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Wednesday, 20 June


U.S. Army: Robots for Ground Combat by 2028

Via: FCW: Robotics is crucial to Army Secretary Mark Espers strategic vision, and he wants to have unmanned vehicles on the battlefield by 2028. Esper previewed the Armys soon-to-be-released strategic vision calling for unmanned vehicles as an integral part of the force at a Brookings Institute event June 5. I think robotics has the potential []


Surreal or nonsensical things can make you smarter Signs of the Times

Surreal books and films could make you smarter, research finds. Stories by Franz Kafka or films by master of the absurd David Lynch could boost learning. Even an unsettling feeling, like the absurdity of life, can engender the desired state. The reason is that surreal or nonsensical things put our mind into overdrive looking for meaning. When people are more motivated to search for meaning, they learn better, the psychologists found. Dr Travis Proulx, the study's first author, explained: "The idea is that when you're exposed to a meaning threat -- something that fundamentally does not make sense -- your brain is going to respond by looking for some other kind of structure within your environment. And, it turns out, that structure can be completely unrelated to the meaning threat."


CRISPR: Gene editing embryonic stem cells might increase risk of cancer Signs of the Times

Emryonic stem cells could help treat all kinds of disorders, and editing the genomes of these stem cells could make the treatments far more potent. But there might be a catch. A team at Novartis has found that genome editing kills most human embryonic stem cells - and the ones that survive are more likely to have mutations in a key anticancer gene. Cells with such mutations are, in theory, far more likely to turn cancerous. "This is something we need to be aware of and test for," says Florian Merkle at the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute in the UK, who wasn't involved in the work.


Five reasons liberals are not nice people to hang out with Signs of the Times

Don't get me wrong. Not every conservative has a winning personality and not every liberal is a toothache in search of a mouth to inhabit. In fact, one of the single nicest people I know is a liberal (Hi, Julie Joyce!) Yet and still, it's not a reach to say that most liberals, especially the ones that are politically active, are just generally difficult to get along with. It's not just me saying that either. I've interviewed more than one big name conservative who has told me that they moved over to the right in large part because the other liberals they were around were such insufferable human beings. John Hawkins: ...I always find the stories of people who ideologically move from the left to the right to be fascinating and I noticed that you used to be a liberal who even worked for Ron Dellums... Michael Medved: Ron Dellums helped to make me a conservative. John Hawkins: How so? What caused you to move to the right? Michael Medved: First of all, even at the time I went to work for Dellums, I knew better. Because I was never that far out. I mean I supported Robert Kennedy, not Eugene McCarthy. John Hawkins: Dellums was even a Communist, wasn't he? Michael Medved: Yeah, he basically was. I worked for Dellums for 6 weeks and then I couldn't stand it anymore. Because I think he so clearly demonstrated some of the most malign and malevolent tendencies of the American Left. Corruption, drug use, Communist sympathies if not Communist party membership.


Trump v Trudeau Armstrong Economics

Trump has been attacking Canada once again on trade. He blasted the North American Free Trade Agreement, saying the U.S. can no longer afford to be the stupid country. He pointed out that Canada imposes such onerous tariffs on U.S. products, such as shoes, that people are forced to scuff em up in order to smuggle them home. Trump has pointed out that Canada is seemingly confusing tariffs with duties.

I can attest to this problem. When we try to send materials to Canada for a conference, shipments are held-up, delayed, and they want all sorts of explanations even for materials that are handed out with no cost. It has become a real problem just trying to often ship anything outside the country. To get around this, we are having to try to find someone to manufacture mugs, pens, notebooks in the host country. It has become hopeless trying to just send cases of mugs that are handed out for free at our conferences.

Indeed, countries are sneaking in huge duties for sending anything into their country in place of tariffs.


French governmental homophobia Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Gay Pride Paris 2017 Marche des Fierts LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transgender) Paris 2017 on Saturday June 24, 2017 from Place de la Concorde Paris to Place de la Republique Paris, France.

From Pink News in Britain:

French official sparks outrage by telling gay couples they can only adopt atypical children

19th June 2018, 4:38 PM

A French adoption official has caused controversy by saying that gay and lesbian couples are only able to adopt damaged children.

Pascale Lemare, who is the adoption services head in the Seine-Maritime region of Normandy, said that heterosexual couples would be prioritised for adoptions in the region.

According to AFP, Lemare made the comments in an interview with local radio on Tuesday.

During the interview with France Bleu, Lemare said that gay couples were likely to be left with the children that heterosexual couples did not want to adopt due to their age, size or even their disability.

Children that no one wants there are people who dont want to adopt children who are too damaged, too psychologically damaged, too big, or handicapped, she explained.

Lemare was then asked whether it was more difficult for gay and lesbian couples to adopt younger or healthier children in the region.

The official replied: There are parents who correspond better to the required criteria.

She then stated that gay and lesbian couples were a little atypical, you might say, with regard to social norms and biological norms.

If their plan includes children with atypical profiles if homosexual coupl...


All your memes belong to us: Is Europe trying to put an end to memes? Signs of the Times

European Union leaders appear to believe they're about to spell the end of the "meme" by passing a series of copyright protections for intellectual property holders known as the Copyright Directive. The new laws aim to curb any use of copyrighted material, even if that material is made into a derivative work, or an internet meme - and the new protections would allow companies like Google and Facebook, who operate social media sites and can control content, to pull "questionable" material that could be subject to a copyright claim. That means, critics say, that the European Union will force Google and Facebook to end the meme as we know it. And any speech that anyone in the European Union finds objectionable (or might find objectionable).


Citigroup Becoming a Political Bank Armstrong Economics


Citigroup has issued a press release back in March stating that it will penalize banking clients who engage in gun sales even though they comply with federal, state, and local laws. Citigroups new policy tells businesses what kind of firearms and accessories they can stock in their stores, and who they can sell them to. This sort of bank interference in commerce and discrimination is actually illegal in itself. Under the FDIC rules, a bank may NOT under any circumstances discriminate against any business or person without just cause.

Under FDIC rules, it is [u]nlawful discriminatory practices range from the overt to the very subtle. The motivations behind such practices range from prejudice to simple ignorance of the law. Violations generally fall into two categories: technical and substantive. Within the category of technical violations, some may be procedural, such as not having the Equal Housing Lender poster on display. However, technical violations, especially of a repetitive nature, can be indicators that possible substantive violations may also exist. Substantive violations involve actual discrimination on a prohibited basis, either disparate treatment or disparate impact.

In this case, Citigroup is clearly engaging in political discrimination which goes all the way to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It is not up to Citigroup to rewrite the Constitution or the prevailing laws. They are in effect violating the very foundation of a democratic structure and moving into a position of a corporate rough dictatorship. They can easily just as well discriminate and say everyone who sells condoms or birth control pills they will refuse to lend to because they believe that there should be no birth control. Or they could refuse to lend money to anyone who is a Muslim claiming they might be connected to some terrorist act.

This policy of Citigroup is flat outright illegal. Of course, the federal court in New York City rules in favor of banks. Any suit must be brought outside of New York where a violation takes place.



US and UK criticised after Human Rights Council withdrawal RSS feed from

The UK is "perilously close" to following the US governments "violation of human rights and disdain for multilateral approaches to international law", warns a development group.


THREE OUTRAGEOUS STORIES The Media Wants You To Forget! We Are Change

In this video, Jason Bermas goes over three outrageous stories the media would like you to forget. These include another DJ scandal involving underage boys, the real verdicts in the controversial Muslim gang trial in the United Kingdom, as well as the United States President funding the White Helmets once again.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

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Health or Hype? Mediterranean diet only good for rich people Signs of the Times

It's supposed to be good for you. The effects of the Mediterranean diet were tracked over five years in a study published in 2013, but its results have now been called into question. The original research found that the diet - featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, nuts, olive oil and red wine, but very little red meat or sugar - reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease, contributed to slight reductions in rates of heart attack and death, and more significantly lowered the risk of stroke. Since then, study after study has found that eating a Mediterranean diet can stave off ageing in the brain, delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease or even improve the chances of successful IVF treatments.


Because Israel: Nikki Haley proudly announces US leaves 'hypocritical and self-serving' UN Human Rights Council Signs of the Times

Washington has decided to walk out of the UN Human Rights Council, accusing the body of hypocrisy. The US has long cited concerns about the body's "anti-Israel bias." Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley announced the decision at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. "The US is officially withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council," Haley said, calling it a "hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights." "American participation is the last shred of credibility the council has," Haley argued. "That is precisely why we must leave." Comment: US has been losing credibility for its relentless human rights abuses. That is precisely why US is leaving!


Not Funny! Memes Illegal Under Insane Law We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews professional meme man Mance Ryder about an insane new law that is under consideration in the European Union. Under this law, basically anything that may have any copyright could be immediately taken down and censored, no matter how relevant or funny.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

Mance Rayder

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Review: Facts and Fears Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence by James Clapper Public Intelligence Blog

Grand Theft, Mass Murder, & Legalized Lies Book Review as Epitaph

Robert David Steele

American Herald Tribune, 19 June 2018

3 stars Errors, Lies, and Omissions

James R. Clapper, Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence (Viking, 2018), 432 pages, $17.99, ISBN-13: 978-0525558644.

There was a time when I thought James Clapper was one of the top five flag officers among the sixty-five or so that I had worked with over 40 years. Ive known Clapper since 1994 and it is with distress that I conclude his judgment was diminished in 2007 when he became the first professional Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI),[1] following Stephen Cambone, a political appointee himself with mixed talents.[2] Between the two of them, they turned defense intelligence into a spending cesspool biased toward technical collection and mass data storage, fully in line with what one author calls Grand Theft Pentagon.[3] Clappers tenure as Director of National Intelligence (DNI) can be summed up quite simply: one trillion dollars spent, to no good end.

There is no question about Clappers being respected and trusted by his own professionals. Nor is there any question as to Clappers competence as an administrator. What is at question is the veracity of his book and its utility to the public when it includes twenty separate assertions that according to all available open source evidence, are lies.[4]

In fairness to Clapper, there are three pre-existing conditions that made it much easier for him to go along and much more difficult for him to actually sound the alarm and insist on reform as Amy Zegart has documented so ably, the secret intelligence system is so corrupt and dysfunctional that it can only be fixed with a Presidential mandate fix big or dont fix at all.[5] Clapper went along to get along. The pre-existing conditions are:

01 St...


The mainstream media's war on turmeric continues Signs of the Times

Spices are causing a stir as cheap and easy cure-alls for everything from diabetes to dementia, but not all the claims live up to the hype Turmeric and bread makes for an unusual breakfast. But when Mark Wahlqvist served it to a group of older people in Taiwan, he had high hopes. They had been diagnosed as heading for diabetes, which can affect mental abilities. Having heard that the spice could have cognitive benefits, he wanted to put it to the test. "The idea that turmeric might be brain-protective is novel," says Wahlqvist, currently at the National Health Research Institutes in Taipei, Taiwan. To those following the latest food trends, however, the spice's brain-boosting potential is unlikely to raise an eyebrow. It is just one in a long list of turmeric's supposed benefits that have seen it proclaimed as a cheap and effective super food. As a result, what once may have been gathering dust in your spice rack is now the star attraction at trendy coffee shops selling "golden lattes".


A Hotter World Could Also Be a Hungrier One Truthdig RSS

A hotter world could also be a hungrier one, with shrinking harvests and poorer quality plants. As planetary temperatures rise in response to ever more profligate combustion of fossil fuels, climate change could lower the yield of  vegetable and legume crops  and at the same time reduce their nutritional content.

And the same high end-of-the-century temperatures could raise the risk of massive, near-global losses for the worlds most widely grown cereal, maize.

This double blow comes close upon the evidence from field trials over many years that another global staple, rice, is likely to become less rich in protein and vitamins as temperatures increase.

British researchers report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that they studied 174 research papers based on 1,540 experiments in 40 countries between 1975 and 2016, on the probable effect of changes in water supplies, ozone, atmospheric carbon dioxide and ambient temperatures, on vegetables and legumes.

They found that on the basis of changes predicted for later this century, average yields of vegetables could fall by 35%, and legumes by 9%. There has been evidence that more atmospheric carbon dioxide could fertilise more plant growth, but other accompanying changes greater extremes of heat, drought, flood and so on could cancel out any such gains.

As the planet warms, it becomes more likely for different countries to simultaneously experience major crop losses

Pauline Scheelbeck, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who led the study, called the finding a real threat to global agricultural production, with likely impacts on food security and population health.

Scientists have been warning for at least five years of the potential impact of climate change on agriculture and food supply: other studies have shown that fruit and vegetable supplies could be at risk.

There has also been evidence that heat extremes could damage wheat yields while endangering food supplies across the whole of Africa, and at the very least test the capacity of global markets to cope with sudden harvest failures across whole regions.

US research...


'Helicopter parents' are to blame for the excess of feelings and poor social skills of Millennials Signs of the Times

A regular object of ridicule on the jungle gym, the "helicopter parent" has inspired countless analyses that paint a disturbing picture of over-dependence and stunted emotional maturity in affected children. To confirm what playground gossipers have long muttered under their breath, researchers of a new study literally took candy from a child. Children of over-controlling mothers experience heightened emotional problems, poor social skills and limited academic success throughout elementary school, says a study published Monday in the journal Developmental Psychology. Starting as young as 2 years old, children of "helicopter moms" developed dependent behaviors that limited their control over their emotions and inhibitions and hindered their achievement as pre-teens. In a study of over 400 American children and their mothers, more than half white and more than 80 percent married, psychologists measured children's emotional and cognitive development at ages 2, 5 and 10 over the course of eight years. At 2, mothers were asked to play with their child, then work with him or her to clean up toys. Mothers who attempted to structure the activity and issue repeated commands to their toddler were rated as highly controlling. At the same age, children with observed aggression and destructive behaviors were likely to portray poor social skills, less success in school and more emotional problems at 10.


Satmar Grand Rabbi Aron: We Have No Part of #Zionism We Have No Part in the State of #Israel Public Intelligence Blog

The Fiery Speech of the Satmar Grand Rabbi Aron to the 20k who gathered at the mass convention in two weeks ago: We have no part in ! We have no part in their wars! We have no part in the State of !!

Link 1:39


Deep State Sabotage Of The North Korea Deal? We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change joins Jason Bermas to discuss the historic deal that just took place between the United States and North Korea. Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump have shaken hands, sat down and signed an agreement that will end military drills in the region by the United States as well as the denuclearization of North Korea.

Will the Deep State sabotage the progress that has been made by the Trump administration?

You can watch this video on DTube here.

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Antarctica and Australia climate shift - New details emerging Signs of the Times

Australian media in damage control to explain Melbourne coldest start in 36 years to winter, record snow and frosts to withing 1500 miles south of the equator toward Cains. Bobby the moderator at OZ Politic has a full thread of 350 pages outside MSM control which shows massive ice gains in sea ice around Antarctica, all the while the MSM screams that we have to act now before the worlds coast lines are washed away by a melting Antarctica. Power grids were stretched to the limits in Australia during the Superfreeze event, but downplaying is the new narrative, and if it doesn't fit, just make a new set of rules. Perhaps we need to look to the Sabians of Harran to understand the cycles. Sources


Police City Smart City: Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order Public Intelligence Blog

Below the Fold: Max Igan on 5G at Open Mind Conference

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman


Sharp increase in domestic armed conflicts reported around the world RSS feed from

The number of non-international armed conflicts has more than doubled since 2000, according to Red Cross data.


Ron Paul: Russia and Assad defeated ISIS, not US Signs of the Times

The multisided conflict in Syria has drawn in numerous foreign powers, with some deploying forces to fight terrorism, while others have attempted to prop up local proxies to serve their interests. Discussing the US' military role in Syria on Monday, American ex-Congressman Ron Paul identified which parties had played the largest role in defeating terrorist groups throughout the Arab Republic, and said the US should withdraw its troops. "The real hypocrisy comes in our justification: We're there to fight for our constitution, our liberties, and get rid of al-Qaeda* (and Daesh*), because al-Qaeda is the threat. But there's no evidence that we ever did anything - al-Qaeda is losing but it was in spite of us. There's no evidence we ever did much - it was the Russians and Assad who bought it to the point where we're just about ready to get rid of al-Qaeda," he said. Comment: Actually, evidence shows that the US did do something - it created ISIS.


Bangladesh, Turkey and Uganda protect half worlds new refugees RSS feed from

Turkey, Bangladesh and Uganda received over half of all new refugees last year, in which the world registered a record number of people displaced by war and persecution.


Human engineered kidney cells made to release insulin in presence of caffeine Signs of the Times

A cup of coffee after a meal might be enough to keep diabetes under control, thanks to cells that have been engineered to release insulin when they detect caffeine. Diabetes develops when the body loses its ability to regulate glucose levels in the blood. Some people manage this by taking frequent pin prick samples to measure their blood sugar levels, and using this information to adjust the supply of insulin from a pump worn against the skin. Meal times are an especially taxing event, as the amount of sugar consumed must be estimated, and an appropriate dose of insulin scheduled. To get around this, Martin Fussenegger, a biotechnologist at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and his colleagues have developed an alternative that's powered by coffee.


UK Foreign Office lags behind on international aid transparency RSS feed from

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is one of the worst major donors in the world on aid transparency, according to a new Index released today.


Former town mayor in Wales convicted of rape and assault of two girls under nine years old Signs of the Times

A former Welsh Tory mayor is facing a jail sentence after being convicted of raping a young girl. David Boswell, who was the Conservative mayor of Pembroke, West Wales, was found guilty of raping a young girl. The 56-year-old, who is still a Pembrokeshire county councillor, was also found guilty of three indecent assaults against her and another girl by a jury at Swansea Crown Court. David Boswell, pictured outside Swansea Crown Court, was found guilty of raping a young girl The court heard Boswell raped a nine-year-old girl and indecently assaulted another youngster aged under 13 between 1990 and 1994.


Bacterial deficiency: The bacteria babies need is disappearing from the Western world Signs of the Times

We may be missing the key to one of the biggest boons to public health since the introduction of iodine into the food supply in 1924. Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have found that a strain of bacteria called B. infantis that is thought to have been the dominant bacterium in the infant gut for all of human history is disappearing from the Western world. According to their research, this was probably caused by the rise in cesarean births, the overuse of antibiotics and the use of infant formula in place of breast milk. Indeed, nine out of 10 American babies don't harbor this bacterium in their gut, while researchers suspect that the majority of infants in less industrialized countries do.


Several injured after "minor explosion" at London's Southgate tube station Signs of the Times

A "minor explosion," likely caused by a battery short circuit, triggered an evacuation at London's Southgate tube station on Tuesday evening, police said, adding that a number of people received minor injuries. Police said a small number of people were treated at the scene. Emergency services arrived at the station just after 7pm following reports of a small explosion. Local reports suggest that one person was taken out of the station on a stretcher.


Where Are The Girls? Child Trafficking Feared As DHS Cant Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held WorldTruth.Tv

As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each others throats pointing fingers over whos responsible. In the meantime, what was a conspiracy theory a month ago is now being confirmed by the very people accused of keeping people in cages. One question, however, has just been raised []


UK MP: Time for 'British renaissance', abolish the House of Lords Signs of the Times

The eminently sensible Labour MP Frank Field has made another great call - he wants to see the unelected House of Lords abolished. It comes after Europhile Lords decided to repeatedly vote to overrule the referendum result and push for a Customs Union with the EU and for EEA membership, which would mean open borders. This blatant disregard for democracy has seen the public turn against the unelected House that now has very little public support. Field is taking up the mantle for change, tweeting: "Brexit should begin a British renaissance that starts with the abolition of the House of Lords - I will present a Bill on Tuesday that seeks to replace the Lords with a new senate."


Extinct Carolina parakeets, new research Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

The Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinensis) or Carolina conure was a small green neotropical parrot with a bright yellow head, reddish orange face and pale beak native to the eastern, Midwest and plains states of the United States and was the only indigenous parrot within its range.

It was called puzzi la ne (head of yellow) by the Seminole and kelinky in Chickasaw. It was found from southern New York and Wisconsin to Kentucky, Tennessee and the Gulf of Mexico, from the Atlantic seaboard to as far west as eastern Colorado. It lived in old-growth forests along rivers and in swamps.

There are two recognized subspecies. The Louisiana subspecies became extinct in much the same way, but at a somewhat earlier date (early 1910s). The Appalachian Mountains separated these birds from the eastern C. c. carolinensis. Though formerly prevalent within its range, the bird had become rare by the middle of the 19th century.

The last confirmed sighting in the wild was of the ludovicianus subspecies in 1910. The last known specimen perished in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1918 and the species was declared extinct in 1939.

From ScienceDaily:

Museum collection reveals distribution of Carolina parakeet 100 years after its extinction

June 19, 2018

While 2018 marks the centenary of the death of the last captive Carolina parakeet North Americas only native parrot, a team of researchers have shed new light on the previously known geographical range of the species, which was officially declared extinct in 1920.

Combining observations and specimen data, the new Carolina parakeet occurrence dataset, recently published in the open access Biodiversity Data Journal by Dr Kevin Burgio, Dr Colin Carlson, University of Maryland and Georgetown University, and Dr Alexander Bond,...


U.S. Leaving U.N.s Human Rights Council, Cites Anti-Israel Bias Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON  The United States is leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council, which Ambassador Nikki Haley called an organization that is not worthy of its name. Its the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution.

Haley said Tuesday the U.S. had given the human rights body opportunity after opportunity to make changes. She lambasted the council for its chronic bias against Israel and lamented the fact that its membership includes accused human rights abusers such as China, Cuba, Venezuela and Congo.

We take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights, Haley said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, appearing alongside Haley at the State Department, said there was no doubt that the council once had a noble vision.

But today we need to be honest, Pompeo said. The Human Rights Council is a poor defender of human rights.

The announcement came just a day after the U.N. human rights chief, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, denounced the Trump administration for separating migrant children from their parents. But Haley cited longstanding U.S. complaints that the 47-member council is biased against Israel. She had been threatening the pull-out since last year unless the council made changes advocated by the U.S.

Regrettably, it is now clear that our call for reform was not heeded, Haley said.

Still, she suggested the decision need not be permanent, adding that if the council did adopt reforms, we would be happy to rejoin it. She said the withdrawal notwithstanding, the U.S. would continue to defend human rights at the United Nations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus office called the U.S. decision courageous, calling it an unequivocal statement that enough is enough.

The move extends a broader Trump administration pattern of stepping back from international agreements and forums under the presidents America First policy. Although numerous officials have said repeatedly that America First does not mean America Alone, the administration has retreated from multiple multilateral accords and consensuses since it took office.

Since January 2017, it has announced its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, left the U.N. educational and cultural organization and pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Other contentious moves have included slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum against key trading partners, recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital and moving the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Opposition to the decision from human rights advocates was swift. A group of 12 organizations including Save the Children, Freedom House...


Canada legalises recreational cannabis use in a 52-29 senate vote Signs of the Times

Image copyright Image caption The Senate passed the bill, with 52 votes in favour and 29 against Canada's parliament has passed a law legalising the recreational use of marijuana nationwide. The Cannabis Act passed its final hurdle on Tuesday in a 52-29 vote in the Senate. The bill controls and regulates how the drug can be grown, distributed, and sold. Canadians will be able to buy and consume cannabis legally as early as this September. The country is the second worldwide to legalise the drug's recreational use. Uruguay became the first country to legalise the sale of cannabis for recreational use in December 2013, while a number of US states have also voted to permit it.


FBI Agent Strzok was Escorted out of the FBI Building Operation Disclosure

FBI Agent Strzok Was Escorted Out Of FBI Building

by Tyler Durden
Wed, 06/20/2018 - 04:33

In the aftermath of the publication of the Inspector General's report on FBI abuse, if there was one thing that was made abundantly clear, it was that FBI special agent Peter Strzok - who was in charge of the Clinton email investigation and then probed Trump for "Russian collusion" while texting his lover Lisa Page that "we'll stop" Trump from becoming president - was acting out of pure, political bias and anger at Clinton's loss. It was certainly not lost on Trump, who made his feelings on the subject abundantly clear on twitter:

  • Comey gave Strozk his marching orders. Mueller is Comeys best friend. Witch Hunt! (source)
  • The highest level of bias Ive ever witnessed in any law enforcement officer. Trey Gowdy on the FBIs own, Peter Strzok. Also remember that they all worked for Slippery James Comey and that Comey is best friends with Robert Mueller. A really sick deal, isnt it? (source)
  • The IG Report totally destroys James Comey and all of his minions including the great lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who started the disgraceful Witch Hunt against so many innocent people. It will go down as a dark and dangerous period in American History! (source)
  • FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who headed the Clinton & Russia investigations, texted to his lover Lisa Page, in the IG Report, that well stop candidate Trump from becoming President. Doesnt get any lower than that! (source)
And while Lisa Page had the wits to quit shortly before the publication of the OIG report, Strzok did not and in fact was still employed at the time of the report's publication last Thursday. But maybe not much longer because as CNN first reported, Strzok was escorted out of the FBI building on Friday, even though he is still technically employed and, as we reported some time ago, he has been stationed in Human Resources since dismissal from Mueller team.



What Does Poverty Feel Like? Truthdig RSS

Imagine this: every year during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 there were nearly four million home foreclosures. In that period, with job losses mounting, nearly 15% of American households were categorized as food insecure. To many of those who werent foreclosed upon, who didnt lose their jobs, who werent food insecure, to the pundits writing about that disaster and the politicians dealing with it, these were undoubtedly distant events. But not to me. For me, it was all up close and personal.

No, I wasnt foreclosed upon. But my past never leaves me and so, in those years, the questions kept piling up. What, I wondered daily, was happening to all those people? Where were they going? What would they do? Could families really stay together in the midst of so much loss?

I was haunted by such questions and others like them in the same way that I remain haunted by my own working-class childhood, my deep experience of poverty, of want, of worry. I wondered: How were working class families surviving the never-ending disasters in what was quickly becoming a new gilded age in which poverty is again on the rise?

As a writer and novelist, I found myself returning to the childhood and adolescence I had left behind in my South Bronx neighborhood in New York City. I thought about those who, like me once upon a time, had barely made it out of the difficulties of their daily lives only to find themselves once again squeezed back into a world of poverty by the Great Recession. How that felt and how they felt raised lingering questions that would become the heart and soul of my new novel, Every Body Has a Story. The book is finished, printed, and in stores and the Great Recession officially over, or so its said, but tell that to the increasing numbers of poor families scrabbling to hang on in a world that refuses to see or hear them.

What Does Poverty Feel Like to a Child?

President Trump, a man who never knew a moment of need in his life, and the politicians in his thrall regularly use the term working class to mean only those who are white, only those who, they believe, will support their acts. Let me be clear: the working class consists of people who are multi-racial and multi-ethnic, immigrant and native born. If you grew up where I did, you would know the truth of that fact.

And heres a question thats never asked: What does poverty actually feel like, especially to a child? I can attest to the fact that it sinks deep into your bones, into the very sinews of your life and never leaves you. Poverty is more than the numbers that prove it, not at all the way the pundits who w...


US Leaves UN Human Rights Council Due To Its Chronic Bias Against Israel Your News Wire

The US withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council  on Tuesday, calling it an organization that is not worthy of its name. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced the move [...]

The post US Leaves UN Human Rights Council Due To Its Chronic Bias Against Israel appeared first on Your News Wire.


Elephants Can Smell La Paz Group


Elephants have a keen nose. They have more smell receptors than any mammal including dogs and can sniff out food that is several miles away. A new study tests their ability to distinguish between similar smelling plants. Image by akrp, via Getty Images

It is true that elephants can smell. As in, be smelly. But they can also smell well, better than I knew. Yesterdays elephant mention was the first in a long time, reminding us how...



Every now and then I receive an article from an individual which, behind its bland rhetoric, might be implying much more sinister or more []

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The West Point Soldier Who Called It as He Saw It Truthdig RSS

Editors note: On the outside, Spenser Rapones West Point graduation uniform looked like all the other cadets. Underneath his dress uniform, however, was evidence of his political views: a T-shirt bearing Argentine revolutionary Che Guevaras image, and a cap that read, Communism will win.

The shirt and hat made waves in the U.S. military community after Rapone posted photos of them on social media in September, and now he has been given an other than honorable discharge. According to The Associated Press, he was charged with conduct unbecoming of an officer after an Army investigation determined that he went online to promote a socialist revolution and disparage high-ranking officers.

In the following statement for Truthdig, Rapone explains his political beliefs.

I am a combat veteran with the First Ranger Battalion, a recent graduate of West Point and a former second lieutenant who was stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y. Since identifying myself as a socialist, there has been much controversy generated by a number of my public statements.

It began with my post on social media, in which I expressed my full and enthusiastic support of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his fight against racial injustice, white supremacy and police brutality. After revealing a picture of myself in uniform with the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick, I was met by solidarity from my fellow soldiers, as well as harsh blowback from my chain of command.

To this day, I stand by my convictions, despite the efforts of ranking officers to pressure me into silence. I believe that standing up for the exploited and the oppressed is the most honorable thing we can do as people. No job should hinder or repress this pursuit, which is why I decided to resign my commission as an officer in the United States Army. My conditional resignation was denied by the secretary of the Army. Instead, the military forced me into either submitting an unconditional resignation or appearing before a board of inquiryan adversarial trial in which a jury of senior officers would determine my fate. Rather than submit to the antics of what amounts to a show trial at best, I tendered my unconditional resignation. Passing judgment on me one last time, the military determined the character of my service to be other than honorable. Despite the brass prolonging my time in service, I have come to the conclusion that leaving the military altogether, whatever the circumstances, is the only moral way forward. During this ordeal, I have learned that I am far from alone in my feelings of disillusionment and betrayal within the rank and file of the U.S. military.

As a teenager, I believed the United States military was a force of good for the world. I thought that I signed up to fight for freedom and dem...


Trumps USA quits United Nations Human Rights Council Dear Kitty. Some blog

Nikki Haley, Trump nominee. Cartoon by Kate Salley Palmer

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The United States is quitting the United Nations Human Rights Council. That has been announced by UN ambassador Haley.

Donald Trumps mouthpiece Haley earlier made a laughing-stock of herself with a press conference similar to the 2003 infamous speech at the UN by General Colin Powell, then George W. Bushs Secretary of State. Powell then promoted war on Iraq with forged evidence, while covering up the replica of Picassos famous anti-war painting Guernica hanging there. Ms Haleys press conference promoted the Trump-Saudi royal family genocidal war on the people of Yemen with forged evidence; as part of promoting Trumps plans for war on Iran. At least, Colin Powell has apologized for the lies he told then. Ms Haley so far has not done so; I doubt whether she ever will.

Human rights abusers continue to serve on, and be elected to, the council, said Haley.

On that, Ms Haley is correct. But she forgot to mention two prominent examples of that. The absolute monarchy Saudi Arabia, elected to the council thanks to support by the United States government and its NATO ally, British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Saudi Arabia, where women activists campaigning for the right of women to drive cars, were...


Blogging About Outrageous News in 2018 NotAllowedTo

Over the last couple of years there has been a lot in the news about fake news and fake news sites. While they are a great way to make money, once banned by Google and Facebook they often fade quickly away. However, there is another great source for generating traffic and having some fun writing as well. That is writing about outrageous news.

There are plenty of news stories that are over the top, but true. From the funny to the bizarre, the grotesque to the truly tragic there are plenty of stories to be reported that fall out of the standard news cycle for whatever reason, or never show up beyond the local areas where they occur. So how do you start blogging about outrageous news in 2018? Here are some tips.

Come Up with a Clever Domain Name

Fake news sites are really good at doing this. From the Denver Guardian (a non-existent newspaper) to washingtonpost the ways to find and even steal traffic abound. While you dont want to stoop to dishonesty, finding a clever domain name that attracts the interest of readers is a great way to start.

There are a number of ways to come up with a cool name. You may want to brainstorm with some other bloggers or people that you trust, and have an online search window open so you can determine if the domain name you want is still available. Try things using your location or the niche of news you want to report on. Alternatively, you can just come up with a clever spoof on an existing site.

However you choose your name, just be sure you are not infringing on anyones copyright or trademarks, and that your name is distinct enough to be told apart from other sites so you dont accidentally attract the wrong kind of traffic. For instance if your name is close to that of a serious news site or a porn site, you might get accidental traffic, but it wont earn you trust or good site reviews.

Find Sources of News

How are you going to find your news? If it never hits the mainstream media, how will you find it yourself? Well, short of scouring the net for hours in hundreds of areas, there are some things you can do for yourself.


  • Set Google Alerts: You can set Google Alerts for some unusual types of events and crimes and get notified when those things happen by the search engine itself.
  • Scour lesser known news sources: Other than the main news services, there are many other local and regional ones. Learn to scan these on a daily basis for funny or outrageous stories.
  • Get Some informants: Let some others know what youre looking for who might be on the web and searching anyway, and have them report unusual things to you via email or message.
  • Reddit and Other Forums: Scan Reddit and other forums and follow odd news hashtags and conversations. Check these daily as well so you can populate your site with odd and interesting stories.

Finding the sources for your news...


Why on Earth a Country of Laws and Borders? Dissident Voice

The point of anarchism is to create a better society for everyone. To realize anarchism, many agree, is to do away with power. Why? Because gravitating towards power, hierarchy, and subjugation sullies our politics and makes the aims of anarchism impossible.

Of course, even an egalitarian society might give rise to leaders and dominion. And people can be ambitious; they might influence others in myriad ways and inspire hierarchy. In fact, Robert Michels iron law of oligarchy expounds precisely on this tendency.

But whereas anarchists are wont to do away with hierarchy and any power that would sustain it, others believe humanity is at its best because of an innate drive for dominance and success, and outcompeting ones neighbors. Nor is this sentiment just a part of the cultural ether.

Notoriously, sociobiologists of the 1960s employed alpha male chimpanzees to validate claims favorable to social darwinism and other biological approaches devised to explain hierarchy among human societies. The science was supposed to shut the door on anarchism for good, but there were at least two problems.

One, Peter Kropotkin reminds us scientists are merely human; are the descendants of the haves instead of the have-nots; share the prejudices of their class; and/or serve the government. Two, anarcha-feminists altogether smashed the idea of arguing over human nature. They indicate such notions conflict with anarchism truly understood.

Given the circumstances that define, say, the US governments ability to engage in national and international policy that drives migration to, and into, its borders, the question of power again arises, and so does the inclination to reduce state actions to blanket statements involving human nature.

One view is that the state is enforcing its borders and raiding businesses and homes not to stem any immigrants from entering the country, but to introduce ever greater precarity into the lives of those who reside among us and work jobs that help make the formal economy run (while contributing 11 billion dollars to the US economy each year). The goal here is to scare people away from their constitutional rights and to drive them underground.

Of course, this is not reflected in the gambit propagated by the powers that be. We have a choice, claim Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions: the US can be a country with laws, or one without borders. Also, claims Trump, a nation without borders is not much of nation at all.

Anarchism provides a way forward for the rest of us who still care about creating a better society, not simply a country that demands borders and laws out of fallacious either-or arguments and tautological ruses. But to do away with the power that precludes a better society, we first must recognize that power for what it is.

When Sessions and Trump impose their immigration policies and practices on the rest of us, they seek to dominate us. Herein we find the pow...


AMC is taking on MoviePass with $20 subscription plan Fast Company

The subscription plan is known as AMC Stubs A-List, and AMC says it addresses the criticisms it previously harbored for MoviePasss subscription service.

The worlds largest movie exhibitor will let people see three movies a week if they subscribe to the $19.95 a month plan, reports Variety. The subscription plan is known as AMC Stubs A-List, and AMC says it addresses the criticisms it previously harbored for MoviePasss subscription service. Specifically, AMC says three movies a week is an economically sustainable business model, whereas it has previously likened MoviePasss $9.99 a month subscription, which gives users access to a movie a day, to a house of cards.

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The trade wars with Europe have begun Fast Company

The European duties are in retaliation for the Trump administrations tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from the continent.

The European Union initiated its first salvo in retaliation for the Trump administrations tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from the continent. The European Commission on Wednesday gave permission for a 25% duty on U.S. imports covering a range of products, including Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Levi Strauss jeans, U.S.-made playing cards, and bourbon whiskey, reports Bloomberg. The duties will cost over $3.2 billion to the U.S. economy and go into effect on Friday.

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Niki Haley proudly announces US leaves hypocritical and self-serving UN Human Rights Council Signs of the Times

Washington has decided to walk out of the UN Human Rights Council, accusing the body of hypocrisy. The US has long cited concerns about the body's "anti-Israel bias." Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley announced the decision at a press conference Tuesday afternoon. "The US is officially withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council," Haley said, calling it a "hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights." "American participation is the last shred of credibility the council has," Haley argued. "That is precisely why we must leave." Comment: US has been losing credibility for further abusing of the civilians rights. That is precisely why US is leaving!


These are the 5 super skills you need for jobs of the future Fast Company

Work is changing, so to stay ahead youll need to master these skills that you probably didnt learn in college.

Chances are your job description has changed over the past five years. Or maybe your role didnt even exist a short time ago. The workplace of today and the future looks quite different due to technology, the economy, the environment, and politics, according to the Institute for the Future (IFTF), a not-for-profit think tank that helps organizations plan for the future.

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"Global Debt a Parabolic Ponzi Scheme" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Global Debt a Parabolic Ponzi Scheme"
by Greg Hunters

"Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says nobody should be comfortable with unpayable global debt that has piled up since the 2008 financial meltdown. A debt reset is locked in, but nobody knows when it will come crashing down. Hemke says, Thats probably the right way to put it. I would not want to say, hey, there is going to be a debt reset by August 29th. I dont think thats the way you want to go with it, but its pretty obvious to anyone that we are in this parabolic Ponzi scheme. The debt is now increasing globally at such an exponential rate that, at some point, it becomes unserviceable. Then, at that point, you get this reset theyve been talking about.



Tesla is favoring Germany for its next Gigafactory Fast Company

It would be Teslas first Gigafactory in Europe.

If the plans carry through, it would be Teslas first Gigafactory in Europe. The continent is a hotbed in the battery tech industry as more carmakers switch to electric vehicles. Matter of fact, industry experts estimate Europes battery market could be worth $290 billion by 2025 thanks to the green car revolution happening there, reports Reuters. Germany would make sense to be the location for Teslas first European Gigafactory as the company already has the headquarters for its Grohmann Engineering division in Prm, Germany. That facility recently built a production line for Teslas battery factory in Reno, Nevada.

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Now hackers have stolen another $31 million in cryptocurrencies Fast Company

This hack comes little more than a week after the last.

Hackers were able to infiltrate the systems of Seoul-based crypto-coin exchange Bithumb and make off with $31.6 million worth of cryptocurrencies, the BBC reports. The exchange notified South Korean regulators before tweeting out: Some crypto-currencies valued [at] about $30m [were] stolen. The tweet has since been deleted. The heist comes a little more than a week since the last major cryptocurrency exchange heist, which saw hackers make off with $40 million in cryptocurrencies. The values of bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple all fell after news of the heist spread. Bithumb has since asked its customers not to deposit any funds into Bithumb wallet addresses for the time being.

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Lion conservation, new research Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 2018 video is called Unbelievable! Male lion rescue his lioness from lions and hyenas.

From Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution:

Lion conservation research can be bolstered by input from a wide-range of professionals

June 19, 2018

Summary: To tackle the sharp decline in lion numbers, conservation research should consider wild prey, livestock and the environment, not just human-lion interaction, a new review suggests.

The conservation of lions, while maintaining the well-being of people that live around them, is a complex problem that should be addressed by a wide range of professionals working together, suggests a new review published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Rather than focusing solely on human-lion interaction, factors such as the environment, wild prey and domesticated livestock should be considered to get a full evaluation of the problem. This approach can generate effective policies to address the dramatic decrease in lion populations seen in recent years.

We reviewed lion conservation research and found that most of this work was completed by experts from three highly-related disciplines: biology, wildlife conservation and environmental science, says Professor Robert A. Montgomery, lead-author of this study, based at the Michigan State University, USA and affiliated with Oxford University, UK. Human-lion conflict is a multi-dimensional issue involving not only people and lions, but also livestock, wild prey, and the environment. Thereby, we recommend that researchers studying human-lion conflict work together with colleagues from ecology, conservation, economics, sociology, and the humanities, among others, to fully evaluate this issue to develop sustainable solutions.

Since the lamentable...


Ayahuasca, the Psychedelic Antidepressant? Terra Forming Terra



We are now starting to see the science come out and it is clear that it helps.  This report is a good look at all that.  I have little doubt now that all out so called psychedelics will prove potentially beneficial to the restoration of brain function.

Misuse has deeply clouded the whole  field and we have lost over two generations of science on this.  We will recover that quickly.

What is blindingly clear is that these drugs are effective and must be used under strict protocols because they are effective.  Now we are learning how they are effective.  Resolving depression is apparent for several of these substances.  Healing brain damage is also apparent as well and we are now learning how.

PTSD needs to be cured and it now appears possible.

Ayahuasca, the Psychedelic Antidepressant?

By Neuroskeptic | June 17, 2018 6:09 am

A traditional Amazonian psychedelic brew is an effective and rapid-acting antidepressant, according to a paper just published. But the new study revives some long-standing questions.



Congress is proposing big changes to the National Organic Standards Board and farmers are raising the alarm Terra Forming Terra

Yes do raise the alarm.  We have seen major top down regulatory initiatives converted into monopoly protection schemes although in fairness i expect this to end abruptly under Trump.
 First off, the Organic system we have is not broken at all.  In fact it is becoming robustly healthy as the move to organic methods rapidly expands. It simply does not need to be fixed.. 
That the majors want to be able to dick with the rule making system is no surprise.  In the end though i expect it to be futile.  The reason for this is that the bad news regarding non organic methods keeps expanding and is building a broad constituency that is paying attention.
There is no such thing as organic GMOs although strangely they could prove welcome.  After all we have plenty of true GMO well accepted and clearly successful.  In fact all our nine thousand year old food staples have proved to be GMOs in the form of polyploidys which means someone doubled the DNA size in order to expand the grain size.  
Yet exceptional care is desired and the roundup scheme is the clear counjter example . .
Congress is proposing big changes to the National Organic Standards Board and farmers are raising the alarm

Saturday, June 09, 2018 by: Vicki Batts


Marine Protected Areas Are Important. But Are They Working? Terra Forming Terra

I have been on this topic for a long time and the world is slowly stumbling into this space.  We are al long way from best practice as yet.

Let us propose a thought experiment.  Establish a manged block of ocean, say the south China Sea which is actually a submerged continental land mass.  In this case a starting point would be to establish harvesting channels along side non harvesting channels.  Done right, this should allow a productive channel to naturally dump productive surpluses into the harvested channel.  sizing needs to be optimized but perhaps only a third of the area is ever harvest against a schedule that optimizes the economics.

There are plenty of variables involved here but the intent is to have the highest sustainable biomass along with the related harvest without producing productive deserts however temporary..  .

Marine Protected Areas Are Important. But Are They Working? 

The world won't meet international ocean conservation targets by 2020, so a team of scientists is looking at what's next for saving our seas. 

A view from Air Force One of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Pacific Ocean. Former President Barack Obama expanded the ocean reserve to be the largest marine protected area in 2016. 

Photograph by Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images

By Sarah Gibbens

PUBLISHED June 16, 2018

Every year National Geographic brings together explorers, scientists, and storytellers from around the world to share their discoveries and insightsalong with their solutions for creating a more sustainable future. Learn more about the Explorers Festival and watch a live feed of the event. Read more explorer stories and join the conversation wit...


'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' - Terra Forming Terra

This report is extremely important. I had come to the conclusion that the large smart critters out there have the ability to control our ability to see them by mind to mind influence.   However, this came about reviewing many reports in which that provided the best explanation.  It was a long way from been directly observed simply because no observer is expecting this.

This report does exactly that. We never learn what the creature is except it is noisy and angry and very much in their face.  Better yet it responds to the observer's thoughts of using his shotgun by getting more angry.

The good news is that the creature shows restraint.  No one Got hurt.  That makes it a likely Big Foot although we cannot count out the Dogman or Giant Sloth.  We are long overdue to make direct contact with this lineage and to learn how to cooperate with them...   .

'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' --

 Saturday, June 16, 2018
'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!'

In my encounter with Sasquatch/Dogman(?), it was screaming right in my face (note there were no trees for 75 yards). AND I COULD NOT SEE A THING!!! I had accidentally caught one in a trap; he destroyed the trap then followed me home. When it got dark, he came to my house screaming. When the whole family went out on the porch to see what it was, we could hear it right in front of us but could see nothing! Every time I thought of asking my father if I could take his shotgun to see what this thing was the screams got five times louder. I said to myself, 'Whatever this animal is, it can read my mind!' This is a true life experience that happened 55 years ago (1962). Since then I have had one other experience where I knew they were right next to me but I could not see them!" - PeterBerian


TechCrunchs Startup Battlefield is Coming in October to #Beirut Blog Baladi

TechCrunch has announced some really excited news for thriving startups in Lebanon, as theyre planning to bring Startup Battlefield, which tries to bring the worlds top early stage startups together on one stage to compete for the coveted Disrupt Cup, as well as the attention of media and investors. In terms of numbers, more than 750 Startup Battlefield alums have raised over $8 billion and produced 100+ exits to date.

TechCrunch will choose 15 companies to apply and is teaming up once again with Facebook to bring the Startup Battlefield to Beirut, So Paulo and Lagos this year. [Full Article]

You can apply [here].


The more Elon Musk tweets, the more followers he loses Fast Company

New analysis shows that the more Musk tweets, especially recently, the more followers he losesor he gains fewer followers than normal.

Thats according to car news site Autowise, which has followed up their SpaceX Tesla retro video game with an analysis of Elon Musks tweets over the last year. Their analysis shows that the more Musk tweets, especially recently, the more followers he losesor he gains fewer followers than normal. This makes some sense in that some of Musks recent tweets have been more erratic and confrontational.

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 20, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 20 2018

Compiled 20 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces, Byingtons Before Its News articles on an international Vatican-Cabal Child Exploitation Ring:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to decide whether or not it was valid.

A. Summary:

1. On Sun. June 10 a Missile was launched at Air Force One with Trump aboard (on his way to China). It was shot down without further incident and the problem was resolved.

2. On Mon. June 11 QAnon said this would be a week to remember. This same day the Banks completed their upgrades of the new financial system (that started on Fri. June 8) and TRNS gold certificates were being exchanged for USNs.

3. On Tues. June 12 the Department of Justice announced on their website the arrest of 2,300 pedophiles. At 3pm EST on that same June 12 Tier 3 was restarted and being made liquid. Rates began repopulating and climbing on the Forex. Zim platforms were done in Hong Kong, London and Zurich with hundreds of billions flowing. Iraq had five oil barges on their way to the US, to arrive by this weekend. They wouldnt do that unless the Dinar had revaluated.

4. On Thurs. June 14 EID began in Iraq and a RV window was believed to have started.

5. As of Fri. June 15 the RV was "softly" released and making it's way down the line.

6. The Iraqi Stock Exchange, ISX, set Wed. June 20 as the first trading session after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. The ISX has been down during their EID holiday and will be com...


The Three Percenters -- Enough of the Lies Operation Disclosure

The Three Percenters - Original Organization


PUBLIC LAW 107-296- NOV. 25, 2002 116 STAT. 2205 in connection with functions transferred by this section, and the assets, liabilities, contracts, property, records, and unexpected balance of appropriations, authorizations, allocations, and other funds employed, held, used, arising from, available to, or made available to, the Immigration and Naturalization Service in connection with the functions transferred by this section subject to section 202 of the Budget and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950, shall be transferred to the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement for allocation to the appropriate component of the Department of Health and Human Services. Unexpended funds transferred pursuant to this paragraph shall be only used for the purposes for which the funds were originally authorized and appropriated.

(g) Definitions - As used in this section -
(1) The term "placement" means the placement of an unaccompanied alien child in either a detention facility or an alternative to such a facility; and
(2) the term "unaccompanied alien child" means a child who --
(A) has no lawful immigration status in the United States;
(B) has not attained 18 years of age; and
(C) with respect to when --
(i) there is no parent or legal guardian in the United States; or
(ii) no parent or legal guardian in the United States is available to provide care an physical custody.

Subtitle F -- General Immigration Provisions



Here are the tech companies condemning Trumps child separation policy Fast Company

Leaders and executives from some of the biggest tech companies in the world are stepping up to publicly condemn Trumps child separation policy.

Leaders and executives from some of the biggest tech companies in the world are stepping up to publicly condemn Trumps child separation policy. Heres whose spoken out so far:

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Not surprised: DC found to have highest concentration of psychopaths in the United States Signs of the Times

It is often said that Washington, DC is filled with a bunch of nerds dominated by psychopaths. Others say that politics is simply Hollywood for ugly people. These are usually said in a joking manner and often uttered after coming back from a young professional happy hour here in the swamp. Perhaps the most soulless congregation of folks ever assembled can be found at those kind of events. But it turns out that a recent study showing the population density of psychopaths could confirm anecdotal suspicions that these two areas of American life have more in common than either would like to admit. A report conducted by Ryan Murphy at Southern Methodist University found that Connecticut contained the most psychopaths per capita followed quickly by California. New Jersey and New York followed next. But our nation's capital by far had the highest level of psychopathic behavior than anywhere in the country. As Newsmax notes, "Added in the study was Washington, D.C., which 'had a psychopathy level far higher' than any state, according to the report - albeit because it is a small, entirely urban area and not as geographically diverse as a state. "The presence of psychopaths in District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture found in Murphy [2016] that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere," Murphy concluded in his study. (emphasis added)


Amnesty's investigation into the siege of Raqqa shows that the US, UK and France committed war crimes in Syria - a 'War of Annihilation' Signs of the Times

"If you stayed you died and if you tried to escape you died ... [I escaped by] walking over the blood of those who were blown up as they tried to flee ahead of us''. Munira Hashish, air strike and mines survivor - Source: Amnesty International Report "We are the good guys and the innocent people on the battlefield know the difference." James Mattis, US Defence Secretary - Source: Amnesty International Report During 2017 the Isis Caliphate was finally overthrown in Syria and Iraq. Its capital in Raqqa, Syria was captured by Kurdish led SDF forces strongly supported by massive air and artillery strikes provided by America and its French/British allies. During the siege of Raqqa (July-October 2017), while SDF troops slowly captured district after district from Isis forces, the international community ignored warnings from Amnesty International and other human rights groups about the large number of civilian casualties being caused by the massive and indiscriminate air and artillery strikes by Coalition forces. It was only after the city was fully recaptured by SDF troops in mid October 2017 that the full horror of the American led war of annihilation came to light. This article will draw very heavily from the research provided by Amnesty investigators who went to Raqqa and interviewed hundreds of survivors. Their investigation has produced a very harrowing report entitled - "War of Annihilation - Devastating Toll On Civilians, Raqqa - Syria''


A Call to All Sasquatch Friends, Experiencers, and Communicators Operation Disclosure

A call to all Sasquatch friends, experiencers and communicators

Source: Scenic Sasquatch

We launched SCENIC: The Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication, with a website.

Our purpose is to show the world that our Sasquatch Elders are peaceful and wise beings, who can become great teachers.

Mainstream researchers and medias too often depict Sasquatch as a primitive primate, a dangerous monster to be hunted down.

There are hundreds of first hand experiencers around the world, from those who had an encounter, to those who have developed ongoing communications and friendly relations with Sasquatch.

It is time to show to truth to the world about the Sasquatch People, our closest relatives in the universe, who remind us that we are not alone, but part of a long lineage of intelligent species.

We send a call to all friends of Sasquatch, experiencers and communicators, to come forward and share openly with the world about the peaceful relations they have developed and the messages they have received from our Elders Sasquatch.

Your stories and accounts can be recorded in video or audio files, or in written documents. Texts size can be anywhere between a few lines to a few pages. You can sign or remain anonymous if you prefer. We will give due credits to all contributors. Interesting links to existing files are also welcome. We will publish your stories in a special section on our website.

Send your Sasquatch stories either to me personally in private messages, or visit our website and submit your posts there for approval. Thank you gratefully for helping us in educating the world about who truly are our Sasquatch relatives.

Best blessings to all. We are all relatives of One Family


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1595: The Next Recession | More Pain is on the Way Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Permits plunge but starts surge on revised numbers. The data suggests a very rough future for housing. The corporate yield curve has inverted. The next recession is going to be horrific for those who are not prepared. We are now seeing indicator after indicator showing us that the economic system is breaking down very quickly. Russia and India bypass sanctions and deal in their own currencies. Russia is dumping US treasuries because they are protecting their reserves. Be prepared for the this transition because the hurt is coming.

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Horowitz releases the IG report and testifies in front of the committee. Horowitz releases bombshell after bombshell when testifying. The immigration is all over the corporate media they are distracting from the IG report. The administration is following the law that was setup before the President was in office, the entire DACA issue was created by congress and Obama during his presidency. The ceasefire is now over in Afghanistan, but the people want peace. Pompeo speaks to Lavrov about Syria. Q drop more bread crumbs, talks about the IG report, all the connections, the pain that is coming, who is connected and what is being investigated right now.


Before we reinvent the economy, we must reinvent ourselves Fast Company

A sustainable economy wont mean much if we are still driven by a desire for unceasing consumption and mired in unhappiness and alienation.

The bioeconomya sustainable economic system based on clean energy and natural productsaims to eliminate our dependence on finite fossil resources and enable equitable use of renewable biological resources and ecosystems. The bioeconomy will use frugal innovation to reinvent agricultural and industrial systems, so we can produce healthier food, drugs, and other products for more people with fewer inputs and greenhouse emissions.

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(Video) Witness to the Pope's Arrest Speaks out Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Pope Francis wanted on charges of unspeakable crimes against humanity including murderpedophiliachild traffickingrapetortureoccultismSatanismwe are just hours away from his arrest in Geneva. The man who plans to witness justice being served will be here to break it all down.


The long anticipated Inspector generals report is out. Its a smoking gun proving that information on Anthony Weiners laptop contained the now infamous life insurance policy proving that sexual crimes against children were committed by Hillary Clinton and covered up by the FBI to save her candidacy. Will this damning evidence be enough to send to her to prison? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!


Depopulation Agenda: You are your Loved Ones have been Targeted Operation Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously



50 years ago, the F.D.A. and the A.M.A. and the socialists (aka Democrats) in the government discovered that EDTA could cure many illnesses and prevent other illnesses. They discovered that EDTA detoxifies all heavy metal poisons and from that time on, they learned to use heavy metal poisons to poison our pure blood, water, food, prescription drugs, our vitamins, vaccines, baby foods, pet foods, etc. to create other more horrible deaths and have hidden the REAL CAUSE AND REAL CURE for all these illnesses.

The socialists that control the U.S.A. have been the only ones that have intentionally murdered millions of people. Since 50 years ago, it may a billion deaths and disabilities, if you count the blacks, the Latinos, American Indians and other races around the world that have used and/or bought our poisoned foods and products.


Erectile Dysfunction, Glaucoma, Cataracts and total blindness, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, DESOLVES liver, kidney and gallbladder stones, PREVENTS heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, and clogged veins;

Buergers disease, bursitis, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, coronary atherosclerosis, dementia, diabetes, gangrene, heavy metal poisoning, impotence, kidney disease, lead toxicity, macular degeneration; multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, jaw bone loss, osteoporosis, Parkinsons syndrome, Peyronies disease, cancer, psoriasis, Raynauds disease, renal insufficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, scleroderma, senility, strokes, tachycardia, tinnitus, thrombophlebitis, lost of vitality, POISONED BLOOD and many more.




Here are the businesses that have made millions off Trumps child separation policy Fast Company

As of Tuesday morning, 11,786 children were being held as part of the unaccompanied alien children program.

Separating scared and helpless children from their parents at the border is big business for some companiesand business has never been better. Yahoo News has identified five companies that are operating the shelters used to house the children taken in President Trumps controversial child separation policy. They are:

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Schumann Resonance Update -- June 19, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Schumann Resonance Today Update

19 June, 2018

Source: Disclosure News

Schumann Resonance Today

June 19 2018

Schumann Resonance Today 6/19/2018 We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us! RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • Large activity today, again all started after midnight in Tomsk, or 17:00 UTC yesterday with some activity that lasted 4 hours, top frequency was approx. 26 Hz. At 2:30 UTC some isolated sparks started and most of them went over 40 Hz. All these lasted until 10:00 to restart again with a strong burst lasted more than 3 hours from 11:45 UTC, at 13:00 UTC in the middle of this there was a strong overshooting of 40 Hz.
  • As suggested we arranged the images in an Archive page where all of them are arranged in chronological order for and easier consultation, you can find the link in the banner below.
The Chart time is based on Tomsk Russia UTC +7 Source


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earths natural heartbeat rhythm

Schuman resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paperclipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.

The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma...


The lies we tell ourselves about our government Signs of the Times

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." Your average mass media pundit regularly decries the fact Americans no longer have trust in the country's institutions, yet simultaneously refuse to take any sort of responsibility for the situation. Government bureaucrats and other assorted supporters of our decrepit status quo tend to do the same thing. As is typically the case, I'll take the other side. Not only do I think it's completely sane for Americans to have zero faith in their institutions, including but certainly not limited to the three-letter agencies, Congress and the Federal Reserve, I'll take it a step further and argue we as citizens remain far too naive and trusting for our own good. If nothing else, the recent Justice Department Inspector General's (IG) report on the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server should underscore the point.


Three Zodiac Couples That Are Impossible To Tear Apart Awareness Act

Love is one of the most important things in the world, and finding the perfect match is so important. These zodiac couples just go better together!

If you have ever been in a relationship and wondered where things went wrong you might be dealing with a conflicting sign. As cheesy as it sounds when selecting a partner asking someone their sign can come in handy.

These are the three zodiac couples that go together like nothing else:

Leo & Libra

Leos often feel differently when in the presence of a Libra. In this, the Libra is gaining a true protector and the Leo is no longer as vain. At least when it comes to the Libra. While usually, you would never see a Leo beg when it comes to a Libra anything is possible. These two signs are magic together.

Virgo & Aquarius

While this is a strange combination it works. These two have the perfect relationship all around. The Aquarius is a dreamer while the Virgo stays on the more practical side. Normally you would think this would cause conflict but it doesnt. As long as no one gets bored, everyone is happy.

Gemini & Aries

These two will fight from time to time, this is because of the Geminis two-sidedness and the Aries ego. Overall they do well with one another. They both love deeply and have traits about them the other lacks. An Aries is an ideal partner for a Gemini.


Can this Drybar of Botox disrupt the cosmetic injectables biz? Fast Company

Alchemy 43 wants to take Botox and lip plumping out of the doctors office and into a nationwide chain of salons that does one thing: anti-aging injections.

On Los Angeless trendy West 3rd Street, between the fancy donut shops and designer boutiques, and not far from The Grove, youll find a space that looks like what I imagine Kim Kardashians private quarters to look like.

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How can you focus in an open office? Fast Company

Open office plans are designed for collaboration and conversation. But what about when you need some quiet time in order to get some work done?

An open office is supposed to have many benefits: fostering collaboration, creativity, and reducing unnecessary digital communication. But as many Fast Company readers pointed out, the layout brings a set of problems. Nonstop distractions. I can hardly ever work uninterrupted for more than a few minutes at a time. It takes me twice as long to do my work than if I were able to work in solace, one reader wrote.

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5 Betrayals That Destroy Relationships That Are Not Infidelity Awareness Act

While infidelity is something a lot of people focus on there are things that can hurt much more than that in a relationship. Sometimes the things going on other than infidelity are much worse than youd think.

When I think of betrayals that ruin a relationship I dont often think of infidelity. This being because usually the relationships are already ruined before that happens. The following five betrayals are the ones that will tear relationships apart at the seams.

1. Putting your wants and needs above your partners.

This is something that will only hold you two back. If someone is only thinking of their well-being and not looking out for their partner things will never work. It hurts to know you dont mean as much as you thought you did to your partner.

2. Emotional Cheating.

Flirty text messages, deep conversations, and having a real connection in a relationship level with someone who is not a part of your relationship can and will damn your relationship. This is more damaging than an actual affair because it is more than knowing someone on just a physical level. You are emotionally involved with this other person.

3. Not taking up for your partner when you should.

You two are a team and you should have each others backs. If someone makes a rude remark about your woman and you stand there without saying anything she is going to be crushed. You should take up for your partner, no one should feel like it is okay to shit talk the love of your life in your presence, not even your mother.

4. Lying about stupid things.

Lying in general is a terrible idea, it makes you untrustworthy. This is the most basic violation of a persons human rights. Being caught in a lie will ruin everything so why lie in the first place?

5. Using your partners insecurities against them.

This is abusive, low, and disgusting. Manipulators will do this time and time again. This hurts so much more than I can explain.

If you are in a relationship and the walls are closing in around you crumbling, just get out. There is no sense in sticking around when the person who was supposed to be there for you bulldozed the foundation. You deserve so much better!


QAnon: 'Scope and Size Biggest in History' Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Bruce Figert's latest video is another great summary of the latest Q Anon posts...

'...IG Report does not coincide with true start date...
Scope & Size Biggest in History.
Grand Jury in place?'

Bruce (at 6'): 'Grand Jury in place? You bet it is....They have been carefully lining up the Grand Jury this WHOLE time. They have been carefully lining up the judges to prosecute...the military...This will involve military tribunals.'

The video features a long important Q Anon post (start around 10'). Here are excerpts...

...'Page had texted Strzok: "(Trump's) not ever going to become President right? Right?!"
Strzok texted back, "No, no he won't. We'll stop it."

Strzok is an FBI agent who was working with the Clintons to bring down Trump's Presidential campaign. Q Anon says that Strzok is now a 'co-operating witness' in Huber's criminal investigation.

'Huber has been investigating these possible crimes...since November 2017.
Inspector General Horowitz (who is working with Huber) has a staff of 470 investigators.
A Grand Jury can be impaneled anywhere...away from DC.
Huber and Horowitz were both appointed to their positions by the Obama administration...
pretty much decimates the "Trumped rigged the investigation" argument.'



"What A Privilege!" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Whatever your fate is, whatever the hell happens, you say, This is what I need. It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge. If you bring love to that moment- not discouragement- you will find the strength there. Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow. Then, when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures, followed by wreckage, were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. Youll see this is really true. Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not. The crisis throws you back, and when you are required to exhibit strength, it comes.
~ Joseph Campbell


Musical Interlude: Chuck Wild, "Liquid Mind: Ambience Minimus - Shadows of White" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Music by Chuck Wild, "Liquid Mind: Ambience Minimus - Shadows of White"
 Images courtesy of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, Goddard Space Flight Center,
 The Hubble Space Telescope, European Southern Observatory, ESA and NASA.


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Separated by about 14 degrees (28 Full Moons) in planet Earth's sky, spiral galaxies M31 at left, and M33 are both large members of the Local Group, along with our own Milky Way galaxy. This narrow- and wide-angle, multi-camera composite finds details of spiral structure in both, while the massive neighboring galaxies seem to be balanced in starry fields either side of bright Mirach, beta star in the constellation Andromeda. Mirach is just 200 light-years from the Sun. But M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, is really 2.5 million light-years distant and M33, the Triangulum Galaxy, is also about 3 million light years away. 
Click image for larger size.
Although they look far apart, M31 and M33 are engaged in a gravitational struggle. In fact, radio astronomers have found indications of a bridge of neutral hydrogen gas that could connect the two, evidence of a closer encounter in the past. Based on measurements, gravitational simulations currently predict that the Milky Way, M31, and M33 will all undergo mutual close encounters and potentially mergers, billions of years in the future.


"Three Things..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that's a full day. That's a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you're going to have something special.
- Jim Valvano

Jim Valvano was the long time coach of the NC State Wolfpack mens basketball team, and led them to their only National title in 1983 against the heavily favored Houston team led by Hakeem Olaijuwon. After a valiant fight against cancer, he died in 1993. A remarkable man.

"As Time Runs Out: Jim Valvano's Fight With Cancer"


Deadly floods cause major damage in Upper Midwest US, more than 15 inches of rain in some areas Signs of the Times

Widespread flooding in the Upper Midwest was blamed for at least one death in Wisconsin, while disaster declarations were issued Monday in northern Michigan after flash-flooding washed out roads, damaged businesses and caused dozens of sinkholes. The body of a 75-year-old man was recovered about 60 feet (18 meters) from his pickup truck in a ditch along a flooded road Sunday in White River, the Ashland County Sheriff's Office said Monday. Sheriff's officials said the investigation was ongoing but that the death was flood related. Heavy rains also flooded roads in northern areas of Minnesota, causing some sections to collapse. In parts of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, where up to 7 inches (18 centimeters) of rain was reported, swollen waterways washed away roads, leaving behind large chunks of concrete and asphalt, making some streets impassible. 'The majority of us can't even get home. Roads are collapsed. Bridges are collapsed. Roads are covered in water. Whatever roads aren't collapsed it depends on how heavy of a vehicle you drive whether or not you are able to drive on those roads,' Tom Cowell, who lives in Chassell, a community on a peninsula in Lake Superior, told local television station WLUC. 'This is a pretty wild experience that we are having here,' he said.


Portugal Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Can you shed any light on the history of money in Portugal. There seems to be scant discussion of this subject.

Thank you

ANSWER: The first coinage of Portugal really is Roman and it appears to be struck by the first Roman Emperor Octavian/Augustus (27BC-14AD). The location of the mint was the city of vora. Interestingly enough, the name in ancient times was Ebora, which is really Celtic which is the name of a species of tree and thus the name means of the yew trees. However, there is a lack of any evidence of ancient settlements prior to that of the Roman. Perhaps because any Celtic evidence lies under the city which is not accessible to archeologists.

It is generally assumed that vora only came into being as a municipium after the Pax Romana under Octavian in 30 BC which are really the first coin evidence in the region. Yet the name implies there was Celtic activity previously. The first reference to vora as a municipium is found in a list of cities in Hispania in the Historia Naturalis of Pliny the Elder to the year 77AD.

During the 4th and 5th centuries, the Roman mint for coinage in the Spanish/Portugees region was actually Barcino, or Barcelona. So the early coinage of Portugal appears first under Augustus and then later the coinage is all struck in Barcelonia.

In more modern times, you might be wondering where are there different references to money. There were reis and reals and gold ducketsrelate. From the 12th century, Portugal had a currency called the dinheiro (dinero). The word today means money and is taken from the Roman denariusReal...


White House Accuses China Of "Persistent Economic Espionage And Aggression" BlackListed News

In what Bloomberg billed as the White House's "latest salvo in the trade war between the world's two largest economies", the Trump administration released a 35-page report late last night fleshing out its national security concerns emanating from China's theft of intellectual properties as well as economic policies that shield domestic Chinese companies from competition.

Human Trafficking? Sessions Proposes DNA Tests For Border Migrants BlackListed News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been talking to members of Congress about using DNA testing to verify whether children crossing the southern U.S. border are biologically related to adults they arrive with, or if they are being smuggled into the country by human traffickers, Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council.

Espresso replaces insulin in potentially groundbreaking diabetes treatment BlackListed News

Scientists have found a rather humdrum, but still rather miraculous, way for diabetics to keep insulin in check a good old-fashioned cup of coffee. A team led by Biotechnologist Martin Fussenegger at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology believes it has developed an insulin substitute that can be activated by caffeine. The breakthrough paves the way for the diabetics shot in the arm to be replaced by an extra shot of espresso in morning Americanos.

Goldman Sachs Launches Its Own Predatory Loan Business BlackListed News

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein famously said in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis that he was doing Gods work. What Goldman Sachs was actually doing in secret at that time was receiving billions of dollars in undisclosed loans from the Federal Reserve often at the insanely low interest rate of .01 percent.

Canada to legalize recreational marijuana BlackListed News

The Canadian Senate has passed a bill to permit the possession and use of marijuana for recreational purposes in a landmark decision. The bill now must obtain royal approval before becoming law. The bill would permit the possession of 30 grams of dried cannabis, however age restrictions are expected to follow those relative to alcohol.

Taxpayers Shell Out $2 Million After Video Showed Cop Kill Innocent Mom While Trying to Kill Her Dog BlackListed News

A family has finally won a settlement in the tragic death of their mother, but the only people held liable for the cop who tried to kill a dog and killed an innocent mother insteadare the taxpayers.

To Avoid Collapse, Subway Hires Bain & Company To Prepare It For A Sale BlackListed News

The accelerating demise of Subway, the worlds largest sandwich chain, will one day be just another case study of how to run a once-magnificent business empire into the ground, as Americans quickly abandon five-dollar footlongs. The New York Post recently uncovered new knowledge about the 52-year old sandwich chain, which has been in a sales slump since 2016, has hired the infamous consultant Bain & Company to professionalize operations and position the company for a future sale.

Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners Of The Surveillance State BlackListed News

First broadcast in America 50 years ago, The Prisoner - a dystopian television series described as James Bond meets George Orwell filtered through Franz Kafka - confronted societal themes that are still relevant today: the rise of a police state, the freedom of the individual, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, group think, mass marketing, and the tendency of humankind to meekly accept their lot in life as a prisoner in a prison of their own making.


"It's All Written..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Its five in the morning, I can see the first rays of sun trying to penetrate through this grey sky, trying to change its color to dark blue, and declare the dawn, but it's strange, dawn and dusk both have the same color, both have that same murky feel about them, but how different is their nature. One exemplifies the end, while the other symbolizes a new beginning... but is that end the end of hopes or end of sorrows... or is that beginning the beginning of a new life or new difficulties which lie ahead? We can't ever figure it out... it's all written and that's what destiny is. Every beginning can be a new end and every end can be a new beginning."
- Ankit Shukla


Why the Letter Q? Operation Disclosure

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Have been wondering for some time why Q Anon is identified by the letter, what is its meaning. The Q basically tells what that team is all about.

Q often signs of Where We Go 1 We Go All. One of the meanings of the letter Q is "each or every". Pretty good match

In mathematics, Q is the divisor p/q, suggesting how the team is dividing up that larger enemy.

Finally, in chemistry, Q represents heat. Just as see Q is putting the heat on.

Clearly everything he gives us are clues.

Ira Goodman, Ph.D.


The Courage To Meet Eddie Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

 The Courage To Meet Eddie
By Alex Noble

"Life, like good theater, is full of surprises and unexpected twists in the plot. How satisfying it is when we can surprise ourselves, break through "stereotypes," and move beyond fear to embrace more compassionate points of view. I experienced this on a recent trip to Los Angeles.

I drove into the city at sunset, into the older part of downtown where turn-of-the-century office buildings barely hold their own against the rising tide of urban decay.  As the sun gilded skyscrapers, broken neon signs flickered in the windows of delicatessens and novelty shops on Spring Street. Old newspapers blew up and down the sidewalks, fluttering like wounded birds in debris-laden corners. Winos and addicts slumped against buildings or lay down on the sidewalk to catch a few moments of merciful sleep. Drugs were being sold on the street corners. Disoriented men and women wandered listlessly about, some of them shouting, some of them just  staring blankly ahead. An old woman pushed a broken-down supermarket cart filled with faded clothes and torn shopping bags. A tired-looking man held up a sign scrawled on cardboard: "Will work for food." Shiny BMW's and Mercedes whispered through the darkening streets, bearing tired executives home to well-watered gardens.

I was early, and the parking lot next to the theater was still almost empty. A bored-looking attendant stood by the gate to keep the homeless and drunks from accosting the arriving theatergoers. A restless, warm wind tossed newspapers in front of my car.

An angry-looking man in a black coat thr...


"Junk Food as 'Addictive as Drugs'" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Junk Food as 'Addictive as Drugs'"
by "Telegraph" Staff

"Junk food is almost as addictive as heroin, scientists have found. A diet of burgers, chips, sausages and cake will program your brain into craving even more foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat, according to new research. Over the years these junk foods can become a substitute for happiness and will lead bingers to become addicted.

Dr Paul Kenny, a neuroscientist, carried out the research which shows how dangerous high fat and high sugar foods can be to our health. "You lose control. It's the hallmark of addiction," he said. The researchers believe it is one of the first studies to suggest brains may react in the same way to junk food as they do to drugs. "This is the most complete evidence to date that suggests obesity and drug addiction have common neuro-biological foundations," said Paul Johnson, Dr Kenny's work colleague.

Dr Kenny, who began his research at Guy's Hospital, London, but now works at Florida's Scripps Res...


RV/Intelligence Alert: "Momentum" -- June 19, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Operation Disclosure


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

Worldwide Cabal corruption is being exposed in a manner that will minimize public disorder once arrests begin.

Disclosure is proceeding as planned.

Trump's announcement of establishing a 6th U.S. military branch called the "Space Force" is an excuse to introduce already developed technologies. Technologies such as anti-gravity, zero point energy, and so on.

According to sources, the blockade of information regarding the RV is a clear sign that exchanges/redemptions are about to begin.

The ball has reached terminal velocity and is rolling down the hill very fast.

Progress toward the transition event will now come forth very quickly.





At least 15 people dead after severe flooding hits Ivory Coast Signs of the Times

Hundreds have been forced to leave their homes due to severe flooding in the economic capital, Abidjan. At least 15 people have died and hundreds have been forced to leave their homes due to severe flooding in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, the country's interior minister said. "Torrential rains triggered severe flooding across Abidjan yesterday night and killed 15 people, washed away houses and displaced hundreds of families," Sidiki Diakite told journalists on Tuesday. About 115 people have been rescued and are in shelters. "I broke the ceiling and called my neighbour for help. He came to bring the children out of the roof," said Kadidiatou Diallo, one of the survivors. Emergency agencies continued the search for more casualties on Tuesday as the heavy rains persisted and the armed forces had been deployed to assist the effort, the minister said.

"Doubt..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the handmaiden of truth. Doubt is the key to the door of knowledge; it is the servant of discovery. A belief which may not be questioned binds us to error, for there is incompleteness and imperfection in every belief. Doubt is the touchstone of truth; it is an acid which eats away the false. Let no one fear for the truth, that doubt may consume it; for doubt is a testing of belief. The truth stands boldly and unafraid; it is not shaken by the testing, for truth, if it be truth, arises from each testing stronger, more secure. He that would silence doubt is filled with fear; the house of his spirit is built on shifting sands. But he that fears no doubt, and knows its use, is founded on a rock. He shall walk in the light of growing knowledge; the work of his hands shall endure. Therefore let us not fear doubt, but let us rejoice in its help. It is to the wise as a staff to the blind; doubt is the handmaiden of truth."
 - Robert T. Weston


The legacy of Bernard Lewis: The false prophet of the big lie Signs of the Times

The death of Professor Bernard Lewis, former Professor of History at Princeton on May 19 at the amazing age of almost 102 was reported throughout the US media with reverence and appreciation. According to the New York Times, which set the tone, "Few outsiders and no academics had more influence with the (George W) Bush administration on Middle East affairs. The president carried a marked up copy of one of his articles in his briefing papers and met with him before and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003." (The imagination fails at the thought of George W. Bush ever actually reading a book) Comment: To be fair to George, he did read, according to The New Yorker, 'The Pet Goat' which was an "exercise in a workbook called "Reading Mastery 2."' Not only was none of this ludicrously excessive outpouring of praise and acclaim justified, but no countervailing voices were allowed in the ranks of the Orwellian MSM, or MainStream Media in the United States.


Holistic Activism - article by Mark Allen (We) can do better

I recommend this article by Mark Allen, as a very useful and well-written guide to enjoying activism more. I think that he has identified a major problem and that his solutions can definitely help us. I found that as I read his article, I was applying them in my head and thinking, "Yes." ( editor.)

The cartoon by Doug Savage is copyright and comes from

Some ideas about how we can reduce conflict among activists, create campaigns that are long lasting, reach out and connect with people who have different values to that of our own and work towards a meaningful shift in paradigm.

"The embrace of unconditional forgiveness is essential to the success of all the major activist adventures in the world. There may be truth in the savage denunciation of corrupt corporations, politicians, and a media in bed with what Robert Kennedy called 'systems of cold evil' that want to keep exploiting the earth. But this response has two main disadvantages in practical affairs: the excitement of projecting your own unacknowledged darkness onto others keeps you from seeing just how implicated you are. Advocating for any cause in this spirit virtually ensures your efforts will increase resistance rather than heal. Human beings will never be convinced to change their ways by other human beings who try to humiliate them. In nearly every case, such condemnation only reinforces the behaviour it is trying to end. When people are accused of acts they know they are guilty of by others who have contempt for them, they almost always retreat even further into their self-destructive behaviour. If they do change, it is from fear, or perhaps hypocrisy, but not from their own truth." (Andrew Harvey)

Encouraging people other than myself to become involved at the onset is important because I am not exactly sure how this project will develop, only that it seems right for me to be doing this. In face of the overwhelming issu...


Doctors Possessed by Demons Suspended After Months of Strange & Dangerous Behavior Humans Are Free

A Dallas-area doctor was recently suspended by the Texas Medical Board following a spate of bizarre and even dangerous behavior at his practice that some might describe as being demonically inspired.

by Ethan Huff   

According to a local CBS News affiliate in North Texas, Dr. Kurt Pflieger first started showing signs that something was wrong back in January when co-workers say he tried to roughhouse with a two-year-old patient, whom he reportedly attempted to throw over his shoulder and missed, sending the child plunging to the floor head first.

At one point, Dr. Pflieger started bringing a dog with him to the office, witnesses say, where he would roll around with it on the floor in the hallway, right in the way of patients and their families. This was bookended by his showing up to work late on the regular, sometimes wearing the same shirt and sweatpants three days in a row.

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A Terrifying Global Shift In Animal Behavior Is Taking Place, And It is Our Fault Awareness Act

Its a debate that comes up time and time again, usually triggered by significant developments and the expansion of cities into what was once farmland and natural habitats. What impact are we, as a population, having on the natural world around us. Its a loaded question, and the answer is one that many of us arent prepared to hear.

A new study out of the University of California at Berkeley is highlighting exactly that concern and it certainly doesnt look good on our part! Justin Brashares, a professor of ecology and conservation, and the rest of the team reviewed a total of 76 studies relating to animal behavior, looking to get a full picture of the way that humans have changed the habits of nearby wildlife. The information included published tables and charts recording the activity of 62 different mammal species for full 24-hour periods of time, using a variety of methods such as live monitoring, radio collars, and camera traps.

What did the team discover? The majority of species analyzed were exhibiting a significant shift in behavior, moving to a more nocturnal schedule in response to the disturbance from nearby humans. Kaitlyn Gaynor, Ph.D., a student at Berkeley and the lead author of the research explained, We found a strong response by all species. Even apex predators that typically dont have to fear anything were showing a strong avoidance of people.

In fact, the study concluded that on average, the animals being studied were 1.36 times more active during the night when they were living near humans compared to those that were in areas with low to no human disturbance.

Among the species that were studied, a few showed a major change. For example, sun bears in the Sumatran jungle in Indonesia were found to be approximately 19% active during the night when they are undisturbed and left to their natural schedule. However, when trying to coexist with a human population, that shifted to 90% nocturnal. Other examples included leopards in Gabon that saw a change of 43% nocturnal to 93% and wild boars in Poland who were found to shift from 48% to 90%.

Why is this so significant? Its not just that these animals are being forced to make a significant change to their usual routine, but the impact that has on the ecosystem as a whole. The animals that usually live and thrive during daytime hours have evolved to be better hunters during the day. When they then are forced into hunting at night, th...


7 Reasons Why Your Blunt Friend Is the Best Friend You Will Ever Have Awareness Act

We all have that one friend who literally operates without a filter. He or she is more than willing to say what needs to be said and never sugar coats anything.

Blunt people might be a bit irritating from time to time but they really do make the best friends. They are much more honest than most other people and they arent going to let people stomp all over you. Below I am going to go over some of the things that make blunt people the most amazing people to have around. Dont take your blunt friends for granted, they are doing more for you than you might realize.

7 Reasons Why Blunt people Make The Best Friends:

1. They arent going to pretend to like you.

Blunt people arent going to waste any time pretending to like people that they dont like. If they are hanging out with you they want to be around you. You will never have to question their intentions.

2. They will always push you to do better.

They are always pushing you to do things you normally wouldnt do. They want you to grow and are aware of how that can happen. Dont get me wrong, some blunt people can be bad influences but most are great influences and do their best to get you working towards being the best you that you can be.

3. They do not sugar coat things.

Blunt people dont care if they hurt someones feelings. They say what is on their mind and dont spend any time thinking about how it needs to be said. They are unapologetically honest.

4. They are willing to stand up for you.

If someone is talking shit about you this friend is always ready to square up. They stand up for you when you are feeling too self-conscious to do so and when you arent around. This is the friend you can call for any and everything.

5. They can keep a secret.

Blunt people are a lot better at keeping secrets than others. They dont waste time with drama and so they never really have anyone to share your secrets with anyway. They can be trusted more-so than most people.

6. They own up to their mistakes.

Blunt people are willing to take responsibility for the things they have done. They dont let anyone else take the fall for things that had nothing to do with them. If they mess up they are quick to own up to it even if it will get them in trouble.

7. They rarely ever waste their energy lying.

Blunt people dont waste their time lying. They dont feel the need to impress anyone so everything they say is the truth. They are not going to go out of their way to lie unless it is really n...


Sri Lanka targets rice self-sufficiency RSS feed from

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Agriculture and the International Rice Research Institute have signed an agreement to begin restoring the countrys rice self-sufficiency.


The Trump administration has left the United Nations' Human Rights Council CLG News

The Trump administration has left the United Nations' Human Rights Council | 20 June 2018 | US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley called it "an organisation that is not worthy of its name", marking the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution. Ms Haley said the US had given the human rights body "opportunity after opportunity" to make changes. She lambasted the council for "its chronic bias against Israel" and lamented the fact that its membership includes accused human rights abusers such as China...Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, appearing alongside Ms Haley at the State Department, said there was no doubt that the council once had a "noble vision".


The New York Times Shameful Accommodation of Stephen Miller Truthdig RSS

On Tuesday, approximately an hour after President Trump took to Twitter to compare immigrants entering the United States to vermin, The New York Times issued a confounding statement.

We conducted an extensive White House interview with Stephen Miller for a weekend story about the Trump administrations border policy, it read. Miller was quoted, on the record, in that story. After the original story was published, producers of The Daily [podcast] planned to use audio excerpts from the Miller interview. White House officials objected, saying they had not agreed to a podcast interview. While Millers comments were on the record, we realized that the ground rules for the original interview were not clear, and so we made a decision not to run the audio.

The weekend story in question traces the genesis of the Trump administrations zero tolerance, specifically how the president came to adopt the separation of immigrant children from their parents as policy. Written by Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D. Shear, the piece quotes extensively from White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, who emerges as the most dogged champion of the practice.

No nation can have the policy that whole classes of people are immune from immigration law or enforcement, Miller claimed. It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law.

Of course, there is no immigration law dictating that parents be separated from their children at the border, despite the administrations best efforts to blame the Democratic Party for its own cruel agenda. As the Times observes, For George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the idea of crying children torn from their parents arms was simply too inhumaneand too politically perilousto embrace as policy.

But Miller has proved undaunted. In a separate piece for the Times published Saturday, Davis reveals the White House aide has adopted the presidents fraudulent claim while simultaneously claiming credit for breaking up immigrant families at the border.

The loopholes, both legal and judicial, are now whol...


General Electric Loses Place in Elite Dow Jones Industrial Average

Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. Via: Reuters: General Electric Co has lost its spot in the Dow Jones Industrial Average after over a century in the blue chip stock index, a new blow to a company that once towered over the American business landscape but is now struggling to retain []


Jordan Peterson is showing us that identity politics is all about one thing: Coercion Signs of the Times

It's worth checking out the YouTube video of this year's semi-annual Munk Debate held in Toronto this spring. The proposition at hand: Be it resolved, what you call political correctness, I call progress.... For the pro position: Michael Eric Dyson, sociology prof from Georgetown U, and New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg; on the con side, Jordan Peterson, psychologist and U of Toronto prof, and Stephen Fry, British actor and screenwriter. The debate quickly beat a path to identity politics, which make up the actual substance of PC, itself only a method of conveying the substance. PC acts as a filter for sifting out thought that doesn't conform to orthodox ideology, and for punishing those who dare to express the filtered-out ideas. So, PC only allows for a narrow range of expressed opinion on identity politics. PC is literally thought-policing. It's hard to imagine anyone being in favor of that, which is exactly why PC behavior is so odious to those of us who value free speech.


IG confirms Comey under investigation over memo handling CLG News

IG confirms Comey under investigation over memo handling | 19 June 2018 | Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed publicly Monday that his office is investigating James Comey for his handling of classified information as part of memos he shared documenting discussions with President Trump. The inspector general's comments confirmed reports dating back to April that the ex-FBI director was facing scrutiny, amid revelations that at least two of the memos he shared with his friend, Columbia University Professor Daniel Richman, contained information now deemed classified. The confirmation came during Monday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified on the findings in the IG's report on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe.


North Korea expected to return remains of up to 200 US service members lost in Korean War CLG News

North Korea expected to return remains of up to 200 US service members lost in Korean War | 19 June 2018 | The Trump administration is expecting North Korea to return up to 200 sets of remains believed to be American service members who died during the Korean War, three U.S. officials confirmed. Planning is underway to receive the remains from North Korea in the coming days...One official said though it was unclear where the handover of remains could occur, they would ultimately be taken to Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii where the Defense Department has a lab to identify remains of missing U.S. service members from all wars.


Carbon 60 (C60): Currently the Best Known Life Extender on the Planet Humans Are Free

C60 (Carbon 60) is the newest health sensation in the natural health and longevity worlds. So what is C60? 

It is simply a special geometrical arrangement of 60 carbon atoms into a single molecule that looks like a soccer ball, made up of inter-locking pentagonal and hexagonal structures.

C60 molecules are also called fullerenes or buckyballs after Buckminster Fuller, the man who discovered them. By the way, Fuller was the very same guy who said that the best way to overcome a (failing, tyrannical or destructive) system is to create a new one that makes the old one obsolete.

Understanding this is the key to defeating the New World Order (NWO) worldwide conspiracy.

Read Entire Article


End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis Dissident Voice

Europe is facing the most significant refugee crisis since World War II. All attempts at resolving the issue have failed, mostly because they have ignored the root causes of the problem.

On June 11, Italys new Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, blocked the Aquarius rescue ship, carrying 629 refugees and economic migrants, from docking at its ports.

A statement by Doctors without Borders (MSF) stated that the boat was carrying 123 unaccompanied minors and seven pregnant women.

From now on, Italy begins to say NO to the traffic of human beings, NO to the business of illegal immigration, said Salvini, who also heads the far-right League Party.

The number of refugees was repeated in news broadcasts time and again, as a mere statistic. In reality, it is 629 precious lives at stake, each with a compelling reason why she/he has undertaken the deadly journey.

While the cruelty of refusing entry to a boat laden with desperate refugees is obvious, it has to be viewed within a larger narrative pertaining to the rapidly changing political landscape in Europe and the crises under way in the Middle East and North Africa.

Italys new government, a coalition of the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement and the far-right League party, seems intent on stopping the flow of refugees into the country, as promised on the campaign trail.

However, if politicians continue to ignore the root causes of the problem, the refugee crisis will not go away on its own.

The disturbing truth is this: Europe is accountable for much of the mayhem under way in the Middle East. Right-wing pundits may wish to omit that part of the debate altogether, but facts will not simply disappear when ignored.

European politicians should honestly confront the question: what are the reasons that lead millions of people to leave their homes? And fashion equally honest and humane solutions.

In 2017, an uprising-turned-civil-war in Syria led to the exodus of millions of Syrian refugees.

Ahmed is a 55-year old Syrian refugee, who fled the country with his wife and two children. His reason for leaving was no other than the grinding, deadly war.

He told the UN Refugees Agency: I was born in Homs and I wanted to live there until the end, but this vicious war left us no other choice but to leave all behind. For the sake of my childrens future we had to take the risk.

I had to pay the smuggler eight thousand US dollars for each member of my family. Ive...


Bird of the Day: Himalayan Black-lored Tit La Paz Group

Himalayan Black-lored Tit by Puneet Dhar - La Paz Group


Sattal, Uttarakhand








When Health Care is a Privilege and Physician Shadowing is a Right Dissident Voice

The subject of physician shadowing is inextricably linked with unfettered capitalism and the neoliberal project, where the privileged few have a vast array of options in regards to where and with whom they can seek care, while the under-insured masses can spend countless hours sometimes in vain searching for the appropriate specialist that takes their insurance. If an under-insured patient is able to find a specialist that takes their insurance, they often fall prey to the scourge of nonconsensual physician shadowing, as they can be coerced into becoming a medical model and teaching tool without their consent.

Physician shadowing must never be done without the patients consent, as this constitutes an egregious violation of medical ethics, patient privacy, and the patients moral right to meet with a physician in private should they choose to do so. Moreover, once a patient feels that their trust in the system has been violated, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ever fully restore it.

While a great deal of lip service is paid to privacy, consent, and the doctorpatient relationship in American teaching hospitals, all of these things are summarily jettisoned once medical students and residents get inculcated with the idea that it is acceptable to shadow a physician regardless of whether or not the patients consent has been obtained. In actuality, physician shadowing is a privilege that can be granted by one person, and one person only: the patient.

Under the neoliberal project, many physicians have been pulled inexorably into a vortex of amorality. This is because they are trained in an environment whereby the scourge of free market ideology has distorted their thinking and debased any sense of morality. Indeed, many young physicians are inculcated with the shameful idea that unless a patient has an excellent commercial plan privacy, consent, and confidentiality should have no bearing on the care they will receive.

Medical schools compel undergraduate pre-med majors to shadow a physician for a significant number of hours. This practice should be banned, as these students are not officially medical students. Consequently, they are totally unvetted. Allowing high school students to shadow a physician, or observe medical personnel at work in an emergency room or operating room, is an outrage. Having a secretary serve as a chaperone...


Ideological possession: Israeli lawmaker says 'Jewish race is the greatest human capital, the smartest' Signs of the Times

There are certain racist expressions that you're not supposed to use, even in Israel. One of them is referring to Jews as a "race". Even if you're speaking favorably about Jews. But a rightwing lawmaker did that the other day. "The whole Jewish race is the greatest human capital, and the smartest and the most understanding," Miki Zohar said Wednesday. The member of Knesset for Likud was debating the Benjamin Netanyahu corruption scandals together with Haaretz journalist Dan Margalit, on the 103 FM radio station (owned by the centrist Maariv daily). Here Miki Zohar went into unabashed race-supremacist talk about Jews. He literally referred to it as the Jewish race (not nation or people). The Hebrew term he used is "GEZA". It's the literal parallel of 'race' in English, no doubt there.


Protect immigrants rights; end the crises that drive migration (Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers) Tlaxcala

19/06/2018 - The ugliness of US immigration policy is once again evident. There is national outrage that separating children, often infants, from their parents is wrong. There is also national consensus (nine out ...


The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Umm Al Fahm, Haifa, Israel. Thanks for stopping by!


The grotesque consequences of 'puppy-farming' humans for profit (We) can do better

The Australian Financial Review seems these days only to speak for the corporate land speculators and financiers. Bugger small or medium business which must pay the cost of mass immigration in high rents and reduced profit margins, making its products globally uncompetitive and underpinning the very high rate of business failure in Australia. Predictably, in its support of corporate business interests, the AFR is again trotting out the 'mass immigration keeps us young line' again. (See Jacob Greber,"Immigration supports ageing population, RBA says." June 19, 2018.) If we were to apply logic, however, immigration keeps us older. It's not just because, when immigrants arrive, they are always older than Australians who are born here, aged zero - although that is true. The fact is that Australia never had a big problem with an aging population and what problem anyone has with 'aging populations' is self-solving, through death - as long as we do not keep artificially adding new people. Even in Europe, the baby-boomer bump will pass away around 2050, giving Europe a more natural demographic. If you want to see real aging population problems before they happen in Australia, consider the 'developing world' as its swollen youth cohort ages.

Artificial creation of large fertile cohorts creates huge problems

When you have a lot of young people, then you have a huge increased fertility. If those young people also live long lives, then both the population total and the population inertia are huge. You start to get problems of scale, scarcity and resource inflation (not to mention loss of natural spaces and increases in regulation and surveillance). You then get policy conflict between those who benefit from the resource inflation and those who have to pay for it. This is what we have now in Australia.

The 2nd world war baby boom followed mass access to cheap petroleum, which permitted the rise of the car and many marriages that would not have been possible without access to the new suburbia that cars serviced. This was a once-only event.

Trying to normalise the post war baby boom is demographically grotesque

Although the conditions of available land, and cheap petroleum and consumption per capita have changed, there has been a tendency, in governments that subscribe to growth economics, to try to prolong this situation by artificially extending the baby-boom as...


Is a Putin-Trump summit finally on the way to becoming a reality? Signs of the Times

Moscow hints that a summit in Vienna is under discussion as rumours of a July summit persist In the aftermath of the successful Kim-Trump summit in Singapore there is again speculation about the prospects of a possible summit meeting between the US and Russian Presidents, with Vienna the likely host city. The clearest discussion of these rumours and of what such a summit might look like and what it might achieve has been provided by Dr. Gilbert Doctorow. On the indications that a summit is in the air Dr. Doctorow has this to say I say that a summit in the near future look likely, in part because that is suggested in several articles appearing recently in the Washington Post, in The Wall Street Journal, in The New Yorker making reference to unidentified contacts in the administration. In part, I base it on less obvious clues that speak to the vestigial Kremlinologist in me. One is the repeat broadcast this morning on Vesti/Rossiya-1 of an interview with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz that took place just before Vladimir Putin's state visit on 6 June. Vienna has been mentioned as a possible venue for any such summit, and the interview makes plain why the country would be so very suitable as the site of a summit - namely Kurz's populist and Euro-skeptic policies that are so highly appreciated by both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.


Venezuelas Central Bank Stats Show Cash in Short Supply New on

Ordinary peoples difficulty in getting paper money leads to long lines and more electronic transactions.


Sitting For Long Periods of Time Can Literally Destroy Your Body Awareness Act

We live in a technology-based society, which has brought a great deal of innovation and growth to our workforce. Once limited by geographic area, salespeople are now making deals around the globe with the assistance of the internet.

Furthermore, computer programs allow us to complete many of our jobs faster and more accurately, improving efficiency in the workplace. All of that considered, it is no wonder that may of us spend hours each day sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

When we come home, tired from working all day, many Americans will plant themselves on the couch in front of the television, content to put their feet up. This isnt even considering the time seated in our vehicles commuting to and from work. In fact, it is estimated that 36% of adults in the United States dont engage in any form of leisure-time physical activity. Even those that are trying to get up and moving often arent doing enough, with approximately 80% of American adults falling short of the recommended levels of physical activity in their daily lives.

We are lazier and less active than ever before, and were paying for it! Physical inactivity is said to account for 2.4% of U.S. healthcare expenditures, or an estimated $24 billion every year. This lack of activity has been associated with a number of serious illnesses and concerns including an increased risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even mortality.

Are we doomed to suffer poor health? While experts say that our current lifestyle certainly does lead to increased risk, the best thing we can do is to educate ourselves. In doing so we, are aware of the concerns and empowered to take steps to counter them and improve our overall health and well-being.

Source: StartupStockPhotos | Pixabay

Simple changes like getting up to take a short walk during your lunch break or getting up regularly simply to stretch can make a significant difference and will fit into the average work schedule. If you know...


The Top 7 Amazing Workout Moves Proven to Flatten the Lower Belly Awareness Act

In modern times, the stress of life has caused many of us to gain a bit of belly fat, and are left wondering how to get back the body we once adored. Oftentimes, the most difficult weight to lose is the weight that resides in our lower bellies, and while it may seem difficult to lose, it actually isnt that hard.

Below I am going to go over some of the best workout moves for you to really tone up your tummy and get in the shape you want to be in. This will help you see good results within a short amount of time if you really stick with it and eat properly. If you do these everyday for five months and really make some lifestyle changes not only will you feel better about your belly you will also learn to love the skin you are in.

7 Amazing Workout Moves That Will Help Flatten Your Lower Belly:

1. Side Crunch

Basically, with the side crunch, you lay down on your side with your legs on top of each other. Bend your knees slightly and begin moving your opposite elbow up as you would perform a normal crunch make sure to put emphasis on your obliques. To see a demonstration check out the video below.

2. Reverse Crunch

This one is a basic core strengthening exercise. You lie on your back with your knees together and your legs bent to a 90-degree angle. Place your palms face down on the floor for support and tighten your abs to lift your hips up off of the floor. Do this as you crunch your knees inward to your chest. To see a demonstration check out the video below.

3. Rolling Plank

Begin in high plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Drop your left knee to the ground and rotate your hips counterclockwise until your right hip is directly over your left hip. Lift your right arm straight up and make sure your shoulders are stacked in a direct line. You should look like a T-angled on its side. From here lift your hips by squeezing your glutes to keep your side body in a straight line. To see a demonstration check out the video below.

4. Knees to Chest

This is one of the simplest on this list but will wear you out. Lying flat on the floor use your arms to push yourself down. Lift both feet off of the floor but keep your...


Idiocracy Looms? Study Suggests IQ Scores Are Falling Due To Social Media, Central Banks Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Idiocracy Looms? Study Suggests IQ Scores Are 
Falling Due To Social Media, Central Banks
by Tyler Durden

"A new study, published Monday by Norwegian researchers analyzed the IQ scores between 1962 and 1991 and found that scores increased by almost 3 percentage points each decade for those born between 1962 to 1975 - but then saw a steady decline among those born after 1975.


8 Things That Happen When We Fall Out Of Love Awareness Act

From a very young age, we quickly learn that life revolves largely around love, however, as we learn about love, we also learn about heartbreak. And while there are various forms of heartbreak, one of the hardest to endure is the heartbreak of falling out of love with the person you expected to be your forever.

Falling out of love is not as black and white as we make it out to be but is also can be a lot easier than you think. Below I am going to go over some of the things that happen when we fall out of love and maybe that will help you decide where you are in your relationship. Sometimes we dont realize the distance that is growing between our partners and ourselves. Life is a lot more complicated than you think.

8 Things That Happen When We Fall Out Of Love:

1. We stop thinking about our partner when were alone.

When we fall out of love we dont really think about our partner as much as we used to. We dont keep them on our minds anymore. When we are alone we enjoy the peace and dont bother to really think of them at all.

2. We stop trying to communicate.

When we fall out of love communicating becomes completely unimportant. We dont care what our partner thinks anymore and we dont want to talk things through. Fixing things isnt an option anymore.

3. We begin doing more for ourselves.

When we fall out of love we start focusing on ourselves instead of our relationship. We get things done and take care of our own needs and wants. We dont worry about our partners at all.

4. We start to get bored within our relationship.

When we fall out of love we end up feeling pretty bored. We dont have that energy that we once had and it sucks. Being bored within your relationship is not an easy thing to go through.

5. We dont feel that happiness we once felt.

When we fall out of love that butterfly feeling we once had goes away. We dont have the same sense of happiness within the relationship that we used to have. I know this is a bit confusing to some but it is something you would understand if you felt it.

6. We stop caring what our partner does or says.

When we fall out of love we dont really focus on our partner at all. We turn towards ourselves and as far as looking at their social media or being concerned with what they are doing we dont really care. The things they do stop mattering.

7. We dont care how our partner sees us anymore.

When we fall out of love we stop caring what our partner sees in us. We dont mind being dolled up and going out without him or her and we also dont mind looking like a...


Ultra Premium Coffees La Paz Group


We favor coffee from Costa Rica. Full stop. But we recognize excellence elsewhere. Even selling for $350/pound, this coffee is not at the top of the list, but we must anyway share congratulations with our neighbors to the south, just for making this list:

This coffee has won numerous first place awards in worldwide coffee contests over the past many years. It is cultivated on the sides of Mount Baru in Panama in the shade of guava trees. This rare coffee delicacy offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for connoisseurs with its fantastic taste and rich flavor. It bagged a whopping $350.25 per pound at a recent auction.

We knew that coffee passing through the civit cat was a thing, but now we learn that coffee passing through an elephant is an even bigger thing (scroll to...


FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from FBI building, amid ongoing internal proceedings at the bureau on his conduct CLG News

FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from FBI building, amid ongoing internal proceedings at the bureau on his conduct | 19 June 2018 | FBI agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building Friday as part of the ongoing internal proceedings at the bureau on his conduct, according to a source familiar with the matter. As of Tuesday, the source said, Strzok is still an FBI employee. He had a central role on the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information. He later worked on the investigation into connections between Trump campaign associates and Russia and briefly worked for special counsel Robert Mueller before text messages between Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page disparaging President Donald Trump were discovered.


Heres just how few refugees Trump is allowing into the U.S. Fast Company

At a time when there are more refugees than ever before, the administration has drastically cut the number of displaced peoplefrom places like Syria, Iraq, and Somaliathat we take in.

The U.S. is on track to admit fewer refugees this fiscal year than ever before in the history of the resettlement program. At the same time, there are now more refugees and internally displaced people globally68.5 million people fleeing war and persecutionthan at any earlier point in history.

Read Full Story


These are the CEOs most employees want to work for Fast Company

The annual employee choice awards from Glassdoor reveals all the bosses who make their employees want to come to work every day.

According to the results of the latest Glassdoor Employees Choice Awards, these are the top 10 CEOs in the U.S.:

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The US Just Ditched the UN Human Rights Council in Defense of Israel MintPress News

In what critics framed as Orwellian up-is-down, down-is-up remarks from the State Department on Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially announced that the U.S. is withdrawing from its participation in the U.N. Human Rights Council, claiming the body responsible for upholding international standards for human rights was no longer worthy of its name.

Haleywho has steadfastly refused to acknowledge the human rights violations of close U.S. ally Israel, including multiple charges regarding that countrys alleged war crimes carried out against Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank and Gazasaid the withdrawal from the council was necessary because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.

Palestinian rights activists, in particular, expressed contempt for the announcement and its implications:

Not a surprise, as the move had been telegraphed for weeks, the official announcement was still met with scorn by actual human rights defenders who broadly condemned the move.



Cities face dramatic rise in heat, flood risks by 2050, researchers say RSS feed from

"This is a wake-up call" that action is needed now to deal with fast-approaching problems, says one urban expert.


S'attaquer aux causes profondes de la dforestation au Liberia RSS feed from

18 Jun 2018 | CommodafricaOu $2 milliards de greenwashing ?


Phoenix looks to India to feed Africa as part of rice expansion RSS feed from

08 Dec 2017 | BloombergThe company plans to spend $300 million over the next five years, mostly on increasing processing and production, as well as expanding into farming in Africa, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Dhawan said.


Evolutionist tears into evolution as we know it! Giza Death Star

New Dialogue is Out: Stephen J. Gould, Mass Extinction, & Structure of Evolution Single Mechanism vs. Variety of Mechanisms? Single vs. Multiple Levels of []

The post Evolutionist tears into evolution as we know it! appeared first on Giza Death Star.


XXXTentacion Death an Illuminati Hit? Drake & Death Predicted! Jay Dyer Jay's Analysis

XXX = 666. In fact, according to CNN, he Rapper foreshadowed his own death and predicted he would die at 17!

See also:

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FBI Files: Celebrities The Black Vault

The following is a list of FBI files on different celebrities.

 Declassified Celebrity FBI Files

Bud Abbott Abbott, Bud Bud Abbott was a part of the Abbott and Costello comedy team. They made movies and performed on television. This release is references on Abbott only. It contains correspondence between Abbott and Director Hoover, Espionage and Interstate Transportation of Obscene Material matters.
Gracie Allen Allen, GracieFile #1 ] | FILE #2 ] Gracie Allen, her husband, George Burns, Mary Livingston (wife of Jack Benny) and Jack Benny were investigated in 1939 for bringing jewelry and clothing into the country from Europe and not paying the duty tax on it. The investigation by the New York City authorities resulted in Jack Benny and George Burns paying fines. It is alleged that the real smugglers were Gracie Allen and Mary Livingston.
Steve Allen Allen, SteveFile #1FILE #2FILE #3FILE #4 ] Steve Allen, an entertainer, was the victim of two extortion attempts investigated by the FBI. The first extortion attempt consisted of a letter sent to the CBS net...


FBI Files: Scientists and Medical Professionals The Black Vault

Below you will find various FBI files on prominent scientists and medical professionals from around the world.

Declassified Scientist and Medical Professional FBI Files

 Abramson, Harold Alexander  [20 Pages, 9.9 MB]  Harold Alexander Abramson (November 27, 1899 September 1980) was an American physician (allergist and pediatrician) noted as an early advocate of therapeutic LSD. He played a significant role in CIAs MKULTRA program to investigate the military applications of LSD.
Lester Breslow Breslow, Lester  [ 396 Pages, 19.83 MB ]  Lester Breslow (March 17, 1915, in Bismarck, ND, USA April 9, 2012, in Los Angeles) was an American physician who promoted public health. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota, which is also where he received his MD and MPH. Dr. Breslow served in the United States Army during World War II, and when he returned took a position with the California State Department of Public Health. While in medical school he was studying to be a psychiatrist, and as a junior he worked for a summer in the Fergus Falls Minnesota State Hospital for the Insane. His experience there left him discouraged once he realized that in that time, there was not much they could do for those patients except keep them out of harms way. When he returned to medical school for his senior year he told a friend on his, also a faculty member, about his feelings and was introduced to a new profe...


Laura Bush criticizes Trump Admin. for child immigrant policy - Sarah Sanders points out law was signed by her husband Signs of the Times

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders fired back at former First Lady Laura Bush on Monday over her recent criticisms of the current administration's "zero tolerance" policy. Sanders pointed out how the current separation of children from their families at the border is the result of actions taken by prior administrations, specifically Bush's husband, George W. Bush. "Frankly this law was actually signed into effect in 2008 under her husband's leadership. Not under this administration," Sanders shot back in response to Bush's recent op-ed. "We're not the ones responsible for creating this problem. We've inherited it," Sanders continued. "But we're actually the first administration stepping up and trying to fix it." WATCH:


Research finds marriage helps ward off heart disease and stroke Signs of the Times

Even if marriage is sometimes more a bed of nails than roses, living into old age with a partner may help ward off heart disease and stroke, researchers said Tuesday. A sweeping survey of research conducted over the last two decades covering more than two million people aged 42 to 77 found that being hitched significantly reduced the risk of both maladies, they reported in the medical journal Heart. The study examined ethnically varied populations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, adding weight to the results. Compared to people living in spousal union, the divorced, widowed or never married were 42 percent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and 16 percent more likely to have coronary heart disease, the study found.


Shoppers want Best Before Dates even though Tesco are scrapping them RSS feed from

Last month Tesco announced they will stop labelling many fresh items with best before dates but new research from YouGov shows that this will result in people buying less fruit and veg.


How to stop infectious diseases spreading after Brexit RSS feed from

Sustain member the Faculty of Public Health launch a blueprint on how the UK can collaborate with Europe to defend against infectious diseases after Brexit.


Eating Better has new director RSS feed from

Sustain member Eating Better welcomes Simon Billing as their new executive director.


Legal status of the environment after Brexit RSS feed from

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agroecology event on


Plans to extend the power of the Groceries Code Adjudicator RSS feed from

In light of Asda-Sainsburys merger MPs want new power granted to the Groceries Code Adjudicator to prevent main supermarkets dominating groceries market.


Salads becoming saltier RSS feed from

New research from Action on Salt shows that average salt content of restaurant and fast food salads has increased 13% since 2014.


E5 Bakehouse backs battle to save good food arches RSS feed from

Guardians of the Arches are campaigning to save thousands of British businesses, including many of Londons good food champions, from Network Rails plan to sell off Britains railway arches to the highest bidder.


Big pharmaceutical companies are using social media campaigns to muddy the waters on overuse of antibiotics in farming RSS feed from

Big pharmaceutical companies are using social media campaigns to muddy the waters on overuse of antibiotics in farming.


Childhood Obesity Plan Chapter Two: What will the Government Score? RSS feed from

With the announcement of Chapter Two of the UK Government's Childhood Obesity Plan now imminent, check out Children's Food Campaign's


The Grand Bargain at two: collapsing under its own weight? RSS feed from

Two years on, the Grand Bargain is making important progress to improve humanitarian aid but faces practical and political challenges.


Climate change to become greatest pressure on biodiversity' by 2070 RSS feed from

The combined effects of global warming and land-use change could cause the world's ecosystems to... The post Climate change to become greatest pressure on biodiversity' by 2070 appeared first on Carbon Brief.


Human Destiny Revealed at the End of the Yellow Brick Road Wake Up World

May 20th, 2018 By Christine Horner Guest writer for Wake Up World SEvery next level of your life will demand a different you.  Leonardo DiCaprio One of life"s most enduring mysteries is that of human destiny. Many a philosopher have debated whether it"s an invention of human thought or if our long-standing curiosity is a mechanism []


The truth about sanctuary cities The Fifth Column

(OW)  In a recent White House meeting on sanctuary cities, President Trump called some undocumented immigrants animals  a disturbing new low even for someone whos demonized immigrant communities from the beginning. The president painted a picture of sadistic criminals who are being given safe harbor through so-called sanctuary policies.

While Trump and his right-wing supporters would have people believe that sanctuary cities are places that allow lawlessness and where immigrants arent prosecuted for crimes, the reality is far different.

Here are the facts: the federal government can enforce immigration law anywhere. The term sanctuary city typically refers to a jurisdiction that wants to limit the use of local law enforcement resources to carry out federal law enforcement work, especially when theyre asked to violate constitutional protections.

While these cities focus their resources on fighting local crime, they can still work with the federal government on immigration enforcement, since federal agents can issue a warrant. This is especially the case in situations where an undocumented person has carried out a serious crime  as opposed to someone who, for example, happens to have a broken taillight.

Experts note that undermining sanctuary cities, which are more accurately called safe cities, often isnt good for anyone.

As two police chiefs from Storm Lake and Marshalltown, Iowa recently explained: We depend on residents, including immigrants, to come to us when they see something suspicious or potentially criminal. If they hear of a looming crackdown that could affect their families and friends, they are less likely to come to us to report and prevent actual crimes.

A law enforcement association representing some of the largest cities in the country has similarly argued that asking local police to do the work of federal immigration officers would likely lead not only to more crime against immigrants, but also to...


World Has 68.5 Million Displaced People, U.N. Agency Says Truthdig RSS

As of 2017, there were 68.5 million refugees fleeing persecution and war all over the world, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Its a record number for a community often met with disdain and discrimination by countries it hopes might offer shelter and safety.

The UNHCR number includes 25.4 million refugees, 40 million internally displaced people and 3.1 million asylum seekers. The number of refugees in 2017 was nearly 3 million higher than the figure for 2016, The Independent reports, and only 100,000 were resettled by the international community.

What we are seeing in this data is overall displacement at an unprecedented high six years in a row, Matthew Saltmarsh, a UNHCR spokesman, told The Guardian. In terms of refugee numbers it is the largest increase in a single year.

The numbers may be swelling, but they are not being met with a corresponding increase in resettlement help and other support. In fact, its often the opposite.

In the United States, the Trump administrations family separation practices are receiving intense scrutiny amid reports of young children being taken from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border and forced into detention centers. According to The New York Times, nearly 2,000 children have been detained in a six-week period. In a White House briefing Monday, President Trump defended his policy, saying that undocumented migrants could be murderers and thieves and so much else.

The United States harsh immigration policies are not unusual in todays world. As Bloomberg reports, disagreements over whether to accept refugees are threatening to overtake an upcoming European Union summit:

<blockquote>In the run-up to the June 28-29 summit that is supposed to be focusing on euro-area integration and Brexit, Spain is attacking Italys hardening stance on refugees while French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for a revamp of the EUs system for sharing the burden of asylum seekers. Three years after droves of people fleeing wars and chaos in the Middle East and North Africa threatened to overwhelm the EU, the immigration crisis threatens to throw European politics into disarray once more.</blockquote>...


Insane Border Patrol Car Chase Demonstrates How Illegals Put Citizens At Risk On Public Roads WorldTruth.Tv

Another tragedy involving illegal aliens has occurred in Texas that not only serves to highlight the inadequacies of our current level of border security but also how dangerous it can be for American citizens caught up in the political posturing over the issue. As reported by News4 San Antonio, an SUV packed with 14 people []


Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live in Washington D.C. The Daily Sheeple

Surprised? I didnt think so. But still, fun to get some scientific confirmation.

Psychos are drawn to power. It is not just that power corrupts, it is that already corrupt people seek power. Government is the best industry to be in for someone with no morals.

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30 Years Ago Global Warming Became Front-Page News and Both Republicans and Democrats Took It Seriously RSS feed from

Read time: 8 minsBy Robert Brulle, Drexel University June 23, 1988 marked the date on which climate change became a national issue. In landmark testimony before the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Dr. James Hansen, then director of NASA's Institute for Space Studies, stated that Global warming has reached a level such that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence a cause-and-effect relationship between the greenhouse effect and observed warming In my [...]


11 Ways to Heal from the Pain of Growing Up with An Emotionally Absent Mother Awareness Act

She was the first woman to hold an important part in your life. Experts acknowledge that the impact that a mothers influence and interaction can have on a childs development, starting as early as the first year, can be profound.

In fact, this is one of the key reasons why those advocating for a longer maternity leave for women in the United States argue that this time spent at home with their children is invaluable. However, despite the incredible importance of this time, not every mother is prepared or capable to invest the time necessary into their children.

Growing up with an emotionally absent mother can have a significant impact on a childs life at any stage. Consequences include an inability to establish healthy relationships as an adult, fear of love and attachment, extreme selfishness, substance abuse, depression, or difficulty with establishing ones own identity in life.

While you cant go back and address the source of your struggles, as that time is long behind you, that doesnt mean that you cant take steps to heal and recover today. You arent resigned to a life of distant relationships and mental health struggles. Its not going to be easy, but its worth it!

12 Ways to Heal from the Pain of Growing Up with An Emotionally Absent Mother:

#1 Maintain Emotionally Intelligent Relationships

Often throughout our lives we will gravitate towards those that feel familiar. If you grew up with an emotionally absent mother as your example of a relationship, this will lead many to then establish relationships with others, as an adult, that are also emotionally absent. Seek out friends that have a high level of emotional intelligence, as this will allow them to establish healthy relationships.

#2 Dont Be Too Serious

One of the biggest mistakes that many of us will make in life is simply to take life too seriously. Let your hair down a little, do something crazy and make a fool of yourself. This doesnt mean to be reckless, think a little smaller do karaoke, dress up in a costume, sign up for a half marathon. Learn to truly enjoy this life.

#3 Keep a Journal

Writing in a journal can help you to better understand your own thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can also help you to track the triggers that lead you to negative thinking, allowing you to discover any trends or patterns. Acknowledging these triggers can help you to avoid or limit them.



7 Habits That Destroy Your Mental Health, According to Researchers Awareness Act

Experts estimate that approximately 42.5 million American adults, or 18.2% of the adult population, suffer from some form of mental illness every year. It is clear that this is a problem demanding our attention, and yet we fail to truly invest the time and energy necessary into better understanding the cause of this prevalence.

Its easy to point at some of the bigger overarching problems the pressure that mainstream media puts on our body image, or the increased financial demand placed on the average American however, we often fail to address the smaller, daily mistakes that we make that are contributing to our poor mental health.

Eliminate these 7 daily habits that are hurting your mental health:

#1 Increased Use of Technology

There is no denying that technology has come to be a staple in our daily lives. In fact, much of what we do revolves around the device that is likely in your pocket, your smartphone. However, experts have discovered that there is a clear link between phone addiction, social media addiction and increases in mental illness in todays society.

#2 Lack of Sleep

In an attempt to keep up with everything that is happening around us and the demands of our own lives, we often forget to prioritize sleep in our schedule. We take this time each night for granted, viewing it as a luxury rather than a necessity for good health. Lack of sleep and poor sleep have both been associated with a number of mental health struggles including increased stress levels, depression and anxiety.

#3 Procrastination

A habit that many of us have embraced in our lives, putting off those tasks that we see as being difficult, uncomfortable or simply boring, procrastinating has been found to lead to a noticeable decrease in mental health. When the time comes that you do have to complete the task at hand, it leads to increased stress and anxiety.

#4 Inactivity

We live in a society that promotes a sedentary lifestyle. While children once grew up playing outside, running around and using their imagination, today they spend much of their lives in front of a television, computer or video game. Not only does a lack of physical activity lead to a number of physical health problems, but it can also rob you of the opportunity to establish good mental health. When you are physically active the body releases endorphins which work to boost your m...


Scientists Explain the World of Quantum Physics: Nothing Is Truly Solid, And Everything Is Pure Energy Awareness Act

Whenever we hear about things like quantum physics a lot of us just dont even bother trying to understand but realistically when you break things down its not as hard to comprehend as we might make it out to be. When you hear the words everything is energy what comes to mind?

The world of quantum physics is not a simple one. It is one that really opens up the way we see things and what we think about our existence as a whole. The definition of quantum physics is basically the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory. It is necessary to understand the properties of atoms, solids, nuclei, light, and everything else this world is made of.

While we will never truly be able to completely understand the Universe quantum physics gives us that peek into how it works that we really need. The reality that we see is not necessarily exactly what reality is. Consciousness plays a huge roll in quantum mechanics as a whole. While there are many different theories surrounding reality it seems through quantum physics we have been able to understand that the observer creates the reality. The physical material reality we see is not physical at all when you really break things down.

The best way to explain this, in my opinion, is through the double slit experiment. This is an experiment that has been used time and time again to explore what role consciousness plays when shaping the nature of what physical reality is for each and every one of us. The double slit experiment is basically one of the most famous experiments in physics, period.

It demonstrates that the very act of observing a particle can and does have a dramatic effect on its behavior. Below you will find an explanation of the double-slit experiment. While it is a bit hard to follow for some, I think the way it is explained will be quite simple.

As explained by Plus.Math, the double slit goes something like:

To start off, imagine a wall with two slits in it. Imagine throwing tennis balls at the wall. Some will bounce off the wall, but some will travel through the slits. If theres another wall behind the first, the tennis balls that have traveled through the slits will hit it. If you mark all the spots where a ball has hit the second wall, what do you expect to see? Thats right. Two strips of marks roughly the same shape as the slits.

Now imagine shining a light (of a single color, that is, of a single wavelength) at a wall with two slits (where the distance between the slits is roughly the same as the lights wavelength). In the image below, we show the light wave and the wall from the top. The blue lines represent the peaks of the wave. As the wave passes through both...


Children, separated from parents by Trumps policy, cry, audio Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 18 June 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Leaked Audio Of Children Separated From Parents Will Break Your Heart

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like theyre crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream Mami and Pap over and over again, as if those are the only words they know.

The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. Well, we have an orchestra here, he jokes. Whats missing is a conductor. Then a distraught but determined 6-year-old Salvadoran girl pleads repeatedly for someone to call her aunt. Just one call, she begs anyone who will listen. She says shes memorized the phone number, and at one point, rattles it off to a consular representative. My mommy says that Ill go with my aunt, she whimpers, and that shell come to pick me up there as quickly as possible.

Read more here.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

This 18 June 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Ann Coulter: Dont Fall For The Actor Children!

Ann Coulter has monetized white supremacy. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter called children crying at the border after being separated from parents child actors during an appearance Sunday on Fox News.



Endless World War: America Is Fundamentally Changing How Its Government Declares War The Fifth Column

(TFC) The phrase war on terror is as ill-defined today as it was 17 years ago. It has justified all kinds of American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the general hardening of our borders and our hearts against political migrants and refugees who, rumor has it, arent too busy fleeing for their lives to harbor terrorists in their midst.

In the long years since 9/11, many citizens of the world have had the suspicion that the United States endless appetite for world war is illegal just in some way we couldnt quite put our fingers on. Its a war to protect our borders and our values, isnt it? So long as thats true, or seems like it could be true, we havent had to ask a lot of questions.

In 2003, more Americans supported going to war against Iraq. What felt like an obvious choice at the time has become, in hindsight, an embarrassing disaster and possibly a crime against humanity.

Public support for American interventionism seems to have subsided, but only selectively. Recent polls indicate widespread support for military action against Syria, but only limited amounts of it which sounds a little bit like trying to burn only half your neighbors house down.

The same polling also claimed most voters dont want American boots on the ground, dont want us arming militant groups and dont want us negotiating with President Assad. However, it also revealed we support special ops missions and the establishment of no-fly zones.

In other words, public opinion about war is a mess, just like it always has been.

Unfortunately, looking to our government for clarity or a peaceful solution is a lost cause. We dont have a representative democracy, we have an oligarchy, and weapons manufacturers and defense contractors dominate it.

The recently proposed Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) is a huge step toward unchecked War Powers for Trumps Executive branch and the clearest indication yet that the United States political establishment wants to legalize its pursuit of endless war in the world.

Whats Changing About How America Declares War?

Thats a lot to digest all at once and a lot of doom and gloom.

Its true that the new AUMF looks like another nail in the coffin of world peace its broad both in its bipartisan Congressional support and its intentions.

For right now, the good news is proposed in the phrase proposed new AUMF.



The effects of sexy people on your intelligence Signs of the Times

The effect of hot people on your cognitive abilities, revealed by research. People become cognitively impaired in the presence of an attractive member of the opposite sex, research finds. The drop in intelligence is particularly strong for men. The more attractive the woman, the more men's test scores plummeted, psychologists found. It may be because men are so concerned about making a good impression that they have few mental resources left over for anything else. The study involved people talking to members of the opposite sex before completing cognitive tests.


EU To Tax Internet Users Who Criticise Mainstream Media Your News Wire

The European Union wants to tax citizens who criticize mainstream media outlets and politicians online, according to a draconian new law being proposed. On June 20, unelected EU lawmakers will vote on its proposed Copyright [...]

The post EU To Tax Internet Users Who Criticise Mainstream Media appeared first on Your News Wire.


James Comey Under Criminal Investigation For Leaking Classified Memos Your News Wire

Former FBI boss James Comey is officially under criminal investigation by the DOJ, Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed on Monday. According to the IG, Comey is being investigated for intentionally and maliciously leaking classified memos to [...]

The post James Comey Under Criminal Investigation For Leaking Classified Memos appeared first on Your News Wire.


Barack Obama: American Dream Is To Be Donald Trump Your News Wire

Long before Barack Obama took to bashing Trump, he was praising the President as being the American Dream come true. Whilst studying at Harvard, Barack Hussein Obama II penned an essay gushing over how incredible Donald [...]

The post Barack Obama: American Dream Is To Be Donald Trump appeared first on Your News Wire.


SOTT FOCUS: Sorry Russophobes And Neocons, The World Cup in Russia is Off to a Flyer Signs of the Times

The World Cup in Russia is off to a flyer, serving up a feast of football amid the special and unique atmosphere generated by this quadrennial event. Fans from every corner of the globe having been packing the stadiums, some of them custom-built, reminding us that, despite our differences, we are one human family. However not everyone is happy. For Russophobes and neocons the success of the World Cup in Russia is something to mourn rather than celebrate, interfering as it does with their relentless demonisation of a country, in Russia, which refuses to know its place as a subaltern power, home to retrograde cultural values, relative to the West. In fact given the intensity of anti-Russia invective that has played out in the Western mainstream media these past few years, many watching the World Cup will have been genuinely surprised to know that, yes, the sun actually shines in Russia too; and that, yes, its people are not oppressed and living in gulags.


KATY PERRY & illuminati Cannibalism: The REAL Public Ritual Jay Dyer Jay's Analysis

Dawkins wants GMO cannibalism. What else is there to say?

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Angela Merkel To Ban Internet Memes Your News Wire

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to ban memes from the web as part of a crackdown on online trolling.  The proposed law, misleadingly known as the Copyright Directive, will be voted on later this month [...]

The post Angela Merkel To Ban Internet Memes appeared first on Your News Wire.


IG Horowitz: Hillary Clinton Was Not Formally Investigated By FBI Your News Wire

Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed to Congress that the FBI never formally investigated Hillary Clinton during their email probe.  Testifying in a joint Congressional hearing to the House Oversight and House Judiciary panels on Tuesday, Horowitz admitted [...]

The post IG Horowitz: Hillary Clinton Was Not Formally Investigated By FBI appeared first on Your News Wire.


Truthdigs Michael Nigro Talks About Being Arrested While Doing His Work Truthdig RSS

Truthdig photojournalist Michael Nigro was arrested last week in Jefferson City, Mo., while covering the Poor Peoples Campaign, a 40-day event to raise awareness of economic injustice in America and to demand solutions. Nigro was officially charged for failure to obey orders, but, as he said in a podcast with Connect the Dots following his release, he believes that what he really was charged with was practicing journalism.

Just before his arrest, Nigro was reporting on more than 400 participants from across Missouri who were marching toward the Missouri Capitol and the Chamber of Commerce headquarters. A group of activists was sitting in the middle of the street and blocking traffic, a protest that Nigro attempted to document from the curb. As he reports in his June 11 live blog, police gave him three warnings to move off the sidewalk but did not tell him to stop filming. I believe, he said, that they were intentionally preventing me from reporting and by arresting me were purposefully intimidating others from continuing to film.

Nigro was arrested at 10:52 a.m. by police officers who also confiscated his equipment. His bail was set at $500, and he was released at 1:31 p.m.

The theme of the Poor Peoples Campaign the week Nigro was arrested was Everybodys Got the Right to Live: Education, Living Wages, Jobs, Income, Housing. A few days after his arrest, Nigro joined Alison Rose Levy of Connect the Dots to discuss the importance of that theme, his experience of being arrested while doing his job, and the broader attempts to restrict the freedom of the press in America. Listen to the episode below.

Truthdig is running a reader-funded project to document the Poor Peoples Campaign. Please help us by making a donation.


US pulls out of UN human rights council World News Echonetdaily

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. EPA/PETER FOLEY

WASHINGTON, D. C., RAW The United States announced Tuesday it was leaving the United Nations Human Rights Council, with Ambassador Nikki Haley calling it an organisation that is not worthy of its name. It was the latest withdrawal by the Trump administration from an international institution.

Haley, Trumps envoy to the UN, said the US had given the human rights body opportunity after opportunity to make changes. She lambasted the council for its chronic bias against Israel and lamented the fact that its membership includes accused human rights abusers such as China, Cuba, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organisation that makes a mockery of human rights, Haley said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, appearing alongside Haley at the State Department, said there was no doubt that the council once had a noble vision.

But today we need to be honest, Pompeo said. The Human Rights Council is a poor defender of human rights.

The announcement came just a day after the UN human rights chief, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, denounced the Trump administration for separating migrant children from their parents. But Haley, cited longstanding US complaints that the 47-member council is biased against Israel. She had been threatening the pull-out since last year unless the council made changes advocated by the US

Regrettably, it is now clear that our call for reform was not heeded, Haley said.

Still, she suggested the decision need not be permanent, adding that if the council did adopt reforms, we would be happy to rejoin it. She said the withdrawal notwithstanding, the US would continue to defend human rights at the United Nations.

The move extends a broader Trump administration pattern of stepping back from international agreements and forums under the presidents America First policy. Although numerous officials have said repeatedly that America First does not mean America Alone, the administration has re...


Ruddy turnstones in Sweden Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video shows ruddy turnstones along the Swedish coast, as a mute swan swims past.


99.9% Of Politicians Are Psychopaths, New Study Says Your News Wire

According to a new study published by the Social Science Research Network, 99.9% of all politicians in the USA are actual psychopaths.  No, this is not a joke. Our nations capitol really is full of [...]

The post 99.9% Of Politicians Are Psychopaths, New Study Says appeared first on Your News Wire.


FOIA & MDR Case Logs The Black Vault


The Freedom of Information Act allows any requester to get as FOIA case logs.

Below, you will find a list of all FOIA requests and Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) requests made by the public to various agencies.

These are very useful to see who is requesting wDISAhat and can be very useful for ideas!NS

FOIA Case Log Memorandums

Declassified FOIA Case Logs

Air Combat Command (ACC)
  1. 2012 [100 Pages]
  1.  2013 [1088 Pages, 7.91mb]
  2. 2012
  3.  2010-2016 MDR Log
  4. FY 2008
  5. FY 2007OS
  6. FY 2006
Army / Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
  1. 2014 [18 Pages, 1.1MB]
  2. 2010...


The Jonathan Jay Pollard Espionage Case: A Damage Assessment 30 October 1987 The Black Vault


According to this document:

This study, undertaken by the Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee (DDAC) at the direction of the Director of Central Intelligence, is one of two assessments of damage undertaken as a result of Jonathan Pollards espionage on behalf of Israel during 1984-1985, which are being issued almost simultaneously.

Back in 2007, the CIA released the below document, heavily redacted.

Since nearly a decade had passed, in June of 2017, I requested a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) of the record, believing that since so much time had passed, and there had been significant changes in politics and the world, I felt additional information could potentially be released to the public.

Sadly, on 1 August 2017, the CIA decided to simply send a copy of the previously released record reviewed in 2007.  What is frustrating, is that my letter clearly stated I was not seeking a copy of this previously released record, but rather, was requesting another review in 2017.

I have archived the document below for reference, however, I have submitted an appeal, as I consider this not responsive to my actual request, which asked for the following (in part):

This is a request for a mandatory declassification review (MDR), under the terms of Executive Order 12958, as amended, of the following document(s):


I believe the record has been partially released before, but it has been many years since it has been reviewed. Id like to get it reviewed again for possible further release.

Until that appeal is processed, you can view the record below.

Document Archive


The Number One Thing Psychiatry Can Learn from Shamanism Waking Times

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Something important is missing from the psychiatric model of mental illness. Its not a secret or anything, but rather more of an omission. It should be there, but by no accident its absent.

You see, human beings are multi-dimensional. We are made up of mind, body and spirit. All three are utterly essential components of life, and until the transhumanists figure out how to disembody the mind, our wellness and happiness is fully reliant on the synergistic balance between these three elements.

Sure, psychiatry along with the medical sciences has the body well enough figured out. And theyve produced copious theories along with tomes of supporting research on the chemical relation between the body and the mind. With all of this they can haphazardly tweak the performance of the mind by dumping chemicals into the body, even if they have to add more chemicals to offset the effects of the initial chemicals.

Theyve also grown quite adept at selling the idea of better living through chemistry.

A fine example is the top-selling pharmaceutical Lyrica. It was designed to treat fibromyalgia and muscle and nerve pain, but is now widely overprescribed as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant. Such a warped interpretation of the mind-body connection. In 2016, sales of Lyrica netted over $4.4 billion for Pfizer. Its really big business.

Whats missing from the psychiatric mindset, though, is an acknowledgment of spirit.

You see, the underlying difference between psychiatry and shamanism is that of worldview.



Scottish Conservative politician supports Honduras, Haiti dictatorships Dear Kitty. Some blog

Scottish Conservative Andrew Bowie campaigning with British Prime Minister Theresa May in 2017

By Conrad Landin in Scotland:

Exclusive: Ruth Davidson called to condemn Scottish Tory MP over links to coup-backing lobby group

Andrew Bowie took sponsorship from International Republican Institute accused of links to coups in Honduras and Haiti

SCOTTISH TORY leader Ruth Davidson is facing calls to condemn one of her MPs, after he met with a US lobby group linked to a series of coups detat.

West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie was sponsored by the International Republican Institute (IRI) on a two-day junket to Paris worth 450, the Morning Star can exclusively reveal.

The Tory politician told parliamentary authorities that the purpose of the January trip was to discuss from a British perspective the response to populism and the changing political landscape in the West.

The IRI has been linked to the failed 2002 coup against Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

It has also been accused of playing a role in the successful removal of Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004, and of Honduran president Manuel Zelaya in 2009.

Labours Holyrood shadow Brexit minister Neil Findlay said: The Scottish Conservatives have tried to distance themselves from the more extreme elements in the Conservative Party.

And yet here we see one of their MPs working hand-in-glove with an organisation tha...


Scientists Claim Deep Breathing Has the Power to Transform Your Mind Awareness Act

Breathing is traditionally thought of as an automatic process driven by the brainstemthe part of the brain controlling such life-sustaining functions as heartbeat and sleeping patterns.

But new and unique research, involving recordings made directly from within the brains of humans undergoing neurosurgery, shows that breathing can also change your brain.

Simply put, changes in breathingfor example, breathing at different paces or paying careful attention to the breaths, were shown to engage different parts of the brain.

Humans ability to control and regulate their brain is unique: e.g., controlling emotions, deciding to stay awake despite being tired, or suppressing thoughts. These abilities are not trivial, nor do humans share them with many animals. Breathing is similar: animals do not alter their breathing speed volitionally; their breathing normally only changes in response to running, resting, etc. Questions that have baffled scientists in this context are: why are humans capable of volitionally regulating their breathing, and how do we gain access to parts of our brain that are not normally under our conscious control. Additionally, is there any benefit in our ability to access and control parts of our brain that are typically inaccessible? Given that many therapiesCognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma therapy, or various types of spiritual exercisesinvolve focusing and regulating breathing, does control inhaling and exhaling have a profound effect on behavior?

This recent study finally answers these questions by showing that volitionally controlling our respirational, even merely focusing on ones breathing, yield additional access and synchrony between brain areas. This understanding may lead to greater control, focus, calmness, and emotional control.

The study, conducted by my post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Jose Herrero, in collaboration with Dr. Ashesh Mehta, a renowned neurosurgeon at NorthShore University Hospital in Long Island, began by observing brain activity when patients were breathing normally. Next, the patients were given a simple task to distract them: clicking a button when circles appeared on the computer screen. This allowed Dr. Herrero to observe what was happening when people breath naturally and do not focus on their breathing. After this, the patient...


Mysterious Invasive Plant That Causes Third-Degree Burns Is Now Spreading Throughout the U.S. Awareness Act

If you are a parent of a young child, how would you feel if one day your child develops a nasty rash on their skin, scarring, and even blindness after accidentally coming into contact with a dangerous plant while playing outdoors?

Well, recently in the news, warnings have gone out on the Northeast, in states such as New York, for a plant commonly known as Giant Hogweed. (Heracleum mantegazzianum) I am sure all of you are familiar with poison ivy and the unpleasant, itchy, rashes it leaves on your skin, but Giant Hogweed, in my opinion, is ten times as worse and severe.

Fun Fact: The Giant Hogweed got its scientific name from one of the worlds most well known Greek hero, Hercules. Both Hercules and the Giant Hogweed are strong and immense.

So, what is Giant Hogweed?

Giant Hogweed originated in Asia. It was then transported to Great Britain because people admired its flowers and used it for decoration. Eventually, it was shipped to gardens in America and Canada.

As mentioned in its name, Giant Hogweed is indeed a weed and it has the potential to grow more than 15 feet tall. Its leaves can even reach a width of 5 feet. Their stems are stained with purple spots and tiny white hairs grow on it. Since they are perennials, they come up every year, and when they are mature, they produce big, white, umbrella-like flowers. These flowers resemble the plant, Queen Annes Lace, and some people also confuse it with Cow Parsnip. Therefore, many people do not recognize Giant Hogweed when they see it.

Giant Hogweed can produce tens of thousands of seeds per year, and by means of transportation, such as water, they are dispersed to new areas of land where they begin to grow. Therefore, the seeds can spread miles away from the mother plant. Eventually, they make their way into backyards, parks, and other outdoor spaces.

Health Effects

Giant Hogweed has become a major concern for parents and health officials. They are afraid that children might come across the plant at the park or in their backyard and play with it, not knowing the serious health effects. Not only are people vulnerable to the Giant Hogweed, but many animals, such as dogs, are victims of this noxious plant as well.

Giant Hogweed, unlike poison ivy, will not damage your skin or body if you brush against it. It is when you accidentally come into contact with the clear, liquid sap of the plant that your body is affected, especially if you are sweating and your skin is very moist. ( The sap can come from the broken leaves, roots, stems, or the flowers of the Giant Hogweed) Since Giant Hogweed grows outdoors, your will except to find a

decent amount of sunlight. When the sunlight and the sap mix, chemicals from the sap, called furocoumarins...


Trump Withdraws U.S. From Corrupt UN Human Rights Council Your News Wire

President Trump has announced that the U.S. is withdrawing from the corrupt United Nations Human Rights Council. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley announced the withdrawal at the [...]

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How to Hurt a Narcissist Like They Have Hurt You Awareness Act

Narcissists have a way of hurting us so badly that it pushes us to the point of seeking revenge. However, that begs the question, what is the best way to get revenge against a narcissist?

Well to be completely honest, cutting ties is the best way to get even with them. Continuing to engage with a narcissist once youve identified him or her will only cause you more pain whether you are trying to get even or not. After suffering at the hand of the narcissist we are not in a place where getting revenge is realistically possible. Nine times out of ten we are still suffering ourselves.

Dont get me wrong, you might want to finally get the last word or even one-up them but in the end that is not going to be worth your time. While you should not pity the narcissist, you need to understand that they already are operating on a level that cannot be helped. Even if you get even its not going to make a difference in their mind and they will just keep coming back at you.

The best way to get revenge is to continue on and live your life without having to deal with them. In order to do this, you must recover yourself, mind, body and soul. By removing yourself from the life of the narcissist and refusing to supply him or her with the attention that they need is the ultimate revenge. While in your mind it may seem minor it has much more of an impact than you realize.

While sometimes we are forced to continue to interact with the narcissist be it through work or otherwise we dont have to let them have power over us. Keeping an emotional distance and removing their control over what you do and how you feel will make a huge difference. Through taking your power back you are getting revenge. Dont waste your time trying to tear them down, use your energy on something that will benefit you in the long run. You deserve so much more than you realize.




AFSCME jumps into Florida Senate race OpenSecrets Blog

Senator Bill Nelson (George Pimentel/Getty Images,)

The political action committee of one of the countrys largest public-sector unions reported nearly $1 million in TV ad spending last week in support of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, one of five Democratic Senate incumbents in toss-up races in November.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) PAC reported  $973,000 in TV ad costs, according to a recent Federal Election Commission filing.

AFSCMEs PAC is one of the largest sources of campaign contributions and outside spending on behalf of Democrats among public sector unions, along with two public school unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association.

The labor union is made up of about 3,400 local unions and 58 councils across 46 states and represents over 1.6 million working and retired members, according to AFSCMEs website.

The $973,000 spent in support of a Democratic candidate is an atypical strategy for the group, which generally spends its money on attack ads opposing Republicans.

In 2012, AFSCME spent $12.2 million against 21 Republican Senate, House and Presidential candidates and just over $272,000 in support of two Democrats (New York House candidates Sean Patrick Maloney and Kathleen Hochul).

In the 2014 cycle, the group spent $6.3 million in opposition ads against six Republican House and Senate candidates. Only $141,000 of the groups $15.2 million in outside spending supported Democratic candidates (Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada and Hillary Clinton) in the...


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Australia land of sunshine freezes, frost 1500 miles south of the Equator Signs of the Times

What could be described as a Superfreeze event engulfed Australia over the weekend, send all but one capital in Darwin below 10C and record snow and cold to other parts with 3/4 of the continent in freeze and frost conditions. Amazingly frost extended to within 1500 miles of the equator. No that is not a misprint, frost just 1500 miles from the equator during this event. Power draw was at all time high and some manufacturers were charged 100x the normal rate and paying up to $14,000 per megawatt. This shows that 100% green energy for a continent is not achievable or sustainable. Sources


Elon Musk: Free Cash Handouts Will Be Necessary If Robots Take Jobs Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Elon Musk claims that universal basic income (UBI) essentially, free cash handouts will be necessary over time if (AI) artificial...


Here Is A List of People On LinkedIn Who Work For ICE disinformation

collected by Sam Lavigne Download as a CSV, or explore the more detailed dataset here. Name Title Location Euna Song Staff Officer Phoenix, Arizona Area Douglas Ruszcyk Federal Law Enforcement Greater Pittsburgh... The post Here Is A List of People On LinkedIn Who Work For ICE appeared first on disinformation.

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SOTT FOCUS: Remember The Russian Artist Who Nailed His Nuts to Red Square? You Won't Believe What Happened to Him Next Signs of the Times

Russia's Vesti news network has the incredible story of how an ultra-liberal star wound up sharing bunks with Muslim terrorists outside Paris You may remember Russian performance artist Petr Pavlensky from such daring 'art' as sewing his lips shut in protest over the arrest of 'edgy' punk band Pussy Riot, cutting off his earlobe with a chef's knife while sitting naked on the roof of the Serbsky Center to protest political abuse of psychiatry in Russia, and nailing his scrotum to Red Square's cobblestone paving ("A naked artist, looking at his testicles nailed to the cobblestone is a metaphor of apathy, political indifference, and fatalism of Russian society," he said in a press statement). Celebrated among liberal intelligentsia at home and abroad, Pavlensky's last major stunt in Russia - in 2015 - was to set an entrance to the FSB HQ on fire, an offense for which he was fined. In 2017, he fled to France with his partner and their two children after being accused of sexual assault by a Moscow actress. There he received political asylum, and was feted in Paris as a champion of freedom persecuted by Big Mad Vlad. Until a repeat performance of the FSB stunt at an entrance to the Banque de France landed him in one of the worst prisons in Europe...


Heavy rainfall causes flooding across Turkey Signs of the Times

Turkey has been hit by heavy rains across several provinces over the weekend, with the General Directorate of Meteorology issuing a warning early on June 17 against flooding. The rain in Istanbul inundated roads, causing havoc in the city. Some cars were even submerged in torrential downpours that followed lightning flashes across the city. ncirli underpass in Istanbul's Bakrky district was submerged under water, with firefighters running to help people stuck in their cars. The General Directorate of Meteorology said early on June 17 in its warning that the thundery showers would continue for at least three hours in Istanbul. It called on citizens to be careful and take measures against possible "flash flooding" in its statement.


Cops Arrest Protesters For Desecrating Thin Blue Line Flags The Daily Sheeple

Cops in Texas have arrested protesters for desecrating thin blue line flags.  The cops also seized cameras being used by the protesters in front of city hall to record the event which amounted to cops violating the basic rights of other human beings.

Police claimed they were making the arrests because the protesters were obstructing the passageway to walk inside Leon Valley City Hall, but they almost bowled over a woman trying to enter the station who had nothing to do with the protest.  The videos are pretty damning and shows us just how much force police are willing to use on peaceful protesters not hurting anyone. (Sorry statists; flags dont count as people and dont have rights.)

There is little information on this at this time, however, the video above will detail the ordeal from the point of view of one of the protesters.

To criticize or present opposition to the institution of state and federally funded law enforcement is often considered tantamount to treason or, at the very least, it is considered unpatriotic. After all, we have all been told every moment of our lives that a world without police would immediately turn into a frothing, frenzied orgy of mass insanity and that average human beings cannot be trusted to take responsibility for the day-to-day security of their neighborhoods and towns. Official doctrine today demands a designated warrior class, separate from the rest of us, to handle the protection and care of weakling citizens.

Now, it is important to note that there are, in fact many good people working in the field of law enforcement. This is not under debate and not relevant to the point I am about to make. The problem is not necessarily with all the individuals who make-up law enforcement; the problem is with the existence and mandate of the institution itself. I personally do not hate cops per se (though some of them deserve to be hated). But I do hate corrupt government structures, and law en...


Socialism Exposed: Thick Lipstick on a Global Pig The Daily Sheeple

To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:

I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the Millennium Then men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors. (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, A Millionaire Socialist)

Carnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.

The last thing on Carnegies bloated mind was becoming equal with the great unwashed.

He was a liar of the first order. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. Thats what socialism actually meant to him.

Lets see socialism for what it is. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

Socialism is:

The taking of money (taxes) from some people who work for it and giving it to others who dont work for it. On a grand scale.

The vast expansion of freebies doled out by central government. In order to create and sustain dependence.

The government protection of favored persons and corporations, permitting them and aiding them to expand their fortunes without limit, regardless of what crimes they commit in the process. (Monsanto would be a fine example.)

The squeezing out of those who would compete with the favored persons and corporations.

The dictatorship by and for the very wealthy, pretending to be the servant of the masses.

The lie that the dictatorship is being run by the masses.

The gradual lowering of the standard of living for the overwhelming number of people.

The propaganda claiming socialism is the path to a better world for all.

In other words, socialism is a protection racket and a long con and a heartless system of elite control, posing as the greatest good.

It is just another form of top-down tyrannyas old as the hills.

A year or two ago, a person living in Europe told me that the European Union was not a problem, because it was just another layer of socialism placed over the existing socialist governments of European nations, and no one really noticed the existence of the EU.

As if blindness were a reason not to worry.




Declining IQ: A race to the bottom? Health Nut News

In the U.S., plummeting SAT scores are one proxy indicator of cognitive fallout; the scores have been falling for over a decade and are at historically low levels, reflecting an across-the-board worsening in critical reading, math and writing performance. A report in 2013 suggested that almost three-fifths (57%) of graduating high school seniors were not ready []

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Rusty tussock moth lays eggs, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 19 June 2018 video shows a female rusty tussock moth laying eggs. The females of this species dont have wings, so they dont move much. Often, they lay their eggs on the cocoons of their chrysalis days; like in this video.

Toon Gevers in the Netherlands made this video.


Tech industry blasts Trump zero tolerance immigration policy Fast Company

The policy requires that all undocumented people crossing into the U.S. be prosecuted as criminals.

The New York Times is out with a piece late Tuesday that illustrates the tech industrys vocal criticism of the Trump administrations current zero tolerance immigration policy. That policy requires that all undocumented people crossing into the U.S. be prosecuted as criminals. If they come in with children, the children are taken away. Here are the main points from the NYT:

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The US war economy lays waste to its own interests Signs of the Times

It is an epic paradox that President Donald Trump, like previous US presidents, boasts of America's military supremacy and its vital role as defender of the nation. The Trump administration in its first year in office boosted the annual military budget to $700 billion, up from an already gargantuan average figure of some $600 billion a year. Trump said the colossal military spend was a vital necessity to maintain America's national security and global leadership. The paradox is that this monstrous misallocation of economic resources on an institution supposedly keeping the nation safe from foreign threats is actually posing the biggest national security threat to America.


Worst flooding in 40 years strikes Mon State, Myanmar (Burma) Signs of the Times

Hundreds of people were forced to flee their homes on Sunday after floods swept Mawlamyine and other townships in Mon State after hours of heavy rain, government officials and rescuers said. The flood occurred before dawn in Mawlamyine, and a landslide was also reported on Ngawuntha mountain in the centre of the township. "It's the first time that I experience floods in Mawlamyine in over 40 years. Normally some quarters in Mawlamyine flood when the tide rises in the Thanlwin River but this time was not only about tide but also heavy rain, the drains in town are overflowing," said Thein Hla, a resident of Mawlamyine. His house was submerged in the flood and his family moved to safety, he added.


Anthropogenic global warming is a premeditated crime against science Signs of the Times

I dedicate this column to the memory and work of Vincent Gray, one of the earliest and most effective critics of the deliberate deception that human CO2 is causing global warming. He knew what was wrong because he was an expert reviewer of the Science Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He was among the first to identify the failure to validate any climate models. Here is how he explained the problem in his 2002 The Greenhouse Delusion. "The whole point is, that a computer-based mathematical model of any process or system is useless unless it has been validated. Validation of such a model involves the testing of each equation and the study of each parameter, to discover its statistically based accuracy using a range of numerically based probability distributions, standard deviations, correlation coefficients, and confidence limits. The final stage is a thorough test of the model's ability to predict the result of changes in the model parameters over the entire desired range." As a response to my comment that no model has ever been validated, they changed the title in Climate Models - Evaluation" no less than fifty times. There is not even a procedure in any IPCC publication describing what might need to be done in order to validate a model." "Instead of validation, and the traditional use of mathematical statistics, the models are "evaluated" purely from the opinion of those who devised them."


Freight train derails and explodes in southern Indiana forcing evacuations Signs of the Times

A freight train derailment that resulted in a large explosion and fire has forced some residents of an Indiana town to evacuate. Authorities are still struggling to contain the blaze 12 hours after the accident. Witnesses have been posting photos and videos of the fire, which started Sunday evening. The train, which was carrying 89 loaded rail cars and nine empty rail cars, derailed at around 7:20pm local time.


Refugees, stay out, European Union says Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

Human Flow Official Trailer

18 August 2017

A ground-breaking new documentary about the global refugee crisis from Ai Weiwei.

About Human Flow: Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II.

Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.

Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya,...


Ron Paul: Al-Qaeda In Syria Is Losing In Spite Of Us Your News Wire

Former Congressman Ron Paul says it is the Russians and Syrian President Assad who have almost defeated Al-Qaeda, not the U.S. He said that the Pentagon hasnt done anything to fight Al-Qaeda in Syria, and [...]

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Trumps Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes, and No One Is Talking About It Truthdig RSS

We live in a state of perpetual war, and we never feel it. While you get your gelato at the hip place where they put those cute little mint leaves on the side, someone is being bombed in your name. While you argue with the 17-year-old at the movie theater who gave you a small popcorn when you paid for a large, someone is being obliterated in your name. While we sleep and eat and make love and shield our eyes on a sunny day, someones home, family, life and body are being blown into a thousand pieces in our names.

Once every 12 minutes.

The United States military drops an explosive with a strength you can hardly comprehend once every 12 minutes. And thats odd, because were technically at war withlet me thinkzero countries. So that should mean zero bombs are being dropped, right?

Hell no! Youve made the common mistake of confusing our world with some sort of rational, cogent world in which our military-industrial complex is under control, the music industry is based on merit and talent, Legos have gently rounded edges (so when you step on them barefoot, it doesnt feel like an armor-piercing bullet just shot straight up your sphincter), and humans are dealing with climate change like adults rather than burying our heads in the sand while trying to convince ourselves that the sand around our heads isnt getting really, really hot.

Youre thinking of a rational world. We do not live there.

Instead, we live in a world where the Pentagon is completely and utterly out of control. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the $21 trillion (thats not a typo) that has gone unaccounted for at the Pentagon. But I didnt get into the number of bombs that ridiculous amount of money buys us. President George W. Bushs military dropped 70,000 bombs on five countries. But of that outrageous number, only 57 of those bombs really upset the international community.

Because there were 57 strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemencountries the U.S. was not at war with and places that didnt have ongoing internal conflicts. And the world was kind of horrified. There was a lot of talk that went something like, Wait a second. Were bombing in countries outside of war zones? Is it possible thats a slippery slope ending in us just bombing all the goddamn time? (Awkward pause.) Nah. Whichever president follows Bush will be a normal adult person (with a functional brain stem of some sort) and will therefore stop this madness.

We were so cute and naive back then, like a kitten when its first waking up in the morning.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported...


Owner of the largest hosting site for child porn will be extradited to the US for prosecution Signs of the Times

Law enforcement agencies are now saying that the "world's largest facilitator" of child pornography - Eric Eoin Marques - who the Federal Bureau of Investigation says is the owner of Freedom Hosting - is being extradited into the United States of America. Eric Eoin Marques is both the owner and Administrator of Freedom Hosting, according to the FBI, which is the world's largest anonymous internet hosting website. The National Security Agency (NSA) is alleged to have taken down the multiple sites connected to Freedom Hosting in a series of hacking attacks which have never been officially confirmed, that targeted multiple pedophile networks across the globe in an effort to shut down the victimization of innocent children. That website has become a bastion of hosting other websites which either produce, distribute, or share child pornography; with the potential of expanding across the globe reaching billions of people.


"When You Hear Negative Voices in Your Head, Remember This" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"When You Hear Negative Voices in Your Head,
 Remember This"
by Sofo Archon

"Yesterday night my girlfriend and I decided to go for a small walk around our neighborhood. At some point we reached to a square that was filled with children, and decided to chill there for a bit and observe them playing all around us.

After a while, we saw a little girl - no older than 6 - trying to climb up a short ladder that was standing right next to us. With a lot of effort she eventually managed to reach to its top. She was proud of her achievement and radiated with joy, until she suddenly heard an old woman yelling at her: So what are you trying to show us now? T...


Ancient political propaganda: Electoral slogans uncovered from ruins of Pompeii Signs of the Times

If you've ever wondered how people rose to power in Ancient Rome newly discovered political ads in the famous city of Pompeii offer fresh insight on the age-old practice of propaganda. The recently uncovered Latin inscriptions were found by archaeologists working in the Regio V area of the government protected park. The perfectly preserved messages, which were graffitied onto the outside of buildings during Pompeii's heyday more than 1,900 years ago, were used to promote politicians running for office, according to reports in Italy. Since its rediscovery in 1748, various studies of Pompeii have shown that the ancient town had a sophisticated political structure, including magistrates and councillors.


Internet as Akashic Mirror disinformation

Sometimes a concrete object can be a perfect tool for an analogy. A classic example used by many is the hologram as an analogy of the One, the Holographic Universe, where one piece reflects... The post Internet as Akashic Mirror appeared first on disinformation.

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"The World Is Too Much With Us.." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!"

- William Wordsworth, 1770- 1850


Deputy keeps his job after threatening to kill his daughter's boyfriend and his mother Signs of the Times

A sheriff's deputy was caught on video walking into an innocent man's place of work and threatening to murder him and his mother. Not only was he not arrested for making these threats to kill two innocent people but he wasn't even fired. Surveillance footage from inside a Cricket Wireless store captured Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Deputy Javier Lasso breaking the law by threatening to murder his daughter's boyfriend because he did not approve of their relationship. On June 7, 2017, while off-duty, Lasso got dressed in his uniform, got into his patrol vehicle and drove up to the Cricket Wireless. According to the internal affairs report and the video, Lasso then entered the building and began making threats to kill people. "I want to tell you this one more time. Stop seeing my daughter. Copy that? Is that a no?" said Deputy Lasso in the video. "I don't think it's up to you, bro," the daughter's boyfriend said.


"The Foolishness of a Consumer Society" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Foolishness of a Consumer Society"
by Paul Rosenberg

"Do custom-embroidered powder room towels actually make your life better? If you think so, and if youre not of the very few who care about towels as an art form, youre getting your kicks from other people being impressed by you. Youre buying the approval of others and youre all being foolish together. Quality food makes your life better. A reliable car makes your life better. Good medicine makes your life better. Olive spoons do not.

Sadly, much of the Western world, and America especially, has become addicted to status symbols. This has been going on for generations now. When I was a boy people joked about keeping up with the Joneses, but the joke was funny only because it was true...


Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt while US gives $10.5M/day to Israel Signs of the Times

As the United States government admits that Social Security and Medicare services are going bankrupt and will both be completely depleted within the next 16 years, American taxpayers are giving around $10.5 million [per day] to a close ally that is routinely accused of human rights violations. The latest report from the Social Security Administration revealed that Social Security funds will be depleted by 2034, and Medicare funds will be depleted by 2026 - three years earlier than what was last reported. Last year, Social Security and Medicare funds accounted for 42 percent of federal program expenditures, and as the report noted: "Both Social Security and Medicare face long-term financing shortfalls under currently scheduled benefits and financing. Lawmakers have a broad continuum of policy options that would close or reduce the long-term financing shortfall of both programs. The Trustees recommend that lawmakers take action sooner rather than later to address these shortfalls so that a broader range of solutions can be considered and more time will be available to phase in changes while giving the public adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits." While the increased reduction in Social Security and Medicare funds can be blamed on the federal government, it is not the only area where government spending should warrant serious concern. In December 2010, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that federal debt held by the public was more than $9 trillion or 62 percent of GDP. The federal debt held by the public is now $16 trillion or 78 percent of GDP, and the latest projections from the CBO show that it is estimated to increase to $29 trillion or 96 percent of GDP by 2028, which would mark "the largest since 1946 and well more than twice the average over the past five decades."


Time to become enraged at what Western imperialists have done to Syria Signs of the Times

Rumors are again swirling of an impending false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, just as they did shortly before the highly suspicious Douma case in April. Warnings from Syrian and Russian intelligence, as well as US war ship movements and an uptick in US funding for the Al Qaeda propaganda firm known as the White Helmets, give these warnings a fair bit of weight. Since the US war machine has both a known regime change agenda in Syria and an extensive history of using lies, propaganda and false flags to justify military interventionism, there's no legitimate reason to give it the benefit of the doubt on this one. These warnings are worth taking seriously. So some people are understandably nervous. The way things are set up now, it is technically possible for the jihadist factions inside Syria and their allied imperialist intelligence and defense agencies to keep targeting civilians with chemical weapons and blaming the Assad government for them until they pull one off that is so outrageous that it enables the mass media to manufacture public support for a full-scale assault on Damascus. This would benefit both the US-centralized empire which has been plotting regime change in Syria for decades and the violent Islamist extremists who seek control of the region. It also creates the very real probability of a direct military confrontation with Syria's allies, including Russia. But the appropriate response to the threat of a world war erupting in Syria is not really fear, if you think about it. The most appropriate response to this would be unmitigated, howling rage at the western sociopaths who created this situation in the first place.


From Russia with love: Putin kicks off 'soft power' Games Signs of the Times

It started as an oil shock. After all, Russia and Saudi Arabia are on the verge of deciding what happens next, price-wise, in global energy markets. Yet, way beyond Russia thrashing a pathetic Saudi Arabian team 5-0, the iconic takeaway in the Cup opener was Vladimir Putin's body language toward his guest, Mohammad bin Salman, in the VIP box in Moscow's Luzhniki stadium. Geoeconomically, call it Gazprom/Rosneft toppling Aramco. Geopolitically, call it the SVR/GRU thrashing the ideological matrix of Daesh. Russia - or "the Kremlin", as the usual suspects insist on calling it - spent only 10 billion euros (US$11.5 billion) to stage the FIFA World Cup. In fact, a little over half were federal funds; a third was private money, and the rest came from different Russian regions. Talk about return on investment. Putin is even allowed the luxury of spurning Trump's invitation back to the G7 (the former G8). With the World Cup expected to draw a global TV audience of 10.8 billion spectators, Russia has ceased to be a "regional power" (Barack Obama). And we're not even talking about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, now configured as the real heart of geopolitical action.


America's immigrant detention industry: Under President Obama illegal immigrant detention centers became big business Signs of the Times

A reader in a previous article I did on the illegal immigrant detention center in Texas, asked me a question about the Wal-Mart centers. which closed in 2015 due to plumbing issues. As I was trying to find an answer, I came across a list of Obama 2014 Detention Centers. It states under them if they were implemented, failed, or under proposal. The list goes on and on, and it is only for unaccompanied minors. Their parents sent them across the border alone - I cannot imagine that. One must realize it is, in fact, the parent who is responsible for sending their children across the border alone, or bringing them across with them. It is a nightmare that we must try to understand and manage in this Country under the leadership of President Trump. When will this end or at least become manageable? I think President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are trying to work out a very humane and manageable plan. The parents must be detained in prison, while the children must be housed in a detention center as in Texas. If you got a chance to review the video inside the children's center, you would realize these children are getting the best care possible. Comment: Glimpse inside shelter for migrant children reveals they're nothing like Obama's cages


John Pilger: Bring Julian Assange home Signs of the Times

The Australian government has an obligation to free Julian Assange, John Pilger told a rally in Sydney on June 16, marking Assange's six years' confinement in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy. The Australian government and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have an historic opportunity to decide which it will be. They can remain silent, for which history will be unforgiving. Or they can act in the interests of justice and humanity and bring this remarkable Australian citizen home. Assange does not ask for special treatment. The government has clear diplomatic and moral obligations to protect Australian citizens abroad from gross injustice: in Julian's case, from a gross miscarriage of justice and the extreme danger that await him should he walk out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London unprotected. We know from the Chelsea Manning case what he can expect if a U.S. extradition warrant is successful - a United Nations Special Rapporteur called it torture. I know Julian Assange well; I regard him as a close friend, a person of extraordinary resilience and courage. I have watched a tsunami of lies and smear engulf him, endlessly, vindictively, perfidiously; and I know why they smear him. In 2008, a plan to destroy both WikiLeaks and Assange was laid out in a top secret document dated 8 March, 2008. The authors were the Cyber Counter-intelligence Assessments Branch of the U.S. Defence Department. They described in detail how important it was to destroy the "feeling of trust" that is WikiLeaks' "centre of gravity". This would be achieved, they wrote, with threats of "exposure [and] criminal prosecution" and a unrelenting assault on reputation. The aim was to silence and criminalise WikiLeaks and its editor and publisher. It was as if they planned a war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech.


Trump ups the stakes in trade war with China - further targets $200B-worth of imports with tarriffs Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump is looking to impose a 10 percent tariff on another $200 billion-worth of Chinese goods, after Beijing imposed reciprocal tariffs on US imports, as part of an expanding trade war with Washington. In a statement released by the White House on Monday, Trump cited Beijing's decision to respond to US tariffs on $50 billion-worth of Chinese imports, imposed earlier, as his reason to escalate the conflict. "China apparently has no intention of changing its unfair practices related to the acquisition of American intellectual property and technology," Trump said. "Rather than altering those practices, it is now threatening US companies, workers and farmers who have done nothing wrong." The new US tariff will be imposed if China goes ahead and implements its new tariff on American goods, announced last week, the White House said, adding that trade between the two countries "must be much more equitable." China is currently running a $376 billion surplus in trade with the US, according to the White House.


Clinton investigation: Obama's 'silky lie' and FBI's protective bias Signs of the Times

Of all the silky lies being told in Washington over the findings of the FBI's inspector general on the biased culture of those investigating Hillary Clinton's email server, one lie seems to be ignored: It's the silky lie told by then-President Barack Obama. It may have set the tone for the smarmy intrigue detailed in the FBI inspector general's damning 500-page report on the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email scandal. And Washington is revealed once again as our modern Versailles, a place of courtiers and lickspittles who'd use the Ministry of Justice to serve their ambitions. Obama told his silky lie when his chosen successor was Hillary Clinton. Clinton had endangered top secret information by using an unsecured, home-brew email server when she was U.S. secretary of state. Any other American who dared risk top government secrets on a basement server would have faced federal prosecution and prison. Obama's lie was told in 2015, when Obama was asked by CBS' Bill Plante when he learned Mrs. Clinton had used an unsecured email server. "The same time everybody else learned it, through news reports," Obama said. He was so silky that you couldn't even hear his tongue rustling along his teeth. He waxed on about how his administration was all about "transparency." But Obama did not learn about Clinton's home-brew server like "everybody else."


Melania Trump hates to see migrant families split as the president cracks down on illegal immigration Signs of the Times

Following weeks of speculations about her health, first lady Melania Trump re-appeared with a sobering statement, hinting at her disapproval of her husband's immigration policy. In an attempt to halt the forced separations of migrant families crossing the US-Mexico border, the first lady verbalized her apparent disapproval of Trump's ambitions. In a comment to The Hill, Melania's communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said that "Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families." Grisham added that the first lady sustained that the US should not just "be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart."


Migration debate roils Europe; meanwhile sea convoy reaches Spain Signs of the Times

An aid group's ship and two Italian military vessels docked Sunday at the Spanish port of Valencia, ending a weeklong ordeal for hundreds of people who were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea only to become pawns in a European political fight. The Italian coast guard vessel Dattilo was the first of the boats in the convoy bearing 630 migrants to touch land, pulling in just before 7 a.m. The 274 rescued people on board disembarked after medical staff made a preliminary inspection. The rescue ship Aquarius came in four hours later carrying another 106 migrants. Aid workers awaiting their arrival clapped and cheered as the first passengers walked down the gangway. An Italian navy ship, the Orione, came in shortly after 1 p.m with the remaining 250. The Aquarius, operated by the aid groups SOS Mediterranee Sea and Doctors Without Borders, was stuck off the coast of Sicily on June 9 when Italy's new populist government refused it permission to dock and demanded that Malta do so. Malta also refused. After days of bickering and food and water running low on the ship, Spain stepped in and granted the rescue boat entry with a plan called "Operation Mediterranean Hope." The 1,500-kilometer (930-mile) journey across the Mediterranean from Sicily to Valencia took nearly a week.


In Yemen's port city of Hudaida the 'sound of warplanes' never ceases Signs of the Times

As a Saudi and Emirati-led coalition continues launching air raids in the Yemeni port city of Hudaida, nearly 4,500 families have fled their homes in the front line districts amid rising fears of a humanitarian catastrophe. Five days into the offensive, residents inside Houthi-held Hudaida pondered an uncertain future as thousands of other civilians were forced to abandon their towns and villages on the city's southern outskirts due to the escalating bombardment. "The sound of the warplanes above never ceases, night and day," Manal Qaed, an independent journalist who works with a community centre for the displaced in Hudaida, told Al Jazeera over the phone on Sunday. "The planes are low in the sky; we hear every explosion on the edges of the city," added the 34-year-old. "Everyone is worried. We just don't know what is going to happen."


Paris mayor given warning he will be 'blown up' for naming a street in honor of Palestinians Signs of the Times

A Paris mayor has been warned he will be 'blown up' after naming a street in honour of thousands of Palestinians forced out of their homes by the creation of Israel. Dominique Lesparre, 71, has also been hounded by assailants wearing black face masks who vandalised the new road sign within hours of it being unveiled on Tuesday. The thoroughfare in Bezons, in the north west suburbs of the French capital, is now called Nakba Alley. It commemorates the 'Catastrophe' (Nakba in Arabic) of 1948, when some 800,000 Palestinians were expelled from their land because of the foundation of the Jewish State. Amid scenes of immense violence, many of the Palestinians' towns and villages were razed to the ground, and they were forced into refugee camps which exist to this day. On Monday, the mayor posted on Facebook: 'Very proud tonight [June 11] to inaugurate a Nakba alley ("the disaster"). 'I have an emotional thought for the Palestinians who are forced to fight for the recognition of their state within the 1948 borders.' Referring to Israel's first prime minister, plaques placed around Nakba Alley read: 'In memory of the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians and the destruction of 532 villages in 1948 by the war criminal David Ben Gurion for the creation of the state of Israel.'


Documentary: The Line - Poverty in America, it's not what you think Signs of the Times

The Line documents the stories of people across the country living at or below the poverty line. They have goals. They have children. They work hard. They are people like you and me. From Chicago's suburbs and west side to the Gulf Coast to North Carolina, millions of Americans are struggling every day to make it above The Line. (with English & Spanish Closed Captioning)


Scotsman's letter proves the slaughter of Aborigines Signs of the Times

An extraordinary letter home to Scotland from a young man who had emigrated to Australia in the 1830s has been made available to people trying to reconcile with Aboriginal history. James Graham wrote home to his family in Fife in 1839, a year after he had emigrated to Australia, and his letter contains proof that Aborigines were massacred by white settlers - studies have shown that up to 60% of Australians still do not believe such atrocities happen. During National Reconciliation Week earlier this month - seven days of promoting Aboriginal culture - the so-called Overland Letter by Graham was promoted by the University of Melbourne in its online publication Pursuit. The letter from the university archives is extraordinary for several reasons, not least because it is a rare example of the "criss-cross" style of writing which Victorians used in order to save paper - the most famous user of that method was the missionary and explorer David Livingstone. According to Pursuit, Graham's cross-writing horizontally, vertically and diagonally filled two large leaves of heavy paper with words that would later add up to forty pages of typed transcription.


Rocking the G7: Trump Stomps His Allies Dissident Voice

Disruption, disturbance, eruption, the words crowning the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who has effectively demonstrated an idea made famous by Nazi doodler of law and political theorist Carl Schmitt: politics is defined, not by identifying with friends in cosy harmony but with enemies in constant tension.

There are many ways that Trump might be seen as a creature of Schmittian reaction.  Alliances may well be lauded as good (the diplomats clichs of eternal friendship, special bonds and the treacly covering that comes with it), but then again, potential adversaries can also be considered in accommodating fashion.  In every enduring friendship between states is a potential enemy in wait, a dormant instinct that, given certain circumstances, might awake.  In every alliance, a potential shift might undermine, if not threaten, the national interest.

In short, the current US president likes the bruising, the bullying and the cajoling in the abstract name of US self-interest. Forget the distinctions and the similarities.  There are no values in any shared sense.  There is only his road.

The press conference concluding the summit with Kim Jong-un on Sentosa Island provided the platform for Trump to round on his supposed allies even as he praised Little Rocket Man as his newly made friend, Chairman Kim, no less.  The spectacle was terrifying for groupies of the US empire, those who have praised the virtues of alliances and bonds with Washington as necessary for the Pax Americana.  Before them, the spectacle of US hegemony was being challenged with a brazen confidence. The Chairman seemed to be getting what he wanted, even if it all seemed a touch vague.

As the Kim-Trump show unfolded, the rubble at the G7 seemed to be growing, a sentiment captured by the satirical Borowitz Report in The New Yorker.  The meeting preceding the gathering in Singapore had put many a nose out of joint.  After leaving the Quebec summit, Trump got his fingers busy by tweeting that he had asked US representatives not to endorse the customary joint communiqu from the G7 leaders calling for free, fair, and mutually beneficial trade over the devil of protectionism.

Based on Justins false statements at h...


Study: Arctic sea ice is thicker now than it was in 1955 Signs of the Times

From the "skating on thin ice" department. According to a new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, the observed mean thickness of the sea ice in the region north of (Arctic) Svalbard was substantially thinner (0.94 m) in 1955 than it has been in recent years (~1.6 m, 2015/2017). Graph Source: Rsel et al., 2018 In 1955, the atmospheric CO2 concentration hovered around 315 ppm, about 90 ppm lower than today's CO2 values. It is widely assumed that the steep and substantial rise in CO2 concentration since the 1950s is largely responsible for warming the Arctic, and consequently the decline in the Arctic's sea ice volume and extent (IPCC, 2013). This assumption is significantly predicated on the observation that sea ice has undergone precipitous losses since the 1970s, which is when the satellite era began.


"Why Americas Trade War With China Will Be Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Why Americas Trade War With China Will Be
 Absolutely Crippling For The U.S. Economy"
by Michael Snyder

"Can the global financial system handle a full-blown trade war between the two largest economies on the entire planet? We have never seen anything like this happen in the modern age, and this is creating a tremendous amount of uncertainty for the financial markets. Yes, something had to be done, and I have been writing about this for years. China has been stealing our intellectual property, manipulating currency rates and slapping high tariffs on American goods. We simply could not allow China to continue to take advantage of us, but now we are so dependent on the Chinese that a trade war with them is going to inevitably produce a great deal of pain. We are all going to wish that another way could have been found to resolve this crisis, because in the short-term this is definitely going to hurt the U.S. economy....


10 Commonly Overlooked Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Act

In modern times, talking about mental health, mental illness, and various mental disorders seems to be pretty common. However, despite this, there remains a stigma surrounding mental illness that continues to place a barrier between the myth and reality of what it truly means to have such an ailment.

Making things even more difficult is the fact that while the topic of mental illness has become more popular as time has progressed, this is only true of popular or well-known disorders.

For example, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didnt know about depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or even bipolar disorder. And while no disorder should be left misunderstood, there is an entire spectrum of mental illnesses that we are either avoiding or missing.

As someone who has suffered from borderline personality disorder, I have known this to be true since day one of my diagnosis. Imagine my surprise when my psychiatrist broke the news that I had borderline personality disorder. To be honest, I had never even heard the term before. Instead of his news providing me with answers, I only had more questions. My previous diagnosis of bipolar disorder was easy to understand. However, borderline personality disorder is much more complex, or it seemed so at the time.

With that being said, there are signs and there are criteria. And if you have recently been diagnosed or know someone who has, it is likely that you have done your research. Understanding the criteria that brought you to the disorder is important. But there are also symptoms that each and every one of us with the disorder deal with that are rarely talked about.

Here are 10 commonly overlooked, but typical symptoms of someone with BPD

1. Self-Sabotaging

Upon reading any book about borderline personality disorder, one of the first things you may notice is how the example patients usually have a history of destroying their own lives. While for years things may be going great for them, at a moments notice they could make an impulsive decision that sabotages everything they have worked for. Why is this? Well, you could blame it on impulsivity, or self-harming behaviors. You could even say that for that particular patient it was because they were so used to the devastation in their lives that it had become their normal. Honestly, it depends on the person.

2. A Massive Attraction to Cult Like Organizations or Obsessing Behaviors

Many people with BPD are drawn to cults, religions, hobbies, and obsessions, and oftentimes they will change from one obsession to the next. One week, they may put all of their energy into pottery, while dropping their newfound hobby like its hot, for yet another obsession. This behavior is often common with bipolar disorder.

3. Poor Eating Habits That Resemble Eating Disorders...


Let's be honest - the West absolutely hates China Signs of the Times

It appears that the Western public, both relatively 'educated' and thoroughly ignorant, could, after some persuasion, agree on certain very basic facts - for instance that Russia has historically been a victim of countless European aggressions, or that countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Iran or North Korea (DPRK) have never in modern history crossed the borders of foreign nations in order to attack, plunder or to overthrow governments. OK, certainly, it would take some 'persuasion', but at least in specific circles of the otherwise hopelessly indoctrinated Western society, certain limited dialogue is still occasionally possible. China is different. There is no 'mercy' for China, in the West. By many standards, the greatest and one of the oldest cultures on Earth, has been systematically smeared, insulted, ridiculed and arrogantly judged by the opinion-makers, propagandists, 'academia' and mainstream press with seats in London, New York, Paris and many other places which the West itself calls the centers of 'erudition' and 'freedom of information'. Anti-Chinese messages are sometimes overt, but mostly thinly veiled. They are almost always racist and based on ignorance. And the horrifying reality is: they work! They work for many reasons. One of them is that while the North Asians in general, and the Chinese people in particular, have been learning with zeal all about the rest of the world, the West is thoroughly ignorant about almost everything Asian and Chinese.


Cannibals Arrested In Florida Claim Eating Human Flesh Cures Diabetes and Depression WorldTruth.Tv

Police in Vernal Heights, Florida, arrested 3-practicing cannibals who claim eating human flesh cures both type-1 and type-2 diabetes and depression. According to Vernal Heights Chief of Police, Gregory Moore, the 3-men were arrested when officers responded to what they assumed would be a routine noise complaint. Police arrived at 3845 Toolson Lane (the home []


Park Rangers Find Bizarre Sea-Creature On Texas Beach The Daily Sheeple

An odd sea creature that washed up on a Texas beach is puzzling park rangers. The odd-looking fish that lives on the ocean floor shocked Texas park rangers when it washed up on Padre Island National Seashore in Corpus Christi last week.

Fox News detailed a photographers discovery of the odd-looking creature. Photographer Edie Bresler was looking on the beach for hidden treasures when he spotted the big-eyed bizarre fish. It had bumpy skin, a funny looking nose, and wide mouth. Bresler wasnt exactly sure what he was looking at so he quickly took out his camera and started snapping photographs of the creature hoping he could find someone who knew what it was.

I have been beachcombing all my life so to come across something strange like this was totally exciting, Bresler explained in a Facebook post on Thursday. It got even better when I took the photographs to the park rangers and they were equally baffled.

Bresler sent his photos to officials at Padre Island National Seashore and after they carefully studied the creature and compared images of the fish to various science books, they determined it was a thick-tailed batfish, one of Earths strangest creatures.

These fish come from 600-1200 feet (180-365 meters) deep, where ocean life gets WEIRD, the park posted on Facebook, including two photographs taken by Bresler. Batfish use their pectoral, or side-fins, as legs to crawl on the seafloor to feed on worms, and small crustaceans and fish. They live their lives in complete darkness, where large eyes probably come in handy to avoid lanternfish or other possible predators.

The discovery of the strange-looking creature caused excitement in the science nerd that lives happily inside me, said Bresler, adding that the fish reminded him of a creature from the black lagoon. Unfortunately, he added, it was too late to rescue the fish. Padre Island National Seashore is a national park that protects ...


(Video) Expert Decodes Sumerian Clay Tablets you won't Believe What he Discovered Operation Disclosure

30-50 million Earth like planets in our galaxy alone.

Published on Apr 11, 2018

Among the many ancient Sumerian clay tablets discovered throughout the years, there are certain ancient texts that many believe are the ultimate evidence of advanced civilizations interacting with Early humans. We will discuss clay tablets, carvings and cylinder seals of ancient origins dating hundreds to thousands of years before the Bible.

What is extremely interesting about cuneiform is that it simply appeared in its earlier pictographic state. There is no evidence of its evolution from an earlier, more primitive language. It just came into existence and was used to document the age of the Anuna gods, their offspring, the development of the Sumerian civilization, Sumerian culture, commerce and the wars that may have ended the reign of the Anuna.


Russia Warns US Against Deploying WMDs In Space Your News Wire

A Russian Senator has warned that Moscow is ready to strongly retaliate if the US violates the outer space treaty by putting weapons of mass destruction into orbit. He added that  Washingtons plan to create [...]

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Survey: Only 1 in 4 Americans can distinguish facts from political opinions Signs of the Times

Only a quarter of U.S. adults in a recent survey could fully identify factual statements - as opposed to opinion - in news stories, the Pew Research Center found in a study released on Monday. The survey comes amid growing concerns about so-called fake news spread on the internet and social media. The term generally refers to fabricated news that has no basis in fact but is presented as being factually accurate. Comment: ...except that more often than not, those fabricated news appear on mainstream outlets. Facebook Inc , Alphabet Inc's Google and other tech companies have recently come under scrutiny for failing to promptly tackle the problem of fake news as more Americans consume news on social media platforms. Comment: Fact: It's not social media that is the problem. The main portion of Pew's survey polled 5,035 adult Americans aged 18 and above in February and March. The study was intended to determine if respondents could differentiate between factual information and opinion statements in news stories.


Great March of Return organizer: Next phase of protests should emphasize artistic, cultural and social actions instead of direct confrontation Signs of the Times

The Great March of Return established itself as a new way for the Palestinian people to re-energize our cause and generate political pressure against the occupation in innovative ways without the devastating cost of military struggle; a way to put Palestinian rights back on the global agenda and reclaim the image of a people justly struggling for freedom and rights in the face of brutal and violent racist oppression. Mistakes have also been made in this effort, however, which have harmed this peaceful approach and even jeopardized its future. The Great March of Return must go on. There is simply no alternative to peaceful popular resistance. But we also need to take a step back and think about how we can reduce its cost in lives and injuries to our people, so that we may be able to nurture and grow this new form of resistance. Our struggle for freedom is long, and its victory will be the fruit of countless efforts and sacrifices. The occupation state has been revealed as the main perpetrator of murders and massacres, and its aim is clear: to raise the cost of the Great March of Return until we ourselves abandon this path.


(Video) Carrying Stones & Digging Holes Radio Show -- June 16, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Jannie is out. Bridgette discusses her work in healthcare as a Traditional Osteopath. She gives insight into brain activity, lateralization and the structure of the body systems in relationship to. Why we die early and cannot fight off disease and get well. Bridgette offers information on common behaviors of systems we allow such as braces to be applied that can alter and change the brain connection to the brain, change personality and cause brain damage. Common things we accept in the USA that cause long-term damage, personality changes and early death blocks the body from replication and recovery. Bridgette has been in her specialty for over 30 years, she is an anomaly in the USA. She works with and on people and animals.


Only the News That Fits: Truthout Censors Story Critical of Israel MintPress News

An 18-month-old died in Palestine Friday. The cause of death was teargas inhalation from an Israeli invasion of his village two months ago.

It wasnt a major invasion; just another of the routine ones that happen almost every day in the West Bank. U.S. media call these incursions, when they bother to mention them. Which is rarely.

The toddlers name was Abdul-Rahman Mahmoud Barghouthi, a name that feels incongruously long for his short life.

When he was injured, Israeli soldiers held up an ambulance rushing to him, forcing medics to go to his home on foot and carry him back to the ambulance in their arms a 60 minute round trip.

In the past three months, Israelis have killed 18 Palestinians, including an eight-year-old and 10-year-old, and Palestinians have killed two Israeli soldiers.

So far, I dont see any US mainstream news media mentioning the end of Abdul-Rahmans short life, the final two months likely infused with pain. If an 18-month-old Israeli child had been killed by Palestinians, I suspect there would be headlines, and the President would go on CNN and condemn the killers.

Perhaps Palestinians are killed so often that to the media its just not newsworthy, a little like the old saying that dog bites man is not news, while man bites dog is news. Israelis killing Palestinian children is not news. However, it is literally news to most Americans, since they so rarely hear about it.

My personal experience in writing about this issue for more than a decade and a half illustrates the very American tale of media omission on Palestine. Just last week another episode showed that the saga continues.

Ive written about this sort of thing before, on more than one occasion.

The first time I wrote about tiny dead Palestinian children was 15 years ago. I described small deaths and quoted the words of poet Shawqi Baghdadi:

I remember the children

As dead angels

And injured sparrows

God was sad

A few years later I wrote about Palestinian toddlers killed by Israeli drones, and a few years later about Palestinian children shot in the head. I wrote stor...


Washington opens de facto embassy in Taiwan, angering China Terra Forming Terra

Journalists tour the new office complex of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) during an opening ceremony in Taipei on June 12, 2018.

Actually, this is the proper and correct response to the action China has been taking to secure a de facto presence in the south China Sea.

It starts to put a clear price on unilateral action in the international arena.

It also challenges China's confrontation with Taiwan which is nonsense and would disappear the same day the communist party was disbanded.  It is a diplomatic leftover.

Historically Taiwan was seized in the seventeenth century by a Chinese warlord from the Dutch who truly have the first rights for what those are worth after an indigenous population which then was scant.  Thus an independent Taiwan is no far stretch and can be compared to England and France who have less legitimacy for separation.

China needs to learn that the more they push the more that the border states will act to strengthen ties with each other and the USA.  There are smarter options.
Washington opens de facto embassy in Taiwan, angering China

By Steven Jiang, CNN



PayPal is buying group payouts platform HyperWallet for $400 million Fast Company

PayPal is trying to add more payment features for e-commerce businesses.

PayPal is trying to expand the options available at its payments platform to compete with growing competition from banks and tech companies.

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Overseas Private Investment Corporation Classified Document Inventory, Released 2016 The Black Vault


The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) is a self-sustaining U.S. Government agency that helps American businesses invest in emerging markets. Established in 1971, OPIC provides businesses with the tools to manage the risks associated with foreign direct investment, fosters economic development in emerging market countries, and advances U.S. foreign policy and national security priorities. OPIC helps American businesses gain footholds in new markets, catalyzes new revenues and contributes to jobs and growth opportunities both at home and abroad. OPIC fulfills its mission by providing businesses with financing, political risk insurance, advocacy and by partnering with private equity investment fund managers.

Below, you will find the results of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the classified document inventories, and the subsequent appeal, which was released in 2016.

Document Archive

 Overseas Private Investment Corporation Classified Document Inventory, Released 2016 [36 Pages, 11.6MB]

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Click here to download

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Russia & India To Ditch US dollar In Military Deals Your News Wire

Russia and India are looking at bypassing US sanctions by using the rupee and the ruble to facilitate military deals. The Economic Times, an Indian daily reports that US sanctions are hampering $2 billion in [...]

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New Jersey: 22 people shot in underreported gang shooting on Sunday Signs of the Times

Trenton, New Jersey - Reports of a mass shooting at an arts festival in which at least 22 people were injured may have sounded like the perfect recipe to send anti-gun politicians and mainstream media pundits to their soapboxes to call for increased gun control, but instead, it has quietly disappeared from the headlines, and there are a few notable reasons why. Around 1,000 people were enjoying the Arts All Night festival when gunfire broke out around 2:45 a.m. on Sunday. While the horrific incident included some of the basic elements of typical mass shootings, with a gunman opening fire on an unarmed crowd, there are a few distinct differences that set it apart.


Creating resentment and conflict: Child border crossers have higher standard of living than 13m impoverished American children Signs of the Times

Migrant children who cross into the United States either alone or with adults have a higher standard of living once they are put into federal care than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty across the country. In Fiscal Year 2017, the federal government referred nearly 41,000 unaccompanied minor border crossers to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program which is facilitated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Data provided to Breitbart News reveals that each unaccompanied minor costs the federal government about $34,660 annually. This is a higher standard of living per child than the roughly 13 million American children who continue to live below the U.S. poverty line. In 2016, there were about 13.2 million American children under the age of 18 living in poverty. These are U.S. children, for example, whose parents or guardians -in a household of four - earn less than $24,500 a year.


14 thought-control tactics narcissists use to dominate and confuse people Signs of the Times

Narcissists' lives are about winning, generally at others' expense. Many narcissists pursue a win-at-all-costs, anything-goes approach. The casualties: Honesty, empathy and reciprocity. Narcissists distort the truth through disinformation, oversimplifying, ridiculing and sowing doubt. Narcissists can be incredibly skilled at using classic elements of thought-control and brainwashing. To get free of narcissistic thought control it is essential to spot the distortions narcissists deliberately and instinctively practice. Applying critical thinking skills can inoculate you against their campaigns.


IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok's anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe CLG News

IG confirms he is reviewing whether Strzok's anti-Trump bias impacted launch of Russia probe | 19 June 2018 | Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed Tuesday that he is investigating whether FBI official Peter Strzok's anti-Trump bias factored into the launch of the bureaus Russia probe. During a joint hearing before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, Horowitz testified that his office was reviewing Strzok's anti-Trump text messages as part of a separate probe related to the Russia investigation. "It clearly shows a biased state of mind," Horowitz said, referring to text messages written as the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton's private email use was wrapping up and the Russia probe was getting underway. The most infamous text, revealed in last week's IG report on the Clinton email case, showed Strzok responding "We'll stop it" when his colleague and lover Lisa Page sought assurances that Trump would not become president.



Newly announced 'Space Force' will operate from giant spherical space station Signs of the Times

President Trump has revealed that the 'space force' which he has instructed the Department of Defense to create will operate from a massive spherical space station, capable of destroying an entire planet. Addressing White House reporters yesterday the reality TV star proclaimed, "The Space Force will provide a whole new level of defence for America, and to a lesser extent the other countries on our planet, and will lay down the space law so other species know not to mess with us. "Especially the Space Mexicans. They're the worst. Terrible aliens, terrible. It's never the good ones that want to come here." He added,"I think we will build a giant spherical space station, which will look at first glance like a moon, but trust me - it's no moon.


Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court Terra Forming Terra

Far too often, Americans think that they live in an information cocoon impenetrable to outsiders and are rudely shocked to discover that outsiders can be even better informed.  I think that happened here.

No one calculated if the Russians so indicted had a good motive to show up and it is obvious that someone did and decided to have some fun.

How would you respond upon discovering that you had been charged in absentia for a bogus crime merely to save an investigator's butt.  If money was no object, the temptation to turn the tables would be overwhelming.  That is exactly what happened here and now Mueller must come up with evidence that never existed..

Mueller Scrambles To Limit Evidence After Indicted Russians Actually Show Up In Court

By Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge

June 13, 2018

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scrambling to limit pretrial evidence handed over to a Russian company he indicted in February over alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, according to Bloomberg.

Mueller asked a Washington federal Judge for a protective order that would prevent the delivery of copious evidence to lawyers for Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, one of three Russian firms and 13 Russian nationals. The indictment accuses the firm of producing propaganda, pretending to be U.S. activists online and posting political content on social media in order to sow discord among American voters.

The special counsels office argues that the risk of the evidence leaking or falling into the hands of foreign intelligence services, especially Russia, would assist the Kremlins active interference operations against the United States.

The substance of the governments evidence identifies uncharged individuals and entities that the government believes...


(Video) QAnon: It's Finally Happening -- Grand Jury in Place? Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 19, 2018

Truth and Art TV patriot news updates from the latest Q anon 8Chan boards drops-


Yahoo just built email for the next wave of smartphone users Fast Company

The new Yahoo Mail for Android Go and mobile web is designed to run on the basic phones popular in developing countrieswithout feeling like a compromise.

According to wireless industry organization the GSMA, by 2025, the number of people that access the web via wireless phones is expected to grow by 50%. The majority of those people arent going to be using the newest iPhone. Instead, theyll be accessing the web using less powerful devices and, in many cases, the mobile web.

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Vigil for the health of Julian Assange to take place in London CLG News

Vigil for the health of Julian Assange to take place in London --The vigil coincides with the sixth anniversary of the WikiLeaks founder's self-imposed exile in London's Ecuadorian Embassy. | 19 June 2018 | A vigil will take place Tuesday evening outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the health of its longstanding resident Julian Assange. The vigil will be held between 6 and 8 p.m. local time. Tuesday marks six years since WikiLeaks founder Assange first entered the embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges. The charges have since been dropped, but Assange is still wanted in the UK for skipping bail in 2012. He is concerned that if he leaves the embassy the US may also seek to extradite him on espionage charges.


Spate of anti-protest bills target social justice infrastructure The Fifth Column

(Sunlight) When Colorado public school teachers rallied in Denver this spring to demand better school funding and retirement benefits, two fed-up GOP legislators had a novel idea: Why not pass a bill to fire the teachers and send them to jail? The legislation introduced by state Senator Bob Gardner and Representative Paul Lundeen would also have nullified any union contract between a district and striking teachers.

Gardner and Lundeen withdrew their bill in amid public outcry. But their bid to defang unions reflects the new face of the conservative movement to crack down on public protests in 2018. Not content to simply take aim at individual protesters, some Republican state legislators seem to be setting their sights this year on progressive institutions that have long been a thorn in conservatives side. This includes academic institutions rife with protest, labor unions backing striking teachers, and environmental groups aligned with anti-pipeline demonstrators.

Its an insidious new twist in the anti-protest drive that progressive organizers say threatens not just individuals but social justice movements as a whole. Shut out of Congress, the White House, and the majority of state legislatures, progressives have taken to the streetsonly to face a conservative backlash even there. In 2018, the state assault on protests broadened its sweep to target institutions at odds with the right, most notably environmental groups. The most popular form this institutional suppression has taken is bills that purport to protect critical infrastructure, but could effectively defund such high-profile environmental agitators as Greenpeace.

Eight states took up or enacted so-called critical infrastructure bills that impose harsh new fines and prison sentences on protesters who impede oil, gas, electric, and other public facilities. Some sought to fine conspiring organizations up to $1 million, potentially putting activist groups out of business. More than a dozen states also mulled campus free speech bills that would suspend or expel students who disrupt public speakers, and make it easier to sue colleges and universities.

Both the critical infrastructure and the campus speech bills took off thanks in part to model legislation authored by conservative organizations underwritten by the Charles and David Koch donor network. The Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council approved a critical infrastructure model bill in January, i...


Regime change in Nicaragua: Historical amnesia & blindness of US interventions Signs of the Times

I was stunned the other day to see an opinion piece by Stephen Kinzer in The Boston Globe in which he was portraying the violent anti-government protests in Nicaragua as some kind of revolutionary insurrection. What is surprising about Kinzer's position is that he is the individual who wrote the wonderful book, All The Shah's Men- one of the essential readings about the CIA-backed coup against Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in Iran in 1953. What is happening in Nicaragua right now looks a lot like what happened in Iran during this coup, and yet, Kinzer somehow does not see this. In this way, Kinzer typifies the utter confusion of so many in this country - including those who should know better, such as many self-described leftists - about what is happening in Nicaragua and in Latin America generally. First of all, let us look at what Kinzer correctly describes as the tactics used by the CIA in overthrowing Mosaddegh and installing the Shah of Iran in his place. The main tactic was to organize, pay and direct violent street protesters to create a chaotic situation which would then provoke a violent response from the government - a response which could be used to justify the military's moving in against Mosaddegh under the pretext of restoring order and democratic rule.


The Implications of Assanges Persecution for Journalism and Democracy MintPress News

LONDON  (Opinion) Today marks the sixth anniversary of Julian Assanges ascent to the position of the worlds most well-known political refugee after daring to be the public face of the ground-breaking transparency organization WikiLeaks. Arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than half a decade, Assanges precarious situation a product of the U.S. and U.K. governments efforts to destroy and silence him forever threatens to devolve into tragedy.

If Assanges asylum is suspended or he is extradited to the United States, however, it will be much more than a personal tragedy for Assange. It will also be a tragedy for the publics right to know and the free flow of information the first major loss to an empires battle to quash dissent and silence those who seek to use information to liberate rather than deceive.

Assanges case means much more than the severe mistreatment torture, as some have said of a single man whose commitment to bringing the dark deeds of government crimes to light has forced him to sacrifice seeing the outside world even his own children for the better part of a decade. Though his mistreatment has no place in any civilized democracy, the outcome of Assanges case if his extradition to the United States does come to pass will have a powerful impact for journalism as a whole. Indeed, if the U.S.-led campaign to extradite and silence Assange is successful, it will invariably become the blueprint used by powerful governments like the U.S. to silence independent journalists the world over, and bludgeon them into submission.


The journalistic path of least resistance

It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers Julian Assange

U.S. government efforts to destroy WikiLeaks and Assange in particular are well-documented, having been hatched long before Assange sought political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. Though efforts to discredit the organization have largely been more covert, the campaign targeting Assange has been crafted to target the man, manifesting in innumerable dishonest and savage attacks on his reputation, his dignity, even hi...


5000-year-old stone balls continue to baffle archaeologists Signs of the Times

Some of the most enigmatic human-made objects from Europe's late Stone Age - intricately carved balls of stone, each about the size of a baseball - continue to baffle archaeologists more than 200 years after they were first discovered. More than 500 of the enigmatic objects have now been found, most of them in northeast Scotland, but also in the Orkney Islands, England, Ireland and one in Norway. Archaeologists still don't know the original purpose or meaning of the Neolithic stone balls, which are recognized as some of the finest examples of Neolithic art found anywhere in the world. But now, they've created virtual 3D models of the gorgeous balls, primarily to share with the public. In addition, the models have revealed some new details, including once-hidden patterns in the carvings on the balls. [See More Photos of the Intricately Carved Stone Balls] Hugo Anderson-Whymark, a curator at National Museums Scotland who created the online models, explained that many functions have been proposed for the stone balls over the years. Such proposals have included the possibility that they were made as the stone heads for crushing weapons, or standardized weights for Neolithic traders, or rollers for the transport of the giant stones used in megalithic monuments. One theory is that the knobs on many of the carved stone balls were wound with twine or sinew, which allowed them to be thrown like slings or South American bolas. Other theories describe the balls as objects of religious devotion or symbols of social status.


Lawyer for texting FBI official who told lover they could 'stop' Trump's election says he's willing to testify to Congress without pleading the Fifth CLG News

Lawyer for texting FBI official who told lover they could 'stop' Trump's election says he's willing to testify to Congress without pleading the Fifth --FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok infamously texted his lover that the two of them could 'stop' Donald Trump from becoming president --House Judiciary Committee chairman was preparing to subpoena him | 17 June 2018 | A senior FBI agent who remains employed by the Bureau despite telling his lover in 2016 that they could together 'stop' Donald Trump from becoming president is willing to testify before Congress, his lawyer said Sunday. For supporters of the president, Peter Strzok's name has become synonymous with institutional bias at the Justice Department and a 'deep state' of anti-Trump collaborators whose influence runs through the agency's highest levels. But attorney Aitan Goelman told The Washington Post that Strzok 'wants the chance to clear his name and tell his story.' Goelman promised the Post that Strzok would answer questions without invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, a tantalizing guarantee for Republicans who have already been drafting a subpoena to drag him to Capitol Hill.


Dissociative Identity Disorder is Way Weirder than Anyone Wants to Admit disinformation

You know why Im posting this? Because I will never forget the mere 5 minutes or so Dissociative Identity Disorder was covered when I was getting my psychology degree. Right at the... The post Dissociative Identity Disorder is Way Weirder than Anyone Wants to Admit appeared first on disinformation.

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How should we remember the problematic rapper XXXTentacion? Fast Company

The Florida rapper was murdered yesterday, leaving in his wake a complicated history of violence.

Rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead yesterday in what police are calling an apparent robbery.

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Personality research finds extraverts less likely to suffer mental health problems Signs of the Times

The personality traits that are linked to both good and bad mental health. People who are extraverted - self-confident and cheerful - are less likely to suffer mental health problems, personality research finds. However, people who are aggressive and neurotic - a tendency to worry and be emotionally unstable - are at higher risk of mental health problems. Neurotic people are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, as well as drink and drug problems.


Watch: Brave Father Pulls Son Out of Burning Race Car The Daily Sheeple

When his car crashed during a race at the South Boston Speedway on June 16, 2018, driver Mike Jones was rescued from the fiery wreck by his father.


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Israeli Strike on Syrian Troops May be Harbinger of US Bid to Seize Crucial Border Crossing MintPress News

DEIR EZ-ZOR, SYRIA In a troubling sign that the Syrian conflict is set to deepen, local Syrian media reported on Sunday that the U.S.-led coalition bombed Syrian Arab Army installments, killing several service members and injuring several more. Members of the Iraqi military were also killed in the attack.

The U.S. has officially denied responsibility for the attack, with Pentagon spokesman Adrian Rankine-Galloway asserting that the bombing was not a U.S. or coalition strike. However, Syrian military sources reported that the strike was conducted by an unmanned attack drone that came from U.S.-occupied territory in northeastern Syria. Thus, the only possibilities are that the U.S.-led coalition conducted the attack but has publicly denied responsibility, or that Israel was responsible for the attack and independently launched the strike from territory occupied by the U.S.-led coalition.

The latter scenario seems to be the case, considering Iranian forces are near the area that was attacked and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged on Sunday the same day as the strike to attack Iranian forces anywhere they were present within Syria. However, no members of the Iranian military were present at the site of the bombing. If Israel were responsible for the attack, as has been alleged by an anonymous U.S. official who spoke to CNN, it would mark the first time that it had bombed the Deir Ez-Zor governorate.

Yet if Israel was responsible for the attack, as alleged, it attack was likel...


Republican pressure intensifies to end family separations at border CLG News

Republican pressure intensifies to end family separations at border | 19 June 2018 | The Trump administration is facing mounting pressure from fellow Republicans and other allies to end the practice of separating children from parents caught illegally crossing the border, as backlash over the enforcement policy quickly escalates into a political crisis. Some GOP lawmakers want the administration to stop the policy on its own, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and others are proposing emergency legislation. Meanwhile, GOP governors are pulling their state's National Guard troops from the border in protest. All this comes as President Trump and top Cabinet officials put the blame on Congress, in the run-up to a meeting late Tuesday between the president and House Republicans -- where discussion of the family-separation backlash will likely dominate.


Imprisoned Russian editor wounded, hospitalized RSS feed from

New York, June 19, 2018--Russian authorities should immediately release jailed journalist Aleksandr Valov and ensure that he receives necessary medical care, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. The editor-in-chief and founder of local news website BlogSochi, who has been in detention since January on extortion charges, was hospitalized...


Jennifer Lee and Pete Doctor are replacing John Lasseter at Disney/Pixar Fast Company

The two directors have been named as joint chief creative officers, replacing Lasseter who stepped down after admitting to sexual misconduct.

Directors Jennifer Lee (Frozen) and Pete Doctor (Up, Inside Out) have been named as the chief creative officers for both Disney Animation and Pixar, succeeding John Lasseter who stepped down after admitting to improper conduct in the workplace.

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Fears of child trafficking rise as DHS has no answer for where immigrant girls are being held Signs of the Times

As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each other's throats pointing fingers over who's responsible. In the meantime, what was a "conspiracy theory" a month ago is now being confirmed by the very people accused of keeping people in cages. One question, however, has just been raised which gives one a dark and sickly feeling inside when thinking about the potential answers to it: "Where are the girls?" There is something particularly disturbing about the minuscule amount of footage recently released by HHS last week-it only shows boys, and only boys age 10 and up. Where are the girls? Where are the toddlers? Where are the babies? Could it be that HHS is only releasing footage of these older boys to portray an image of less suffering and compliant young men in order to keep the public happy? Are the places where girls are kept so disturbing that none of this footage can be released?


UK Should Reject Extraditing Julian Assange to US RSS feed from

Expand WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Britain, May 19, 2017. 2017 Reuters It has been six years since Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to seek asylum from possible extradition to the United States to face indictment under the US Espionage Act.  At [...]


Machine learning may be a game-changer for climate prediction RSS feed from

New research demonstrates that machine-learning techniques can be used to accurately represent clouds and their atmospheric heating and moistening, and better represent clouds in coarse resolution climate models, with the potential to narrow the range of climate prediction. This could be a major advance in accurate predictions of global warming in response to increased greenhouse gas concentrations that are essential for policy-makers (e.g. the Paris climate agreement).


House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts CLG News

House GOP 2019 budget calls for deep Medicare, Medicaid spending cuts | 19 June 2018 | The House GOP budget proposal released Tuesday calls for a $5.4 trillion decrease in mandatory spending over a decade, including $537 billion in reductions to Medicare and $1.5 trillion in reductions to Medicaid and other health programs. Another $2.6 trillion in reductions would come from other mandatory spending programs that include welfare and anti-poverty programs...The budget also calls for a precipitous drop in non-defense spending over the next decade, even as defense spending rises.


UK Government To Review Use Of Medicinal Cannabis Your News Wire

The British home secretary Sajid Javid has said that the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons in the UK is to be reviewed. He said the government will reschedule marijuana-based products if there is evidence of [...]

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Gowdy scorches Comey in blistering opening statement at IG hearing CLG News

Gowdy scorches Comey in blistering opening statement at IG hearing | 19 June 2018 | House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy scorched James Comey in a blistering opening statement at a high-profile congressional hearing on Tuesday, declaring "we can't survive with a justice system we don't trust." Gowdy kicked off the hearing featuring testimony from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on his review of the Hillary Clinton email case. The top DOJ watchdog is on Capitol Hill for the second day in a row to discuss the explosive report. But Gowdy launched into Tuesday's session -- a joint hearing held by the House oversight and judiciary panels -- with a fiery condemnation of the former FBI director and certain agents in the bureau he led.


Syrian military claims Israeli UAV downed near occupied Golan Heights - Israeli military confirms Signs of the Times

The Syrian military claimed on Tuesday afternoon that their forces in the Al-Quneitra Governorate had downed an Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near the occupied Golan Heights. According to the Syrian military, the Israeli UAV was spotted and downed over the government stronghold of Hadar in the northern countryside of the Al-Quneitra Governorate. The Syrian military claims the drone was shot down by their forces and did not crash due to technical issues.


Little sociopaths: Seals forced to dive off cliffs after yobs start throwing rocks at them Signs of the Times

As these pictures prove, humans can really be the most vile creatures on earth. In an absolutely unnecessary display of stupidity, a group of people have been caught throwing rocks at seals, apparently forcing them to jump off cliffs. The trio was seen moving a sign at St Mary's Island Nature Reserve, Newcastle. They then filmed themselves as they threw rocks at one of the seals, causing great distress and panic. The seal made its way to the edge of the cliffs, jumping in before the group then turned their attention to other animals at the sanctuary.

Little sociopaths: Seals forced to dive off cliffs after boys start throwing rocks at them Signs of the Times

As these pictures prove, humans can really be the most vile creatures on earth. In an absolutely unnecessary display of stupidity, a group of people have been caught throwing rocks at seals, apparently forcing them to jump off cliffs. The trio was seen moving a sign at St Mary's Island Nature Reserve, Newcastle. They then filmed themselves as they threw rocks at one of the seals, causing great distress and panic. The seal made its way to the edge of the cliffs, jumping in before the group then turned their attention to other animals at the sanctuary.


Julian Assange health fears: UK forcing Wikileaks chief to 'make impossible choice' CLG News

Julian Assange health fears: UK forcing Wikileaks chief to 'make impossible choice' | 19 June 2018 | Julian Assange's lawyers hit out at the UK and the WikiLeaks founder is being forced to make an "impossible choice" between his health and his safety...Mr Assange's team of lawyers claimed doctors have confirmed his protracted confinement in the Ecuador's London embassy is having a severe impact on the journalists physical and mental health. Calling for the intervention of the UN's Human Rights Council, they argued the UK is forcing Mr Assange, 46, to make an "impossible" choice. Human rights barrister Jennifer Robinson of Doughty Street Chambers, representing the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, said: "The UK shows a deliberate disregard for his medical needs by forcing him to choose between his human right to asylum and his human right to medical treatment."


Former CNN host Reza Aslan blasts Jeff Zucker for 'making a fortune pretending to oppose Trump' Signs of the Times

On the one year anniversary of his show's cancellation, former CNN host Reza Aslan blasted CNN president Jeff Zucker for apparent hypocrisy over the network's position on President Donald Trump. Aslan was fired and his documentary show on world religions was cancelled last June after he called Trump a "piece of s**t" and a "stain on the presidency." What did Aslan say? In several tweets, Aslan commemorated his show's cancellation and revealed Zucker refused to pay him or his staff their "due wages" after Aslan's controversial tweet.


Market Talk- June 18, 2019 Armstrong Economics

A weak session for Asia to start the new week. With little data due, we are left to concentrate on the ongoing US/China trade tit-for-tat, the OPEC meeting and political headlines. The Nikkei and Shanghai both lost around -0.75% and with currencies not lending a supporting hand this time. The Yen remains mid 110s following losses late last week. Is always quiet when some markets are closed for holidays and that we saw again today. Its not that there is much going on, its just there because there isnt people use it as an excuse not to trade. SENSEX closed a little lower and the INR saw the days range within the first hour of trading, resulting in little change for that either.

The market talk is of concerns surrounding political unrest in Germany and that appears to be rubbing-off into prices. Core European indices were all lower today as Autos, Industrials and energy companies declined on the lack of confidence. IBEX, CAC and DAX all lost over 1% whilst interestingly Athens 20 closed up almost 1%. In the currency market, all early attempts to break the 115.50 level in the Euro were rejected, even taking it back to a 1.16 handle. However, the test will probably come later this week with BREXIT, OPEC or Merkle news. The UKs FTSE held in reasonably well responding initially to the weaker currency. However, late in the day and following a currency bounce, prices tended to drift again. Interesting the flow out of emerging markets with much returning back to Europe. Much of it is probably investors taking profits, but is worth watching if banks start to retrench money back home.

US started the week in negative territory as fears of trade wars escalating. However, it is a good sign that early losses were recouped just as soon as Europe had closed! The unsettled China trade discussions are likely to drag-on over the summer with headline after headline likely to scuttle markets from time to time. With the DOW recovering over 200 points from its low, it is a reflection that fears are not as serious as initially presumed. Still much to watch this week, but a confident recovery even seeing the NASADQ closing positive.

Japan 0.03%, US 2s closed 2.55% (u/c), 10s 2.92% (u/c), 30s 3.05% (u/c), Bunds 0.39% (-1bp...


10 Traits All of the Toxic People In Your Life Have In Common Awareness Act

Toxic people are everywhere. And while they may be hard to detect at first, their common habits and traits eventually out them for who they are. They all have their differences of course, but they also tend to have a lot in common.

Below I am going to go over some of the things toxic people tend to have in common. These are things you will find present in just about every single toxic individual. How many people do you know who personify these things?

10 Things Only Toxic People Do:

1. They force you to prove yourself to them.

Toxic people will always force you to prove yourself to them. They want to make sure you are in it the same way that they want you to be. This is how they ease their way into controlling you.

2. They dont care if they upset others.

Toxic people will go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable. They dont care if they upset you or make you feel bad. They dont concern themselves with the emotions of others.

3. They arent supportive in the ways they should be.

They dont support others in the ways that they should. They dont want to see their friends and family succeed. They want to be the only one coming out on top no matter what.

4. They are extremely manipulating.

They want to be in control of everything. They will manipulate people into saying and doing whatever it is they want them to. Manipulation comes in many different forms but can be found in all toxic people.

5. They are overly judgy.

Toxic people love to judge everyone around them. They can dish it out all day but are never able to take it. They are constantly picking at the people around them.

6. They turn you into a defensive mess.

Toxic people want to make you feel like you have to defend yourself. They want to push you in a corner and wear you down. This is just how they do things.

7. They never apologize sincerely.

They might say they are sorry but you can tell they really arent. Even when they seem sincere they arent actually being sincere. They never really own up to the things they do and even when they are forced to make up for things its never as it should be.

8. They are always quick to anger.

They are quick to anger when they arent getting their way. They want things to go exactly as they have them planned or they get mad. This is something that you will notice whether they are showing it or not.

9. They say things in ways that turn them into negative messages.

They always say nice things in mean ways. Basically, even when they compliment you, it is a backhanded compliment.  They turn everything into something negative. The compliments they give are empty.

10. They exaggerate a lot.

They always make stories into more than they are. They build themselves up constantly and tear others down...


The Rallying Cry of a Nationwide Movement: Chinga la Migra (F*ck Border Patrol) RSS feed from

The stories emerging from the southwestern border of families torn apart by immigration authorities have sent shockwaves through the national media. But the bleak images of locked-up children don't capture the full landscape of anguish facing immigrant communities nationwide.  The parents of migrant children are set to endure a separate nightmare in the coming months, fanned out across the country to detention centers where they will await legal judgement. Far from the border, the crisis [...]


Red-breasted flycatcher sings, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This June 2018 video shows a male red-breasted flycatcher singing in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

He hopes to attract a mate; but he does not have much chance, as red-breasted flycatchers nest in eastern Europe, not in the Netherlands.

Jeroen van Wijk made this video.


The plot thickens in the story of a NY Times reporter's inappropriate relationship with Senate aide indicted for leaking classified data Signs of the Times

The news last week that the Justice Department had secretly seized phone and email records from a journalist illustrated the extreme lengths to which the Trump administration will go to crack down on leaks. The news that the seizure was intertwined with a relationship the reporter had been having with someone on her beat illustrated the ethical perils of such a choice. But another, equally troubling development in the story came on Tuesday night courtesy of the Washington Post. The newspaper reported that a Customs and Border Protection agent independently confronted the same reporter-Ali Watkins, a New York Times journalist who previously worked at Politico and BuzzFeed-about her confidential sources a year ago, several months before the FBI had approached her about the leak investigation that would eventually include the seizure of her records and culminate in the arrest of a Senate Intelligence Committee staffer.


Marijuana Infused Oils May Have Helped Jesus Perform His Many Miracles, According to Historical Experts Awareness Act

There is no denying the shift we have seen here in the US in regards to marijuana and its use. People across the states are learning to accept it more and more and legalization is something several states have done and others are working on.

Recently, when looking into the world of marijuana I came across an article in which the Guardian was speaking with Carl Ruck a professor of classical mythology at Boston University. He was speaking about the theory that Jesus might have actually anointed the people he healed with cannabis oil. Yes, you read that right, cannabis oil. He says this is referred to in the Aramaic as kaneh-bosem and that there is little doubt about the role cannabis plays in Judaic religion.

Ruck even added:

Obviously the easy availability and long-established tradition of cannabis in early Judaism would inevitably have included it in the [Christian] mixtures.

This was even determined through a study that went over scriptural texts and was published back in 2003. While in this day and age it can be used in more ways that just oil it seems even Jesus might have been using it for health reasons. Interesting, isnt it?

The study states as follows if you take the time to read over it on CannabisCulture:

Although there is some evidence of Jesus use of this Judaic cannabis oil in the traditional New Testament, we get a clearer picture of its importance when we also look at surviving Gnostic documents. The term Gnostic, meaning knowledge, refers to a variety of early Christian sects which had extremely different beliefs about both Jesus and his teachings than those which have come down to us through modern Christianity.

While this might be a bit shocking to some to others it makes a lot of sense. This theory has tons of supporters and makes a lot more sense than most people want it to. What do you think?

Image via Truth Theory


Italy's interior minister comes under fire after ordering full census and expulsion of illegal Roma Signs of the Times

Italy's interior minister and leader of the right-wing Lega party, Matteo Salvini, has told his officials to "prepare a dossier" on the country's Roma and plans to expel the undocumented among them. The move has provoked outrage. "At the ministry, I have them preparing a dossier on the Roma issue in Italy," Salvini, who is one of the leaders of the ruling Eurosceptic coalition, told the regional TeleLombardia broadcaster. He then added that the dossier would involve a "census of Roma in Italy," which will help the Interior Ministry to "see who, how, how many." The minister went on to vow that all Roma who have no valid documents and reside in Italy illegally would be "expelled," under agreements with other states, while Italian Roma "unfortunately have to be kept at home." He also rushed to explain that his initiative has nothing to do with racial profiling.


12 Hidden Qualities of People With High Emotional Intelligence Awareness Act

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage both your emotions and the emotions of others.

According to Psychology Today, it can generally be broken down into three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming down other people.

But is emotional intelligence a quality some people just have and others dont? Or is it something we can learn?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is not like your IQ the latter is fixed but the former is malleable. And in fact, its often people with distinctly average IQs that have the highest EQs.

Being emotionally intelligent is important for forming good relationships, be that in the workplace or your social life. Its often the difference between acting in an acceptable manner and doing or saying something unreasonable.

So how can you tell if youre emotionally intelligent? There are certain signs for which to look out.

Youre curious about people.

It doesnt matter if theyre introverted or extroverted, emotionally intelligent people are curious about everyone around them. This curiosity is the product of empathy, one of the most significant gateways to a high EQ. The more you care about other people and what theyre going through, the more curiosity youre going to have about them.

You embrace change.

Emotionally intelligent people are flexible and are constantly adapting. They know that fear of change is paralyzing and a major threat to their success and happiness. They look for change that is lurking just around the corner, and they form a plan of action should these changes occur.

You know your strengths and weaknesses.

Emotionally intelligent people dont just understand emotions; they know what theyre good at and what theyre terrible at. They also know who pushes their buttons and the environments (both situations and people) that enable them to succeed. Having a high EQ means you know your strengths and you know how to lean into them and use them to your full advantage while keeping your weaknesses from holding you back.

Youre a good judge of character.

Much of emotional intelligence comes down to social awareness; the ability to read other people, know what theyre about, and understand what theyre going through. Over time, this skill makes you an exceptional judge of character. People are no mystery to you. You know what theyre all about and understand their motivations, even those that lie hidden beneath the surface.

You are difficult to offend.

If you have a firm grasp of whom you are, its difficult for someone to say or do something tha...


Inside Americas Doomsday Bunkers: Built To Withstand Apocalypse The Daily Sheeple

Evidence that officials in the government are planning for an apocalyptic scenario is hiding in plain sight. Americas doomsday bunkers are built to withstand the apocalypse but kept quiet from the public, as the elites plans for survival do not include us.

First developed during the Truman Administration, in the early days of nuclear weapons development, the government decided that in event of an apocalyptic scenario, the ruling class must be able to continue to control the masses. COG (continuity of government) measures then expanded greatly during the Cold War. If the government is preparing for something, perhaps you should too. None of us really know what could go down, although a complete economic collapse seems possible at this point.

Across the ages, in every survival story, a disaster of some sort plays a prominent role. Sometimes the part is played by the government, sometimes it is played by Mother Nature, and other times, the role is taken on by a random mishap. If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not. The Preppers Blueprint

The government wants to ensure that the military will still be able to do whatever the elites command under any disastrous scenario.

[The elite ruling class] can afford to make careless decisions because they are insulated from the results. If there is a war with Russia, which could easily turn into a nuclear war, theyll have plenty of spacious bunkers to hide out in while the rest of America burns. And thats been our governments plan in regards to nuclear war since the beginning of the Cold War.

Thats the main takeaway from a new book called Raven Rock: The Story of the US Governments Plan to Save Itself. Our government has spent decades building sprawling bunkers, like Raven Rock, that high ranking officials can flee to in the event of a nuclear war....


Yemen: A Bad Place for Failing Kidneys, as US-Saudi-Led War Cripples Treatment and Transit MintPress News

HODEIDA, YEMEN For two years now, 28-year-old Hafedh Hassan has made the wearying trip 80 miles each way, on bad roads from his village in the coffee-growing Haraz region to this city on Yemens west coast, where a brilliant red sun meets the dazzling Red Sea.

Hafedhs kidneys are failing him, and medical staff at the Hemodialysis Center here in Hodeida, administers life-saving dialysis treatments in two four-hour sessions twice a week. Patients in the advanced stages of renal failure typically need twice that many sessions, but three years of near-constant airstrikes by the Saudi- and Emirati-led coalition have left Yemens roads impassable, reduced its hospitals and clinics to rubble, and short-circuited its electricity service, while a ruinous blockade of Yemens ports has depleted the countrys supplies of food and life-saving medicines.

With his face swollen and his skin as pale as any ghost, Hafedh lies in the hospital bed while his teenage son sits beside him, watching worriedly.  When Hafedh finishes his treatment, he and the boy will find a spot outside to sleep until his next dialysis treatment.

I came here after a long and agonizing trip through rough, bumpy roads . . . I manage to score free medicine, but I find it hard to pay for transportation

Still, Hafedh counts himself one of the lucky ones, all things considered. He is, after all, still alive. Receiving only half the medicines they need, three of every five patients at this dialysis clinic will die, a figure that may very well rise given the escalation of hostilities as the coalition tries to take the city and shut down the vital supply line it provides.


A Petri dish for death, disease, and chronic illness

Supported by the United States and other Western military powers, the war in Yemen has transformed this candy bar-shaped nation on the Arabian Peninsula from the poorest country in the Middle East to a Petri dish for death, infectious disease, and chronic illnesses.

Citing the war, lack of medicines, frequent electrical outages, and crumbling transportation infrastructure, Yemens Ministry of Human Rights in March attributed more than 1,200 deaths over the last three years to a lack of treatment for patients in the advanced stages of renal failure; another 6,000, the agency said, will likely die within the next year or two of inadequate treatment.

Read more on the war in Yemen


Trump, Backed by Corporate America, Announces Plans to Conquer Outer Space MintPress News

UPDATE 6/19/18: On Monday, President Donald Trump finally made good on his promise to carve out a sixth branch of the military: the so-called Space Force. In his comments, he highlighted the need not only for national defense through a mere presence in the cosmos but through American dominance in space. While many have laughed at his comments, Trump isnt merely speaking for himself but is voicing a long-held desire of U.S. military planners, civilian officials, and major corporations, as Elliot Gabriels May 15, 2018 report below explains.

What does the United States do when its faced with hegemonic decline, ascendant rivals, and an inability to use its massive military apparatus to turn the tide in favor of its own imperial ambitions without incurring costs that far outweigh the benefits?

To paraphrase former First Lady Michelle Obama: When they go low, we go high.

In this case, shift the battle to the final frontier outer space where mining interests suspect that rare mineral resources can be found in abundance and yield massive profits.

During his time on the campaign trail and upon coming to power, President Donald Trump issued a stream of statements explicitly calling for a reinvigorated effort to boost the militarization of space. The goal would be to ensure that his America First approach to economic and military matters extends to outer space through a deployment of the U.S. Armed Forces to outer space on a permanent basis.

On May 1, Trump revived the idea of creating a new military service branch dedicated to space combat in a speech to the West Point football team, noting that the branch would be called the Space Force.

Im just telling you now. Were getting very big in space, both militarily and for other reasons, and we are seriously thinking of the Space Force, he said.

For longtime anti-militarism activist and analyst Bruce Gagnon, a coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, the push to form a Space Force reflects the desires of the U.S. war industry. As Gagnon told MintPress News:

They know they stand to make massive profits if they can consolidate space operatio...


Watch | Abby Martin Warns MSM Talk of Venezuela Coup Motivated by Oil MintPress News

The American empire and its media openly talk coup in Venezuela because it sits on vast and nationalized oil resources, and this is US expansionism at its finest, The Empire Files host Abby Martin told Lee Camp.

Venezuelas oil nationalized by Nicholas Maduros socialist government is key in understanding why the US neoliberal establishment and their media openly talk regime change, Abby Martin, who hosts a show on Venezuelan Telesur, told Lee Camp in an interview edition of Redacted Tonight.

The situation in the Latin American country is now so dire and Maduro is so undemocratic that only a splendid coup might help Venezuela become a democracy again, she said, jokingly citing some of the MSM narratives.

Here is the bottom line: the US has done enormous damage to Venezuela. Lets start just with the Trump administration, Martin, who used to host Breaking the Set on RT America said.

Theres been just a constant threat of regime change and collaboration with the opposition to basically win and seize power through undemocratic means.

The reason the US is so obsessed with Venezuela is simple, Martin said.

We know that the American empire is an expansionist force, we know that capitalism is extremely predatory and it needs to expand.

Top Photo | Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro fist bumps a worker of the state-run oil company PDVSA during a visit to the Orinoco oil belt in Venezuela in 2013. Miraflores | AP

Source |

The post Watch | Abby Martin Warns MSM Talk of Venezuela Coup Motivated by Oil appeared first on MintPress News.


Think tank combating Islamic extremism wins multi-million dollar settlement after Southern Poverty Law describes them as 'anti-Muslim extremists' Signs of the Times

The Southern Poverty Law Center issued an apology on Monday to a UK-based think tank that it previously described as "anti-Muslim extremists." The Quilliam Foundation will also receive a $3.375-million settlement from the center. Offering its "sincerest apology," the SPLC said in a statement that it was sorry to the Quilliam Foundation and its founder Maajid Nawaz for including them in its publication 'A Journalist's Manual: Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.' The center said that it was their "opinion at the time that the Field Guide was published that their inclusion was warranted."


Houthi officials: Yemen's Navy captures French vessel laden with foreign mercenaries Signs of the Times

Yemen's Navy, loyal to the Houthi government, captured a French naval vessel, the M/Y Jehol ll, off of the coast of Hodeidah on Saturday, according to statements made by senior military officials to MintPress News. The vessel, which was carrying foreign fighters, was engaged in a military landing operation near the port, according to Houthi officials, who gave no further details. Mohammed al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi movement, tweeted: "Thanks to the Yemeni Coast Guard in Hodeida, a French or American boat was seized." He confirmed in a later tweet that a French naval vessel named the M/Y Jehol ll was captured by Yemen's Coast Guard near Hodeidah.


UK charity sees 40% rise in domestic violence against men Signs of the Times

Thousands of men have reported being domestically abused in Kent, a charity has revealed. The Mankind Initiative saw a staggering increase of 40 percent in the number of male victims suffering domestic violence since 2017. The number of male victims went up from 4,803 in 2016 to 6,764 in 2017, the charity claims. It hopes that releasing the figures will help more victims to come forward about their abuse, as well as encouraging streamline services within councils and the health sector for all domestic abuse victims, regardless of gender.


Doing Business Smarter: A Proposal for Consolidating NSAs Analysis and Reporting of Foreign Space borne Reconnaissance,1994 The Black Vault


The following document was published in the Cryptologic Quarterly, Summer 1994, Volume 13, Issue No. 2.

When it was first released, it was heavily redacted, and has remained released in that form since 2010. So, in October of 2016, I requested a Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) of the record.

It took until the end of May of 2018 for the record to be released, however, it was a huge win since a lot of the information that was previously redacted, was released to the general public.  Upon this records release to The Black Vault, it had never been seen by the public in this way.

Document Archive

 Doing Business Smarter: A Proposal for Consolidating NSAs Analysis and Reporting of Foreign Space borne Reconnaissance, 1994 [25 Pages, 4.2MB]

2018 Release

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Click here to download

2010 Release

 Doing Business Smarter: A Proposal for Consolidating NSAs Analysis and Reporting of Foreign Space borne Reconnaissance, 1994 [22 Pages, 5.3MB]



As America Separates Families at the Border, a Look Back at the Cruel Practice MintPress News

Indian Country remembers. This is not the first administration to order the forced separation of families.

The Trump administration has initiated a zero-tolerance policy on the border. Zero tolerance means that people caught crossing the border are treated as criminals.

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security said the Trump administration separated 1,995 children from the adults they were traveling with at the U.S. border between April 19 and May 31.

The act of ripping children away from their parents is nothing new for the United States. Separating children and their families to kill the Indian to save the man by sending Native children to boarding schools, and doing it in the name of religion, is one generation removed from my family, wrote Peggy Flanagan on Twitter. Flanagan, White Earth, is a candidate for lieutenant governor in Minnesota. Trumps zero tolerance policy is nothing more than a clear violation of human rights. We must learn from history. We must stand with immigrants and refugees.

Many on social media referred to a piece in Indian Country Today by Mary Annette Pember in 2013, illustrated by a picture of tiny handcuffs.

Mary Annette Pember | Indian Country Today

Mary Annette Pember | Indian Country Today

From the piece: For such small objects, the childs handcuffs are surprisingly heavy when cradled in the palms of ones hand. Although now rusted from years of disuse, they still convey the horror of their brutal purpose, which was to restrain Native children who were being brought to boarding schools. I felt the weight of their metal on my heart, said Jessica Lackey of the Cherokee tribe as she described holding the handcuffs for the first time.

Pember wrote that she had heard rumors about the existence of the handcuffs during visits to Haskell. Then Haskell agreed to allow a public viewing of the handcuffs. She wrote: Andy Girty, one of the elders who first blessed the handcuffs when they were given to Haskell in 1989, helped unwrap them for me. Known as the Haskell Institute in its early years, the school opened its doors in 1884. It was originally founded as an instrument of the final solution to this countrys Indian problem; Haskell Ins...


Two people killed, 4 wounded in Malmo, Sweden shooting - police suspect criminal network gang fight Signs of the Times

Two young men were killed and four people were wounded in a shooting in the Swedish city of Malmo. Up to 20 rounds were fired, according to witnesses, and police are still looking for the perpetrators. The attack happened around 8pm local time (6pm GMT) in the Drottninggatan area of the city, which has been described as "quiet" place by local media. Two of the six people wounded in the shooting - men aged 18 and 29 - later succumbed to their injuries in hospital, police said in a statement. Witnesses told the Aftonbladet newspaper that they heard what sounded like up to 20 gunshots at around 6pm in the center of the city. The paper also reported that the shots had been fired outside an Internet cafe close to a police station, and that officers were therefore quick to arrive at the scene.


Its Time for Norway to Drop NATO MintPress News

Norway has announced that it has invited the U.S. to expand the contingent of Marines it sent to the country last year to 700, and to post troops closer to the Russian border. Russia protests that this undermines trust between Oslo and Moscow. Why is this important?

In 1949 Norway joined NATO pledging to the USSR that it would not accept the stationing of foreign troops in the country unless threatened with attack. However, last year 330 U.S. troops were stationed there and there are now plans to more than double the number. Moscow wonders why. Why the relentless expansion of NATO, to include even little Montenegro last year? Why the provocative exercises in Poland? Why the enduring mutually damaging sanctions on Russia?

Norway is losing billions on lost seafood exports to Russia, and oil and gas deals in the Arctic are held up by the sanctions. Norwegians indeed dont necessarily agree that events in Ukraine in 2014 warranted the ongoing sanctions.

So why now, does Norwaya progressive, peaceful, affluent nation of well-educated rational peoplebreak with the long time understanding with Moscow and send such an unfriendly signal to its powerful neighbor, with which it shares a 120-mile border?

I shouldnt feel this personally. But nevertheless. I feel embarrassed.

My mother was half-Norwegian, half-Swedish. My paternal grandmother half-Norwegian. (That makes me 3/8 Norwegian.) I know how to make lefse. I am proud of my Viking heritage, and the mainly Norwegian-led campaigns that led to the settlement of Iceland and Greenland, and the discovery of America by 1000; produced the Viking-ruled province of Normandy in France in the 910s; led to the Norman invasion of England in 1066 establishing the House of Normandy dynasty, and to the Norman conquest of Sicily from the 1060s. (It was those amazing dragon-headed longships that didnt just ply the North Sea, Atlantic and Mediterranean but the rivers of Central Asia, trading peacefully with many peoples.)

I am proud of the global sweep of my ancestors, brutal that I assume they were (if I am indeed descended from Vikings, as opposed to mere thralls or full-time peasants). I am proud of the very progressive playwright Henrik Ibsen (The Dolls House), the tenderly psychological painter Edvard Munch (The Scream, The Sick Child, Madonna), and the romantic nationalist composer Edvard Grieg (Peer Gynt, based on Ibsens play).

My wife and I named our son Erik, with a deliberate K since a C would be Anglo-Saxon and wimpy.

I am proud of that fact that while no coffee is grown in Norway and it was only introduced in the late seventeenth century, and was intensively opposed by the Lutheran clergy, its consumption became prevalent in the 19th century and now Norwegians drink more coffee daily than any people on earth. I remember the strong smell of perk coffee every morning at my Grandma Nelsons apartment in Minnesota in my childhood. Park of ethnic ide...


Health Officials Confirm A Boy In Idaho Has Now Been Diagnosed With the Bubonic Plague Awareness Act

Most of us have heard of the bubonic plague but have you ever really looked into it? While most assume it is long gone, the reality is, it is still around to this day.

It is pretty rare these days but in recent times, a boy in Idaho has been diagnosed officially with it. Lucky for this little boy it is nowhere near as big of a problem now as it would have been in the past. While this is the first case in the state of Idaho since the early 90s he is recovering quite well.

Now, while you might have heard that there was a massive outbreak in Madagascar of the plague that killed over 200 people this case here in the US was caught and managed relatively quick. While this child has not been named it is known that he was from Elmore County and currently it is not clear whether or not he was exposed in his home state or while traveling in Oregon not long ago.

Plague is something that has been, for the most part, eradicated here in North America but cases like this one really remind us that it is still possible to contract. It is found naturally here in the western US and usually, a small number come down with it each year. The bacterium that carries the various types of plage is known as Yersinia pestis and has been responsible for millions of deaths all over the world throughout human history.

According to the CDC, this bacteria can be found in rodents and fleas so it is easily transmitted. When we are bitten by an infected flea the bacteria can be transmitted to us. This is especially concerning as pets with fleas that might be infected could very well bring it right into your home. We can also become infected through contaminated fluids. Bubonic plague accounts for around 80 percent of plague cases in humans.

According to the Central District Health Department back in 2015 and 2016, the disease itself was discovered in Elmore County as well as nearby Ada County in ground squirrels. Symptoms of the plague usually occur within six days of exposure and are quite apparent.

A person who has contracted it would have a fever, chills, headache, weakness, and most likely painful swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit or elsewhere. For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below, no the plague is not back but this is something we should all be aware of as it has never truly gone away in the means that we think it has.

Image via...


10 Signs You Have An Extremely Rare Personality Awareness Act

The study of personality has long interested the world of psychology, providing a possible explanation for the reasons why we think and act the way that we do. This helps us to better understand the way that our own minds work.

For example, do you follow your heart, allowing your emotions to influence your decisions or do you stick with the logical choices? Are you a creative individual, or do you tend to see the world in a clear black and white?

While there are a number of different methods for measuring and classifying personality, one of the most common and widely used is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The questionnaire was originally developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, based on the theory of personality originally proposed by the well-known psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The questionnaire classifies everyone as one of 16 personality types based on four pairs of dichotomies Introversion/Extroversion, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceiving.

Each of the 16 personality types has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are incredibly common in our society today, with the most common being the ISFJ, accounting for 13.8% of the population, while others are far less common, with the rarest personality type, accounting for only 1.5% of the population, being the INFJ.

Quirky, creative and highly sensitive, the INFJ personality type is a very unique type of individual. In fact, some may describe them as a walking contradiction. With strengths both on logic and empathy, they are the point where the heart and the mind intersect, creating the perfect balance. While they are dreamers, they are also prepared to put themselves to work in an effort to bring these dreams to life. If one fits into this personality type they are a highly complex individual, and yet they often live an incredibly simple life. Does this sound familiar?

Here are 12 signs that suggest you may be an INFJ:

#1 You go out of your way to avoid drama.

You have no interest in welcoming drama, negativity or toxic energy into your life. While others may feed off these energies, even stirring the pot to make it happen, you would rather walk the other way. You avoid conflict, preferring to create harmony.

#2 You genuinely care about others.

While some personality types will feign compassion and concern for others in order to move their own agenda forward, this isnt the case for you. You truly care about everyone that you meet, working hard to understand them better and help them in any way that you find you can.

#3 You are...


Multiple Personality Disorder Could Uncover the Mysteries of the Universe and Life Itself, Claims Recent Study Awareness Act

I recently came across a paper that was published not too long ago that really got me thinking. Honestly, what this study revealed still has me shaken to my core.

This study brings forth the idea that disassociation can offer us a solution to some of the problems in our current understanding of what we call reality. This study was published in the Journal of Consciousness Studies and authored by Kastrup B. who also wrote an article/blog post for Scientific American explaining his findings. While the study itself is a bit hard to follow in his SA post things are really broken down.

The abstract to the study mentioned above goes as follows:

I propose an idealist ontology that makes sense of reality in a more parsimonious and empirically rigorous manner than mainstream physicalism, bottom-up panpsychism, and cosmopsychism. The proposed ontology also offers more explanatory power than these three alternatives, in that it does not fall prey to the hard problem of consciousness, the combination problem, or the decombination problem, respectively. It can be summarized as follows: there is only cosmic consciousness. We, as well as all other living organisms, are but dissociated alters of cosmic consciousness, surrounded by its thoughts. The inanimate world we see around us is the extrinsic appearance of these thoughts. The living organisms we share the world with are the extrinsic appearances of other dissociated alters.

Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder is basically what happens when one person has multiple identities within his or her body. One might be in control most of the time but the others are still also present within. This is something a lot of us are aware of in this day and age.

Now, this opens up some interesting questions, doesnt it? It suggests that on a universal level one universal consciousness could give rise to a number of alters with private inner lives within it. This meaning perhaps the universe is alive and our lives are merely examples of dissociation from the universe itself. We could all be alters without even realizing it.

In the SA post, this author made it was also explained as follows:

Moreover, as weve seen earlier, there is something dissociative processes look like in the brain of a patient with DID. So, if some form of universal-level DID happens, the alters of universal consciousness must also have an extrinsic appearance. We posit that this appearance is life itself: metabolizing organisms are simply what universal-level dissociative processes look like.

Idealism is a tantalizing view of the nature of reality, in...


Julian Assange and the Jozsef Mindszenty Case MintPress News

During World War II Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty was a huge critic of fascism and wound up in prison. In Oct. 1945 he became head of the Church in Hungary and spoke out just as strongly against Communist oppression. He wound up back in prison for eight more years, including long periods of solitary confinement and endured other forms of torture. In 1949 he was sentenced to life in a show trial that generated worldwide condemnation.

Two weeks after the trial began in early 1949, Pope Pius XII (having failed to speak out forcefully against the Third Reich) did summon the courage to condemn what was happening to Mindszenty. Pius excommunicated everyone involved in the Mindszenty trial. Then, addressing a huge crowd on St. Peters Square, he asked, Do you want a Church that remains silent when she should speak a Church that does not condemn the suppression of conscience and does not stand up for the just liberty of the people  a Church that locks herself up within the four walls of her temple in unseemly sycophancy ?

When the Hungarian revolution broke out in 1956, Mindszenty was freed, but only for four days.  When Soviet tanks rolled back into Budapest, he fled to the U.S. embassy and was given immediate asylum by President Eisenhower.

There the Cardinal stayed cooped up for the next 15 years.  Mindszentys mother was permitted to visit him four times a year, and the communist authorities stationed secret police outside the embassy ready to arrest him should he try to leave.  Sound familiar?

Where is the voice of conscience to condemn what is happening to Julian Assange, whose only crime is publishing documents exposing the criminal activities and corruption of governments and other Establishment elites? Decades ago, the U.S. and civilized world had nothing but high praise for the courageous Mindszenty. He became a candidate for sainthood.

And Assange?  He has been confined in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for six years from June 19, 2012the victim of a scurrilous slander campaign and British threats to arrest him, should he ever step outside. The U.S. government has been putting extraordinary pressure on Ecuador to end his asylum and top U.S. officials have made it clear that, as soon as they get their hands on him, they will manufacture a reason to put him on trial and put him in prison. All for spreading unwelcome truth around.


A Suppression of Conscience

One might ask, is unseemly sycophancy at work among the media? The silence of what used to be the noble profession of journalism is deafening. John Pilger one of the few journalists to speak out on Julian Assanges behalf, labels journalists who fail to stand in solidarity with Assange in exposing the behavior of the Establishm...


Pressing Politics Panel on the #Metoo Movement Duck of Minerva

This is a guest post from Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, F. Wendell Miller Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Iowa.

This is the second in the series on #metooacademia.

Like many female academics, I have experienced #Metoo moments. As a graduate student, I was invited to a visiting faculty members apartment expecting multiple people to be there. I found myself alone and being propositioned for sex. As a married assistant professor, a senior faculty member at a conference invited me to his room after we had been drinking together. In both cases, the professors respected my decision to say no to their propositions. As I began to advise more female students and faculty members, however, I noticed that my experiences were mild relative to what some of them experienced. Some of my students and colleagues were raped, some were assaulted or grabbed, while others were persistently harassed in a sexual manner. When my colleague, Arthur Miller, was accused of trading sexual favors for grades, an act that ultimately led to his suicide, my eyes became open to the broader dynamics of the #Metoo movement. Many students I advised were humiliated in my colleagues office, facing a choice they should never experience. Some of my senior male colleagues knew about Arts behavior which infuriated me. I didnt initially post anything about the #Metoo movement because I felt that my experiences, while unpleasant on the harassment side, did not compare to students and colleagues who had been raped, assaulted, and placed into professionally inappropriate situations. Our discussions at the 2018 International Studies Association (ISA) conference, though, helped me to embrace my own place in the #Metoo movement.

I have mixed feelings about the #Metoo movement as well. On the positive side, I like how it raises awareness of womens experiences with rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment and shows how widespread these experiences are for women. I am glad that women feel comfortable coming forward in our academic community if they have been threatened, harassed, or raped. I am happy that the movement creates a safe space for women to name and shame perpetrators. On the negative side, though, I find it problematic to equate sexual assault and sexual harassment in the broad label of #Metoo. As my experience makes clear, there is a distribution of assault and harassment experiences and the general statement dilutes that variation in my opinion. I have worked with students and colleagues who experienced sexual assault and rape and those issues have been extremely challenging for me to handle as a female mentor. I could bounce back from a male professor asking me to have sex with him. Some of my advisees...


Possible attempted terror attack in Moscow: Taxi rams into Mexican tourists - Update Signs of the Times

A Moscow taxi driver lost control of his car and drove his vehicle onto a crowded sidewalk on Saturday afternoon. At least seven people were injured, including two Mexican nationals, who had come to Russia for the World Cup. The traffic accident occurred on Ilyinka street located close to Red Square on Saturday, when the driver suddenly accelerated, hit the pedestrians on the sidewalk and crashed into a road sign. "According to preliminary data, the crash occurred when the driver lost control of the car," the police said in a statement. A criminal investigation into the incident was launched, the police added later. Footage from the scene shows the driver fleeing angry pedestrians immediately after the incident. It remained unclear, whether people managed to snatch him or if police got him first.


The President Threatens More Tariffs Against China Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON President Trump has directed the U.S. Trade Representative to prepare new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese imports as the two nations move closer to a potential trade war.

In response, China has threatened what it called comprehensive measures, raising the risk that Beijing would target operations of major American companies in china.

Trumps proposed new tariffs would amount to the latest round of punitive steps in an escalating dispute between the worlds two largest economies. The two appear to be edging toward a trade fight that analysts say would undermine both their economies and likely slow global growth.

The White House accuses China of forcing U.S. companies to share advanced technology with Chinese partners as a condition of doing business in China. The administration also revived its complaints Tuesday about Americas gaping trade deficit with China.

Trump previously ordered tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods in retaliation for Beijings forced transfer of U.S. technology and for intellectual property theft. Those tariffs were quickly matched by Chinas threat to penalize on U.S. exports, a move that drew the presidents ire.

Neither side has yet imposed tariffs on the other in their growing dispute over technology and the U.S. trade gap; the first round is to take effect on July 6. But the rhetoric from both sides is intensifying, with Trump lashing out at Beijing over its threat to retaliate against the administrations latest proposed tariffs.

The president asserted in a statement Monday night that China is determined to keep the United States at a permanent and unfair disadvantage.

China apparently has no intention of changing its unfair practices related to the acquisition of American intellectual property and technology, Trump said in the statement. Rather than altering those practices, it is now threatening United States companies, workers, and farmers who have done nothing wrong.

U.S. stock markets fell sharply Tuesday morning, with investors increasingly nervous about the impact of the escalating fight. The Dow Jones industrial average was down about 320 points, or 1.3 percent. Shares of large U.S. companies with significant overseas business were hit especially hard. Boeings stock shed 3.6 percent, Caterpillar 3.7 percent and GE 1.7 percent.

Should China impose its proposed expanded tariffs, Trump warned, he would slap duties on an additional $200 billion of Chinese imports. All told, Trump is now threatening to penalize up to $450 billion of Chinese goods a value representing about 90 percent of Chinese imports last year.

Chinas Commerce Ministry assailed Trumps latest threat, saying it was an act of extreme pressure and blackmail that deviates from the consensus reached by both parties after many negotiatio...


After Months Of Whispers Schulte Charged For Espionage Act Violations Qntra

After months of whispering and leaks, US prosecutors charged Joshua Schulte with violations of the espionage act. At this time it is impossible to tell if criminal organization masquerading as the US Department of Justice actually has anymore "evidence" of a crime than it did when rumours that they wanted to but couldn't actually charge Schulte emerged earlier.


CA Judge: Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech Activist Post

By Mac Slavo A California judge has ruled that social media giant Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech. The judge said that Twitters...


Pressing Politics: The #Metoo movement and the IR Discipline Duck of Minerva

This is guest post from Nina Hall, an Assistant Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins SAIS (tweets @ninawth) and Sarah von Billerbeck is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading (tweets @SvBillerbeck). The authors would like to thank the other Pressing Politics panel co-organizers: Christine Cheng (@cheng_christine), J. Andrew Grant (@jandrewgrant), and John Karlsrud (@johnkarlsrud). We hope to host another Pressing Politics panel at the 2019 annual convention on a topic ISA members deem most pressing.

This is the first post in a series on #metooacademia.

How an ISA Pressing Politics Panel Tackled #Metoo

The International Studies Association (ISA) annual convention is one of the largest academic conferences for International Relations scholars, it attracts approximately 6,000 attendees from all over the world each year. This year the ISA conference decided that the most pressing politics issue to discuss was the #metoo movement in academia. In an innovative roundtable, six panelists from India, Sweden, the US, Canada, and the UK, discussed how the #metoo movement affected them and the academics institutions to which they belong.

This panel was the first of its kind at ISA: a small group of us had worked with ISA to establish a Pressing Politics panel for which the topic was held open until approximately a month before the convention, after which members voted for the topic in an online poll. Our aim was for ISA members to select a pressing, recent, issue that had come up since participants had submitted their conference proposals. We wanted an issue that would not be discussed otherwise at ISA, but that needed academic attention.

Our inspiration for the panel came from the 2017 ISA annual convention, which took place in the aftermath of US President Donald Trumps travel ban on individuals from several Muslim-majority countries. Numerous scholars were prevented from attending the ISA annual convention, which provoked outrage and some ended up boycotting the conference. For those who did attend, discussions in hotel lobbies and hallways and at receptions and post-panel happy hours focused heavily on the ban. This is hardly surprising among a group of individuals who dedicate themselves to better understanding how the international system works,...


UK's policing crisis: Only 9% of criminal suspects are caught and punished as police numbers drop to lowest level in 30 years Signs of the Times

Less than one in 20 street robberies and burglaries are being solved in the UK, shocking new figures have revealed. Official police data shows that just four per cent of robberies and three per cent of burglaries were solved in England and Wales in 2017. The figures will fuel concerns that there is a crisis in the nation's policing, with one MP describing London as 'the Wild West'. In more than 1,000 neighbourhoods with at least 30 crimes, the police failed to catch and punish any of the suspects, The Sunday Times report. Rushcliffe in Nottinghamshire, south Buckinghamshire, south Cambridgeshire, Blackpool and Preston had the lowest rates of solved crime, according to figures. Meanwhile the most crimes, 26 per cent, were solved in Uttlesford in Essex last year, followed by Boston, Merthyr Tydfil, Darlington and County Durham.


Great white shark carcass washes up on California shore Signs of the Times

The carcass of a great white shark washed ashore in Aptos Sunday morning. The shark was found at around 7 a.m. on a beach near the Seascape Beach Resort, resort staff told KSBW. Marine biologist Giancarlo Thomae told KSBW that the 500-pound great white measured 8 feet 9 inches long and was about 5 years old. The shark had numerous puncture wounds and scars from feeding on sea lions. Thomae said that it is unlikely the sea lions killed the shark, but they won't know the cause of death until the results of the necropsy are released. The carcass was removed and transported to Long Marine Lab where a necropsy will be performed early next week.


Barcelona city council asks for state aid to help with refugees from rescue ship Aquarius Signs of the Times

Barcelona city council has said more state aid will be needed to help settle refugees and migrants as the Catalan capital prepares to take in 100 people from the rescue ship Aquarius. Ignasi Calb, the co-ordinator of the Barcelona City of Refugees programme, said that Pedro Snchez's new Socialist government needed to back up its humanitarian gesture with money and policies. "If it's committed on the issue of refugees, the Snchez government has no option but to provide resources," he said. "There could be 300 more Aquarius this year so there needs to be a consistent policy." The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, also called earlier this week for the central government to fulfil its obligations. "Cities can't do it all themselves. We need policies and resources that allow us to plan for this," she said.


UN Human Rights Panel to Discuss U.S. Income Inequality MintPress News

NEW YORKThe United Nations Commission on Human Rights will open debate June 21 on a special report by its lead investigator, who said the U.S. not only is the most unequal society in the developed world, but that Trump administration policies notably the $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich have made a bad situation worse.

UN Special Rapporteur (investigator) On Human Rights Philip Alston, a New York University international law professor, rarely named GOP President Donald Trump and cited only House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for pushing the tax cuts and shredding the social safety net.

But the tax cuts will fuel a global race to the bottom, he declared after a long investigation and visits to key cities nationwide, discussions with policymakers in D.C., and a special trip to hurricane-smashed Puerto Rico.

Alston sent his report to the UN commission. The commissions findings carry weight overseas, but U.S. politicians frequently criticize the panels disregard of human rights abuses in developing nations.

While Alston discusses recent policies in detail, he said the GOP is not alone to blame. He noted the tax cuts follow five decades of policies, neglectful at best, and fueled by prejudice, aimed at the poor.

Policies pursued over the past year seem deliberately designed to remove basic protections from the poorest, punish those who are not in employment and make even basic health care into a privilege to be earned rather than a right of citizenship, Alston reported. Thats an obvious criticism of the Trump administration and the GOP-run Congress.

Alston also said the situation could get even worse than it already is, as massive wealth inequality produces a massive transfer of political power to the rich, at the expense of the rest of us, poor and middle class.

The problem is inequality lacks salience with the general public, who have long been encouraged to admire the conspicuous, and often obscene, consumption of billionaires and celebrities, Alston admits. What extreme inequality actually signifies is the transfer of economic and political power to a handful of elites who inevitably use it to further their own self-interest. While the poor suffer, so too do the middle class, and so does the economy as a whole.

The $1.5 trillion in tax cuts in December 2017 overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy and worsened inequality, his report says. The consequences of neglecting poverty and promoting inequality are clear. The United States has one of the highest poverty and inequality levels among the OECD countries, and the Stanford Center on Inequality and Poverty ranks it 18th out of 21 wealthy countries in terms of labor markets, poverty rates, safety nets, wealth inequality and economic mobility.

In plain English, the old American Dream of getting ahead is...


New Poll Shows Americans Dont Think for Themselves MintPress News

A recent survey conducted by Reuters shows how many Americans base their support or opposition to a given political stance not on the soundness of the policy, but based on whether or not it comes with the backing of a favored or disfavored political authority.

The present situation surrounding the breaking up of migrant families at the border is a case in point. Support and opposition for Trumps policy on the matter seems to come largely from either a desire to defend Donald Trump or from a desire to oppose him in some way. That there are moral issues to be solved here and problems created not just for the migrants, but also for the judicial system, highlighting the corporate cronyism in America, seems to be lacking in consideration.

Those supporting it even go to lengths of manufacturing disinformation about its origin and history, as well as ill conceived notions about the nature of crime and punishment. The mechanics of the policy itself, its implications, and the moral predicament which it imposes are by and large ignored, or speciously justified, while support for the policy seems to stem from a desire to defend their partisan leaders policies. The publics reaction to this policy demonstrates in yet another way the manner in which Americans perceive political policies, that is not on the merits of the policy, or lack thereof, but based on their political persuasions and the personality cult attached to their favored politician.

Intellectual Takeout observes:

It is generally believed that America is more polarized than ever. After all, one need only look at the fallout from the last election to test this theory: both liberals and conservatives are convinced that their ideas and principles are the best and should be followed.

But a recent survey by Reuters casts a bit of doubt on how well people really know their own minds and understand the political principles they say they adhere to. It appears that many Americans base their views on whether a particular authority figure holds them.

As Reuters explains, surveyors read a variety of political statements which Donald Trump made on the campaign trail to mixed groups of Republicans and Democrats. One group was told that each statement was made by Trump; the other omitted that important detail. In almost every case, Democrat support for the statement decreased when Trumps name was attached, while Republican support increased.

Government-run health care is a prime example of this. When asked if government should take care of everyone, 68 percent of Democrats agreed. Only 33 percent of Republicans did the same. But when Trumps name was thrown into the ring, both parties had a sudden change of heart. Democrats in particular exhibited a 20 percent drop in support for government-run health...


You Can Now Listen to Children Whove Just Been Separated From Their Parents at the Border MintPress News

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like theyre crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream Mami and Pap over and over again, as if those are the only words they know.

The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. Well, we have an orchestra here, he jokes. Whats missing is a conductor.

Then a distraught but determined 6-year-old Salvadoran girl pleads repeatedly for someone to call her aunt. Just one call, she begs anyone who will listen. She says shes memorized the phone number, and at one point, rattles it off to a consular representative. My mommy says that Ill go with my aunt, she whimpers, and that shell come to pick me up there as quickly as possible.

An audio recording obtained by ProPublica adds real-life sounds of suffering to a contentious policy debate that has so far been short on input from those with the most at stake: immigrant children. More than 2,300 of them have been separated from their parents since April, when the Trump administration launched its zero tolerance immigration policy, which calls for prosecuting all people who attempt to illegally enter the country and taking away the children they brought with them. More than 100 of those children are under the age of 4. The children are initially held in warehouses, tents or big box stores that have been converted into Border Patrol detention facilities.

Condemnations of the policy have been swift and sharp, including from some of the administrations most reliable supporters. It has united religious conservatives and immigrant rights activists, who have said that zero tolerance amounts to zero humanity. Democratic and Republican members of Congress spoke out against the administrations enforcement efforts over the weekend. Former first lady Laura Bush called the administrations practices cruel and immoral, and likened images of immigrant children being held in kennels to those that came out of Japanese internment camps during World War II. And the American Academy of Pediatrics has said the practice of separating children from their parents can cause the children irreparable harm.

Still, the administration had stood...


US Senate blocks sale of F-35s to Turkey due to Ankara's relationship with Moscow Signs of the Times

US Senators have voted to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey, slamming their NATO ally for plans to buy Russian S-400 missile batteries. Ankara warned of "an alternative" should the deal be called off. The first of the 100 US-made F-35 fighter jets were to be delivered to Turkey on June 21 but now the whole deal might be off as the US Senators voted to kill the sale. The bill, which is yet to be approved by President Donald Trump, passed the Senate floor on Monday, with 85 votes in favor and 10 against. Lawmakers chose to remove Turkey from the F-35 program, citing two reasons - the first is Turkey's plans to purchase S-400 surface-to-air missile batteries from Russia. The adopted bill states that such a deal "is sanctionable under current United States law." The agreement to deliver two S-400 batteries was concluded between Moscow and Ankara last year, and the prospects of a key NATO ally in the region buying Russian arms immediately unnerved the US politicians.


US and S. Korea suspend 'provocative and expensive' military drills Signs of the Times

US President Donald Trump seems to be delivering on his promise to scale down military exercises with South Korea, which he made after meeting North Korea's Kim Jong-un. A drill scheduled for August has been suspended. Washington and Seoul have agreed to suspend their preparations for the exercise code-named Ulchi Freedom Guardian, the South Korean defense ministry said on Tuesday. "The South and the U.S. plan to continue consultations over additional measures," the ministry's text message to the media said, as cited by Yonhap news agency. The South Korean ministry stressed that no decision was taken regarding other joint training exercises with the Americans. Two other major regular joint military exercises hosted by South Korea are Key Resolve and Foal Eagle usually held in springtime and in autumn respectively.


UK prison with 'staggering' suicide rate still failing inmates, says report Signs of the Times

A prison that had the highest suicide rate in England and Wales in 2017, and where 20 men have taken their own lives since 2011, has a "staggering" death rate and is still failing inmates, a report has said. Inspectors who turned up unannounced at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes in February said that there were "chronic and substantial" staff shortages.


Venezuela To Not Participate in Guyana-led Process at ICJ New on

Venezuela has claimed the region part of its territory for hundreds of years, but in 1966 the U.K., which was Guyana's then-colonizer, gave the authority to Guyana.


Boston Globe columnist suspended for 'embellishing' Boston Marathon bombing story Signs of the Times

Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen has been suspended without pay for three months after "serious violations" in remarks he made about the Boston Marathon bombings - a penalty his union says he's going to fight. Scott Steeves, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, told the Herald last night Cullen will take his case to arbitration. "Kevin looks forward to defending himself," Steeves said. "The guild stands behind Kevin 100 percent." The Globe announced last night Cullen will be demoted to general assignment reporter for the first two months upon his return before being allowed to write his column again. The suspension comes after Cullen was called out by WEEI's Kirk Minihane for embellishing his reporting of the Boston Marathon bombings - including a broadcast report of him supposedly urging a city firefighter to come out for a drink the night of the bombings. Comment: His piece implied he was on the scene when the explosions happened (he wasn't), among other fake details. As the Globe's review concluded, "scenes in which he was centrally involved but, to the best of our knowledge, didn't occur." "Our review leads us to a conclusion that Mr. Cullen damaged his credibility," Publisher John Henry and Editor Brian McGrory wrote, adding they were "serious violations for any journalist." A scrub of his work was led by Kathleen Carroll, the former executive editor of The Associated Press, and Tom Fiedler, dean of the College of Communication at Boston University. A second review was done by two Globe editors and a former reporter who fact-checked some of Cullen's columns.


Trump, GOP to Huddle as Outrage Builds Over Border Policy Truthdig RSS

WASHINGTON Republicans on Capitol Hill frantically searched on Tuesday for ways to end the administrations policy of separating families after illegal border crossings, ahead of a visit from President Trump to discuss broader immigration legislation.

Top conservatives, including key Trump allies, announced they were introducing bills to stop the practice amid a public outcry over the administrations zero tolerance approach to illegal crossings.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas introduced legislation that the White House said it was reviewing, and Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a leader of the conservative Freedom Caucus, also introduced a measure.

Both bills were offered as alternatives in case broader GOP immigration legislation heading for a vote this week fails, as is likely. This becomes a backup proposal, Meadows told reporters at the White House.

Trumps meeting late Tuesday with House Republicans comes as lawmakers in both parties are up in arms after days of news reports showing images of children being held at border facilities in cages and an audio recording of a young child pleading for his Papa.

The issue boiled over Tuesday at a House hearing on an unrelated subject when protesters with babies briefly shut down proceedings.

Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, teared up as he pleaded with Republicans on the panel to end what he called internment camps.

We need you, those children need you and I am talking directly to my Republican colleagues we need you to stand up to President Donald Trump, he said.

Under the current policy, all unlawful crossings are referred for prosecution a process that moves adults to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service and sends many children to facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services. Under the Obama administration, such families were usually referred for civil deportation proceedings, not requiring separation.

Nearly 2,000 children were separated from their families over a six-week period in April and May.

The House is already embroiled in an election-year struggle over immigration legislation that threatens to hurt Republicans in November.

Democrats have seized on the family separation issue. And now, Republicans are increasingly joining them in their call to stop separating families.

While cases are pending, families should stay together, tweeted Cruz, who is in an unexpectedly tough re-election battle. He introduced his own bill to speed up court proceedings to no more than 14 days. Children belong with their families.

Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton called for an immediate end to the ugly and inhumane practice of separation. Its never acceptable to use kids as bargaining...


Parkland sheriff's deputy had "no legal duty" to stop school shooting, according to his lawyers Signs of the Times

Many have called him a coward, but former sheriff's deputy Scot Peterson had no legal duty to stop the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, his attorneys say. Peterson took shelter rather than confront the killer, but he did not act with malice or bad faith, according to his attorneys, Michael Piper and Christopher Stearns of Fort Lauderdale. Therefore he can't be held legally responsible for the deaths, they say in court documents. Allegations against Peterson suggest only that he "opted for self-preservation over heroics," the attorneys wrote. The statements came in a motion seeking to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Andrew Pollack, the father of 18-year-old Meadow Pollack, who was killed in the shooting. Pollack sued Peterson on April 30 in Broward Circuit Court, accusing the former school resource officer of failing to do his duty.


FLASHBACK: HRW: Bill Clinton's laws created a shameful immigration system of mass detention and abuse of refugees and migrants Signs of the Times

Clinton-era immigration laws "have subjected hundreds of thousands of people to arbitrary detention, fast-track deportations and family separation," Human Rights Watch says in a new report. The rights group says two 1996 immigration laws signed by President Bill Clinton have created a system in which refugees and migrants face detention and fast-track deportation without adequate consideration from U.S. authorities. Human Rights Watch is calling on the U.S. Congress to repeal provisions in these two laws. President Clinton signed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, or AEDPA, in 1996. Human Rights Watch says the legislation "greatly expanded the grounds for detaining and deporting immigrants, including long-term legal residents," authorizing for the first time fast-track deportation procedures, which are now frequently used in the U.S.


Animal welfare charity urges ethical retailers to stop stocking Ecover and Method Health Nut News

Animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation, has asked ethical supermarkets and online stores to remove Ecover and Method from their stock because of their acquisition by SC Johnson earlier this year. Previously both brands were approved as cruelty-free in the foundations Compassionate Shopping Guide but have since had their endorsement revoked. Ecover and Method, collectively known as People []

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Five undocumented immigrants dead in Texas after high-speed chase ends in crash Signs of the Times

Authorities said five undocumented immigrants are dead following a chase involving Border Patrol agents Sunday afternoon. Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd said the crash happened off Highway 85 in Big Wells at about noon. Boyd said agents were chasing the SUV when it lost control and overturned. The vehicle was traveling at more than 100 miles per hour when it crashed. Fourteen people were inside, including the driver and passenger. Twelve immigrants were ejected and four died at the scene when the car crashed and rolled over, according to Boyd. A fifth person later died at the hospital. A total of 9 people were transported to the hospital, including five who went to San Antonio Military Medical Center and the rest going to local hospitals. The driver, who is believed to be a United States citizen, was among those transported. Boyd credited "good police work" for the reason why deputies started pursuing the vehicle.


Over half of all Russians want Putin to remain president after 2024, poll shows Signs of the Times

Over half of respondents in a Russian poll said that they would prefer Vladimir Putin to remain in power after his current term expires in 2024, regardless of the direct constitutional ban on such a move. According to the research, conducted by the independent public opinion think tank Levada, the share of Russians who say that they would prefer to see Putin as president after his current term expires in 2024 is 51 percent. 27 percent of respondents described such scenario as 'undesirable'. The Russian Constitution does not allow the same person to assume the presidential post for more than two terms in a row and Putin has repeatedly told the press that he had no intention to violate or change this rule.


Entertainers who have deals with Fox are now denouncing Fox News Fast Company

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and former Fox affiliate Judd Apatow are leading the chargeand calling on other entertainers to follow suit.

As Trumps zero-tolerance policy for immigrants increasingly becomes a flashpoint on the issue of basic morality in America, Fox News has remained a steadfast defender of this administration. One person taking exception to the networks role in providing political cover is Seth MacFarlane, who has created several shows for parent company, 20th Century Fox.

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Heroes and Villains Images for the Soul Waking Times

Jon Rappoport, Guest
Waking Times

Yes, movies are made to install predictive programming in the audience, and to plant values and behaviors, and to debase the culture, and so forth and so on. But in many movies, something much simpler is going on

Whether its the good cop capturing the bad criminal, or the warrior in outer space defending the home planet against evil marauders, heroes and villains in movies spark deep resonance in the viewing audience. A link is forged.

I want this hero. I want this hero to win. I want the good to triumph. I want evil to be vanquished.

And why not?

These heroes, in their fictional worlds, are keeping the future open. Theyre guarding their civilization. Theyre keeping The Individual freefree to pursue happiness and fulfillment according to his own dictates, dreams, visions, and plans.

At bottom, this is what thousands of movies are about. The audience may not be able to drill down to the core of meaning, but they absorb the message on an emotional level. They feel a moment of inspiration. A flame of hope is lit.

The urge to tear down all heroes and dismantle the best ideas and principles of society is, for an hour or two, put on the back burner. Instead, the viewer sees his own possible advance toward manifesting what he truly desires in life.

No movie has ever produced this salutary effect by portraying a group as an amorphous massits always the individual hero who stands out and carries the plot line. This is vital. The audience responds to this.

The audience member sees his own victory mirrored in the individual heros victory.

And then, in real life, it all changes. At that point, we are supposed to accept something decidedly different: the winning of the future by and for a Collective.

What happened?

A delusion happened. Is happening. Its called utopian programming. Its called propaganda.

All of a sudden, a big vague WE takes center stage. WE are going to curtail our best individual visions and join everybody else in creating a better world.

Who is promoting this?



British town mayor jailed for sleeping with 13-year-old girl - who shared bed with him and his wife Signs of the Times

A former Mayor and conservative councillor has been jailed for abusing a teenage girl who he forced to sleep in bed with him and his wife during the three years he abused her. Simon Thornton was jailed for nine years on Monday after a judge heard how he used the thirteen-year-old girl as a sex object. The court also heard that 46-year-old Thornton, Mayor of Godalming in Surrey between 2006 and 2009, told police who arrested him: 'You know I am the Mayor?' Thornton admitted 22 charges involving having sexual relations with the girl when she was between the ages of 13 and 15. He denied two other counts of paying for sex and producing child pornography. Balding Thornton sat in the dock as the judge listed a litany of offences involving sex with a girl 'weekly' over a three year period. The court heard how Thornton had begun grooming the girl from her 13th birthday, buying her phones, picking her up from school and inviting her to his work and home whenever possible.


Where are the Girls?: Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Cant Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held The Daily Sheeple

As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each others throats pointing fingers over whos responsible. In the meantime, what was a conspiracy theory a month ago is now being confirmed by the very people accused of keeping people in cages. One question, however, has just been raised which gives one a dark and sickly feeling inside when thinking about the potential answers to it: Where are the girls?

There is something particularly disturbing about the minuscule amount of footage recently released by HHS last weekit only shows boys, and only boys age 10 and up. Where are the girls? Where are the toddlers? Where are the babies?

Could it be that HHS is only releasing footage of these older boys to portray an image of less suffering and compliant young men in order to keep the public happy? Are the places where girls are kept so disturbing that none of this footage cam be released?

According to official policy, the government does not remove toddlers and babies from their mothers. However, as TFTP reported, a mother from Honduras who came to the U.S. seeking asylum with her family said she was breastfeeding her infant at a detention center when her baby was suddenly taken from her with no warning and no explanation.

Now, the question of where are the girls? has become such an issue that it made its way to the White House and a reporter asked Department of Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen.

Monday afternoon, during a White House press briefing, a reporter asked, Why is the government only releasing images of the boys being held? Where are the girls & toddlers?

Nielsen could not answer. When asked about the now infamous footage released by HHS that has been played all day on every major network, showing boys inside the Brownsville, Texas Walmart turned detention center, Nielsen claimed she never saw it.

When pressed on the issue, Nielsen then deflected the reporter claiming that she will look into that.


What is Trump's position? Exactly what he campaigned on Signs of the Times

Elected for his promises to change the paradigm, President Trump continues to astonish all those who take him for an idiot. Yet all he is doing is implementing the ideas that he developed during his electoral campaign, thus taking his place in a political tradition which, although long neglected, is solidly anchored in US history. Leaving aside the President's public relations communications, Thierry Meyssan analyses his acts as compared with his engagements. During the US Presidential electoral campaign, we demonstrated that the rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not concern their style so much as their culture [1]. The outsider challenged the Puritan domination over the USA, and demanded a return to the original compromise of 1789 - the Bill of Rights - between the revolutionaries who were fighting King George, and the major land-owners of the 13 colonies. Not as amateur in politics as people thought, he had already displayed his opposition to the system on the very day of the attacks of 9/11 [2], then, later, with the controversy he maintained concerning President Obama's birthplace. We did not interpret Donald Trump's fortune as a clear signal that he would be taking action in service of the rich, but as proof that he would defend productive capitalism against speculative capitalism. We pointed out that on foreign policy, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had chosen the option of war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, implementing the strategy of Admiral Cebrowski to destroy the state structures of all the States in the Greater Middle East [3] ; while on the interior, they suspended the Bill of Rights - all of which led to the depreciation and pauperisation of the poor white elements of US society. On the contrary, Donald Trump continually denounced the American Empire, and announced the return to Republican principles. He espoused the ideas of Andrew Jackson (1829-37) [4], and was adopted by the ex-collaborators of Richard Nixon (1969-74) [5].


IG Report Confirms Obama Lied About Hillary Email Server WorldTruth.Tv

Thursdays DOJ Inspector General report covering the Obama DOJ/FBI conduct during the Hillary Clinton email investigation confirms a bombshell that had previously been hinted at through WikiLeaks disclosures: Obama lied when he said in 2015 that he learned of Hillary Clintons private email server through a New York Times report. Specifically, Obama told CBS News the following a March 7, 2015 report: President Obama only learned of Hillary []


Russia & India ditching US dollar in defense deals, bypassing sanctions Signs of the Times

Moscow and Delhi are seeking to bypass US sanctions by using the rupee and the ruble in facilitating military deals, according to Indian daily, the Economic Times. The paper reports that US sanctions are hampering $2 billion in defense deals between Russia and India, as payments are getting stuck. The countries are seeking to avoid this by switching to settlements in domestic currencies and ditching the greenback.


Macron, stop your anti-refugee policy, Amnesty says Dear Kitty. Some blog

Amnesty protest slogan in Paris: By protecting their [the refugees'] dignity, we preserve our humanity. AFP photo

Not just President Trump of the USA gets lots of criticism for his harsh anti-immigration policy. So does French President Macron, Trumps partner in crime in bombing Syria and in other issues; since Trumps trade war and Iran shooting warmongering, now (temporarily?) a bit less of a partner.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Migration causes headaches for President Macron

With light rays, Amnesty projected words and sentences on the Palais Bourbon, the stately Assemble building. There is room for everyone, was read on the facade. And also: How can you let people die at sea with a good conscience?

President Macron recently came under fire because of...


C60: Currently the Best Known Life Extender on the Planet Waking Times

Makia Freeman, Guest
Waking Times

C60 (Carbon 60) is the newest health sensation in the natural health and longevity worlds. So what is C60? It is simply a special geometrical arrangement of 60 carbon atoms into a single molecule that looks like a soccer ball, made up of inter-locking pentagonal and hexagonal structures. C60 molecules are also called fullerenes or buckyballs after Buckminster Fuller, the man who discovered them. By the way, Fuller was the very same guy who said that the best way to overcome a (failing, tyrannical or destructive) system is to create a new one that makes the old one obsolete. Understanding this is the key to defeating the New World Order (NWO) worldwide conspiracy.

A Special Form of Carbon Charcoal

Carbon is a very versatile element, which can manifest itself in many allotropes such as graphite (for pencils), coal and diamond, just to name a few. We humans are carbon-based creatures. C60 is a naturally occurring form of carbon derived from charcoal. If you think its strange or unhealthy to ingest charcoal, consider this for a moment: activated charcoal is commonly sold as a supplement and given to people who are suffering acute poisoning. It absorbs the poison by drawing it into its (the charcoals) pores. Likewise, zeolite (derived from volcanic mineral ash) is a potent detoxifier which operates on the same principle of drawing in toxic heavy metals and other contaminants to remove them safely from the body.

The C60 Rat Study in France 2o12

What put C60 on the map was this 2012 rat study in France led by Fathi Moussa. The scientists split the rats into 2 groups (the control group and the test group) and gave the latter C60 absorbed in olive oil. C60 is not water-soluble but it is fat-soluble, so they surmised that olive oil w...


Spirit Science ~ The Dirt on Agriculture After the Shift


Welcome back to Spirit Science! Today we get our hands dirty as we investigate the plant agricultural systems of our modern world, and discover what is happening beneath our feet around the world. Because of the way we have constructed our lives as a species when investigating industrial plant-based agricultural, we have found that the system is in the same kind of trouble as it is with the other industries that weve looked at previously. The issues surrounding plant-based agriculture are slightly different, but dont let that fool you. They are just as dangerous as any other of the heavily commercialized industrial practices are on our health. Although there seem to be fewer diseases related to consuming mass produced plants they are still responsible for major health issues due to modern chemical agriculture, genetic modification, and low nutrient quality. When we found out that the most traditionally nourishing plant foods on the planet now have the lowest levels of nutrients within them that they ever have, we just had to find out why! One of the things we found out is that it all comes down to the dirt.

Iran looks to veto Saudi, Russian proposal for increased oil production Signs of the Times

In the latest signal that the upcoming OPEC+ meeting in Vienna could end in disaster, Iran's OPEC representative said the country will veto any proposal for a production increase with the support of Venezuela and Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Russia will propose an increase in production beginning from July 1, with the range of the suggested increase at between 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) and 1.5 million bpd. However, "Three OPEC founders are going to stop it," Hossein Kazempour Ardebili told Bloomberg, adding "If the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Russia want to increase production, this requires unanimity. If the two want to act alone, that's a breach of the cooperation agreement."


The Black Pope Is The Jesuit Superior General and He Is 6 Levels Above The White Pope WorldTruth.Tv

The Vatican has been under the control of its largest all-male order, the Jesuits for a very long time. The Jesuits were created in 1534 to serve as the counter-reformation the arm of the Church that would help to fight the Muslims and the Protestant Reformers. However, they fought with espionage. The Jesuits were []


Cord-cutting report: Streaming services will be 25% of the pay-TV market by 2023 Fast Company

UBS is increasing its outlook for streaming TV services such as Sling TV and DirecTV Now.

UBS is increasing its outlook for streaming TV services such as Sling TV and DirecTV Now, estimating that such services will make up 25% of the pay-TV market in five years. Meanwhile, USB expects traditional TV subscriptions to decline 4.1% over the next year alone.

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How sourdough bread is helping people eat gluten again Health Nut News

If youre gluten sensitive or have given up bread because of what it does to your waistline, you might want to read on. Theres good news for those of us who love bread but dont love how it makes us feel or what it does to us: sourdough! While many people are indeed gluten intolerant []

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Elon Musk hints at sabotage after small fire disrupts operations at Fremont, California plant Signs of the Times

A fire that has briefly disrupted operations at a Tesla plant in Fremont, California, has prompted the car-maker's CEO Elon Musk to send a cryptic message, asking staff to be vigilant, in light of "another strange incident." The internal email from Musk, first reported by CNBC, revealed that a "small" fire broke out at a car body production line in the factory late Sunday, halting operations "for several hours." Calling the blaze "a strange incident that was hard to explain," Musk then appeared to suggest that the mishap might have been the result of malicious intent. "Could just be a random event, but as [Intel co-founder] Andy Grove said, "Only the paranoid survive," the electric car manufacturer's CEO noted, before urging employees to "be on the alert for anything that's not in the best interests of our company." In a tone highlighting the gravity of the matter, Musk asks workers to contact him directly if they don't get any feedback otherwise. The fire resulted in no injuries; nor did it inflict substantial damage on equipment and nobody was present on the premises, Musk wrote, as cited in the report.


Americas Record High Suicide Rate Reflects Declining Economy, Culture MintPress News

ATLANTA, GEORGIA As the Maryland lawyer remembers it, the call came from his mother a few years back. After a few financial setbacks, the lawyers younger, adult brother had moved back in with his mother but he hadnt been himself of late. He slept away much of the day, and when he was awake, he was unusually lethargic and sullen, refusing to eat or shower most days.

The lawyer buzzed over and found his brother in the basement. He was unresponsive, semi-conscious and fully naked, and sweating profusely although his skin felt cold to the touch. In the corner of the darkened basement, the lawyer spied a bottle of car antifreeze, and when he walked over to pick it up, was horrified by his discovery:

It was empty.

The lawyer, who did not want his name used, wrapped his brother in a blanket, bundled him into his car, and sped off to the nearest hospital. After what seemed an eternity, the emergency room physician surfaced from his examination, and with a shrug of his shoulder, proclaimed:

It could go either way.

The lawyers brother, thankfully, survived but his failure represents the proverbial exception that proves the rule. Americans today are killing themselves as though it is going out of style.


Suicidal surges

Suicide in the United States has surged to its highest levels since 1986, according to a report published this month by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), coinciding with the high-profile suicides of the fashion designer Kate Spade and the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The federal agency found increases in virtually every state, with more than half the states reporting an increase of more than 30 percent between 1999 and 2016. Perhaps more disturbingly, the data analysis identified a sharp increase in suicides for every age group except older adults.

Americans are stressed graphThe rise was particularly steep for women and the middle-aged, whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s. In total, nearly 43,000 Americans died by suicide in 2016, making it the 10...


US Looks To Foreign Turboprops To Solve Close Air Support Dilemma Qntra

The ongoing delays associated with the US F-35 "Joint Strike Fighter" and dwindling numbers of airworthy A-10 combat aircraft has the US looking at a major procurement of lightly armored turboprop aircraft to fill their close air support role (archived). Options being considered include the Brazilian Embraer A-29 Super Tucano and the Beechcraft AT-6B trainer. This move represents a step towards bringing the US aircraft fleet closer in capability to American regional powers Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.



Escalating trade war between US and China brings markets down Signs of the Times

Bulletin headline summary from RanSquawk DAX and FTSE at 1 month lows in sour risk tone as Trump issues USD 200bln tariff threat Tariff threats send the DXY to YTD high Looking ahead, highlights include, the Technical committee meeting between OPEC and non-OPEC members, ECB's Lane and Fed's Bullard The headline news that dominate markets today are not that different from yesterday, especially since it is really just one: the escalating trade war between the US and China. Only unlike yesterday, when futures were modestly lower and levitated higher all day, with the Nasdaq closing in the green and the S&P barely lower, today's tripling down by the Trump administration, which has now threatened to re-double down and set 10% tariffs on up to $200BN in Chinese imports has finally spooked US equity futures and global markets, with the Dow futures down 340 points this morning, and global markets a sea of red, while safe havens such as the dollar and US Treasurys are sharply bid.


Transcending Inadequacy: Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety and Depression Wake Up World

June 20th, 2018 By Matthew J. Holden Guest writer for Wake Up World Inadequacy or low self worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low self worth paralyzes one"s life with anxiety and fear, and often leads to depression. I"ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition but solving this []


Why Occultism & Conspiracy Theory Go Hand-in-Hand disinformation

Is it just a coincidence that so many occultists are also conspiracy theorists, or is there a connection between the two belief systems? Just when I thought I was done heaping ridicule... The post Why Occultism & Conspiracy Theory Go Hand-in-Hand appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]

Tuesday, 19 June


Global markets tumble in response to escalating trade war between US and China Signs of the Times

Global stocks crashed on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump threatened another 10-percent tariff on $200 billion of Chinese imports in response to Beijing's retaliation for the previous package of levies imposed by the US. China vowed to protect its interests, countering any US tariffs imposed on its goods with a mirror response. "This practice of extreme pressure and blackmail" will be met with other comprehensive quantitative and qualitative measures, the country's Commerce Ministry warned. "The United States has initiated a trade war that violates market laws and is not in accordance with current global development trends," it added.


Hillary Flashback On Illegal Immigrant Children: They Should Be Sent Back WorldTruth.Tv

During a 2014 interview with CNN, Hillary Clinton said that the answer to the problem of children of illegal immigrants pouring across the border was to send them back. President Trump is currently under assault for enforcing the law under the Flores Settlement Agreement, which dictates that all illegal border crossers have their children taken []


Sanctions and Blockade: Aggression to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela New on

This report examines the attempt to impose the Monroe Doctrine through US-led sanctions.


Trump Directs Department of Defense to Create a "Space Force" Operation Disclosure

Trump directs Pentagon to create 'space force'

06/18/18 01:07 PM EDT

Source: The Hill | By ELLEN MITCHELL

President Trump on Monday announced that he's directing the Pentagon to create a space force as the Defense Departments sixth military service branch.

When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space, Trump said during a meeting with members of the National Space Council (NSC).

Im hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces. Thats a big statement. We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force, separate but equal.

The declaration follows statements made in March in which he endorsed the idea of creating an independent military branch for space.

You know, I was saying it the other day because were doing a tremendous amount of work in space I said, Maybe we need a new force, well call it the Space Force. Trump said during a speech to military personnel in San Diego.

Military officials, however, have been lukewarm on the idea in the past.

The House Armed Services Committee last year attempted but failed to establish in the annual defense policy bill a separate space corps within the Air Force. Air Force leaders, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford all opposed it.

The military heads warned it would be premature to create a separate space entity and add burdensome bureaucracy to the service.

And U.S. Strategic Command head Gen. John Hyte...


Trump Orders Establishment of Space Force and Signs Space-Traffic Policy Operation Disclosure

Trump Orders Space Force for 'American Dominance,' Signs Space-Traffic Policy

By Sarah Lewin, Associate Editor | June 18, 2018 02:51pm ET

President Donald Trump directed officials Monday (June 18) to establish a military Space Force before signing a new U.S. policy for space traffic control. The measure, he said, is another step forward in U.S. leadership in space.

Trump spoke at the third public meeting of the newly-reinstated National Space Council, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and hosted at the White House, and officially signed the council's third space policy directive. This document concerns monitoring objects in orbit and sharing the information so spacecraft can avoid collisions. But near the beginning of his remarks, Trump focused on the security implications of operating in space.

"The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers," Trump said in his opening remarks. "But our destiny beyond the Earth is not only a matter of national identity, but a matter of national security so important for our military. ... When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space."[Presidential Visions for Space Exploration: From Ike to Trump

He then directed the Department of Defense and the Pentagon to establish a Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.

Next, he moved on to the directive of the day, whose goal is to reduce encroaching space debris.

"I am instructing my administration to embrace the budding commercial space industry," Trump said. "We are modernizing out-of-date space regulation...


VR might be able to help kids get over their fear of needles Fast Company

Virtual reality is making a trip to the doctors office less scary.

When I was a kid, I would hide under the desk in the doctors office and kick anyone who came near me with a needle. Kids these days dont need a desk to duck under, because they can hide in a virtual world instead.

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(Video) The Daily Signal -- Newt Gingrich on the Corruption of the Clinton's Operation Disclosure

Published on Jun 11, 2018

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on the Clintons history of corruption and what our government would look like if Hillary had won.


Jon Rappoport -- Socialism Exposed: Thick Lipstick on a Global Pig Operation Disclosure

Socialism exposed: thick lipstick on a global pig

By Jon Rappoport

To give you an idea of the deception inherent in socialism, here is a quote from none other than Andrew Carnegie, once one of the richest men in America:

"I believe Socialism is the grandest theory ever presented, and I am sure it will someday rule the world. Then we will have attained the Millennium...Then men will be content to work for the general welfare and share their riches with their neighbors." (The New York Times, 1 January 1885, "A Millionaire Socialist")

Carnegie, of course, like several of his ultra-rich compatriots, devised a method to give away his riches while keeping them: the non-profit foundation.

The last thing on Carnegie's bloated mind was becoming "equal" with the great unwashed.

He was a liar of the first order. He recognized that, when you win the game of free enterprise, your most corrupt bet is to turn around and find every possible way to block others from winning. Then, you stand at the top of the heap, unchallenged.

That is exactly what he had in mind. That's what socialism actually meant to him.

Let's see socialism for what it is. Not in the abstract, but in reality.

Socialism is:

The taking of money (taxes) from some people who work for it and giving it to others who don't work for it. On a grand scale.

The vast expansion of freebies doled out by central government. In order to create and sustain dependence.

The government protection of favored persons and corporations, permitting them and aiding them to expand their fortunes without limit, regardless of what crimes they commit in the process. (Monsanto would be a fine example.)

The squeezing out of those who would compete with the favored persons and corporations.



The effects of avocados on inflammation Health Nut News

In case youd been wondering, high-fat plant foods like avocados, peanuts, and walnuts have a high and positive impact on inflammation in the body. If you are a regular meat eater, youll want the info contained in this video. RELATED STORY: Make Moist Chocolate Cake from Avocado Instead of Eggs and Dairy

The post The effects of avocados on inflammation appeared first on Health Nut News.


People Are Paying Insane Amounts Of Real Money For Virtual Real Estate TruthTheory

By Victor Tangermann via Futurism

A plot of land that you can call your own. A couple of thousand square feet of untouched soil, trees and all, where you can let your imagination run wild.

A dream come true, right? Well, sort of. This is virtual real estate.

And you cant even visit it yet.

Genesis City is a plot of virtual land, roughly the size of Washington, D.C., that investors can buy slices of for obscene amounts of money. Even a simple 1,100 square foot plot can go for as much as $200,000, according to Bloomberg.

This bizarre bubble market was born from the promise of a VR future. Ray Kurzweil has predicted that, in a matter of years, physical workplaces will be a thing of the past, replaced by virtual ones. By 2020, virtual reality and augmented reality are predicted to rake in an estimated $162 billion in revenue. So, naturally, if theres real estate to be had (even if its virtual), people will pop up to buy and sell it.


Global cooling: Snow settles on the mountains of southern Norway just 2 days before midsummer Signs of the Times

The mountains of Southern Norway are supposed to be welcoming summer tourists, hikers and cyclists at this time of year, but folks in Sognefjellet, Valdresflyet and Hardangervidda woke up Tuesday to find wet snow that had dusted the landscape. With more snow expected this week, highway officials are urging caution when driving on mountain roads. All mountain passes remained open but the asphalt can be slick. State broadcaster NRK reported that highway officials at Statens vegvesen aren't demanding a shift to winter tires, but warn that relatively cold temperatures are forecast for the rest of the week. "Drive in accordance with weather conditions," was their standard advice


How To Make Lavender Iced Tea and Why You Should Be Drinking It WorldTruth.Tv

Lavender tea can help ease insomnia. Lavender tea can help calm nervousness and anxiety. Its also used to alleviate stress and uplift flagging spirits. Lavender tea may help treat an upset stomach, as well as flatulence and colic. It may also be used to treat stomach infections, bowel infections, helps alleviate depression and can combat []


Government Eyes Are Watching You: We Are All Prisoners of the Surveillance State The Daily Sheeple

Were run by the Pentagon, were run by Madison Avenue, were run by television, and as long as we accept those things and dont revolt well have to go along with the stream to the eventual avalanche. As long as we go out and buy stuff, were at their mercy We all live in a little Village. Your Village may be different from other peoples Villages, but we are all prisoners. Patrick McGoohan

First broadcast in America 50 years ago, The Prisonera dystopian television series described as James Bond meets George Orwell filtered through Franz Kafkaconfronted societal themes that are still relevant today: the rise of a police state, the freedom of the individual, round-the-clock surveillance, the corruption of government, totalitarianism, weaponization, group think, mass marketing, and the tendency of humankind to meekly accept their lot in life as a prisoner in a prison of their own making.

Perhaps the best visual debate ever on individuality and freedom, The Prisoner (17 episodes in all) centers around a British secret agent who abruptly resigns only to find himself imprisoned and interrogated in a mysterious, self-contained, cosmopolitan, seemingly tranquil retirement community known only as the Village. The Village is an idyllic setting with parks and green fields, recreational activities and even a butler.

While luxurious and resort-like, the Village is a virtual prison disguised as a seaside paradise: its inhabitants have no true freedom, they cannot leave the Village, they are under constant surveillance, their movements are tracked by surveillance drones, and they are stripped of their individuality and identified only by numbers.

The series protagonist, played by Patrick McGoohan, is Number Six.

Number Two, the Village administrator, acts as an agent for the unseen and all-powerful Number One, whose identity is not revealed until the final episode.

I am not a number. I am a free man, was the mantra chanted on each episode of The Prisoner, which was largely written and directed by McGoohan.

In the opening episode (The Arrival), Number Six meets Number Two, who explains to him that he is in The Village because information stored inside his head has made him too valuable to be allowed to roam free outside.

Throughout the series, Number Six is subjected to interrogation tactics, torture, hallucinogenic drugs, identity theft, mind contro...


This tween wellness line gives puberty a chic makeover Fast Company

Blume is the first cohesive line of self-care products just for girls. Can it make puberty less dauntingfor both tweens and moms?

Todays teens have plenty of access to information, but that hasnt necessarily mitigated the insecurities and embarrassment that accompanies puberty. They might not need the talk anymore, but they still need guidance when it comes to navigating the transition to adulthood. And that includes what to buy.

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Tennis ball size hail damages cars and homes in northern Colorado Signs of the Times

A hail storm is causing damage across northern Colorado, near Boulder and Louisville. According to the national weather service (NWS), residents could see hail ranging from quarter to tennis ball size. The NWS said they are getting reports of smashed windshields and dents in cars in the area of Coal Creek and Lousiville. This storm comes a week after a damaging hail storm that hit southern Colorado Springs.


Worlds oldest Sumatran orangutan, RIP Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Perth Zoo in Australia says about itself:

Farewell to the Oldest Sumatran Orangutan in the World!

18 June 2018

Yesterday the Zoo family farewelled Puan, the oldest orangutan in the world, due to age related complications.

Puan was one of a kind, an individual to the end. She was a grand old lady who demanded respect and earned respect.

As the founder of our world-renowned breeding program her legacy is phenomenal with descendants living all over the world.

Rest in peace Puan, may you climb happily in the jungles of the sky.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Her offspring have been placed in other zoos all over the world, some of them have been placed back in the wild.

Puan received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2016 because of her old age. Adult animals of the endangered species are rarely older than 50 years in the wild.

Breeding program

According to the World Wildlife Fund, some 14,600 Sumatran orangutans live in the wild. The species is threatened by poaching and deforestation.

Perth Zoo has an extensive breeding program with the aim to place as many young animals as possible back in their original habitat.


Video debunks CNN report about Islamic Jihad in Gaza Signs of the Times

CNN released a video on the 17th of June (2018) in which they "investigated" Palestinian tunnels in Gaza. Ian Lee, spoke to members of the Palestinian resistance organization known as 'Islamic Jihad. This CNN report is a prime example of why most people have no understanding of the situation in Gaza. Here is a takedown of CNN's Israeli 'Hasbara' (Propaganda). Watch:


Matthews Message via Suzanne Ward -- June 18, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Matthews Message, June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

June 18, 2018

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Most of your questions and comments pertain to two situations of concern and distress, and we begin with the immigrants in the United States. This is what one of them wrote: I really worry about the immigrants. We see every day how the USA president mistreats us with his aggressive rhetoric and he also has made many legal changes against us. The question is, in the future will there be a favorable change for us?

It is sad to see members of our universal family treating others heartlessly even when such may be in soul contracts, and that is not the case with most of these immigrants. So it is with joy that we can tell you that due to public outcry about separating children from parents at the Mexican border, that immigration deterrent policy will stop imminently, perhaps even prior to distribution of this message. We wish we could give equally good news about deportation and asylum request denials, but there is no indication in the energy field of potential that those situations will change soon; however, with vibrations on the rise, they, too, will come to a halt. A positive aspect is, all affected immigrants who did not choose to experience any of those emotional and physical hardships took a leap in evolutionary status, but only after they transition to spirit life will this be known to them.

An eventual outcome will benefit a multitude during Earth lifetime. The United States, established by immigrants and built into a powerful nation by the daughters and sons of immigrants and slaves, is the developed nation most severely afflicted by racism and ethnic bigotry. Leadership bereft of empathy and compassion is bringing to light these deep-seated wounds so this country and its residents can heal.

Children in very different circumstances is the other matter of most concern. I am a counselor who...


Steve Beckow -- Trump? Have I Lost it? Operation Disclosure

Trump? Have I Lost It?

June 19, 2018

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

Ive been called upon several times lately to defend the blogs support for President Trumps stated intention to drain the swamp.

Im called an idiot because Donald Trump is immature, egotistical, competitive, male-chauvinistic and I dont see it.

I agree. And I see it.

The only thing that makes him better than the cabal is (1) hes the elected President and (2) hes agreed to drain the swamp.

Hes actually taken concrete steps steps that would have and did cost John Kennedy his life.

Bill Clinton was said to have responded to Steven Greers request that he go public on UFOs: Im not going to end up like Kennedy.

President Trump has stepped into the line of fire by signing into law an executive order sequestering the assets of anyone indicted for serious human-rights abuses. AND anyone who assists them. (1)

That is concrete action. And that would have gotten him killed in the days when the Secret Service were corrupted. Such as the one who delivered the coup de grace to Kennedy. (2)

Give me a break. I dont follow the political domain any more than I have to. Its in chaos and its a collapsing structure. My job begins after it collapses. We come in to clean up and build a new world in the cleaned-up space.

I swallow my distaste for the mans behavior on so many scores precisely because (1) hes the sitting President and (2) hes taking action to drain the swamp.



This is devastating, watch out for higher food prices Health Nut News

By Dr. Mercola May 29, 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) approved (with conditions) the merger of Monsanto and Bayer. The decision came on the heels of the European Unions (EU) approval in March. Bayers takeover of Monsanto the largest all-cash buyout on record  means just three companies now dominate the global seed and []

The post This is devastating, watch out for higher food prices appeared first on Health Nut News.


All the ways Fox News is defending Trumps child-separation policy Fast Company

While late night TV hosts are sounding the alarm about Trumps zero-tolerance immigration policy, Fox News spent all of Monday battening down the hatches.

Every single late night host devoted a segment on Monday night to the Trump administrations recent zero tolerance immigration policy, which has resulted in over 2,000 children being separated from their parents at the border so far. The comics seized on the inhumanity of keeping asylum-seeking children in cages, with Colbert even bringing out the Devil to defend these actions, because who else would do such a thing?

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Thai king inherits Crown's $30bn fortune after assuming power Signs of the Times

Thailand's royal family has formally turned over its multi-billion dollar fortune to King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who assumed the throne after the death of his father in 2016. An undated announcement seen on Saturday on the website of the Crown Property Bureau (CPB), the financial arm of the monarchy, said that full ownership of the palace's multi-billion dollar assets were handed over to King Vajiralongkorn under a law passed last year. "All 'Crown Property Assets' are to be transferred and revert to the ownership of His Majesty, so that they may be administered and managed at His Majesty's discretion," said the note which featured prominently on the front page of the CPB's website.


How AT&T and Comcast are trying to kill Californias net neutrality bill Fast Company

The aggressive bill passed in the Senate but is now in danger of being amended to oblivion in the Assembly, as one net neutrality proponent put it.

A strong network neutrality bill is advancing through the California legislature, and the Big ISPsmainly AT&T and Comcastare working overtime to stop it in its tracks.

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Glimpse inside shelter for migrant children reveals they're nothing like Obama's cages Signs of the Times

The Democrat Party and their allies in the media have been attempting to blame President Trump and his administration for the poor living conditions of children who've been smuggled or who've illegally entered our country. Even the liberal Politifact "fact-checker" defended President Trump when he went on the offense against Democrats after liberals attacked the Trump administration's policy on child migrants. Trump said the Democrats were sharing a photo of detained children from 2014 during President Barack Obama's presidency. "Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama's term showing children from the Border in steel cages," Trump tweeted May 29. "They thought it was recent pictures in order to make us look bad, but backfires. Dems must agree to Wall and new Border Protection for good of country... Bipartisan Bill!"


State Rep. who was 'tough on crime' gets DWI after begging to be let go Signs of the Times

Body camera footage has been released that shows tough-on-crime, pro-law enforcement Republican state Rep. Monica Youngblood, 41, who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, crying and pleading with an officer at a DWI checkpoint during her arrest-which subsequently resulted in a review by the state attorney general of the politician using her position in an attempt to get out of arrest. State Attorney General Balderas launched the probe after the state Democratic Party accused Youngblood of using her political position to get out of her arrest. "Rep. Youngblood was elected to use her position to help her constituents, not put them in harms way and then attempt to get out of an arrest by citing her legislative actions," Democrat Marg Elliston, who referred Youngblood for investigation, said in a statement.


Syriana report: US official says air strike in Deir Ezzor carried out by Israel. Syria prepares Daraa offensive. Signs of the Times

Syriana Analysis latest geopolitical report in regards to Syria, particularly the latest military and political developments in Deir Ezzor (Al Bukamal), Daraa and Manbij.


International scientists have found autism's cause while American media and public health officials remain silent Signs of the Times

In early December 2017, Dr. Chris Exley of Keele University in England and his colleagues published a paper that for the first time looked at the brain tissue of subjects with autism to determine the level of aluminum (note: they spell "aluminum" as "aluminium" in the United Kingdom) found within their brain tissue. For anyone trying to convince the world that "the science is settled and vaccines don't cause autism," the study's findings are deeply contradictory to that statement. In a blog post written by Professor Exley on the day his study was published, he explained the groundbreaking results: "...while the aluminium content of each of the 5 brains [of people with autism] was shockingly high it was the location of the aluminium in the brain tissue which served as the standout observation...The new evidence strongly suggests that aluminium is entering the brain in ASD [autism spectrum disorders] via pro-inflammatory cells which have become loaded up with aluminium in the blood and/or lymph, much as has been demonstrated for monocytes at injection sites for vaccines including aluminium adjuvants." Dr. Exley's quote includes a reference to "monocytes at injection sites" and the fact that the interaction between these monocytes and aluminum has been demonstrated in previous published science. I know, that sounds pretty technical, but bear with me. A "monocyte" is a type of white blood cell, of which one form of monocyte is a "macrophage." A macrophage can be thought of as the garbage man of the immune system, eating up foreign substances, cell debris, etc. As you will see in a moment, macrophages appear to be playing a critical and devastating role in triggering autism, serving to escort aluminum injected from a vaccine directly into the brain, where it can disrupt brain development and trigger autism.


ZeroHedge: Nunes Slams #GoogleGestapo for Nazi GOP Search Results and Censoring Drudge Report Public Intelligence Blog

Nunes Slams Google And Twitter For Nazi GOP Search Results And Censoring Drudge Report

Speaking with Fox News on Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has admonished Google and Twitter over anti-conservative censorship, saying they should be reined in and calling for a new search engine that doesnt censor conservatives.

Read full article.

Phi Beta Iota: #GoogleGestapo is a system or ecology of linked (as in racketeering and conspiracy and collusion) networks that serve the Deep State and are manipulated on behalf of the Deep State by the Zionists. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is the particular conductor of this orchestra with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and others playing a role. They censor, manipulate, and digitally assassinate with impunity, while also promulgating lies that favor the Deep State and Zionist Israel (which most Jews now despise to the point that Haaretz has asked in a major headline, Is it time for all Jews to boycott Israel?

See Especially:

Steele, Robert. Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet: An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All, Russian International Affairs Council, February 5, 2018.

Steele, Robert, Zionism in America Steven Strikes & Counting, Veterans Today, 14 December 2017.

Steele, Robert, How The Deep S...


What I wish I knew before I became a manager for the first time Fast Company

The road to being a good manager is filled with trial and error. Here are six tips to fast-track your success.

When I was promoted to management, I was thrilled and terrified at the same time. My excitement came from the milestone this step represented (and the nice raise that came with my added responsibilities).

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Owl: Bourdain, Occult Girlfriend, Pedophilia, Death by Doorknob Public Intelligence Blog

Who? Who?

Eyes Wide Shut is much more of a documentary than most people realize. Maybe Bourdain knew. What Kubrick movie did for Satanic obsessions of Hollywood elite needs to be done on a movie about same obsessions of politicians, bankers, judges, CEOs, etc.  Whats so troubling to think about this: if our world is ruled by child molesting (and murdering) Satanists and devil worshippers, literally, then this management, such as it is, is utterly devoid of all legitimacy.  What they are is a void beyond even John Robbs hollow state and equivalent concepts. In this light (or dark?) above, therefore, doing intelligence on religion and religions first has to be focused at root on intelligence about occultism, Satanism, devil worship, black magic, etc.

The Occult World of Asia Argento Anthony Bourdains ex-Girlfriend

See Also:

Betty Boop: Death By Hanging From a Doorknob The Signature of Pedophilia-Related Assassinations? Eleven People So Far Who Knew Doorknobs Could Be So Deadly?


Jon Rappoport -- Heroes and Villains in Movies Operation Disclosure

Movies in the mind

Heroes and villains in movies: images for the soul

By Jon Rappoport

---Yes, movies are made to install predictive programming in the audience, and to plant values and behaviors, and to debase the culture, and so forth and so on. But in many movies, something much simpler is going on...

Whether it's the good cop capturing the bad criminal, or the warrior in outer space defending the home planet against evil marauders, heroes and villains in movies spark deep resonance in the viewing audience. A link is forged.

"I want this hero. I want this hero to win. I want the good to triumph. I want evil to be vanquished."

And why not?

These heroes, in their fictional worlds, are keeping the future open. They're guarding their civilization. They're keeping The Individual free---free to pursue happiness and fulfillment according to his own dictates, dreams, visions, and plans.

At bottom, this is what thousands of movies are about. The audience may not be able to drill down to the core of meaning, but they absorb the message on an emotional level. They feel a moment of inspiration. A flame of hope is lit.

The urge to tear down all heroes and dismantle the best ideas and principles of society is, for an hour or two, put on the back burner. Instead, the viewer sees his own possible advance toward manifesting what he truly desires in life.

No movie has ever produced this salutary effect by portraying a group as an amorphous mass---it's always the individual hero who stands out and carries the plot line. This is vital. The audience responds to this.

The audience member sees his own victory mirrored in the individual hero's victory.

And then, in "real" life, it all changes. At that point, we are supposed to accept something decidedly different: the winning of the future by and for a Collective.

What happened?


Trump Administration Imprisoning 1,500 Immigrant Children In Old Walmart Along Border Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel The Trump administration is holding 1,469 teen and pre-teen boys separated from their parents in captivity along the Mexican border at an old...


#GoogleGestapo: Judge Upholds Constitution Against Twitter Attack on Free Speech Public Intelligence Blog

Click on Image to Enlarge

The roll-back against #GoogleGestapo begins

Lawsuit over white nationalists Twitter ban clears hurdle

Taylor claims Twitter permanently suspended accounts belonging to him and hundreds of other far-right users in December based solely on their political views and affiliations.

The judge described Taylors case as a classic public interest lawsuit and said it goes to the heart of free speech principles that long precede our constitution, according to a transcript of the hearing.

Phi Beta Iota: Funding may become available for a national Sue & Screw conference in late July, bringing together all those whose Title 7 and common carrier rights have been violated.  We are thinking in terms of thousands of plaintiffs against Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

See Especially:

#GoogleGestapo the article

#GoogleGestapo references

See Also:

#GoogleGestapo @ Phi Beta Iota


Who Lucifer Actually Is & Why They Are Here WorldTruth.Tv

Of all subjects to venture into, writing about Lucifer could be among the most contentious of them all. Many readers will likely come into the discussion with pre-conceived notions and emotional triggers that are difficult to lay aside, even just for the amount of time it takes to read this article. But put them aside []


Videos & Report on Melbourne Free Assange British Consulate protest today 19 June 2018 (We) can do better

The Free Julian Assange protest outside the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street Melbourne started on time and was well attended. Julian Assange's father was there and thanked people for coming. We have to give credit to the organisers - the Socialist Equity Party (SEP). It seems that no-one else in Melbourne has been able to draw people together to protest about Julian Assange's persecution, although it is obvious that many people do care. A problem may be that people believe they need permission to hold meetings and rallies, but this is rarely the case. There were several speakers and we did not film all of them. The films uploaded here were filmed on a hand-held digital camcorder, more for the record than for art. We also filmed the surroundings and participants to give viewers an idea of the scene in Australia. Another protest was to be held tonight (19 June 2018) at the State Library, where the film, Collateral Murder, would be shown. We have embedded a copy of this chilling record of a night of murder for fun by US armed forces in Iraq, which is a document that Julian Assange published, and for which he has been pursued with murderous resentment by the United States ever since.

The Collateral Murder video (April 2010) (embedded below) was shown at a Free Assange Vigil from 6-8pm at Melbourne State Library on 19 June 2018.

The video below records James Cogan, National Secretary of the Social Equality Party's speech about Assange's predicament and the record so far of Australian prime ministers, among other things.


ITNJ: Police Commissioner Calls Out PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloittes, Lloyds Bank and Others for Massive Fraud The Great Insolvency Scam Public Intelligence Blog

Government urged to force action & end the great insolvency scam

Speaking at an International Tribunal for Natural Justice hearing in Westminster in April 2018, the commissioner said: I find it quite extraordinary that the chairman of the Financial Conduct Authority was the senior partner of KPMG that did the audits of the HBOS bank.

They overlooked a million-pound fraud and a multi-billion-pound hole, probably approaching 40billion, in the accounts and yet the man went on to become chairman of the FCA.

He told the hearing: People with small debts were bankrupted then had their assets stolen off them that are worth many times their original debt. And that is divided up between the cronies, in my view, the insolvency practitioners and others, and vast sums of money simply disappears.

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Google is finally getting in on the podcast fun Fast Company

A new Google Podcasts app is now available in the Android store.

Google announced today its brand-new Google Podcasts app for Android, available globally in the Play Store. The app not only makes it easy to listen to old favorites and find new podcasts to add to your commuting playlist, but it is also fully integrated with the Google Assistant across devices, so if youre listening to a compelling podcast (Creative Conversations, perhaps?) on your commute home, theres no need to walk around your house listening on your phone and risk accidentally ripping your earphones out in a jarring and awkward move. Instead, simply pick up the podcast on your Google Home device when you walk in the door.

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This Facebook fundraiser to help separated immigrant families is bringing in $4K a minute Fast Company

Weve been occasionally crying around the office all day when we check the fundraising totals, a RAICES rep told Facebook.

People really hate the Trump administrations zero-tolerance policy that is taking children from their parents at the border. The images and audio of confused, scared children crying out for their parents from cages have tugged at the heart strings of anyone who has a heartand people are throwing money at any organization that might be able to stop it.

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How to become a LinkedIn influencer Fast Company

Heres where to start if you want to build your following and raise your status on the business social media platform.

Jim Keenan says hes probably on LinkedIn more than he should beat least a few times a day. But if the measure of where professionals should spend their time is looking at what helps grow their businesses most, Keenan is exactly where he should be.

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Where are the Girls? Child Trafficking Feared as DHS Cant Say Where Immigrant Girls are Being Held Activist Post

By Matt Agorist As the debate swarms over illegal immigration, Americans on both the left and the right are at each others throats pointing fingers...


Neurofeedback may help improve symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Signs of the Times

April was Parkinson's Awareness Month, which prompted me to share this story and an effective, yet little-known treatment for Parkinson's disease (PD). Parkinson's disease is a form of brain disorder, with a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from hand tremors (trembling/shaky hands), to mask-like face (an expressionless face with little or no sense of animation). Neurofeedback is a technology-based learning technique that uses a computer to give information to a person about his or her own brainwave pattern in the form of EEG activity, in order to train the person to modify his or her own brainwaves. It is not widely known or used, but I have seen first-hand how neurofeedback can help manage the symptoms of PD. In 2009, I met a couple from the UK at an English tea house in Vancouver, B.C. They asked what brought me to Canada, and I explained that I was there for the 2nd International Conference on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury to deliver a speech on "grieving the loss of self". Upon hearing this, the woman explained that this was how she felt as a result of living with Parkinson's disease, especially because she had not yet found a treatment that had helped her symptoms. I asked her if she had tried neurofeedback. As a neurofeedback practitioner myself, I have seen results using this type of treatment with a wide range of brain disorders. She was somewhat skeptical, but very interested, and asked if it was possible to help her remotely. I was able to work with her remotely using neurofeedback and saw great results in the management of her PD symptoms.


Financial Literacy and Common Mistakes in Personal Finance Hang The Bankers

Making money is a kind of science, but neither the school nor the university teaches it. What we are learning is just a way to build a career. Many of us think that a high salary is a way to solve all our financial problems. In fact, a large amount of money doesnt solve all


NYT under fire for spiking a Stephen Miller interview from its podcast Fast Company

The White House didnt want Millers voice on a podcast, despite being on the record. The New York Times agreed.

This story has been updated.

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Signing ceremony for Macedonia's name change goes ahead despite rejection by Greek parliament Signs of the Times

Greece and Macedonia have signed a historic deal agreeing to the latter country changing its name after decades of dispute. Macedonia, which sits to the north of Greece, will become known as North Macedonia under the new agreement, which was today signed by Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras and Macedonian prime minister Zoran Zaev. The name dispute between the two countries has existed since the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. Greece has previously argued that Macedonia's name suggests it has a claim over the Greek province which is also called Macedonia. While nationalists on both sides have attempted to thwart any kind of agreement in the past, Macedonia is believed to have become open to the change recently in order to push through the country's membership of Nato and the EU. Mr Tsipras called the agreement an "appointment with history", while Mr Zaev said the two countries can now call themselves "partners and allies".

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