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Wednesday, 13 June


Meditation and Music May be the Ideal Combo to Fend off Depression Waking Times

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The combination of meditation and music may be one of the simplest ways to fend off depression. The two have no unpleasant side-effects. Nearly everyone can enjoy them, and the cost is negligible. They can be used together or stand-alone to reduce stress, regulate mood and reconnect with ones soul. They are an easy way to actively nurture our mood. As well, they can help mitigate the stressed-out and overwhelmed human condition that has become all too common.

Forces of Modern Life that Lead to Depression

Its truly no surprise that depression is so prevalent in our society. There are so many expectations, responsibilities, and pressures. As a result, we often find ourselves in pursuit of something seemingly better or greater.

Every little hiccup along these pursuits leaves us frustrated, unsatisfied, and even fearful that we will fail. Failures are treated with criticism, especially from the inner voice that lives inside the mind.

This voice affects our feelings more than anything else, yet we spend little time nurturing it from within. Instead, we allow this voice to be fed by outside influences such as media, pop culture, colleagues and friends. Even when we think weve got a handle on life, our inner judge easily fills us with doubt and anxiety.

When were not in pursuit of something greater, were often withdrawing, hesitating or hiding. The comparative lifestyle of todays humanity easily leaves us feeling inadequate or lacking. Our withdrawal is further accentuated by fear and trauma, which are like scars on our psyche, created by experiences of deception, violence and malice.

These scars leave us fearful of facing new challenges and scared of experiencing life. Moreover, they can trap us in a permanent state of withdrawal.

Feeling fearful, deficient and lacking, even in the most minuscul...


Austria's PM Kurz receives death threats on social media after crackdown on radicalized and "political Islam" Signs of the Times

An anti-terrorism probe has been opened into death threats Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz received on social media after his government announced a crackdown on hate preaching and "political Islam." The Austrian government's decision to close seven mosques and expel as many as 60 imams as part of their campaign against radicalization has provoked a wave of outrage online. Some people on social media went as far as to threaten Sebastian Kurz personally. While some posts accused the chancellor of wanting a "war," others openly said he should "prepare" for death, according to the Austrian national Oesterreich daily. Some posts also said that the head of the Austrian government "will find himself in a rubbish box," while others just read: "Allahu Akbar!" The chancellor's office confirmed to Oesterreich that Kurz received "many" death threats, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, as well as in some "instant messaging services." The situation was considered to be so grave that the Austrian domestic intelligence and counter-terrorism agency, the BVT, launched a counter-terrorism investigation into the issue, according to the interior ministry.


Israel Accused of Committing War Crimes by 300 Global Figures MintPress News

Israels forcible transfer of thousands of Palestinians has been denounced as a war crime by over 300 elected officials, legal scholars, academics, artists, faith leaders and activists from around the world.

The universal show of solidarity to the Palestinians was published in an open letter which voiced strong opposition to Israels plans to forcibly transfer thousands of Palestinians living in farming-shepherding communities in the occupied West Bank.

Signatories include 90 members of parliament, many of whom are from the EU and UK parliaments. Other notable signatories include ten Israel Prize laureates, film director Ken Loach, artists Ai Weiwei, author Alice Walker, academic Noam Chomsky and several musicians. Dozens of Rabbis have also signed the letter denouncing Israel for what many would describe ethnic cleansing.

Forcible transfer by direct physical force or by creating a coercive environment that makes residents leave their homes is a war crime, the letter states.

Mentioning, in particular, residents facing expulsion from three areas; the Jordan Valley, the South Hebron Hills and East Jerusalem, the letter says that Israel aims to establish facts on the ground that would achieve exclusive de-facto Israeli control in those areas and eventually facilitate formal annexation.

Israels plans, the letter points out, range from freezing Palestinian development, through minimising Palestinian foothold in major parts of the West Bank, to the destruction and transfer of entire communities. The plans, they add, are being implemented through coercive measures which are listed as: not being allowed to build new private or public buildings; denied access to water grids or to pave access roads; demolitions; threats and confiscation of essential equipment.


ZERO building permits were issued by Israel in 2015 !Israel tightens #Palestinian construction in Area C #OccupiedPalestine MEMO infographic by QUAD Business House

Posted by Middle East Monitor on ...


Mile-wide volcanic front, 230 ft lava geyser seen in stunning Hawaii aerial footage Signs of the Times

Aerial and satellite photos taken over the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's big island reveal the extent of devastation caused by the massive eruption which began on May 3 - destroying 600 homes, roughly 500 of which occurred after the most recent eruption, which sent lava coursing through the communities of Kapoho beach and Vacationland. While thousands of people have been evacuated from the region, officials fear up to a dozen residents who refused to leave are dead. The USGS notes that an estimated 4008.2 million cubic feet of lava has saturated the Eastern side of the Big Island - which would fill 45,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 11 million dump trucks - enough to cover Manhattan Island up to a depth of six feet.


Uncovered: Monsanto Campaign To Get Sralini Study Retracted WorldTruth.Tv

Documents released in US cancer litigation show Monsantos desperate attempts to suppress a study that showed adverse effects of Roundup herbicide  and that the editor of the journal that retracted the study had a contractual relationship with the company. Claire Robinson reports (Article republished from ) Internal Monsanto documents released by attorneys leading US cancer []


Dubai Is a World Money-Laundering Haven, Report Says Truthdig RSS

DUBAI, United Arab EmiratesWar profiteers, terror financiers and drug traffickers sanctioned by the U.S. in recent years have used Dubais real-estate market as a haven for their assets, a new report released Tuesday alleges.

The report by the Washington-based Center for Advanced Defense Studies, relying on leaked property data from the city-state, offers evidence to support the long-whispered rumors about Dubais real-estate boom. It identifies some $100 million in suspicious purchases of apartments and villas across the city of skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates, where foreign ownership fuels construction that now outpaces local demand.

The government-run Dubai Media Office said it could not comment on the report.

For its part, the center known by the acronym C4ADS said Dubai has a high-end luxury real estate market and lax regulatory environment prizing secrecy and anonymity above all else. That comes as the U.S. already warns that Dubais economic free zones and trade in gold and diamonds poses a risk.

The permissive nature of this environment has global security implications far beyond the sands of the UAE, the center said in its report. In an interconnected global economy with low barriers impeding the movement of funds, a single point of weakness in the regulatory system can empower and enable a range of global illicit actors.

The properties in question include million-dollar villas on the fronds of the man-made Palm Jumeirah archipelago to an apartment in the Burj Khalifa, the worlds tallest building. Others appear to be one-bedroom apartments in more-affordable neighborhoods in Dubai, the UAEs biggest city.

Among the highest-profile individuals named in the report is Rami Makhlouf, a cousin of embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad and one of that countrys wealthiest businessmen. The U.S. has sanctioned Makhlouf, who owns the largest mobile phone carrier Syriatel, for using intimidation and his close ties to the Assad regime to obtain improper financial advantages at the expense of ordinary Syrians.

Makhlouf and his brother, also sanctioned by the U.S., own real estate on the Palm Jumeirah, according to the report. They also have ties to two UAE-based free-zone companies. The UAE, a federation of seven sheikhdoms led from oil-rich Abu Dhabi, has opposed Assad in his countrys yearslong war.

The UAE also opposes Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party and militia group backed by Iran. However, C4ADS report identified at least one property directly linked to Lebanese businessmen Kamel and Issam Amhaz, who the U.S. sanctioned in 2014 for helping Hezbollah covertly purchase sophisticated electronics for military drones. The report identified another nearly $70 million in Dubai properties owned by two other shareholders in Amhazs sanctioned firm...


A 'sleepless night' in South Korea as all eyes are on Kim-Trump summit Signs of the Times

The South Korean government is hoping for a success of the Singapore summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, since it could lead to peace on the peninsula after almost 70 years. President Moon Jae-in and his cabinet watched the start of the summit before their morning meeting at Cheong Wa Dae ("Blue House"), the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported. "I guess the attention of all our people must currently be directed toward Singapore," Moon said. "I too spent a sleepless night. I, along with all our people, sincerely hope that it will be a successful summit that will open a new era of complete denuclearization, peace and a new relationship between South Korea, North Korea and the United States." The summit is only the beginning of a "long process" of re-establishing peace in the Korean Peninsula, Moon cautioned. "The deep-rooted hostile relationship and the North Korean nuclear issue cannot be resolved in one single action in a meeting between leaders," the president said after the cabinet meeting on Monday. "Even after the two leaders open the dialogue, we will need a long process that may take one year, two years or even longer to completely resolve the issues."


Iran warns N. Korea of possibility of Trump U-turn on Singapore deal Signs of the Times

Tehran, which has its own sad experience in dealing with the US, has warned Pyongyang that President Donald Trump may cancel the recent Singapore agreement, hours after the meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jing-un. "We don't know what type of person the North Korean leader is negotiating with. It is not clear that he would not cancel the agreement before returning back home," Iran's government spokesman, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, said on Tuesday as cited by IRNA new agency. The statement came hours after Trump and Kim signed an agreement stipulating "complete denuclearization" of North Korea. Trump praised what had been achieved at the summit calling it a "new chapter" in relations with the North. In the run-up to the Kim-Trump summit Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassem said that the North's leader should be aware Trump's tendency to betray deals when they talk about denuclearization. "Washington has continued to sabotage international agreements and unilaterally withdraw from them," he stated on Monday.


Carter Page: 'The US government abused its power by spying on me' Signs of the Times

Former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump's presidential campaign Carter Page believes the US government "abused" its power by directing its vast surveillance capabilities at him under the pretext of a "dodgy dossier" that was funded by lawyers for Trump rival Hillary Clinton, Real Clear Investigations reported Thursday. "Until the DoJ [Department of Justice] discloses full information about the dodgy dossier, amends their court filings that led to extensive abuse of process, and discloses details on the other sources of their lies, it will be impossible for Americans to fully trust them again," Page said in an interview with the outlet published Thursday. The court that granted authorities a warrant to spy on Page, the so-called FISA courts authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, is different from US Article 3 courts, which provide the accused with the ability to defend themselves. FISA courts are secret, government-only entities, with no prosecutor or defense attorney present during their proceedings.


Trump-Kim Summit Raises Cautious Hopes for Peace MintPress News

In time it will become evident whether the joint statement signed by U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un on Tuesday will lead to a formal end to the Korean War, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and an end what the North sees as U.S. provocations against Pyongyang.

On the morning after, we are only left with the atmospherics and images from the historic meeting between Kim and Trump in Singapore. The two leaderswho just months ago were hurling insults at each other, with Kim calling Trump dotard, and Trump calling Kim Little Rocket Man, left Singapore and the details of the negotiation to their administrations.

As the document they signed has not yet been released, it is difficult to know what exactly they have agreed to. Trump held it up briefly so that reporters could read that he had committed to provide security guarantees to North Korea and Kim reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.  How that denuclearization is carried out may be the most difficult detail of all to work out.

The statement called for follow-on negotiations between U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and an unnamed senior North Korean official at the earliest possible date, to implement the outcomes of the summit, which are still largely unknown.

The document also said the U.S. and North Korea would join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, which could mean negotiations leading to a peace treaty to formally end the 1950-1953 Korean War. North Korea was devastated in that war, with U.S. generals saying they were practically running out of targets to bomb. The U.S. unloaded  635,000 tons of explosives and 32,557 tons of napalm.  Over a period of three years or so, we killed off what 20 percent of the population, Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, Strategic Air Command leader during the war, told the Office of Air Force History in 1984. Dean Rusk, later secretary of state in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, said the U.S. bombed everything that moved in North Korea, every brick standing on top of another.


UK-built jets to join bombing of Hodeidah, Yemen's 'humanitarian lifeline' port Signs of the Times

UK-manufactured fighter jets may be "central" to UAE air strikes on the Yemeni port of Hodeidah which the UN has warned could result in hundreds of thousands of deaths if it is attacked. The population of Yemen would be put in severe danger by a UAE bombing of the "lifeline" port. Situated on the Red Sea, it supplies 80 percent of aid to the country, where a three-year civil war has left the nation on the brink of famine. The UN's Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Lise Grande, stated that, if the attack takes place, humanitarian agencies "fear, in a prolonged worst case, that as many as 250,000 people may lose everything - even their lives". The UAE is a part of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition which has been bombing Yemen since the start of the civil war in 2015, as they support President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in his fight against Houthi rebels. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT ) said British Prime Minister Theresa May should use her influence to stop the gulf countries' air bombing of Yemen. The UK has come under fire over its licensing of 4.6 billion ($6.2bn) of arms sales to Saudi Arabia since 2015. Many more pounds worth of arms may have been licensed to the UAE, CAAT claims.


Interview Bashar al-Assad: Theresa May 'staged the chemical attack' in Syria Signs of the Times

Theresa May is a colonialist liar who along with the UK's allies deliberately prolonged the Syrian Civil War and even helped stage the alleged chemical attack in Douma, according to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In a rare interview, the Syrian President claims the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, East Ghouta in Syria on April 7 was staged. According to reports from the controversial organisation the White Helmets and rebels Jaish al-Islam (The Sword of Islam), the Syrian military dropped bombs containing an unknown chemical weapon from helicopters. But Assad claims the UK had a role to play in the alleged attack in which at least 40 people are said to have been killed in order to justify airstrikes. Assad said: "The UK publicly supported the White Helmets that are a branch of Al Qaeda. "We consider the White Helmets to be a PR stunt by the UK. So yes, definitely, it was staged by these three countries together and the UK is involved."


US issues additional anti-Russia sanctions for alleged cyber activity Signs of the Times

Washington has imposed new sanctions against Russia. The restrictive measures that affect three individuals and five entities were introduced in response to allegations of "cyber-activity" by Moscow, according to the US Treasury. The US has been conspicuously tight-lipped about the reasons behind the new restrictive measures. The US Treasury Department's statement defines the new additions to the list of "specially designated nationals" only as "cyber-related" and "Russia-related" designations. The list of entities targeted by the fresh round of US sanctions actually includes a number of cyber-security firms based in Russia, Israel, Europe, and even the US itself. It also includes a diving-equipment production company. The Russian state research center, the Kvant Institute, which specializes in research and technological development of electronic hardware and software for the state and its public institutions, has also been added to the sanctions list. All three individuals added to the SDN list have been targeted by the US sanctions due to their links to the Divetechnoservice Company, the Russian diving-equipment producer, according to the Treasury.


Interview with John Pilger: That eerie silence surrounding the Julian Assange case Signs of the Times

Julian Assange remains cut off from the world in Ecuador's London embassy, shut off from friends, relatives and thousands of supporters, leaving him unable to do his crucial work, as John Pilger discusses with Dennis J. Bernstein. In a recent communication between Randy Credico, an Assange supporter, comic and radio producer, and Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, Assange's fear of arrest and extradition to the US was confirmed by the leader of the Russia-gate frenzy. Credico received the following response from Schiff after meeting the the Congressman's staff, in which Credico was trying to connect Assange with Schiff: "Our committee would be willing to interview Assange when he is in U.S. Custody and not before." Dennis Bernstein spoke with John Pilger, a close friend and supporter of Assange on May 29. The interview began with the statement Bernstein delivered for Pilger at the Left Forum last weekend in New York on a panel devoted to Assange entitled, "Russia-gate and WikiLeaks".


Rand Paul blasts fellow Rep Lindsey Graham as a 'danger to our country' Signs of the Times

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is a "danger to the country" for suggesting a US war against North Korea, said his colleague Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) as Americans waited for the historic summit in Singapore. "Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea, my goodness," Paul told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Monday afternoon. "Serious people" should not even be discussing such a "naive" idea, he added, and he would "absolutely not" vote for such a measure in the Senate.


New study finds human and all animal species today originated only 100K-200K years ago Signs of the Times

Research by two scientists on DNA and mitochrondria found that over 90% of animal species in existence today - including humans - had originated only 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. While the two scientists shied away from saying it, their finding that humans and all animals date back to at most only 200,000 years ago is contrary to what evolutionists have been telling us, that the Earth and its life forms had taken millions of years to develop and evolve. Note: DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid carries the genetic instructions of all known living organisms. Mitochrondria are structures or organelles located in the cell's cytoplasm outside the nucleus, responsible for energy production. All mitochondrial chromosomes are inherited from the mother. Written in a technical and, for non-specialists, arcane language, the article concerns DNA barcoding - a taxonomic method that uses a short genetic marker in an organism's DNA to identify it as belonging to a particular species. For animals, the preferred barcode regions are in mitochondria - cellular organelles that power all animal life. As the authors wrote (p. 10): The agreement of barcodes and domain experts implies that explaining the origin of the pattern of DNA barcodes would be in large part explaining the origin of species. Understanding the mechanism by which the near-universal pattern of DNA barcodes comes about would be tantamount to understanding the mechanism of speciation.


Kim Jong-un reportedly brings portable toilet to Singapore summit to keep his health a complete secret Signs of the Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly gone to extreme measures to prevent his enemies getting an insight into the state of his health during the Singapore summit - including bringing his very own toilet. Kim arrived in the city with a bullet-proof limousine and a portable toilet in tow, according to South Korean newspaper Chosun. The purpose of the toilet, aside from the obvious, is to "deny determined sewer-divers insights into the supreme leader's stools," the conservative news outlet reported. Lee Yun-keol, who was an official in the North Korean Guard Command unit before he defected to South Korea in 2005, told the Washington Post in April that Kim always travels with his own toilet as he will not use public restrooms.


Bill Clinton: 'Norms have changed for what you can do to somebody against their will' Signs of the Times

It's probably time for Bill Clinton to stop doing interviews. The former president has come under fire once again for comments he made during a recent sit-down - this time noting how "norms have changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will."


Facebook hiring 'news credibility specialists', continues pushing thought control agenda Signs of the Times

As Facebook continues its descent into irrelevancy, at least among the younger generation, Zuckerberg's latest move is to make editorial decisions about what news content the public should be able to "consume" via his social media platform via hiring "news credibility specialists". "News credibility specialists" sounds like Goebbels and Stalin's wet dream if you ask me, but let that go. Here's a quote from Facebook's ad for the job via Business Insider and Fortune: "We're seeking individuals with a passion for journalism, who believe in Facebook's mission of making the world more connected," one of the two listings reads. It continues: "As a member of the team, you'll be tasked with developing a deep expertise in Facebook's News Credibility Program. You'll be conducting investigations against predefined policies." Facebook would ask the specialists to help create a list of credible news organizations. That list could be used for various features on the site, from the newsfeed to its advertising system." "The job announcement on Facebook's official job site is now down, but similar job postings also showed up on LinkedIn. Similarly worded job postings also appear on LinkedIn, posted by a staffing company on behalf of an unnamed Menlo Park company. (The LinkedIn URLs include the phrase "world's largest social network," which is kind of a tipoff it's Facebook.) Those posts mention that "you'll be tasked with developing a deep expertise in News Credibility Program and evaluating news publishers for policy compliance"


Is world opinion finally shifting in Julian Assange's favor? Signs of the Times

Although the phrase Zeitgeist refers to the spirit of an age, it seems appropriate to use it to describe the shift in consciousness that can take place in a moment. As the sixth anniversary of Julian Assange's asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy approaches, public awareness is rapidly shifting in Assange's favor. The ongoing isolation of Julian Assange by the Ecuadorian government appears to have bolstered sympathy for the Wikileaks Editor-In-Chief worldwide, instead of relegating him to the detritus of a fast-moving news cycle.


Americas Genocide in Yemens Al Hudaydah Starts Today MintPress News

The Houthis in Yemen are expected to start being slaughtered en-masse on June 12th. The U.S.-Saudi-UAE plan is to destroy the Yemenese port city of Al Hudaydah, which is the only entry-way by which food reaches approximately seven million Shiites, members of the Houthi tribe, who occupy the western third of Yemen, and who had recently ruled all of Yemen. The U.S. provides the weapons and the training, and the United Arab Emirates supplies the pilots for this operation, which is financed mainly by the Saudis. The objective is to establish a joint UAE-Saudi-run government of Yemen.

On Monday, June 11th, the New York Times bannered U.N. Pulls Out of City in Yemen, Fearing Bloody Assault by Arab Coalition. That report didnt mention that this is Americas fundamentalist-Sunni coalition of Arab monarchies, using American weapons, in order to bomb and blockade, and now starve to death, approximately seven million Houthis, and that its part of a broader war in which the U.S. and Israel are allied with fundamentalist-Sunni monarchies, which are trying to conquer Shiite-run countries, especially Yemen, Syria, and ultimately Iran. The Houthis are Shia, not Sunni. On 24 October 2014, a Houthi leader was interviewed in Yemen Times, which reported: Al-Bukhaiti does not think that the Iranian system [a Shia theocracy] could ever be implemented in the country. Neither do the Houthis have any interest in bringing back the Imamate. Instead, he describes the Zaydi [their Shia] doctrine as republican and the Houthi group as liberal. None of Americas Islamic allies is even remotely like that description.

Americas alliance of fundamentalist-Sunni Arab monarchies call Iran especially an existential threat to themselves, because Iran, and Shiites generally, are opposed to monarchical governments, especially after 1979, when Iranians overthrew the U.S. CIA-installed (in 1953) Shah. And all of Americas allies in the Middle East, other than theocratic-Jewish apartheid Israel, are fundamentalist-Sunni monarchies.

The reason the U.N. is pulling out is to avoid being killed by these American missiles and bombs, which are expected to produce, by means of these UAE and Saudi proxy-fighters, a rare American victory in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates are providing the U.S.-trained pilots, who will drop U.S. bombs from U.S. planes, so as to destroy Al Hudaydah, and thereby completely block any food from reaching the seven-to eight million food-stranded Houthi Shiites.



Trump again slams "dishonest and weak" Trudeau while venting anger at EU Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump, apparently still fuming over "dishonest and weak" Justin Trudeau for threatening to respond to US tariffs in kind, took to Twitter to slam the Canadian PM again and vent his anger at the tight-fisted EU. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's ill-fated press conference, where he vowed to retaliate to the tariffs imposed by the US on steel and aluminum, seems to have opened a can of worms, as less than 24 hours before his historic meeting with Kim Jong Un, the US leader continues to be preoccupied with imbalances in trade and "dishonest" Trudeau. In a string of tweets on Sunday, Trump claimed that Canada made "almost 100 billion dollars in trade with US (guess they were bragging and got caught!)." "Minimum is 17B," he added, before going after the 270 percent taxes on US dairy products, the focus of one of his earlier diatribes. Launching another verbal blow at Trudeau, Trump said that, "Justin acts hurt when called out!" apparently referring to his pledge to impose the equivalent of the tariffs on the US that Trump has slapped on Canada.


Paris 10th district on lockdown amid reports of armed man holding several people hostage Signs of the Times

An area in Paris 10th district has been on lockdown after an armed man reportedly took several people, including a pregnant woman, hostage in one of the buildings, local media report.


A Victory for Sanity in World Politics Truthdig RSS

President Trump gave peace a chance like few presidents before him, and if his critics cannot respect that fact, shame on them. What he and the hawks around him have done is as profound a shift in U.S. foreign policy as it is unexpected in its departure from an America-centric view of the world.

At the heart of this bold initiative is an openness to the wisdom and concerns of other nations, beginning with the government of South Korea but including most definitely the insights of the leaders of neighboring China, Russia and Japan. It is a break with the demonization of the North Korean enemy in the spirit of Richard Nixons opening to Communist China, which effectively ended the Cold War.

Thats the real news here, a profound example of risking peace instead of war, and it should be celebrated in a nonpartisan spirt as a victory for sanity in world politics, whatever ones prejudice against President Trump.

To nitpick this courageous step while ignoring its enormously positive potential for reducing the risks of nuclear annihilation would be foolhardy in the extreme. Of course, much remains to be negotiated and implemented on the path to eliminating nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula. But Trumps willingness to separate regime change from that effort, and to postpone ritualistic war drills, is crucial to diplomatic success and a welcome departure from the militaristic obsessions of recent presidents, both Republican and Democrat.


British Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners honoured in Paris, France Dear Kitty. Some blog

British Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners at London Pride 2015. Photo: David Jones/Creative Commons

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Paris to commemorate Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners founder

PARIS is to honour Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) founder member Mark Ashton, who paved the way for gay rights to be adopted by Britains trade unions.

Mark Ashton in 1986 (pic: Johnny Orr/Creative Commons)

The council of the French capitals fourth arrondissement, a sector which includes the gay village Le Marais, is set to commemorate Mr Ashton as a role model for young people after Communist Party councillors proposed a street or public place be named after him.

The former general secretary of Britains Young Communist League played a key role in building support for Britains striking miners among the gay community during the 1984-1985 dispute.

Deputy mayor Evelyne Zarka, who moved the motion, was inspired after seeing Mr Ashtons story in the film Pride, which she said made her laugh and cry.

Ms Zarka said it was the action of Mr Ashton and his comrades that had advanced the cause of gay rights, leading to its adoption as policy by the British labour movement.

His strength, his hu...


IMF warns 'bad weather' coming for global economy Signs of the Times

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that some bad weather faces the global economy as tensions rise over US President Donald Trump's protectionist trade policies. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Tuesday that despite the relatively stable economic situation in Europe and many other parts of the world, "the clouds on the horizon that we have signaled about six months ago are getting darker by the day." She made the remarks in a meeting with leaders of major economic organizations of the world in the German capital, Berlin.


White Right: Meeting the Enemy (documentary) Will Blow Your Mind disinformation

Deeyah Khan has delivered the most powerful documentary film, on the resurgence of white nationalism and the people behind it, that you will see all year. If courage could be sold, Deeyah... The post White Right: Meeting the Enemy (documentary) Will Blow Your Mind appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


A warning for the people who want aliens to land on earth Signs of the Times

My previous article was titled "..the 'others' are far more advanced than we are." It was focused on the work of a National Security Agency employee named Lambros Callimahos. He was a man who had a deep interest in the matter of extraterrestrial life and its implications for us - good, bad or somewhere in between. The article began as follows: "Of the many and various UFO / extraterrestrial-themed documents and papers that have surfaced under the terms of the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, one of the more interesting ones is Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It was written back in the 1960s (specifically in 1965) by a man named Lambros D. Callimahos. He was a cryptologist with the National Security Agency. On September 23, 1965, Callimahos took part in a panel-style debate on the subject of his paper at a conference on military electronics in Washington, D.C." It's worth noting that three years later, Callimahos wrote another paper on extraterrestrial life and UFOs. His 1968 paper was titled UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions. He stated: "It is the purpose of this monograph to consider briefly some of the human survival implications suggested by the various principal hypotheses concerning the nature of the phenomena loosely categorized as 'UFO.' UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions focuses its attention for the most part on five central issues: (a) All UFOs are hoaxes; (b) All UFOs are hallucinations; (c) All UFOs are natural phenomena; (d) Some UFOs are secret earth projects; and (e) Some UFOs are related to extra-terrestrial intelligence."


Man Forks Out $280K To Transform His Backyard Into A Hidden Rain Forest Paradise WorldTruth.Tv

A BRITISH nature lover has forked out $280,000 and spent 13 years transforming an overgrown forest on his Australian property into a hidden 150-acre paradise fit with a lush six-metre waterfall. Danny Gibson, from Middlesbrough, in the UK, began work on his enchanted rainforest after retiring to a powerless shed in the Tablelands region []


Only in Florida: Gator Rambles Across Airport Runway, Shocks Plane Passengers (Video) The Daily Sheeple

Passengers on board a plane landing in Florida were reportedly delayed by a plucky alligator, who was spotted crossing the tarmac at Orlando International Airport.

The bizarre close encounter happened on Monday, according to one passenger, who explained how a Spirit Airlines aircraft, flying in from Washington DC, was held up because of the wandering reptile.

Only in Florida a gator held up our plane crossing the runway on the way home from DC. Just another adventure, Anthony Velardi posted on Facebook.

According to Orlandos News 6, the alligator was eventually coaxed into a local pond and the airplane made it safely to the gate.

Its estimated that Florida has a alligator population of more than one million. The number of wild beasts has prompted the government to set up a designated program called SNAP to remove alligators from unwanted locations.

The Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program (SNAP) is administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Division. SNAP uses contracted nuisance alligator trappers throughout the state to remove alligators from locations where they are unwanted or unwelcome, according to Floridas wildlife authorities.

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The Luckiest Places In The World To Visit WorldTruth.Tv

I tend to think that any day youre traveling is a pretty lucky one, but if youre looking to pack an extra dose of prosperity into your next trip, these locations offer you the chance to get fortune on your side. 1. Blarney Castle, Ireland Perhaps the most famous off all good luck destinations, Blarney Castle is, []


Woman Unknowingly Adopts The Dog She Was Forced To Give Up As A Child WorldTruth.Tv

When a Pennsylvania mom decided to adopt a rescue dog, one pup in particular caught her eye. An 11-year old Pomeranian/Poodle mix that, it would later turn out, was the same dog shed loved and been forced to give up as a child. Nicole Grimes was 10-years old when her grandmother gifted her a sweet, []


Buddha Boy Shocked Scientists By Going To The Jungle For 10 Months Without Food and Water WorldTruth.Tv

We have all heard and know that humans can go about three weeks without food and 8 to 10 days without water. At least 60% of our bodies is made of water, and every living cell inside of our bodies needs water to function. Water acts as a lubricant for our joints, regulates our body temperature []


Broken relationships are the root of the suicide epidemic Signs of the Times

Kirsten Powers wrote in USA Today what is perhaps the most astute response to the recent news about suicide - not just Kate Spade's and Anthony Bourdain's suicides, but the recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that shows a sharp increase in the number of suicides overall. The CDC notes that more than half of those who died by suicide did not have a "known mental health condition." It is also worth noting that male suicide is far more prevalent than female suicide. And there, too, mental illness is not the reason. "The epidemic of depression and despair in the Western World isn't always caused by our brains," writes Powers. "It's largely caused by key problems in the way we live" and indicates that something is very wrong with the culture.


Venezuela After the Elections: More Concessions to the Capitalists, While Economic Crisis Worsens New on

Jorge Martin examines the postelectoral situation in Venezuela in the context of the crisis, the imperialist siege, and the most recent actions from the Caribbean nation's executive.


Colombian presidential election run-off: Swarm of angry bees attacks right-wing candidate's rally Signs of the Times

Videos circulate in local media showed rally attendees hurrying to escape swarm at event for Ivn Duque Campaign managers for Colombia's rightwing presidential candidate Ivn Duque were probably hoping to create a bit of a buzz with a campaign rally ahead of next week's election, but the event turned into fiasco after it was attacked by a swarm of angry killer bees. Scores of people were caught up in the bizarre incident on Saturday, including former president lvaro Uribe, who was stumping on behalf of his protege Duque. Uribe had been scheduled to address supporters in La Loma, a small town in the northern Cesar province, but was forced to run for cover before he could give his speech. Fifteen people were taken to hospital, but were later discharged. Videos circulated in local media showed rally attendees hurrying to escape the swarm, some covering their faces with T-shirts.


France's beekeepers accuse Bayer-Monsanto of tainting honey with toxic glyphosate Signs of the Times

A beekeeping cooperative in northern France has filed a legal complaint against German chemicals giant Bayer after traces of the controversial weedkiller glyphosate were detected in batches of honey, officials said on Friday. The head of the cooperative in the Aisne region, which represents some 200 beekeepers, said Famille Michaud, one of the country's largest honey marketers, found the chemical in three batches supplied by one of its members. "They systematically analyse the honey shipments they receive, and they found glyphosate," Jean-Marie Camus said.


Two Quantum Computing Bills Are Coming to Congress

Disclosure: I am long Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL). Via: Gizmodo: Quantum computing has made it to the United States Congress. If this field of quantum information is the new space race, the US doesnt want to fall behind. After all, China has funded a National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences, set to open in []


Brexit campaigner Arron Banks hit with accusations of links to Moscow but responds with trolling and shrugs Signs of the Times

The UK media has come up with yet another 'sensational revelation' that allegedly sheds light on ties between the Kremlin and major Brexit campaigners. The story only seemed to raise laughter from those mentioned in it, though. There is no rest for the wicked, it seems, as the British media apparently goes to great lengths to continue the narrative of Russia's interference in the UK's vote to leave the EU alive. This time, the Sunday Times dug up a story that was immediately turned into a new 'reason' for anti-Russian hysteria and even prompted the Minister for the Cabinet Office in Theresa May's government, David Lidington, to call for an investigation. The respected "quality paper" reported that Arron Banks, the millionaire co-founder and major funder of the Brexit campaign known as Leave.EU, made repeated contacts with Russian officials and even took such an incautious and reasonably suspicious step to make a trip to Moscow at the time when the UK was at the height of the Brexit campaign. And by saying "repeated contacts," the Sunday Times actually means as many as three meetings between Banks and Andy Wigmore, the director of communications for Leave.EU, and Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko over a period of more than a year.


Keffiyeh-Clad Roger Waters Scores Point for Palestinian Cause at French Open MintPress News

On Sunday, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters and actress Lea Seydoux unveiled the Musketeers Cup at the French Open. The trophy was carried into Court Philippe Chatrier hidden in a brown box and unveiled by both Waters and Seydoux before play began.

Waters didnt let the opportunity pass without making a statement in front of fans and cameras. The musician, who has never been shy when it comes to his opinions on world politics and human rights, has a history of using his platform to send a message, either directly or indirectly. In the case of the French Open, Waters opted for a subtle approach when he donned a Palestinian keffiyeh during the ceremony.

The keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian nationalism and has become popular among activists as a symbol of Palestinian solidarity. The black and white scarf is one of Palestines most iconic symbols and is recognized the world over.

Controversy has surrounded the Wests use of the keffiyeh and the cultural appropriation involved with concert promoters, and trendy apparel stores such as Urban Outfitters and Topshop, attempting to capitalize on what they saw as a fashion trend. Most of these knockoff keffiyehs are manufactured in countries far from Palestine and serve only to lessen the impact of the message. Critics of Palestine have seen the widespread sale of the keffiyeh as an attempt to support terror, with some groups calling for stores to stop sales for this reason.

While a tennis fan unaware of the keffiyeh and the struggle of Palestinians may have missed Waters message completely, others...


Rand Paul Calls War Hawk Lindsey Graham A Danger to the Country MintPress News

While U.S. senators often go out of their way not to excessively disparage their colleagues in personal terms, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took the rare step Monday of declaring fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) a danger to the country.

Paul made the comments on CNN while discussing the North Korea summit with Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room. Blitzer noted that Graham has called for a vote on an authorization of the use of military force against North Korea should President Donald Trumps negotiations fail.

Lindsey Graham is a danger to the country by even proposing ideas like authorizing war with Korea, my goodness, Paul said. That should be something that is seen as naive and seen as something that really serious people shouldnt really even be discussing.

Youre calling a fellow Republican senator a danger to the country? Blitzer asked. I want you to elaborate.

Well, if youve watched over time, I think what youve seen with Lindsey Graham is a naive worldview where he believes that war is always the answer, and that also means that expenditures for war are always the answer, Paul said. And so I think thats bankrupting us as a country. But its also gotten us involved in dozens and dozens of wars, where its not really clear what the American interest is in those wars. And I think sometimes the reaction to our involvement in those wars is actually worse than had we not been involved at all.

Watch the clip below:

Top Photo | Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., speaks at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington, March 1, 2015. Cliff Owen | AP

Source | Alternet

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Sweden Tries to Halt Its March to Total Cashlessness

Via: Bloomberg: A key committee of Swedish lawmakers wants to force the countrys biggest banks to handle cash in an effort to halt the nations march toward complete cashlessness. The move is a response to Swedens rapid transformation as it becomes one of the most cashless societies in the world. Thats led to concerns []


Rare river sinkhole opens up and creates whirlpool, leads to man's death at Saddler Falls, Arkansas Signs of the Times

A kayaker bypassed a part of an Arkansas scenic river known as Dead Man's Curve during a weekend trip, but a rare sinkhole created a whirlpool along his alternate channel and dragged him to his death. Donald Wright, 64, from Searcy, Arkansas, died Saturday at Saddler Falls along the Spring River, said Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. At least one other person was injured. Sinkholes are common in the northern half of Arkansas, where subterranean limestone erodes away easily. Small whirlpools are common where bits of land extend into waterways, but having a sinkhole open a whirlpool in the middle of a stream is uncommon. "I've been here for 40 years. This is the first one I've ever heard forming in a river like this," said Bill Prior, a geologist supervisor at the Arkansas Geological Survey.


Erdogan says Turkey didn't buy S-400 from Russia 'to keep them in storehouse' Signs of the Times

Turkey didn't acquire the Russian-built S-400 air defense systems for them to collect dust and may use them, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said, adding the purchase was to reduce Ankara's dependency on US arms supplies. "We will not just buy the S-400s and place them in a storehouse. We will use them if need be," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday, as quoted by Hurriyet daily. "This is a defense system. What are we going to do with it if not use this defense system?" he asked.


Staying the American imperial course: The US's long march of destruction in the Middle East Signs of the Times

When falsely convicted Andy Dufresne bored a hole through the Shawshank prison wall over the course of two decades, narrator "Red" says that Andy always liked geology, and that geology, like digging through a prison wall with a rock hammer, is just a matter of "pressure and time." It's much the same when it comes to American imperialism. Particularly the conquest of the Middle East, one of the longest-running projects in the U.S. pantheon. Our 16 seasons in Afghanistan counts as our longest foreign engagement to date. Even those living in a self-imposed media bubble of New York Times, CNN, and NPR are fully cognizant of this imperial project. George Bush called it the "Long War." It can't been disguised, even by the miserable mainstream media, where deception is an art form unknown to the deceived. Still, the causes and conditions of that project are as yet unclear to the masses. Mostly because the MSM daily reminds us that although we are on the right side of history, we are surrounded by crackpot Arabs, socialist lunatics, irrational Chinese, African bandits, and splenetic Slavs. Our borders are forever under attack. We must be eternally vigilant to ward off the thief in the night.


Sentenced to death for illegally crossing the EU border, Penka the cow shall live Signs of the Times

Penka the cow, whose life was left hanging by a thread after illegally crossing the EU border without the necessary paperwork, is to be spared.


Europe weighs in on Austrian plans for crackdown on "political Islam" Signs of the Times

Austria announced on Friday that it will likely expel up to 60 Turkish-funded Imams and their families, and may shutter seven mosques as part of a crackdown on what they have termed "political Islam," reports AFP. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that Austrian officials will shut a Turkish nationalist mosque in Vienna, while dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community that runs six mosques.


Police Dogs Trained to Find Hidden Electronic Storage Devices

Via: cnet: Only one out of every 50 dogs tested qualifies to become an electronic storage detection, or ESD, dog, says Kerry Halligan, a K-9 instructor with the Connecticut State Police. Thats because its a lot harder to detect the telltale chemical in electronics than it is to sniff out narcotics, bombs, fire accelerants or []


George Soros puts a defiant face on, and globalist Washington Post helps him do it Signs of the Times

George Soros, the billionaire investor and liberal donor, sat in his hotel suite by Lake Zurich last week, lamenting the turn much of the world has taken in recent years: "Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong." His favored presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to President Donald Trump, whose "America First" platform runs counter to the globalism Soros embraces. Trump, he said, "is willing to destroy the world." The European Union, which Soros once hoped would be so successful that he could end his charitable work in the region, is contending with the impending loss of Britain and a rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. And Soros himself has emerged as a political target in elections from Hungary to California, where his donations have been used as a cudgel against the causes he supports. Comment: Soros is a political target because he has, along with the US State Dept. (and the NGO's they support) targeted numerous countries with an agenda of regime change and 'color revolution'. Now he's 'defiant' because many of those targets have caught on to his game of destabilization, replacement and profit. It's what he does, but leave it to the Washington Post to write such an uncritical piece about him. The 87-year-old Holocaust survivor, who has poured much of his fortune into promoting liberal values around the globe, is now confronting a wave of nationalist sentiment washing against issues he has championed.


Oxfam provides food in DR Congo's ebola outbreak RSS feed from

Oxfam says it has started providing "desperately needed food" to thousands of people caught up in the ebola outbreak in Congo's Equateur province.


7 injured as Paris suburban train overturns due to heavy rain causing landslide Signs of the Times

Seven people were slightly injured after a Paris suburban RER train overturned as a result of a landslide caused by heavy rain, AFP reports. The landslide caused "three carriages to overturn. Fortunately, there are only seven slightly injured, who are being treated," France's Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne told Franceinfo radio, as cited by AFP.


Kim reportedly accepts Trump's invitation to White House Signs of the Times

North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to visit the White House, according to US President Donald Trump. The US president made the announcement in Singapore as he discussed a deal to start denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. Asked whether he plans to visit Pyongyang in the future, Trump said that he would consider it. He also revealed that Kim Jong-un had accepted an invitation to Washington, DC. "At a certain time I will [travel to Pyongyang]. That will be a day I very much look forward to. I also will be inviting chairman Kim at the appropriate time to the White House. He has accepted... we want to go a little bit further down the road," Trump said. However the president did offer a degree of caution when he said that it's too early to establish diplomatic ties. "It's not a big deal to meet. I think we should meet on a lot of different topics not just this one," he said.


UK MP's turn lunch and bananas into international Brexit scandal Signs of the Times

Arron Banks, who helped bankroll the Leave.EU Brexit campaign, has faced off with MPs about claims he has links to the Kremlin. Banks met with Russia's UK ambassador three times but insists that he did not take Russian money. Appearing before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee, Banks and Leave.EU's Communications Director Andy Wigmore fielded questions about their business activities, meeting Trump, Brexit, and - of course - Russia. Labour's Ian Lucas was the first to launch into a Russian line of questioning. "What do you think first attracted the Russian embassy to Arron Banks, the biggest political donor in UK history? Do you think it was the fact that you were involved in the Brexit campaign?" he asked the pair. "I'll tell you why, because I asked to meet them," Wigmore shot back. "We thought it would be nice to meet them, because [Arron's] wife is from the Russian diaspora." Banks then added his two-cents worth, likening the inferences of Russian wrongdoing levied against them to a witch-hunt.


Why is Washington pressuring Jordan by stirring up unrest? Signs of the Times

Are the Jordanian demonstrations a sign of a new episode of the Arab Spring, or, on the contrary, are they a means of pressuring King Abdallah II to accept the US plan for Palestine ? At the beginning of June, Jordan was shaken by a week of peaceful demonstrations against a project for a fiscal law which planned for a rise in taxes of between 5 % and 25 % for all persons with an annual salary of more than 8,000 dinars ($11,245). The demonstrators, whose quality of life had suffered greatly from the consequences of the Western war against Syria, demanded, and obtained, the resignation of the Prime Minister and the withdrawal of the project for law. In reality, the Kingdom hardly had a choice - the plan was in conformity with the engagements taken in 2016 during the subscription for a loan from the International Monetary Fund. It had been rejected several times because of the war, and had only been presented when Parliament was closing. Its modification would have supposed a complete change of economic policy, which is not on the agenda. The only solution would be to obtain financial support from Saudi Arabia in order to reimburse the debt.


US-Backed Coalition Bombs New Cholera Treatment Center in Yemen MintPress News

A military coalition formally led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and supported by the United States and Britain, bombed a newly constructed cholera treatment center in Yemen on Monday, June 11.This attack comes after Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, suffered through the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history, with more than 1 million cases reported in 2017 alone.

The cholera treatment center was operated by the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders (known in French as Mdecins Sans Frontires, or MSF). It was located in Yemens northwestern Hajjah Governorate, an area that has been heavily bombarded by Saudi Arabia for more than 3 years.

MSF said in a statement that the cholera treatment center had markings on the roof that clearly identified it as a healthcare facility. It added that the center has been destroyed and is now completely non-functional.

The U.S.-backed Saudi coalition has repeatedly bombed medical facilities in Yemen, including several operated by MSF.

The humanitarian organization tweeted photos showing the aftermath of the air attack:


Wildlife and camera traps Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

6 June 2018

Where to learn about biodiversity better than in nature itself? Associate professor Thijs Bosker and Leiden University College student Sebastiaan Grosscurt talk about their teaching and research project that involves the use of camera traps.


MSF urges disembarkation of rescued migrants at nearest port of safety RSS feed from

MSF is urging EU countries to facilitate the immediate disembarkation of 629 people rescued in the Mediterranean and now on board a search and rescue vessel.


Young man's before and after photos of Benghazi highlight devastation in Libya caused by NATO forces Signs of the Times

Before and after images are good for promoting healthy eating, but they have a dramatically different effect when it comes to war-torn countries, as proven by a Libyan man who took photos of himself in Benghazi in 2000 and 2018. His photos posted on Twitter show the same locations in Benghazi after 18 years. Where there were once tall buildings and clean, wide streets, there are now bullet-ridden ruins following the 2011 uprising, which was backed by a bombing campaign by the US-led NATO bloc and led to the deposing and murder of long-time Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Benghazi gained infamy a year later after the US diplomatic facilities in the city were attacked by terrorists, who killed several American citizens, including US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.


Trump Suspends War Games, North Korea Agrees to Denuclearization, China Emerges Victorious MintPress News

While Trump was quick to take a victory lap after signing a non-binding letter (of intent) with North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un to implement the denuclearization of North Korea, several questions have emerged among which:

  • the lack of deal enforcement
  • the lack of verifiability of N.Koreas denuclearization efforts as part of the Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible  Denuclearization or CVID protocol
  • the legitimization of North Koreas regime
  • Chinas role in the process
  • the end of joint military drills with South Korea.

While Trumps response to most critics was that the process is just starting and that it will take time to denuclearize, where Trump will see the greatest amount of pushback is on the last bullet point. Speaking in an interview with George Stephanopoulos shortly after the one-on-one with Kim, when asked if there was talk of pulling U.S. troops out of South Korea, Trump said the topic didnt come up, however, he said the following:

We didnt discuss that, no. Were not going to play the war games I thought they were very provocative. I also theyre also very expensive.

In his press conference after the summit, Trump reiterated that the US would halt joint war games with South Korea, as Pyongyang has agreed to destroy a major missile testing site.

We will be stopping the war games, Trump said Tuesday during a news conference after four hours of meetings in Singapore with the North Korean leader. He offered no specifics about which exercises would be affected.

According to Bloomberg, Trumps announcement came as a surprise to the South Korean government.

At this point, we need to know President Trumps exact meaning or intentions, according to a statement released by the office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. However we think that it is crucial to pursue various solutions for better dialogue.

Pressed on what the United States gets in exchange for halting the military exercises, Trump said we havent given up anything.

At some point, Trump said, I want to bring our soldiers home. But thats not part of the equation right now.

This is where Trump may get much pushback because in its commentary on Trump and Kim, Beijing said that this is precisely that goal that China had always sought and worked hard for, and that as part of the final agreement, China also includes withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula, elimination of US-ROK military exercises, and dismantlement of US-ROK joint missile defense systems....


Citing US Sanctions, Nike Moves to Block Irans National Team From Using Their Shoes MintPress News

United States-based sport and clothing company Nike announced it will not provide cleats to Irans national team ahead of the 2018 World Cup, scheduled to begin on June 14, citing U.S. sanctions.

The sanctions mean that, as a U.S. company, we cannot provide shoes to players in the Iran national team at this time, Nike said in a statement Friday.

U.S. President Donald Trump announced last month the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal between six world powers and Iran, which aimed to halt Irans nuclear ambitions in return for an end to economic sanctions against Tehran.

The decision was accompanied by new economic sanctions. The U.S. Treasury can impose a penalty of up to US$1 million and 20 years in prison against any company or person who violates the sanctions.

Despite their justification, many are outraged by Nikes decision.

The president of the National Iranian American Council Trita Parsi said: I havent gotten clarity on what legal basis [Nike] is using to say this. They should reference what part of the sanctions they are talking about since technically theyre not selling anything.

The head coach of Irans national team, Carlos Queiroz, told reporters players get used to their sports equipment, and its not right to change them a week before such important matches.

The players have been practicing with the shoes, which they received before beginning their training ahead of the World Cup.

Nikes use of the sanctions to justify its decision has raised concerns because in 2014, when economic sanctions were in place against Iran, the national team wore Nike cleats during the World Cup games.

Iran has also requested FIFA to address the matter as the team prepares to play its first game against Morocco on June 15  in St. Petersburg.

Top Photo | Irans team poses for a team photo prior the international friendly soccer match between Iran and Uzbekistan at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, Iran. May 19, 2018. Ebrahim Noroozi | AP

Source | teleSUR

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After 21-hour standoff with police, Florida hostage-taker kills 4 children, commits suicide Signs of the Times

Four young children held hostage by a felon were discovered dead following a 21-hour standoff that began after the suspect shot an Orlando police officer in the face. Gary Lindsey Jr., 35, a convicted felon, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound along with four children ages 1, 6, 10 and 11 he had held hostage since Sunday night, Orlando police Chief John Mina said at a press conference just before midnight. The incident began late Sunday night when police responded to a domestic violence call at a west Orlando apartment complex. When they arrived at the scene, the suspect opened fire, shooting officer Kevin Valencia in the face. The officer was rushed to a hospital in a "serious" condition, while the suspect barricaded himself inside with the hostages.


Government Wastes $1 Million Renting Building With Leaky Roof The Daily Sheeple

For more than a year, the IRS occupied a building in Tulsa, Okla., that had mold problems and a leaky roof, and paid nearly $1 million just to get out of the lease.

The Public Building Service (PBS) which found and rented the building for the IRS knew of the leaking roof at the building, but rented it anyway, at a low rate, without including the repairs in the lease agreement and forcing the government to eventually vacate, according to a report form the Inspector General Monday.

The government cut a $974,000 check to terminate the lease, the Inspector General said.

The search for an office began in 2013, and the government visited seven potential properties in the Tulsa area. Of those, four were ruled out for various reasons, and the team was left with three options. They asked for proposals and received offers from just two. Then one offeror pulled its proposal, and the government was left with one option a building located at an industrial park called Eton Square.

The survey team had noticed the leaking roof, but the representative of the buildings owners assured the government that the roof would be repaired, and the government went forward with the lease. PBS didnt include the buildings shortcomings in writing, and the IRS moved in June 2016.

After IRS employees working out of the IRS office complained that the building was a health risk due to mold contamination, roof and window leaks, and that there was a lack of access for people with disabilities, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford asked the Inspector General to look into it in a May 2017 letter. (RELATED: Senator Releases Federal Fumbles Waste Report)

The property managers performed roof and window repairs, but leaks continued to occur, the Inspector General said in a September 2017 report. The property owners also proposed plans to fix the roof and the mold damage, but the government found those plans inadequate due to the timeline of the project, the lack of safety assurances.

According to the Inspector General, the PBS failed to follow proper procedure in selecting the building and finalizing the contract. The government...


The Trump-Kim Declaration: Full text of denuclearization document signed at Singapore summit Signs of the Times

The text from the document signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has been made available. Here it is in full: President Donald J Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong-un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018. President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un conducted a comprehensive, in-depth, and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new US-DPRK relations and the building of a lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong-un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. Convinced that the establishment of new US-DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and of the world, and recognising that mutual confidence-building can promote the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un state the following: The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work towards complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.


Seeing Nature Through the Eyes of a Child Wake Up World

June 13th, 2018 By Jessie Klassen Contributing writer for Wake Up World If we truly want to see Nature, and not just in the way that we want to see her, but in her true form, we only need to spend time with children while out in Nature. Children are still awake to her magic, as their []


Time to Get Kids out of Hazardous Workplaces The Fifth Column

(HRW) Today is the World Day Against Child Labor, and this years theme highlights the global need to improve the health and safety of young workers and eradicate hazardous child labor.

Worldwide, about 85 million children work in hazardous conditions. The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates a staggering 22,000 children are killed at work every year. Children who work often miss out on an education, and studies show they are less likely to find decent-paying jobs as adults. Human Rights Watch has documented the risks child workers face in agriculture, mining, the apparel industry, and other sectors.

On tobacco farms in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and the United States, Human Rights Watch found that child workers face significant health risks from exposure to nicotine and toxic pesticides. Last year, we spoke to 15-year-old Davidzo who worked on a Zimbabwe tobacco farm. The first day I started working in tobacco, thats when I vomited. He said he felt especially sick when he carried the harvested leaves. I started to feel like I was spinning, he said. Since I started this [work], I always feel headaches and I feel dizzy.

Like Davidzo, many child workers told us they experienced nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness all symptoms consistent with nicotine poisoning after handling tobacco leaves. Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemicals because their bodies are developing.

In small-scale gold mines in Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, and the Philippines, Human Rights Watch documented how children work in underground pits, and have sometimes...


Self-Righteous Suicide Shaming Must Stop disinformation

Treating every suicide like a failure of the individual is perhaps the most disrespectful phenomena we have all agreed to accept as completely normal. When somebody takes their own life the publics... The post Self-Righteous Suicide Shaming Must Stop appeared first on disinformation.

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Brown bear chases fisherman to death in icy river in Kamchatka Krai, Russia Signs of the Times

Hungry beast's attack seen by anglers on other shore who shouted to warn him, but could do nothing to help. Dancer and fisherman Sergey Zhirkov's panic-stricken last moments were filmed by horrified onlookers as a bear helped itself to his fish and ripped apart his boat. The 31 year old man from Kovran in the north of Kamchatka had climbed the steep river bank to get a phone signal to tell his friends to come and collect him after his fishing expedition. A bear then clambered into his boat on the shore, ripped it apart, and ate his fish. Sergey got so nervous that he started to throw stones at the bear, trying to scare the animal away.

Tuesday, 12 June


Investigate British governments torture Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2009 video from Britain says about itself:

Yes I am emotional about torture SIR! Shami Chakrabarti SAVAGES UK Minister Geoff Buff Hoon

Shami Chakrabarti SAVAGES UK Minister Geoff Buff Hoon over the US attempts to BLACKMAIL Britain into silence over evidence of torture.

Binyam Mohamed, a British resident held at the American base [Guantanamo], has launched a legal challenge in the High Court in London for documents detailing his treatment to be made public.

However, two judges ruling on the case said that David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, had advised that releasing the documents could lead to America withdrawing intelligence co-operation.

The judges reveal that the secret documents at the centre of the case give rise to an arguable case of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. It is also disclosed that a British intelligence official may have been present when Mr Mohamed alleges he was tortured. The judgement raises the prospect of criminal charges being brought against British officials.

By Sam Tobin in Britain:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Reprieve: torture inquiry long overdue



Elephant Pestering Caretaker to Sing Lullaby is Proof Animals Have Feelings, Too [Video] TruthTheory

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Though few will admit it, every being on this planet has something in common: the need to be loved and appreciated. Because the world can be incredibly tough, however, some people have convinced themselves they can not only survive but thrive without companionship or support.

Science says otherwise. A recent study asserts that romantic love is as much as a physical drive as hunger. Furthermore, infants can receive sustenance and housing, but without physical connection and love, they will die.

The need for love is very clear if one looks hard enough. Fortunately, a new video captured in Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offers affirmation that all creatures have a need to be loved and accepted.

In the unique video below, elephants caretaker Lek Chailert can be seen interacting with a group of visitors when pachyderm Faa Mai interrupts her.  As GoodNewsNetwork reports, Chailert is in charge of looking after animals during the day. She also loves to sing them to sleep. Hoping for musical entertainment, Faa Mai pestered Chailert unti...


Sleeping in on the weekend can compensate for lost sleep, study says Health Nut News

Researchers from Sweden have found that sleeping in on days off could help you live a longer life. For those of us who live very busy lives and dont get a lot of sleep, this is good news! The study published at the end of May in the Journal of Sleep Research focused on the impact of weekend []

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These 10+ Photos Reveal the Truth of Motherhood in a Brutal Yet Beautiful Way TruthTheory

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When contemplating the decision to become a parent, many people fantasize about glowing maternity photos, bonding with their infant, and teaching them valuable life lessons so they will thrive. While these moments do occur, much of parenthood is comprised of screaming fits, routinely cleaning up messes and a complete lack of personal space.

Dont get the wrong impression parenthood is beautiful. But, the reality of it is far different than what most people promote on social media. Motherhood, specifically, can be grueling. It is for this reason that mother and photographer Giedre Gomes captured a series of photos that illustrate what being a mom really looks like.

Gomes, a 35-year-old mother of two sons, Mario and Rocco,

The project was inspired by the annual tradition Mothers Day. Gomes, a 35-year-old mother of two sons, considered the product to be a crazy idea. However, she couldnt get it out of her head.

As The Huffington Post reports, most of the photographs Gomes takes are of clients and their children looking pristine.

Theyre pretty, dreamy moms in a flower fields kissing babies, she said. And thats beautiful, but after the photo shoots I come home to reality to my own family and two boys and theres no rainbows, unicorns or butterflies.

The idea to reveal the reality and routine part of motherhood was so strong, she called a group of mom friends and their kids together and snapped photos of their everyday lives. Gomes said all the photos reflect everything I went through or [am] still going through.

At least now she has more privacy than...


How Capitalism Could Save the World The Daily Sheeple

This article was originally published by Richard M. Ebeling at


In following the daily news events both in the United States and the rest of the world, it is easy to get lost in the detail and not step back and remind ourselves what the really important issues are. Under the anxiety of a possible nuclear war in Korea, actual terrorist attacks in the Middle East and by seemingly lone wolves in other countries, threats of trade wars, and polarizing trends in politics, the real underlying issue is, and remains, how should people live together?

Clearly people are not living as harmoniously and prosperously as they could. The question is, why? The sophisticates will say that life, politics, and local and global society are complex. It is just the way it is, and we have to just muddle through on a daily basis as best we can.  The dreamers of various sorts will point to racism, class conflict, gender wars, the one true religion, or the transcendent ideological purpose. If only their brand of salvation was established, all the problems of the world would go away.

All of these conceptions of the solutions to our problems share one thing in common. They invariably involve someone in society imposing their vision and will on the rest of mankind. This is fairly obvious when we turn to the religious or ideological fanatic. Make the world follow my faith or my political utopia or my idea of a socially just society, and then peace and happiness will reign with an end to all the strife dividing humanity.

Elements of Coercion in Proposals to Make a Better World

However, listen to such people more carefully and you soon see the coercive aspect to their message. They will tell people how to live, how to work, how to interact with one another, and what shall be the social just desserts to be ladled out to everyone in terms of social and economic status in society. They have a hierarchy of values based upon their beliefs about the world, and if you put them in charge, they will arrange that world to fit that vision.

This necessarily requires all of the rest of us to conform to and be confined within their notion of the proper relationships and positions each of us should have in their better world. Since it is highly unlikely that, suddenly, everyone on the planet will hold the same values and beliefs, some will necessarily have to be coerced to live their lives as others think they should. The will and desires of some are to be imposed on many.

But we dont need to think of this only in...


Honduran immigrant in US custody kills himself after being separated from wife and child at border crossing Signs of the Times

A Honduran immigrant reportedly took his own life while in custody after his wife and child were separated from him at the U.S.-Mexico border. Marco Antonio Muoz, 39, killed himself in the cell of a Texas jail last month, according to the Starr County sheriff's department incident report obtained by The Washington Post. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not publicly disclose the death, according to the Post. The Hill has reached out to DHS for comment. U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Starr County authorities did not respond to The Washington Post's requests for comment. Muoz's death occurred just weeks after the Trump administration announced it would crack down on illegal border crossings by prosecuting more parents and separating them from their children at the border. Border Patrol agents familiar with the situation told the Post that Muoz, his wife and 3-year-old son were taken into custody after crossing the border into the U.S. near Granjeno, Texas. One agent speaking to the paper on the condition of anonymity said that after the family said they wanted to apply for asylum, they were told they would be separated.


Razan An-Najjar: Anonymous Snipers and a lethal verdict (Amira Hass ) Tlaxcala

12/06/2018 - We may never know the name of the soldier who killed Razan al-Najjar. But we do know the names of those who gave the order enabling him to kill her Juan Kalvellido, Tlaxcala We know her name: Razan ...

Colombia, the death squads & the US human rights double standard (Dan Kovalik) Tlaxcala

12/06/2018 - Nearly every day, we are bombarded with news about problems in Venezuela. And certainly, there are problems, such as food and medicine shortages and skyrocketing inflation. But there is ...


Cop Found Guilty After Shocking Video Showed Him Choking A Handcuffed Man WorldTruth.Tv

The citizens of Waco have held one of their officers accountable and have found him guilty of assault and official oppression after he was caught choking a handcuffed man on video. Former officer George Neville claimed he acted in self-defense the night of May 4, 2016, when he grabbed his victim, Qualon Deshon Weaver by his throat and []


Fiona Barnett: Australias Satanic Pedophile Network Public Intelligence Blog

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)

Australian woman Fiona Barnett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names. Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators. She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia just as it has in the US and Britain.

See video, read full full article.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: Overview on Pedophilia (Pedopredation) for the London Hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry London Hearings

Review: Trance: Formation of America

See Also:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Donald Trump: January 2018 Is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Betty Boop: Death By Hanging From a Doorknob The Sign...


HART: Homeland Security's massive new biometric database that you know very little about Signs of the Times

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly building what will likely become the largest database of biometric and biographic data on citizens and foreigners in the United States. The agency's new Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) database will include multiple forms of biometrics-from face recognition to DNA, data from questionable sources, and highly personal data on innocent people. It will be shared with federal agencies outside of DHS as well as state and local law enforcement and foreign governments. And yet, we still know very little about it. The records DHS plans to include in HART will chill and deter people from exercising their First Amendment protected rights to speak, assemble, and associate. Data like face recognition makes it possible to identify and track people in real time, including at lawful political protests and other gatherings. Other data DHS is planning to collect-including information about people's "relationship patterns" and from officer "encounters" with the public-can be used to identify political affiliations, religious activities, and familial and friendly relationships. These data points are also frequently colored by conjecture and bias. In late May, EFF filed comments criticizing DHS's plans to collect, store, and share biometric and biographic records it receives from external agencies and to exempt this information from the federal Privacy Act. These newly-designated "External Biometric Records" (EBRs) will be integral to DHS's bigger plans to build out HART. As we told the agency in our comments, DHS must do more to minimize the threats to privacy and civil liberties posed by this vast new trove of highly sensitive personal data.


DIY Hormone Balancing Bath Melts Health Nut News

I stumbled upon this the other day when I was looking for something on YouTube and just knew many of you would LOVE it. RELATED STORY: 9 Proven Ways to Fix The Hormones That Control Your Weight As we get older, our hormones change. However, that doesnt mean you have to run to the doctor to []

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Eye-Opening Infographic Reveals the Extent of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean TruthTheory

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When you visit your local coffee shop in the morning and leave with a tall, iced latte, do you consider how the cup youre using affects the environment, your own health, and even future generations? If so, you probably wouldnt order the drink in the first place. Or, at the very least, youd bring your own cup to reduce waste. The reason we say this is because plastic pollution is devastating the environment.

As the infographic (below) reveals, plastic pollution first became a known issue in 1997, when Charles Moore reported the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). Though there are now several garbage patches in the oceans, the GPGP is still the largest. In fact, its estimated to be 2x the size of Texas!

Less than a decade after Moore made his discovery, plastics were being found on the floor of seabeds. And five years ago, microplastics became universally widespread marine pollutants. Today, plastic pollution abounds. And, its only continuing to increase.

One of the reasons why is that the majority of consumers on our planet do not understand the consequences of relying on plastic. Sure, it might be convenient to use plastic bags at the supermarket or toss a styrofoam container in the trash, but the simple decisions will affect wildlife and humans for generations to come. Furthermore, pollution is exacerbating climate change, which may one day make our planet uninhabitable.



Essential Oils for Abundant Living: 10-Part Video Masterclass for FREE Health Nut News

(Note from Erin: Just in case you dont get my newsletter I wanted to draw your attention to something amazing thats coming up. Oh and if you havent already signed up for my newsletter, go to the bottom of any story and look for the picture below. Read on!) While some of you may have been []

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Outcome of Assange Case Could Undermine the Rights of Millions MintPress News

LONDON As the sixth anniversary of his extended stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London approaches, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange is faced with increasingly limited options. Barred from communicating with the outside world and from receiving most visitors, Assanges only hope of avoiding extradition to the United States on trumped-up espionage charges comes down to the governments of the two countries of which he is a citizen: Australia and Ecuador.

In an unexpected move last week, the Australian government sent officials to meet with Assange and later confirmed that Australia would finally extend consular assistance to the Australian-born journalist after years of failing to do so and even threatening to revoke his Australian passport. The Australian government, in the past, has attempted to argue that it can do little to help Assanges situation, asserting that it was unable to intervene in the due process of another countrys court proceedings or legal matters.

It has also failed to publicly comment on the UNs finding that Assange has been subjected to arbitrary detention by the United Kingdom asserting, as recently as last week, that the governments position on the matter is confidential, and deflecting responsibility by claiming that the UNs findings are directed at the United Kingdom and Sweden, not at Australia.

However, given the fact that Sweden has dropped all legal proceedings against him, and with his protected status at the Ecuadorian embassy in question, Australia is now coming under unprecedented pressure to act. And the political pressure the Australian government is facing involves the broader implications the Assange case holds for Australian citizens as a collective, not just for Assange as an individual.

As recently noted by Richard Hoffman at WSWS:

The issue at stake for the Australian government is its commitment to the protecti...


In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species: Come To Its Support The Daily Sheeple

Nowhere in the Western world is truth respected. Even universities are imposing censorship and speech control. Governments are shutting down, and will eventually criminalize, all explanations that differ from official ones. The Western world no longer has a print and TV media. In its place there is a propaganda ministry for the ruling elite.

Whistleblowers are prosecuted and imprisoned despite their protection by federal statue. The US Department of Justice is a Department of Injustice. It has been a long time since any justice flowed from the DOJ.

The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Internet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012.

Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks that prove the duplicity and criminality of the US government.

It is strictly impossible for a non-citizen to be guilty of treason. It is strictly impossible under the US Constitution for the reporting of facts to be spying. The function of the media is to expose and to hold accountable the government. This function is no longer performed by the Western print and TV media.

Washington wants revenge and is determined to get it. If Assange were as corrupt at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, National Public Radio, MSNBC, etc., he would have reported the leaker to Washington, not published the information, and retired as a multi-millionaire with Washingtons thanks. However, unfortunately for Assange, he had integrity.

Integrity today in the Western world has no value. You cannot find integrity in the government, in the global corporations, in the universities and schools, and most certainly not in the media.

After leaving Assange, an Australian citizen, to Washingtons mercy since 2012, belated pro-Assange protests in Australia forced the US vassal state to come to Assanges aid before the new corrupt president of Ecuador sells him to Washington for multi-millons of dollars by revoking his asylum.

When the story was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, the incompetent or brainwashed, or bought-and-paid-for journalist, Nick Miller, wrote:

Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012, after he had exhausted his appeals against an extradition order to go to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault allegations. Swedish authorities have since closed their investigation, saying it couldnt continue without Assanges presence in their country.



Grey seals freed after reconvalescence Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 30 May 2018 video from Texel island in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Five seals from our [Ecomare museum] shelter were able to return to the sea today! Among them were the two seals that had ended up in the shelter because they had become entangled in pieces of fishing nets. Co and Lenja, and the other three gray seals Monster, Brechje and Funny are now strong and healthy enough to be able to continue independently. The seals almost went into the water at the same time a new future. Read more about it here.


Prefigurative Politics, Catastrophe, and Hope : Does the Idea of Prefiguration Offer False Reassurance? CrimethInc.

Anarchists such as David Graeber and Cindy Milstein have used the term prefigurative politics to describe the anarchist principle that the ways we organize in the present should reflect the sort of society we hope to create in the future. Yet the concept of prefiguration is drawn from a Christian theology that presumes a future salvation so certain that it radiates backward through time, generating its own precursors. Many Marxists, too, see history as the inevitable unfolding of an ordained processa sort of secular second coming of Christian millenarianism. Most anarchists, by contrast, take nothing for granted about the future, especially in todays context of ecological collapseso it may behoove us to revisit the concept of prefigurative politics to see whether it still serves our needs today. We are pleased to present the following text by Uri Gordon, in which he rigorously explores the origins of the concept of prefiguration and its emergence in anarchist discourse.

(We are an image from the future)

Prefigurative politics is commonly used to express a radical ethos of unity between means and ends. Less attention has been given to the peculiar way of imagining time that this concept invokes. On the one hand, there is the familiar ethical revolutionary practice, chiefly indebted to the anarchist tradition, in which the fight against domination is connected to the immediate construction of social alternatives. On the other hand, however, this concept is based on prefigurationa temporal framing, drawn from Christian theology, in which the future is thought to radiate backwards on its past.

Where does this idea come from? Is the idea of projection from the future necessary to maintain unity between means and ends? Or should the terminology of prefiguration be abandoned on account of the false reassurances it offers?

First, Gordon uncovers the theology of prefiguration, tracing it from the Church Fathers to politicized resurfacings in the Diggers and the New Left. He argues that this temporal framing is indeed connected to a mental process of reassurance, common among many revolutionaries who drew confidence from the notion that they were realizing a pre-ordai...


Global cooling: 'Very unusual' June snowfall in Glennallen, Alaska - up to 8 inches Signs of the Times

"People at Eureka Lodge woke to an unpleasant but probably brief return of winter Monday morning." "The lodge got 6 to 8 inches of snow, owner Darla Fimpel said by phone. "It was still snowing Monday morning, though, and an employee had started on a snowman. State plows cleared the Glenn Highway around the lodge, she said. "The lodge sits above 3,000 feet, high enough that June snows aren't out of the ordinary.

Global cooling: 'Very unusual' June snowfall in Glennallen, Alaska - Up to 8 inches Signs of the Times

"People at Eureka Lodge woke to an unpleasant but probably brief return of winter Monday morning." "The lodge got 6 to 8 inches of snow, owner Darla Fimpel said by phone. "It was still snowing Monday morning, though, and an employee had started on a snowman. State plows cleared the Glenn Highway around the lodge, she said. "The lodge sits above 3,000 feet, high enough that June snows aren't out of the ordinary. The first week in June it's not unlikely for us to get an inch of snow," Fimpel said. "But this much snow is very unusual."


Survivors of Domestic and Gang Violence Will No Longer Qualify for Asylum MintPress News

In just the latest addition to the Trump administrations mounting collection of cruel policies aimed at closing off the nation to refugees and asylum-seekers, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a new Justice Department guidance on Monday declaring that migrants will no longer automatically qualify for asylum if they present concerns of domestic abuse or gang violence.

In what world does the United States turn its back on people who have suffered persecution, trauma, and extreme distress from domestic or gang violence? said Denise Bell, a researcher for refugee and migrant rights at Amnesty International USA. Todays decision is a direct assault on people seeking protection, especially families fleeing persecution in Central America.

This is horrific, tweeted one observer. This is plain cruel, responded Gavin Newsom, Californias lieutenant governor. A disgrace, concluded a law professor. Can they go any lower? remarked Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.).


Changing atmosphere: Red sprites and a blue jet seen above Europe's stormy skies Signs of the Times

Following a particularly brutal and prolonged winter, Europe is now experiencing an unusually stormy spring period, with epic flooding and damaging hail being documented over the continent. Lightning frequency appears to be increasing too, with France doubling its 2009 record for the month of May, while January 2018 saw some areas of France double average rainfalls. Accompanying these unusually intense spring storms, typical of late summer, have been 'rare' atmospheric electrical discharges. Red sprites were photographed over the Czech Republic on April 4th, in the US on May 24th and May 30th, and again in the Czech Republic on June 8th. Over a period of 48 hours or so around June 10th, the more elusive blue jet was seen over Hungary:


As Chicago Removes More Homeless Residents, a Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Evictions MintPress News

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against the city of Chicagos evictions of homeless people, even as officials continue to remove homeless people and fail to provide affordable housing.

Andy Thayer, an activist with Uptown Tent City Organizers (UTCO), requested a public assembly permit for a protest encampment at Stewart Mall after the city indicated it had plans to renovate two viaducts under Lake Shore Drive, where homeless Chicagoans lived.

This location is across from the office of the wards city council member, James Cappleman. Organizers believed the site would offer homeless people a highly visible location in order to protest the lack of affordable housing in the city of Chicago.

The permit was denied in March and April of 2017, and on behalf of Thayer and UTCO, the Uptown Peoples Law Center (UPLC) requested an injunction to prevent the city from evicting homeless people since there was no alternative site provided by officials for them to relocate.

Judge Sidney Schenkier declined to grant an injunction. The city of Chicago dispersed homeless people in September, a few months before winter. It also confiscated and destroyed several tents and belongings.

The UPLC amended their lawsuit to allege violations of homeless peoples First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendment rights.

On June 6, Schenkier decided it was not in the federal courts jurisdiction to rule on the claims, and he dismissed the claim of a First Amendment violation.

Alan Mills, executive director of UPLC, said they were upset about the outcome because he believed the case had merit, and the judge could rule on it. However, what the judge decided was they were in the right place in the first place, the Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County. So, they are back where they started with nearly a years delay.

Additionally, the judge concluded UPLC needs an individual homeless person to be the plaintiff, not someone who organizes the homeless or an organization that advocates for the homeless.

The good news for the case, the bad news for the world is the city keeps doing this to people. As recently as this week, they have another [eviction] planned, Mills said. So there is no short supply of people we can use as plaintiffs.

UPLC is reviewing their options and does not know if or when they will be filing a new lawsuit on behalf of a homeless person with similar claims.

Thayer asserted, This isnt southern California. People really literally need these tents in order to survive, and the city of Chicago by forcing the dispersal of these tent cities is putting the problem of homelessness out of sight [and] out of mind so they can go back to ignoring it the way they did quite happily before the tent cities formed and became an object for the press and public to notice.

According to Thayer, Schenkier appeared clueless about the reality of hom...


Recovery of Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico is Still Decades Away: Sonia Sotomayor MintPress News

WASHINGTONRelying on constant communication with family and friends there, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says Puerto Ricos recovery from last years smash by two hurricanes is still decades away.

And, she adds, the islands difficulties are compounded by a great deal of red tape from the federal government.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria virtually smashed the islands schools, hospitals, civic buildings, roads and other infrastructure to smithereens. A Harvard Medical School study recently revealed 4,645 Puerto Ricans, at a minimum, died. Thats far in excess of the official death toll of 64.

The numbers, however, may understate the case. The justice said, a Puerto Rico native who later migrated to New York City with her parents gave a snapshot view of conditions there during an informal Q-&-A at the American Constitution Societys luncheon on June 8 in D.C.

Sotomayor had planned to visit the island and her family members following last Septembers disaster. But she recently fell and broke her left shoulder in four places, resulting in surgery, pins in her shoulder and long rehabilitation. Her left arm is still hampered.

That hasnt prevented her from checking in with them. Her relatives came through Hurricanes Irma and Maria unscathed.

Its still difficult to drive around the island, Sotomayor said. There are sections, in the mountains, that are still not accessible. And parts of the electric grid still havent been restored.

If the physical conditions are bad, the islands economy may well be worse. The coffee industry was completely wiped out and will take seven years to recover the time new trees need to grow to fruition she said.

Though Sotomayor did not say so, at least one other major industry, manufacturing sterile plastic bags for hospital saline solutions, was also devastated.

Also unmentioned is the federal role, or lack of it, in encouraging industry to relocate to Puerto Rico. Over the protests of its non-voting delegate to Congress, for example, the Trump-GOP tax cut law last year treats Puerto Rico not as an U.S. commonwealth, but as a foreign country. The law slaps 20 percent tariffs on Puerto Rican-made goods sent to the U.S.

Congress has allotted billions of dollars for Puerto Ricos recovery, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency has come under withering criticism for mismanaging aid to the island. In particular, it insists on having island residents fill out multitudinous relief applications online in a commonwealth where many lack computers and the electric power is erratic. That hampers aid.

It also hampers jobs.

The lack of jobs, plus rampant poverty even before the hurricanes hit, has resulted in a brain drain by Puerto Rican college graduates to the U.S., Sotomayor said. That will further hamper the commonwealths recovery, she added. Most of the graduates of the University of Puerto Rico are coming to...


The ultimate lung foods, an important read if youre over 30 Health Nut News

By Dr. Mercola Flavonoids are a group of polyphenols, phytonutrients found in most fruits and vegetables. There are more than 6,000 unique flavonoids, but as a group, theyre most well-known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and have been found to lower the risk of many chronic conditions rooted in inflammation. Anthocyanins, specifically found in []

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Foods with negative calories Health Nut News

Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on June 7th, 2018 What are some dietary strategies for the prevention and treatment of obesity? Large portion sizes are often targeted, so restriction of portion size is an important element of many diet programs. But its hard to get people to eat less food. A more effective approach may be to shift the []

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Labs warn of dangerous, contaminated pot at dispensaries Health Nut News

(Note from Erin: My editor has a friend with a medical cannabis card in Michigan and according to her, all their products are organic and tested at another facility so things like this DONT happen. You should know where even your cannabis comes from.) In late April the California State Bureau of Cannabis announced that with []

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Africa's oldest and largest baobab trees are dying and scientists don't know why Signs of the Times

In South Africa's Limpopo province, a baobab tree once grew so large and stood so strong that its human neighbors decided to do the obvious: They built a pub inside the living tree's thousand-year-old hollow trunk, which measured more than 150 feet around and enclosed two interconnected cavities. For two decades, the Sunland baobab attracted tourists wanting to knock back a pint in a tree. But in August 2016, one of the monster stems forming the interior wall cracked and collapsed. Eight months later, another huge chunk toppled over, and now, five of the giant Sunland stems have collapsed and died, leaving only half of the tree standing. Though the Sunland tree's demise could sound like a consequence of human visitation, it's part of an alarming trend: A startlingly high percentage of the oldest, largest baobabs in Africa have died within the last 12 years, scientists report today in the journal Nature Plants.

Africa's oldest and largest baobab trees are suddenly dying after thousands of years Signs of the Times

In South Africa's Limpopo province, a baobab tree once grew so large and stood so strong that its human neighbors decided to do the obvious: They built a pub inside the living tree's thousand-year-old hollow trunk, which measured more than 150 feet around and enclosed two interconnected cavities. For two decades, the Sunland baobab attracted tourists wanting to knock back a pint in a tree. But in August 2016, one of the monster stems forming the interior wall cracked and collapsed. Eight months later, another huge chunk toppled over, and now, five of the giant Sunland stems have collapsed and died, leaving only half of the tree standing. Though the Sunland tree's demise could sound like a consequence of human visitation, it's part of an alarming trend: A startlingly high percentage of the oldest, largest baobabs in Africa have died within the last 12 years, scientists report today in the journal Nature Plants.


Yoda: Is Falon Gong Organ Harvesting a PSYOP Against China? Public Intelligence Blog

An Alert Reader offers the following thoughts.

Sitting at my desk all day doing interpreting, I watched all the videos of ITNJ and I learned a lot.  Thanks to whoever posted them.  Phenomenal work and very impressive members and witnesses.

I hit an enormous psychological roadblock on this following one, about organ transplants in China, for the many following reasons:

1) One of the presenters looks, sounds and feels like Clapper.  He may be right and what he stated may be true but I couldnt get past it;

2) Duckduckgo yielded absolutely no information on Omar Healthcare Service in Tianjin, China.

3) The Falon Gong story is very recent and very sudden.  I tend to subscribe to David Icke: when something allegedly going on for decades suddenly comes out, out of nowhere, and is grabbed onto by the West, with sudden evidence (be it pictures or videos), one needs to take a step back and seriously investigate;

4) When horrendous stories suddenly appear about a country against which the West is engaged in economic, trade or financial war, and has suddenly been demonizing, one needs to take two steps back and seriously consider where all the information against it originates from and why;

5) It makes very little sense for China to name a healthcare system Omar unless it is a joint venture with what country? It requires investigation.  Blaming China for some multinational is tantamount to blaming the US for Monsanto or Germany for Bayer; China is still a Rothschild country.  It is rules by banks and multinationals.

6) The Middle East very oil-wealthy are the biggest organ-transplant consumers in China;

7) Organ transplants are a horrendous practice no matter where (and anyone looking into India knows about how many women/mothers in the pariah cast had to sell a kidney in order to feed their children in the past 40 years).  Unless there were enough people to be afraid of dying and desperate to remain alive, that trade would never exist.  What kind of people are so afraid of death and where do they originate from? Rockefeller, Bush,...


Singapore Summit 2018: Congratulations President Trump! Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

I have just finished watching President Trump's press conference after the North Korean Peace Summit. What an extraordinary man - 25 hours without sleep and he still shamed the cabal media with ease.

None of the cabal journalists congratulated President Trump on this truly historic moment. Their negative attitude was embarrassing to watch. Disgraceful.

Cheshire Cat sums it up in his latest tweets...

Q Anon often says that the cabal are STUPID. It proved to be true at tonight's press conference. President Trump had the situation under control at all times. He is highly intelligent, and definitely the world's best salesperson! I can see that the Alliance Plan is in safe hands. All is well.

Congratulations President Trump and the entire Alliance team. You are a class act.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


(Video) Vivienne Westwood: I'll Get Assange out of the Embassy Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 7, 2018

"He's been completely framed"

Vivienne Westwood tells Going Underground that she'll get Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy.


Cryptic Hints Foretell a Global Event is Imminent Operation Disclosure

Something Big on the Verge? Cryptic Hints May Foretell a Global Event Imminent [videos]

JUNE 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Ive found a few sources that believe something big is about to break, and its sounding like its very possible.

Weve already discussed the crazy meeting agenda the dark was keeping with Bilderberg, G7, and others within 7 days of each other.

The meeting agenda item about the post-truth world was most interesting.

There has been mention of possibly waiting until kids are out of school, etc. for something to be addressed.

Billy Joyce, at around the 20 minute mark in the following video speaks of a tip he received that Trump was supposed to make a public announcement today, Monday, (one of those 11s Q has mentioned) about the shadow government.

Obviously Monday has almost gone, but dates are always iffy.

Dave at the X22 report is suggesting something along the same lines: that something big is about to happen and the cabal is expecting it. There seems to be a suggestion that Kim Jong-un is lighthearted and enjoying personal time rather than stewing about his meeting with Trump.

Q mentions the weather thing, worldwide, and I dont think that is literalalthough there is a lot of messing about with the weather and a lot of potential big storms possible according to those who watch the weather systems.



How to to find fulfillment at work when you have lots of interests Fast Company

Its not a bad thing to be interested in many things, and you can attend to them while holding down a steady job.

When I was about 3, my mom had to take me on a road trip by herself, and she wisely bought a huge bag of toys from the dollar store. As we drove, shed hand me a toy, Id play with it for a few minutes, then toss it aside and ask for somethin else.

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Brand strategy will beat serendipity on Twitter at World Cup Fast Company

Twitters head of global brand strategy Alex Josephson talks about what we should expect during the worlds biggest sports event.

During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, arguably the biggest moment for any brand on Twitter came when Uruguays Luis Suarez bityes, with his teethItalys Giorgio Chiellini during a Uruguay win over Italy. It was a wild, weird sports moment that somehow embodied Snickerss long-running Youre not you when youre hungry campaign.

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Discovery of organic molecule on Mars strongly suggests life exists on other planets Signs of the Times

The age-old mystery, "Are we alone in the galaxy?" is now closer than ever before to being solved. The answer is: Probably not. In the last few days, Fox News reported a "massive" discovery regarding Mars: The Curiosity rover put there by NASA found organic molecules on the 'red planet.' "We found organic molecules in rocks from an ancient lake bed," said Jen Eigenbrode, research scientist at Goddard Flight Center in Goddard, Md., at a press conference simultaneously held at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. A variety of molecules were identified, she noted further.


WHO certifies Paraguay malaria-free RSS feed from

Paraguay has eliminated malaria, the World Health Organization has declared - the first country in the Americas to be granted this status since Cuba in 1973.


How could Germany have won WW2? blogfactory

Harry Barclay


Many answers down here are mostly based on speculations and even then those speculations didnt meet the reality.

Many people loves the romantic idea of an underdog overcoming all odds. One of these are how Germany could have won WW2. Many people thought If only dumb Hitler didnt interfere, he would have won. A lot of these arguments hold water on the surface but on the reflection mostly missed the point or do not make a significant enough change to sway anything.

Germany really could NOT won WW2. The whole war was a lost cause from the beginning. The moment Germany declared war on Poland, they sealed their fate to be destroyed and reduced in territorial size.

Here are many arguments people tends to throw about how Germany could have won WW2 and how theyre wrong :

  1. Just Take Moscow


 If the Germans would just push on, capture Moscow and the Soviet Union would just capitulated. This argument always rarely backed up with any reason/evidence as to why. Even the memoir of German generals after war constantly mentioned that the drive to Moscow would have meant victory in the East.

I think the reason of this is because they model this notion after the Western Campaign, with the capitulation of France. At the French campaign in 1940, the French surrender once Paris is cut off from its forces and looks like its about to fall. Using this model, a lot of people think that the exact same would apply to the Soviet Union. The only problem is the Soviet Union is a WHOLE different animal, both politically and geographically.

Stalin is willing to put every men, women, and children between him and the advancing Germans and this exemplified of how the Red Army fought the war, often trading casualties for time. So if Moscow was taken, sure its a political and logistical defeat, given that the rail network is centered around it but NO WAY do i think that Stalin would have just shrug and say Well, you tried people...


Imagined male pregnancy and 'gender fluidity' feature at London Men's Fashion Week Signs of the Times

An imagined male pregnancy, flower necklaces and melting ice caps were some of the more striking images at London Men's Fashion Week, which wrapped up on Monday. Here are some of the highlights from the catwalks: Future man? Chinese designer Xander Zhou's collection featured a male model with a fake bump on show, wearing jeans and a white t-shirt reading "New World Baby". "We're prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy," the designer said in an Instagram post. Zhou's show also featured one of the more improbable-looking designs of all the collections -- an elaborate raincoat with six sleeves arranged in a star formation.


Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman bursts into tears on CNN after historic Trump-Kim handshake Signs of the Times

Former US NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman has arrived in Singapore ahead of President Donald Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Rodman has reportedly traveled to North Korea five times so far. During his last visit in 2017, the Ex-NBA star said he was trying to reach something important for both countries. On Tuesday, famous "North Korean envoy" Dennis Rodman broke down in tears live on CNN, saying that the controversial talks between him and Kim Jong-un and between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were the right thing to do. "We need the doors to be open and start fresh and make this world a better place," Rodman stressed.


'I knew I was innocent': DNA evidence sets Oklahoma man free after 26 years in prison Signs of the Times

Johnny Edward Tallbear of Oklahoma City, who spent over 26 years behind bar on a first-degree murder conviction, has been released after a new test of the DNA evidence led to the dismissal of the case against him. Tallbear, who is now 61, had shackles removed from his wrists and ankles in court and left the building on Monday a free man. It felt "great" to be out of chains, he told the journalists, adding that the first thing he wanted do after getting home was "eat some decent meal." "I've been saying for more than two decades that I didn't have anything to do with this horrible crime. I've always known that I'm innocent and now the DNA has proved it," said Tallbear, as cited by the Innocence Project, which facilitated the new testing.


Justin Trudeau browbeaten mercilessly by social media for fake eyebrows Signs of the Times

The internet is having an epic time poking fun at Justin Trudeau, whose left eyebrow appeared to migrate over the southern border of his supraorbital ridge during a Thursday interview at the G7 Summit - leading some to speculate that the Canadian Prime Minister is trying to overcompensate for thin brows. In response, Trudeau was browbeaten mercilessly by internet denizens - while the out-of-control brows now have several Twitter tribute accounts to mark the occasion:


Tensions soar after Palestinian stabber 'severely injures' 18yo Israeli woman Signs of the Times

Israeli police shot and detained a Palestinian suspected of stabbing and severely injuring a young Jewish woman in the northern town of Afula. Police didn't rule out a terror-related motive as Israeli-Palestinian tensions peak. The victim, identified as Shuva Malka, was stabbed in the street outside of a local coffee shop before noon on Monday. Following the attack, she managed to escape to the caf and call for help. "There was an 18-year-old girl sitting on a chair at the entrance to a store. She was conscious and suffering from multiple stab wounds to the upper body," a paramedic who was at the scene told the Times of Israel. The woman was then hospitalized in what various Israeli media described as "serious" or "critical" condition. Her condition subsequently "stabilized" but remains "serious," the Times of Israel reports, citing the hospital officials.


The next Lance Armstrong? Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal defies injury and age to win record 11th French Open title Signs of the Times

More dodgy Western sporting results The Guardian on yesterday's 'historic' French Open victory for Rafael Nadal: Rafael Nadal pushed his 32-year-old body to the edge and the rules to breaking point, albeit unwittingly, to win his 11th French Open title on a warm, humid Sunday afternoon, an achievement that reduced him to tears of joy. His lower left arm cramped on him about half an hour from the end at just the moment his opponent, Dominic Thiem, surrendered to the lassitude that paralysed his otherwise stout resistance and, in the still sunny autumn of his days, the Spaniard cruised further away from all his rivals on his favourite surface with a 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 win that took him two hours and 42 minutes on his beloved Court Philippe-Chatrier. Whether he is now fit and willing to play Queen's Club before Wimbledon remains doubtful. He has cancelled the warm-up twice now, after the rigours of the clay season. He sounded non-commital.


Stephen E. Arnold: Forbes Tests Amazons Police State Capability Rekognition Public Intelligence Blog

Stephen E. Arnold

Forbes Does a Semi Rah Rah for Amazon Rekognition

based on conversations with those in my lectures, two categories of comments and questions capture the reaction to the US government documents I reviewed.

First, Europeans do not think about Amazon as anything other than a vendor of products and a service which allows relatively low cost backend services like storage.

Second, the idea that a generalist online eCommerce site and a consumerized cloud service could provide industrial strength tools to investigators, security, and intelligence professionals was a idea not previously considered.

Read full post.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I have received the full private briefing that is available to those who wish to purchase it from Stephen E. Arnold. He has  a six-month lead, perhaps more, on marketplace awareness of the totality of both Amazons capabilities, and Amazons strategy (they will do to all forms of financial service, including crypto, and all forms of data analytics services, what they did to retail.

See Especially:

Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Cyber Video on Amazons Streaming Data Marketplace

See Also:



Missile or space rock? Mystery object spotted over Washington state island, military denies missile launch Signs of the Times

A weather camera on an island in Washington state on Sunday captured a mystery object that appears to some to be a missile in ascent, reported. The object was spotted at 3:56 a.m. over Whidbey Island, where there is a naval air station. But a spokesman from NAS Whidbey Island said there are no missile capabilities at the base.


Move over, Supermanscientists figured out a way to see people through walls Fast Company

New technology can see through walls. No word yet on whether Krytonite can repel it.

Windows arent the only way to see through walls anymore.

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Ad revenue from podcasts is skyrocketing, up 86% from 2016 Fast Company

While ad revenue in magazines continues to decline, podcasts are producing huge returns.

Most avid podcast listeners have an intimate relationship with the skip ahead 15 seconds button, pressing it in a pellet-seeking hamster haze to get past those endless Blue Apron ads the hosts sound forced to do at gunpoint. Apparently not all listeners operate this way, though, as podcast ad revenue continues its mercurial rise.

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Vietnam passes controversial 'cybersecurity' bill RSS feed from

Vietnam has approved legislation that will force overseas technology firms to censor content and share data on Vietnamese users with the government, state media reported.


The making of American stupid: Agricultural chemicals found to lower children's IQ Signs of the Times

If you're expecting a baby or considering starting a family soon, you've probably been reading up on how to give your child the best start in life. You probably wouldn't dream of lighting up a cigarette or getting drunk while you're pregnant, but you could very well be doing something that can be quite harmful to your unborn child if you're being exposed to pesticides. This isn't a warning that only applies to farm workers; 33 million pounds of organophosphate pesticides were used in the U.S. in 2007 alone, putting countless people at risk. Three studies that examined children from very different backgrounds all reached the same conclusion: Prenatal exposure to these pesticides can have a significant long-term adverse effect on a child's brain health, and it doesn't matter if that exposure came from crops or cockroach control products. We're not talking about a small difference, either; the exposure lowered children's IQ by as many as seven points!


Puerto Ricos governor is learning hard-fought leadership lessons Fast Company

Biomedical researcher Ricardo Rossell was working on stem cell research. Then he was elected governor of Puerto Rico. A year later, two hurricanes hit.

Ricardo Rossell was not supposed to be in politics. He was a mathlete and a tennis player and loved problem solving, a combination of interests and innate talent that helped him earn a spot at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There he studied bioengineering and neuroscience (and was captain of the varsity tennis team), going on to earn a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan and completed postgraduate work in stem cell research at Duke University. He then cofounded a company called Beijing Prosperous Biopharm that developed drugs to fight cancer, neurodegeneration problems, diabetes, and HIV.

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Apple Books is coming for Audible with its iOS 12 update Fast Company

The new Apple Books will debut in the fall.

Apple Books is getting a fancy new update this fall, and Audible may have cause for concern.

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Dominoss Pizza is fixing our terrible roads because the government isnt Fast Company

And why not?

Are the roads near your house in complete disrepair? Why dont you order a few pizzas and see if the problem gets magically fixed.

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Thousands out of school in Cameroon after Boko Haram attacks RSS feed from

Boko Haram attacks in north Cameroon are jeopardising the future of thousands of children and exposing them to recruitment by extremists or criminals, warns a Norwegian agency.


Putin and Xi top the G6+1 (Pepe Escobar ) Tlaxcala

12/06/2018 - All hell broke loose at the G6+1, aka G7, while the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) aimed at global integration and a peaceful multipolar order Summits in contrast, by Liu Rui/Global ...


McDonalds corporate employees brace for a major U.S. restructuring Fast Company

The fast-food restaurant chain says layoffs are on the horizon.

McDonalds is expected to provide details about an upcoming business restructuring, according to a memo seen by the Wall Street Journal. The hope is that this shift will provide franchises with more resources from the company. All the same, layoffs and office closures are expected. In fact, the company expects to report a charge of $80 million to $90 million in the next quarter due to severance and other restructuring costs. It expects the restructuring to be finished by Q3.

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Demons really are possessing people, warns psychiatrist Signs of the Times

An Ivy League-educated psychiatrist is convinced that there's a growing epidemic of demonic possession in the world today, and that most everyday people now recognize the dark reality of this scary situation. Dr. Richard Gallagher, who boasts degrees from both Princeton University and Yale University, says that, despite conflicting opinions within mainstream medical science, demonic possession is both real and rampant. With 25 years of experience under his belt as a private psychiatrist that compliments his two teaching positions at both New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr. Gallagher believes he holds a unique vantage point in discerning between human and non-human, or satanic, behavior.


White attendees are segregated and lectured about their privilege at university dance performance dividing audiences The Crazz Files


A divisive dance performance that segregates audience members according to the colour of their skin is ruffling some feathers, as critics condemn the theatre piece for its apparently racist overtones. Read More


Hebraic Hatred: Anthony Bourdain Wanted to See a World Without White People The Crazz Files


I have seen a lot of conspiracy theories swirling about Anthony Bourdains recent death.

Was he whacked for calling out Weinstein, Trump and Israels Black Cube agency?

Read More


4 questions to help answer the big one: Should I take this job? Fast Company

Heres how to consider the potential risks, benefits, and what your gut is telling you.

Searching for a job can be frustrating. You have bills to pay, perhaps including student loan debt, plus other responsibilities in your personal life that limit how much time you can spend filling out applications and networking. Even so, most job searches unfold slowly: There are only so many jobs you can apply for, and interviews happen seemingly at random. So when a job offer finally comes through, it may feel like youve got to strike when the irons hot and say yes.

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Surviving London Grenfell disaster, by a twelve-year-old Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from London, England says about itself:

Escaping Grenfell Tower through the eyes of a 12-year-old

11 June 2018

Theresa May has admitted she will always regret she didnt meet the Grenfell Tower survivors the day after the disaster, in an effective apology to those who escaped the blaze. Like 12-year-old Naila El Guenuni, who managed to get out from her 18th floor flat, along with her younger brother and sister and pregnant mother. She lost three friends in the blaze, including Firdaws Hashim, who I met when I presented a debating trophy to her just weeks before the fire.

The family have since been supported by the charity Action for Children. Jon Snow went to meet Naila and asked her about her memories of that night.


Swedish birds singing, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is about Swedish birds singing. Including robin, chaffinch and song thrush.


South Americas Made in USA Growing Crises. Economic Destabilization of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela The Crazz Files



Emerging market economies are heading for an economic implosion. From South America to South Asia conditions are deteriorating rapidly and heading for an even more severe economic crisis in which many are already mired. Read More


United States corporate Democrats ban Bernie Sanders Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

11 June 2018

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted Friday to ban Bernie Sanders from running for President in 2020.

These Clintonite corporate Democrats look very much like Democrats for Trump. It seems like they have not learnt anything from the 2016 election. When, according to polls, Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump. While the candidate of the Democratic right wing, Hillary Clinton, was not seen as an attractive alternative with her warmongering and links to Wall Street and to women-oppressing absolute monarchies.

It seems that the Democratic right wing would not mind four more years of Trump. Four more years of climate denialism and pollution. Four more years of endless wars. Four more years of racism. Four mo...


Teaching insurgence the revolutionary potential of education in a neoliberal era Lefteast

School of Public Life, Budapest

Gramsci argued that democracy, by definition, cannot mean merely that an unskilled worker can become skilled. It must mean that every citizen can govern and that society places them, even if only abstractly, in a general condition to achieve this. Therefore, he argued that the task for the working class was to become intellectually autonomous, as this was the way for them to lead their own movement and thus, become a ruling class. He relentlessly sought the ways for accomplishing this historical task, among others, in the field of education.

His pedagogical program was based on the radical idea that everyone is already cultured (without any formal education), just in an undisciplined way as he put it; and the main mission of education was to form intellectuals of the subaltern social groups who will be able to oppose and transform the existing social order in his terms, organic intellectuals. Therefore, education is ought to be based on a critical understanding of the participants own position in society. That is, pedagogy is not (should not be) about abstract ideas. The working class is not supposed to attain some already existing knowledge or stuff their brain with empirical data and raw facts; the true goal of education is the attainment of a higher awareness. The learning process is a road towards self-knowledge and liberation, and this road leads through developing and disciplining already existing knowledge, through a critical understanding of the participants situation, their own historical value, their function in life, their rights and their responsibilities.

Florestan Fernandes National School

However, pedagogy for Gramsci by no means...



Mr. L.G. sent this article, and given my blog a couple of weeks ago about "Oannes the Octopus" and the theory that some scientists []

The post EVOLUTIONS DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS? NEW GENETIC STUDY appeared first on Giza Death Star.


What happened when I (tried to) read 30 books in 30 days Fast Company

How one writer went from barely reading to trying to plow through a book a day, and how you can find more time to read, too.

This is embarrassing to admit, but I was a writer who didnt read much. Id spend my days with words, and my evenings with my family, friends, and often the television (even after giving it up for a month and enjoying the experience.) Its not for lack of ready material; I had a stack of interesting titles waiting to be read. But I didnt.

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2018 is Bizarro World Summed Up in One Picture Shenandoah

by John Galt
June 12, 2018 04:50 ET

To say that we have crossed into some sort of parallel universal is an understatement. While I am now watching the MSM ask some sane questions, other stupid politically loaded ones, I realized that the world as nuts as it has become is going further into a weird, uncharted territory. If anyone needs proof, I present this screen shot of Dennis Rodman wearing a Potcoin t-shirt while wearing a MAGA hat being seriously interviewed by CNN.



Why I just started caring about macOS Fast Company

In terms of practical, useful new features, macOS Mojave surprisingly outshined the new iOS during Apples on-stage demos at WWDC.

I converted from PCs to Macs in 2008 just after I started working for PCWorld. The Macworld people worked in the same office with us, and I couldnt help but notice how much fun they had using and talking about their gear. I also fancied myself a creative, so the Mac environment just seemed like the right place for me.

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Elephant herd celebrates birth of baby Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Elephant Herd Celebrates a New Born Calf | BBC Earth

10 June 2018

A new born elephant baby brings joy to the elephant herd.

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan travels to the spectacular Tsavo wilderness in Kenya to try to get closer than ever before to a wild elephant family. African elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, killing more people than lions or any other predator. But Gordon believes that elephants become dangerous only because of our actions towards them.


Inflation Explained: Your Role As A Milk Cow Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Inflation Explained: Your Role As A Milk Cow
by Jeff Thomas

"Traditionally, inflation has been defined as an increase in the amount of currency in circulation. Such an increase almost always causes an increase in the cost of goods and services, since, more plentiful currency units lowers their rarity, as compared to the supply of goods and services, which remains roughly the same. Therefore, it shouldnt be surprising if a 20% increase in the amount of currency units translates into a 20% increase in the price of goods and services.

Unfortunately, in recent decades, even dictionaries have been offering a revised definition of inflation, as an increase in the price of goods and services. This is a pity, as it makes an already confusing subject even more difficult to understand. This is especially true for the a...


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1589: The Global Economic Outlook Is Getting Darker | Major Event World Wide Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 11, 2018

The crypto exchanges were hacked, this is not as bad as it seems, the exchange was small and this is a centralized exchange system just like the banking system, this is why the exchanges are moving towards a decentralized system. China's credit impulse is taken a dive and this will most likely have an effect on the global economy. Argentina's peso is collapsing again, what will the IMF do this time. Christine Lagarde says the global economic outlook is getting darker, translation, the central banker system is coming under threat.

Published on Jun 11, 2018

Italy says they are no longer taking refugees, shipping them to Malta. Kim Jong Un and Trump are getting ready to meet in Singapore for the peace summit. Russia pushing for peace in Afghanistan. Russia warns that there is another false flag coming in Syria. Assad says the western nations are behind the war in Syria. Q is back and has dropped alot of bread crumbs. These include North Korea, IG report, false flag on a world wide basis, the ability to access the blackhat phone system, dark is turning to light. Follow the white rabbit.


The Deep State are Scrambling to Keep Things Together Operation Disclosure

Deep State Scrambling to Keep it Together [videos]

JUNE 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The Deep State has their back against a wall. They can be reckless now because if they dont pull a rabbit out of a hat and stop the bleeding, they will never recover.

Whats really dangerous is the potential for their online shills to be found out. It they come out with blatant smear campaigns against patriots and the public doesnt fall for itthe shills are left hanging out to dryexposed for all to see. Their safety might even be at risk. So far they havent worried because they havent been targets.

The New World Order parties no longer control the actual financial system or all the big banks, the UN, the military, the White House, Congress, the Senate, and a growing number of countries are standing up to them and refusing to kow-tow.

Watching them suicide their own is still over the heads of the sleepwalking masses but its evident they are desperate to keep up appearances of power they just dont have.

They will pay anyone any amount of money if they think they can help them out of a jamand they are jammed up now.

If you havent seen this great video from Truthstream Media about the Bilderberg meeting and the unprecedented attempt to have a global pow-wow with other simultaneous meetings, do take it in. They have never done this before, at least in the last 20 years, Melissa and Aaron Dykes tell us. Wouldnt that be a slick way to have all their upper echelon people talking at once, and the patriots only focusing on the Bilderberger meeting? Like they say in the video teleconference; like being in the room holding hands.



Why Im spending Pride month fighting gun violence Fast Company

Gun violence has touched my communities as a gay man, a person of color, and a teacher. Two years after Pulse, Im confident the gun-control coalition will prevail.

Pulse changed my life. After an armed gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others at the Orlando gay nightclub on June 12, 2016, I attended a vigil at the Stonewall Inn, which U.S. President Barack Obama would declare a national monument 12 days later. I shed my share of tears that night, and on the way home I grew angry. Five days afterward, a small group of activists and I cofounded Gays Against Guns (GAG), an inclusive, direct-action group of LGBTQ people and their allies committed to nonviolently breaking the gun industrys chain of death.

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'To build a lasting and stable peace regime': Trump & Kim sign 'historic' document following talks in Singapore Signs of the Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have signed a "historic" document that would lead to "major change," they announced at a joint news conference after their first face-to-face meeting in Singapore. The contents of the document have not been disclosed so far, but Trump said that he will hold a press conference on the matter later in the day. "We've developed a very special bond," Trump said, sitting next to "chairman" Kim after what he called an "intensive time" together. He vowed to start the process "very, very quickly" without specifying what exactly is going to happen.


The Watergate Break-in was Pedogate Operation Disclosure


June 8, 2018

Source: Pedophiles Down Under

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters. Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired

In October 2016, I presented at a Trauma and Dissociation conference in Seattle, USA. Following my talk, one attendee approached me in the hotel lobby where my fellow presenters sat at their merchandise stalls. All this! she shouted while sweeping her arm across the sideshow alley of over-priced books, stickers and fridge magnets, All this is shit! You have the real stuff! Wheres your book?! Tears welled in her eyes. Write a book! Please write a book!

Yes, I have the real stuff. Im not some arrogant academic pretending to understand what its like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I then spent my adult years navigating a way out. I eventually achieved what few victims have, true integration. I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.

I prefer the term victim to survivor because the latter implies my ordeal is over. My ordeal will likely never end. As Dr Reina Michaelson warned, Fiona, I think this is a life sentence. I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police, paid agitators, pedophile payroll academics and journalists, DID sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, fake victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of the VIP pedophiles who dare not overtly attack me since that would attract media attention to their role in the international child trafficking operation.

Recovery from extreme abuse begins with realising the true nature and...


The Rothschild Mercury Mines of Almadn: Population Control Agent of Antiquity The Mind Unleashed

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth, a classic poison that can be found in nature. In its various compounds, it is known to cause depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, thoughts of suicide, chronic illness, fatigue and a litany of other health problems. It takes a person down a notch, in every possible way hormonally, mentally, and physically.

Historically it has been extracted from its red cinnabar ore most notably in Spain and the central European country of Slovenia. It is used in fluorescent light bulbs, mercury amalgam dental fillings, and other applications that always end up poisoning people.

The history of mercury is extremely relevant to us today. It is a chemical responsible for much of the illness we feel today, one that causes depression and neurological disease and is nearly impossible to remove from the body, toxic in extremely minuscule amounts. Learning about the history of mercury can possibly tell us a bit about why mercury is mysteriously prevalent today.

This is the first article in a two-part series, meant to provide information for uncovering a possibility.

It is the possibility that maybe mercury is considered a kind of hallmark poison, a useful tool against the civilian population, by an elite class of people whose royal ancestors have historically used this same substance to deliberately poison our ancestors of the civilian class.

As a poison of antiquity that was used to dumb down and punish the serfs, European poor people, heres a question.

Is this poison still being used as a tool to dumb down and depress the masses today, as the royals and bankers seemed to use it back then? Yes, German bankers and Spanish...


Watch the bizarre Hollywood-style video Trump made for Kim Jong-un Fast Company

To Trump, everything is entertainment, even when the president of the United States meets with a dictator who literally enslaves millions of his people.

So, diplomacy has certainly reached a new point in 2018. Apparently, its a thing to make your own Hollywood-style trailer for the dictator you are meeting at a historic summit if you are the president of the United States. Because thats exactly what Trump did, reports Business Insider. Trump had the video made for Kim and personally showed it to him on an iPad when the two met. After the video was revealed to the press, Trump said:

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BATR: G7 Globalist Fear Trump Trade Reset Operation Disclosure

G7 Globalist Fear Trump Trade Reset

President Trump has announced that the U.S. piggy bank will no longer subsidize or be sucked dry to finance a pack of ungrateful allies. Keeping the Socialist EU afloat and putting up with backstabbers like Canada or allowing Japan to roll up massive trade surpluses must stop. The latest rumblings out of the UK are that all efforts are working overtime to nix the will of the Brit public from the Brexit vote. As for corporatists within the United States, the bulwark of opposition to Trump's push to demand reciprocal treatment from "so called" trading partners means an end to the gravy train of plundering American workers and ripping off a viable domestic economy.

The business press has followed the pseudo political news reporting to trash all things Trump. The unbearable whining from the likes of 'Free Traders' Dagen McDowell and Charlie Gasparino on Fox business illustrates that fair and balanced distorts the value of understanding the core reason why our jobs were systematically moved overseas. Such globalists are not reporters. They are sycophants for their corporate masters.

A Merchantry economy encourages Mercantilism that benefits our own citizens and builds a solid growth in national wealth. This affluence should not be limited to financial plutocrats. The enhancement in upward mobility must foster a prosperous middle class. Globalists are ardent in their goal to strip opportunity from the masses and are committed to curtail any real competition.

Trump's approach to negotiate bilateral trade agreements is prudent. Replacing multi country or regional accords which effectively are detrimental to our industry, intellectual innovation and growth in new inventions, is necessary. The internationalists fear the thought of a strong and independent America.

With the conclusion of another yearly Bilderberg meeting, the neo feudal lords are running scared because their destructive system of interdependency is finally being challenged by an American President.

The populist sentiment that is breaking out all over Europe may well bring an end to the Fascist Angela Merkel regime. Germany has made significant strides in achieving their objective for global dominance through such elitist organization as the G7. What is most telling is the intense opposition of the EU to continue the isolation...


French MoD: France increases military strikes inside Syria and Iraq Signs of the Times

The French Air Force increased its military operations inside Syria and Iraq during the month of May, the French Ministry of Defense reported on Monday. According to a document released by the Ministry of Defense on Monday, the Anti-ISIS Coalition conducted 123 percent more strikes in the month of May than April. "In this framework, the number strikes carried out by the Coalition in may rose by 123 percent compared with the level in April," the French MoD claimed.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 12, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of June 12 2018

Compiled 12 June 12:23 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces. Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Vatican-organized, mafia-run Child Trafficking Pedophile Ring said linked to Washington DC political elites, European Royalty & Hollywood pedophiles:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The following is a compilation from the Internet. It would be up the individual reader to decide whether or not the information was valid.

Judy Note: QAnon said the clock had started - this would be a week to remember. The below intel indicated that the banks changed over to the new system beginning last Fri. June 8; the Cabal responded with a Visa crash beginning in Asia that should reach the US by Fri. June 15; our monies were safe in the new system, though the public was advised to keep cash on hand until everything settled down; the Department of Justice Inspector General report was scheduled to come out on June 14; in Iraq all US dollars should be out of circulation in by Thurs. June 14; By Friday June 15 the last sanction on Iraq and the CBI would be removed and Iraq would have complete control over their own currency; now there were over 35,000 sealed indictments; in preparation for those Guantanamo trials the DOJ added 300 prosecutors, while the Senates August recess was cancelled so more federal judges could be confirmed and Zap predicted funds would be released sometime between now and Fri. June 15.

A. June 11 2018 2:25 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for June 11, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. Today&nbs...


'The world will see a major change': Kim Jong-un commits to 'complete de-nuclearization' in historic agreement with Trump who says he'll 'absolutely' invite North Korea leader to White House CLG News

'The world will see a major change': Kim Jong-un commits to 'complete de-nuclearization' in historic agreement with Trump who says he'll 'absolutely' invite North Korea leader to White House -- President Trump said in his first remarks that 'it's an honor' to be meeting with Kim, whom he expects to have 'a terrific relationship' with now that they've been personally introduced --Kim told the U.S. president, 'It was not easy to get here...old prejudices and practices worked as obstacles on our way forward, but we overcame all of them' | 12 June 2018 | President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un concluded a day of talks in Singapore by signing what the U.S. president described as a 'very comprehensive' document. Trump did not go into further detail about the contents of the agreement that was a framework for further talks. 'People are going to be very impressed. People are going to be very happy, and were going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world,' Trump claimed. 'And I want to thank chairman Kim. Spent a lot of time together today, very intensive time.' Trump said, providing slightly more detail, that denuclearization would be a process and that he believes it will happen 'very quickly' following the signing of the document.


Full text of the Trump-Kim agreement CLG News

Breaking: Full text of the Trump-Kim agreement  --A photo of the document President Donald Trump signed revealed that the leaders agreed on four primary points. | 12 June 2018 | President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed an agreement at the conclusion of Tuesday's historic summit. Here's what it says, according to a photo of Trump's signed document:

Joint Statement of President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at the Singapore Summit

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018...

Convinced that the establishment of new U.S.-DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and of the world, and recognizing that mutual confidence building can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the following:

1. The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new U.S.-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.
2. The United States and the DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.
3. Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
4. The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.


Every major TV network has lost audience reach since 2014except this one Fast Company

Among the top 25 networks, almost all of them have seen declines in reach in the last four years, and in most cases the drop was 20% or more.

Its not exactly front-page news anymore that linear TV is a business of diminishing returns, but every once in a while a report comes along that crystalizes the extent of the damage.

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How Californias legal weed has hurt the people who need it most Fast Company

When California made recreational marijuana legal, the new law required a tax paid on every ounce. For the recipients of donated medical marijuana, it also meant a scramble to fix the law.

Sally Hampton and her father, Bill, were both diagnosed with debilitating health issues one year apart. The bad news struck Sally first: In August 2016, the former Hollywood film and TV writer and producer was suffering recurring headaches so bad she felt like her skull might explode. Doctors did an MRI and discovered what appears to be a meningioma, a slow-growing brain tumor pressing against her brain. It was in a tricky spot, so she balked at the idea of a high-risk surgery, which, general disfigurement aside, she says could have led to neurological complications or even death.

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Trump-Kim Meeting Set for Private Island in Singapore Terra Forming Terra

This is happening today.

I expect it to be thoroughly scripted but maybe not.  The removal of three generals gives me confidence that the underlying regime will stay in line and prevent outbursts of more typical Korean behavior which is long on gratuitous bullying.  In fact Trump's response to the one round of that we had likely drove that lesson home.

I do think that the deal is done and that the North Koreans are all profoundly relieved.  They have spent 65 years trapped in an Orwellian nightmare that no one could really end even when all knew it was not working.

Let us all pray that this is as scripted as it should well be...

Trump-Kim Meeting Set for Private Island in Singapore

By Ivan Pentchoukov and Petr Svab

June 6, 2018 7:01 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2018 11:00 am

Sentosa island in Singapore on June 6, 2018. (Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images)

The June 12 meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place on a private island in Singapore, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Sanders said the two leaders will meet at the Capella hotel on Singapores Sentosa island. She also thanked Singaporeans for their hospitality.

Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that plans for the historic summit are moving along very well.

A lot of relationships being built, a lot of negotiations going on before the trip, he said. Well see what happens. But its very importantitll be a very important couple of days.

Sentosa lies by the southern edge of the island nation. Less than three miles across, its known for its beaches, hotels, casino, and a Universal Studios theme...


Police Raid Scientists Who Discovered New Vaccine Dangers Humans Are Free

Two scientists discover that vaccines are contaminated, in the manufacturing process, with many small particles of metals that are toxic to humans when injected. Alarming.

by Jon Rappoport

The published research is ignored. Then the scientists are raided by police.

James Grundvig, at and the World Mercury Project, reports:

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Q Drops pending Full IG Report Terra Forming Terra

We continue to wait for the full IG report which will include the Clinton investigation as well.  The EO will surely order the roll-up of all participants using the assistance of the Marine Corp.  We now have over 35,000 sealed indictments and a complete roll up is plausible and possible.

What I have here is the full Intel drop we have been provided with which clarifies a lot.  It follows that we will have the IG report and the actual contents of those 35,000 indictments to work from.  It certainly tells us a tale of treason at the highest levels.

The public shock will surely be horrific.

Jun 11 20181463
Anonymous ID: 17fc97 No.1704039 NEW
Jun 11 2018 16:51:46 (EST)seth_rich_cover.582cd87e07107.jpg  

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 22318c No.1704083 NEW
Jun 11 2018 16:53:30 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 511266 No.1703935 NEW
Jun 11 2018 16:45:41 (EST)JulianAssange_Smile.gif ...


The Rabbi and the Monk Terra Forming Terra

This is a neat story and worth the read as it really underlines a fundamental divide between followers and leadership that we poorly understand.

Communities of followers do respond to leadership and that leadership needs to be subtle as well as been dramatic and plausible.  This is a wonderful tale of directed subtlety.

We need a collection of such tales as leader all need this type of direction.


This is a story told to me by my dear friend and value-based business consultant, Ron Mandel.

There was a cloister of monks in a monastery in Northern Israel. The senior Monk became concerned about the relevance of his Monastery. The Monks had been there a long time, they were getting older, and he noticed that visitors to the Monastery were becoming less. The Monastery had been a favorite visitor destination for picnics and sightseeing. He also noticed more disturbingly that his fellow Monks were not appreciating each other as they once had when they first started their cloister, even to the point of them taking each other for granted. And, to top things off, he had no new enquiries from young men wanting to join the Order. To the Head Monk, the Monastery was slowly dying.

Living near the Monastery was a well known and revered Rabbi. The two had become good friends.

The head Monk went to see this Rabbi and to discuss his dilemma and get his advice. This Rabbi was known to be very wise. His wisdom was coupled with his humility, so his door was always open to his dear friend.

The head Monk described the situation to this revered Rabbi. And this is the advice he gave:

Privately, tell everyone, one by one, that I had a vision that one of the monks in the cloister was a hidden Saint. The key word is hidden because great Saints never have the need to reveal themselves.

The effort was profound and...


Project Veritas Founder Discusses Teachers Union Cover-Up of Child Abuse Terra Forming Terra

Yes, it makes total sense that the Unions will be working to protect their errant members. After all they are the other source of authority and the administration has been uniformly active in protecting members.

That those exposing such abuse will get worked is also expected.  None of this detracts from the banal reality of child abuse.

Be aware that a lot of this type of information is been bled into modern consciousness at the present as we have a grassroots global counter attack under way that is flushing information out...

Project Veritas Founder Discusses Teachers Union Cover-Up of Child Abuse (Part 2 of 2)
Efforts to tell the truth through undercover reporting opposed by half-truths, false framing, and ridicule
By Joshua Philipp, The Epoch Times
June 7, 2018 3:45 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2018 9:14 am

James O'Keefe, founder and president of the nonprofit Project Veritas, in New York on Oct. 31, 2017. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

Project Veritas, which specializes in undercover journalism, has recently exposed cases of teachers unions covering up the physical and sexual abuse of children. The president and founder of Project Veritas, James OKeefe, recently appeared on Declassified, a news program of The Epoch Times, where he discussed his latest findings.
Project Veritas has been the target of half-truths, false framing, and ridicule for its undercover work exposing corruption in government, special interest groups, news outlets, and unions. OKeefe noted that many of the groups it has exposed are among the sacred cows of the political machine.
Among the...


Kim commits to 'complete denuclearisation' CLG News

Kim commits to 'complete denuclearisation' | 12 June 2018 | (Key points) --Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un sign 'comprehensive' joint document after talks --The leaders share a 13-second handshake before a one-on-one meeting and a second meeting with aides
Trump says he is confident of a "terrific relationship" with Kim --Kim says the leaders have overcome obstacles to attend the summit

02:27 Kim commits to "complete denuclearisation of Korean Peninsula" in the document.

02:25 The document commits the US to "security guarantees" and looks to the establishment of "new US-DPRK relations"...

02:24 Details are starting to emerge on the document the leaders signed.


Heres the full text of the document Trump and Kim signed Fast Company

The U.S. is giving the North security guarantees in exchange for complete denuclearization.

The document said the U.S. would provide unspecified security guarantees to Kim Jong-uns North Korean government in exchange for the Norths unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, reports Bloomberg. The document was signed in Singapore during the first-ever meeting of a sitting U.S. president and North Korean head of state. The documents text in full:

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(Video) SpaceShot76 -- QAnon 6/11/18 "Start the Clock" Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 10, 2018

New Q posts show surveillance of Singapore, also outlines how information is about to be released publicly. Is Julian Assange going to emerge? Maybe the document we saw signed by Trump was a pardon of JA?


Fresh explosion of Kilauea volcano sends lava spewing 180ft into the air as experts warn impact on Hawaii's animal and marine life will last for decades CLG News

Fresh explosion of Kilauea volcano sends lava spewing 180ft into the air as experts warn impact on Hawaii's animal and marine life will last for DECADES --No one has died in this Hawaii eruption but about 600 homes have been swallowed by lava flows | 11 June 2018 | A small explosion at the summit of Hawaii's erupting Kilauea Volcano on Sunday sent ash spewing into the air, creating a driving hazard for roads on parts of the Big Island, the US Geological Survey said. Lava fountains from a fissure in the volcano reached as high as 180 feet (55 meters) from Saturday night into Sunday, pushing flows of molten rock into the Pacific Ocean, it said. Kilauea, on Hawaii's Big Island, first started erupting on May 3, resulting in lava oozing over residential communities and heading towards the Pacific Ocean. The lava first met the ocean on May 20.


Uber reveals 5 MB Uber Lite app for emerging markets Fast Company

The app lets users book rides on phones with slow connections.

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Whos Protecting Whatever is Left of Lebanons Mountains? Blog Baladi

A recent article in Lebanon by Robert Fisk for the Independent describes whats happening to Lebanons mountains as The Massacre of the Mountains. The article tackles the ongoing destruction of mountains in Mayrouba and Tarshish but the issue is a much bigger one and nothing is being done to stop the damage.

Take a look at the new Harissa road all the way from Ain el Rihaneh. They basically cut the mountains, did not build proper side walks and destroyed some of the valleys around. Next thing you know, they are building a couple of residential projects and destroying whole mountains. One guy is building his own villa right inside one of the mountains and before you know it, the area will be filled with buildings, shops and malls.

The sad part is that this issue has attracted little interest, just like any other environment-related topic and no matter how much we shed light on the ongoing massacres, nothing will ever change without proper law enforcement. Fisk wants PM Hariri to stop this destruction, but its not up to Hariri. This is a crime all parties are involved in, just like everything else happening to this country.


Apple bans cryptocurrency mining on iPhones Fast Company

Not that mining apps would work well on a mobile device.

Not that anyone would seriously use an iPhone to mine cryptocurrencies. Anyhow, Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines to explicitly ban the mining of cryptocurrencies on its iOS devices. An updated clause 2.4.2 now reads:

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Rebuffed Parliamentary Bills Foil Efforts to End Israeli Apartheid Dissident Voice

For most of the seven decades after its establishment, Israel went to extraordinary lengths to craft an image of itself as a light unto the nations.

It claimed to have made the desert bloom by planting forests over the razed houses of 750,000 Palestinians it exiled in 1948. Soldiers in the most moral army in the world reputedly cried as they were compelled to shoot Palestinian infiltrators trying to return home. And all this occurred in what Israelis claimed was the Middle Easts only democracy.

An industry known as hasbara a euphemism for propaganda recruited Jews in Israel and abroad to a campaign to persuade the world that the Palestinians dispossession was for the good of mankind. Israels achievements in science, agriculture and medicine were extolled.

But in a more interconnected world, that propaganda campaign is swiftly unravelling. Phone cameras now record moral soldiers executing unarmed Palestinians in Gaza or beating up children in Hebron.

The backlash, including a growing international boycott movement, has driven Israels right wing into even greater defiance and self-righteousness. It no longer conceals its goal to aggressively realise a longed-for Greater Israel.

A parallel process is overtaking Israels traditional left but has been far less noticed. It too is stubbornly committed to its ideological legacy the creation of a supposed Jewish and democratic state after 1948.

And just as the immorality of Israels belligerent rule in the occupied territories is under ever greater scrutiny, so too is its claim to be a democracy conferring equal rights on all citizens.

Israel includes a large minority of 1.8 million Palestinian citizens, the remnants of those who survived the expulsions required for its creation. Although Palestinian citizens have the vote, it was an easy generosity after Israel gerrymandered the electoral constituency in 1948 to ensure Palestinians remained a permanent and decisive minority.

In a system of residential apartheid, Palestinian citizens have been confined to ghettos on a tiny fraction of land while Israel has nationalised 93 per cent of its territory for Jews around the world.

But after decades of repression, including an initial 20 years living under military rule, the Palestinian minority has gradually grown more confident in highlighting Israels political deficiencies.

In recent days, Palestinian legislators have submitted three legislative measures before parliament to explode the illusion that Israel is a western-style liberal democracy.

None stood the faintest chance of being passed in a system rigged to keep Palestinian lawmakers out of any of Israels complex but entirely Zionist coalition governments.

The first measure sought to revoke the quasi-governmental status of major international Zionist organisations like the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Jewish Agency.

Although th...


Now in VR, explore Anne Franks house as it was when she was in hiding Fast Company

The new VR experience offers a somber peek into what the young writer and her family experienced in the years before they were discovered by the Nazis.

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces invaded France, the first step in what would eventually lead to victory over the Nazis in Europe.

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This tool lets you seeand correctthe bias in an algorithm Fast Company

Accentures new Fairness Tool is a way to quickly evaluate whether your data is creating fair outcomes.

Algorithms might help decide the terms of your next loan, pull data from your online shopping history to help determine your credit score, assess whether you should be offered a job, or decide whether someone is likely to commit a crime in the future. In theory, AI can eliminate some bias on the part of people making decisionsbut since algorithms are designed and fed data by humans, the results often still arent fair. A new tool from Accenture, called the Fairness Tool, is designed to quickly identify and then help fix problems in algorithms.

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15 Incredible Moments In History You Havent Seen WorldTruth.Tv

History is usually read and not seen, but being able to glimpse into a time when you werent even born is something that many people crave. Historical moments have much more of an effect on you when you can actually visualize what was occurring at that time instead of relying on your imagination to do []


QAnon: US 11th = Sing 12th (June) Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

There is controversy brewing with the Anons and Cheshire Cat about the date 11th June. Cheshire Cat is now saying that Julian Assange might not appear at 9pm tonight - although he still maintains there will be a BIG event at that time.

Q Anon discusses the dates 11th June and 12th June in a new post, number 1461...

...'Technically US 11th = SING 12th, correct?
What else might (23) refer to?
Dash V minus?

The Anons decoded a Q Anon message on 19th May which referred to -23. Their conclusion was that it was 23 days from 19th May which is 11th June.

Q Anon responded to their decoding post with...

'I'd watch the news that day...'

It feels as if we are splitting hairs now, getting caught up in little details. Let's not get distracted at this last minute stage in the game. Let's stick with this Q Anon message...

'This is a week to remember...'

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


Trump: Kim summit 'better than anybody could have expected' CLG News

Trump: Kim summit 'better than anybody could have expected' | 12 June 2018 | President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were heading to a signing after their "fantastic meeting," Trump told reporters Tuesday after emerging from a working lunch at their Singapore summit. "A really fantastic meeting," Trump said with Kim at his side. "A lot of progress, really very positive, I think better than anybody could have expected. Top of the line, really good. Were going right now for a signing." The two leaders did not respond to reporters' questions on what they would be signing.


Cheshire Cat/QAnon -- Main Event Starts About 9 PM Tonight (EDT) Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Cheshire Cat and Q Anon are both posting great intel today - and their stories match. Here is one of Cheshire Cat's latest tweets...

'You can expect the 'main' event to start at about 9pm tonight EDT (DC time)'

Here are are excerpts from other Cheshire Cat tweets from today...

...'The Plan is set in motion.
Trust the Plan.
Trust Q.'

...'It is scripted. Everything is scripted.
Enjoy the Show.
The preview is Over.'
...'Boom boom boom boom and take their money.'
Tonight Marks The Start of Many Events.
Tonight Marks the Dawn of a New Era.

And here is Q Anon, backing Cheshire Cat's message. This excerpt is from post number 1450 (bottom of the pictures)...

...'You are watching a 'scripted movie'...'

Look at the happy picture of Kim Jong-un - a hostage no longer. Like Julian Assange. Oh, and Assange's BackChannel17 Twitter has been terminated AGAIN. What does that tell you? Right over the target.

This is a week to remember forever. Even Q Anon is mentioning popcorn! See post number 1454...

...'Got popcorn?'

Popcorn has become a light-hearted symbol for lightworkers who are watching this extraordinary show. A friend of mine, Jim, and I have been joking for months about making popcorn for watching the show. And now it's here! Enjoy, Jim.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Trump: Kudlow in hospital after heart attack CLG News

Trump: Kudlow in hospital after heart attack | 11 June 2018 | President Trump announced from Singapore on Tuesday that his top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, was hospitalized outside Washington, D.C., after suffering a heart attack. "Our Great Larry Kudlow, who has been working so hard on trade and the economy, has just suffered a heart attack," Trump tweeted as he arrived at the denuclearization summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders later described the heart attack as "very mild" and said Kudlow is expected to make a "full and speedy recovery."


Pilar's Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Healing Story After the Shift


In 2010, Pilar Davila was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. In 2014, she found out cancer had spread to her liver, pelvis, and colon. Thats when she refused further conventional treatments and chose nutrition and alternative therapies. Pilar had a dramatic turnaround in her cancer progression. I first interviewed her here: As of 2018, Pilar is now cancer free!


Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un share historic handshake CLG News

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un share historic handshake | 12 June 2018 | Donald Trump has met Kim Jong-un, shaking the North Korean leader's hand and posing for the cameras at a historic summit in Singapore. Mr Trump arrived at the Capella hotel on Sentosa island looking slightly pensive, fiddling with his jacket buttons; Mr Kim appeared relaxed. The pair greeted each other at a luxury hotel on the island, just off the Singaporean coast, before heading in for talks about denuclearisation.


Can AI help your babyand yousleep better? Fast Company

Nanits baby monitor live-streams your kids crib to your smartphone and to the cloud, where its Insights vision tech analyzes your childs sleep habits.

From smart phones to smart cars, AI has invaded every aspect of our lives. Now, its even in your babys crib.

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The Emerging Mark of the Beast System: Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society Humans Are Free

Modern technology has created a brave new electronic and borderless world. Surveillance and biometric capturing technologies have advanced significantly in recent years.

ID programs have modernised with the likes of ID smartcards linked to huge databases enabling fast and secure electronic authentication among other surveillance functions.

Advances in digital technologies have made it possible now to construct an identification system capable of monitoring just about every human transaction. The surveillance society is no longer a future probability but a very present reality.

As Martin Hirst, Associate Professor at Deakin University observes: we are clearly living in a well-established surveillance society.1

This surveillance society has at least several disturbing implications as Hirst proceeds to explain:

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North Korea Summit: Trump Says Denuclearization Must Be Verifiable Truthdig RSS

SINGAPORE The Latest on the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump in Singapore (all times local):

6:35 p.m.

President Donald Trump is telling reporters that North Koreas denuclearization will have to be total and verifiable as he prepares to head home from his historic summit with Kim Jong Un.

Trump spoke with reporters on Tuesday shortly before Air Force One took off from Singapore after a day of meetings with Kim.

Trump says the U.S. would have to verify North Koreas denuclearization. He says: Were going to have to check it. We will check it. Total and complete.

Trump is heading home a day earlier than expected. He said he didnt want to stay an extra night when everything hed set out to do had been accomplished.

He says, There was nothing more we could have done.

Trump will be stopping in Guam and Hawaii as he makes his way back to Washington.


6:25 p.m.

The head of the U.N.s nuclear watchdog is welcoming President Donald Trumps joint statement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says his agency stands ready to undertake any verification activities in (North Korea) that it may be requested to conduct by the countries concerned.

He noted that the Trump-Kim statement signed Tuesday in Singapore includes a North Korean commitment towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Amano says the IAEA will closely follow the negotiations to be held between the two countries to implement the outcomes of Trumps summit with Kim.


5:55 p.m.

President Donald Trump has stunned the Korean Peninsula by announcing the stoppage of U.S.-South Korean annual war games that have long been defended as defensive and vital by the allies.

Trump spoke to reporters after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday and essentially took the North Korean line on the military exercises, calling them provocative.

The 28,500 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea.

Trump called the war games tremendously expensive, suggested South Korea didnt contribute enough and said they would be inappropriate as the U.S. and North Korea negotiate a new relationship.

A statement from South Korean President Moon Jae-in says the Trump-Kim summit opens a new era of peace and cooperation. The statement did not address Trumps comments about the drills.

Seouls presidential office told the Associated Press that it was trying to discern the exact meaning and intent of Trumps comments.


5:40 p.m.

President Donald Trump says he really believes North Koreas Kim Jong Un is going to mak...


Food Items Not On Our Radar Until Now La Paz Group


The razorbill Wellington at Koks, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the Faroe Islands. Chefs wrap the seabird in a pancake and serve it with a sauce made from beet, elderberry, and rose hip.
Photograph by Anne Golaz for The New Yorker

The dish above is not one we would likely think to offer in our hospitality operations, which may explain why we have not (yet) developed any entrepreneurial conservation initiatives in the Faroe Islands. Nonetheless, this is the type of reading that makes a Monday morning full of thoughts of where to travel next:

Koks, the Worlds Most Remote Foodie Destination

People are flocking to a Nordic archipelago to sample cuisinelike fermented lamb tallowthat challenges even the most adventurous palate.



7 Signs You Are Becoming The Person You Are Destined To Be Awareness Act

How often have you caught yourself being told Hey? Youve changed so much. What happened?

You are not the same person you were a year back. You arent going to be the same a year later either. A famous quote by Heraclitus says: The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change. Some changes are intentional, whereas some are a result of experiences. Either which way you win or you learn.

Youre Not Perfect

You are comfortable in your own skin. You start accepting your faults without having to fight your defensive mechanism. Criticisms at this stage of your life only help you become better. You are no longer the person who gets offended when corrected. You stop being angry at yourself for not being able to do certain things and instead choose to better yourself at things that have your interest and are passionate about.

You Know Sadness

On some days you wont be at your best. And probably because of your strong and picky mentality you wont vent out. On days like these, youre going to be your own Savior and hold your own hand. Were all humans at the end of the day, and in spite of placing everything in order, something will fall out. Its a part of life and you totally accept it.

You Dont Trust As Easily As You Used To

You are no longer an open book. Not everyone can read you as and when they want to. You keep your crowd small and the application forms for gaining your trust are rarely available. You take your own time to understand a person and whether or not they are worthy of your trust. And if a person hangs around in spite of the long wait, you know you can rest your crown in front of them.

You Dont Mind Being Alone

Even though you dont fancy being lonely, being alone is no scarier to you. You start realizing that you have fewer people who have the same vibe as you and in spite of being a part of the same game; we all are on different levels. But most importantly, you understand the value of saving and protecting your peace and energy. You are no longer willing to spend yourself on people who dont bring enough to the table. You are en route to becoming your soul mate.

You Can Let Go Of Relationships...


"The Line..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart, and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. Even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained; and even in the best of all hearts, there remains a small corner of evil. It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to constrict it within each person.
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Fantastic shapes lurk in clouds of glowing gas in the giant star forming region NGC 6188. The emission nebula is found about 4,000 light years away near the edge of a large molecular cloud unseen at visible wavelengths, in the southern constellation Ara. Massive, young stars of the embedded Ara OB1 association were formed in that region only a few million years ago, sculpting the dark shapes and powering the nebular glow with stellar winds and intense ultraviolet radiation. 
Click image for larger size.
The recent star formation itself was likely triggered by winds and supernova explosions, from previous generations of massive stars, that swept up and compressed the molecular gas. Joining NGC 6188 on this cosmic canvas, visible toward the lower right, is rare emission nebula NGC 6164, also created by one of the region's massive O-type stars. Similar in appearance to many planetary nebulae, NGC 6164's striking, symmetric gaseous shroud and faint halo surround its bright central star near the bottom edge. The impressively wide field of view spans over 3 degrees (six full Moons), corresponding to over 200 light years at the estimated distance of NGC 6188. Three image sets have been included in the featured composite.


TSA Robs American of his Life Savings of $58,100 who was Taking Cash Back to Albania Armstrong Economics


The latest in Civil Asset Forfeiture has once again demonstrated how corrupt the government has become. Rustem Kazazi, who is an American citizen, was simply flying to Albania where he was from to repair a home he still owned there.  He had $58,100 in cash in his carry on luggage. When he ran it through the x-ray machine TSA saw the cash and pulled him off to a private room. After strip searching him, they simply stole all his money which was his life savings.

The banking system is not very reliable in Albania so he was trying to take cash instead. What he failed to realize is that the TSA is far more reliable. They will keep CASH for themselves which goes to their budget and pensions if it is more than $10,000. They do not tell you in advance that you cannot take cash when you leave. They always ask how much cash you have when you return. The TSA has become the new highway robbers of all time.

DO NOT get on a plane with cash even for domestic flights. They will take it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chet Raymo, In A Dark Time... Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

In A Dark Time...
by Chet Raymo

I've quoted a few of these lines before, from a poem by Charles Simic:

"It's like fishing in the dark.
Our thoughts are the hooks,
Our heart the raw bait.
We cast the line past all believing
Into the night sky


Supply v Demand-Side Economic & What is Never Discussed Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: Usury, first the Fed starves we savers for return for 18 years with their zero percent interest rates and gave us two giant stock market crashes in that intervening period.
The lack of return caused us to cannibalize our savings and trillions of savings lost thru the stock market crashes and ditto home equity. Then property taxes explode.
Now even the cost of funds is still at historic lows credit card rates move from 8/9% to 12% in a matter of months.

What are Grandma and Grandpa to do? Knowing what the Feds original charter was is not an answer because they have become the master manipulator for the wealth transfer from the people to their greedy cohorts.

Have followed your public work since well before your legal problems and greatly appreciate your cycle work but the wealth transfer must stop and some jail sentences applied and claw back enacted.

Or is the wealth transfer already accomplished and the taxpayer/consumer left holding the bag?
Martin, thank you for your efforts.



REPLY: I fully agree. This is the battle between Demand v Supply-side Economics. This age of New Economics that was ushered in by Marx and Keynes, justified that government had the power to manipulate society to achieve their goals. The idea of raising and lowering interest rates to influence demand has utterly failed. The 800-pound gorilla in the room is the $200 trillion+ of sovereign debt around the world. Demand-Side Economics cannot possibly work when the biggest debtor is government and the raising of interest rates only increases their deficits that come back as tax increases reducing the net wealth of the people and lowering economic growth.

This is why we are headed into a Crash & Burn. There is no other outcome possible. Government is crowding out the private sector so the annual rate of economic growth has steadily declined. The transfer of wealth is not between the RICH v the POOR. It is between Government v the People. They point the finger at the inequality of income is growing. But this is not wages, it is that assets will always rise against the currency in progressive economic declines. They will point to that gap as the problem. But states like Illinois and California have...


How the Socialists Keep the Poor Poor Armstrong Economics

Everyone knows I donated my time to try to reform Social Security and privatize it back in the 90s. I was even shuttling between the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, Bill Archer, and the House Majority Leader Dick Army. I argued for the privatization of Social Security to allow it to become a wealth fund allowing it to invest in equities.

The Dow Jones Industrials recently broke through the 4,000 level. The greatest obstacle was the Democrats. I had laid out the structure that we allocate money according to the track record of the manager. I was doing this because I had no interest in managing the money of this nature. The Democrats wanted to replace the fund managers at will when they retook the majority. I explained that this decision should not be political. I did not care if the fund manager voted Democrat or Republican. That just never sunk in.

The Democrats painted this private investment as risky and they would vote against it. So Social Security invests 100% in government bonds. Lets see. The Fed lowered the interest rates to stimulate the economy. The net effect is that Social Security is simply a slush fund with no possible economic growth. The loss has come at the opportunity risk of leaving the money in bonds.

Had Social Security simply become a wealth fund as so many nations around the world have adopted, it would NOT be in danger of a financial crisis today. This is the result of the Democrats who always want to strangely keep the poor poor and punish the rich. They talk about income inequality and portray this as unfair. Yet, the ve...


"What's the Malthusian Premise?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"What's the Malthusian Premise?"
by William Harris

"For many natural scientists, 1859 marks the beginning of the modern era of biology. That's the year Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species," the book that spelled out the theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin is such a cultural icon and so closely identified with evolution that it's easy to think that he arrived at his theories in a vacuum. In reality, the father of modern biology was influenced by Thomas Malthus, who published "An Essay on the Principle of Population" in 1798. In fact, it might be said that "The Origin of Species" owes its existence to Malthus and the controversial idea at the heart of his essay.

Before we delve into this idea, we should cover how Malthus, an English economist, came to write his essay. One of the great concerns of 18th and 19th century England was the decline of living conditions, especially in cities such as London and Manchester, where poor laborers lived in slums with inadequate housing and sanitation. As people poured into urban areas, social reformers began discussing the scientific and philosophic aspects of population growth. One such reformer was William Godwin, who wrot...


The Real Story Of The Dreamcatcher And How They Effect The Way You Sleep Awareness Act

The nations indigenous to the United States have legends and traditions dating back thousands of years. These legends, much like any other culture, tell stories of how the world was created, purposes of plants and vegetation, how men and women came to be and other aspects of history and geological changes.

There were also legends of the spirit world and the deepest recesses of the mind which was thought by some to play out in a persons dreams. These dreams, while believed to be revealing in nature, could be affected by the energy in the area that was slept in. The Ojibwe nation created what is now known as dreamcatchers.

These hoops entwined with thin rope or netting into a web or snare, were thought to change the very energy of a room by trapping everything negative within the weaving.

In the last fifty years, the tradition of the dream-catcher has been adopted by many Native American tribes, however, the first ones were exclusive to the Ojibwe. They were indigenous as far north as Ontario Canada and states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota.

The popular spider web dreamcatcher is very close to the designs of the first ones. They can be as small as 3 1/2 inches across and are best made with the brightly colored red willow that is collected from the first days of spring or dogwood. Sinew (animal tissue) was used by many for the thread in the original dream-catchers, as well as nettle-stalk fiber.

In the original spider web dreamcatcher, the willow is made into a circle. The willow from early spring is softer and more pliable, and can easily be formed. Once the circle is dried, sinew or nettle fibers are tied at seven points of the circle, representing the seven prophecies attributed to Asibikaashi, or the great spider.

These seven rays meet in the center where, in some of the early dreamcatchers, a stone is placed representing Asibikaashi. Within the seven rays, eight strands are interwoven that represent the eight legs of the spider. The result looks very much like a spider web.

These were hung over peoples beds, with special care given to the dream-catchers of infants.

Legends and Stories of Dreamcatchers

In time, as other Native American tribes adopted the tradition of dream-catchers, the legends and stories behind their origin would vary. In the Ojibwe legends, the dream-catchers served to catch any negative energies that were in the room and the dreams of those who slept there would be good ones.

In oth...


Trump "War Games" Announcement Shocks South Korea, US Military Forces BlackListed News

In what was perhaps the most surprising announcement to emerge from today's Trump-Kim summit, president Trump agreed to suspend military exercises with South Korea in return for a commitment to denuclearisation from North Korea. As we reported earlier, Trump said the war games were expensive and very provocative, and yet stopping them has been called a "major concession", something the US has previously rejected as non-negotiable on the grounds that the exercises are a key element of its military alliance with Seoul, and maintaining a deterrent against North Korea. In return, Trump said Kim had agreed in a joint statement to reassert his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

LSD and DMT Caused the Brain to Form New Connections in Flies and Rats BlackListed News

The affects of psychedelic drugs on neurite density is a promising sign that they may be useful in treating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. In a new study published today in Cell Reports, researchers at the University of California, Davis, administered LSD, DMT, and other psychedelic drugs to flies and rats and found that many of these substancesparticularly LSDresulted in neurons forming more synapse connections in the animals brains. These results are particularly encouraging because they suggest that psychedelics, or substances like them, may be quite effective in treating depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Rose McGowan Indicted on Felony Count of Cocaine Possession BlackListed News

Rose McGowan is facing more legal troubles after her arrest in November. The actress was indicted by a grand jury on Monday for possession of a controlled substance, according to online court records in Loudoun County, Virginia. McGowans attorney, Jose Baez tells PEOPLE, Rose steadfastly maintains her innocence. These charges would have never been brought if it werent for her activism as a voice for women everywhere.

Libya "Before And After" Photos Go Viral BlackListed News

A Libyan man who took photos of himself posing at various spots across Beghazi in 2000 has revisited the same locations 18 years later to photograph life under the new "NATO liberated" Libya. The "before and after" pics showing the utter devastation of post-Gaddafi Libya have gone viral , garnering 50,000 retweets after they were posted to an account that features historical images of Libya under Gaddafis rule between 1969 and 2011.

Bugs Allowed Hackers to Make Malware Look Like Apple Software BlackListed News

For years, hackers could hide malware alongside legitimate Apple code and sneak it past several popular third-party security products for Mac computers, according to new research. This is not a flaw in MacOS but an issue in how third-party security tools implemented Apples APIs. A researcher from security firm Okta found that several security products for Macincluding Little Snitch, xFence, and Facebooks OSquerycould be tricked into believing malware was Apple code, and let it past their defenses.

Israel to pay $16.7m settlers after demolishing their illegal homes BlackListed News

Israel will pay 60 million shekels ($16.7 million) in compensation to illegal settler families whose houses are being demolished today. Fifteen buildings in the illegal Israeli settlement of Netiv HaAvot, south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, are due to be demolished by the Israeli government because they are built on private Palestinian land. The structures will be rebuilt nearby on land that is not privately owned but still within the occupied West Bank.

70+ Internet Luminaries Ring the Alarm on EU Copyright Filtering Proposal BlackListed News

As Europe's latest copyright proposal heads to a critical vote on June 20-21, more than 70 Internet and computing luminaries have spoken out against a dangerous provision, Article 13, that would require Internet platforms to automatically filter uploaded content. The group, which includes Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, the inventor of the World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the Mozilla Project Mitchell Baker, Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle, cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, and net neutrality expert Tim Wu, wrote in a joint letter that was released today.

New asteroid gold rush could earn everyone on Earth 75 billion BlackListed News

Thats what bankers Goldman Sachs reckon, anyway and several companies are now vying to be the first into space. NASA estimates that the total value of asteroids out there could be up to $700 quintillion equivalent to 75 billion each for us here on Earth. Several companies are now buidling the machines which will take us there including Deep Space Industries, which is building a steam-powered thruster for spacecraft, the Guardian reports.

Saudi Oil Production Jumps In June Despite Drop In Oil Demand: OPEC BlackListed News

It will probably not come as a surprise that at a time when both Trump, and Saudi Arabia, are pressing OPEC to reverse the 1.5 year long OPEC agreement and pump more oil so US gasoline prices dont soar in the summer months, that according to the just released monthly report from the cartel, total OPEC production rose by 35.4kb/d to 31.869mmb/d mostly thanks to Saudi output rising by 85.5kb/d (according to secondary) sources to 9.987mmb/d and up a whopping 161.4kb/d as per direct communication, and back over 10 million barrels.

Oklahoma man free after 26 years as murder conviction dismissed BlackListed News

Johnny Edward Tallbear of Oklahoma City, who spent over 26 years behind bars on a first-degree murder conviction, has been released after a new test of the DNA evidence led to the dismissal of the case against him... Ive been saying for more than two decades that I didnt have anything to do with this horrible crime. Ive always known that Im innocent and now the DNA has proved it, said Tallbear, as cited by the Innocence Project, which facilitated the new testing.

STAR WARS? Russia building laser cannon capable of blasting targets in space BlackListed News

Russian space agency Roscosmos is working on a secret plan to produce a laser capable of destroying space debris according to multiple different reports. According to RT, the directed energy weapon will come in the form of a three-meter laser cannon based on a massive telescope, which will produce a solid state laser that can destroy space debris before it harms orbiting spacecraft and satellites Sputnik quotes the developers as saying: The scientists intend to use the massive soon-to-be-built telescope at the Altay Optical-Laser Center and convert it into a laser cannon. The device is expected to be powered by a solid-state generator, though the project team has yet to choose which model to use.

Teachers reportedly fearful after MS-13 infiltrates Maryland school BlackListed News

The violent gang MS-13 has infiltrated a predominantly Hispanic school in Maryland, bringing terror and the campaign to recruit young students, with teachers calling the situation a ticking time bomb. William Wirt Middle School in Riverdale has reportedly become a battleground after the gang established its presence at the school. Fighting, drug dealing, pro-MS-13 graffiti and attempts to recruit immigrant children from Central America have become an everyday occurrence, The Washington Post reported.

Big Brother Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps A Watchful Eye On Protesters BlackListed News

Even before thousands of demonstrators gathered in downtown Chicago to speak out against President Donald Trumps inauguration last year, city police were watching. Recently released police and city records show that officers combed through social media posts and opened a formal information-gathering investigation into the protesters.

What Could Go Wrong? U.S. Army Planning to Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots on Battlefield by 2028 BlackListed News

United States Army Secretary Mark Esper recently revealed that the military has a strategic vision of utilizing autonomous and semi-autonomous unmanned vehicles on the battlefield by 2028. I think robotics has the potential of fundamentally changing the character of warfare. And I think whoever gets there first will have a unique advantage on the modern battlefield, Esper said during a Brookings Institute event.

Will Bilderberg Still Be Relevant As The Future Of War Is Transformed? BlackListed News

This years Bilderberg summit is a council of war. On the agenda: Russia and Iran. In the conference room: the secretary general of Nato, the German defence minister, and the director of the French foreign intelligence service, DGSE. They are joined in Turin, Italy, by a slew of academic strategists and military theorists, but for those countries in geopolitical hotspots there is nothing theoretical about these talks. Not when the prime ministers of Estonia and Serbia are discussing Russia, or Turkeys deputy PM is talking about Iran.

Pepe Escobar: Putin & Xi Top The G6+1 BlackListed News

All hell broke loose at the G6+1, aka G7, while the China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) aimed at global integration and a peaceful multipolar order...

Here Is The Full Text Of The Letter Signed By Trump And Kim BlackListed News

There was some confusion in the immediate aftermath of the signing of a letter by President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to commemorate the conclusion of the historic Singapore summit, for the simple reason that nobody knew what was in the letter, and analysts were forced to extract its contents from photos...


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Thorndale, Texas, USA. Thanks for stopping by!


"Stop Waiting for Permission: Do What You've Been Resisting" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

 "Stop Waiting for Permission: Do What You've Been Resisting" 
by Robert Pagliarini

Whose permission do you need? Really, it's not a trick question. Who needs to give you the nod of approval before you can start a business, start dating after a bitter divorce, or write the book you've been talking about for the past nine years? Whose approval are you desperately seeking? Your spouse, a boss, friend, or expert in your field? Unless you're six years old, you don't need anyone's permission to create a better, fuller, richer life for yourself. Of course, it doesn't always feel that way. Someone has to tell you you're good enough and smart enough, right?

Well, no actually. We cling to the (irrational) belief that we require approval before we can achieve because it's safe. It gives you a fabulous excuse. You can tell others, and more importantly, yourself, that it's out of your hands. It can help you sleep because it gives you the illusion that you're not in control. And if you're not in control, it's not your fault. But if you want to do more than sleep well and want to start living well, you need to make a decision. Are you going to put your success and happiness in your hands or someone else's?

This message hit home for me last week. I presented to a roomful of actors and artists at a Screen Actors Guild event. Talk about an industry built on the need for approval. If you're an actor, you need a casting director to tell you you're good enough. If you're a musician, you need a record label to give you...


'Free Tommy' riot breaks out in London, UK press pretty much ignores the whole story Signs of the Times

The UK press have been quick to hype threats posed by Russian football hooligans, but over the weekend they were more subdued in their reporting of the riot that broke out at Saturday's 'Free Tommy' march in London. The right-wing and nationalist protesters descended on London in the name of free speech. They were instigated by the arrest of self-styled independent journalist Tommy Robinson, who was recently sentenced to ten months in prison when he put the trial of a grooming gang at risk, violating his parole. They called on supporters of the one-time English Defense League leader to "stand up for free speech," against "this dictatorship they call a government", according to the campaign's next event page. And they got it. With thousands of St. George's cross and Union Jack flag waving supporters turning up in central London for the cause.


Kilauea volcano causes magnetic field to go in opposite direction, sends compasses going in crazy directions Signs of the Times

MOUNT Kilauea, Hawaii's erupting volcano, has a magnetic field which flows in the OPPOSITE direction to the rest of the planet, scientists have discovered. The bizarre finding, which sends compasses into an uncontrollable spin, had scientists baffled - while locals linked it to Hawaiian folklore which attaches deep spiritual significance to the massive volcano which is almost one million years old. But now the reason for the magnetic volte-face has been explained - and it's even more mind-blowing. According to geologists the molten rock below the Mount Kilauea caldera contains vast amounts of iron and is effectively a sea of floating magnets. About 780,000 years ago the rock cooled and simultaneously the Earth's magnetic field inexplicably FLIPPED - the South Pole became the North and the North Pole became the South.


It started with an historic handshake: Kim, Trump face-to-face at Singapore summit Signs of the Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump have arrived at the summit venue Singapore. The historic first meeting of the two leaders will discuss a peace treaty and denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Kim arrived first at the Capella Resort, on Singapore's Sentosa Island, shortly before 9 am local time. He ignored the cameras, walking into the hotel with eyeglasses in hand. Trump followed a few minutes later, turning to face the cameras with a carefully neutral expression before he entered the venue. The historic handshake of the two leaders before a row of US and North Korean flags took place at 9:04. Trump smiled and patted Kim on the back, ushering him towards the conference room. Trump said earlier he would know whether the summit would succeed within the first few minutes of meeting with Kim.


His Phone Shows Ads Based on Conversations It Hears Humans Are Free

While social media companies have spent years denying that their apps are recording your private conversations, the truth is finally coming out.

by John Vibes

For years, smartphone users have been growing increasingly suspicious that their devices are listening to them to feed them advertisements and to enhance their experience on third-party apps.

Companies like Google and Facebook have consistently denied these claims, saying that targeted ads and messages are merely a coincidence, and that data for these services are taken in other ways.

Read Entire Article


Social justice lunacy: 3 recent stories that will make you say "What The Heck!?" Signs of the Times

The Social Justice movement has elicited laughter, confusion and concern over the years. Their beliefs are so absurd that sometimes it's hard to tell if they are being serious. Unfortunately for sane people, SJW lunacy is now spreading like a virus throughout Western culture. This week has been jam-packed with some of the most ridiculous SJW-inspired news that I have seen in a while, and that's really saying something. Google Vegan Emoji To start off the freak show, take a look at the tweet below from a Google employee that is responsible for designing emojis. Google's cultish quest for "diversity" and "inclusion" has led them to devote time and resources to make sure emojis are politically correct. Apparently, they are so committed to inclusion that they went out of their way to remove an egg from the salad emoji to please the 3% of the population that is vegan. Maybe Google is just afraid of vegan backlash. Vegans can be a hateful group when someone doesn't properly accommodate their beliefs.


The dark side to emotional intelligence - and how to protect yourself Signs of the Times

When Daniel Goleman published the book Emotional Intelligence in 1995, few had heard of the term. In academic circles, it was a new concept - a theory formed by two psychologists, John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey, that posited that just as people have a wide range of intellectual abilities, they also have a wide range of emotional skills that profoundly affect their thinking and actions. Fast forward to today. You'll find references to emotional intelligence just about everywhere, most of them positive: how emotional intelligence can make you a better leader, a better employee or even a better spouse or parent. What you don't see very often are references to the negative aspects of emotional intelligence. But it's important to remember that emotional intelligence, much like "traditional" intelligence, is not inherently virtuous. It's a tool.


The 7 Zodiac Signs That Will Not Hesitate To Cut You Out Of Their Lives Awareness Act

Some of us handle drama and problems better than others but none of us should be putting up with it period. Life is a lot more complicated than you might think it is.

When it comes to people who are willing to cut others out of their lives or go out of their way to really nip drama in the butt seven of the twelve signs know what they are doing. Dont get me wrong, sometimes there are exceptions to this kind of thing but for the most part, these signs will ghost those who do them wrong without a second thought. People who are causing problems and holding us back dont deserve a place in our lives anyway.

Below I am going to go over these seven signs and how or why they might cut someone out of their lives. Even if your sign doesnt make the list you should take these things as advice for how you should be. Sometimes people need to be cut out of our lives with good reason.

The 7 Zodiac Signs That Will Not Hesitate to Cut You Out of Their Lives:


The Aries is not about to waste his or her time. They are a very driven sign and they work much harder than most other people. If you do anything to really betray them they will not let you stick around, they will cut ties big time.


The Taurus is a very real sign, they are not going to put up with people taking advantage of them. If you try to manipulate them or hold them back they will not hesitate to cut ties. They will go out of their way to make sure every shred of your presence has been removed.


Virgos will really put up with a lot more than most other signs will. They will keep letting you walk all over them until they have truly had enough. Once they have had enough they will let you know why they arent going to fuck with you anymore. Rightfully so, once they realize what is going on they do not give things a second thought.


Leos will really go above and beyond for the people in their lives. The only reason a Leo will cut you out of his or her life is because you are being a bad influence and dragging them down. While they can be a bit shallow and sometimes they might be wrong in what they do, they try their best to strive for more and if you cant keep up they arent going to waste their time.


Scorpios will really do all that they can for you until you show them that you are disloyal. Loyalty is a very important thing for the Scorpio. This kind of thing is why the Scorpio keeps his or her group of friends relatively small. Trust and honesty matter to the Scorpio, they will not hesitate to cut ties if you give them a reason to not trust you.


If you are rude to the Aquarius or you make them feel like you are taking advantage of them they will cut ties. They will not let you act like you are better than them. If they think you are wasting their time they will jump ship and cut ties, you will never hear from...


11 Traits Of An Empath Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Awareness Act

While highly sensitive people and empaths are often thought of as the same thing, they are not necessarily that. While an empath can also be a HSP and vice versa they should not be terms used interchangeably.

For those who might not quite know the difference, a HSP is someone who struggles to process things they sense. They are sensitive in more ways than other people and the way they respond to things is much different. While a loud noise might not bother you, to them it could be almost the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. This is a bit different from the empath as the empath is able to take on the emotions of others as his or her own.

Empaths are sensitive to an extent because of their ability to really feel emotions and energies. The HSP might not necessarily be sensing an energy but just being off-placed because of the way their body or mind is responding to something. The differences can be a bit confusing but I think you get the gist.

That all aside these two are very similar in traits. Below I am going to go over some of the things they have in common with each other. This should help you to better understand the misconception behind them and why so many assume they are the same thing.

11 Traits Of An Empth:

1. They can read other people quite well.

Both of these kinds of people are usually pretty good at judging the character of others. They can pick up on a lot of things that most of us cannot. If you are a HSP or an empath you are more than aware of this.

2. They need time to recharge.

Both of these are kinds of people who need alone time. They tend to need more alone time than most other people. They use their alone time to recharge and really get themselves back to normal.

3. They are pretty damn creative.

Both of these kinds of people tend to be very creative. You would be surprised what kinds of things come from them. They are much more imaginative than most other individuals.

4. They avoid conflict.

Conflict is not something these people look for. They avoid it like the plague. When it comes to confronting them about things they will be quick to try and sort things out.

5. They are more drawn to animals and connect deeply with them.

Both of these kinds of people are very connected with animals. When they go to a party you will find them sitting in the corner loving on the dog or the cat, they are much more comfortable with animals. They see them as innocent and really understand them better than most other people.

6. They are uncomfortable in large crowds or groups.

Both of these kinds of people are not people who do...


How Fascist Loot Funded US Anti-Communism Dissident Voice

In Gold Warriors, by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, the authors reveal one of the most shocking secrets of the 20th century. It is the story of the vast treasure Japan managed to loot across Asia, today worth billions or even trillions of dollars, the concealment of it in hundreds of sites, and the secret recovery of much of it by what would become Americas Central intelligence Agency. America helped Japan cover up this vast fortune, fooling the world into believing Japan was bankrupt after the war and was unable to pay reparations for their mass murder and material damage.

Most of Japans vast stolen fortune would remain in the hands of imperialist war criminals, and would for decades be used to prop up Japans corrupt one party democracy ruled by the Liberal Democratic Party, with the CIA and the Yakuza pulling the strings behind the scenes. It would be controlled by men like Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy through their Black Eagle Trust, which managed both Japanese and Nazi War loot. The Gold would be deposited in the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, Union Banque Suisse (UBS) in Switzerland, Citibank, HSBC and other major banks who often stole it for themselves.  The gold was also used to manipulate the global economy, finance assassinations and covert ops, bribe politicians, and finance right wing political movements like the John Birch Society domestically.

Gold Warriors tells a compelling tale of secrecy, greed, treachery, murder and lies. The book offers a window into the vast and mysterious world of offshore banking and the Gold Cartel. The authors estimate that today, the ultra-rich are hoarding over 23 trillion dollars, mostly in offshore bank accounts. Meanwhile around the world, health and education are being cut, poverty and homelessness are on the rise, and the rest of us are constantly told to tighten our belts.

The Seagraves destroy the myth that America reformed Japan after the war, revealing the shocking story of the MacArthur occupation and its alliance with fascists along with Japans ruthless imperial family and their huge corporate backers like Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki and Sumitomo. They used this loot to finance Japans postwar recovery and meteoric rise. Companies that have since become household names made their fortunes through looting Asia and employing slave labor, including that of American POWS. When the survivors tried to sue for reparations, State Department officials like Tom Foley with corrupt ties to these Japanese...


Singapore: Kim Jong-un and Trump arrive to discuss permanent peace-keeping plan Signs of the Times

Donald Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, have arrived in Singapore two days before a historic summit over the fate of North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. North Korea's state media said on Monday the pair would discuss a "permanent and durable peace-keeping mechanism" on the Korean peninsula, denuclearisation of the peninsula and other issues of mutual concern. The report by Korean Central News Agency said Kim was accompanied by his foreign minister Ri Yong-ho, defence minister No Kwang-chol and sister Kim Yo-jong. The US president traveled on Air Force One, which landed at Paya Lebar airbase where he was greeted by the Singapore foreign minister, Vivian Balakrishnan. The trip follows a tumultuous G7 meeting in Canada, where Trump personally attacked the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau and refused to sign a previously agreed joint communique. Kim arrived at Changi airport several hours earlier onboard a commercial Air China plane, after intense speculation with the public tracking three separate aircraft leaving Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.


I Ate One Meal A Day For 30 Days And Heres What Happened Awareness Act

We hear a lot about the different diet fads going around but have you ever heard of the one meal a day diet? This diet consists of exactly what you might assume, eating just one meal each day.

This diet is a form of intermittent fasting that involves going for seemingly long periods of time without eating or drinking anything with calories. That meaning outside of your one meal you would only be drinking water. You spend 23 hours of the day fasting and just one hour of the day eating, drinking and overall consuming calories period.

Depending on the variation of this diet you choose to try out you could eat anything you want or specifically more healthy meals. On the surface this kind of a diet would be ideal, right? You dont have to count calories or wait for cheat days. This kind of thing has been proven to help reduce weight in those with type 2 diabetes and help lower the blood sugar of many.

With that being said, this kind of a diet might not be good for everyone. There are some risks that could come with it. If you have any kind of underlying medical condition you might need to avoid it, for instance, if you are hypoglycemic and need to eat regularly to avoid health issues. People who begin this diet tend to report feeling weak, irritable, and hungry for the first few days or first week in general.

Personally, I think that it could be a great thing if done correctly and partnered with the right amount of working out. When you eat one meal a day you are free to eat different things and end up reducing your appetite after a few days. This makes sense as it has been said time and time again that fasting shrinks your stomach.

One of the biggest problems I have seen with a lot of people is keeping the weight off once they stop their diet. This is because most people dont realize that they need to ease themselves back into eating three meals a day and should not binge. If you do take the proper when going back to normal eating you can keep the weight off.

I recently came across a video going over someones progress with a mere 30 days of the OMAD diet and they seem to have had quite a positive experience with it. You can check out that video below and let us know what you think. Would you ever give this diet a try? I for one think it might be exactly what I need in my life.


"Since When..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to 
authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us?
- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
 - Albert Einstein


Evidence Suggesting David Icke Is Actually Right About Reptilian Aliens Humans Are Free

Probably one of the most challenging conspiracy theories of the past 30 years for people to digest is that of David Ickes theory that reptilian ETs are mixed in with the elite of our planet and have influence over how it is run. 

by Arjun Walia

To be fair, this theory doesnt belong to David but was simply popularized by him.

I challenge you to continue reading this with an open mind, you will be surprised as to how deep this actually goes. For the record, no Im not going to be talking about silly YouTube videos or photoshopped images showing reptile eyes belonging to the elite. Were only going to look at very real evidence anyone can verify.

Read Entire Article


The Democrats Out-Right the Right on North Korean Summit Dissident Voice

If more proof was needed to persuade anyone that the Democrats are indeed a war party, it was provided when Senator Chuck Schumer and other Democrat leaders in the Senate engaged in a cynical stunt to stake out a position to the right of John Bolton on the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

The Democrats asserted that the planned summit could only be judged successful if the North Koreans agreed to dismantle and remove all their nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, end all production and enrichment of uranium, dismantle its nuclear weapons infrastructure, and suspend ballistic missile tests.

Those demands would constitute an unconditional surrender on the part of the North Korean leadership and will not happen, and the Democrats know it.

But as problematic as those demands are, here is the real problem that again demonstrates the bi-partisan commitment to war that has been at the center of U.S. imperial policies: If these are the outcomes that must be achieved for the meeting to be judged a success, not only does it raise the bar beyond the level any serious person believes possible, it gives the Trump administration the ideological cover to move toward war. The inevitable failure to force the North Koreans to surrender essentially forecloses all other options other than military conflict.

This is a reckless and cynical game that provides more proof that neither party has the maturity and foresight to lead.

Both capitalist parties support the use and deployment of militarism, repression and war, but somehow even though the historic record reveals the opposite the Democratic party has managed to be perceived as less likely to support the war agenda than Republicans. That perception must be challenged directly.

The Democrats have had a long and sordid history connected to North Korea, and every other imperialist war that the U.S. has waged since the end of the Second World War. It was the policies of Democrat president Truman that divided the Korean peninsula and led to the brutal colonial war waged by U.S. forces. Conflict with Korea was valuable for Truman and his party advisors who were committed to re-militarizing the U.S. economy, and they needed the justification that the Korean war gave them. Truman tripled the military budget and established the framework for the network of U.S foreign bases that would eventually cover the world over the next few decades.

The bipartisan commitment to full spectrum dominance continues with no real opposition from the Democratic party-connected resistance. Even the Poor Peoples Campaign (PPC) that was launched in May and purports to be an independent moral movement still dances around the issue of naming the parties and interests responsible for the moral failures of the U.S.

On the other hand, the Revolutionary Action Committee, the S...


X22 Report, IMF, The Global Economic Outlook Is Getting Darker And Darker; Gregory Mannarino Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

X22 Report, IMF, The Global Economic Outlook Is Getting Darker And Darker
Gregory Mannarino, 6/11/18. Post Market Wrap Up, Important Updates
CNN Market Data:

CNN Fear And Greed Index:


Director Ridley Scott launches the Ridley Scott Creative Group Fast Company

The award-winning filmmaker is consolidating RSA Films with other businesses like 3AM and Black Dog Films, all under one roof.

Award-winning director Ridley Scott is consolidating his collection of film companies and marketing firms under one roof, the Ridley Scott Creative Group. Along with Scotts legendary TV and film production company Scott Free (Gladiator, The Martian, The Good Wife), the new parent company will include commercial production company RSA Films, which has been behind ads such as Apples iconic 1984 ad,  and more recently, Adidas Originals Original Is Never Finished campaign, as well as content for brands like Johnnie Walker, HBO, Ford, Nike, and more. It will also include music video production company Black Dog Films, which has done work with Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Beyonc, Coldplay, Bjrk, and Radiohead; entertainment marketing company 3AM, honored this year as one of Fast Companys Most Innovative Companies in Advertising and Marketing; commercial production company Hey Wonderful; and newly founded U.K. commercial production company Darling Films.

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18 Gmail settings that will change how you think about your inbox Fast Company

Make your inbox more efficient and effective with these easily overlooked options.

When it comes to managing email, you need every advantage you can get.

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What Could Go Wrong? U.S. Army Planning to Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots on Battlefield by 2028 Activist Post

By Jay Syrmopoulos Washington, D.C. United States Army Secretary Mark Esper recently revealed that the military has a strategic vision of utilizing autonomous and...


The great Polish land grab RSS feed from

08 Jun 2018 | ARC 2020Land prices have increased dramatically and despite a moratorium on foreign land purchasing, foreign entities have found a way to buy land. Polish farmers are despairing and protesting en masse.


Argentina, Ro Negro: Tierras, Justicia y autonoma nacional RSS feed from

08 Jun 2018 | Ro NegroLa modificacin de la ley de Tierras que realiz Mauricio Macri facilitando la compra de tierras a extranjeros va en consonancia con su poltica de liberalizacin y apertura que destruye a ritmos alarmantes la produccin nacional y el tejido social de empleo y seguridad social.


Argentina: La extranjerizacin del territorio y la soberana RSS feed from

08 Jun 2018 | Ro NegroValiosas propiedades rurales estn hoy en manos de pocas firmas extranjeras. La ley 26737 fij un lmite, pero tiene falencias. Un fallo orden investigar varias ventas de tierras rionegrinas.


ERA/FoEN's RSPO certification claims spurious, libelousOkomu Oil RSS feed from

09 Jun 2018 | Business PostThe management of Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc has reacted to an allegation made against it by ERA/FoEN, alleging that the company had been parading a Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certificate.


President Trumps Foreign Policy is Awesome: Were America, Bitch Shenandoah

by John Galt
June 11, 2018 19:40 ET

The message from President Trump at the G7 this weekend was short, crisp, direct, and way past due:

We dont need you, you need us. Fix this mess youve made or suck on it.

(or words to that effect)

Americans are tired.

We are tired of fighting and dying on foreign soils while wealthy nations like Germany send scant remnants of what was once a powerful and feared military (post World War II that is) and wont even pay for their own defense responsibilities within the NATO treaty.

We are tired of the lack of respect not just for our nation abroad, but the disrespect being directed towards our citizens as we give their nations hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars, in some cases billions, yet we are expected to do this while they attack our nation and its citizens.

We are tired of getting involved in every bankster conceived conflict because...


Mozambique won't be Mato Grosso RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | Monde DiplomatiqueA popular movement centred on a small farming village in northern Mozambique has, for the moment, halted an attempt to move to cash-crop monocultures mainly for export.


L'chec des transactions foncires dans l'agriculture laisse des squelles de plus en plus dsastreuses et pnibles RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | GRAINL'anne 2017 s'est avre l'une des annes les plus mortelles pour les dfenseurs des terres. L'anne a t assez mauvaise aussi pour plusieurs accapareurs de terres.


Adquisiciones de tierra agrcola fallidas: un creciente legado de desastre y dolor RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | GRAINEl ao 2017 termin como uno de los ms fatdicos para los defensores de la tierra. Tambin fue un ao muy malo para muchos acaparadores de tierras.


Nigeria: Cross River community wants firm to pay compensation RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | BlueprintNatives of Akamkpa community in Cross River accuse Wilmar International of destroying their sources of livelihood by channeling chemical infested erosion water into their streams and farmlands.


Nigeria: Edo communities lament dearth of forest life, deforestation, others RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | GuardianResidents of Uhiele, Odighi and Odiguetue communities in Edo State have lamented the devastation of their environment and loss of livelihoods resulting from deforestation by multinational firms in the area.


Letter addressed to the Government of Senegal, G7 members state, and the African Union RSS feed from

11 Jun 2018 | CNCR et al.NAFSN in Senegal failed: Civil society calls on policy makers to put smallholder farmers at the core of strategies to address food security and nutrition.


Sessions Excludes Domestic, Gang Violence From Asylum Claims Truthdig RSS

SAN DIEGO Immigration judges generally cannot consider domestic and gang violence as grounds for asylum, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday in a ruling that could affect large numbers of Central Americans who have increasingly turned to the United States for protection.

Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-government actors will not qualify for asylum, Sessions wrote in 31-page decision. The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes such as domestic violence or gang violence or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim.

The widely expected move overruled a Board of Immigration Appeals decision in 2016 that gave asylum status to a woman from El Salvador who fled her husband. Sessions reopened the case for his review in March as the administration stepped up criticism of asylum practices.

Sessions took aim at one of five categories to qualify for asylum persecution for membership in a social group calling it inherently ambiguous. The other categories are for race, religion, nationality and political affiliation.

Domestic violence is a particularly difficult crime to prevent and prosecute, even in the United States, Sessions wrote, but its prevalence in El Salvador doesnt mean that its government was unwilling or unable to protect victims any less so than the United States.

Sessions said the woman obtained restraining orders against her husband and had him arrested at least once.

No country provides its citizens with complete security from private criminal activity, and perfect protection is not required, he wrote.

The government does not say how many asylum claims are for domestic or gang violence but their advocates said there could be tens of thousands of domestic violence cases in the current immigration court backlog.

Karen Musalo, co-counsel for the Salvadoran woman and a professor at University of California Hastings College of Law, said the decision could undermine claims of women suffering violence throughout the world, including sex trafficking.

This is not just about domestic violence, or El Salvador, or gangs, she said. This is the attorney general trying to yank us back to the dark ages of rights for women.

Sessions sent the case back to an immigration judge, whose ruling can be appealed to the Justice Departments Board of Immigration Appeals and then to a federal appeals court, Musalo said. She anticipates other cases in the pipeline may reach the appeals court first.

Fifteen former immigration judges signed a letter calling Sessions decision an affront to the rule of law.

For reasons understood only by himself, the Attorn...


Time for a Royal Commission to examine the Developers' World (We) can do better

How dare the Urban Development Institute of Australia tell the State Government that it should set housing targets for each council to cope with Melbourne's rapid population growth and then if we don't meet the targets they set we will be victimised. [1] They even specifically mentioned Boroondara and Stonnington as not pulling their weight and referred to NIMBYs. As a resident of Boroondara I can assure the Development Institute that Boroondara is being flooded with buildings to such an extent that the whole neighbourhood character is being ruined, what on earth do they want. High rise on every suburban street?

The real problem is that Melbourne is getting too many people coming to the city. Even Planning Minister Wynne is quoted as saying that Melbourne has the highest growth rate of any city in the developed world. We have been saying this for years as we see it's livability being wrecked. People all across Melbourne are complaining as they see their areas being overcrowded and over developed. The Federal Government must reduce immigration - tell them we are full to bursting. Do they want to turn us into a dense third world city with polluted gridlocked streets?

Many of us are saying, having watched the Royal Commission into the Banking World, that it is time for a Royal Commission to examine the Developers World.


Below is the article that caused the suggestion that we need a Royal Commission into how development is conducted in this country.


"Develop or be punished," by John Masanauskas. (Herald Sun, 2 June 2018.

A DEVELOPER lobby has called for suburbs which dont pull their weight on housing supply to be punished with less investment in infrastructure.

Urban Development Institute of Australia state CEO Danni Addison said the state government should set housing targets for each council area to cope with Melbournes rapid population growth.

That new housing stock, if delivered, should be accompanied by infrastructure investment from government, she told a UDIA event yesterday.

And if its not delivered where it should be, then investment in infrastructure in those areas should be restricted.

Developers told the event councils like Boroondara and Stonnington were not providing their share of new housing.

Ms Addison said there were politically unpalatable areas of Melbourne where growth is uncomfortable ideologically or from a posit...


Italys New Leaders Get Tough on Migrants; Rescue Ship Docks in Spain Truthdig RSS

ROME Italys new Italians first government claimed victory Monday when the Spanish prime minister offered safe harbor to a private rescue ship after Italy and Malta refused to allow it permission to disembark its 629 migrant passengers in their ports.

The Aquarius, a rescue vessel operated by aid group SOS Mediterranee, has been stuck in the Mediterranean Sea since Saturday, when Italy refused its crew permission to dock and demanded that Malta do so. Malta refused on Sunday.

Spains new Socialist prime minister, Pedro Sanchez stepped in Monday, ordering authorities in Valencia to prepare for the ships arrival.

Its our duty to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and offer a secure port for these people, Sanchez said.

Both the ship and its passengers were caught up in a political dispute that might not have happened weeks ago.

One of the coalition partners in the populist government that took over in Italy on June 1, the right-wing League, promised voters other European Union countries would be made to share the burden of caring for asylum-seekers who set out for Europe on unseaworthy smugglers boats.

Evidently it pays to raise ones voice, something Italy hasnt done as long as one can remember, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the Leagues leader, said Monday at party headquarters.

For those aboard the Aquarius, Spains offer of docking rights at the port of Valencia was welcome news, although it did not provide a quick or easy solution. By Monday evening, the ship was more than 1,400 kilometers (over 750 nautical miles) from Valencia and still awaiting formal instructions to head to Spain as weather forecasts predicted worsening conditions.

It was unclear if the days of sailing west it would take to get to Spain were feasible, SOS Mediterranee Maritime Operations Manager Antoine Laurent said. The traumatized, exhausted passengers include 120 minors, many of them traveling alone, and seven pregnant women. Several migrants had water in their lungs, suffered hypothermia or burns from a mix of boat fuel and seawater while in their traffickers boats.

Malta had food and water ferried Monday to the Aquarius, which was running out of supplies.

The situation is stable but it cannot run on forever, Laurent said.

A doctor aboard the ship, David Beversluis, said one passenger had to be revived after he was rescued.

All the survivors are exhausted and dehydrated because they spent many hours adrift in these boats, he said.

Even as the Aquarius crew grappled with the logistics, Italy vowed to block other rescue boats, including the Dutch-flagged Sea-Watch 3, another aid groups boat. Like the Aquarius, the Sea-Watch 3 rescued migrants in the waters off Libya, where human smugglers are based and asylum-hopefuls hav...


You Are The One The Universe is Moving Within You Wake Up World

June 12th, 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Great shifts of consciousness are happening out there in the field, and felt deeply within our very cells too. A Great Realignment is taking place that evolving people are experiencing in every aspect of their lives: in relationships, careers and general living circumstances. Everything is of consciousness, and so []


Say no to Article 13's censorship machine RSS feed from

From academics and journalists to parents uploading videos of their children, Article 13's upload filter would impact professional and ordinary content creators alike. The post Say no to Article 13's censorship machine appeared first on Index on Censorship.


Is There An Association Of Lyme Disease With Autism Spectrum Disorder? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich According to research and resulting protocols from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who has licenses to practice medicine in European Union...


Trump upbeat ahead of North Korea summit World News Echonetdaily

A photo made available by Singapores Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan (L) via Twitter shows him posing for a selfie with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) and Singapores Education Minister Ong Ye Kung (R) on the Jubilee bridge at the Esplanade in Singapore, 11 June 2018.

SINGAPORE, AP US President Donald Trump says his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore could work out very nicely as officials from both countries sought to narrow differences on how to end a nuclear stand-off on the Korean peninsula.

Kim, one of the worlds most reclusive leaders, made an evening tour of sites on Singapores waterfront, on the eve of the summit.

In a tweet early on Tuesday, just hours before the summit, Trump said staff-level meetings between the countries were going well and quickly but in the end, that doesnt matter. We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!

While Trump is optimistic about prospects for the summit between the old foes, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo injected a note of caution ahead of the first-ever meeting of sitting US and North Korean leaders, saying it remained to be seen whether Kim was sincere about his willingness to denuclearise.

Officials from the two sides held last-minute talks aimed at laying the groundwork for a meeting that was almost unthinkable just months ago, when the two leaders were exchanging insults and threats that raised fears of war.

Pompeo played down the possibility of a quick breakthrough and said the summit should set the framework for the hard work that will follow, insisting that North Korea had to move toward complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation.

The White House later said discussions with North Korea had moved more quickly than expected and Trump would leave Singapore on Tuesday night, after the summit. He had earlier been scheduled to leave on Wednesday.

Kim is due to leave on Tuesday afternoon.

Kim was not believed to have left his hotel since a meeting with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong soon after his arrival in the city on Sunday, but he venture...


Kaboom! Smart Phone Catches Fire Inside a Moving Vehicle Adding to Long List of Smart Devices in Flames Including Utility Smart Meters. Activist Post

By B.N. Frank On May 21, 2018 a Detroit driver had two cell phones sitting in a cupholder (Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S8) when...


Oklahoma Man Free After 26 Years as Murder Conviction Dismissed The Daily Sheeple

Johnny Edward Tallbear of Oklahoma City, who spent over 26 years behind bars on a first-degree murder conviction, has been released after a new test of the DNA evidence led to the dismissal of the case against him.

Tallbear, who is now 61, had shackles removed from his wrists and ankles in court and left the building on Monday a free man. It felt great to be out of chains, he told the journalists, adding that the first thing he wanted do after getting home was eat some decent meal.

Ive been saying for more than two decades that I didnt have anything to do with this horrible crime. Ive always known that Im innocent and now the DNA has proved it, said Tallbear, as cited by the Innocence Project, which facilitated the new testing.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater confirmed that the case was dismissed based on the DNA evidence that wasnt available at the time of trial, which went against all the other evidence that led to Tallbears conviction in 1992.

Eyewitness misidentification is a leading contributor to DNA-based exonerations, according to the Innocence Project. Since DNA was first used in an exoneration of a prisoner in 1989, more than 2,230 people have been cleared of wrongful incarceration in the US, according to the national Registry of Exonerations.


British pro-peace artist Peter Kennard exhibition Dear Kitty. Some blog

Union Mask (2003), Warhead (1986), and Broken Missiles (1980). Photo: Peter Kennard

By Len Phelan in England:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Exhibition Review: Art of protest and survival

Peter Kennards exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of CND is a potent reminder of why its message is so vital, says LEN PHELAN

Art Against War: Peter Kennard and the CND Movement
Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

THE SABRE-RATTLING over the Korean peninsula a few months ago saw the spectre of nuclear conflagration again loom into view, a vision chillingly reinforced by the hands of the Doomsday Clock the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists symbol representing the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe moving to two minutes off midnight.

So to say that this exhibition, marking the 60th anniversary of the foundation of CND, is timely is something of an understatement.

It draws together works by Peter Kennard, one of this countrys most significant political artists, who for decades has supported the campaign founded in 1958 in response to the detonation of Britains first hydrogen bomb and the housing of US nuclear weapons in this country.

His photomontages have ensured that the movement, and the striking imagery that came to represent it, have been...


The Blockade: What Happens If It Continues? New on

Venezuelan economist Luis Salas looks at the nature and makeup of the US-inspired blockade against Venezuela.


Giant African baobab trees die suddenly after thousands of years RSS feed from

Demise of four out of 13 of the ancient landmarks linked to climate change by researchersSome of Africa's oldest and biggest baobab trees have abruptly died, wholly or in part, in the past decade, according to researchers.The trees, aged between 1,100 and 2,500 years and in some cases as wide as a bus is long, may have fallen victim to climate change, the team speculated. Related: Newcastle fells more trees than any other UK council Continue reading...


Did Trudeaus Eyebrow Fall Off At The G7 Summit? Your News Wire

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed to be losing an eyebrow when speaking with reporters at the G7 Summit on Thursday. Twitter went into meltdown trying to figure out whether Trudeau was wearing fake eyebrows [...]

The post Did Trudeaus Eyebrow Fall Off At The G7 Summit? appeared first on Your News Wire.


Henry Giroux Puts a Lens on the Nightmare of Neoliberal Fascism Truthdig RSS

Is there a chance to defeat the forces of neoliberal fascism? Henry A. Giroux explains why we must understand the historical and contemporary context of fascism to understand what we are up against.

Mark Karlin: Why is it important to have an historical understanding of fascism to shed light on the age of Trump?

Henry A. Giroux: The conditions leading to fascism do not exist in some ethereal space outside of history. Nor are they fixed in a static moment in the past. As Hannah Arendt reminds us, the protean elements of fascism always run the risk of crystallizing into new forms. Historical memory is a prerequisite to the political and moral witnessing necessary to successfully counter growing fascism in the United States today. As Richard Evans, the renowned historian of modern Germany, observes, the Trump administration may not replicate all the features of Germany and Italy in the 1930s, but the legacy of fascism is important because it echoes a warning from history that cannot be dismissed. What historians such as Evans, Timothy Snyder and others have suggested is that it is crucial to examine history in order to understand what tyranny and authoritarianism look like and how we can use the past to fight against such forces. While the United States under Trump may not be an exact replica of Hitlers Germany, the mobilizing ideas, policies, passions and ruthless social practices of fascism, wrapped in the flag and discourses of racial purity, ultra-nationalism and militarism, are at the center of power in the Trump administration. When selected elements of history are suppressed and historical consciousness and memory no longer provide insights into the workings of repression, exploitation and resistance, people are easily trapped in forms of historical and social amnesia that limit their sense of perspective, their understanding of how power works and the ways in which the elements of fascism sustain themselves in different practices. Fascism is not unvarying and expresses its most fundamental attacks on democracy in different arrangements, which is all the more reason for people to develop what Timothy Snyder calls an active relationship to history in order to prevent a normalizing relationship to authoritarian regimes such as the United States under Trumps rule. Surely, a critical understanding of history would go a long way in enabling the American people to recognize the elements of a fascist discourse in much of Trumps racist tweets, speeches and policies.


Out of This World Portal Appears in Sky during Electrical Storm Something is Watching It! The Event Chronicle

June 8, 2018: A video a surfaced of a very unusual electrical storm from Gulf Shores, Alabama by Nicholas who witnessed this spectacular event. In the video you can CLEARLY see a craft observing the what looks like a portal. Thanks for watching

Special Thanks to NicholasThank you Nicholas, MrMBB333


Country Time Stands Up to Arcane Laws Against Kids Lemonade Stands The Daily Sheeple

Popular lemonade brand under Kraft Heinz, Country Time, is taking a stand for lemonade stands and pledging to help kids cover the costs of city permits when young kids end up getting their lemonade stands shut down and fined.

Around the country, kids across the country are getting busted for lemonade stands, the company said in a video posted to its official Twitter account Thursday.

Using the hashtag #SaveLemonadeStands the company stated, when life gives you arcane laws, make lemonade. The clip briefly featured what appeared to be headlines about lemonade stand-related prosecutions of the last few years.

The brand is launching a new fund called Legal-Ade, a crack team ready to straighten out lemonade stands permits and fines.

The stipulations are simple:  your kid needs to be 14 years old or younger to take part in the program.

If a lemonade stand gets shut down or ticketed by city officials for not having proper permits or licenses, Country Time said it will reimburse the cost of the fine or permit up to $300, and up to a total limit of $60,000 for 200 kids legal defenses.

In addition to the reimbursement, Country Time said it will donate $1 for every retweet that the Legal-Ade video gets on Twitter  up to $500,000 to help kids with the same issue in the future.

Life doesnt always give you lemons, but when it does, you should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal implications,...


Watching Putin's entire 4-hour Q&A with the Russian people - he even answered my question Signs of the Times

" ... a blogger wanted to know why there are virtually no electric cars in Russia. Putin explained that electric cars actually mostly run on coal, which is what's used to generate the electricity they run on, and coal is not an environmentally friendly fuel ... The blogger ... was positively shocked by this bit of non-news. Teslas burn coal, very inefficiently; I hope you already knew this." The videos in this article are short excerpts from the 4 hour marathon, to give readers a sense of what the show is like. Yesterday I spent four hours watching television. This is not something I normally do because I find the entire television medium tedious, boring and a waste of time. All television programs are, in my case, a bad idea, because I dislike being programmed. In fact, I don't even own a TV. When I need to watch something, I do so in a window on the screen of my laptop. But this was a special occasion.


Judge Spars With Justice Dept. Lawyer on Foreign Favors Suit Truthdig RSS

GREENBELT, Md. Lawyers for Maryland and the District of Columbia accused President  Trump in federal court Monday of profiting on an unprecedented scale from foreign government interests using his Washington, D.C., hotel, but a Justice Department lawyer insisted Trump isnt breaking the law because he provided no favors in return.

At issue is the Constitutions emoluments clause, which bans federal officials from accepting benefits from foreign or state governments without congressional approval. The plaintiffs argue Trumps D.C. hotel, which has become a magnet for foreign governments, harms area businesses because of the presidents financial ties to its operations. No previous case on the subject has made it this far.

This is the first oral arguments focused on the meaning of the emoluments clause in American judicial history, said Norman Eisen, chairman of the left-leaning Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, which is co-counsel with the two jurisdictions.

U.S. District Judge Peter Messitte peppered lawyers for both sides over their arguments Monday, and had a particularly pointed exchange over Justice Department lawyer Brett Shumates view that emoluments required a clear, provable quid pro quo an exchange for an official action.

Wouldnt that be bribery? Messitte countered. Another clause in the Constitution makes bribery a basis for impeachment. Are you saying that Congress could consent to bribery?

Shumate stood his ground, saying ultimately its a question for Congress to decide, whether to consent or not, adding that there needs to be corrupt intent for bribery.

But the judge pressed on, questioning whether as long as the president takes the money without a corrupt intent, then its OK?

Trump administration lawyers have argued that earnings from such business activity, including hotel room stays, dont qualify as emoluments. They have argued that under Maryland and D.C.s interpretation of an emolument, no federal official would even be able to own stock from a foreign company that provides profits or collects royalties.

Lawyers for Maryland and D.C. have maintained that no actual influence is necessary to establish an emoluments clause violation. Steven M. Sullivan, the solicitor general for Maryland, said that Trumps quid-pro-quo interpretation requires circumstances that amount to bribery or an employment contract. Sullivan added: That definition serves to protect the financial interests of Donald Trump.

So far in Trumps presidency, his hotel, which is in a former post office just steps from the White House, has become a popular meeting place for groups tied to foreign governments, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Malaysia and Saudi Ara...


Watch Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un meet and shake hands for the first time Fast Company

President Trump met with North Koreas Kim Jong-un on Tuesday morning in a historic photo op at a Singapore hotel.

Body language experts will be debating this moment for weeks to come.

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Brazils oldest mammal named after David Bowie Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 29 May 2018 video, in Portuguese, is about the newly discovered dinosaur age mammal Brasilestes stardusti from Brazil.

From the Fundao de Amparo Pesquisa do Estado de So Paulo in Brazil:

Discovery of the oldest mammal in Brazil pays tribute to David Bowie

June 11, 2018

Summary: Brasilestes stardusti lived around 70 million years ago and was named after Ziggy Stardust, the singers iconic persona. Description was based on a fossilized tooth. Its the 1st indication that placental mammals and dinosaurs co-existed in South America. For scientists, fossil features showed similarities with another pre-historic mammal found in India, suggesting both shared a common ancestral native from the Gondwana supercontinent.

Brasilestes stardusti is the name given to the oldest known mammal found in Brazil. It lived in what is now the northwest of So Paulo State at the end of the Mesozoic Era between 87 million and 70 million years ago. It is the only Brazilian mammal known to have coexisted with the dinosaurs.

The discovery of Brasilestes was announced on May 30, 2018, by a team led by Max Langer, a professor at the University of So Paulos Ribeiro Preto School of Philosophy, Science & Letters (FFCLRP-USP). Langers team included colleagues at the Federal University of Gois and the University of Campinas in Brazil, La Plata Museum in Argentina, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US.

Physically speaking, Brasilestes consists of a fossilized premolar tooth with a maximum crown length of 3.5 mm. The tooth is small and incomplete: the roots are missing, said paleontologist Mariela Cordeiro de Castro, first author of the paper recently published in Royal Society Open Science.

Small but not tiny, Castro continued. Although its only 3.5 mm, the Brasilestes tooth is three times bigger than all known...


Market Talk- June 11, 2018 Armstrong Economics

We saw an interesting response after the weekends G7 meeting. Despite many negative headlines and a nervous stock opening we eventually saw confidence return and prices built momentum. The Nikkei bounced from a negative opening and rallied throughout the day to eventually close +0.5% higher on the day. Exporters, Technology and Financials all helped gains but with the Yen back above 110 is another factor helping. The hang Seng assumed a similar pattern today with an uncertain opening followed by a steady price increase. The SENSEX followed these patterns initially, but then lost into the close. Money is flowing out of the Indian market and the currency is suffering as a result. The INR continues to play mid 67 with the negative bias returning with the uncertainty ahead. Shanghai and ASX were both lower and could not find the support needed at anytime throughout the day, as Asia meanders along.

Europe is watching headlines for the Singapore Summit, FED, ECB and US/China Trade Talks. European markets steadied after the Italian Finance Minister Tria, commented Italys support for the Euro and its concept. The FTSE MIB benefited from the headline closing up 3.5% on the day. Italian BTPs narrowed the spread against Bunds closing over 20bp on the day. The UKs FTSE did well but mainly from the poor GBP performance following worse than expected Factory Output as it fell to the worst in over five years. Core DAX and CAC both closed around +0.5% firmer as fixed-income markets starting to price-in the possible end of QE.

US markets saw a quiet yet steady return today, content in the view we have much to digest this week. G7 resulted in many negative reviews, obviously all blaming US President Trump, especially as he refused to endorse the G7 joint statement. Whatever the reasoning, core US indices responded positively. Obviously, still much to play for this week but as we head into the close all markets are up close to the days highs around +0.3%. We are seeing more curve flattening as the front-end feels the weight of the next possible FED move.

Japan 0.04%, US 2s closed 2.53% (+4bp), 10s 2.96% (+2bp), 30s 3.11% (+2bp), Bunds 0.49% (+5bp), France 0.90% (+9bp), Italy 2.82% (-27bp), Greece 4.44% (-15bp), Turke...


De Niro Apologizes to Canada for Idiotic Behavior of Trump Truthdig RSS

TORONTORobert De Niro apologized to Canadians on Monday for the idiotic behavior of my president a day after the actor launched an expletive at Donald Trump at the Tony awards.

De Niro said Trumps remarks about Canada are a disgrace and apologized to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others who attended the Group of Seven summit of leaders in Canada. Trump called Trudeau dishonest and weak following the summit on Saturday. Trump advisers also ripped Trudeau, branding him a back-stabber.

De Niro made his comments at a groundbreaking for a new restaurant and hotel complex in Toronto.

At the Tony awards, De Niro launched an expletive at Trump and pumped his arms for emphasis. Many in the audience stood and cheered, while TV censors quickly bleeped out the offending words.

Trudeau has not issued any public remarks about Trumps latest attacks. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said her nation does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks.

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U.S. Launches Bid to Find Citizenship Cheaters Truthdig RSS

LOS ANGELES The U.S. government agency that oversees immigration applications is launching an office that will focus on identifying Americans who are suspected of cheating to get their citizenship and seek to strip them of it.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director L. Francis Cissna told The Associated Press in an interview that his agency is hiring several dozen lawyers and immigration officers to review cases of immigrants who were ordered deported and are suspected of using fake identities to later get green cards and citizenship through naturalization.

Cissna said the cases would be referred to the Department of Justice, whose attorneys could then seek to remove the immigrants citizenship in civil court proceedings. In some cases, government attorneys could bring criminal charges related to fraud.

Until now, the agency has pursued cases as they arose but not through a coordinated effort, Cissna said. He said he hopes the agencys new office in Los Angeles will be running by next year but added that investigating and referring cases for prosecution will likely take longer.

We finally have a process in place to get to the bottom of all these bad cases and start denaturalizing people who should not have been naturalized in the first place, Cissna said. What were looking at, when you boil it all down, is potentially a few thousand cases.

He declined to say how much the effort would cost but said it would be covered by the agencys existing budget, which is funded by immigration application fees.

The push comes as the Trump administration has been cracking down on illegal immigration and taking steps to reduce legal immigration to the U.S.

Immigrants who become U.S. citizens can vote, serve on juries and obtain security clearance. Denaturalization the process of removing that citizenship is very rare.

The U.S. government began looking at potentially fraudulent naturalization cases a decade ago when a border officer detected about 200 people had used different identities to get green cards and citizenship after they were previously issued deportation orders.

In September 2016, an internal watchdog reported that 315,000 old fingerprint records for immigrants who had been deported or had criminal convictions had not been uploaded to a Department of Homeland Security database that is used to check immigrants identities. The same report found more than 800 immigrants had been ordered deported under one identity but became U.S. citizens under another.

Since then, the government has been uploading these older fingerprint records dating back to the 1990s and investigators have been evaluating cases for denaturalization.

Earlier this year, a judge revoked the citizenship of an Indian-born New Jersey man named Baljinder Singh after federal authorities accused him of using an alias to avoid deportation...

Combat Vet Posts Shocking Picture of How Many Pills He Has to Take Because Cannabis is Illegal The Daily Sheeple

One veteran got so frustrated with the number of pills he had been prescribed to take on a daily basis that he decided to create a visual aid. After calculating that he took more than 9,855 prescription pills annually, he got an idea.

Joshua Lee served with the Missouri National Guard from 2007 to 2014, and spent one year in Afghanistan, where he was diagnosed with a mysterious yet painful illness, an inflammation of the hands.

In October 2010, Lee returned home from Afghanistan and began going to the VA for medical treatmentand that is when the script count skyrocketed. He was given 27 different pills to take each day and his weight ballooned. He went from weighing a normal 160 pounds to weighing 220 pounds with a size 40-inch waist in 2017. He said that when someone remarked, Man! Youve really let yourself go! he knew he had a problem.

Last year, Lee and his wife went to Colorado for their 15-year anniversary, and he tried cannabis for pain relief for the first time. He said he began to feel better instantly.

I went out there with a plan in mind to step-down my medications and I got to experience life again, Lee said. My wife held my hand and I got to see the world as beautiful, instead of dangerous any longer.

After heading back to Missouri from Colorado, Lee said he got an idea, What would all my medicines look like if I put them all in a pile? He hunted around a few candy stores and secured enough smarties to represent the number of pills he was given annually. The pile was huge! He vacuum-sealed all of the smarties and put them in a pair of bags to hold them together.

After posting the visual aid to his Facebook page, the image blew up from there, also going viral on Reddit and Imgur. Its gone viral at least seven times on Facebook! he told the Free Thought Project. That picture has been shared a minimum of 80k times.

Marijuana is still illegal in Missouri but was decriminalized in January to a misdemeanor and a fine for getting caught with up to 10 grams weed. But Lee says more needs to be done to keep veterans off of lethal opiates and suicide-causing antidepressants. Lee, like many other veterans, claims cannabis can do just that.

The veteran who used to take nearly 10,000 pills per year says his trips to Colorado have allowed him to reduce his prescriptions to just a handful a day.

However, Lee does n...


Flash flooding hits Guadalajara, Mexico - Passengers had to swim out of rail cars Signs of the Times

A strong storm struck Guadalajara, Jalisco, yesterday producing flash flooding that affected several parts of the city, including the light rail system from which scores of people had to be rescued. Water up to four meters deep flooded the Dermatolgico station on line 1 and trapped about 40 people inside the carriages of a stationary train. Civil Protection personnel, firefighters and local residents all contributed to the rescue efforts. In a video that was live-streamed on Facebook by one stranded passenger, people could be seen waist-deep in water and a distressed baby can be heard crying. In another video, passengers were attempting to swim to safety.


Dark money becomes focal point of Maine House primary OpenSecrets Blog

Lucas St. Clair (Joel Page/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Lucas St. Clair, one of three Democrats vying for incumbent Rep. Bruce Poliquins (R-Maine) House seat in Maines 2nd District, has received substantial support from a dark money group that appears bent on helping him win Tuesdays closely-watched primary.

But St. Clair, who has come under fire for his alleged connection to the Maine Outdoor Alliance and its mysterious spending, has called on the group to stop supporting him. Hes facing Democratic state legislator Jared Golden and bookseller Craig Olsen in a three-way primary on Tuesday, both of whom have criticized the use of dark money to support St. Clair.

The Maine Outdoor Alliance, a 501(c)(4) group formed this spring, has spent $300,000 backing St. Clair ahead of Tuesdays primary, the Lewiston Sun Journal reported earlier this month. On its website, the nonprofit organization says its dedicated to ensuring a vibrant outdoor recreation economy and access to high-quality recreation opportunities in Maine.

The funding behind the groups political activities, though, remains a mystery. The only named official connected to the Maine Outdoor Alliance is Nathan Deyesso, who the Sun Journal reported served as the best man at St. Clairs wedding.

The Maine Outdoor Alliances ads dont explicitly tell people to vote for St. Clair, but at least one pla...


Isis is far from dead; it is regrouping and rebranding itself blogfactory

a recent series of interviews to promote his new book, Anatomy of Terror, former FBI special agent and current counterterrorism expert Ali Soufan insists that the Islamic State remains potent and dangerous. Speaking last week to the British newspaper The Guardian, Soufan warned that, even though the Islamic State was unable to hang on to its self-described caliphate in the Middle East, the group has ample opportunities to regroup. In the days of al-Qaeda, we only had one vacuum, in Afghanistan, from where Osama bin Ladens organization operated from and spread its message, said Soufan. Now we have so many vacuums Syria, Yemen, Libya, northern Nigeria, Tunisia, the Philippines and its expanding. Thats very dangerous, he warned.

Soufan, a well-read analyst and complex thinker, who today presides over The Soufan Group and oversees the Soufan Foundation, is right to warn against the notion that the Islamic State is on its way out. The groups meteoric rise marked a watershed moment in the modern history of militant Sunni Islam. Even if it is militarily annihilated a prospect that is far from certain its physical absence will in no way erase its impact and influence among its millions of supporters and sympathizers. In fact, experts warn that the group is like al-Qaeda before it proving to be resilient and able to withstand intense military pressure from its enemies. Currently, all signs show that the Islamic State is actively reorganizing under the command of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The prolonged absence of the Iraqi-born al-Baghdadi has prompted wild speculation about this supposed demise or severe incapacitation. There are even some who claim that he was killed by an Islamic State faction in an internal coup.

But most intelligence agencies agree that al-Baghdadi and his core lieutenants remain very much alive and well. Three weeks ago, The Washington Post cited anonymously a senior United States counterterrorism official who...


US Suicide Rates Jumped 30 Percent In The Last Decade, We Speculate The Daily Sheeple

Suicide rates in the United States are on an upward trajectory. In the past decade, the rate has skyrocketed a whopping 30 percent.

In 2016, nearly 45,000 Americans took their own lives, making suicide the tenth leading cause of death. According to a sobering report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this figure reflects an overall 30 percent increase in the rate of suicides since 1999.

While researchers have proposed everything from social isolation to bullying as the reason the suicide rates are going up sharply, its still largely a mystery why rates are rising. It could even be the hopelessness of being stuck in a system that is increasingly favoring a ruling class, so those on the bottom feel like nothing more than poverty-stricken slaves.  And the wealthy who commit suicide (such as the recently deceased Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain) appear to always know some of the same political elites (in this case, Hillary Clinton) constantly putting their boot on the throats of the poor. Of course, thats all speculation on our part, but not in any way the type of dot connecting youll hear about on CNN or Fox News. 

Twenty-five states across the United States saw suicide rates rise by more than 30 percent, and the Midwest region, in particular, appears to be in crisis. Those are the states of Minnesota, North Dakota,...


Bigfoot prophecy? Davy Crockett's mysterious warning to flee the Alamo Signs of the Times

Few men are as revered in my home state of Texas as those who held off the mighty Mexican Army - led by the self-proclaimed "Napoleon of the West," dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - for 13 long days in the spring of 1836. The blood sacrifice of men like William Barrett Travis, James Bowie, James Bonham, and David Crockett bought precious time for General Sam Houston to train and prepare his ragtag troops for a final confrontation with what might have been the mightiest army in the Western Hemisphere. The tale of the defenders of the Alamo is as interesting as it is tragic, but that is not the story I want to share with you today. Instead, I want to share a little-known tale about arguably the most well-known of the Alamo freedom fighters: David Crockett. It is a story with which most Texans are not familiar, much less anyone outside the Lone Star State. As a matter of fact, it is a tale I had never heard until very recently. It is incredibly strange, but undeniably fascinating. By the spring of 1835, lured by empresarios like Stephen F. Austin and Green DeWitt, more than 20,000 American settlers had migrated to Texas in search of cheap land and the promise of prosperity. Around this same time, David Crockett, who had served as both a Tennessee State Representative (1821-1823) and a U.S. Congressman (1827-1835) had declared himself done with politics and was pondering what to do with the next phase of his life. The allure of Texas proved too much for him to resist. On November 1, 1835, Crockett, his brother-in-law Abner Burgin, William Patton, and Lindsey K. Tinkle set out for Texas. It was at a stop along their trip - in Memphis, Tennessee - that Crockett uttered his famous line, "Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."


Screen time overload is making kids moody, crazy and lazy Signs of the Times

6 Ways electronic screen time makes kids angry, depressed and unmotivated. Children or teens who are "revved up" and prone to rages or-alternatively-who are depressed and apathetic have become disturbingly commonplace. Chronically irritable children are often in a state of abnormally high arousal, and may seem "wired and tired."That is, they're agitated but exhausted. Because chronically high arousal levels impact memory and the ability to relate, these kids are also likely to struggle academically and socially. At some point, a child with these symptoms may be given a mental-health diagnosis such as major depression, bipolar disorder, or ADHD, and offered corresponding treatments, including therapy and medication. But often these treatments don't work very well, and the downward spiral continues.


Liquid Zeolite vs Powdered Zeolite Operation Disclosure

An official response to the Liquid Zeolite issue from ZEO Health Ltd.

Written by:

Micah Portney, M.A.
President of ZEO Health Ltd.

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter in response to the liquid Zeolite companies that have popped up in the last couple of years. This response is not directed toward any specific company. Its purpose is to provide you with the information you need to see through the smoke and mirrors and to address the numerous manipulations of fact.It can be very frustrating for people who are exposed to a great volume of information to decipher what is fact and what is fiction. That is exactly what professional marketers are expecting and welcoming. These marketing firms often inundate consumers with a mix of real facts and a manipulation of others to sell their products.

Let me start with the real facts about Zeolite:


Truth, truthfulness and Palestine (Gilad Atzmon ) Tlaxcala

11/06/2018 - Talk delivered at Deep Truth-Countering Deep State Lies (online conference)    A healthy society doesnt need a truth movement.  But we Americans, ...


Another shocking opioid statistic - study shows the epidemic is outpacing the resources devoted to it Signs of the Times

Despite everything I read as a health reporter, some statistics still floor me. Last year, it was the news that half of all murdered women are killed by their romantic partners. Here's another: A fifth of all deaths among Americans aged 24 to 35 were due to opioids in 2016, a new study finds, up from just 4 percent in 2001, before this latest opioid epidemic began. Granted, 20- and 30-somethings are not a group that is very prone to death. But the study, published today in JAMA Network Open, found that the percentage of deaths attributable to opioids in the United States increased overall by nearly three-fold between 2001 to 2016.


Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization After the Shift

Exploring the compelling evidence for etymological Linguistic and symbolic parallels and transfers of Proto Indo European languages from extreme ancient India into later Judea and further into Christianity and how Vedic influence of an ancient global advanced civilization is saturated throughout all cultures of the ancient and modern world, Proving that HISTORY IS NOT AS WE'VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE.


SOTT FOCUS: 3 Things I Learned From Attending Jordan Peterson's Sold-out Show In DC Signs of the Times

Renowned psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson took the stage at the sold-out Warner Theater in Washington DC Friday night. The crowd got on its feet and started cheering, ecstatic to hear him speak.


Leaked documents reveal the secret finances of a pro-industry science group - American Council on Science and Health Signs of the Times

The American Council on Science and Health defends fracking, BPA, and pesticides. Guess who their funders are. The American Council on Science and Health bills itself as an independent research and advocacy organization devoted to debunking "junk science." It's a controversial outfit-a "group of scientists...concerned that many important public policies related to health and the environment did not have a sound scientific basis," it says-that it often does battle with environmentalists and consumer safety advocates, wading into public health debates to defend fracking, to fight New York City's attempt to ban big sugary sodas, and to dismiss concerns about the potential harms of the chemical bisphenol-A (better known at BPA) and the pesticide atrazine. The group insists that its conclusions are driven purely by science. It acknowledges that it receives some financial support from corporations and industry groups, but ACSH, which reportedly stopped disclosing its corporate donors two decades ago, maintains that these contributions don't influence its work and agenda.


Havana whodunnit: US military strategists wonder who financed new spy radar base in Cuba Signs of the Times

According to a new surveillance report from The Diplomat, exclusive satellite imagery from March 2017 to May 2018 reveals a newly expanded "signals intelligence" military facility near Bejucal, Cuba. The report focuses on a massive radome sitting on top of an elevated concrete mounting structure. From satellite imagery, the structure looks like a giant golf ball, but it is actually a protective dome housing a super sophisticated radar antenna inside. As mentioned by The Diplomat, this radome is the first of its kind among the various spy antennas at Bejucal, which have been used to intercept electronic communications, ballistic missile monitoring, and tracking of satellites from the United States. The most perplexing question American military strategists are now asking: who the hell provided the financing to build a new spy base in this third world country? The Diplomat provides more satellite imagery that shows the construction of the radome near the town of Bejucal between March 2017 and February 2018. While the function of the new radome is unknown from current satellite images, there is an understanding that similar antennas have been used for signals interception, missile tracking, satellite uplinks and downlinks, radio communications, tracking of objects in space, and in some cases to disrupt satellite communications, The Diplomat explained.


Muslim refugee says Sweden has no choice but to adopt sharia & convert to Islam Signs of the Times

They come to Sweden as "refugees" to start a new life at the expense of taxpayers, but then they want to impose sharia law. The number of Muslims living in Sweden is approximately 810,000, or 8.1 per cent of the population. Shari'a laws are a set of laws that are based on the life of President Muhammad. According to the Sharia laws: There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.There is no equality between people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).There is no democracy or a separation between religion and state politics.FGM, Acid attacks, honor killings, beheading and stoning. Sharia is incompatible with Christian values. Liberals and leftists in the West use the made up term "Islamophobia" to portray anyone who criticizes Islam as a "racist".


Merdedes Benz toxic exhaust scandal Dear Kitty. Some blog

This music video from the USA says about itself:


2 November 2009

On this track, only the voice of Janis Joplin has been recorded in 1970 for the album Pearl. Arrangements, instruments and audience have been created by Marc Bidou 35 years later.

Lyrics are here.

The song is satire of the mix of religion and desire for expensive cars and other goods in United States culture. Nevertheless, Mercedes Benz and other car brands used the song in advertising.

I ask myself whether the I in the Joplin song would be still so keen on having a Mercedes Benz (or a Porsche ) after reading this news of today. Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Fraudulent software at Mercedes, big recall in Europe

German car manufacturer Daimler is recalling 774,000 diesel cars back to the garage in Europe because there may have been fraud with emissions data. These include the van Mercedes Vito and cars of the Mercedes C-class.

About a third of the recalled cars drive around in Germany. It is not clear how many Mercedes cars in the Netherlands will have to go to the garage. The company will probably soon approach European car owners with fraudulent software.


The recall is related to suspicious test data from the cars. Just lik...


CRISPR Crashes After Study Highlights Potential Cancer Risk From Gene-Editing After the Shift

Don't mess with mother nature.. or crowded longs!

Crispr Therapeutics led gene-editing stocks lower after new studies published by Nature Medicine found that cells whose genomes are edited with the CRISPR-Cas9 technology have the potential to cause cancer, Stat News reports.


Supreme Court: Voters Who Skip Elections Can Be Purged From Rolls Truthdig RSS

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld Ohios efforts to purge its voter rolls, a 5-4 ruling with broad implications for voting rights in multiple states ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Ohio sends notices to registered voters who have not voted in a two-year period. If voters fail to return the notices and do not vote in another election for four years, Ohio cancels their registration.

The courts conservative majority held that this practice does not violate federal voting rights laws. Ohio defended its practice by citing a provision of the 1993 National Voter Registration Act that states can remove potential voters from their lists and cancel registrations if they move.

The case centered around Larry Harmon, an Ohio resident who sat out the 2012 presidential election, as well as the 2010 and midterm elections, but wanted to vote on a ballot initiative concerning whether to legalize marijuana. When he tried, Harmon found his name had been purged.

An Ohio appeals court ruled in Harmons favor in 2016, saying, as The New York Times notes, Ohio had violated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 by using the failure to vote as a trigger for sending the notices.

On behalf of Harmon, lawyers from the liberal think tank Demos wrote in a brief that the ballots of more than 7,500 eligible Ohioans would have gone uncounted in the November 2016 election had the appeals court decision not been in force at the time. The Times cites a Reuters study showing that recent Ohio voter purges disproportionately impacted Democrats and people of color.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, writing for the majority, defended Ohios practice as  being in line with Congress intention in 1993: The dissenters may not think that the failure to send back the card means anything, but that was not Congresss view.

In addition, as Politico notes in its coverage of the decision, Alito rejected the notion that the notice resembles the kind of junk mail that many people throw away without opening. It was Congresss judgment that a reasonable person with an interest in voting is not likely to ignore notice of this sort, he wrote.

The decision has wide-ranging implications for voting rights, especially in red states. Stuart Naifeh, senior counsel at Demos, told Politico, Todays decision thr...


We Are Reborn 9 Times In This Lifetime Awareness Act

In life, we go through a lot. There are plenty of lessons to learn and lots of different stages to cover.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not is not the question here. You could go through these stages in one life or multiple, for most people it seems they probably get a set amount of tries for each lesson. We manifest here in this plane of existence time and time again because we still need to move through the stages. There is always something more that can be and needs to be learned.

Below I am going to go over some of those different lessons and stages. You could take each one as a separate life but I guess that is open to interpretation. What one life is to me might not be one life to you. We are all able to work through things in our own ways. Which stage of life do you think you are in?

The 9 Stages of Life:

1. The Baby

This would be the first birth, it can last a mere lifetime or a few depending on how long it takes you to really get started on the right track. While you might not think much can go wrong during this stage, youd be wrong. This stage sets the platform for every other stage, without getting this one right all of the others fall apart.

2. The Child

This stage comes after birth but is not always as simple as it would seem. During this stage, you are still a very new soul. You have only been to this world a few times and you dont quite understand what needs to be done. Instead of working to better yourself you end up getting stuck in one rut tight after another.

3. The Learner

This stage is the one that I feel makes the most difference. It is when you finally begin to understand what our purpose is here. You are learning more and more and everything is beginning to make sense. This stage is one some people get wrong more than any other. It is hard to overcome for obvious reasons.

4. The Adventurer

During this stage, you will be coming out of your shell and learning more about who you are and why you are here. You are starting to question the social norm instead of just going with the flow. Your soul is becoming more aged and as this happens a lot of positive things will begin manifesting for you.

5. The Romantic

This point could come before or after some of the others mentioned, it just depends. This is the moment when you meet the person who mirrors your soul. This will be the person who is literally a separate personification of who you are. It is the other part of your soul separate but complete being laid before you.

6. The Seeker

When we reach the seeker stage we move out of our comfort zone and begin seeking the truth. While you might have thought you were doing this already back when you were an adventurer you were only looking at the tip of the...


I love you Lord. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

what a world! Everything and anything is pretty much going on all the time now. Has it always been so? I don't know. Man! Scientology is really trying to mainstream Its self. I don't know, figure it out for yourself. I'm tired and I want go home. If you ever need me. I'll be there.

So... Petri Dish? Yeah... moving right along. Lot's of things going on. You really have to keep your shit together in these Kali Yuga Times. The world is the world but you do have skin in the game, so if you don't do the righteous thing in the moment. You have only yourself to blame. It is interesting, how it is that Evil destroys itself. Not only is the Devil changed into an angel of light at the given moment but God has all kinds of costumes and disguises as well. So one thing you can be sure of is that you don't know what goes on in Heaven. You only have a general idea about Hell. You don't even know what is going on where you are and maybe you are in all of these places at the same time, now and again. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here between God and the Devil to make sure it is all on the level and so it goes. I suppose. Of course I don't know but if you give a shit at all, you will figure it out. It's not like you haven't been given any clues, cause you are reading this right now.

Ah, The Hand Maidens Tale is all over the place and I never saw Broke Back Mountain, nor wish to. Meaning that we do live in interesting times but the wise person rules the stars. I am not Sebastian Cabot and you are not Oscar Wilde. Somewhere there is meaning to be found in all things and you can look anywhere, if you want to and find it. It's not Rocket Surgery or Brain Science.

I don't know what is going to happen, children. Anything can happen on your way to the moon but if you are rather attracted to angels of light. We got that too. It's coming soon if you want it to or never ever after. You got the choice; you have everything to say about the matter and it is all about your intentions and your integrity. I don't know how long or short this post will be. We'll see, and fix it the mix. I wish, I hope (have faith) beg, borrow plead and steal; if necessary but God get me out of here, in the best of all possible ways, not like anything before, deliver me from Evil and please grant me freedom. It is up to you. I don't know what I did. I do know that you forgive. Let me soar with the angels. I have done my time in Hell and please release everybody else that deserves it. I can't think of nothing else and let all opportunities that knock be answered to at the right time in the right place. I hope I don't wind up with shit all over my face. Lord, you have and have not been very good to me. Let all prisoners be free of what put them there in the first place, long as they be willing to be righgteou...


"Broken Light: Work, for the Night is Coming" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Broken Light: Work, for the Night is Coming"
by Chris Floyd

"Black milk of daybreak, we drink it at evening..."
  Paul Celan, "Deathfugue"

"The children were walking to school. The young people were going out to a dance. The children stepped on a booby trap planted by a soldier. The young people were shredded by the nails of a suicide bomb. They were all blown up, destroyed. One moment, the force of life animated their biological matter, their brains seethed with billions of electrical impulses, the matrix of consciousness brought the entire universe into being, within them, within each of them, each solitary vessel of knowing. The next moment, only the matter remained: inert, coagulated, decaying. There was no more knowing, no more being; the universe had come to an e...


The Lost History of Islamic Martial Arts disinformation

With regards to the Shaolin fighting system, the oldest evidence of Shaolin participation in combat is a stele from 728 AD that attests to two occasions: a defense of the Shaolin Monastery... The post The Lost History of Islamic Martial Arts appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


The Most Attractive (Invisible) Trait In A Romantic Partner Awareness Act

Have you ever been on a date with someone new and just knew right off the bat you didnt mesh with one another? Have you ever had the opposite happen?

Chances are that the reason why you arent meshing with these people is because they are lacking this one specific trait. If someone has this trait they will almost always, at the very least end up being friend material. We are all attracted to different kinds of people, that much is true, but this trait is something that I believe everyone looks for in a partner without realizing it. It is an invisible trait that makes a huge difference.

This trait I keep referring to is attentiveness. While women value it more-so than men it is important to both. If your potential partner is not paying attention to you, chances are you probably arent going to be all that interested in actually pursuing them, within reason. While selective attention can be a bit seductive it is still a part of being attentive whether just for a little while at a time each go around or not.

Attention makes all the difference when it comes to how we see someone. I believe this is because attention tends to reveal intentions whether we want it to or not. The more present you are in the conversation and date as a whole the better the outcome will be. There has even been a study done in this in regards to speed dating.

The abstract of that study goes as follows:

Initial romantic attraction has important implications for the development of romantic relationships. Much research demonstrates that physical attractiveness predicts initial romantic attraction. However, less is known about the influence of individual difference characteristics on initial romantic attraction. Here we examined whether dispositional mindfulness predicted initial romantic attraction beyond the effects of physical attractiveness in a speed-dating experiment. Women were more attracted to men higher in dispositional mindfulness, beyond the effects of physical attractiveness. Men were more attracted to women who were more physically attractive, but female mindfulness did not influence male initial attraction. This is the first study to examine the role of dispositional mindfulness in predicting initial romantic attraction.

This study, in particular, did not note a difference for men but it did note a difference for women. Women need the person they are focusing on to focus on them at least a little. It is also important to note this was a small study and that it was based off initial attraction and not the progression of things.

What do you think about all of this? Is attentiveness important? I believe it definitely is. Paying attention pays off and really makes for a great night de...


Over Dozen Iraqi Refugees Killed In US-Led Airstrike In Syria Your News Wire

More than a dozen Iraqi refugees were killed when the US-led coalition carried out an aerial assault in Syrias northeastern province of Hasakah. The coalition were allegedly fighting the ISIS  terrorist group. Local sources told [...]

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SOTT FOCUS: Ten Years On, Putin Told Them So Signs of the Times

You can hardly blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for enjoying a "told you so moment". He lately reminded European leaders that their all-out spat with the United States is what happens when you are too deferential to American hegemonic ambitions. This predicament is just what the Russian leader had warned against almost 10 years ago in a famous speech he delivered in Munich on growing global disorder. Last week, during his nationally televised marathon Q and A with Russian citizens, Putin referred to the unprecedented trade tariffs that President Trump is slapping on European states. Rightly, Putin said those penalties were effectively a form of economic sanctions imposed by Washington on its supposed allies. Putin hinted that the Europeans were now getting a taste of the noxious medicine that has been doled out to Russia by Western powers which have inflicted sanctions on Moscow over dubious allegations concerning the nearly four-year-old Ukraine conflict.


12 Ways to Spot a Pathological Or Compulsive Liar Awareness Act

Liars are something we come face to face with more often than not. They come in several different forms and some of them go unnoticed for months or even years.

Being able to spot a liar and tell the difference between a pathological or compulsive liar will benefit you greatly. They could be lying for a number of reasons, so really breaking things down will help you get to the root of their dishonesty. Do you think you might be letting someone lie to you without picking up on the signs?

Pathological Liar

For those who do not know, a pathological liar is someone who tells a lot of lies and does so to get his or her way. They just cant seem to stop no matter what, they want to progress and push themselves further. You cannot guilt them out of lying and they can be quite frustrating, to say the least.

Compulsive Liar

Compulsive lying is a lot different from pathological lying. These kinds of liars resort to telling lies regardless of the situations. They let lying become a part of their routine. For the compulsive liar, lying is second nature.

It feels right to them, so telling the truth is hard and uncomfortable. They use it as a way to escape and it is something they are basically addicted to as strange as that might sound. They have no motive, they just do it.

12 Signs Someone Is a Liar (Pathological or Compulsive):

1. They tend to stretch the truth to make themselves seem like victims.

They lie to make things seem as if everyone is against them even when they arent. They want to portray themselves in a positive light and negate responsibility. They are not fond of owning up to their mistakes and as mentioned above do not often open up truthfully with ease.

2. They are very attention seeking and will lie to get you interested.

They will lie to get your attention and lie to keep it. This isnt just one small lie, it is a series of lies. They just dont know when to stop.

3. They lie to make themselves look better.

These kinds of people will go out of their way to lie about things that dont even matter. They will always act like they are better than they are and as if they have accomplished more than they have. For instance, they might go on and on about how expensive something was only for you to later learn it was extremely cheap.

4. They cannot keep a secret, not even to save their life.

They are not someone you can tell anything to. Even the smallest secret becomes known to everyone and their momma. You literally have to watch what you say around them.

5. Their stories are outrageous.

They are always making things seem...


Does James Wolfe being a national security risk override reporter/source privilege? Signs of the Times

There is no question in my mind that the Department of Justice was absolutely justified in looking into reporter, Ali Watkins's electronic records. Why do I say this? Due to her intimate relationship with government official James Wolfe, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's Director of Security from May 1987 to December 2017, her records became a matter of National Security. The fact that Wolfe lied to the FBI proves this. James Wolfe's first allegiance was to the United States. He took an oath to safeguard classified and top secret material. On a daily basis he had access to the most critical intelligence provided to the Committee by the Executive Branch of the United States Government.


"For This Is What We Do... Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

For this is what we do. Put one foot forward and then the other. Lift our eyes to the snarl and smile of the world once more. Think. Act. Feel. Add our little consequence to the tides of good and evil that flood and drain the world. Drag our shadowed crosses into the hope of another night. Push our brave hearts into the promise of a new day. With love: the passionate search for truth other than our own. With longing: the pure, ineffable yearning to be saved. For so long as fate keeps waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on.
- Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram


Forest-wide closure ordered in Colorado where firefighters battle raging wildfires Signs of the Times

Authorities have issued a forest-wide closure order in Colorado, warning residents and ramblers to stay out of the forest while the threat of wildfires remain high. Firefighters are braced for more dry weather as they battle to put out raging wildfires in the Centennial State. A number of fires have plagued parts of Durango and local authorities warning that parched conditions in the area look set to continue. The area bordering New Mexico is known for its acres of natural parks and forests.


Following Spills and Sinkholes, Mariner East Pipeline Opponents Call on PA Governor Wolf to Stop Construction RSS feed from

Read time: 11 minsBy Dan Zegart and Sharon Kelly  A rally in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on Saturday drew a crowd of roughly 200 opponents to Sunoco's Mariner East projects, who cited a litany of concerns about the company's plans to pipe natural gas liquids like propane, butane, and ethane from the Marcellus shale 350 miles across Pennsylvania for export. This project has made many of us in this community and across Pennsylvania unlikely pipeline activists, said Ginny [...]


A 2006 State Dept. cable: Use terror, intrigue, Kurds to destabilize Syria and weaken Assad Signs of the Times

Despite the bulk of the attempted destruction of Syria having taken place during the Obama administration, the fact is that the agenda began marching years before Obama took office and it is continuing to do so today. Ample evidence has been provided demonstrating that a plan to destroy the Syrian government goes back at least to the Bush Jr. administration and the desire to do so goes even further back than that. One such piece of evidence is a secret State Department cable obtained by WikiLeaks entitled "Influencing the SARG In The End Of 2006" which was distributed from the US embassy in Damascus to requisite officials in the Department of Treasury, National Security Council, White House, Secretary of State, League of Arab States, US Mission To European Union in Brussels, United Nations (NY), US Central Command, and Tel Aviv. Comment: SARG: Syrian Arab Republic Government The entire cable was a discussion of a number of available strategies to bring about regime change in Syria and was written during 2006 under the Bush administration. The cable takes a number of potentially exploitable conditions and expounds upon the realities of the situation, the vulnerabilities of the Syrian government and the "possible action" that can be taken to capitalize on the perceived weaknesses.


Free speech under assault in the West, up to us to fight back Signs of the Times

For the last 3 or 4 years I have been invited to speak at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia. I have never accepted, not from lack of interest or lack of something to say, but because the demonization of Russia has curtailed my freedom to travel and to speak. Unless I pay my own travel expenses, I would be accused of being compromised by an expense-paid trip. This never happens to US senators and representatives who accept all expenses paid trips to Israel, but Russia is different. Moreover, even if I were to pay my own expenses, as Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein did when she attended the 10th anniversary celebration of RT in Moscow, I would still be accused. Jill Stein was summoned before the Russiagate "investigation" to account for her attendance. In other words, my participation in an important Russian event would be used by those who don't like what I write to undermine my credibility as a commentator on Washington/Russian relations. I would henceforth be described as a "Putin mouth." Indeed, it is not necessary to go to Russia to be accused. There are all sorts of sites, such as PropOrNot, the shadowy website that published a list of "Putin agents," a list on which I was included. There are apparently an endless number of websites funded by Israel, George Soros, the CIA, the US State Department, and so on and on, the purpose of which is to slander and demonize Internet writers who challenge the elite's control over the explanations.


No war heroes, only war victims Signs of the Times

Yesterday President Donald Trump tweeted, "My thoughts and prayers are with the families of our serviceman who was killed and his fellow servicemen who were wounded in Somolia. They are truly all HEROES." Three hours later he tweeted it again, this time with the correct spelling of Somalia. A few days earlier, at the climax of his phony, insipid feud with the Philadelphia Eagles, Donald Trump lectured Americans that they must always stand for the national anthem. "We stand to honor our military and to honor our country, and to remember the fallen heroes who never made it back home," the reality TV president bloviated. "We stand to show our love for our fellow citizens and our magnificent Constitution. We stand to pay tribute to the incredible Americans who came before us and the heroic sacrifices they made." In both of these statements, President Trump was lying. The US special operations soldier who was killed in Somalia (one of the "seven countries in five years" famously named in General Wesley Clark's revelation of the US war machine's plans for world domination) and the four others who were injured are not heroes. The US servicemen and women who have fought and died in America's nonstop acts of military expansionism and wars of aggression are not heroes. They are victims. They are victims of a sociopathic power establishment which does not care about them, and never has. If what I just wrote bothered you, it is because you have been conditioned to oppose such ideas by generations of war propaganda. If you believe that US soldiers are heroes, it means that you believe that they are fighting and dying for a noble cause; for your freedom, for democracy, for the good and the just. It turns the deaths of the fallen into a tragic but noble sacrifice in your eyes, which keeps you from realizing that they have actually been dying for the profit margins of war plutocrats, land and resource assets, and the neoconservative agenda to secure control of the planet.


Iran warns Kim ahead of Trump meet to 'stay vigilant' Signs of the Times

On the eve of the highly anticipated meeting between the American and North Korean leaders, Iran's Foreign Ministry has urged Pyongyang to "exercise complete vigilance" while dealing with US President Donald Trump. Kim Jong-un should be aware of Trump's "America First" agenda and his tendency to betray deals when they talk about denuclearization, Tehran has warned. "Washington has continued to sabotage international agreements and unilaterally withdraw from them," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said in reference to Trump's mercurial approach "since the time he has been in office." Kim should remain "quite vigilant," Qassemi said, noting Trump's notorious withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Having learnt it the hard way, the diplomat stressed that Tehran was quite "pessimistic about US behaviors." "The US has a history of sabotage, violation and withdrawal with respect to bilateral and multilateral international commitments," the spokesman said.


Netanyahu's 'we are with you' PR water stunt: Offers to help Iranians overcome water crisis Signs of the Times

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suddenly vowed to help the Iranian people combat drought by creating a website in Farsi on Tel Aviv's know-how. It did not stop him from verbally attacking Tehran once again, though. In a video address published on his official YouTube channel, Netanyahu announced that Israel has created a special website in Farsi dedicated to projects related to water resources management, water conservation and other issues such as irrigation for the Iranians to learn from it. Comment: How demeaning. A publicity stunt. This from the regime denying Palestinians the minimum supply of water required per day, and what they receive is contaminated. Israel's prime minister openly boasted that his country developed "cutting-edge technologies" in the field, and it "recycles nearly 90 percent of its waste water." Known for his taste for theatrical gestures, Netanyahu pointedly took his time to fill a glass of water and drink it in a display aimed at showing that his country faces no shortage of water.


Assad: The West supported terrorists, in no position to assign guilt in Syria Signs of the Times

The US, the UK and France have supported terrorists in Syria and are responsible for the bloodshed in the country, Syrian President Bashar Assad said in responce to Western claims that he has been attacking his own people. "It doesn't even hold together - this narrative," Assad told Mail on Sunday, talking about the accusations that he was behind the chemical attacks against civilians on Syrian soil and other repressions. He added that the war against the terrorists has been underway for seven years and he has been in charge of the country all this time because "this president... has support of his own people. How could he have the support, while he's killing the same people?" "That's' why [we] are advancing. We can't make those advancements just because we have Russian and Iranian support. They can't substitute the popular support," he explained in English. The terrorists, whom the Syrian military is fighting with the help of its allies, are "supported by the British government, the French government and the American [government] and their puppets whether in Europe or in our region."


Discussion will center on 'permanent peace' at Trump-Kim meeting Signs of the Times

North Korean state media has confirmed that the leaders of North Korea and the US will focus on ensuring permanent peace and a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula in Singapore. Pyongyang says it hopes for a "new" start with the US. The expected key points on the agenda of the much-anticipated meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump were unveiled by KCNA, North Korea's state news agency, on Monday. As it was widely expected, the two leaders will discuss the issue of denuclearization, a concept that is feared to become the main stumbling block on the way to a diplomatic breakthrough. The report came the closest so far to an official confirmation that a permanent peace deal may be in the works, with KCNA saying that "the issue of building a permanent and durable peace-keeping mechanism" on the peninsula will be one of the main priorities during the talks.


UK: Ex-justice minister requests fresh torture inquiry into 'disgraceful involvement' in rendition Signs of the Times

The former justice secretary responsible for abandoning a probe into British complicity in US rendition and the torture of terrorism suspects has said he regrets the decision, and reiterated demands for a fresh investigation. Speaking to The Times, Ken Clarke said: "I have for some time regretted bringing to a close the Gibson inquiry, particularly since we seem to be no closer to getting to the truth of these matters." Announced by the Cameron government in 2010, the inquiry came to a close in January 2012 after ministers cited concerns about legal prejudice. Clarke, who now chairs the all-party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition, told the paper that upon shutting down Gibson, he "made clear that the government fully intended to hold a judge-led inquiry into these issues once all related police investigations had been concluded." The comments come one month after Libyan national Abdul Hakim Belhaj reached an out-of-court settlement with the government over the kidnapping of him and his then-pregnant wife Fatima Boudchar in Thailand in 2004.


Small earthquake hits western North Carolina with a 'loud boom' Signs of the Times

A small earthquake hit a county in the North Carolina mountains on Sunday evening, officials said. The 2.6 magnitude was in Wilkes County less than a mile from the town of Hays, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The earthquake was felt in Blowing Rock, about 40 miles away, officials said. The quake, which hit around 8 p.m., had a depth of 4.3 kilometers. A weather website based in the area reported on Facebook that they heard a "loud boom." Others commented on Facebook that they heard two "loud booms."


"The Big Secret The Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To Tell You About Americas Soaring Suicide Rates" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Big Secret The Mainstream Media Doesn't Want To 
Tell You About Americas Soaring Suicide Rates"
 by Michael Snyder 

"This week two celebrity suicides rocked the nation, and neither of them seemed to make any sense. Kate Spades handbag designs had taken the fashion world by storm, and she was supposedly living the kind of lifestyle that millions of Americans can only dream about. And Anthony Bourdain was one of those rare journalists that was greatly loved by both the left and the right. His Kitchen Confidential book is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon, and his Parts Unknown seris was one of CNNs most popular shows. 


Rose McGowan Says Depression Caused Anthony Bourdains Death, Defends Asia Argento Truthdig RSS

The shock from Fridays news about Anthony Bourdains suicide was still reverberating Monday, following a weekend of tributes and artfully written eulogies from friends and fans of the globally minded chef, author and Parts Unknown host. The sudden passing of such a familiar and larger-than-life public personality could not help but cause questions and speculation to circulate, predictable reactions that have only been amplified and multiplied by social media.

Actor Rose McGowan, who knew Bourdain and is a close friend of his partner, Asia Argento, released a statement Monday in the interest of clarifying some of those ongoing discussions while shutting others down. In a missive she circulated to news sources and confirmed on Twitter as her own, McGowan offers details that fill in some missing details about Bourdains death and urges readers to avoid placing blame where it is neither helpful nor warranted.

More specifically, McGowan comes to Argentos defense, admonishing those who would zoom in on Bourdains two-year relationship with the Italian actor-director and thus pull focus from where McGowan believes it should stayon the true cause of the tragedy. That would be depression, not Argento, McGowan argues.

Like McGowan, Argento has been a forceful activist in the #MeToo movement, and another member of the entertainment industry to accuse indicted former producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Bourdain was vocally supportive of #MeToo and made frequent remarks about Weinstein, as well as about prominent men in the restaurant business and the meathead bro culture to which hed once contributed.

Read McGowans statement below:

Dear Fellow Humans,

Sitting across from me is the remarkable human and brave survivor, Asia Argento, who has been through more than most could stand, and yet stand she does. She stood up to her monster rapist and now she h...


David Attenborough and wildlife of Tasmania Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

David Attenboroughs Tasmania

Attenborough narrates the story of a vast island wilderness ancient forests, pristine rivers & spectacular coastline. Seasons vary from dry heat, strong winds & cold bringing wombats, wallabies & platypus out in daylight. Broadcast on Australian Broadcasting Corporation 7:45pm Sun 3 Jun 2018.


Israeli Knesset Quietly Disqualifies Equality Bill: Maintain The Jewish Majority Even If It Violates Rights Qntra

Last week a bill in the Israeli Knesset that proposed treating Jewish and Arab citizens equally under the law was quietly disqualified from consideration without drawing any mainstream international attention (archived). Justifications from various officials of the Jewish state on why they can't be inclusive included:

We would be seeing here a kind of creeping conquest from Africa.

I think that Judaizing the Galilee is not an offensive term. We used to talk like that. In recent years weve stopped talking like that. I think its legitimate without violating the full rights of the Arab residents of Israel.

There is place to maintain a Jewish majority even at the price of violation of rights.

Israel is a Jewish state. It isnt a state of all its nations. That is, equal rights to all citizens but not equal national rights.

Everyone has his own Judaism. In the nation-state bill, when it talks about a Jew, it means the nationality. (archived)

The roughly 2 million prisoners of the 365 square kilometer concentration camp operated by Israel in the Gaza Strip would have been unaffacted by the limited human rights bill.


9 Numbers That Capture the Brutality of Trumps Immigration Policy Truthdig RSS

Workplace raids. The separation of families at the border. The end of temporary protected status. The Trump administration has made vast changes to immigration policy since 2017, dramatically altering the landscape of enforcement priorities both on the border and in the nations interior.

The changes have touched people of all ages, some just arriving in the United States, others who have lived here for most of their lives. Here are key numbers that illustrate whats at stake under President Donald Trumps immigration policies for hundreds of thousands of people:


People traveling in families arrested at the southern border since October. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions introduced a zero tolerance policy in April. The policy requires that first-time crossers who try to enter the country without authorization be prosecuted and children separated from their families at the border. Source: The New York Times

61 percent

Percentage of asylum cases denied in 2017. Nearly 9 out of 10 Mexican nationals who claim theyre fleeing persecution are denied asylum. Those from Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala dont fare much better. Source: Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse


Immigrants arrested last year by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Thirty percent of those arrested had no criminal record. During the last year of the Obama administration, 110,000 immigrants were arrested, and 16 percent had no history of arrest. During the final presidential debate in 2016, Trump promised to clean up the border by targeting drug dealers and ridding the nation of what he called bad hombres. Source: CNN

Immigration and Customs Enforcements Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, Ga., has a capacity of 1,924 detainees and is operated by the private corrections company CoreCivic.Credit: Kate Brumback/Associated Press

Workplace inspection raids by ICE to arrest workers without authorization to be in the U.S. between October and May. This figure is double the 1,716 operations conducted in fiscal year 2016. Source: Independent


ICE detainers issued per month over the last nine months, according to ICE data released through November. Immediately following Trumps election, there was a large spike in...


Does Eating At Night Make You Fat? TruthTheory

File 20180605 119888 7uplsz.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1Yuganov Konstantin/

Alex Johnstone, University of Aberdeen and Peter Morgan, University of Aberdeen

Some media reports say that eating at night makes you gain weight, others say that it has no effect on body weight. So who is right?

First, its important to remember that a gain in body weight only occurs when there is a change in calories consumed or calories burned. A calorie is a calorie, but there are conditions where food calories could influence your tendency to gain weight or lose it. For example, it is known that different foods have a different ability to make you feel full, which can influence your food choices later in the day and ultimately influence your total calorie intake.

If you feel full, you are less likely to snack. High protein meals for breakfast have been shown to reduce food cravings and help reduce snacking later in the day. A high protein meal kick-starts a release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates feelings of reward. The reward response is an important part of eating because it helps to regulate how much food you eat.

A high protein breakfast can help you f...


Erdogan-ISIS mass murder collusion in Turkey Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 24 August 2016 video by France 24 says about itself:

Turkey offensive in Syria: Erdogan always favoured ISIS over the Kurds

By Steve Sweeney:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Erdogans party accused of ordering deadly Isis suicide bombing

A Turkish news agency claims it obtained a classified EU intelligence report saying there is reason to believe forces within [Erdogans party] commissioned the attack

TURKEYs ruling party is alleged to have ordered Isis to carry out a deadly bomb attack that killed more than 100 people at a 2015 opposition election rally in Ankara.

The Ahval news website claimed it had been leaked a three-page European Union intelligence report that was released three days after the attack on a peace rally near Ankara train station which killed 109 people and injured at least 500 in October 2015.

The document was allegedly circulated as an urgent top classified briefing note that claimed the modus operandi of the attack (suicide bombers) points to Daesh.

It concluded: Given the circumstances (arriving buses with demonstrators not searched, police almost absent at the huge demonstration), there is reason to believe that in this case, forces within the AKP com...


How Guatemala Has Dealt With Volcanoes Over The Centuries TruthTheory


Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming to Earth Awareness Act

Each life we live is focused on a different life lesson. We come back to this world time and time again until each lesson we need to learn is learned.

Before we come to this planet, while we are still very much within the source we decide what our life is going to hold to an extent. We sign contracts and make agreements if we need to learn something we really work on ensuring that once we manifest that it will be something we can learn. We might not make each and every choice as to what happens in this life before we are born but we do have some say in where things go.

While we do not remember this it is something that we should all think about when considering the bigger picture, everything happens for a reason. For instance, if we want to learn what love really is we will be faced with the exact opposite. You must know hate to know love. You must be torn apart to understand your true worth. Each lesson we face was something we knew we were going to be learning before we ever stepped foot on this planet.

The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.
C. JoyBell C.

We all have things that we want to accomplish in this world and a guideline is always set beforehand. Self-development is not always a fun and easy process. It is something that everyone goes through in their own ways. We must learn all of the life lessons we have not yet managed to learn before we can truly reconnect with our true selves. There is so much more to the universe than we could ever understand.

Before coming here we all meet our soul families and we all understand what it is that we need to do to get where we need to be. When we are not in this world we are able to remember everything from our past lives and that in itself also brings us to be more aware of our destined patterns. We prearrange things before we make our way back here. Before we are born we are able to set out proper things for ourselves. While I know for a lot of people this will be hard to grasp but if you are spiritually inclined chances are you already know all about this.

Each time we come here we do so with a different mission, assuming that we have marked off the mission before. Every life has a plan and ever plan was made for a reason. I know it can be a bit confusing but to be honest it is quite empowering.



Lets Call the Farm Bill What it is: Corporate Welfare The Fifth Column


(Garrison) Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation,  doesnt want the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 the Farm Bill used as a political bargaining chip. Our nations farmers and ranchers are not pawns in a political game, he writes. They are the lifeblood of our nation.

Duvalls claims might be more convincing if he didnt make them right after  touting the political power of the agriculture lobby in unseating members of Congress deemed insufficiently loyal to it, powering rural Americas election of Donald Trump to the presidency, etc. and threatening to use that political power as needed to preserve the tens of billions of dollars in corporate welfare represented by the Farm Bill.

Yes, corporate welfare.

As of 1870, one of every two Americans worked in agriculture. As of 2012, that number was less than one in 50 and sinking fast toward one in 100. Advances in science and technology allow one fiftieth as many people to feed ten times as many mouths (not counting exports) now as then.

Those advances have come hand in hand with corporate consolidation of the same sort seen in other industries.  The day of the Depression-era family farm that my mother grew up on as one of 12 children, operating on human and animal power until they got their first truck right after World War Two and electricity shortly after that, is long gone. The kind of subsistence farm I lived on as a child, and the single-family operations my dad served as a dairy worker until his retirement in the 1990s, are fading away as well. Today, nearly all of the food you eat is produced either by, or under contract to, a few large companies.

The rawboned, overall-clad man driving a tractor 12 hours a day, calling the cows in for their evening milking, slopping the hogs, and sitting down for an evening pipe on the front porch before bed was once my grandfather. Now hes a carefully cultivated image of the past, used by organizations like Duvalls to propagandize for the transfer of billions dollars every year from your pockets to theirs via the political process, on top of what you spend in honest exchange for their livestock and crops.

The Farm Bill isnt going to save a way of life that for practical purposes no longer exists, nor is it going to bring back that way of life. In fact,  a century of agricultural subsidies and welfare programs are at least partially responsible for killing off the family farm as we once knew it. Those subsidies and programs attracted people who were more interested in the subsidies and programs than in the farming. In this case, literally, the one percent.

Dont reform the Farm Bill. Kill it.

Thomas L. Knapp (Twitter: @thomaslknapp) is di...


'Upside-down rainbow' seen in Newcastle, UK sky Signs of the Times

Anybody spot an upside-down rainbow in the sky over Newcastle? The phenomenon occurred over the city on Saturday evening and luckily someone got a picture. Lewis Maudlin, 24, from Wallsend, was playing pool at his girlfriend's house in Walker when he clocked the uncommon sight. He said: "It was lovely night, still dead sunny and clear after 7pm.


9 Things You Are Doing That Probably Creeps Out Your Partner Awareness Act

Sure, our partners are the people we are closest to but that doesnt mean we cannot still creep them out from time to time. You could be giving your partner the creeps without even realizing it.

Sometimes it is not as easy or simple to pick up on and so communication is very important. Even if something seems normal to you, it could be quite strange to your partner. Below I am going to go over some of the more common ways we tend to creep out our partners without realizing it. Do you do any of these things and how does your partner react to them?

9 Things You Might Do That Could Be Creeping Your Partner Out:

1. Being overly mushy towards them.

Sure, some people like the mushy stuff but if you are quick to say I love you and even quicker to woo your partner they might get turned off before things even progress more. Its fine to be close with your partner and you can say sweet things, but there also needs to be conversation outside of the mushy stuff. Your partner is going to get creeped out of he or she thinks you are too clingy.

2. Adding their friends or family on social media.

Once youve met them and are progressing in your relationship adding his or her friends and family is fine but you shouldnt do it right off the bat. You need to become more comfortable with one another and talk it over. Your partner might not want you to be close with his or her family just yet or maybe theyre not on good terms, dont overstep boundaries. Its just a wee bit creepy.

3. Texting them constantly.

Sure texting is fine but we all have our lives to live. If you blow up his or her phone 24/7 chances are they are going to get a little creeped out. You cant expect them to drop everything and focus on you forever, life does not have a pause button.

4. Bragging about yourself.

One of the biggest things that creeps others out is bragging. Your partner doesnt want to hear about your previous sexual conquests or the things youve done that make him or her inferior. Talk about the past but dont obsess over it. Be able to have a normal conversation.

5. Sharing too much too quickly.

Sharing too much too quickly will completely drive someone in the wrong direction. Share a little at a time, dont dive right in. The more you share the stranger things might end up being. Give him or her time to process things.

6. Pointing out when they do something similar to someone in your family.

Dont say things like oh my dad does that or you kind of look like my brother this is super creepy for obvious reasons.You might not think much of it but they will. Its just odd, think before you speak.

7. Not showing much emotion at all.

If you dont show any emotion at all that could also be a problem. You need to find a good common ground and...


Italian deputy PM Salvini closes Italian ports to migrant ship Signs of the Times

New Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has shut off Italian ports to a migrant ship with more than 600 people on board, as he follows through on his promise to get tough when it comes to illegal immigration. Salvini set out his position on Facebook, saying: "Malta takes in nobody. France pushes people back at the border, Spain defends its frontier with weapons. From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration."


11 Secrets of the Woman That No Man Can Leave Awareness Act

Weve all met that one woman. Not only does she have a man that would make most women jealous, but they are nothing short of a fairy-tale ending.

Hes completely smitten by her, and you can just tell that he has no interest in looking anywhere else. You cant help but notice the way that he looks at her, with a passion in his eyes. Its the look you have always hoped that you would someday receive yourself.

What is it that shes got, that other women dont? In a world full of dating apps, Tinder hookups, and websites geared towards affairs, how does she continue to keep the relationship alive and passionate? While there is no guarantee when it comes to relationships, and sometimes they just arent meant to work out, there are things that you can do to make yourself more attractive. Im not talking about the more superficial attraction, like doing your make up a certain way or opting for a sexier wardrobe. These are points that refer to your character and the way that you carry yourself in life.

Become A Woman No Man Can Leave with These 11 Secrets:

#1 Be Openly Affectionate

Dont be fooled by the fact that society tries to paint a man as strong and confident, not one to give into something as silly as emotions. Even the most confident men crave the love and affection that only their partner can bring. Open yourself up and show him how much you care, dont be afraid to tell him how you feel.

#2 Challenge Him

#3 Dont Hide Your Intelligence

Dont worry about whether or not you are going to intimidate the men in your life. Real men will respect a smart woman rather than feeling threatened by her. Embrace your strengths, wow him with your wit and engage in deep and meaningful conversations. Allow your intelligence to shine, and dont downplay yourself for any man.

#4 Show Him Support

When you enter into a relationship, you have found your teammate, the one person who should be on your side through thick and thin. Dont just assume that he knows youre in his corner. Show him that you support him in every area of your lives together, from trying new ideas to his greatest passions. This will boost his confidence,...


Scientists find trees have a 'heartbeat' Signs of the Times

Trees 'Pump' Water from Roots to Leaves Until now, scientists thought water moved through trees by osmosis, in a somewhat continuous manner. Now they've discovered the trunks and branches of trees are actually contracting and expanding to 'pump' water up from the roots to the leaves, similar to the way our hearts pump blood through our bodies. The only difference between our pulse and a tree's is a tree's is much slower, 'beating' once every two hours or so, and instead of regulating blood pressure, the heartbeat of a tree regulates water pressure. Andrs Zlinszky, of Aarhus University in the Netherlands told New Scientist: We've discovered that most trees have regular periodic changes in shape, synchronized across the whole plant... which imply periodic changes in water pressure. Trunk 'Pumping' Motion In his 2017 study, Zlinszky and his colleague Anders Barfod used terrestrial laser scanning to monitor 22 tree species to see how the shape of their canopies changed. The measurements were taken in greenhouses at night to rule out sun and wind as factors in the trees' movements. In several of the trees, branches moved up and down by about a centimeter or so every couple of hours. After studying the nocturnal tree activity, the researchers came up with a theory about what the movement means. They believe the motion is an indication that trees are pumping water up from their roots. It is, in essence, a type of 'heartbeat.'


Dugin, Putin, & Their Infinite Lies After the Shift


No one in their right mind can doubt the fact that Dugin is a Satanist and a hardcore Communist just like Putin and his tribal clan. There are no politicians working for the people anymore, and those who have the intention are silenced. Instead, there is theatre leading people to believe there is opposition to all this evil. The tribe works on both sides, and confusion is a great tool that they use. Things are becoming so clear that only the very blind still don't see it. Just be careful, believing the Devil's lies will only lead to self-destruction. The only thing we can do at this point is to try to separate ourselves from the system as much as possible and stop thinking that there are 'world saviours' out there, the only one who can save us is Christ, this is a fight between good and evil, where we make a choice as to what side we want to be on and then we help others see the truth.


A Mile in Their Shoes Dissident Voice

This past Friday in Afghanistans Ghazni province, Hazara girls joined young Pashto boys to sing Afghanistans national anthem as a welcome to Pashto men walking 400 miles from Helmand to Kabul. The walkers are calling on warring parties in Afghanistan to end the war. Most of the men making the journey are wearing sandals. At rest stops, they must tend to their torn and blistered feet. But their mission grows stronger as they walk. In Ghazni, hundreds of residents, along with religious leaders, showed remarkable readiness to embrace the courage and vision of the Helmand-to-Kabul peace walk participants. It seems likely that ordinary Afghans, no matter their tribal lineages, share a profound desire to end forty years of war. The 17-year U.S. war in Afghanistan exceeds the lifetimes of the youngsters in Ghazni who greeted the peace walkers.

On June 7th, Afghanistans president, Ashraf Ghani, declared a week-long halt to attacks against the Taliban. Spokespersons representing an undetermined number of Taliban affiliates accepted the ceasefire on June 9th, with the U.S. also agreeing to suspend attacks against Taliban fighters.

Can the declared cease-fire lead to negotiations and an end to the war? Given the desperate circumstances I saw during a visit to Kabul in early June, it seems clear that a lasting peace will require finding ways to employ people and enable them to provide food and water for their families.

Destitution has caused numerous Afghan people to enlist in military forces, pro-government or insurgent. Its extremely difficult to earn a living wage in Afghanistan, but military and paramilitary units, answerable to various warlords, including the U.S., pay wages which many Afghan families cant afford to dismiss. My young friends in Kabul assure me their family members who joined military groups dont want to cause bloodshed and they dont want to be killed. They simply dont have other viable options.

Almost 54 percent of Afghan citizens live below the poverty line, according to Afghanistans Tolo News coverage of a recent joint survey undertaken by the Central Statistics Organization and an international NGO.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV), who welcomed me as their guest last week, want to help build a more egalitarian economy that will provide basic human needs. This year, theyre forging ahead in establishing worker cooperatives. During my visit, they celebrated the opening of a shoe-making cooperative. Theyve also devised a one-year plan for seamstresses to form a tailoring cooperative and explored possibilities for a carpentry cooperative.

Once up-and-running, their blog explains, thes...


Guest post: Climate change could heighten risk of global food production shocks' RSS feed from

Dr Michelle Tigchelaar is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington, currently investigating the... The post Guest post: Climate change could heighten risk of global food production shocks' appeared first on Carbon Brief.


Elizabeth Warren Issues Grave Warning to Democrats Ahead of Midterms Truthdig RSS

Several Senate Democrats were deeply offended when their colleague Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) publicly called them out by name for backing a bank deregulation bill that will heighten the chances of yet another devastating financial crisis, but that hasnt deterred the Massachusetts senator from continuing to denounce members of her own party for cozying up to corporate power.

Until we have all of the Democrats who are willing to fight for the American people and not for a handful of billionaires and giant corporations, then its going to stay an uphill fight.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren

In a new interview on Mehdi Hasans Deconstructed podcast, Warren said she agrees with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that too many Democrats lack the guts to take on Wall Street and argued that her partys struggles will continue until all of its members are willing to take on the billionaire class.

Until we have all of the Democrats who are willing to fight for the American people and not for a handful of billionaires and giant corporations, then its going to stay an uphill fight, Warren argued.

The Massachusetts senator went on to note that Democrats refusal to take on Wall Street greed and criminality is part of a broader, systemic crisis that has infected the entire American political system.

Citizens United is taking the legs out from underneath democracy. And we have to be willing to overturn Citizens United, Warren said. I get it that its hard. But we cant give up on it, because money is going to drown our democracy. And if we dont start fighting back and fighting back more aggressively, then we are part of the problem as well.

Listen to the full interview here.


Truthdig is running a reader-funded project to document the Poor Peoples Campaign. Please help us by making a donation.


Health Concerns: Toddlers In The US Consume Too Much Sugar The Daily Sheeple

Researchers have known for a long time that people should get their daily sugar intake from fruits and vegetables rather than added sugars. But even so, toddlers in the United States are consuming way too much sugar.

The new study which concluded that toddlers are ingesting too much added sugar may have been limited in some ways considering the sugar consumption was measured based on parents memory of what their child ate during a short period of time. In addition, the study has not been peer-reviewed. It was shared at a medical meeting.

The problem with added sugars is not only the inflammation it can cause, but the added calories which contribute to serious health concerns such as obesity.

High amounts of added sugar can be hidden in seemingly healthy food: a single-size serving of yogurt with fruit at the bottom can contain up to six teaspoons of sugar. In a regular 8 ounce serving of apple or orange juice, there are 5.5 teaspoons of sugar, on average. Dried fruits are also loaded with sugar there are 21 teaspoons in one cup of dried fruit alone. Energy and protein bars can also contain a lot of sugar, and its also found in the condiments we add to foods: each tablespoon of ketchup contains one teaspoon of sugar. ABC News

The oldest toddlers in the study, who are aged between 19 to 23 months, averaged about seven teaspoons of added sugar per day (based on their parents memories), more than the amount in a Kit Kat bar, the study found.

Several animal studies have shown that a diet high in added sugar leads to obesity, insulin resistance, increased gut permeability and low-grade inflammation. Human studies confirm the link between added sugar and higher inflammatory markers.

A study of 29 healthy people found that consuming only 40 grams of added sugar from just one 375-ml can of soda per day led to an increase in inflammatory markers, insulin resistance, and LDL cholesterol. These people tended to gain more weight, too.

It isnt really a big surprise that American todd...


Crisis at US National Archives: A lot of key records are missing Signs of the Times

In the middle of directing the difficult task of transferring the historically important records of the Obama administration into the National Archives, the archivist in charge, David Ferriero, ran into a serious problem: A lot of key records are missing. A first-rate librarian, Ferriero has been driving a much-needed digital overhaul and expansion of the National Archives over the nine years of his appointment. This will greatly improve the ability of digital search locally and remotely, as well as accessing the files themselves. To support this effort, in 2014 President Obama signed the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments. For the first time electronic government records were placed under the 1950 Federal Records Act. The new law also included updates clarifying "the responsibilities of federal government officials when using non-government email systems" and empowering "the National Archives to safeguard original and classified records from unauthorized removal." Additionally, it gives the Archivist of the United States the final authority in determining just what is a government record. And yet the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and "loss" of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges. So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders. The IRS suffered record "losses" as well. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy called it "an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws."


Tide turning: Israel branded 'illegal state' by Spanish party leader for practicing 'apartheid' Signs of the Times

Israel has been branded an "illegal state" by the leader of Spain's third-largest party, Podemos, for conducting an apartheid-like massacre at the Gaza fence bordering Palestine. "We need to act more firmly on an illegal country like Israel," Iglesias Turrion told Spanish RTVE channel. Accusing the country of violating international law and resorting to what he called apartheid-like policies, the leader of the left-wing party questioned the legitimacy of the state of Israel. "Israel's actions are illegal. The apartheid policies of the state of Israel are illegal," the politician said, adding that when it comes to international politics he and his party would continue to "defend international rights."


How The Beast System Socially Engineers the Masses Jay Dyer Jay's Analysis

Santa Cruz, CA Talk Radio KSCO invited me Perspectives to discuss social engineering and the notion of theology, psychological warfare, Hollywood and mass manipulation.

Audio Here 


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Revealing interview - Putin answers several rapid-fire personal questions. Signs of the Times

The media should heed his last answer One gets the feeling that this segment didn't go quite as planned, but it was interesting nonetheless. The journalists were looking for short answers of maybe a few words, or a sentence. This being Russia, things tend to get a little more complicated. Listen to the last question and his answer to it. It doesn't sound rehearsed.


Russia: US Special Forces Helping Syrian Rebels Plot Chemical Attack Your News Wire

Russias MoD said it has credible intelligence that US Special Forces are helping Syrian rebels to orchestrate a chemical attack provocation The aim is to provoke Western airstrikes on Syrians government forces. A statement released [...]

The post Russia: US Special Forces Helping Syrian Rebels Plot Chemical Attack appeared first on Your News Wire.


Global cooling: Summer solstice is approaching, but snow has piled up across the US Northwest this weekend Signs of the Times

While the East simmered in humid summer weather this weekend, the Northwest got a flashback of winter. Several inches of snow fell across Idaho and Montana over the weekend, turning places like Big Sky Resort and Glacier National Park into a winter wonderland in spite of the calendar. On Saturday the National Weather Service warned that winter conditions would affect outdoor recreation. Across the high elevations of the Northwest, the snow plows had to be pulled from their summer hibernation. What makes this even more interesting is the heat on the other side of Montana on Saturday. As an upper-level trough approached, winds from the south pushed temperatures into the 90s across Central Montana. Scattered, summertime thunderstorms popped up in the warm, humid air.


Venezuelas Elections Were Not Free or Fair They Were Undermined by the US MintPress News

The Western press did its utmost to portray the recent elections in Venezuela as fraudulent. There were legitimate allegations raised, such as how Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro offered recipients of state benefits a prize if they came out to vote. Therefore, an increasingly reluctant public would be compelled to vote for him to receive much-needed food and supplies.

But in reality this is only a minor example of a common practice employed throughout the region and surely prevalent in US-backed states. It also confuses the loyal support Maduro has amongst the poor as mere clientelism, disregarding the much more substantial impact of how the government looks after their interests & wellbeing. Despite being most harmed by the economic downturn, the poorer sectors are those most supportive of the government; not exactly what youd call clientelism.

However, what is often not discussed is the much more substantial ways in which the elections were underminedby the United States.


No Concern for Democracy

The US claims that its main reason for opposing the current Venezuelan government is because of a lack of democracy in the country.

The May 20 presidential elections were fake, Senator Marco Rubio said, while Vice President Pence called them a sham. President Trump accused Maduro of undermining democracy after the vote, claiming the US sanctions regime is designed to pressure the government to restore democracy.

Going a ways to prove that its actual stance has nothing to do with a sincere concern for democratic legitimacy, the US had already announced that the elections were a ...


'One of a kind, 3,000-year-old' sculpture found in Israel puzzles archeologists Signs of the Times

An enigmatic sculpture of a king's head dating back nearly 3,000 years has left researchers guessing at whose face it depicts. The 5cm (two-inch) sculpture is an exceedingly rare example of figurative art from the region during the ninth century BC - a period associated with biblical kings. It is exquisitely preserved but for a bit of missing beard, and nothing quite like it has been found before. While scholars are certain the stern-bearded figure wearing a golden crown represents royalty, they are less sure which king it symbolises, or which kingdom he may have ruled.


Cuddly oracle cat makes prediction on outcome of World Cup opening match Signs of the Times

She sleeps for over 15 hours a day but when Sushi the cat wakes up to play and chase invisible entities around the house, she also enjoys watching football and predicting game outcomes. It was Paul the Octopus in 2010 who became famous when he correctly predicted all the matches of the German team during the World Cup in South Africa. With the World Cup 2018 about to kick off in Russia, there is a new fluffy player in the psychic game. A UK resident, Sushi was given a choice between two boxes, marked after the two teams opening the tournament on June 14.


Iraqi court orders arrest of ballot box storage site fire suspects - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Iraqi court orders arrest of ballot box storage site fire suspectsThomson Reuters FoundationBAGHDAD, June 11 (Reuters) - An Iraqi court has ordered the arrest of four people accused of setting fire to a storage site housing ballot boxes from a May parliamentary election, state television said on Monday. Three of the suspects are policemen and ...and more 


RV/Intelligence Alert: "Discretion" -- June 11, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Today is the big day.

Tomorrow is another big day.

Information hold still in effect.

The RV remains ready to begin at any moment at the Alliance's discretion.

We're already free, you just can't feel it yet.





Global cooling: Areas of British Columbia receive up to 15 inches of snow in JUNE Signs of the Times

Welcome to Canada where seasons mean nothing and the weather changes in the blink of an eye. The latest victim of Canada's unpredictable weather patterns is none other than our western most province, British Columbia. BC was hit this past weekend with about a foot of snow in some areas, or for those of us using the metric system, anywhere from 22 - 40 cms of snow accumulated in parts of the province.


"Facing The (Horrible) Future" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Facing The (Horrible) Future"
Our fate directly depends on our courage to change it.
by Chris Martenson

"Id like to tell you a short story based on a movie that has had a profound impact on me. I'll get to the story in a moment, but first, a little background on the movie...  It's called "Griefwalker" (by Tim Wilson) and it focuses on the life and wisdom of Stephen Jenkinson, a theologian and philosopher who worked as an end-of-life specialist for many years. Because we all must face death in our lives, inevitably our own someday, I highly recommend this movie and Stephens work to everyone....


"World Wrassling Diplomacy Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"World Wrassling Diplomacy
by James Howard Kunstler

"Why not war with Canada? That pissant nation is cluttering up the northern half of OUR Continent, which we struggled mightily to free from wicked Old Europe. What doesnt Justin Trudeau get about that? And when were done with him, how about a few rounds with Frau Merkel and the wee frog, Monsieur Macron? Id like to see the Golden Golem of Greatness in a leotard and one of those Mexican wrestling masks, tossing these peevish international dwarves out of the ring like so many sacks of potting soil.

And now its off to Singapore for a championship bout with the opponent known as Little Rocket Man. Theres an odd expectation that these two avatars of unreality will settle the hash that has been simmering for sixty years between the divided Korea and the USA. Mr. Trump will make a deal to turn North Korea into a golfers paradise and Mr. Kim will promise to beat his nuclear arsenal into nine irons and putters. And then theyll celebrate on Air Force One with bags of Big Macs and Buckets oChicken. (Let the aides and advisors fight over the Singapore Noodles and squid beaks in garlic sauce.)



Hong Kong hand six year sentence to activist leader Edward Leung Signs of the Times

Leung was convicted over his role in protests in 2016 dubbed the 'fishball revolution' Hong Kong's leading independence activist has been jailed for six years for his involvement in some of the city's worst protest violence for decades. Edward Leung was convicted in May of rioting over the 2016 running battles with police, when demonstrators hurled bricks torn up from pavements and set rubbish alight in the commercial district of Mong Kok. Handing down his jail term, Judge Anthea Pang said Leung actively participated in the riots and described his actions as "wanton and vicious".


Arms campaigners press UK government as Yemen port attack looms RSS feed from

The UK government is aware of how deadly a Saudi-led strike on Hodeidah could be so why is it still arming the regime, ask arms trade campaigners.


Pro-Israeli British nationalists face-off with pro-Palestine Al Quds marchers Signs of the Times

Pro-Israeli British nationalists scuffled with police and pro-Palestine demonstrators at this year's Al Quds march in London. The protest was part of Quds Day, an annual protest against Zionism the current and historical actions of Israeli state. Counter-protests were arranged by supporters of Israel and were attended by British nationalists opposed to the event's link to Lebanese group Hezbollah. A large police presence mostly kept the two groups apart.


Tucson Pedogate Update: Disinformation Wars Unfolding Operation Disclosure

Tucson Pedogate Update; Dis-Info Wars Unfolding [videos]

JUNE 11, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Have you been following this story? If so, you will have seen very convincing attempts to lead us to the conclusion that the VOP situation is bogus, fake, sensationalizing, grandstanding, an attempt to solicit thousands of dollars in donations, etc.

Youve heard that Lewis Aurther isnt a veteran, but he never said he was. He just happens to be spearheading this operation comprising others who ARE veterans, to expose the pedophilia because he was already working in the Tucson area to find homeless vets. It was natural for him to dovetail the operation into exploring what they found, and he has the community in Tucson behind him, from what he has said. He is not backing down, slinking away, or making excuses and keeps broadcasting to keep things transparent.

If youre not too frustrated by the process of looking at the people involved and what theyre doing and who is backing them, its fascinating.

Titus Frost was really frustrated after he made a call to Cemex and then Unirock told him the VOP op is a sham and he shouldnt be treating it like its real. Titus took off to Europe for a break and will revisit in ten days, he says. So much drama.

This video from Bill Smith explains some of this from his perspective. He connects a lot of dots so watch even when he seems to have gone off topic.

This is the video Bill speaks of above, if you want to see the whole thing. Do you believe him?

Urban Moving, t...


Citing Cyberattacks, U.S. Sanctions Malicious Russian Firms Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTONThe Trump administration on Monday slapped sanctions on several Russian companies and businessmen for engaging in cyberattacks and assisting Russias military and intelligence services with other malicious activities.

The Treasury Department said it was imposing sanctions on five Russian firms and three executives from one of them under legislation passed last year and an executive order aimed at punishing efforts to hack into U.S. computer systems. The sanctions freeze any assets that they may have in U.S. jurisdictions and bar Americans from doing business with them.

The United States is engaged in an ongoing effort to counter malicious actors working at the behest of the Russian Federation and its military and intelligence units to increase Russias offensive cyber capabilities, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. He said the sanctions targeted entities that have directly contributed to improving Russias cyber and underwater capabilities that jeopardize the safety and security of the United States and our allies.

The department said the sanctions were a response to a number of cyberattacks, including last years NotPetya attack, as well as intrusions into the U.S. energy grid and global network infrastructure. It also said that Russia had been tracking undersea cables that carry the bulk of the worlds telecommunications data.

The companies affected are: Digital Security with offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and its subsidiaries ERPScan and Embedi, which have offices in Russia, Europe and Israel; St. Petersburg- and Moscow-based Kvant Scientific Research Institute; and Divetechnoservices of St. Petersburg. The three sanctioned men are Aleksandr Lvovich Tribun, Oleg Sergeyevich Chirikov, and Vladimir Yakovlevich Kaganskiy. They all work for Divetechnoservices.

The Treasury Department said Digital Security had provided material and technological support to Russias Federal Security Services, or FSB. It said Divetechnoservices had procured a variety of underwater equipment and diving systems, including a submarine, for Russian government agencies.

Truthdig is running a reader-funded project to document the Poor Peoples Campaign. Please help us by making a donation.



Watchdog group blasts Amazon over working conditions at product supply factory in China Signs of the Times

A watchdog group is calling on Inc. to improve conditions for factory workers in China who make Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers, renewing criticisms that CEO Jeff Bezos became the world's wealthiest man on the backs of low-paid laborers. The New York-based China Labor Watch released a report at the weekend following a nine-month investigation of working conditions at a factory in the city of Hengyang owned by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., the company known as Foxconn, which manufactures products for Amazon. It offers the first behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Amazon produces voice-activated speakers that cost as little as $40. The report, which paints a picture of low pay and intense working conditions, includes the following findings:


Soros: Trump Is Single-Handedly Destroying The World I Created Your News Wire

Billionaire globalist George Soros has angrily lashed out at Donald Trump, accusing the President of single-handedly destroying the world he created. The 87-year-old Hillary Clinton mega-donor accused Trump of being willing to destroy the world [...]

The post Soros: Trump Is Single-Handedly Destroying The World I Created appeared first on Your News Wire.


A Dutch City Is Creating The First Habitable, 3D Printed Houses TruthTheory

by Victor Tangermann via Futurism

As a kid, you probably heard the story of the three little pigs. To recap the tale: Three pigs build homes out of straw, sticks, and bricks respectively. In the end, only the brick house is able to withstand the huffing and puffing of the hungry neighborhood wolf. The moral here? Hard work pays off.

But, in our future-oriented fable, there was a fourth pig. A pig that went all out, and built his house using a state-of-the-art 3D concrete printer preserving a ton of energy, and reducing overall waste in the process. No amount of huffing or puffing could flatten it. And he barely had to lift a hoof.

3D printing is becoming a staple in a vast number of different industry applications from liquid metal fixtures for spacecraft to 3D printing living tissue. As our pig metaphor illustrated, its even possible to build entire houses using massive, industrial-scale 3D printers but they have yet to gain permanent inhabitants.

Thats all about to change. A Dutch construction company called Van Wijnen is 3D printing the first homes in the world that are actually habitable (i.e. able to pass a home inspection)  at least...


Americas Constitutional Crisis Is Here, Now Truthdig RSS

I keep hearing that if Trump fires Mueller well face a constitutional crisis.

Or if Mueller subpoenas Trump to testify and Trump defies the subpoena, its a constitutional crisis.

Or if Mueller comes up with substantial evidence that Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia or of obstructing justice but the House doesnt move to impeach him, well have a constitutional crisis.

I have news for you. Were already in a constitutional crisis. For a year and a half the president of the United States has been carrying out a systemic attack on the institutions of our democracy.

A constitutional crisis does not occur suddenly like a coup that causes a government to collapse. It occurs gradually, as a system of government is slowly weakened.

The current crisis has been unfolding since the waning days of the 2016 campaign when Trump refused to say whether hed be bound by the election results if Hillary won.

It continued through March 4, 2017 when Trump claimed, without evidence, that Obama had wiretapped his phones in the Trump Tower during the campaign.

It deepened in May 2017 when, by his own admission, Trump was thinking of this Russia thing when he decided to fire FBI Director James Comey, who had been leading the bureaus investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, andthen admitted to Russian officials that firing Comey had relieved great pressure on him because of Russia, according to a document summarizing the meeting.

A constitutional crisis becomes especially dangerous when a president of the United States tells the public it cannot trust the government of the United States.

Over the last few weeks, Trump has done just this.

First he accused the FBI of sending a spy to secretly infiltrate his 2016 campaign for political purposes. Then he issued a demand that the FBI investigate the spying resulting in the Justice Department sharing portions of the FBI investigation with Trumps allies in Congress.

Trump blamed the entire Mueller investigation on a conspiratorial deep state intent on removing him from office. He used pardons to demonstrate to those already being investigated that they shouldnt cooperate because he can pardon them, too, and then bragged to reporters that he is considering 3,000 more pardons thereby anointing himself the judge of wh...


The Foundation For International Justice Is Anti-Imperialism Dissident Voice

An Anti-Imperialist Mural in Caracas, Venezuela (from Telesur)

The United States has had a policy of imperialism beginning after the Civil War. The US way of war, developed against Indigenous peoples, spread worldwide as the US sought to extend its power through military force, economic dominance and diplomatic hegemony.

Imperialism is driven by what Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. identified at the end of his life, the triple evils of racism, capitalism, and militarism. Lenin described imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. Imperialism has justified mass slaughter, resulting in the US killing 20 million people since WW II. The People of the United States must say no to imperialism.

Advocacy against imperialism is needed to prevent confusion around US militarism. The US disguises imperialism by attacking so-called dictatorial leaders who use violence against their own people. This results in Orwellian-phrased humanitarian wars violence by US surrogates inside a country, massive funding to create opposition against a government or economic sanctions that cause widespread suffering.

The propaganda justifying these abuses hides the real intent expansion of US domination so US corporations can profit from resources and cheap labor under a US-friendly government. People confused by this rhetoric sometimes repeat the propagandistic claims of US imperialists and help justify US intervention.

End US Imperialism (from

Why US Imperialism Must Be Opposed Today

US imperialism is aggressively working on al...


Democrat University Professor Arrested For Sodomizing His Dog Your News Wire

A Democrat University professor has been charged with two counts of sodomy after attempting to have sex with his pet dog. The Michigan Attorney Generals Office charged Joseph Hattey, 51, for penetrating the basset hound [...]

The post Democrat University Professor Arrested For Sodomizing His Dog appeared first on Your News Wire.


Robert De Niro: F*ck Trump! Hes A Soulless Adolf Hitler Your News Wire

Actor Robert De Niro said fuck Trump in front of a thrilled audience of overpaid actors at the Tony Awards on Sunday night.   Whilst onstage at the awards ceremony, Robert De Niro did what Hollywood [...]

The post Robert De Niro: F*ck Trump! Hes A Soulless Adolf Hitler appeared first on Your News Wire.


What is the alt-right? Duginism & the occult After the Shift


What is the alt-right? How is Duginism connected to the CIA and the occult? Dugin claims "Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics." Resources: https://www....


Cosmic history comes into question after new giant stars discovery Signs of the Times

As Neil DeGrasse Tyson is fond of saying, "We are all stardust." Zooming out a bit, however, reveals that almost everything is stardust, more or less: after the Big Bang, stars were responsible for creating the heavier elements on the periodic table that eventually became the building blocks for planets, carbon-based life, and (in a roundabout way) Elon Musk. Stars are so integral to our universe that astronomers and scientists can use stars' masses, births, and deaths to get a handle on the entire history of our cosmos. And it turns out our current history may be wrong. It comes down to this: More massive stars live shorter, brighter lives before exploding into supernovas, which can spur the creation of new stars, as well as black holes and even solar systems. If you want to understand the patterns that shaped galaxies (and the rest of the universe), then you need to understand stars.


The 'West' is past (Moon of Alabama) Tlaxcala

11/06/2018 - G-7 summits are supposed to symbolize "the west", its unity and its power. The summits pretended to set policy directions for the world. We are happy to see that they are dead. bigger ...


WIDER IMAGE-In volcano's wake, a Guatemalan town became a cemetery - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

WIDER IMAGE-In volcano's wake, a Guatemalan town became a cemeteryThomson Reuters Foundation(For photo essay: By Carlos Jasso and Sofia Menchu. SAN MIGUEL LOS LOTES, Guatemala, June 11 (Reuters) - There was no time to eat. Sunday family lunches were interrupted, the food left on the table. Children abandoned toys ...and more 


70,000 Worldwide Elite Pedophile Ring Busted By Police Your News Wire

The worlds largest internet-based pedophile ring, with over 70,000 members, has been busted by police, according to security officials. The bust, which was part of Operation Rescue by Europol, identified 670 suspects and 230 sexually [...]

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BLACKOUT Issue 003 disinformation

  Neural Network Comic series A vision of an alternate near-future: bleak isolation, gonzo excess, android dreams. Nameless characters awaken to stillborn days, and wrestle with the inevitability of cthulhuian madness. BLACKOUT is... The post BLACKOUT Issue 003 appeared first on disinformation.

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Australia's emissions reduction target 'unambitious, irresponsible' RSS feed from

New Australia Institute paper finds neither Coalition nor Labor's pollution reduction targets would see us doing our fair sharePollution reduction targets for 2030 proposed by the Coalition and Labor will not see Australia contributing its fair share to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate agreement, according to new research.A paper from the progressive thinktank the Australia Institute finds the Turnbull government's target of a 26-28% reduction on 2005 levels is [...]


Recent Internet Proposal in the EU May Be The Next Step Towards Extreme Online Censorship Awareness Act

While we in the United States, are lucky enough to enjoy true freedom of speech when we are logged onto the internet, this isnt the case for everyone. In fact, the control and censorship in some countries are incredibly extreme!

Those in positions of power in China, for example, have imposed some extreme restrictions including removing foreign television shows from online streaming platforms, requiring that all users of online forums register with their real names, holding group admins in chat groups responsible for any and all that is said in their online spaces, and, in Beijing, shutting out access to Google and Facebook entirely in the past! Imagine being told that you arent permitted to access your favorite social media platforms due to government restrictions. Furthermore, access to unbiased reporting is nearly impossible with government-approved editorial staff required to oversee all online news websites.

While that may seem extreme, its important to note that even the smallest of moves in the direction of online censorship and restriction could be a slippery slope towards something much darker and more intense. This is the case with a new proposal introduced in the European Union.

The EU Copyright Directive, Article 13, focuses on reshaping the current copyright laws, bringing them into the internet age. It attempts to do so by establishing greater regulations for the online platforms that allow for the sharing of protected content. It also discusses what measures should be used in order to fairly and appropriately enforce this regulation.

The Article states that platform providers should take measures to ensure the functioning of agreements concluded with rightholders for the use of their works or other subject-matter or to prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders through the cooperation with the service providers.

What does this mean for internet users in the EU? All content that is uploaded to any online platform will have to be monitored and removed if it violates existing copyright. For example, if someone was to upload a protected image to Facebook, it would be the responsibility of the platform to catch that this had been uploaded and remove it promptly in order to avoid potentially expensive obligations. This is particularly challenging as many of the most popular memes that circulate the social media platforms involve taking someone elses original content and applying text, which would violate these regulations. It is for this reason that many who oppose the directive refer to Article 13 as...


Hillary Propagandist Mocks Bourdain Suicide: Special Place In Hell Your News Wire

A Hillary Clinton propagandist has come under fire after suggesting the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain will burn in hell for committing suicide.   David Leavitt, whose bylines include CBS, AXS and the Examiner, gleefully mocked the [...]

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The Four Stages of Life, According to Carl Jung Awareness Act

There is no arguing that we will go through different stages or times in our life, each with their own individual experiences, rewards, and challenges. Consider, for a moment, the person that you whereas you graduated from high school, heading out into the world confident yet overwhelmed by the world before us.

Most of us will agree that at that point in our lives we were quite different than we either were or expect ourselves to be, as we near retirement. However, is there more to the passing of time and personal growth than just our movement through these periods of development?

While many great minds in the world of psychiatry have their own theories in relation to personal growth throughout our lives, there is one theory that has been attributed to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung that remains highly studied and accepted.  Well known for his work in the areas of personality and the collective unconscious, Jung theorized that there were 4 basic stages of life that we would work through. These stages werent associated with any set age range or period of accomplishment, like during school versus your first established career. Instead, they are a reflection of who we are at that time, reflecting our motivations and mental state.

Even more interestingly, Jung explained that while there are 4 clear stages of life, we wont always find ourselves moving through them in a linear fashion. Instead, he described life as far more complicated. As we face different situations and seasons of life, he explained, we may move forward and backward through these stages. Each stage plays an important role, allowing us to not only manage our lives but to truly succeed.

Here are Carl Jungs 4 Stages of Life. Which stage are you currently in?

#1 The Athlete

This is a stage of life in which we are often described as self-absorbed or narcissistic. Despite everything that may be going on in the world around us, we are focused on ourselves and our self image. This self-consideration is largely surface level, focusing on our appearance, the shape of our bodies and the way that the world sees us. While this may sound like a negative stage to be in, it does serve a purpose. One may return to the athlete stage, for example, at a time when they are focused on losing weight and getting back in shape. While most people will move in and out of this stage throughout life, there are some that will spend their lives trapped her, unable to see beyond their own selfish interests and desires.

#2 The Warrior

As people open their minds to a deeper way of considering the world around them, they may move into the warrior stage. This is the point in life where you begin to acknowledge w...


10 Signs You Are Someone With A Strong Personality And a Sensitive Heart Awareness Act

Sure, being strong and coming off as unemotional can be a bit harder than it looks but even those who seem to have everything together can be bursting at the seams. Not everything is as it appears to be and I think that is something we tend to forget in this day and age.

For whatever reason, most of the people in this world tend to ridicule and make fun of those who show their emotions or who are not afraid to be themselves. That is why people who are sensitive or have a sensitive side tend to work hard to be as strong as possible. They have strong personalities and go above and beyond to make sure everyone sees only that side of them.

That being said, they do show their true selves to those who are closest to them and it makes a wonderful difference in the lives of just about everyone who comes in contact with them. Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you could be someone who fits this description and has a sensitive side you are afraid to show. This is something you let leak out in some of the best ways and should not be ashamed of. Never be afraid to be who you truly are.

10 Signs You Are Someone With A Very Strong Personality But Also A Sensitive Side:

1. You cannot help but call others out when they do something wrong.

When someone does something really wrong it eats away at you until you make it known. This isnt just simple mistakes it is more like really hurting those who do not deserve the pain. You cannot stand for that kind of thing. People who do good deserve to be treated right.

2. You dont like it when people hide their true feelings from you.

You think people should speak their minds when it comes to what they feel even though you dont always follow through with it. You get quite upset when someone keeps their true feelings from you. You would rather they speak up and hurt your feelings than do something they dont want to do.

3. You tend to become overwhelmed quite easily.

You find yourself overwhelmed more often than not. You might not let other people see it but you definitely feel it. Stress is something you are very familiar with. That being said, you are great at overcoming it.

4. You tend to beat yourself up over a lot of unimportant things.

You tend to really end up being your own worst enemy. You are far more hard on yourself than you should be. You beat yourself up over things that literally dont even matter.

5. You struggle with letting go of negative thoughts.

When someone says something about you that isnt positive it really sticks with you. You beat yourself up over most of these things and really struggle with l...


Driving winds fan Colorado wildfire, 2000 homes evacuated - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Driving winds fan Colorado wildfire, 2000 homes evacuatedThomson Reuters FoundationJune 11 (Reuters) - Gusting winds and continued dry weather in southwestern Colorado helped to fan a largely uncontrolled wildfire that grew by nearly one-third to more than 22,000 acres on Monday, forcing the evacuation of more than 2,000 homes. The ...and more 


Lightning bolt kills 3 at hockey match in Odisha, India Signs of the Times

Lightning killed three persons during a hockey match at Sagbahal village in Talsara police limits, nearly 80km from here, on Sunday. The three, all in their 20s, are among the seven persons killed in lightning strikes across the state on Sunday. Other than the hockey players, three were killed in Balasore and one in Mayurbhanj. Those killed in the hockey match, which was being watched by a crowd of 700-800 villagers, have been identified as Rabi Narayana Tanty, Sumanat Gouda and Susanta Goudain. Eyewitnesses said the victims had stopped the match midway and took shelter under a big banyan tree when it started to rain heavily. The match was being played between the host village and a neighbouring village with a goat as the trophy.


The Trump Kim Meeting Shows Value of Policy Over Politics MintPress News

When President Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 11, 1987, it helped put into motion events that would dramatically change the global system. A line of communication was fully opened with an enemy of decades and substantive issues were on the table. Though the summit was initially reported as a failure, with the two sides unable to sign a final agreement, history now shows us that it was actually a great success that paved the way to the eventual end of the Cold War and a reduction in the threat of a nuclear war.

A year later Gorbachev and Reagan met in Washington to continue the dialogue that had been started and the rest is history. Success began as a failure.

We are now facing a similar situation with President Trumps historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. As with the Reagan/Gorbachev meetings, detractors on all sides seem determined to undermine and belittle the opening of a door to diplomacy and peace.

The neocons demand that North Korea give up all its bargaining chips up front in return for vague promises of better relations with the US. Yet in the post-Libya era no serious person would jump at such an offer. Their biggest fear is that peace may break out and they are doing everything to prevent that from happening. Conflict is their livelihood.

I also find it disheartening that many Democrat opponents of President Trump who rightly cheered President Obamas efforts to reach a deal with Iran are now condemning Trump for opening the door to diplomacy with North Korea. Did they genuinely support President Obamas diplomatic efforts with Iran, or did they just prefer the person who happened to occupy the Oval Office at the time?

The issue is about policy versus politics and I am afraid too many Americans of all political stripes are confusing the two. Many Americans, it seems, would prefer that we continue down the path to a potentially nuclear conflict on the Korean peninsula because they do not like the current US president. Does that make any sense? Has politics come to over-rule our common sense to the point we would go against our own interests and even our own lives? Lets hope not!

The truth is, talking is always better than threatening. Just like trading is always better than sanctioning. Detractors on both sides miss the point while they desperately try to make political points. The current thaw with North Korea began with that countrys participation in the Olympic games in South Korea. From that point, North and South Korea came to see each other as neighbors rather than enemies. That process will continue regardless of what comes from the Trump/Kim summit and it is a process we should cheer.

Hopefully, this historic Trump/Kim meeting is the beginning of a dialogue that will continue to dial back the tensions. Hopefully, we can soon remove the 30,000 US troops that have been stationed in South Korea for seven decade...


Caving to the liberal mob: Twitter CEO apologizes for eating at Chick-fil-A because of company CEO's gay marriage stance Signs of the Times

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Sunday expressed regret over eating at Chick-fil-A, because of the chicken company's CEO's personal views on gay marriage. Dorsey tweeted a screenshot from his phone that showed a purchase he had made at Chick-fil-A using a mobile application. After a liberal backlash, however, Dorsey apologized for eating at the popular fast food restaurant. At issue was Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's 2012 support for defining marriage as between a man and a woman, which he described as "the biblical definition of a family."


Islamist Rapper Who Sang About Crucifying Whites To Play At Bataclan Your News Wire

A Muslim rapper who sang about crucifying white people has been booked to perform at the Bataclan the venue where 90 people were killed during the 2015 Paris attacks.  Medine is due to play [...]

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American Cancer Society: Tumors Die When You Eat These 5 Foods Your News Wire

The American Cancer Society has released a list of 5 foods that are proven to halt the growth and spread of cancer.  According to scientists,  the human body is constantly going through angiogenesis a process [...]

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Italian PM to NATO chief: 'Difficult if not impossible to solve crises without Russia' Signs of the Times

Moscow is essential to resolving deadlocks in ongoing international crises, Italy's new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte insists. He called for Western countries to seek dialogue with Russia instead of turning a cold shoulder. "Without the involvement of Russia it's difficult, if not impossible" to find "the only realistic and long-lasting" solutions to world crises, Conte said during a press conference with the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He endorsed NATO's so-called 'double-track approach' to Moscow - mixing defense posturing and maintaining dialogue. Noting that Russia plays "an essential role" in world affairs, the Italian Prime Minister called on the bloc's members to engage in "more effective" talks with Moscow in order to avoid misunderstandings and "dangerous escalation".


How American Exceptionalism is Used to Sell War MintPress News

Americans are expected from birth to believe in the notion of U.S. superiority over other peoples in other nations. The daily school ritual of pledging allegiance to the flag and playing the national anthem at sporting eventswhether the Super Bowl or a neighborhood swim meetis a given. Americans are taught that they are intellectually, socially, economically, and morally superior to any other people on earth. We believe that we place a higher value on life than others do.

And God bless these United States of America the ever-present phrase that U.S. presidents habitually intone is offensive to millions of non-believers and non-Americans. That leaders of many militaristic and imperialistic countries have assumed that God is on their side does not make the formula any easier to swallow.

Most Americans are unaware of the amount of human suffering the U.S. government has inflicted on others throughout the world, especially post 9/11. We are incessantly told it is our duty to support the troops and our leaders who invade, bomb or otherwise intervene in other nations. The motives offered might be to stop genocide, to take down a maniacal despot, or to spread democracy and American values. Our government purportedly acts with reluctance as well as with compassion, respect for others, and good intent. We are reminded that the troops keep us safe, all the while helping spread the American way of life to a needy world. Why? It is because we are exceptional.


September 11, 2001

We are told the United States was brutally attacked by Al-Qaeda on 9/11. It was certainly an act of depravity by depraved individuals. That it happened in real time, on our soil, live in our living rooms, made it seem even worse. The event dominated local and national news for weeks.

But thoughtful Americans who have looked closely at all the facts of that day see the small group as being internal criminals. Unlike Pearl Harbor, a blatant act of war by the Japanese, 9/11 was a crime. Did we treat it like a crime or an act of war? How did we respond? And apart from the deaths of 2,977 people, was the event really as devastating as we perceived it to be? And did it mean what we perceived it to mean?

The average citizen viewed the Twin Towers, which dominated the New York skyline, as symbolic of Americas financial strength. To Americans, the Pentagon was, and is still today, symbolic of U.S. military strength. To watch the towers crash to the ground, and to see a smoldering hole in the side of the Pentagon were gut-wrenching experiences for us all. Our collective psyches were shattered, and we all felt very vulnerable. The attack was gruesome and grotesque from a human perspective. From a property damage perspective, not so much.

Few Americans knew that the Twin Towers,...


CFR Admits All Governments Use Propaganda to Control the Narrative to Enslave Their Own Populations The Daily Sheeple

Speaking before an audience during an event held by the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Stengel, a former high-level U.S. government official, head of the office for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the State Department from 2013 to 2016, and regular commentator on the fake news network MSNBC, argued that governments have a responsibility to direct propaganda at their domestic populations and ultimately control the political narrative.

Basically, every country creates their own narrative story and, you know, my old job at the State Department was what people used to joke as the chief propagandist job, Stengel explained during the CFR event. We havent talked about propaganda Im not against propaganda. Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population, and I dont necessarily think its that awful.

America is different, and thats the point

What Stengel doesnt seem to understand is that just because every other country spreads propaganda to its population and tries to control the overarching narrative, that doesnt mean that the United States has to follow in their footsteps. We should not be looking to other parts of the world for inspiration, nor should we be trying to model our society after the principles and practices of foreign countries.

When America was founded, it was more of an experiment than anything else an experiment that had never been done before to determine whether or not individuals are capable of self-governance. It was this uniqueness that made America so special then and continues to make America special today. The fact that we dont embrace the spread of propaganda and a controlled narrative like other countries do is something that we should celebrate, not be ashamed of.

Still, though, there are plenty of politicians, media pundits, companies and organizations out there that would agree with Richard Stengel one hundred percent. Particularly on the Internet and social media, attempts to control the narrative seem to be becoming much more prevalent, and whats worse is that, in many cases, trying to fight back with the truth is futile.

How Facebook seeks to control the narrative

In recent years, social media giants like Face...


Song as the Algorithm of the Spirits Waking Times

Jonathon Sparrow Miller-Weisberger & Sonia Gaind-Krishnan, Guests
Waking Times

Late in the night, after preparations have been madehammocks have been strung, the participants have purged and fasted, and the brew has been sung overthe yag (ayahuasca) ceremony begins. Sounds of the rainforest merge into a vortex of consciousness where the visible world goes black before the inner visions begin.

The therapeutic practice of yag consumption is prevalent throughout the region but is particularly well-developed among the Tukano speaking people of the Upper Amazon. Once a more populous region, many of these clans disappeared over the turn of last century as a result of exposure to illnesses for which they had no immunity. Today, the family clans of this language group, living between Per, Colombia, and the Ecuadorian Amazon, are ethnic minorities. Among these, the Secoya (Siekopai) community, numbering approximately one thousand individuals living between Ecuador and Per, are heirs to an ancient spiritual tradition that uses song and sound to heal. Siekopai traditional elders embody a profound ancient lineage; they are skilled administrators of the ceremony of yag, where song and sound are used as catalysts for transformation.

Jonathon Miller Weisberger spent much of 1995-2000 living in concert with certain families of the Siekopai people, in particular with the traditional maestro, Cesareo Piaguaje in the village of Sewaya Remolino, and has made periodic visits back ever since. He has served as a bridge person and cultural intermediary, with one foot planted firmly in the traditional world of the Amazonian healers, and the other navigating the paradox of Western ways. His devotion is to transmogrify the ancient wisdom amassed by generations of deep-forest dwellers into actionable knowledge and a practical skillset. Being a moxy ethnobotanist and whole-hearted student of the traditions of Tao, Jonathon works to facilitate wellness. Among his missions is to find the modern interpretation of the ancient truths, in ways that do not dilute their essence, as well as to find cross-cultural similarities among world heritage healing arts. His goal is to make them understandable and approachable to people living in the modern current of...


Publicity stunt? Chloe Ayling's kidnapper jailed for 16 years after drugging and abducting glamor model Signs of the Times

Chloe Ayling's kidnapper has been jailed for 16 years; found guilty of kidnapping the aspiring British glamor model. Lukasz Herba, however, has insisted that he "loved" the model and that the abduction was a publicity stunt. Herba, who maintains his innocence and has already confirmed that he will appeal the sentence, was ordered to pay 60,000 ($80,300) damages to Ayling. The accused, who wore a grey hoodie and jeans in court, was sentenced to 16 years for drugging and kidnapping the mum-of-one. Ayling was lured to a Milan address on the pretext of a bogus modelling job. She was then held hostage for six days at a farmhouse before being released at the British consulate in Milan. Polish-born Herba, however, insists that the kidnapping was a set-up so the aspiring glamor model could star on reality TV and boost followers of her paid-for profile, through which she sold "spicy"photographs of herself for cash. "She wanted to be a model and she wanted to go on reality TV," he said.


British Conservative smears Grenfell disaster survivors Dear Kitty. Some blog

Elizabeth Campbell (left), the Conservative leader of the council linked to Grenfell Tower, who has condemned comments by former Conservative MP Victoria Borwick (right) that compared the west London community to gangs

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Monday, June 11, 2018

Former Kensington Tory MP was always hostile towards community, says Grenfell group

FORMER Kensington Tory MP Victoria Borwick was condemned today by a Grenfell Tower justice group for her hostile attitude towards the community after she likened them to gangs.

Ms Borwick was reported by the Mail yesterday to have emailed then council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown to say that it would be hard to help the less wealthy residents of the borough because rather like gangs, they dont go into another territory.

She added that a lack of education among the residents compounded confusion over circumstances surrounding the fire that killed 72 people.

Moyra Samuels of Justice 4 Grenfell told the Star that Ms Borwicks disdain was to be expected considering her track record.

The title of this baroness is Lady Borwick.

More about Lady Borwicks track record, apart from her smearing of...


20 Photos That Prove Libya Was a Paradise Before 2011 Awareness Act

Lybia has been a fallen paradise by many. While you will not often hear much about this, it is a story that needs to be heard.

We, the Western world, are to blame for the fall of this forgotten and demolished paradise. While you heard a lot about the death of Gadaffi and his reign before he was finally taken out but what have you heard about life in Lybia since his death? The country itself is a shallow image of what it once was and people are hardly able to survive.

I recently came across an article on a Norwegian site that got me thinking. They went over what truly happened to the country. It explained so much more than I could ever find the words to, there is no doubt the Western world saw Libya as a threat in some ways but what exactly did that entail? wrote as follows in regards to Lybia before the war (and Norways role in it):

This happens today while western observers are well aware that ISIS, Al Qaeda, Salafi, takfiri and other militias bullying locals with assault, rape of both men and women , kidnapping of adults and children , murder, ethnic cleansing of dark-skinned Libyans and a long series of terrorist acts against locals who all have in common is that the western media does not refer to the terrible state of Libya . It is absolutely stock-still.

No one wants to talk about what our bombing in Libya led to, for then will our political leaders to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. It will result in a discomfort that nation Norway does not want.

In 2011, the Libyans were slaughtered, civilians killed and ten thousand, abuse in droves committed when the authorities lost control over the countrys rule of law as a result of that nation was attacked. Norway participated actively and released all 588 bombs across the country , Norwegian fighter pilots confirmed since the entire 75% of the Norwegian bombing raids were called SCAR mission, ie that it was up to the pilot himself to find and evaluate what he wanted to bomb, or hit it he seems so like military targets .

They continued as follows in regards to the state Libya was in pre-war:

Most people are now aware that under President Muammar Gaddafi was Libya Africas richest state, wit...


Israel launches 'surprise' military exercise in Golan Heights - Israeli warplanes and drones circle Syrian-Lebanese border, Syrian army on high alert Signs of the Times

Israeli forces launched unexpected large-scale military drills in the Golan Heights, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said. "A short while ago, a large-scale surprise military exercise began in the Golan Heights area... In addition, as part of the exercise the system to call up reservists was activated," the IDF said in a statement as quoted by the Times of Israel newspaper. The Israeli army added that the drills were "planned in advance as part of the 2018 training schedule" and were not linked to the current situation in the area.


According to the CDC, American Suicide Rates Have Increased By 25% Since 1999 Awareness Act

With the high-profile deaths of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain recently, the topics of depression and suicide are once again in the spotlight. Its a conversation that we, as a society, have had more often than we would like to admit in recent years, including Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, and Chris Cornell. Despite the repeated conversations, the reminder that there is help available and the discussions about the warning signs, suicide continues to be the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

While there is no denying that the conversation is triggered each time, we see it reported that another celebrity takes their own life, current data states that approximately 44,965 Americans die by suicide each year. These are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, and co-workers. They are more than just a statistic they loved and were loved and left their own little mark on the world. However, you dont see them making the news. In fact, we live in a society where suicide is so stigmatized that we will often avoid the conversation, or downplay it by trying to find reasons why they made this decision They were in financial trouble, were turned down by a potential love interest or recently lost their job.

However, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that this is a problem that requires our attention, one far greater than one-off explanations. In analyzing data from the National Vital Statistics System, they discovered that the suicide rates in the United States increased by over 25% across the country, and by more than 30% in half of the states, since 1999!

Even more alarming and shattering many of the misconceptions that exist today relating to suicide, over half of those who took their own life had never been diagnosed with a health condition according to Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC.

Schuchat explained, These findings are disturbing. Suicide is one of the top 10 causes of death in the US right now, and its one of three causes that is actually increasing recently, so we do consider it a public health problem and something that is all around us. She went on to add, Our data shows that the problem is getting worse.

Breaking down the information state by state, Nevada was the only state reported to have a decrease in suicide rates. Dont get too excited though, it was only a 1% decrease. Meanwhile, North Dakota was found to have a heartbreaking 58% increase over the 17 years. The numbers highlight just how widespread the problem currently is.



BigPharma's elephant in the room: The link between soaring antidepressant use and America's suicide epidemic Signs of the Times

This week two celebrity suicides rocked the nation, and neither of them seemed to make any sense. Kate Spade's handbag designs had taken the fashion world by storm, and she was supposedly living the kind of lifestyle that millions of Americans can only dream about. And Anthony Bourdain was one of those rare journalists that was greatly loved by both the left and the right. His "Kitchen Confidential" book is currently the #1 best seller on Amazon, and his "Parts Unknown" series was one of CNN's most popular shows. Why would people that seemingly have everything going for them decide to kill themselves? Well, by the end of this article you will learn some things about suicide and depression in the United States that the mainstream media definitely does not want to talk about. And all you have to do is to follow the money to discover the very disturbing reason why the mainstream media does not want to talk about them. On average, 123 Americans commit suicide every single day, and now suicide has become the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. But among Americans between the ages of 10 and 34, it is now the second leading cause of death.


The Planet that Rules Your Zodiac Sign, And How It Affects You Personally Awareness Act

Our zodiac signs are a lot more in-depth than we tend to realize they are. While you might not be aware of the ruling planets, you should really take the time to get acquainted with yours.

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet that is said to govern it and this is where each sign gets some of their traits. While some of these planets are not necessarily planets, they are all celestial bodies and very important to all of us. Take a look below and find your sign to learn what planet rules over you and what different things that could mean for your life.

Aries: Mars

Mars is a very masculine planet. It rules over Aries and brings with it a strong drive and sense of competitiveness. Because of this ruling planet, Aries can be quite loyalty demanding and a great warrior. Those under this planet are constantly moving forward and focusing on new things. They are extremely hard workers.

Taurus: Venus

Venus is the planet that rules over beauty, art, and the Taurus. This is where the Taurus gets his or her charm and sensuality. Because of this ruling planet, the Taurus is quite materialistic and usually pretty open to change.

Gemini: Mercury

Mercury provides the Gemini with his or her communication skills really allows them to break through any and all barriers. Because this is their ruling sign Gemini people tend to be quite clever and very intellectual. They might struggle with knowing when to shut up but regardless they can hold a damn good conversation.

Cancer: Moon

With the Moon as this signs ruling planet, things might seem a bit off but I assure you this is correct. The Moon brings the Cancer their nurturing ways and drives their sensitivity. Because the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, Cancers tend to be quite moody and irritable in more ways than not.

Leo: Sun

Leos are one of a kind, that is for sure and the Sun is partially to blame for that. The Sun drives the Leo to be bolder and open to expressing his or herself. If not for the Sun the Leo might not be anywhere near as courageous as he or she usually is.

Virgo: Mercury

Virgo is also ruled by Mercury like the Gemini is but the two signs are very different. While the Virgo also is able to communicate well because of this they still tend to keep to themselves. This sign gets the more practical aspects of Mercury. They really strive to achieve perfection in all that they do and are overly critical of well, everything and everyone.

Libra: Venus

Very much like the Taurus Venus is also the ruling planet of Libra. This is where the Libra gets his or her sense of justice and peace-seeking soul. The only negative side to this is that the Libra also gets the indecisiveness of Venus. While...


In The Western World Truth Is An Endangered Species MintPress News

Nowhere in the Western world is truth respected. Even universities are imposing censorship and speech control. Governments are shutting down, and will eventually criminalize, all explanations that differ from official ones. The Western world no longer has a print and TV media. In its place, there is a propaganda ministry for the ruling elite.

Whistleblowers are prosecuted and imprisoned despite their protection by federal statute. The US Department of Justice is a Department of Injustice. It has been a long time since any justice flowed from the DOJ.

The total corruption of the print and TV media led to the rise of Internet media such as Wikileaks, led by Julian Assange, a prisoner since 2012.

Assange is an Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. He is not an American citizen. Yet US politicians and media claim that he is guilty of treason because he published official documents leaked to Wikileaks that prove the duplicity and criminality of the US government.

It is strictly impossible for a non-citizen to be guilty of treason. It is strictly impossible under the US Constitution for the reporting of facts to be spying. The function of the media is to expose and to hold accountable the government. This function is no longer performed by the Western print and TV media.

Washington wants revenge and is determined to get it. If Assange were as corrupt at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, National Public Radio, MSNBC, etc., he would have reported the leaker to Washington, not published the information, and retired as a multi-millionaire with Washingtons thanks. However, unfortunately for Assange, he had integrity.

Integrity today in the Western world has no value. You cannot find integrity in the government, in the global corporations, in the universities and schools, and most certainly not in the media.

After leaving Assange, an Australian citizen, to Washingtons mercy since 2012, belated pro-Assange protests in Australia forced the US vassal state to come to Assanges aid before the new corrupt president of Ecuador sells him to Washington for multi-millions of dollars by revoking his asylum.

When the story was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, the incompetent or brainwashed, or bought-and-paid-for journalist, Nick Miller, wrote:

Assange entered the embassy on June 19, 2012, after he had exhausted his appeals against an extradition order to go to Sweden to face rape and sexual assault allegations.

Swedish authorities have since closed their investigation, saying it couldnt continue without Assanges presence in their country.

Nick Miller has committed libel, whether from his ignorance or for pay.

There was no extradition order from Sweden for Assange to be returned to Sweden to face rape and sexual assau...


'This Europe is not showing solidarity': After shutting ports to migrant rescue ship, Rome rebukes EU criticism Signs of the Times

Having come under fire for banning the migrant rescue ship 'Aquarius' with 629 people on board from docking at its ports, Italy's new government says it's been left alone by the EU to deal with the uncontrolled influx of refugees. "This Europe is not showing solidarity," Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, adding that "Italy has to deal with the problem" of illegal human trafficking and migration flows "all by itself." He pointed out that some EU states shut their borders and refused to co-operate. Italy demands an equal share of migrant intake to be distributed across the bloc, something Conte raised at the G7 meeting this past weekend.


Pound world collapses blogfactory

5100 jobs at risk

Budget retailer Poundworld has become the latest victim of harsh trading conditions in the UK retail. The British chain has appointed Deloitt as its administrator, putting 5,100 jobs at risk.

According to many reports, Poundworld was in talks with a potential buyer R Capital, but the talks collapsed over the weekend, forcing the group into administration today.

Meanwhile, Deloitte has stated that the stores will continue to trade as normal with no redundancies at this time: Like many high street retailers, Poundworld has suffered from high product cost inflation, decreasing footfall, weaker consumer confidence and an increasingly competitive discount retail market.

A spokesperson for Poundworlds owner, TPG added that filing for administration had been a difficult decision.

The collapse of Poundworld comes days after the news of Toys R Us UK, Maplin and drinks wholesaler Conviviality.


Assad tells UK media that Douma 'chemical attack' was a British PR stunt Signs of the Times

The US, the UK and France launched airstrikes against Syria in April after accusing Damascus of a chemical attack in the city of Douma. The Syrian and Russian governments have charged the US and UK-funded White Helmet group with staging a false-flag chemical attack in the city to prompt Western military intervention. Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, President Assad accused the three Western powers of using the White Helmets group to give them a pretext to attack Syria. "The UK publically supported the White Helmets that are a branch of al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, in different areas of Syria. They [Britain] spent a lot of money, and we consider the White Helmets to be a PR stunt by the UK. So yes, definitely, it was staged by these three countries together, and the UK is involved," Assad said. Noting that the US-British-French tripartite didn't provide the public with evidence that an attack actually took place at Douma, Assad said that this wasn't the point. "The crux of the issue is that they need to undermine the Syrian government, as they needed to change and topple the Syrian government at the beginning of the events of the war in Syria. They keep failing, they keep telling lies, and they continue to play a war of attrition against our government," the president said.

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