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Thursday, 08 November


Saudi regime survives but enters the Time of troubles (MK Bhadrakumar) Tlaxcala

07/11/2018 - In a sensational disclosure quoting intelligence sources, former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer wrote in the Financial Review newspaper on Sunday that the Saudi journalist ...


Beto O'Rourke campaign claims 'imposter' solicited volunteers to help undocumented immigrants vote in Texas election Signs of the Times

Beto O'Rourke's senatorial campaign has apologised for text messages sent to voters soliciting volunteers to help transport undocumented immigrants to the polls on election day. The text was "not an approved message by the campaign and it is definitely not something we are doing," Ana Castan, deputy communications official for Mr O'Rourke's campaign, told The independent. "We're continuing to look into what happened." The messages came from within the campaign's text message operations, reading: "Hi, It's Patsy here w/ Beto for Texas. Our records indicate that you're a supporter. We are in search of volunteers to help transport undocumented immigrants to polling booths so that they will be able [sic] vote."


The Global Winning Team for the Future Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen

Dear people, light workers, alliance members and those who are working hard to shape the transition of this world from the old to the new paradigm.

Thanks for your spontaneous reactions via mail from the site www.FreeLife.World

The design of my call and the heart-warming responses I receive to connect is already a success.

People with solutions and people who want to support sign up to join the Global team.

I answer them personally by e-mail and make an inventory of the possibilities for this cooperation to consult and take action after the release of funds.

Many projects are similar in scope and support each other.

I also hope to get people who are going to receive funds to join the team to support the investment per country for the transition.

After all, GESARA is a world event meant to connect and eradicate poverty.

With my own existing inner circle I will organize a congress together to invite the people who want to work together, with people from more than 20 countries.

My intention for this approach may already be called successful to share knowledge and decisiveness worldwide.

It's up to you to make it a success, people with an honest intention.

Ambassadors of humanity...

Welcome to the winning team....


Here Come the Crazies! Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings in Leadership Roles Operation Disclosure

Here Come The Crazies! Nancy Pelosi As Speaker, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings In Leadership Roles

November 6, 2018

MANDEL NGAN / Contributor / Getty Images

President Trump just got an early Christmas present.

Fox News and NBC called the House at 9:30 pm. EDT, declaring that Democrats have taken control of the chamber. So yes, Trump's Republican Party has lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives, as predicted, but Democrats could well install Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the new Speaker and that's a gift that just keeps on giving.

The 78-year-old Democrat from California, who was House Speaker from 2007 until the GOP took control of the chamber in 2011, is poised to resume that powerful position and she wants it.

"I feel very confident in the support that I have in the House Democratic Caucus, and my focus is on winning this election because so much is at stake," Pelosi told reporters in July. Just this month, she told The Washington Post: Nobody is indispensable. But I do think that I am best qualified to take us into the future, protect the Affordable Care Act, to do our infrastructure bill and the rest. Stepping down this path, I know the ropes.

And Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said a few days ago: "I expect Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, and I believe that she will be Speaker until she decides to leave."

Pelosi is a career politician who has already served 16 terms in the House, but some party leaders wish she'd go away.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) said late last year it was time for Pelosi and other longtime party leaders to depart and let a new generation lead House Democrats. "Our leadership does a tremendous job, but we do have this real breadth and depth of talent within our caucus...


As Julian Assange Faces Crisis, the Media Obsesses About His Cat MintPress News

Lets start with the cat. You never would have thought one of these beloved felines would play a crucial role in the Julian Assange case, would you? And yet look at the latest press coverage. The mainstream medias headlines werent about a man who has been confined to a tiny building in the heart of Europe for the last six years with no end insight, they were about orders from Quito to feed his cat. There you have a man who is at serious risk of being arrested by the UK authorities, extradited to the U.S. and prosecuted for his publications. A man who has been cut off from any human contact, with the exception of his lawyers, and whose health is seriously declining due to prolonged confinement without even an hour outdoors. Considering this framework, wasnt there anything more serious to cover than the cat?

But theres a story to be told behind Assanges cat. One of the last times I was allowed to visit Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, before the current government of Lenin Moreno cut off all his social and professional contacts, I asked the founder of WikiLeaks whether his cat had ever tried to escape from the embassy given that, unlike his human companion, he can easily sneak out of the building without the risk of being arrested by Scotland Yard.

Assange didnt take my question with the lightness with which it was intended, quite the opposite, he became a bit emotional and told me that when the cat was small, it had in fact made some attempts to escape from the building, but as it had grown, it had become so accustomed to confinement that whenever Assange had tried to give the cat to some close friends so the animal could enjoy its freedom, it showed fear of wide open spaces. Confinement has a deep impact on the behavior and health of all creatures, animal and human.


I have worked as a WikiLeaks media partner for the last nine years, and over these nine years I have met Assange many, many times, but only once did I meet him as a free man: that was back in September 2010, the very same day the Swedish prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for allegations of rape. Initially he was under house arrest with an electronic bracelet around his ankle, then he entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London on June 19, 2012. Since then he has remained buried in that tiny embassy: a depressing building, very small, with no sunlight, no fresh air, no hour outdoors. In my country, Italy, even mafia bosses who strangled a child and dissolved his corpse in a barrel of acid enjoy an hour outdoors. Assange doesnt.



(Video) American Intelligence Media -- Foreign Election Meddling: Happening Now Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 6, 2018

The miners at the Americans for Innovation keep uncovering layers and layers of corruption in the election process. Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel discuss the latest findingsthat will leave you speechless. Then continue your citizen education here:


Venezuela: Constituent Assembly Claims 90% of Grassroots Proposals for New Constitution Processed New on

Few details have been offered on the possible content of the new Magna Carta as pressure groups continue to campaign for same-sex marriage, legal abortion, and a prominent role for communes.


BEST OF THE WEB: CIA Democrats: The plan to stack Congress with ex-spooks and military operatives (UPDATES) Signs of the Times

Part I: Introduction An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history. If the Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives on November 6, as widely predicted, candidates drawn from the military-intelligence apparatus will comprise as many as half of the new Democratic members of Congress. They will hold the balance of power in the lower chamber of Congress. Both push and pull are at work here. Democratic Party leaders are actively recruiting candidates with a military or intelligence background for competitive seats where there is the best chance of ousting an incumbent Republican or filling a vacancy, frequently clearing the field for a favored "star" recruit.


The State Weaponizes Education to Create Ignorance Activist Post

By Jon Rappoport A hundred fifty years ago, at least some Americans recognized that all serious discourse depended on the use of the faculty called...


Venezuela wants to repatriate its gold from Britain, reduce reliance on the dollar - UPDATE: Bank of England REFUSES request Signs of the Times

The Venezuelan government is looking to repatriate around $550 million in gold bars from the Bank of England due to increasing concerns about looming US sanctions. Caracas is planning to bring 14 tons of gold, held in Britain, back to Venezuela, according to unnamed public officials, as quoted by Reuters. The UK regulator has reportedly sought to clarify what Venezuela plans to do with the gold. The plan on repatriating the gold bars, kept in London, has been reportedly discussed for nearly two months amid increased difficulties in getting insurance for the shipment needed to move a large gold cargo. "They are still trying to find insurance coverage, because the costs are high," the source told the agency. Venezuela's foreign exchange holdings have significantly declined since the already-imposed US penalties banned the country's government from borrowing cash on international markets. A new round of anti-Venezuelan sanctions was introduced by the White House last week. They ban US...


Breakfast favorite orange juice tainted by glyphosate herbicide threatens our health and Floridas environment Health Nut News

By Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director Moms Across America, Childrens Heath Defense Coalition Partner (Last year we wrote this story, Glyphosate weedkiller found in all 5 popular orange juice brands and this story is an update.) We brought you the results In August, news broke that Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and other breakfast cereals were contaminated []

The post Breakfast favorite orange juice tainted by glyphosate herbicide threatens our health and Floridas environment appeared first on Health Nut News.


The Secret Society That Rules The World Activist Post

By Bas Spliet The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those...


SWIFT caves to US pressure to suspend Iranian banks, now faces threat of punitive action from Brussels Signs of the Times

The international financial messaging system SWIFT has announced the suspension of several Iranian banks from its service. The move comes as the United States re-imposes nuclear sanctions on Tehran. "In keeping with our mission of supporting the resilience and integrity of the global financial system as a global and neutral service provider, SWIFT is suspending certain Iranian banks' access to the messaging system," SWIFT said. The Belgium-based financial messaging service added: "This step, while regrettable, has been taken in the interest of the stability and integrity of the wider global financial system." SWIFT's decision further undermines EU efforts to maintain trade with Iran and save an international deal with Tehran to curtail its nuclear program, after President Donald Trump pulled the US out in May. Being cut off from SWIFT makes it difficult for Iran to get paid for exports and to pay for imports.


USMS Lists "Approximately" 660 Bitcoins For Sale Qntra

In their latest auction, the United States Marshall Service will be putting aproximately 660 on the block in six lots of 100 Bitcoins and one lot of "60.xxxx Bitcoins" (archived). The auction flyer lists a number of civil and criminal cases, and they make a point of emphasizing that the fiat account details they published for accepting payment will not accept requests for ACH debit transactions. The three figure amount of Bitcoins being auctioned in a 2018 USMS show has fallen substantially from the five figure numbers they advertised in 2015.


Democrat Ned Lamont wins Connecticut governor race CLG News

Democrat Ned Lamont wins Connecticut governor race | 07 Nov 2018 | Businessman Ned Lamont (D) will be Connecticut's next governor, after his hard-charging Republican rival conceded the contest on Wednesday morning. Lamont beat out businessman Bob Stefanowski (R) in an unexpectedly close race for the right to succeed term-limited Gov. Dan Malloy (D) next year. "A few moments ago, I called Ned Lamont to concede the race for governor and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory," Stefanowski said in a statement released to The Hartford Courant shortly after 9 a.m. "I wish both Ned and the state of Connecticut success over these next four years."


How the #MeToo movement helped create a script for false accusers Signs of the Times

The complainant, whom I'll call Chloe, wept as she labored through her testimony. At several points, she was so overcome by emotion that court proceedings had to pause for a break. Throughout that first day of the preliminary hearing, she projected a sense of soft-spoken vulnerability, but also a certain inner strength. In the hallway outside the courtroom, she was surrounded by trained victim-services support workers, who helped her family avoid contact with the accused. As an observer in court that day back in 2016, I can attest that Chloe appeared highly credible. She seemed intent on answering every question to the best of her ability. On the drive home from the British Columbia courthouse where the proceedings were taking place, a colleague who'd accompanied me concluded, quite simply: "She's very believable." It had been a year since the alleged assault. Still, she was able to summon up details that brought those past events to life. Her speaking style was natural and...


Media Silent as Another Journalist is Tortured to Death by Saudi Arabia MintPress News

Saudi journalist and writer Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser has died after being tortured while in prison, the New Khaleej recently reported.

The news outlet cited human rights sources, claiming that Al-Jasser was arrested and tortured to death after Saudi authorities claimed he administered the Twitter account Kashkool, which disclosed rights violations committed by the Saudi authorities and the royal family.

According to the sources, Saudi authorities used moles in Twitters offices in Dubai to identify the journalist as the accounts administrator.

These Twitter moles are considered part of an alleged Saudi Cyber Army, established by Saud Al-Qahtani, a former aide of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In a tweet, Al-Qahtani has said that the fake names on Twitter would not protect those behind the accounts from the Saudi authorities.

This also comes following reports by the NYT on October 21st that Saudi Arabia has an alleged army of Twitter trolls that is targeting critics such as the murdered Jamal Khashoggi.

Starting on November 4th 2017, the Crown Prince began a crackdown on corruption. A number of prominent members of the royal family, government ministers and businessmen were arrested. The detainees were confined at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh

In January 2018 it was reported that the anti-corruption campaign, which is still shrouded in secrecy and intrigue, has netted more than $106 billion in financial settlements with 56 people remaining in custody.

Saudi Attorney General Saud al-Mojeb said the settlements reached include seizure of real estate assets, commercial entities, securities and cash. Al-Mojeb said a total of 381 people had been questioned in connection with the campaign.

Among those detained and subsequently released after reaching a deal was billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is chairman of Kingdom Holdin...


Q Anon -- Thank you, Patriots! Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2444 explains why winning the Senate is the TRUE success in the mid-term election...

Excerpts from Q post number 2444...

'We got what we needed.
Thank you, Patriots!
Senate means everything.
Think Judges (Supreme Court) and Cabinet.
DECLAS over-rides all potential House blockades.
POTUS has ultimate authority...
...Military planned.
No impact re: on-going investigations.
Team is stronger [PRO].'

The link in the post is to this tweet from President Trump...'Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!'

EyeTheSpy confirms the connection between the Q post and President Trump's tweet...

'We got what we needed.

Q confirms.
Read, absorb, learn, trust!
Breathe, Faithful Patriots.
You Did Well!
Thank You One and All!'
(EyeTheSpy tweet)

Remember Q says: 'FISA brings down the House'. In a recent post Q refers to the House as 'the House of Cards' - and we know how easy it is to knock over a house of cards.

Keep faith in President Trump and the wonderful Alliance team. The arrests and GCR are right on our doorstep now.


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


Oceans Are Heating Up Faster Than We Thought Truthdig RSS

The seas are getting hotter and researchers have thought again about just how much faster ocean warming is happening. They believe that in the last 25 years the oceans have absorbed at least 60% more heat than previous global estimates by the UNs Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had considered.

And they calculate this heat as the equivalent to 150 times the annual human electricity generation in any one year.

Imagine if the ocean was only 30 feet (10m) deep, said Laure Resplandy, a researcher at the Princeton Environment Institute in the US. Our data show that it would have warmed by 6.5C every decade since 1991. In comparison, the estimate of the last IPCC assessment report would correspond to a warming of only 4C every decade.

The oceans cover 70% of the Blue Planet, but take up about 90% of all the excess energy produced as the Earth warms. If scientists can put a precise figure to this energy, then they can make more precise guesses about the surface warming to come, as humans continue to burn fossil fuels, release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and drive up the planetary thermometer.

There will have to be an even more drastic shutdown of fossil fuel investment and an even faster switch to renewable sources of energy

At the academic level, this is the search for a factor known to climate researchers as climate sensitivity: the way the world responds to ever-increasing ratios of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

At the human level, this plays out as ever-greater extremes of heat, drought and rainfall, with ever-higher risks of catastrophic storm or flood, or harvest failure, and ever-higher tallies of human suffering.

Comprehensive global measurements of ocean temperature date only from 2007 and the network of robot sensors that deliver continuous data about the top half of the ocean basins.

Dr Resplandy and her colleagues report in the journal Nature that they used a sophisticated approach based on very high-precision measurements of levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.

Gases released

Both gases are soluble, and the oceans are becoming more acidic as the seas absorb ever-greater levels of carbon dioxide. But as seas warm, they also become less able to hold their dissolved gases, and release them into the atmosphere.

This simple consequence of atmospheric physics meant that the researchers could us...


Reflections on Marxism and Welfare: East and West Lefteast

Video of lecture and text of presentation. The text originally appeared on Paul Stubbs website, Pauls thoughts on the multi-level, complex and contested nature of everything.

Presentation for Marx and the Modern History of Welfare, University of Trier 24 May 2018


Let me start by saying what an honour it is to have been invited to this event. I hope, however, that the rather pretentious title of my intervention will not raise your expectations too high. In the time available, I really want to present some personal, even idiosyncratic, reflections only on two moments one involving Marxism as theory and critique namely the emergence, perhaps even explosion, of Marxist analyses of welfare in the UK in the moment of critical social policy in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s; the other addressing the significance of Marxism in the actual functioning of welfare in socialist Yugoslavia, a socialist state from 1945 to, roughly, 1991, marked since the break with Stalin in 1948 by its own particular brand of market socialism, self-management for workers and other communities of interest but rocked, in the 1980s, by an economic crisis which saw the IMF, amongst others, oversee severe cuts in welfare provisions. If I have time, I will try to tie together, if only very loosely, these two quite different threads, and try to draw some lessons for a critical, at least neo-marxist inspired, understanding of welfare today.

Welfare and the new Marxism in the UK

The rise of new Marxism in the late 1970s in the UK and beyond is not hard to explain. Many student activists from the events of 1968 and its afterlives got jobs in a higher education sector in the UK that was expanding rapidly and, within which, social science was becoming more and more important. Indeed, right-wing commentators at the time wrote about paperback Marxists and the rise of the lumpen-polytechnic. Marxisms flourished under quite specific conditions, a plurality of interpretations of Marx matching the spread of more and more left-wing groupings sometimes more sect-like than analytical or even dialogic in form and content. Many of these radicals, some even belonging to one of these groupings, found themselves teaching prospective social workers, future welfare professionals and front-line bureaucrats, in Departments of Applied Social Studies or Departments of Social Administration. They, and many of their students, rejected the strong belief, deriving from a Fabian tradition, underpinning Beveridges ideas for a post-war welfare settlement, and carri...


Robert Reich: America Has Rejected Trumpism Truthdig RSS

Make no mistake: America has rejected Trumpism.

No one seriously expected the Senate to flip, because Democrats had to defend 26 seats in that chamber, compared with only nine held by Republicans.

The real battleground was the House, where Democrats had to achieve a net gain of 23 seats to get the 218 needed for a majority.

They did.

Trump wasnt on the ballot but he made the election into a referendum on himself.

So Americans turned against House Republicans, who should have acted as a check on him but did nothing in many cases magnifying his vileness.

The nation has repudiated Trump, but do not believe for a moment that our national nightmare is over.

Trump still occupies the White House and in all likelihood will be there for two more years.

The Republican Party remains in control of the Senate.

Fox News is still Trumps propaganda ministry. (The line between Fox and Trump, already blurred, vanished completely at his last pre-election rally when Fox hosts Sean Hannity and Jeannine Pirro joined him on stage.)

The American people will be subject to more of Trumps lies and hate, as amplified by Senate Republicans and Fox News.

Trump can be expected to scapegoat House Democrats for anything that goes wrong. American politics will almost certainly become even meaner, coarser, and uglier. We will remain deeply and angrily divided.

Most worrisome, America still wont respond to real threats that continue to grow, which Trump and his enablers have worsened climate change; the suppression of votes, and foreign intrusions into our elections; the most expensive and least efficient healthcare system in the world; and, not least, widening inequalities of income, wealth, and political power.

America will eventually overcome and reverse Trumpism. The harder challenge will be to reverse the reasons Trump and his Republican lapdogs gained power in the first place.

Some blame racism and nativism. But these toxins have poisoned America since the founding of the Republic.

Whats new has been the interaction between them and the long economic slide of tens of millions of working Americans, most of them white and lacking college degrees.

They used to be the bedrock of the Democratic Party, many of them members of trade unions whose strength in numbers gave them an increasing share of the gains from economic growth.

Their long economic slide has generated the kind of frustrations that demagogues throughout history have twisted into rage at them.

Meanwhile, most economic gains h...


Is BDS Behind Israels Staggering Decline in Diamond Exports MintPress News

Israels gross diamond exports have crashed by a staggering 45 percent since the 2014 massacre in Gaza that resulted in the death of over 2,200 people, mainly civilians including over 550 children.

The net value of Israels diamond exports has fallen even further, by 60 percent from $11.25 billion to $4.4 billion over the period. This is about the same as the value of Israels total arms exports.

The Israeli diamond exchange initially blamed the decline on weak global demand and more recently on globalization but the sudden step decline shows thats plainly not the case.

De Beers annual insight reports on the state of the global diamond market show demand increased slightly over the past five years. No other diamond exporting country has suffered such a steep fall. The Belgian diamond industry, which is a major hub for both the rough and polished diamond trade to and from Israel, has also been impacted by the steep decline in Israels exports. Meanwhile, India has gained market share and in 2016, for the first time ever, exported more diamonds to the USA than Israel which has traditionally supplied up to 50 percent of the US market in value terms.

The situation has become so serious that Israel is now offering to pay airfares as well as provide free hotel accommodation to attract buyers to Tel Aviv. Although the jewellery industry and NGOs have remained silent about Israels leading role in the diamond supply chain human rights activists have campaigned to expose it. There can be no doubt that one of the most important and the most vulnerable sector of the Israeli economy is feeling the impact of Israels blood-drenched brand image. The global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) has highlighted jewellery industry links to Israeli human rights violations which are...


Delusional ex-ambassador McFaul switches to Russian to celebrate midterm victory over... Putin? Signs of the Times

Many people celebrated the Democratic Party's takeover over the House, on social media, but one person in particular couldn't help switching to the Russian language to celebrate, what he believes to be, a defeat of Vladimir Putin. Michael McFaul, who served as Barack Obama's ambassador to Moscow and became an avid commentator on all things Russian after leaving office, is apparently overjoyed to see his favorite party back in control of the lower chamber of the US Congress. He cheered the result with a post in Russian saying: "Victory! Regards to VVP," using the initials of Russia's president, whose full name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Another post simply said "Yes!" in Russian in response to the expected victory.


Florida amendment will restore right to vote for over 1M former felons Signs of the Times

The passing of Florida's Amendment 4 will restore over a million former felons' right to vote in future elections. While activists are claiming victory, others are left with serious concerns that the changes are too forgiving. Alongside voting politicians in and out of office, Wednesday's midterms include a number of direct amendments to state law. In Florida, one controversial amendment has passed and been added to the state constitution which will restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences, given that they were not incarcerated for murder or a sex offense. The 1.4 million people affected make up nearly a tenth of Florida's voting age population, implying potentially serious changes for the 2020 elections in this critical swing state. The Amendment will bring about the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which prohibited racial discrimination in voting.


Mark Twain, "Congress" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

 "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress.
But I repeat myself."

"All Congresses and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots,
and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity."

"...the smallest minds and the selfishest souls
 and the cowardliest hearts that God makes."

"The lightning there is peculiar; it is so convincing, that when it strikes a
thing it doesn't leave enough of that thing behind for you to tell whether-
Well, you'd think it was something valuable, and a Congressman had been there."

"It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly
native American criminal class except Congress."

"Fleas can be taught nearly anything that a Congressman can."

- Mark Twain


"If Elections Were Klingons" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

I doubt I'm the only one thinking this about now...
Enough of the election and the vile politicians and their ads!


Broken Machines to Violent Threats Among Voting Problems Truthdig RSS

Voting machine glitches, long lines and misinformation were among the problems that voters faced at the polls on Tuesday.

The cause of the problems ran the gamut from human error to threatened violence to technological errors to Mother Nature as storms pummeled several states in the South.

The issues added more chaos to a bitterly fought election that will decide who controls the Senate, House and hundreds of down-ticket races.

Heres what you should know about Election Day voting issues:



Long lines and malfunctioning machines marred voting in some precincts across the U.S. Some voters reported waiting up to three hours to vote, with some of the biggest problems in Georgia and New York.

In South Carolina, a woman said she called 911 after waiting outside her polling place for 45 minutes to get help because shes disabled.

Not even Georgias state election boss was immune from voting problems.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is also the states Republican gubernatorial candidate, had an issue with his voter card when he went to cast his ballot, but it was fixed quickly. He walked by reporters and said: Take 2.

Maricopa Countys top election official says Election Day turnout in metro Phoenix is almost on par with a presidential election. Adrian Fontes says more than 86,000 ballots were cast at polling places after just a few hours Tuesday morning. (Nov 6)

In South Carolina, Sandy Hanebrink told the Anderson Independent-Mail she couldnt make it inside her polling place because she cant walk on the gravel or grass where vehicles have to park. Hanebrink said she tried to flag down poll workers and call Anderson Countys election hotline before dialing 911. Poll workers went out after she made her call.

In Florida and California, some voters assigned to polling stations inside gated communities complained that it took them up to an hour to get their cars past security gates.

Elections clerk Rosemarie Reed told WTVJ-TV she was furious to see the long lines in Deerfield Beach, California, and called voting inside a gated community voter suppression. However, Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bernie Parness, who lives inside the gated community, said it was a needed safety measure and minor inconvenience.

Ruth Houston waited about half an hour to get to her polling place at Point Dume Club, 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) from her home in Malibu, California.

Voters had to stop at a security gate to be allowed into the gated neighborhood where our polling place was located, she said in an email to The Associated Press. A poll worker told neighborhood managers they needed to open the gate so voters could drive in without talking to security, but management refused claiming opening the gate would be against their policy.



Voting was mostly peaceful acro...


Is weighing yourself daily the key to weight loss? Signs of the Times

Yes and no. The answer may not be that simple. Daily weighing may help with weight loss goals as some people who don't weigh themselves have been found less likely to lose weight than those who weigh themselves often. However, this depends on a few variables according to research being presented in Chicago at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions. Sure, you can notice if your belt is getting tighter, or looser, but chances are you don't have an accurate assessment of your weight. The body mass index (BMI) dates back to the 19th century and is still used by Physicians as a tool to assess health status. Yet it remains one of the most of the inaccurate tools to measure our health due to its reliance on population studies without assessing individual diagnosis. Body mass index makes absolutely no distinction between body weight from muscle and body weight from fat which labels a broad segment of the athletic and healthy populations as overweight and obese. Consequently,...


Greg Hunter, "2018 Midterm Election Coverage/Analysis" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"2018 Midterm Election Coverage/Analysis"
By Greg Hunters

Join Greg Hunter as he livestreams the 2018 midterm elections.
frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen>


Starving Yemeni children face 'imminent risk of death' due to Saudi assault on Hodeidah Signs of the Times

The Saudi-led coalition's attack on the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah could have catastrophic consequences for civilians, especially malnourished children in urgent need of care, UNICEF has warned. Heavy bombings and gunfire have already impeded access to Al Thawra hospital, a medical facility that provides much-needed care to children caught up in the fighting, the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) said in a press release. Hodeidah and its neighboring governorates account for approximately 40 percent of the 400,000 children in the country who suffer from serious malnutrition, and some of the sickest are taken to Al Thawra for urgent care. Children being treated at the hospital's intensive care unit now face "imminent risk of death," according to the aid group.


MI6 reportedly knew terror-suspect was tortured into giving false Iraq-al-Qaeda info Signs of the Times

UK ministers relied on questions from a tortured terror suspect to make their case for the Iraq War, the Middle East Eye (MEE) has claimed. British spies fed questions to the suspect even though they knew of his mistreatment. According to redacted documents, seen by the MEE, an MI6 officer knew that Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi was placed inside a sealed coffin by the CIA at a US-run Afghanistan based prison. Al-Libi - alive inside the coffin - was then taken, aboard a truck, to an aircraft that was to fly to Egypt. The MI6 officer and his colleagues reported the incident to their department's London HQ, stating that they "were tempted to speak out" on behalf of al-Libi, but failed to do so, adding: "The event reinforced the uneasy feeling of operating in a legal wilderness." Once al-Libi was in Egypt, a country with a well-documented history of human rights abuses, both MI6 and MI5 fed questions to the detainee, receiving reports from his Egyptian interrogators. Al-Libi, under torture,...


Fourteen sailors from nuke department of USS Ronald Regan facing disciplinary action for LSD abuse Signs of the Times

Fourteen sailors from the nuclear reactor department of the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan face disciplinary action in connection to LSD abuse, Navy officials confirmed this week. Two sailors are already heading to court-martial for using, possessing and distributing the hallucinogenic drug, while three are waiting to see whether they will be charged as well, according to 7th Fleet spokesman Lt. Joe Keiley. Another 10 sailors with the Japan-based ship were administratively disciplined on LSD-related charges, Keiley said. A 15th sailor was also disciplined, but that person was not assigned to the carrier's reactor department. Keiley said the 14 reactor sailors charged or facing potential charges came from a department with more than 400 personnel.


Chutzpah: Saudis launch 'boycott Amazon' campaign over WaPo's coverage of Khashoggi case Signs of the Times

The boycott comes a few days after the Washington Post published Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's op-ed in which he specifically urged Riyadh to answer key questions on the death of Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month. Thousands of Twitter users in Saudi Arabia have pushed for the boycott of and its regional subsidiary to slam the Washington Post for covering the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi; the Washington Post is owned by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos. The Boycott Amazon and online campaign was launched by Saudi social media users over what they see as the newspaper's biased coverage of the death of Khashoggi, who worked as a contributor for the Washington Post.


UN reports record level of Taliban violence against Afghan elections Signs of the Times

The United Nations says attacks and intimidation by the Taliban against last month's parliamentary elections in Afghanistan resulted in a record number of civilian casualties. In a November 6 report, the UN said militants had waged "a deliberate campaign intended to disrupt and undermine the electoral process." It said at least 435 civilian casualties were recorded -- 56 people killed and 379 wounded -- during the October 20 election and subsequent days when delayed polling took place. The Taliban, fighting to force foreign troops out of Afghanistan and defeat Kabul's Western-backed government, issued a series of threats against the elections that included three separate warnings in the days leading up to the vote. There also were several attacks on voter-registration centers in the months before the election, some claimed by the Islamic State group. The UN said attacks by antigovernment elements, mostly the Taliban, were carried out with rockets, grenades, mortars, and improvised...


Russian business magnate detained on corruption and influence peddling charges Signs of the Times

Fertilizer and football magnate Dmitry Rybolovlev has been taken into custody for questioning within an investigation into corruption and influence peddling, French media report. Police searched the $300 million Cote d'Azur penthouse that belongs to Rybolovlev on Tuesday morning, according to Le Monde. The businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $6.8 billion by Forbes, was then taken into custody. The detention is linked to an investigation into "corruption" and "influence peddling" by Monaco authorities, it is said. The arrest of the 51-year-old took place hours before his football team, AS Monaco, took to the field in the Champions League at the Stade Louis II.


Democrat Gains Threaten Trump Agenda, Even Without Blue Wave MintPress News

WASHINGTON  Democrats have regained control of the House from President Donald Trumps Republican Party in the midterm elections, powered by a suburban revolt that has threatened whats left of the presidents governing agenda.

But the GOP added to its Senate edge and prevailed in some key races for governor Tuesday, beating back the potential of big Democratic gains across the board. The blue wave that some had feared from Election Day never fully materialized.

The mixed verdict in the first nationwide election of Trumps presidency showed the limits of his hard-line immigration rhetoric in Americas evolving political landscape, where college-educated voters in the suburbs rejected his warnings of a migrant invasion. But blue-collar voters and rural America embraced his aggressive talk and stances.

The new Democratic House majority will end Republican dominance in Washington for the final two years of Trumps first term with major questions looming about health care, immigration and government spending.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California, who would be in line to become the next speaker, spoke of a new day in America.

But the Democrats edge is narrow. With 218 seats needed for a majority, Democrats have won 219 and the Republicans 193, with winners undetermined in 23 races.

Trump was expected to address the results at a postelection news conference scheduled for midday Wednesday.

The presidents party will maintain control of the executive branch of the government, in addition to the Senate. But Democrats suddenly have a foothold that gives them subpoena power to probe deep into Trumps personal and professional missteps and his long-withheld tax returns.

Early Wednesday, Trump warned Democrats against using their new majority to investigate his administration.

If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, Trump tweeted, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game! It wasnt clear what leaks he was referring to.

It could have been a much bigger night for Democrats, who suffered stinging losses in Ohio and in Florida, where Trump-backed Republican Ron DeSantis ended Democrat Andrew Gillums bid to become the states first African-American governor.

The elections also exposed an extraordinary political realignment in an electorate defined by race, gender, and education that could shape U.S. politics for years to come.

The GOPs successes were fueled by a coalition thats decidedly older, whiter, more male and less likely to have college degrees. Democrats relied more upon women, people of color, young...


Dan Best, HHS drug pricing adviser, dies suddenly, HHS refuses to comment Health Nut News

Last week, the governments top drug pricing adviser, Dan Best, died. HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement, It is with tremendous sadness that I learned of the passing of our friend and colleague. I had the great privilege to know Dan Best for the past decade. He joined me here at HHS out of []

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Saudi Arabia accused of torturing and killing another dissident journalist while in custody Signs of the Times

Another dissident journalist has reportedly been tortured and killed in Saudi Arabia. Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser is said to have been murdered in jail a month after Jamal Khashoggi was slaughtered in the kingdom's Istanbul consulate. News site The New Khaleej reported Al-Jasser's death on Saturday quoting human rights sources. The report has not been confirmed. Human rights groups say the Saudi government believed Al-Jasser secretly ran a Twitter account called Kashkool, which exposed human rights violations by officials and the royals. Saudi spies in Twitter's regional HQ in Dubai unmasked him and he was arrested in March, according to reports. Comment: See:The Mecca bots: Inside Saudi Arabia's troll army The spy ring was said to be run by Saud al-Qahtani, Crown Prince Mohammad's 'thuggish' aide who was demoted after being blamed for the Khashoggi crisis. If true, the revelations that Saudi Arabia is still killing journalists even after the uproar caused by the Khashoggi...


Sources say Kurdish militia made a swap with ISIS to get back 7 US troops - terrorists got supplies and oil wells Signs of the Times

Kurdish militia made a swap with Islamic state terrorists to get back seven US soldiers captured in September, Turkish media has said. The Kurds had to withdraw from some oil wells under the swap terms. The American troops were detained during a confrontation between Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and Kurdish YPG/ PKK militias in the embattled Syrian Deir ez-Zor province in September this year, sources told Anadolu agency on condition of anonymity. The talks to retrieve the soldiers started in late September. In exchange for the troops, extremists pressed the Kurds to withdraw from several oil wells and allow food and medical supplies to some locations. After YPG/ PKK militias left the oil wells, they got the American soldiers.


US to impose 'additional sanctions' on Russia over Skripal poisoning claim - for which there is still no evidence Signs of the Times

Washington will move to impose additional sanctions against Russia, saying Moscow did not meet its demands by the deadline set by the US and accusing Moscow of a chemical attack against a former spy and his daughter in the UK. "Today, the Department informed Congress we could not certify that the Russian Federation met the conditions required by the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991," spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on Tuesday. "We intend to proceed in accordance with the terms of the CBW Act, which directs the implementation of additional sanctions." Comment: Note that being unable (or unwilling) to certify Russia meeting of certain conditions is not the same as them actually not meeting said conditions. Those sanctions may include downgrading diplomatic relations, banning the Russian national carrier Aeroflot from flying to the US, and cutting off nearly all imports and exports, already severely curtailed under a series of sanctions since...


'Forty years of American hostility': Iran posts video response to Trump's sanctions Signs of the Times

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif chastised the US for causing "catastrophes and crises" in the Middle East and vowed that Tehran's allies will stand with it against US sanctions, in a rare video response to US policies. In the three-minute long video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, Zarif calls sanctions reimposed by the Trump administration on Monday "unlawful" and "fundamentally flawed." The video was released less than a day after the formerly lifted sanctions were reinstated, targeting the country's banking, energy and transport sectors, and just hours after Iranian banks were suspended from accessing the global SWIFT financial messaging system.


LIVE: China And Russia Set Eyes On U.S Dollar We Are Change

In this video, Luke and Jason of WeAreChange break down the latest information on the insanity going on in the world this week. China and Russia have made some startling claims and it seems the end for the dollar may be closer than ever.

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Three stuck in snow up to 7 feet deep rescued in Jammu and Kashmir Signs of the Times

"They were trapped in around 6-7 feet snow," the spokesman said, adding a police team from Duggan outpost with the help of some locals started off to the area immediately after receiving the information. Jammu and Kashmir police on Tuesday said they rescued three people from Duggan area of Kathua district four days after they were stranded in heavy snowfall. A police spokesman said three people, Rakesh Sharma, Ganesh Sharma, both sons of Uttam Chand of Chaloge, Bani and Bishav, son of Om Parkash of Mahanpur had gone to establish a food and lodgment facilitation center at Noknali Mata shrine to facilitate a pilgrimage that commenced on November 5.


CNN: Stress might lead to memory loss and brain shrinkage, study says Health Nut News

A recent study published in the journal Neurology found that living a high-stress life can cause memory loss and brain shrinkage- and all before the age of 50 thanks to the stress hormone cortisol. RELATED STORY: How Stress Influences Your Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Study author Dr. Sudha Seshadri, professor of neurology at UT []

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Japanese research exposes statin scam: People with high cholesterol live longer Health Nut News

by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News Editor Four Japanese researchers published an analysis on cholesterol guidelines and statin drugs in the April 2015 edition of the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. RELATED STORY: Statin Side Effects: 5 Reasons Why you Should not Take Statins Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, the Scottish doctor who wrote The Great Cholesterol []

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While America Voted, Many Chose Not to (or Couldnt) Truthdig RSS

ATLANTA For some, its a privilege lost. Others are disillusioned by a system they say does nothing for them. Others still are turned off by the anger and divisiveness they see as ripping the country apart.

As Americans on Tuesday voted in midterm elections largely seen as a referendum of President Donald Trumps first two years in office, many people stayed home.

According to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate, nonvoters said the biggest reasons for them not voting were they didnt like politics generally and they dont know enough about the candidates positions. Few said it was because they did not know where to vote, it takes too much time or they didnt have the required identification.

Nationally, 70 percent of registered voters who chose not to vote in the midterm election were younger than 45. A wide share of those who did not vote around 8 in 10 did not have a college degree. About as many nonvoters were Democrats (32 percent) as Republicans (32 percent).

The Associated Press spoke to some who either chose not to vote or were not able to:


Truth Graf, 57, wasnt able to vote after being convicted of arson and cocaine possession for what she calls an act of desperation. She burned her house down during the housing crisis to avoid foreclosure, and her right to vote wont be restored until shes off probation in 2040. Ill be 80 when I can vote again. Its devastating to me to be sitting here on Election Day, Graf said, as she rested her elbows on her kitchen table in Woodstock, Georgia. I believe so strongly in the process of having a voice and my voice has been taken away.


Debbie Key, 58, doesnt believe her vote will make a difference. Im a little disillusioned, she said as she walked out of the cooler while at work at Brendas House of Flowers in Woodstock, Georgia. I am not educated enough on policy. She added: And what is presented to me through commercials, TV ads, forget it. Its just not enough for me to have an opinion. Im pretty much ambivalent. Nothing lights me up.


Oscar Ramirez, 61, emigrated from Cuba and has voted in past elections, but the divisive political climate has given him pause. I thank God and this country every day for what they gave me, Ramirez said as he unloaded spices to be delivered to a market in Woodstock, Georgia. It makes me sick the way they go at each other. He added: Republicans and Democrats, they just go at each other and all we get are promises. They worry more about each other than us. I see from the past once they get up there they forget about the little people.


Charles Shields, 71, didnt feel like he will get a fair deal, no matter who wins. I didnt see a reason to vote. I feel like if I vote, it really does no good, he said as he stood on his porch with his dogs at his home in Atlanta....


Did Trump Prevent A Major Conflict? We Are Change

In this video, we discuss the Trump presidency so far with one of his most ardent supporters during the election. How is Trump doing, has he kept his promises, did he prevent a major conflict and what is in his report card?

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Reed bunting sings in Sweden Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is about a reed bunting singing in Sweden.


Ukranian-made Auschwitz death camp video game has Poland up in arms Signs of the Times

An unfinished Ukrainian video game set in Auschwitz has sparked outrage in Poland and forced the game studio to make major changes. The original game had players take on the role of inmates or SS guards in the Nazi death camp. "Cost of Freedom" is not your casual entertainment to kill an hour or two after work. The creation of an amateur game developer team, the horror shooter set in the Auschwitz concentration camp seeks to explore themes like uncontrolled power pushing humans to evil and how big a cost one would pay to survive. At least that's what Dmitry Dybin, the public face of the team at Aliens Games (and, some suspect, its only member) has been saying in interviews lately. Players may choose the role of prisoners in the death camp trying to escape or take revenge on their tormentors, or the guards who apparently can do whatever they want with the inmates. Although the concept of the game is insensitive by itself, it faced outrage only when its first promotional video was...


Jail Guards Stand Idly By as Mentally Ill Woman Gouges Out Her Own Eye and SWALLOWS It The Daily Sheeple

Chino, CA In a testament to the neglect and abuse suffered by inmates at the hands of police, a woman in Chino, Californiain dire need of medical attention for a mental health problemwas ignored until she literally ripped out her own eyeball and swallowed it.

Every 15 minutes, for four hours straight, the woman had screaming fits which were ignored repeatedly. This neglect by jail staff was in spite of the fact that the woman was admitted and known to be psychotic.

After four hours of being ignored, the woman fell to the ground and began pry her eyeball from her skull. She was able to remove the entire eyeball and swallow before the guards paid any attention.

According to the LA Times,

The woman, identified only as Inmate Patient X in federal court documents, had not been given medication despite being listed as psychotic while at the California Institution for Women in Chino in 2017.

A report written by Dr. Michael Golding, the chief psychiatrist for the prison system, detailed the gruesome incident in a report made public last week to highlight how the state allegedly has failed to care for some of its most vulnerable inmates. Golding alleges in the 161-page document that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has concealed issues surrounding the adequacy of mental healthcare and staffing in prisons from officials who could mandate changes.

Detailing the immense depth of the problems within the jail system in Chino, Golding explained that this group has created a biased and inaccurately positive picture of what is actually a troubled system of care.

The disturbing part is that the woman was evaluated by a psychologist, deemed psychotic, and then thrown into a cage with everyone else without any help. Had she been administered the proper medication, she may still have her...


7 Things They Never Told Me At School But Could Have WorldTruth.Tv

Its funny, but when asked about things learnt that have served to be the greatest contribution to their lives most people will not mention anything from school days. Have you noticed this? I can say that the things I have learnt which have served as a platform for personal growth did not come from the []


Fox News Promotes RFID For Medical Purposes Heres Why You Shouldnt Take The Chip Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Fox News is pushing RFID chip implants, encouraging people that the tech is safe and good for medical by stating its similar...


Saudi war crimes in Yemen continue Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 10 August 2018 video says about itself:

Saudi-led air strike kills 29 children in Yemen BBC News

At least 29 children have been killed and 30 wounded in a Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen, the International Committee of the Red Cross says. The children were travelling on a bus that was hit at a market in Dahyan, in the northern province of Saada.

By Bill Van Auken in the USA:

The siege of Hodeidah: Washington doubles down on its war crime in Yemen

7 November 2018

One of the bloodiest events in what constitutes the worlds largest ongoing war crime is beginning to unfold in Hodeidah, the Red Sea port that serves as the principal lifeline for food, fuel and medicine upon which at least 70 percent of Yemens impoverished and starving population depend for survival.

The Saudi-led coalition that has waged a devastating war against Yemens population for the past three and a half years reports that it has mobilized some 30,000 troops to surround the city. These include Emirati and Sudanese regulars, Al Qaeda militiamen and Yemeni mercenaries, all being massed on Hodeidahs outskirts.

The city is being subjected to non-stop bombardment from both the air and sea, with the aid group Save the Children reporting that its staff counted some 100...


Colombia and Brazil will INVADE Venezuela? We Are Change

In this video Luke speaks with David Unsworth about the current situation between Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela. So the question is, will they invade?

Check out David Unsworth here.

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In Historic Move, Florida Reverses Ban on Voting Rights for People With Past Felony Convictions MintPress News

In a huge and hard fought victory that writer and activist Shaun King called one of the most important of our lifetime, Florida on Tuesday overwhelming approved Amendment 4, which restores voting rights for 1.4 million state residents with past felony convictions who were barred from participating in elections even after completing their sentences.

Not only does this repeal one of the countrys worst Jim Crow laws, noted Public Citizen, its also the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act, which was enacted in 1965.

With 81 percent reporting on Tuesday evening, the ballot measure surpassed the 60 percent threshold needed, securing support from 64.1 percent of voters.

While the measure restores rights for most felons who have fully completed their sentences, it does not extend to those with murder or sex crime convictions.

For too long, Florida has been an extreme outlier, concluded ACLU of Florida executive director Howard Simon. Our states lifetime voting ban was the single most powerful voter suppression tactic in the country, shutting more people out of the voting booth and out of our democracy than any other single law or policy in the country.

Prior to the state constitutional amendments passage, as Ari Berman reported for Mother Jones, Florida was one of only four states that prevent ex-felons from voting even after theyve paid their debt to society. This felon disenfranchis...


Blue wave fizzles Republicans keep the Senate; celebrity Democrat candidates in near-universal failure The Daily Sheeple

Huge points from the mid-term elections that took place tonight:

  • Republicans not only defended their majority in the U.S. Senate; they flipped several seats to the GOP and expanded their Senate majority.
  • This matters because the U.S. Senate confirms all judicial and Supreme Court appointments.
  • Democrats have seized control of the House of Representatives, buoyed by two years of extreme censorship by the tech giants and a never-ending wave of fake news from the left-wing media.
  • This matters because it gives Democrats subpoena power to investigate the Trump administration and initiate impeachment proceedings. However, as the deep state has proven over the last two years, subpoenas from the House can simply be ignored by everyone because the House has no power to make arrests or initiate DOJ prosecutions.
  • All the Democrat superstar candidates such as Beto and Gillum went down in flames, burning through $100+ million in Democrat cash that had poured into local elections from across the country.
  • Other big losers tonight are the Hollywood celebrities who resorted to stripping naked to beg for Democrat votes. The ploy was widely rejected, for good reason.
  • There were widespread reports of fraudulent voting from Democrats, with non-citizens being openly encouraged to vote across Texas, as revealed in a late-dropping Project Veritas video that should spur Texas Attorney General investigations.

Bottom line? Democrats will run the House for two years, beginning January of 2019. This will actually prime the American people to come out in droves and vote against the left-wing lunacy in 2020, when President Trump will be back on the ticket. Events are lining up right now for a sweeping GOP victory in 2020.

Bottom line? No blue wave. More like blue hallucinations and propaganda.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Near 2,000% increase in major quakes since 1900! 2000 to 2018 so far recorded 2,911 major quakes compared to 147 during 1900/1918 Signs of the Times

Last week we looked at the state of our planet...Two-thirds of all animal and insects extinct by 2020: Dying oceans fish replaced by plastic: One in five of the world's plant species threatened. Today we will see the incredible rise of major quakes since 1900 and the mindblowing fact these statistics are not mentioned on MSM or even mentioned by our religious leaders, below is the famous quote from Jesus to His disciples... Luke 21: 10,11. Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another food shortages and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and from heaven great signs.


Harald Kautz Vella: The alien terraforming agenda on DTV After the Shift


Harald Kautz Vella ; The alien terraforming agenda DTV
Harald Kautz-Vella is my guest, from Germany
In this 9th show on DTV Dimensions TV
The alien Terraforming agenda: Engineered mass poisoning & remedies for conscious Humans!
Harald talked to us about his experiences & research :
From the lies of peak oil & no-fossil fuel to the AI alien black goo, Harald Kautz-Vella will discuss this black alien nanotech outbreak & substance absorbing all of the human consciousness via the Transhumanist agenda & its DNA degenerative program.

Can Environmental medicine heal mankind amidst this dark era crippled with viruses issued from military labs, possibly an end-cycle? Will the AI infection swallow & digest all of the human soul intelligence, o...


Now That America Has Given The Crazies Control Of The House, They Plan To Hit Trump With A Wave Of Subpoenas The Daily Sheeple

This is a very dark moment in American history.  On November 6th, the American people gave the keys to the U.S. House of Representatives to the Democrats, and that means that the crazies will soon be unleashed on Capitol Hill.  They wont be able to get much legislation pushed through because Republicans still control the Senate and Donald Trump is still in the White House, but they will be able to cause all sorts of chaos with their investigative powers.  If you thought that things were bad the last two years, just wait, because you havent seen anything yet.  Top Democrats are already talking about hitting Trump with a huge wave of subpoenas, and the White House is bracing for the worst.  It is going to be a time of bitter partisan wrangling in Washington, and meanwhile the nation as a whole is going to continue to fall apart.

In just a couple of months, Nancy Pelosi will be speaker of the House once again.  That also means that if something suddenly happened to Donald Trump and Mike Pence, she would become the president of the United States.

Just the thought of that should chill you to the bone.

And of course Pelosi is just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the powerful House committees will now be chaired by Pelosis crazy allies, and they plan to use those positions to hurt President Trump as much as possible.

For example, Elijah Cummings will become the chair of the House Oversight Committee, and he has already been calling for the panel to issue subpoenas to the Trump administration...


New Moon in Scorpio The Creative Spark of a Distinct New Phase Wake Up World

November 7th, 2018 By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone Contributing writers for Wake Up World The Full Moon in Taurus on October 23 brought a distinct change in perspective as our focus shifted from transcending illusions (negative) to actualizing the will of our highest Self (positive). Since this time, we have begun to intentionally and meaningfully manifest []


Robert Steele: Has the Deep State Used NATO to Make War with Russia Inevitable? Should President Donald Trump Fire General Scaparotti & Suspend Trident Juncture by 15 November? UPDATE 1: US Sends HUGE Ammunition Shipment to Europe Public Intelligence Blog

Robert David STEELE Vivas

, .

Short URL:

Norway, whose Constitution constrains the use of its territory as a base for military operations threatening to Russia, now appears to be the final card to be played by the Deep State using NATO to make war with Russia possible. Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 comes at the end of eighteen other NATO exercises with Eastern European countries and could not be more provocative.

Below is a lengthy essay from an Alert Reader in Norway. In my view, the President should withdraw the USA from NATO, order the immediate removal of all US military personnel and equipment from all Nord...


A.I. Lie Detectors Being Tested To Replace Human Border Guards Activist Post

By Nicholas West The future of travel is clearly one where automation will play an increasingly significant role. The biometric roll out is well underway...


Review (Guest): Supernatural What the Bible Teaches About the Unseen World and Why It Matters Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Page

5 Stars Carla Bible as Action Adventure Including Divine Council

We know of the Bible as the story of Gods plan of salvation for mankind. From the first page to the last, we see that he had the end in mind from the very beginning. However, most of the time we see just two parties to the story: the Triune God and mankind, those inhabitants of the third heaven and the first.

However, there is another group that plays the role, the divine council. Part of the group referenced in Ephesians 6:12 which refers to the unseen realm ruled by principalities, two of which are named in a brief reference in Daniel 9. There are a few explicit references to these beings in the Bible along with many references that are implicit.

Without understanding that yes, there is an actual unseen realm and a variety of beings who inhabit it and that some of the words spoken in the Bible are judgments against them, we can completely miss the context of what certain passages are saying.

Dr. Michae...

Wednesday, 07 November


The Midterm Elections Armstrong Economics

The Democrats cannot reverse their declining trend since they peaked with FDR, and the Republicans cannot deliver the final death blow to the Democrats to put them out of their Marxist misery.

The computer was correct. There was no Blue Wave. The real interesting aspect is it appears we may have a Bearish Reversal elected in the Senate for the Democrats. While the Democrats won the House, they did not elect any Bullish Reversal and in fact, they may have continued the downtrend with winning control, but with a lower high once again.

The one thing that is ABSOLUTELY guaranteed is there will be ZERO cooperation and everything will become even more obstructive now so we can expect the economy to decline going into the 2020 turning point on the ECM. The Democrats have vowed to seek impeachment and they will now have subpoena power to obstruct Trump and this will bring a swift end to Draining the Swamp.  While impeachment is not likely, they will do the same as they just did in the Kavanaugh hearings and throw whatever allegations they can hope someone will believe them as they did before. They have vowed to force the release of Trumps tax returns. All of this will be designed to make the 2020 Presidential elections far worse than any in the past.

So expect nothing but obstruction. Running the government is no longer a priority. This is just going to be a grudge match from here on out and that is what the model has been projecting. Nothing but Panic Cycles and Directional Changes in politics and our models on 3rd party activity will constantly rise into 2024 as more and more people begin to see that the political situation has become hopeless.

Many races are too close to call. So we will wait for the final numbers and update later when we have...


How moths evade bats Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 5 July 2018 video says about itself:

Watch how battles with bats give moths such flashy tails

Long tails fool bats into striking in the wrong place.

Read more here and here.

From the Acoustical Society of America in the USA:

Moths survive bat predation through acoustic camouflage fur

November 6, 2018

Moths are a mainstay food source for bats, which use echolocation (biological sonar) to hunt their prey. Scientists such as Thomas Neil, from the University of Bristol in the U.K., are studying how moths have evolved passive defenses over millions of years to resist their primary predators.

While some moths have evolved ears that detect the ultrasonic calls of bats, many types of moths remain deaf. In those moths, Neil has found that the insects developed types of stealth coating that serve as acoustic camouflage to evade hungry bats.

Neil will describe his work during the Acoustical Society of Americas 176th Meeting, held in conjunction with the Canadian Acoustical Associations 2018 Acoustics Week, Nov. 5-9 at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, Canada.

In his presentation, Neil will focus on how fur on a moths thorax and wing joints provide acoustic stealth by reducing the echoes of these body parts from bat calls.

Thoracic fur provides substantial acoustic stealth at all ecologically relevant ultrasonic frequencies, said Neil, a researcher at Bristol University. The thorax fur of moths acts as a lightweight porous sound absorber, facilitating acoustic camouflage and offering a significant survival advantage against bats. Removing the fur from the moths thorax increased its detection risk by as much as 38 percent.

Neil used acoustic tomography to quantify echo strength in the spatial and frequency domains of two deaf moth species that are subject to bat predation and two butterfly species that are not.

In comparing the effects of removing thorax fur from insects that serve as food for bats to those that don...


'Triggered' Finnish students demand cancellation of equality debate featuring The Red Pill Signs of the Times

The event focusing on equality from the male point of view featuring Swedish producer and former Army of Lovers celebrity turned political activist Alexander Bard will be held despite the controversy. The US documentary "The Red Pill" will also be aired. Turku Academy, one of Finland's leading universities, has stopped a panel discussion on gender equality after researchers and students alike felt offended by its angle, citing everyone's "equal value," national broadcaster Yle reported. The decision to call off the debate themed "Gender equality from men's point of view - a provocative matter of course " was announced by Turku Academy rector Mikko Hupa, who stressed that many at the academy "felt insulted" by how the debate was formulated.


Penguin: Ideas for Gab Public Intelligence Blog

Alert Reader from Europe offers the following:

Gab 2.0 (in a 3.0 internet)

Since gab has experienced its infrastructure being removed / demolished. It might benefit from the following tips.

Instead of completely merging with Mastodon. It can instead adopt the underlying infrastructure.

Meaning, the protocols for communicating with Mastodon and its sisters & federation.

Thus: Activitypub, Webfinger, Ostatus, DFRN2

So gab becomes able to use instances and can communicate with other instances and federations.

An initial setup can look something like this:

          3 to 5 gab instances,,,, and so on.

Or other names of choise by the Gab team. The idea is clear. They will all need to be federated(name for linked) with each other to provide a strong cluster acting as a single   social platform.

          This has a downside. Multiple hosting companies...


Trump Is the Fault Line of Widening Divide Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON A polarized nation is now more deeply divided.

In a single flurry of elections Tuesday, Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. Republicans held their grip on the Senate. And the breach that divides Americans urban from rural, white from black, conservative from liberal stretched ever wider.

The midterm results highlight a political sorting in America that has accelerated during Donald Trumps presidency. Race, class and geography separate the parties as much as ideology, with the president as the dividing line.

Democrats surged to their new House majority by picking up seats in more affluent and highly educated suburban districts. Voters in the suburbs skewed toward Democrats by a nearly 10-percentage-point margin, according to AP VoteCast, the national survey of the electorate.

College-educated women, in particular, helped carry Democratic candidates, motivated in part by a deep opposition to Trumps nationalist agenda and racially charged rhetoric.

This gender gap has been increasing cycle after cycle, said Stephanie Schriock, the president of Emilys List, a group that backs Democratic female candidates. Particularly under this Trump administration, thats going to continue moving forward.

But the Democratic gains were limited to the House. The Senate landscape told a different story, of a segment of the country that looked far different.

Republicans increased their Senate majority with support from the same coalition of voters that propelled Trump to the presidency two years ago: whites without college degrees particularly men in more conservative, rural states. GOP candidates defeated Democratic incumbents in North Dakota, Indiana and Missouri.

The GOP victories appeared to reinforce the politics behind Trumps closing message a mix of dark, inaccurate warning about an invasion of immigrants streaming across the U.S. border. The fear, it seems, does motivate Republicans. And few can summon that anxiety like Trump.

He is absolutely the only Republican who could generate the kind of enthusiasm in the base that was necessary to compete in a really difficult midterm, said Josh Holmes, a longtime political adviser to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

With each party taking control of one chamber of Congress, and another presidential election fast approaching, these divisions will be a defining feature of American politics through 2020. Each party now has a template for success in the Trump era and will spend the next two years trying to replicate it.

The midterm results hold some long-term promise for Democrats, a party that was banished to the political hinterlands in 2016.

Some Democratic-leaning states that flipped for Trump two years ago Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania swung back to the left Tuesday, electing Democrats in key Senate and governors races. That suggests Trumps victories in the Mi...


Racially charged fights break out between MPs at South African parliamentary meeting Signs of the Times

A national assembly meeting of South Africa's parliament resembled a late night bar on Tuesday as it descended into two violent brawls between opposing MPs. Two separate fights broke out during President Cyril Ramaphosa's question-and-answer session on Tuesday. The first tussle was between Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party members who clashed after a heated name-calling exchange in which they called each other "looters" and "racists."


Six far-right suspects held over allegedly planning an attack on Macron Signs of the Times

Six people linked to the far right have been detained in connection with a "violent" plot against the French president, Emmanuel Macron, officials said. The six, who were not identified, were picked up by anti-terrorism units in the eastern French regions of Moselle and Isre and the north-west region of Ille-et-Vilaine, officials added. A source close to the investigation said the arrests came after reports of a possible plot involving "violent action" aimed at the president. Prosecutors have launched an investigation into a "criminal terrorist association", a judicial source said.


Spring snow has fallen in the Drakensberg, South Africa Signs of the Times

This is why Ladysmith is so cold According to Snow Report, there has been snowfall in the Drakensberg today (November 7). Reports indicate that light snow has fallen on some parts of the KZN Drakensberg, starting early this morning. This is the reason why Ladysmith is experiencing cold weather conditions. So snuggle up and stay indoors!


Writing Wednesday: a tense dilemma Duck of Minerva

Yesterday I avoided Twitter almost entirely. I went to bed early last, and am only now looking at the key results in the pre-dawn hours. But since it may have been a late night for most readers of the Duck, well keep things short today.

I am heading off to the ISSS-IS conference at Purdue this weekend. If any readers are attending, feel free to contact me and maybe we can grab a coffee. You can Tweet at me (@lukemperez) either publicly, or privately (I will open direct messages on Thursday evening.).

In the meantime, I wanted to talk about writing in tenses. It turns out, writing about writing sometimes poses interesting challenges. Solvable, to be sure, but ones that do not normally arise during gradaute school.

I finished my book proposal (woot!), or rather, I finished a draft that I have sent to one of my dissertation committee members to read and comment. Hopefully I will have something to send out to publishers just before Christmas break. When working on some final revisions, I noticed something perplexing: I changed the tense of my prose in ways that were logical but inconsistent.

We all have consistent practices when writing documents that will go to print. In the written chapters or outlines for future chapters, the tense construction is consistent, following normal practices we all learn as undergraduates. But what made this document perplexing is that it is a piece of writing about my own writing past, present, and future.

My only experience with this genre of writing has been mostly informal such as emails to faculty or classmates about a project. Even in something formal such as the dissertation prospectus the tense constructions were neatly divided into what scholarship says and what my disseration will investigate.

The book proposal, by contrast, is partly written (the chapters from the dissertation) and partly unwritten (heavy revisions and/or new content). I did not realize at the time but in the proposal I switched my tense to coincide for the state of things as they are. This was additionally awkward to read because I have case studies from the Cold War, hence more past tense, and an epilogue that talks about foreign policy today. Taken together, that left for a very disjointed reading experience.

What to do? I emailed a mentor to ask how to handle it. Standard rules apply: events in the past, use past; ideas in the present. The only snag is when referencing my writing (complete and incomplete). There, he advised to use present consistently. There may be other areas to reference the state of completion, say, in a cover letter or over email or phone. But the document itself should speak about the project as a complete thing....


If A Pretrial A.I. Risk Assessment Tool Does Not Satisfy These Criteria, It Needs to Stay Out of the Courtroom Activist Post

By Hayley Tsukayama and Jamie Williams Algorithms should not decide who spends time in a California jail. But thats exactly what will happen under S.B....


Ukrainian journalist working for TV channel owned by President Poroshenko photographed making Nazi salute Signs of the Times

A journalist working with a TV channel owned by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has been caught making the Nazi salute. It's only the tip of the iceberg, since she is actually a veteran of far-right militant group Azov. The photo of Natalia Kotskovitch was featured over the weekend by Anatoly Shariy, a popular Ukrainian video blogger and journalist, who lives in the EU under political asylum after fleeing Ukraine back in 2012. The controversial image, in which Kotskovitch makes the Nazi salute while on a trip to Vienna, Austria was posted on her Facebook page. She is currently working as "journalist" for Poroshenko's Channel 5, according to her profile, which also says she used to be a "correspondent" for the same channel. Although the photo was publicly available on Kotskovich's social media, she reacted angrily to Shariy bringing it into the spotlight. She brushed off the vlogger, branding him a "Kremlin scribbler" and urging her friends to tell anyone writing "Kotskovitch...


Texas House member wins re-election from a jail cell Signs of the Times

A re-election celebration is underway in Pod 2 of the Montgomery County Jail after inmate number 232573 claimed victory in Texas House District 27. That inmate is known as Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City, to the people on the outside. Reynolds was booked into the county jail on Sept. 7. He's serving a year-long sentence after a 2015 conviction on five misdemeanor counts of using a middleman to chase ambulances in order to solicit clients for Reynolds' law firm.


Ive managed a remote team for four years. Here are the 5 things you cant ignore Fast Company

From onboarding to investing in the right tools.

Its not easy being a manager. Not only are you accountable for your teams performance, you are also in charge of hiring new candidates, and you have to work hard to earn their trust and respect.

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Parents Have No Right To Refuse Vaccinations For Their Children Says NYU Professor News Punch

New York University professor Arthur L. Caplan, PhD says that parents should not have a right to refuse vaccinations for their children. He believes that what he calls the vaccination rights of children should supersede [...]

The post Parents Have No Right To Refuse Vaccinations For Their Children Says NYU Professor appeared first on News Punch.


Yep, Australias sweeping face-recognition system is just as chilling as its name implies Fast Company

What did you expect from a system called the capability?

Australia is developing a crime-fighting facial recognition surveillance system that can match citizens faces in near real timeand theyve given it a full-on sci-fi freakout of a name just to make sure everyone knows what theyre dealing with.

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UN begins investigation into extreme poverty in UK following the 'austerity experiment' Signs of the Times

Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, starts a two-week fact-finding mission Monday, visiting some of the country's poorest towns and cities to examine the effects of austerity measures on rising levels of hardship. Alston, known for his no-holds-barred critiques, will gather evidence on the impact that changes to welfare benefits and local government funding as well as the rising costs of living have had on British families." The Government has made significant changes to social protection in the past decade, and I will be looking closely at the impact that has had on people living in poverty and their realization of basic rights," Alston said in a statement."I have received hundreds of submissions that make clear many people are really struggling to make ends meet."


Boeing issues a warning about 737 MAX planes in the wake of the Lion Air crash Fast Company

The company has warned pilots about what to do if the planes sensors give an erroneous reading.

Boeing has issued a new warning to all pilots flying its 737 MAX aircraft, the model of the recently crashed Lion Air flight JT610 from Jakarta, Indonesia. According to NBC News, the warning revolves around what pilots should do if the plane gives an erroneous reading from a sensor. There are currently a little over 200 737 MAX jets in use.

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Florida Repeals One of Countrys Worst Jim Crow Laws Truthdig RSS

In a huge and hard fought victory that writer and activist Shaun King called one of the most important of our lifetime, Florida on Tuesday overwhelming approved Amendment 4, which restores voting rights for 1.4 million state residents with past felony convictions who were barred from participating in elections even after completing their sentences.

Not only does this repeal one of the countrys worst Jim Crow laws, noted Public Citizen, its also the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act, which was enacted in 1965.

With 81 percent reporting on Tuesday evening, the ballot measure surpassed the 60 percent threshold needed, securing support from 64.1 percent of voters. While the measure restores rights for most felons who have fully completed their sentences, it does not extend to those with murder or sex crime convictions.

For too long, Florida has been an extreme outlier, concluded ACLU of Florida executive director Howard Simon. Our states lifetime voting ban was the single most powerful voter suppression tactic in the country, shutting more people out of the voting booth and out of our democracy than any other single law or policy in the country.

Prior to the state constitutional amendments passage, as Ari Berman reported for Mother Jones, Florida was one of only four states that prevent ex-felons from voting even after theyve paid their debt to society. This felon disenfranchisement law, which dates back t...


Midterms would be a walkover if Dems had not wasted 2 years on 'Russiagate' Signs of the Times

I haven't been writing about the US midterms much, because I don't care about that nonsense anymore. The whole thing's a fake pro wrestling performance staged every couple of years to give a heavily armed populace the illusory sense that they have some degree of control over the things their government does. By this I do not mean that the votes aren't real or that the outcomes are predetermined, I simply mean that both mainstream parties are controlled by plutocrats who benefit from the status quo and are only interested in their own power and profit. No matter who wins on Tuesday, the wars are guaranteed to continue, the oligarchs are guaranteed to keep siphoning more and more money out of the pockets of ordinary Americans, opaque and unaccountable intelligence agencies are guaranteed to continue expanding intrusive surveillance practices and narrative control psyops in collaboration with powerful Silicon Valley corporations, and we're guaranteed to keep hurtling toward climate...


Did Nancy Pelosi Swallow The Red Pill & Republicans Philosophically Win The Midterms? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who probably will become the next Speaker of the House in the new Congress starting in January 2019,...


Obesity: Hormonal imbalance, not caloric imbalance, and what to do about it Signs of the Times

In your body, nothing happens by accident. Every single physiologic process is a tight orchestration of hormonal signals. Whether our heart beats faster or slower is tightly controlled by hormones. Whether we urinate a lot or a little is tightly controlled by hormones. Whether the calories we eat are burned as energy or stored as body fat is also tightly controlled by hormones. So, the main problem of obesity is not the calories we eat, but how they are spent. And the main hormone we need to know about is insulin. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. There's nothing wrong with that - that is simply its job. When we eat, insulin goes up, signaling the body to store some food energy as body fat. When we don't eat, then insulin goes down, signaling the body to burn this stored energy (body fat). Higher than usual insulin levels tell our body to store more food energy as body fat. Hormones are central to obesity as is everything about human metabolism, including body weight. A critical...


Far-right German secret police boss Maassen sacked at last Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 18 September 2018 video says about itself:

Chemnitz comments see Hans-Georg Maaen moved to Interior Ministry

German domestic intelligence head Hans-Georg Maaen seems to have been moved from one top job to another.

That was then. However, now after Maassen has once again whitewashed violent neo-nazis

By Peter Schwarz in Germany:

Hans-Georg Maassen: A right-wing extremist at the head of the German secret service

7 November 2018

The latest development in the case of Hans-Georg Maassen demonstrates that Germanys domestic intelligence service has been run by an outright right-wing extremist for the past six and a half years.

Maassen was due to be dismissed two months ago as head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz), after backing a neo-Nazi demonstration in the East German city of Chemnitz. At the time the government decided to entrust him with a leading position at the Interior Ministry, but he continued to remain at his previous post. Now, the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, has sent him into retirement.

On Sunday it was revealed that Maassen had used his position as head of the secret service to maintain his defence of the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chemnitz while denouncing his alleged critics in the government as left-wing radicals. In a farewell speech to leaders of European intelligence services in Warsaw on 18 October, he described himself as the victim of a conspiracy by left-wing radical forces inside the Social Democratic Party (SPD). The speech was then posted in the BfV intranet to be read by Verfassungsschutz employees.

Despite overwhelming proof to the contrarythere is overwhelming...


Flash flooding hits north Trinidad - Second such event within 3 weeks Signs of the Times

Divali celebrations on Tuesday were again marred by heavy showers and flash flooding across parts of north Trinidad. Viral videos showed a car which had been caught in flood waters along the Eastern Main Road in St Augustine. Heavy flooding was also reported near Pasea Road in Tunapuna. The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) warned the public to stay away from the Eastern Main Road along Tunapuna and St Augustine as the roadway was impassable up until midday Tuesday. "Citizens are kindly advised to proceed with caution on the nation's roadways, as heavy rainfall has been reported across the country."


All over US, polling places freeze when faced with the unexpected: voters Signs of the Times

American midterm elections are normally sleepy affairs, but 2018's hyper-partisan atmosphere has voters turning out in record numbers. Polling places were unprepared for the onslaught and machines broke down all over the country. In New York City, broken and jammed machines thwarted thousands of voters from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side and the Bronx, leaving voters lined up waiting in the rain - where they made matters worse by getting the ballots wet, according to Board of Elections rep Michael Ryan. Poll watchers were shocked at the dysfunction and NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson demanded Ryan's resignation, calling the mess "unacceptable and unfair to voters." This is not the first election New York has flubbed. Thousands of names went missing from voter rolls during the 2016 primaries, a phenomenon which was repeated to a lesser extent during this year's primaries. North Carolina voters had their own issues, with machines failing to read the new, larger ballots. Wake...


German police come upon sex act in park, migrant arrested on rape accusations Signs of the Times

As Germans fume over the recent gang rape of a teen in Freiburg, police in Stuttgart have arrested a migrant caught performing sex acts with a 17-year-old girl in a park. It's unclear, however, if there was consent. Stuttgart police arrested a 23-year-old African migrant on Saturday afternoon, after being tipped off about sexual acts taking place in a local park. The suspect was reportedly caught "red handed," but did not attempt to flee. The young woman told police that the sex acts had been carried out against her will. According to local media reports, police officers "observed a part of the incident" before approaching the pair. It's not clear whether they witnessed the victim resist or call for help, but German media have hinted that the rape accusation could be a "protective claim."While the 23-year-old remains in custody, police say that they are hoping that witnesses will come forward.


Australian mercenaries on Saudi payroll could face ICC charges for war crimes in Yemen Signs of the Times

Australian mercenaries on the UAE payroll could face accusations of war crimes in the International Criminal Court for their role in the war in Yemen. The Australian government appears to be unconcerned, FOIA emails reveal. Last November, French law firm ANCILE Avocats and the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR) filed a complaint with the ICC accusing the UAE of war crimes in Yemen. It also said the Gulf state was using foreign mercenaries from countries including Australia and Chile to fight. The Australian reports that it was only in July that an advisor to Australia's then-Foreign Minister Julie Bishop began to ask questions about the role Australian citizens are playing in the Yemen war, as revealed in emails released through a Freedom of Information Act request. "Has anyone heard about this previously?" the advisor asked in an email with a link to a blog post about the mercenaries. Staff from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade responded, saying there...


Why a neoliberal society cant survive (T.J. Coles) Tlaxcala

07/11/2018 - Humans are complicated creatures. We are both cooperative and sectarian. We tend to be cooperative within in-groups (e.g., a trade union) whilst competing against out-groups (e.g., a business confederation). ...


Duterte offers cash reward & holiday for killers of crooked cops Signs of the Times

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has offered a cash bounty to cops who kill superior officers, dubbed 'ninjas', whom they suspect of involvement in the illegal drug trade. "Last night a police colonel was killed. A ninja," Duterte said Tuesday at a summit on illegal drugs, as cited by ABS-CBN News. "I am going to reward any policeman who will kill a superior because the superior is into drugs. I will give you a prize and a trip to Hong Kong." Supt. Santiago Rapiz was killed during a shootout in a drug raid in Dipolog City on the Philippines island of Mindanao on Monday night. Rapiz allegedly fought back when officers attempted to arrest him. He was previously accused of involvement with suspected drug lord Melvin 'Dragon' Odicta, who was himself killed in August 2016, reports The Philippines Inquirer. Rapiz was reportedly on Duterte's alleged 'narco hit list'.


Brave 15yo boy sacrifices himself while saving little cousin from bear in Russia Signs of the Times

A courageous 15-year-old boy was practically ripped apart by a ferocious bear but still managed to rescue his little cousin as the two faced the animal alone in the middle of a forest in Russia's eastern Kamchatka Region. Rodion, 15, and his cousin Boris, who is two years younger, lived in the tiny remote village of Lazo. On Monday, they went to take a steam bath, located at the weather station where the father of one of the boys worked. The journey itself was long and challenging - the teenagers had to cross 14km of wilderness. Kamchatka is known for its large brown bear population. Since the area has yet to see any snow or freezing temperatures this year, animals that normally would be hibernating are out roaming around instead. Locals say that in this state, bears become extremely dangerous. Sometimes they even approach towns and villages in search of food. They can attack humans, too. Just last August, bears killed a 23-year-old man who worked at the local nature reserve. An...


British retired professor under attack from Jewish group for questioning official 9-11 story Signs of the Times

Professor Kees van der Pijl, who was formerly head of the university's international relations department, retired in 2012 and now lives in Amsterdam, ( University of Sussex ) A Jewish group has called on the University of Sussex to strip a professor of his emeritus status after he claimed Israelis were behind the 11 September attacks. Professor Kees van der Pijl, who was formerly head of the university's international relations department, tweeted to say: "Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in US govt". The professor, who retired in 2012 and now lives in Amsterdam, included a link to an article titled "9-11/Israel did it" by the conspiracy theory website WikiSpooks.


These are the pros and cons of a four-day workweek Fast Company

While there are data that shows it can increase productivity, it can be too costly to uphold in certain fields and industries.

Work-life balance has always been a struggle. But an increased concern for workers rights paired with the power of automation has created a shift. Certain industries dont require as many working hours anymore, and the global trendespecially in Europeleans toward a four-day workweek.

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Muslim Candidates Triumph Over Trumps Islamophobia Truthdig RSS

With some 100 congressional victories, women staged a pink wave in the face of Trumps tone of misogyny and feckless patriarchy. But what is interesting is that the pink wave isnt exclusively white, exemplifying difference feminism more than the old Second Wave.

For the first time in history, two Native American women will enter the House of Representatives, after 241 years. One of them is gay. And the youngest woman ever elected to the House is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Perhaps the most remarkable stories are the two Muslim women elected to the House, one from Minneapolis (Ilhan Omar of Somalia) and the other from Detroit (Rashida Tlaib of Detroit, but ultimately Palestine). They arent only women, and Muslims, but also refugees. They are Donald J. Trumps worst nightmare and the antithesis of what he thinks America is or should be, if you listen to his rhetoric. But actually he has some commonalities with them.

Some 44 million Americans are first-generation immigrants, and 33 million are second-generation.

Between them, at 77 million, they are a quarter of Americans. And Trump is among the 33 million second-generation Americans, since his mother was born in Scotland.

That is, Trump and Rashida Tlaib are both second-generation Americans, and Trumps mother and Ilhan Omar shared the immigrant experience (as did both of Trumps wives).

But whereas the Trumps are grifters and tax cheats and racists, the Omars and the Tlaibs have been upstanding citizens.

Tlaibs parents are from the Palestinian West Bank (now under harsh Israeli military occupation)her mother from Beit Ur al-Fauqa near Ramallah and her father from East Jerusalem. He was employed as an auto worker for Ford. One of 14 children, Rashida obtained a BA from Wayne State University and then a law degree from Thomas Cooley. She was a two-term Michigan state legislator.

While she was in the Michigan state legislature in Lansing, the chair of her committee once asked her to prove she is an American.

Trump has closed the Palestine mission in Washington, D.C., and slashed funding for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, which used to care for people like the Tlaibs, who have been deprived of Palestinian citizenship by the Great Powers and the Likud government of Israel. Trump is behind an attempt to crush the Palestinians.

Tlaib said going into this election,

This is the time that we get to vote out hate, and the way we do it is by electing people like us into places where we make decisions right now, to push back.

This is what the celebration of her victory looked like among Arab-Americans:



Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, Netherlands Signs of the Times

About a week ago at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely haven't heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along. However, when about 150 more suddenly died - bringing the death toll to 297 - some started to take notice. And if you are looking around that park you might have seen what is on the corner of the roof across the street from where they died: a new 5G mast, where they had done a test, in connection with the Dutch railway station, to see how large the range was and whether no harmful equipment would occur on and around the station.


'Significant decline' in FGM in Africa RSS feed from

The rate of girls under14 who undergo female genital mutilation in Africa has seen a huge and significant decline over three decades, according to a new analysis.


Orca attacks on humpback whales, new study Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2016 video says about itself:

Two Beautiful Humpback Whales Dance | Animal Attraction | BBC

Male humpback whales repeat each others songs and add to them so they become ever more complex and beautiful, showing off their memory and sheer volume.

From the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute:

First study of Humpback whale survivors of orca attacks in the Southeastern Pacific

November 6, 2018

Summary: Scars left by orca attacks indicate that most victims are young whales on the first trip from breeding to feeding grounds. Increasing numbers of scars may mean that there are more orcas in the Southern Pacific, researchers say.

Humpback whales bear stark battle scars from violent encounters with orcas, also known as killer whales. Analysis of rake marks on more than 3000 humpback whale tails or flukes suggest that attacks on these undersea giants may be on the rise, according to a new study in Endangered Species Research.

We set out to discover where, when and at what age humpback whales in the Southeastern Pacific are attacked by orcas, said Hector M. Guzman, marine ecologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Orcas, Orcinus orca, like humans, are apex predators. Although they can feed on more than 20 different species of cetaceans, they usually prefer sea lions, fur seals, fish and sea birds. Because the chances of observing rake marks on young, vulnerable whales increased in the last 20 years, we think that killer whale attacks on humpback whales may be more common now than they were in the past, perhaps due to the recovery of whale breeding stocks in the Southeast Pacific after hunting was prohibited, said Juan Capella, lead auth...


Kidnapped students released, says Cameroon minister RSS feed from

All 79 children kidnapped in Cameroon's English Speaking northwest region have been released, says information minister Issa Bakary Tchiroma.


Migrant workers turn climate refugees twice over RSS feed from

It's a double whammy for migrant workers fleeing Kerala floods to return to West Bengal, a region that is itself facing the brunt of climate change


Flickrs new free offering is better than amazing: Its sustainable Fast Company

Yahoo gave Flickr users a deal that was almost too good to be true. New owner SmugMug is pulling backin the interest of making the service stronger.

The only way to make people angrier than promising something and not delivering it is to offer something for free and then take it away. Its true for babies. And its true for the users of internet services, too.

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United States bombs killing Syrian children Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is called US coalition forces using white phosphorus in Mosul [in Iraq] | June 4th 2017.

From daily News Line in Britain today:

THREE children were killed in air strikes carried out by the US-led coalition on the small Syrian town of Al-Shaafah in the Deir Ezzor region on Monday. They used banned white phosphorus munitions for the second time in three days.

Local witnesses say these attacks are the most aggressive in several months, claiming the lives of 15 civilians and wounding many others, most of them women and children who had been living in the houses near the Khaled Ibn al-Waleed Mosque. On October 29th, the US-led coalition launched attacks on several areas in Hajin using internationally-banned white phosphorus bombs.


3 Senate Races Remain Too Close to Call Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON The Latest on U.S. Senate elections (all times local):

4:20 a.m.

The race for U.S. Senate in Montana between Democratic incumbent Jon Tester and Republican Matt Rosendale is too close to call.

As of 3:45 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Rosendale holds a lead of 6,082 votes out of more than 355,000 cast a margin of roughly 1.7 percent.

Roughly a third of precincts remain to be counted.


4:18 a.m.

The race for U.S. Senate in Arizona between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is too close to call.

As of 3:45 a.m. EST on Wednesday, McSally holds a lead of 17,240 votes out of more than 1.6 million cast a margin of roughly 1 percent.

Roughly 25 percent of votes in Arizona are counted after Election Day.


4:16 a.m.

The race for U.S. Senate in Florida between Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott is too close to call.

With all precincts reporting as of 3:45 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Scott holds a lead of 38,717 votes out of more than 8 million cast a margin of less than one half of 1 percent.

Under state law in Florida, a recount is mandatory if the winning candidates margin is less than 0.5 percentage points.

The Associated Press does not call any race that may proceed to a recount.


3:21 a.m.

Democrat Jacky Rosen has defeated incumbent Republican Dean Heller in a hard-fought battle for a U.S. Senate seat in Nevada, giving Democrats a key pickup in the chamber.

Rosen on Tuesday ousted Heller, who has been in office since he was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2011.

Heller was considered the most vulnerable Republican running for re-election to the U.S. Senate this year as the only one seeking another term in a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. He conceded earlier in the night.

Heller was once a critic of President Donald Trump, but the two have become allies. Rosen painted Heller as a rubber stamp for the president and counted on backlash to Trump to help her oust the incumbent.

Rosens win puts Nevada with half a dozen other states represented by U.S. senators who are both female. Nevadas other senator is Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.


2:39 a.m.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has won a fifth full term representing California after shaking off a challenge from a fellow Democrat who argued she hasnt been tough in confronting President Donald Trump.

Feinstein defeated state Sen. Kevin de Leon.

Voters first sent Feinstein to Washington in 1992. At 85, she is the oldest current U.S. senator.

She faced a fellow Democrat because of Californias system that sends the two candidates who win the most primary votes to the general election.

The race failed to generate much excitement, with Democrats more focused on winning seats in the U.S. House than on a safe Senate seat.

Feinstein a...


The complicated and troubled history of the annual performance review Fast Company

Companies have spent billions of hours ranking, filing, and giving workers feedback. In the end, does it really motivate?

Yay, its time for my annual performance review! said no worker ever.

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If you're a frequent flier, you might want to avoid the Malaysian-Indonesian archipelago, for aircraft seem to have an odd habit of crashing (or []

The post LION AIR CRASH SUSPICIONS appeared first on Giza Death Star.


$20,000 | Just Stop Talking About Donald Trump After the Shift




Could AR help cities regulate scooters? Fast Company

One technology company believes it has a solution to scooter parking: More tech.

Over the past year, scooters have become a political minefield in some cities where the devices ubiquity on sidewalks are blocking access to pedestrians, baby strollers, and people with disabilities. Bad parking jobs and misuse has made these vehicles the object of rage in cities like San Francisco. A geolocation company called Fantasmo is proposing a novel solution to this particular problem: Augmented reality.

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Flat earther thinks the Earth is actually shaped like a doughnut Signs of the Times

A Flat Earther (well, an ex-Flat Earther) now thinks the Earth is actually shaped like a doughnut. Not comfortable with the idea of our home looking like a vinyl record, Flat Earth Society member Varuag, has posed the possibility of the planet actually being more of a Krispy Kreme. 'I was wondering how a theory like FE theory gets formed, and I came to the conclusion that someone must've thought of the original idea,' they wrote. 'And then it must've been followed by a long series of people pointing out flaws and then re-adjusting the theory (or thinking of new ideas) to iron out the flaws in the theory.'


Why Is Israel Afraid of Khalida Jarrar? Dissident Voice

When Israeli troops stormed the house of Palestinian parliamentarian and lawyer, Khalida Jarrar, on April 2, 2015, she was engrossed in her research. For months, Jarrar had been leading a Palestinian effort to take Israel to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Her research on that very evening was directly related to the kind of behavior that allows a group of soldiers to handcuff a respected Palestinian intellectual, throwing her in jail with no trial and with no accountability for their action.

Jarrar was released after spending over one year in jail in June 2016, only to be arrested once more, on July 2, 2017. She remains in an Israeli prison.

On October 28 of this year, her administrative detention was renewed for the fourth time.

There are thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, most of them held outside the militarily Occupied Palestinian Territories, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

However, nearly 500 Palestinians fall into a different category, as they are held without trial, detained for six-month periods that are renewed, sometimes indefinitely, by Israeli military courts with no legal justification whatsoever. Jarrar is one of those detainees.

Jarrar is not beseeching her jailers for her freedom. Instead, she is keeping busy educating her fellow female prisoners on international law, offering classes and issuing statements to the outside world that reflect not only her refined intellect, but also her resolve and strength of character.

Jarrar is relentless. Despite her failing health she suffers from multiple ischemic infarctions, hypercholesterolemia and was hospitalized due to severe bleeding resulting from epistaxis her commitment to the cause of her people did not, in any way, weaken or falter.

The 55-year-old Palestinian lawyer has championed a political discourse that is largely missing amid the ongoing feud between the Palestinian Authoritys largest faction, Fatah, in the Occupied West Bank and Hamas in besieged Gaza.

As a member of the Palestine Legislative Council (PLC) and an active member within the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Jarrar has advocated the kind of politics that is not disconnected from the people and, especially, from the women who she strongly and uncompromisingly represents.

According to Jarrar, no Palestinian official should engage in any form of dialogue with Israel, because such engagement helps legitimize a state that is fo...


CIA's 'surveillance state' is operating against us all, and always has been Signs of the Times

Maybe you once thought the CIA wasn't supposed to spy on Americans here in the United States. That concept is so yesteryear. Over time, the CIA upper echelon has secretly developed all kinds of policy statements and legal rationales to justify routine, widespread surveillance on U.S. soil of citizens who aren't suspected of terrorism or being a spy. The latest outrage is found in newly declassified documents from 2014. They reveal the CIA not only intercepted emails of U.S. citizens but they were emails of the most sensitive kind - written to Congress and involving whistleblowers reporting alleged wrongdoing within the Intelligence Community. The disclosures, kept secret until now, are two letters of "congressional notification" from the Intelligence Community inspector general at the time, Charles McCullough. He stated that during "routine counterintelligence monitoring of government computer systems," the CIA collected emails between congressional staff and the CIA's head of...


How to use pointless meetings to sell your ideas and advance your career Fast Company

Instead of zoning out or checking your phone, heres how to reclaim your time and make meetings more productive.

Few activities in the business world eat up as much time as meetings. Professionals spend 37% of their time in meetings, and its worse for executives, who by some estimates devote 85% of their days to meetings.

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This ingenious hack turns anti-terror bollards into furniture Fast Company

Defensive street architecture is designed to prevent terrorist attacks. But it could also double as a way to bring strangers together.

In the last few years, vehicle-aided terrorism has become a horrible reality for many cities. To protect pedestrians, cities have expanded efforts to install street bollards, peppering the urban landscape with these three-foot-high metal barriers. After New York was hit by a truck-borne terrorist in 2017, the government decided to spend $50 million on bollards, dramatically increasing the footprint of this defensive architecture on the streets.

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Oceania is at war with Fascism Signs of the Times

If you're a critic of global capitalism (sometimes referred to as "globalism"), I've got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is, you're not a "peddler of Russian propaganda" anymore. The bad news is, you're an anti-Semite. You're probably also a domestic terrorist, or an "emboldener" of domestic terrorism, or at least some sort of terrorism-apologist. And not good old-fashioned Islamic terrorism like we used to get during the War on Terror, because that ended in the Summer of 2016, right around the time Trump won the nomination. No, the brand of terrorism you are probably emboldening by criticizing global capitalism is anti-Semitic, fascist terrorism ... the most terroristic form of terrorism there is! Up until recently, you might have just been going about your normal business, criticizing global capitalism, completely unaware of your anti-Semitic, white supremacist terrorist activities, but from now on there will be no denying them. Your hate thoughts are...


Racist Sinead OConnor claims she wont spend time with disgusting white people after converting to Islam The Crazz Files


Recent Islamic convert Sinead OConnor, who now goes by the name Shuhada Davitt, in a recent tweet declared that truly I never wanna spend time with white people again (if thats what non-muslims are called). Read More


A Scientist Who Believes In Magic Humans Are Free

Dean Radin PhD is a Scientist who believes in Magic. He explains all in his latest book called Real Magic.

Dean has spent the last forty years conducting controlled experiments that demonstrate that thoughts are things, that we can sense others emotions and intentions from a distance, that intuition is more powerful than we thought, and that we can tap into the power of intention. These dormant powers can help us lead more interesting and fulfilling lives.

Numerous experiments to prove telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinetic effects have all been independently repeated in laboratories around the world. Both parapsychology and magic refer to the same underlying consciousness related phenomena, both saturate popular entertainment, but not if the phenomena are presented as real.

The Law of Correspondences is a principle underlying many magical practices. Based on the assumption of an interconnected reality, this law proposes that inner and outer experience, or mind and matter, intermingle and interact. What you sustain in your mind is reflected in the world at large.

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Sanctions on Iran more like a demonstration of US weakness, rather than strength Signs of the Times

US sanctions imposed on Iran today are the greatest test so far of President Donald Trump's ambition to act unilaterally in defiance of both rival powers and traditional allies. The aim of the Trump administration is to put enough economic pressure on Iran to force it to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal of 2015 or, more ambitiously, to secure regime change in Tehran by provoking popular unrest. It will be difficult to achieve either objective: sanctions can impose intense pressure on a country if maintained over a long period, but their effectiveness depends on support and enforcement by a broad coalition of powers. This is what happened with UN sanctions on Iraq between 1990 and 2003 and with sanctions on Iran between 2006 and 2015. But this time round there is no coalition supporting sanctions and a great array of states from China and Russia to the EU and Iran's immediate neighbours, Turkey and Iraq, which are opposing them. On one level, they are seeking to save the Iran deal,...


New snail species discovery in Panama Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2011 video says about itself:

Snail Sleuth: Smithsonian Scientist Rachel Collin

Meet Rachel Collin, a staff scientist and director of the Bocas Del Toro Research Station at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Rachel studies the evolution of marine gastropods (snails) and oversees multiple disciplines of marine biology at the Collin Lab in Bocas del Toro.

Now, however, about land snails.

From ScienceDaily:

Tiny thorn snail discovered in Panamas backyard

November 6, 2018

Summary: Five years after one particular tiny thorn snail from Panama was identified as new to science, it is described in a scientific article. The official discovery only became possible after earlier this year glassy shells were collected from the La Amistad International Park, Chiriqu, Panama. Successfully recognized thanks to modern computed tomographic scans, the species adds to the few snails ever reported from the region, despite its indisputable biodiversity.

Discoveries of biodiversity at the Lilliputian scale are more tedious than it is for larger animals like elephants, for example. Furthermore, an analysis producing a DNA barcode a taxonomic method using a short snippet of an organisms DNA is not enough to adequately identify it to the species level.

In the case of tiny thorn snails appearing as minute white flecks grazing in moist, decomposing leaf litter it is the shell that provides additional and reliable information needed to verify or question molecular assessment of these otherwise, nondescript critters.

However, at 2 mm, thorn snails are too small and fragile to handle and the few, if any, tangible details on the outside of the shells can only be seen using a high-powered microscope and computed tomographic (CT) images.

This is exactly how the interdisciplinary team of Dr Adrienne Jochum, Naturhistorisches Museum der Burgergemeinde Bern (NMBE) and University of Bern, Dr. Bernhard Ruthensteiner, Zoologische Staatssammlung Muenchen, Germany, Dr. Marian Kampschulte, University Hospital of G...


Midterm elections in the USA results Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 6 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Can Progressives Make the Democratic Party End its Collaboration with Republicans?

There are important differences between Republicans and Democrats, but there also are many areas where the differences are more cosmetic than real, especially in the area of foreign policy and militarism. Will progressive successes in the midterms push the party as a whole more to the left? TRNN midterm panel with Eugene Puryear, Jacqueline Luqman, Paul Jay, Lester Spence, Danny Glover, and host Marc Steiner.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

US midterm vote: Democrats win control of House of Representatives

7 November 2018

The Democratic Party won control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections on November 6, gaining more than the 23 seats required for a majority. With many House races too close to call or with large numbers of votes still uncounted, particularly in states like California and Washington, which provide for voting by mail, the five television networks projected a Democratic victory with a gain of 30 seats or more.

The Republican Party retained control of the US Senate, gaining several seats in states where President Trump campaigned heavily against Democratic incumbents. It is noteworthy that Democratic senators who capitulated most cravenly to Trumps vicious persecution of immigrantsJoe Donnelly in Indiana and Claire McCaskill in Missourilost their races by wide margins. Republicans also captured Senate seats in North Dakota and Florida, with seats in Montana, Nevada and Arizona undecided as of this writing.

The Democrats made some gains in state governorships, where the Republicans held 26 of the 36 statehouses. Democratic candidates won Republican-held governorships in Illinois, Maine and Michigan, and defeated the most right-wing anti-immigrant Republican, Kris Kobach, in Kansas, usual...


I want to work in these cubicles of the future Fast Company

The design studio Rapt has created two wild concepts for a futuristic cubicle, involving robots and . . . non-toxic fog.

Its late afternoon, and your coworkers are being loud again. You have work to do, so you pop in your earbuds to drown out their voicesbut it doesnt work, because you can still see someone showing off their new juggling skills. If only I had a cubicle! you think.

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Indonesia Approves Castration for Sex Offenders Who Prey on Children Terra Forming Terra

I am no fan of the death penalty for two reasons.  The obvious one is that it is final and rift with error as well.  Throw in that the prisoner retains the ability to consider his actions for his remaining days on earth and never sees freedom.

The second one is less obvious.  We lose any residual economic value from the individual.  Not so clear with a dangerous killer, but much clearer with a rapist.   Such a person may well be seconded to provide labor in order to continue to support his family.  This certainly makes good sense in an agrarian society and could be extended.

The purpose of castration is to provide a truly effective form of deterrence.  There can not be anything more life changing than this that is also so survivable.  Imagining a life after such an event is painful for most and that is the point.  It still does not handle the problem of error though.


Indonesia Approves Castration for Sex Offenders Who Prey on Children

Image Suspects in the gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl before their trial in Curup, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia,...


Yellowstone Super Volcano Threat Level Just Increased To 'High' By USGS Terra Forming Terra

I have posted on this in the past, but it is worth repeating.  The Yellowstone super-plume is capable of spewing many cubic miles of basalt as it certainly did this ONCE.  What it does not do is build mountains and i really do not think is is a prolific ash producer either as that will also stack up a mountain.  Yet it does appear to produce events around its perimeter that compares to many small volcanoes.   I would love to review a really good geological reference on all this to refine the detail.
What we do not have is a huge volcanic mountain which is certainly a mercy.  Mt St Helens showed us once and for all what any and all strata cone volcanoes are capable of and they are all maxed at 10,000 feet.  The really important variable is the size of the magma chamber and if the structure is also involved with the ocean which can provide a huge multiplier.
So Mt Rainer and Mt Baker and Mt Shasta as well is no joke at all.  Problem is that activity does cycle and an actual blowout is usually decades away.  Even then it may well be a mountain building exercise only.  The Mt St Helens blast took the Mountain apart and it will take centuries to refill that crater. I suspect Mt Baker was taken apart at least three times, but i could be wrong there.
As with Earthquakes, predictions are generally useless except to observe that a recent event means the next one is a long way off.... ..
Yellowstone Super Volcano Threat Level Just Increased To 'High' By USGS 
Oct 29 2018

A new report has revealed that the U.S. Geological Survey is classifying eighteen volcanoes located in the United States as having a very high threat. This report includes the classification of the Yello...

The elephant as a person Terra Forming Terra

An interesting concept and i think that it applies to the Sasquatch and perhaps a couple of the larger primates as well and perhaps to dolphins as well.  What i am also sure of is that all animals communicate mind to mind in particular and that the rest is an adjunct to this talent.

I would like to see a test herd established in the Boreal forest in Canada.  They would need access to winter protection in the form of a simple large shed.  Just closing up will quickly warm up the space.

We know that they can consume brush and trees including pine, so it should be possible.  The climate change should also produce a thick coat soon enough even with minimal breeding.  One way of bringing back the Mamoth.

What is happening is that we are now learning to actually communicate with elephants.  I consider this to be promising, but mind to mind will be central, just as hand gestures still need some form of explanation ussily verbal to work,...

The elephant as a person 

Elephants might have the necessary capacities for personhood we just need to help them acquire the cognitive scaffolding

have you ever stood in a field full of cows? Its obvious that theyre aware of one another, but in a minimal kind of way. They tend to stay loosely clumped together as they graze, and they dont deliberately knock into other members of the herd. Shouting gets their attention, but it tends to elicit a flickering inspection at most, which subsides into cud-munching indifference when they realise you represent neither a threat nor a treat. Cows dont gauge how to respond to sights, sounds and smells by carefully studying the subtleties of one anothers reactions (which is why they can startle each other into stampeding). When youre with a herd of cows, youre basically alone.

Stand or walk among a herd of elephants, however, and youll appreciate how different the experience is. Even the most peaceful group feels electric with communicative action. Theres continuous eye contact, touching, trunk and ear movements to which others attend and respond. Elephants engage in low-fre...


Five ways to get more done by reclaiming your wasted pockets of time Fast Company

Most people waste spare minutes on activities that give them no greater sense of accomplishment than if they had skipped them. Heres how to change that.

Ive just got a minutemight as well scroll through Instagram.

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Pagans against Genesis Terra Forming Terra

 Good piece.  This is a wonderful history on the emergence of the Christian religion and its living competitors.

My own work suggests that GOD was  understood by the Bronze Age including all those ancients.  Confusion arose with awe for humans who transitioned to Gods even when they were not masters of the Inner Sun such as Alexander.

Oracles of course channeled information and we accept that Jesus and his movement was a planned intervention from the other side.  Thus they should be supportive as this confirms.

This may provide a little inhsight into how i now read ancient material.

Pagans against Genesis 

Confused, inferior and philosophically unsound: the Greco-Roman critique of the Old Testament could have been written today

 In the early 3rd century BCE, the biblical book of Genesis was translated from Hebrew into Greek in order to be read by the Jewish communities of the diaspora who no longer understood Hebrew. Though the book could now be read by non-Jewish Greeks, it did not incite much commentary or hostility because Judaism was not a missionary religion. Most Greeks felt no need to quarrel with the Jews. But with the rise of Christianity a decidedly missionary religion the situation changed. 

Christians adopted the Greek Bible from the Jews, and in their proselytising efforts they confronted non-Jews with this book, which they took to prove that the coming of Christ had been predicted by Moses and the prophets. Between the 2nd and 4th centuries CE, pagans struck back against the new Christian challenge, arguing that the Greek Bible (the Old Testament) was an inferior work, confused and philosophically unsound. There are three Platonist philosophers who stood foremost in the philosophical fight against the Christians...


Hyundai and Kia invest $250 million in Southeast Asia ride sharer Grab Fast Company

The trios goal is to increase EV usage throughout the region and to maximize cost efficiencies for Grabs driver-partners.

That means the Singapore-based ride sharer has brought in $2.7 billion in investment to date, reports CNBC. Hyundai and Grab said that, together with Kia, they will also set up a partnership to pilot electrical vehicle (EV) programs throughout the Southeast Asia region. The goal is to increase EV usage throughout the region and to maximize cost efficiencies for Grabs driver-partners.

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'Blue Wave' more like 'ripple' as Democrats take House from Republicans in midterms Signs of the Times

US Democrats are set to take control of the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years, a crucial victory that spells trouble for President Donald Trump in the second half of his first term in office. To win the House, all Democrats needed to do was to flip 23 Republican seats, a task that proved too easy for the opposition party. While the Senate was a lost cause from the get-go, Democrats were highly optimistic that they would win back the lower chamber of Congress. Initial results of the frenzied midterm elections projected Democrats as the next majority party in the House, with NBC predicting a 230-205 makeup. By winning the House, Democrats will have the opportunity to frustrate Trump's legislative plans and ramp up their "obstructionist" approach, as the president would like to call it.


Silicon Valley voters just demanded that tech companies be responsible for their communities Fast Company

Three Bay Area cities approved new taxes to help even out the income divide. They may inspire a movement across the state and country.

With support from celebrity billionaire Marc Benioff, plus real celebrities Chris Rock and Jewel, San Franciscos proposed $300 million business tax to fund housing and homeless programs became a national cause clbre. Winning by a healthy 60%, Proposition C was by far the biggest, but not the only, successful effort to make big tech pay more to even out the growing income divide in American citiesa trend that may continue.

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 7, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 7, 2018

Compiled 7 Nov. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Satanic Cabal CIA & Vatican-sponsored international Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note - The Bottom Line: (Rumors, please do your own research).

Several sources say the 800#s release would be this week right after midterm elections, Nov. 7-8. Apparently Hong Kong released funds Oct. 31; military and elites had their funds liquid; release codes were at the banks and firm currency rates were on bank screens. Some say to be prepared for Nov. 11 when the economy would implode and there would be a need for emergency supplies as Q returned to bring in the Global Currency Reset (Trumps announcement of the US return to a asset-backed/gold standard?) Many sources agreed that after the RV and during Nov.s chaotic time there would be a few weeks of financial turmoil as the world adjusted to the new Quantum Financial System while we exchanged/redeemed our currencies and Zim Bonds. A slow-motion Stock Market collapse that began in Oct. would continue to claim corporate victims as the new Quantum Financial System went online.

A. Predictions:

Release of the 800#s would be through text, email, or posted on:

DC: intel


Study Suggests That Modern Men Are Losing Their Testosterone Awareness Act

While it might not seem like it at a glance several studies have shown that testosterone levels in men these days are not as they once were. They are significantly lower than they were in the decades leading up to now.

Dont get me wrong, most men do have healthy levels but they are still reduced. One study from 2006 actually outlined this decline perfectly. It was titled A Population-Level Decline in Serum Testosterone Levels in American Men and reveals some shocking numbers. The goal of this study was to establish the magnitude of population-level changes in serum T (testosterone) concentrations. This also takes into consideration several other factors.

This study had about over 1500 participants and several observations were taken on each. While that might not seem like a big number, it is big enough for them to have a good idea of what we are facing. With three data collection waves, they were able to obtain a lot of information on these men.

The results and conclusion of this study are as follows:

Results We observe a substantial age-independent decline in T that does not appear to be attributable to observed changes in explanatory factors, including health and lifestyle characteristics such as smoking and obesity. The estimated population-level declines are greater in magnitude than the cross-sectional declines in T typically associated with age.

Conclusion These results indicate that recent years have seen a substantial, and as yet unrecognized, age-independent population-level decrease in T in American men, potentially attributable to birth cohort differences or to health or environmental effects not captured in observed data.

This was not the only study carried out on the topic, a Danish study was done in the same manner as well. This coming from the same year and was able to conclude in theirs that there was, in fact, an age-independent change in SHBG and testosterone. They suggested that it could be explained by an initial change in SHBG levels which caused the adjustment in testosterone levels. However, more research will, of course, need to be done on the topic

It really does seem that this decline is quite present but, what does it mean and why is it happening? Testosterone levels have continued to drop throughout the years and no clear outcome has been found just yet. While there are several likely reasons behind it nothing is set in stone just yet. To learn more about this please check out the video below

Image via...


China is now using gait recognition to identify people Fast Company

The technology can identify someone even if their face is covered.

The country already has an Orwellian social credit system and over 170 million CCTV cameras keeping an eye on its citizens night and day. Virtually all of those cameras can be used with facial recognition software to identify citizens in a snap. But now China is rolling out new gait recognition software that can identify someone even if their face is coveredjust by analyzing how they walk, reports the AP.

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China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered Signs of the Times

China unveiled on Tuesday a replica of its first permanently crewed space station, which would replace the international community's orbiting laboratory and symbolises the country's major ambitions beyond Earth. The 17-metre (55-foot) core module was a star attraction at the biennial Airshow China in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, the country's main aerospace industry exhibition. Outside, China's J-10 fighter jet and J-20 stealth fighter wowed spectators as they zoomed across Zhuhai's sky. Back inside, the country displayed its fleet of drones and other military hardware. Crowds gathered around the cylindrical space station module representing the living and working quarters of the Tiangong-or "Heavenly Palace"-which will also have two other modules for scientific experiments and will be equipped with solar panels. Three astronauts will be permanently stationed in the 60-tonne orbiting lab, which will enable the crew to conduct biological and microgravity research. Assembly...


7 Ways To Make Love Fully Clothed Awareness Act

Making love is not always about penetration or sexual acts at all. Sometimes making love is just being vulnerable together. There are tons of different ways to make love and a lot of them are much more intimate than you might think.

Below I am going to go over some of the best ways to make love. These are things that will bring you and your partner closer together in more ways than you could ever imagine. Sure, sex is great and all but so are all of the things on this list. Dont forget to take care of one another.

7 Ways To Make Love Fully Clothed:

1. Actually, communicate with one another

Talk to each other. Dont spend all of your time hiding away. If something needs to be said, say it. Communication is important in all relationships.

2. Spend time doing things the two of you enjoy

Spend time together. Go out and have fun. The more time you spend together the better. There is nothing wrong with getting out there together.

3. Go for a walk together through nature

Nature is extremely relaxing and being in nature works wonders on the soul. Going for a walk together, especially at night will bring the two of you closer together. Hold hands and take a stroll.

4. Learn new things together

Go out and learn together. Take a class or pick up a new hobby. Overcome the challenges together.

5. Ask one another personal questions

The more you get to know one another the more connected you will feel. Dont be afraid to ask the personal questions. Sometimes they are the ones that need to be answered the most.

6. Prepare dinner together and sit down screen-free to eat

Cook together occasionally and spend time eating together without distraction. Make small talk and really be yourselves. Youd be surprised how great this kind of thing feels.

7. Be affectionate

Show your love for one another to one another. Hold hands, kiss, cuddle do all of the things you both crave. Dont stop just because youre comfortable.

There is a spark between the two of you and nurturing it will keep it going. Dont let things die down and burn out.

Image via You Queen


The Art Of Fighting Without Actually Fighting Awareness Act

We are often told that fighting back is the way to win, but is it? To be completely honest, depending on the situation fighting without actually fighting is the most proper way through a situation.

Arguing and fighting with people who want to tear you down wont make much difference. If someone calls you something, calling them something else isnt going to make things stop. When it comes to fighting, be it literally fighting or just having a heated discussion, outsmarting the other person is the most important part. You dont have to be the most physically strong to come out the winner.

The quote the art of fighting without fighting was first made by Bruce Lee in the film Enter The Dragon and from there it is something many have pondered over and plenty have taken to heart. You could think of it as we should avoid physical battle as often as possible and that fighting is rarely ever truly the answer or you could take it as using your brain over your strength will get you where you need to be. Either way is perfectly fine and both hold meaning.

When you hear the words fighting without fighting what comes to mind? Perhaps it means getting things done without using your energy up? Just because someone is eager to show off their strength and comes across as intimidating does not mean they will be smart enough to notice when they are being fooled. When you can remove yourself mentally from the tension and think up a plan you are showing just how superior you are.

Perhaps it also might signify that opting for a peaceful approach is better? The explanations people can come up with for this quote are endless but also for the most part quite positive to all. I recently came across a forum on Quora where people were discussing this quote and it really got me thinking.

One user on Quora wrote as follows:

I interpret the art of fighting without fighting to mean resolving conflict peacefully with your enemy while not compromising your own health and safety. This can be through deception as shown in the movie or through diffusing situations verbally. Sometimes, avoidance is the best option. The art of fighting without fighting involves understanding your enemy and subduing him or her peacefully. In this case, Bruce (AKA Lee in the movie) saw this mans weakness was pride. Could he have beaten him? Absolutely but he wouldnt gain anything of value. The bully was defeated by his own pride the moment Lee tricked him into getting on the boat and rowing him away. The art of fighting without fighting is the highest form of martial arts in self-defense.

What does it mean to you? Are you the kind to fight without fighting? I for one find this quote to be very meaningful as it shows that ac...


Miranda Kerr wants you to take a cold shower Fast Company

The model turned Kora Organics entrepreneur reveals her tips and tools for getting the most out of every day.

In 2009, Miranda Kerr, the supermodel-turned-mogul, turned her love of certified organic and nontoxic beauty products into a businessa very successful one at that. With Kora Organics, Kerr quickly established herselfand her companyas a competitive player in the $13.2 billion dollar organic and natural beauty industry. As her company grows, the first Australian to wear Victorias Secret angel wings and self-described multitasking mumma is building her skincare brand into a natural beauty behemoth.

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This startup will deliver your favorite sandwich from anywhere on Earth Fast Company

For a price.

Joe Ariel was a New York kid who ended up in the South, attending Vanderbilt University studying economics. The esteemed colleges meal plan was downright inedible. So he did what any irresponsible young foodie would do: He explored the cuisine of Nashville on his credit card.

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Jesus Christs Burial Slab Uncovered During Restoration WorldTruth.Tv

A burial slab believed to have held the body of Jesus Christ before he was resurrected has been uncovered for the first time in centuries by a restoration team in Jerusalem. The original limestone shelf, known as a burial bed, was exposed during the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre after being covered []


DeWine governorship win solidifies GOP hold on Ohio CLG News

DeWine governorship win solidifies GOP hold on Ohio | 06 Nov 2018 | Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) is projected to be elected governor, solidifying GOP control of a state that broke sharply for President Trump in 2016. DeWine is projected to have defeated Democratic challenger Richard Cordray (D), Ohio's former attorney general, in his bid to succeed term-limited Gov. John Kasich (R). DeWine's victory is boost to Republicans seeking to turn bellwether Ohio into firm GOP territory.


70% of the Worlds Remaining Wilderness Can Be Found in Just 5 Countries! Awareness Act

There has been a great deal of discussion lately surrounding the impact that human civilization has had on the natural environment, specifically including the destruction of the natural environment around us. Just how extensive has this destruction been?

A report recently released by the World Wildlife Fund revealed some startling facts, including the fact that the human population is responsible for the destruction of approximately 60% of the worlds wildlife over the last 4 decades. Its a clear indication of the negative impact that our daily activities have on the rest of the world, including overhunting, climate change, pollution and more.

This report sounds a warning shot across our bow. Natural systems essential to our survival forests, oceans, and rivers remain in decline. Wildlife around the world continue to dwindle, advised President and CEO of WWF-US Carter Roberts in a statement.

Articles discussing the report have taken social media by storm, once again igniting heating debated about our role in the destruction of the natural world, and the responsibilities that we, as a population, hold for its conservation. The natural world is crumbling around us and its a trend that isnt going to change or slow down without drastic action.

The world is changing at a rapid rate. A recent report in the journal Nature revealed that more than 77% of the land (excluding the continent of Antarctica) and 87% of the worlds oceans have been changed in some way as a direct impact of the human population and our activities. This includes forestry, large farming operations, industrial fishing, growing settlement, pollution, and more. As a result, approximately 1.27 square miles of natural wilderness, or an area larger than the country of India, has been lost just in the period of time from 1993 to 2009.

The report, written by a team of scientists at the University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) raises the important question Whats left? The team mapped out the worlds remaining natural wilderness around the globe, including both land and water, and they discovered the surprising fact that over 70% of the remaining wildlife is located in just 5 countries Russia, Canada, Australia, the United States, and Brazil.



The Portal: Cobra Update -- Delta Option Operation Disclosure

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Delta Option

The situation on the surface of the planet has reached the boiling point.

On one hand we have Dark Forces having almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet, on the other hand we have the Light Forces having big problems in removing the toplet bombs soon enough.

Dark Forces are sabotaging positive initiatives to break through the Quarantine and commercial space travel can not begin, even though technology to make it happen is here in public domain for 70 years already:

Soft disclosure is not enough anymore:

Awakened members of the surface population are finally stopping waiting for the Event and are taking their own life in their own hands:


First Muslim women in Congress: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar CLG News

First Muslim women in Congress: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar | 06 Nov 2018 | A pair of districts in the Midwest will add Muslim women to the ranks of the US Congress for the first time, CNN has projected. Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party's nominee, will secure their respective seats in strongly Democratic districts following primary victories earlier this year that effectively decided their races. Tlaib is endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a burgeoning left-wing group that also counts New York Democratic congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among its members.


The Amazing Neuroscience of Drummers WorldTruth.Tv

Drummers may find themselves as the butt of the jokes in the music world, but science says that science shows drummers have an advantage over everyone else. A promotional video from GE suggests that drummers have fundamentally different brains than the rest of us. What does the brain of a drummer look like? When a []


A Foragers Guide To Making Natural Ink La Paz Group

Ink1Since 2011, foraging has been a favored topic here. We have occasionally featured stories with reference to natural colorants, mainly about their various possible uses, and even an exhibition where you could learn more; but not until now have we seen a book like this. It looks like it will be a perfect addition to any of our numerous coffee tables, suited to brighten up even the rainiest afternoon. Click on any image to go to the website for the book. Thanks to Jason Logan for its authorship, and to Amy Goldwasser for...


10 million homeless people have clean socks thanks to Bombas Fast Company

Socks remain the number-one most requested item at homeless shelters. Bombas wants to change that.

In just five years, sock brand Bombas has sold 10 million pairs of socks, and thanks to the brands mission of donating a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair sold, this means that 10 million homeless people around the country now have warm, clean socks. Cofounders David Heath and Randy Goldberg came up with the idea for their company when they discovered the remarkable statistic that socks are the number-one most requested item in homeless shelters. They now donate brand-new socks through a network of 1,200 partners and shelters across the United States.

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How the maker of mobile hit Game of War unpivoted itself Fast Company

After venturing into the Internet of Things and blockchain technology, MZ (formerly Machine Zone) is all about games again.

Even if youve never heard of MZ or played its games, theres a good chance youve seen some of the companys work.

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Amazon is releasing a physical holiday toy catalog because nostalgia sells Fast Company

The catalog, titled A Holiday of Play, is a throwback to the old Toys R Us and department store catalogs that were a staple of holiday marketing in the past.

The e-retailer has confirmed it will mail its first printed toy catalog to millions of customers this month, reports CNBC. The catalog, titled A Holiday of Play, is a throwback to the old Toys R Us and department store catalogs that were a staple of holiday marketing in the past.

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Stabenow defeats James in Michigan's U.S. Senate race CLG News

Stabenow defeats James in Michigan's U.S. Senate race | 06 Nov 2018 | U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow defeated Republican challenger John James to win a fourth, six-year term in a contest in which President Donald Trump showed a personal interest in having the political newcomer win. The Associated Press projected Stabenow would win after 11:20 p.m. James, the 37-year-old Farmington Hills businessman, conceded the race to Stabenow after 11 p.m. in a speech at the headquarters of his family businesses.


Republican Hawley beats McCaskill to capture U.S. Senate seat in Missouri CLG News

Republican Hawley beats McCaskill to capture U.S. Senate seat in Missouri | 07 Nov 2018 | Political newcomer Josh Hawley has ousted Missouri's senior senator, Democrat Claire McCaskill, the culmination of a hard-fought campaign he centered on control of the U.S. Senate. Hawley told a jubilant crowd in Springfield late Tuesday that McCaskill had called to concede, and that she "couldnt have been more gracious." Hawley pledged to support farmers, work on border security, increase job and wage growth and put "pro-Constitution judges" on the bench.


Democrats retake control of House, Republicans hold Senate majority - Fox News projects CLG News

Democrats retake control of House, Republicans hold Senate majority - Fox News projects | 07 Nov 2018 | Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives Tuesday night after eight years out of power, Fox News projects, dealing a major setback to President Trump's legislative agenda -- but Republicans were able to expand their narrow Senate majority and, with it, the ability to confirm crucial judicial nominees. The split decision on Capitol Hill follows one of the most intense and chaotic midterm campaign seasons in recent memory, in which President Trump barnstormed the country for GOP candidates and powerful Democrats including predecessor Barack Obama did the same for the other side. For his part, Trump was able to help prevent a total Democratic takeover in Congress.


Ten Ways You Are Being Watched, Monitored and Spied On WorldTruth.Tv

While the intent might be up for debate, the fact that our governments and businesses appear to be watching our every move isnt. As technology increases, seemingly more and more rapidly, more data about us is stored and shared and most of the time, we are unaware it is being collected or how it []


Hawaii Gov. David Ige Wins Re-Election to Second Term CLG News

Hawaii Gov. David Ige Wins Re-Election to Second Term | 06 Nov 2018 | Gov. David Ige on Tuesday won re-election to a second term after defeating Republican state Rep. Andria Tupola as the Democratic Party continued to dominate Hawaii politics. The incumbent entered the midterm election as the strong favorite. In August, he overcame a strong primary election challenge from U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa after what he called a "grueling" campaign. In the race for U.S. Senate, Democrat Mazie Hirono defeated Republican Ron Curtis to win a second term.


Robert Menendez Wins Senate Race in N.J., Beating Back a Challenge From Bob Hugin CLG News

Robert Menendez Wins Senate Race in N.J., Beating Back a Challenge From Bob Hugin | 06 Nov 2018 | Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, was elected to a third term on Tuesday, withstanding a public backlash over his federal corruption trial and the official Senate criticism he received for misusing his office for personal gain. Mr. Menendez turned back a spirited challenge by his Republican opponent, Bob Hugin, a pharmaceutical executive who poured more than $35 million of his own wealth into his campaign...Democrats also made two key down-ballot pickups.


Donna Shalala Flips District 27 House Seat From Red to Blue CLG News

Donna Shalala Flips District 27 House Seat From Red to Blue | 06 Nov 2018 | (Coral Gables, FL) A key house race for a South Florida district has flipped from red to blue. Democrat Donna Shalala has won the election for District 27, flipping a seat that had belonged to Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen since 2013. Shalala was running against Republican Maria Elvira Salazar.


Democrat Joe Manchin re-elected to Senate in West Virginia CLG News

Democrat Joe Manchin re-elected to Senate in West Virginia | 06 Nov 2018 | Sen. Joe Manchin scored re-election to the Senate in West Virginia on Tuesday, defeating his Republican challenger and keeping a Democratic hold in a state President Trump won by a landslide in 2016. Manchin defeated West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in a race watched closely by political observers. Trump won the state by more than 42 percentage points two years ago.


Marsha Blackburn Prevails in Tennessee Senate Race CLG News

Marsha Blackburn Prevails in Tennessee Senate Race --Blackburn will be first woman in U.S. to represent her state in Senate | 06 Nov 2018 | Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn defeated her Democratic opponent Phil Bredesen Tuesday evening in Tennessees Senate race, virtually ensuring her party will retain their majority in the upper chamber. The television networks declared Blackburn the winner at 9:15 p.m. She will be the first woman in U.S. to represent her state in the Senate. Blackburns victory came after Republicans saw a gain in Indiana, with Congressman Mike Braun defeating Democratic incumbent Mike Donnelly.


Gold & Bitcoin Armstrong Economics


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I really encountered an insane goldbug who claimed you were paid off by the gold cartel to keep the price down. These people cannot open their eyes and see anything but gold or bitcoin. Then they argue the age of knowledge and bitcoin will become the new reserve currency. You really have to wonder if these people are on drugs. Will you be doing a gold report soon? Is it still a viable option for some portion of wealth in the future. Bitcoin seems to depend entirely upon a power grid. I was traveling back to the States and was actually asked if I had cryptocurrency. I said no. What is all that about?


ANSWER: Yes we will be doing a gold report soon. Yes, these people are insane. Why would the gold cartel want to suppress gold prices? They claim to force people to sell their gold at cheap prices. But the annual production of new gold is about 3150 tons as of 2017. There are 32,150.75 troy ounces per metric ton. That means the annual production during 2017 was 101,274,862.5 troy ounces. That is a lot of new gold coming to the market every year. That is far more than small investors would be dumping. You really think they would suppress the gold price to force small investors to sell say even 10 million ounces when they mine more than 100 million annually? That is really just sophistry and it is a shame people would even believe such nonsense.

I really cannot imagine that any government would surrender power to Bitcoin. Come on. Spain is criminally prosecuting Catalonia politicians for simply advocating a democratic vote to separate from S...


Republican Rick Scott wins Florida Senate race, defeating incumbent Bill Nelson CLG News

Republican Rick Scott wins Florida Senate race, defeating incumbent Bill Nelson | 06 Nov 2018 | Republican Rick Scott, running for Senate after two terms as Florida governor, beat Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson in 2018's most expensive Senate race, boosting the GOP's odds of expanding their Senate majority. Scott used a huge amount of campaign cash -- much of it his own -- and his position as a Washington outsider to beat Nelson, a relatively popular incumbent who nevertheless failed to inspire much excitement in a campaign year when Democrats were energized in many races across the country.


Saudi Arabia to pay financial compensation to slain journalists family, fiance BlackListed News

Saudi Arabia had informed Turkey that it would pay financial compensation to the family and Turkish fiancee of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi who was murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by a Saudi hit-squad on October, 2, Al- Jazeera channel reported a Turkish official as saying.

Extremist Anti-Choice Laws Pass in Two States While Oregon Voters Reject Attempt to Curb Abortion Rights for Low-Income Women BlackListed News

While rejoicing over Oregon voters' decisive rejection of a measure that would have left low-income residents and state employees without abortion coverage, reproductive rights advocates prepared for battles in two red states where extremist anti-choice proposals were passed on Tuesday night. In Alabama, the passage of Amendment 2 will give a fetus the same right to life held by a person under the state constitution, paving the way to criminalize abortion with a "trigger ban" like the ones that exist in Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota, should the Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade. Access to contraception and the morning-after pill could also be restricted as a result.

Democrat Defeated By Dead Brothel Owner In Nevada Legislature Vote BlackListed News

Upset victories by a Democratic candidates for US Senate and the Nevada governorship drew national attention to the political news cycle in the Silver State Tuesday night. But lost amid the flurry of headlines was the landslide victory by Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof, the self-described "Trump from Pahrump", who clinched a seat in the state legislature despite having died three weeks ago.

UN: More than 200 mass graves discovered in Iraq BlackListed News

At least 200 mass graves containing up to 12,000 victims have been discovered in Iraq, a UN report has revealed, as the country struggles to emerge from a four year battle with Daesh militants. The UN Human Rights Office and the UN Assistance Mission documented the existence of 202 mass grave sites in the northern and western Iraqi governorates, including 95 in Ninevah, 37 in Kirkuk, 36 in Salah Al-Din and 24 in Anbar.

Terrorist plots to stage drone attacks during FIFA World Cup in Russia foiled by security services BlackListed News

Russias Federal Security Service (FSB) operatives foiled several terror plots involving drone attacks and plans to target foreign fans during the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Secret services took all necessary measures to identify and prevent the terrorists attempts to use UAVs, FSB head Aleksandr Bortnikov said at a law enforcement and security meeting on Wednesday.

Is This "The Most Important Election of our Lives" or Just Another Distraction? BlackListed News

The problem isn't polarization; the problem is neither flavor of the status quo is actually solving any of the nation's most pressing system problems.

Former Deputy AG Joins Goldman Legal Team As 1MDB Criminal Charges Loom BlackListed News

With federal prosecutors finally handing down indictments in the long-running 1MDB probe, the Vampire Squid is lawyering up. And in typical Goldman fashion, the investment bank is hiring only the best, most politically-connected defense attorneys to join its legal team.

"Flashpoint For War": U.S. And Japan Plan Military Response To Chinese Incursions Of Disputed Islands BlackListed News

Things are again rapidly heating up in the East China Sea amidst already heightened tensions in a region where Washington is increasingly asserting the right of navigation in international waters against broad Chinese claims and seeking to defend the territorial possessions of its allies. 


GOP war veteran mocked on SNL wins Texas House seat CLG News

GOP war veteran mocked on SNL wins Texas House seat | 06 Nov 2018 | Texas GOP candidate Dan Crenshaw, who was recently mocked on SNL for a war wound, won the race for the state's 2nd Congressional District on Tuesday. Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL and lieutenant commander, defeated Democrat Todd Litton. The 34-year-old Republican, who lost his right eye in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device detonated, gained national attention in recent days after he was mocked on "Saturday Night Live." Comic [sic] Pete Davidson joked about how Crenshaw wears an eyepatch, adding that Americans "may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate for Texas and not a hit-man in a porno movie. I'm sorry. I know he lost his eye in war -- or whatever," Davidson added. The comments led to swift backlash, with Crenshaw calling the remarks "dark."


Snowden issues surveillance warning to Israelis CLG News

Snowden issues surveillance warning to Israelis | 06 Nov 2018 | US whistleblower Edward Snowden urged Israelis to be on guard against heavy-handed government and private surveillance in a speech by video link Tuesday and defended his 2013 massive leak of classified documents. Snowden, 35, highlighted Israel's high-tech capabilities, but warned that accepting too much government surveillance and too easily acceding to the argument that it is needed for security reasons posed serious risks. He also spoke of the NSO Group, the Israel-based company known for its Pegasus spyware. The software has been pinpointed by independent experts as likely being used in a number of countries with poor human rights records.


Ted Cruz wins reelection over Beto ORourke CLG News

Ted Cruz wins reelection over Beto ORourke | 06 Nov 2018 | Republican Sen. Ted Cruz locked in a second term Tuesday by defeating Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke, seeing off Democrats' most aggressive attempt in decades to win a statewide office in Texas. Cruz had 51 percent of the vote to 49 percent for ORourke when three networks called the race with less than a quarter of the precincts reporting.


This is why #StayInLine is trending on Twitter during the 2018 elections CLG News

This is why #StayInLine is trending on Twitter during the 2018 elections | 06 Nov 2018 | As voters went to cast their ballots for the 2018 midterm elections, they were faced with enormously long lines at polling places in Georgia, New York, Texas, Arizona and many other states. Some of the hours-long waits were attributed to malfunctioning equipment, a lack of paper ballots and glitches in voter registration. By Tuesday afternoon, the hashtag #StayInLine was trending on Twitter. Many states allow people to vote as long as they line up before their polling place closes...There was even a dedicated Twitter account to have pizza delivered.


Every media outlet called a contentious Texas race. Then the projected loser crept ahead Fast Company

Despite most media outlets saying Republican Will Hurd had won, conflicting reports show Gena Ortiz Jones may still have a chance.

I sure hope Gena Ortiz Jones is still awake. About two hours ago, her race to flip the House seat in San Antonio, Texas, seemed to be over. The Democratic was running against Republican Will Hurd, who was seeking a third term. Nearly every major media outlet announced that Hurd had won.

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Newsom wins California governor's race CLG News

Newsom wins California governor's race | 06 Nov 2018 | Gavin Newsom (D), currently Californias lieutenant governor, won the race to become the states next governor. Newsom defeated Republican businessman John Cox to replace outgoing Gov. Jerry Brown (D). Newsom was expected to easily win in deep-blue California and had a lead in the polls throughout the race.


Dems projected to retake House majority CLG News

Dems projected to retake House majority | 06 Nov 2018 | Democrats on Tuesday night captured control of the House of Representatives, placing a significant check on President Trumps next two years in office. Several networks made the call after Democrats flipped 17 seats in races across the country. Democrats were leading in a number of other races and seemed positioned to gain more than 30 seats, and possibly more than 40 with polls just closing at 11 p.m. ET in California.


Ocasio-Cortez to be youngest woman ever elected to Congress CLG News

Ocasio-Cortez to be youngest woman ever elected to Congress | 06 Nov 2018 | New York Democratic congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will win her general election race easily and become the youngest woman ever in Congress, CNN has projected. Having turned 29 last month, Ocasio-Cortez will inch out the previous holder of the distinction, New York Democratic Rep. Elise Stefanik, who was elected to Congress at age 30.


Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins Utah Senate seat CLG News

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins Utah Senate seat | 06 Nov 2018 | He ran for the White House, and seven years later, [Deep State dirt-bag] Mitt Romney is finally headed to Washington -- as Utah's new senator. The GOP's 2012 presidential candidate easily dispatched Democratic rival Jenny Wilson, winning the seat that will be vacated by a retiring Orrin Hatch.


Election Day... where we Celebrate and Support those Who Lie with Every Breath they Take. Reflections in a Petri Dish

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today the mass of the American public, fulfills the vested interests of the particular forces of appearance, that control their perspective of what they think is happening, related to what they have been promised by those who have no intention of fulfilling those promises. On one side are the many, many shell organizations financed by Satanist George Soros and other interests that represent Liberty as License; where everyone, no matter how crazy or dysfunctional they are, are free to express their passions and appetites as normal behavior; because? Because we say so. On the other side you have the Fear Factor and various efforts to stem the tides of madness massing at the borders and shores.

In a time of material darkness, the minority of the Haves represent the burning desires of the Have Nots. What the Haves have is the illusion that they possess all that is worth fighting for, working for and dying for. The irony is that the giver of all things is pleased to confer anything and everything upon anyone as the result of faith and prayer, for the purpose of demonstration and sundry and... you can also get a large amount of manifest toys and trinkets from the shadow face of the ineffable at a particular cost that does not seem to be that great initially but proves to be seriously painful later on.

As evidence of the kind of recreations and persona some of them favor, let us go to that Satanic Portal, TMZ and see a few examples of the directions people think they want to go in and the sort of events and behavior celebrated by those who tune in to them and probably describe it as, good clean fun. We have a few others, some of them with consequences. Some of them represent the state of the culture (a picture is worth a lot of words) at a level that attracts millions of sub-creation residents and influences the minds of youth, while attempting to make these tragic, cartoon icons appear heroic.

It is fascinating to watch how the human mind processes certain experiences. For some, things like roller coasters, unprotected sex, war and driving real fast with your eyes closed is exciting. Then for others it is truly frightening. For some, certain behaviors seem to be perfectly okay and for others it looks insane. The human mind is incredibly facile. It can justify anything that it wants to do, even if it doesn't really want to do it, or later regrets it for the rest of the cycle of that life. Logic can be a useful tool, or an engine of destruction, depending on whether one employs Reason, or chooses to avoid it altogether because it...


Gillum concedes hard-fought Florida governor's race to DeSantis CLG News

Gillum concedes hard-fought Florida governor's race to DeSantis | 06 Nov 2018 | Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded the race for Florida governor to Republican Ron DeSantis, marking a major win for the GOP in their bid to hold on to the top job in the nation's largest swing state. "Earlier this evening, I called Mr. Ron DeSantis and congratulated him on what we expect will be him as the next governor of the great state of Florida," Gillum told supporters Tuesday night...The win is also likely to be seen as a bellwether for Trump's support in the nation's largest swing state ahead of his 2020 reelection bid.


Jahana Hayes Declares Victory, Will Become 1st Black Woman From Connecticut in Congress CLG News

Jahana Hayes Declares Victory, Will Become 1st Black Woman From Connecticut in Congress | 06 Nov 2018 | Jahana Hayes declared victory Tuesday over Republican Manny Santos, the former mayor of Meriden, a historic win that will make her the first African-American woman to represent Connecticut in Congress. Hayes, 45, was driven by a powerful personal narrative, a network of young volunteers and public speaking skills honed in her years as a teacher...Like other Democrats who are shaking up the party establishment, she embraced progressive policies and won the endorsement of organized labor and the Working Families Party.


GOP to retain Senate majority CLG News

GOP to retain Senate majority | 06 Nov 2018 | Republicans are guaranteed to keep control of the Senate after netting early victories by flipping two Democratic seats and won a marquee race in Texas. GOP candidates scored major victories in Indiana and North Dakota, while several other toss-up races remain too close to call, paving the way for the party to potentially expand its 51-49 majority. Businessman Mike Braun unseated Sen. Joe Donnelly (Ind.) -- marking the first red state Democrat to lose on Tuesday and giving the GOP an early seat flip. Republicans later toppled Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), spelling trouble for Democrats' chances and fellow red-state Democrats.


Another Record Breaking Year for Opium Production in U.S. Occupied Afghanistan Humans Are Free

Now officially a national federal emergency, the opioid crisis is gutting America. The roots of this complex issue lie in supply, not demand, and while we are beginning to see major pharmaceutical executives being indicted for conspiracy and bribery of doctors, we have a long way to go to turn this thing around.

Pharmaceutical and synthetic opioids are a major part of the catastrophe, but the other side of the supply chain is actual opium, and the worlds biggest opium market just happens to be occupied Afghanistan, the epicenter of the global heroin trade.

The United States military has been operating in Afghanistan as part of the war on terror for over 16 years now, and opium production in the war-torn nation continues to increase, year-over-year, coinciding with the rise of the opioid crisis.

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"A Look to the Namibian Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Namibia has some of the darkest nights visible from any continent. It is therefore home to some of the more spectacular skyscapes, a few of which have been captured in the below time-lapse video. We recommend watching this video at FULL SCREEN (1080p), with audio on. The night sky of Namibia is one of the best in the world, about the same quality of the deserts of Chile and Australia. 

Visible at the movie start are unusual quiver trees perched before a deep starfield highlighted by the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. This bright band of stars and gas appears to pivot around the celestial south pole as our Earth rotates. The remains of camel thorn trees are then seen against a sky that includes a fuzzy patch on the far right that is the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy to the Milky Way. A bright sunlight-reflecting satellite passes quickly overhead. Quiver trees appear again, now showing their unusual trunks, while the Small Magellanic Cloud becomes clearly visible in the background. Artificial lights illuminate a mist that surround camel thorn trees in Deadvlei. In the final sequence, natural Namibian stone arches are captured against the advancing shadows of the setting moon. This video incorporates over 16,000 images shot over two years, and won top honors among the 2012 Travel Photographer of the Year awards.


The Poet: Langston Hughes, "Dreams" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly


"Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow."

- Langston Hughes


"Did You Ever Wonder..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real,
and you're just a reflection of him?"
~ Calvin and Hobbes


Chet Raymo, Red Fish, Blue Fish... Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Red Fish, Blue Fish...
by Chet Raymo

In his autobiography, the brilliant physicist John Archibald Wheeler makes this confession of faith: "Whatever can be, is." He goes further: "Whatever can be, must be." Anything not prohibited by the laws of nature, exists, he says.  Well, that's an extravagent claim, but it passed my mind the other day when my colleague Maura T. invited me up to the Science Building to see a strange creature she had just added to the aquarium.
Here's a pic, Chaetopterus, the parchment tube worm. In nature, it makes its own U-shaped "parchment" tube, which, except for the open ends, is buried in mud on the seafloor. And there it lives, sifting nourishment from the water it pumps through the tube. What a goofy critter! It looks like something snapped together from a K'Nex kit.

Some years ago, in a Globe column, I mentioned Dr. Seuss's Grickily Gractus, a bird "that lays eggs on a cactus," as an example of a wildly improbable creature. A reader then sent me a photograph of a bird on the island of Bonaire perched - where else? - in a nest on a cactus. Apparently not even Dr. Seuss can think up a creature too odd to exist.

A biologist friend who had returned from a field trip to the upper Rio Negro in Brazil told me about a school of Cur...


"I Promise You This..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am- a reluctant enthusiast... a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While its still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely, mysterious, and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to the body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the bastards."
- Edward Abbey


Senate Update: Republicans Remain in Control Truthdig RSS

Editors note: Below is a selection of the Associated Press updates about contests around the country for U.S. Senate seats. More news and commentary about midterm election results will be posted soon on Truthdig.

WASHINGTON (AP) The Latest on U.S. Senate elections (all times local):

11:55 p.m.

Republican Josh Hawley has unseated Missouris Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in a national victory for the GOP.

Republicans have long hoped to flip McCaskills seat in the increasingly Republican state. Missouri was once considered a bellwether known for picking the successful presidential candidate, but its since lost that status and trended right.

President Donald Trump won the state by nearly 19 percentage points. Missouris attorney general pinned his campaign to his support for the president.

McCaskill was one of 10 Democratic Senate incumbents up for re-election in states Trump won.

Voters first elected McCaskill to the Senate in 2006. She won re-election in 2012 after Republican candidate Todd Akin said womens bodies can prevent pregnancy in cases of legitimate rape.


11:40 p.m.

Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell has won re-election in Washington, beating Republican challenger Susan Hutchison.

Cantwell easily outdistanced Hutchison, a former Seattle TV anchor and state GOP chairwoman.

Cantwell is a former tech executive who previously served one term in the U.S. House and six years as a state representative in the state Legislature. She will be serving her fourth term.

Its been nearly a quarter century since the GOP has captured a major statewide race in Washington.

The last time voters sent a Republican to the U.S. Senate was 1994, when Sen. Slade Gorton was re-elected to his final term before being ousted by Cantwell in 2000.


11:25 p.m.

Democrat Debbie Stabenow of Michigan has won a fourth term in the Senate, defeating Republican challenger John James.

Stabenow campaigned as a pragmatic lawmaker who forges bipartisan agreement despite the partisan rancor in Washington. She cited her work shaping farm legislation and pushing a new law that allows pharmacists to tell consumers when they can save on prescriptions by paying cash instead of using insurance.

The 68-year-old Stabenow criticized President Trumps attempt to slash federal funding for the Great Lakes. She said James would have been an unabashed enthusiast of Trump with no governing experience.

James is a black combat veteran and business executive. Trump won Michigan in 2016. He called James a star candidate.


11:15 p.m.

Mississippis U.S. Senate special election is headed to a runoff, and the states voters will either elect a woman to the office for the first time ever or a black man for the first time since Rec...


House Update: Trump Calls to Congratulate Pelosi Truthdig RSS

Editors note: Below is a selection of the Associated Press updates about contests around the country for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. More news and commentary about midterm election results will be posted soon on Truthdig.

WASHINGTON (AP) The Latest on elections to the U.S. House of Representatives (all times local): 12:50 a.m.President Donald Trump has called to congratulate Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi as her party stood on the brink of recapturing the House of Representatives.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president made a series of calls while watching the election results late Tuesday.

Pelosis spokesman Drew Hammill said Trump called Pelosi to congratulate her and to note her tone of bipartisanship.

Sanders says Trump also called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to congratulate him on historic Senate gains.

Trump also called outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

And he called several Republican winners for whom he campaigned in recent weeks, including incoming Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, incoming Ohio governor Mike DeWine and incoming Florida Sen. Rick Scott.


12:40 a.m. Republican Steve King has won a ninth term representing northwest Iowas 4th Congressional District.Voters re-elected King despite a string of controversies about comments and meetings he has held involving other candidates and groups characterized as white nationalists. King has argued that all those he met or made comments about were simply conservatives.King defeated Democrat J.D. Scholten, a former minor league baseball player who raised more money than King and spent months crisscrossing the 39-county district.

King did little campaigning but maintained his hardline views on immigration and support of gun rights were in step with the conservative district.


12:20 a.m.

Women will break the current record of 84 serving at once in the U.S. House.

With ballots still being counted across the country, women have won 75 seats and are assured of victory in nine districts where women are the only major-party candidates.

Outrage and organizing by women have defined Democratic Party politics this election cycle from the Womens March opposing President Donald Trump the day after he was inaugurated in January 2017 through a stream of sexual assault accusations later that year that sparked the #MeToo movement.

More than 230 women, many of them first-time candidates, were on the general-election ballots in House races.

Despite the gains, men will continue to hold the vast majority of House seats.


12:15 a.m.

Democrats have picked up at least...


Daycare can help prevent drowning in Bangladesh RSS feed from

Drowning is ahead of malnutrition as the top killer of 1-5-year-olds in Bangladesh. Many of these children drown while playing unsupervised in household ponds.


"Lets Have a War with Russia!: Id Rather Be Ruled by Autistic Hamsters" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The current state of the American Army. 
Troops learn the hardships of pregnancy.

"Lets Have a War with Russia!: 
Id Rather Be Ruled by Autistic Hamsters"
 by Fred Reed

"The United States seems to be contemplating war with Russia, Iran, China, or all three Washington pushes NATO ever closer to Russia, leaves the nuclear-missile treaty and tries to destroy both countries and China economically. Why the push for war?

Simple. Asia is awakening. China (from which I have just returned) grows economically at a scorching paceand all power rests on economic power. China is a large country, America a medium-sized one. Americas roughly two hundred million whites do virtually all of the scientific work on which national power depends. China has a billion increasingly educated Han Chinese, a five-to-one advantage. Chinas stated aim is to united Eurasia among other places in one vast commercial union. Washingtons pugnacity has pushed China, Ira, and Russia together. The chain of nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey all totter between looking east and looking west. If Washington doesnt stop this growth, the American Empire will be marginalized within decades. This doesnt threaten the American public. It threatens the Empire and Israel.

What would a war with Russia look like, even assuming that it didnt go nuclear? A great military thinkerme, actuallyonce said that military stupidity comes in three levels: normally stupid; really really stupid; an...


UK accuses EU of Brexit bias as it refuses to endorse aid spending RSS feed from

Britain has refused to endorse billions of pounds of EU aid spending, accusing the European Commission of discriminating against UK-based organisations over Brexit.

Congos ebola outbreak may be uncontainable, warns CDC chief RSS feed from

Congo's ebola outbreak may become become entrenched, warns the head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Dems Flip 2 GOP seats in Early Returns for House Battle Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON The Democrats flipped their first two Republican-held House seats Tuesday in Florida and Virginia but fell short in a closely watched race in Kentucky as they worked to wrest control of the chamber from the GOP and confront President Donald Trump.

With polls closing across the East, one of the top Democratic recruits, retired Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath, lost her bid to oust to three-term Rep. Andy Barr in the Lexington-area district.In the Miami area, former Clinton administration Cabinet member Donna Shalala defeated television journalist Maria Elvira Salazar in a costly, roller-coaster contest. Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock among the most endangered GOP incumbents, branded Barbara Trumpstock by Democrats lost to Jennifer Wexton, a prosecutor and state legislator. She was among the record number of women running this year.

As Election Day unfolded, Democrats were increasingly confident, predicting they would pick up at least the 23 seats needed for a House majority on the strength of voter enthusiasm, robust fundraising and unusually fresh candidates.

A Democratic majority in the House would break the GOPs monopoly on power in Washington and give the party a check on Trumps agenda. It would also almost certainly bring an onslaught of investigations of his businesses and his administration.

The drumbeat you hear across America is people voting, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said as polls opened. Individual races will be close, she said, but because of the quality of our candidates and emphasis on preserving health care, I feel confident we will win.

Midterm elections are typically difficult for the party in power, and GOP incumbents were on defense in races across the country. More women than ever were running, along with military veterans and minorities, many of them motivated by Trumps rise.

Campaigns unfolded against a backdrop of jarring political imagery, heated rhetoric and angry debates on immigration, health care and the role of Congress in overseeing the president.

To stem Republican losses, Trump sprinted through mostly white regions of the country, interjecting dark and foreboding warnings about what Democratic power would mean for the nation.

The debate was dominated not by the GOPs $1.5 trillion tax cuts but by Trumps dire prediction of invasion from the migrant caravan and what he called the radical agenda of speaker-in-waiting Pelosi.

GOP Whip Steve Scalise said the presidents rallies were building momentum, and with the economy a selling point, he predicted his party would retain a slim majority.

In the end, we hold the House because of the strong economy, the Louisiana Republican told The Associated Press on the eve of Election Day.

Health car...


Hundreds of Birds Dead During 5G Experiment in The Hague, Netherlands Humans Are Free

About a week ago at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely havent heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along.

However, when about 150 more suddenly died bringing the death toll to 297 some started to take notice.

And if you are looking around that park you might have seen what is on the corner of the roof across the street from where they died: a new 5G mast, where they had done a test, in connection with the Dutch railway station, to see how large the range was and whether no harmful equipment would occur on and around the station.

And harm happened, indeed. Immediately afterward, birds fell dead from the trees. And the nearby ducks that were swimming seemed to react very oddly as well; they were simultaneously putting their heads underwater to escape the radiation while others flew away, landing on the street or in the canal.

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A special International Joint Summons Aims to get more answers from Mark Zuckerberg The Fifth Column

World (TFC) For a few weeks earlier this year, the news was abuzz with the story of the large scale data misuse scandal between Facebook, and UK based political consultancy group Cambridge Analytica. You may remember it. Since that time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has tried to dodge any summons by the UK Parliament to answer questions regarding data policies, internal governance practices, and Facebooks agenda for ridding its website of disinformation, or fake news.

In an unprecedented move by the Parliaments of both the UK and Canada an international joint summons was officially given to Facebook last week requesting yet again that Zuckerberg appear and answer questions. Multiple world powers are vying for their opportunity to grill Zuckerberg regarding these topics. They may just get some more answers at the end of this month.



The United States Congress had their opportunity in April of this year. The meeting between Congress and Zuckerberg hinged mostly on the internal leak from whistleblower and former Director of Research at Cambridge Analytica, Christopher Wylie. However, during those hearings, not much was suggested as far as reparations were concerned. It was the well polarized partisan attitude of Capitol Hill that was the key topic for most in attendance. A correspondent from Time magazine sums up the hearings well:


The problem, it seemed, were the senators questioning him. Rarely before has the senescence of this Senate which, with an average age of 63, is the oldest in history been so apparent. Their queries were clumsy, demonstrating limited fluency in the worki...


With the passage of Prop C, San Francisco homeless advocates now have $300 million in new funds Fast Company

After the landslide victory of the Prop C business tax, San Francisco homeless and housing advocates start planning how to make a difference.

San Francisco has 74 billionaires, mostly from tech wealth. But the rest of the citys 99% are clearly happy to see the super-rich put money toward the citys yawning income inequality. A majority of them, about 60% of voters, approved a new ballot initiative, Proposition C, that will funnel up to $300 million annually in new taxes on the citys wealthiest companies to getting San Franciscans off the street and/or keeping them in their homes. Prop C was nothing short of a revolution in how communities view the responsibility of big companies, especially booming tech firms, to care for the cities they both enrich and disrupt.

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(Video) PrayingMedic -- QAnon November 6: The Entire World is Watching Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 6, 2018

Election day coverage of Qanon's posts.


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1709: Phase II Coming Up | The Setup is Perfect Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 6, 2018

The entire plan is going into Phase II, right after the midterm elections everything will change, the push to remove the central bank will go into overdrive and the President will call out the Fed at every decision they make. Job openings tumble, there are still a million more job openings that unemployed workers, if you believe the government stats. The entire housing market is imploding, the cost of owning a home is impossible, with rates moving up and wages going nowhere it is a recipe for disaster.

Published on Nov 6, 2018

We are now a couple of years into common core and it is a complete disaster, the American population were tricked into thinking it was going to help the children, but in reality it has hurt our children. On the darkweb there is a database of 62 million voter information for sale. Italy will cut migrant benefits. Saudi Arabia making deals with Russia and China. SA will is making a deal to purchase the S400 missile system from Russia. Iran shuts down oil tanker tracking after sanctions. The Obama Iran deal is not a deal that is good for the people. Q drops more bread, tells the people to vote, stay strong. Q let's us know they placed someone into the spotlight on purpose, all for the greater good. Nobody noticed something very important about the declas, it has been setup to be the perfect plan.


Syrian Army reportedly seizes new cache of US-Made weapons Signs of the Times

Authorities made the find in villages and towns in the Damascus countryside and Quneitra region in Syria's Golan Heights, areas recently freed from a motley collection of militants and terrorist groups The weapons, ammunition and medical equipment, most of them said to be US and British-made, were found in local villages thanks to cooperation between authorities and local national reconciliation committees in Jibat al-Khashab, Quneitra province and Beit Jin, Rif Dimashq province, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported.


Long Lines, Machine Breakdowns Mar Vote on Election Day Truthdig RSS

ATLANTA Problem signs that arose during weeks of early voting carried into Election Day as some voters across the country faced hours-long lines, malfunctioning voting equipment and unexpectedly closed polling places.

Some of the biggest backups were in Georgia, where the governors race was among the nations most-watched midterm contests and was generating heavy turnout.

One voter in Gwinnett County, Ontaria Woods, waited more than three hours and said she saw about two dozen people who had come to vote leave because of the lines.

Weve been trying to tell them to wait, but people have children, Woods said. People are getting hungry. People are tired.

The good-government group Common Cause blamed high turnout combined with too few voting machines, ballots and workers.

Fulton County elections director Richard Barron acknowledged that some precincts did have lines of voters but said that was due to the length of the ballots and voting machines taken from use because of an ongoing lawsuit.

While voting went on without a hitch in many communities, voters from New York to Arizona faced long lines and malfunctioning equipment.

By Tuesday afternoon, the nonpartisan Election Protection hotline had received about 17,500 calls from voters reporting problems at their polling places. Kristen Clarke, president of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which helps run the hotline, said that number was well ahead of the last midterm election in 2014, when it had received about 10,400 calls by the same time.

Tuesdays election marked the first nationwide voting since Russia targeted state election systems in the 2016 presidential race. Federal, state and local officials have been working to make the nations myriad election systems more secure, and those efforts appeared to pay off.

There were no signs throughout the day that Russia or any other foreign actor had tried to launch cyberattacks against voting systems in any state, federal authorities said. There was also no indication that any systems have been compromised that would prevent voting, change vote counts or disrupt the ability to tally votes, U.S. officials said.

That was little comfort to voters who found themselves waiting in long lines or dealing with malfunctioning voting equipment.

Across New York City, reports of broken ballot scanners surfaced at several polling places. Turnout was so heavy at one packed precinct on Manhattans Upper West Side that the line to scan ballots stretched around a junior high school gym. Poll workers there told voters that two of the roughly half-dozen scanners were malfunctioning and repairs were underway.

Voters arriving at two polling stations discovered that most scanners had broken down, forcing some people to drop their ballots in emergency ballot boxes or vote using affidavit ballots.



Sign the statement! RSPO: 14 years failing to eliminate violence and destruction from the industrial palm oil sector RSS feed from

31 Oct 2018 | WRMWe invite organizations to sign on and support the statement, which denounces that the RSPO, since it was created 14 years ago, has been a tool that served the corporate interests of the oil palm sector.


Why The Woman You Love Should Want You, Not Need You WorldTruth.Tv

There are some people in this world who find people in need of saving, attractive. I understand the concept very well, as it was this idea that initially turned my world upside down. Theres just something attractive about a woman who needs saving who we believe needs saving. It makes us feel needed. It gives us a []


Bernie Sanders of Vermont re-elected to Senate CLG News

Bernie Sanders of Vermont re-elected to Senate | 06 Nov 2018 | Vermont's Bernie Sanders has cruised to re-election for his third term in the Senate, easily outpacing eight candidates. Sanders, the independent who has long been one of the states most popular politicians, spent little time campaigning ahead of Tuesday's election.


How a Hurricane-Hit Florida County Shored Up Its Voting System Truthdig RSS

All of Americas political convulsions and contradictions are present in 2018s midtermsincluding attacks on voting itself.

In the last 48 hours, President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions reissued threats to crack down on illegal voting by non-citizens, which rarely occurs. That followed the GOPs most controversial gubernatorial candidate, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, accusing his states Democratic Party of hacking into voter rollswhich they ridiculedand then tweeting that armed blacks were supporting his opponent.

Across the aisle, Democrats and voting advocates have criticized these tactics and publicized other barriers, fighting the worst in court and trying to help individuals in affected states get a ballot. Meanwhile, as Tuesday unfolds, the press is detailing problems in key states like Georgia, creating lines to vote lasting hours.

These gyrations are part of a larger canvas where both sides see cataclysmic scenarios, as Lawrence Jacobs, a University of Minnesota political scientist, put it to USA Today. In most of America, however, voting has not collapsed. High participation rates, as seen by the percentages of people voting early, continued on Tuesday.

And in one slice of the country where the sky did fall, the economy was wrecked and daily life has become truly nightmarishin Floridas hurricane-devastated region around Panama Cityelection officials are not just up and running, and handling record turnout; they are operating one of the countrys most transparent and secure voting systems. In contrast to much of America, they can ensure every ballot will be counted in a manner with virtually no possibility outsiders can hack the results.

We know we can get a voter checked in in one minute or less, a ballot printed in less than 30 or 40 seconds, and theyre off in the voting booth, said Mark Andersen, Bay County Supervisor of Elections, describing the start of a meticulous process that hes staging in a half-dozen mega voting sites, all buildings where power was restored.

Andersen was talking in his office inside Bay Countys government center, a sturdy tan brick building next t...


Texas judge orders some polling locations to stay open due to long lines CLG News

Texas judge orders some polling locations to stay open due to long lines | 06 Nov 2018 | A judge in Harris County, Texas, ordered nine polling locations to stay open an extra hour to accommodate long lines. The locations will have to stay open until 8 p.m. local time, according to the court order. Voters in Texas are heading to the polls to cast ballots that will decide, among other things, whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R) will serve another six-year term in the Senate. He faces a tight race with Democratic challenger Rep. Beto O'Rourke.


The blacklist: Targets of new US sanctions against Iran Signs of the Times

The US has re-imposed all of the sanctions against Iran that had been suspended under the 2015 nuclear deal. From airlines to oil firms, the list of companies and people targeted is exhaustive. The sanctions, applied on Monday, reimpose financial penalties lifted under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which promised Iran some sanctions relief in exchange for a halt to its nuclear weapons program. President Trump withdrew from the deal in May, and has since reimposed sanctions in 19 rounds. Described by Trump as the "strongest sanctions our country has ever issued," Monday's penalties target the Islamic Republic's banking, energy and transport sectors, and according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, aim to "fundamentally alter the behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran's leadership."


Kemp's voter card said 'invalid' when he tried to vote CLG News

Kemp's voter card said 'invalid' when he tried to vote | 06 Nov 2018 | Georgia Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp (R) received a voter card that said "invalid" when he tried to use it to vote on Election Day. Kemp went to his home polling place in Winterville, Ga. on Tuesday afternoon, and had to go back and get another card after unsuccessfully trying to vote, according to Georgia's Channel 2 Action News. Kemp is not the only Georgia voter to face issues casting their ballot. Many voters reported long wait times and malfunctioning voting machines. One polling site mistakenly installed only three voting machines.


Can these 35-ton bricks solve renewable energys biggest problem? Fast Company

These giant towers use a very low-tech solution to store energy created when the sun shines or the wind blows so it can be used later.

Its already cheaper to build a new solar or wind farm than a coal plant. But when the sun isnt shining and the wind isnt blowing, renewable electricity can still be fairly expensive to storeeven though the cost of batteries is dropping. If the world shifted to 100% renewable electricity right now, we might pay more on electric bills.

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Something Strange And Unexpected Recently Happened During An Experiment At CERN Awareness Act

Scientists at the CERN lab have recently had something quite interesting happen. While they have uncovered some pretty amazing things throughout the years, this has never happened before.

They have noticed through experiments at the Large Hadron Collider that a new particle has popped up. This new particle has popped into existence and been detected by the machines Compact Muon Solenoid detector. This ghost particle could have a mass twice of the mass of a carbon atom.

A theorist who worked on the CMS team at CERN told the Guardian as follows:

Id say theorists are excited and experimentalists are very skeptical,

As a physicist, I must be very critical, but as the author of this analysis I must have some optimism too.

Basically, because of the possible existence of this ghost particle, it brings forth hope of realities in which that particle are included. The existence of this particle literally defies theories of reality as we know it. Researchers are set to gather and discuss the particle very soon and through such more will be known.

For those who do not know the Large Hadron Collider works by smashing subatomic protons together at almost the speed of light. Particles created within this machine are very unstable and decay almost immediately. The whole concept in itself is far more than most can fathom.

This is not the first time something strange has been found within the LHC and most definitely will not be the last. As a matter of fact, back in March, a skyrimon particle was uncovered and it has literal lightning-like properties. What do you think about the potential of this particle being existing? I for one cannot wait to see what is uncovered in regards as time passes.

(Image Via: Pixabay)


This Powerful Video Will Leave You Questioning Reality And Who You Truly Are (Video) Awareness Act

One of the greatest struggles that many will face in this life is the ability to understand the balance between science and spirituality, as well as the possibility of how the two may actually intersect. When it comes down to it, are the two really as different as we often choose to view them?

In 2011, Jeff Lieberman, an MIT-trained artist, scientist and engineer took to the stage as part of TEDxCambridge, where he challenged all in attendance to put aside their personal biases and preconceived notions, opening their mind to the possibility that there may be more to this world than that which they were previously made aware of. That life may not be as cut and dry, black and white, right and wrong as we would like to accept. Instead, our role within the Universe may be far more complex.

Rather than viewing the topics of art, science, creativity, spirituality, and human consciousness as separate, distinct views of the world, he instead introduces the idea that these ideas can all be brought together, connected.

All of us are energy. A human being is a very complex pattern of energy. I stand here as a 33-year-old basically motionless, but when you look at any single part of me, Im moving the speed of light, and Im the age of the universe. So, the question for me is: I know this conceptually, why dont we feel it? Why do we walk around, and we are so sure that we are a human being all the time, and we never feel like we are energy? Because it sounds awesome. I think the reason that we dont notice it is because we are so distracted by the human levels of our experience that we fail to notice what is always sitting beneath, Lieberman questions. Its a whole new way of looking at the world around us.

He goes on to introduce a number of experiments, each designed to open your mind to new perspectives of the world around us. Is it possible that everything we once believed to be true is actually nothing more than illusion, a surface level view of a much bigger concept?

If youre prepared to question all that you know to be true in life, check out Jeff Liebermans life-changing Ted Talk here:

Featured Image Via David Ho


Fox News was first to call the Democratic House flip, but basically nobody believed it Fast Company

In retrospect, maybe a little skepticism isnt a bad thing. 

What a strange election this has been. Earlier tonight, Fox News made the call that the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives, a hugely consequential development that means new checks and balances on President Trumps power. But among plenty of Twitter users, there was a strange reaction to this momentous report from the most-watched cable news network in the country: Many people didnt believe it.

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Midterms 2018: Voters face malfunctioning machines and long lines at polls across country on Election Day CLG News

Midterms 2018: Voters face malfunctioning machines and long lines at polls across country on Election Day | 06 Nov 2018 | Malfunctioning machines, voter confusion and locked polling sites were among the problems punctuating Election Day as millions of Americans prepared to cast ballots Tuesday in a midterm election fueling an outpouring of enthusiasm -- and frustratingly long lines. Long waits, jammed machines and other voting glitches were reported across the country: Humidity was causing issues in North Carolina and Alabama, where ballot tabulators couldn't read ballots...


New Research Shows That There Are Actually Three Types of Depression Awareness Act

It is estimated that approximately 6.7% of all American adults will experience at least one major depressive episode in the last year, clearly demonstrating just how prevalent this highly misunderstood disorder is in todays society. Researchers and mental health professionals continue to study this disorder in the effort to better understand it.

The term depression better known by mental health professionals as Major Depressive Disorder or Clinical Depression is one that encompasses a wide variety of signs and symptoms including persistent sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in the things that once brought joy and happiness to ones life. While this may sound, at first glance, like nothing more than a minor inconvenience, depression can lead to serious repercussions including, in the most severe cases, a risk of suicide.

The biggest struggle that those facing a life with depression today struggle with is the lack of information and understanding of what living with this disorder actually entails. As a result, there is a highly negative stigma that exists in our society today, painting those who are living with major depressive disorder as weak. In fact, many experts in the field believe that this stigma is the biggest barrier preventing those who are struggling from seeking professional assistance.

The only way to break this stigma is to open our minds and our hearts to better understanding the reality of life with depression, its potential causes and the availability of treatment. Discussion of living with the disorder needs to be normalized, rather than judged, much in the way we can discuss physical ailments like cancer or heart disease.

In an effort to better understand the cause of this disorder, a team of researchers out of the Neural Computational Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology compiled as much data as they were able to obtain relating to the major depressive disorder and began to analyze the experience of those living with the disorder in search of patterns that may have been previously overlooked. This data included a series of MRI scans revealing 78 brain regions from a total of 67 patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder and 67 healthy control subjects.

In analyzing information, the team identified 3 distinct subtypes of depression those who experienced childhood trauma, those who showed no increased connectivity among regions of the brain, and those who have not experienced chil...


Here are the historic wins and exciting firsts of the midterm elections Fast Company

First Muslim women, first Native-American women, first Somali-American and more

The roller-coaster ride of the 2018 midterm elections is still underway, but the night has already produced some impressive results. Thanks to a record number of women running for office, the U.S. hit a few important milestones as we all continue to strive to create a government that truly represents we the people.

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The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Burke, Virginia, USA. Thanks for stopping by!


Novembers New Moon In Scorpio Will Finally Give You The Chance To Birth A New Life Awareness Act

The new moon is almost here and it is going to be a new moon that brings us all to a place of healing. We will finally be ready to let go and make up for the things we should have made up for long ago.

If you have been holding grudges or struggling to really find the words to say to someone you hurt, now will be the time to really get things in order. On November 7th the new moon is going to show us exactly how to forgive and be forgiven.

This new moon will be in Scorpio and because of that, we will all be highlighting areas of our lives in which we need to do some making up. During this time you need to allow the energies before you to really put you where you need to be. You will be questioning everything youve ever done and really getting to the root of all of the mistakes you have made. While normally dwelling on the past is a bad thing, in this case, it will set the mood for the future.

Letting go and apologizing for all the wrongs you have done will really allow your emotions to finally clear out and leave you with a proper leg to stand on. This new moon is going to bring a new beginning that you have needed and it will really set the mood for the rest of the month.

Some of the aspects of this new moon are as follows according to Astrology King:

Venus trine Mars increases your desire for social contact and enjoyment. It balances your soft loving nature with you raw sexual desire so you can be direct without coming on too strong. You will genuinely be interested in friendship not just for sex but for companionship as well. This is a very good omen for your love life. If dating it increases the odds of meeting your perfect partner.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus creates a state of flux where you can swing between optimism and uncertainty, confidence and anxiety. A growth spurt is possible now in the physical, material and spiritual worlds. Patience, moderation, and research will help you choose the best of the opportunities coming your way. So making changes to your values and morals will improve your self-belief and hope for the future.

Jupiter trine North Node is another good omen for relationships. It makes it more likely that any new person entering your life will be just right for you. Fated events and destiny encounters will guide you in the right direction.

Whether you are looking forward to these things or not they are well on their way. Dont stress too much this is a period of healing. You will be in a much better place once all is said and done.


11 Things You Should Consider Before Falling For a Woman With a Good Heart and an Overthinking Mind Awareness Act

We have all had the opportunity to meet one of these women at one time or another in our lives. Strong, confident and self-aware, they light up a room the second that they enter it, sharing their light and love with everyone around them. However, a relationship with this lady isnt always going to be easy

From the outside looking in, one would assume that building a life with a good-hearted, true, genuine woman would be easy, however, there are many aspects of their lives that we generally overlook. Especially those that also possess an overthinking mind! While she will want the best for you and your relationship, there is no doubting this, these women are often working towards the best not only for themselves and their personal lives but also for the world as a whole. Its a serious responsibility for one to carry around, one that can weigh them down and make things a little challenging from time to time.

This isnt to say that you should run the other way, quite the contrary. These women are attentive, devoted lovers that will move heaven and earth for their partner if necessary. They aim to bring happiness and joy to your lives together and have the potential to build successful and long-lasting relationships. But, are you prepared for what this would entail?

Here are 11 important things that you should consider before falling for a good-hearted woman with an overthinking mind:

#1 She is searching for a genuine yet simple kind of love.

She has no interest in playing games or introducing unnecessary drama into her life. She has a true, genuine heart that simply longs to fall in love with someone that loves her in return. She believes in the concept of romance and true connection and is willing to be vulnerable if she believes that, in doing so, she is opening the door to welcome her one true love into her life. That being said, her vulnerability leaves her open to pain and heartbreak. Handle her heart with care.

#2 Shes an all-or-nothing woman, refusing to settle.

When it comes to her love life, she knows what she deserves, and she refuses to settle for less. She isnt interested in wasting her time with shallow connections, negative energy, or a lack of passion in her life. Instead, shes searching for her prince charming, the man who will sweep her off her feet and genuinely be part of her happily-ever-after. If you arent prepared to truly invest yourself in this, dont waste her time.

#3 She can be a little difficult at times, but shes worth it.

Understand that getting into a relationship this woman isnt always going to be easy. She firmly believes in her beliefs and morals and isnt afraid to...


Explore the Depths of Your Heart With Tomorrows Energetically Powerful New Moon In Scorpio Awareness Act

There has been no shortage of astrological influences in our lives this year. After an incredibly intense summer of planetary retrograde, and a somewhat chaotic and highly emotional fall, we are moving into the month of November with the promise of change. What does the Universe have in store for us?

On November 7th the moon will start a new lunar cycle with the coming of the latest New Moon. The first phases of the lunar calendar, the new moon is often overlooked as we focus all of our attention on the chaos and confusion of the full moon. However, the new moon carries its own unique energy one with the ability to directly impact our lives in a significant way. The new moon is a time of fresh beginnings, the perfect opportunity to refocus our attention on our goals and dreams and set our intentions for the coming weeks.

This coming New Moon is going to occur in the sign of Scorpio, a highly passionate sign that is sure to magnify this energy in a surprising and unexpected way. Professional astrologer Donna Page explains, What we should expect from the Scorpio new moon is the awakening of deep emotions and the ability to see what is going on underneath the surface.

Scorpio doesnt feel the need to play by the rules or get permission for its actions. Instead, its a sign known for following its heart and chasing down its goals and dreams regardless of what challenges it may face. This determination and out of the box thinking will open your eyes and your mind to new opportunities that may not have otherwise crossed your mind. Even more impressive, it may just guide you to find a solution to problems that have long seemed impossible to overcome.

This specific new moon carries a unique influence as it shares the sign of Scorpio with the planet Jupiter for its short time gracing the night sky. Associated with luck, higher learning, and abstract thinking, Jupiter will push your mind to even greater levels. Rather than feeling bound by the rules and limitations of our own realm, it will challenge you to consider the impact of the spiritual realm on our efforts.

If there is a time this year that the impossible is going to appear completely within our reach, this is it. But only if you are willing to shed your own self-doubts and limitations. No one has the power to hold you back if you set your mind on success.

Take some time to sit down and write out your goals and dreams, refusing to hold back. Even if something appears to be a longshot. From here, look through your list and highlight those that you consider to be a top priority. As the new...


Prepare Yourself for the Most Powerful Manifesting Day of the Decade November 11, 2018! Awareness Act

For those that study the science of numerology and the impact that it has on our lives, this coming weekend is an exciting one! Why? We are about to embark upon the most powerful manifesting day of the decade, one that they urge us not to underestimate!

Numerology refers to the idea that numbers carry their own individual energy and traits, and energy that has the unique ability to impact our lives in a very profound way. By understanding the energy associated with each individual number, we can then watch for the ways that these numbers appear in our lives. Examples include specific dates (like your birthdate or anniversary), or addresses (they can influence the energy in a given space). Furthermore, you may notice that a specific number is appearing repeatedly in different areas of your life, indicating that it is actually trying to send you a message.

While every number has the ability to influence our lives, a specific set of numbers, known as master numbers, are seen as the most powerful. Which numbers fall under the label of Master Numbers is up for debate, with some numerologists stating that there are only 3 master numbers: 11, 22, and 33, while others believe that it includes any double-digit number which includes 2 identical digits. The first definition, however, is the most traditional as it relies on more than just the double digits, as the numbers 1, 2 and 3 are uniquely important.

Why is November 11, 2018 so important? Each year is associated with a universal year number, a number that is calculated the numerical calendar year. This number provides us with a unique insight into that year as a whole, by defining the underlying energy that will continue to resonate throughout the year despite any other changes and influences. When we calculate the universal year number for 2018, we find that it is an 11: 2+0+1+8=11. Therefore, November 11, 2018 can be broken down to 11|11|11. This repetition of the master number 11 ensures that this specific day is uniquely powerful.

The master number 11 is associated with spiritual enlightenment, self-discovery, and creativity. Its an energy that helps us to come up with some of lifes greatest and most inspired ideas while getting in touch with our true selves. This self-awareness further adds to our creative expression. When all of these unique influences come together, it is the ideal time for true manifestation of our most passionate goals and dreams. On November 11, 2018, due to the fact that the master number is tripled, this ability to manifest is stronger, faster and more powerful than ever.

If you have been holding back recently on your effor...


Beto ORourke comes close, but Texans go for Ted Cruz again Fast Company

Beto was an inspiring candidate for Democrats and won over 63% of the Latino vote, but ultimately Texas remains red.

The race went back and forth for much of the night, but as the many rural counties began reporting Cruz established the lead.

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"Why You Can Do Anything You Want And Why You Cant" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Why You Can Do Anything You Want
 And Why You Cant"
by Paul Rosenberg

"People frequently tell children You can do anything you want. And this causes a lot of confusion, because in the real world, they cant. And after their first clash with the aforesaid real world, the child is left wondering all sorts of unpleasant things:

Did mom and dad lie to me?
Are they just ignorant?
Am I defective?
Should I find someone to blame?

The worst thing about this, however, is that the child is likely to have their opinion of themselves reduced. And thats tragic. As Ive noted many times, we are magical creatures. Humans, alone in the known universe, are able to create willfully are able to reverse entropy willfullyThe child should think of his and her self as magical because they really are! So, lets make some sense of this problem.

Why You Can: Humans are radically amazing. Sure, weve been long trained to consider each other to be sacks of crap a belief thats essential to rulership but it simply isnt true. ...


Florida just got 1.4 million new voters, thanks in part to John Oliver Fast Company

Its reportedly the largest expansion in voting rights since the Voting Rights Act.

Florida just added 1.4 million potential voters to its rolls by passing Amendment 4, which restored voting rights to people with past felony convictions. While the states voters made it happen, they had a little encouragement from John Oliver, who dedicated a segment of Last Week Tonight to the issue back in September.

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A Badge of Shame: The Governments War on Americas Military Veterans Dissident Voice

For soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, coming home is more lethal than being in combat.

Bren Brown, research professor at the University of Houston, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, September 11, 2012.

Not all heroes wear the uniform of war.

In the United States, however, we take particular pride in recognizing as heroes those who have served in the military.

Yet while we honor our veterans with holidays, parades, discounts at retail stores and restaurants, and endless political rhetoric about their sacrifice and bravery, we do a pitiful job of respecting their freedoms and caring for their needs once out of uniform.

Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 20 million veterans who have served in World War II through the present day, the plight of veterans today is Americas badge of shame, with large numbers of veterans impoverished, unemployed, traumatized mentally and physically, struggling with depression, suicide, and marital stress, homeless, subjected to sub-par treatment at clinics and hospitals, and left to molder while their paperwork piles up within Veterans Administration offices.

Still, the governments efforts to wage war on veterans, especially those who speak out against government wrongdoing, is downright appalling.

Consider: we raise our young people on a steady diet of militarism and war, sell them on the idea that defending freedom abroad by serving in the military is their patriotic duty, then when they return home, bruised and battle-scarred and committed to defending their freedoms at home, we often treat them like criminals merely for having served in the military.

The government even has a name for its war on Americas veterans: Operation Vigilant Eagle.

As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, this Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program tracks military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and characterizes them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.

Coupled with the DHS dual reports on Rightwing and Leftwing Extremism, which broadly define extremists as individuals, militar...


Immigration Crackdown Puts Abused Women in Double Jeopardy Truthdig RSS

For 19 years, Adelina, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, endured abuse from her husband while they lived in a small trailer in East Los Angeles with their two daughters. If she told anyone about the abuse or reported him to the police, her husband threatened her, she would be deported and her children would be taken away.

He was jealous and would beat and rape me, Adelina told me. He said I was a burden because I was not working and bringing in money, but my girls were just 2 and 4 years old. After he would be abusive, he would change and bring me flowers and be sweet and nice to the girls. But then, after a month [he] would go back to the way he was. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe that was love. I dont know. It went on for years.

I wanted to leave, she continued, but I feared I would get caught and be deported, as he constantly told me [I would be]. I felt I was dead as a woman. I felt I was a failure as a mother. I lost all interest in life, but I needed to be there for my children.

It has been 15 years since Adelina left her husband and found help from Next Door Solutions, a Santa Clara County, Calif., agency that helps victims of domestic violence find safety and independence. The agency gave her shelter and supported her through the legal process of leaving her husband.

Adelina reflects on why it took her so long to make a change in her life: I believed [his threats of deportation]. I was afraid of losing my girls.

She says one of her daughters is now living the same abusive life. My daughter is going through t...


Money Well-spent To Find Rats Should Not Use Cell Phones Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich The recent NTP (National Toxicology Program) study confirmed rats exposed to microwave RFR (radiofrequency radiation) emitted by 2G and 3G broadbandnot...


Q Anon -- Nothing will Stop What is Coming Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2442 puts into perspective the huge significance of what is happening today in USA...

Q post number 2442...

'History is being made.
You are the saviors of mankind.
Nothing will stop what is coming.

Check out the Tweet in post number 2443. Isn't he the cutest little boy?? Someone asked to see the stats from that one tweet which was linked in the Q post: 59,687 Impressions....and climbing...

Q is a GLOBAL movement. We Q warriors from around the world are united in our effort to save mankind - as Q says. What an incredible honor to be alive on Earth and part of such an amazing phenomenon!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


You Wont Believe What Happens After Staring At This Girl For 30 Seconds WorldTruth.Tv

Those who are artistically gifted often think nothing of the talents they bring to the table, and they find themselves amazed when others look on with wonderment at the things that come so easy for them. For example, those that can draw and paint portraits can easily translate their thoughts to a canvas, while many []


Catholic Church Ignores Pedophilia, But Bishop Warns Reiki & Energy Healing Are Satanic WorldTruth.Tv

It is wisely said that, you should clean up your own backyard first before you come running over to fix mine. Obviously, this wisdom continues to be lost on the clergy of the Catholic Church. According to this Irish News article, Catholic Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan has said he is establishing a delivery ministry of people who will attempt []


Q Anon -- We Stand Together Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2440 is a stirring call to all Americans on this vital election day...

Check out the amazing Q sun photo in post number 2438. It's as if the heavens are endorsing Q.

President Trump, the Alliance team and Q have worked tirelessly to bring humanity to the threshold of TRUE freedom, peace and prosperity. As soon as the Republicans destroy the cabal via this election, the REAL fun begins...


Global Currency Reset!


First Contact and the Galactic Landings!

We have so much to look forward to in the coming days and weeks. If you knew the full extent, it would make your head spin. Savor this imminent VICTORY - we have worked very hard for it.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)


Paul Craig Roberts: What this election is ultimately about - and its far-reaching implications Signs of the Times

Trump has been so harassed by the Establishment that he is having trouble thinking straight I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Americans. Readers send me emails asking why I ever supported Trump when he was the Establishment's candidate. If Trump was the Establishment's candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him? The failure to put two and two together is extraordinary. Trump declared war on the Establishment throughout the presidential campaign and in his inaugural address. As I wrote at the time, Trump vastly over-estimates the power of the president. He expected the Establishment, like his employees, to jump to his will, and he did not know Washington or who to appoint to support his goals. He has been totally defeated in his intention to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, we are faced with both Russia and China preparing for war. In other words, the same outcome that Hillary would have achieved.


Picture of Bolsanaro's sons wearing pro-IDF & Mossad shirts goes viral Signs of the Times

A photograph of Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro's sons sporting IDF and Mossad t-shirts has gone viral. RT set out to verify the image and find out the story behind it. The photograph, showing Eduardo and Carlos Bolsonaro walking in Israel, is getting attention on social media in the wake of right-wing Bolsonaro's election win. The siblings are pictured donning t-shirts advertising Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, and the Israel Defense Forces.


Pentagon now realizes that 'made in China' has left the US Army desperate for 'made in America' Signs of the Times

In the system of national defense of the US a gaping vulnerability was found that is very difficult to close. The reaction of the Pentagon is reminiscent of badly hidden panic, and journalists who examined the results of the research of American experts, who thoroughly studied the condition of the American army and defensive industry, admit that there is iron logic in the recent "strange" actions of president Trump - he wants to save America from transforming into a cardboard tiger with paper claws. The essence of the problem, according to the retelling of the columnist of the Reuters agency Andy Home, who obtained a copy of the September report of the US Department of Defence on the situation concerning key deliveries necessary for the American army, is reduced to one important figure. More than 300 (!) key elements necessary for the normal functioning of the US Armed Forces and defensive industry are under threat: American producers are either on the verge of bankruptcy or were...


US Senator Cory Booker uses anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh as excuse to dismiss Palestinians' rights Signs of the Times

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker says that the Pittsburgh massacre has led him to support the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. He becomes the first politician to use the killings of 11 Jews to take a racist position against Palestinian rights. His move should be described exactly that way, as a cynical use of real antisemitism as an excuse to dismiss Palestinian rights so as to further his political career. Booker, who is thought to have presidential ambitions, had opposed the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, but last week told Jewish Insider: "We've seen the alarming rise in anti-Semitism in the United States and across the world in recent years manifest itself in many deeply concerning ways, including in the actions of foreign governments targeting Israel and the Israeli people." "I have long and staunchly opposed the BDS movement, and support this bill which will prevent international entities from imposing their will on US businesses with regards to their decisions, consistent with US law, to...


Taylor Swift couldnt stop Marsha Blackburns Senate victory Fast Company

The pop star had said Blackburns voting record terrifies her.

Taylor Swift had said that Senate candidate Marsha Blackburna Republican from the pop stars adopted home state of Tennesseehad a voting record and stance on womens issues that terrified her. She wrote on Instagram that she would like to continue voting for women but cannot support Marsha Blackburn. She called out Blackburn for having voted against equal pay for women and against the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Blackburn, meanwhile, went on Fox to defend herself.

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MSNBC Puts Florida Vote-Count Total Onscreen 24 Hours Early News Punch

MSNBC yesterday briefly put a graphic onscreen that showed vote count totals for the hotly contested Florida gubernatorial race you know, the one being held today. According to MSNBCs onscreen graphic, Democrat Andrew Gillum [...]

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9 Years Into Obamas Common Core Math Scores at 20 Year Low and Falling News Punch

Nine years after Barack Obama forced schools around the country to adopt Common Core, teachers are coming forward with results to prove the controversial teaching method is a failure, and significantly less effective than traditional teaching [...]

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Baltimore Police Kill Harmless Man During Gun Confiscation News Punch

Two police officers serving one of Baltimores new red flag orders to confiscate guns from citizens killed an old man described as harmless after he maintained that police had no right to take his gun, [...]

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Venezuela Continuing Gold Repatriation Efforts Despite British And USG Obsctruction Qntra

Reports are emerging that Venezuela is attempting to repatriate 14 tons of gold from the United Kingdom (archived). The British are obstructing by insisting plans be offered for the gold after it is removed from their custody, though they could be stalling for a lack of actual gold to deliver. Meanwhile new USG sanctions this week target people involved in the gold trade who do business with Venezuela making insurance for the shipment difficult to acquire, but it is not outside the realm of possibility that a Bolivarian Navy warship could ferry  14 tons of cargo across the Atlantic.


Will EU use Israeli drones against refugees? (Mark Akkerman ) Tlaxcala

06/11/2018 - Europes coastal guards are examining whether Israels warplanes would be helpful tools in repressing refugees. In September, the EUs border management agency Frontex announced ...

Choices made: From zionist settler colonialism to decolonization (Jeff Halper) Tlaxcala

06/11/2018 - Over the years tons of ink have been expended on the seemingly interminable issue of the Palestinians and Israel. The wonderful Educational Bookshop in East Jerusalem is filled from floor to ceiling with ...

'Every vote should count': North Dakota ID law threatens Native Americans vote in key Senate race (Oliver Laughland) Tlaxcala

06/11/2018 - On the tribal reservations, Republicans are accused of trying to suppress a potentially decisive bloc who tend to swing Democratic As the blanket of morning fog evaporates over the outskirts of Fort ...


Keith Ellison Caught Fraternizing With Extremist Antifa Leader News Punch

Keith Ellison has been caught on camera hanging out with Luis Enrique Marquez the leader of the violent and extremist Portland Antifa.  As candidate for Attorney General, Ellisons open support for Antifa, which has [...]

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Hollywood Stars Raise Record $60 Million for Israeli Army The Mind Unleashed

Hollywood celebrities raised a record breaking $60 million for the Israeli military at the Friends of the Israel Defence Forces (FIDF) annual gala last week.

This years sold-out Western Region event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel welcomed more than 1,200 supporters of Israel, including prominent actors and singers like Ashton Kutcher, Pharrell Williams, Gerard Butler, and Katharine McPhee.We are thrilled that so many members of our community, including major Hollywood figures, are coming together to help us support the brave men and women of the [Israeli army]. said FIDF National Board Member and Chairman of the event, Haim Saban. Standing behind these heroes is one of my greatest honours in my life.

The event featured a programme that told the 70-year history of Israel through the accounts of soldiers and the militarys various campaigns against the Palestinians.

It also included several contributions from former and current Israeli soldiers.

Last year, FIDF raised $53.8 million at the same event; contributions have been increasing annually for the past three years. In 2015 the gala raised $31 million, half of this years total.

According to a press release by the organisation, the funds raised will be used to provide much-needed and well-deserved services such as academic scholarships to combat veterans, financial assistance for soldiers in need crucial aid for wounded veterans and the families of fallen soldiers, weeks of rest and recuperation for entire IDF units, as well as educational, cultural, and recreational facilities.

Last month, the FIDFs New York event raised $32 million for members of Israels occupation forces, attended by many of the citys most prominent business people and philanthropists.

Among the biggest donors to the gala were Or Lachayal an organisation which works to strengthen the Jewish identity of the Israeli army which pledged $2.5 million and Nefesh BNefesh which promotes Jewish immigration to Israel which pledged $1.3 million.

FIDF has a long history of fundraising for Israels occupation forces; it operates 20 offices across the United States and Panama, according to its own website.

Support for the army from US organisations and the US government has been a cornerstone of Israels ability to continue its ongoing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In October, the largest ever US military aid package to Israel worth $38 billion over...


SOTT FOCUS: Sanctioning The Sanctioners: De-Dollarization & De-Americanization is an Idea Whose Time Has Come Signs of the Times

The imposition of sanctions on Washington by a world whose development is being grievously impeded by its brutal and asphyxiating hegemony is overdue. The world that is invites us at seminal moments to contemplate the world that is not in obeisance to the understanding of history and historical events as the story of the roads not taken. Imagine for a moment if instead of Alexander's Macedonians invading and conquering the vastness of the Persian Empire, it had been the Persian Emperor Darius who'd invaded and conquered Macedonia and the Greek city-states with his elite army of Immortals. What kind of world would have been fashioned as a consequence?

Gregory Mannarino, Election Day Post Market Wrap-Up 11/6/18 Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Gregory Mannarino, Election Day Post Market Wrap-Up 11/6/18


Former Clinton Aides Election Message To Trump: Youre F**ked News Punch

Former Hillary Clinton aide, Philippe Reines, took to Twitter on Monday to tell President Trump: Youre f**ked. Its not you vs Obama. Its not you vs Hillary. Its you and your accidental two years vs [...]

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How Do You Know What Is Truly Aligned With You? Wake Up World

November 7th, 2018 By Stacy Vajta Guest writer for Wake Up World There"s a shift in consciousness happening that"s moving people into their own energetic integrity; living life in alignment with their heart and spirit. How we live, what we choose to do, the relationships we foster, and even the work we do are all being assessed []


9 Years Into Obamas Common Core, Test Scores Slump To 20-Year Low News Punch

It has been nine years since the Obama administration coerced states into adopting Common Core and the results are more dire than anybody expected.  If you set and enforce rigorous and challenging standards and [...]

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Michigans Rashida Tlaib is the first Muslim woman elected to Congress Fast Company

This trailblazer, who was the first Muslim woman to serve in Michigans state legislature, is heading to Washington.

Rashida Tlaib just made history. In a particularly poignant victory, the Democrat just won Michigans 13th District to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.

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Macron Vows To Launch Real European Army News Punch

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to create a real European army to defend the continent against Russia. Speaking to Europe 1 radio, Macron said its time to stop relying on the US for security [...]

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Put This In Your Navel and Get Rid of Cough, Cold, Abdominal and Menstrual Pain WorldTruth.Tv

According to experts, putting a cotton bud soaked in alcohol in your navel is one of the best natural methods for relieving pain. Its a pretty simple procedure which will help you relieve menstrual and abdominal pain as well as aches caused by colds and the flu. Soak a cotton pad in 50% (or stronger) []


Delta Forces Passenger To Sit In Feces For Entire Flight News Punch

A Delta Airlines passenger was forced to sit in feces for the entirety of his two-hour flight after sadistic airline staff refused to clean the poop-stained seat. Frequent flyer Matthew Meehan was told by cabin [...]

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Heres how to track all the victories by female candidates in the midterm elections Fast Company

Jennifer Wexton, Donna Shalalawho else is headed to Washington?

A record number of women are running for office this year, ready to roll up their sleeves, and make a change in the country and hopefully usher in a pink waveand maybe a sea change in Congress. As the so-called Year of the Woman rolls on, if you want to track the victories, Rutgers University has you covered: Theyve set up a helpful website that tracks the races in which women are competing across the country from sea to shining sea (a.k.a. Alaska to Florida).  Well be refreshing it all night waiting to see if a pink wave is headed towards Washingtonand to see if we win our Fantasy Congressional League.

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Selling Illusions and the Dark Side of Politics Waking Times

Julian Wash, Contributor
Waking Times

Today I would like to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can be persuaded into believing in something that isnt real. The magician with his iconic hat and cloak is far from being the master of such illusions. This dubious distinction belongs to the politician. Behind their towering podium, they extol virtues of a utopian world while deceptively masking true intent.

And there is magic in their words. We want to believe in our elected that they will indeed serve us in a dignified, judicious way and their campaign promises will come to fruition. But the role of the politician is duplicitous at best. Those who seek higher office often answer to a much lower calling. Motivated by the prospect of ill-gotten gains, some wont hesitate to arrange lucrative deals and secure favors with guarantees that will stay in place long after leaving office. This lure can prove especially intoxicating to the high-functioning psychopath who would sell their country short in a heartbeat for the right price and a cursory nod in history books. They seem to always have a trick up their sleeve and an Ace of Spades hidden in their shoe.

In the following paragraphs Ill briefly touch on what arguably could be the most impressive of all tricks. It is an illusion of grand scale. Its a maniacal construct so perverse, so malevolent, that it often defies comprehension. And thats exactly why it works. This deception is known as false flag provocation. Its an effective instrument for ushering in a flood of new laws along with sweeping changes to existing rules and policies.

There are many of us who are beginning to see the fishing line and puppet strings that rulers use to control our world. Some would call us tinfoil hat conspiracy nuts. That doesnt get us in much of a fluster these days. In fact, there are some of us who covet the distinction. Truth is our light and we make no apology for it. And the truth is out there. Not only CAN we handle the truth now more than ever we must seek it!

Sorry, False Flags are a Fact

As difficult as it is to...


Millions in Yemen are starving and UK, US & France are 'behind this' - Oxfam representative to RT Signs of the Times

Reuters / Khaled Abdullah FILE PHOTO A man receives food ration from a charity food distribution in Sanaa, Yemen The US, UK, and French governments are behind millions of people starving in Yemen because they are "supporting this war," an Oxfam representative told RT, urging London to stop beefing up Saudi Arabia's military. "We have 14 million people starving," Richard Stanforth, Oxfam UK's regional policy officer for the Middle East, said. "British, French, American governments are all behind this, they are all supporting this war." Stanforth blamed the British government in particular, saying that London should stop its arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which is accused of targeting food supplies and even no-strike locations in Yemen. "We've seen attacks on water infrastructure, on hospitals, warehouses of food. This pattern is continuing. Certainly, it's the airstrikes that are killing most civilians," he said. Stanforth says Riyadh's bombing is not sparing humanitarian sites...


Crazy Stupid Courage The Psychology of Grit Waking Times

Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

I love the fall of those brave enough to fail for the right reasons. Fuck the easy glory of mere excellence. The only legacy I will accept is to know that however far I got it was as far as I was capable of going. I want to drown in my own sweat knowing there was nothing left. ~Jared Singer & Anthony Ragle

Ask yourself: would you rather be considered courageous and stupid or cowardly and smart?

Sure, the ideal is courageous and smart, but that is rarely an option if youre wanting to be courageous. Why is it rarely an option? Because doing the smart thing is usually safe and rarely courageous. Because to be considered courageous there needs to be some level of sacrifice involved. Because courage is usually predicated upon doing something where you are afraid, you are outnumbered, you are overwhelmed by the odds, or you are in some kind of danger.

Personally, Id rather be considered courageous and stupid than be a coward sitting up in an ivory tower in my vain smartness judging through insecure hindsight bias. Because theres a fine line between courage and stupidity, but it usually depends on the resulting social perception of the situation.

Think about it: imagine you are in a great battle defending your homeland from violent invaders. Everyone is afraid to confront the enemy, so you decide to courageously jump up and yell, Today is a good day to die! and you charge into the fray. If you win the day, you are considered courageous. But if you get shot right away, you are considered stupid.

In the result where you win the day you are considered a hero and people will commend you for your courage. But in the result where you got shot right out of the gate people (usually smart cowards) will say things like: He should have waited for a better time, or What an idiot. He got shot because he didnt wait for the order to charge, or There are rules of engagement and he didnt follow them, so he got shot.

But, heres the thing: neither result changes the fact that what you did...


Facebook blocks 115 accounts after alert from U.S. authorities Signs of the Times

Facebook says it has blocked 115 user accounts after U.S. authorities alerted the social network to suspicious activity that may be linked to a foreign country. The company's move, announced in a blog post late on November 5, came hours after U.S. law enforcement agencies warned that, as U.S. voters go to the polls on November 6, they should be wary of attempts by Russia, Iran, and other countries to spread fake news on social media. "At this time we have no indication of compromise of our nation's election infrastructure that would prevent voting, change vote counts, or disrupt the ability to tally votes," said a joint statement by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen; Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Comment: US elections have been compromised for a very long time, and it wasn't the Russians' doing:SOTT Exclusive: Newsflash! Candidates Should Not Concede Stolen ElectionsRigged and...


Republicans Accused of Using Anti-Semitic Smears in Campaign Ads Truthdig RSS

The killing of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October was a wake-up call for Americans who assumed that anti-Semitism was a remnant of the past.

Many of the responses to the attacks were heartening; Muslims in the U.S. raised $150,000 in only 50 hours for Pittsburghs Jewish community. The #showupforshabbat campaign encouraged Jews and non-Jews alike to attend services or dinner on the first Sabbath after the attacks.

Various Republican candidates campaigns, however, chose a divisive approach, creating ads that feature anti-Semitic stereotypes and tropes just days after the mass killing.

In Juneau, Alaska, there was a mailer from a local Republican group that, as The Washington Post reports, attacked state Senate candidate Jesse Diehl with the image of a man stuffing a fat stack of hundred dollar bills into his suit, trading on stereotypes of linking Jews to money.

In North Carolina, the state GOP created a similar ad with U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., also with a stack of bills. The same scenario played out near Seattle, with Democrat Kim Schrier, and in California, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Identity, race and often racism have been prominent features of the midterm campaigns, but as the Post observes, concerns about anti-Semitism and questions about whether it is being fanned by the flames of conspiracy theories and political fearmongering have come to the fore.

Pamela Nadell, a history professor at American University and the director of its Jewish studies program, told the Post that whats stunning is that these are old images that are very similar to those from other eras and other places, elaborating that I will say I have not seen images like this in 21st-century America before.

The ads in Juneau prompted conversations both inside and out of the small local Jewish community. Scott Kendall, the Alaska governors chief of staff, who is Jewish, said he asked the group behind the ad, the Republican Women of Juneau, to apologize and put out a statement condemning anti-Semitism, which it has yet to do. It also didnt respond to the Posts requests for comment.

In North Carolina, Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the states Republican Party, was defensive when asked about the Schumer ad, telling the Post, The question itself, not the mailer, is a racist anti-Semitic smear. He also told the Post that the question about the ad was the single dumbest and mo...


SOTT FOCUS: Liberals Are Betting More of The Same to Win US Midterm Elections Signs of the Times

The 2018 US midterm elections are shaping up to be not just a rematch of the 2016 presidential race but a rerun, as Democrats and the media seem determined to repeat the same mistakes that produced the presidency of Donald Trump. Just look at the headlines, the polls, and the talking heads on television. Doesn't this remind you of 2016? Once again, celebrities and late-night show hosts are beseeching their fans to vote, while newspapers pen fawning pieces about Democrats "making history," the inevitability of the "Blue Wave," and the racist, racist, RACIST nature of every Republican ever, especially Trump. The only thing that has changed is that most media outlets - which had overwhelmingly endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 - don't even bother hiding their preferences. Everything is out in the open now, stripped of all pretense and posturing. Ironically, that is one of the effects of the Trump presidency.


DJ Moby Vows He Will Flee To Canada If Trump Is Re-Elected News Punch

DJ Moby says he will leave the United States and flee to Canada if the Democrats fail to take the House after the midterms and Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020. The Electronic music DJ and [...]

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Deja vu? Was the New Yorker just inspired by an old soviet cartoon on US elections? Signs of the Times

A new cartoon published by the New Yorker depicting voter suppression in the US has drawn comparisons with an old Soviet propaganda poster about electoral fraud and disenfranchisement in 1950s America. The New Yorker cartoon published on Monday showing a whole series of obstacles in the way of American voters; a barbed wire fence, rings of fire, a crocodile - and finally, President Donald Trump arranging traffic cones in front of a ballot box at the end of the obstacle course.


Your Gut is Your Second Brain Waking Times

Dr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

Your gastrointestinal tract is now considered one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on earth, and its influence is such that its frequently referred to as your second brain.

Nearly 100 trillion bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms compose your gut microbiome, and advancing science has made it quite clear that these organisms play a major role in your health, both mental and physical. Your body is in fact composed of more bacteria and other microorganisms than actual cells, and you have more bacterial DNA than human DNA.

In the interview above, originally aired in 2015, Dr. David Perlmutter discusses the importance of gut health, the connections between your gut and brain, and the role your gut plays in your health, and in the development of autoimmune diseases and neurological disorders.

Mental Health Is Rooted in Gut Health

Indeed, the connection between your gut and mental health appears to be so strong that some have proposed probiotics may one day take the place of antidepressant drugs.

According to an article published in the June 2013 issue of Biological Psychiatry,1 the authors suggest that even severe and chronic mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder, might be eliminated through the use of certain probiotics.

Two strains shown to have a calming influence, in part by dampening stress hormones, are Lactobacillus helveticus and Bifdobacterium longum. Others may have similar effects, although more research is needed to ident...


Farmer accidentally unearths ancient Greek statues and historical graves Signs of the Times

A Greek farmer's discovery of an antique fragment while tilling his field has led to the discovery of four ancient statues from the Archaic era and several historical graves. The country's Culture Ministry says they were alerted to the stunning discovery by a farmer who stumbled upon the torso of an ancient kouros - the Greek name given to free-standing sculptures of nude young men. Archeologists have been excavating the site near the central Greek town of Atalanti, about 150 kilometers (94 miles) northwest of Athens, since mid-October. The Archaic era spanned from about the eighth century BC to the fifth.


Market Talk- November 6, 2018 Armstrong Economics

Asia closed mixed but did see some corrections from Mondays almost extreme moves. In Japan the Nikkei opened around 1% better and gradually managed to build upon those gains. Although closing up 1.15% led by pharmaceuticals, industrials and commodity companies we should still see things from the point of view in that, they many are bouncing from their YTD lows. The Hang Seng spent all morning in the red but managed to rally in the final couple of hours, to close up +0.7%. The Shanghai index traded heavy all day, but it too managed a bounce towards the close but remained and closed in negative territory. With the renewed bounce in commodity prices, we have seen the A$ and the ASX bounce +1% and +0.85% the past few days. The SENSEX could not maintain its early lead but did manage a positive close. However, the talk was that a close below the psychological 35k level remains a negative slant on the index.

Europe was quiet ahead of US elections and with probably only a neutral bias. The DAX did its best to attempt an unchanged or even positive close, but the best that could be achieved was a -0.1% negative result. The CAC lost -0.5% even as Emanuel Macron fights for recognition within the EUI community. Economic data remains poor and even todays October ISM (equivalent) saw growth slow to a two year low. Most of todays headlines centred on Italy and the impending budget mostly in the hope that they will change their minds and alter the amount requested. In the UK the speculation was that the government may well round with the government and accept the EU offered proposal! Both the Euro and GBP did well against USD today so any light relief against either is a positive move for sure.

Too early to hear anything on midterms, but we did manage to maintain its advance until the close. Early reports were that the Democrats had the lead but pretty much as most had expected. We will need to wait until late in the day for any concrete result to be heard and so we will probably be forced to Asian trading for movement. We also have the FED later in the week but no-one is expecting anything until they hike again in December. The positive momentum in stocks, as people vote, is having a negative influence on bonds as ex...


UK 'heading for a no deal' Brexit - DUP Chief Whip puts fear in Remainers' hearts Signs of the Times

REUTERS / Clodagh Kilcoyne The UK will crash out of the EU with a no deal Brexit, the Chief Whip of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) - the Tories' Westminster ally - has warned. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson tweeted, Tuesday, that a UK-EU deal was unlikely, criticising the Irish government and warning them that a no-deal Brexit would mean "serious consequences" for their economy.


Five men arrested for burning a Grenfell Tower effigy as they laughed about the tragedy Signs of the Times

Five men have been arrested, after handing themselves in at a South London police station, over a video showing a Grenfell Tower effigy burning which emerged on social media, leading to public and political outrage. The men, aged 19, 46, 55 and two 49-year-olds, were arrested on the suspicion of a public order offence, which covers intentional "harassment, alarm or distress" caused via the use of "threatening, abusive or insulting" words or signs. Scotland Yard launched an investigation following public and political outcry over the video showing a group of people laughing as they burn an effigy of Grenfell Tower. In total, 72 people died in the blaze at the West London tower block in June last year. Prime Minister Theresa May tweeted that the video was "utterly unacceptable," while Home Secretary Sajid Javid dubbed it "disgusting, shameful, behaviour."


Soros Looking to Make Obscene Profits From Funding European Forced Migration The Crazz Files

Business magnate George Soros
Luke MacGregor, Johan Nilsson / Reuters



The philanthropist George Soros recently published a letter in the Wall Street Journal entitled, Why Im Investing 500 million USD in Migrants. Read More


Aunts Play a Truly Special and Important Role In the Lives of a Child Awareness Act

There is no denying the important role of the family in a childs life, but this extends beyond just their parents. There are a special group of women who, while they may not even have children of their own, have taken on the responsibility of influencing, loving and guiding these children in their life women better known as aunts.

The term aunt was once reserved only for blood relatives, but today the definition is much broader. Any woman that takes on this role, including teachers, friends and even those that we see as a second mother can adopt this term of endearment. In fact, there is a whole niche of marketing today that is geared towards a specific group: PANK refers to Professional Aunt No Kids. Women who voluntarily take on this all too important role.

Here are 12 reasons why aunts are so incredibly important:

#1 They are a constant source of love and affection.

If a niece or nephew is ever feeling down, they know who they can turn to for a little extra love, attention, and support. As an aunt, they are full of love and more than willing to share it, creating a special, unbreakable bond. This connection doesnt disappear over time, instead, it continues to grow stronger as they age. When all else fails, they know that their aunt is always just a phone call or a message away.

#2 They are always there to celebrate.

One of the perks of being an aunt is being around to celebrate the good times without having to necessarily take on the responsibilities associated with parenting. For this reason, when there is time to celebrate you can bet that an aunt is going to be excited to join in! This includes birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more and in many cases, they likely have a great gift in hand too!

#3 They make family functions a little more tolerable.

As a child, there is little as groan-worthy as having to spend time at a family function. Weddings, holidays and reunions are nothing more than a room full of adults asking questions and demanding hugs. However, they can count on their aunt to help them escape for just a little fun or to bring up a good inside joke when they need a laugh.

#4 They offer adult advice without having to talk to share with ones parents.

There are some situations that children and teenagers face that they couldnt imagine sharing with their parents. After all, at that age, its nearly impossible to imagine that mom and dad were once young too. If a young one is in need of a little mature advice or guidance, their aunt is more than willing to listen, and they can...


11 Signs that Indicate You Are Actually an Outgoing Introvert Awareness Act

When people discuss personality types, there are two main labels that come to mind the energetic, outgoing extrovert and the shy, reserved extrovert. However, life isnt always black and white. What about those who fall somewhere in between on the spectrum?

The truth is that many of us dont fit into one end of the spectrum or the other. In between, you will find a variety of different combinations of the two known as ambiverts. These individuals express traits from each of the above personality types. For example, they may enjoy some group social settings (like an extrovert) but find themselves quickly wearing out if the setting gets too large. Over lost in their thoughts overthinking the situation (like an introvert) but then making an effort to act on their plans.

If you fall somewhere in the grey area known as ambivert, know that youre not alone. In fact, if you do then youre part of the majority Ambiverts are all around us!

Are you an outgoing introvert? Watch for these 11 signs:

#1 You place a great deal of importance on the environment you are in.

This is a detail that most extroverts completely overlook, but the environment that you enter into will play a huge role in whether or not you can be comfortable in a social setting. This includes the overall energy of a space, whether its light and welcoming or dark and gloomy, as well as the smallest of details like the smells in the area or the music that may be playing. Why? Even when you are out in a group of people, you are still paying attention to and analyzing every last detail around you.

#2 You arent interested in cultivating shallow friendships.

While others may be happy with surrounding themselves with acquaintances and shallow connections, this holds no appeal for you.  Instead, you want to create deep, meaningful friendships. You understand that this means your social circle may be smaller, but you firmly believe that it is about quality, not quantity.

#3 You spend much of your life lost in your own thoughts.

As much as you may share more than a typical introvert, that doesnt mean that you are free from the ongoing conversation happening in your mind. For every thought you share, a dozen or more others have kept you thinking, overanalyzing every action and opportunity. You often find yourself preoccupied with these thoughts, even spacing out at times and forgetting about what is happening in the world around you.

#4 You need to warm up a little in social situations before you open up.

Those around you may not see it, but you are incredibly comfortable in many social situat...


Indiana mayor's cop son looks on as his coworkers beat a handcuffed suspect Signs of the Times

The mayor of Elkhart, Indiana has admitted that "in hindsight" the officers who were caught on CCTV beating a handcuffed suspect should have been given a harsher punishment by the police chief. Earlier this year, a man was arrested by Elkhart police for felony domestic battery in front of a child as well as battery on a police officer, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and resisting law enforcement. CCTV footage from the police station shows the suspect spitting at officer Cory Newland before he and another cop, Joshua Titus, repeatedly punch the handcuffed man in front of two other officers - including the mayor's son. The man was subsequently wheeled out of the station on a stretcher. Speaking about the January 12, 2018 incident, Mayor Tim Neese told ProPublica that on reflection, Police Chief Ed Windbigler should have been tougher on the cops involved.


Trump Warns Voters Democrats Will Create A Socialist Nightmare If They Win Midterms News Punch

Donald Trump warned voters that a Democratic victory in the 2018 midterm congressional elections will destroy the American economy and make way for a socialist nightmare. The US president told a huge crowd of supporters [...]

The post Trump Warns Voters Democrats Will Create A Socialist Nightmare If They Win Midterms appeared first on News Punch.


Did ancient people really die young? Signs of the Times

You might have seen the cartoon: two cavemen sitting outside their cave knapping stone tools. One says to the other: 'Something's just not right - our air is clean, our water is pure, we all get plenty of exercise, everything we eat is organic and free-range, and yet nobody lives past 30.' This cartoon reflects a very common view of ancient lifespans, but it is based on a myth. People in the past were not all dead by 30. Ancient documents confirm this. In the 24th century BCE, the Egyptian Vizier Ptahhotep wrote verses about the disintegrations of old age. The ancient Greeks classed old age among the divine curses, and their tombstones attest to survival well past 80 years. Ancient artworks and figurines also depict elderly people: stooped, flabby, wrinkled. This is not the only type of evidence, however. Studies on extant traditional people who live far away from modern medicines and markets, such as Tanzania's Hadza or Brazil's Xilixana Yanomami, have demonstrated that the most...


"The Worst Part About Election Day: Somebody Wins" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Worst Part About Election Day: Somebody Wins"
by Bill Bonner

ARDMORE, IRELAND "And so the big day arrives. People look for their registration cards and prepare to cast their votes. Blue? Red? Liberal? Conservative? Its hard not to get caught up in the us-versus-them spirit of it. Like watching a football game, its more fun if you take sides. But the trouble with elections is that one of the candidates wins. And the winner is almost always a bigger jackass than the other guy.

Deep State Policy: It hardly matters who you vote for anyway. Technology, evolving myths, and power relationships shape ideas. People always seem to think what they must think when they must think it. And the Deep State makes policy decisions, no matter what the people think. Bush, Obama, Trump can you think of one thing any of them did to seriously challenge the Deep State? Did they cut the budget? Did they bring the troops home? No? We didnt think so.

And now, another election and another big distraction. No matter who wins, the agenda remains the same: more money, power, and status for the insiders; less for you. That will continue until the whole thing blows sky high. Our guess is that the final blow-up is still a long way off. Because now, with the latest tech innovations, the elite have a new weapon: digital control.



Germany should use UN Security Council role to promote press freedom RSS feed from

CPJ calls on Chancellor Angela Merkel to use Germany's position on the U.N. Security Council to prioritize press freedom and the safety of journalists. The country should extend its legacy of speaking up when journalists are under attack.


RV/Intelligence Alert: "11/11" -- November 6, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - November 6, 2018

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin on 11/11/18. However, media sources are claiming the meeting will be delayed.

There is a significant meaning behind the numbers 11/11 in numerology.

War World I ended on November 11, 1918 (11/11/18).

Sources are claiming that War World III which began on September 11, 2001 (9/11/01) will be ending on November 11, 2018 (11/11/18).

What better day to end the war against the Cabal 100 years after War World I?

November 11 will be the start date of the transition (if sources are correct).

The current fiat financial system is proving to be defunct and obsolete more and more each day.

The announcement of a new quantum financial system (QFS) may be given on 11/11/18.

This would then cause the stock market to collapse which would then trigger the complete changeover to the QFS.

The private currency redemption event (RV) would then begin at this time.




Anna Von Reitz -- Who Owns the Philippines? Operation Disclosure

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who Owns the Philippines?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

We do.

Of course, the people have their own government, like any other Territorial State of the Union, but in point of fact, we bought the Philippine Island land mass from Spain in exactly the same way that we bought the Louisiana Purchase.

And as long as we, The United States of America [Unincorporated] are the lawful government of the Sovereign States and People operating in international jurisdiction, we might as well also inform the world-at-large that we own virtually all the Territorial and Municipal Governments on Earth, whether they are bankrupt or not --- and we hold them as their Priority Creditor.

As you think about this a little further, you will see that because we own the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations we also own all the C-Corps, S-Corps, Foundations, Cooperatives, Trusts, LLC's, PC's, etc., that have been chartered and registered under these Territorial and Municipal business structures.

We own 185,000 Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations in the U.S. alone.

All of this is ours in the plain and simple sense of commercial ownership of chattel assets, because all of it has been created via the exercise of our abused Delegated Powers, which have now returned to us by Operation of Law.

This does not mean that we want to keep it all or that we wish to exercise any oppressive political control over any other nation. What it does mean is that while the British Territorial United States is bankrupt (to us) and the Roman Municipal UNITED STATES is bankrupt (to us), The United States of America [Unincorporated] is not bankrupt.

Instead, virtually all...


America Is Staring Autocracy in the Face Truthdig RSS

Who could forget that moment?  The blue [red] wave long promised but also doubted had, however modestly [however massively], hit Washington and [the Democrats had just retaken Congress] [the Republicans had held Congress] [the Democrats had taken the House].  The media, Fox News and the usual right-wing websites aside, hailed the moment. [Fox News and the usual right-wing websites cheered the president on.] Donald Trumps grip on America had finally been broken [reinforced].  Celebrations were widespread.  Congressional investigations, possibly even impeachment, were only months and a new Congress away [were now a faint memory], and it was then, of course, that the unexpected struck.  It was then that President Trump, citing national security concerns and a crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, began the process whose end point we, of course, already know

Okay, consider that the dystopian me speaking.  We dont, of course, really know how our story yet ends, not faintly.  While I was writing this piece, I didnt even know how Tuesdays vote would turn out, though by the time you read it, you may.  Given the experience of election 2016, it would take a brave [foolish] soul to make a prediction this time around.

I certainly learned a lesson that November.  During the previous months of campaigning that election season, I never wrote a piece at TomDispatch that didnt leave open the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidency.  In the couple of weeks before that fateful November day, however, I got hooked on the polling results and on Nate Silvers FiveThirtyEight website and became convinced that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.

Of course, I was in good company.  As Michael Wolff would later report in his bestselling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, on election eve, few in the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself, expected to win.  Most of them, again including The Donald, were already trying to parlay what they assumed was an assured loss into their next jobs or activities, including in the candidates case a possible Trump network.


So when, sometime after midnight, reality finally began to sink in fittingly enough, I had a 103-degree fever and was considering heading for an emergency room I was as disbelieving as the president-to-be. (He had, Wolff tells us, ...


The Case for a Democratic Socialist Caucus In the U.S. Congress RSS feed from

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's primary victory in June took the Democratic Party and media establishment by surprise. Running in New York's fourteenth congressional district, she handily defeated one of the party's most entrenched politicians and quickly became a national figure. But the question suddenly became, What now? There's every reason to believe that Ocasio-Cortez's success in NY-14 can be replicated. Previously powerful Democratic machines are sputtering. Voters are staying [...]


Amid US reinforced Saudi-led bombing, Pompeo pins responsibility for Yemeni starvation on Iran Signs of the Times

Saudi Arabia may be maintaining a blockade of Yemen and facing repeated accusations of indiscriminate bombing of civilian sites, but US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says starvation in the country is Iran's fault. Yemen has been in turmoil for years and the Saudi-led coalition was involved over three years ago. The alliance sent its troops and warplanes to put an ousted president back into power, after he fled under pressure from the Houthi rebels, a group that the Saudi sees as a proxy force of its archenemy Iran. As part of its campaign, the Saudi-led troops imposed a blockade of the country, stifling the supply of food, fuel, medicine and other essentials. Activists claimed its warplanes have also bombed civilian infrastructure like water treatment facilities, hospitals and markets. The result is what some observers openly call a man-made humanitarian disaster, with millions of Yemenis estimated by the UN to be on the brink of starvation, and dozens dying each day from...


Israel's $72M war chest comes to Brussels to fight BDS Signs of the Times

In its ongoing battle against the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign Israel is pushing for European political parties to declare the movement "fundamentally anti-Semitic". The latest drive saw Israel's Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Ze'ev Elkin, attending a conference in Brussels backed by the Israeli government which proposed a text for prospective MEPs and political parties to sign up to before European elections in May next year. The text, the Guardian reported, urges European parties to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's (IHRA) "working definition of anti-Semitism" and exclude from government any politicians or parties that breach it. Most controversially, one of the red lines - based on a resolution adopted by Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union in Germany in 2016 - calls on "all political parties to pass a binding resolution rejecting BDS activities as fundamentally anti-Semitic".


Macron: A 'real European army' needed to combat Russian threat, end reliance on US - Experts disagree Signs of the Times

French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a "real European army" to better defend the continent against Russia. He also said Europe, which mainly depends on the US for security, won't rely solely on its overseas ally. In a lengthy interview to Europe 1 radio, the French president once again revived his ambitious plans for a combined EU military force. "We won't protect Europeans if we don't decide to have a real European army. Russia... is near our borders and has shown it could be threatening." Macron wants the EU military to be independent from its key partner on the other side of the Atlantic. "We must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States," he said, echoing earlier statements.

Macron wants 'a real European army' to combat Russian threat, end reliance on US Signs of the Times

French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a "real European army" to better defend the continent against Russia. He also said Europe, which mainly depends on the US for security, won't rely solely on its overseas ally. In a lengthy interview to Europe 1 radio, the French president once again revived his ambitious plans for a combined EU military force. "We won't protect Europeans if we don't decide to have a real European army. Russia... is near our borders and has shown it could be threatening." Macron wants the EU military to be independent from its key partner on the other side of the Atlantic. "We must have a Europe that can defend itself on its own without relying only on the United States," he said, echoing earlier statements.


Lavrov: Israeli strikes in Syria increase regional tensions Signs of the Times

"Military operations cannot resolve Israeli security concerns but will only help increase regional tensions," Lavrov said in an interview with Spain's El Pais newspaper. The minister added that Israel endangered the life of Russian troops in Syria's Palmyra in 2017 by failing to stick to its own commitments. "Unfortunately, Israel has not always met its obligations, primarily those related to the warnings by the Russian military against military operations in Syria. In some cases, this endangered the life and health of our soldiers in Syria, for example when Israeli planes bombed targets near Palmyra in March 2017," he stressed. Lavrov also said that Moscow regrets that the Western countries rejected the idea of Russian President Vladimir Putin to create an international counter-terrorism coalition under the auspices of the United Nations. "The idea to establish a broad anti-terrorism coalition under the auspices of the United Nations was raised by Russian President Vladimir Putin...


Moneybags Tony Blair claimed 1m in British taxpayers' money over the last decade Signs of the Times

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has claimed more than 1m in public funds since leaving office in 2007, as part of a previous confidential arrangement, it has been revealed. A freedom of information tribunal last month, as first reported by The Sunday Times, revealed that Tony Blair has received 1,077,888 ($1.4m) over the last 10 years. The release of the information also showed former PMs John Major, Gordon Brown and David Cameron all claiming the allowance. All past prime ministers since Major, who established the arrangement in 1991, have been entitled to claim the public duty cost allowance (PDCA) of up to 115,000 a year, to cover costs of ongoing public arrangements when they step down from office.


UK: 'Millions still in poverty' reports UN poverty rapporteur Signs of the Times

A special UN advisor on extreme poverty and human rights is touring the UK to assess the impact of austerity on people living in some of the most deprived areas of the country. UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston's primary goal is to identify examples of social inequalities and systematic neglect, which according to the United Nations, is then used to develop "constructive dialogue with governments, international organizations, civil society and other relevant actors." Since 1998, the UN special rapporteur has travelled to examine extreme poverty in places like Ghana, Yemen, Benin, Sudan, the US, Portugal and Saudi Arabia. The UK will now join these ranks thanks to concerns over its austerity measures. In a statement ahead of Alston's tour, the UN said submissions from charities, academics, and public institutions were "by far" the most they've ever received before a country visit.


Venezuela wants to repatriate its gold from Britain, reduce reliance on the dollar Signs of the Times

The Venezuelan government is looking to repatriate around $550 million in gold bars from the Bank of England due to increasing concerns about looming US sanctions. Caracas is planning to bring 14 tons of gold, held in Britain, back to Venezuela, according to unnamed public officials, as quoted by Reuters. The UK regulator has reportedly sought to clarify what Venezuela plans to do with the gold. The plan on repatriating the gold bars, kept in London, has been reportedly discussed for nearly two months amid increased difficulties in getting insurance for the shipment needed to move a large gold cargo. "They are still trying to find insurance coverage, because the costs are high," the source told the agency. Venezuela's foreign exchange holdings have significantly declined since the already-imposed US penalties banned the country's government from borrowing cash on international markets. A new round of anti-Venezuelan sanctions was introduced by the White House last week. They ban US...


MbS lays foundation for nuclear research reactor, one of 7 projects Signs of the Times

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman laid the foundation stone for seven strategic projects, including a nuclear research reactor, the Saudi SPA news agency reported on Monday. The crown prince also laid the foundation stone for the aircraft manufacturing plant, the publication said. Riyadh seeks to create its own nuclear power plant with two reactors, which will produce from 2 to 3.2 gigawatts of electricity to satisfy the country's demand for electric power. Saudi Arabia, just like any other newcomer in the nuclear industry, sees research reactors as the first step towards the "big" nuclear power industry. Research reactors, in particular, are needed to carry out nuclear medicine projects, to produce of radioisotopes for industry, as well as to train qualified personnel. In February, Russia's Rosatom has submitted an application to participate in a tender for the construction of two NPP units in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh was initially expected to announce results of the tender for...


National Treasure Save America Con Air Election Stream Jay Dyer Live at 4 PM EST

Nic Cage possesses me at will to cover the 2018 election and bring to attention the reality that is the only way to save America decoding the mysteries of Nic Cage and National Treasure (as well as Con Air). This will be a stream for the record books so bring your bunny and Im gonna show you God exists.



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DC Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License to Let Children Play Together The Mind Unleashed

Lets say you and some of your friends decide to gather your young children together a couple of days a week for a few hours of free play. Maybe you switch off who leads the gaggle of kids each week, allowing for some shared free time and flexibility. Sounds like a great arrangement for all, right? Your kids get to play freely with their friends, and you get some occasional free babysitting.

According to government officials in Washington, DC, arrangements like this are violations of the law. They are cracking down on what they call an illegal child development facility operating without a license.

Back in the 1970s, a group of parents got together to create an informal playgroup for toddlers in DC in a spare room of a local church. Over the last 40 years, groups of parents and their two-year-olds have enjoyed these three-hour playgroups, which children can attend up to three days a week. The playgroup is staffed by parents of the kids who attend, and they take turns watching the children. There is no paid staff.

According to a recent Washington Post article written by Karin Lips of the Network of Enlightened Women, Some DC government officials now are trying to regulate the program, which they contend is an illegal child-care facility. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education investigated the playgroup cooperative in early September and issued a statement saying the group is violating child care facility laws and must get a license to operate.

The parents are rightfully outraged, arguing that this is an informal, parent-led playgroup that should not be regulated as a child care facility. Government officials argue that the playgroup doesnt qualify for an exemption as an informal group because the parents, over the years, have established some simple rules for participation, including stating that parents cant bring contagious children to the playgroup and asking for emergency contact information.

As a homeschooling mom, I host groups of children at my house all the time, sometimes with their parents and sometimes without, and my friends reciprocate. I have the same rules as this DC playgroup: Dont bring sick kids to my house, tell me if they have any food allergies or medical issues, give me your phone number in case of emergency, oh, and take off your shoes.

Could the government crack down on these types of playgroups, arguing they are not informal because of basic expectations for health and safety? Or are parents so incapable of voluntarily determining health and safety expectations that the government must do it for them?

The state does not need to insert itself into...


Reader: Regarding SGTReport "This Would Never Happen at a Clinton Rally" Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

As I watched the video when the woman fainted my heart swelled a bit and tears sprung to my eyes listening to the crowd sing amazing Grace. No doubt in my mind that God is still very much in command of the events that we are witnessing. And God is bringing forth his blessing and goodness for all his creation. Amen


White South Africans barred from government employment initiative Signs of the Times

A registration process on a government partnered youth employment initiative has appeared to exclude white South Africans, sparking criticism from the country's trade union. The YES (Youth Employment Service) government jobs website aims at helping unemployed young South Africans who have been jobless for longer than six months. The program is endorsed by the National Development Plan 2030, which intends to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality within the next 12 years. The registration criteria on the site require the applicants to be black, in accordance with the BEE definition (Black Economic Empowerment), between the ages of 18 - 34, and South African citizens.


Nov 6, Primitive Hunting Tools Course RSS feed from

Learn how to build an atlatl, bola, rabbit stick, sling, and quickie survival bow at the Primitive Hunting Tools Course.


French President Wants A True European Army To Defend Against Russia & The US News Punch

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the creation of a true European army so that the EU can defend itself from threats including those from Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Since coming to power [...]

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(Video) PrayingMedic -- QAnon November 4: Don't Let them Divide you Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 4, 2018

After 3 week's absence Q is back with an exhortation to remain united despite the attacks.


(Video) SGTReport -- This Would Never Happen at a Clinton Rally Operation Disclosure

Published on Nov 5, 2018

A woman collapsed at President Trump's rally in Missouri tonight, and shortly after the crowd broke into 'Amazing Grace'. I guarantee you would not see this happen at a Hillary Clinton rally. There are miracles in play here, right now.

God Bless the Patriots, and our President. And thank GOD in Heaven that Hillary Clinton is not in the White House, because it would have been "Hell on Earth".


Thanks to Israel: Nowhere to go, nowhere to live Signs of the Times

With attention focused on the planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar village, other areas of the Jordan Valley have fallen off the radar. Out of sight, however, Israeli consolidation over the Jordan Valley is continuing apace. Last month, the Israeli army demolished several Palestinian structures in the communities of al-Hadidiya and the al-Musafa area east of Jiftlik village. In al-Hadidiya, in the northern Jordan Valley, the bulldozers arrived on the morning of 11 October leaving Omar Arif Bisharat and eight relatives, including five children, homeless. Doles of doves soared over the rubble of his home. He raised his hands, struggling to convey the calamity of what had happened to him. In addition to his home, the army demolished six other structures, including several animal pens. The doves, Bisharat explained, had been raised by his family. Their pen - with baby doves inside it - had been demolished along with the other structures and the birds were now circling their old home....


Pakistan reports card-skimming, but says no mass bank data breach - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Pakistan reports card-skimming, but says no mass bank data breachThomson Reuters FoundationBy Syed Raza Hassan and Asif Shahzad. KARACHI/ISLAMABAD, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Pakistan's central bank rushed on Tuesday to reassure investors and consumers that its banking system had not been hacked after a mass skimming operation hit customers' credit ...and more 


Election Day anxiety is a real thing, and heres why its so much worse in 2018 Fast Company

The midterm elections have been described as the most important election in our lifetime. No pressure.

There was a time when midterm elections were considered off-years, and candidates had a hard time even getting people to the polls. Not this year. The 2018 midterms feel much like a presidential election. And in a way they are: The races are widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump and everything he represents.

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Has America Gone Insane? Truthdig RSS

What does United States of America stand for nowadays if political division is at an all time high? Is it still the land of the free if America has the highest rate of incarceration in the world? Are we still the home of the brave if we refuse to stand up to injustice, because it would compromise our pocketbook? This disconnection from reality is the definition of psychosis. Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, best-selling author, and activist Chris Hedges, has made it his lifes work to highlight this inequity and combat the complacency of the consumerist culture. In a 2010 essay published on Adbusters, Hedges caught the eye of filmmaker Amanda Zackem, when he succinctly spelled out the problems with totalitarian capitalism and corporate power. Those ideas deeply resonated with Zackem and caused her to reach out to Hedges about bringing his essay into the cinematic realm in order to expose them to a larger audience. This weeks Staff Pick Premiere, American Psychosis, is the result of that process and their attempt to make people think more deeply about the world were living in.

We live in an unbalanced, exploitation-based system and thats not morally right or just. The issues of totalitarian capitalism and totalitarian corporate power need to be discussed more openly and honestly in our national dialogue, says Zackem. To be clear, totalitarian capitalism is not sustainable and should not be intertwined with our government. Most people dont realize how their consumer choices negatively impact the world environmentally, socially, culturally, politically, globally. Without going deep into the trenches, the short documentary illuminates many of these issues. However, with its hard-lined perspective, American Psychosis serves as a vital entry point to critically observing, thinking, and acting on the imbalances one sees in society. I learned long ago that you cant change anybody unless they want to change themselves. With this in mind, my intention when making this film was to encourage people to begin to think critically about the world we live in as opposed to just going through our daily motions. Most of us arent even aware of the oppressive, inequitable systems we are a part of, or if we are, we choose not to look, or not to talk about it, because it is uncomfortable. I want people to question the world we live in, the systems weve set up. I want people to self-reflect and take personal responsibility for our current situation. Why do we allow it to continue? What are we afraid of? How can we co-create and help each other live and thrive as individuals and as a community?

The Declaration of Independence says, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Using those words as a rubric, one cant help...


USA Gymnastics Olympic governing status revoked over mishandling of Nassar scandal Signs of the Times

The US Olympic Committee is ousting USA Gymnastics from its representation of the sport at the Olympic level, leaving over 150,000 athletes with no leadership as the body fails to recover from the Nassar molestation scandal. USA Gymnastics has failed to rebuild its organization in the wake of the revelations that team doctor Larry Nassar had abused many of the girls in his care. There is no other organization available to take on the Olympic and elite athletes managed by the group. USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland opted to strip USA Gymnastics of their title just a few days after the US team won nine medals at the World Championships, the first major competition in the runup to 2020's Tokyo Games.


Capitalism Is Killing Patients And Their Physicians Dissident Voice

Photo Greanville Post

Physician burnout, depression, and suicide increasingly invade discussions within the medical field. Depression and suicide are more common among male and female physicians, with suicide rates 1.41 and 2.27 times greater than that of the general male and female populations, respectively. Though, the insults to the mental health of physicians begins much earlier in their career.

While the numbers may vary from study to study, some 28 percent of medical residents experience a major depressive episode during their training compared to 6 to 8 percent of the general population. These numbers are important, not only because suffering physicians are suffering humans in their own right, but also because this epidemic leads to poor patient care.

As a recent study out of the Stanford School of Medicine suggests, burnout and depression in physicians can lead to medical error and death. Many have tried to explain the causes of the epidemic, referencing everything from unmanageable workloads and work inefficiency, to lack of meaning in work and lack of work-life balance. Films are now being produced to shine light on the issue. In her TED talk Why Doctors Kill Themselves, Pamela Wible points to a medical school culture of hazing and bullying that continues into residency, along with a professional culture that hinders physicians from obtaining mental health treatment.

These factors certainly contribute to the epidemic, but when discussing physician suicide, we ignore the elephant in the room: capitalism. We are unable to recognize how the exploitation and alienation of physicians is integrally connected to this dominant economic system, but nothing could be more poignant, given in the state of the world today.

Ironically, the same destructive system that is driving physicians to extremes is also the main driver of the deterioration of health of the patients and populations, requiring patients to see physicians in the first place. The sooner we realize and confront our own exploitation, the sooner we can join in the fight to address the real driver of disease that is plaguing physicians and patients.



EFF Unveils Virtual Reality Tool To Help People Spot Surveillance Devices in Their Communities Activist Post

San FranciscoThe Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched a virtual reality (VR) experience on its website today that teaches people how to spot and understand the...


41 Sublime Solitude Quotes That Will Make You Think TruthTheory

By Mateo Sol via Loner Wolf 

Solitude and Loneliness. They seem very similar on the outside, but the only characteristic both have in common is the state of physical solitude.


Inside, solitude and loneliness are both tremendously different experiences. While solitude is chosen, loneliness is imposed by others.

Solitude is the desire to be in your own presence and enjoy your own company. Loneliness is a wretched feeling of isolation, and that someone or something is missing. The capacity to experience true solitude comes from an inner richness.  It is this inner depth that causes us to focus our entire being towards our passions, or bathe in the tranquility of feeling whole unto ourselves. Loneliness on the other hand, is a coarse sense of deficiency and estrangement from the world.

A great number of people throughout history composed their best works in solitude in fact, they required it. These are some of the unique thoughts they shared from their solitary experiences:

Feel free to tweet or share on Facebook any that speak to you.

All mans miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone. ~ Blaise Pascal

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god. ~ Aristotle, Politics

The best thinking has been done in solitude. ~ Thomas A. Edison



The struggle to visualize climate when most people impose flat Earth conceptions into a three-dimensional atmosphere Signs of the Times

In a recent article, I used an illustration of 1200 km circles around a weather station to illustrate the extent the IPCC considered it represented. A comment about the article asked if I was aware of the map distortion and its effect on the circle of coverage. It was an arcane but important observation. He was pointing to the distortion created by using a Mercator projection map. I am very aware of the distortion. My entire career involved working with maps. This included flying in the Air Force; teaching courses and running labs about maps and map reading; studying climate weather maps; the movement and migration of people driven by climate change; and teaching a course in political geography. I provided major research for a book on the search for the Northwest Passage on the Pacific west coast written by Sam Bawlf titled, "The Secret Voyages of Sir Francis Drake." Dr. John Dee, science advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, gave Drake his sailing and scientific instructions. This...


Diagnostic of the Future : Between the Crisis of Democracy and the Crisis of Capitalism: A Forecast CrimethInc.

In this in-depth analysis, Peter Gelderloos explores the technological and geopolitical changes that movements for liberation will face over the next several decades. How will those who hold power today attempt to weather the economic and political crises ahead? Will artificial intelligence and bioeconomics save capitalism? Whats more dangerousgovernments refusing to address climate change, or the technocratic solutions they will propose? Will we see the rise of fascism, or the regeneration of democracy? If we study the challenges that capitalism and the state will confront, we can prepare to make the most of them to put forward another way of life.

This article is also available as a e-book and as a print-ready zine PDF. Pick the medium that suits you best.

Diagnostic of the Future

Peter Gelderloos

It is no secret that both democracy and capitalism are in crisis. For more than half a century, state planners and their pundits only had to justify democracy as better than (state) communism. For the 1990s and most of the 00s, they didnt have to offer any justification at all. Democracy was the only possibility imaginable, the teleological destiny of all humankind.

Today, that is no longer the case. On the world stage, democratic institutions of interstate cooperation are in shambles, and the emergence of new alliances and new postures suggests that an alternative is beginning to coalesce. At the level of specific nat...


The migrant caravan arrives on Facebook OpenSecrets News

Thousands Of Hondurans In Migrant Caravan Continue March Through Mexico

Members of the Central American migrant caravan on November 02, 2018 in Matias Romero, Mexico. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Shepard Smith, an anchor on the reliably conservative Fox News network, made a prescient observation when he criticized media coverage of the caravan of migrants snaking its way through Central America and Mexico.

The migrants, according to Fox News reporting, are more than two months away Smith said. But tomorrow is one week before the midterm election, which is what all of this is about.

President Donald Trump continues to tweet about the caravan. His surrogates have called it an invasion, and Vice President Mike Pence has directed blame at Venezuela. Trump has even moved to send American troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, despite a Pentagon assessment finding no serious risk associated with the migrants. According to the Washington Post, caravans from Central America have long been the preferred option for prospective immigrants who hope to find safety in numbers and an alternative to paying human smugglers for safe passage.

Whether or not one believes that the caravan is a credible threat to public safety, it is hard to deny that it has been crafted into a handy political tool. Google searches for the phrase migrant caravan were nearly flat until they ...


Voting lines are so ridiculously long that thousands of people had to order pizza Fast Company

The good work of volunteers is making wait times a little more palatable (and delicious) for voters.

In what might be one of the largest midterm election turnouts in U.S. history, reports of frustratingly long voting lines are flooding social media from all around the country, with some would-be voters facing three- and even four-hour wait times. Michael J. Ryan, executive director of New York Citys Board of Elections, told the New York Times that the maddening mob scenes should be taken as a sign of a robust democracy, a comment that did not go over too well on Twitter.

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The government's war on America's military veterans Signs of the Times

"For soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, coming home is more lethal than being in combat." Bren Brown, research professor at the University of Houston Not all heroes wear the uniform of war. In the United States, however, we take particular pride in recognizing as heroes those who have served in the military. Yet while we honor our veterans with holidays, parades, discounts at retail stores and restaurants, and endless political rhetoric about their sacrifice and bravery, we do a pitiful job of respecting their freedoms and caring for their needs once out of uniform. Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 20 million veterans who have served in World War II through the present day, the plight of veterans today is America's badge of shame, with large numbers of veterans impoverished, unemployed, traumatized mentally and physically, struggling with depression, suicide, and marital stress, homeless, subjected to sub-par treatment at clinics and hospitals, and left to...


Ted Cruz is still using a blacklisted Cambridge Analytica app developer Fast Company

A Canadian data firm that is under investigation in multiple countries and suspended by Facebook built and maintained Ted Cruzs campaign apps.

In his re-election campaigns final hours, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is still deploying a smartphone app created by a software team at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

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The 2018 midterms: the women were watching OpenSecrets News

Woman voting booth

A woman casts her vote in Cambridge, Ohio (Justin Merriman/Getty Images)

For the first time in history, Americans could elect more than 100 women to the House come Wednesday. Looking at the 2018 midterm elections today, 238 women are major party candidates on the House ballot 185 Democrats, 53 Republicans and 23 women 15 Democrats, 8 Republicans are running for seats in the Senate. The women this cycle could break another glass ceiling and win more seats than ever before. Here are the women were watching today and the gender trends to which were paying close attention.

There are dozens of competitive races across the country that will determine the gender break-out of the upcoming class of Congress. The Democrats 43 percent of whom are female congressional candidates have run considerably more women these elections than the Republicans. Republican women make up 22 percent of their partys Senate candidates and 13 percent of its House candidates. For these elections, Democratic women have the highest win rate of any group, both generally and among non-incumbents. Notably, there are 32 races this election with women as major party candidates for both their parties tickets another record-breaking first.

Women to Watch: Record-Breaking Firsts

Well likely see the first Indigenous woman be elected to U.S. Congress this year. Both Deb Haaland (D NM-01) a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and Sharice Davids (D KS-03) a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation are favored to win, according to the Cook Political Report.

With no Republicans running against her, Rashida Tlaib (D MI-13) will most likely become the first Muslim-Ame...


"Ignore the Political Games, the Next Crisis Hits in 2019 Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Ignore the Political Games, the Next Crisis Hits in 2019
by Phoenix Capital

"Today voters in the United States will decide which political party controls Congress. From the perspective of the financial markets, it doesnt matter. Regardless of whether Congress is controlled by Democrats or Republicans, the bull market in stocks is OVER. Yes we might get a bit of a rally based on the market digesting tonights results, but THE TOP is in for stocks.

Thats actually the good news... or the less bad news, as it were. The REALLY BAD NEWS is that the US financial system might enter a crisis in 2019. The bond market continues to blow up with yields on the ALL-IMPORTANT 10-Year US Treasury retesting their recent highs. Bear in mind, this is happening at a time when the US is planning a $1.3 TRILLION deficit next year and will be relying HEAVILY on the debt markets to fund this.
By the way, this is a global phenomenon with bond yields breaking out in Germany and Japan as well.


Severe weather could dampen Election Day RSS feed from

Will voter enthusiasm be enough to battle with increasingly terrible weather?


Why some people are unable to admit when they're wrong Signs of the Times

Psychological rigidity is not a sign of strength. We all make mistakes and we do so with regularity. Some errors are small, such as, "No, we don't need to stop at the store; there's plenty of milk left for breakfast". Some bigger, such as, "Don't rush me; we have plenty of time to get to the airport before the flight leaves". And some are crucial, such as, "I know it was raining and dark but I'm sure that was the man I saw breaking into the home across the street." No one enjoys being wrong. It's an unpleasant emotional experience for all of us. The question is how do we respond when it turns out we were wrong when there wasn't enough milk left for coffee, when we hit traffic and missed the flight, or when we find out the man who sat in jail for 5 years based on our identification was innocent all along? Some of us admit we were wrong and say, "Oops, you were right. We should have gotten more milk." Some of us kind of imply we were wrong but we don't do so explicitly or in a way...


Russian MoD says about 20,000 Syrian refugees have left Lebanon for home since beginning of 2018 Signs of the Times

About 20,000 refugees who had fled Syria because of the war and been living in neighboring Lebanon have returned to their homes since the beginning of 2018 via the Jaydet-Yabus checkpoint near Damascus, deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry's Center for Syrian Reconciliation, Maj. Gen. Yevgeny Kharchenko, told reporters. "According to our registration data, since the beginning of 2018, more than 20,000 refugees have returned to their places of residence [via the Jaydet-Yabus checkpoint]," Kharchenko said.


Israeli forces incite tensions as they block off West Bank city Signs of the Times

Israel forces have closed off several areas of the West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) under the pretext of marking an annual religious event, Palestinian media reports say. According to the Palestinian Ma'an News Agency, large numbers of Israeli forces were deployed across the city to seal off various streets on Sunday. Israeli soldiers and snipers also took up positions on rooftops to ease access for Israeli settlers to a religious site in the area. Almost all shops and businesses were forcibly closed in the Bab al-Zawiya area and Beersheba and al-Shuhada streets.


Americas Wars Are Completely Ignored in the Midterm Elections Truthdig RSS

This piece originally appeared on

The United States military is actively fighting in seven Muslim-majority countries; and no one cares. As Americans go to the polls today in a ritual pretense of democracy, they will vote for one of the two major political parties on issues ranging from healthcare to immigration to the basic personality of President Donald Trump. The three mainstream networks from liberal MSNBC to conservative Fox News have reported on little else for the last several months. The whole charade is little more than politics-as-entertainment, like some popular sporting event in which the opposing sides wave the flag for the blue team or the red team.

For weeks now, my television, and yours, has been saturated with political commercials for and against local legislative candidates. Some are attack ads focused on corruption and the supposed left or right-wing extremism of the opposing candidate. Others center on taxes, healthcare, and the ostensible hordes of immigrants approaching the U.S. in a troublesome caravan. But none, I repeat, none, say a thing about American foreign policy, the nations ongoing wars, or the exploding, record defense budget. You see, in 2018, despite being engrossed in the longest war in US history, the citizenry both on Main Street and Wall Street display nothing but apathy on the subject of Americas clearly faltering foreign policy.

The reasons are fairly simple: while the populace reflexively (over) adulates our heroes in uniform, it has been programmed to ignore the actual travails of our troopers. So long as there is no conscription of Americans sons and daughters, and so long as taxes dont rise (we simply put our wars on the national credit card), the people are quite content to allow less than 1% of the population fight the nations failing wars with no questions asked. Both mainstream wings of the Republicans and Democrats like it that way. They practice the politics of distraction and go on tacitly supporting one indecisive intervention after another, all the while basking in the embarrassment of riches bestowed upon them by the corporate military industrial complex. Everyone wins, except, that is, the soldiers doing multiple tours of combat duty, and dare I say the people of the Greater Middle East, who live in an utterly destabilized nightmare of a region.

Why should we be surprised? The de facto leaders of both parties the Chuck Schumers, Joe Bidens, Hillary Clintons and Mitch McC...


Reviewing Germaine Greer's 'On Rape': Lots of opinion, few facts Signs of the Times

A review of On Rape by Germaine Greer. Bloomsbury Publishing (September 2018) 92 pages. Germaine Greer's On Rape is roughly the size and thickness of a Beatrix Potter story. And why not? As it happens, The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck also says a great deal of what young people need to know about the topic: beware of polite, well-dressed gentlemen (especially if they have foxy whiskers and black prick ears); don't go uncritically into dismal summerhouses in the woods; and accepting a dinner invitation does not imply consent to everything the polite gentlemen is looking for. Greer's book is not as incisive as Potter's and it is considerably more expensive. But that is not to say it is a complete waste of money. In some ways it fizzes along with ideas and raises lots of questions that others are frightened to ask. Why are we so afraid of the penis when a fist and a thumb can do more physical damage? Why do some women fantasise about being raped? Are sentences for rapists too long?...


"What This Election Is Really About" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"What This Election Is Really About"
by Paul Craig Roberts

"I never cease to be amazed at the insouciance of Americans. Readers send me emails asking why I ever supported Trump when he was the Establishments candidate. If Trump was the Establishments candidate, why has the Establishment spent two years trying to destroy him? The failure to put two and two together is extraordinary. Trump declared war on the Establishment throughout the presidential campaign and in his inaugural address.

As I wrote at the time, Trump vastly over-estimates the power of the president. He expected the Establishment, like his employees, to jump to his will, and he did not know Washington or who to appoint to support his goals. He has been totally defeated in his intention to normalize relations with Russia. Instead, we are faced with both Russia and China preparing for war. In other words, the same outcome that Hillary would have achieved.

Trump has been so harassed by the Establishment that he is having trouble thinking straight. He was elected by the deplorables as the first non-Establishment candidate since when? You have to go back in history to find one. Perhaps Andrew Jackson. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were not the choice of the Democratic and Republican establishments, and the ruling establishments moved quickly to constrain both presidencies. The Democratic Establishment framed and removed both Carters budget director and chief of staff, depriving Carter of the kind of commitment he needed for his agenda. The Bush people that the Republican Establishment insisted be put in positions of power in the Reagan administration succeeded in blunting his reformist economic program and his determination to end the cold war. I...


Big Oil and Gas Are Spending Tens of Millions to Defeat Environmental Initiatives RSS feed from

To see what's at stake in Tuesday's midterm elections, follow the money. That trail points directly to an oil and gas industry on the defensive this cycle, but hardly vulnerable. Around the country, the industry and its allies are spending tens of millions of dollars to defeat ambitious and potentially far-reaching environmental initiatives, including more []


What does the future hold for Gaza under an unsustainable Israeli blockade? Signs of the Times

Ever since Hamas's victory in the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006, the Gaza Strip has been subject to an Israeli-led blockade. The intensity of this blockade has varied from time to time, but reached its peak over the past few years with the economic sanctions imposed on the enclave by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which have led to reduced liquidity in Gaza. Given the increasing economic pressures on the residents of the besieged territory, they have been forced by circumstances to look at new ways to try to put pressure on Israel to ease or remove the blockade altogether. One such way has been the Great March of Return protests on the nominal border of the Gaza Strip controlled by the Israeli occupation authorities; the first march took place on 30 March.


Netanyahu downplays occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine - 'plenty of countries have done it' Signs of the Times

Earlier, Iran accused the Israeli prime minister of attempting to create a rift among Muslim states and to "cover up its 70-year-long occupation of Palestine" after Netanyahu travelled to Oman for a surprise visit. "Power is the most important [component] of foreign policy. 'Occupation' is baloney. There were huge countries that have occupied and transferred populations and no one talks about them," Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said, speaking to Likud Party lawmakers in a closed door meeting on Monday, The Times of Israel has reported, citing local media. "Power changes everything, and it changes our policies vis--vis Arab states, and there are other countries on the way," Netanyahu was further quoted as saying, in apparent reference to Tel Aviv's improving relations with the Gulf states in spite of traditional tensions over the Palestinian issue. Speaking about negotiations on a peace agreement with the Palestinians, Netanyahu reportedly said that "[c]ontrary to the notion that...


Net Neutrality and Small Cell Towers: How Much Did Politicians Receive From Big Wireless and Big Cable? Activist Post

By B.N. Frank In September, Activist Post published an article about donations from The Telecom Industry (aka Big Wireless) and The Cable Industry (Big Cable):...


Six alleged members of 'ultra-right' arrested for plotting violent attacks against Macron Signs of the Times

Six people, suspected of plotting a "violent action" plan against Emmanuel Macron, have been arrested, French media reported, adding that the men are allegedly members of the ultra-right. The operation was conducted by the General Directorate for Internal Security, a French intelligence service which is charged with counter-espionage and counter-terrorism. The men, allegedly members of the ultra-right, were arrested in three different locations across France on Tuesday. They are suspected of undertaking an "imprecise and loosely-formed" plan for "violent action" against the president, sources close to the investigation told media.


Under the Pakistani volcano (Pepe Escobar ) Tlaxcala

06/11/2018 - While Khan plays on a complex geopolitical chessboard, Chinese aid could be a financial lifeline as Islamabad faces off against deadly religious extremism   Paresh Nath It has been a breathless ...

Narendra Modi buries Indias unipolar predicament (MK Bhadrakumar) Tlaxcala

06/11/2018 - This weekend held out surprises on two counts. One, the spectre of a US-China New Cold War met sudden death as President Trump phoned President Xi Jinping on Thursday to turn the clock back to happier ...


Orphan genes, and the problem they pose for evolution Signs of the Times

Orphan genes - genes that are present in only one species, or a group of closely related species - are of particular interest to advocates of intelligent design. The reason for this has to do with the assumptions of evolutionary biology. The main evolutionary assumption is common descent, that all life is descended from one or a few ancestors. Following from this, and taken as evidence for this, is the assumption that all life shares DNA in common. Prior to the advent of widespread genome sequencing, it was assumed that living things shared genes, that there was a set of shared housekeeping genes, and a set of genes specific to a taxonomic group, though these would be few in number. It was assumed that the vast majority of genes would be found multiple places in the genomes of living things. The reason? It was assumed that getting new genes was hard, and once a workable solution was found it would be preserved in the descendants that followed. The bulk of genes would have been...


Trump offers 'softer tone' after midterm elections - whoever wins Signs of the Times

President Donald Trump said Monday, on the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, that he looked forward to a "softer tone" after Tuesday - regardless of who won. The Sinclair Broadcast Groups's Scott Thurman asked Trump if he had any regrets about his first two years in office. Trump replied: "I would say tone. I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do, and maybe I could have been softer from that standpoint."


New study finds cryptocurrency mining surpasses energy consumption of entire countries Signs of the Times

Extracting a dollar's worth of cryptocurrency requires up to three times more energy than digging up a dollar's worth of gold, according to a new international study. Decentralized cryptocurrencies have been hailed as revolutionary economic disruptors, powered by an unknown number of server farms manned by an unknown number of crypto 'miner' machines working around the clock to produce more blockchain-protected finance. The environmental impact of such huge processing requirements has yet to be fully accounted for, however, global bitcoin mining has surpassed the energy consumption of entire nations in recent years.


Netflix ups the ante in its race against Disney with new slate of kids programming Fast Company

As the reality of Disneys own streaming platform nears, Netflix just greenlit six animated original projects. More are sure to follow.

Netflixs announcement on Tuesday that it was rolling out six new original animated projects upped its war with Disney one more notch. 

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Women powered giving to progressive groups after the 2016 election Fast Company

A new study finds an enormous gender gap in giving over the last yearespecially to progressive causes.

Shortly after Donald Trumps election, women led the charge to protect values that seemed threatened by donating to nonprofits. Turns out, it wasnt alongside men but generally in spite of them.

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Gaza's iconic 'liberty protester' shot in the leg by Israeli forces Signs of the Times

Aed Abu Amro, 20, is the owner of a small kiosk that sells cigarettes in the al-Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City's south side. On October 22 he reached internet infamy after photographer for Anadolu Agency Mustafa Hassouna captured a shirtless Abu Amro gripping a Palestinian flag firmly in one hand and a slingshot in the other during a protest at the fence that divides the Gaza Strip and Israel. The picture has been shared more than 50,000 times. When the image went viral it was compared to Eugne Delacroix's famed painting "Liberty Leading the People" where lady liberty incarnate leads an armed crowd to oust King Charles X during the Second French Revolution while clutching what later became the flag of France.


Is there really a 'militia caravan' traveling south to protect US border from marching migrants? Signs of the Times

Most media outlets have published as fact claims that vigilante groups incited by Donald Trump are organizing themselves to confront the migrant caravan, but the story appears to be based on little more than an unverified boast. Variously named as "armed militias" and "far right activists," some "gun-toting" groups have been reported as "forming their own caravan" in scores of media reports over the weekend, from the Huffington Post to The Hill in the US to international outlets such as the UK's the Sun, Turkey's Anadolu, and Russia's Sputnik. The vigilantes are reportedly equipped with military-level tech, and will form units hundreds-strong. They have caused alarm among both local residents - afraid that their land will be invaded- and the army contingent forced to separate sides. Twitter luminaries have circulated dire warnings of bloodshed and calls to curb "domestic terrorism."


Facebook, TV networks ban 'controversial' Trump ad day before midterms Signs of the Times

As Americans prepare to vote in the most expensive midterm election in US history, three TV networks and Facebook pulled a controversial Trump-endorsed ad that plays on voters' fear of illegal immigrant crime, saying it's racist. The ad, paid for by the Republican Party, depicts convicted cop-killer Luis Bracamontes laughing about killing cops, juxtaposed with scenes of the Central American migrant caravans and a Fox News clip where a man claims to have fled Honduras because of an attempted murder conviction. "President Donald J. Trump and Republicans Are Making America Safe Again!" it proclaims. Facebook was the latest platform to ban the ad, claiming it violates their policy against "sensational content." NBC aired the spot during its "Sunday Night Football" broadcast but decided not to run it again on Monday after being flooded with complaints overnight, while CNN chose not to play the ad at all.


NBC: Controversy after Nestle given new permit to bottle more Michigan water Health Nut News

As if the water in Michigan hasnt been under enough assault, the same department who assured the residents of Flint that their water was safe to drink- The Department of Environmental Quality- has approved Nestles request to DOUBLE THEIR PUMPING CAPACITY. And all for the hefty price of $200 a year. Whoever approved this deal should []

The post NBC: Controversy after Nestle given new permit to bottle more Michigan water appeared first on Health Nut News.


Two People Connected To Flint Water Investigation Found Dead WorldTruth.Tv

The Flint Water Treatment Plant Foreman (an important part of the investigation) and a woman leading the Flint lead poisoning lawsuit were both found dead in less than a week. Everything about the Flint water crisis is as toxic and disgusting as the water that is being pumped into Flint homes. From the crass negligence that allowed such an insidious []


Tough choices for Uganda landslide survivors RSS feed from

The land marked for relocation may be just as unsafe as the mountainside they were forced to flee


Numerology is Being Used by the Alliance to Take out the Cabal Operation Disclosure

#NeonRevolt 11-5-18 article, and my get Numerology is being used by the Alliance to take out the cabal (11-11-11, anyone?)

Posted on 2018/11/05

Source: Kauilapele

This showed up as Im lying in bed after a long (12 hour) drive up to Minnesota. Im only posting the links below, but especially check out the image, which an anon created to show whats happened on 11-11 in the past, and now Trump is meeting with Putin on 11-11-18 (which is an 11-11-11) in Moscow. Clarifies many things, for me, at least.

Remember the cabal intended to start three world wars, with the final one to cement in place The New World Order. 11-11-1918 marked the end of WWI. Now, on 11-11-2018, Trump meets with Putin on that same day, 100 years later. Talk about a Grand SIF (Slap In Face) for the cabalistas.

This may be part of the reason Im here now and why Ive continually been receiving the communication that it is part of ending a cycle for humanity.

Anyway, I had fun reading most of this one.



Motel 6 has to pay $7.6 million for giving its guest registry to ICE agents Fast Company

The suit was filed on behalf of eight men detained by ICE after staying at a Motel 6.

Motel 6 was giving its guests an unwanted amenityreportedly turning over its registry to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The story was broken by the Phoenix New Times, which claimed that over the course of six months, ICE agents arrested 20 people at Motel 6 locations in Arizona after reading through the guest lists and targeting people by national origin.

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CNN Reports Harvard Claims of Cigar-shaped Interstellar Object "Oumuamua" Being an Alien Object Operation Disclosure

Cigar-shaped interstellar object may have been an alien probe, Harvard paper claims

By Steve George, CNN

Updated 1547 GMT (2347 HKT) November 6, 2018

(CNN) A mysterious cigar-shaped object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.

The object, nicknamed 'Oumuamua, meaning "a messenger that reaches out from the distant past" in Hawaiian, was first discovered in October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.

Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds to explain its unusual features and precise origins, with researchers first calling it a comet and then an asteroid, before finally deeming it the first of its kind: a new class of "interstellar objects."

Now, a new paper by researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics raises the possibility that the elongated dark-red object, which is 10 times as long as it is wide and traveling at speeds of 196,000 mph, might have an "artificial origin."

"'Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization," they wrote in the paper, which has been submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

International Asteroid Day: Are we ready if an asteroid strikes Earth?

The theory is based on the object's "excess acceleration," or its unexpected boost in speed as it traveled through and ultimately out of our solar system in January 2018....


(Video) The Deep State's Secret Weapon of Treason -- Task Force Orange Operation Disclosure

Published on Jul 7, 2018

As usual, George Webb provides us with a treasure trove of information. This time on the creation of a corrupt arm of our military/government called Task Force Orange. Learning about how this task force operates enables us to see how these same ops that were meant to fight terrorism, have actually been turned against us, we the people.

The purpose of this task force foremost was to avoid oversight & chain of command. And with complete secrecy, this entity has been able to use taxpayer resources to run black operations where the $$ pickings are unlimited. We now see these same "ratlines" of corruption inside our Congress being used to "take down" our duly elected President, Donald Trump.

Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Obama, you name them. They are actually clowns with masks tasked with protecting global control, not our sovereignty or our freedoms. Part of that control requires bastardizing our government agencies and avoiding oversight checks & balances.

Buckle up folks cause it doesn't get much uglier than this. The usurpation of our Constitution is only one minor barrier to these treasonous criminals. They just created a task force to ram right through it.


Paradigm Research Group: Media Release -- November 3, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Media Release


Stephen Bassett
Executive Director
Phone: 202-215-8344


Washington, DC -- Political activist organization Paradigm Research Group has released a report addressing the nation's current political status in relation to certain recent and historical developments. These include extraordinary statements made by Secretary Hillary Clinton and her political team during the 2016 election campaign and the launch in 2017 of an organization composed of former members of the CIA, DIA and DOD.

Disclosure Status Report: The Way Forward

Disclosure is an event, the formal acknowledgement by heads of state of nations of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The Truth Embargo is the refusal of governments, particularly the United States, to make such an acknowledgement. This embargo is entering its eighth decade.

The activist effort to end the Truth Embargo is an "exopolitical" movement. Exopolitics occurs when extraterrestrial presence related issues cross paths with traditional politics. This has happened on numerous occasions since 1947 usually resulting in suppression of the Disclosure process. However, since 2001 the intersection between traditional politics and exopolitics has intensified. Here are some examples:

(1947) A quickly executed political decision by President Truman to reverse the announcement out of the Roswell Army Airfield of a recovered "saucer" literally prevented Disclosure from taking place in 1947.

(1953) Subsequent to the CIA Robertson Panel Presiden...


In New Mexico's Permian, federal plans mean more methane waste unless state steps up RSS feed from

As the landlord for a vast area of public land in Southeast New Mexico, one of the federal Bureau of Land Management's primary responsibilities is to ensure the resources in that area are wisely managed to benefit the people of New Mexico. Why then is that agency moving forward on a plan that would waste []


Jon Rappoport -- Propaganda is the Art of Overwhelming Logic Operation Disclosure

Propaganda is the art of overwhelming logic

One type of mind control involves defeating logic as a method of thinking.

Modern formulations of basic logic begin with the statement: You can't have A and not-A. Which is a way of saying contradictions are unacceptable.

So it's no surprise that mind control attempts to introduce contradictions into rational processes.

You see this in propaganda.

For example: People who are vaccinated are in danger from those who are unvaccinated. ("Keep your unvaccinated child away from my vaccinated child.")

There is a concealed contradiction here. You can see it by merely defining (according to conventional terms) the meaning of "vaccinated."

It means "immune," "protected from contracting the disease targeted by the vaccine."

But if the vaccinated person is protected and immune, then coming into contact with an unvaccinated person will bring no danger.

Therefore, the notion that vaccinated people are A) protected but not-A) in danger is absurd, a contradiction.

The easiest way to defeat logic is through deficient education. Never teach logic. Ignore it. Instead, teach specific values. Teach anything except logic. Don't teach children how to spot contradictions.

A deficient education plus tons of ceaseless propaganda equals mind control.

Logic is a significant problem for people who want a closed and unfree society. Teaching logic tends to produce sharp and independent minds.

Logic produces personal power.

Here is another example of non-logic: A ballot initiative passed by the voters of Maui County is illegal, because it set up a new law regarding commercial agriculture, when in fact commercial agriculture is regulated by state and federal laws, which trum...



The Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction Operation Disclosure

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

The following is the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction given to high ranking Jesuits only. This oath is taken from the book Subterranean Rome by Carlos Didier, translated from the French, and published in New York in 1843.

"When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers. Upon the floor is a red cross at which the postulant or candidate kneels. The Superior hands him a small black crucifix, which he takes in his left hand and presses to his heart, and the Superior at the same time presents to him a dagger, which he grasps by the blade and holds the point against his heart, the Superior still holding it by the hilt, and thus addresses the postulant:"


My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.

You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you m...


Russia plans to set up lunar base inhabited by 'avatar robots' controlled from earth Signs of the Times

After unveiling an ambitious plan to install a permanent base on the moon, Russia's space boss Dmitry Rogozin has now added a truly sci-fi-esque detail: humans will control it from Earth through sophisticated 'avatar robotics.' "We're talking about creating a long-term base, not constantly manned, but visitable," Rogozin, who leads Russia's national space agency, 'Roscosmos' told RIA Novosti on Tuesday. The base will be chiefly managed by "robotized systems, avatars that will be executing tasks on the moon's surface," he said, noting that whole project will be larger than the US 'Apollo' program of the '60s and '70s. Rogozin didn't go into details of the ambitious plan leaving many to wonder how the lunar 'avatars' will look and function. The choice of words hints that he was inspired by James Cameron's 2009 sci-fi blockbuster. The box office hit told the story of the distant jungle planet called Pandora. Since its air wasn't breathable for humans, they roamed the planet by...


1,100 Camp Pendleton Matines to join border force blocking migrant caravan Signs of the Times

Approximately 1,100 Camp Pendleton Marines have been identified to assist Customs and Border Patrol Protection at the Southern Border as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, a Department of Defense spokesperson told NBC 7 on Sunday. These Marines are engineers and trained in construction for the military, the spokesperson said. At this time, they remain at Camp Pendleton awaiting orders to report to the border. Five San Diego military bases were selected by the DOD on Thursday to act as support installations, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma.

1,100 Camp Pendleton Marines to join border force blocking migrant caravan Signs of the Times

Approximately 1,100 Camp Pendleton Marines have been identified to assist Customs and Border Patrol Protection at the Southern Border as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, a Department of Defense spokesperson told NBC 7 on Sunday. These Marines are engineers and trained in construction for the military, the spokesperson said. At this time, they remain at Camp Pendleton awaiting orders to report to the border. Five San Diego military bases were selected by the DOD on Thursday to act as support installations, including Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Naval Base Coronado, Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma.


Oopsies! MSNBC declares Dem victory in Florida governor election... day before voting begins Signs of the Times

MSNBC can now boast of being the first news outlet to break results from Tuesday's midterm elections - hours before voting began. The network said it "misfired" after airing a fake vote tally from Florida's gubernatorial race. Viewers watching MSNBC's election coverage on the eve of nationwide midterms were likely puzzled to learn that Democrat Andrew Gillum had already been declared the next governor of Florida. With 99 percent of the votes counted, Gillum had purportedly triumphed over his rival, Republican Ron DeSantis, by 0.6 percentage points, MSNBC reported almost a full day before voting was set to begin.


Do Not Waste One More Second of Your Time The Mind Unleashed

Do not waste one more second of your time on this earth, for the insects are all dying, and the ice caps are vanishing, and the oceans are filling with plastic.

This could all be gone very soon, so dont waste it. Dont take any part of the crackling miraculousness of this cacophony for granted, because there are missiles being targeted, and there are vast battle plans being drawn. You could look outside your window tomorrow morning and see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, and you will regret letting lifes preciousness slip through your fingers.

We do not like to think about death. We say, I will think about death some other day. Today I must busy myself with mental chatter about nonsense and the avoidance of feeling my feelings. I would love to stare into the white skull of the human condition, but my schedule is chock full of escapism. We push death aside, and push death aside, and push death aside. And then, one day, death pushes us aside.

One way or another, the end is coming. But if you truly, deeply engage here, you can live more life in a week than most people live in an entire lifetime. By that I do not mean that you can have more experiences, I just mean that you can experience far more moments with far more depth and clarity than someone whos just drifting through life on autopilot. One week fully and consciously appreciated contains more lived life than an entire stay in this world from cradle to grave when it is taken for granted.

And of course you will also have far more amazing experiences than someone who isnt directly interfacing with the moment. Necessarily you will. People are normally so paralyzed by pain, fear, guilt, shame, bitterness, anger and resentment that they stay in more or less the same holding patterns for decades, and choosing to truly live life necessarily entails ceasing the escapism strategies used to hold that paralysis in place. Truly engaging and making the very most of your time left in this world means shaking off that paralysis, leaving that job, getting that divorce, diving head over heels in love, having mind-bending, earth-shattering orgasms and letting creativity flow from you like wine, courageously feeling all the unlocked emotions as they come up in response.

One breath. Take just one fully conscious breath. Start there. It is no small thing to do this; people can go their entire lives without ever once having tried it. Take one deep, full breath and truly experience it with everything youve got. Begin living from there.

Come and run with the real werewolves. Come and swim with the hidden ocean angels. Let everything in this endless ex...


Washed away within minutes': Uganda's landslide survivors tell their stories RSS feed from

Residents recount how a huge tide of water and boulders came rushing down a mountain on a busy market day and took their homes and businesses away


Reader: 'Q' Anon -- Your Vote Matters Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Will you answer the call? - Q asked ALL of us in his post number 2403 (October 4, 2018). I would Like to say that not only many of us will answer that call today and Vote RED but that the spiritual forces of light answered his call the day before!

This picture of the sun taken (Nov 3, 2018 at 11:55) is a reminder that The Light Triumphs ( as stated by Kejraj in his message posted Nov 4, 2018 and it is also a message of support to Q, the Alliance, President Trump and all Patriots.

What I seein this picture is not only a beautiful sun shinning light but also the sword of the spirit the flame that we all carry within represented by the silver sprinkles of light spreading from Archangel Uriel flame sword of the truth and I feel deep eternal Love spreading to ALL.

As Fred Barnard stated in 1927: A picture is worth ten thousand words.

I recommend this article: Archangel Uriel: Phenomenal published by Era of Light website (


Russian jet photobombs group pic on U.S. command ship in provocative flyover during NATO war games Signs of the Times

Russia is flexing its muscle or is at least engaged in some serious trolling just as Trident Juncture 18 is underway in Norway - NATO's largest drills in decades with some 50,000 troops, 10,000 combat vehicles, 65 ships, and 250 aircraft. On Friday a Russian Tupolev Tu-142 bomber unexpectedly flew close to the USS Mount Whitney at the very moment Marines on board were gathered for a group photo during the NATO military games. Russian media confirmed the incident, describing the U.S. Sixth fleet's flagship (the command and control ship for the fleet) as being "blindsided" while the military and aircraft analysis site The Aviationist described the provocative flyover as "more or less overhead".


Q Election Day Message: "There was a Time" -- November 6, 2018 Operation Disclosure


NOVEMBER 6, 2018

Source: The Golden Light Channel

There was a time when our children stood at attention, put their hand on their heart, and in one UNITED voice, recited the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.
There was a time when STRENGTH and HONOR meant something.
There was a time when standing for our FLAG meant something.
There was a time when our history (heritage) was taught with PRIDE and RESPECT.
There was a time when respect was given to those who serve(d), bled, and died to protect and defend our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM.
There was a time when we were GRATEFUL.
There was a time when, WE, THE PEOPLE, decided our future.
There was a time when, WE, THE PEOPLE, had a voice.
There was a time when, WE, THE PEOPLE, were UNITED and STRONG.
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didnt pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our childrens children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, There is a price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which they must not advance.


Civilians Trapped as Saudi Airstrikes and Warships Pound Yemeni City of Hodeidah Activist Post

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM)  Saudi airstrikes and warships continue to pound the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah on Monday, with escalating strikes coinciding with Saudi-backed ground...


Trump boasts about best ever sanctions against Iran, many countries given 'temporary' waivers as new sanctions go into effect Signs of the Times

Touted by Donald Trump as the "strongest" ever imposed by the US, the embargo on Iranian oil has just gone into effect. Washington, however, had to grant several waivers to countries that refused to cut economic ties with Tehran. The sweeping package of sanctions, targeting Tehran's energy, finance and shipping sectors, went into effect November 5. This marks a full reversal of whatever small relief was given to Iranian companies and individuals by Washington following the historic international nuclear deal (JCPOA) in 2015. Even though the US administration, and the president personally, repeatedly trumpeted the embargo as a great achievement at numerous public events in the run-up to midterm elections, Washington had to make significant concessions, as it failed to rally enough international support for its bold move.


Over 50k Killed In The War In Yemen Since 2015 Activist Post

By Joziah Thayer According to the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, the death toll from the war in Yemen is 56,000 deaths and...


Trouble voting? Call or text these 3 resources to report election problems now Fast Company

With higher voter turnout comes more election mayhem.

Voter turnout is looking like its off the charts in todays midterm elections, and that means higher-than-usual instances of shady encounters and general mayhem at polling stations. Weve already seen numerous reports of long lines, faulty voting machines, and voters being turned away from polling stations for various reasons.

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Afghanistan Peace Council & Taliban to send delegations to international peace talks in Moscow Signs of the Times

Afghanistan is sending a delegation to attend international peace talks in Russia this month, officials have said. Moscow is hosting the event on November 9 at a sensitive time, as the United States has been seeking to engage the Taliban in talks with Kabul to end the 17-year war in Afghanistan. Officials of Afghanistan's High Peace Council, a government body responsible for reconciliation efforts with the militants, said on November 5 that the council will send four representatives to the Moscow meeting. Meanwhile, the Taliban's political office told RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal that the militant group will also participate in the Moscow talks, though it does not regard them as a "formal dialogue for peace." The Afghan Foreign Ministry, however, did not say whether it will send a delegation to the Russian conference. "We are still negotiating with the Russian officials," ministry spokesman Sebaghtullah Ahmadi said. "We welcome any peace effort that is Afghan-led."


Three more Colorado ski areas opening early for season - Up to 20 inches of new snow in last 3 days Signs of the Times

Three more Colorado ski areas have announced they'll be opening early for the 2018-19 ski season, on Wednesday November 7th, after continuing heavy snowfall in the famous US ski state. Breckenridge (pictured below yesterday) and Keystone (pictured top) were scheduled to open for the season this weekend, but have moved their opening dates forward to Wednesday. Eldora hadn't planned to open until next week and has moved its opening day forward by 9 days. All have been reporting heavy snowfall through the latter half of October and in to November with snow still falling, giving 'mid-winter' powder conditions. Each has unofficially reported 30-50cm more snowfall in the past 72 hours.


Brazil post-elections: the quid pro quo RSS feed from

After Jair Bolsonaros election in Brazil, judge Sergio Moro hurried to Rio to accept an invite to become justice minister. Even Bolsonaro was impressed by his enthusiasm.


US Uses Banned White Phosphorus Bombs in Syrian City for the Fourth Time in Two Months MintPress News

DEIR EZ ZOR, SYRIA The U.S.-led coalition in Syria has been accused of using white phosphorus incendiary munitions for the fourth time since mid-September.  White phosphorus is banned internationally when used in areas with civilian populations.

Syrian state news agency SANA reported on a bombing conducted by the U.S.-led coalition that had targeted the small city of Hajin in Syrias Eastern Deir Ez-Zor province over the weekend. The bombing, allegedly intended to target Daesh (ISIS) terrorists who control the city, killed fifteen civilians among them women and children and injured scores more. Civil sources cited by SANA reported that white phosphorus bombs had been used, which in addition to resulting in several civilian deaths and injuries caused massive property damage due to the fires resulting from the use of the banned substance.

White phosphorus is well-known for igniting spontaneously in the presence of oxygen and its use frequently results in post-explosion fires that can burn for hours, as well as painful chemical burns for those who come in contact with the substance, which can stick to hair and clothing. The International Committee of the Red Cross has stated that employing asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and all analogous liquids, materials or devices is listed in the Statute of the International Criminal Court as a war crime.

As a result of the extreme damage it can cause, Protocol III of the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons prohibits the use of the chemical weapon in areas populated by civilians. However, the United States is not a signatory of Protocol III.

The recent alleged bombing of a Syrian town with white phosphorus by munitions is the fourth time the U.S.-led coalition has been accused of using the banned substance in the village of Hajin just since September. On Oct. 29, and...


Its not just you: Google Trends is showing long waits to vote Fast Company

The Google News Initiative and Pitch Interactive are tracking searches on election dayand revealing that long lines are a serious problem.

Today, Americans are heading to the polls for a chance to either show support for the Trump administration and its Republican Congress or to let the Blue Wave roll in. But first, we all have to wait in line.

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Civil Rights Groups Warn of DOJ Efforts to Intimidate Voters MintPress News

In a move civil rights groups denounced as a blatant attempt by the Trump administration to intimidate minorities, spread hysteria about non-existent voter fraud, and suppress turnout, the Justice Department announced on Monday that it is dispatching personnel to monitor 35 voting locations in 19 states during Tuesdays midterms just as President Donald Trump warned in a tweet that any illegal voting will be punished with maximum criminal penalties.

We condemn the Justice Departments announcement regarding the deployment of federal observers, Kristen Clarke, president and CEO of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, said in a statement.

In stark contrast to how these observers have been deployed in the past, Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not have his eyes set on voter suppression and last-minute intimidation but is instead exploiting this moment to push a false narrative about voter fraud.

At every turn, this Justice Department has failed to take action to enforce the Voting Rights Act and protect the interests of minority voters. And the latest announcement from DOJ makes clear that this is still the case, Clarke continued. This is a Justice Department that has abandoned its mission and lost its way.

States the...


Lyft, Uber, and Via give voters discounted rides to Sacramento-area polls Health Nut News

Its Election Day and if you are in Sacramento and need a ride to your polling station, Uber and Lyft want you to think of them first. RELATED STORY: Historic moment: RFK Jr. endorses an Independent over Democrat, Senator Pan Both companies are teaming up with voting organizations to both get folks registered and get []

The post Lyft, Uber, and Via give voters discounted rides to Sacramento-area polls appeared first on Health Nut News.


Sanctions fail: Trumps plan may backfire, damaging Saudi Arabia while benefiting Iran Signs of the Times

This morning was reported: Watch Live: Pompeo Announces Iran Sanctions 'Waivers' Monday 5 November 2018 8:29AM Update (8:40 am ET): The following countries will receive 'temporary' waivers excusing them from US sanctions on Iranian oil exports. - South Korea - Taiwan - Turkey - Greece - Japan - China - India - Italy


Blue Wave watch: 4 ways to track election results and get either ecstatic or furious Fast Company

Looking to follow the election results? Weve rounded up a few online options.

Saturday Night Live made fun of it. Steve Bannon admitted hes worried about it. But until the races are over, no one really knows if the 2018 midterm elections will bring a so-called Blue Wave of Democratic victories.

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A Badge of Shame: The Governments War on Americas Military Veterans MintPress News

Not all heroes wear the uniform of war. In the United States, however, we take particular pride in recognizing as heroes those who have served in the military.

Yet while we honor our veterans with holidays, parades, discounts at retail stores and restaurants, and endless political rhetoric about their sacrifice and bravery, we do a pitiful job of respecting their freedoms and caring for their needs once out of uniform.

Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 20 million veterans who have served in World War II through the present day, the plight of veterans today is Americas badge of shame, with large numbers of veterans impoverished, unemployed, traumatized mentally and physically, struggling with depression, suicide, and marital stress, homeless, subjected to sub-par treatment at clinics and hospitals, and left to molder while their paperwork piles up within Veterans Administration offices.

Still, the governments efforts to wage war on veterans, especially those who speak out against government wrongdoing, is downright appalling.

Consider: we raise our young people on a steady diet of militarism and war, sell them on the idea that defending freedom abroad by serving in the military is their patriotic duty, then when they return home, bruised and battle-scarred and committed to defending their freedoms at home, we often treat them like criminals merely for having served in the military.

The government even has a name for its war on Americas veterans: Operation Vigilant Eagle.

As first reported by the Wall Street Journal, this Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program tracks military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and characterizes them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.

Coupled with the DHS dual reports on Rightwing and Leftwing Extremism, which broadly define extremists as individuals, military veterans and groups that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely, these tactics bode ill for anyone seen as opposing the government.

Yet the government is not merely targeting individuals who are voicing their discontent so much as it is taking aim at individuals trained in military warfare.

Dont be fooled by t...


BREAZE 2018 AGM RSS feed from

BREAZE 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING5:30 pm, Monday, 19 November 2018 Champagne Room Lake View Hotel Wendouree Parade Ballarat   Come along and enjoy a pizza and listen to our guest speakers talk about some great projects that they have been involved with in BREAZE during 2018.   GUEST SPEAKERSMatt Vallance McCallum Disability Services on their new supported living house at Lucas and other McCallum Industries activities. Joe Finneran MollongGhip and District Community Power Hub [...]


Pentagon says troops deployed to Mexican border won't come into contact with caravan migrants Signs of the Times

The US military has said that its troops deployed to the Mexico border to help stop a migrant caravan from entering the US will not tackle migrants. The troops will be mainly assisting in building barricades and barracks. Far from stopping a tide of weary refugees with cruel live fire, US troops sent to the southern border aren't even supposed to come into physical contact with caravan migrants, says Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford. "There is no plan for US military forces to be involved in the actual mission of denying people entry to the United States," Dunford said during his remarks at Duke University on Monday. The general assured his audience that there was "no plan for the soldiers to come in contact with immigrants or to reinforce the Department of Homeland Security as they are conducting their mission." The primary tasks of the active-duty 5,200-strong contingent, expected to grow to 7,000 in the coming days, will be construction and engineering,...


Mysterious Facebook Group Urges Democrats to Vote Green Truthdig RSS

This story was co-published with VICE News.

A Facebook page for a group called America Progress Now is running ads online urging progressives to vote for Green Party candidates in seven competitive races in the Midwest.

People of Color NEED Marcia Squier in the Senate to represent them, one of the ads says, promoting a Green Party candidate in Michigan. Americans dont have control over our government anymore. Weve lost it to greedy, corporate capitalists, says another, calling for voters to support Ohio Green Party candidate Joe Manchik.

The page features ads with images of prominent progressive politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Problem is, America Progress Now hasnt registered with the Federal Election Commission, as all groups making independent political expenditures are required to do. Six of the Green Party candidates being promoted by America Progress Now say they have no affiliation with the Facebook page, and most say theyve never heard of the group.


And theres no sign of America Progress Now at the address listed on its Facebook page. When we visited 605 E. 132nd St. in the Bronx on Monday morning, none of the tenants we spoke to had ever heard of America Progress Now. The buildings landlord, Stephen Rosenfeld, said in a phone call that he hadnt heard of the group either and that no tenants by that name were in his building. After reaching out to America Progress Now, the page removed its Bronx address.

A screenshot from Facebook.

The ads caught the attention of Sanders Senate office, which asked Facebook to take the ads down, but so far the company has refused to do so. Two of the ads mention Sanders and one insinuates that he supports voting for third-party candidates. Bernie Sanders is leading the way, the ad states. Its time to send him some allies in Washington. This November, dont vote for a party, vote for Progressive values....


5 Reasons Progressives Should Be Excited About Midterm Elections MintPress News

Throughout history it has been hard for progressives and leftists, in the U.S. and outside the country, to get excited for U.S. elections. For a lot of progressives and leftists, the United States represents the biggest imperialist threat to real progress around the world, a role the country has had since the start of the Cold War.

The United States has earned this role by continuously interventing into countries for their natural resources, killing millions of innocent civilians in their countless proxy wars, directly or indirectly toppling democratically elected governments for right-wing dictators or military juntas to benefit their geopolitical or business interests, to U.S corporations stealing a countrys wealth or appropriating or destroying the local culture, the list goes on.

Due to this great discrepancy on who holds all the wealth and power in the most powerful and richest country on Earth, it is to be expected that any electoral parties or politicians would tend to be reactionary. Thus for a long time, U.S. and international leftists and progressives were stuck either voting for the lesser evil of two neoliberal and capitalist parties or simply refusing to vote or endorse either party. However, these Midterm elections, although just a baby step, should give progressives and leftist reasons to be hopeful that a new way forward for the left and the country, is possible.


1. Rise and electoral relevance of the Democratic Socialists

Since Bernie Sanders, a self-declared Democratic Socialist, almost won, and then was cheated out of the 2016 presidential primary win by the corporate wing of the Democrat party, the interest and resurgence of socialism and open socialist candidates has exploded. Bernie Sanders is currently the most supported and liked politician in the country and recent studies have shown that Millennials prefer socialism over capitalism. Possibly due to this, a new socialist group and candidates have provided a reason for progressives and leftists to be excited or at least pay attention to this U.S. Midterm elections.

A group called, Democratic Socialists for America (DSA), have skyrocketed to more than 50,000 members, making it the largest socialist organization in the United States since the times of Eugene Debs in the 1920s.

In a huge difference to the Green party that has very little grassroots support and instead just launches a presidential candidate every four years, DSA has started from the grassroots, launching local, state, and national candidates while developing strong bases and connections to marginalized communities, the working class, unions,...


Museveni cooks up a storm with comment about men in the kitchen RSS feed from

Uganda's 74-year-old President, Yoweri Museveni, is accused of sexism for saying that cooking is not a man's role.


UKIP should ditch 'vile' Alex Jones' Infowars - UK Jewish groups Signs of the Times

British Jewish groups have accused UKIP of indulging in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories through its links with Alex Jones' right-wing website, Infowars, calling on the party to disassociate itself from the "vile" website. The calls come in the wake of pipe bomb plots that targeted 14 high profile figures in the US including billionaire investor George Soros, and the Pittsburgh synagogue attack that saw 11 people killed and 7 injured - with Infowars being accused of "propagating conspiracy theories and dog whistle anti-Semitism" over the incidents, The Guardian reports.


Eurasian siskins singing, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is about Eurasian siskins singing.

They live in Europe, Asia and north Africa.


Venezuela to Ramp-up Security After Three Soldiers Killed New on

After three soldiers were killed in an armed attack, Venezuela is deploying troops to its border with Colombia.


Twelve newborns die of mysterious outbreak at hospital in northeast Afghanistan Signs of the Times

Twelve newborns have died at a health center in northeastern Afghanistan amid an outbreak of "an unknown and as yet not determined origin," the Italian nongovernment organization running the facility says. The Emergency NGO said on November 5 that the babies all died the previous day at its maternity hospital in Panjshir Province's Anabah district. A statement said the newborns, who were in critical condition and on antibiotic therapy, passed away at the hospital's neonatal intensive-care unit due to apparent sepsis -- a serious complication of an infection. Emergency said it immediately informed the Afghan health authorities regarding the ongoing outbreak and tasked a private laboratory in the capital, Kabul, to carry out microbiological tests. The group said it will communicate the results of the tests as soon as they are available.


Sadly, Sound Money ISNT on the Ballot Activist Post

By Clint Siegner Americans will be headed to the polls to cast ballots in the midterm elections. Polling suggests that Democrats will return to power...


The Real Reason Music Has Become So Bad In Recent Years TruthTheory

By Luke Miller

Have you found yourself noticing the decrease in the quality of music these days? We have gone from a complex symphony of instruments and lyrics from bands like The Beatles to construct a masterpiece like Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. To a very simple keyboard, drum machine and looper constructing just about every single in the charts. If you feel you are getting a little old and out of touch, dont worry it is not your imagination. Music is getting progressively worse and this video outlines exactly why.

Hopefully we can move to a future in which the beautiful sound of music can return to its well thought out and high quality. Please share this article if you agree!

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United States anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-women violence and the Trump administration Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 6 November 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Another Extremist Conservative Attack And How Trumps Cuts To Anti-Extremist Programs Fueled Hate

A man walked into a hot yoga studio and murdered two women, injured others, and turned the gun on himself. Trumps cuts to anti-extremist right wing programs has led to a dangerous spike in domestic terrorism.

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.


Gene therapy injection into spinal cord halts ALS in adult mice RSS feed from

A new way to deliver DNA to spinal nerve cells brings us a step closer to a gene therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


Proof Poverty in the U.S. Is Getting Exponentially Worse Truthdig RSS

A White House report recently proclaimed that the War on Poverty is largely over and a success. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said it was ridiculous for the United Nations to examine poverty in America.

Well-positioned Americans must talk like this, of course, because admitting the debilitating state of poverty in America might provoke feelings of guilt for 35 years of oppressive economic policies. Wealthier people need to take an honest look at the facts. They need to face reality as it sadly exists in America today.

1 in 7 Americans is Part of the Worlds Poorest 10% 

According to the Credit Suisse 2018 Global Wealth Databook, 34 million American adults are among the WORLDS POOREST 10%. How is that possible? In a word, debt. In more excruciating words: stifling, misery-inducing, deadly amounts of debt for the poorest Americans. And it goes beyond dollars to the deaths of despair caused by the stresses of inferior health care coverage, stagnating incomes, and out-of-control inequality.

Numerous sources report on the rising debt for the poor half of America, especially for the lowest income group, and largely because of health care and education costs. Since 2008 consumer debt has risen almost 50 percent. The percentage of families with more debt than savings is higher now than at any time since 1962.


It could be argued that Scandinavian countries...

BEST OF THE WEB: "The Lobby - USA": Watch the film the Israel lobby has tried to suppress - UPDATE: Parts 3 & 4 released Signs of the Times

The Electronic Intifada has obtained a complete copy of The Lobby - USA, a four-part undercover investigation by Al Jazeera into Israel's covert influence campaign in the United States. It is today publishing the first two episodes. The Paris-based Orient XXI has published the same episodes with French subtitles. The film was made by Al Jazeera during 2016 and was completed in October 2017. But it was censored after Qatar, the gas-rich Gulf emirate that funds Al Jazeera, came under intense Israel lobby pressure not to air the film.

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