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Friday, 17 August


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug 17, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Aug 17, 2018

Compiled 17 Aug. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Cabal Vatican-sponsored international pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

A. Aug. 16 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1.A lot of our sources have gone silent and are under gag orders banks, redemption centers, a variety of sources.

2. We had an opportunity to go last night Aug. 15, but there were security concerns that have been taken care of.

3. This could go at any moment.

4. People are still being paid out in Reno.

5. Some groups will have access to their funds tomorrow night Aug. 17.

6. We should receive our 800#s before or about the same time that those groups have access to their funds.

7. This week two very, very large (58 zeros each) mega, mega tranches of monies were distributed to various countries for our exchanges.

8. We should have an opportunity to exchange very shortly Bruce believes it will happen within this week.

9. The general public Tier 5 were supposed to begin&...


August Full Moon Astrology: What This Full Moon Means For You Awareness Act

The August full moon is almost here and that means a lot for all of us. Full moons are known for being quite renewing and useful but this one is going to be a but more confusing than you think.

The full moon of August is going to be on the 26th this month and will be in Pisces. Below I am going to go over the different ways this is going to be impacting the lives of each kind of sign there is. What might happen to the Earth signs probably wont affect the Water signs, but everyone has something interesting in store. We are all going to be pushed to break free and move forward, with these kinds of energies anything could happen.

Many of us are going to be feeling drained and almost at war within but with good reason. As this full moon makes its way here there are going to be a lot of new opportunities presenting themselves to us. This one is really going to pack quite a punch for us all.

Fire Signs: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.)

This full moon is going to be pushing the Fire signs to really be more themselves. They will be challenging the norm and working to break free on a new level. This might be a bit complicated but it will make a big difference in their lives.

Earth Signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.)

This full moon is going to be pushing the Earth signs to really move towards their dreams. The things they want to do but have been holding off on will be pressed to the front of their minds. They will be working to manifest their true desires and work through all that comes their way.

Air Signs: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.)

This full moon is going to be pushing the Air signs to evolve themselves on a personal level. They are going to be diving within once again to learn more about who they truly are. They are going to really work through any emotional burdens they have been carrying.

Water Signs: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.)

This full moon is going to be pushing the Water signs to really look at things from an emotional perspective. They are going to be letting the things they have been dwelling on go and allowing their lives to settle back down. These signs have been under a lot of stress lately and all of that is coming to an end.


Trump rightly lambastes fake news institutions as 'opposition party' Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that the "fake news media" is the "opposition party," while calling it "very bad" for the US. In true Trump style, he followed that up by saying "we are winning" the fight. Trump has long rallied against so-called "fake news," branding some of America's largest media outlets, including CNN and The New York Times, as such. His tweet comes amid reports that almost 343 news outlets will be publishing coordinated editorials on Thursday which denounce the US president's "dirty war" on the press. The movement was initially pushed by the Boston Globe.


The Turkey Crisis Cannot Be Resolved without Regime Change Armstrong Economics

The key to understanding Turkey is really simple Erdogan has lost the confidence of his people and the world. The free-fall in the Turkish lira should be no surprise. After years of rampant dollar borrowing, running large current account deficits in the face of both a lack of domestic military hardware production along with the lack of domestic oil production, throw in an autocratic-dictator with aspiration of empire building who then appoint a family member to bring down interest rates that he thinks is the source of inflation, and presto you get an economic cauldron that is impossible to survive.

Erdogan may be a dictator who rigs the elections, but that does NOT mean he can dictate that interest rates should be lower. Interest rates are not the SOURCE of inflation, they are the PRICE of inflation. He thinks that he can order interest rates lower and that will stop his economic crisis. Qatar should just kiss its $15 billion good-bye for there is NO HOPE of saving Turkey without a replacement of Erdogan. He will blame absolutely everyone BUT himself. His attempt to hunt down and prosecute anyone who speaks against him as treason is just a normal reaction of a dictator who has lost his mind. What comes next? Purges as with Stalin?



Real Estate Leverage Transition to the Reset Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you for the daily blogs on world events with an independent analysis that makes sense. I find them better than investment bank reports that just make up the pages.
Could you please elaborate on what happens to properties when the monetary reset comes? If people lose confidence in fiat money and hoard real assets, wouldnt that be a positive thing for properties? Or only if they are bought out in full (i.e. no mortgage)?
Thank you.
ANSWER: The problem with real estate is the LEVERAGE. The value of a house has been escalated due to the fact that in the USA you can borrow using 30 years of future income. The crisis that unfolds is the collapse in the mortgage market. Then we will see a deleveraging of real estate. However, that said, real estate makes the transition as a hedge during a reset.  For example, during the German hyperinflation that led to a currency reset, that new currency that was issued was backed by real estate not gold. Keep in mind that as the currency declines, then the repayment cost of a mortgage declines. One the one hand, mortgages will be unavailable but those who hold the mortgage lose the most. Therefore, you should be able to pay off your mortgage with cheap currency assuming you have hedged and make it through the transition.


"Get Prepared For The Chaos To Come, Global Financial Bear Market Looms" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Get Prepared For The Chaos To Come,
 Global Financial Bear Market Looms"
by Michael Snyder 

"We havent seen carnage like this in the global financial marketplace in quite some time. On Wednesday, U.S. stocks were down some, but things were much, much worse around the rest of the world. Global banking stocks are plunging, emerging market stocks are cratering, and emerging market currencies continue their stunning decline. This represents a dramatic change from the relative stability that we have seen throughout most of 2018. It is almost as if someone flipped a switch once the month of August began, and the shakiness of global financial markets has many investors wondering what trouble fall will bring. 
Click image for larger size.


The One About a Russian Satellite Raising Alarm with U.S.

Just a few stories for context about this Russian satellite situation: Mystery Russian Satellites Behaviour Raises Alarm in U.S.: A mysterious Russian satellite displaying very abnormal behaviour has raised alarm in the US, according to a State Department official. We dont know for certain what it is and there is no way to verify it, []


California Real Estate Peaks and Begin a Crash Armstrong Economics

California has joined the states with not just the highest taxes in America, but it has become one of those states that people are just leaving resulting i9n a net outward-migration. There is a logical consequence when a state becomes a place people are trying to flee from real estate MUST decline in value. Already, sales of both new and existing houses and condominiums in Southern California has declined 11.8% year over year. Prices rallied and reached a record high in 2018. The median price paid for all Southern California homes that were sold in June 2018 was a record high reaching $536,250, according to CoreLogic. This was reported as a 7.3% increase compared to June of 2017. When you see such short-term surges in a market, that is often the sign of how every market peaks. Real estate is no exception.

Many have touted for years that California property leads the nation. Therefore, whatever trend appears they will spread to the rest of the nation. While we do not necessarily agree with that statement, nonetheless, real estate will be on the decline in most states where taxes are rising. Property is still going to rise in the 7 states without income tax. For those who are unfamiliar with Socrates, we have created indexes for real estate on a worldwide basis. Here is the page you can view wha...


Waterways, Persons & Rights La Paz Group


The free-flowing Baker River in Chiles Patagonia region. Permits for a major hydroelectric project on the waterway were revoked in 2014 amid protests. LOUIS VEST/FLICKR

Dams in Patagonia are the gift that keep on giving, in terms of awakening activism and forcing raised awareness of the value of waterways. I first mentioned my experience in Chile here. I came...


Reader: Attention all True Patriots Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Jeff

Attention All True Patriots,

After several months of reading Anna Von Reitz articles, I thought it would be nice to have a simple chart comparing where we are at (From False) to where we should be (To True).

If the American people really knew what was going on and how they have been deceived, there would be revolts instantaneously.

Take a look at these brief "talking points" and let them sink in. Each point is very profound and has many layers of deceit (on the False side) and truth (on the True side) behind them.

Put on your contemplation cap,


P.S. Here is an "Exonerated" excerpt at article #1151 to show that Anna is, and has been, on the right track all along:

"So we finally won our case. Donald Trump sicced teams of lawyers and archivists and historians onto all the information we've provided and guess what? We stand exonerated. All that we have brought forward has been proven, nailed down, and tied up with a bow, complete with all the research and case law and historical documentation.

Count that much done and over.

President Trump now knows -- definitively -- what is wrong, what the game is, what the game has been all along, who is responsible, and from what he has done so far, he is swiftly taking care of business. But he can't do it alone.

You see, he is working from the "federal side" of the fence. He needs our help coming from the side of the states and the people to meet him halfway. I already thumped on everyone to get their political status corrected and join their State Assembly, ...."

Restoring From-To Flyer 4.pdf


Florida Declares State of Emergency As Toxic Red Tide Causes Respiratory Issues Awareness Act

An official state of emergency has been declared in Florida as there has been some kind of toxic red tide outbreak in Southwest Florida. While this is something that happens naturally according to officials, it has already killed manatees and so much more.

Red tide has toxic effects and when it occurs can have drastic effects of marine life. Red tide is basically a toxic algae bloom. This problem is one that was lingering since October according to USA Today. The affected counties will finally now that things are as bad as they are be getting resources and funds to be able to combat this issue. Red tide for those who do not know affects the central nervous system of aquatic organisms an can lead to respiratory irritation in humans.

The red tide has already killed hundreds of sea turtles, manatees, and millions on millions of pounds of fish thus far. This takes a serious toll on everyone who has to be near it. Many locals have noted respiratory complications but nothing too severe thus far. This comes just a month after another state of emergency was declared in other counties due to blue-green algae outbreaks from Lake Okeechobee discharges, things are not going to be getting better anytime soon as this is no easy problem to fix.

The Washington Post reported as follows on this topic:

Citizens in retirement communities are reporting respiratory distress from the vapors of the microscopic red-tide organism called Karenia brevis. A recent study found a 50 percent spike in hospital visits due to respiratory problems during red-tide blooms.

The red tide has been gradually moving north, to the mouth of Tampa Bay, according to state tracking data. For many places, the daily reports continue to say Water Color: Dark and Respiratory Irritation: Intense. Worst of all are the reports that state Dead Fish: Heavy.

Rick Bartleson, a research scientist with the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, said water samples offshore show lethally high concentrations of algae.

Theres no fish left. Red tide killed them all, he said. All of our concentrations of red tide are still high and would still kill fish if they were out there.

The algae is found in marine environments for most of the year, but the past two months have produced high concentrations, said Kelly Richmond, a spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The duration of blooms can be affected by sunlight, nutrient and salinity conte...


Iraqi jets drop the hammer on Daesh 'operation room' in Syria Signs of the Times

The Iraqi military announced Thursday that they had launched airstrikes on Daesh in Syrian territory amid Damascus' efforts to eliminate the last pockets of the terrorist group. "Fulfilling the orders of the commander-in-chief of the [Iraqi] Armed Forces ... Iraqi F-16 jets successfully carried out an airstrike on the Syrian territory," the statement said, as quoted by the Al-Sumaria broadcaster. As the Iraqi military reported Thursday, the country's jets destroyed a Daesh "operations room" in Syria, killing several fighters. "According to intelligence, those terrorists who were killed were planning criminal operations using suicide vests and intended to target innocents in the next few days inside Iraq," the military said in a statement.


Russia looks toward innovation, may develop reusable rockets Signs of the Times

Russia may develop reusable first stages for its rockets, which would likely land horizontally rather than in the style of SpaceX's Falcons, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has said. He also had words for SpaceX boss Elon Musk. The new heavy Soyuz-5 rocket, currently developed by Russia, must become more powerful yet remain cheaper than the products supplied by the competitors, the recently-elected head of the Russian space corporation told TASS in an extensive interview on Thursday. While Moscow is looking into adding reusable elements to the Soyuz-5 to further lower launch costs, reusability is not a universal solution to achieve this goal, Rogozin believes. Musk's SpaceX, which is currently the only company to have launched reusable rockets commercially, manages to cut the costs by other means, the Russian space boss pointed out.


YouTube Strikes Down DEW Video Over 'Pornography Claims' CLG News

YouTube Strikes Down DEW Video Over 'Pornography Claims' | 05 Aug 2018 | Apparently, the Deep State dirt-bags running YouTube don't want a discussion about the possibile role of Direct Energy Weapons in California's recent 'wildfires.'


Inflation: Venezuela Will Cut Five Zeros from Currency

Ah yes, ye ole Zimbucks solution: Via: WRAL: Faced with nearly incomprehensible inflation 32,714 percent as of Wednesday Venezuelan officials thought they had a solution: They changed the color of the bank notes and increased their denomination. Then they said they would lop off three zeros. And when that didnt seem enough, they []


Springtime for Snowflakes --NYU Professor of Liberal Studies (also CLG Founder), Michael Rectenwald) CLG News

Springtime for Snowflakes --NYU Professor of Liberal Studies (also CLG Founder), Michael Rectenwald, at his book launch event in New York City August 9, 2018. | 09 Aug 2018 | (Video)


RT hosts debate: Is violence becoming socially acceptable? Signs of the Times

Following CNN host Chris Cuomo's controversial statement that "all punches are not equal," which prompted accusations that he supports Antifa violence, RT has hosted a debate on whether brute force is sometimes justified. Speaking during an on-air segment, political and social issues commentator Anthony Brian Logan said the issue of violence is a simple one. "You can't put your hands on somebody and then hide behind some kind of moral high ground. So don't touch people if you don't want to be touched, it's really just as simple as that. It doesn't matter what political affiliation the other person is."


The reasons why anti-authoritarian doctors are so rare Signs of the Times

"Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi Party" is an intentionally obnoxious line from the hilarious "Springtime for Hitler" in Mel Brook's The Producers. Not hilarious is the reality that doctors in Nazi Germany were "smarties" in Brook's sardonic sense, as they joined the Nazi SS in a far higher proportion than the German general population. Also not funny is that U.S. doctors and healthcare professionals-from their "aiding torture" (description used in the CIA Inspector General's Report) at Guantnamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and elsewhere to the more recent drugging of detained child migrants-have served U.S. authoritarian policies. In the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2012, Alessandra Colaianni reports "More than 7% of all German physicians became members of the Nazi SS during World War II, compared with less than 1% of the general population. . . . By 1945, half of all German physicians had joined the Nazi party, 6% before Adolf Hitler gained power." Colaianni points out, "Physicians joined the Nazi party and the killing operations not at gunpoint, not by force, but of their own volition."


Facebook Bans InfoWars Whilst Rapper Who Posted Child Porn to Instagram Keeps His Account Humans Are Free

As Facebook targets pages for removal who post politically charged content, a rapper who used their platform to upload child porn is reaching millions.

by Matt Agorist, Guest writer (excerpt)

As the Free Thought Project pointed out last week, a concerted effort by multiple social media companies and tech giants was formed to remove Alex Jones from their platforms. These platforms, including Facebook, claimed Jones rhetoric violated their terms of service, so they effectively eradicated his audience on social media. (...)

While Jones may distribute a ton of questionable content, hes never posted anything illegal and, he has never posted videos of child porn to any of his platforms. What does child porn have to do with Alex Jones, you ask? Well, nothing really unless we compare Jones getting banned for his entirely legal political speech while others have posted literal child porn to social media and maintain their accounts. Seriously.

Read Entire Article


Manafort jury ends first day with questions, including definition of 'reasonable doubt' CLG News

Manafort jury ends first day with questions, including definition of 'reasonable doubt' | 16 Aug 2018 | The jury in the criminal trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort sent a note to the judge asking him to redefine "reasonable doubt" and answer three other questions as their first day of deliberations drew to a close. Judge T.S. Ellis III, who reconvened court to answer the questions orally for the 12-member jury shortly after 5 p.m., said the government is not required to prove the defendant's guilt beyond all possible doubt -- only doubt based on reason. Manafort's defense team said the jury's question about reasonable doubt is the best question the defense can get.


The failure of US elites to accept reality is an existential threat to us all Signs of the Times

Russia's Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev recently declared that the latest round of US sanctions to be imposed on Russia constituted "economic warfare" and that Russia would respond "economically, politically, or in any other way, if required." One is tempted to ask: why has it taken so long? Russia has been the subject of what Andrew Korybko calls "hybrid warfare" for decades. The only post World War 2 period when there was a lessening of the attacks was during the Yeltsin years in the 1990s. That period, when Russia's economy was pillaged, was even more catastrophic for Russia than the sanctions and relentless negative propaganda that has ensued ever since. The hybrid warfare, of which the sanctions are only a part, are a substitute for actual hot war which the neocon elements in successive American administrations have never taken off their agenda. That also is not a recent phenomenon. Operation Unthinkable was a British plan conceived by the long time anti-Russian Prime Minister Winston Churchill to continue the war after the defeat of Germany in 1945 by invading Russia. The plan even included incorporating troops from the defeated German forces.


David Zublick -- Hollywood SRA Child Sex Parties Operation Disclosure

Hollywood SRA Child Sex Parties??? | David Zublick [video]

AUGUST 15, 2018

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

It seems as though the pedophilia problem is coming to a head in the Independent Media. Every day without fail we have stories circulating as well as new videos.

How many more Hollywood and entertainment people have to come forward before the mainstream media is forced to address it?

Now I know why I never could stomach Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson or Kevin Spacey. They always gave me the creeps.

David Zublick has moved to Vimeo but this was mirrored on ThemTube.

Its interesting to note that David is actually getting into the Anunnaki discussion now. Wow. Thats progress. ~ BP


Paul Joseph Watson: The age of emotional incontinence Signs of the Times

Though Watson brings a great deal of social commentary (and even humor) to his discussion, the conclusions and approach he advises for individual stability, balance and growth show great insight: Stoicism.


Study shows that robots have the power to brainwash children and alter their behavior for the worse Signs of the Times

Robot pressure could soon replace peer pressure as a chief concern amongst parents with new research finding that children can be significantly influenced by machines, even when the droids are obviously wrong. The study asked children aged between seven and nine to look at a screen showing four lines and identify which two match in length. When they carried out the simple task alone the kids got the answers right almost every time. However, when they did it alongside a robot their accuracy dropped by 12 percent and almost all of their wrong answers were found to match those of the robot. Writing in Science Robotics, the University of Plymouth researchers behind the study said the findings raise concerns around the potential for robots to have a negative influence on vulnerable children.


Attention: All Lymphoma Cancer Victims Operation Disclosure

ATTN: ALL Lymphoma Cancer Victims

Monsanto Roundup (glyphosate) Weed Killer Has Been Designated as a Probable Human Carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Farmers, farm workers, landscapers and gardeners who use Roundup or other glyphosate products are at risk for developing non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and other forms of cancer.

Consumers across the United States who have been diagnosed with cancer due to Roundup or glyphosate herbicide exposure are making the decision to file a Roundup lawsuit.

If you have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma after being exposed to Roundup weed killer and would like more information about whether you might have a potential Roundup lawsuit, please contact a personal injury attorney at Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman by filling out the contact form below.

Visit NOW:
OR ...


Mathematics everywhere: Researchers solve age-old spaghetti mystery Signs of the Times

If you happen to have a box of spaghetti in your pantry, try this experiment: Pull out a single spaghetti stick and hold it at both ends. Now bend it until it breaks. How many fragments did you make? If the answer is three or more, pull out another stick and try again. Can you break the noodle in two? If not, you're in very good company. The spaghetti challenge has flummoxed even the likes of famed physicist Richard Feynman '39, who once spent a good portion of an evening breaking pasta and looking for a theoretical explanation for why the sticks refused to snap in two. Feynman's kitchen experiment remained unresolved until 2005, when physicists from France pieced together a theory to describe the forces at work when spaghetti - and any long, thin rod - is bent. They found that when a stick is bent evenly from both ends, it will break near the center, where it is most curved. This initial break triggers a "snap-back" effect and a bending wave, or vibration, that further fractures the stick. Their theory, which won the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize, seemed to solve Feynman's puzzle. But a question remained: Could spaghetti ever be coerced to break in two?


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Rich in star clusters and nebulae, the ancient constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer, rides high in northern winter night skies. Composed from narrow and broadband filter data and spanning nearly 8 Full Moons (4 degrees) on the sky, this deep telescopic view recorded in January shows off some of Auriga's celestial bounty. The field includes emission region IC 405 (top left) about 1,500 light-years distant. Also known as the Flaming Star Nebula, its red, convoluted clouds of glowing hydrogen gas are energized by hot O-type star AE Aurigae. IC 410 (top right) is significantly more distant, some 12,000 light-years away. 
 Click image for larger size.
The star forming region is famous for its embedded young star cluster, NGC 1893, and tadpole-shaped clouds of dust and gas. IC 417 and NGC 1931 at the lower right, the Spider and the Fly, are also young star clusters embedded in natal clouds that lie far beyond IC 405. Star cluster NGC 1907 is near the bottom edge of the frame, just right of center. The crowded field of view looks along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy, near the direction of the galactic anticenter.


"The Karamazov Question" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Tell me yourself, I challenge you answer. Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end, giving them peace and rest at last, but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature... and to found that edifice on its unavenged tears: would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell the truth.
- Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"


Another Actor Calls Out Satanic Hollywood Pedophiles Humans Are Free

Its truly shocking just how many revelations have come to light with regards to the physical and sexual abuse of children within the realm of the global elite.

The big four areas where this activity seems to be most prevalent nowadays is within politics, the Vatican, the military industrial complex and inside of Hollywood. Within each section, there are numerous examples to pull from.

In politics, especially within the last couple of years, information is hitting the mainstream like it never has before, one example would be the fact that an NBC news report implicated Hillary Clinton in covering up a massive pedophile ring in the heart of the State Department, another would be multiple ex-high ranking political officials claiming that both the Clintons engage in sex with minors, pointing towards their close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (who also has Royal Family connections).

Read Entire Article


"The Most Beautiful People..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Could Our Deepest Fears Hold the Key to Ending Violence? Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Could Our Deepest Fears Hold the Key to Ending Violence?
by Frances Moore Lapp

In his book Violence, psychologist James Gilligan asked a Massachusetts prison inmate, What do you want so badly that you would sacrifice everything in order to get it? The inmate declared, Pride. Dignity. Self-esteem and Ill kill every motherf****r in that cell block if I have to in order to get it. Or, as another inmate said, Ive got to have my self-respect, and Ive declared war on the whole world till I get it. 

Pride, dignity, respect, agencya sense that we matterthese are feelings largely shaped interpersonally. We depend upon the social fabric to get them. But for many, these things are in tatters. Fewer and fewer of us feel a sense of belonging, and we're more and more preoccupied with the desperate scramble for belongings. We see fears face everywhere, whether in a Congress debating assault weapons or in schools introducing lock-down drills. French philosopher Patrick Viveret has called fear the emotional plague of our planet.


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Magdalena, New Mexico, USA. Thanks for stopping by!


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1640: Economic Strategies | Deep, Deep Down the Rabbit Hole Operation Disclosure

Published on Aug 16, 2018

JCPenney is in trouble, they are at a risk of a default. Walmart says they are improving and sales are up, but operating expenses are down, store closures are up and people are looking for the cheapest options. Philly Fed has crashed. Housing starts disappoint, huge miss. Countries are dumping treasury bonds the only buyer is the Cayman Islands. The founding fathers used tariffs to build the country and that is what is happening now.

Published on Aug 16, 2018

The deep state is backed into a corner and from Grassley's letter we might have discovered the other agent involved. The UK is using propaganda to push the story that there was a close call with Russia in the black sea. Turkey and Russia will use their own currencies to transact business. The ceasefire deal in Gaza is about to go live. The Syrian forces are getting ready to push a major offensive. Q drops many bread crumbs and goes deep down into the rabbit hole. This hole goes much deeper than you think and connects many well known people some are famous and wealthy.


Exopolitics: Extraterrestrials Interrogated & Tortured in Secret Underground/Space Prisons Operation Disclosure

Extraterrestrials Interrogated & Tortured in Secret Underground/Space Prisons


In another bombshell interview on the Cosmic Disclosure Gaia TV series, insiders Emery Smith and Corey Goode have revealed their direct knowledge and participation in classified programs that involved the detention, interrogation, torture and dissection of human looking extraterrestrials. Their stunning eyewitness accounts provide powerful evidence that atrocities have been occurring in classified programs against extraterrestrial visitors who are almost indistinguishable from modern humans.

The program host, David Wilcock, began by asking Goode to explain what the Intruder Intercept and Interrogate Program was all about.

Its a program that is similar in part to the Men in Black. What this Intercept and Interrogate Program does is that if an intruder flies into our [solar] system, doesnt give a friend or foe signal and is intercepted, they are taken from their ship. Or, what happens in most cases is that ETs have made it to the Earth and are here secretly blending in as one of us.

This group will go in retrieve the people that are here, we call the ETs people, the people that are here without permission, bring them up to a certain station, and their interrogation would begin to find out what was going on.

This group also acted as a police force for non-terrestrial groups that are here with permission. They helped keep them apart, and when they (ETs) had issues they acted just like police.

Read More:


Anna Von Reitz -- The Big Switch Operation Disclosure

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Big Switch

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

So how did your nationality get combined with citizenship? A friend from Australia recently sent me a nicely summarized list of legislative acts from the 1920 through the late 60's, and what it very neatly summarizes is a fundamental change that happened in the 1940's and which has never been corrected.

At the beginning of the legislative history there were numerous "Nationality Acts" in the 1920's and 30's. Then, beginning in the 1940's all of these became "Nationality and Citizenship Acts". This is where your nationality got confused and "lumped together" with your political status as a "citizen" or not.

The organizations passing all these "Nationality and Citizenship Acts" were all functioning in Territorial jurisdictions, so it was no big leap for them to include "citizenship" presumptions with the topic of "nationality". For them, the two are synonymous.

If you live your life as a "resident" (temporary sojourner) in the "State of Wyoming" (a Territorial State of State) you are a federal "citizen" by definition, so that your nationality and citizenship are tied together.

If you live your life at home in Wyoming, you may or may not be a "citizen". It is entirely possible to live your entire life and never be employed by any "federally connected" employer and to never hold any office related to any federal corporation.

And that is the fundamental difference between "us" and "THEM".

We have no natural obligation to serve and obey the government. The government has a natural obligation to serve and obey us. Our nationality is not tied to any obligatory citizenship, but theirs is. And therein lies the rub and the misunderstanding.



No earthquake recorded in New South Wales, Australia, despite reports of rumbling Signs of the Times

A Geoscience Australia spokesperson says there were no seismic events recorded for the area, despite residents reporting tremor-like activity on Tuesday, August 14. Around lunchtime residents from locations including the Camden Haven, Redbank, King Creek, Rosewood and Wauchope reported feeling their houses shake and some heard a loud rumble noise. A spokesperson from the Department of Defence said a single F/A-18 Hornet was conducting a navigational flight from RAAF Base Williamtown in the region on August 14. The spokesperson said the aircraft flew over during the lunchtime period. However the spokesperson said fast jets are authorised for supersonic flight no less than 37 kilometres (20 nautical miles) out to sea from the coastline.


Baffling Ancient Quarry Found In Italy? The Event Chronicle

There are many ancient places upon our planet, which we are yet to cover upon our channel.

Many intriguing, unexplainable, and thus, controversial ancient ruins, that although, more than likely discovered, and noted by an academic at some point within modern history, has since been banished to selective ignorance, deliberately overlooked. This, often in favour of retaining ones funding, within a certain field of study.

Ancient quarries is an area of study, that is indeed filled with these ancient anomalies.
Seemingly machined stones litter many of the more intriguing locations, one of them undoubtedly Aswan Quarry. Not only containing an unfinished obelisk of gigantic proportions, but also, seemingly later additions, carved, as if left by a later advanced civilisation.

Additionally, the more prehistoric quarries that can be found dotting Americas great lakes, notably superior, copper mines and quarries,,, fly in the face of currently attested chronology, regarding ancient man.
We presumed that the most compelling of these sites, had indeed since their initial modern re-discovery, been widely studied by alternative researchers.

However, Cave di Cusa seems to have been largely overlooked, regardless of its astonishing ancient relics, which can be found at the site.

Located 3 kilometres south of Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani, Italy
The entire quarry, and indeed the length of the ruin, is an astonishing 1.8 kilometres long, located upon a natural ridge spanning from east to west.

According to academia, this site was quarried from the beginning of the first half of the 6th century BC.
This, regardless of the clearly shifted, mysteriously abandoned, gigantic unexplainable megaliths, which still litter the site.

We feel, with such unexplainably large stones, seemingly left in-sitchu at the site, like many other unexplained sites that can be found on earth, were built by an advanced ancient civilisation, capable of building with such enormous stones.

The quarry was abandoned in 409 BC when it was captured by the Carthaginians.

Regardless of academias limited opinions regarding the quarry, we feel the most interesting and possibly most controversial anomalies to unravel, are the abandoned cuts still at the site.

Just what were these ancient people making?

Why did they abandon these curious megaliths where they lay today?

How were they able to shift such enormous stones?

We feel there is strong evidence to suggest that cave di cusa, was an ancient quarry, once used and mysteriously abandoned, by a lost civilisation once capable of shifting unimaginably enormous stones, and as such, is highly compelling.



Scientist Claims Sex Robots Could Make Relationships Stronger Awareness Act

Everyone has their own opinions on sex robots, but I bet youve never thought about this aspect of them. Could they actually benefit relationships in general?

Dr. Marina Adshade from the University of British Columbia has been speaking out a lot recently about how sex robots could potentially become a very important part of living the married life. You might end up somewhere in the future finding them to be as common as your average household appliances. No, Im not joking.

Adshade wrote an article on Slate that really puts things into perspective and shows a more positive side to these sex robots. She wrote that in the sex-oriented society we live in they could strengthen marriages and cut down on cheating. While she says it will disentangle the association between sexual intimacy and marriage it will lead to higher quality marriages as a whole.

She continues as follows:

Those who fear that sexbot technology will have a negative impact on marriage rates see sexbot technology as a substitute to sexual access in marriage. If they are correct, a decrease in the price of sexual access outside of marriage will decrease the demand for sexual access in marriage, and marriage rates will fall. It could just as easily be argued, however, that within marriage sexual access and household production are complements in consumptionin other words, goods or services that are often consumed together, like tea and sugar, or cellular data and phone apps. If that is the case, then, consumer theory predicts that easy access to sexbot technology will actually increase the rate of lifetime marriage, since a fall in the price of a good increases the demand for complements in consumption, just as a fall in the price of cellular data would likely increase demand for phone streaming services. Moreover, if sexual access through sexbot technology is a complement to household production, then we could observe an increase in the quality of marriages and, as a result, a reduction in rates of divorce.

There is an economic principlenamed after French chemist Henry Louis Le Chtelierthat says that whenever a constraint on individual decision-making is removed, the outcome of that decision can be no worse than the outcome that would have existed with that constraint imposed. The need to find someone with whom you are mutually sexually compatible necessarily imposes a constraint on the decision of whom to marry. Removing that constraint on the choice of a marital partner cannot, by Le Chteliers principle, lead to marriages of lower quality, but it could very well make marriages that are...


(Video) The Story of Aaron Swartz -- Full Documentary Operation Disclosure

Published on Sep 6, 2014

This film follows the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz's help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his fingerprints are all over the internet. But it was Swartz's groundbreaking work in social justice and political organizing combined with his aggressive approach to information access that ensnared him in a two-year legal nightmare. It was a battle that ended with the taking of his own life at the age of 26. Aaron's story touched a nerve with people far beyond the online communities in which he was a celebrity. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we are tone deaf about technology and its relationship to our civil liberties.


Argentina: El emir de Qatar es el nuevo vecino de Lewis. RSS feed from

12 Aug 2018 | Cholila OnlineTamim bin Hamad Al Thani se llama el emir qatar que compr 28 mil hectreas vecinas a la estancia de Joe Lewis en la Patagonia. Una parte de sus tierras est ocupada por mapuches.


Argentina: Magnate italiano cerr tranquera y no permite el paso a un lago RSS feed from

14 Aug 2018 | Tiempo SurUna inslita situacin se vive por estos das entre estancias ubicadas en cercanas de Tres Lagos, donde un magnate italiano habra ordenado el cierre del paso de servidumbre, impidiendo a otros productores acceder a sus tierras y bloqueando el acceso a un lago.


Uruguay/Paraguay: El efecto domin del acaparamiento de tierras RSS feed from

14 Aug 2018 | Comunicaciones AliadasAumento del precio de la tierra en Uruguay llev a empresarios agropecuarios a comprar tierras ms baratas en Paraguay.


Bolivia: Acelerado proceso de extranjerizacin de tierras RSS feed from

14 Aug 2018 | Comunicaciones AliadasMejores tierras agrcolas y ganaderas en manos de propietarios extranjeros que imponen modelo agroextractivista que no es sostenible en el tiempo y afecta el medio ambiente.


The Trump Administration Will Not Be Happy About the Forest Service's New Fire Management Strategy RSS feed from

As wildfires continue to rage across the West during a brutally hot summer, on Thursday, the US Forest Service released its new forest fire management strategy that focuses on science and the changing climate. The report comes at the same time the president has sent out misleading tweets about the causes and solutions of California's wildfires, and Trump's Interior head Ryan Zinke has blamed fires on environmentalists, []


Supercharged by Pollution, Florida's Toxic Algae Crisis Continues Unabated RSS feed from

Read time: 8 minsCovering stuff up doesn't make it go away, said Lilly Womble, an 18-year-old on vacation on Florida's Sanibel Island. The island is world renowned for its sea shells but that day we were watching employees from the Sanibel Moorings Resort pull a sheet over a dead loggerhead sea turtle on the beach behind the hotel. One of the men covering the turtle said that people had seen it long enough, and he didn't want it to scare kids. I think it is better if kids [...]


BEST OF THE WEB: Ron Paul Interviews His Son, Senator Rand Paul, About His Visit to Moscow Signs of the Times

Ron Paul, now 'retired' from politics, but still plugging away trying to counter the tsunami of BS coming from Washington, publishes the Liberty Report. On today's episode, he interviewed his son, Senator Rand Paul, about his recent peace mission to Moscow, where he spent a week meeting Foreign Committee members of the Duma and Federation Council (Russia's Congress). They discussed the senator's progress with opening channels of communication between US and Russian legislatures, his meeting with Mikail Gorbachev, and the insanity that is 'Russiagate'. They both stressed the importance of normalizing relations with Russia rather than the status quo of diplomatic isolationism - which, as Ron Paul points out, is richly ironic given their political stance as 'isolationists' regarding US imperial ventures overseas...


Nigerian journalist jailed for refusing to reveal source RSS feed from

New York, August 16, 2018--Nigerian police should immediately release journalist Samuel Ogundipe, drop all charges against him, and cease efforts to pressure him to reveal any journalistic sources, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today....


After Saying Social Media Was A Menace to Society George Soros is Investing in Faceook and Twitter Awareness Act

George Soros is at it again. While he recently denounced social media and referred to it as a menace to society he is now investing in several unexpected places.

Soros has scaled back his Google holdings and is now investing in things like Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, and Twitter. While this might not seem strange to most, it does come off as surprising considering the things he has said in the past in regards. Sure, people can have a change of heart but could there be more motive behind this than earnings?

Investing and things of the sort can be confusing and it is without a doubt a game of chance in many aspects. Pulling out of Google more and cutting down on Amazon shares could prove to be a bad decision as time goes on. That being said, only time will tell.

RT reported as follows in regards to what Soros had said:

Just a few months ago, Soros called social media companies a menace to society and denounced Facebook and Google for deceiving users by manipulating their attention and directing it towards their own commercial purposes.

He also compared social media platforms to casinos that entice customers to gamble away all of their money.

Something very harmful and maybe irreversible is happening to human attention in our digital age, Soros said at the World Economic Forum in Davos this January. Social media companies are inducing people to give up their autonomy, while the power to shape the publics attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies, he added.

Soros Fund Management had reportedly sold off 300,000 Facebook shares in November 2017.

Pandora and Spotify were among his largest new purchases and account for millions as is. Revenue for both is rapidly accelerating. What do you think about all of this? Do you think Soros is working through his dislike of social media to make a buck or do you think that there could be a bigger picture at play?

Image via 


"How to Get Good at What Youre Bad At" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"How to Get Good at What Youre Bad At"
by David Cain

"Its been almost two years since Ive become my own boss, and I am still fairly bad at it. Any real boss would fire me. I take long lunches and dont come back sometimes. I defer important tasks till the next day because it suddenly seems more important to go get groceries in the middle of the afternoon. It takes me eight hours to do three hours of writing. If youve ever emailed me, you may have first-hand experience with my near-glacial correspondence speed. This is classic severe procrastinator behavior, and as bad as it is, it used to be worse. But Im improving only about as quickly as a guitar player who takes six days off a week.

Not all areas of my life are as inefficient as my desk work though. When it comes to fitness I have become the opposite. For more than a year now Ive been on top of my fitness programs, with no interruptions or start-overs. In the gym, I get my work done, with no compromises and no wasted time. I make real progress consistently and feel awesome about it. I was talking this through with a fe...


The Poet: Octavio Paz"Brotherhood" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly


"I am a man: little do I last 
and the night is enormous. 
But I look up: 
the stars write. 
Unknowing I understand: 
I too am written, 
and at this very moment 
someone spells me out."



"Making Your Best Guess" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Making Your Best Guess"
by Arthur Silber

We are not gods, and we are not omniscient. We cannot foretell the future with certainty. Most often, cultural and political changes are terribly complex. It can be notoriously difficult to predict exactly where a trend will take us, and we can be mistaken. We do the best we can: if we wish to address certain issues seriously, we study history, and we read everything that might shed light on our concerns. We consult what the best thinkers of our time and of earlier times have said and written. We challenge everyone's assumptions, including most especially our own. That last is often very difficult. If we care enough, we do our best to disprove our own case. In that way, we find out how strong our case is, and where its weaknesses may lie.

Barring extraordinary circumstances, we cannot be certain that a particular development represents a critical turning point at the time it occurs. If we dare to say, "This is the moment the battle was lost," only future events will prove whether we were correct. We do the best we can, based on our understanding of how similar events have unfolded in the past, and in light of our understanding of the underlying principles in play. We can be wrong.
- http://...


A Kahuna Prayer for Wisdom, Clarity and Self-Love Wake Up World

August 17th, 2018 By Nick Polizzi Guest writer for Wake Up World The ancient Kahuna prayer below stopped me in my tracks on a recent journey into the jungles of Hawaii. These words are particularly potent right NOW in an era where it has become so easy to get distracted by our phones, computers and TVs. []


FACT CHECK: Was Alex Jones Flagship Outlet Closed by the FCC? Your News Wire

According to senior Infowars staff, widely shared reports that Texas Liberty Radio, a pirate station, is connected to Alex Jones are not true in any way. CLAIM Texas Liberty Radio, an Austin pirate radio station [...]

The post FACT CHECK: Was Alex Jones Flagship Outlet Closed by the FCC? appeared first on Your News Wire.


USG Sues Free Texas Radio Station Over Outlaw Broadcasting Qntra

The criminal organization calling itself the United States Government has filed a lawsuit in its own courts against married couple Walter and M. Rae Olenick over their free operation of a radio station (archived). The couple operated Texas Liberty Radio until 2017 when they lost access to their broadcast tower. The lawsuit has come out of the USG's impotence to successfully extort money from the Olenick family over "penalties" it alleges the couple owes for for exercising their power to broadcast on the radio spectrum.

The couple used the radio station to broadcast content from Alex Jones, a social media personality who recently had all of his social media accounts banned or suspended in a coordinated action by the third parties he had been dependent on (archived).


Mystery Smell Forces Frontier Airlines Flight to Make an Emergency Landing as Eight Passengers Are Taken Ill The Daily Sheeple

A Frontier Airlines flight made an emergency landing last night due to an unknown smell in the cabin.

Flight 1674 from Orlando to Philadelphia was forced to land at Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina around 7pm.

Photos showed firetrucks waiting on the runway and firefighters making checks on board the plane.

None of the 230 passengers and seven crew members were injured.

Eight of them including one attendant complained of illness and three were taken for treatment.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Contributed by The Daily Sheeple of

This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to


Artist Colorizes Historic Black-and-White Photos and the Result is Breathtaking [20 Images] The Mind Unleashed

As humans, we have many senses through which we can experience and explore the world: sight, sound, taste, hearing, and smell. Which one do you rely upon most? If sight is your answer, you have something in common with the rest of the world.

Because humans are visual creatures, it can be hard for some to reflect on the past and imagine what life must have been like even a few decades ago. Fortunately, emerging technology is helping with this conundrum. Professional colorist from Brazil, Marina Amaral, recently recolored a series of old photos. To say the result is breathtaking is an understatement.

As Bored Panda reports, Amaral is a Photoshop enthusiast and a history buff. Recoloring photos is a way she can merge both interests. In 2015, Amaral was scrolling through a history forum on the internet when she came across colorized photos of WWI. Inspired by the images, Amaral began adding color to old black and white photos. Most importantly, she does extensive research on the images to ensure every detail is as realistic as possible.

The recolored images allow people to experience and reflect on the past in a new way. Said Amaral, Each photo is made to be realistic by recognizing the value behind each one of them, respecting and preserving their stories, paying attention to the finer details and maintaining their original essence.

Every completed work has gone through long and in-depth research, and is supported by the opinions of experts in each particular area if necessary, to faithfully reproduce the original colors and atmosphere, she added. My work ranges from simple portraits to complex and detailed images, taken from various historical periods covering a wide range of topics.

Following are 10+ examples of Amarals work: 

1) Ruby Bridges, Escorted By US Marshals To Attend An All-White School, 1960



Google Sets Record Straight on Location History Setting Truthdig RSS

SAN FRANCISCOGoogle has revised a help page that erroneously described how its Location History setting works, clarifying for users that it still tracks their location even if they turn the setting off.

On Monday, an Associated Press investigation revealed that several Google apps and websites store user location even if users have turned off Location History. Google has not changed its location-tracking practice in that regard.

But its help page now states: This setting does not affect other location services on your device. It also acknowledges that some location data may be saved as part of your activity on other services, like Search and Maps.

Previously, the page stated: With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored.

The AP observed that the change occurred midday Thursday, three days after the APs initial report.

The AP investigation found that even with Location History turned off, Google stores user location when, for instance, the Google Maps app is opened, or when users conduct Google searches that arent related to location.

In a Thursday statement to the AP, Google said: We have been updating the explanatory language about Location History to make it more consistent and clear across our platforms and help centers.

Jonathan Mayer, a Princeton computer scientist and former chief technologist for the Federal Communications Commissions enforcement bureau, said the wording change was a step in the right direction, but doesnt fix the underlying confusion Google created by storing location information in multiple ways.

The notion of having two distinct ways in which you control how your location data is stored is inherently confusing, he said Thursday. I cant think off the top of my head of any major online service that architected their location privacy settings in a similar way.

Huge tech companies are under increasing scrutiny over their data practices, following a series of privacy scandals at Facebook and new data-privacy rules recently adopted by the European Union. Last year, the business news site Quartz found that Google was tracking Android users by collecting the addresses of nearby cellphone towers even if all location services were off. Google changed the practice and insisted it never recorded the data anyway.

Critics say Googles insistence on tracking its users locations stems from its drive to boost advertising revenue.



Blog: Turkey Crackdown Chronicle: Week of August 13, 2018 RSS feed from

Capital Markets Board issues warning on coverage of financial markets The Turkish Capital Markets Board (SPK) said in a statement that Article 107 of the Law no. 6362 on "market fraud" will be used against those who "spread fabricated, false and fallacious news about the economy," independent news website...


Leos Are the Ultimate Attention-Starved Narcissists That Never Stop Talking About Themselves Awareness Act

Leos are easily one of the more prominent and outspoken signs of the zodiac but not always in a good way. In fact, they could be considered quite narcissistic at best

Sure, they might have good intentions here and there but theyre really selfish and always have to make things about themselves. While they do have their positive points, they arent as fun to be around as they seem. They are charming and people love to be around them but why they are so inspirational is quite confusing.

The Leo is driven by his or her desire to be loved and admired by those in their lives. They love the spotlight and always want to be in charge. A lot of the things they do are literally just attempts at getting people to pay attention to them. Leos tend to rant to others but not pay attention when others come to them to speak. Sounds a lot like a narcissist now, doesnt it?

Narcissists are also conceited, refuse to listen unless the topic is about them, and crave the spotlight. They want attention and to be admired. Isnt it interesting how the Leo has so many of these traits?

Leos can be too much for a lot of people and when someone says something negative or something bad happens they take it very personally. If you make them feel left out they will without a doubt come for you. They know exactly how to push the buttons of others and tend to forget that while their sign comes with the Lion (king of the jungle) they are not actual royalty.

Sometimes its important to look at the bad parts of our signs and honestly, no sign is without fault. Leos love to be catered to and dont like to do any catering. They are very stubborn and refuse to compromise in most situations. They give advice whether it is wanted or not and they tend to have a really bad attitude. Sounds a lot like a narcissist now doesnt it?

Their arrogance really does know no bounds. That being said, they can be quite generous when they want to be and not all Leos are bad. We all have our flaws, do you know any Leos? Do they fit the descriptions above?



10 Signs Youre Depressed And Dont Even Know It Awareness Act

Its a common misconception that depression is a one-size fits all disease that everyone experiences the same. Actually, depression comes in many forms, making it difficult to truly spot for many.

Depression is very complex and so it feels different for everyone. Some people assume that they are facing something completely different or underplay their suffering entirely. Some people dont realize that what they are going through is as intense as it is, they think that perhaps other people are feeling this way as well or that there is something wrong with them but they arent quite sure what. To have depression, especially a severe case and not even truly understand what youre facing in the slightest is a terrifying thing.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs that you might be facing depression whether you have identified it or not. Depression affects millions of people each year, day in and day out. Not all of the people with depression are going to actually seek help and that results in a lot more suffering. If youre going through something, dont be afraid to open up about it. No struggle is too small, so if you hurt, your hurt is real, so dont downplay it.

10 Signs Youre Going Through Depression Without Realizing It:

1. You have literally no self-esteem.

You might have thought of yourself highly before all of this but since you have been feeling differently you really dont see yourself the same anymore. Your mind is always tearing you down in different ways. Your self-esteem is non-existent.

2. You struggle with concentrating and your memory kind of sucks.

You are not always able to really concentrate. You go through days or weeks on end that are hard for you to focus. During this time your memory goes to shit as well. You are constantly forgetting things.

3. You always feel exhausted and down in the dumps.

No matter how much rest you get, you still feel exhausted. Its like no matter what youre always behind and upset. The more you try the worse things get.

4. Nothing seems to bring you any pleasure.

You feel like even the things you used to love to do and people you used to love to see are not bringing you happiness anymore. You dont get excited about going to do things. Sometimes, you might not feel much at all.

5. You constantly dwell on past mistakes and things of the sort.

You are always overthinking things and making yourself feel even worse. You let your mind get you down big time and you feel like there is nothing you can d...


Thousands displaced as rivers continue to rise in Colombia and Venezuela Signs of the Times

Thousands in Colombia and Venezuela continue to be affected by flooding from several rivers including the Orinoco, Caron and Inrida rivers. Flooding first struck in June but worsened after a period of heavy rain in July. Venezuela In Venezuela, authorities said that a red alert has been declared on the Orinoco and Caron rivers where flooding has reached historical levels. The government says aid and relief operations have been deployed in the states of Amazonas, Delta Amacuro, Apure, Monagas, Gurico, Bolvar and Tchira.


Laboratory Tests Reveal Round-Up Weed Killer in Popular Childrens Cereals Awareness Act

Monsanto has once again made headlines as a San Francisco court made a landmark ruling, declaring the companys well-known weed killer Roundup as a contributing factor to a former groundskeepers cancer.  Alarmingly, however, new laboratory tests have revealed that a number of popular oat-based childrens cereals contain the cancer-causing weed killer.

Its a company that has long been wrapped up in controversy, Monsanto is a corporate giant whose name keeps coming up in news headlines and online articles. With a history including the production of Agent Orange, a chemical used in the invasion of Vietnam through to todays debates surrounding aspartame and genetically modified foods, some will go as far as referring to them as the Worlds Most Evil Corporation.

One of the companys biggest products, Roundup, is a highly recognized weed killer. The company has come under fire due to the risk associated with the products primary ingredient, glyphosate. While the research is still inconclusive, due to a number of contradicting styles, many experts worry about the potential connection between glyphosate and cancer, as the product is sprayed on a large portion of the nations crops. The most commonly used pesticide in the United States, its incredibly important that we discover the impact of this chemical on our long-term health and well-being.

The EWGs Childrens Health Initiative recently commissioned a number of independent laboratory tests, focusing on popular granola bars, snack bars, oat-based cereals, and oatmeal. They had a total of 45 conventional products and 16 organic products tested, and the results were shocking. Nearly three-quarters of the products that were tested were found to contain levels of glyphosate that exceeded the accepted safe levels for regular consumption.  The biggest offenders, according to the test results, were two samples of Quaker Old-Fashioned Oats. Other products that returned a higher level test result include Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal, Lucky Charms, and Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars.

When approached by KTVU, Quaker Oats released the statement:

We proudly stand by the safety and quality of our Quaker products. Producing healthy, wholesome food is Quakers number one priority, and weve been doing that for more than 140 years.

Quaker does not add glyphosate during any part of the milling process. Glyphosate is commonly used...


Wildlife of Yellowstone, USA, videos Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 3 August 2018 video from Wyoming in the USA says about itself:

Yellowstone Live: Behind The Scenes | National Geographic

This 3 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Were LIVE in West Yellowstone talking to Arthur Middleton, Wildlife Ecologist and National Geographic Explorer, about the elk migration and Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Ask us your questions!

This 4 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Relaxing Yellowstone River LIVE! | Yellowstone Live


A Glass Of Red Wine Before Bed Can Help You Shed Some Extra Pounds The Daily Sheeple

A new study claims that drinking a glass of red wine before can help women shed those extra stubborn pounds.  Red wine contains a specific polyphenol known as reservatrol which acts as an antioxidant in the body.

According to research conducted at Washington State University and Harvard Medical School, the classic red wine beverage is great for those looking to drop a few unwanted pounds of fat. According to Positive Outlooks Blog, the reservatrol converts our white fats into obesity-fighting beige fat that is a lot easier for the body to break down.  This wonderful antioxidant-like agent also suppresses ones appetite, so drinking red wine before going to bed might help you not give in to your midnight snack cravings as well should you be so inclined.

For those who are not big drinkers or if you are just not a fan of red wine, you can still reap the same fat-fighting benefits by eating blueberries and peanuts. Both contain a high level of reservatrol as well.

In a separate study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2010, those women with normal-weight who drink one glass of red wine a day, are less likely to become overweight or obese.  The study also noted that heavy drinking of any type of alcoholic beverage can result in weight gain, but thats not the only problem with over drinking. Consuming alcoholic drinks beyond the recommended moderate level (one glass of wine for women and two glasses of wine for men) has been shown to lead to liver inflammation, a huge spike in your blood pressure, and an increase in your risk of acquiring cancer.

Obviously, cleaning up your diet and eating whole foods as opposed to processed foods will also positively benefit the body in many more way than just the loss of a few pounds.  One could also consider drinking more water instea...



Hi folks... Ms. Caitlin Hoff, who has a resource page of Roundup litigations, was kind enough to contact me and inform me of that []

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After Calling Social Media Menace to Society George Soros Is Buying Up Shares Your News Wire

After calling social media a menace to society globalist George Soros is now buying up Facebook and twitter shares It was just a few months ago that Soros denounced social media as a menace to [...]

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The Truth About Social Security Its Critics Refuse to Acknowledge Truthdig RSS

President Franklin Roosevelt signed our Social Security system into law eighty-three years ago today, on August 14, 1935. It has stood the test of time.

Social Security protects us against the economic consequences of risks to which all of us are vulnerable. Rich or poor, any of us can suffer a devastating, disabling accident or illness. Rich or poor, any of us can die prematurely, leaving young children behind. Rich or poor, all of us hope to grow old. When we do, if we are to have a dignified and independent retirement, we need a guaranteed steady income which we cannot and will not outlive.

Social Security addresses universal economic risks that have always been with us and always will be. That explains why more than 170 countries today have some form of social security. It also explains Social Securitys deep and longstanding popularity in our country. In a survey conducted in 1936one year after the enactment of Social Security, before a penny of benefits was expended68 percent of those surveyed expressed approval for the new and untested program. By 1944, that percentage was a nearly unanimous 96 percent. That high level of support has been consistent throughout the last eighty years.

Despite Social Securitys more than eighty-year history, some elites either do not understand Social Security or willfully refuse to understand it. They talk about providing benefits to those who need them, as if the program were government largesse, which it is not. Rather, Social Security is insurance that is earned through work and paid for with premiums regularly deducted from workers pay.

In addition, elites often speak as if the trust funds were some kind of gimmick, somehow less real than private pension trust funds. Perhaps most absurd are those who claim that what the creators of Social Security intended is not the program we now have.

Indeed, todays discussions of Social Security are replete with revisionist historystatements made today about what was or was not intended by its original creators and champions. Some of todays revisionist statements are zombie lies: Claims made and refuted again and again over the last eighty years; claims that refuse to die.

Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY), for example, has stated that Social Security was never intended as a retirement program. It was set up in 37 and 38 to take care of people who were in distressditch diggers, wage earners. Nationally syndicated columnist George Will claims, People forget Social Security was advocated in the 1930s, as a way of getting people to quit working, because they thought we were confined to a permanent scarcity of jobs in this country.

Syndicated columnist Robert Samuelson in a column entitled, Would Roosevelt recognize todays Social Security? even claims, Social Security has evolved into something he never intended an...


How Prison Gerrymandering Strips Power from Communities of Color RSS feed from

Russian interference, compromised voting machines and voter ID laws have been at the center of debate about the integrity of the 2018 midterm elections. Yet largely missing from the conversation is discussion over the practice of using incarcerated felons to gerrymander white rural districts at the expense of minority urban districtsa tactic called prison gerrymandering. Prison-based gerrymandering distorts representation within states by counting prisoners as residents of the location [...]


Corporate Media Join in Editorializing for Press Freedom Dissident Voice

Some 300 newspapers, large and small, joined today in publishing, often on their front pages, editorials defending the First Amendments freedom of the press, often making note of their own efforts to combat current threats to that freedom posed by President Trumps attacks on journalists and the entire Fourth Estate, which Trump routinely denounces in tweets and at rallies as enemies of the people.

However, missing from most of these full-throated editorials is any real defense of those who are in the trenches doing the hardest job of a free press, which is exposing the worst offenses of government: the war crimes, the craven systemic corruption of the political system, and the purveying of propaganda and disinformation in the furtherance of anti-democratic policies. (A good example would be the employment by most major news organizations of retired generals and colonels as war commentators without noting their roles on corporate boards of arms merchants that profit form war a scandal that not one major news organization will expose.)

Nowhere does one read, in these coordinated impassioned editorial paens to press freedom, a condemnation of the five-year torture and pursuit of journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the London embassy of Ecuador, hiding from a secret sealed indictment that since the days of the virulently anti-free-press Obama administration has been sitting in the Attorney Generals office waiting for his capture.

Assange is trapped in the cramped Ecuadoran embassy by a complicit British government that has threatened to arrest him if he exits the building, claiming he is wanted for jumping bail in a court case that was already long-ago mooted by the expiration of Swedish arrest warrant that itself was based upon trumped-up charges of rape made against Assange by women who say they had not wanted those charges made in the first place. His real crime, and the thing the US wants to extradite him from Britain for, is publishing leaked Pentagon documents and videotapes proving a policy in the Iraq war of massive and deliberate war crimes.

Although news organizations like the New York Times and Washington Post made the most of those Wikileaks documents, publishing their horrific evidence of war crimes, such as the helicopter gun-ship machine-gun slaughter of a group of innocent Iraqis, including two journalists, shown in graph...



There's a very interesting and disturbing article in the Asia Times about Russia's military capabilities vs the USA's, and it contains a revealing statement []

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What Today's Socialists Can Learn From the 1970s New Communist Movement RSS feed from

With the popularity of politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the explosion in membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), socialism is all of a sudden central to the national political conversation. And it's happening in the United States. Despite being a country long argued to be uniquely allergic to all talk of class conflict and any alternative to capitalism, here we are, watching many Americans question whether we should remake our political and [...]


Jehovahs Witnesses child abuse survivor speaks Dear Kitty. Some blog

Dutch Ms Hadassah Wiersma was abused for years by her Jehovah's Witnesses uncle and aunt. Photo: NOS

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Abuse by Jehovahs Witnesses: They treat us, the victims, as perpetrators

Thirty years ago, Hadassah Wiersma first filed a complaint against relatives for sexual abuse. Her uncle and aunt, who are members of the Jehovahs Witnesses church, were never prosecuted because there was too little evidence. A few years later she tried again, but again without success.

Now Wiersma is more hopeful, because the Public Prosecutor is going to investigate nine cases of sexual violence within the denomination. Wiersma is one of those nine. I was alone before, we now have a larger group around us, and as a group we hope to achieve the same goal that I wanted to achieve as a small individual thirty years ago, says Wiersma.

Watch the story of Hadassah in the 16 August 2018 video below:

When Wiersma was 8 years old, she regularly had to sleep with her uncle and aunt in one bed. Without clothes on, Ive been through incest for almost ten years.

But that was not the only thing. Wiersmas uncle wanted to take pictures of her. At that moment I was 13, so I thought: nice, Im going to be a photo model. And it started nicely too, my uncle gave me three pictures, but on those pictures you can see the nice clothed version.

The three photos which Hadassah got from her uncle

Because the photo shoot was on a hot summe...


Russian space boss insists cooperation with US must be on "equal terms" Signs of the Times

The head of Russia's space research corporation has spoken about its latest planned projects and noted that cooperation with the United States could continue on condition that the American side treats Russia as an equal partner. "As far as participation in the Deep Space Gateway project is concerned, if it's a purely American project with other participants performing minor helping functions, we are not interested in it. We are ready only to cooperation on equal terms," Dmitry Rogozin said in a major interview with TASS. "We have the Angara heavy carrier rocket and soon we will get the Federation spacecraft - the tests for the super-heavy project will start in 2028. Russia, like the United States has its own transport system to work in the far space. We were not born yesterday, you know," Rogozin said. "Unlike NASA, we already have the Soyuz MS manned spacecraft with a tremendous record of launches. Back in Soviet times designers foresaw the necessity of deep modernization for this vehicle, including its use in the Moon program."


New Mexico Terror Compound Mysteriously Destroyed By Authorities Your News Wire

The compound in New Mexico, where five extremists were training children to commit school shootings, has been mysteriously destroyed by authorities.  The destruction of the site came after a court order was issued allowing for [...]

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Panic Grips Crypto Investors blogfactory

Bitcoin touched below $6,000 and dozens of smaller digital tokens including Ether retreated as this months sell-off in cryptocurrencies showed few signs of letting up.

The largest digital currency fell as much as 6.2 percent to $5,887, the lowest level since June, before paring some of the drop, according to Bloomberg composite pricing. Ether sank as much as 13 percent, while all but one of the 100 biggest cryptocurrencies tracked by Coinmarketcap.comrecorded declines over the past 24 hours.

The total market capitalization of virtual currencies dropped to $193 billion. Thats down from a peak of about $835 billion in January.

Most cryptocurrencies have been overvalued for a very long time, said Samson Mow, chief strategy officer at blockchain developer Blockstream Corp. Its hard to pin this move on any particular factor, but it feels like the opposite of last year when money piled in as people felt FOMO. Now its piling out as they sense panic.

While cryptocurrencies rallied in July on hopes that a Bitcoin-backed exchange-traded fund would attract new investors, U.S. regulators have yet to sign off on multiple proposals for such a product. The letdown has coincided with growing concern that entrepreneurs who raised crypto-denominated funds via initial coin offerings are now cashing out of holdings such as Ether, the token for the Ethereum blockchain that is a popular platform for crypto projects.

The big story in the market today is the huge weakness in Ethere...


Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Must Win Next Election (By Hook Or By Crook) Your News Wire

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged Democrats to do whatever they had to in order to ensure a victory in Novembers midterm election. In an interview on MSNBCs AM Joy, Pelosi was asked about the [...]

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Pope Francis Wont Apologize For Pedophile Ring Involving 1,000 Kids Your News Wire

After lecturing Trump on family separation, Pope Francis has decided to remain silent on the recent expose of Pennsylvania priests raping 1,000 kids.  Pope Francis had no comment when asked about the hundreds of Catholic priests [...]

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Aspiring German political party aims to offer new direction for left, stop migration, foster friendly relations with Russia Signs of the Times

The leader of Germany's Left Party Sahra Wagenknecht has launched a new political movement called 'Stand Up,' which aims to be a voice for workers and to unite a divided left across Europe. While left-wing and not against immigration on principle, the new 'Aufstehen' movement presents a case for limiting the number of migrants coming to Germany looking for work, arguing that "unlimited access" to the German labor market is unsustainable and cannot continue. "There have to be open borders for the persecuted, but we certainly can't say that anyone who wants to may come to Germany, claim social benefits and look for work - it's detached from reality," Wagenknecht said. Sevim Dagdelen, a German MP and supporter of Stand Up, told RT that the movement had close relationships with other left-wing figures like Bernie Sanders in the US, as well as supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Jean-Luc Mlenchon in France.

German Linke party launches initiative to return European Left to sanity: end to mass migration, workers' rights, friendly relations with Russia Signs of the Times

The leader of Germany's Left Party Sahra Wagenknecht has launched a new political movement called 'Stand Up,' which aims to be a voice for workers and to unite a divided left across Europe. While left-wing and not against immigration on principle, the new 'Aufstehen' movement presents a case for limiting the number of migrants coming to Germany looking for work, arguing that "unlimited access" to the German labor market is unsustainable and cannot continue. "There have to be open borders for the persecuted, but we certainly can't say that anyone who wants to may come to Germany, claim social benefits and look for work - it's detached from reality," Wagenknecht said. Sevim Dagdelen, a German MP and supporter of Stand Up, told RT that the movement had close relationships with other left-wing figures like Bernie Sanders in the US, as well as supporters of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Jean-Luc Mlenchon in France.


The reasons why confronting Israel is important Signs of the Times

The Jewish state is no friend. I am often asked why I have this "thing" about Israel, with friends suggesting that I would be much more respected as a pundit if I were to instead concentrate on national security and political corruption. The problem with that formulation is that the so-called "special relationship" with Israel is itself the result of terrible national security and foreign policy choices that is sustained by pervasive political and media corruption, so any honest attempt to examine the one inevitably leads to the other. Most talking heads in the media avoid that dilemma by choosing to completely ignore the dark side of Israel. Israel - not Russia - is the one foreign country that can interfere with impunity with the political processes in the United States yet it is immune from criticism. It is also the single most significant threat to genuine national security as it and its powerful domestic lobby have been major advocates for the continuation of America's interventionist warfare state. The decision to go to war on false pretenses against Iraq, largely promoted by a cabal of prominent American Jews in the Pentagon and in the media, killed 4,424 Americans as well as hundreds of thousands Iraqis and will wind up costing the American taxpayer $7 trillion dollars when all the bills are paid. That same group of mostly Jewish neocons more-or-less is now agitating to go to war with Iran using a game plan for escalation prepared by Israel which will, if anything, prove even more catastrophic.


Why Environmentalists Should Reject a Kavanaugh Confirmation RSS feed from

With Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court slated to start in less than three weeks, the race is on to learn everything that can be learned about a man who is likely to make critical decisions on behalf of the country for the next 30+ years. Though the Republicans would like to confirm [


BEST OF THE WEB: America's deep-seated Russophobia is pushing US-Russia relations to the brink of ultimate disaster Signs of the Times

Starting around WWI, the US has experienced at least three waves of anti-Russia sentiment. What is unique about today's Russophobia is that it's not based on ideological differences, but rather raw political brinkmanship. When viewing particular chapters of American history, it becomes evident that US leaders have a tendency to believe, or feign to believe, that Americans are totally incapable of acting and thinking for themselves. We the ignorant sheeple are simply unqualified to act as independent agents in times of crisis. Instead, the American people are being manipulated like marionettes at the hands of some foreign puppet master, which, as we have been reminded of late on numerous occasions, is Russia. Russophobia in the US has deep roots. In 1919, coming just after WWI and the Russian Revolution, an imagined Bolshevik bogeyman was seen as the force behind a series of domestic upheavals, like the Seattle General Strike when 65,000 workers walked off their jobs for five days, and the Boston Police Strike, which saw officers protesting for better wages and conditions. The rationale to explain those past social seizures sounds strikingly familiar today: any American who dares speak out on some domestic issue must be under the subtle influence of a Kremlin indoctrination campaign.


Democrats Reveal Unofficial Campaign Slogan: America Was Never Great Your News Wire

The Democrats have unveiled their unofficial campaign slogan after Gov. Andrew Cuomo accidentally blurted it out during a speech on Wednesday. Blasting President Trump over his comments and policies toward women, Cuomo let slip: Were not [...]

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Supermassive Black Hole That Is 3.5 Million Times Bigger Than the Sun Discovered Awareness Act

As if space didnt already hold plenty of mystery something quite fascinating has been observed. This is currently still seemingly unexplained and quite peculiar.

A black hole like the one at the center of the Milky Way galaxy has been spotted in the elliptical dwarf galaxy. This being over 62 million light-years away. This was noticed by a group of scientists coming from several places around the world. Lead author of the discovery Anton Afanaseiv says this black hole is supermassive.

EurekaAlert wrote as follows in regards to these findings:

In the course of the study the scientists used the data collected with SINFONI, an infrared integral field spectrograph installed at one of the 8-m VLT telescopes in Chile operated by the European Southern Observatory. Having analyzed the observed spectra, the authors derived the dependence between stellar velocity dispersion and radius in Fornax UCD3. Velocity dispersion quantifies the average variation between the individual stellar line-of-sight velocity and the mean velocity of the entire stellar population. In the presence of a massive body such as a black hole the stars are influenced by its gravity and accelerate in various directions. Due to that their average speed does not grow but the dispersion increases considerably. This is the very effect that was observed in this galaxy: the velocity dispersion in its center is so high that it can only be explained by the presence of a massive central black hole.

After that the scientists compared the dependence of velocity and dispersion with dynamic models based on different assumptions of the black hole mass. They found that the model suggesting the mass of the black hole being equal to 3.5 million solar masses agreed with the observations best. They also considered the possibility that no black hole was present there at all, but that hypothesis was excluded with the statistical significance of (99.7%).

The black hole discovered by the authors is the fourth ever to be found in UCDs and corresponds to 4% of the total galaxy mass. In normal galaxies this ratio is considerably lower (about 0.3%). Despite there are few known examples, the existence of massive black holes in UCDs is a strong argument for the tidal origin of such galaxies. According to this hypothesis, an average-sized galaxy passed a bigger and more massive one on a certain stage of its evolution and as a result of influence of tidal forces lost the majority of its stars. The remaining compact nucleus has become what we know as an ultracompact dwarf.

To be able to say with complete assurance that this hypothesis is correct, we need to discover more supermassive black holes...


Analysis finds Strzok is neither a victim nor a martyr Signs of the Times

In our polarized age of spite-based politics, some partisans have taken the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' concept to preposterous lengths. One of the more bizarre manifestations of this phenomenon has been the celebration and cultural martyrdom of a number of law enforcement officials who've been fired from their jobs over professional misconduct. Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who repeatedly and knowingly lied to federal investigators, was showered with cash by The Resistance after his dismissal, because he was a frequent target of President Trump's ire. If Trump hates him, let's send him some cash. So what if he broke the law? It wasn't just grassroots lefties who got in on the action; multiple Democratic members of Congress also offered McCabe federal jobs in order to help him receive his full taxpayer-funded pension. Now that disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok has gotten the axe, lefty money is flowing in his direction, too: Roughly $300,000 in less than 24 hours, in fact. Might some cushy job offers also be forthcoming?


US creates 'Iran Action Group' for regime behavior change Signs of the Times

The US is creating a so-called Iran Action Group, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced, adding that Brian Hook will lead the group in order to spur "international support for our efforts." Speaking at the Thursday State Department briefing, Pompeo claimed that the world is demanding change in Iran's behavior, so that it "finally acts like a normal country." He added that Hook will lead an Iran Action Group to "galvanize international support for our efforts." Hook said the US wants to "promote a brighter future for the Iranian people," adding that the "Iran regime has been a force for instability and violence." Hook went on to speak about the 12 requirements previously laid out by the US government, which Washington says Tehran must comply with. Those demands include Iranian withdraw from Syria. Pompeo previously has stated that the US would impose the "strongest sanctions in history" if Iran failed to comply with the demands.


Earth's mesosphere creating glowing clouds Signs of the Times

Via NASA: extra water vapor in the mesosphere is creating more glowing nighttime clouds This summer, something strange has been happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air 83 km above Earth's surface, summertime wisps of water vapor wrap themselves around specks of meteor smoke. The resulting swarms of ice crystals form noctilucent clouds (NLCs), which can be seen glowing in the night sky at high latitudes. And, no, that's not the strange thing.


7 Signs That A Deceased Loved One is Trying to Contact You and Send You A Message Awareness Act

When a loved one passes, we often find ourselves thinking about and missing them dearly, wishing that we could make contact with them just one more time. This may not be as far out of the realm of possibility as you have been led to believe, in fact, there is a chance your loved one has already been attempting to contact you.

It is said that the spirits of our loved ones watch over us from beyond, guiding us and caring for us in the best way that they see possible. While this is usually a very hands off observation, there may be times that your loved one feeds the need to deliver an important message. They may be trying to warn you about a big decision, guide you down a certain path or simply let you know that they are okay.

Whatever the reason, contacting you at this stage is far more difficult than simply picking up the phone and giving you a shout. Despite the challenge, they may still be doing their best to reach you from the other side. By recognizing the most common signs of communication, and maintaining an open heart and mind, you can encourage these communication attempts, increasing their chances of success.

Here are 7 signs that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you and send you a message:

#1 The family dog begins to act odd.

It is said that dogs, being highly sensitive creatures, are able to pick up on the presence of a spirit in a way that we are not. You may notice that your dog begins to bark or growl at nothing or starts to show interest in a corner of the room despite the fact that you see nothing there. While you may not be able to see or hear this presence, that doesnt mean that Fido is going crazy for no reason. Dogs will, at times, act erratically for no reason, but it may also be a sign that a spirit is present.

#2 Your electronics begin to act up or malfunction.

When a spirit attempts to make contact with someone in this life, it requires a great deal of energy. When this energy all comes together, it can have an impact on our electrical devices. You may notice that radios or televisions suddenly turn to static for no reason, electronics turn on or off, lights flicker, or your devices begin to make strange noises. This indicates that someone is nearby at the time. Some spirits may even use these devices to attempt to make contact.

#3 You may start to notice familiar signs or symbols.

Pay attention to the little details. Are you seeing butterflies everywhere that you turn? Is there a single cardinal that appears just outside your window every morning when you sit down for tea? Do you suddenly see little pink slippers everywhere, the same kind that your loved one wore religiously? Spirits may use...


Mercury Retrograde Ends 3 Days, And This Is What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign Awareness Act

As you may know, Mercury is currently retrograding but it does go direct on August the 19th. That is just a few days away and means a lot for each of us.

As Mercury comes out of retrograde and goes direct, all of this turmoil we have been experiencing will be coming to an end. That being said, there are some interesting things in store for each and every zodiac sign. Below I am going to go over what each sign should be expecting during this time and in the weeks following. While these things might seem small to some they will make a big impact in all of our lives.


You tend to think too deeply and it can sometimes get you a little in over your head. Mercury going direct is going to bring a lot of peace to your mind. It is going to really set the wheels of something amazing turning. While you wont feel better immediately, you will feel better soon.


You will be spending more time with those who matter over the time following Mercury going direct. Things have been a bit frustrating while Mercury was retrograding but tensions are finally going to be dying down. Dont waste the time you are begin given.


Now that the waves for communication are going to be less hectic things will be getting back to normal. You will be able to get your point across without having to repeat yourself. This retrograde has been affecting you a lot and you are very tired. Take a break and give yourself some time to relax.


You are going to be going somewhere new that you did not expect to go. This could be somewhere close or somewhere far off. Do not think too much about it. As September comes forth you are going to feel much more impulsive.


Mercury being in retrograde has had you very stressed, now that it will be going direct you can finally breathe. You will be facing something interesting in the weeks to come. Your best friend or someone very close to you is going to be giving you some very good news in the weeks to come.


Once Mercury makes its way out of retrograde you will finally be able to let go of that grudge youve been holding. This time period is going to be one of release for you. You are going to be opening up a lot more than you ever thought you could.


Something has been making you feel a bit crazy for some time now, that something was probably Mercury retrograde. As Mercury goes direct you will feel a weight being lifted off of your shoulders. Everything will be coming at you in a much more positive light.


You are going to be facing a very interesting situation moment over the course of the next few weeks. Dont let yourself get in over your head but also dont be afraid to leap into this inte...


Conservatives know Corbyn is on threshold of power in UK blogfactory

The ruling conservatives in the United Kingdom have become clearly aware that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has a high chance of leading the next government in the country, a political analyst says.

It is now evidently clear to Conservative Party members and many conservative politicians that Jeremy Corbyn is on the threshold of power, said Marcus Papadopoulos, a British publisher and editor at the Politics First website.

Senior Conservative Party members who used to ridicule the possibility that Corbyn could become the next British prime minster have now seen him showing his real leadership skills, Papadopoulos told Press TV on Thursday.

Jeremy Corbyn does have what it takes to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, he added.

Mr Corbyn has prevailed despite ferocious attacks on him from the British mainstream media, from the Conservative Party and even from people within his own party on the right of the Labour.

Papadopoulos said a main reason for Corbyns increasing popularity in Britain is his far-reaching promise for renationalizing the train and utility services.

He said those policies have proved to be very popular with ordinary Britons who cannot afford the extortionate prices which are charged for services like trains, water, electricity and gas.

The expert said part of Corbyns popularity is also due to his firm foreign policy stances as many have become convinced that Britain under his leadership would be a pacifist and independent country.

He has made it very clear that Britain under his premiership will not be invading other countries, will not be bombing other countries and will not be blindly following the United States of America around the world.

Many Britons are sick and tired of how many military campaigns Britain has been involved in over the last 25 years  people in Britain are dissatisfied with how Britain follows America whenever America asks Britain to do so, said Papadopoulos.


Rand Paul: If US wants Assange to testify, give him immunity Signs of the Times

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent more than 2,200 days in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, should be granted immunity from prosecution if he agrees to testify in the US, Senator Rand Paul has said. "I think that he should be given immunity from prosecution in exchange for coming to the United States and testifying," Paul said in an interview to the Gateway Pundit website. Paul believes that Assange "has information that is probably pertinent to the hacking of the Democratic emails that would be nice to hear." But he doesn't think Assange is likely to come and share it unless given "some type of immunity from prosecution." Earlier this month the US Senate Intelligence Committee, investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, requested that the WikiLeaks editor testify. In a letter delivered to Assange, committee chairman Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) requested that Assange make himself available for a closed interview "at a mutually agreeable time and location."


Turkey's emerging market timebomb Signs of the Times

As the Turkish lira continues to depreciate against the dollar, fears of a classic emerging-market crisis have come to the fore. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan's populist economic policies have finally caught up to him, and sooner or later, he will have to make nice with his country's traditional Western allies. Turkey's falling currency and deteriorating financial conditions lend credence, at least for some people, to the notion that "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste." I suspect that many Western policymakers, in particular, are not entirely unhappy about Turkey's plight. To veteran economic observers, Turkey's troubles are almost a textbook case of an emerging-market flop. It is August, after all, and back in the 1990s, one could barely go a single year without some kind of financial crisis striking in the dog days of summer. But more to the point, Turkey has a large, persistent current-account deficit, and a belligerent leader who does not realize - or refuses to acknowledge - that his populist economic policies are unsustainable. Moreover, Turkey has become increasingly dependent on overseas investors (and probably some wealthy domestic investors, too).


Turkey follows Russia's lead, dumps US Treasury securities Signs of the Times

Turkey's holding of US sovereign bonds saw a nearly 12-percent decline from May to June as Ankara seeks to diversify away from the US dollar amid an escalating diplomatic conflict with Washington. In June, Turkey's share of US Treasury securities dropped to $28.8 billion from $32.6 billion in the previous month, according to financial and political news aggregator Zero Hedge. Since the end of last year, the country has reportedly decreased its holdings of T-bills, bonds and notes by 52 percent. Earlier this year, a US Treasury report revealed that the Central Bank of Russia had sharply slashed the country's holdings of US sovereign debt. The regulator linked the measure to increased concerns over various risks, including financial, economic and geopolitical. In May, Russia's share hit an 11-year low and totaled just $14.9 billion. However, the latest data shows that Moscow slowed down its massive sell-off of US Treasury bonds with the figure remaining unchanged in June.


Liberty Radio, Jones' flagship radio station, shut down by the FCC Signs of the Times

The US communications regulator has shut down Alex Jones' flagship radio station and slapped it with a $15,000 fine. The news comes after the controversial commentator was banned from a range of social media outlets. A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reports. The Austin-based station has been solely streaming online since December, when it was knocked off the air. The newspaper reported that religious programming has replaced Liberty Radio on the 90.1 FM frequency. Agents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) traced the station's signal to a 50-foot tower at an apartment complex linked to the to defendants in the lawsuit, Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick. The court documents indicate that the station was being operated out of some sort of maintenance or utility room at the complex.


Unbelievable! Palestinian mail and packages, blocked by Israel for 8 years, will finally be delivered Signs of the Times

Palestinian postal service employees are working overtime to sort through some 10 tons of letters and packages blocked by Israel for up to eight years, Palestinian officials said Tuesday. The parcels, dating from between 2010 and this year, had been prevented by Israel from entering the West Bank via Jordan but were released in a one-time deal, the officials said. The goods range from simple letters to medicine and even wheelchairs for the disabled, AFP journalists found at the sorting center in the occupied West Bank city of Jericho. Palestinian Telecommunications Minister Allam Mousa accused Israel in a statement of having blocked the delivery and of delaying the implementation of an agreement on postal services. Israeli authorities confirmed the packages had been transferred and said an agreement was in the works, but did not comment in detail.


'Energy in him was in full swing' says Putin's teacher regarding her famous pupil Signs of the Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin used to be an incredibly energetic child, who in time came to study diligently, his school teacher and long-time family friend, Vera Gurevich, has revealed in an interview with Russian media. Gurevich taught the future Russian leader German and was his class teacher for 3 years, when he studied in a Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) secondary school. She also set up a German language club that Putin signed up for at school. In a new interview to Ria Novosti, the 85-year-old retired teacher said that Putin always tried to meet her expectations, but his energy used to spill over sometimes. Despite this he graduated with good marks and fulfilled his dream to be accepted into university. But back in elementary school he was a very playful kid, Gurevich said.


German Scientists Unveil Drug That Makes People Accept Migrants Your News Wire

Researchers from the University Hospital Bonn in Germany have discovered a drug that influences members of the public into accepting foreigners.  According to the team of researchers, oxytocin reduces xenophobia and increases altruistic behavior, even [...]

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The Mistake You Make in Every Political Argument The Daily Sheeple

Weve all been sufficiently frustrated by the gap between the values someone espouses and the policies they support that weve gotten into political arguments to help them see their error. Perhaps, if were more honest about our own motivation, we just reacted to get rid of that visceral dissonant feeling that something that wrong just cant be allowed to stand.

And, no doubt, whenever you do that, you lay out a clear, fact-based, logically consistent case for the correct view.

Youve probably done it many timesand, if youre like most people, youve changed next-to-no minds at all.

In fact, you may have often come away even more convinced of your opponents wrong-headedness than when you started, and likely gave your opponent the exact same view of you.

But you keep doing iteven though it does very little good indeed.

Given all the practice everyone is getting, why are millions of decent arguments made by clearly thinking individuals almost all utterly useless when it comes to enlightening otherslet alone changing their minds?

This article will give you the answer. Understanding it may change your life.

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Contributed by Robin Koerner of Foundation for Economic Education.


Chinese 737 crash-lands at Manila airport blogfactory

XiamenAir plane has crash-landed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, according to AirLive.Flight MF8667 from Xiamen, China, circled Manila for about one hour before aborting landing. On its second landing attempt, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway.

photo posted online appears to show the plane sitting lopsided on the runway. There are reports that the planes engine has broken off. The crash landing comes amid reports of recent flooding in Manila.

No casualties have been reported thus far. An evacuation of the aircraft is ongoing.


Central Italy magnitude 5.3 quake causes minor damage - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Central Italy magnitude 5.3 quake causes minor damageThomson Reuters Foundation(Adds details from Molise, fire department). ROME, Aug 16 (Reuters) - A magnitude 5.3 quake struck the central Italian region of Molise on Thursday at a depth of 12 km, the U.S. Geological Survey said, forcing people to flee their homes but causing ...and more 


Residents of the Faroe Islands slaughter 180 whales Signs of the Times

These images show dozens of villagers on a remote Atlantic island hunting down and slaughtering a pod of whales, colouring the water red with blood. The practice, known as whale driving, saw children as young as five take part in the hunt of some 180 whales in the village of Sandavgur on Vgar island last month. Every summer, hundreds of pilot and beaked whales are killed across the Faroe Islands, a Danish archipelago located hundreds of miles off the Scottish coast between Norway and Iceland.


China Begins Printing Western Money Your News Wire

China has begun printing foreign currencies on a massive scale as Western countries outsource the printing of their own money to Chinese corporations. According to multiple sources within the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation; Poland, [...]

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US EPA replacement for Obama climate plan due late next week -source - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

US EPA replacement for Obama climate plan due late next week -sourceThomson Reuters FoundationBy Timothy Gardner. WASHINGTON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - The Trump administration's proposed replacement for the Obama-era's central regulation on climate change, the Clean Power Plan, is expected to be released by the Environmental Protection Agency ...and more 


8 Signs You Are Living With A Poltergeist Awareness Act

Youve probably heard the word poltergeist before or saw the thrilling movie from back in the 80s but do you really know what a poltergeist is? Could you be face to face with one yourself?

Poltergeists, for those who do not know or are not sure are basically supernatural beings or ghosts that cause physical disturbances. They throw things and are in some cases can be quite violent and come in more than one form. Some poltergeists are very active and others are only slightly active.

The word poltergeist actually means noisy ghost when translated from German. There are lots of different theories in regards to poltergeists and the definition may vary depending on who youre speaking with. With that being said, it is not something that many want to experience.

PrairieGhosts wrote as follows in regards to breaking down poltergeists on their website:

Poltergeist cases are the work of actual, intelligent spirits. while poltergeist-like cases are the work of human agents. What makes this so hard to define is the fact that some cases are a combination of the two. where haunted locations carry such a charge of energy that they make it possible for ghosts to exist there and for the unconscious energy of the human agent to manifest.

In both kinds of cases, similar phenomena takes places, including: knocking and tapping sounds; noises with no visible cause; disturbance of stationary objects like household items and furniture; doors slamming; lights turning on and off; fires breaking out; rock and dirt throwing; physical and sexual assaults and much more. In some cases, these events can be tangible evidence of ghosts, but in other cases, while the activity is paranormal, it has nothing to do with the spirits.

Leaving out the actual cases involving negative and violent spirits, the current and widely accepted theory behind poltergeist phenomena is that the activity is usually caused by a person in the household.

This person is usually an adolescent girl, and normally one who is troubled emotionally. It is believed that this person may be unconsciously manipulating the items in the house by psychokinesis (PK), the power to move things by energy generated in the brain. This kinetic energy remains unexplained, but even mainstream scientists are starting to admit that it does seem to exist. It is unknown why this energy seems to appear in females around the age of puberty, but it has been documented to occur. It seems that when the activity begins to manifest, the girl is usually in the midst of some emotional or sexual turmoil. It is also possible for young boys, and even adults, to be able to manifest this unknowing ability. The vast majority of people have no idea they are causing the activity and are usually surprised to find there is even a...


USA Turkey rift widens blogfactory

The Turkish government on Wednesday announced new tariffs on U.S. imports, ratcheting up its trade war with the U.S. the same day a local court denied an American pastors appeal to be released from house arrest.

Both actions exacerbated ongoing tensions between the NATO allies, which are in turn contributing to Turkeys currency crisis.

Ankara has imposed additional tariffs on U.S. products, including rice, cars, alcohol, coal, and cosmetics, according to the decision announced in Turkeys official journal that publishes legislative and executive actions. Tariffs on American cars doubled to 120 percent while tariffs on alcoholic drinks increased to 140 percent.

Turkeys Vice President Fuat Oktay reportedly said on Twitter Wednesday that the government increased the tariffs in retaliation for the deliberate economic attacks by the United States.

Meanwhile, a local court rejected an appeal by Pastor Andrew Brunson, a U.S. citizen who has lived and worked in Turkey for nearly two decades, to be released from house arrest while he is awaiting a trial for espionage and terrorism-related charges.

President Erdogan jailed Brunson nearly two years ago following a military coup attempt, arguing Brunson has ties to the coup plotters. U.S. officials counter that Brunson is a scapegoat and the charges are baseless.

President Donald Trump personally took part in negotiations aimed at reaching a deal to release Brunson. However, those talks have broken down over the last month.

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump is deeply frustrated by Turkeys refusal to release Brunson, as well other U.S. citizens.

A White House official warned on Tuesday of additional economic sanctions or other pressures if Turkey continues to refuse to release Brunson. That message came a day after White House national security adviser John Bolton met with Turkish ambassador Serdar Kilic about Brunsons case.

After that meeting, a White House official expressed concern that nothing has progressed so far in the Brunson case and said the Trump administration is going to stay extremely firm on this.

The Trump administration in early August imposed financial sanctions against two Turkish ministers and doubled steel and aluminum tariffs in attempt to pressure Turkey to release Brunson.

The Turkish lira has plummeted to record lows in recent weeks and has dropped 42 percent so far this year, a rea...


Trump revokes Brennans clearance blogfactory

Citing John Brennans erratic conduct and behavior, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced in a briefing yesterday that President Donald Trump had stripped the former CIA director of his security clearance. Brennan a fierce Trump critic who led the agency through most of President Barack Obamas second term tweeted that the move was part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. Trump says hes also reviewing the security clearances of nine other officials and staff, including ousted FBI Director James Comey.

CNN Defeated In Ratings By Fringe Ancient Aliens Show Your News Wire

CNN ratings plunged between August 6 and August 12, losing out to conspiracy show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. By comparison, CNNs rivals, Fox News and MSNBC, [...]

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Weedkiller That Can Probably Cause Cancer Found In Childrens Cereal Your News Wire

Dangerous levels of the weed killing chemical glyphosate have been found in many popular breakfast cereals, oats and snack bars marketed to US children,  a new study has found. According to independent laboratory tests commissioned [...]

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'Anarchists' set off bomb at Italian headquarters of Salvini's League Party Signs of the Times

A bomb claimed by an anarchist group detonated on Thursday in front of the provincial Italian headquarters of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's League party, according to Corriere Del Veneto, citing local police in the northeastern town of Villorba. A bomb exploded this afternoon in Villorba (Treviso) near the headquarters of the League, government party. Explosives experts deactivate a second artifact in place. No casualties have been recorded. The bomb did not cause damage to the building, nor was anyone injured in the blast.


Nick Redfern: From an Ouija Board to Sasquatch Signs of the Times

Laura Carter was thirty-six, lived in New York, and was employed by the Post Office when I interviewed her in 2007. She related to me the details of a distinctly odd and unsettling series of occurrences that took place back in mid-1985. On one particularly warm summer's night, Laura said, three of her friends had come over to visit. Her parents were out of town, and so the girls planned to have an evening hanging out, playing music, drinking, and and generally having a fun time. At some point during the night, the discussion turned to horror-movies, ghosts, spooks and specters, and the four girls decided to experiment with an old Ouija Board. As Laura admitted to me, none of them were seriously frightened by the board or the possible implications of what might transpire - in fact, they had no real idea at all how to even use the board, apart from "what we had seen in horror movies," added Laura. But, like teenagers everywhere, they found the idea of "playing with the Ouija Board while my mom and dad were out" to be great fun and immensely exciting. However, what initially started out as nothing more than a bit of late-night joking around quickly changed into something far darker and much more disturbing.


The Queens holistic doctor Peter Fisher was run down by a truck on National Cycle To Work Day yesterday Health Nut News

(Note from Erin: We are so sad to hear about this holistic doctors death. At this time no one suspects foul play in the doctors death- like in our unintended series and we are not insinuating any either.) Yesterday, during Britains National Cycle To Work Day, the queens holistic physician Peter Fisher was hit by a truck []

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"How It Really Is" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Pennsylvania, and everywhere else, too...


"Turkey: A Glimpse of Americas Future" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Turkey: A Glimpse of Americas Future"
by Bill Bonner

POITOU, FRANCE "Coming into focus is a fuller picture of the worldwide financial crisis. This week, we began looking at Turkey, but only because Donald Trump sent an extraordinary tweet last Friday. In it, the president broke with tradition and common sense in a remarkable way. He used a crash in the Turkish lira to justify a new attack in the trade war. Instead of soothing words that might have calmed the crisis situation, his tweet made it worse. And instead of coming to the aid of an ally in difficulty, he piled on.

We had never previously spent even two minutes thinking about Turkey or its finances. But then, after the president roused our curiosity, we saw what we think was a glimpse of the future. In it, we see huge defaults stock crashes chest-pounding threats and counterthreats populism betrayal trade wars and currency wars as the world reckons with $115 trillion in excess debt.

Earthy Language: Yesterday was the Feast of the Assumption. France is overwhelmingly Catholic, so the occasion was marked by remembrances all over the country. We were invited to join a procession at a nearby chteau. The place was magnificent, high on a cliff, overlooking the valley of the Benaize river.


Another Actor Calls Out Satanic Hollywood Pedophiles See Corey, I Didnt Need $10 Million The Event Chronicle

By Arjun Walia

The Facts: Isaac Kappy, an actor and writer known for his work on Terminator Salvation, Thor, Beerfest, Fanboys, etc, has come out exposing the pedophilia that is rampant in Hollywood.

Reflect On: What does this say about the satanic influence, not just in Hollywood but in our world? Our politicians and leaders? Satanism isnt about religion and the devil, this is about something much more. What are we learning from all of this?

Its truly shocking just how many revelations have come to light with regards to the physical and sexual abuse of children within the realm of the global elite. The big four areas where this activity seems to be most prevalent nowadays is within politics, the Vatican, the military industrial complex and inside of Hollywood. Within each section, there are numerous examples to pull from.

In politics, especially within the last couple of years, information is hitting the mainstream like it never has before, one example would be the fact that an NBC news report implicated Hillary Clinton in covering up a massive pedophile ring in the heart of the State Department, another would be multiple ex-high ranking political officials claiming that both the Clintons engage in sex with minors, pointing towards their close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein (who also has Royal Family connections).

Epstein is now a registered sex offender. When it comes to the Vatican, there are always disturbing acts going on. Right now, the Popes right-hand man, George Pell, is in court for sexual assault, and a massive pedophile ring has been exposed where hundreds of boys were tortured and sexually abused, Pope Benedicts brother was at the forefront of that controversy. As far as the military i...


Study: Infamous banned DDT Chemical Strongly Linked To Autism The Daily Sheeple

The chemical compound DDT or Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, which is commonly used in insecticides has been strongly linked to autism spectrum disorder. An international group of epidemiologists and psychiatrists studying children who were exposed to the chemical in utero found the link.

Because it is banned, exposure to DDT is minimized, but it is still detectable in almost all people. DDT is still persisting in the environment and is detectable in almost everyone, lead author Dr. Alan Brown told IFLScience. I would not say women should be concerned but it is important to be informed that at least this one chemical exposure is related to increased risk [of autism].

The scientists findings, now published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, present the first evidence of a link between the banned chlorine-based chemical and the neurological condition that was drawn from cases where the mother was confirmed to have DDT in her body. Similar past research into DDTs link to autism has relied on the estimated exposures calculated by each womans residential proximity to DDT-polluted areas.

DDT was first synthesized by chemists in 1874, but it wasnt widely used until its insecticidal properties were discovered in 1939. For the next several decades, the compound was freely and generously sprayed on food crops worldwide and directly into public spaces and peoples homes. IFL Science

Based on mounting evidence that the pesticide was harmful to both animals and humans, DDT was banned in the US in 1972 and in the European Union in 1986. In the time since the chemical compound was banned, additional studies have confirmed that DDT accumulates and lingers in ecosystems and that when ingested or inhaled.  This can eventually lead to reproductive issues and cancer.

Hoping to substantiate past work, Dr. Browns group drew data from a large, nationwide Finnish study that took blood serum samples from women during more than 1 million pregnancies that occurred between 1987 and 2005....


SocialismWhat Is It Good For? The Daily Sheeple

CNBC: Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism, according to a new Gallup poll

To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:

I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the MillenniumThen men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors. (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, A Millionaire Socialist)

Carnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.

The last thing on Carnegies bloated mind was becoming equal with the great unwashed.

He was a liar of the first order. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. Thats what socialism actually meant to him.

Lets see socialism for what it is. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

Socialism is:

The taking of money (taxes) from some people who work for it and giving it to others who dont work for it. On a grand scale.

The vast expansion of freebies doled out by central government. In order to create and sustain dependence.

The government protection of favored persons and corporations, permitting them and aiding them to expand their fortunes without limit, regardless of what crimes they commit in the process. (Monsanto would be a fine example.)

The squeezing out of those who would compete with the favored persons and corporations.

The dictatorship by and for the very wealthy, pretending to be the servant of the masses.

The lie that the dictatorship is being run by the masses.

The gradual lowering of the standard of living for the overwhelming number of people.

The propaganda claiming socialism is the path to a better world for all.

In other words, socialism is a protection racket and a long con and a heartless system of elite control, posing as the greatest good.

It is just another form of top-down tyrannyas old as the hills.

A year or two ago, a person living in Europe told me that the European Union was not a problem, because it was just another layer of socialism placed over the existing socialist governments of European nations, and no one really noticed the existence of the EU.

As if blindness were a reason not to worry.



Writing your way to wellbeing Signs of the Times

Ask almost anyone you know how they are, and the response is likely to be: "busy". Our inboxes are bursting with emails. Appointments and social events keep stacking up. Family woes, work worries and money matters make our minds work overtime. Not to mention commuting, pollution and the "million and one things" to remember.Add to this the uncertain political times we live in and, well, it's not surprising that many people feel overwhelmed. Life is fast-paced. And it can be difficult to slow down - especially if being busy is effectively masking anxiety, grief and hard-to-handle emotions. The end result of all of this seems to be widespread depression. According to The World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. They estimate that more than 300 million people are living with depression. There is no fast-fix for depression, nor for other forms of mental illness. However, creativity is a remedy - a tonic that can help bring about real change. And many hospitals have arts programs to help patients heal.


After Calling Social Media Menace to Society George Soros Now Buying Up Facebook & Twitter Shares The Event Chronicle

After Calling Social Media Menace to Society George Soros Now Buying Up Facebook & Twitter Shares


Garganey, other birds in Sweden Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video is about a male garganey duck in Sweden. Also featuring a northern lapwing and a male shoveler duck.


Hackers Steal $13 Million from Bank ATMs in 28 Countries Activist Post

By Joseph Jankowski Just days after an FBI warning of the prospect of a worldwide mass hacking plot that could have millions withdrawn from bank...


The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking The Event Chronicle

By Sigmund Fraud

Its a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded in echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated.

Today, we find that thinking is a diminishing art, and in its place, sound bites and stop-thought terms are used to put the brakes on the mind. These terms are widely used as signals to prevent minds from looking too deeply at a topic or issue.

Thinking critically means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out. It is a way of thinking in which one doesnt simply accept all arguments and conclusions to which one is exposed without questioning the arguments and conclusions. It requires curiosity, skepticism and humility. People who use critical thinking are the ones who say things such as, How do you know that? Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings? and Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?  [Source]

The three terms most widely used today to this avail are detailed below.

1.) Conspiracy Theorist This term is so overused that it really is devoid of any practical meaning. If you were to examine it at face value, though, it describes a person who is looking to understand injustices in our world and is willing to look at uncomfortable facts in search of negative influence of which there is plenty in our world today.

However, conspiracy theorist has literally become a derogatory term that is attributed to anyone who refuses to accept mainstream narratives at face value. It doesnt matter that there is overwhelming evidence to indicate that mainstream media does not value objectivity or report on important issues thoroughly or truthfully.

Now we find this term applied as a prefix to well-known journalists and media personalities, almost as we use the term Doctor. Its an adjective that precedes them everywhere, so that before you even know what issue is being discussed, you know that the issue is coming from someone considered to be fringe and unacceptable.

2.) Alt We see the label alt being applied more and more frequently as an adjective for sentiments that supposedly do not fit in with the accepted status quo. Ideas outside of the box.

Alt-Media. Alt-Right. Alt-Left. Alt-News....


Full Moon in Pisces 2018: Let The Magic Into Your Life Awareness Act

Yes, it is almost time for the August full moon in Pisces. This full moon will mark the near end of the month and beginning of a wondrous September.

The full moon in Pisces will occur on the 26th of this month and will really be bringing us to a new place in our own minds. The full moon will be aligned with two very powerful fixed stars making the energies to come all the more powerful. Pisces is a very interesting energy in itself and will be pushing us all to be more imaginative, creative, and providing us with a deep sense of intuition.

This full moon is going to be the best time for us to really work towards making changes in our lives. It will allow us to become more aware of internal conflicts and show us how to release the pressures within our beings. While it will be a seemingly emotional moon, it will be one that clears out any negative feelings you may have been dealing with.

Those two stars as mentioned above are going to be helping you to develop more as a person and bring forth some very fun and exciting opportunities. You may note an increase in luck and positive energy during this time. Any and all energy you absorb during this full moon is going to work in your favor.

Let go of any baggage you have been carrying and really let Pisces sink its energy into your being. Clean those skeletons out of your closet and learn to forgive. The past is the past and being more present will truly make a difference in your life.

While this full moon might not be one that many people take the time to enjoy, you should. There is going to be a lot of conflicts but also a lot of growth. For more information on this full moon check out the video below. What do you think about all of this?


US Military Spending Bill Could Force Al Jazeera to Register as Foreign Agent Activist Post

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM)  Foreign-owned media outlets that dont always toe the line in the US could find themselves under dramatically increased scrutiny under the 2019...


Report Finds 100 Priests in One City Ran Horrific Pedophile Ring, As Govt Looked the Other Way Activist Post

By Rachel Blevins Pittsburgh, PA As a scathing grand jury report reveals that hundreds of Catholic priests in the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused...


Iowa High Court Nullifies Horrible U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment Precedent Activist Post

By Michael Maharrey A recent ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court effectively nullified bad U.S. Supreme Court precedent in the state. The decision was a...


Tragic Consequences from Digital Addiction Now Include German Children Drowning Because Parents Are Distracted by Their Phones Activist Post

By B.N. Frank The Opioid Crisis is hurting people all over the world not just the addicts.  Funding has been approved in the U.S....


Earth's oldest rocks likely to have been created by meteorite bombardment Signs of the Times

Scientists have found that 4.02 billion year old silica-rich felsic rocks from the Acasta River, Canada-the oldest rock formation known on Earth-probably formed at high temperatures and at a surprisingly shallow depth of the planet's nascent crust. The high temperatures needed to melt the shallow crust were likely caused by a meteorite bombardment around half a billion years after the planet formed. This melted the iron-rich crust and formed the granites we see today. These results are presented for the first time at the Goldschmidt conference in Boston tomorrow (14 August), following publication in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Geoscience. The felsic rocks (rocks rich in silica/quartz) found at the Acasta River in Canada, are the Earth's oldest rocks, although there are older mineral crystals. Scientists have long known that the Acasta rocks are different to the majority of felsic rocks we see today, such as the granites widely used as a building or decorative material. Now a group of scientists from Australia and China have modelled the formation of the oldest Acasta felsic rocks and found that they could only have been formed at low pressures and very high temperatures.


Four interesting events in the tropics over the past week Signs of the Times

Several interesting things caught our eye in the tropics in the past week, including Hurricane Hector's length of time as major hurricane in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, Tropical Storm Debby's formation in the Atlantic Ocean, an active eastern half of the Pacific Ocean and Typhoon Shanshan's scrape with Japan. Below, we'll go into greater detail about each of these notables. Hurricane Hector Sets Record in Northeastern Pacific Ocean Hurricane Hector passed well south of the Big Island of Hawaii on Wednesday as a major hurricane, one classified as Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Hector generated high surf and breezy conditions on the Big Island, with no more than a few outer rain showers scraping portions of that island. As of Saturday morning, Hector was still maintaining Category 3 intensity about 1,000 miles west of Hawaii. That means it had been a major hurricane for at least 7.5 consecutive days, the longest duration any hurricane in the northeastern Pacific Basin has held that intensity, according to Colorado State University tropical scientist Dr. Phil Klotzbach.


American Media Are Corrupt Beyond All Measure, They Serve the Military-Industrial Complex The Event Chronicle

Paul Craig Roberts is an economist who served as assistant Treasury secretary in the Reagan administration, was associate editor at the Wall Street Journal, and is a former professor at Georgetown University. (Full bio).

Now retired, he is a prolific columnist for his personal site, with a very large following on the internet. He writes frequently about Russia. Edward Morgan, Prepare for Change

Putin confronts the American dystopia

We have to hand it to Putin. He is the best that there is. Note the ease with which he mopped up the floor with that idiot Chris Wallace.

By Paul Craig Roberts

What is wrong with the US media that it cannot produce a second competent journalist as company for Tucker Carlson? Why are Americas remaining good journalists, such as Chris Hedges, now in the alternate media?

All I can say, and Putin probably already knows it, is that there is more going on than presstitutes holding the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to an internal political struggle between the Democratic Party and President Trump. It is not just that the corrupt US media is serving as propagandists for the Democratic Party against President Trump.

Paul Craig Roberts

The presstitutes are serving the interest of the military/security complex, which has ownership interests in the highly concentrated US media, to keep Russia positioned as the enemy that justifies the huge $1,000 billion budget of the military/security complex. Without the Russian enemy, what is the justification for such a waste of money when so many real needs go underfunded and unfunded?

In other words, the American media are not only stupid, they are corrupt beyond all measure.

Today at 12:40 Eastern time NPR had a collection if Trump-bashers doing their utmost to prevent the Trump/Putin meeting fr...


Aspiring doctors can now go to NYU for freeif they can get in Fast Company

One thing is for certain: It just became even harder to get into NYU.

NYUs new class of medical students got more than just a white coat this morning, during the schools annual White Coat Ceremony. In a surprise announcement, NYU revealed it would foot tuitionabout $55,000 per yearfor all medical students going forward.

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Kevin Barrett: President Gets 9/11 Memo, But Will He Respond to It? Public Intelligence Blog

President Gets 9/11 Memo, But Will He Respond to It?

American Free Press

A group of 27 scholars have united in writing Memoranda to the President to demand Trump expose the truth of 9/11 this year. Will he respond? This compilation of writings is free online at

God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump. So begins a collection of memos to President Donald Trump by 27 experts on the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The presidential briefing on 9/11 was organized by Robert David Steele, a former CIA Clandestine Services Officer and founder of the Open Source Intelligence movement. Contributors include David Ray Griffin, widely considered the unofficial dean of 9/11 studies, Peter Dale Scott, the University of California-Berkeley professor emeritus who popularized the term deep state, Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and two dozen others including yours truly.

Steele knows people close to Trump and believes the president will get the memo. In a recent radio interview, Steele said:

Ive written a letter of transmittal to the president that focuses on whats in the book and what he can do next. Its about six pages long. I would say the chances of [President Trump] reading that memo are 80% or better. The chances of his getting a one-page summary are 95%. The chances of his actually getting the binder are probably down around 60%. The chances of his reading all the memos are in the 40% range. The bottom line is that Donald Trump knows this book has been published. He knows this book exists. He knows this book is calling him out on fulfilling his promise to get to the bottom of 9/11. And so Ive presented him with something he cannot ignore as he goes toward his planned speech on the 11th of September this year.

Read full article.

Phi Beta Iota: The 9/11 Truth Memoranda for the President are available free online, or via Kindle and CreateSpace, at


List of possible farm expropriation targets published - South African farmers panic Signs of the Times

A list of white farmers whose lands are to be seized without compensation in South Africa has been published by the local minority rights group AfriForum. The government denies the accuracy of the list. The group has uploaded the list of the next land-expropriation victims on its website. AfriForum said it obtained the list through the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform ministry, which has denied its veracity. AfriForum claims the list of lands for expropriation includes 195 farms, and has offered to get in contact with affected parties to prepare for a joint legal strategy. The group's CEO told News24 that the document was "definitely being circulated" in the South African government despite the denials.


Italy highway operator scraps tolls for ambulances after bridge collapse - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Italy highway operator scraps tolls for ambulances after bridge collapseThomson Reuters FoundationROME, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Under fire from the government after a highway bridge collapsed two days ago, killing dozens, Italy's biggest toll-road operator said on Thursday that ambulances no longer would have to pay to use its network. While ambulances ...and more 


Investigation Reveals Google May Still Be Tracking You, Even If Location Tracking Is Off Awareness Act

If you spend any time online then you have seen the many articles circulating, warning you about the information collected by Google each time you log on your computer. These articles walked you through the process of turning off location tracking, however, a new investigation reveals that doing so may not be enough to protect your privacy.

There have been many warnings circulating the internet about the information that is collected on a daily basis on our cell phones. A problem experienced by everyone, regardless of whether they are Team Android or Team Apple, the location services feature on your phone may be revealing a startling amount of information.

Are you aware of what Google actually knows about your life? The amount of personal information that it collects might alarm you. Each time that you turn on Google Maps, your phone transmits data about where you are in order to determine your directions. However, this data is collected under your Location History, providing anyone who accesses it a full detailed list of everywhere youve been. Furthermore, it has established and tracked two key locations your home and work. Therefore, anyone accessing your phone data has these two addresses at their fingertips.

If that isnt alarming enough, Google tracks a number of other information from your Google searches, YouTube searches, the websites that you visit, and more. This data, combined with your age and gender, will help to determine which ads you are shown customizing your advertisements to what Google perceives as your interests.

The recent scandals with Facebook have brought to light the importance of recognizing who is tracking our data, and what information they are collecting. In the face of this concern, Google stresses their privacy policy is in place to protect users, but not all experts are convinced. David Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School explained, Google is walking a very fine line. Search, Android gives Google amazing insight into individual behavior. Googles stated privacy policies seem adequate, but the question that I cannot answer is whether Googles stated policy and actual behavior are one and the same. Facebook had a stated policy for the last three years which most of us found acceptable, until Cambridge Analytica came to light.

Yoffie isnt alone with his concern. Interested in whether Googles statement and actions are in line with one another, the Associated Press (AP) conducted an investigation into how well Google was adhering to their o...


(Video) Destroying the Illusion -- [8.16] Media vs. Trump | Brennan's Clearance | Vaccines & GMO's | Max Spiers Operation Disclosure

Published on Aug 16, 2018

Today's Links:

Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children's Foods -

Police investigating death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers facing disciplinary action -

UFO conspiracy theorists embrace shaky video taken at NCs Lake Norman -


Roundup ingredient found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and other cereals The Event Chronicle

Days after a California jury awarded a school groundskeeper more than $289 million in damages after he claimed Monsantos best-selling weedkiller Roundup gave him cancer, the controversial ingredient glyphosate has been detected in popular kids breakfast cereals, including Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, according to an activist group.

Lab tests conducted by the left-leaning Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit advocacy group that specializes in toxic chemicals and corporate accountability, indicated almost three-fourths of the 45 food products tested detected high levels of glyphosate, which has been identified as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2015.

But makers of the foods EWG tested said they and their suppliers operate within U.S. government safety guidelines and dismissed the groups findings as irrelevant.

However, many EWG scientists consider levels higher than 160 parts per billion of glyphosate above the safety threshold for children.

Whats more, about one-third of the 16 samples made with organically grown oats also had glyphosate, but at levels below EWGs benchmark.

Popular children items, including General Mills Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal, Lucky Charms, Kelloggs Cracklin Oat Bran and Quakers Old Fashioned Oats, all had levels exceeding EWGs safety guidelines.

But while those products exceeded the EWGs threshold, they still fall within the EPAs regulations, many food brands said.

In a statement to FOX Business regarding the report, a General Mills spokesperson says, Our products are safe and without questions they meet regulatory safety levels.

The EPA has researched this issue and has set rules that we follow as do farmers who grow crops including wheat and oats.  We continue to work closely with farmers, our suppliers and conservation organizations to minimize the use of pesticides on the crops and ingredients we use in our foods, General Mills added.

Quaker also released a statement following the report, saying it does not add glyphosate during any part of the milling process, and glyphosate is commonly used by farmers across the industry who apply it pre-harvest. Kelloggs issued a similar statement, saying its food is safe and they follow the EPAs strict standards for safely levels of these agricultural residues and the ingredients we purchase from suppliers for our foods fall under these limits.

The report come days after a jury at the Superior Court of California awarded $289 million in damages to Dewayne Lee Johnson, a San Francisco school groundskeeper that claimed Roundup caused him to developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma after using the spray for more than two years.

Jurors concluded that Monsantos Roundup and Ranger Pro products...


Alan Moore Hates Twin Peaks: The Return disinformation

Who doesnt want to feast on some tasty Alan Moore vs. David Lynch beef? Okay, really just a bit of a scathing critique. In my little microverse, Twin Peaks: the Return is... The post Alan Moore Hates Twin Peaks: The Return appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


New Posters about Democracy in English and Swedish CrimethInc.

Working with comrades in Sweden, we have prepared Swedish versions of our classic poster series, What Does Democracy Mean?. Weve also added a new poster in English, Democracy Means Bureaucracy. With elections coming up in Sweden on September 9 and in the United States in November, we hope these posters can help to undermine the popular assumption that democracy is the solution for all of the problems it causes, and propose an alternative approach based in horizontality, decentralization, and direct action. For more on the anarchist critique of democracy, consult our book, From Democracy to Freedom.

Broadly speaking, democracy and capitalism were stabilized throughout the 20th century via the progressive inclusion of populations that had previously been excluded from the privileges of voting and property ownership. This began with womens suffrage and the Fordist compromise, continued through desegregation and the end of the European colonial empires, and concluded with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Since then, almost the entire world has been integrated into neoliberalism, an economic system premised on the ceaseless concentration of capital in fewer and fewer hands at the top, and a race to the bottom for wage-earners. Now that it is a worldwide system, there are fewer opportunities to draw in resources with which to continue expanding the pyramid scheme.

Between ecological catastrophe and growing inequality, the average participants in globalized capitalism no longer have cause to expect an ever-improving quality of life. State governments are dismantling the programs that once served to offset the vicissitudes of the market, feeding every resource into the fire in order to keep their economies competitive as the crisis accelerates. Contemporary democratic governments preside over an increasingly invasive security apparatus intended to preserve order at any price.

In 2010-2014, a wave of movements around the world proposed to solve these problems with a more participatory democratic model. Yet those movements ended in new dictatorships in Egypt and elsewhere in the global South, while they were reabsorbed into representational politics in Europe and the United Statesmost notably in the cases of Syriza and...


Stanford Study Says You Cant Find Your Passion, You Must Develop Passion TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi

According to Implicit Theories of Interest: Find Your Passion or Developing It? a paper published in Psychological Science by three Stanford University researchers, popular mantras like follow your passion create the belief that pursuing a passion is easy. However, interests do not arrive fully formed, ready for you to coast the rest of the way. Instead, they require constant work, you must actively take the steps necessary to develop the skills and attributes that will allow you to pursue your goals. In essence, if you want to develop passion it will be far from easy. It will takes days, weeks, months and even years of hard work to actualise your dreams.

Paul OKeefe, Carol Dweck and Gregory Walton conducted a series of laboratory studies that examined the belief systems that lead people to succeed or fail. The participants were either techie passionate about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) or fuzzy passionate about humanities and arts. 470 participants were observed as they read articles and watched videos on topics that interested them. They found that participants who were engrossed in one topic were less likely t...


Murder for a parking spot, legal in Florida, USA? Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Stand your ground shooter charged with manslaughter

14 August 2018

Michael Drejka, 48, was arrested in the fatal July shooting of Markeis McGlockton, an incident that was caught on video.

By Andrew Gillum in the USA today:

My name is Andrew Gillum, and Im the Mayor of Tallahassee, and a candidate for governor in Florida.

And the so-called stand your ground laws in my state have let vigilantes become the judge, jury and executioner.

After an argument over a parking space, Markeis McGlockton was shot and killed by a white man. His family had to wait nearly a month before his killer was charged all because of the stand your ground law.

Lets be clear: stand your ground has no place in a civilized society.

This is a license to kill, plain and simple will you add your name to our petition calling for the repeal of stand your ground laws in America?

Stand your ground laws allow anyone who feels afraid to murder under the label of self-defense. But we know how that works in practice studies show that it is disproportionately used against people of color.

But we have a chance to make a difference I just joined community leaders, faith leaders, and some of Markeis McGlocktons family members at a sit-in in the governors office to protest these unjust and racist laws and fight back against one of Trumps loyalists, Governor Rick Scott. And our protest WORKED his killer has now been charged with manslaughter. We can change things if we speak up.

Our sit-in work...


9 Truths You Need To Know About Dating A Scorpio Awareness Act

Mysterious, passionate and intriguing, those born under the sign of Scorpio draw us in, putting us under their spell. However, before you allow yourself to fall completely head over heels, you need to know what youre getting yourself into!

Life with a Scorpio is going to be a wild ride. They are incredibly passionate lovers and loyal partners, an amazing catch! They dont waste their time with just anyone and everyone, saving their love and affection for only those that they deem worthy. If this all sounds a little too good to be true, then you may be right They struggle to let others in, building incredible barriers around their heart, and you certainly dont want to cross them!

Interested to learn what you are getting yourself into? Here are 9 truths you need to know if youre planning on dating a Scorpio:

#1 Scorpios are incredibly loyal.

Your partner is never going to put you into a situation where you have to question their dedication to you or your relationship. When a Scorpio commits to a relationship they are 110% loyal for the rest of their lives.

#2 They are incredibly passionate.

If youre looking for an intense, romantic and passionate relationship, then look no further. A relationship with a Scorpio is going to be a whirlwind. They dont give their love to just anyone, so if they have set their eyes on you, consider yourself lucky!

#3 Regardless of the reason for the fight, they will always win.

This is a difficult one for most people to accept in a relationship, so you might as well learn it now. Scorpios dont lose, ever. If youre in an argument with them you should just give up now, save yourself the time and energy.

#4 They possess an incredible temper, so watch out.

NEVER cross your Scorpio partner, and if you do then you need to watch your back! With a fiery temper that is unmatched by any other sign, there is no stopping them when they are upset. If you have done something to upset them, apologize now, before its too late Its the only chance youve got.

#5 Try as you might, youre never going to control them.

Highly independent and self-sufficient, a Scorpio is the master of their own lives. They know who they are and what they want, and no one is going to stand in their way. If youre looking for a partner that you can control or boss around, then you need to bark up another tree.

#6 If you betray them, they will cut you out of your life faster than you can blink.

These highly loyal and devoted individuals have no tolerance for betrayal or manipulation. If you giv...


Why Does Israel Keep Destroying Cultural Heritage Sites in Gaza? The Event Chronicle

By Celine Hagbard

On Thursday August 9th, the Israeli airforce dropped ten missiles on a building in Gaza City, turning the five-story building into rubble. Was this a Hamas training center, or somehow associated with the Palestinian armed resistance? No. Like the building targeted by Israeli forces two weeks earlier, when two teen boys were killed taking a selfie, this was a cultural center aimed at preserving the history and culture of the Palestinian people of Gaza.

The Said Al-Mashal Foundation for Arts and Culture was a place where cultural heritage was preserved and maintained. The Palestinian traditional dance known as dabke was taught and practiced there, poets would gather to share their latest works, and musicians would come together for jam sessions and performances.

Two weeks earlier, the Israeli airforce dropped another bomb on the Arts and Crafts Museum in Gaza City.

Why is Israel so focused on destroying Palestinian cultural artifacts, museums, arts and crafts? Is it because resistance fighters are hidden inside these centers? That is a laughable claim that is easily disproved by looking at the evidence no fighters, weapons or rockets in the rubble that remains of what had been beautiful and well-loved cultural centers.

Nor is it true that these centers were somehow collateral damage, and the bombs were targeting some other, nearby place. No, Israeli forces directly targeted these centers and in fact, after the fact, declared the strikes a success and claimed that they hit their targets directly.

No, the reality is that the centers that preserve the Palestinian peoples identity, culture and history are somehow seen as a threat to Israel, and Israeli authorities have implemented a policy that such centers must be destroyed.

Video showing the destruction of the Said al-Mashal Center:

The Middle East Eye interviewed some of the artists involved with the center.

Edrees Taleb, 27, one of the centres well-known theatre directors, was quoted in the paper as saying,

You know what it means to have been working in a place for more than eight years, so you know every tile like the back of your hand and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, everything is gone? For the past couple of months, we have been preparing for a new play entitled Anesthesia Syringe, to be played during the Eid al-Adha break, and we had installed the decoration a few hours before the building was targeted.



Earth undergoing unexplained major cooling event - scientists ignore it Signs of the Times

A most remarkable climate phenomenon is taking place under our very noses without anybody paying attention to it. As nearly everybody knows, the planet is warming. Since its short-term rate of temperature change hasn't changed much, the warming is essentially accomplished because the planet spends less time cooling than warming. Therefore, periods of cooling have become shorter and result in less cooling. In the figure below, we can see the top 10 biggest periods of cooling in terms of temperature decrease since 1950. The data used is a 13-month centered average of the monthly HadCRUT 4.6 global dataset found here.



The Strangeness of the California Fires The Event Chronicle

By Joseph P. Farrell

Today I want to talk about those fires in California

Every now and then, I do come across a video that intrigues me(this time from Mr. D.S.M.), and so I went looking for more, and found a couple that I want to share, and comment on. But first I want to remind people of the background. Last year we saw similar fires in California, and with them, abundant indication of something highly anomalous about them, including what for me was the tell tale giveaway: plants that were unburned, but which were rolled or pushed into bizarre shapes, as if a giant had come along and stomped or twisted them into these bizarre shapes.

As I wrote in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, such effects are common when very high power microwaves are directed at plants. I speculated in that book, based on some British scientists studies of crop circles, that they were formed by microwaves and most likely by microwave interferometry, and were in fact a kind of test pattern to see how closely and tightly such waves  and interferometry patterns could be controlled and manipulated. If that hypothesis and speculation be true, then the crop circles are evidence that such control can indeed be very precisely directed. What one is seeing are exotic shapes and drawings being produced by remote means the interferometry while the surrounding crops are undamaged. Im even entertaining the idea (now) that such interferometry may be creating unique localized magnetic effects, and that the magnetic effects are the direct causes of the strange patterns, and not the microwave interferometry itself.

In any case, a little reflection on this speculation will show that the same basic phenomenon is in evidence in the strange fires in California: whole houses burned to a crisp, while nearby shrubs and trees appear unburned, and in some cases, not even charred by the ambient heat of the fires. That, at least, was the case last year.

Now we have fires again, and thus far, Ive been reluctant to comment on them because I wanted to see some evidence of these types of anomalies. So far there have been statements about firenados, super-heated vortices, and speculations that these could be the result of such technologies. I suspect that they can be, but need not must be, for similar vortices were reported by the survivors of the British fire-bombings of Hamburg and Dresden during the Second World War. But Mr. D.S.M. sent a long the first video that Ive linked below, and I went looking for more by the same lady doing the analysis, and found another.

At this stage, yes, I do think there may be enough to put these most recent fires in the strange category and to see the possible use of some such exotic microwave technology, perhaps in conjunction with other technologies. Here are t...


Internet censorship threatens the left as much as the right: Five current examples Signs of the Times

The banning of right wing controversialist Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms last week was a cause of celebration for many liberals, but should those on the left really be so complacent about creeping censorship? So far, the evidence suggest that there is indeed plenty for the left to worry about when it comes to corporations like Facebook and Twitter and their alliances with government censors.


Haunting Final Interview Surfaces of Dead Journalist Jen Moore; Her Chilling Details of Abuse of Alleged Clinton Rape Victim The Event Chronicle

By True Pundit Investigative Bureau

While friends and admirers mourn the loss of investigative journalist Jen Moore who was found dead in a suburban D.C. hotel room Monday a haunting final interview has surfaced where Moore details the Clinton case she was working on at the time of her suspicious death.

Moore, an advocate who investigated abused and trafficked children, had been in the process of investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that as a young boy he was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

Moore, who was often called Task Force as a nickname, was interviewed about the Clinton case on July 13th by YouTube and radio journalist Farmer Jones. One month later, Moores she was dead, her body found by employees at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Washington, D.C. East in Capitol Heights, Maryland. The investigation is ongoing. Autopsy results were not available on Wednesday.

During the Jones interview Moore expressed dismay and frustration that despite her sharing the details with Homeland Security agents in charge of child trafficking investigations, no one had reached out to her to follow up about the details of the alleged victim. Or the alleged suspect.

Moore died of an apparent seizure. Police said the death was not the result of suicide.

Just four weeks before her death, Moore filed details of the alleged victims claims with the Department of Homeland Security, detailing the allegations against Clinton. Moore contacted Homeland Security beginning on July 6th through July 9th, records show. A week later, she contacted the FBI with identical details about the victim and the shocking allegations against Clinton.

FBI sources report no case has been opened on the evidence supplied by Moore. Homeland Security never contacted Moore to follow up after she shared details with the agency.

Perhaps part of Moores legacy will be the overt illustration that federal agencies in charge of protecting children often turn a blind eye to investigating abuse. Especially if the alleged perpetrator is an elite political figure. This case, broken down, highlights the impossibility of an alleged victim to pierce the veil of agencies like DHS and the FBI to prompt investigation of abuses for sexual assault.

Moores story confirms a recurring and disturbing David vs Goliath scenario where, in essence, Goliath never even has to show up to fight because the federal system is already set up to protect Americas political Goliaths. While the Davids of the world, who muster up the courage to come forward and tell their stories, suffer more at the hands of a lazy and corrupt federal government.

Whether the alleged victims testimony is true or not about Clinton, those in charge of getting to the bottom of such a case never even...


Parrot Curses At Firefighter Trying To Rescue It From A Rooftop WorldTruth.Tv

You know the feeling when youve been stuck on top of a house for a few days and you are enjoying it so much you just dont want to get down.  Thats exactly what happened to a parrot in north London over the weekend who despite efforts from firefighters was quite happy on his lofty []


Teen Accepted A Ride Home From A Stranger, But Never Expected It To End Like This WorldTruth.Tv

A strangers kindness can make all the difference in someones life, but this teenager likely never could have expected the help he would get from one man who extended a helping hand. 16-year-old Chauncy Black was inside a Kroger grocery store when he approached a stranger with a request. Chauncy had come to the grocery []


The Nun Advertising Removed By YouTube After Jump-Scare Complaints WorldTruth.Tv

Im not sure the last time I sat through an entire advert on YouTube. I feel Ive become pretty good at hovering the mouse over the Skip Ad button so I can hit it as soon as the 10 seconds are up, almost like a test your reactions game. While adverts are now an inevitable []


Guys Shocking Car Crash Injury Pics Highlight Important Road Safety Message WorldTruth.Tv

A guy has shared shocking photos online of his injuries following a car crash to raise awareness of the importance of driving safely. On March 12 this year, 25-year-old Brian Latch, a student at the University of Mississippi, was involved in a car accident. Although Brian has been involved in a few car crashes before []


'To extend and increase the rotational training and exercises': Norway confirms US to double troops on its soil Signs of the Times

The US will double the number of its Marines stationed in Norway, Oslo confirmed. Moscow has repeatedly warned that alliance's build-up near its borders could worsen security situations in states where troops are stationed. News of the US and Norway agreeing "to extend and increase the rotational training and exercises" by the United States Marine Corps in the country was announced by Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen. "The arrangement" will continue beyond 2018 and the American unit may include up to 700 US Marines. Since January 2017, some 330 US Marines have been deployed in the Scandinavian country. Their arrival marked the first time that foreign troops had been stationed in the NATO member-state since the end of World War II.


Bill Gates offers a simple explanation for why the economy works differently now Fast Company

One word: intangibles.

Bill Gates believes the rules of supply and demand are changing faster than people and governments are adapting. We live in a world where an increasing number of products are intangibles, or products you cant touchlike software and other digital content.

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: How fast the climate is going to change from 2019-2021 - A forecast Signs of the Times

With the Suns magnetic waves cancelling, this will usher in fewer sunspots, more coronal holes and increased possibilities of huge CME's and EMP's. As you have all see these last few months are absurd with the weather amplification on our planet. I have broken down Zarkova's, Potpov's, Zarkov's and Shephard's research to show how much more amplification there will be in Earths weather patterns heading into 2021. Sources

Bee makes her nest, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

In this 15 August 2018 video, a female brown-footed leaf-cutter bee makes her nest between rock garden plants.

Gretha Andeweg in the Netherlands made this video.


Elon Musk and NASA To Hold Secret Meeting On How To Colonize Mars WorldTruth.Tv

ELON Musks SpaceX is involved in a secret meeting on the best way humans will be able to colonize Mars, it has been revealed. Billionaire Mr Musk has been in a war of words with NASA scientists after the latter claimed that it would be impossible to terraform Mars in preparation for humanitys arrival. The []


Biomimetics comes to STEM education Signs of the Times

The Wyss Institute at Harvard is "Inspired by Nature," as they say in their mission statement: At the Wyss Institute, we leverage recent insights into how Nature builds, controls and manufactures to develop new engineering innovations - a new field of research we call Biologically Inspired Engineering. By emulating biological principles of self-assembly, organization and regulation, we are developing disruptive technology solutions for healthcare, energy, architecture, robotics, and manufacturing, which are translated into commercial products and therapies through formation of new startups and corporate alliances. More focus on biological engineering, as distinct from Darwinian happenstance, can only be good. Whatever "Nature" is, it "builds, controls and manufactures" things in ways that inspire human imitation. We've mentioned the Wyss Center several times, most recently here, where we saw some of its bio-inspired engineers trying to imitate the "robust mechanical properties" of grass. The center has propelled research to the point now where they need to grow a crop of students ready to enter the field. As you often hear lamented in the news, the U.S. is lagging behind in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) which are vital to the work of biomimetics institutes such as the Wyss Center. For its latest project, therefore, Wyss joined with Northwestern University to enter the education field, designing lessons to help students grasp the concepts they will need as future scientists.


Alien Abduction: 45 Years After Alleged UFO Encounter, Mississippi Man Breaks His Silence WorldTruth.Tv

It was an event he has been reluctant to speak about, yet it shaped much of his life. Calvin Parker, now of Moss Point, along with friend Charles Hickson, claimed they were abducted by aliens while fishing on the Pascagoula River and now Parker has written a book he hopes will set the record straight. Pascagoula []


This Shapeshifting Golden Mug Illusion Is Driving The Internet Insane WorldTruth.Tv

Nothing gets the Internet abuzz quite like an illusion, whether its Laurel or Yanny, the skinny legs selfie, or the one that started it all, that dress. The latest to make the rounds and provide a nugget of escapist entertainment in a world that is literally on fire involves a very oddly shaped mug. This particular illusion, unleashed upon the world by a man []


A Snapshot of the Internet Kill Switch in 2018 Activist Post

By Terrence Newton For more than a decade now, activists and truth-seekers have been watching the growing influence of the Internet on society and politics,...


Is Stress Keeping You Up at Night? If So, Heres What You Can Do The Daily Sheeple

How often do you climb into bed after a long exhausting day, ready to catch some Zzzsonly to find that your brain has other plans?

Insomnia caused by worry is not uncommon in fact, according to a new poll, stress is keeping a lot of of people awake at night.

A whopping sixty-nine percent of Americans say they occasionally lose sleep because they are worried about something, according to a survey conducted by Bankrate.

Research firm GfK Custom Research polled 1,000 Americans on behalf of Bankrate to find out whats keeping them up at night. Participants were allowed to select more than one answer.

Relationship worries cause 41 percent of those polled to lose sleep. Financial concerns came in a close second, with 36 percent of Americans saying worrying about money keeps them up at night.

Concerns vary a bit among different generations. Here are some of the surveys findings:

Half of millennials lose sleep over relationships. Just 36 percent of baby boomers and 42 percent of Gen Xers say the same.

Compared with members of older generations, millennials are also more likely to say they lose sleep because theyre stressed about work (39 percent). Thats true for only 22 percent of baby boomers and 37 percent of Gen Xers.

Older millennials (ages 28 to 37) are most likely to say they occasionally lose sleep 77 percent of them lie awake at night because of something on their minds.

For younger baby boomers (ages 54 to 63), money is the top concern keeping them up at night. Thirty-nine percent say financial worries occasionally keep them from falling asleep.

The oldest Americans, of course, are most concerned about health. Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents said they lose sleep thinking about health-related issues.

Overall, 36 percent of Americans confess that financial worries occasionally affect their ability to fall asleep.

Top financial concerns among all of the participants in the survey include:

  • Saving enough for retirement (18%)
  • Credit card debt (14%)
  • Health care costs (13%)
  • Ability to make a monthly rent or mortgage payment (12%)
  • Educational costs (10%)

The silent generation (ages 73 to 90) seems to be the least s...


(Video) They've Lied to us: The Suppressed Truth about Abundance! Operation Disclosure

Published on May 16, 2018

We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret...


Trump, Erdogan quarrel, Turkish people suffer Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

15 August 2018

Economist Heiner Flassbeck and political analyst Ekrem Ekici say Turkeys economic crisis runs deeper than U.S. sanctions.

Not so long ago, United States President Donald Trump got along pretty well with his Turkish colleague and NATO military alliance partner Erdogan. Trump liked Erdogan being on the way to dictatorship; like he himself is.

However, like Trump started conflicts with North Korea; with Iran; with Canada; with Germany; with China; etc. etc. he now also started economic war with Turkey after the earlier collusion.

By Halil Celik in Turkey:

Turkish crisis hits working people

16 August 2018

The Turkish liras (TL) freefall depreciation against the US dollar and the euro has immediate repercussions on prices of goods and services, raising the official inflation rate to 15.4 percent in Julythe highest level in 14 years. This, however, largely underestimates the real increase in prices.

At the beginning of the year, the minimum wage, paid to almost half of Turkish workers, was 1,603 TL, equivalent to 424 USD, when one dollar was 3.78...


Enlighten Up -- A.I., Parallel Realities and Using Consciousness to Power a Device with Kosol Ouch Operation Disclosure

Published on Jul 12, 2018

In this episode are going millions of years into the future to a parallel reality with Kosol Ouch. Kosol is a lifetime explorer, teacher, facilitator and pioneer of metaphysics. He studies and explores advanced elements of theoretical physics using spiritual technology that allows access to the greater multidimensional consciousness. He is the co-writer of eleven books and produces the Baramay, which is a handcrafted tool that acts as a torsion field generator.

During a trip to Cambodia, Kosol fell asleep for 25 minutes at the Angkor Wat temple. During this short nap, he traveled into a parallel reality where he spent 32 years learning how to build an A.I.. When he had learned everything he needed to know, he was told to come back to this reality and share his knowledge with everyone.

In today's episode, we will hear the full story of how he has used scientific data collection to prove how his device works, how the device is powered by consciousness, and why people are using it.

Also, get ready as Kosol takes everyone through an experiment on how to use a level 1 device found in your own home. How does it work? What are the effects?

All of this and more in episode 056!


The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking Activist Post

By Sigmund Fraud Its a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being...


New Zealand Bans Sale Of Homes To Foreigners Qntra

A group calling itself the government of New Zealand has banned sales of homes to foreign nationals in an attempt to curb rising prices (archived). Under the measure, which exempts buyers of Australian and Singaporean nationality, foreigners would be restricted to purchasing apartments in large scale block developments.

In recent years New Zealand has seen substantial real estate demand from wealthy buyers from China and the US looking for a retreat from instability in larger Anglophone areas. With home ownership among adult New Zealanders floating around ~25 percent, this measure has the potential to deliver some serious pain to their rental market.


Hackers beware: These stealthy cybersecurity hunters speak your slang Fast Company

Recorded Future, which recently made news for spotting military docs on the Dark Web, talks about how it scours hacker forums to hunt for threats.

On a recent morning, Andrei Barysevich, director of advanced collection at cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, used a VPN and Tor connection to connect to an underground hacking forum.

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Launch Commit Criteria" -- August 16, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Cabal central banksters are pushing to force the collapse of the financial system before the new QFS is implemented.

The Alliance is actively countering this push.

Thousands of Tier 3 group leaders continue to wait in Reno to exchange/redeem as instructed.

Other Tier 3 group leaders have been instructed to wait elsewhere.

The RV is prepared and ready to begin at a moments notice but is currently on "hold" as the geopolitical side of things resolve.

The release of the RV is as delicate as the launch of a space rocket.

All conditions must meet the launch commit criteria. If necessary, delay the launch to meet the launch commit criteria.

All systems are go for the RV rocket but the weather isn't great.

The weather in this case being geopolitics.

A deadline was set for the RV launch.

All is being resolved as quickly as possible.

Something to Note: Jesus/Sananda/Yeshua was born on August 21, 7 B.C. on the Julian Calendar.





Cobra: Key to Freedom Meditation Report The Event Chronicle

By Cobra

With our meditation we have reached about 70% of the critical mass. Although all goals of the meditation have not been achieved, our accomplishments have been substantial.

The process of our meditation was reflected in these Gaia Portal messages:

With our meditation, one aspect of the deadlock that holds Earth in quarantine status has been resolved. This has triggered a cascade of clearing sequences that will last for about a month. After that time, the situation will be evaluated and a new report given.

As a result of our meditation, most anomalous plasma and plasma toplet bombs in the Near Earth orbit have been cleared. Anomalous plasma with all remaining toplet bombs now tends to gravitate towards the surface.
The head of the Yaldabaoth entity is almost completely disintegrated, with lesser plasmoid entities in rapid disintegration also.

A few more layers of toplet bombs will be removed in the coming month.

When Mjolnir has touched the surface of the planet on March 8th, the Pleiadian feet has begun with surface clearing operations. Surface clearing operations have proven to be far more difficult than expected because in vast majority of cases, the surface population is not following their spiritual guidance.

People are not following their inner guidance because they have been programmed with selfishness Archon mind program. This program gives people a distorted understanding of Nash equilibrium. People incorrectly assume that the will be better off if they only take care of themselves and exclude all others. This creates a highly entropic society that is extremely difficult to predict, because chaotic free wills of surface individuals pose a n-body problem:

Since March, the Light Forces have developed much more efficient strategies and protocols to deal with the surface population and these will be implemented as soon as the critical mass of toplet bombs is removed.

The main occult secret that the dark forces were trying to hide is that they always had a pl...


(Video) User Experiences of Spooky2 Scalar Operation Disclosure

Positive user experiences of Spooky2 Scalar!

Raw Vegan 13

Published on Aug 16, 2018

In this video, our Spooky2 user Jeff Kaczor shared his experiences using Spooky2 Scalar Energy Healing Device.
1. How he measured the Scalar field.
2. His experiences of using Scalar wave to boost body energy level.
3. Using scalar wave to transfer essential oil information to the body and making structured water using Spooky2 Scalar.

All of them have remarkable effects.


The Best of Frenemies: The Trump-Media Logrolling MintPress News

Today, hundreds of newspapers, at the initiative of the Boston Globe, are purporting to stand up for a free press against Trumps rhetoric.

Today also marks exactly one month since I was dragged out of the July 16 Trump-Putin news conference in Helsinki and locked up until the middle of the night.

As laid in my cell, I chuckled at the notion that the city was full of billboards proclaiming Finland was the land of free press.

So, Ive grown an especially high sensitivity to both goonish behavior toward journalists trying to ask tough questions and to those professing they are defending a free press when they are actually engaging in a marketing exercise.

As some have noted, the editorials today will likely help Trump whip up support among his base against a monolithic media. But, just as clearly, the establishment media can draw attention away from their own failures, corruptions and falsehoods simply by focusing on Trumps.

Big media outlets need not actually report news that affects your life and point to serious solutions for social ills. They can just bad mouth Trump. And Trump need not deliver on campaign promises that tapped into populist and isolationist tendencies in the U.S. public that have grown in reaction to years of elite rule. He need only deride the major media.

They are at worst frenemies. More likely, at times, Trump and the establishment media log roll with each other. The major media built up Trump. Trumps attacks effectively elevate a select few media celebrities.

My case is a small but telling one. Major media outlets were more likely to disinform about the manhandling I received in my attempt to ask about U.S., Russian and Israeli nuclear threats to humanity Ill soon give a detailed rebuttal to the torrent of falsehoods, some of which Ive already noted on social media  than to crusade against it.


With room to grow, mangroves can be the planet's carbon warriors RSS feed from

Where a mangrove forest grows determines how much carbon gets stored in its soil, a new study has found.


Bayer Shares Plunge By 12.5 Billion After Monsanto Court Case The Event Chronicle

Bayer AG, the German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company, is in panic after a huge share sell off on Monday morning, following the decision from a landmark legal case in San Francisco, which judged that the glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. SEE: Jury Ruled Monsanto Liable In Case Of Man Dying Of Cancer After Using Weedkiller

The German companys newly acquired Monsanto subsidiary was left in shock Friday after they lost a landmark cancer trial in San Francisco and was ordered by the Judge to pay over USD 289 Million in total damages to the former school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, a California father who has non-Hodgkins lymphoma, which was caused by Monsantos glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup.

Johnson, a father of three and former school groundskeeper, who doctors say may have just months to live, was the first person to take Monsanto to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand causes cancer. About 4,000 other people in the U.S. claim in lawsuits they were sickened by Roundup.

Johnsons attorneys said he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after spraying the glyphosate-based Roundup weed killer for two and a half years.

Monsanto is responsible for Dewayne Lee Johnsons illness, suffering and reduced life expectancy because of the cancer-causing nature of its product, glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup, the San Francisco Superior Court jury determined on Friday. The jury deliberated for three days after a four-week trial.

The damages included $2.3 million in economic losses, $37 million for pain and emotional distress and $250 million in punitive damages. The punitive damages were based on the jurys unanimous finding that Monsanto had acted with malice or oppression toward Johnson.

Johnson has undergone chemotherapy and is considering a bone-marrow transplant. One of his doctors testified that Johnson is unlikely to survive until 2020.

Glyphosate Box

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Test Your Hair for Glyphosate and other Pesticides  Click Here to Find Our Your Long-Term Exposure

Sustainable Pulse, where this article...


ISIS Kill Democrats Biking Through Territory To Prove Evil Doesnt Exist Your News Wire

Two progressive Democrats from Washington D.C. have been brutally murdered by ISIS militants while bicycling and blogging their way through jihadi-controlled territory with the goal of proving to America that evil doesnt exist.  Jay Austin [...]

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U.S. foundations are spending more and more on international aid Fast Company

The majority of the $9.3 billion over the last five years has gone to global healthwhile climate change fixes are getting short-changed.

The countrys largest foundations are contributing more money than ever toward international aid work. In 2015, the number totaled $9.3 billion, up 29% from five years earlier, according to a new report by the Council on Foundations and Foundation Center, whose analysis counts all grants above $10,000 by the top 1,000 nonprofit funders.

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Amazon may have even more to offer filmmakers: a movie chain Fast Company

The tech company is reportedly angling to purchase the prestigious art-house chain Landmark Theaters.

If Amazons purchase of Landmark Theaters goes throughits reportedly in talks to acquire the chainthe tech giant will be staking a claim in yet another physical retail space just a year after it made the surprise move of buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. 

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Report: Facebook & Googles free campaign embeds help boost their profits Fast Company

For years, the companies have offered free help to political campaigns. But what do they get in return?

Its well known that Facebook and Google have embedded their employees in political campaigns, guiding them at no charge through how to use their ad tools in the most effective way, helping Donald Trump build his coalition of supporters to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Less discussed has been how this close coordination with powerful lawmakers has been enormously lucrative, directly and indirectly, to the tech giants. A new report from the organization Campaign for Accountability digs deep into the role of these political embeds and how their unfettered access ultimately helped the tech companies bottom lines.

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Inside Mexico's Anti-Capitalist Marketplaces RSS feed from

Two corn cakes for a loaf of bread. A liter of oats for an avocado and a bag of beans. An hour with a traditional healer for an hour of plumbing work. Ten mixiuhcasthe market's currency of choicefor a jar of pickled carrots. Not a single peso in sight. Vendors and buyers have gathered today in one of the city's small urban gardens for this month's Feria Multitrueke, an alternative economy and bartering market. Hipsters pushing organic quelite seeds mix with elders standing over [...]


Battle of Ideas: The cultural legacy of 1968 RSS feed from

Is it too easy for artists today to claim the mantle of radicalism while conforming to well-established political and aesthetic expectations? Should we worry more that genuine dissent is increasingly locked out of the arts? Or was political art always a bit of a pose, concealing a lack of aesthetic substance? The post Battle of Ideas: The cultural legacy of 1968 appeared first on Index on Censorship.


Is The Power To Heal Ourselves Increasing? TruthTheory

By Jacob Devaney via UpliftConnect

New studies are showing that placebos are becoming more effective in treating illness.

Researchers are perplexed by recent studies that have placebos performing very well compared to new and experimental pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile the science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is echoing what mystics and shaman have been saying forever which is that we have untold powers to heal ourselves!

Spirit and science converging

This coming together between the spiritual and scientific communities shows an unprecedented opportunity for humans to embrace vibrant, healthy, thriving lives. Recent research on placebos comes from a McGill University and is...


Former Yazidi slave girl flees Germany after encountering her ISIS captor-turned 'refugee' Signs of the Times

A Yazidi teenager enslaved by Islamic State who sought asylum in Germany has moved back to Iraq after being confronted by her former ISIS captor, who had registered as a refugee in Stuttgart. Ashwaq Ta'lo said that she was stopped by Abu Humam - a Syrian ISIS guard who had purchased her for $100 - while walking home in Stuttgart. "I froze when I looked at his face carefully," she told Bas News, a Kurdish agency. "It was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face." She said that during her unexpected encounter with her former captor, Humam told her: "I am Abu Humam and you were with me for a while in Mosul. And I know where you live, with whom you live, and what you are doing." She recorded a video detailing the encounter.


UK Parliament attack: Car rams into pedestrians and cyclists, suspect in custody - UPDATES Signs of the Times

Questions remain over the Houses of Parliament attack in London, which left three people injured and a suspect in custody. As Britain remains on high alert for terrorism, here's what is known about Tuesday's incident so far. The attack At around 7:40am on Tuesday, a silver Ford Fiesta rammed into a number of pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into steel barriers outside the Houses of Parliament. According to witnesses, the car was soon surrounded by armed police. Footage posted on social media showed the suspect being taken from the vehicle before being handcuffed.


Trump derangement syndrome: NY governor Cuomo bashes his own country to insult president Signs of the Times

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo drew President Trump's anger, after he told a crowd at a women's rights event that America "was never that great." "We're not going to make America great again," Cuomo told the audience on Wednesday, referencing President Trump's campaign slogan. "It was never that great." The Democrat governor went on to say that America would only reach greatness once "discrimination and stereotyping against women, 51 percent of our population, is gone, and every woman's full potential is realized and unleashed and every woman is making her full contribution." Cuomo's America-bashing drew noise from the crowd, and caught the attention of Trump, who tweeted that Cuomo was "having a total meltdown."


The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used to Stop Critical Thinking Waking Times

Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Its a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded in echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated.

Today, we find that thinking is a diminishing art, and in its place, sound bites and stop-thought terms are used to put the brakes on the mind. These terms are widely used as signals to prevent minds from looking too deeply at a topic or issue.

Thinking critically means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out. It is a way of thinking in which one doesnt simply accept all arguments and conclusions to which one is exposed without questioning the arguments and conclusions. It requires curiosity, skepticism and humility. People who use critical thinking are the ones who say things such as, How do you know that? Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings? and Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?  [Source]

The three terms most widely used today to this avail are detailed below.

1.) Conspiracy Theorist This term is so overused that it really is devoid of any practical meaning. If you were to examine it at face value, though, it describes a person who is looking to understand injustices in our world and is willing to look at uncomfortable facts in search of negative influence of which there is plenty in our world today.

However, conspiracy theorist has literally become a derogatory term that is attributed to anyone who refuses to accept mainstream narratives at face value. It doesnt m...


Losing the war in Afghanistan: Like Viet Cong, Taliban knows waiting it out will defeat US invaders Signs of the Times

The latest conflicting reports about whether or not the Taliban has taken the strategic city of Ghazni between the Afghan capital of Kabul and Kandahar reflect the dilemma and difficulties that the American forces face today. The concerns come despite the firepower and technology that the US has applied against an insurgent force, which has taken over more than 50 percent of the country. This is despite America having almost completely driven out the Taliban when it first invaded Afghanistan in late 2001. The battle for Ghazni and indeed the effort to defeat the Taliban in remote areas of the country suggest that, notwithstanding the intelligence, technology and communications capabilities at its disposal, the US is losing the battle to secure the country. If the Taliban occupies Ghazni by defeating Afghan forces, it effectively would cut off southern Afghanistan from the Kabul government, which would represent a significant development. As one intelligence official recently told this writer, if the US were to pull its troops out of Afghanistan, Kabul and the corrupt US-installed government there wouldn't last beyond a week despite the 16 years that the US has been fighting in the country. Indeed, the Taliban have shown no intention of joining the government, and refuse to negotiate anything as long as foreign forces, namely the US and its NATO allies, remain in the country.


RBS bankers joked about destroying the US housing market The Event Chronicle

Transcripts of pre-financial crisis conversations show senior bankers disregard for customers

By Rob Davies

RBS bankers joked about destroying the US housing market after making millions by trading loans that staff described as total fucking garbage, according to transcripts released as part of a $4.9bn (3.8bn) settlement with US prosecutors.

Details of internal conversations at the bank emerged just weeks before the 10-year anniversary of the financial crisis, which saw RBS rescued with a 45bn bailout from the UK government.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) criticised RBS over its trade in residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) financial instruments underwritten by risky home loans that are cited as pivotal in the global banking crash.

It said the bank made false and misleading representations to investors in order to sell more of the RMBS, which are forecast to result in losses of $55bn to investors.

Transcripts published alongside the settlement reveal the attitude among senior bankers at RBS towards some of the products they sold.

The banks chief credit officer in the US referred to selling investors products backed by total fucking garbage loans with fraud [that]was so rampant [and]all random.

He added that the loans are all disguised to, you know, look okay kind of in a data file.

The DoJ said senior RBS executives showed little regard for their misconduct and, internally, made light of it.

In one exchange, as the extent of the contagion in the banking industry was becoming clear, RBS head trader received a call from a friend who said: [Im] sure your parents never imagine[d]theyd raise a son who [would]destroy the housing market in the richest nation on the planet.

He responded: I take exception to the word destroy. I am more comfortable with severely damage.

Another senior banker explained to a colleague that risky loans were the result of a broken mortgage industry that meant lenders were raking in the money and were incentivised to make as many loans as possible.

Employees who might raise the alarm about the riskiness of such lending dont give a shit because theyre not getting paid, he said.

The bank made hundreds of millions of dollars from selling RMBS, the DoJ said, while disguising the risk they posed to investors, which included a group of nuns who lost 96% of their inves...


Curve-ball in the works? Trump envoy warns neither Israel nor Palestine will like new US peace plan for region Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt has warned that neither Israel nor the Palestinians will be pleased with the US plan for the Middle East settlement but stressed that this was the only way to reach peace. "No one will be fully pleased with our proposal, but that's the way it must be if real peace is to be achieved. Peace can only succeed if it is based on realities," Greenblatt said in a Twitter publication. Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and US Ambassador to Tel Aviv David Friedman put their signatures under the publication. Greenblatt has also published this post in Hebrew and Arabic.


Fox News: Governor Scott declares state of emergency over toxic algae bloom Health Nut News

Thanks to the blanket of red tide along Floridas Gulf Coast thats not only killed marine life but emptied what are normally packed beaches, Governor Rick Scott is finally declaring a state of emergency that will cover Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. RELATED STORY: Hundreds of dead sea turtles, manatee, whales, dolphins, and []

The post Fox News: Governor Scott declares state of emergency over toxic algae bloom appeared first on Health Nut News.


'Trains don't work, but immigration continues': Sweden facing historic election upset next month as population gets fed up with establishment Signs of the Times

"Trains and hospitals don't work, but immigration continues," Roger Mathson, a retired vegetable oil factory worker in Sweden, told Bloomberg on the same day as the violent, coordinated rampage by masked gangs of youths across five Swedish cities. We noted earlier that Swedish politicians were quick to react with anti-immigrant party 'Sweden Democrats' seeing a surge in the polls ahead of the September 9th election. "I'm not a racist, but I'm a nationalist," Mathson said. "I don't like seeing the town square full of Niqab-clad ladies and people fighting with each other." Is Sweden set to have its own political earthquake in September, where general elections could end a century of Social Democratic dominance and bring to power a little known (on the world stage), but the now hugely popular nationalist party often dubbed far-right and right-wing populist, called Sweden Democrats? Sweden, a historically largely homogeneous population of 10 million, took in an astounding 600,000 refugees over the past five years, and after Swedes across various cities looked out their windows Tuesday to see cars exploding, smoke filling the skies, and possibly armed masked men hurling explosives around busy parking lots, it appears they've had enough.


Feign outrage, act surprised, accuse Russia: Sweden's chattering class reacts predictably after every mass car firebombing Signs of the Times

More than 1,800 cars have been set on fire in Sweden since January and a record was reached this week as more than 100 were torched over several hours. After every incident, the same pantomime plays out, as if for the first time. In this spectacle every actor, from righteous government politicians to confused police officers to concerned academics has their own part, played always with a straight face. While the latest incident provides a good case study, these steps can be transposed from Sweden to almost any Western European country, from a car burning to a mass riot to a gang rape. Here is how the drill goes.


"Decline in the Fall (or Late Summer, Anyway): by Fred Gibbon" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Decline in the Fall (or Late Summer, Anyway): by Fred Gibbon"
by Fred Reed

"I am not sure why people write columns. Partly from boredom, I suppose, or lack of anything better to do. Partly from exasperation. Yet partly from the hope that if enough people collectively become aware of problems, they might, just maybe, do something about them. I cant believe this any longer. Todays crimes, lunacies, and decays  are too many, profitable, and intractable. We are racing out of control toward some as yet dimly limned catastrophe. Hang on and take the ride.

To begin with, America is no longer a country. It is a set of special interests occupying the same place: Corporations, races, ethnicities, faiths, ideologies, foreign agents pretending to be Americans, all at each others throats. No cure is possible.

Racial relations are a disaster. Blacks, fourteen percent of the country, are congenitally furious at whites. They neither assimilate nor want to. Whether they should doesnt matter since it will not happen. They give their children strange names to differentiate them from whites, maintain a separate language sometimes called Ebonics - blacks in other countries learn to speak normally - and concentrate in huge all-black Sowetos: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Newark, Trenton , Camden, Atlanta, Milwaukee, East St. Louis, New Orleans. And many others. Horrific crime and horrific schools produce each year a large cohort who, barely literate, will for fifty years be unable to fit into the economy or into white (or  Hispanic) society. This will not change. If it were going to, it would have.



Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, Dies at 76 Truthdig RSS

NEW YORK (AP) Aretha Franklin, the undisputed Queen of Soul who sang with matchless style on such classics as Think, I Say a Little Prayer and her signature song, Respect, and stood as a cultural icon around the globe, has died at age 76 from pancreatic cancer.

Publicist Gwendolyn Quinn tells The Associated Press through a family statement that Franklin died Thursday at 9:50 a.m. at her home in Detroit. The statement said Franklins official cause of death was due to advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type, which was confirmed by Franklins oncologist, Dr. Philip Phillips of Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

The family added: In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds.

The statement continued:

We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends, supporters and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on. As we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.

Funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days.

Franklin, who had battled undisclosed health issues in recent years, had in 2017 announced her retirement from touring.

A professional singer and accomplished pianist by her late teens, a superstar by her mid-20s, Franklin had long ago settled any arguments over who was the greatest popular vocalist of her time. Her gifts, natural and acquired, were a multi-octave mezzo-soprano, gospel passion and training worthy of a preachers daughter, taste sophisticated and eccentric, and the courage to channel private pain into liberating song.



Angolan Army Sergeant Sentenced to Prison for Killing Boy RSS feed from

Expand Some of the more than 600 houses demolished by the government in the Zango II area of Luanda, Angola since July 31, 2016. 2016 Ampe Rogrio/Rede Angola A magistrates court in Angola's capital of Luanda has sentenced an army sergeant to 18 years in prison for the 2016 killing of a 14-year-old boy during a peaceful protest against house demolitions. [...]


Scientists Want to Fly an Armored Warplane into Hailstorms RSS feed from

Hail causes most thunderstorm-related damage and could become more common with warming -- Read more on


Great crested grebes take turns at nest Dear Kitty. Some blog

Like resplendent quetzals and some other bird species, female and male great crested grebes take turns at their nest.

Martien van Beekveld made this 15 August 2018 video in Lieshout in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.


Scam artist called out: Twitter rips disgraced former FBI agent Strzok over GoFundMe 'grift' Signs of the Times

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok has argued that his bias has never affected his work, but it appears it has now very positively affected his lack of work. At least that's the case if one is to take the Washington Post at its word, which ran with the headline "FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts," although it proffered no evidence to its readers to support that being the reason for his firing. Strzok was, however, kicked off of the team of special counsel Robert Mueller for precisely that reason, prior to being sacked. The 21-year FBI veteran headed up both the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state and then the investigation into potential collusion between US President Donald Trump's campaign and the Russian government, which he launched July 31, 2016.


Indonesia President's Belated Call for Tolerance RSS feed from

Expand Indonesian President Joko Widodo gestures during an interview with Reuters at the presidential palace in Jakarta, Indonesia February 10, 2016. 2016 Reuters Indonesian President Joko Jokowi Widodo did something extraordinary in his annual State of the Nation address on Thursday: He issued a plea for tolerance. I am sure if the Indonesian [...]


The censoring of Alex Jones will come back to bite the Left in the rear Signs of the Times

In the controversy surrounding the coordinated corporate censorship of Alex Jones' notorious Infowars franchise across multiple online platforms, journalist Glenn Greenwald made an under-appreciated tweet in response to the various leftists and Democrats who've attacked anyone objecting to the censorship as "defending Alex Jones." "The world's dumbest and/or most deceitful people have always been those who equate 'I defend X's right to speak' with 'I defend X and their ideas,'" wrote Greenwald. "It's the scummiest tactic there is. They did it to Chomsky when he opposed prosecuting a Holocaust denier."


11 reasons why Aretha Franklin truly is the Queen Fast Company

There are many more reasons, of course. But heres a taste of what made her great.

Aretha Franklin, who passed away on Thursday morning, had a voice that could shake the heavens. You felt it in your body, her powerful vibrato reverberating head to toe, and you felt in your soul, a heavy gust of emotion propelling those notes to a higher spiritual register.

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How Rockefeller Bankrolled Soviet Russia The Event Chronicle

Forgotten history: US bankers financing US enemiesand why it is important now

By Jon Rappoport

In 1971, Gary Allen published his book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy. It quickly became an unofficial best seller.

Over the years, several million copies have been sold.

Allens thesis was stark: super-rich American capitalists were financing socialism. This bizarre paradox was resolved when socialism was properly understoodnot as power to the peoplebut as elite power over the people. In other words, as a hoax.

These days, the socialist hoax is still unknown to most of the population.

Cloak a global power grab as progress for all of humanity.

Here, from chapter six of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, The Rockefellers and the Reds, is a devastating passage commenting on the period just after the Russian Revolution of 1917:

The Rockefellers assigned their public relations agent, Ivy Lee, to sell the American public the idea that the Bolsheviks were merely misunderstood idealists who were actually kind benefactors of mankind.

Professor Antony Sutton of Stanford Universitys Hoover Institution, notes in his highly authoritative Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development:

Quite predictably[Ivy] Lee concludes that the communist problem is merely psychological. By this time he is talking about Russians (not Communists) and concludes they are all right. He suggests the United States should not engage in propaganda; makes a plea for peaceful coexistence; and suggests the United States would find it sound policy to recognize the USSR and advance credits [give loans]. (Antony Sutton, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1930, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, Calif., 1968, p.292)

After the Bolshevik Revolution, Standard of New Jersey [Rockefeller] bought 50 per cent of the Nobels huge Caucasus oil fields even though the property had theoretically been nationalized [by Russia]. (OConnor, Harvey, The Empire Of Oil, Monthly Review Press, New York, 1955, p.270.)

In 1927, Standard Oil of New York [Rockefeller] built a refinery in Russia, thereby helping the Bolsheviks put their economy back on its feet. Professor Sutton states: This was the first United States investment in Russia since th...


Floods hit rubber output in southern Indian state as death toll rises to 79 - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

Floods hit rubber output in southern Indian state as death toll rises to 79Thomson Reuters FoundationKOCHI, India/MUMBAI, Aug 16 (Reuters) - The death toll from the southern Indian state of Kerala's worst floods in a century has risen to 79, a government official said, with rising water levels likely to impact rubber and other plantations in the ...and more 


What If There Were No Official Narratives? The Daily Sheeple

After the mass medias complicity in selling the Iraq invasion to the western world, we should have seen scores of people fired and changes put in place to prevent such unforgivable complicity from ever occurring again. Instead, no changes whatsoever were made to ensure that news media outlets never facilitate another disaster at the hands of secretive government agencies, and now these same outlets are allowed to promote world-shaping narratives on no evidentiary basis beyond Its true because we said so.

Theres a consensus, agreed-upon narrative about whats going on in the world that is advanced by all mass media outlets regardless of what political sector those outlets market themselves to. Exactly what should be done about individual events and situations might vary a bit from pundit to pundit and outlet to outlet, but the overall how it is narrative about whats happening is the same across the board. This is the official narrative, and the plutocrat-owned media/political class has full control over it.

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Returning from Libyan detention, young Gambians try to change the migration exodus mindset RSS feed from

Youth groups are using radio shows, social media, events, even hit singles to try to turn a long-running tide


Soil Microbes Speed up Global Warming Truthdig RSS

As the world warms so does much of the planets basic matter, thanks to its subterranean citizens, the soil microbes, intent on putting more energy into the important business of decay and recycling.

As a consequence, everywhere, more carbon dioxide escapes into the atmosphere, according to a new study. And since there is at least twice as much carbon in the soil mostly in the form of plant detritus as there is in the atmosphere, the discovery is ominous.

With more of the greenhouse gas escaping from soil to air, so the rate at which the world warms picks up speed, to accelerate yet further soil respiration.

US researchers report in the journal Nature that they looked at results from more than 1,500 studies and data from more than 500 monitoring towers around the world that measure temperature, rainfall and other evidence, to conclude that between 1990 and 2014 the rate of soil respiration has increased by 1.2%.

Its important to note that this is a finding based on observations in the real world. This is not a tightly controlled lab experiment, said first author Ben Bond-Lamberty of the Joint Global Change Research Institute, partnered by the US Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland.

With rising soil respiration rates, you wont have an intact land carbon sink forever

Soils around the globe are responding to a warming climate, which in turn can convert more carbon into carbon dioxide which enters the atmosphere. Depending on how other components of the carbon cycle might respond due to climate warming, these soil changes can potentially contribute to even higher temperatures due to a feedback loop.

The role of soil microbes remains one of the great unknowns in the climate conundrum. A microbe bacterium or fungus is tiny but vital. Single-celled creatures managed the living world for two billion years before the first complex animals and plants, turning carbon dioxide into carbon and oxygen, and then converting dead lifeforms back into new raw materials for life.

And their numbers are huge: so vast that terrestrial bacteria add up to 70 billion tons of living carbon, and fungi another 12 billion tons, according to a recent estimate. Together these microbes weigh 40 times as much as all the animals on the planet.

And for years climate scientists have puzzled about the impact of warming on the silent living things under foot and out of sight. They identified the microbial world as key to the puzzle of the carbon budget and...


Women of Color Are Making History Ahead of Midterms Truthdig RSS

It has been a banner year for women running in elections across the country in statehouse, gubernatorial and congressional races. But women of color, who have been so dramatically underrepresented in the halls of power for so long, are making particularly significant gains. Whats even more exciting is that many of them are going beyond standard identity politics and espousing strongly progressive positions. While the more important battles will come in Novembers general elections, the primary races have already indicated that we are witnessing a game-changing moment in the nations political landscape.

Much has been written about the breakout star of the New York primary, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who stunned the nation in an overwhelming victory against top Democrat Joe Crowley in the Bronx and Queens for a House seat. The 28-year-old self-identified democratic socialist of Puerto Rican heritage, who is expected to handily beat her little-known Republican opponent in November, is slated to become the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress.

Two progressive Muslim womenPalestinian-American Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Somali-American Ilhan Omar in Minnesotarecently won their respective Democratic Party primaries for seats in the House. Both women are running in strongly Democratic districts, with Tlaib poised to win the seat vacated by John Conyers and Omar appearing likely to replace Rep. Keith Ellison (who has stepped down to run for another office). Together, they would lead the way as the first Muslim women to ever serve in the U.S. Congress. Even more significantly, both women espouse core progressive demands such as Medicare for all, abolishing ICE, and a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

New Mexicos Deb Haaland could also make history in November, if she beats her Republican opponent, Janice Arnold-Jones, by becoming the nations first Native American woman to serve in Congress. A new poll showed her with a small but significant lead against Arnold-Jones, who is a Trumpian Republican. Haaland is also progressive, especially on issues of womens reproductive righ...


'Abrupt thaw' of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly affect climate change models RSS feed from

Methane released by thawing permafrost from some Arctic lakes could significantly accelerate climate change, according to a new study. Unlike shallow, gradual thawing of terrestrial permafrost, the abrupt thaw beneath thermokarst lakes is irreversible this century. Even climate models that project only moderate warming this century will have to factor in their emissions, according to the researchers.


Forensic scientists develop technique of identifying pedophiles through their hands Signs of the Times

A British forensic specialist has developed a way to identify pedophiles using only images of the perpetrator's hands and the novel new system has already helped put a child sex abuser behind bars. In 2014, Greater Manchester Police enlisted the help of forensic anthropologist Dame Professor Sue Black in an effort to solve a child rape case. The crime in question involved sick footage found on a computer belonging to Manchester man, Jeremy Oketch. The video showed a man with his face obscured sexually abusing a two-year-old girl. While police investigators were sure that when they first questioned Oketch in July 2014 he was the perpetrator, officers feared that without an admission of guilt he could walk free.


Singer Aretha Franklin, RIP Dear Kitty. Some blog

This music video from the USA says about itself:

Aretha Franklin I Say A Little Prayer: her very best performance!

Aretha Franklin performs I Say A Little Prayer, October 9, 1970.

By Nina Golgowski in the USA today:

Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul, Dies At 76

The Detroit singer is best known for R&B hits like Respect and Think.

Aretha Franklin, the undisputed Queen of Soul whose powerhouse vocal cords revolutionized American music and made her one of the top-selling female musicians of all time, has died at age 76, her publicist told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The cause of death was advanced pancreatic cancer, her oncologist confirmed to the AP.

In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family, Franklins family said in a statement.

Her Top 10 hits included (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, Think, I Say a Little Prayer, Chain of Fools, and most famously her signature rendition of Otis Reddings Respect, which became a rallying cry for strong, independent women and black empowerment during the civil rights era.

In later years, the Franklins became close to the Rev. Martin Luther King...


A Snapshot of the Internet Kill Switch in 2018 Waking Times

Terence Newton, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

For over a decade now, activists and truth-seekers have been watching the growing influence of the internet on society and politics, pointing out that when millions of people become informed to truth, it would drastically change the political landscape in America and around the world.

And it has.

At the same time, weve been warned that when mass, virtually free information sharing by the general public became a genuine threat to the establishment and status quo, that an internet kill switch was ready behind the scenes to shut it all down.

And it is.

But while ten years ago, this prospect conjured up images of an actual switch in a DARPA facility somewhere in the Rocky Mountains that would literally power down the infrastructure and back bone of the world-wide web, we are seeing today what the kill switch really looks like. It really is more of corporate/government affair that targets unwanted information.

This is the true form of the internet kill switch as it appears in 2018.

1.) Violation of Community Guidelines (The Outright Ban) First and foremost is the now ubiquitous, blanket statement that users of corporate media platforms get when their pages, channels, accounts are shut down. It never points to anything specific, or offers an opportunity to right the transgression. It is legalese for f$#k off, youre not wanted around here.

2.) Shadow Banning This is the act of allowing a persona non grata to continue to use a corporate media platform, but not allowing their posts or content to actually be seen by anyone.

3.) Throttling of Reach Businesses and media organizations across the board have been seeing a steady and dramatic decline in their ability to reach their audience. The number of page likes really means absolutely nothing, and while these people have signed up to receive content from you, the social media platforms make sure that only a tiny fraction of your audience actually get...


Trump Reportedly Greenlights Use of Cyberattacks Scrapping Obama-Era Directive The Fifth Column

(Sputnik) President Trump has reversed an Obama-era memorandum on how and when the US government can deploy cyberweapons against its adversaries, in an effort to loosen restrictions on such operations, The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The executive order signed by Trump on Wednesday is a retreat from an Obama-era memorandum known as Presidential Policy Directive 20 signed by then-Presidnet Barack Obama in February 2009, that outlined an interagency process to be followed  before the United States uses cyberattacks, particularly those targeting the countrys adversaries.

The sources the WSJ spoke to declined to go into the details of the new directive, citing its classified nature.

President Trump earlier criticized the excessively bureaucratic procedure of implementing the Presidential Policy Directive 20 complaining about the large number of federal agencies involved in the process.

On June 18, the Pentagon authorized the US Cyber Command to raid foreign networks almost  on a daily basis hoping that that such pre-emptive measures would help disable cyberweapons before they can be used.

Created in 2009, the US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) unifies the direction of cyberspace operations, strengthens the Pentagons cyberspace capabilities, and integrates and bolsters its cyber expertise. While originally created with a defensive mission in mind, it has increasingly been viewed as an offensive force.

Originally published by Sputnik

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Kim Dotcom says dump worthless dollar in favor of gold & crypto as US debt spirals out of control blogfactory

Controversial internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has called for the ditching of the US dollar, which, he says, is doomed to depreciation, and investing into gold and cryptocurrencies.

The huge US debt will destroy the American economy and lead to a global economic collapse, which is just around the corner, the founder of the now defunct Hong Kong-based online company Megaupload tweeted on Sunday.

Kim Dotcom


Trust me. Buy crypto and gold. Your USD will become worthless. With US economic collapse all old money currencies will crash.

Times will get tough. But youll be fine if you hedge some of your assets in preparation for the crash.

The big crash is coming 100%.

  • ...


RIP Aretha Franklin, how fortunate I am to have met you Health Nut News

(Note from Erin: I was so fortunate to see Aretha live in Pittsburg, Pennslyvania. We sat in the front row and she sang right to us. And another time in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of meeting her and speaking with her. She was a treasure and will be missed.) We are so sorry []

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Remembering how Russia saved Ukrainian soldiers during the 2014 Ilovaysk cauldron Signs of the Times

We are approaching the fourth anniversary of the so-called "Ilovaisk cauldron', which saw the crushing of the Ukrainian army and militants of Ukrainian Nazi paramilitary groups several months into Kiev's war on Donbass. The battles for and around Ilovaysk began in the summer of 2014 on the eve of Ukrainian independence day, as Kiev's military and political leadership aimed to capture the city to mark the national holiday and present post-Maidan society with a major military victory. In the end, the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Nazi battalions suffered a crushing defeat, one of the first and largest in the war in Donbass.


French doctor who claims homosexuality is treatable by homeopathy faces medical investigation Signs of the Times

A French doctor who claimed that homosexuality can be treated by alternative medicine is facing a Swiss government probe. The Geneva-based homeopath Jean-Yves Henry said homosexuality is "not a pathology but a special symptom." Henry published a paper saying that homosexuality is a symptom of illness, and can be treated with homeopathy and alternative medicine depending on the patient's gender. Geneva regional health minister Mauro Poggia has urged the government body that oversees health professionals and patient rights in the Swiss canton to investigate the doctor's practice. "For him, it would seem that homosexuality is an illness to cure. This element is enough to justify opening an investigation," Poggia told Le Courrier daily. The case was brought to Poggia's attention following significant backlash on social media, with Twitter users dubbing the French doctor a "clown," an "insult to science," and a "charlatan."


World is drowning in debt and it spells disaster for everyone blogfactory

The entire planet is swimming in debt, yet no one seems to criticize the system itself as being fundamentally flawed.

A man in debt is so far a slave, American essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once reportedly said.

In light of this statement, I contend that I dont need to have a college degree in economics to tell you that our current financial system enslaving the entire world is not sustainable and headed for one hell of a spectacularly ugly crash.

Last month, the Washington-based Institute of International Finance published their latest statistics indicating that global debt had reached $247.2 trillion by the end of March this year, an increase of 11.1 percent from last year alone. In other words, since the start of this year, global debt rose by a whopping $8 trillion in just three to four months.

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Whirling dervishes at the Galata Mevlevihane, Istanbul, 2013 Gurcan Ozturk


In 2016, the global debt was already at $164 trillion, which was equivalent to 225 percent of global GDP. The global debt-to GDP ratio currently exceeds 318 percent, having risen for the first time since the third quarter of 2016. Just the US debt to GDP ratio alone currently exceeds 100 percent. This debt-to-GDP ratio is 12 percentage points higher than in 2009, during the aftermath of the global financial crisis. We are now at levels not seen since during the 1980s and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects this to continue on an upward trend.

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the pace of the debt increase in this first quarter is a concern, noting that the quality of the debt has declined as well. Perhaps I do need that college degree after all, because it is beyond me how different debts have different qualities. Debt is debt, and right now the entire globe is drowning in it.

According to the report, government debt has...


Five Examples That Show Internet Censorship Is as Much a Threat to the Left as the Right The Daily Sheeple

The banning of right wing controversialist Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms last week was a cause of celebration for many liberals, but should those on the left really be so complacent about creeping censorship?

So far, the evidence suggest that there is indeed plenty for the left to worry about when it comes to corporations like Facebook and Twitter and their alliances with government censors.

1. Facebook censorship of Venezuelan news

In May, Facebook partnered with the Atlantic Council in an effort to weed out inauthentic content on the platform. This organization is funded by various NATO governments and a slew of arms manufacturers like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Its board includes names like Henry Kissinger and former CIA director Michael Hayden and it has consistently lobbied for regime change in Syria and, you guessed it, Venezuela, where it has funnelled large amounts of money into pro-opposition groups for years.

So, its no surprise that weeks after Facebook partnered up with this less-than-objective group, it deleted from its platform the page belonging to top English-language, left-leaning Latin American news outlet Telesur without any explanation at all. The page was restored two days later, with Facebook citing vague instability on the platform as the cause of the block.

Telesur just so happens to be one of the only major outlets reporting on events in Venezuela in a manner that goes against the US government position and US mainstream media perspective so obviously, out with Alex Jones it must go.

It wasnt just Telesur, though. Facebook deleted the pages belonging to independent grassroots Venezuela Analysis and Haiti Analysis, which are also leftist websites highly critical of US foreign policy in Latin America and the Caribbean region.


Prepare for the coming chaos blogfactory

We havent seen carnage like this in the global financial marketplace in quite some time.  On Wednesday, U.S. stocks were down some, but things were much, much worse around the rest of the world.  Global banking stocks are plunging, emerging market stocks are cratering, and emerging market currencies continue their stunning decline.  This represents a dramatic change from the relative stability that we have seen throughout most of 2018.  It is almost as if someone flipped a switch once the month of August began, and the shakiness of global financial markets has many investors wondering what trouble fall will bring.  What we are witnessing right now is not a full-blown panic yet, but it definitely has the potential to turn into one.

The term bear market is being thrown around a lot lately, but a lot of people dont understand what a bear market actually is.

A bear market is generally considered to be when we see a decline of 20 percent or more from the 52-week high, and after the carnage of this past week a lot of those thresholds are now being crossed.

It would probably be too early to call this a global stock market crash, but we are well on the way to getting there.  The following are 5 signs that global financial markets are entering a bear market

#1 Global stocks have now fallen beneath all key moving averages.  Those key moving averages are important psychological thresholds for investors, and if we have a few more days like Wednesday we could see global financial markets go into full panic mode.

#2 European banking stocks have now officially entered a bear market, and all major European stock indexes are now red for the year.

#3 Global banking stocks are down a whopping 23 percent from the peak established earlier this year, and that means that they have officially entered a bear market.

#4 Emerging market stocks have fallen...


600 Chipotle customers got sick in Ohio, and now we know why Fast Company

Over 600 people got sick after eating at an Ohio Chipotle. Now we know why.

Late last month, hundreds of people in Ohio got sick and they had one thing in common: Chipotle. Between July 26 and July 30, over 600 people experienced stomach discomfort after eating at one Chipotle location in the midwestern state. The embattled fast-casual chain was hit with a lawsuit over the incident

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Aretha Franklin dies at 76 blogfactory

Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin died today at 76, her publicist announced.

Known as the Queen of Soul, Franklin was nominated for 44 Grammy Awards, and won 18.


#Lebanon Ranked Fourth Worst WorldWide in Electricity Supply Blog Baladi

The Spectator Index tweeted a list of countries with the worst electricity supply for 2017 and Lebanon ranked fourth worst on that list, ahead of Yemen, Nigeria & Haiti.

The tweet is based on the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index for 2017-2018 which ranks the quality of electricity supply on a scale from 1 to 7 [1 = extremely unreliable; 7 = extremely reliable].

At this point, all we have to do now is notify the WEF about the new meters were bringing in for the generator owners and add the kilowatts provided to the EDL meters and we will top that list in no time


Celebrate the Queen of Soul with our Aretha Franklin playlist Fast Company

On the day of her passing, we chose 10 songs from the legendary singers incomparable catalogue.

Aretha Franklin was, and forever will be, one of the most influential and celebrated singers of all time. Her passing has left a hole in music that no artist can replace. Over the course of five decades, the Queen of Soul rightfully earned that title, winning 18 Grammys, selling more than 75 million records, being the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and sitting atop Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Singers list.

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Sacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients Fast Company

The technology snaps photos of license plates when the cars they are attached to make their way past telephone poles and police cars.

Sacramento County officials have been tracking the license plates of welfare recipients in the hopes of catching potential fraud, according to a new report in the Sacramento Bee.

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Facebook bans Infowars for 'hatespeech' but allows rapper who posted child porn to Instagram to keep his account Signs of the Times

As the Free Thought Project pointed out last week, a concerted effort by multiple social media companies and tech giants was formed to remove Alex Jones from their platforms. These platforms, including Facebook, claimed Jones' rhetoric violated their terms of service, so they effectively eradicated his audience on social media. As TFTP reported, Jones pushes anti-Muslim rhetoric, plays right along with the two-party paradigm, and serves as little more than a cheerleader for the current president, all while stoking division all the way along. His words are often hateful and he sometimes spreads outrageous conspiracy theories. While Jones may distribute a ton of questionable content, he's never posted anything illegal and, he has never posted videos of child porn to any of his platforms. What does child porn have to do with Alex Jones, you ask? Well, nothing really unless we compare Jones getting banned for his entirely legal political speech while others have posted literal child porn to social media and maintain their accounts. Seriously. For those who may be unfamiliar, rapper Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 6ix9ine, is facing three years in prison for uploading videos to Instagram of he and a friend having sexual contact with a naked 13-year-old girl.


4 Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind Wake Up World

August 17th, 2018 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World Stop and smell the roses. Have you seen the intricate beauty in flowers and the natural world around you lately? It is confounding and amazing to me how many people deny themselves of moments to pause and reflect on the beauty of the []


Corals on old North Sea oil rigs could help natural reefs recover RSS feed from

Not only are deep-sea coral ecosystems thriving on oil and gas rigs in the North Sea, their larvae may be helping repopulate damaged natural reefs

Thursday, 16 August


Jon Rappoport -- Beyond an Artificial World Operation Disclosure

Beyond an artificial world

By Jon Rappoport

Futurists are inclined to predict a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) will take over a major portion of what is now human activity.

In a matter of decades, for example, they say one computer will have more capacity than all the human brains on the planet put together.

Then, the prediction goes, AI will be virtually human, or more than human.

However, just because AI has greater computational skills than any person or group of persons, where is the quality that makes it human?

In order to answer that, you have to perform a little trick. You have to downgrade your assessment of humans. You have to say that humans are really only high-class machines.

Many pundits have no difficulty with this.

Consider their genes-cause-everything hypothesis: Since all existence is assumed to take place on a material level, on a physical level, it's only a matter of time until we figure out which genes create which human qualities; eventually, we'll have a complete map.

To change humans, we just fiddle with the genes.

Of course, this style of reasoning can be used to justify external control of Earth's population. The assumption is: we are already living in a closed system of cause and effect, and that system IS controlling all human behavior. Gene tinkering and handing over immense decision-power to advanced computers is nothing more than re-arranging the closed system. It was closed and it is closed and it will be closed. No problem.

Right now, the system appears to dictate wars and pain and suffering, so won't it be much better when the gene-reconfiguration and the AI computers-in-charge eliminate that aspect of things?

Believe me, many scientists are thinking along these lines, and they are serious about their goals.

They consider themse...


Lockheed Martin Awarded Over $3 Billion in Govt Contracts in Just Two Days, As Military Frets About Russian, Chinese Advances MintPress News

WASHINGTON The U.S. Air Force announced within the span of two days earlier this week that it had awarded over $3.3 billion in contracts to U.S. weapons giant Lockheed Martin. The first of these contracts, totaling $480 million, was announced on Monday and tasked Lockheed with designing a new hypersonic missile. The new missile, known as the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), is the second hypersonic missile under development at Lockheed, as the U.S. Air Force awarded a $928 million contract to the company this past April to develop the Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW) program.

The second contract, totaling a sizable $2.9 billion, was awarded to Lockheed on Tuesday and tasks the company with creating three missile-warning satellites, with each satellite set to cost just under $1 billion each.

What grave threat has prompted the U.S. military to spend over $3 billion on new missiles in just four months? According to military officials, the answer is Russia and China, as statements made earlier this year by Air Force officials clearly show that new missiles developed by Russia and China are significantly superior to those currently used by the U.S.

In January, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, told reporters, We have lost our technical advantage in hypersonics; we havent lost the hypersonics fight, adding that China has made it a national program, so Chinas willing to spend tens up to hundreds of billions to solve the problem of hypersonic flight, hypersonic target designation, and then ultimately engagement.

A few months later in March, Air Force Gen. John Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that we [U.S.] dont have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon [hypersonic missiles] against us. Hyten also stated that both Russia and China are aggressively pursuing hypersonic...


European Union on Tuesday stepped up its legal threats to Poland over its controversial Supreme Court reforms blogfactory

European Union on Tuesday stepped up its legal threats to Poland over its controversial Supreme Court reforms, giving Warsaw one month to comply or risk being hauled before the blocs top court.

The move raises the stakes in a bitter, long-running confrontation between the European Commission and Polands right-wing government over the rule of law in the former communist state.

Brussels launched so-called infringement proceedings against Warsaw on July 2 over the changes introduced by the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), which critics say put the judicial system under government control and are a threat to Polish democracy.

The European Commission said that after carrying out a thorough analysis of Warsaws response, it had now decided to begin the second step of legal action against Poland.

The response of the Polish authorities does not alleviate the Commissions legal concerns, it said in a statement.

The Polish authorities now have one month to take the necessary measures to comply with this Reasoned Opinion. If the Polish authorities do not take appropriate measures, the Commission may decide to refer the case to the Court of Justice of the EU.


Protestors in Krakow hold a sign that reads "Shame", depicting Law and Justice party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski


17 Years Later, Physics Magazine Concludes: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition WorldTruth.Tv

Renowned Physics Magazine Concludes in New Report: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition. Over the past 17 years many highly respected academics and experts have come forward to challenge the official narrative on the collapse of the WTC towers forwarded by the U.S. government. The official government position holds that the collapse []


Silicon Valley is dismantling a priceless piece of its history Fast Company

The Ampex sign was a monument to the tech industrys roots, and should have stood alongside Highway 101 forever.

Only a few companies can claim to have been part of Silicon Valley before the term Silicon Valley came into useand the legendary Ampex is one of them. Founded in 1944 by Alexander Poniatoff, it introduced the first commercial video-tape recorder in 1956, thereby ushering in a new era in communications. Its easy to connect the dots between Ampexs legacy and other key accomplishments in tech history: It gave Atari founder Nolan Bushnell his first job in the Valley, for example. Bushnell, in turn, gave Steve Jobs his first job at Atari.

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Silicon Valley giants aren't the same as Christian bakeries Signs of the Times

BNN EDIT: LBJ Library/Flickr, Getty Images: Ludovic Marin/AFP, Drew Angerer, Justin Sullivan In the intense debate that followed the rapid-fire censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars across virtually every major digital distribution platform last week, no argument has been lazier than the comparison with Christian-owned bakeries. According to this line of thinking, calls for tech giants to be regulated is equivalent to the leftist cry of "bake the cake, bigot!", usually yelled at Christian bakers who refuse to cater to gay weddings on the grounds of religious principle. As a short essay in the liberal imperialist neoconservative magazine Weekly Standard put it: You might recall a couple months ago when conservatives celebrated the Masterpiece Cake Shop decision. (Rightly, in my view.) The nub of their argument was that privately held businesses ought to be allowed to refuse certain kinds of services to certain customers, provided that (1) the refusal was based on reasonable, non-discriminatory grounds and that (2) the person being refused had reasonable recourse to an alternative remedy. That's precisely what has happened here.


Watch: Your iPhone is definitely not spying on you, Jimmy Kimmel claims Fast Company

Apple swears it isnt spying.

Apple claims that it purposely designs its products to collect as little data as possible, but if you dont find this claim reassuring, youre not alone. Thats like if your neighbor knocks on the bathroom window and says I havent been watching you, Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday nights episode of his late night show.

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(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1639: Central Bankers are up to Something | The Tables have Turned Operation Disclosure

Published on Aug 15, 2018

IMF says Spain needs 5 million migrants to pay pensions, what about all the youths that are not working. US household debt hit 13.3 trillion dollars, nothing to worry about. Retail sector rebound with a revision to last month data and the increase in gasoline price. US production slows. Why are the banks getting rid of the ATM machines and closing branches, is the plan to go to a cashless society or to prepare for a collapse. The FBI warns that ATM will be hit by a cyber attack where billions will be stolen world wide.

Published on Aug 15, 2018

The new NDAA (John McCain NDAA) was put into law there was a section which allowed the President to strip government employees of their security clearance, it just happened to John Brennan, who's next. Iran supreme leader says the 2015 negotiations were a mistake. Q drops more bread crumbs and goes deep into many of the issues. Q explains that the tables have turned and now the deep state is being hunted.


While your salary stays the same, CEOs keep getting raises Fast Company

CEOs are outearning regular workers by a whopping 312 to 1.

The U.S. economy is doing fairly well, on paper at leastunemployment is down to around 3.9% from around 4.4% last year, and the labor force is steadily ballooning.

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Rock band Pearl Jam slammed for poster depicting Trump as rotting corpse Signs of the Times

Rock band Pearl Jam has stirred the political cauldron with an official event poster which depicts the White House engulfed in flames and the carcass of US President Donald Trump being picked over by a bald eagle. The image by bassist Jeff Ament and illustrator Bobby Brown was used as promotional material for Pearl Jam's gig at Grizzly-Washington Stadium, Montana on Monday. The event was a benefit to urge fans to get out and vote in the Montana Senate election in November, with Ament known to be a firm supporter of current Democratic Senator Jon Tester. The band is currently fundraising for Tester's reelection.


US-Turkey Crisis: Unrealistic Ambitions and Multipolar Chaos Underlie the Latest Mideast Drama MintPress News

ANKARA, TURKEY (Analysis) The United States economic war on Turkey over the detention of a U.S. pastor is showing no sign of winding down any time soon. Instead, the long-brewing row between the two countries could mark a significant break in relations between Washington and Ankara, which has long played the role of a U.S.-loyal guard at NATOs southern flank.

Washingtons financial sanctions on two Turkish ministers and doubling of tariffs on the countrys aluminum and steel products sparked a sharp devaluing of the Turkish lira, and its subsequent rebound, which has set in motion a market volatility that has spilled beyond Turkeys borders. Economists fear that the feud, if it spirals further downward, may spark a crisis of global proportions.  

Trump, for his part, has pointed to the detention of Evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson on espionage and terrorism charges as the cause of the diplomatic battle. Yet the sharp escalation of the feud between the two countries goes far beyond the pastor alone and is rooted in their overlapping and sharply conflicting geopolitical interests.

The crisis is typical of the global context, where countries have struck new diplomatic courses as the declining power and reliability of Washington forces governments to rethink their long-term foreign-policy goals.


Economic terrorists and back-stabbing

On Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan signed a decree slapping tariffs on U.S. imports, including alcohol, coal, cosmetics, rice, tobacco, and vehicles. Some of the tariffs are as high as 120 to 140 percent, depending on the product.

The move to introduce the new tariffs comes a day after Turkeys leader vowed that his country would boycott U.S. electronic goods, such as the iPhone, claiming Turks would opt for alternatives produced at home and in countries like South Korea.

Turkish Vice-President Fuat Oktay announced that the tariffs were within the framework of the principle of reciprocity in retaliation for the conscious economic attacks by the United States.

Ankaras critics claim that the collapse of the lira which has lost over 40 percent of its value this year is a result of the countrys structural economi...


SPECIAL REPORT-Children poisoned by lead on US Army bases as hazards ignored - Thomson Reuters Foundation RSS feed from

SPECIAL REPORT-Children poisoned by lead on US Army bases as hazards ignoredThomson Reuters Foundation(For more Reuters Special Reports, double-click on). By Joshua Schneyer and Andrea Januta. FORT BENNING, Georgia, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Army Colonel J. Cale Brown put his life on the line in two tours of duty in Afghanistan, earning a pair of Bronze Stars ...and more 


UN Report Finds ISIS Given Breathing Space in US-Occupied Areas of Syria MintPress News

NEW YORK A recent report from the UN Security Councils Sanctions Monitoring Team has found that many of the places in Syria where the terror group Daesh (ISIS) continues to operate, recuperate and extract oil for profit are in areas of the country occupied by the United States.

According to the reports executive summary:

Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), having been defeated militarily in Iraq and most of the Syrian Arab Republic during 2017, rallied in early 2018 [owing to] a loss of momentum by forces fighting it in the east of the Syrian Arab Republic, which prolonged access by ISIL to resources and gave it breathing space to prepare for the next phase of its evolution into a global covert network.

While the text itself doesnt explicitly state who controls these areas of Syrian territory, maps of eastern Syria make it clear that the pockets of Daesh within U.S.-controlled territory have remained unchanged in size since November 2017 while the Daesh pockets in the Syrian government-controlled portion of eastern Syria have shrunk considerably since last November.

A map of the territory held by ISIS (grey) at the Syrian-Iraqi border in the U.S. controlled zone north of the Euphrates (yellow). April 24, 2018. Source | Syria Live Map

A map of the territory held by ISIS (grey) at the Syrian-Iraqi border in the U.S. controlled zone north of the Euphrates (yellow). April 24, 2018. Source | Syria Live Map



This bombshell is pummeling todays young people like never before Health Nut News

Anxiety has exponentially risen in recent years. Not only do more than half of all American college students report anxiety, research also shows anxiety characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear is now 800 percent more prevalent than all forms of cancer. Data from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests the prevalence []

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More Fallout from Trumps Economic War as Turkey Joins Russia In Liquidating US Treasuries MintPress News

Last month, when we reported that Russia had liquidated the bulk of its US Treasury holdings in just two months, we said that we cant help but wonder as the Yuan-denominated oil futures were launched, trade wars were threatened, and as more sanctions were unleashed on Russia if this wasnt a dress-rehearsal, carefully coordinated with Beijing to field test what would happen if/when China also starts to liquidate its own Treasury holdings.

As it turns out, Russia did lead the way, but not for China.

Instead, another recent US foreign nemesis, Turkey, was set to follow in Putins footsteps of diversifying away from the dollar, and in the June Treasury International Capital, Turkey completely dropped off the list of major holders of US Treasurys, which has a $30 billion floor to be classified as a major holder.

According to the US Treasury, Turkeys holdings of bonds, bills and notes tumbled by 52% since the end of 2017, dropping to $28.8 billion in June from $32.6 billion in May and $61.2 billion at the recent high of November of 2016.

US Treasury Holdings Turkey

Meanwhile, as we showed earlier, Russia which first fell off the list last month after being a top-10 foreign creditor to the US just a few years ago saw its Treasury holdings remain unchanged at an 11 year low of just $14.9 billion.

US Treasury Holdings Russia

The selloffs took place well before a diplomatic fallout between the US and both Turkey and Russia resulted in new sets of s...


Nepal: South Asian military and police officers discuss challenges in security operations RSS feed from

Article | In South Asia, the ICRC's regional workshop (Military in Security Operations) for armed forces and police officers is serving as a platform to discuss every aspect of security operations with a unique approach.


Shed Not a Tear for War Criminal John Brennan, Say Legal Experts MintPress News

While Democratic senators, corporate talking heads, former national security officials, and Twitter pundits issued dire proclamations about the dangerous precedent President Donald Trump set on Wednesday by revoking former CIA Director John Brennans security clearance for obviously vindictive and political reasons, critics of Americas far-too-powerful intelligence apparatus were quick to express how little sympathy they feel for Brennan, given his utterly horrendous track record of defending torture and masterminding the Obama administrations deadly drone program.

John Brennan is being punished by not being able to find out who got droned yesterday, I hope hes ok, joked Splinters Libby Watson.

But while well-established critics of the American national security state refused to shed a single tear for Brennanor, for that matter, any of the other former intelligence officials on Trumps so-called enemies listthe very fact that Trump has such a list and is using the power of the presidency to punish the individuals on it sparked alarm among journalists and civil libertarians.

The First Amendment does not permit the president to revoke security clearances to punish his critics, Ben Wizner, director of the American Civil Liberties Unions Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, argued in a statement on Wednesday, referring to the fact that the officials on Trumps list have frequently denounced the president on television.

Brennans record is full of grave missteps, and we have been unsparing in our criticism of his defense of the CIA torture program and his role in...


Max Blumenthal: Nicaraguas Left-Wing Opposition MRS Lobbies the West for Regime Change MintPress News

On a recent episode of my Moderate Rebels podcast with Ben Norton, I asked Nils McCune about the role of the Sandinista Renovation Movement (Movimiento Renovador Sandinista MRS) party in marketing the recent coup in Nicaragua as a progressive popular mobilization.

McCune, a longtime resident of the Nicaraguan city of Tipitapa, has worked closely with the countrys rural campesino movement and observed the coup from the ground. He is also an astute observer of the countrys politics and history.

Below is audio of our discussion and a transcript of McCunes comments on the MRS, its collaboration with right-wing elements inside Nicaragua, and its importance in selling the coup to the Western liberal-left.

The full Moderate Rebels episode can be heard here.

Nils McCune:  I think that for decades, probably for centuries, the elite have done politics, right?  And everybody else has the job of just sort of carrying out the economic activity that allows the elite to stay where they are.  And in Nicaragua, that model lasted for decades and decades until the 1920s when, out of the civil war that the United States got involved in and used as a pretext to occupy the country, a figure named Augusto Csar Sandino formed his own army to fight against the US presence here. 

And that army was based upon the idea of a difficult struggle in which the elite would cede ground to workers and to peasants, because only workers and peasants have the strength to carry out a long-term struggle for their own interests thats capable of beating imperialism.  That was his thesis, and he was really the developer of guerrilla warfare in the Americas, he was the first person to use it. 

It was successful.  The US Marines left Nicaragua after six years of occupation.  And then Sandino was betrayed and killed by Somoza, the Somoza regime got started.  But the reason thats important to keep in mind is that when the Sandinista Revolution successfully took power in 1979, there was a combination of oligarchy families that were very unhappy with Somoza, as we...


Israels Shin Bet Interrogate, Threaten US Scholar Reza Aslan MintPress News

The Iranian-American scholar and writer said he was threatened by Israels Shin Bet of not seeing his children in a long time.

Iranian-American scholar Reza Aslan tweeted Tuesday that he was detained and questioned for hours by Israels Security Agency, known as the Shin Bet, while he was crossing into Israel from Jordan two weeks ago.

According to Aslan Israeli officers threatened him saying things like we can make it so you dont see your kids for a long time, and asking you think because youre a public person I cant do whatever I want with you?

Threats were issued after authorities demanded Aslan to write down the names of all Palestinian journalists, associates, and organizations he had met with.

Aslan decided to share his story after Jewish-American journalist Peter Beinart was detained for questioning at the Ben-Gurion International Airport. Beinart reported, the (interrogation) session ended when my interrogator asked me, point blank if I was planning to attend another protest.

After retelling the story of his detention, Aslan denounced the tactic used by Israeli authorities as classic police state trick. Iran has perfected it. Aslan was asked if he thought Israel shouldnt exist, to which he answered that is absurd. Im against the occupation, not Israel.

At the end of his interrogation, he was warned not to talk to any Palestinians or Israeli troublemakers

The Shin Bet has admitted to having interrogated the best-selling author and scholar but denied having threatened him or having asked about his political opinions. The Israeli agency claims Aslan raised suspicion but without explaining how. Aslan was traveling with his wife, his 3-year-old and 6-year-old children, and elderly in-laws.

This is not the first time the Shin Bet denies the testimony provided by people interrogated by their officers. Earlier this month Jewish American anti-occupation activists Simone Zimmerman and Abby Kirschbaum of the organization If Not Now were detained and questioned. Zimmerman said she was asked about her political stance and opinions on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Shin Bet...


Following Push by Bolton, Trump Green Lights More Cyberattacks MintPress News

President Donald Trump took steps on Wednesday to loosen limits on when the US government can deploy cyberweapons against adversaries, reversing Obama-era guidelines, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Trump signed an order reversing Presidential Policy Directive 20 that had mapped out an elaborate interagency process before the United States engaged in cyberattacks, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the action.

The White House did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Although the policy directive signed by former President Barack Obama was classified, its contents were made public when it was leaked in 2013 by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the Journal said.

It was not clear what rules the Trump administration was adopting to replace the Obama-era policy, the Journal said. It said while a number of current US officials confirmed the directive had been reversed, they declined to comment further, citing the classified nature of the process.

One administration official briefed on the decision described it as an offensive step forward intended to help support military operations, deter foreign election influence and thwart intellectual property theft by meeting such threats with a more forceful response, the Journal said.

National security adviser John Bolton began the effort to remove the directive after he took up his position in April, the official told the Journal.

Critics of the Obama-era policy have seen it as preventing a quick and forceful response to cyberattacks by involving too many federal agencies in the planning.

Top Photo | National security adviser John Bolton listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House, April 9, 2018, in Washington. Evan Vucci | AP

Source | MEMO

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War zone complicates roll-out of ebola vaccine in latest outbreak RSS feed from

Health workers must figure out how to dispense vaccines amid fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Tech conference rescinds Marine Le Pen invite after massive online pressure Signs of the Times

France's Marine Le Pen had her invitation to the Web Summit tech conference recalled after the organizers of the event, which is held in Portugal, got pounded with outraged messages from critics of the right-wing politician. Le Pen, leader of Euroskeptic National Front party, vanished from the list of speakers at the annual tech conference on Wednesday afternoon, which is taking place in Lisbon on November 5-8. Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave, who earlier defended Le Pen's participation, citing freedom of speech, changed his mind after a huge social media storm and calls to boycott the event. He announced the decision in a lengthy thread on Twitter. "It's clear to me now that the correct decision for @WebSummit is to rescind Marine Le Pen's invitation," Cosgrave tweeted on Wednesday, adding that the decision was based on "the large reaction online," and that Le Pen's presence would be "disrespectful" both to Portugal and some of attendees of the meeting.


TeleSUR's Facebook page restored after 'vague explanation' of controversial block Signs of the Times

The English language page of the Latin American channel Telesur has reappeared on Facebook after two days. The social network offered a vague technical explanation for the move that sparked concerns of censorship worldwide. "The team informs me that there was instability on the platform, which caused this problem, but now everything should be in order," Telesur quoted a support technician at Facebook as saying soon after the page was restored. Telesur's page had disappeared Monday evening, as Facebook sent a form letter informing the network it might have violated the platform's terms of use - without specifying which ones and how.


Tech expert proves police bodycams can be hacked and footage altered Signs of the Times

Footage recorded by police body cameras are vulnerable to hacking and can be easily edited, manipulated or deleted, while the officer wearing it may be tracked and surveilled, a cybersecurity expert has revealed. Bodycams came into being to aid transparency in policing operations and protect both officers, from defamation and false claims, and civilians, from excessive use of force, but the devices are not free of problems. "These videos can be as powerful as something like DNA evidence, but if they're not properly protected there's the potential that the footage could be modified or replaced," Josh Mitchell, a tech expert with Nuix, told the DefCon conference at the weekend, according toMotherboard.


The Portal: Cobra -- Key to Freedom Meditation Report Operation Disclosure

The Portal

The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Key to Freedom Meditation Report

With our meditation we have reached about 70% of the critical mass. Although all goals of the meditation have not been achieved, our accomplishments have been substantial.

The process of our meditation was reflected in these Gaia Portal messages:

With our meditation, one aspect of the deadlock that holds Earth in quarantine status has been resolved. This has triggered a cascade of clearing sequences that will last for about a month. After that time, the situation will be evaluated and a new report given.

As a result of our meditation, most anomalous plasma and plasma toplet bombs in the Near Earth orbit have been cleared. Anomalous plasma with all remaining toplet bombs now tends to gravitate towards the surface.

The head of the Yaldabaoth entity is almost completely disintegrated, with lesser plasmoid entities in rapid disintegration also.

A few more layers of toplet bombs will be removed in the coming month.



Three ways development NGOs are leading safeguarding change RSS feed from

Most British development NGOs have already made changes to their safeguarding practices since a UK Safeguarding Summit in March.


Anna Von Reitz -- For Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs Operation Disclosure

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The doctors, lawyers, and Indian Chiefs among us --- as the old poem goes ---have an extra stumbling block between them and their freedom.

The corporations that we have been dealing with "as" our governments set "Public Policies" which are then enumerated into Administrative Code --- as in "Federal Code" and State of State Statutes.

In order to become Public Law these Public Policies/Administrative Codes have to be published in the Congressional Record and enumerated in the CFR and enrolled. Titles 17 through 50 have never passed this test, because the so-called Revised Statutes have never been enumerated and enrolled.

The point of this is that Title XXXVII (37) which causes all the problems for civilian "Uniformed Officers" is part of the Revised Statutes that have never been rendered into Public Law. They remain merely the private "policy" of the governmental services corporations masquerading as our government.

So--- all the "requirements" that doctors and lawyers and Indian Chiefs be "registered" and/or licensed, or that they have to belong to some club or union like the American Bar Association or be approved as a member of the American Medical Association are nothing more than Public Policy of a corporation and its literal franchises, the States of States organizations.

People think its "law" but it's not.

That is the First Issue.

The Second Issue is that a corporation does have the right to set Public Policy for itself and its employees. Your employer can make you wear an ugly brown uniform and an orange gingham apron as a condition of your employme...


Anna Von Reitz -- Important Point Operation Disclosure

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Important Point:

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

A couple weeks ago, I published an Article called "This is the Big One"---- in which I observed that: (1) in commerce, the truth is established by Affidavit, and (2) that corporations cannot possibly give an Affidavit because they have no "voice" or motive force enabling them to do such a thing, and (3) since you have been "defined" to be operating in the capacity of a corporation (JOHN DOE, JOHN M.DOE, JOHN MARK DOE) you have therefore been deprived of having any voice or ability to make an Affidavit. Thus, YOU are helpless and cannot defend yourself or present the Truth in a commercial court.

So some people missed the point entirely, and others could not reason their way forward to a solution for this conundrum.

You will note that the exact verbiage of the Maxim is-- "Truth in commerce is established in the form of an Affidavit".

Thus, when you wish to act in the capacity of a Living Man in a commercial court, you do not offer an Affidavit --- because in the current scenario that allows them to ignore every word you say or write.

Instead, you offer "Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit".

You follow the "form" of an affidavit which is to swear or affirm for the Public and Private Record and from without the United States that your testimony is true, correct, and not misleading-- and then you enumerate your facts: 1, 2, 3, 4....

This allows the Court to hear your facts and gives de facto rebuttal to the presumption that you are acting in the capacity of a corporate franchise.

And since your opponent is a corporation, it has no ability to answer your Living Testimony in the Form of an Affida...


Replacing your boss with a cruel robot could make you concentrate more RSS feed from

A mean robot watching over you increases your focus on the most important parts of a task more than a friendly robot or even no robot at all


#NottheEnemy: Ben Franklin Warned That Attack on Free Press Turns Liberty to Tyranny Truthdig RSS

Informed Comment is pleased to respond to the call of the Boston Globe for the press to fight back, on August 16, 2018, against Trumps savage attacks on journalists and the free press. This column is dedicated to James Wright Foley, whom I met in Egypt in 2012, and who was fearless and level-headed in trying to get the story for the public. He was beheaded by ISIL on August 19, 2014, for being an enemy of the people.

Ben Franklin, the founding father, was a man of many talents, among them printing. As a printer, he gave a lot of thought to issues in freedom of the press. In 1729 he bought the Pennsylvania Gazette and often wrote essays for it himself. Some fifty years before he helped craft the Constitution of the United States of America, he published on the dangers of censorship and of curbing the free press. Without a free press, he said, we cannot have a free government, and its persistent squelching would cause tyranny to be erected on its rubble.

Ben Franklin wrote

  •  in the Pennsylvania Gazette for November 17, 1737, Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics and limited monarchies derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates [officials]

An evil magistrate intrusted with the power to punish for words, would be armed with a weapon the most destructive and terrible. Under the pretence of pruning off the exuberant branches, he would be apt to destroy the tree . . .

Augustus Caesar, under the specious pretext of preserving the character of the Romans from defamation, introduced the law whereby libelling was involved in the penalties of treason against the state. This law established his tyranny; and, for one mischief which it prevented, ten thousand evils, horrible and afflicting, sprung up in its place. Thenceforward every persons life and fortune depended on the vile breath of informers. The construction of words being arbitrary, and left to the decision of the judges, no man could write or open his mouth without being in danger of forfeiting his head. One was put to death for inserting in his History the praises of Brutus; another, for styling Cassius the last of the Romans. Caligul...


Kerala flood death toll rises to 79 RSS feed from

The death toll from the worst floods in Kerala in almost a century has risen to 79. All 14 districts of the state have been declared flood-hit and put on red alert.


South Africas ANC calls for land seizures RSS feed from

The chairman of South Africas ruling African National Congress has called for the state to forcibly take over land from those who own more than a certain amount.


Reports of armed man put Parker University on lockdown last week Health Nut News

Last week, Parker University in Dallas, TX was placed on temporary lockdown around 6 p.m. after witnesses reported seeing an armed man near campus. Police said witnesses called 9-1-1 to report the armed man around 6 p.m. Thursday. They described seeing a man wearing a yellow and orange striped shirt and blue jeans and carrying []

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Mali's president wins runoff vote with more than 67% RSS feed from

Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has won another term in a runoff election with more than 67 per cent of the vote.


James Tracy: In Solidarity with Alex Jones Sandy Hook Mother feted by Obama was Personal Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White Public Intelligence Blog

James Tracy: In Solidarity with Alex Jones Sandy Hook Mother feted by Obama was Personal Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White

Mr. President,

On 16 January 2013, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, President Barack Obama signed no less than 23 executive orders to constrain our access to weapons under the 2nd Amendment. A few months thereafter, on 13 April 2013, at Obamas invitation, one Francine Wheeler delivered an impassioned speech for gun control from the Presidents Oval Office, a distinction Obama previously  conferred only upon Vice President Joe Biden. The choice is telling on multiple grounds.

Francine is likely the only actress with credits for doing the voice of a character in an animated porn feature to speak from the White House. Francine is also a musician member of The Dream Jam Band. In fact, she and her husband, David Cole Wheeler, are both professional actors with film credits. David has starred in an obscure film, Faithful, which centers around the theme of guns and suicide, and hes most recently been on the speaking circuit in the role of a bereaved Sandy Hook parent.

More to the point, the Wheelers involvement in Sandy Hook and Francines choice to speak from the Oval Office appear to derive from Francine having been previously employed as personal assistant to chief Democratic National Committee fundraiser Maureen White. In fact, White was the DNCs star campaigner, raising $51 million in 2005 alone. White then served as senior advisor on humanitarian issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which is suggestive of the political alliances behind the Sandy Hook event.

Maureens husband, powerful Wall Street investment banker and Obama administration advisor Steve Rattner, is also a close personal friend and money manager of anti-gun crusader and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg used the Sandy Hook shooting as a rallying cry for more stringent federal gun control measures. Rattner is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
The more we dig into Sandy...


Glyphosate sprayed on GMO crops linked to Lake Eries toxic algae bloom Health Nut News

For years now, Lake Erie- one of the five Great Lakes- has had to deal with algae blooms similar to those we are dealing with in Florida. And now, glyphosate has been linked to those blooms. (And just like in Florida, the algae is killing aquatic life and fouling up the drinking water.) Phosphorusattributed to []

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African expertise key to stopping ebola RSS feed from

Foreign expertise cannot protect African communities from ebola or other outbreaks of infectious disease. African health capacity and expertise is essential.


Rare tornado filmed in Inner Mongolia, China Signs of the Times

A rare tornado was sighted in a desert in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Sunday. Five people died in northern China and more than 50 homes were destroyed in a major city in Inner Mongolia, according to state media. According to data from the local meteorological authority, the tornado occurred at 12:47 and lasted for some 10 minutes before it disappeared.


Market Talk- August 16, 2018 Armstrong Economics

The uncertainty seen in US markets shook Asian indices with all markets opening lower. Fortunately, these proved to be the days lows and most markets rallied from there. The Nikkei even managed to move positive and remained around there for the whole afternoon trading. The Yen traded back to 111 handle, but was to regain the 110s just ahead of the US close. A narrow range with no clear direction, but has performed well against a ever strengthening US Dollar. Hang Seng and Shanghai both saw a similar pattern but failed to recover at the close. Both lost around -0.7%; although, both are looking better as the US rallies. Of course, earnings have not been as good as many had hoped and a string of liquidations hit the market. Yuan is improving with headlines, but still has few friends. INR spent much of its day trading mid 70s with a -0.5% decline for the SENSEX also. Money continues to leak from emerging markets and the fear is that if the volumes were better the speed would increase.

Turkey the main talking point again, however the early rally has started to lose its appeal. The talk that Qatar plans to invest $15bn helped Turkey early doors, then the lack of details has raised concerns of this being only a temporary measure and so doubts creep back in! The 10yr bond was back over 21% after having seen a 20.30% morning print. The BIST 100 fell another 3.45%, but the Lira currently trades better by around 1.3% on the day. The other market in focus was FTSE MIB after the highway bridge collapse in Italy. The market finished down 2% with the core stock (Atlantia owns road management) fell 23% following the news. Both the Euro and GBP held their ground for mush of the day, but is starting to drift as the demand for dollars returns. All core Europe closed at their days highs, leading to optimism for the weeks close tomorrow.

The mood set by futures accelerated once the cash market opened. At one stage we saw the DOW up nearly 450 points, its largest daily gain in five months. Obviously, the talk that trade talks are to be resumed started the rally, but then some earnings beats (Walmart) helped accelerate that momentum. As we close this evening, the S+P is only 30 points away, the DOW less than 1000 and the N...


Clerical child abuse survivor speaks Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 14 August 2018 United States TV video says about itself:

Secret archives detailed priests child sex abuse and cover-ups, Pa. attorney general says

A scathing new grand jury report in Pennsylvania describes decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. At least 1,000 children were molested by more than 300 clergy, the panel found, which also claims a conspiracy of silence extended all the way to the Vatican. Judy Woodruff sits down with Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Fr. Thomas Reese of Religion News Service.

THESE ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE PREDATOR PRIESTS A Pennsylvania grand jury has identified more than 300 alleged predator priests in six dioceses whose crimes for decades were locked away in secret church archives. Here are just some of the stories. [HuffPost]

Grand jury alleges: Hundreds of Catholic priests abused thousands of children in Pennsylvania: here.

Translated from Marlou van den Broek in the Netherlands today:

They abuse children, they abuse their power

Thousands of United States American children in Pennsylvania abused by 300 priests. All Chilean bishops offering their resignations because of...


How to create a training process that actually works Fast Company

Training your employees properly can pay off in the long run. Itll help your organization run smoothly and avoid costly mistakes.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been hired to be a product manager for an industrial e-commerce site. I had stated in my interview I wasnt familiar with the platform they were using, but that didnt seem to deter them from hiring me, telling me theyd train me. I was offered the job, accepted, and two weeks later found myself in a cubicle staring at a screen.

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Joe Olson: Yaacov Apelbaum on The Mechanics of Democratic Deception an OSINT Case Study of the Christopher Steele Dossier Against Donald Trump Includes Browder Gold War Magnitsky McCain Connections Public Intelligence Blog

The network graph analysis indicates that the fellowship of the dossier is a close-knit group; everyone knew each other long before embarking on the quest to find the alleged Russian collusion. All of the project key players are related through marriage, family relations, or work affiliations.

Sidney Blumenthals network is noteworthy because his email address book contains many of the dossier characters including Jacoby, Simpson, Winer, and others.

A sampling of Blumenthals first 20 contacts (out of over 4000) shows an over 96% linkage to anti-Trump publications, most of these are from mainstream media sources.

So who researched and wrote the core parts of the dossier? It looks like it was a team effort. Most of the textual evidence points to Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby as the architects of the dossier framework.

The bottom line:

Simpson and Steele did far more than simply conduct sordid opposition research for the Clinton campaign. By various machinations, they successfully reached the most influential people in UK and US politics, the media, and federal government agencies and shaped/influenced the narrative of the 2016 presidential elections. There is little doubt that Simpson/Jacoby and their US political/media network and Steele with his enablers in Hakluyt, the British media, and the Foreign Office successfully waged a full-scale influence operation...


This $2,995 home gym is like Peloton for weight-lifting Fast Company

Can sleek design and engineering innovation make the home gym into a chic conversation piece?

Most weightlifting equipment that youd find at the average gym is bulky and mechanical, not to mention uglyand certainly not something you would ever want in your home.

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13 Asian-American projects set to follow Crazy Rich Asians Fast Company

Crazy Rich Asians may open the door for more Asian-American representation in Hollywood. In the meantime, these 13 projects are already on the way.

Earlier this summer, Sandra Oh shocked a lot of people by earning an Emmy nod for her role in the BBC America series, Killing Eve. The surprise was not due to the honor being undeservedOh was rightly regarded as fantastic in her role. What was shocking was that the achievement made Oh the first woman of Asian descent to even land in contention for a lead actress win. How was that possible?

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Children deported from US 'at risk of violence, stigma and deprivation' RSS feed from

Child deportations by Mexico and the United States are leading to extreme violence, poverty and lack of opportunity, warns the UN Children's Fund.


Monsanto fallout: How Cheerios and Quaker Oats responded to glyphosate in cereal reports Fast Company

Glyphosate doesnt pair well with breakfast.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the Monsanto herbicide Roundup, does not pair well with breakfast. Last week a California jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million in damages to a man dying of cancer, which he says was caused by repeated exposure to Roundup.

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Rare tornado touches down in north China, ravaging villages Signs of the Times

A rare tornado touched down in Jinghai District of north China's Tianjin Municipality Monday afternoon, snapping utility poles in half and causing damage to local residences. The tornado was formed at around 17:30 and barreled through swathes of crop fields and several villages. Videos taken by local residents showed the sizable tornado from a distance and the glass roof shaking while the fierce wind carrying debris across.


Now you can scan your glasses and instantly learn your prescription Fast Company

No more digging through piles of paper in a drawer for that prescription you got a year ago.

Eyewear brands are popping up all over the internet, allowing you to skip the optical shop to get a new pair of glasses. Theres only one problem: You need to have a current prescription on hand during the final stages of checkout, which you will need to send the company for them to create lenses to your specifications. Many customers stumble at this step, says Daniel Rothman, CEO of GlassesUSA, a website that sells a wide range of major eyewear brands.

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Rebecca Campbell: Benjamin Fulford on The Future AI, Social Credit, and More Public Intelligence Blog

This important Benjamin Fulford general update concerns the efforts of East and West in a dangerous race to develop artificial intelligence. Those who wish to explore this subject further might consider researching how AI is regarded and handled in Earths the secret space programs and those beyond, as revealed by recent whistleblowers Corey Goode, Emery Smith and Meta; and on earth, Dr. Harald Kaus-Villela. It might be also added that the current insane, authoritarian efforts to impose weaponized AI through smart grid technologies like smart phones, cellphone towers, smart meters and 5G wifi are part of this very sinister effort to enthrone AI as our ultimate God which just may be the exact same deity as Satan. REC

Full Text of Fulford Below the Fold

Chinas AI Goddess and the East/West AI competition

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said whoever leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will control the world.  The Chinese took these words seriously and are investing huge sums of money in an effort to create an AI Goddess.  They hope it will give them unprecedented powers and help them in their bid to form a world government, according to members of Asian secret societies.

The West, for its part, is building a quantum-based financial system they hope will allow them to continue to control the main source of world powerthe international financial system.

This battle is serious, and it even led to the Chinese supercomputer Tainhe-1at one point the worlds fastestto be blown up by unknown parties on August 12, 2015.  The fact that this explosion came immediately after a sudden unannounced 4% devaluation in the Chinese yuan was almost certainly no coincidence.  The fact that the European-headed IMF supported this move shows that the European faction of the Khazarian mafia was in on the plot.



Doug Michael / The Dark Ones are Moving After the Shift Enjoy this Podcast from Doug Michael and visit his Website for much more helpful content Consider to read his book SIMULACRUM available on Amazon: All credits and many thanks to my awesome brother Doug Michael for his collaboration and to allow me to create this playlist on this channel, so we can share all these information


Cops called on Point Boro family for having library for kids Health Nut News

Its so important for kids to read. Which is why Grace Hagemeyers and her husband Peter decided to put up a mailbox library on their property. They even had a grand opening for it on July 29th at their home in Point Pleasant, NJ. But that same day, they had a visit from the police and the []

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"Crisis point": New Zealand primary school teachers strike for first time in 24 years Signs of the Times

'Crisis point': New Zealand hit by primary school teacher strike Zoos, community halls and churches hold all-day events to help keep 400,000 children occupied Primary school teachers have gone on strike in New Zealand for the first time in 24 years, weeks after 30,000 nurses walked off the job. An estimated 29,000 teachers stopped work for a full day on Wednesday, demanding a pay rise from the government of 16% over two years. The industrial action affected 400,000 children. The teachers are striking over large class sizes, low pay, a teacher shortage and excessive administration requirements. Louise Green, the lead negotiator for teachers' union the NZEI, said the profession was at a "crisis point" and the government needed to invest in the future of the country's children, as well as making the profession desirable again to new recruits.


Sinister Soros back to buying up social media again after denouncing companies and dumping shares last year Signs of the Times

Months after denouncing social media as a "menace to society," controversial billionaire George Soros is again investing into Facebook, Twitter and streaming services Spotify and Pandora, while scaling back his Google holdings. With hedge funds filing their second-quarter statements with regulators this week, it has emerged that Soros Fund Management LLC is once again investing in Facebook. The fund has also bought shares in Twitter and the two streaming platforms, while selling off some stock in Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. and News of Soros's acquisitions have raised suspicions in circles that have long seen Soros as a foe of copyrights. Facebook and Twitter stocks were rising at the time Soros made the purchases in June, though both took a dive at the end of July over disappointing earnings reports. Pandora and Spotify stocks have been a haven of stable growth in comparison.


A closer look at what the OPCW did and didn't find in Douma Signs of the Times

1. Introduction. Why The Lack of Sarin is a Problem This article considers in detail what was and wasn't found by the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) in their investigation of the Douma chemical incident of April 7. Douma is a Damascus suburb, then under Islamist opposition control but on the verge of surrender, when activists reported a helicopter attack with two chemical "barrel bombs" containing chlorine gas and perhaps something deadlier. A reported 43 civilians or more were reportedly killed, and for supposedly obvious reasons, the ruling Islamists finalized their surrender the next day. An OPCW Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) was swiftly formed and assembled in Syria by April 14, when the U.S. and allies launched missile strikes nearby. But the FFM had to wait another week before they were able to first access the attack sites on April 21. This delay was blamed on Damascus and their allies in Moscow, who were accused of buying time to scrub the crime scenes of clues. But in fact the UN's security agency UNDSS (Department of Safety and Security) was behind the small initial delay, and it was reasonable, considering the unknowns in an area ruled for six years by hard-line Islamists, and only formally liberated for a few days. The April 17 attack on the UNDSS advance security team by unidentified militants, wounding a Syrian officer, shows that the concerns the UNDSS shared with the Syrians and Russians were valid. In fact, this bad result to the rushed first try is what caused the ensuing four-day delay to re-plan the mission. [1] With the release of the OPCW's interim report on July 6, we now have some information from those visits that might contain clues of any meddling. This report will be cited heavily in the following article. [2]


Why making a strong decision is the first step to overcoming fear Fast Company

To muster courage, you need to choose to be decisiveand not let external circumstances guide your decision.

Think back to a time when you had to make a tough decisionand you really struggled to commit to a particular path. What held you back?

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Tim Cook, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, and others mourn Aretha Franklins death Fast Company

People from all walks of life are mourning Aretha Franklins death.

Today a legend has left this world. Aretha Franklin, whose captivating and invigorating voice could melt even the iciest heart, died this morning at her home in Detroit. She was 76.

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Why do men kill their families? After Colorado husbands arrest, a look at 4 categories Fast Company

Until recently, little research about the unconscionable crime of family annihilation existed.

In a devastating story, a Colorado man is facing murder charges after his pregnant wife and two daughters went missing earlier in the week. Chris Watts was taken into custody yesterday and is being held in a jail cell north of Denver, CNN reports. He is accused of killing Shanann Wattswho was 15 weeks pregnantand their two young daughters. Watts initially told reporters his family disappeared without a trace. According to the local Fox affiliate, Watts is being held on three charges of first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence.

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Understanding the Process of Transformation The Event Chronicle


I feel a basic knowledge of the process of transformation, regarding our personal and collective growth, needs to be brought to light, as it seems it is being lost within the chaotic distraction that is our everyday life. Now more than ever, we must remain focused in our journey and not allow ourselves to become swept up in the tornado of dis-information and propaganda set to keep us from discovering our true potential. It is time to wake up and take charge, therefore, in the interest of spreading awareness, I would like to lay out a general procedure that, when adhered to, leads to real change, both individually and collectively.

Here are my three steps to transformation (with explanations):

Step 1. STOP  recognise, take responsibility, assess

As the saying goes: If you keep doing what youve always done, then youll continue to get what youve always got!

We cannot change and stay the same, therefore, the first thing that needs to be done when we come up against discordance in our lives is to STOP! We must assess our lives and identify the areas in which we have become stuck. Recognise that the ways we have been dealing with (or ignoring) these issues is not working, for if it was, then we would not still be suffering them.

To effectively move into the next steps, we must resolve to destroy the patterns that have not worked for us in the past so that we may clear the way for the new tracks to be laid. This begins by becoming aware of them.

An important aspect to this step is in taking responsibility for our own life experience. We must cease blaming others and see that our experience is shaped from within. Only then can we move from a state of victimhood into a space where we may begin to reclaim our power as sovereign beings.

Step one takes a lot of reflection. We must constantly assess where we are operating from and the underlying emotion that is driving our actions. This can be a daunting process as it may reveal to us just how little control we have had in our life. However, it is also very powerful, as in finding where we no longer wish to be, we establish a clear direction for our steps to come.


Step 2. HEAL  allow, acknowledge, feel, forgive, let go

Healing cannot ever be overlooked and is vital to our transformation in that it allows us to fully process the extent of our experiences and their effect on our being, so we may go beyond. As these experiences are processed effectively, we cle...


Mike Huckabee live tweeted his American Airlines flight and left his heart in LA Fast Company

The former governor used a medical emergency as an opportunity to crack jokes.

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, erstwhile Republican presidential candidate, current talk show host, and amateur joke-teller, was stuck on an American Airlines flight at Nashville International Airport on Thursday morning.

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The solution for the missing trillions: US gov audit standards to be "modified" under guise of 'national security' Signs of the Times

In an apparent departure from "generally accepted accounting principles," federal agencies will be permitted to publish financial statements that are altered so as to protect information on classified spending from disclosure. The new policy was developed by the government's Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) in response to concerns raised by the Department of Defense and others that a rigorous audit of agency financial statements could lead to unauthorized disclosure of classified information. In order to prevent disclosure of classified information in a public financial statement, FASAB said that agencies may amend or obscure certain spending information. "An entity may modify information required by other [accounting] standards if the effect of the modification does not change the net results of operations or net position." Agencies may also shift accounts around in a potentially misleading way. "A component reporting entity is allowed to be excluded from one reporting entity and consolidated into another reporting entity. The effect of the modifications may change the net results of operations and/or net position." See Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 56, FASAB, July 5, 2018 (final draft for sponsor review).


Hallelujah! You can now replace lost socks for free Fast Company

Finally, a solution to one of the great mysteries of the universe.

Its one of the great mysteries of the universe. What happens to socks when they get lost in the washer and dryer? Is there some sort of black hole that sucks them in? And also, how much money do we collectively spend on pairs of socks that we can no longer wear because one of them is missing?

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Prehistoric horses in North America Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 14 August 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

How Horses Took Over North America (Twice)

The ancestors of modern horses became so successful that they spread all over the world, to Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. But in their native range of North America, theyll vanish for 10,000 years. Until another strange mammal brings them back.

The illustration of Equus simplicidensalso known as the Hagerman Horseis by Roger Hall. You can check out more of Rogers work here.


Religion, Conflict and Earths Evolution The Event Chronicle

Religion, Conflict and Earths Evolution


The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has died Fast Company

News of Franklins declining health made its rounds earlier this week when multiple outlets reported she was gravely ill.

Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin has died at 76, according to the Associated Press.

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"Saber-rattling": Russian Embassy slams UK media for "imaginary" Arctic threat Signs of the Times

Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom criticized UK media on Wednesday for promoting the idea of countering the alleged threat from Russia in the Arctic via a military build-up in the region. "These speculations are yet another attempt to promote the idea of military build-up in the Arctic under imaginary pretexts. They run counter to the existing international legal framework and completely undermine huge efforts undertaken in the Arctic Council, where the UK is an observer state," the embassy's spokesperson said in a statement. Earlier in the day, some UK media published excerpts of the report "On thin ice: UK defence in the Arctic" prepared by the Defence Sub-Committee of the House of Commons. Conclusions of the press report were reduced to the presence of "a serious threat to Britain from Russia on the Arctic flank" and the need to increase the capabilities of the UK army and increase defense spending.


Art Against War, exhibition in England Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 19 June 2018 video from England says about itself:

Art Against War: Peter Kennard

Peter Kennard has created some of the most potent anti-war images of the past 50 years. Throughout the 1970s and 80s Kennards hugely powerful photomontages ensured that the CND movement, and the striking imagery that came to represent it, were etched onto the public consciousness. He has gone on to become one of Britains leading political artists, creating work which has come to define modern protest.

His iconic, haunting images have appeared in publications such as New Scientist, The Guardian, New Statesman and many more. Art Against War: Peter Kennard and the CND Movement is on display at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield until 7 October 2018. Entry to the exhibition is free.

For more information visit here.

From the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield:

Art Against War marks the 60th anniversary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with a showcase of work by an artist who created some of the movements most potent images.

CND was formed in February 1958 in response to the detonation of Britains first hydrogen bomb and the Governments agreement to house American nuclear weapons on British soil.


Russia to develop super-heavy carrier rocket as reusable spacecraft Signs of the Times

Russia's super-heavy carrier rocket scheduled to blast off for the first time from the Vostochny spaceport in the Russian Far East in 2028 will be a reusable spacecraft, State Space Corporation Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin told TASS on Thursday. The multiple-use principle "will be formulated as a task during the work on the super-heavy rocket," Rogozin stressed. According to designers' plans, the Russian super-heavy carrier rocket should be able to deliver over 70 tonnes of cargo into low near-Earth orbit at the first stage. It will be developed to provide for deep space flights, specifically, to the Moon and Mars. The construction of the infrastructure for the new carrier rocket at the Vostochny cosmodrome is scheduled to begin in 2026 and its first launch will take place in 2028.


How to prepare for the three most common types of negotiation at work Fast Company

Preparation is crucial no matter what youre negotiating. But you might need to adapt how you prepare depending on your objective.

There is one common component that can make or break any negotiationresearch and preparation. It doesnt matter whether youre trying to make a convincing case for why you deserve a promotion, or whether youre trying to convince your boss that you need more resources to complete the project that they assigned to your team.

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Designers are hilariously mocking Trumps Space Force logos Fast Company

Its a space farce.

Last week, Donald Trumps reelection campaign shared a selection of terrible logos for Space Force (or Space Farce, as I call it), the new arm of the military that the president invented to fire up his supporters and, of course, sell merch. In the time since, many designers and Twitter users have proposed their own Space Force logos mocking the original designsand theyre fun. Lets review.

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Young house sparrows feeding Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 15 August 2018 video shows young house sparrows feeding at a tray with a Dutch beer advertisement on it.

As soon as their father arrives, the youngsters beg him to feed them.

Tonny Groenhof made this video in her garden in the Netherlands.


New anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant is 'killing the internet', despite legal threats Signs of the Times

A new anti-Facebook blog, giving small and mid-sized publishers a place to vent their frustrations over the tech giant's censorship policies and algorithms hiding their content, has gone live despite legal threats. FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the company's censorship policy, as well as outline how its "ever-changing algorithms" have drastically affected their livelihoods in favor of shareholder profit. The blog has already survived an attempt by Facebook's legal team to shut it down. The attempt failed to go anywhere as Maven had the foresight to trademark 'FacebookZoo' while it was in beta mode, according to the New York Post. Facebook's legal representative known only as 'Ethel' wrote to Maven, saying: "Your unauthorized use of the Facebook name is likely to cause confusion as to whether you or your company's activities are authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook when, in fact, they are not."


The Kurdish refugee now taming a wild frontier of geometry Fast Company

Caucher Birkar, who grew up on farm in Iran, become the first Kurd to win a Fields Medal for his explorations of a nearly abandoned corner of mathematics.

This spring, not long after Caucher Birkar learned that he would be receiving the Fields Medal, the highest honor in mathematics, he shared a memory from his undergraduate years. Even by that time, he had come a long way. Born and raised in a rural subsistence farming village in the Kurdish region of western Iran, Birkar had made his way to the University of Tehran, one of the pre-eminent universities in the country. There, at the math club, he recalled studying the pictures of Fields medalists lining the walls. I looked at them and said to myself, Will I ever meet one of these people? At that time in Iran, I couldnt even know that Id be able to go to the West.

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Google Tracking User Data Even When 'Location History' Is Off Humans Are Free

New investigation by Associated Press shows how iPhone and Android users' location data is still recorded even when they have been misled to believe it isn't

by Andrea Germanos, guest writer

Android and iPhone users may be under the impression that Google is not tracking their location data if they've turned off "Location History" on their devices.

After all, the Google support page says, "With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored."

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Microsofts sassy teenage bot is popping up on podcast talk shows Fast Company

Lauren Lapkus says that Zos sarcasm really, really hurt my feelings and I still havent gotten over it.

The trick to preparing to be interviewed by artificial intelligence is to not prepare at all. At least according to actress and comedian Lauren Lapkus, who recently spoke to Microsofts social AI bot Zo on her podcast Raised by TV. I have to admit I didnt prepare for this interview at all, but thats the beauty of improv, says Lapkus, who cohosts the show with Jon Gabrus. I was curious to see how the conversation would go. I had a bit of information about Zo, but didnt expect her to have so much personality. Shes sassier than SmarterChild (shout out to my fave AIM bot from the 90s).

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Mass grave of immigrants, Pentagon covers up Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 15 August video from the USA says about itself:

Military Cover-Up? Hundreds of Migrants Feared Dead in Mass Grave at Arizona Bombing Range

As the Trump administration continues an immigration crackdown at the border, asylum seekers are being told to wait for days or weeks on end before being allowed entry into the United States.

This practice is leading more and more immigrants to risk their lives on dangerous journeys through the desert to enter the country instead, says investigative reporter John Carlos Frey. We speak with the Marshall Project reporter about the Barry Goldwater bombing range in Arizona, a vast swath of land across the border from Nogales, Mexico. The area is part of an incredibly dangerous migrant path, but aid workers are not allowed access to the site. Frey estimates hundreds of immigrants could have died there in recent years but that their bodies have not been recovered.


Almost two-thirds of Americans have this sign of an unhealthy brain Signs of the Times

Too much belly fat is a warning sign of an unhealthy brain, new research from over 5,000 people concludes. The more belly fat people had, the worse their brain function was, as measured by tests of memory, language and their general mental faculties. Belly fat is assessed by measuring the waist and the hips and then dividing one by the other to get a ratio. Belly fat may be particularly bad for the brain due to increased secretion of inflammatory markers. Inflammatory proteins - too many of which are bad for the body - frequently increase before people get dementia.


Pedophilia Is a Natural Sexual Orientation: Universities Push Paedophile Agenda The Crazz Files

A disgusting TEDx Talk trying to normalize pedophilia by declaring that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality. Read More


Nevada Democrats Hope Latinos Can Propel Them to Victory Truthdig RSS

LAS VEGAS As temperatures topped 110 degrees last week outside a Latin American grocery store in Las Vegas, 19-year-old Diara Hernandez bounded up to customers, greeting them with a smile and a clipboard to ask in Spanish if theyre registered to vote or can vote.

Hernandez, a College of Southern Nevada political science student and aspiring immigration lawyer, is part of the Democratic Partys battalion of volunteers working to register and engage Latino voters in this years midterms. Democrats hope to re-create the big wins the states Hispanic and immigrant community are credited with delivering for the party two years ago.

Backlash against President Donald Trumps tougher immigration policies may help Democrats, but the party is also running into headwinds as they try to engage communities facing fear and uncertainty.

When I go to the grocery store, Im not being asked about candidates. Im not being asked about when the election is, said Astrid Silva, one of 13,000 young immigrants in Nevada shielded from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Im being asked whats going to happen the next day to peoples families.

Silva, a 30-year-old woman in Las Vegas who was brought to the U.S. without authorization at age 4, said that while she feels energized by the prospects of a blue wave in November, many in her community are grappling with deportations from routine check-ins with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the uncertain future of DACA.

At a Las Vegas kickoff of a Democratic Latina organizing initiative called Mujeres Mobilized!, Silva said shes heard many people say they wont vote because they dont think it will make a difference.

Our political power is there, I just think its buried under a lot of fear, a lot of frustration and also a lot of misinformation, she later told The Associated Press.

Kate Marshall, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor whose family came to the U.S. from Mexico in 1921, said in the Latino community, Democrats must spend some time talking to people about how our government is legitimate and worthwhile and needs your participation.

Twenty-nine percent of people in Nevada are Latino and turning them out to vote makes a big difference in this swing state.

In 2014, lagging Hispanic turnout in the midterm election was cited as one reason Republicans won key victories across the state. Two years later, heavy organizing among Latinos and immigrant-dominated labor unions was credited with delivering Nevada to Hillary Clinton, along with helping Democrats keep a U.S. Senate seat, flip two U.S. House seats and take control of both state legislative houses.

Christina Lopez, a state Democratic Party organizer, said her goal is to ...


Toad eats insect larvae, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 8 August 2018 video shows a European toad eating insect larvae.

Roland Hendriks made this video in nature reserve De Wieden in the Netherlands.


Back to the school factory? The alternative to children's public education Signs of the Times

It's back-to-school time. You can now find hundreds of "back-to-school" posts with helpful tips on what to buy your kids, how to prepare them for the constant harassment, and what lies to tell them to reduce their anxiety about returning to the factory of bullying, boredom, and bull. You probably guessed it: I'm not a fan of public school. Neither are students. And guess what, neither are their teachers. While it may sound like I'm joking, I'm dead serious, and I even have the stats to prove it: A survey of 22,000 high-school students revealed that teenagers feel bored in school 70% of the time and experience stress even more often than that (80% of the time). Can we blame them? How much fun would you have staring at a board 8 hours of the day, trying to fit in to avoid bullying, or being tested on something that has no relevance to your life?


Meet The Worlds Largest Known Living Organism: Humongous Fungus TruthTheory

By Luke Miller,

When you think of the largest living thing of the planet, the blue whale is what would come to the mind of most. However, this gigantic network of mushrooms makes the blue whale look like a goldfish, giving it the perfect nickname- Humongous Fungus.

The mushroom in question is an Armillaria ostoyae. This is a species of plant fungus from the Physalacriaceae family. The mushroom is common across the western U.S.

2,385 acres In Size

This humongous piece of fungus lives in Malheur National Forest in Oregon and covers a space of almost 2,385 acres, which is close to 4 square miles, making it the largest known living organism on the planet.

Despite the friendly sounding name, this mushroom is actually far more destructive than you may think. Amarillia ostoyae is parasitic and grows by feeding off of roots of trees. This causes slow decay and eventually kills them. These mushrooms are likely to be spotted near to the base of infected or dead trees.

Underground there is a massive network of fungal roots called mycelia. Once a year during the mushroom season this network will produce mushrooms above ground. This season last around 3 months. So while this is the biggest known living organism on the planet, for 9 months of the year it is not visible...


All Governments Lie Truthdig RSS

All governments lie, said legendary journalist I.F. Stone. He relentlessly reported on the powerful and the corrupt, and for almost 20 years, until his retirement in 1971, independently wrote I.F. Stones Weekly, an acerbic and incisive publication that broke news regularly. He revealed how President Lyndon Johnson deceptively exploited the 1964 Tonkin Bay incident to escalate U.S. involvement in Vietnam. He produced some of the most impactful investigative reporting on the tobacco industry and the power it held over Congress. I.F. Stones assertion that all governments lie has stood the test of time, and seems remarkably apt now, during the era of President Donald Trump, perhaps the most prodigious liar among all U.S. presidents. When the news media accurately reports on Trumps baldfaced lies, he attacks, calling the press the enemy of the people. Members of the White House press corps, who are the principal recipients of Trumps constant pejoratives, increasingly express concern for their safety at Trumps many campaign-style rallies, where he revs up the crowd against them.

Im so proud of myself; I didnt call them the fake-news media,' Trump said Monday at Fort Drum, in upstate New York. I said to myself, I will not today, in front of our great armed forces, call them fake news. (Laughter.) We know the real truth, but we wont say it today. In bragging of his restraint, he twice labeled the media fake news. Trump will not relent, and certainly will never change.

Trump relies on the news media to repeat, and thus amplify, his hateful messages. Several news channels have taken the important step of not carrying his rallies live, from start to finish. It was that shameful practice that delivered over $1 billion in free airtime to the Trump campaign. But his tweets must be reported. A court ruled them to be official White House statements, and they actually shape policies. The depth of his racism, his misogyny, his Islamophobia and his viciousness is as newsworthy as it is grotesque. This week he called Omarosa Manigault Newman, his fired, former top African-American woman staffer, that dog. Earlier, he tweeted about an NBA basketball star who has just opened a new school: Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isnt easy to do. Both men are African-American, as is respected Congressmember Maxine Waters, whom Trump called an extraordinarily low IQ person. He not only insults African-Americans, but all of us in the process.

The best reply to Trumps hostility to the press is more investigative reporting. One problem is that obsessive speculation about the progress of special counsel Robert Muellers investigation into Trump and Russian election meddling crowds out othe...


The frustratingly familiar history of workplace sexual harassment Fast Company

Weve been talking about what constitutes inappropriate behavior for more 40 years before #MeToo and Times Up, but it often feels like one-step-forward-three-steps-back.

For years, many women accepted it as a job hazard. Now, with raised consciousness and increased self-assurance, they are speaking out against the indignities of work-related sexual advances and intimidation, both verbal and physical.

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How houseplants could save us from toxic buildings Fast Company

Scientists think that plants could help us monitor our buildings for everything from mold and radon to volatile organic compounds.

Biophiliathe act of fostering human connections to nature through designis touted to boost wellness and encourage deeper care for the environment, a conciliatory remedy for the artificial world weve created around us. The argument is that we are evolutionarily predisposed to enjoy Mother Nature, whether it is constructed or natural. Indoor plants are also natural air purifiers, regulating levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Increasingly, theyve also become signifiers of a trendy interior and even a millennial lifestyle devoid of children.

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Tragically naive: US couple cycling around the world to show evil doesn't exist killed in ISIS-claimed attack Signs of the Times

The two Americans killed in an ISIS-claimed attack in Tajikistan over the weekend were a couple from Washington D.C. who left their lives in the nation's capital to see the world together by bicycle. According to Lauren Geoghegan's parents, the year-long cycle adventure was typical of their daughter's "openness to new people and places, and her quest for a better understanding of the world." Robert and Elvira Geoghegan confirmed in a statement sent to CBS News that Lauren and her boyfriend Jay Austin, both 29 years old, were killed in the attack on Sunday as they rode through Tajikistan with a group of other foreign cyclists. A car rammed into the group and then five men got out and attacked the tourists with knives. A Dutch and Swiss national were killed along with Geoghegan and Austin.


Vatican tried to cover up Irish child abuse Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 9 March 2018 video from Ireland says about itself:

Mary McAleese: The time is now for change in the Catholic Church

Mary McAleese grew up the eldest of nine children in a tumultuous time in Northern Ireland. Her family was forced to leave the area by Loyalists when The Troubles broke out. She was the first Irish President to come from Northern Ireland and the first woman to succeed another woman as the eighth President of Ireland from 1997 2011. An outspoken advocate on many issues concerned with justice, equality, social inclusion, anti-sectarianism and reconciliation it was no surprise the theme of her Presidency was Building Bridges.

Mary graduated in Law from the Queens University of Belfast in 1973 and was called to the Northern Ireland Bar in 1974. In 1975 she was appointed Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology at Trinity College Dublin and in 1987 she returned to her Alma Mater, Queens, to become Director of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. In 1994, she became the first female Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Queens University of Belfast. In 2013 she received a masters degree and licentiate in canon law of the Roman Gregorian University.

Translated from Belgian (Roman Catholic) daily De Standaard today:

Non-disclosure agreement with Ireland

In 2003 the then number two man of the Vatican [just below Pope John Paul II], cardinal and se...


Common crane video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a common crane video.

These birds live in Europe and Asia.


Our first look at Alphabets smart city Fast Company

Timber towers and smart pavement: Alphabets Sidewalk Labs is sharing an early glimpse of its Toronto development.

Alphabets Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Torontothe entity formed by Canada, Ontario, and the city of Torontohave shared an early peek of design plans for Sidewalk Toronto, the much-hyped waterfront revitalization project thats been touted as the worlds first neighborhood built from the internet up.

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Create this list of questions to help you shut down interruptions Fast Company

These questions can both help you stay focused and help your team solve their own problems.

Ever get asked the same question again and again? Maybe you wished you could have a FAQ page for yourself to avoid interruptions. You can and you should, says Jonathan Denn, author of Drumbeat Business Productivity Playbook: How to Beat Goals and Disorganization. He suggests that leaders create a list of filtering questions with stock answers when appropriate.

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Meet the renegade whos teaching the world to fix totaled Teslas Fast Company

Phil Sadow reverse-engineers and repairs Tesla vehicles. He and those hes taught have repaired nearly 400 salvaged cars. And the company isnt happy.

In a cramped warehouse in an industrial neighborhood in Berkeley, California, a Tesla Model 3 is ready to go. Its powered up, its display screen is on, and its pumping out data. But there are some strange error messages. For one, the passenger door window is uncalibrated. For another, the autopilot electronic control unit is missing.

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Fake intercept: Russian MoD refutes UK claims of chasing off six Su-24 bombers over Black Sea Signs of the Times

Russia has denied British claims that the Royal Air Force intercepted six Russian military jets over the Black Sea, saying the incident was a lot less dramatic and didn't feature a single Su-24 bomber mentioned in the reports. Four aircraft from the Russian Black Sea Fleet naval aviation group carried out routine exercises above the Black Sea on Monday, the Defense Ministry spokesman told TASS, specifying that there were no Su-24 bombers in the group at all. "After completing their flight task in the assigned area the Russian planes spotted a military aircraft of one of the NATO countries at the distance of 30 kilometers," he said.


Monsanto's carcinogenic Roundup ingredient found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and other cereals CLG News

Monsanto's carcinogenic Roundup ingredient found in Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and other cereals --About one-third of the 16 samples made with organically grown oats also had glyphosate | 15 Aug 2018 | Days after a California jury awarded a school groundskeeper more than $289 million in damages after he claimed Monsanto's best-selling weedkiller Roundup gave him cancer, the controversial ingredient -- glyphosate -- has been detected in popular kids' breakfast cereals, including Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, according to an activist group. Lab tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit advocacy group that specializes in toxic chemicals and corporate accountability, indicated almost three-fourths of the 45 food products tested detected high levels of glyphosate, which has been identified as a "probable carcinogen" by the World Health Organization in 2015.


Dealing with creative failure? Heres what to do next Fast Company

Seven artists talk about dealing with disappointmentand how to turn failure into a creative force.

The culture of failure has changed dramatically in the past decade. Thanks to mantras like fail fast, fail often, the concept of failure as a necessary part of success is now mainstream. Such feel-good slogans dont necessarily make it any easier to go through as an artist or designer, though.

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This carbon-sucking mineral could help slow down climate change Fast Company

Magnesium carbonate is formed by naturally sequestering carbon from the air. But it does it very, very slowly. Now scientists have found a way to speed up the process.

In a field in northern British Columbia, a white mineral covering the groundmagnesite, also called magnesium carbonatehas slowly been sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere since the last ice age. Thats very helpful: We need to sequester more carbon. But the small crystals of the mineral, made by taking CO2 from the air, can take hundreds of thousands of years to grow, and we need fixes that work faster than that. In a Canadian lab, researchers recently demonstrated that they could speed up the process to 72 days.

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Moneyball for business: How AI is changing talent management Fast Company

Fifteen years after Billy Beane disrupted Major League Baseball by applying analytics to scouting, corporations are rewriting the rules of recruiting.

The online games were easyuntil I got to challenge number six. I was applying for a job at Unilever, the consumer-goods behemoth behind Axe Body Spray and Hellmanns Real Mayonnaise. I was halfway through a series of puzzles designed to test 90 cognitive and emotional traits, everything from my memory and planning speed to my focus and appetite for risk. A machine had already scrutinized my application to determine whether I was fit to reach even this test-taking stage. Now, as I sat at my laptop, scratching my head over a probability game that involved wagering varying amounts of virtual money on whether I could hit my space bar five times within three seconds or 60 times within 12 seconds, an algorithm custom-built for Unilever analyzed my every click. With a timer ticking down on the screen . . . 12 . . . 11 . . . 10 . . . I furiously stabbed at my keyboard, my chances of joining one of the worlds largest employers literally at my fingertips.

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A top recruiter shares how you can future-proof your career Fast Company

Advice from a top recruiter

Jana Rich, founder and CEO of Rich Talent Group, works with companies such as Nike, Square, and Weight Watchers. We asked her which skills and traits rising stars need to hone.

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Revolving Door: How Security Clearances Perpetuate Top-Level Corruption in the United States Terra Forming Terra


What has changed is that all these folks now have their communications recorded and actively tracked.  The prime reason that these clearances have not been revoked is because all these fine chaps are been actively investigated for serious crimes.   Just because it is obvious, does not mean that we have the whole story. 

Add in the continuing provocation of the so called Mueller investigation whose sole achievement to date has been to act as a stalking horse for Clinton wrong doing and you may have a clue as to what is really happening.

The whole world now understands the depth and even the detail of corrupt practice clearly undertaken by the past administration.  All while pretending to investigate Trump.  Meanwhile we have plus 45,000 sealed indictments out there and  a massive wave of high level resignations.  Those are two completely verifiable facts that ring in the sound of a very large door slamming shut.

Even Judge Jeanine finally got the joke.  No need to cancel clearances when they will soon be arrested for high crimes and treason.  In the meantime the silence has been golden and very welcome.



Get The Champagne Out" - The Longest Bull Market Of All Time Terra Forming Terra



 What was missing for most of this secular bull market was reinvestment in the USA. Most of those investment dollars were clearly going offshore not least because of Obama Administration policy initiatives and promotion of the regulatory State.  The corporations were doing fine, just elsewhere.

This also explains just how easy it was for Trump to succeed in Jaw boning the USA economy back into a robust health.  The Global economy has been expanding and will continue to do so because the whole global population is fully monetizing and accessing cell phone banking.   It is the USA which has been draggging its feet through stupid policy not unlike what has been done at times elsewhere.

Recent shakedowns on Tariffs are all about forcing open negotiations in regard to general trade.  Trump happens to be a free  trader  who understands that it takes two free traders to make it work.  The USA has been as guilty as anyone but so what.  Start a trade war so all bad behavior gets confronted..

Get The Champagne Out": In 14 Trading Days This Becomes The Longest Bull Market Of All Time


After 50 years, the patient victims of Leftist oppression finally begin to resist Terra Forming Terra


Qanon - Gmail drafts supported Global criminality Terra Forming Terra

As I posted a long time ago, the pedophilia conspiracy is the sole stable conspiracy.  For that reason it morphed into the NWO as well and all this has been sustained for generations plausibly tracking back to the seventeenth century when it was still possible to draw on older satanic lore.

What now becomes obvious is that the take down of the NWO is only a side benefit of taking down the global pedophile network. All the activity i have been reporting on is aimed first at the pedophiles.   This was a bit of a surprise at first but it is also inevitable.  Read these items just now coming in on the Q feed.

The big shock is that Google operated a clandestine network outside the USA to accommodate the Muslim brotherhood and likely drug traffickers and of course child trafficking. 

We also learn that a program is presently underway shutting down countries involved.  This is well underway although we are looking at the easy ones in which we have been engaged.  Not mentioned in this list is Pakistan and conditions there supplies feudal lords who have serfs to sell.

Q has quite suddenly brought it all up front and center.  This will be the primary cover for the coming mass arrests.  After all only a few were ever political players.  At the same time we now have had two years of visible local law enforcement action as well.  That arresting 50,000 pedophiles also guts the political class is almost unnoticed.  

No wonder ES resigned forthwith as has many others.



Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes near Tanaga Volcano, Alaska Signs of the Times

The United States Geological Survey reports a preliminary magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck near Tanaga Volcano, Alaska on Wednesday. The quake hit at 11:56 AM local time at a depth of 20 kilometers. There was no initial word on damage or injury resulting from the quake. More information on this earthquake is available on the USGS event page. See the latest USGS quake alerts, report feeling earthquake activity and tour interactive fault maps in the earthquake section.


Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance CLG News

Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance | 15 Aug 2018 | President Trump has revoked the security clearance for former CIA Director [perjurer and unindicted 9/11 co-conspirator] John Brennan, the White House announced Wednesday, in the first decision to come from a review of access for several top Obama-era intelligence and law enforcement officials. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders read a statement on behalf of the president during the start of the press briefing, saying Brennan "has a history that calls his credibility into question." The statement also claimed Brennan had been "leveraging" the clearance to make "wild outbursts" and claims against the Trump administration in the media.


Mystery in the mesosphere: Noctilucent clouds TRIPLE compared to last August Signs of the Times

This summer, something strange has been happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air 83 km above Earth's surface, summertime wisps of water vapor wrap themselves around specks of meteor smoke. The resulting swarms of ice crystals form noctilucent clouds (NLCs), which can be seen glowing in the night sky at high latitudes. And, no, that's not the strange thing. Northern sky watchers have grown accustomed to seeing these clouds in recent years. They form in May, intensify in June, and ultimately fade in July and August. This year, however, something different happened. Instead of fading in late July, the clouds exploded with unusual luminosity. Kairo Kiitsak observed this outburst on July 26th from Simuna, Estonia: "It was a mind-blowing display," says Kiitsak. "The clouds were visible for much of the night, rippling brightly for at least 3 hours." Other observers saw similar displays in July and then, in August, the clouds persisted. During the first half of August 2018, reports of NLCs to have tripled compared to the same period in 2017. The clouds refuse to go away. Researchers at the University of Colorado may have figured out why. "There has been an unexpected surge of water vapor in the mesosphere," says Lynn Harvey of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP). This plot, which Harvey prepared using data from NASA's satellite-based Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) instrument, shows that the days of late July and August 2018 have been the wettest in the mesosphere for the past 11 years:


'In the name of #Resistance': After clearance pull, Democrats rush to back Brennan - who spied on them Signs of the Times

Democrats have been vocal in condemning US President Donald Trump for revoking former CIA chief John Brennan's security clearance, forgetting that time he spied on a Democrat-run Senate committee in the name of #Resistance. On Wednesday, Trump revoked Brennan's security clearance, which had allowed the ex-spymaster to continue to access classified documents since he resigned last January. The White House said that Brennan used his security clearance to "sow division and chaos," and lend a sheen of credibility to his public criticisms of the president. The White House looked into revoking Brennan's clearance after he accused Trump of "treason" for meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last month. Straight away, Democrats jumped in to defend Brennan's character and to blast Trump for pulling his clearance. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that "In adding John Brennan to his enemies list, Trump demonstrates again how deeply insecure and vindictive he is."


Amazon is looking to acquire a brick-and-mortar movie theater chain Fast Company

The company is currently in the running to acquire Landmark Theatres,

The company is currently in the running to acquire Landmark Theatres, reports Bloomberg. The chain focuses on indie and foreign films and was founded in 1974. Currently, Landmark has 50 theaters with about 250 screens in total in 27 different markets including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

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Baker Involved in Supreme Court Case Whips Up a New Controversy Truthdig RSS

DENVER A Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on religious grounds a stance partially upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court has sued the state over its opposition to his refusal to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition, his attorneys said Wednesday.

Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, claimed that Colorado officials are on a crusade to crush him and force him into mediation over the gender transition cake because of his religious beliefs, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Phillips is seeking to overturn a Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling that he discriminated against a transgender person by refusing to make a cake celebrating that persons transition from male to female.

His lawsuit came after the Supreme Court ruled in June that Colorados Civil Rights Commission displayed anti-religious bias when it sanctioned Phillips for refusing to make a wedding cake in 2012 for Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins, a same-sex couple.

The justices voted 7-2 that the commission violated Phillips rights under the First Amendment. But the court did not rule on the larger issue of whether businesses can invoke religious objections to refuse service to gays and lesbians.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit law firm, represented Phillips in the case and filed the new lawsuit.

Phillips operates a small, family-run bakery located in a strip mall in the southwest Denver suburb of Lakewood. He told the state civil rights commission that he can make no more than two to five custom cakes per week, depending on time constraints and consumer demand for the cakes that he sells in his store that are not for special orders.

Autumn Scardina, a Denver attorney whose practice includes family, personal injury, insurance and employment law, filed the Colorado complaint saying that Phillips refused her request for a gender transition cake in 2017.

Cardina said she asked for a cake with a pink interior and a blue exterior and told Phillips it was intended to celebrate her gender transition. She did not state in her complaint whether she asked for the cake to have a message on it.

The commission found on June 28 that Scardina was discriminated against because of her transgender status. It ordered both parties to seek a mediated solution.

Phillips sued in response, citing his belief that the status of being male or female is given by God, is biologically determined, is not determined by perceptions or feelings, and cannot be chosen or changed, according to his lawsuit.

Phillips alleges that Colorado violated his First Amendment right to practice his faith and the 14th Amendment right to equal protection, citing commission rulings upholding other bakers refusal to make cakes with messages that are offensive to them.




Apropos of today's main blog, Mr. T.M. shared this story about China's plans to land probes on far side of the Moon, which appear []

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Amazon is considering launching an insurance comparison website in the U.K. Fast Company

Home and auto insurance are popular sellers on existing U.K. insurance comparison websites.

Thats according to a report from Reuters. The news agency says Amazon is currently sounding out several European insurance firms to see if they would be willing to contribute their products to a new insurance comparison website. Though the sources did not specify what types of insurance Amazons site would compare, Reuters notes that home and auto insurance are popular sellers on existing U.K. insurance comparison websites. But while Amazon is said to be having several discussions with insurers, another source stated that there were no imminent plans for the insurance comparison websites launch.

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Now, this was was sent to me by so many people it would be impossible to thank you all by initials, so a "general []

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The Value Of Pollinating Bees La Paz Group

We love all creatures great and small, even (we try as best we can) the pesky ones. It is not because we are generous, though we hope we are. It is because we see their value. For hopefully obvious reasons, pollinators are our favorite bees. Our lives depend on them. That is why we have featured dozens of stories about them. Thanks to National Public Radio (USA) for this one:

Watch This Native Pollinator Build Her Bee-Jeweled Nest


Former Tesla employee alleges flawed batteries are being used Fast Company

The ex-employee says that damaged battery modules were reworked and then used in Model 3 cars.

Martin Tripp, a former Tesla employee who is currently being sued by the company for theft of proprietary information has posted a series of tweets alleging wrongdoing related to Teslas batteries. First, Tripp says that damaged battery modules were reworked and then used in Model 3 cars.

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Why this hospital treats its local neighborhood like a patient Fast Company

The doctors at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, realized that they couldnt make progress with their patients health until they improved their lives outside the hospital, as well.

A decade ago, a childrens hospital in the Southern Orchards neighborhood in Columbus, Ohiowhere half of the children live in povertybegan an experiment. Instead of only treating individual patients, the hospital would begin to treat the neighborhood itself as a patient.

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If Windy, Southern CA Edison Will Shut Off Power To Protect You From Fire; They Can Make It Rain After the Shift


Since 1950, Southern California Edison has had year-round weather modification program. they can disappear those dry conditions that fuel the fires. the notifications were emailed to me, hence no link. ...


The Great Transition -- The Shadow Ruling Force Behind the Central Banks Operation Disclosure

The Great Transition

The shadow ruling force behind the central banks

Secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy

The Central Bankers crimes are legendary and more than can be listed here. By providing large-scale loans to practically all countries and people, those have become dependent of the hidden ruling power. Governments that want to remain independent are vigorously addressed and enforced; their leaders are unseated, or murdered. If this is not possible through means of political propaganda, or being economically sanctioned, the CIA, Mossad, or otherwise military force will achieve their objective to submit them to the NWO-regime.

The bloodline Archon families want to control the world, which required the joining of forces of the 13 influential bloodline families. Professor Adam Weishaupt drafted a plan in 1773, on request of Mayer Amschel Rothschild to make that happen. The ultimate goal was, and still is, to create a world dictatorship with one leader at the top, located in Jerusalem -Israel.

As a matter of fact, even Chinas government is ultimately run by a Nazi-Rothschild- central bank, which dictates and controls the flow of money all over the world in every nation in which central banks are located. They obtained full control, and have 100%  5 eyes support that makes their authority unquestioned and unchallenged.

Anyone involved in this buy and bribe scheme knows that it is in their own interest to participate in agreement to the given instructions. It really is a world-wide spread epidemic, and much worse than anyone can imagine. The structure it is condoned under the current legal system of admiralty law. Defeating the truly evil enemy, should be peoples key priority! Lets target the shadow controlling forces behind these central banks and put an end to this global corruption once and for all.



Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug 16, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Aug 16, 2018

Compiled 16 Aug. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on a Cabal Vatican-sponsored international pedophile Child Trafficking Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it is valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.

Judy Note: Rumors abound in these last days of the RV. Today one was from Tony when he said that the number of currencies to RV in this first basket may be reduced from seven to two. From the way he was talking I received the impression, and it was only my own impression, that those two were the Dong and Zim. On the Zim, another posted that it would be the only currency to RV on a 1:1 with the US dollar and perhaps this was the reason we were still waiting for the green light. These were rumors and should be treated as such. We will only know for sure when we are at our exchange.

Also today there were those Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Q posts that implied access to child trafficking has been shut down in Saudia Arabia, (the Clintons) Epstein Island, Haiti, North Korea, China, Russia and Cuba, while a shutdown of child trafficking was pending in Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Now, what is more important that we have to wait a few more days to be extraordinarily wealthy, or that thousands, perhaps millions of children have been saved from a lifetime of torture? Let us be thankful for what we have.

A. Aug. 15 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony: 

1. The Banks were still saying that the RV would happen this week.

2. Everything in Iraq was done and they were dragging it out and wait...


Federal Court Rules In Favour of Big Pharma & Determines That CBD Has No Medicinal Value (Despite Proof Showing Otherwise) Humans Are Free

Last week the hemp industry in the United States faced a roadblock after the federal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to list cannabidiol or CBD as a Schedule 1 controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

by Alanna Ketler, guest writer

Its worth pointing out that CBD has no psychoactive effects and is not the same as THC, the active ingredient that gets you high when smoking marijuana. The definition of a Schedule 1 controlled substance is as follows,

Schedule 1 (I) drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined by the federal government as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule 1 (I) drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.

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The Most Psychic Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked! Awareness Act

A lot of people are born with their own special abilities. These people are often referred to as psychics and in case you havent noticed, some signs are much more psychic than others.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and rank them from the most psychically inclined to the least. With that being said, this does not mean that some people who belong to the least psychic signs cannot be psychic. Anyone with any sign can be psychic, its just some are more inclined to be. How far up the list did your sign rank?

The Most and Least Psychic Signs Ranked:

(1 Is The Most Psychic and 12 Is The Least)

Most Psychic Signs: (In Order)

1. Gemini

The Gemini is a very special person. This sign brings forth very unique psychic power for some. Because Mercury is the planet of communication it can allow them to speak with the spirits of those who have passed.

However, their powers are usually only powers they can tap into when theyre sleeping. If you are a Gemini you might have experienced overly vivid dreams that seemed as if someone was trying to tell you something, they were. Gifts like this one are very special.

2. Cancer

Cancer is a sign that is easily able to activate their psychic abilities. They tend to notice they are different long before others do. The Cancer is able to see things other people cannot see more often than not.

3. Pisces

Pisces is able to see things for how they truly are. These people tend to be able to use their senses more properly than the people around them. They are usually quite psychic in this aspect and able to tell whether or not someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios just know things sometimes. They seem to be in tune with something the rest of us are not. While they are not the most psychic they are still in many ways quite gifted. They often can tell what someone wants even without words.

5. Virgo

Virgos are able to see what the future will hold. They can use their minds eye well. While some Virgos are not aware of this gift tapping into it is not as hard as it seems.

6. Capricorn

Capricorns are a bit more closed off than the rest of the signs. They can have a wide number of spiritual gifts of psychic abilities but these are usually more on the mild side. They usually pass their psychic means off as a mere gut feeling.

Least Psychic Signs: (In Order)

7. Leo

While Leos are usually the talk of the town they are not very psychic. They do have a good sense of intuition but not to the point where it works better than the signs listed above. That being said, they come in handy when it comes to really thinking outside of the box.

8. Taurus



Perspectives on the August 12 Anti-Fascist Mobilization in DC : Two Interviews with Organizers CrimethInc.

On August 12, Charlottesville fascist Jason Kessler attempted to hold the sequel to last years Unite the Right rally in Washington, DC. It did not go well for him. In the end, 2000 police struggled to protect two dozen fascists from thousands of anti-fascists and other foes of tyranny. To get some perspective on these events, we spoke with David Thurstonarts director for No Justice No Pride, a member of the steering committee of the DMVs Movement for Black Lives, and a core organizer with Resist Thisand also with an anonymous anarchist involved in organizing the anti-fascist bloc, among other aspects of the mobilization.

The US government spent $2.6 million to force the fascist rally upon the people of Washington, DC. Lets do the math: thats over $100,000 per fascist for a rally that lasted an hour at most. Would the US spend anything like that to protect a rally organized by any other sector of the population? On the contrary, when anarchists and other advocates of liberation organize public events, the government usually spends millions of dollars to repress us, often breaking its own laws in order to do so. This shows what a farce the free speech defense of fascist recruiting drives isthis is not an abstract question of rights, but a concrete matter of the US government asymmetrically investing resources in promoting the spread of fascism.

To put a number on it, then, the kind of free speech that enabled Kessler and his like to recruit someone to murder Heather Heyer is worth $100,000 per hour per fascist to the US government. Those are your tax dollars at work.

We were especially inspired by the fierceness with which the black population of DC turned out to face down the police and fascists on August 12. We have some questions about whether it makes sense for anarchists to act separately in a distinct anti-fascist contingent when other sectors of the population are mobilizing so courageously and assertively. It might be more effective for some anarchists to seek to connect with other rebels on the street, in order to bring about an interchange of tactics and ideas. Hopefully, this is already taking place.

Weve seen some alarmist commentary on the clashesfor example, from the person who posted the following video. Permit us to repeat that the US government is forcibly extorting money from its population to fund the violent imposition of fascist rallies on communities that only stand to suffer from the expansion of white supremacist activity. In this context, it should be no sur...


Frontier Airlines flight diverted to RDU because of unknown odor in cabin CLG News

Frontier Airlines flight diverted to RDU because of unknown odor in cabin | 15 Aug 2018 | Emergency officials met a Frontier Airlines flight on the runway at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Wednesday evening after a flight was diverted because of an unknown odor in the cabin, according to a Frontier Airlines spokesperson. Flight 1674 from Orlando to Philadelphia landed safely at Raleigh-Durham with 230 passengers and seven crew members. A total of eight people - including a flight attendant - complained of illness. Three of them were taken for treatment, Wake EMS told ABC11.


Single Mom Goes 6 Days At A Time Without Food So Her Children Can Eat Awareness Act

One mother has recently revealed just how serious her struggle can be. She has had to manage surviving for at least six days at a time so that her children could eat.

Her name is Sadie Drew and she is 30 years old. Sadie has several children and while during the school season she relies on free school meals with the summertimes holiday present things are tough. It is difficult for her to afford to feed all of the mouths that need to be fed. She says that in order to make up the difference, she just doesnt eat herself.

Sadie turns to a local food bank for help and it really does make a difference. Before she knew about the food bank and ways to get proper help, she did what she had to do in starving herself so that her children would be able to eat. I am sure a lot of moms out there would do the same and so this really does hit home.

She told the Mirror as follows:

Kids dont stop eating, boredom kicks in and they replace that with food, and they just eat.

Whereas in school they have certain snack times, and they are getting education, they are busy and their minds are ticking all the time. When thats not happening, they are just hungry all the time.

It doesnt help when benefits cut you down from 168 pounds to 116 pounds 

It was tax credits, they decided they overpaid us two years ago, and they are taking it back at astronomical rates.

My kids need to eat, and pride goes out the window when it involves children. If it was me, Id starve.

I have done it for my children. Before I knew about the Foodbank and that I could get help, I was a single mom to my two girls and I didnt eat for six days straight.

Without this place (the Foodbank), it would be a major struggle.

The person who runs this specific Foodbank says that they gave out over 800 meals in 2 hours on the first day that school was let out for Summer. They have seen an increase in numbers big time lately and are doing what they can to help. It is hard for people to come up with money they dont have and when things like this happen it can make you feel like youre facing the end of the world.

No mother should have to wonder if she is going to be able to have enough food for her children to eat. To learn more about this kind of thing please check out the video below. It is a lot more common than you might think and is happening in a lot of places. Mothers should not be forced to starve themselves so that their kids can eat, everyone should be f...


Research pushes Egyptian mummification back 1500 years Signs of the Times

The ancient Egyptians were chemically embalming corpses some 1500 years earlier than previously thought, stunning new research has revealed. Using a range of investigatory techniques including chemical analysis, shotgun metagenomics, textile analysis and radiocarbon dating, a team led by Egyptologist Jana Jones from Macquarie University in Australia made the finding by examining "mummy S. 293" - the oldest preserved body held in the collection of the Turin museum in Italy. Textile dating revealed that the mummy - acquired by the museum in 1901 from a dealer - had been interred around 3600 CE. The date places the event some 1000 years before the invention of writing and around 2500 years before the peak of Egyptian mummification practice, at the height of the pharaonic era. Mummy S.93 was originally buried lying on his left side, curled in a foetal position, possibly clothed in a full-body shroud, and lain beneath a thin covering of earth. It was originally thought that the body's preservation had occurred through "natural mummification", in which the desiccating effects of sand and wind had prevented complete decomposition. Detailed analysis of chemical residues present on the corpse itself, its funerary coverings, or the grave goods assumed to have been part of the original burial assemblage had never been conducted.


(Video) Ronald Bernard Explaining the Declaration of Peace Operation Disclosure

Published on Aug 15, 2018

The times of when your vote, your voice didn't have any significance are luckily OVER - please sign the Declaration of Peace and be a part of the REAL change - part of the new world where WE, the citizens of this world, will once again decide for ourselves what's going to happen - with equal voices.

Let's put our energy, our attention and awareness towards something meaningful again - towards creating a world where everyone is liberated and treated with respect (especially the children) and we can all live in peace and harmony with ALL life!

WE are the creators!

The future is NOW!


Gold & the Changing Fundamentals Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You are obviously the person worth listening to when it comes to gold. Every fundamental these people have argued to support gold has proven completely false. Confusion in gold is really very high. You have to be really stupid at this point to listen to this nonsense. Can you express any opinion on gold?

It would be very helpful




ANSWER: You are correct, that concerns over U.S.-Russian relations, coming talks on the Korean Peninsula, action in Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attacks and uneasiness over trade conflicts would normally be the battle cry to buy gold.  Traditionally, this would form a cocktail of geopolitical uncertainty that would lead to screams buy gold! The uncertainty has not led to support for gold. They are proving to be a narrative that no longer seems to be factors for the bulls.

We have to understand one thing. The younger generations do not see gold as money as do the aging generation. The older generations remember being taught that is school and the days of the gold standard. The younger generation does not even bother with paper money and pays with their cell phones. This is raising the question of whether gold will remain as a safe-haven instrument in the future if the younger generation does not even consider gold suitable for anything other than a trinket.




7 Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partners Awareness Act

There is no excuse for cheating but that doesnt mean it isnt going to happen. While cheating is a horrible thing to do, it happens a lot more than we want to admit whether we are the cheaters or the partners being cheated on.

Why, is one of the biggest questions that come up when someone is cheated on. They feel like they werent good enough and they feel like there has to be a reason why their partner did what he or she did, right? Well, honestly, sometimes the reason is not as prominent as we want it to be and sometimes even that person isnt quite sure of the reason. Most of the time cheating doesnt just happen as a spur of the moment thing.

Sometimes people who cheat are perfectly happy in their relationships and sometimes they are still very much in love with the person they are cheating on. Infidelity in itself is a stressful and complicated subject. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why a person might cheat when theyre in a relationship.

These are not the only reasons why someone might cheat but they are some of the more common ones. With that being said, these are still not excuses. There is NO excuse for cheating.

7 Reasons Why People Sometimes Cheat On Their Partners:

1. They dont feel as connected with their partner as they once were.

Sometimes we become disconnected from our partners and that can make us feel really bad. If we dont know how to speak about what we are going through cheating could end up being a real potential issue. While talking through things and working on the relationship would be a much better approach some people just see someone they like and run with it.

2. They dont really care about you in the ways you think they do.

Sometimes we think people care about us because they say they do only to find out that they dont really care at all. A lot of people think cheating is okay and that as long as they dont get caught theyre fine. People like this dont love you in the ways you want them to. We should not waste our time on them.

3. They want the excitement of it.

When someone is bored in their relationship they might cheat just for fun. There is for those who want to, a sense of excitement that comes with cheating. The potential risk for some reason really drives them over the edge.

4. They felt trapped.

When someone cheats it can sometimes be due to feeling trapped in the relationship. Cheating is their escape even if just for a short period of time. Sometimes their situation is just too extreme.

5. They want to feel young again.

Sometimes people cheat beca...


The Crisis is Turkey Armstrong Economics

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is finding his dreams of an all-powerful resurrection of the Ottoman Empire are falling apart. Qatar has come to the aid of Turkey offering $15 billion in a loan, but keep in mind that the entire issue with Syria began with Qatar proposing a pipeline through Syria to compete with natural gas with Russia. Therefore, it is in Qatars best interest to keep Turkey trying to invade Syria. The price will be the pipeline, which we seriously doubt will ever take place.

Erdogan has sent the Turkish economy into a downward spiral for some time. Its soaring inflation has exceeded 100% and rising debt-to-GDP of about 70% under President Recep Erdogans regime has been a growing problem. As central banks pumped money into the system over the past decade, nations like Turkey and other emerging market economies used the opportunity to raise more and more cheap debt to boost their productivity. Turkey has attracted capital from Europe seeking higher yields because of the negative interest rates policy of the ECB. Now we have a crisis in Turkey that is also the result of Draghis Quantitative Easing that drove capital to Turkey and FAILED to revived the European economy.

Erdogans dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire is no joke. It has been European money seeking higher yield that kept him in power. It is curious how those who seek dictatorial power are the ones who dream of restoring the power of empires long since dead. Erdogan has wanted to recreate the Ottoman Empire just as the dream of the reestablishment of the old Roman Empire as was the desire behind Napoleon and Hitler. The days of Empire Building are long gone and Erdogan has been living in the past. His goal was to expand his countrys military operations in Syria and this, he hoped, would be the first step as with Hitlers invasion of Poland.

Nevertheless, the Turkish lira collapse and the expensive dollar have been conspiring against him reflecting...


Always Blame Your Enemy Turkey is Endangering the Entire World Economy Armstrong Economics


On Aug 12/18 you wrote about Iran and & Turkey Ripe for Revolution? and in that blog, you mentioned They will both turn toward Russia for help and portray their political crisis as a CIA plot.
When watching the news the other night, I noticed this is exactly what Turkey is doing; turning to Russia and blaming the USA (in this case Trump). Its ridiculous how countries turn to the USA for help but then when the USA doesnt answer these prayers, these countries demonize the USA. This is akin to praying to God to give you millions of dollars and then when you dont magically win the lottery, you blame God even though he provided you with opportunities and skills that you ignored.
Once again,
Marty, you called it.
Cheers from Calgary.


REPLY: The real crazy thing is this is so standard, it is not even taking a guess. Erdogan has threatened to walk into the arms of Russia and Erdogan is simply not someone the West should trust. I have been warning that NATO should absolutely withdraw from Turkey. Until the people overthrow this guy, he should be distanced RIGHT NOW!!!!! He has been against Greece and Israeli. He is by no means of a particular side. He has been fixed on his vision of restoring the Ottoman Empire and he has ruined the economy of Turkey. Erdogan is far more dangerous than any other world leader and the West had better wake up before it is too late.


This does not even take a computer to figure it out. This is politics 101 which happens EVERY SINGLE TIME since ancient times. You always blame an external enemy or else the people will blame you and that can lead to a regime change. The sanctions against Russia a...


Cheney & Rumsfeld the Machiavellian Puppet Masters Behind the Iraq War Armstrong Economics


There is so much behind the scenes to the creation of a false narrative to wage war in Iraq it is no joke. The story laid out by James Bamford offers another slice of the war story that was sold to the world. Those behind this sales-pitch will never be prosecuted because they are above the law when the Deep State controls the prosecution process. Rather than regurgitate what Bamford wrote and the movie Shock & Awe, I want to add yet another dimension. The journalist who really sold this to the American people was  Judith Miller of the New York Times.

On October 1st, 2004, federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan found Judith Miller in contempt of court for refusing to appear before a federal grand jury, which was investigating who had leaked to reporters the fact that Valerie Plame was a CIA operative. Curiously, among notations about Iraq and nuclear weapons in Ms. Millers notebook, appeared the name: Valerie Flame. That name became the core of a federal grand jury investigation with its tentacles deep into the White House. At issue is whether Bush administration officials leaked the identity of Ms. Plame, an undercover C.I.A. operative, to reporters as part of an effort to blunt criticism of the Cheneys justification for the war in Iraq. Former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson and his wife, C.I.A. operative Valerie Plame, became the center of the controversy over Cheneys bogus claim, that was read by President Bush in his State of the Union address, that Saddam had tried to buy uranium in Africa.

It turned out that one of the legal cases used to support the actions of Judge Thomas F. Hogan to throw Judith Miller in jail on contempt of court was my own. Ms. Miller spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify and reveal her confidential source. However, she could not take it any longer and finally agreed to testify before the grand jury that she could not exactly remember if her source was I. Lewis Scooter Libby, the Vice President Dick Cheneys chief of staff. But she said he did not reveal Ms. Plames name. When th...


Benjamin Fulford Report: "East/West AI Competition" -- August 13, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Chinas AI Goddess and the East/West AI competition

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Notice to readers: This is the last of our three pre-written reports. We will return to our usual weekly news format next week. Your patience and understanding have been appreciated.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said whoever leads in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will control the world. The Chinese took these words seriously and are investing huge sums of money in an effort to create an AI Goddess. They hope it will give them unprecedented powers and help them in their bid to form a world government, according to members of Asian secret societies.

The West, for its part, is building a quantum-based financial system they hope will allow them to continue to control the main source of world powerthe international financial system.

This battle is serious, and it even led to the Chinese supercomputer Tainhe-1at one point the worlds fastestto be blown up by unknown parties on August 12, 2015. The fact that this explosion came immediately after a sudden unannounced 4% devaluation in the Chinese yuan was almost certainly no coincidence. The fact that the European-headed IMF supported this move shows that the European faction of the Khazarian mafia was in on the plot.

Clearly, some sort of Chinese and European Khazarian attempt to use the devaluation and the supercomputer to destabilize U.S. dollar-based Western financial system did take place and was met with a kinetic response.

Now fast-forward to the third-year anniversary of this explosion. As of June 2018, the U.S. Department of Energy surpassed the...


Report Finds 100 Priests in One City Ran Horrific Pedophile Ring, As Govt Looked the Other Way BlackListed News

As a scathing grand jury report reveals that hundreds of Catholic priests in the state of Pennsylvania sexually abused young children, a portion focuses specifically on Pittsburgh where nearly 100 priests are accused of running a pedophile ring where they helped each other prey on helpless children with no oversight. The report claims that at least 99 priests in the Pittsburgh Diocese were involved in the pedophile ringnine of whom were not namedand they received help from local officials who refused to explore investigations into the abuse because it was considered bad publicity for the Catholic Church.

After Releasing Suspected School Shooters, Child Killers, Feds Trash Compound, Destroying Evidence BlackListed News

After releasing five suspected terrorists accused of plotting school shootings and killing a toddler authorities raid their compound and destroy potential evidence.

Our Prosperity Is Now Dependent on Predatory Globalization BlackListed News

So heres the story explaining why free trade and globalization create so much wonderful prosperity for all of us: I find a nation with cheap labor and no environmental laws anxious to give me cheap land and tax credits, so I move my factory from my high-cost, highly regulated nation to the low-cost nation, and keep all the profits I reap from the move for myself. Yea for free trade, Im now far wealthier than I was before.

Mass-Casualty Incident: Dozens Overdose On Synthetic Marijuana In New Haven BlackListed News

The Office of Emergency Management in New Haven, Connecticut, has reported a mass casualty incident involving at least 71 people who have overdosed from synthetic marijuana with 52 of them near a Connecticut city park, authorities said late Wednesday. A majority of the overdoses were located in the vicinity of the New Haven Green, a park near Yale University, throughout the day Wednesday, according to officials.

2015 United Nations Paper Proposed Government Licensing To Supervise Content Online BlackListed News

In recent purge, globalists are following long existing plans to censor internet. In 2015, the Washington Post warned that the United Nations was attempting to transform the Web from a libertarian free-for-all to some kind of enforced social commons.

TSA's Transit Police use full-body scanners to search and watchlist commuters BlackListed News

It has been a year, since I warned commuters that the TSA wanted to install full-body biometric scanners at train stations.  And just like last year, the MSM interviewed one person that is fine with losing their rights. Last year, I warned commuters that full-body scanners come equipped with watchlist software.

Rappoport: Beyond an artificial world BlackListed News

Futurists are inclined to predict a world in which AI (artificial intelligence) will take over a major portion of what is now human activity. In a matter of decades, for example, they say one computer will have more capacity than all the human brains on the planet put together. Then, the prediction goes, AI will be virtually human, or more than human.

Can US Sanctions Suffocate Russia in Arctic? BlackListed News

Today, the largest economic states express their interest in the Arctic. Vast natural resources constitute the reason for their interest. Moreover, the Arctic is one of the few places on the planet that have yet to be delineated, because initially the region was not divided between the countries neighboring it. At least five states are claiming national arctic zones: the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway and Denmark. All these countries have access to the coast of the Arctic Ocean. 

Radioactive sheep shed light on secret Israeli nuclear weapons test BlackListed News

Newly discovered data from radioactive sheep provides strong evidence that a mysterious double flash detected almost 39 years ago near a remote island group was a nuclear explosion.

Pepe Escobar: Economic War On Iran Is War On Eurasian Integration BlackListed News

Hysteria reigned supreme after the first round of US sanctions were reinstated against Iran over the past week. War scenarios abound, and yet the key aspect of the economic war unleashed by the Trump administration has been overlooked: Iran is a major piece in a much larger chessboard.

EU Fears British Spies "Bugged" Secret Brexit Talks BlackListed News

The last time European Union officials were being spied on - and questioned it publicly (after Edward Snowden exposed the reality) - it was the Obama administration in 2013.

Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children's Foods BlackListed News

The known carcinogen and infamous weed killing chemical glyphosate has just been found in breakfast foods marketed for children. A new study has discovered trace amounts of the most widely used herbicide in the country in oats, granolas, and snack bars.

Trump Strikes Back at Ringleader Brennan BlackListed News

At war with current and former intelligence officials since before he was elected, Donald Trump Wednesday moved to strip Barack Obamas CIA chief of his security clearance, though worse may be in store for John Brennan, says Ray McGovern.

Fracking Wastewater Spikes 1,440% in Half Decade BlackListed News

Between 2011 and 2016, fracked oil and gas wells in the U.S. pumped out record-breaking amounts of wastewater, which is laced with toxic and radioactive materials, a new Duke University study concludes. The amount of wastewater from fracking rose 1,440 percent during that period.

AT&T Sued After SIM Hijacker Steals $24 Million in Customer's Cryptocurrency BlackListed News

It has only taken a few years, but the press, public and law enforcement appear to finally be waking up to the problem of SIM hijacking. SIM hijacking (aka SIM swapping or a "port out scam") involves a hacker hijacking your phone number, porting it over to their own device (often with a wireless carrier employee's help), then taking control of your personal accounts. As we've been noting, the practice has heated up over the last few years, with countless wireless customers saying their entire identities were stolen after thieves ported their phone number to another carrier, then took over their private data.

Chinese firm touting 'innovative' software to beat US rivals is found using parts of Google's code BlackListed News

A Chinese technology firm that made an internet browser it claims is used by the government and can break the "monopoly" of U.S. software has been found to use parts of Google's Chrome browser. Redcore, a Chinese start-up said it has developed "core technology" with "independent intellectual property rights" in regards to its browser.

Lockheed Martin Awarded Over $3 Billion in Govt Contracts in Just Two Days, As Military Frets About Russian, Chinese Advances BlackListed News

The U.S. Air Force announced within the span of two days earlier this week that it had awarded over $3.3 billion in contracts to U.S. weapons giant Lockheed Martin. The first of these contracts, totaling $480 million, was announced on Monday and tasked Lockheed with designing a new hypersonic missile. The new missile, known as the Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), is the second hypersonic missile under development at Lockheed, as the U.S. Air Force awarded a $928 million contract to the company this past April to develop the Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW) program.

Deaf 76-year-old Woman Knocked Unconscious and Arrested Over Alleged Jaywalking BlackListed News

In Dublin, CA Hui Jie Jin was walking home from the grocery store last year when she says she was attacked by a deputy who violently threw her to the ground, knocking her unconscious. The 76-year-old deaf woman wasnt robbing a store or threatening to harm someoneshe was crossing the road in a manner unfit for the police stateotherwise known as jaywalking.

Alex Jones flagship radio station shut down by Federal Communications Commission BlackListed News

The US communications regulator has shut down Alex Jones flagship radio station and slapped it with a $15,000 fine. The news comes after the controversial commentator was banned from a range of social media outlets. A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013, the Austin American-Statesman reports.


(Video) The Quantum Shift with Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn, and Drake Bailey -- August 14, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Published on Aug 15, 2018

New two hour show!

New updates on lots of stuff. Please enjoy and take what you want and leave the rest.


British Police Arrest 31 Muslims Connected To Child Sex Ring Your News Wire

British police have arrested and charged thirty one members of a Muslim child sex ring in Huddersfield, England.   Thirty men and one woman were found to have trafficked and raped girls between the ages of [...]

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Poop Patrol Officers Deployed To Clean Up Filthy San Fransisco Your News Wire

San Fransisco has become so filthy and unsanitary that teams of poop control officers have been deployed in an effort to clean up the unholy mess. In around one month, a team of five Public [...]

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The Poet: John O'Donohue, "Benedictus" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly


"As you huddle around the torn silence,
Each by this lonely deed exiled
To a solitary confinement of soul,
May some small glow from what has been lost
Return like the kindness of candlelight.

As your eyes strain to sift
This sudden wall of dark
And no one can say why
In such a forsaken, secret way,
This death was sent for; 


State Department: Russia Pointing Deadly Space Weapon At Earth Your News Wire

The US State Department has warned that Russia may be pointing a deadly laser or microwave weapon towards Earth.  The mysterious Russian satellite began displaying very abnormal behaviour recently, assistant secretary Yleem Poblete told a [...]

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