age of 45. 32% of women aged 45060 were found to be happier about being single, as opposed to just 19% of men flying happily solo.

Theres evidence that women spend longer on domestic tasks than men and I think they also do more emotional work so they still ...


BATR: New World Order Pope -- Frankie the Fake Operation Disclosure

New World Order Pope - Frankie the Fake

With the pronouncements within Vatican II, the Catholic Church slid down a slippery slope that abandoned much of their institutional religious faith. It was the Freemasons largest ever attack on the Church, it was a council controlled by satan. Most of satans prior attacks on the Church (such as the Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution) were attacks from the outside. But this time, satan sought to destroy the Church from the inside.

One need not be a believer or even have a religious propensity to recognize the political facets of the Catholic Church. Any comprehensive inquiry into the history of the Holy See understands that the universal government of the Catholic Church that operates from the Vatican City State is a sovereign, independent territory. Because of the political implications of a religion operating as a government, it is crucial to examine the policy-making pronouncements and intentions that Pope Francis is promoting.

Mike King coined the phrase, Frankie the Fake. In the account, THE COMMUNIST FRIENDS OF 'THE NEW WORLD POPE', Mr. King pulls no punches. Set aside any theological bias, and focus on the significance of Pope Francis announcements on Climate Change. All the pomp and praise coming from the Loony Left for a Catholic Pope should be a critical warning that the cult of the Global Warming religion has a pontiff of prevaricators in their pews.

Start out with the Democracy Now videos Pope Francis Calls for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism as Planet is "Exploited by Human Greed and "The Great R...


Why Did Big UK Banks Fail to Pass on Interest Rates to Savers? Hang The Bankers

On Thursday, 2 November 2017, the MPC of the Bank of England voted by a margin of 7-2 to raise the bank rate by 25-basis points. This long-overdue decision was roundly applauded by financial markets, and the bank rate promptly rose to 0.50%. The impact of a bank rate hike is particularly important to the


11 Signs You Are Going Through A Spiritual Transformation Awareness Act

In life, we go through a lot of major changes. That being said, we dont always realize we are going through them.

When I experience things like this, I do my best to pay attention to the signs and where these changes are taking me. These changes come about for many reasons but oftentimes are the result of an energetic shift of some kind. If you are experiencing any of the following things then you are most likely going through a major life change and may want to see where that change is leading you.

11 Signs You Are Going Through a Spiritual Transformation:

1. You become more sensitive.

You find yourself being more emotional and sensitive to the energies of others during this time. Since everything is changing this is normal. You are becoming more in-tune with the things around you and it can be a bit overwhelming to your senses in general.

2. You feel like you are changing.

You may have noticed that you are no longer the person you once were. You feel a bit odd and out of place. This will pass.

3. You are more curious.

You are asking more questions and looking harder for answers. You want to know things and understand on a deeper level. Nothing makes sense anymore.

4. You begin losing interest in certain things.

Hobbies and such that you used to obsess over may not hold a place in your life anymore. Because you are changing your interests might be changing as well. Sometimes we find new things that we like better and there is nothing wrong with that.

5. You find a new passion.

Sometimes in life, our passions change. This does not mean you cannot still be passionate about something from your past. We are constantly finding new passions in life.

6. You spend more time with others.

7. You spend more time alone.

As mentioned above, it can go both ways, which means for some you will become more introverted. Sometimes we just need to be alone or want to spend time working on ourselves. This doesnt mean we are unhappy just that we are being true to who we are.

8. You feel more excited in general.

You can sense that something interesting is coming and it excites you. You are finding more and more things to be happy about and life is really looking up.

9. You daydream more often.

You are thinking about things far more often than you would have in the past. Everything seems to be filled with so much more meaning. This is a good thing and there is nothing wrong with being a daydreamer.

10. Your...


BREAKING: Tsunami alert issued for New Caledonia and Vanuatu After the Shift


Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7 undersea quake strikes near New Caledonia - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7 undersea quake strikes near New CaledoniaThomson Reuters FoundationSYDNEY, Nov 20 (Reuters) - An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck 82 kms (51 miles) east of New Caledonia's Loyalty Islands in the South Pacific on Monday, prompting a tsunami warning for coastlines within 300 kms (186 mile) of the epicentre ...and more 


X22 Report, The Central Banks Have Proposed To Do Away With The Deposit Protection Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

X22 Report, The Central Banks Have Proposed To Do Away With The Deposit Protection
Related followup report:
X22 Report, The Cabal Doesn't Care About Law, Agenda Pushed Forward


"The Problem With Proverbs" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Problem With Proverbs"
by Patrick Cockburn

"My father, Claud Cockburn, invented a game in which participants made up national sayings that had to be completely meaningless but sound appropriate to their purported country of origin. An example could be the traditional Norwegian saying, the tree is taller than the highest wave or, as they say in India, all is not nothingness, nor the nothingness all.

The idea for the game came to him on the top of a bus in London which was crawling along in a traffic jam. He overheard a passenger in the seat in front of him complain to a friend about their slow pace, whereupon the friend gave a resigned shrug of the shoulders and replied, speed is what you make it. The meaninglessness of the words impressed my father along with a sense that the mustnt-grumble-but-endure tone of the speaker was peculiarly British.

The sayings should appear at least vaguely meaningful at first sight. For instance, there is the French proverb il y a des gants sans les mains dedans some gloves have no hands in them. Plausible proverbs devoid of meaning are not necessarily easy to manufacture. At first, the traditional Scandinavian saying, the pine is tall, but does not reach the sky looks like a winner, but it contains the trite idea that the large or successful have their limitations. A similar objection might rule out the nostrum of Norfolk country folk, in fact invented by my wife, which holds that burrowing badgers catch no butterflies.

National sayings may be dull from overuse or were shallow stuff in the first place. As a foreign correspondent, I used occasionally to buy books of local proverbs, hoping that I could use one in an article to illustrate some news event in the country where I was reporting. Inclusion of an obscure but exotic local nostrum in my copy was much better than a quote from a diplomat and would hopefully give the reader the impres...


Quick, Someone call Kathy Griffin a Waaaambulence! (Video) Shenandoah

by John Galt
November 19, 2017 18:10 ET

Ms. Irrelevant, aka, Kathy Griffin, is down to doing YouTube videos to beg for work since she thinks she is blacklisted in the U.S. and without work when she returns home from Europe. The problem is that shes not blacklisted, shes not funny.

Enjoy the whiny video from someone who thinks her shit is so good she cant dare step down to doing clubs as other comedians who have had their career take a U-turn.

All I can say is that the video below is both hilarious and pathetic.

Payback is a bitch, bitch.


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Delicate in appearance, these filaments of shocked, glowing gas, draped in planet Earth's sky toward the constellation of Cygnus, make up the Veil Nebula. The nebula is a large supernova remnant, an expanding cloud born of the death explosion of a massive star. Light from the original supernova explosion likely reached Earth over 5,000 years ago. 
 Click image for larger size.
Also known as the Cygnus Loop, the Veil Nebula now spans nearly 3 degrees or about 6 times the diameter of the full Moon. That translates to over 70 light-years at its estimated distance of 1,500 light-years. In fact, the Veil is so large its brighter parts are recognized as separate nebulae, including The Witch's Broom (NGC 6960) at the bottom of this stunning skyview and Pickering's Triangle (NGC 6979) below and right of center. At the top is the haunting IC 1340.


Chet Raymo, The Journey Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The Journey
by Chet Raymo

"Here's a deep-deep sky map of the universe from the March 9, 2006 issue of Nature. The horizontal scale is a 360 view right around the sky; the vertical gaps at 6 hours and 24 hours are the parts of the universe that are blocked to our view by the disk of our own Milky Way Galaxy. The vertical scale - distance from Earth - is logarithmic (10, 100, 1000, etc.) measured in megaparsecs (a parsec equals 3.26 light-years). Across the top is the Big Bang, and the oldest and most distant thing we can see, the cosmic microwave background, the radiation of the Big Bang itself. A few relatively nearby galaxies are designated at the bottom. All that stuff in the middle that looks like smoke or dusty cobwebs are quasars and galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

A smoke of galaxies! A universe cobwebbed with Milky Ways! Each galaxy itself a smoke of stars, hundreds of billions of stars, many or all of them with planets. My book, "Walking Zero", is about the human journey from the omphalos of our birth into the world of the galaxies, a journey many of us are disinclined to make. Here is how the Prologue to the book begins:

"Each of us is born at the center of the world. For nine months our physical selves are assembled molecule by molecule, cell by cell, in the dark covert of our mother's womb. A single fertilized egg cell splits into two. Then four. Eight. Sixteen. Thirty-two. Ultimately, 50 trillion cells or so. At first, our future self is a mere blob of protoplasm. But slowly, ever so slowly,...


Setting Boundaries: The Worlds Collective Medicine Wake Up World

November 20th, 2017 By Susan Hassen Guest writer for Wake Up World As an energy healer, I have worked extensively with clients who have come to me with blocks around setting boundaries and trusting the boundaries they set. Many of the clients I work with are very sensitive to energy and easily absorb the energy of []


The Poet: John Glenday, "Concerning the Atoms of the Soul" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Concerning the Atoms of the Soul"

"Someone explained once how the pieces of what we are
fall downwards at the same rate as the Universe.
The atoms of us, falling towards the centre
 of whatever everything is. And we don't see it.
We only sense their slight drag in the lifting hand.
That's what weight is, that communal process of falling.
Furthermore, these atoms carry hooks, like burrs,
 hooks catching like hooks, like clinging to like,
that's what keeps us from becoming something else,
and why in early love, we sometimes
feel the tug of the heart snagging on another's heart.
Only the atoms of the soul are perfect spheres
with no means of holding on to the world
or perhaps no need for holding on,
and so they fall through our lives catching
 against nothing, like perfect rain,
and in the end, he wrote, mix in that common well of light
at the centre of whatever the suspected centre is, 
or might have been."

~ John Glenday


Hezbollah, the standard-bearer for popular governance in a post-colonial Middle East (Documentary) Signs of the Times

Hezbollah is a social and political movement with a strong armed wing. It was formed in 1980s. Hezbollah's creation was conditioned by the aspiration of the Shia population of Lebanon to meet the challenges of Israeli expansion and Western "new-style" colonialism. The Hezbollah ("Party of God") movement was formed in 1982 in Lebanon by a segment of the Shia community displeased with the secular, in their view, nature of the Amal moderate Shia party. There were also disagreements concerning whether Israel should be confronted using new organizational forms and methods of warfare. According to its General Secretary Hasan Nasrallah, since its formation, Hezbollah was a purely intra-Lebanese creation, relying on the support and aid from the Palestinian and Lebanese parties, while the support from Iran and Syria came later.


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Thanks for stopping by!


The Friendly Faces of Fascism Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The Friendly Faces of Fascism
 by Robert Gore 

"There are two modes of human interaction: voluntary and involuntary. The symbol of the former is the market; the symbol of the latter is government. Historically, the pendulum has swung back and forth. Since the early 1900s the pendulum has swung towards government and the involuntary. Humanitys future hinges on whether or not it will swing back. Ominously, many of the biggest beneficiaries of voluntary free choice are ideologically opposed to it.

It may seem paradoxical that Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Tim Cook, among others, build fortunes on the voluntary choices of billions of customers, then join forces with those aligned against voluntary choice. Silicon Valley used to be almost a libertarian outpost, now its a bastion of statism. However, there are skewed rationales for it, lodged in the nature of government and business in the 21st century, psychology, and historical precedent.

Government has become so big and all-pervasive that once a business reaches a certain size, its going to run into the behemoth blob. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are huge, and aside from Apple, they dominate their markets. (Apple had a little under 15 percent of the smart phone market in the first quarter of 2017). Computers and the internet are at the heart of the national security state, and Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are the heart of social media, search, smartphones, communications, and business computing. Along with Amazon, they all h...


Tesla Opens Largest U.S. Supercharger Stations to Date Operation Disclosure


Range anxietythe fear that an electric vehicle has an insufficient charge to reach its destinationis one of the most common, but fair, concerns about EVs. Just think, what if you and your car get stuck in the middle of a desert and have nowhere close by to juice up? Ultimately, if we want to spread the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, then we're going to have to make them easier to charge.

That's why Tesla's latest additions to its Supercharger network is kind of a big deal. On Wednesday, the electric automaker revealed it has opened its largest Supercharger stations in the U.S. to date, according to a news release provided to EcoWatch. The 40-stall stations in Kettleman City, Calif. and Baker, Calif. each feature covered solar parking and the Tesla Powerpack System.

The new stations sit on two of Tesla's most popular travel routes, between the Bay Area and Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Las Vegas, respectively. This means traveling around with an electric car (or at least around California in a Tesla) just got a little easier.

"Our commitment to fast, reliable, ubiquitous charging along travel routes and urban areas alike remains our priority," the press release stated. "As we significantly increase the size of Tesla's charging networks, more sites will include solar and Powerpack storage to ensure sustainable energy generation, storage, and charging."

At the Kettleman City location, Tesla even built its first-ever Supercharger customer lounge that includes access to food and craft beverages, restrooms, comfortable seating, WiFi and Tesla apparel. It also has a kid's play wall, pet relief area and outdoor space for families.

Tesla drivers typically spend about 30 minutes to Supercharge their cars, which isn't necessarily long but it's definitely more time-consuming than, say, filling up your car at a gas station.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke about how his company would be introducing amenities-stocked Supercharger stations in August.

"We'll get a sense for just sort of how cool it can be to have a great place toif you've been driving for three,...


(Video) Incredibly Honest Animation Reveals What is Happening to Our Society Operation Disclosure

by Mike Sygula,

A good friend of mine, Gavin Nascimento from A New Kind Of Human emailed me this video, few days after it appeared online. I was blown away! I must say that I haven't seen anything so good for a while. (Scroll down to watch it now). Truth Theory published the first article on it and you can check it out HERE. The film has been written, directed and produced by Lubomir Arsov and for more info just check out their website:


The FDA Just Approved a Digital "Smart Pill" that Tracks Patients -- Are you Taking your Meds? Operation Disclosure

Source: Truth Theory | by Fattima Mahdi

In an unprecedented move, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the first drug in the United States with a digital ingestion tracking system. The pill, called Abilify MyCite is an antipsychotic drug which treats bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depressive disorders.

So, how does it work? Well, when the pill touches the stomach it sends an electronic signal to record whether or not a patients has ingested the pill. The sensor is able to track when the pill was taken, the dosage as well as a number of other metrics (heart rate, sleep patterns and activity levels). All of this information is available for medical professionals to view via a smartphone app which uses Bluetooth. To curb concerns about threats to privacy, patients can voluntarily give access to the information to their doctor and family members.

Nonadherence to antipsychotic medication is a growing concern. Dr William Shrank, Chief Medical Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre explains that: "When patients don't adhere to lifestyle or medications that are prescribed for them, there are really substantive consequences that are bad for the patient and very costly." Though the pill has been approved by the FDA, they have noted that there is no evidence to suggest that the digital pill will increase the likelihood of patients following their prescribed course of treatment.

In a statement, the FDA said: "It is important to note that Abilify MyCite's prescribing information (labeling) notes that the ability of the product to improve patient compliance with their treatment regimen has not been shown. Abilify MyCite should not be used to track drug ingestion in "real-time" or during an emergency because detection may be de...


Green Beret Officer Reports Obama, Hillary, Panetta Ordered Benghazi Rescuers to Stand Down Operation Disclosure

Green Beret Officer Reports: Obama, Hillary, Panetta Ordered Benghazi Rescuers to Stand Down +Videos

Sunday, November 19, 2017 10:28

(Before It's News)

By Jim Kouri / Conservative Base

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...

There appears to be a plethora of documents and secret testimony coming out lately against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her boss President Barack Obama regarding their inaction during the 13-hour Battle of Benghazi, according to a former CBS News correspondent who investigated Libyas hotbed of terrorism.

Green Beret Lt. Col. Andrew Woods, an officer with 24-years experience with U.S. special forces had come forward with information that reveals U.S. special forces was actually traveling to U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, but the rescuers forced to turn around because the Commander in Chief Barack Obama wouldnt give the special forces commander the go-ahead order, according to then-CBS News Sharyl Attkinson.



Terminal decline of the American empire Signs of the Times

John Rubino recently posted a graph from Bob Prechter's Elliot Wave that points to some ominous signs. It depicts the S&P 500, combined with consumer confidence and savings rate. As the accompanying video at Elliott Wave, What "Too Confident to Save" Means for Stocks, shows, when the gap between high confidence and low savings is at its widest, a market crash -often- follows. In 2000, the subsequent crash was 39%, in 2007 it was 54%. We are now again witnessing just such a gap, with the S&P 500 at record levels. Here's the graph, with John's comments: Consumers Are Both Confident And Broke Elliott Wave International recently put together a chart that illustrates a recurring theme of financial bubbles: When good times have gone on for a sufficiently long time, people forget that it can be any other way and start behaving as if they're bulletproof. They stop saving, for instance, because they'll always have their job and their stocks will always go up. Then comes the inevitable bust. On the following chart, this delusion and its aftermath are represented by the gap between consumer confidence (our sense of how good the next year is likely to be) and the saving rate (the portion of each paycheck we keep for a rainy day). The bigger the gap the less realistic we are and the more likely to pay dearly for our hubris.


Missing Witness that Planned to Expose Hillary Clinton Feared Dead Operation Disclosure

Witness About To Expose Hillary Clinton Is Missing, Feared Dead

November 19, 2017

Source: Your News Wire | By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A missing witness who promised to dish the dirt on Hillary Clinton is now feared dead, according to police officials.

Professor Joseph Mifsud was one of the people identified as a connection between Russian officials and the Trump campaign. reports: Mifsud is linked to George Papadopoulos, the 30-year-old Trump campaign advisor who pled guilty several weeks ago regarding lies he told to federal agents. Papadopoulos was taken into custody shortly after Paul Manaforts indictment.

Papadopoulis lied to federal agents about contacts he had with Russians tied to the Kremlin. Mifsud comes into the picture because he promised that he could get Russian sources to divulge dirt on Hillary Clinton. Last April, Mifsud said that the Russians were in possession of thousands of emails related to and involving Hillary Clinton.

Mifsud is a professor and lecturer at a private university in Rome. Last Thursday, he disappeared and hasnt been heard of since then. No one has been able to reach him.

In the official court filings, Mifsud is referred to as Foreign Contact 1 or the professor. Apparently Mifsud exaggerated claims about his own connections. Apparently, Mifsuds associates warned him he was going too far and advised him on the danger of being played by the Russians.

Despite their warnings, Mifsud persisted. Colleagues say he frequently bragged about Moscow being in possession of the Clinton emails. Yet Mifsud has gone on public record saying he never talked about dirt he...


Keanu Reeves Says Hollywood Elites Sacrifice Babies to Get High Operation Disclosure

Keanu Reeves: Hollywood Elites Use Blood Of Babies To Get High

November 19, 2017

Source: Your News Wire | by Baxter Dmitry

Hollywood elites use the blood of babies to get high according to Keanu Reeves, who warns that these people believe the more innocent the child, and the more it suffered before it died, the better the high.

The revelations that are coming out of Hollywood now, Im telling you, they are just the tip of the iceberg, Keanu Reeves said in Milan, Italy, where he unveiled three motorbikes that he designed for a company that he co-founded in 2007.

Explaining that he is building to a future where he is free from Hollywoods shackles, the John Wick star spoke with revulsion about the place of the child in Hollywood.

Children are revered, they are put on pedestals, but they are also tortured, raped, murdered, and consumed in various ways. They are currency. And Im sad to say this practice seems to be becoming more and more open in those circles in recent years.

Keanu Reeves, whose younger sister suffered from leukemia, finds it inconceivable that anybody could be so selfish as to destroy a young persons life for your own personal pleasure.

But that is the sort of person running Hollywood, said Reeves, who donated 70% of his earnings from the Matrix trilogy to hospitals treating children with cancer. These people are sociopaths, pure and simple.

They see it as the ultimate high. They say it gives them life. The more the child suffered, the more fear and hormonal adrenaline it had in its system at the time of death, the stronger the effect on the people who consume that blood. They live for this stuff....


"What Frustrates Us..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Our souls are hungry for meaning, for the sense that we have figured out how to live so that our lives matter, so that the world will be at least a little bit different for our having passed through it. What frustrates us and robs our lives of joy is this absence of meaning... Does our being alive matter?"
- Harold S. Kushner,
"When All You Ever Wanted Isn't Enough"


If You Ever Begin a Statement With the Words I Feel,You Must Cluck Like a Chicken Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

If You Ever Begin a Statement With the Words I Feel,
You Must Cluck Like a Chicken
by T4C

The only way youll understand the title is if you at least scan the article. Even a quick scan will entice you to actually read it. A terrific, and encouraging, way of purging mis-education from millennials 90 lb. weakling minds."

"The problem isn't that Johnny can't read. The problem isn't even that Johnny can't think. 
The problem is that Johnny doesn't know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling." 
- Thomas Sowell

"Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials"
by Adam J. Macleod



Rogue state: Desperate Saudi Arabia calls emergency meeting of Arab League to warn vassals against aligning with Iran Signs of the Times

Saudi Arabia urged fellow Arab League nations to find a "non-compromise" solution to deal with "Iran's aggression" and "disregard for international law" during a specially-summoned foreign ministers' meeting in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. "We will not stand idly by in the face of Iran's aggression," Riyadh's foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, said in public remarks to the assembled officials. The Saudi official accused Tehran of "meddling" in various Middle Eastern states, particularly focusing on the Houthi faction in Yemen, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Comment: Chutzpah! This from the country that supplies the bulk of global terrorists, including the 19 hijackers on 9/11. "Iran created agents in the region, such as the Houthi and Hezbollah militias, in total disregard for all international principles," said al-Jubeir. Comment: International pri... ** choke, cough, splutter **


Doctors remove worms from N. Korea soldier World News Echonetdaily

Surgeons treating a North Korean soldier who was severely wounded by gunfire while escaping to South Korea this past week have removed dozens of parasites from his body, including presumed roundworms that were as long as 27 centimetres.

The unarmed soldier, whose name and rank have not been disclosed, defected to the South on Monday by driving a military jeep near a line that divides the Koreas at the Joint Security Area and then rushing across it under a barrage of bullets.

Hospital officials said on Saturday it was too early to tell whether he will make a recovery.While treating the wounds, surgeons found the large parasites, which may be reflective of poor nutrition and health in North Koreas military.

Doctors say soldier is 1.7 metres tall but weighs just 60kg.

I spent more than 20 years of experience as a surgeon, but I have not found parasites this big in the intestines of South Koreans, Lee Cook-jong, who leads the soldiers medical team, told reporters.

Lee is a famous trauma specialist who was hailed as a hero in 2011 after conducting life-saving surgeries on the captain of a South Korean freighter ship who was shot during a rescue mission after being held by Somali pirates.

While the North Korean soldiers vital signs were stabilising on Saturday, he continued to remain unconscious and relying on a breathing machine.

After consecutive surgeries to repair internal organ damage and other injuries, no further surgeries are planned as of yet, said Shin Mi-jeong, an official at the Ajou University Medical Centre near Seoul.South Koreas military said four North Korean soldiers used handguns and AK rifles to fire about 40 rounds at their former comrade, who was hit at least five times.

He was found beneath a pile of leaves on the southern side of the Joint Security Area, and South Korean troops crawled there to recover him.

A United Nations Command helicopter later transported him to the Ajou hospital.

It remains unclear whether the North Koreans chasing the soldier fired at him even after he crossed into the southern side of the border, which would be a violation of an armistice agreement that ended the 1950-53 Korean War.

The post Doctors remove worms from N. Korea soldier appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Why Arent We Talking About Gen Ys Xanax Problem? The Fifth Column

(TFC)  The United States is in the midst of an opioid crisis, and it seems like everyone is focused right now on the rise in overdoses and substance abuse related issues in our population. One thing no one seems to be talking about as much is the problem people, especially young people, are having with benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium and Klonopin. Why is Gen Y having such a problem with drugs like Xanax, and why arent more people talking about it?

The Anxious Generation

You dont often hear someone mentioning Gen Y or the millennials in a positive light. Either theyre destroying industries they dont like theyve apparently killed upwards of 70 things as of this past July or theyre being talked down to for their sense of entitlement, their lack of work ethic or any number of other negative things associated with this generation. Theyve also been dubbed the most anxious generation in recent history.

This could be due to a variety of things, from being constantly connected via social media to contending with living in a world that is almost impossible to survive in at least if youre trying to survive the way the older generations believe you should be able to. News flash, boomers, it doesnt work that way anymore.

Whatever the reason, the members of Generation Y are the most anxious generation, and because of this, they are also the generation that is most commonly prescribed benzos like Xanax to help them manage their symptoms. Right now, over 5% of the adult population in the United States takes Xanax or other similar prescription medications.

The Xanax Problem

The increasing number of people who are being prescribed Xanax and other similar medications are almost always followed by increasing numbers of people becoming dependent on the drug and increasing numbers of overdoses as well. Between 2005 and 2011, Xanax-related ER visits doubled.

This isnt just something that is affecting the common user a number of celebrity deaths in recent years have also been attributed either directly or indirectly to benzodiazepines. Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson were all found to have these drugs in their system at the time of their death.

Xanax is popular for recreational use in addition to its uses for anxiety treatment, and it tends to be one the cheapest drugs to purchase illegally. In the UK, a bar of Xanax can be picked up for less than $3 probably less than you would actually pay for a prescription in the United States.

Xanax might not be as bad as opioid addictions in terms of the number of overdoses that happen...


Muslim men barge into monastery and demand the nuns convert to Islam Signs of the Times

Two Islamist men barged into the Carmelite Verdun monastery late last week during evening prayers in which they told the nuns to convert to Islam or go to hell. The two men were described as being in their thirties and both sporting beards and are said to have prayed in Arabic while the nuns were conducting their evening prayers. The pair also signed the guestbook of the monastery writing "Allah u Ackbar" though there were no reports of any violence taking place L'Est Rpublicain reports. Bishop of Verdun Jean-Paul Gabriel mile Gusching said commented on the matter saying, "they prayed in Arabic during Vespers," and added, "They presented themselves as harbingers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell.' On Sunday both men were arrested and later brought before Verdun prosecutor Guillaume Dupont who said, "They will be summoned to the verdict court of Verdun to be tried at a hearing on April 28, 2018, at 8:45 am for aggravated voluntary violence."


I should have left them in jail: Trump World News Echonetdaily

President Donald Trump says he should have left three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China in jail. Trumps tweet on Sunday came after the father of player LiAngelo Ball minimised Trumps involvement in winning the players release in comments to ESPN.

Who? LaVar Ball told ESPN on Friday, when asked about Trumps involvement in the matter.

What was he over there for? Dont tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.

Trump has said he raised the players detention with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the leaders recent meeting in Beijing.

The players returned to the US last week.

They have been indefinitely suspended from the team.

Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail! Trump said

.As long as my boys back here, Im fine, LaVar Ball told ESPN.

Im happy with how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. Like I told him, They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.

Im from LA. Ive seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesnt define him, he said.

The post I should have left them in jail: Trump appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Mugabe stuns by defying pressure to resign World News Echonetdaily

President Robert Mugabe has stunned Zimbabwe by making no mention of resignation in a television address, defying his own ZANU-PF party, which had sacked him hours earlier, and hundreds of thousands of protesters who had already hailed his downfall.

Two sources one a senior member of the government, the other familiar with talks with leaders of the military had told Reuters Mugabe would announce his resignation to the nation after ZANU-PF dismissed him as its leader in a move precipitated by an army takeover four days earlier.

But in the speech from his State House office, sitting alongside a row of generals, Mugabe acknowledged criticisms from ZANU-PF, the military and the public but made no mention of his own position.

Instead, he said the events of the week were not a challenge to my authority as head of state and government, and pledged to preside over the congress scheduled for next month.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was dumbstruck.

I am baffled. Its not just me, its the whole nation. Hes playing a game, he told Reuters.

He is trying to manipulate everyone. He has let the whole nation down.

ZANU-PF had given the 93-year-old, who has led his country since independence in 1980, less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment, an attempt to secure a peaceful end to his tenure after a de facto military coup.

Chris Mutsvangwa, the leader of the liberation war veterans who have been spearheading an 18-month campaign to oust Mugabe, said plans to impeach him in parliament, which next sits on Tuesday, would now go ahead, and that there would be mass protests on Wednesday.

He also implied that Mugabe, who spoke with a firm voice but occasionally lost his way in his script during the 20-minute address, was not aware of what had happened just hours earlier.

Either somebody within ZANU-PF didnt tell him what had happened within his own party, so he went and addressed that meeting oblivious, or (he was) blind or deaf to what his party has told him, Mutsvangwa said.

ZANU-PFs central committee had earlier named Emmerson Mnangagwa as its new leader.

It was Mugabes sacking of Mnangagwa as his vice-president to pave the way for his wife Grace to succeed him that triggered the armys intervention.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands had taken to the streets of the capital Harare to celebrate Mugabes expected downfall and hail a new era for their country.

The post Mugabe stuns by defying pressure to resign appeared first on Echonetdaily.


"She is literally married to a rapist": Crooked Killary gets roasted after attacking Trump and Roy Moore over sexual assault allegations Signs of the Times

Crooked Hillary actually had the nerve to say Trump has "disgraced the office" for not apologizing to women he has 'sexually assaulted'. HUH? What women? The liars who Gloria Allred paraded out before the election? Politico reported: Clinton said that Franken, who was accused this week of groping a female broadcaster in 2006, acted responsibly by owning up to his actions and publicly apologizing for them - a far cry from the response given by Trump and Moore, she said. The former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee said Franken's request to have the Senate ethics panel investigate his sexual misconduct "is the kind of accountability I'm talking about." "I don't hear that from Roy Moore or Donald Trump," she added during an interview with New York's WABC radio. "Look at the contrast between Al Franken, accepting responsibility, apologizing, and Roy Moore and Donald Trump, who have done neither." It gets worse...


Mugabe sticks to the last RSS feed from

Zimbabweans were left angered and confused on Sunday after President Robert Mugabe failed to resign, but instead delivered a cryptic speech.


A ghost with red nail polish RSS feed from

"Now begins another day in the days of war. It's not a new day; there's nothing new about war, even if the suffering changes."  June 14, 2017 - Daily life in the Syrian town of Duma amidst the rubble and destruction. The town was the site of several demonstrations at the beginning of the Syrian uprising, and then turned into a battleground between the Syrian government and the opposition. Anas Alkharbotli/Zuma [...]


Conspiracy Theory of Marines Invading CIA Armstrong Economics

So far, there is no confirmation of Marines landing at Langley and storming the CIA to prevent some sort of coup. That conspiracy seems to be way over the top. MEU is the Presidents 911 force. Marines are the Presidents Own. A MEU would be accurate if used by Trump. However, I have not seen any credible reports whatsoever. Clients even in the area report all is quiet. Yes, if this was true, there would be a media blackout. Nonetheless, if a MEU unit did land even on a Sunday, they would have made a lot of noise. That is what they do to create panic in the opposing force.

I do not believe there is any coup in the CIA. If they did try something like that, it would be a stealth assassination and a patsy would have been selected to take the blame. In the case of Kennedy, they used Oswald with a Russian connection. This time, Russia is supposed to be friendly with Trump and against Hillary. So who would be the patsy? Guess that leaves some Mexican. China and Russia would be out and Mexico is not a target of the CIA to invade.

The story of a CIA coup just has no credibility. So far, I have found no confirmation from anyone.

I do not know why people make up this sort of stuff. What is the purpose? They have created a firestorm among the conspiracy theory sites. Why? Do they just have a vivid imagination? Are they deranged? They heard one helicopter and turn that into an invasion of the CIA, which makes no sense? Then they claim it must be true and there is a news blackout. Astonishing!


Harvey Weinstein had a secret list of people to target as part of a strategy to prevent harassment claims from going public Signs of the Times

The Observer has gained access to a secret hitlist of almost 100 prominent individuals targeted by Harvey Weinstein in an extraordinary attempt to discover what they knew about sexual misconduct claims against him and whether they were intending to go public. The previously undisclosed list contains a total of 91 actors, publicists, producers, financiers and others working in the film industry, all of whom Weinstein allegedly identified as part of a strategy to prevent accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him. The names, apparently drawn up by Weinstein himself, were distributed to a team hired by the film producer to suppress claims that he had sexually harassed or assaulted numerous women. The document was compiled in early 2017, around nine months before the storm that blew up on 5 October when the New York Times published a series of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein.


The Health Dangers of Arsenic Toxicity The Sleuth Journal

The Health Dangers of Arsenic Toxicity | arsenic-bottle | General Health Special Interests Toxins

Arsenic is an element that is extremely toxic to human health. Arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis occurs when someone is exposed to high levels of arsenic, typically by unknowingly ingesting it. Although uncommon, poisoning can occur by inhalation or through dermal absorption. [1] Despite this, or maybe because of it, humans have used arsenic in many capacities- as an insecticide, as a toxic agent of war, and even as a wood preservation. However, its use in countless industrial applications has contributed to pollution at all levels. Additionally, arsenic exists naturally in the environment. The combination of these factors means that the most common method of exposure occurs by drinking contaminated water.

Arsenic in Water

Pollution has made groundwater contamination of arsenic a worldwide problem that affects people, crops, and livestock. [2] In 2012, the University of Washington School of Law published information that brought light to the fact that many water systems in the United States are affected by unacceptably high arsenic levels and money is not available to address the problem.  Poor communities were identified to be the highest at risk. [3]

Arsenic in Food

Arsenic laced water becomes a compound problem when crops and livestock are given that water. You are what you eat or, you are what you consume applies to animals and plants just as much as it does humans.  When the University of Washington analyzed over 30 types of apple juice...


Twist in the tale: Mugabe defies party by clinging to power in national speech Signs of the Times

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has shocked expectations that he would resign by pledging to remain on as leader of his ZANU-PF party in an address to the nation. That despite the party removing him as leader earlier in the day. The party's Central Committee had given the 93-year old less than 24 hours to vacate his office or face impeachment. The move was an attempt to draw his lengthy reign to a close following a de facto coup. However when he addressed the nation on Sunday, Mugabe made no mention of resigning.


Financial Tyranny: We the People Are the New Permanent Underclass in America The Sleuth Journal

Financial Tyranny: We the People Are the New Permanent Underclass in America | financial-underclass-worker-employment | Economy & Business Government Government Control Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests Tyranny & Police State

By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. Frdric Bastiat, French economist

Americans can no longer afford to get sick and theres a reason why.

Thats because a growing number of Americans are struggling to stretch their dollars far enough to pay their bills, get out of debt and ensure that if and when an illness arises, it doesnt bankrupt them.

This is a reality that no amount of partisan political bickering can deny.

Many Americans can no longer afford health insurance, drug costs or hospital bills. They cant afford to pay rising healthcare premiums, out-of-pocket deductibles and prescription drug bills.

They cant afford to live, and now they cant afford to get sick or die, either.

To be clear, my definition of affordable healthcare is different from the governments. To the government, you can afford to pay for healthcare if your income falls above the poverty line. That takes no account of rising taxes, the cos...


The Feds Are Investigating Allegations That Planned Parenthood Has Been Selling Baby Body Parts For Profit The Sleuth Journal

Is Planned Parenthood finally going to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity?  Pro-life activists all over the nation are absolutely thrilled by reports about a potential FBI investigation of Planned Parenthood.  For the past several years, undercover video after undercover video has exposed what is going on deep inside Planned Parenthood clinics, but federal law enforcement authorities never took any action.  Of course we probably should not have expected any justice during the Obama years, but many were hoping that things would change under Trump, and that now appears to be happening.

For years, those of us in the pro-life community have been complaining that nobody from Planned Parenthood ever seems to get into trouble for anything even though they are committing some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.  Are we about to get the breakthrough that we have been hoping for?  The following comes from the Hill

The FBI has asked the Senate for unredacted documents it obtained from abortion providers, signaling agents may be investigating whether Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers illegally sold fetal tissue and body parts, according to sources familiar with the document request.

The request was...


"Taking A Break From What You Are Doing: A New Approach" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Taking A Break From What You Are Doing: A New Approach"
by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM

"Sometimes finding the answer is as easy as taking a break and stepping back from the situation. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our thoughts that we wind up going round in round in circles, finding it difficult to concentrate on things and, because we are so distracted, not really accomplishing much. There may be signals--mental, emotional, and physical--that tell us we need to slow down and relax. Since we are so involved in things that are external to us, however, we may easily overlook what is really going on inside of us. It is during these times that we need to step back from the things that occupy our minds and take time out to connect with our inner self, giving our minds, bodies, and spirits the time they need to reenergize and heal.

At first it may seem that by taking a break we may not be as productive as we would initially like. In reality, a healthy period of rest is something that gives us a real sense of the unlimited nature of our true potential. Spending a couple of minutes walking outside, doing a few yoga poses, meditating, or simply becoming attuned to the rising and falling of our breath enables us to let go of our worries. This act brings our focus back to the things that are truly essential for us, such as our sense of oneness with the universe and our inner peace and well-being. As we begin to get in touch with this part of ourselves, we will find that our usual everyday troubles and worries become less critical and that we not only have much more room in our lives to really reflect on the issues that mean the most to us, but we are also able b...


Musical Interlude: Eric Whitacre, Virtual Choir Live Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Eric Whitacre, Virtual Choir Live
"Composer and conductor Eric Whitacre has inspired millions by bringing together "virtual choirs," singers from many countries spliced together on video. Now, for the first time ever, he creates the experience in real time, as 32 singers from around the world Skype in to join an onstage choir (assembled from three local colleges) for an epic performance of Whitacre's "Cloudburst," based on a poem by Octavio Paz.


Police can Request your DNA from 23andMe, Ancestry (VIDEO) The Sleuth Journal

Police can Request your DNA from 23andMe, Ancestry (VIDEO) | dna-gene-editing-crispr | Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Tyranny & Police State US News

By Jenna Bourne, Action News Jax

Millions of people have handed their DNA over to genetic testing companies like Ancestry or 23andMe to learn more about their family trees.

But when you ship off your saliva, law enforcement could have access to your DNA.

Police could use genetic information it gets from those companies to identify you in a criminal investigation, even if youve never used one of those services.


Egyptians Referred To Aloe As The Plant of Immortality, And We Couldnt Agree More Awareness Act

There are many different natural ingredients, plants, fruits, and oats that are revitalizing for your body. One of the most effective natural ingredients is aloe vera the Egyptians didnt refer to it a the plant of immortality for just any reason either.

If youre looking for natural ingredients to use instead of the modern day ibuprofen and Tylenol medications, youre not alone. Many people, if not thousands, are trying to incorporate natural healing into their lifestyles because we are just now starting to see the long-term dangers of taking medicine all the time. Medications were designed in a lab and were meant for one thing making someone rich  not curing your health ailments. However, natural ingredients offer you true healing and alleviated symptoms without all of the negative side effects like aloe vera!

Aloe vera is one of the most popular natural healing ingredients out there. It is commonly referred to as the Lily of the Desert, burn plant or Elephants Hall. One of its many uses is soothing a burn or abrasion which is why people call it the burn plant. Even I can remember burning my hand on a little go-kart as a child only to have my grandmother slather my palm in aloe vera! Its because it really works and its good for a lot more than just cuts and burns too! Egyptian referred to the aloe vera plant as the plant of immortality because of its unheard-of ability in curing skin, wounds, and all around revitalizing your entir...


House Authorizes Funding to Deter Russia in Europe The Sleuth Journal

House Authorizes Funding to Deter Russia in Europe | russia-america-flag | Government NDAA US Congress World News

No Russian threat exists not against America, European countries or any others.

Yet Congress authorizes billions of dollars annually to counter a nonexistent threat.

On Tuesday, the House passed FY 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes $4.6 billion for the so-called European Deterrence Initiative enhancing Americas military capability on the continent, pretending its to counter a Russian threat nowhere to be found anywhere.

Around $100 million is for increasing the military capabilities of Baltic countries. Another $58 million is allocated in response to Russias nonexistent INF Treaty violations Washington committing breaches, not Moscow.

Around $350 million is for US-installed Kiev putschists its corrupt officials siphoning off millions of dollars, stashing them offshore in tax havens the way earlier US funds were stolen.

The House measure authorizes $700 billion for FY 2018 overall less than half what America spends for militarism, aggressive wars, worldwide subversion, and related activities, much hidden in black budgets, amounts spent kept secret.

Senate action on NDAA remains unfinished business. Passage by both houses and enactment by the president is rubber-stamp at a time Americas only enemies are invented ones, no real ones.

Since 2001 alone, Washington spent $5.6 trillion on wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan, according to a Brown University Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs study along with another $4.3 trillion on Homeland Security, Defense and Veterans Affairs spending.

The Pentagon lied, claiming only $1.52 trillion was spent for FYs 2001 through budgeted 2018 expenditures. The cost of militarism, warmaking and related activities is obscenely high.

According to the study, (b)y 2056, a conservative estimate is that interest costs will be about $8 trillion unless the US changes the way that it...


Sex, power, consent: Interpreting the "sexual assault" media frenzy Signs of the Times

The same media that covered for the rich and powerful is now delighting in throwing them one by one under the sexual assault bus. I can't deny that it is a joy to watch liberal elites like Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein fall from grace. But a chill goes down my spine when I think, but why now? Why has the media suddenly done a complete 180? Don't get me wrong, it is great to hold sexual predators accountable. But the first thing that doesn't feel right is "convicting" people in the court of public opinion based only on an accusation. Okay, so for people like Weinstein and Spacey, there are enough people coming forward with enough verifiable evidence that they are beyond a reasonable doubt sexual predators. Al Franken posed in a photo that confirms his harassment. But could this be the media's angle? The first step is to accuse all the easy targets. Get the public whipped into a frenzy. Once everyone has the torches and pitchforks, all that will be required is an accusation, and the mob will burn the witches. And at that point, no one will wait to see if the evidence pans out. A simple accusation, true or false will condemn a man and destroy his career.


SOTT FOCUS: Behind the Headlines: Weinstein's Weinergate Goes Nuclear: Where is society at with #MeToo? Signs of the Times

From the initial scandalous revelations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein in early October, allegations of sexual harassment against celebrities have spread from Hollywood to encompass politicians and other household names, and in other countries around the world. Spawning the Twitter trend #MeToo, many women have spoken out about transgressions made again them, often naming their attacker. What are we looking at here? An outcry for justice? A glimpse into the dark underbelly of society? A bandwagon for jumping on? Tune in to Behind the Headlines at 6-8pm CET (4-6pm UTC / 12-2pm EST) today as we try to get a handle on the mother of all worm cans. Running Time: 01:49:03 Download: OGG, MP3 Listen live, chat, and call in to future shows on the SOTT Radio Network!


Bill Clinton Assault Victims Hit Back At Hillary Who Claims They Misremembered Your News Wire

Two women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of rape and sexual misconduct, have responded to claims Hillary Clinton recently made about her husbands accusers. During an interview with ABC News radio host Rita [...]


9 Reasons Why Exercise May Be the Best Medicine The Sleuth Journal

9 Reasons Why Exercise May Be the Best Medicine | running-shoes-workout-fitness | Natural Medicine Special Interests

There is no debate, regular exercise is vital for maintaining health and wellness. Again and again, research confirms that everyone can benefit from physical activity. Want to live a long, healthy life? Your chances of doing so are far better if you regularly work your body. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, regular physical activity has been shown to reduce mortality rates of many chronic diseases. Additionally, many illnesses and health ailments can be improved, or even prevented, by engaging in regular physical activity.[1]

1. May Improve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by endless fatigue that is not satisfied by sleep or rest. The disease is, by definition, very debilitating and some people suffer from symptoms for years. Most people do not find relief from pharmaceuticals, and even alternative remedies fall short. However, as part of a comprehensive approach, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital recommends exercise therapy for improving fatigue and secondary symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.[2]

2. Puts Insomniacs to Bed

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found that exercise improved insomniac tendencies in persons with major depressive disorder.  Participants in the study reported improvements in mood and sleep qualit...


If You Agree With At Least 10 Of These Statements, You Are a True Indigo Child Awareness Act

Indigo children have been incarnating on this planet for quite some time now. They are, of course, not all actually children. On the contrary, some of them are adults.

Most people believe indigos began arriving during the late 1970s. They are unique individuals who are more than willing to stand up and fight for what they truly believe is right. Indigo children can be a bit overwhelming but are here to help save this world we call home. If you identify with at least 10 of the following statements you too are an indigo.

20 Statements That Describe the Indigo Child:

1. You do not like following the rules. Whether they are small rules or big rules you know some were meant to be broken.

2. You know when you are being lied to or manipulated. Nothing gets by you, people often try to slip the wool over your eyes but you will not have it.

3. You have no tolerance for dishonesty. If someone is not being honest with you, you WILL call them out.

4. You do not like to do things that waste your time.

5. You dont need others to explain right and wrong to you. You have known practically since birth where your moral compass was.

6. You have few close friends and do not like socializing with outsiders. You know how rude most people can be and find comfort in those you truly trust.

7. You have a deep desire to find your purpose in life and where you can be most helpful.

8. Sometimes you just know things without reason, your intuition is much higher than that of others.

9. You spend a lot of time trying to find somewhere you fit in best. If a place is just not meshing with you, you move on.

10. You were what most would consider an outcast growing up. You just didnt fit in and a lot of people actually made fun of you for it.

11. You do not like listening to authority figures for the most part. While some things you understand, when it comes to the corruption and bullshit you will not stand for it.

12. You are impatient. This is something you have struggled with for quite some time and will continue to struggle with throughout life.

13. You have clairvoyant abilities.

14. You are very passionate about your beliefs, whatever they may be.

15. You battled with depression when you were younger.

16. You are artistically gifted. Creativity flows deep within you.

17. You embrace change with open arms.

18. You have a great sense of self-worth.

19. You do not care what others think of you.

20. You care deeply about the environment and this place we call home.

If at least half of these statements sounded like you, then you are an indigo. Indigos were sent here with a deep and wonderful purpose, and you are d...


Pentagon Trained Syrias Al Qaeda Rebels in the Use of Chemical Weapons The Sleuth Journal

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

This article was first published in April 2017 following the accusations directed against the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against its own people.

The issue is now once more before the UN Security Council. Read carefully.

The Western media refute their  own lies.

Not only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assads regime 

Londons Daily Mail in a 2013 article confirmed the existence of an Anglo-American project endorsed by the White House (with the assistance of Qatar) to wage a chemical weapons attack on Syria and place the blame on Bashar Al Assad.

(Update; April 8, 2017) Trumps decision to strike a Syrian airbase in retaliation for Assads alleged use of chemical weapons against his own people confirms that the False Flag Chemical Weapons attack scenario first formulated under Obama is still on the table.  Our analysis (including a large body of Global Research investigative reports) confirms unequivocally that Trump is lying, the Western media is lying and most of Americas allies are also lying.

The following Mail Online article was published and subsequently removed. Note the contradictory discourse: Obama issued warning to Syrian president Bashar al Assad...


Russia outsmarts American troll Hikki Haley in UN security council debate on Syrian chemical weapons attack Signs of the Times

The events at the United Nations Security Council surrounding the joint OPCW-UN-JIM investigation report ("the report") into the alleged Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapon attack are not being widely reported. This is unfortunate because they show that international opinion is swinging heavily against the report, which has lost credibility. Here an account of what happened on the two most recent occasions when the UN Security Council discussed this issue is necessary. On 24th October 2017 the Russians vetoed at the UN Security Council a resolution to extend the OPCW's mandate in Syria. They complained that the resolution presented to the UN Security Council to extend the OPCW's mandate had been brought forward in haste before its report had been provided to the UN Security Council. They pointed out that this was obviously inappropriate and appeared intended to lend authority to the report before it was published. They said that there was actually no need to bring forward a resolution to extend the OPCW's mandate in that way, and that the more correct time to bring such a resolution forward was after the report had been submitted to the UN Security Council for its consideration.

Russia outsmarts American troll Nikki Haley in UN security council debate on Syrian chemical weapons attack Signs of the Times

The events at the United Nations Security Council surrounding the joint OPCW-UN-JIM investigation report ("the report") into the alleged Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapon attack are not being widely reported. This is unfortunate because they show that international opinion is swinging heavily against the report, which has lost credibility. Here an account of what happened on the two most recent occasions when the UN Security Council discussed this issue is necessary. On 24th October 2017 the Russians vetoed at the UN Security Council a resolution to extend the OPCW's mandate in Syria. They complained that the resolution presented to the UN Security Council to extend the OPCW's mandate had been brought forward in haste before its report had been provided to the UN Security Council. They pointed out that this was obviously inappropriate and appeared intended to lend authority to the report before it was published. They said that there was actually no need to bring forward a resolution to extend the OPCW's mandate in that way, and that the more correct time to bring such a resolution forward was after the report had been submitted to the UN Security Council for its consideration.


This Is What Advertising Would Look Like If Corporations Actually Told The Truth TruthTheory

By Gavin Nascimento, Founder of

For more than a decade now, Ive researched public relations, psychology, anthropology and mind control almost daily. And when you do this, you begin to see the world very differently.


Eventually, you begin to apprehend that most are literally under some form of subtle mind control, and that its actually quite easy to manipulate the average persons mind, since they have never been educated on how to identify and protect themselves from these insidious influences.

One such method of deception, commonly employed by propagandists and public relations experts, is the manipulation of our associative memory.

Associative memory is when a particular learning experience becomes intertwined, or associated, with another.

Have you ever heard a song that immediately makes you very sad or happy? Maybe a certain smell brings back a powerful memory? Perhaps when you visit a certain place you have flash backs? Thats because your associative memory is at work.

Now, if you are not aware of how this process works, you can easily be deceived, and this is precisely what corporations do through their marketing and advertising schemes.

In an effort to help people see these unethical corporations as they really are, rather than as their propagandist specialists would like us to believe them to be, I collected some clever images from around the web, and wrote a brief, but concise, exposition on each of them.





Two of Bill Clinton's rape victims hit back at Hillary after she claimed they 'misremembered' assaults Signs of the Times

Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones, two women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of rape or sexual misconduct, responded Friday to claims Hillary Clinton recently made about Bill's accusers and the Democratic reaction to Bill's history in the wake of dozens of new sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood elites and politicians.


ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda: US military and CIA leaders may be investigated for war crimes committed in the armed conflict in Afghanistan Signs of the Times

On November 3, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) informed the court's Pre-Trial Chamber, "[T]here is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed in connection with the armed conflict in Afghanistan." In what Amnesty International's Solomon Sacco called a "seminal moment for the ICC," Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda asked the court for authorization to commence an investigation that would focus on US military and CIA leaders, as well as Taliban and Afghan officials. Bensouda wrote in a November 14, 2016, report that her preliminary examination revealed "a reasonable basis to believe" the "war crimes of torture and ill-treatment" had been committed "by US military forces deployed to Afghanistan and in secret detention facilities operated by the Central Intelligence Agency, principally in the 2003-2004 period, although allegedly continuing in some cases until 2014." The chief prosecutor noted the alleged crimes by the CIA and US armed forces "were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals," but rather were "part of approved interrogation techniques in an attempt to extract 'actionable intelligence' from detainees." She added there was "reason to believe" that crimes were "committed in the furtherance of a policy or policies ... which would support US objectives in the conflict of Afghanistan."


Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs (VIDEO) The Sleuth Journal

Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs (VIDEO) | microchipped | Multimedia RFID Chips Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests Surveillance

Sosome people actually want to be microchipped like a dog. Theyre lining up for it. Theyre having parties to get it done. It if isnt available to them, theyre totally bummed out.

Im not even going to venture into the religious aspect of having a microchip inserted into a human being. Lets just talk about the secular ramifications.

Certain folks wont be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in them. Heres how this could go.

  • Initially, it would be the sheep who blindly desire to be chipped for their own convenience leading the way.
  • Then, it would become remarkably inconvenient not to be chipped sort of like its nearly impossible to not have a bank account these days.
  • Then, the last holdouts could be forcibly chipped by law.

Read on, because I could not make this stuff up.

Some employers are chipping workers.

Last summer, the internet was abuzz about a company in Wisconsin that wanted to microchip their employees. Workers at the technology company, Three Market Square, were given the option of having a chip implanted in their hands and 50 out of 80 eagerly lined up for the privilege.

Why? So they could buy food or swipe their way through building security with a wave of their hand. Software engineer Sam Bengtson explained why he was on board.

It was pretty much 100 percent yes right from the get-go for me. In the next five to 10 years, this is going to be something that isnt scoffed at so much, or is more normal. So I like to jump on the bandwagon with these kind of things early, just to say that I have it. (source)

He wasnt alone. In fact, they had a microchipping party and some people got chipped live on TV so the rest of us reluctant humans could all see how cool it was to get microchipped. Watch what fun they had!



Declassified Israeli Documents Reveal Strategy To Suffocate Gaza Strip Your News Wire

Declassified documents have been released revealing the Israeli governments controversial plans to starve Gaza and its strategy to deal with the Palestinians. The documents released on Thursday on the Israel State Archives include hundreds of pages [...]


Treasonous: Senior British politician, who campaigned for Brexit, is now encouraging capital flight from UK Signs of the Times

A senior Tory politician has urged the wealthy to pull their money out of the UK and invest elsewhere, with the Labour Party quick to brand him a hypocrite. Conservative MP John Redwood, who has a second 180,000 per year job as Chief Global Strategist for investment management firm Charles Stanley, encouraged investors to move their money out of the UK in his opinion piece, 'Time to look further afield as the UK economy hits the brakes'. "I sold out of the general share ETFs in the UK after their great performance for the year from early July 2016, when I saw the last Budget and heard the BoE's credit warnings," Redwood said in the op-ed. "The money could be better put to work in places where the authorities are allowing credit to expand a bit, to permit faster growth." Translation: "I can get more profits elsewhere so stuff the lot of you."


The hell that is Gaza: Rampant sexual abuse, drugs and despair Signs of the Times

Mohammed Mansour, who treats Gaza's victims of sexual assault, describes the dystopian nightmare that Palestinians are living Talking to: Mohammed Mansour, 49, lives in Galilee town of Mash'had; psychologist, volunteer in Gaza with Physicians for Human Rights. Where: A Jaffa caf. When: Sunday, 8 A.M. For more than a decade you've been making frequent visits to the Gaza Strip, as a volunteer who provides psychological assistance. I'm an expert in trauma treatment, and more specifically of children who have undergone sexual assault or who display abusive sexual behavior. As part of the humanitarian assistance given, I treat children and train professionals to provide trauma therapy. I go in and out of Gaza, under the auspices of the Physicians for Human Rights nonprofit, every two to three months. In the 1990s I even lived there for half a year while I was doing a research study. So you're well acquainted with pre-embargo Gaza, too. Of course. And I understand that it's your feeling, from your last visit, about a month ago, that something has changed. You discern a new tendency. Yes. In this visit I encountered a large number of cases of sexual abuse among the children. That's a phenomenon that has always existed, but in this visit, and also in the previous visit, in August, it suddenly reached far larger dimensions. It's become positively huge. More than one-third of the children I saw in the Jabalya [refugee] camp reported being sexually abused. Children from ages 5 to 13.


A treasure trove of birch notes became the Rosetta Stone for Medieval Russia Signs of the Times

Have you read Evgenii Vodolazkin's excellent novel Laurus? If you haven't, you've deprived yourselves of a rare experience of serious, contemplative fiction in the grand tradition of Christian humanism. (See my review if you need an extra push). Those of you who read it will probably remember the main character's most prized possession. It's the thing that grounds him, that gives him meaning in a world of plague and chaos. Ultimately, it's also the thing he must abandon on his path toward sanctity. What is it? It's a bag full of notes written on birch bark. Everything from a excerpts from popular novel about Alexander the Great to the writings of the Holy Fathers to practical advice about treating common ailments-it's all there. It turns out that these birch notes aren't some fiction invented by the author. They are a historical reality. More than that, they are a kind of Rosetta Stone for Medieval Rus. I use the term Rosetta Stone loosely here, to mean a key to a cypher. In 1951, an archaeological expedition in Novgorod found a treasure trove of these birch notes, and they became a historical sensation. They completely changed the historical thinking surrounding the everyday life of medieval Russians. (This post is adapted from an original Russian post in Foma magazine)


Former Oklahoma State Senator Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking Operation Disclosure

Former Oklahoma state senator pleads guilty to child sex trafficking charge: report

11/18/17 10:48 PM EST

Source: The Hill | By MAX GREENWOOD

Getty Images

A former Oklahoma state senator has pleaded guilty to a child sex trafficking charge, The Oklahoman reported Saturday.

Former state Sen. Ralph Shortey, a Republican, had been accused of offering to pay a 17-year-old boy for sexual "stuff" earlier this year. Federal prosecutors will drop three additional child pornography charges against him in exchange for his guilty plea.

"It is in my best interest and in the best interest of my family," the former state senator wrote in plea deal paperwork signed this week, according to the Oklahoman.

By pleading guilty, Shortey is hoping to receive a lighter sentence. Child sex trafficking carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, and a maximum sentence of life in prison. U.S. District Judge Timothy DeGiusti will sentence Shortey next year.

Shortey was first elected to the Oklahoma state Senate in 2010. He resigned from office on March 22, two weeks after being found in a motel room with the 17-year-old boy.

Shortey and the victim had first met through Craigslist a year earlier. According to the Oklahoman, the two carried on conversations via the messaging app Kik before going to the motel.

Police said the teenager had told the state senator that he needed "money for spring break," to which Shortey replied: "I don't really have any legitimate things I need help with...


Trump puts hold on trophy elephant ban reversal after bipartisan complaints Signs of the Times

President Donald Trump has tweeted that he will not make a decision whether to end a ban on the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia "until such time as I review all conservation facts." The Friday evening tweet follows a backlash after the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFS) announced on Thursday it would begin issuing permits for the import of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia hunted from January 21, 2016 to December 31, 2018. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke followed up with a statement later in the night. Zinke tweeted that he and Trump "both believe that conservation & healthy herds are critical," and that the permitting process was being put on hold.


Let's stop pretending that the ADL is a civil rights organization Signs of the Times

I am an African-American Jew by choice, who grew up in Chicago in the '60s and '70s. My father fled racial terror in the deep south; my mother worked on civil rights and peace initiatives in Europe after World War II. For both of them, Jews and Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) -- founded in 1913 to fight a rising tide of anti-Semitism and bigotry against Jewish immigrants -- represented hope for racial justice in their lifetimes. Throughout the 1960s and '70s, the ADL helped mobilize support for civil rights and voting rights legislation, marching in Selma and supporting the end of segregation in schools. To us, the ADL was one of the good guys, one of the few white organizations that was looking out for African Americans. I started to become disenchanted in the early '80s when the ADL opposed affirmative action during the Bakke case. It was a shock, and a moment when a lot of African Americans were beginning to ask: If the ADL is our ally, why would they not support a key civil rights issue for Black Americans?


Media Silent as Fed Committee Quietly Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches Activist Post

By Rachel Blevins It has been over one month since the latest dangerous piece of legislation meant to infringe on Americans constitutional rights was introduced,...


'We cannot be guided by bitterness,' says Mugabe as he resigns RSS feed from

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has agreed to resign after 37 years in power, following talks with the military, reports say.


Essenes may have authored Dead Sea Scrolls - Israeli anthropologist Signs of the Times

Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls over 70 years ago, numerous theories have abounded about who wrote the ancient manuscripts. Now over 30 newly-excavated skeletons may finally provide an answer. The first of the scrolls were found by Bedouin goat herders in the Qumran area of the West Bank in 1946 and, over the course of the following decade, scrolls were found in 11 different caves in the area. A 12th cave yielded another find as recently as February this year. Throughout this time, archaeologists have struggled to find conclusive proof to determine who wrote or protected the scrolls. This failure has paved the way for seemingly endless theories about the inhabitants of Qumran including that they were craftsmen, Iron Age people, Bedouins and Roman soldiers. However the excavation of the skeletons has added great weight to the view that the manuscripts were watched over by a Jewish sect of celibate men called the Essenes.


Innocent Family Raided by SWAT, Held at Gunpoint After Cops Mistook Hibiscus for Cannabis Activist Post

By Jack Burns Butler County, PA A Butler County couple is suing their insurance agent and local police after the two colluded to arrest...


Indonesian woman whipped by masked Sharia law enforcer for 'committing adultery' Signs of the Times

Shocking images have emerged of a woman being brutally canned by a masked sharia law punisher for allegedly committing adultery. The public caning was carried out by an algojo - a sharia law executor - who was dressed all in black with an eerie black and white mask covering his identity. The woman, dressed in white, was forced to kneel beside the algojo to face her fate.


Trump footing his own and staffers' legal bills for Russia investigation Signs of the Times

President Trump is paying his own legal bills related to the Russia investigation, and has authorized an effort to help current and former staff members drawn into the probe pay their expenses, a White House attorney said Friday. US President Donald Trump is now paying his own legal fees in connection with the investigation into alleged collusion between his presidential campaign and Russia, White House Special Counsel Ty Cobb said in a statement on Friday. "[The] President is paying his own legal fees, as was always his preference," Cobb said as quoted by CNN. "He does not want to deplete any funds that may be available to assist current and former staffers."


Securing a favorable IT on-call schedule The Sleuth Journal

Securing a favorable IT on-call schedule | information-technology-laptop-computer-online | News And Opinions

Having an IT team on-call is very important to ensuring your companys end product retains its high level of quality. Without this component, it would be considerably harder for the IT team to get the information they need when issues do arise. Additionally, it would also be a lot harder for the IT team to accurately trace and respond to occurrences regarding the products development.

But now that weve settled how having an IT-on call schedule is important, we need to be realistic about how inconvenient IT on-call can be at times. Many IT professionals lament their on-call experiences. Here, however,  we will give you some insight into how you can put together an on-call schedule that helps your business.

Answering the call

One of the biggest problems with on-call is that alerts are poorly reported due to the lack of a competent alerting system. If the alert is reported, it fails to go to the  correct engineer who could  actually answer the call. The alert gets passed from one department to another. So when it finally reaches the correct on-call individual, its nowhere near as riveting.

The answer to this problem is to implement a messaging system that competently picks up alerts and makes sure problems are adequately handled from the get-go. A platform like OnPage for Secure Messaging which provides an app and console can help an IT business answer on-call alerts thoroughly and act with much greater efficiency.

The advantages of uses an app

A mobile app eliminates the necessity of a physical pager for alerts. Its a much cleaner approach that is not only more convenient but also more efficient because planning and scheduling are improved. A mobile app presents the opportunity to respond promptly and correctly assign issues to the most qualifie...


Razing Palestine: Palestinian forced to demolish his own shop in occupied East Jerusalem Signs of the Times

A Palestinian store owner was forced to demolish his own shop in occupied East Jerusalem on Tuesday, after Israel issued an order to demolition the property and threatened to charge the man for the demolition. The Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, based in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, reported that Amin Abbasi was told by Israel's Jerusalem Municipality two weeks ago that if he did not demolish his shop within 30 days, crews from the municipality would carry out the demolition and force him to pay the costs, which typically are extremely high. Occupation authorities said this was because the property was built without the nearly impossible-to-obtain building permit. The centre said that the shop was built two years ago. Abbasi's demolition was the second recorded self-demolition to take place in Silwan in 48 hours, after another Palestinian destroyed his own home on Sunday for the same reasons, leaving his family of four homeless.


Journalists create cyptocurrency to free themselves of publishers' vested interests Signs of the Times

The Californian investment fund, HigherOrderVC, and journalists from across the world have teamed up to create a new cryptocurrency to provide financing for investigative journalism. The new virtual currency, named PressCoin, is aimed at empowering independent journalists with new tools to stand against fake news, as well as improving their objectiveness and financial independence. PressCoin is reportedly expected to wean journalism off the advertising revenue model, upending corporate media monopolies with collaborative content. "Today journalists are bound to the vested interests of publishers. More and more publishers are chasing advertising dollars. To get views, they defer to social media platforms. And so does their content. This not only compromises the integrity of quality, independent journalism, it also pushes money onto social media platforms,"says Amit Rathore, PressCoin's President, as quoted by Payment Week, a New York-based magazine covering mobile payments.


ECB Proposes End To Deposit Protection After the Shift

Submitted by GoldCore
It is the 'opinion of the European Central Bank' that the deposit protection scheme is no longer necessary:


Judge considers whether Trump's tweets should open up government's dossier probe in FOIA case Signs of the Times

A federal judge is considering whether President Donald Trump's own tweets could force the federal government to reveal more information about its efforts to verify the claims in the controversial privately compiled dossier about Trump's alleged ties to Russia. Trump has taken to his favorite social media forum to denounce the so-called dossier as "fake" and "discredited," while also calling repeatedly for investigators to make public details about who funded creation of the document containing accurate, inaccurate and unverified assertions about the president. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta heard arguments Friday in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit testing whether Trump's public statements foreclose the government's ability to refuse to even confirm that officials attempted to verify the claims in the so-called dossier. The lawsuit was filed by this reporter along with a pro-transparency group, the James Madison Project.


Huge hole opens up in Brazilian soybean field; depth unknown Signs of the Times

Residents of a farm in Coromandel in Alto Paranaba were surprised by a geological phenomenon last week. A giant hole, which would have been about 20 meters in diameter, appeared on a soybean plantation. Scientists from the Federal University of Uberlndia (UFU) were there and said that it might be a sinkhole. Fazenda Santa Cruz is 30 kilometers from the city. According to the owner, Diogo Tudela, the hole opened between 5 and 6 November and was discovered by a resident. "You can not imagine the size of the hole," he said. The land was recently planted with soybeans. The phenomenon had never occurred on the property before. "That's why we sought out experts to answer our questions. Then we learned that there are already records in the region of this event, "he explained. The farm owner hired a photographer with a drone to take the images. They believe that the diameter is 15 or 20 meters, and they Could not calculate depth yet.


Mystery in the Northwest Territories, Canada: The Strange Case of the Missing Tourist Signs of the Times

At some point in our lives we all seek some sort of adventure, perhaps some escape from our usual lives to shuck off our day to day identities and go off somewhere far away to do and experience new things. For some people who actually go through with this plan of escaping unfettered from the mundane they know, this is an enlightening experience, yet other have gone off to just keep on going to become unsolved mysteries. One such case is that of a brave Japanese woman who made a journey to a faraway land only to vanish and proceed to weave a web of strange mysteries and vault into the pantheon of great unsolved crimes. On October 17, 2014, a 45-year-old psychiatrist from Japan by the name of Atsumi Yoshikubo found her way across the ocean to the cold, icy landscape of Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, Canada. The brave woman had booked the trip by herself through a tour company and come here to this remote, faraway world on her own, perhaps seeing it as the adventure of a lifetime and a chance to see the Northern Lights, as many Japanese tourists to the rugged region did.


Witness About To Expose Hillary Clinton Is Missing, Feared Dead Your News Wire

A missing witness who promised to dish the dirt on Hillary Clinton is now feared dead, according to police officials. Professor Joseph Mifsud was one of the people identified as a connection between Russian officials [...]


Saudi Prince Admits He Had Snipers At Mandalay Bay During Mass Shooting Your News Wire

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed had admitted under interrogation that he sent an elite team of snipers from the Saudi Royal Air Force to the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the night of the mass shooting. According to [...]


Israel's ploy of selling a Syrian nuke strike Signs of the Times

In September 2007, Israeli warplanes bombed a building in eastern Syria that the Israelis claimed held a covert nuclear reactor that had been built with North Korean assistance. Seven months later, the CIA released an extraordinary 11-minute video and mounted press and Congressional briefings that supported that claim. But nothing about that alleged reactor in the Syrian desert turns out to be what it appeared at the time. The evidence now available shows that there was no such nuclear reactor, and that the Israelis had misled George W. Bush's administration into believing that it was in order to draw the United States into bombing missile storage sites in Syria. Other evidence now suggests, moreover, that the Syrian government had led the Israelis to believe wrongly that it was a key storage site for Hezbollah missiles and rockets. The International Atomic Agency's top specialist on North Korean reactors, Egyptian national Yousry Abushady, warned top IAEA officials in 2008 that the published CIA claims about the alleged reactor in the Syrian desert could not possibly have been true. In a series of interviews in Vienna and by phone and e-mail exchanges over several months Abushady detailed the technical evidence that led him to issue that warning and to be even more confident about that judgment later on. And a retired nuclear engineer and research scientist with many years of experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has confirmed a crucial element of that technical evidence.


Golden eagle eats dead fox, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video shows a golden eagle eating a dead red fox in winter in Sweden.

Featuring a raven as well.


Turkish threat to remove US 'intelligence gathering' radar systems indicative of changing relationships in Middle East Signs of the Times

Turkey's increasingly fraught relationship with NATO has just entered a new crisis as Ankara threatens to remove a substantial US radar system from its soil, should Washington fail to complete the transfer of F-35 fighter jets ordered by Turkey. The row has its origins in Turkey's recent purchase of Russia's powerful S-400 missile defence systems. The Pentagon has announced that Turkey's purchase of the S-400s "would jeopardise the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey".


Catholic priest says Christmas has been "hijacked by Santa and reindeer" Signs of the Times

A Catholic priest has urged the church to abandon the word "Christmas" because it has been "hijacked by Santa and reindeer." Dublin-based priest Father Desmond O'Donnell said believers should now use the word "Nativity" instead of "Christmas," because the latter has lost all its meaning to commercialization.


Appropriate response to sexual misconduct vexes both parties in wake of Franken, Moore allegations Signs of the Times

Allegations about improper sexual conduct by a Democratic senator and a Republican senatorial candidate are forcing the Senate to confront a difficult dilemma: where to draw the line and how to mete out punishment. How should Democrat Al Franken of Minnesota be dealt with after an allegation he forced his tongue in a woman's mouth and appeared to grope her while she slept? Should Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore be thrown out of the chamber if he wins election on Dec. 12 because of accusations he sexually assaulted or fondled teenage girls when he was in his 30s? The questions have politicians across the country and in both parties, including President Donald Trump, grappling with how to calibrate their responses at a time when sexual harassment allegations are getting a heightened level of attention by the public. "Obviously that's not acceptable and that's why we do the ethics investigation," Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said a few hours after Franken said he would submit to a review by the Senate ethics committee. "I don't know where the line is."


Report of Marines Invading CIA Headquarters Armstrong Economics

There are reports now circulating that a special forces group of 2200 marines have landed and invaded the CIA Headquarters. They supposedly have landed in the classic tilt-rotary helicopters. I have been working on this to actually confirm the veracity of this claim but not a single photo has even surfaced. The spin is they are there to prevent a CIA coup against Trump. That seems to be a bit far-fetched. If it is even true, it may be more to secure evidence for the prosecution of the Clintons.

What is very interesting is to see how the Democrats are starting to run from the Clintons. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has come out and said that Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency after having a relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. With all the attacks to stop candidates using sexual harassment, many are starting to realize that Bill Clinton should have resigned and many are now running away from Hillary.

The truth of these stories about troops landing at the CIA has not been confirmed.  I will rely on my direct sources to confirm or deny these reports. I do not believe it is likely that this incident was to prevent a coup even if true.


Huge Pedophile Ring Discovered With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict Your News Wire

A huge pedophile ring has been discovered by Australian authorities which they say has clear ties to Pope Benedict and the Catholic church.  Prominent Vatican official Cardinal George Pell, who has been an advisor to Pope [...]


Orange County: 1,000 bikes found in bunker underneath homeless encampment Signs of the Times

The makeshift bunker beneath a recently-displaced Fountain Valley homeless encampment was big enough for a grown person to stand inside, replete with wood-paneled walls and a support beam, and accessible only via a small hatch camouflaged to blend in with its dirt surroundings. The half-loaded .357 Magnum found near the same camp, along the Santa Ana River, contained three empty shell casings - meaning it had been fired. And the 1,000 bicycles discovered hidden away in the flood-control channel's dark tunnel system in Santa Ana, two miles north of the encampment, could suggest a large-scale theft ring. Orange County sheriff's deputies and public employees said they uncovered unusual and dangerous conditions in the recently cleared homeless camps on the riverbed in Fountain Valley and in portions of the river to the north. The findings, they said, posed public safety risks and indicated that the area was rife with crime.


Over 6 feet of fresh snow hits Blackcomb ski resort in British Columbia Signs of the Times

Whistler Blackcomb kicked off the 2017/2018 winter season yesterday Friday November 17th having received 198 centimetres (78 inches/6.5 feet) of snow falling in the previous seven days. A resort spokesperson described the result as, "incredible mid-winter like conditions." Although Whistler's reported snow accumulation is the biggest so far, other ski areas in Western North America have reported several feet of snow. Mammoth in California has come closest with 1.8m/6 feet of new snow at the top of it slopes. Ski areas in Colorado have also been reporting fresh snow with resorts including Breckenridge reporting 30cm of snow, the first significant snowfall of the autumn there.


Google Launches Biggest Ever Censorship Campaign Against Alt. Media Your News Wire

Google has begun reviewing the claims of Your News Wire and other alternative media sites by linking to left-leaning fact checking sites when people search for or Your News Wire. Googles biography box for [...]


North Korea and its missile program: All you need to know Signs of the Times

One may say that the political and military situation in the Asian Pacific is a calm before the storm. The race to prepare everyone to an armed conflict between the "free world" and the "communist totalitarian regime" in Pyongyang that was propagated by the western media has reached its peak. The US are concentrating their forces in Southeast Asia in order to strike at the military and industrial objects in North Korea. Three carrier strike groups (CSG) are awaiting orders in the Sea of Japan: USS CVN-68 Nimitz, USS CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt and USS CVN-76 Ronald Reagan. They are accompanied by three air wings. That comes up to 72-108 F/A-18E jets with 36 older F/A-18C Hornet jets for Navy support. The CSGs include up to 18 Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyers, with 540 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles. The Sea of Japan is also being patrolled by USS Michigan (SSGN-727) and USS Florida (SSGN-728) cruise missile submarines, with 300 more Tomahawks. There are six B-1B and B-52 bombers with three nuclear-capable B-2 bombers at the Andersen Air Force Base (AFB) in Guam. All of this striking power is mobilized not only for show. A real threat of a US nuclear strike reemerged during the Korean war of 1950-1953. The US developed several plans to bomb key objects in North Korea in order to gain a strategic advantage. The top brass did not bring themselves to open the Pandora's box, but the threat of nuclear obliteration was still present even after the war, although to a lesser extent. Quite possibly this was what spurned Kim Il-sung to start a nuclear program of his own.


Oklahoma Senator Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Trafficking Your News Wire

Former state Senator Ralph Shortey has pleaded guilty to operating a child sex trafficking ring and is expected to be given a 10-year prison sentence next week. Shortey agreed to plead guilty to the child sex [...]


Apple's diversity chief being replaced for saying white males can also be diverse Signs of the Times

Silicon Valley's disdain for its mostly white, mostly male tech workforce has reached absurd new heights. The New York Post is reporting that, after just six months on the job, Apple Diversity Chief Denise Young Smith, who was named vice president of diversity and inclusion in May, has resigned her post after making a "controversial" comment last month during a summit in Bogota, Colombia. What was Young's crime? She insinuated that "diversity" can still exist among a group of white men because of their different life experiences. "There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they're going to be diverse too because they're going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation," the inaugural diversity chief said. Comment: Diversity of thought and experience is much more valuable than outer appearance. "Diversity is the human experience," she said, according to Quartz. "I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT."


Huge Increase In Mega Earthquakes Predicted For 2018 Your News Wire

Scientists have warned that there will be a huge upsurge in the number of deadly earthquakes around the globe in 2018.  They believe that a slowing of the Earths rotation could trigger mega-earthquakes, capable of [...]


Kathy Griffin: Ive Completely Lost My Mind Your News Wire

Kathy Griffin has admitted that she has completely lost her mind ever since pulling the Trump beheading stunt.  In a cry for help, the unhinged comedian posted a video to her YouTube account on Saturday [...]


Yankees go home! US Marine kills elderly Japanese man while driving drunk in Okinawa Signs of the Times

A US military truck collided with a light vehicle in Okinawa, Japan, killing an elderly civilian, local media reports. The driver, a member of the US Marine Corps, was drunk at the moment of the crash and is being questioned. On Sunday morning, the driver of a US military truck reportedly violated traffic regulations, running a red light and crashing into a light vehicle at an intersection in Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture, according to NHK. The Japanese driver, 61, of the civilian truck was taken unconscious to a local hospital, where he died an hour and a half later.


Trilateral talks on Syria between Russia, Iran and Turkey "very useful", parties agree on "all key issues" - Lavrov Signs of the Times

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov positively assessed the meeting with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts, stating that it was "very useful" adding that parties "have agreed on all key issues", speaking in Antalya on Sunday. Sergei Lavrov, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu held trilateral talks to discuss the settlement of the Syrian crisis, taking into consideration the activities in line with the Astana Process - series of international meetings on Syria. The meeting is in the lead up to the Russia-Iran-Turkey summit due in Sochi on November 22 and the intra-Syrian consultations in Geneva on November 28, as reported by FRN earlier today. No media were allowed to be present during this meeting.


Cop loses control of patrol car and plows into mother and her two children Signs of the Times

Two children were killed and their mother severely injured Thursday night when a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy plowed them down on the sidewalk after he lost control while responding to a call. The three-car crash occurred about 7:30 p.m. in the 800 block of South Indiana Street in Boyle Heights. The impact thrust the sheriff's vehicle onto the sidewalk, where it ran into a mother and her two children, ages 7 and 9, said Los Angeles police Officer Drake Madison, an LAPD spokesman, according to the LA Times. According to the report in the Times: A security video obtained by The Times from Green Mill Liquor Store shows the moments after a sheriff's SUV drove onto the sidewalk and hit the pedestrians. The clip shows the sheriff's SUV after it had already struck at least two people. The vehicle appears in the frame from the side of a building. The video shows the split second after the front of the SUV - with its emergency lights on - hit a trash can. A person rolls into the frame on the sidewalk. Because the video has no audio, it's unclear if the cruiser's sirens were on. Just moments before, the video shows a man walking through a parking lot next to the building abruptly turning and running toward the street just as the SUV appears, apparently reacting to the sound of the crash. The clip is about eight seconds long. Images from the scene show the crumpled right front side of the SUV and the tire folded under its mangled frame. One child died at the scene, and one died at a hospital, he said. The mother is in critical condition, Madison said. The crash severely injured seven other people as well. According to Madison, in addition to two deputies and three pedestrians, someone from one of the other two cars was transported to a hospital.


Paris cop goes on shooting rampage after break-up with girlfriend, 3 shot dead before committing suicide Signs of the Times

A police officer shot dead three people and injured three others before committing suicide in the northern suburbs of Paris, according to local prosecutors. It all started as he and his girlfriend were "discussing their separation in a car." The shooting began at around 8:45pm on Saturday night in the commune of Sarcelles, where an argument broke out between 31-year-old officer Arnaud Martin and his 25-year-old girlfriend as they sat in a car outside her parents' house, Eric Corbaux, the public prosecutor of Pontoise, told reporters. Arnaud then shot her in the face before opening fire on two passers-by who, as a preliminary investigation has shown, tried to intervene. Both were fatally shot. The first, a 30-year-old listening to music in his car, had just stepped out to "see what was going on." The second, who had gone out to buy cigarettes, was about to celebrate his 44th birthday with his children, his sister-in-law, Noria Madani, told AFP. "He told his children that he was coming back right away and police have come to say he will never come back," she said.

Cracking under pressure? Paris cop goes on rampage - Shoots three people dead before committing suicide Signs of the Times

A police officer shot dead three people and injured three others before committing suicide in the northern suburbs of Paris, according to local prosecutors. It all started as he and his girlfriend were "discussing their separation in a car." The shooting began at around 8:45pm on Saturday night in the commune of Sarcelles, where an argument broke out between 31-year-old officer Arnaud Martin and his 25-year-old girlfriend as they sat in a car outside her parents' house, Eric Corbaux, the public prosecutor of Pontoise, told reporters. Arnaud then shot her in the face before opening fire on two passers-by who, as a preliminary investigation has shown, tried to intervene. Both were fatally shot. The first, a 30-year-old listening to music in his car, had just stepped out to "see what was going on." The second, who had gone out to buy cigarettes, was about to celebrate his 44th birthday with his children, his sister-in-law, Noria Madani, told AFP. "He told his children that he was coming back right away and police have come to say he will never come back," she said.


French court orders mayor to remove his nativity scene from city hall Signs of the Times

A French appeals court has ordered the mayor of Bziers to permanently take down a nativity scene that was installed at the city hall in 2014. The administrative court of appeal of Marseille has ruled that the nativity scene, installed by Robert Mnard after he had been elected mayor of the Bziers, had no place in the city hall. Shortly after its installation in 2014, complaints were lodged against the religious scene, with some claiming that it breaches France's secularization laws.


Mac the Knife is back: The demand for injustice Signs of the Times

J'accuse! The phrase of Emil Zola, that shook a nation because it demanded justice for a falsely accused man, the phrase that will ever be remembered, as will the man who wrote it, is a phrase now used to condemn people, without trial, without fair hearing, without right of reply, without justice. The phrase "I accuse" is now not a demand for justice but is considered proof of any accusation that follows it; it has become a demand for injustice. "I accuse X of this." "A accuses B of that." The Media (suitably horrified) calls out, "Horror! Horror! The social fabric is coming apart. Hang him. Hang her. Hang them all!" The consumers of this information, the mass of the people who have been robbed of their reason and can react only as unthinking automatons, dutifully react,


Attacks on free press taking American media another step towards 'Sovietisation' Signs of the Times

This week the US Department of Justice Criminal Division forced the Russian-funded television network RT (formerly Russia Today) to register as a "foreign agent" under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Failure to comply would have risked arrest of RT's management and seizure of its assets. The move comes on the heels of Senators' recent demands that terrified tech giants Twitter, Facebook, and Google act as ideological filters. Comment: See: US Senators look foolish as RT reveals its top promoted tweets during election campaignUS Senators hysteria: 'Russian leadership 'fascist', 'Twitter sided with Russia' With no discernable defenders among America's media establishment, RT rightly denounced the selective FARA mandate as an attack on media freedom - which it is. But more ominous is what the move against RT says about America's rulers' further intention to limit the sources of information available to its subjects.


Why are more black women dying during childbirth? Signs of the Times

It was her second time lying numb in a hospital bed in North Bergen, New Jersey, with blood streaming down her legs and fear creeping into her heart. At that moment, Timoria McQueen Saba thought to herself, "there's no way in the world that I'm the only woman who had this happen," she said. In 2010, after giving birth vaginally to her oldest daughter, Gigi, one late afternoon in April, postpartum hemorrhage or excessive bleeding -- the leading cause of maternal death worldwide -- nearly killed her. Then, about a year later, she started bleeding profusely in the small bathroom of a frozen yogurt shop. The blood was from a miscarriage, which left her feeling helpless in that hospital bed. She didn't know she was pregnant. "I was all the way back to where I was the year before, and I realized ... I hadn't healed from the near-fatal traumatic experience the year before," said Saba, now the 39-year-old mother of two girls.


Egyptian singer arrested for eating banana Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 16 November 2017 music video is by Shyma from Egypt.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Egyptian singer arrested for inciting debauchery after eating a banana in music video

I didnt imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack

Rachael Revesz

A pop star has been arrested in Egypt on suspicion of inciting debauchery in a music video.

[21-year-old] Shyma, who was shown dancing in her underwear and eating fruit in front of a classroom of men and a blackboard with Class #69 written on it, was detained after the video caused numerous complaints.

For Shymas supporters, the pop stars arrest was a symbol of womens oppression in a country that was voted the worst in the Arab world for women in 2013.

Id say that Saudi Arabia is still a lot worse.



Kooky Hillary boasts Bill never tweeted policy during presidency which was 16 years before Twitter invented Signs of the Times

We don't know which is worse. The fact Hillary actually said it or the fact that the brainless droids in the Arkansas audience wildly applauded. Mindless Clinton sycophants. Hillary bragged on Saturday that Bill Clinton never messed around on Twitter during his presidency. Instead? He just got things done. Clinton was elected in 1992 and served two terms until 2001. Twitter was invented in 2006. Hillary is apparently using the same math which helped "lose" $6 Billion in cash from the State Department when she was secretary of state. That money just up and vanished. Never to be seen again.


Tonga Defeats Lebanon by ONLY 2 Points to Reach Rugby League World Cup Semi-finals Blog Baladi

Lebanon may have lost their quarter final game against Tonga but theyve produced one of the best performances of any team in the competition so far and some are even saying they were robbed of victory after a controversial decision by Video referee Thaler to over-turn a try decision given to Lebanons Adam Doueihi by another referee.

No one expected the lowest ranked team in the World Cup to give the Tongans a run for their money; Unfortunately, it wasnt even for the Cedars team to advance to the semis.

Nevertheless, this is an awesome result and we are super proud of our team!


Former Florida Democratic Rep Corrine Brown pleads for mercy after being convicted of stealing funds from children's charity Signs of the Times

I'm sure most folks who watch the news knows who Roy Moore is but do you know Corrine Brown, the former Democrat 24-year Congresswoman from Florida? She was convicted not just accused, of 18 fraud counts which could put her behind bars for the rest of her life (maxium 277 years.) She doesn't deserve special treatment. She knew what she did and did it over and over again. To me, each time she did it again she insulted all citizens and those who stood by her innocence. Brown reminded the judge she is 71 years old when she made her plea for mercy. Age didn't matter when she was stealing money from children so it shouldn't matter when she is locked up. She will never be punished for what she did our justice system will fail us all when they let this liar and thief walk. Just to let you know how bad Brown really was, more than $800K was deposited into the One Door for Education, the Virginia-based "charitable foundation," but only $1,200 went to charity. Over $200K went to NFL tickets, luxury vacations, plane tickets and lavish events, but she wants mercy and compassion. Give me a break!


The Menendez trial has revealed everything wrong with US bribery law Signs of the Times

With the jury hopelessly deadlocked, a federal judge was forced to declare a mistrial in the bribery trial of US Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). Who can blame the jury? Its members had been asked to answer some of the hardest questions in modern anti-corruption law. Is it criminal bribery when a $600,000 donor to a Super PAC asks for, and gets, help pushing a policy change that benefits him - from the candidate the Super PAC supported? How explicit do agreements to trade favors have to be for a charge of criminal bribery to stick? How do we tell the difference between a gift as a sign of friendship and a gift as a bribe? Does it matter that everyone else is doing the same thing?


Missing 411: Search for missing Uintas hiker scaled back, 'limited resources' Signs of the Times

After a week of extensive searches on the ground and in the air, efforts to find a 74-year-old Arizona man were scaled back on Monday. Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez said that while the search for Melvin Heaps would continue in the Crystal Lake area, it will be "with limited resources." "The Summit County Sheriff's Office and Search and Rescue [teams] have worked diligently, and have exhausted many resources in hopes of finding Melvin," the sheriff stated. In addition to the county's deputies and search and rescue team, personnel from the U.S. Forest Service, Utah Highway Patrol, the Utah Search Dogs and Great Basin K9 organizations, Air Force and Civil Air Patrol planes and 1scores of volunteers have attempted to find Heaps since he went missing on July 31.


NYC subway is cutting mechanics while managers receive $300,000 salaries Signs of the Times

During a long-ranging investigation, The New York Times interviewed more than 300 people and poured over thousands of documents to sketch out the history of neglect, abuse and mismanagement that fostered the New York City subway's current state of crisis in what's probably the most comprehensive explanation of the woes plaguing the MTA. Century-old tunnels and track routes are crubling, but the Times found that the MTA's budget for subway aintenance has barely grown, in inflation adjusted terms, since 1992. Signal problems and equipment failures are occurring twice as frequently as they did a decade ago - a sign of just how rapidly the transit system is deteriorating. What's worse, is that hundreds of mechanic positions have been cut even as the century-old system groaned under the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Meanwhile, compensation for managers has ballooned to nearly $300,000 a year. Daily ridership has doubled in the past decade to 5.7 million people. Yet, New York City is the only city in the world with fewer miles of track than it had during World War II. Given the unconscionable state of neglect paid to its budget, it should come as no surprise that New York City's subway system has the worst performance of any major urban transportation system in the world. Only 65% of weekday trains make it to their destination on time.


Remember that time when the US pushed nuclear development onto Iran? Signs of the Times

In defence of his recent decision to decertify the Iranian nuclear deal, US President Donald Trump explained: "We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of Iran's nuclear breakout." This was, of course, pretty rich coming from the leader of a nation that has unleashed all manner of violence -including nuclear-against the inhabitants of this planet. Because the Islamic Republic has dared to complicate US-Israeli designs in the Middle East, it has found itself repeatedly portrayed as an apocalyptic threat to life on earth But hey: the September 2017 Iranian missile launch-that-wasn't - news of which Trump himself broke on Twitter - could have been really violent!


Indian charity attempts to highlight problems of child trafficking through online game Signs of the Times

An Indian children's charity has released an online interactive game which aims to highlight the problem of child trafficking in the country.


In Macedonia and Serbia, Right-Wing Politicians Make Their Followers SwoonLiterally The Fifth Column

(GV)  Serbian President Aleksandar Vui of Serbia and former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of Macedonia have several things in common.

Both politicians belong to populist, conservative political parties. In fact, ruling Serbian political party SNS and Macedonias VMRO-DPMNE are sister parties within the family of the European Peoples Party.

Both Vui and Gruevski have been dogged by corruption allegations and faced mass protest movements against their rule.

And on multiple occasions both have seen attendees to their meticulously stage-managed public appearances faint.

On September 5, the new Macedonian government marked one hundred days in office. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev made the customary speech noting the accomplishments, while Gruevski, the chief of opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, held a counter-press conference blaming the prime minister for various debacles.

It would have had been just business as usual on the Macedonian political scene, if it werent for an incident at Gruevskis press conference that monopolized the publics attention.

At one point, a youth standing behind him fainted, but Gruevski, seemingly unaware, continued his speech, and none of his subordinates tried to interrupt the speech by helping the young man who fell to the ground.

A clip filmed with a mobile phone off a TV screen quickly spread over social networks; it currently has more than 170,000 views at the moment of writing of this post.

The clip was mainly shared by people who dislike Gruevski, who said it highlighted the lack of empathy within VMRO-DPMNE, which ruled Macedonia from August 2006 to May 2017. Many also recalled other cases in the past when the party had shown little concern for its individual members.

For instance, some recalled the death of Martin Neshkovski, killed by Gruevskis bodyguard while trying to celebrate the election victory in June 2011. Others remembered Sedad Asanovski, who died in a traffic accident while trav...


Man Utd 4 1 Newcastle blogfactory

Above~Man of the Match Pogba



The Veiled Threat: Australias Campaign Against New Zealand Refugee Policy Dissident Voice

Another twist in the farce over the stained treatment of refugees on Papua New Guineas Manus Island has surfaced.  New Zealand has been insisting for some time that it is more than willing to welcome some 150 to its shores. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, much to the irritation of Australias Turnbull government, has been particularly enthusiastic.

Australia has remained resolutely cold to the offer, insisting that such an arrangement would undermine its own blunt approach of discouraging boat arrivals and the industry behind it. For the perplexed on this issue, Australia keeps funding alternative camps on Manus, hoping for the remaining refugees to shut up and slide quietly to other destinations.  A number are being encouraged to go to the United States in a deal US President Donald Trump deems dumb.

Now, New Zealands angle has shifted, largely prompted by the crisis following the closure of the Manus Island facility at the Lombrom Naval Base.  The PNG government is being asked directly as to whether some arrangement might be reached, thereby avoiding Australian intransigence.

The response from the Australian Immigration Minister was characteristically sinister and appropriate for a former police officer.  With barely veiled menace, Peter Dutton suggested that New Zealand would have to think about their relationship with Australia and what impact it would have.  Theyd have to think that through, and wed have to think that through.

Duttons playground remarks did not stop there. He also rebuked New Zealands announcement that aid money would be offered to those on Manus Island and Nauru: Well, its a waste of money in my judgment, I mean, give that money to another environment somewhere, to Indonesia, for example.  Found wanting, Dutton has taken to lecturing a sovereign state.

Dutton then did what every Australian politician glancing across the Tasman does: suggest that New Zealand was somehow benefiting from Canberras punitive approach to boat arrivals.  Not that New Zealand has been ever openly asked about this take of the unwanted sacrifice.

We have stopped vessels on their way across the Torres Strait planning to track their way down the east coast of Australia to New Zealand We have put many hundreds of millions of dollars into a defence effort to stop those vessels We do that frankly without any financial assistance from New Zealand If new boats arrive tomorrow these people arent going to Auckland, theyre going to Nauru.

This is a repeated Australian gripe: its small neighbour benefits from having a natural shield to the north; it can afford to be more moral on issues and idealist in its aspirations.  Hard, realistic Australian politicians and policy makers must underwrite this.  They, goes this straw man reasoning, are the ones making the hard, unsavoury deci...


It's a 'war on men': Southern pastors support Roy Moore Signs of the Times

Pastors across the southern US are coming to the defence of Republican senate candidate Roy Moore amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct spanning decades, with some citing a "War on men" while others allege it's just the Democrats playing dirty. Approximately 50 pastors signed a letter of public support for Moore back in August, before the allegations came to light, so this may be an exercise in PR damage limitation from both Moore and the pastors. "More women are sexual predators than men," said Pastor Franklin Raddish of the Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries, as cited by, who also alleges that the current wave of accusations of sexual misconduct indicates a "war on men" is underway. "Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don't hear about that because it's not PC." "No one told Trump to stand down, what about the allegations against Clinton and his extramarital affair? The Democrats made a laughing stock out of those women. And now Al Franken is keeping his job," Raddish continued.


Keanu Reeves: Hollywood Elites Use Blood Of Babies To Get High Your News Wire

Hollywood elites use the blood of babies to get high according to Keanu Reeves, who warns that these people believe the more innocent the child, and the more it suffered before it died, the better [...]


Astonishing Footage of UFO Breaking up Chemtrail Operation Disclosure


Personally witnessed a UFO literally erasing a chem cloud. Rather nice of them, says witness

Express - NOVEMBER 18, 2017

Source: Info Wars

A video uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theory channel Suspect Sky shows a strange white object moving upwards in the sky.

The video, which was uploaded on November 17 but apparently shot some time in October, then sees the bright, white UFO hover in the clouds.

After sitting in the long thin cloud for a few seconds, the craft, which looks similar to a star in the sky, then appears to disperse the cloud.

The video is on its way to becoming viral after racking up more than 3,000 views in little more than 12 hours.

Read more


Texas woman with 'F--k Trump' bumper sticker released from jail one day after sheriff threatens charges Signs of the Times

A Texas woman who donned a "F--k Trump" sticker on her truck was released from jail Thursday night, a day after a local sheriff threatened to press charges against her for the display. Mike Fonseca said his wife, Karen, was picked up Thursday afternoon for an outstanding warrant from August. He posted her bond Thursday night, and she was released from jail about an hour later. Records show Karen Fonseca is accused of fraud. The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said they made the arrest after getting a tip about the warrant. Karen Fonseca made headlines Wednesday after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened to arrest her for the anti-Trump sticker on her pickup. Records show Karen Fonseca is accused of fraud. The sticker says "F--k Trump and f--k you for voting for him."


Bigfoot and a bizarre vanishing in the North American wilderness Signs of the Times

One of the most famous legendary creatures of all, the massive, hairy ape-like beast known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch has been reported to be lurking and stalking about in just about every expanse of wilderness in North America. While these sightings are strange enough, the creatures themselves have been mostly said to be shy, reclusive, and peaceful. Yet every once and a while a truly sinister report will come in of these creatures not being any of those things, and one very strange disappearance has managed to combine all of the oddness of a violent Bigfoot encounter and a mysterious vanishing. On June 1st, 1987, 16-year-old Theresa Ann Bier, of Fresno, California, went off on a camping trip to the rather remote area of Shuteye Peak, in the scenic Sierra Mountains approximately 25 miles northeast of Bass Lake. Her companion on this particular trip was a 43-year-old Russell Welch. It was well known at the time that Welch was an avid Bigfoot enthusiast, in fact a self-proclaimed expert on the creature, and the two allegedly had embarked out into the wilderness on a quest to find the legendary beast. This is not so strange in and of itself, as the Sierra Nevada Mountains are quite the hotspot for Bigfoot activity, with Welch even claiming he had seen them several times in the region, but it was a bit weird that he believed he was in actual continuous contact with a whole group of them, and also perhaps a little odd that Bier's parents would let her go off alone on a camping trip alone with a much older man on what many would have considered to be a crackpot quest. Nevertheless, they went off on their adventure and only one of them would come back.


Clinton snared in hypocrisy, questions legitimacy of elections Signs of the Times

During an interview with Mother Jones Senior Reporter Ari Berman released on Friday, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated she has many questions about the legitimacy of the 2016 election. Interviewer Ari Berman asked, "So between the Republican voter suppression you talked about and Russian interference, do you think it was a legitimate election?"


Syrian Army and Hezbollah claim last ISIS stronghold in eastern Syria liberated Signs of the Times

Earlier it was reported by Fort Russ News that the last ISIS stronghold in eastern Syria, Albukamal was 85% liberated by the Syrian Army. Since then, the Syrian Army has claimed that the entirety of Albukamal, in Deir Ezzor countryside near the Iraqi border, has been liberated from the terrorist group, according to Leith Fadel, CEO of the highly reliable Al-Masdar News. If the report is correct, this would prove to be a huge blow to the terrorist organization who has virtually been exterminated in Iraq besides isolated pockets and cells still operating undercover. Hezbollah-affiliated media have also confirmed that Albukamal has been liberated in its entirety.


The Matrix of Time and How to Transcend It Waking Times

RJ Spina, Contributor
Waking Times

Many people who have already begun to question the very nature of their reality will inevitably come to the persistent yet illusory experience we call time. What is time? How does it work? And why do we experience it in the way that we do?

Some are concerned that we are running out of time both individually as well as collectively for our individual and planetary spiritual awakening. Some subscribe to the seemingly obvious notion that time is the enemy and the eventual death of all physical life. The unrelenting march of time traps us all in a downward spiral of entropy, decrepitude and eventual demise. This seems to be the current paradigm Humanity agrees to. And then there are those who simply desire to experience a better time, even for a moment, where chaos, confusion, greed, manipulation and a lack of awareness were not so pervasive.

Somewhere beyond all of this exists what truly is.

So what is time, really? My current level of understanding is that time does not exist at all. Simply put, It is a series of now moments or events strung together. We experience limited functionality when incarnate and experience or perceive things in a linear, chronological fashion as a series of events rather than in the more accurate, holistic way as the totality of all events and possibilities. In our Energetic State we can go to any single now moment or event in time simply by desiring to experience it. Once incarnate, we experience being cut off from our Higher Self and therefore the very existence of The Greater Reality, and cannot experience things as they really are (the totality of everything) but rather in accordance with our low-frequency environment via our low-frequency attuned vehicle (the Human form) predominately through the sensory input of our severely limited five physical senses interpreted by our Human mind.

In Essence, the Human mind experiences and perceives things as limitations by applying the concept of logic and the illusion of linearity (time), which are functions of limited perception themselves, and not how things truly are.

Time is more akin to a continuation of separate and distinct now momentsR...


Jack Ruby, Joseph Milteer and Others Predicted JFKs Assassination Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel The Several Warnings Before The Murder Of Kennedy Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, told an FBI informant to watch...


Crater in Rajasthan proven to be caused by a meteorite Signs of the Times

For long the origin of the Ramgarh crater has been a subject of debate among researchers. While some believe that it was caused by 'meteorite impact', others are of the view that it evolved from 'tectonic' or 'structural' activity or 'magmatism'. For years the crater - located near Ramgarh village, about 12 km east of Mangrol - has been considered as a 'meteorite impact' site, but the theory lacked unambiguous evidence. However, a study by geologist Satyanarayan Rana has found diagnostic evidence of 'meteorite impact' at the crater. Rana, a research scholar at the department of geology, Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MSU), Udaipur, has found evidence in the form of shatter cones in sandstones, planar deformation features (PDFs) and planar fractures (parallel sets of multiple planar cracks) in quartz grains. Shatter cones are rare geological features and are only known to form in the bedrock beneath meteorite impact craters or underground nuclear explosions. PDFs are also formed by extreme shock compressions on the scale of meteor impacts. "This regional geological structure has invited the interest of various geologists throughout the world since its discovery and the past five decades have witnessed a number of theories on the origin of this structure, but the issue of origin remained debatable," the 33-year-old PhD researcher, who started his research in 2013 and he completed it in April this year.


Strategy to 'suffocate' Gaza strip revealed in Israeli government docs from Six Day War Signs of the Times

Israel has released declassified documents from after the Six Day War which reveal the government's plans to starve Gaza and its controversial plans to deal with the Palestinians. The declassified documents were released on the Israel State Archives on Thursday and include hundreds of pages of minutes from cabinet meetings between August and December 1967, soon after the Six Day War ended the previous June. The Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors ended with Israel capturing East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan, the Gaza strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

BEST OF THE WEB: Rogue state: Declassified Israeli docs spell out 60-year-long strategy to ethnically cleanse Arabs Signs of the Times

Israel has released declassified documents from after the Six Day War which reveal the government's plans to starve Gaza and its controversial plans to deal with the Palestinians. The declassified documents were released on the Israel State Archives on Thursday and include hundreds of pages of minutes from cabinet meetings between August and December 1967, soon after the Six Day War ended the previous June. The Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors ended with Israel capturing East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan, the Gaza strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria.


Libyan slave trade booming thanks to western 'intervention', French protest outside wrong embassy Signs of the Times

Hundreds of activists flocked to the Libyan Embassy in Paris on Saturday, outraged with the government's failure to tackle people smuggling after a CCN report unveiled a network of migrant slave auctions in Libya. About a thousand people turned up to the protest following calls by several prominent anti-slavery groups and a number of celebrities of African origin, including soccer star Didier Drogba and former Miss France Sonia Rolland. Carrying signs reading "No to slavery in Libya," the demonstrators gathered in front of the Libyan Embassy on Saturday afternoon before marching towards the Champs-Elysees, where they were stopped by riot police cordons. Comment: They're protesting in the wrong place; they should be at the doors of those responsible for the current state of affairs in Libya, which would be the US or UK embassies. Libya's leader, Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered in the street by terrorists with full support of the corrupt western nations. This may have had something to do with Gaddafi's plan for independence from the yoke of the demented leaders in the west, and Libya's strategic and national wealth: The 'Humanitarian' Destruction of Libya: Gaddafi, NATO, and the War on Africa The truth about Gaddafi's Libya, NATO's bombing, and the Benghazi 'consulate' attack Hillary's emails confirm France and US killed Qaddafi for his gold and oil Gaddafi's Libya was Africa's most prosperous democracy The despicable and heinous timeline of Gaddafi's murder


Body of whale shark found washed ashore in Tamil Nadu, India; third in the region since May Signs of the Times

The carcass of a young female whale shark was found washed ashore on Mookaiyur seashore near Sayalkodi on Thursday. On being alerted by the local people, a team of forest personnel, led by Sikkandar Basha, Forest Range Officer, Kilakarai, who is in charge of Thoothukudi range, inspected the carcass on Friday and buried it on the shore after postmortem by a veterinary surgeon. The postmortem revealed an internal haemorrhage and the whale shark could have died after hitting against a rock or fishing vessel, he said. The two-year-old young whale weighed about 1.5 tonnes and measured 375 cm in length and 280 cm in circumference. The length of the dorsal fin measured 47 cm and the caudal fin measured 76 cm, he said.


Violence Is A Dark Magic Dissident Voice

As ancient and instinctual
as sex.
It throbs and pulses
through the ages.
Wormhole-ing and devouring
important chunks
out of Destinys map.
From Spider and Fly,
schoolyard Sticks and Stones
through the explosive passions of Love,
to the language of War
in the name of God,
King, Country and excuses.
It has no Master,
pity or mercy,
feeds and refuels
the same from both
weak and strong.
Dwells in Karmas blindside,
there are no Heroes
in the face of its havoc,
Martyrs are still dead victims.
A destructive energy,
channelled but never ruled,
a free-flowing Dark Magic
invisibly cobwebbing the Earth,
ever watchful
for the next Fool
to give into Anger and Spite
and become a Vessel for its Forming.


Surrogate mother loses custody of 18-month-old baby to gay parents after trying to keep him Signs of the Times

A surrogate mother has lost custody of her child after a court ruled he would be better placed with the gay couple who arranged for her to have the baby. A senior judge said that the child's "identity needs as a child of gay intended parents" would be better fulfilled if he lived with the couple. The woman signed a surrogacy agreement with the men, who she had she met online, and travelled to Cyprus in September 2015 to have an embryo transferred. But the two families fell out and the woman and her husband changed their minds about giving the child up.


He Whispered for Water Dissident Voice

A man bleeds for mercy at the hands of fire,
a humble plea ascends from the concrete,
he whispered for water, but was tossed on the pyre.

The tax collectors came rabid and wired
like rats raging through the neighborhood street,
a man bleeds for mercy at the hands of fire.

Eric gasped with desert lungs that tired
from the choking of a breathless summer heat,
he whispered for water, but was tossed on the pyre.

The cry went up, but could not reach higher
than the hollow hearts of those cops on the beat,
a man bleeds for mercy at the hands of fire.

I cant breathe, he wheezed as his life expired,
struck down to the earth, he fell to his feet,
he whispered for water, but was tossed on the pyre.

To breathe and live was Erics final desire,
but the flames didnt shrink or cease to shriek,
a man bleeds for mercy at the hands of fire,
he whispered for water, but was tossed on the pyre.

Whence do eyes repair Dissident Voice

the silent rooms
where we weep
tracing our fingers
our toes in the deep
finding the form
inch by inch
the rough boards
the light switch
too far
the blanket
too warm
our eyes
turned inward
the scars
when finally
when firmly
we the distant
door reach
in our dreams
in cool streams
may we sleep.
when we cannot read
we must listen
not yearn to write
but learn to sing.


Empty Lives Dissident Voice

A hunger so deep it devours its host.
eating away at self-worth,
sucking out the spirit,
starving the mind.
A pain so intense that it defies explanation.
The want of food,
goes deeper than just the physical pangs.
It grows into an emotional hunger,
that wraps itself around its prey
strangling the life out of it,
leaving an empty shell.
A hollow aching is all that is left.


21st-century schizoid segregation Dissident Voice

down these long dark tunnels
march the schizoid humans
some tall and erect others
eerily slumped and sluggish
stepping in tune to an avatar
intelligence branded within

boasting of their segregation
and blinded by the blackness
they move to the commands
closer toward an apocalyptic
false light resurrection display
shown in a sky-written deception

with breathed in microchips
nanobot swarms assemble
tiny interior drones of control
the illusion grand commences
as the natural loses its grip
and self melts into the Leviathan


Are You Listening? Dissident Voice

Those of us restricted
By the weight of responsibility
Beat our lotus words
Against the nape of god
Begging him to listen

What will it take
How many murders
Of how many children

Must the M-16s come marching
Through Your gates
Through church doors
And temples
Laying mothers
Innocents to waste along the way

But You have not heard them still
Blood at Your altars
Blood everywhere
And You have not said a single word

Can we pray then
For others to listen
God help us the president

Can You make them feel
What it is like
To lose someone
If not just anyone
Then themselves

Can You make them feel
What it is like
To bleed empty
Before they are ready
To go screaming
Into the hollow night
Not even knowing why

Can You make them
See blood on their hands
And weep blood tears
Can You make them understand
The greed at the bottom of it all
That kills?

There is surely a way
Dear god
Even if You do not listen
To make others listen
To stop the bullets
To stop the tears.

Shunning Stress with a Simple Sigh Dissident Voice

There can never be
too many poems
written about
taking a deep breath.

There can never be
too many mornings
of waking up to say,
I love you.

There can never be
too many walks
up to the park
where the quiet woods await.

There can never be
too many stars
shining light from the sky
on the spot where we dance.

There can never be
too many ways
of simplifying life
back down to the basics.


A Moment Of Silence In A Forest Of White Crosses Dissident Voice

The Dead
do not require our silence to be honored
do not require our silence to be remembered
do not require our silence as remembrance, as honor
do not expect our silence to end:

the carnage of war
the child starved
the woman raped
the virulence of intolerance
the Earth desecrated.

It is the living who require our silence
in a lifetime of fear and complicity.

The Dead
do require our courage to defy the powerful and greedy
do require our lives be loud, compassionate, courageous
do require our anger at the continuance of war in their name
do require our shock at the maiming of the Earth in their name
do require our outrage to be honored, to be remembered

The Dead
have no use for our silence.


devolution Dissident Voice

a downward spiral has created a whirlwind
stripping away the surface and exposing
the remnants of
old times neer forgotten

could devolution be the cause

once kindly uncle sam
gave abundant support to people who were facing
atomic and nuclear threats
and segregated everything

devolution could return us to times of superiority for some
inferiority for others

gods good graces were flowing
as the fate of dred scott was determined
as fort sumter was attacked
as jim crow grew

alarms began to sound
but they were heard by too few

the federalists were right

if all men were angels

a downward spiral has created a whirlwind
could devolution be the cause


Following Footsteps of the Founding Fathers Dissident Voice

Alchemy of money
transforming repulsive,
ugly, hideous human forms into
Powerful producers, reality TV stars,
Super predator presidents,
Multimillionaire quarterbacks,
Elected officials, political operatives,
Oscar-winning actors
boys being boys
following footsteps of
The Founding Fathers:

He stepped up to
the auction block and
grabbed her breast, her pussy;
As part of doing businessso
stealing away from the big house
in wee hours,
slipping into darkness
an unwanted hand under an
unsuspecting dress, into pants
groping, penetrating, any time, any
body he bought, sold, owned,
Was part of doing business
slamming her coca-colored face
into his unwashed crotch,
fulfilling his fantasies,
Wasnt out of the ordinary:
Powerful producers, reality TV stars,
Super predator presidents,
Multimillionaire quarterbacks,
Elected officials, political operatives,
Oscar-winning actors
have big shoes to fill:
following footsteps of
The Founding Fathers


'Fake diplomacy': Haley says US ready to 'fight for justice' in Syria without UN approval Signs of the Times

The US does not consider itself constrained by the United Nations Security Council and might seek "justice" in Syria on its own terms, the US representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said. The US took similar action in Libya in 2011. "With the unity of this council, or alone, unrestrained by Russia's obstructionism, we will continue to fight for justice and accountability in Syria," Haley said, blasting Russia's vetoing of the draft resolution on the extension of the Syrian chemical weapons probe on Friday. The draft, proposed by Japan, envisioned the "technical extension" of the probe for another 30 days. Explaining Russia's decision to block the resolution, Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya said that there is no sense in prolonging the mission if some glaring flaws in its work are not amended. "There can be no other way after the JIM's [the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism] leadership disgraced itself with its fictitious investigation into the sarin use incident in Khan Shaykhun and signed off on baseless accusations against Syria," he said.


Marine Expeditionary Unit Storms the CIA Headquarters in Langley Operation Disclosure

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines!

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

FILE PHOTO: Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.

A Marine expeditionary unit (MEU, pronounced "Mew"), is the smallest Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) in the United States Fleet Marine Force. Each MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force, deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

A Marine expeditionary unit is normally composed of: a reinforced Marine infantry battalion (designated as a Battalion Landing Team) as the ground combat element, a composite medium tiltrotor squadron forms the aviation combat element, a combat logistics battalion provides the logistics combat element, and a company-size command element serves as the MEU headquarters group.

Troop strength is about 2,200 and usually commanded by a colonel, and is deployed from amphibious assault ships. Currently, a Marine expeditionary unit embarks Marines and equipment onto the amphibious warfare ships of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) which also includes escort ships and submarines to protect them from air, surface, and submarine threats. For further protection and strong air support, such an ESG is often deployed along with one or more carrier battle groups.


According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters!

Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft can be clearly seen on the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.


Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Rain Puddle Colored Pebbles Operation Disclosure

Yanawana - The Spirit of the Water

Maybe if this present Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetime includes living in the past lifetimes again to Co-create future repeating Ping Pong lifetimes, and maybe if, all physical mirror-double lifetime illusions are not, even real, but just apparitions from our morphogenetic disregard expectations, like Quantizing Quanta when we get wherever we imagine going, then maybe, just maybe the mystery of our Illusory History was, is, and will be as much an illusion as we appear to be suffering on the Karmic dissonant wheel of Karmic Unkind-Insensitivity?

Maybe our Karmic purpose to pretend other divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes is really a realer maybe-illusion tease, than, even we Love-lorn Lost-souls can imagine externalizing our ONENESS Spirit of Immortal Love interconnection? What do we get out of avoiding our own suffering separate lifetimes, if not ever having to feel, really feel the experiences that continual suffering gratification can bring from self-punishment allaying separation guilt, so we dont have to get acquainted with the harm, we pretend doesnt appear for us to have to, finally feel?

The more others control my motives, the less I can feel anything, so when I increase the harm of disregard I can do to others in continual victim/victimizer/caretaker resentful Karmic-dramas, the more I externalize my Spiritual Sovereign interconnection Pain-central, and get off the wheel of getting-off Karmic-illusion Undead-anomalies. If I am an illusion, and history, itself today is, all as much an illusion, as any similar Karmic Future-illusion, then maybe, just maybe in this illusion I can stop fooling around with Karmic Ping Pong competition in this play of morphogenetic-disregard Collective chain-of-fools Consciousness?

Inside my personal Spiritual Sovereignty-center of absolute unborn infinity there is no Collective pain of separation Karmic-dissonance, and there is no physical surface-mask to stop pretending there is no more pain any more. If my Spiritual purpose is to suffer forgiving pain of Karmic-Physical illusions, and it seems easier to avoid pain with a little illusory drama, then to externalize our personal...


(Video) George Soros Surrenders, Abandons his Bets Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 17, 2017


Star investor George Soros has abandoned his bets against the US stock market. The rally of the S&P 500 apparently brought him to his knees. HE EXPECTED US PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO FAIL The Wall Street was apparently too powerful for the star investor. Soros had been betting heavily on a crash of the leading US stock market index S&P 500 over the past few months, not least because he apparently expected US President Donald Trump to fail in his economic policy. However, the American leading index is still not making any efforts to crash. On the contrary.

Soros has now tacitly dissolved its bets against the market barometer, the German newspaper "Die Welt" reports, citing a mandatory announcement to the SEC. GEORGE SOROS SURRENDERS TO WALL STREET The 87-year-old investment guru has thus reduced the number of put options, with which he mainly speculated on falling prices of selected tech groups, from around 1.8 million at the end of the first half of the year to currently 200,000 securities. Since it simultaneously bets 200,000 shares on an increase in the S&P 500, it is now positioned neutrally.

Soros' anti-USA speculations have left only a small bet against the US' Russell 2000 index of small indices. He also rejected the put notes that Soros used to bet on a crash of the US technology index Nasdaq. REVELATION WAS MANDATORY Soros' capitulation has now been made public because hedge funds in the US regularly have to publish their positions. At the latest 45 days after the end of each quarter, the hidden investors must provide an insight into their books.



White supremacist convicted of murdering 3 best friends, shooting another in Washington state Signs of the Times

A white supremacist, largely covered in Nazi tattoos, has been convicted of brutally killing his three best friends and shooting a fourth in the face in Woodland, Washington. On July 15 of last year, Brent Luyster, 37, fatally shot his best friend Zachary David Thompson, 36, his friend Joseph LaMar, 38, and LaMar's partner, Janell Renee Knight, 43, at LaMar's home southeast of Woodland. Thompson's partner, Breanne Leigh, 32, was shot in the face but survived. She later identified Luyster as the shooter, the Columbian reported. Prosecutors believe Luyster killed the three because he was unhappy about felony charges in a different case that could land him back in prison. "We can't know the defendant's thought process. But we do know that he was stressed, that he was unhappy, that he was concerned, and we know that he was drinking," Deputy Prosecutor Laurel Smith told the jury ahead of the verdict on Wednesday.


15 prisoners have convictions reversed in Chicago over crooked cops Signs of the Times

Fifteen men who were framed by a corrupt team of cops in Chicago have had their convictions thrown out en masse, leading to calls for hundreds of other cases linked to the team led by disgraced former officer Ronald Watts to be investigated. The 15 had their convictions quashed Thursday, and hours later, seven cops allegedly part of Watts' team that "terrorized the Ida B. Wells housing projects in Chicago for over a decade" were removed from street duties while their conduct is under investigation, the Chicago Tribune reports. Following the mass exonerations, believed to be the first of its kind in the history of the Windy City, Joshua Tepfer, lead attorney for the 15 vowed to review as many as 500 other convictions linked to the crooked squad. "It needs to be investigated and vetted about how many of those are appropriate to overturn," Tepler said. "We are very much in the process of doing that."


US troops taught sexual abuse was 'culturally accepted practice' in Afghanistan and to ignore it Signs of the Times

US military personnel deploying to Afghanistan were taught that child sexual abuse is a "culturally accepted practice" in the country, a new Pentagon report has revealed. Soldiers who reported the issue were told nothing could be done about it. "In some cases, the interviewees explained that they, or someone whom they knew, were told that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan's status as a sovereign nation, that it was not a priority for the command," the report says. "There's nothing we can do about it," one soldier interviewed for the report said his superior officers told him when he complained. Other comments included "it was out of our control," and "this is Afghanistan."


More emails surface showing Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scheme Signs of the Times

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has discovered more classified emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showing even more pay-to-play activity from the Clinton mafia. Judicial Watch reports... On January 6, 2012, Clinton can be seen "expediting" a citizenship request so the requestor can get a government job in policy or law enforcement: "I am told by Citizenship and Immigration (CIS) caseworkers that it may be at least another 8 months before they get to me, making the total time more than a year (they advertise 6 months total turnaround time). Would you consider helping me by reaching out to DHS Secretary Napolitano or CIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas who reports to her on my behalf? The ask is to simply consider moving up my applications for review ASAP. My application is complete, straight forward and I have nothing to hide."


Hezbollah forces on high alert in response to Israeli, Saudi threats Signs of the Times

Hezbollah has raised its military readiness on the whole Lebanese territory in the last few days and put its forces on high alert in the light of the threats it has received from a number of countries, and especially from Israel and Saudi Arabia. Hezbollah forces have been mobilised in the event of any hostile activity on the borders or in the country, notwithstanding the ongoing conviction of its leadership that Israel will not wage war in the near or distant future. According to well informed sources, Hezbollah fears the possible assassination of a well-known Lebanese figure, Sunni or Christian, similar to the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005. The aim would be to re-mix the cards on the Lebanese scene, accuse Hezbollah and to embarrass President Michel Aoun. Aoun has raised the challenge against Riyadh during the recent events related to the televised resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and he has accused Saudi Arabia of holding Hariri as a hostage (for more than two weeks), defining the Prime Minister's submission to this act as "unconstitutional and illegitimate."


Iberian ribbed newt in Spain Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Pleurodeles waltl, Iberian Ribbed Newt

Recorded in Parque Regional Sierra Espua in the Murcia region in Spain.


Workers on Bernie Sanders, Killary Clinton campaigns claim sexual harassment Signs of the Times

Campaign workers on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Democratic 2016 presidential campaigns alleged in a report published Friday that they were harassed while campaigning for their respective candidates and that the campaigns failed to address the claims properly - the latest sexual misconduct revelations to rock the Democratic Party. Lilian Adams, a Clinton campaign worker, and Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who worked for the Sanders primary campaign, both told HuffPost that they were sexually harassed by fellow campaign workers and that the campaigns were "ill-equipped" to cope. Adams, who relocated to Colorado to work for the campaign as a paid organizer, said she was subject to homophobic remarks (Adams is bisexual) which went on to comments about her body and attempts to force her into one-on-one situations and get her to drink alcohol. Adams, then 19, said her harasser also encouraged her not to wear bras.


Norwegian Star Returns to Miami After Medical Emergency Cruise Law News

Norwegian StarSeveral passengers onboard the Norwegian Star state that the NCL cruise ship is returning to Miami a day early due to a medical emergency.

One passenger on the ship writes:

"The Norwegian Star is speeding to Miami, to arrive 10 hours early due to a passenger medical emergency onboard. The Star will now arrive at 6 PM on Sunday instead of 4 AM Monday. Passengers other than the medical evacuee must remain on board until the regular disembarkation date . . . "

If this information is in fact accurate, it seems odd that the Star has not contacted the U.S. Coast Guard to request a helicopter medevac.

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Photo credit: Pjotr Mahhonin - CC BY-SA 3.0, commons / wikimedia.


Top Israeli official admits boycotting just the settlements is meaningless Signs of the Times

Ladies and gentlemen, this is huge. A professional Israeli propagandist - Ron Brummer, chief of operations in Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Hasbara, has said recently: "Israel does not have two different economic ecosystems, like, Israel within the green line and Israel over the green line. If you want to divest from the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, you have to divest from Israel, which means you boycott Israel completely." Brummer spoke at the Israeli American Council on November 5 - an organization funded by Sheldon Adelson - in a panel titled "The Real BDS: Bigotry, Discrimination and Slander." Brummer's affirmation cuts through a discussion that has certainly divided waters.


US Senators endorse renewing NSA's most controversial spying powers Signs of the Times

Senators are pushing to reauthorize some of the US Intelligence agencies' most sweeping and controversial spying abilities exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden with some token 'improvements' as privacy advocates are already crying foul. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) introduced the Liberty Act bill which will reauthorize the controversial Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This gives US intelligence agencies permission to spy on and store internet metadata and communications of foreign people living outside the US, along with communications of US citizens which get "swept up" in the data collection. This data can then be searched at a later date without a warrant. The authorization for the George W Bush-era program is set to expire on December 31 if Congress doesn't renew it. The Liberty Act would extend Section 702 for six years, with a number of small improvements. The bill will "enhance accountability, and increase protections for queries of Section 702 metadata, among other important reforms," the senators said.


Accident over Rothschilds Manor, was Jacob involved? blogfactory

Either a Rothschild was in the air or a very close family friend.

says a leading London nightly

A plume of smoke was seen over the woodland shortly after the two aircraft came down
A plume of smoke was seen over the woodland shortly after the two aircraft came down 




Turkish regime bans all LGBTQ expressions Dear Kitty. Some blog

2016 LGBTQ protest in Istanbul, Turkey, against ban on a Transgender Pride the day before. EPA photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

All LGBT events in Ankara are banned

Today, 14:02

In Ankara, all LGBT events have been banned indefinitely. The governor of the city says that many residents of the Turkish capital are disturbed by expressions of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

How many residents exactly, Mr Governor? I suspect mainly just one resident: right-wing President Erdogan, who had his expensive presidential palace built in Ankara illegally.

The ban also includes theater performances, film screenings, exhibitions and panel discussions. On Wednesday, a gay film festival in Ankara had already been banned

Homosexuality is not punishable in Turkey However, homosexuals are often faced with hostility and discrimination.


Robert Steele: War in the Middle East A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers Public Intelligence Blog

Full Text Online Below the Fold

War in the Middle East

A strategic survey of possibilities, winners, losers

Iran Is Not the Enemy

It is obvious to everyone that Israel and Goldman Sachs want war in the Middle East Israel to continue its long-held strategic focus on Balkanizing and impoverishing all other countries a divide and conquer at any cost strategy[1] Goldman Sachs because it made bad bets on the future of oil and a broad war in the Middle East is the only way of pushing oil from $57 to $100 and perhaps even if it is a nuclear war $200 and even by some accounts, $300.[2]

Not so obvious is what I believe to be a side deal between President Donald Trump, President Vladimir Putin, and General Secretary Xi Jinping, re-affirmed in Viet-Nam this week, to wage peace. Benjamin Fulford has written about this recently with a sufficiency of inside sources. The three bosses are not going...


Slow-moving meteor fireball caught on camera over Florida? Signs of the Times

People across Florida saw what appeared to be a large fireball lingering in the western sky Saturday night. Many recorded the slow-falling celestial object on their phones and shared the video with FOX 13, looking for guidance on what it might have been. FOX 13 Meteorologist Tyler Eliasen say it was possibly the setting sun hitting the contrail from a large jet just right.


Israel uses families as pawns to pressure Palestinians into exile through foreign spouse visas Signs of the Times

Like many young married couples across the world, Claire and her husband have a five-year-plan. But instead of their main concern being how to deal with the imminent arrival of their first child, Claire's family is facing the very real possibility of expulsion and exile. Like scores of other foreigners married to Palestinians in the occupied territory, Claire - whose name has been changed to protect her identity, like all other women interviewed for this article - has struggled to navigate the labyrinthine Israeli bureaucratic process to obtain the necessary paperwork to reside in the West Bank with her husband. While foreign spouses, both Arab and non-Arab, have long described the process as opaque, the situation has worsened for Western spouses since 2016 with more and more women and men being denied visas, leading many to fear for the fate of their families amid ever-increasing Israeli policies targeting both Palestinians and foreigners standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.


Oswald killer Jack Ruby told FBI informant to 'watch the fireworks' the day JFK was shot Signs of the Times

Freshly released FBI records show that Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, asked an FBI informant if he wanted to "watch the fireworks" just hours before President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963. The document, which was among 10,744 files released by the National Archive on Friday, outlines what an FBI informant told officials about Ruby, hinting that the nightclub owner may have known that Kennedy was going to be targeted. In March 1977, nearly 14 years after JFK's assassination, the chief of the intelligence division of the Internal Revenue Service, Robert J. Potrykus, hand delivered a letter to the agent Ted L. Gunderson of the FBI's Dallas office which outlined that Ruby telephoned the informant on the morning of the fatal shooting of the president and asked him if he wanted to go to watch the presidential parade. "The informant stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would 'like to watch the fireworks,'" the letter reads. "He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building."


Palestine warns if its DC office is shut down then US is disqualified to mediate peace talks Signs of the Times

The reported US intention to shut down the Palestinian office in Washington "disqualifies" America as mediator between Israel and Palestine, a spokesman for the Arab nation's leader has said. The move could undermine the entire peace process, he warned. In response to reports suggesting that the US State Department is about to shut down the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Washington, which acts as the nation's diplomatic mission in the US capital, the Palestinian president's spokesman said the move could damage US relations throughout the Middle East. Having called the reported decision "unprecedented in the history of US-Palestinian relations," Mahmoud Abbas' spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said it "could have serious consequences on the peace process and US-Arab relations," Palestine News Agency WAFA reported Saturday.


Shallow 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes near New Caledonia Signs of the Times

The quake struck this morning about 45 miles east of the Tadine, in the Loyalty Islands. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported the tremor at 8:25 pm in the evening, or 9.25am 25 GMT, at a shallow depth of 13km (8 miles). The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said in a statement that a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami was not expected and there was no tsunami threat to Hawaii. The quake was initially recorded as 6.6 magnitude, but is now being reported as 6.4.


A Beginners Guide to the Unrecognized Villages of Israel The Fifth Column

(FPIF)  Its no secret that there is an occupation happening in and around Israel.

Most people agree that the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been occupied since 1967. Much less thought and literature is dedicated to the treatment of Palestinians living inside modern-day Israel proper. I decided to head over there and see for myself.

It is commonly believed that Palestinian citizens of Israel officially known as Arab Israelis enjoy full equality in the Jewish State. There are Arab members of parliament, the Arab population in Israel has been growing steadily for decades, and the Arab cultural scene is thriving in places like Haifa. While all of these statements are true, Palestinians insist that occupation still exists inside the state of Israel, and nowhere is that fact more apparent than in the unrecognized Bedouin villages of the Negev desert.

Before the creation of modern Israel, the Negev desert, which constitutes the southern half of the country, was almost entirely populated by Arab Bedouins. Nearly 90 percent fled during the Nakba of 1948. 11,000 Bedouins remained, a population which has now grown to over 200,000.

Of the Bedouins still living in the Negev, half live in government-designated towns and cities, much like Native reservations in the United States, and the other half live in unrecognized villages. The Bedouin are Israeli citizens, but because their villages arent formally recognized by the state, they have no access to state services including water, electricity, telephones, sewage systems, and roads.

Today, the unrecognized villages of the Negev desert have the highest unemployment and poverty rates in Israel. I visited three villages to understand the effect of occupation.Beer Sheva is the largest city in the Negev desert. It is home to 205,000 people, about 10 percent of whom are Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Originally founded in 4,000 BCE, Beer Sheva has been at times a Bedouin encampment, part of the Ottoman Empire, and now, the fourth most populous metropolitan center in Israel. It is a thriving college town, a growing tech hub, and interestingly, the chess capital of the world.

Less than 5 miles away are unrecognized villag...


Redwings, nuthatch at cemetery Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is about redwings.

Today, I went to the cemetery. I saw at lest ten redwings there.

Nuthatch sound.

Wood pigeons and magpies.


Video and Photo Evidence Now Even Easier to Fake and Fabricate Wake Up World

November 20th, 2017 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Photo and video evidence has been relied on in academia, science, courts of law and elsewhere to prove or refute facts and theories but those days are coming to an end. We live in an historic era. Technological advances in the realm of []


#NomoreTitle IX : Kangaroo courts continue to cause strife as students deface Martin Luther King Jr. chapel to protest 'rape culture' Signs of the Times

Vigilante mob publishes every name accused of sexual assault, too All-male Morehouse College and all-female Spelman College are sibling schools under the historically black Atlanta University Center Consortium, along with Clark Atlanta University. They are also the joint subject of a two-year-old Title IX investigation at the U.S. Department of Education, initiated by a Spelman student who said a Morehouse student sexually assaulted her.


Japanese boat crashes into US Navy destroyer in Pacific Fleet's fifth collision this year Signs of the Times

A US Navy destroyer has collided with a Japanese tugboat in Sagami Bay, off the east coast of Japan, making it the fifth such incident involving the Pacific Fleet this year. An official statement from the US Navy's 7th Fleet said the tugboat lost its propulsion and drifted into the USS Benfold on Saturday, sustaining minor damage. "No one was injured on either vessel and Benfold sustained minimal damage, including scrapes on its side, pending a full damage assessment," the statement read. The USS Benfold remains at sea while the Japanese boat was towed to a port in Yokosuka. The Navy said that the incident would be investigated.


Pentagon lies about killing Iraqi civilians Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Report: US Kills 31x More Iraqi Civilians Than Pentagon Claims

18 November 2017

Whenever the Pentagon gives its official estimate of civilians theyve killed, go ahead and multiply that by about THIRTY-ONE. John Iadarola, Ben Mankiewicz, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss.

The Pentagon claims that its air war against ISIS is one of the most accurate in history and that it is so careful in who it targets that the 14,000 US airstrikes in Iraq have killed just 89 civilians.

It turns out that the militarys assertion is a stunning underestimation of the true human cost of Washingtons three-year-old war against ISIS. An 18-month-long investigation by the New York Times has found that the US-led military coalition is killing civilians in Iraq at a rate 31 times higher than its admitting.

It is at such a distance from official claims that, in terms of civilian deaths, this may be the least transparent war in recent American history, Azmat Khan and Anand Gopal report.

From April 2016 to June 2017, Khan and Gopal...


'The President is gone': Zimbabwe ruling party votes to oust Mugabe Signs of the Times

Initial media reports about Mugabe's ouster were confusing: While the country's ruling party had voted to expel him, several sources quoted by western media outlets said the vote was only the trigger to start the process of removing Mugabe, and that he is still technically president of Zimbabwe. Fortunately, the ruling Zanu-PF party have issued a quick clarification: Mugabe - who has obstinately refused to officially abdicate in accordance with the military's demands - has until noon tomorrow to resign. If he doesn't, he will be impeached.


S.Korea confirms H5N6 bird flu at duck farm, raises bird flu alert level - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

S.Korea confirms H5N6 bird flu at duck farm, raises bird flu alert levelThomson Reuters FoundationSEOUL, Nov 19 (Reuters) - South Korea on Sunday said it had confirmed an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N6 bird flu at a duck farm in the south west of the country and raised its bird flu alert level to the highest ranking. The virus was discovered on ...and more 


Kuwait Airways is not obliged to transport Israeli passengers ! blogfactory

above~Very short take off on runway 23 for Kuwait City via Frankfurt!



Arrogance: Saudi Arabia fails to hurt Hezbollah with Hariri gambit, but pushes on Signs of the Times

Riyadh's attempt to assert control in Lebanon and open up a new front against Hezbollah and Iran has brought little return, but substantial reputational damage. But does Saudi Arabia even care about playing geopolitical chess, or does it just want to fling pieces at its adversaries? The road trip-slash-conspiracy thriller that began with Saad Hariri's surprise resignation as Lebanese Prime Minister from Saudi Arabia on November 4 is by no means over: Perhaps Emmanuel Macron will help Hariri hold on to his position by mediating the crisis in Paris this weekend, or maybe the trip to France is merely the beginning of his exile. And even if Hariri does return to Beirut to the embrace of sympathetic locals, victimhood is not always the easiest route to retaining power.


Freak hailstorm injures dozens and destroys 50 homes in Zimbabwe Signs of the Times

Apocalyptic hailstorm destroys 50 houses and injures dozens in Zimbabwe on November 15, 2017. Sometimes mother nature is passive aggressive, throwing a horrifying curve ball out of the clear blue sky. Something that you could never see coming. Something that you probably didn't even know was possible. On Nov. 15th, more than 10 people were injured and rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital after their homes collapsed following an apocalyptic night hailstorm that left 50 families homeless in Emthunzini suburb on the outskirts of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. The 1-hour-long hailstorm also destroyed properties in Pumula South and Nkulumane suburbs, with the roofs of some houses being blown away. A real disaster! The hailstorm started just after 9PM and lasted approximately one hour. First came the strong winds, then loud noises from the outside. Before residents started to understand what was going on, the doors and roofs were blown away and the walls started shaking and bricks started falling. 50 houses were completely annilihated, had crumbled down, leaving 50 families homeless. The apocalyptic situation was worsened by power outages.


Jonestown survivor recalls brainwashing, blackmail & mass suicide (AUDIO) Signs of the Times

Sprung from a church in 1950s Indiana, the People's Temple was hailed by its charismatic founder Reverend Jim Jones as a vehicle for a utopia called Jonestown, where solidarity could thrive, sickness be cured, and the ills of the world left at the door. But on November 18, 1978, the church became a conduit for murder and mass suicide when in Guyana, South America, the American preacher marshalled hundreds of his followers to drink Kool-Aid laced with cyanide.


Veterans Today: Revisionist History The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia Behind Pearl Harbor Attack (Part II) Public Intelligence Blog

The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia Behind Pearl Harbor Attack (Part II)

What we now know, eternally grateful to the uncovering and publishing of the real story, is that no amount of good will, no amount of concession on the part of the Japanese government in 1941, would deter Franklin Roosevelt and his Jewish power brokers from the drive to war with Japan.

Sunday, 19 November


House of horrors: The CIA, Dr. Gottlieb and MK-Ultra Signs of the Times

The death (or possibly murder) of Frank Olson was but a hint of the enormous secret CIA program of research into techniques of mind alteration and control. The whole enterprise was assigned the code-name MK-ULTRA and was run out of the CIA's Technical Services Division, headed in the 1950s by Willis Gibbons, a former executive of the US Rubber Company. In the division's laboratories and workshops researchers labored on poisons, gadgets designed to maim and kill, techniques of torture and implements to carry such techniques to agonizing fruition. Here also were developed surveillance equipment and kindred tools of the espionage trade. All of these activities made the Technical Services Division a vital partner of the covert operations wing of the Agency. Within Technical Services MK-ULTRA projects came under the control of the Chemical Division, headed from 1951 to 1956 by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, a New York Jew who received his doctorate in chemistry from California Tech. Born with a clubfoot and afflicted with a severe stammer, Gottlieb pushed himself with unremitting intensity. Despite his physical affliction he was an ardent square dancer and exponent of the polka, capering across many a dance floor and dragging visiting psychiatrists and chemists on terpsichorean trysts where appalling plans of mind control were ruminated amidst the blare of the bands.


VIDEO: Forget everything you thought you knew about Hezbollah Signs of the Times

The regimes of Saudi Arabia, Israel and beyond this, successive US leaders have been engaged in a long-time disinformation campaign against the Lebanese political party and popular resistance movement, Hezbollah. Hezbollah is today, one of the most dynamic political forces in Lebanon whose firm opposition to the Takfiri terrorism of groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS has been vindicated by the victory of the Syrian government over foreign funded jihadists. Hezbollah traces its origins back to the second phase of the Lebanese civil war. After Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon in 1982 and began exploiting Lebanon's sectarian tensions, Hezbollah officially formed in 1985 as an anti-occupation resistance movement whose primary goal was freeing Lebanon of foreign occupation.


Incredibly Honest Animation Reveals What Is Happening In The Shadow Of Our Society TruthTheory

by Mike Sygula,

A good friend of mine, Gavin Nascimento from A New Kind Of Human emailed me this video, few days after it appeared online. I was blown away! I must say that I havent seen anything so good for a while. (Scroll down to watch it now). Truth Theory published the first article on it and you can check it out HERE. The film has been written, directed and produced by Lubomir Arsov and for more info just check out their website: Here are few points that the film is trying to make:

We all wear masks.
One of the underlying aspects of our society is the fact that most of us wear masks. People often think one thing and say something else. Probably everyone does it sometimes. 

Manipulation and control of the entertainment industry
Mainstream singers are often puppets who have to play according to the rules given.

Television as the propaganda tool, tv shows that are manipulated to control public opinion or to dumb down society

Rebecca Campbell: Moral Judgments Can Be Altered by Magnets Public Intelligence Blog

Rebecca Campbell

This story from 2010 is now circulating. Public seems to be waking up to the threat from the 1% controlling electromagnetic towers and focused on mind-control and the erosion of values.

Moral judgments can be altered by magnets

By disrupting brain activity in a particular region, neuroscientists can sway peoples views of moral situations.


COP23: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Bonn RSS feed from

Climate change was again placed at the centre of global diplomacy over the past two... The post COP23: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Bonn appeared first on Carbon Brief.


Financial strategist says 'The Great Crash of 2018' will start in bond market Signs of the Times

Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis "very little has been really fixed," and the next bubble is about to burst, says Bill Blain, a strategist at Mint Partners. According to Blain, this time the bond markets will trigger the mayhem. Global stocks rose in value after the People's Bank of China poured $47 billion into its financial system. That means "central banks have little to worry about in 2018 - if markets get fractious, just bung a load of money at them," said Blain. The 2008 crisis, which was about consumer debt, was triggered by mortgages. We still have consumer debt crisis problems ahead, warns Blain, adding the next financial crisis is likely to be in corporate debt. "More immediately, the realization a crisis is coming feels very similar to June 2007 when the first mortgage-backed funds in the US started to wobble." He said it explains why "we're seeing the highly levered sector of the junk bond markets struggle, and companies correlated to struggling highly levered consumers (such as health and telecoms) also in trouble." Stock markets don't matter, according to the strategist. "The truth is in bond markets. And that's where I'm looking for the dam to break. The great crash of 2018 is going to start in the deeper, darker depths of the credit market," he said. "I'm convinced bond markets are the REAL bubble we should be watching, and it's going to start in high yield..."


A famous waterfall mysteriously disappears overnight in Chiapas, Mexico - local residents manage to 'fix' it (videos) Signs of the Times

One of the most famous tourist attractions of Chiapas has almost completely disappeared as the flow of the river has decreased unexpectedly. Residents living around Cascadas de Agua Azul and from tourists visiting the area, woke up in distress as they noted that the waterfall had almost completely disappeared on November 10, 2017. The baffled inhabitants directly alerted authorities about the unusual phenomenon. Officials are investigating but have found nothing yet. Baffling is the fact that Chiapas is coming out from an intense wet season and that it has rained last week as well. So no drought, no needs of irrigation of agriculture. So what's the heck?


One sided reporting by the media can limit critical thinking: On Jordan Peterson's website plans Signs of the Times

U of T Faculty Association requests meeting on professor's proposed website to identify 'postmodern' courses On Friday, The University of Toronto's Faculty Association requested a meeting to discuss psychology professor Jordan Peterson's idea to create a website to identify courses containing "postmodern" content. The Faculty Association's president, Cynthia Messenger, said the association had "concern[s]" about the website's "threat to our members and to the academic mission of the university." In an interview with the Toronto Star on Friday, Peterson said the website would provide people with information they could use to decide whether they wanted to take certain courses. The meeting requested by the association would be attended by its executive members and the university's provost Cheryl Regehr.


With Gene-Altering Schemes, Be Careful What You Wish For La Paz Group


The short-tailed weasel, or stoat, decimated native bird populations after it was introduced to New Zealand. Altering the genes of invasive animals might save threatened species, scientists said, but could also have devastating consequences. Credit DeAgostini, via Getty Images

Two days ago we were intrigued by the notion; today, not so much. Is it a cat fight between two of the science...


Chaffinches and bramblings Dear Kitty. Some blog

This early November 2017 video is about a mixed flock of chaffinches and bramblings at the Brouwersdam causeway in the Netherlands.

See also here.


FLASHBACK: Obvious by now: Russia collusion involved Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein & McCabe Signs of the Times

A bombshell report from The Hill reveals that the Russia Collusion Road leads straight to the very same people who have been pointing fingers at President Trump. The Hill blew the covers off the real scandal involving Russian collusion. And it all points back to the Democrats-specifically, Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe. Turns out that Russia getting their mittzkis on our uranium reserves involved more than the $145 million the Russians poured into the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton's half a million dollar speaking fee at a Russian owned bank. Comment: Actually, that $145 million didn't all come from the Russians. From The Duran: Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion's share - $131.3 million - came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company's founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state. The scandal involves a massive cover-up by the Obama Administration and a plan for Russia to infiltrate America. Assisted by the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton, President Putin aimed to grow Russia's atomic energy business on American soil. The Obama Administration's deals under the oversight of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton benefited Russia by selling them 20% our rare uranium reserves. They claim to distrust Russia but handed over a resource that can be used to make nuclear weapons. Equally troubling is that Russia sells uranium to Iran. Comment: Oh right, let's not forget that Iran is a bad guy too. Well, it seems like the U.S administration didn't find that too troubling earlier this year: Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact. Two senior diplomats said the transfer recently approved by the U.S. and five other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran foresees delivery of 116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium. Beyond that, it would appear that there was a plan to set up shop. A separate deal involving Tenex, a subsidiary of Rosatom (Russian state owned atomic energy corporation) allowed Russia to sell commercial uranium to U.S. nuclear power plants in a partnership with the United States Enrichment Corp. If that commercial uranium was a product of the uranium we sold them, Russia would have been selling our own uranium back to us. Hmmm. Who would V. Putin have preferred in the White House?


About that 'magic money tree': What if it were used to reclaim national sovereignty from the internationalists? Signs of the Times

As the political climate turns against the acceptance of austerity, a new book argues it is time to reject the hegemony of neoliberalism After seven years of austerity, we are accustomed to thinking of the economy as a household with the nation's credit card maxed out, to paraphrase David Cameron. The fetishisation of debt translated into massive cuts to UK spending on public services. At the same time, there remains widespread public anger that the big banks continued to make record profits and bonuses in spite of George Osborne's assurances that we would all be in it together. That was then though. Both Cameron and Osborne have since departed. This year, the political climate turned on its axis. The Conservative majority of 2015 gave way to a hung parliament with 40 per cent of voters opting for Corbyn's Labour. The electorate's acceptance of austerity mantras had evidently reached its limit.


Echoes of Catalonia: 60,000 rally in Spain's Valencia to demand better funding Signs of the Times

Tens of thousands of people have staged a protest rally in the Spanish city of Valencia, calling on the central government in Madrid to allocate more funding to the autonomous community of the same name. More than 60,000 demonstrators took to the main streets of the city on Saturday, expressing discontent with what they called the unfair distribution of budget to Valencia. Waving Valencia's regional flags, the protesters demanded that the Spanish government revise the country's financial system in order for a fairer distribution of funding to autonomous communities.


"Nine Meals from Anarchy" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Nine Meals from Anarchy"
by Jeff Thomas

"In 1906, Alfred Henry Lewis stated, There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy. Since then, his observation has been echoed by people as disparate as Robert Heinlein and Leon Trotsky. The key here is that, unlike all other commodities, food is the one essential that cannot be postponed. If there were a shortage of, say, shoes, we could make do for months or even years. A shortage of gasoline would be worse, but we could survive it, through mass transport or even walking, if necessary.

But food is different. If there were an interruption in the supply of food, fear would set in immediately. And, if the resumption of the food supply were uncertain, the fear would become pronounced. After only nine missed meals, its not unlikely that wed panic and be prepared to commit a crime to acquire food. If we were to see our neighbor with a loaf of bread, and we owned a gun, we might well say, Im sorry, youre a good neighbour and weve been friends for years, but my children havent eaten today I have to have that bread even if I have to shoot you.

But surely, theres no need to speculate on this concern. Theres nothing on the evening news to suggest that such a problem even might be on t...


Rat soup, anyone? Mexican politician bids to restore delicacy to the menu Signs of the Times

Guadalupe Flores, of the Zacatecas state legislature, wants to 'demystify the consumption of field rats' by encouraging people to eat caldo de rata As policy platforms go, it is unlikely to become mainstream. But a local politician in the Mexican state of Zacatecas is promoting the consumption of rat soup in an attempt to rescue a local tradition and remove the stigma of eating rodents. "The idea is to demystify the consumption of field rats, a clean animal, which is not related in any way to the species in the sewers," said Guadalupe Flores, a member of the state legislature. The consumption of caldo de rata - rat soup - goes back to colonial times in Zacatecas, a state set on the high altiplano in the heart of the country.


Stop Cutting Down Trees. Cities Need Birds to Eat Gross Bugs that Transmit Disease. RSS feed from

This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  A grove of five or six mature trees, some of them rising more than 50 feet into the air, once grew on a lot abutting our East Boston yard. In the summer, they shaded the cluster of five townhouses that wrapped around []


Climate change conference COP23, reactions Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Germany says about itself:

Key Architect of Paris Climate Accord: We Cannot Combat Climate Change with More Coal

17 November 2017

For more on the final assessment of this years U.N. climate summit, we speak with one of the key architects of the landmark 2015 Paris climate deal, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal. He was previously the environment minister in Peru. He is also the former president of COP20 and a key architect of the Paris Agreement.

This video from Germany says about itself:

17 November 2017

Throughout the United Nations climate summit in Bonn, Germany, activists have been protesting against fossil fuels. Early this morning, Democracy Now! drove about 45 minutes west of Bonn to the forests of western Germany, where activists unfurled a banner at the largest open-pit coal mine in Europe that read, Its Up to Us to Keep It in the Ground. You cant separate the peace movement from the climate movement, says Lea Heuser, winner of Germanys Aachen Peace Prize.

This video from...


Black Death-infected hospital patients escape: Plague now spreading out of control CLG News

Black Death-infected hospital patients escape: Plague now spreading out of control --There are rumours among the population the outbreak is a government plot. | 18 Nov 2017 | Patients infected with the Black Death plague ravaging Madagascar are escaping from hospital in a city of nearly nine million people, it has emerged. They risk infecting others as they flee back home despite being riddled with the dangerous contagion. A doctor at a plague hospital in the Madagascan capital of Antananarivo revealed the horrifying development yesterday. This comes as fears grow that the outbreak could go global - leading to millions dying. The Central Anti-Plague Hospital Ambohimindra is one of six hospitals that treat plague in the city with a population of 8.6m.


At least 12 killed, 2 others seriously injured in car crash at Salgaa area, Kenya Signs of the Times

A car crash at Salgaa area along Nakuru-Eldoret highway in western Kenya left at least 12 people dead and two others seriously injured, local media reported on Sunday. The accident, involving a shuttle bus and a truck, occurred around 03:00 a.m. local time (00:00 GMT), Daily Nation newspaper reported. "All the 11 passengers and the driver of the shuttle died on the spot," Japheth Kioko, Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) of the nearby Rongai town, told the newspaper.


Cultural support: Russia gives unique 3D Palmyra model to Syria to help restore ancient city Signs of the Times

Russian researchers have created a model of the ancient city of Palmyra, based on thousands of drone images. Unveiled at the St. Petersburg cultural forum, it will be given to Syria to help restore and preserve the UNESCO World Heritage site ravaged by ISIS. The 3D model has been created by scientists from the Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the help of experts from the Hermitage Museum. As part of their work on the project, which features both landscape and architectural designs of Palmyra, Russian researchers visited the Syrian city in September 2016. During their special expedition, some 20,000 drone images were taken. Based on the aerial footage, the detailed copy has been created, which will allow observers to track the state of the World Heritage Site by simply comparing new images to the 3D model. It will also help restore the ancient city, which has been largely destroyed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.


Florida ignores escalating hepatitis C cases in prisons; may cost taxpayers millions Signs of the Times

The state of Florida may have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in treatment costs to as many as 20,000 sick inmates after a federal judge ruled Friday that prison officials had failed to properly care for felons infected with the hepatitis C virus. The ruling, by U.S. District Court Judge Mark Walker, requires the Florida Department of Corrections to immediately treat a significant portion of the state's 98,000 inmates who test positive for the viral infection with direct acting antiviral drugs, a 12-week treatment that now costs about $37,000 per patient. "FDC has a long and sordid history of failing to treat HCV-infected inmates," Walker wrote in his 32-page ruling. "And this court finds as a matter of fact that FDC's failure to treat was due to a lack of funding."


3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint's, Reuters finds CLG News

3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint's, Reuters finds | 14 Nov 2017 | Since last year, Reuters has obtained neighborhood-level blood lead testing results for 34 states and the District of Columbia. In all, Reuters has identified 3,810 neighborhood areas with recently recorded childhood lead poisoning rates at least double those found across Flint, Michigan, during the peak of that city's water contamination crisis in 2014 and 2015. Some 1,300 of these hotspots had a rate of elevated blood tests at least four times higher than Flint's.


For Techs Deepest Problems, Women Are The Canary In The Data Mine Fast Company

Silicon Valley veteran and Lean Out author Elissa Shevinsky on why a workplace that is hostile to women is a sign of severe problems in other areas.

Hardly a day goes by these days that we dont hear stories about rampant sexual harassment in almost every industry; from entertainment to fashion, from hipster blogs to Congress to Silicon Valley. Groping, lewd comments, juvenile jokes, offers of sex in return for career advancement, nonconsensual touching, forced kissing, outright raperumors we might hear about in hushed tones at polite cocktail parties are now splashed across the front pages of the internet.

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Mr. F.L.M. and Mr. M.B. found this story and passed it along, and it's worth pausing to ponder the implications of this one for

The post OH BY THE WAY: ITS OFFICIAL: AIRPLANES CAN BE REMOTELY ... appeared first on Giza Death Star.



Mr. M.D. found this, and I have no idea if any of this stuff is genuine or not. But if it is, it certainly

The post TIDBIT: ANTARCTIC CURRENCY?!?!? appeared first on Giza Death Star.


What makes you a psychopath or an extreme altruist? RSS feed from

Psychopathy and altruism seem to be poles apart, but in her book The Fear Factor Abigail Marsh suggests how one can explain the other


Top general says he would resist 'illegal' nuclear order from Trump CLG News

Top general says he would resist 'illegal' nuclear order from Trump | 18 Nov 2017 | The top U.S. nuclear commander said Saturday he would push back against President Trump if he ordered a nuclear launch the general believed to be "illegal," saying he would look to find another solution. Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), told an audience at the Halifax International Security Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Saturday that he has given a lot of thought to what he would say if a president ordered a strike he considered unlawful. Hyten was responding to a question about testimony by former STRATCOM commander retired Gen. Robert Kehler before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week. Kehler said that nuclear operators would refuse to implement an unlawful order.


How Does Your Consciousness Make Everything Real? After the Shift

Does reality exist without us? Physicists have found it maddeningly difficult to write the observer out of quantum theory. Now some are contemplating a mind-boggling alternative: that a coherent description of reality, with all its quantum quirks, can arise from nothing more than random subjective experiences. 

It looks like the "perspective of a madman", says the author of this bold new theory, because it compels us to abandon any notion of fu...


Sean Hannity warns, "Tick tock... Monday starts what will become an avalanche" Signs of the Times

Conservative heavyweight Sean Hannity tweeted a warning to his millions of Twitter followers Friday evening and Twitter exploded. Hannity tweeted, "Tick tock..... From now into next year on many fronts!!!! Monday starts what will become an avalanche. Love to all deplorables. Tick tock!!" The Uranium One scandal is heating up. AG Sessions is under pressure to appoint a special counsel to investigate the case. The informant will testify next week before Congress. As previously reported, investigative reporter John Solomon told Sean Hannity on Thursday the FBI informant has video of briefcases full of money in the bribery of case on Hillary Clinton. Comment: Could this be the informant they're talking about? FBI Uranium One informant's identity revealed Hillary Clinton is actually showing she is afraid for the first time. In a Mother Jones interview earlier this week she lashed out at the Trump administration over the possibility of a special counsel investigating Uranium One. John Podesta is also in panic mode. He lashed out on his Twitter account and in an op-ed for the Washington Post claiming any investigation into Crooked Hillary et al is an abuse of power. Comment: See also: John Podesta writes against 'authoritarians and tyrants' on WaPo after Jeff Sessions hints at Special Counsel for Uranium-One deal


Saudi Arabia: Israel's dream state Signs of the Times

Israel is happy to let Riyadh lead the anti-Iranian alliance, but not so happy to pay the political price of real cooperation Israel has no better ally than Saudi Arabia. It fights Hezbollah and overthrew the Lebanese prime minister who had lived in peace with that organization for a year. There is no other country in the world, including the United States, that acts with such resolve against Iran. Saudi Arabia even went to war in Yemen, not for the Yemenis, who as far as Riyadh is concerned could die of starvation, but to block Iran's influence. Saudi Arabia has warned Hamas against renewing its ties with Tehran and is pressing Washington to come out of its coma and act against the Iranian threat. It seems as if Saudi Arabia would be happy to have Israel join the "Sunni axis." Good for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who dared to get rid of several ministers in his battle against corruption and isn't afraid to confront the Saudi religious oligarchy. Saudi Arabia is the dream of the Jewish state. Its behavior toward Iran makes mincemeat out of the axiom behind Israel's security strategy, namely that all Arab states seek to destroy it, but in return Saudi Arabia reinforces Iran's status as the ultimate enemy.


Has something changed in Earth's atmosphere? Signs of the Times

Something has just changed in Earth's atmosphere. This week alone atmospheric compression events deluge Greece and Italy with once in a multi-century floods, feet of snow, winter storms a few weeks before summer in South Africa, November typhoon out of season far far south near Cambodia, UK colder than Moscow and 14 locations have been chosen for geoengineering programs to begin in our atmosphere.


The New 5G Technology: Corporate Deceit and How It Can Destroy Nature & You! After the Shift


In regards to 5G Technology; be very careful with using or even being around this new and presently being fazed-in, 5G technology! Why? Well, because it's very dangerous and tremendously toxic to Nature, Animals, Birds and Bees, Etc., and Humans Biological System, on an Atomic and Cellular level. 

Featured Guest Speaker: Mr. Kevin Mottus; an Environmental Health Advocate from the California Brain Tumors Association.

Mr. Mottus' Contact: 

Websites Mentioned During Report: 


University of Pennsylvania to pay students to take gender-altering hormones CLG News

University of Pennsylvania to pay students to take gender-altering hormones | 17 Nov 2017 | The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine is offering to pay its own students to take gender changing hormones. Those who qualify will "take part in a confidential and affirming research study on the cognitive and behavioral effects of hormone therapy." "We're seeking individuals anywhere on the female-to-male (FTM) spectrum," a poster advertising the study states, before mentioning that "participants will be compensated for their time." "Are you transmasculine or a trans man, and do NOT take hormones?" the poster's headline reads.


'Thank you Russia for beating hate with love' - New Zealand supporter's heartfelt letter to football fans Signs of the Times

When New Zealand failed to become the 32nd and final qualifiers for the Russia 2018 World Cup, going down 2-0 to Peru in their play-off second leg in Lima, it shattered the dreams of their steadfast official supporters group - 'The Flying Kiwis'. The group had hoped for a return to Russia since visiting last summer for the 2017 Confederations Cup, held in four Russian cities from June 17 to July 2, and in which New Zealand played in the opening match against hosts Russia at St. Petersburg Stadium. Defeat hit 'All Whites' fan Matt Fejos the hardest. The Wellington native traveled to all three New Zealand games at the tournament, from St. Petersburg to Sochi and back.


Scientists predict upsurge in big earthquakes for 2018 as Earth's rotation slows Signs of the Times

Scientists say number of severe quakes is likely to rise strongly next year because of a periodic slowing of the Earth's rotation Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earth's rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions. Although such fluctuations in rotation are small - changing the length of the day by a millisecond - they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy, it is argued. The link between Earth's rotation and seismic activity was highlighted last month in a paper by Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado in Boulder and Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana in Missoula presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. "The correlation between Earth's rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggests there is going to be an increase in numbers of intense earthquakes next year," Bilham told the Observer last week. In their study, Bilham and Bendick looked at earthquakes of magnitude 7 and greater that had occurred since 1900. "Major earthquakes have been well recorded for more than a century and that gives us a good record to study," said Bilham.


Fact: Helicopters were airborne behind the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Shooting The Crazz Files

The Las Vegas Shooting Helicopter Compendium

 LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) If you have been following my reports on the Las Vegas Shooting than you are likely aware of my helicopter theory which I presented in great detail on The Alex Jones Show Halloween day.
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This year's annual Leonid meteor shower Signs of the Times

The annual Leonid meteor shower is expected to peak Friday night, with a second display cosmic pyrotechnics expected Saturday night. The Leonid will peak in the early hours of the morning, between 2am and 4am when the sky is at its darkest, for star-gazers willing to sacrifice some shuteye. The moon is entering its new phase so there won't be any lunar glare in the sky to disrupt the view. We can expect to see between 10 and 15 shooting stars per hour, reports Quartz. The Leonid meteor shower is named after the constellation Leo (the Lion), and takes place every year when the Earth passes through the debris field left in the wake of the Temple-Tuttle Comet creating shooting stars, streaks of light in the night sky lasting less than a second as the cosmic debris burns up in our atmosphere.


General in charge of US nukes says he is 'trained' to disobey 'illegal' orders from Trump Signs of the Times

In the wake of recent Senate debates on the US President's supposedly unquestionable authority to start a nuclear war, a top general says it's not as easy as pushing a red button. All the US top brass, himself included, are trained to disobey "illegal" orders. Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), said he would not blindly follow whatever order comes from US President Donald Trump, noting that the law of armed conflict that prohibits the use of disproportionate force and inflicting unnecessary suffering would be a higher authority when it comes to decision-making. "I provide advice to the president, he will tell me what to do. And if it's illegal, guess what's going to happen? I'm going to say, 'Mr. President, that's illegal.' And guess what he's going to do? He's going to say, 'What would be legal?' And we'll come up with options, with a mix of capabilities to respond to whatever the situation is, and that's the way it works. It's not that complicated."


The Slimy Business of Russia-gate Signs of the Times

Special Report: As the U.S. government doles out tens of millions of dollars to "combat Russian propaganda," one result is a slew of new "studies" by "scholars" and "researchers" auditioning for the loot, reports Robert Parry. The "Field of Dreams" slogan for America's NGOs should be: "If you pay for it, we will come." And right now, tens of millions of dollars are flowing to non-governmental organizations if they will buttress the thesis of Russian "meddling" in the U.S. democratic process no matter how sloppy the "research" or how absurd the "findings." And, if you think the pillars of the U.S. mainstream media - The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN and others - will apply some quality controls, you haven't been paying attention for the past year or so. The MSM is just as unethical as the NGOs are. So, we are now in a phase of Russia-gate in which NGO "scholars" produce deeply biased reports and their nonsense is treated as front-page news and items for serious discussion across the MSM. Yet, there's even an implicit confession about how pathetic some of this "scholarship" is in the hazy phrasing that gets applied to the "findings," although the weasel words will slip past most unsuspecting Americans and will be dropped for more definitive language when the narrative is summarized in the next day's newspaper or in a cable-news "crawl." For example, a Times front-page story on Thursday reported that "a network of Twitter accounts suspected of links to Russia seized on both sides of the [NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem] issue with hashtags, such as #boycottnfl, #standforouranthem and #takeaknee." The story, which fits neatly into the current U.S. propaganda meme that the Russian government somehow is undermining American democracy by stirring up dissent inside the U.S., quickly spread to other news outlets and became the latest "proof" of a Russian "war" against America.


Good for business: how energy productivity and renewable power are saving Swiss Re millions of dollars every year RSS feed from

As a founding member of RE100 and one year on from joining EP100, Swiss Re a world leading reinsurer is going above and beyond its ambitious climate action commitments. In this blog, Lasse Wallquist, Swiss Re's Senior Environmental Management Specialist, addresses the business case for becoming more energy productive and for switching to 100% renewable energy. At Swiss Re, we're in the business of calculating risk. We [...]


It must have been love - Trump is bending Killary over as she says he is 'obsessed' with her Signs of the Times

The war of words between the US President and the former Democratic nominee is showing no signs of abatement. Hillary Clinton has accused Donald Trump of constantly talking about her, adding that she's got no intention of being silenced. Her remarks came during a forum dedicated to the 25th anniversary of her husband Bill Clinton's election as US President in Little Rock in Arkansas.


Open-Minded/Creative People Live In A Completely Different Reality, According to Study Awareness Act

Sure, there is obviously a big difference between close-minded people and open-minded people, right? But how deep does this difference run exactly?

For this study, one hundred and twenty-three people of different backgrounds were examined thoroughly. They were tested for open-mindedness which was done through five different categories. That being conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, and the ability to maintain an open mind in general. After all of this, they then tested individuals for a phenomenon known as binocular rivalry which is something that occurs when each eye is shown a different image (one red and one green). Most people switch back and forth between the two images but some people merge the two into a red-green patch.

It was found that those who saw both images together were the ones who had also scored higher on the openness test in general. This led the researchers to theorize that open-minded people seem to create new mental routes in their minds and attain higher planes of thought. They also noted open-minded people were more creative thus meaning creative people see the world differently as well.

This seems to match up with several previous studies that suggested open people experienced things differently than most people. ScienceDirect says as follows on the study:

For instance, openness predicts performance on divergent thinking tasks (Kaufman et al., 2016; Silvia et al., 2008), which require one to identify multiple diverse uses for ordinary objects. For open people this seems to happen effortlessly, suggesting a more flexible way of combining information, perhaps even at low-levels of perceptual processing. For example, people high in openness display reductions in latent inhibition (i.e., attenuated attentional processing following repeated stimulus exposure) suggesting individual differences in preconscious attentional mechanisms (Peterson & Carson, 1999; Peterson, Smith, & Carson, 2002). Latent inhibition reflects an adaptive attentional gating system for screening out irrelevant information, but for open people this system appears to be more flexible, resulting in the continued processing of stimuli from which the average individual has disengaged. However, we are aware of no previous research examining whether openness relates to how people actually see visual stimuli.

What do you think abou...


5 Signs Youve Met Someone From a Past Life Awareness Act

Our souls are eternal. We have lived many lives and will continue to live many more.

While we do not remember our past lives, for the most part, there are people we come across who we feel we have known forever, there is a reason for this feeling. Our soul will recognize those from our past lives even if we ourselves dont. If you experience any of the following things when meeting someone new chances are you are meeting someone you have met before just in a different life. It might even be someone you have met 100 times over.

5 Signs Youve Met Someone From a Past Life:

1. You have a strong connection or repulsion instantly.

Not everyone from your past will come with a positive light. Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you had to be their friend or if the opposite like you couldnt stand to be near them for some reason? This is why.

2. You feel as if you have known them forever even though youve only just met.

When you meet someone from your soul family it will feel as if you have known them for a long time even though you technically havent. You might progress in your friendship much quicker than your friendships with others. This is because your soul connection is leading you down a path together.

3. You can read them with ease.

Even without words, you can tell what the other is thinking. They know your thoughts and emotions without you having to actually express them. Nothing in this connection seems strained and everything just comes easily.

4. Their presence digs up emotions you dont think you should be feeling

Sure, you dont think you should like them this much or feel this way about them because you havent known them long but because your soul has all of these feelings come flooding in. Something about being around this person feels powerful in more ways than you can explain.

5. You can see it in their eyes.

Their eyes feel familiar to you it is as if you have looked into them a million times over. We all know the eyes are said to be the mirrors of the soul, this proves that to be true. Every person has unique iris patterns and when you meet someone you have met in a past life you just know.

Finding someone from a past life is a wonderful thing. It serves as a reminder that no matter how big the world is those who are meant to come back to you will. Sure, not all connections are good ones, but boy the good ones sure are amazing. For more information on soul families and past lives please check out the video below. The more lives you have lived the bigger yours most likely is.



A Conspiracy No More: US Government Openly Meets to Discuss Future of Chemtrails/ Geoengineering Humans Are Free

Wednesday marked the first time that the U.S. government openly acknowledged and discussed the reality of chemtrails or as they and their ilk call it, geoengineering.

Politicians and members of various fields convened for the US House Subcommittee on Environment and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing, discussing everything from funding the controversial sky-spraying operations to closely regulating them to prevent significant damage to the public.

One concern, said Committee Chairman Lamar Smith during the hearing, is that brightening clouds could alter rain patterns, making it rain more in some places or less in others. We still do not know enough about this subject to thoroughly understand the pros and cons of these types of technologies.

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11 Harsh Truths About Being An Over-Thinker With A Sensitive Heart Awareness Act

Over-thinkers just cannot seem to catch a break, if it isnt one thing it is another and so forth. They are just far too hard on themselves and when it comes to life everything has to be black and white, color just makes it all the more complicated.

Sometimes those who are over-thinkers are just seen as too much this especially sucks since most over-thinkers also have really sensitive hearts. They struggle to be as connected as they want to be and as much as they would love to be around others they seem to get things done a lot more productively when they are alone or even isolated in general. Below you will find a list of harsh truths all over-thinkers have to deal with, maybe it will give you a deeper perspective on how they truly live.

11 Harsh Truths About Those Who Over-Think and Have A Sensitive Heart:

1. You crave love.

As someone with a sensitive heart love is always going to be something you want in life. However, because of your over-thinking you set yourself up for failure after failure. You constantly find yourself questioning everything.

2. Your fight or flight response is not often set to fight.

For you, there is no fight option it is always flight, and this can be a problem. Sometimes in life, we need to fight. Being the one to always push yourself out of the way isnt healthy.

3. Living in the present is extremely hard.

You are always thinking about the past and things you have done. Your mistakes haunt you and nothing you do will ever clear your mind of them. It is as if letting go is not an option.

4. You tend to take the opinions of others far too seriously.

Just because someone says something that upsets you doesnt mean it was meant that way. You as the title of this article suggests, think too much. Over-thinking can cause a lot of unnecessary inner turmoil.

5. Your feelings are always border or intense, there is no in-between.

There is no mild for you either you dont care or you care too much. Things either bother you or they dont. Everything you feel, you feel on an extreme level.

6. You search for meaning in everything.

As someone whose mind does not rest you think about everything all of the time. When it comes to finding the meaning of something you are the best person to call. Even in the smallest thing, you can find meaning.

7. Not everyone can handle you.

Some people just cant handle you and that is okay. There are people who can and will, because in life, some people are meant to stay and others are meant to go.

8. Trying to sleep can be overwhelming sometimes.

At night is when your mind causes you the most pain. You stay up late...


Hypersonic missile race: China is testing weapons that can reach the US in 14 minutes Signs of the Times

A secretive hypersonic wind tunnel, nicknamed 'Hyper Dragon', is helping the experts 'reveal many facts that Americans have not found out', one Chinese researcher said in a propaganda documentary... South China Morning Post's Stephen Chen reports that China is building the world's fastest wind tunnel to simulate hypersonic flight at speeds of up to 12 kilometres per second. A hypersonic vehicle flying at this speed from China could reach the west coast of the United States in less than 14 minutes.


Government of Japan Donates US$15 Million to WFP Response to Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh RSS feed from

DHAKA The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) welcomes a US$15 million emergency contribution from the Government of Japan to support WFP's response to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 19, 2017 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 19 2017

Compiled 1:40 am EDT 19 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Nov. 18 2017 7:49 pm EST RV Set for Release, Tilton: "RV is Set for Release" - Philip Tilton Intel Update 11-18-17

1. I can't reveal my identity, but I can confirm that there will be major happenings early next week.

2. Indictments will be unsealed and sh*t will hit the fan for top level gov't officials.

3. #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

4. The Revaluation of Currencies is set for release on the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's murder, Nov. 22.

B. Nov. 18 2017 12:24 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 18, 2017

1. Once again preemptive release memos were given out.

2. As of yet no release despite everything and everyone being ready.

3. We wait for the New Powers That Be to make the final move on the Cabal.

4. The final move is the GCR/RV, Indictments, Mass Arrests and GESARA implimentation.

5. In this game of chess pa...


Put your best foot forward to help animal conservation RSS feed from

Animal footprints can help in the fight to save endangered species. Wild Track would like your help to collect images and develop its footprint identification technique


Over 1 Million Call on DOJ to Block Bayer-Monsanto Merger Humans Are Free

New reports reveal devastating impacts on consumers and farmers. WASHINGTON Over 1 million petition signatures were delivered by farming, consumer and environmental groups  to the U.S. Department of Justice calling on the department to block the proposed merger of Bayer (BAYN) and Monsanto (MON). The signatures were delivered as two new reports revealed irreversible impacts from the merger on consumers and farmers. Tuesday, Friends of the Earth, SumOfUs and the Open Markets Institute released an analysis, Bayer-Monsanto Merger: Big Data, Big Agriculture, Big Problems, which  explores the implications of a combined Big Data, chemical and seed platform owned by Bayer and Monsanto and how it may impact competition and farmer choice. Read Entire Article


Take Your Pills With Jim West The Crazz Files<br /> Ultrasound Causation for Microcephaly and Zika Virus, The Hypothesis (Part A) Read More


Animated Short Reveals The Dark Complexities Of Healing Our Broken Society TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

In-Shadows is a Masterful short film from Lubomir Arsov which touches on wage slavery, sexual depravity, the pharmaceutical culture and societies attempt to turn us into mindless consumers. The incredibly powerful short film is disturbing, enlightening and motivating to heal our broken relationship with ourselves and the planet.

The film starts with the opening of a box which seems to represent the planet and a broader box than the western world is currently living in.

The film then enters the shadows of modern day society

In- Shadow Full Film

The films powerful imagery touches on boxes we have allowed to be placed upon ourselves



(Video) Marines Arrive at Langley to Assist Trump in Stopping Coup Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 18, 2017

- Hillary Worried Over Indictments

Marines have landed at Langley to assist President Trump in securing Washington DC while threats of a coup still loom. Hillary Clinton shows she's worried about the current investigations and the indictments which have been issued in the last week, now reaching over 1800.

More information coming - #TheStorm


"There Is Nothing I Can tell You..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"There is nothing I can tell you that you do not already know.
There is no question that you can ask me that you yourself cannot answer.
You have just forgotten."
~ David Littlewood


Bill Gates Exposed for Funding Research, Promotion of Spraying Geo-engineered 'Chemtrails' Across the Globe Humans Are Free

The latest scam to enter the debate about so-called "global warming" involves spending billions of dollars to spray the atmosphere with tiny particulate matter for the alleged purpose of reflecting sunlight back into space, and thus cooling the planet.

But research into this controversial practice of "chemtrailing," which has actually already been going on for quite some time now, is largely funded directly by Mr. Vaccine himself, the infamous Bill Gates.

The U.K.'s Guardian paper reports that Gates, who is a huge advocate of global intervention programs that forcibly affect large people groups whether they like it or not, has been spending untold millions of dollars from his own personal fortune to fund research into geo-engineering programs.

These funds are being used to study things like how much it will cost every year to blast the skies with tiny particles of sulfur dioxide, a toxic industrial byproduct linked to serious respiratory illnesses like asthma.

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"The Purpose Of Life..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be "happy." I think 
the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate.
It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, 
to have made some difference that you lived at all.
- Leo C. Rosten


Indonesian smugglers stuffed exotic birds in drainpipes (PHOTOS) Signs of the Times

Police in Indonesia have smashed a smuggling ring for allegedly stuffing 125 exotic birds into drainpipes. The arrests are part of a wider clampdown on the lucrative illegal trade in the animals. Four men were arrested following the discovery of 41 endangered white cockatoos and 84 eclectus parrots, which had been stuffed into plastic piping. The piping had been cut and sealed at the ends with wire, AFP reports.


The Dow v S&P500 v NASDAQ Whats the Difference? Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong

Why do you always use the Dow Jones Index? It seems to have the least logical construction of the major indices. Why not use the S&P500?

Many thanks for your informative and thought-provoking blog,


ANSWER: Each index offers a completely different perspective. The Dow Jones Industrials is the big money. You will notice that this index leads the way. It is the first out of a key low because it is typically the foreign capital that comes in based on currency. You will also notice it tend to top out first because the big money tends to start to pull out first also...


Gunmen Attack Baghdad Checkpoint; 20 Killed in Iraq RSS feed from

Minor attacks were launched in and around Baghdad. The post Gunmen Attack Baghdad Checkpoint; 20 Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.

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