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Wednesday, 14 November


A familiar invasion: Settlers take another mountain top, soldiers follow, and Palestinians demonstrate for their rights Mondoweiss

It was the day before Eid al-Adha last summer, and millions of Palestinian Muslims across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, Gaza, and Israel were preparing for the biggest holiday of the year.

But when the residents of the Ramallah-area village of Kafr Nima woke up, expecting to spend the day decorating their homes and preparing sweets for the visitors they would receive the following morning, they were shocked to find a group of visitors on the outskirts of the town.

The settlers came in the middle of the night, no one knew. By morning they had paved a road up to the mountain, set up their tents, and had soldiers protecting them, Zafer Attayah, a resident of Kfar Nima told Mondoweiss.

Attayah pointed to the top of Risan mountain, located just 500 meters northeast of the village. You can see now they have set up a caravan, and there are some soldiers around them, he said.

The family of settlers, which Attayah estimates numbers around 10, first showed up on Risan mountain on September 7th. Every day since then, the soldiers have been present in the area. Day and night they are there, Attayah said.

Armed Israeli forces are now a permanent fixture on the Risan mountain (Yumna Patel)

The Risan mountain is nestled between three villages northwest of Ramallah, just a few kilometers from the Green Line Kafr Nima, Ras Karkar, and Kharbetha Bani Hareth.

People from all three villages own land on the mountain, Attayah said, noting that his family is among the landowners.

After the settlers came, the Israeli occupation authorities told us that they were confiscating the land for the settlers, he said. They want to take 1,000 dunums [about 250 acres] of our land.

Ever since the settlers showed up two months ago, the Palestinians from Risans three surrounding villages have been staging weekly Friday protests on the mountain in attempts to stop the confiscation.

We have to maintain our presence in the area, Attayah said. They think they can just come and take the land, but we will not make it easy for them.

A history of resistance

The villagers of Kafr Nima are no strangers to resisting the Israeli occupation. The village sits just four kilometers from the Green Line, the skyline of Israels large coastal cities clearly visible beyond the hills of the West Bank.



Para Cambiar Todo en formatos PDF y web CrimethInc.

El fracaso de la izquierda y los triunfos de la derecha son suficientes para mantenernos luchando contra ambos. Presentamos nuestra introduccin al anarquismo, Para Cambiar Todo, en varios formatos y varias lenguas, una de ellas viviendo bajo la bota de El Estado Espaol, y otra en el hemisferio occidental colonizado por el mismo Estado Espaol. Por favor imprmanlos y distribyanlos donde quiera que estn. Aquellos en los Estados Unidos, todava pueden ordenar nuestra versin impresa de Para Cambiar Todo de CrimethInc., pero apresrense que se agotan.

Las versiones de la web estn aqu y aqu.

PDF por Espaa

PDF por Amrica Latina.

The failures of the left and the successes of the right are enough to keep us fighting against both. Were presenting our introduction to anarchism, Para Cambiar Todo, in several formats and two dialectsone for those living under the thumb of El Estado Espaol and one for those in the portions of the Western Hemisphere that were colonized by El Estado Espaol. Please print these out and distribute them wherever you are. Those in the United States can still order our printing of Para Cambiar Todo from CrimethInc. Far East, but hurryits almost out of print.


The Korean War: The Moral Bankruptcy of Interventionism Aletho News

By Jacob G. Hornberger | FFF | November 13, 2018 An article in Sundays New York Times entitled Remembering the Forgotten War demonstrates perfectly the moral bankruptcy of the philosophy of foreign interventionism. Calling for the Korean War to become more highly remembered, the author, Hampton Sides, extols some of the popular justifications for subjecting []


Israeli press review: Israeli politicians call for more blood in Gaza Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Lieberman denounced as a 'toy Rambo' and 'absolute zero', while a candidate for prime minister promises assassinations if elected


A Serb's comment on French policy in history - Jovan Pjescic Sic Semper Tyrannis

Sometimes its hard to understand the big powers - case of France During the recent commemoration of the end of WWI in Paris, in the Notre-Dam Cathedral, among other flags, there was the flag of Kosovo*. When you take a...


Israel Wins 2018 Election Aletho News

No matter who is elected Israel comes first By Philip Giraldi Unz Review November 13, 2018 Judging from the mainstream media, Israel was not a major issue in the midterm election but it sure did come up a lot when candidates for office were wooing Jewish or Evangelical voters. To cite only one []


November 13, 2018: Gaza Is On Edge Of Israeli Ground Invasion The Vineyard of the Saker The Gaza Strip is on the brink of a large-scale Israeli military intervention. The current round of escalation started on November 11 when a covert unit of the Israeli


Jens Stoltenberg at the NATO Industry Forum, by Jens Stoltenberg Voltaire Network

Good morning. It's great to see you all. Let me start by thanking Germany for hosting our conference this year. And for being a major driver in technology and innovation. Let me also thank all of you for being here and for joining us at this NATO Industry Forum. A very important platform for strengthening the cooperation between NATO, NATO allies and Industry which is so important for the whole Alliance. I would also like to thank commissioner Elbieta Bienkowska for being here today I (...)


CNN Sues Trump Administration Over Jim Acosta Press Credentials Peace and Freedom

The network says revocation of reporters credentials violates CNN and Acostas First Amendment rights

CNN said it filed a lawsuit against President Trump and his administration that seeks to reinstate the credentials of Jim Acosta, the cable news channel correspondent who was banned from the White House after clashing with the president during a press conference last week.

The wrongful revocation of these credentials violates CNN and Acostas First Amendment rights of freedom of the press, and their Fifth Amendment rights to due process, CNN said in a statement.

The lawsuit, filed in D.C. District Court, asks for a restraining order requiring the return of Mr. Acostas White House press pass.

When the White House suspended Mr. Acostas pass last week, it said it did so because he had placed his hands on an intern who was trying to take the microphone from him after Mr. Trump indicated he was no longer taking his questions. Video of the altercation shows only incidental contact. CNN has said this fight wasnt about the intern but rather about the presidents contempt for Mr. Acosta and CNN.

While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone. If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials, CNN said. CNN is a unit of AT&T Inc.

We have been advised that CNN has filed a complaint challenging the suspension of Jim Acostas hard pass. This is just more grandstanding from CNN, and we will vigorously defend against this lawsuit, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement. After Mr. Acosta asked the President two questionseach of which the President answeredhe physically refused to surrender a White House microphone to an intern, so that other reporters might ask their questions. This was not the first time this reporter has inapprop...


Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 13, 2018 (Map Update)

This map provides a general look at the military situation in Afghanistan on November 13, 2018. Over the past few days, the Taliban has continued its offensive operations against the US-backed Afghan government across the country. A sucidie bombing attack also took place in the city of Kabul.

Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 13, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

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Trump planning shakeup, eyeing new chief of staff and DHS secretary Peace and Freedom

President Donald Trump is considering yet another shakeup of his administration, preparing to remove Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and looking at possible replacements for Chief of Staff John Kelly, including Vice President Mike Pences Chief of Staff Nick Ayers, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Nielsen, who became secretary at Homeland Security when John Kelly left DHS to become Trumps chief of staff, is expected to leave her role in the coming weeks and could be asked to resign, according to sources. However, Kelly is fighting to delay her departure, the sources said.

The timeline for a shakeup remains unclear and the White House has not responded to a request for comment.

PHOTO: Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speak to the media during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, June 18, 2018.Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP
Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speak to the media during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, June 18, 2018.more +

The Secretary is honored to lead the men and women of DHS and is committed to implementing the Presidents security-focused agenda to protect Americans from all threats and will continue to do so, DHS spokesperson Tyler Houlton said in a statement Tuesday.

The Washington Post first reported the news of Nielsens potential departure. The White House did not immediately respond to ABC News request for comment about the potential changes.

Meanwhile, Kellys job is also uncertain and his fate has been in question for some time. Sources tell ABC News that within the last few weeks, the president has once again discussed Kellys fate with many of his top advisers; Kelly has continued to grow distant with the president...


Where was Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey Poisoned? Aletho News

By Rob Slane | The Blog Mire | November 12, 2018 I wrote back here that the Achilles Heel of the door handle theory is Detective Sergeant Nicholas Bailey. When his name was first mentioned publicly, on 8th March, it was widely reported that he had been one of the first responders at the bench []


Ebola in DRC: A Lingering Threat Geopolitical Monitor


The latest WHO situation report sheds new light on the evolving Ebola outbreak in the DRCs North Kivu province. According to the report, there have been 29 new cases over the past week, 15 of which are located in Beni.

With 329 confirmed and probable cases, the WHO has now declared this Ebola outbreak to be the worst in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Yet there are also some positive developments of late. For one, despite a series of false alarms, the disease has yet to spread to neighboring countries like Uganda, South Sudan, or Rwanda. A vaccination drive has also seen some 27,360 people receive an experimental vaccine, including over 9,000 frontline health workers, with encouraging early results.

The post Ebola in DRC: A Lingering Threat appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


Nationalism and Patriotism Sic Semper Tyrannis

Elie Kedourie wrote in "Nationalism," perhaps his greatest work, that "Patriotism is the love of one's country or group, while Nationalism is the love of one's country or group at the expense of everyone else." George Orwell wrote in "Notes...


US Calls for Ceasefire, Keeps Attacking Yemen Dissident Voice

In case you missed it, US efforts to prolong the worlds most serious humanitarian crisis in Yemen continue to succeed spectacularly. US military support enables the Saudi coalition to continue to bomb markets, docks, mosques, hospitals, school buses, weddings and funerals, and other civilian targets with impunity. The Saudis Yemeni enemy, the Houthi rebels, have no effective air defenses. On March 26, 2015, with the blessing and tactical support of the Obama administration, Saudi Arabia and its allies launched an illegal, genocidal, aggressive war on Houthi-controlled Yemen. Yemen was and is in the midst of a civil war in which the long-oppressed Houthis overthrew the legitimate government that the US and others had imposed on Yemen. Since March 2015, the US and the Saudi coalition have subjected Yemen to daily war crimes, not only killing civilians but destroying non-military targets of all sorts, causing a form of biological warfare with a cholera plague, as well as massive famine for more than half the countrys 25 million people. The UNs World Food Programme (WFP) head said on Septembe...


Statement by Heads of State on the Global Information and Communication Space Voltaire Network

Joint statement of Roch Marc Christian Kabor (Burkina Faso), Justin Trudeau (Canada), Carlos Alvarado (Costa Rica), Lars Lokke Rasmussen (Denmark), Emmanuel Macron (France), Raimonds Vjonis (Latvia), Saad Hariri (Lebanon), Dalia Grybauskait (Lithuania), Erna Solberg (Norway), Macky Sall (Senegal), Alain Berset (Switzerland), Beji Caid Essebsi (Tunisia) The Heads of State or Government of Burkina Faso, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Senegal, (...)


Shall I feed my daughter or educate her?: The abysmal state of girls education in Pakistan Peace and Freedom

HRW report says barriers to girls education include under-investment, prohibitive school fees and gender discrimination

A free non-government school in Karachi's Lyari's neighbourhood provides a few hours of classes per day to children who otherwise have no access to education. *Image by Insiya Syed for Human Rights Watch*
A free non-government school in Karachis Lyaris neighbourhood provides a few hours of classes per day to children who otherwise have no access to education. Image by Insiya Syed for Human Rights Watch

Pakistan is failing to educate a huge proportion of the countrys girls, who have little or no access to education, notes a recent report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The report called Shall I Feed My Daughter, or Educate Her?, catalogs barriers to girls education based on over 200 interviews most of them with girls who never attended school or were unable to complete their education, and their families conducted in all four of Pakistans provinces in places like Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, Lahore, and several nearby rural areas.

The report concludes that in a country of 200 million, a shocking 22 million children are out of school  with a majority of them being girls.

In fact, by 9th grade only 13 percent of girls are still in school.

Also read: 10 alarming statistics about Pakistans out-of-school children

The Pakistan governments failure to educate children is having a devastating impact on millions of girls. Many of the girls we interviewed are desperate to study, but instead are growing up without the education that would help them have options for their future. Liesl Gerntholtz, womens rights director at HRW.

Even parents who are not educated themselves understand that their daughters future depends on them going to school, but the government is abandoning these families, Gerntholtz said.

As of 2017, Pakistan was spending less than 2.8 percent of its gross domestic product on education  far below the recommended 4 to 6 percent.



The complicated legacy of Yasser Arafat Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Fourteen years after his death, Palestinians still have mixed feelings about the achievements of their iconic leader


South Korea rejects report on Norths undeclared missile sites Aletho News

Press TV November 13, 2018 South Korea has dismissed a new report by a United States-based think tank that accused North Korea of being engaged in deception based on purported commercial satellite images that it said showed a number of undeclared missile operating bases inside the country. The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International []


Hugh Fitzgerald: Robert Azzi, Still With His Ask-A-Muslim Anything Shtick (Part Two) Jihad Watch

3. Mr. Azzi, I found in reading the Quran, one verse 98:6 that describes Unbelievers as the most vile of created beings. And another 3:110 about how Muslims are the best of peoples. Can you tell me if Muslims really believe that, and if so, what can or should be done []


Michigan FGM Defense Lawyers Push New Tactic Clarion Project

(Illustrative photo: Pxhere/ photo: Pxhere/

Lawyers defending a doctor charged with performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls in Michigan tried a new tactic to have the charges dismissed. The defense lawyers claimed the U.S. law that prohibits the procedure is unconstitutional, The Detroit News reported.

In 1996, Congress forbade FGM under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. However, lawyers for Dr. Jumana Nagarwala of Northville, Michigan, who is accused of mutilating nine young girls, argued Congress lacked the authority to enact the law because FGM has nothing to do with interstate commerce.

Mutilation is not an economic activity, said Nargawalas lawyer, Molly Sylvia Blythe. It has nothing to do with commerce or an economic enterprise.

However, the lawyer for the Justice Departments Human Rights and Special Prosecutions section, Christian Levesque, disagreed saying:

Female genital mutilation is part of a health-care service, an illicit health-care service, an illegal and detrimental health-care service. All forms of female genital mutilation are an economic service at its core.

Levesque noted that parents used cellphones to arrange having the procedure carried out and children were transported across state lines where they underwent the procedure using medical tools in state-licensed clinics.

Nagarwala is part of the Dawoodi Bohra, a Muslim sect from India that has a small community in the Detroit area. The sect believes FGM is a religious obligation.

The girls were cut at the Livonia clinic of Dr. Fakhruddin Attar, who is also charged in the case, along with Attars wife, Dr. Farida Attar.

FGM includes all procedures involving partial or complete removal of the external fe...


Inside Laurel Canyon with Dave McGowan Aletho News

TheLipTV2 | February 23, 2015 The hippie movement of the 1960s, which began in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles and peculiar military and political ties to prominent figures in the scene like Jim Morrison and Frank Zappa are looked at with Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon author Dave McGowan. We also discuss movement pioneer Vito Paulekas, []


US Has Gone Rogue with SWIFTs Iran Cutoff Covert Geopolitics

SWIFT cut a raft of Iranian banks including the countrys central bank off from its system on Monday, having come under pressure from the US to do so. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the move is the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system. Prof. Keen, an economist Continue reading US Has Gone Rogue with SWIFTs Iran Cutoff


Ethiopia arrests ex-head of army firm as crackdown targets security services Peace and Freedom

Ethiopia arrested the former head of the military-run industrial conglomerate METEC on Tuesday, state media reported, a day after authorities announced investigations targeting senior members of the powerful security forces.

Kinfe Dagnew, a Brigadier General in Ethiopias army, was detained near the northwest town of Humera, close to the border with Sudan and Eritrea, state-run broadcaster EBC said. Footage showed him surrounded by soldiers.

Image result for Kinfe Dagnew, ethiopia, photos

Kinfe Dagnew

The arrest came after the attorney general announced a series of inquiries and detentions that one Western envoy described on Tuesday as a full frontal assault on the establishment. The diplomat asked not to be named.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed promised to rein in security services after he became prime minister in April part of a series of radical reforms that have upended decades-old policies and hierarchies.

He also promised to let private investors get stakes in the huge conglomerates run by the army and other state bodies that have dominated the economy since the ruling EPRDF coalition came to power in 1991.

On Monday, attorney general Berhanu Tsegaye said investigations had uncovered corruption at METEC, which manufactures military equipment and is also involved in many other sectors from agriculture to construction. Reuters has not been able to contact METEC for comment senior public relations officials were among those arrested.

The attorney general said several METEC officials had been detained alongside intelligence officers, police and other military officials targeted by separate investigations into abuse of prisoners.

He also accused senior members of the security services of ordering an attack on the prime minister in June.

Dozens of METEC employees and security officials appeared in court later on Monday. A judge denied the suspects bail and gave police 14 days further to investigate. None were charged.

A list of the arrest warrants released by the attorney generals office named 27 METEC current and former executives including the head of military equipment production and the head of corporate logistics and supply. Six of those on the list are current and former deputy directors at METEC. Army officers hold senior positions in the company.

One of those arrested was caught while trying to destroy evidence, the document read.

Abiy Ethiopias first leader from its largest ethnic group, the Oromos was chosen by the EPRDF after three years of street protests and strikes piled pressure on the coalition to reform.

Reporting by Aaron Maasho; Writing by Maggie Fick and George Obulut...


A $2bn Saudi Plan to Assassinate Irans Leaders Covert Geopolitics

So maybe the Iranians do have much to be paranoid about. An explosive New York Times story citing multiple unnamed sources familiar with the matter details how top Saudi intelligence officials conspired to assassinate Iranian leaders  including Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Quds force commander Qassim Suleimani  in a plot wherein the Saudis mulled using private contractors, and even approached Erik Prince, the Continue reading A $2bn Saudi Plan to Assassinate Irans Leaders


Hariri blames Hezbollah for Lebanon government block Peace and Freedom

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Tuesday blamed Hezbollah for blocking the formation of a government.

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri speaks during a news conference in Beirut on Nov. 13. (Reuters)

Hariri said the process had hit a big obstacle and blamed the Iran-backed militant group for the stalemate.

Shiite Hezbollah has been pressing one of the Sunni MPs allied to it to get a cabinet portfolio, something Hariri refused.

Lebanon has been struggling to form a government since elections in May.

*With Reuters


By their friends ye shall know them: Israel and its brutal allies Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Netanyahus ongoing support for Saudi Arabia, despite the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, highlights a lack of moral legitimacy


Britains conspiracy of silence over the Brexit deal Peace and Freedom

The UK can only secure frictionless trade with the EU by losing control of the rules

Dominic Raab, on the left, and Michel Barnier at the podium

Dominic Raab, UK Brexit secretary, left, and Michel Barnier, chief EU negotiator, in Brussels in August Reuters

By Peter Mandelson

The paradox at the heart of Brexit is only now becoming apparent. It was brutally exposed by Jo Johnson when he spoke of vassalage in his resignation from the UK government last week. The very event that was intended to give Britain greater control outside the EU can only be implemented by ceding even greater control to it. No wonder the cabinet is struggling to agree a position.

This conclusion is not the consequence of any failure on Theresa Mays part. It is ridiculous to blame the prime ministers weak leadership or lack of negotiating skills or, indeed, her lack of a parliamentary majority.

Nor is it due, as the more hot-headed Brexiters suspect, to a pro-European conspiracy in the civil service. The paradox is intrinsic to Brexit: we can only secure continuity of frictionless trade by complying with the rules but without a say in them once the UK has left the EU. (This would be the case even without the complicating factor of losing further sovereignty, so as to avoid a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.)

Prospective Labour ministers might imagine that, through patient and friendly negotiation, they could find a magic formula that gives Britain both autonomy and full market access outside the EU. But this is a delusion. For those who think this paradox is going to ease with time, I have disappointing news. If anything it will worsen.

The longer Britain lingers inside either the single market or the customs union, or both, either through indecision, the operation of the Irish border backstop or a desire to put off the consequences of leaving, the more onerous the conditions will become. As a former member of the European Commission, I have been on the opposite side of the negotiating table.

I saw what happened in Switzerlands case. EU states, bound by a tough rule book inside the EU, will simply not allow more flexibility for a country outside it that wants preferential market access and customs privileges. Notwithstanding the trade benefits for both sides, the EU will not welcome the inevitable tensions and arguments that will be sparked in administering these arrangements.

Brussels will impose rigid conditions for operating such a system and the European Court of Justice, or a surrogate body, will be the final court of appeal.

The closer Britain remains to the single market, the stronger will be the EUs demand for a level playing field on all matters affecting competition. Every industrial sector in Britain will be required...


Courage To Resist: Troops Ordered Deployed To Border PopularResistance.Org

Military brass suggested that these camps would not violate the constitutional prohibition against using the military to police and enforce domestic immigration law, based on the fact that the military has occasionally provided shelter to people during humanitarian crises, for short periods of time. Apparently, because the military helped out a bit following a hurricane then long term immigrant concentration camps are just fine. According to the Military Times (October 2, 2018), HHS has completed site surveys at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas; Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas; Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas; and Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.


Israel to Police European Coastlines Protecting the Continent from Refugees? Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

November 12, 2018 by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog This sounds like a bad joke. It aint. Its real. One fascist government helps another fascist government. Yes, I have written about fascism invading the west before warning that the European Union (non-union) is being gradually, but ever faster turned into a fascist dictatorship []


Assad amends Law 10, giving Syrians a year to claim their property Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Controversial legislation has been accused of institutional ethnic cleansing by its detractors


Crucifying Julian Assange PopularResistance.Org

Julian Assanges sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador...


Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 13, 2018 (Map Update)

This map provides a brief look at the military situation in Syria on November 13. During the past 24 hours, the situation did not change signfiicantly.

  • Clashes are still ongoing between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS in the al-Saf area in southern Syria;
  • One SAA soldier was reportedly killed and another one injured in a fresh series of militant attacks on SAA positions near al-Sakaraia in eastern Idlib;
  • In the area south of Karf Nabudah in northern Hama, clashes were reported between the SAA and militant groups;
  • In the area of Hajin, the situation remains relatively calm as ISIS has carried out no offensive operations against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over the past two days.
Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 13, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

The post Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 13, 2018 (Map Update) appeared first on .


CIA Whistleblower: Brennan And Clapper Should Not Escape Prosecution PopularResistance.Org

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the longtime chairman of the Judiciary Committee, made a dramatic announcement Nov. 1 that should lead to jail time for both former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. As reported, but widely overlooked amid the media focus on the midterm elections, Brennan ordered CIA hackers to intercept the emails of all potential or possible intelligence community whistleblowers who may have been trying to contact the congressional oversight committees, specifically to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hacking the Senates computer system constitutes illegal use of a government computer, illegal espionage, and wire fraud.


Human Rights as a weapon Voltaire Network

When human rights become a weapon, by Alfred de Zayas / The people want to set the course themselves, by Werner Wthrich / Direct democracy facing a practical test, by Marianne Wthrich / Indispensable white gold the well-established Swiss salt supply system, by Peter Aebersold and Eliane Perret / After the elections in Bavaria, by Karl Mller / Propaganda is marching, by Christian Fischer / The glut of money. Draghi has emulated in real life what Mephisto explained in advance as a fairy tale, by Eberhard Hamer / Do not rely on politics turn active yourself. Civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld on democracy in Germany / Impressions from Saxony, by Rita Brgger.


SWIFTs Iran Ban Will Expedite Global De-Dollarization PopularResistance.Org

The blacklisting of Iran from international financial messaging system SWIFT serves as a warning to Washingtons enemies, but will hasten the demise of the dollar, stockbroker-turned broadcaster Max Keiser told RT. SWIFT, a system that facilitates cross-border payments between 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries worldwide cut several Iranian banks, including the countrys central bank, off from its services on Monday. The move came as a result of US pressure and was described by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system.


Sloppy BBC News report omits rocket hits on Israeli homes BBC Watch

About an hour and a half after terrorists in the Gaza Strip had begun a barrage of attacks on civilian targets in Israel on the afternoon of November 12th the BBC News website published an article titled Israel-Gaza violence erupts after covert op killings.

The report has since been amended numerous times but its headline has not been changed and its opening paragraph remains basically the same:

Version 1: Violence has flared between Israel and Gaza, a day after seven militants and an Israeli soldier were killed amid an undercover Israeli operation in Gaza.

Version 13: Violence has flared between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, a day after seven militants and an Israeli soldier were killed during an undercover Israeli operation in Gaza.

The militants actually all members of armed terror groups were not killed during an undercover Israeli operation but afte...


The Worlds Paying Too High A Price For Inequality And It Needs To Be Addressed Quickly PopularResistance.Org

As Donald Trump stirs his base ahead of midterm elections with fearmongering over a raggle-taggle band of would-be immigrants wandering through the Mexican countryside towards the US border, claims of victimhood in international trade, and the rise of a modern yellow peril, one has to wonder what has happened to the issue that is truly eating the US from within extreme and entrenched inequality. As Stiglitz noted in the Scientific American: By most accounts, the US has the highest level of economic inequality among developed countries. It has the worlds highest per capita health expenditures yet the lowest life expectancy among comparable countries. It is also one of a few developed countries jostling for the dubious distinction of having the lowest measures of equality of opportunity.


Too Many Cuddly Global Warming Mascots Threatening Inuit Peoples Penny for your thoughts

I've covered this topic previously.
Polar Bears are and have been thriving in the Arctic.
They have no predator other then an armed man/woman to fend off an attack or reign in out of control populations- One wonders if the seals can survive an over abundant polar bear population?
An unarmed human stands little to no chance of fighting off a polar bear attack
Just the facts. If you want spin, go elsewhere.
World's Largest Land Predator

Polar bears are the world's largest land predators. They top the food chain in the Arctic.
they spend most of their time on the pack ice or in the water, hunting down their favorite food - seals

To say they are fierce would be an understatement 

Two Behemoths Fighting
And the cutesy coca cola drinking polar bear is for people out of touch with the reality of nature. And life on this planet.


Canada Is Richer Than The US, According To A New Wealth Ranking In Fact, The US Doesnt Even Make The Top 10 PopularResistance.Org

The United States is home to more millionaires than any other country in the world. But whether the country is truly the wealthiest in the world depends on how you measure. A report released by Credit Suisse in October says the US is "in the lead" when it comes to global wealth. But a closer look at the numbers in that report reveals a different story. While it's true that wealth in the US is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, it's not the richest when you compare the average amount of wealth per adult. That prize goes to Switzerland, as you can see in the map below.


Iran Sanctions: How Deep Will They Bite? PopularResistance.Org

For anyone watching the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League final, hosted in Tehrans Azadi stadium on Saturday, the only disappointment was the nil-nil score that denied Irans team first place in Asia. The stadium scene was energized by a musical performance similar to the half-time show of the U.S. Super Bowl as well as the cheers of 100,000 fans, including hundreds of women. This ebullience was in sharp contrast to the gloom elsewhere in Iran that has descended since the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord (the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action or JCPOA) and re-imposed sanctions. In Iran, officials blame the sanctions for the economic crisis, while in the United States, officials blame the Iranian government.


Review: Life After Google The Fall Of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Page

George Gilder

3 Stars Fad Book Limited Value

I gave up on this book after 100 pages (it is 320 pages long). I normally do not waste time writing negative reviews  but in this instance think it appropriate to mention that I found it wanting.

The first third, on Google, is so far-fetched in its effusive praise and its articulation of the Google this and Google that I could not get the image out of my head: George Gilder kissing Eric Schmidts ass.  Over and over and over again.

Remember, I was one of the first to read The  Google Trilogy by Stephen E. Arnold back in the 1990s and because of his extraordinary research skills and post to this  date know more than most.  Google is a one trick pony that indexes less than 4% of the web; it software, its data centers, and its advertising are all collapsing.

I glanced over the last third of the book, on blockchain, and perhaps soured by my experience on the Google end, concluded that the author does not know much about the blockchain world either. I already knew the autho...


Physicians Work To Bring Back The Anti-Nuclear Movement PopularResistance.Org

It is a move that many, including former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, believe has ignited a new nuclear arms race. This is because the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed by Gorbachev and former US President Ronald Reagan, banned all short and mid-range nuclear and non-nuclear missiles, and helped eliminate thousands of land-based missiles. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Trump has already promised to build new nuclear weapons, in addition to having withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, heightening tensions further after having previously threatened the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea. Trump has also promised to build new nuclear weapons.


Laurent Guynot: 9/11. CIA and Mossad stan van houcke

September 11: Inside Job or Mossad Job?

Israels role in the events of September 11, 2001that shape the 21st centuryis the subject of bitter controversy, or rather a real taboo even within the 9/11 Truth Movement, causing the ostracism of the man who dared to broach the subject, Thierry Meyssan. Most advocacy groups, mobilized behind the slogan "9/11 was an Inside Job," remain discreet regarding the evidence involving the secret services of the Jewish state. Laurent Guynot focuses on certain compellingthough grossly under reportedfacts and analyzes the mechanisms of denial.
 | 10 JULY 2013 


Malaysia: 93% of Muslim women have undergone female genital mutilation Jihad Watch

Establishment media treatments of female genital mutilation routinely insist that it is an East African cultural practice and has nothing to do with Islam, but actually FGM is mandated in Islamic law: Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the []


Paul Craig Roberts: Ivy League Discrimates Against White Christians, Jews Are Deeply Over-Represented Public Intelligence Blog

Paul Craig Roberts

Why White Gentiles Cant Get Admission to Ivy League Universities

If you are a top ability student, but white, especially white male, you have scant chance of being admitted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Penn, Stanford, MIT, CalTech, Berkeley, or UCLA.

The reason whites cannot gain admission is that in the entirety of the Ivy league, Jews are over-represented, relative to the pool of high ability students, by 381%. High ability Asians are under-represented at 62%, and non-Jewish whites are most under-represented of all with a presence in the Ivy League of only 35% of their presence in the pool of high ability students.

Read full post.


American Pravda: Racial Discrimination at Harvard

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Tuesday, 13 November


New Muslim Congresswomen: Fueling More Extremism? Clarion Project

Members of the National Socialist Movement, one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the US, hold a swastika burning after a rally on April 21, 2018 in Draketown, Georgia. (Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)Members of the National Socialist Movement, one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the US, burn a swastika after a rally on April 21, 2018 in Draketown, Georgia. (Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images)

A wave of new American Muslim congresswomen and others in office is being seen as a resistance to to the rise of unchecked ethnic nationalism. Long before President Trump met with criticism and accusations for dog-whistling neo-Nazis across America, the unchecked and surging presence of personalities like Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos became a festering wound on the ethos of the Republican Party. While many within the GOP didnt and do not support the rhetoric, they also havent done much to challenge it.

It didnt help when moral equivalencies came from President Trump after the 2017 Charlottesville KKK rally when he said, I think there is blame on both sides. Speaking of white nationalists, he added, You had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.

For minority communities, that was another kind of signal. Sometimes, a non-answer is the answer.

As former President Obama said when he ...


Stan Lee RIP Where Are Todays Superheroes? Clarion Project

(Illustration: Clarion Project)

Does the death of Stan Lee, creator of Marvel Comics superheroes, signal the end of an era? An era where morality and its compassionate barometer the ability to be nuanced reigned.

Upon hearing of Lees death, Chris Evans, who played Marvels Captain America, tweeted, There will never be another Stan Lee. For decades he provided both young and old with adventure, escape, comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Excelsior!!

The question is, will there never be another Stan Lee because of Lees tremendous talent or because, in our political climate, social justice warriors now hold sway over morality and have managed to stand our ideas of right and wrong on their heads?

Stan Lee with some of his Marvel Comic characters (Photo: Getty Images)Stan Lee with some of his Marvel Comic characters (Photo: Getty Images)

Captain America introduced himself to the world on the cover of his maiden comic book with a punch knocking over Adolf Hitler. One can only imagine the outcry that cover would spark today: Violence! Nationalism! Co...


Israel Pleit voor Censuur in Europa stan van houcke

Isral trekt in Brussel ten strijde tegen Europese burgerrechten

Een conferentie van pro-Isral-organisaties in Brussel staat in het teken van inperking van Europese burgerrechten en veroordeling van de BDS-beweging als fundamenteel antisemitisch. Isral is betrokken bij de organisatie en wordt vertegenwoordigd door een minister die in een illegale nederzetting woont.


Tomgram: John Feffer, Splinterlands 2.0 TomDispatch - Blog

The mid-term elections are over, and the Democrats have regained the House, but the rest of American political reality remains intact...


Demonstreren voor Isral-boycot is ieders goed recht, stelt burgemeester Halsema stan van houcke

Demonstreren voor Isral-boycot is ieders goed recht, stelt burgemeester Halsema

Het oproepen van winkelend publiek om geen Isralische producten te kopen wordt beschermd door de vrijheid van demonstratie. Dat stelt burgemeester Halsema van Amsterdam in antwoord op een oproep van de Joodse Gemeente Amsterdam om zulke acties als antisemitisch te verbieden.


U.S. Embarks on Tortoise vs. Hare Investment Race With China Peace and Freedom

HONG KONGThe U.S. has launched a new strategy aimed at ramping up investment in Asia to vie with Chinese President Xi Jinpings overseas infrastructure-building spree, as Beijing grapples with setbacks to its sprawling program.

But China has a head startand a state-led model that makes it easier to finance and build on a large scale. Mr. Xis Belt and Road initiative has offered hundreds of billions of dollars for railways, bridges and ports in dozens of countries, expanding its strategic influence along the way.

Among the recipients are economies that have struggled to attract U.S. investment or adequate financing from multilateral banks.

The Trump administration is looking to change that by helping the private sector invest. In October, President Trump signed into law the Build Act, which creates a new development finance agency that offers loans, loan guarantees and political-risk insurance to private companies.

Mr. Trump said last year that this strategy would offer strong alternatives to state-directed initiatives that come with many strings attached, a reference to Beijings plan. The goal, proponents say, is to encourage businesses to invest in low-income countries and spur growth with projects that make economic sense.

The Build Act allows for $60 billion in U.S. development financing around the world under the new agency, the U.S. International Development Finance Corp. The IDFC merges existing programs, doubles the current agencys spending cap and has the authority to own equity stakes in projects, giving it more flexibility to choose and guide them.

The U.S. sees Belt and Road as a tool used by Beijing to advance its strategic and military interests. A number of Trump administration officials and U.S. lawmakers describe the risks of China using...


Rebecca Campbell: Tesla Free Zero Point Energy a Trump Go Ahead? Public Intelligence Blog

Visiv, the new company soon testing this Zenneck wave-based Tesla free zero point energy-based technology, has two retired USAF generals as corporate officers, as well as a respected Tesla-like long-time electrical engineer/inventor, a former energy company executive and a CFO who has both accounting and legal credentials.

They specifically state on their website, indicating that this form of wireless may not only be vastly more efficient, elegant and safer than all existing wireless electrical technologies including the hazardous 4G/5G now on the market but that it will soon be allowed by major market forces to displace its existing less viable, less safe competition:

The fact that Visiv is now able to be so public about working with free zero-point energy after so many free energy inventors have been for so long shut down, persecuted and/or terminated by the globalist deep state, would tend to indicate that positive elements in the the US military-industrial complex under business-oriented President Donald Trump likely the Earth Alliance have quietly approved this truly revolutionary energy startup venture. And if this free zero point energy technology succeeds in passing its current testing phase as did Tesla and others work in America well over a century ago and since it is going to cut globalist plans for continuing energy centralization and dominance as well as 5G genocide/ecocide  off at their goose-stepping knees! 



Hidde J. van Koningsveld. Zonder Dollen: Wees Gewaarschuwd! 5 stan van houcke

De Franse sociologe Nathalie Heinich verklaarde onlangs tegenover mainstream-opiniemaker Bas Heijne: 

Tegenwoordig wordt identiteit steeds meer gezien als assimilatie met een groep. Men ziet zichzelf als deel van een collectief, een gemeenschap, in plaats van als individu, een eigen ik, iemand met een naam, een lichaam 

De crisis begint wanneer je vreemden tegenover je vindt en je afvraagt wat die van jou vinden. Je gaat jezelf steeds met anderen vergelijken. Ik vermoed dat dat constante vergelijken van jezelf met anderen, op alle fronten, een van de redenen zou kunnen zijn voor dat permanente gevoel van crisis wat identiteit betreft.


Hamas Is the Sworn Enemy of America Clarion Project

Iranian hardline students burn a U.S. flag in 2009 to celebrate Hamas' "victory" at the end of a three-week battle with Israel. (Photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Images)Iranian hardline students burn a U.S. flag in 2009 to celebrate Hamas victory at the end of a three-week battle with Israel. (Photo: BEHROUZ MEHRI / AFP / Getty Images)

The Hamas terror organization fired at least 400 rockets and mortars into Israel in 24 hours November 12-13, killing one person (a Palestinian) and 70 Israeli civilians (some critically). But why should we care in the U.S.? Well, simply put, Hamas is the sworn enemy of America.

Here are just a few of the many facts that lead us to only one conclusion Hamas is the bad guy.


Hamas is committed to destroying the U.S. Back in 2007, the acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Hamas Ahmad Bahr declared the U.S. would be annihilated, and called on Allah to kill every American:


If you dont want to take Clarions word for it, here are some of the countries and organizations that have designated Hamas a terror organization: United States, Canada, Egypt and the European Union. Saudi Arabia banned the Muslim Brotherhood, which...


Gilad Atzmon: Zionism stan van houcke

Gepubliceerd op 19 sep. 2018


Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs cheated Malaysia: PM Peace and Freedom

Goldman Sachs cheated Malaysia, leader Mahathir Mohamad said, after two former bankers from the Wall Street titan were charged over a scandal that allegedly saw billions looted from state coffers.

The US Justice Department unveiled criminal charges this month against ex-Goldman bankers Tim Leissner and Ng Chong Hwa, accusing them of working with a Malaysian financier to launder huge sums allegedly stolen from Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

They are accused of involvement in a sophisticated fraud linked to former leader Najib Razak, allegations that played a big factor in the shock defeat of his long-ruling government at polls in May.

AFP/File | Mahathir Mohamad said investment bank Goldman Sachs cheated Malaysia

In an interview with broadcaster CNBC, Prime Minister Mahathir said that obviously weve been cheated, when asked about Goldmans dealings in Malaysia.

There is evidence that Goldman Sachs has done things which are wrong, said the 93-year-old, who is in his second stint as premier after coming out of retirement to take on Najib, his former protege.

Asked about Goldmans compliance controls which are supposed to monitor and prevent risky behaviour at the bank Mahathir responded: It does not work very well.

Goldman Sachs did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Leissner and Ng have been charged with money-laundering and conspiring to bribe officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi to hire Goldman for lucrative consulting contracts.

Goldman underwrote $6.5 billion of bonds issued by 1MDB but US authorities allege that more than $2.7 billion was siphoned off.

Goldman earned $600 million in fees for the bond issue.

Leissner pleaded guilty and has agreed to pay $43.7 million in restitution of ill-gotten gains. Ng has been arrested in Malaysia.

Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho was also charged by the DoJ. Low, allegedly a central figure in looting 1MDB, remains at large.

Goldman Sachs has not been charged over the scandal but its shares fell heavily this week after Malaysias finance minister said he wanted a full refund of fees paid to the bank.

In a further blow to the banks image, it has emerged that former chief Lloyd Blankfein met with Low at a private reception in a New York hotel in 2009.


NGO Teaching Migrants to Lie to Border Guards

Via: Russia Today: A group that helped over 15,000 refugees and migrants to get into Europe has been caught on tape admitting to systematically training asylum seekers to exploit screening interviews by feigning trauma and persecution. Ariel Ricker, the executive director of Advocates Abroad, a major non-profit NGO which provides legal aid to migrants, has []


Philippines: Duterte to reiterate principled position on South China Sea at ASEAN Summit Peace and Freedom

President Rodrigo Duterte will reiterate the Philippines principled position on the South China Sea issue, Malacaang said Tuesday, ahead of the 33rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and meetings with leaders of powerhouse nations in the Asia Pacific in Singapore.

Duterte will participate in the ASEAN plenary session later Tuesday and the 10-member regional blocs separate engagements with its dialogue partners including China, Russia, Japan and the United States set for Wednesday and Thursday.

Image result for south china sea, maps

The President will reiterate the Philippines principled positions on matters concerning the South China Sea and transnational and transboundary issues such as terrorism, violent extremism, trafficking in persons, illicit drugs and disaster risk reduction and management, Malacaang said in a statement.

The Palace did not elaborate on the points to be tackled by Duterte about the tensions in the South China Sea as Beijing continued to face scrutiny over its reported deployment of military aircraft and installation of anti-ship cruise missiles, surface-to-air missile systems and weather observation facilities on Manila-claimed reefs.

Duterte has chosen to seek stronger economic and trade ties with China, the worlds second biggest economy, instead of flaunting Manilas victory over Beijing in the United Nations-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration in July 2016 which declared as illegal Chinas claim over nearly the entire South China Sea.

Image result for Duterte, Philippines, photos

The President, however, promised to raise the ruling with China during his term which ends in June 2022.

ASEAN and China are still negotiating for a code of conduct in the disputed waterway, a process Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hoped would be completed in three years, and that such a deal would bolster free trade.

During the summits, the Palace said the Philippines is also looking forward to exchanging views on ASEAN community-building as well as discussions on regional and global developments that impact regional peace, security and stability.

After Singapore, Duterte will fly to Papua New Guinea to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for the 19th Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Meeting on November 17 to 18.

At APEC, the Palace said the President will work with the leaders of the 21-nation grouping to affirm the multilateral trading system and uphold the role of APEC as the forum for addressing issues, leveraging on the regions economic growth and pursuing open...


'Appalling' Khashoggi murder audio shocked Saudi official, says Erdogan Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Security officer said the murderer 'must have taken heroin', president recounts, as Turkish media publish X-ray images of suspects' bags


Philippines President to reaffirm the Philippines stand on the South China Sea Non-militarization Self-restraint Subservient to China Peace and Freedom

In his forthcoming meeting with other Southeast Asian leaders, President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to reaffirm the Philippines stand on the South China Sea.

In a statement released Monday, Malacaang said the president would engage leaders of ASEAN dialogue partners to further enrich partnership in key areas of cooperation.

The President will reiterate the Philippines principled positions on matters concerning the South China Sea and transnational and transboundary issues such as terrorism, violent extremism, trafficking in persons, illicit drugs and disaster risk reduction and management, Malacaang said.

In this November 6 photo, President Rodrigo Duterte holds a Cabinet meeting at Malacaang Palace. The president will be attending the 33rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit in Singapore this week.
STAR/Joven Cagande


Duterte arrived in Singapore on Monday evening to attend the 33rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits from November 12 to 15.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States Vice President Mike Pence will also attend the ASEAN summit in Singapore.

During the ASEAN summit in Manila last year, the 10-nation regional bloc and China have agreed to start the negotiations for the text of the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea.

China and several ASEAN member-states, including the Philippines, have overlapping claims in the disputed waterway.



Islamic Jihad: The Unexpected Retaliation Is Coming, Fire Range to Be Expanded Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

November 13, 2018 Islamic Jihad Palestinian resistance warned on Tuesday that the resistances upcoming retaliations for the Israeli aggression on Gaza will be unexpected. In a statement issued on Tuesday the movements military wing, Al-Quds Brigades, noted that so far, our retaliations have been traditional and expected, stressing that the unexpected is coming in the []


Robert Spencer: The Jihad in Michigan That No One Noticed Jihad Watch

My latest over at the Geller Report: A Muslim migrant named Amor Ftouhi is on trial now for his June 2017 stabbing of police officer Lt. Jeff Neville at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan. The case has, unsurprisingly, received hardly any establishment media attention, and that may be because it is such a quintessential []


Seven Palestinians killed as factions announce unilateral ceasefire in Gaza Strip Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Palestinian groups say they're ready to implement ceasefire if Israel halts strikes after most serious exchange of fire since 2014


Russia Hosts Milestone Conference on Afghanistan to Kick-Start Peace Process Strategic Culture Foundation

The Moscow conference demonstrated that Russia has become a potentially vital bridge between the Taliban, the Afghan government, and the US at a time when Washington is seeking to end this war that is sapping its resources.


Xi Jinping continues drive for absolute power in China Communist Party Expands Power Peace and Freedom

Chinas Communist Party under Xi Jinping is expanding control over the Chinese government while increasing the use of covert action influence operations, according to a forthcoming congressional report.

The annual report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission will reveal that communist control over Chinas 1.4 billion people has increased and notes the Party-ification of the Chinese government.

Xi also has expanded personal power by adding his brand of communism to the Chinese constitutionhe is the first Chinese communist leader to do so by nameand through purging thousands of top military and civilian officials.

In one of the most significant developments of 2018, the [Chinese Communist Party] solidified its control over policy in China through what it called the deepen[ing] reform of party and state institutions,' a late draft of the forthcoming annual report says.

By Bill Gertz

Image result for Xi Jinping, photos

The report is due to be made public in the next several weeks. A copy of the draft, dated Oct. 26, was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

The increase in Party control over governmental functions coincided with the additional consolidation of President Xis control over the Party.

Xi, in the clearest sign of growing dictatorial power, was reapproved as Party general security and abolished limits on the number of terms he can hold the supreme leadership post.

Few academics or officials outside China have discussed Xis drive for absolute power in China under the system of Marxism-Leninism and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The CCP also recently took control of a number of government agencies that were once part of the Chinese state. The takeover has weakened the government, the report said.

The shift means Chinas system is doing away with traditional governance and ruling through Party leading small groups and committees made up of Party leaders. The groups and committees have now institutionalized decision-making for the Party.

The Party control over China was on display last week in Washington. Instead of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi taking part in high-level U.S.-China diplomatic and military talks, Politburo member and State Councilor Yang Jiechi met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe also participated.

From left, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fen...


Saudi-led Invaders Face Heroic Resistance in Push to Seize Yemens Al-Hudaydah Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Local Editor Yemeni officials announced that a massive Saudi push against al-Hudaydah on the west coast of Yemen was repelled, with a number of Sudanese mercenaries killed or captured.   Based on reports, fighting reached residential streets on Sunday, with locals and Ansarullh revolutionaries mounting fierce resistance to the invaders. Meanwhile, medics and military sources reported that more than 60 combatants []


Military Escalation In Gaza Strip On November 12-13, 2018 (Map Update)

The military escalation in the Gaza Strip has been developing since November 11. The military encounter started with a failed secret operation against Hamas in the region and continued with a full-scale exchange of strikes by the sides. According to some sources, the sitaution is heading to a start of the Israeli ground invasion in the Gaza Strip. MORE HERE

Military Escalation In Gaza Strip On November 12-13, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

The post Military Escalation In Gaza Strip On November 12-13, 2018 (Map Update) appeared first on .


The Psychology of Fascism Dissident Voice

The continuing rise of fascism around the world is drawing increasing attention particularly as it takes firmer grip within national societies long seen to have rejected it.

Some recent studies have reminded us of the characteristics of fascist movements and individuals, particularly as they manifest among politically active fascists. For example, in his recent book How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us And Them Professor Jason Stanley has identified ten characteristics shared by fascists which have been simply presented in the article Prof Sees Fascism Creeping In U.S.

These characteristics, readily evident in the USA, Europe, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and elsewhere today, include belief in a mythic (false) past, propaganda to divert attention and blame from the true source of corruption, anti-intellectualism and a belief in the common man while deriding women and racial and sexual minorities who seek basic equality as, in fact, seeking political and cultural domination, promotion of elite dogma at the expense of any competing ideas (such as those in relation to freedom and equality), portrayal of the elite and its agents as victims, reliance on delusion rather than fact to justify their pursuit of power, the use of law and order not to punish actual criminals, but to criminalize out groups like racial, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities which is why we are now seeing criminality being written into immigration status, and identification of out groups as lazy while attacking welfare systems and labor organizers, and promoting the idea that elites and their agents are hard working while exploited groups are lazy and a drain on the state.

In an earlier article Fascism Anyone?, published in the Spring 2003 issue of Free Inquiry Magazine, Professor Laurence W. Britt identified fourteen shared threads that link fascists. These include powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism, disdain for the importance of human rights, identification of enemies/scapegoats (such as communists, socialists, liberals, ethnic and racial minorities, traditional national enemies, members of other religions, secularists, homosexuals and terrorists) as a unifying cause, obsession with national security and avid identification with the military, sexism, a controlled/compliant mass media that promotes the elite agenda, a manufactured perception that opposing the power elite is tantamount to an attack on religion, corporate power protected by the political elite while the power of labor is suppressed or eliminated, disdain for intellectuals and the arts, expanded police power and prison populations in response to an obsession with the crime and punishment of ordinary citizens (while elite crimes are protected by a compliant ju...


UK says Saudi-led coalition to allow Houthi medical evacuations from Yemen Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Up to 50 wounded fighters, along with civilians, to be allowed evacuation from Yemen, a key sticking point in previous attempts at peace


Unwrapping Armageddon: The Erosion of Nuclear Arms Control Strategic Culture Foundation

The INF Treaty came about because of strong opposition and huge demonstrations in Europe and the United States. That kind of pressure, coupled with a pledge by countries not to deploy such weapons, will be required again, lest the entire tapestry of agreements that kept the horror of nuclear war at bay vanish.


Israel and Hamas are plunging into an all-out war that neither side wants Peace and Freedom

Both are under intense pressure and are determined to deter each other, but there is yet hope they can come back from the brink

Gaza's Hamas leader Ismail Haniya flashes the V for victory sign at the Israel-Gaza border, east of Gaza city, on October 12, 2018. (Said Khatib/AFP)

Gazas Hamas leader Ismail Haniya flashes the V for victory sign at the Israel-Gaza border, east of Gaza city, on October 12, 2018. (Said Khatib/AFP)

On Tuesday morning, Palestinian Islamic Jihads military wing, the al-Quds Brigades, announced that Ashdod and Beersheba will soon enter the line of fire. And indeed, it currently looks like there is nothing stopping Israel and the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terrorist groups from continuing the escalation toward a full-blown war.

The traditional brokers of ceasefires between both sides, Egypt and the United Nations, seem to have put aside their efforts to calm the situation, and the pessimism is evident in their statements.

But while Israel and the Hamas terror group both appear ready, even eager, for deeper battle, that is mostly a facade. The two sides are engaged in a game of brinkmanship in a bid to demonstrate their superiority and create deterrence. The problem is that it is highly doubtful that either Hamas or Israel have the ability to achieve those goals without taking steps that will inevitably plunge the area into war.

At least for now, Hamas and Israel look like two trains reluctantly speeding toward a chasm.

In attempting to understand what exactly went wrong over the past few days, it is hard to point to a clear strategic decision. Hamas and Israel had already entered a truce. The Gazan organizations leadership had invested tremendous efforts in reaching the ceasefire, in which the Strips economy was to improve, the supply of electricity was to increase and even Hamas officials were to receive payments using cash suitcases transferred by Qatar with Israels approval.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Liberman are speaking to IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot at the IDF headquarter in Tel Aviv,...


Protect orphan children with Comit Afro Europen!

#WorldOrphansDay was yesterday, but we're still thinking of ways we can provide assistance to vulnerable orphan children.

All hail the UAE Tolerance Summitor else Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Another cynical and expensive PR exercise on behalf of a velvet police state


Develop and Deploy Empathy Dissident Voice

Here is a new song from Chris Time Steele called Develop and Deploy Empathy. It speaks on the prison industrial complex, drug addiction, issues of people experiencing homelessness, LGBTQ rights, and right to migrate.

calm. is time (rapper) and AwareNess (production).


Ministers defer agreement on RCEP trade deal to 2019 Peace and Freedom

Asia-Pacific pact risks bogging down as some member nations go to polls

However, the deal lacks the protections for labor, human rights and the environment set by the TPP.

SINGAPORE Economic ministers representing members of the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership on Monday postponed the year-end target for reaching a substantial conclusion to the free trade deal, throwing its prospects into doubt.

The ministers on Monday gathered in Singapore hoping to resolve sensitive issues, including lowering tariffs, but they failed to reach an agreement. RCEP members are expected to continue the talks next year, but it is now unclear whether a deal can be reached.

We made significant progress [but] not the final conclusion, New Zealand agriculture minister Damien OConnor told reporters after Mondays meeting, adding that he hoped a conclusion would come next year.

Leaders of the RCEP countries will hold a summit on Wednesday in Singapore, where they are expected to commit to continuing the talks.

Japans trade minister, Hiroshige Seko, told reporters that the members closed some of the chapters at the meeting, saying that the discussions had gone as far as they could at the ministerial level.

Separately, Indian Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu told reporters: We are very happy that Indias concerns have been taken on board, and we feel that we should conclude in a way that will be long-term sustainable so that every country will benefit from it.

RCEP is envisioned as a huge framework for economic cooperation in Asia that encompasses China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand and the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The 16 countries together account for about 50% of global population and roughly 30% of the w...


Former Polish PM turned Eurocrat attacks Trumps nationalism and defense of borders Jihad Watch

European Council President Donald Tusk has said that the United States is not interested in a strong, united Europe and called nationalism a fundamental threat to the European Union Globalist leaders with their unrelenting commitment to open borders continue to aid the Hijra and demonize anyone who opposes their reckless plan. Tusk, a former Prime []


The Plan: Why Israel Is Bent on Supporting Arab Division Strategic Culture Foundation

Had Syrians known what was planned for them by Washington and Tel Aviv, they might have avoided the death and destruction in Syria, for patriotism and wisdom call upon the various factions in the State to put aside their differences and confront the external threats.


Israel Wins U.S. 2018 Election stan van houcke

 BlogviewPhilip Giraldi Archive 


Moscow Format: India Reaches Out to the Taliban Strategic Culture Foundation

India could possibly give the Taliban recognition in return for their assurance that they will not attack or disrupt Indian-led projects in Afghanistan. Looking at the political side, India does not want to be left out in this highly important Afghan peace process. It wants to have a stake in whatever outcome is reached.


Gaza wakes up to rubble and funerals after Israeli strikes Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Israeli air strikes killed six Palestinians in Gaza overnight and destroyed a TV station, a hotel and four buildings in densely populated areas


Brazils generals vow to stay out of politics Peace and Freedom

Army chief tries to allay fears of drift to authoritarianism under Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro

The former army captain won a sweeping victory in Brazils presidential election. Getty Images

Brazilian voters were not swayed by fears that Jair Bolsonaro would erode the countrys democratic institutions

By Joe Leahy and Andres Schipani in Braslia

Brazils senior military leaders moved to calm concerns that the incoming presidency of far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro would usher in the return of the armed forces to power in the worlds fourth-largest democracy.

The election of Mr Bolsonaro, a former army captain who has expressed nostalgia for the countrys 1964-85 military dictatorship, did not represent a return of the military to power, said General Eduardo Dias da Costa Villas Bas, commandant of the Brazilian army.  The military has been absent from politics since 1985, after the end of the military government, and thats how it intends to maintain itself, independent of whether the president-elect is a retired captain from our Brazilian army, he added in an interview with the FT.

Once a fringe-dweller in Brazils congress for his views endorsing the countrys former military rule, including its use of torture, Mr Bolsonaro has sought to allay concerns about his democratic credentials after winning elections late last month.

Although he has a strong base of far-right supporters, his victory was also seen as a referendum on the leftist Workers Party (PT) which was bidding for a fifth consecutive presidency. The PT presided over the countrys worst recession, biggest corruption scandal and a rising homicide rate in its last years in power, leading many voters to favour Mr Bolsonaros promises of greater security and a return to traditional family values.

But Mr Bolsonaros radical past rhetoric, disparaging remarks about gays, women and black people, and verbal attacks against leftist foes had led some to fear the veteran congressman would lean towards authoritarianism when he takes office on January 1.

For me theres an evident risk above all because of the indisposition of the president-elect as regards democracy, said Francisco Martinho, a historian of conservative and authoritarian governments at So Paulo university. He said the test would come when Mr Bolsonaro faced a moment of civil tension, suc...


S&P cuts Argentina debt rating Peace and Freedom

International ratings agency S&P said Tuesday it was cutting Argentinas rating by one notch because of an erosion in the countrys growth, inflation and debt profiles.

The International Monetary Fund last month approved a $56 billion loan package for Argentina up from $50 billion initially agreed in June to help the government implement a tough austerity programme to stabilize the economy.

AFP | Argentinas President Mauricio Macri is pushing through a tough austerity programme with IMF backing to put the economy back on track

S&P said Argentinas long-term foreign and local currency ratings had been lowered to B from B+ following a review dating back to August.

There has been an erosion of Argentinas economic growth trajectory, inflation dynamics, and debt profile following setbacks in implementing its challenging economic adjustment program, S&P said in a statement.

The outlook on the long-term ratings is stable based on our expectation that the government will implement fiscal, monetary, and other measures to stabilize the economy over the coming 18 months, it added.

International debt ratings are widely read as a measure of a countrys economic health and can have a significant impact on its borrowing costs as investors demand higher returns from those with lower scores.

S&P said Argentinas austerity programme should gradually halt the deterioration in the financial profile and debt burden, reversing inflation dynamics and restoring investor confidence.

If the economy begins to stabilise and elections in 2019 do not result in a change of direction, then the stage could be set for a recovery, S&P said.

At the same time the agency warned it could lower the rating over the next 12 months if unexpected negative political developments or uneven implementation of the governments economic austerity program further damage investor confidence.

Any wavering in the governments commitment would add to the pressure, it said.




Ok... so there was election fraud, in Florida no less... we all expected that. After all, this is the state infamous for its hanging []

The post FISHY CALIFORNIA FIRES AND OTHER STUFF appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Guardian columnist criticizes Samaritans Purse for anti-Muslim proselytizing Jihad Watch

The Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee argued in an article on Thursday that the gift boxes sent to children, many in Muslim countries, stem from an organization that holds anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual sentimentsThe Guardian op-edtook issue with the Bible stories and books dispatched alongside the childrens gifts, arguing that such a strategy targets Muslim families. Christians []


U.S. Futures, Europe Stocks Rally After Tech-Driven Selloff Peace and Freedom

Japan was the hardest-hit market in Asia-Pacific

Mnuchins resistance to Trumps Iran policy and other commentary
Steve Mnuchin AFP/Getty Images

Global stocks recouped some of their steep early-week falls Tuesday, after tech-sector jitters and sliding oil prices contributed to heavy selling in Asia.

U.S. stocks were set to claw back some of their losses, with futures pointing to gains of 0.7% and 0.5% for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average, respectively.

European stocks rallied in the opening minutes of trading, with the Stoxx Europe 600 trading 0.8% higher. European technology stocks were up 1.2%, after the sector drove sharp falls in the U.S. Monday and in early Asian trading Tuesday.

Japan was the hardest hit in Asia, with the Nikkei 225 index falling more than 2%. Other Asian indexes staged partial recoveries, although Taiwans tech-dominated benchmark was still down 0.6% and the South Korean Kospi index was down 0.4%.

The downbeat trade was sparked by Apple Inc.sAAPL -5.04% 5% tumble Monday, after two of its suppliers slashed their earnings outlooks, raising concerns about demand for the iPhone.

Japan Display Inc., which supplies screens for the iPhone XR, cut its earnings estimates, saying orders for its latest LCD panels would be much lower than its initial expectations. Its shares fell 9.5%. Other Tokyo-listed tech firms, like industrial robot maker Fanuc Corp. and electronics giant Sony Corp., fell by about 2.5% and 4%.

The latest wave of tech selling followed frequent turbulence last month, which hit stocks, bonds and commodities. Hedge funds around the world slid 3.1% on average in October, their worst monthly performanc...


The Intensified "Ukrainization" of New NATO Member Montenegro Strategic Culture Foundation

It turns out that, for the geostrategists in Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, communism wasnt all that bad, after all, and that it had many quite useful features.


Glazov Moment: Europe Criminalizes Criticism of Mohammed Jihad Watch

In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Europe Criminalizes Criticism of Mohammed, unveiling how the European Court of Human Rights is enabling Europes suicide. Dont miss it! Subscribe to the Glazov Gangs YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov. Please donate through our Pay Pal account. And pre-order Jamies new book, Jihadist Psychopath: []


Landauer, On the German Revolution of 1918-19 Enough is Enough!

Gustav Landauer would fully engage with the events of the German Revolution, both as writer and militant. And if criticised certain decisions or actions, he did not hesitate to commit himself to revolution whose anarchist dimension is often ignored.

Originally published by Passing on the flame. Image above: Revolutionary soldiers at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 9th November 1918.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The German Revolution 1918-19

The Revolutionary Spirit of the Beginnings



Libyan commander Haftar will attend meetings in Italy, not conference Peace and Freedom

Eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar has arrived in Italy for meetings with heads of state, but will not attend a conference on Libya hosted by Rome, his command said on Tuesday.

Italy organized the conference in Palermo, hoping it would resurrect U.N. efforts to stage elections in Libya. Haftar arrived in Palermo late on Monday but did not take part in the opening dinner.

Italys Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte welcomes Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar as he arrives at the venue of the international conference on Libya in Palermo, Italy, November 12, 2018. (Reuters)

Reporting by Ayman al-Warfalli; Editing by Andrew Heavens



See also:

Libya rivals arrive for Italy summit after December election shelved


Chinas Liu and Mnuchin Talk Trade for the First Time in Months Peace and Freedom

The Trump administration has said that it wanted a substantive response to a long list of demands for what it calls structural changes in Chinese industrial policy But there is no sign that China will move in that direction.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He have resumed talks on trade, and a potential Washington visit by Liu is being considered before the nations top leaders meet later this month.

The two officials spoke by phone on Friday, according to people briefed on the matter, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the topic. The conversation didnt yield any concrete results, the people said. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported Tuesday that Liu was expected to visit Washington shortly. The Wall Street Journal first reported the phone call Monday.

Liu He  Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

The phone discussion followed a call between President Donald Trump and Chinas Xi Jinping two weeks ago the first publicly disclosed call in six months. The two leaders are slated to meet at the Group of 20 nations summit in Argentina, which is scheduled to take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1.

Asian stocks came off their lows after the report Tuesday, and the Australian and New...


Ethiopia arrests military and intelligence officers for failed attack on PM, corruption, torture Peace and Freedom

Ethiopias attorney general accused members of the security service of carrying out a grenade attack on a rally attended by the prime minister, as he announced details of a string of investigations that struck at the heart of the establishment.

Members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) were involved in the blast that killed two people in June, soon after newly-elected reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed left the stage, Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye told reporters on Monday.

While other officials implicated in the plot have fled the country, the former intelligence chief is now residing in northern Ethiopia and should turn himself in to authorities, he said.

Meanwhile, 63 senior military and intelligence officers accused of corruption and human-rights abuses has been arrested, Berhanu said.

The arrests are a rare move against the countrys powerful security apparatus.

They represent a further flexing of power by reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is seeking to break with Ethiopias authoritarian past, analysts said.

Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed is described as an astute politician Reuters photo

Twenty-seven officials have been arrested for alleged corrupt practices, while 36 have been detained for alleged human rights abuses, with a manhunt underway for remaining suspects, Berhanu said at a press conference.

Tsegaye said that the crimes against humanity were committed by high ranking officials and operatives of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), which operated dozens of secret prisons throughout Ethiopia.

People were being detained without trail for long time in the prisons, he alleged.

Inhumane torture, bodily harm, forced disappearances, sexual attacks against men and women inmates were committed in those prisons, he said.

Detainees were subjected to various abuses including gang rapes, sodomy, prolonged exposure to extreme heat and cold, waterboarding and deprivation of sunlight, he added.

According to him, the violations had been institutionalized and also victimized family members of the incarcerated citizens.

Berhanu did not name any of the suspects but said some had already been taken to court.

He said the suspected corruption occurred at the military-run Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC).

METEC officials were involved in purchases of $2 billion (1.8 billion euros) worth of goods without any bidding process, Be...


US security chief Bolton vows to squeeze Iran Peace and Freedom

US National Security Advisor John Bolton vowed Tuesday to squeeze Iran until the pips squeak, a week after a tough new round of sanctions came into force.

President Donald Trump has dramatically increased pressure on Tehran, withdrawing from an international agreement aimed at ending its nuclear programme and introducing several rounds of unilateral US sanctions.

The latest tranche of measures have been touted as the toughest yet, and aim to significantly reduce Irans vital oil exports and cut off its banks from international finance.

AFP/File | US National Security Advisor John Bolton has vowed to maintain pressure on Iran over its nuclear programme

Speaking in Singapore ahead of a summit, Bolton said: We think the government is under real pressure and its our intention to squeeze them very hard.

As the British say, squeeze them until the pips squeak.

We are also going to significantly increase the enforcement of sanctions.

The sanctions have been opposed by other parties to the deal aimed at ending Irans nuclear drive Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia who have vowed to keep the accord alive.

UN inspectors say Iran is abiding by the agreement.

Washington is demanding that Iran end policies rooted in the 1979 Islamist revolution, including its support for regional proxies such as the Lebanese militia Hezbollah and its development of missiles.

The only support for the US position has come from Irans regional rivals, notably Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The International Monetary Fund has forecast that the sanctions will cause Irans economy to contract 1.5 percent this year and 3.6 percent next year.



Boeing Withheld Information on 737 Model, According to Safety Experts and Others Peace and Freedom

Data related to a new flight-control feature suspected of playing a role in crash in Indonesia

Boeing Co. BA -3.33% withheld information about potential hazards associated with a new flight-control feature suspected of playing a role in last months fatal Lion Air jet crash, according to safety experts involved in the investigation, as well as midlevel FAA officials and airline pilots.

The automated stall-prevention system on Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 modelsintended to help cockpit crews avoid mistakenly raising a planes nose dangerously highunder unusual conditions can push it down unexpectedly and so strongly that flight crews cant pull it back up. Such a scenario, Boeing told airlines in a world-wide safety bulletin roughly a week after the accident, can result in a steep dive or crasheven if pilots are manually flying the jetliner and dont expect flight-control computers to kick in.

That warning came as a surprise to many pilots who fly the latest models for U.S carriers. Safety experts involved in and tracking the investigation said that at U.S. carriers, neither airline managers nor pilots had been told such a system had been added to the latest 737 variantand therefore aviators typically werent prepared to cope with the possible risks.

Its pretty asinine for them to put a system on an airplane and not tell the pilots who are operating the airplane, especially when it deals with flight controls, said Capt. Mike Michaelis, chairman of the safety committee for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents about 15,000 American Airlines pilots. Why werent they trained on it?

One Federal Aviation Administration manager familiar with the details said the new flight-control systems werent highlighted in any training materials or during lengthy discussions between carriers and regulators about phasing in the latest 737 derivatives.

Boeing declined to immediately answer specific questions Monday. We are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this incident, working closely with the investigating team and all regulatory authorities involved, the company said in a statement. We are confident in the safety of the 737 MAX.



10 years after police murder on #Alexis: A glimpse into the elsewhere Enough is Enough!

This is the first article of our series 10 years after police murder on Alexis: A glimpse into the elsewhere.

Originally published by Turbellaria in 2010. Written and recounted by an anarchist who ventured there for a moment in December 2008.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

From the moment that 14 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos was gunned down by a patrolling policeman on December 6 2008, the morphology of Greeces capital city and many others, both on the mainland and in many of the islands, changed. The force of the peoples anger against the State and its paid killers expressed itself with limpid clarity: Athens, a European metropolis, had no cop station left untouched, no bank left functioning. Huge stores, banks and public buildings were gutted by fire and hundreds of luxury cars and car showrooms went up in flames, as the streets were blocked off with flaming barricades and hundreds of police in riot gear were forced to run away from the rebels.

It is impossible to render what happened over there in words, because what took place was a social rebellion, where the outward face of capitalist society came under assault by massive numbers of disparate people, acting as one.

Anarchists who had been in the thick of the rebellion around the Polytechnic in Athens were visibly overwhelmed. Stunned by the events, their eyes shining with passion and wonder, they were the first to admit that they had lived moments that they had never imagined even in their wildest dreams, and which had completely surpassed them.

Many words have been written about these days, beautiful words, reproduced and diffused in many languages. But it seemed that something was missing

This candid account (transcribed as spoken) by an anarchist comrade who suddenly found himself acting in a completely different terrain to that with which he was familiar, and the fears and questions that this awakened in him, is a valuable testimony that opens up many questions for all anarchists. 



What Macron got wrong while lecturing Trump Peace and Freedom

French President Emmanuel Macron doubtless felt deep self-satisfaction in delivering a public rebuke to President Trump over the weekend. But his smug lecture on the dangers of nationalism ignored both the lessons of history and of todays political realities.

It was also pretty arrogant of Macron to implicitly slam a US president at a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I a conflict in which France and its allies were saved by American soldiers, thousands of whom lie forever in French soil. Surely a thanks was in order.

The New York Post

After all, US troops also liberated France a generation later from the very fascist nationalism that Macron seems to ascribe to Trump, with his warning about old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.

But Trumps America First nationalism is not the same as the force that drove both world wars. It does not seek greatness by conquest, nor does it mean only America.

It does, however, expect Europe to share global responsibilities, and recognizes that the United States has not been well-served by multinational groups like the United Nations and the European Union even as it foots so many of the bills.

And, for all the talk about Trump abandoning traditional alliances, this administration has taken strong action in Europes defense against Vladimir Putins Russia (even if Trumps rhetoric sometimes suggests otherwise). This, even as nations like Macrons France forcefully resist confronting Iran.

Macron and the fans of his rebuke of Trump also remain in denial on important social issues, including the rise of immigrant-driven anti-Semitism across Europe and particularly in France. Nor do dark warnings about nationalism make any less of a disaster German Chancellor Angela Merkels 2015 opening of Europes doors to unlimited Middle East migrants.

Americas brand of nationalism is not a betrayal of patriotism, as Macron suggests; its an affirmation. And it speaks to the American values and commitment that helped France remain a free nation.



What the mid-term elections tell us about US interior conflict, by Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Network

The US mid-term elections have been interpreted by the major medias in terms of the partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats. However, continuing his in-depth analysis of the social fabric, Thierry Meyssan sees a clear retreat of the Puritans faced with the Lutherans and the Catholics. Donald Trump's political realignment, just as that of Richard Nixon before him, is close to succeeding.


Palestinians Denounce Hollywood Stars $60m for Israeli Army Terror GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Hollywood (MEE)  Pharrell Williams and Ashton Kutcher among stars condemned by Palestinians, who say money furthers the occupation.

As Hollywood stars celebrated at a fundraiser for the Israeli army last week in Los Angeles, halfway across the world Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip were waking up for another Friday of protest and bloodshed.

The gala on 1 November, organized by Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces and attended by actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Gerard Butler, and Andy Garcia, was praised by Israel and its supporters for raising a record $60 million and bringing together more than 1,200 people.

A memorandum of understanding signed between Israel and Barack Obamas US administration in 2016 included a record $38bn deal to provide Israel with military assistance over a ten-year period, the largest such pledge in American history.

In the occupied Palestinian territory and on social media, the star-studded event was met with anger and condemnation.

In 2016, Ashton Kutcher was filmed shutting down an activist from the BDS movement at a promotional event for the property rental company Airbnb, which was listing homes in illegal Israeli settlements. But this comapany is about bringing people together and loving one another, Kutcher said, speaking about the privately-held global corporation.

The Israeli army will use these funds to buy more bullets and more bombs, only to kill more civilians, said Ahmed Abu Artema, an organizer of the Great March of Return protests in the Gaza Strip. The rallies, which call for the right of return of refugees to their homes and an end to Palestinian suffering, have been ongoing since 30 March.

The Israeli army has killed more than 200 civilians and wounded some 20,000; these people were men, women and children calling for basic human rights. They did not pose any threat to the Israeli army, Abu Artema told Middle East Eye.

Despite cries of human rights abuses and violations of international law, the voices of Palestinians were nowhere to be heard at the Los Angeles event.

The galas attendees, who also included Arnold Schwarzenegger and the singer Seal, enjoyed a performance by producer and rapper Pharrell Williams.

Williams was attacked on social media for recently asking US President Donald Trump to refrain from playing his song Happy at his rallies only to perform it at the fundraiser.

It is diffi...


A Look at Yemens Domestic Defensive Missile Production Over the Past 3 Years GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Sanaa (AMA) After more than three years of the US-Saudi-UAE aggression on Yemen, the curse of Yemeni ballistic missiles continues to haunt the enemies. They stand helpless trying to destroy or limit the missiles launch and development capabilities. Even the most advanced Patriot missile defense system was neutralized and no longer effective in the face of the updated Yemeni ballistic missiles. In turn, such missiles have changed the military equation and made them stand at the top of the list of the enemies targeting list.

The leadership promised on the anniversary of the war against Yemen to step-up use of long-range weaponry and recruit more fighters in a bid to confront the US-Saudi war effort against Yemen. In the fourth year of the war, we will use more developed and far-reaching missile systems, which will penetrate all American and non-American air defense systems to target Saudi Arabia, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said.

President Saleh Al-Sammad announced shortly before he was assassinated by a US-Saudi airstrike that from now on, we will launch missiles every day and Saudi Arabia will not be safe from Yemeni missiles, no matter how they plan their defense systems. For his part, Brigadier-General Sharaf Luqman echoed Al-Sammad, stating rocketry operations will continue as long as the aggression continues to commit crimes against the Yemeni people.

Less than three months as the Saudi war on Yemen began, domestic missile production was operational and on June 6, 2015, the Rocketry Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees launched its first homegrown ballistic missile, a Scud with a range of more than 800 km, toward the King Khalid Bin Abdulaziz Airport in southern Saudi Arabia.

Three months later, the Yemeni Air Force launched its newly created Tochka ballistic missile against a Saudi military base in Safer, eastern Yemen, causing a huge blast and inflicting numerous casualties on the aggression troops. Dozens of Emirati, Saudi, Bahraini troops, as well as dozens of Saudi-mercenaries, were killed in the attack.

yemen badr 1 missile defense systemYemens Badr-1 short-range ballistic missile system.

On September 7, 2016, a new ballistic missile dubbed the Borkan H-1 was...


Asia Bibi Will Not Leave Pakistan Until Final Verdict Says Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Peace and Freedom

Canada Is in Talks With Pakistan to Grant Asylum to Christian Woman Asia Bibi

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Pir Noor-ul-Haq Qadri brushed away the rumors of Asia Bibi leaving the country on Monday while addressing a Tahafuz-i-Risalat conference in Lahore on Monday. He said, Asia Bibi is very much in Pakistan, dismissing the reports of her flying out of the country as sheer propaganda.

About the altercation of Section 295-C (blasphemy law) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), Minister said, The PTI and every person of the government would protect Article 295-C of the Constitution. Talking about the protests episode after the acquittal of Asia Bibi a Christian woman, accused of blasphemy he said that review appeals should be brought in sensitive cases to the courts instead of staging protest demonstrations.

The TLP is notorious for spreading anarchy and violence in the name of avenging blasphemy.

The review petition is with the Supreme Court and all of us should wait for the final verdict instead of resorting to violence on the roads, Mr. Noor said. Appreciating the efforts of PM Khan, Mr. Noor said, It was Prime Minister Khan who through his diplomacy persuaded the Dutch government to cancel the competition of blasphemous caricature.

Read more: Has Asia Bibi been transported out of Pakistan?

New Pakistan would be built on the basis of the state of Madina and Holy Prophets honor, he said, adding, Every Muslim is committed to the respect and finality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) because this is an essential part of the faith. That is why the PTI government is this time observing Eid-i-Miladun Nabi at the official level and (with) religious fervor.

Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Noorul Haq Qadri in conversation with Chinese Ambassador Yao Xing. Photo provided by author
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Noorul Haq Qadri in conversation with Chinese Ambassador Yao Xing. Photo provided by author

Asia Bibi was acquitted by Suprem...


Libya's Haftar meets with rival Sarraj in Italy for first time since May Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Military leader Khalifa Haftar had said he would not attend peace talks in Italy - but later reportedly committed to a UN action plan


A Century After WWI"s End Strategic Culture Foundation

Adam Hochschild Cautions: Think Long and Hard Before Starting a New War


Pompeo"s Albright Moment Arrives Strategic Culture Foundation

Its getting harder and harder for Pompeo and Trump to defend their positions on Israel and Saudi Arabia as their behavior becomes more erratic and shameful.


Pakistan Struggles with Deficit Reduction Before IMF Bailout Peace and Freedom

ISLAMABAD: With primary focus on containing fiscal deficit, Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday began policy discussions on economic and fiscal adjustments required to ensure a fresh fund programme worth around $6 billion.

A senior government official said a draft Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) had been prepared by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with other economic ministries that was now the centre of discussion with the IMF.

November 13, 2018
Finance Minister Asad Umar and IMF chief Christine Lagarde shake hands before their meeting on Thursday. AFP/File
Finance Minister Asad Umar and IMF chief Christine Lagarde shake hands before their meeting on Thursday. AFP/File

The focus is on deficit reduction to a level acceptable to the IMF because economic stabilisation is going to be the ultimate objective for which the two sides are reviewing revenue measures and expenditure controls, he said, adding the IMF also asked questions about the external payment plans.

Policy level talks on tentative $6bn bailout plan kick off

The fund is reported to have raised questions over more than Rs90bn revenue shortfall in the first four months of the current fiscal year and wondered how the projected fiscal deficit target of 5.1pc could be achieved when development programme had already been curtailed to a bare minimum.

They also asked questions about the revenue measures under consideration as to make up for the loss suffered so far and what was the policy plan going forward. The mission...


Indian Navy ship seizes arms and ammunition off Somali coast Horseed Media

An Indian Navy ship has seized arms and ammunition off the Somali coast, in a swift anti-piracy operation, officials said Monday. The ship, Sunayna, carried out the operation on Friday in which two high-calibre AK 47 and AKM rifles, as well as some ammunitions, were seized from a number of boats, approximately 400 nautical miles []



Trump to Replace Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Peace and Freedom

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen may be the next cabinet member to be ousted from the Trump administration, according to a new report.

The Washington Post reports that President Trump has shared with advisers that he will boot Nielsen as early as this week, despite opposition from White House chief of staff John Kelly. Kelly is advocating for Nielsen to remain at her post or to delay her departure.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen visits the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center in Arlington, Va., last week. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Trump, who has expressed dissatisfaction with Nielsens performance for months, has told aides he is ready for Nielsen to depart the administration as soon as possible, five current and former White House officials told the Post. The officials also said Trump canceled a trip with Nielsen to South Texas this week.

Nielsen, who first assumed her position Dec. 6, has been dissatisfied with her job the past several months, but has been hesitant to leave her post, colleagues said.

But a press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security said that Nielsen is dedicated to carrying out Trumps priorities and will continue to do so.

The Secretary is honored to lead the men and women of DHS and is committed to implementing the Presidents security-focused agenda to protect Americans from all threats and will continue to do so, Tyler Houlton told the Washington Examiner.

According to the Post, Trump is allegedly difficult to satisfy and grows impatient when Nielsen has attempted to spell out underpinnings of immigration laws after Trump has suggested dramatic action such as cutting back immigration or closing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump has told aides he is eyeing several potential candidates to fill Nielsens spot, including commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Kevin McAleenan, and the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration David Pekoske.

If I were advising the White House Id encourage them to nominate someone with executive branch experience, a senior DHS official told the Post. This will be our fourth secretary in two years. The last thing we want is someone who needs hand-holding.

Kelly previously served as the head of the agency before he moved over to his post at the White House and pushed for Nielsen to succ...


#Anathema, Volume 4, Issue 10 released Enough is Enough!

Anathema: A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical. Volume 4, Issue 10, November 2018.

Originally published by Anathema.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Volume 4 Issue 10 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 4 Issue 10 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Plague Of Western Chauvinism
  • Vaughn 17 Trials
  • Anti-Colonial October
  • What Forest Remains
  • What Is Attack?
  • What Went Down
  • Notice On Police Cars
  • Poem Coup Des Lumires
  • An Invitation To Desertion
  • World News
  • What Did You Do Instead Of Voting

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop: here or donate. Crowdfunding campaign for the Enough is Enough Info-Caf: here.



Donald Trump, Moscow's Providential Man, by Valentin Vasilescu Voltaire Network

How did President Donald Trump react to the news that the Russian hypersonic nuclear missile Avangard was up and ready? He announced that his country would withdraw from the INF Treaty. So, instead of making a plan to catch up and quickly developing hypersonic missiles, he intends to reassemble the US medium range nuclear missile arsenal. Valentin Vasilescu observes that the United States is no longer manufacturing motors for this type of missile and is using Russian motors for its Atlas V rockets. Conclusion: Moscow has gained yet another advantage over Washington.


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Preserving the unity and peace of the family Peace and Freedom

Show our children how to live their lives graciously

Image result for Holy Family, pictures

Say what is self-controlled, chaste, good for all homemakers  Urge the younger men, similarly, to control themselves

Leaders and parents set the tone and direction for how the community operates.


Image result for Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, pictures

Memorial of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin
Lectionary: 492

Reading 1 TI 2:1-8, 11-14

You must say what is consistent with sound doctrine,
namely, that older men should be temperate, dignified,
self-controlled, sound in faith, love, and endurance.
Similarly, older women should be reverent in their behavior,
not slanderers, not addicted to drink,
teaching what is good, so that they may train younger women
to love their husbands and children,
to be self-controlled, chaste, good homemakers,
under the control of their husbands,
so that the word of God may not be discredited.Urge the younger men, similarly, to control themselves,
showing yourself as a model of good deeds in every respect,
with integrity in your teaching, dignity, and sound speech
that cannot be criticized,
so that the opponent will be put to shame
without anything bad to say about us.

For the grace of God has appeared, saving all
and training us to reject godless ways and worldly desires
and to live temperately, justly, and devoutly in this age,
as we await the blessed hope,
the appearance of the glory of the great God
and of our savior Jesus Christ,
who gave himself for us to deliver us from all lawlessness
and to cleanse for himself a people as his own,
eager to do what is good.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 37:3-4, 18 AND 23, 27 AND 29

R. (39a) The salvation of the just comes from the Lord.
Trust in the LORD and do good,
that you may dwell in the land and be fed in security.
Take del...


Fake news about Muos maxi-radar , by Manlio Dinucci Voltaire Network

Contrary to articles in the Atlantist Press, Muos is not a defensive radar, but a new satellite communications system which enables the Pentagon to supervise offensive actions anywhere in the world. One of its four land bases is situated in Europe, specifically in Niscemi (Italy).


They see no shame in Syria: Muslim who murdered his sister in honor killing is untouchable Jihad Watch

Footage of a young Syrian womans execution by her brother was greeted with widespread horror. Yet such violence is all too common and as a member of the Free Syrian Army, with its own police and courts, the man is untouchable. This kind of honor murder is all too common and its perpetrator is []


#London: Rebel City issue 9 is out! Enough is Enough!

The new issue of Rebel City is out. Rebel City is Londons free anarchist paper.

Originally published by Anarchist Communist Group.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

London Anarchist Communist Group are involved in the Rebel City collective, along with members of the Anarchist Federation, Haringey Solidarity Group and others. Latest issue has articles on  Sadiq Khan, Friend of the Property Developers, Haringey Labour Council, John Roan Resists, Dont Choke on the Coffee Mate! and much more. Free copies available from Freedom Bookshop, Housmans Bookshop, 56a Info Centre, LARC etc or on the street!

Read Rebel City issue No 9 (PDF file): REBEL_CITY_No9

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop: here or donate. Crowdfunding campaign for the Enough is Enough Info-Caf: here.



Excavator occupation in #RWEs #Garzweiler open pit mine Enough is Enough!

We, an autonomous group of environmental activists, occupied today, Monday Nov. 12th, 2018 an excavator in the Garzweiler open pit mine near Keyenberg.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Images by @Baggadagga1

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The open-pit mining is progressing tirelessly, destroying habitat in favor of the production of electricity, which in turn drives much of the destruction of living space here and elsewhere by the industry. This destruction takes place both directly by the excavator buckets, as well as indirectly by the emission of greenhouse gases and the resulting climate change. We are in solidarity with the inhabitants of the threatened villages of Keyenberg, Kuckum, Berverath, Unterwestrich and Oberwestrich, Morschenich and Manheim, Pdelwitz, as well as the people in the global south, which is much more affected by climate change and whose homes have to yield to the profit of others.

Furthermore, we send solidary greetings to the occupation in the Trebur forest, which was evicted on Tuesday in favour of the irresponsible expansion of the Frankfurt airport, and to the occupied house in Manheim, which was evicted on Thursday.

To prevent worse there is only one possibility here and now:
Coal stays in the ground, activists stay up.



PA torture case still being ignored by the BBC BBC Watch

As regular readers may recall, the BBC has been ignoring an unusual story unfolding in Israeli courts for well over a year.

BBC News ignores an unusual legal story from Israel

Story of PA torture continues to be side-lined by BBC

In a landmark ruling, the Jerusalem District ordered the Palestinian Authority to pay compensation of 13.2 million shekels (approximately $3.5 million) to dozens of suspected collaborators with Israel who were systematically tortured while incarcerated in PA jails.

Hadashot news reported Thursday the plaintiffs hope that Israel will be able to collect the compensation from the Palestinian Authority, and that if not, it could be raised by offsetting tax revenues collected by Israel on the PAs behalf.

The story took another turn when as reported by the Jerusalem Post:

The PA [Palestinian Authority] has appealed...


US Pressure Fails to Affect Russias Growing Arms Exports Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

ARKADY SAVITSKY | 12.11.2018 | US Pressure Fails to Affect Russias Growing Arms Exports On November 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of the Commission for Military Technology Cooperation with Foreign States. He noted that Our capabilities in the military technical sphere must be used to modernize and upgrade all our industries, to support our science and []


Why Veterans Day is really Palestinian Genocide Day By Kevin Barrett VT Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

What we call Veterans Day in the USA is known as Remembrance Day in Australia. Whatever theyre remembering, weve apparently forgotten. The end of the war to end all wars ?  Maybe. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 was supposed to usher in permanent peacebut somehow instead it []


Pence says US wants model trade deal with Japan Peace and Freedom

Japan and the United States will negotiate a bilateral trade agreement that will serve as a model for other countries, US Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday in Tokyo.

Speaking after talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he reiterated Washingtons position that US businesses have faced unfair obstacles in Japan.

The United States has had a trade imbalance with Japan for too long. American products and services too often face barriers to compete fairly in Japanese markets, he said, standing alongside Abe.

POOL/AFP | US Vice President Mike Pence and Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have agreed to negotiate a bilateral trade pact

The best opportunity for free, fair and reciprocal trade will come in a bilateral trade agreement.

Abe and US President Donald Trump agreed in September to negotiate a trade pact, easing fears that Japan could be next in line in the White Houses tariff offensive.

When completed were confident that this agreement will establish terms on goods and services, Pence said.

The coming US-Japan trade agreement will be a model for the Indo-Pacific.

The United States and Japan, the worlds first and third largest economies, together make up about 30 percent of global GDP and have long had trade ties that are both fractious and interconnected.

Under Trumps predecessor, both countries were part of the broad deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was intended to serve as a bulwark against growing Chinese influence.

But Trump withdrew from the multilateral trade agreement shortly after taking office, and has been vocal about his preference for bilateral deals negotiated on terms more favourable for Washington.

Abe had hoped to see Washington return to the TPP, but agreed to the negotiations expected to begin in January as Trump upped the ante against other trading partners.

Pence was in Tokyo on a brief stop before attending several regional summits, including the ASEAN meeting in Singapore and APEC talks in Papua New Guinea.

Trumps decision to skip the meetings has raised eyebrows in some quarters, and prompted questions about Washingtons commitment to the region, where China is increasingly influential.



Israel: 370 Rockets Bombard Israel from Gaza Since Monday Peace and Freedom

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) says 370 missiles fired since Monday, including 70 after midnight; some 100 intercepted by Iron Dome; over 150 sites targeted in Gaza; sides warn of heavier fighting to come

Palestinian rockets are shot toward Israel from Gaza on November 12, 2018. (AP/Hatem Moussa)

Palestinian rockets are shot toward Israel from Gaza on November 12, 2018. (AP/Hatem Moussa)

Rocket alarms rang out across southern Israel as dawn broke Tuesday, ending a brief overnight lull, as intense fighting between Israel and Gaza appeared to enter its second day.

Rocket launches were reported in Ashkelon and towns closer to the Gaza border, including Sderot.

The fresh barrage came after several hours of relative quiet in Israel following an unprecedented and deadly bombardment on Israeli towns near the Gaza border that forced most Israelis in the region to spend the night in bomb shelters and brought the sides back to the brink of war.

The Israel Defense Forces said before the fresh barrage Tuesday that about 370 rockets and mortar rounds had been shot at Israel since Monday, including 70 rockets fired at Israeli towns since midnight, in what was being called the largest-ever barrage on southern Israel.

A picture taken on November 12, 2018, shows a ball of fire above the building housing the Hamas-run television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli air strike. (Mahmud Hams / AFP)

The IDF said dozens of those had been knocked down by the Iron Dome anti-missile system overnight, and about 100 had been intercepted since the rocket volleys began Monday afternoon.

While most of the rockets shot at Israel that were not intercepted by Iron Dome landed in open areas, several scored hits on homes and other buildings.

The rocket fire appeared to taper off at around 1:30 a.m. Several rocket alert sirens sounded in communities near the Gaza border just after 4 a.m., but there were no reports of impacts.



How public education cripples our kids, and why by John Taylor Gatto Anti Oligarch

Against School* John Taylor Gatto** I taught for thirty years in some of the worst schools in Manhattan, and in some of the best, and during that time I became an expert in boredom. Boredom was everywhere in my world, and if you asked the kids, as I often did, why they felt so bored, they always gave []


Austria arrests second spy for Russia in a week: media reports

Authorities in Austria have arrested a second alleged spy for Russia in a week, according to media reports. Several Austrian news outlets reported on Monday that police had arrested an Austrian counterintelligence officer on suspicion of passing classified information to Russian intelligence. The news follows reports late last week of the arrest of an unnamed []


One Veterans Plea Get Informed or Ditch the Holiday Original

Today, every public institution will pause and go through the motions of "thanking" Americas veterans; but the whole pretense ignores that the populace hardly cares about foreign policy. Veterans Day maybe we ought to drop the whole charade. Dont get me wrong, there will be celebrations a plenty: the NFL will roll out the Continue reading "One Veterans Plea Get Informed or Ditch the Holiday"

The post One Veterans Plea Get Informed or Ditch the Holiday appeared first on Original.


America Should Have Skipped the War, Not Just the Ceremony Original

This weekend the Donald took some heavy duty flack from liberals, Dems, the MSM and harrumphing patriots for canceling his appearance at a wreath laying ceremony at the famous WWI battle site at Belleau, France owing to inclement weather. For instance, former Secretary of State, John Kerry got himself worked into high dudgeon: Mr. Kerry Continue reading "America Should Have Skipped the War, Not Just the Ceremony"

The post America Should Have Skipped the War, Not Just the Ceremony appeared first on Original.


President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal? Original

Its not often that US Government officials are honest when they talk about our foreign policy. The unprovoked 2003 attack on Iraq was called a liberation. The 2011 US-led destruction of Libya was a humanitarian intervention. And so on. So, in a way, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was refreshingly honest last week when, speaking Continue reading "President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal?"

The post President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal? appeared first on Original.


After Conquering the World, Smartphone Faces Uncertain Future

The last phone I bought was a heavily discounted Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Its fine. I have no plans to upgrade. Id consider buying a modern flagship-grade phone if it included a 3.5mm headphone jack and an easily removable back and battery. There are no high end phones with easily removable batteries and the 3.5mm []


Britain's Hunt meets King Salman and crown prince in Saudi Arabia Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says he expressed 'frank' concerns about Khashoggi's death to crown prince and Saudi King Salman


In Greece, the Globalists Take It All Life, Liberty, God, and the Future Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Originally posted on Astute News:
The big push is on to convert Greece into a bastion of liberal democracy and godlessness. At least this is what the latest news from Athens presages. Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras may have gone one step too far in his quest to undermine the Orthodox church. Already under fire for


History and Biblical Scholarship: Al-Quds Is Not Jerusalem Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Dr. Elias Akleh Source The Zionist Israeli state calls on the Old Testament/Torah as a historical document to prove its legality to re-claim Palestine; their gods promised land. To assert this legality and the myth of the promised land Zionist Organization, since its establishment, had recruited the science of archaeology, employing western Christian biblical []


Dirty little secret: Think tanks are among top culprits in media disinformation crisis Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Bryan McDonald Source Most consumers are unaware off the mainstream medias dirty little secret. Think tanks are increasingly taking advantage of tight news budgets to influence the press agenda in favour of their sponsors. Decades ago, these outfits generally operated as policy advisories. Although, some were comfortably enumerated retirement homes for distinguished public servants []


CIAs Latest Greatest Failure Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Government agencies that are skilled at invading nearly everyones privacy worldwide are sometimes totally inept at keeping their own internal communications secure. The problem is particularly acute for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which must maintain secure contact with thousands of foreign agents scattered all over the world. By secure contact one means being able []


Robots Are Coming for Europes Jobs

Via: Bloomberg: Robots are coming for peoples jobs in Europe, and the countries in the ex-communist east are particularly vulnerable. With the use of industrial robots rising globally, the average worker in Slovakia the worlds top car producer per capita faces a 62 percent median probability that his or her job will be []


The Meaning of a Multipolar World Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

November 12, 2018 by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog Right now, we live in a monopolar world. Here is how U.S. President Barack Obama proudly, even imperially, described it when delivering the Commencement address to Americas future generals, at West Point Military Academy, on 28 May 2014: The United States is and remains the one indispensable []


10 Facts about Labours Alleged Anti-Semitism OffGuardian

David Lindsay The Budget has fallen flat, so here comes the 2018 silly seasons greatest hit and dampest squib, anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. It is not clear that there really is a Police investigation into that. But if there is, then ask the Police about Orgreave. The decision as to whether or not to bring a prosecution would in any case be made by the Crown Prosecution Service, which has unilaterally adopted the self-appointed International Holocaust Remembrance Alliances convoluted Definition of anti-Semitism as the law of the land, without reference to minor bodies such as Parliament. The Labour Party, however, is the only body in the world to have adopted that Definition after the enactment of Israels apartheid Nation-State Law. Even as much as Tony Blairs continued membership of it, that makes me proud beyond words that that party long ago banned me for life. Anyway, here are 10 little facts. Fact 1 The definition of anti-Semitism in the Oxford English Dictionary is perfectly sufficient: Hostility to or prejudice against Jews. Fact 2 The


U.S. Army Personnel to Compete in eSports to Boost Recruitment

In other news: Too Fat to Fight: Military Threatened by Childhood Obesity. Via: Stars and Stripes: The Army is putting together a team of video gamers from within its ranks to try to reach young Americans in the digital worlds where they spend much of their time. More than 15 years after launching Americas Army, []


Peace Congress Calls For Unity Around April 4 NATO Protests PopularResistance.Org

The Peace Congress, held in place of the Trump Military Parade, brought together more than 100 people seeking to build a more effective peace and justice movement to end the wars at home and abroad. The Peace Congress celebrated their success in helping to stop the Trump military parade and used the opportunity to come together to develop plans to build the peace and anti-imperialist movement.


Hamas-Israel flare-up threatens to escalate into a full-blown war Peace and Freedom

Some of the fiercest fighting since 2014 has erupted between Gazas Hamas militants and Israel following an Israeli raid on Sunday. The flare-up threatens to escalate into a full-blown war.

Smoke and flames during an Israeli air strike in Gaza (Reuters/A. Zakot)

Israeli warplanes pounded targets in the densely populated Gaza Strip on Monday, while Palestinian militants fired hundreds of mortars and rockets in the fiercest exchange of fire since the 2014 war.

The flare-up came a day after Hamas vowed revenge in response to an Israeli special forces operation in the Gaza Strip that killed six Hamas militants including a top commander. One Israeli soldier was killed and another wounded in the raid.

Read more: Israeli raid in Gaza leaves several dead, including IDF soldier and Hamas commander

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Monday evening they had struck more than 30 militant sites in response to more than 300 rocket and mortar launches from Gaza fired following the Israeli undercover raid on Sunday night. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed credit for the rocket launches.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an IDF spokesman, said the army had sent reinforcements to the Gaza frontier and bolstered its Iron Dome missile defense system.

We continue to strike and retaliate against the military targets belonging to terrorist organizations in Gaza, and as for our intentions we will enhance these efforts as needed, he told reporters.

The IDF said they had struck Hamas military intelligence headquarters, claiming the group had intentionally established their HQ next to a school.

Hamas accused Israel of deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian facilities in one of the most densely populated places in the world.

The Gaza health ministry said at least three Palestinians, including two militants, were killed in the Israeli strikes.

A 19-year-old Israeli soldier was in a critical condition after military bus in southern Israel was hit by an anti-tank missile, the IDF said.  Later, a man was killed when a rocket hit a building in southern Israel.

Among the Israeli targets was Hamas Al-Aqsa TV building in Gaza, which was destroyed after a series of warning shots...


Sayyed Nasrallahs Messages: Confronting Pressure and Enhancing Lebanons Deterrence Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Sayyed Nasrallahs Messages: Confronting Pressure and Enhancing Lebanons Deterrence November 12, 2018 The stern warning issued by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah against the Zionist entity seems to be a thoroughly considered position, regarding its timing and content. His messages have considerably become more present at the security and political decision making institution in []


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

  12   2018 14 . . . . []


China tech sector hit by trade war, censors and slowing growth Peace and Freedom

Hiring numbers are down, company margins are thinner and tumbling technology stocks have wiped billions from the value of Chinas top listed tech firms

South China Morning Post
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 November, 2018, 9:55am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 November, 2018, 9:55am

Wang Miaoyis small one-bedroom apartment, which doubles as her design studio, is overflowing with game magazines, figurines and boxes of sci-fi novels.

The 30-year old game developer is a child of the countys tech boom: she studied at one of Chinas top universities and her company hit it big with an award-winning game that was published on Nintendos Switch cons...



South Front On November 10th, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) announced that its special forces attacked a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Turkman mount in Northern Lattakia. The terrorist group claimed that 10 Syrian soldiers were killed. Earlier on the same day, the group claimed that its special forces killed 18 Syrian []


Florida Airport Shut Down Over Suspicious Package That Ended Up Being Provisional Ballots?

Via: TownHall: Late Sunday evening the Ft. Lauderdale Airport was shut down due to a suspicious package left outside of one of the terminals. Reports are coming in that an Avis rental car employee discovered provisional ballot boxes left in the back of a rental car that had just been returned by a Broward County []


Wall Street: Dow Falls 600 Points as Tech Rout Hits Stocks Peace and Freedom

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 600 points Monday as anxiety over the health of technology behemoths sparked a broad retreat from the stock market.

Wall Street crumbled Monday as fears for demand in the tech sector turned into a broader retreat from stocks while oil prices slid to an 11th straight day of losses despite a Saudi offer to limit output.

European equities also closed lower with Frankfurt and Paris weighed down in part by lingering concerns over Italys high debt and Tuesdays EU-deadline for Rome to revise its 2019 budget.

Trading got off to a bad start in New York, with Apple shares declining after a key parts supplier said a client had cut orders significantly, stoking fears of waning demand for iPhones.

GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP | Trading got off to a bad start in New York, with Apple shares in decline on fears for demand

The ecosystem of the supply chain around Apple is starting to feel the slide of demand, Matt Miskin of John Hancock told AFP, noting that he still expected robust holiday season performance in the tech sector.

With a weaker global growth, tech companies are starting to get repriced lower.

But a general rout ensued for stocks. Investment bank Goldman Sachs also fell 7.5 percent, weighing on the financial sector, while embattled engineering giant General Electric had its lowest close in nearly a decade.

The Dow and S&P 500 both lost two percent or more while the tech-heavy Nasdaq dropped 2.8 percent. Shares in Apple closed down more than five percent.

Treasury bond markets closed for a public holiday.

By mid-afternoon, the broad-based slide prompted President Donald Trump to point the finger, while citing no evidence, at congressional Democrats, who won control of the House of Representatives in last weeks elections.

The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches! he wrote on Twitter. Markets had rallied the day after the vote.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported Monday afternoon that Trump was considering unveiling fresh auto tariffs, erasing gains by General Motors and helping push markets even lower.

Earlier in the eurozone, the Frankfurt and Paris stock markets had dropped as well, weighed down in part by lingering concerns over Italys high debt and Tuesdays EU deadline for Rome to revise its 2019 budget.

The dollar continued to strengthen against its major rivals, meanwhile, hitting its highest levels since the first half of 2017.

The European Unions chief Brex...


Israel: Video shows bus hit by missile minutes after soldiers disembarked Peace and Freedom

Bus had previously been filled with troops but was apparently empty of everyone but driver when it was hit by an anti-tank missile fired from Gaza

Hamas published a video early Tuesday showing a civilians bus carrying Israeli troops being hit by an anti-tank missile and erupting into flames, reportedly moments after dozens of soldiers had disembarked the vehicle.

The afternoon attack on the bus traveling near the Gaza border set off a massive flareup of violence that has seen more than 300 rockets fired at Israel and massive retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza by Israel, bringing the sides back to the brink of war.

The attack, however, could have had a much higher injury or death toll, likely setting off even heavier fighting. According to reports, the bus had minutes earlier been filled with soldiers, but was empty at the time it was hit.

The soldier who was injured was apparently standing outside the bus when the Kornet anti-tank guided missile was fired from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli security forces and firefighters gather near a bus set ablaze after it was hit by a rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave, at the Israel-Gaza border near the kibbutz of Kfar Aza, on November 12, 2018. (Menahem KAHANA / AFP)

The bus, which had no markings identifying it as military, had just pulled out of the Black Arrow memorial near Kibbutz Kfar Azza, several kilometers from the Gaza border, when it was hit.

The 19-year-old Israeli soldier was taken to Beershebas Soroka Medical Center in unstable condition, with injuries throughout his body, medics said.

The driver of the bus, 25, was taken to the hospital after he suffered a panic attack, medics said.

In the video published by Hamas, several soldiers are seen walking around as the bus is parked near the memorial site.

A picture taken on November 12, 2018 shows a bus set ablaze after it was hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, at the Israel-Gaza border near the kibbutz of Kfar Aza, on November 12, 2018. (Menahem KAHANA / AFP)

The terror group appeared to stalk the bus for several minutes before firing the missile.

Once it pulls out of the forested area and is fully exposed to the Strip, the missile is fired, hitting the bus and setting it on fire.

A doctor at the Soroka medical center in Beersheba said th...


Justice Department Poised to Issue Legal Opinion Supporting Whitaker Appointment Peace and Freedom

Agency lawyers to cite 2003 guidance for President George W. Bush



WASHINGTONThe Justice Department is expected to publish a legal opinion in support of Matthew Whitakers installation as acting attorney general as early as Tuesday, a person familiar with the matter said, following questions about whether he can legally serve in the role.

The departments Office of Legal Counsel is expected to say that President Trump had the ability to appoint Mr. Whitaker, the person said. Mr. Whitaker took over last week as an interim successor to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions when Mr. Sessions was ousted by Mr. Trump.

The opinion is expected to support the Trump administrations position that the presidents authority to tap Mr. Whitaker is affirmed by guidance the office issued in 2003. At that time, the office concluded that President George W. Bush could name a non-confirmed employee of the Office of Management and Budget as the agencys acting director.

The OMB director, like the attorney general, is a principal officer of the federal government. The 2003 opinion avoided that problem by defining an acting director as an inferior officer, who under Supreme Court precedent doesnt require Senate approval to be appointed.

Critics from across the ideological spectrum have said Mr. Whitakers appointment is a potentially invalid end-run around the Senates power to provide advice and consent on senior executive-branch nominations. Others have said Mr. Whitakers appointment was lawful under a statute called the Vacancies Reform Act.

In addition, others say Mr. Whitakers ties to a witness in special counsel Robert Muellers probe into Russian interference in the 2016 elections and his history of critical comments about that inquiry raise questions...


No longer a symbol of hope: Aung San Suu Kyi stripped of Amnesty award Peace and Freedom

Amnesty International on Monday stripped Aung San Suu Kyi of its highest honour over the de facto Myanmar leaders indifference to the atrocities committed by the military against Rohingya Muslims.

It was the latest in a string of awards the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner lost since Myanmars military drove 720,000 Rohingya out of the Buddhist majority country in what the United Nations has called an act of genocide.

Reuters / Athit Perawongmetha | Myanmars State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi speaks at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit in Singapore, November 12, 2018.

The London-based global human rights organisation said it was revoking the Ambassador of Conscience Award it gave Suu Kyi in 2009 while she was still under house arrest.

Today, we are profoundly dismayed that you no longer represent a symbol of hope, courage, and the undying defence of human rights, Amnesty International chief Kumi Naidoo said in a letter to Suu Kyi released by the group.

Amnesty International cannot justify your continued status as a recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience award and so with great sadness we are hereby withdrawing it from you.

Amnesty said it informed the 73-year-old of the decision on Sunday. She has so far issued no public response.

Fallen icon

Suu Kyi was globally hailed as a freedom fighter who stood up to her countrys feared military junta while spending 15 years under house arrest.


Indigenous Canadian women still being forcibly sterilized, claims senator Aletho News

RT | November 12, 2018 A Canadian senator claims that unwilling indigenous women are still getting coerced into being sterilized across Canada. The senator now wants the heinous issue investigated nationwide. Sterilization by tubal ligation a process by which the fallopian tubes are either tied, burned or severed is not just a shameful []


Israel to Police European Coastlines Protecting the Continent from Refugees? The Vineyard of the Saker

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog This sounds like a bad joke. It aint. Its real. One fascist government helps another fascist government. Yes, I have written about fascism


Hamas condemn Israel destruction of Al Aqsa TV station Aletho News

MEMO | November 12, 2018 The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has condemned Israels destruction of Al Aqsa TV station in the Gaza Strip. A spokesman for the movement, Fawzi Barhoum, described the targeting of the TV Channel and demolishing of its headquarters as a blatant act of aggression against journalism and all free []


Brazil: Military Police Begin Evictions of Landless Workers INTERNATIONALIST 360

Juca Guimares MST, Brasil de Fato The Maranho Military Police, in compliance with a judicial decision, began an operation to evict the approximately 250 families of landless rural workers linked to the MST, who live in Pindar-Mirim, 255 kilometers from So Lus. The operation began at 5:30 in the morning and, according to the rural...


PT Appeals for Solidarity at European Left Forum Against US Re-colonisation of Brazil and for Lulas Freedom INTERNATIONALIST 360

Fiona Edwards Senator Lindbergh Farias addressed the European Left Forum on behalf of Brazils Workers Party (PT) in Bilbao on Friday 9 November 2018. He asked the participants of the Forum to build an enormous movement in solidarity with the Brazilian people who are resisting US intervention, the rise of fascism and the political persecution...


Tropical Trump Declares War on Amazonia Dissident Voice

When it comes to planetary carnage, Trump (Amerikas president) is facing strong competition. Brazils new president Jair Bolsonaro aka Tropical Trump will likely outdo Amerikas destroy the EPA Trump. Bolsonaro declared war on the Amazon rain forest. Thus, hell likely outpace Trumps arbitrary efforts at eco annihilation because he has a much bigger target!

The Amazon Rainforest, affectionately known as the planets lungs, inhales CO2 and exhales precious oxygen (O), which serves as a life force for every living being on the planet. As a result, everybody from New Zealand to Finland is impacted by what happens to the global rain forests; unlike Las Vegas, what happens in the tropical rain forest does not stay in the tropical rain forest.

Significantly, a University of Leeds study found forests absorb 35% of human-made fossil fuel emissions (CO2) every year. Dr. Simon Lewis, a tropical ecologist from the University of Leeds and co-author of the study, said trees are much more important to tackling climate change than previously thought. The large uptake of CO2 by forests implies that the worlds agricultural lands, grasslands, desert and tundra each play a more limited role as globally significant carbon dioxide sources or sinks at present. This new information can help pinpoint where actions to conserve carbon sinks are likely to have most impact.1

Coincidentally, at approximately the same time as Bolsonaro won election (October 28th) to the presidency a group of UK scientists issued a Declaration of Rebellion (October 31st ) against the UK government for criminal inaction in the face of climate change catastrophe and ecological collapse. Thus, proving that eco turmoil reigns supreme all across the planet, as destructionists versus protectionists factions accelerate on both ends of the biosphere spectrum.

Meanwhile and in consideration of the aforementioned, Bolsonaros assault on rainforests is a declaration of war against all of humanity. Informed sources claim Bolsonaros deforestation of Amazonia will exceed 3xs current levels of obliteration. Thats impending disaster for global warming and a huge threat to ecosystems and life everywhere.

Bolsonaros war plan is exhaustive: (1) expand agriculture into indigenous lands (2) build Amazonia highways  (3) infrastructure projects and (4) major mines, as Amazonia transforms into a commodity for export. But, that particular export is much more than a commodity; it is the life support system for the entire planet. Yes, once again with screaming passion: Its the life support system for the entire planet! One more time....


Recording of Khashoggi murder appears to show MBS involvement: Report Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Member of Saudi Arabia's hit squad instructs superior to 'tell your boss' in phone call after Khashoggi's killing, New York Times reports


Tunisia's parliament approves cabinet reshuffle Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


New cabinet is seen as a victory for Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, who has recently been under pressure from his political opponents


Iranian researcher says approvingly: No book in the world spreads the spirit of antisemitism like the Quran Jihad Watch

Indeed. The Quran depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allahs power is limited (5:64); they love to listen []


Egypt tortures Palestinian resistance combatants: Report Aletho News

MEMO | November 12, 2018 We were a group of 15 combatants returning from a training mission from one of the countries that supports the Palestinian resistance. When we arrived at Cairo airport, we were taken to an underground place. We were blindfolded, handcuffed, and transferred to a number of prisons. This is a part []


Stanfords Courtney Douglas publishes lies about Robert Spencer, refuses to retract even when theyre proven false Jihad Watch

Stanfords student paper, the Stanford Daily, has accused me of publishing students private information, thereby endangering them, when actually all I did was respond to published, publicly available articles by Stanford students. But when confronted, Stanford Dailys editor, Courtney Douglas, refuses to retract, and even told more lies about me in an email to my []


Lebanon passes law to investigate fate of thousands missing since civil war Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Law will set up commission of inquiry to examine what happened to about 17,000 people believed to have been forcibly disappeared


Mohawk Nation News "Scorched Earth" CENSORED NEWS

Read article at Mohawk Nation News .Mohawk Nation News "Scorched Earth"


Mge Europa verbrennen: Warum Nato-Manver nie in den USA stattfinden stan van houcke

Mge Europa verbrennen: Warum Nato-Manver nie in den USA stattfinden



Yanks to the Rescue? stan van houcke

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Yanks to the rescue: Times not-so secret story of how Americans helped Yeltsin win 1996 presidential election

Imagine Izvestia ran a headline in January 2018 titled Rescuing Donald, in which it proudly boasted that a group of crack Russian election-fixers had been sent over to Washington to make sure Trump beat Hillary. Does anyone imagine it would stop short of impeachment for Trump and maybe even hot war with Russia? Yet 22 years ago Time magazin...


Russian weapons enjoy strong demand among Arab nations after Syrian campaign Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By News Desk Source 2018-11-12 The market of Arab and Middle East countries accounts for a considerable share of the order book of Russias state arms seller Rosoboronexport (part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec), the Rosoboronexport press office quoted its CEO Alexander Mikheyev as saying on Monday. At the fifth Bahrain International Air Show 2018 []


Libya leaders arrive in Italy for peace talks Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Italy hopes conference resurrects UN efforts to stage elections in Libya, but peace talks off to rocky start as PM Giuseppe Conte arrives late


Is the Great March of Return winding down after Egyptian deal? Gazas protesters speak Mondoweiss

Palestinians are still demonstrating along the Gaza-Israel border on Fridays, but in fewer numbers and with less fury than seen in recent months as Egyptian mediators work to lessen confrontations along the fence.

For the last six months Palestinian youth have protested by the tens of thousands along the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. Locally the demonstrations reignited a conversation about return to their historic cities and villages that now part of Israel, as 1.3 million of the 1.9 million residents in the Strip are refugees from lands inside of Israel.

But the movement could be winding down.

In late October the Lebanese outlet al-Akhbar reported an agreement between Israel and Hamas that aims to soften violence along the border through the end of 2018.  The deal would have Palestinian factions drawing back their support of the weekly marches, thus lowering the number of protesters, in exchange for Israeli forces easing up on lethal fire.

Egypt is expected to pressure Israel to lift 70 percent of the blockade on Gaza and expand the fishing zone by 14 nautical miles. Five thousand Gazan workers under the age of 40 will be allowed to enter Israel for employment, and Egypt will open the Rafah border crossing.

But will the terms approved by the top brass prove effective on the ground? I asked Palestinians in Gaza if they believe protest should be suspended in exchange for an easing of the blockade?

Ayda Darweesh, 50, housewife. (Photo: Mohammed Asad)

Ayda Darweesh, 50, housewife

I question why these protest should stop since I am a mother of a martyr and one who was wounded? The sacrifice from my son should not be in vain. Do the Israelis think that creating amputees will be priceless? Then suddenly w...


Saudi plan to assassinate General Soleimani, NY Times reveals The Vineyard of the Saker

Press TV reports: Saudi Major General Ahmed al-Assiri, who has allegedly been fired over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, took part at a meeting in Riyadh in 2017 that involved


Souvenirs de Villingen The Vineyard of the Saker

Jazz music is often famous for featuring amazing improvisations and that is absolutely fair: Jazz did re-vitalize the art of improvisation which almost disappeared with the end of the Baroque


The Magnitsky affair stan van houcke

The Magnitsky affair: 

the confession of a 

hustled hack

A Cypriot journalists confession of how he too fell for the wrong account of the Magnitsky Affair


The Untouchable Mr. Browder? stan van houcke

 BlogviewIsrael Shamir Archive 


The Magnitsky Hoax? stan van houcke

The Magnitsky Hoax?
Who stole all the money?


Survival of the fittest has become survival of the fascists Mondoweiss

A week ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told Likud officials that occupation is nonsense. This is a continuation of a right-wing spinning of history that says that Israel is not an occupying power.

Then Netanyahu went further, to speak with clear fascist eliminationist undertones:

Occupation is nonsense. Empires have conquered and replaced entire populations and no one is talking about it.

This line was reported by the Israeli Yediot Aharonot, yet didnt make too many headlines otherwise. One might have thought that Israel apologists would ignore this line as too overtly fascist, but here is the Israel apologia site United with Israel openly quoting it.

Middle East Monitor rightly observed that [t]he comments appear to support the claim made repeatedly by Israels critics who insist that Israels policies in Palestine have more in common with the past when settler colonialism and empire building was the norm and racist attitudes towards native population was used to justify the denial of their basic human rights. 

MEMO also reminded us of another chilling statement by Netanyahu from 2-1/2 months ago, which echoed Hitler:

The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end, peace is made with the strong. 

While those Hitleresque statements were made in the context of his September visit to Dimona and the nuclear center, the recent ones were made in the general context of relations with Arab countries:

 Power is key. Power changes everything in our policy with Arab countries, he said. Aligning [Arab] interests with Israel, based on Israel being a technological superpower must lead the way.

This view of power politics is consistent with Israels intensifying campaign to create a strong alliance with Arab countries aligned with Saudi Arabia. Last week Netanyahu spoke openly a...


Islamist NATO ThereAreNoSunglasses

Image: Saudi Arabias King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (2nd L) welcomes U.S. President Donald Trump to dance with a sword during a welcome ceremony at Al Murabba Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia May 20, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Creating a New Arab Alliance

Donald Trump doesnt like the original NATO, so why does he want a second one?

by Doug Bandow

Rather, the regions greatest problems are internal, often exacerbated or even created by the U.S. government. Indeed, Washington is the regions most destabilizing force: blowing up both Iraq and Libya, attempting to overthrow the Syrian government, pushing barely disguised regime change in Iran, and backing the Saudi regimes reckless military intervention in Yemen and elsewhere. No other government has wreaked nearly as much havoc throughout the region.

Some Americans care much more about Israel than they do about U.S. energy supplies or regional stability. However, the radical Likud government also is playing the United States. Israel is a nuclear-armed regi...


The Meaning of a Multipolar World The Vineyard of the Saker

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog Right now, we live in a monopolar world. Here is how U.S. President Barack Obama proudly, even imperially, described it when delivering the


President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal? Aletho News

By Ron Paul | November 12, 2018 Its not often that US Government officials are honest when they talk about our foreign policy. The unprovoked 2003 attack on Iraq was called a liberation. The 2011 US-led destruction of Libya was a humanitarian intervention. And so on. So, in a way, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo []


Trump, Like Obama and Bush, Fixes World Attention Upon Shiite Iran In Order To Create More Sunni Terrorists ThereAreNoSunglasses

An Arab NATO and Americas militarized Mideast policy



False Reports In U.S. Media Suggest A Great Deception Moon of Alabama

The New York Times is lying to its readers about the commitments of an adversarial state. It did not learn a single lesson from its fake reporting that led the Iraq War. It again furthers hostile aggression. bigger In a...


Italy Slows Down Purchases of US F-35 Jets to Cut Spending Reports Aletho News

Sputnik 12.11.2018 The previous government ordered some 90 of the fifth-generation jets for its military, but the Five Star and Lega parties, which won the last election, have been trying to either scrap the deal or reduce spending on it. The Italian government is planning to reduce the number of F-35 jets it will []


The Dangers of Creating a New Arab Alliance ThereAreNoSunglasses

The Dangers of Creating a New Arab Alliance

Donald Trump doesnt like the original NATO, so why does he want a second one?

by Doug Bandow 

How to explain the Trump administrations fixation with Iran? The Islamic Republic is an economic wreck and in political disarray, and lacks an effective conventional military. It obviously cannot seriously threaten America.

Moreover, Tehrans capabilities are dramatically overshadowed by Israels nuclear arsenal, Saudi Arabias lavishly appointed military, and the United Arab Emirates brutal war-making. The obvious response to Irans threats, which have been far exceeded by Riyadhs reckless aggressiveness, is regional cooperationand for Tehrans neighbors to better treat their own oppressed populations, so the latter do not find Irans Islamist message appealing.

Yet President Donald Trump, who doesnt like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, through which the Europeans have become embarrassingly dependent on America, wants to create an Arab NATO, provisionally named the Middle East Strategic Alliance. The organizations leading member would be Saudi Arabia, another nation which candidate Trump criticized for taking advantage of the United States.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the latest UN General Assembly meeting to host prospective members while Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs Tim Lenderking criss-crossed the Gulf pro...


Palestinian jihad intensifies as Muslims fire 200 rockets at Israeli civilians Jihad Watch

The international media, as well as the UN, will as always condemn Israel for fighting back. But it remains true that if the Palestinians laid down their arms, there would be peace. If the Israelis laid down their arms, there would be a new genocide of the Jews. RAW FOOTAGE: The skies of []


Filming in the Most Depressing City on Earth: Jakarta Dissident Voice

It stinks, it is the most polluted city on earth, but that is not the most terrible thing about it.

You can drive for ten or even twenty kilometers through it, and see only ugliness, fences and broken pavements. But there are many miserable cities on this planet, and I have worked in almost all of them, in 160 countries.

So why is Jakarta killing me?  Why am I overwhelmed by depression whenever I decide to film here, or to write about the state in which its citizens are forced to live? Why, really, do I feel so desperate, so hopeless?

I am tough. I hardly succumb to depression even in such places like the war-torn Afghanistan, Iraq, or in the middle of the toughest slums of Africa.

So, what is it, really, about Jakarta?

Here, I often speak about immorality, but again, what do I mean by this term? I am not a moralist, far from it. I have no religion, and I very rarely pass moral judgments, unless something truly outrageous unveils in front of my eyes.

So why, as so many others, do I land in this city in good spirits, and leave one or two weeks sick, broken, literally shitting my pants, full of wrath, despair?

Why? The Western mass media and local servile sheets are constantly bombarding the world, describing Jakarta as a sprawling metropolis, or to use the terminology of the Australian National University, as a normal city.

But it is not. In fact, it is the most immoral place on earth that I know. It is one enormous monument to fascism, intellectual collapse, Western neo-colonialism and turbo-capitalism.

This time, right here, I will explain, briefly and determinately, why!


You can actually avoid feeling this way, if you decide to land in Jakarta, work for a week or two surrounded by local elites (usually shameless thugs), sail through life here with half-closed eyes. Or if you get paid well not to see. You can also be a Western journo who lives in one of high-rise condominiums, gets himself local bimbo for a girlfriend, and collects his news from official briefings and press conferences.

Such foreign visitors are warmly welcomed in Jakarta, and they get incorporated into the life of local tsars, of feudal cream, of bandits who double as business people or politicians.

It is not so difficult! You land at that lavish Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (half of things do not work here, already, or yet, but the terminal does look lavish), you can take a luxury limo to one of so many 5-star hotels, have meetings at a steel-and-glass office tower, dine in a posh mall where nobody shops (a money laundering concept), but where those with unlimited budgets, often dine. After all this you can leave thinking that Jakarta is just cool bit shallow, too loud and too vulgar but a kind of cool city.

And you can, if you choose to never learn that about 90% of its citizens...


Iran abiding by nuclear deal restrictions, says IAEA Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


UN atomic watchdog says Iran respecting 2015 nuclear deal with major world powers, a week after US reimposed sanctions on Tehran


The Poison Paradox Who Knew? Aletho News

By David Macilwain | OffGuardian | November 12, 2018 NOVICHOK! It just wont go away even though it was never there! The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that came into contact with the killer substance have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site. Suspend not disbelief yet at the thought []


Novorussian elections SITREP The Vineyard of the Saker

by Auslander for The Saker Blog International press has pretty much ignored the ongoing civil war between 404 and Novorossiya for the last year. However, for those in Novorossiya, be


Ten lies told about World War I Aletho News

By Dominic Alexander | CounterFire | November 9, 2014 This Remembrance Day will doubtless see strenuous efforts by some to justify the fruitless bloodbath that was the First World War. Revisionist commentators have long attempted to rehabilitate the conflict as necessary and just, but the arguments do not stand up. It does no service to []


Fight over wine labels demonstrates power of Israel lobby, duplicity of Canadian government Mondoweiss

In the catalogue of antisemitic tropes, its one of the hoariest dual loyalty. Late last summer, a chorus of Canadian Zionists accused prominent Montreal lawyer, journalist and activist Dimitri Lascaris of deploying it against a pair of Canadian Members of Parliament.

Lascaris had called on Michael Levitt and Anthony Housefather, members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus Liberal caucus, to condemn a racist, violence-laced attack on their party leader posted by a pair of Toronto Zionists in an outrageous half-hour Facebook video. They didnt. So, in early September, Lascaris fired off another Tweet. Apparently, Liberal MPs Anthony Housefather and Michael Levitt are more devoted to apartheid Israel than to their own prime minister and colleagues in the Liberal caucus, it read.

Dimitri ended up getting crucified on Twitter by the leaders of all four Canadian political parties. An impressive feat.

As hazardous as it is to suggest such a thing in the wake of the horrific slaying of a dozen Jews in Pittsburgh, I think Dimitri was spot on certainly regarding Levitt, from the Toronto riding of North York.  Back in the Summer of 2017, in union with BNai Brith Canada (BBC) and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (Canadas AIPAC), Levitt helped engineer the quashing of a ruling by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that unlawful Jewish settlement wines labeled Product of Israel could not be sold on Canadian store shelves. The CFIAs decision had been based on Canadian consumer protection laws and regulations and on international conventions Canada is solemnly committed to uphold.  Levitt sworn to uphold Canadian law felt Israels rights should prevail. How loyal to Canada is that?

Truth be told, I was the one who initiated the settlement wine labelling complaint, and Dimitri Lascaris has been providing me with pro bono counsel in my quest to have the original CFIA ruling restored. Our Memorandum of Fact and Law was filed on Nov. 2. The government will respond in late January with a factum of its own. A hearing before a Federal Court of Canada judge has been scheduled for late May 2019. Dimitri and I will be standing up for justice and the rule of law next Spring. What or whom will Michael Levitt be standing up for?

Israel, probably. But Levitts confusion is rooted in his political philosophy, not his ethnicity or religious faith. Im Jewish, and I havent a scintilla of loyalty to the Jewish State. Nor do any of my Jewish friends. The flip side of the coin are Chr...


Canada has heard audio of Jamal Khashoggi's killing, says Trudeau Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Canadian prime minister said he hasn't listened to the recording himself, but was briefed on its contents


Locations Of US, British, Russian Aircraft Carriers November 12, 2018

This map shows the approximate locations of US, British and Russian aicraft carriers and carrier strike groups. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence tracks locations of these aircraft carriers using the available open-source information. No classified information was used in production of the map.

Some developments:

  • The CVN-75 Harry S. Truman carrier strike group recently particiapted in the Trident Juncture 2018 war games near Russias northern border and is now deployed near the coast of Portugal.
  • The CVN-76 Ronald Reagan carrier strike group participated in the Keen Sword 2019 war games in the period from October 28 to November 8. The Keen Sword 2019 is a large-scale joint drills by the US and Japan. The drill came amid the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing in the sitaution in the South China Sea.
  • According to reprots, planned repair and modernization works have been resumed at the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser (TAVKR) after the October 30 incident with the floating dry dock.
  • The HMS Queen Elizabeth is conducting drills off the east coast of the US in order to test its F-35 jets.
Locations Of US, British, Russian Aircraft Carriers - November 12, 2018

Click to see the full-size image

The post Locations Of US, British, Russian Aircraft Carriers November 12, 2018 appeared first on .


Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot Aletho News

By Binoy Kampmark | Dissident Voice | November 11, 2018 Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it. For them, peace is the enemy as much as armed opposing combatants, if not more so. Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian []


Israeli consul Dayan links Jeremy Corbyn to Pittsburgh massacre (and no mention of Trump) Mondoweiss

After 11 Jews were massacred by a white nationalist in Pittsburgh on October 27, two Israeli officials attempted to exploit the tragedy so as to demonize Palestinian solidarity  ambassador Ron Dermer and education minister Naftali Bennett. Now heres another offender; last week, Dani Dayan, the Israeli consul general in New York, spoke at a vigil for Pittsburgh organized by the American Jewish Committee and used the occasion to smear Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite and to call Iran a genocidal regime.

The Netanyahu administration is once again showing contempt for American Jews. Dayan completely avoided the topic of Donald Trumps nationalist and racist rhetoric even though three out of four American Jews hold Trump responsible for the massacre.

Dayan did say some healing words  that he had flown to Pittsburgh on the night of the massacre and gone to the Tree of Life synagogue after midnight to say prayers and commune with the spirits of the dead. But he then launched into the political lessons of the massacre, and located neo-Nazi demons in Jeremy Corbyn of Britain and the Iranian government, without saying a word against Donald Trumps racist comments.


In a few weeks at the international Holocaust remembrance day, we will all together pledge, Never again. My friends, Never is now. Never is now in Europe, never is now in the United States of America. Never is now in other parts of the globe. We have to give substance to that pledge, not to make it a shallow cliche . . .

My friends we are not in Germany of 1938, no. We are not even in Russia in the previous turn of the century, no. But we will never let the situation get there. This time we are more experienced, and we know as Jews, that we have to stop this horror. That we have to put an end to these calamities much earlier than we did previously.

And this time we have the strength to do that, and we will do that. We will not accept the situation and we will call it out when the leader of the opposition of a P5 country is an anti-Semite. We will not be silent when a genocidal regime in Teheran is embraced into the family of nations. And we will not be silent when Nazis march in the streets of Charlottesville with impunity.

Polling shows that 2/3 of American Jews are against the withdrawal from the Iran deal and 3/4 of them hold Trump at least somewhat responsible for the deadly attack in Pittsburgh. Dayan of course never mentioned Trump. Though he did finger Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition leader in the UK, who has stood up for Palestinian rights again and again. As if Corbyn had anything to do with the murd...


World War I: An Illustrated Guide to Propaganda OffGuardian

Terje Maloy These stories are not unique cases from a remote war. The same methods are constantly rinsed and repeated, the mentality in our ruling elites is the same, and the risk of a major conflict is as great today as in 1914. These examples concentrate mostly on British/American perception management and propaganda. First of all, because they are masters of the art, and secondly, as victors they still dominate the narrative. ARTHUR PONSONBY AND FALSEHOOD IN WARTIME After the Great War came a huge backlash of disillusion and revulsion. Calmly analysed, most of what had been told in the war turned out to be lies and half-truths. Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War was the title of a book published in 1928. Written by Arthur, Ponsonby, it discussed 20 instances of lies in wartime. The contents of the book can be summed up in the Ten Commandments of War Propaganda: We do not want war. The opposite party alone is guilty of war. The enemy is the face of


NATO membership for Ukraine & Georgia would bring out the bear in Russia Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, Midnight in the American Empire, released in 2013. Published time: 2 Nov, 2018 15:37Edited time: 2 Nov, 2018 19:21 RT Western leaders argue that the growth of NATO along Russias border together with the militarization []


Outrage media contributing to polarized political environment Peace and Freedom

New York Times podcast The Daily recently interviewed the owners of a business that produces highly partisan right-wing content in order to sell advertising. This business model which many other internet and media companies employ depends on attracting a high number of internet clicks and shares on social media. The companys owners told reporter Kevin Roose they had learned that headlines and articles that provoked anger were the most likely to get clicks and be shared.
By Kerry Boyd Anderson
More broadly, Roose noted that the stuff thats doing really, really well on social media is this kind of hyper-partisan outrage bait thats designed to stir people into a frenzy.
Multiple studies of internet-based media, cable news and political radio shows have found that media content that makes viewers and listeners feel outrage is more likely to attract followers. Researchers looking at marketing, internet use and news outlets have noted that provoking emotions both positive and negative is more likely to grab the attention of viewers and listeners, and anger is one of the most successful emotions in this sense.
In their book The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility, professors Sarah Sobieraj and Jeffrey M. Berry warned that extreme, partisan rhetoric had become pervasive in American political opinion television and radio.
Cover for The Outrage Industry
In a 2014 interview, Sobieraj explained: Outrage is a concept we developed to describe political speech and behavior involving efforts to provoke emotional responses especially anger, fear and moral indignation from the audience It is a form of political communication that glosses over the messy nuances of complex political issues and instead focuses on melodrama, mockery and forecasts of impending doom.
Beyond the US, similar trends are occurring in Europe, Brazil and elsewhere, often going hand-in-hand with the growth of populist parties and t...


World War I Homage A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes Aletho News

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 12.11.2018 World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I. In an absurd way, the Napoleon-era arc was a fitting venue because the ceremony and the rhetoric from President Emmanuel Macron was a triumph []


Germany calls for China transparency over Uighur Muslims Peace and Freedom

Despite warnings from China that Germany should not interfere in its internal affairs, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on Beijing to be transparent about the human rights conflict surrounding the Uighur Muslims.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas meets with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Beijing

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas began his visit to China on Monday by calling for more transparency from the Chinese government regarding the human rights conflict surrounding reports about the mass detention of a million Uighur Muslims.

UN experts have said there are credible reports that as many as a million Uighurs, ethnically Turkic Muslims which reside in western China, have been interned in camps in the last year.

We cannot accept re-education camps, Maas said after meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in Beijing, adding that more information was needed to assess the situation.

On Monday, Maas said his talks with Vice Premier Liu were free of controversy and that all sides had an interest in matters being transparent. When asked if human rights organizations should enter the camps, the German minister said: At first, it is of secondary importance who ensures transparency.

Bundestag condemnation

Last Thursday, members of Germanys Bundestag condemned the Chinese government for its treatment of the Uighur population, accusing Beijing of violating human rights.

In a motion, the Greens party called on the German government to demand that Beijing grant independent observers and journalists access to the Xinjiang region.

The discussion in the Bundestag prompted a fierce response from China. The Chinese Embassy in Berlin said that Beijing was extremely dissatisfied and accused the Bundestag of blatant interference in internal affairs and a gross violation of Chinas sovereignty.


The Official James Petras website

The use and abuse of the language of politics has served to blame victims and to justify imperial aggressors. The consequences are multiple, both in legitimizing war crimes and economic plunder, as well as neutralizing [...]


Push for impeachment, more resistance could get Trump re-elected, Steve Scalise says Peace and Freedom

The call by House Democrats for over 75 investigations into President Trump and his administration will backfire on liberals and likely aid in the Republicans re-election in 2020, according to top House leadership member Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La.

If they move so far to the left that they only want to harass the president and ultimately impeach the president, that is going to backfire on them. We saw this with the (Brett) Kavanaugh hearings, said the House GOP whip.

Related image

The danger theyre going to have is that the far left wants them to move toward resistance and ultimately impeachment of the president regardless of the facts. And thats not where the country is, added Scalise.

He is beginning a media tour to promote his new book Back in the Game, the gripping and inspiring story about the June 14, 2017 assassination attempt on him and other members of the House Republican baseball team.

The book that reveals the minute-by-minute details of the shooting and his long recovery from two brushes with death, published by Hatchette, goes on sale tomorrow and Amazon is taking early orders.

Scalise, running unopposed for the No. 2 slot in the incoming Republican minority leadership, joined with others who raised concerns that while liberal, Rep. Nancy Pelosi will have to steer even further left to please her caucus should she become speaker as expected.

Nancy Pelosi is already very liberal but I think her conference has moved even further to the left from the last time she was speaker, said Scalise.

During the recent campaign, Scalise went to several swing districts and found support for the presidents approach on the economy and taxes. That is now threatened.

Nancy Pelosi wants...


Israel: Air sirens sound in Eshkol region, Hamas fires rockets from Gaza Jihad Watch

Time for the UN to condemnIsrael. Air sirens sound in Eshkol region, Hamas fires rockets from Gaza, Jerusalem Post, November 12, 2018: Air sirens were heard in kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, kibbutz Holit and kibbutz Sufa located in the Eshkol Regional Council in south Israel. Hamas fires over 100 rockets from Gaza on Monday evening. The []


Athenahealth sold for $5.7 billion after activist fund Elliott Management pulls bid Peace and Freedom

Private equity firms Veritas and Evergreen Coast Capital agreed to buy Athenahealth, the healthcare software firm that an activist investor had previously attempted to take over, for $5.7 billion.

The former chief executive officer of the Watertown, Mass.-based company departed earlier this year amid contentious discussions with billionaire Paul Singer, whose firm, Elliott Management, later dropped its bid.

Veritas and Evergreen plan to combine athenahealth with Virence Health, which Veritas purchased from General Electric, creating a new healthcare tech firm with an extensive provider network of customers, the companies said in a statement.

Operating as a private company with Veritass ownership and support will provide Athenahealth with increased flexibility to achieve our purpose of unleashing our collective potential to transform healthcare, said Jeff Immelt, the former head of GE and current Athenahealth chairman.

Bob Segert, chief executive officer of Virence, will lead the new entity.

In the past, athenahealth has pushed Congress to impose additional transparency measures on insurers and healthcare providers.

The federal government has the data to make healthcare a shoppable patient experience to infuse competition into healthcare markets and therefore drive costs down, the company wrote in a 2017 blog post.

While no major healthcare legislation is likely to be passed once control of Congress is split between Democrats and Republicans in January, there are some areas of potential compromise. A bipartisan group of lawmakers, for example, recently released draft legislation to address surprise medical bills.


Palestinian Resistance Vows Defending People & Land in Face of Israeli Aggression Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Palestinian Resistance Vows Defending People & Land in Face of Israeli Aggression November 12, 2018 Palestinian Resistance Factions Joint Operation Room Monday stressed, in a statement, that the Zionist enemy is completely responsible for the martyrdom of seven Palestinian citizens, adding that he resistance is able to retaliate and deter the enemy. The statement added []


November 12, 2018: Clashes Erupt Between Militants And Syrian Army In Idlib De-Escalation Zone The Vineyard of the Saker On November 10th, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) announced that its special forces attacked a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Turkman mount in Northern Lattakia. The


Chinas Race to Dominate AI Peace and Freedom

In an interview, Kai-Fu Lee also discusses why he thinks U.S. tech giants will never succeed in expanding in China

Image result for Kai-Fu Lee, photos

Sinovation Ventures CEO Kai-Fu Lee


By  Yun-Hee Kim
The Wall Street Journal


The U.S. may be winning the race in artificial intelligence for now. But it wont last for long.

So predicts Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and chief executive of Sinovation Ventures, a Beijing-based venture-capital firm. He believes the U.S.s current technological edge over China could disappear within five years, thanks to government support, a growing force of entrepreneurs and their speed of execution.

Mr. Lee, who previously was the head of Google Inc. in China, recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the AI race, entrepreneurship in China, and prospects for leading U.S. tech companies in the worlds most populous country. Edited excerpts follow.

China vs. U.S.

WSJ: How do Chinese and U.S. strategies to develop AI differ?

MR. LEE: Chinas techno-utilitarian policy encourages technology to be launched first, observed, and allowed to proceed without obstruction if things go smoothly. If there are issues, it could quickly come up with regulations. An example is mobile payments. In the U.S., this might raise all kinds of lobby, security, hacking concerns from the credit-card companies and banks. But in China, Tencent TCEHY -3.33% and Alibaba BABA -3.09% were permitted to try to run payment systems as software companies, and they did a great job. Mobile payment took over in China.

In China, a highway is being built with sensors to improve autonomous driving, new cities are being developed with autonomous vehicles; some with two layers of roadsone layer for pedestrians, pets, bicycles, and another layer for cars. All of these will help with testing for autonomous-vehicle systems to be launched sooner. With AI applications, you need a lot of data to do testing. China has a lot of data, so its approach allows it to move faster.

WSJ: What do you think the U.S. needs to improve on and where does China need to invest further when it comes to AI?

MR. LEE: Its going to be about who has more data, faster entrepreneurs, lots of AI engineers and government support. China will continue...


EU defence efforts musnt hurt transatlantic bond: NATO chief Peace and Freedom

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Europe against undermining transatlantic ties, following a defence spat between US President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron.

Trump had tweeted on Friday that Macrons call for a real European army was insulting.

The US leaders criticism came after Macron spoke about the need for a European army and listed the US along with Russia and China as a threat to European security.

AFP/File | Stoltenberg warned European members against duplicating NATOs work and jeopardising relations with the United States

Without referring specifically to Macrons call for a European army, Stoltenberg said he welcomed stronger EU efforts on defence that could strengthen NATO.

But he warned European members against duplicating the alliances work and jeopardising relations with the United States.

More European efforts on defence is great but it should never undermine the strength of the transatlantic bond, said Stoltenberg at a forum in Berlin.

This is partly about substance but also partly about perception because perception matters.

If we speak too much about a phrase like, for instance strategic autonomy? it sounds like youre going to do these big strategic things alone and I dont think thats wise.

Two World Wars and a Cold War taught us the importance of doing things together, he said.

If they so wish, European allies can choose to carry out operations with or without the US within the framework of NATO, said Stoltenberg.

But he would oppose the EU developing structures that duplicated the alliances work.

The reality is that we need one strong and capable command structure, we cant divide those resources in two, said the NATO chief.

Trump has repeatedly berated European NATO members like Germany for failing to meet spending targets set by the alliance.

But in an interview aired on Sunday, Macron said Europe should not raise their defence budgets in order to purchase US-made weapons.



Sanctions will fail to hinder Irans progress: AEOI chief Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Sanctions will fail to hinder Irans progress: AEOI chief Sun Nov 11, 2018 03:17PM Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi says sanctions will fail to stop the countrys progress in different fields. In spite of sanctions, Irans achievements in various fields, particularly in the defense and missile industry sectors []


Theresa May at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, by Theresa May Voltaire Network

My Lord Mayor, My Late Lord Mayor, Your Grace, My Lord Chancellor, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Chief Commoner, ladies and gentlemen, this weekend our country came together to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice. Gathering around memorials across the length and breadth of the land, people of every faith and background stopped and stood together to remember the sacrifice of a generation. A sacrifice that touched almost every family and every community including (...)


250 people at #antifa demonstration against racism and fascism in #Nijmegen, dutch territory Enough is Enough!

Nijmegen, dutch territory: On Saturday November 10, more than 250 demonstrators gathered at Faberplein to take a stand against racism and fascism.

Originally published by Nijmegen Tegen Racisme Facebook page. Images by Anifascistische Aktie.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

nijmegen10n2The action was organized by Nijmegen Tegen Racisme because Racial Volunteer Force, a group of neo-nazis had declared that they would come to demonstrate in the centre of Nijmegen. This, exactly 80 years after the Kristallnacht. The RVF demanded the closure of the socio-cultural centre De Grote Broek, which they regard as a breeding ground for anti-fascist resistance. The presence of a strong non-parliamentary leftist movement in Nijmegen has been a needle in the eye for the extreme-right for a long while now.

Since the RVF had not rece...


European Parliament Shocked at Amount of EU-Made Arms in Hands of Terrorists Aletho News

Sputnik 12.11.2018 This week, members of the European Parliament will gather in Strasbourg for the plenary session with a wide array of issues on the agenda, including arms exports. A draft report on arms exports, which will be tabled at the European Parliaments plenary session in Strasbourg later this week, suggests launching an investigation []


Apple Suppliers Tumble on New Signs of Weak iPhone Demand Peace and Freedom

Major suppliers to Apple Inc.s iPhone fell Monday as investors fretted that one of the most important product lines in the technology sector was seeing weak demand.

Image result for Apple store, photos

The latest warning sign was Lumentum Holdings Inc. cutting its second-quarter outlook after one of its largest customers asked to meaningfully reduce shipments for previously placed orders. Lumentum didnt name the customer, but Apple is its biggest, according to Bloomberg supply-chain data. Shares of Lumentum plummeted a record 30 percent while Apple dropped as much as 4.1 percent. Oclaro Inc., which is being bought by Lumentum, lost 11 percent, on track for its biggest drop since April.

Image result for iPhone X, Photos

We think investors should consider Lumentums updated guide as reflecting as much as a 30% cut in Apple orders, Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers said in a note to clients.

Loop Capital Markets also said the customer is likely Apple. The development is not entirely surprising but it seems very likely to us that the market for 3D sensing-related light sources and other components is going to be smaller next year than previously anticipated, analyst James Kisner said in a research note.

Among other Apple suppliers, Cirrus Logic Inc. dropped 10 percent at 9:49 a.m. in New York. Qorvo Inc. slid 7.3 percent, Skyworks Solutions Inc. fell 2.8 percent, Finisar Corp. dropped 4.7 percent and Broadcom Inc. fell 5.3 percent. Semiconductor stocks were broadly lower with the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index down 3 percent.
Lumentums outlook comes a week after Nikkei reported that Apple...


The Trade War With China And The Problem With Intellectual Property Rights Peace and Freedom

Human development is not determined by the mechanics of Darwinian evolution, wrote the French philosopher Henri Bergson, but by our own creative impulses. The advent of farming, industrial manufacturing, the scientific method, digital technology these have shaped modern life most. Last week, we considered the dangers of reducing the trade deficit with China, but what about the trade wars central aim of preventing intellectual property theft? If Bergson was right, and what we make defines us, then how do we protect our inventions?

China has repeatedly attempted to steal American intellectual property, President Donald Trump said in April, after the U.S. Trade Representative proposed up to 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports for what the agency called harm caused by Chinas unreasonable technology transfer policies. These technology transfers arise from Chinas foreign-ownership restriction laws, which require foreign businesses to form joint ventures with domestic Chinese companies to sell their goods in China. These ventures often include some type of technology transfer, exposing foreign businesses to theft.

By Forbes

The Chinese wind turbine company Sinovel was recently fined $1.5 million, for example, because it stopping paying on its $700 million deal to use American Superconductor (AMSC) software after two of its employees bribed an AMSC worker for stolen source code. AMSC reportedly lost $1.4 billion in market value and had to cut 70% of its workforce. But its difficult to hold China accountable since these technology transfers are based on mutually agreed terms, as Chinese Ambassador to the WTO Zhang Xiangchen recently said. In addition, the victims...


After SNL joke, former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw says stop looking for reasons to be offended Peace and Freedom

Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw said Monday he wasnt immediately sure whether to accept an invitation by Saturday Night Live after comedian Pete Davidson joked about his military service. The Texas Republican said it came down to wanting to unite people who were also offended by the skit.

Image result for Dan Crenshaw, photos

We were hesitant at first. We werent sure what the skit was going to look like, had a lot of veterans events planned this weekend, Crenshaw, who wears an eye patch due to an injury he suffered while serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan six years ago.

Crenshaw did not call for Davidson to apologize or attack the actor after the Nov. 3 incident, in which the comedian said the retired lieutenant commander had lost his eye in war or whatever.

Crenshaw said he decided to go to SNL and address what had happened a week earlier in an attempt to unite people upset on his behalf.

It felt like the right thing to do. I would appreciate it if everybody would stop looking for reasons to be offended and thats what this was all about, Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw said he decided to go to SNL and address what had happened a week earlier in an attempt to unite people upset on his behalf.

It felt like the right thing to do. I would appreciate it if everybody would stop looking for reasons to be offended and thats what this was all about, Crenshaw said.

What better platform than [that] to sort of give a united message for the country, talk about forgiveness, and talk about veterans? And they let me do that last part where we got a little bit serious and I was able to give a message about what it means to be veterans, and how to bridge that gap between civilians and military, he said.

The veteran told viewers instead of thanking former service members on Veterans Day, they should say never forget because its less transactional.

When you thank somebody, its almost like youre on other side of them. When youre say never forget, its almost like this secret code between Americans where we all recognize that we can never forget the sacrifice of our veterans past and present but also never forget why...


Muslim comedian slams TV series for Islamophobia, its writer says he knows terrorism is different from Islam Jihad Watch

Hasan Minhaj is one of the legion of todays painfully unfunny comedians who think that repeating Leftist talking points and mocking their opponents is comedy. Here he takes on the TV series Bodyguard, claiming it is Islamophobic. (Islamphobia, let us remember, is a smear propaganda term designed to intimidate people into fearing to oppose jihad []



500,000 Killed by Americas Global War on Terror Just Scratches the Surface The Anti-Media

500,000 War on Terror(CD)  The United States so-called War on Terror has killed about half a million people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, according to a new estimate from the Costs of War Project at Brown Universitys Watson Institute. This new body count signals that, far from diminishing, the war is only intensifying, Stephanie Savell, co-director of the project, []


Israel has done nothing to deserve normalisation with the Arab world Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Growing normalisation has left Palestinians struggling to understand what happened to the Arab worlds support for the Palestinian cause


Gaza: Six killed as Israel and Hamas exchange fire Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Dozens of Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip kill six Palestinians and rockets from Hamas leave one Palestinian in Israel dead


Hugh Fitzgerald: Robert Azzi, Still With His Ask-A-Muslim Anything Shtick (Part One) Jihad Watch

For several years, Robert Azzi has been touring towns in New Hampshire, offering Ask A Muslim-Anything events to benighted Infidels. Having retired from his professional life as a photographer who specialized in taking photographs in the Middle East, and especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he now dedicates time to explaining Islam to non-Muslims. []


'The sky was red': Gaza residents recount botched Israeli special operation Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


A mysterious Volkswagen van drew the attention of al-Qassam Brigade fighters, setting off a shoot-out and then a chase across southern Gaza


Australia: Imam of jihad terror-tied mosque that jihad murderer attended says PM should blame policenot us Jihad Watch

We see it all over the free world, after every jihad attack: instead of vowing to clean house and root out imams who preach the violent teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, Islamic leaders claim victim status, complain that they and the entire Muslim community is being blamed and scapegoated, and point fingers at others. []


In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception Peace and Freedom

North Korea is moving ahead with its ballistic missile program at 16 hidden bases that have been identified in new commercial satellite images, a network long known to American intelligence agencies but left undiscussed as President Trump claims to have neutralized the Norths nuclear threat.

The satellite images suggest that the North has been engaged in a great deception: It has offered to dismantle a major launching site a step it began, then halted while continuing to make improvements at more than a dozen others that would bolster launches of conventional and nuclear warheads.

Kim Jong-unKim Jong-un is thought to be under pressure as a young leader. GETTY IMAGES

The existence of the ballistic missile bases, which North Korea has never acknowledged, contradicts Mr. Trumps assertion that his landmark diplomacy is leading to the elimination of a nuclear and missile program that the North had warned could devastate the United States.

We are in no rush, Mr. Trump said of talks with the North at a news conference on Wednesday, after Republicans lost control of the House. The sanctions are on. The missiles have stopped. The rockets have stopped. The hostages are home.

By  David E. Sanger and William J. Broad
The New York Times

A satellite image of a secret North Korean ballistic missile base. The North has offered to dismantle a different major missile launching site while continuing to make improvements at more than a dozen others. Credit  CSIS/Beyond Parallel, via DigitalGlobe 2018

His statement was true in just one sense. Mr. Trump appeared to be referring to the halt of missile flight tests, which have not occurred in...


Germany, EU funding militants in Idlib: Report Aletho News

Press TV November 12, 2018 The German government and other EU members are funding militants still present in Idlib and involved in a conflict against the Syrian army, Germanys Tagesspiegel newspaper has revealed. According to the report cited by British daily the Telegraph on Sunday, no less than 37.5 million euros has been transferred []


Video: What would the UK look like under Islamic/Labour party rule? Jihad Watch

I interview The Reality Reports Vinnie Sullivan, who discusses what Britain would be like under Labour/Islamic rule, and the peculiarities of the Leftist/Islamic alliance.


Deadliest wildfires in the United States since the 1990s Peace and Freedom

Wildfires raging in California are among the deadliest recorded in the United States, with at least 31 people killed in the state as 250,000 flee their homes.

The largest and most destructive of the blazes is the Camp Fire in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, which started on November 9 and has claimed 29 lives.

This death toll matches the highest previously recorded for a single wildfire in the United States, when 29 people died fighting a blaze at Griffith Park in Los Angeles County in 1933.

The United States is regularly struck by wildfires in its dry late summer months. Here is a look back at some of the most deadly since the 1990s:

2018: 10 die in two blazes

AFP | A power line catches fire as the Woolsey fire burns on both sides of Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) in Malibu, California, as night falls on November 9, 2018

A fire that starts late July near the city of Redding in northern California rages for six weeks and claims the lives of eight people, three of them firefighters.

Called the Carr Fire, it razes more than 1,000 homes, forcing the evacuation of 40,000 people.

The Mendocino Complex that starts days later southwest of the city is on August 7 declared to be the largest fire in Californias recorded history. It eventually burns through nearly 460,000 acres (186,000 hectares), according to local authorities, and claims two lives.

2017: 42 dead in California

California is ravaged by around 20 wildfires from early October that go on to claim 42 lives over the month, most of them in wine-producing Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco, where 22 die.

As many as 11,000 firefighters some from as far away as Australia are involved in battling the blazes which burn through more than 245,000 acres, force the evacuation of 100,000 people and destroy about 10,000 buildings.

2016: 13 killed in tourist area

A fire breaks out late November in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a popular tourist area straddling the border of southeastern US states Tennessee and North Carolina, and rapidly spreads, pushed by strong winds and tornadoes.

Thirteen people are killed, 12 directly related to the blaze and one of a heart attack while fleeing, authorities say.

2013: 19 firefighters

The rapidly spreading Yarnell Hill fire, which starts in the southwestern state of Arizona late June, claims the lives of 19 firefighters in a single afternoon on June 30 when it explodes...


Australian PM dismisses mental illness as an excuse for dangerous ideology of extremist Islam after jihad attack Jihad Watch

Shire Ali was known to ASIO and had his passport cancelled in 2015, it is understood to prevent him travelling to Syria to join Islamic State. Mental illness? Come on. The familys claims might carry more weight if they could produce any evidence that Shire Ali was actually being treated for mental illness; so far []


Khashoggis Last Words Revealed: Im Suffocating Take This Bag Off My Head The Anti-Media

Jamal Khashoggi(MEMO)  The head of investigations at Turkeys Sabah newspaper, Nazif Karaman said audio recordings obtained from inside the Saudi consulate reveal that journalist Jamal Khashoggi suffocated to death after a plastic bag was placed on his head, Al Jazeera TV reported. Im suffocating Take this bag off my head, Im claustrophobic, Khashoggi is said to have pleaded with his []


Are Turkey & Syria Coordinating Operations In North Eastern Syria? Penny for your thoughts

I have to ask this question because.......

From the previous post: Raqqa Assassination of Influentail Sheik May End Dream of Independent Syrian Kurdistan

"All this while there is a greater advancement of the Syrian regular army from the south and the Turkish army from the west."
Advancing Syrian regular army from the south and Turkish army (regular army) advancing from the west.

Could there be coordination? 

That was the question posed Friday. It's Monday and the question is still the same.
Two fronts to keep the Usreal backed Kurds busy?
One from the north west? One coming at them from the south?

This news was reported yesterday, as follows:

Syrian Army to Reinvigorate Positions Near Kurdish Militias in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army is planning to deploy thousands of fresh forces along the contact lines with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa province in Northeastern Syria, well-informed sources reported on Sunday. 
The sources said that the army is planning to station almost 5,000 fresh forces and more equipment at contact lines with the SDF from the village of Sho'ayb al-Zekr in Western Raqqa to the village of Dahlah in the East.
The sources further...

Billionaires, Not Voters, Are Deciding Elections PopularResistance.Org

The recent midterm elections offered an opportunity for Americas moneyed elites to spend their ridiculous wealth on a catalog of their favorite causes and candidates. We are locked in a vicious cycle, where billionaires continue to amass wealth due to policies their influence has bought, which in turn enrich them with even more resources with which to shift the American polity in their favor. Part of the problem is that billionaires control over our democracy is largely invisible. As a recent study by The Guardian showed, high-profile wealthy elites like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates are anomalies. To that point, [M]ost of the wealthiest US billionaires have made substantial financial contributions...


Israel-Gaza border falls quiet after botched Israeli operation Peace and Freedom

The Israel-Gaza border fell quiet on Monday after a botched Israeli undercover operation in the Gaza Strip led to fighting that killed a Hamas commander, six other Palestinian militants and an Israeli colonel.

Palestinians fired 17 rockets into southern Israel late on Sunday in response to the incursion and air strikes, which Hamas, the dominant armed group in Gaza, said were intended to cover the retreat of a car used by the Israeli troops.

There were no reports of injuries or damage in Israel, but the military said a lieutenant-colonel, identified only as M, had been killed in the raid and another officer wounded.

Hamas said the Israeli actions dealt a blow to Egyptian, Qatari and U.N. efforts to broker a long-term ceasefire between the Palestinian group and Israel and ease an Israeli blockade that has deepened economic hardship in Gaza.

Palestinians look at wreckage of car destroyed in Israeli air strike in Khan Younis (12/11/18)


But neither side appeared eager to pursue broader conflict.

Hamas received $15 million in Qatari-donated cash via Israel on Friday to pay for civil servants salaries and fuel to address Gazas energy crisis.

No new rocket launches were reported on Monday morning.

Violence has flared regularly along the Israel-Gaza border since Palestinians began protests there on March 30 to demand rights to land lost to Israel in the 1948 war of its creation.

Israeli gunfire has killed more than 220 Palestinians since the start of the demonstrations, which have included breaches of Israels border fence.

Hamas said that during Sundays fighting, assailants in a passing vehicle opened fire on a group of its armed men, killing one of its local commanders, Nour Baraka.

A pursuit ensued and witnesses said Israeli aircraft fired more than 40 missiles into the area. Palestinian officials said that in addition to Baraka, five other Hamas men and a member of the Popular Resistance Committees were killed.

In an apparent attempt to defuse tensions, Israels chief military spokesman said the special forces had not been dispatched to assassinate Hamas commanders, a tactic that led to wider conflict in the past and which has largely been abandoned.

The spokesman, Brigadier-General Ronen Manelis, told Army Radio that covert missions were mounted frequently, comments that suggested the Israeli force may have been gathering intelligence.

During the operation, it found itself in a very complex situation, faced by enemy forces. The (Israeli) force, including Lieutenant-Colonel M., kept its cool, returned fi...


The DEA And ICE Are Hiding Surveillance Cameras In Streetlights PopularResistance.Org

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have hidden an undisclosed number of covert surveillance cameras inside streetlights around the country, federal contracting documents reveal. According to government procurement data, the DEA has paid a Houston, Texas company called Cowboy Streetlight Concealments LLC roughly $22,000 since June 2018 for video recording and reproducing equipment. ICE paid out about $28,000 to Cowboy Streetlight Concealments over the same period of time. Its unclear where the DEA and ICE streetlight cameras have been installed, or where the next deployments will take place. ICE offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have provided funding for recent acquisitions from Cowboy Streetlight Concealments...


Trump: Infected ballots make a fair count impossible in Florida Peace and Freedom

President Trump claimed Monday an honest vote tally in Floridas races for governor and the U.S. Senate is no longer possible because the ballots have been infected by voting irregularities.

The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night! Trump wrote on Twitter Monday morning.

Image result for Donald trump, arms up, photos

Republican Gov. Rick Scott, the candidate for Senate, filed several lawsuits against Broward and Palm Beach Counties Sunday that accuse officials of willful disregard of the law. He said those counties failed to count their votes on time, and mixed in votes that should have been disqualified with legal ballots.

Both counties are in the process of recounting votes nearly a week after the election took place. Scott had a small lead over incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson as of Sunday night of just under 13,000 votes out of more than 8 million cast.

The GOP governor is asking the judge not to allow the counting of any ballots that werent counted by Saturday, the states legal deadline for tallying up election results. He also wants voting equipment and paper ballots to be seized by police.

Nelson has said Scott is worried that when all votes are counted hell lose the election.

Image result for Andrew Gillum, photos

Andrew Gillum

Republican Ron DeSantis, a former congressman, leads Democrat Andrew Gillum by 33,000 votes in the governors race, as of Saturday evening, according to data by the Associated Press.

Gillum had conceded to DeSantis on election night but rescinded that decision on Sunday.


Canada in talks with Pakistan over possibly taking in Asia Bibi Peace and Freedom

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that his government was holding talks with Pakistan over potentially offering asylum to Asia Bibi, a Christian woman recently freed from prison after her blasphemy conviction was overturned.

We are in discussions with the Pakistani government, Trudeau said in an interview with AFP in Paris, where he was attending a peace conference organised by French President Emmanuel Macron.

There is a delicate domestic context that we respect which is why I dont want to say any more about that, but I will remind people Canada is a welcoming country, he said.

British Pakistani Christian Association/AFP/File | Asia Bibi spent eight years on death row for blasphemy but has now been freed from jail

Bibi has been blocked from leaving Pakistan after the overturning of her conviction prompted a wave of protests among Islamist hard-liners.

She has since been flown to a safe place in the country as several governments have offered to grant her family asylum.

Her husband has appealed in particular to Britain, Canada and the United States, claiming that Bibis life would be in danger as long as she lived in Pakistan.

Bibis conviction stemmed from a 2009 incident when she was asked to fetch water while out working in the fields.

Muslim labourers objected to her touching the water bowl as a non-Muslim. A fight reportedly erupted, and a local imam then claimed Bibi insulted the Prophet Mohammed.

Bibi has consistently denied the charges and her prosecution rallied international rights groups, politicians and religious figures.



Clapper and Brennan are felons? Probably yes. Sic Semper Tyrannis

"The CIA is required by law to inform congressional oversight committees whenever one of its officers, agents, or administrators breaks the law, when an operation requires congressional approval because it is a covert action program, or whenever something happens at...


US Border Patrol Agents Prone To Corruption PopularResistance.Org

Toward the end of September, Ramon Antonio Monreal Rodriguez obtained $650,000 worth of cocaine from smugglers along the Arizona border. The 32-year-old Tucsonian made two exchanges of drugs and money over the course of two nights, and ensured 41 kilos of coke got into the US from Mexico without any problems. Monreal and the traffickers met up at a prearranged spot in a patch of desert near the San Gabriel Gate. Monreal knew the area well. After all, he had been working in the vicinity since he joined the US Border Patrol a decade earlier. The FBI, which had Monreal under surveillance, arrested him on Sept. 25; Monreal resigned from his role as an agent later that day.


BBC News website sources report on Gaza incident from Hamas BBC Watch

Some three hours after an incident took place in the southern Gaza Strip on the evening of November 11th a report appeared on the BBC News websites main homepage, World and Middle East pages under the headline Israelis kill Hamas commander in Gaza exchange of fire. Several versions later, the report was re-titled Israelis kill Hamas commander in undercover Gaza raid.

Early Version

By the time that second headline was written, the IDF had clarified that the mission was not a raid but an intelligence-gathering operation.

Still later some 14 hours after the incident occurred the report...


Glazov Gang: Ex-Intel Agents Unveil Terror Threat Post-Mid-Terms Jihad Watch

This new Glazov Gang features John Guandolo, an ex-FBI agent and president of Understanding the Threat, and Brad Johnson, a former CIA Station Chief and president of Americans for Intelligence Reform. John and Brad both unveil The Terror Threat Post-Mid-Terms, revealing the consequences for U.S. National Security.  Dont miss it! Subscribe to the Glazov Gangs []


Trump envoy primes UK supporters of Israel for deal of the century compromise Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


'No side will love everything in the peace plan,' Jason Greenblatt reportedly told a crowd of Israeli army funders in London


After A Visit From The Council, Anti-Gold-Mining Activists Say They Will Fight Any Eviction Attempt PopularResistance.Org

Activists claim the official was not initially forthcoming. They say they noticed a man arriving in a hurried fashion in a white jeep. The man got out of his vehicle and then took photos of the protest caravans. He then tried to leave very quickly. When activists approached him, he identified himself as an official from the Fermanagh and Omagh District Councils planning office. Activists told The Canary the official said he was taking photos to build a file on the camp. The official informed them, they said, that the landowner might have to remove the camp, as they dont have planning permission for the two caravans on site. When they asked why the council took nine months to approach them, the official reportedly said it had only recently found out about it through social media.


Thousands of Corpses Recovered From Under America-Created Raqqa RubbleRussian diplomat ThereAreNoSunglasses

Thousands of corpses from US-led airstrikes found under Raqqa rubble: Russian diplomat

The bodies of over 8,000 Syrians killed in bombing raids by the US-led coalition have been found in mass graves in Syrias Raqqa after the rubble was partially cleared away, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

Last week, the Syrian government, in its letters addressed to the UN secretary general and the UN Security Council president, provided the tragic statistics on the victims of the coalitions bombing raids in the city of Raqqa during its liberation from ISIL (former name of the Islamic State terror group, outlawed in R...


Gilbert Doctorow: Armistice Day Commemorations, 2018: Turning the 'Lessons of History' on Their Head stan van houcke

Armistice Day Commemorations, 2018: Turning the 'Lessons of History' on Their Head
Today French President Emmanuel Macron officiated at a ceremony before the Arc de Triomphe in Paris marking the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War. While dozens of heads of state from around the world were present, the featured guests were the German Chancellor and the presidents of Turkey, Russia and the United States. They were seated on either side of Macron and were picked up repeatedly by the cameramen who projected their images onto large screens and into the television feed of the French broadcasters.
There is fitting logic for the venue and for the honor roll. We recall that four years ago, the commemoration of the start of The Great War took place in Belgium, where the hostilities on the Western Front began in August 1914. The fighting ended in France with the signing of the Armistice on 11 November 1918 in a railway car near Compigne, not far from Paris, where the German army had staged its last, unsuccessful offensive. Hence the role accorded to France from among all combatant states to lead the solemn events this year.
As for the highest consideration paid not to an ally in the Entente, but to precisely the leader of the once-upon enemy, Angela Merkel, we must recall that German-French reconciliation has underpinned the peace project that we know as the European Union from its inception and the two countries have guided the Union in tandem ever since, even if the French half has limped along this past decade under deeply flawed and unpopular heads of state.


Five Things Everyone Gets Wrong on Iran Geopolitical Monitor

On November 5, the Trump Administration rolled out a host of sanctions targeting 50 Iranian banks and their subsidiaries, the national airline, and 200 members of the shipping industry. The purpose? Cut off Tehrans oil revenue and damage the regimes nuclear capabilities.

Its not exactly a secret that Iran has had a tense relationship with the Western world, dating back to the Islamic Revolution in the 1970s. Our goals are obviously not aligned, but if theres anything we can both identify with, its being victims of consistent politically-motivated misconceptions. Actually, lets not play with words here: blatant propaganda. We associate the word with negative connotations, but its a lot more common than youd think. Any national government with an interest in morale and support either directly or indirectly has their hand in some sort of propaganda program aimed at boosting patriotism. Its not even necessarily a bad thing, but when facts and reality start to become a victim in the quest to rally the people, thats a problem.

Iran, from every fact-based viewpoint, has committed many atrocities and human rights abuses. Their suppression of freedom of speech has no justification and when compared to growing personal liberty around the world, its crimes are even more despicable. But that doesnt give its adversaries, no matter how much of the moral high ground they occupy, an excuse to stretch its crimes and exaggerate certain aspects of Iranian life. Facts speak volumes on their own, theres no need for a government to bolster the obvious. So, for the sake of facts, lets dispel some inaccuracies about Iran:


Iran Is a Dictatorship

To the average observer, itd be easy to come to the conclusion that Irans political system is dominated by men in robes carrying AKs who plan terrorist attacks by day and carry them out by night. And while its true that the political scene in Tehran is treacherous, the governmental system is actually quite democratic.

Unlike US allies in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are almost exclusively controlled by a select group of leaders at the top, Irans parliament has a relatively large amount of power. Irans president, who is elected from a slate of candidates nominated by an array of political groups in the country, is directly selected via popular vote. There are, however, needless to say, a few restrictions. The Council of Guardians, a government-organized institution, vets all candidates running for office and can disqualify office seekers for any reason they see fit. The Assembly of Experts, a non-elected body of religious, political, and military leaders are also responsible for selecting the supreme leader, who unlike the president, is not chosen by the people and serves a life term. But at the end of the day, most de...


UK Banks Refuse To Return Venezuelas Gold PopularResistance.Org

Russia and Venezuela are among the countries the EU, including Great Britain, has imposed sanctions on. Both nations have been targets of Londons vigorous attacks, being blamed for numerous nefarious things they have allegedly done. The UK insists that everyone play by the rules. Meanwhile, London is making mockery of commonly accepted norms in the international relations. The government of Venezuela is seeking to eventually repatriate at least 14 tons of gold held at the Bank of England (BOE). It has recently asked to release the gold bars worth about 420 million or $550 million. This is the right and timely move as the new round of punitive measures recently imposed on Caracas by Washington showed.


Midterm Scoreboard Reveals Massive Pro-Israel Influence On Congressional Candidates PopularResistance.Org

November 07, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  A just-released Midterm Elections Scoreboard shows that Israel partisans have dominated Congress over the past 10 years, despite the preference of American voters, who consistently wish evenhanded policies and feel the U.S. gives Israel too much money. The detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives* shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions. There are currently no pro-Palestine PACs (although one of the pro-Israel PACs supports some Palestinian positions). The scoreboard presents 29 bills and resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel, some openly drafted by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.


Arabic press review: MBZ ordered my beating, says female Emirati prisoner Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Leaked tape alleges that an assault on activist Mariam al-Balushi was ordered by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi


HBCU Scandals Dont Die, They Multiply PopularResistance.Org

HBCU scandals dont die, they multiply like vultures stalking a starving child. Black misleaders prey on Black students and faculty for their own advancement. Pretending they represent autonomous Black institutions, independent values, and cooperative development, they are, on the contrary, an embarrassment in how they wield respectability politics to discipline Black youth for purported future success. These college leaders openly preside over bankrupt educational standards, sexual impropriety, theft of students financial aid, repression and misdirection of student activists in pursuit of personal wealth. The heat is on.


Merkels coalition wont last the next year: SPD youth leader Peace and Freedom

The leader of the German Social Democrats youth wing said on Monday that Chancellor Angela Merkels coalition with the SPD will not survive the next year.

Image result for Kevin Kuehnert, SPD, photos

Kevin Kuehnert

The awkward alliance has been marred by disputes about immigration and the fate of the domestic spy chief since it took office in March, coming close to collapse twice. Voters punished both Merkels conservatives and the SPD in two recent regional elections.

SPD youth wing leader Kevin Kuehnert, who campaigned against the conservative-SPD tie-up from the outset, said the SPD would be closely watching what happens when Merkel steps down as leader of her Christian Democrats (CDU) in December.

Next year is full of (regional) elections and political developments that will have a big impact, Kuehnert told Deutschlandfunk radio.

I can hardly imagine us sticking together for the year. We have to use our time to prepare for the D-Day of snap elections.

Kuehnert said he hardly knew anyone who believed the coalition would survive to the end of this parliament in 2021.

SPD leader Andrea Nahles has said that the SPD leadership, under pressure from a restive membership over flagging polls and disastrous regional election showings, did not discuss quitting the coalition at a meeting last Monday.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, the leader of Merkels Bavarian allies and a critic of her liberal asylum policies, told members of his Christian Social Union (CSU) that he wants to resign as party chief, party sources told Reuters on Sunday.

Seehofer has been a thorn in Merkels side for much of the past three years, taking a hard line on immigration.

Senior CSU member Manfred Weber told the newspaper Bild that Seehofer had said on Sunday that 2019 would be a year of renewal and the CSU leader would announce further details this week.

Reporting by Tassilo Hummel and Gernot Heller; Writing by Michelle Martin; Editing by Kevin Liffey



Review: The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Page

Michael Lewis

6 Stars Presidential Transitions Matter and President Trump Blew It With Follow-on Consequences

Although I am a huge fan of President Trump I wrote the first article on how he could win (Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win, CounterPunch, 14 August 2018) and went on to write the 30 piece Trump Revolution Series, I also believe in learning from the mistakes of others this book has a great deal to offer the next President.

Early on in the book we learn that then candidate Trump did not want a presidential transition team and refused to assign campaign funds for it. When he was persuaded by Chris Christie that he needed one and Christie offered to raise funds separately, Trump assented, only to blow a fuse when he learned Christie had raised $9 million.

QUOTE (21): Trump was apoplectic, actually yelling, Youre stealing my money! Youre stealing my fucking money! What the fuck is this?

The book offers one capstone understan...


Yemeni War Deaths Underestimated By Five To One PopularResistance.Org

In April, I made new estimates of the death toll in Americas post-2001 wars in a three-part Intrepid Report series I estimated that these wars have now killed several million people. I explained that widely reported but much lower estimates of the numbers of combatants and civilians killed were likely to be only one fifth to one twentieth of the true numbers of people killed in U.S. war zones. Now one of the NGOs responsible for understating war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it was underestimating them by at least five to one, as I suggested in my report. One of the sources I examined for my report was a U.K.-based NGO named ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project), which has compiled counts of war deaths in Libya, Somalia and Yemen.


Brief Look At Military Situation In Yemen On November 12, 2018 (Map)

Brief Look At Military Situation In Yemen On November 12, 2018 (Map)

Click to see the full-size image

There are little prospects for peace talks to settle the Yemeni conflict as the Saudi-UAE-led coalition continues its large-scale push against Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) and its allies across western Yemen.

The most intense clashes are still ongoing in the area of the city of al-Hudayday in the western part of the country. After an initial success of the coalition and its local proxies in the area, their advance has slowed down. Furthermore, coalition-led forces have suffered significant casualties hundreds of fighters and tens of pieces of military equipment.

Ansar Allah advance south of al-Hudaydah played an important role in the dfefense of the port city. The Yemeni movement cut off the coalitions supply line near Jabalia.

At the same time, clashes between Ansar Allah and coalition-led forces are also ongoing in the the areas of Qamt and Juban in southern Yemen as well as in the areas of Malahit and Kitaf in northern Yemen.

The post Brief Look At Military Situation In Yemen On November 12, 2018 (Map) appeared first on .


Chris Hedges: American Anomie Public Intelligence Blog

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman.

Go Back:30 Days | 7 Days | 2 Days | 1 Day

IndyWatch War and Peace Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Monday, 12 November


The Fight For Net Neutrality Heats Up As Democrats Take The House PopularResistance.Org

The fight to restore net neutrality is heating up in the wake of the midterm elections. Every Democrat in the House of Representatives who supports reversing the Trump administrations decision to repeal popular net neutrality rules has held on to their seat. House Democrats also secured a majority in the lower chamber, setting the stage for a potential showdown between Congress, the White House and the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over how the government should regulate powerful internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Cox and Comcast. Democratic state attorneys general, who have been united in challenging the Trump administrations effort to end net neutrality in federal court, now hold a majority of state seats nationwide.


Ed Jewett: Preliminary Evalutation of Thousand Island False Flag DHS Campaign Against Veterans Public Intelligence Blog

Tales of Iron Wars, or The Kill-The-Country Two-Step

Phi Beta Iota: the entire document is below in full text and also as a downloadable Word document. Bottom line: this was a false flag operation setting the stage for disarming veterans based on allegations of PTSD and medications. This needs to be stomped by President.

When I first became aware of the Borderline Bar and Grill news event, it was after noon and I thought the event was a midday incident. I had been up late the night before, online, and did not see coverage of the event anywhere; it would have attracted my attention immediately, since I have been monitoring mass casualty incidents since 9/11.  [I experienced my first mass casualty incident in 1955 as a victim during drills run by a Civil Defense captain in Pennsylvania when I was seven; she was also my Cub Scout den leader and my step-mother.]

After I got online, I started checking my usual sites.  I did sidestep Google News, checking my e-mail and other sites,...


Stephen E. Arnold: Journal Subscription Doomsday Public Intelligence Blog

Stephen E. Arnold

Journal Subscription Doomsday Is Upon Us

China might have the great firewall when it comes to blocking access, but another infamous digital wall is the great academic paywall a.k.a. subscription paywalls that block access to scientific and academic journals. That could all be changing. Researchers everywhere are shocking and gasping at the thought of have free access to expensive research materials. Could this be the sound of celebration? Nature fills us in on the details in the story, Radical Open-Access Plan Could Spell End To Journal Subscriptions.

The celebrating would only take place in Europe, however, as European research funders have banded together for a radical open access initiative that could revolutionize science publishing. The publishers are already angry over this. The European funders are eleven a...


South China Sea Dispute: China Geopolitical Monitor


Its widely accepted that the South China Sea is a geopolitical flashpoint that could inadvertently trigger a regional, even international conflict.

But how did it get to this point?

Broadly speaking the South China Sea dispute boils down to the question of how borders should be delineated in the absence of bilateral agreement between two countries. This discussion is given further impetus by the importance of the region. The South China Sea is as economically lucrative as it is geographically significant. There are hundreds of billions in mineral and energy wealth locked away under its waters, and the South China Sea is both a key global trade conduit and a gateway into Chinas backyard. Given the economic and geopolitical stakes, its not surprising that the region has become a volatile frontier of global competition.

This series will examine the claimants in the South China Sea dispute: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It begins with China, the most powerful of the claimants and the driving force behind mounting regional tensions over the past few years.



The South China Sea dispute is intrinsically linked to Chinas ascent as an economic and military power. Like any rising power throughout history, China is now challenging longstanding status quos, and the South China Sea constitutes a key part of its superpower patrimony.

Why? The answer is simple: the region is too important to cede control to other powers, whether directly via competing sovereignty claims or indirectly via recognition of the area as international waters.

The post South China Sea Dispute: China appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


Will the US Stand Up for Asia Bibi? Clarion Project

A man flies a flag at a rally in Chicago for keeping immigrant families together (Photo: JIM YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images)A man flies a flag at a rally in Chicago for keeping immigrant families together. (Photo: JIM YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images)

Will the U.S. stand up for Asia Bibi? The story of Asia Bibi is a tragedy beyond proportions. It also provides us a test as to just how committed the West is to human rights with some countries, including the GREAT Britain failing miserably.

Bibi is a Pakistani Christian woman and mother of four who was jailed in Pakistan under a trumped up charge of blasphemy nine years ago. The fact that she was in jail for almost a decade is horrific enough, but saga is still ongoing.

While the Pakistani Supreme Court remarkably and finally found her innocent and ordered her release, riots took place across the country clamoring not only for her death but also for the death of the three judges who found her innocent.

This shows not only the complete breakdown of law and order in Pakistan, but reveals the psyche of a people gone mad with the taste of blood in its mouth.

There was a rumor that Bibi had been allowed to leave the country, but Pakistan vehemently denied this. Fortunately, her lawyer fled the country and is vying for her release from a non-disclosed location in Europe.

So what should Bibi do? Stay in Pakistan and be killed? This is certainly what will happen if she stays. Her only option is to get asylum in another country. Her lawyer and supporters are trying to accomplish this.

Meanwhile, the UK, a leading Western power, shamefully refused entry to Bibi citing fears of reprisals from its Muslim population. Is this what the world has come to? We seem to have lost our souls and the capacity to think about who is a REAL refugee is and what a REAL human rights violation is.


Pakistans blasphemy crimes



World War One may have ended a century ago - but not for the Middle East Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Thanks to the actions of the British, the consequences of the Great War are still being felt in the Middle East region today


US Pressure Fails to Affect Russia"s Growing Arms Exports Strategic Culture Foundation

The US-imposed sanctions have failed to reduce the demand for Russian weapons. China, India as well as many other countries refuse to bow.


Omar Kicks off Congress Win With As-Salam-Alaikum Clarion Project

Minnesota Democratic Congressional Candidate (and winner) Ilhan Omar speaks at an election night results party on November 6, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo: Stephen Maturen / Getty Images)Minnesota Democratic Congressional winner Ilhan Omar speaks at an election night results party. (Photo: Stephen Maturen / Getty Images)

On Tuesday night,  Somali Muslim refugee Ilhan Omar became one of the first Muslim congresswomen in U.S. history, alongside Rashida Tlaib. At her acceptance speech, Omar greeted the audience with a powerful As-Salam-Alaikum.

Many Muslims felt this was a homecoming. American Muslims now had Muslim representation in Congress after what they felt were two tumultuous years of a Trump presidency. Writer and host Aymann Ismail shared how he felt transported by the gesture. However, others were not quite so sure they were comfortable with it.

Li Izmir runs a popular Facebook page called Secular Muslim Women Group. It was there she confided her conflicted feelings about Omars gesture, admitting, I feel mixed about this. Im happy to see Muslim representation (and I think both Muslim women support LGBTQ+ rights) but I dont like religious rhetoric coming from government officials regardless of which faith is being brought into politics. Why cant we just all swear on the Constitution and keep religion out of politics?

Izmir went on to add, I feel like theres a double standard coming from a liberal leaning side. If a Christian brings up religion, people will lose it but if a Muslim does the same thing, theyll celebrate. In reality, I think religion has no place in official government spaces and it should be equally called out.

Her honest admission brought forward a dialogue among the women, many of whom were also not quick to celebrate what they saw as religious rhetoric by an e...


FBI: Neo-Nazi Militia Trained by US Military in Ukraine Now Training US White Supremacists Strategic Culture Foundation

According to a recent FBI indictment, several American white supremacists were allegedly radicalized by and received training from Ukraines neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which receives funding from the current government of Ukraine as well as the U.S. government. The group has also received weapons from the Israeli government.


Yemen war: 150 killed in battle for Hodeidah as civilians caught in crossfire Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Escalation in clashes comes as government loyalists push into the key port city with fears that trapped residents will be further endangered


#Zagreb, #Croatia: Racist attacks on Are You Syrious Integration Centre Enough is Enough!

Zagreb, Croatia: A direct consequence of anti-refugee propaganda: AYS integration center targeted by fascists.

Originally published by Are You Syrious. Images by Are You Syrious Integration Center in Zagreb.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

For the third time in recent weeks, AYS van, free shop and integration center in Zagreb have been vandalized by unknown perpetrators who usually act during the night and on weekends. Such attacks occur when our media presence is higher or when anti-refugee propaganda is on the rise, as it currently is in Croatia. The last two incidents involved breaking our windows and smashing our van with bricks.




Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update)

While the conflict between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in northern Syria has partly de-escalated, it has appeared that the tensions are growing in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, the area of al-Safa in southern Syria and the Euphrates Valely in eastern Syria.

Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

The post Brief Look At Military Situation In Syria On November 12, 2018 (Map Update) appeared first on .


The War to End All Wars? Clarion Project

There is little doubt the Nazis were experts in the art supremacy and extremism. They continue today to inspire numerous groups who copy their methods to wreak terror on the world. Yet the relationship between the Nazis and todays jihadis stretches back to the 1930s. Clarion marks the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War with a new film on Nazis and Islamists.

On November 11, we marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I (November 11, 1918). The armistice left the major issues unresolved and Germany seethed under the harsh conditions of the treaty.

Extremism was not only allowed to fester, it was viewed as a strategy to regain victory for Germany. It is wise to understand the driving forces which contributed to the terrible destruction and Holocaust of World War II and its empowerment of radical Islam.

Watch this original film by Clarion Project:



German Jihadi Rapper Like Nazi Propaganda Chief Goebbels

Abbas Dream for Jew-Free Palestinian State: Pure Nazi Ideology



Presstitutes Abandon Journalism For Political Activism Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Paul Craig Roberts November 09, 2018 Information Clearing House  When President Trump nominated Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General, the presstitutes were opposed to Sessions and declared him unfit for office. Now that he has been fired, the presstitutes are his champions. There are reports that MSNBCs Rachel Maddow has organized a protest march for today []


World War I Homage A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes Strategic Culture Foundation

While the empty, self-indulgent rhetoric was ringing out, one couldnt help but recall some of the most glaring contemporary contradictions that were blocked out with awesome Orwellian efficiency.


Alarm over talks to implant employees with microchips Peace and Freedom

Trades Union Congress concerned over tech being used to control and micromanage

Image result for Jowan sterlund, implant, chips, photos

Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security.

UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK.

The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between the thumb and forefinger, are similar to those for pets. They enable people to open their front door, access their office or start their car with a wave of their hand, and can also store medical data.

Another company, Biohax of Sweden, also provides human chip implants the size of a grain of rice. It told the Sunday Telegraph () that it is in discussions with several British legal and financial firms about fitting their employees with microchips, including one major company with hundreds of thousands of employees.

The CBI, which represents 190,000 UK businesses, voiced concerns about the prospect.

A CBI spokesperson said: While technology is changing the way we work, this makes for distinctly uncomfortable reading. Firms should be concentrating on rather more immediate priorities and focusing on en...


Issue of Sovereignty: Macron Wants EU to Be Less Dependent on Dollar Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Issue of Sovereignty: Macron Wants EU to Be Less Dependent on Dollar November 12, 2018 French President Emmanuel Macron admitted on Sunday that the European nations have so far failed to provide a viable alternative to the US dollar, and are excessively dependent on the American currency. In an interview with CNN, the French president []


Iranian Pleads Guilty in US to Smuggling Nuclear Tech Clarion Project

Protest in Vienna during the talks between Iran and the world powers to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic. (Photo: JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)Protest in Vienna during the talks between Iran and world powers to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic (Photo: JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

An Iranian citizen pleaded guilty in a U.S. court to charges that he attempted to facilitate smuggling nuclear technology to Iran in violation of U.S. laws.

Arash Sepehri, 38, faces a minimum of five years in prisons for trying to obtain and export to Iran high-resolution sonar equipment, data input boards, rugged laptops, acoustic transducers and other controlled technology from the U.S. without obtaining proper licenses and in violation of economic sanctions.

Sepehri was an employee and a member of the board of the Iranian company Tajhiz Sanat Shayan (TSS) according to court documents.  TSS and other companies involved in the conspiracy were also listed by the European Union as entities sanctioned for their involvement in the procurement of components for the Iranian nuclear program.

As stated in the court documents, Sepehri and his co-conspirators sought to evade legal controls through a variety of means, including the use of a variety of aliases, United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based front companies and an intermediary shipping company based in Hong Kong.  Payments for the goods were arranged through the UAE, read a statement from the Department of Justice.

Iran has a history of trying obtain illegal nuclear technology. Since the nuclear agreement was made with world powers in 2015, Iran tried to obtain nuclear, chemical, biological and missile-related technology from Germany in violation of the agreemen...


"Entire Families Wiped Out': US Airstrikes Killed Many Civilians in Syria Strategic Culture Foundation

One year after the U.S.-led military campaign against ISIS ended in Raqqa, Khamis' team is still recovering the remains of the battle's casualties... For now, Raqqa's people are left to count their dead largely alone, while the U.S. and other powers strike elsewhere in Syria.


Behold the New Asia-Based Cooperation Sphere Covert Geopolitics

The constant Trumpian rhetorics about the US trade imbalance with China and Japan have brought the two closer together. Add to the equation is the independent foreign policies of India, which should make up for the BRICS losing Brazil in recent years.  These are the economic powerhouses that are behind the global effort to shift Continue reading Behold the New Asia-Based Cooperation Sphere


Vietnam ratifies Pacific trade pact Peace and Freedom

Vietnam on Monday became the seventh country to ratify a sprawling Pacific trade pact set to come into effect later this year, despite US President Donald Trumps pullout from a deal he decried as a job killer.

Australia last month became the sixth country to ratify the deal, paving the way for the pact to come into force at the end of December with more than half of its members officially signed on.

AFP/File | Vietnam has become the seventh country to enter the landmark Pacific trade deal, which will take effect at the end of the year

Vietnam followed suit on Monday with a unanimous vote to approve the deal by lawmakers in the countrys rubber stamp parliament.

This is an important political decision, affirming our countrys active role in international integration, said Nguyen Van Giau, head of the National Assemblys external relations department.

Vietnams fast-growing export economy stood to gain enormously from open access to US markets, a key outlet for cheap manufactured goods like Adidas shoes, Gap T-shirts and Samsung phones, before Trump pulled the plug on Washingtons participation.

The protectionist president called the deal a death blow for American manufacturing and singled out Vietnam for taking jobs he would rather see on his home turf.

The trade pact was spearheaded by former US president Barack Obama who dubbed the comprehensive deal a gold standard for 21st century trade rules and a crucial counter to Chinas rising global economic might.

The deal will bind members into a tougher legal framework for trade, lower tariffs and open markets.

It will also introduce new labour standards a sticking point for communist Vietnam, where all labour unions are controlled by the one-party state.

The establishment of independent labour unions may bring about some challenges Giau said Monday, but added the government was open to making the necessary reforms.

Even without the US in the mix, the now-renamed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has been described as a game changer.

It covers many rapidly growing economies that account for around 14 percent of world trade.

Members have said the US would be welcome to rejoin any time, and have even opened the doors fo...


Democrats want Beto ORourke to run again, and soon Peace and Freedom

Democrats want Beto ORourke to run in 2020 for the White House or Senate they dont really care for which; they just want him on the battlefield.

ORourke may have lost to Cruz in ruby red Texas Tuesday night, but he lost like no Democrat has in 20-plus years. ORourke came within 2.6 percentage points of Cruz, radically boosted turnout among young and minority voters, and he raised an ungodly amount of money.

Image result for white house, photos

Critics pointed to the plethora of profiles written about ORourke for the mania surrounding the 46-year-old politician daring to run statewide in Texas, but the crowds came before the profiles. As ORourke traveled non-stop to all 254 counties in Texas his profile grew outside of the Lone Star State. Videos went viral of his answers to questions about NFL players kneeling in protest of police brutality against African Americans during the national anthem, or of his riding a skateboard in a Whatabuger parking lot.

He absolutely should consider running, Rep. Mark Veasey, D-Texas, said of a possible ORourke presidential run. It would be unwise for him to not to.

What Beto did, he changed Texas and put Texas in play, Veasey said, making clear that he hasnt endorsed anyone in the 2020 presidential contest.

Image result for Beto ORourke, photos

ORourke said he definitively will not run for president when asked in the aftermath of his loss, but a number of Democrats are already in his ear trying to change his mind. Fellow Texas Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela was with ORourke on election night and in the days since has urged ORourke to visit Iowa where presidential dreams get their start.

The excitement ORourke has generated among Democrats is palpable. At an election night party for a House Democrat in Virginia Tuesday, the loudest cheers outside of those for the local candidate Jennifer Wexton came when early results showed ORourke with a slight lead (only 2 percent of precincts were reporting at the time.)

Throughout the campaign, Veasey said he received texts from people living in other states with Beto for Senate signs in their yard. Two days after the election as Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez went through the election results with press, Beto ORourke was the name he mentioned repeatedly when discussing how to keep momentum on Democrats sid...


Chinas housing bubble: Nightmare scenario If owners of unoccupied dwellings rush to sell Middle Class Revolt? Peace and Freedom

Image result for china, empty housing, photos

Back in 2017, we explained why the fate of the world economy is in the hands of Chinas housing bubble. The answer was simple: for the Chinese population, and growing middle class, to keep spending vibrant and borrowing elevated, it had to feel comfortable and confident that its wealth would keep rising. However, unlike the US where the stock market is the ultimate barometer of the confidence boosting wealth effect, in China it has always been about housing as three quarters of Chinese household assets are parked in real estate, compared to only 28% in the US, with the remainder invested financial assets.

Source: Xinhua

Beijing knows this, of course, which is why China periodically and consistently reflates its housing bubble, hoping that the popping of the bubble, which happened in late 2011 and again in 2014, will be a controlled, smooth landing process.  For now, Beijing has been successful in maintaining price stability at least according to official data, allowing the air out of the Tier 1 home price bubble which peaked in early 2016, while preserving modest home price appreciation in secondary markets.

How long China will be able to avoid a sharp price decline remains to be seen, but in the meantime another problem faces Chinas housing market: in addition t...



Yesterday, Sunday Nov. 11, 2018, was the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, when the guns on the Western Front []



The Untold Lives Of The Saudi Royal Family Strategic Culture Foundation

Saudi Arabia is a controversial region of the world thanks to its royal family known as the House of Saud. They have dealt with turmoil within the ranks and have wreaked havoc on those who disobeyed them. 


After Midterms, Will Trump Go On Risking World Trade and the Off-Shore Dollar Sphere? Strategic Culture Foundation

The Russian leadership cannot have failed to notice that Trumps twitter missiles are also opening up Europe, in a new as yet undefined way


German AfD leader Alice Weidel under fire for illegal Swiss campaign donations Peace and Freedom

Alice Weidel reportedly received 130,000 in campaign donations from Switzerland ahead of 2017 elections. The AfD co-leaders political rivals are now gunning for her resignation.

Alice Weidel (picture-alliance/dpa/A. Weigel)

The co-leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party received dubious donations for her campaign in the run up to German general elections in September last year, German media has reported.

Alice Weidels district office near Lake Constance received a total of 130,000 ($150,000) in several tranches of mainly 9,000 Swiss franc amounts ($8,900, 7,900) between July and September 2017, German newspaper Sddeutsche Zeitung and broadcasters NDR and WDR said, citing bank statements. The donations were made by a Swiss pharmaceutical company.

Read moreAfD: What you need to know about Germanys far-right party

Weidel, who was the partys lead candidate in the elections, said that she first learned of the unsolicited donations in September last year and decided to return the money after having doubts about its legality.

But the repayment did not take place until April 2018, according to the report, and the amount returned was some 6,000 less than the amount originally received.

Illegal donations

Germany allows political parties to receive funds from non-EU countries only if they come from German citizens.

The donation was unquestionably an illegal party donation because it came from outside the EU, campaign financing expert Martin Morlok said.

Moreover, according to the German law, a party must immediately inform the Bundestag the lower house of the German parliament if it receives more than 50,000 from a single donor. The unidentified donor appears to have transferred the funds in smaller tranches to circumvent this rule.

The Bundestag has not yet responded to the report.

The AfD, which has been repeatedly accused of bending campaign financing rules, faces a hefty financial penalty if the donation is deemed illegal. Anyone who accepts an illegal donation must transfer three times the amount to the Bundestag president, Morlok said.



Alfredo M. Bonanno: Some very common theoretical errors #anarchism Enough is Enough!

Essay by Alfredo M. Bonanno: Some very common theoretical errors.

Originally published in Sicilia: sottosviluppo e lotta di liberazione nazionale. Edizioni Sicilia Punto 1, Catania, July 1982. pp. 107120, translated by Jean Weir. Online by Elephant Archives.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

A) A country that is economically dependent on another cannot be politically independent.

B) The nation is essentially a cultural phenomenon.

C) The national liberation struggle is outdated.

D) National liberation is a need of the bourgeoisie alone.

E) The theory of reactionary nations.

F) The national liberation struggle necessarily flows into in a political revolution precisely because it is a question of a political demand.

The exploitation of the working class comes about in two precise ways which link together through a complex system of complicity: the first is the direct one, carried outby the national bourgeoisie. The second the indirect one, exercised by the bourgeoisie of other nations.

Such a repartition however is not based on an ethnic concept of nation. Internal exploitation is not carried out by the national bourgeoisie in the role of ethnic representatives of power, but as the political representatives of the managerial centres of centralised power. In other words, all the States that exist today, in Europe for example, come from a primitive and preponderant nucleus which has gradually, throughout history, ended up including and dominating the politically and militarily weaker periferal nuclei.

In Spain it was Castille which put this into effect. In France the north subjects the provences in the South. In Great Britain the English subject the Welsh, Scottish and Irish. In Germany it is Prussia who carries out this task, subjecting the small German, Danish and Polish states and...


Leaders meet in Italy to find settlement in Libya Peace and Freedom

A gathering of leaders of Libyas quarrelling factions and of countries keen on stabilizing the North African nation opens Monday in Sicily, aimed at finding a political settlement that would bolster the fight against Islamic militants and stop illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean to Europes southern shores.

Italys Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his Libyan counterpart Fayez Al-Sarraj previously met in Italy ahead of the Palermo conference. (File/AFP)

But the meetings chances of success appear uncertain, not least because of the difficulties involved in any attempt to get all stakeholders two rival administrations, unruly militias with considerable firepower and an ambitious army general to agree on a road map that would reunite Libya after seven years of chaos and bloodshed while not infringing on their current spheres of power.

Image result for Khalifa Haftar, pictures

Gen. Khalifa Haftar, commander of the self-styled Libyan National Army, is unlikely to go to the Palermo event, according to officials close to him. The Egyptian- and UAE-backed Haftar, who also maintains close ties with France, views the meeting as lacking a clear agenda and designed largely as a media event favoring Italy, the host, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.

Haftars absence would render the meeting largely irrelevant.

Dealing a further blow to the meetings chances of success, some European heads of state that Italy had hoped would come including US President Donald Trump and Russias Vladimir Putin are also staying away, sending lower-ranking State Department or Foreign Ministry officials instead.

Frances foreign minister is expected, and Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte will be greeting arrivals Monday evening, ahead of the first event, a closed-door dinner.

Italy has for years nervously eyed a lawless Libya across the Mediterranean. Like other European nations, Rome wants to contain the threat of militants based there carrying out terror attacks on its territory and the danger of a continuous flow of migrants arriving by sea.

With hopes already effectively dashed that this weeks meeting would gather all the delegations from Libyas main factions in one room, Italian daily La Stampa on Saturday noted that the possibility of another conference, in Rome in a few weeks, was being mulled over. A series of bilateral encounters are foreseen in Palermo.

Contes six-month-old populist gover...


Israel: Raid Into Gaza Not For Assassination; Praises Troops Heroic Extraction Peace and Freedom

Israeli Army chief lauds fallen special forces senior officer, says operation was of the utmost importance to Israels security


A helicopter carrying a wounded Israel soldier who was injured during an operation in the Gaza Strip lands outside Beersheba's Soroka Medical Center on November 11, 2018. (Twitter)
A helicopter carrying a wounded Israel soldier who was injured during an operation in the Gaza Strip lands outside Beershebas Soroka Medical Center on November 11, 2018. (Twitter)

An Israeli special forces operation deep inside the Gaza Strip on Sunday night that sparked hours of clashes and left one senior IDF officer dead, along with seven Hamas members, was not an assassination raid but an intelligence-gathering mission that went awry, the army said Monday.

The action was for intelligence purposes, not for an assassination or a kidnapping. It was planned despite the efforts to reach a [ceasefire] arrangement, IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis said told Army Radio.

IDF troops that operated last night in the Gaza Strip became trapped in a highly complex situation. The soldiers acted heroically, hit those who threatened them and extracted themselves to Israeli territory, Manelis said in a statement.

The spokesperson also told Army Radio that both the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas were investigating the previous nights altercation.  Tensions in southern Israel remained tense following the clash, with schools ordered closed and farmers kept away from their fields.



Map Update: Escalation In Gaza Strip On November 11-12, 2018

The situation in the Gaza Strip is once again escalating after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) assasinated Nur Barake, a deputy commander of an elite unit of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, in the town of Khan Yunis. The assasination triggered a series of clashes between Palestinian fighters and IDF troops, who called airstrikes to support their retreat.

An IDF spokesperson claimed that the force acted as part of the IDFs efforts to preserve Israels superiority over its enemies in a wide range of areas. The night force carried out a lengthy operation during which it encountered a very complex reality. The spokesperson also said that the IDF troops acted heroically.

According to different sources, a total of 5-7 Palestinians, including members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, was killed in the clashes. The IDF said that one IDF servicemember was killed and another one was injured. In response to the assasination, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades launched at least 17 rockets at targets in southern Israel.

Summing up the recent developments, it looks that the IDF operation went not as it had been planned. This caused a wave of political and media hysteria in Israel.

Israeli Minister of Science Technology and Space Ofir Akunis [Likud] stated that Israel has to return to the policy of targeted strikes.

Hamas is a cruel terror group [which] aims to destroy the state of Israel, he said, it must be hurt, including using targeted strikes against the heads of the snake.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also going to hold security consultations on Gaza. The Israeli top military and political leadership will once again discuss a possible large-scale military action in the region. Over the past few weeks, the IDF has deployed multiple battle tanks and other military equipment near the contact line with Gaza.


Winston Churchills grandson: Trump pathetic, inadequate for missing WWI ceremony Peace and Freedom

Donald Trump couldnt even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen.

Related image

The grandson of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, himself a conservative politician, slammed President Trump for missing a ceremony honoring soldiers who died during World War I because it was raining.

They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate @realDonaldTrump couldnt even defy the weather to pay his respects to The Fallen, Nicholas Soames tweeted Saturday, using the hashtag #hesnotfittorepresenthisgreatcountry.

Image result for Nicholas Soames, photos

Winston Churchill (Right) and Nicholas Soames

The White House announced Saturday that Trump would not be attending the event at Aisne-Marne American cemetery outside of Paris, while other world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau represented their respective countries. Instead, the U.S. delegation was led by White House chief of staff John Kelly, a former Marine general, and Joint Chiefs chairman Joseph Dunford.

In a new statement Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Marine One, the presidential helicopter, was unable to fly Trump to the cemetery due to near-zero visibility.

A car ride of two and a half hours, each way, would have required closures to substantial portions of the Paris roadways for the Presidents motorcade, on short notice, Sanders said. President Trump did not want to cause that kind of unexpected disruption to the city and its people.

Trump, however, did deliver a speech without an umbrella during a rainy Veterans Day ceremony Sunday at Suresnes Cemetery, which is closer to Paris. His speech focused on World War I history and the impact of American troops on the conflict on the centennial anniversary of the wars end.

This is not the first time Soames has criticized Trump. The longtime Conservative British Member of Parliament last year called Trump a daft twerp after the president tweeted about a link between radical Islamic terror and a rise in crime in the U.K.


UK: The political tightrope Theresa May is walking gets narrower Peace and Freedom

Political calculations could have major ramifications on the future of exit negotiations

By Jim Brunsden

We have reached a stage in Brexit talks where every Monday morning fires the starting gun on another political survival race for Theresa May.

After being warned by The Sunday Times last month that she was entering the killing zone, the paper on Sunday gave the chilling assessment that Brussels had switched off her governments life support machine by rejecting part of her Brexit plans.

Image result for Brexit, Parliament, photos

But its not hyperbole to say that Mrs May must make political calculations this week that could have major ramifications on the future of the UKs exit negotiations, and on her ability to get a deal through the British parliament. In Brussels, negotiators are closing in on a deal on the UKs withdrawal treaty, with a solution within reach to the fraught question of how to prevent a hard border in Ireland.

The plan, explained to diplomats by EU negotiators on Friday, would give the EU and Britain multiple options for what to do in 2020 if the UKs post-Brexit transition period is drawing to a close without a permanent trade agreement being in place that would prevent a hard border.

These would include extending the transition, or putting in place a temporary customs union encompassing the EU and the whole of the UK.

But that customs union, already anathema to hardline Brexiters, would come with conditions that are hard for Mrs Mays government to swallow, including adherence to many EU regulations and also to environmental targets.

The UKs hopes of having any unilateral right to end this backstop arrangement have also been dashed: its clear that Brussels consent will be required to bring it to an end and replace it with another trading relationship.

While Mrs May has sought to sugar the pill by insisting that the backstop is unlikely to ever be needed, that argument is being undercut by mounting evidence that Brussels sees elements of it including governance arrangements and level playing field provisions  as the baseline for talks about the two sides future relationship.

Now that the deal is taking shape, Mrs May must decide when to act. Government sources had raised expectations that the prime minister would seek to get her cabinets approval for the agreement either at an extraordinary meeting last week or even over the weekend.

But the political tightrope Mrs May is walking got narrower on Friday with the shock resignation of Jo Johnson, her transport minister. His damning assessment of her negotiating strategy and call for a second referendum make the task of selling a deal even harder.

Mrs Mays dilemma is whether to do the deal now, and make the best case she can to her cabine...


#Athens Nov 18 & 19: The future is already here, 2 days of resistance to singularity Enough is Enough!

Call for 2 days of resistance during the SingularityU Summit in Athens, Greek territory.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.



Artificial intelligence, databases, augmented reality, high security cameras, digital ecosystems, drones, smartphones with smart advertisements and smart houses that steal our thoughts and turn them into merchandise, spectacle, suppression.

Surveillance. Order and security.

The laboratory escapes the four walls- the laboratory is the whole planet.

All this is what the yuppie entrepreneurs, academics, CEOs and scientists are shouting timidly but yet outrageously from Silicon Valley to Athens. On the 19th of November at the SingularityU Summit the enthusiasts of the technological dystopia will gather at Megaro Mousikis. Therefore, dystopia is here, dystopia is now. Singularity Summit is a gathering that will teach to the aspiring leaders and future entrepreneurs how they will thrive in an environment of competition and high technology. The foundation for all of this are the biggest multinational database companies in the world that govern the whole planet and reign in Silicon Valley, such as Google, Yahoo and Apple. Their dream is being presented worldwide by various arrogant scientists, such as Peter Diamantis, and is being spread to the elites of the international scene. Last year in Milan, now in Athens. The sponsors of this years summit here are Kathimerini and SKAI- weve always disliked them and they never miss out on reminding us- and the research center Demokritos, that test on non human animals.

The future is already here, but us, our thoughts, our fears, our resistances are also here. Nothing is over the future is still unwritten.

EVENT-PRESENTATION about the SingularityU Summit and the nanoworld

by the group Resistenze al nanomondo (Italy)

SUNDAY 18/11 (location soon) at 19:00



Asias $4.3 trillion stock rout is 20 years coming Peace and Freedom

While some say recent selling binges are a sign of how liquid and efficient developing Asia has become, there is a perception that its not enough

By William Pesek

Asia has a Germany sized problem on its hands, one that wont go away as soon as investors hope. On Friday alone, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index plunged 1.2%, bringing the regions losses this year to $4.3 trillion of market value. This rout, equivalent to Germanys annual output, reflects a perfect storm of worries coursing Asias way: Donald Trumps trade war, Federal Reserve rate hikes and sliding oil prices.

This risk trifecta is pulling punters in different directions. The US presidents tariffs, for example, are hammering away at Chinas growth engines a problem considering its every regional economys main customer. That has investors pivoting to a risk-off crouch.

Related image

The second serves up a bit of schizophrenia for investors. Its grand, for example, that the Fed is taking froth out of an overstimulated economy. Asia, though, has traumatic memories of the dollars rally in the mid-to-late 1990s, which helped precipitate the 1997 crisis.

The third is either stellar news for investors or reason to run for the exits. The former suggests less inflation for economies from India to Indonesia to the Philippines; the latter that global demand is hitting a rough patch.

Taken together, these three risks are ravaging markets in Asia more than anywhere else. And its important to explore why.

Optimists will say that recent selling binges are a show of back-handed strength, a sign of how liquid and efficient developing Asia has become since the late 90s. The real issue, though, is a perception that for all the progress Asia made since then, its not enough.

Fair or not, plunges in the Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah and the Philippines peso reflects a lack of progress repairing the regions duel-deficits problem. For all the boosterism about stronger national balance sheets, too many nations harbor current-account and deficit imbalances that leave them vulnerable to capital flight.

Another lesson not learned: an overreliance on exports makes you vulnerable. Not just to exogenous stocks like the Trump White House, but also to a business model that favors holding down labor costs over domestic innovation. True, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China and elsewhere are enjoying scattered bursts of startup activity. Thats great, but not enough, and government policies deserve c...


Erdogan: US, Saudis, Germany, UK Heard Khashoggis Murder Audio GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Ankara (TLS) We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them. They know. Erdogan said Saturday.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday his country shared recordings related to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and a number of European countries.

We gave the tapes. We gave them to Saudi Arabia, to the United States, Germans, French and British, all of them. They have listened to all the conversations in them. They know, Erdogan said in Ankara as he left Turkey to attend World War One armistice commemorations in Paris along with other world leaders.

Turkish prosecutors showed that a team of 15 Saudi agents arrived in Istanbul on Oct. 2, the same day Khashoggi was murdered inside the consulate. The Saudi government denied the accusations for weeks, but later changed their narrative and confirmed that Khashoggi was killed in the consulate in a rogue operation of which the crown prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) supposedly had no idea about.

We dont have documents, there are no findings. But theres information. These 15 people, with all certainty, know who is the murderer, how and where he took the body, continued Erdogan.

According to Riyadhs official declarations, the body was handed over to a local collaborator.

Erdogan has that demanded the Saudi authorities reveal the name of the local collaborator, if there is one, and the name of the killer, who he thinks is among the 15 agents that suddenly flew to Istanbul.

Theres no need to distort this issue, they know for certain that the killer, or the killers, is among these 15 people. Saudi Arabias government can disclose this by making these 15 people talk, Erdogan said.

Many people have had access to the several audio recordings related to Khashoggis murder, but these have not been made public for various reasons. The CIA director Gina Haspel heard at least one of them when she visited Istanbul after the controversy broke out. Saudi officials have also listened to it.

Read more about the Khashoggi incident:

Saudis Secretly Purchased $250M Spy Package from Israel to Track Foreign Journalists and Activists

Saudi Royals Meet Khashoggi Family; Continue to Ban Them from Travel

Trump v Congress: How Khashoggi Case Sets Up Battle over US-Saudi Ties

The audio recordings are said to include evidence of the killing itself and even the planning, proving it was a premeditated operation. As evidence surfaced and Erdogan claimed that Turkish prosec...


The Best Way to Honor War Veterans Is to Stop Creating Them GEOPOLITICS ALERT

Washington D.C. (AHT) The US will be celebrating Veterans Day tomorrow, and many a striped flag shall be waved. The social currency of esteem will be used to elevate those who have served in the US military, thereby ensuring future generations of recruits to be thrown into the gears of the globe-spanning war machine.

Veterans Day is not a holiday to honor the men and women who have dutifully protected their country. The youngest Americans who arguably defended their nation from a real threat to its shores are in their nineties, and soon there wont be any of them left. Every single person who has served in the US military since the end of the second World War has protected nothing other than the agendas of global hegemony, resource control, and war profiteering. They have not been fighting and dying for freedom and democracy, they have been fighting and dying for imperialism, Raytheon profit margins, and crude oil.

I just said something youre not supposed to say. People have dedicated many years of their lives to the service of the US military; theyve given their limbs to it, theyve suffered horrific brain damage for it, theyve given their very lives to it. Families have been ripped apart by the violence that has been inflicted upon members of the US Armed Forces; youre not supposed to let them hear you say that their loved one was destroyed because some sociopathic nerds somewhere in Washington decided that it would give America an advantage over potential economic rivals to control a particular stretch of Middle Eastern dirt. But it is true, and if we dont start acknowledging that truth lives are going to keep getting thrown into the gears of the machine for the power and profit of a few depraved oligarchs. So Im going to keep saying it.

Last week I saw the hashtag #SaluteToService trending on Twitter. Apparently, the NFL had a deal going where every time someone tweeted that hashtag theyd throw a few bucks at some veterans charity. Which sounds sweet, until you consider three things:
1. The NFLs ten wealthiest team owners are worth a combined $61 billion.
2. The NFL has taken millions of dollars from the Pentagon for displays of patriotism on the field, including for the policy of bringing all players out for the national anthem every game starting in 2009 (which led to Colin Kaepernicks demonstrations and the obscene backlash against him).



Mega Srebrenica in Iraq Causes Mostly a Yawn Strategic Culture Foundation

The prospects of unworthy Iraqi victims in the provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar for securing the benevolent attention of Western justice are bleak, writes Stephen Karganovic.


Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom Enough is Enough!

How Nobody Is above the Law Abets the Rise of Tyranny.

Originally published by Crimethinc.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

We saw you last night among thousands of other anti-Trump demonstrators around the US. Their signs proclaimed, No one is above the law. You were the one with the sign reading I love laws. We need to talk.

Really, this is what gets you into the streets? Trumps goons have been kidnapping your neighbors, preparing to block your access to abortion, openly promoting nationalism, calling the targets for lone wolf assassins who send mail bombs and shoot up synagoguesand your chief concern is whether what theyre doing is legal?



The Migration of the Skeptic Aletho News

qedcon | October 16, 2018 Naturalist Sir David Attenborough definitely presents this short documentary on the migration of the Skeptic. This spoof was originally used to open QED 2018. Written by Matt White, Michael Marshall, and Mike Hall Directed by Matt White Edited by Deniz Kavalali VFX by Joe Pavlo Audio post-production by Offset Audio []


Miguel Amors: Between capitalism and anti-capitalism the struggle for territory (2) Enough is Enough!

The second of two essays by Miguel Amors on the concept of territory, and a further contribution our series on the May 68 writers Amors, Jaime Semprun, Amedeo Bertolo and Eduardo Colombo.

Originally published by Autonomies. Written by Miguel Amors.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

For us, nature is not a pre-social fact, but a product of culture and history, a space defined by an eminently rural sense of time, which is why we shall employ the word territory when referring to it. Similarly, by society we mean industrial, urban society, since this is its historical form under the capitalist regime. After this clarification, we must say that this territory is governed by laws that are very different from the ones that govern the mass society that is colonizing it. The most important of these laws can be framed as follows: everything is connected, everything is related to everything else. In mass society, on the other hand, each element acts in isolation from the others, and it is not human needs that determine its action, but, quite to the contrary, it is this action that determines those needs. Today the territory is poorly socialized nature; society is poorly naturalized humanity.

The application of revolutionary remedies is impossible in societies that are not predominantly rural, horizontal and egalitarian, and therefore communitarian in an anti-developmentalist context of de-urbanization and de-globalization. A program that would promote this kind of society challenges the powerful forces that rule todays society of massification and exclusion. Its profitsand its powerare linked to its permanence and to the intensification of its characteristic traits. These forces have chosen the technological way, which usually means bigger harvests, more cars, more capital, more consumption, more people. They have opted for the disaster that makes them more productive and brings them the most profit. No modification in the production, circulation or consumption of commodities that militates against their interests will be accepted without a struggle. No struggle is worth the trouble, however, that does not force them to retreat. There are no easy ways of transition: a...


Morning Prayer for Monday, November 12, 2018: Admitting Our Helplessness Before God Peace and Freedom

You must admit your helplessness before your prayer for God will hear help. Your own need must be recognized before you can ask God for the strength to meet that need. But once that need is recognized, your prayer is heard above all the music of heaven. It is not theological arguments that solve the problems of the questing soul, but the sincere cry of that soul to God for strength and the certainty of that soul that the cry will be heard and answered.

Image result for prayer, joy, photos

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may send my voiceless cry for help out into the void. I pray that I may feel certain that it will be heard somewhere, somehow.

From Twenty Four Hours a Day



Sir Anthony Hopkins at the 11th annual Leap, Leadership, Excellence and Accelerating Your Potential conferenceSir Anthony Hopkins shared advice with students at the University Of California.  GREG DOHERTY / GETTY IMAGES

Sir Anthony Hopkins opens up on alcohol battle


Powerlessness is a gift

By Diane Scholten

For me, that central river to the sea is...


Sayyed Nasrallah Warns Israel of Inevitable Response to Any Attack on Lebanon Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

November 10, 2018 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will inevitably respond to any attack against Lebanon and will not accept any underestimation by the enemy of the countrys power as it used to do in the past. In a televised speech marking Hezbollah Martyrs Day on Saturday, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that []


Effective Deterrence? israeli (apartheid state) Jets Give Syrian Targets a Wide Berth Following S-300 Delivery Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Effective Deterrence? Israeli Jets Give Syrian Targets a Wide Berth Following S-300 Delivery With Russia having completed the delivery of S-300PMU-2 surface to air missile batteries to Syrias air defence forces, in response to an Israeli strike on the Arab country which led to the deaths of over a dozen Russian servicemen, the new weapons system []


Schiff wants to probe Trump for targeting CNN, Washington Post Peace and Freedom

A top House Democrat wants to probe President Trumps attempts to punish media companies who give him negative news coverage.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Axios on HBO that he wants to see if Trump abused his power when he tried to meddle in the affairs of companies associated with The Washington Post and CNN.

In question, Schiff said, was whether the president used the instrument of state power to punish the press.

For one, Trump had publicly suggested that Amazon whose founder Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post was ripping off the US Postal Service.

Schiff told Axios that the president was secretly meeting with the postmaster [general] in an effort to browbeat the postmaster [general] into raising postal rates on Amazon.

Former officials additionally told Axios that despite telling Trump that the Postal Services financial hardship had nothing to do with Amazon, the president couldnt be convinced.

This appears to be an effort by the president to use the instruments of state power to punish Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post, Schiff said on Axios on HBO.

Trump has also said hed consider antitrust action against Amazon.

The California Democrat also wanted Congress to investigate whether the president tried to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger, as a way to get back at CNN, which he consistently labels as fake news.

We dont know, for example, whether the effort to hold up the merger of the parent of CNN was a concern over antitrust, or whether this was an effort merely to punish CNN, Schiff said.

Schiffs comments come just days after one of the presidents biggest flare-ups with the press. At a Wednesday press conference on the heels of the midterm election, the president became annoyed at CNNs Jim Acosta for asking about the caravan and the Russia investigation.

Ill tell you what: CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldnt be wor...


Opening Up China: Wall Streets $45 Trillion China Dream Inches Toward Reality Peace and Freedom

Three firms have applied to increase stakes in securities JVs


Trade war, falling stocks and debt pile are all warning signs
Pedestrians ride an escalator in the Lujiazui Financial District in Shanghai. Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech last week that the country was steadily widening the opening up of its financial industry.

For China watchers, steadily was the key word. Almost exactly a year after the country announced historic plans to ease local ownership rules and entry barriers to whats now a $45 trillion industry, the pace of change has been closer to a crawl than a sprint. While Xi signaled that Chinas opening remains on track despite the countrys trade war with America, he also made it clear that policy makers will move deliberately.

The worlds biggest financial firms have adopted much the same stance. Even as they applaud Chinas opening, many are taking a cautious approach as they weigh the countrys enormous long-term potential against its growing number of short-term challenges everything from the trade war to sinking stock prices and rising defaults.

Image result for Lian Ping, Bank of Communications Co, photos

Firms are taking a wait-and-see attitude to see whether they will be able to compete on a level playing field in China, Mark Austen, chief executive officer of the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association, said in an interview.

The most important changes announced a year ago allow foreign companies to take majority stakes in local securities firms, mutual fund managers, banks and insurers.

So far, most of the action has taken place in the securities industry. UBS Group AGJPMorgan Chase & Co....


Miguel Amors: Between capitalism and anti-capitalism the struggle for territory (1) Enough is Enough!

We (Autonomies) share below the first of two essays by Amors on territory, further contributions to our series on the May 68 writers Amors, Jaime Semprun, Amedeo Bertolo and Eduardo Colombo.

Originally published by Autonomies. Written by Miguel Amors.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

It is revolutionary to know how to make a loaf of bread, but it is also revolutionary to know how to make a barricade. Its segregation as well as its resistance do not have the goal of its isolated survival but the consolidation of community and the abolition of capitalism. The reestablishment of open council meetings, the creation of social currency, reducing the length of the circuits between production and consumption, or the recovery of the communal lands, should not be alter-capitalist paths and pretexts for inactivity or citizenism. Their purpose in the domain of the oikos is the production of use values, not exchange values. They are not the identifying symbols of the rural hipster ghetto, but distinct aspects of a single struggle, the struggle for a territory emancipated from the commodity and the state, whose atmosphere will make everyone who breathes it free. They are elements of the greatest importance upon whose correct combination an effective strategy that can lead the forces of historical consciousness to victory will depend. Its elaboration is the task of the anti-developmentalist critique, which, unlike other types of critique, does not get bogged down in abstract theoretical generalizations nor does it assume a position of pure negativity or activist positivity, because, in a quite concrete way, it knows what it wants. That is why it does not try to catch the moon in its reflection on the water. It knows exactly where to look to find things.

Miguel Amors

The concept of territory is at the heart of Miguel Amors critical thought.  It is both the lens through which he reads the violence of capitalism (capitalism is the appropriation and commodification of all social life bound to territory) and the emancipatory practices of radical, anti-capitalist politics (anti-capitalism demands the liberation of territory from the State and Capital, and the (re)-creating of territorial social relations through the free, collective ruralis...


Pakistan: Surrender, Then Embrace of Rioters Degrades Rule of Law Peace and Freedom

Videos of little children hanging Asia Bibi in effigy and schoolchildren calling for her death

DURING the slow-motion surrender of the last two weeks, Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari hit the mark by tweeting:

appeasement historically never works as Chamberlains Munich appeasement towards Nazis showed. Appeasement to avoid bloodshed in a war-weary Europe led to massive bloodshed & destruction in the form of WWII.

Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister at a time when Hitler was rapidly gobbling up territory and had recently annexed Austria. With Hitler eyeing the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain and others rushed to avoid a war by granting him the Sudetenland in exchange for a pledge to not make more demands. Chamberlain returned home to great acclaim, waving the Munich document and declaring that he had won peace for our time. Churchill disagreed, warning that you had a choice between dishonour and war. You chose dishonour and you shall have war. A year later, he was proven right.

But while Munich is history, our farce continues with the latest performer being Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi.

We ask simply for the law to be applied to those who held us hostage.

Speaking in the Senate, he justified the release of those arrested during the lockdown by claiming that the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) had been shown videos of the rioters and had distanced themselves from them. Warming to his theme, he then claimed the rioters were workers of the very political parties who were present in the Senate that day.

A Pakistani supporter of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), a hardline religious party, holds an image of Christian woman Asia Bibi during a protest rally following the Supreme Courts decision to acquit Bibi of blasphemy in Islamabad.  Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images

Proudly declaring that the government had avoided violence, he added, The government will not use bullets against its own citizens. We will embrace our citizens and hold dialogues with them. And then, he bizarrely concluded by saying, The people who challenge the writ of the state and take the law into their own hands will not be given any concessions.

Now its hard to apply logic to such inanity, but lets try: absolving the TLP of guilt by saying that they had disowned the rioters is a piece of spin that even the TLP wouldnt have thought of; and accusing opposition party workers of causing the mayhem would simply be a lie.

Not usi...


Pakistan: Fake Images of Christian woman Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan embarrass government, anger Islamists Peace and Freedom

Pakistans government struggling with a crisis surrounding Asia Bibi a Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges after eight years on death row now has to deal with fake images on social media purporting to show her leaving the country.

Protests broke out in Pakistan when the court acquitted Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman charged with blasphemy. (AP)

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry slammed the postings on Monday, one of which claims to show Bibi meeting Pope Francis. The photo is actually of Bibis daughter from two years ago.

Chaudhry says the images misidentifying Bibi prompted death threats to a lawmaker in one photograph.

Radical Islamists have blocked Bibis freedom and demanded she be publicly executed. Theyve also filed a petition to repeal her Supreme Court acquittal.

The government says Bibi remains in Pakistan, at a secret location for her own protection, until the review process is finished.

Associated Press


Sad lessons of WWI a sober warning for US vs. China Peace and Freedom

One hundred years ago today, the guns of Flanders Fields fell silent. Although the messy business of peace remained, the Tommies, Doughboys, Jerries and Poilus gained a reprieve from their march to the slaughterhouse. The Great War, it was hoped, would end all others, suppressing what is base in our natures and promoting what is tranquil.

That expectation of peace and coexistence failed, of course; conflict is part of human nature. But as the century-old echoes of artillery and machine-gun fire resonate with us today, they should pressure us to action, as another great-power rivalry returns in a different global theatre.

By Seth Cropsey
The Hill

Image result for donald trump, Xi Jinping, photos

Each generation assumes that it lives in the most important era. The generation that repulsed Nazism and Japanese imperialism justifiably understood the significance of its task; its descendants held fast against communist totalitarianism and, after 50 years, were rewarded with victory. Any man or woman who came of age before Sept. 11, 2001, understands they now live in a different time.

In the West, at least, history seems to build to a conclusion, its highs more triumphant, its lows more violent. Such teleology is a product of the Wests Christian heritage. The modern Englishman, German, Frenchman, Italian or American may be less religiously observant than his pre-20th century counterpart, but his worldview remains colored by the New Testaments eschatology.

This understanding feeds into contemporary mans natural hubris. His self-importance is a contrast to the heroism and challenges of his predecessors. More worryingly, it gives him an unwarranted sense of confidence in his permanence.

Our ancient antecedents possessed their own hubris. But their eschatology lacked the beckoning green light of a luminous future that Jay Gatsby saw. The ancient Greeks saw no such light. They hoped for the triumph of good over evil but saw existence as a brutal power struggle between man and fate. Almost invariably, their greatest heroes Heracles, Jason, Achilles and Agamemnon, among others met tragic ends.

For civilizations like ours that expect ever-increasing prosperity and better lives for future generations, the shock of conflict can be debilitating. Before 1914, Britain, France and Germany formed the Wests vibrant core; each provided its citizens with a standard of living previously unknown, produced seminal artistic and cultural works. Four years later, Britain and France were psychologically shattered, while Germany began its slide into Hitlerite tyranny.

Even for societies prepared for cyclical violence, great-power conflict remains traumati...


Boris Johnson: My brother is right Mrs Mays deal is the biggest statecraft failure since Suez Peace and Freedom

I really cant believe it but this Government seems to be on the verge of total surrender. With every day that passes we seem to be getting more craven. We have already agreed to hand over 40bn for nothing and certainly not a trade deal in return.

We have agreed to become the punk of Brussels, signing up not just to their existing rulebook but to huge chunks of future regulation even though we will have no say in drafting that legislation. We have agreed against all promises that the European Court of Justice will have a say in the enforcement of that regulation in the UK.

We have been so feeble in our preparations to leave the EU on WTO terms, and so unnaturally terrified of the consequences (greatly exaggerated by the scaremongers) that we have now said we will remain in the so-called customs union.

Image result for theresa may, photos

Which means that our trade policy will be run by Brussels at least until 2022, and at this rate long beyond that date. We will not be able to do free trade deals of any great value. We will not be able to take back control of our tariffs, our borders, our money, our laws. It is not even clear whether we will be able to set our own VAT rates and yet we will have no one round the table to argue the UK case.

As my brother Joseph rightly said when he resigned last week, we are already looking at the biggest failure of UK statecraft since Suez. And it seems that the Prime Minister would like to go one better. She has recommended to the Cabinet not only that we agree to stay in the customs union under the so-called backstop arrangement, but that we actually abdicate the power to leave that backstop.

Under the shameful proposals now before Cabinet it will be up to some joint UK/EU committee, or some independent arbitration mechanism to decide whether the UK an ancient and sovereign nation is finally allowed to come out, to run its own trade policy and set its own tariffs. And most incredibly of all, the whole process will be justiciable by the European Court of Justice yes, that court that we were all told would cease to have any say in this country.

I want you to savour the full horror of this capitulation. Under Article 50, the UK is at least able in theory to leave the EU. We do not have to consult any other authority. But under these proposals we are agreeing that the EU would have a say on whether this country is capable of making that final exit from the EUs essential institution, the customs union. In other words, we are on the verge of signing up for something even worse than the current constitutional position. These are the terms that might b...


BBC News coverage of terrorism in Israel October 2018 BBC Watch

The Israel Security Agencys report on terror attacks (Hebrew) during October 2018 shows that throughout the month a total of 330 incidents took place: 95 in Judea & Samaria, 14 in Jerusalem and 221 in the Gaza Strip sector.

In Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem the agency recorded 80 attacks with petrol bombs, 15 attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs), eight arson attacks, two shooting attacks and four stabbing attacks.

Incidents recorded in the Gaza Strip sector included 141 attacks with petrol bombs, 39 attacks using IEDs and twenty-five grenade attacks. Sixteen separate incidents of rocket or mortar fire a total of forty-six launches took place during October.

The murder of two Israeli civilians and the wounding of another in a terror attack at the Barkan industrial park on October 7th was reported on the BBC News website well over 24 hours later with the words terrorist and terrorism used, as usual, only in quotes from Israeli officials.

A member of the security forces and a civilian were wounded in a stabbing attack on October 11th which did not receive any BBC coverage.

Visitors to the BBC News website saw no coverage of missile attacks on October 17th and October 24th. A barrage of attacks on October 26th/ 27th was ...


Hillary Will Run Again Peace and Freedom

Reinventing herself as a liberal firebrand, Mrs. Clinton will easily capture the 2020 nomination.

Its been quite a journey. In July 1999, Mrs. Clinton began her independent political career on retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihans farm in upstate New York. Her Senate platform included support for a balanced budget, the death penalty and incremental health-care reform. It was a decisive break from her early-1990s self. Hillary Clinton 2.0 was a moderate, building on the success of her communitarian It Takes a Village appeals and pledging to bring home the bacon for New York. She emphasized her religious background, voiced strong support for Israel, voted for the Iraq war, and took a hard line against Iran.

Image result for Hillary Clinton , photos, JEFF SWENSEN

But Hillary 2.0 could not overcome Barack Obama, the instant press sensation. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Mrs. Clinton held fast to centrist positions that would have assured her victory in the general election. But progressive leaders and donors abandoned her for the antiwar Mr. Obama. Black voters who had been strong Clinton supporters in New York and Arkansas left her column to elect the first African-American president. History was made, but not by Mrs. Clinton. Though she won more delegates from Democratic primaries, activists in caucus states gave Mr. Obama, who had called her likable enough, the heartbreaking win.

Licking her wounds, Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state while she planned her comeback. It was during this time that the more liberal Hillary 3.0 emerged. She believed she could never win a primary as a moderate, so she entered the 2016 primary as a progressive like Mr. Obama. Then she moved further left as Sen. Bernie Sanders came closer to derailing her nomination. This time she was able to contain her opponents support, crucially by bringing African-American voters into her camp.



EU countries approve arms sales to Saudi, UAE worth 55 times aid to Yemen Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Europe's arms sector is unaccountable and highly influential in the corridors of power, with $86.7bn in approved sales to the Gulf since 2015


Sinema defeats McSally in Arizona, Cook Political Report projects Peace and Freedom

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, is projected to defeat Republican opponent Rep. Martha McSally, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

As of Sunday, Sinema had 49.57 percent of the vote, or 1,071,280 ballots cast, the Arizona Secretary of States office reported. McSally, meanwhile, had 48.08 percent support or 1,038,988 votes.

Image result for Kyrsten Sinema, photos

Sinemas campaign manager Andrew Piatt declared his bosss lead over McSally as insurmountable.

McSallys campaign said todays results would be her firewall but as we expected, no firewall emerged, Piatt wrote in a statement. McSally has lost every batch of votes from Maricopa County and today, Kyrsten won by 6.25 percent nearly double her overrall performance in the county to date.

Kyrsten has now expanded her overall lead to 32,640 or 1.52 percent, meaning McSally would have to win the remainder of Maricopa County ballots by 22 percent to take the lead in this race, he added. This is not plausible. Kyrsten will be declared the next U.S. Senator from Arizona.

But Jim Bognet, the McSally campaigns CEO, wrote in a Sunday statement that their side was yet to give up hope.

Today our vote total grew at a greater rate than expected, and we expanded our vote margins in rural areas counting mail-in ballots dropped off on Election Day, he said. The latest release provides compelling evidence that the remaining uncounted ballots are favorable to Martha. And we will continue our effort to make sure all lawful ballots are counted.

Sinema and McSally are vying to become Arizonas first woman senator, replacing retiring Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in the upper chamber.


Russian sanctions: why isolation is impossible Peace and Freedom

They were designed to isolate Putin, but the rhetoric has not matched reality as Moscow sells arms and strengthens alliances

Trump Putin1.JPG

By Henry Foy in Moscow

It fires missiles that travel at 2km per second and can hit targets flying twice as fast. It can target 80 different enemy aircraft, drones and cruise missiles at the same time from 400km away, and spot stealth warplanes that previously evaded detection.

But arguably the most dangerous aspect of Russias S-400 Triumph missile defence system is the damage it has inflicted on the clout of Washingtons anti-Moscow sanctions programme, and concerted efforts by the US to isolate Russia from the rest of the world.

Despite sweeping sanctions against Russias defence industry to shut down its lucrative exports and a ban on other countries buying the S-400 specifically, Russia is doing a roaring trade in what most experts consider the worlds most advanced air defence system.

Over the past year, Turkey and India have signed deals to buy S-400s, China has received its first deliveries, and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq have begun negotiations over deals to acquire the sanctioned systems. If the wests sanctions regime, first introduced in March 2014, was designed to cut off Moscow from the rest of the world and isolate its critical industries, the truck-mounted missile launchers are a $400m-a-piece example of how that effort has failed.

Image result for S-400, photos

Turkey and India have signed deals to buy Russias S-400 anti-aircraft missile launcher AFP

There is no question about the isolation of Russia.  Nobody is even talking about it, says Andrei Frolov, editor-in-chief of Russias Arms Export journal. There are major breakthroughs thanks to China and India...the message is that Russia is still open for business.

Since 2014 and Russias annexation of Crimea, a sanctions regime led by the US and supported by the UK, EU and other western allies has sought to isolate Moscow by curbing its access to external finance, trade and diplomatic support in an effort to force a change in political approach from President Vladimir Putins administration.

Initially targeting Russian politicians, the countrys vast energy sector and military-industrial complex, the sanctions have become ever more targeted against individuals and businesses.

Allegations against Moscow of meddling in the 2016 US election, allowing the use of chemical weapons in Syria and carrying out the attempted murder of former spy Sergei Skripal in the UK this spring have resulted in harsher restrictions.

But if the measures were designed to make Moscow an international pariah, friendless and toxic, t...


Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot Dissident Voice

Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it. For them, peace is the enemy as much as armed opposing combatants, if not more so. Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian War Memorial is every bit the propagandist in this regard, encased in armour of permanent reminder: Do not forget the sacrifice; do not forget the slaughter.  The issue is how war, not peace, is commemorated.

That theme was repeated, for the most part, in Paris on November 11.  US President Donald Trump spoke of our sacred obligation to memorialise our fallen heroes.  French President Emmanuel Macron marked the 100th anniversary of the Great War by having a dig at nationalism, calling it a betrayal of patriotism (is there a difference?).  The nationalists, he warned, were getting busy, these old demons coming back to wreak chaos and death.  The intellectuals (and here, he alluded to Julien Bendas 1927 classic, La trahison des clercs) were at risk of capitulating.

But Macron, rather slyly, was hoping that the French obsession with universal values would somehow render his message less parochial: to be French was to be an internationalist, not a tunnel-visioned, rabid nationalist.  The soldiers who perished in the Great War did so in the defence of Frances universal values in order to repudiate the selfishness of nationals only looking after their own interests.  Much room for disagreement on that score, and Marine Le Pen would have been a suitable corrective.

The peace activities of the Great War, asphyxiated, smothered and derided in texts and official narratives, are rarely discussed in the mass marketed solemnity of commemorations.  The writings of those prophets who warned that any adventurism such as what transpired in 1914 would be met with immeasurable suffering are also conspicuously absent.  Jean de Bloc, whose magisterial multi-volume The Future of War appeared in 1898 in Russian, found it impossible that Europes leaders would embark on a conflict against each other; to do so would cause humanity a great moral evil civil order will be threatened by new theories of social revolution. The end would be catastrophic.  How many flourishing countries will be turned into wilderness and rich cities into ruins! How many tears will be shed, how many will be left in beggary!

These sceptics were the enlightened ones, scorned for not having the sense of fun that comes with joining battle and being butchered in the name of some vague patriotic sentiment.  If human beings are animals at play, then play to the death, if need be the rational ones were sidelined, persecuted and hounde...


#Portland: Stand With Survivors Against Patriot Prayer Enough is Enough!

Call for counter protests against a rally of Patriot Prayer in Portland on November 17.

Originally published by Rose Coty Antifa Facebook event page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Saturday November 17, 13:00 PST

Terry D. Schrunk Plaza, 364 SW Madison St., Portland 97204

Patriot Prayer are holding a rally that will again bring misogyny to the streets of our city. We as a city have to stand up and reject their attempt to cast doubt on the sexual violence that women and others experience in our society. This so called himtoo rally is another attempt by this crew of misogynists to come into our city and attack our community.

This rally by Patriot Prayer attempts to cast men as victims of false accusations of sexual assault. Not only is this untrue, it attempts to form a backlash to survivors so that their stories and allegations can be discounted. Patriot Prayer is attempting to create a world where men can abuse and assault people with impunity. 

As a community we must stand against this attempt by Haley Adams and Patriot Prayer, a group rife with misogynists and domestic abusers, to turn back the clock on how sexual assault is treated in our society. Join us in pushing this misogyny out of our city.

Rose City Antifa

We (Enough is Enough) need your support: You can support our work by ordering a hoodie or t-shirt in our shop: here or donate



BRICS: A Future in Limbo? Dissident Voice

The BRICS are not what they intended to be, never really were.

Today its clear that fascist-turned Brazil is out so we are at RICS. There is not much to argue about. The worlds fifth largest economy, Brazil, has failed and betrayed the concept of the BRICS and the world at large. Whether you consider South Africa as a valid member of the BRICS is also questionable. Much of SAs social injustice has actually become worse since the end of apartheid. Ending apartheid was a mere political and legal exercise.

Distribution of power and money in SA have not really changed. To the contrary, it worsened. 80% of all land is still in the hands of white farmers. This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to change drastically, by confiscating white farmers land without compensation and re-distribute it to black farmers, who have no formation of how to run these farms. This is not only utterly unjust and will create internal conflicts, the last thing SA needs, but it is also very inefficient, as farming and agricultural production will decline most likely drastically and SA, a potential exporter of farm and agricultural goods, will become a net importer, a serious hit on South Africans economy.

The principle of redistributing land to the black African society is a solid one. But not by force and not by confiscation without compensation, nor without an elaborate training program for African farmers to lead to a peaceful transfer all of which does takes time and cannot happen over-night. There are too many example of hush-hush land reforms that failed miserably and actually plunged entire societies into poverty and famine. Land reforms YES, but planned and well organized and strategized. Land reforms are long-term propositions. To be successful, they dont happen over night.

On a recent trip to SA, I spoke to several black people, including especially women from townships; i.e., SOWETO, who said they were better off under apartheid.

It is not a scientific statistic, but the fact that some black people dare say that the system that atrociously discriminated, exploited and raped them, was better than todays non-apartheid system, is significant. It is a sad testimony to a generation of SAs democracy.

So, now we could say, the BRICS are down to RIC Russia, India and China.

Does India deserve to belong to a club that has as a goal equality and solidarity?

The caste system, about which very little is written, is a horrible, horrible mechanism of discrimination. And there are no efforts under way to abolish it. To the contrary. The Indian elite likes it it provides cheap labor. Its actually legalized slavehood, totally submissive to the upper class, the higher castes. Its cultural, they say. Is such injustice excusable under principles of tradition? Hardly. Especially as this cultural tradition serves only a small upper class, is devoid of any compassion and has absolu...


Escape From The Infomatrix Dissident Voice

For four long months Ive been in hiding from The Infomatrix.  Inspired both by a dire need for inner peace and an article titled: Society is Made of Narrative.  Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix by Caitlin Johnstone, Ive gone into nearly complete informational and electronic detox.  No television, no radio, no internet (except a short email visit daily), no books, no magazines, no political circus, no celebrity gossip, no sports scores, no incessant and obnoxious advertisements, no mindless chatter, none of Empires Official Narrative.  Only music fills the air and beautifies the passage of time in my home.

The result has been many hours of introspection, and a rethinking of how a seventy year old hippie might use his last few fading years on this planet more productively.  Sadly, I came to realize that, even though Ive long considered myself separate from, and even immune from The Infomatrix, complete escape is nearly impossible  I was sucked into the narrative each time I marched for a cause.  I was sucked into the narrative every time I wrote an article examining or dissecting the narrative.  Ive long been unknowingly and inadvertantly distracted by the shiny, sparkling objects of Empire, but have now begun writing my own narrative.

My new narrative is an unfinished project.  The Age of Aquarius kicked off to a strong start back about a half century ago, but stopped far short of accomplishing all those elusive hopes and dreams of peace on earth, good will to all people.  We marched defiantly in the streets of Amerika, burning the flags of the criminal Empire which terrorized Southeast Asia for power and profit.  We threw our bodies upon the gears of draft boards which sought our complicity in their crimes.  We broke windows, disrupted traffic, interrupted commerce, and as we burned our draft cards, lit a small flame of Amerikan consciousness, and finally saw an end to The Vietnam War.  Then, with our asses out of harms way, we cut our hair and went to work for the system which needed more and more Vietnams to continue business as usual.  But its wars became much more low key  Which of us really knew where Grenada is?  The bloody spectacles of Vietnam would never again be displayed on the nightly news.  War became sanitized, and more of a fireworks show as far as most folks were concerned.  The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.  There was something oddly patriotic about all the bombing, in a very sick way, and few of us gave pause to consider the dead, dismembered bodies in its wake.

My new narrative is all about finishing the project, and remembering that this was supposed to be The Age of Aquarius, but this so-called land of the free and brave never really set foot outside The Age of Darkness and Death.  You remember The Age of Aquarius, dont you?  That Never-Neverland w...


Austria summons Russian ambassador over arrest of alleged army spy

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador to Vienna on Friday, following the arrest of a retired Austrian Army colonel who allegedly spied for Moscow for more than two decades.


A Celebration of Killing and Dying Original

November 10th is the 242nd birthday of the United State Marine Corps. It is a time of celebration during which current and former Marines acknowledge the storied history and glorious traditions of the branch of the military in which they so proudly served. I, however, am torn. As a former Marine Corps officer with service Continue reading "A Celebration of Killing and Dying"

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The Blue Wave of Repression Original

Patriotism is the opposite of nationalism bleated the poodle Macron at the Armistice celebration as he yipped and yapped and wagged his tail before the German conqueror of Europe. Meanwhile the Front Nationale outpolled the mainstream centrist parties in municipal elections for the first time and nationalist Italy is telling the European Union to stay Continue reading "The Blue Wave of Repression"

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For Veterans Day: Understanding Moral Injury in Hoopers War Original

Heres an excerpt from my new book, Hoopers War: A Novel of WWII Japan, on sale now at Amazon. This excerpt is told from the perspective of the main character, Lieutenant Nate Hooper. Im lucky enough to have a friend with a boat. Sitting at the stern, I watch the boat create its wake, then Continue reading "For Veterans Day: Understanding Moral Injury in Hoopers War"

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Armistice Day First Original

It gets harder to commemorate World War I, because of time and the publics embrace of, or indifference to, a permanent war economy. About the Great War British novelist H.G. Wells wrote on August 14, 1914, "This is already the vastest war in history. For this is now a war for peace. It aims Continue reading "Armistice Day First"

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Impossible to Regulate Deregulated Charter Schools Dissident Voice

Regulations have to do with what is allowed and what is not allowed. They establish what an individual, organization, or business can or cannot do. Regulations shape behaviors, actions, conduct, aims, and outcomes.

Regulations are often used in self-serving ways by different factions of the rich to benefit themselves while disadvantaging other wealthy competitors. Those with the most political-economic power hold sway and fashion regulations as they alone see fit. As in other spheres of capitalist life, might makes right. Power, not reason or principles, dominates affairs. The main point is that regulations, like laws and policies, are always political. They have a class character to them. Regulations are not neutral or above class interests because we do not live in a classless society.

The main question is who is creating or eliminating regulations and for what aims? The key issue is not whether regulations are good or bad, per se, or how many or how few there are, but which one of the two major classes in society do they serve? Regulations are a tool of class warfare. There is a big difference, for example, between capital-centered regulations verses human-centered regulations. The former serve the wealthy few who dominate society while the latter serve the common good.

Regulations and regulators have, of course, frequently failed to block many bad behaviors and problems. Regulation does not always work. Regulation does not automatically guarantee quality or progress. A major example of the failure of regulations and regulators is the Wall Street engineered economic crash of 2008 that has left most economies in awful shape for the last 10 yearswith no real and sustainable improvement in sight. Indeed, it appears that there is no returning to even substandard pre-2008 economic levels. Multiple regulatory agencies that have been around for decades did not prevent this still-unfolding economic catastrophe that the mainstream media keeps trying to downplay.

In todays context, having no regulations (deregulation) guarantees chaos, anarchy, and violencekey features of the free market. A rules-free environment ensures that only the strongest and fittest survive within the free market while the majority keeps losing. Deregulation has little to do with accountability, innovation, or prosperity and security for all.

Since the late 1970s deregulation has been a major feature of the neoliberal antisocial offensive of the rich to counter the inevitable falling rate of profit under capitalism. Governments at home and abroad have been wreaking havoc in their societies as a result of phony austerity agendas launched to save the rich. Deregulation goes hand in hand with privatization, a major form of which is contracting. Deregulating public agencies and enterprises (e.g., education) allows for greater privatization, often through contracting and public-private partnersh...


Alarm Over Talks to Implant UK Employees with Microchips

Via: Guardian: Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security. UK firm BioTeq, which offers the implants to businesses and individuals, has already fitted 150 implants in the UK. The tiny chips, implanted in the flesh between []


Nasrallah to Yemenis: US/Saudis have failed, victory closer than ever before The Vineyard of the Saker

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Military Family Member Returns Freedom Medal to George W. Bush PopularResistance.Org

On November 11, 2018, the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, Stacy Bannerman of Military Family Speaks Out and author of "911 Homefront: How Families of Veterans are Wounded by War" attended the Liberty Medal ceremony in Philadelphia, PA to return her Freedom Medal. Former Vice President Joe Biden was giving the Liberty Medal to George W. and Laura Bush for their commitment to veterans. Former President Bush gave the Freedom Medal to Stacy Bannerman. Hear her compelling testimony on why she is giving it back to him.


A Different WWI Anniversary PopularResistance.Org

More than a decade before the New Deal, a wildcat strike wave during WWI brought about extensive concessions including right to organize, mandatory arbitration for employers, higher wages, and shorter work weeks. As we approach the anniversary of the end of WWI the history of this little-known period of class conflict has many critical lessons for us today. Above all, the lesson is that class conflict drives reform not the other way around as is commonly argued.


NY Times Is Blind To Police Problems With White Supremacists PopularResistance.Org

The New York Times tells a story about law enforcement failing and struggling to deal with white supremacy. The elephant in the room, unmentioned by reporter Janet Reitman or any of the sources she chose to cite, is that U.S. law enforcement doesnt do enough about violent racists because as an institution, U.S. law enforcement is violently racist and contains explicit white supremacists in its ranks.


The Contradictions Of The #Resistance PopularResistance.Org

Trumps bizarre vendetta against Sessions has apparently disguised for some the fact that the president couldnt have asked for a more loyal underling than Sessions, his recusal aside. One need only do a quick survey of Sessions handiwork over the last two years to see why. In other words, Sessions continued occupancy of the attorney generals office was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than the closing of Muellers investigation ever could be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure.


World BEYOND War is a finalist for the Educators Challenge Competition World Beyond War . . .

World BEYOND War is a finalist for the Educators Challenge competition created by the Global Challenges Foundation. The Educators Challenge seeks innovative approaches to engage students and broader audiences in discussions on the importance and principles of global governance, its history and its potential future. The Global Challenges Foundations aim is to contribute to reducing the main global problems and risks that threaten humanity.

Tony Jenkins, Education Director of World BEYOND War, submitted our book, A Global Security System: An Alternative to War (AGSS)as an educational blueprint for ending all war through the development of a cooperative, nonviolent system of global governance. AGSS is complemented by our online study guide Study War No More that provides guiding questions for discussion & action, and features videos of changemakers actively designing the new system. AGSS is utilized as a learning, planning and organizing tool by community groups, schools, universities, and policymakers around the world.

World BEYOND War is one of twelve finalists to advance to the final stage, where a final jury will select up to 10 winners. Winning prizes of US$5000 will be awarded early 2019 to the most creative and effective proposals progressing pedagogy and audience engagement around the pressing issues that require improved global cooperation.

Watch our submission promo video here.

You can learn about the 12 finalists here.



Final Turnout in Donbass DPRs Elections Reaches 80.1 Percent Authorities Aletho News

Sputnik 12.11.2018 DONETSK/KIEV The final turnout in the elections of the leader and members of parliament in the self-proclaimed Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) has amounted to 80.1 percent, head of the breakaway republics Central Election Commission Olga Pozdnyakova said. As of the moment when the polling stations were closed, the turnout amounted to []


The Poison Paradox Who Knew? OffGuardian

David Macilwain NOVICHOK! It just wont go away even though it was never there! The Sun reports that twenty vehicles that came into contact with the killer substance have now been dismantled and buried in a toxic waste site. Suspend not disbelief yet at the thought of scrappies in Hazmat suits cutting up police cars. Such Alice in Wonderland deception was nicely detailed by Rob Slane in his latest dissection of the Skripal hoax, pointing specifically at the crucial flaws in the door-handle theory. Slane systematically destroys the UK governments assertion that the Skripals door-handle was the source of the poisoning, but without quite following through with the argument that there was no such poisoning with Novichok at all, as has been well established from other details of the event. In fact, as the UK government rests its whole case for Novichok poisoning on that door-handle, and rests its whole case against Russia on her supposed responsibility for smearing the nerve agent on it, the cutting of this Achilles Heel could


Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTVs Serena Shim: A 4-part series Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog November 11, 2018 In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely dont know the first two, while the entire world seems to know about the last one. This is a 4-part series which []


Important for DPR & LPR People Their Determination by Coming to the Elections by Ruslan Ostashko Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

November 10, 2018 Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions. The closer we get to the planned elections in the Republics of Donbass, the louder Ukraine and its Western sponsors are screaming. Like, the declaration of will is illegal, because it is not provided by the Minsk agreements. For []


Black November: Its Time to Reaffirm the Resistance of the Brazilian People INTERNATIONALIST 360

Wesley Lima The National Black Consciousness Day, November 20, recalls the death of Zumbi dos Palmares, the late leader of the quilombo of Palmares, who was murdered in 1695. For decades the month of November has become a reference for activities that inspire struggle, resistance and the rebelliousness of black people, who historically have been...


US tells Saudi crown prince that Khashoggi killers will be held accountable Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Pompeo also reiterates US call for cessation of hostilities in Yemen, in phone call with crown prince


Afro-Colombians and Indigenous Peoples Struggle for Water INTERNATIONALIST 360

Francia Mrquez In a recent report from Colombias national health institute, only 15.1 % of people living in the Colombian countryside (barely 900,000 people) have access to good quality water. Water is guaranteed mostly to the urban people living in the city. The population that does not have water is mostly in the Colombian-Pacific and...


Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Zionist Force Infiltrates Gaza to Assassinate Hamas Commander, Hamas Responds November 12, 2018 Elite Israeli occupation soldiers crossed the border into Gaza on Sunday in a civilian car in a special operation to assassinate Hamas commander prompting an exchange of fire between Zionist soldiers and the Palestinian resistance. According to Hamas resistance group, the Israeli []


Brazil: Army Chief Admits Threatening Supreme Court to Jail Lula INTERNATIONALIST 360

Editorial Comment:  It is clear that under the current regime, there is no security. Any political or ideological opponent is at risk of arbitrary arrest and detention. Brian Mier On April 3, on the eve of the judgment which resulted in the arrest of former President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and his subsequent removal...


Yemeni War Deaths Have Been Underestimated by 5 to 1 INTERNATIONALIST 360

Nicolas J. S. Davies An NGO responsible for reporting on war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it has underestimated the casualties in the three-year-old conflict by at least five to one. Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project had originally estimated that about 10,000 people had been killed in the war in Yemen, roughly...


Nasrallah speech given on the first anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon against terrorist groups Aletho News

Translation: Transcript: [] I want to tell you, on this first anniversary of the (Second) Liberation (of Lebanon against terrorist groups in August 2017), that in these battles against the Al-Nusra Front on the one hand, and ISIS in the Jurd (Ersal) on the other hand, the number of our fighters was higher than []


Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTVs Serena Shim: A 4-part series The Vineyard of the Saker

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely


Once Upon a TimeThere Was a Martyr Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Local Editor* Tanks and military vehicles were all over the roads, and the soldiers watched the entire place. It was a crossing point where people waited for days to get assent to reach their towns or the capital (Beirut). He got off his car and walked steadily to the investigation chamber. His eyes glowed with []


CIDI Gevaar voor Nederlands Onderwijs stan van houcke

CIDI indoctrineert scholieren met zogenaamd afgewogen lesmateriaal over Isral/Palestina

Dat een Nederlandse lobbyorganisatie die de belangen van Isral verdedigt onderwijsmateriaal over het Isralisch-Palestijns conflict ontwikkelt, en het ministerie van OCW toestaat dat op scholen te gebruiken, is op zijn zachtst gezegd vreemd. Een analyse leert dat het lesmateriaal uiterst eenzijdig is.


Saker message to the community and readers: thanks and mini Community SITREP The Vineyard of the Saker

Dear friends, Its time for me to give you a quick update on how things are going in our community and how we fit in the general political picture of


President Putin in Paris The Vineyard of the Saker

Interview to Russia Today TV Channel During his visit to France to attend commemorative events marking the centenary of Armistice Day, Vladimir Putin answered questions from a Russia Today journalist. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.


Journalist Throws Shoe at Dissident Yemeni Minister during Press Conference in Riyadh: Video Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Journalist Throws Shoe at Dissident Yemeni Minister during Press Conference in Riyadh: Video November 11, 2018 The dissident information minister in the Yemeni salvation government Abdol Salam Jaber was surprised by one of the journalists throwing his shoe at him while attending the formers press conference in Riyadh. It is worth noting that the Yemeni []


Seven Palestinians, one Israeli officer, killed during botched Gaza raid Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Netanyahu cuts short visit to Paris after a raid gone wrong in which a Hamas commander was killed


Houthis Kill Dozens Of Saudi-Backed Fighters And Repel New Attacks On Al-Hudaydah (Map)

Houthis Kill Dozens Of Saudi-Backed Fighters And Repel New Attacks On Al-Hudaydah (Map)

Click to see full-size map, By:

The Houthis repelled two attacks by the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies near the area of Kilo 16 and south of the airport of the city of al-Hudaydah on the western Yemeni coast, Brigadier General Yahya Sari, a spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces [an ally of the Houthis], said on November 11.

Enemy warplanes attempted to support its forces by conducting dozens of airstrikes However, its forces failed to achieve any advance in the field, Brig. Gen. Sari added.

According to the Yemeni military spokesman, the Houthis killed 40 Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters and injured 60 others during the clashes around al-Hudaydah. 12 military vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition were also destroyed with anti-tank weapons.

The Houthis didnt only repel the new attacks, but also struck several positions and gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops on the western coast of Yemen with artillery and armed drones, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

The Saudi-led coalition failed to advance around or inside al-Hudaydah during the last three days, which indicates that the Houthis are once again re-gaining the initiative.

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Major oil producers foresee oversupply, edge closer to production cuts Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Oil prices have shed a fifth of their value in one month since surging to four-year high in early October


Donetsk People's Republic Election Turnout stan van houcke

Observers report unprecedentedly high turnout for DPR Elections

NOVEMBER 11, 2018 16:04 


Physicians Work to Bring Back the Anti-Nuclear Movement stan van houcke

Physicians Work to Bring Back the Anti-Nuclear Movement


Tomgram: Rory Fanning, Will the War Stories Ever End? TomDispatch - Blog

Im here in Chicago, 7,000 miles and 15 years away from Jalalabad, a desolate town in southwestern Afghanistan.


The Gift of Gab: Pennsylvania AG Abuses Authority to Chill Internet Speech Aletho News

By Thomas L. Knapp | The Garrison Center | November 11, 2018 On November 8, Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiros office issued a subpoena to web host and domain registrar Epik, pursuant to an ongoing civil investigation. The subpoena demands any and all documents which are related in any way to Gab. Gab, as youve no []


Fabricated Guardian Stories Aid Violent Failed Coup in Nicaragua INTERNATIONALIST 360

Nora McCurdy Cathedral protests highlight Ortegas broken Alliance with Nicaraguas church an article in todays Guardian by Toby Stirling has no true facts this has become typical of The Guardians reporting on Nicaragua. Even the pictures used are full of lies. The opposition put a number of crosses around the Managua Cathedral a few...


The Trap of History: Russian Missiles in Cuba Again? Newsbud

In the ninety-sixth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses front page articles from four Russian newspapers: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Izvestia, and Pravda. He examines the implications of the strengthening of economic and military cooperation between Russia and Cuba. Professor Kovacevic also looks into the reasons why the Paris summit between []


Iraq urges US to consider its political, economic position in talks on Iran sanctions Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Iraq central bank says economy is closely linked to Iran, which is locked in several proxy wars with Saudi Arabia in region


CNN gearing up to sue over Jim Acostas suspended White House press pass Peace and Freedom

CNN may be gearing up for a legal battle over the Trump administrations revocation of chief White House correspondent Jim Acostas permanent press credentials.

Former ABC News reporter and anchor Sam Donaldson appeared Sunday on CNNs Reliable Sources and said he believed a lawsuit had already been filed.

I hope Im not mistaken, but its my understanding that CNN and Acosta have sued, that there will be a court hearing on Tuesday on this very matter that weve been discussing, Donaldson said.

Host Brian Stelter replied that he was not aware of such a case.

A CNN spokesperson told the Washington Examiner that a lawsuit has not been filed yet. No decisions have been made. We have reached out to the White House and gotten no response, the spokesperson said.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced last week that Acostas hard pass was suspended until further notice over a heated press conference encounter he had with President Trump during which a White House intern tried to wrestle the microphone from the reporter.

Acosta has denied placing his hands on the young woman as some have alleged, and a video tweeted out by Sanders of the incident has garnered controversy related to whether it was doctored to make it look more intense.

Donaldson said he was told about the possible legal action because Ive been asked to give an affidavit, which I prepared, to be submitted to the court.

Donaldson who, like Acosta, had confrontational interactions with administrations he covered for ABC News during his decades-long career said he had spoken with the CNN correspondent about the furor.

I emailed him and said, Keep it up, dont worry about the vicious attacks on you by anybody, and the threa...


Saudi envoy: Khashoggi murder a tragedy, but justice will be done Peace and Freedom

The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a tragedy both for his family and for Saudi Arabia, and those responsible will be brought to justice, the Saudi Ambassador to Germany said in an interview published on Sunday.

In the end, we will know who did what and when. We take this very seriously, Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan told the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag.

Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan said they were taking the investigation very seriously. (Photo courtesy of Martin U. K. Lengemann/WELT)

Our authorities have already arrested 18 suspects in Saudi Arabia, there have been layoffs in the security apparatus. It is obvious that something went wrong. And we are very unhappy about it.

The whole thing is a tragedy. For his family, but also for our country. I am very sad to see how much of our work has been destroyed as a result. We will ensure that those responsible are punished.

Khashoggi, 59, was murdered on Oct. 2 in the Saudi consulate  in Istanbul. Eighteen Saudis have been arrested in connection with his death. The murder was alien to Saudi culture, Prince Khalid said.

We dont do anything like that. We do not deal with dissidents and exiles in this way. They remain Saudi citizens and if they have problems, we take care of them. We always tell them that their homeland is there for them.

It is beyond my imagination what could have moved someone to do something like this. It is not our policy, not our culture, not our nature. It contradicts everything we stand for.

Prince Khalid accused opponents of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of using Khashoggis murder as a weapon, and he defended the crown princes reform and development policies.

Many people have an opinion about him without knowing him, Prince Khalid said. It is easy to find his policies bold, drastic, hurried. But remember, he took office at a very dangerous time. We were hurtling towards a wall.

Due to the population boom of the past few decades, a whole generation of young Saudis were about to join an economy that was far from achieving the growth needed to employ and feed all these young people. When Mohammed bin Salman took office, it was clear: If we did not begin to turn our economy around immediately, we were going to hit this wall.

And instability in our country, home to the holy sites of Makkah and Madinah, would pose a risk not only to ourselves. The crown prince has finally addressed these problems. He has done things that young people here have been hoping for for years.

I have seldom met someone who deals with every issue of importance with such seriousness, such reflect...


Feds 2% Inflation Target Prevents Deflation Peace and Freedom

Inflation and deflation arent symmetrical threats.

Image result for Board of Governors, federal reserve, photos

Amar Bhid makes an intriguing case for why the Federal Reserves discretion in defining price stability is counterproductive (Congress Should Set the Feds Inflation TargetIdeally at Zero, op-ed, Nov. 7). However, his remedy of mandating a zero-inflation target overlooks a key principle: Inflation and deflation arent symmetrical threats. Inflation is bad, but deflation is worse. With inflation, consumption is invigorated as buyers aim to get ahead of higher prices, promoting economic growth. With deflation, consumers defer purchases as they await better deals, so growth grinds to a halt. Like a golfer on the tee box facing water to the left and sand traps to the right, central bankers know not to aim down the middle. You aim 2% to the right.

Park Duncan

Greenwich, Conn.


Mr. Bhid misquotes the statutory obligation of the Fed as being a dual mandate, to promote full employment and price stability. For decades, the statutory objective (obligation) of the Fed, found in 12 U.S.C. 225a, has been: to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices and moderate long-term interest rates.

What would happen if we had moderate long-term interest rates? Going back to the first half of the 19th century, the average 10-year Treasury note...


The American Jewish establishment is terrified of Palestinians Mondoweiss

This is a very sad story. And it happens all the time now inside the American Jewish community, but it is particularly poignant right now.

This week the Palestinian political cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh, whose spirit cracked in an Israeli prison, is having a tour of New York, New Jersey and D.C., all in leftwing spaces. Sabaaneh tells us a compelling story about Israel and its power; but will any big Jewish space host him? Of course not! Some day maybe, in 50 years. (Though Eli Valley is appearing with him; wonderful.)

And meantime all week long in prestige Jewish spaces, what is the fare, but Israeli and American Jews wringing their hands about the future of Israel and the US Jewish relationship with Israel. The unending lament.

Mohammad Sabaaneh

First tomorrow night in New York at the Hebrew Union College, two Jews, Israeli and American, discuss: A House Divided: Israel and Progressive American Jews. Is either one of them even actually progressive? Former Israeli diplomat Ido Aharoni is founder of the Brand Israel program, which many Palestinians might see as the Brand Israel pogrom.

Then on Wednesday in a White Plains synagogue, theres Can Judaism survive the 21st century? featuring an Israeli and American Jew, Tal Keinan and David Gregory, surely speaking about their differences.

Then on Thursday night in New York, Across the Divide: more fretting about American Jews abandoning Israel, this program featuring right-center Zionists Yair Rosenberg of Tablet and Bari Weiss of the New York Times, along with Batya Ungar-Sargon who represents perestroika at the Forward.

And really the only question about all these events is, Do you think you can have a discussion of the Jewish/American-Israeli future without hearing from Palestinians? I dont. It would be like having a discussi...


China pours money into private sector military technology Peace and Freedom

Relaxed regulation has spurred start-ups to enter defence sector

Image result for Guangdong Hongda, missile launchers, photos

Guangdong Hongda short range anti-ship missile launchers

By Emily Feng in Zhuhai

China has mobilised at least Rmb387bn ($55.6bn) to fund private sector companies that develop technology with potential military applications, according to Financial Times calculation.

Civil Military Fusion, or the infusion of private companies into Chinas defence sector, was a key theme at this years Zhuhai air show, where exhibitors were keen to stress how their products fitted into the national strategy.

As a result, state defence companies and provincial governments have pooled money into what are in effect state-backed venture capital funds, designed to guide the private sector into helping to modernise the Peoples Liberation Army.

In recent years, officials have broken state monopolies over critical sectors by allowing private companies to participate in designing, manufacturing, and operating everything from telecoms to rockets. While traditional state-owned players such as the weaponry group Norinco and aerospace company AVIC still head Chinas largest defence projects, the regulatory relaxation has spurred private entrepreneurs to related sectors such as secure communications, light arms and unmanned vehicles.

The drive to meet the PLAs modernising goals has given rise to a class of private start-ups and companies that specialise in advanced technologies Lorand Laskai, Council on Foreign Relations When Chinese military planners discuss civil-military integration, they do not view it as a uniquely Chinese concept...the US defence industry as the golden standard, said Lorand Laskai, a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The result is a new generation of tech companies that blur the line between state and private, said Mr Laskai: The drive to meet the PLAs modernising goals has given rise to a class of private start-ups and companies that specialise in advanced technologies like semiconductors, energy solutions, drones, and aerospace.

Thus far, the private sector has helped state companies outsource the development of key projects, often with an eye on selling to other countries.

For example, Guangdong Hongda, once a metals and mining company, sprouted a subsidiary in 2011 that produces short-range missiles and other explosives that can be mounted under drones and manned aircraft. Our leaders were quite visionary and sensed that the direction of opportunity was pointing towards civil-military fusion, said Feng Hui, an engineer.



Polands eurosceptic leaders, far right mark independence centenary at mass march Peace and Freedom

Polands eurosceptic leaders marked a century of national independence on Sunday as more than 200,000 people marched through the capital in a parade involving far-right groups and neo-fascist activists from Italy.

The march is a focus of debate about whether the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) tacitly encourages groups with roots in the fascist and anti-Semitic movements. The party won power in 2015 and Poland has since become increasingly isolated in Europe amid accusations of a tilt towards authoritarian rule.

Polish Neo Nazis (picture-alliance/AP Photo/C. Sokolowski)

Some 200,000 people marched through Warsaw on Sunday.

Some marchers in Warsaw chanted: Away with the EU but there was no sign of white supremacist banners visible at last years march.

Government officials walked at a distance from the main marchers, away from any overt displays of nationalism, and they were kept separate by security forces.

Thank you for coming here, for Poland, and for bringing the white and red (Polish) flag which saw our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers spill their blood, President Andrzej Duda, a PiS ally, said at the start of the march.

There is space for everyone under our flags, he said.

Several hundred meters behind the government column, participants held banners saying God, Honour, Homeland and launched red flares, blanketing sections of the march with smoke.

Some chanted: Pride, pride, national pride and Yesterday it was Moscow, today it is Brussels, stripping us of our sovereignty.

Warsaws city mayor sought to ban a far-right march held on Nov. 11 annually for almost a decade but a court overruled her.

The government then agreed with organizers after last-minute talks to hold a joint event to mark a 100 years since Polands 1918 declaration of independence after an 18th century partition by Russia, Austria and Germany.

It was the biggest march of free Poles in a free Poland ever, government spokeswoman Joanna Kopcinska told state PAP news agency.


Last year, the annual far-right march was dotted with racist banners such as pure blood, clear mind and Europe will be white or uninhabited.

Those slogans fueled concern about the rise of xenophobia in Poland at a time when other European countries are also grappling with a resurgence of the far right.

PiS says it rejects anti-Semitism and racism but critics accuse it of quietly siding with the far-right.

While insisting Poland should remain in the EU, PiS refuses to...


US-backed Syrian fighters resume offensive against IS Peace and Freedom

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters resumed their ground offensive Sunday against the Islamic State group in the last territories controlled by the extremists in eastern Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces said in a statement that the decision to resume the fighting came after threats from Turkey against the Kurdish-led force dropped due to diplomatic activities.

The SDF said in late October it was temporarily suspending its campaign against IS in the eastern province of Deir el-Zour, accusing Turkey of jeopardizing its efforts.

The group said that the aim of the renewed operation that began two months ago is to work for the final defeat of Daesh organization, using an Arab acronym to refer to the group.

Delil Souleiman, AFP | Turkish shelling forced the SDF to suspend operations in late October. Since then, the Islamic State (IS) group has launched several offensives that left scores of US-baked fighters dead or wounded.

Turkey considers the SDF a terror threat and an extension of Kurdish rebels waging an insurgency within Turkey. U.S. support for the Kurdish-led forces has resulted in increased tension between Washington and Ankara.

Last month, in a spike in tensions, Turkey said its military shelled Kurdish positions across the border in Syria, east of the Euphrates River.

Since SDF suspended operations, IS has launched several offensives that have left scores of U.S.-backed fighters dead or wounded.

Despite the cessation of ground operations, the U.S.-led coalition continued with its airstrikes against the extremist group.

The SDF said its fighters captured a senior IS commander in the northern city of Raqqa which until last year was the de facto capital of the extremists.

This shows that the organization still has roots and sleeper cells in liberated areas, it said.



Nasrallah: Lebanons resistance will respond to any Israeli aggression Aletho News

Palestine Information Center November 11, 2018 BEIRUT Hezbollah secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah has warned that any Israeli military attack on Lebanon will be strongly responded to, stressing that the Lebanese resistance will defend the country by all means. In a ceremony held for Hezbollah martyrs, Nasrallah affirmed that any threats, pressures and sanctions would []


The WWI Conspiracy Aletho News

Corbett Report | 11/11/2018 What was World War One about? How did it start? Who won? And what did they win? Now, 100 years after those final shots rang out, these questions still puzzle historians and laymen alike. But as we shall see, this confusion is not a happenstance of history, but the wool that []


How is it I represent to others what I am so afraid of? an anti-Zionists Pittsburgh elegy Mondoweiss

Two days after the horrific murder of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, I was sitting in my classroom where I teach, listening to several Jewish students grapple with understanding their suffering in response to the murders.  They were scared, worried, confused.  As a high school teacher in a large urban public school, Ive become a resource for many Jewish students who long for a Jewish connection throughout the busy school day.  Most of them are Zionists.  Im not out as an anti-Zionist at my schoolits not safe for me to bebut I also wouldnt say that I walk around pretending to be a Zionist.  When I listen to my Zionist students trying to make sense of what is believed to be the deadliest attack on Jews in American history, I understand their suffering.

Even when they talk about their love for Israel, I can understand this, too, because I used to think like they do.  My path to anti-Zionism is always through Zionism firstthe new neural pathways in the brain arent as deep yet as the old ones I constantly fight against.  And I think some of my students can continue to grow their capacity, too, and to have empathy for all those who suffer.

Later that day, when I was walking with some of these Jewish students, we saw a sign for an Israeli club meeting that afternoon in a colleagues classroom.  The sign said it would be a space to honor the victims.  But this is also the club that provides pro-Israel propaganda to teens with outside support from private pro-Zionist organizations.  I didnt say anything to my students, of coursethat I hoped the sponsors of this meeting wouldnt use the anti-Semitic murders as a way to build teenagers love for Israel.  I know these students needed a place to mourn and to process their discomfort, but it shouldnt be at the expense of Palestinian suffering.

At least we can always go to Israel if theres more anti-Semitism, was the first thing that came to my mind when I first learned about the murders.  Strangely, this sentence was in my mothers voicethough it was in my headfor she has said this to me over the years when antisemitic incidents have happened to Jews in the U.S.

It was unusual that this phrase materialized in my mind after the murders, but not much makes sense when people are suffering. It was also odd that the sentence arose in my mind, given that I no longer believe in Israel as a nation-state for the Jews.  But I was an ardent Zionist for decades, and so my brain is still wired, it seems, to revert to old ways of thinking.  Growing up, I shared my mothers fears of anti-Semitism, for we had both experienced it first-hand at the school at which she taught and which I attended, as well as in our neighborhood, so I had learned at an early...


Dan Crenshaw Sounds Like a Propagandist for Mass Murder World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson, Director of World BEYOND War

What is more sick about U.S. society?

1) Its totally 100% acceptable to make cruel stupid jokes about peoples appearance.

2) Theres an exception. You shouldnt do it if the thing youre making fun of relates to their participation in mass murder.

3) Violation of that exception is such a sin that you must publicly repent and grovel.

4) This is true even if the sin was committed on a steadfastly unfunny and unintelligent television program that nobody watches.

5) The repentance is incomplete without declaring the participant in mass murder to be a war hero.

6) You also must promote militarism in general and instruct the audience to honor participants in mass murder with meaningless phrases like never forget.

7) You can claim to find heart-warming unity around mass-murder operations and have not a single campaign launched to remove a single one of your advertisers.

8) Only if the entire charade carefully omits any description of how one gets to be a war hero and does forget always forgets all of the following can it be truly redemptive:

The Afghan government was willing to turn over Bin Laden to trial in a third country.

He was never tried or convicted of anything.

He was later killed elsewhere, but the war didnt pause.

Most people in Afghanistan have never even heard of 9/11.

War is illegal.

Afghanistan is hellishly worse off than ever.

The war on terrorism has predictably and steadily increased terrorism.

U.S. commanders of the war have said it should be ended the moment after they left that position and have called the war and various aspects of the war counterproductive for many years now.

Candidate Trump said the war should be ended.

The war has murdered hundreds of thousands of people.

The war makes people all over the world despise the United States.

The people who make Saturday Night Live would make IEDs instead if some foreign force occupied Manhattan.

Theyll probably do something dumber than that when Manhattan goes underwater.

The war has cost the United States trillions of dollars.

A tiny fraction of that could ha...


Why Yemeni War Deaths are Five Times Higher Than Youve Been Led to Believe World Beyond War . . .

By Nicolas J S Davies, CounterPunch

Photo Source Felton Davis | CC BY 2.0

In April, I made new estimates of the death toll in Americas post-2001 wars in a three-part Consortium News report. I estimated that these wars have now killed several million people.  I explained that widely reported but much lower estimates of the numbers of combatants and civilians killed were likely to be only one fifth to one twentieth of the true numbers of people killed in U.S. war zones. Now one of the NGOs responsible for understating war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it was underestimating them by at least five to one, as I suggested in my report.

One of the sources I examined formy report was a U.K.-based NGO named ACLED (Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project), which has compiled counts of war deaths in Libya, Somalia and Yemen.  At that time, ACLED estimated that about 10,000 people had been killed in the war in Yemen, about the same number as the WHO (World Health Organization), whose surveys are regularly cited as estimates of war deaths in Yemen by UN agencies and the worlds media.  Now ACLED estimates the true number of people killed in Yemen is probably between 70,000 and 80,000.

ACLEDs estimates do not include the thousands of Yemenis who have died from the indirect causes of the war, such as starvation, malnutrition and preventable diseases like diphtheria and cholera. UNICEF reported in December 2016 that a child was dying every ten minutes in Yemen, and the humanitarian crisis has only worsened since then, so the total of all deaths caused directly and indirectly by the war must by now number in the hu...



By Jeunesse Rvolution

Macron Invites Trump and Netanyahu to a Peace Forum

French President Emmanuel Macron invited Donald Trump and 60 heads of State to attend a Peace Forum in Paris on November 11-13. It will be preceded one day earlier by a ceremony at the Place des Invalides to pay tribute to the millions of people who died in the First World War or, stated more accurately, the first great inter-imperialist bloodbath. Special tribute will be paid to the generals who led their soldiers to slaughter from 1914 to 1918, including Marchal Ptain, who Macron described as a great soldier despite his subsequent fateful choices a reference to Ptains close collaboration with Hitler and the Nazis during World War II.

Who are they kidding? read a statement by Jeunesse Rvolution (Revolution Youth). It continued:

Trump is the man who ordered all NATO member countries to increase the war budget to 2% of GDP, or about 40 billion euros for France. Of course, Emmanuel Macron, our king without a crown, did not object.

And yet With 40 billion euros, governments could have built hospitals, schools, and childcare centers, and created living-wage jobs for young people. But no, no, no. Workers are being asked to tighten their belts more and more for wars that are not their wars; they are the capitalists wars. Hence the attacks throughout France on retirement pensions, the dismantling of the national Single-Payer healthcare system, and the destruction of public education, while the capitalist class continues to reap more and more profits.

Jeunesse Rvolution issued a united-front Call to Demonstrate on November 11 Against Trumps Presence in Paris. Hundreds and hundreds of working class youth endorsed this call and are building this demonstration. But none of the main organizations to which the call was addressed [see initial call below] responded to the call to mobilize in the broadest unity against the warmakers.

Toward the end of October, the Democratic Independent Workers Party of France (POID) and Jeunesse Rvolution learned that a number of collectives had issued a call to ral...


Armistice Day First World Beyond War . . .

By John LaForge

It gets harder to commemorate World War I, because of time and the publics embrace of, or indifference to, a permanent war economy.

About the Great War British novelist H.G. Wells wrote on August 14, 1914, This is already the vastest war in history. For this is now a war for peace. It aims straight at disarmament. It aims at a settlement that shall stop this sort of thing for ever. Every soldier who fights against Germany now is a crusader against war. This, the greatest of all wars, is not just another war it is the last war!

Optimists said it would be short, Home by Christmas! Instead, it was the worst bloodbath to date with an estimated 16 to 37 million dead. Combat and other acts of war killed at least seven million civilians and more than 10 million military personnel, while diseases, hunger, pogroms and targeted genocide killed millions more. Rather than for ever stopping war, the unprecedented wartime profiteering and victors imposition of vengeful reparations set the stage for World War IIs 70 million fatalities, and the nearly continuous string of money-making legalized murder that has continued since. One low estimate is that since war to end all war, about 100 million people have died in war zones.

Armistice Day was established in 1919 to revere the peace, and to remember and commemorate WW Is the suffering, horror, fear, pain, and loss. In 1918, the headlines roared: Armistice Signed, End of the War! and Armistice Day was grounded in the near universal revulsion against wars dreadful costs, futility, graft, pointlessness and particularly against the corruptions and cold ambitions of the politicians who prolonged the conflict. Todays US government annually spend hundreds of billions on weapons production jobs that our xenophobic fearmongering and its consequent wars sustain. As long as US allies keep trading their oil and cash for US guns, even barbaric, medieval dictatorships like Saudi Arabia (which has beheaded 600 prison convicts since 2014) are coddled, pampered, guided and supplied militarily in its ghastly war of deliberately induced pandemics and malnutrition against Yemen.

In September 2014, on a visit to Italys largest military cemetery, the Pope warned of a piecemeal World War III that may have already begun with dozens of ongoing, undeclared wars, official crimes, state-sponsored fighter jet and drone attacks, and specialized commando raids the world over. A short list of current warring includes US combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia; civil wars in Nigeria, Maghreb, Libya, and South Sudan; and the Mexican drug war. Pope Francis said about all this, Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, and destruction.

In 1954, Armistice Day was replaced with Veterans Day, and so our public celebration of peac...


A Tale of Two Marines World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson

These two young men may have an infinite number of things in common, but the actions they took this week do not.

One used a pro-war ceremony at a professional basketball game to reject the celebration of militarism, and to protest war-profiteering advertising in sports.

One became the latest mass shooter which I put in quotation marks only because he had already been a mass shooter, but he had been an acceptable kind of mass shooter.



Celebrate Armistice Day, Not Veterans Day World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson for The Humanist

Do not celebrate Veterans Day. Celebrate Armistice Day instead.

Do not celebrate Veterans Day because of what it has become, and even more so because of what it replaced and erased from U.S. culture.

Former American Humanist Association President Kurt Vonnegut once wrote: Armistice Day was sacred. Veterans Day is not. So I will throw Veterans Day over my shoulder. Armistice Day I will keep. I dont want to throw away any sacred things. Vonnegut meant by sacred wonderful, valuable, worth treasuring. He listed Romeo and Juliet and music as sacred things.

Exactly at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, 100 years ago this coming November 11th, people across Europe suddenly stopped shooting guns at each other. Up until that moment, they were killing and taking bullets, falling and screaming, moaning and dying, from bullets and from poison gas. And then they stopped, at 11:00 in the morning, one century ago. They stopped, on schedule. It wasnt that theyd gotten tired or come to their senses. Both before and after 11 oclock they were simply following orders. The Armistice agreement that ended World War I had set 11 oclock as quitting time, a decision that allowed 11,000 more men to be killed in the 6 hours between the agreement and the appointed hour.

But that hour in subsequent years, that moment of an ending of a war that was supposed to end all war, that moment that had kicked off a world-wide celebration of joy and of the restoration of some semblance of sanity, became a time of silence, of bell ringing, of remembering, and of dedicating oneself to actually ending all war. That was what Armistice Day was. It was not a celebration of war or of those who participate in war, but of the moment a war had ended.

Congress passed an Armistice Day resolution in 1926 calling for exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will...


Did A North Korean Nuclear EMP Bomb Threat Lead to Peace Talks With President Trump? World Beyond War . . .

By John Lewallen,

A Deadly Game of Nuclear Chicken

On March 17, 2017, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stood in the stark, empty building on the 38th Parallel that divides North from South Korea and touched off one of the most dramatic and dangerous nuclear threat confrontations in history.

The U.S. policy of strategic patience is over, he announced, referring to longstanding U.S. demands that North Korea give up its nuclear weapons program. Tillerson conveyed the red-line ultimatum that unless North Korea completely gave up their nuclear weapons, they faced the imminent possibility of U.S. military attack.

This touched off a tit-for-tat escalation of colorful threats and military moves, pitting President Trump against North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea launched several long-range missiles, some at very high altitudes, in apparent attempt to achieve second-strike threat credibility: the perceived ability to attack the U.S. homeland even if North Korea was destroyed by a U.S. nuclear first-strike. The U.S. deployed armadas and practiced invasions. Trump stated that North Korea was within months of being able to strike the U.S. with a nuclear missile able to survive the heat of re-entry, implying that the attack on North Korea would come soon unless they complied with U.S. demands to disarm.

Confrontation reached a fever pitch in September, 2017. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump told this august body, which arose from the horrors of World War Two to put an end to aggressive warfare, that the United States would totally destroy North Korea if North Korea did not knuckle under to the ultimatum from the worlds leading nuclear power and surrender their tiny arsenal of nukes.

Kim Jong-un shot back that he would retaliate for this threat at the highest level, calling Trump a mentally deranged U.S....


Russia keeps Israels Netanyahu in anteroom Aletho News

By M. K. BHADRAKUMAR | Indian Punchline | November 11, 2018 It is over a month since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced that he was going to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin with a view to open a new page in the relations between the two countries following the incident over []


Western media finally admits Russian Avangard hypersonic weapons "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Western media finally admits Russian Avangard hypersonic weapons By Seraphim Hanisch The Duran Western media, albeit tabloid-style, begins to acknowledge the reality of the development of Russian Avangard advanced weaponry. The website for Metro UK news ran a November 9th piece detailing...

The post Western media finally admits Russian Avangard hypersonic weapons appeared first on The Daily Coin.


US-backed force resuming offensive against Islamic State in east Syria Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Syrian Democratic Forces had suspended their operations last month after Turkey shelled Kurdish militia posts in country's north


Jordan: Muslims kidnap head of Believers Without Borders, carve Islam Without Borders onto his back Jihad Watch

The torturers carved the words Islam Without Borders into his back with a knife. We are, of course, much more enlightened in the West. We dont jail people for insulting Islam. We simply excoriate them as racists and Islamophobes, ostracize them from polite society, and rejoice when theyre deplatformed by the social media giants. We []

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Sunday, 11 November


Palestinian National Unity and Class Conflict INTERNATIONALIST 360

Khaled Barakat The following article by Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat, coordinator of the Campaign to Free Ahmad Saadat, was originally published in Arabic in Al-Adab magazine on 2 November 2018. To read the original Arabic text, please visit the Al-Adab website. Khaled Barakat. Photo credit: Proletaren When the positions of national forces clash in a...


Global Migrants Converge on Mexico City to Assist Central American Migrant Caravan INTERNATIONALIST 360

Elliott Gabriel MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Over the past week, Mexicos sprawling capital has been transformed into the flashpoint of a global humanitarian crisis of forced migration that is rearing its head in all parts of the globe. The crisis, whose latest focal point is the migrant caravan from Honduras, as well as smaller caravans...


Revolution for the People: From Dream to Reality INTERNATIONALIST 360

Toms Valdez Rodrguez A personal tribute to Comandante Daniel Ortega Saavedra Next Sunday November 11th, Comandante Daniel Ortega will be setting a big table for his birthday. A special day for most of Nicaraguas people who are glad to celebrate  our Presidents birthday and, for me, a challenge to write an account of someone who...


Lawfare On Lula: The Sergio Moro Effect INTERNATIONALIST 360

teleSURs exclusive interview with Valeska Martins of Lulas defense team, asks what repercussions could arise from Sergio Moro as Bolsonaros Justice Minister. Brazil is living in political turmoil with a new scandal rising. On Nov. 1, far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro appointed Judge Sergio Moro as his justice minister. This Saturday marks the 218th day since...


Neo-Nazi Militia Trained by US Military in Ukraine Now Training US White Supremacists INTERNATIONALIST 360

Whitney Webb LOS ANGELES According to a recent FBI indictment, several American white supremacists were allegedly radicalized by and received training from Ukraines neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which receives funding from the current government of Ukraine as well as the U.S. government. The group has also received weapons from the Israeli government.The indictment, filed in...


Fascism In Brasil, A Tragedy In Four Acts INTERNATIONALIST 360

Alfredo Saad-Filho Since the judicial-parliamentary coup that removed elected President Dilma Rousseff, the administration led by her former Vice-President, Michel Temer, has advanced a harsh agenda of neoliberal reforms. The economic crisis has continued unabated, and the campaign for the destruction of the PT has intensified, leading to the imprisonment of former President and PT...


Trumps Jaded View of Two World Wars INTERNATIONALIST 360

Wayne Madsen Donald Trump traveled to Paris to, as he put it in a tweet, celebrate the centenary of the armistice that ended World War I. Trump not only decided to skip a planned visit to the Aisne-Marne American cemetery at Belleau Wood, but also the inaugural ceremony of the Paris Peace Forum. The forum,...


World War I Homage: A Triumph of Lies and Platitudes INTERNATIONALIST 360

Finian Cunningham World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I. In an absurd way, the Napoleon-era arc was a fitting venue because the ceremony and the rhetoric from President Emmanuel Macron was a triumph of lies and platitudes. Among the estimated...


How the US War on Yugoslavia Laid the Groundwork for Modern NATO Imperialism INTERNATIONALIST 360

Geopolitics Alert Washington (GPA) The American-led destruction of Yugoslavia happened over 20 years ago but laid the foundations of NATOs post-Cold War imperialism that carries on to this day. The handful of small nations in the Balkans that used to comprise the former Yugoslav Federation may not seem to be a high priority of...

New Powerful Defense Alliance Changes European Security Landscape INTERNATIONALIST 360

Alex Gorka Ten European states have created a new defense coalition. It was launched on June 25 and held its first historic meeting in Paris on Nov.7 to start thrashing out details of how the force will operate and welcome Finland as the tenth participant. All founding nations are EU members, including Great Britain, which is to...

Friday, 09 November


On 33rd Friday of the Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 141 Civilians, Including 19 Children, 6 Women, 4 Paramedics INTERNATIONALIST 360

PCHR On Friday afternoon, 09 November 2018, Israeli forces wounded 141 Palestinian civilians, including 19 children, 6 women, 4 paramedics and 2 being sustaining serious wounds, in the peaceful demonstrations in eastern Gaza Strip despite the decreasing intensity of the demonstrations there and absence of many means usually used during the demonstrations since the beginning...

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