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Thursday, 22 February


Russian Communist Party seek property confiscation as punishment for serious crime Signs of the Times

Russian Communist Party MPs are seeking the reintroduction of Soviet-era laws under which personal property can be confiscated as a separate punishment and not as a way to compensate damages inflicted by convicts. In the explanatory note attached with the bill drafted by Communist MPs, the lawmakers said that confiscation of property was applied as a separate punishment under the Soviet Criminal Code and also under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation until late 2003. After this, confiscation was removed from the law and in 2006 it was brought back, not as a punishment, but as "another measure under criminal law" that can be applied on a limited scale, usually to seize the property acquired by convicts through illegal means and use it to compensate the damages to the aggrieved party. The new bill allows the confiscation of any personal property of convicts, including items that are not related to crimes that caused the convictions. At the same time, the draft specifies that all norms ordering confiscation of property received through criminal methods must remain in place.


Internationally influential evangelist Billy Graham, dies at 99 Signs of the Times

The Rev. Billy Graham, who transformed American religious life through his preaching and activism, becoming a counselor to presidents and the most widely heard Christian evangelist in history, died Wednesday. He was 99. Graham, who long suffered from cancer, pneumonia and other ailments, died at his home in North Carolina, spokesman Mark DeMoss told The Associated Press. More than anyone else, Graham built evangelicalism into a force that rivaled liberal Protestantism and Roman Catholicism in the United States. His leadership summits and crusades in more than 185 countries and territories forged powerful global links among conservative Christians, and threw a lifeline to believers in the communist-controlled Eastern bloc. Dubbed "America's pastor," he was a confidant to U.S. presidents from Gen. Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush.


Link MintPress News

Gaza: An Inquest into its Martyrdom (Verso, 2018),  is an extraordinary book.   It is also a difficult book to read.   In his preface, Norman Finkelstein writes that this work has been a painstaking, fastidious undertaking born of a visceral detestation of falsehood, in particular when it is put in the service of power and human life hangs in the balance.  He writes that Gaza is about a Big Lie composed of a thousand, often seemingly abstruse and arcane, little lies. The objective of this book is to refute that Big Lie by exposing each of the little lies.  His meticulous inquest into Israels atrocities and the moral depravity within humanitarian institutions demands answers about who or what has a right to exist.

The book primarily investigates the official reports about Operation Cast Lead (2008-09), the Mavi Marmara (2010), and Operation Protective Edge (2014).  Finkelstein attributes these assaults in part to Israels intention to prove its deterrence capacity after its defeat by Hezbollah in 2006.  A pattern emerges of Israels surreptitious provocations that conceal its own aggression, use of disproportionate military force and targeting of civilians,  specious legality, and lies that exonerate Israel and permit ever-increasing brutality.    The Dahiya doctrine refers to Israels military strategy of acting immediately, decisively, and with disproportionate force.  Dahiya is a suburb of Beirut that was flattened by Israel in the 2006 war.

Operation Cast Lead was preceded by Israeli assaults that destroyed Gazas infrastructure, cruelly named 2004 Operation Rainbow, 2004 Operation Days of Penitence, 2006 Operation Summer Rains and Autumn Clouds, 2008 Operation Hot Winter.  After the democratic election of Hamas in 2005, Israel imposed a punishing blockade which UN Special Rapporteur John Dugard noted was the first time an occupied people were subject to sanctions and that were a violation of major UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions and a ruling by the International Court of Justice.   Israel attacked a civilian population imprisoned within its territory and already decimated by a ruined economy.

Israel attacked Gaza with the most advanced combat aircraft in the world, flying nearly 3000 sorties and dropping 1000 tons of explosives.  The U.S. Senate unanimously supported the attack and the House vote was 390 to 5.  New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman joined the chorus of hallelujahs during Cast Lead and expressed hope that Israel would educate Hamas by inflicting a heavy death toll on Hamas militants and heavy pain on the Gaza population. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni audaciously declared in the midst of Cast Lead that no humanitarian crisis existed in Gaza.  UNRW...


The Deep State and the history of the FBI: Federal Blackmail Investigation Signs of the Times

It's hilariously naive how mainstream American news media feign an air of disdain concerning accusations of impropriety by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the last presidential elections. Allegations that senior ranks of the FBI were involved in "dirty tricks" to fix the 2016 presidential vote in favor of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton - potentially highly criminal conduct - are treated as if such allegations are scurrilous distractions thrown up by the Trump White House or Republican supporters. When President Donald Trump has alluded to FBI collusion with the previous Obama Democrat administration to destroy his election campaign, or when Republican congressmen released a secret memo earlier this month also suggesting Deep State dirty tricks, there were gasps of disdain among major news media. Outlets like the New York Times and CNN affected a sanctimonious air that such allegations were contemptible slurs against the honor of the Feds - the nation's top law-enforcement agency. "Don't dare impugn the reputation of our law officers," is the attitude. Former FBI director James Comey - who was fired by Trump - is held up as a paragon of civic duty and squeaky-clean conduct. So too is Robert Mueller, a previous FBI chief who is carrying out a probe into alleged Russian collusion during the last election.


Greg Hunter, "Rising Rates Forecast Insolvency - Michael Pento" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Rising Rates Forecast Insolvency - Michael Pento"
By Greg Hunters 

"Money manager Michael Pento says recently rising interest rates are signaling big trouble for the economy. Pento contends, There are so many things that can go wrong with rising interest rates. First of all, you have to understand that the permabulls that you hear on CNBC will tell you there is nothing wrong with rising interest rates. It is a symbol of growth. If you look at industrial production and retail sales for January, they were negative. So, rising rates are occurring, not because of growth, they are caused by insolvency concerns. That is the key metric here, and they are credit risks and insolvency concerns.



"Yellowstone Alert: 200 Earthquakes In 10 Days As Ring Of Fire Awakens Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Yellowstone Alert: 
200 Earthquakes In 10 Days As Ring Of Fire Awakens
by Tyler Durden

"Just 10 days after warning of signs of "strain" at Yellowstone's magma chamber,'s Mac Slavo reports that scientists in Yellowstone have detected over 200 earthquakes at the supervolcano. With reports coming in that the Ring of Fire could be awakening as well, many are preparing for the worst.


Canadian city plagued by mysterious humming noise has been driving residents mad for years Signs of the Times

A mysterious low-level humming noise which has plagued a Canadian city for years has left residents unable to cope with the persistent sound with poor health. The Windsor Hum, can be heard throughout Windsor, Ontario, home to almost 220,000 people, but it has been reported 90 miles away in the US city of Cleveland. Complaints of the part noise, part vibration arose in 2011, when locals initially compared it to rattling windows. Comment: Interesting, that's the same year the 'strange sky sounds' phenomenon really took off. But as the hum began to vary in its intensity, droning on for days at unbearable levels, distressed locals have taken to all forms of social media to question their hearing and vent their frustrations.


Will Russians be allowed to fly the national flag at PyeongChang Games closing ceremony? Signs of the Times

Russian hopes of marching under the national flag at the PyeongChang Games closing ceremony have been revived after International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach met with a senior representative from the country. The vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Igor Levitin, paid a courtesy visit to Bach, with whom he discussed the possibility of reinstating the country's Olympic body which had been suspended by the IOC for alleged systematic manipulations with doping, Inside The Games reports. Following the IOC's ruling to disqualify Russia as a team from the 2018 Games, national athletes with clean doping records were allowed to participate as neutrals under the name Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR).


The irony: How CNN and MSNBC 'colluded' with Russian trolls (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

Here's another angle of a story that's slowly becoming more outlandish and bizarre by the day, and I am referring to the Democrat lapdog left wing establishment media's talking point, which has been beaten to death over the last year: Trump colluded with Russia, even if one year into Mueller's probe there's not a scintilla of evidence in this regard. Well, according to the indictments issued by Robert Mueller via the last batch of the 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian "entities" (media companies) that is, the claim is that there was a factory of basically internet trolls who allegedly spent 2 million bucks (a drop in the bucket compared to what both Hillary and Trump campaign spent) to allegedly meddle in our elections. Mueller in particular in his indictment stated that the goals of those pesky Russians were to sow distrust and discord against the American political system. In other words, to make Americans to view their leaders as illegitimate, as this would create chaos, division, and a civil war like atmosphere in America. This was the main goal of the Russian disinformation campaign, again, according to Mueller's own words: to destabilize the US. He further had to admit that Russians were bankrolling not only pro Trump rallies, but also anti Trump rallies. This fact already blows the whole Trump-Russia collusion narrative to smithereens, but let that go, as it's now clear the Russians played both sides. We also learned that almost nobody participated in Russian-organized/sponsored rallies, as they had little to no attendance, but listen to this: there was one rally that actually did get a lot of attendance and attention, but, oh, the irony, it was an anti Trump rally, which took place after the Donald won the election.


Jon Rappoport: Antony Sutton, Skull & Bones, Bankrolling the Enemy Operation Disclosure

Skull&Bones, bankrolling the enemy

Antony Sutton, Skull&Bones, bankrolling the enemy

By Jon Rappoport

"When you see the same elites funding, encouraging, and enabling both sides in a major war, you're on the road to understanding war from a higher perspective. These elites use war to create chaos, which they then 'solve' by imposing, in the aftermath, their kind of order---greater control over life, greater control over institutions of government. They call this operation 'peace'. But it's really the shrinking of freedom." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events.

I recently came across a 1999 interview with Sutton, conducted by Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers.

Millegan wrote about Antony Sutton in 1999: "Antony C. Sutton, 74, has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state's technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet's large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance."

"...Then, someone sent Antony a membership list of Skull and Bones and- 'a picture jumped out'. And what a picture! A multigenerational foreign-based secret society with fingers in all kinds of pies and roots going back to 'Illuminati' influences in 1830's Germany."

Here are excerpts from the 1999 interview:

Millegan - Can you tell the story of how you learned of Skull & Bones? And how you felt?

Sutton - I knew nothing of S&B until I r...


Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year -- What is the Alternative? Operation Disclosure

Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year, So What Is The Alternative?

Posted on: Monday, June 4th 2012 at 9:00 am

Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder

This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2013

A recent Reuters' article opened with the following stunning sentence:

"Long-term high-dose use of painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac is 'equally hazardous' in terms of heart attack risk as use of the drug Vioxx, which was withdrawn due to its potential dangers, researchers said."

The 2004 Vioxx recall, as you may remember, was spurred by the nearly 30,000 excess cases of heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths caused by the drug between 1999-2003. Despite the fact that scientific research had accumulated as early as 2000 linking Vioxx to increased heart attacks and strokes, the drug's manufacturer Merck, and the FDA, remained silent as the death toll steadily increased.

The Reuters report focused on new research published in Lancet indicating the risk of heart attack increases as much as a third and the risk of heart failure doubles among heavier users of NSAID drugs.

Read More:


Pine Cone Dithers: Affixed Null Morphemes Operation Disclosure

Roots and Affixes

When the wo of man, or the wo of men pretend we are separate parallel Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes, sexing Karmic lifetimes demands we gender woes will, never become free from form's absolute need to perform ridiculously in Blackmail Karmic-sex dissonance.

What the Hell does this mean?

Men are Karmic pussies, for example when the wo affixed null morpheme is attached to any parallel man dick head, and what does it mean when a woman calls a man a dick-head, except to reveal her projection of her, own female lifetime bjs?

Honestly the origin of affixed comes right when this mornings long meditation activated this one word, Affixed, and Holy Spirit activated this revelation from my deep desire to share about our bitter hatred of each other, as if a man is never a woman, even though the two words themselves perform as both affixed with the other in ONENESS.

A Karmic pussy is an affixed Man in other pretending parallel lifetimes, and the origin female dickhead of her man-hatred projection is an affixed Woman in other pretending parallel lifetimes. Licking the honey from the affixed razors edge of Duality illusion,, actually defines our handy dandy seaparation motives to remain Karmic dissonant by never the twain shall ONENESS Spirit dickhard wet meat with any Kind Conscience, really.

ONENESS Spirit Conscience dissolves any more need for our suffering separation Karmic Affixed Null Morpheme, yet not one woman, or man can see without our smothering parallel asphyxiation suffering separation together, neither the wo-wet lifetime, or the man-patsy lifetime can experience ONENESS Spirit Conscience as Karmic-pussies, and Karmic-dickheads can, never agree who is who, in separate body morphogenetic patsy-blame suffering 'One and the same' in timeless reverie, really?

Time is the realer Affixed Null Morpheme, then, until we switch allegiance from Body, to Spirit; from Ka...


Maria Chambers -- A Message for the Advanced Souls Operation Disclosure

A Message For The Advanced Souls

February 19, 2018

Art by Maria Chambers

While there are many beautiful energies in the world, there are also plenty of horror stories occurring on Planet Earth. You dont even need to follow the news to tune into that energy.

As long as we are living in duality, we will see behaviors that reflect that polarization to one degree or another. We will see random acts of kindness right along with the most heinous of acts perpetrated toward other humans.

If you are reading this post, and are attracted to this kind of material, you are here to shine a light at a time when it is needed. It doesnt require you to be an activist, unless that brings you joy. All that is required of you is to be here, on the planet.

You went through a standard human life, actually, many of them, through all the trials and tribulations of being human, in order to be more compassionate, and to understand that there is truly no good or bad, but just soul experience. You have come to understand that the dark is from the light, and needs to be acknowledged.

You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet. You can take the most intelligent person on the planet, the most acclaimed writer, the most accomplished thinker, the most prominent figure on social media, the most celebrated of celebrities, and their consciousness would pale compared to yours.

Art by Maria Chambers

You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet.

Many authors have written about psychic phenomena and practice psychic mediumship. Many talk to the dead, and help to comfort the families...


Russiagate suddenly becomes bigger with Mueller indictments Signs of the Times

Will every critic of our government policies soon be indictable? It's hard to know where to begin. Last Friday's indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was detailed in a 37 page document that provided a great deal of specific evidence claiming that a company based in St. Petersburg, starting in 2014, was using social media to assess American attitudes. Using that assessment, the company inter alia allegedly later ran a clandestine operation seeking to influence opinion in the United States regarding the candidates in the 2016 election in which it favored Donald Trump and denigrated Hillary Clinton. The Russians identified by name are all back in Russia and cannot be extradited to the U.S., so the indictment is, to a certain extent, political theater as the accused's defense will never be heard. In presenting the document, Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, stressed that there was no evidence to suggest that the alleged Russian activity actually changed the result of the 2016 presidential election or that any actual votes were altered or tampered with. Nor was there any direct link to either the Russian government or its officials or to the Donald Trump campaign developed as a result of the nine-month long investigation. There was also lacking any mention in the indictment of the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton and Podesta e-mails, so it is to be presumed that the activity described in the document was unrelated to the WikiLeaks disclosures. Those of the "okay, there's smoke but where's the fire" school of thought immediately noted the significant elephant in the room, namely that the document did not include any suggestion that there had been collusion between Team Trump and Moscow. As that narrative has become the very raison d'etre driving the Mueller investigation, its omission is noteworthy. Meanwhile, those who see more substance in what was revealed by the evidence provided in the indictment and who, for political reasons, would like to see Trump damaged, will surely be encouraged by their belief that the noose is tightening around the president.


Four Finless porpoises found dead around Hong Kong Signs of the Times

The bodies of four finless porpoises were found across Hong Kong over the weekend, including one that had been washed up on Lantau. The 1.42-metre-long female porpoise was showing moderate body decay when it was spotted at Tai Long Wan. A further two bodies were found in Sai Kung. One was a juvenile, 0.97-metre-long porpoise, which was found at Ham Tin Wan. The porpoise had three visible wounds, possibly the result of being hit by a boat's propellers. Another female, adult porpoise was found in the sea off Silverstrand Beach. The fourth creature, a 1.31-metre-long female, was found near the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology pier on Sunday in a moderately decomposed state. All four bodies were sent to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OPCF) for further investigation.


British anti-nuclear weapons movement history Dear Kitty. Some blog

British 1950s anti-nuclear weapons demonstration

By Kate Hudson in Britain:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Marking 60 years of the CND

KATE HUDSON tells how Britains foremost peace campaign came into being

THE Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament exploded into life 60 years ago. Britains most enduring mass movement, it has remained constant in its principles and determined in its action across the decades.

The world into which CND emerged was changing rapidly. Worldwide, the colonial empires were being dismantled as national liberation movements achieved the independence of their countries.

European colonial power in east Asia had been broken by the Japanese. Britain withdrew from India, partitioning the country into the two states of India and Pakistan amid a bloodbath claiming countless lives. Dutch rule in the East Indies ended. The Chinese Communist Party came to power in the worlds most populous country in 1949. Ghana was the first colony in Africa to gain its independence, named the Black Star of Africa in 1957, under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah.

Others followed rapidly. A revolution in Cuba in 1959, under the leadership of Fidel Castro, kicked out the corrupt dictator Batista and engaged in a programme of social and economic reform.

This radical wave alarmed the US and its allies to the extent that the largest conflicts in the post-war world occurred as the US intervened to try to prevent the colonial revolutions radicalising along the lines that had occurred in China. But major social change was not confined to the former colonies.

In Britain, the establishment of the welfare state by the post-war Labour government had brought health, education and jobs for all a real advance in a country where memories of the poverty and hunger of the 1930s were still rel...


Natural Cancer Cures: Busting the Myths Wake Up World

February 22nd, 2018 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World There are numerous promising and outright proven natural cancer cures, treatments and remedies many cheap and easily self-administered. Natural cancer cures do exist, and are even widely known, but the first things to get past are your own doubts and fears. It can be []


Fmr US ambassador to Russia says American meddling is bad, but Russia's is worse Signs of the Times

In a fierce Twitter skirmish, former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has tried to explain the evil of Russia's "election meddling." Turns out, it's all about definitions. McFaul has been an active tweeter since his return from Moscow - an active Putin critic, mostly. He frequently engages with his 280,000-strong audience, defending his posts in both Russian and English. This time, the point of contention was, of course, the meddling of certain world powers in the domestic affairs of others. McFaul's followers gave him a hard time, demanding an explanation as to why the alleged "Russian interference" in the 2016 US presidential election is so different - and so much more damnable - compared to what America has been doing for at least the past half-century.


ISIS troops reportedly redeployed to Afghanistan & Pakistan Signs of the Times

Daesh is gaining a new foothold for its troops' deployment in Afghanistan and Pakistan instead of the territories lost in Syria and Iraq, Col. Gen. Andrey Novikov, the head of the Commonwealth of Independent States Anti-Terrorism Center (CIS ATC), said Tuesday. "After the elimination of a great part of the IS [Daesh] combat core, its 'fragments' have been evacuated to other regions... In Afghanistan and Pakistan, a new base for IS [Daesh] deployment is now being formed to replace the ones lost in Syria and Iraq," Novikov said at the meeting of the CIS member states' anti-terrorist centers heads. The US has been accused numerous times of providing various forms of support to Daesh and other terrorist groups, operating in the region.


Yes, the United States Used Biological Weapons on North Korea MintPress News

Opinion Its sort of silly that it matters. The United States bombed North Korea flat with ordinary, non-bioweapons bombs. It ran out of standing structures to bomb. People lived in caves, if they lived. Millions died, most of them from regular old non-scandalous but mass-murderous bombs (including, of course, Napalm which melts people but doesnt give them exotic diseases). North Koreans to this day live in such terror of a repetition of history that their behavior is sometimes inexplicable and bewildering to Americans whose knowledge of history comes from watching game shows.

Yet there is something powerful in its impact on self-deluded believers in the goodness of U.S. wars about the fact that the United States tried to spread diseases like bubonic plague in North Korea. So, its worth spreading awareness that this indeed happened. A great help in that project has just been provided by Jeffrey Kaye, who has just posted online an important report that has been largely unavailable for decades.

The report was produced in 1952 at the request of the North Korean and Chinese governments by a commission that included prominent scientists from Sweden, Brazil, France, and Italy,  and was headed by Sir Joseph Needham, one of the most prominent and respected British scientists ever. (His New York Times obituary doesnt say whether the commissions conclusions were accurate. His Independent obituary suggests that the commission got it right. His WikiPedia entry predictably announces that the commission was completely wrong, and backs this up with that popular WikiPedia citation: citation needed.) Yeah, it just became even more badly needed.

The report that Kaye has made available to us is thorough and well-researched, and it concludes that indeed the U.S. used germ warfare. It played a very minor role in the mass-slaughter. But it played a role.

From page 403 of the ISC Report....


Veteran CIA officer Kevin Shipp exposes the 'Shadow Government' (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

Kevin Shipp, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, intelligence and counter terrorism expert, held several high-level positions in the CIA. His assignments included protective agent for the Director of the CIA, counterintelligence investigator searching for moles inside the CIA, overseas counter terrorism operations officer, internal security investigator, assistant team leader for the antiterrorism tactical assault team, chief of training for the CIA federal police force and polygraph examiner. Mr. Shipp was the senior program manager for the Department of State, Diplomatic Security, Anti-Terrorism Assistance global police training program. He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a Medallion for high risk overseas operations.


The new consensus is that Russia committed an "act of war" on par with Pearl Harbor and 9/11 - should the US respond accordingly? Signs of the Times

In the wake of last week's indictments alleging that 13 Russian nationals and entities created fake social media accounts and sponsored political events to sow political discord in the U.S., something of a consensus has arisen in the political and media class (with some notable exceptions) that these actions not only constitute an "act of war" against the U.S., but one so grave that it is tantamount to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Indeed, that Russia's alleged "meddling" is comparable to the two most devastating attacks in U.S. history has, overnight, become a virtual clich. The claim that Russian meddling in the election is "an act of war" comparable to these events isn't brand new. Senators from both parties, such as Republican John McCain and Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, have long described Russian meddling in 2016 as an "act of war." Hillary Clinton, while promoting her book last October, described Russia's alleged hacking of the DNC and John Podesta's email inbox as a "cyber 9/11." And last February, the always war-hungry Tom Friedman of the New York Times said on "Morning Joe" that Russian hacking "was a 9/11-scale event. They attacked the core of our democracy. That was a Pearl Harbor-scale event." But the last few days have ushered in an explosion of this rhetoric from politicians and journalists alike. On Friday night's Chris Hayes show on MSNBC, two separate guests - Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler and longtime Clinton aide Philippe Reines - posited Pearl Harbor as the "equivalent" of Russian meddling, provoking a shocked reaction from Hayes:


Dashcam footage captures meteor fireball over Manchester, New Hampshire (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

WMUR digital managing editor and astronomy enthusiast Kirk Enstrom captured this video of what appears to be a fireball on his dashcam at 7:17 p.m. on Tuesday.


Illegal immigrant arrested after raping 7-year-old girl and her mother Signs of the Times

Officials in Louisiana charged an illegal immigrant from Mexico with raping a 7-year-old girl over a period of six months. Less than three weeks later, prosecutors charged the man with molesting the child's mother in 2003 when she was only 11-years-old. The 43-year-old Mexican national, Daniel Hernandez Del Angel, has been illegally living in the country for the last 22 years, reported WGNO in Metairie, Louisiana. Officers with the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office started to investigate Del Angel in early 2017 when the allegations about raping the 7-year-old girl surfaced.


Why We Must Politicize Guns The Fifth Column

(Garrison) Every time theres a mass shooting, or even a particularly well-publicized single homicide, all of Americas political factions go directly to battle stations on the question of whether or not the violence can be reduced or eliminated with gun control legislation. As the debate rages on, the calls begin to ring out from different corners that whatever else we do, we must avoid politicizing the issue.

Have you ever noticed that the lets not get political talk always seems to emanate from the side that perceives itself as on the losing end of the argument at the moment?

Right after the incident that opens the latest gun violence news cycle, Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, and other openly and unabashedly political actors roll around in the blood, jump on top of the caskets and start doing the funky chicken for gun control.

While thats happening, pro-gun and pro-civil-rights organizations issue somber condolences to the families of the dead and argue against politicizing things.

Later, as the tide turns against the idea that a bunch of new laws will reduce the body count, the anti-gun groups shower off the blood, don mourning black,  and urge us to stop being so darn political about the lives theyre trying to save, while the pro-gun/pro-rights groups jump on the political stage and start making practical suggestions (permitless open and concealed carry, armed teachers, etc.) to actually save those lives.

Why bother pretending that this issue is ever beyond, or apart from, politics? Does anyone really buy that?

Politics is, according to the most applicable definition from the 1913 edition of Websters New International Dictionary of the English Language, the conduct and contests of parties with reference to political measures or the administration of public affairs.

Support for or opposition to gun control legislation is by definition political. It cant be anything else. Were not sitting around the dining room table talking about the weather, baseball, or little Bobbys upcoming piano recital. Were in each others faces over proposed or opposed use of force by government.

Theres certainly a right side and a wrong side here.

One side continues to back legislation that is clearly unconstitutional, that inherently violates human rights, and that as a practical matter increases homicide rates everywhere and every time its tried (including but not limited to the Gun-Free School Zones Act).

The other side unfortunately not always consistently points out that the right to keep and bear arms is not just a basic human right that is clearly and unambiguously protected by the US Constitution, but that it has consistently proven to be the best way of reducing violent death among the innocent.

But both sides are hypocritical when they retreat to...


Meteor fireball seen over South Carolina (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

The first reports of Monday night's bright fireball came in between 9 PM and 9:30 PM CST, and it turns out it was high in the atmosphere over South Carolina a little west of Greenville. Dr. Bill Cooke from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center captured it on several cameras and tells us this: 'Last night at 9:57 PM Eastern Standard Time (8:57 PM Central), eyewitnesses in the southeastern United States reported seeing a bright meteor, which was also observed by 4 NASA all sky meteor cameras in the region. The video data enable us to establish that the fireball was first spotted 55 miles above the Oconee Nuclear Station at the south end of Lake Keowee in South Carolina, traveling north of west at 56,000 miles per hour. It completely ablated 17 miles above the Nantahala Woodland Lodge in the mountains of North Carolina. At its brightest, the fireball was as bright as the crescent Moon, indicating it was caused by an asteroidal fragment 3 inches in diameter and weighing roughly one pound. '


More gender equality leads to less women in STEM fields, not more Signs of the Times

Though their numbers are growing, only 27 percent of all students taking the AP Computer Science exam in the United States are female. The gender gap only grows worse from there: Just 18 percent of American computer-science college degrees go to women. This is in the United States, where many college men proudly describe themselves as "male feminists" and girls are taught they can be anything they want to be. Meanwhile, in Algeria, 41 percent of college graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math-or "STEM," as its known-are female. There, employment discrimination against women is rife and women are often pressured to make amends with their abusive husbands. According to a report I covered a few years ago, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates were the only three countries in which boys are significantly less likely to feel comfortable working on math problems than girls are. In all of the other nations surveyed, girls were more likely to say they feel "helpless while performing a math problem." So what explains the tendency for nations that have traditionally less gender equality to have more women in science and technology than their gender-progressive counterparts do?


Maduro Government In Venezuela Attempts ICO Qntra

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro officially launched his own socialist shitcoin, "El Petro" today for pre-sale, and claims that each coin will be backed by a single barrel of oil. Maduro said there will be around 100 million coins total, arbitrarily valued at $6 billion USD which he promises will be "a total success for the welfare of Venezuela. $38.4 million of that amount were up for grab during today's pre-sale at discount prices in an attempt to lure new investors into his scheme. The ICO was allegedly opened as a counter to crippling economic sanctions, the majority of which are imposed by Maduro's "Ya Socialismo", and El Presidente is hoping that it will provide a new outlet for payments of goods and services in the territory.


The Big Pharma Family That Brought Us The Opioid Crisis WorldTruth.Tv

Dr. Raymond Sackler and his wife Beverly built a billionaire dollar empire on Opioids. (Purdue Pharma) If the devil wears Prada, what do Americas most destructive drug pushers wear? They wear smiles. The drug pushers we have in mind here have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, enough fatalities to decrease overall U.S. life expectancy at birth for []


The Euro Continues to Advance in 2018 Hang The Bankers

The Euro had a good performance last year and managed to post solid gains, especially against the US dollar. The bullish trend continues at the present time, as the block currency is favoured by good economic developments and increasing prospects of an ECB monetary policy normalization. If we refer to the EURUSD, dollar weakness has


Berto Jongman: How Real is Fake News? Public Intelligence Blog

Phi Beta Iota: This woman is interesting but limited. Anyone who does not understand that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation in which no one died, is either stupid or controlled.  She means well but she is not Jon Rappoport. Still, absolutely worth a look, hats off to Berto Jongman for flagging this link.

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Wednesday, 21 February


Johan Galtung: In Pursuit of Peace, Justice, & Common Good 100 Living Peace and Justice Leaders (List #2) Public Intelligence Blog

In Pursuit of Peace, Justice, & Common Good 100 Living Peace and Justice Leaders (List #2)

In the omnipresent face of abuses and oppression, we  recall iconic peace and justice leaders of the past, including Mohatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Samuel Gompers, Caesar Chavez, Larry Itliong, Rachel Corrie, Philip Berrigan & Daniel Berrigan, Glenn Paige, Hedy Epstein, Malcolm X, and so many others. Peace and justice advocates and activists, across time, are testimony to the enduring human spirit to resist oppression to claim liberty, and to endure, even when the costs are life.

This is the second list of living peace and justice advocates and activists we have compiled and published (see: Marsella, A.J., & Malley-Morrison, K. [January 29, 2018, In Pursuit of Peace and Justice: 100 Peace and Justice Leaders and Models, Transcend Media Service). Our efforts are continuous with intentions to celebrate Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.s enduring contributions to peace and justice, beyond his designated annual memorial holiday on January 15, 2018.

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Howdy Doody: Muellers Indictment Based on Old Article Public Intelligence Blog

Howdy Doody Patent Stealing Deep State Lawyer in Drag for Pedophilia Tryst

STUNNING: Mueller Patched Together Much of His Indictment from 2015 Radio Free Europe Article

It appears Mueller and his team of far left attorneys copied much of their report from an earlier RFE article.

Phi Beta Iota: There is nothing illegal about what the Russians have done, and there is something gravely unconstitutional what the US Government is doing in the way of stealing from the public treasury and lying to the US public. 2018, which may put veterans into office, is a crucible year.

We do have to consider the possibility that Donald Trump has turned Robert Mueller and Mueller did this with great deliberation to have an indictment that can be directly traced to a CIA-funded Radio Free Europe story is the best possible way for Donald Trump to put a cattle prod up whats left of CIAs tender ass.

See Especially:

Robert Steele: The Soft Coup Collapses Blackmail Revealed What Next? CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence Russians did not hack the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace?

Amazon Kindle (99 Cents): The Soft Coup Collapses Blackmail Revealed What Next?: CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence Russians did not hack the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace? (Trump Revolution Book 6)

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Robert Steele: US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News UPDATE 22


Senate Grants A $1 Billion Handout To Save The Failing Dairy Industry The Event Chronicle

Senate Grants A $1 Billion Handout To Save The Failing Dairy Industry

By Alanna Ketler

As the modern-day consumer continues to opt for plant-based alternatives to milk, the dairy industry is failing and is now relying on government handouts to survive. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, these times are changing!

Last week, the United States senate signed a budget agreement to grant a whopping $1 Billion to the dairy and livestock industries. These funds allocated will be used for programs that are designed to help the dairy industry recover from a long-time slump in dairy prices. The industry has been affected by a number of different factors which include consumer habits and lifestyle.

Over the past several years, we have seen Americans opting towards plant-based alternatives. While we dont know exactly why, we can speculate that it has to do with the growing awareness of the horrors that take place on factory farms, the environmental implications, and more evidence that pasteurized milk from cows is making us sick. Whatever the reason the dairy industry is failing.

In 2016, dairy farmers across the nation dumped 43 million gallons of unsold milk into manure lagoons, fields and into animal feed. Last year, the surplus of milk hit 78 million gallons as dairy sales have been consistently on the decline. We have seen some larger dairy companies try to adapt to the changing consumer demands, such as Elmhurst Dairy, which has shifted its gears to nut milks, completely dropping dairy after 90 years.

Danone a popular brand of yogurt, has now acquired WhiteWave Foods, which is a parent company of popular p...


Another misleading Mueller indictment: "Russian meddling" turns out to be a commercial marketing scheme - and nothing more Signs of the Times

Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department indicted the Russian Internet Research Agency on some dubious legal grounds. It covers thirteen Russian people and three Russian legal entities. The main count of the indictment is an alleged "Conspiracy to Defraud the United States". The published indictment gives support to our long held believe that there was no "Russian influence" campaign during the U.S. election. What is described and denounced as such was instead a commercial marketing scheme which ran click-bait websites to generate advertisement revenue and created online crowds around virtual persona to promote whatever its commercial customers wanted to promote. The size of the operation was tiny when compared to the hundreds of millions in campaign expenditures. It had no influence on the election outcome. The indictment is fodder for the public to prove that the Mueller investigation is "doing something". It distracts from further questioning the origin of the Steele dossier. It is full of unproven assertions and assumptions. It is a sham in that none of the Russian persons or companies indicted will ever come in front of a U.S. court. That is bad because the indictment is build on the theory of a new crime which, unless a court throws it out, can be used to incriminate other people in other cases and might even apply to this blog. The later part of this post will refer to that.


Hysteria: Is that Russia troll farm an act of war? Signs of the Times

According to the indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Russian trolls, operating out of St. Petersburg, took American identities on social media and became players in our 2016 election. On divisive racial and religious issues, the trolls took both sides. In the presidential election, the trolls favored Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Donald Trump, and almost never Hillary Clinton. One imaginative Russian troll urged Trumpsters to dress up a female volunteer in an orange prison jump suit, put her in a cage on a flatbed truck, then append the slogan, "Lock Her Up!" How grave a matter is this? This Russian troll farm is "the equivalent (of) Pearl Harbor," says Cong. Jerrold Nadler, who would head up the House Judiciary Committee, handling any impeachment, if Democrats retake the House.


Former CIA Director James Woolsey Admits CIA Interferes In Foreign Elections For A Very Good Cause Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Former CIA director James Woolsey has admitted the U.S. interferes in foreign elections for a very good cause. In an interview on...


Professor Jordan B. Peterson: A hero for our times? Signs of the Times

To those of you familiar with his name, Jordan B. Peterson is an inspirational phenomenon or an alt-right bigot, depending on your perspective. To those who have never heard of him - he is worth getting to know. Peterson is Canadian and Professor of Psychology at Toronto University. I vaguely heard of him a few months ago when my attention was drawn to a YouTube clip of him being challenged by a number of transgender students for refusing to use their preferred pronouns. You might ask, what's so remarkable about this? Well, for transgender people this is now mandated by the Canadian Government's Bill C-16 and Peterson sees this as an assault on free speech.


The Hypocrisy of The New York Times: America is a Surveillance State Activist Post

By Derrick Broze The New York Times is more than willing to point out the surveillance state in China and other nations; however, they remain...


Booted warbler video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a booted warbler video.

These birds nest mainly in Russia and winter in India.

They are rare vagrants in western Europe.


Head teacher under fire over Millennial tirade Signs of the Times

The head teacher of one of England's top boarding schools is under fire after branding his students' generation "mollycoddled, entitled and spoilt." Douglas Robb, who has been head teacher of the 34,000-a-year Gresham's school in Norfolk for the past three years, blasted millennials for having a "sense of entitlement" as they think a "one-in-a million-job" will land on their doorstep in no time. Making the comments in a blog post on the school website, he wrote: "They have been advertised to since birth; they have had credit and loans on a plate; they have been overly molly-coddled; and they have been overwhelmed by a strange combination of fictional sitcom characters, reality TV and social media stars, who paint a picture of perfection to be achieved.


Is Technology More Agonizing Than We Recognize? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich In the 1960s there was a Broadway play/show titled Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!  My late husband and...


How Your DNA is Affected by Quantum Intelligence The Event Chronicle

By Christina Sarich

Yes, you can change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along to achieve greater health, happiness, and remarkable spiritual transformation. Like a potter creating a masterwork, we can also change our bodies and minds with the help of a few simple tools.

With all the talk of altering our DNA, sometimes it is good to understand exactly how this process might work, from both a physical and a non-physical perspective.

The ability to influence our DNA is now undeniable, both cellular biologists, and geneticists alike are beginning to understand epi-genetic interplay, a Greek term meaning beyond genetics.

Bruce Lipton, and others have made it clear that we can alter heritable traits in our gene expression that do not involve the underlying DNA sequence. We change the phenotype without changing the genotype. But this single change causes a host of natural and phenomenal changes in the human body and mind.

At least three systems are involved in altering our DNA from a purely physical standpoint: DNA methylation, histone modification and non-coding RNA (ncRNA)-associated gene silencing, but these are not the only methods of gene alteration.

However, the founder of the Heart Math Institute, Doc Childre offers his own theory of how DNA is altered. It encapsulates the same understanding of DNA programming that Johanna Bassols received in a spiritual transmissionthat the heart must become involved.

Childre postulated that an energetic connection or coupling of information occurs between the DNA in cells and higher dimensional structures the higher self or spirit.

Childre further...


Sustainable Development: Code for Reorganizing Human Society Activist Post

By Tom DeWeese Its in every community in the nation. We hear it talked about in county commission meetings and state legislatures. Its even used...


Bahraini activist gets 5 years for opposing torture, war Dear Kitty. Some blog

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Activist in Bahrain jailed for five years

A court in the island state Bahrain has sentenced activist Rabeel Najab to five years in prison for criticizing his treatment in prison and the war that Saudi Arabia is fighting in Yemen.

The International Federation for Human Rights, based in Paris, and others have criticized the trial in Bahrain.

Rajab was arrested in June 2016 in a major operation against dissidents in Bahrain. In July last year, he was sentenced to two years in prison for spreading rumors and [so called] fake news about Bahrain. The court then accused him of undermining the prestige of the state.


After his arrest he was admitted to a hospital several times. Sympathizers of Rajab feared for his life because he shared a cell with ISIS supporters. Raj...


Bought and paid for? Westminster councillor received lavish gifts and hospitality 514 times in 3 years Signs of the Times

Westminster city council's deputy leader has emerged as a contender for the title of the most schmoozed politician in Britain, receiving entertainment, meals and gifts more than 500 times in the last three years. From tickets to the hottest West End shows to exclusive dinners in London's finest restaurants and trips to the south of France, the official declarations reveal an extraordinary lifestyle that included one day in Mallorca, when Robert Davis managed two lunches, the first at the home of Andrew Lloyd Webber and the second at the home of the Earl of Chichester. Davis, the Conservative deputy leader of the central London borough and until last year the chairman of its powerful planning committee, was entertained by and received gifts from property industry figures at least 150 times since the start of 2015 - a rate of almost once a week.


Radical liberal indoctrination in schools: It's worse than you think Signs of the Times

Edina High School in suburban Minneapolis was long regarded as one of the country's top secondary schools. In recent years, its national ratings and its local reputation have slipped, perhaps in part because teachers are spending time promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students rather than teaching the subjects they are paid to teach. Following last November's election, 80 Edina High School teachers-which must represent pretty much the entire faculty-signed an editorial in the school's newspaper that was basically a Democratic Party manifesto. The editorial was authored by Tim Klobuchar (second cousin). It went so far as to oppose calls for unity; unity, it implied, will exist only when all conservatives have been banished from the stage.


Americans express shock at acts of disorganized violence and are oblivious to its organized violence Signs of the Times

"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do": Samuel P. Huntington The latest American slaughter of innocents - at home instead of abroad - has led to the usual outpourings from political leaders expressing prayers and sympathy and then switching to attacks on the evil weapons wielders that completely avoid the social system relying on massive weapons production and their wielding by military forces glorified for making wars. The bloody horror in Florida that took seventeen lives is known to everyone in the USA but that same population is kept relatively ignorant of the bloody horror being perpetrated everyday in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Palestine/Israel - to mention only the Middle East - by people using the armaments we sell them, when they're not being used by our own military which we train to use our weapons to kill people; foreigners, until further notice.


Jordan Peterson urges parents to fight radical sex ed: Its a form of indoctrination The Crazz Files

Featured Image
Jordan Peterson
(LifeSiteNews) Schools are pushing Ontarios sex ed curriculum on students in a completely reprehensible way, Dr.
Read More


A Place to Call Home Salvage

by Andrea Gibbons A place to call home. A simple thing. Labour once had a vision, housing for everyone, though what makes a home is perhaps not so simple. As Kim Dovey writes, home is deeply intertwined with our identity. It centres the relationship between ourselves and the earth, centres our connection to community and culture and society, to our past with its memories, and to our ability to grow into our full potential with the power to define our future. For many women, children and sometimes men this is made more complex by human violence or the weight

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India home to 30% of organic producers, says World Organics Report RSS feed from

India has the largest number of organic producers in the world, 835,000, according to the World of Organic Agriculture Report 2018.


Paleozoic life, video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

From the Cambrian Explosion to the Great Dying

20 February 2018

The first era of our current eon, the Paleozoic Era, is probably the most deceptively fascinating time in Earths history. With near constant revolutions in life, punctuated by catastrophic extinctions, it is also one of the most chaotic.

Correction! At 9:19, we erroneously refer to Dimetrodon as an herbivore. It was definitely a carnivore. We even made a whole video about Dimetrodon and their carnivorous ways in a previous episode. Thanks to everyone who pointed out our error!


Trump ranks as worst president blogfactory

(What even worse than that liar and cheat George W and even Tricky Dicky (Nixon) )

President Trump came in last place in an expert ranking of presidential greatness, according to the 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Surveyreleased Monday.

The survey was conducted among 170 current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, which is a group of scholars dedicated to studying the American presidency.

These experts were asked to rank each president on a scale from zero (worst) to 100 (best) based on their overall performance in office. With this, Mr. Trump came in last place with an average score of 12.34.

Even among Republican respondents, Mr. Trump still ranked extremely low, earning the 40th spot for presidential greatness. These Republicans labeled James Buchanan whose presidency saw the secession of seven states before the Civil War as the all-time worst and George Washington as the best.

Coming in first place is Abraham Lincoln, who scored an average of 95.03 between both Democrats and Republicans surveyed. The top seven presidents have remained the same since the poll was last conducted in 2014: Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In this round of questioning, former president Barack Obama moved up in the rankings to 8th best president, whereas in 2014 he came in at 18th. Scholars identifying as Republican, however, ranked Obama 16th. Ronald Reagan, who also moved up from his previous ranking, trails behind Obama in 9th place.




During the Little Ice Age Empires collapsed while the Netherlands flourished Signs of the Times

We are changing Earth's climate with terrifying speed. In the past, natural forces provoked slower climate changes. We now know that they were still big and fast enough to shape the fates of past societies. Climate change then brought disaster to most societies, but a few prospered. Perhaps the most successful of all emerged in the coastal fringes of the Netherlands, and it has left us with lessons that may help us prepare for our warmer future. Comment: Research has shown previous climatic shifts were not slow: Ice Ages start and end so suddenly, "it's like a button was pressed," say scientists Based on glacial ice samplings, stalagmites, ocean- and lake-bed sediments, tree rings and other assessments, it's clear that sometime in the 13th century, Earth's climate cooled. Huge volcanic eruptions lofted dust high into the stratosphere, blocking sunlight just as the sun slipped into a less-active phase, sending less energy to Earth. Sea ice expanded, wind patterns changed and ocean currents shifted. In many regions, torrential rains alternated with unprecedented droughts. Comment: All of those same signs can be seen today: Revision to 400-year sunspot record makes current solar cycle weakest in 200 years A period called the "Little Ice Age" had begun, reaching its coldest point in the 16th century.


Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1 blogfactory

Barcelonas Lionel Messi dealt a huge blow to ChelseasChampions League hopes by scoring his first ever goal against the Blues in an absorbing 1-1 last-16, first-leg draw at Stamford Bridge.

Antonio Contes side had taken a 62nd-minute lead through Willians 25-yard strike before Messi profited from an Andreas Christensen mistake to convert from Andres Iniestas pass, ending his wait for a goal against Chelsea at the ninth time of asking.

The Blues now face a huge uphill task in the return game on 14 March to avoid a European exit which would only heighten speculation over Contes future as manager.

Apprehension permeated the air at kick-off, perhaps in part a consequence of Contes cautious team selection, opting to leave Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud on the bench in favour of deploying Eden Hazard as a false nine.


The Belgian flashed a fifth-minute shot off-target from the edge of the box as Chelsea held their own in the opening exchanges before Barcelona gradually asserted control.

Messi created some space for himself just outside Chelseas box and stood up a superb cross towards the far post where Paulinho was lurking unmarked. However, the Tottenham midfielder could only steer a tame header wide.

The visitors racked up 75 per cent possession by the midway point of the first-half yet it was Willian who twice came closest to scoring before the interval.

The Brazilian collected a pass from Hazard 25 yards out before driving past Sergio Busquets and sent a curling effort against Marc-Andre ter Stegens left-hand upright with the Barcelona goalkeeper rooted to his line.



Trump, Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk Into a Bar Dissident Voice

Since the FBI never inspected the DNCs computers first-hand, the only evidence comes from an Irvine, California, cyber-security firm known as CrowdStrike whose chief technical officer, Dmitri Alperovitch, a well-known Putin-phobe, is a fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank that is also vehemently anti-Russian as well as a close Hillary Clinton ally.
Daniel Lazare, NYTs Really Weird Russagate Story, Consortium News

The masses did not mistakenly choose fascism. Rather, there is a more fundamental nonidentity between class consciousness and mass movements. Fascism was not a Falschkauf (mistaken purchase) followed by buyers remorse. The people fought for it, fiercely and stubbornlythough this desire for fascism is also a desire for suppression, a fight for servitude, if you will, or an escape from freedom, as Erich Fromm put it in the title of his 1941 book.
Ana Teixeira Pinto, Male Fantasies: The Sequel(s)

This week an angry dead end kid named Nikolas Cruz took his legally purchased AR 15 and walked into a school and opened fire. The FBI knew about Cruz because he had been reported to them. Cruz had been reported to the school, too. But nobody followed up. Cruz himself is one of those unpleasant looking young men that are visibly angry, and who exhibit, even in photographs, a quality of emotional disturbance. But nobody followed up. The FBI is too busy writing narrative fiction about Russia. The FBI is more concerned with constructing terrorist threats and then busting various patsies and making a big show of their success. This same week the US has continued to bomb Yemen alongside Saudi Arabia. This same week Mike Pence stomped around the site of the Winter Olympics and managed to insult most every foreign leader in attendance, but most acutely the hosts of this event. But then Pence is a vulgar rube from the hinterlands of Indiana. A fundamentalist Christian whose knowledge of the world is even smaller than his boss, the President.

The Hill reported.Approval of the FBI has increased among Democrats and decreased among Republicans since President Trump took office, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. So, uh, Dems and liberals are fawning over the FBI because, presumably, Mueller is after Satan-in-Chief The Donald, while Republicans are pouting because, presumably, the FBI isnt dropping the fictitious investigation of Russian collusion. Meanwhile, the FBI, famed for various cluster fucks like Waco and Ruby Ridge, not to mention COINTELPRO and countless undercover surveillances on journalists and dissidents of all kinds, is being embraced by liberal America. (COINTELPRO, as a reminder, attacked the Black Panther party,...


Two men stabbed to death in Londons Camden neighborhood within two hours blogfactory

Two men have been stabbed to death within the space of two hours in Camden, north London.

One victim, believed to be in his late teens, died in Bartholomew Road after he was stabbed at about 20:30 GMT on Tuesday.

Police were then called to Malden Road soon after 22:10, following reports of a disturbance, where they found a man with serious knife wounds.

The Met said they were trying to identify if the killings are linked.

The second man, thought to be about 20, was given first aid but died at the scene near the junction with Marsden Street.

Map of Camden

Denise Arnold, 63, who lives in Malden Road said she saw a large group of people who were trying to resuscitate the victim of the second stabbing.

There was a lot of wailing and screaming, she said.

Following the deaths, additional police patrols were sent to Camden overnight and a Section 60 order authorised across the borough until 07:00.

The order gives police the right to search people in places where they believe serious violence may take place.

A police spokesperson said no arrests had been made and urgent inquiries are under way to establish the full circumstances.

Chart showing that knife crime has dropped but is rising again in England and Wales

Sixteen people have been stabbed to death in London since the start of 2018. Five of those have been teenagers.

A 19-year-old man who lives near Bartholomew Road told BBC Radio London the stabbings were becoming everyday behaviour for these youngsters.

Its just normal now. Its getting to the point where its getting ridiculous.



Secret police released thousands of American mink into British countryside Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jessica on the sexual abuse by spycop Andy Coles, September 2017

Whilst an undercover officer in the 1990s in the Special Demonstration Squad, a secret Metropolitan Police unit that infiltrated political activist groups, Andy Coles groomed Jessica into a sexual relationship.

As soon as the truth was exposed in May 2017, Coles resigned as Cambridgeshires Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. He retains other roles of civic trust, notably as a [Conservative] member of Peterborough City Council.

On 16 September 2017, Jessica travelled to Peterborough to give this, her first public talk on Coles abuse.

There is now a dedicated campaign against Andy Coles holding positions of public trust: here.

For more about Jessica, see here.

For more about the spycops scandal, see here.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Spycops: Police admit undercover cop broke the law in fur farm raid

Former spycop known as Christine Green released thousands of mink into the countryside

American mink are an invasive species in Britain, doing much damage to other animals. Ideally, they should be brought back to their North American natural environment.


21:20 #4 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk Addresses Those Who Gab and Drive: Using a Cell Phone When Signal is Weak Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Last month, posted Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Your Possible Cancer Risk #4 on their list: Going...


British reserve means sex still taboo subject blogfactory


Brits find sex the most challenging topic to talk about, with women less likely than men to share with friends what goes on in the bedroom despite the eruption of erotic fiction and warts and all reality TV shows, a survey suggests.

British women may be enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey behind closed doors, but they are less willing to talk about sex in the open.
British women may be enjoying Fifty Shades of Grey behind closed doors, but they are less willing to talk about sex in the open.

The stud...


Four-year-old boy killed by stray dogs in Andhra Pradesh, India Signs of the Times

A four-year-old boy was killed in Kurnool district on Tuesday after he was attacked by stray dogs. The parents of the boy, Ibrahim had taken him along with them to a groundnut field. Since the boy was sleeping, they kept him on a swing nearby and went for their work. However, the boy was attacked by two stray dogs and his screams fell short due to the sounds of the groundnut crusher machine. The parents later tried to locate their son and found the body half a kilometre away as they heard two dogs growling at each other.


Drinking alcohol one of the keys to longevity says long term study of nonagenerians Signs of the Times

The secret to living long into ripe old age has been heavily debated for quite some time. Eating a healthier diet, regularly practising yoga in a peaceful park, visiting exotic hot springs to cleanse your body... people have tried all sorts of things to ensure longevity. However, a study has discovered that the key to reaching past the age of 90 could all come down to drinking a couple of glasses of alcohol a night and putting on a few extra pounds.


The Hidden Patterns of Creation (Pt. 1 & 2) - A conversation with Joseph Farrell After the Shift


Today we take on one of the largest philosophical mysteries; what Dr. Farrell refers to as the Topological Metaphor. In a roller coaster of a talk, we touch many aspects and derivatives of this fundamental structure of existence - historically, esoterically, theologically, & politically. What is this fingerprint of Creation? Where do we find its traces? How is it best grasped through symbolism, numbers, music, & geometry? Was it part of a prehistoric understanding? How does modern science relate to it? How is this open abundance system opposed to the closed scarcity system? And we learn about the first Unified Field Theory in known history!

:: :: :: ::

All programs are gratis & listener funded. Please consider supporting our work and help cover costs by subscribing to our 2 channels, liking & sharing our posts, & disabling ad-block at our vids. Subscribe to our website (


China deploys warships to East Indian Ocean amid rivalry with India blogfactory

A Chinese news portal says 11 Chinese warships have entered the East Indian Ocean this month, in what seems to have been a show of strength amid a rivalry in the region with India and a crisis in the Maldives.

A fleet of Chinese destroyers and at least one frigate, a massive amphibious transport dock, and three support tankers sailed into the Indian Ocean in February, reported on Sunday.

If you look at warships and other equipment, the gap between the Indian and Chinese navy is not large, it said.

The news portal did not say when exactly the fleet had been deployed or for how long, but Indian defense sources said on Tuesday that a Chinese flotilla of a destroyer, frigate, and tankers did enter the region around February 10 after conducting some drills in the South China Sea.

The flotilla, which according to the sources was well over 3,500 kilometers away from the Maldives, went back through the Lombok Strait after several days.

Indian satellites, warships, and long-range maritime surveillance aircraft like P-8I kept close tabs on the Chinese flotilla, which was in international waters towards Australia, The Times of India quoted a defense source as speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Chinese Defense Ministry did not respond to requests by Reuters for comment. But last week, the Peoples Liberation Army posted photos and a story on rescue training exercises taking place in the East Indian Ocean on its official Twitter-like Weibo account.

The under-construction China Maldives Friendship Bridge is pictured near the city of Male on February 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Regional countries, including Australia and India, associate Chinas recent naval deployment with an ongoing constitutional crisis in the Maldives, with which New Delhi has had longstanding political and security ties.

The Maldives plunged into crisis when President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency and ordered the arrest of judges who had ordered the release of his political opponents.

Maldivian opposition leaders have urged India to intervene in the crisis. Despite New Delhis calls for ending the state of emergency, the Maldives extended it by another 30 days on Tuesday.

China, however, said on Tuesday that the Maldives has the wisdom and capabilities to cope with the current situation independently.

Beijing signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Maldives last year. It has also been striking deals with countries in Asia and Africa in line with its Belt and Road initiative to improve imports of key commodities, upgrade infrastructure, and trade routes in the region.

The multi-billion-dollar Belt and Road initiative...


Russian embassy demands better conditions for pilot jailed in the US blogfactory

The Russian embassy in Washington, DC has asked the US authorities to ensure that pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko is kept in normal prison conditions, and continues to demand he be returned to his home country on humanitarian grounds.
Read more

The Russian Foreign Ministry building Natalia Seliverstova


A source in the embassy has told TASS that Russian diplomats possessed information that the administration of the Fort Dix prison, where Yaroshenko is serving a 20-year sentence, refused him exercise and would not allow him to purchase the drugs and food he needs because of his poor state of health.

This aggravation of conditions for the Russian citizens has confirmed that the US authorities are unable to honor their international legal obligation in the Human Rights sphere, reads the text of the address released by the Russian diplomats.

We continue to insist that our citizen is returned to his motherland for humanitarian reasons, they add.

Konstantin Yaroshenko used to work as an aircraft pilot for an international cargo company. In 2011 he was sentenced to 20 years in a US jail for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the country. However, the charges against the Russian are based on the testimony of US agents who launched a sting operation against him. He was arrested in Liberia and flown to the US without any official extradition procedure, despite protests from Russia and violations of the diplomatic code.

Read more

Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko.  Sputnik



US admiral warns against preemptive strike on North Korea blogfactory

North Korean soldiers march foto
Any first strike against North Korea may prove ineffective against retaliatory nuclear strikes, according to a retired US admiral. He called the notion of preemptive attack high risk and unpredictable.

Retired Admiral Dennis Blair, former head of the US Pacific Command (PACOM) and briefly the Director of National Intelligence, warned in a Guardian interview that an attack against the nuclear-armed state could carry disastrous consequences and that simply targeting North Koreas infrastructure would not be sufficient to destroy all missile launching sites.

With all the tunnels they have, with all of the difficulties of intelligence in that country, I dont think an American-South Korean strike [on the North] would have a high probability of taking out all of their nuclear capability and then youve left them with not only with nuclear capability but also an aggrieved sense of it, he cautioned.

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Former US Secretary of Defense William Perry

The admiral also argued that launching a first strike would not guarantee success and preferred instead to maintain a multifaceted approach of sanctions and pressure.

[To] sneak up on them and give them a bloody nose, be unpredictable, I think is not correct for dealing with a country like North Korea, Blair said.

The Pentagons approach to North Korea came under question after a Federation of American Scientists report published in November 2017 brainstormed seven possible military options against Pyongyang.

Several other military personnel have criticized Washingtons strategy, highlighting that even defensive measure are not guaranteed to be effective.

Washingtons Terminally High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system boasts perfect success rates on intercepting missile attacks. However, experts caution that this was achieved under test conditions and not in combat.

Even if it had a test record of 100 percent, there are no guarantees, International Institute for Strategic Studies fellow Mic...


Report reveals US weapons for sale on Syrian terrorist website Signs of the Times

A wide assortment of US-supplied weapons ended up for sale on an online terrorist marketplace in Syria, a CNN investigation revealed on Tuesday. "Grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, thermal sniper scopes and body armor all appear on the jihadist channels, which also offer tips on encryption and even introduce smugglers to get people in and out of Syria," the CNN report said. The media outlet also published a string of messages between someone in Syria's Idlib province and a reporter, in which the reporter negotiated a discount to purchase the M-16 rifle for $775 using the encryption app Telegram.


David Hogg crisis actor conspiracies are more proof that Big Tech has an impossible task Fast Company

If you searched David Hoggs name on Google, YouTube, or Facebook yesterday, you very likely came across a number of disturbing posts. The student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has quickly emerged as a vocal proponent of gun controland a fierce critic of politicians who continue to do nothing in the wake

If you searched David Hoggs name on Google, YouTube, or Facebook yesterday, you very likely came across a number of disturbing posts. The student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has quickly emerged as a vocal proponent of gun controland a fierce critic of politicians who continue to do nothing in the wake of mass shooting after mass shooting, including the one at Hoggs own high school last week.

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Science is BROKEN, and the peer-review process produces utter bulls##t parading around as real science The Crazz Files

Much of what gets published in so-called science journals or medical journals is actually complete bulls##t, warn many observers. Brendan D. Read More


'Walked away': North Korea's 'murderous regime' refused to meet Pence, and hear US ultimatum - VP's office Signs of the Times

Pyongyang officials refused to meet with US Vice President on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics, amid belligerent rhetoric and threats of new sanctions, as well as US distrust of a recent rapprochement between South and North. Pence arrived in South Korea at a time when the Trump administration is applying every effort to downplay the significance of the recent thaw between the two Koreas that came about as a result of the "Peace Olympics." While initially denying intentions to meet with the North Korean delegation, Pence's team apparently worked relentlessly hoping to break the ice with the ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong-nam, and Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of the North's leader, Kim Jong Un. After all, the vice president was seated just a few feet away from Kim Yo Jong during the opening ceremonies, but failed to acknowledge her.


Free Download: Alan Watts, "The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

You didn't come into this world. You came out of it, 
like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.  
- Alan Watts

"What we see as death, empty space, or nothingness is only the trough between the crests of this endlessly waving ocean. It is all part of the illusion that there should seem to be something to be gained in the future, and that there is an urgent necessity to go on and on until we get it. Yet just as there is no time but the present, and no one except the all-and-everything, there is never anything to be gained- though the zest of the game is to pretend there is."
- Alan Watts,
"The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are"


This Chrome extension matches LinkedIn profiles to open tech jobs Fast Company

CodeFights, the company that has made a business out of a matchmaking algorithm to pair software engineers with the right jobs based on skills, is launching a sourcing assistant that aims to make the process even smoother. They created a Chrome extension that uses machine learning to look at what skills companies are searching for

CodeFights, the company that has made a business out of a matchmaking algorithm to pair software engineers with the right jobs based on skills, is launching a sourcing assistant that aims to make the process even smoother.

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Soon available at Walmart, Harrys is giving Gillette a run for its money Fast Company

Harrys, the mens grooming brand, was founded in 2011 as an entirely digital play. The founders, Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider, purchased a factory in Germany, so the company would be fully vertically integrated and they could control the quality of the products produced. The goal was to sell high-end razors and shaving cream without

Harrys, the mens grooming brand, was founded in 2011 as an entirely digital play. The founders, Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider, purchased a factory in Germany, so the company would be fully vertically integrated and they could control the quality of the products produced. The goal was to sell high-end razors and shaving cream without the hidden retail markup, allowing it to compete with brands like Gillette and Schick that must mark up products to sell them at drug and grocery stores.

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Take These Steps To Boost Morale After Layoffs Fast Company

The employees who remain after a round of layoffs will likely have high anxiety. Heres how to lessen the impact and get everyone back on track.

You might think that employees who survive layoffs feel lucky or valued, but a study by outplacement provider RiseSmart finds that surviving team members have unique challenges that can hurt their productivity, and 43% of companies are not prepared for the impact.

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How Ebby Ranes Founder Created The Luggage She Always Wanted Fast Company

When Sonja Salmon launched her luxury travel brand, she was already used to being underestimated. This only made her more determined to be a success.

Sonja Salmon just wanted luggage that looked good and allowed you to easily find your belongings. It turns out, it wasnt that easy to find. As a corporate executive who had worked her way up in Canadas finance industry, Salmon was constantly on the road. She needed to look polished at meetings, but this was hard to pull off when she had to squeeze everything into a miniscule carry-on.

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Bright meteor fireball reported over Bahia, Brazil (VIDEOS) Signs of the Times

Residents of Salvador, the capital of Brazil's northeastern state of Bahia, reported a bright meteor fireball streaking through the night sky around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday 20th February according to A Tarde On Line. Sightings of the event were also recorded in other parts of the region and shared on social media reports Mdia Bahia. "Has anyone else seen a 'meteor' crossing Pituba now?" asked a Facebook user. "I do not know it was a shooting star, but I just saw a fireball falling from the sky with a huge flash. Did anyone else from Salvador see?" Another on Twitter said "Does anyone explain this glare in the sky of Salvador? And that object falling and catching fire? I do not know what it was, I've never seen anything like it."


Hizbullah: You Dont See ThemThey See You! Dissident Voice

[Authors Note: This is Part Four of a multi-part expose direct from Istanbul and Lebanon. Please see Part One, Part Two, or Part Three for information not repeated here.]


This is not good! cautions a new Lebanese friend in a stern tone of warning, clutching this reporters arm for emphasis. This, where you are going.. it is their neighbourhood Hizbullahs neighbourhood. They control this completely!

Protesting that this quest is well-intentioned, no secret and no threat, this friend provides probably the most important council, and most accurate statement, in properly understanding todays modern Hizbullah.

You do not understand well about Hizbullah, he says, the seriousness of his face indicating his sincerity. You do not see Hizbullah they see you!

His caution and commentary prove to be a very accurate description of todays Hizbullah. The western media would have those reading about todays Lebanon from a distance believe that Hizbullah is only a fighting force and therefore easily identifiable in a uniform such as with their invited presence in Syria. The reality is that today within Lebanon, Hizbullah is an army of the people, by the people, and for the people. These people are doctors, teachers, accountants, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, manual labourers and all other professions, but their common denominator is their love of their homeland. And defend it again they will, leaving their clinics, desks, chalkboards, cars, shops or shovels behind the moment Lebanon is attached again.

Almost exclusively western media minimizes the complete reality by reporting only on Hizbullahs military wing, Al Moqawama al Islamia (The Islamic Resistance). Since the 2006 war, when Hizbullah (phonetically spelt Hezbollah in the west) successfully defended the country from a third Israeli invasion of its southern border, much about the rise of this deliberately managed organization, now firmly entrenched in Lebanese society, has changed dramatically.

Information that belies the usual narrative about this Lebanese nationalist political, social and military group, Hizbullah, is as hard to obtain as is an interview with one of their soldiers. The western press, of course, routinely demonizes this organizations defensive and socially important new political philosophy- one that in a...


Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov: US threats with new sanctions seek to escalate tensions before election Signs of the Times

The US Department of State stated that it did not rule out potentially introducing sanctions against the 13 Russian individuals charged last week for alleged election meddling. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that US threats to impose new sanctions on Moscow were aiming to escalate tensions ahead of the presidential election, which is scheduled for March 2018. "Paradoxically, the Americans are taking steps that are aimed at intervening in our internal affairs, intensifying tension in bilateral relations ahead of presidential elections, but they continue to groundlessly, unprovenly blame us for allegedly interfering in their electoral processes," Ryabkov on Wednesday to journalists in Moscow.


Trump motorcade driver detained by Secret Service after gun discovered CLG News

Trump motorcade driver detained by Secret Service after gun discovered | 20 Feb 2018 | The Secret Service said Monday it detained someone scheduled to drive a press van in President Trump's motorcade in Florida after agents discovered a personal firearm during a security check. The incident occurred Monday in Palm Beach, where Trump was spending Presidents Day at his compound. According to the agency, the unnamed individual was a "staff contracted driver" who was found to be "in lawful possession of a prohibited item." It occurred outside the secure area at a Secret Service security screening checkpoint.


Prevention Against Gallstones - Eat More Foods With Vitamin After the Shift

More than 90 percent of the population does not meet their recommended daily allowance of vitamin E. Researchers in Germany led by the University of Kiel found that subjects with gallstone disease had lower blood levels of vitamin E than those who did not have gallstones.
Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid that can form in your gallbladder. Gallstones range in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. Some people develop just one gallstone, while others develop many gallstones at the same time. Most gallstones provoke no symptoms at all. On average, symptoms take about eight years to develop.

Vitamin E does everything from ease exercise soreness, treating...



Imagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion of an adult.
On the cutting edge of human health and mental wellness is the exploration of the effects of childhood trauma on the long-term health of human beings. Dr. Robert Block, former President of the American Academy of pediatrics remarked, adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.


Lawyer linked to ex-Trump adviser pleads guilty to lying to FBI CLG News

Lawyer linked to ex-Trump adviser pleads guilty to lying to FBI | 20 Feb 2018 | A lawyer connected to former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of lying to investigators, as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Alex Van Der Zwaan was charged by Mueller's team with making false statements to investigators in an interview about his time working for a law firm hired by the Ukraine Ministry of Justice in 2012, when he helped produce a report on the trial of Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko. According to The Washington Post, Van Der Zwaan is the son-in-law of Russian businessman German Khan.


Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska? Terra Forming Terra

I am more impressed by just how rarely this creature is seen.  This publicity sprang just one other sighting covering at least a generation.  In fact all our sightings are low and easily identifiable.   My own sighting of a putative Marsh Hawk back in the day could more properly be described as a juvenile Thunder Bird.  The wing span was easily several feet as it glided and flapped low over our stubble field.  It was much bigger than a bald eagle which at the time i had never seen.

What i saw was way too big to be any known bird from the manuals.   The wingspan was easily that of a frigate bird but much wider and quite raptor like.  I saw this in Mid Western Ontario which is far distant from the sea but close by the Great Lakes.  Gulls were commonly seen there.

As i have posted in the past, these raptors easily hole up inside a full skirted evergreen providing an excellent view while fully camouflaged.  All real hunting would be at night.  We now have ample sightings to confirm the existence of this bird.  This one is typical.  Further away and size will be confused.


Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

February 06, 2018

The Alaskan city of Juneau is buzzing after a resident reported what can best be described as a 'thunderbird' soaring through the sky.

The weirdness began when the witness, named Tabitha, posted about her sighting to a Juneau community Facebook group.

According to her, as she was driving down the road a "huge black bird" appeared overhead and sported a wingspan which she estimated to be "at least 20 feet."

Despite living in the area her entire life, Tabitha insisted that his bird was unlike anything she had ever seen before and marveled that it was "almost the size of a small airplane."



Wellness Has A Diversity IssueThese Women Are Changing That Fast Company

Women of color have long been underrepresented in yoga and meditation. Now leaders are bringing it to new audiences and giving it a fresh spin.

On a busy, graffiti-ridden boulevardnot far from the streets that witnessed the Rodney King riotsstands the only yoga studio in South Los Angeles.  Since 2013, the donation-based Green Tree Yoga Meditation center has served a community with a poverty level of over 40%, nearly twice that of the average L.A. community.

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Hydrogen for Surgery & ICU Terra Forming Terra

Now that we understand this it needs to be fully implemented.  This will facilitate resuscitation on a much larger scale than now seen.
We can get a heart attack victim to an ER in much less than an hour.  Saving him and avoiding serious damage has been spotty.  This can change that outcome significantly even to the point in perhaps most cases to full recovery.
Note that hypothermia and hydrogen combined jumped their numbers to 80%.  What this means is that we can properly flip the survival stats.  Saving a heart attack victim inevitably involves a person still in full productive mode as well so this could well mean preservging his or her productivity as well.
Hydrogen for Surgery & ICU

Published on January 29, 2018

Medical gas is critical to the function of hospitals and many other healthcare facilities. Medical gas systems in hospitals are, in a word, lifesaving. Piped in oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and medical air to hospital areas such as patient rooms, recovery areas, operating rooms, and ICU departments is critical to the survival of patients and now hydrogen needs to be added to the list.

It is imperative that hospitals get on the program with hydrogen because it is a perfect and safe substance to put out the fires of oxidative stress. Evidence of massive oxidative stress is well established in adult critical illnesses characterized by tissue ischemiareperfusion injury and by an intense systemic inflammatory response such as during sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Oxidative stress exacerbates organ injury and thus overall clinical outcome.[1] Oxygen-derived free radicals play an important role in the development of disease in critically ill patients.

Critically ill patients suffer from oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) a...


Let Us Eradicate Poverty, Not Demolish Wealth Terra Forming Terra

If you are reading this, you are surely part of the choir.  The only reason that the economic fools have any political leverage whatsoever is that it is inevitable that our population will have three tiers.
The first tier are those doing just fine.  Whatever it took, they planned for and received a full middle class life.  Perhaps a handful got rich and famous but the rest have theirs as well.
The second tier are really doing well enough but still have a ways to go and are engaged in doing just that.  None of this is truly inherited, although that can certainly help.  Something had to be done to maintain status.  After all the fastest way to lose a great fortune is to hand it over to a natural loser and those are born into every family.
What i am saying loudly is that the majority of our civilization is able to do fine on average over an entire lifespan.
Then we address the lower third.  I make this expansive because this is where economic reform will revolutionize our whole civilization.  Helping this sector to become efficient and thriving will super charge the top two tiers.  In fact the only proper task of all governance needs to be the strengthening this lower third.  And it is not particularly done by cash transfers, but by providing ample locally managed credit along with empowering the natural community itself.  Do this along with applying the rule of twelve for local governance and we estabilsh a dynamic thriving base for the whole economy that grows without significant external inputs..
Let Us Eradicate Poverty, Not Demolish Wealth

Daniel Lacalle

By the time you finish reading this article, some 600 people from all over the world will have escaped poverty.

In 1990, 35% of the world population lived in extreme poverty. Today, that figure h...


Non Civilian Courts for Treason Terra Forming Terra


From sources that i am not too sure of we hear that Hilary is facing 27 indictments for treason alone.  

At the same time the 13,000 plus sealed indictments has also morphed into a 13,000 cell building program in GITMO.  What is absolutely true is that some information is been allowed out to trusted distribution nodes so that supporters of the Admin will not be in complete shock.  All the information  that we have has at least been vouched for.

The big story though is that those 13,000 sealed indictments are facing non civilian courts because they were all involved wittingly or not in an assault of the Republic.  I do want to add that the large numbers may well include a large number of low level political operatives who manipulated the vote count. Certainly the Mueller investigation has targeted the validity of that count.

Today we hear that Russia will forthwith send first time pedophiles to prison for life.  Obvious when we understand that no cure is known and the threat simply does not go away.  Thousands of low level pedophiles have been arrested during the past year.  This must feed into a hierarchy numbering at least one to two thousand folks, often embedded in government and justice.  I may still be too low but this fits the apparent scale now revealed. 

The fact remains that thousands will likely face military tribunals for their actions. The lucky ones will be seconded to a civilian trial.  The seriously unlucky will be quickly put in front of firing squads and shot and we will have limited appeals or none at all.  The administration has essentially taken the position that we are opposing a hostile foreign attack.  This has a lot of truth but may be also smaller than presently thought.

I personally would not give two cents for Hilary's chances.  Yet in her special case her crimes need to be fully aired until her fate will be a relief.


The Car of the Future Will Sell Your Data

No. Via: Bloomberg: Picture this: Youre driving home from work, contemplating what to make for dinner, and as you idle at a red light near your neighborhood pizzeria, an ad offering $5 off a pepperoni pie pops up on your dashboard screen. Are you annoyed that your cars trying to sell you something, or pleasantly []


When Trashing Each Other and Spreading Hate Become a Trend Blog Baladi

I barely commented on what happened in the past week, from Murrs controversial comments on MTVs high advertising rates and audience, to MTV reporting videos & posts bashing them on Facebook and the reactions that followed in Menna W Jerr, Hayda 7ake and LBCs Lahone w bass.

Everyone was eagerly waiting to see how Hisham will comment on Murrs infamous comments. I wasnt to be honest and I wasnt looking forward to Adel Karams show, not just because its no longer funny, but because trashing other TVs as a last resort for comedy is pathetic and it has become widespread unfortunately.

I dont see the point of watching two TVs trash and insult each other just for the sake of it, and I dont understand what theyre trying to achieve by doing so. What are they offering their viewers? What is the message theyre trying to send? How is spreading more hatred and stupidity good for ratings? Is that how short-sighted weve become?

And this also applies to almost every video or comment Im seeing online by either popular pages or random individuals. I enjoy satire and funny takes on certain issues, but whats been happening recently is unacceptable and everyones getting dragged into. Were all to blame for the nightmare that online (& offline) debating has become in Lebanon and were all being distracted by lame issues while garbage and corruption are still surrounding us.

Ive watched all the shows and online videos surrounding the MTV CEO controversial comments and I have to ask:

How are TVs improving their reputation by banning & reporting online commentaries?
How are we fighting for freedom of speech when were trashing people left and right?
How are we helping by mocking random individuals to thousands of followers and turning them into a joke?
How is cyber bullying different from what the authorities are doing?
How are guests allowed to suggest a veterinary for other TV channels on certain shows?
How are we promoting constructive criticism by referring to name-calling and derogatory comments? And by turning everything into personal issues?
How are we working for a better future when all our focus are on stupid brainless topics?

I think its about time everyone takes a step back and think for a moment about what theyre doing because media has turned into one large garbage bin. We should learn how to respond intelligently and not just react to every shitty comment one makes. Satire is good, comedy is good, freedom of speech is sacred but we should be able to offer more than that, behave with a little common sense and maturity, and act as role models to young generations instead of inciting them to further stupidity and hatred...


These are the best cities for women in tech Fast Company

SmartAsset, a financial software and data firm, just completed its fourth annual analysis of Census Bureau data and found that overall, women are still underrepresented in tech jobs in the U.S. and earn, on average, less than their male counterparts in similar positions. But there are some bright spots across the country. To rank the

SmartAsset, a financial software and data firm, just completed its fourth annual analysis of Census Bureau data and found that overall, women are still underrepresented in tech jobs in the U.S. and earn, on average, less than their male counterparts in similar positions.

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Venezuela: Revenge of the Mad-Dog Empire Dissident Voice

Only in the world of comic-book fantasies is the United States a friend to the oppressed in Africa or anywhere else on the planet. In the real world, the U.S. is a predator, colonial/capitalist nation. But like the imagined nation of Wakanda, in the latest cultural assault on critical mass consciousness, American exceptionalism and make America great again two slogans representing both sides of the imperialist coin, ruling class interests are obscured and the people are reduced to working against their objective interests and being accomplices to imperial lawlessness.

In every part of the world, the United States is engaged in maniacal, criminal assaults on democracy, basic human decency and common sense.  From its support for armed jihadists groups in Syria and its illegal occupation of that nation, transferring heavy military equipment to its puppet regime in Ukraine, supporting unending war in Afghanistan, to the military invasion of Africa, the commitment to maintaining U.S. global dominance has moved war and militarism to the center of U.S. strategy.

But nowhere is U.S. criminality more apparent and unrelenting than right here in the Americas where the Pan-European project was born in 1492. That was the year Europe was born, emerging from its relative cultural backwardness using with terrifying efficiency the only advantage it had over the more civilized people of the regionarmor protection and steel weaponsto slaughter the people, take the land and begin the 500-hundred-year nightmare the people of the world have suffered ever since.

Today, the barbarism of the Pan-European project continues under the tutelage of what history will recordif humanity survivesas the most violent, racist, oppressive human experience ever to have emerged in the short span of human existence on Earth: The United States of America.

After centuries experiencing the horrors of genocide, slavery, military dictatorships, environmental destruction, and neoliberal exploitation, the people of Latin America began to slowly extract themselves from the clutches of the hegemon from the North. Social movements and peoples undeterred by coups, structural adjustment and death squads started to take back their history in Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and the rest of the continent. Venezuela has led the way, proclaiming the dawn of a 21st century socialism that would create the new society and the new human in the process.

Because of imperial overreach, the same trap that has ensnared other empires in decline, the U.S. was preoccupied with attempting to manage the mess it had created for itself as a result of the disastrous belief that it could fight two major wars simultaneously. So, while it was bogged down in Western Asia and the so-called Middle East, the full force of the U.S. repressive apparatus was not deployed against the fledgling peoples movements and the nominal capture of the state by those movements in Latin Ame...


Uber officially launches Express Pool Fast Company

The service has been trialed in San Fransisco since last November, but starting today it rolls out in Denver, Miami, D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Diego, with rollout to other cities coming in the near future, reports TechCrunch. The Express Pool option aims to eliminate some of the annoyances of the standard Pool service, which

The service has been trialed in San Fransisco since last November, but starting today it rolls out in Denver, Miami, D.C., Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Diego, with rollout to other cities coming in the near future, reports TechCrunch. The Express Pool option aims to eliminate some of the annoyances of the standard Pool service, which can sometimes see annoying deviations on routesand thus longer travel timesdue to the pickup or drop-off locations for other passengers.

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Free Yourself from Narcissistic Behavior with This 7-Step Pattern Awareness Act

It has been estimated that approximately 6.2% of American adults would meet the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Characterized by arrogance, grandiosity, a need for admiration and a heightened sense of entitlement, narcissists are often the people that we identify as a toxic influence in our lives. They may be our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or even our partners.

While it is a commonly accepted belief that narcissists dont want to change, what about those that go against the stereotype and seek a better life? Weve all seen it on television and in the movies the evil person who decides that they want to turn their life around and redeem their humanity. Is this possible in real life?

While some may argue that NPD and other similar diagnostic labels are a more permanent condition, identifying the unavoidable way that our minds work, others argue that, NPD is merely a reflection of how we react to the world around us and therefore, like other negative coping mechanisms, can be corrected with the right course of treatment. As Dr. Craig Malkin, a clinical psychologist and lecturer at Harvard Medical School explains, I believe that rather than simply being who we are, our personalities are also patterns of interaction. That is, personality, whether disordered or no, has as much to do with how (and with whom) we interact as it does with our genes and wired-in temperament.

The process is likely going to be uncomfortable, pushing you out of your regular pattern of thinking, requiring a more conscious approach to life. For many, the very idea of psychotherapy and working on changing the way they think is daunting or unappealing, however, for the select few that are truly motivated to create change, the opportunity is available. Experts in the field have dedicated their time and energy to determine the best approaches for the treatment of such conditions.

One such expert, Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D., CGP, is internationally known, specializing in the diagnostic and treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic and Schizoid adaptations. She has travelled all over the world, sharing her knowledge with psychotherapists interested in learning her methods, including traveling to the US, Mexico, England, Wales, Norway and Sweden. Her 7-step treatment approach for NPD has gained attention for its effectiveness, providing hope to those who are dealing with the disorder around the world.



Are IR Schools Broken? Nah. Duck of Minerva

IR program rankings are out in Foreign Policy. Discuss.

Steve Walt has a provocative column in the same issue that Im sure he didnt title that suggests Americas IR Schools Are Broken. The argument isnt strictly the familiar one from him about methods but that scholars seeking influence in policy circles have rallied around conformist consensus positions:

But perhaps the biggest limitation in todays schools of international affairs at least here in the United States is their tendency to reinforce the stale bipartisan consensus behind liberal hegemony and the necessity for U.S. leadership

Instead of doing what academic institutions are ideally suited for that is, taking an independent, critical look at contemporary issues and trying to figure out what is working, what is failing, and how we could do better the desire to be closely tied to the policy world inevitably tempts most schools of international affairs to gravitate toward a familiar mainstream consensus.

I have a series of tweets that Ive embedded below that are in the same vein of Frank Gavin and Jim Steinbergs podcast with War on the Rocks in defense of the Blob (Gavin is also in this issue of Foreign Policy with a piece that bemoans past ways of teaching international relations but with more optimism about the future).

In my thread below, I make the argument that conformity in US foreign policy is hardly the fault of IR programs where there is considerable disquiet about US foreign policy adventurism of late but also a recognition that the liberal order is worth defending.


This Type of Woman Is More Depressed Than Their Male Counterparts Awareness Act

The quest for womens equality is a battle that many have fought long and hard to obtain. Once expected to stay at home to care for the home and raise the children, with no option to earn their own income, today we can see powerful examples of the modern woman dominating the boardrooms, leading Fortune 500 companies and making their mark in corporate America.

Unfortunately, while women have fought through some incredible odds on this journey, a study from the American Sociological Association highlights a new concern for women taking on positions of authority in their careers.

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc | Blend Images | Corbis


The study group was comprised of 2800 participants, including 1500 women and 1300 men. From 1993 until 2004, the studys researchers tracked the careers of the participants including their job titles and any changes in position. At the same time, they also watched for any signs of depression, comparing the two in order to determine whether there were any patterns and connections to be observed between the changes in their career and their mental state.

Consideration was given to the fact that women statistically suffer from depression at a higher rate than their male counterparts. However, even with that information factored into the equation, the conclusion was clear. Women in positions of authority in the workplace were significantly more likely to suffer from depression.

Women with job authority the ability to hire, fire, and influence pay have significantly more symptoms of depression than women without this power. In contrast, men with job authority have fewer symptoms of depression than men without such power, explained Tetyana Pudrovska, lea...


Bill Gates will guest star on The Big Bang Theory next month Fast Company

And hell star as himself, reports CNN. In the episode, Kaley Cuocos Penny character will host Gates at her workplace, while her friends spend their time attempting to meet the Microsoft founder. With his appearance, Gates joins the likes of other tech and science luminaries who have appeared on the show including Buzz Aldrin, Stephen

And hell star as himself, reports CNN. In the episode, Kaley Cuocos Penny character will host Gates at her workplace, while her friends spend their time attempting to meet the Microsoft founder. With his appearance, Gates joins the likes of other tech and science luminaries who have appeared on the show including Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Steve Wozniak. The Bill Gates episode is scheduled to air in late March.

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Teslas cloud system was hacked to mine cryptocurrency Fast Company

The electric vehicle makers Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account was hacked and installed with Stratum, a cryptocurrency mining software, reports CNBC. The so-called cryptojacking was allowed to happen because no password was set for Teslas Kubernetes admin console, leaving its AWS account exposed. British insurer Aviva and Dutch SIM-maker Gemalto have also been affected

The electric vehicle makers Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account was hacked and installed with Stratum, a cryptocurrency mining software, reports CNBC. The so-called cryptojacking was allowed to happen because no password was set for Teslas Kubernetes admin console, leaving its AWS account exposed. British insurer Aviva and Dutch SIM-maker Gemalto have also been affected by similar cryptojackings recently, where a hacker installs software on anothers more powerful system to put it to use to mine cryptocurrencies. A spokesperson for Tesla said that it does not currently believe customer data or the security of its vehicles were affected in the hack.

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FIFTY8 Interviews Alba Weinman / Part II -- Past Life Regression Hypnosis Operation Disclosure


FIFTY8 Interviews Hypnotherapist Alba Weinman


PART II - What is Hypnosis?

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening. Alba talks about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon and the experience people have on her own technique which she documents on YouTube. We discuss what hypnosis is and how she also goes into a hypnotic state in order to flow with her clients during her sessions. Included is one of her sessions describing what will happen when the veil is lifted during the Event.

Alba Weinman -
FIFTY8 Magazine -


Getting To No On Plastic La Paz Group


The cleanup Glastonbury 2017. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

This headline in the Guardian, accompanying the photo above, is well timed for me:

Glastonbury festival set to ban plastic bottles in 2019

Emily Eavis says festival is working on enormous project to ban plastic bottles on site when it returns after year off in 2018



Gizmodo Staffers Are Tired Of Their Extremely Cold Office Fast Company

As they sniff out hot scoops, Gizmodos New York staff is freezing.

Its cold out there for reportersespecially those who work at Gizmodos New York office. The walls of the former Gawker news site, which is now owned by Univision, are allegedly so poorly insulated that employees wear multiple layers and huddle close to space heaters, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation.

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How Patagonia Grows Every Time It Amplifies Its Social Mission Fast Company

CEO Rose Marcario, who leads the apparel player, a 2018 Worlds Most Innovative Company, has catalyzed the shifting political tides to Patagonias benefit.

Rose Marcario struggled to sleep. It was November 9, 2016, just hours after Donald Trump had been elected president, and the CEO of Patagonia was worried about how his White House ascent might disrupt not only her companys business but the planets future.

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Why Apple Is The Worlds Most Innovative Company Fast Company

In this exclusive interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, he explains the culture and approach that led to iPhone X, Air Pods, Apple Watch 3, and HomePod.

The only things more impressive than Apples financial numbers are the products that generated them. For a company routinely slagged for not having had a hit since 2010s iPad, Apple, which as of mid-January was valued at more than $900 billion, had a heckuva 2017: Its wireless AirPods became ubiquitous from Brooklyn to Boise, and can now be paired with the best-selling Apple Watch Series 3, which has GPS and cellular connectivity, for a meaningful, new consumer experience. Developers embraced ARKit, Apples augmented-reality framework, like nothing since 2008s App Store (which paid out $26.5 billion last year). After a year of whining about what the new iPhone might offer, most skeptics were blown away by the iPhone X, with its facial recognition, camera quality, bezel-to-bezel screen, and new user interface. Now, HomePod, first announced last June, offers a fresh take on the intelligent speaker. These category-redefining products dont just defy the adage that scale hampers agility and creativitythey obliterate it. During a January 10, 2018, conversation at the newly opened Apple Park (itself an impressive product launch), Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Fast Company to discuss the overarching philosophy behind Apples ever-evolving universe and what unites its ambitions and endeavors.

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The Marvel Studios Mind-Set For Making Hit After Hit Fast Company

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, a 2018 Worlds Most Innovative Company, shares the oft-misunderstood keys to his cinematic success.

When Marvel Studios announced that the third film in its Thor franchise was being turned over to Taika Waititi, a Kiwi director of small, idiosyncratic films, there was plenty of head scratching among Marvel fans. Waititi had plenty of Sundance cred, thanks to the vampire mockumentary What We Do In the Shadows; the quirky comedy Eagle vs. Shark; and Boy, a poignant coming-of-age tale, but the $200 million, men-in-capes genre was nowhere on his resume.

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How Demographics, Automation, And Inequality Will Shape The Next Decade Fast Company

A new report says that by 2030, 25% of jobs will be automatedand without government intervention, income inequality will get even worse.

Income inequality has increased rapidly in the last few decades, as the gains from globalization, technology, and political changes have flowed largely to top earners. At the same time, wages among earners in the lower and lower-middle of the income scale have stagnated.

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SpaceX live stream: How and when to watch the Falcon 9 Starlink launch Fast Company

Elon Musks SpaceX will launch a recycled Falcon 9 rocket this morning from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California. Its the companys first launch since it pulled off the dazzlingif not over-the-topfeat of shooting a Tesla roadster into space earlier this month. The Falcon 9 will be carrying PAZ, a Spanish radar-imaging satellite. More

Elon Musks SpaceX will launch a recycled Falcon 9 rocket this morning from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California. Its the companys first launch since it pulled off the dazzlingif not over-the-topfeat of shooting a Tesla roadster into space earlier this month. The Falcon 9 will be carrying PAZ, a Spanish radar-imaging satellite.

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 21, 2018 Operation Disclosure

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 21 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Feb. 20 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Bankers have said that we wouldn't get out of this week without the GCR/RV.

2. We are getting two 800 numbers for the US (one for East of the Mississippi and one for West of the Mississippi), plus one 800 number for Canada.

3. If you have Zim bonds to redeem calling the 800 number will connect you to the Zim redemption center in your area based on your zip code. That call will then connect you to a person at the redemption center who will be directly working with you on your exchange.

4. Although some banks will be redeeming Zim and other currencies (at the bank screen rate), the redemption centers would give you higher rates than the banks would give you.

5. At the redemption center you would have the ability to negotiate your exchange rate.

6. Employment will be an important point for negotiating your rate. You need to tell them how many people you plan to employ in your first, second, etc. years.

7. Longevity - how long you plan to leave your money at the bank, how long your humanitarian project has been planned for - will be another important point in negotiating higher rates.

8. Restoring the planet - soil remediation, cleaning the water, etc. - would be another point in negotiating for higher rates.

9. In redemption centers no zer...


Apple might buy cobalt directly from miners Fast Company

The mineral is used in the lithium-ion batteries that power devices ranging from smartphones to electric cars. As more things like cars go electricthus increasing the need for cobaltcompanies are increasingly worried that there could be cobalt shortages on the horizon. The average iPhone uses about eight grams of cobalt in its battery, but the

The mineral is used in the lithium-ion batteries that power devices ranging from smartphones to electric cars. As more things like cars go electricthus increasing the need for cobaltcompanies are increasingly worried that there could be cobalt shortages on the horizon. The average iPhone uses about eight grams of cobalt in its battery, but the average battery in an electric vehicle uses 1,000 times more. To help keep a steady supply of the mineral, Apple is reportedly in talks to buy it directly from miners, says Bloomberg. If the company does go ahead with its cobalt plans, it will no doubt come under immense scrutiny as two-thirds of cobalt is mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has a history of using child laborers as miners.

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This Is Your Brain On A Breakup, According To Science Awareness Act

When the love of your life calls a quits it is only natural to feel blindsided. Time slows down and you feel as though someone has kicked you in the stomach. No, that feeling is not your heart shattering into a million pieces but rather your bodys automatic response to conflicting neural systems simultaneously. You are essential, falling in love all over again but in reverse.

According to basic neuroscience, a breakup throws your brain into an obsessive overdrive. Remember the infatuation that you felt when you first met? Every little thing reminds you of your lost love and triggers neurons inside of the caudate nucleus and ventral tegmental. These are the same responses in the brain that occur when cocaine or nicotine are introduced. Simply put, you are addicted!

Dr. Lucy Brown notes that [romantic rejection] is a life-changing thing, and involves systems that are at the same level as feeling hungry or thirsty.

Activating the reward neurons circulates repetitive floods of dopamine; inevitably activating pathways inside the brain that form a craving for more. That thirst gives you incentive and persuades you to try out other behaviors that provide the same rewards. Essentially, the reward system will motivate you to do something foolish, like drunk text your ex, or initiating breakup sex.

Several studies have investigated brain activity in those who were deeply devastated by their romantic woes. They witnessed that the regions of the brain that controlled distress and responses to physical pain were significantly more active. Since the brain controls the body, the triggered effect of those systems created a waterfall effect: releasing stress hormones, while suppressing immune functionality. In some extreme cases, the stress can make the heart weaken and bulge, creating a condition called takotsubo cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome, which can sometimes lead to death.

Luckily, those sorts of extreme stress responses are infrequent. Nevertheless, the twinge of a romantic rejection can still last a long time. There is a lot of variation from one person to the next, but the painful feelings usually fade away over the course of time. Breakups hurt because they turn on a basic system that gets us to make and maintain meaningful connections with other people. Its a system to try to keep us together, Brown explains. When we have little separations, these feelings get us to work hard to get close to the person again. If two people are cooperating, it works. When...


12 Signs Hes Not In Love Youre Just Convenient Awareness Act

We all desire the security and convenience of having a steady partner to share our lives with, but lets face it not everyone is cut out for the romantic lifestyle. It takes a lot of effort to maintain an authentic relationship through dedication, love, and respect. But how can you truly tell if your partner is honestly crazy about you or simply passing their time?

Not every person who utters those mushy words really adores you. Love involves hard work and commitment and not every person is primed for that. Individuals can manipulate you and provide you with the illusion that they are the one. However, in reality, all they want is sex or perhaps they simply would prefer keeping things at an arms length.

Watch out for these signs and get out of that dead-end relationship ASAP:

You Fell Like A Stranger Around Him

You never truly feel that warmth and concern around an individual who has absolutely no interest in you or your affections. Is it just your body that is making him remain in the relationship?

He Spends More Time With His Friends Than You

There should be a healthy balance between time spent with you and his friends. Yet, if he prefers to spend all of his free time with the guys, he clearly pictures you are a convenience rather than a partner in crime.

He Refuses To Open Up Emotionally

Without a pure sensation of love and vulnerability, you simply cannot open up and communicate those hidden emotions. If he isnt sharing his feelings, are his words truly believable?

He Remains In Contact With His Ex

Has he actually moved on from his ex? Or is he still holding on to the love that they shared? Often times, if a man is not 100% certain about you, he will have a backup plan waiting in the wings. You should always feel like a priority in your relationship, not the B-string quarterback.

He Never Seems Concerned About You

He never illustrates a sense of compassion or protection for you. He does not view your needs or wants as important as his own.

He Does Not Invest In The Moment

You know that moment that you worked so hard to arrange? The candlelit dinner or bubble bath? If he does not show enthusiasm in your affection, he does not feel the romance.

He Always Walks Away During An Argument

Your feelings and concerns are not a priority for him. Since you are only a mere distraction for him, he does not value your thoughts and will walk away from any conflict without remorse.

He Only Knows You At Surface Level

He never takes the time to explore your inner desires or goals. He simply takes you at face value and assumes that is enough.

You Have Never Met His Friends or Family

Have you met his friends? His family? That is be...


"And Forget Not..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your 
bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." 
 - Kahlil Gibran


Musical Interlude: Loreena McKennitt, "Dante's Prayer" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Loreena McKennitt, "Dante's Prayer"

"When the dark wood fell before me,
And all the paths were overgrown,
When the priests of pride say there is no other way,
I tilled the sorrows of stone.

I did not believe because I could not see,
Though you came to me in the night.
When the dawn seemed forever lost,


"The Philosophy Of Being" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Philosophy Of Being"
By E D Detetcheverrie    

"Outrageous to some, clarifying for others, a strange conversation meant to provoke further thought. Now I know why they explain it in metaphors. The truth seems surreal. We are inadequate to describe it concisely. Ask not if you have strayed from the path; there is only one path, one way, and you are always on it...

Do they call it enlightenment because there is a light?
It is not mere photons, and light is only one part of it.
Who is in charge of it all?
Yes, we are. 
Do the wicked receive their just reward?
We shall all, ultimately, resume our place in the light.


7 Thoughts to Give You the Courage to Make Change Awareness Act

One isnt necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We cant be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. Maya Angelou

There is a well-known quote by John C. Maxwell that states, Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. In this fast-paced, high energy world that we live in, change is around every corner and there is no avoiding it. How do you recognize it? Unfortunately, its not as easy as one may home. Change is an incredibly individual experience, and its different for everyone.

Here are 7 thoughts that will empower you to embrace the change in your life:

1. Focus on the Positive

Many of us go through life afraid of the very concept of change. If you allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the potential negative outcomes that change may bring, you may struggle to see past this negativity, welcoming it into your life. Instead, focus on the positivity and the ways that this change can bring success and growth into your life.

2. Keep Swinging

Are you a sports fan? Regardless of which sport you may watch there is one thing in common These athletes didnt score goals (make hits, shoot baskets, etc.) perfectly the first time and every time. Instead, they have failed, missed and fallen short many times during their career, and yet they kept swinging ultimately leading them to success.

3. This Too Will Pass

The only thing that is guaranteed in this life is that change is inevitable. While you may be dealing with something challenging right now, rest assured that change will come, and this phase of your life...


US military establishment risking WWIII to maintain hegemony blogfactory

The United States military establishment is risking the Third World War in order to maintain American hegemony, a political analyst says.

James Jatras, a former Senate foreign policy adviser in Washington, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on a report which says the United States wants Russia to get used to American military presence on its doorsteps in the Black Sea.

As part of its plans to counter what it calls the Russian aggression, the US has recently deployed two warships to the Black Sea.

The US Navy announced Saturday that Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney had joined USS Ross, another warship of the same family, in the international waters near Russian territories.

It has now turned out that the decision is part of Washingtons efforts to desensitize Russia to the US military presence in the Black Sea, which separates Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Western Asia, CNN reported Monday night, quoting an unnamed US military official.

This whole nation of expanding NATOs presence on Russias doorstep in the Baltic States, in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea based on Russian aggression is absolutely absurd, Jatras said.  This is equivalent of Russia putting forces in the Gulf of Mexico, or on our border with Canada or Mexico. It bears no resemblance to US national security, he added.

It only feeds the interests of the people who benefit from the huge and expanding the military establishment, and who ideologically willing to risk a Third World War in order to maintain what they see this American hegemonic domination for the globe, he stated.

This brings no benefits to the American people, and its a danger to everybody. And unfortunately its only getting worst with the kind of propaganda we get constantly about Russian meddling in our elections and so forth. Its extremely dangerous and I am quite worried about it, the expert concluded.


"Regret: The Weight of the Past"; "A Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Regret: The Weight of the Past"
by Madisyn Taylor, The DailyOM

"Holding onto regret is like dragging the weight of the past with us everywhere we go. Holding onto regret is like dragging the weight of the past with us everywhere we go. It drains our energy, leaving less available for life in the present because we are constantly feeding an old issue. This attachment can cause illness the same way watering a dead plant creates decay. We know that something new and beautiful can grow in its place if we only prepare the soil and plant the right seeds. We also know that we create our lives from our thoughts, so dwelling on the past may actually recreate a situation in our lives where we are forced to make the choice again and again. We can choose to move on right now by applying what we have learned to the present and perhaps even sharing with others, transforming the energy into something that is constructive and creative for ourselves and others.

Forgiveness is the soothing balm that can heal regret. In meditation, we can imagine discussing the issue with the self of our past and offering our forgiveness for the choice. In return, we can ask for our selves forgiveness for keeping them locked in that space of judgment for so long. We may also want to ask forgiveness from anyone else who may have been affected and perhaps offer our forgiveness. By...


LA Has Criminalized Poverty By Making It Illegal To Sleep In Cars and RVs The Mind Unleashed

Raising rent prices and low wages have resulted in thousands of people across the city of Los Angeles becoming homeless, many of them now living in cars and RVs if they were able to keep it together that well.

According to the most recent counts by the KPCC, there are at least 7,000 people live in their cars in Los Angeles.

Many of these people still maintain jobs and try to live the most fulfilled lives that they can, but they are constantly facing problems from authorities.

It is such a common issue that many churches have opened up their parking lots to people living out of their cars. For example, the New Beginnings Counseling Center opened up their parking lot for a Safe Parking program, which was intended to provide a safe and welcome parking place for people living out of their cars. Unfortunately, under new legislation passed in Los Angeles, programs like this will be illegal, because sleeping in cars and RVs have been entirely outlawed.

Under the new laws, it is illegal to sleep in a car or RV that is parked in a residentially zoned area from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Areas within one block of a park, daycare, or school are entirely off limits. Fines will range anywhere from $25 to $75 which is impossible to pay for most people in these situations.

In 2014, LA lawmakers attempted to pass a similar bill but it was shot down in a federal appeals court. The judge in the case ruled that the legislation was broad enough to cover any driver in Los Angeles who eats food or transports personal belongings in his or her vehicle. Yet it appears to be applied only to the homeless.

The policy is up for debate and reconsideration in July, where homeless advocates are expected to strongly protest for an appeal.

Policies like this can have disastrous consequences, in Canada where laws like this have been implemented for some time, one man racked up over $110,000 worth of fines for essentially being homeless.

Last year, The Mind Unleashed reported that the city of Seattle was planning to set up razor-wire fencing to keep homeless populations from camping. Then,...


Bankers Say the Final Crash Is Coming blogfactory

Bankers Say the Final Crash Is Coming

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More

The Banks are quite clear. They will not throw cash at the next busted bubble. The next crash will be the last crash. Here is the entire story.

For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show





Mueller Expands his Investigation Desperate to Bring Down Trump Armstrong Economics

CNN is ecstatic. Mueller cannot prove any connection between Trumps son-in-law Jared Kushner and Russia, so now he is turning to investigate if he solicited China or Qatar to invest any money in his company during the campaign.

This is what I mean about Mueller. He is a vile and very evil man who is hell-bent on trying to bring down the Trump Administration for any reason whatsoever. The danger here is he will set off civil unrest that has not been seen since the Civil War.

The CNN reported that Mueller is targeting Kushner for discussions with investors in a project, demonstrates how corrupt Mueller really is. All the scandals of Clintons and their family and friends involved in deals and selling influence to a foreign country who donated to their fake foundation,  The Justice Department gave a pass on anything the Democrats ever did.



Adapting Machine Learning for Medicine Armstrong Economics

One project I want to move into after we finally get Socrates up for all levels of service is to turn toward medicine. Googles AI algorithm predicts heart disease by scanning your eyes. They have used machine learning to accomplish what a doctor would do by traditional methods including blood work.

Medicine suffers from the same problem as financial analysis. It is dominated by opinion and that depends entirely upon (1) your experience and (2) the current situation. For example, a small child of about two was running a high fever. She was taken to the doctor who was flooded with flu patients. She was checked for the flu, found to be negative, and sent home. Day three, the fever was still there. Again, the little girl was taken back to another doctor. The same thing took place. After day four, the fever persisted and once more she was taken back to a doctor and the same thing took place.

Finally, the mother noticed she was not urinating and the child simply responded that it hurt. A fourth trip ended up admitting her to a hospital with a urinary infection that had by now started to impact her kidneys.

Medicine, like analysis, is dominated by opinion. If the doctor does not think of anything else to test, nothing takes place.

Machine learning can be used with a full body scanner and much more accurate results can be obtained. We need a machine that will also do a full body ultrasound scan, a simple pinprick for a drop of blood, and the machine could come up with a lot more information at a far lower cost than what we see today.



Socialism Always Moves to Tyranny Armstrong Economics


The economic message taught in most universities is very distorted. It universally teaches children to judge economic systems from the perspective of their victims. They will endlessly point out the impoverished people and the devastation of the climate as proof that capitalism is evil and that we need government to intervene. We have economist after economist talking always about income disparity as an evil implying that everyone should earn close to the same one income fits all.

Socialism is a Sin

As they always point a finger at the rich and covet whatever they have in direct violation of the Ten Commandments, politicians are elevated to a pedestal and championed as our savior ignoring how they too leave office clothed in riches and the fool is always the person who buys into the whole political-economic-socialist agenda.

Hillary Clinton saw nothing wrong with renting a house for $50,000 a week in the Hamptons hamlet of Amagansett. I know a lot of wealthy people who would not spend that much to rent a house for a vacation for just one week. It was Hillary during the campaign who pointed to the fact that Trump was a billionaire and said: Think of what we could do with that!



Why are the salaries of a quarter-million federal employees paid with your tax dollars a state secret? BlackListed News

There are many government employees who are capable. There are many government employees who do their jobs. But there are also many government employees who see the taxpayer as a sugar daddy who exists to finance their city and their lifestyle. (Even if that lifestyle does mean endless daycare and traffic.) This is a fact. There is a deep sense of entitlement. Like you the taxpayer are supposed to be pleased to fork over your hard earned pay to them. And now theyre trying to keep you from knowing how much you are paying them.

Bump Stock Prices Soar After Trump Proposes Ban BlackListed News

Bump stocks are worth a lot more thanks to an announcement from U.S. President Donald Trump. The devices, which increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic gun to mimic that of a fully-automatic firearm, may become the subject of a ban proposed by Trump Tuesday afternoon. On Gun Broker, a firearms auction platform, bump stock prices quickly rose.

Jeff Bezos reveals construction of a massive clock inside a Texas mountain that will chime every day for 10,000 years as a symbol for long-term thinking BlackListed News

The clock is being buried 500 feet inside a mountain in the Sierra Diablo range It's programmed to play a different chime each year for the next ten millennia Bezos revealed a clip on Twitter of construction work under way at the site Visitors will able to climb down stairs and hear the daily chime at noon

Peter Schiff Warns "We're Ripe For A 1987-Style Crash" BlackListed News

Stock markets have settled down after an awful couple of weeks earlier this month.  On Feb. 5, the Dow Jones suffered its largest-ever drop in terms of points. It was down 1,600 at one point and ultimately lost 1,175.21 points, a 4.6% drop that day. At one point during that week, the Dow was off 10% in correction territory. But everything is calm now and most of the mainstream is once again feeling bullish and optimistic.

Confirmed US Meddling in Thailands Upcoming Elections BlackListed News

As the United States intensifies its accusations against Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the United States itself is found engaged in confirmed political interference worldwide. This includes in Southeast Asia where Washington is attempting to rush elections in Thailand in hopes of returning their proxy Thaksin Shinawatra and his Pheu Thai Party (PTP) to power.

As Hollywood Feigns Outrage Over Gun Violence, Its Top Film Promotes It BlackListed News

Despite all the tweeted outrage from virtue-signaling celebrities, Hollywood doesnt care about your kids or gun violence. If it did, it would clean up its own house first. It would cease promoting its endless stream of increasingly graphic violence, primarily involving guns, in its movies, TV shows, and video games. But it wont, because Hollywood profits massively from that sort of fare.

Operation Candy Crush: Tennessee Sheriffs Raid 23 Shops Allegedly Selling Synthetic Drug CBD BlackListed News

Last Monday, police officers in Tennessees Rutherford County raided and padlocked 23 businesses which they claim were selling candy containing the cannabinoid CBD. Operation Candy Crush has so far indicted 21 people, according to a statement from the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office.

UAE Just Overthrew Yemens Government and Nobodys Talking About It BlackListed News

Between a major regional confrontation on the horizon taking place in Syria between Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the United States and a potential nuclear standoff with North Korea and China, it is no surprise that there are many newsworthy stories that continue to go unnoticed.

Why do Billionaires Keep Buying US Newspapers despite their Terrible Future, as Buffett Said? BlackListed News

Newspapers have a terrible future. We own the Buffalo News, as you say, and we hope to be the last man standing. Thats what the Oracle of Omaha prophesied in November 2009. In November 2011, Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway bought the Omaha World-Herald. A series of other acquisitions has turned into BH Media Group, which owns 31 daily newspapers, 47 weekly newspapers, 32 other print products, and a TV station in Miami.

Nancy Pelosi Caught Off Guard By Heckler: "How Much Are You Worth Nancy?" BlackListed News

During a Tuesday stop-off in Phoenix to trash talk the "disastrous" GOP tax cuts at the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was startled at a question over her net worth by an audience member who couldn't stomach the top Democrat's ivory-tower oratory over wealth inequality. 

The Car of the Future Will Sell Your Data BlackListed News

Picture this: Youre driving home from work, contemplating what to make for dinner, and as you idle at a red light near your neighborhood pizzeria, an ad offering $5 off a pepperoni pie pops up on your dashboard screen.

The Real Reason Establishment Frauds Hate Trump and Obsess About Russia BlackListed News

The political space I inhabit isnt very popular because it fails to make anyone particularly happy. Although Im stridently against the U.S. status quo and its predatory and corrupt paradigm, I do not embrace Donald Trumps vision. At the same time, I wont allow my distaste for him to propel me into the duplicitous and toxic arms of a dishonest resistance movement manufactured and led by the corporate media, intelligence agencies and hack politicians.


UAE Just Overthrew Yemens Government and Nobodys Talking About It blogfactory

Between a major regional confrontation on the horizon taking place in Syria between Israel, Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the United States and a potential nuclear standoff with North Korea and China, it is no surprise that there are many newsworthy stories that continue to go unnoticed.

One such story is what is currently taking place in Yemen, and this time around, it involves a country other than Saudi Arabia, the United States, or the United Kingdom.

In early 2015, Yemens President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi fled his palace in Aden after a takeover saw him unseated in a relatively bloodless manner (bloodless, that is, compared what followed after Saudi Arabias brutal intervention). Hadi was still recognized internationally as president even though he technically had already been overthrown. (By way of comparison, the United States insists that President Bashar al-Assad in Syria is not the countrys legitimate ruler, even as he continues to retain his office after around seven years of fighting).

Saudi Arabia, in particular, was adamant that Hadi maintained the countrys legitimate leader. Why? Because Hadi was the one who requested U.N. intervention and Saudi assistance to battle the Houthi-led insurgency. Without Hadi, their basis to bomb Yemen without a U.N. mandate becomes even more dubious than it already has been.

However, Saudi Arabia is not the only major player in Yemen. While the corporate media in tandem with the warmongering government officials who apparently have nothing better to do than to fabricate nonsense continue to blame Iran for the deteriorating situation in Yemen, the truth remains that there is one other U.S. ally heavily involved in destabilizing one of the poorest nations in the Arab world.

At the end of January of this year, the Telegraph reported that Yemens current government was preparing to flee Yemen entirely while a separatist group backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seized control in Aden and surrounded the presidential palace. Yemens other maj...


Politicians Push New Legislation To Make Saggy Pants Illegal The Mind Unleashed

In recent decades, cities and states throughout the country have been slowly and silently criminalizing saggy pants. A new bill proposed in the South Carolina will threaten fines for anyone who has pants that hang more than three inches below the waistline, even if their skin is not exposed.

On February 15th, South Carolina lawmakers introduced House Bill 4957, which states that it will be illegal for men or boys to be seen in public wearing his pants more than three inches below the crest of his ileum exposing his skin or undergarments. pointed out that the lawmakers spelled ilium wrong in the bill, which is the correct spelling of a part of the hip bone. Instead, they typed ileum, which is a part of the small intestine.

If the bill passes it will allow police to write fines that increase with every ticket. The first offense would carry a $25 fine, the second offense would carry a $50 fine and/or up to 3 hours of community service, and a $75 fine and/or 6 hours of community service thereafter.

Wendell Gilliard, one of the main sponsors of the bill, told WCIV, We have to lead by example. The pants now are being worn below the knees.

Seeing someones underwear may seem strange to some, but when you think about it, its really just another piece of cloth, and the person is still covered. The fact that people would think that it something like this can be legislated or outlawed shows that we live in a control freak culture, where threats and force are used to mold society according to the whims of politicians and special interest groups.

While lawmakers insist that jail time will not be imposed on offenders, people have been arrested for sagging pants before.

In 2015, two Tennessee high school students were arrested for indecent exposure for wearing their pants below the waistline.

What are your thoughts?

Image: Unknown

The post Politicians Push New Legislation To Make Saggy Pants Illegal appeared first on The Mind Unleashed.


Meet the secretive family who's selling billions in OxyContin and profiting from the opioid crisis (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

Money is Power! Legal Drugs for Profits, Pain, and Stupidity? President Donald Trump's nominee for drug czar, Republican Congressmember Tom Marino, had to withdraw from consideration after a Washington Post / "60 Minutes" investigation found he led a drug industry-backed effort to pass a law that weakened the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's ability to crack down on addictive opioids. Meanwhile, calls are growing to look at the major pharmaceutical companies that have fueled the opioid crisis. A new investigation by Esquire magazine reveals how the secretive Sackler family, owners of the company that invented OxyContin, downplayed the risks of addiction and exploited doctors' confusion over the drug's strength. We speak with Christopher Glazek, the Esquire reporter behind the story.


Kansas Authorities Can't Find 80 Missing Children from the Foster System Operation Disclosure

Kansas Authorities Still Can't Find Now 80 Children "Missing" from Foster System

Feb 19, 2018

Source: The Mind Unleashed

Remember last year when it was revealed that at least 70 missing foster children were reported in Kansas?

Apparently they still havent been found, and now the number is said to be 80. Officials are implying that they ran away, but why would nearly every single one of them leave no trace, with nothing butsilence permeating the issue?

As most US states have CPS, Kansas agency responsible for foster care and taking children from parents is the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF). They seem to be facing little consequence for the extremely concerning absence of dozens of children who could have been sold into human slavery for all we know.

Private foster care contractors work with the DCF due to a law in Kansas that allows DCF to work with private companies and non-profits. The only reason this info about missing children was released is because the contractors provided the information during a legislative oversight panel hearing in October. Foster care contractors are being trusted with the lives of children, and they are the ones reporting the missing 80.

KVC Kansas admitted it was missing roughly 38 children back in October, and the other non-profit Saint Francis Community Services reported that 36 children are missing from its system.

Apparently nobody noticed that KVC Kansas is not being made to respond to this grave issue at all, because their small Facebook page here is not flooded with comments asking where the children are.



5 Reasons to Question the Florida School Shooting Operation Disclosure



Anytime a shooting happens, its a tragic event whether it was a false flag or a legitimate mass shooting by a lunatic; but just because people died doesnt mean we shouldnt question the veracity of the events reported. Here are 5 reasons why you should question the recent shooting and remain vigilant.

Read More:


Funeral Arrangements for Ida Armstrong this Week Armstrong Economics

We want to thank so many people for their emails. Martins mother attended several of the conferences so many people met her and of course she was the star of the movie, the FORECASTER.  Those asking where to send flowers, the place would be:

Givnish Funeral Home of Maple Shade

600 E Main St, Maple Shade Township, NJ 08052

(856) 779-7900


Rabbi faces criminal charges over allegedly having sex with underage prostitute Signs of the Times

The teenager is said to have been forced to have sex with the rabbi along with 30 other men by two US residents aged 18 and 23. A rabbi from New Jersey has been accused of having sex with a juvenile prostitute and is currently facing charges of engaging in prostitution with a child and endangering the welfare of a child, as reported by Aryeh Goodman, 35, who runs a Jewish education center at his home was allegedly one of some 30 men using sex services, provided by the 17-year-old girl.


Mike Pence agreed to meet with the North Koreans at the Olympics, but they pulled out at the last minute after the VP threatened aggressive sanctions CLG News

Mike Pence agreed to meet with the North Koreans at the Olympics, but they pulled out at the last minute after the VP threatened aggressive sanctions --Pence was supposed to have a secret meeting with Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong on February 10 --Less than two hours before the meeting the North Koreans cancelled | 20 Feb 2018 | North Korea cancelled a secret meeting with Vice President Mike Pence after he said the US was planning to impose the 'most aggressive' sanctions yet on the reclusive nation. Pence agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un's younger sister Kim Yo Jong and her team at the South Korean 2018 Winter Olympic Games before he even set off on his trip to Asia. But less than two hours before they would meet on Saturday February 10, Kim Yo Jong's team pulled out of meeting, Pence's office told the Washington Post. The decision reportedly came just after word got back to them that Pence [sabotaged the meeting when he] announced that the United States was planning to impose the 'toughest and most aggressive' sanctions ever against Un's government.


Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig with New Details on the Fake School Massacre Operation Disclosure

The Sandy Hook Illusion: Jim Fetzer & Wolfgang Halbig with New Details on the Fake School Massacre [video]

FEBRUARY 20, 2018


Jim and Wolfgang discuss the intelligence and evidence they have on the fake Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

They begin with an angle I hadnt previously considered. The kids of Sandy Hook WERE victimsbut not from guns.

The kids they told us died in the Sandy Hook Massacre who have now grown up are having difficulties accepting their status as officially deceased and they dont know how to proceed with their lives when they are living youngsters who want to live normal lives like the rest of us but they are dealing with the shroud of silence they are bound to maintain because their parents have a gag order and everyone in the town of Newtown had a gag order.

The kids were exploited for financial gain.

The absurdity of this fabricated event will become more than evident as you hear the minute details. They encourage listeners to get Jim Fetzerss book which proves that NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK.

We knew that when we analyzed this false flag event designed to strike fear into the hearts of Americans. There is no way it could have happened the way they said. Proving it has almost destroyed the life of Wolfgang Halbig, but at 71 years of age he persists.

America needs to stop closing their eyes to the lengths the Deep State will go to in order to achieve their objectives to control the population of America.

I knew that Sandy Hook was a psyop, but this discussion provided a wealth of new in...


All eyes on the Middle East as all-out war between Israel and Iran becomes a greater possibility Signs of the Times

Over the weekend, Israel used the long-standing adversarial threat of Iran as a pretext to launch a barrage of attacks against targets in Syrian territory. According to the Israeli side, an Iranian drone launched from Syria flew deep into Israeli airspace, which prompted Israel to not only down the drone, but to also target the base the drone was allegedly launched from in Syria. In turn, Syria activated its air defenses, which saw Israel lose one of its fighter jets soon after. Unhappy with this result, Israel launched a number of retaliatory strikes against Syria's air defenses, including bases allegedly staffed with Iranian personnel as opposed to Iran's mere proxy forces. Israel claimed it successfully destroyed half of Syria's air defenses, and because this is allegedly the first time Israel has actually struck Iranian targets as opposed to Iranian proxies, the weekend's developments undoubtedly represent an escalation. "We are seeing a renegotiation of the rules of the game with regard to the kind of military activity that each side tolerates in the other," said Ofer Zalzberg, the senior analyst for Israel/Palestine at the International Crisis Group. "We will see more and more friction between the parties, given that we are seeing more and more this sense that Assad has the upper hand [against Syrian rebels]", he added.


(Video) Woman Reports Witnessing Child Sacrifice Take Place at the Vatican Operation Disclosure

Published on Feb 19, 2018

A woman says she witnessed a child sacrifice in the catacombs of the Vatican. An international court examines documents backing her claim that it was and still is a regular occurrence. Its all part of a Satanic cult where children are drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed by European royals and church officials including the Pope. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth about the Ninth Circle in this special report!


Diane Canfield: Divine Encoded Upgrades Arriving to Transform the Human Collective Operation Disclosure

Divine Encoded Upgrades Arriving To Transform The Human Collective

February 20, 2018
by Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

We are now receiving Divine codes of authenticity. These codes are pushing the collective to be their authentic self with no holds barred, let the chips fall where they may. This is a very powerful encodement happening in the NOW.

These codes starting coming in yesterday and have been flowing all through me today. I was sitting at my computer writing this and a surge of energy came in almost knocking me off my chair and causing extreme dizziness. This same surge came through an hour later just as I was finishing this article to publish it. This is how we feel energy, THROUGH the BODY and into the consciousness.

As the Ascension Process continues we will experience more and more codes and activations arriving as the days and weeks progress in 2018. This is what we asked for before coming here and this is what we are receiving.

These codes of Truth/Authenticity are arriving to open us up more fully to who we really are. The push to embrace and DISPLAY our unique self to others is immense. Many have felt this the last few weeks but the last few days there has been another huge unfoldment of these upgrades. These are some of the questions you might find yourself asking with this increased energy:

Why am I here ?
What is my authentic self ?
What was I put here to do?
What do I need to do right now to align with my true self?

Many are feeling lost during this time. They are going through another dark night of the soul. This is a wake up call again for those that have not continued the INNER work on themselves. The inner work is crucial as we get further and further into higher frequencies and are able to hold more light.

The light body exi...


BATR: National Identity Demands Restrictive Immigration Operation Disclosure

National Identity Demands Restrictive Immigration

Honest onlookers must admit that major segments of society hate America and want to destroy what little remains of a Republic. The intent of forging a limited form of government with distinct separations of power is a major impediment to the culture of collective governance. The Bill of Rights stands in the way of the totalitarian model that globalists advocate. For these proponents of authoritarianism, civil liberties are not based upon natural law, but only exist as a moving target of convenience that disseminates relativism. Open borders and unchecked immigration is designed to pollute the population pool with foreign cultural heritages that have limited historic understanding in the essential tenants that established our country or command in the use of our language. Unobstructed migration hastens the deteriorated demographics that destroy our time-honored society with the inevitable collapse and replacement of constitutional protections.

The concept of the nation-state is under assault by the exponents of a one world government. Ruining the essence of any country is the basic objective of the world-wide implementation of imposing a centralized cultural imperative. Controlling government immigration policy receives varied national push back depending on the homogeneous character and intensity of each country. By eradicating the indigenous intensity and acceptance of preserving their own culture, the forces of societal purging propose a "PC" replacement merging into a restricted mongrelized jurisdiction. Yet, the complexity of this toxic brew never becomes a melting pot and certainly by no means assimilate into the original value system.

When did the political, academic, financial and mass media elites jump off the cliff and betray America? The timing can be argued, but start with The Legacy of the 1965 Immigration Act, which provides a useful resource of the former immigration policies. A brief outline in changes is provided.

The Hart-Celler Act of 1965:

Established the basic structure of today's immigration law.

Abolished the national origins quota system (originally established in 1921 and most recently modified in 1952), while attempting to keep immigration to a manageable level. Family reunification became the cornerstone of U.S. immigration policy.


The Mysterious Lost Underground Civilization of the Grand Canyon The Event Chronicle

By Brent Swancer

Lying within the U.S. state of Arizona is one of the most majestic natural wonders of our planet, the Grand Canyon. Carved over hundreds of millions of years by the Colorado River and measuring 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide, the Grand Canyon is a major natural phenomenon, but it is also a place of deep historical mysteries and oddities as well. One of the most unusual of these is the claim that somewhere under the earth here once ruled an advanced civilization with unknown origins and who have become lost to history, which supposedly inhabited a complex cave and cavern system that they left behind to sow bafflement and speculation with their passing. It is a very curious, far-out case that, if real, could shake our historical perceptions to the core.

The whole bizarre tale began with a curious article that appeared right on the front page of the April 5, 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette, which gave a spectacular account from two alleged Smithsonian-funded archaeologists, a Prof. S. A. Jordan and G.E. Kinkaid, who claimed to have found deep within the bowels of the earth in the Marble Canyon region of the Grand Canyon a vast cavern system with evidence of some ancient lost civilization.

The Grand Canyon

The two men were reportedly funded by Smithsonians Department of Anthropology, and claimed that they had found the entrance to the mysterious cavern system lying around 1,500 feet down the wall of a sheer cliff in a remote, undisclosed area. The area was described as being nearly inaccessible and surrounded by desolate, forbidding wilderness, and the more vocal Kincaid would say in his account of the discovery of the entrance and further study of it thus:

First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The entrance is 1,486 feet dow...


Indian government plans to issue ID cards to cows RSS feed from

The Indian government's move to issue biometric-based unique ID numbers to cows and buffaloes has raised eyebrows. Will the proposal for tagging and tracking livestock work?

When disaster strikes, put women in charge RSS feed from

Oxfams Haiti sex scandal highlights how girls and young women are most at risk in emergencies. Vanessa Baird makes the case for keeping men out of it.


Left behind when people flee RSS feed from

In humanitarian crises like South Sudans protracted conflict, people with physical disabilities struggle to escape when their villages are attacked.


Trump directs attorney general to propose bump stock ban CLG News

Trump directs attorney general to propose bump stock ban | 20 Feb 2018 | President Trump on Tuesday said that he wants to ban so-called bump stocks -- devices that can turn ordinary rifles into weapons that fire like machine guns, such as those used in the mass killing in Las Vegas. "After the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, I directed the attorney general to clarify whether certain bump stock devices like the one used in Las Vegas are illegal under current law," Trump said, referring to Jeff Sessions. "Just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns," Trump continued at the White House.


Does God Exist? DEBATE: Jay Dyer Vs Robert Taylor PARTS 1 & 2 Jay's Analysis

Part 1

Part 2

Roberts Channel PraxGirl is here. 

The knock down secret argument of praxeologist Robert Taylor is here to stump me! I invited him on to let him set up the challenge that its logically impossible for there to be a God. I havent heard his argument but he issued a challenge and we will see what he brings to the table.

Stream or Download Part 1 Audio Here

Stream or Download Part 2 Audio Here 


Purchase my book Here.

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Or subscribe yearl...


Seeking Life but Finding Death: Deadly Chinese Elixirs of Immortality The Event Chronicle

By Wu Mingren

The elixir of immortality (known also as the elixir of life) is a legendary substance found in many ancient cultures. This elixir is expected to grant eternal life to the person who consumes it. The history of China is filled with emperors and other important men who sought to live forever, but instead died an untimely death for their ambitions.

These elites would normally patronize Taoist alchemists, who would provide them with some sort of substance that would supposedly give them immortality. The ingestion of such elixirs, however, certainly did not allow them to live forever. In many cases the elixirs, which contain extremely poisonous elements, (ironically) were responsible for the deaths of those who consumed them.

Woodcut illustration of Putting the miraculous elixir on the tripod from Xingming guizhi (Pointers on Spiritual Nature and Bodily Life) by Yi Zhenren, a Daoist text on internal alchemy published in 1615. (Wellcome Images/ CC BY 4.0 )

Change and the Elixir of Immortality

The elixir of immortality is a concept that can be found in Taoist mythology. One of the best-known stories about this elixir is that of Change, a Chinese lunar deity. According to Chinese folklore, Change was the wife of Hou Yi, the legendary archer who shot down nine of the 10 suns that were burning the earth. As a reward, Hou Yi was granted the elixir of immortality.

Although there are variations as to what happened next, the story ends with Change drinking the elixir herself, and, as a result, floating to the moon. One of the companions of Change in her new residence is the Moon Rabbit (known also as the Jade Rabbit), which some say makes the elixir of immortality.



CITES ignores illegal import of wild elephants by China RSS feed from

China has imported over 80 Asian elephants from Laos and almost 100 juvenile African elephants from Zimbabwe in the last two years.


DfID deadline to NGOs on 'safeguarding' RSS feed from

British aid minister Penny Mordaunt has set a 26 February deadline for UK development charities to answer her request for information on their sexual abuse policies.


A marsupial in wolf's clothing - First 3D digital models reveal convergent evolution (We) can do better

Researchers from Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne have CT scanned all 13 known Tasmanian tiger joey specimens to create 3D digital models which have allowed them to study their skeletons and internal organs, and reconstruct their growth and development. This has revealed important new information about how this unique extinct marsupial evolved to look so similar to the dingo, despite being very distantly related.

The digital scans show that when first born the Tasmanian tiger or thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) looked like any other marsupial.

But three months later, when they left the pouch they had taken on the appearance of a puppy and continued to grow with a dog-like appearance.

The research, led by the University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria and in conjunction with an international team of scientists, is published today [Wednesday 21 February, 11:30AM AEST] in Royal Society Open Science.

It comes from the same team who successfully sequenced the thylacine genome in December 2017.

The Tasmanian tiger was a marsupial, which raised its young in a pouch.

Its resemblance to the dingo is one of the best examples of convergent evolution in mammals. This is where, two species, despite not being closely related, evolve to look very similar.

The Tasmanian tiger would have last shared a common ancestor with the canids (dogs and wolves) around 160 million years ago.

Dr Christy Hipsley, Research Associate at Museums Victoria and the University of Melbourne said after sequencing the Tasmanian tiger genome in 2017, this research fills one more piece of the puzzle on why they have evolved to look so similar to dogs.

This is the first digital development series of the Tasmanian tiger, Australias most iconic extinct marsupial predator. Using CT technology we have been able to garner new information on the biology of this iconic species, and its growth and development.

These scans show in incredible detail how the Tasmanian tiger started its journey in life as a joey that looked very much like any other marsupial, with robust forearms so that it could climb into its mother's pouch. But by the time it left the pouch around 12 weeks to start independent life, it looked more like a dog or wolf, with longer hind limbs than forelimbs.

Once ranging throughout Australia and New Guinea, the Tasmanian tiger disappeared from the mainland around 3,000 years ago, likely due to competition with humans and dingos.

The remaining Tasmanian tiger popula...


Immortality coming soon - for 'some of us' Signs of the Times

Death is such a pain. There's no opt-out, and decomposing is a hassle. Not for long, though. According to scientist Dr. Ian Pearson, immortality may be achieved by as early as 2050... For some of us. The past few decades have brought phenomenal developments in medical science that significantly improve our chances of living longer, healthier lives. But could we take it even further? Experts are debating just how possible it might be in the near future to extend life indefinitely. Some argue that it's impossible to keep a body going forever; others contend that it's only a matter of time before science makes death a thing of the past. Pearson expects we'll see the beginnings of immortality within the next few decades, but (initially, at least) it will be far too expensive for the masses: "By 2050, it will only really be for the rich and famous. Most people on middle-class incomes and reasonable working-class incomes can probably afford this in the 2060s. So anyone 90 or under by 2060. If you were born sometime in 1970 onwards, that would make you 48 this year, so anybody under 50 has got a good chance of it, and anyone under 40 almost definitely will have access to this." This all sounds a bit too much like the recent Netflix show Altered Carbon, in which the world's wealthy elite are able to enjoy endless lifetimes of fun while the poorer among society only get a relatively short span of time on Earth.


X22 Report, This Is Where The Next Economic Crisis Is Hiding Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

X22 Report, This Is Where The Next Economic Crisis Is Hiding
Related followup report:
X22 Report, Trapping The Deep State In Their Own Lies


America's dangerous decent into psychosis Signs of the Times

"If I was running the Russian intel services, I'd just pay to send a few Nebraska county commissioners to Disneyland - that would keep our seventeen US intel agencies busy until kingdom come trying to figure out the angle." Forget about sharks. In their Valentine's Day editorial: Why Does Trump Ignore Top Officials' Warnings on Russia?, The New York Times jumped several blue whales (all the ones left on earth), a cruise ship, a subtropical archipelago, a giant vortex of plastic bottles, and the Sport's Illustrated swimsuit shoot. The lede said: The phalanx of intelligence chiefs who testified on Capitol Hill delivered a chilling message: Not only did Russia interfere in the 2016 election, it is already meddling in the 2018 election by using a digital strategy to exacerbate the country's political and social divisions. Hmmm.... After almost two years of relentless public paranoia about Russia and US elections, don't you suppose these Ruskie gremlins would find some other way to make mischief in our world - maybe meddle in the NHL playoffs, or hack WalMart's bookkeeping department, or covertly switch out the real Dwayne Johnson with a robot? I kind of completely and absolutely doubt that they'll bother with our elections.


What Happens to Our Brain When We Experience Complete Silence The Mind Unleashed

Silence is the perfectest herault of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much. Shakespeare

The word noise comes from a Latin root word meaning, pain, or distress. Noise is something weve become accustomed to, even if we are keenly aware of its ability to cause multiple forms of anguish. Even if we live in decibel hell, we can find moments of silence to reduce our pain. We can intuitively observe that silence, in contrast, reboots our ability to think straight, and offers us a profound feeling of peace.

Silence also allows us to get to know our deepest truths in an undeniable way. It is in complete silence that the thoughts we shelter from others come to the surface.

But what else happens to us when we take a break from the deafening sounds of modern life? Aside from the metaphysical benefits of sitting in silence, there are staggering physiological changes which take place throughout the body: notably in the brain.

Scientists have studied the effects of silence on the brain for several decades, but a few studies are paramount in their importance if we are to understand just how vital silence is for a human being.

Silence Develops New Brain Cells

One study, published in the journal, Brain, Structure, and Function observed mice under the influence of noise and silence. The way the study was structured, silence was expected to be the control (identifiable or observable fact meant to minimize the effects of independent variables in a study). However, mice exposed to two hours of complete silence daily developed a peculiar side effect they started to develop brand new cells in the hippocampus of the brain, the area which is associated with learning new things, retaining memory, and processing emotion. Though new brain cells dont always directly translate into better health, one of the researchers, Imke Kirste, says that these new cells appeared to become functioning neurons.

We saw that silence is really helping the new generated cells to differentiate into neurons and integrate into the system.

Silence Heightens Sensitivity And Empathy

There are many brain areas associated with emotional sensitivity and empathy. Particularly, the right supramarginal gyrus, is an imperative brain region for the development of these traits.  If this brain region doesnt function properly on a regular basis or when we...


Communists and PPT Seek Revolutionary Alliances for Presidential Elections New on

The historic alliance between the leftist parties and the ruling PSUV could collapse if Maduro does not heed his allies' advice.

Communists and PPT Seek Revolutionary Alliances for Presidential Elections New on

The historic alliance between the leftist parties and the ruling PSUV could collapse if Maduro does not heed his allies' advice.


Puma Punku: Evidence Of Laser-Like Tools Used By Ancient Civilizations? The Event Chronicle

By Ancient Code

Located 45 miles west of La Paz high in the Andes mountains, lie the mystifying ancient ruins of Puma Punku.

The megalithic stones found there are considered among the largest on the planet. Some boulders measure up to 26 feet long and weighing more than 100 tons each.

Puma Punku is a massive temple complex part of the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

Tiwanaku is vital in Incan legends since it is believed to be the site where the world was created by the Gods.

Puma Punku, in turn, means The Door of the Puma.

As noted by the Andean specialist, Binghamton University Anthropology professor W. H. Isbell,  a radiocarbon date was obtained from organic material from lowermost and oldest layer of mound-fill forming the Puma Punku. This segment was deposited during the first of three construction epochs and dates the initial construction of the Puma Punku at 1510 25 B.P.

Puma Punku is so unusual in the way that it was constructed, shaped and positioned, that many scholars consider it is the most intriguing ancient site on the planet.

Mainstream experts believe the blocks found at Puma Punku were formed by hand with primitive stone tools.

However, some researchers point to the intricate stonework as evidence of the use of advanced precision technology.

How could primitive people, living thousands of years ago, have produced such flawless stonework, without access to any form of technology? Did they use sticks and stones?

Or, is it possible that the ancient constructors of Puma Punku manufactured the megalithic stones with advanced technology?

Perhaps with the use of precision tools that could have facilitated them to achieve these marvels of engineering and construction, displaying clean cuts, and precise angles.

If we look at the stones at Puma Punku carefully, you can see amazing intricate s...


People Are Installing Beehives In Their Living Rooms Heres How it Works The Mind Unleashed

The future is looking bleak for honeybees that is, unless activists step in and help the bumbling insects. An innovative way to do just that has been unveiled by creators Dustin Betz and Mike Zaengle, and it is called the BEEcosystem.

Credit: BEEcosystem

A key feature of the BEEcosystem is a literal window into the bee colony it houses. Cedar frames the hexagon-shaped module, and it is covered with a panel of glass.

Multiple modules can be connected by using the side vents which can be opened and closed. The vents can also keep the modules contained if they need to be moved.

Their latest crowdfunding campaign explains:

Because both the hives side vents and additional hive bodies attach magnetically, by simply sliding out any one of the four side-ventilation screens, another BEEcosystem hive body can be attached to create a more spacious hive interiorgiving your colony room to grow and thrive. By using magnetic alignment, BEEcosystem units connect together effortlesslyand because we use powerful magnets, they also connect together securelydelivering both peace of mind and ease of installation.

Credit: BEEcosystem

Betz and Zaengle are aware that a limiti...


Belligerent Netanyahu says to UN Chief: 'Golan Heights will remain in Israel's hands forever' Signs of the Times

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Friday with Antonio Guterres, the head of the UN, and told him that the Golan Heights would remain in Israel's hands forever. Meeting at the Munich Security Conference, Netanyahu told the UN secretary general that Israel would not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria. Reiterating past comments, Netanyahu added that Israel would act against any Iranian attempt to build bases in Syria. Netanyahu also thanked Guterres for holding an informal UN Security Council session on Israelis held by Hamas together with the remains of Israeli soldiers killed during fighting in Gaza and said that there must be additional action on this issue. Netanyahu has made similar comments regarding the Golan in the past. Last year, Netanyahu asked U.S. President Donald Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, territory Israel seized from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War. Israel made a similar request to the Obama administration in 2015, but it was rejected, diplomats said at the time.


Canadian MPs Take Lobby-Sponsored Trips to Israel MintPress News

It is no secret to anyone that in the United States, the people are governed by powerful lobby groups. The strength of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is so great that government officials are able to overlook the shooting deaths of countless innocent children, as young as 5 years old, along with their teachers in their own classrooms. The bloated defense budget, which comes at the expense of social services and infrastructure, is the result of powerful lobby groups. And violations of international law and human rights, along with war crimes, are ignored, because of the largess of the American Israeli Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and its related groups.

For organizations supporting the apartheid regime of Israel, the U.S. may be the most important government to purchase, but is not the only one. Canada, too, has begun to offer its government officials to the high-bidding, pro-Israeli lobby.

Government representatives from any country can and should be allowed to visit other countries, to increase trade and learn about issues. However, if a representative is visiting to explore issues, it is necessary to view both sides. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) invites Canadian officials to visit Israel, at CIJAs expense, and several such officials have taken advantage of the offer.

It must be remembered that Israel, in violation of international law, occupies the nation of Palestine, and has done so for decades. It continually violates the basic human rights of the Palestinian people by bulldozing their homes to make room for Israeli-only housing settlements, which are also in violation of international law. They arrest without charge Palestinians as young as twelve years old, and hold them for long periods of time without access to legal representation or even family members. They shoot and kill unarmed Palestinian men, women and children, and on the rare occasions that a settler or soldier is charged for the crime, they are either completely exonerated, or given a minor, suspended sentence. Yet if a Palestinian is charged with a crime, his home and the homes of his relatives are bulldozed.

Additionally, Israel is one of just three, nuclear-armed nations that is not a signatory to the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (India and Pakistan are the other two). Its government leaders will not allow any inspection of its nuclear facilities.

In the Gaza Strip, Israel is slowly choking the population of nearly 2,000,000 people to death. It prevents much needed supplies from being imported, and forbids most exports, thus crippling the economy. It forbids Gaza Strip residents from leaving even for much-needed, life-saving medical attention.

When United Nations organizations seek entrance to Palestine to investigate possible war crimes committed against the Palestinians by Israel, that apartheid regime refuses to allow them to enter. If Israel has nothing to hid...


Here Are 5 Mysterious Artifacts Which Date Back Millions Of Years The Event Chronicle

Technically speaking, these artifacts should not exist, and according to mainstream science, they dont.
More Ancient & Forbidden History


South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at Home

Via: Wall Street Journal: A South Korean official who guided Seouls regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies was found dead on Sunday, according to a government spokesman. Jung Ki-joon, 52, was head of economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. He helped coordinate efforts to create new legislation aimed at suppressing cryptocurrency speculation and illicit []


You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling The Event Chronicle

You Need To Hear These FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling

New evidence offers great detail of the bizarre event and provides unprecedented insight into how such a unique incident is dealt with in real time.

By Tyler Rogoway

Last November, The War Zone posted an exclusive story detailing a bizarre incident involving an unidentified aircraft that transited the skies of the Pacific Northwest in the early evening of October 25th, 2017. What started as a radar target moving at very high speed over Northern California turned into a series of eyewitness accounts made by nearby airline pilots traveling northward over Oregon. Even F-15 fighters were launched to intercept the mysterious intruder that quickly became invisible to radar.

Now, through the Freedom of Information Act, we present what could be one of the most insightful instances of official documentation surrounding such an encounter that had already been confirmed to have occurred by both the FAA and the USAF. These materials include fascinating audio recordings of radio transmissions and phone calls made as the incident was unfolding, as well as pilot interviews, and conversations between FAA officials made in the aftermath of the highly peculiar incident.

For proper context, make sure to first read our original post linked here detailing the event, how our report came to be in the first place, as well as the rare confirmations as to its authenticity from both the FAA and the USAF. Below is also a short explainer video that will give you a basic overview of the incident.

Fast forward three months later, and now we have so much more evidence that ad...


Florida High School Shooting Survivor Caught On Video Rehearsing Scripted Lines, Coached By Camera Man WorldTruth.Tv

Is anyone surprised anymore at the depths of deception invoked by the fake news media? All weekend long, the media paraded high school kids in front of news cameras, exploiting them as props for the emotional exploitation of the public. Now it turns out these kids were coached to repeat scripted lines, just like actors reading lines []


Benjamin Fulford: Florida school shooting The Event Chronicle

By Benjamin Fulford

Hi Ben,

I think if you were to look into it, youll find as I have that the whole shooting thing in Florida was a hoax, and was another police drill just like Sandy Hook.

If you go through the hundreds of photos taken, not one shows any bodies, blood, bullets, bullet holes, empty cases, nothing, nada.  Also, CNN interviewed a kid who said he was in the hall with a couple of other kids when they heard the shooting, but they were locked out of the classroom and wondering which way to go.  The kid was not alarmed because they were all told that there was going to be a police drill and that the cops would be firing blanks . So its just as Sandy Hook, with a lot of actors.  And now the building is off-limits and to be torn down to cover up any evidencestandard agency protocol, leave nothing behind or in this case, lack of.

The school was also in a wealthy area, and you can believe most all those kids have iPods and such, but no photos of blood and gore?  How is that possible?

It is interesting what you stated about the school name being the same as the hospital Kennedy died in.

Love reading your stuff although I dont always believe it.  However, I have found over the years some of the way-out stuff is later revealed to be true.

I really miss being in Japan, but what I miss is the way it was in the early 60s.

Good work, Ben, and stay safe,

Hi CS,
Yes, I too think it was propaganda street theater.  However, the message this time seems to have been intended to scare Jews and the people behind the Kennedy assassination.

The post Florida school shooting appeared first on Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.


Strange: Student Anti-Gun Activist And Florida School Shooting Survivor Appeared On CBS SIX Months Ago, Is Seemingly Being Coached Through Media Interviews The Daily Sheeple

In what can only be described as outright strange, David Hogg, a survivor of the Florida mass shooting who has quickly risen to prominence as a mainstream media promoted anti-gun activist, actually appeared in a CBS Los Angeles news report six months ago!

The CBS report featured Hogg as an apparent eyewitness and videographer of a shocking confrontation between Hogg, a lifeguard, and one of Hoggs friends who is seen being harassed by the lifeguard over a seemingly minor infraction.

Hogg is interviewed in the report and claimed that the entire issue was over his surfer friend resting a bodyboard on a beach trashcan.

Interestingly, now, just days after the horrific shooting, Hogg has reconnected with CBS for an anti-gun piece in which the survivors and the CBS reporters pushing their gun grabbing agenda took multiple smiling photos as if they were rock stars getting ready to do their next show.

Infowars reports:

Hogg has reconnected with CBS for an appearance on CBS This Morning as the mainstream media unabashedly features high school students as figureheads for a new anti-gun push.

A CBS employee posted a photo of Hogg with fellow teen activists and CBS reporter Gisela Perez, which was later taken down after Kristinn Taylor of The Gateway Pundit reported on the photo shoot and how strange it seemed that all parties looked so cheerful and enthusiastic in the wake of such a tragedy.


Is Bigfoot Muellers Missing Link? Dissident Voice

In an astonishing and defining moment both for cryptozoology and the Russian Collusion narrative, Independent Counsel Robert Mueller revealed today that massive hominid footprints discovered outside both Trump Tower and the Kremlin originate from the same primate species, if not the same individual.

Posing proudly with plaster casts, Mueller sketched out his theory for a rapt group of journalists as well as some CNN folks with microphones:

It all fell in place for us one 3 am after a few beers. Bigfoot appears to have served as a missing-link emissary species, carrying collusion directives from the Kremlin to the Trump Campaign.

Has Bigfoot been deposed?

No. But we will be presenting blurry pictures at a later date.

Is Putin directly implicated in this scheme?

We have always operated from the premise that Putin is omnipotent. So yes.

What about the recent revelations that your Russian troll indictment was lifted, whole-cloth, from a 2015 Radio Free Europe Ukranian article? Are in-house plagiarism indictments forthcoming?

Its DOJs policy never to comment on ongoing witch hunts. What I can say is that we will continue to move in a dogged and determined fashion to confirm all our original suspicions until justice fully serves our unquenchable drive for power.

Do you have any comment on President Trumps latest tweets and do you plan to explore his 400 pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer theory?

While we havent ruled out genius as a motive, were not appropriately staffed to directly pursue that avenue.

What about the Presidents suspicion theyre laughing their asses off in Moscow?

How does he know theyre laughing and when did he know it?...


USS Enterprise Cloud Ship surprises residents of Guatemala (Pictures) The Event Chronicle

star trek cloud, star trek cloud picture, USS Enterprise appears over Guatemala on February 18 2018

By Strange Sounds

Sometimes, science fiction just happens in front of you! Yesterday, residents of Chuteapa, Guatemala, were left amazed after USS Enterprise from Star Trek came out of a giant cloud.

star trek cloud, star trek cloud picture, USS Enterprise appears over Guatemala on February 18 2018USS Enterprise appears over Guatemala on February 18, 2018. ...


US Foreign Policy is the Greatest Crime Since WWII, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark Dissident Voice

Last week, the present US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, during his trip to five Latin American nations, made headlines world wide when he made the following barely veiled threatening statement: In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it is often times that the military is the agent of change when things are so bad, and the leadership can no longer serve the people. and shortly afterward referring to the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, added: If the kitchen gets a little to hot for him, I am sure that hes got some friends over in Cuba that could give him a nice hacienda on the beach and he could have a nice life over there. US secretaries of state have a lot of balls, as Tillersons gangster tough guy remarks showed.

There are few countries in Latin America that have not experienced the USA both secretly and overtly backing a right wing military government coup. The US Secretary of States criminally insane backhanded remarks favoring a civil war, with all the probable loss of lives a civil war would bring, seems to fit as appropriate within a US foreign policy of world domination.  Human suffering has never been of any consequence to the financial interests of that 1/10 of 1 per cent of Americans who, to one degree or another, rule us all.

That is the way it has been since the end of the Second World War, a war made possible by the American investments and joint venturing in the rearming of a prostate Nazi Germany1, a war that made the USA rich and the first all powerful single superpower.

Now that China is about to replace the USA as the most powerful economy in the world...


Socficom et Socfinco vont tre poursuivis pour vasion fiscale RSS feed from

20 Feb 2018 | L'EchoAffaire(s) Fabri, nouvel pisode: la cour d'appel a pris le contre-pied des premiers juges et permet la tenue d'un nouveau procs, qui se poursuivra ces prochaines semaines.


La France, grenier de la Chine RSS feed from

20 Feb 2018 | France CultureLa volont de la Chine d'assurer le contrle d'une production de qualit la pousse racheter des centaines d'hectares de terres agricoles en France.


Les paysans dpossds de leurs terres RSS feed from

20 Feb 2018 | DNAChaque anne, plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'hectares de terres chappent aux agriculteurs franais, du fait de la poursuite de l'urbanisation et de leur vente des investisseurs trangers.


UAE Ministry of Economy explores agricultural investment opportunities with Ethiopia RSS feed from

20 Feb 2018 | albawabaUndersecretary of the Ministry of Economy says that investments in the fields of agriculture and food industries are among the prominent sectors that attract UAE investments abroad as the country currently imports about 80 per cent of its food needs.


Siaya MCAs vow to kick out Dominion Farms CEO Burgess from Yala Swamp RSS feed from

16 Feb 2017 | K24TVSiaya MCAs have now vowed to kick out American investor and Dominion farms CEO Calvin Burgess from Yala swamp, accusing him of belittling the community by peddling falsehoods.


Dominion Farms workers strike over unpaid' dues RSS feed from

02 Jun 2017 | The StarMore than 350 workers of Dominion Farms Ltd in Yala Swamp, Siaya county, are on strike to protest against what they say are Sh30 million salary arrears.


Kenya: Leaders demand audit of Dominion books before Siaya exit RSS feed from

13 Nov 2017 | Business DailyA Siaya County leader and a community lobby group have demanded a thorough audit of an American-owned rice farm's financials before it is allowed to exit the region.


Job fears as Dominion firm stops operations in Kenya RSS feed from

17 Nov 2017 | The StandardUS company Dominion Group could be preparing to leave Kenya after 15 years of running a multi-billion farming project at Yala in Siaya County as its CEO Calvin Burges has written letters to employees telling them of plans to close down the business.


Workers of Dominion farm in Siaya hold silent protests against sacking RSS feed from

20 Nov 2017 | KTNNow-sacked employees of Dominion Farms in Siaya County held a peaceful demonstration protesting delayed salaries and benefits.


Dominion farms in new round of trouble RSS feed from

07 Dec 2017 | The StandardProperty worth millions of shillings belonging to Dominion farms is set to be auctioned next week.


"We Are Star Stuff..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"We are star-stuff. The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it but the way the atoms are put together. The cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff, we are a way for the cosmos to know itself." - Carl Sagan 

Click image for larger size.
"The hydrogen in your body, present in every molecule of water, came from the Big Bang. There are no other appreciable sources of hydrogen in the universe. The carbon in your body was made by nuclear fusion in the interior of stars, as was the oxygen. Much of the iron in your body was made during supernovas of stars that occurred long ago and far away. The gold in your jewelry was likely made from neutron stars during collisions that may have been visible as short-duration gamma-ray bursts. Elements like phosphorus and copper are present in our bodies in only small amounts but are essential to the functioning of all known life. The featured periodic table is color coded to indicate humanity's best guess as to the nuclear origin of all known elements. The sites of nuclear creation of some elements, such as copper, are not really well known and are continuing t...


"A Look to the Heavens" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

These two spiral galaxies make a photogenic pair, found within the boundaries of the northern constellation Draco. Contrasting in color and orientation, NGC 5965 is nearly edge-on to our line of sight and dominated by yellow hues, while bluish NGC 5963 is closer to face-on. Of course, even in this well-framed cosmic snapshot the scene is invaded by other galaxies, including small elliptical NGC 5969 at the lower left. 
 Click image for larger size.
Brighter, spiky stars in our own Milky Way are scattered through the foreground. Though they seem to be close and of similar size, galaxies NGC 5965 and NGC 5963 are far apart and unrelated, by chance appearing close on the sky. NGC 5965 is about 150 million light-years distant and over 200,000 light-years across. Much smaller, NGC 5963 is a mere 40 million light-years away and so is not associated with the edge-on spiral. Difficult to follow, NGC 5963's extraordinarily faint blue spiral arms mark it as a low surface brightness galaxy.


Most KFCs in UK remain closed because of chicken shortage blogfactory

Fast food chain blames contract with delivery firm DHL, with more than 550 outlets still shut.

The fast food chain KFC has been forced to temporarily close most of its UK outlets after problems with a new delivery contract led to a chicken shortage.

A total of 562 KFC outlets remained shut following a weekend of disruption that peaked on Sunday night at 646 closures.

KFC published a list of only 338 of its 900 stores that were still open on Monday night. Many were offering a limited menu and restricted opening hours.

The chicken delivery problem is so severe that the company cannot say when operations will be back to normal. But it said it was working flat out to resolve the crisis.

Signs on many of the closed stores said: Sorry, were closed. We deliver our chickens fresh into our restaurants, but weve had a few hiccups with the delivery today. We wouldnt want to be open without offering our full menu, but well be back at the fryers as soon as we can.

KFC tried to make light of the problem, saying the colonel is working on it a reference to the chains US founder, Colonel Sanders, whose image adorns the brand.

In a statement it blamed the chicken shortage on a contract with delivery company DHL.


"The Art of Letting Others Be Right" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"The Art of Letting Others Be Right" 
by David Cain

"My brain, like all brains, houses an unbelievable quantity of remembered information, and a huge amount of that information is stuff Ive watched on television. I always hated Star Trek, and frequently said so, but whenever I catch a clip of "The Next Generation", somehow Ive seen that episode before. I was also never exactly a fan of The Oprah Winfrey Show, but Ive surely seen several hundred hours of it. For years after it went off the air, I kept remembering a particular insight Oprah shared once. I forget the context, but Oprah was amazed to realize that she didnt have to answer the phone just because it was ringing.

It was a significant insight to me too, not because answering the phone is a particularly difficult task, but because it meant there was an invisible freedom there, which I somehow didnt realize I had. Even if I still answered every call, it felt like a choice. Before that, it had been a kind of a master-slave type relationship, in which some remote person could push some buttons and force my body up onto its feet (perhaps tearing me away from a Star Trek rerun).



Climate change 'will push European cities towards breaking point' RSS feed from

Study highlights urgent need to adapt urban areas to cope with floods, droughts and heatwavesMajor British towns and cities, including Glasgow, Wrexham, Aberdeen and Chester, could be much more severely affected by climate change than previously thought, according to new research.The study, by Newcastle University, analysed changes in flooding, droughts and heatwaves for every European city using all climate models. Related: Climate change is increasing flood risks in Europe | John Abraham [...]


Richard Dolan Breaks Down Doty and DeLonge The Event Chronicle

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is our guest and we are going to break down the Richard Doty surprise phone call into Fade to Black on February 1st, 2018and we will also discuss the recent Tom DeLonge/TTSA revelations and their use of a balloon UFO image to raise funds and sell stock in his new companythis is a true Not-to-Miss show!


This article (Richard Dolan On Fade To Black February 15th) was originally published on Jimmy Church Radio and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Who is Richard Doty?

Mirage Men is a documentary released in 2013 that tells the story of Richard Doty, a retired special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Dotys job with AFOSI was to be a full-time liar, spreading disinformation and causing mass confusion within the UFO community, ruining a few lives along the way. This is a factual case study of our own government systematically and blatantly lying to us regarding the UFO phenomenon. Furthermore, it explains the truth behind all the UFO sightings that have occurred in America since WW2, being that it was the UAV/drone program. (source)

Mirage Men Official Trailer



Is a Killer Klebsi Plague Threatening the United States? blogfactory

The Alliance for Advanced Health, a web site offering a bounty of secret cures for those willing to pay for access to their members-only content, warned in mid-January 2018 of a Chinese Klebsi Plague  an allegedly imminent pandemic the American populace is woefully unable to protect against. Whether or not the claim is true is irrelevant to the sites business model the founder of their parent companyAgora, Inc. once said, our customers dont pay us to be right.

But do Americans have something to fear from a Klesbi Plague? The Alliance for Advanced Healths main pitch is a video made up of entirely of text panels that muddles the truth about the very real threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to convince readers that Agora knows of a secret cure which is available in a free ebook free to members, that is, who pay $74 a year to join the site (the text of the video is available here).

What is the Klebsi Plague?

The Alliance for Advanced Health appears to have invented the term Klesbsi Plauge, but it refers to a real strain of bacteria, Klebsiella, that in some cases is extremely resistant to antibiotics. These bacterial infections, classified as Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CREs) by the Center for Disease Control, are a legitimate worldwide health concern.

However, the Alliance for Advanced Health makes it sound like there is a clearly defined and impending crisis tied to the bug. They argue (without clear evidence) that a nationwide epidemic of Klebsiella-driven pneumonia will likely occur in the summer of 2018.

The video text says that A few months ago, a 70-year-old woman from Nevada went into the hospital. Shed been traveling in India and picked up a...


"Decisions..." Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Do nothing, and nothing happens. Life is about decisions. 
You either make them or they're made for you, but you can't avoid them."
- Mhairi McFarlane



Serbia has arrested eight foreign citizens, including two Americans and two Ukrainians, on suspicion that they tried to photograph and enter military facilities without authorization, officials said.

Serbia has arrested eight foreign citizens, including two Americans and two Ukrainians, on suspicion that they tried to photograph and enter military facilities without authorization, officials said.

State-run RTS TV said the U.S. and Ukrainian citizens allegedly tried to take shots of the military intelligence headquarters in downtown Belgrade with a drone.

The report did not identify them or give details, saying only that the Ukrainians are women and that they are all in police custody.

Announcing the arrest of the eight foreigners on February 19, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said he did not want to prejudge the case that is under investigation, but added, It is not a coincidence that such a large number of foreign citizens tried to bust into premises controlled by the Army of Serbia.

Another American was arrested in Serbia earlier this month for possession of an unmarked gun. Pro-government media alleged that he was a former U.S. Navy SEAL and had planned the assassination of unidentified Serbian officials.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on February 18 mentioned the arrest of a group of foreigners, but said that their case was not particulary dangerous.

We recently had a bit more serious case, but todays one does not seem to be on that level, he said.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP

State-run RTS TV said the U.S. and Ukrainian citizens allegedly tried to take shots of the military intelligence headquarters in downtown Belgrade with a drone.

The report did not identify them or give details, saying only that the Ukrainians are women and that they are all in police custody.

Announcing the arrest of the eight foreigners on February 19, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said he did not want to prejudge the case that is under investigation, but added, It is not a coincidence that such a large number of foreign citizens tried to bust into premises controlled by the Army of Serbia.

Another American was arrested in Serbia earlier this month for possession of an unmarked gun. Media alleged that he was a former U.S. Navy SEAL and had planned the assassination of unidentified Serbian officials.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on February 18 mentioned the arrest of a group of foreigners, but said that their case was not particulary dangerous.



Diseases With Unknown Etiology Trace Back To Mass Vaccination Against Influenza in 1976 The Event Chronicle

By James Lyons-Weiler via The World Mercury Project

Crohns. Lupus. Autism. ADHD. Food allergies. Celiac disease. Sjgrens syndrome. Polymyalgia rheumatica. Multiple sclerosis. Anklyosing spondylitis. Type 1 diabetes. Vasculitis. Peripheral neuropathy. The list goes on, and on, and on. We are being increasingly diagnosed with these conditions and diseases of unknown origin, and science has very little to say why would autoimmune diseases and mysterious diseases of inflammation be so prevalent? When did this increase start?

As an observer and participant in modern biomedical research, and a lover of deep history, I tend to focus not on the immediate or last few years, but look for trends of accumulating risk over longer periods of time. Seeking an answer to the question of when, I used Pubmed to estimate, per yer, the number of studies and papers discussing diseases and conditions of unknown origin. I search for the term unknown causes, and also for the term journal to get some idea of the percentage of studies, papers and editorials discussing disease of unknown causes. I had no idea what to expect.

Looking at a trend of topics per year, one has to correct for some estimate of the total number of articles published, because a mere count would, in part, reflect the overall trend in the explosion of total articles published. I chose as my control term the word journal, because many titles of publications include that term (e.g., Journal of Nephrology). Here is the control result, which is not surprising, and completely expected:

Again, this merely reflects the trend in the increase in publications in Pubmed, and so using it would provide a relative control for that trend.

Next I searched for Unknown Causes, and calculated the number of articles citing unknown causes per 10,000 articles (again, relative denominator term).

What I found is shocking. Here is a graph of the number of articles per...


TURKEY WARNS SYRIA (its pretty cheeky as Turkey is occupying a neighboring state illegally, but UN Mandates are out the window now) blogfactory

With Turkish-led forces stepping up their military operations against the Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG, in Syrias Kurdish-controlled Afrin enclave, Ankara has reacted cautiously to reports that Damascus is set to intervene militarily.

If they are getting there to clean out YPG, then there is no problem, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Monday. But If Syrian forces are entering Afrin to protect YPG, no one can militarily stop us.

The Turkish government has declared the goal of its operation is to remove all YPG militia from Afrin and create a 30-kilometer (19 miles) security zone.

Ankara accuses the militia of being terrorists linked to a decades-long insurgency in Turkey. The United States backs the YPG in the fight against Islamic State.

On Monday, Syrian state television claimed forces backed by the government of President Bashar al-Assad had reached an agreement with the YPG to deploy in the contested Afrin enclave.

Syrian Kurdish militia officials are reportedly giving mixed messages on whether a final agreement with Damascus has been reached.


InSerbia | E-Mail: |


Venezuela: Pentecostal Preachers to Challenge Maduro as MUD Hints at Boycott New on

Two evangelical ministers, including one overshadowed by dubious business dealings, are throwing their hats into the presidential race as the main opposition parties lean towards abstention.

Venezuela: Pentecostal Preacher to Challenge Maduro as MUD Hints at Boycott New on

An evangelical minister overshadowed by dubious business dealings is throwing his hat into the presidential race as the main opposition parties lean towards abstention.


Threat to crops and carcinogenic: Farmers welcome move to restrict glyphosate use The Event Chronicle

The AP governments order restricting the use of herbicides will also check the illegal use of BT cotton.


In a significant move to prevent the indiscriminate use of herbicides, the Andhra Pradesh Government has restricted the use of herbicides, especially glyphosate, in agriculture.

The order was passed after the Special Commissioner of Agriculture of the state, in a letter to the government, pointed out that the injudicious use of herbicides particularly non-selective herbicides like glyphosate in agricultural and horticultural ecosystems leads to serious implications in many cultivated crops in Andhra Pradesh.

According to the order, the herbicides cannot be used in any of the crops in the Kharif season, i.e. June to November. The approval of the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee is mandatory to recommend/procure/store/use any agro chemical, as per the Insecticide Act, 1968.

The herbicides specified in the order can be used in non-cropped areas, or during the months of December to May, but only with specific recommendations by authorised personnel.

Additionally, all retailers in Andhra Pradesh have been directed to sell only the recommended quantity of herbicide to be used during non-crop growth season in non-cropped areas.

Farmers have also been discouraged from cultivation of illegal Herbicide Tolerant (HT) crop varieties to prevent the use of non-selective herbicides.

Speaking to TNM, G Vinaichand, Additional Director of Agriculture, and Director, Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA, Andhra Pradesh), said that the decision was taken after examining random samples from some seed processing units.

Check on illegal use of BT cotton

Environment and agriculture activists have lauded the move saying it will not only help control the excessive use of herbicides but also check illegal cultivation of BT cotton.

It is a welcome move. It addresses the ill-effects of glyphosate as well the fact that it is being illegally used on illegally cultivated HT cotton, said Kavitha Kuruganti, national co-convenor of the Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture (ASHA).

Glyphosate and other weedicides are very problematic in two ways, explained Kiran Kumar Vissa of the Rythu Swarajya Vedika, an organisation of non-profits focused on agriculture.

Firstly, the poison that we are putting into our soil will also ent...


Russia Warns the US Not to Play With Fire blogfactory

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on the United States not to play with fire in Syria.

I once again call on our American colleagues to avoid playing with fire and measure their steps proceeding not from immediate needs of todays political environment, but rather from long-term interests of the Syrian people and of all peoples of this region, including the Kurds, of course, be it Syria or Iraq or other countries of the region, Lavrov said at the opening of the Valdai Club in Moscow yesterday.

Lavrov expressed his countrys concern about American attempts to divide Syria, saying that such concerns arise after studying the plans which the US is starting to implement on soil, mainly east of the Euphrates, on the vast territories between this river and Syrias borders with Iraq and Turkey.

The Russian minister called on the US administration to take steps to confirm that their sole objective in Syria is to combat Daesh.

He highlighted the urgent need for humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp which lies along the demilitarized berm between Jordan and Syria.

Creative Commons / Middle East Monitor / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources.


Oxfam hit by 26 sex claims in wake of Haiti scandal, MPs told RSS feed from

Oxfams boss today issued an apology and revealed the charity had been hit by 26 new allegations of sexual misconduct since the Haiti scandal broke.


Citizen Journalist Blows Truth About Parkland Shooting Wide Open Your News Wire

Citizen journalist Jenny Moonstone has interviewed Parkland survivors who reveal that the Secret Service held drills at the the school prior to the shooting that left 17 dead.  According to Moonstone, multiple witnesses describe a [...]


Turkey Begins Shelling Pro-Government Forces in Syria blogfactory

Turkish forces shelled Syrian pro-government militia fighters on Tuesday as they tried to enter the northern canton of Afrin to aid the Kurdish YPG force in its battle against a Turkish incursion.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the shelling had forced the fighters back.

This evening some pick-ups were proved to be moving to Afrin but then artillery made then retreat and that file is closed now, he said. They will pay a heavy price.

Video footage published on social media showed members of the al-Baqir Brigade, a part of the pro-government National Defence Force, or NDF, travelling to the province:

Turkish army bombed the roads linking Afrin with Nuble/Zahra as a clear message for Assad/Iran. Several reports suggested that the NDF units preparing to enter Afrin are mainly Iran-linked militias from Nuble and Zahra, not Assad regular army due to Russia-Turkey agreement.


NSA Exploit Now Powering Cryptocurrency Mining Malware The Event Chronicle

By Tech Dirt

You may have been asked if youd like to try your hand at mining cryptocurrency. You may have demurred, citing the shortage in graphics cards or perhaps wary you were being coaxed into an elaborate Ponzi scheme. So much for opting out. Thanks to the NSA, you may be involved in mining cryptocurrency, but youre likely not seeing any of the benefits.

A computer security exploit developed by the US National Security Agency and leaked by hackers last year is now being used to mine cryptocurrency, and according to cybersecurity experts the number of infections is rising.

The good news is you wont have to cough up ransom to retake control of your computer. The bad news is this doesnt guarantee youll have a functioning computer.

This new attackcalled WannaMinemay seem like less of a threat than WannaCry because it doesnt lock users out of their computer. But CrowdStrike noted in a blog post laying out its findings on WannaMine that the company has observed the malware rendering some companies unable to operate for days and weeks at a time. WannaMine infections are also hard to detect because it doesnt download any applications to an infected device.

This is the path the NSAs malware has taken: from worldwide ransomware to drive-by installations of mining software. The route to infection is still the normal route: malicious links. Once inside, the malware co-opts your processor for cryptocurrency mining. If your computer happens to be part of a network, the infection will spread to connected computers, turning entire businesses into someone elses side hustle.

The fun part is even patched systems can be infected. The NSAs EternalBlue exploit may no longer work, but an attached tool called...


Can Police Have Sex With People They Arrest? In New York, Yes The Daily Sheeple

A little-known loophole in New York law is wreaking havoc on an ongoing rape case in which two police officers claim to have had consensual sex with a woman theyd just arrested.

Former New York Police Department detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall picked up an 18-year-old woman on marijuana charges in September 2015. She was with two males her age, but Martins and Hall let them go before leading the woman into a police van. She called what happened inside the van rape, but the officers called it consensual.

New York lawmakers say it shouldnt matter.

State law bans all sexual relationships between prison guards an inmates, however, there is no law specifically banning sexual relations between an officer and someone in his custody, according to The Associated Press. The loophole allows Martins and Hall to argue the encounter was consensual, despite their obvious position of power over the woman.

I was shocked, New York Democratic state Sen. Diane Savino told the AP when she heard of the loophole. It should be clear across the state for officers from every department, that when someone is in custody they do not have the ability to consent to sexual activity.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo helped push a bill to close the loophole. Its already passed the Assembly and is awaiting vote in the Senate at time of publication.

But New York isnt the only state to make the oversight 34 other states lack language specifically banning officers from having sex with those in custody. As a result, the womans case has devolved to the he-said-she-said that Americans are more used to seeing on college campuses.

Martins and Hall resigned from the force ahead of a disciplinary board hearing, yet both have pleaded not guilty in court.

They argue the woman, known online as Anna Chambers, but whose last name the court has not revealed, has ulterior motives in the case. She submitted a $50 million claim against the city, and defense lawyers argue that several provocative social media posts since the alleged rape give lie to her allegations.

She has posted Instagram videos of herself using drugs and rapping in her Fi5ty Milli persona about the case while joking about the millions that will be in her bank account, the letter says, going on to cite a Twitter argument in which Anna says Stop clockin my s--t u loser, I hope ya mommy gets gang raped...


Womens Rights in Syria - by Mark Taliano (We) can do better

Syrian women are helping to save Syria and all of humanity against the scourge of Western-supported terrorism. The Canadian government, [ editor: and others, including Australia's, supporting the US-NATO agenda] on the other hand, is destroying womens rights (and all human rights) in Syria and beyond.  If the truth were ever accepted by broad-based populations, then our government, led by those who project progressive fronts, would be exposed as the misogynist, life-hating rot that it is.

This article was first published at

Canada's Sanctions Regime against Syria Undermines Women's Rights

Trudeau is destroying Syria through illegal sanctions, and through direct and indirect support of every single terrorist in Syria. Canada is a member of the NATO terror organization, which along with its allies, seeks to create regime change in Syria, the highest crime according to Nuremburg Principles.

All Syrians, but especially Syrian women, have much to lose if the Canadian governments diabolical ambitions are realized.

Amany Ashy[1] lives in a government-secured area of Syria where she is headmistress of a high school.  She explains that life for women in government-secured areas hasnt changed much. She explains that

The government supports womens right and liberty before and now. We have the liberty to choose our work , to wear whatever we like , to choose the type of education we want and even to fight side by side with the army. We have the safety to go at anytime during day or night.

She also explains that

men now are busy fighting with the army or trying hard to work double shift after the crazy raise of prices and after the sanctions. Womens life as the life of all Syrian has been affected badly by the sanctions. The prices of food and vegetables have become double. Medicine prices are very high and some are not available.

Life in terrorist-occupied areas, however, is entirely different, and alien to Syria and to most Syrians. Ashy explains that

women in the areas controlled by the US- backed terrorists have no rights at all. They have to wear a black uniforms to cover their bodies and this uniform must be very simple and loose and if any women try to break their rules they take them to Hespah (prison). They keep them imprisoned for hours and force them to buy a uniform that they have and agree on Women are prevented from going to schools o...


How Does Your Consciousness Make Everything Real? Wake Up World

February 21st, 2018 By Josh Richardson Guest writer for Wake Up World Does reality exist without us? Physicists have found it maddeningly difficult to write the observer out of quantum theory. Now some are contemplating a mind-boggling alternative: that a coherent description of reality, with all its quantum quirks, can arise from nothing more than random []


Senate Candidate Pwns The Associated Press From Jail The Daily Sheeple

Dear Mr. Pruitt, CEO of the Associated Press,

My name is Marty Gottesfeld. I am a newly declared candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts and I am also the apparent target of this recent and widely-disseminated AP publication.

Additionally, I am a journalist whose writing has appeared at the Huffington PostWNDNewsweekInfoWarsShadowproof, as well as Red State, and my human rights advocacy has been featured by Rolling StoneMichelle Malkin, and RT. Since 2013 I have fought for institutionalized children in America who suffer well-documented but under-publicized and unconscionable abuses like these:

Mr. Greg Kutz testifies as the managing director of Forensic Audits and Special Investigations for the U.S. Government Accountability Office on the plight of institutionalized youth in America during sessions before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor.

However, no one would believe any of this from APs very misleading coverage. All that your readers have been told is that I am an accused hospital hacker campaigning from jail and that I protested what your organization euphemistically reports as a custody dispute involving a young girl named Justina.

There is no mention of Justinas suffering at the hands of that hospital, nor of the dozens of other child victimswho have come forward to say that they too endured horrific abuses there. Theres no m...


Florida high school student journalist (& son of FBI agent) caught on video rehearsing scripted lines, coached by camera man The Event Chronicle

By Mike Adams

Is anyone surprised anymore at the depths of deception invoked by the fake news media? All weekend long, the media paraded high school kids in front of news cameras, exploiting them as props for the emotional exploitation of the public. Now it turns out these kids were coached to repeat scripted lines, just like actors reading lines for a movie production. Its all scripted, in other words, to push a gun control narrative rooted in emotional reaction rather than constructive solutions.

It also turns out that one of these kids David Hogg is the son of an FBI agent. In other words, his father was part of the same deep state swamp that has been committing treason to try to destroy Trump. This was almost never mentioned in any of the TV news interviews where he was vehemently defending the FBI and blaming President Trump for the shooting.

This is all explained in more detail by Lucian Wintrich, via The Gateway Pundit:

EXPOSED: School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist David Hoggs Father in FBI, Appears To Have Been Coached On Anti-Trump Lines [VIDEO]

In less than a week since they survived a mass murdering gunman attack on their school, two student who quickly became media stars of the Parkland, Florida school shootings are now media obsessed to the point they say they are snubbing an invitation to meet with President Donald Trump this Wednesday in favor of appearing on a televised town hall with CNNs Jake Tapper. []

One student, in particular, David Hogg seems articulate and highly skilled at setting a new anti-Conservative/anti-Trump narrative behind the recent school shooting. Few have seen this type of rapid media play before and when they have it has come from well-trained political operatives and MSM commentators.

Immediately, these students-turned-activists threw up some red flags.

In what seemed initially as an incredibly odd move for a high school student, Hoggs vehemently defended the FBI and placed the blame squarely on the Presidents shoulders. before admitting that his father was in the FBI.


Muslim teen charged after beating his sister with a baseball bat for refusing to wear a veil Signs of the Times

A 19-year-old man in Sweden has been charged with abuse after he beat his 14-year-old sister with a baseball bat because she refused to wear an Islamic veil. The young man, who lives in the municipality of Karlskrona, was brought before the Blekinge District Court last week on charges of abuse and assault. He is alleged to have struck his younger sister with a baseball bat several times while yelling at her "wear a veil", 24Blekinge reports. The 19-year-old is said to have become angry with his sister after she returned from a shopping trip with their mother and he noticed she was not wearing an Islamic veil. When he asked her why she was not wearing a veil, the girl refused to answer. The brother then walked to his room and emerged with a baseball bat which he used to strike the 14-year-old on the head, leg, and arm.


Benjamin Fulford: Was Christianity invented? The Event Chronicle

By Benjamin Fulford

Did the Flavian Caesars invent Christianity to control the people?

I know youre an investigative reporter and come across all kinds of sources.  Id love to have your opinion.

Yes, the P2 people in Italy told me they invented it to control the slaves.

The post Was Christianity invented? appeared first on Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.


BEST OF THE WEB: In-depth analysis: US protecting ISIS to weaken rivals, justify and expand indefinite US occupation of Syria Signs of the Times

The dominant view of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (ISIS), Operation Inherent Resolve, is that its fundamental goal is the defeat of ISIS. And so, in the wake of the routing of ISIS from Iraq and Syria, the core justification for an ongoing US military presence in Syria is ensuring that no post-mortem ISIS insurgency arises. That the US is unequivocally opposed to ISIS is simply taken for granted. Yet a closer look at the history of US involvement shows that counterterrorism has been a lesser concern relative to geopolitical and strategic goals. Whenever the goals of expanding territorial control or weakening rivals conflicts with the goal of opposing ISIS, the entity was either ignored or even empowered in pursuit of these more paramount concerns. In some ways, by providing a pretext for extended military operations on foreign soil, and by helping to diminish the military might of the Syrian regime and its allies, some coalition officials have seen the Islamic State as a potentially beneficial phenomenon to the wider ends of weakening the Syrian state and opposing Iranian influence in the Levant.


Afrin: If the Syrian government moves in, the US has to move out blogfactory

The latest developments in Afrin, Syria indicate a change of alignments in the Middle East, experts told RT. Some say Damascus could fill the vacuum created by the crisis, discomfiting the US.

President Erdogan has announced that the Turkish army will encircle Syrias Afrin in order to oust Kurdish forces. The announcement comes amid reports that Damascus also plans to send troops to the city to end the crisis.

Earlier this week, media reports emerged suggesting an agreement has been reached between the Kurdish administration and Damascus over the military operation in Afrin, under which Syrian pro-government forces would be allowed to enter the area.

However, Kurdish officials are denying that such an agreement exists. Ankara has threatened to confront Syrian forces if they come to the aid of the Kurds, and also dismissed reports of a Kurdish-Syrian deal.

Huge change-around in alliances

Political analyst Chris Bambery told RT that we are seeing a change of alignment in the Middle East and America is looking a bit more sidelined then it used to be in the past.

I think Washington will be watching this with some trepidation. Because what we are seeing here is a realignment of Turkey, Iran and Russia. And the Americans are already angry with Turkey and Erdogan for supplying loans to IranAlso I think they are worried there could be a bigger shift here. Thus far America and the Kurds have been allied in the fight against so-called Islamic State. Weve had the Russian intervening on the side of Assad and the Turks intervening against the Kurds. Now we are seeing another mix. It could well be that joining this Iranian-Russian-Turkish axis is Assad.

READ MORE: Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria, Astana talks over telephone

Assad has no love of the Kurds; hed like to take control of the region. So, that alignment opens up a possibility he could turn on the Kurds as well, Bambery said.
In his opinion, what we are seeing here is a huge change around in alliances which must be discomfiting the Americans.

They find themselves in a...


Mexico: Flooded cave yields ancient human and animal remains Signs of the Times

Archaeologists exploring the word's biggest flooded cave in Mexico have discovered ancient human remains at least 9,000 years old and the bones of animals who roamed the earth during the last Ice Age. A group of divers recently connected two underwater caverns in eastern Mexico to reveal what is believed to be the biggest flooded cave on the planet, a discovery that could help shed new light on the ancient Maya civilization. The Yucatan peninsula is studded with monumental relics of the Maya people, whose cities drew upon an extensive network of sinkholes linked to subterranean waters known as cenotes. Researchers say they found 248 cenotes at the 347-km (216-mile) cave system known as Sac Actun, near the beach resort of Tulum. Of the 200 archaeological sites they have discovered there, around 140 are Mayan.


New study: Women in more equal societies are less likely to choose math and science professions Signs of the Times

A new study explores a strange paradox: In countries that empower women, they are less likely to choose math and science professions. Comment: Not a paradox for those that still value common sense and paying attention to reality.


I HEAR VOICES: A Worrying Trend Of Mass Shooting Suspects Throughout History Before Committing Horrific Murders The Event Chronicle

By an0nkn0wledge

Direct energy weapons are electromagnetic signals used for lethal or nonlethal purpose. One such example of use is creating pain in a target but the other nefarious usage is beaming voices into a targets head to either coerce someone into doing a violent act or to drive them insane.

Yes, this type of technology has existed and has been being worked on since as early as the 1950s-60s during MKUltra. While the technology today is probably so far advanced that numerous health problems such as brain damage, and other organ damage can be caused in an individual simply by tapping into the frequency of that organ and beaming a radio frequency to disrupt its function.

For more on that, check out this unclassified document from the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command received via a Freedom of  Information Act (FOIA) request back in 2006 entitled, Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons.

The document is dated in 1998, over 15 years ago. One of the main topics regards the effects of radio frequency directed energy. The document discusses the incapacitating effect of microwave hearing:

There is no sound propagated through the air like normal  sound. This technology in its crudest form could be used to distract  individuals; if refined, it could also be used to communicate with  hostages or hostage takers directly by Morse code or other message  systems, possibly even by voice communication.

From that document the technology is able to be tuned into a single person like a radio station.

The phenomenon is tunable in that the characteristic sounds and  intensities of those sounds depend on the characteristics of the RF  energy as delivered. Because the frequency of the sound heard is  dependent on the pulse characteristics of the RF energy, it  seems possible that this technology could be developed to the point  where words could be transmitted to be heard like the spoken word,  except that it could only be heard within a persons head. In one experiment, communication of the words from one to ten using speech modulated microwave energy was successfully demonstrated. Microphones next to the person experiencing the voice could not pick up the sound. Additional development of this would open up a wide range of possibili...


How the Shamanic Medicine Iboga Can Resolve and Heal Childhood Trauma Waking Times

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Imagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion of an adult.

On the cutting edge of human health and mental wellness is the exploration of the effects of childhood trauma on the long-term health of human beings. Dr. Robert Block, former President of the American Academy of pediatrics remarked, adverse childhood experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing our nation today.

American pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris looks at how exposure to adversity and trauma during their developmental years leads to mental health diagnoses such as ADHD, anxiety and depression. She points out the negative effects of trauma on the developing brain and immune systems of children, as well as how traumatic events can develop into chronic stress, and even PTSD.


Her viewpoint that behavioral and physical issues can be rooted in adverse childhood experiences (ACE) runs counter to the popular understanding of illness, which presumes strictly material causality and dismisses intangible psychological factors. A 1990s study on ACE, however, demonstrates significant corollaries between trauma and lifelong health, linking them to illnesses and high-risk and impulsive behaviors such as drug addiction.

Adverse childhood experie...


Anti-white racism: Yale University offers 'Constructions of Whiteness' course Signs of the Times

Yale University has launched a new course entitled 'Constructions of Whiteness,' which explores ideas of 'whiteness.' The Ivy League school's initiative has not been met with universal approval, however. The undergraduate course at Yale aims to instill "an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of whiteness." It is taught by Claudine Rankine, an award-winning Jamaican-born poet. The spring 2018 semester class offers students a "discussion of whiteness as a culturally constructed and economic incorporated entity, which touches upon and assigns value to nearly every aspect of American life and culture," according to its website. The class is divided into eight topics about "whiteness," including property, masculinity, femininity, speech, prosperity, spaces and imagination, according to College Fix, which claims to have obtained the syllabus. Required reading includes Michael Kimmel's 'Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era,' Richard Dyer's 'White: Essays on Race and Culture,' and Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic's 'Critical White Studies: Looking Behind the Mirror.'


Not After Trump? Muellers Latest Indictment Dates To 2012 The Daily Sheeple

Special Counsel Robert Muellers latest indictment of a London lawyer is based on supposed wrongdoing in 2012, during the Obama administration and Hillary Clintons time as Secretary of State.

The lawyer is accused of misleading investigators about the last time he talked with Richard Gates, who was indicted in October with ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort over their consulting work in Ukraine, reported Bloomberg. Van Der Zwaan was questioned by U.S. authorities regarding his firms work in 2012 on behalf of the Ukraine Ministry of Justice.

This is three years before Donald Trump announced his White House run. In other words, its another indictment of a foreign national based on activity DURING the Obama administration, just like the indictments of 13 Russian nationals for a troll campaign in 2014.

If Trump is deeply implicated in Russian collusion, as his enemies suggest, then how come most of the alleged wrongdoing happened on Obamas watch?

And, interestingly enough, the Clinton State Dept. had an interest in Ukrainian politics in 2012.

From an Aug. 20, 2016 article in the NY Times, which predates the Russian collusion conspiracy theory:

Victor Pinchuk, a steel magnate whose father-in-law, Leonid Kuchma, was president of Ukraine from 1994 to 2005, has directed between $10 million and $25 million to the [Clinton] foundation. He has lent his private plane to the Clintons and traveled to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend Mr. Clintons star-studded 65th birthday celebration.

Between September 2011 and November 2012, Douglas E. Schoen, a former political consultant for Mr. Clinton, arranged about a dozen meetings with State Department officials on behalf of or with Mr. Pinchuk to discuss the continuing political crisis in Ukraine, according to reports Mr. Schoen filed as a registered lobbyist.

This, of course, isnt to suggest the Van Der Zwaan indictment and these meetings are related, but its definitely worth investigating Clintons ties to Ukraine during that time, given the pay to play scheme she had going on with foreign of...


Americas elite thinks it has a divine right to rule the world blogfactory


Americas elite thinks it has a divine right to rule the world

Bryan MacDonald
Bryan MacDonald is an Irish journalist based in Russia.
Americas elite thinks it has a divine right to rule the world
Americas ruling class has a curious attitude to democracy. It seems to be interpreted as something thats good for the US and its allies but bad for critters who wont accept their role in the America-led international order.

First off, let me be clear. I think all foreign electoral interference is wrong. In any country. And if its eventually...


Confessions of an Ordinary Everyday MomWho Happens to be a Prepper The Sleuth Journal

Confessions of an Ordinary Everyday MomWho Happens to be a Prepper | prepping | Preparedness\Survival

Today, Im coming out of the closet.

No, not that closet.

Im coming out of the hard-nosed, bad-to-the-bone survivalist prepper closet. Because I think a lot of folks have some misconceptions about what being a prepper really means. It certainly isnt the same thing for everyone. And our rigidity as a community can scare people away who want to be better prepared.

First, a dozen of my dirty little secrets.

You want to hear a few of my confessions? Here they are, in no particular order of dirt.

  1. I really enjoy going out to eat. Sure, homemade is delicious but not when Im always the one making it.
  2. My favorite food in the entire world is vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Nope, that wasnt a typo. I didnt mean kale instead of cake. Kale is revolting. Cake is life. #SorryNotSorry
  3. I read at least 3 novels a week. Bring on the psycho serial killers, criminal masterminds, or post-apocalyptic settings. Fiction is my friend.
  4. I hate camping with an abiding and fiery passion. This isnt to say I am incapable of camping, but given the choice, I really would much rather sleep on a nice squishy bed than a sleeping bag. On the ground. In the dirt. With the bugs.
  5. I love going to the movies. Bring out the popcorn and the 3D glasses, because the big screen is where its at. Also, the more explosions, gratuitous violence, and car chases, the more Im going to like it.
  6. Peeing outside is really not for me unless its actually the end of the world. Dont get me wrong. I love hiking and nature and stuff. I just pee before I go and when I get back.
  7. Im a nomad at heart. Im not happy unless Im checking out new places, growing veggies in them, and getting to know the local scene. But dont think Im going to settle down because, in a year or so, Ill be heading somewhere else to learn about another cool place.
  8. Im not a right-wing conservative. I know, crazy, right? If I had to choose, Id say Im a libertarian with views from all sides of the spectrum. Im anti-war, anti-tax, and anti-meanness. I believe in compassion, liberty, and the pow...


CNN And MSNBC Wont Report On Air That A Majority Of Americans Now Support Trumps Tax Cuts The Daily Sheeple

After weeks of dismissing the Republican tax plan as one that only benefits the wealthy and giving time to pundits who predicted far more apocalyptic consequences MSNBC and CNN have given zero coverage to a survey showing a majority of Americans approving of the bill.

The poll, released by The New York Times on Monday and conducted by SurveyMonkey, shows that 51 percent of Americans approve of the tax law, while 46 percent disapprove.

Yet, according to tv clipping service Grabien, which logs transcripts from all network shows over the last year, not a single individual on CNN or MSNBC mentioned the publics dramatic turnaround in support for the tax bill that saves average American families thousands of dollars annually after The Daily Caller News Foundation conducted a search for New York Times and Tax Reform.

A search on both CNN and MSNBCs website for any story showing the tax bills popularity also curiously revealed no coverage either.

Of course, its not like CNN ignored all polls featured in The Times. CNN devoted a segment discussing a column by two political scientists on Monday, who after surveying various academics, concluded that President Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of the United States. Former President Barack Obama cracked the top 10.

Anchors on both networks were openly critical of the bill before and after its passage. MSNBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle devoted several segments over the past months trying to debunk the so-called benefits of tax reform.

Amber Athey contributed to this report.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Contributed by Joe Simonson of The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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licensing opp...


At Least 20 Students Told Police Nikolas Cruz Threatened To KILL Them Police Did Nothing The Daily Sheeple

Police have admitted that they received at least 20 calls reporting suspected gunman Nikolas Cruz in recent years, and his former classmates said they received multiple death threats from him.

Parkland, Florida As new information surfaces surrounding the mass shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week, it is becoming even more apparent that law enforcement blatantly ignored a number of warning signs about the suspected gunman, which included 20 calls to police detailing death threats and violent behavior.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel admitted that there were at least 20 calls for services in the last few years regarding Nikolas Cruz, who is now accused of entering the school he was expelled from and opening fire on his former classmates and teachers. Israel said that given the latest allegations against Cruz, the department now plans to review the reports they have received in the past. 

Every one of these calls for service will be looked at and scrutinized, Israel said. If we find out that one of our deputies or call takers could have done something better, or was remiss, Ill handle it accordingly.

Given the fact that Cruz was expelled from the school, his presence there should have served as a major red flag, and Israel claimed that as soon as the schools security guards noticed Cruz was on campus, they tried to contact him.

The school certainly knew about him, our school resource deputies knew about him, Israel said. As soon as he came onto to the campus, I understand that the security guards tried to contact him. Im not going to go into any more of that know because were trying to look at videos and piece that together.

However, Israel did not explain why the guards were not able to apprehend Cruz before he reportedly opened fire inside multiple classrooms. The sheriff also did not address how police responded to the 20 calls they received about Cruzs violent behavior and apparent death threats.

Multiple students are now speaking out and saying that they received death threats from Cruz, which they reported to the school. Enea Sabadini, a former classmate, told Buzzfeed that he began receiving messages from Cruz on Instagram saying things such as iam going to shoot you dead and Im going to watch ypu bleed, after he started dating Cr...


SOTT FOCUS: Dutch-Russians File Discrimination Complaint Against Russophobic Statement by Democrats Party Leader Signs of the Times

Several days ago, Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra resigned after he admitted lying about having met Russian President Putin in 2006 and overhearing him talk about his plans to create a "Greater Russia". After former Shell executive Jeroen van der Veer told the Dutch Volkskrant newspaper that Zijlstra wasn't even present at that 2006 meeting with Putin, Zijlstra confessed that he'd been lying all these years. In response to Zijlstra admitting that he'd never attended a meeting with Putin, the Parliamentary leader of the Democrats 66 (D66) party, Alexander Pechtold, told state-run broadcaster NOS, that he appreciated Zijlstra's frankness, and that he has "yet to meet the first Russian who corrects his mistakes himself." This statement raised many eyebrows in the Netherlands, including among Dutch-Russians. Several of them have now filed a complaint against Pechtold, calling his statement "offensive" and "hurtful".


Benin suspends local paper for insulting president RSS feed from

Benin's media regulator, the High Authority for Broadcasting and Communication (HAAC), ordered the privately owned daily L'Audace Info on February 8, 2018 to suspend indefinitely its print and online editions after it allegedly insulted the president, the paper's editor, Romuald Alingo, told CPJ....


There's no way Alex Krushelnitsky willingly took Meldonium to enhance his curling game Signs of the Times

Okay, a quick summary first: one of the Russian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics has tested positive for Meldonium. On two different probes. There is no way to explain that away, Alexander Krushelnitsky did have Meldonium in his body. But he was also tested for the same substance just before leaving Russia for Japan (where the athletes were training) and he was clean then. So he must have ingested that during the past two weeks while already abroad. Wait, it gets better! The dosage detected is the equivalent of one dose only. Not only that, but Meldonium increases blood-flow and helps athletes who engage is extremely high intensity sports. Have you ever seen a curling match? Finally, to be effective Meldonium needs to be taken regularly, not just once. Now let's sum it up. A Russian athlete takes one singe dose of Meldonium even though he knows with absolute certainty that 1) this will detected (Meldonium is THE drug Russians athletes, including Maria Sharapova, have been accused of taking in the past) 2) that this will not help him at all 3) that no amount of Meldonium could help, even in theory, an athlete competing in curling (in fact, if anything, it could be harmful). Needless to say, anybody and everybody involved in this issue in Russia understands: this is self-evidently a "provocation". Even British newspapers realize the enormity of the nonsense the US press is now feeding its zombified readers and listeners (you know, the kind of folks who believe that magic bullets can zigzag or that 2 aircraft can bring about the collapse of 3 buildings).


Seas will rise a metre even if goals met World News Echonetdaily

Sea levels will rise between 0.7 and 1.2 metres in the next two centuries even if governments end the fossil fuel era as promised under the Paris climate agreement, scientists say.

Early action to cut greenhouse gas emissions would limit the long-term rise, driven by a thaw of ice from Greenland to Antarctica that will re-draw global coastlines, a German-led team wrote in the journal Nature Communications.

Sea level rise is a threat to cities from Shanghai to London, to low-lying swathes of Florida or Bangladesh, and to entire nations such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean or Kiribati in the Pacific.

By 2300, the report projected that sea levels would gain by 0.7-1.2 metres, even if almost 200 nations fully meet goals under the 2015 Paris Agreement, which include cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero in the second half of this century.

Ocean levels will rise inexorably because heat-trapping industrial gases already emitted will linger in the atmosphere, melting more ice, it said.

In addition, water naturally expands as it warms above four degrees Celsius.

The report also found that every five years of delay beyond 2020 in peaking global emissions would mean an extra 20 centimetres of sea level rise by 2300.

Sea level is often communicated as a really slow process that you cant do much about but the next 30 years really matter, lead author Matthias Mengel, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, told Reuters.

Governments are not on track to meet the Paris pledges.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emitted by burning fossil fuels, rose last year after a three-year plateau.

US President Donald Trump, who doubts human activities are the prime cause of warming, plans to quit the Paris deal and instead promote US coal, oil and natural gas.

Maldives Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim, who chairs the 44-member Alliance of Small Island States, said Tuesdays findings showed a need for faster action to cut emissions, especially by rich nations.

The post Seas will rise a metre even if goals met appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): "Attention: Protesting Students in the Florida Shooting" -- February 20, 2018 Operation Disclosure

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "ATTENTION: Protesting Students in the Florida Shooting " 2/20/18

Source: Rumor Mill News | By Mr.Ed

ATTENTION: Protesting Students in the Florida Shooting

Comments by: Mr.Ed @ Rumor Mill News

This is about all the shootings we see all the time at night clubs...schools...casinos and other public places.

What you are seeing is a manifestation of a battle between good and bad...dark and light...right and left.

Trump has disturbed the hornets nest and what you are witnessing is a reaction from 'draining the swamp'.

These acts are False Flags and created by the CIA using an old technology of Mind Control called M K Ultra.

This latest shooting in Florida is no different from the Oklahoma bombing where a crazy man (Timothy McVeigh) was the fall guy for what the CIA did.

The building that was destroyed in Oklahoma is no different than the 9/11 as far as it was done by the same group of people.

The killing of JFK was the same group.

They blame it on somebody crazy and he gets killed on the spot or after a death penalty.

You can pick any False Flag event you want and they are all done by the same group: Waco...Ruby Ridge...Trade Center Bombing...9/11...JFK...Pearl Harbor...Las Vegas Shooting...Boston Marathon...Sandy Hook...all the school shootings...oil spill in the quake in Haiti...fires in Cali...flood in Dallas...hurricanes Andrew...Katrina...Hugo...and MANY more...Fukushima...Jet crash in Russia last week.



Media Claimed School Shooting Took Place at Marjory Stonemason Douglas High Operation Disclosure

Media Claimed School Shooting Took Place at Marjory StoneMASON Douglas High School [videos]

FEBRUARY 20, 2018


Marjory Stonemason Douglas. I kid you not. Thats what the article said.

As we have stated from the moment the news of this shooting broke, THIS WAS AN ORCHESTRATED, FALSE FLAG EVENT TO FURTHER THE AGENDA OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER; that is to say, the secret societies that have been running the world that President John. F. Kennedy warned were a problem and needed to be dealt with at that time.

Below is the link to the article where the Stonemason reference was revealed so you can read it for yourself as it appeared on the Internet.

The article goes on to say there were two different homes Nikolas Cruz was said to have lived in, and look at the parents. The details are always conflicting, erroneous, and loaded with innuendo and subtle jibes from the psychopaths who plan these events.

Is there really any question at this point that it is the work of the NWO in a civil war playing out on the streets of America?

Gun control is the very least of your problems, America. The gun didnt pull its own trigger, and we dont even know if Cruz did, either. What we do know is that he was manipulated and given drugs and probably triggered through mind control.

Cruz was effectively an NWO asset; a patsy, and I hope someone will protect him because the state certainly failed the Tsarnaev brothers they pinned the Boston Marathon Bombing on before they assassinated Tamerlans friend, Ibragim Todashev, at his home in Florida in 2013. That was after they murdered Tamerlan and did their best to kill Dzhokhar, his brother. And where is Dzhokhar? In prison. He was 19 years old, too. Just like Cruz.

You can read about the Todashev murder here, and a surprising and encouraging update on Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs kangaroo trial and incarceration here. An honest and sympathetic lawyer says the media basically...


Clooney to join teens in gun control march World News Echonetdaily

George Clooney. (wikipedia)

George Clooney is to donate $US500,000 ($A700,000) to the March for Our Lives rally in Washington and will walk with students in support of gun control following last weeks shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead.

The Oceans Eleven actor and his human rights lawyer wife Amal, who gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander in 2017, are known for donating large amounts of money to political causes.

Last year they donated $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center following a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led to counter-protests and the death of a woman.

Our family will be there on March 24 to stand side by side with this incredible generation of young people from all over the country, and in the name of our children Ella and Alexander, were donating 500,000 dollars to help pay for this groundbreaking event.

Our childrens lives depend on it, Clooney said in a statement.Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where a 19-year-old former student is accused of going on a rampage with a semiautomatic AR-15-style assault rifle on February. 14, are assisting in planning the march.

The March for Our Lives event is one of several rallies being organised by students across the country in support of stronger gun laws, challenging politicians they say have failed to protect them.

Bus loads of Florida students headed to the state capital Tallahassee on Tuesday to call for a ban on assault rifles.

Other celebrities have voiced their support for the students efforts on social media, including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Cher.

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As Public Demands Answers, Autopsy Reveals Las Vegas Shooter Died 1 Day AFTER Suicide The Event Chronicle

Newly released autopsy reports reveal that Las Vegas shooting suspect Stephen Paddock died more than 12 hours after police claim he committed suicide.

By Rachel Blevins

Las Vegas As Americans search for answers to the questions surrounding reports of a mass shooting at a high school in Florida, the alarming autopsy results from a mass shooting in Las Vegas, which show that the suspected gunman died more than 12 hours after he reportedly committed suicide, are being ignored.

While the official timeline of the Las Vegas shooting has changed multiple times, one thing has remained the samethe claim that after opening fire out of the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Stephen Paddock shot and killed himself at some point between 10:15 p.m. and 11:20 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017.

However, the autopsy report released by the Clark County Coroner claimed that Paddock actually died at 12 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2017.


The autopsy was conducted on Oct. 6, 2017, by a team of detectives who claimed Paddock weighed 224 lbs. and was 6 feet tall. According to the report, he was wearing a brown long-sleeve shirt and black pants, which match the outfit worn in photos released from the hotel room that showed what was purported to be Paddocks dead body after the sho...


Anti-fascist organizing explodes on US college campuses The Fifth Column


(WNV) On December 13, six members of the University of Michigans Board of Regents shared a statement titled United Against Hate, showing their opposition to the current negotiations happening between the university and white nationalist Richard Spencer. After a disastrous appearance at the University of Florida at Gainesville, which saw mass actions by the No Nazis as UF coalition, Spencer had set his sites on the University of Michigan for his so-called alt-right recruitment.

Students reacted quickly, organizing walkouts and building occupations at the University of Michigan, Michigan State, and Eastern Michigan University, as well as satellite community colleges. Students 4 Justice, an organization formed in 2016 around ongoing issues of campus racism staged a walkout at the Ann Arbor campus on November 29.

The confederation of organizations took their inspiration from the growth of campus anti-fascist groups that have been taking on the appearance of alt-right figures like Spencer over the last year. Instead of waiting for Spencers appearance, students begin organizing once they learn that he is planning on coming to campus. This is the same impulse that has pushed towards the creation of ongoing organizations of students and faculty to deal with the ongoing pressure from alt-right organizations that see campuses as their prime recruiting ground. As 2018 begins, anti-fascist campus groups have exploded, changing the dynamic in universities to confront the kind of violence promised by the alt-right.

The making of a college-based anti-fascist network

Ever since 2015, when the Trump campaign emboldened white nationalist organizations under the alt-right banner, the movements figures and followers have targeted college campuses. College students are seen as upwardly mobile and are often from a different demographic background than traditional white nationalists. These organizations have also made targeting progressive areas a key part of their strategy, trying to provoke protesters for optics.

Since a lot of these alt-right leaders are from the middle and upper classes, they relate to intellectual battles over street fights, said Alexander Reid Ross, author of Against the Fascist Creep and researcher of far-right movements. To turn the university into a site of struggle, they carefully cultivated an aesthetic and attitude that caters to an audience of middle-class students and faculty, who traditional fascist skinheads, Klansmen and Christian Patriot-types find it more difficult to reach.

With the exception of historically black schools, universities are ideal settings for groups like Identity Europa,...


US, Turkey, terrorists kill dozens of civilians in Syria today - Damascus, Afrin, Deir Ezzor Signs of the Times

Nine civilians were killed and 49 others were injured on Tuesday as armed groups in the Eastern Ghouta area continued their breach of the de-escalation zones agreement, targeting residential areas and public facilities in Damascus and its countryside with rocket shells. A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that tens of rocket and mortar shells fired by armed groups fell in al-Abbasyein, Bab Touma, al-Sha'alan, al-Bramkeh, and al-Qassaa areas, leaving 6 civilians dead and 34 others injured, in addition to damaging cars, public and private properties. The source said earlier that a rocket shell landed on al-Abbasyein square injuring nine civilians, while two persons were killed due to shelling attacks on the vicinity of al-Tahrir and Umawyeen Squares. Meanwhile, a source at Damascus Countryside Police Command said that armed groups fired a number of shells at Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside, killing one civilian, injuring six others, and damaging shops and houses. Later, two persons were killed, 5 other injured in shells fired by armed group on Jaramana.


Russian Mercs, The Middle East and The Former Speaker Of The House We Are Change

We Are Change

In this video, Jason Bermas invites Eric Jackman to discuss the latest global events the mainstream media refuses to cover including policies in the Middle East, Russian mercenaries and the former speaker of the house Dennis Hastert.

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The Daily "Near You?" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

Thessalonki, Thessaloniki, Greece. Thanks for stopping by!


Alert: Dog Food Recall After Euthanasia Drug Found The Daily Sheeple

A popular brand of dog food has been recalled after one dog died and number got sick from ingesting sodium pentobarbital. Thats one of the three drugs in a death row cocktail shot used to euthanize humans and pets.

According to IFL Science, several brands of dog food have been voluntarily recalled after several dogs got sick and one dog died after eating Hunk of Beef Au Jus dog food, according to Food Safety News. The problem is not limited to this particular brand of dog food, and the FDA has issued an alert about contamination of several different products.

The ingredient found in the dog food is a barbiturate that forms part of a three-drug cocktail used in executions, so not something youd want to find in your dogs meal or treats. The drug is very commonly used in the euthanasia of pets, including cats and dogs. The FDA  has issued warning signs to look out for if you had fed your pet the Hunk of Beef Au Jus dog food.

Pets that eat pet food containing pentobarbital can experience drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, nausea, nystagmus (eyes moving back and forth in a jerky manner) and inability to stand. Consuming high levels of pentobarbital can cause coma and death, it said in a statement. Any detection of pentobarbital in pet food is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Actsimply put, pentobarbital should not be in pet food.



William Cooper Accurately Predicted School Shootings and Terrorism Operation Disclosure

William Cooper Accurately Predicted Sandy Hook and Other School Shootings & Terrorism [video]

FEBRUARY 20, 2018


As you can see from the date of the article below as well as other posts at Starship Earth, William (Bill) Cooper is not new to we conspiracy analysts. QAnon has pointed new patriots to this icon of (r)evolution this month, and were glad he did. Bill deserves it. Hes as much a part of the revolution now as he ever wasperhaps more, because it s just gone live.

William Cooper was a former Army officer and Naval Intelligence Briefing officer with Q clearance and didnt believe anything unless he saw it with his own eyes, at least until he was privy to a lot of intelligence that demanded he do his own research.

Once he had satisfied his own enquiring mind, he made it his life mission to educate the unaware so they could prevent what he knew was coming. His radio shows, Hour of the Time, were riveting and he was precocious and brutal in his delivery. In person at the national conferences he hosted, he was a powerful orator.

He was deemed such a threat that he was not only beaten and maimed, but later lost his life at the hands of the SS.

What Bill saw then is what we see in our headlines in America now. He was absolutely correct, yet so many still dont recognize reality for what it is.

No one wants to acknowledge that the New World Order is marching down the streets of America stealing the freedom The People were guaranteed they would always have. They are in denial and believe what theyre told rather than what their own eyes might see.

The enemy told the simmering pot of frogs the water isnt hot and they were...


82.4 Million Tokens: Venezuela Launches Petro Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale The Event Chronicle

82.4 Million Tokens: Venezuela Launches 'Petro' Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale

By Francisco Memoria

The Venezuelan government has officially launched the pre-sale of its Petro (PTR) cryptocurrency. The Petro, as previously covered, is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token thats supposedly pegged to the countrys notable oil reserves. The cryptocurrencys token, expected to be worth about $60, will be divisible into 100 million parts, with the smallest one being the mene.

According to Latin American news source Telesur, a total of 82.4 million Petros will initially be available, out of the 100 million President Nicols Maduro ordered. The token, announced late last year as a way to circumvent US sanctions, is set to be accepted as a payment method by the Venezuelan government and can be purchased with hard currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

In an announcement, Maduro was quoted as saying:

Petro is born and we are going to have a total success for the welfare of Venezuela. The largest and most important companies and blockchain in the world are with Venezuela, we are going to sign agreements.

While hard currencies like the US dollar will be accepted, Venezuelas fiat currency, the bolivar, wont. Carlos Vargas, the governments cryptocurrency superintendent, bullishly appointed by Nicols Maduro to govern it and its transactions, previously stated that the governments responsibility it to put (the petro) in the best hands and then a secondary market will appear.

Per Telesur, a manual on how to purchase the cryptocurrency will now be available in several different languages. The token pre-sale was launched by Venezue...


"Crabs in a Bucket" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Crabs in a Bucket"
by Sarah Robinson

"When I was a little girl, I lived very close (and hour and fifteen minutes) to the Florida panhandle beaches. Which meant we spent a TON of time there. Early evening was one of my favorite times to walk the beach with my mom and my older brothers. We were all clean and fed and slightly sun weary but still desperate to be outside. So, we would grab flashlights, dip nets and a bucket and search the oceans edge for crabs. We would catch a bucket full in an evening and drag them back home where my mom or my grandmother would cook them up into something delicious. (Yes, I was traumatized by the crabs being put into boiling water, but that story is for another day.)

The problem was that as we made that long walk home carrying crabs, there were always one or two who figured out how to climb up to the edge of the bucket in an attempt to escape. Every now and then we would have to tap the edge of the bucket to knock them back down. Because I was too little to carry the bucket very far, I got the job of watching for potential escapees. And I noticed something..wellodd.


Chet Raymo, "Silk Dawn" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Silk Dawn"
by Chet Raymo

"A magical morning. Warm and still. The hillside is cloaked in a fine, soft mist that will burn away by ten. I walk down the drive to open the gate. The field is carpeted with silk. Silk made visible by dew. (Click to enlarge.)

The spiders were there all along, of course. Their webs too. Everyday as I walked through the grass, they were there, unseen. Unknowingly, I crushed them with my footfalls. A field full of snares, each silken net flung across the grass, each net with its tunnel lair where the predator waits, patiently, for dinner. And now they are made visible in all their arachnoid glory, each grass tuft slung with Chinese silk, each furze bush as finely draped in silk as a pasha's palace."


The $500 Billion Dollar Crypto Question We Are Change

We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on cyrpto currencies and bitcoin. Its a special show that not only goes over all the latest news about the block chain but also the 500 billion dollar cyrpto market cap with all of its potentials.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

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Cop shoots himself to collect worker's comp and ignites a manhunt for an innocent man Signs of the Times

On April 11, 2017, Newcomerstown police launched a massive statewide "Blue Alert" manhunt for two suspects who allegedly opened fire on officer Brian Eubanks. Departments statewide combed the streets looking for two men in a black Geo Tracker, one wearing a red sweatshirt and the other wearing a lime green shirt. One was in a tactical vest and they were armed with a shotgun and handguns, the attorney general's office said. Authorities even had a suspect's name, Chaz Gillilan. Social media took to sharing the story and prayers were sent the officer's way. Local media kept the town updated on Eubanks' status, and the town was relieved when they found out he would make a full recovery. But everyone - the police departments, the state politicians, the media, and the citizens - had all been duped. Chaz Gillilan never shot at Eubanks, nor did the other mythical suspect. No, Eubanks shot Eubanks. That's right. The blue alert, the statewide manhunt, the deprivation of Chaz Gillilan's rights, all of these happened because officer Eubanks shot himself - in an attempt to collect workers compensation - and then fabricated an elaborate story to cover it up.


The Poet: Rolf Jacobsen, "When They Sleep" Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"When They Sleep"

"All people are children when they sleep.
There's no war in them then.
They open their hands and breathe
in that quiet rhythm heaven has given them.

They pucker their lips like small children
and open their hands halfway,
soldiers and statesmen, servants and masters.
The stars stand guard


Heroin Addiction in America Spearheaded by the US-led War on Afghanistan The Event Chronicle

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

In his 2018 State of the Union Address, president Trump expresses concern regarding both the opioid crisis as well as the dramatic increase in heroin addiction in America, without analyzing the underlying causes.

Trump State of Union Address: 

In 2016, we lost 64,000 Americans to drug overdoses:  174 deaths per day.  Seven per hour.  We must get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers if we are going to succeed in stopping this scourge.

My Administration is committed to fighting the drug epidemic and helping get treatment for those in need.  The struggle will be long and difficult but, as Americans always do, we will prevail. (Trump State of the Union, emphasis added)

Trump brings to the forefront the story of the Holets family of New Mexico:

Ryan Holets is 27 years old, and an officer with the Albuquerque Police Department.  He is here tonight with his wife Rebecca.  Last year, Ryan was on duty when he saw a pregnant, homeless woman preparing to inject heroin.  When Ryan told her she was going to harm her unborn child, she began to weep.  She told him she did not know where to turn, but badly wanted a safe home for her baby.

In that moment, Ryan said he felt God speak to him:  You will do it because you can.  He took out a picture of his wife and their four kids.  Then, he went home to tell his wife Rebecca.  In an instant, she agreed to adopt.  The Holets named their new daughter Hope.

Ryan and Rebecca:  You embody the goodness of our Nation.  Thank you, and congratulations. (Trump State of the Union, emphasis added)

Beautiful narrative. The Nation weeps, Ryan was interviewed on CNN. While he and his family take a courageous stance against heroin addiction, Trump sheds crocodile tears.

While Trump acknowledges that theres a drug epidemic the likes of which we have never seen in this country, his national pu...


The Making of a Sociopathic Killer: A List of Risk Factors for School Shooters The Daily Sheeple

There is an immense amount of evidence that legally prescribed psychiatric drugs are major contributors to acts of violence. This evidence has been gathered (and even published [in peer reviewed journals and alternative media outlets that dont take advertising revenue from Big Pharma]) by a number of science writers, pharmaceutical industry whistle-blowers, courageous neuroscientists, good investigative journalists and a multitude of silenced psychiatric drug survivors.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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Contributed by The Daily Sheeple of

This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to


Two Wings of the Same Bird - Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hurricanes and Political Prisoners PM Press Latest Blogs

Six months after Oscar Lpez Rivera was released from prison having spent 35 years inside, he traveled to Cuba.  I feel at home, this is a dream come true; for many, many years, I have wanted to come to Cuba and today for the ...


Israel Arming Seven Different Rebel Groups In Syria Your News Wire

As it becomes clear that Syrias president Assad has, with the help of Russia, Iran and Lebanon, stabilized his rule over the ruins of his country, outside powers are stepping up their intervention in the [...]


Ida Armstrong Has Passed in Her 100th Year of Life February 20th, 2018 at 4PM Armstrong Economics

Today, my mother passed over in her 100th year strong to the end on the very same day that my father died February 20th. I can only hope he came to get her today.

Many people have often asked me where did I get my strength. My mother raised me in a STOIC fashion and she was the STOIC example in my life. I never heard her ever complain in my life nor did I ever see her sick. She always was the cornerstone of the family and stood by everyone in their time of need. She nursed her mother, father, sisters, and her husband on their deathbeds. It was our turn to be with her is her final hours.

She was the cornerstone of the family. She held everyone together and taught me to always keep my head high in the face of adversity. Her greatest disappointment in life was to watch how the government treated not just me, but her and the rest of the family. She always supported me throughout my life and I promised her I would take over her role.

One hospital gave her the wrong antibiotics and that began her decline. She died peacefully today at home surrounded by family. She was always my greatest supporter. I will miss her dearly.


Plantwatch: seagrass meadows are vital but in serious decline RSS feed from

Seagrass shelters fish and acts against erosion and climate change, but is under threatMeadows of seagrass are one of our great but sorely neglected wild plant spectacles. This humble plant spreads out in lush green carpets that can stretch for miles around much of Britain's coast. There they shelter young fish and shellfish, as well as protecting against erosion of the coast by storms and floods, by trapping sediment in their roots.And the seagrass meadows also play a big part in fighting [...]


100s of USA swimmers were sexually abused for decades and the people in charge knew and ignored it, investigation finds The Event Chronicle

By Scott M. Reid

For decades the sexual abuse of young athletes by their coaches lingered just beneath the surface in American swimmings otherwise golden waters.

In 2005, USA Swimming president Ron Van Pool decided it was time to bring the issue to the surface.

Giving his annual State of Swimming address, Van Pool pushed for a more aggressive approach within the sport to taking on sexual abuse.

USA Swimming is frightfully behind the curve in this process and there are those who would have us continue to lag, Van Pool said.

The speech, however, didnt make much of an impression with Chuck Wielgus, then in his eighth year as USA Swimmings executive director.

There was nothing that struck me, Wielgus said later in deposition.

Van Pools warning certainly failed to spark a sense of urgency with Wielgus, the man in charge of the day-to-day operations of swimmings national governing body at its Colorado Springs headquarters, or those around him at USA Swimming.

Five years later, Wielgus was asked in a deposition if, in the wake of Van Pools speech, if USA Swimming had taken any steps to bring the organization up to speed on the sexual abuse issue?

No, said Wielgus, who died last April after a lengthy battle with colon cancer.

The moment and its sense of complacency is indicative of the failure of USA Swimming to effectively address sexual abuse revealed in thousands of pages of documents obtained by the Southern California News Group.

FILE - In this Sunday, June 24, 2012 file photo, USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Olympic swimming trials in Omaha, Neb. The trials start on Monday. USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus, who died last year, came under fire for his handling of sex abuse cases. While he at first denied culpability, he later apologized in a blog post: "I wish my eyes had been more open to the individual stories of the horrors of sexual abuse. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

USA Swimming executive director Chu...


How Jordan Peterson's stoic world view provides an antidote to nihilism, identity politics and the tribalism of cultural Marxism Signs of the Times

It reflects how polarised our age has become that Jordan B Peterson, a Canadian professor of psychology, has become both a cultural rock star and an object of intense hate. For Camille Paglia, the contrarian social historian, he is "the most important and influential Canadian thinker since Marshall McLuhan". (I would give the philosopher Charles Taylor that prize.) Canadian columnist Tabatha Southey dismissed Peterson as "the stupid man's smart person" in a snarky article where she lampoons "his long, rambling pseudo-academic takes on common self-help advice and his weird fixation on Disney movies". Peterson came to public attention when he opposed a Canadian law that added gender expression and identity to anti-discrimination law. He objected to the law being used to force people to use pronouns such as "ze" and "zher".


What Do We Know About Florida? We Are Change

We Are Change

In this video, Jason Bermas talks about the tragedy in Parkland Florida and how all the signs were there yet no one seemed to listen, as well as some of the common denominators in these types of events.

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War Preparations Against Venezuela As Election Nears Dissident Voice

Since we published Regime Change Fails: Is a Military Coup or Invasion Next, we received more information showing steps toward preparing for a potential military attack on Venezuela. Stopping this war needs to become a top priority for the peace movement.

Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) published a newsletter that reported troubling news of an impending military assault on the sovereign nation of Venezuela by states and forces allied with the United States. Ajamu Baraka, the director, said the US is concerned that President Maduro will win the April 22 election, which would mean six more years in office. BAP urges people to include No War On Venezuela in actions being planned from February 16-23 for the 115th anniversary of the United States occupying Guantanamo.

Is the Path to War Through Border Disputes?

One way to start a war would be a cross-border dispute between Venezuela and Colombia, Brazil or Guyana. On February 12, the Maritime Herald reported that Admiral Kurt Tidd, head of the US Southern Command, arrived in Colombia just two days after the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with President Juan Manuel Santos as part of Tillersons unprecedented regime change tour. Tidd met with Colombian Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas and other senior officials to coordinate efforts around regional stability with a focus on Venezuela.

The Maritime Herald also reports US troops coming to Colombian military bases, paramilitaries coming to Colombian towns along the Venezuelan border, plans for a joint naval force between the United States, Colombia and Mexico, and arrival of a contingent of 415 members of the United States Air Force to Panama to create support and logistics points for the operation against Venezuela. Also important are two fast-acting US military bases installed in the communities of Vichada and Leticia, Colombia, bordering Venezuela.

Both Columbia and Brazil have deployed more troops to their borders with Venezuela. Colombian President Santos ordered the deployment of 3000 additional security personnel to the Venezuelan border. This figure included 2,120...


Gadwall ducks couple video Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 20 February 2018 video from the Netherlands shows a gadwall duck couple.

See also here.

The video features a coot and a great crested grebe as well.


Arkansas & the Clinton Connection Investigation The Event Chronicle

By Micah Morrison
Chief Investigative Reporter, Judicial Watch

Rumors have been floating up from Little Rock for months now of a new investigation into the Clinton Foundation. John Solomon advanced the story recently in a January report for The Hill. FBI agents in the Arkansas capital, he wrote, have taken the lead in a new Justice Department inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Solomon reports that the probe may also examine whether any tax-exempt assets were converted for personal or political use and whether the foundation complied with applicable tax laws. Main Justice also is re-examining whether there are any unresolved issues from the closed case into Clintons transmission of classified information through her personal email server, Solomon notes.

Solomon is not alone. The Wall Street Journal is tracking the story. And earlier this month, investigative journalist Peter Schweizer cryptically told SiriusXM radio that federal authorities should convene a grand jury in Little Rock and let the American people look at the evidence about the Clinton Foundation.

Judicial Watch continues to turn up new evidence of Clinton pay-to-play and mishandling of classified information. In recent months, through FOIA litigation, Judicial Watch has forced the release of more than 2,600 emails and documents from Mrs. Clinton and her associates, with more to come. The emails include evidence of Clinton Foundation donors such XL Keystone lobbyist Gordon Griffin, futures brokerage firm CME Group chairman Terrence Duffy, and an associate of Shangri La Entertainment mogul Steve Bing seeking special favors from the State Department. Read more about Judicial Watchs pay-to-play disclosures here.

Judicial Watch also revealed many previously unreported incidents of mishandling of classified informatio...


Benjamin Fulford: Bad Guys into Good Guys? The Event Chronicle

By Benjamin Fulford

Dear Ben:

I heard in your talk with Robert David Steele that you think we should pay the bad guys off and change things to turn the bad guys (NWO mafia) into good guys.

I guess you dont realize these bad guys are not Humanthey have Human bodies and a Reptilian soul.  Im sure of this although I cant prove it, but my work is at

I have a God-given ability to read souls by the use of a pendulum, and almost everyone that has used my services agrees with my findings.

These Bad Guys are polarized evil and their souls come from the Draconian Reptilians, so they almost cant change!  If we were to pay them off and take them out of power, so to speak, whats to stop them from continuing funding their evil corporations and keep up chemtrails, GMOs, vaccines, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, wars, and many other evil activities.

These Reptilian-soul people will not stop, and they intend to have just them in the ruling class and everyone else be a worker/slave.  We must take these evil people out of our society while we still can.  What say you?

A Long Time Subscriber

My view is that the true criminals will face justice, but the ones who went along because it was a choice of either go along or die should be allowed truth and reconciliation.

Benjamin Fulford

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INVESTIGATION: The Troubled History of the Fund Tapped for Rahm's Controversial Cop Academy RSS feed from

The city of Chicago has officially closed the deal on the purchase of a 30-acre lot for a controversial new police and firefighter training academy. In November, the City Council approved a $9.6 million acquisition of vacant land in the Garfield Park neighborhood. The council overrode the wishes of dozens of police accountability, education and economic justice advocateseven joined by Grammy-winning Chicago artist Chance the Rapperwho presented hours of testimony opposing the [...]


3 ways reality is about to get mixed, according to the inventor of the HoloLens Fast Company

You might have heard that were on the cusp of a new technologymixed realitythats something like a combination of augmented and virtual reality. And while its a technology many companies are likely to get behind in the future, Microsoft has been the pioneer, primarily with its HoloLens device, and to some extent with a series

You might have heard that were on the cusp of a new technologymixed realitythats something like a combination of augmented and virtual reality. And while its a technology many companies are likely to get behind in the future, Microsoft has been the pioneer, primarily with its HoloLens device, and to some extent with a series of third-party mixed reality headsets that are really more like VR hardware.

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American Airlines Ticket Agent Saves Two Teenage Girls from Human Trafficking Operation Disclosure

Airline ticket agent saved two teenage girls from human trafficking

Monday, February 19, 2018, 11:40 AM

Source: New York Daily News | BY ARIEL SCOTTI

An American Airlines ticket agent's quick thinking prevented two teenagers from a human trafficking scheme, according to law enforcement officials in Sacramento.

When two girls, aged 15 and 17, tried to board a flight to New York from California's Sacramento International Airport on Aug. 31 without identification, adult guardians or proper luggage, ticket attendant Denice Miracle decided to call the authorities.

She said the tickets were first-class and purchased online with a credit card under a name that didn't match either girl and that the card was flagged for fraudulent activity.

Between the two of them, they had a bunch of small bags, Miracle said in an American Airlines statement. It seemed to me as if they were running away from home. They kept looking at each other in a way that seemed fearful and anxious. I had a gut feeling that something just wasnt right.

Ticket Agent Denice Miracle (l.) and Deputy Todd Sanderson of the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department Airport Bureau. (AMERICAN AIRLINES)

Miracle then called the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department Airport Bureau to explain the situation.

The two girls then told the four officers who responded to the airport that their tickets were bought for them by a man named "Drey" who they met on Instagram. The man apparently told the teens that he would fly them out to New York for the weekend...


Egyptian journalist detained, disappears in state custody RSS feed from

New York, February 20, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned about the detention and subsequent disappearance of Egyptian journalist Moataz Wadnan, and today called on the country's authorities to make public what they know about his whereabouts....


(Video) Enlighten Up 026 -- Skin Walkers, Gods WIFI, the Power of Love and Demon Doorways Operation Disclosure

Published on Jan 21, 2018

This episode marks our 6th month anniversary! It's been such a fun ride up til now so we are going to give you our updates on where we stand on some of the topics we have discussed to date as well as bring up some new topics! Has our skeptic, Michael, changed his stance on any of these topics?

We discuss the darker side of the spiritual world and get into some stories and thoughts on skinwalkers as well as how demons get legal contracts into our lives.

Of course on the flip side we have the lighter part of life and that encompasses LOVE! One of Lisa and Nicole's favorite topics to talk about, Michael gives us an update on how he feels about love while Lisa shares a recent story of love at Home Depot.

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Annihilation and Amazon We Are Change

We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange joins Jason Bermas to discuss the latest revelations in the Middle East and how they entangle the United States with other world powers. They also break down the latest information on Amazon kingpin Jeff Bezos and some other stories from around the globe.

The post Annihilation and Amazon appeared first on We Are Change.


Wolfgang Grasse (19302008) Temporal Misift disinformation

  Wolfgang Grasse is a temporal misfit, with artistic skills and attitudes that stand out, in our time, as a witch or an alchemist stands out his work can be traced back to... The post Wolfgang Grasse (19302008) Temporal Misift appeared first on disinformation.

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Trans-Human Technologies: Plastic Antibodies, Organ Printing The Sleuth Journal

Trans-Human Technologies: Plastic Antibodies, Organ Printing | heart-technology-medical | General Health Medical & Health Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trans humans

An article was published in the interdisciplinary journal Langmuir titled, Patterning of Antibodies Using Flexographic Printing, which read like a chapter out of a science fiction novel:

Antibodies were patterned onto flexible plastic films using the flexographic printing processPrinting antibody features such as dots, squares, text, and fine lines were reproduced effectively. Furthermore, this process could be easily adapted for printing of other biological materials, including, but not limited to, enzymes, DNA, proteins, aptamers, and cells.[1]

This concept and now reality of creating plastic antibodies and associated (pseudo) biological components, to be used for medicinal purposes within the human organism, is technically a form of cybernetics; that is, the combining of artificial technologies and biological systems to create human-machine hybrids (i.e. cyborgs) with enhanced abilities.  While the trans-humanistic ethos which subtends this sort of cybernetic technology is, for lack of a better word, creepy, the successes of synthetic antibodies have recently been lauded in both the experimental literature and mainstream medi...


Watch: CNN Roots Through Russian Garbage, Gets Tossed Out Of Russian Troll Farm The Event Chronicle

By Zero Hedge

Following Special Counsel Robert Muellers indictment of 13 Russian nationals on Friday for (unsuccessfully) attempting to influence the 2016 presidential election, CNN sent one of its most intrepid reporters to the St. Petersburg troll farm uncovered by Muellers ever-widening and totally legitimate investigation.

Chief International Correspondent Matthew Chance (had his cameraman) literally dig through the garbage outside of an office building which is home to the alleged Russian troll farm for clues.

This is the office in which that atmosphere of chaos was stoked from the Russian side, Chance told guest host Jim Sciutto. Thats why 13 Russian individuals, including the financial benefactor, the person who bankrolls that organization, have now been indicted in the United States.

You looked through the trash there? Sciutto asked. What did you find?

Yes, we did, Chance answered, sheepishly. We came here expecting this office to be empty, but, in fact, all day here, weve been here throughout the course of the day, people have been going in and out.

We went to the trash can to see what we could find with old people dumping rubbish there. New computers are being delivered here and they are throwing it away with the rubbish.

Later, Chance spoke with an actual Russian troll  who appears to be about 250 lbs underweight for his alleged profession, who blew smoke in his face. When the CNN crew attempted to then enter the troll farm they were promptly told to leave.

CNN goes to Russia so they can dig in the trash to try to find proof of Russian collusion.

They cant find any so they ask a Russian who works there if hes a troll, he blows smoke in their face and walks away.

They follow him into the building and get thrown out.

Ryan Saavedra...


Dating Website Data Reveals the 5 Zodiac Signs that are Most Likely to Cheat Awareness Act

With todays modern technology it is no surprise that we are seeing an increase in infidelity in the United States, and around the world. After all, cheating on your partner today has been made easier than ever.

With just a couple clicks of a button, you can log onto a website specifically designed to set up cheating spouses with potential lovers. A disturbing trend, in a 2016 study it was found that in 41% of marriages either one or both spouses admitted to being unfaithful, either physically or emotionally.

While men are statistically somewhat more likely to cheat than women, an alarming number of women are also straying outside of their relationships. The reason why, the big question on the minds of many, is a complicated one. While some may point to their sex lives, citing desires and needs that arent being met, others are searching for an emotional connection and intimacy. Regardless of the reason, these extramarital affairs are hurtful, upsetting and emotionally damaging.

What can you do to protect yourself? There are some warning signs that you can keep an eye open for if you suspect that your partner may be cheating. For example, have you noticed a significant decrease in your spouses interest in sex and intimacy in your relationship? Is your spouse increasingly critical of you, picking fights and pointing out every little thing that you do wrong? If you do bring up the topic of infidelity, does your spouse immediately go on the defensive?

Interestingly enough, data collected from the marriage dating website Ashley Madison has been analyzed for patterns, revealing that there are a few Zodiac signs that are statistically more likely to cheat. While this certainly doesnt mean anyone born under these signs is running around behind their partners back, there is a higher percentage of some Zodiac signs than others. What does it reveal?



US Marines Drink Cobra Blood In Creepy Jungle Survival Exercise (Images) The Mind Unleashed

6,800 US soldiers were involved in an annual military exercise in Thailand called Cobra Gold. While there are a number of different activities involved in the exercise, the most popular is a strange exercise where soldiers drink Cobra blood, in a seemingly ritualistic way.

Military agents from the US, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Singapore were involved in the exercise.

This exercise is the largest multilateral exercise in the Indo-Pacific region. It speaks to the commitment of the US in the region, Steve Castonguay, a spokesman for the US Embassy in Bangkok, told Reuters.

Cobra Gold has been taking place every year since it began in 1982. The exercise was intended to improve coordination between the military forces of the United States and Thailand.

According to the Wikipedia entry for Gold Cobra:

As of 2014, Cobra Gold has three distinct activities. The first is the combined arms live fire exercise (CALFEX), in which live ammunition is aimed at predetermined targets. Troops then assault a beach and landing zone while this live fire occurs. The second activity is a command post exercise (CPX), in which military officers engage in computerized war games, disaster relief, or humanitarian missions over several days. The final activity is assisting the local Thai population

Below are some pictures of the blood drinking ceremony that US marines were involved with during the exercise:

REUTERS/Damir Sagolj



ABC News Australia Raided by ASIO Officers; Secure Cabinets Seized The Event Chronicle

By Shem El-Jamal

On January 18, 2018, many Americans were pleasantly surprised to hear the news of the raids on the publisher, Newsweek, that took place just one day prior. These actions taken by New York law enforcement appeared to be largely justified, and in the eyes of many Americans, these raids were long overdue.

As the situation appears, the issues which promoted the swift confiscation of the servers at Newsweek stretch far beyond just one mere company in the U.S. We may see that due to the similar actions of law enforcement in Canberra and Brisbane, Australia, that Newsweek was not the only corporate source that was suspected of illegal activity.

For the longest time, thousands of Americans have grown increasingly impatient with a corporate media that has been long-divorced from accurate reporting and ethical integrity. Not only have corporate sources such as Newsweek been shown to be significantly dishonest in their reporting, but they have been long-suspected to be linked to criminal interests as well.

These and many other reasons may explain why many citizens were somewhat relieved to see these recent actions against provably compromised news sources.

For decades, the corporate media has gradually devolved into a politically bias, corporately compromised, puppet show for the ruling elite. According to multiple sources, there are numerous interests behind this media monopoly who intend to manipulate the public in any direction which they deem advantageous to elitist ideals.

Whether the goal involves starting useless wars in foreign countries, placing Cabal sponsored puppets in positions of power, censoring important information from being revealed, or disarming the general public for the sake of maintain social control, the general intent is the same.

It is a well-known fact that the CIA and other government agencies have significant control over corporate media. Companies such as CNN, ABC, CBS, and even NPR have been shown to be little more than extensions of the CIA and/or other manipulative government agencies. Though some may believe that past government programs such as Operation Mockingbird were discontinued, these programs a...


Blog: Tweaking a global source of news RSS feed from

The only way Abdalaziz Alhamza and his fellow citizen journalists could get out news from the Islamic State's self-declared capital in Syria to a global audience was by posting materials on Facebook and YouTube. "They were the only way to spread news since many militias and governments prevented most,...


Watch A Flustered John Podesta Respond To Why The Russians Operatives Were Smarter Than Hillary The Event Chronicle

By Zero Hedge

Former Clinton campaign manager and ardent foodie, John Podesta, was caught flat-footed during a heated exchange on CBSs Face the Nation Sunday after being asked about the campaigns failure to campaign in so-called purple states in 2016.

In a discussion of 13 Russian nationals indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, host Nancy Cordes noted that Russian operatives who meddled in the election somehow realized the importance of focusing on those highly contested swing states.

How is it that these Russian operatives knew to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin and your campaign didnt? Nancy Cordes, the host of Face the Nation, asked Podesta.

A defensive Podesta responded Of course we spent a lot of time and energy and effort in all those states.

Cordes pushed back, something Podesta wasnt prepared for. Hillary Clinton did not spend much time in said purple states.  A flustered Podesta then stammered his way through a series of talking points, noting We had Tim Kaine was there, Barack Obama and she spent enormous time in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Lynn de Rothschild had some thoughts on the matter:

Podesta was caught off guard by the same MSM which was literally eating out of his home during propaganda huddles off-the-record dinners (no clue what was served over what) with one of the goals of Framing the HRC message and framing the race.


Israeli soldiers tear gas Palestinians planting olive trees near Nablus Signs of the Times

Israeli soldiers attacked, Thursday, many Palestinians, who were planting olive trees in Beita village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and injured many of them. Fuad Ma'ali, the head of Beita Local Council, said the soldiers resorted to the excessive use of force against the Palestinians, and fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades at them. He added that dozens of residents suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, and received the needed treatment by local medics. The official stated that the Palestinians were planting olive trees in their lands, which the army has been trying to illegally confiscate from them.


Central Banks Will Let The Next Crash Happen The Sleuth Journal

Central Banks Will Let The Next Crash Happen | jenga | Banks Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank Sleuth Journal Special Interests

If you have been following the public commentary from central banks around the world the past few months, you know that there has been a considerable change in tone compared to the last several years.

For example, officials at the European Central Bank are hinting at a taper of stimulus measures by September of this year and some EU economists are expecting a rate hike by December. The Bank of England has already started its own rate hike program and has warned of more hikes to come in the near term. The Bank of Canada is continuing with interest rate hikes and signaled more to come over the course of this year. The Bank of Japan has been cutting bond purchases, launching rumors that governor Haruhiko Kuroda will oversee the long overdue taper of Japans seemingly endless stimulus measures, which have now amounted to an official balance sheet of around $5 trillion.

This global trend of fiscal tightening is yet another piece of evidence indicating that central banks are NOT governed independently from one another, but that they act in concert with each other based on the same marching orders. That said, none of the trend reversals in other central banks compares to the vast shift in policy direction shown by the Federal Reserve.

First came the taper of QE, which almost no one thought would happen. Then came the interest rate hikes, which most analysts both mainstream and alternative said were impossible, and now the Fed is also unwinding its balance sheet of around $4 trillion, and it is unwinding faster than anyone expected.

Now, mainstream economists will say a number of things on this issue they will point out that many...


Scores Of Russian Women & Children Killed In U.S. Deep State Airstrikes Your News Wire

Scores of Russian women and children have been killed in U.S. Deep State airstrikes over Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry have confirmed.  Innocent Russian citizens who were not part of the Russian military were killed [...]


Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars - Photos CLG News

Student School Massacre Survivors and CBS Reporter Party Like Rock Stars - Photos | 19 Feb 2018 | Shocking photos posted to Twitter of a CBS News reporter and students who survived last Wednesday's high school massacre in Parkland, Florida, that killed seventeen students and faculty, show the reporter and students laughing uproariously and posing for the photos like they are partying rock stars. The photos, featuring CBS reporter Gisela Perez and the students, were posted by CBS This Morning staffer Caroline West and student activist Cameron Kasky.


75 years ago humanity witnessed the birth of Paricutn Volcano in Oaxaca, Mexico Signs of the Times

On February 20, 1943, the farmer Dionisio Pulido observed the birth of a volcano. For weeks the ground near the village of Uruapan, about 200 miles west of Mexico City, had been trembling and deep underground rumblings were heard. That day the earth rose up more than six feet and from a fissure ash and vapors were emitted with a loud hissing sound. In the night a cone of ash formed. Another farmer, Celedonio Gutierrez, described the scene as follows: "In the evening, when night began to fall, we heard noises like the surge of the sea, and red flames of fire rose into the darkened sky, some rising 2,600 feet or more into the air, that burst like golden marigolds, and a rain like artificial fire fell to the ground."


Trump-Hating Florida Shooting Survivor Is Son Of Deep State FBI Spy Your News Wire

A Florida school shooting survivor who has been featured across the major news networks advocating for a total gun ban, is the son of an FBI agent.   David Hogg, a vehement Trump critic, has featured [...]


70yo assaulted 3 refugees outside German church, released by police Signs of the Times

A 70-year-old knifeman has assaulted three refugees in Germany, allegedly over dissatisfaction with the country's refugee policy. The attacker, however, has been released by police, who said there were no grounds to detain him. The man assaulted three refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria outside a church in the western German town of Heilbronn on Saturday evening, local police said in a statement. All three men were injured, and a 25-year-old Iraqi was taken to hospital with severe injuries. The assailant was overpowered by a passerby, who restrained him until police arrived. The 70-year old was "heavily intoxicated" at the time of the attack, the Heilbronn Prosecutor's Office and the police said in a joint statement on February 18. They also noted that the perpetrator had a clean criminal record and was "previously unknown to the police." The incident is currently being treated as an "aggravated assault,"according to another joint statement that was issued on February 20. It added, however, that the case could be reclassified as "attempted murder."


Green fireball streaks over Washington and British Columbia The Event Chronicle

By The Watchers

A bright fireball streaked across the night sky over Washington, US and British Columbia, Canada at 04:55 UTC on February 19, 2018. The event lasted several seconds.

The American Meteor Society received 39 reports, mostly from Washington and several from British Columbia and Oregon. There were no reports of a sound associated with the event.

Witnesses said the object had green-turquoise color and an unusually long tail.

Fireball over Washington and British Columbia February 19, 2018  heatmap. Credit: AMS

Video courtesy L. Bricker

Featured image: Fireball over Washington and British Columbia February 19, 2018. Credit: L. Bricker

This post Green fireball streaks over Washington and British Columbia first appeared on The Watchers.


William Cooper Warned Deep State Would Engineer School Shootings To Disarm Americans Your News Wire

A book written in 1991 warns of a deep state plot to orchestrate mass shootings in schools across America in order to justify the banning of firearms to the public.  According to William Coopers book [...]


Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation Comes Under Massive Fire, No Casualties Reported Signs of the Times

Sputnik has received reports that the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, a peace monitoring and humanitarian organization jointly run by Russia and Turkey, came under attack on Tuesday. No Russian casualties were reported from the incident, but Syrian civilians have been reported dead and injured. "Residential areas, hotels in Damascus, as well as the Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation came under massive shelling by illegal armed groups operating in East Ghouta area today, causing significant infrastructural damage and casualties among the civilian population," the center said in a statement. "There are no casualties among the Russian military personnel," the statement added.


All signs are there: When do we come to our senses that America is bankrupted? Signs of the Times

Make America great again means spend money you don't have. This is not a recipe for success but rather one of failure. When do we come to our senses that America is bankrupted?


Market Talk- February 20, 2018 Armstrong Economics

Yesterdays enthusiasm could not be sustained in such thin volume and so it was with HSBCs earnings miss that returns the fear! The Nikkei took much of the steam and consequently returned 1% of its recent gains. The finance sector was heavy probably responding to HSBCs worries as most of Asia watched their shares decline over 3%. Retailers were also heavy down around 2% with Industrials following suit. Exporters held-in reasonably well as the Yen lost much of the recent flight to quality bid and was last seen trading mid 107s. Hang Seng reopened today and shared the sentiment with a -0.8% decline for the day. The ASX closed almost unchanged which was actually an impressive close as much of the day was spent in negative territory. The SENSEX had the opposite trend, having spent 90% of the day positive only to decline in the final hour.

Fortunately in Europe, an array of positive earnings managed to off-set the declines seen in the financials and we a broadly positive day for Europe. Core indices closed strong with near 1% gains seen for DAX, CAC and IBEX with the noticeable outlier being UKs FTSE. Away from earnings, many concentrated on BREXIT, Greece and ECB posts. The UK continues to speech play but today both the stock market, gilts and they currency lost ground, modestly admittedly but all lost non the same! The Greece talks centre around the August bailout timeline. It is rumoured to have set aside funds for stability and seeks to emerge from the bailout looking to end the current monitoring. The ECB talks concerns replacements at the board with Jens Weidmann being popular in much of the coverage. Along with GBP declining the Euro (-0.65%) took much of the pain in the DXY bounce today.

US futures were heavy prior to the cash opening but the Walmart miss just ensured that weaker opening. As you would expect, the retail sector led the market lower as Walmart shares lost around 10% on the day. The selling pressure was to build as we approached the closing bell with all indices trading close to their days lows. Another topic hotly discussed today was the amount of Bond and Bill issuance because of the recent shutdowns. This week we see $179bn hitting the market with todays auction probably only mod...


Without Changing a Stripe, ISIS Morphs from USs Deadly Enemy to Useful Weapon to Perfect Target MintPress News

EUPHRATES RIVER VALLEY, SYRIA (Analysis) While President Trump has recently hailed the defeat of ISIS, the group has been able to stave-off a complete defeat by retreating to a few, small remaining pockets in Syria.

One of these pockets, located east of the Euphrates along Syrias border with Iraq, is surrounded by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a grouping of Kurdish militias that are trained and armed by the U.S., and who act as the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalitions leading partner in the fight against ISIS. And while the SDF and the coalition engage in battle with ISIS further south near Abu-Kamal, that is not the case in this pocket to the north. The fighters operating within this area do not have to fear coalition attacks or SDF assaults. Instead, they have been free to conduct their activities unimpeded, despite being surrounded by U.S. allies on the ground and U.S. aircraft overhead.

This is because the coalition has left this ISIS contingent alone for months as virtually no airstrikes have been carried out in the region since at least as far back as November of 2017. The few airstrikes that have been conducted since then, few enough to count on one hand, have not targeted ISIS fighters save one.

This is the curious situation on the ground, which, despite a telling lack of reporting, has been maintained for months now. After the U.S.-backed SDF had encircled one of the last remaining pockets of ISIS fighters, the U.S. at the same time announced to Syria and its allies that it would prevent the Syrian Army from crossing into the U.S. self-declared zone-of-control. While actively blocking the Syrian Army which was fighting ISIS on multiple fronts from reaching this swath of territory, the coalition themselves have refused to attack it for months. The picture that then emerges is one of an anti-ISIS coalition one that has routinely expressed steadfast commitment to annihilate and bring a lasting defeat to ISIS which has instead been effectively safeguarding one of the last ISIS strongholds still standing, as well as the ISIS fighters within it.


Refusal to strike



Infrasound microphones could predict volcano eruptions before they hit Signs of the Times

Sound recording equipment is getting better all the time. Researchers from Boise State University, Stanford University, and Chile's University of Concepcion have just found a new, very specific application for low-frequency microphones, however, potentially helping to predict the eruption of certain volcanoes around the world. Their technology involves monitoring inaudible low frequencies, called infrasound, which are produced by a type of active volcano such as the in southern Chile. "Many volcanoes produce energetic infrasound not ultrasound which is low-frequency sound that travels long distances through the atmosphere and can be recorded with specialized microphophones," Jeffrey Johnson, an associate professor of geophysics at Boise State, told Digital Trends. "Although humans can't perceive infrasound, it can be incredibly energetic."


NSPCC: UK Child Sex Crimes At Record High Your News Wire

Nearly 200 child rape allegations are reported to the police every single day in the UK, the NSPCC has warned.  Figures obtained from Freedom of Information requests submitted to police forces across the UK found [...]


Mr. Trump, I am Russian and I am not laughing Signs of the Times

I fear the indictment of Russian internet trolls may lead to less freedom for both Americans and Russians. "They are laughing their asses off in Moscow," President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday as part of his damage control after 13 Russian Facebook trolls were indicted for meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Really? Some Russians -- including the man who runs the indicted troll factory -- are indeed laughing, but I'm one Russian who isn't. The fallout from the indictment comes too close to a couple of lines, both in U.S.-Russian relations and in attitudes toward free speech, that it would be best not to cross. The Internet Research Agency, a notorious St. Petersburg outfit specializing in propaganda, disinformation and cyberbullying, has been known to Russians -- especially those critical of President Vladimir Putin -- since 2013, when the investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta published the first report about it. The organization had a strict security policy but also high staff turnover, so its vacancy ads and reports from people who have worked there or applied for jobs have been easy to find on the internet. Links to its many websites and the staunchly pro-Putin comments of its employees are a common sight on the social networks (I've had my share too from them).


General Michael Flynn Withdraws Guilty Plea Your News Wire

General Michael Flynn will be withdrawing his guilty plea based on new evidence that proves the FBI illegally altered his testimony to them.   According to The Federalists Margot Cleveland, a motion by Michael Flynn to withdraw [...]


United States Republicans invite French racist Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 29 April 2017 video says about itself:

Is Frances National Front still fascist? UpFront (Reality Check)

Marine Le Pen, who recently resigned temporarily as leader of the National Front (FN), is now facing off against centrist Emmanuel Macron for Frances top spot.

Though she has stepped down temporarily, she remains a member of the FN, a party founded by her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and a former Vichy Nazi, Leon Gaultier, which now supports her candidacy.

So has the party changed at all? In this weeks Reality Check, we examine whether the party has shed its fascist past.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

CPAC 2018: Far-right politician Marion Marchal-Le Pen to address conservative conference after Mike Pence

Moderate Republicans express concern at far right leaders invite

Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Tuesday 20 February 2018 12:54 GMT

The niece of French far right leader Mari...


The Return Of The New World OrderSort Of We Are Change

We Are Change

Jason talks about how the idea of a New World Order is permeating our culture with even more prevalence today than ever before.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

The post The Return Of The New World OrderSort Of appeared first on We Are Change.


The US is uniting Turkey, Russia and Iran with its animosity Signs of the Times

The leaders of Turkey, Iran and Russia have agreed in principle to a summit on Syria to be held in Istanbul. The decision follows recent phone calls by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The date is yet to be determined. Foreign ministers from the three countries will hold a preliminary meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan, in March. Given the latest developments in Syria, which require increased military coordination and cooperation among the three countries, Ankara would clearly like the summit to take place sooner rather than later. Turkey's Operation Olive Branch in Afrin against the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, and Russia's joint operations with Syrian regime forces and Iranian-backed fighters in Idlib have caused strains between Ankara and its informal allies in Moscow and Tehran. Attempts by the United States to consolidate its position in territories held by the YPG in northern Syria, nevertheless, remain the main motive for keeping the informal, tripartite alliance alive. Regardless of Turkey's suspicions about long-term Russian and Iranian intentions in Syria, and vice versa, the three do not want to allow potential strains among them to work to the United States' advantage, not only in Syria, but in the region as a whole.


Cindy Sheehan and the Womens March on the Pentagon: A Movement, Not Just a Protest MintPress News

WASHINGTON In the last few years, arguably the most visible and well-publicized march on the U.S. capital has been the Womens March, a movement aimed at advocating for legislation and policies promoting womens rights as well as a protest against the misogynistic actions and statements of high-profile U.S. politicians. The second Womens March, which took place this past year, attracted over a million protesters nationwide, with 500,000 estimated to have participated in Los Angeles alone.

However, absent from this womens movement has been a public anti-war voice, as its stated goal of ending violence does not include violence produced by the state. The absence of this voice seemed both odd and troubling to legendary peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose iconic protest against the invasion and occupation of Iraq made her a household name for many.

Sheehan was taken aback by how some prominent organizers of this years Womens March were unwilling to express anti-war positions and argued for excluding the issue of peace entirely from the event and movement as a whole. In an interview with MintPress, Sheehan recounted how a prominent leader of the march had told her, I appreciate that war is your issue Cindy, but the Womens March will never address the war issue as long as women arent free.

War is indeed Sheehans issue and she has been fighting against the U.S. penchant for war for nearly 13 years. After her son Casey was killed in action while serving in Iraq in 2004, Sheehan drew international media attention for her extended protest in front of the Bush residence in Crawford, Texas, which later served as the launching point for many protests against U.S. military action in Iraq.

Sheehan rejected the notion that women could be free without addressing war and empire. She countered the dismissive comment of the march organizer by stating that divorcing peace activism from womens issues ignored the voices of the women of the world who are being bombed and oppressed by U.S. military occupation.

Indeed, women are directly impacted by war whether through displacement, the destruction of their homes, kidnapping, or torture. Women also suffer uniquely and differently from men in war as armed conflicts often result in an increase in sexual violence against women.

For example, of the estimated half a million civilians killed in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, many of them were women and children. In the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, the number of female casualties has been rising on average over 20%...


Not the end...the Great Game continues in Syria Signs of the Times

A routine refrain among casual observers in recent months has been a sense of relief that the conflict in Syria is coming to an end. However, the alleged shooting down of an Iranian drone, major Israeli air attacks in Syria, the downing of a Russian fighter jet and a Turkish helicopter, and a Turkish invasion of the northwest should shake this bout of wishful thinking to the core. The multiple wars in Syria have life and plenty of death left in them yet. The Syrian versus Syrian component is still ongoing, though the opposition is struggling for survival, at least in its armed form. As regime forces edge ever further into Idlib and decimate East Ghouta, it is tough to see a reverse in this process without a major change in the balance of power. This phase of the Syrian wars, and there are many wars, is all about the international and regional powers feasting on the cadaver of the Syrian state. Turkey is shaping the contours of a new power arrangement in the north, which will be deprived of any meaningful Kurdish threat. Yet the real long-term fallout for Syria will be the resentment caused by the numbers of Syrian Arab fighters who have become Turkey's tool for this. Kurds, Arabs and Turks will have to learn to live with each other again at some point.


Columbine Survivor Pushes For An END To Gun-Free Zones The Daily Sheeple

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville survived the school shooting at Columbine High School back in 1999.  Only a sophomore at the time, Neville is now the house minority leader in Colorado, and he wants gun-free zones eliminated.

Neville says getting rid of gun restrictions in school could have saved lives in every single school shooting to date; including Columbine. According to Fox News, he has introduced the bill annually since he was elected in 2014. The Washington Times reported that all previous attempts to eliminate gun-free zones in Colorado have been turned down.

Unfortunately, most politicians think bigger signs or banning something harder will do the trick.

Neville, a Republican, told The Times that the current law creates a so-called gun free zone in every K-12 public school. That essentially makes everyone a target. Right now, under Colorado law, concealed-carry permit holders may bring firearms onto school property but they must keep them locked inside their vehicles, rendering the gun useless in the event it is needed to stop a mass shooter.

Time and time again we point to the one common theme with mass shootings, they occur in gun-free zones, Neville said. He added law-abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves and most importantly our children from the worst-case scenarios.

The massacre on Valentines Day of last week in Florida has renewed a nationwide debate about gun violence and how to prevent mass shootings.  Most want bigger signs or more laws, but the answer could be as simple as just listening to people like Neville. Ignoring the fact that all school shootings take place in gun-free zones, where killers can pick off anyone theyd like without fear of being taken down by a good guy with...


#Pedogate Update Woman Witnesses Child Sacrifice At Vatican The Event Chronicle

A woman says she witnessed a child sacrifice in the catacombs of the Vatican. An international court examines documents backing her claim that it was and still is a regular occurrence. Its all part of a Satanic cult where children are drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed by European royals and church officials including the Pope. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth about the Ninth Circle in this special report!

The 9th Circle: Child Sex/Sacrifice Cult Initiation

The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, a child sacrifice group composed of global elites, appears to be routinely raping, torturing and murdering children it was announced yesterday by the ITCCS. Recent court filings against the international child kidnapping ring go to court April 7.

Named as chief defendants for the Brussels Common Law Court trial were Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Among possible Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members named by witnesses who would testify at the trial were former popes Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II, UK High Court Justice Judge Fulford and members of the British Royal Family.

Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children and Royal Family members appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada yesterdays announcement proclaimed.

According to two affidavits filed in court, not only did different witnesses see Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members commit murder, but claimed the brutal killings of innocent children continued today, some in sub-basement vaults.

The international court was set to consider:

  • Testimonies of two former Mohawk School inmates who both say they were present at the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murder of a 5-6 year-old girl at the Mohawk Indian School in Branton Ontario Canada.
  • A copy of the Magisterial Privilege that was filed within sealed archives of the Vatican library. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult operated according to this canon law statute dated Dec. 25 1967. It was said to document that before each new pope assumed office it was mandatory that they participated in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rites. The document referred to ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood.
  • Testimonies of two witnesses who claimed they saw former Pope...


Ex-CIA Director Woolsey thinks US' hypocrisy of election meddling is hilarious Signs of the Times

Take off the terrorist's mask, and it's the CIA. Take off the revolutionary's mask, and it's the CIA. Take off the Hollywood producer's mask, and it's the CIA. Take off the billionaire tech plutocrat's mask, and it's the CIA. Take off the news man's mask, and guess what? It's the motherf*cking CIA. CIA influence is everywhere. Anywhere anything is happening which could potentially interfere with the interests of America's unelected power establishment, whether inside the US or outside, the depraved, lying, torturing, propagandizing, drug trafficking, coup-staging, warmongering CIA has its fingers in it. Which is why its former director made a cutesy wisecrack and burst out laughing when asked if the US is currently interfering in other democracies.


New wrinkle: Mueller charges lawyer with lying regarding role of Manafort partner, Rick Gates Signs of the Times

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller has charged the lawyer of Paul Manafort's business partner Rick Gates with lying to Russia probe investigators. Both Gates and former Trump adviser Manafort have already been indicted. As well as allegedly lying about his communications with Manafort partner Gates, lawyer Alex Van der Zwaan has been accused of deleting, or failing to produce, emails sought by the Mueller's investigation team which is looking into alleged collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign team and Russia.


More Israeli officials arrested with corruption ties to Netanyahu Signs of the Times

New legal problems for embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have erupted less that a week after police in the Middle Eastern nation recommended that the leader be indicted on charges of corruption. Seven members of Netanyahu's closest cabal were arrested Sunday in the deepening 'Case 4000' corruption probe into Netanyahu and his innermost circle of cronies. The most recent arrests follow what investigators say were interventions by the suspects with telecommunications regulators in the country to fastrack permissions for communications giant Bezeq in exchange for a media reputation whitewash of Netanyahu and his wife, Sara. Case 4000 has not yet directly named Netanyahu as a suspect although several news outlets have reported that he will be questioned by investigators 'under caution,' a phrase used to describe defendants in criminal cases, according to the Los Angeles Times. The seven Netanyahu associates arrested have not yet been named, although prior to the imposition of a quickly-leveraged gag order surrounding the investigation, Haaretz was reporting that they included Netanyahu close friend Nir Hefetz, a former communications director for the Israeli prime minister, and associate Shlomo Filber, a former Communications Ministry director general. On Tuesday February 15, investigators unveiled recommendations to the attorney general that Netanyahu be charged with fraud, breach of trust and bribery in two cases not related to Case 4000. Both of the additional cases accuse the Israeli prime minister of using his influence and power to provide favorable deals to those close to him.


Democrats Ask Banks To Block Customers From Purchasing Firearms Your News Wire

In order to skirt around the Second Amendment issue Democrats are now asking banks and credit card companies to block U.S.customers from being able to purchase firearms. In a shocking Op-Ed for the New [...]


NSC advice: Russia should prepare for hack attack on presidential elections Signs of the Times

Key Russian election infrastructure could be targeted by a cyberattack during the March presidential vote, said the head of the National Security Council in a report on cybersecurity. The warning came from Nikolay Patrushev, who outlined on Tuesday the damage caused by hacking attacks in Russia last year and the government's response to the threat. He said over 500,000 computers in Russia were disabled in 2017, many of them targeted during three major waves of ransomware infection. Computer networks belonging to the Russian Interior Ministry and companies Rosneft and Evraz were among those affected by the attacks, he said. He added that Russian law enforcement had established some flaws in the cybersecurity of certain critical elements of infrastructure, particularly in the south of Russia, identifying "a high accessibility to IT resources to espionage penetration." The Russian government may consider a centralized approach to protecting potential targets, banning governing bodies from outsourcing their cybersecurity to providers not vetted by the Kremlin. One of the major potential targets for cyber interference this year will be the national ballot-tallying system, Patrushev said. "We expect cyber operations, the introduction of malware into critical parts of the [electronic system used by Russia for elections]," he said.


Left-wing indoctrination in schools is worse than you think Signs of the Times

Edina High School in suburban Minneapolis was long regarded as one of the country's top secondary schools. In recent years, its national ratings and its local reputation have slipped, perhaps in part because teachers are spending time promoting a left-wing agenda and bullying conservative students rather than teaching the subjects they are paid to teach. Following last November's election, 80 Edina High School teachers - which must represent pretty much the entire faculty - signed an editorial in the school's newspaper that was basically a Democratic Party manifesto. The editorial was authored by Tim Klobuchar (second cousin). It went so far as to oppose calls for unity; unity, it implied, will exist only when all conservatives have been banished from the stage.


Google's AI hopes to use retinal imaging to predict heart disease and hypertension Signs of the Times

I can look into your eyes and see straight to your heart. It may sound like a sappy sentiment from a Hallmark card. Essentially though, that's what researchers at Google did in applying artificial intelligence to predict something deadly serious: the likelihood that a patient will suffer a heart attack or stroke. The researchers made these determinations by examining images of the patient's retina. Google, which is presenting its findings Monday in Nature Biomedical Engineering, an online medical journal, says that such a method is as accurate as predicting cardiovascular disease through more invasive measures that involve sticking a needle in a patient's arm. At the same time, Google cautions that more research needs to be done.


Anti-Trump Shooting Survivor Caught Rehearsing Scripted Response With CNN Your News Wire

An anti-Trump school shooting survivor has been caught on camera rehearsing a scripted response with CNN producers in order to push for a ban on guns. David Hogg is a fierce critic of Trump and [...]


A single volcano can change Earth's atmosphere - expert Signs of the Times

A single volcano can change the world's atmosphere, even permanently, depending on the intensity of the volcanic eruption, a pollution expert said. According to Mylene Cayetano, PhD, the head of the Environmental Pollution Studies Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology at University of the Philippines Diliman, on top of being a fiery spectacle of nature, volcanoes are a force to be reckoned with. "A single volcano has the ability to completely change the world's entire atmosphere, maybe even permanently," Cayetano said in statement. Cayetano issued the statement in light of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) statement that Mayon's restiveness is still far from the peak of explosion, which may come in the coming weks. According to Cayetano, Southeast Asia is one of the most geologically active regions, of the world, if not the most, and had been home to the most destructive and powerful volcanic eruptions in history. Mayon, one of the world's renowned volcanoes because of its almost-perfect conical shape, is the most active volcano in the Philippines.


Former CIA Robert David Steele Meets with WDS & Benjamin Fulford in Japan (Video) The Event Chronicle

Benjamin Fulford Meets with Robert David Steele In Japan February 2018

Via Stillness in the Storm


Also last week, former CIA officer and co-founder of the Marine Intelligence Activity (the folks who recently raided CIA Headquarters) Robert David Steele showed up in Japan last week to meet with WDS members.

Remember, the top generals in the Trump regime, including Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, were all Marine generals, so the timing of Steeles arrival in Japan can be no coincidence.

In Japan, Steele met with members of Asian secret societies, senior right-wing power brokers, members of the Japanese royal family, and others.

Benjamin Fulford, February 19, 2018

All I can say is that we are tired of waiting for things to happen, so we are working on starting a gold-backed cryptocurrency.  And we like to think we are the good guys.

Benjamin Fulford, February 20, 2018


(Video) Destroying the Illusion 2.20 -- Q Site Down | "Liddle" Kids | FL Shooting Actor | Opioid Crisis Operation Disclosure

Today's Links:

Man who accused Ed Murray of sexual abuse found dead in Auburn motel -

Kentucky accuses Cardinal Health of contributing to opioid epidemic -

CNN Roots Through Russian Garbage, Gets Tossed Out Of Russian "Troll Farm" -

White House press pool driver questioned by Secret Service after gun discovered -

Kim Dotcom: "Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasnt Even A Hack" -


(Video) The United States of Secrets -- Parts 1 and 2 Operation Disclosure

Published on May 29, 2017

Award-winning PBS documentary about NSA, data collection, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Verizon, ATT, Snowden and much more. What we now know about the leaks from the Whistleblowers about privacy intrusion on all internet and phone users worldwide including the US citizens


(Video) Akiane Kramarik: Painting the Impossible Operation Disclosure

I believe this could be the face of Jesus. Her testimony is rather interesting and even compelling. I also find that the diversity at which Jesus genuinely reveals himself is truly outstanding and incomprehensible. Personally I find A LOT of poetry to this and though in a literal sense I still can't say whether this an accurate portrait or not, but here's where I find the real beauty of the poetry coming alive. Rather than thinking that Jesus' inspiration to her was to bring a portrait of himself to the world, instead I find that Jesus inspired Akiane to dig deep into her own convictions and manifest it through the one thing that she knew how to do. I feel that regardless of what Jesus really looks like, her act of trying to paint the impossible was futile that made itself quite clear near the end, but it wasn't until she finally covered the rest of the canvas that she in a sense gave her hands over to her Savior. Once she finally committed to covering it she metaphorically postured herself into type of position that says "I can't do this!" It's amazing how many ways Jesus manifests this thought into us and forces us to make a decision. When will we finally realize that God's commandments are not for us to fulfill and perfectly uphold, but rather they are there for us to look at and give submission to the One who has already conquered evil?


India Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile Your News Wire

India has successfully tested a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a range of 2,000 kilometers. The nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni-II was fired from a mobile launcher from the Abdul Kalam Island [...]


300 Americans were Killed by FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs on the Same Day of the Florida Shooting Operation Disclosure

On the same day that 17 children were murdered in a Florida high school, almost 300 Americans were killed by FDA-approved prescription medications

02/19/2018 / By Mike Adams

On the same day that 17 students and staff were killed in a Florida high school shooting, nearly 300 Americans were killed by FDA-approved prescription medications. Yet no one cried a single tear, and the (pharma-funded) news didn't even mention the tragedy.

When children are killed by guns, the news is emotionally multiplied with pseudojournalism "theatrics" to push for gun control while ignoring the far more devastating causes of preventable death in America. You see, while the Florida school shooting happened just once, the deaths of hundreds of Americans from FDA-approved prescription medications goes on every single day, without pause.

That's why, according to scientific research, at least 106,000 Americans are killed each year by legal medications which are prescribed by licensed doctors. (Source: "Death By Medicine" analysis.)

Read More:


Arbitrary arrests and continued incommunicado detentions by Sudanese government force RSS feed from

Khartoum, Paris - 14 February 2018. Several Sudanese, African and international organisations, including the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) wrote to 6 United Nations Special Procedure mandate holders to draw their attention to the worrying developments concerning the excessive use of force by Sudanese authorities to disperse peaceful protests across Sudan. The Open letter signed by FIDH and its Sudanese, African and International partners concerned the crackdown on [...]


Fukushima nuclear plant firm ordered to pay $143k to family of 102yo suicide victim Signs of the Times

A Japanese court has ordered the operators of the Fukushima nuclear plant to pay 15.2 million yen (US$143,400) in compensation to the family of 102-year-old Fumio Okubo, who killed himself rather than leave his home village. On Tuesday, the Fukushima District Court ruled that the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) had to pay damages to Okubo's family, ruling that the nuclear disaster of 2011 was in large part responsible for his death. "It is significant that the court recognized the eldest man in the village who would have lived out his final days in his homeland was hit by such a terrible tragedy," lawyer Yukio Yasuda said. Okubo, who used to work as a farmer, had lived his whole life in the village of Iitate, some 40km (25 miles) from the disaster site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in the northeast of Japan. On March 11, 2011 the power plant was hit by a tsunami, sending its reactors into a meltdown.


Giving credit where credit is due: Putin has prevailed in Syria Signs of the Times

The end game is clear: Assad, Russia and Iran will emerge victorious. The conflict in Syria has been the most vicious in contemporary history, creating a geo-political hall of mirrors pitting Syrian against Syrian, Saudi Arabia against Iran and Russia against the United States. To say that it is the most complicated proxy war of our times is an understatement. The war has had international and regional dimensions which have served to prolong, fuel and perpetuate the crisis. The latest of which, a dramatic clash between Syria and Israel leading to the unprecedented downing of an Israeli F-16 after the latter targeted a group of Iranian installations in Syria, has threatened to further escalate to conflict. But in stepped Russia, and after promises made to either side, the situation calmed down, for now. This only highlighted the growing importance of Moscow in Syria and the increasingly brave power plays Putin is making in the region.


Russian Foreign Ministry: Tens of Russian and CIS Citizens Killed in Syria Were Not Military Signs of the Times

According to preliminary information shared by the Russian Foreign Ministry last week, at least 5 Russian volunteers were killed in US-led coalition's airstrike on pro-Damascus forces in Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced that tens of Russian and CIS nationals had been killed in recent clashes in Syria, emphasizing that they were not military. "In the course of the recent military clashes, in which the Russian servicemen did not participate in any way [...], Russian and CIS countries' nationals were killed and several others were wounded."


China Blocking Bitcoin? While Russians Use Super Computer To Mine Cryptos We Are Change

We Are Change

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the latest news in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. One of the biggest stories of the week has been the major dip in the stock market and jump in price of Bitcoin. There is major news coming from China and Russia in this space, plus a lot more.

The views expressed in this video are our opinions and not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence.

Find Josh Sigurdson on YouTubeFacebook and Steemit.

The post China Blocking Bitcoin? While Russians Use Super Computer To Mine Cryptos appeared first on We Are Change.


Study reveals worrying levels of microplastics in Atlantic deep sea fish Signs of the Times

A new Irish study has found that the rate of ingestion of microplastics by deepwater fish in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean is among the highest in the world. The NUI Galway (NUIG) study published today found that 73 per cent out of 233 deep water fish examined had ingested plastic particles. According to the study, the ingestion of microplastics by these animals may cause internal physical damage, inflammation of intestines, reduced feeding and other effects. Marine scientists took dead deep sea fish from midwater trawls in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean from a depth of up to 600 metres using large fishing nets.


Venezuela: No Room for Debate on a Possible Military Intervention New on

Daniel Finn: The situation in Venezuela is complicated. But we should all agree on one thing: the US has no business intervening.


US Court Rejects FDA Appeal on GMO Salmon Approval Documents The Sleuth Journal

US Court Rejects FDA Appeal on GMO Salmon Approval Documents | ge-salmnon | FDA General Health GMOs Special Interests

Last week, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied the FDAs latest attempt to hide thousands of pages of key government documents related to the agencys first-ever approval of genetically engineered (GE) salmon for human consumption. The courts decision is a big win for public transparency and a firm rejection of the Trump administrations position that it can unilaterally decide whether to withhold government documents from public and court review.

Even though this is the first time any government in the world has approved a GE animal for commercial sale and consumption, so far the FDA has taken a lackadaisical approach to evaluating the salmons potential for harm to wild salmon and the environment. If the GE salmon were to escape, it could threaten wild salmon populations by outcompeting them for scarce resources and habitat, by mating with endangered salmon species, and by introducing new diseases.

If the GE salmon were to escape, it could threaten wild salmon populations by outcompeting them for scarce resources and habitat, by mating with endangered salmon species, and by introducing new diseases

The worlds preeminent experts on GE fish and risk assessment, as well as biologists at U.S. wildlife agencies charged with protecting fish and wildlife, heavily criticized the FDA for failing to evaluate these impacts. But the FDA ignored their concerns, so in March 2016, Earthjustice filed a lawsuit against the agency.

As part of the lawsuit, the FDA is requi...


The Father Of Artificial Intelligence Says Singularity Is 30 Years Away TruthTheory

By Jolene Creighton , Futurism

Youve probably been told that the singularity is coming. It is that long-awaited point in time likely, a point in our very near future when advances in artificial intelligence lead to the creation of a machine (a technological form of life?) smarter than humans.

If Ray Kurzweil is to be believed, the singularity will happen in 2045. If we throw our hats in with Louis Rosenberg, then the day will be arriving a little sooner, likely sometime in 2030. MITs Patrick Winston would have you believe that it will likely be a little closer to Kurzweils prediction, though he puts the date at 2040, specifically.

But what difference does it make? We are talking about a difference of just 15 years. The real question is, is the singularity actually on its way?

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, I spoke with Jrgen Schmidhuber, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at AI company NNAISENSE, Director of the Swiss AI lab IDSIA, and heralded by some as the fat...


Top South Korean Crypto Regulator Found Dead From Unknown Cause The Event Chronicle

By Zero Hedge

The struggle between the South Korean Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice over the future of cryptocurrency regulation a debate that mostly played out during December and January terrified crypto traders who feared the South Korean government was on the verge of wittingly or unwittingly devastating the market.

Headlines about a pending ban in South Korea helped drive the bitcoin price more than 60% lower in January its largest monthly drop in years but now that the debate has been settled, the price has been steadily climbing again, breaking above $11,500 earlier today


having nearly doubled off the mystery dip-buyer lows


But in a shocking development thats almost guaranteed to contribute to speculation about whether any foul play was involved, the Wall Street Journal reports  that one of the countrys top crypto regulators was found dead Tuesday.

While some speculated that the cause of death was a heart attack, the official statement so far is that the cause of death remainsunknown.

Semiofficial news agency Yonhap reported that Mr. Jung was presumed to have suffered a heart attack and police had opened an investigation into the cause of death. Yonhap also reported that Mr. Jung was found at home. The government spokesman said later that he died from some unknown cause. He passed away while he was sleeping and [his]heart [had]already stopped beating w...


Pine Cone Disappearance within: Co-creating Nothingness Operation Disclosure

Enlightened Beings Share Their Awakening, Mystical Experiences

I share my getting closer to absolute Joy, in cooperating Heavenly harmony deeper inside Lovely Spiritual Sovereignty, where getting closer to others unassuming Nirvana Universal Nothingness becomes a freeing energy experience Fluxing Immortal Love in the Spirit of forgiveness, enlightening Compassion, and Unifying lifetimes awakening Mercy.

I write this idea coming closer to an unassuming Nothingness Mirror in Delight Bonding Communion, then look on You tube with fascinating searches for anything nothingness to compliment my Nirvana idea. Seldom do I experience any Collective fear Consciousness demanding-gender Quanta, that fits to compliment Nothingness, but is filled with Satanic Musics motivation to desire sexual demanding assuming ideas.

Instead of disappointment experiences, hilarious relief reminds me again where I am when, so many traumatized sex-slaves are, still in prison-body mode only co-creating more fear Quanta the closer Earthlings come untoward another control-freak in the mirror of making an ass out of every combination of demanding-gender endless-need for Warring-patsy boundaries. Imagine coming closer to a Guru nothingness Co-creator who loves to share about their own Nirvana Moment co-creating the same Nothingness, as my Universal Loveliness?

I am helplessly involved in Nothingness-motives, so lately the best compliment to my sharing, comes from no demanding gender-fear sexual-distractions, so this validation, and affirmation of Delight Bonding Spiritual Communion becomes another with more Joy in cooperating Heavenly harmony, than any sexual-money gender-fear, and endless boundaries making Earthling Collective mirror-double asses out of each others need for fear-proxy substitution macro-Quantified support for international Warring co-creating from everything-ness separation fear-gender unconscious bigot-origin ideas.

Assuming and, very demanding gender-narcissism is, so far from the Love-center cooperating harmony of Heavenly Nothingness Joy, that deeper compassion autonomically, and...


Jon Rappoport: How US Oligarchs Bankroll Worldwide Socialism Operation Disclosure

Missing history: how US oligarchs bankroll worldwide Socialism

Missing history: US oligarchs finance Socialism

Socialism was never a movement for "the masses"

By Jon Rappoport

In 1971, Gary Allen published his book, None Dare Call it Conspiracy. It quickly became an unofficial best seller.

Over the years, several million copies have been sold.

Allen's thesis was stark: super-rich American capitalists were financing socialism. This bizarre paradox was resolved when socialism was properly understood-not as "power to the people"-but as elite power over the people. In other words, as a hoax.

These days, the socialist hoax is still unknown to most of the population:

Cloak a global power grab as progress for all of humanity.

Here, from chapter six of None Dare Call it Conspiracy, "The Rockefellers and the Reds," is an explosive passage commenting on the period just after the Russian Revolution of 1917:

"The Rockefellers assigned their public relations agent, Ivy Lee, to sell the American public the idea that the Bolsheviks were merely misunderstood idealists who were actually kind benefactors of mankind."

"Professor Antony Sutton of Stanford University's Hoover Institution, notes in his highly authoritative Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development:"

"'Quite predictably...[Ivy] Lee concludes that the communist problem is merely psychological. By this time he is talking about "Russians" (not Communists) and concludes "they are all right." He suggests the United States should not engage in propaganda; makes a plea for peaceful coexistence; and suggests the United States would find it sound policy to recognize the USSR and advance credits [give loans].' (Antony Sutton, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1930, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, Calif., 1968, p.292)"

"After the Bolshevik Revolution, Standard [Oil] of New Jersey [Rockefeller] bought 50 per cent of the Nobe...


7 Companies That Are Profiting From Modern Day Slavery In America TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Most history books will tell you that slavery was abolished in 1865 when Abraham Lincoln and other leaders of the anti-slavery Republican Party formed the 13th Amendment stating that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist within the United States of America, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. This was certainly a step in the right direction, however, it only led to a more creative way for oppressive regimes to use slavery in the States, which quite unbelievably is still going on to this day.

The American prison system is a huge business and allows many companies to use the labour (which is comprised mainly of black males) to increase their bottom line. Prison as a business is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the United States. As taken from- Prison Privatization: The Many Facets of a Controversial Industry:

Now prison labor based in private prisons is a multimillion-dollar industry with its own trade exhibitions, conventions, websites, and mail-order/Internet catalogs (Pelaez 2008). . . . The industry also has direct advertising campaigns, architecture companies, construction companies, investment houses on Wall Street, plumbing supply companies, food supply companies, armed security, and padded cell manufacturing, all of which rival those of any other private industry (Pelaez 2008). Furthermore, private prisoners at the state level produce a variety of goods and services, from clothing to toys to telemarketing and customer service (Erlich...


What Is The Purpose Of Life? TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

As human beings, we like to find patterns in the world around us and meaning in our experiences. We feel at peace with ourselves when we have a purpose and at odds with ourselves when we dont thus, life must have purpose. Well, not according to Jaggi Vasudev A.K.A Sadhguru.

Sadhgurus belief is that though there is purpose in existence, ones own life, as an individual, holds no meaning. His summation was born simply from the fact that life is far too vast to be understood within a single lifetime. Purpose drives productivity and productivity changes the world around us, and the way the masses experience it, but it does not change the nature of existence. If ones sole purpose was simply to stay alive for as long as they could, as well as see and experience as much as they could before death, then theyd be just as driven to fulfill their goal as someone who believed that they had a God given purpose to affect the world.

This begs the question why do we look for the purpose of life if it has no purpose? Who knows? But what can be understood is that were all just as important as we make ourselves to be. And if were able to make ourselves important, then surely it is up to us whether life holds a purpose or not.



OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools The Event Chronicle

How the CIAs MKUltra Mind Control Program Creates Mass Shooters and Turns Lone Gunmen Into Patsies

The United States has been under the complete control of the Very Deep State (much deeper than Deep State) for decades. The Very Deep State (VDS) uses the alphabet soup agencies of the U.S. Intelligence Community to monitor and police every sphere of life in American society.  Just like the Soviet Union of the last century, there are no secrets.  Only now there really are NO secrets anywhere in the 50 states.  Not only is there is a vast network of undercover citizen spies who operate in every county, agents of the VDS are surreptitiously inserted into every organization of note nationwide.  The present National Security State, with its full-spectrum surveillance regime and spying apparatus, actually functions as a full-blown, communist police state (where the FBI=KGB, literally).  The Shadow Government (a clandestine, autocratic and all-powerful global entity), that oversees the U.S. Federal Government, uses Operation Gladio C (via NATO command and control) to manufacture consent via government-sponsored terrorism.  Mass shootings, in particular, are methodically used in this way to terrorize the body politic into supporting draconian measures that erode national sovereignty. Undermining the American Republic is the single most important objective of Operation Gladio C.  Other nations are experiencing their own versions of Operation Gladio C as seen throughout the European Union, the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, Mexico, etc.

Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer

By State of the Nation

*This expos contains privileged information submitted by a former U.S. Intelligence Agency insider.  SOTN is quite appreciative of all the info/data submitted to us from former intel agents, government insiders, military officers, agency whistleblowers, investigative journalists, armchair detectives, deep researchers and many other patriots. Thank you!

The United States of America has been under relentless terror attacks by foreign and domestic agents of the New World Order globalist cabal.  All of these false flag terrorist operations are carried out under the rubric of Operation Gladio C, a super-secret enterprise and organizational derivative of NATOs notorious Operation Gladio.  The following article explains how Obama i...


You Wouldnt Like Me When Im Angry: Every Single Reason Bruce Banner Loses His Shit in the 70s Hulk TV Show disinformation

Lets face it, if I was the Hulk itd be a pretty boring affair that essentially involved me accidentally destroying my house whenever I had to deal with Comcast. That would in... The post You Wouldnt Like Me When Im Angry: Every Single Reason Bruce Banner Loses His Shit in the 70s Hulk TV Show appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Iraq Kurdistan Official: Turkey-Syria Team-Work is Most Welcome in Afrin Crisis Signs of the Times

The ongoing crisis in Syria's Afrin, the subject of the Turkish military operation Olive Branch, cannot be resolved without an understanding between Turkey and Syria, Hemin Hawrami, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Leadership Council, told Sputnik. "If there will be Turkey involved with Syria and others to find a solution to end the miseries of the people, then it is most welcome. But if there is no mutual understanding between Turkey and Syria, between Russia and Turkey, and Turkey and Iran, and Iran and Syria, with taking into consideration the concerns of the Kurds on the ground, then it's a recipe for further destabilization and confrontation," Hemin Hawrami, who used to be a senior assistant to Iraqi Kurdistan's ex-President Massoud Barzani, said during Valdai Discussion Club's Middle East Conference when asked if such a deal between YPG and Damascus can be a way out. He stressed that for the Kurds, any solution which would protect the life of the Kurds and other citizens in Syria would be a beginning to bring violence to an end.


Researchers Find That Laughing At Yourself Can Make You Happy TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Laughter being the best medicine is already a widely held belief. Whether youre making yourself laugh or the people around you, the sudden change in ones emotional state can be seen as an extremely effective cerebral hack, breaking a loop of negative emotions and thought patterns. Positive feelings create positive thoughts, which create positive actions, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle. So it comes as no surprise that a research team based at the University of Granada (Spain) have found that even a self-deprecating sense of humour has no ties to low self-esteem or depression. They, in fact, discovered that those who employ a self-deprecating sense of humour tend to be happier and more socially adjusted than the average person.

Jorge Torres-Marn, the studys co-author said that his team observed, that a greater tendency to employ self-defeating humor is indicative of high scores in psychological well-being dimensions such as happiness and, to a lesser extent, sociability. The study was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. The team had assessed...


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Sinabung eruption signals 'year without a summer' cycle (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

The awakening of Sinabung among other volcanoes awakening on a multi century cycle, indicates that the grand solar minimum intensification of intense eruptions has begun. This latest eruption of Sinabung has sent ash 17KM/55,000ft into the atmosphere which reached the troposphere and will spread across Asia. Iceland awakens as well and the world is not ready to handle another "Year Without a Summer" which this signals. Good luck in your preparations.


Putin extends capital amnesty to Russian businesses for reporting foreign profits Signs of the Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a package of laws extending a capital amnesty until February 28, 2019. It allows Russians to voluntarily declare assets and accounts in banks. A total amnesty for all funds returning to Russia follows an anti-offshore bill requiring individuals and businesses to report foreign profits. The bill was aimed at curbing the outflow of capital from Russia, which was estimated at over $2 trillion in recent years. The bill was explained by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov as allowing people who have made any mistakes in their business activities to declare the property and become completely law-abiding citizens.


Kurds claim that Russia is the reason Syrian army has not entered Afrin Signs of the Times

Afrin is waiting for Damascus to stop the Turkish attack. It seems that the Kurdish project and the Kurdish self-management in Syria are facing their first defeat since 2012, and the gradual withdrawal from the West Euphrates to settle in the areas where the Americans are located and under their umbrella. Hostage to the next conflict between Russia and America It is more likely that the turning point that makes all the areas where the Arab presence is intertwined in Kurdish in northern Syria, especially in Manbij, Tel Labid, Ras Al Ain and around it, is subject to a similar fate. The Kurdish project is locked in Qamishli.


FOX News Cuts Off Reporter When She Links Psychotropic Drugs to Florida Shooter The Event Chronicle

Illustrating his networks subservience to big pharma, FOX News Sean Hannity blatantly cut off a reporter when she mentioned the fact that most mass shootings are linked to psychotropic drugs.

By Matt Agorist

Stephen Paddock, Omar Mateen, Gavin Long, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, James Holmes, and now, Nikolas Cruz all have one thing in common other than the mass murders they carried out. They were all reportedly taking prescription drugs which alter their state of mind and carry a host of negative side effects ranging from aggression and suicide to homicidal ideation.

Suicide, birth defects, heart problems, hostility, violence, aggression, hallucinations, self-harm, delusional thinking, homicidal ideation, and death are just a few of the side effects caused by the medication taken by the monsters named above, some of which are known as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), or antidepressants.

There have been 150 studies in 17 countries on antidepressant-induced side effects. There have been 134 drug regulatory agency warnings from 11 countries and the EU warning about the dangerous side effects of antidepressants.

Despite this deadly laundry list of potential reactions to these medications, their use has skyrocketed by 400% since 1988. Coincidentally, as antidepressant use went up, so did mass shootings.

The website has been documenting the link between selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and violence. On the website is a collection of over 6,000 stories that have appeared in local media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including most of the mass shootings which have taken place on US soil.

As the...


Michael Flynn could reverse guilty plea in light of government misconduct, federal corruption Signs of the Times

On Friday, Judge Emmet Sullivan issued an order in United States v. Flynn that, while widely unnoticed, reveals something fascinating: A motion by Michael Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea based on government misconduct is likely in the works. Just a week ago, and thus before Sullivan quietly directed Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team to provide Flynn's attorneys "any exculpatory evidence," Washington Examiner columnist Byron York detailed the oddities of Flynn's case. The next day, former assistant U.S. attorney and National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy connected more of the questionable dots. York added even more details a couple of days later. Together these articles provide the backdrop necessary to understand the significance of Sullivan's order on Friday. What's Happened in the Michael Flynn Case So Far To recap: On November 30, 2017, prosecutors working for Mueller charged former Trump national security advisor Flynn with lying to FBI agents. The following day, Flynn pled guilty before federal judge Rudolph Contreras. Less than a week later - and without explanation - Flynn's case was reassigned to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. One of Sullivan's first orders of business was to enter a standing order, on December 12, 2017, directing "the government to produce to defendant in a timely manner - including during plea negotiations - any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant's guilt or punishment." Sullivan's standing order further directed the government, if it "has identified any information which is favorable to the defendant but which the government believes not to be material," to "submit such information to the Court for in camera review."


11 Signs You Have a Uniquely Strong Personality With a Sensitive Side Awareness Act

There are many different kinds of people on this planet and they all have different personalities. That being said, some of them are far stronger than most and even those strong people have sensitive sides whether you see them or not.

While on the outside, they may appear to be hard, the truth is, there is much more than meets the eye. They act fearless but that doesnt mean they really are. We are all afraid of something. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing bad about being sensitive or having a sensitive side but those who are strong, unique, and sensitive are a fascinating kind of people.

They go after what they want and let their emotions catch up after everything is said and done. This can be both beneficial and damning. If you think you fall into this category check out the signs below to see if you match up. If this doesnt sound like you, does it sound like someone you know?

11 Things That Prove You Are A Strong Unique Individual With A Sensitive Side:

1. You dont care about being the person everyone is obsessing over.

Your lack of a need for attention could be considered almost introverted.  You have tons of friends but you dont want them to think you are the shit because you know you arent. If someone gets too caught up in you, you are quick to remind them how human you are.

2. You know how to be single.

You dont need a significant other in your life to be happy. Sure, you would love to be in love but you dont have to be. You know how to live your own life.

3. You get overwhelmed sometimes but still manage to do what needs to be done.

You tend to get pretty damn overwhelmed and it drives you nuts. Somehow you are able to work through it and keep your composure. I personally think this is a talent in itself.

4. You feel the need to withdraw often.

You tend to need to withdraw from the world around you. You need time to yourself so that you can recharge. Everything in this life drains the hell out of you.

5. You are someone who always does what you think is right.

You are not someone who will give up on anything. You stand up for the things you believe in and make sure things are done the right way, always. This is a very positive thing and more people should be like this.

6. You are all for exploring new places and going on adventures.

You love to go on adventures and traveling is something you enjoy big time. Sure, some places are scary as is the unknown but you know how great some things hidden in the unknown can be.

7. You really listen to the problems of others, you dont just pretend to be listening.

You are always listening to the people around you. People come to you for advice often because they know you are actually hearing the things they are sayi...


German racist knife attack on war refugees Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from Germany says about itself:

There is no proper housing, no good life, a Syrian refugee named Farouk told VICE News correspondent Milne Larsson in Berlin. There is no good food, no work. Some people have to wait for a year to start learning German. People say its our fault, no.

Our rooms are very cramped, aid. No money, nothing that Farouk swe can build a life with. There is nothing that gives us hope for tomorrow.

This segment originally aired Nov. 14, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

German man attacks three immigrants with knife because he was angry about Merkels refugee policy

Afghan teenager seriously wounded in the city of Heilbronn

Jon Sharman

Tuesday 20 February 2018

A drunk pensioner attacked and wounded three migrants with a knife because he was angry about the German governments refugee policy, officials believe.

Prosecutors in southwest Germany said the 70-year-old man wanted to send a message with the assault over the weekend.

The man, who has German and Russian citizenship, seriously wounded a 17-year-old Afghan in the attack near a church in the city of Heilbronn.

A 25-year-old Iraqi and a 19-year-old...


Officials at Munich Conference agree Russia is the 'bad guy' but also critical to solving world conflicts Signs of the Times

European and U.S. officials divided over U.S. President Donald Trump's foreign policy found common cause this weekend in decrying what they say is Russia's covert campaign to undermine Western democracies. But despite the transatlantic show of anger at Russia during the Munich Security Conference, Western officials and diplomats also acknowledged an uncomfortable truth: that Russia is critical to resolving many of the world's worst conflicts. From eastern Ukraine to North Korea, Russia's status as a nuclear power, its military intervention in Syria and its veto on the United Nations Security Council mean any diplomacy must ultimately involve Moscow, officials said.


Chinas New Silk Roads reach Latin America (Pepe Escobar ) Tlaxcala

20/02/2018 - Beijing is turbo-charging its infrastructure connectivity across the region and the Caribbean A sharp, geoeconomic shift took place last month in Santiago, Chile at the second ministerial meeting of ...


Syrian Forces Enter Kurdish Afrin Despite Threats From Turkey Your News Wire

Footage on Syrian state television has shown a convoy of government forces entering the Kurdish-held region of Afrin on Tuesday. A convoy of fighters waving Syrian flags reportedly entered the northern Kurdish-held region which Turkey [...]


Ancient Cultures Suggest Morning Meditation May Lead to a Deeper Experience Waking Times

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

According to the beliefs of several ancient cultures, the early morning hours may be ideal for meditation and spiritual reflection. New age and spiritual circles will also claim that if you wake between the hours of 3am and 5am, you may be going through a spiritual awakening.

Although its difficult to prove if any of these claims are true, I would like to share some beliefs of the Secoya tribe of Ecuador. This indigenous tribes way of life is entwined with its traditions and ceremonies, even today, when most of the world has become Westernized.

Spiritual Hours of Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

The shaman elders of the Secoya conduct powerful healing ceremonies using plant medicines. In their culture, they plan these gatherings during late night hours and early morning. They believe that each night, at around 3am, benevolent spirits descend upon the earth. As well, the spirits of most of the earthly creatures are finally at rest.

The shaman elders believe that the angelic spirits are compassionate. They are here to help in our journey of self-healing and preservation. It is during the hours of 3am to 6am that the shaman will sing the most effervescent icaros, medicine songs, to invite these spirits to the ceremony.

Time of Letting Go in Chinese Medicine

The Secoya are not alone. Many non-western cultures place esoteric significance on different times of the day and night. Another example is in Chinese medicine. The 12 meridians in the body rejuvenate with qi life force or energy during different hours. As qi cycles through the body, each organ meridian is most active for about 2 hours during a 24-hour period.

In Chinese medicine, the hours between 5am and 7am are ideal for meditation. This time is when qi cycles through the...


Erdogan reports Pro-Syrian Forces Pushed Back in Afrin blogfactory

Turkeys president says Turkish artillery fire has pushed back a convoy of pro-Syrian government forces from an enclave in northern Syria

BEIRUT (AP) THE Latest on the conflict in Syria (all times local):

7:10 p.m.

Turkeys president says Turkish artillery fire has pushed back a convoy of pro-Syrian government forces from an enclave in northern Syria.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested Tuesday that the Shite fighters who entered the enclave of Afrin in a convoy of a dozen vehicles were acting alone. He warned that Turkey would not allow such (a) wrongful step in the future, adding that those who do would pay a high price.

Speaking during a joint news conference with his Macedonian counterpart that the convoy of a dozen vehicles were forced to turn back following the shelling.

That file has been closed for now, he said.


5:55 p.m.

Turkeys state-run news agency says pro-Syrian government forces have turned back 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Afrin city following shelling by the Turkish military.

Anadolu Agency said the Turkish artillery fired warning strikes, forcing the militia group to turn back.

No other details were immediately available.

A group of pro-government Syrian fighters began entering the Afrin region from the nearby government-held village of Nubul. Turkish troops started shelling the area forcing journalists to flee, according to Syrian state TV.


5:25 p.m.

A top Syrian opposition official has accused the government of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in rebel-held suburbs of the capital Damascus calling on the international community to react.

Nasr al-Hariri, who heads the committee that represents the Syrian opposition in U.N. talks with the government in Geneva, told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday that the opposition is committed to a political solution but we are studying all the options. He was asked whether they will withdraw from the talks

Al-Hariri said the government bombardment...


Security Camera on Freshmen Building Entrance Removed in Advance of Parkland False Flag (Video) The Event Chronicle

Why did Google Earth conspicuously censor Internet photos of missing security camera next to the Parkland FL high school entrance door?


Benjamin Fulford: Any intel on Jared Rand? The Event Chronicle

By Benjamin Fulford


Would you have any intel on Jared Rand?

He says there is a bad RV and a good RV, and that the bad RV is the cryptocurrency, which is the cabals new fiat currency.  They will assure everyone it is gold-backed and rescue us from all the others.  (The recent warnings from the BIS against cryptocurrency feel like a cabal deception.)

The good RV is the gold-backed new currency.

Jared Rand is new on the scene and has all the positive off-world helpers projections well organized, as well as the spiritual themes put out by the likes of Wilcock and Goode.

Any thoughts on this?


All I can say is that we are tired of waiting for things to happen, so we are working on starting a gold-backed cryptocurrency.  And we like to think we are the good guys.

The post Any intel on Jared Rand? appeared first on Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.


From New Zealand to Hawaii - Where billionaires are building their post-apocalyptic escape home Signs of the Times

Picture the scene: the world runs out of food, there is no clean water and the banking system collapses - what do you do? Well, if you are a billionaire you jump on your private plane or helicopter, or climb into your armoured car, and head to your bolthole to prepare for a new world order. And one place in particular, thousands of miles away from North Korea, ISIS and all the social tensions in Europe and the United States, is seen by some as the ideal 'safe' place for billionaires: New Zealand. Peter Thiel, the billionaire behind PayPal, is among those tech giants who see New Zealand as a good place to go in the event of an apocalypse. He has bought a $13.5m 193-hectare section on the shores of Lake Wanaka - although the only building there at the moment is a barn.


Sadistic dark web pedophile who blackmailed victims into vicious self-harm jailed for 32 years Signs of the Times

A "warped and sadistic" pedophile who blackmailed his victims into licking toilet seats and self-harming has been jailed for 32 years at Birmingham Crown Court. Cambridge University graduate Matthew Falder admitted 137 offenses against 46 people, including blackmail, voyeurism, making indecent images of children and encouraging the rape of a child. Falder was part of several 'virtual communities' of abusers on the dark web, where platforms and other 'hurtcore' websites share images of rape, torture, pedophilia and degradation, the Guardian reports.


9 Companies to Avoid If You Dont Want to Support Prison Slavery Awareness Act

The idea of providing inmates with training and jobs, preparing them to succeed when they are released into the general public may seem like the perfect scenario, but dont allow the carefully chosen words to fool you. Programs that are painted to be for the benefit of the inmates are exactly the opposite.

The working conditions leave much to be desired, even unsafe to be working in, and the inmates that are hired are paid rates so low that some companies have been encouraged to bring their business back to the United States, rather than capitalizing on the cheap labor in third-world countries, as contractors working with our prison systems boast they can provide the same services even cheaper. If something appears too good to be true, it often is!

In an expos written for the website Think Progress, Carimah Townes explains that people behind bars are forced to do grueling, back-breaking, and dangerous work for nickels and dimes, while corporations rack up billions of dollars in profit off the cheap labor. In fact, many of the employed inmates will only make approximately $20-30 EACH MONTH! Thats less than a dollar each day to work in conditions that would be deemed unfit for the average American. The prison labor market is nothing short of modern-day slavery. It is on us to stand up, speak out for those that are in positions where they cant currently advocate for themselves, and to be educated on which companies we are supporting with our hard-earned money.

Source: Skyward Kick Productions | Shutterstock


Let your money do the talking Avoid supporting these 9 companies:

#1 Starbucks

The coffee giant has a cult-like following, but do those who spend their hard-earned money on the companys drinks and products realize what may be happening behind the scenes with those purchases? In order to maximize profits the company turns to prison labor to package up their various goods. Looking at the price that the company charges you wou...


Syrian popular forces reportedly enter Afrin to defend Kurds against Turkish aggression Signs of the Times

A convoy of fighters waving Syrian flags has apparently entered the northern Kurdish-held region of Afrin, which Turkey is targeting in a cross-border operation, footage on Syrian state TV shows. The pro-government fighters were filmed entering the village of Nubul in some 20 pickup trucks. An RT source on the ground has confirmed the movement of troops to Afrin. A reporter at the scene for Syrian state agency SANA that the area where the fighters arrived has already been targeted by an attack from the Turkish side. Turkish media later reported that an artillery attack on the convoy forced it to retreat.


New York federal court rules embedding tweets is copyright infringement Signs of the Times

Some major news outlets got sued over simply embedding a Tweet in their articles and a federal court ruled it to be copyright infringement. Justin Goldman filed a lawsuit against Breitbart, Time, Vox and Yahoo for embedding tweets containing a photo Goldman took of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. Goldman did not post the photo to Twitter, but on Snapchat. However, the photo ended up on Twitter's servers and in several tweets. Twitter was not named in the suit and one has to wonder why not, along with any and everyone who tweeted the picture. Still, it has become fairly commonplace for news outlets and bloggers to embed tweets. If Goldman didn't want his image to be embedded, perhaps he should see to turn off the embed feature via Twitter. YouTube has that feature on its site.


NASA: 'Unusually cold winter' causes Lake Erie to ice over while nearly 60% of lakes ice-covered Signs of the Times

The unusually cold winter in the Upper Midwest has led to a notable buildup of ice on the Great Lakes. Lake Erie is usually the first to freeze over because it is shallower than the other Great Lakes. On February 14, 2018, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite acquired data for these false-color images of North America's Great Lakes. The images were made from a combination of infrared and visible light (MODIS bands 7-2-1) in order to better differentiate between snow and ice (teal) and clouds (white). Open water appears black, though some of the dark areas likely have a layer of clear ice (without snow cover on it). For a detailed map of ice extent and thickness on the Great Lakes, visit the Great Lakes Ice Analysis page.


Netanyahus Corruption Scandal Deepening? The Sleuth Journal

Netanyahus Corruption Scandal Deepening? | Benjamin-Netanyahu1 | Special Interests World News

[image: Getty]

Netanyahu is a world class thug, an unindicted war criminal. Investigations into his civil wrongdoing in one respect resembles former Chicago underworld figure Al Capone.

The Feds couldnt get him for bumping off rivals, racketeering, bootlegging, prostitution or gambling.

They nailed him for income tax evasion, imprisoning him in Atlanta, Alcatraz, and Terminal Island, California, ending up ill and a shadow of his former self.

Netanyahu wont be convicted of war crimes and major human rights abuses. Maybe hell go down for bribery, breach of trust, and alleged criminality connected to so-called Case 4000.

Police suspect Walla news owner/controlling shareholder of Bezeq telecommunications company Shaul Elovitch ordered favorable coverage of Netanyahu on his news site in return for benefits arranged for Bezeq.

Israeli communications ministry director general Shlomo Filber, appointed by Netanyahu, is accused of illicitly letting Bezeq buy shares of satellite cable provider YES.

So far, possible indictments havent touched the prime minister. Analyst Amnon Abramovich believes the case potentially has explosivesurprises.

Walla news CEO Ilan Yeshua said he faced intense pressure to suppress negative news about Netanyahu, along with reporting positively about his wife Sara.

Shes expected to be indicted for using public funds for personal use charged with fraud and breach of trust. It runs in the family.

Earlier, Jerusalems Labor Court found her guilty of subjecting former employee Guy Eliyahu to humiliating treatment. Judge Dita Pruginin fined her around $30,000 in damages.

Israels Channel 10 reported that taxation and finance prosecution official Liat Ben Ari, overseeing criminal investigations into the prime ministers alleged wrongdoing, said he agreed with police recommending he be indicted.

Hes been investigated for over a year, police saying damning evidence a...


Liberal viciousness: Hard-left attacks father of Florida shooting victim for being a Trump supporter Signs of the Times

Hard-left social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news outlet. That's right, in the new America it is apparently perfectly acceptable to attack and even blame the parent of a teenager who was murdered, all because his political beliefs do not line up with the leftist orthodoxy. Both Andrew Pollack and his wife were interviewed outside of Broward Health North hospital, hoping to hear from their daughter hours after the attack that left 17 dead and over a dozen injured. During the interview, Pollack committed the thought crime of wearing a t-shirt for his preferred presidential candidate, a fact that apparently gave leftists on twitter the cover to viciously attack him.


Widespread Problem of Police Sex Trafficking Women Exposed in Las Vegas The Daily Sheeple

Las Vegas, NV Several police officers in Las Vegas have come under fire after more than a dozen witnesses accused them of working with sex traffickers in exchange for money and prostitutes.

Las Vegas Now reported that the FBI began investigating the allegations in 2014 after they raided the Las Vegas home of music producer and escort service kingpin Jamal Rashid, who is known as Mally Mall. A motion filed in court alleged that officers worked with Rashid to target his competitors in the Las Vegas sex industry.

While the officers used their badges and taxpayer funding to go after other pimps in the area, Mally Mall paid them in cash each month and supplied them with prostitutes. The report even alleges that police officers and the departments lead prosecutor worked with witnesses and coached them in an attempt to pursue even more serious charges against the competitors.

Although the FBI has reportedly been investigating similar allegations for nearly four years, the current information has come to light through a motion filed by defense attorney Janiece Marshall, after she heard the testimony of convicted pimp Ocean Fleming.

Fleming was one of the many competitors who claims he was targeted by police who were working with Mally Mall. He accused star vice detective Chris Baughman of not only targeting other pimps in exchange to cash and prostitutes but of also having an affair with lead prosecutor Deputy DA Liz Mercer, which ensured that he was above the law all around.

You got a cop involved in a sexual relationship with one of the victims, then hes involved in sexual relations at the same time with the prosecutor, not to mention hes married. So, in reality, you got more females in the courtroom than me, Fleming told Las Vegas Now in a phone call from prison.

Fleming is just one of more than a dozen witnesses who have accused detectives in Las Vegas of setting them up in order to help their competition. An investigation into the department resulted in the discovery that not only were officers helping pimps on the street, but prosecutors were also helping convicted sex traffickers in the courtroom.

In one example, Las Vegas Now reported that Zane Campo received a plea deal in which he pleaded no contest to one count of disorderly conduct, even though he had a widespread criminal history and was facing five fe...


Presstitute CBS contradicts itself on Mueller's indictment report Signs of the Times

Despite reporting correctly Deputy AG Rosenstein's statement that Mueller's investigation found no evidence that Russian social media activity had an effect on the US election and no cooperation or collusion with the Trump campaign, CBS then falsely reports: "DOJ indicts Russians for meddling in election." Does CBS have an explanation for its side-by-side self-contradiction on its own website? Are the CBS presstitutes so stupid that they didn't even notice their self-contradiction, or are the presstitutes so determined to carry on with the Russiagate fake news story that they shout over a print account with a TV Special Report? Is it a question of total incompetence or total dishonesty? I see every indication on the part of the media to prevent the American public from understanding that from start to finish Russiagate was a hoax designed to discredit the President of the United States.


Bombshell Report Exposes The Creator Of The Fake News Narrative The Event Chronicle

Sharyl Attikisson has done it again, and this time she takes on the likes of Alphabets Eric Schmidt, and President Obama in her latest TedX Talk. This is a cant miss read and watch. Spread this far and wide!

Source: Sharyl Attkisson Explains the Origins of the 2016 Fake News Narrative in TedX Talk



Cancer: Busting the Myths Part 2 (Natural Cancer Cures) Waking Times

Makia Freeman, Guest
Waking Times

Natural Cancer Cures exist, and are even widely known, but the first things to get past are your own doubts and fears. It can be hard to step out of the box of orthodox, conventional, mainstream, allopathic Western Medicine, especially when faced with a serious illness like cancer. However, the prospect of facing surgery, radiation or chemo, each with its own set of toxic and even lethal side effects, is not appealing. Below is a summary of a variety of natural cancer cures; many are proven natural cancer treatments with a solid record of efficacy, while others are natural cancer remedies which are promising enough to consider.

Numerous Natural Cancer Cures with Solid Evidence of Efficacy

Humanity has a very good idea of how to handle cancer for a long time its just the top natural cancer cures have been suppressed because there was no money in them (couldnt be patented by Big Pharma) and because they threatened the Big Pharma monopoly, which is carefully guarded by the likes of the CDC and FDA.

Newspaper report announcing Rifes cancer treatment in 1938.

Natural Cancer Cures #1: Frequency Machines

The brilliant discoveries of Royal Raymond Rife were suppressed by the FDA and AMA, but luckily Rife Frequency Therapy has survived. It uses radio frequencies to kill...


Polling reveals German far-right party AfD now more popular than Social Democrats Signs of the Times

The populist far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has garnered record high support, latest polling shows. For the first time, the anti-immigrant party has become more popular than the Social Democrats (SPD). Nationwide public support for AfD, which is known for its controversially harsh anti-Islam and anti-immigrant stances, has once again risen to a record 16 percent, a survey conducted by the INSA polling center for the German Bild daily newspaper shows. Their popularity is now comparable to the record support they once had in September 2016. At the same time, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is on a downward trend, as the public support for what once was one of the two major "people's parties" in Germany seems to be waning. In what was called its worst post-war performance, the SPD received just 20.5 percent of the vote in the recent parliamentary elections in September 2017. Now, according to INSA, public support for the party has fallen to yet another all-time low of only 15.5 percent.


Midterms attracting new deep-pocketed donors OpenSecrets Blog

Photo by Vitaly on Unsplash

The president of a medical marijuana wholesaler, an investor whose son lobbied the White House on behalf of Venezuela and Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainges wife made the list.

So did the CEO of an L.A.-based video game company, a wealthy student in Oregon and a Texas retiree who made over 1,400 distinct donations in 2017.

Twenty-seven new donors broke onto the scene last year by giving at least $100,000 to political causes after contributing no more than $20,000 from 1989 to 2016. Its an eclectic group to say the least.

The only obvious through line between these top donors is that the vast majority 23 of the 27 gave to Republican causes.

Top 27 new donors (2018 cycle)

Donor Occupation / Employer 2017 1989 - 2016 Diff. Top Recipient(s)
Greg Lindberg Eli Research $622,500 $7,900 $614,600 North Carolina Republican Party
Michael Porter Retired $500,000 $0 $500,000 #ProjectRedTX
Austin Marxe AWM Investment $350,050 $11,275 $338,775 Senate Majority PAC


FAA radar and audio tapes from Oregon UFO incident that sent F-15s scrambling Signs of the Times

New evidence offers great detail of the bizarre event and provides unprecedented insight into how such a unique incident is dealt with in real time. Last November, The War Zone posted an exclusive story detailing a bizarre incident involving an unidentified aircraft that transited the skies of the Pacific Northwest in the early evening of October 25th, 2017. What started as a radar target moving at very high speed over Northern California turned into a series of eyewitness accounts made by nearby airline pilots traveling northward over Oregon. Even F-15 fighters were launched to intercept the mysterious intruder that quickly became invisible to radar. Now, through the Freedom of Information Act, we present what could be one of the most insightful instances of official documentation surrounding such an encounter that had already been confirmed to have occurred by both the FAA and the USAF. These materials include fascinating audio recordings of radio transmissions and phone calls made as the incident was unfolding, as well as pilot interviews, and conversations between FAA officials made in the aftermath of the highly peculiar incident. For proper context, make sure to first read our original post linked here detailing the event, how our report came to be in the first place, as well as the rare confirmations as to its authenticity from both the FAA and the USAF. Below is also a short explainer video that will give you a basic overview of the incident. See video here. (3:01)


Now, The Reckoning Comes The Media-Created Russia-Collusion Story Collapses The Event Chronicle

The press has played an active role in the Trump-Russia collusion story since its inception. It helped birth it

By Lee Smith

Half the country wants to know why the press wont cover the growing scandal now implicating the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, and threatening to reach the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and perhaps even the Obama White House.

If the press did its job and reported the facts, the argument goes, then it wouldnt just be Republicans and Trump supporters demanding accountability and justice. Americans across the political spectrum would understand the nature and extent of the abuses and crimes touching not just on one political party and its presidential candidate but the rights of every American.

Thats all true, but irrelevant. The reasons the press wont cover the story are suggested in the Graham-Grassley letter itself.

Steele Was a Media Informant

The letter details how Christopher Steele, the former British spy who allegedly authored the documents claiming ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, told the FBI he wasnt talking to the press about his investigation. In a British court, however, Steele acknowledged briefing several media organizations on the material in his dossier.

According to the British court documents, Steele briefed the New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News, The New Yorker, and CNN. In October, he talked to Mother Jones reporter David Corn by Skype. It was Corns October 31 article anonymously sourced to Steele that alerted the FBI their informant was speaking to the press. Grassley and Graham referred Steele to...


Substitute teacher fired for body slamming student (VIDEO) Signs of the Times

A teacher has been fired from a North Carolina school for body slamming a 12-year-old student in an assault captured on video and posted to Facebook. The unnamed substitute teacher had his contract terminated by the Western Guilford Middle School on Sunday, though initially the victim, Jose Escudero, was suspended for seven days over the incident. Outraged by the attack Escudero's mother, Mayo Corrales, posted the video to Facebook in the hope of securing "justice" for her son.


Philippine Government Bans Journalist from Presidential Palace RSS feed from

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's administration renewed its assault on the media by banning a reporter and the executive editor from the news site Rappler from entering the executive office at Malacaang Palace. The ban followed a Senate hearing on a controversial frigate deal, during which a top Duterte aide accused Rappler and the Philippine Daily Inquirer of publishing fake news, which both news outlets denied. [...]


US Applies Useful Double Standard to Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria MintPress News

AFRIN, SYRIA On Saturday, Syrian news agency SANA reported that six men had been hospitalized after an alleged Turkish chemical weapons attack on a small town near the city of Afrin in Northern Syria. Jiwan Mohammad, the director of the Afrin Hospital, told SANA that the mens symptoms were indicative of those experienced after contact with chemical weapons, including difficulty breathing, coughing and burning all over the body.

The pro-Syrian-opposition reporting group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), also confirmed the attack to the AFP news agency, stating that shelling from either Turkey or allied factions hit Al-Sheikh Hadid [30 km west of Afrin] and left six people with enlarged pupils and breathing difficulties.

Though various videos and images of the alleged victims were made available on social media, reports could not be independently confirmed.

Turkey has denied any and all responsibility. Yaskin Aktay, chief adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told Al Jazeera that it is out of the question for Turkey to use an internationally prohibited war tool in Afrin. Turkey has been launching attacks within the Afrin province since late January as part of an offensive it has ironically called Operation Olive Branch. Turkey launched the offensive after the U.S. announced it would be using its Kurdish allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to create a border force of 30,000 fighters.

Turkey condemned the proposed force as a terror army, owing to the fact that the SDF is largely composed of forces belonging to the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) militia, which Turkey has long considered a terrorist group. Turkish President Erdogan has vowed to suffocate this terror army before it is born.


Useful U.S. double standard



De Mistura: Violence and civilian deaths in Syria worst in 4 years Signs of the Times

The UN special envoy for Syria has given warning that violence in the country is the worst he has seen since taking the job four years ago. Staffan de Mistura's remarks on Wednesday came as the US and Russia again traded blame at the UN over the ongoing conflict. "Civilians have been killed on a horrific scale - reports suggest more than 1,000 civilians in the first week of February alone," he told the UN Security Council. "I have been now four years as the special envoy. This is as violent and worrying and dangerous a moment as any that I have seen in my time of tenure so far." De Mistura mentioned all the countries now fighting in Syria, including the Turkish operation around Afrin and the Syrian government's continued bombardment of Eastern Ghouta and Idlib. He talked of developments in recent days, including the US attack on Assad's forces near Deir Az Zor and Israeli air attacks in Syria including on Iranian targets. But both these operations were later defended by Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN.


Remembering The Ethnic Cleansing of Bhutans Lhotshampas MintPress News

Jai Subedi, 38, meticulously counts the inventory in his small store ensconced in the north of Syracuse, New York.

He pauses, then rubs the palms of his hands and securing his muffler, enthusiastically steps out to help two men unload the towering crates of water bottles along with sacks of onions, and apple cartons, from a truck stationed outside.

Its February 2014.

Before Subedi moved to Syracuse in upstate New York nearly nine years ago through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or Unhcr, program, he spent nearly 18 years at the Sanischare refugee camp located in Nepal with some of his family.

Subedi is one of the many tens of thousands who endured a fierce political strife, living in shambles for nearly two decades. His face turns grim as he recalls his life in exile.

When I first met him, four years ago, he admitted to having no regrets but having lived a very hard life.

Subedi is a Southerner who belongs to the Lhotshampa community of Nepali ancestry. At least 80,000 Lhotshampa living in the south of the country were forced to leave in the early 1990s by the ruling monarchy at the time as it enacted the single identity policy, one nation, one people.

It is a rural country between two giant countries (India and China), so no one really knows where Bhutan is, Subedi explained to me in a recent conversation.

Hundred of years ago, our people, our forefathers, were taken away from Nepal to build Bhutan, to develop its infrastructure such as roads, bridges, etc, so as southern Bhutanese, we are ethnically Nepalese, Subedi pointed out.

And we are very hardworking people, our people started owning farms and other lands, reaching high governmental positions, the ruler, the monarchy didnt feel comfortable with our progress, and since we are a minority, when the government brought one nation, one people policy, my father, my uncle and other members of the family suffered human rights violations, the government started putting (Southern) people in jail, they were tortured, started forcing people to leave the country, he said.

Subedi was 12 years old at the time.

They put out a notice for us to leave the country in 13 days. My father was called to a government building to sign a document which said that we were leaving our lands voluntarily to the government, we just fled with nothing, he described.

Thats how we landed at the Nepal border, later living in camps in Nepal.

In the late 1980s, Bhutanese elites regarded a growing ethnic Nepali population as a demographic and cultural threat. The government enacted discriminatory citizenship laws directed against ethnic Nepalis that stripped about one-sixth of the population of their citizenship and paved the way for their expulsion,&...


Ancient Ecosystem Discovered From the Larsen Ice Shelf Crack In Antarctica Awareness Act

The iceberg referred to as A68, which is approximately seven and a half times the size of New York City, drifted off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in July 2017; exposing a never before ecosystem. This 2246 mile seabed has become an urgent mission for NASA scientists due to its ever-evolving surface layers.

An international team of scientists, from nine research institutes, deploys from Stanley in the Falkland Islands on 21 February 2018 and intends to spend three weeks on board the BAS research ship RRS James Clark Ross. The ice-infested waters will make for a troublesome journey, so the scientists will rely primarily on Satellite monitoring for navigation.

Marine biologist Dr. Katrin Linse from British Antarctic Survey will be chiefing the operation. She explains: The calving of A68 provides us with a unique opportunity study marine life as it responds to a dramatic environmental change. Its important we get there quickly before the undersea environment changes as sunlight enters the water and new species begin to colonize. Weve put together a team with a wide range of scientific skills so that we can collect as much information as possible in a short time. Its very exciting.

The team plans to explore the area formerly submerged under the ice shelf by gathering seafloor animals, microbes, plankton, sediments and water samples. They will also document any marine mammals and birds that might have migrated into the area. Their findings will present a depiction of what life under the ice shelf was like so transformations to the ecosystem can be monitored.

This newly uncovered marine area is the first to profit from an international agreement made in 2016 by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). This agreement appoints Special Areas for Scientific Study in newly exposed marine areas following the collapse or retreat of ice shelves across the Antarctic Peninsula region. The agreement came following a European Union proposal to CCAMLR, led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists.

Professor David Vaughan, Science Director at BAS says: The calving of A68 offers a new and unprecedented opportunity to establish an interdisciplinary scientific research programme in this climate-sensitive region. Now is the time to address fundamental questions about the sustainability of polar continental shelves under climate change.

We need to be bold on this one. Larsen C is a long way south and theres lo...


Researchers Believe They Have Found the Mayans Ancient Entrance to the Underworld Awareness Act

Who wouldnt want to explore an ancient entrance to the underworld? ME!

Despite all of the movies and books that tell us not to do things like this, archeologists are and technically have been excavating a secret tunnel in Mexico that had been sealed for centuries. The thing that makes this sealed tunnel all the more mysterious and interesting is that it is said to be an Entrance to The Underworld, bit terrifying? I agree.

It is believed that this passage goes underneath an ancient pyramid called El Castillo (the castle). This was a pyramid built by the Maya over 1,000 years ago. In doing this they hope to reach what is thought to be an underwater cavern that was important to Mayan spirituality, a cenote. Whether or not that is what they will find is something we will have to wonder until the excavation has been carried out.

This entrance was discovered about seven years ago and sits over a fissure that is continuously releasing pent-up geologic carbon dioxide in good sized quantities. The team led by the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) says actually says that stories of ritualistic sacrifice seem to have been carried out in the cave according to no longer present scribes. After researching and working to better understand this cave and what it does researchers found that the hours before dawn are the riskiest time to enter the cave, at night concentrations, were so high that they would easily kill humans within minutes.

In the journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences it is described as follows:

These emissions are thought to reflect the Hadean breath and/or the breath of the hellhound Kerberos guarding the entrance to hell. The origin of the geogenic CO2 is the still active seismic structure that crosses the old town of ancient Hierapolis as part of the Babadag fracture zone. Our measurements confirm the presence of geogenic CO2 in concentrations that explain ancient stories of killed bulls, rams, and songbirds during religious ceremonies. They also strongly corroborate that at least in the case of Hierapolis, ancient writers like Strabo or Plinius described a mystic phenomenon very exactly without much exaggeration. Two thousand years ago, only supernatural forces could explain these phenomena from Hadean depths whereas nowadays, modern techniques hint to the well-known phenomenon of geogenic CO2 degassing having mantle components with relatively higher helium and radon concentrations.

What do you think will come of this excavation and do you think they will find what they are looking for? I sure hope they do. This is risky business and one...


WaPo Just Admitted Russian Propaganda Was Actually US Mainstream Media, and Was Factual The Event Chronicle

The Washington Post went from claiming that Russian bots were using alternative media outlets to spread fake news to admitting that they were actually sharing mainstream media stories that favored Trump.

By Rachel Blevins

During the 2016 election, the narrative that interference from the Russians had an impact on Donald Trumps success was alive and well, and it was pushed heavily by the Washington Post. However, the Post is now claiming that the propaganda it accused Russian bots of spreading was actually American, and it was factually accurate.

In a new story titled Russia used mainstream media to manipulate American voters, the Post admitted that instead of creating and spreading fake news, the accounts it claimed were controlled by Russians actually focused on sharing stories from American mainstream media outlets, and one of their most used sources just happened to be The Washington Post.

Citing an analysis by Columbia University social-media researcher Jonathan Albright, the Post noted that the majority of the Russian propaganda spread by these accounts was made up of factually accurate stories from American sources:


While the Post did not admit it directly, the claim that so-called Russian accounts on social media were frequently sharing mainstream media reports that elevated Trump or criticized Clinton, is a far cry from the claims the Post made during the election.

In November 2016, the Post published a story titled, ...


Blog: Changes to Jordan's hate speech law could further stifle press freedom RSS feed from

Recently proposed amendments to Jordan's 2015 cybercrime law, including a vague and broad definition of hate speech, will further stifle press freedom on the pretext of protecting the country's citizens, and could result in further self-censorship, several Jordanian journalists told CPJ....


6 Things Everyone Should Understand About Nature Spirits Awareness Act

Nature spirits for anyone who may be wondering, are deities that are basically composed of etheric matter. They are sent out to maintain the plant kingdom and help those that they can.

These spirits are thought to have been here since the beginning of time and are EXTREMELY important. They created our landscapes and built our realities. Nature spirits are often considered the same as Elementals which are things like gnomes, salamanders, undines, and gnomes depending on the element itself. Elementals are mythical beings that can vary depending on where you are getting your sources. Many believe that most Nature spirits end up being fairies.

To sum up: all nature-spirits are not the same as fairies; nor are all fairies nature-spirits. The same applies to the relationship of nature-spirits and the dead. But we may safely say that a large proportion of nature-spirits became fairies, while quite a number of the dead in some areas seem to take on the character of nature-spirits. We cannot expect any fixity of rule in dealing with barbaric thought. We must take it as it comes. It bears the same relationship to civilized or folk-lore theory as does the growth of the jungle to a carefully designed and meticulously labeled botanical garden. As Victor Hugo once exclaimed when writing of the barbaric confusion which underlies the creative function in poetry: What do you expect? You are among savages!
Lewis Spence, British Fairy Origins

While it can be a bit hard to wrap your head around, the idea of Nature spirits is not a new concept. It is something many have believed for quite some time. Think of Fern Gully but better. Nature spirits are there to help anyone who is open to their existence. They are the Guardians of Mother Earth and we can work together with them if we choose to do so.

While Nature spirits are believed to live on a different plane of existence or dimension than we do, it is thought that they can travel freely to where we are. Below you will find a list of things you need to learn about Nature spirits before you dive all the way in. These spirits can be a bit confusing but once you begin learning about them you will notice them at work in your daily life more often than not.

6 Things You Need to Know About Nature Spirits:

1. We can connect with them.

When it comes to connecting with a Nature spirit, being as grounded as possible is the first step. Once you have that down you need to be respectful and open-minded. Listen to your heart and let it guide you to something interesting. Sit in nature for a few hours and...


Navy SEAL Busts Connecticut Pedophile Ring Arrests 5 Child Rapists Your News Wire

Members of the Vets4ChildRescue pedophile hunting team led by former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer have conducted an undercover investigation and covert sting resulting in the arrest of five sexual predators in Guilford, Connecticut. Operation Not [...]


The Real Reason Establishment Frauds Hate Trump and Obsess About Russia Liberty Blitzkrieg

PVE, then, is first and foremost a narrative device: a tool used, largely unconsciously, to inject fresh legitimacy into a war on terror that by 2008 had fallen into disrepute. More specifically, PVE appears to dampen the queasiness felt at pursuing a course of action that quite obviously conflicts with Western liberal values, wrapping hard-edged counterterrorism in gentle language. In that sense, it renovates a long-held tradition.

Indeed, the roots of PVE and the broader war on terror date back to a centuries-old tendency among most societiesWestern and non-Western aliketo forge their identities in an almost perpetual state of conflict, aiming to control resources or counter rivals. Such war footing demands a positive, legitimating narrativean understanding that we fight to reclaim, defend, pacify, stabilise, illuminate and liberate. Rarely do eradication and predation announce themselves unabashedly. Rather, virtually all forms of conquest and colonisation hinge on the notion of an enemy to defeat and, alongside it, a population begging for deliverance...

Today, it is difficult to pin down even the healthy pretense of moral standards in Western foreign policy. Barack Obama, his motto of restraint notwithstanding, presided over not only the vast expansion of borderless warfare via killer drones, but also the redeployment of all-out aerial campaigns that have destroyed entire cities in Syria and Iraq. In the meantime, America and its allies have lied shamelessly about civilian casualties, thus denying victims even meager compensation; slammed shut their borders to refugees, and been complicit in the latters forced return to warzones; and broadcast almost satirically poisonous, jingoistic narratives regarding the enemy. In other words, Western societies have not only ceased to exert meaningful pressure on abusive regimes abroadthey have also, increasingly, emulated some of these regimes worst practices.

- From: The West's War on Itself

The political space I inhabit isn't very popular because it fails to make anyone particularly happy. Although I'm stridently against the U.S. status quo and its predatory and corrupt paradigm, I do not embrace Donald Trump's vision. At the same time, I won't allow my distaste for him to propel me into the duplicitous and toxic arms of a dishonest resistance movement manufactured and led by the corporate media, intelligence agencies and hack politicians.

There are all sorts of important critiques of the Trump administration that aren't seeing the light of day because "the resistance" insists on diverting all our...


AnyVisions Facial Recognition Cameras Are Being Installed In Smart Cities Everywhere Activist Post

By MassPrivateI Everywhere you turn politicians and corporations are trying to convince the public we need to convert our cities into smart cities. Last...


UNs Top Childrens Rights Officer Convicted Of Raping Children Your News Wire

Peter Newell, the United Nations top childrens rights official, has been jailed after pleading guilty to five charges relating to the rape and indecent assault of a child. Newell, 77, whose charity received hundreds of thousands [...]


A Protection Racket Emerges: The Wagons Circle Around Las Vegas Judge Activist Post

By Janet Phelan Cynthia Giuliani was voted onto the Clark County bench in November of 2008. She assumed office on January 5, 2009. Before the...


Research Proves that Exposure to Cell Phone and Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Can Worsen Pre-existing Conditions Even if It Didnt Cause Them Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Most would agree that those who were born with asthma are likely to make it worse by smoking. Research has proven that...


Very Important News: Jennifer Lawrence Taking a Break From Acting to 'Fix Democracy' Signs of the Times

Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Lawrence says she's taking a sabbatical from acting so she can help "fix our democracy." "I'm going to take the next year off," Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight, explaining how she will work with a self-described anti-corruption nonprofit during her break from film. "I'm going to be working with this organization as a part of Represent.US... trying to get young people engaged politically on a local level." "It doesn't have anything to do with partisan [politics]. It's just anti-corruption and stuff trying to pass state by state laws that can help prevent corruption, fix our democracy." Comment: Yeah, something tells us - without even looking into what this organization represents - that it isn't about getting youth engaged with anything remotely Republican or independent. The Hunger Games star hinted at her desire to take a break from acting last November, telling Elle magazine that she plans to trade the limelight for a farm and activism. "I want to get a farm," the Academy Award-winner told the lifestyle magazine. "I want to be, like, milking goats." Comment: Can you go do that in Canada?


Mueller Indictments Finds No Collusion With Any American And Russian Meddling Did Not Affect Outcome Of Election The Event Chronicle

Mueller Indictments Finds No Collusion With Any American And Russian Meddling Did Not Affect Outcome Of Election

Mueller Spent Millions Of Dollars For Collusion Investigation Just To Bust A Russian Troll Farm?

By Susan Duclos

While the massacre at a Florida high school which killed 17 people has been dominating the headlines, it has been noted that what we are not seeing in the headlines is the whole Russian collusion, narrative the media has been rambling on about non-stop for the last year.

Make no mistake, we are in no way asserting the horrendous school shooting shouldnt be covered, we have covered the FBIs extreme incompetence in regards to ignoring reports about the shooter Nikolas Cruz, ourselves, and will follow up with newer details being exposed, but that is no reason to completely ignore other news updating readers on the new Mueller indictments against a Russian troll farm, while determining that no American, colluded with the Russians, and their social media interference did not affect the outcome of the election.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller after spending millions of taxpayer dollars, indicted four Americans on charges completely unrelated to Russia meddling in the U.S. presidential election, and the bombshell news that broke on Friday is the Russian collusion investigation headed up by Mueller, has indicted 13 Russians for attempting to sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 presidential election, with no collusion on the part of any American.

While liberals are hailing this as a victory, screaming Russian interference, here are some key points:

According to the indictment, the Internet Research Agency, a Russian troll farm, started interfering as early as 2014 in U.S. politics, extending to the 2016 presidential election. The defendants, posing as U.S. persons and creating false U.S. personas, operated social media groups designed to attract U.S. audiences by stealing U.S. identities and falsely claiming to be U.S. activists....


"Their Objective Is To Create Fear..."; A Comment Running 'Cause I Can't Fly

"Their Objective Is To Create Fear..."
by Jeff Thomas

"The Social Justice trend has appeared in recent years, and has rapidly gained momentum. It appeared first on college campuses, where students accused a professor or, indeed, another student, of making a statement or using a word that was deemed socially unacceptable. The premise by the accuser was that a campus must be a safe space, where people should not be exposed to comments that may possibly make anyone feel demeaned or uncomfortable.

The accusers have earned the name snowflakes, as they tend to melt down at the slightest provocation. However, the Social Justice trend has given snowflakes...

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