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Wednesday, 23 May


Russian militaries underwater nuclear drone could trigger 300-ft tsunamis - expected to be ready in 10 years Signs of the Times

A nuclear-powered underwater drone capable of unleashing two megatonnes of hell to destroy enemy naval bases with massive tsunamis is under development in Russia, according to a state news agency. "It will be possible to mount various nuclear charges on the 'torpedo' of the Poseidon multipurpose seaborne system, with the thermonuclear single warhead similar to the Avangard charge to have the maximum capacity of up to 2 megatonnes in TNT equivalent," a source in the Russian defense sector told TASS on Thursday. With the drone's nuclear munition, the underwater craft "is primarily designed to destroy reinforced naval bases of a potential enemy," the source explained. "Thanks to its nuclear power plant, the Poseidon will approach the target for an intercontinental range at a depth of over 1 km and at a speed of 60-70 knots (110-130 km/h)," another source revealed to TASS. Meanwhile, TASS explains to its readers, "it has no official confirmation of this information," however, being a government-owned corporation in Russia, it is likely this knowledge is coming from insiders to combat an informational war with the West. Another unnamed source supposedly tied in with the Russian defense sector said, "the Poseidon drone will join the Russian Navy under the existing armament program for 2018-2027 and will be carried by a newly specialized submarine currently under construction at the Sevmash Shipyard."


Comedian tells the truth and gets blasted after saying 'straight white male' is the new 'N-word' Signs of the Times

Stand-up comedian Josh Denny has been hit by criticism on social media over remarks he made on Twitter. The comic, who is white, compared the phrase "straight white male" with the 'N-word' - a racial slur directed at black people. The tweet attracted more than 10,000 responses in two days, with the vast majority of the comments being very negative towards the 34-year-old comedian. Users lambasted Denny, calling him 'ignorant' and 'tone-deaf.' Many accused him of not understanding the history of racial relations in the US, or the actual meaning of the 'N-word.'


Congo to begin administering experimental Ebola vaccine following WHO warnings Signs of the Times

Congo will begin administering an experimental Ebola vaccine Monday in Mbandaka, the northwestern city of 1.2 million where the deadly disease has infected some residents, Congo's health minister announced. "The vaccination campaign begins tomorrow, Monday, in Mbandaka, capital of the province. It will target, first, the health staff, the contacts of the sick and the contacts of the contacts," Minister of Health Oly Ilunga told The Associated Press Sunday. The death toll of the current Ebola outbreak has risen to 26. Initially, the campaign will target 600 people, mainly medical staff, contacts of suspected cases, and those who have been in contact with the contacts, said Ilunga. Officials are working urgently to prevent the disease from spreading beyond Mbandaka, which lies on the Congo River, a busy traffic corridor, and is an hour's flight from the capital. More than 4,000 doses are already in Congo and more are on the way, according to officials. The vaccine is still in the test stages, but it was effective in the West Africa outbreak a few years ago. A major challenge will be keeping the vaccines cold in this vast, impoverished, tropical country where infrastructure is poor.


Thousands in Sweden have implanted microchips in their skin for sake of 'convenience' Signs of the Times

More than 3,000 people in Sweden have implanted tiny microchips beneath their skin to replace their credit card information, identification, keys, train tickets, among other everyday items, Agence France-Press announced Sunday. The implant, which is about the size of a grain of rice, utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, also found in credit cards, debit cards, key fobs, and smartphones. This technology is considered "passive," which means the microchip stores data that can be read by other devices but cannot read data themselves. This might resemble an Orwellian nightmare to many, but in Sweden, residents are flocking to get these implanted microchips by "convenience over concerns of potential personal data violations," AFP explained. Governments in Europe quietly experimented with embedding the small chip in humans in 2015 in Sweden, and several other countries in the region, before the recent rollout. "Swedes have gone on to be very active in microchipping, with scant debate about issues surrounding its use, in a country keen on new technology and where the sharing of personal information is held up as a sign of a transparent society," AFP notes.


Heres Why the Trump Administrations New Iran Sanctions Will Fail MintPress News

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speech on new sanctions on Iran lays out a wide range of Iranian behavior he would like to change, and specified harsh US financial sanctions as his instrument.

Pompeo, a Kansas oil man backed by the Koch brothers, is just a former congressman and a virulent Christian fundamentalist with white nationalist tendencies. He knows little about the world and is among the worst prepared secretaries of state in American history. He also knows nothing about the history of the region.

Unilateral US sanctions as a means of regime change or radically changing regime behavior have a strong record of failure, especially when applied to states with pricey primary commodities like petroleum.

Among the harshest sanctions ever were applied by the US and the UN to Iraq in the 1990s, and the ruling Iraq Baath Party of Saddam Hussein was able to survive. They cheated on oil sales, smuggled by truck to Turkey and Jordan, and built up billions in their coffers, which cushioned the Baath officials and the military commanders. At the same time, the sanctions destroyed the middle classes and drove people into slummy poverty. Iraqs literacy rate even slipped. These effects strengthened the regime, which was still oil rich, against the increasingly poverty-stricken Iraqi public, many of whom began turning to religious fundamentalism of the Sadrist variety. The sanctions backfired on the West. It took an actual invasion and long term occupation of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein and his Baath regime. Ex-Baathists thus forcibly deposed sometimes joined extremist groups such as ISIL.

Read more by Juan Cole

The classic work on sanctions by K.A. Elliot and G.C. Huffbauer concluded that empirical research on 115 cases of sanctions imposed from World War I to 1990 indicate that sanctions are more likely to succeed if its goal is modest, the target country is smaller than the sending country, the receiving and sending countries have friendly relati...


Indigenous and Female: A New Gubernatorial Candidate is Making History MintPress News

A fierce sense of urgency prompted Paulette Jordan to run for governor of Idaho. Her brazen approach worked with her Democratic primary run last Tuesday, May 15th. It will be a first on two levels if she wins in Novemberas a female governor and as an Indigenous tribal member. Jordan belongs to the Schitsuumsh, Coeur dAlene Nation. Schitsuumsh translates to Those who were found here.

Five months ago, when she announced her candidacy, many did not know who she was outside Northern Idaho, tribal, and political circles. Today, she is the fresh face of a tidal wave as Americans are dumping Trump Republicans for a progressive change.

As the Idaho Statesman said in its article, Following her quick and focused path to victory, now not only does Idaho know who she is, but so does the nation. Run a Google news search today and 24,500 results pop up, including articles from The Atlantic, The Nation, HuffPost, and BuzzFeed.

CNN traveled to Boise to cover Jordan on Primary Election Day, and more than a dozen national news outlets followed the Idaho polling to learn if someone vying to become the nations first Native American governor would win the primary.

This is our time. This is an opportunity for all of us to stand up for ourselves and drive home a message that weve wanted for decades, Jordan said. When I talked to individuals, to young people, they are so overwhelmed with the fact that there is a new opportunity and a leader that listens to them.

Last weeks massive win for Democrats showed that many Republicans and Freedom Caucus members arent convincing voters. This welcome change is being duplicated throughout the nation.

Jordan was endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Our Revolution, and Democracy for America. She took 58 percent of the Democratic Primary votes, followed by 40 percent for A.J. Balukoff, while trailing Democrat Peter Dill took only 1 percent.

Jordans website states that she first got involved with politics while attending Washington State University. Upon graduation, she moved back to Idaho to become Coeur dAlene Tribal Councils youn...


Liberal professor boosts women's grades to help them 'compete' with men Signs of the Times

Do women need an academic mulligan, of sorts, in order to excel in the traditionally male field of science? A professor of information systems at The University of Akron in Ohio apparently thinks so, as he recently announced to his class via email that all of his female students would be receiving an automatic grade or two increase simply because they have XX chromosomes. Professor Liping Liu seems to have bought into the feminist narrative that women need to invade every single field where men currently dominate in order to achieve societal "equality." And seeing that not as many females choose information science as their college major compared to men, Prof. Liu decided that he would artificially inflate their grades as an incentive, doing his part to help "balance the scales" of gender in the field of science. According to reports, Prof. Liu apparently told his class that females would be receiving an arbitrary grade boost after he had already submitted these inflated grades to the university's registrar. He further explained that females were getting preferential treatment over men as part of "a national movement to encourage female students to go to [sic] information sciences." Other students were also given grade boosts that they didn't deserve, including students who had earned scores on exams that demonstrated higher performance than their calculated ones, as well as students who attended class but somehow missed getting on the attendance log. But it was Prof. Liu's decision to issue grades using overtly sexist criteria that got everyone's attention.


Jon Rappoport: Did Fracking Cause the Hawaii Volcano Eruption? Operation Disclosure

Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

By Jon Rappoport

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, there is a geothermal energy plant. It is the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant, in Puna.

There is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as reports, "...the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety."

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

For example, here is an alarming article about a geothermal project in Switzerland., December 10, 2009: "The authorities in canton Basel City say they will cancel a geothermal energy project, which three years ago caused minor tremors that damaged many buildings."

"A risk analysis study published on Thursday found that the danger of setting off more earthquakes was too great if drilling at the site resumed."

"The project was put on hold three years ago after thousands of claims for damage were filed with insurers. Total costs for the damage were around SFr9 million ($8.78 million)."

"The study, commissioned by the canton, concluded that Basel was 'unfavourable' for geothermal power generation."

"It said the resumption of Deep Heat Mining project and its operation over a 30-year period could set off around 200 tremors with a strength of up to 4.5 on the Richter Scale - in 2006, the quakes were about 3.4."

"This would result in damages up to SFr40 million."



The White House Just Doubled Down on Trumps MS-13 Are Animals Comment in Official Statement The Daily Sheeple

During a meeting with sheriffs last week, President Donald Trump said some people coming across the border are animals after a Fresno sheriff spoke about illegal immigrants who have been arrested for crimes.

Anyone who actually listens to the discussion in its entirety should be able to tell that Trump was talking about the notoriously violent gang MS-13.

Despite that fact, mainstream media outlets erupted in outrage over his use of the word animals and claimed he was referring to ALL immigrants.

Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders both clarified that he was indeed referring to MS-13 when he used the term, but of coursemany mainstream media outlets ignored that.

Now, the White House has doubled down on the animals comment with an official statement.

Heres the statement in its entirety:

What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13

WHAT: The violent animals of MS-13 have committed heinous, violent attacks in communities across America.

Too many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13s animals.

At the State of the Union in January 2018, President Trump brought as his guests Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez, and Freddy Cuevas, the parents of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas.  Police believe these young girls were chased down and brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members on Long Island, New York, in 2016. Suffolk County Police Commissioner stated that the murders show a level of brutality that is close to unmatched.

In Maryland, MS-13s animals are accused of stabbing a man more than 100 times and then decapitating him, dismembering him, and ripping his heart out of his body....


Superior/Inferior Disillusion, and Astrology Forecast May 20-26 The Event Chronicle

Perspectives from the Sky

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This past week gave us the Taurus New Moon combined with a strong lineup of Uranus aspects.

It is time to move further forward in a more Taurus practical and solid manner; but we have also just had some wake-up calls that are meant to push us out of limitations, stuck-ness, and the slumber of status quo.

Last week North Korea showed signs it would not just comply with USA demands, on the way to a planned summit in June.  Last week we let you know that the date picked for that summit is a date when the USA militant natal Mars will be triggered.  It did not make sense last week, but after the North Korean complaints it does now.

Also last week just after the Mars/Uranus square there was another mass murder at a school, the 22nd such event this year 2018.

And not long after, there was a royal wedding in Great Britain.  Do you see the connection?

On one side of the same coin, the fantasy wedding that separates privileged special people from the rest of humanity was performed.

On the other side of the coin, the dark shadow side, a young man who was supposedly often bullied, goes on a murderous rampage.

Each side of the coin creates the equally distorted other side of the coin. Brutality motivates people to escape into fantasies of a perfect life.

And the separation caused by superiors pushing down others into inferior lives, creates a dark side of people who feel they are less than.

High School has always been a time when some kids are made to feel popular and better than , while others are often humiliated and made to feel inferior.

So it is time for all of us to realize no one, or no group of people is intrinsically any better or worse in the eyes of the Universe than anyone else.

This desire to be superior to others causes all sorts of separation and conflict in the world. My religion is superior to yours.  My country is superior to yours (Make America Great Again). My race or gender or sexual orientation is superior to yours.  The money and pri...


Obama DoD paid FBI informant Halper over $250k just before 2016 election Signs of the Times

Public records show Stefan Halper, the foreign policy expert "outed" as an FBI informant that spied on Donald Trump's presidential campaign, was paid a large sum in 2016 for work he did for the Obama administration. The Department of Defense paid Halper $282,295 on September 27, 2016 - just months before the 2016 presidential election - for work titled, "INDIA AND CHINA ECON STUDY," says, a website that tracks spending data for the U.S. government. This sum was one of two payments made to Halper for the job; the second, worth $129,280, was made on July 26, 2017. The record lists Halper's "Period of Performance" as September 26, 2016 to March 29, 2018. shows the Department of Defense paid Halper a total of $1,058,161 for work between 2012-2018. The work designated for "India-China" study comprised nearly 40 percent of that compensation. The contents of the work listed above are presently unknown. Recent reports detailed Halper's interactions with three members of the Trump campaign - Carter Page, Sam Clovis, and George Papadopoulos.


Arizona running exercise practicing response to mass influx in the event of major California earthquake Signs of the Times

Government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona plan to participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 people following a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California. The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs says participants in the National Mass Care Exercise in the coming week will tackle how to organize operations such as providing food, shelter and medical services. The department says its planning for the exercise has been underway for nearly a year.


China is Fighting to Salvage the Iran Nuclear Deal MintPress News

Analysis (MES) Conventional wisdom has it that China stands to benefit from the US withdrawal from the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran, particularly if major European companies feel that the risk of running afoul of US secondary sanctions is too high.

In doing so, China would draw on lessons learned from its approach to the sanctions regime against Iran prior to the nuclear deal. China supported the sanctions while proving itself adept at circumventing the restrictions.

However, this time round, as China joins Russia and Europe in trying to salvage the deal, things could prove to be different in ways that may give China second thoughts.

The differences run the gamut from an America that has Donald Trump as its president to a Middle East that is much more combative and assertive and sees its multiple struggles as existential, at least in terms of regime survival.

Fault lines in the Middle East have hardened because of Israel, Saudi and United Arab Emirates assertiveness, emboldened by both a US administration that is more partisan in its Middle East policy, yet at the same time less predictable and less reliable.

Add to this Mr. Trumps narrow and transactional focus that targets containing Iran, if not toppling its regime; countering militancy, and enhancing business opportunities for American companies and the contours of a potentially perfect storm come into view.

That is even truer if one looks beyond the Gulf and the Levant towards the greater Middle East that stretches across Pakistan into Central Asia as well as Chinas overall foreign trade.

Chinas trade with the United States stood last year at $636 billion, trade with Iran was in that same period at $37.8 billion or less than five percent of the US volume.

The recent case of ZTE, one of Chinas largest IT companies, tells part of the story.

Accused of having violated sanctions, the US Department of Commerce banned American firms from selling parts to...


Cobra: Firing the Grid Update The Event Chronicle

By Cobra

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.

Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

Victory of the Light!

This article (Firing the Grid Update) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


Watch: Border Patrol Agent in Montana Detains Two US Citizens Because They Spoke Spanish The Mind Unleashed

Last week, near the US border with Canada, an incident took place at a convenience store gas station in the small town of Havre, Montana that has garnered national attention, thanks to a video posted to social media.

Ana Suda and Mimi Hernandez ran what should have been a quick late night errand to buy milk and eggs, as many Americans have. After getting in line, the errand took a turn for the worse. The American Civil Liberties Union is now looking into the incident that transpired.

Suda and Hernandez, who are both fluent Spanish speakers as well as U.S. citizens, unsurprisingly and legally conversed with each other in Spanish while waiting in line. Their exchange of words caught the ears of a nearby uniformed Border Patrol agent who interrupted and eventually detained the women.

We were just talking, and then I was going to pay, Suda told The Washington Post. I looked up, and then after that, he just requested my ID. I looked at him like, Are you serious? Hes like, Yeah, very serious.

After the confrontation moved into the parking lot, Suda began recording with her cellphone. She asks why she and her friend are being detained and the agent responds, Maam, the reason I asked you for your ID is because I came in here, and I saw that you guys are speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of up here.

The agent denied racially profiling the women but admitted he was detaining them for speaking Spanish in a state where its predominantly English-speaking.

The agent kept the women in the parking lot for 35 to 40 minutes, despite showing him their IDs upon his request and their attempts to justify speaking Spanish.

I was so embarrassed being outside in the gas station, and everybodys looking at you like youre doing something wrong. I dont think speaking Spanish is something criminal, you know? Suda said. My friend, she started crying. She didnt stop crying in the truck. And I told her, we are not doing anything wrong.

After the local news picked up the story, Sudas young bilingual daughter expressed concern over speaking Spanish in public. She speaks Spanish, and she speaks English, Suda said. When she saw the video, she was like, Mom, we cant speak Spanish anymore? I said No. You be proud. You are smart. You speak two languages. This is more for her.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is reviewing the incident. While Border Patrol agents do have authority to operate within 100 miles of a U....


Turkish-backed militants plunder ancient artifacts in Aleppo Signs of the Times

The Ankara-backed militants have plundered several old infrastructures of Afrin in Aleppo province as the Turkish army and its allies continue driving out civilians and looting their properties in the town, media sources said. Media activists in Afrin reported on Sunday that the Ankara-backed militants in Afrin have detached and stole the old railway of Afrin which linked Qatmeh to Akbas square and was built in 1913. Also, the Kurdish sources reported that the Olive Branch forces, affiliated to the Turkish army, have fully destroyed the tomb of Sheikh Zeid in al-Zeidiyeh district in Afrin and looted the ancient artifacts inside. Meantime, some reports said that the Turkish government plans to annex Jandaris to the town of al-Reihaniyeh in Turkey by issuing new identity cards for the residents of Afrin, creating fear and panic among the residents of this region.


Russian air defense downs drone approaching base in Syria Signs of the Times

An unmanned aircraft of unknown origin has been shot down near the Russian Khmeimim airbase in Syria. No one was injured in the incident and the base did not sustain any damage, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The flying object came close to the military facility late on Monday and was destroyed by the base air defenses. Khmeimim airfield continued to operate normally following the incident. Several videos, purportedly showing the moment the drone was shot down, have since emerged on social media. RT has not been able to independently verify their authenticity.


(Video) QAnon: If Rosenstein is the Problem, is Trey Gowdy the Solution? Operation Disclosure

Published on May 21, 2018

Qanon has said in the past that Rod Rosenstein has problems. Today, we get a closer look at them.


German 'asylum fraud' scandal: 10 more migration offices under investigation Signs of the Times

German migration authorities have widened their probe into asylum application fraud and are now investigating 10 additional field offices on suspicion of granting refugees permissions to stay in the country without proper grounds. On Friday, the German Federal Office for Migration and Asylum (BAMF) announced that it would review some 18,000 refugee cases in the city of Bremen going back as far as 2000, after the regional office discovered the approval of up to 2,000 asylum stays between 2013 and 2016, which did not match the government's sanctuary criteria. On Sunday, the scandal deepened with 10 more asylum decision offices added to the investigation list. BAMF announced that it will examine those branches where the average quotas of asylum applications accepted or rejected in comparison with other offices deviated by 10 percentage points or more, a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said, following a request from the DPA news agency. A total of an additional 8,500 cases from 2017 would be reviewed, she added. In addition, BAMF will review a complaint from a Rhineland-Palatinate Bingenan office employee, who on February 6 asked the Nuremberg headquarters to evaluate "divergent assessments of asylum procedure" at the office.


Venezuela: Maduro Wins Presidential Election, Despite Imperialist Meddling What Next? New on

The problem is that, on the basis of their track record, Maduro and the Bolivarian leadership are unable or unwilling to implement the necessary measures to deal with the economic crisis.


Poll finds 82% of Germans believe US is an unreliable partner Signs of the Times

The vast majority of Germans believe the US is not a reliable partner for Berlin when it comes to political cooperation, according to a new poll. It comes after Chancellor Merkel said that Europe can no longer rely on Washington. The survey, commissioned by public service TV provider ZDF, found that 82 percent of Germans believe the US is not a reliable partner, with only 14 percent believing it is. The remaining four percent were unsure. It comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated earlier this month that Europe "needs to take its fate into its own hands," noting that "it's no longer the case that the United States will simply just protect us."


Water woes: Don't swallow that pool water, it's a breeding ground for waterborne diseases Signs of the Times

It's vacation season - time for swimming pools, hot tubs and waterparks. But you might want to think twice before getting wet, says a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From 2000 to 2014, public health officials from 46 states and Puerto Rico reported 493 outbreaks associated with treated recreational water, resulting in more than 27,000 illnesses and eight deaths, according to a report in the May 18 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Hotel pools and hot tubs were the setting for about a third (32 percent) of the outbreaks, followed by public parks (23 percent), club/recreational facilities (14 percent) and water parks (11 percent). Most of the infections were from three organisms that can survive chlorine and other commonly used disinfectants: Cryptosporidium, a parasite that can cause gastrointestinal problems, Pseudomonas, a bacteria that causes swimmer's ear, and Legionella, a bacteria that causes a pneumonia-like illness. So, what to do? The CDC recommends a few steps before diving in: Don't swallow pool water. Don't let children with diarrhea in the water. And use test strips to measure levels of pH, bromine and chlorine in the water. The cleaner the water, the safer to swim.


Police release dramatic footage of Trump hotel shootout Signs of the Times

Florida police have released dramatic bodycam footage of their gun battle with a suspect at the Trump National Doral Golf Club Friday. Suspect Jonathan Oddi, 42, reportedly entered the lobby of the hotel and began shouting anti-Trump remarks before opening fire. Terrified patrons and employees of the hotel fled immediately. Officers from the City of Doral and Miami-Dade Police Departments responded to multiple 911 calls of shots fired in the area. As footage from the scene shows, the officers entered the hotel and quickly engaged the suspect in a firefight.


Dissident Saudi prince calls for coup, urges uncles to seize power Signs of the Times

A dissident Saudi prince has called on his uncles to depose King Salman and take over the country. Prince Khaled bin Farhan made the appeal to Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, saying that the damage being done to the Saudi royal family and the kingdom by Salman's "irrational, erratic and stupid" rule had gone beyond the point of no-return. In an interview with Middle East Eye, Prince Khaled, who was given political asylum in Germany in 2013, said that if Ahmed and Muqrin were to unite ranks then "99 percent of the members of the royal family, the security services and the army would stand behind them". Prince Khaled is a distant member of the Saudi royal family. But Riyadh is sensitive to any member breaking ranks, however distant he may be to the line of succession, and has tried to lure him back. The prince said that recent statements by Mamduh bin Abdulaziz, one of the eldest surviving brothers of King Salman, indicated wider resentment within the family as a whole. "There is so much anger within the royal family," Prince Khaled said, "I took this information and appeal to my uncles Ahmed and Muqrin, who are the sons of Abdulaziz and are highly educated, well versed and able to change things for the better. I can say that we are all behind them and support them."


As Drug War Casualties Mount, Mexicans Take to the Streets Demanding Answers MintPress News

MEXICO CITY Three film students in southwest Mexico go out to film a homework assignment; they are kidnapped and killed, their bodies dissolved in acid.

Two tourists one German, one Polish are traveling through southern Mexico on their bicycles; pathologists say one man was beaten and the other shot in the head execution-style, their bodies likely dumped near a highway.

A group of men, driving from Baja California to Coahuila to drop off a car, vanish and are never heard from again.

Modern Mexico has never seen so much bloodshed, or so many people who simply disappear as if by magic. Like bodies in a mass grave, the stories of a country seemingly at war with itself pile up. There were more than 25,000 homicides in 2017, the highest annual toll since the country began counting murders in 1997. Government officials and pro-government journalists have tried to portray the profligate violence as some cosmic coincidence in which many victims were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Not many here buy it. What is becoming increasingly clear to Mexicans is that, in a state increasingly governed by criminal drug cartels and corrupt politicians, any place can be the wrong place and any time the wrong time and Mexicos expanding lawlessness means almost no one is safe.


Banding together and turning up the pressure



EPA busted in IQ lowering scandal Health Nut News

By Stuart Cooper Campaign Director, Fluoride Action Network In November 2016, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) together with a coalition of organizations and private citizens, including Food & Water Watch, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, and Moms Against Fluoridation, presented a petition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) []

The post EPA busted in IQ lowering scandal appeared first on Health Nut News.


Texas lieutenant governor calls for 'hardening' of school buildings in wake of latest shooting Signs of the Times

Texas lieutenant governor Patrick called Sunday for a "hardening" of the nation's school buildings in the wake of the attack by a 17-year-old student who killed 10 people at a high school near Houston. Patrick, a Republican, blamed a "culture of violence" and said more needs to be done to keep shooters away from students, such as restricting school entrances and arming teachers. "When you're facing someone who's an active shooter, the best way to take that shooter down is with a gun. But even better than that is four to five guns to one," he told CNN's "State of the Union." On ABC's "The Week", Patrick said he supports background checks for gun purchasers but stressed that "gun regulation starts at home."


New CPU Speculative Execution Flaws Just Keep Rolling In Qntra

Yet another vulnerability baked into the "speculative execution" optimizations bundled with many contemporary CPUs has been documented (archived). Expect this trend to continue well into the future.


Why Germanys Public Wont Drink the Anti-Russia Kool-Aid MintPress News

Despite poison gas, barrel bombs and annexation a large part of propaganda is going nowhere in Germany. Recent surveys show a pronounced media literacy among many citizens and a great yearning for German-Russian rapprochement.

The first survey of interest might be the one Forsa Institute did on behalf of RTL (private media TV) about the trust of Germans in their ffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunk, the public broadcast. It showed that only 48% of Germans think ARD and ZDF would do their job well (9%) or very well (39%). 30% of Germans think that they do a mediocre job, and 14% think they do it badly. Yet still 74% support the dual system of public and private broadcast. So, Germans do want their public broadcast TV, but they criticize it and 44% consider the monthly fee of 17.50 too high. A bigger problem with the TV tax, as most citizens call it, is that it is charged per household, regardless of whether you own a TV or not. Even cars have to pay for their radios (with a few marginal exceptions), which is especially a burden for small businesses like plumbers since they have to pay for almost every rolling thing in their car pool. So, public broadcasting, yay, funding and information, rather nay.

Another poll conducted by Civey about the trust of German citizens into the press in general shows that 53.3% have no confidence in the media, a fifth (20.8%) has even absolutely no confidence. A third of Germans (33.9%) as strong confidence in the media, but only 1.9% have total confidence. So, if you include the weekly and daily rags, the trusting citizens become a (slight) minority.

So far so trustworthy. The following surveys, however, really surprised me to my delight.

An earlier poll from March and also conducted by Forsa revealed that 91% of Germans dont see Russia as a threat. In the age group of 18-29 it is even a staggering 98%! This is the generation that was born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and has never experienced the claustrophobia of the Cold War. They are currently attending universities together with about 15,000 Russian expat students and they grew up with the children of three to six million Russian speakers (estimations vary) living in Germany. I would be surprised if they saw Russia as a threat at all. Further, 83% of respondents said they think Trump might wage war to enforce his interests, 65% said the same about Putin. Polls can only deliver quantitative measures, so Im s...


CNN: Trouble in Big Food: Americas cereal, soda and soup companies are in turmoil Health Nut News

(Note from Erin: My editor lives in a city built on the production of cereal and has heard this exact thing from the workers who are being laid off and losing their jobs, people arent buying cereal anymore. And the fact that CEOs and board members are profit hungry and historically inflexible doesnt help, either.) RELATED []

The post CNN: Trouble in Big Food: Americas cereal, soda and soup companies are in turmoil appeared first on Health Nut News.


Zombie property: What research says about abandoned buildings The Fifth Column

(Journalists Resource) Communities around the country grapple with what to do with their vacant and abandoned buildings, which, over time, can become eyesores. Not only are dilapidated buildings ugly, they can hurt the value of surrounding property and become hangouts for drug dealers, prostitutes and the homeless. Elected leaders know they are also major barriers to revitalizing urban areas such as downtown shopping districts and low-income neighborhoods.

Vacant and abandoned buildings are such serious problems that some local governments threaten steep fines if owners allow their unused buildings to fall into disrepair or become safety hazards. Some states have adopted laws to fight urban blight. For example, in 2016, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed sweeping legislation to prevent foreclosures and rehabilitate zombie properties. A law in Washington state that takes effect in May 2018 will allow cities to force lending institutions to maintain properties that are empty during foreclosure.

Many journalists covering local governments will inevitably have to cover issues related to abandoned property and urban renewal. To help, Journalists Resource has gathered a sampling of research that looks at redevelopment efforts in cities such as Detroit and Cleveland as well as studies that examine how abandoned structures affect crime, property values and public health.


Preventing and reusing abandoned buildings


Reuse of Abandoned Property in Detroit and Flint
Dewar, Margaret. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 2015. DOI: 10.1177/0739456X15589815.

Abstract: When owners stop paying property taxes, a government forecloses on the property. This research compares outcomes after auctions, the common way governments sell tax-reverted property, with outcomes after sales from a city department and a land bank authority. Data on a random sample of sold properties came from field research and administrative sources. Auctions failed in returning property to reuse compared to other ways of selling tax-reverted property. Managed sales led to more owner-occupied homes, additions of side lots to homes and businesses, and redevelopment and reuse as well as fewer returns to foreclosure and less property flipping.



FIFTY8 Interviews Nancy Addison Part IV of V -- Nutrition and Health Operation Disclosure



Internationally-Renowned Nutritionist, Chef, Environmental Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host.

PART IV - Change Your Diet = Change Your Life

Nancy talks about energy in our food and how love should be always be the main ingredient. In her books she talks about how the first year of a childs life is one of the most important times that they are effected by food. Food is what makes us feel safe and loved, its our comfort. We turn to food when weve had a bad day and it reminds us of our childhood and unconditional love.

Most of her clients that she works with today is how to change the comfort food they want. She shares alternatives to candy, meat, ice cream and more on wonderful nutritional replacements that are good for you. She notices how we need to stop gulping stuff down and sit down and savor our food. She also describes what Electrolytes are how salt is more valuable than gold. Our bodies need salt and she shares how white salt has all the electrolytes taken out of it and added with high fructose corn syrup and iodine added to it. Our body reads white salt as a poison. Real salt is unrefined mineral rich salt which adults should have at least 1 teaspoon a day so our bodies can function. She also informs how important salt was during wars and in our history and how important these minerals are in our body.

She recommends Bolivian Rose Sea Salt which s...


The best Pizzagate documentary I have seen Atavisionary

I use the word best with some reservation. This a quite disturbing topic, but the documentary is well put together and high quality. As I

The post The best Pizzagate documentary I have seen appeared first on Atavisionary.


Could Israel be Expelled from the United Nations? MintPress News

The conditions of membership in the U.N. are specified in the U.N. Charter. Specifically, Articles 5 and 6 of the Charter of the United Nations deal respectively with suspension of rights and privileges of membership, and with expulsion from the United Nations. But the operative part is Article 6, which reads:

A Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the Organization by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.

Israel certainly qualifies, but the United States Government, which is controlled by the anti-Shia and anti-Iran alliance between Israels Government providing the anti-Iran lobbyists and propagandists, and the Saudi Government providing the anti-Iran bribe-money, wont allow that. Consequently, no matter how violative of the U.N. Charter Israel is, it cannot be expelled.

The United States Government likewise is routinely violating the U.N. Charter and cannot be expelled, because this very Government is on the U.N.s own Security Council as one of the five permanent members: it would veto its own expulsion.

Consequently, a fatal flaw in the current U.N. Charter is that no vote by the U.N. General Assembly can expel a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council. Nor can they expel any member of the General Assembly thats backed by one or more members of the permanent Security Council.

Until this situation is changed and a stated percentage of the votes from the General Assembly can expel a member from the U.N. General Assembly, there can be no international accountability applied against a member of the U.N. Security Council permanent five nations; and the U.S. Government, being a member of that, will continue to be allowed to do whatever its Saudi and Israeli masters want it to do thereby protecting both Israel and Saudi Arabia themselves, and giving each of those two masters virtually as much freedom-of-action as the U.S. has; the U.S. Governments masters buy impunity, indirectly, from their protector.

The most fatal failure of the U.N. Charter is thus its prohibiting any amendment that one of the five permanent Security Council members opposes.

The issue of what the conditions would be for amending the U.N. Charter was debated while the U.N. Charter...


New Phase of the 5D Shift Activated Unwinding the Karmic Construct Wake Up World

23rd May 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World As we pass through the Inflexion Point between the Old Paradigm and the New, the influx of vibrant energy pulls on the tethering of the old Karmic Construct, progressively unraveling it. From past experience, there comes a point where the old reality becomes fundamentally untenable in any kind of fixed state. []


A Critical Look at E-Prime As It Is Explained by Robert Anton Wilson disinformation

Robert Anton Wilson promoted E-Prime as a path towards enlightenment, but there are some severe flaws in his reasoning. If it were not for Robert Anton Wilson I very much doubt I... The post A Critical Look at E-Prime As It Is Explained by Robert Anton Wilson appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]

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(Video) Blackstone Intelligence Network -- USA Waging Secret Wars on Behalf of Rothschild Network Operation Disclosure

Published on Mar 28, 2018

Most Americans don't even know how many wars their own country is engaged in. That is partly because these wars are being waged in secret. I discuss some of those operations in this video.


Anna Von Reitz Direct on Natural and Constitutional Law by Operation Disclosure

Anna Von Reitz Direct on Natural and Constitutional Law

I cannot possibly overstate the urgency of the information I am sharing with you.
The actual sovereign government and its immediate structures is shown in red.  The Federal Government operating under powers delegated to it by the sovereign government is shown in blue.
Heres how the American Government actually organized and authorized delegation of power:


Study: Americans More Prudish, Delusional and Religious Than the Rest of the World MintPress News

Cultural differences exist across borders, and because monoliths are mostly fantasies, often within them, too. That said, America, in particular, is culturally perplexing, and even confounding, to a lot of the rest of the world. I am not, as Americans are wont to do, laboring under the delusion that people in other places spend all that much time thinking about us. We are all, as a species, just trying to get through this thing called life. The conservative American notion that people with far better healthcare, civil rights laws and gun control hate our freedom is a wishful imperialist delusion. Worse, its not fooling anybody at this point.

That said, if all the worlds a stage, America is a prime player: a rich, loud, attention-seeking celebrity not fully deserving of its starring role, often putting in a critically reviled performance and tending toward histrionics that threaten to ruin the show for everybody else. (Also, embarrassingly, possibly the last to know that its career as top biller is in rapid decline.) To the outside onlooker, American cultureIm consolidating an infinitely layered thing to save time and spaceis contradictory and bizarre, hypocritical and self-congratulatory. Its national character is a textbook study in narcissistic tendencies coupled with crushing insecurity issues.

How to reconcile a country that fetishizes violence and is squeamish about sex; conflates Christianity and consumerism; says it loves liberty yet made human rights violations a founding principle? In conversations with non-Americans, should the topic of the U.S. come up, there are often expressions of incredulity and bewilderment about things that seem weird when you arent from here. Talk and think about those things enough, and they also start to seem objectively weird if you are from here, too.

That perception is held even by countries that share similarities with America. The Pew Research Center rounded up surveys from recent years that point out some of the ways American and European attitudes diverge, not infrequently widely. Obviously, theres plenty of cultural difference among European countries, and surveys arent necessarily nuanced in describing how the citizens of entire countries see the world. But these polls do tell us something about the things large swaths of those countries agree on, as well as how those popular ideas tend to differ from pervasive notions and sensibilities within America.

Its fairly common knowledge that Europeans, overall, are less religious than Americans. U.S. presidential speeches always end with a perfunctory God bless America, our athletes thank a god who apparently prefers rigging sports competitions to curing cancer, and there are odes to the lord on our money (Americas Real Highest Power...


9,191 people died of animal attacks across India in 2017-18 - the highest in 5 years Signs of the Times

Between April 2017 and March of this year, more than 9,100 people have been reported dead because of animal attacks, stings from reptiles and scorpions. This record is considered to be the highest in the last five years, as stated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in a query to the Right to Information. This is just the reports telling the rates and there would be many more cases that couldn't have been possible to make it to the medical departments. This brings to the average of 766 deaths every month for over 12 months. According to the latest received data, from April 2018, there have been more 143 animal bites and attacks that also resulted in deaths in India out of which 140 cases of them were found to be from the rural areas.


(Video) Judicial Watch -- New Podesta Emails Reveal Lobbying w/ Pro-Russian Entities in Ukraine Operation Disclosure

Published on May 21, 2018

*CORRECTION* John Podesta did not join the Obama administration until January 2014--not 2013 as stated in the video.

Judicial Watch released new documents from the U.S. Department of State showing the Podesta Group working on behalf of the pro-Russia Ukrainian political group Party of Regions. The new documents also show then-Obama White House Counsel John Podesta lobbying on behalf of his brothers firm.

Like Paul Manafort, who is currently under indictment in the errant special counsel Russia investigation, the Podesta Group had to retroactively file Foreign Agent Registration Act disclosures with the Justice Department for Ukrainian-related work. The filing states that the Podesta group provided for the nonprofit European Centre for a Modern Ukraine government relations and public relations services within the United States and Europe to promote political and economic cooperation between Ukraine and the West. The [Podesta Group] conducted outreach to congressional and executive branch offices, members of the media, nongovernmental organizations and think tanks. Unlike Manafort and his partner Rick Gates, the Mueller special counsel operation hasnt indicted anyone from the Podesta Group.


The Portal: Cobra -- Firing the Grid Update Operation Disclosure

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Monday, May 21, 2018

Firing the Grid Update

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.

Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of cintamani stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough. This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha network. Dragons are asking everybody to treat cintamani stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface cintamani grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

Victory of the Light!


Its Ridiculous Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of Boy Or Girl In Books The Daily Sheeple

For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy

Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids childhoods

That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit childrens books and toys with a plan to ban them from kindergartens, schools and libraries if they dont meet strict gender guidelines.

The Herald Sun reports that the local governments justice warriors were inspired by research from the Australian National University that showed children were influenced by gender stereotyping, and urged a ban on the terms boy and girl.

The research suggests educators should minimise the extent to which gender is labelled and avoid telling children what girls and boys should do.

Parents reacted angrily to the story on social media

This needs to stop. Ive got a two-year-old daughter (yes I picked her gender based on what genitals she was born with) and she plays with cars, trains, tractors, Barbies, dolls and uses her imagination and pretends shes cooking food or being a doctor

Lets just let kids be kids.

Billie Deborah Chin wrote:

Banning the availability of anything, or taking choice away, is definitely the wrong way to go about making classrooms gender neutral. It should be about making everything available to everyone.

We leave it to Ron Wilson from Smooth FM, who told Sunrise its about inclusion, not exclusion but that its important boys are boys and girls are girls.

I wouldnt be banning things, but I would be including more things for everybody to be involved...


Trump Meeting with Rosenstein: Congress to See All "Highly Classified" Information Operation Disclosure

Trump Meeting With Rosenstein, Wray On Spying Concludes: Congress To See All "Highly Classified" Information

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 04:47

Source: Zero Hedge | By Tyler Durden

As previewed earlier, on Monday afternoon president Trump met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director Chris Wray and the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, in a discussion of the latest developments in the bombshell report that the Obama administration used a longtime FBI and CIA asset, identified as 73-year-old Cambridge professor Stefan Halper, to infiltrate and spy on Trump's campaign.

With the meeting concluded, the White House issued a statement according to which the DOJ said it has asked the inspector general to "expand its current investigation to include any irregularities with the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the Department of Justices tactics concerning the Trump Campaign" and adds that "White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested."

Full statement below:

"Based on the meeting with the President, the Department of Justice has asked the Inspector General to expand its current investigation to include any irregularities with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's or the Department of Justice's tactics concerning the Trump Campaign. It was also agreed that White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested."

Translated: a lot of dirty laundry is about to become public.

As Sean Davis points out, the statement confirms Mollie Hemingway's reporting that contrary to claims from the Washing...


Elizabeth Trutwin: Unified Physics and the Proton Mass Operation Disclosure

Unified Physics and the Proton Mass by Elizabeth Trutwin

MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018

Hourglass Nebula

What is Unified Physics?

Because Atoms, which form our existence are, at their centers, Black Holes, only 0.000001% of what we can imagine and visualize is seen. It is true that very little of our Reality do we ever see, including subatomic particles which regulate our bodies, like when we conceive a child. Or the Stars and Planets at night and everything in between. That has made it difficult for Physicists to describe what is called the Physical world. This has lead to general acceptance of science constructs which have no basis in Reality. Add to that the acceptance of using free parameters in the math which is charged with proving the constructs and what is called the standard science model has little foundation based in Reality. Reality is only Physical half the time due to the fact that subatomic sized wormholes pop up everywhere from the Quantum to the Cosmic scale, appearing and disappearing in and out of what is termed existence. The other half of the time the contractive side of Nature is going into a Singularity at the center of the Black Hole to inform All That Is of the Information written to the byte on each individual Planck Plasma Sphere (PSU), in order to highly cohere Physical Reality, to maintain it and enliven it. This is a constant and never-ending process.

Unified Physics is helping much in truly understanding our Physical Reality.

Unified Physics arose in 2009 from the work of Physicist Nassim Haramein. From his bio: Harameins findings are focused on a fundamental geometry of space that connects us all; from the quantum and molecular scale to cosmological objects in the Unive...


Australian birds from different species help each other Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Amazing footage of Western Australias Splendid Fairy-wren

15 okt. 2012
This amazing footage of singing and dancing Splendid Fairy-wrens was taken by Birds in Backyards ambassador Angus Stewart during a spring 2012 visit to Western Australia. Be an Aussie Bird friend by registering for free membership at

From the University of Chicago Medical Center in the USA:

Birds from different species recognize each other and cooperate

Researchers show for the first time how birds from two different species recognize individuals and cooperate for mutual benefit

May 21, 2018

Summary: Scientists show how two different species of Australian fairy-wrens not only recognize individual birds from other species, but also form long-term partnerships that help them forage and defend their shared space as a group.

Cooperation among different species of birds is common. Some birds build their nests near those of larger, more aggressive species to deter predators, and flocks of mixed species forage for food and defend territories together in alliances that can last for years. In most cases, though, these partnerships are not between specific individuals of the other species any bird from the other species will do.

But in a new study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, scientists from the University of Chicago and University of Nebraska show how two different species of Australian fairy-wrens not only recognize individua...


An Israel-Iran War is Unlikely to Happen Any Time Soon MintPress News

Writing in the Asia Times earlier this month, David P. Goldman lamented that an Israel-Iran war is unlikely to take place any time soon. His observation appears surprising considering the mainstream media has been hyping up the idea of such a war over the past few months.

Nevertheless, he is correct. Short of something catastrophic that completely upsets the current status quo, there are many signs that Israel and Iran are not headed for a direct confrontation in the immediate future. Though the mainstream media dishonestly advertises such a war, the truth is that Israels next war will not take place in Iran or even Syria for that matter. It is far more likely to take place in Lebanon.

As Goldman explained:

Harder to calculate is Irans capacity to hit Israel. Hezbollah has perhaps 120,000 missiles in Lebanon, more than enough to swamp Israels Iron Dome and other defenses. They are embedded in approximately 200 Shiite villages in Lebanons south. That makes it difficult for the Israeli Army to attack missile launchers without killing a large number of Shiite civilians who provide an enormous human shield.

But if Israel perceives the missiles as an existential threat, it will bomb Lebanon back to the stone age, as Transportation Minister Israel Katz said in February. Casualties would be in tens of thousands. Hezbollah is Irans ally and to a great extent its creation, but an Israeli counterattack might mean the end of the Shiite community in Lebanon with catastrophic casualty levels what one Israeli analyst described as a Dresden, referring to the destruction of the German city by firestorm during the Second World War.

As Anti-Media has documented over the past few years, Israel has been actively preparing for a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon for some time, including conducting extensive military drills that simulated a full-on invasion of Lebanese territory.

Theres no doubt that Israel is planning for a war with Hezbollah, but it isnt an easy task, public intellectual Professor Noam Chomsky told Anti-Media via email last week.

According to Israeli intelligence, Hezbollah has lots of missiles based in many parts of Lebanon that are capable of serious damage to Israeli cities, and to take them all out would require quick virtual d...


Expelled Russian diplomats allowed back after shooting some Palestinians Signs of the Times

DOZENS of countries who expelled Russian diplomats in March have agreed to allow the officials back after it was reported that they shot and killed Palestinians in the Gaza strip earlier this week. Originally deported from Ireland, the US, France, Italy and Germany, in solidarity with the UK over an alleged spy attack which is still shrouded in mystery, over 150 Russian diplomats made their way to Israel last week in the hopes of getting 'back on side' with their assigned nations. "Murdering Palestinians in cold blood seems to be the only way to get into their good books these days, as shown by our Israeli friends who seem to be impervious to expulsions," explained Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, while pointing to a wall of death containing the pictures of the dead men, women and children the diplomats assassinated in cold blood, "so we decided to send all of our ousted diplomats on a killing spree in Gaza to appease our overlords, and thankfully it seems to have worked". Following confirmation of the killings, each diplomat was immediately granted access back to their allocated nation, with Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney stating that he was very happy with Ireland's previously expelled Russian official: "I've seen the pictures of the dead Palestinians he has killed and I am delighted to welcome back our Russian friend to Dublin to carry out whatever it is he does here".


Raqqa gas field back in operation after being liberated by Syrian govt Signs of the Times

A highly-productive gas field formerly held by the Islamic State in west countryside of Raqqa is now operational again following a reconstruction process by the Syrian government. The 250,000 m3 -capacity Dabisan gas field - along others gas and oil fields in the area - was once under the control of ISIS before the terror group is driven out by a major offensive launched by the Syrian Army and allies. The Syrian government is now seeking to rehabilitate the other 3 gas fields in the same area in order to boost its energy production that feeds the power plants countrywide. ISIS has destroyed all the gas and oil fields before forced to retreat eastwards. Syria's oil wealth - mainly lies in the country's central and eastern areas - is now divided mainly between the Syrian government and Kurdish militia.


Pompeo Issues Laundry List of Demands to Iran, Threatens Strongest Sanctions in History MintPress News

In a speech at the right-wing Heritage Foundation on Monday that critics said should put to rest all lingering illusions that the Trump White House wants anything other than regime change in Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined a wildly unrealistic list of demands that Iran must meet if it wants nuclear talks with America and warned that the U.S. will crush Tehran with sanctions if it doesnt comply.

Pompeo has not outlined a strategy, but rather a grab bag of wishful thinking that can only be interpreted as a call for regime change in Iran, Suzanne Maloney, a senior fellow at the Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, wrote on Twitter in response to the secretary of states remarks. This speech could have been given word-for-word by [national security adviser John] Bolton.

Echoing Maloneys assessment of Pompeos newly unveiled Plan B for nuclear negotiationswhich comes around two weeks after President Donald Trump violated the Iran nuclear accord and placed the U.S. on the path to yet another war in the Middle EastNational Iranian American Council (NIAC) president Trita Parsi arguedthat the Trump administrations demands are intentionally unrealistic and clearly designed to ensure there cannot be any new negotiation.

If you maximize pressure and set unachievable demands, you solely pave the way for war, Parsi wrote. That is the objective of Trump, and thats been the objective of his cheerleaders in Saudi and Israel.


Facebook Partners With Hawkish Atlantic Council, a NATO Lobby Group, to Protect Democracy MintPress News

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA Facebook is hoping that a new alliance with the Atlantic Council a leading geopolitical strategy think-tank seen as a de facto PR agency for the U.S. government and NATO military alliance will not only solve its fake news and disinformation controversy, but will also help the social media monolith play a positive role in ensuring democracy on a global level.

The new partnership will effectively ensure that Atlantic Council will serve as Facebooks eyes and ears, according to a company press statement. With its leadership comprised of retired military officers, former policymakers, and top figures from the U.S. National Security State and Western business elites, the Atlantic Councils role policing the social network should be viewed as a virtual takeover of Facebook by the imperialist state and the councils extensive list of ultra-wealthy and corporate donors.

The partnership is only the latest in a steady stream of announced plans by the Menlo Park, California-based company to address controversy surrounding its role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The company has been mired in scandal stemming from the allegations of election interference carried out through the social network usually pinned on the Russian government and ranging from the use of independent media to the theft of Facebook user data by political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.

The announcement should sound alarm bells when one considers the Atlantic Councils list of sponsors including, but not limited to, war-profiteering defense contractors; agencies aligned with Washington and the Pentag...


Muslim "sex mob" hoax leads to gruesome murder in Germany Signs of the Times

The body of a mother in her late twenties was found in a park in Frankfurt earlier this month. Irina A. owned her own real estate company. Originally from Moldova, recent photographs show a pretty woman with swept-back bleached blond hair, a no-nonsense expression, and a bling Star of David pendant. One of the last pictures that she posted on her Instagram account carried the hashtag #theworldismine. Her body had been dragged into the grass, and her face had been mutilated beyond recognition. There were "around 20 stab wounds," according to the state attorney's spokeswoman. Her purse was missing, and, according to a police report, so was her jewelry. The man who was arrested two days later for Irina A.'s murder is a 50-year-old starsucker and financially flailing restaurateur named Jan Mai, who had persuaded her to invest in one of his clubs two years earlier. The German public already knew his name, and hers, in a particular context. Last year, in an attempt to get some free publicity, Mai had the idea to offer Germany's best-selling newspaper, Bild, a story about "50 Arab men" who stormed into his bar on New Year's Eve 2016, groped "the girls," and stole their jackets.


Why Trump Is Tweeting Up A Storm, Google Terminator Program Is HERE We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas discuss the latest global news and go beyond mainstream media lies and propaganda to bring you the full storythe true story. Trump cant hide his anger over the Mueller investigation as more information comes out about the DOJ informants used in his campaign.

Luke also warns young people about the pitfalls of paying back massive college loans.

The post Why Trump Is Tweeting Up A Storm, Google Terminator Program Is HERE appeared first on We Are Change.


Remains of gray whale found near Bowerman Airport, Washington Signs of the Times

The remains of a juvenile female gray whale were discovered near the western shore of Bowerman Airport on Monday. It's approximately 24-feet-long. There was no indication of entanglement, said Jessie Huggins from Cascadia Research. She said it had probably been dead for a couple weeks, and that it was likely one or two years old. You can view it from the furthest viewing point on the Sandpiper Trail with a good camera or binoculars.


UK suspends Russian billionaire, Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich Signs of the Times

Chelsea's Russian owner Roman Abramovich has gone home after his UK visa ran out, it has emerged. The London-based billionaire did not attend Saturday's FA Cup final at Wembley, when his team beat Manchester United 1-0. Reports suggest the 51-year-old oil and gas tycoon returned to his native country last month when his visa expired. Without updated paperwork he would be unable to come back to Britain, where he has a massive home and business interests. Last night there was speculation the visa renewal was being dragged out amid pressure on the Government to take a tougher approach to rich foreign oligarchs. The riddle follows growing UK-Moscow diplomatic tensions over the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.


The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know The Crazz Files

by Jon Rappoport

May 21, 2018

First of all, as I reported some months ago, 25% of college students in America have received a diagnosis of a mental disorder, or are on psychiatric drugs. Read More


Post mortem on pygmy sperm whale ashore in Melbourne, Australia Signs of the Times

A dead whale has been taken to a Melbourne zoo for a post mortem to find out how it washed ashore in the western suburbs. The distressed 2.4-metre pygmy sperm whale was found by a commercial fisherman washed up around Kororoit Creek, Hobsons Bay, on Monday afternoon. It was later euthanised after environment department and veterinary staff tried unsuccessfully for hours to save it by enticing it into deeper waters. Department incident spokesperson Shane Vandenborn said the stressed whale was unable to swim unaided and would have drowned without intervention. Its body was taken to Werribee Zoo for an autopsy. Source: Australian Associated Press


"Grotesque inhumanity" in 'Great' Britain: Hundreds of homeless people fined and imprisoned Signs of the Times

Growing numbers of vulnerable homeless people are being fined, given criminal convictions and even imprisoned for begging and rough sleeping, the Guardian can reveal. Despite updated Home Office guidance at the start of the year, which instructs councils not to target people for being homeless and sleeping rough, the Guardian has found over 50 local authorities with public space protection orders (PSPOs) in place Homeless people are banned from town centres, routinely fined hundreds of pounds and sent to prison if caught repeatedly asking for money in some cases. Local authorities in England and Wales have issued hundreds of fixed-penalty notices and pursued criminal convictions for "begging", "persistent and aggressive begging" and "loitering" since they were given strengthened powers to combat antisocial behaviour in 2014 by then home secretary, Theresa May.


Hawaii becomes first state in the U.S. to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos Health Nut News

At the beginning of the month, Hawaii made history by becoming the first state in the U.S. to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos. The highly toxic neurotoxin causes significant damage to brain development in children and under the Obama administration the EPA had pledged to ban its use in agriculture ( the Pruitt-led EPA under the current []

The post Hawaii becomes first state in the U.S. to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos appeared first on Health Nut News.


Why is Frankie Boyle surprised that the BBC, propaganda arm of the UK government, censored his comments on "apartheid" Israel? Signs of the Times

Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has voiced his displeasure at the BBC allegedly editing out his monologue that included a claim that Israel is an 'apartheid' state on his 'New World Order' show. But should he be surprised? He told his Twitter followers that the public service broadcaster had removed the section where he talked about "Israel being an Apartheid state. Edited out for reasons nobody has yet explained to me, despite assurances to the contrary." Boyle was posting following a social media backlash against his segment on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the apparent 'crisis' of anti-Semitism in left wing politics. Boyle alongside fellow comedian David Baddiel focused on pillorying Corbyn for his perceived lack of action on anti-Semitism that they say has enveloped the Labour party. Comment: A baseless smear against Corbyn whipped up into a frenzy by the very same mainstream media outlets which censor the very real genocide Israel is committing against the Palestinians - one would think Boyle would have learnt from experience.


Trump admin slaps even more sanctions on Venezuela after Maduro's re-election Signs of the Times

The Trump administration has stepped up economic pressure on Venezuela, announcing new financial sanctions which prohibit US citizens from purchasing any Venezuelan debt. The move comes in response to the reelection of President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday, which official Washington has dismissed as a "sham" and refused to recognize. "We call for the Maduro regime to restore democracy, hold free and fair elections, release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally, and end the repression and economic deprivation of the Venezuelan people," Trump said in a statement.


Iran promises EU it will adhere to nuke deal 'on one condition' Signs of the Times

Faced with the prospect of renewed US sanctions, Iran is looking for efforts by Washington's European allies to keep the 2015 nuclear accord alive. Iran has promised the EU to adhere to the terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement provided that EU countries make up for the damage Tehran may suffer from US sanctions, Iran's nuclear chief, Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters. Over the weekend Salehi met with the European commissioner for energy and climate, Miguel Arias Canete, who had been dispatched to Tehran with a plan to stop Iran's financial isolation and ensure its continued implementation of the terms of the nuclear accord.


Wayne Jett: 5G + GeoEngineering = Genocide Public Intelligence Blog


Make Government Stop It!

By Wayne Jett

Classical Capital,  May 15, 2018

The plan of the global ruling elite to exterminate all humans except themselves and their selected slaves has been in writing, in English, since 1901. The scrivener (or shill) who wrote the plan, H. G. Wells, was promptly invited into halls of power around the world, including the White Houses of both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, the Kremlin of Joseph Stalin and, of course, palaces of west European royalty. The plan expressly stated among its goals that, by the year 2000, ascendant nations must learn how to poison unwanted human populations. The elitist cabal is behind schedule and frustrated in 2018, but working hard to catch up.

EMR Can Cook Your Eyeballs Like Eggs

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Who Could Make This Intricate Crop Formation With Binary Code Message Included, in the Middle of the Night? Humans Are Free

The crop circle above appeared in 2002, in a field near Crabwood, UK. Yes, its real, its been filmed and documented in the Crop Circle archives, and you can see better pictures and video footage of it below.

It also includes a hand with fingers and in the hand is a disc with a binary code, as well as 3 points in alignment over the beings right shoulder that may represent the constellation of Orion (Orions Belt).

Crop circles happen all over the world, and theyre made quite often. Constantly ignored by mainstream media, these intricate, complicated, precise and beautiful designs only seem to be brought up in a ridicule type piece.

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'Amazon Guardians' seize illegal loggers to defend uncontacted tribe RSS feed from

An Amazon group protecting their rainforest reserve from illegal loggers has seized a logging gang, burned their truck and expelled them from the jungle.


Anna Von Reitz Direct on Natural and Constitutional Law Public Intelligence Blog

Email Communication of 19 May 2018.

Published with permission.

From Anna von Reitz

I cannot possibly overstate the urgency of the information I am sharing with you.

The actual sovereign government and its immediate structures is shown in red.  The Federal Government operating under powers delegated to it by the sovereign government is shown in blue.

Heres how the American Government actually organized and authorized delegation of power:

People form Families and Families form Family Farm Communities = Colonies

The United States (original) formed by the Colonies via The Unanimous Declaration of Independence and State Declarations.   The Colonies did not disappear. The Colonies went on to form themselves into republics for example, The Maine Republic (land jurisdiction) and The Republic of Maine (sea jurisdiction).  See The    Ultimate Supreme Republican Declaration of the United Colonies of America.  They also formed independent States = Estates doing business as Georgia, Maine, New York, et alia.   The separate States hold the soil (national) jurisdiction and The United States (original) holds their national level soil jurisdiction in common for the purposes of the Declaration commitment. Soil is defined as the first six inches of the Earths surface.  

The United States of America (original) formed by the Second Continental Congress September 9, 1776  dba of The United States for the conduct of private international trade, a holding company in the form of a Federation of States.    Member States are Georgia, Maine, New York, et alia.  The United States of America holds the international land jurisdiction of the member StatesLand is defined as the Earth below six inches of the surface. It also acts as a Holding Company for all other international and global powers the States delegate to it to be exercised in common. This is where the delegated powers are collected together and delegated from to create the Federal Government.  



Mongoose: Global Open Source Intelligence Market Report Public Intelligence Blog


Global Open Source Intelligence Market Will Reach USD 25,900 million by 2026: Zion Market Research

Zion Market Research has published a new report titled Open Source Intelligence Market by Deployment Type (Cloud and On-premises); by Source (Public Government Data, Professional and Academic Publications, Commercial Data, Grey Literature, Media, and Internet); by Security Type (Data Analytics, Text Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Human Intelligence, Content Intelligence, and Dark Web Analysis); for Application (Private Sector, Public Sector, Military and Defense, Homeland Security, and National Security) Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 2026.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Worth a read to understand just how crappy the current understanding of OSINT is. OSINT is actually a multi-billion dollar marketplace, and that will increase toward tens of billions once Active OSINT is fully implemented. Done right, Active OSINT will also have a mutli-trillion dollar impact on the larger marketplace by eliminating corruption and waste to create the post-Western equitable economy and fully democratic governments at all levels.

See Especially:

Steele, Robert. Healing the Self & Healing the World: The Open Source Way, Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 2 September 2017 no longer available where previously published in Defence and Intelligence Norway, September 13, 2017.

Steele, Robert, ...


Bigfoot: The 10 most convincing sightings? Signs of the Times

For decades, people around the world have been fascinated with the legend of bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, or whatever you choose to call it. Sightings of a furry, upright biped and reports of beastly footprints have been reported from as far afield as the Himalayas. Although no definitive proof exists, the (often questionable) reports continue adding up. Outside plunged into the deep, dark corners of this subculture to compile the most famous-perhaps most convincing-bigfoot photos ever captured. Here's the evidence. Is bigfoot real? You be the judge. Photo above: Arguably the most famous and influential Bigfoot footage is the 1967 film shot by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in Northern California. The "Bigfoot walk" it depicts has been parodied by many, but never truly replicated. Even with this enhanced image, it's hard to tell if it's a person in a gorilla suit or the real deal. A youth group was camping in the Marble Mountain Wilderness when leader Jim Mills noticed a strange-looking creature skulking along a ridge nearby. He filmed it for nearly seven minutes, making the somewhat-grainy footage the longest video of an alleged bigfoot sighting.


Being a foster child made me conservative Signs of the Times

Mr. Henderson served in the Air Force before going to Yale, where he majored in psychology. He graduated on Monday. There aren't many conservative students at Yale: fewer than 12 percent, according to a survey by our student newspaper. There are fewer former foster children. I am one of the rare students on campus who can claim both identities. My unusual upbringing has shaped my conservatism. My birth mother was addicted to drugs. As a young child, I spent five years in foster care. At age 7, I was adopted, but for a long time after that I was raised in broken homes.


How Can Any Lebanese Try to Discredit Nadine Labakis Achievement? Blog Baladi

One can argue whether Nadine Labakis movies are good or not, and whether there are better Lebanese directors or not, but to try and discredit her most recent achievement at the 2018 Cannes Festival is absurd and incomprehensible. Shes a Lebanese director, a female director, whose movie got nominated for the most prestigious prize at the Cannes Festival and ended up winning the Jury Prize, the second ever in Lebanons history and the first ever award for an Arab filmmaker in the past 12 years!

This is a huge achievement for any director and specifically for a female Lebanese/Arab director and it should be praised as such, whether you like Nadine Labaki or not.

What saddens me about this anti-Labaki campaign is that it was triggered by an ignorant tweet, to say the least. The tweet in question, mentioned below, somehow tries to undermine The Jury Prize won and belittling the achievement by comparing it to the martyrdom of fighters in Qsseir in 2013. How she managed to bring martyrs and war into this debate, and how she was able to judge a movie and a director even before watching it also are beyond me. In fact, her tweet given her political aspirations are more disrespectful to the martyrs mentioned than to Labaki.

To make it even worse, she labels those praising Capharnam or Nadine (without referring to them by name), the sons of Phoenicia, which doesnt make any sense. Who are those Phoenicians? Who is she referring to? What does being of Phoenician or Persian or Roman heritage have anything to do with praising art and celebrating a astounding win for the Lebanese cinema?

All in all, thats just a sample of the hate comments being spread online and to be honest, theres no point in answering them, because the rationale behind it is just absurd, and there mere fact that a Lebanese, any Lebanese, could spread so much hate against a fellow Lebanese and more specifically one that is being praised by the whole world for her achievement is a good enough reason to ignore them.

As Ive said it on several occasions, we MUST keep art, sports & culture away from politics in Lebanon otherwise we are ruining them. Whether its censoring movies, or forbidding foreign artists from performing here or forcing athletes to withdraw from international competitions, all these actions are only harming us and halting our advanceme...


London Grenfell inquiry opens with tributes to victims Dear Kitty. Some blog

London Grenfell fire victims

By Sam Tobin in London, England:

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Grenfell inquiry opens with tributes to lost loved ones

Sam Tobin reports from Kensington

THE BEREAVED of Grenfell Tower opened the public inquiry into the disaster today with emotional tributes to their loved ones who perished in the blaze.

A dozen of the 72 people who lost their lives last June 14 were commemorated on the first of six days of tributes held at a hotel in Kensington, west London.

Lead counsel to the inquiry Richard Millett QC read out the names of six victims on behalf of those families for whom the weight of grief is simply too great to bear [and who have] chosen to grieve privately or in silence.

They were Victoria King, 71, and her daughter Alexandra Atala, 40, Marco Gottardi, 27, Abufars Ibrahim, 39, Abdesalam Sebbar, 77, and Sheila, 84.

Marcio Gomes, who escaped from the 21st floor with his wife Andreia and two young daughters, gave a moving tribute to his son Logan, who was stillborn just after the fire.

He said that Logan might not be [here] physically, but he will always be here in our hearts and that will be forever.

Anne-Marie Murphy, the sister of Denis Murphy, 56, said he was as much a dad as a brother to her and her siblings, Mick and Tim.

She said: We as a family feel strongly that there is no reason in the world why anyone should have...


Stacey Cunningham: 4 things to know about the NYSEs first woman CEO Fast Company

Fearless girl turned fearless leader.

For the first time in its 226-year history, the New York Stock Exchange has a woman CEO. Stacey Cunningham, who is currently the NYSEs chief operating officer, will become the exchanges 67th president as of Friday.

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Deadly Nipah virus has no cure and little is known about its transmission has re-emerged in India Signs of the Times

At least nine people in southern India have died in cases linked to an outbreak of the rare and extremely deadly Nipah virus, according to a report by the BBC. Nipah is considered a newly emerging deadly virus - scientists only found out that it could jump from bats to other species, including humans, within the past 20 years. The disease is currently incurable and can be transmitted from person to person. It has killed between 40 percent and 75 percent of infected people in most outbreaks.

Deadly Nipah virus has no cure, little is known about its transmission, and it has re-emerged in India Signs of the Times

At least nine people in southern India have died in cases linked to an outbreak of the rare and extremely deadly Nipah virus, according to a report by the BBC. Nipah is considered a newly emerging deadly virus - scientists only found out that it could jump from bats to other species, including humans, within the past 20 years. The disease is currently incurable and can be transmitted from person to person. It has killed between 40 percent and 75 percent of infected people in most outbreaks.


Moving Slowly & Avoiding Breakage La Paz Group


Panthera onca. The jaguar is the king of neotropical forests, where it is the largest of the cats. Its presence at the White City indicates an extensive, thriving ecosystem.  Washington State University, Panthera, Wildlife Conservation Society, Zamorano University, Honduran Forest Conservation Institute, Travis King, John Polisar, Manfredo Turcios

When the journalist Douglas Preston shared this story, I was in the process of closing up shop in India, where we had been in residence sinc...


Seth Meyers shows why Twitter never should have given Trump 280 Fast Company

The only way to get through newscasters reading Trumps tweets is in fast forward, as Seth Meyers discovers.

What: A demonstration of the presidents long-winded digital nature.

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Worldwide ocean anoxia driven by global cooling was possible factor in previous mass extinctions Signs of the Times

For decades, scientists have conducted research centered around the five major mass extinctions that have shaped the world we live in. The extinctions date back more than 450 million years with the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction to the deadliest extinction, the Late Permian extinction 250 million years ago that wiped out over 90 percent of species. Over the years, scientists have figured out the main causes of the mass extinctions, which include massive volcanic eruptions, global warming, asteroid collisions, and acidic oceans as likely culprits. Other factors sure to play part include methane eruptions and marine anoxic events-when oceans lose life-supporting oxygen.


Threatened giant Chinese salamander not one, but five species Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

15 December 2015

Scientists have found an ancient giant salamander alive. Experts say it may be 200 years old. The enormous 4.5-foot-long and 115-pound amphibian was lurking in a cave near Chongqing, China.

Read more here.

From ScienceDaily:

Giant Chinese salamander is at least five distinct species, all heading toward extinction

May 21, 2018

With individuals weighing in at more than 140 pounds, the critically endangered Chinese giant salamander is well known as the worlds largest amphibian. But researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology on May 21 now find that those giant salamanders arent one species, but five, and possibly as many as eight. The bad news as highlighted by another report appearing in the same issue is that all of the salamanders once thought to occur widely across China now face the imminent threat of extinction in the wild, due in no small part to demand for the amphibians as luxury food.

The discoveries highlight the importance of genetic assessments to properly identify the salamanders, the researchers say. It also suggests that the farming and release of giant salamanders back into the wild without any regard for their genetic differences is putting the salamanders already dire future at even greater risk. In fact, some of the five newly identified species may already be extinct in the wild.

We were not surprised to discover more than one species, as an earlier study suggested, but the extent of diversity perhaps up to eight species uncovered by the analyses sat us back in our chairs, says Jing Che from the...


Humans are just 0.01% of life, but we still annihilated the rest of It RSS feed from

Humankind is pathetically lightweight in comparison to the mass of almost all other living things on Earth, but while our bodies may be tiny, our crushing footprint is not.


American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

American Prosperity Has Become American Poverty
by Bob Shanahan

"More than 40 percent of American households cannot afford rent, transportation, childcare, or a cellphone, according to a new study from the United Way Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Project, obtained by Axios. U.S. households are still struggling despite living during the second longest recovery in our nations history.

United Way ALICE Project Director Stephanie Hoopes, Ph.D., told Axios, based on 2016 data, there were 34.7 million households in that group double the 16.1 million that are in actual poverty. Combining for almost 51 million American households essentially living in poverty in the land of the American Dream.



What do women want in swimwear? Different levels of butt coverage Fast Company

As direct-to-consumer brands that sell their products online, swimwear startups have been able to collect a lot of data about consumer tastes.

Theres been a boom in swimwear startups, with brands like Andie, Summersalt, and Sidway hitting the market over the last few years. As direct-to-consumer brands that sell their products online, rather than through department stores, they have been able to collect a lot of data and feedback from customers. Andie, which launched last year, compiled some of the most interesting insights for us.

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"How It Really Is" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

How many times do you have to get hit over the
 head until you figure out who's hitting you?
- Harry S. Truman


Robots Fight Weeds in Challenge to Agrochemical Giants

Via: Reuters: In a field of sugar beet in Switzerland, a solar-powered robot that looks like a table on wheels scans the rows of crops with its camera, identifies weeds and zaps them with jets of blue liquid from its mechanical tentacles. Undergoing final tests before the liquid is replaced with weedkiller, the Swiss robot []


People of conscience: Message from Israeli soldiers on the occupation of Gaza Signs of the Times

Join us for a public reading of testimonies from soldiers who served in Gaza. Friday, 25.05.18 | Habima Square, Tel Aviv | 11:00 We, soldiers sent to the Gaza Strip to carry out violent rounds of combat, implement the IDF's open fire regulations, and partake in the devastating destruction of the lives and property of millions of people, state loud and clear: demonstrations must not be dispersed with live fire. On Monday, May 14, new red lines were crossed in Israel. The unconscionable killing of unarmed demonstrators along the separation barrier with Gaza will be disgracefully immortalized in history books on Israel and its over 50-year-long regime of occupation. Lethal fire must be the last resort after all other means have been exhausted. The 60 and counting civilians killed, join the dozens of unarmed Gazans who have already been shot dead by IDF fire since demonstrations began in Gaza at the end of March. This inconceivable number attests to a distorted lenient open fire policy, proving yet again that as far as the State of Israel is concerned, Palestinian blood - and especially Gazan blood - is worthless.


Trump using NATO to get 'disloyal' Europeans into line Signs of the Times

The growing rift in the transatlantic alliance is set to blow wide open after US President Trump used a top-level meeting with NATO this week to blast Germany and other European members for being "disloyal". Sounding like a Mafia don, Trump warned that such NATO members "will be dealt with". Speaking in the Oval Office, along with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump resorted to his usual gripe about "unfair burden sharing" of military spending in the alliance. The US president has long rebuked other NATO members for not meeting the alliance's spending target of 2 per cent of GDP. Turning to former Norwegian Prime Minister Stoltenberg, Trump said with menacing tone: "I think you will be able to handle the ones that aren't [spending enough], right?"



Yesterday I blogged in part one of this story about a recent article by scientists, advancing the hypothesis that cephalopods might have been seeded []

The post OANNES THE OCTOPUS? PART TWO appeared first on Giza Death Star.


These are the top-rated companies for interns Fast Company

Forget fetching coffee and fielding graphics for presentation slides. These companies offer interns real hands-on job experiences that can make their entry into the real world of work that much smoother. Data scientists at Indeed combed their vast trove of 72 million ratings and reviews to pull out those submitted by interns. And from these reviews,

Forget fetching coffee and fielding graphics for presentation slides. These companies offer interns real hands-on job experiences that can make their entry into the real world of work that much smoother.

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A new theory on the quality of high IQ brains Signs of the Times

More intelligent people's brains are not just bigger... People with bigger heads are, on average, more intelligent, new research confirms. Bigger heads contain bigger brains, which have more neurons (brain cells), which make people smarter. But wait, that is not the end of the story. The latest neuroscience research suggests there's a twist. When you 'listen' electrically to the brain running, the more intelligent ones make less 'noise'. It's like a larger, more powerful engine somehow running quieter.


Are Americans the Bad Guys? Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Are Americans the Bad Guys?
by Bill Bonner

"The press was abuzz this weekend with comments on the killings in Gaza. We do not normally take an interest in the affairs of the region. Its none of our businesstheres nothing we can do anything aboutand since Israel has been the focus of so much of the medias attention for our entire lives, were tired of it. But today, exceptionally, in this Pentecost season, we turn to the Holy Land; there may be something we can learn - or at least something that will upset dear readers. Irritating thoughts, like grains of sand in an oyster, can turn into pearls of insightor cause dear readers to leave us.

Risk of abun...


Opium production hits record high in Afghanistan RSS feed from

Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached a record-high last year, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.


Uber will pilot a taxi-hailing service in Japan Fast Company

Users of Ubers app will be able to connect to taxis operated by more than 20 local companies.

The pilot is set to take place in the coming months and run until March 2019, reports Reuters. The pilot will take place on the Japanese island of Awaji, which has 150,000 residents. There users of Ubers app will be able to connect to taxis operated by more than 20 local companies. Uber has been unable to launch its own ride-hailing service in Japan because the country bans nonprofessional drivers from accepting paid rides. Still, Uber wants to get in on Japans taxi industry anyway it can. That industry is estimated to be worth $16 billion.

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UK MPs call for 'major changes' in Burma policy RSS feed from

UK policy on Burma must change In the face of atrocities, ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya and attacks against other ethnic groups, says a group of MPs.


Pueblo a Pueblo, Building Food Sovereignty Dissident Voice

Feeding Popular Power (Alimenta el Poder Popular) (Photo: Ricardo Vaz)

(InvestigAction/Ricardo Vaz in Caracas)  Pueblo a Pueblo is an initiative undertaken to fight back against the economic war that has hurt the Venezuelan people in their access to food. The idea is to organise the different links of the chain (production, distribution and consumption) in order to be rid of intermediaries. This way food is taken directly from the pueblo in the countryside to the pueblo in the city.1 We had the opportunity to talk to Martha La Grajales and Ana Graciela Barrios, who are part of the Unidos San Agustn Convive cooperative, which is involved in this experience, as well as witness a cooperative assembly and the food consumption event.

San Agustn is a neighbourhood that starts close to the centre of Caracas and then runs up the hills. With an Afro-Venezuelan majority, it is known for its music, artistic talent and cultural riches, and more recently for the cable car that connects San Agustn to the centre of Caracas.

Nevertheless, our visit to San Agustn is due to another tradition: popular organisation. In the midst of an economic war that has meant severe difficulties in terms of access to food, the communities of San Agustn, through the Unidos San Agustn Convive cooperative, joined the Pueblo a Pueblo program. It is an initiative created by peasants in the west of the country that Martha describes as follows:

The idea is to generate processes of organisation and politicisation with a logic that is an alternative to capitalism. Processes centred on the peasants/farmers, which assume a class-oriented logic, in which the common problems related to production are presented and their solutions found collectively as well.

Some of these problems have to do with the dependence on imported seeds, which becomes harder in times when the government has been forced to cut back on imports. Therefore peasant communities have been developing processes to rescue native seeds, as well as implementing agricultural practices that are less harmful to the land...


Sony to become worlds biggest music publisher with $2.3 billion EMI deal Fast Company

The acquisition will give Sony a music catalog of over 2 million songs from artists including Kanye West, Sam Smith and Sia.

The Japanese technology and content giant has said it will buy control of EMI for $2.3 billion, making Sony the biggest music publisher in the world, reports Reuters. The acquisition will give Sony a music catalog of over 2 million songs from artists including Kanye West, Sam Smith, and Sia. Sony already currently owns about 30% of EMI. Its $2.3 billion deal will give the company control of another 60%, bringing its total control of EMI to 90%. The Sony/EMI deal is being struck at a time of resorting profits for the music industry thanks to streaming services. That follows almost a decade and a half of declining music sales with the advent of MP3 download services.

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How to watch Mark Zuckerberg testify before the European Parliament Fast Company

European lawmakers want answers about Facebooks handling of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before the European Parliament on Tuesday, and you can see it all online. The meeting between the Facebook CEO and the parliamentarians who want answers about Facebooks handling of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and user privacy was originally meant to be a closed-door chat, but now it will be live-streamed for the world to watch. Politico reported that the decision to stream the meeting came after a public outcry about the perceived secrecy of the little get-together.

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At these camps, refugees can give real-time customer feedback Fast Company

By simply asking the displaced people at a camp in Uganda what was broken and if they had ideas on how to fix it, the American Refugee Committee has found ways to quickly improve the quality of life.

When a refugee at the Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda goes to a water point to fill up a jerry can with water, someone in a bright yellow shirt will walk up with a tablet and ask them to swipe left or right to a smiley face: Were they satisfied with the process of getting water? Then theyll ask if the refugee has any ideas to make it better.

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The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think Terra Forming Terra

The sheer amount of damage that the FBI is able to inflict on an American citizen makes it an obvious target for political operatives wanting to protect government racketeering.  Thus the severe manipulation that occured during the past decade in particular.

Recall that until Hoover's death, the FBI was his feifdom and he alone had the goods on every politician. Sccessors were political appointees looking to establish a similar rule. Hardly a healthy situation.

Then it slipped under the Obama Administation and it was game on.  Lifers worked around it all but we see many compromised.

I will add that the other agencies are not so potentially dangerous at all  with perhaps the exception of the IRS and that particularly includes the CIA.   This is going to take a radical rethink in terms of oversight.  Perhaps it will demand an intenal rule of twelve before it becomes safe.

The FBI Is in Crisis. It's Worse Than You Think

May 3, 2018

In normal times, the televisions are humming at the FBIs 56 field offices nationwide, piping in the latest news as agents work their investigations. But these days, some agents say, the TVs ar...


NASA | The Search for Humans Original Home Terra Forming Terra

This is a worthwhile survey of the topic and the likelihood that most of it is true improves each year as we assemble more evidence.

My own work now informs me that life itself self actuated as a self replicating digital complex in so called Dark Matter or second tier matter.  This life form analogous to the Conway's game Life that uses a couple of simple rules to produce replication evolved into what we identify as our spirit bodies and recognize as our sub conscious.  

This life form then proceeded to construct third tier life in prospective environments and advanced their evolution or choices of reproductive variation.  I anticipate that the knowledge was shared throughout the universe and applied uniformly. 

Add in that every planet is hollow ( this may be too much for you - arclein) and a prospective abode and we have multiple lifeforms in our own solar system.  Throw in that every Galaxy is a universe in practical effect and we live in a meta universe of universes we can actually see and share information with.  It my turn out impossible to transit to another galaxy using wormholes.

With ample potential alien DNA to work with, it makes perfect sense to advance...


The Mirror Effect Of An Empath Terra Forming Terra


This is interesting as it takes note of our auto response to different individuals.  Instantly disliking someone is patently stupid.Yet it commonly happens. Thus we need to learn to be on guard.

This happens in other ways as well and we need to be conscious of the effect. 

The best defense is to have another individual also interview person.  Doing that will likely make both of you properly objective.  Intuition is useful but it can also bite.

The Mirror Effect Of An Empath

We have all experienced it, being around someone who has either taken an instant dislike to us, or a bizarre resentment suddenly appears in those we have known for some time.

There may be no clear reason for this change in their behaviour. No matter whether they try to hide their feelings or not, an Empath can sense their loathing and it does not feel good!

Someone taking a dislike to another is a completely normal and acceptable part of life. We are all different and there will always be some people we do not get along with, whether Sensitive or not.

What is often baffling to the Empath is why some people act in an animostic way towards them, when they know they are a likeable and trustworthy person.


This Amazing New Milk Is Going to Change Everything Terra Forming Terra

This is huge of course.  It has already flown past the sniff test and is on the way to acceptance.

What how has to happen is that this market acceptance needs to expand and I certainly am a believer.  After that, we need to see how it responds to the whole range of milk fermentation products as well.  It may also be used to blend with cow's milk as well.

It was used as part of the rotation and consumed as animal feed when I grew up.  In fact, it was the only grain then fed cattle. Pigs ate it as chop and our dog even became a fan.

This Amazing New Milk Is Going to Change Everything 

It doesnt hurt cows, guzzle water, or ruin the soil. 

Cristina Span


In late 2016, the Swedish company Oatly set up pr...


The U.S. and China have a draft plan to settle the ZTE dispute Fast Company

The companies have come up with an outline of a plan that would allow the ban on U.S. companies selling components and software to ZTE to be lifted, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ban is threatening to put the Chinese phone maker out of business. Now sources say the U.S. and China have agreed

The companies have come up with an outline of a plan that would allow the ban on U.S. companies selling components and software to ZTE to be lifted, reports the Wall Street Journal. The ban is threatening to put the Chinese phone maker out of business. Now sources say the U.S. and China have agreed on the broad outline of a deal to ditch the ban. While details are still being discussed, the outline includes:

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People fleeing the Bay Area are causing a U-Haul crisis Fast Company

The truck rental company is having trouble getting their vans back because so many people are renting them for a one-way trip out of town.

So many people are picking up sticks and moving out of the Bay Area due to the crushing costs of living there, its causing problems for U-Haul, reports SFGate. The truck rental company is having trouble getting their vans back because so many people are renting them for a one-way trip out of town. The high demand, and dwindling supply of trucks, of course, is leading U-Haul to jack up its prices. While a U-Haul from Las Vegas to San Jose will cost you about $100, one the opposite direction will cost upwards of $2,000. Turns out it even costs a fortune to leave the Bay Area.

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Australian archbishop convicted in child abuse scandal Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video about Australia says about itself:

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

21 May 2018

The most senior Catholic to be charged with concealing child sexual abuse Adelaides Archbishop Philip Wilson is found guilty by a New South Wales court, in a landmark ruling

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Australian archbishop found guilty of covering up sexual abuse

Today, 05:08

An Australian archbishop was found guilty of covering up abuse in the Catholic Church in the 1970s. Philip Wilson can be sentenced to two years in prison. He is the highest placed clergyman in the Catholic Church worldwide who has been found guilty of covering up abuse.

Wilson (67), Archbishop of Adelaide, was suspected of covering up the abuse of four boys by the priest James Fletcher in the 1970s. Wilson himself says he is innocent and has not known about the crimes.

He denied under oath last month that he learned in 1976 from two altar boys that they had been abused sexually. At that time, Wilson was a priest-assistant. I do not think I would forget that, Wilson said in court. One of...


Economist: bitcoin has a decent probability of going to zero Fast Company

On Monday Joe Davis, a senior economist at the Vanguard Group, posted an interesting op-ed that is sure to scare the living daylights out of bitcoin investors. In it, Davis wrote that theres a high likelihood that bitcoin, which currently sits around $8,200, is going to become worthless. Yep, as in zero dollars per coin.

On Monday Joe Davis, a senior economist at the Vanguard Group, posted an interesting op-ed that is sure to scare the living daylights out of bitcoin investors. In it, Davis wrote that theres a high likelihood that bitcoin, which currently sits around $8,200, is going to become worthless. Yep, as in zero dollars per coin. As for why, Davis says:

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Frankie Boyle: Your new show betrayed Gaza Dissident Voice

Dear Frankie Boyle,

Id prefer not to be writing this as an open letter, but you didnt leave me much choice: I can no longer engage with you on Twitter because you blocked me (and many hundreds of others, it seems) for criticising the first episode of your New World Order TV show on Friday.

Since then, having purged your Twitter feed of critics, you have created a series of straw men. In the worst, you have suggested that those unhappy with the show are really closet racists for objecting to the fact that you spent half of your 30-minute schedule allowing your guests, led by David Baddiel, to flay Jeremy Corbyn for a supposed anti-semitism crisis in the Labour party. Presumably that offers you a comfortingly circular proof of Labours anti-semitism problem.

Another straw man is that those criticising you are simply Corbyn devotees defending their man. Well, thats certainly not true in my case. Like you, I am dissatisfied with the Labour party as a vehicle for real change, and I think Corbyn is too moderate on a range of issues. But he is also a blast of fresh air in British politics, and the only party leader in living memory who has put anti-racism and class solidarity at the heart of his political agenda.

Which may be why some of us were infuriated watching a show hosted by you probably the only true dissident currently given a show on mainstream TV trash Corbyn in exactly the same terms used over the past two years by every section of the corporate media, from the Daily Mail and the Times to the Guardian and the BBC. Even were these anti-semitism allegations grounded in a verifiable reality, we really dont need Frankie Boyle indulging prejudices weve heard almost every day since Corbyn was elected Labour leader.

Politically toxic

But sadly, that segment of your show was more than simply wasted airtime. Far worse, you peddled or rather gave a platform to Baddiel and the other guests to peddle allegations that are rooted in no reality at all, as people like me have been pointing out for a long time and in a great deal of detail. (See, for example, here, here, here, here, here, and...


The most popular mobile payments app is Starbucks? Fast Company

The coffee chains app will be used by 23.4 million people ages 14 and over to make a payment this year, putting it in first place.

I bet you thought we were going to say Apple Pay or Google Pay. But those services are not processing as many mobile payments per year as the Starbucks app is. Thats according to a report from digital marketing firm eMarketer. The coffee chains app will be used by 23.4 million people ages 14 and over to make a payment this year, putting it in first place. Heres how it ranks against the traditional mobile payment services:

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8 things Mark Zuckerberg will tell the European Parliament today Fast Company

The Facebook CEO is not only coming to the European Parliament to discuss the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Hell also remind the EU just how much good the company is doing inside its borders, reports Bloomberg. So what is on Zuckerbergs agenda? Heres what he plans to discuss: taking responsibility for privacy failures

The Facebook CEO is not only coming to the European Parliament to discuss the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Hell also remind the EU just how much good the company is doing inside its borders, reports Bloomberg. So what is on Zuckerbergs agenda? Heres what he plans to discuss:

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Starbucks Opens Up Its Cafes To Loiterers, Vagrants And Drug Addicts Your News Wire

Starbucks has opened its cafes and restrooms to non-paying loiterers, vagrants and drug addicts as part of its new anti-racist inclusive policy.   The new policy comes five weeks after two black men who hadnt purchased [...]

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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience And Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind Awareness Act

Youre undoubtedly familiar with the idea that its important to stay positive! Studies consistently show that having a more optimistic mindset improves both physical and mental health, and positivity boosts your internal vibration so youre more capable of manifesting the thing you want.

But its not always so easy to stay positive when you encounter unexpected challenges or negative people. Thats why you need smart ways to train your brain to stay positive.

Try these 5 ideas to get started!

Subconscious Retraining

Firstly, its worth learning more about the best modern techniques for uncovering and releasing the negativity youre holding inside. Past experiences, especially those from childhood, can be held in the mind and body for decades, dragging you down and inhibiting your potential.

Exercises like tapping and neuro-linguistic programming can help you access these parts of yourself, and build a more supportive and affirming belief system (creating and reinforcing new synapses, especially in your prefrontal cortex).

Some people also find hypnotherapy or meditation plays a similar role.

You can experiment with multiple approaches, but the key message here is that creating and maintaining a truly positive perspective often starts with facing and letting go of long-term wounds.

Focus On What Makes You Happy To Be Alive

One of the best ways to train your brain to stay positive is to deliberately and repeatedly turn your attention to things that inspire joy. Its a good idea to dedicate a specific notebook to this pursuit, and use it to record 5 such things each morning.

Try to think of different categories as you do this. For example, interactions that make you happy, elements of the world around you that you find inspiring, and aspects of yourself that make you feel proud and confident. Whenever your thoughts are focused on joy, youll strengthen the associated neural pathways in your brain and will find more to be joyful about as a result.

Give Positivity To Feel Positivity

Theres strong evidence that acts of kindness dont just make others happy; they make you feel good as well. Even just taking a moment to do someone a small favor or help a stranger can put you in a better frame of mind, and break you out of a negative thinking loop.

If you get into a habit of doing something compassionate for another person every time youre feeling down, anxious or hopele...


What is AI anyway? The University of Helsinkis free online course will explain it Fast Company

Learn all about artificial intelligence before the inevitable machine-led revolution begins.

You know that Seinfeld episode where Jerry doesnt remember the name of a woman he is dating, only the fact that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy? He spends the entire episode faking his way through conversations, trying to cover for himself until hes unmasked as a very bad boyfriend. Thats how many people feel about artificial intelligence. They know they should know what it is, but they dont. And many of us are too embarrassed to admit it at this point.

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Fringe Economy Dissident Voice

Fringe, adj. not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral. When this definition is applied to the economy it becomes the title of a book, Short Changed: Life and Debt in the Fringe Economy, written by Howard Karger, who at the time was a professor of social policy.1 Part 4 is a review of that book.

Do you have any idea what the historical neighborhood banker is? I didnt until I read his book. Its the pawnshop says Karger. Most likely not in your neighborhood, though. Indebted people have been pawning their belongings as long ago as 1000 BC. If your image of todays American pawnshop is of a storefront operation owned and operated by a shady character, youll be as surprised as I was to learn that many of those storefronts have been gobbled up by five publicly traded corporations (e.g., EZ Pawn) raking in 100s of millions of dollars yearly from pawnshop loans and with boards of directors lavishly paying their CEOs. Even the shrinking population of go-it-alone pawn shop brokers gets loans to set up their operations from big banks. Well, why not? No banksters worthy of the name will miss out on grabbing other peoples money.

Karger defines the fringe economy as corporations and business practices [that pray on the poor] by charging excessive interest rates or fees, or exorbitant prices for goods and services. He divides this economy into seven sectors and gives a chapter to each. Besides a storefront loan sector that includes pawnshop businesses, the other sectors are the credit card industry, alternative financial services such as check cashing and rent-to-own, fringe housing, real estate speculation and foreclosure, the fringe auto industry, and the getting-out-of-debt industry such as the multibillion dollar debt management business. Large corporations operate in each of these sectors, and some, like EZ Pawn, may not be household names, while other large corporations that operate in both the fringe and mainstream economies surely are, such as the really big banksters, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon, and then the telecommunications giant, AT & T, that depended on the banksters at the outset.

Karger fills his book with a lot of facts about his subject, so much so that he warns early on that reading them may be tedious yet necessary because the devil is in the details. He compensates nicely for them, though, by fleshing out the facts with many anecdotes. I couldnt help but think how Charles Dickens might have novelized them into a modern classic, absent the debtors prison (see the next paragraph) in David Copperfield....


A Hello Kitty-themed bullet train is coming to Japan in June Fast Company

The train will be decked out with Hello Kitty kit including armrests and headrests on each seat as well as a life-sized Hello Kitty doll for selfie opportunities.

The cartoon cat known for its cuteness will get her own shinkansen, or bullet train, in June thanks to the Western Japan Railway Company, reports the Japan Times. The train will be decked out with Hello Kitty kit including armrests and headrests on each seat as well as a life-sized Hello Kitty doll for selfie opportunities. From the pics in the tweet below, you can see the entire train is basically one big explosion of kawaii, the Japanese term for its cuteness culture. The train starts running on June 30 and will make trips between Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka and Hakata in Fukuoka.

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US Bishop Who Ruined Royal Wedding Says Trump Is An Evil Heretic Your News Wire

The US Bishop who ruined the royal wedding last Saturday has accused President Trump of being an evil heretic.  Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, who ruined the wedding ceremony between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has [...]

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Popular Soda Additive BVO Found To Induce Paranoid Schizophrenia Your News Wire

Popular soda ingredient brominated vegetable oil (BVO) causes memory loss, nerve disorders, and can lead to acute paranoid schizophrenia according to several studies.   BVO was first patented by chemical companies as a flame retardant and [...]

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Trump has an iPhone dedicated to tweeting, and it poses a security risk Fast Company

And he has another iPhone that is solely used for making callsand he wont let either out of his sight, which is driving White House security officials mad. Thats because Trump wont allow either phone to be equipped with sophisticated security features, according to two senior administration officials, reports Politico. The first iPhone is only

And he has another iPhone that is solely used for making callsand he wont let either out of his sight, which is driving White House security officials mad. Thats because Trump wont allow either phone to be equipped with sophisticated security features, according to two senior administration officials, reports Politico. The first iPhone is only capable of making calls, while the second iPhone has just the Twitter app installed, along with some news sites apps.

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Google Removes Dont Be Evil Rule From Employee Handbook Your News Wire

Google has finally accepted it is no longer a force for good in the world.  The infamous Dont be evil rule has now been removed from Googles code of conduct.  The phrase Dont be evil [...]

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6 Powerful Ways To Use Your Mind To Strengthen And Heal Your Body Awareness Act

We are all energy and through combining our own energy with the energy of the universe we can overcome anything. Healing your soul is never easy but it is something that can always be done.

Tapping into our powers is something we will never be able to truly understand but we can do it. You can transform your life into something completely different if you believe in yourself. Sometimes we need to heal be it spiritual, mental, or otherwise and its not often something we can do on our own.

Below I am going to go over some of the most common power techniques, these will help you to heal yourself in whatever ways are necessary. While they alone wont be enough to fix everything they will take some of the pain away. Healing is something that takes time and you must be ready and willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.

6 Power Techniques That You Can Use To Help Yourself Heal In All Ways:

1. The Power Of Sound

When we are feeling down or hurt the power of sound or reciting basic affirmations or mantras will help. The more you say them the more power you give them. Giving life to your thoughts and making them real is powerful.

2. The Power of Perception

The power of perception is similar to the power of the mind. It is when we take something and find the good in it. We change our perception of what is bothering us. Basically, for every bad thing, there are also good things if we look close enough. Being optimistic is always a good choice.

3. The Power of The Mind

The power of the mind is different for everyone. Visualizing and remembering the things you need to heal from is hard and can overwhelm you. It is hard on a lot of us. By working within to understand that you cannot change the thing you wish you could and overcoming the regret associated with it is only something your mind can do. Meditate, increase your focus and really allow yourself to let go of whatever is causing you pain.

4. The Power of Freedom

We invite this power to come over us each time we remove ourselves from the modern world. When we are alone in nature and at peace, we are experiencing the power of freedom. While sometimes this one is hard to get to and is often forgotten it is needed.

5. The Power of The Body

Body power is all about hand positions and the ways in which we move our bodies. Yoga, mudras, and other things of the sort all have their own powers to them. These activities help you build open pathways for your chi to move as it should. It helps your life force flow.

6. The Power of The Soul

Soul power is what we access when we are meditating. We find something deep within us that is at peace. This allows us to co...


Bill Nye: We Must Tax Farting Cows Your News Wire

Bill Nye the science guy has a new solution to fix the worlds environmental problems: placing a tax on farting cows.  In a recent interview, the Netflix host suggested that each time a cow farts, [...]

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Lava composition changes from Kilauea volcano & sulfur dioxide emissions increase 300% Signs of the Times

The lava type on Kilauea has changed to very liquid, very fluid which moved miles and formed rivers of lava to the sea overnight. The lava is more like flowing water than lava at the moment. Sulfur Dioxide has also increased 300% and officials warn of toxic air filled with silica needles, a serious breathing hazard.


Barack Obama: Black Artists Need To Stop Praising Trump Your News Wire

Barack Obama has called on black artists not to show public support for Donald Trump, warning that their support could help him win a second term in office.   The former President asked his pal Jay-Z [...]

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Insider Warns: It Is about to Hit the Fan -- Things are about to Get Very Ugly Operation Disclosure

New Information Confirms There Is A Major Political Reckoning On The Horizon And Things Are About To Get Very Ugly - Insider Warns: IT Is About To Hit The Fan

May 20, 2018

Source: All News PipeLine | By Susan Duclos

Part 1: MSM Desperately Starts Spinning And Distracting From Huge News Revealing FBI Spy Infiltrated Trump Campaign To Frame Him Before Russia Probe Began

Part 2: The Fallout- After the media went into meltdown mode in order to spin and distract from the blockbusting news that the Obama administration, via the intelligence agencies under his control, did indeed order surveillance on the Trump campaign before the official"Russia investigation" began as well as before and after the 2016 presidential election, a rapid series of articles, legal opinions, and reactions followed.

One of which, perhaps the most in-depth and objective, came from Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley. I say Turley's reaction and commentary is the most objective because Turley is not what anyone would consider a "Trump fan," or on the "Trump train," but has always provided fair and balanced analysis on the legalities and optics of the whole Russia-gate issue.

Turley's piece over at The Hill is titled "After year of investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication," in where he describes the most recent revelation that had the media immediately spinning tales, offering justifications, making sure to provide a take that categorically seemed "sympathetic" to the "deep state," all the while ignoring the ramifications of a sitting administration targeting a candidate from an opposing political party for surveillance, giving the appearance that much of the intelligence community was being used as a political tool to prevent the opposing party's candidate from winning a presidential election.

Turley on why he feels Presi...


Lawmakers seek registry for military water contamination cancers, illnesses CLG News

Lawmakers seek registry for military water contamination cancers, illnesses | 18 May 2018 | Lawmakers have introduced a bill to create a registry of military families experiencing cancers and other illnesses they think may be tied to base water contamination. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., and Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., introduced the "PFAS [per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances] Registry Act" in April. In April, Military Times reported that the Pentagon had released a study on all the bases that have water sources that tested positive for higher than recommended levels of PFOS and PFOA -- compounds tied to cancers and birth defects... The registry would be similar to one established to record service member exposure to burn pits. [Thanks, Halliburton!] In February the Department of Labor found that exposure to the open-air burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan had caused lung disease.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 22, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 22 2018

Compiled 22 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Cabal Child Exploitation Ring run by the mafia, organized by the Vatican:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The following is a compilation of information from the Internet. It is up the reader to decide whether or not it is valid.

A. May 21 2018 3:56 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 21, 2018 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

1. There have been no reports of Cabal interference on the RV process since Friday May 18.

2. Currently the RV release protocol was at the final stage.

3. Sources have been told Tier 3 exchanges would begin this week.

4. This placed release of the toll-free 800 numbers sometime this week once Tier 3 received the green light.

5. Once the 800#'s were released, exchange/redemption appointments could be scheduled as early as Thurs. May 24, or Mon. May 28.

6. Multiple sources concluded that the RV release was now imminent.

B. May 21 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: 



FBI and CIA re-booted the Cold War in order to cover their a**** Signs of the Times

On December 29, 2016, the Obama Administration - with three weeks remaining in its term - issued harsh sanctions against Russia over supposed election interference. Two compounds in the United States were closed and 35 Russian diplomats were ordered to leave the country. Russia responded by calling the actions "Cold War dj vu." In the two years that have elapsed since, it has been learned that the "intelligence" that formed the basis for the sanctions was beyond dubious. A single unverified "dossier" compiled by an ex-British spy with no discernable connections to Russia was shopped to FISA judges and the media as something real. The dossier was opposition research by the Hillary Clinton campaign, a fact that was not disclosed and actively hidden by off-the-book transactions through the law firm Perkins Coie.

BEST OF THE WEB: FBI and CIA re-booted the Cold War in order to cover their own election meddling Signs of the Times

On December 29, 2016, the Obama Administration - with three weeks remaining in its term - issued harsh sanctions against Russia over supposed election interference. Two compounds in the United States were closed and 35 Russian diplomats were ordered to leave the country. Russia responded by calling the actions "Cold War dj vu." In the two years that have elapsed since, it has been learned that the "intelligence" that formed the basis for the sanctions was beyond dubious. A single unverified "dossier" compiled by an ex-British spy with no discernable connections to Russia was shopped to FISA judges and the media as something real. The dossier was opposition research by the Hillary Clinton campaign, a fact that was not disclosed and actively hidden by off-the-book transactions through the law firm Perkins Coie.


Governments Are Pursuing Depopulation to Save Themselves from Financial Collapse Humans Are Free

Ever wonder why governments allow so much deadly pollution to be dumped into food, water and soils?

Part of the real reason may surprise you:

Governments no longer want people to live long enough to collect entitlement benefits, and allowing the contamination of everything with death-inducing substances actually saves governments money by accelerating the death of citizens.

This is all covered in my video, below. Heres a brief introduction:

Three generations ago, governments wanted more people to run the factories, settle rural lands and generate economic productivity that could be siphoned off by the political elite.

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Reader: They're Pretending 5G is Better Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | by June Ann

Art Work shown is Gaudy Girl Acrylic on Paper

I wanted to mimic Museum pieces that I admired. This girl is one I would like to have coffee with.


They're pretending 5G is better and don't ever mention that one has the option to turn the WiFi off and use the wired connectivity with their modem.

Lately we've been hearing about the introduction of 5G. Well, when I moved to the apartment I had to get hooked up to the internet for the Closed Caption Phone because I am deaf by 90%. That being said, I need a modem in order for the phone to interpret.

Instantly, and I mean instantly, the modem kicked in a 5G that is available on the new modems. Not only that, it kicked in 2.5G as well. Both of them kicked in, so I was getting the frequencies of 5G AND 2.5G. It was a much! I felt it! It was a terrible straining on my entire body, but, especially the chest area! I told the tech that I needed a wired connection, not WiFi. He went into my internet and turned the WiFi off. What a relief! I feel so comfortable. I did a speed test after tech changed it and he stated the performance of the speed test was rare. The internet had a PING of O. It was very smooth and he said and only saw that 3 times in all his years working. Better than WiFi!!! They're pretending 5G is better and don't ever mention that one has the option to turn the WiFi off and use the wired connectivity with your modem. I knew about options and asked for the change. They are hoping you don't know about this option, but, now you know.

And so, moral of the story, so to speak is, One can change their internet connection to wired even if using a modem. There is no need for WiFi.


Taking Zeolite is a must these days with all the nano particles we know...


Ends justify the means? Muslims forced to renounce religion, drink alcohol and eat pork in China's 're-education' camps, claims inmate Signs of the Times

'The psychological pressure is enormous when you have to criticise yourself, denounce your thinking,' says detainee Muslims were detained for re-education by China's government and made to eat pork and drink alcohol, according to a former internment camp inmate. Omir Bekali, one among perhaps a million people reportedly arrested and held in mass re-education camps, said he was detained without trial or access to a lawyer and forced to disavow his beliefs while praising the Communist Party. Mr Bekali, a Kazakh citizen, said he contemplated suicide after 20 days in the facility - which itself followed seven months in a prison. Since spring last year authorities in Xinjiang region have confined tens or even hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the camps, including some foreign nationals. One estimate put the figure at a million or more.


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1573a/1573b: The Economic System is Breaking Down World Wide | Q Asks Who is in Control, then Shows us Operation Disclosure

Published on May 21, 2018

Devin Nunes says there might be more than one spy. Trump pushes the DOJ to investigate spying into his campaign. IG will not start the investigation. Obama' s will start to make documentaries with Netflix, they are trying to take back the narrative. Facebook is under threat of being broken up. Pompeo is pushing Iran into a new deal, he is asking for outrageous demands. EU says that it will help Iran with Financial aid, EU then denies. ISIS burns its headquarters as they are bused out of Damascus. Q drops more Intel shows who is in control. Locates the deep state operation, how they were going to communicate and how they will be going down. The deep state is panicking, watch for those who scream the loudest, they will end up hurting the most.

Published on May 21, 2018

Corporations are looking at the blockchain and they are now building platforms to support it.Paypal says they will be looking at cryptocurrencys in the future, they are waiting for it to stabilize. Square cash is now supporting bitcoin and many others are moving into this area. The switch is happening. New Zealand retails sales take a dive, we had heard this in the UK, US, Australia and Canada and throughout Europe, the system is cracking. The world is starting to feel the pressure of the economic system ripping itself apart.


23 May 2018 - Public hearings on environmental water, Parliament House, Canberra (We) can do better

The House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy will hold a public hearing tomorrow for its inquiry into the management and use of Commonwealth environmental water.

The Committee will hear from the National Farmers Federation and the National Irrigators Council.

The inquiry is focused on the role of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, including how environmental water is being used, the outcomes achieved and options for improving community engagement.

Further information about the inquiry can be found on the inquiry website at

Public hearing details:
Time: 9.50am 11.10am
Date: Wednesday 23 May 2018
Location: Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House, Canberra

Interested members of the public may wish to track the committee via the website, Click on the blue Track Committee button in the bottom right hand corner and use the forms to login to My Parliament or to register for a My Parliament account.


Why Do Presidents Need Memorial Libraries to Celebrate Accomplishing Nothing? Armstrong Economics

A lawsuit has been filed to stop Chicago from taking a park to build the Obama Center as if every president warrant such a thing when all he did is miss 65% of his security briefing to play golf. It is such a joke that every president get to build a huge center to celebrate their accomplishments even when they accomplished nothing. Why would you need a huge library when most of the documents are classified anyway. It just becomes another propaganda center to rewrite history.

If these people need such things, then there should be one building in Washington where all presidents get t...


Extraordinary News/QAnon: 'Full Disclosure' Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Extraordinary news from the White House after the meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray - and it comes via mainstream media ABC News...

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: 'Based on the meeting with the President, the DOJ has asked the Inspector General to expand its current investigation to include any irregularities with the FBI's or DOJ's tactics concerning the Trump campaign. It was also agreed that White House Chief of Staff Kelly will IMMEDIATELY (my caps) set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ and DNI together with Congressional leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested.'

ABC News included Donald Trump's tweet from yesterday in the news article...

'I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the DOJ look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!'

Bigger than Watergate? You bet! And this amazing development is backed by Q Anon post number 1433...

'Military OP
General K (JFK)
Full Disclosure
General Statement...
...When does the clock run out?
Why is Schneiderman's removal 'extremely' relevant?
TRUST (name)
These people are stupid

Note Q Anon's reference to General Kelly, who has been tasked with IMMEDIATELY setting up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ and DNI, together with Congressional Leaders, to review highly classified and other information they request.'

The involvement of General Kelly is also referred to at the start of the Q Anon post...



Understanding TIME is the Key to How the World Works Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: I fully agree with the comment on the different time levels. I encountered a critic who said you were wrong on the euro. When I said I made money using your model and followed the buy signals he looked at me as if I was lying. They judge you like everyone else in this one-dimensional way. They either lack the intelligence to grasp what your model does or they are too lazy to even look at the market watch. So it is easier to say you are wrong so they do not have to admit they are incapable of understanding how the world works.

Thank you so much for opening my mind


REPLY: Those type of people cannot be helped. They will never advance because they are not interested in observing. This is the same problem in analysis. People begin with a predetermined conclusion and then they look for facts that support it. Comprehending TIME is incredibly important. The WEC events are all about trying to reveal the world and once you see the interconnections, you can trade with confidence rather than ignorance.

If you are not truly curious about what makes the world tick, then you will never discover how it works and remains in a one-dimensional world incapable of distinguishing the counter-trend moves from a real change in trend, which is more likely going to wipe you out.


The Hong Kong Peg under Attack Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The Hong Peg is under fierce attack. You said at the Hong Kong WEC that the peg would break but not before 2018. Are we getting close?

See you in Singapore


ANSWER: Yes. They are spending almost $2.5 billion per week to defend the currency. No peg will stand. This is a Monetary Crisis Cycle. We will be looking at this issue in Singapore. Welcome to the Monetary Crisis Cycle which is beginning right on schedule. Trading against peg can be the best-guaranteed trade of all. We will go over this for the attendees.


Butterflies Bear Bucolic Benefits La Paz Group


Milkweed was first mentioned in these pages  so long ago I had forgotten their importance to Monarch butterflies, a seemingly perennial topic for our contributors. So thanks to Margaret Renkl for keeping that tradition going in her Monda...


This Is The 'Depressing' Chart Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Want You To See BlackListed News

Almost a year ago, we wrote about how post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been , but theyre on the brink of a mental-health crisis. In the period since, various former Facebook founders and Silicon Valley sicophants have had their 'come to Jesus' moments, recognizing and accepting that what they have created is indeed changing behaviors... and not for the better.

Watch: Border Patrol Agent in Montana Detains Two US Citizens Because They Spoke Spanish BlackListed News

Last week, near the US border with Canada, an incident took place at a convenience store gas station in the small town of Havre, Montana that has garnered national attention, thanks to a video posted to social media... Suda and Hernandez, who are both fluent Spanish speakers as well as U.S. citizens, unsurprisingly and legally conversed with each other in Spanish while waiting in line. Their exchange of words caught the ears of a nearby uniformed Border Patrol agent who interrupted and eventually detained the women.

Duma passes bill on counter-sanctions, gives Russian govt power to impose restrictions BlackListed News

The Russian State Duma has passed a bill aimed at defending "economic interests and security" in response to the latest sanctions introduced by the United States and its allies... The main objective of this federal law is to defend the economic interests and security of the Russian Federation, its territorial integrity and the rights and freedoms of its citizens, from unfriendly actions of the USA and other foreign states that impose political or economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, its citizens and companies or any other activities aimed at destabilizing Russias politics or economy, reads the freshly approved bill.

How $65,000 was stolen from each American BlackListed News

Here are key excerpts from the most concise, accurate, and clearest, news-reports about something that almost all U.S. news-media have been completely hiding (issuing no reports about, though the theft indisputably happened and grows each year) a theft of $65,000 from each American.

Police Release Bodycam Footage From Shootout At Trump Golf Club BlackListed News

Local police have released footage of last week's bizarre shooting spree at Trump National Doral Miami, a Trump-owned golf club, where one deranged anti-Trumper likely earned himself a lengthy prison sentence after firing back at police and shooting up the club. Luckily, no club patrons were shot during the incident. 

Anti-Bitcoin Ad Attacks Congressional Candidate for Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations BlackListed News

Brian Forde was a senior advisor to the Obama administration who wrote the White House memo on cryptocurrency. Now his congressional campaign is under attack by his opponent for accepting Bitcoin donations.

Real Russian bots: Syria-tested ground drones to enter service before years end military chief BlackListed News

Three models of ground drones, which proved to be highly useful during Russias demining effort in Syria, will be fully introduced in service before the end of the year, the chief of Russian military engineers said.

An Israel-Iran War is Unlikely to Happen Any Time Soon BlackListed News

Writing in the Asia Times earlier this month, David P. Goldman lamented that an Israel-Iran war is unlikely to take place any time soon. His observation appears surprising considering the mainstream media has been hyping up the idea of such a war over the past few months. Nevertheless, he is correct. Short of something catastrophic that completely upsets the current status quo, there are many signs that Israel and Iran are not headed for a direct confrontation in the immediate future.

US doctor who danced over unconscious patients sued for malpractice BlackListed News

A self-proclaimed highly competent surgeon in Atlanta is facing several lawsuits for malpractice after posting YouTube videos of her singing and dancing over her unconscious patients.

Verizon Begins 'Testing' DSL Usage Caps It Refuses To Call Usage Caps BlackListed News

For years now broadband providers have used a lack of competition to impose all manner of obnoxious additional fees on the backs of broadband consumers. That includes arbitrary and obnoxious usage caps and overage charges, which not only raise rates on captive customers, but quite intentionally make using streaming video competitors more expensive and cumbersome. Once caps are in place, large ISPs often exempt their own content from usage caps while still penalizing streaming competitors (aka zero rating).

New DARPA Program Plans To Patrol Cities With AI Drones BlackListed News

On May 10, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) unveiled the Urban Reconnaissance through Supervised Autonomy (URSA) program, which addresses the issues of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition within urban environments.

The U.S. Army Is Turning to Robot Soldiers BlackListed News

Pentagon Spends $1 Billion To Acquire More War Robots

"It's Ridiculous" - Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of "Boy" Or "Girl" In Books BlackListed News

That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit childrens books and toys with a plan to ban them from kindergartens, schools and libraries if they dont meet strict gender guidelines.

Lawmakers seek registry for military water contamination cancers, illnesses BlackListed News

Lawmakers have introduced a bill to create a registry of military families experiencing cancers and other illnesses they think may be tied to base water contamination.


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Bright spiral galaxy NGC 3169 appears to be unraveling in this cosmic scene, played out some 70 million light-years away just below bright star Regulus toward the faint constellation Sextans. Its beautiful spiral arms are distorted into sweeping tidal tails as NGC 3169 (left) and neighboring NGC 3166 interact gravitationally, a common fate even for bright galaxies in the local universe. In fact, drawn out stellar arcs and plumes, indications of gravitational interactions, seem rampant in the deep and colorful galaxy group photo.
Click image for larger size.
The picture spans 20 arc minutes, or about 400,000 light-years at the group's estimated distance, and includes smaller, dimmer NGC 3165 at the right. NGC 3169 is also known to shine across the spectrum from radio to X-rays, harboring an active galactic nucleus that is likely the site of a supermassive black hole.


Chet Raymo, "Six Things" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Six Things"
by Chet Raymo

"My mother was part of the last generation of Americans who were welded into a national cohesiveness by the classroom memorization of poems by English language poets - Longfellow, Whittier, Riley, Lowell, Field, and all the rest. All her life, lines of verse were on her lips...
"All at once, and nothing first, 
 Just as bubbles do when they burst." 
 Oliver Wendell Holmes, "The One Hoss Shay"

"Each morning sees some task begin, 
Each evening sees it close;
 Something attempted, something done,
 Has earned a night's repose."

"The more we listene...


"Out-sheeping The Sheep..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

We laugh at sheep because sheep just follow the one in front. We humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because at least the sheep need a sheep dog to keep them in line. Humans keep each other in line. And they do it by ridiculing or condemning anyone who commits the crime, and thats what its become, of being different.
- David Icke


Bread, Circuses and Bombs - Decline of The American Empire, Part 1 Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Bread, Circuses and Bombs - Decline of The American Empire, Part 1
by James Quinn

"Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions- everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses."
 - Juvenal, Satire (100 A.D.)

Roman satirist and poet Juvenal was displaying contempt for a degraded Roman citizenry that had shunned civic responsibility, shirked their duties of citizenship within a republic, and had chosen to sell their votes to feckless politicians for assurances of bread and circuses. Rather than govern according to noble principles based upon reason, striving for public policies that led to long term sustainability and benefitting the majority of citizens, politicians chose superficial displays and appeasing the masses utilizing the lowest common denominator of "free" food and b...


The Poet: James Broughton, "Having Come This Far" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Having Come This Far"

"I've been through what my through was to be,
I did what I could and couldn't.
I was never sure how I would get there.

I nourished an ardor for thresholds,
for stepping stones and for ladders,
I discovered detour and ditch.

I swam in the high tides of greed,
I built sandcastles to house my dreams.
I survived the sunburns of love.

No longer do I hunt for targets.
I've climbed all the summits I need to,
and I've eaten my share of lotus.

Now I give praise and thanks
for what could not be avoided,
and for every foolhardy choice.

I cherish my wounds and their cures,
and the sweet enervations of bliss.
My book is an open life.

I wave goodbye to the absolutes,
and send my regards to infinity.
I'd rather be blithe than correct.

Until something transcendent turns up,
I splash in my poetry puddle,
and try to keep God amused."

- James Broughton


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Marengo, Illinois, USA. Thanks for stopping by!


"Investing In Collapse: From Caracas To Cuba" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Investing In Collapse: From Caracas To Cuba"

"For years, Ive been writing about Venezuela, describing it as the movie by which we can view the future of other jurisdictions that are presently in decline. The reason is that declining nations follow the same pattern, time and time again, over the centuries. This is not coincidence. The pattern exists because human nature never changes, regardless of the era or the locale. Political leaders make the same mistakes as their forebears, and the people of a nation react in kind.

For this reason, countries have a sort of shelf life. They rise in prominence, due to work ethic and productivity. They then go through a period of abundance, which eventually deteriorates, due to co...


Birthdays Are Celebrations for the Birth of Corpses Humans Are Free

Every year millions and possibly billions of people celebrate their birthdays with cakes, gifts and delicious food. What most people do not "innerstand" is that a birthday is actually a ritual for celebrating the birth of a corpse, which is a dead body. Some of the evidence of this can be found in the legal definitions of the word birth.

More evidence can also be found by using the art of homophone to find other words related to the word birth. To really innerstand why a birthday is a ritual for celebrating the birth of a corpse, you need to study the occult (hidden) meanings of the birth certificate.

After you do this, you should come to the conclusion that a birthday is a ritual for celebrating the birth of a corpse, a dead baby or a still-born child.

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Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition Humans Are Free

Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions for which she has been prescribed a bevy of medications.

Over the years she has struggled, as most in her situation have, with addiction and the unbearable side-effects of her FDA-approved safe medications. Her absolute passion in this life is for the children whom she molds and develops with an unrivaled dedication.

As she began to grapple further with the unexpected effects and growing addiction to her medications, she began to see it affecting her ability to be present in her responsibilities, while also stealing her creativity that she so greatly treasured.

So when she discovered kratom, which successfully replaced not one but all of her medications, with zero side-effects, she thanked God for providing this miracle and natural alternative.

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Why zoonotic diseases are fast spreading to humans RSS feed from

Infectious diseases that were once confined to animals in forests are now attacking human beings, at a faster pace


"Learning From America's Forgotten Default" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Learning From America's Forgotten Default"
by Sebastian Edwards via Project Syndicate

"One of the most pervasive myths about the United States is that the federal government has never defaulted on its debts. Every time the debt ceiling is debated in Congress, politicians and journalists dust off a common trope: the US doesnt stiff its creditors.

Theres just one problem: its not true.



Vision of the Seas Loses Power in Sea Of Crete Cruise Law News

The Vision of the Seas lost power during the early morning hours of May 22, 2018. Several passengers are reporting that the Royal Caribbean cruise ship sustained a power and propulsion outage, leaving the ship floating in the Sea of Crete with only its emergency lighting on. 

Subsequent information is that the ship regained power and is now sailing slowly toward Santorini. AIS systems (right) show the ship under power at a speed of a little over 7 knots. 

Vision of the Seas Power LossThere is an unconfirmed rumor that the Vision allegedly struck something, although this has not been confirmed. 

The Vision of the Seas is sailing on a 12 day cruise from Monday, May 14 to Saturday, May 26 to the Greek Isles, leaving and returning to Barcelona, Spain.  It was sailing between Mykonos to Santorini when it experienced power failure.

The Vision of the Seas is twenty years old, sailing its inaugural cruise in May of 1998. 

Have a comment? Please leave one below or join the discussion on our Facebook page. 



Update from the Nicaraguan Insurrection : Horizontal Organizing vs. Left Neoliberalism and the Pitfalls of Nationalism CrimethInc.

Two weeks ago, we published a report from the uprising in Nicaragua that began in April. Since then, the situation has only intensified. Here is an update from our comrades in Nicaragua, describing the most recent developments and the stakes of the struggle. In Nicaragua, we see an uprising against the neoliberal policies of a left government in which a movement is attempting to resist right-wing cooptation in the absence of an established anarchist or autonomous movement. We are concerned about the prevalence of nationalist and rhetoric and imagery, but we believe that it is important to support revolts against authoritarian governments in order to generate dialogue that could open up a revolutionary horizon. Just as it will not benefit leftists to support unpopular and oppressive left governments, it does not benefit anarchists to refuse to engage with insurgents whose goals are still evolving.

For the past month, Nicaragua has seen daily protests against the government of Daniel Ortega. This is being called La Insurreccion de Abril (the April Insurrection). Over the last two weeks, these protests have escalated to countrywide blockades and urban barricades. Organized students are occupying three public universities (UNA, UPOLI, UNAN). Nicaraguans in every major city have taken to the streets to demand complete systemic change, including the resignation of Daniel Ortega. Riot police and Sandinista Youth continue to carry out pro-government repression. Although things have quieted down across the country, the most affected cities of Masaya, Matagalpa, and Jinotega are still recovering from the aftermath of the riots.

Its been amazing to protest in the streets of Managua without government or Young Sandinista repression. Weve been able to do this for ten days now. Its the first time since Ortegas came to power that weve been able to take the streets in this way. I truly feel as if the city is ours. Were witnessing amazing street art, art projects, and interventions. We dont know whats going to come out of the dialogue. Government reform, police reform, new elections, autonomous regions?

I feel good, but it has been exhausting. We have good days and bad days. I feel emotionally drained, just working and working and working. Not really taking time to think. Its been exhausting to live on a day by day space and time. So many doors have been opened!

Classes began at UNAN, the largest public university in the country, on Monday, May 7. Students organized a protest inside the university c...


"How It Really Is" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"You go, girl! And we mean, go!" lol

"The more one analyzes people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear. 
Sooner of later one comes to that dreadful universal thing called human nature."
- Oscar Wilde


African vultures under the gun as lead ammunition takes a toll RSS feed from

Lead bullet fragments in animal carcasses left by game hunters could be poisoning vultures in Botswana, says a study that echoes similar findings elsewhere around the world.


"It's A Mess, Ain't It?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Deputy Wendell: It's a mess, ain't it, Sheriff?
Sheriff Bell: If it ain't, it'll do till the mess gets here.
- No Country For Old Men

Oh, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet..."


Hawaii Lava Approaches Geothermal Power Plant

Via: Reuters: Lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano on Hawaiis Big Island flowed towards a geothermal power plant on Monday as workers scrambled to shut it down to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases. It was the latest danger from Mount Kilaueas eruption, which geologists says is among the worst events in a century []


Economic Wrap-up 5/21/18: X22 Report, The Economic System Is Breaking Down World Wide; Gregory Mannarino Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

X22 Report, The Economic System Is Breaking Down World Wide
Gregory Mannarino, 
5/21/18. Post Market Wrap Up: A Little Bit Of This, And A Little Bit Of That
CNN Market Data:

CNN Fear And Greed Index:


Sugar for Wall Street Daddies, Austerity for the Rest of Us Truthdig RSS

Truthdig editors note: The website Roll Call writes, The farm bill, which failed on the House floor Friday, will get a second vote June 22 after a vote on a conservative immigration bill earlier that week, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said Monday.

We are not a nation of laws. We are a franchise of the global aristocracy. One need only look at the latest farm bill winding its way through Congress to realize that America has been indentured by multinational corporations. As both parties lavish fortunes upon Wall Street, they turn around and gift the rest of us austerity. You have to give it the political class in Washington, D.C.: Democrats and Republicans keep finding more cunning and innovative ways to rob from public Peter to fatten plutocrat Paul.

Like all other legislation that gets enacted by our ever-cagey Congress and signed into law by our duplicitous presidents, the 2018 farm bill is a colossal measure that will impact almost every Americaneven though the public has almost zero say in the matter. The omnibus package, which is another way of saying wish list for lobbyists, encompasses everything from food production to food distribution, land conservation, social safety net programs like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and goes as far as redefining who is considered a family member. The revolutionaries of 1776 thought they had it rough with Big Brother telling them how to lead their lives, but the British monarchs had nothing on the American oligarchy.

In all, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 is estimated to cost $421.5 billion over a five-year window. Thats before the Senate gets its dibs and adds to the final tab. While the ever-pliant corporate media was busy going haywire over Donald Trumps latest buffoonery and gaga over the royal nonsense in Windsor, nepotists in our nations capital have been busy greasing the wheels for their benefactors while pinching pennies on the poor and the middle class. Republicans love to echo Jesus on social media and morph into a cabal of pharisees during congressional sessions. This is not to praise Democrats. They spent eight years making it rain helicopter money on Wall Street. Both parties primary purpose is to transfer wealth from the many to the gentry.

Even the mildest attempts to rein in the excesses that are shoveled to the corporate oligarchy are swiftly derailed. On Thursday, a sensible measure that would have put restrictions on farm subsidies was voted down. While social welfare programs are being de...


Venezuelas Maduro Wins Reelection with 67.7% of Vote, Falcon Cries Fraud New on

An international observer mission led by the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America said Monday that the vote was clean.


Google Removes Dont Be Evil From Its Conduct As Employees Quit In Droves Over Project Maven Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Google has removed the phrase Dont be evil from its Code of Conduct; this comes as at least 4,000 employees have expressed...


When 43% of Americans Cant Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE Activist Post

By Daisy Luther You know all those reports about how lots of Americans cant afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a...


FBI's "outside contractors", the DNC servers and Crowdstrike Signs of the Times

The DNC lawsuit against Russia and the Trump Campaign provides for a new timeline of events. And raises new questions. Recall, the DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to examine their servers - which has always seemed more than a bit odd. If the DNC had definitive proof of Russian hacking, one would expect a standing invitation to examine the evidence. Instead, they have protected those servers from any outside examination. This may be tied to NSA Director Rogers' discovery of Outside Contractors. The generalized story is that the DNC was hacked in April 2016. This is not accurate. Nor is the DNC's timeline of events complete.


Sweden Distributes Be Prepared for War Leaflet to All 4.8 Million Homes

Via: Guardian: The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the countrys households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer (If crisis or war comes) explains how people can secure []


NZ wont pay for homeless in Aust: Ardern World News Echonetdaily

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo EPA/Felipe Trueba

WELLINGTON, AAP New Zealand will keep pushing for benefits for homeless Kiwi youths living in Australia but it wont pick up the bill, Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, says.

More than three dozen Australian organisations have written to Ms Ardern calling for her to push a Trans-Tasman solution to the plight of New Zealand teens left on the streets because they are unable to claim benefits in Australia.

They say family violence and breakdowns often lead to homelessness and leave 15-to-18-year-olds vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, with reports some are turning to prostitution.

Under the current law, Kiwis that came across after February 2001 arent eligible for the benefits given to homeless Australian youths.

Ms Ardern on Tuesday said while the stories she had heard were stark the issue had been consistently raised with the Australian government.

We have continued to maintain the rights of Australians in New Zealand. We continue to seek from Australia that they do the same, she told Radio NZ.

All we are seeking is equity in the relationship that we used to have and thats a point well keep making.

If given out at the same rate as to Australians, the benefit would help about 160 New Zealanders at a cost of about $2 million.

Ms Ardern said while the New Zealand government would be happy to provide support to the youths back home, it wouldnt be paying Australia to extend the benefit to them.

Theres no country in the world that funds another government to make welfare payments, she said.

Melbourne community lawyer Shorna Moore said many of the teens had only ever known a life in Australia and that the consequences of homelessness especially for young women were horrendous.

These kids are falling through the cracks and the governments of New Zealand and Australia must step in, she said.

The post NZ wont pay for homeless in Aust: Ardern appeared first on...


Spirituality: The Path is the Practice Wake Up World

May 22nd, 2018 By Gogo Thule Ngane Guest writer for Wake Up World Many hours of my day are filled with immense reflections, observation, mental notes and analysis, and just a whole bunch of thoughts! I blame it on my Aquarian imagination and air sign tendencies. So much of what I observe draws me in deeply. One thing []


WATCH LIVE: Vin Armani Discusses Bitcoin Cash Conference, the Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain Governance Activist Post

By Vin Armani Watch Live at 1pm EST (10am PST). The Vin Armani Show returns from the CoinGeek bComm Conference in Hong Kong and Vin...


Hawaii lava approaches geothermal power plant - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Hawaii lava approaches geothermal power plantThomson Reuters FoundationPAHOA, Hawaii, May 21 (Reuters) - Lava from the erupting Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island flowed towards a geothermal power plant on Monday as workers scrambled to shut it down to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases. It was the ...and more 


Yes, Virginia, There is a Deep State The Fifth Column

(Garrison) Since the Russiagate probe began, US president Donald Trump and his supporters have used lots of bandwidth raging against what they refer to as the Deep State. Does the Deep State exist? If so, what is it, and are its forces arrayed specifically against Donald Trump and  his administration?

Yes, the Deep State exists probably more so at one end of its numerous definitions and less so at the other, but to some degree at both ends.

At the seemingly more benign end, the Deep State is simply what one might think of as the permanent government the army of bureaucrats and functionaries whose careers span multiple administrations. Like all career employees of large organizations as groups, they tend to fear and resist change, and their sheer mass has an inertial effect. They energetically do things the old way and drag their feet on new things.

At the end dismissed by mainstream commentators as conspiracy theory, the Deep State is an invisible second government which acts in a coordinated manner to protect its prerogatives and advance its interests and favored policies versus changes supposedly demanded by the people via their elected representatives in Congress and the presidency. The premier example of this view is the claim that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA and the military industrial complex because (in one version) he was about to get the US out of Vietnam.

If that end of the spectrum sounds crazy to you, consider:

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page and former FBI deputy counterintelligence chief Peter Strzok, while working on a pre-election investigation into alleged collusion between Donald Trumps presidential campaign and the Russian government, exchanged text messages with incendiary content such as theres no way [Trump] gets elected but Im afraid we cant take that risk.

In mid-May, it emerged that an FBI informant approached two or three (reports vary) advisers to Trumps campaign during the same period to pry into those advisers alleged ties to the Russian government.

Is President Trump stretching the reports weve seen when he tweets Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a hot Fake News story?

Well, maybe. But not by much. On any fair reading, those two stories combined do look a lot like the second definition of Deep State skulduggery. The FBI was meddling in acting to influence or in extremis overturn a US presidential election (sound familiar?). The messages between Page and Strzok color that meddling as intentional Bureau political action, not as incidental investigative fallout which just happened to touch on the election.

While I disagree with President Trump on most issues, its hard to dis...


New WikiLeaks emails show Podesta lied about his work for Podesta Group, ties to Russian businesses Signs of the Times

It has been quite some time since I have reported on John and Tony Podesta. Tony Podesta has literally disappeared from public view. As far as John Podesta, he does tweet now and again. Judicial Watch has received access to new emails coming from John Podesta. The emails prove John Podesta lied when he said he was not affiliated with the Podesta Group. There are documents from the U.S. Department of State showing the Podesta Group working on behalf of the pro-Russia Ukrainian political group "Party of Regions." The documents also reveal then Obama White House Counsel John Podesta lobbying on behalf of his brother's firm. Plus, he was, in fact, embroiled with a pro-Russia Ukrainian political group called the "Party of Regions." Was this not grounds for an investigation on John Podesta? I would say so! The emails can be read at


"When 43% Of Americans Can't Pay For Food And Rent, We Can Safely Say Economic Collapse Is Here!" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"When 43% Of Americans Can't Pay For Food And Rent, 
We Can Safely Say Economic Collapse Is Here!"
by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog

You know all those reports about how lots of Americans cant afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a car repair? Well, forget additional expenses. It turns out that nearly half of the families in America are struggling to pay for food and rent. And that means that the economic collapse isnt just coming. Its HERE.

United Way has done a study on a group of Americans they call ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. The study found that this group does not make the money needed to survive in the modern economy. ALICE is your child care worker, your parent on Social Security, the cashier at your supermarket, the gas attendant, the salesperson at your big box store, your waitress, a home health aide, an office clerk. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially str...


BATR: Will Pentagon Audit Lead to Missing Money? Operation Disclosure

Will Pentagon Audit Lead to Missing Money?

Detailing the specifics of waste or even graft that has transpired inside the military-industrial-security complex is a task that could get an investigator killed. The biggest cash cow is wrapped in the flag and exists within a culture where mere scrutiny lays open charges of being unpatriotic. Munitions merchants maintain a special relationship with Generals and Admirals who promote, protect or facilitate the continuous development and deployment of weapon systems. The revolving door of influence rewards compromised legislatures or bureaucrats with executive payoffs when they leave government service.

Senator Enzi Seeks Timeline for Ongoing Pentagon Audit, shows concern that this accountability process actually takes place. Aspirations for What to Expect from the Pentagons First-Ever Audit need to be realistic.

"Beyond the obvious accounting of assetsan estimated $2.4 trillion worth, including everything from infrastructure to personnel to weapon systemsan audit will create opportunities for careful consideration about the best use of military dollars. Even if the accounts show that every single penny that goes into the DOD is spent mindfully, wisely, and efficiently, theres still cause to debate the ends that those pennies enable. The audit doesnt obviate the need to have these discussionsit should spark them."

Analyzing what policies military budgets need to fund is certainly valid, but remember that the day before the 911 attacks DOD Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced missing Pentagon funds. Of course this news was buried deep below the debris from the Pentagon. Government push back from Mick West claims that "Millions, maybe even billions of dollars "go missing" after a fashion due to accounting discrepancies - and perhaps even some illegal actions. But it certainly is not $2,300 Billion." His arguments in Debunked: Rumsfeld says $2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon does not vindicate the ridiculous contentions of Rumsfeld.

"The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector...


Bataclan-Paris Attack -- Gladio Network and Swiss CIA are Guilty! Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Bataclan-Paris Attack: Gladio Network & Swiss CIA are Guilty!

Did Donald Trump and his Military forces knows this info?

Does american activists journalists knows this secret story?

As already posted previously by exposing the fake Obama to Benjamin Fulford in a PDF, Swiss CIA is Guilty for the major terrorists Attacks around the Globe, according the reporter American homeless, David Chase Taylor:

14-02-2017-Obama Was Not Born in Indonesia or Kenya, But in Switzerland!

Now, posted on May 14 2018, on a French WordPress Blog, Marc Delantre, a Belgian, 56 years old, IT and Intelligence agent, has been forced hired by the GLADIO Headquarters in Belgium (as a slave, he know the man who is behind the Gladio Network), he has been undercover for France authorities (DNEF), as an informant, and has been also protected by a Mossad Belgium informant agent (alleged) for the Belgian Secret Services... In order to serve as an "agent IT prisoner" (with the help of his computer and his servers) on behalf of a mysterious organization of the Gladio network, responsible for exposing (and archiving) all their terrorist attacks signals, in progress!


The British monarchy has turned the country into a historical theme park which conceals a very dark past Signs of the Times

As the countdown to the Royal Wedding draws to an end, the picturesque English town of Windsor undergoes a drastic transformation. Amid a proliferation of souvenir trinkets with ancient crests and royal faces, armed police are massing, helicopters circle ominously, and the homeless are being removed. As we write, thousands of people across the world are grabbing union jack flags - some of them customized for the royal couple - and boarding trains and planes bound for Windsor. The impending royal wedding is an illustration of something that has been happening for a couple of decades now. Britain's history or "heritage" has been repackaged and marketed as a kind of brand to be consumed at home and abroad. From the quintessential - yet very much obsolete - red phone booths, to the tourist-friendly marriage of princes, we find ourselves caught up in the cultlike adoration of these quaint landmarks of British national identity. Comment: in many ways, Britain has little else going for it.


Anna Von Reitz -- Again, So Everyone "Gets" it Operation Disclosure

Monday, May 21, 2018

Again, So Everyone "Gets" It

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Again-- the power structure in this country is supposed to run like this:

People > Republics > Counties > States > The United States > The United States of America / Federal United States dba "United States" > Territorial United States dba "United States of America" > Municipal United States dba Municipality of Washington, DC

You will notice that in your lifetime there is only fleeting mention of the Republics and that the Federal United States has been confused both with The United States and with incorporated businesses doing business as the "UNITED STATES" and the Territorial United States has been confused both with The United States of America and with incorporated businesses doing business as the "United States of America".

All this confusion about who is who and what is what is being used to promote fraud of all kinds against the people and actual States. Certain parties have gotten very rich from orchestrating this confusion and all these "similar names deceits" ---- and they don't want to give it up. They have also exercised coercive and war-making powers that they have no right to exercise. They don't want to give that up, either.

The fact remains that they are criminals for promoting, aiding, abetting, assisting, or profiting from this circumstance, and anyone who knows what is going on who doesn't take immediate action to stop it, is either an active or passive accomplice to international crime of a most heinous nature.


See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:



Anna Von Reitz -- As Part of the Ongoing Effort Operation Disclosure

Monday, May 21, 2018

As Part of the Ongoing Effort

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The article re-posted below will help you understand why Rod Class's Administrative Rulings matter. The short answer is that the State of North Carolina admitted that the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is a private subcontractor, and that the State of North Carolina had no direct administrative control over the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA and its employees. [Direct administrative control is the responsibility of the parent corporation, dba UNITED STATES and the US Bankruptcy Trustees.]

If you have been following the history, you already know why this is so.

The Territorial United States franchise doing business as "the State of North Carolina" was bankrupted in 1933. In 1946, it was still "incompetent" due to bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Trustees appointed a Municipal United States Corporation, the UNITED STATES, INC., and its franchise doing business as the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, to take over the job of providing "essential government services".

Joe Average in North Carolina didn't notice or care. What difference did it make to him who swept the streets and wrote traffic tickets? It was the same way throughout the country. People were given no disclosure about any of these arrangements made "for" them.

But as we shall see, private incorporated subcontractors are not subject to the same rules as public institutions--- and that gives rise to both the situation confirmed by Rod Class's efforts, and the situation described below by one angry attorney:


There are a few more things worth noting regarding the DUN & BRADSTREET listing service: D-B is a financial rating service for both public and privat...


Anna Von Reitz -- I Double-Dog Dare the [Territorial] United States Supreme Court Operation Disclosure

Monday, May 21, 2018

I Double-Dog Dare the [Territorial] United States Supreme Court

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Let's begin this discussion with this realization: you can be a king in one country and a slave in another.

Is that clear enough?

Is it also clear that different countries operate under different laws?


The United States is and has always been a different country with respect to the Territorial United States. They function under two separate systems of law.

This leads to a situation where the States (members of The United States land jurisdiction Union) function under a different system than the Territorial States of States (international jurisdiction of the sea).

We have lawyers who are Counselors at Law and Justices (of the Peace) who administer the Public Law, which in a State is known as the General Session Law, even if the "State" is being represented as a Public Trust, and the Public Law generally, known as the Law of the Land.

They have Attorneys at Law and Judges who administer the Private Law, which in a State of State is known as the Statutory Law. Strictly speaking, only State of State officials, employees and dependents -- all known as "residents" of the State of Alaska (for example) are required to obey the Statutory Law.

So you have Counselors at Law and you have Attorneys at Law. I am a Counselor at Law.

If you occupy an office of the soil or land jurisdiction courts you must be a Counselor at Law and CANNOT be a Bar Attorney. Period. S...


Trump Says He Would Sign Prison Reform Bill Truthdig RSS

Even as the president signals support for federal changes, the countrys private prison system is continuing to expand.

President Trump has said he would sign a federal prison reform bill passed by the House Judiciary Committee last week. The legislation is likely to be voted on in the full House this week.

As reported by The Guardian, some advocates say the reform would immediately release 4,000 federal prisoners. U.S. prisons currently house 2.3 million inmates.

The package includes an expansion of compassionate release and investing millions of dollars in re-entry programs. As of 2017, only 23 percent of released prisoners stay out of prison.

The Guardian reports:

Nobody wins when former prisoners fail to adjust to life outside or worse, end up back behind bars, Trump said. We want former inmates to find a path to success so they can support their families and support their communities.

Even if it passes in the House, the bill faces an uphill climb in the Senate, not because there isnt support for it, but because key lawmakers feel the bill does not go far enough. Unlike prior attempts at federal reform legislation which also would have relaxed criminal sentencing, especially on drug crimes, the current bill only deals with policies that affect people who are already incarcerated.

For any criminal justice reform proposal to win approval in the Senate, it must include sentencing reforms, the Republican judiciary committee chairman, Chuck Grassley, said in a statement last week. Grassley was one of the chief animating forces behind a much more comprehensive bill that had been building momentum on both sides of the aisle in 2016 but that essentially disappeared from view after Trumps surprise victory.

But advocates like Jessica Jackson-Sloan, the policy director for #cut50, a criminal justice reform advocacy group, are hoping to get lawmakers to see the bill, called the First Step Act, as just that.

Even as lawmakers are considering federal prison reform, the U.S. private prison system is growing and generating big profits for companies. According to a new report released by the Corrections Accountability Project, over 3,100 corporations, 2,500 of which are privately traded companies, profit from the American prison system.

One example is the Stewart Detention Center in...


The First Species of Bee Has Officially Been Added to the Endangered Species List Awareness Act

The rusty patched bumblebee is now on the endangered species list, making it the first bee species in the United States to be considered endangered.

The species is balancing precariously on the brink of extinction, the agency said. Just 20 years ago, the rusty-patched bumblebee was a common sight, so ordinary that it went almost unnoticed as it moved from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen.

The decision came as a huge relief to environmentalists, who said they worried the Trump administration would scrap the effort.

The FWS had approved the bees endangered listing in the final days of the Obama administration. Shortly after taking office, however, President Donald Trump issued a sweeping freeze on Obama-era federal regulations.

On Feb. 9, a day before the bee order was supposed to take effect, the Trump administration delayed the listing until Feb. 21. The Natural Resources Defense Council quickly filed a lawsuit asking a federal court to stop FWS from violating the law by delaying the rule without public comment or notice.

The Trump administration reversed course and lifted the rusty-patched bumblebee as an endangered species just in the nick of time, Rebecca Riley, a senior attorney with the environmental group, said in a statement released this week.

Now the real work can begin.

By listing a species as endangered, the FWS is required to devise plans for creating a healthy and secure condition in the areas where the species is native. That might mean limiting or redefining development in places that are critical to the species survival.

A handful of business groups, including the American Petroleum Institute and the National Association of Home Builders, filed an emergency petition asking Trump officials to extend the freeze.

Opponents said the Obama administration didnt take enough time to consider how the bees listing would profoundly affect human activities, such as residential development and crop production.

But efforts to protect rusty-patched bumblebees had been underway for years.

Once common across the East Coast and Midwest, the bee species has disappeared from about 90 percent of its range in the past two decades. As with many bee types and pollinators, heavy us...


FLASHBACK: Was the entire Russiagate-Trump 'investigation' a Clinton operation? Signs of the Times

You might not know the name of Alexander Downer, but you should. The former Australian Foreign Minister and current Australian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Downer is the person who actually started the ball rolling in creating the anti-Trump dossier. And, it turns out, he's a Clintonite. Downer sat down for a pint or two in a London pub with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos back in 2016. Papadopoulos claimed to Downer that the Russians had some nasty information on Hillary Clinton. Downer subsequently told the FBI. And the FBI then began investigating not Clinton, but possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians. When it became known that a foreign diplomat had informed the FBI, it was treated as if it was a simple act of diplomatic chivalry by an ally tipping us off to dirty tricks by the Russians. It turns out it's a bit more complicated than that. In fact, as The Hill has reported, Downer is a Clintonista, and signed over $25 million in Australian government funds to the Clinton Foundation to fight AIDs in Southeast Asia. It was one of the biggest gifts ever to the foundation.


Astronomers discover fastest growing monster black hole the size of 20 billion suns Signs of the Times

Astronomers using cutting-edge skywatching devices have identified an extremely fast-growing black hole, cataloging it as a 'monster' that eats the mass equivalent of our sun every two days. Astronomers with the Australian National University (ANU) have discovered the fastest-growing black hole in the known universe, a super-massive celestial object some 12 billion light years distant, thought to be at least the size of 20 billion of our suns. Research suggests that the object is so large and has so much gravity that it pulls into itself the mass equivalent of one of our suns every two days, radiating matter-transforming energies back into space on a galactic scale.


Will Europeans defend their national sovereignty and refuse to abide by US sanctions on Iran? Signs of the Times

Europe now faces its ultimate ideological fork-in-the-road, which it has thus far ignored but can no longer ignore. They need to decide whether they seek a world of nations that each is sovereign over its own territory but over no other (and this would not be a world at war); or whether they seek instead a world in which they are part of the American empire, a world based on conquests - NATO, IMF, World Bank, and the other US-controlled international institutions - and in which their own nation's citizens are subject to the dictatorship by America's aristocracy: the same super-rich individuals who effectively control the US Government itself (see this and this - and that's dictatorship by the richest, in the United States). Iran has become this fateful fork-in-the-road, and the immediate issue here is America's cancellation of the Iran nuclear deal that America had signed along with 6 other countries, and America's consequent restoration of economic sanctions against Iran - sanctions against companies anywhere that continue trading with Iran. First, however, some essential historical background on that entire issue:


The growing alliance between Israel and Evangelical Christians Signs of the Times

A night after the dedication of the new United States Embassy in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel convened American evangelicals to plan their next steps. In a conference room off his office, Mr. Netanyahu thanked the small circle of prominent pastors and activists on Tuesday for pressing President Trump to open the embassy, breaking with decades of American policy that Jerusalem's status should be decided in peace talks. Which embassy would be next? Mr. Netanyahu wanted to know, running through a list of other countries with strong evangelical churches. Guatemala, Paraguay and Honduras had already followed the United States in announcing their intention to move their embassies to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, but what about Brazil, India or even China? "The prime minister was very excited," recalled Mario Bramnick, the Cuban-American pastor of a Pentecostal church near Miami and a Trump supporter who attended the meeting. The culmination of decades of lobbying, the dedication of the embassy in Jerusalem this past week doubled as the most public recognition yet of the growing importance the Netanyahu government now assigns to its conservative Christian allies, even if some have been accused of making anti-Semitic statements.


Rural Whites Shielded From Medicaid Work Requirement Rules Truthdig RSS

In April, President Trump signed an executive order allowing some Medicaid recipients to be exempted from requirements that they find  jobs or lose their health insurance. Now, the states taking advantage of the order, called Reducing Poverty in America, are facing scrutiny for allegedly creating policies that, as Talking Points Memo (TMP) reports, would in practice shield many rural, white residents from the impact of the new rules.

Kentucky and Ohio are applying for the waivers that the executive order allows. Each of their proposals include exemptions for the counties with the highest unemployment, which happen to be mostly white, GOP-voting and rural. In contrast, according to TMP, many low-income people of color who live in high-unemployment urban centers would not qualify, because the wealthier suburbs surrounding those cities pull the overall county unemployment rate below the threshold.

Those urban areas may have unemployment rates equal to or worse than the counties exempted from the requirements, but theyre not white and they dont vote Republican.

In addition, these waiver proposals may violate Title 6 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans race-based discrimination in federal poverty-assistance programs.

Kentuckys waiver, which was approved in January, will first be imposed in northern Kentucky, which has a higher proportion of black residents than the rest of the state.

Even before these waiver proposals, Trumps executive order was already under fire from anti-poverty groups for placing undue burdens on Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet, and, critics say, perhaps over-inflating the number of people on Medicaid who dont work. As The New York Times reported in April:

A 2017 study of Michigans Medicaid program by the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation found that three-quarters of those enrolled in the program were already working or physically unable to do so. Another 12 percent were people likely to be exempt, including the elderly and students.

In fact, Its a little bit of a solution in search of a problem, Elaine Waxman said of the work requirements. Waxman is a senior fellow with the nonpartisan Urban Institute and has studied food assistance programs and other government entitlements.



"You Think Its All About Guns? Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"You Think Its All About Guns?
by James Howard Kunstler

"Is it possible that we Americans only pretend not to notice the conditions that produce an epidemic of school shootings, or is the public just too dumbed-down to connect the dots?

Look at the schools themselves. We called them facilities because they hardly qualify as buildings: sprawling, one-story, tilt-up, flat-roofed boxes isolated among the parking lagoons out on the six-lane highway strip, disconnected from anything civic, isolated archipelagoes where inchoate teenage emotion festers and rules while the few adults on the scene are regarded as impotent clowns representing a bewildering clown culture wrapped in a Potemkin economy that has nothing to offer young people except a lifetime of debt and bullshit jobs - to borrow a phrase from David Graeber.
Click image for larger size.
The world of teens has been exquisitely engineered to steal every opportunity for colonizing the chemical reward centers of their brains to provoke endorphin hits, especially the cell-phone realm of social media, which is almost entirely about status competition, much of which revolves around the wild ho...


Sweden's truth police on guard for 'foreign interference' ahead of election Signs of the Times

The above warning came from Russian freelance journalist Lyudmila Savchuk in a recent interview with Business Insider Nordic. After spending time working undercover in a St Petersburg troll factory, Savchuk has unique insight into how propaganda and fake news are produced. In Sweden, voters will be heading to the polls on September 9 to elect members of parliament, county councils and local councils - and now, Swedish authorities are gearing up to deal with disinformation and propaganda in the upcoming election campaigns. "What we have done is that we have collected information about international elections. It shows that certain voter groups that foreign powers have targeted have been affected. Step two is that it can influence public opinion, but that does not necessarily affect the election outcome," says Linda Escar, deputy department head at the Swedish Security Service, Spo.


Salvationism - The Crooked Child Of The Satanic Dark Occult After the Shift

Image result for hopium 

There are plenty of flavors to choose from when it comes to saviors. Hopium is being sold to all kinds of people.

We have the classic Jesus is coming back and will rectify things on earth.
We have the nonsense that Putin is going to save the world.
The Pleiadians will save the day, the sphere alliance, Q Anon is fighting for us..... Pick your poison.
There is no end to saviors, heroes and way showers.


Boom, I said it.

Along with the salvation, comes the hope scam. Hope and faith are the things that keep you back from taking action in the real world. No need to engage, just sit back, grab your GMO popcorn and watch the show. That is exactly what dark occultists have been doing for millennia. They keep you busy with hope and faith while they are planning your demise and act on it. It does not matter how absurd the new flavor of hopium is, there will be people who drink the kool-aid and swallow the story that comes with it hook, line and sinker. It is our laziness and our unwillingness to do what is necessary that they can count on. Our deep-rooted need for role models, heroes, and saviors, in general, keeps us looking for externalized solutions. It is always out there, never inside of you, when in fact that is exactly where the solution is to be found, inside of you. But that takes work and commitment to figure out who and what you really are. It is much easier to focus on a savior who is selling the story that he is here to save humanity.


Scientists Find A Link Between Procrastination And Health Threats The Daily Sheeple

Scientists have discovered that procrastination could be threatening your overall health.  If you put things off frequently and for the wrong reasons, you could be at risk for debilitating health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

According to Entrepreneur, some of the negative consequences of procrastination are known by firsthand experience; we wait too long to start a project, or delay that important phone call, then end up feeling more pressure than we would have had we started things sooner.  But that stress on the body while in rushed mode can actually cause health issues.

According to research by Joseph Ferrari, all of us procrastinate from time to time. However, about 20 percent of us are whats known as chronic procrastinators, frequently and intentionally delaying work on projects with no gain other than to temporarily delay the inevitable.

In our youth, most of us are taught to avoid procrastination because the practice leaves us with less time and more pressure, and those issues certainly arent good. But, later in life, the consequences of procrastination might go even further than we realize. Research by Fuschia Sirois, from Bishops University in Quebec, suggests that trait procrastination (the tendency to regularly delay important tasks) is correlated with both hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The correlation exists even when researchers control for variables like age, race, education level, and personality factors.

This means it isnt the procrastination that actually adversely affects your overall health and well-being, its your bodys response to the added stress of rushing to finish a job in a short amount of time. Siroiss study also noted the tendency for participants to demonstrate behavioral disengagement; in other words, they procrastinate as a way to distance themselves from a given problem. Its a coping strategy, and not a healthy one, so chronic procrastinators arent able to manage their stress effectively.

Procrastinators also tend to feel bad after procrastinating, understanding that this is a bad habit and knowing theyve put themselves in a difficult situa...


If Police Rape You, Who Do You Go To? Terry Crews Hammers Establishment for Protecting Abusers TruthTheory

by Rachel Blevins via The Free Thought Project

Terry Crews claims he went to his agency after he was sexually assaulted by one of its executives, and it protected his attacker in the same way that police departments protect their officers.

Famous actor and former NFL linebacker Terry Crews was one of the few men who spoke out during the height of the #MeToo movement and revealed that he had been sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive. He is now speaking out and giving insight into the ways in which the establishment enables predators who use their money and influence to silence their victims.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on the Today Show, Crews used the analogy of If the police rape you, who do you go to? to describe the way he was treated after he was assaulted by an executive within his own agency, and he attempted to report the incident to superiors the day after it happened.

Crews was represented by William Morris Endeavor at the time and he said he was at an industry even when the head of the motion picture department, who has since been identified as Adam Venit, walked up to him and groped him.

I was gropedpublicly, with my wifeat an industry event, and this guy comes at me and he gropes me, in front of everybody. I smacked the guys hands back and Im like, What are you doing? Leave me alone, and he comes back and does it again, Crews said.

While many questioned why Crews did not react by punching or hitting his assailant, he said he felt like he was trapped at the time, and that as a 240-l...


Poland ramps up anti-Russia hysteria by expelling people who refute the West's narrative Signs of the Times

Poland will deport two Russian women who were members of a pro-Russian "hybrid" group that sought to stoke tension with neighboring Ukraine, Polish security official said on Friday. Poland arrested a Russian woman identified as "Yekaterina C" and barred four other people from entering the country, Poland's internal security agency, the ABW, said on Thursday. On Friday, one of the of the four people who had been banned from entering Poland was identified as a "Russian-Cypriot citizen, "Anastazja Z.".

Poland sides with anti-Russia hysteria by expelling people who refute the West's narrative Signs of the Times

Poland will deport two Russian women who were members of a pro-Russian "hybrid" group that sought to stoke tension with neighboring Ukraine, Polish security official said on Friday. Poland arrested a Russian woman identified as "Yekaterina C" and barred four other people from entering the country, Poland's internal security agency, the ABW, said on Thursday. On Friday, one of the of the four people who had been banned from entering Poland was identified as a "Russian-Cypriot citizen, "Anastazja Z.".


Mueller's ever-expanding probe is even more expansive than it seems Signs of the Times

The special counsel's team has interviewed a number of big names. But their interest in more obscure players tells a story, too. FBI agents working for special counsel Robert Mueller allegedly detained a lawyer with ties to Russia who is closely associated with Joseph Mifsud, the shadowy professor who claimed during the election that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. The revelation was made in a book co-written by that lawyer, Stephan Roh, and set to be published next month. "The Faking of RUSSIA-GATE: The Papadopoulos Case" is the latest in a stream of books aiming to capitalize on the chaos of this political moment. But it sheds new light on the expansive nature of Mueller's investigation into Russia's election interference and possible ties between President Donald Trump's campaign team and Moscow. It also highlights Mueller's interest in answering one of the probe's biggest outstanding questions: whether the campaign knew in advance that Russia planned to interfere in the election.


Researchers issue new drug resistance warning as deaths from fungal infections exceeding malaria Signs of the Times

'Compost heaps are absolutely lethal, if your immune system doesn't mop up those spores they'll just rot you down as quick as a flash,' says fungal disease expert professor Matthew Fisher Common fungal infections are "becoming incurable" with global mortality exceeding that for malaria or breast cancer because of drug-resistant strains which "terrify" doctors and threaten the food chain, a new report has warned. Writing in a special "resistance" edition of the journal Science, researchers from Imperial College London and Exeter University have shown how crops, animals and people are all threatened by nearly omnipresent fungi. "Fungal infections on human health are currently spiralling, and the global mortality for fungal diseases now exceeds that for malaria or breast cancer," the report notes.


3 More Things I Want To Do Before I Die TruthTheory

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

I am 2 days away from going into a silent 10 day meditation retreat called Vipassana and it got me thinking about life and some of the things that have taken place personally in just the last few years. It also gave me a moment to look forward to all the potential opportunities that still await in the future.

I am 31 years old, and unless a disaster happens I have at worse 30 years left and if I am lucky and eat lots of avocados and coconut oil I could be a third (or less) of the way through my life. This means there is the potential for plenty more experience and learning.

So far I have managed to have a boxing match, a baby (who is no longer a baby) and a conversation (or 2) with god. I lived in the jungle for a 28 days, took psychedelics 40 times in 13 months and ran a half marathon (not on psychedelics).

I sat in a hut in the Amazonian rainforest with a Peruvian shaman on the visionary brew Ayahuasca, trekked ...


Huge sinkhole swallows 3 cars at construction site in east China Signs of the Times

A large sinkhole has swallowed two cars and a minivan at a flood prevention works in east China. Nearby CCTV footage captured a construction site collapsed and opened up a 10-foot-deep hole before dragging the vehicles into it. There were no casualties reported in this incident. The constructions are now put on halt as local government ordered the company to repair the damaged pipes.


Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel Terra Forming Terra

 Rather nice and a likely artificial ligament.  Not an obvious solution either.  This looks to be a great manufacturing solution as well as we are completely familiar with glass fiber.

Yet many materials can also be manipulated so this may well be not that unique but may still be cheap en0ugh to get market share.

All good.

Fiber-reinforced hydrogel is 5 times stronger than steel

February 26th, 2017

The newly developed fiber-reinforced hydrogel consists of polyampholyte gels and glass fiber fabric(Credit: Hokkaido University) VIEW GALLERY - 2 IMAGES

Hydrogels have shown significant potential in everything from wound dressings...


Russia: US Anti-Tank Missiles Found At Former Al-Nusra Facility In Syria Your News Wire

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that US-made TOW anti-tank missiles and other weapons, have been found in facilities that had previously been controlled by Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria. According to the Russian Center for Reconciliation [...]

The post Russia: US Anti-Tank Missiles Found At Former Al-Nusra Facility In Syria appeared first on Your News Wire.


Mueller vs. Trump: Is there a constitutional confrontation in the offing? Signs of the Times

Can special counsel Robert Mueller require President Trump to testify before a grand jury? It would be unprecedented, and his effort to do so could lead to a major constitutional confrontation. The president could, of course, resist a grand jury subpoena by asserting his right under the Fifth Amendment not to be a witness against himself. However, for political reasons, he may not wish to do that. And he may not need to. Another off-ramp for the president, which he may choose not to take, is to remove the special counsel. Mueller is an appointee of the Department of Justice, part of the executive branch. He is therefore a subordinate of the president. Trump might have to jump through some hoops to remove him-such as removing the deputy attorney general who selected Mueller - but he has the power to do so. If, that is, he's willing to withstand the public outcry and demands for impeachment that would surely follow. Legislative measures, such as those already introduced in Congress, to shackle or impede the president's power to remove the special counsel are almost surely unconstitutional. So the president could avoid a grand jury subpoena by removing the official who is threatening to obtain one. But this is another step with potentially grave political implications that he may not wish to risk.


FLASHBACK: 9/11, permanent war, and the men behind the curtain: The Transnational Capitalist Class Signs of the Times

Editor's note: This is the text of a talk delivered at the 9/11 Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA, September, 2016 Globalization of trade and central banking has empowered private corporations to positions of power and control never before seen in human history. Under advanced capitalism, the structural demands for a return on investment require an unending expansion of centralized capital in the hands of fewer and fewer people. The financial center of global capitalism is so highly concentrated that less than a few thousand people dominate and control some $100 trillion dollars of wealth. These few thousand people controlling global capital amount to less than 0.0001 percent of the world's population. They are the Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) in what David Rothkopf calls the superclass. David Rothkopf, former managing director of Kissinger Associates, says that the superclass is comprised of 6,000 to 7,000 people. These are the Davos-attending, Gulfstream/private jet-flying, megacorporation-interlocked, policy-building elites of the world-in other words, people at the absolute peak of the global power pyramid. They are 94 percent male, predominantly white, and mostly from North America and Europe. Three years ago, a Project Censored research team decided to identify the people on the boards of directors of the top ten asset management firms and the top ten most centralized corporations. Because of overlaps, this is a total of thirteen firms, which collectively have 161 directors on their boards. We think that this group of 161 individuals represents the financial core of the world's transnational capitalist class. They collectively manage $23.91 trillion (2014) in funds and operate in nearly every country in the world. They are the center of the financial capital that powers the global economic system. Western governments and international policy bodies work in the interests of this financial core to protect the free flow of capital investment anywhere in the world. Add several hundred to this 161 and you find $100 trillion in assets-half the wealth in the world-managed by this small concentrated set of the TCC, who could fit into this theater.


Merapi volcano in Indonesia erupts for the 2nd time in 2 weeks Signs of the Times

Indonesia's most volatile volcano spewed smoke and ash early Monday in the latest of several eruptions in less than two weeks. Mount Merapi on the main island of Java erupted twice, sending a column of volcanic material up to 1,200 meters (3,930 feet) into the air and making ash fall in several villages, said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the disaster mitigation agency spokesman. He said the alert level of the volcano was not raised, which is at a normal level with no eruption expected in the foreseeable future.


Google Removes Dont Be Evil From Company Code of Conduct Truthdig RSS

Is Google finally embracing its evil side?

The company has reportedly stripped from its employee code of conduct a section outlining its longtime unofficial motto, Dont be evil, provoking a swift reaction on social media: File under: Evil is fine now.  Glad this question has been settled! Google has finally done what was inevitableabandoned informal commitment to its founding principle.

When the company restructured in 2015, AlphabetGoogles new parent companywas widely condemned for its watered down replacement, Do the right thing, but Googles maintained the Dont be evil language in its official code of conduct. That all changed sometime in late April or early May, Gizmodo reported Friday, after reviewing archives on the Wayback Machine.

According to a Wayback Machine archive from April 21, 2018, the related section of the code of conduct read:

Dont be evil. Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users. But Dont be evil is much more than that. Yes, its about providing our users unbiased access to information, focusing on their needs and giving them the best products and services that we can. But its also about doing the right thing more generallyfollowing the law, acting honorably, and treating co-workers with courtesy and respect.

The Google Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put Dont be evil into practice. Its built around the recognition that everything we do in connection with our work at Google will be, and should be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethical business conduct. We set the bar that high for practical as well as aspirational reasons: Our commitment to the highest standards helps us hire great people, build great products, and attract loyal users. Trust and mutual respect among employees and users are the foundation of our success, and they are something we need to earn every day.

So please do read the Code, and follow both its spirit and letter, always bearing in mind that each of us has a personal responsibility to incorporate, and to encourage other Googlers to incorporate, the principles of the Code into our work. And if yo...


US, France, UK, Establish More Bases In Syria To Push Breakup Of Country Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville As virtually all pretense of leaving Syria has vanished from the rhetoric of the White House, American and French soldiers have now...


Dog bites affect over 2.7 million people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh Signs of the Times

Two years ago, a Rajya Sabha committee went to the extent of putting out newspaper advertisements, inviting suggestions from various stake holders to deal with the dog menace in MPs' areas in Delhi. It is not known whether the move eased the situation or not for the MPs' there. But in Uttar Pradesh, which sends 31 members to the Upper House of Parliament, dog bites continue to be a big public health problem, affecting more than 27 lakh people every year, according to health department sources. While the killing of more than a dozen children by feral dogs in Sitapur in back-to-back incidents has only brought the problem to the fore in its worst form, on an average, not less than 100 people are bitten by dogs in each district every day, as per a rough estimate. The state's health department does not compile any data on statewide cases of dog bites, according to director, medical and health, Padamakar Singh.


New deep sea crustacean species discovery Dear Kitty. Some blog

Image of a male Stygiopontius senokuchiae taken with a confocal laser microscope. This new species of copepod was discovered by Kumamoto University student, Reina Senokuchi. The white scale bar is 0.2 mm long. Credit: Photograph by Kumamoto University Associate Professor Takeshi Kitano

From Kumamoto University in Japan:

Japanese student discovers new crustacean species in deep sea hydrothermal vent

May 21, 2018

A new species of microcrustacean (Stygiopontius) was collected from a submarine hot spring (hydrothermal vent) of a volcanic seamount (Myojin-sho caldera) in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan. This crustacean group lives only around deep-sea hydrothermal vents in the central Atlantic or eastern Pacific Oceans. The new species is the first of its kind discovered in Japanese waters. Reina Senokuchi, a Kumamoto University student, was the first to make the discovery saying, When I realized that it might be a new species, I was both delighted and very surprised. I couldnt believe it was true.

Portals to New Worlds

There are many hydrothermal vents in the deep waters east of Japan. The water in these vents is heated by volcanic activity under the ocean floor blown into the sea. In the vicinity of these openings, bacteria function as the primary producer of organic matter and convert mineral resources contained in the hot water into energy, a process called chemosynthesis. The organisms here are not found in any other type of environment on the planet. Some can be found in vents throughout the worlds oceans, yet others appear to live only in specific areas.

A research group headed by Associate Professor Motohiro Shimanaga of Kumamoto University studies the ecosystems of deep sea hydrothermal vents. Between 2012 and 2014, Dr. Shimanagas group surveyed hydrothermal vents in the calderas of three submarine volcanos in the Izu Islands (in the Izu-Bonin Arc) and collected samples of organisms to learn more about the...


Washington's hidden Glacier Peak volcano is one of the most dangerous and least monitored Signs of the Times

As Kilauea continues its rampage on Hawaii's Big Island, the 38th anniversary this month of Mount St. Helens' cataclysmic eruption is an uneasy reminder that the snow-capped volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest can awaken at any time. Yet one of Washington's most dangerous volcanoes remains the least-monitored and the least-studied in the Cascade range. Tucked deep inside its namesake 566,000-acre wilderness a scant 70 miles northeast of Seattle, Glacier Peak is the state's hidden volcano. At a modest 10,541 feet, its summit doesn't tower over the landscape like Rainier, Baker or Adams. Settlers didn't even realize it was a volcano until the 1850s, when Native Americans told the naturalist and ethnologist George Gibbs about a small mountain north of Rainier that once smoked.


Wikipedia: An establishment psyop Signs of the Times

If you haven't been living in a hole in a cave with both fingers plugged into your ears, you may have noticed that an awful lot of fuss gets made about Russian propaganda and disinformation these days. Mainstream media outlets are now speaking openly about the need for governments to fight an "information war" against Russia, with headlines containing that peculiar phrase now turning up on an almost daily basis. Here's one published today titled "Border guards detain Russian over 'information war' on Poland", about a woman who is to be expelled from that country on the grounds that she "worked to consolidate pro-Russian groups in Poland in order to challenge Polish government policy on historical issues and replace it with a Russian narrative" in order to "destabilize Polish society and politics." Here's one published yesterday titled "Marines get new information warfare leader", about a US Major General's appointment to a new leadership position created "to better compete in a 21st century world." Here's one from the day before titled "Here's how Sweden is preparing for an information war ahead of its general election", about how the Swedish Security Service and Civil Contingencies Agency are "gearing up their efforts to prevent disinformation during the election campaigns."


Stefan Halper: The FBI Informant who spied on Trump Campaign also oversaw a CIA spying operation in the 1980 election Signs of the Times

An extremely strange episode that has engulfed official Washington over the last two weeks came to a truly bizarre conclusion on Friday night. And it revolves around a long-time, highly sketchy CIA operative, Stefan Halper. Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign - using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush - got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter's foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering. Over the past several weeks, House Republicans have been claiming that the FBI during the 2016 election used an operative to spy on the Trump campaign, and they triggered outrage within the FBI by trying to learn his identity. The controversy escalated when President Trump joined the fray on Friday morning. "Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president," Trump tweeted, adding: "It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a "hot" Fake News story. If true - all time biggest political scandal!"


Grenfell flammable cladding in Australia Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Combustible | Trailer | Available Now

26 September 2017

Following the catastrophic Grenfell Tower fire in London, this incisive report reveals how Australian high-rises have been built with the same flammable cladding that caused the Grenfell disaster.

By Paul Bartizan in Australia:

Australia apartment owners to join legal action over flammable cladding

21 May 2018

Australian law firm Adley Burstyner and Roscon Property Services last month announced a class action law suit against major construction companies. The case is on behalf of approximately 250,000 owners and residents from about 1,400 apartments clad with flammable polyethylene core aluminium composite panels in the state of Victoria.

The $4.2 billion case, the law firm says, is the first stage in a national campaign to compensate owners for replacing the dangerous cladding and installing sprinkler systems, plus declines in their property values. The law suit is expected to target LU Simon Builders, Hickory Building, Hamilton Marino and Probuild. Slater and Gordon, another legal firm, later said it is considering a similar action.

The announcement came six months after 29 people were killed in a...


RV/Intelligence Alert: "Final Stage" -- May 21, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

There have been no reports of Cabal interference on the RV process since Friday.

The RV release protocol is currently at the final stage.

Sources have been told Tier 3 exchanges will begin this week.

This places the release of the toll-free 800 numbers sometime this week once Tier 3 receives the green light.

Once the 800#'s are released, exchange/redemption appointments can be scheduled as early as Thursday or Monday.

Multiple sources conclude that the RV release is now imminent.





Ebola outbreak in Congo: What you need to know RSS feed from

A quick Q&A to get you up to speed on the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo


National Parks Report on Climate Change Finally Released, Uncensored Truthdig RSS

This story was originally published by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit news organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more at and subscribe to the Reveal podcast, produced with PRX, at

Backing away from attempts at censorship, the National Park Service on Friday released a report charting the risks to national parks from sea level rise and storms.

Drafts of the report obtained earlier this year by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting showed park service officials had deleted every mention of humans causing climate change. But the long-delayed report, published Friday without fanfare on the agencys website, restored those references.

The scientific report is designed to help 118 coastal parks plan for protecting natural resources and historic treasures from the changing climate.

Maria Caffrey, the studys lead scientist, said she was extremely happy that it was released intact.

The fight probably destroyed my career with the (National Park Service) but it will be worth it if we can uphold the truth and ensure that scientific integrity of other scientists wont be challenged so easily in the future, said Caffrey, a University of Colorado research assistant who had worked on the report for five years.

The Reveal story, published in April, prompted some Democrats in Congress to seek an investigation of scientific integrity at the park service to see whether Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke or President Donald Trumps other political appointees are censoring science.  Zinke said at a House sub-committee hearing that he had been unaware of the changes, which Reveal uncovered shortly after he told Congress that he would never change a scientific report. The Interior Departments office of inspector general has launched an initial review, according to Nancy DiPaolo, the offices director of external affairs.

The controversy reflects a broader challenge faced by scientists who work for and with the federal government today because of the Trump administrations attitude toward science, particularly related to climate change.

When Caffrey resisted the editing of the report, she said National Park Service officials warned her that it would not be released if she refused to accept the deletions or that it might be released in an edited form without her na...


6 Savage Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play On The Women They Love Awareness Act

Women are supposedly the masters of mind games, so why are so many of us getting played by men? Its easy to think only women play games, but guys have learned and now they play their own.

While both sexes should just be upfront and honest, mind games happen and if youre an unsuspecting woman, its time to learn to recognize when hes just playing you so that you can win whatever games on the table. After all, once you know whats going on, its pretty easy to counter him and beat him at his own game. Here are a few to be on the lookout for at all times.

Pretending he doesnt care.

We all have this tendency to go after the guy who doesnt seem to care. We love that nonchalant attitude its the classic bad boy scenario. Bad guys love playing this game. They get to act like you dont matter and you eat it up.

To win, stop chasing bad boys. He either cares or he doesnt. If he doesnt, then youre not interested.

If you do this, Ill do that later.

If you just go along with what he wants to do, he promises to do whatever you want to do later. The thing is, later never comes. Hes great at making those deals, but he never delivers. Hell always find some way out of it. He might even claim you didnt completely follow through originally.

To win, switch things around. The next time he asks you to do something, refuse unless he does something with you first.

Giving backhanded compliments.

When a guy realizes youre way out of his league, he might start giving you backhanded compliments. Hes afraid youll dump him for someone hotter or better. The idea is to subtly kill your self-esteem so you find him more attractive and think you couldnt possibly do any better.

To win, think about how his compliments make you feel. If youre not feeling great, then its probably a backhanded compliment. Confront him and ask what his problem is. If the behavior continues, get rid of him already. Remember, you really can do better.

Pretending to like what you like.

Youll often see this one played alongside the perfect guy game. Hell seem to love all your hobbies at first. Then suddenly, you owe him. It could be trying new things in bed, doing his hobbies or giving him time with the guys. The whole idea is to guilt you into doing whatever he wants.

To win, dont give in. Only do things with him if its something you want to do....


'Loud boom', gaping hole and smell of smoke leaves Nebraska family puzzled Signs of the Times

Fire chased a Lincoln family from their home Saturday leaving a mystery and a gaping hole in its wake. Fire crews were called to the 7100 block of S. Hampton Road around 6:30 a.m. Battalion Chief Leo Benes said the family had been awakened earlier by a "loud boom" but couldn't find anything wrong with the house. It wasn't until later that the smell of smoke got their attention. They called the fire department and evacuated. Benes said the initial thinking is that a lightning strike might have been the culprit but that's still just speculation. The mystery still looms.


Dozens Of Spy Towers Found Around D.C. Nobody Is Sure How They Got There Your News Wire

An investigative report by WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., has found dozens of spy towers and devices around the nations capital and even more troubling is the fact nobody is entirely sure what they are doing [...]

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Pope Francis Says That Homosexuality Is No Longer A Sin Your News Wire

Liberal Pope Francis has told a homosexual man that being gay is fine with God, and that God made you like this, suggesting that the far left pontiff has recently been spending more time listening [...]

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Life Loving Down Syndrome Man Urges Ireland To Vote Against Abortion Your News Wire

A man with Down Syndrome, who proclaims that he loves his life, features in a new advertisement urging his fellow Irish citizens to vote to retain the 8th Amendment which protects babies like him from [...]

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Jon Rappoport: Say Hello to the FBI Mole Inside the Trump Campaign Operation Disclosure

Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign

By Jon Rappoport

Well, you see, the mole wasn't a spy, he was an informant. Aha. Let's use a microscope to tell the difference.

The mole: Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor.

Supposedly, Halper was gathering information for the FBI about a suspected Trump-Russia connection.

Well, what else has Halper done? At The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald reports: "Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign - using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush - got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter's foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering."

Oops. That doesn't smell good. CIA operatives, managed by Halper, infiltrated the presidential campaign, spied on Jimmy Carter and his advisors, and relayed information about Carter's foreign policy to Reagan's team.

But we're supposed to believe, without evidence, that in 2016 Halper was only trying to dig up information on a Trump-Russia connection.

What more do we know about Stefan Halper, the mole for hire? Breitbart: "Halper...served as an assistant to all three of President Gerald Ford's Chief of Staffs - Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney..." Quite a trio of politicians. I don't think you'd want to list them on your resume, if you were applying for a job with an organization that showed a shred of ethics.

And then there is this: In 1984, Halper was the chairman of the Palmer National Bank. Breitbart: "White House official Oliver North wiredloaned funds from the Palmer National Bank to a Swiss bank account, which were later used to aid the [Nicaraguan] contras." The contras, backed by the CIA, were trying to derail the Sandinista government, and in the process, reportedly carried out over 1000 terrorist attacks. Transferring...


(Video) Interview with Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD and Christopher Exley, PhD on Vaccinations Operation Disclosure

Streamed live on May 17, 2018

An exclusive sit-down interview with Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld & Christopher Exley, PhD joins us in-studio, LIVE from Lisbon, Portugal!

LIVE from Lisbon with the Super Heroes of Science - we've traveled this far for a reason!

This is The #HighWire


Floods and heavy rain affect 5,000 in Guatemala Signs of the Times

Civil protection in Guatemala (System of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction - CONRED) reported on 18 May that almost 6,000 people had been affected by heavy rain and flooding over the last 3 days. The country's National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) said that over 100 mm of rain fell in 24 hours in 6 different locations on 15 May and in 3 different locations the next day. CONRED says that there have been 19 incidents of flooding and damaging rainfall, affecting 5,594 people. The worst affected departments are Chiquimula, El Progreso, Guatemala, Petn, Quetzaltenango, Sacatepquez, Solol, San Marcos and Suchitepquez.


Erratic seasons and extreme weather devastating crops around the world Signs of the Times

China: Pineapple market may recover Although this is normally the peak season in Xuwen for pineapple supplies to the market, according to fruit farmers in Xuwen the retail of pineapples is in a "severe winter". Earlier this year a cold wave hit Xuwen, just as pineapples began to appear on the market. The product quality suffered, and the price dropped. In some places Xuwen pineapples even became unmarketable.


Use of anti-smoking app expands in Turkey Signs of the Times

The head of the Green Crescent, which focuses on combating tobacco and alcohol addiction, said the Green Detector application they developed allowed concerned citizens to notify relevant authorities about the use of cigarettes at banned locations. ava Ylmaz said they viewed smoking as the most dangerous addiction to chemicals. "In the past year, 100,000 people died due to diseases linked to smoking," he said, adding that the figure for the world was closer to six million. "I came out and said something cost 100,000 lives a year; whether it be terrorism, natural disaster an accident, there would be a huge reaction. However, when it comes to cigarettes, we just ignore it."


Heavy rains, landslides kill 5 in Sri Lanka, while Cyclone Sagar kills 15 in Somaliland Signs of the Times

Heavy monsoon rains in Sri Lanka have killed five people, prompting authorities to warn against landslides and floods in low-lying areas after spill gates had to be opened across the Indian Ocean island. Lightning killed three people, a landslide a fourth, and the fifth death was the result of a fallen tree, said officials at the country's Disaster Management Centre. The centre's spokesman, Pradeep Kodippili, said flooding has forced the evacuation of people in areas where several rivers are overflowing, while four districts are on "red alert" for possible landslides. People in those four districts have been cautioned to be vigilant," Kodippili told Reuters. The army has sent more than 100 soldiers with more than 25 boats to tackle the emergency, its spokesman, Sumith Atapattu, told Reuters.


FIFTY8 Interviews Nancy Addison Part III of V -- Nutrition and Health Operation Disclosure



Internationally-Renowned Nutritionist, Chef, Environmental Specialist, Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Radio Show Host.

PART III - Preparing Food For Kids

Nancy talks about preparing foods and how she raised her kids on a plant based diet. She started making organic baby food, non-chlorinated & non-fluoride water and was conscious of what her children responded to in their diet. Having so much sugar, food coloring, and MSG (which causes brain damage) in food everywhere, she discusses how children react to their parents and how they watch what your doing which affects their behavior.

Her children helped her make homemade bread with garbanzo bean flour and learned how to prepare their food. She empowered her children to make their own decisions in regards to what they choose to eat. She got them involved in preparing meals, grocery shopping, knowing how to see the quality of the product, and then went home and cooked the food together as a family.


FIFTY8 Magazine


Russian firm indicted by Mueller investigation comes out swinging Signs of the Times

The authority of special counsel Robert Mueller to bring charges over Russian interference in the 2016 election will face stiff opposition from one of the indicted entities, its attorney pledged Wednesday. Reed Smith attorney Eric Dubelier represents Concord Management and Consulting LLC, which Mueller has charged with funding the Russian troll farms that worked to support Donald Trump's candidacy in the presidential election. At a 20-minute status conference in the case today, Dubelier said the count against Concord - conspiracy to defraud the United States - is unconstitutional as applied. Concord will file a motion challenging Mueller's authority, in addition to asserting failure to state a claim and violations of its due-process rights, Dubelier said. The tactic is similar to the one being used by former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort in his criminal case, which Mueller is also prosecuting.


Real Relationships Are When Two Imperfect People Love Each Other Perfectly Awareness Act

Sure, we go through many different things in this life, but relationships make up a huge part of the things we go through.

No relationship is perfect and even if we love each other we will still have problems at one point or another. Challenges and change are what shape the relationship. The way we respond to things and how we grow be it together or apart all make a huge difference. We all have our faults and because of this learning to love someone despite their flaws is sometimes hard.

The best kind of relationship is one in which you can be there for each other without judgment. You make the best of everything and really stay strong for each other. No challenge is too big, overcoming obstacles is not as complicated as it seems when you really love someone. Commitment and respect are only two of the many things needed to grow a real lasting relationship.

You have to be willing to stick around even when you and this person arent getting along too well. You have to be willing to listen and to speak. If you refuse to go all in nothing is going to last. It is choosing one another each and every day. Waking up and putting both your needs and their needs on the same level. When it comes to being in a real relationship you have to be able to confront all of the things that make you vulnerable together.

A real relationship is when you find someone who isnt perfect, someone just like you and you love them in a way that is perfect. Love is the only perfect thing that exists in this world and it isnt the perfect everyone expects it to be. It is painful and hard and can be a bit too much sometimes but it is also worth it. Without all of the things that we go through together, happiness wouldnt be possible.

Love is not what the movies or fairytales make it out to be. Its not prince charming coming to the rescue over and over again. It is creating a life with someone willing to put forth the same amount of effort that you do and are. It is finding perfection within the imperfections and not letting this world tear you apart.

No one is going to come in a sweep you off of your feet. Be aware of yourself and those around you and everything will eventually present itself. Love is one of the best experiences we have in this world. Real love is not all roses and chocolates. It is crying at three am on his shoulder and sitting up all night talking through everything that is bothering you in life. It is raw and full of emotion.



Jon Rappoport -- The Psychiatric Matrix: What you Need to Know Operation Disclosure

The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know

By Jon Rappoport

First of all, as I reported some months ago, 25% of college students in America have received a diagnosis of a mental disorder, or are on psychiatric drugs. I mention this to indicate how widespread psychiatric control has become.

That statistic has been reported by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

NAMI also states: "Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.-43.8 million, or 18.5%-experiences mental illness in a given year."

These figures are earthshaking. They reflect a relentless push, by organized psychiatry and their pharmaceutical partners, to expand the diagnoses of mental disorders and the toxic drugging that follows.

Indeed, if you consult the DSM, the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, you'll find listed 297 distinct and defined and labeled disorders. This is marketing at an awesome level.

This is also a cultural revolution. Over the past few decades, millions of Americans have been convinced they have a brain malfunction of some kind. If you don't think that creates a vast victim mentality, think again.

And yet, wait for it---not one of the 297 mental disorders has a defining diagnostic lab test. Not one.

I've made this point many times. Occasionally, readers point out that there are tests. Yes, but not DEFINING tests. If tests existed which invariably point to a true diagnosis of a true condition, those tests would be published in the DSM, the bible of the psychiatry. But they aren't. Nowhere in the DSM will you find them.

Instead, every mental disorder is defined by a list of behavioral "symptoms." Committees of psychiatrist gather and debate, and decide which clusters of symptoms add up to which labels of mental disorders.

It would be as if you walked into a doctor's office, talked to him for ten minutes, and then he said: "You have cancer. I can tell by the way you're talking and behaving. We start chemo tomorrow."


Giuliani: Mueller probe into Trump obstruction to end by Sept 1 Signs of the Times

Special counsel Robert Mueller will conclude his probe into claims US President Donald Trump obstructed the Russia investigation by the beginning of September, according to the president's personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani told the New York Times that Mueller shared a copy of his timeline as both sides continue to negotiate the terms of a possible interview between Trump and the special counsel. The attorney, and former mayor of New York, said he feared a delay in wrapping up the investigation would cast a cloud over the midterm elections in November. "You don't want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don't know how it affected the election," Mr. Giuliani told the paper, citing then-FBI chief James Comey's decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation days before the polls opened in the US presidential election. The obstruction charge arises from claims made by Comey who said Trump asked him to end an investigation into then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Trump's official explanation for firing Comey invoked a memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein accusing the FBI director of misconduct in the 2016 investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server use.


Illinois Bill Would Allow Cops to Spy on Protesters Using Drones With Facial-Recognition Technology RSS feed from

On May 2, the Illinois Senate approved SB 2562, which would allow police to use drones equipped with facial recognition capabilities to spy on large public gatherings across the state. Currently, Illinois law only allows police to use drones if they have obtained a warrant, suspect a high risk of loss of life, are searching for a missing person or are taking crime scene photos. The bill is currently pending in the Illinois House and is expected to pass with very little public debate. If [...]


Bypass US sanctions, counter China, why Modi's agenda-less Putin meeting is more than chit-chat Signs of the Times

Narendra Modi arrives in Sochi for an "agenda-less" meeting with Vladimir Putin, but there won't be time for chit-chat: the two must save key arms deals left up in the air by US sanctions, and find common ground on China. "This is a very different kind of meeting. Normally, we have a system of annual bilateral summits, that are very structured, where you negotiate and you come out with documents, contracts and joint statements," said Pankaj Saran, India's ambassador in Moscow, ahead of his prime minister's arrival in the Black Sea resort on Monday afternoon. Instead, says Saran, the one-day visit, planned in short order after Putin won March's election for his fourth term, and conducted without honor guards, official dinners and other accoutrements, will be a chance for the two leaders to develop "personal chemistry, build up their relationship" and "discuss issues important to their own countries."


19 Bad Shower Habits You Need to Stop Doing Immediately Awareness Act

Its one of those daily habits that we dont really think about all that often. I mean, obviously showering is good, not sharing is bad that stands without reasoning (especially if youre around teenage boys who have yet to discover the power of deodorant), however, did you know that there are actually right and wrong ways to shower?

Some of the smallest choices and habits that you do every day may actually be preventing you from being as clean and healthy as you would like to think!

Be Shower Smart by Avoiding These 19 Bad Shower Habits:

#1 Using Scented Soaps

Think twice before reaching for your favorite lavender or wild berry soap. The chemicals used to include that scent can disrupt the balance of oils in your skin, causing itchiness and irritation. Stick with a scent free soap, your skin will thank you.

#2 Washing Your Face in the Shower

Do you speed up your morning routine by washing your face in the shower? While it may seem as though you are helping yourself, you may actually be harming your skin. The water most people use to shower is hotter than you should be using on your face, which can cause serious irritation, acne or rosacea. Take the few extra minutes to care for your skin.

#3 Over-Exfoliating

While there are undeniable benefits to exfoliating the skin, beauty experts warn that there is such thing as over-exfoliating which can cause irritation and inflammation. Limit your exfoliating to no more than 2-3 times each week.

#4 Daily Hair Washing

This is a mistake that MANY people make. Washing your hair too often can be damaging to the hair itself, stripping it of the natural oils and drying it out. The solution isnt to overly condition either, as too much conditioner can weigh your hair down.

#5 Wrapping Your Hair in a Towel

Its a mistake that many of us with longer hair make, but experts warn that wrapping your hair up in a towel may actually be damaging your head. Avoid the risk by patting your hair dry rather than rubbing it, gently squeezing the water out of your hair with the dry towel.

#6 Rough Towel Drying

Did you know theres a right and a wrong way to towel dry? If you dont have the luxury of air drying, gently pat the towel on your skin. Rubbing it roughly can cause dry skin, or wrinkles from pulling at the skin over time.

#7 Using a...


DOJ to investigate Trump campaign infiltration by FBI Signs of the Times

The Department of Justice has formally requested a review into possible abuses of the surveillance application process amid claims the FBI "infiltrated" the President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign. The news comes just hours after Trump demanded that the DOJ investigate claims that federal authorities surveilled his campaign for political purposes. Writing on Twitter, the president said he also wanted to know if any "demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration." The department asked the inspector general to liaise with federal prosecutors to bring charges against FBI personnel found guilty of criminal conduct while investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. "The Department has asked the Inspector General to expand the ongoing review of the FISA application process to include determining whether there was any impropriety or political motivation in how the FBI conducted its counterintelligence investigation of persons suspected of involvement with the Russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election," a statement from DOJ spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores read.


FLASHBACK: Reagan aides describe Stefan Halper's operation to spy on Jimmy Carter Signs of the Times

An operation to collect inside information on Carter Administration foreign policy was run in Ronald Reagan's campaign headquarters in the 1980 Presidential campaign, according to present and former Reagan Administration officials. Those sources said they did not know exactly what information the operation produced or whether it was anything beyond the usual grab bag of rumors and published news reports. But they said it involved a number of retired Central Intelligence Agency officials and was highly secretive. The sources identified Stefan A. Halper, a campaign aide involved in providing 24-hour news updates and policy ideas to the traveling Reagan party, as the person in charge. Mr. Halper, until recently deputy director of the State Department's Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs and now chairman of the Palmer National Bank in Washington, was out of town today and could not be reached. But Ray S. Cline, his father-in-law, a former senior Central Intelligence official, rejected the account as a ''romantic fallacy.''


MI6 setups lead to Trump campaign advisors' indictments and the war on Trump Signs of the Times

In the months leading up to the 2016 election, British intelligence made strenuous efforts to cultivate Trump advisors, and set up circumstances in which they could appear to have Russian connections, the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross shows in a lengthy article today. First in line is Prof. Stefan K. Halper, a foreign policy expert with ties to both the CIA and MI6, who invited Trump endorser George Papadopoulos to London in September 2016. There, Halper offered to pay Papadopoulos $3,000 to write a policy paper on Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and the Leviathan natural gas field in the Mediterranean Sea. Halper, 73, who is British, is a veteran of three Republican administrations (meddling in American politics is nothing new for him), and also met with two other Trump campaign advisors. Halper, Ross reports, is a close associate of Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of Britain's foreign intelligence agency, MI6. When Papadopoulos arrived in London for their meeting, Halper asked him if he knew about "hacking the emails from Russia," to which Papadopoulos replied he did not, Ross reports. Halper had offered him the $3,000 for the policy paper, with all expenses paid. Halper also invited a second Trump campaign aide, foreign policy advisor Carter Page, to attend a July 2016 symposium at Cambridge University in Britain, regarding the upcoming U.S. election.


Japan and the EU notify WTO of retaliatory measures to combat US metal tariffs Signs of the Times

Japan and the European Union have notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that they are ready to implement an array of retaliatory measures against Washington in response to tariffs on steel and aluminum imports imposed by US President Donald Trump on Tokyo and the European bloc. "We plan to decide appropriately, considering the impact on Japanese companies as well as related US measures," the Japanese Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday. However, it stopped short of indicating when Tokyo might take action. The statement also said that the WTO had been informed that Japan had the right to implement tariffs on American goods worth 50 billion yen ($451 million), which would be the equivalent value to duties quite recently imposed by Washington on Japanese metal products. Tokyo has not yet lodged an official complaint with the intergovernmental organization, but it is gesturing that it could impose the counter-measures if it does not obtain the tariff exemptions it has been seeking from the US. For its part, the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, has already prepared a list of American products, including peanut butter, motorcycles and denim jeans, which could get extra import duties.


Butterfly, woodpeckers, little egret in China Dear Kitty. Some blog

Little egret, 6 April 2018

Still 6 April 2018. Still in the Han Shui river region in Shaanxi province in China; like in the previous blog post. Where this little egret flew.

We passed a crested ibis nest.



Senator Rand Paul: 'We're not going to leave our kids defenseless' Signs of the Times

During a May 18 Fox News appearance Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said it is time for Americans to take a stand and say, "We're not going to leave our kids defenseless." His comments came in the wake of the shooting that killed at least 8 at Santa Fe High School. Paul said, "Why don't we say it as a country - we're not going to leave our kids defenseless. We're going to defend them." He also spoke to Hollywood celebrities who react to a high profile firearm-based crime with calls for more gun control, saying, "Every Hollywood actor that hates guns has armed bodyguards defending them. So they hate guns unless the guns are defending them." Paul's call to protect our children is reminiscent of President Trump's response to the February 14 Parkland school shooting. CNN reported that Trump responded to Parkland by saying that a "gun-free zone to a maniac - because they're all cowards - a gun-free zone is 'let's go in and let's attack because bullets aren't coming back at us.'" Trump said adopting a policy where "20 percent" of teachers are armed would reduce or eliminate the perception of weakness, making schools a riskier target to strike.


Within the US evangelical capital rises mixed views on Israel Signs of the Times

This week, the Trump administration completed its move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. At the opening ceremony, two of the American speakers were evangelical superstars: Pastor Robert Jeffress, the author of several doomsday books about Israel, and John Hagee, who interpreted recent lunar eclipses as evidence that the end times were nigh. The Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro, meanwhile, declared that Trump had "fulfilled biblical prophecy". The ceremony coincided with massive protests, in which 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces. Thousands of miles away, in her home outside Colorado Springs, Kimberly Troup sat in a cluttered basement office. She is an evangelical Christian who takes to heart the Bible verse in which God speaks of the Jewish nation: "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse." Accordingly, she has devoted 22 years to Israel. She is now the US director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, an advocacy group with a Zionist ideology. Two other CFIC employees work with her. This week, they have been very busy. Ever since she was a child, in Kentucky, Troup has been immersed in Israel. Her father saw the creation of the state in 1948 and the six-day war of 1967as evidence of biblical prophecy surrounding the end of the world. Troup believes in such prophecies, though she does not pretend to know when they will occur. She sees it as her Christian duty to care for Israel, to defend it against "Arabs" who are "not interested in peace".


The secret meeting between FBI and Alexander Downer Signs of the Times

One hundred days before the US election, two FBI agents went on a secret mission. And it could badly damage Australia's relationship with Donald Trump. Alexander Downer sat down for an interview with two FBI agents in London in 2016 to discuss potential Russian meddling in the US presidential election, a sensational report alleges. The revelation the Australian government broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed Mr Downer, then Australia's high commissioner to the United Kingdom, to be interviewed by the FBI could damage Australia's recently repaired relationship with US President Donald Trump. The New York Times first revealed late last year it was at a boozy night in May 2016, at London's Kensington Wine Rooms, that Mr Trump's then foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos told Mr Downer Russia had dirt on Mr Trump's political rival Hillary Clinton.


New kingmaker: Iraq's anti-American, nationalistic cleric is big parliamentary winner Signs of the Times

A Shia cleric with strong anti-American views is poised to become kingmaker in Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr's coalition emerged victorious in parliamentary elections, signaling a resurgence in Iraqi nationalism, analysts told RT. Al-Sadr's Sairoon Alliance capitalized on widespread anger over foreign influence and unchecked corruption in Iraq, securing a surprise victory over Iran-backed Shia militia chief Hadi al-Amiri's Fatah (Conquest) Coalition, and US-backed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's Nasr (Victory) Coalition. Anti-America (and corruption) crusader? The prominent Shia cleric is an outspoken critic of US military presence in Iraq, even leading two revolts against American-led forces after their 2003 invasion. At the same time, al-Sadr is also opposed to Iranian influence in Iraq. His ability to appeal to Iraqis' sense of nationalism seems to be the main driving force behind his coalition's unexpected parliamentary victory.


Saudi Arabia intercepted Yemeni missiles; Houthis targeted military airports Signs of the Times

Saudi air-defense systems have reportedly managed to intercept a ballistic missile launched from Yemen after Houthi rebels said they had targeted a "military airport" in the city of Jizan. The alleged Scud-type missile was destroyed before the projectile hit the intended target in the port city, which lies in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia and directly north of the border with Yemen, local media reported. Earlier, Saudi air defenses reportedly intercepted another ballistic missile, which targeted a military airport near the southern border. The launches on Monday morning were the latest in a series of missile attacks on Saudi positions which have intensified over the weekend. Riyadh has repeatedly accused Iran of being responsible for ballistic missile launches from Yemen, warning that such acts could be considered an "act of war," while the Islamic Republic firmly denied such accusations.


Harvey Weinstein Victim Take The Stage At The Cannes Festival To Say There Are Many Still To Be Held Accountable TruthTheory

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Asia Argento gave a powerful speech saying You know who you are, but most importantly we know who you are, and we are not going to let you get away with it anymore.  

Asia Argento has alleged that in 1997 Harvey Weinstein raped her at the Cannes Film Festival, at this years festival she took to the stage saying that the festival was Weinsteins hunting ground and that there are many who are still to be held accountable for their crimes. Argento ended her speech with the line You know who you are, but most importantly we know who you are, and we are not going to let you get away with it anymore.

Hopefully this is the start of a clean up of an industry that has a very dark shadow following it around. You can watch the video below:


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Kilauea volcano growing more hazardous - spewing lava causes first major injury Signs of the Times

A volcano on Hawaii's Big Island that is oozing and spewing lava and exploding with ash and gas has become more hazardous in recent days, with rivers of molten rock flowing into the ocean and flying lava causing the first major injury. Kilauea began erupting more than two weeks ago. It has burned dozens of homes, forced people to flee and shot up plumes of steam from its summit that led officials to distribute face masks to protect against ash particles. Lava flows have grown more vigorous in past days, in one instance spattering molten rock that hit a man in the leg. The man was outside his home on Saturday in the remote, rural region affected by the volcano when the lava "hit him on the shin, and shattered everything from there down on his leg" said Hawaii County mayor's spokeswoman Janet Snyder told Hawaii News Now TV. Lava flying through the air from cracks in the earth can weigh as much as a refrigerator and even small pieces can be lethal, officials said.


NYC Mayor Orders NYPD To Stop Arresting People For Smoking Marijuana Your News Wire

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has reportedly ordered the NYPD  to stop arresting people who are caught smoking marijuana in public Currently, only medical marijuana is legal in NYC. Smoking pot in public [...]

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NASA Is Going To Create Coldest Temperature In Universe Using Lasers The Daily Sheeple

NASA is sending an apparatus to the International Space Station that will create a spot 10 billion times colder than the vacuum of space in the quest to create the coldest temperature in the universe. Scientists say this will help them study the odd properties of ultra-cold atoms.

Dubbed the Cold Atom Laboratory, a payload about the size of an ice chest aboard Orbital ATKs Cygnus rocket, it will help scientists observe the weird quantum properties of ultra-cold atoms in outer space.

According to Science Alert, a combination of lasers and magnets will be used to chill and slow a cloud of atoms to just a fraction above absolute zero, also known as zero Kelvin (-273.15 Celsius or -459.67 Fahrenheit). Absolute zero is the coldest temperature in the Universe and impossible to achieve because, at that point, atoms stop moving. However, the Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) can cool clouds of atoms to just one-tenth of a billion of a degree above absolute zero, which causes them to move extremely slowly, exhibiting microscopic quantum phenomena.

The clouds of atoms are called Bose-Einstein condensates. They can be created on Earth, however, gravity drags them downwards very quickly, so they can only be observed for a fraction of a second. The microgravity environment aboard the ISS will overcome this significant problem, allowing scientists on Earth operating the equipment remotely to observe the atoms for up to 10 seconds.

By lowering the temperature to almost absolute zero, scientists can observe the Bose-Einstein condensates for a much longer time than ever before.  If you had superfluid water and spun it around in a glass, it would spin forever, CAL project manager Anita Sengupta of JPL said last year. Theres no viscosity to slow it down and dissipate the kinetic energy. If we can better understand the physics of superfluids, we can possibly learn to use those for more efficient transfer of energy.

It could also help advance superconductivity, and devices such as s...


Marines get new information warfare leader, Maj. Gen. Lori Reynolds Signs of the Times

Maj. Gen. Lori Reynolds has been nominated for a third star and to serve as the recently established deputy commandant for information, according to a May 18 announcement from the Department of Defense. Reynolds, who currently heads Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command, will succeed Lt. Gen. Daniel O'Donohue, who is moving to the joint staff. The Defense Department has not yet announced a replacement for Reynolds at Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command. The Marines established this new position, the deputy commandant for information, in summer 2017 to better compete in a 21st century world, aligning all information-related capability under a single entity. This includes cyber, signals intelligence and electronic warfare, among others.


Syria Declares Capital Back Under Its Control Truthdig RSS

BEIRUTSyrias military on Monday captured an enclave in southern Damascus from Islamic State militants following a ruinous monthlong battle, bringing the entire capital and its far-flung suburbs under full government control for the first time since the civil war began in 2011.

The gains freed President Bashar Assads forces to move with allied militiamen on remaining rebel-held territory in the south near the border with Israel, as Syrias chief ally Iran comes under growing pressure from the Trump administration to withdraw its troops from the country.

Iranian-backed militias, including the Lebanese group Hezbollah, have been instrumental in helping Assads over-stretched forces recapture huge areas around Damascus and in the countrys center and north, building a military presence that has alarmed Israel and its U.S. ally, which is now looking to constrain Irans activities.

Iranian officials have vowed to stay on in Syria for as long as needed, setting the stage for a potential confrontation as Washington seeks to tighten the screws on Tehran following the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal brokered with Iran under President Barack Obama and world powers.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Iran with the strongest sanctions in history if Tehran doesnt change course. In his first major foreign policy speech since taking the post as the top U.S. diplomat, he issued a list of demands that he said should be included in any new nuclear treaty with Iran, including that it withdraw all forces from Syria, halt support for Hezbollah and stop threatening Israel.

Iran and Russia have joined forces in Syria, providing crucial military support to Assads forces and giving them the upper hand in the civil war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told Assad at a meeting last week that a political settlement in Syria should encourage foreign countries to withdraw their troops from Syria. Putins envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, said Putin was referring to Iranian forces, among others.

Iran says it is in Syria at the behest of the Assad government and says it is fighting terrorism in the form of Islamic extremists, including the Islamic State group and al-Qaida.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi told reporters that no one can force Tehran to do anything it doesnt want to do.

Our presence in Syria has been based on a request by the Syrian government and Iran will continue its support as long as the Syrian government wants, he said, speaking shortly before Pompeo made his remarks.

The recapture of IS-held pockets in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and the nearby Hajar al-Aswad district in southern Damascus came after a massive bombing campaign that has all but decimated what was left of the residential area on the edg...


Market Talk- May 21, 2018 Armstrong Economics

The weekends news of on-going constructive talks between the US and China, certainly gave Asian markets a boost this morning. One noticeable event was the weakening in the Yen, now trading comfortably with a 111 handle (-0.6% on the day). Now close to its weakest since January, the fear is it now targets the mid 120s seen back in May 2015. The Nikkei responded accordingly moving +0.3% as exporters helped the move, but the performance is disappointing given the currency adjustment. Mainland Shanghai and the Hang Seng both benefited from the news with a +0.6% rally today. The SENSEX lost ground again today (its fifth straight loss) as an unsettled political landscape and rallying energy prices continue to way on confidence. This is also having a continued negative impact on the INR, which is now trading its weakest since January 2017. This trend does not look as though it will alter anytime soon.

In Europe Monday was all about politics and from many quarters. In the UK rumours that Theresa May could opt for a September election scared Sterling into a -0.6% decline early trading. The talk is she is blocked at every turn by the House and so is going nowhere fast! If she wins she has her say over BREXIT or looses others deal with it if this materialises then history will debate this for many years to come. UK FTSE saw intraday record highs, whilst GBP dropped another -0.5% taking it to a 6% decline in almost as many days. The French Finance Minister reminded Italian political parties to be mindful of EU budget rules, after both parties present this Monday. The FTSE MiB did not like that and ended the day down over 1.5%. DAX was closed due to national holidays. Interesting that peripheral bonds are starting to move wider as corporate credit also come under pressure. Spreads are no-longer a one-way bet as FED policy and supply weighs as stocks rally. Worth keeping a very close eye on ECB purchases going forward, as many see them as literally the only buyer. More Treasury issuance later in the week with FED minutes also on the cards for Wednesday.

After the strong cash open, markets had almost a quiet day. Futures in Asia were already pointing to a 200 point opening rally, which proved to be the case. Again,...


FLASHBACK: Iran would not be a problem without Reagan's treason Signs of the Times

As news of a US-Iranian nuclear deal spread like wildfire this weekend, the mainstream media began to ask its usual set of questions. Is the deal for real? Can we trust the Iranians? Are the mullahs just using a temporary break in sanctions to buy enough time to build a bomb? Ever since the Second Bush administration labeled Iran part of the "Axis of Evil," the media has portrayed the Iranian government as a scheming theocracy, so the discussion of the "two-faced Persians" isn't all that surprising. But aside from being wildly racist, this portrayal is also wildly inaccurate. That's because the biggest threat to an American-Iranian accord comes from President Obama's enemies at home - Congressional Republicans - not from the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Already Republican leaders in the Senate are calling for more sanctions against Iran. Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that doing so is the only way to ensure a long-term deal between the U.S. and Iran. The call for sanctions also has support in the House. Kevin McCarthy of California says that he backs any Senate plan to tighten restrictions on Iran's economy.


Obama's FBI was spying on Trump campaign, so what did he know and when? Signs of the Times

Katie wrote about it this morning. It's confirmed, folks. The FBI had a spy embedded with the Trump campaign. She added the bureau did not have enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation, so they executed a counterintelligence probe instead in July of 2016. The code name was "crossfire hurricane." This was the investigation signed off by FBI agent Peter Strzok. Sztrok was a top counterintelligence agent before being transferred to human resources after his extramarital affair with bureau lawyer Lisa Page was made public and the two's texts, which numbered in the tens of thousands, were riddled with anti-Trump and pro-Hillary sentiments. Once then-FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump in May of 2017, Robert Mueller took over the investigation. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein oversees him.


Fiji charges newspaper, journalists with sedition RSS feed from

New York, May 21, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Fiji authorities to drop sedition charges against the weekly Fiji Times, three newspaper executives, and an opinion columnist. A High Court judge tomorrow will make a final ruling in the case after a panel of three High...


'Nine bridges': South Korea looks to boost economic ties with Russia Signs of the Times

Seoul is seeking to significantly ramp up business with Moscow, according to recent talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries. South Korea wants to speed up the building of the so-called "nine bridges" meaning gas, railways, the Northern Sea Route, shipbuilding, job creation, fishing and other types of cooperation. The initiative was first proposed by President Moon Jae-in during the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia. During the meeting of foreign ministry officials, the countries also agreed to look at building trilateral economic ties with North Korea. Comment: Russia to work on trilateral projects with North and South Korea


The Deep State: A much bigger reality than you think Signs of the Times

I used to be a doubter who would cringe, just a little, at any mention of "the deep state." I admit it, it all seemed a little far-fetched to me that there was this cabal of careerists conspiring from within the government to harm President Donald Trump when I first heard it. I never doubted there were individuals doing it, but a wide net of conspirators seemed like something out of a bad movie more than anything that could actually happen in the United States. I was wrong, very wrong, the deep state is real. But there is much more than just this small group of powerful people working toward a common goal, there is an entire infrastructure created by the left not only to destroy Trump, but to indoctrinate unsuspecting Americans into their agenda. As the curtain is pulled back on the Obama administration's unprecedented efforts to spy on the Trump campaign, there is a good possibility many of the perpetrators could face criminal charges, or at least should. But it's important to understand that liberals didn't just create this out of the blue in 2016, it's the culmination of everything they've worked toward for decades.


FBI Files: Bigfoot & Sasquatch The Black Vault


by John Greenewald, Jr.

I never thought I would find official government records on Bigfoot, but I am glad I sought them out.

In 2017 (and 2018) I was proud to have been asked to speak at the Mile High Mystery Conference, hosted by David Paulides, Jim Myers and Dennis Pfohl (along with a list of other amazing people who made the experience one of my favorites while speaking).  At this conference, I was introduced to the Bigfoot and Sasquatch research arena, because by my own admission, I really did not know much about it, but I watched the presentations from the real experts in that field.  I was amazed at the research that has been done, and collected, and the people who were on the forefront of it had amazing backgrounds and experiences to tell.  They were credible, down to earth, had fun with it, but they took it serious and have obtained amazing results.

A page from the 1974 Washington Atlas, published by the Army Corps of Engineers, which lists a map of Sasquatch sightings.

I still am the kind of person that needs to see to believe but I was intrigued by what I heard.  David had asked me to speak at the 2018 Mile High Mystery Conference (which told me my first speech w...


The Real Reason Why You Have So Many Failed Relationships, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign Awareness Act

We all have a basic (sun sign) zodiac sign, but have you ever looked into your Chinese zodiac sign? Our Chinese zodiac sign is more-so an animal associated with our birth year and it can really tell us a lot about who we are.

It is one of many Chinese fortune prediction methods and runs far deeper than many people realize. People born to certain animal years are believed to have attributes of that animal. This is both good and bad depending on the person and who they are with. Sometimes our traits make finding real love hard but it is something we can all work through.

If you are interested in figuring out why you might be horrible with relationships take a look below. Just look for your birth year and that should be your sign. While some of these things will be hard to swallow, we can learn from all of them.

(2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960)

If you were born in the year of the rat you struggle with picking the right partners. You tend to find yourself stuck with those who only want to hook up. You keep putting yourself out there but to those who dont deserve your time. You really need to figure out what is wrong with the kinds of people you are going for and try something new.

(2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961)

You put too much into things before the other person is ready. You are always trying to dive right in rather than taking the time to get to know one another first. You should try to chill out and take a step back. Taking things slow is not a bad thing.

(2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962)

You always let your mind wander. You are constantly seeing the worst possible outcome in every situation. This causes you to doubt the person you are with and it gives insecurity a home in your relationship. This is a seed you continue to plant that damns your connections with those you love.

(2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963)

You are too hung up on the past. You let an ex-lover really scar you within. You dont want to be with him or her but you do let the emotions associated with that relationship affect your current relationship. When it comes to this kind of thing you just need to work through your past so that you can actually have a future.

(2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964)

You arent one to make the first move. You tend to freeze up when it comes down to real communication. As a dragon feel the need to keep yourself hidden. How would you ever be able to find love if you were locked away from the rest of the world?

(2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965)

You dont realize how amazing you are. You let terrible toxic people into your life all too often. You push away those who care and hold close those who don...


7 Signs You Have Made A Real Connection With The Mirror to Your Soul Awareness Act

A twin flame relationship is a beautiful thing. It is a connection of the soul to another, a soul that is the exact same soul as our own. One that we were separated from long before we made our way here to this planet for the first time.

It is the same soul being incarnated at the same time. There are often lots of physical distances and internal issues that keep the twins apart while they are here but in the end, they will always make their way back to one another. The connection in itself is very intense and for most hard to deal with. Generally, one person runs while the other chases.

Being in a twin flame relationship is not as easy as most people pretend it is. It is constantly fighting against the odds to be with one another. You will feel confused and moody but the more your connection grows the better things will get. Not everyone knows exactly who their twin is but once you find him or her you will feel that they are special and different from everyone else.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be experiencing a true connection with your twin. These things will allow you to better understand what you are going through and where you should go from here. If you work hard enough and both of you are ready, you can stand the tests of time.

7 Signs You Have Made A Real Connection With The Mirror to Your Soul:

1. You recognize the soul before you.

You instantly reconnect with this soul because it is also your soul. You feel the connection as soon as you see them even if you dont quite understand it. Its like youve known this person on a deep level your whole life even though you have only just met.

2. This connection is like nothing you have ever felt.

You feel like this is something you have never felt before. Sure youve felt drawn to people before but never this intensely. The electricity between the two of you is quite overwhelming.

3. This person does not try to change you but accepts you as you are.

You are accepted for who you are. All of your flaws and imperfections do not matter to this person. You are finally seen for who you are. They would never judge you.

4. You are able to communicate without words.

You do not have to say anything for this person to know what you are thinking. The connection between the two of you allows you to speak even when you are not. Telepathy is a very real thing.

5. You feel driven to a higher purpose.

Now that you have met this person things are beginning to make sense. You feel driven to do something more, to be something more. Everything feels like it is falling into place.

6. You feel a sense of expansion.

You feel as though things are forever expanding in your...


Supreme Court Allows Employers to Ban Class Action Lawsuits Truthdig RSS

For a variety of workers, the class action lawsuit has been a powerful tool against employer abuse, but in a new Supreme Court decision, the courts conservatives have given companies the right to ban potential employees from joining class action lawsuits as a condition of employment.

The 5-4 ruling, based on three cases, was written by Justice Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trumps Supreme Court appointee. As NPR reports, Gorsuch wrote that the 1925 Federal Arbitration Act trumps the National Labor Relations Act and that employees who sign employment agreements to arbitrate claims must do so on an individual basisand may not band together to enforce claims of wage and hour violations.

In other words, instead of harnessing their collective power, employees who have signed such contracts cant join a class action lawsuit and instead must seek recourse individually, through arbitration.

The decision strengthens employers arguments that forced arbitration clauses dont violate labor laws. As Gorsuch wrote, This court is not free to substitute its preferred economic policies for those chosen by the peoples representatives.

As Politico points out, Studies have shown that workers win far less often in mandatory arbitration than in court. Compounding the problem for employees, since most arbitration is conducted in secret, mandatory arbitration has helped businesses avoid unfavorable publicity that might compel them to address chronic worker abuses.

The three cases were brought against Ernst & Young LLP, Epic Systems Corp. and Murphy Oil USA Inc. All three companies required employees to sign contracts with forced arbitration clauses. The employees in question had tried to join together, saying that any money theyd win in individual cases would be cancelled out by massive legal fees required to try these cases individually.

In her dissent, read from the bench, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned that the ruling will lead to underenforcement of federal and state statutes designed to advance the well-being of vulnerable workers.

She also encouraged Congress to step in and update federal labor laws.

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If He Has Blocked You From His Facebook, Its Time You Block Him From Your Life Awareness Act

Sure, its never easy to walk away from someone you care about, even if they dont care about you but it is something we all have to do at one point in our lives or another.

In this day and age, technology is something we cannot avoid and with that comes the internet and social medias like Facebook and so forth. While these social media platforms do bring us together in some ways they tear us apart in others. Years ago I knew a girl who had a boyfriend that was no good for her.

He would constantly flirt with other females and basically go out of his way to cause her heart pain. This is what we call wanting to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted to keep her on the side and for her to think they were much more serious than they were all the while doing his best to find someone he deemed better.

This tore her apart and was hard to watch. It was something I and some of her other close friends tried to help her realize but of course, the lesson was hers to learn. All we could do was let her know we would be there for her when she felt the time was right.

She continued on with this boy for far too long, she allowed him to make his way into just about every single thought she had, she was head over heels. However, her infatuation was not enough, he was still more than willing to jump the bones of anyone who would let him. Its sickening, to be honest. One day she noticed he had blocked her on his Facebook account and when she asked him why he lied, he told her he had just deactivated it and that there must have been some kind of glitch. I think she knew in her heart that he was lying, that there was no way something like that could have occurred but she wanted to believe him so she did.

Anyway, a few days went by and we soon understood what was going on. He had removed her and anyone who was friends with her from his account so that he could literally begin a relationship with someone else. He was stringing her along in a relationship with her but also with this other girl.

Needless to say, when she found out she was devastated. They ended up parting ways at this point but the toll it took on her was painful even for her other friends and me to watch. We stayed there by her side through it all but this was something even I learned from.

Seeing her go through this made me more aware than ever that people can be complete shit. This might sound like something most people dont do but actually, lots of people do it. They block their significant other from their social media accounts as if it is going to keep their secrets? They deceive those who are supposed to matter most to them.

When someone blocks you from their social media account they are cutting you off in a way that is still somewhat new, it stings and even if their reason is legitimate it still shouldnt happen. It invites uncertainty into the relationship a...


Obamas Sign Deal With Netflix Truthdig RSS

NEW YORKBarack and Michelle Obama are getting into the television business with Mondays announcement that they had signed a multi-year deal with Netflix.

The former president and first lady have formed their own production company, Higher Ground Productions, for the material. In announcing a deal that had been rumored since March, Netflix offered no specifics on what shows they would make.

Netflix said the Obamas would make a diverse mix of content, potentially including scripted and unscripted series, documentaries or features.

We hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the wider world, Barack Obama said in Netflixs announcement.

The Obamas can be expected to participate in some of the programming onscreen, said a person familiar with the deal, not authorized to talk publicly about it, on condition of anonymity. The programming itself is not expected to be partisan in nature; a president who often derided the way things were covered on cable news wont be joining in.

The type of people that Obama like other presidents brought forward as guests at his State of the Union addresses would likely provide fodder for the kinds of stories they want to tell.

Barack and I have always believed in the power of storytelling to inspire us, to make us think differently about the world around us, and to help us open our minds and hearts to others, Michelle Obama said.

No content from the deal is expected to be available until at least 2019, said the person familiar with the deal.

The former president appeared in January on David Lettermans Netflix talk show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. Obama is said to be friendly with Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, and discussions for other programming were already under way.

We are incredibly proud they have chosen to make Netflix the home for their formidable storytelling abilities, Sarandos said.

Netflix has 125 million subscribers worldwide. The company has always been reluctant to discuss how many people watch its programming, but it clearly dominates the growing market for streaming services. Roughly 10 percent of television viewing now is through these services, the Nielsen company said.

Forty-nine percent of streaming being viewed now comes through Netflix, and no other service comes close, Nielsen said.

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'Who are you to decide for Iran and the world?': Rouhani rejects Pompeo's Iran demands Signs of the Times

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has rejected demands made of Tehran by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, vowing to continue "our path," insisting that the era when the US could "decide for the world" is over. The US government has regressed 15 years, back to "Bush Jr.'s era" and is once again trying to dictate its will on the entire world, Rouhani said as he rejected Washington's Monday ultimatum. "Who are you to decide for Iran and the world? The world today does not accept America to decide for the world, as countries are independent ... that era is over ... We will continue our path with the support of our nation," Rouhani said, as quoted by ILNA news agency.


Not an experiment: Google's Selfish Ledger ideas can be found in its patent applications Signs of the Times

I trust by now we've all seen and been at least a little disturbed by The Selfish Ledger, the nearly 9-minute-long concept video from inside Google's "moonshot factory" X labs. In the wake of it becoming public this week, Google quickly disavowed the video, claiming it was just a thought experiment "not related to any current or future products." And yet, the company's patent applications exhibit a mode of thinking that runs at least in parallel, if not on the exact same tracks, as The Selfish Ledger's total data collection proposal. A reader pointed me in the direction of a Google patent application from 2015, made public last year, titled "Detecting and correcting potential errors in user behavior." A core part of the Selfish Ledger concept can be defined in very similar terms: its premise, on the individual level, is to help users with self-improvement and behavior modification. In all honesty, the idea described in this patent document sounds all kinds of helpful. It proposes a system wherein your device would use information Google already collects - such as travel itineraries from your email inbox - and act on that knowledge if it detects you're going astray. So if, like me on at least one occasion, you start heading to the wrong airport, your phone would be smart enough to notify you that you're going the wrong way.


Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Bringing Events to a Head" -- May 22, 2018 Operation Disclosure

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Trumps universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

U.S. President Donald Trumps declaration of trade war with just about everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy for the United States. A kinder way of putting it would be to say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has looted its people on behalf of globalist oligarchs. Yet another way of putting it is to say the world is negotiating a replacement for the petro-dollar system. In any case, we can now expect a lot more shouting and bluster, and possibly even the odd nuke or two, as these negotiations proceed.

In public, this dispute can be seen in the biggest open split between European powers and the United States since the end of World War 2. We have the leaders of France, Germany, and the EU openly calling for an end to the post-war European/American alliance. The U.S. side, for its part, has publicly threatened sanctions against European countries. Under the surface, a U.S. assassination campaign against disobedient EU leaders is also a good guess.

The immediate trigger was Trumps decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord. Of course, anybody who is following what is really going on knows that the Trump decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and is really about Irans announcement that it will sell oil to Europe priced in Euros, not petro-dollars.

Let us start by taking a look at how things will proceed on the superficial level. Here Trump is saying, If you do not buy more from us, we will stop buying from you! He is also saying, If you stop using petro-dollars to buy Iranian oil, we will prevent any European country doing business with Iran from doing business wit...


Email referring to 'collusion' sheds light on Cambridge prof's interactions with Trump aide Signs of the Times

Last July, Cambridge professor Stefan Halper contacted Carter Page with something resembling support for the Trump campaign aide, who has faced allegations that he is a Russian agent and a conduit for collusion between the Kremlin and the campaign. "It seems attention has shifted a bit from the 'collusion' investigation to the 'contretempts' [sic] within the White House," Halper wrote in a July 28, 2017 email to Page. "I must assume this gives you some relief," he continued, signing off with "be in touch when you have the time. Would be great to catch up."


Uber gets hit with first lawsuit since it dropped forced arbitration Fast Company

Uber has promised to turn over a new leaf and says it will do the right thing when it comes to how it treats employees.

In a new lawsuit, former Uber engineer Ingrid Avendao accuses the company of sexual harassment, discriminatory treatment, as well as retaliation after she raised concerns about Ubers toxic culture.

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(Video) A Conversation with Ex-Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard Operation Disclosure

Published on May 2, 2018

One of the brave whistleblowers of our time putting truth and forgiveness ahead of personal safety and fear. To make this stuff matter .... please SHARE widely and beat the drums! Also follow the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse and sign the ITNJ Treaty and make your voice heard:


Mobileyes self-driving Ford runs a red light in Jerusalem demo Fast Company

Intel-owned Mobileye put its self-driving technology to the test last weekand failed. During a demonstration, one of its autonomous cars ran a red light.

Intel-owned Mobileye put its self-driving technology to the test last weekand failed. During a demonstration, one of its autonomous cars ran a red light.

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Benjamin Fulford: Trumps universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head The Event Chronicle

By Benjamin Fulford

U.S. President Donald Trumps declaration of trade war with just about everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy for the United States.  A kinder way of putting it would be to say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has looted its people on behalf of globalist oligarchs.  Yet another way of putting it is to say the world is negotiating a replacement for the petro-dollar system.  In any case, we can now expect a lot more shouting and bluster, and possibly even the odd nuke or two, as these negotiations proceed.

In public, this dispute can be seen in the biggest open split between European powers and the United States since the end of World War 2.  We have the leaders of France, Germany, and the EU openly calling for an end to the post-war European/American alliance.  The U.S. side, for its part, has publicly threatened sanctions against European countries.  Under the surface, a U.S. assassination campaign against disobedient EU leaders is also a good guess.

The immediate trigger was Trumps decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord.  Of course, anybody who is following what is really going on knows that the Trump decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and is really about Irans announcement that it will sell oil to Europe priced in Euros, not petro-dollars.

Let us start by taking a look at how things will proceed on the superficial level.  Here Trump is saying, If you do not buy more from us, we will stop buying from you!  He is also saying, If you stop using petro-dollars to buy Iranian oil, we will prevent any European country doing business with Iran from doing business with us.  The Europeans are saying, You are a deadbeat who is not paying for what you buy, so who cares is you stop buying!  They are also saying, We will punish any European companies who obey your sanctions against Iran.


SOTT FOCUS: Saudi Arabia and Western Allies Continue War on Poverty-Stricken Yemen; Yemen Fights Back Signs of the Times

March 26th this year marked the third anniversary of the US/UK/Saudi war on Yemen. So far, the Saudis and their allies have been unable to win the war. The resistance from the Yemeni people and army to the aggression of Saudi Arabia and its US and UK allies, has been remarkably strong.


A deeper look at a Wikipedia editor's long-running campaign to discredit anti-war campaigners and journalists Signs of the Times

A Wikipedia editor called Philip Cross (Andrew Philip Cross and later "Julian" on Twitter) has a long record of editing the entries of many anti-war figures on the site to include mostly critical commentary while removing positive information contributed by others. At time of writing he is number 308 in the list of Wikipedians by number of edits. Wikipedia entries very often appear first in search results, and so for many will be the first and only port of call when researching something. People unaware of the political nature of the editing that goes on on the site, in this case supposedly by a single, dedicated editor, are being seriously misled. As an active editor for almost 15 years, Cross is very familiar with some of the more arcane Wikipedia rules and guidelines (along with their obscure acronyms) and uses them to justify removing information he dislikes in favour of his own inclusions. Often in a very subtle manner and over a long period of time. Anyone familiar with the work of the people he targets will recognise how one-sided and distorted those entries become. Cross is, however, much nicer to the entries of people he likes. Former hedge-fund manager and Iraq war supporter Oliver Kamm, and right-wing author Melanie Phillips, both columnists for The Times, are two examples.


The 4 Types of Healthy Anger Waking Times

Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

A man who is intimate with his anger and who can express it skillfully is a man in whom forcefulness coexists with vulnerability and compassion, a man worthy of our trust, a man capable of deep intimacy. ~Robert Augustus Masters

Anger is not the problem. Anger is a vital tool. Its what you do with your anger that becomes problematic. Its your response to anger that makes it healthy or not. Anger can be a tool toward leveraging courage into your life or it can be a weapon that violently destroys everything. It can be a fire that makes you stronger or it can be a fire that consumes you.

The worst thing you can do is repress your anger. Repressed anger almost always comes back as a chaotic inner-demon. The best thing you can do is embrace your anger in the moment. Sit at the feet of it and learn what it must teach. Then proactively transform that information into a healthy response. Here are four types of healthy anger that will help you do precisely that.

1.) Compassionate Anger

Research indicates that when were angry at others, we aim for retaliation or revenge. But when were angry forothers, we seek out justice and a better system. We dont just want to punish; we want to help. ~Adam Grant

Compassionate anger is all about seeking justice for a better system. Not only for yourself but for others as well. Its a deep understanding that everything is connected, and an even deeper understanding that your anger is a healthy response toward injustice.

A sound strategy for channeling your anger is to focus on ways in which you can use it to help rather than punish others. Rather than violent, offensive acts of vengeful anger for the satisfaction of your ego; practice nonviolent, defensive acts of compassionate anger for a cause greater than yourself. Self-defense and the defense of others less capable is subsumed by compassionate anger.

Compassionate anger for a cause greater than yourself is the epitome of transforming fire into fuel. It takes the raw fire of your fierce passion and turns it into focused fuel t...


As luggage startups drop like flies, Away beefs up with 249 jobs Fast Company

In the world of direct-to-consumer luggage startups, there are winners and losers.

In the world of direct-to-consumer luggage startups, there are winners and losers. Last week, I wrote about how Raden, a three-year-old smart-luggage startup, shuttered, only weeks after a similar brand, Bluesmart, ceased operations.

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The Psychiatric Matrix What You Need to Know Waking Times

Jon Rappoport, Guest
Waking Times

First of all, as I reported some months ago, 25% of college students in America have received a diagnosis of a mental disorder, or are on psychiatric drugs. I mention this to indicate how widespread psychiatric control has become.

That statistic has been reported by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

NAMI also states: Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.43.8 million, or 18.5%experiences mental illness in a given year.

These figures are earthshaking. They reflect a relentless push, by organized psychiatry and their pharmaceutical partners, to expand the diagnoses of mental disorders and the toxic drugging that follows.

Indeed, if you consult the DSM, the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, youll find listed 297 distinct and defined and labeled disorders. This is marketing at an awesome level.

This is also a cultural revolution. Over the past few decades, millions of Americans have been convinced they have a brain malfunction of some kind. If you dont think that creates a vast victim mentality, think again.

And yet, wait for itnot one of the 297 mental disorders has a defining diagnostic lab testNot one.

Ive made this point many times. Occasionally, readers point out that there are tests. Yes, but not DEFINING tests. If tests existed which invariably point to a true diagnosis of a true condition, those tests would be published in the DSM, the bible of the psychiatry. But they arent. Nowhere in the DSM will you find them.

Instead, every mental disorder is defined by a list of behavioral symptoms. Committeesof psychiatrist gather and debate, and decide which clusters of symptoms add up to which labels of mental disorders.

It would be as if you walked into a doctors office, talked to him for ten minutes, and then he said: You have cancer. I can tell by the way youre talking and behaving. We...


Elon Musk says you wont be able to order the $35K Model 3 anytime soon Fast Company

The Model 3s low-cost promise has yet to be fulfilled.

The dream of owning a low-cost Tesla Model 3 vehicle is still a distant one for now. In a tweet this weekend, CEO Elon Musk said that if he were to start manufacturing and selling the base model of the Model 3, the company would die. Instead, he says, Tesla wont responsibly be able to start producing the lowest-cost Model 3 until three to six months after the company starts producing 5,000 cars a week.

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Chase Says It's Fighting Climate Change. So Why Is It Financing the Fossil Fuel Industry? RSS feed from

JPMorgan Chase (Chase) talks a big game on climate change. The Wall Street bank has committed to becoming entirely reliant on renewable energy by 2020, and facilitating $200 billion in clean financingof low-carbon fuel sourcesby 2025. Business must play a leadership role in creating solutions that protect the environment and grow the economy, CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement announcing the pledge last summer. As protesters at the company's Texas shareholder meeting [...]


US Refuses to Recognize Venezuelas Election Results, New Sanctions Already Planned MintPress News

CARACAS, VENEZUELA Before Venezuelans finished casting their votes Sunday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan announced that the U.S. would not recognize the result of Venezuelas presidential election. Sullivan was in Buenos Aires on Sunday, leading the U.S. delegation to the G-20 Foreign Ministers Meeting.

Venezuelas Nicolas Maduro was elected to his second presidential term on Sunday. With 92.6 percent of the votes counted, Maduro accumulated 5.8 million votes. His nearest challenger, former governor Henri Falcn, received only 1.8 million votes.

International observers from over 40 countries were present on Sunday and have confirmed the transparency of an electoral system put in place in 2015 when the opposition won a majority in the National Assembly. In March, the opposition requested the U.N. not send observers out of fear it would legitimize an election they called on supporters to boycott. Nevertheless, Venezuelas election results will be discussed on Monday at a G-20 meeting.

Watch | Election results are called in Venezuela

With 46 percent of eligible voters participating in Sundays election, according to Venezuelas election board, voter turnout was less than that of the 2016 presidential election in the United States, but not shockingly so considering the oppositions call to boycott the election completely. Despite the turnout coming close to the ...


Glyphosate Hurts Gut Microbiome, Genes and Sexual Development at Safe Dose Waking Times

Heather Callaghan, Contributor
Waking Times

Glyphosate-based herbicides like Monsantos Roundup are used the world over. In fact, Roundup is still the most popular and widely used weedkiller in the entire world. Pesticide propagandists are fond of leaning on the idea of safe dose, but can there really be a safe dose for a substance that causes breast cancer at parts per trillion?

A new study shows some startling, adverse health affects in mice given glyphosate in doses at levels considered safe by regulatory agencies. This news is more concerning now since recent revelations that glyphosate is in most of our food, FDA emails show.

Three peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts from the pilot phase of the Global Glyphosate Study are available online today (May 16), reports GM Watch. They will be published in the prestigious scientific journal Environmental Health in open access format later in May.

GM Watch reports:

The study used the US Environmental Protection Agencys acceptable daily dietary exposure level of glyphosate(1) 1.75 mg per kg of bodyweight per day. The same concentration was given to the rats daily over a 3-month period.

The study was focused on the newborn, infancy and adolescence phases of life. The results reveal that glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH) was able to alter certain important biological parameters,...


Propaganda alert! The Obamas team up with Netflix to pump out content Signs of the Times

Barack and Michelle Obama have joined forces with Netflix, entering into a multi-year contract to produce films and series with one of the world's biggest entertainment-on-demand services. The Obamas will use their own company, Higher Ground Productions, to produce "scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features" on issues that the former president pushed during his eight years in office, according to a Netflix press release. The deal will give the Obamas a platform to reach the 125 million households with Netflix in 190 million countries worldwide.


The Top 7 Regrets People Face on Their Deathbed Awareness Act

At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent. Barbara Bush

We often hear that your final days are spent looking back on the life that you have lived, reflecting upon the good moments, longing for the old memories and wishing you could relive your younger years. We remember the people who meant so much to us, the experiences that we were lucky enough to live through and the lessons that we learned along the way.

While much of this reflection will be positive and upbeat, people often find themselves reconsidering decisions that they have made, wishing they had done things they hadnt (or wishing they hadnt done things they had) and regretting different aspects of the life that they have lived. This is a normal process, however, when asked if they had any regrets in life, doctors and nurses often report the same standard list of answers regrets that are so common we can almost expect that they would come up.

If these regrets are genuinely this common, why not take steps today to prevent following this same path? Learn from those who have come before us, making the changes today that they wish they had made, and you can avoid looking back with the same regrets that they have experienced. Make the most of this life while you have the opportunity to!

The Top 7 Regrets People Face on Their Deathbed:

#1 Stayed in Touch with Old Friends

Looking back at life, we can see the various stages that each of us go through. During high school, for example, your friends are everything, and you cant imagine a life without your closest buds right by your side. As our lives grow and change, and we move into new chapters, these friendships often fade off into the past. Its not that we dont want to see them, we just fail to put the time and effort into keeping that line of communication open. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, and by the time you track that old friend down it may be too late. Instead, allow yourself to put the time into maintaining those important relationships today.

#2 Express My Feelings More

Have you ever felt as though you were holding back your feelings for fear of judgment or rejection? Do you fail to share how youre feeling just to try to keep the peace among your friends, family and loved ones? It may not be in your best interest to always bite your tongue. In fact, looking back many people wished that they had opened up more to those around them, sharing how they feel even if it is difficult to do. You shouldnt have to settle for less just to avoid upsetting...


New batch of migrants headed to Croatia Signs of the Times

A means of defense is being sought, Croatian daily Jutarnji List writes. Namely, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is merely on the path of migrants, who, fleeing from their mostly war-affected countries, want to reach the EU. One of their routes goes through BiH, via which they enter Croatia and then Slovenia. Due to the new influx of migrants seven police administrations along the border with BiH have been put on alert, the newspaper said. An order has been given to implement much stronger surveillance of the border, the article said, noting that additional equipment would be sent to these units.


9 Signs You Are In The Presence of A True Misogynist Awareness Act

For those who may not know, misogynists are people who are STRONGLY prejudiced against women. These people are who go above and beyond to push hate and some are extreme where-as others are not.

Sure, you might be thinking how is it possible for someone to hate/despise women as a whole? Well, there could be various reasons for a person to come to view women in the way that they do. It can also manifest in many different forms. Some people might just try to socially exclude women and others might be hostile and discriminating on an extreme level.

These people have a degrading opinion towards women and they can be a bit hard to spot depending on the person. That being said, below I will go over some pretty spot on signs that you might be dealing with a misogynist. These things will tell you exactly what you need to know.

9 Signs You Are In The Presence of A True Misogynist:

1. They constantly try to justify why they are treating females this way.

They always have something to say about how they treat the women in their lives. They are always making excuses. They dont see the things they do as wrong and they dont want anyone else to either.

2. They constantly blame women for everything.

They blame the women around them for everything, even things they had no control over. When something happens they jump right into blaming the female for it. It does not matter them what really happened or what is going on, the woman is always to blame.

3. They treat women as possessions.

They literally treat women as if they belong to them. They act like they own them and like whether they want to or not they are going to have to be in their lives. Women in places like India are literally considered to be possessions and do not have very many rights, while the misogyny we see here in the US is different from other places in the world it is still unnecessary.

4. They are extremely controlling.

They act as if they can tell women what to do and who to be. They seem to think their opinion matters more than anyone elses and they go out of their way to make those opinions known. They dont want the women in their lives to have any control over their own journey.

5. Sexually they do not care about your needs.

They will be more than glad to get off but when it comes to the sexual needs of the woman they dont bother. They will partake in foreplay but not like you want them to. All their efforts are half-assed at best.

6. They are very two-faced.

They will be kind one moment and manipulative the next. They only want to be nice when they need you to do something. They dont think you are worth the effort otherwise.



17 Taboo Things That Could Actually Save Your Failing Relationship Awareness Act

There are a lot of things that people consider to be taboo in relationships. Plenty of things that could benefit a relationship are often not even considered because they go against the social norm, why is this?

Why is it that when we are dating someone or married to someone the rest of the world feels the need to voice their opinions on our relationships? Do they really think that their words hold that much power? Why do we let other people set the basis for normal in our own homes?

We avoid so many things that we shouldnt and when times get hard instead of making it work we give up because we didnt realize that perhaps some of the things we are told we shouldnt do could make a difference. What works for one home or relationship might not work for all homes and relationships. Your life should not be dictated by the lives of others.

If you want to try something new or do something other people dont normally do, go for it. Below I am going to go over some of the most common things that you can do in your relationship that you probably wouldnt consider doing. These things are thought to be weird and most others find them to be very unusual for one reason or another. To be completely honest, I do some of these and they have helped me strengthen the bond I have with my partner.

17 Things People Consider to Be Taboo That Could Benefit Your Struggling Relationship:

1. Spending time apart.

There is nothing wrong with spending time apart from one another. You can spend time alone or with other people, we dont all have to be together 24/7. Spending time apart can be really good for a relationship if done correctly.

2. Going to the movies alone or with friends.

Its okay to go out and see a movie with your friends or by yourself. You dont have to feel as if its going to be a big issue. Movies are just movies, theyre not that romantic stop making something out of nothing.

3. Being open about finances.

There is nothing wrong with being open and honest about the finances. You dont have to be so closed off from one another. Talk about money, get a budget going and make things work.

4. Eating separately or making your own meals.

Eating alone is not the end of the world. You can eat some of your meals together or if your schedules conflict not getting to eat together every day isnt going to end the world. You dont have to make meals for each other all the time. Sometimes making your own meal works easiest depending on the situation.

5. Being open about the things that happen in the bedroom.

You can be open about the bedroom and what happens within it. If you want to try something new talk to your friends and figure out what you need to do. Asking other...


Earth's magnetic field is drifting westward Signs of the Times

Over the 400 years or so that humans have been measuring Earth's magnetic field, it has drifted inexorably to the west. Now, a new hypothesis suggests that weird waves in Earth's outer core may cause this drift. The slow waves, called Rossby waves, arise in rotating fluids. They're also known as "planetary waves," and they're found in many large, rotating bodies, including on Earth in the oceans and atmosphere and on Jupiter and the sun. Earth's outer core is also a rotating fluid, meaning Rossby waves circulate in the core, too. Whereas oceanic and atmospheric Rossby waves have crests that move westward against Earth's eastward rotation, Rossby waves in the core are "a bit like turning atmospheric Rossby waves inside out," said O.P. Bardsley, a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge in England, and the author of a new study on the Rossby wave hypothesis. Their crests always move east.


Privatised poisoned water in the USA Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

From Pittsburgh to Flint, the Dire Consequences of Privatizing Ailing Public Water Systems

21 May 2018

The lead crises in Flint and Pittsburgh have many unfortunate parallels. Residents of both cities unknowingly drank water with high levels of the potent neurotoxin, which has long-term health consequences. The rise in lead levels was preceded in both cases by a miscalculation related to chemicals used to control corrosion in water pipes. Officials in both cities have faced criticism for their inaction and failure to alert the public. And in both places, lead levels remain dangerously high.

The two lead crises have another important thing in common: a private water company named Veolia.

  • ...


Class war: Armenias student protesters set sights on universities The Fifth Column

(EAN) Students played a key role in the protests that ousted long-time leader Serzh Sargsyan last month. Now theyre turning their attention closer to home, trying to break the grip that Sargsyans Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) has had on universities.

Students at Shirak State University, in the countrys second city, Gyumri, succeeded this week in getting the unpopular rector to step down after several days of protests. At Yerevan State University, students from 13 universities around the country have held meetings to determine how they can depoliticize the university administration.

For nearly 20 years the RPA has shaped power around itself, said Mikayel Hovhannisyan of Eurasia Partnership, a civil society-support group, told Eurasianet. The revolution is far from over since these remaining layers of control need to be tackled.

Since the protest movement succeeded in toppling Sargsyan and elevating its leader, Nikol Pashinyan, as prime minister, it has taken the fight to other institutions dominated by the RPA. On May 16, protesters broke into Yerevans city hall demanding the resignation of the citys Republican mayor.

High schools have also been feeling the heat: This month, teachers and parents forced a political ally and former classmate of Sargsyans to resign as principal of Yerevans school No. 11.

Universities have emerged as one of the key battlegrounds in the de-Republicanization effort.

According to Armenias Law on Higher Education, the prime minister nominates 50 percent of all university council members. And every universitys ruling body has a prominent member of government: Sargsyan, for example, is chairman of the board of trustees of Yerevan State University.

Although the Armenian constitution protects academic freedom, government officials hold several board positions at state universities, leaving administrative and accreditation processes open to political influence, the American human rights group Freedom House wrote in a 2018 report. There is some self-censorship among academics on politically sensitive subjects.

Student activists also argue that government control over universities has had a deleterious effect on education, from underfunding to...


'Strongest sanctions in history': State Secretary Pompeo issues 12 demands to Iran, vows 'unprecedented pressure' Signs of the Times

Tehran will struggle to "keep its economy alive" if it does not comply with a list of 12 US demands, including Iranian withdrawal from Syria, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed on Monday. Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing Washington think tank, Pompeo laid out a list of 12 "basic requirements"for Iran. The demands call on Iran to withdraw from Syria, "release all US citizens," end support for Houthi rebels in Yemen, stop "enrichment" of uranium, and promise never to process plutonium. Iran must also allow "unqualified access to all nuclear sites throughout the country," Pompeo said. He promised that the US would impose the "strongest sanctions in history" if Iran failed to comply with these demands.


NGOs Are The Deep States Trojan Horses Activist Post

By corbettreport The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as...


Dear FirstEnergy, America doesn't need your coal plants RSS feed from

Why do grocers mark down the price of asparagus in the spring, or strawberries in the summer? Because they're in season and stores have excess supply, and they need to increase demand by cutting prices. The lower prices are a sign, or price signal, of excess supply, and the grocers are following the economic law []


Another Set Of "Undocumented Default Static User Credentials" Spotted In Cisco Gear Qntra

In the latest round of Cisco patches, the known USG.NSA collaborators included a patch for "CVE-2018-0222" a intentionally placed yet undocumented administrator account with fixed credentials in Cisco's Digital Network Architecture Center (archived).


Waffle House Has a History of Supporting Reactionary Far-Right Politics MintPress News

Anyone who has spent a lot of time listening to southern hip-hop has no doubt heard of Waffle House. The restaurant chain has been mentioned in countless hip-hop and modern R&B recordings and has had plenty of black customers over the years. But following some racially troubling incidents in 2018, Dr. Bernice A. Kingdaughter of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.has urged African-Americans to boycott the restaurant chain, which has a strong connection to far-right politics and the Republican Party.

On May 10, King sent out a tweet saying, Family, lets stay out of @WaffleHouse until the corporate office legitimately and seriously commits to 1) discussion on racism, 2) employee training, and 3) other plans to change; and until they start to implement changes. Kings tweet followed an incident at a Waffle House in Warsaw, North Carolina, where a video showed 22-year-old Anthony Wall being choked by a burly police officer. Wall had just attended his 16-year-old sisters prom and got into an argument with Waffle House employees, who according to attorney Benjamin Crump, used homophobic slurs to insult him before calling the police.

King has also tweeted about the arrest of Chikesia Clemons at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama near Mobile on April 22, when Waffle House employees called 911 after an argument with the 25-year-old African-American woman. Clemons friend, Canita Adams, filmed the arrest with her smartphone, and the video shows an officer grabbing Clemons and throwing her onto the floor.

In the video, the officer is heard threatening to break Clemons arm. And Clemons breasts were exposed during the arrest:

Adams video quickly went viral, and she is being represented by Benjamin Crumpthe same civil rights attorney who is representing Wall. According to Crump, Adams video clearly demonstrates that...


Climate Science Deniers From Around Globe Rally Around Sacked Scientist Peter Ridd RSS feed from

Climate science denial groups from the UK, U.S., and Australia have leapt to support a controversial marine scientist who was fired from his job at an Australian university. Dr. Peter Ridd, formerly a professor at James Cook University (JCU), was sacked for repeated breaches of his employment's code of conduct, according to a statement from the university. Ridd claims that the Great Barrier Reef is in great shape and dismisses evidence that human activities including dredging [...]



U.S. Issues Steep Demands for New Iran Nuclear Deal Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTONThe United States on Monday issued a steep list of demands to be included in a nuclear treaty with Iran to replace the deal scuttled by President Donald Trump and threatened the strongest sanctions in history if Iran doesnt change course.

Drawing sharp contrasts with the 2015 deal, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said a stronger pact should require that Iran stop enrichment of uranium, which was allowed within strict limitations under the previous deal. Iran would also have to walk away from core pillars of its foreign policy, including its involvement in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

This list may seem long to some, but it is simply a reflection of the massive scope of Iranian malign behavior, Pompeo said. America did not create this need for changed behavior. Iran did.

Pompeo vowed that Trumps approach would ensure Iran has no possible path to a nuclear weapon, ever. As he called for a better agreement to constrain Irans activities, he said the U.S. would apply unprecedented financial pressure to bring Tehran back to the table.

These will end up being the strongest sanctions in history by the time we are complete, Pompeo said at the conservative Heritage Foundation in his first major policy speech since taking over as top diplomat.

At the same time, Pompeo offered Iran a series of dramatic potential U.S. concessions if it agrees to make major changes. Under a new agreement, the U.S. would be willing to lift all sanctions, restore full diplomatic and commercial ties with Iran, and even support the modernization of its economy, Pompeo said.

It is Americas hope that our labors toward peace and security will bear fruit for the long-suffering people of Iran, Pompeo said.

Still, Pompeos list of 12 requirements included many that Iran is highly unlikely to consider. He said Iran must allow nuclear inspectors unqualified access to all sites throughout the country, Pompeo said, alluding to military sites that were off-limits under the 2015 deal except under specific circumstances. To that end, he also said Iran must declare all previous efforts to build a nuclear weapon, reopening an issue that the U.N.s International Atomic Energy Agency has already deemed a closed matter.

Pompeo also demanded that Iran cease from a range of activities throughout the Middle East that have long drawn the ire of the U.S. and its allies. He said Iran must end support for Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen, withdraw all forces from Syria, halt support for its ally Hezbollah and stop threatening Israel.

Iran must also release all U.S. citizens missing in Iran or being held on spurious charges, he said.

Taken together, the demands would constitute a wholesale transformation by...


Japan: Directorate for Signals Intelligence

Via: The Intercept: The directorate has a history that dates back to the 1950s; its role is to eavesdrop on communications. But its operations remain so highly classified that the Japanese government has disclosed little about its work even the location of its headquarters. Most Japanese officials, except for a select few of the []


Do You Have Respiratory Issues? Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation, Dirty Electricity, WiFi and Other Sources of Electrosmog Can Make It Worse. Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Difficulty breathing is very scary. Research has determined that exposure to cell phone radiation, WiFi, and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog)...


Deep State & mainstream media begin cover up as illegal spying on Trump campaign is revealed Signs of the Times

The Obama era Intelligence community was determined to punish Donald Trump and his supporters for challenging the political status quo. They didn't actually think Trump would win though. So what was initially a punishment operation turned into a search and destroy operation that pitted the Deep State and its media cohorts against a duly elected President of the United States? That attempt is now being uncovered in real time which in turn has led to a flurry of cover-up activity from such powerful players as the New York Times. And not only are they desperate to save their own skins but even more importantly protect the man at the very top of this political conspiracy food chain - Barack Obama himself. "John Brennan should get a good lawyer." That's the advice from former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova who laid out the stunning extent of the Deep State operation against Donald Trump: "We know that Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated. We knew that a year ago," the former prosecutor said. "We know that there was a substantial effort to frame the current president of the United States with crimes by infiltrating his campaign and then his administration with spies that the FBI had set upon them." "We have learned that the crimes were committed by the FBI, senior members of the Department of Justice, John Brennan, Mr. [James] Clapper, Mr. [James] Comey and others associated with the Democratic Party," he continued. "And Donald Trump and his associates committed no crimes."


New study shows 40% of US citizens above poverty line struggle to make ends meet Signs of the Times

A new study reveals that more than 40 percent of American citizens who live above the official poverty line are still unable to afford middle-class basics including cell phones and transport. The study, conducted by United Way ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) Project and exclusively obtained by Axios, found that an overwhelmingly large group of US households were virtually struggling to make ends meet. According to the study, two-thirds of US citizens were earning less than $20 an hour in 2016. As a result, a large band of US households sit uncomfortably just above the poverty line - but still struggle to pay for everyday expenses. The list of the basics found to be out of reach included rent, transportation, childcare and cellphones.


The 20-Minute Exercise That Could Help Reduce Your Anxiety Without Medication Awareness Act

Yes, we have heard time and time again that working out can benefit our physical and mental health. There is no denying that but what kinds of workouts are best for anxiety?

Well, to be completely honest, yoga might be exactly what you need. There have actually even been several studies in regards to it and the benefits it can provide for you. One study carried out by researchers at the University of Utah found that people with more severe reactions to stress who did practice yoga ended up having the highest pain tolerance. It helped them reduce physical pain, and made them more able to manage their stress.

According to some of the benefits associated with yoga are as follows:

Although many forms of yoga practice are safe, some are strenuous and may not be appropriate for everyone. In particular, elderly patients or those with mobility problems may want to check first with a clinician before choosing yoga as a treatment option.

But for many patients dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress, yoga may be a very appealing way to better manage symptoms. Indeed, the scientific study of yoga demonstrates that mental and physical health are not just closely allied, but are essentially equivalent. The evidence is growing that yoga practice is a relatively low-risk, high-yield approach to improving overall health.

Doing yoga benefits our brains in many ways. It helps us relax and makes it easier to unwind. While it might not be the easiest way to exercise the more you do it the better you get and right off the bat it is pretty damn interesting. There are actually even poses specifically for reducing anxiety. These poses do not take long to do and can be done in a mere 20 minutes if need be.

Some of the more common poses for anxiety include Ustrasana, Dandasana, Shavasana, and so many more. That being said, I think if we start off simple things will be much easier. Below I am going to go over some of the more common simple yoga poses you can do to relieve your stress and anxiety. Keep in mind if you want to do more you can always search online and find some you like.


This pose is when we kneel on our mats and place our hands on our hips. We keep our shoulders and knees aligned and inhale. When inhaling draw your tailbone inward towards your pubis until you feel a pull at the belly button. From here you will arch your back and slide your palms down over your feet. Holding this position for about 30-60 seconds will feel great. Click here to learn more about this pose.


This pose will work with you to build core strength. Sit down on the ground with...


After year of Russiagate investigation, Trump can rightly claim some vindication Signs of the Times

It was called "Crossfire Hurricane," the FBI counterintelligence operation that targeted Trump figures as part of the investigation into possible campaign ties to Russia. It was a poignant choice of a Rolling Stones song, "Jumpin' Jack Flash," that describes a man "born in a crossfire hurricane" who "howled at the morning driving rain." It could be an apt description of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. After a year of media denials of his claims of surveillance targeting his campaign, Trump can legitimately claim some vindication. Indeed, with his rising poll numbers, the president must feel, in the words of the song, like "it's all right now, in fact, it's a gas." The New York Times this week disclosed that the FBI made a conscious effort to use secret counterintelligence powers to investigate Trump officials and may have had a confidential informant who was used in connection with key Trump figures long before the November 2016 election. (Officials stated anonymously that this was a longstanding source who worked with both the FBI and CIA for years.) In early 2017, President Trump was widely ridiculed for alleging that the Obama administration placed his campaign under surveillance. The response from experts on CNN and other sites was open mockery. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper came forward to assure the media that he could categorically deny the allegation and stated, "There was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president, the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign." The range of media analysis seemed to run from whether Trump was a clinical paranoid or a delusional demagogue.


I Published a Dream, Not a Blind Endorsement of COBRA  Teresa Yanaros The Event Chronicle

By Teresa Yanaros

This is my on-the-record public written statement regarding recent events involving my dream sequence and the subsequent media engagements.

For an in-depth account of my perspective, please watch this 45 minute video which was streamed live on Facebook on Friday, May 11th, 2018.

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Related: Cobra: Entry Protocols Update
Related: Cobra: Entry Protocols


Here is the order of events that occurred that I am discussing today.

May 2nd, 2018

I published an article entitled, I Was Invited to the Inner Earth, in which I described an intense dream I had the night of May 1st, where a woman from the Inner Earth gave me the option to leave the surface and join the Inner Earth without having the option to come back to the surface. Later that day I engaged in a deep meditation where I was able to telepathically communicate with her and receive qualifiers about the dream. After this experience, I published the account and received a significant amount of public interest in the article. People were positively charged from my dream, and sent me emails describing their own testimonies of activation and appreciation of their lives on this planet.

May 4th, 2018

Cobra (alleged Resistance intel operative who publishes content on a web site ) published an article entitled, ...


The Combined Energy of Uranus and Mars Transit Is Going to Bring About Some Major Changes in Our Lives Awareness Act

Starting on May 16th Mars and Uranus began an interesting and powerful dance with one another, interacting in a way that will impact our lives from now until September 18th.

This back and forth movement, with their energies playing off one another, will take the influence that each planet has individually and turn them on their head, leading to a more intense and passionate influence than either could possibly hold on our lives on their own accord.

The fiery planet of Mars is best known for being the planet of war, bringing a passionate and determined energy that is willing to defy all odds in order to achieve its means. This energy brings out the ambitious and competitive streak that exists within each of us, calling on us to stand up for the things that matter most within our own lives. Drawing on the heart, it will spark a courage and sense of honor that will encourage us to step outside of our comfort zones, taking the risks necessary in order to face our challenges, grow into the best versions of ourselves and achieve great things.

It should be noted, however, that this intense ambition and desire for achievement is neither good or bad in and of its own accord. Instead, this energy places the responsibility within our own hands, with the potential to go either way. Drawing on our own inner morals and values, we can either put this energy to work for good, helping us to make the world a better place, or we can use it in a dark and twisted away for our own personal gain.

Meanwhile, the planet Uranus is known as the planet of rebellion, encouraging originality, a break from tradition and a new way of seeing the world that we live in. This energy calls for us to expand our vision, opening our mind to new possibilities and a break from the status quo. While a fresh set of eyes may be just the break that we need to discover the solution to long-lasting problems, the desire for freedom and rebellion may also lead to chaos, confusion erratic and bizarre behavior. We need to tap into our own willpower in order to maintain some order in our lives.


The 6 Most Introverted Zodiac Signs Awareness Act

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a split right down the middle of the 12 signs? 6 love being around other people and the rest would much rather spend their time alone.

Dont get me wrong, within each sign there are exceptions to this but overall the majority reigns true. Some zodiac signs love to meet new people and others just have too many traits that conflict. Whether you are someone that likes to be alone or loves to be in a crowd as long as you are yourself it doesnt matter.

Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs that tend to prefer to be alone. They would much rather spend their time recharging and relaxing than being in an uncomfortable environment. Did your sign make the list?

The 6 Zodiac Signs That Prefer To Spend Most Of Their Time on Their Own:


Cancers would very much rather spend time at home. They love to be around the people they care about but they arent too big on going out. They like to sit at home and have small family gatherings. They cannot stand to be around people they dont like so they make sure they wont have to.


Virgos are not interested in being around other people. They tend to be quite anxious and only go out and do things when they feel comfortable. They like to spend time with their friends and can be very social but they also love being at home alone. They have a lot on their minds just about all the time so they need lots of time to really work through those things.


Libras tend to obsess a bit too much. They dont like to be around people who can bring out that side of themselves so they tend to prefer more private settings. They like to spend time with people they love and avoid people they do not get along with. Libras are not often willing to go out of their comfort zone so being alone is easier and much more convenient for them.


While Capricorns can be a bit more social than some of these signs but they are just as happy when they are alone. They love to go shopping and do things on their own because they find it to be peaceful. They are much more independent than most people realize.


Aquarius hates being in crowds and love being able to spend time on their own. They want to be able to do whatever they want whenever they want and not take anyone else into account. They go above and beyond to ensure they are in control of their own lives.


Because Pisces are homebodies they, of course, made the list. They dont feel the need to constantly be surrounded by people, they have plenty of things to do without others around. This sign is one you might go weeks without hearing from.



Persecution of refugees in France Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

People Without Papers: How France Handles Its Refugees

1 December 2017

People Without Papers: Despite dwindling publicity, France remains a major destination for thousands of refugees in Europes ongoing migrant crisis. This report investigates their plight, as they face police evictions and general hostility.

I came here to France but I experienced unspeakable problems on my way here, says 24-year-old Afghan refugee Mustafa. I have made an application for asylum, and the French government told me to wait for 18 months, he says. There are many like Mustafa for whom French asylum remains a distant reward. In the meantime, rough sleeping and evasion of a frequently brutal French police, using tear gas and shooting rubber bullets, are a daily peril for those fleeing war.

The methods that the French police are using are criminal, says a Help Refugees volunteer. Following the destruction of migrant camps, many are left without shelter. No house, no tent, no nothing, says Kurdish refugee Zirack, sifting through a deserted camp in the woods. Its a big problem for all children. But what can I do? Its my countrys problem....


Pompeo Demands Iran Withdraw Forces From Syria, Threatens Strongest Sanctions In History Your News Wire

In his first major speech as U.S. secretary of state, Mike  Pompeo threatened Iran with the strongest sanctions in history and vowed to crush the regimes proxies around the world. We will apply unprecedented financial [...]

The post Pompeo Demands Iran Withdraw Forces From Syria, Threatens Strongest Sanctions In History appeared first on Your News Wire.


Government Sea Level Rise Report Released after Charges of Censorship RSS feed from

Long-delayed study examines potential for rising seas to damage national parks -- Read more on


Notes from Cobras Ascension Conference in Budapest The Event Chronicle

Here I share, dear ones, my notes about the Budapest Ascension Conference with Cobra on the 14th and 15th of April 2018.

While I have taken extreme care, first writing by hand, and later transcribing my notes for digital sharing, I have to make clear that this text should not be taken as the exact words of Cobra. You will be guided.

You are encouraged to share the link to this document.

14 May 2018
Version: 180514-3

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-Galactic Alignment and Galactic Super-wave
-New Atlantis and the Energy Grid
-Contact Dish and Confederation Domain


Saturday April 14th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:
-Primary Contracts Removal
-Implant Triangulation
-Light Body Activation

Sunday  April 15th, 10 am to 1:30 pm:
-Law of Manifestation
-Manifestation / Abundance Protocols
-de-manifestation Filters


Sunday  April 15th, 3:30 pm to 7 pm:
-Return of the Goddess
-Soul Families

-The Event and New Reality

Saturday April 14th



This is the first conference in a new time line which will lead to The Event, many surprises, requires more direct participation in ways not planned.

We have come from various ways and will align with meditation. Take your personal notes and share them. Personal info no. Intel yes.

Note: We did here a short meditation to unite the group in one being, breathing in a brilliant white light, and breathing out a brilliant white light, one time per each of our bodies (physical, etheric and mental bodies). Then we sang the mantra OM three times.

I am not alone doing this, there is a whole Pleiadian fleet here since Thursday, working to create a breakthrough this weekend. Isis Astara is with us, working, we dedicate her memory and the presence of the Goddess with this video (video The Goddess Spiral Meditations)

We will continue our mission until the victory of the light, every moment matters, do not forget that.

Until now we have been subjected to different layers of programming...


How to measurably improve existing buildings' energy, water, and waste impacts RSS feed from

Buildings are responsible for a third of harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution from U.S. electricity use, with that percentage rising dramatically in urban centers. Chicago is no exception: Buildings account for approximately 70 percent of the city's GHG emissions. Moreover, many buildings use more energy than they need to, which is unnecessarily expensive and damaging to the environment. Although []


Russiagate twist: Professor Stefan Halper, who spied for the CIA in the 80s, was sent by FBI to spy on Trump campaign Signs of the Times

A new persona has been thrust into center stage of Russiagate drama. Stefan Halper, who has a long history of working with the CIA, has been revealed as the man who was charged with keeping tabs on Trump's election campaign. The spy controversy that rumbled on for several weeks has reached a dramatic, and peculiar, ending with the revelation that, Cambridge professor, Stefan Halper was sent by the FBI to to scope out two of Donald Trump's campaign advisers on his 2016 election campaign. 'All time biggest political scandal!' Several Republicans floated allegations that the FBI spied on Trump and the scandal came to a boil on Friday when the president himself tweeted that an informant was "implanted" on his campaign.


Is Trump Pushing Neutral Groups Like the ACLU Towards an Anti War Stance? MintPress News

For those of us who fully expected most U.S. peace activists to vanish once Barack Obama became president but expected them to come back once Donald Trump ascended the throne, the failure of our second expectation has been hard, crushingly hard. But there are a few silver linings.

First, there is now a multi-issue campaign that, unlike the womens march or the climate march or so many other marches, and perhaps because it draws its platform in part from one written 50 years ago, opposes war and militarism. Its called the new Poor Peoples Campaign.

Second, there are large, well-funded organizations beginning to edge toward opposition at least to certain wars, organizations that as far as I know didnt oppose any wars when George Bush II was president, much less when Obama was.

One of these is the ACLU. Ive never known the ACLU to oppose any war, much less the institution of war, much less the military spending that generates many of the symptoms that the ACLU regularly does oppose. Im sending this article to the ACLU and requesting any updates or corrections. What is new, as far as I know, is this statement in which the ACLU rejects a U.S. attack on Syria as illegal without a Congressional authorization:

APRIL 13, 2018

NEW YORK President Trump announced tonight that he had launched missile strikes against Syria.

Hina Shamsi, director of the American Civil Liberties Unions National Security Project, had this reaction:

This military action is illegal. In the face of constitutional law barring hostile use of force without congressional authorization, and international law forbidding unilateral use of force except in self-defense, President Trump has unilaterally launched strikes against a country that has not attacked us and without any authorization from Congress. Doing so violates some of the most important legal constraints on the use of force.

Plus this one in which the ACLU admits that Congress has no legal power to authorize something that is a crime under a treaty that the United States is party to in this case the UN Charter:

We call on Congress to act swiftly and do its job by taking up the monumental question of whether President Trump may continue to use milita...


Federal Reserve Note Dances Upon Its Own Grave Activist Post

By Clint Siegner Practically nobody enters the foreign exchange markets looking to buy and hold. Currency trading is generally a short-term game, and there isnt...


Study of 91,000+ Links Nighttime Phone Use With Mental Health Disorders. Decades of Research Says Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Can Cause Same Disorders 24/7. Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense recently sent out a newsletter about an article from The Times UK about one of the largest studies...


Message for the Resistance Movement: May 21, 2018 The Event Chronicle

Message for the Resistance Movement: May 21, 2018

ASCOM test in progress

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hyperphasic systems (LOC) security breach at 504

Sunday, May 20, 2018

ASCOM sequence ready, ASCOM test approved

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Isidic approval for ASCOM sequence

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Systems alert / HVBN security breach in deflection, evaluate AN reposition, evaluate ASCOM sequence

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Black systems alert at 504, probably fatal HVBN security breach at 504, probable HVBN grid collapse, prepare SecureShell, strictly enforce GBN

The above is a coded messages for the Resistance Movement as communicated by Cobra on Portal 2012. These messages are not meant for the general population, and are not meant to be understood by us.

This article (Message for the Resistance Movement: May 21, 2018) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


What you weren't told about WWII: Part 1 Signs of the Times

If news is fake now, imagine the inaccuracies of history books. How often were they distorted to make the victor look good and the loser look evil? How often do history books leave out cause-effect relationships that reveal the true nature of geopolitics? How often do they simply leave out important information on accident? The more one researches history outside of what is taught in school, the more one comes to realize that the answer to the above questions is "pretty darn often." Let's now look at some of the more interesting things that are left out of the discussion regarding World War Two. The Soviets Defeated The Nazis In America, it is often taught that the US stepped in to put an end to Nazi's expansion through Europe. However, it was the Soviets that sacrificed the most and stopped the Nazi's from dominating the region. In the Battle of Stalingrad, which lasted over five months, Soviet troops suffered over 1 million casualties compared to over 700,000 casualties for the Axis countries. Although the Soviets lost more troops, they handed the Germans their most significant loss up to that point in the war. That was truly the beginning of the end for the Nazis.


'Ramadan puts us all at risk': Danish minister calls for fasting Muslims to take time off work during holy month Signs of the Times

A minister from Denmark's center-right Liberal Party has called for Muslims to take time off during the holy month of Ramadan as their fasting could put wider society at risk. Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Stojberg made the remarks in an op-ed for Danish newspaper BT Sunday, saying that Muslims who fast for up to 18 hours a day are placing themselves and others at risk, particularly bus drivers, machine workers, and hospital staff. Stolberg argued that there are greater demands "in a modern, efficient society like Denmark's than there were in Medina during the time of Muhammad."


Details Emerge in Santa Fe High School Shooting as Suspect Appears In Court MintPress News

Santa Fe, TX A 17-year-old high school student identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at the Houston-area Santa Fe High School with a shotgun and a handgun, killing 10 people and leaving another 14 people wounded including a school police officer who confronted the suspect during the attack at Santa Fe High School.

The Associated Press reported that local hospitals confirmed a total of 14 people treated for injuries related to the shooting, with two listed in critical condition on Saturday at the University of Texas Medical Branch, according to a tweet from the hospital.

Pagourtzis yelled surprise before opening fire, according to Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. Authorities said the suspected shooter, who is now in custody on murder charges, had made improvised explosive devices, including pipe bombs, a Molotov cocktail and pressure-cooker bombs, found in the school and at the suspects home.

Abbot said the alleged shooter obtained a shotgun and a .38-caliber handgun from his father, who legally owned them, to carry out the attack. The AP reported that Pagourtizis lawyers said the parents stated that the guns were locked up and they did not know that their son was capable of violence.

The AP report further noted:

Pagourtzis played on the junior varsity football team and was a member of a dance squad with a local Greek Orthodox church. Acquaintances described him as quiet and unassuming, an avid video game player who routinely wore a black trench coat and black boots to class.

The assailants homemade explosives included pipe bombs, at least one Molotov cocktail and pressure-cooker bombs similar to those used in the Boston Marathon attack, authorities said.

Investigators offered no motive. In a probable cause affidavit, however, authorities said the suspect admitted to the shooting.

The governor said the assailant intended to kill himself but gave up and told police that he did not have the courage to take his own life.

The suspect reportedly has no prior arrests or known confrontations with law enforcement. CNN reported that Pagourtzis admitted to authorities that he didnt shoot people he liked and meant to kill the ones hed targeted, stating he did not shoot students he did like so he could have his story told, according to an affidavit. Sadie Rodriguez, mother of deceased victim Shana Fisher, told the Los Angeles Times that prior to the shooting Fisher had 4 months of problems from this boy and that Pagourtzis kept making advances on her and she re...


Widespread ocean anoxia was cause for past mass extinction RSS feed from

For decades, scientists have conducted research centered around the five major mass extinctions that have shaped the world we live in. The extinctions date back more than 450 million years with the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction to the deadliest extinction, the Late Permian extinction 250 million years ago that wiped out over 90 percent of species.


'US dictations': Palestine denounces Paraguay embassy move to Jerusalem Signs of the Times

Palestine accused Paraguay of aiding Israel's "annexation" of Jerusalem, after it became the third nation to move its embassy to the city. Palestinian officials are calling on Arab states to cut ties with anyone making the move. Member of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Hanan Ashrawi denounced Paraguay's decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv, describing the relocation as a "a deliberate and flagrant violation of international law and legitimacy resolutions." She added that "taking such a provocative and irresponsible step" makes Paraguay complicit in Israel's attempt to "consolidate [its] military occupation" and "annex Jerusalem." Following the United States and Guatemala, Paraguay is now the third nation to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority said it was urging the Arab world and Islamic nations to cut ties with Guatemala and Paraguay in response to their decision to follow Washington's lead in relocating their embassies. A senior Palestinian official told Haaretz that while it's clear that no Arab state would cut its ties with Washington, "with countries like Guatemala and Paraguay, it may be possible and that can serve as leverage over other countries that are thinking about doing the same thing" in regards to their embassies.


The Dispossession of Canadas First Nations and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Dissident Voice

Imagine that a group of bandits entered your house without permission and booted you and your family members out. Afterwards the bandits continue to occupy the house, but they graciously allow you and your family to stay in the cellar. Would you accept such a state of affairs? Would you not want your house back in its entirety? And would you not want the usurpers evicted?

Now imagine that the usurpers had some dubious code of honor whereby if they made any alterations to the stolen abode that they must consult with the original home occupants. Moreover, if the displaced first occupants sought to legally challenge their dispossession or alterations to their former domicile, the usurpers would graciously cover the legal expenses of the dispossessed original occupants from the largess of the goods befallen the usurpers through acts of dispossessing others. Of course, the legal proceeding is controlled by the usurpers and ruled according to usurpers law with judges appointed by the usurpers.

No intelligent person denies that the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America) were the original inhabitants. In fact, they precede the coming of Norsemen, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, and conquistadors by several millennia. Yet the Catholic Church of later seafarers decreed (in the papal bull Inter Caetera, 1493) that non-believers were savages and that their territory would belong to European monarchs. This was largely overturned by the papal bull Sublimis Deus in 1537.

One might have thought that humankind would have evolved morally such that the egregious crimes of centuries ago would not be perpetuated in the 21st century. Nonetheless, at the very least, human morality wouldnt devolve, would it?


In Canada, the American pipeline conglomerate Kinder Morgan desires to multiply the amount of fossil fuel carried from the province of Alberta to the British Columbia harbor city of Vancouver. Many First Nations and a multitude of British Columbians are opposed to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain project.

While the NDP-Green Party coalition in BC is opposed to the pipeline project, the federal government has approved it. However, chicanery has been unveiled in the process that led to federal approval.



There are only 24 women leading Fortune 500 companies Fast Company

Amazon ranks behind CVS, Tesla leaps 123 places, but women CEOs are still a rarity.

Amazon may be eating the world (or at least Whole Foods) and its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is confident that everyone will eventually work for him, but the newly released Fortune 500 list shows that the e-commerce giant isnt at the top of the heap just yet.

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World's first sea-borne nuclear power plant reaches Russia's Arctic for maiden mission Signs of the Times

The first sea-borne nuclear power plant made in Russia has been towed to the country's Arctic port of Murmansk, ready to undertake its first mission, generating electricity in remote locations. The water-borne power plant, named Akademik Lomonosov, was built by the state-run nuclear corporation Rosatom in St. Petersburg. The new vessel is set to pioneer a new power source for remote regions of the planet, the company says. The floating nuclear power plant will take on board a supply of nuclear fuel and will then be towed to Pevek, a small town in the Far Eastern region of Chukotka. The port of Pevek, which is located in Russia's extreme northeast, is separated from the US state of Alaska by the 86-km (53 mile) wide Bering Strait.


Parents tell how they almost lost baby after rotavirus vaccine Health Nut News

A week after 3-month-old Jude Cooper had his vaccine against rotavirus (a terrible stomach bug but not something a vaccine is needed for) he almost died from an obstruction to his intestines, a potential side effect of the vaccine. His parents are now speaking out in the hopes that this doesnt have to happen to []

The post Parents tell how they almost lost baby after rotavirus vaccine appeared first on Health Nut News.


Cop rapes his co-worker's 13 y.o. daughter and is still drawing his salary Signs of the Times

Yet another sex crime involving police officers has rocked the Los Angeles Police Department, and this time an officer was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a fellow officer's 13-year-old daughter. The assault took place on April 4 following a night out of drinking, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. Kenneth Louis Collard, 51, was encouraged by his co-worker and fellow police officer to stay the night at said officer's home rather than drive home drunk. Collard obliged, but some time during the night made his way into the daughter's bedroom and reportedly assaulted the young child. The girl then told her family she had been assaulted by Collard. A forensic evaluation was conducted and the career LAPD officer was officially charged with three counts of committing a lewd act upon a child and one count of sexual penetration by a foreign object. He was allowed to post $400,000 bail and is now awaiting trial. In a statement, the Los Angeles Police Protective League's board of directors said the police officer's union was "sickened by the repugnant" allegations.


Dinosaurs, birds, turtles, new research Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Canada says about itself:

15 August 2013

Where are the baby dinosaurs? In a spellbinding talk paleontologist Jack Horner describes how slicing open fossil skulls revealed a shocking secret about some of our most beloved dinosaurs. (Filmed at TEDxVancouver.)

From the University of Kent in England:

Genome structure of dinosaurs discovered by bird-turtle comparisons

May 21, 2018

A discovery by scientists at the University of Kent has provided significant insight into the overall genome structure of dinosaurs.

By comparing the genomes of different species, chiefly birds and turtles, the Kent team were able to determine how the overall genome structure (i.e. the chromosomes) of many peoples favourite dinosaur species like Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus might have looked through a microscope.

The research was carried out in the laboratory of Professor Darren Griffin, of the Universitys School of Biosciences, and is now published in the journal Nature Communications. It involved extrapolating the likely genome structure of a shared common ancestor of birds and turtles that lived around 260 million years ago 20 million years before the dinosaurs first emerged.

Dr Becky OConnor, senior postdoctoral researcher and co-author of the Nature Communications paper...


Behind the 'entire debacle': Trump accuses 'disgraced' John Brennan of 'political hit job' in morning tweetstorm Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at former CIA Director John Brennan, accusing him of leading an effort to frame him for collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Quoting former secret service agent Dan Bongino, Trump tweeted that Brennan had "disgraced himself" and disgraced"the entire Intelligence Community." Bongino lashed out at Brennan earlier Monday on Fox News morning show 'Fox & Friends'. The series of tweets came in response to recent reports that the FBI had planted informants within Trump's campaign to weed out any information about its alleged links with Russia and Russian officials. Trump has accused Brennan of being behind the "entire debacle" related to the investigation into alleged collusion and said it was now known that Brennan had "detailed knowledge" of the infamous 'Steele dossier' which has been used as a major piece of evidence against Trump, despite being littered with unverifiable claims.


Ireland: Polls narrow on abortion vote, Google and Facebook change rules on advertising Signs of the Times

The polls have narrowed so much that a result once nearly taken for granted now hangs in the balance; the media are under fierce attack for bias; and questions are swirling about foreign influence and online ads. As Ireland heads into the last week of campaigning for its historic referendum on abortion, the long shadow of two recent surprise election results - the Brexit referendum across the Irish sea, and Donald Trump's victory in the 2016 US presidential poll - is hanging over Irish voters. They will decide on Friday whether to repeal an amendment dating back to the 1980s that enshrined in the constitution a near-total ban on abortion. The controls are the strictest in any western democracy, meaning that the battle has been closely watched by anti-abortion activists across the world. The campaign began with a clear lead for the Yes campaigners, who support a repeal. But in a country where tradition and the church still have strong influence, the No camp has gained ground. Now the final result is expected to hinge on the one in five voters still undecided.


The Black Faces in High Places Supporting Americas Police State MintPress News

The worst hate group in the United States is not the Ku Klux Klan or any self-proclaimed alt-right group. The most racist, vicious, and deadly menace to black people in this country is law enforcement. The police, courts and prisons exist primarily to keep as many black people under control as possible. All other claims of usefulness are phony and cover up the racist cruelties inherent to their existence.

Every day one can see videos of black people being humiliated, arrested, shot and beaten for minor infractions or for none at all. They may be driving, walking, eating, or shopping while black. They may be men, women, or children. The system is made to put as many victims through its maw as possible and all the photographic evidence in the world wont stop it unless inconvenient truths are told. One of the worst is the reliance on the collaboration of black people who help keep the police state running.

The presence of black cops and elected officials doesnt stem the tide of state-sponsored terror. They are in fact put into these positions to defend the onslaught and to silence protest. The black chief of police in Philadelphia defended the now famous arrest of two black men in a Starbucks caf.

Richard Ross initially said, These officers did absolutely nothing wrong. Ross was forced to back down and apologize for his Uncle Tomfoolery only after the Starbucks corporation did so as part of its damage control strategy.

Ross isnt alone in showing subservience to modern day slave patrolling. A black teen in Warsaw, North Carolina was beaten and choked by police at a Waffle House restaurant and that assault was also caught on camera. Mayor A.J. Connors went out of his way to defend the brutality. He created a video for the sole purpose of saying that the white police officer Did what he had to do.

Most black officials arent stupid enough to express support for white supremacy out loud and in public but they may as well when they do nothing to help their people.

The black misleaders in city councils, Congress and state legislatures rarely assert any politics which are specific to black people. The one institution which impacts our lives the most, the carceral state, is treated as a sacred cow that they dare not touch. Their silence and inaction are tacit admissions that they know the danger to themselves and to the rest of us.

Even when there are positive developments such as the effort to end cash bail, the most important points are missed. It is good that attention is called to this pernicious...


Swedish girls fearing forced marriage told to hide spoon in underwear - Reuters RSS feed from

Swedish girls fearing forced marriage told to hide spoon in underwearReutersThe spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks, she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private. It is a last chance to sound the alarm, Idegard added. There ...


A Warming Climate May Produce More Drug-Resistant Infections RSS feed from

Hotter temperatures can lead to increased growth and genetic mutations -- Read more on


Zunum Aeros electric airplane just got its first customer Fast Company

Its a bird, its a plane, its a hybrid-electric regional airline!

Buckle up, because Zunum Aero is getting closer to launching its hybrid electric airplane. Today, the Seattle-based startup announced that it has its very first customerthe private-jet-charter company JetSuite. The stork will deliver up to 100 of its 12-seater hybrid-electric planes in 2022, according to the Seattle Times.

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FSB reports busting arsonists linked to Ukrainian MP, who tried to stir ethnic tensions in Crimea Signs of the Times

Russia's national security service, the FSB, said it has busted an extremist group in Crimea, which tried to stir ethnic tensions by attacking Crimean Tatars, who didn't share their leader's goal of opposing Russia. Crimea is ethnically a predominantly Russian region, but historically it was the land of Crimean Tatars. Medieval Russia suffered from slaver raids launched from Crimea, and later fought a war with the Ottoman Empire for control over the peninsula. It won and poured investment and settlers into the area to deal with loyalty problems. Crimean Tatars were victimized by the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin, who saw them as Nazi collaborators who could not be trusted. They were deported from their homeland. Now a significant ethnic minority, the Crimean Tatar people are a natural target for any party wishing to stir trouble in the Russian region.


British government supports Saudi genocidal war on Yemen Dear Kitty. Some blog

This September 2016 video says about itself:

Yemens Children are Starving

Yemen is on the brink of famine. BBC Arabic reveals exclusive footage of the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where 2 million people are malnourished and over 325,000 children are at risk of starvation.

If you dont die from an airstrike you die from being ill or starvation. And the hardest way to die is from starvation, laments Dr Ashwaq Muharram. The war in Yemen has pushed a country which traditionally suffers from a shortage of food to the brink.

The city of Hodeida was once prosperous, but airstrikes and conflict on the ground have isolated people in the surrounding villages and forced the closure of hundreds of hospitals. Furthermore, the Saudi-led coalition has blockaded Yemens ports resulting in a shortage of supplies, medicine and fuel.

Without access to food or healthcare, millions are at risk. Children are those most affected. I never imagined I would ever see a child like this in Yemen. It scares me that this may be the beginning of famine, says Dr. Muharram. As she watches ov...


Swedes told to prepare for conflict in Cold War-style booklet - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Swedes told to prepare for conflict in Cold War-style bookletThomson Reuters FoundationBy Daniel Dickson. STOCKHOLM, May 21 (Reuters) - Sweden will send out instructions to its citizens next week on how to cope with an outbreak of war, as the country faces an assertive Russia across the Baltic Sea. The 20-page pamphlet titled "If Crisis ...and more 


Jailed for being homeless: How councils across Britain are cracking down on the UK's most vulnerable Signs of the Times

Fined, jailed, and convicted - the UK's homeless are facing serious criminal consequences as councils use public space protection orders (PSPOs), introduced by Theresa May, to target those sleeping rough. Homeless people are finding themselves banned from town centers, routinely fined hundreds of pounds, or even sent to prison if they're caught repeatedly begging thanks to the PSPO laws, wielded by local authorities across England and Wales. Since local councils were given more power to combat antisocial behavior by then Home Secretary Theresa May in 2014, hundreds of fines have been issued and criminal convictions have been pursued for those caught "begging" or"loitering." Some charities have said the strengthened powers are designed to target those sleeping on the streets. Campaigners also say that bans on drinking booze and swearing in town centers are also being used to target the homeless, but councils insist that the strengthened laws are only being used to target antisocial behavior. In one case, a judge admitted: "I will be sending a man to prison for asking for food when he was hungry." The defendant in that case was jailed for four months for breaching a criminal behavior order (CBO) in Gloucester for begging. Another man was fined a whopping 105 ($140) after a child dropped 2 ($2.70) in his sleeping bag.


New Kansas bill allows faith-based agencies to deny adoption to same-sex couples Signs of the Times

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer signed a bill into law on Friday that will allow adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples. The bill, known as the Adoption Protection Act, was designed to insulate religious organizations that want to discriminate against the LGBT community. Approved in the Kansas Legislature earlier this month, the bill permits agencies to refuse homes "for foster care or adoption when the proposed placement of such child would violate such agency's sincerely held religious beliefs." Similar adoption bills are being considered in Oklahoma and Colorado, and at least seven other states have already passed such laws. Some of these laws only apply to organizations that do not receive government funding. The Kansas law extends to agencies operating under taxpayer-funded contracts. On Friday, Gov. Colyer signed the bill surrounded by legislators, faith leaders and foster care workers.


Poor Peoples Campaign: A Struggle Rising From the Streets Truthdig RSS

Editors note: Truthdig has launched a reader-funded project to document the Poor Peoples Campaign. Please help us provide firsthand accounts of this activism by making a donation.

The second week of the Poor Peoples Campaign has kicked off in Chicago,  where the theme of the week is Linking Systemic Racism and Poverty: Voting Rights, Immigration, Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and the Mistreatment of Indigenous Communities.


Playing Trump for Peace RSS feed from

Here's how the Korean peninsula can become a bright spot in a world gone mad.


Israels Days of Shame Truthdig RSS

On bloody Monday this past week, when the number of Palestinian killed and wounded was rising by the hour, I asked myself: what would I have done if I had been a youngster of 15 in the Gaza Strip?

My answer was, without hesitation: I would have stood near the border fence and demonstrated, risking my life and limbs every minute.

How am I so sure?

Simple: I did the same when I was 15.

I was a member of the National Military Organization (the Irgun), an armed underground group labeled terrorist.

Palestine was at the time under British occupation (called mandate). In May 1939, the British enacted a law limiting the right of Jews to acquire land. I received an order to be at a certain time at a certain spot near the sea shore of Tel Aviv in order to take part in a demonstration. I was to wait for a trumpet signal.

The trumpet sounded and we started the march down Allenby Road, then the citys main street. Near the main synagogue, somebody climbed the stairs and delivered an inflammatory speech. Then we marched on, to the end of the street, where the offices of the British administration were located. There we sang the national anthem, Hatikvah, while some adult members set fire to the offices.

Suddenly several lorries carrying British soldiers screeched to a halt, and a salvo of shots rang out. The British fired over our heads, and we ran away.

Remembering this event 79 years later, it crossed my mind that the boys of Gaza are greater heroes then we were then. They did not run away. They stood their ground for hours, while the death toll rose to 61 and the number of those wounded by live ammunition to some 1500, in addition to 1000 affected by gas.

On that day, most TV stations in Israel and abroad split their screen. On the right, the events in Gaza. On the left, the inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

In the 136th year of the Zionist-Palestinian war, that split screen is the picture of reality: the celebration in Jerusalem and the bloodbath in Gaza. Not on two different planets, not in two different continents, but hardly an hours drive apart.

The celebration in Jerusalem started as a silly event. A bunch of suited males, inflated with self-importance, celebrating what, exactly? The symbolic movement of an office from one town to another.

Jerusalem is a major bone of contention. Everybody knows that there will be no peace, not now, not ever, without a compromise there. For every Palestinian, every Arab, every Muslim throughout the world, it is unthinkable to give up Jerusalem. It is from there, according to Muslim tradition, that the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, after tying his horse to the rock that is now the center of the holy places. After Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem is the third holiest place of Islam.

For the Jews, of course, Jerusalem means the place where, some 2000 years ago, there stood the temple built by K...


Shonda Rhimes and Tyra Banks skim TheSkimmand are now funding it Fast Company

The popular email newsletter has now closed its Series C round and tacked on a few notable, albeit atypical, investors.

In March, we learned that TheSkimm was raising a cool $12 million, thanks to an investment from Google Ventures. The popular email newsletter has now closed its Series C round and tacked on a few notable, albeit atypical, investorsShonda Rhimes and Tyra Banks.

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Trumps Bigly Military-Spending Is Not Enough for this Beltway Think Tank MintPress News

Earlier this month, SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) which monitors global military spending, released its latest report. To no ones surprise, the US topped the list, with more spending than the next seven biggest spenders combined.

According to the report, in 2017 the US spent 610 billion dollars, while China spent 228 billion. The rest of the list engaged in miniscule amounts of spending by comparison, with Russia spending 66 billion, the UK spending 47 billion, and Japan spending 45 billion to list a few examples.

Source: SIPRI, totals are in billions of dollars.

Source: SIPRI, totals are in billions of dollars.

Also notable was the fact that Russia fell from third place to fourth place among the biggest spenders. This occurred due to both a decline in Russian spending and an increase in Saudi spending. According to SIPRI:

Military expenditure by the USA was unchanged in 2017, at $610 billion. China increased its military spending by 5.6 per cent, Saudi Arabia by 9.2 per cent and India by 5.5 per cent, while Russias spending fell by 20 per cent.

Both Russia and the US both continue to far exceed all other states in terms of nuclear stockpiles. Moreover, even with rising Chinese spending, the ability of the US to deploy nuclear arms far exceeds that of anything the Chinese have to offer.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source: Federation of American Scientists.</a>



One woman dead, two injured after argument at high school graduation Signs of the Times

An argument following a graduation ceremony turned deadly as one woman died after being shot multiple times and at least two people were injured in a parking lot near Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, WXIA-TV reported. What happened? The Clayton County Fire Department confirmed there are three victims, two with gunshot wounds, who were transported to area hospitals, the TV station reported. A woman in her 40s was shot three times in the chest and was taken to Southern Regional hospital where she was pronounced dead. A 21-year-old victim was taken to Atlanta Medical Center with gunshot wounds to the leg. A third victim, a pregnant woman, was pushed to the ground and was taken to Piedmont Henry Hospital. "We didn't know what to do," witness Latrallo Presley told WXIA. "We just ran... running from the parking lot, running from everywhere. People were stumbling over each other. I was shook."


The African Union gets its own #MeToo reckoning RSS feed from

A group of women at the African Union have sent memos to senior officials and spoken to the media about being held back by prejudice at the organisation.


Global spotlight on biodiversity as agreement of post-2020 deal for nature nears RSS feed from

In the run-up to a crucial meeting of the Parties to the UN Biodiversity Convention later this year, IIED looks at what needs to happen ahead of a new post-2020 agenda2018 is the year that the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) celebrates 25 years of action to sustain life on Earth. On the International Day for Biological Diversity this year, governments and stakeholders all over the world will be celebrating their successes under the Convention and taking stock of what has been [...]


The Ark Project: 'Teen prostitutes back on streets because police won't give back bus', charity tells RT Signs of the Times

A charity bus seized by police is unable to help underage prostitutes living on the streets of Reading until police make up their mind over a licensing spat, anti-homelessness campaigners have told RT. On Thursday, the bus belonging to Reading homelessness charity The Ark Project, was seized by Thames Valley Police and impounded amid claims that it was being driven with the incorrect license type. The bus had run into trouble the night before, when police threatened to tow the vehicle as it was considered an 'obstruction', parked across from the castle. Thames Valley Police Inspector Gavin Biggs, the Roads Policing officer, was involved in the seizure of the bus. He confirmed that 'Lenny' the charity bus had been impounded on Thursday. "A commercial vehicle was seized from Windsor Town centre...It was being driven otherwise in accordance with a licence, a man was reported for the offence and the vehicle was removed". On Friday, the charity hoped the bus would be returned to them after the royal wedding. Now, Ark Project CEO Michael Longsmith, said that police are refusing to release the bus until an expert can assess the vehicle. Longsmith said that, despite the charity working closely with police in the past with no issue, officials now need to assess what type of vehicle it is.


The royal wedding portraits are delightfully traditional Fast Company

The British royals are seen surrounding the newly dubbed Duke and Duchess of Sussex following the televised nuptials at Windsor Castle.

The royal wedding occurred this past Saturday, but the tradition of staring at wedding pictures has only just begun. On Monday, Kensington Palace released the official portraits of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the entire mishpacha.

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Jakarta's water woes RSS feed from

A court victory has rewarded civil society efforts to end water privatisation in the Indonesian capital but many questions remain unanswered.


Denver police terrorize high school looking for an absent student Signs of the Times

Community members are horrified after they say police officers conducted a classroom-to-classroom search with guns drawn and interrogated teachers and students in a charter school, all to look for a student who was absent. While the police department released a statement justifying the incident, teachers are claiming that police are lying "to save face." "The staff and students were traumatized," Lucas Ketzer, principal at Rise Up Community School, told the Denver Post as he described the way a group of police officers raided the building in their search for a student who was not in attendance. Officers stormed the school and began searching the classrooms, and Ketzer said that when a science teacher "told officers they could not search her room without a warrant" they pushed her aside, and entered the classroom where they "pulled students out of their chairs, removed their hats and asked them for their IDs as they searched." "When I was sitting in class, they came bursting in, and then they were like in everybody's faces, like looking at us, and I felt so unsafe," student Mary Jimenez told Padres & Jvenes Unidos. She said the officers singled one student out, grabbed him by the arm, and forced him to remove his hat so that they could compare him to the photo of the student they were targeting.


Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition Wake Up World

May 22nd, 2018 By Ryan Cristin Guest writer for Wake Up World Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions for which she has been prescribed a bevy of medications. []


Capitalism Is Ultimately A Collectivist Enterprise disinformation

The logic by which capitalism is deemed most consistent with individuality is deeply flawed. What does it mean to value individualism? Independence? Does it mean, as my grandfather used to say, To... The post Capitalism Is Ultimately A Collectivist Enterprise appeared first on disinformation.

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The Toxic Home Transformation Summit: Online and FREE from June 25 July 1, 2018 Health Nut News

If your home is toxic (and it probably is) youre NOT likely to be healthy! Having suffered in a home with a mold problem I know this topic is incredibly important. Thats why I was happy to join the Toxic Home Transformation Summit as a speaker. Click here to register for free and learn everything you need []

The post The Toxic Home Transformation Summit: Online and FREE from June 25 July 1, 2018 appeared first on Health Nut News.


North Korea: Meeting Should Take Up Abysmal Rights Climate RSS feed from

Expand South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, in Tokyo, Japan, May 2018.  2018 REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon/Pool (New York) The South Korean government should press the United States to discuss the appalling human rights situation in North Korea when US President Donald Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Human Rights Watch said today. South [...]

Monday, 21 May


U.S. Media Coverage of Royal Wedding Was Stupid and Useless MintPress News

The imprisoned desperate people of Gaza continue to grieve over the Israeli slaughter of over 60 civilians during protests coinciding with the dedication of the illegally re-situated U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Parents and relatives in Texas were mourning the deaths of 10 students and teachers in yet another horrific school shooting at the Santa Fe High School, near Houston.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who continued to offer his thoughts and prayers over another snuffing out of the lives of students and educators, while he and his fellow Republicans continue to pocket millions of campaign dollars from the National Rifle Association, threatened the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justices Special Counsel, and the U.S. Postal Service in a manner befitting a La Cosa Nostra crime boss.

Trump believes that FBI confidential informants are actually spies and that he has the right to illegally cancel shipping contracts between the U.S. Postal Service and companies like Amazon. Trump is illegally using the presidency to financially damage Amazon because its owner, Jeff Bezos, owns The Washington Post, a frequent Trump critic. In normal times, such malfeasance of office would dominate the news cycle.

So, what did the U.S. corporate press decide was more important than mass murder in the Middle East and Texas or high crimes and misdemeanors  in the Oval Office? The answer is the royal pomp and ceremony of the Windsor, England wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The fascination of the American media with the British royal family has always been an enigma in a nation that fought a revolution against monarchical rule from Britain. Nevertheless, in the post-World War II era, U.S. press coverage of British royal funerals, coronations, and weddings was relatively restrained. The 1947 wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Royal Navy Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten was, by a decree from King George VI, a modest and frugal affair, with no grandstands lining London streets and no electricity wasted on floodlighting Westminster Abbey for the new medium of television. The 1947 royal wedding was forced to share the above-the-fold front page headline space in the November 21, 1947 New York Herald Tribune with President Trumans foreign aid bill for France, Italy, and Austria and Prime Minister Leon Blums attempt to form a Cabinet in France.

Journalists and editors decided there were much more important things going on in the world than to devote blanket coverage to an arcane ceremony, with historical roots in the largely abandoned ideology of feudalism and the divine right of kings. Gradually, however, the press decided that the masses should be tranquilized by entertainment and not information.

When King George VI died in 1952 at the age of 57, The New York Times provided a banner headline for the death announcement. However, even a royal death had t...


Saudi Arabia: Womens Rights Advocates Arrested The Fifth Column

(HRW) Saudi authorities since May 15, 2018, detained a total of seven prominent womens rights defenders, Human Rights Watch said today. The activists have long advocated ending the ban on women driving and abolishing the discriminatory male guardianship system. Among those arrested are Eman al-Nafjan and Lujain al-Hathloul, along with two male activists, but authorities have not revealed the reason behind the arrests.
Saudi rights defenders said that in September 2017 the royal court had called the countrys prominent activists, including some of those just detained, and warned them not to speak to the media. The calls were made the day the authorities announced that they would lift the driving ban on women in June. Saudi authorities should release the activists immediately or charge them with a recognizable criminal offense.
Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salmans reform campaign has been a frenzy of fear for genuine Saudi reformers who dare to advocate publicly for human rights or womens empowerment, said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. The message is clear that anyone expressing skepticism about the crown princes rights agenda faces time in jail.
Al-Nafjan and al-Hathloul have publicly advocated an end to discrimination against women for many years. They signed a September 2016 petition, which had more than 14,000 signatures, to King Salman asking him to abolish the male guardianship system. Under Saudis male guardianship system, women are not allowed to travel abroad, marry, or obtain a passport without the permission of a male guardian, who can be their father, husband, brother, or even their son. The activists had also participated in a campaign against the driving ban before the announcement that it would be lifted in June.
Authorities previously arrested al-Hathloul in November 2014 after she drove herself from Abu Dhabi to the Saudi border and attempted to cross. She was held at a juvenile detention center for 73 days before being released in February 2015. Authorities...


Major breakthrough: Syrian army declares Damascus area secure after clearing out ISIS-controlled pocket Signs of the Times

The Syrian army has declared Damascus and its surrounds fully secure after regaining control of a former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in the southern part of the city. The army made the announcement in a televised statement after establishing control of the Damascus neighborhood of al-Hajar al-Aswad on Monday, according to local media. The military capture came after the Syrian Air Force raided terrorist sites and fortified points in the neighborhood, according to SANA. Infantry units reportedly stormed buildings where fighters were positioned and chased them down the streets.


Ethiopia says it will sue Dutch company over teff patent RSS feed from

The Ethiopian government says it will file charges at the International Court of Arbitration against the Dutch company that patented teff grain.


Beyond Fasting: What We Can All Learn From Ramadan MintPress News

The Muslim holiday of Ramadan begins this week, and the first thing that many non-Muslims envision is a month of fasting under blazing desert suns.

Ramadan isnt as simple as that, even for Muslims who practice the holiday in the West. Muslims who observe Ramadan in majority non-Muslim countries face unique challenges. While many Muslims live in climates more hospitable than the Middle East, fasting hours at extreme latitudes, such as in Norway or Russia, can last more than 18 hours.

Being Muslim in the West also means having to intentionally create the space for the faith when immersed in a culture that does not celebrate the holiday month.

Its easier to fast in the Middle East, says Imam Omar Suleiman, president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research in Irving, Texas. But when youre a minority community you appreciate togetherness a lot more.

Born and raised in New Orleans to Palestinian parents, Suleiman has gained national attention as a civil rights leader for his messages of inclusiveness. He says that the goal of Ramadan, as described in the Quran, goes beyond fasting to create God consciousness.

If Im more conscious of my food consumption and my physical activity, then certainly Ill be more conscious of my spiritual activity as well, Suleiman says.

Along with fasting, prayer and charity are also emphasized during this month. Muslims are reminded to rediscover the meaning of mercy and compassion, reflect on lifes meaning, and transcend superficial desires and consumerist addictions. It is the time to review life in a holistic way, a practice Muslims and non-Muslims alike can benefit from, and which isnt tied to any geographical location.

Youre essentially teaching yourself how to limit your consumption of something that is ordinarily permissible so that youre more conscious of other elements, Suleiman says.

Makkah Ali and Ikhlas Saleem, co-hosts of the Identity Politics podcast, use Ramadan as a time to control physical impulses, such a backbiting or anger, and renew their spirituality.

For me, to not eat or drink is the easiest part, Saleem says. The much more difficult part is remembering my character throughout the day.

We all express our faith differently.

Fasting during Ramadan is encouraged to go beyond abstaining from food and drink to include refraining from habits preventing people from being compassionate, healthy, and intellectual members of society.

Its about me and my own discipline, says Ali, its something I do because I believe that there are benefits in it and I believe that it draws me closer to the creator and the creation.

Blair Ima...


Dead humpback whale found at Ocean Shores, Washington Signs of the Times

A dead humpback whale washed ashore Sunday morning at Ocean Shores. John Calambokidis, senior research biologist with Cascadia Research Collective, said the whale, a young female, was entangled in crab gear, which may have caused its death. The dead whale was seen floating off shore Friday and was reported to the Coast Guard. It was found washed ashore Sunday morning. Calambokidis described the whale as 28 and a half feet long and estimated that it was 1 to 2 years old. The whale will eventually be buried.


This company promised to stop deforestation. But 'Greenpeace caught them out' RSS feed from

Greenpeace has been watching APP (Asia Pulp & Paper), Indonesias largest pulp and paper company, to make sure it followed through on its promise to end deforestation.


Full stream ahead: Bulgaria wants natural gas pipeline directly from Russia Signs of the Times

Amid talk of European energy security and diversification of gas supplies, Bulgaria has proposed building another pipeline to get gas directly from Russia, according to President Rumen Radev. The Balkan nation currently gets Russian natural gas by transit through Ukraine and other Gazprom customers in Europe. Last year, sales of the blue fuel to Bulgaria reached 3.3 billion cubic meters, 4.7 percent more than in 2016. "As for the supplies from Russia, Bulgaria needs drop shipment of the gas through the Black Sea. Let's call it 'Bulgarian Stream'," Radev said in an interview with Russian business daily Kommersant.


Why is the royal family website downplaying Meghan Markles acting career? Fast Company

The Palace wants to rebrand Meghan Markle as primarily an activist, which falls in line with the royal family duties.

Meghan Markle is now officially part of the firm, i.e., the British royal family, which means she gets her own monarchy websiteexcept the inclusive move seems to heavily favor her charity work over her acting credits.

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Arizona Planning for Exodus of Californians to State in Event of Major Quake

Via: NBC: Government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona plan to participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 people following a catastrophic earthquake in Southern California. The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs says participants in the National Mass Care Exercise in the coming []


Appeal to drop defamation cases against Kachin anti-war protesters RSS feed from

Myanmar should drop criminal defamation charges against three ethnic-Kachin human rights defenders, two Myanmar groups said today.


Flash flood strikes again in Ankara, Turkey - 2nd such event in 2 weeks Signs of the Times

A mass clean up operation is underway after heavy rainfall caused parts of Ankara to flood. Roads turned into rivers as rain came down on the Turkish capital city. Dramatic footage showed people standing on top of their vehicles waiting for help. The flood waters damaged local shops causing severe damage. Firefighters have been helping the operation to save people stuck in the floods and clean up the city.


How long will we pretend Palestinians arent people? (Robert Fisk) Tlaxcala

21/05/2018 - Monstrous. Frightful. Wicked. Its strange how the words just run out in the Middle East today. Sixty Palestinians dead. In one day. Two thousand four hundred wounded, more than half by live ...


Report: Lyft has electric scooters on its mind Fast Company

Lyft has apparently communicated with San Francisco transportation authorities about obtaining a scooter-rental permit.

On the heels of Ubers acquisition of Jump bikes, a new report says Lyft is looking into the scooter business.

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Killing Gaza: A Film on Life Under Siege MintPress News

Hours before Australia joined the US as the only countries in the UN Human Rights Council to vote against an investigation into Israels killing of over 60 protesters in one day in Gazas no-go zone, I joined Sky News Australia to discuss the massacre and my and Dan Cohens new documentary on life under siege, Killing Gaza.

Watch | Max Blumenthal talks Gaza on Sky News Australia

You can watch the trailer below and purchase the complete film here.

In the Electronic Intifada, I profiled a few of the survivors of war who appear in Killing Gaza:

In the town of Khuzaa, in southeastern Gaza, we met Hani al-Najjar, who returned to his home after the Israeli military pulled back, only to find six corpses in his bathroom, all charred, bound and gagged, and blown to bits by an Israeli grenade.

Outside the city of Rafah, in southern Gaza, we met 19-year-old Mahmoud Abu Said, who had been taken as a human shield by Israeli soldiers and held in front of a window in his own home while those soldiers sniped at his neighbors from over his shoulders.

And in Gaza City, we encountered residents of Zafir 4 and the Italian Compound, residential towers that had been blasted to pieces by Israeli jets in the final days of the war for no other purpose than to teach Gazas educated middle class a lesson.

Standing by the rubble of what was once his home outside Rafah, and next to a destroyed taxi that used to belong to his son who was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper, Suleiman al-Zugheibi delivered a testimony of trauma and defiance that was all too common among those we met.

Weve suffered for the past 60 years because of Israel, al-Zugheibi told us. War after war after war. Bombing after bombing after bombing. You build a house, they destroy it. You raise a child, they kill him, he said. Whatever they do the United States, Israel, the whole world, well keep r...


Barack and Michelle Obama are officially in business with Netflix Fast Company

The former president and first lady have set up a production company to create a wide variety of material for the streaming service.

Netflix has been building up quite the talent roster over the past few years. Theyve signed up marquee names like Chris Rock and Amy Schumer for comedy specials, stars like Will Smith to appear in original movies, and directors like Martin Scorsese to direct them. Even by those standards, however, the streaming services latest recruits manage to up the prestige factor considerably.

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Lightning strikes have killed at least 50 people and 52 cattle across Cambodia so far in 2018 Signs of the Times

Lightning strikes have killed at least 50 people thus far this year, a government official said on Friday. Keo Vy, spokesman for the National Committee for Disaster Management, said in a statement that since January, 50 people have been killed and another 37 injured, while 52 cattle were killed and more than ten houses were damaged. "Everyone must be careful during rainstorms and beware of lightning," he said. "Most will occur in April, May and June. It is a dangerous period for natural disasters." Shortly after Mr Vy's statement was issued, two more people were killed as they slept after being struck with lightning at their home in Ratanakkiri province's Veun Sai district.


Margaret River shootings: Australian grandfather taking antidepressant medication before murders Health Nut News

Early last Friday morning, grandfather Peter Miles shot dead his wife Cynda, 58, the couples daughter Katrina, 35, and grandchildren Taye, 13, Rylan, 12, Arye, 10, and Kayden, 8, at their farm in Osmington, east of Margaret River. It is believed that Miles had started taking antidepressant medication just weeks before, something that close friends believe []

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Autism and the Extreme Male Brain Atavisionary

As you know from my last post, is down and it is unclear when it will be coming back. Arktos helped run and

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De Blasio orders NYPD to stop marijuana arrests ahead of 'likely' legalization Signs of the Times

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has reportedly ordered the NYPD not to arrest people for smoking marijuana in public ahead of outright legalization of the drug in the city. Currently, only medical marijuana is legal in NYC. The mayor flagged the policy change on social media last week, but city hall aides told the media on Sunday that the order has been given to the NYPD. The move will form part of a 30-day trial to address the racial disparity in arrests throughout the city designed to "overhaul and reform" drug enforcement policies. In addition, de Blasio will create a task force whose sole purpose is to prepare New York City for legalization in terms of public smoking, zoning regulations for dispensaries and public health campaigns. De Blasio has long opposed decriminalizing marijuana but recognises that legalization seems inevitable, especially after successes elsewhere in the US. "With marijuana legalization likely to occur in our state in the near future, it is critical our city plans for the public safety, health and financial consequences involved," the NYC chief said in a statement, as cited by the New York Daily News.


For Ecuador, Currying Favor with Washington is as Simple as Sacrificing Julian Assange MintPress News

LONDON For all practical purposes, whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now a prisoner in asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, facing the torture of near-total isolation from the outside world and hanging by the thread of the Andean states dwindling hospitality.

On Thursday, the Australian who, strangely enough, was given Ecuadorian citizenship last December faced a new layer of precariousness atop his six-year refuge, when Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno ordered that additional security assigned to the building be withdrawn.

According to Ecuadors government, the London Embassy will now have the same level of security enjoyed by the other ambassadorial facilities the Andean nation maintains throughout the globe.

Since March, Ecuador has applied new pressure on Assange, beginning with the withdrawal of Assanges internet connection. Authorities claim this move was in response to his interference, in the form of comments on Spains repression of Catalonian independence advocates and British accusations that Russia poisoned an ex-spy.

The move also coincided with a visit by two top-level officials from U.S. Southern Command to Quito for discussions to renew U.S.-Ecuador security ties. These had largely been frozen following the 2009 shuttering of the U.S. Air Force base in the coastal city of Manta, a major hub of U.S. espionage activity in the region.

Speaking to Sputnik, veteran journalist John Pilger commented:

Its q...


3 monk seals found dead off Oahu, Hawaii Signs of the Times

NOAA officials are stressing the importance of reporting monk seal sightings following the discovery of three dead seals around Oahu this week. The first dead monk seal was discovered Tuesday. NOAA officials say RK60 was found floating offshore in Kaneohe Bay. The second discovery was made in Laie on Wednesday when a female pup was found dead. A day later, an adult female seal was found dead in Kahuku. That seal has been identified as Ua Malie, and is believed to be the dead pup's mother. On all three seals, officials conducted examinations to determine the cause of death.


Paul Krugman cries 'treason' after media outs Stefan Halper as FBI infiltrator Signs of the Times

Friday's outing of longtime CIA and MI6 asset Stefan Halper as an FBI asset sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign has social media abuzz today. Reactions have ranged from celebration to outrage, with little inbetween. To recap, after two weeks of hunting for a "mole" in the Trump campaign, the New York Times and Washington Post both printed incredibly detailed descriptions of Halper - printing all but his name, solidly corroborating a March report by the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross about Halper's meetings with the Trump aides. Neither publication give Ross credit, of course. Somehow several anti-Trump intellectuals got their wires crossed, conflating President Trump and Senate Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes' calls for transparency by the DOJ, with the actual media outlets that exposed Halper.

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