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Wednesday, 25 October


Message from Anon DK -- A Life in MK Ultra Operation Disclosure

*~~ Message From Anon DK: A Life in MKUltra~~*

October 18

MkUltra and Randal Turner

The Reagan Assassination Attempt:

This is the event Randal has proof of to validate himself and all he has to expose. We can see in his video footage Randal locks himself in the back seat of the patrol car.

Patrol Car Video:

He carried the nuclear codes and after the shooting rang out he stood up and went to the limo Reagan had been pushed into and tried to open the door but the limo drove off.

Randal then ran up the driveway to the upper Hilton which can be seen in the video.

Photo Transition Video:

As he was running he came across a patrol car and told the driver he had the nuclear codes and needed to locate where they took Reagan.

The officer had Randal get into the back seat and drove back down to the scene of the shooting where they tried to place John Hinckley Jr. inside the patrol car.

Randal having the nuclear codes tried to wave them away but the officer trying to open the door was not paying attention and reached in unlocking the door.


Vaccine Nightmare The Sleuth Journal

Vaccine Nightmare | Vaccine-Nightmare | General Health Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests Vaccines

By Celeste McGovern, Greenmedinfo

The ordeal and triumph of a family struck by GSKs narcolepsy-inducing Pandemrix.

Claire Crisp watched her three-year-old daughter bump down the stairs in her PJs dotted with blue Easter bunnies. Little Mathilda stood unsteadily on the kitchen tiles, the sun streaming in the window behind her, her lids heavy on her blue eyes, her blonde hair matted from sleep though it was mid-day. She reached her hands out and pleaded softly, Mu-uh-Ma, then crumpled to the floor.

Claire shouted and rushed to her daughter. She could see she was breathing but she was unresponsive and as limp as a rag doll. It didnt look like a seizure but she couldnt tell if her littlest child was conscious.

Tildas sudden bizarre collapses were becoming more frequent and they were just one of a growing list of terrifying symptoms that had begun in recent weeks.  She used to sleep soundly but now she had night terrors and woke inconsolable, sometimes 30 or more times each night.  She used to be so bubbly and engaging but now she slept for hours of the day, but she never woke refreshed. So exhausted, the little girl who had been bright and polite was grouchy and prone to tantrums. She complained of excruciating pain in her joints. There were disturbing neurological symptoms too; muscle weakness and head-bobbing so she sometimes looked like a dashboard doll. She had begun rolling her tongue around inside her bottom lip compulsively. Worst of all, little Mathilda, pale and dishevelled, was becoming increasingly remote and withdrawn so Claire felt her daughter was vanishing before her eyes.

The ordeal is recounted in the award-winning non-fiction book, Waking M...


From Democracy to Freedom Presentations : In Philadelphia, Richmond, and... CrimethInc.

This winter, we will be offering presentations on our new book, From Democracy to Freedom. If you can arrange something for us in your town, university, or elsewhere, please contact us: Below are the details about the next two presentations, coming up this weekend in Philadelphia and Richmond.

Presentation: From Democracy to Freedom

Democracy is the most universal political ideal of our day. George Bush invoked it to justify invading Iraq; Obama congratulated the rebels of Tahrir Square for bringing it to Egypt; Occupy Wall Street claimed to have distilled its pure form. From the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to the autonomous region of Rojava, practically every government and popular movement calls itself democratic.

And yet it was democracy that brought Donald Trump to power, not to mention Adolf Hitler.

What is democracy, precisely? How can we defend ourselves against democratically-elected tyrants? Is there a difference between government and self-determination, and are there other ways to describe what we are doing together when we make decisions? Drawing on the latest book from the CrimethInc. collective, the presenters will explore these questions and more. Join us for a lively discussion!

Friday, October 27, 7 pm

Wooden Shoe Books

704 South Street

Philadelphia, PA

Click image for PDF

Monday, October 30, 7 pm

Lamplighter Coffee Roasters

26 N. Morris Street

Richmond, VA 23220

Click image for PDF


DON'T TRY TO BREAK US WE'LL EXPLODE : Der G20 2017 in Hamburg umfassender Bericht und Analyse. CrimethInc.


Der G20 Gipfel 2017 provozierte die bislang heftigsten Auseinandersetzungen in Deutschland in diesem Jahrhundert. Wir waren vor Ort und haben kontinuierlich berichtet; in dem Monat, der seitdem vergangen ist, haben wir die Berichte aus Hamburg zusammengebracht und einen komplette Chronologie und Analyse hergestellt. Herausgekommen ist eine epische Geschichte von Staatsgewalt und breitem Widerstand dagegen, welcher auf diesem Level bislang sowohl in den USA wie auch in Nordeuropa kaum beobachtet werden konnte.

In den nchsten Wochen wird dieser Text auch als Broschre erscheinen, die dann kostenlos bei bestellbar sein wird. Zine als PDF runterladen.

Der Hhepunkt der Aktionen Freitag Nacht am Rande der polizeifreien Zone.

Die Kurzversion: Die Polizei versuchte mit roher Gewalt all jene, die gekommen waren um gegen den G20 zu protestieren zu isolieren und zu terrorisieren. Im Lauf der Geschehnisse brachten sie so einen groen Teil der Bevlkerung gegen sich auf und die Stadt geriet auer Kontrolle. Dies ruft uns wieder ins Bewusstsein, dass die wichtigsten Ereignisse an den Rndern von jedem gegebenen Konflikt stattfinden die Verbreitung von Rebellion ist bedeutsamer, als die Aktionen selbsternannter Radikaler. Die Strategie der Polizei unterstreicht wie wichtig altbekannte Zwangsmittel fr die Herrschaft der G20 sind; nichtsdestotrotz konnten wir beobachten wie eine entschlossene Bevlkerung selbst die best-trainierte und ausgerstete Polizei aus-manvrieren kann. Wenn 31.000 militarisierte Polizist_innen, die ihr ganzes Repertoire bis kurz vor tdlicher Gewalt anwenden, nicht in der Lage sind die Ordnung beim wichtigsten und bestgesicherten Ereignis des Jahres in der reichsten Nation Europas aufrecht zu erhalten; dann ist es vielleicht auch wieder vorstellbar, eine Revolution zu denken.

Also mssen wir damit anfangen die Courage all jener die sich gegen den G20 aufgelehnt haben sei dies durch das Organisieren von Demonstrationen, die Unterbringung von Gsten nachdem die Polizei die Camps angriff, durch das Mitlaufen im Black Bloc, durch die medizinische Hilfe fr Opfer von Poli...


If The Treatment Doesnt Kill Ya, The Side-Effects Will disinformation

I used to live in the woods, and drank directly from a stream. I hunted deer, fished for salmon, gathered herbs, Roots and mushrooms for food and medicine. Life was beautiful. There... The post If The Treatment Doesnt Kill Ya, The Side-Effects Will appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


The Internet Has A Kill Switch: A Globalist Mole Has His Finger On It The Event Chronicle

Stephen D. Crocker has been enriching himself and his globalist cronies since the 1960s

INVESTIGATE FOR TREASON: Crocker turned over Internet naming control to globalist forces under Obama on Oct. 1, 2016

By Anonymous Patriots

(Oct. 19, 2017)A year ago, on Oct. 01, 2016, Obama turned over control of the internet to an international body. The organization is called ICANN  (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).

The chairman of ICANN was and still is Stephen D. Crocker.

Crockers resume is a rats nest. AFI researchers are now familiar with the globalist pattern of confusion and obfuscation, and Crockers resume is classical misdirection.

In summary, Crocker has been funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) since 1965 when he entered UCLA in math and computer science. He eventually received his PhD in 1977 in computer science. During that time, he spent time at MIT studying cryptography. Notably, Crocker helped develop the first protocols for ARPAnet that is now called the Internet.

In the 1980s, Crocker ran Trusted Information Systems (TIS) that later became McAfee Security, and is now part of Intel.

On Jun. 07, 1993, while at TIS, Crocker participated in an FBI meeting requesting an encryption backdoor key for all computer hardware, software and firmware. The meeting was sponsored by the globalist Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and Clinton national security adviser James P. Chandler, III.

Crockers Pentagon Public-Private Collusion: The Highlands Forum

Then, in late 1994 a year later, Crocker became a permanent member of the secret Highlands Forum sponsored by the Secretary of Defense. This forum meets to this day. These meetings are likely highly illegal since they involve private companies with no opportunity given for competitive par...


4 tornadoes strike area around Jakarta, Indonesia Signs of the Times

As Jakarta transitions into the rainy season, most of the Indonesian capital's residents are probably worried about the possibility of epic flooding like in years past, but a series of tornadoes, one in Bekasi and three off the coast of Jakarta in the capital's Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) subdistrict show there are other kinds of extreme weather phenomenon we need to watch out for. The Bekasi Regional Disaster Mitigation Task Force (BPBD) says a tornado hit several homes on Jalan Raya Pangkalan II in Jakarta's satellite city of Bekasi on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries reported. However, the BPBD says a total of 20 homes were hit by the twister causing about IDR 60 million (USD 4,436) in damages, mostly to the roofs of the buildings. A post shared by Telegram VIDEO (@telegramvid) on Oct 23, 2017 at 3:37am PDT


Research finds ketamine can help greatly reduce migraine pain Signs of the Times

Research has suggested that the horse tranquiliser ketamine could help millions of migraine sufferers overcome the throbbing pain of the debilitating headaches. The drug, which is widely abused for recreational purposes, has been found to be an effective treatment for people who fail to respond to other medications. A study published in the Journal of Headache and Pain found that the drug, which is know by the street name of "Special K," reduced the severity of headaches for 75 percent of sufferers. Details of the study were presented at the Anesthesiology Annual Meeting which is taking place in Boston, MA, this week.


30,000 Studies of Foundational Biomedical Science Had Errors Due to Contaminated Cells The Mind Unleashed

Researchers recently announced that significant, possibly foundational parts of the field of biomedical science could be rendered invalid, because of a long history of flawed data. It was described as a systemic failure in flawed data that goes back several decades.

A recent investigation alleges that over 30,000 published scientific studies are wrought with errors due to their use of falsely identified cell lines. Apparently what they call immortalcells contaminated other research cultures in a laboratory.

One immortal cell line was the topic of a film recently, about an African American woman named Henrietta Lacks whose cervical cancer cells were stolen without her knowledge or consent on February 8, 1951. She died of cancer on October 4 the same year, and her family was unaware that her cancer cells would be used to make an untold amount of profit.

Her cervical cancer cells were turned into the oldest and most commonly used immortal cell line. It is called the HeLa cell line.

The immortal cells were used in Jonas Salks infamous Polio vaccine in 1952. The vaccine ended up being responsible for an untold number of people getting cancer, and it was officially claimed that it was due to the Rhesus monkey kidney cells in the vaccine being contaminated with a cancer causing virus, SV40.

According to Wikipedia:

Scientists have grown an estimated 20 tons of HeLa cells, and there are almost 11,000 patents involving these cells. The HeLa cell lines are known to overtake other cell cultures in laboratory settings and it is estimated that HeLa cells, at one point, contaminated millions of dollars worth of biological research.

So the 30,000 + published studies are now compromised because cell cultures in the lab were contaminated with immortal cells (possibly even HeLa cells).

For example, a researcher studying lung cancer might publish a paper based on experiments with cells that were not from the lung, but from the liver. Or perhaps cells they published research on were a...


NASA, and the Criminal Denial of Climate Engineering The Event Chronicle

By Dane Wigington

NASA is nothing more than a tool for the military industrial complex to carry out their nefarious agendas and to cover up their tracks. No matter how blatant and glaring the ongoing geoengineering atmospheric aerosol spraying is over our heads each and every day, so long as there is an official agency like NASA to tell the public it isnt so, the geoengineering crimes of planetary omnicide continue to be hidden in plain site. Perhaps the greatest lie the power structure has perpetrated on populations around the world is the condensation trail grand deception. ALL commercial airlines and ALL military tankers are outfitted with a high bypass turbofan jet engine. This engine is a jet powered fan that is designed for maximum fuel efficiency. 85% of the air that passes through this jet engine is NON COMBUSTED. By design, the high bypass turbofan jet engine is nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most rare and extreme of circumstances. With this in mind, why does NASA (and other official agencies) tell us that there is nothing strange or unusual about satellite images like the one below taken on October 16th, 2017.

The geoengineering aerosol spraying operations along the West Coast of the North American continent are relentless.

NASA made the following statement in reference to the video satellite animation just below the quote.


Contrails are showing up nicely across California today. These are NOT associated with the wildfires.


Lost in AI Translation: Facebook Flub of Palestinians Good Morning Post Leads to His Arrest The Mind Unleashed

Posting a simple, good morning, to Facebook saw a Palestinian man arrested near Jerusalem, when the social media colossus artificial intelligence-driven translation service instead managed to horrendously flub the meaning of the simple greeting which he included with a self-portrait, leaning against a bulldozer at his construction job into the altogether alarming, attack them.

Israeli law enforcement waited until later in the day to arrest the publicly unnamed man over concerns he indeed intended to carry out an attack, reports Haaretz but this wasnt a simple arrest and release. Facebooks feckless error entailed a harrowing ordeal in which the mans wholly innocuous gesture unfortunately translated into a harrowing ordeal of assumed guilt over innocence.

Israeli police questioned him for several hours, suspicious he was planning to use the pictured bulldozer in a vehicle attack, before realising their mistake, The Guardian reports. At no point before his arrest did any Arabic-speaking officer read the actual post.

Facebook managed a typically blithe apology and a promise to investigate what went wrong, asserting in a statement to Gizmodo,

Unfortunately, our translation systems made an error last week that misinterpreted what this individual posted. Even though our translations are getting better each day, mistakes like these might happen from time to time and weve taken steps to address this particular issue. We apologize to him and his family for the mistake and the disruption this caused.

Indeed, a mangled translation on social media would not ordinarily bring with it more than a chuckle, reddened cheeks, or, perhaps in extreme incidents a sincere apology for the error. But, should the seriousness of this mans predicament intense interrogation, assumption of guilt, and an hours-long de...


Elon Musks Company to Build Massive Tunnel Alongside NSA Data Center The Mind Unleashed

Last week, officials in Maryland gave Elon Musks Boring Company permission to start building an extraordinarily ambitious tunnel. While only a portion of the project is currently approved, if all goes to plan, it will apparently connect Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, and D.C. in a hyperloop.

They were given permission to dig a 10.1 mile tunnel underneath the state owned part of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, which is right next to an NSA data center.

According to Pete Rahn, the Maryland Transportation Secretary, Boring Company aspires to build two 35 mile tunnels between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. 2/3rds of the land they would dig underneath is owned by the federal government.

A few months ago, Elon Musk tweeted that he was given verbal govt approval for The Boring Company to build an underground NY-Phil-Balt-DC Hyperloop.  He says the tunnel would enable people to travel from New York to DC in 29 minutes.

According to ARS Technica:

But the 10 miles that have been approved by the state of Maryland will for the first leg of an underground system that could contain a Hyperloop system. Musk first floated the idea of a Hyperloopwhich would ferry passengers through a low-pressure tube in levitating pods floating above a track using air-bearingsin 2013. But the CEO determined that he didnt have time to see his idea through to fruition, so he issued a white paper and challenged startups and students alike to make headway on the concept.

Why is it that Elon Musks company in particular would be granted permission to embark on such an ambitious project, and be so easily granted access to dig beneath federal property?

While the resources and effort necessary to complete such a project must be enormous, Elon Musk has stated in the past that his Boring Company consumes about 2% of his time, more like a personal hobby, so he isnt very eager to outwardly say it is a high priority.

Alternative media journalist John Vibes lives near the proposed site of the hyperloop and has pointed out some strange aspects of this story that have been overlooked by most reports on this project.

I have been following the hyperloop plans for some time now and was surprised that the Baltimore-Washington parkway was selected as the first highway to implement this program because it is not a high traffic area when compared with the Washington beltway, or other parts of the coun...


Germany creates website to deter asylum seekers by providing "grim facts" about living in European "dreamland" Signs of the Times

Two years after the peak of the refugee crisis, Germany, which has been the most popular European destination for asylum seekers, has decided to dissuade potential new arrivals by launching a website that reveals the truth about hardships they could face. The German Foreign Ministry launched the website, 'Rumors about Germany - facts for migrants', on Monday. The webpage is available in three languages - English, French and Arabic - and features small colorful posts debunking what are called myths and "big lies" about Germany, as well as providing potential migrants and asylum seekers with grim facts about their future lives in the European "dreamland." "You may have heard life is easy, but the reality is different," the site states, noting that those seeking a better life in Europe would most likely have to "return with no money and have to start from scratch" or "face many difficulties."


UK Councils warn of potential catastrophic effects of universal credit benefit scheme Signs of the Times

Universal credit has the potential to be "catastrophic" and lead to a spiral of debt for claimants unless major flaws are addressed, according to a new report by two councils among the first in the country to roll out the new regime. The damning report into the Government's flagship welfare programme by Southwark and Croydon councils claim that after 20 weeks of transferring from the legacy benefit system to universal credit the average claimant had 156 of arrears. Claimants who were still on the old benefit system, the analysis added, had overpaid 4 per cent of their rent due. The report, compiled independently by the Smith Institute, claims if the trend is reflected nationwide as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) accelerates the rollout of universal credit then arrears could reach "many hundreds of millions of pounds". The main anxiety surrounding the accelerated rollout of universal credit - replacing six existing benefits into one monthly payment - centres on the initial six-week wait for payments, which council leaders and charities have warned pushes claimants into debt.


Coup DEtat in Catalonia The Sleuth Journal

Coup DEtat in Catalonia | Spain-Catalonia-independence-dictatorship-809267 | Special Interests World News

Self-determination is a universal right.

On Saturday, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy suspended Catalan self-governance extrajudicially, a coup by any standard, stripping the region of autonomy, annulling its executive and parliamentary powers, imposing fascist Madrid rule with full EU and US support and encouragement.

Sometime this week, Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and parliamentarians will meet to discuss how theyll respond to Rajoys action, Puigdemont saying:

I ask the parliament to meet in a plenary session during which we, the representatives of the citizens sovereignty, will be able to decide over this attempt to liquidate our government and our democracy, and act in consequence.

Catalan institutions cannot accept this attack by SpainLong live Catalonia.

Regional parliament Speaker Carme Forcadell rejected Rajoys action, saying he wants the parliament of Catalonia to stop being a democratic parliament, and we will not allow this to happen.

One option is defying Madrid by declaring regional independence, announcing the formation of a new Catalan republic what should have happened straightaway after overwhelming October 1 referendum day voting, calling for separation from Spain.

Puigdemont pledged it within 48 hours. Its now 22 days later. His call for dialogue with Madrid fell on deaf ears. Brussels spurned him.

Last evening, he addressed hundreds of thousands of Catalans massed in Barcelona, protesting Madrids action, explaining his multiple calls for dialogue with Madrid got the same answer silence of repression.

He called imposition of direct rule over the region the worst attack on the institutions and the people of Catalonia since the decrees of the military dictator Francisco Franco.

Spain under Rajoy is a political dictatorship at war with its own people, exploiting and repressing them nationwide.

He acted to eliminate Catalan institutions, said Puigdemont, stressing if European values are at risk in Catalonia, they will also be at risk in Europe.

Rajoys action...


Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn The Event Chronicle

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Won't be Charged for Molesting 4 Boys

Today on the BFP Roundtable James Corbett ( talks to Sibel Edmonds (, Peter B. Collins ( and Wayne Madsen ( about the Hastert scandal and cover up, the history and context of this story, and the remarkable lack of public interest in the case.


The Peoples Campaign: The Real Hastert Case- All in One Place

The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail

Senate Links to Pagegate Scandal (Madsen 2006 expose)

An Inconvenient Patriot (Vanity Fair 2005 expose)

Sibel Edmonds Deposition (2009)

This article (Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn) was originally published on Corbett Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


U.S. Nuclear Bombers Prepare to Go on 24-Hr Alert for First Time Since the Cold War Activist Post

By Jay Syrmopoulos With tensions continually escalating on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. Air Force is reportedly preparing to put its fleet of nuclear-armed B-52...


LGBT power grab: State of NC forces businesses to allow men in women's restrooms or suffer financial consequences Signs of the Times

Gov. Roy Cooper (D-N.C.) signed an executive order Thursday that forces businesses throughout North Carolina to allow men to use women's restrooms - as well as permit women in men's restrooms. The left-leaning governor's LGBT-friendly order officially makes "sexual orientation" and "gender identity or expression" protected classes, and businesses that do not comply can suffer the consequences financially. "The order applies to employment in state government and the provision of government services, including programs and services concerning public safety, health and welfare," LifeSiteNews reported. "In order to be awarded a state contract or grant, a business will have to comply with the pro-transgender order. Public facilities must also allow men to use women's restrooms in accordance with their 'gender identity.'"


The way you walk may provide insight into your personality Signs of the Times

Fast walkers are more likely to be extraverted, conscientious and open to new experiences. Naturally, though, with age, people tend to walk more slowly. However, those high in extraversion, conscientiousness and openness to new experience did not slow down as much as they got older. The study's authors conclude: "This study provides robust evidence that walking speed in adulthood reflects, in part, the individual's personality."

Top Senators Didnt Know That The US Has Troops In Niger Activist Post

By Dawn Luger Some top senators are saying they are stunned to find out the United States has troops in Niger as questions swirl about...


Corporate Stock Buybacks Using Borrowed Fiat USD: Parasitize The Economy Distorting Charts Into Bubbles The Event Chronicle

By Political Vel Craft

Jacob Rothschild The World Is Not Enough

The monster of economic waste over $7 trillion of dictated stock buybacks since 2003 by the self-enriching CEOs of large corporations

started with a little noticed change in 1982 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under President Ronald Reagan.

That was when SEC Chairman John Shad, a former Wall Street CEO, redefined unlawful stock manipulation to exclude stock buybacks.


REAL ID Allows Police to Control Fundamental Aspects of Our Daily Lives Activist Post

By MassPrivateI Thanks to REAL ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyones noses. According to the video below, Tennessee is Spreading...


Russian Defense Minister reports on anti-terror campaign success: Deash control reduced to 5%, 998 cities liberated, 1.12 million refugees return home Signs of the Times

The Russian Defense Minister has spoken about the success of the Moscow's military operation in Syria. "Today, Daesh controls less than 5%. Before the start of the operation of the Russian Air and Space Forces, more than 70% of the territory of Syria was under Daesh control," Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said at a meeting of defense ministers of ASEAN member countries and dialogue partners. He underlined that Moscow is focused on restoration of a peaceful life in the country. "998 cities and settlements have been liberated, the liberated area is 503 thousand 223 square kilometers. Most of the militants were eliminated. The process of restoring a peaceful life in the country has begun. Since the beginning of the operation of the Russian Air Force, since 2015, 1.12 million people have returned to their homes. Only in 2017 - 660 thousand," Shoigu said.


War Report: An Interview With War Correspondent Ali Musawi On The Kurdish Referendum MintPress News

ERBIL, IRAQ For the past three years, Ali Musawi has been reporting for Press TV on updates, agreements, and clashes involving Daesh (ISIS), Kurdish factions, and the Iraqi armed forces.  In an October 17, 2017 interview with Musawi, I was able to obtain on-the-ground insight from a war correspondent living in Erbil into the KRG referendum, the defeat of ISIS, and future of Iraq.

On September 25, despite what seemed to be a near-universal objection, a referendum took place in Northern Iraq, led by the Kurdish Regional Governments (KRG) self-proclaimed president, Massoud Barzani. Nations worldwide including; the U.S., U.K., France, UN, Iran, and the Iraqi government all expressed their objection and dissent and were calling for its suspension.


Israel stands alone in support for KRG referendum

Kurds carry Israeli and Kurdish flags to show their support for the September 25th independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq, September 22, 2017. (Azad Lashkari/Reuters)

Kurds carry Israeli and Kurdish flags to show their support for the September 25th independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq, September 22, 2017. (Azad Lashkari/Reuters)

Israel was the only vocal supporter of the referendum, which many analysts believe was more to bolster the opportunistic Barzanis legitimacy than it was about independence for Iraqi Kurds. Both Israeli and Kurdish flags were waved in demonstrations around the world, promoting and raising awareness for the Kurdish referendum. The Israelis and Kurds have mutually benefited from a long-standing relationship, which at times was concealed or downplayed in order to not draw attention and critical speculation.

As I mentioned in a previous...


Feds Defend Bulldozing Native American Burial Grounds For Highway Expansion MintPress News

A federal judge seemed skeptical Monday about the governments argument that it was within its rights to destroy burial grounds and a ceremonial site sacred to members of the Klickitat and Cascade Native American tribes to widen a highway.

In 2008, the government widened U.S. Highway 26, which runs from the Pacific Ocean over Mount Hood and into the eastern part of the state. The Oregon Department of Transportation took special care not to disturb wetlands that ran along the road and to avoid encroaching on a roadside tattoo parlor.

But the agency didnt use that same caution when it came to The Place of Big Big Trees a sacred site to the Klickitat and Cascade Indian tribes. There, the government bulldozed a centuries-old stone altar, cut down the sacred trees that surround the area and covered the whole thing with a dirt berm.

Tribal members sued, saying they repeatedly pleaded with the government not to disturb the stone memorial and sacred grove of trees. The government could have widened the other side of the road instead, the tribes said, or found another way to complete its project while leaving the religious site intact, as it had done down the road for a wetland area and even for a tattoo parlor.

The tribes attorney, Stephanie Barclay with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in court Monday that the government displayed callous disregard for the tribes religious rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Barclay said the incident easily crossed the bar required under the law to show that the government had imposed a substantial burden on the tribes ability to practice their religion.

The government says the tribe can still access their sacred site, Barclay said at the hearing. That is like telling Christians they can still access a church where the walls have been knocked down and the remainder covered in dirt.

But the government filed a motion to dismiss the case, claiming that it is legally allowed to do whatever it wants on land it owns.

Many cases show that the federal governments use of its own property, as a legal matter, cannot constitute a substantial burden, U.S. Attorney Reuben Schifman told U.S. Magistrate Judge Youlee Yim You.

If You finds for the tribes on the substantial burden question, she will next determine whether the government could have completed its project without disturbing the sacred site.

Barclay called the governments case on that point weak, since it had found ways to avoid harming the wetlands and the tattoo parlor.

She said the tribes arent asking for money. Instead, they want the return of the rocks that made up their altar, replanting of trees and medicinal plants and an interpretive sign descri...


The ScotiaMocatta Gold REALLY IS GONE The Event Chronicle

SGT Report ties in the latest developments with ScotiaMocatta to a Harvey Organ Interview seven years ago. Seems like the gold really is gone

from SGT Report

Please take this warning seriously. Your chance to protect your family may depend on it. We remind you of the very dire current situation with Canadas ONLY precious metals bullion bank Scotia Mocatta and the nearly EMPTY status of those very same vaults in 2010, as reported by Harvey Organ. Friends, if youre still not convinced, let us assure you the gold really is gone. (seriously).

The Zero Hedge Article:

ScotiaMocatta Put For Sale After Multibillion Money-Laundering Scandal

The worlds oldest gold trader is for sale after a massive money laundering scandal may have terminally crippled one of the most iconic names in the business.

Canadas Bank of Nova Scotia is exploring options for its gold business ScotiaMocatta, the Financial Times reported, which include a possible sale of Canadas most popular precious metals trader. Scotiabank made a decision to sell ScotiaMocatta following a massive money laundering scandal centered on a U.S. refinery that involved smuggled gold from South America. The ScotiaMocatta business, a mainstay in PM trading, is one of Londons main gold trading banks and is being sold by JPMorgan.

According to the FT sources, ScotiaMocattas future had been underway for several months, with ScotiaBank allegedly seeking a buyer for up to a year and was likely to shrink the business if a sale is not completed, although according to the article Chinese buyers the worlds dumbest money these days are rumoured to be the key targets of the sale.

While gold trading has been in a cyclical decline in recent years, the straw that...


Human Rights Watch claims China is collecting massive voice pattern database of its citizens Signs of the Times

The Chinese government is collecting thousands of "voice pattern" samples from unsuspecting citizens for a national biometric voice database, adding to an already-indepth biometric profile of many individuals. Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Monday that to create the database, Chinese authorities have collaborated with indigenous speech recognition technology company iFlytek, which is responsible for producing 80 percent of all such technology in the country, to create a system which can automatically detect specific voices. HRW said the government has "stepped up" the use of biometric technology in recent years, to "bolster its existing mass surveillance and social control efforts." "The Chinese government has been collecting the voice patterns of tens of thousands of people with little transparency about the program or laws regulating who can be targeted or how that information is going to be used," said Sophie Richardson, HRW's China director. "Authorities can easily misuse that data in a country with a long history of unchecked surveillance and retaliation against critics."


(Video) The Instruction Manual to Controlling the World Operation Disclosure

Published on May 20, 2015

OWoN: Interesting that by Law, America has the Death Penalty for those counterfeiting its money supply. How about starting with the Fed?


Worlds oldest trees, new research Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Devonian forest

4 November 2013

This scene is excerpted from the Colorado Geology: Devonian-Mississippian video (in progress). These trees are the Progymnosperm Archaeopteris, and the forest floor includes Racophyton. Major soils did not develop until the first trees evolved on land.

Animation by Joseph Rogers and Leo Ascarrunz. Special thanks to Ian Miller and James Hagedorn (DMNS) for their input.

Interactive Geology Project, University of Colorado-Boulder.

From Cardiff University in Wales:

Fossils from the worlds oldest trees reveal complex anatomy never seen before

Intricate web of woody strands inside 374-million-year-old tree trunks point to most complicated trees to have ever grown on Earth

The first trees to have ever grown on Earth were also the most complex, new research has revealed.

Fossils from a 374-million-year-old tree found in north-west China have revealed an interconnected web of woody strands within the trunk of the tree that is much more intricate than that of the trees we see around us today.

The strands, known as xylem, are responsible for conducting water from a trees roots to its branches and leaves. In the most familiar trees the xylem forms a single cylinder to which new growth is added in rings year by year just under the bark. In other trees, notably palms, xylem is formed in strands embedded in softer tissues throughout the trunk.

Writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the scientists have shown that the earliest trees, belonging to a group known as the cladoxlopsids, had their xylem dispersed in strands in the outer 5 cm of the tree trunk only, whilst the middle of the trunk was completely hollow.

The narrow strands were arranged in an organised fashion and were interconnected to each other like a finely tuned network of water pipes.

The team, which includes researchers from Cardiff University, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, and...


This Page From A New Childrens Book About Hillary Clinton Is Hilariously Crazy The Daily Sheeple

A new childrens book about Hillary Clinton by author Michelle Markel titled Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born To Lead, has a hilarious graphic showing groups of famous men from the 1950s, including Albert Einstein, Edward R. Murrow, Elvis Presley, Jackie Robinson, and President Eisenhower, among others

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FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton gave 215 speeches and earned $48M while Hillary presided over US foreign policy - State Dept. voiced no objections Signs of the Times

A joint investigation by the Washington Examiner and the nonprofit watchdog group Judicial Watch found that former President Clinton gave 215 speeches and earned $48 million while his wife presided over U.S. foreign policy, raising questions about whether the Clintons fulfilled ethics agreements related to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state. According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch and released Wednesday in an ongoing Freedom of Information Act case, State Department officials charged with reviewing Bill Clinton's proposed speeches did not object to a single one. Some of the speeches were delivered in global hotspots and were paid for by entities with business or policy interests in the U.S. The documents also show that in June 2011, the State Department approved a consulting agreement between Bill Clinton and a controversial Clinton Foundation adviser, Doug Band.


Russian National Guard serviceman kills four of his fellow members before being gunned down Signs of the Times

A Russian National Guard officer has killed four fellow servicemen at a military base in the southern Russian region of Chechnya. The shooter was subsequently gunned down. "A first lieutenant of the Russian National Guard has fatally wounded four of his fellow officers," the National Guard's press service told the Russian media, adding that the incident took place about 4:00pm local time (1:00pm GMT). A military prosecutor's office has launched an inquiry into the incident. There was no information immediately available about the shooter's motive. A similar incident took place in late September in Russia's Far East. At that time, a Dagestan-born soldier killed three fellow servicemen with an automatic rifle, attempted to flee and was later shot down by an counter-terrorism unit. The defense ministry said that the September shooting incident could have been a result of the serviceman suffering a nervous breakdown.


Russia plans to build a moon base by 2050 Signs of the Times

Russian space corporation Energia has presented a plan for a moon exploration program, which includes building a lunar base between 2040 and 2050. The base is intended to be a springboard for future missions to deep space and other planets. Cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri, who has been on several expeditions to the International Space Station (ISS), conducted five spacewalks, and currently heads the flight department of Energia, presented the program on Tuesday, TASS reports. The site for the future base will be chosen before 2030, Kalleri said, after which preparations will be in full gear, including the creation of the main modules of the station and a radiation shelter. According to the presentation, Energia is planning to carry out "the construction of lunar base and scientific program" between 2040 and 2050. As soon as the base is finished, the moon's resources will be explored.


Psychopath: Man who promised women lavish lifestyle forced them into prostitution using fear and intimidation while keeping them captive Signs of the Times

Robert Atlee Miner V's online advertisements promised women the lure of relocating to "beautiful, sunny" South Florida and the opportunity to earn up to a $1,000 a day working as dancers and escorts. He promised them cars and places to live. But instead, the 27-year-old man used fear and intimidation to force the women to work as prostitutes in various motels - some of them in Palm Beach County - and keep all of the money for himself, authorities alleged in arresting him Sunday on charges of human trafficking, a crime some have called modern-day slavery. Miner was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges that include human trafficking, armed sexual battery and money laundering, as well as multiple charges related to running a prostitution business. Judge Caroline Shepherd on Monday delayed Miner's first-appearance hearing on the charges until Tuesday so that he can have an attorney present.


Yuan De Facto Backed By Gold? The Event Chronicle

By Bill Holter

I intended to write this yesterday but was still buried from response to last Thursdays article. My wife teased me, she told me she had not seen me work like that since I retired from brokerage back in 2006. From Friday morning through yesterday I burned my cell battery down 5 times and was stuck several times plugged in and talking with a 3 ft. chord attached! I thank everyone for the huge response and reiterate this is a window that when closes will probably never open again.

This is a very important week. We had an IMF meeting over the weekend and an extremely bland communique. I am sure much more went on behind the scenes than this dont worry be happy statement.

China has their 29th Communist Congress the 18th and 19th this week. For sure it will contain pomp and circumstance as they install new and old leaders but the highlight will be their 5 year plan discussions. We may (most probably) not be privy to the true core to the plan and only offered public tidbits for view but we will see.

We can look back at the last five years and see China has readied herself to assume leadership for the world in many if not most areas previously lead by the US. They have set up credit facilities, a clearing system alternative to SWIFT, trade deals all over the world especially including the Middle East and other commodity rich areas. (And amassed a huge hoard of gold). They have also cozied up to Russia in many ways including militarily. We have also seen several instances where US Naval vessels may have been compromised technologically. In fact, I understand the Fitzgerald will have new electronics installed by Lockheed Martin. The main supporter of the U.S. dollar (the military) may have been tested publicly and only understood by those watching closely?

The point is this, China is ready. They can now at this point begin to pull the trigger. Whether it is one big trigger or many smaller triggers I do not know. (A betting man would wager many small triggers as the Chinese are a very polite society). I also do not know if one of the smaller triggers creates a domino effect but I suspect so. Do not mistake this, China does have huge leverage and imbedded fraud as does the West. The biggest difference as I have stressed for over two years is China actually created stuff whereas the West took their plundered spoils and ate...


The Crack-Up:  Donald Trump And The Fourth Great Shattering MintPress News

When the historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., published his bestseller The Disuniting of America in 1991, he didnt seriously entertain the worst-case scenario suggested by the title. At the time, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were imploding, while separatist movements in Quebec, East Timor, Spains Basque country, and elsewhere were already clamoring for their own states. But when it came to the United States, Schlesingers worries were principally focused on the far smaller battlefield of the American classroom and what he saw as multiculturalisms threat to the mythic melting pot. Although he took those teacup tempests seriously, the worst future Schlesinger could imagine was what he called the tribalization of American life. He didnt contemplate the actual dismemberment of the country.

Today, controversies over hate speech and gender politics continue to roil American campuses. These, however, are probably the least important conflicts in the country right now, considering the almost daily evidence of disintegrative pressures of every sort: demonstrations by white supremacistsmass shootings and police killings, and the current dismantling of the federal government, not to speak of the way cities and states are defying Washingtons dictates on immigration, the environment, and health care. The nations motto of e pluribus unum (out of many, one) is in serious danger of being turned inside out.

A country that hasnt had a civil war in more than 150 years, where secessionist movements from Texas to Vermont have generally caused merriment not concern, now faces divisions so serious, and a c...


Iraq Firmly Rejects US Calls To Boot Militia Forces That Helped Defeat ISIS MintPress News

The Baghdad government and its paramilitary forces increasingly see American troop presence as the actual foreign menace.

A prominent Iraqi militia leader with close ties to Iran has told the United States to go home while also accusing US forces of not actually being interested in fighting ISIS: Your forces should get ready to get out of our country once the excuse of Daeshs presence is over, said Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, the commander of the Shia PMU group Asaib (Popular Mobilization Unit), through the groups TV channel on Monday. The threatening statement was issued the same day Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi publicly rejected Secretary of State Rex Tillersons earlier suggestion that Iraqi paramilitary units who have for years fought Islamic State terrorists are actually Iranian and not Iraqi nationals.

On Sunday Tillerson controversially asserted that Iranian militias need to leave Iraq as the fight against Islamic State militants was coming to an end while in Riyadh where he engaged in rare high level talks with Abadi and Saudi Arabias King Salman. Certainly Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fighting against (the Islamic State group) is coming to a close, those militias need to go home, Tillerson said during a press conference in Riyadh, just before boarding a plane for Baghdad. All foreign fighters need to go home, he added.

But Iraqi PM Abadi pushed back against the Secretary of State in a face to face meeting in Baghdad on Monday. Abadis words to Tillerson were publicized through a statement on the prime ministers official Facebook page posted late Monday, which has been translated by Zero Hedge:

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi during his meeting with the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson assured him that the fighters of al-Hashd al Shaabi [PMU militias] are Iraqi fighters who fought terrorism and protected their country, they sacrificed in order to win against Daesh [ISIS], and that Hashd al Shaabi is an official institution under the state. The Iraqi Constitution doesnt allow for foreign armed groups under state institutions, and further said that we should encourage these fighters because they are the hope of our country and for the region.

And a separate statement issued earl...


On Venezuelas Regional Elections: Some Elephants in the Room New on

Joe Emersberger says the corporate mainstream media is in denial over Venezuela's regional election results.


US soldier Bowe Bergdahl: US treated me worse than when I was a Taliban prisoner Signs of the Times

Bowe Bergdahl, the Army deserter who walked off his base in Afghanistan, is whining that the US treated him worse than the Taliban. The 31-year-old sergeant told British TV journalist Sean Langan in an interview reported in the Sunday Times of London: "At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, 'I'm the guy who's gonna cut your throat.' " That got him less upset than the "administrative duties" the Army assigned him while awaiting trial, he said. "Here, it could be the guy I pass in the corridor who's going to sign the paper that sends me away for life,'' he said. "We may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs."


DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups The Sleuth Journal

DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups | darpa-fact-sheet | DARPA Economy & Business Government Military Weapons Science & Technology Special Interests

The long tradition of government funding for technological development has been one of the most important aspects of creating the digital warfare battlefield. War is a primary endeavor of human behavior. The absence of peace on earth is a direct correlation from the curse of malicious human nature that pits competing sociopaths for dominance and world power. The race to invent, deploy and execute the destructive weapons of annihilation goes on with great enthusiasm as giant enterprises produce riches upon the ashes that their carnage implements. When it comes to funding the next innovation in military weapons, DARPA ranks at the head of the table of initiating the latest technology for mass murder.

The egg heads over at Wire never found an advanced technology that departs from the onward march towards progress, states in How to Get Startups in on the Military-Industrial Complex.

Despite the pace of global technological change, the United States military-industrial complex may never be truly disrupted. We need it too much. We need a robust inventory of purely public defense platforms like warships, warplanes, and advanced munitions. And we need the defense base that can build them that highly consolidated core of traditional prime contractors working within a system that has proven nearly impervious to smaller, more agile non-traditional companies, particularly those in Silicon Valley.

So what are the most significant barriers to entry for tech companies and how can they be lowered? How do companies in Silicon Valley view prospects for doing business with the federal government in the national security arena?

Yep, the assumption that building a bigger and more efficient killing machine are a necessary price for maintaining military superiority translates into fostering both big and small tech company advancement. In order to keep this endless parade going, seed money for startups are built into the black budgets that go unaccounted for when public monies go missing. As Activist Post reports,...


Japans Largest Department Store Withdraws Products From Israeli Settlements MintPress News

Earlier this month, the store was scheduled to host an event featuring Israeli wines, including wines made in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen land. But after Japanese civil society raised concerns, Mitsukoshi shortened the event and removed all wines which Japanese BDS activists indicated were made in Israeli settlements, The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)reported.

A spokesperson for Palestine Forum Japan, a network of BDS activists, said:

We warmly welcome this principled decision by Mitsukoshi department store to pull products made in illegal Israeli settlements from its shelves. By refusing to sell these products, the store is complying with international law and Japanese foreign policy. It is also respecting human rights and advancing justice and peace.

Mitsukoshis action serves as a model to other Japanese companies trading with those in illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land. Japanese companies must immediately end their complicity in Israeli violations of human rights by stopping all trade and cooperation with Israels regime of occupation and apartheid, or increasingly face both reputational damage and financial losses.

BDS activists in Japan will continue to support the Palestinian call for boycott until the Japanese government implements sanctions against Israel, as was done against apartheid South Africa, to end Israels decades-old denial of Palestinian human rights.

In July 2017, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a warning on its website, advising that settlement activities in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are in violation of international law, and one must be aware of the financial, reputational and legal risks when involved with economic activities in these areas.

Mitsukoshi is recognized as Japans oldest department store and was established over one hundred years ago. Its also one of the nations largest. Eight years ago, the company merged with Isetan to form Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings.

The call for BDS calls to impose Boycott, divestment, and sanctions on Israel until such time that the military occupation is ended, Palestinian citizens of Israel enjoy equal rights, and Palestinian refugees are permitted to return to their homes and their land.

What is clear from the many articles written, conferences held, strategies contrived and laws passed regarding BDS is the following: there is nothing in this world that can stop the Palestinian struggle for justice. The call for BDS and the movement which was created because of it cannot be defeated.



Strong 6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Indonesia Signs of the Times

A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of East Nusa Tenggara on Tuesday, US seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued and there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The quake hit East Nusa Tenggara about 318 kilometres kilometres northwest of the provincial capital Kupang at a depth of 549 kilometres, according to the US Geological Survey.


Straight Out Of Hell disinformation

Well, what to say? Its been a smoky week hacking these San Francisco streets. Real fire and brimstone stuff. Having avidly watched all of the news prior, the relentless reports on the... The post Straight Out Of Hell appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Eating This One Food Strengthens Beneficial Brainwave Frequencies After the Shift

A new study by researchers at Loma Linda University Health has found that eating nuts on a regular basis strengthens brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory, and other key brain functions.
An abstract of the study -- which was presented in the nutrition section of the Experimental Biology 2017 meetings in San Diego, California, and published in The FASEB Journal -- ...


NATOs humanitarian war brought Libya bloodshed, slavery Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 12 April 2017 video is called Migrants being sold as slaves in Libya, IOM reports.

Slavery in Libya was abolished in 1857; before, eg, the United States of America, or the Dutch colonial empire abolished it. However, NATOs 2011 humanitarian war on Libya brought it back.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Slaves on our Streets: Migrants taking deadly boat crossings to Europe after fleeing forced labour in Libya

Every time I worked for someone they had a gunif you complain they dont pay you, they will shoot you

Lizzie Dearden, Sicily

Tuesday 24 October 2017 11:00 BST

Sometimes they would just come and take you, make you do your work and then go. If you asked for money, you were looking for your death.

Bright, a 29-year-old Nigerian man, laughs bitterly at the thought of challenging the heavily-armed Libyan men who forced him to work in the conflict-ridden country for four years.

He is among thousands of migrants to risk deadly boat crossings over the Mediterranean Sea to escape abuse in Libya, which has become one of the worlds major hubs of modern slavery.

The Independent, in partnership with our sister paper the Evening Standard, is exposing the human trade in Britain and around the world as part of a special investigation.



Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly dismisses NYT report on sexual harassment allegations as 'lies and smears' Signs of the Times

Former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly dismissed as "lies and smear" the details in a New York Times report saying 21st Century Fox had signed O'Reilly to a contract extension months after O'Reilly reached a $32 million sexual harassment settlement with longtime network analyst Lis Wiehl. The settlement, revealed by the Times in an article Saturday, was one of several such deals involving O'Reilly. The controversial commentator was re-upped in February only to be dismissed by Fox in April after the Times reported on some of them. O'Reilly was combative and unapologetic on Twitter. "My investigative team has done a superb job in exposing the lies and smear," O'Reilly tweeted late Saturday. "I will speak with you on Monday."


Droughts have more catastrophic impact than previously believed RSS feed from

Droughts destroy enough food to feed 81 million people a day for a year, damage forests and threaten to perpetuate child poverty, says a World Bank report.


Microchipped Population World Truth.TV

Technology as a whole has taken up a hugely disproportionate part of our lives in the modern age.  The would be useful tools- if used in a rational proportion-  that showcase the genius of man for all to see, have gripped the once dreaming minds of young and old alike and have disconnected us from []


Archaeologists in Iraq excavate cache of cuneiform tablets dating back to Assyrian Empire Signs of the Times

Excavations led by a University of Tbingen archaeologist at the site of a recently-discovered Bronze Age settlement in the Kurdistan region of Iraq have uncovered almost 100 clay tablets dating back to the period of the Middle Assyrian Empire (1250 BC). The cache of clay tablets was found at the archaeological site of the ancient city of Bassetki, which was discovered in 2013 by University of Tbingen Professor Peter Pflzner and colleagues. "Our finds provide evidence that this early urban center in northern Mesopotamia was settled almost continuously from approximately 3000 to 600 BC," Professor Pflzner said. "That indicates that Bassetki was of key significance on important trade routes."


Biodiversity From Another Perspective La Paz Group



Thanks to Jim Robbins at Yale 360 for this:

Beyond Biodiversity: A New Way of Looking at How Species Interconnect

In a development that has important implications for conservation, scientists are increasingly focusing not just on what species are present in an ecosystem, but on the roles that certain key species play in shaping their environment.

In 1966, an ecologist at the University of Washington named Robert Paine removed all the ochre starfish from a short stretch of Pacific shoreline on Washingtons Olympic Pen...


Five Traps Used To Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness World Truth.TV

The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical. Human consciousness is the target in a broad war of control where people willingly acquiesce to social conditions which clearly fail to serve their best interests, even doing them harm. We accept []


Corrupted baggage handlers smuggled cocaine out of Londons busiest Airport blogfactory

download (21).png

Two baggage handlers have been convicted of being part of a plot to smuggle cocaine through Heathrow Airport.



Media Overlooks Civilian Casualties, Champions US Destruction Of Raqqa MintPress News

Opinion Americas illegal war in the Syrian city of Raqqa has already killed over 1,800 civilians, according to the monitoring group Airwars. At the time the offensive was launched in June, the U.S. was aware that some 200,000 civilians were trapped. In that first week of operations alone, the U.N. accused the Trump administration of killing 300 civilians in less than seven days worth of bombing. This trend has continued over the course of the last few months, and as one might imagine, Syrian infrastructure has been completely decimated. Rather than label this assault for what it is namely, a grave crime against humanity encompassing an endless supply of potential war crimes the media appears to have chosen a different tack.

Looking at photographs of the ruined, desolate streets of what was once the Islamic States capital of Raqqa is a reminder of the overwhelming, pitilessly effective military power of the United States, wrote the Washington Posts David Ignatius in an op-ed published Thursday.

That was merely the opening sentence. Ignatius continued:

The heaps of rubble in Raqqa that once housed terrorists and torturers convey a bedrock lesson, as valid now as in 1945: Its a mistake to provoke the United States. It may take the country a while to respond to a threat, but once the machine of U.S. power is engaged, its relentless so long as the political will exists to sustain it. [emphasis added]

Who exactly provoked the United States here? The people who have been hardest hit are clearly civilians who happened to live in Raqqa. What crime did these people commit?

And if Ignatius is referring solely to the terror group ISIS, at what stage did ISIS provoke the U.S.? If anything, ISIS was quite content trying to topple the governments of Iraq and Syria and set up their own Islamic caliphate back in 2014. That is why the Syrian government has been so...


A 17-year-old astronomer recorded an astonishing rare solar flare back in 1886 The Event Chronicle

And then history forgot about him.

By Signe Dean

If youve never heard of Juan Valderrama y Aguilar, youre not alone. As it turns out, this amateur astronomer from Spain made history when he was just 17 years old.

Back in 1886, Valderrama observed the third-ever recorded instance of an exceptionally bright solar flare, and even got his results published in an academic journal. But due to historical circumstance, were only hearing about this more than 100 years after his death.

Theres plenty of turbulent magnetic activity happening on the surface of our Sun. Concentration of that energy can cause dark sunspots, characterised by a dip in the surface temperature. And when that magnetic energy suddenly explodes, we get fantastic solar flares.

Despite risking damage to their retinas, humans have been watching sunspots for hundreds of years, but it wasnt until 1859 more than 200 years after the advent of the telescope when English astronomer Richard Carrington lucked out and became the first human in history to observe a solar flare.

The following solar storm was the biggest one recorded to this day and if it were to happen today, it would wipe out a great deal of our communications technology.

Thirteen years later, Italian astronomer Pietro Angelo Secchi scored a glimpse at a solar flare as well, thus joining Carringtons extremely exclusive club.

The third man to set his eyes on this remarkable sight was an unknown teen from Madrid, Spain. Unlike the fancy astronomers before him, all Valderrama had was a small backyard telescope with an aperture of just 6.6 centimetres (2.6 inches) and a strong filter to allow a look at the Sun.

He kept detailed logs of his sunspot observations. And then on 10 September 1886, his amateur efforts were rewarded with something truly spectacular.

In the eastern region of the southern hemisphere a huge, beautiful sunspot was formed from yesterday to today,...


Theres No Defending Founding Fathers Who Practiced Slavery The Fifth Column

(OW)  This summer, on the very day that white supremacists rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was down the road visiting Montpelier the home of James Madison, our fourth president.

On the house tour, we stopped in Madisons upstairs library, where he spent hundreds of hours reading about earlier attempts at self-governance.

There, he imagined the previously unimaginable: freedom of religion, freedom of expression, the right to a jury of ones peers. Madison would go on to write those amendments into the Constitution, earning him the name Father of the Bill of Rights.

As we stepped outside to Montpeliers beautiful grounds, we learned something else: To keep his small family of four white people in the height of 18th century luxury, James Madison enslaved 100 black people.

Indeed, Montpelier now has an Enslaved Community Exhibit and tour. I was eager to see how these two Madisons were being interpreted: the man who conceived  unimaginable freedoms for himself and his kind, while simultaneously denying freedom to countless others.

The Enslaved Community Exhibit is powerful: historians, archeologists, and descendants have worked hard to document the lives of the hundreds of African Americans enslaved at Montpelier over the years.

Artifacts of their lives are on display, and hundreds of their names are painted on the exhibit walls. Videos recreate the story of enslaved people who tried to escape and were recaptured and imprisoned.

Then I took the tour.

The white guide began to explain why James Madison didnt free any of the people he enslaved when he died. James Madison was a practical man, the guide said. He knew that they would not be welcomed into the deeply prejudiced society of the time.

I tried to give the man a way out. Perhaps this is what Madison told himself so he could sleep at night. But if hed asked any of the people he enslaved, Im sure they wouldve preferred freedom.

No, no, the guide continued, slave states required that freed men and women leave the state within a year. Even the North wasnt welcoming. They wouldve had to go all the way to Canada.

Canada? Would that really have been worse than slavery?

When I wrote to the Montpelier administration afterward expressing my outrage that their staff would justify slavery on any grounds, the reply included this information: A visitor to Montpelier in 1835 noted that [Madison] talked more on the subject of slavery than on any other, acknowledging, without limitation or hesitation, all the evils with which it has ever been charged.

My correspondent then explained that Madisons solution was support for the American Colonization Society, which proposed and implemented the outrageous scheme of sending African Americans...


The Putinator Says A.I. Superbots Will Eat Us! (Video) The Daily Sheeple

The Russian President spoke to youngsters at a festival in Sochi about the prospect of mass-killing supermen who are incapable of feeling pain or compassion.

Watch on YouTube

Source: YOURE TERMINATED  Vladimir Putin warns of future sci-fi super-human soldiers more destructive than nuclear bombs who feel no fear or pain

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Palestinians submit Israel war crime evidence to ICC blogfactory

The report offers evidence on the wilful killing and murder of 300 Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces since 2014

Four Palestinian human rights groups have submitted a 700-page communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), alleging that high-level Israeli officials have been complicit in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In a statement on Wednesday, the groups urged the ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to urgently open a full investigation into the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory as a necessary step to ending the culture of impunity that has long prevailed in regard to Israeli crimes and to hold high-level political and military officials accountable.

The groups that submitted the dossier are al-Haq, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and Aldameer Association for Human Rights all based in the occupied territories.

READ MORE: UN slams Israel for de-development of Palestine

This communication, which is based on factual information collected by the four organisations, covers the following crimes against humanity in accordance with the Rome Statute: murder, deportation or transfer of population, persecution, apartheid, an al-Haq representative told Al Jazeera.

The representative also said the files included evidence of war crimes such as willful killing, extensive destruction and appropriation of property, unlawful deportation or transfer, transfer by the occupying power of its civilian population into occupied territory, pillaging of a town/place, destroying or seizing the enemys property.

The ICC, an independent international court based in The Hague, Netherlands, confirmed to Al Jazeera that they had received the dossier.

As we do with all such communications, we will analyse the materials submitted, as appropriate, in accordance with the Rome Statute and with full independence and impartiality. As soon as we reach a decision on the appropriate next step, we will inform the sender and provide reasons for our decis...


David Wilcock Updates on his Article from October 22, 2017 Operation Disclosure

David Wilcock Updates on his 10-22-17 article

Posted on 2017/10/23
by Kauilapele

These were posted at the end of Part 4. As before, Im only posting the text, but please view the images by going to the original.

[quoting Fulford] One senior Pentagon source who has been consistently reliable in the past said that The Trump release of JFK files may implicate Bush Senior, Mossad, the CIA, and the deep state. [It] may be a prelude to an intel dump on 9/11, suppressed technology, the secret space program, and other disclosures prior to mass arrests.

[DW] This sounds just like what weve been saying here. I do believe he is being honest in saying this is a senior Pentagon source. This would also line up with my prophetic dream from June.

[number synchronicities] 97979 Ive never had this particular configuration before. Its got a 77 and a 999 in it, evenly distributed. It also is a great signpost of how fast this is going.

OK, another update after the above. I decided to play a game with this and start clicking randomly a few times here and there the results did not disappoint: Every click had a number pattern in it! 99833, 99880, 99927, 100013. This all happened at random within about a 90-second period.

A big thanks to Joshua Boruch in the comments section for dropping us all a link to the most active, current threads from MegAnon on 4chan. I havent even read it yet, but heres the link:[note that the user ID has changed to rZCdGEFz]

the Cabal i...


IN CONVERSATION: Maple Razsa with Duncan Ranslem Lefteast

This article was first published in the Brooklyn Rail


MAPLE RAZSA with Duncan Ranslem


Maple Razsa is Professor of Global Studies at Colby College. He has studied and participated in alter-globalization movements across Europe, paying particular attention to how video is produced, distributed, and consumed in activist practice. Video, he has written, enables activists to better engage the bodily, sensory, and affective dimensions of politics. This helps give the act of protest an affirmative character, not merely a negative one, as video becomes a means of producing new political subjects.

His latest work, co-directed with Milton Guilln, is set during a wave of uprisings that took place in the winter of 201213 in Maribor, Slovenia. The uprisings unfolded after years of deindustrialization, encroaching austerity, and rising inequality, and were catalyzed by a public-private partnership to enforce traffic violations via an automated system. After tens of thousands of speeding tickets were issued in the programs inaugural week, the news that a private contractor with ties to the mayor would receive ninety percent of the receipts, touched off mass demonstrations.

The Maribor Uprisings

The U.S. premiere of The Maribor Uprisings (2017) took place on an unseasonably chilly July evening in a plaza in downtown Brooklyn as part of Rooftop Films. Drawing an explicit connection between the criminalization of dissent in the film and in the contemporary United States, Razsa invited defendants in the J20 inauguration-day protest (that has left 230 protestors each facing felony charges) to participate in the screening. Before the movie started, Razsa and Guilln prompted filmgoers to partner with strangers and share experiences theyd had of a protest. Many of those in attendance had experience with Black Lives Matter protests or with Occupy Wall Street, although many in attendance had little experience taking to the streets. With these connections made, the filmmakers directed everyones attention back to the stage to explain what would transpire at the screening and lay out some rules.

The film would follow one of several different paths, they explained, and it would be up to the audience to decide which one. Some decisions would be made b...


Veterans File Lawsuit Against Big Pharma Companies Operation Disclosure


October 23, 2017

Source: Collective-Evolution | by Edward Morgan

Two days ago, on October 17, over 100 U.S. veterans and relatives of American soldiers who were either injured or killed during the Iraq war filed a federal lawsuit against numerous U.S. and European Big Pharma companies. These arent just tiny corporations, theyre some of the leading companies in the medical industry, including Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Those involved in the lawsuit are claiming that these companies regularly paid officials in Iraqs Ministry of Health, who then used the money to fund the militia that was responsible for many attacks against U.S. troops.

So, why are Big Pharma companies funding Iraqs Ministry of Health, and more importantly, did they know the money would end up in the hands of terrorists?

Lawsuit Against Big Pharma Companies Funding Terrorists

It seems sort of strange that Big Pharma companies, especially those based in the U.S., would fund the very terrorist organizations that were attacking U.S. troops in the first place. But then again, its also sort of strange that the U.S. government funds and trains terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, so perhaps this shouldnt come as such a surprise.

The lawsuit was filed against five major pharmaceutical giants: AstraZeneca, General Electric, Johnson & J...


Geo-Engineers Want More Chemtrails to Save the Coral (Video) The Daily Sheeple

Researchers are openly calling for releasing sulphate aerosols in the sky to literally dim the sun in an attempt to stop coral bleaching.

Watch on YouTube

Source: Scientists Calling For Geoengineering To Dim The Sun For The Corals

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Overcoming Fear by Embracing Nothingness Wake Up World

October 25th, 2017 By Richard West Guest writer for Wake Up World We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust. Rumi Dying whether a final death or an everyday challenge to our sense of self, it confronts our identity causing us to be afraid. Essentially our fear of death is a fear of []


Farmer Wants a Revolution: How Is This Not Genocide? The Sleuth Journal

Farmer Wants a Revolution: How Is This Not Genocide? | plant-sprouting-1170x696 | Agriculture & Farming Special Interests

(THE GUARDIANHealth comes from the ground up, Charles Massy says yet chemicals used in agriculture are causing millions of deaths. Susan Chenery meets the writer intent on changing everything about the way we grow, eat and think about food

The kurrajong tree has scars in its wrinkled trunk, the healed wounds run long and vertical under its ancient bark. Standing in front of the homestead, it nestles in a dip on high tableland from which there is a clear view across miles and miles of rolling plains to the coastal range of south-east Australia.

Charles Massy grew up here, on the sweeping Monaro plateau that runs off the eastern flank of Mount Kosciuszko, an only child enveloped by the natural world, running barefoot, accompanied by dogs and orphaned lambs. Fifth generation, he has spent his adult life farming this tough, lean, tussock country; he is of this place and it of him. But when his friend and Aboriginal Ngarigo elder Rod Mason came to visit he discovered that a lifetime of intimately knowing the birds, trees and animals of this land wasnt significant at all.

The tree is probably a lot older than 400 years. Rod told him that when the old women walked their favourite songline tracks they carried seeds of their favourite food and resource plants, and sowed them at spirituality significant camping places. His front garden was one such ceremony place there would have been a grove planted, and the women had stripped the bark from the tree to make bags and material. This old tree represented a connection to country deeper than we can imagine, and linking us indivisibly with the natural wor...


Censorship Upgrade: Facebook Testing Burying Posts From News Outlets And Businesses In 6 Countries Unless They Pay Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Facebook is currently testing a change that would force news publishers to pay to show their posts from their Facebook Pages in the timeline...


Crisis Actors Ready to Commit Treason and Create Another False Flag Operation Disclosure

Crisis Actors Commit Treason!

October 22, 2017
by Edward Morgan

Crisis Actors for Hire: Ready to Create Another False Flag and Treason!

Thanks to one of my emailers, Kristie Oaks, who made me aware that a new batch of phony Americans are willing to prostitute themselves out as crisis actors for an impending ersatz crisis. Nothing is more repulsive to me than a man, woman or child who is willing to sell his/her integrity for a few shekels to betray this country in an absurd event: the false flag .

Sandy Hook, a complete fiasco of reality, underscored the degree to which local/ state police and Connecticut officials are willing to whore themselves for a few million dollars. The Newtown School had already been closed for asbestos contamination prior to the event. Yet, the idiot denizens of this Connecticut town/state were willing to partake in an Obama/Holder act of treason akin to shouting fire in a movie theater [for which one would be arrested ASAP!].

Not one of the crisis actors was arrested. Lets consider that the governor, the bureaucrats, and the local citizens conspired in one of the most pathetic scenarios of a non-existent autistic boy not-committing an act of terror/massive child-killing. #Fake News played up the volume of this farce but journalists who dared to question or declared the event false were demonetized, sued, fired or all of the above. Sounds like East Berlin? Communist Russia?.you betcha, same tactics.

If anyone wants to know how Hitler or Stalin rose to power, watch the Jewish crisis actors happily partake in this farce of death and dying with outright righteous indignation. Next ask why American Jews lament that there is rising anti-Semitism as another false flag accompanied by another cadre act-out another non-massive death scene in Las Vegas.


Therese Zumi Sumner -- Swedish Women Sharing Sexual Abuse Operation Disclosure

Therese Zumi Sumner: Swedish Women Sharing Sexual Abuse

October 24, 2017
By Steve Beckow

The Goddess Feminine Warrior Energy Is on the Rise! Watch it Grow Everywhere!

Therese Zumi Sumner, Prepare for Change, October 23, 2017

As a direct result of actresses in Hollywood openly admitting that they were victims of Harvey Weinsteins sexually abusive behaviours Sweden is now experiencing an avalanche of effects which grows by the hour.

Thousands upon thousands of women are telling about their experiences of being sexually abused by men under the # Me Too! Many women are telling of experiences that they have never dared to share with anyone before.

This has so far, within only a few days resulted in 2 journalists being fired. One from a main newspaper and one from Swedens main official TV channel. Another well-known and liked TV personality has also been fired from another channel having been exposed as being derogatory to women using sexist comments and unwanted sexual invitations on several occasions. Not only has this person been fired but all his popular TV shows have been shut down immediately and planned recordings of new shows have been cancelled.

Everyone is now talking about this and lively discussions are taking place in the media asking men to come forward now and discuss with men of every age how women should be treated starting at a very early age. This last week has focused on these types of male dominance and sexist behaviours in the area of media, TV, newspapers and so forth, this week it would seem that its time for this discussion in the sports world. In fact, it seems as if these discussions will now take place in every area of peoples lives. It will! Nothing can stop this now everyone has had enough.

Women are now finding their inner Goddess Warrior...


Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation World Truth.TV

The term weapons of mass destruction is generally used in a warfare situation and comes under the headings nuclear, radiological, biological & chemical. Below is my idea of weapons of mass destruction/depopulation. They destroy the health of every one of us and they cause great suffering and misery to millions around the world one way []


Trump Extends Post-9/11 State of Emergency Operation Disclosure

Trump Extends Post-9/11 State of Emergency 'Temporary' State of Emergency Seems Increasingly

Jason Ditz
Posted on September 14, 2017

Source: Anti-War

President Trump has become the third president over the course of 16 consecutive years to extend the temporary state of national emergencywhich was imposed in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks.

The state of emergency gives the president considerable leeway to bypass legal limits surrounding the military and the use of the National Guard and reserve troops. Exactly how much this power is used is itself unclear, as presidents have for years ignored a legal requirement to offer reports to Congress every six months on the matter.

Officially, Presidents Bush, Obama, and now Trump have defended the extension on the grounds that terrorism still exists and is a thing. Legally speaking, however, the emergency declaration was intended to give the president flexibility until Congress had time to act after 9/11.

That was over 16 years ago, and the temporary state of national emergency appears to neither be a real emergency anymore, nor if were being honest, anything resembling temporary. Its just become a permanent extension of presidential power.

States of emergency are not uncommon in the US: more than 30 current states of national emergency remain in effect, and Congress has never once reviewed one of them. President Trump has extended every single emergency which wouldve expired so far since he came to power.


Unusually large number of incumbents facing challengers OpenSecrets Blog

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI) leave following a press event to discuss the GOP plans for tax reform.  (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Earlier this summer, OpenSecrets Blog reported that members of the 115th Congress are facing more and better challengers at this early point in the election cycle.  Third quarter campaign filings indicate that this trend is continuing.  So far, 267 members of Congress face challengers. While this is still fewer than the 441 members of Congress seeking re-election, it represents an uptick from the number of challengers by this point in 2013 (148) or even 2009 (208).  

See the data here.

Of those 267 members, Republican incumbents are far more likely to be facing early challengers. 72% of Republican incumbents already have a challenger lined up, while only 41% of Democrats have challengers.  However, those Democrats who have early challengers are more likely than Republicans to be facing a member of their own party.  39% of the Democrats with challengers have primary challenges, while only 23% of Republicans do.

Democratic challengers have also, on average, raised more money than have Republican challengers.  The average Democratic challenger in a House race has raised $127,000, which is more than twice as much as the $62,000 raised by the average House Republican challenger.

Challengers are generally vastly underfunded compared to incumbents, and this year group, while larger in number, is no...


Anna Von Reitz -- You are Among the First to Know Operation Disclosure

Monday, October 23, 2017

You Are Among the First to Know

Source: Paul Stramer

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I told everyone that the "mountain moving" has begun. So it has.

Most of the criminality that has infested this country has been built around one central lie --- the idea that our government of the people, by the people, and for the people was in "interregnum" --- a polite fancy way of saying "on pause", not functioning, in-between periods of activity and leadership--- for the past 150 years.

When a Pope dies and the conclave of Cardinals come together to choose a new leader, the Holy See is in "interregnum".

So the rest of the world has, as Karen Hudes said months ago, considered our lawful government to be "in interregnum".

We, the sovereigns of the land jurisdiction of The United States of America might come back and might not. Meantime, our servants running the Territorial United States (military) and Municipal United States (Washington, DC) settled in for a nice long session of eating our food and drinking our wine and sleeping in our beds and generally running amok with our credit cards.

That presumption can now no longer stand.

Please see attached.

By their own rules, the cards have been called. And they lose.


Here is the document Anna referred to as an attachment in the announcement.



London Introduces Carbon T-Charge Tax On Diesel and Older Petrol Vehicles Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel As part of the plan to begin phasing out gas and diesel car sales over the next three decades, drivers of diesel...


Trump Pats Himself On The Back, But Puerto Rico Is Still Suffering MintPress News

Last Thursday, President Trump gave his administration a ten out of ten for its handling of the hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico, However, even as Trump was patting himself and his team on the back the power grid in San Juan went down again throwing the city into darkness.

Meanwhile, those living in more remotes areas of Puerto Rico like Vieques and Culebra were still living without any resources, often left to fend for themselves, forced to drink highly polluted water from rivers, or other sources, including those directly connected to Superfund sites. More than a month after Hurricane Maria made landfall on Sept. 20, many Puerto Ricans remained in dire straits, especially those needing electricity for respirators or dialysis machines to treat medical conditions. Some backup generators were burning out due to overuse.

Given Puerto Ricos ongoing crisis, some officials of the U.S. territory have tried to avoid angering the President. At one point during the meeting in the Oval Office, Trump turned to Puerto Ricos Governor Ricardo Rossello and asked, Did we do a great job? Rossello finessed the Presidents question: You responded immediately, Sir.

But San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz quipped that Trump was right about giving his administration a 10 if it was out of 100. If it is a 10 out of a scale of 100, of course, it is still a failing grade, she said on CNNs New Day on Friday.

In an interview late Thursday, I spoke with Flashpoints contributor Judith Berkan in San Juan, whose electricity had again failed, along with millions of other Puerto Ricans. Berkan is a human rights activist and attorney who deals with land rights, and has been a resident of the U.S. island colony for the last 40 years.

Dennis Bernstein: Whats the latest regarding the situation on the ground? Is the situation beginning to improve?

Judith Berkan: In some ways, the situation keeps getting worse. For example, just a half an hour ago most, if not all, of the San Juan area lost electricity. The power comes and goes. You get it for a couple days and you get a sense of some routine in your life and then it disappears again. So the San Juan metropolitan area, which in some ways is the economic motor of the country, is still in the dark. I live in an apartment building which has generators. There has been a fire sale of generators here at very exorbitant prices. People are being gouged.



What Makes Americans Proud Dissident Voice

Capturing the wisdom and the beauty of Donald J. Trump in just one statement escaping from his charming mouth:

Our military has never been stronger. Each day, new equipment is delivered; new and beautiful equipment, the best in the world the best anywhere in the world, by far.1

Here the man thinks that everyone will be impressed that the American military has never been stronger.

And that those who, for some unimaginable reason, are not impressed with that will at least be impressed that military equipment is being added EACH DAY. Ah yes, its long been a sore point with most Americans that new military equipment was being added only once a week.

And if that isnt impressive enough, then surely the fact that the equipment is NEW will win people over. Indeed, the newness is important enough to mention twice. After all, no one likes USED military equipment.

And if newness doesnt win everyones heart, then BEAUTIFUL will definitely do it. Who likes UGLY military equipment? Even the people we slaughter all over the world insist upon good-looking guns and bombs.

And the best in the world. Of course. Thats what makes us all proud to be Americans. And what makes the rest of humanity just aching with jealousy.

And in case you dont fully appreciate that, notice that he adds that its the best ANYWHERE in the world.

And in case you still dont fully appreciate that, notice that he specifies that our equipment is the best in the world BY FAR! That means that no other country is even close! Just imagine! Makes me choke up.

Lucky for the man his seeming incapacity for moral or intellectual embarrassment.

Hes twice blessed. His fans like the idea that their president is no smarter than they are. This may well serve to get the man re-elected, as it did with George W. Bush.

The strange world of Russian trolls

Websters dictionary: troll verb: To fish by running a baited line behind a moving boat; noun: A supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore.

Russian Internet trolls are trying to stir up even more controversy over National Football League players crouching on one knee (taking a knee) during the national anthem, said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), warning that the United States should expect such divisive efforts to escalate in the next election.

We watched even this weekend, Lankford said, the Russians and their troll farms, and their Internet folks, start hash-tagging out take a knee and also hash-tagging out Boycott NFL. The Russians goal, he said, was to try to raise the noise level in America to try to make a big issue, an even bigger issue as t...


'Mafia State': Thousands protest slaying of anti-corruption journalist in Malta, demand justice for murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia Signs of the Times

Thousands of people poured into the streets of the Maltese capital, Valletta, on Sunday to voice their indignation over the death of a prominent investigative journalist, known for exposing state corruption, who was killed by a car bomb last week. The government on Saturday announced a 1 million reward for information which can help to trace the suspects in the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Malta's best known investigative journalist and the author of a hugely popular blog, which she used to shed light on shady dealings of high-ranking officials, including the country's prime minster, and, in particular, their alleged offshore dealings unveiled in the Panama Papers scandal. The demonstrators were marching through the streets, carrying banners that quoted the last words the journalist ever wrote in her blog: "There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate."


Freedom From Corporate-Government Control of Food Lies in Your Own Backyard Activist Post

By Vin Armani In this video, Vin Armani interviews regenerative farming legend Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. Joel is a self-professed Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist...


Donald Tusk insists Britain reverse Brexit blogfactory

Said it is up to British government how Brexit talks will end .With just 17 months left before Britain is due to leave the EU, the president of the European Council Donald Tusk has suggested that the UK could still decide to reverse Brexit. Talking about how negotiations could end in no Brexit if the British government wanted to, Tusk stated: We must keep our unity regardless of the direction of the talks. The EU will be able to rise to every scenario as long as we are not divided. It is in fact up to London how this will end: With a good deal, no deal or no Brexit.But in each of these scenarios we will protect our common interest only by being together, he said, while addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg today.


With British Prime Minister Theresa May hoping exit talks will move on to discussions about trade by the end of the year, Tusk today warned that the toughest stress test of Brexit negotiations is still to come.



US May Finally Acknowledge Myanmars Ethnic Cleansing Of Rohingya MintPress News

WASHINGTON (AP) U.S. officials are preparing a recommendation for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to declare that ethnic cleansing is occurring against Myanmars Rohingya Muslims. That assessment would raise pressure on the Trump administration and U.S. lawmakers to consider new sanctions on a country that had been lauded for its democratic transition.

Tillerson could receive the recommendation as early as this week, said officials familiar with the process. He will then decide whether to adopt the advice of his agencys policy experts and lawyers.

A declaration of ethnic cleansing by the top U.S. diplomat would mark a reversal of fortune in American relations with the country also known as Burma, whose civilian government has been under the leadership of Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi for more than a year. But Suu Kyi and her government allies have little control over Myanmars still powerful military, which is blamed for a brutal crackdown on Muslims in Rakhine State that has caused more than 600,000 refugees to flee to Bangladesh.

The State Department declined to comment.

The recommendation is being prepared as U.S. lawmakers urge fresh sanctions on Myanmars military and are calling on the Trump administration to sever already restricted military ties. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee takes up the issue at a hearing on U.S. policy toward Myanmar on Tuesday.

Smoke rises from a burned house in Gawdu Zara village, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar, Sept. 7, 2017. Journalists saw new fires burning Thursday in the Myanmar village that was abandoned by the Rohingya, who fled attacks from Myanmar's armed forces after brutal attacks which included burning villages and slaughtering fleeing civilians. (AP Photo)

Smoke rises from a burned house in Gawdu Zara village, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar, Sept. 7, 2017. Journalists saw new fires burning Thursday in the Myanmar village that was abandoned by the Rohingya, who fled attacks from Myanmars armed forces after brutal attacks which included burning villages and slaughtering fleeing civilians. (AP Photo...


Pregnant Women Should Be Called Pregnant People Says UK Government Your News Wire

Campaigners, backed by the British Medical Association, are calling for the term pregnant people to replace pregnant women The British government is now suggesting that expectant mothers should be called pregnant people in a submission [...]


Anything To Learn From Nature About Microwave Radiation? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Well, for starters, how come birds dont land, nor perch, on tops of microwave, cell, mast and GWEN towers?  What do...


Egyptian forces go all out against ISIS in Libya blogfactory

download (16)
Jets and attack helicopters

BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:30 P.M.) Egyptian forces have stepped up their anti-ISIS intervention in the war-striken nation of Libya, employing state-of-the-art combat aviation against jihadist militants.

The Egyptian defense ministry has released footage captured from the targeting pods of their combat aircraft showing Egyptian Apache gunships and Eurofighter jets striking ISIS positions, gathering points and movements in Libya.

According to military affiliated sources, Egyptian attack helicopters and warplanes engaged and destroyed elements of the ISIS terrorist group attempting to cross the border from Libya into western Egypt.

Reports say that the latest engagement by Egyptian forces of Islamic State terrorists in Libya saw them destroy at least eight armed pickups along with their crews.



New Peruvian bird species discovery by its song Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 24 October 2017 video is about the newly discovered bird species Machaeropterus eckelberryi.

From the Florida Museum of Natural History in the USA:

New Peruvian bird species discovered by its song

October 23, 2017

A new species of bird from the heart of Peru remained undetected for years until researchers identified it by its unique song.

In 1996, a group of Louisiana State University and Florida Museum of Natural History researchers traveled to the Cordillera Azul, an isolated mountain ridge in Peru, where they discovered a previously unknown manakin species.

With its bright yellow front feathers, the bird was different from the local subspecies of striped manakin, but nearly identical to the subspecies Machaeropterus regulus aureopectus found in the distant Venezuelan tepuis. But it has a completely different voice.

The newly discovered manakins song lacks undertones and has a one-noted rising vocalization, rather than two-noted falling vocalization with undertones or a falling monosyllabic vocalization with undertones.

It was given the name Machaeropterus eckelberryi, commemorating the 20th century bird illustrator Don Eckelberry.

Andy Kratter, a museum ornithology collection manager, said the differences went unnoticed for years because the research team didnt have vocalizations for all of the bird species.

We kind of sat on it for a long time because we didnt have vocalizations of the birds in Venezuela, and this bird is different from the local birds but close enough to the Venezuelan birds that it might have been considered the same species, he said. In manakins, its often subtle clues that might be different among species.

The discovery of the new species and details of the expedition were recently published in Zootaxa.

Kratter said finding the new species and the isolated mountain ridge were important for the scientific community, in part because the discovery spurred Peru to preserve the area.

The Peruvian government established a national par...


Video captures waterspout tearing off roof at Chevron in Pascagoula, Mississippi Signs of the Times

Officials expressed concerns over flooded streets and rising rivers Sunday after thunderstorms pelted the Mississippi Coast. Families were being rescued from several homes in Harrison and Jackson counties as floodwaters seeped into homes and continued to rise. "It's not done yet," said Earl Etheridge, Jackson County Emergency Services director, at about 5:30 p.m. A waterspout came on shore at the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery "around noonish," Etheridge said. He learned about it through a video posted on Facebook.


On Returning From Syria: More Convinced Than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bullshit Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville In early October, 2017, I had the pleasure of visiting Syria on a mission to get a sense of the toll of...

Tuesday, 24 October


Employee resignations rise to five-year high ! blogfactory

Heres why

One in seven (15.5 per cent) employees resigned from the job in 2016, according to the latest data from XpertHR. Labour turnover statistics from 288 organisations show that the resignation rate has increased steadily since 2012, when it stood at 10.6 per cent.

The occupation groups with the highest numbers of employees that have resigned from their job are distribution at 12.4 per cent, publishing and events at 12.3 per cent, the voluntary sector at 8.8 per cent and HR at 8.2 per cent.

Using an alternative measure that tracks voluntary turnover at the midpoint or median, resignations have increased from 8.9 per cent to 13.1 per cent over the same period.

Trainers are often big~headed and not shy about coming out with really unreasonable conditions

another student said.

Total labour turnover (which covers all types of departures, including voluntary resignations, redundancies, dismissals and retirements) stands at an average 23 per cent and a median of 19.4 per cent, a modest increase from 2015 when the average was 21.5 per cent and the median 18.5 per cent.

For the different occupation groups, labour turnover is highest amongst staff working in publishing and events at 17.7 per cent, followed by distribution at 13.5 per cent, HR at 12 per cent and the housing sector at 11.6 per cent.

Staff turnover among employees with less than 12 months service

For the first time, XpertHR has also recorded turnover rates among employees with less than 12 months service. Monitoring resignation rates and total turnover among this group is important due to the high costs and implications of recruiting and onboarding.

The data shows that one in 10 (10 per cent) new starters resigned before completing a years service with total turnover for all reasons at 11.4 per cent.

Companies in the services sector had the highest rate of attrition among new starters. On average, 11.6 per cent new employees left voluntarily in their first year, with total labour turnover at 13.1 per cent.

Corporations and large companies are so demanding and one~sided offering low pay its made working for them worthless

said a recent graduate, who wanted to be anonymous

XpertHR senior HR practice editor Noelle Murphy, said:

Monitoring staff turnover is important for all organisations so that they can respond quickly when levels reach a point that is damaging to the business. Our data on turnover rates among those with less than 12 months service shows just how important it is for HR to look carefully at its recruitment and selection strategy and its on boarding process. Ensuring new starters receive ongoing support and attention, and have the opportunity to raise any concerns as soon as possible...


Buckingham Palace Staff Says The Queen Is Not Human Screenshots World Truth.TV

It would be nearly impossible to make up a story like this unless you are a professional writer of science fiction! On the Royal Familys OFFICIAL website, www.Royal.UK, an incredibly bizarre announcement appeared stating the following: Earlier this week the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form they are not acquainted with. []


A Complete Detox Program To Cleanse Your Body, Help You Lose Weight & Boost Your Health The Event Chronicle

By Arjun Walia

Disease has been on the rise for multiple decades. It seems quite clear that things arent really getting any better, and with a growing population, the rate of chronic illness seems to be getting worse. On top of that, we have a medical industry full of good-hearted people who want to help people, and are helping people, thats plagued by fraud and deception. One that is not really interested in healing people, but rather, in profiting off of their sickness. There are countless instances of this. For example, a study that was published last week in the British Medical Journal by researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen showed that pharmaceutical companies were not disclosing all information regarding the results of their drug trials. You can read more about that and access the study here.

The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think its disgraceful. Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014), Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal

The above study is one of many examples, with various medications for various diseases. This is extremely concerning, especially given the fact that various experts estimate more than 100,000 people die every year in the United States alone from prescription drug use. (source)

There doesnt seem to be much attention paid to the environment we choose to surround ourselves with, the foods we eat, and detoxifying our bodies. The answer to everything from the world of medicine seems to come in the form of drugs, which is not always the best option depending on your situation.

Ask yourself: why are so many people getting sick all the time? Why is disease constantly on the rise? One explanation that many experts are putting forth is the environment. We live on a planet where si...


Trees Help Us Heal This Is How You Can Use Their Energy World Truth.TV

Taoist masters observe that trees are very powerful. Not only can they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, but they can also absorb negative forces and turn them into positive. The trees are deeply rooted in the Earth, and their roots are deeper higher and they rise to the skies. The trees then []


Satanic Sacrifice In $in City After the Shift

As seen below, the Solar Cross MICRO is the actual shape of a photon (one unit of light). The Solar Cross MACRO is the shape of Lucifer's Matrix/Universe. That is why it is the logo of Lucifer (the Light Bearer) and his son Satan (the Prince of Darkness).


Read full article here:


Fourth humpback whale in under a month found along East London coastline in South Africa Signs of the Times

While East Londoners have been enjoying a bumper season of whale sightings over the past few weeks, a fourth humpback whale in less than a month has beached and died along the East London coastline. East London Museum principal scientist Kevin Cole said the strandings were a new record for his cetacean database. Yesterday, Cole examined the badly decomposed carcass of the fourth dead humpback on the rocks west of Chintsa West. He said the body of the fully adult male had been seen floating in the ocean for a week or two. Cole said it had washed up on the rocks on early Sunday evening.


10 Films That Will Blow Your Mind TruthTheory


Movies have these transcendent moments where everything is just right, from the dialogue to the music to the lighting to the narrative context; everything is just perfect, and something magical happens the film breaks through the screen and does something to you. ~Jason Silva

The whole of life is just like watching a film. Only its as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, and no-one will tell you the plot, so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues. ~Terry Pratchett

1.) The Zeitgeist Trilogy:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~R. Buckminster Fuller

This series has created much heated debate. Laced with scathing ideas that challenge the mainstream perception of things, it reveals the thin line between conspiracy theory and truth, while challenging the viewer to question everything using their own skeptical research. Although it is artistic propaganda in itself, it shows the other side of the coin of mainstream propaganda and provides a counter-intuitive, devils advocate perspective on the cultural dynamic. Just take it with a grain of salt and be sure to don your skeptics hat as well as your thinking cap.

Overall the trilogy advocates for a transition from the global money-based economic system to a post-scarcity economy, or resource-based economy. It aims to progressively evolve into an automated technological utopianism based on sustainable ecological concepts and the scientific administration of society. Once you get past all the religious, political, and economic buildup, you get to the best part of the series, in my opinion: The Venus Project.

2.) Fight...


A Sea Shepherd Documentary Created By Two Unlikely Partners Fast Company

CNNs Great Big Story and ad agency Wieden+Kennedy collaborated on this compelling look at the bold, sea-faring environmental organization.

An intimate look at Sea Shepherd, the environmental group that actively pursues and disrupts ocean-faring lawbreakers, makes for compelling video. Far more than holding up signs and yelling chants, in this new film, we see Sea Shepherd ships actively blocking illegal fishing boats, cutting lines, and documenting dead whales and dolphins caught in illegal nets.

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In Unpublished Personal Letters Bruce Lee Describes His Own Process Of Personal Awakening TruthTheory

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

True martial arts is a path of spiritual awakening revealed through dedication to practice and commitment to understanding yourself better at each stage of life. Bruce Lee is the worlds most iconic martial artist as well as a contemporary spiritual philosopher, and in his personal journals he documented his own psychological and spiritual awakening.

In the last years of his life he wrote a number of letters and articles to himself regarding his own personal journey of self-actualization, and while never published, these documents emphasize that the process of personal awakening is one of the most important undertakings any human being can take on.

Archived by the Bruce Lee Foundation, these intensely personal notes have a great deal to offer todays seeker working to uncover their truest potential. Here, Lee asks the most important question anyone can ask themselves, Who am I?

At the moment Im wondering for whom am I writing this organized mess? I have to say I am writing whatever wants to be written.

I have come to the realization that sooner or later what it really amounts to is the bare fact that even an attempt to really write something about ones self demands, first of all, an honesty towards oneself to be able to take responsibility to be what we actually are.

What it boils down to is my sincere and honest revelation of a man called Bruce Lee. Just who...


Did King of Saudi Arabia really sponsor Netanyahus election campaign? blogfactory

We think not.
Panama Papers Data Leak

download (16)

Whats going on here? We cant understand why an Arab neighbour would underwrite Israel?

According to the Middle East Observer, Isaac Herzog, member of the Knesset and Chairman of the Israeli Labor party, revealed that Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz financed the election campaign of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

In March 2015, King Salman has deposited eighty million dollars to support Netanyahus campaign via a Syrian-Spanish person named Mohamed Eyad Kayali. The money was deposited to a companys account in British Virgin Islands owned by Teddy Sagi, an Israeli billionaire and businessman, who has allocated the money to fund the campaign Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Herzog cited a leaked Panama Paper.

(Update): A spokesperson from Isaac Herzogs office reached out to Al-Masdar News on Monday to confirm that this quote was fabricated.



Brazil Considers Plan To Feed Low-Income Children Human Pet Food MintPress News

SO PAULO A new, controversial plan to feed low-income children and adults in So Paulo with powder pellets made from nearly expired food has drawn the ire of critics, who have called the product human pet food. The plan was first announced last Wednesday by , the Donald Trump of Brazil and mayor of Brazils largest city, who compared the pellets called farinata to astronaut food and asserted that their incorporation into the diets of low-income citizens and schoolchildren would alleviate hunger within the city at no cost to the municipal government. As many as 1.5 million people in So Paulo do not have enough food to eat on a regular basis.

Dorias assertions about the pellets benefits have failed to assuage the concerns of state prosecutors who are now probing the plan, which is set to be implemented later this month. Chief among their concerns regarding the pellets is the lack of available information regarding the foods nutritional value. As Jos Bonilha, a state prosecutor working in connection with the case, told the Guardian, There is an uncertainty over the nutritional value of this food. What were the tests and the documents that authorized the announcement of its introduction?



1937 Painting Includes Tribesman Holding What Appears To Be An Iphone TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

A 1937 image painted by artist Umberto Romano seems to show a Native American holding an IPhone.

The imaged called Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield includes confused looking tribesmen and american sailors circling around what looks to be a curious native looking at the IPhone.

Unfortunately the image does have a more sinister side, being the depiction of the American colonialism of Springfield. In the battles related to this specific take over led by William Pynchon, it is thought over 8000 Natives lost their lives.

The image is mysterious in nature and whatever story Romano is trying to tell seems to center around this phone like contraption. Let us know what you think it is, and please share this article!

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here



51 GOP Senators Just Voted To Cut $1.5 Trillion from Medicare and Medicaid To Give Super-Rich and Corporations a Tax Cut TruthTheory

The Republican budget, declared Sen. Sanders after its passage, is not a bad bill. Its a horrific bill.

Along strict party lines, the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday night voted to pass a sweeping budget measureone criticized as both despicable and horrific for providing massive giveaways to corporations and the super-rich while eviscerating funding for social programs, healthcare, education, and affordable housing.

Another dark deed done: GOP passes obscene budget to slash Medicare/Medicaid & explode the deficit all in the name of tax cuts for the 1%.
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon)
The measure passed by 51-49 vote, with only one Republican, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, joining every Democrat and the chambers two Independents who voted against it. Its approval now paves that way for massive tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations...


Slow Day At Work? Try One Of These Energizers Fast Company

Dont succumb to wasting your workday watching cat videos.

When youre not feeling like yourself at work, it seems impossible to bounce back. You think to yourself, Tomorrows a new day, but for now Im just going to stare at GIFs of kittens. But dont throw in the towel for the day just yet.

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#GoogleGestapo: References on Google Censorship Public Intelligence Blog

Click on Image to Enlarge


Censorship by Google (Wikipedia)

Google Censorship (Reddit)


21st Century Wire, Google Is the Engine of Censorship,, 11 August 2017.

Arnold, Steve, Revealing the Google Relevance Sins, Beyond Search, 2 May 2017.

Arnold, Steve, Google and Hate Speech: None of This I Know It When I See It, Beyond Search, 7 June 2017.

Ali Breland, Tech companies crack down on hate speech after Charlottesville, The Hill, 19 August 2017.



California Passes Law To Ban The Sale Of Dogs From Puppy Mills The Event Chronicle

By Kalee Brown

If youve never heard of a puppy mill, theyre sort of like factory farms, but for puppies. Have you ever wondered how giant pet stores get so many puppies? Well, theyre bred at puppy mills, where many dogs never see outside of a cage, let alone the light of day. The conditions they live in are terrible, and these mills operate all over North America in order to meet the demand for pets.

In truth, there are around 10,000 puppy mills in America, although this number is only a rough estimate; many facilities operate illegally, which is why animal cruelty within them is so common. Puppy mills vary in size, as the number of adult dogs kept to breed new puppies can range from five to over a thousand.

Its not uncommon for any sick or aging dogs to simply get tossed aside at these mills. Dog breeders will often just leave them to die, or alternatively will shoot or kill the injured dogs themselves. People wonder why we have millions of dogs living on the streets, and end up euthanizing 2 million dogs every year in the U.S. alone; well, its in part because puppy mills breed too many dogs.

There are strict laws in other parts of the world against the mass breeding of dogs. For example, in England, there were only 5,000 dogs euthanized in 2015, which is largely due to the strict laws imposed on dog breeding. In England, dog breeders require a license for every single dog they breed.

Well, California is finally doing something to help mitigate this problem. A new law has just been signed banning all pet stores in California from selling animals that come from puppy mills. This law represents the first in America to take a stand against puppy mills, ensuring that pet stores start to work with shelters, rescue homes, and humane breeders.

California to Ban the Sale of Animals From Mills

Last Friday, Governor of California Jerry Brown announced that the state would be enforcing a ban on the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from mills. Those who break this law will be forced to pay a fine of up to $500. Puppy mills have a terrible reputation for perpetuating anima...


Watch Live: Andy Cohen And Cecile Richards On Activism And Pop Culture Fast Company

Andy Cohen, the host of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, discuss activism, pop culture, and why unapologetic boldness is the only way forward at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

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No safe place for ISIS blogfactory

Syrian Army drives south at full speed on the Euphrates

download (16)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:15 P.M.) Syrian Arab Army operations against ISIS south of Al-Mayadeen along the western bank of the Euphrates River are still in full swing as the former continues to battle their way south towards the Iraqi border.

Capitalizing on their liberation of the town of Mahkan yesterday, Syrian Army forces pushed on to the next big ISIS stronghold, Al-Quriyyah.

At the present time, heavy clashes are ongoing inside Al-Quriyyah where Islamic State militants are attempting to hold onto the town likely as part of a rearguard action.

According to military sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News, many ISIS fighters and their family have begun retreating from Al-Asharah (south of Al-Quriyyah) towards the strategic border town of Abu Kamal.

As all of this is taking place, the Russian Aerospace Forces are carrying-out precision airstrikes throughout middle Euphrates valley region, targeting Islamic State positions and movements where every they are found.

Al-Masdar Al-Arabi (The Arab Source / ) is dedicated to providing the latest news and analysis from the Arab world.



Scientists discover mammalian blood molecule that attracts predators and repels prey Signs of the Times

Scientists have discovered a mammalian blood molecule, one whiff of which sends predatory animals into a frenzy but sends prey, including humans, running for the hills, hinting at our pre-predatory past. Never before have scientists seen the same molecule (E2D) have such opposing effects in creatures ranging from horse flies to humans, a fact which hints at deep evolutionary roots, according to research published in the journal Scientific Reports.


Moms-to-be cannot be called a "pregnant woman" but 'people' - UK to UN Signs of the Times

A mom-to-be cannot be called a "pregnant woman" - she is a "pregnant person," the UK government reportedly said in an amendment to a UN treaty. The changes, which claim to consider trans parents' rights, have triggered a backlash. The UK has objected to use of the term "pregnant woman," as it may "exclude transgender people who have given birth,"the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said, adding that the correct term should be "pregnant people," the Times reported on Sunday. "We requested that the UN human rights committee made it clear that the same right [to life for pregnant women] extends to pregnant transgender people," the FCO said. The UK government officially submitted the proposed amendments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights from 1976, the Times added. The text of the UN document says that "sentence of death shall not be imposed for crimes committed by persons... shall not be carried out on pregnant women."


Dead Bryde's whale discovered near Mumbai, India Signs of the Times

Parts of a Bryde's whale's carcass were found near Colaba on Monday. The whale could have washed ashore day or two ago. A marine researcher who had gone to the spot told mid-day it is difficult to state the exact age of the creature or the cause of its death. "The head of the whale washed ashore at Colaba pumping station, while the tail was found 500 metres away, near Afghan Church. The tail could not be measured, as it was inaccessible. The other half measured around 7.8 meters," said the researcher. Speaking about the total length of the whale's body, the researcher said, "Without the actual measurement of the tail, it is difficult to tell the complete length of the animal. But Bryde's whales grow up to a maximum length of 50 ft." 50 ft Maximum length of a Bryde's whale


Berto Jongman: Insect Collapse, Pollution Public Intelligence Blog

Berto Jongman

More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas

Loss of insect diversity and abundance is expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and to jeopardize ecosystem services.

Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens survival of human societies

Landmark study finds toxic air, water, soils and workplaces kill at least 9m people and cost trillions of dollars every year


16th North Atlantic right whale discovered dead off Cape Cod, Massachusetts Signs of the Times

A sixteenth North Atlantic right whale has been found dead off the coast of Massachusetts this week, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The organization announced late on Monday that the right whale was found dead on a beach near Cape Cod. There are only about 500 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. The 16 confirmed deaths in U.S. and Canadian waters this year represents about three per cent of the population. The IFAW said they plan to work with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine the cause of the whale's death.


British capitalists admit capitalism not working Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Richard Wolff: Capitalism Is Not Working

24 February 2012

Economics professor Richard Wolff attributes the global economic crisis to the failure of the capitalist system. He argues that the root cause of the problem is over-borrowing, and that capitalism runs on an unsustainable cycle.

Each month, Richard D. Wolff presents an an analysis of some particular economic topics and then opens the floor to questions, comments and a general discussion. This course takes place at the Brecht Forum in New York. Each month, we aim to develop participants understanding of and ability to explain to others the key economic developments of our time.

The updates focus on the evolving global capitalist economic crisis and its consequences. Professor Wolff examines topics such as: the social costs effects of the historic long-term US unemployment; national debt crises and austerity programs in Greece, Ireland, Spain, and beyond; changes in todays Chinese economy and their global effects; tax reform and the entire tax issue in the US today; continuing crisis in the US housing and credit markets; the economics of immigration.

Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University in New York. Wolff ha...


Approval rating of the president falls in 50 states blogfactory

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of President Donald Trump and his approval rating has fallen in all 50 states since his inauguration in January, according to a new poll.

Trumps Manager needs to call him in , for a chat, on how he can pull his socks up !

A Morning Consult survey released Tuesday found that Trumps national job performance has dropped since January. In September, 43 percent of respondents said they approved of the presidents performance, while 52 percent disapproved. In January, 49 percent of voters approved of Trumps performance, compared to 39 percent who disapproved.

The new poll revealed that in September, a majority of voters in 25 states disapproved of the Republican presidents performance. Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania were among those states which Trump carried during the 2016 election.

Furthermore, a little more than half of voters in states of Nevada and Arizona did not favor his performance.

Trump has been accused of mishandling key issues like foreign policy, economy, immigration, health care and terrorism.

A larger majority of Americans continue to view Trump and the Republican Congress in a negative light now that he has struggled to carry out his agenda, health care in particular.

Read more: 

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that he would be using the power of the pen to give people great health care since Congress did not act.

During his election campaign, Trump had also promised to build a wall at the southern border and have Mexico pay for it.

The poll surveyed peoples opinion about Trumps competence on the world stage, his effectiveness, the GOP health care plan as well as his handling of building a wall at the southern border.



Terry Richardson barred from working with Cond Nast publications Fast Company

If youve been paying attention, this should come as no surprise. Infamous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson has reportedly been blacklisted by Cond Nast, which houses publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and GQ. In an email obtained by the Telegraph, Cond Nast EVP and COO James Woolhouse allegedly said the company would no longer work with him and

If youve been paying attention, this should come as no surprise. Infamous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson has reportedly been blacklisted by Cond Nast, which houses publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

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58% of Americans disapprove of Trumps antics blogfactory

Most Americans disapprove of US President Donald Trumps job in office, according to the latest Harvard-Harris survey.

Fifty-eight percent disapprove of the job the president is doing, while 42 percent say they approve, the poll released on Monday night found.

In September, 45 percent Americans endorsed Trumps job amid praise for the federal governments response to the hurricanes that battered several states.

But since then Trump has faced severe criticism for his poor response to a hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

He has blasted the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for her poor leadership after she begged for help in handling the crisis and devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, which has left millions in Puerto Rico without power several weeks after making landfall.

The Harvard-Harris poll showed that 51 percent of voters say that the presidents response to Hurricane Maria was worse than his response to the hurricanes that targeted the coastal states that have a shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico.

Trump has a strong economy and majority support for the job he is doing on the economy normally enough to shoot any presidents ratings sky high, said Harvard-Harris co-director Mark Penn.

But the intraparty war and dust kicked up on Puerto Rico and his way of responding has people on edge about his leadership. He continues to maintain his tweets work for him despite the evidence they divide critical swing voters from his appeal.


Trump has also been under fire recently over his controversial remarks about Gold Star families and his unending criticism of football players who kneel during the national anthem.  All this has affected his job approval ratings.

In August, Trump set records for low presidential approval records with his dismally low approval ratings, including the lowest mark ever for a president in his first year in office.

His approval rating of 34 percent was worse than former President Barack Obamas ever was.

Low approval ratings impede a presidents ability to push an agenda through Congress and make it more likely t...


War Criminals Join Lady Gaga For Hurricane Relief Benefit Your News Wire

Five former US presidents put their differences aside when they came together for a hurricane relief benefit in Texas. The public loved their photo-op with Lady Gaga who joined them after her performence saying Nothing [...]


Unicef alert over continuing high rates of child marriage in Africa RSS feed from

Unless progress is seriously accelerated, it will take over 100 years to end child marriage in West and Central Africa, the UN Children's Fund has warned..


African elephant poaching down, ivory seizures up RSS feed from

Elephant poaching in Africa continues to fall but last year saw record seizures of illegally traded ivory.


Shark attacks kayaker off Takapuna beach, New Zealand Signs of the Times

A shark attack has rattled investigative journalist David Lomas. He was targeted three times by the creature as he paddled his kayak off the Takapuna coastline yesterday. The shark only stopped bumping and shaking his boat as its jaws tried to get a grip on the plastic when Lomas stabbed it with his paddle. "Once you know it's attacking the boat you have that image of it coming out of the water and having a go at you. "I just gave it a good stab down with my paddle. It stopped and disappeared under my boat, heading backwards. "I started paddling as fast as a I could without trying to splash too much."


Xi Jinping aims to be the architect of China's 'ecological civilisation' RSS feed from

It looks as if Xi Jinping intends to be remembered as the architect of Chinas ecological civilisation the Partys long-term vision of a sustainable China.


How CoverGirl Built An Ad Campaign Around Multicultural Badassness Fast Company

The famed makeup brand wants to challenge the idea that beauty marketing need not tell authentic stories from womens real lives.

After 20 years, its no longer Easy, breezy for CoverGirl. That iconic logo, which has been represented over the years by everyone from Cybill Shepherd to Queen Latifah, is being replaced by CoverGirls new campaign, I am what I make up, which is rolling out this fall. The campaign was spearheaded by CoverGirl SVP Ukonwa Ojo, whose team worked with the ad agency Droga5 to come up with a new message of multicultural badassness for the makeup brand.

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Canada geese avoid hunters in Chicago city Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

16 August 2012

Canadian Geese take over front yard of suburban home in Asbury Park, NJ [New Jersey].

The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) is a wild goose with a black head and neck, white patches on the face, and a brownish-gray body. Native to arctic and temperate regions of North America, it is occasionally found in northern Europe, and has been introduced to other temperate regions.

It breeds in Canada and the northern United States in a variety of habitats. Its nest is usually located in an elevated area near water such as streams, lakes, ponds and sometimes on a beaver lodge. Its eggs are laid in a shallow depression lined with plant material and down. The Great Lakes region maintains a very large population of Canada Geese.

From the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences in the USA:

Smart birds: Canada geese give hunters the slip by hiding out in Chicago

October 23, 2017

Its open season for Canada geese in Illinois from mid-October to mid-January. Unfortunately for hunters, Canada geese are finding a new way to stay out of the line of fire. Rather than being sitting ducks in a rural pond, theyre setting up residence in the city.

University of Illinois ornithologist Mike Ward says he and a team of researchers conducted a recent study to try to find out why there were so many Canada geese in Chicago in the winter. We thought the geese would fly to forage on nearby agricultural fields during the day, then fly back to the city to roost, but that wasnt the case. What we learned is that they werent going to the city for food, they were going there because there were no hunters, he explains.

The study finds that 85 percent of the Canada geese wintered in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, and none made foraging flights to agricultural fields within or outside of the urban area. Their arrival demonstrated uncanny timing as well. Approximately 70 percent of the geese the researchers were tracking returned to the Chicagoland area prior to open hunting seasons.

Ward says survival rate was also high. All of the Canada geese that spent the winter in Chicago survived, whe...


Lightning bolt kills two girls in South Africa Signs of the Times

Two girls, aged 8 and 13, died after being struck by lightning in Bayafuthi, Msinga, on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast on Monday. Nomcebo Shabalala and Amahle Sithole were on their way to school when they were struck. Weziwe Thusi, Acting MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) said: "This is a devastating blow to the entire community and a sad reminder that we are now in the summer season where the frequency of lightning incidents has somehow increased from what it used to be due to the reality of climate change. While this is an act of nature, it is a growing problem especially in summer and warrants that we all learn methods of adapting to these unpredictable weather patterns. We wish to assure the affected families of our support and assistance. The uMzinyathi District Disaster Centre has been directed to work very close with the bereaved families". Cogta is appealing to residents to heed storm warnings. The department in partnership with municipalities will continue its awareness campaigns and partner with the schools to ensure that children at a young age are armed with information on what to do to cope with the growing problems caused by natural disasters.


You can now read Stephen Hawkings PhD thesis for free Fast Company

If you can get the page to load, that is. On Monday, the University of Cambridge posted Stephen Hawkings highly requested doctoral thesis, Properties of Expanding Universes, in full. According to the university, Hawkings thesiswhich he wrote at the age of 24was the most popular document in its research library, Apollo, drawing hundreds of views each

If you can get the page to load, that is. On Monday, the University of Cambridge posted Stephen Hawkings highly requested doctoral thesisProperties of Expanding Universes, in full. According to the university, Hawkings thesiswhich he wrote at the age of 24was the most popular document in its research library, Apollo, drawing hundreds of views each month. Until now, those interested in reading the thesis had to shell out $85 (65 British pounds) for a copy or pay a visit to the university library. Now you can view it for free via Open Access.

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Dear Europe, take note: if you want to, Israel can be pressured (Amira Hass ) Tlaxcala

24/10/2017 - A recent case involving Dutch solar panels shows how friendly states can make Israel back down when it violates international humanitarian law Electricity returns to Palestinian village Jubbet Adh-Dhib, ...


When it comes to Amazon, Target is a NIMBY Fast Company

Its tough out there for physical retailers as Amazon encroaches on nearly every industrys terrain. So it shouldnt come as a shock that Target is doing anything it can to curb Amazons steady expansion. Target is reportedly using lease agreements that allow Target to prohibit competition from opening stores in the same complex, according to Reuters.

Its tough out there for physical retailers as Amazon encroaches on nearly every industrys terrain. So it shouldnt come as a shock that Target is doing anything it can to curb Amazons steady expansion. Target is reportedly using lease agreements that allow Target to prohibit competition from opening stores in the same complex, according to Reuters.

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Boom: the Clintons, US uranium, Putin, and the FBI The Crazz Files

by Jon Rappoport

October 23, 2017

In 2016, long before the current news story broke about the FBI concealing a multi-year investigation into Russian bribery, the Clintons, US uranium, and Russia, I wrote about the scandal and spelled it out in simple terms. Read More


Italian Lazio football hooligans anti-Semitism Dear Kitty. Some blog

Paolo Di Canio makes fascist salute

From this blog on 22 May 2011:

Club loses GMB sponsorship after signing football fascist

Sunday 22 May 2011

by Adrian Roberts

The GMB said today that it has decided to end its sponsorship of Swindon Town football club in protest at the appointment of Paolo Di Canio as manager.

GMB said the Italian former player who was named as the new manager of Swindon Town on Friday had previously voiced right-wing views of which it strongly disapproved.

Mr Di Canio has spoken freely about being a fascist and an admirer of Mussolini. He has faced bans and fines for making the fascist straight-arm salute while playing for Italian club Lazio.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 23 October 2017:

Fans of the Italian football club Lazio Roma have left anti-Semitic slogans and stickers depicting Anne Frank in their stadium. The statements were aimed at supporters of city-mate and arch rivals AS Roma, with whom they share the Olympic Stadium of Rome.

The Lazio fans included stickers depicting Anne Frank in an AS Roma shirt and wrote in graffiti Roma fans are Jews.

The stickers and slogans were put there during last Sundays match, in the part of the stadium where AS Romas fanatical supporters always sit at their home matches.

Lazios fans never come there. Last...


Veterans File Lawsuit Accusing Big Pharma Companies Of Funding Terrorist Organizations In Iraq The Crazz Files

By Kalee Brown

[..]On October 17, over 100 U.S. veterans and relatives of American soldiers who were either injured or killed during the Iraq war filed a federal lawsuit against numerous U.S.

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Hipcamp, The Airbnb Of Camping, Is Changing Flyover Country Into A Big Welcome Mat Fast Company

The company, which helped shelter those fleeing California wildfires, allows you to rent campsites on privately owned land, but it aspires to much more.

When, earlier this month, wildfires began to rage across Northern California, consuming more than 200,000 acres of land and displacing 100,000 people, many Americans felt helpless. But Simone Mosely, a 28-year-old mother of two who was attending a hip-hop conference in Atlanta when the fires broke out, immediately mobilized. As a Hipcamp host and manager of Chanslor Ranch, with tents and tipis on a nature preserve that encompasses 400 acres of bucolic, California Pacific coastland, Mosely had at her disposal just what the evacuees needed. With the approval of her boss, the lands owner, Jonathan Wang, she opened the gates and has been hosting up to 40 people at a time since.

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A few days ago I blogged about nanochips and a potential "nanochipping" agenda and its potentials for mind and behavior control on whole populations,



Average Americans Are Giving Away Less Money And Its A Big Problem Fast Company

As it becomes harder and harder to spare money for nonprofits, it means the pool of money being given to organizations is increasingly controlled by a small group of wealthy donors.

Over the last decade, two seemingly counterintuitive trends have developed within the philanthropy world, according to How America Gives, a series of investigative reports from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. First, the amount of money thats being donated to charity each year has steadily risen, even breaking records: In 2016, it ticked up another 1.4%, to top $390 billion. Yet the total number of Americans contributing to that sum has substantially dropped from 31% to 24% during that same time period.

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Uber is losing ground among business travelers as Lyft gains, new data shows Fast Company

More business travelers are choosing Lyft to take them around town, according to new data from travel expense software Certify. The company says Lyfts ridership now comprises 11% of users, up from 8% last quarter. Meanwhile, Uber saw its first decline, a single percent, in rides quarter over quarter since Certify began tracking in Q4

More business travelers are choosing Lyft to take them around town, according to new data from travel expense software Certify. The company says Lyfts ridership now comprises 11% of users, up from 8% last quarter. Meanwhile, Uber saw its first decline, a single percent, in rides quarter over quarter since Certify began tracking in Q4 of 2014. In San Francisco in particular, Certify found use of Uber for work purposes declined 8%. In the same region, Lyft saw a 9% increase in use among employees. Taxi and car rental companies also went down a percent this quarter.

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These Are The Three Types Of Teams That Will Derail Productivity Fast Company

Which of these traits do you see among your coworkers?

If youve ever been on one, you know what a team that works well together looks like. Individual strengths complement each other, members have each others backs, and a positive, uplifting culture makes going to work a pleasure. Unfortunately, this kind of team is rare. Many teams struggle to work well together as personalities clash.

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This new bed-in-a-box brand lets you customize the firmness on your side of the bed Fast Company

Its like Sleep Number and Casper had a baby. Kutson, the newest entrant in the booming bed-in-a-box market, distinguishes itself by allowing sleepers to customize the firmness of the mattress on their side of the bed. The foam mattress has a modular design that allows you to swap out layers to make them firmer or

Its like Sleep Number and Casper had a baby.

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Allbirds is launching a kids shoe line calledwhat else?Smallbirds Fast Company

Allbirds, Silicon Valleys favorite wool shoe brand, just got a whole lot cuter with a new limited-edition line of toddler and kids shoes calledwait for itSmallbirds. Allbirds has been a darling of the startup world, having raked in more than $27 million in investment to scale its growth. Founded in 2015 by New Zealander Tim Brown,

Allbirds, Silicon Valleys favorite wool shoe brand, just got a whole lot cuter with a new limited-edition line of toddler and kids shoes calledwait for itSmallbirds.

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Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead Outside Church CLG News

Dropping like flies: Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead Outside Church --Chad Nishimura killed after giving conflicting statement about Stephan Paddock | 21 Oct 2017 | A key witness in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, who mysteriously vanished shortly after giving a statement that conflicted with the "official" narrative, has been shot dead outside a central Las Vegas Valley church. Chad Nishimura was a valet worker from the Mandalay Bay hotel, who parked the suspected Las Vegas shooting gunman's car, and gave an interview saying Stephen Paddock was a "normal guy" who "didn't have many bags". Nishimura gave a statement to ABC affiliate, KITV4 News, but the article was later pulled from the network's website


How Warby Parker Reinvented The Eye Test Fast Company

Warby Parker co-CEO Dave Gilboa has created a startup within his fast-growing startup to tackle a $5 billion opportunity.

One advantage of Warby Parker having a direct relationship with customers is that we get feedback and can move quickly, said co-CEO Dave Gilboa during the 2017 Fast Company Innovation Festival. Theyve told us that its inconvenient and annoying to get a new prescription to get a new pair of glasses. As the fast-growing eyewear startup dug into the issue, Gilboa and company realized that the process of getting a new glasses prescription is actually pretty antiquated, as he puts it.

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Saving Australias endangered mountain pygmy possums Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2015 video is called Mountain Pygmy Possums Endangered Species Edit.

From the University of Melbourne in Australia:

Genetic rescue boosts recovery of Australias endangered mountain pygmy possums

October 23, 2017

For the first time, a breeding technique known as genetic rescue has been shown to increase population numbers and survival rates of the endangered mountain pygmy possum, now at their highest numbers since 1996.

The study was conducted by a team from the University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, CESAR, Mt Buller Mt Stirling Resort Management, and the University of New South Wales.

Dr Andrew Weeks from the University of Melbourne led the project, published in the international journal Nature Communications.

Genetic rescue was used to introduce male mountain pygmy possums, Burramys parvus, from a healthy population at Mt Hotham, to a recipient group of females at Mt Buller. The two groups had become physically isolated from each other over 20,000 years.

This isolation had led to inbreeding and a lack of the genetic variation that is essential for overcoming disease and ensuring the ability to thrive.

Dr Weeks says that since the genetic rescue program began in 2011, the possum population has gone through rapid growth and is now larger than when the population was first discovered in 1996.

Before 2010, there was thought to be only a handful of individuals at Mt Buller, Dr Weeks...


"Bitch, Get Out!!" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Bitch, Get Out!!"
by Missy Comley Beattie

"Saturday, Oct 14th, I opened snail mail to read this typed letter that arrived in a typed envelope with a Purple Heart stamp:


You need to move! You should be out of our country within 30 days. You got the money, get out! You hate our country. You hate our flag, you hate our government! Your articles show your hate for our country and our people. You write about how ignorant and cruel our policemen act and you condemn our men in blue while they keep you safe and die for the safety of others.

According to you, our country and our people are responsible for everything bad that happens in the world.




Im Challenging Techie Dad to #FitB4Christmas Round2 Blog Baladi

I lost last years #FitB4Christmas to Techie Dad but I think we were both very happy with the final outcome. In fact, Ive only gained back 2 kilos from the 4.5 I lost in the original challenge, but Im still far from my ideal weight which is why Im starting another #FitB4Christmas this year, one that I will most definitely win this time!

Why #FitB4Christmas?

We tend to eat and drink a lot around Christmas and New Year, so now is a good time to lose few kilos and get back on the right track. We will need to lose at least 8 kilos by Christmas by following a healthier lifestyle rather than starving ourselves out.

Whats the challenge?

Im introducing few changes to last years rules and adding a couple of new challenges:

Walk/Jog on average 50,000 steps a week. It doesnt matter if were doing 4000 steps on a week day and 12,000 steps on Saturday as long as we achieve the set goal by Sunday night.
Complete four weeks of the one hundred push-ups program.
Perform 3 sets of 15 of any upper body exercise you choose on a daily basis.

Run/Walk 5K in less than 40 minutes.
Go up an down the Gemmayze stairs 3 times.
Climb 15 stairs daily.

What can we eat?

No fried food or fast food are allowed.
No soft or alcoholic drinks are allowed.
No desserts or sweets are allowed.
Cut down on carbs (No Manakish, Kaak, etc ..) and stick to multi-cereal bread.
No meals are allowed after 9PM on week days. You can only have a salad and a bowl of bacon is not considered a salad

You are allowed 1 cheat meal (including drinks and a dessert) every week.

Tracking our progress

We are both techies so we have all the gadgets needed to track down our weekly progress. To make sure no ones cheating, each of us will have to post a weekly post and share his steps, the nbr of push-ups (theres an app for the 100 push-ups so its easy) and how many kilos he lost.

What does the winner get?

Needless to say, we will both emerge as winners if we do commit to this program but still there has to be a winner and a loser. I have an extra motivation this year since I am Pumas brand ambassador for the coming year and I have access to their awesome apparel and training gear.

Were still not undecided on the prize for the winner. Jimmy tried to bribe me to stop the challenge but I refused so he will have to pay dearly when he loses...


How Wealthsimple Uses Star Power To Break Through Money Anxiety Fast Company

Stressed about your shrinking paycheck or your rising debt? Youre not alone.

Famous people are rich, right? Theyre on TV, they wear designer clothesdefinitely loaded.

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These 8 Habits Can Add Years To Your Life, According to Science Awareness Act

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

  • Sophia Loren

The myth of the of Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth is one that is well known. We are fascinated by the story, specifically by the idea that there may be a spring that would possess the ability to obtain everlasting life and health to anyone who either drank from the spring or bathed in it.

Source: Health Magazine


Experts say that we dont need to spend hundreds of dollars to accomplish these goals. There are a number of scientifically proven ways that we can improve our health and live longer simply by making small, simple changes today.

Experts say these 8 scientifically proven tips can add years to your life:

Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure levels have been associated with an increased risk of coronary disease, stroke, heart failure and heart attacks. Knowing that it is no surprise experts are advising that lowering your blood pressure can lengthen your life. With approximat...


You Are There: Google And TBWA On How VR Will Change Storytelling Fast Company

During a panel for Fast Companys Innovation Festival, representatives from Google and TBWA/Chiat/Day discuss VRs impending impact on how audiences experience stories.

The universal truth about VR headsets is that nobody looks cool wearing them. In fact, most people look like dazed ducks with blunted bills where their eyes should be, trying to feel their way through a foggy bog at night. Of course, it only takes strapping in for the right VR experience just once to realize that looking momentarily uncool is a small price to pay.

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"The White House Has Lost Control" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The White House Has Lost Control"
by Bill Bonner

"Lisbon is a beautiful city. It was so poor and so remote, it missed out on the modernization that ruined many other cities in Europe. Wisely neutral during the first and second World War, it wasnt bombed either. Even now, after the spread of cheap euro finance has made it richer, there is still a whiff of decay about itlike a great oak with a few dead limbsor a beautiful woman with a few grey hairs. We will be in Portugal all this week. Well let you know what we find.

Bluff and bluster: Meanwhile, back in the US, the government, as we showed yesterday, doesnt work the way its supposed to. We connected the dotsfrom the increase in complexity to the inability of the people or their representatives to know what is going on. The insiders run the show now, we saw.

But we left out one dot ...


Neil deGrasse Tyson Has A Message That We All Need to Hear (Video) Awareness Act

Neil deGrasse Tyson, for those who do not know, is an American astrophysicist and science communicator. He is well known and is definitely not afraid to speak his mind.

In this more recent viral video, he has gone above and beyond to send the message we have wanted to hear for so long. This could easily be one of his most important messages yet. He urges America to stop playing around and get things done.

We have accomplished so much and yet so little. Tyson is full of passion and truly resonates with this subject. Over the past few decades, we have been losing the ability to agree on what the truth is even when there is evidence of it. This according to Tyson is an extremely dangerous path.

StarTalk Radio/YouTube


Tyson directs the disappointment that we are all feeling today. Why are we denying humans are warming the planet even when there is proof? Denial is delaying a political solution we should have had long ago. Tyson himself even says that these words might be the most important ones he has ever been able to speak. We need to be taking care of the planet not ignoring and denying an issue that is going to literally kill us in the end. This planet deserves better.

While some of you will argue that this video is overly pushing in regards to what science is, I believe it is a necessary push in order to truly get the point across. Please take the time to check out Tysons full video below and let us know what you think. We need a solution. We need more people like Tyson standing up and speaking out.


13 Ways To Unplug Yourself From The Matrix Awareness Act

There once was a time where the idea of the The Matrix was one that belonged in sci-fi movies. We talked of this time, far off in the distant future, where technology would surpass our current grasp, providing us with new and innovative ways to connect with one another and live our day to day lives. Cautionary tales were told, predicting all the ways that our move towards a tech-reliant world could, in fact, restrict our freedoms, enslaving us to those who hold power in the world.

In todays modern society we are closer than ever before to these very words of warning. Connected better today than ever before, the creation of The Matrix has enabled us to communicate instantly with others the world over, access a wealth of data with the click of a button and carry the equivalent of a computer in our pocket, providing us with the ability to plug in regardless of where we happen to be. With this, however, has come concerns about safety, security and privacy.

Source: Linked In


Many of the applications that are used on a daily basis, such as social media platforms, our calendars, fitness trackers, map programs and more, provide a clear picture of where you are at all times as their location services use GPS systems that can be tracked. Other behaviours and insights into our lives are also tracked such as our spending habits, our hobbies and interests and the people and organizations that we have connected with.

Many individuals live in a state of blissful ignorance, happily using technology in many areas of their lives without any thought into the possible ramifications of this dependence. Others are far more awake to the growing dependence that is sweeping our world today.

During a live Q&A session Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, described the future of technology as he is able to see it. He spoke of virtual reality capturing our thoughts lives and sharing them with the world instantly a technology he predicts will be widely available within the next 50 years. He even discussed research currently being conducted at Berkeley University in which they are able to predict what a study participant is thinking based solely on viewing their MRI scan.

For those of us who are aware of the reality of The Matrix and the dangers that it possesses from government tracking to the programming of our thoughts and beliefs, the question is how to protect ourselves from its reach.

Here are 13 tips to stop being a slave and unplug...


No, We Wont All Be Freelancers In The Future Of Work Fast Company

Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel has seen (and helped) the freelance economy take off. But that doesnt mean he thinks were all fated to become solopreneurs.

Theres no doubt freelancing will play a major role in our future working lives. Over 57 million Americans took on freelance work in some capacitythats 36% of the U.S. workforce, up from 53 million in 2014. With a rising tide of people flooding into the freelance economy, our fourth annual Freelancing in America study, released earlier this month by Upwork and the Freelancers Union, now predicts freelancers will make up a majority of the U.S. workforce within a decade.

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10 Signs Youre Being Watched By A Guardian Angel Awareness Act

One topic of interest that is common among most religions and spirituality, is the idea of angels! Regardless of what they are described as, we all have a special form of life energy positively watching over us throughout each day!

Angels are a very heartwarming and comforting subject to think about. Just the idea of a higher power watching over you for sanctity makes you feel good inside and almost safe. While nobody can agree on one religion, purpose, or even a  spiritual idea, angels are talked about in almost every different religion there is. Guardian angels are a manifestation of positive energy that only has our best of intentions in mind. They watch over us and try to guide us along a positive pathway of self discovery and integrity. Angelic forces might be the very reason we are still breathing today. Perhaps they kept the drunk driver out of your path one night, made you think to put your seatbelt on before a crash, or even manifested the very cells that defeated a deadly virus in our bodies! There are endless scenarios of moments where an angel could have saved us!

We each have angels watching over all, but sometimes they can be paying specific attention to you. They might be trying to let you know something, warn you of something dangerous in your path. No matter the reason, those of us who are being specifically watched by guardian angels will experience these signs. These are the most common indicators that a higher angelic force is cautiously guiding you to the right place. Listen to your intuition at this time.

1. Finding Feathers

Feathers are one of the most strongly associated things to guardian angels. If you are in an area where you wouldnt expect to see feathers but do, you might be near your guardian angel. Angels like to leave feathers as a reminder that they are there, and watchin...


Apples iPhone X will be severely constrained at launch Fast Company

A new report from Nikkei says Apple will only ship half as many iPhone X units as expected in 2017 due to supply constraints. Nikkei says the company will only be able to ship 20 million phones through the end of December, down from an estimated 40 million previously. The constraint comes from trouble Apples

A new report from Nikkei says Apple will only ship half as many iPhone X units as expected in 2017 due to supply constraints. Nikkei says the company will only be able to ship 20 million phones through the end of December, down from an estimated 40 million previously. The constraint comes from trouble Apples supplier is having manufacturing enough of the components used in the iPhone Xs new facial recognition tech. The report goes on to say that Apple is able to make only 10 million units per month. Preorders for the iPhone X begin this Friday, October 27. The device goes on sale on Friday, November 3.

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Elana Freeland Shares Her Backstory, 5G, DEWS And More After the Shift


Elana Freeland takes us from her childhood among the Roma in Detroit to her first major prophetic literary work "Sub-Rosa America," a fictional work in 5 volumes which views the history of America from the window of 2019, when the world falls apart...through the journeys of her first and second books about the full spectrum of the geoengineering program, and how it, along with 5G are the enablers of the entire matrix that has been put in place around us, unbeknownst to the general public. How each of us who burn to know the truth must take their place to engage with what IS occurring, about which most of the humanity is uninformed, ignorant, and in denial. This is a majestic interview that will leave you breathless in places.


The Neuroscience of Singing: How Singing Changes Your Brain Awareness Act

Singing increases self-awareness, self-confidence and our ability to communicate with others. It decreases stress, comforts us and helps us to forge our identity and influence our world.

  • Katie Kat, US Opera Singer

Music has always maintained an important role in our society, dating back to the ceremonial and ritual music of our ancestors. In fact, archaeologists report the discovery of musical instruments that date back almost 30,000 years. Songs were often used to share history and folklore, celebrate religious holidays and motivate workers out in the fields.

While music has been embraced in many different areas of our lives, the medical benefits that it carries are often overlooked. In recent years, however, the healing power of music is being studied more than ever. One expert who has dedicated his life to better understanding the impact of music on the human brain is psychologist Daniel J. Levitin, PhD.



Focusing his study on the neuroscience of music at McGill University in Montreal, Levitin, along with his postgraduate research fellow Mona Lisa Chanda PhD., concluded that music is capable of both reducing stress and improving the bodys immune system function. In his book This is Your Brain on Music, Levitin wrote, Weve found compelling evidence that musical interventions can play a health-care role in settings ranging from operating rooms to family clinics.

Specifically, the act of singing in a group is incredibly powerful. The practice creates a sense of community, connecting individuals in a way that allows us to build trust and bond with our peers. In a recent study, researchers looked at the effects of singing both in a large choir (over 200 people) and a smaller choir (20-80 people), specifically assessing the degree of closeness as well as the pain thresholds of those in the group. The study concluded that members of both groups experienced increased pain thresholds after periods of singing together, however, this was magnified among those in even larger groups.



Entrepreneur Naveen Jains Newest Moonshot? Cure The World Of Chronic Disease Fast Company

Jain is the founder and CEO of Viome, a kit-based company that analyzes gut bacteria in the hopes of changing the way people think about health.

Until recently, serial entrepreneur Naveen Jains most ambitious project was Moon Express, a literal moonshot that aims to land a rocket on our cratered neighbor and use its resources to make other planets livable for humans. His newest mission feels just as profound: create a world without chronic disease.

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Sex, Scholars and the Syphilitic Superpower Dissident Voice

A civilization where women and children are sexually commoditized is one in terminal decline. The next enduring superpower will be one that had successfully shielded its women and children from the ongoing epidemic of mass-mediated sexualisation. Any futurist worth his salt will vouch for this axiom, as well as note the inverse correlation between the enfeeblement of the current superpower and the procession of phallic chevrons that accompany its military compulsions abroad.

But the faculty of reason and of cause and effect is inevitably lost on a society where adjunct professors may resort to prostitution in order to make ends meet. And believe it or not, this is exactly what is happening in the United States.

Professorial Prostitutes

According to a September 28 report in The Guardian, a quarter of part-time college academics or adjuncts in the United States are subsisting on public welfare programs such as Medicaid, food banks and charities while they live off streets, in shacks or in their cars. Adjuncting is the result of runaway capitalism that has benefited a privileged 1% at the expense of an overworked and underpaid rabble. It is a convenient way of providing substandard teaching for higher fees and revenue at US universities and colleges.

Living conditions for these fast-food workers of the US academia have become so grim that the American Sociological Association had to downgrade faculty jobs to a level below stable middle-class careers. With a median annual salary of $22,041 (2014 average), a female adjunct professor may be tempted to earn as much as $200 an hour in the flesh trade. This portraiture of the US gig economy is further debased by twisted enjoinders from well-paid gender and sexuality professors who actually promote sex work as empowering.  From Ivory Towers, we seem to have graduated to Ivory Parlours!

Student Streetwalkers

One nightmare scenario facing female adjunct moonlighters is an accidental propositioning from one of their own students in a darkened alley. But like their academic mentors, Americas future workforce might have been in the cul-de-sac of life for the same reason. These encounters are often mediated by websites such as and that have managed to reduce once-effervescent children into...


Physicists send particles of light into the past, prove time travel is possible Terra Forming Terra

It is good to see us progressing on this problem.  I actually suspect that it will be solved easily and much sooner than anyone anticipates.

The reason i say all that is because i do have reports that could only be of the end of a temporal wormhole and likely come from the near future.  The physical nature conformed to my informed expectations and were not identified as such in the reports.  These were robust structures as well.

Add in the very real expanded presence of UFOs that appear to be popping in and out of time as well and the future is spending a lot of time watching us and gathering data without actually incurring paradox problems.

Real progress though will demand working with my Cloud Cosmology..

Physicists send particles of light into the past, prove time travel is possible

Scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have used single particles of light (photons) to simulate quantum particles travelling through time. They showed that one photon can pass through a wormhole and then interact with its older self. Their findings were published in Nature Communications.

The source of this time travel conundrum comes from what are called "closed time-like curves"(CTC). CTCs are used to simulate extremely powerful gravitational fields, like the ones produced by a spinning black hole, and could, theoretically (based on Einstein's theory of general relativity), warp the fabric of existence so that space-time bends back on itself - thus creating a CTC, almost like a path that could be used to travel back in time.

According to Scientific American, many physicists find CTCs "abhorrent, because any macroscopic object traveling through one would inevitably create paradoxes where cause and effect break down." 

Others disagree with this assessment, however; in 1991, physicist David Deutsch showed that these paradoxes (created by CTCs) could be avoided at the quantum scale because of the weird behavior of these fundamental particles that make up what we call matter.

It's well known that at the quantum scale, these particles do not follow the rules that govern classical mechanics, but behave in strange and unexpected ways that really shouldn't even be possible.

Welcome to the world of Quantum physics, where pioneering Physicist Niels Bohr once said, "if quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood...


Big Pharma bombshell: Judge finds Merck lied in patent trial, overturns $200-million verdict Terra Forming Terra

In the end, Merck effectively stole the data and applied it to their own patent work.  They got caught and have now been made to pay.

The drug is important as it generally cures Hep C, but it was never Merck's in the first place

This is more important in terms of revealing the corporate culture involved here..

Big Pharma bombshell: Judge finds Merck lied in patent trial, overturns $200-million verdict

 Michael Hiltzik

  The public already holds drug manufacturers in low esteem  and now theyve got more fuel for their opinion.  Federal Judge Beth Labson Freeman of San Jose last week found that Merck & Co. lied to a business partner and to the court itself. Freeman threw out a patent infringement judgment Merck had won against Gilead Sciences, and overturned a $200-million jury award.
This was a big deal, involving one of the most profitable drugs on the market today Foster City, Calif.-based Gileads blockbuster Sovaldi treatment for the hepatitis C virus and the worlds fourth-largest drug company Merck.

Its also an enormous black eye for Merck, whose activities the judge said consisted of systematic and outrageous deception in conjunction with unethical business practices and litigation misconduct.
But the case does more than raise questions about the integrity of a huge corporation. Its a wind...


Scientists in Amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo Terra Forming Terra

Essentially a combination of known drugs will succeed in reducing the cancer for some of the patients.. All helpful but a ,long way away from what we would understand as a blanket cure.

I would like to see all these clinical trials also been run with or without Cannabis oil as a control as well.  We know that this is safe and supportive.

Many supportive nutritional protocols can be simultaneously run as well with plausible measurable results.  something worth thinking through.  We certainly need the science without the implied cost.

Almost forty years ago i came to the conclusion that ginseng needed to be a filler of convenience for most medicine.  Recently to my astonishment i discovered this had become true.
Scientists in Amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo

Any day where a new study shows a potential cure for cancer is a good day, and scientists in Europe may have found a breakthrough for breast cancer. The most common cancer in women, around 1 in 8 American women will develop it in their lifetime; the clinical trial may have found a way to rid us of it once and for all in the future.

Breast Cancer Breakthrough

Research presented by Professor Nigel Bundred at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam revealed that they had tested the effectiveness of a pair of drugs known as Herceptin (a.k.a trastuzumab) and Lapatinib.

The two drugs are commonly used in breast cancer treatment already, but this is the first time they had been combined together and used before surgery and chemotherapy. They were able to eliminate some types of breast cancer in just 11 days....


Medieval Irish on the South Atlantic Coast . . . they were refugees! Terra Forming Terra

Medieval Irish on the South Atlantic Coast . . . they were refugees!






This is actually huge.  The coastal region of the American SE had been abandoned after a horrendous tsunami in the sixth century.  Needless to say the local natives did not attempt to rebuild at all and this opened the door for new comers from Ireland in the late twelfth century.

I had associated the presence of deer herding as likely happening during the Bronze Age and assumed more recent activity as merely continuity.  This makes that idea unlikely at all. first we learn that deer husbandry was intact in Ireland until 1150 AD and disappeared with their herders.  The advent of cattle followed the monks.

What this clearly does is anchor the Norse control of the Gulf Stream route at the same time as the Norse discovered America around 1000 AD.  This was soon taken over by the Templars until long past Columbus.

Medieval Irish on the South Atlantic Coast . . . they were refugees!



10 commandments for US aid and diplomacy reform RSS feed from

The US should keep development and diplomatic functions separate, with an independent lead aid agency, says a 10-point plan for US development and diplomacy activities.


Patrick Tomlinson v. Ben Shapiro, men attempt abortion logic The Fifth Column

Charlie Rae weighs in on the conversation on abortion between Tomlinson and Shapiro.

Patrick Tomlinson, a sci-fi writer and a political conservative, posed a thought-experiment on twitter the other day to prove the point that anti-abortion campaigners do not consider an embryo equal to a child. To whittle it down, hes asking: if you had to choose between saving one child or a thousand or even a million embryos, which would you pick? He thinks that the answer is quite simple, and human instincts tell all of us to save the child. If someone thought that an embryo was the same as a child, it would be difficult for them to even answer this question.

Ben Shapiro, an anti-abortion conservative, disagrees that its an open and shut case. His argument was summed up on The Daily Wire:

Shapiro, who answers directly that he would and should save the 5-year-old childs life, lays out four reasons that Tomlinsons supposedly original thought experiment, while interesting, is ultimately worthless. Shapiro argues that 1) moral instinct does not always mean correct moral decisionmaking; 2) the pro-abortion thought experiment does not reveal the value of embryonic life; 3) most pro-lifers freely admit the supreme value of already-born human life, but that doesnt make prenatal life valueless; and 4) the whole thought experiment simply isnt reality: the case of pro-abortion advocates isnt a choice between a five-year-old and a thousand fetuses. Its a case of killing a fetus, by itself.

I think this response only frustrated Tomlinson, who feels that Shapiro both proved his point but completely missed it at the same time. He chose not to respond, and I dont blame him. Shapiro makes hearty attempts at logic, I will give him that, but he pre-empts them by calling his opponents douches and calling their thoughts worthless. But I thought I would step in and offer not only a female perspective but a more rigorously logical one as well.



Elon Musk is worried about people who talk of AI gods Fast Company

The Tesla founder tweeted his alarm in response to a VentureBeat article about the possibility of an AI god emerging by 2042, reports CNBC. One the people featured in the article was Anthony Levandowski, Googles self-driving car engineer who has established a nonprofit religious organization called Way of the Future. Way of the Futures mission

The Tesla founder tweeted his alarm in response to a VentureBeat article about the possibility of an AI god emerging by 2042, reports CNBC. One the people featured in the article was Anthony Levandowski, Googles self-driving car engineer who has established a nonprofit religious organization called Way of the Future. Way of the Futures mission statement is to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society.

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Airbnb just lost its China head Fast Company

For American tech companies, breaking into Chinas marketplace is a hard thing to do. Airbnb just found that out as its newly appointed head of China, Hong Ge, has quit the role after only four months on the job, reports Bloomberg. The resignation is a blow not only to the companys business but its rep

For American tech companies, breaking into Chinas marketplace is a hard thing to do. Airbnb just found that out as its newly appointed head of China, Hong Ge, has quit the role after only four months on the job, reports Bloomberg. The resignation is a blow not only to the companys business but its rep too. Earlier this year, Airbnb went through a major rebranding effort in China, naming itself Aibiying there, and promising to double its investment in the country. The company is even now complying with controversial laws that require it to turn over user information to local authorities.

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The latest casualty of Amazons Whole Foods acquisition is . . . Amazon Fast Company

Or more specifically, its Amazon Wine business. The online retail giant has told its wine resellers that it will shut down the program at the end of this year, reports Recode. Amazon Wine was the companys marketplace where wineries and other wine suppliers could sell their product directly through the companys website. Amazon had faced

Or more specifically, its Amazon Wine business. The online retail giant has told its wine resellers that it will shut down the program at the end of this year, reports Recode. Amazon Wine was the companys marketplace where wineries and other wine suppliers could sell their product directly through the companys website. Amazon had faced some legal issues with Amazon Wine and was lobbying to get laws passed in many states that would allow its Amazon Wine marketplace sellers greater flexibility in selling alcohol. However, with the acquisition of Whole Foods and its massive wine-selling business, it appears Amazon doesnt think lobbying state governments for legal changes to increase the ease of which third-party Amazon Wine sellers can hawk their bottles is worth it anymore. When you own Whole Foods with aisles of wine, who needs the support of small third-party wine sellers?

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Oct. 24, 2017 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 24 2017

Compiled 12:10 am EDT 24 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Oct. 23 2017 11:18 pm EDT ZAP Update: "Looking Great" - ZAP Update - The Office of POOFness - 10.23.17

1. On the matter of the famous RV - It is going full steam this week, I was told, and that checks out with several different sources.

2. Zim transactions seem to be the favorite right now.

3. A few of the people I know received their contracts and rates.

4. I think we are in for a pretty interesting time this week.

B. Oct. 23 2017 11:17 pm EDT Beny Intel: Beny: Purchasing Power in Iraq + Everything is here! | RV Intel

1. We heard that the markets need to collapse or change before the RV.

2. Things will not go the way you think. Things are not going to be pretty, but you will get your blessing.

3. They have been working to change the Dinar rate to $3.47. The number 347 means "A sign of Faith."

4. The minister of foreign relations for the US just arrived in Iraq. He and PM Abadi are preparing to make a big announcement.

C. Oct. 23 2017 2:23 pm EDT GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure...


Its beginning to look like theres a Weinstein effect Fast Company

Its been two weeks since the New York Times published their first report on the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein. In the time since, dozens of other women have come forward to tell their stories of the Hollywood mogul. The story has also prompted a nationaleven globaldiscussion about the sexual harassment women face on a

Its been two weeks since the New York Times published their first report on the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein. In the time since, dozens of other women have come forward to tell their stories of the Hollywood mogul. The story has also prompted a nationaleven globaldiscussion about the sexual harassment women face on a daily basis. And now, it appears that the Weinstein story has spurred what could be termed a Weinstein effect: other victims outing the men who used their professional power to sexually harass and intimidate them.

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Googles New Office Will Be Heated And Cooled By The Ground Underneath Fast Company

The companys San Francisco office will have the largest ground-source heat pump system installation in North America, using the heat from the surrounding ground to power the buildings climate controland no fossil fuels.

At a construction site on Googles new Bay View campusa few miles from its headquarters in Mountain View, on NASA-owned land near the San Francisco Baycranes lift tubing high in the air and drop it into holes that descend 80 feet into the ground. Its a step that will allow three new office buildings to heat and cool themselves without fossil fuels, setting apart from nearly all existing offices, which use enormous amounts of energy to manage the temperature in their spaces.

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Bizarre blue 'flashes and glows' may reveal thunderstorm secrets (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

Bright, blue flashes stretch from the tops of powerful thunderstorms toward the edge of space, providing a fascinating celestial show for astronauts on the International Space Station, and now, scientists are learning more about these showstopping displays. In 2015, European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen captured a video of the strange blue flashes dancing above the clouds as the space station passed over the Bay of Bengal. These features are called blue jets - a type of transient luminous event (TLE) resulting from activity in and below powerful thunderstorms on Earth. One of the photographs captured by Mogensen showed a pulsating blue jet that stretched 25 miles (40 kilometers) above sea level, according to a statement from NASA. [Earth From Space: Amazing Astronaut Photos] Using these observations, researchers from Denmark's National Space Institute studied the elusive features to learn more about how storms form and develop over time. Their findings showed that 245 pulsating blue discharges were observed during the 160 seconds of video footage, which is equal to roughly 90 blue-jet flashes per minute, the researchers said in a new study describing the findings.


Former FBI director James Comey unmasks himself as Twitters Reinhold Niebuhr Fast Company

For months there had been speculation that Comey had been tweeting under the name of Reinhold Niebuhr. Now its been revealed that Niebuhrs @FormerBu Twitter account was, in fact, owned and used by Comey, reports the Guardian. Speculation over Comeys link to the Niebuhr account began in earnest in March when the account tweeted a

For months there had been speculation that Comey had been tweeting under the name of Reinhold Niebuhr. Now its been revealed that Niebuhrs @FormerBu Twitter account was, in fact, owned and used by Comey, reports the Guardian. Speculation over Comeys link to the Niebuhr account began in earnest in March when the account tweeted a Will Ferrell meme saying, Actually Im not even that mad along with a link to the FBI jobs page.

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How Sleep Apnea Affects a Healthy Lifestyle The Fifth Column

(TFC)  Sleep apnea is a very common condition, one with potentially-serious consequences that often go overlooked by sufferers and care providers alike. From increased weight gain to higher risk of serious medical issues, such as heart disease or hypertension, failure to identify, treat or manage sleep apnea effectively could lead to many future problems. From seeking care from a specialist to investing in the right bedding, there are plenty of ways sufferers may be able to find relief from their symptoms. The following examples serve to highlight some of the ways sleep apnea may impact the health and lifestyle of sufferers.

Weight Gain

Staying fit, trim and active is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Apnea and other respiratory and medical conditions which may interfere with sleep often have very negative effects on the bodys metabolic process. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight despite changes made to diet and exercise habits are common issues for those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Decreased Energy and Poor Concentration

Poor quality sleep and issues caused by chronically low levels of oxygen saturation can cause many problems in terms of both physical and mental stamina. Decreased mental acuity, problems with memory and cognition and a reduced attention span or ability to focus are typical problems for those who suffer from moderate to severe sleep apnea.

Increased Risk of Health Problems

Sleep apnea, especially in instances where the condition may go unnoticed and untreated, may result in far more serious matters than reduced metabolic function and impeded concentration. Increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, problems with blood pressure and other medical issues that have the potential to be life-threatening is not uncommon among those who suffer from sleep apnea. Identifying the problem, seeking treatment and making any lifestyle changes that may be needed in order to better manage symptoms are never concerns that should be taken lightly.

Finding Ways to Manage Sleep Apnea...


Is Europe Repeating the 1930s? Armstrong Economics

Europe is now replicating the 1930s and the mistakes it made with austerity back then as well outside of Germany. Of course, Merkel has imposed the German view of austerity based on their experience but has ignored the opposite experience of the rest of Europe that led to the 1931 Sovereign Debt Crisis and mass defaults.

It was the year of 1925 when then chancellor of the Exchequer, Winston Churchill, returned Britain to the gold standard. Britain was trying desperately to reestablish itself as the financial capital of the world as if nothing had taken place. Returning to the gold standard resulted in wages being forced down to compete with America.John Maynard Keynes at the time pleaded that this was madness. The pound was overvalued against the dollar by 10% trying to reestablish confidence in Britain but the net result crippled exports and unemployment began to rise and workers engaged in strikes for having wages reduced even though the pound was worth more officially.

Churchill acted in an effort to restore Britain but he was dead wrong. Keynes proved to be correct and this lesson has still been ignored by Europe today. The overvalued pound led to deflation and ultimately forced the economic collapse in 1931. The capital was fleeing Britain and bankers were pleading for austerity to retain bond values. The Labour government collapsed and a coalition national government was formed. They ignored the pleas of the bankers and abandoned the gold standard overnight. The pound fell from $4.85 to $3.40 against the dollar.

Warren-3NEVERTHELESS, despite the dire forecasts of ultimate catastrophic consequences if Britain abandoned the gold standard, the economy held and began to recover. There was no revolution in the streets as predicted. The devalua...


The Six Groups of Investors and Traders Armstrong Economics

The recent report by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), shows that the professional investors have continued to bet on falling Dow Jones short as private investors are starting to bet heavily on rising prices ( Long). Professional investors remain suspicious of a further rise in the US stock market. The private investors view is exactly the opposite. The question is; Who will be right?

There have been plenty of times that the professional is dead wrong and the average person on the street has actually outperformed the professionals. Reuters reported that 69% of hedge fund investors expected the second half of 2017 to be worse than the first half. So why are the professionals so pessimistic?

When you live and breath the market every single day, it is hard to get a grip on vertical markets. The professionals, more so that even the average street investor, tends to do worse in such markets because it makes them uncomfortable. Then there is the self-gratifying notion that the market is over when the retail invest comes in. But they tend not to look at the fact that there is a huge difference between the average retail investor and the person who has never invested who rushes in to join the party at the top simply be everybody else if there.

I have told the story before how I was doing an institutional only seminar in Tokyo at the Imperial Hotel. This individual bribed someone in the hotel to get in. He came up to me and apologized offering to pay. He said he just had to speak to me. I asked him what was the problem, He explained he had bought the Japanese share market on the very day of the high and now it was crashing. His investment was $50 million. But the intrigue came when he said it was the first time in his life he had purchased any stock. He then had my attention since I was talking to the guy who bought the high.

I asked him what made him buy that day for the first time in his life? He said brokers had called him every year saying the Nikkei rallied on average 5% every January with the New Year. He watched it for 7 years and then finally bought the high. That is what I mean as the difference between the average retail investor and the fool who rushes in at the end because everybody else is there. It is when that final group of people rush...


What Comes After the High Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Marty, we are living in Austria and we try to grasp what will come after the Dow reached the mid 30.000s or even the 40.000s in 2019/20 and the dollar went up too? what goes up must come down. it would be good to know how to prepare oneself for the everyday life as we cant do big jumps with our little money. what economic scenarios do we have to expect here in Europe around 2020/2021?

Reading your blog since 2015 every day and even started to read your older blogs too.

thanks very much for helping us small people with painting pictures of the future. so even we can prepare in some ways.




ANSWER: Oh yes. What goes up must come down. However, that is the case ONLY when the currency remains equal! We are looking at a new monetary system. That is when the currencies are reset. They need to explain away the failure of Socialism the pension ponzi scam.

Some people also ask if the arrival of cryptos will be the reset. In order for the cryptos to make it past the DOT.COM Bubble syndrome, there has to be a major technological advance in society around the world. That is not likely.

This is why I just finished The Coming One-World Currency report. This deals with what is coming for the reset AFTER the chaos unfolds.


How the Global Elite is Going to Dramatically Reduce the Population Humans Are Free

Conspiracy theories about depopulation of the Earth come in a number of flavors. The general theme running through these theories is either that there is an imminent plan to reduce population using an [alleged] overpopulation crisis as the pretext, or a secret eugenics plan cover-up.

The elite thus need to kill off the useless eaters so, in the first case, they survive the crisis and, in the second, they can create either enough robots to replace them, or a new race of obedient super-humans.

Useless eaters

Useless eaters is a term often bandied about by conspiracy theorists. This is supposedly what the heads of the New World Order/ Illuminati/ Bilderbergs/ Reptoids/ whatever call us in their meetings in smoke-filled rooms while they light their cigars with $100 bills.

It is also sometimes used by survivalists and wrongly attributed to Henry Kissinger. It is also commonly ascribed to Ted Turner, Adolf Hitler, Thomas Malthus, and Bertrand Russell.

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Where Apple Recruits Its AI Talent, According To LinkedIn Fast Company

An analysis of how one of the most innovative companies in tech is increasing its AI ranks.

Apple appears to have doubled its headcount in artificial intelligence and related fields since 2014and more than tripled its number of PhD holders in the sectoras tech companies race to build a generation of smarter products.

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Pyongyang accuses Japan of plotting 'reinvasion of Korea' CLG News

Pyongyang accuses Japan of plotting 'reinvasion of Korea' | 23 Oct 2017 | North Korea has taken aim at the Japanese Government, accusing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his fellow "reactionaries" of laying the "groundwork for the reinvasion of the Korean peninsula." Abe dissolved Japan's lower house of parliament last month, triggering a snap election that was held on Sunday, giving him a strong mandate to push a tougher foreign policy line, including on North Korea. Pyongyang reacted to Abes electoral victory with a statement on its official KCNA news agency, in which it claimed the move was little more than an attempt to revive Japan's early-20th-century imperialism.


Trump Puts U.S. Nuclear Bombers On High Alert For First Time In Decades Your News Wire

For the first time in 26 years, U.S. nuclear bombers have been placed on high alert over fears of an imminent nuclear strike from North Korea.  Trump has recalled 1,000 retired air force pilots to [...]


Rand: U.S. in So Many Wars Even 'Warmonger Lindsey Graham' Can't Keep Track CLG News

Rand: U.S. in So Many Wars Even 'Warmonger Lindsey Graham' Can't Keep Track --Numerous politicians unaware of U.S. presence in Niger following death of four soldiers | 23 Oct 2017 | Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took aim at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Sociopath-S.C.) Monday in a tweet protesting the United States involvement in numerous overseas conflicts. "You know you are in too many wars in too many places when even warmonger Lindsay Graham can't keep track anymore," Paul said. [*Exactly!*] During an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, Graham revealed he was unaware of the significant U.S. presence in the African nation of Niger. "I didnt know there was 1,000 troops in Niger," Graham said.


How AI Helps The Intelligence Community Find Needles In The Haystack Fast Company

Technology from the startup Primer helps analysts find even the most obscure events they need to know about in a sea of data.

Last July, more than two dozen people were hurt during a shooting at a nightclub in Little Rock, Arkansas, an incident that was gang-related, according to local and national media coverage.

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What Calgacus Said Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

What Calgacus Said
by Andrew Green

"In 84 AD the Britons who inhabited what is now northern Scotland decided to make a stand against the invading Roman forces, at a place Tacitus calls Mons Graupius. Scholars differ about where this might be: possibly it was at Bennachie in Aberdeenshire. As ancient historians were accustomed to do Tacitus has the leaders of each side address the troops, and he quotes their speeches. (Its unlikely he could have known exactly what was said, but speeches not only dramatize the narrative, they help supply commentary on the motivation and tactics of the players.) The Caledonian army is addressed by their leader, Calgacus. Tacitus says nothing about him except that he was outstanding in bravery and of noble birth: perhaps the only sure information he had about him was his name (the Celtic form Calgaich may mean swordsman).

"Making concessions and being moderate isnt going to save...


Media Cover-Up Hillarys Parkinsons Disease As It Ravages Her Brain Your News Wire

Fears have grown that Hillary Clintons battle with Parkinsons disease has advanced to a stage where she is no longer able to walk unassisted. Yesterday, Hillary was seen at a Yale event using forearm crutches. [...]


Robert Mueller Caught Investing In Russian & Soros Linked Fund Your News Wire

Investigators have discovered that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has financial investments directly linked to George Soros and Russia. During Muellers time at the FBI, high profile cases of financial wrongdoings within hedge funds that he invested in [...]


Putin Unveils Russian Super Soldiers More Deadly Than Nuclear Bombs Your News Wire

Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled an army of genetically-modified super soldiers that he says are more deadly than nuclear bombs. Putin warned a crowd of students that scientists in Russia are on the brink [...]


Anonymous Issues Stark Warning To Antifa Ahead Of Nov. 4 Your News Wire

Anonymous has issued a stark warning to far-left terror group Antifa who are planning to terrorize America on November 4th.  The hacktivist group released a video, warning violent neo-leftists planning to take part that their [...]


The Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation Humans Are Free

The term weapons of mass destruction is generally used in a warfare situation and comes under the headings nuclear, radiological, biological & chemical.

Below is my idea of weapons of mass destruction/depopulation.

They destroy the health of every one of us and they cause great suffering and misery to millions around the world one way or another, the father and mother looking after their autistic son, the daughter looking after her father with dementia, the young couple who cannot have children and the families dealing with loved ones who have cancer.

You can read a series of articles exposing Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 (depopulation plans) by following THIS LINK

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MSNBC Catches Illegals Jumping Border Fence With Mexico As It Reports On Trump's Wall BlackListed News

Last week the new head of the CIA Mike Pompeo publicly threatened to make the CIA a "much more vicious agency". His first step towards that is to unleash CIA sponsored killer gangs onto the people of Afghanistan

London Introduces Carbon T-Charge Tax On Diesel And Older Petrol Vehicles BlackListed News

As part of the plan to begin phasing out gas and diesel car sales over the next three decades, drivers of diesel vehicles and older petrol cars in the UK will now face a tax called T-Charge for driving into the financial district and parts of west London, Reuters reported. Drivers are already charged 11.50 pounds ($15) under a congestion charge. But those driving petrol and diesel vehicles typically before 2006 will now need to pay an additional 10 pounds ($13.19). That means if you have an older vehicle before 2006 or a diesel vehicle you will be paying a total of 21.50 pounds or ($28.19) just to get into the city.  

NSA Document Says Saudi Prince Directly Ordered Coordinated Attack By Syrian Rebels On Damascus BlackListed News

A loosely knit collection of Syrian rebel fighters set up positions on March 18, 2013, and fired several barrages of rockets at targets in the heart of Damascus, Bashar al-Assads capital. The attack was a brazen show of force by rebels under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, targeting the presidential palace, Damascus International Airport, and a government security compound. It sent a chilling message to the regime about its increasingly shaky hold on the country, two years after an uprising against its rule began.

Real-ID allows police to control 'fundamental aspects of our daily lives' BlackListed News

Thanks to Real-ID, DHS has created a national ID system right under everyone's noses. According to the above video, Tennessee is 'Spreading the Good Word' that DHS now has the power to suspend and revoke anyone's drivers license or identification card. A recent article in the Lebanon Democrat, reveals how DHS and the Tennessee DMV suspended more than a quarter of a million drivers licenses (DL) for failure to pay traffic tickets.

MSNBC Catches Illegals Jumping Border Fence With Mexico As It Reports On Trump's Wall BlackListed News

In an delightfully ironic lesson why border protection is important for the US, an MSNBC crew was reporting on the prototypes of Trumps proposed border wall near San Diego, when the interview was interrupted by a group of migrants not from Mexico hopping over the existing fence.


UN Demands Thomas The Tank Engine Becomes Gender Neutral Your News Wire

The United Nations has demanded that childrens TV show Thomas the Tank Engine eliminates the sex of its fictional trains so they become gender neutral.  The change will mean the end of Henry and Edward, two [...]


Water cannon deployed as Orthodox Jews protest military draft in Jerusalem blogfactory

above~Members of the Israeli security forces try to remove ultra-Orthodox Jews from blocking the road as they demonstrate against Israeli army conscription in Jerusalem on October 23, 2017


Eleven people have been arrested as hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem to decry the detention of their young co-religionists who didnt show for enlistment to the Israeli armed forces.

Around 1,500 members of the so-called Jerusalem faction of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox community protested in several locations across the city on Monday, according to Haaretz. They blocked light rail and vehicular traffic for several hours, affecting the area around the Israeli parliament, Knesset, among others.



The police used water cannon, which sprayed foul smelling green liquid on the protesters, in order to disperse them. The tactic, however, didnt bring immediate results as some of the protesters sat on the ground in front of the vehicle, preventing its movement.

The police made 11 arrests before the protests were finally curbed and traffic resumed, the Jerusalem Post reported.

FILE PHOTO.  Nir Elias

Jerusalem and the nearby town of Beit Shemesh became the scene of much larger Orthodox protests last Thursday, which saw thousands participating and around 120 arrests.

The tensions escalated after some 45 students of yeshiva an institution where Jewish religious texts are taught were arres...


GOP Leaders Blocked Investigation Into Clinton-Uranium Scandal Your News Wire

GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis has revealed that Republican leadership blocked him and others from investigating the controversial Clinton-Uranium One deal.  According to Fox News: The House Oversight Committee has started its investigation into an Obama-era [...]


X22 Report, The Next Stock Market Crash Is Going To Drop Like A Rock Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

X22 Report, The Next Stock Market Crash Is Going To Drop Like A Rock
Related followup report:
X22 Report, Mop Up Operation: Is The Cabal Destroying Records?

"Why The Next Stock Market Crash Will Be Faster And Bigger Than Ever Before"


Tech Firms Seek Washingtons Prized Asset: Top-Secret Clearances

Via: Bloomberg: In doing so, companies such as Facebook Inc. are competing with defense contractors, financial firms and the U.S. government itself. Security clearances are a rare and valued commodity, whether at a bank trying to prevent hackers from stealing credit-card data and emptying accounts or at a manufacturer building parts for a stealth fighter []


Russian soldier commits suicide after accidentally killing fellow serviceman in Armenia MoD blogfactory

A Russian contract soldier has shot himself dead after accidentally killing a fellow serviceman at the Alagyaz training range in Armenia on Monday, according to a statement from Russias Southern Military District. The soldier apparently feared the consequences of the incident and the responsibility for the death of a colleague after he had violated safety requirements and accidentally fired at him with an assault rifle at the shooting range. An investigation has been launched into the exact cause and details of the incident.




Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail

Disclosure: I have no relationship with ProtonMail, besides being a user of the service. While I wouldnt assume that ProtonMail is as secure as they claim it to be, what is very clear is that far less of your personal information is going to leak from ProtonMail than it would from Gmail, which essentially []


Catalonias hell~bent on challenging Madrids dictatorship blogfactory

Catalan pro-independence parliamentary group, Junts pel S, has promised to legally appeal and challenge the potential central government takeover of Catalonia,

Self-determination activists plan to stage massive civil disobedience actions this week.

download (64).jpg

On Thursday, Catalan political parties are planning to hold a plenary session in the regional parliament to discuss a response to Madrids threats to invoke Article 155 of Spains 1978 Constitution, which would impose central government control on Catalonia.

 Enrique Calvo

The debate of the Catalan political elite, initiated by the Candidatura de Unidad Popular (CPU) and Junts pel S (JxSi) parties, will take place a day before the Spanish Senate is expected to pass Article 155, which will remove Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont from office and suspend the powers of the regional institutions.

Speaking out Monday against plans to impose the central governments rule on Catalonia, Lluis Coromin...


Bird of the Day: Indian Scimitar-Babbler La Paz Group

Indian Scimitar-Babbler by Ramesh Desai - La Paz Group

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka


Legendary Rapper Says Male Musicians Have To Perform Sex Acts To Make It In Music World Truth.TV

If you are looking for bubble gum radio music about bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, then RA The Rugged Man is not for you. However, if you are looking for hard-hitting beats behind even harder hitting truthrap music guaranteed not to ever make it to the radiobut that influences far more people despite its censorship, then look []


Pyongyang accuses Japan of plotting a reinvasion of Korea blogfactory

above~This archives picture received from South Korean newspaper Dong-A Ilbo on August 10, 2010 and taken during Japans colonial rule between 1910 and 1945 in Korea shows Japanese soldiers marching along a street in Seoul


North Korea has taken aim at the Japanese Government, accusing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his fellow reactionaries of laying the groundwork for the reinvasion of the Korean peninsula.

Abe dissolved Japans lower house of parliament last month, triggering a snap election that was held on Sunday, giving him a strong mandate to push a tougher foreign policy line, including on North Korea. Pyongyang reacted to Abes electoral victory with a statement on its official KCNA news agency, in which it claimed the move was little more than an attempt to revive Japans early-20th-century imperialism.

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A U-2

What the Japanese reactionaries seek in deliberately linking their step to dissolve the House of Representatives with the DPRK [Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea] is to gratify their ambition for staying in power and pave the groundwork for reinvasion of the Korean peninsula in order to realize the old dream of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the statement read, referring to Japans name for its occupied territories during World War II.

The statement also criticized Japan for harboring US military bases and facilitating American military activity in the region, as well as allegedly failing to make up for its past crimes.

This is well proven by the fact that Japan examined a plan for giving logistic support to the US troops and putting down armed refugees with mobilization of the Self-Defense Forces [Japanese military] in contingency on the Korean peninsula, while loudly trumpeting about the US military attack on the DPRK, it said.

The statement ended with a solemn warning: Now that it is crystal clear to all that Japan is pushing ahead with the reinvasion preparations in the final stage with the backing of the US, the DPRK has the right to take a tough countermeasure for self-defense. The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised not to run amuck, well aware of the strategic p...


Iraq Prime Ministers office rejects Tillersons call for Iran-backed militias to go home blogfactory

above~Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces and Iraqi army members gather on the outskirts of Hawija
In a tight-lipped statement, Baghdad rejected a call by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for Iran-backed Shia militias to go home after the demise of Islamic State in Iraq.

Earlier on Sunday, Rex Tillerson said at a rare meeting with top Iraqi and Saudi Arabian officials that Iraqs Shiite militias also known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and their Iranian advisers need to leave Iraq as the struggle against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is nearing an end.

But Baghdad seems reluctant to go along with Washingtons request, judging by a polite but robust remark made on Monday by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadis office.

No party has the right to interfere in Iraqi matters, the statement posted on Facebook reads. It added that many PMU members were native Iraqis who made enormous sacrifices to defend their country and the Iraqi people.

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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir attend a joint news conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia October 22, 2017 Saudi Press Agency

The Iraqi government was surprised by Tillersons suggestion, according to the release.

During the Sunday meeting, Tillerson said Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fight against ISIS is coming to a close, those militias need to go home.

Foreign fighters in Iraq need to go home and allow the Iraqi people to regain control, the secretary of state said, amid US efforts to contain Tehrans growing presence in the region.

Meanwhile, Tillerson also called on other countries to sever business ties with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which the US itself recently designated as a terrorist organization.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis joined militia units in 2014 after Iraqi Shia cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called for a national uprising against Islamic State terrorists by issuing a non-sectarian fatwa. Shiite PMU units were often referred to as part of the Ira...


Not Just For Humans Watch CBD Oil Stop This Dogs Seizure In Under A Minute World Truth.TV

Over the past couple of years, we have seen more and more videos showing the miraculous ability of cannabis to stop seizures in their tracks. From oil extracts to nasal sprays, the proof is now undeniable that cannabis is medicinal and offers a real solution for those suffering from debilitating seizures. And its not just []


Another Al-Qaeda commander mysteriously assassinated in Idlib blogfactory


download (16)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:30 A.M.) Another Al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham emir has been assassinated in the Idlib Governorate this month, marking the second time in the last 48 hours that a commander has been mysteriously killed.

According to the terrorist groups media wing, their emir, Mustafa Zahri, was killed on Monday when a bomb was detonated under this vehicle in the town of Al-Dana near the Turkish border.

Zahri was one of HTS top leaders in western Idlib before his death on Monday no group has claimed responsibility for the assassination.

Mondays assassination is the 10th killing of an HTS commander in the past 8 weeks.





Insiders View of US Armys Secret Project StarGate 'Psychic Espionage' Operation Disclosure

Source: Covert Geopolitics

US Army intelligence officer Major Ed Dames was one of five officers trained to monitor and analyze 'remote viewing', a technique said to allow users to psychically 'see' locations, events or other information from great distances.

The top-secret project, run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, would be dubbed Project StarGate.

The Central Intelligence Agency, to whom Project StarGate was transferred in 1995, canceled it, and declassified files related to some of its aspects in a massive document dump earlier this year.

The agency concluded that the program had no hope of being used for operations, although a retrospective evaluation conducted following its closure suggested that there was some evidence of psychic functioning.

In an exclusive interview with Sputnik, Retired Major Ed Dames, one of a handful of Army personnel to receive training in remote viewing, and who would go on to coordinate and run remote viewing teams, revealed that the technology was not only real, but that it was successfully used in operations against the US's Soviet adversaries, as well as other actors. Assigned to the remote viewing unit in January 1986, Dames worked for the program until December 1989.

Below is Major Dames' account, featuring only minimal, mostly stylistic and grammar tweaks.

continue reading


US Army intelligence officer Major Ed Dames About US Army's Secret Project StarGate Humans Are Free

Major Ed Dames was one of five officers trained to monitor and analyze 'remote viewing', a technique said to allow users to psychically 'see' locations, events or other information from great distances.

The top-secret project, run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, would be dubbed Project StarGate.

The Central Intelligence Agency, to whom Project StarGate was transferred in 1995, canceled it, and declassified files related to some of its aspects in a massive document dump earlier this year.

The agency concluded that the program had no hope of being used for operations, although a retrospective evaluation conducted following its closure suggested that there was some evidence of psychic functioning.

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BATR: DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups Operation Disclosure

DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups

The long tradition of government funding for technological development has been one of the most important aspects of creating the digital warfare battlefield. War is a primary endeavor of human behavior. The absence of peace on earth is a direct correlation from the curse of malicious human nature that pits competing sociopaths for dominance and world power. The race to invent, deploy and execute the destructive weapons of annihilation goes on with great enthusiasm as giant enterprises produce riches upon the ashes that their carnage implements. When it comes to funding the next innovation in military weapons, DARPA ranks at the head of the table of initiating the latest technology for mass murder.

The egg heads over at Wire never found an advanced technology that departs from the onward march towards progress, states in How to Get Startups in on the Military-Industrial Complex.

"Despite the pace of global technological change, the United States military-industrial complex may never be truly disrupted. We need it too much. We need a robust inventory of purely public defense platforms like warships, warplanes, and advanced munitions. And we need the defense base that can build them that highly consolidated core of traditional prime contractors working within a system that has proven nearly impervious to smaller, more agile non-traditional companies, particularly those in Silicon Valley.

So what are the most significant barriers to entry for tech companies and how can they be lowered? How do companies in Silicon Valley view prospects for doing business with the federal government in the national security arena?"

Yep, the assumption that building a bigger and more efficient killing machine are a necessary price for maintaining military superiority translates into fostering both big and small tech company advancement. In order to keep this endless parade going, seed money for startups are built into the black budgets that go unaccounted for when public monies go missing. As Activist Post reports, $10 Trillion Missing From Pentagon And No One Not Even The DoD Knows Where It Is, "Even though audits of all federal agencies became mandatory in 1996, the Pentagon has apparently made itself an exception, and fully 20 years later stan...


How interesting: Mueller's hedge fund investments are linked to Russia and George Soros Signs of the Times

Robert Mueller's complex financial entanglements include investments linked to George Soros and Russia. During Mueller's tenure at the FBI, high profile cases of financial wrongdoing within hedge funds that he invested in were ignored by federal law enforcement. An Offended America investigation has revealed that Robert Mueller's holdings in a fund of funds expose him to Russian investments and to hedge funds tied to George Soros. Mueller's exclusive hedge funds were not open to the general public, but rather wealthy private accredited investors. The minimum investment in several of the funds is $10 Million.


Facebook moving non-promoted posts out of news feed in trial CLG News

Facebook moving non-promoted posts out of news feed in trial | 23 Oct 2017 | Facebook [FaCIAbook] is testing a major change that would shift non-promoted posts out of its news feed, a move that could be catastrophic for publishers relying on the social network for their audience. A new system being trialled in six countries...sees almost all non-promoted posts shifted over to a secondary feed, leaving the main feed focused entirely on original content from friends, and adverts. The change has seen users' engagement with Facebook pages drop precipitously, from 60% to 80%. If replicated more broadly, such a change would destroy many smaller publishers, as well as larger ones with an outsized reliance on social media referrals for visitors...In a second statement issued after this article was published, Facebook added: "We have no current plans to roll this out globally."


5 Mistakes Most People Make When They Get Diagnosed With Cancer Humans Are Free

There are a lot of things you might do when youre diagnosed with cancer: worry incessantly, research nonstop, talk to family and friends, and probably do your fair share of crying.

However, there are also several things you should be careful not to do when youre first diagnosed if you want to give yourself a fighting chance of beating this illness. Inspired by Juicing for Health, here is a list of five of the top mistakes people make immediately after getting a cancer diagnosis.

1. Going directly into mainstream treatment

Its a perfectly natural reaction when youre facing a deadly disease to tell your doctors to fix it as fast as they can. Perhaps you even made an appointment for the next step before leaving the office the day you got the bad news.

Read Entire Article


In Order to Understand the World Today You Must Unlearn This One Thing Waking Times

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times

At present, we are dangerously trending toward chaos, total world war, civil war, incivility, and a complete breakdown of civil society, and to the indoctrinated, its difficult to understand why exactly this is happening. As the stress of this mounts, the misinformed lash out at friends, family members and strangers who do not fully subscribe to their worldview. The battle really is one of understanding how the world works, and with such epidemic false perceptions, people choose the wrong targets for their ire.

If one were to unlearn, however, many of the things weve been taught about how our world works, re-educate the self, and re-orient to a more complete and truthful assessment of the world today, the picture becomes more clear, things make more sense, and a pathway to unity opens up. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that weve all been duped in big ways, most notably in the one arena which affects everyone, everyday, at every time. Money.

False = Money is Real and the Economy is Capitalist

Trained to worship money and the idea of infinite growth, its tough to understand just how much unnatural stress is being introduced in our world by a financial system and world economy which is operates explicitly for the profit a few key players. The money is fiat, and its value is controlled by privately run organizations who have the power to enslave the entire world with debt.

Furthermore, the system is not capitalism, but rather something beyond capitalism. Post capitalism, perhaps, as it more closely resembles the zombie ghost of capitalism, soullessly eating everything in its path with no interest at all in sustainability.



Vietnam is Still Holding Chinese Golden Buffalo Spirit from 600 Years Ago Operation Disclosure

Vietnam is still holding Chinese Golden Buffalo Spirit from over 600 years ago

Monday, October 23, 2017 17:00

(Before It's News)

Vietnamese and Chinese Government are both being deceived by a same Fake Spiritual group.

You know who you are, dont you? I dont want to make all the people and this whole planet into chaos mode, thats why I chose to stay silent online and only using words online. That why I do not going publish my sensitive article in my main blog.

But this is not anymore, from now I will directly contact with all nations government especially both Vietnamese & Chinese Government to unmark everything.

1. From over 600 years ago, there is a Vietnamnese person who helped a Chinese Emperor to heal his sickness. But he only received a black coin then using it to build a big bell, then he could unintentional or intentional using it to call a Golden Buffalo from China. And after losing the direction, now that Golden Buffalo in Chinese still in Vietnam and still in Phu Tay Ho, as is surounding by RED FENCE.

We all know buffalo is the symbol of agriculture, the best friend of all Chinese farmer and all other farmers from all over the world.

In spirit level, it also mean Vietnam is still holding and keeping a sacred treasure from China at Spirit level.

2. In Hanoi, Vietnam, that group also doing a massive ritual to held back many powerful beings like Buddha, here is there tactic:
- Change the 4 real dragon flow gate to the fake one.
- Build new fake temples by do not allow visitors and prayer to see who inside that temple.
Example: Kim Lien temple and Tran Quoc pogoda.

If you do not trust me, you can do and visit check by yourself. By doing that, they are trying to kill and keep all heaven spirit air, but they did not know that they...


Hidden Danger of Ecological Collapse Dissident Voice

A recent landmark study that investigated alarming loss of insects is leaving scientists dumbfounded, deeply troubled, potentially the biggest-ever existential threat, risking ecosystem collapse too soon for comfort.  In contrast to global warming, this may be much more imminently dangerous across-the-board to terrestrial life. An enormous loss of insect population, almost decimation in some parts of the world, threatens the life-giving structure of the ecosystem. This is a deadly serious problem!

If we lose the insects, then everything is going to collapse there has been some kind of horrific decline. (Prof Dave Goulson, Sussex University). According to the new study, insect abundance has fallen by 75% over the past 27 years.1

Horrific decline may serve as a gross understatement because any time a key component of life on Earth declines by 75% in less than three decades, big-time-huge trouble is right around the corner. Theres no other way to look at it. Hopefully, the study is flawed. Time will tell, assuming there is enough.

The study utilized carefully controlled scientific protocols, but consider this: Even anecdotal evidence for the Average Joe tells the story: It wasnt too many decades ago, 1950s-70s, that cross-country trips in the family car hit bugs, lots of em, squashed on windshields and lodged within front bumper grills. No more.  And, kids no longer frolic about chasing fireflies in back yards at night.

Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline, said Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK, and part of the team behind the new study. We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.2

The loss of insects casts a very long dark shadow over the 21st century. Consider: First, global warming and now massive insect decline at a heart-stopping rate of decline. Is human society, en mass, committing suicide? The answer could be yes, humankind is committing harakari in the wide-open spaces for all to see, but nobody has noticed. Until now, as insect losses forewarn of impending ecosystem...


Senate scuttles sensible immigration motion - Article by Leith Onselen (We) can do better

"All sensible stuff [...]. No reference to irrelevant issues like race or culture. Just a sensible focus on Australias extreme immigration levels and their various deleterious impacts on ordinary Australians living standards. Sadly, while the speech reads like something that should have come from the Left, it instead came from One Nations Pauline Hanson. And because of this, it was blocked without debate by the Senate." (Article by Leith van Onselen)

On Thursday evening, the following motion was read in the Australian Senate:

I move:

That the Senate

(a) notes that Australia has the largest per capita immigration program in the world; and

(b) calls on the Government to address the extremely high, unsustainable immigration intake, including from both permanent and temporary residency visas, that:

(i) impacts on local, state and Federal Government delivery and planning for the supply of water, power and gas, and the protection of arable land for food production,

(ii) overburdens infrastructure, including roads and transport, telecommunications, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, sewerage, government welfare and services, and

(iii) has put a strain on available residential land, affordable housing, standard of living and employment prospects, including under-employment.

Notice given 18 October 2017

When it comes to immigration and population policy, the other parties are like drunken fools pouring petrol onto a bonfire. Unless we put a stop to this madness, it is going to blow up in our faces. It is time for the adults in the room to speak up and call them out because, otherwise, the idiots with the petrol can are going to burn the economy to the ground. Of course, it is difficult for anyone to question the level of immigration without being called a racist because it has always been seen as a legitimate tactic to label anyone a racist when they propose policy that others do not like. The racist card has been pulled out so many times in respect of policies I propose that it is fraying around the edges from the grubby little hands that hold it. I am, of course, talking about the Australian Greens and Labor.

Both major political parties believe more is better when it co...


Unidentified object, possibly a meteorite, crashes down near St. John's, Canada Signs of the Times

Andrew Wilkins was eating dinner at a downtown St. John's pub, looking out over the city's iconic harbour, when a flash of green light caught his attention. "The whole sky just lit up," he said. "It was coming in on a 45 degree angle, coming down to the right." Wilkins stopped eating and stared as the moving ball of light crashed down on the opposite side of the harbour, towards the largely uninhabited Southside Hills area. He paused to determine if he could hear a crash, but the noisy chatter of the busy pub prevented him from hearing any sound the flash of light may have made. "It was like a big green ball of fire, is what it looked like. At first I thought, 'Wow, geez, that's a really bright firework,' but fireworks don't shoot downwards."


Sales at the Worlds Largest Cannabis Store Benefit the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe NOT Govt The Mind Unleashed

Nevadas choice to green light recreational green, cannabis, might be an awkward compromise on the road to eliminating State interference with one of natures most potent medicinal and pleasurable plants, but the latest states choice to do so has nonetheless provided a veritable font of opportunity for the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe which just opened what is being billed as the largest marijuana store on the planet.

OK, its fair to say the Tribes new customers benefit handily, as well, and for those opposed to the governments fingers digging too greedily from the overflowing taxation cookie jar naturally accompanying the choice to legalize weed the Paiute Tribe, not the State, benefits from the tax proceeds earned in sales at the 15,000 square-foot dispensary.

Local FOX5 reports the massive store, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on Paiute Circle, sits off Main Street and Washington Avenue an area of Las Vegas it says many non-Native locals hadnt even realized was tribal land.

NuWu actually means the people, explained Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Vice-Chairman Chris Spotted Eagle of the choice of name for the dispensary, which ultimately plans to remain open 24 hours and implement a drive-through service.

Just four months into the states recreational cannabis experiment and already the feds have promulgated threats to shutter Native American weed businesses under the anachronistic and draconian faade of federal marijuana prohibition the same stale and unpopular front Washington pols occasionally tout when passing rights-crushing legislation.

[We] would enforce federal law on Nevada tribes, because the US Attorney General would provide the necessary warrants, Laurie Thom, Council Chair of the Yerington Paiute Tribe, recalled having been told by an official from the U.S. Department of Interiors Bureau of Indian...


Want Hurricane Harvey Emergency Aid? Dont Boycott Israel, Demands Texas Town Unconstitutionally The Mind Unleashed

Hurricane Harvey laid waste to Houston and areas of the Texas and Louisiana coasts, leaving many residents dependent on the same taxpayer-funded state emergency aid they like all tax-paying Americans paid dutifully for years under the assumption those most in need would not be utterly devastated in times of disaster.

Harvey continues to be a disaster. But, for residents of at least one Texas town, receiving governmental relief comes with quite the catch one forcing them, in no uncertain terms, into United States foreign policy since they must certify allegiance before funds will flow.

Allegiance, that is, not to the United States as horrendously fascistic as that would, itself, be. No, hurricane victims in the small Lone Star State town of Dickinson have to vow allegiance to Israel, certifying that they will not throughout the entire duration of their assistance agreement with Texas boycott the aforementioned interminable U.S. ally, occupier of Palestine, and established abuser of human rights. Israel.

And they may not be alone for long no matter how unconstitutional the premise for the appalling clause in the City of Dickinsons Hurricane Harvey Repair Grant Application and Agreement since its nonsensical placement there can be blamed on nascent Texas law mandating state agencies not contract with any entities boycotting Israel. Residents would be acting as independent contractors in the capacity outlined by the application thus, would be theoretically obligated to the same restriction.

Other states, albeit unaffected by this particular natural disaster, are codifying similarly authoritarian legislation.

Make no mistake about this, anyone refu...


SUNY Geneseo professor under investigation over quiz CLG News

SUNY Geneseo professor under investigation over quiz | 23 Oct 2017 | A SUNY Geneseo professor is under investigation by the school after a controversial quiz he gave students which some students said included offensive images and questions. Jillian Sternberg said the quiz was "Female or Shemale: Can You Tell?" She took photos of it and said Professor David Sorbello has since sent an email telling students they can no longer take pictures of lecture slides. Now there is a petition making its rounds asking the college to remove Sorbello from his position.


Documentary Just Released Online Blows Lid Off Hollywood Pedophilia: This Is The Tip of The Iceberg World Truth.TV

As people try to wrap their minds around the horrid nature of rampant sex abuse in Hollywood, the accusations continue to flow but we are still left with little answers. However, Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Amy Berg has named names and delves into the systemic grooming of child actors in an eye-opening exposwhich includes a shocking []


Guardian Sells False Image of an Open Jerusalem Dissident Voice

A Guardian essay on a new Israeli open-rooftops project in Jerusalem, part of a Season of Culture, sadly falls into a standard trap for feelgood articles of this kind. It fails to provide the main context for Jerusalem: that the native Palestinians live under a belligerent Israeli occupation that is ultimately trying to evict them from the city.

Ignoring that context when reporting on life for Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem is gravely irresponsible journalism.

Does this misrepresentation simply reflect author Hannah Ellis-Petersens ignorance? Or is it a consequence of who is footing the bill: the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored the article.

Note these infuriatingly misleading introductory paragraphs:

For its Season of Culture, the ancient capital has thrown open its rooftops to encourage residents to see beyond their blinkered boundaries. But the reality is a city where the divides are growing deeper.

The standfirst sets the mendacious balanced tone, as though Palestinians could ever afford the luxury of choosing to be blinkered in a city where the Israeli-run, occupation municipality is openly hostile to them, and where their homes can be demolished for the smallest infraction of opaque, Israeli-imposed planning rules.

The citys divides are not growing deeper. They were always deep in a city where the occupying power has sought for five decades to colonise Palestinian East Jerusalem with Jewish settlers. There are now more than 200,000 of these settlers gradually displacing the native Palestinian population.

Living side by side in Jerusalem are communities who exist with no interaction with one another kept apart by fear, nationalism and religion.

No, that is not what keeps them apart. Just imagine an article on apartheid South Africa stating that whites and blacks had no interaction because they were kept apart by fear, nationalism and religion. In reality, the two populations were kept apart by the colour of their skin. For blacks under apartheid, and today for Palestinians under occupation, their inferior status is dictated to them. They have no say in the matter.

Palestinians and Israelis are kept apart by the structural violence of occupation, which confers on them entirely different rights and life choices. Jews in Jerusalem have Israeli citizenship; Palestinians have a residency that Israel can easily revoke. Potentially, Jews can live almost anywhere in the city; Palestinians are confined to ghettoes, where they are being suffocated of space and services to encourage them to leave.

Israel has even built a wall cutting some Palestinian neighbourhoods off from the rest of East Jerusalem and the services they pay for through their municipal taxes. They do n...


Eye Opening Survey Shows No.1 Fear of US Citizens Is Government, Not Terrorism World Truth.TV

An extensive survey of hundreds of adults across the United States has just revealed that the thing most Americans fearmore than anything elseis their own government. In fact, according to the survey, no other fear even comes close to the percentage of Americans who worry about their corrupt government officials. The survey was conducted by []


French Minister of Defense: French Citizens who Joined Jihad Should Die on the Battlefield Dissident Voice

French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, told Europe 1 radio last week, If the [French] jihadis perish in this fight, I would say thats for the best.

AP reported in The New York Post of 21 October 2017, that during ISIS heydays, it is estimated that about 30,000 citizens from around the world traveled to the Middle East, mostly Syria and Iraq, to join ISIS/Daesh as jihadi fighters.  This included an estimated 6,000 Europeans, mostly from France, Germany and Britain, many with immigrant backgrounds. A study found that less than 10% converted to Islam.

After ISIS defeat in Syrias northern city of Raqqa, the former ISIS stronghold and artificial capital of the Islamic States Caliphate, about a third of the European jihadists have returned home, where many are awaiting trial in prison. Others are free and under surveillance. They are easy fodder for western secret services to blow themselves up, as jihadists, leaving always an ID behind; False Flag acts of terror, immediately claimed by ISIS, through the Islamic States news agency, Amaq. No surprise, though, in case they were contracted by CIA, Mossad, MI6 et al, to do so.

Other European jihadi fighters are still left on defeated battlefields, hiding in Raqqas ruins, some captured and facing immediate death by execution. They are not wanted back in their European home countries. These countries had then and have now no time, nor interest to care for these people, their desperate, rudderless citizens. Let them die on the battlefield we dont want them back.

While most European Governments didnt dare express it in such blunt words, the French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, told Europe 1 radio last week, If the [French] jihadis perish in this fight, I would say thats for the best.

US orders were similar, Our mission is to make sure that any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria, said Brett McGurk, the top U.S. envoy for the anti-IS coalition, in an interview with Dubai-based Al-Aan television. So, if theyre in Raqqa, theyre going to die in Raqqa, he said. This is as much as saying, no prisoners are taken, they are all to be neutralized, a euphemism for murdered.

Imagine, this comes from the very countries that have created, trained and funded ISIS. Then they have nurtured ISIS for their purposes of spreading destruction, chaos, and assassination throughout the Middle east with focus on Syria and Iraq. These are the NATO governments who have left their young rudderless people without hope, seeking a raison dtre, a purpose in life.

Desperate without hope and guidance, many with zero income, zero chance in our western ultra-competitive merciless society thats what they were then, when they joined the Jihad and thats what they are today at the point of being slaughtered with the per...


Let The Purge Begin: First Hollywood Big Wig Fired For Sexually Abusing Children World Truth.TV

As predicted on numerous occasions, Harvey Weinsteins demise is allowing for the era of secrecy and silence involving pedophilia in Hollywood to finally be exposed forcing change. On Friday, youth talent agent Tyler Grasham was fired from APA talent agency following sexual abuse allegations from many of the actors he represented. According to the []


Pyramid Peoples and Noahs Flood The Event Chronicle

By Sedona Deb

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Genesis 1:2, Divine Name King James Bible

Everybody can quote the first verse of the Bible, right? In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. But how many people can quote the second verse of the Bible? Ah, thats where things get interesting. In the second verse of the Bible, this divinely inspired written record saw fit to introduce the idea that an uber powerful, dynamic energy force was moving along the planet at the onset of the creation of life on the planet. Yes, what Im saying is that the second verse of Genesis educates us about a planetary energy grid.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. Genesis 1:2, New Living Translation

and Gods active force was moving about over the surface of the waters. Genesis 1:2, New World Translation


Extremely rare conjoined twins await Gaza blockade suspension Signs of the Times

Doctors have warned that extremely rare conjoined twins born in the Gaza Strip must leave the blockaded enclave for medical treatment or face certain death. The twin baby girls, who were born on Sunday, share a leg but have separate hearts and lungs. Palestinian news site Al Quds reports that the twins were delivered by caesarean section in Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital. Allam Abu Hamda, the head of the neonatal unit at the hospital, told AFP the twins' condition "cannot be dealt with in the Gaza Strip, so we hope they will be transferred abroad for a separation."


Sex Pistols Frontman Banned From BBC For Blowing Whistle On Powerful Paedophile World Truth.TV

John Lydon, also known by his former stage name, Johnny Rotten, has explained what happened when he tried to blow the whistle on Jimmy Savile long before hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse against the DJ came to light. The former Sex Pistols frontman, currently on a tour through the U.K. with Public Image []


Stephen Hawkings thesis crashes website World News Echonetdaily

British physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking at The Royal Society in London, Britain, in December 2015. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

British physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking at The Royal Society in London, Britain, in December 2015. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga


The intense interest in Stephen Hawkings doctoral thesis has caused Cambridge Universitys website to crash.

Completed in 1966 when Hawking was 24, Properties of Expanding Universes explores ideas about the origins of the universe that have resonated through the scientists career.

The university said the thesis was already the most-requested item in its online repository.

It was free to download on Monday to mark Open Access Week. The website was intermittently inaccessible during the day as it struggled to handle to the interest.

Hawking said he hoped making his thesis available to all would inspire people around the world to look up at the stars and not down at their feet; to wonder about our place in the universe and to try and make sense of the cosmos.

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The nightmare of pedophilia in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk Signs of the Times

The exposed nightmare in Ukraine-controlled Severodonetsk shocked the inhabitants of Donbass. The fears of people aren't unfounded: the facts emerging on the surface about the events in UAF-controlled territory is only a small fragment of the criminal canvas that is the present Ukrainian reality. As was reported, the Kiev Armed Forces, together with the Ukrainian authorities of Severodonetsk, organized a children's brothel in the city's boarding school. The so-called administration of the Severodonetsk general education boarding school for orphaned children forces minor pupils on both genders to perform sexual acts with customer-pedophiles from among the military personnel, militants of national battalions, representatives of the occupational administration, and even ... Ukrainian law enforcement bodies ... The police of the LPR stated that at the disposal of employees of Lugansk justice are documents about concrete crimes and their participants.


Scientists: Geological evidence shows the Great Sphinx is 800,000 years old The Event Chronicle

By Ivan Petricevic

One of the most mysterious and enigmatic monuments on the surface of the planet is without a doubt the Great Sphinx at the Giza plateau in Egypt. It is an ancient construction that has baffled researchers ever since its discovery and until today, no one has been able to accurately date the Sphinx, since there are no written records or mentions in the past about it. Now, two Ukrainian researchers have proposed a new provocative theory where the two scientists propose that the Great Sphinx of Egypt is around 800,000 years old. A Revolutionary theory that is backed up by science.

The study was presented at the International Conference of Geoarchaeology and Archaeomineralogy held in Sofia titled: GEOLOGICAL ASPECT OF THE PROBLEM OF DATING THE GREAT EGYPTIAN SPHINX CONSTRUCTION.

The authors of this paper are scientists Manichev Vjacheslav I. (Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) and Alexander G. Parkhomenko (Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine).

The starting point of these two experts is the paradigm shift initiated by West and Schoch, a debate intended to overcome the orthodox view of Egyptology referring to the possible remote origins of the Egyptian civilization and, on the other, physical evidence of water erosion present at the monuments of the Giza Plateau.


According to Manichev and Parkhomenko:

The problem of dating the Great Egyptian Sphinx construction is still valid, despite of the long-term history of its research. Geological approach in connection to other scientific-natural methods permits to answer the question about the relative age of the Sphinx. The conducted visual investigation of the Sphinx allowed the conclusion about the important role of water from large water bodies which partially...


Interview w/ ex-FBI John DeSouza on Las Vegas, CA Fires, Tom Delonge & Paranormal Investigations The Event Chronicle

JOHN DESOUZA was an FBI Special Agent investigator for over 20 years and collector of the real life X-Files.

Today, he is revealing these stories as a leading researcher and writer on the paranormal. He was an attorney and investigator who maintained a Top Secret security clearance for many years. This background infused him with an ability to decipher mysteries that are beyond conventional abilities.

The X-man John DeSouza is today releasing these true stories and changing the face of the paranormal and our understanding of reality.

Only now can these books be fully comprehended because we have entered the epoch when the new normal is paranormal.

Books by John DeSouza available on Amazon.



Russian ships deliver military equipment to Philippines Signs of the Times

In the latest confirmation that President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to diversify the country's military ties away from the United States and toward China and Russia was not hollow, AP reports that three Russian navy ships arrived in the Philippines on Friday and two others are coming, to deliver donated military equipment in the country's third naval visit under Duterte, who as discussed previously, has launched a historic pivot in the country's geopolitical posture away from the US and toward regional Superpowers. Three Russian antisubmarine ships docked in Manila on October 20 in time for Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu's upcoming visit to the country, said Rear Admiral E. Mikhailov, the task force commander.


Meet Playboys first transgender playmate World News Echonetdaily

Playboy's first transgender Playmate, Ines Rau. Photo Instagram

Playboys first transgender Playmate, Ines Rau. Photo Instagram


Playboy readers looking back on the life of Hugh Hefner will find a tribute to the late magazine founders openness toward LGBT rights in the upcoming edition.

While honouring Hefner, who died on September 27, on the cover, the inside of magazine will showcase French model Ines Rau as the first transgender playmate.

The November/December issue of the magazine represents a breakthrough moment for the transgender community, but there could also be a downside.

It is a watershed moment for the transgender community because it puts us in the same position as every other woman, transgender broadcast journalist Zoey Tur told dpa.

The importance of being in a publication like Playboy is, that its a big step towards acceptance, said Tur, but cautioned that a partially nude photo is demeaning and it is sexist and it plays into the stereotype.

Its not the first time the 26-year-old model of north African descent has appeared in the magazine. She was previously featured in a special edition of the May 2014 issue.

Since then she has been on an upswing. She has starred in a campaign for the French fashion house Balmain, in couture fashion shows and in Vogue Italia. She is also branching out beyond the modelling industry.

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China Is Creating a Database of Its Citizens Voices to Boost its Surveillance Capability

In other news, Google Home Capable of Voice Printing Multiple Users. Via: Time: The Chinese government has collected tens of thousands of voice pattern samples from targeted citizens and is inputting them into a national voice biometric database, according to a Human Rights Watch report published Monday. The idea is that an automated system, thought []


Longstanding Sexual Abuse in Hollywood The Event Chronicle

By Stephen Lendman

Its been commonplace throughout tinseltowns history. The so-called casting couch has been around for the past century, producers and other industry executives demanding sexual favors for roles in films, aspiring actors and experienced ones pressured to submit.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal is no aberration. Countless other film executives act the same way, now and earlier throughout the industrys history, the tip of the iceberg alone reported.

Hollywood moguls want sexual abuse incidents suppressed. Amy Bergs 2014 documentary An Open Secret discussed film industry underage victims of sexual exploitation, minors especially vulnerable to predatory vultures, powerful men believing they can get away with anything and usually do.

Stories of abuse the film recounts represent the tip of a sordid iceberg. Most victims are too ashamed to go public, others not sure theyll be believed.

Berg said (w)hen you meet the victims and see how prevalent this problem is, its difficult to ignore the sexual abuse they and many others endured, adding:

(W)hat I found really disturbing was the number of convicted pedophiles who are still being hired on set, on kids shows. These are people who technically should be nowhere near children. That was really upsetting.

The earliest industry sex scandal occurred in 1921. Actor Roscoe Fatty Arbuckles rape of actress Virginia Rappe led to her death from a ruptured bladder.

He was charged with murder, downgraded to manslaughter, then acquitted after three trials.

Errol Flynn had a two-year affair with Beverly Aadland, beginning when she was aged-15. Earlier he was accused, then exonerated of raping two underage girls.

Aadland recounted her ordeal, saying

(h)e was just too strong for me. I cried. At one point he tore my dress. Then he carried me off to another room, and I was still carrying on. What was going through my head was, what was I going to tell my mother?

In her autobiography, actress Joan Collins explained she lost the lead role in Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor for refusing to sleep with 20th Century-Foxs studio head, saying:

I had tested for Cleopatra twice and was the front-runner. He took me into his office and said, (y)ou really want this part? And I said, Yes. I really do. Well, he said, then all you have to do is be nice to me.



BEST OF THE WEB: Putin speech at Valdai 2017: "The biggest mistake Russia ever made was to trust the US" Signs of the Times

Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard From all the speeches of Vladimir Putin that I had the opportunity to hear and see, I would call his speech at the Valdai forum, including the answers to questions, the most anti-American, or even anti-Western, one. Describing the history of Russia's relations with America in the 1990's, the Russian President shared a story - striking in its detail - about how, in the framework of two agreements on nuclear arms control, experts from the United States were allowed into the most secret Russian facilities and into the offices in which they established themselves: the tables were decorated with little American table flags. How did the Americans respond to our country's unprecedented level of openness? Vladimir Putin repeated several times that they considered it as a weakness. Russia started to burn weapons-grade plutonium in accordance with reached agreements, and the US, without letting us know, changed the obligations they undertook and refused to complete the construction of the plant for processing plutonium. It became known that they made a decision about its burial, which in general has no meaning, because it is always possible to dig up non-utilised plutonium from the burial ground and it will be again completely ready for use.


Explotacin laboral y persecucin: los abusos de la empresa Feronia en el corazn de frica RSS feed from

19 Oct 2017 | El DiarioLa Empresa agroindustrial Feronia, financiada por bancos de desarrollo occidentales, promueve el acaparamiento de tierras en Repblica Democrtica del Congo y ha sido denunciada por explotacin laboral y otros abusos.


Mozambique, los latidos de la tierra RSS feed from

21 Oct 2017 | Noticias de NavarraLa estacin de autobuses inaugura una muestra sobre el paso del suelo africano a manos de multinacionales.

Quatre ONG de solidarit claquent la porte des Etats gnraux de l'alimentation RSS feed from

20 Oct 2017 | Le Monde C'est ahurissant que l'on ne parle ni de problme structurel, ni des consquences ngatives des activits des socits implantes en Afrique, notamment en matire d'accaparement des terres


Interview with Geoffrey Morley, Director, Cross Agriculture Ltd, bronze sponsors of the Agribusiness Congress East Africa in Kampala RSS feed from

23 Oct 2017 | Agri-East Africa"We currently manage over 50 000 acres of agricultural land in East Africa and are growing over 20 different crops."


Toxic Chemical: The Health Dangers of Chlorine The Sleuth Journal

Toxic Chemical: The Health Dangers of Chlorine | swimming-pool | General Health Special Interests Toxins

Chlorine is a naturally occurring element and, as part of the literal salt of the earth, very abundant. Humans have harnessed chlorine and most commonly use it for disinfecting purposes. Unfortunately, chlorines potential toxicity is not limited to mold and fungus and has actually been linked to serious health dangers for humans.

Chlorine as a Disinfectant

Chlorine is in many household cleaners, its used as a fumigant, and, since it impedes the growth of bacteria like e. coli and giardia, and is often added to water systems as a disinfectant. Subsequently, much exposure happens by drinking treated tap water. While disinfection of drinking water is a necessary measure to reduce diseases, concerns have been raised about the safety of chlorine, which has been linked to serious adverse health effects, including dementia in elderly patients. [1]

Chlorine in Swimming Pools

Swimming pool water must be cleaned, by some means, to prevent contamination and bacterial overgrowth. Chlorine isnt the safest method, but is probably the most common. Consider what chlorine is- a poison. Diluting it just enough so that its strong enough to kill pool scum but not quite strong enough to kill a human doesnt change that.

A review of available research (and there is a lot of it) by Marywood University confirms that long-term exposure to chlorinated pools can cause symptoms of asthma in swimmers. [2] This can affect athletes who were previously healthy, especially adolescents. [3] Additionally, eye and skin irritation in swimmers has been hypothesized to...


Is James Comey Running for President? The Sleuth Journal

Is James Comey Running for President? | Is-James-Comey-Running-for-President-L | Politics Special Interests


By NTK Network

The former FBI director posted tweets from his travels in Iowa.

Former FBI Director James Comey has been travelling around Iowa, the first state to vote in the 2020 presidential primary season, according to his not-so-secret Twitter account.

Comey uses the name Reinhold Niebuhr on Twitter, after the theologian about whom he wrote his senior thesis.



The succession of brachiopods as a tool for correlation in the Silurian of the East Baltic RSS feed from

The succession of brachiopods as a tool for correlation in the Silurian of the East Baltic


Equilibrium composition of the gas phase in the system H3PO4-H2SiF6-H2O RSS feed from

Equilibrium composition of the gas phase in the system H3PO4-H2SiF6-H2O


mTOR signaling in epilepsy: insights from malformations of cortical development RSS feed from

mTOR signaling in epilepsy: insights from malformations of cortical development


Free school meals launched in New York City RSS feed from

All children in New York City public schools now

Sweeteners may increase risk of type 2 diabetes RSS feed from

An Australian university finds that artificial sweeteners can increase risk of diabetes, but Diabetes UK are sceptical of their findings.


Sir Ian Cheshire appointed Chair of Food, Farming and Countryside Commission RSS feed from

Sir Ian Cheshire, chair of Barclays UK and Debenhams and the former Kingfisher chief executive, will chair a major new Commission into the Future of Food and Farming, organised by the RSA [Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce].


UK food standards set to face 'perfect storm' RSS feed from

Our food standards and food industry look set to face a perfect storm from rising food prices, regulatory uncertainties, greatly diminished capacity of food inspectors and standards bodies, and likely challenges from international trade deals with countries working to lower food standards than our own. This critical analysis is published by the Sustain food and farming alliance, as their submission to the EFRA enquiry into trade in food.


SUGAR SMART Bristol celebrates a successful first year RSS feed from

One year on, the SUGAR SMART Bristol campaign shares their journey from strength to strength with a new infographic, and considers the next steps ahead.


Tillerson Conceals Rape of Raqqa, Meets with Saudi Monarch The Sleuth Journal

Tillerson Conceals Rape of Raqqa, Meets with Saudi Monarch | rex-tilleron | Politics Special Interests War Propaganda World News

[image: Getty]

Washington pretends to be combating the scourge of ISIS it supports.

Tillerson tried concealing it, hypocritically accusing its fighters of dramatically undermin(ing) stability in Iraq, Syria and the broader Middle East, and pos(ing) a threat to international peace and security failing to explain with active support from Washington, using its fighters as imperial foot soldiers, providing them with weapons, munitions, aerial and other support.

ISIS couldnt exist without foreign backing, Washington its main ally, pretending otherwise.

Tillerson congratulate(d) the Syrian people and (terrorist-infested) Syrian Democratic Forceson the liberation of Raqqa.

A separate article explained the citys rape and destruction, not liberation, tens of thousands of civilians massacred, terror-bombing continuing for months, residential areas targeted, most ISIS fighters redeployed to Deir Ezzor, Syrian ground forces and Russian aerial operations smashing them.

Washingtons rape and destruction of Raqqa was a Nuremberg-level high crime, one of many by US forces in the region and elsewhere, millions of casualties caused in multiple theaters, many more daily.

Tillerson: Over the last seven months, millions of people have been liberated from ISIS brutal rule and working with our partners on the ground we are setting the conditions to enable people to return home.

Fact: Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, alone liberated thousands of square miles of territory from terrorists supported by Washington and its rogue allies.

Fact: They want endless war and slaughter continued, not ended, Russia the only major power going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution.

Fact: Tillersons job includes suppressing information about U...


Ritual Abuse Survivor & Illuminati Whistleblower Cheryl Hersha The Event Chronicle

MUST WATCH! Part 2 of our latest interview with Illuminati whislteblower and SRA Survivor Cheryl Hersha. Another very informative mind blowing discussion from a very courageous woman.

October 17, 2017

WARNING: IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE that you suspect you are under the influence of mind control watching the following information can be DANGEROUS. If you are consulting a therapist for DID (also known as MPD), it is recommended that you consult your therapist before viewing this material.

Satanic Ritual Abuse: Its Real, But It Can Be Healed

Previous Interviews with Cheryl Hersha



Why the #MeToo campaign resonates in India RSS feed from

The #MeToo campaign has touched a raw nerve among Indian women, writes Mari Marcel Thekaekara.


Smudging Destroys Killer Germs, According to a Recent Study Awareness Act

Many people use smudging these days as a means of cleansing their homes of negative energies and spirits, however, recent studies suggest it could be far more beneficial than we think.

Smudging for those who are not aware, is a Native American method of burning sacred herbs to produce smoke. (Native Americans are not the only ones who can or do use this method.) This smoke is used for many different things. Sage is the most commonly smudged herb. Personally white sage is my favorite for smudging.

A recent study published in the journal, Ethnopharmacology back in 2007 looked at how an hour of treatment in the form of medicinal smoke would affect bacterial life. In just one hour, researchers noticed a 95% decrease in bacteria.  The smoke itself maintained air purity for up to 24 hours in a closed room.

The abstract of this study goes as follows:

This study represents a comprehensive analysis and scientific validation of our ancient knowledge about the effect of ethnopharmacological aspects of natural products smoke for therapy and health care on airborne bacterial composition and dynamics, using the Biolog microplate panels and Microlog database. We have observed that 1h treatment of medicinal smoke emanated by burning wood and a mixture of odoriferous and medicinal herbs (havan smagri=material used in oblation to fire all over India), on aerial bacterial population caused over 94% reduction of bacterial counts by 60 min and the ability of the smoke to purify or disinfect the air and to make the environment cleaner was maintained up to 24h in the closed room. Absence of pathogenic bacteria Corynebacterium urealyticum, Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens, Enterobacter aerogenes (Klebsiella mobilis), Kocuria rosea, Pseudomonas syringae PV. persicae, Staphylococcus lentus, and Xanthomonas campestris PV. tardicrescens in the open room even after 30 days is indicative of the bactericidal potential of the medicinal smoke treatment. We have demonstrated that using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.

They were able to conclude that the benefits of smudging are completely viable. As you may know, our overuse of antibiotics has caused a huge problem in regards to superbugs and extreme pollution. This could be our answer on some level when it comes to killing off their bacteria.

Conventional sterilization methods often employ tons of different unhealthy chemicals are much...


Philippines victory: Duterte forces have destroyed ISIS in Marawi Signs of the Times

The Battle of Marawi has been won as President Rodrigo Duterte's war plan has worked. Earlier this month, it was reported that over several scores of ISIS aligned terrorists of the illegal Maute Group remained in the besieged southern Philippine city of Marawi. Today, Philippines Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana confirmed that "There are no more militants in Marawi".


Puigdemont No Better than Mariano Rajoy The Sleuth Journal

Puigdemont No Better than Mariano Rajoy | Puigdemont-and-Mariano-Rajoy | Special Interests World News

[image: EFE/Pool]

Puigdemont responded to Rajoys threats with some threats of himself. In doing so, the Catalan politician demonstrated that he is no better than Rajoy.

Independence, self-determination and freedom are not bargaining chips for political agendas, they are rights that people have and that should never be used as conditionals to achieve goals or to challenge policy.

On October 1, Catalonia voted massively to become independent, yet, Catalan leaders are yet to officially vote in parliament an official declaration of independence.

Their failure to do so has conditioned the support of an important political group of allies to Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, who has been playing political games with Spains president, Mariano Rajoy and the oppressive regime in Madrid.

Yesterday, Puigdemont responded to Rajoys threats with some threats of himself. In doing so, the Catalan politician demonstrated that he is no better than Rajoy. He not only failed to direct parliament to vote on the official declaration of independence, but also uses the rights of the Catalan people to bargain, to threaten and to manipulate policy.

Undoubtedly, Puigdemont did not think hard enough before beginning the process of Catalan self-determination. Perhaps he is afraid of the consequences for him and his political allies should the oppressive regime from Madrid decide to apply article 155, which will literally remove all power from the Generalit...


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"What surrounds the florid Rosette nebula? To better picture this area of the sky, the famous flowery emission nebula on the far right has been captured recently in a deep and dramatic wide field image that features several other sky highlights. Designated NGC 2237, the center of the Rosette nebula is populated by the bright blue stars of open cluster NGC 2244, whose winds and energetic light are evacuating the nebula's center. Below the famous flower, a symbol of Valentine's Day, is a column of dust and gas that appears like a rose's stem but extends hundreds of light years.
 Click image for larger size.
Across the above image, the bright blue star just left and below the center is called S Monocerotis. The star is part of the open cluster of stars labelled NGC 2264 and known as the Snowflake cluster. To the right of S Mon is a dark pointy featured called the Cone nebula, a nebula likely shaped by winds flowing out a massive star obscured by dust. To the left of S Mon is the Fox Fur nebula, a tumultuous region created by the rapidly evolving Snowflake cluster. The Rosette region, at about 5,000 light years distant, is about twice as far away as the region surrounding S Mon. The entire field can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Unicorn (Monoceros)."


Covert Disclosure of Antigravity Craft near MacDill AFB The Event Chronicle

By Dr. Michael Salla

On October 19, I was sent a series of nine photos showing two UFOs in the vicinity of MacDill Air Force Base, home of Special Operations Command. The UFOs were respectively rectangle and triangle shaped, appeared to use antigravity technology, and were interacting with one another.

The photos were taken by JP, a pseudonym for a source I have known for nine years who claims to be both an extraterrestrial contactee and to have been taken in military abductions. He also claims to have interacted extensively with personnel from Special Operations Command, who have informally briefed him on some covert operations involving TR-3B and North Korea.

I have extensively communicated and questioned JP, and consider him to be sincere and reliable. He has previously supplied photos of triangle-shaped antigravity craft that he claims to have been taken on during previous military abductions.

In the most recent UFO incident, JP says he received a phone call instructing him on when the UFOs would appear. This is what he wrote in a skype message to me:

11 a.m. I got a call to look at the skies .. like around 11:02 I see this rectangle platform black ship.. it came out from the clouds 6 seconds after seeing the ship..TR-3B shows up, you can see the characteristics of it the circle in the middle still glowing a little bit, in a blink of an eye it was their interacting with the black triangle platform ship similar to when it was interacting with the helicopter.. this was quite fast 2 minutes after the call lasting a minute and 20 sec.

He added in a later skype message:

The call was really fast like 10 seconds the guy said (Im calling to inform you to look at the skies clock view (10:30) inbetween East and North have a nice day. Click..

JP next says that he has never before encountered the rectangle shaped UFOs, which appeared to come from the Gulf of Mexico:

I never seen those platform looking UFOs
It was quite interesting
I was hearing something weird this time
like I high pitch sound my ears were kind of like ringing after the event..
8 miles from MacDill this time
MacDill was in...


Uranium deal turns spotlight on Hillary Clinton but not the way she wanted Signs of the Times

Hillary and Bill Clinton could have been involved in "pay-to-play" schemes, while transferring money through their charity in a non-transparent manner, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel told Sputnik. The uranium deal may become the trigger for an all-out inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, he believes. The Clintons' "modus operandi" is first, to lie under oath, and, second, to obstruct justice from within government and even from outside government, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Sputnik, commenting on investigations launched by the Senate and the House of Representatives into the Obama-era uranium deal. It was rumored that as secretary of state Hillary Clinton approved the agreement benefiting Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation (CF) from Canadian mining industry leaders involved in the deal. Clinton refuted the claim that she helped support the donors' interests.


Meet Greyson: Another VACCINE VICTIM. The Crazz Files

Brandy Vaughan shared Ashlee Juliavideo.
 Meet Greyson. Another VACCINE VICTIM.

His life changed forever on April 21, 2017 when he was 14 months old.

Read More


Chet Raymo, The Sound And Fury Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The Sound And Fury
by Chet Raymo

Not so long ago, I mentioned here Himmler and Heydrich, two of Hitler's most terrible henchmen. A friend said to me: "If there's no afterlife, no heaven or hell, then those two diabolical creatures got away with it. Their fate was no different than that of any one of their victims, an innocent child perhaps." And, yes, if there is no God who dispenses final justice, then we are left with an aching feeling of irresolution, of virtue unrewarded, of vice unpunished. Heydrich was gunned down by partisan assassins, and Himmler committed suicide a few hours before his inevitable capture, both fates arguably less tragic than that of their victims. How much more satisfying to think that the two mass murderers will spend an eternity in hell, while their victims find bliss.

This may not be a logically consistent argument for the existence of God, but it is certainly compelling. My friend says: "If there's no afterlife, then it's all sound and fury, signifying nothing. Of course, this emotive argument for the existence of God is balanced by another argument against his existence the problem of evil: How can a just and loving God allow the existence of a Himmler or Heydrich in the first place. Here the argument is not just emotional, but consists of a thorny contradiction.

It comes down, essentially, to head vs. heart- what we would like to be true with all of our heart, vs. what our head tells us is an unresolvable conundrum. So each of us decides: To follow our hearts and make the blind leap of faith, or to follow our heads and learn to live with the sound and the fury. For those of us who choose the second alternative, the relevant words are that distressing coda, "signifying nothing." Our task is one of signification, of finding a satisfying meaning this side of the grave.

For many of us, that means finding our place in the great cosmic unfolding, and of recognizing that our lives are not inconsequential, that by being here we jigger the trajectory of the universe in some w...


"Half The Harm..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it. Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves."
- T. S. Eliot


The Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke, "All Will Come Again" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"All Will Come Again"

"All will come again into its strength:
the fields undivided, the waters undammed,
the trees towering and the walls built low.
And in the valleys, people as strong and varied as the land.
And no churches where God
is imprisoned and lamented
like a trapped and wounded animal.
The houses welcoming all who knock
and a sense of boundless offering
in all relations, and in you and me.
No yearning for an afterlife, no looking beyond,
no belittling of death,
but only longing for what belongs to us
and serving earth, lest we remain unused."

- Rainer Maria Rilke


UPDATED LIST: MASSIVE Recall of Freshly Packaged Vegetables Includes Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, Meijer, Whole Foods, Safeway, Albertsons, Western Family, and More The Sleuth Journal

UPDATED LIST: MASSIVE Recall of Freshly Packaged Vegetables Includes Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, Meijer, Whole Foods, Safeway, Albertsons, Western Family, and More | recall | General Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

UPDATE: There are new additions to the recall, including foods from Meijer, Whole Foods, and Albertsons. The specific recalls are listed below the originial list.

A massive vegetable recall has been issued for a huge array of packaged vegetables. Mann Packing in Salinas, California has issued a huge recall that affects not only their own brand but also Nourish, Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, Western Family, Trader Joes, and more. The products could be contaminated with listeria and have a best if used by dates from October 11 to October 20.

If you have any of the following products, you can return them to the store where you purchased them for a full refund or contact Mann Packings 24-hour consumer line at 888-470-2681 or visit

The FDA issued this list, including UPC codes:

Canada Compliments Cauliettes Chop, 14oz bags 068820132547
Vegetable Platter, 24oz trays 055742534900
Canada Mann Manns Broccoli Cole Slaw, 12 oz bags 716519013072
Manns Culinary Cuts Shaved Brussels Sprout, 9 oz bas 716519067013
Manns Family Favorites Broccoli Cauliflower Florets, 12 oz bags 716519013034
Manns Family Favorites Brussels Sprouts, 12 oz bags 716519010354
Manns Family Favorites California Stir Fry, 12 oz bags 716519013065
Manns Family Favorites California Stir Fry, 2 lb bags 716519020186
Manns Family Favorites Vegetable Medley, 12 oz bags 716519013041
Manns Family Favorites Vegetable Medley, 2 lb bags 716519020155


Origins Of The International Criminal Cabal After the Shift


For viewers' further research: Monk Eastman, Arnold Rothstein, Bugsy Seigel, Meyer Lansky, Lew Wasserman, Sidney Korshak, Two Hundred Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Evsei Agron, Boris Goldberg, Marat Balagula, Vyacheslav Ivankov, Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich


Medical Doctor: Blood of Every Vaccine Injured or Killed Child on Hands of Murder-by-Vaccine Pediatricians The Crazz Files

James C. Meehan MD

James C. Meehan, Jr., MD. Image source.

by James C. Meehan, Jr., MD
Posted on Facebook

Source: Vaccine Impact 

To all the pediatricians still trolling my page, now that Ive got your attention, listen closely. Read More


VIDEO: Multiple Residents Witness UFO Over Queensland, Australia The Event Chronicle

By Joe Martino

Undeniably, UFOs and ETs have taken many minds by storm, and for good reason! This is a subject with the power to change our world as we know it in SO many ways and humanity is becoming increasingly more ready to explore this subject.

So what do UFO sightings do for this subject of conversation? They provide just that, a conversation. A chance to expand our minds and consciousness further as we imagine beyond our everyday accepted reality. As we explore the potential of what these objects and the intelligence that may control them means, we expand the way we think of ourselves and our world, effectively shifting our consciousness.

Given the mass consciousness shift were experiencingon this planet right now, this fits right in.

There have been a ton of new sightings over the past couple years, you can see them here, but this one is a bit older. Were going to look at it as its quite fascinating.

The UFO Sighting

It was a regular night in Queensland Australia when witness and filmer Jack Purcells mother pointed out the lights in the sky to him.

We were all just sitting out the front and my mum pointed to the sky and said look at that colourful plane flying over, Purcell said.

Then it came to a sudden stop and was just hovering there. So I ran inside and grabbed my video camera.

Purcell stated that when when the police tried to call it in with a police helicopter the unidentified object would turn its lights off and disappear.

It was really strange. I was quite skeptical of these things but it just blew my mind.

This is what Jack wrote about what he saw as he posted his video to YouTube: Ok so Im pretty sure Ive captured a UFO on camera. Early last night we saw flashing lights in the sky and I ran and got my camera to record it. The cops came straight away and told everyone that they had no idea what it was and they were going to call it in. When I ran inside to get my phone, everyone said that they saw another huge light twice its size zoom across the sky and disappear. At the end of this video, I slowed the footage down and stabilized it and you can clearly see that its a giant triangle with flashing lights. after I finished recording, it zipped down really quickly and vanished. so weird. sorry about the shaky footage, it was filmed on my handheld...


David Petraeus Finally Answers His Own Question RSS feed from

ISIS is on the verge of collapse, but the the quagmire continues.


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Croydon, United Kingdom. Thanks for stopping by!


Tokyo department store withdraws illegal Israeli Settlement products Signs of the Times

The upscale Mitsukoshi department store in the Ginza district of Tokyo has withdrawn Israeli settlement products. Earlier this month, the store was scheduled to host an event featuring Israeli wines, including wines made in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen land. But after Japanese civil society raised concerns, Mitsukoshi shortened the event and removed all wines which Japanese BDS activists indicated were made in Israeli settlements, The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) reported.


"On The Whole..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

 On the whole human beings want to be good,
but not too good, and not quite all the time.
- George Orwell


"Let It Roll Off Our Back: Dodging and Deflecting" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Let It Roll Off Our Back: Dodging and Deflecting"
by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM

"When we are criticized or attacked it is important to not take it into our heart space. One of the most difficult challenges in life is learning not to take things to heart and hold on to it. Especially when were younger, or if were very sensitive, we take so much of what comes our way to heart. This can be overwhelming and unproductive if it throws us off balance on a regular basis. When we are feeling criticized or attacked from all directions, it becomes very difficult for us to recover ourselves so that we can continue to speak and act our truth. This is when we would do well to remember the old saying about letting certain things roll off us, like water off a ducks back.

Most of the time, the attacks and criticisms of others have much more to do with them and how they are feeling than with us. If we get caught up in trying to adjust ourselves to other peoples negative energy, we lose touch with our core. In fact, in a positive light, these slings and arrows offer us the opportunity to strengthen our core sense of self, and to learn to dodge and deflect other peoples misdirected negativity. The more we do this, the more we are able to discern what belongs to us and what belongs to other people. With practice, we become masters of our energetic integrity, refusing to serve as targets for the disowned anger and frustration of the people around us.

Eventually, we will be able to hear the feedback that others have to offer, taking in anything that might actually be constructive, and releasing that which has nothing to do with us. First, though, we tend ourselves compassionately by recognizing when we cant take something in from the outside without hurting ourselves. This is when we make like a duck, shaking it off and letting it roll off our back as we continue our way in the world."


10 Calcium-Rich Fruits (Infographic) The Sleuth Journal

10 Calcium-Rich Fruits (Infographic) | dried-apricots | General Health Special Interests

Dairy is NOT the only source of calcium! We created this infographic to raise awareness that plant sources of calcium are available. If you missed the original article, 10 Fruits Rich in Calcium, be sure to check that out too. Whether youre vegan, vegetarian, or just looking for an alternative to dairy calcium, hopefully this info will give you some new ideas. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

The post 10 Calcium-Rich Fruits (Infographic) appeared first on The Sleuth J...


Big house cat? Experts divided over 'gigantic cat' sighting in Mississippi Signs of the Times

A Mississippi man was left scratching his head when he spotted what appears to be a massive black cat walking through a field and even experts can't agree on what he saw. The strange encounter took place as David Sluder was pulling into a Wendy's restaurant in the city of Hernando and noticed something amiss in the distance. After initially thinking that perhaps he was watching a deer or a coyote, he realized that the creature was actually a very large cat. Having never seen such a thing before, Sluder smartly took out his cellphone and captured some footage of the big cat stalking through some tall grass.


Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare The Sleuth Journal

Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare | nasa-iss015-e-14611-2007-celebes-sea | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment Military Military Weapons Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests War Propaganda Weather Modification

By Rady Ananda, Global Research | 

Developed in 1988 by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UNs World Meteorological Organization, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) maintains its silence on military weather modification applications which continue to skew the data.

Extreme weather and climate events are linked to climate change while no mention is made of government programs deliberately aimed at modifying the weather and inducing earthquakes, drought, rain, and tsunamis.

Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare | heppner-gazette-times-23sep1965-public-notice2 | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment Military Military Weapons Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests War Propaganda Weather Modification The modern weather modification program, at least in the US, is over 70 years old. Public service announ...


Boing Boinged Shooting the Messenger

Boing Boing report about ultimate DMCA takedown fail cites this blog


Earlier this month, I blogged about multiple copyright takedown requests sent by one or more Medicare scammers, claiming copyright of their names, life stories, and criminal records, in an effort to convince Google to delist reports about the $5.4 million criminal scheme from the U.S. Department of Justice website.

Today my post was cited by Boing Boing, a long-running, award-winning online zine and...


The massive cover-up of Alien civilizations on Mars The Event Chronicle

By Ancient Code

From pyramids, alleged city ruins, pyramid-shaped structures, to countless whistleblowers who have revealed fascinating details about Mars, and alleged alien civilizations that once existed on the red planet, Mars has been the topic of debate for decades.

The planet Mars has given us lately much to talk about. Little by little, we have been filtered with information that contradicts everything we thought to be true about mars a couple of decades ago. And it doesnt stop there.

Countless discoveries have been made on the surface of Mars that leave us asking more question about our neighboring planet.

Mars day lasts 24 hours with 37 minutes, and it has two satellites that some scientists claim are artificial in nature, parked eons ago and used as space stations by an advanced alien civilization.

One of the main arguments that back up this wild theory is that one of its satellites travels four times faster than Mars.

This is extremely strange because there is not a single natural satellite we know of that has a higher velocity than the planet it orbits.

Another factor that researchers have not been able to explain is why one of the red planets satellites slows down as it moves away from Mars.

Interestingly, according to Dr. S. Fred Singer, special advisor to former President of the United States Eisenhower, Phobos might be an artificial satellite launched into orbit around Mars a long time ago by a highly advanced Martian Civilization.

However, Singer wasnt the first to suggest there was something odd about the Martian moons. The first similar claims were made by Soviet astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky who firmly believed intelligent design is present within Phobos.

Oh and theres that MASSIVE...


Dickenson, TX Residents Told No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds if Support Boycotting Israel The Sleuth Journal

Dickenson, TX Residents Told No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds if Support Boycotting Israel | hurricane-harvey-dickenson-texas | Politics Special Interests

[image: Reuters]

Israels sinister influence over US policy extends to tiny Dickenson, TX, population around 19,000, ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, residents needing help.

Getting any requires certifying in writing the following on signed applications:

(T)he Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.

Recently passed Texas law requires state contractors to certify no opposition to Israel. At a signing ceremony, Governor Greg Abbott called Texas Israels No. 1 trading partner in the United States, adding:

Texas is proud to reaffirm its support for the people of Israel and we will continue to build on our historic partnershipAnti-Israel policies are anti-Texas policies, and we will not tolerate such actions against an important ally.

Earlier Supreme Court decisions affirmed the right of free expression, including political speech and protests, protected by the First Amendment.

Federal, state and local governments are prohibited from requiring individuals to certify political beliefs for employment, contracts or other benefits.

ACLU Texas legal director Andre Segura explained (t)he First Amendment protects Americans right to boycott, and the government cannot condition hurricane relief or any other public benefit on a commitment to refrain from protected political expression.

Dickinsons requirement is an egregious violation of the First Amendment, reminiscent of McCarthy-era loyalty oaths, requiring Americans to disavow membership in the Communist party and other forms of subversive activity.

On O...


Hopes remain high at climate talks RSS feed from

As climate change negotiators prepare for their November meeting, hopes remain high that rules for the Paris Accord, which came into force a year ago, will be finalised this year.


European Values think tank bashes RT: Labels it Kremlin's platform for 'useful idiots' Signs of the Times

European Values Think Tank calls itself an NGO "defending liberal democracy" - it clearly disdains by attempting to discredit RT and guests appearing on the network it called "useful idiots (to a) hostile foreign power." Founded in 2005, its funded by Washington, Britain, other EU countries, the European Parliament, European Commission, George Soros' Open Society Foundation, and other anti-democratic private sources. It's a propaganda operation, opposed to "defending liberal democracy," supporting "aggressive regimes," not against them.

NATO-Soros funded European Values think tank bashes RT: Labels it Kremlin's platform for 'useful idiots' Signs of the Times

European Values Think Tank calls itself an NGO "defending liberal democracy" - it clearly disdains by attempting to discredit RT and guests appearing on the network it called "useful idiots (to a) hostile foreign power." Founded in 2005, its funded by Washington, Britain, other EU countries, the European Parliament, European Commission, George Soros' Open Society Foundation, and other anti-democratic private sources. It's a propaganda operation, opposed to "defending liberal democracy," supporting "aggressive regimes," not against them.


How to Use a Pendulum to Bring Your Subconscious Mind to the Forefront Awareness Act

Pendulums have a wide range of uses and have been made popular by many different cultures for thousands of years. That being said, there are tons of misconceptions about them, even now.

For those who do not know, a pendulum is a weight that can swing freely from a pivot point. Whether it is a rock on a string or something else, it uses gravity and momentum to respond to energy. Normally you will see them as different healing stones on a chain of some kind.

Because we as humans do not always perceive this energy or understand it consciously, it is good to have a pendulum. The pendulum merely lets your conscious become aware of what your subconscious already knows. It allows you to better identify with the energies around you.

Below you will find a step by step guide on how to use your pendulum but please remember whether you make your own or buy one they will still work the same. If you want a fancy one go for it. Personal preference is all that matters as far as which kind of pendulum you choose.

Step 1: Make or Buy a Pendulum

Figure out which pendulum is best for you. If you are buying, one I find it is best to get one with a crystal attached to it that you identify with. Most commonly you will see them with quartz or amethyst but any crystal can and will work. You can also get a glass, wooden, or metal pendulum.

Step 2: Make Your Mind Ready

Relax your mind. Be sure to get rid of any external or internal noise. Personally, I meditate for a minimum of 30 minutes before working with my pendulum. You can surround your space with crystals and candles, as well, but that is not required.

Step 3: Prepare for Use

Position yourself and your pendulum. You should be sitting up straight and have your feet as flat on the floor as possible. Hold the chain between your thumb and forefinger. you can grasp anywhere on the chain but be sure to leave at least two or three inches between your fingers and the weight at the end of the chain.

You can use something solid to help steady your forearm if need be. This could be the edge of a table or even the arm of a...


Some Mind Blowing Leaked NASA UFO Photos The Event Chronicle

Sightings of UFOS by astronauts that you really should see.

There have been many photos of supposedly UFOs shown online but these photos were taken by astronauts when they were in space.


BEST OF THE WEB: The mystery of the never-ending ISIS hordes - US mercenaries and Iraqi supply corridors Signs of the Times

While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (IS) managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, it was abundantly clear to many analysts that the IS organization was not only receiving state sponsorship, but it was receiving reinforcements, weapons and supplies from far beyond Syria's and Iraq's borders. Maps of the conflict stretching over the last several years show clear corridors used to reinforce IS positions, leading primarily from Turkey's southern border and to a lesser extent, from Jordan's borders. However, another possible vector may be desert highways in Iraq's western Anbar province where US military contractors are allegedly to "provide security" as well as build gas stations and rest areas. These highways contributed to the current conflict and still serve as a hotbed for state sponsored terrorism. Whether these US-controlled and improved highways pose a significant threat for a reorganized effort by the US and its regional allies to divide and destroy Iraq and Syria seems all but inevitable.


BEST OF THE WEB: China-Russia alliance doesn't need to be a threat to the West Signs of the Times

"I submit that all of the above is wrong and results not only from the limited knowledge of the real situation on the ground in these two countries but to a prejudicial mindset that does not want to get at the facts." In this essay we will examine two aspects of the same issue: the strategic partnership between Russia and China which is fast becoming a foreign policy, commercial and military alliance. The first question centers on the relationship itself, how solid is it, and in particular can this potential game changer in international relations be unwound, can Russia be drawn back into the orbit of the Western world. The second question is that given this partnership cum alliance, what kind of world order has taken shape in the past couple of decades? We know for certain that it is no longer an American led unipolar world. But is it de facto a multipolar world as so many of our commentators tell us, or are we witnessing a return to the bipolar world in the context of a New Cold War? These issues are of critical importance if we are to understand the times we are living in and formulate an effective and durable system of world governance.


Geoengineering expert Dane Wigington: There is no natural weather anymore! The Event Chronicle

Dane Wigington A Round-Table Discussion on Geoengineering

ccording to geoengineering researcher and solar energy expert Dane Wigington, there is no natural weather anymore.

So whats going on? By best estimates geoengineering the artificial manipulation of our global climate has been happening for 60 plus years and has created a total disruption of our weather system.

In this candid and sobering round-table discussion with Dane Wigington, commercial photographer and creator of the documentary film Look Up, George Barnes, and Dr. Doug Levine executive director of Life after Cancer, we spoke about the Global distraction that keep the masses in survival mode, which has greatly reduced our ability to be aware of our surroundings, including and especially what is going on in our skies. The implications of a sustained weather modification program are huge, and they affect each and every one of us.

Note  Since the taping of this interview, George Barnes site SkyderAlert has been dismantled due to lack of financial support. Heres what he had to say about the shutdown sometime in 2016:

Source Look-Up

Thank you everyone It has been a successful effort.

Together we did it- we got the word out on GeoEngineering. Unfortunately we have to shut Skyder down. Sales and donations are just not there on a consistent or large enough basis. Its like buying a new car it comes with a full tank of gas, but that runs out quickly. You have to refill it often- and you have to pay for that. Its the same as running the App and a sophisticated interactive website like its expensive to maintain.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your cooperation and support. We have changed the world and brought the climate issue to light. Over the next few weeks we will be shutting down the site and the app. But we will keep a simple landing page up at and offer the remaining DVDs a...


Indonesia wants to know why US stopped military chief World News Echonetdaily

Indonesian Armed Forces Chief General Gatot Nurmantyo. Indonesia's government is seeking clarification from the US after Nurmantyo was denied entry to the country. Photo AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim, File

Indonesian Armed Forces Chief General Gatot Nurmantyo. Indonesias government is seeking clarification from the US after Nurmantyo was denied entry to the country. Photo AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim, File


Indonesia has made urgent requests for an explanation why its military chief was barred from travelling to the United States, as anger simmered in the worlds largest Muslim-majority country over the diplomatic incident.

Armed forces commander General Gatot Nurmantyo was stopped on Saturday from boarding an Emirates flight to the US, despite having a visa and an official invitation to a conference from his counterpart, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, General Joseph Dunford.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said she had accepted an official apology from the deputy US ambassador in Jakarta but awaited a detailed explanation.

We conveyed that we still await clarification, an explanation why this happened, Marsudi told reporters after meeting the US envoy.

There is a sense of urgency to this that we have conveyed to them, she said, adding that US officials were trying to co-ordinate with relevant authorities in the US to find out what really happened.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis apologised for the incident to his Indonesian counterpart, Ryamizard Ryacudu, on the sidelines of an ASEAN meeting in the Philippines, and the two were photographed shaking hands.

I can confirm that he did a pull-aside with the Indonesian minister and expressed regret and apologised for the inconvenience, Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman for Mattis, told Reuters.

In a statement, the US embassy in Jakarta said: This issue has been resolved. There is no restriction on General Gatots travel and we look forward to welcoming (him) to the United States.

The post Indonesia wants to kn...


Your Greatest Strength According to Your Zodiac Sign Awareness Act

Each zodiac sign has its own complex characteristics and from these, we can tell a lot about a person. While some may flourish in creativity, others are greater in different areas.

If you are anything like me, you look to your sign for a lot of different things. Take a look below and find your sign to see what your greatest strength is. Let us know if yours was as spot on as ours were.


The Aries is extremely brave. He or she will go above and beyond to get things done. They are able to reassure themselves with ease most of the time.


The Taurus is very dependable and it is easily their strong point. They dont let anything keep them from following through on what they say they will do. You could also praise them for being so enduring.


Curiosity is the Geminis greatest strength. While some people might think it is a weakness the Gemini knows it isnt. They are very open to learning new things.


Cancers are very dedicated. They never give up on those who they love even when they should. That being said depending on the Cancer this could be their greatest weakness as well.


Fearlessness is something you find in most Leos. They are not afraid to take initiative and are very self-assured. In case you havent noticed the Leo is without a doubt a natural born leader.


Virgos are very giving and their biggest strength is their supportiveness. They are able to help anyone through just about anything within reason. You might also say their attention to detail is almost unreal. Virgos are wonderful problem solvers which goes hand in hand with their supportiveness.


Libras are usually pretty open-minded and that makes them quite the force to be reckoned with. They can see things from all aspects and you cant get much by them. They remain balanced within and can see you slipping with ease.


If you are a Scorpio your charm is your biggest strength. It can get you out of a lot of things and push you far in life. Sure, you will still have to work hard, but charm is important. Scorpios are the most charming sign of all.


The Sagittarius is very generous. He or she will give willingly to those who need. If you have ever known a Sagittarius, then you know how flighty they can be, but the truth is, if you really need them they are usually there for you.


The Capricorn...


Lobbying spending hits historic lows OpenSecrets Blog

K Street sign at 15th and K in Washington. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Washington lobbying groups spent less money and reported fewer lobbyists during the third quarter of 2017 than in any quarter since at least 2008, when Center for Responsive Politics began tracking the totals.

Congress spent the summer considering Obamacare repeal, a tax overhaul and immigration reform, yet controversy failed to inspire an expected uptick in Washington lobbying.

From July 1 to September 30, companies and organizations spent about $754 million on lobbying, a quarterly low. There were also 9,200 registered lobbyists, or about 800 fewer than the previous three-month period.

Third-quarter lobbying is typically the slowest quarter in Washington as legislators leave for August recess, but the decline in both spending and registered lobbyists was dramatic even for the slow months.

Despite the third-quarter dip, however, 2017 spending is on pace to pass 2016 totals due to an influx of spending during the first six months of the year. Overall, the lobbying world has spent about $2.43 billion this year compared to $2.38 billion at the same point in 2016.

More than 8,500 companies, municipalities, trade associations and other organizations have reported federal lobbying this year from less than $5,000 by the city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee to $58 million by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the perennial top spender.

So far this year, the top 20 lobbying groups have spent about $310 million of the $2.43 billion total.

The Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Realtors, Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the American Medical Association were the top spenders in the third-quarter as well as 2017 overall so far.



Outrage As UN Called To Make Thomas The Tank Engine Gender Neutral Your News Wire

Fans and critics are outraged after it emerged that the United Nations had been called in to advise how to update the image of childrens TV favourite Thomas & Friends. Furious critics say that Thomas [...]


If Nobody Dares, Ill Pull The Trigger: Philippine President Warns Criminals World Truth.TV

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte has said he is willing to shoot criminals himself if law enforcement doesnt step up to the task, days after scaling back his conroversial anti-drugs campaign. Earlier in October, Duterte called off the Philippine National Police (PNP) from the drugs war to appease bleeding hearts and media, putting the sole responsibility for []


Why Vladimir Putin Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (Seriously) The Fifth Column

(SCF)  For many years, and despite all evidence to the contrary, the Western media has forwarded the inane idea that Vladimir Putin ranks in the same club with some of historys most loathsome creatures, up to and including Hitler.

The reality is that the Russian leader has done more to promote the cause of global peace and security than any other Western leader in recent times. That explains why he is the object of such intense scorn.

Putins rise as a statesman of the first magnitude began, oddly enough, with the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 on the United States. Since that day, Washington has taken advantage of that national tragedy to achieve specific geopolitical ends, the majority of them coincidentally or not diametrically opposed to Russias own national security. Moscow, for its part, was expected to serve as nothing more participatory than a captive audience to the US war machine as it began its destruction tour through the Middle East, most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In late 2013, the tide began to turn, as the violence began to roost on Russias doorstep. Kiev had suddenly erupted in protests against the government of then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, whose only crime had been to suspend the implementation of an association agreement with the European Union.

This was the moment when Washingtons long-term investment in Ukraine started to pay off handsome dividends (Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, shamelessly admitted at the time that Washington had invested more than $5 billion since 1991 to help Ukraine achieve the future it deserves).

With the blessing of myriad US-backed NGOs and think tanks, protesters took to the streets in the so-called Maidan...


Top Senators Didnt Know That The US Has Troops In Niger The Daily Sheeple


Some top senators are saying they are stunned to find out the United States has troops in Niger as questions swirl about the raid that killed four US servicemen there earlier this month.

The Pentagon, however, said Monday that it has kept Congress informed of the operation. The Pentagon told CNN it keeps Congress regularly informed on the movements within the agency. And the White House said Monday it notified congressional leaders in June about 965 troops conducting counterterrorism duties in Niger and Cameroon. According to CNN, military investigators are looking into the exact circumstances of the October 4 raid, including how Sgt. La David Johnson was separated from the 12-member team as it was ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters.

CNNs Chris Cuomo asked Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) on New Day Monday whether he knew there were troops in Niger. I did not, Casey replied. When you consider what happened here, the four sergeants lost their lives, I think theres a lot of work that both parties and both branches of government need to do. Not only to stay more informed but to focus on why were there and what happened to get to the bottom of this. But it isnt just Democrats who were left in the dark.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, told NBCs Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sunday: They are going to brief us next week as to why they were there and what they were doing. He said I didnt know there was 1,000 troops in Niger. I got a little insight on why they were there and what they were doing. I can say this to the families: They were there to defend America. They were there to help allies. They were ther...


Nanochips & Smart Dust: New Face of The Human Microchipping Agenda World Truth.TV

The human microchipping agenda has a new face: Nanochips & Smart Dust. What are they? Are you being set up to be a node on the grid? What can you do? Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips []


Belgian Brabant killers, police, extreme right, NATO Dear Kitty. Some blog

This music video is of Belgian band The Strangers, singing in Antwerp dialect their song Bij de Rijkswacht, about what was then the paramilitary Belgian national police. The tune of the song is In the Navy, by the Village People in the USA.

However, the Rijkswacht does not exist any more. In 2001, it was abolished, and reorganized as the Federal Police of Belgium, after scandals like the Dutroux affair.

This week, another Rijkswacht scandal became public; their links to the Brabant killers murder gang. It turned out that the Giant, probably the leader of the murderers, was a member of the Diane elite unit of the Rijkswacht. This raises questions once again, about the links of the Brabant killers to the extreme right and NATO.

Translated from Herwig Lerouge in Belgium, 23 October 2017:

Investigation of the Brabant killers, after 32 years of sabotage finally a breakthrough?

The gang of Nijvel [Brabant killers] terrorized the Belgian people in the 1980s with apparently gratuitous violence. The investigation got nowhere and was sabotaged. The PVDA [leftist political party of which Lerouge is a member] stated 32 years ago that it was an extreme right-wing cell within the Rijkswacht. Now that this appears to be real, there may be a breakthrough in the investigation into one of the biggest political crimes in Belgian history.

Between 1982 and 1985, the Gang of Nijvel made 28 victims around the Delhaize and Colruyt supermarkets. They terrorized the entire population, but the investigation got nowhere. The PVDA and their then weekly Solidair, together with various journalists, said this was the most likely scenario 32 years ago: namely, behind the gang of Nijvel, there was an extreme right-wing cell within the Diane group, the elite corps of the then Rijkswacht. However, this was ridiculed as fiction, good for police novels by then Minister of Justice...


Day in the life...: Israeli colonists steal Palestinian olive harvest, attack farmers Signs of the Times

Israeli settlers on Sunday stole olive pickings from dozens of trees belonging to Palestinian farmers from the occupied West Bank districts of Ramallah and Nablus. Ghassan Daghlas, an official who monitors settlements activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that dozens of Israeli settlers raided Palestinian lands in Ramallah and Nablus under protection of armed Israeli forces, and stole olives from dozens of Palestinian trees. Daghlas told Ma'an that Israeli settlers stole the pickings of more than 65 olive trees in the Nablus-area village of al-Sawiyeh and the Ramallah-area village of al-Janiyeh. Meanwhile, NGO Rabbis For Human Rights (RHR) released a statement saying that the settlers, from the illegal Zayit Raanan outpost, were arrested by Israeli security forces "following the swift intervention of the head of the field department of Rabbis for Human Rights, Zakaria Sadah, who informed the security forces."


How the Mass Media Controls Consensus Reality The Event Chronicle

By Paul A Philips

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe. ~George Orwell

Its not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true. ~Henry Kissinger

Whoever controls the media controls reality. ~Peter Jennings

When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic. ~Dresden James. 

In an earlier message I wrote: Nothing in the world is as it seems.On one level, the theatre of illusion world we live in believed by many to be true can be mainly attributed to two things.

1. The hidden controllers running the planet have managed to manipulate the mass media and in effect control consensus reality.  This has been done to produce the desired behavioural patterns; thoughts, opinions, attitudes, social norms in the masses so that they can be ruled over. In short, the media is regarded by the hidden controllers  as a necessary tool for a dictatorship.

2. The majority of the human population has allowed itself to be deceived through ignorance, deception, stupidity, chronic apathy or a serious lack of curiosity and questioning, all somewhat bolstered by cynicism Consumerism rules; as long as their bellies are full and heads filled with mindless entertainment or other gratuitous distraction theyre happy.  Genetic cloning is unnecessary. Cloning has already been done care of the effects of mass media brainwashing.

Taking the above two factors into account lets look at just how the mass media controls consensus reality.

Tool for a Dictatorship

The hidden controllers  regard the human population as nothing more than sheep incapable of looking after themselves, needing to be shepherded. This has been made abundantly clear over the years by spokesmen/agents for the controllers advocating mind control techniques in the mass media for shaping human thought.

I would encourage looking up names such as Walter Lippmann (1920s on), one of the founding fathers of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, England who have ties to freemasons, Harold Lasswell (1939-40 Rockefeller funded), Sir Alexander King for...


Data shows two companies stand alone in their New England pipeline practices RSS feed from

This blog post was co-authored with Levi Marks and Matthew Zaragoza-Watkins Earlier this month wea  team of economists at EDF, UC Santa Barbara, University of Wyoming and Vanderbilt Universityreleased  a new study on the natural gas pipeline markets in New England which revealed a distinctive pattern showing that local gas utilities owned by two companiesEversource and []


Shackles Aren't Bracelets: Why We Should Be Concerned About the Marketing of Punitive Technology RSS feed from

Courts, parole officers and sheriffs do not issue ankle bracelets. J-Lo wears ankle bracelets. Women in Egypt have worn gold and silver ankle bracelets for centuries. These accessories have little in common with the black boxes the criminal legal system straps on ankles as punishment. The most benign word we can use for them is monitors. Spanish-speaking immigrants have another term: grilletes, or shackles. Whatever you call them, they are devices of unfreedomnot [...]


Post-Weinstein, will people start taking Corey Feldman seriously about pedophilia in Hollywood? Signs of the Times

One of the big lessons from the Harvey Weinstein scandal is the number of victims who weren't believed. Model Zo Brock said Weinstein chased her around a hotel room naked, begging for a massage. It was 1997, and "no one believed my story," Brock said. Angie Everhart said no one believed her when she recounted Weinstein barging into her guest room on a yacht, blocking her door and masturbating to completion. For quite some time, no one believed Rose McGowan's tweets that heavily implied Weinstein raped her. So: If "Believe the victim" is, in fact, the lesson here, why won't anyone believe Corey Feldman? For years, Feldman has been adamant that he and childhood friend Corey Haim were victims of molestation in Hollywood, and that predators remain. Yet he's been treated as though he's reporting alien abductions. Feldman may have been easily dismissible from a career standpoint - even he's admitted so - but his accounts have never wavered. Still, his story has been treated with dubiousness if not outright contempt. Look at a 2013 clip from "The View." A sad, calm Feldman tells Barbara Walters, "I'm saying . . . the people that did this to both me and Corey, that are still working, they're still out there and they're some of the richest, most powerful people in this business. And they do not want me saying what I'm saying right now." Walters fairly clutches her pearls. "Are you saying that they're pedophiles?" she asks. "Yes," Feldman says. As he went on to warn parents of hopeful children, Walters chastised him. "You're damaging an entire industry!" she said.


Largish Turkish Army convoy enters Syria blogfactory

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:25 P.M.) For the second time this month, a large Turkish Army convoy has entered Syrias Idlib Governorate from the Hatay Province.

The convoy consisted of more than 50 armored vehicles and a large number of military personnel.

The 50 armored vehicles reportedly entered Idlib from the Atmeh-Hatay crossing, which has long been under the Turkish Armys supervision.

According to opposition activists, the Turkish Army convoy arrived at the large town of Salwah near the Atmeh Crossing.

No other details were released.



Earthquake swarm hits Mammoth Lakes, California: 185 tremors and growing The Event Chronicle

A swarm of small earthquakes, including a 3.0 temblor and a 2.8 tremor, is currently shaking the area around Mammoth Lakes in California.

More than 185 earthquakes have hit the region in the last 6 days.

The strongest quake occurred Thursday, Oct. 19th at about 4:50 a.m. UTC and registered at M3.1 on the Richter scale. It was followed by a M2.8 earthquake a few hours later.

This swarm of approximately 185 earthquakes and still growing are located in the Long Valley area and centered near Mammoth Lakes. They are measured at different depths between 1.3 km (M3.1) and 8.5km (M2.8).

The quakes may be from the release of some carbon dioxide gas and water deep in the earth into existing cracks or faults in the ground driven by existing tectonics.

Mammoth Mountain is a lava-dome complex lying on the southwest topographic rim of Long Valley Caldera. The volcano is considered to represent a magmatic system distinct from Long Valley Caldera and the Mono-Inyo Craters. Eruptions at Mammoth Mountain occurred from 100,000 ot 50,000 years ago. Both Long Valley Caldera and Mammoth Mountain have experienced episodes of heightened unrest over the last few decades (earthquakes, ground uplift, and/or volcanic gas emissions). As a result, the USGS manages a dense array of field sensors providing the real-time data needed to track unrest and assess hazards.

This article (Earthquake swarm hits Mammoth Lakes, California: 185 tremors and growing) was originally published on Strange Sounds and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Dystopian-Like Footage of Typhoon Warning Broadcast in Japan (VIDEO) The Daily Sheeple


A clock tower building is seen through a foggy rainfall as Typhoon Lan approaches Japans mainland, in Tokyo, Japan October 21, 2017. Image credit: Issei Kato/Reuters

As Typhoon Lan approached Tokyo on Monday and authorities broadcast an audio warning throughout the city, one resident caught the eerie Blade Runner-like footage on camera.

Lan left at least two people dead when it made landfall on Honshu, the largest and most populous island of Japan, on Monday. The storm, with an eye 50 nautical miles wide, lashed parts of Japan with heavy rains and wind speeds reaching 216 kilometers per hour.

As it approached Tokyo, authorities broadcast a warning, alerting residents to the danger of the approaching storm.

This is a warning, the female announcer says, as her booming eerie voice echoes throughout the city in a scene reminiscent of 1980s dystopian sci-fi classic Blade Runner. She then tells people to pay attention to weather reports before the message ends.

In the areas affected by the typhoon, several small landslides occurred and rivers came close to bursting their banks. More tha...


How an Ottoman Sultan defied the British Empire to send humanitarian aid to starving Ireland Signs of the Times

It has none of the show and glamour of a Paris, Rome or Barcelona, and it lacks the shadowy mood of a Prague or Vienna, but it pleased me with its sense of easy calm, and the casual way in which it balances the ancient and the modern, its clean, vibrant centre set against a crumbling periphery still wealthy with remnants of its Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian and even Roman past. Touched by King Midas and conquered by Alexander the Great, this is ground that has known life virtually since life began. The winds of change have shaped the faces of its rock, but the rock itself endures. As someone deeply fascinated by antiquity, my heart beats loudest when I can stand and listen to ancient places. Yet as rich in story as Ankara might be, it remains, in essence, a stacking of dirt, stone and sky. What truly gives this place life is its people; it is they who make for a history worth recalling. Ireland and Turkey lie a continent apart, but while we might look and sound different, and while our minds might be shaped by different troubles, we breathe the same air. What I found in the Turkish people I met were the traits that I'd always assumed defined Irishness: the open-hearted embrace for a stranger, an interest in his journey and a desire to understand his background. Most of all, the hospitality of a warm and friendly welcome.


CIA Director Pompeo: Russian meddling did not sway U.S. election Signs of the Times

CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday said, apparently inaccurately, that U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that Russian interference did not affect the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In fact, U.S. intelligence agencies in January said that they had made no assessment one way or the other on the impact of Moscow's hacking and propaganda campaign but its report stated that Russia's aim was to try and help then-Republican candidate Donald Trump's election chances. Pompeo, a former Republican congressman and Trump ally, was asked at an event in Washington if he could say with absolute certainty that the election results were not skewed as a result of Russian interference. Pompeo replied: "Yes. Intelligence community's assessment is that the Russian meddling that took place did not affect the outcome of the election."


Bright meteor fireball explodes over southeastern Poland Signs of the Times

A bright meteor fireball exploded over southeastern Poland on 16th October just before midnight. The phenomenon was captured by stations of the Polish Fireball Network (PFN) reported


Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge The Event Chronicle

By Covert Geopolitics

Evidence continues to emerge that the US military forces in Syria and Iraq are cooperating with the Daesh terrorist group, according to Iranian political analyst Seyyed Hadi Afghahi. According to Iranian, Syrian and Russian military officials, the US support to terrorists undermine the efforts to end the war in Syria and Iraq.

There is a high probability that the US military forces are cooperating with Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) on the ground in Syria and Iraq, former Iranian diplomat and political analyst Seyyed Hadi Afghahi told Sputnik.

The documents and videos available on the Internet, as well as the actions of American helicopters aimed at evacuating injured [terrorists]and the relocation of Daesh commanders, prove [this collaboration], Afghahi told Sputnik Persian. The US has even gone further and instructs other countries how to act in order not to harm Daesh: Otherwise, they themselves may become the target of American aircraft.

In mid-September, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh reported that having infiltrated American military command and control centers the IRGC obtained evidence of the US support for Daesh terrorist group: We have documents showing the behavior of the Americans in Iraq and Syria; we know what the Americans did there; what they neglected and how they supported Daesh.

On Wednesday, a commander of the IRGCs Ground Force, Brigadier General Abdullah Araqi, told journalists that the US had provided logistic support to Daesh in the Syrian province of Dayr al-Zawr as well as in the Iraqi provinces of Diyala, Nineveh and Salahuddin, as Press TV reported.

There is undeniable evidence of support for terrorist organizations on the part of Western and some Arab states, Afghahi emphasized.

The analyst said that many times when Daesh militants were encircled unmarked US-made aircraft dropped weapons, medicines and food for the terrorists, while Israeli ambulances evacuated injured Daesh fighters from Syria and drove them to hospitals.

Second, new information revealing Gulf nations potenti...


Russian spies targeted Hillary Clinton in "influence campaign" in 2009-2010 Signs of the Times

As Hillary Clinton was beginning her job as President Obama's chief diplomat, federal agents observed as multiple arms of Vladimir Putin's machine unleashed an influence campaign designed to win access to the new secretary of State, her husband Bill Clinton and members of their inner circle, according to interviews and once-sealed FBI records. Some of the activities FBI agents gathered evidence about in 2009 and 2010 were covert and illegal. Comment: In other words, that would've been Medvedev's "machine". As much as the media in the West would love it to be true, Putin isn't responsible for everything. A female Russian spy posing as an American accountant, for instance, used a false identity to burrow her way into the employ of a major Democratic donor in hopes of gaining intelligence on Hillary Clinton's department, records show. The spy was arrested and deported as she moved closer to getting inside the secretary's department, agents said. Other activities were perfectly legal and sitting in plain view, such as when a subsidiary of Russia's state-controlled nuclear energy company hired a Washington firm to lobby the Obama administration. At the time it was hired, the firm was providing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in pro bono support to Bill Clinton's global charitable initiative, and it legally helped the Russian company secure federal decisions that led to billions in new U.S. commercial nuclear business, records show.


T-Rex declares: 'There is a place for moderate Taliban in Afghan government' Signs of the Times

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters during an unannounced trip to Afghanistan on Monday that Washington thinks that moderate elements among the Taliban exist and they can be part of the country's government. "There are, we believe, moderate voices among the Taliban, voices that do not want to continue to fight forever," Tillerson said. "So we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engage in a reconciliation process leading to a peace process and their full involvement and participation in the government. There's a place for them in the government if they're ready to come renouncing terrorism, renouncing violence and being committed to a stable, prosperous Afghanistan." Tillerson pointed out, however, that the fight against the Taliban should continue "in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory."


Pompeo's new rant demonstrates CIA is worse than North Korea Signs of the Times

North Korea has attempted to engage in dialogue with US allies, while Donald Trump's CIA director threatens an illegal assassination against the North Korean leader. The question as to whether the DPRK is willing to engage in broad dialogue with potential international partners, has been answered. Last week, the DPRK sent an open letter to multiple governments, including the US ally, Australia, in which Pyongyang asked to form a united front against Donald Trump's aggressive stance towards Pyongyang. Australia, in taking an overly literal reading of North Korea's letter, threw away a chance to reply to Pyongyang. Had Australia engaged with Pyongyang, this would have literally been the beginning of dialogue between North Korea and a stanch US ally in the Pacific. The short-sighted attitude of the Canberra, demonstrates that when North Korea does reach out to countries in an unexpected way, this attempt to establish lines of dialogue is essentially met with a cynical and obstinate attitude that doesn't get anyone anywhere. Dialogue is never easy in such situations, but all countries owe it to the wider cause of world peace to try. Australia foolishly read North Korea's letter as a kind of 'geo-political prank', where in fact it was a thorny olive branch. While North Korea has recently stated that they will not negotiate their nuclear programme until Pyongyang possesses the ability to strike all of the US mainland with nuclear missiles, the reality behind such dramatic remarks is far more mundane. All negotiations in difficult situations have a cat and mouse element to them, with the roles of feline and rodent, often swapping by the day, if not by the hour. North Korea's actions are often far more reasonable than their words. The fact that the DPRK did reach out to a US ally, demonstrates that they are ready for dialogue now. The fault here, therefore lies with those who refused to respond.


WaPo columnist: Trump's victory over liberal media Signs of the Times

Interesting. The Washington Post's Philip Bump (full disclosure my former CNN colleague) is one of the first -- or maybe so far the only -- journalist at a mainstream media outlet to get what is seriously disquieting news for the mainstreamers. Here's Phil's headline: Trump's already largely won his war against the media Phil begins his story this way: The choice that President Trump asks America to make is a simple one and one that he's demanded since he jumped into the presidential race. Who are you going to believe, he asks: An industry of people whose jobs depend on presenting factually accurate information about what's happening in the world - or me? And from the outset, we've seen how his supporters answer that question. They believe him. Well, okay. Phil has something here but right off the bat he illustrates exactly -- and I do mean exactly -- the media's problem. Notice the way he describes the media? Like this: "An industry of people whose jobs depend on presenting factually accurate information about what's happening in the world..." Not to put too fine a point on this, but the exact reason for the media's problem is precisely because millions of Americans believe the mainstream media (that would include, ahem, Phil's own Washington Post) is not reporting "factually accurate information about what's happening in the world.."


Google escalating censorship of left-wing web sites and journalists Signs of the Times

In a sweeping expansion of its moves to censor the Internet, Google has removed leading left-wing websites and journalists from its popular news aggregation platform, Google News. At the time of publication, a search for "World Socialist Web Site" on does not return a single article published on the WSWS. A search for the exact title of any of the articles published during that period likewise returns no results. Over the past seven days, has referred only 53 people to the World Socialist Web Site, a 92 percent decline from the weekly average of over 650 during the past year.


US preps to put nuclear bombers back on 24-hour alert status Signs of the Times

If the order comes, the B-52s will return to a ready-to-fly posture not seen since the Cold War The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base's 11,000-foot runway - dubbed the "Christmas tree" for their angular markings - could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment's notice. "This is yet one more step in ensuring that we're prepared," Gen. David Goldfein, Air Force chief of staff, said in an interview during his six-day tour of Barksdale and other U.S. Air Force bases that support the nuclear mission. "I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure we're prepared going forward."


Department of Energy's proposal to FERC: Too many costs, no actual benefits RSS feed from

By Natalie Karas, Michael Panfil, and Rama Zakaria Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry recently proposed that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) provide new revenues and guaranteed profits to the owners of inefficient and aging coal and nuclear power plants at the expense of American homeowners and businesses. These aging units are losing []


Washington forbade Serbia from removing mines in Syria Signs of the Times

This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark "regime change Syria" chapter. Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances by the Serbian government and military that Serbian de-mining experts will not be deploying to Syria to assist in removing the ubiquitous horrific mines and other explosive devices left behind by a retreating ISIS. As the rout of ISIS forces continues in Syria, the civilian population begins returning to their homes and their lives that had been disrupted by the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups. According to the United Nations, more than 600,000 Syrians have returned to areas liberated by the Syrian government with the assistance of Russia and Iranian forces. But that is where the tragic problems often begin. As the Economist reported earlier this year, the joy of returning to a life where the scourge of ISIS has been eliminated can be cut short in an instant by what ISIS leaves behind: 'The first explosion killed our neighbour and his sister-in-law when they entered their house,' said Ali Hussain Omari, a former fighter from the city. 'Three days later another mine killed my cousin. His 11-year-old daughter's leg was amputated and their house was destroyed. A week later another mine in an olive tree exploded. My neighbour lost his leg.' What a horrible irony to have survived the marauding jihadists only to be blown to pieces by the terrors they left behind.


Americans' biggest fears: 'Government corruption', not ISIS Signs of the Times

As Americans gear up to celebrate Halloween at the end of October, a recent survey has revealed the fears that really keep people up at night. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears polled 1,207 U.S. adults on their levels of fear across 80 different categories. As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, like last year, corruption of government officials came top in 2017, with 74.5 percent of U.S. adults saying it makes them "afraid" or "very afraid". The unrest and uncertainty of Donald Trump's presidency has had a significant influence on this year's ranking.


Joe Rogan shatters the 'racist ideology' of cultural appropriation Signs of the Times

Firebrand comedian Joe Rogan took direct aim at the absurdity of recent cries of cultural appropriation during his extremely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. With the Halloween season in full swing, which is traditionally a time of increased claims of cultural appropriation, the latest accusation of cultural appropriation from the pc police is the claim that white women wearing hoop earrings are appropriating Latina culture. "I was f***ing reading an article, and I almost punched my screen. They're saying that hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. Girls aren't allowed to wear hoop earrings," said a clearly frustrated Rogan. "It's racist against white people," Rogan said. Watch below: Pulling no punches, Rogan explained how nonsensical the idea of cultural appropriation is in a "melting pot" of culture - such as the United States.


Corbyn turns down lobby group invite to Balfour Declaration centenary bash - Jewish press flips out Signs of the Times

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has declined an invitation to attend a dinner to commemorate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in London next month. Jonathan Goldstein, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, said today it was "deeply unfortunate" Mr Corbyn was not going to the event. "I do think it will not have been amiss for Mr Corbyn to understand that the Jewish community will have taken great heart and great comfort for seeing him attend such an event because it recognises the right of Israel to exist," Mr Goldstein said. He noted Mr Corbyn had also not attended a reception for Labour Friends of Israel during the party conference last month. But Mr Goldstein said he hoped there would be representation from among the Shadow Cabinet at the dinner.


Israelis arrest Palestinian over mistranslated Facebook greeting Signs of the Times

An erroneous automatic translation has triggered Israeli police in the West Bank, leading them to believe that an innocuous Facebook greeting written in Arabic by a Palestinian man was a call to launch an attack. The man was briefly arrested. The bizarre incident occurred last week in the West Bank settlement of Beitar Ilit, 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) south of Jerusalem, Haaretz reported on Sunday. The source of Halawim Halawi's troubles with the law became a photo of him leaning against a bulldozer with a "good morning" caption in Arabic which he posted on Facebook. Halawi, a worker at a construction site, could hardly imagine that Facebook's automated translation system would twist his words in such a way as to mean "attack them" in Hebrew and "hurt them" in English. The translation mistake would have been instantly spotted by an Arabic speaker, though the Israeli police apparently preferred to jump to a conclusion rather than double-check, rushing to arrest the man on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. The presence of the bulldozer in the image had only strengthened their suspicions, as exactly the same type of vehicle had been used to carry out deadly terrorist acts on more than one occasion.


A Look Inside The Secret Swiss Bunker Where The Ultra Rich Hide Their Bitcoins The Event Chronicle

By Zero Hedge

Somewhere in the mountains near Switzerlands Lake Lucerne lies a hidden underground vault containing a vast fortune.

Its no ordinary vault, according to Quartz. Built inside a decommissioned Swiss military bunker dug into a granite mountain, its precise location is a closely guarded secret, and access is limited by myriad security precautions.

But instead of gold bars, the bunker contains hard drives on which customers bitcoins are being kept in whats call cold storage i.e. the owners private keys are protected by an air-gapped hard drive. The vault is one of many operated by Xapo, an early bitcoin company known for its cold storage wallet products and a debit card that pays for transactions in digital currencies.

The company wont disclose how much bitcoin is stored in the vault, but one employee who spoke with Quartz said he sometimes takes customers with millions of dollars in bitcoin on tours of the vaults where their fortune is stored. Xapo was founded by Argentinian entrepreneur and current CEO Wences Casares, whom Quartz describes as patient zero of bitcoin among Silicon Valleys elite. Cesares reportedly gave Bill Gates and Reed Hoffman their first bitcoins.

As Quartz explains, the bitcoin vault doesnt store actual bitcoin units. Instead, whats being stored are the owners private cryptographic keys that allow t...


New York should prepare for 15-metre storm surges by 2300 RSS feed from

Due to rapidly rising seas, floods that once struck New York City every 500 years will soon hit every five years

Your autopilot mode is real now we know how the brain does it RSS feed from

Ever realised you've driven yourself home but haven't really been paying attention? Brain scans have shown how wandering minds switch into autopilot mode


Mitchel Air Force Base: 1956 UFO, humanoid being Signs of the Times

Saga's 1975 UFO Annual had a piece by Robert D. Barry: The UFO That Landed at Mitchel Air Force Base. Mr. Barry provides an overview of the now decommissioned AF base, highlighting a 1956 UFO appearance and a subsequent related event. Guy DeLaunay, a native of France, who joined the U.S. Air Force worked with "automatic data processing" at the base. In the winter of 1956, at about 11:30 p.m., after a work shift, DeLaunay and a buddy were heading to a diner just off the base when they spotted, perhaps a dozen small globes, saucer-shaped objects moving in a circular pattern above the field. They ran to the office building alerting their comrades, and the entire crew of 15 men came out to watch the silent, non-blinking lights. They called Base Operations Office and found that the objects were being tracked on radar. A pair of interceptors were sent in pursuit but the objects "disappeared in the air" and also from the radar scopes. Later in the evening, about 12:40 a.m., DeLaunay and a friend decided to drive around the base when they came upon a hangar that housed a fire-drill plane. They saw what appeared to be a military man walking on the field who was approaching the hangar and fire-drill plane. "Suddenly a glow lit up the area" and they saw a saucer-shaped object, the source of the glow. The object increased in brilliance, "changed different colors" and began to lift "slowly and gracefully. After reaching about 50 feet the object "hovered momentarily. Then it shot skyward and was out of sight in a matter of seconds." Base Operations told the men to keep silent about what they had seen.


Market Talk- October 23rd, 2017 Armstrong Economics

In Japan Shinzo Abe is back in, Czech Republic has taken a step to the right, Catalonian crisis is back in the headline (if it were ever out in the past few weeks), China unemployment hits a low and even an almost political edge from Janet Yellen on Friday evening has given us food for thought to open trading for this week. The success of the LDP Party helped the Nikkei make two decade highs by adding another 1% today, which continues to look strong, but remember to be wary of the currency (seen late today closing-in on the 114 handle), especially with Abe now in a stronger position and BOJ at month end. The Nikkei has gained 8% in three months. A$ has seen no support and now drifts through the 0.78 level. Late in US trading day we watched a weak close which saw the Yen gain a bid trading close to the 113 handle.

Spains IBEX suffered from the opening with continued political uncertainty and resulted in a -0.7% decline on the day, which even hit Portugals index that closed down -0.3%. Core Europe watched Asian strength and that helped confidence with positive closes for DAX, CAC and FTSE. It could be an exciting week as we approach the ECB meeting on Thursday. The key many will be listening for is guidance surrounding QE and any expectation of reducing participation in the peripheral bond market. Interesting that although core indices closed better, we still saw weakness in some of the European financials with BBVA, Banco Santander, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank all down around 1.5% on the day, worth monitoring the difference with US banks. The Euro also saw pressure against the USD losing -0.5%.

US Q3 GDP later this week will be a major focal point especially for the Tech industry with many of them releasing results after hours Thursday. GE had another volatile day after Fridays fun and games. Having traded down over 7% on Friday, the stock did manage a positive close, but that was not to be the case today with a 6.5% decline taking the YTD decline of close to -24% and eventually had a negative effect on the DOW on rumours of a dividend cut. We have just opened a huge earnings week with 172 companies in the S+P to reporting over the next few days. It should not really be a surprise therefore, that record mor...


U.S. revokes visa of anti-Russian hatchet man Bill Browder Signs of the Times

A critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly had his U.S. visa revoked, according to multiple reports. Bill Browder tweeted about the situation this weekend, saying: "Not only did Putin add me to the Interpol list, but the US simultaneously revoked my visa." Browder, a British citizen, was put on the Interpol wanted list this past weekend, according to the Guardian.


Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank denounced as war crimes Signs of the Times

Following announcements that Israel had advanced plans for nearly 3,000 illegal settlement units in the occupied West Bank, Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi strongly denounced the move as a "blatant disregard for the two-state solution. "The Israeli Civil Administration's High Planning Committee convened on Tuesday and Wednesday, and advanced plans for 2,615 housing units in illegal Israeli settlements. "In blatant disregard of the requirements for the two-state solution and the chances for peace and stability, Netanyahu and his extremist, racist coalition continue to persist with their egregious policies of colonial-settler expansionism," Ashrawi said. "Israel is deliberately working to enhance its extremist Jewish settler population and to superimpose 'Greater Israel' on all of historic Palestine. Undoubtedly, it is bent on annexing the entire city of Jerusalem, systematically wiping out the Palestinian presence and continuity on Palestinian soil, and destroying the territorial and demographic contiguity of the future Palestinian state."


China-Ruble Settlement and the Dollar System The Event Chronicle

By F. William Engdahl

The Peoples Bank of China has just announced a payment-versus-payment (PVP) system for Russian ruble and Chinese yuan transactions. The stated aim is to reduce currency risks in their trade. The only conceivable risk would be from the US dollar and potential acts of US Treasury financial warfare to damage Russian-Chinese trade which is becoming very significant in volume and value. By December it should reach $80 billion, a 30% rise over 2016. Yet there is more to this seeming technical move by China and Russia than meets the eye.

The official announcement, posted on the website of the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) adds the enormously significant note that CFETS plans to introduce similar PVP systems for yuan transactions with other currencies based on Chinas Belt and Road initiative.

This confirms what I discussed in an article I posted in April 2016, namely that the grand design behind Chinas Belt, Road Initiative (BRI) has an integral gold-based currency component that could change the global balance of power in favor of the nations of Eurasia, from Russia and the nations of the Eurasian Economic Union to China and across all Asia.

Earlier termed the New Economic Silk Road, the BRI is a vast network of high-speed rail linkages being constructed criss-crossing the countries of Eurasia including Central Asia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and, of course, the Russian Federation and extending to Iran, potentially to Turkey and East Africa. Altogether at present some 67 countries are participating or have asked to join the ambitious project whose total cost could run into trillions of dollars and will transform global trade. HSBC estimates that the BRI infrastructure project, which today encompasses countries generating almost one-third of global GDP, will generate an additional $2.5 trillion worth of new trade annually This isnt chump change for the...


More land theft in Hebron: Israel advances more than 2,000 illegal settlement housing units in one week Signs of the Times

The Israeli Civil Administration's High Planning Committee convened on Tuesday and Wednesday, and advanced plans for 2,615 housing units in illegal Israeli settlements across the occupied West Bank, according to settlement watchdog Peace Now. Peace Now released a statement on Wednesday detailing the committee's decisions, saying that over the course of two days of meetings, the civil administration promoted 2,615 housing units, bringing the total number of units promoted through plans this week to 2,646, after 31 construction permits were approved for settlers in Hebron on October 16th. Of the 2,615 housing units promoted, 1,508 were approved for depositing, while 1,323 were approved for validation. Meanwhile, the civil administration issued on Tuesday a tender for 296 units in the Beit El settlement, located in the Ramallah district of the central West Bank. Since the beginning of the year, Peace Now reported that 6,742 settlement housing units have been promoted by Israeli authorities.


Why Governments Will Not Ban Bitcoin The Daily Sheeple


Those who see governments banning ownership of bitcoin are ignoring the political power and influence of those who are snapping up most of the bitcoin.

To really understand an asset, we have to examine not just the asset itself but who owns it, and who can afford to own it. These attributes will illuminate thepolitical and financial power wielded by the owners of the asset class.

And once we know what sort of political/financial power is in the hands of those owning the asset class, we can predict the limits of political restrictions that can be imposed on that ownership.

As an example, consider home ownership, i.e. ownership of a principal residence. Home ownership topped out in 2004, when over 69% of all households owned a residence. (Owned is in quotes because many of these households had no actual equity in the house once the housing bubble popped.)

The rate of home ownership has declined to 63%, which is still roughly two-thirds of all households. Clearly, homeowners constitute a powerful political force. Any politico seeking to impose restrictions or additional taxes on homeowners has to be careful not to rouse this super-majority into political action.

But raw numbers of owners of an asset class are only one measure of political power. Since ours is a pay-to-play form of representational democracy in which wealth buys political influence via campaign contributions, philanthro-capitalism, revolving doors between political office and lucrative corporate positions, etc., wealth casts the votes that count.

I am always amused when essayists claim the government will do whatever benefits the government most. While this is broadly true, this ignores the reality that wealthy individuals and corporations own the processes of governance.

More accurately, we can say that government will do whatever benefits those who control the levers of power most, which is quite different than claiming that the government acts solely to further its own interests. More specifically, it furthers what those at the top of the wealth-power pyramid have set as the governments interests.

Which brings us to the interesting question, will governments ban bitcoin as a threat to their power? A great many observers claim that yes, governments will ban bitcoin because it represents a threat to their control of the fiat currencies they issue.

But since government will do whatever most benefits those who control the levers of power, the question becomes, does bitcoin benefit those holding the levers of power? If the answer is yes, then we can predict government will not ban bi...


35 sheep struck dead by lightning bolt in Tamil Nadu, India Signs of the Times

Thirty five sheep were struck dead by lightning near Vedasandur in Dindigul district on Sunday. Police said, Balasubramanian, 55, of Renganathapuram near Vedasandur, had a herd of sheep and as it was raining on Saturday, he had locked the animals up in a thatched shed and gone home. He returned on Sunday to find all his animals struck dead by lightning and only one sheep had escaped. Village administration officer Alagesan came to the spot and inspected the goats with the help of a veterinary doctor.


The First Amendment is Under Serious Assault in Order to Stifle Anti-Israel Boycotts The Event Chronicle

By Michael Krieger

Assaults on freedom speech can be found in many aspects of American life these days, but one specific area that isnt getting the attention it deserves relates to boycotts against Israel. Increasingly, were seeing various regional governments requiring citizens to agree to what essentially amounts to a loyalty pledge to a foreign government in order to participate in or receive government services.

Im going to highlight two troubling examples of this, both covered by Israeli paper Haaretz. The first relates to Kansas.

From the article, In America, the Right to Boycott Israel Is Under Threat:

The First Amendment squarely protects the right to boycott. Lately, though, a legislative assault on that right has been spreading through the United States   designed to stamp out constitutionally protected boycotts of Israel

Over the past several years, state and federal legislatures have considered dozens of bills, and in some cases passed laws, in direct violation of this important ruling. These bills and laws vary in numerous respects, but they share a common goal of scaring people away people from participating in boycotts meant to protest Israeli government policies, including what are known as Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns.

Today, the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging one of those laws a Kansas statute requiring state contractors to sign a statement certifying that they do not boycott Israel, including boycotts of companies profiting off settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

We are representing a veteran math teacher and trainer from Kansas who was told she would need to sign the certification statement in order to participate in a state program training other math teachers. Our client is a member of the Mennonite Church USA. In response to calls for boycott by the church and members of her congregation, she has decided not to buy consumer goods and services offered by Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Our client is boycotting to protest the Israeli governments treatment of Palestinians and to pressure the government to change its policies.

Earlier this year, our client was selected to participate as a contractor in a statewide...


The Great Vaccine Con: Former pro-vaxer launches a shocking expose on how the vaccine industry has been involved in a large-scale medical fraud Signs of the Times

Albert Einstein once said, "the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything". Inspired to implement Einstein's ideals, educator and author of best-selling book What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I had, Jamie McIntyre has launched a new book entitled The Great Vaccine Con. McIntyre's book - The Great Vaccine Con is a shocking expose' on how the vaccine industry has been involved in a large-scale vaccine medical fraud. It also reveals the industry's desperate attempts to cover up millions of vaccine injuries and the trillions the industry will have to pay in the future as compensation. McIntyre has challenged the pro-vax community to a $1million reward for anyone who can prove that vaccines are safe and effective, however, there have been no takers as of now.


US Preparing To Put Nuclear Bombers On High Alert Your News Wire

The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert for the first time since the the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Air Force Chief of Staff General [...]


CIA working to take down WikiLeaks threat, agency chief says The Event Chronicle

By Andrew Blake

The head of the CIA lumped WikiLeaks with al Qaeda and the Islamic State and said his agency is working toward reducing the enormous threat posed by each of them.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo placed the antisecrecy website in the same category as terrorist organizations while speaking Thursday at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies National Security Summit in D.C.

I talked about these non-state actors, and its not just Wikileaks. Indeed I may have overemphasized them they are an enormous threat, we are working to take down that threat to the United States as well, to reduce the threat from all of it, Mr. Pompeo said. But Hezbollah, [the Islamic State], al Qaeda, none of them sit at the U.N., these are all non-state actors, each of which has not only cyber capacity, but they look and feel like very good intelligence organizations.

All the tradecraft that you read about from the excellent work that the agencys done and that our state competitors have done for decades and decades, you now see it being adopted by these non-state agencies, Mr. Pompeo continued. They run assets; they run counterintelligence program; they lure dangles all the tradecraft that you read about from the excellent work that the agencys done and that our state competitors have done for decades and decades, you now see it being adopted by these non-state agencies.

WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange scoffed at the CIA chiefs remarks.

All serious news organizations develop and protect sources with the intent of publishing what they find, Mr. Assange told The Washington Times. To suggest that media organizations are intelligence agencies is as absurd as suggesting that CIA employees are journalists. This ridiculous claim has a transparently insidious purpose: to gain the legal authority to treat journalists and publishers as terrorists for simply doing their job, holding the CIA to account.

When reached for clarification, CIA spokesman Dean Boyd told The Washington Examiner that Mr. Pompeos remarks described the counterintelligence threats posed by WikiLeaks and other non-state hostile intelligence services including Hezbollah and ISIS and the need to counteract the counterintelligence efforts that these groups employ against the United States.

WikiLeaks launched...


US completely destroyed Raqqa to 'liberate' the city from a Western created monster Signs of the Times

The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers. I've been saying this for the last four years. I asserted, as a former soldier and war correspondent, that IS would collapse like a wet paper bag if proper western ground forces attacked their strongholds in Syria and Iraq. This week, the western powers and their local satraps finally took action and stormed the last IS stronghold at Raqqa. To no surprise, IS put up almost no resistance and ran for its miserable life. The much-dreaded IS was never more than a bunch of young hooligans and religious fanatics who were as militarily effective as the medieval Children's Crusade. In the west, IS was blown up by media and governments into a giant monster that was coming to cut the throats of honest folk in the suburbs. IS did stage some very bloody and grisly attacks - that's what put it on the map. But none of them posed any mortal threat or really endangered our national security. In fact, the primary target of IS attacks has been Shia Muslims in the Mideast.

US completely destroyed Raqqa to 'liberate' city from a Western-created monster Signs of the Times

The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers. I've been saying this for the last four years. I asserted, as a former soldier and war correspondent, that IS would collapse like a wet paper bag if proper western ground forces attacked their strongholds in Syria and Iraq. This week, the western powers and their local satraps finally took action and stormed the last IS stronghold at Raqqa. To no surprise, IS put up almost no resistance and ran for its miserable life. The much-dreaded IS was never more than a bunch of young hooligans and religious fanatics who were as militarily effective as the medieval Children's Crusade. In the west, IS was blown up by media and governments into a giant monster that was coming to cut the throats of honest folk in the suburbs. IS did stage some very bloody and grisly attacks - that's what put it on the map. But none of them posed any mortal threat or really endangered our national security. In fact, the primary target of IS attacks has been Shia Muslims in the Mideast.


Yazan Halwanis Latest Stunning Mural on Beiruts Greenline Blog Baladi

Yazan strikes again, this time with a beautiful mural painted on building previously destroyed by the Civil War located on Beiruts Greenline the former frontline of the Civil War splitting Beirut into the Christian East and the Muslim West. The mural depicts a scene from Ziad Doueiris classic West Beirut movie where Tarek Noueiri, a Muslim kid is sharing cotton candy with May, a Christian girl whose family took refuge in West Beirut.

Heres what Halwani said:

The mural is a reminder of Lebanons post-war settlement: a political system built on sectarianism and business interest that blocks true national cohesion. The persistence of the current political class in fueling sectarian grievances and obstructing the rule of law reflects in the ever-growing government debt, absence of basic services and limited civil rights. Case in point, 27 years after the end of the Civil War, with the absence of civil marriage Tarek and May would not be able to get married if their story had continued (in the way I imagine).


Stable owners in Denmark in 6-month queue to donate dead horses to feed zoo lions Signs of the Times

"A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse," Shakespeare's Richard III cried out in vain - in the carpark of a pub in Leicester it transpired. Yes, there was a time when horses were a precious commodity, but not anymore at Copenhagen Zoo where they are queuing up around the block to be fed to the lions. It's become so popular among the pony club brigade to give up their hoofed pals to the zoo as lion feed, that there is a six-month waiting list. Autumn is a particularly busy time. "It's often due to the old horses being given a last summer in pasture, but when they need to return to the stables again, the owners evaluate the time has come for the horses to be put down. And then they call us," Jacob Munkholm Hoeck, the head of communications for Copenhagen Zoo, told NetAvisen.


Rare red sprites in action: Mysterious electric tendrils lighting up the sky over Oklahoma filmed Signs of the Times

This month, people in Oklahoma have been treated to a stunning and extremely rare display - a red sprite lightning storm. The extraordinary weather occurrence is caused by electrical bursts of light above highly active thunderstorms, and appears as jellyfish-shaped clusters of red light. Red sprites are rarely seen, yet one lucky videographer managed to catch the display six times during a storm earlier this month over Edmond, Oklahoma. On October 6, videographer Paul Smith headed outdoors with his camera to capture some of the lightening forks on film, but instead he managed to capture something far more remarkable. Sprawled out in the sky intermittently appears a spectacular series of bright red, jellyfish-shaped clusters of light, an extraordinary weather occurrence known as a 'red sprite'.


How A Spam Filter Sent A Shock Through The Maker Of Tasers Fast Company

The Securities and Exchange Commission began emailing police supplier Axon two months ago with urgent questions about its accounting.

On August 10, the Securities and Exchange Commission emailed Axon Enterprises, which makes police body cameras and Taser stun guns, with a few questions about the companys accounting practices. No response. In September, John Cash, the accounting branch chief at the SEC, sent a second email, asking for a response to the initial inquiry. Nada.

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The importance of a healthy lymphatic system Signs of the Times

The truth is, most people have never heard of lymphatic drainage or even the lymphatic system. This is because it is not often talked about, however, in 2012 researchers at USC made this statement: "... the lymphatic system is no less essential than the blood circulatory system for human health and well-being." Researchers found that the lymphatic system is vital for both tissue repair and controlling inflammation in most organs of the human body. The improper drainage of the lymphatic system, results in an impaired immune system, or even tumors in the lymph nodes. Even though you exercise your body daily, you also need to exercise your lymphatic system by helping it drain properly. Keeping your lymphatic system in great shape is necessary for optimal health.


If You Want to Understand the Next 10 Years, Study Spain Liberty Blitzkrieg

Some of you may be confused as to why a U.S. citizen living in Colorado has become so completely obsessed with what's going on in Spain. Bear with me, there's a method to my madness.

I believe what's currently happening in Spain represents a crucial microcosm for what we'll see sweep across the entire planet over the next ten years. Some of you will want to have a discussion about who's right and who's wrong in this particular affair, but that's besides the point. It doesnt matter which side you favor, what matters is that Madrid/Catalonia is an example of the forces of centralization duking it out with forces of decentralization.

Madrid represents the nation-state as we know it, with its leaders claiming Spain is forever indivisible according to the constitution. Madrid has essentially proclaimed there's no possible avenue to independence from a centralized Spain even if various regions decide in large number they wish to be independent. This sort of attitude will be seen as unacceptable and primitive by increasingly large numbers of humans in the years ahead. Catalonia should be seen as a canary in the coal mine. The forces of decentralization are rising, but entrenched centralized institutions and the bureaucrats running them will become increasingly terrified, panicked and oppressive.

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Trump Just Announced US to Release 3,000 Never Before Seen Documents On JFK Assassination The Event Chronicle

Trump announced Saturday morning that he will allow the release of classified documents from the FBI, CIA, and DoJ on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

By Zero Hedge

Following years of delays, President Trump announced on Twitter on Saturday morning that he will allow the release of more than 3,000 of classified documents from the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The unexpected announcement means that a trove of previously unseen documents will be released by the National Archives by October 26.

Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened, Trump tweeted.

In 1992, Congress mandated that all assassination documents be released within 25 years, unless the president asserts that doing so would harm intelligence, law enforcement, military operations or foreign relations. The still-secret documents include more than 3,000 that have never been seen by the public and more than 30,000 that have been released previously, but with redactions, according to CBS. Trumps decision means that thousands of formerly classified documents related to Kennedys assassination will be unveiled next week in compliance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, which states that the federal government must release them by Oct. 26, 2017.

JFK scholars hope the new documents may provide insight into assassin Lee Harvey Oswalds trip to Mexico City weeks before the killing, during which he visited the Soviet and Cuban embassies. Oswalds stated reason for going was to get visas that would allow him to enter Cuba and the Soviet Union, according to the Warren Commission, the investigative body established by President Lyndon B. Johnson, but much about the trip remains unknown.

Among other protected information slated for release are details about the arrangements the U.S. entered into with the Mexican government tha...


Italian Scientists Report That A Female Patient Is Sweating Blood The Daily Sheeple


In what could be straight out of a dystopian pandemic novel, scientists in Italy have reportedly come across a woman who literally sweats blood.

After observing the patient and treating her for her depression and anxiety, the Florentine doctors diagnosed the patient with hematohidrosis, the rare condition of blood sweat. But even to this day, doctors dont know what causes the conditionand some are skeptical as to its existence.

According to Gizmodo, the 21-year-old patient entered a medical ward following three years of bleeding from her palms and face. She didnt have any cuts and nothing seemed to cause or trigger her bleeding episodes. Her condition was so bad that shed isolated herself and developed symptoms consistent with depression and panic disorder.  An analysis of the patients skin also turned up nothing abnormal, as the researchers reported in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Theres a long history of blood sweat diagnoses, according to a CMAJ commentary. Mention of blood sweat occurs as far back as Aristotle in the third century, B.C., and throughout the Middle Ages. The condition has religious undertones given its association with a religious relic called the Veil of Veronica, a cloth imprinted with Jesus face. Still, the commentary continues, a 2012 dermatology textbook said the disorder has not been confirmed scientifically, though the authors of that text didnt deny its existence.

Michelle Sholzberg, a hematologist at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto, told the CBC the case was the most unusual. The author of the commentary, medical historian Jacalyn Duff...


SOTT FOCUS FLASHBACK: Progressive liberal values: Tony Podesta's creepy taste in art, the creepy people he hangs out with, and Pizzagate Signs of the Times

The Podesta brothers - John and Tony - are creepy. Most recently, John was the Clinton campaign's chairman, but he has worked with Bill and Obama too. Tony is considered one of Washington's most powerful lobbyists. (For more on their political background, see Abby Martin's recent Empire Files on teleSUR.) Not knowing much about them - aside from the fact that Podesta is interested in UFOs - the first ping on my radar was the "spirit cooking" revelation from the leaked Podesta emails.The relevant email suggests that not only are Tony and John close enough to Crowleyite "magickian" and "artist" Marina Abramovic to be on a first-name basis with her, but also that they are familiar enough with her "spirit cooking" to know what that involves and presumably be fine with attending a session. The casual tone sounds as if the planned "dinner" was probably not their first. (See: Sickos: Wikileaks reveals Podesta bros participate in disturbing, occult-themed "spirit cooking" involving copious bodily fluids?) Since the release of Podesta's emails, users on sites like 4chan, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, among other blogs and forums, have been uncovering a ton of strange connections, creepy implications, and perhaps outlandish speculations about the brothers and their circle of friends. For example, see this compilation of info by "ausbitbank" on steemit. There's a ton of other stuff out there, so knock yourself out searching and combing through it all. There's a ton of speculations and unsourced assertions on the topic, but there are also some genuinely creepy people and connections involved. Here I'll present just the facts. Let's start with Tony. On July 16, 2015, Politico published a photo essay "inside Hillary's campaign headquarters" that featured an image of John's office. On the wall is a painting, on loan from his brother Tony, that features a suited man lying on a table, with two men standing over him. The visual suggestion - given the plates and cutlery held by the two - are that they are preparing to eat him.


US Citizens Fear Their Government More Than Terrorism Your News Wire

A survey conducted by Chapman University has revealed that the number one fear for US citizens is the Government, not terrorism According to the survey, no other comes close to the percentage of Americans who [...]


Survivor of Las Vegas Mass Shooting Dies Suddenly blogfactory

Kymberley Suchomel, who was in attendance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas and fled when a gunman opened fire on the crowd, is said to have passed away a week later.

Among the thousands of people who were fortunate enough to safely flee the scene of the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017, as a gunman poured bullets into the crowd from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, was 28-year-old Kymberley Suchomel of Apple Valley, California.

Unfortunately, Ms. Suchomels respite was short-lived, as she passed away suddenly a week after that tragic event, from causes as yet unknown but quite possibly related to her existing medical conditions (compounded by the stress of her terrifying experience):


Suchomel, 28, who was not injured during [the] shooting, died early [October 9] at her Apple Valley home, according to her grandmother, Julie Norton, the co-founder of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation.

Norton found Suchomel just after 8:30 a.m. when she arrived to care for her 3-year-old great-granddaughter, Scarlett. She believes Suchomel may have died in her sleep after her husband, Mike, left for work at 4:30 a.m.

Kymberley had epilepsy and shes always been prone to seizures she told her friend that she recently had three focal seizures, Norton told the Daily Press. I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.

Suchomel, who was taking medication for a pituitary tumor, shared her fear of trying to fall sleep at night as the sounds of gunfire become louder in her head and the images of broken and bloody bodies flashed through her mind.

Ms. Suchomels sudden passing drew a good deal of online attention because a Facebook post attributed to her, made a few days after the shooting (from an account that has since been set private), included a harrowing account of the shooting that referenced the presence of multiple gunmen:

Her account which its believed she posted

We were rounding some sort of corner maybe and I looked to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread, holding a blood-soaked woman. I thought to myself we NEED to hide, but as I looked quickly for somewhere to go, the gunfire once again got closer and closer. We couldnt hide because they (and I do mean THEY) were chasing us. That exact moment is when I started to really panic. That is the exact moment in which I thought this was it, I was going to die, I was never going to see my family again. So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so...


Former PM Matteo Renzi warns Italy is on the brink of becoming 'ungovernable' as anti-Europe feeling rises Signs of the Times

Italy is on the brink of becoming "ungovernable" due to the rise of Eurosceptic parties, ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said. The Democratic Party (PD) secretary yesterday blasted the growth of right-wing populism in Italy, branding it "very dangerous". Mr Renzi, who quit as PM last year after losing a referendum on constitutional reform, admitted: "Ungovernability in Italy is a great risk. "That is why I am so disgusted to have lost the referendum. We would have ended this situation."


Cutting-edge market researcher says GOP in for 'rude awakening' In 2018 elections Signs of the Times

A cutting-edge market researcher has a passionate rebuttal for Republican critics of President Donald Trump, be they former President George W. Bush, Peggy Noonan, or Sen. John McCain. "Don't you understand what happened in 2016?" asks Anne Sorock, executive director of The Frontier Labs, who was at Judicial Watch in Washington, D.C. in October. Trump's success against the Washington "swamp" is viewed through the lens of the Republican Congress, which is often now seen as obstructionist. Speaking to Washington elites, Sorock says, American voters have totally rejected a minutiae, maneuvering and a piecemeal approach to stopping the decline of America. As an example, she said that voters aren't asking for a tax cut, although that can be a part of it. "They are asking for you [Congress] to say, through your work, that you love America and that you want it to survive," Sorock said.


Secrecy News: A Look at U.S. Arms Sales to Middle East, & More from CRS The Event Chronicle

By Steven Aftergood

Some restrictions on U.S. arms sales to human rights violators in the Middle East have recently been relaxed by the Trump Administration, a new report from the Congressional Research Service noted.

In early 2016, Bahrain submitted a request to purchase a number of F-16s [from the U.S.]and to upgrade its existing aircraft in a deal worth as much as $4 billion. However, when the Obama Administration informally pre-notified the sale to Congress, it explained that the sale would not move forward unless Bahrain took steps toward improving its record on human rights. The Trump Administration dropped those conditions in March 2017, even though U.N. investigators have asserted a sharp deterioration of human rights over the past year in Bahrain. Congress was formally notified of the sale in September 2017.

The use of self-imposed U.S. restriction on arms sales as a mechanism to achieve changes in [foreign]behavior has questionable effectiveness and can have unintended consequences, said CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph L. Votel in Senate testimony quoted by CRS. We should avoid using the programs as a lever of influence or denial to our own detriment.

The new CRS report describes and analyzes arms sales to seven Middle Eastern countries.

The United States is the single largest arms supplier to the Middle East and has been for decades. However, other major producers like Russia, France, and China are also key players in the region. Their respective strategies and goals for arms sales appear to differ in some ways, the report said.

See Arms Sales in the Middle East: Trends and Analytical Perspectives for U.S. Policy...


The physiological & psychological benefits of nature are well documented Signs of the Times

European research from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany suggests that city dwellers who live near nature experience positive effects on their brains compared to their purely urban counterparts, especially on the amygdala, the brain's integrative center for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. When we think of stress or fear responses, we should be thinking of the amygdala. This research should come as no surprise, since the physiological and psychological benefits of nature are well documented. In our article "How Walking In Nature Changes The Brain," we explored the study led by Gregory Bratman, which suggested that being in nature can potentially change our brains and positively impact our health: Researchers conducted a study which asked randomly selected participants to spend 50 minutes walking in either a natural or urban setting, and to submit to a series of psychological assessments before and after the walk. They found that volunteers who walked through a lush, green portion of Stanford campus showed improve cognitive function and mood compared to those who walked near heavy traffic for the same period of time. However, while this study showed that nature could have a positive effect on mental well-being, it did not examine the neurological mechanisms underlying this change.


Are cancer stem cells the key to discovering a cure? Signs of the Times

The root cause and potential cure for cancer is ignored by virtually all conventional oncologists despite an accumulating body of research that we already have the answer. From the perspective of conventional cancer treatment a diagnosis of multi-drug resistant cancer is equivalent to a death sentence. By the time such a diagnosis occurs, the patient's body has been irreversibly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, and an even more aggressive cancer has emerged to take the place of the original one. Tragically, these treatments do not simply fail, but make the cancers more malignant. This fact is effectively concealed by the name multidrug resistant cancer which makes it seem as if the cancer was so exceptionally resistant and malignant that the normally effective drugs used to treat it just couldn't do the job.


Exit Polls Project Sweeping Victory, Supermajority For Japans Abe The Event Chronicle

By Zero Hedge

As widely expected, Japan Prime Minister Abes ruling coalition is set for a sweeping victory in Sundays general election, and may retain the two-thirds parliamentary majority needed to revise Japans constitution, according to an NHK exit poll.

Shortly after polls closed at 8pm, an NHK exit poll showed that Abes Liberal Democratic Party and coalition partner Komeito are set to win between 281 and 336 seats of the 465 total, boosting Abes chances of becoming Japans longest serving political leader: the Prime Minister needs 233 for a simple majority and 310 for a supermajority. Opposition parties are set to split the rest, with the left-leaning Constitutional Democratic Party projected to come in second. Actual results are now being counted.

NHK also projected the leftwing Constitutional Democratic party winning 44 to 67 seats, with upstart Tokyo governor Yuriko Koikes Party of Hope taking 38 to 59 seats.

The exit polls are in line with the most recent media seat projections, shown below:

Source: Nikkei, Mainichi, Asahi, Kyodo, Goldman Sachs

The vote took place as a typhoon lashed Japan on Sunday, threatening to damp voter turnout for the election that was widely forecast to give Abe a fresh mandate to pursue economic revival and bolster the nations military.  Super Typhoon Lan is one of the strongest to hit Japan in years with heavy rain expected across much of the country. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued severe weather warnings for floods, wind damage and landslides. The typhoon is projected to make landfall near Tokyo on Sunday night.

A substantial win for Abes coalition would pave the way for more ultra-easy monetary policy and flexible fiscal stimulus that has allowed Japan Asias second-biggest economy to grow for 6 straight quarters, if only on paper. It would also give President Trump a stable partner in pushing a hardline stance against Kim Jong Uns regime in North Korea. The LDP is due to hold a leadership election next September. If Abe runs and wins again, he could stay on as prime minister until 2021,...


Child rape survivor tells story of how legal system delays caused his abuser to go free - despite being found guilty Signs of the Times

When he was 12, Byron Ruttan was repeatedly raped by a court-appointed mentor, who was later found guilty - only to have his conviction thrown out by the Supreme Court for 'unreasonable delay.' In his first public comments about the case, Mr. Ruttan talks to Sean Fine about his abuse and the life he built afterward Byron Ruttan never had much luck with fathers or father figures. His own father left town when he was three. His mother took up with a new man, but he would commit an armed robbery and land in Joyceville Institution, a federal prison just outside Kingston. Byron never had much luck with courts, either. It was a court that assigned him a mentor - another paternal figure - when he was 12 years old, in 1979. He had been cutting class. Living with his mother and three sisters in a rented townhouse in Kingston's tough north end, where all the families he knew lived on mothers' allowance or welfare, he would spend school days hiding out in a quarry. Sometimes he would steal $5 from his mother's purse. Eventually, the authorities brought him into court. (Whether it was police or child-protection workers is not clear, after all these years.) He was a handsome boy, blond, with strong cheekbones.


Kenya opposition says demos will resume on Tuesday RSS feed from

Kenya's opposition alliance says demonstrations for electoral commission reform will resume on 24 October and continue until all changes are realised and fair elections held.




a general look at the military situation in central Syria on October 23, 2017. Syrian government troops are advancing southeast of Mayadin city while the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are developing momentum on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.


The map is probably correct. However, it shows the SDF-Kurds in possession of only about half of the Omar oil field. The Omar field is about 40 miles long.

Yes, there was a deal between the SDF-Kurds and the tribal leade...


How The Elite Dominate The World 90% Of What You Watch On Television Is Controlled By Just 6 Giant Corporations The Event Chronicle

By Michael Snyder

How much is your view of the world shaped by what you see on television?  On average, Americans spend more than 150 hours watching television every month, and it is called programming for a reason.  If you allow anyone to pour ideas and information into your mind for five hours a day, it is going to change how you look at reality.  Everyone has an agenda, and every single news program, television show and movie is trying to alter your views.  Sadly, our society has become absolutely addicted to media, and the mainstream media is completely dominated by the elite.  In fact, about 90 percent of the programming that comes through your television is controlled by just 6 gigantic media corporations.  Most of us are willingly plugging ourselves into this propaganda matrix that is completely dominated by the elite for several hours each day, and that gives them an enormous amount of power over the rest of us.

In Part I and Part II of this series, I discussed how the elite use money as a tool to dominate the planet.  Today, we are going to talk about how they use information.  If you control what people think, then you control a society.  And through their vast media empires, the elite are able to shape how we all think to a frightening degree.

Just think about it.  What do we talk about with our family, our friends and our co-workers?  To a large extent, those conversations are about movies, television shows, something that we just saw on the news or a sporting event that just took place.  The reason why we talk about certain things is because the mainstream media gives those things attention, and other things we ignore because the mainstream media does not make them seem to be important.

The mainstream media literally sets the agenda for our society, and it would be difficult to overstate the power that is in the...


Trump has bowed to the Neocons and Netanyahu Signs of the Times

Rather than expand U.S. exports to Iran - and create more American jobs - President Trump fell in line behind Israel's P.M. Netanyahu, decertifying the Iran-nuclear deal and risking more war, as Gareth Porter explains at The American Conservative. President Donald Trump's new Iran policy clearly represents a dangerous rejection of diplomacy in favor of confrontation. But it's more than that: It's a major shift toward a much closer alignment of U.S. policy with that of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Whether explicitly or not, Trump's vow to work with Congress to renegotiate the Iran nuclear agreement, and his explicit threat to withdraw from the deal if no renegotiation takes place, appear to be satisfying the hardline demands Netanyahu has made of Washington's policy toward Tehran.


Trumps Enablers Should Be Shamed Out of Public Life The Fifth Column

(FPIF)  In the middle of September, Harvard University announced that it was inviting two controversial new fellows to the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School: former Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer and whistleblower Chelsea Manning. At the august institution, they would be joining Corey Lewandowski, one of Trumps campaign managers, along with several Democratic Party operatives.

But it was not to be. Within a day of the announcement, Harvard rescinded Chelsea Mannings invitation because of controversy attending the offer. Dean of the Kennedy School Douglas Elmendorf had this to say: I see more clearly now that many people view a Visiting Fellow title as an honorific, so we should weigh that consideration when offering invitations.

Strangely, the invitation to the thoroughly dishonorable Lewandowski did not seem affected by this rationale.

Harvard snubbed Manning in part because people like Mike Pompeo, current head of the CIA, cancelled an appearance at a Harvard forum, saying that I believe it is shameful for Harvard to place its stamp of approval upon her treasonous actions.

Im not a big fan of WikiLeaks  even before its conduct in the 2016 elections but Id still be interested in hearing Chelsea Manning interact with other folks at the Kennedy School on questions of public service and morality. So, Im upset at Harvards retraction of the invitation.

But what really bugs me is Harvards pandering to the Trump crowd as if they were legitimate political actors. Theyre not. Theyre collaborationists. They may or may not have collaborated with a foreign power against the United States (let the various investigating committees determine that). But Im expanding the term here to mean that they are collaborating with a political figure Donald Trump whose behavior is inimical to American democracy.

Even if they arent ultimately thrown into jail for a variety of improprieties, the Trump collaborationists should be frozen out of the mainstream. Obviously I...


Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Past Presidents Go on Beg-athon" -- October 23, 2017 Operation Disclosure

Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on Beg-athon for Godfather Bush

By benjamin

The dragnet is slowly but inexorably closing in on the Bush/Clinton (Scherf/Rockefeller) Khazarian mafia clan and their Federal Reserve Board printing press. Multiple legal investigations, mass arrests of junior Khazarian mobsters, and public disclosure are now part of regular public discourse, and not just on blogs formerly maligned as conspiracy sites.

An interesting sign of the Khazarians desperation was the spectacle of George Bush Senior posing with four other former presidents (minus Donald Trump) of the United States Corporation as part of a beg-athon.

First, we must note that with computer graphics and body doubles it is hard to know if this event really took place. For example, multiple sources have told this writer that Bill Clinton (Rockefeller) died of AIDS early this year.

Nonetheless, assuming this event did really take place, this is what a senior CIA source in Texas had to say about it:

The beg-athon in Texas is pure BS. Notice that the money goes through the George H.W. Bush (Scherf) Foundation. They are scamming money any way they can get it. The Khazarian mafia cabal must be really desperate.

The causes of their desp...


Corporate media scared of Naomi Klein? Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why Isnt Naomi Klein On TV Anymore?

22 October 2017

Is the mainstream media afraid of Naomi Klein? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, discusses with author Naomi Klein. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Watch the whole interview here.


Good Question: Where Were All the Leakers/Reporters on the Uranium One Scandal? The Daily Sheeple

Twitter pundit and blogger Brian Cates put a question out to some of the biggest names in journalism, and its worth repeating: where were all the leakers on this Russia-centric story? There certainly has been no shortage of leaks from the White House in 2017.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Contributed by The Daily Sheeple of

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Whats Behind Chinas Breakthrough in Atomic Energy Production The Event Chronicle

By Covert Geopolitics

China sees the atomic energy boom with the number of nuclear power stations in the mainland soaring. However, the Celestial Empire harbors a more ambitious goal seeking to boost the construction of China-made atomic stations abroad, commentators told Sputnik, shedding light on Beijings competitive advantages.

China is determined to gain leading positions on the global nuclear energy market, commentators told Sputnik, adding that Beijings breakthrough in the development of peaceful atomic technologies is closely connected with the countrys One Belt and One Road initiative (OBOR).

[The construction] of nuclear power plants as well as Chinese high-speed railways is one of the most important fields of cooperation within the framework of the OBOR project, Wang Zhimin, head of the Center for the Study of the Globalization and Modernization of China with the Institute of Foreign Economy and Trade, told Sputnik China.

The Chinese scholar explained that the country possesses cutting-edge technologies in the atomic energy sphere: In particular, Hualong One is the recognized leader in the line of nuclear reactors of the third generation in the world; it reflects the highest level of Chinas achievements in the nuclear power field.

On the other hand, Wang called attention to the relatively low cost of construction of nuclear power plants by China abroad. Simultaneously, the safety record of China-made atomic power stations is comparatively high.

The scholar believes that all countries which maintain cooperation with Beijing are interested in Chinas assistance in the construction of nuclear power plants: These are, for example, Pakistan, Iran, other countries of the Middle East, Central Asia, and even a number of developed countries, Wang emphasized.

He noted that yet another promising area is the development of collaboration with global established economies of Europe and the US. To illustrate his point, the scholar cited the Sino-French cooperation in the construction of the Hinkley Point C in Great Britain.

In the long run, there is the possibility of a partnership between Chinese companies and their counterparts from the United States and Canada, Wang emphasized. The development of cooperation with established economies in the area of peaceful atomic energy is an important trend for China, which is paving the way fo...


M.Gemi Feeds Our Luxury Shoe Addiction With Affordable, Italian-Made Heels Fast Company

The fast-growing fashion startup sells Italian-crafted shoes for a third of what luxury brands charge. Heres how they do it.

Many shoe designers put out new collections only twice a yearperhaps launching strappy sandals in the spring, and boots in the fall. M.Gemi, a direct-to-consumer luxury shoe startup, has totally nixed that model. It drops a new pair every single Monday. This week, for instance, it debuted a $198 slip-on sneaker made from crushed velvet, a material that seems to magically change color under different lights.

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Unofficial Korea, A Tourists Pictures of North Korean soldiers unready for action blogfactory

The images show another side to North Korea than the usual propaganda,courtesy of the

images (6).png




Ex-HSBC Currency Trader Convicted Of Fraud In Massive Front-Running Scandal The Daily Sheeple


Ex-HSBC currency trader Mark Johnson, who was unwittingly captured on an audio recording saying I think we got away with it, has just been convicted by a jury in New York of fraud for front-running a $3.5 billion transaction that netted his firm some $8 million in illicit profits. Per Bloomberg:

Former HSBC Holdings Plc currency trader Mark Johnson was found guilty of fraud for front-running a $3.5 billion client order, a victory for U.S. prosecutors as they seek to root out misconduct in global financial markets.

He was convicted on Monday after a month-long trial in Brooklyn, New York.

Johnson was the first person to be tried since the global currency-rigging scandal that resulted in global banks paying more the $10 billion in penalties. The charges stemmed from HSBCs execution of a trading order from Cairn Energy Plc in 2011 to convert the proceeds of a unit sale from dollars into pounds.

This sends a signal to traders and banks that this type of behavior is absolutely inappropriate and will be pursued by the government, Michael Weinstein, a former Justice Department trial attorney, said. Thats a big hammer over the banks it may force them to monitor and self-regulate their people.

For those who havent followed this particular story, Mark Johnson was arrested at New Yorks Kennedy Airport in 2016 before he could return to the U.K. following a nearly 3-year investigation into efforts on the part of several large investment banks to rig FX markets but Stuart Scott has remained free at his home in the London suburbs pending the outcome of the extradition proceedings. Per Bloomberg:

Mark Johnson, HSBCs global head of foreign exchange cash trading in London, was taken into custody at John F. Kennedy International Airport Tuesday and is scheduled to appear before a judge in federal court in Brooklyn Wednesday morning, said the people, who asked not to be named because the case hasnt been made public. Hes charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, the people said.

According to Bloomberg, Johnsons arrest comes more than a year after five global banks pleaded guilty to charges related to the rigging of currency benchmarks. HSBC, which wasnt part of those criminal cases, in November 2014 agreed to pay $618 million in penalties to U.S. and British regulators to resolve curr...


Puerto Rico police struggle to cope as crime rages after Hurricane Maria Signs of the Times

Hurricane Maria ripped apart daily life in Puerto Rico but it hasn't brought a halt to the crime that has long plagued the poverty-stricken island. In the hard-scrabble neighborhood of Rio Piedras, Jessica Rojas was at work this week making sandwiches at a Subway restaurant - a cash-only operation because of the limited power supply - when two young gunmen dressed in black burst through the door demanding money. "Esto es un asalto," one yelled. "This is a robbery!" Rojas alerted an off-duty cop working security in a back room. A gunfight erupted. Rojas cowered on the ground as one gunman was gravely wounded and the other escaped. Also wounded in the crossfire: a local prosecutor and his wife who happened to be dining inside "Things here are hot," said Rojas, 42, a former Hollywood resident. "It's not easy living without water and electricity, and it's giving a lot of people [opportunity] to rob us. It's getting worse. We need more police."


Boom: The Clintons, US Uranium, Putin, and the FBI Activist Post

By Jon Rappoport In 2016, long before the current news story broke about the FBI concealing a multi-year investigation into Russian bribery, the Clintons, US...


Harvey Weinstein First Major Pedophilia Domino in the USA The Event Chronicle

By Robert David Steele

From Benjamin Fulford to Tim Luongo to Charles Huge Smith, it is clear that Harry Weinstein is not just shlonged, to use Donald Trumps verbing of a noun, but he is taking the entire Zionist encampment in America down with him. Harry Weinstein, not Sheldon Adelson or George Soros or Michael Chertoff or Jeffrey Epstein, is the schlemiel who is ending the Zionist occupation of America and in so doing, also imploding the Deep State (the Khazarian Mafia as well as the Zionists and their Jesuit fellow travelers). All we shiksas owe him a debt of eternal gratitude. Kosher he was is not (that is a nuanced observation at many levels).[1]

Harry Weinstein is the first Jewish pedophile domino to fall. His public outing represents the beginning of the end for the Deep State and the Zionists that are such a large part of the Deep State in the USA.

Benjamin Fulford:

The public accusations against Harvey Weinstein have opened the door, not just for women to come forward, but also men and children who were groped, raped, or molested in pedowood, they continue.  In other words, the purge of Hollywood has only just begun.

Jewish privilege is now history, as Weinstein was prevented from fleeing the USA, and his eponymous company may soon shut down, (because) major studios, TV networks, talent agencies, Apple, Amazon, Goldman, and hedge funds find him toxic, one source pointed out.

The Jewish mafia is finished, as the culture war extends from fake news, to the NFL, to Hollywood, to the Ivy League, and to every level of Jewish power as a prelude to mass arrests and a Global Currency Reset, the sources say.[2]

Tim Luongo:

The biggest open-secret in Hollywood was that Harvey Weinstein was a Grade-A pervert.  And his coming out party this week is incredibly intriguing.  Hollywood is a dirty place.

In writing, there is something called the Mid-Point Turn.  It is the moment when someone does something so singular, usually bad, that it ensures things can never go back to...


New York governor to approve e-cigarette ban in bars, restaurants, workplaces Signs of the Times

Gov. Cuomo on Monday plans to sign into law new restrictions on electronic cigarettes that effectively ban their use in most restaurants, bars and workplaces, the Daily News has learned. The measure, adopted by the Legislature in June, extends the provisions of New York's Clean Indoor Air Act to include e-cigarettes and has been a top priority of anti-smoking advocates. "These products are marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but the reality is they also carry long-term risks to the health of users and those around them," Cuomo said. "This measure closes another dangerous loophole in the law, creating a stronger, healthier New York for all."


'Nothing to hide': Kaspersky Lab offers source code for independent review Signs of the Times

Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has unveiled to independent experts an unprecedented Global Transparency Initiative that will open its code. The audit is a bid to stave off US accusations the company is working for Russian security services. A five-point plan revealed by the Kaspersky on Monday has promised access not only to its software, but its company practices and oversight of its data handling. Additionally, the company says it will pay out awards of up to $100,000 for those able to identify vulnerabilities, and establish three "transparency centers" by 2020 "to address any security issues together with customers, trusted partners and government stakeholders." "We need to reestablish trust in relationships between companies, governments and citizens. That's why we're launching this Global Transparency Initiative: we want to show how we're completely open and transparent," said company CEO Eugene Kaspersky in a statement. "We've nothing to hide. And I believe that with these actions we'll be able to overcome mistrust and support our commitment to protecting people in any country on our planet."


(Video) Kerry Cassidy on Latest News: Disclosure, Wildfires, Vegas, ETs and More! Operation Disclosure

Streamed live on Oct 18, 2017

I discuss the TO THE STARS DISCLOSURE, FIRES, VEGAS, FALSE FLAGS, FINANCIAL RESET, HUMAN ET HYBRIDS, INVASION EARTH AND MORE... Steele backed out because of a 'conflict of interest'. See the video to learn more.


Researchers Warn Massive Insect Die-off Is Harbinger Of Ecological Armageddon MintPress News

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS Though the rapidly vanishing bee population has captured headlines in recent years, a new study suggests that the bees disappearance is merely a symptom of a much larger problem. According to a new, decades-long study conducted by researchers at Radboud University in the Netherlands, the insect population at large is in startling decline, with the abundance of flying insects having plunged by more than 75 percent over a period of nearly three decades. While some biologists had suspected a decline in the insect population, this study has demonstrated that the trend is much more dramatic and troubling than previously thought.

Researchers began collecting data across 63 nature reserves in Germany in 1989, obtaining more than 1,500 samples over the years using specialized tents called malaise traps. The total insect biomass of the samples was weighed and compared, revealing an average decline of 76 percent over the 27-year span of the study. During mid-summer, a time when insect numbers are typically at their highest, the decline was even more pronounced, reaching 82 percent for that particular season.

The study has sent shock waves across the scientific community, largely because most previous studies have focused on the population decline of specific and well-known species, such as the honeybee or butterflies. Because this study evaluated all flying insects including infrequently examined species such as wasps and flies it presents a much stronger indication of widespread population decline. As a result, the researchers have ominously warned that the studys findings suggest that the world is on course for ecological Armageddon.

The average weight of trapped insects per day against the years 1989 until 2016. After 27 years, the total average weight has been declined by more than 75 percent. (Image: Raboud)

The average weight of trapped insects per day against the years 1989 until 2016. After 27 years, the total average weight has been declined by more than 75 percent. (Image: Raboud)

The implications and outlook are so...


Google Building Utopian Alternate Reality with Artificial Intelligence Activist Post

By Joe Joseph This is a story that should make your skin crawl if you care about your humanity. Source: Google to Build Worlds First Digital...


Pentagon Uses Niger Ambush To Bolster AFRICOM Military Budget MintPress News

The October 4 ambush in Niger that killed four US Special Forces members forced the Pentagon to admit that they had been routinely carrying out ground patrols inside Niger, but African command (AFRICOM) may be cashing in on the incident.

With the revelation that there are US military operations ongoing in Niger and countless other countries, AFRICOM is noting that theyd requested a lot more military equipment than they got, and some of that might conceivably have come in handy during the ambush.

The US special forces were, after all, sent out in unarmored vehicles, with no air surveillance, and no way of evacuating if a problem happened. Instead of questioning why they sent troops into such dangerous circumstances in the first place, officials just say it proves they shouldve been given way more equipment.

Few questions are being asked about why the US is in Niger in the first place, and instead, officials are focusing the investigation in such a way that the solution will be an even bigger military budget, to facilitate even more pointless wars.

Top photo | Chadian troops and Nigerian special forces participate in the Flintlock exercises with the U.S. military and its Western partners in Mao, Chad. (AP/Jerome Delay)

The post Pentagon Uses Niger Ambush To Bolster AFRICOM Military Budget appeared first on MintPress News.


For True Innovation, Dont Rely On Your Own Ideas Fast Company

Anheuser-Busch innovation executives say that in order to excel at coming up with new ideas, you have to discard your own and listen to what real people want.

When most people think of Anheuser-Busch, what comes to mind are its most famous American beersBudweiser, Bud Light, Michelob, and the like. But these days, the company is a global beverage company that controls dozens of brands, including Stella Artois, Becks, Bass, Boddingtons, and Rolling Rock.

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Legendary Rapper Says Male Musicians Have to Perform Sex Acts to Make It in Music The Event Chronicle

Legendary rapper, RA the Rugged Man has been calling out the depraved monsters in the music industry for years, and now hes hitting even harder.

By Matt Agorist

If you are looking for bubble gum radio music about bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, then RA The Rugged Man is not for you. However, if you are looking for hard-hitting beats behind even harder hitting truthrap music guaranteed not to ever make it to the radiobut that influences far more people despite its censorship, then look no further.

Rugged Man doesnt fear the backlash from the music industry because he acts outside of it. He can say what he wants and speak truth to power because he is not tied down to the labels that want to keep people brainwashed with the same song played over and over on the radio. However, because he has worked inside the industry before with RCAs sub-label, Jive Records, and worked with many big names, Rugged Man, aka R.A. Thorburn, knows their dirty secrets.

Similar to Hollywood, aspiring artists have to paywith their bodiesto play.

A lot of male entertainers & rappers had to perform sex acts on Powerful executives to get ahead. I wonder if theyll start coming out soon, Tweeted the rapper.

For those that think Thornburn may just be jumping on the bandwagon after Weinsteins public fall from stardom, think again. Hes been calling this madness out for years and even wrote a song about it titled Make You Famous, describing what many up and coming artists have to do to make it. Hintit involves uncomfortable and comprising sexual positions and selling your soul to the devil.

To those who think Rugged is simply...


Man stabs leading Russian journalist at radio station Echo of Moscow Signs of the Times

A man armed with a knife attacked and injured a female journalist after forcing his way in the Echo of Moscow radio station in the Russian capital, its editor-in-chief reported. The woman was taken to hospital. Tatiana Felgengauer was stabbed in the throat by the assailant, Aleksey Venediktov reported. The attacker was subdued by the station's security guards, he added. Felgengauer, 32, is the deputy editor-in-chief and host of one of the station's talk shows. She first appeared on-air in 2005 as an intern correspondent and has been working for Echo of Moscow ever since. Venediktov later said Felgengauer's life is not in danger. Her injury required surgery, after which she was placed in an intensive care ward for recovery, he said.


FBI director: Agency failed to hack into nearly 7,000 encrypted devices Signs of the Times

Federal agents failed to hack into 6,900 mobile devices protected by encryption, the FBI director told a police chiefs' conference, amid heated debate over privacy and government control over cyberspace. The FBI was unable to retrieve content from more than 6,900 mobile devices, agency director Christopher Wray said on Monday at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Philadelphia. This is more than half of the mobile devices the FBI tried to access in less than a year. "To put it mildly, this is a huge, huge problem," Wray said. "It impacts investigations across the board - narcotics, human trafficking, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, gangs, organized crime, child exploitation."


Catalonian independence & the disintegration of European order Signs of the Times

Catalonian independence would cause a domino effect, says Marco Bassani, professor of Politics, at the University of Milan. The current European order may be replaced by a confederation in 10-15 years with dozens of new countries appearing, he adds. Two major regions in the north of Italy, Lombardy, and Veneto, overwhelmingly voted on Sunday for greater autonomy. According to the leaders of the areas, more than 90 percent of the electorate voted "yes." Despite the fact the referendums were non-binding, the two regions may now request greater economic independence from Rome. Both Lombardy President Roberto Maroni and Luca Zaia are members of the Northern League and say that the north is subsidizing the southern regions. Veneto and Lombardy are two of Italy's economic powerhouses, accounting for about 30 percent of the country's GDP.


Catalan spokesman: Officials won't follow Madrid's orders, but will of the people Signs of the Times

Catalan authorities will not follow orders from Madrid, but will only listen to the will of the Catalan people, Catalonia's Foreign Affairs spokesman told BBC Radio. All institutions, including police, need to follow instructions from the democratically-elected Catalan government, the region's foreign affairs spokesman, Raul Romeva, told BBC radio. According to the official, EU democracy cannot be trusted if it allows Madrid to impose direct rule on Catalonia.

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