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Wednesday, 25 October


From Democracy to Freedom Presentations : In Philadelphia, Richmond, and... CrimethInc.

This winter, we will be offering presentations on our new book, From Democracy to Freedom. If you can arrange something for us in your town, university, or elsewhere, please contact us: Below are the details about the next two presentations, coming up this weekend in Philadelphia and Richmond.

Presentation: From Democracy to Freedom

Democracy is the most universal political ideal of our day. George Bush invoked it to justify invading Iraq; Obama congratulated the rebels of Tahrir Square for bringing it to Egypt; Occupy Wall Street claimed to have distilled its pure form. From the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to the autonomous region of Rojava, practically every government and popular movement calls itself democratic.

And yet it was democracy that brought Donald Trump to power, not to mention Adolf Hitler.

What is democracy, precisely? How can we defend ourselves against democratically-elected tyrants? Is there a difference between government and self-determination, and are there other ways to describe what we are doing together when we make decisions? Drawing on the latest book from the CrimethInc. collective, the presenters will explore these questions and more. Join us for a lively discussion!

Friday, October 27, 7 pm

Wooden Shoe Books

704 South Street

Philadelphia, PA

Click image for PDF

Monday, October 30, 7 pm

Lamplighter Coffee Roasters

26 N. Morris Street

Richmond, VA 23220

Click image for PDF


DON'T TRY TO BREAK US WE'LL EXPLODE : Der G20 2017 in Hamburg umfassender Bericht und Analyse. CrimethInc.


Der G20 Gipfel 2017 provozierte die bislang heftigsten Auseinandersetzungen in Deutschland in diesem Jahrhundert. Wir waren vor Ort und haben kontinuierlich berichtet; in dem Monat, der seitdem vergangen ist, haben wir die Berichte aus Hamburg zusammengebracht und einen komplette Chronologie und Analyse hergestellt. Herausgekommen ist eine epische Geschichte von Staatsgewalt und breitem Widerstand dagegen, welcher auf diesem Level bislang sowohl in den USA wie auch in Nordeuropa kaum beobachtet werden konnte.

In den nchsten Wochen wird dieser Text auch als Broschre erscheinen, die dann kostenlos bei bestellbar sein wird. Zine als PDF runterladen.

Der Hhepunkt der Aktionen Freitag Nacht am Rande der polizeifreien Zone.

Die Kurzversion: Die Polizei versuchte mit roher Gewalt all jene, die gekommen waren um gegen den G20 zu protestieren zu isolieren und zu terrorisieren. Im Lauf der Geschehnisse brachten sie so einen groen Teil der Bevlkerung gegen sich auf und die Stadt geriet auer Kontrolle. Dies ruft uns wieder ins Bewusstsein, dass die wichtigsten Ereignisse an den Rndern von jedem gegebenen Konflikt stattfinden die Verbreitung von Rebellion ist bedeutsamer, als die Aktionen selbsternannter Radikaler. Die Strategie der Polizei unterstreicht wie wichtig altbekannte Zwangsmittel fr die Herrschaft der G20 sind; nichtsdestotrotz konnten wir beobachten wie eine entschlossene Bevlkerung selbst die best-trainierte und ausgerstete Polizei aus-manvrieren kann. Wenn 31.000 militarisierte Polizist_innen, die ihr ganzes Repertoire bis kurz vor tdlicher Gewalt anwenden, nicht in der Lage sind die Ordnung beim wichtigsten und bestgesicherten Ereignis des Jahres in der reichsten Nation Europas aufrecht zu erhalten; dann ist es vielleicht auch wieder vorstellbar, eine Revolution zu denken.

Also mssen wir damit anfangen die Courage all jener die sich gegen den G20 aufgelehnt haben sei dies durch das Organisieren von Demonstrationen, die Unterbringung von Gsten nachdem die Polizei die Camps angriff, durch das Mitlaufen im Black Bloc, durch die medizinische Hilfe fr Opfer von Poli...


Washington speeds up collision course with Europe over Iran Aletho News

By Finian Cunningham | RT | October 24, 2017 The Trump administration is accelerating on a collision course with its European allies over the Iran nuclear deal. Washington is essentially demanding the EU joins in backdoor sanctions against Iran or face financial penalties. In short: browbeating, arm-twisting, and bribery. In a sign of the []


Future of Brexit is up to UK, Tusk warns May Peace and Freedom

Image result for Donald tusk, Theresa may, Photos

The Financial Times (FT)

Theresa May greets Donald Tusk at Downing Street last month AFP
By Jim Brunsden in Brussels and George Parker in London

One of the EUs most senior politicians has warned Theresa May that the outcome of Brexit talks is up to the UK and not Brussels, after the British prime minister said she was waiting for the EU to decide on the future relationship.

Donald Tusk, who chaired last weeks EU summit in Brussels as European Council president, raised the pressure on Mrs May buffeted by infighting in her Conservative party over Brexit by saying it was the responsibility of her government to decide how negotiations would proceed.

This is in fact up to London how this will end: with a good deal, no deal or no Brexit, Mr Tusk told the European Parliament in a post-summit report.

Mrs May on Monday told the House of Commons that the summits conclusions showed the remaining 27 EU countries had decided that its up for them to consider what they want to see from the future relationship so that the next phase of negotiations can begin.

Mr Tusk appeared to directly challenge that assertion, saying: It is in fact up to London how this will end.

The EU27 governments are set to begin talks among themselves on the future relationship with the UK and on an immediate post-Brexit transition period, in the hope that by December sufficient progress can be made with London on divorce issues such as Britains exit bill to widen the scope of negotiations.

Ahead of us is still the toughest stress test. If we fail it, the negotiations will end with our defeat, Mr Tusk said.

Donald Tusk listens to a speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday during the debate on a roadmap for the future of Europe EPA
The issue of whether to move to a second phase of talks, where a future trade relationship and a two-year transition period can be negotiated, has become the central dispute between London and Brussels. Mrs Mays team has urged a widening of the discussions while the EU insists more firm UK commitments on the divorce bill must be made.

Michel Barnier, the EUs chief negotiator, has already pointed to Brussels thinking on future relationship issues, telling European newspapers that Britains decision to leave the EU single market means negotiators will have to work on a model that is closer to the EUs free-trade deal with Canada.

Mrs May has dismissed the Canadian model, saying Britain deserves a closer relationship with the EU after having been a member of the bloc for decades.

In a sign of how hard it will be for Mrs May to succeed in her strategy...


Syrian Government Forces Advance On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates, Capture Jadid Uqaydat (Map)

Syrian Government Forces Advance On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates, Capture Jadid Uqaydat (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

Syrian government forces have further advanced against ISIS on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and captured  the villages of Tabiya and Jadid Uqaydat along the road to al-Busariyah.

Earlier today reports appeared that the Syrian Army launched an operation aiming to reach the ISIS-held city. However, this will be a complicated  task. Government forces will likely face significant troubles with isolating the city.

Thus, if ISIS resists strongly to government troops, they will not be able to enter al-Busariyah before the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Syrian Government Forces Advance On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates, Capture Jadid Uqaydat (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

The post Syrian Government Forces Advance On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates, Capture Jadid Uqaydat (Map) appeared first on .


Tillerson in Pakistan with a tough message on safe havens Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, suit

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Pakistan meets Pakistans Army Chief of Staff  General Qamar Javed Bajwa and next to him is Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

The Associated Press

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in Pakistan to deliver a tough message on the importance of fighting extremists and driving them from hideouts on Pakistani territory.

Tillerson arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday, a day after traveling to Iraq and Afghanistan in conditions of strict secrecy. He met with Pakistans Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Foreign Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif and the heads of the army and intelligence services.

Tillerson told Abbasi that Pakistan is so important regionally to our joint goals of providing peace and security to the region and providing opportunity for greater economic relationship.

Abbasi said Pakistan is committed in the war against terror.

We have produced results and we are looking forward to moving ahead with the US and building a tremendous relationship, he said.

The US can rest assured that we are strategic partners in the war against terror and that today Pakistan is fighting the largest war in the world against terror, Abbasi said.

We appreciate the understandings that we agreed and we appreciate the engagement.

In Afghanistan on Monday, Tillerson had told reporters that Pakistans cooperation on counter-terrorism is essential for a good relationship with the US.

His comments echoed those of other top US officials who have been pressing Pakistan on the matter.

He said Pakistan needs to take a clear-eyed view of its position and act.

Pakistan needs to, I think, take a clear-eyed view of the situation that they are confronted with in terms of the number of terrorist organizations that find safe haven inside of Pakistan, he said. So we want to work closely Pakistan to create a more stable and secure Pakistan as well.

Earlier this month, the campaign appeared to produce some success when Pakistani security forces assisted with the release of a Talib...


Now in Seattle! 103 Banks Shutdown, Lockdowns and Arrests Happening CENSORED NEWS

. . Divest the Globe Matt Remle on Twitter12 minutes ago More "103 banks shut down in #Seattle so far, 3 arrests, lockdowns still happening." Divestment protests of banks investing in Dakota Access Pipeline, and Energy Transfer Partners Update: In the news at Seattle Weekly Activists Disrupt Over 100 Bank Branches Across Seattle for Financing Tar Sands Projects


White Houses Inconsistent Tax Messages Are Keeping Everyone Guessing Peace and Freedom


By Toluse Olorunnipa

October 24, 2017, 4:00 AM EDT October 24, 2017, 8:26 AM EDT
  • Trump officials differ on who benefits, how plan would work
  • Senates top tax writer not quite sure what president wants
 Image result for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, photos
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin got a swift rebuttal after he went on national television to claim a hypothetical Indiana family would save $1,000 under President Donald Trumps tax plan.

 Image result for White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, photos
White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney

It came...


Russia vetoes UNSC resolution on renewing Syria chemical weapons probe Aletho News

RT | October 24, 2017 Moscow vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to renew the mandate for a UN mission investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Ahead of the vote, Russia suggested postponing the discussion, but its proposal was rejected. The current mandate for UN and Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons []


Bat Yeor: Robert Spencer incarnates intellectual courage Jihad Watch

The renowned historian Bat Yeor, author of The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam, Eurabia, and other great books, says this: Robert Spencer incarnates intellectual courage when, all over the world, governments, intellectuals, churches, universities and media crawl under a hegemonic Universal Caliphates New Order. His achievement in the battle for the survival of free []


As Two US Clients Squabble in Iraq, Tehran Emerges as the Winner Covert Geopolitics

Notwithstanding the overwhelming vote the Kurdish referendum for independence received, there is no gainsaying that regional circumstances were far from suitable for such an undertaking, let alone its materialization. Iraq has just recovered from the clutches of rule of the self-styled Islamic State, and the last thing it wanted was loss of economic wealth in Continue reading As Two US Clients Squabble in Iraq, Tehran Emerges as the Winner


French Minister of Defense: French Citizens who Joined Jihad Should Die on the Battlefield Aletho News

By Peter Koenig | Dissident Voice | October 23, 2017 AP reported in The New York Post of 21 October 2017, that during ISIS heydays, it is estimated that about 30,000 citizens from around the world traveled to the Middle East, mostly Syria and Iraq, to join ISIS/Daesh as jihadi fighters.  This included an estimated []


IS women 'potential threat' to home countries, report warns Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Soufan group says a third of people who joined IS were women and children, and their return to home presents security risks


Bitter Memories: History of The Tule Lake Japanese Relocation Center Aletho News

(1975) A documentary on the Tule Lake Japanese Relocation Camp presented through interviews with Japanese Americans who were interned there.


PEN America slams Israel for effort to criminalize Dareen Tatours poetry and denying her access to internet Mondoweiss

The Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour has been detained by Israel for two years now, in prisons and then under strict house arrest near Nazareth. She is allowed to go out of her house only for 2 hours a day, from 17:00 till 19:00. She must be accompanied by guardians at all times family members who have posted large sums with the Israeli government to back their promise that they will now allow Tatour to get on the internet!

What is her crime? The 35-year-old citizen of Israel was charged with incitement to violence and support of terrorism, due to three acts in 2015:

Publishing the poem Resist My People, Resist Them on her Youtube channel and Facebook page.

A Facebook post calling for an intifada within the green line to support Muslims access to the Al-Aqsa mosque.

A Facebook post describing a Palestinian woman shot by Israeli police as the next martyr.

Tatours case has been the focus of a global campaign of support, including from PEN International. And the good news is that PEN America has full-throatedly joined that campaign: the poet is PEN Americas October featured case.

PEN gives an excellent description of the crudeness of the Israeli case:

The prosecution of Tatour is of particular concern, as it not only threatens principles of free expression for Palestinian authors, but also represents more broadly an attempt by the Israeli government to litigate the meaning of a piece of literature. The government has based their case primarily on Tatours use of the word shahid, both within her poem and in an October 9, 2015, Facebook post of a photograph of Israa Abed, an Arab-Israeli woman shot by security officers.

It describes the growing intolerance toward free expression inside Israeli government:

As the October 17 verdict nears, the Israeli government has taken an increasingly hostile stance toward solidarity efforts in support of Tatour. On August 30, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa hosted an event that included readings of court transcripts from Tatours hearings as well her previously published poetry. In response to the event, the Israeli Finance Ministry has called for a hearing on reducing the funding of the theater for vio...


Russia vetoes UN resolution to renew Syria gas attacks probe Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Draft resolution intended to renew investigation into the Sarin gas attack in Syria in April


Israeli ambassador's advise to Myanmar on how to whitewash war-crimes The Angry Arab News Service/

"In an interview with The Myanmar Times earlier this month, Israeli ambassador Daniel Zonshine said Israel was determined not to let the mass expulsions of the Rohingya interfere with growing bilateral trade." "Zonshine offered Myanmar some advice undoubtedly based on Israels own propaganda tactics on how to whitewash its bloodsoaked image."


New York Times and US wars The Angry Arab News Service/

"Left unmentioned in the editorial: from Afghanistan (both the 2001 invasion and Obamas 2009 surge) to Iraq (the 2003  2003 invasion and Obama re-entering the country in August 2014 to fight ISIS) to Syria (both CIA-backed regime change and bombing ISIS) to Korea to our drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, the New York Times has endorsed and often cheered every of these forever wars. " (thanks Amir)


A new Syrian political term: ta`fish The Angry Arab News Service/

Ta`fish (or literally "furnituring") refers to when Syrian regime troops engage in looting of furniture from captured cities and towns.  


UK: 100,000 Muslims sign up for polygamous dating site Jihad Watch

Is polygamy still illegal in the UK? If it is, then this site should be shut down. Britain, like all Western countries, is going to have to decide whether or not it is going to enforce its own laws and defend its own culture, or continue to defer to and appease Sharia supremacists until Britain []


Video: Robert Spencer responds to Toronto Star piece claiming imam didnt call for killing of Jews Jihad Watch

An imam in Toronto recently called for the killing of Jews; the Toronto Star followed up with an extraordinary lengthy piece claiming he didnt really say it, or didnt mean it, or both, and that anyone who thinks otherwise is a right-wing Islamophobe. My full response is here.


Pakistan PM tells Tillerson it has produced results in fighting terrorism Peace and Freedom


Image may contain: 1 person, beard and closeup

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi speaks during a meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan August 9, 2017. REUTERS/Caren Firouz Reuters

By Jonathan Landay

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Tuesday reconfirmed Pakistans commitment to the war on terror during a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, saying his country had produced results fighting the regions Islamist militants.

Relations between uneasy allies United States and Pakistan have frayed in recent years, with Washington accusing Islamabad of turning a blind eye or helping Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network militants who stage attacks in Afghanistan. Pakistan denies doing so.

President Donald Trump has vowed to get tough with Pakistan unless it changed its behavior, with U.S. officials threatening further reductions in aid and mooting targeted sanctions against Pakistani officials.

Tillerson, on a tour of Asia and the Middle East, arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday afternoon and met with Abbasi, as well as Pakistans powerful army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

We are committed in the war against terror,, Abbasi told Tillerson, as the two men sat facing each other on a long table.

We have produced results. And we are looking forward to moving ahead with the U.S. and building a tremendous relationship, added Abbasi, who sat next to Bajwa.

During a short part of the meeting available to media, Tillerson told the Pakistani delegation that the nuclear-armed nation was an important U.S. ally in the region.

(Pakistan is) important regionally to our joint goals of providin...


Under US-backed militants rule, Raqqah cant be called liberated: Syria Aletho News

Press TV October 24, 2017 A Syrian minister says no land is considered liberated in the country unless national army forces regain control of it and raise the Syrian flag atop its buildings. We do not consider any city liberated until the Syrian Arab army enters it and lifts the Syrian flag over it. []


Post-Brexit London will remain European finance hub: Bloomberg Peace and Freedom


AFP | London Mayor Sadiq Khan, US billionaire Michael Bloomberg and architect Norman Foster pose together at the launch of Bloombergs new European headquarters in the City of London.

LONDON (AFP)  London will continue to be the financial centre of Europe even after Brexit, US billionaire Michael Bloomberg told AFP on Tuesday, as he unveiled his companys new European headquarters in the City.

Paris will do well because some people will move to Paris and develop there same thing with Frankfurt and Amsterdam and other cities, said New Yorks former mayor.

London will not do as well as they would have if they had stayed in the EU, he conceded, but insisted Brexit would not destroy the city.

The capital will reap the benefits of its scale and English language, as well as its transport and communications systems, Bloomberg highlighted.

His reassurances comes at a time when Britains finance sector is anxious about losing the rights which allow large international banks to trade throughout the EU whilst being based in Britain.

The financial information companys new European headquarters, designed by British architect Norman Foster, will welcome some 4,000 existing London employees into a single site at the heart of the City.

Built on top of of an ancient Roman temple renovated by the company during a decade of works, its two buildings stretch over seven levels.

Works of art, a giant spiral staircase and aquariums will all make the workplace more exciting and more stimulating, according to the companys founder.

The site has the highest rating in terms of sustainability, conservation of energy, recycling, Foster told AFP.

The ceiling, the facades, the floors and the things you dont see, all contribute to making this the greenest building of its kind, he said.


Hungary PM about Soros and Muslim migrant invasion: Never underestimate the power of the dark side Jihad Watch

Major tensions are heating up between George Soros and Hungarian leader Viktor Orban. Orban warned: We should never underestimate the power of the dark side. referencing Star Wars as he referred to the plots of those behind the migrant invasion, adding that they have no solid structure but extensive networks. Viktor Orban also stated: The []


Brazil: Rio police kill Spanish tourist Fausta's Blog

A Spanish woman visiting Rio was shot and killed by Rio police. Maria Esperanza Jimenez Ruiz, 67, was visiting a crafts fair at the Rocinha favela with her brother and his wife. According to reports, Police said officers opened fire on a vehicle in Rocinha, one of the citys largest so-called favelas, or slums, hitting []


Bombing of the US Marines barracks in Beirut The Angry Arab News Service/

1) I read that Trump mentioned Hizbullah in this matter.  I asked once Hasan Nasrallah about that and he says that his party does not claim responsibility for the bombing and that the party had not formed by the time of the bombing and that it formed later.
2) Why does US media always refer to this bombing as a terrorist bombing when the target was a military target?  I remember once at a conference at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University,  I asked University of Chicago professor, Robert Pape about why he just referred to this bombing as a terrorist bombing when the target is a military one.  I will never forget his answer. He said: because everyone considers it a terrorist bombing.  I said: should we as academic not try harder?
3) Media never mentions what the US marines were doing in Lebanon and that their mission was the support of the right-wing death squads of the Phalanges who were installed in power by the Israelis.


The Watchers forum: Favorite filmmakers Fausta's Blog

Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the WoW! Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This weeks question: Who Are Your Favorite Film Makers? Why? Fausta Rodriquez Wertz: Joel & Ethan Coen. My first Cohen Bros. movie was Fargo, []


Former Vogue model spent years in Muslim billionaires harem as his pleasure wife Jihad Watch

Shiites justify temporary marriage or pleasure marriage, mutah, by their reading of Quran 4:24, which begins by detailing the women with whom a Muslim man cannot have sexual relations married women except for sex slaves. Then it continues to detail women with whom one may have sex as long as they are given their []


Hashd Commander: US Must Prepare to Leave Iraq after ISIL Defeat Aletho News

Al-Manar | October 24, 2017 Leader of paramilitary force in Iraq, Assaeb Ahl Al-Haqq hit back at US Secretary of State remarks on Hashd Shaabi volunteer forces, saying Washington must prepare to withdraw its forces from the country following the defeat of ISIL Takfiri group. Tweeting on his account on social media, Sheikh Qaiss Al-Khazali []


Protests in #Leipzig: This Deportation is Ignorant, its Murderous! Enough is Enough!

Deportation to Afghanistan from Leipzig at October 24th. Approximately 120 people demonstrated at Leipzig / Halle airport (Germany) this morning against deportations to Afghanistan. It is murderous when people are consciously deported to a war zone. The demonstration was preceded by a protest camp on Augustusplatz, Leipzig, lasting for four days. A monitoring of all deportations at Leipzig / Halle aiport is urgently needed. According to dpa, the flight will depart in the evening hours.


Image: Demonstration against deportations at Leipzig/Halle airport today. Image by Twiter account @PrismaLE

Submitted to Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Protests in Leipzig: This Deportation is Ignoran...


Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel Mondoweiss

This past week Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn snubbed a dinner invitation from the Jewish Leadership Council while Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, sent an angry email to the UK Ambassador to the United Nations.

Arthur Balfour and his infamous Declaration are to blame for both incidents.

It doesnt sound like much to get worked up about. But you should do. As the Balfour centenary year approaches its climax on 2 November, were witnessing in Britain the fracturing of decades of mainstream political consensus over Israel and the gradual isolation of the Jewish communal leadership as it becomes ever more intolerant of Palestinian solidarity.

Labour Party conference

Three weeks ago at the annual Labour Party conference, Corbyns biggest applause line was not about Brexit or austerity but for this:

Lets give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people, the 50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion and move to a genuine two-state solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

It wasnt only because the 4,000 party members in the hall endorsed the sentiment that they applauded for so long. It was because they were fed up with the intimidation from the Israel lobby in the UK that attempts to turn every expression of Palestinian solidarity into an investigation about antisemitism. See Jamie Stern-Weiner for a forensic take-down of the most recent attempt to make Labour toxic on this issue.

Hardly surprising

Corbyn has been a Patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign for many years. So it was hardly surprising that he refused the JLC invitation to celebrate Balfour when Palestinians view the document as an historic betrayal of their rights. It would have been astonishing if the Labour leader had said yes. And the JLC would have known that.

That didnt stop the JLC Chair, Jonathan Goldstein, from using the dinner refusal to accuse Corbyn of more anti-Jewish sentiment. But that was likely the plan all along.

I do think...


BBC Radio Wales on the Balfour Declaration part one BBC Watch

BBC Radio Wales has a Sunday morning programme called All Things Considered which is described as a religious affairs programme tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner. The October 8th edition of that programme, however, was devoted to a political topic. Titled The Balfour Declaration at 100, the programmes synopsis includes the following:

One hundred years on, how should we in Wales view the Balfour Declaration.

That strange question (do the Welsh people specifically need to hold a view of that century old historic event?) was repeated in the introduction by presenter Sarah Rowland-Jones.

Rowland-Jones: A century ago, in November 1917, the British Government, under Welsh prime minister Lloyd George, gave it...


Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Council Muellers Conflict of Interest! Newsbud

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds exposes Special Counsel Robert Muellers conflict of interest in pursuing General Michael Flynns case due to his direct involvement as former FBI Director and his role in covering up and protecting Gulen Networks criminal operations within the United States, and demands that he steps down.

*Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter

**Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel

***Newsbud on Vimeo

Show notes

Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Council Mueller's Conflict of Interest!


'My Week as a Muslim': The real story is never told Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

There are a number of problems with some of the thinking behind the programme but there are also some positives


Subscribe to Haaretz, the Israeli paper that is more courageous and more accurate than the New York Times Mondoweiss

Edward Said, the late Palestinian/American scholar and activist, once described a first-hand experience that showed the gulf between Haaretz, the brave Israeli newspaper, and the mainstream American press. Said related how a Haaretz writer conducted an interview with him, during which I expressed myself candidly, and the paper then published his views at length, just as I voiced them, without the slightest editorializing. He noted that the same interview could never have appeared in any American newspaper, let alone any Jewish-American journal.

Anyone who approaches Israel/Palestine and starts reading Haaretz (The Land) will be struck immediately by the truth of Saids experience. His insight is further substantiated when you learn that the Haaretz interviewer who treated him fairly was Ari Shavit, the celebrated liberal Zionist who is hardly a left-winger. (Saids view is included in The New Intifada: Resisting Israels Apartheid [2001], a still valuable collection edited by Roane Carey.) Haaretzs English edition, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, is an indispensable look at truths about Israel/Palestine that the New York Times and Washington Post often cover up.

Haaretz has regular coverage by Amira Hass, the courageous daughter of Holocaust survivors who has spent several decades reporting from Gaza and the occupied West Bank of Palestine; she wrote Drinking the Sea at Gaza after spending years in the beleaguered territory, probably the only Jewish Israeli who actually lived there. The paper also carries biting articles and opinions by Gideon Levy, who was once in the mainstream of Israeli politics but then woke up after he started reporting on the occupation:

I would see settlers cutting down olive trees and soldiers mistreating Palestinian women at the checkpoints, and I would think, These are exceptions, not part of government policy. It took me a long time to see that these were not exceptions they were the substance of government policy. I had failed to make that connection.

Larry Derfner, who broke with liberal Zionist orthodoxy in his 50s, is also a Haaretz contributor. Derfner has been active lately in reporting and condemning the infatuation for Donald Trump expressed by Benjamin Netanyahu, and many other Israelis.

Not all who write for Haaretz are as outspoken as these three. But the rest of the newspaper is still characterized by exactly what Edward Said had appreciated a willingness to squarely face Israel/Palestine as it is today,...


Targeting Michael Flynn & Shielding the Radical Cleric Gulen: Special Counsel Robert Mueller MUST Step Down Newsbud

General Michael Flynn, Former National Security Advisor to President Trump, is being investigated by Special Counsel for accepting legitimate payments from Turkish companies for researching and exposing Wanted Terrorist and Radical Islamist Fethullah Gulen and his $25+ Billion criminal network in the United States.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is Special Counsel in charge of the case. He is the same Robert Mueller who used his position as Director of the FBI to shield and cover up Gulens criminal-terrorist network and operations, and take drastic measures to quash a whistleblowers Gulen-related reports. These previous connections and actions by Mr. Mueller create a direct conflict of interest with his current position as Special Counsel in Flynns case, and require that he must immediately step down from the case.


In May 2017 the Justice Department appointed Robert S. Mueller III, a former F.B.I. director, as special counsel to oversee the investigation into ties between President Trumps campaign and Russian officials.

Not long after being appointed Mr. Mueller began targeting former national security adviser Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, expanded the investigation beyond the Russia-Gate probe, and began a furious pursuit of Mr. Flynns Turkish connections and his vocal stand on the wanted radical Islamic Cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Mr. Muellers inquiries went from Russia-connections to Flynns outing of Gulens twenty five-billion-dollar sleeper terror cell in the United States. Not finding any substantial evidence against Flynn within the Russia-Gate scope, the Special Counsel team switched gears and started a Turkey-Gate. During the past several months Mr. Muellers prosecutors have used multiple grand juries to issue subpoenas for documents related to Mr. Flynn. All this despite President Trumps demand that:

Mr. Mueller should confine his investigation to the narrow issue of Russias attempts to disrupt last years presidential campaign, not conduct an expansive inquiry into the finances of Mr. Trump or his associates.

Mr. Muellers prosecution team and F.B.I. agents have spent hours going over the details of Mr. Flynns perfectly legitimate business dealings with a Turkish-American businessman who worked with Mr. F...


Austria: Books preaching Islamic jihad found in prison library, placed by anti-Semitic Muslim group Jihad Watch

But the Muslim group in question says its all hysteria: The IGG has been criticised in the past for participating in an anti-Israel demonstration in 2014 which contained overtly anti-Semitic signs and posters.IGGi President Ibrahim Olgun hit back at Brandstetter saying: Hysteria and panic-making are counterproductive, and added: We acknowledge that a mistake has been made, and []


Famine Can Constitute a War Crime and Should Be Prosecuted Independent UN Rights Expert HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

Famine can constitute a war crime or crime against humanity, an independent United Nations human rights expert on 23 October said, noting that more civilians die from hunger and disease related to conflicts than in direct combat.

Two children carry water in Leer, Unity State in South Sudan, parts of which have been declared as famine-affected. Photo: OCHA

If the famine comes from deliberate action of the State or other players using food as a weapon of war, it is an international crime, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Hilal Elver, told journalists in New York.

The expert spoke to the media after presenting her report to the General Assembly committee dealing with social, humanitarian and cultural issues, also known as the Third Committee, where she said an estimated 70 million people in 45 countries need emergency food aid.

Those countries include Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen, where around 20 million people are hungry or face starvation as a result of man-made conflict.

States and other parties involved in conflicts, Ms. Elver said in a press release, need to recognize their own duty to act, and above all, avoid using hunger as a weapon of war.

The right to food is an unconditional human right and legal entitlement for all people, not a discretionary option, she added.

It is crucial that the international community understands that it is an international crime to intentionally block access to food, food aid, and to destroy production of food.

She noted that the most serious cases of man-made famine could be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC), but s...


As New Era Dawns, Xis Party Stays Out of the Sun Peace and Freedom

Chinas growing influence confronts the world with a secrecy seen as a fact of life at home

No automatic alt text available.

Oct. 24, 2017 6:18 a.m. ET

The most important moment in the life of Chinas Communist Party, the coming-out parade of its top leaders, is the culmination of a process steeped in mystery.

What has gone before the red-carpet walk of the new Politburo Standing Committee, led by Xi Jinping, is anyones guess. None of the men at the apex of power are elected by popular vote. Just about everything known about them is filtered through state propaganda.

Ahead of the event, the few clues have been in rolling purgesthe most recent prominent victim, widely seen as one of Mr. Xis main challengers, stands accused of being part of a coup plot. An anticorruption campaign has cut a swath through the broader Central Committee of top leaders.

Chinese citizens have learned to accept an unaccountable, enigmatic party leadership as a fact of life, the price to be paid for rising living standards.

The rest of the world will have a much harder time coming to terms with this arrangement.

Xi Jinping is arguably the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong. Whats behind his rise and how long will he remain in power? Photo: Reuters

When China was poor and backward, its unexplained leadership convulsions caused barely a ripple outside its borders. It was fodder for China watchers. Among the most eminent of these, the Belgian scholar Pierre Ryckmans, once wrote that trying to decipher Chinese politics was like looking at nonexistent inscriptions written in invisible ink on blank pages.

China has become richer but the party hasnt become any more transparent. Increasingly, economic, diplomatic and military power in the 21stcentury will emanate from an organization that was born in secrecy and still obsessively guards its inner workings.

The just-concluded 19th Party Congress has confirmed the partys reading of a historical progression: Under Mao, China stood up; under Deng, it prospered, under Mr. Xi, it has grown powerful. China now seeks to shape the global system.

The party will be at the vanguard. And power, a...


Robert Spencer video: Oklahoma beheading case shows incoherence of our response to jihad threat Jihad Watch

In this new video, I discuss the case of Alton Nolen, the Oklahoma Muslim who beheaded a coworker and justified his actions by invoking the Quran. The case shows the incoherence of the official response to the jihad threat.


Should the US Negotiate With the Taliban? Clarion Project

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for negotiations with the Taliban during an unannounced visit to the country, Associated Press reported. Tillerson reportedly met with top Afghan officials at Bagram Air Base.

Clearly we have to continue to fight against the Taliban, against others, in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory, Tillerson said. And there are we believe moderate voices among the Taliban, voices that do not want to continue to fight forever. They dont want their children to fight forever. So we are looking to engage with those voices and have them engage in a reconciliation process leading to a peace process and their full involvement and participation in the government.

Theres a place for them in the government if they are ready to come, renouncing terrorism, renouncing violence and being committed to a stable prosperous Afghanistan.

Tillerson started his tour of the region in Saudi Arabia, then travelled to Qatar. On Sunday, he visited the Saudi Arabia-Iraq Coordination Council in Riyadh, urging the two countries to work more closely together.  

His tour is part of the Trump administrations new South Asia policy.

Pakistan needs to, I think, take a clear-eyed view of the situation that they are confronted with in terms of the number of terrorist organizations that find safe haven inside o...


Dont Just Blame Teachers When System Is at Fault UNESCO HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

24 October 2017 Blaming just the teacher or the school for systemic educational problems can have serious negative side effects, warns a new report from the United Nations educational agency.

Students sit in front of new textbooks in one of 12 tented classrooms at Al Takiya Al Kasnazaniya camp for internally displaced persons in Karkh District, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq. Photo: UNICEF/Wathiq Khuzaie

Education is a shared responsibility between us all governments, schools, teachers, parents and private actors, said Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in a press release.

Accountability for these responsibilities defines the way teachers teach, students learn, and governments act. It must be designed with care and with the principles of equity, inclusion and quality in mind, she added.

The report, titled Accountability in education: meeting our commitments, looks at the different ways people and institutions can be held accountable for reaching the internationally agreed Sustainable Development Goal for Education (SDG4).

The report, the second in the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) series, shows that blaming teachers for poor test scores and absenteeism is often both unjust and unconstructive.

Using student test scores to sanction teachers and schools makes it more likely they will adjust their behaviour to protect themselves, which may mean leaving the weakest learners behind, explained Manos Antoninis, Director of the GEM Report.

Accountability must start with governments. If a government is too quick to apportion blame to others, it is deflecting attention away from its own responsibility for creating a strong, supportive ed...


U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson in Pakistan: Islamabad needs to take a clear-eyed view of safe havens for terrorists Peace and Freedom


U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives to Pakistans Nur Khan military airbase in Islamabad, Pakistan, on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: AP

Islamabad needed to take a clear-eyed view of the situation that they are confronted with in terms of the number of terrorist organisations that find safe haven inside the country, he said.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday arrived in Pakistan on a whirlwind visit to normalise bilateral ties strained after President Donald Trump accused the country of providing safe havens to terrorist groups.

Mr. Tillersons crucial visit to Islamabad comes days after he made a major policy speech on Americas growing strategic relations with India and Mr. Trumps move to offer a bigger say to India in war-torn Afghanistan.

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday, the top US diplomat indicated that he will firmly tell Pakistan to stop providing safe havens to terror groups on its soil to improve bilateral ties.

We have made some very specific requests of Pakistan in order for them to take action to undermine the support that the Taliban receives and the other terrorist organisations receive in Pakistan, he told reporters travelling with him at the Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan.

No automatic alt text available.

Islamabad needed to take a clear-eyed view of the situation that they are confronted with in terms of the number of terrorist organisations that find safe haven inside the country, he said.

Mr. Tillerson is visiting Pakistan on the invitation of Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif.

During his four-hour stay here, he will also meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Asif, and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Mr. Tillersons visit to Islamabad marks the first by a senior member of the Trump administration.

Radio Pakistan reported that Pak-US relations, stability in Afghanistan and regional security issues will be discussed during the meetings.

Foreign Office sources said the discussions would focus on improving security and economic relations but cooperation against militants would be prominent during talks.

Mr. Tillersons visit is significant as it...


Road Accidents in Africa among Deadliest Worldwide with 650 People Killed Each Day HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

Some 650 people are killed each day in road accidents throughout Africa, a senior United Nations official on 23 October said, calling for more to be done to keep drivers as well as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists safe.

Street vendors work between vehicles stuck in traffic in Tema, Ghana. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/World Bank | Source: UN News Centre

There is projected increase in urbanization, motorization, infrastructure development projects and vehicle ownership in the region over the coming decades. Road traffic fatalities and injuries will continue to take a rising toll on countries if no significant changes are made, warned the Special Envoy for Road Safety, Jean Todt, addressing the 2017 Africa Road Safety Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

To change this trend, Todt urged participating governments to implement the Global Plan for the Decade of Action and the African Road Safety Action Plan, which focuses on safer roads, vehicles and road users. It also details improved post-crash care and stronger road safety governance, including the enforcement of strong legislation.

He also called for implementing basic laws not obeyed in some countries, such as using seat belts and helmets, child safety seats, and prohibiting drunk drivers.

As much as strong legislation is important, a national vision and leadership are essential to lasting improvements in road safety, he said, also citing opportunities to place road safety higher on global and national agendas.

The third area which could lead to reduced road traffic fatalities is to place more resources in collecting data, which can then lead to the development of strategies, monitor needs and assess impact.

At the very...


Saudi crown prince says country moving to 'moderate' Islam Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Mohammed bin Salman says Saudi Arabia will 'end extremism' and promises to restore 'moderate, open' Islam


The China-Russia Contest for Central Asia: Tajikistan Geopolitical Monitor



Russia and China are vying for economic and political influence in Central Asia, and Tajikistan has become a testing ground for their indirect economic and military competition. Yet much like other Central Asia states, Tajikistan has opted for a triangular relationship not aligning itself too close with one or the other major powers in the region. Despite intensive cooperation with both Russia and China in several important areas, Tajikistan will stop short of entering into Chinas exclusive orbit, and it will keep Moscow at a safe distance by abstaining from joining Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

The post The China-Russia Contest for Central Asia: Tajikistan appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


UK: Hamas applauds Labour Party leaders snub of Balfour Centenary Dinner Jihad Watch

The Hamas terror group has welcomed the decision by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to shun a dinner commemorating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in London next month. Now why would Corbyn not attend such an important historic event, when he could have easily sent someone else on his behalf if he was unable to go []


What Makes Americans Proud Dissident Voice

Capturing the wisdom and the beauty of Donald J. Trump in just one statement escaping from his charming mouth:

Our military has never been stronger. Each day, new equipment is delivered; new and beautiful equipment, the best in the world the best anywhere in the world, by far.1

Here the man thinks that everyone will be impressed that the American military has never been stronger.

And that those who, for some unimaginable reason, are not impressed with that will at least be impressed that military equipment is being added EACH DAY. Ah yes, its long been a sore point with most Americans that new military equipment was being added only once a week.

And if that isnt impressive enough, then surely the fact that the equipment is NEW will win people over. Indeed, the newness is important enough to mention twice. After all, no one likes USED military equipment.

And if newness doesnt win everyones heart, then BEAUTIFUL will definitely do it. Who likes UGLY military equipment? Even the people we slaughter all over the world insist upon good-looking guns and bombs.

And the best in the world. Of course. Thats what makes us all proud to be Americans. And what makes the rest of humanity just aching with jealousy.

And in case you dont fully appreciate that, notice that he adds that its the best ANYWHERE in the world.

And in case you still dont fully appreciate that, notice that he specifies that our equipment is the best in the world BY FAR! That means that no other country is even close! Just imagine! Makes me choke up.

Lucky for the man his seeming incapacity for moral or intellectual embarrassment.

Hes twice blessed. His fans like the idea that their president is no smarter than they are. This may well serve to get the man re-elected, as it did with George W. Bush.

The strange world of Russian trolls

Websters dictionary: troll verb: To fish by running a baited line behind a moving boat; noun: A supernatural creature of Scandinavian folklore.

Russian Internet trolls are trying to stir up even more controversy over National Football League players crouching on one knee (taking a knee) during the national anthem, said Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), warning that the United States should expect such divisive efforts to escalate in the next election.

We watched even this weekend, Lankford said, the Russians and their troll farms, and their Internet folks, start hash-tagging out take a knee and also hash-tagging out Boycott NFL. The Russians goal, he said, was to try to raise the noise level in America to try to make a big issue, an even bigger issue as t...


The European Values think-tank and their list of Useful Idiots OffGuardian

Just when you think that the Russo-phobic hysteria of the Western world couldn't possibly make itself any more ridiculous...something like this comes along. This is the list of "useful idiots". The list is very long, over 2300 names, because it contains the name of every person to ever appear on either Sputnik or RT. Hosts or guests, hostile or friendly, it doesn't matter. If you're on the list, you are a useful idiot.


Saudi Arabia plans $500bn business zone next to Red Sea Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


NEOM dubbed to be biggest private industrial zone that will extend across Egyptian and Jordanian borders


Corker calls Trump an utterly untruthful president in response to tweet storm Trump says Corker couldnt get elected dog catcher Trump May Destroy Himself With Self Inflicted Wounds Peace and Freedom

, USA TODAY NETWORK TennesseePublished 7:41 a.m. CT Oct. 24, 2017 | Updated 7:56 a.m. CT Oct. 24, 2017

Sen. Bob Corker and President Trumps relationship is on thin ice video by Michael Schwab/Tennessean

President Donald Trump said Senator Bob Corker is fighting tax cuts and is only negative on his administration in a series of tweets early Tuesday morning.

The comments come following Corkers appearance on  NBCs The Today Show to discuss his criticism of the president, the GOP tax reform plan and the administrations efforts in Niger and North Korea.



Ian Buruma en 'het betrekkelijk goedaardige imperialisme uit Washington' 24 stan van houcke

Wat onmiddellijk opvalt aan mainstream-opiniemaker Ian Buruma is het onverholen ddain waarmee hij degene bejegent met wie hij in een twistgesprek lijkt. Deze botheid komt voort uit een betweterigheid, die weer gebaseerd is op een merkwaardige combinatie van zelfgenoegzaamheid n onzekerheid. Pankaj Mishra kreeg al snel van hem te horen dat zijn betoog a bit of a red herring was, dus een foefje om iemand te misleiden door te proberen het eigenlijk onderwerp te omzeilen, een techniek waaraan juist Buruma zich herhaaldelijk schuldig maakte. Na ongeveer een half uur oordeelde hij over Mishras uiteenzetting: I am not sure all this is historically accurate. Buruma suggereert dat Voltaire geen anti-semiet was omdat hij didnt exclude jews on racial grounds, een opmerkelijke visie niet alleen omdat joden geen ras zijn, maar tevens omdat Buruma telkens weer overal hedendaags anti-semitisme meent te bespeuren. Daarom de feiten, in zijn Essai sur les murs et l'esprit des nations (1756)...


EU Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier Says Britain Must Choose From Ready Made Brexit Option Menu Tailored Deal To Be Hashed Out After Divorce Peace and Freedom

BERLIN (Reuters) Britain must choose from a range of existing off-the-peg models for its relationship to the European Union when it leaves the bloc, Brussels chief negotiator Michel Barnier has told a group of newspapers.

He said a bespoke deal could only be negotiated after an orderly departure.

Barnier, who is leading the EUs negotiations with Britain after last years Brexit vote, told Handelsblatt that while it was in both sides interest to maintain a close relationship, the range of possible relationships was limited.

The only way to do it without difficulties is by staying within the internal market. That would be the Norway model, but the British government rejects it, he said. Another option would be a free trade agreement like the CETA-deal with Canada.

Michel Barnier
Image:Michel Barnier talks with EU leaders at last weeks Brussels summit

Even a Canada-style deal would take several years to negotiate. Asked if there would be a specific British model after the country left on March 30, 2019, Barnier said: No.

European leaders decided this weekend that Britain had not made enough progress on exit negotiations to begin work on devising a future relationship, leading to concern in Europe and the world that Britain could crash out of the bloc in disorderly fashion, with serious economic and political consequences.

A disorderly exit would bring enormous problems mainly for Britain, but also for us, he said in the interview with Handelsblatt and four further European newspapers. That would affect everything from food supply to healthcare.

He added: Britain would leave the single air traffic space, losing take-off and landing rights. It would no longer be a member of the Euratom treaty and could no longer import nuclear material from the EU for hospitals and power stations.

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Tuesday, 24 October


Talk of Civil Disobedience in Catalonia May Be Causing Spain To Tighten the Screws Peace and Freedom

AFP / by Jordi Zamora Barcelo with Mariette le Roux in Madrid | Catalan separatists have warned they may declare unilateral independence from Spain

BARCELONA (AFP)  Spain pressured Catalan separatist leaders to abandon their independence drive Tuesday as radical pro-secessionists prepared plans for a campaign of mass civil disobedience.

As Madrid prepared to pass measures by the weekend to remove Catalonias leadership, far-left separatists were expected to detail their planned response if the central government moves to take over powers from the regional government.

The worst political crisis in Spain in decades was sparked by a banned October 1 independence referendum deemed illegal by the countrys government and courts.

Based on the outcome, Catalonias conservative regional president Carles Puigdemont initially threatened a unilateral declaration of independence. Madrid insisted it would take over the regions governance, and cash, to prevent that.

Puigdemont could call elections for a new regional parliament to stave off Madrids seizure of power.

But a central government minister warned Tuesday that elections might not be enough to prevent Madrid taking over the region.

Government warning

As the nation waited to see who will blink first in the constitutional standoff, Spains justice minister urged Puigdemont to clarify his stance.

Mr Puigdemonts violation of his obligations cannot be resolved merely by calling elections, Rafael Catala told RNE radio.

This would require elections and something extra which would include ruling out any possibility of unilaterally declaring independence.

The Senate was set to approve a formal mandate Tuesday for a 27-member committee that will examine how best to take over the running of Catalonia.

Civil disobedience

Meanwhile, the far-left, anti-capitalist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), scheduled a press conference in Barcelona to announce its planned reaction if the government goes ahead and executes an article of the constitution designed to rein in the regions.

The CUP will also hold meetings in a dozen cities and towns to plot a way forward.

On Monday, the party accused Madrid of the biggest assault on the Catalan people since Francisco Francos dictatorship. It said a takeover by Madrid would be met with massive civil disobedience.

Franco who...


Saudi Role in Kurdistan Crisis Revealed: Report Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

October 23, 2017 The British writer, David Hearst, revealed a Zionist-Saudi attempt to employ the Kurds in curbing the Iranian influence in the region, tackling a number of indicators which stress the failure of this scheme. Hearst noted that although Israel did consider the PKK a terrorist group, Yair Golan, a former deputy chief of []


Iraq should be magnanimous in victory as Kurds' dream lies shattered Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Trying to shape Kurdish political realities to Baghdads liking, through the usual manipulations and interventions, would be a long-term recipe for disaster


#GoogleGestapo: References on Google Censorship Public Intelligence Blog

Click on Image to Enlarge


Censorship by Google (Wikipedia)

Google Censorship (Reddit)


21st Century Wire, Google Is the Engine of Censorship,, 11 August 2017.

Arnold, Steve, Revealing the Google Relevance Sins, Beyond Search, 2 May 2017.

Arnold, Steve, Google and Hate Speech: None of This I Know It When I See It, Beyond Search, 7 June 2017.

Ali Breland, Tech companies crack down on hate speech after Charlottesville, The Hill, 19 August 2017.



'Still feels like a dream': Halawa arrives home after four years in Egyptian jail Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Ibrahim Halawa vows to campaign to free innocent people imprisoned in Egypt and around the world after being released


Chinas Latest Fintech Offering Looks Overpriced Peace and Freedom

Alibaba-backed Qudian has been on a wild ride; investors should shop elsewhere

Oct. 24, 2017 7:28 a.m. ET

An Alibaba-backed fintech company that services young, Chinese consumers? Looks like a buy.

On second thought, maybe not. Investors sent the stock of Chinese online microcredit company Qudian Inc.which literally translates as Fun Shopup nearly 50% on its first day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange last week. But on Monday, following criticism of Qudians high lending charges in Chinese social media and newspapers, the stock tanked, dropping almost 20%.


Qudian Wins the U.S. Stock Market

  • Jennifer Ruther
  • October 20, 2017
Valued at $11.7 billion, Chinese peer-to-peer lender Qudian is now the largest Chinese company listed in the United States. It is also the fourth biggest IPO in the United States this year.

The company, as reported previously, uses a combination of social and financial data gathered via Alibabas Ant Financial, which is also a minority investor, to provide credit scores for millions of un-banked and under-banked Chinese students and workers. This method has allowed it to provide $5.6 billion worth of credit to 7 million borrowers during the first half of 2017, alone.

This system is common in China, where methods of credit scoring popular in the United States simply wont work due to much of the populations lack of what some have called traditional credit data, i.e., that which is generally pre...


Australia to train Philippines in urban warfare Peace and Freedom


AFP | A military vehicle drives past destroyed buildings Marawi
CLARK (PHILIPPINES) (AFP)  Australia will train Filipino soldiers in urban warfare to combat the spread of Islamic extremism after months of fierce fighting against militants in the southern Philippines, it was announced Tuesday.

Canberra has since September been helping Manila battle local supporters of the Islamic State group in the southern city of Marawi, deploying two AP-3C Orion aircraft for surveillance while helping in information-gathering and analysis.

Defence chiefs in the Philippines on Monday declared victory after a five-month battle that claimed more than 1,100 lives and destroyed large parts of the city.

While the victory ended immediate fears that the Islamic State would establish a Southeast Asian base in Marawi, concerns remain about its longer-term intentions and capabilities for the region.

Australia has experience tackling the group in Iraq and Syria and Defence Minister Marise Payne said it was crucial the Philippines had the expertise to keep extremists at bay now that the key fight had been won.

She said Canberra would immediately send teams composed of 80 troops to provide urban warfare counter-terrorism training at Philippine military bases.

The practical training the Australian Defence Force will provide will ensure the Philippines defence force is better able to counter the brutal tactics being employed by terrorists, she told reporters on the sidelines of a regional security meeting in Clark, a northern Philippine city.

Globally we have seen the effect of extremist ideology and terrorist threats on millions of civilians and it is alarming to see this disruption come to our region.

Payne said the spread of Islamic State-inspired terrorism was a direct threat to Australia and its interests, and Canberra was determined it cannot establish a geographic foothold in the region.

Philippine Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana welcomed Australias invaluable support, saying the military would use the assistance to replicate the training locally.

While we need troops now to be trained on urban warfare, we also need to build our capacity to train our troops. Part of our programme that we are going to do in the near future is to build our urban (warfare training) centres, Lorenzana said.

The two sides will also work together to enhance intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the south.

They will also...


Berto Jongman: Insect Collapse, Pollution Public Intelligence Blog

Berto Jongman

More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas

Loss of insect diversity and abundance is expected to provoke cascading effects on food webs and to jeopardize ecosystem services.

Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens survival of human societies

Landmark study finds toxic air, water, soils and workplaces kill at least 9m people and cost trillions of dollars every year


Prayer and Meditation for Wednesday, October 25, 2017 Unpredictability of Gods coming for the final call You must be prepared for the hour.: Peace and Freedom

Wednesday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 475

Image result for Parable of the Master and Servant, art, pictures

Jesus teaches the parables, by James Tissot

Reading 1 ROM 6:12-18

Brothers and sisters:
Sin must not reign over your mortal bodies
so that you obey their desires.
And do not present the parts of your bodies to sin
as weapons for wickedness,
but present yourselves to God as raised from the dead to life
and the parts of your bodies to God
as weapons for righteousness.
For sin is not to have any power over you,
since you are not under the law but under grace.What then? Shall we sin because we are not under the law
but under grace?
Of course not!
Do you not know that if you present yourselves
to someone as obedient slaves,
you are slaves of the one you obey,
either of sin, which leads to death,
or of obedience, which leads to righteousness?
But thanks be to God that, although you were once slaves of sin,
you have become obedient from the heart
to the pattern of teaching to which you were entrusted.
Freed from sin, you have become slaves of righteousness.

Responsorial Psalm PS 124:1B-3, 4-6, 7-8

R. (8a) Our help is in the name of the Lord.
Had not the LORD been with us,
let Israel say, had not the LORD been with us
When men rose up against us,
then would they have swallowed us alive;
When their fury was inflamed against us.
R. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
Then would the waters have overwhelmed us;
The torrent would have swept over us;
over us then would have swept the raging waters.
Blessed be the LORD, who did not leave us
a prey to their teeth.
R. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
We were rescued like a bird
from the fowlers snare;
Broken was the snare,
and we were freed.
Our help is in the name of the LORD,
who made heaven and earth.
R. Our help is in the name of the Lord.

Alleluia MT 24:42A, 44

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Stay awake!
For you do not know when the Son of Man...


Tomgram: John Feffer, The Real Disuniting of America TomDispatch - Blog

When the historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., published his bestseller The Disuniting of America in 1991, he didnt seriously entertain the worst-case scenario suggested by the title...


Is Quebecs New Niqab Ban Racist? Clarion Project

In a North American first, Quebec passed Bill 62, which requires a person to show his or her face when receiving public services such as taking a bus or borrowing a book from a public library.

It has been criticized for targeting Muslim women who wear face veils (niqabs).

Raheel Raza weighs in. Watch the following video:


Boston Bombing Lesson: Ban Niqabs and Burqas

A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism

Why Are Soccer Hooligans Wearing Niqabs?

Canada: The Niqab Enters the Nursery

The post Is Quebecs New Niqab Ban Racist? appeared first on Clarion Project.


Hashed al-Shaabi coalition of Iraqi paramilitary forces report fierce clashes near Mosul Tuesday with Jihadists from the Islamic State group Peace and Freedom


AFP | Fighters of the Hashed al-Shaabi coalition of Iraqi paramilitary forces have been instrumental in fighting around Mosul
BAGHDAD (AFP)  Jihadists from the Islamic State group and fighters from Iraqs Hashed al-Shaabi paramilitary coalition were locked in fierce clashes near Mosul Tuesday, with nearly 30 reported dead, the coalition said.

Mosul, Iraqs second city, was retaken from IS in July after a massive months-long offensive.

Waad Allah forces are repelling an IS attack southwest of Mosul in the Hatra desert some 100 kilometres (60 miles) southwest of Mosul, said a spokesman for the Hashed unit.

The Hashed is an umbrella group of paramilitary auxiliaries formed in 2014 to support Iraqi regular forces after IS swept across swathes of northern Iraq.

In a series of online posts, Waad Allah said IS sent numerous suicide bombers to attack its forces, and gave a death toll of 24 jihadists and four of its own men.

Iraqi forces have retaken more than 90 percent of the territory IS seized in the country in 2014, with the jihadists now confined to the desert areas in Anbar province bordering Syria.

But despite a series of stinging defeats, IS in Iraq retains the ability to launch attacks in areas declared liberated months previously.

After losing Mosul in July, IS has also just lost Raqa, its capital in Syria.

The Hashed took over the Hatra area in April this year after IS forces were ousted.

The ancient walled city of Hatra in northern Nineveh province is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Spains direct rule is due to strip Catalonia of all local control The regional government is expected to be sacked, the police force removed and local media taken over Peace and Freedom


FRANCE 24 Screengrab

Video by Aurore Cloe DUPUIS Karina CHABOUR

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-10-24

A senate vote in Madrid on Friday to implement direct rule is due to strip Catalonia of powers in response to the regions independence bid. The regional government is expected to be sacked, the police force removed and local media taken over.

With that prospect looming, FRANCE 24 met with the journalists taking action to keep the voice of Catalan independence on the air.

We are backed by the Catalan audiovisual council, which recognizes that Radio Catalunya is the media that respects plurality the most, Montse Poblet, a reporter for the station, told FRANCE 24. Giving the Spanish government control of our stations wont improve the situation in Catalonia, she said.

FRANCE 24s Karina Chabour and Aurore Dupuis report.

To watch the story, click on the player above.


Washington Forbids Serbia from De-Mining Syria Strategic Culture Foundation

This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark "regime change Syria" chapter. Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances by the Serbian government and military that Serbian de-mining experts will not be deploying to Syria to assist in removing the ubiquitous horrific mines and other explosive devices left behind by a retreating ISIS. 


Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside On October 24, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

This map provides a general look at the military situation in the countryside of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor on October 24. Government forces are consolidating their gains near the city of al-Mayadin while an intense fighting is ongoing between them and ISIS members inside the city of Deir Ezzor.

Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside On October 24, 2017 (Syria Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

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US May Strike North Korea in November Strategic Culture Foundation

If the mission is to prevent the North Korean capability to strike continental USA and an operation is unavoidable, then Donald Trump will have nothing to lose. If it is a question of not if but when, then there is no reason for delay.


UVAs Miller Center Plans Three Days of Russophobia World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson, October 24, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

Even as some Democrats are at long last growing frustrated with the lack of actual evidence for the past several months of stories about Russia stealing a U.S. election, Russiagate has penetrated so deeply that Trumps ambassador to the United Nations has declared Russias alleged crimes to be acts of war. That Russias fictional actions being warfare would make Donald Trump guilty of treason is really a minor glitch not to be fretted over if we step back and view the situation calmly and wisely from the point of view of the weapons dealers.

The University of Virginias Miller Center has hardly met a war criminal it didnt love. Its now planning three days of nonstop Russophobia:

Since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the United States and Russia have been geopolitical and ideological rivals.

Thats one way of noting that the U.S. and its allies immediately sent their militaries into Russia to fight against the revolution an action which had absolutely nothing to do with defending the United States or upholding the rule of law or preventing genocide or expanding womens rights or spreading democracy or respecting national sovereignty, or any of the other pieces of nonsense put forward as excuses for wars these days. In fact, this warmaking was a blatant violation of the sixth of Wilsons 14 Points, and of each of the first five general Points as well.

In aftermath of the First World War, the Bolshevik challenge to American ideals of democratic capitalism set the tone for the rest of the century.

So, the U.S. sending troops into Russia didnt set any tones, but the Bolsheviks disagreements with the democratic capitalism that is working out so well for us did that.

Despite a period of partnership during the great war against Hitler, the USA and the USSR viewed one another with deep suspicion and eventually came to see the other as an existential threat. Even with the collapse of the Cold War order, America and Russia could not develop a stable, mutually beneficial relationship, and since the advent of Vladimir Putin to power in 2000, the relationship has reached a level of mutual enmity not seen since the depths of the Cold War.

Putin, huh? His offer of friendship and support and gift of a memorial following September 11, 2001, his willingness to help with a U.S.-led attack on Afghanistan just doesnt exist? We have to jump straight to the decline in relations that began w...


Meeting George Bush for Lunch Clarion Project

Former President George W.Bush at Ground Zero three days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in NYCFormer president George W.Bush at Ground Zero three days after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in NYC (Photo: FEMA Photo Library/ Thomas R. Roberts)


Islamic history is something we do not debate or discuss. We accept it as handed down to us. So we have villains who have been made into heroes and heroes who remain unidentified.

Case in point: Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was a ruthless and merciless ruler who had no qualms about assassinating his brothers or imprisoning his father. He is celebrated as a hero.

On the other hand, Mughal emperor Shah Jahans son Dara Shikoh had a pluralistic vision but was put to death by Aurangzeb and his good works are hidden in history.

When todays world becomes history, I wonder how George W. Bush will be remembered. Muslims have pre-conceived notions about him due to the war in Iraq and the incursion into Afghanistan.

I, too, have been guilty of such thoughts.

However, I had the pleasure of meeting ex-president George Bush (yes Dubya or GW as he is fondly called) at a luncheon where he was given an award by a local foundation.

I realised that when a politician stops being a politician, he or she becomes human. This is what I saw in George Bush an entirely different person who is warm, compassionate and full of humor.

President Bush was interviewed by Canadian Senator Linda Frum for one hour in which she asked him very pertinent questions. I was so impressed that I had to make notes. Although much of what he said was quote worthy, I note here a few points that particularly touched me.

He said, I will not use the platform of my previous position to criticize my predecessors. When asked about the current situation in the U.S., he said that more important than the president is the institution, and that there is a need for the U.S. to reject isolationism and tribalism.

He talked about his wife Laura and his daugh...


Phoenix 2.0 - CIA's Vietnam Terror Unleashed Upon Afghanistan Moon of Alabama

Last week the new head of the CIA Mike Pompeo publicly threatened to make the CIA a "much more vicious agency". His first step towards that is to unleash CIA sponsored killer gangs onto the people of Afghanistan: The C.I.A....


Where the New York Times Fails to Understand War World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson, October 23, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

Lets read a New York Times editorial from Monday:

The United States has been at war continuously since the attacks of 9/11 and now has just over 240,000 active-duty and reserve troops in at least 172 countries and territories. While the number of men and women deployed overseas has shrunk considerably over the past 60 years, the militarys reach has not. American forces are actively engaged not only in the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen that have dominated the news, but also in Niger and Somalia, both recently the scene of deadly attacks, as well as Jordan, Thailand and elsewhere.

Thats a big elsewhere that includes Libya, Pakistan, the Philippines, etc.

An additional 37,813 troops serve on presumably secret assignment in places listed simply as unknown. The Pentagon provided no further explanation. There are traditional deployments in Japan (39,980 troops) and South Korea (23,591) to defend against North Korea and China, if needed,

The gratuitous claim that what U.S. troops are doing halfway around the globe is defensive helps explain why this extreme militarism is tolerated. This editorial will go on to scratch its head in bewilderment, but the U.S. would not have gotten into these wars without the hard work of the New York Times, which has so normalized the mouthing of patent nonsense in defense of permanent war that it goes unnoticed even in an editorial lamenting permanent war.

along with 36,034 troops in Germany, 8,286 in Britain and 1,364 in Turkey all NATO allies. There are 6,524 troops in Bahrain and 3,055 in Qatar, where the United States has naval bases.

Plus 14,617 in Italy, 12,489 in Afghanistan with 4,000 more on the way, 12,342 in Kuwait, 5,963 in Iraq, etc, etc, plus many more mercenaries and contractors than troops in some of these locations. And of course has naval bases in plain English is props up brutal dictatorships with horrific results to come.

Americas operations in conflict zones like Africa are expanding: 400 American Special Forces personnel in Somalia train local troops fighting the Shabab Islamist group, providing intelligence and sometimes going into battle with them. One member of the Navy SEALs was killed there in a mission in May. On Oct. 14, a massive attack widely attributed to the Shabab on a Mogadishu street killed more than 270 people, which would show the groups increased reach. About 800 troops are...


Markt-Rundschau: Bodengesttzte Luftverteidigung

Die bodengesttzte Luftverteidigung (BODLUV) der Schweizer Armee ist in die Jahre gekommen: Die Wirkungshhe ist mit rund 3000 m ber Boden zu gering, das Gleiche gilt fr die Reichweite und auch die Unwirksamkeit gegenber Lenkflugkrpern sowie Artilleriegeschossen ist heutzutage kaum mehr akzeptierbar. Ein neues System sollte jegliche Flugobjekt also auch Drohnen, Lenkflugkrper und Artilleriegeschosse bei Tag und bei Nacht sowie bei jedem Wetter bis auf eine Hhe von rund 15 km und einer Reichweite von rund 50 km erfolgreich bekmpfen knnen. Die flchenmssige Abdeckung eines solchen Systems sollte bei rund 6000 km2 liegen. Ausserdem sollte es problemlos in den momentan bereits bestehenden Systemverbund aus Sensoren, Effektoren, Fhrungssystemen, Flugpltzen, Kommunikationsmitteln und Luftfahrzeugen integriert werden knnen, mobil einsetzbar und nicht bloss transportabel, mglichst gnstig zu beschaffen (max. 800 Millionen SFr) und politisch unverfnglich sein.

Der Anforderungskatalog der Schweizer Armee ist sehr hoch gesteckt. Momentan erfllt kaum ein einziges System all diese Auflagen, was schliesslich ein Faktor bei der Sistierung des Projektes BOLDUV 2020 durch den Vorsteher des Eidgenssischen Departements fr Verteidigung, Bevlkerungsschutz und Sport (VBS), Bundesrat Gut Parmelin darstellte. Nach der Sistierung, im Juli 2017, gab Parmelin bekannt, dass das Projekt fr die bodengesttzte Luftverteidigung neu initiiert werden soll. Deshalb wollen wir in diesem Artikel eine kleine Markt-Rundschau durchfhren: Welche moderne bodengesttzten Luftverteidigungssysteme gibt es, welche Charakteristiken weisen sie auf und welche Systeme knnten es in eine Auswahlliste der Schweizer Armee schaffen?


Iraqi Army Advances On Kurdistan Regions Border Crossing With Turkey (Map)

The Iraqi Army, the Federal Police and the Counter-Terrorism Service are advancing towards the village of Faysh Khabur and the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing between Iraq and Turkey controlled by the separatist Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

If government forces establish a full control over these areas, they will cut off one of the key logistical lines linking Turkey and the KRG capital of Ebril.

Meanwhile, government forces have conducted oepration in the contested villages of Fayida, al-Quush and  Shekhan in an area north of Mosul.

Summing up the recent developments, the KRG and its military force are rapidly loosing the contested areas that they captured during the war on ISIS.

Iraqi Army Advances On Kurdistan Region's Border Crossing With Turkey (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

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News on the Brabant Killers Voltaire Network

Articles in the Het Laatste Nieuws and a TV documentary on Flemish television, have reopened the case of the Brabant Killers. Christian Bonkoffsky is the brother of a policeman working in an elite squad. Christian declared that his brother had revealed to him on his death bed that he was one of the mysterious killers. Furthermore, a lawyer for the victims denounced the failures of the judicial inquiry. Between 1982 and 1985, individuals whose identity is still not known today, carried (...)


Russia-China Tandem Changes the World Strategic Culture Foundation

The Wests persistent demonization of Russia over the past decade has pushed Moscow into a de facto alliance with China, changing the geopolitical landscape in ways that U.S. pundits still wont admit, writes Gilbert Doctorow.


Roundup, Kanker en de EU stan van houcke

Dodelijk voor planten, maar ook voor mensen?

In Californi geldt glyfosaat als kankerverwekkend. De EU overweegt om het weer voor tien jaar goed te keuren. Vier vragen.


Russian Trolling of US Social Media May Have Been Much Greater Than We Thought Peace and Freedom

The latest revelations from inside Russia heighten concern over Moscows Internet troll farm.

Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner conduct a news conference on the Honest Ads Act on October 19, 2017. (Associated Press / Tom Williams)

The Nation Daily.

The story of how Russian operatives secretly manipulated Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social-media platforms during the 2016 election is getting bigger, uglier, and more urgentand, according to numerous recent accounts, Russias use of bots and trolls is still going on.

On November 1, executives from Twitter; Alphabet, Inc., which runs Google; and FacebookincludingFacebooks general counsel, but neither CEO Mark Zuckerberg nor COO Sheryl Sandbergare expected to appear before a rare open hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). Among other topics, they will be grilled about alarming new reportsincluding a series of revelations from inside Russia itselfabout Moscows covert purchase of political ads, use of countless Internet bots and trolls, and creation of fake American users, all as part of an effort to instigate racial and religious conflict and spread conspiracy theories during last years campaign and beyond.

This is Part I of a two-part report on how and why Russian operatives made use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media in the 2016 US election. In Part II, Ill examine the question of collusion: Did the Russians have h...


NATO Plans to Create Two New Commands Amid Russia Tensions Peace and Freedom

Defense ministers will review a new command structure at their quarterly meeting next month

A Swedish Navy submarine participates in NATO's Dynamic Mongoose anti-submarine exercise in the North Sea off the coast of Norway in 2015.
A Swedish Navy submarine participates in NATOs Dynamic Mongoose anti-submarine exercise in the North Sea off the coast of Norway in 2015. PHOTO: MARIT HOMMEDAL/EUROPEAN PRESSPHOTO AGENCY

Oct. 24, 2017 5:37 a.m. ET

BRUSSELSNATO is poised to approve the creation of two new commands to improve allied logistics and protect supply lines, aiming to shore up weaknesses in any potential conflict with Russia, allied officials said.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization defense ministers will review a new command structure at their quarterly meeting next month, the officials said.

The recommendations include a new NATO logistics command that would focus on moving people and materiel more quickly. They also include a command for the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans that would focus on protecting sea lanes, critical for supplying Europe, from submarine threats. Costs and funding for the new commands havent been finalized.

Rising tensions with Moscow h...


Analysis: CIA Directors Pompeo, Petraeus & Brennan: 3 Views on North Korea Geopolitics Alert

New York (GPA This week saw both a speech by the current CIA director Mike Pompeo and an interview with the former director David Petraeus that gave two different interpretations of the current tensions with North Korea.

First up, is the current CIA director Pompeo, who spoke on Thursday at a meeting of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies National Security Summit. Although some members of the Trump regime are pragmatic when it comes to dealing with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK), Pompeo decided to go the route of his boss and crank up the fearmongering.

Related: North Korea Reportedly Hacks South, Steals Military Assassination Plans

Pompeo told the audience on Thursday that the US is running out of time when it comes to seeking a diplomatic solution for the Korean Peninsula. This echoes the sentiment voiced earlier in the week by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that diplomacy would continue until the first bomb drops, implying that a war is still an option to solve the Korean issue.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Pompeo also sounded a lot like Trump when he spoke on the DPRKs weapons program, saying the country was probably months out from being able to strike the United States. According to Pompeo, from a US policy perspective, we ought to behave as if we are o...


Trump Israel Envoy: Palestinian Reconciliation Depends on Disarming Hamas Geopolitics Alert

Jerusalem (MEMO US President Donald Trumps Middle East Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt released a statement on Thursday, echoing statements by the Israeli government on the recent Palestinian reconciliation deal signed earlier this month by the rival Hamas and Fatah movements.

Greenblatt, who has visited Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory a number of times since Trump took office in January, began his statement by saying that all parties agree that it is essential that the Palestinian Authority be able to assume full, genuine, and unhindered civil and security responsibilities in Gaza and that we work together to improve the humanitarian situation for Palestinians living there.

Trump Israel/Middle East Envoy Jason Greenblatt
Image: US Embassy Tel Aviv

The United States reiterates the importance of adherence to the Quartet principles: any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognize the State of Israel, accept previous agreements and obligations between the parties including to disarm terrorists and commit to peaceful negotiations, Greenblatt said.

Shortly after the Palestinian unity government was formed, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with similar sentiments, conditioning the acceptance of the deal on recognizing Israel and disarming Hamas, which Israel considers a terrorist organization.

According to Ynet news, Israel set a series of condit...


Russias Argus Armored Vehicle Provides Artillery with Precision Strike Capability Geopolitics Alert

Moscow (SCF The new PRP-4A Argus armored artillery reconnaissance vehicle (ARV), or a scout vehicle, has been deployed in Syria for battle testing.

It is designed to provide reconnaissance and observation for artillery units. The vehicle is often called the all-seeing eye of artillery. It enables to determine the coordinates of enemy tanks and artillery, as well as isolated groups of enemy fighters once they have opened fire. Reconnaissance of enemy positions can involve firing upon the enemy in hopes of receiving return fire that gives away the enemys position.

Argus has an overall length of 6.7m, a width of 2.9m, a height of 2.1m and combat weight of 13.8t. It is manned by a crew of four, including a driver, a commander and two operators.

PRP-4A Argus ARV
Image: Strategic Culture Foundation

The vehicle can attain a maximum speed of 65km/h on road and more than 7km/h on water, while on road it can reach a maximum distance of 500km. It can conduct operations in areas at an altitude of 3,000m above sea level and can operate at adverse temperatures of up to -40C. Argus can negotiate a gradient of 60% and a side slope of 30%. It can cross a vertical step with a height of 0.7m and a trench with a width of 2.2m. The fully amphibious vehicle is propelled in water by its tracks.

The armament suite includes a 7.62mm PKTM machine gun, which has a maximum rate of fire of 800 rounds a minute and can fire conventional, tracer and AP-incendiary rounds and rounds with a high degree of penetrability. The gun can engage targets within the range of 1500m. The vehicle is also fitted with a countermeasures system to notify the crew when an incoming laser beam is detected. The laser threat is countered by an aerosol screen created by smoke grenade dischargers. This system is effective against anti-tank guided missiles with laser guidance. Argus can also lay its own smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into the exhaust.



Myanmars Colonial History Feeds Current Crisis of Rohingyas, Saudi Arabia and U.S. Geopolitics Alert

Naypyidaw (WW) The current corporate media attention to the abuses suffered by the mostly Muslim Rohingya people who have crossed from Myanmar into Bangladesh has raised questions as to what is really going on. Background information about the history of Myanmar is essential to an understanding. First called Burma, the name was changed in 1989 following a military uprising to reflect the many nationalities living in the country that are not Burmese.

What throws the most suspicion on what on the surface is a humanitarian question is the role of U.S. imperialism and the Saudi Arabian monarchy supporting elements from the Rohingyas.

The April 12 issue of Humanit writes, The emergence of the Salvation Army of the Arakhan Rohingyas, funded by Saudi Arabia, is leading to the repression of this stateless minority throughout the Indian subcontinent. Not only this French newspaper but four major U.S. corporate publications have also highlighted the Saudi role.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Colonial history

Myanmar was a wealthy British colony, super-exploited as a rich source of minerals, timber and spices.

From 1824 to 1885, Britain fought three protracted colonial wars to conquer Burma. The first Anglo-Burmese war was the most expensive in British Indias imperial history. The British developed the strategic hamlet tactics, later used by the U.S. in Vietnam. This meant they burned hundreds of villages and uprooted populations into concentration camps and new British plantations.

The self-sufficient Burmese economy was brutally reorganized and forced to become a part of the colonial export economy tied to global market forces. Burmas rice plantations supplied half the world market for rice, 75 percent of the worlds teak and rich mining of precious gems.

Inflaming national antagonisms was part of British policy. Armed insurrections and workers strikes continued throughout British colonial rule.

A general strike and continued armed struggle led to nominal independence in 1947 under President Aung San, who was assassinated in July 1947, just before independence. Aung San is the father of the woman who is now head of Myanmar, Aung San...


Harvard Org. Gives CAIR Founder Call of Service Award Clarion Project

CNN reports on the United Arab Emirate's designation of CAIR as a terrorist entityCNN reports on the United Arab Emirates designation of CAIR as a terrorist entity (Photo: video screenshot)


The largest student organization at Harvard University is giving the founder and executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) a prestigious award in November.

Nihad Awad will be honored with a guest lecture followed by receipt of the Ivy League universitys Phillips Brooks House Associations 2017 Robert Coles Call of Service award. Previous recipients have included former vice president Al Gore.

Awad was a member of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhoods Palestine Committee, a secret body set up to advance Hamas and the overall Islamist agenda. He was recorded at a 1993 meeting discussing how to support Hamas and the goals, strategies and American perceptions of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.

CAIR was also listed by federal prosecutors as an entity of the Brotherhoods Palestine Committee.

For more information on CAIR, read Clarion Projects Fact Sheet on CAIR

CAIR has a history of Islamist extremism. The U.S. Justice Department labeled CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in an enormous  Hamas terror-financing trial involving the Holy Land Foundation and listed CAIR as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity.

In 2008, the FBI officially ended its use of CAIR as a Muslim outreach partner after the designation by the Justice Department.

In 2014, CAIR was designated a terrorist organization on by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)...


China frees Swedish bookseller held for books on party chiefs: Sweden foreign office Peace and Freedom


STOCKHOLM (Reuters) China has informed Sweden that it has freed a bookseller detained for publishing books on the personal lives of President Xi Jinping and other Communist Party leaders, the Swedish foreign office said on Tuesday.

Gui Minhai, a Chinese-born Swede, was abducted in Thailand while on holiday in 2015. He was among five Hong Kong booksellers who went missing in 2015 and later appeared in mainland Chinese custody. The four others have returned to Hong Kong.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Gui Minhai

We have been told by Chinese authorities that Gui Minhai has been released in China, foreign office spokeswoman Sofia Karlberg said, offering no further details.

Earlier this year Gui Minhai won a prize for free speech and press freedom awarded by Swedish media organization Publicistklubben.


Me too: From US rape culture to war and occupation, violence against women is universal Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

The false contrast between the freedom of women in the West with their alleged oppression in the Arab region misses the larger context. It is one of gendered disempowerment, war, occupation and militarised society


Sabotaging the Iran Deal Trump Certifies US Irrelevance Strategic Culture Foundation

Trump's decision will have positive effects in the short term for Washington's relations with Middle-Eastern allies. In the medium to long term, it may signal a parting of ways of European and American foreign policy


Hamas Begs Iran for Help, US Envoy Says Hamas, which has only brought ruin and misery to Palestinians, now begs Iran for help and again vows to destroy Israel. Peace and Freedom

 OCTOBER 23, 2017 19:48


US special representative for international negotiations took to Twitter to make the claim.

US President's envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt meeting with PA leader Mahmud Abbas

US Presidents envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. (photo credit:AFP PHOTO / PPO / THAER GHANAIM)

WASHINGTON Hamas is begging Iran for help in its armed resistance against Israel, a senior Trump administration official said on Monday, addressing the visit of several Hamas leaders to Tehran over the weekend.

Their visit comes amid talk of Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah, which have split rule over the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, respectively, for nearly a decade.

 Image may contain: text

Fatah is committed to a peaceful, political path forward in its fight for Palestinian statehood. Hamas considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and other Western powers believes that violence is the right path forward in its efforts to destroy Israel and claim Palestine their own.

Hamas, which has only brought ruin and misery to Palestinians, now begs Iran for help and again vows to destroy Israel, wrote Jason Greenblatt, the US special representative for international negotiations, on Twitter. Palestinians deserve so much better than this. We must find a bette...


Meet the child soldiers of Yemen, sent into battle by adults Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Many child soldiers in Yemen are driven not by poverty but belief in their cause - and often with the encouragement of parents and politicians

Raqqa Destroyed to Liberate It Strategic Culture Foundation

The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers. Ive been saying this for the last four years.


Iraqi PM slams US call for Iranian militias to quit Iraq Nobody has the right to interfere in Iraqi affairs. Peace and Freedom

The Iraqi prime minister has challenged US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson over his comments on Iranian militias in Iraq. Tillerson had called on the militias to go home as the fight against IS was ending.

Fighters of the Popular Mobilization Forces (picture-alliance/dpa/C. Petit Tesson)

Fighters of the Hashed al-Shaabi, also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), are Iraqis who have fought terrorism, defended their country and made sacrifices to defeat Islamic State, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for Iranian and Iran-backed Shiite militia in Iraq to either return to their
homes, integrate into the Iraqi army or leave the country, as the fight against the Islamic State (IS) was ending.

Those fighters need to go home, Tillerson said. Any foreign fighters need to go home.

Read more: Tillerson tries to undercut Iran in Saudi Arabia summit

The 60,000-strong Hashed al-Shaabi was cobbled together from Iranian-backed militias in 2014 after IS took over large parts of northern Iraq. It is answerable to the prime ministers office, and parliament has voted to integrate it into state forces.

Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fire against Islamic State militants on the outskirts of Tal Afar, Iraq in August REUTERS/StringerPMF fighters have taken on Islamic State militants in the battle to reclaim Iraqi territory

The Hashed is an institution that depends on the Iraqi state and the constitution does not allow the presence of armed groups outside the law, Abadi said. The cabinet added that nobody has the right to interfere in Iraqi affairs.

Critics allege that visits by Irans Major General Qassem Soleimani, a commander of Irans Revolutionary Guards who advises the PMF, reflect Tehrans influence in the country.

Iraq has close links with Shiite-majority Iran, which is the regional...


Paul Craig Roberts 315 stan van houcke

The American Left: RIP

The American Left: RIP


Guardian Propaganda stan van houcke

The Guardian blames critics of mainstream media bias for the murder of a journalist. Then quietly deletes the allegation.




A few days ago I blogged about nanochips and a potential "nanochipping" agenda and its potentials for mind and behavior control on whole populations,



Trump-Tillerson rope in India and Afghanistan to bring Pakistan to heel Peace and Freedom

Chidanand Rajghatta| TNN | Updated: Oct 24, 2017, 09:46 IST
 Image may contain: text


  • The US, India, and Afghanistan want Pakistan and its terrorist proxies to butt out of the war-ravaged country Afghanistan
  • Tillerson offered a blunt preview of his agenda for the Islamabad visit saying the US now has a conditions-based approach with regards to Pakistan
(AFP photo)

Trump-Tillerson rope in India and Afghanistan to bring Pakistan to heel

WASHINGTON: There was a time not so long ago when a US cabinet member or high official visiting Islamabad and New Delhi on the same trip to the region would have irked India and invited grumbling about American hyphenation of the two countries. But such is the rapidly evolving nature of ties between Washington and New Delhi, seen in some quarters as being just short of a formal alliance, that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is not only touching down in Islamabad on his way to New Delhi on Tuesday, hes also tailing Afghanistans President Ashraf Ghani in to the Indian capital after an unannounced stopover in Kabul+ for what could end up as a trilateral US-India-Afghanistan meeting aimed at bringing Pakistan to heel+ .

The schedule, and even more, statements preceding and accompanying his travels to the region, tell the story of the new American strategy for the region under President Trump, fairly transparently. The US, India, and Afghanistan want Pakistan and its terrorist proxies...


Trump takes up again the fight against the US establishment, by Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Network

Since the end of July, the US President has created the impression that he's a blusterer, endangering world peace with his ill-considered declarations. In this article, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that behind these sweeping interventions, Donald Trump has stuck to his foreign policy without making a song and dance of it. This is quite an achievement as almost every member of Congress opposes him. According to Meyssan, what you have here is what is known today as a communication strategy (previously known as double-dealing). It boils down the President trying to let his friends take control of the Republican Party. This would allow him to rationalize his communication and roll-out his anti-imperialist policy more (...)


Spain will use force if Catalonia protests against direct rule Peace and Freedom

By Graham Keeley
The Times

October 24, 2017

Catalan police will be told to restore order if independence protests escalate into violence
Catalan police will be told to restore order if independence protests escalate into violence.  ALEJANDRO GARCIA/EPA

A senior Spanish cabinet minister has warned that Madrid is prepared to use force to restore order in Catalonia as separatists vowed to resist direct rule.

igo Mndez de Vigo, the Spanish government spokesman and education minister, told The Times that Catalan police would be used to quell protests that threatened public order.

No government wants any acts of violence but the government has to make sure that the law is obeyed and if there are people on the other side who do not want to obey the law, then, through the Mossos dEsquadra [the Catalan police], we will have to restore the law, Mr Mndez de Vigo said.

Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister, said at the weekend that Madrid would impose direct rule on

Read the rest:



Robert Parry: The Legacy of Reagans Civilian Psyops stan van houcke

The Legacy of Reagans Civilian Psyops



Pew Finds Increasing Percentage of Americans Disagree with Religion: US Political Implications Strategic Culture Foundation

No previous Pew poll had found that a majority of Americans believed that no religion (not theirs, nor anyone elses) possesses the authority to define right and wrong.


Tillerson vows Taliban will never win, urges Pakistan to meet US conditions for support Peace and Freedom


24 Oct, 2017 07:59

Tillerson vows Taliban will never win, urges Pakistan to meet US conditions for support

Related image
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Kevin Lamarque | REUTERS
In a secretive trip to Afghanistan, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson doubted Pakistans ability to fight the Taliban. But he also denied the Taliban has any path to victory, despite the Pentagon chief saying they were surging.
Tillerson arrived at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistans capital city of Kabul on Monday, following an earlier trip in the day to the Qatari capital, Doha.
FILE PHOTO. A Pakistani soldier in South Waziristan. Faisal MahmoodPakistans key intelligence connected to terrorists US top general
Discussing US strategy in the region, Tillerson said the Taliban, and others, will never win a military victory against the US.
But earlier this year, Defense Secretary James Mattis addressed the USs involvement in the countrys longest running conflict. He said the US was engaged in a strategy-free timein Afghanistan, and US forces were not winning the war.I think the Taliban had a good year last year, Mattis said. Right now, I believe the enemy is surging.

Tillersons unannounced arrival in Afghanistan follows an assassination attempt on Mattiss life last month, when rockets landed in and around his plane as he arrived in Kabul.

The top US diplomats concerns on stability in the region extended not only to Afghanistan, but ostensible US ally Pakistan as well. Tillerson said terrorist organizations find safe havens in both countries. He added that the USs relationship with Afghanistan and Pakistan is rooted in a conditions-based approach.

Earlier this month, Mattis railed against Pakistans Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which serves as Pakistans main intelligence agency.

They have lost probably more troops than any other single country in the fight against terrorism at the same time weve seen havens left to the terrorists own devices, he said. Weve seen the government of Pakistan come down on terrorists, when the ISI appears to run its own policy.

In late September, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif told RT that US actions in Afghanistan dating back to the 1980s have left the region less secure. She also sai...


Rocky Balboa 'rises up' as latest Gulenist threat to Turkey Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Prime minister orders probe into 'Gulenist' nature of football derby banner, which called on Galatasaray players to 'rise up' to the challenge


U.S. touts military ties in Philippines as Duterte courts Russia, China Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: 3 people

Philippine President Duterte (l) announces that Filipino troops have ended the uprising of Islamist rebels in Marawi

CLARK, Philippines (Reuters) The timing of U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis trip to the Philippines this week couldnt have been better, coming just as it celebrated a victory against Islamist militants in Marawi City with a critical dose of help from the U.S. military.

But as Mattis prepared to meet President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, five Russian warships were parked off the Philippines and Moscow was preparing to formally hand over thousands of assault rifles, a million rounds of ammunition and 20 army trucks at a public ceremony on Wednesday.

Duterte, known for his strident anti-American rhetoric, has made no secret of his plans to cultivate ties with Americas rivals, Russia and China. Those efforts appear to be starting to bear fruit.


Just before he meets Mattis, Duterte was scheduled to sit down with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Tuesday, who, like Mattis, was attending a gathering of Asian defense ministers north of Manila.

On Wednesday, Duterte was scheduled to visit a Russian anti-submarine ship, the Admiral Pantaleyev, docked in Manila.

U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim played down any U.S. concerns about Dutertes outreach to China and Russia and noted that the United States, a former colonial power, was the countrys only treaty ally, with far deeper ties in the Philippines.

Im not really threatened by this notion that China or Russia are providing some military equipment to the Philippines, Kim told a small group of reporters traveling with Mattis.

We have been providing very important equipment to the Philippines for many, many years. The fact that the Chinese and the Russians have provided some rifles, Im not sure is really such a cause for concern for the United States.

Dutertes often profanity-laden tirades against the United States have become his trademark during his year-old presidency, and he has chided Washington for treating his country like a dog, despite the longstanding U.S. assistance.

Still, Dutertes rhetoric has been inconsistent, and he warmly greeted visiting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in August, calling himself a humble friend of the United States at the time.

Ahead of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the Philippines, the U.S. envoy cited an improvement in tone and substance in bilateral ties over the 10 months since hes been in his post.



Pentagon mulls amplified Africa role to counter IS group The war is morphing. Were going to see more actions in Africa, not less. Peace and Freedom


Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America/AFP | General Joseph Dunford Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, briefs the media on the recent military operations in Niger, at the Pentagon on October 23, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia.


Latest update : 2017-10-24

The United States is considering a stepped-up military presence in Africa to pursue Islamic State group jihadists looking for new havens after the fall of their caliphate, American officials say.

After IS lost its de facto capital Raqa in Syria this month, and its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul earlier, the group has aspirations to establish a larger presence in Africa, the US militarys top officer General Joseph Dunford said on Monday.

From Libya to Egypts Sinai, to East Africa and West Africa the jihadists have already posed a threat, Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a press conference.

He was discussing the October 4 clash in Niger, West Africa, that cost the lives of four American soldiers.



The Iraqi Kurds are turning their backs on the Barzani Voltaire Network

The vote in the independence referendum for an Iraqi Kurdistan of 25 September 2017 was a sham for the vote was rigged. This fact is now boomeranging back to those who initiated it: the Barzani family and the Taliban family. During the referendum campaign, the Kurdish regional government of Iraq declared that 80 countries in the world including the United States and France were in support of establishing a new State. This argument appeared decisive for a number of voters. The (...)


The Iranian Minister of Intelligence leaps to the defense of those convicted of spying Voltaire Network

Photo: on 8 February 2016, President Sheikh Hassan Rohani decorated the Canadian-Iranian Abdolrasoul Dorri Esfahani for his role during the 5+1 negotiations. Today he quashes his punishment for spying: 5 years in prison. At the end of 2016, 12 personalities have been arrested in Iran for spying during international negotiations on the nuclear sector. They have just been tried and sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison. However no one has confessed to the crime that they have been (...)


Illegal US Coalition Bombing of Raqqa Comparable to the World War II Destruction of Dresden: Russian Defense Ministry Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

US Coalition Bombing of Raqqa Comparable to the World War II Destruction of Dresden: Russian Defense Ministry By TASS, Raqqa has repeated the fate of Dresden of 1945, which was erased in the British-American bombarding, spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said Combat aircraft of the US and the coalition bombarded Syrian Raqqa []


Publication of Sous Nos Yeux (Right before our eyes) in Russian Voltaire Network

Thierry Meyssan's book, Sous nos yeux, (Right before our eyes) has just been published in Russian by AST publishers. The title of the Russian edition is Crimes of the Deep State. From 9/11 to Donald Trump ( . 11 ) The Russian edition supplements the French original.


Raqqa Destroyed to Liberate It. ISIS was a Bogeyman Encouraged by Western Powers Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Raqqa Destroyed to Liberate It. ISIS was a Bogeyman Encouraged by Western Powers By Eric Margolis, The so-called Islamic State organization was primarily a bogeyman encouraged by the western powers.  Ive been saying this for the last four years. I asserted, as a former soldier and war correspondent, that IS would collapse like a wet []


ASEAN: Philippine President Duterte May Push For Resource Sharing in the South China Sea (Although China is Not an ASEAN Member and Holds Land in Violation of UN Court Ruling) Peace and Freedom

President Rodrigo Duterte arrives at the National Convention Center in the 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits and other related summits last Sept. 6, 2016 in Vientiane, Laos. AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

MANILA, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte may rally fellow Southeast Asian leaders attending the regions upcoming summit in Manila next month to support the sharing of resources in the disputed South China Sea.

Speaking before the ASEAN High Level Forum last week, Duterte said he was in favor of sharing resources in the contested waterswhich China, an ASEAN dialogue partner, also claims. The Philippines claims parts of the South China Sea within its exclusive economic zone and calls it the West Philippine Sea.

His explanation for possible joint exploration hinted at a willingness to open exclusive economic zones to foreign parties despite an international court ruling favoring Manilas entitlements over the sea.

READ: Duterte finds no urgency in South China Sea row

Asked if such a proposal is included in the presidents agenda for the 31st ASEAN summit in November, Ambassador Marciano Paynor, director general for operations of the ASEAN 2017 National Organizing Council, said Tuesday that the subject is still under discussions.

He said Duterte, who chairs this years ASEAN meetings, may raise the topic if the president says and that is his directive.

In fact, many of the things that will happen during the Summit will still be discussed during the preparatory meetings, Paynor said in a press conference in Malacaan.

In 2013, the previous administration filed a case...


60 Parliamentarians Urge UK Government Action on Gaza Emergency Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

60 Parliamentarians Urge UK Government Action on Gaza Emergency By Medical Aid for Palestinians and Richard Burden, A group of 60 British MPs and Peers have this week written to Minister Alistair Burt (Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development) to call on the UK Government to take urgent action to address Gazas []


Sex, Scholars and the Syphilitic Superpower Dissident Voice

A civilization where women and children are sexually commoditized is one in terminal decline. The next enduring superpower will be one that had successfully shielded its women and children from the ongoing epidemic of mass-mediated sexualisation. Any futurist worth his salt will vouch for this axiom, as well as note the inverse correlation between the enfeeblement of the current superpower and the procession of phallic chevrons that accompany its military compulsions abroad.

But the faculty of reason and of cause and effect is inevitably lost on a society where adjunct professors may resort to prostitution in order to make ends meet. And believe it or not, this is exactly what is happening in the United States.

Professorial Prostitutes

According to a September 28 report in The Guardian, a quarter of part-time college academics or adjuncts in the United States are subsisting on public welfare programs such as Medicaid, food banks and charities while they live off streets, in shacks or in their cars. Adjuncting is the result of runaway capitalism that has benefited a privileged 1% at the expense of an overworked and underpaid rabble. It is a convenient way of providing substandard teaching for higher fees and revenue at US universities and colleges.

Living conditions for these fast-food workers of the US academia have become so grim that the American Sociological Association had to downgrade faculty jobs to a level below stable middle-class careers. With a median annual salary of $22,041 (2014 average), a female adjunct professor may be tempted to earn as much as $200 an hour in the flesh trade. This portraiture of the US gig economy is further debased by twisted enjoinders from well-paid gender and sexuality professors who actually promote sex work as empowering.  From Ivory Towers, we seem to have graduated to Ivory Parlours!

Student Streetwalkers

One nightmare scenario facing female adjunct moonlighters is an accidental propositioning from one of their own students in a darkened alley. But like their academic mentors, Americas future workforce might have been in the cul-de-sac of life for the same reason. These encounters are often mediated by websites such as and that have managed to reduce once-effervescent children into...


We have imprisoned no political activists, Egypts Sisi says in interview Peace and Freedom

AFP and France 24

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-10-24

Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is meeting with President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Tuesday, a visit that represents a delicate balancing act for the French leader.

Macron is under pressure from human rights groups for France to put an end to what Human Rights Watch has deemed disgraceful policies of indulgence towards the former Egyptian general, who ousted the elected Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013. Egypt is a key French partner in the Middle East and a major buyer of French weapons with orders exceeding five billion euros since 2015.

Image may contain: text


We have imprisoned no political activists, Sisi told FRANCE 24 in an exclusive interview that will air on Tuesday. Everything has been done according to the law, within its jurisdiction. Our friends can come and confirm this themselves.

An Elyse Palace statement ahead of Sisis visit said the head of state pairs talks would focus on security and regional stability but also the human rights situation to which France is particularly attentive. During his three-day visit to France, which began on Monday, Sisi is also slated to meet the countrys defence and foreign ministers and French business groups.

To watch...


Russia State News Outlet RT Thrives on YouTube, Facebook Peace and Freedom

U.S. intelligence labels RT a top Kremlin propaganda tool; social medias open approach to content enabling unreliable and highly partisan content to reach large audiences

Google, Facebook Inc. FB -2.12% and Twitter Inc. TWTR -2.80% have spent months trying to ferret out covert Russian influence on their sites.

Meanwhile, RT, the Russian state news organization that federal intelligence officials call the Kremlins principal international propaganda outlet, uses Googles YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as the main distributors of its content.

RTs main English-language YouTube channel has amassed 2.1 billion views and 2.2 million subscribers, roughly the same figures as CNNs primary YouTube channel. Fox Newss main channel has 600 million views. RT has drawn an additional 3.3 billion views across roughly 20 other channels, making it among YouTubes most-watched news networks. YouTube, by running ads before RTs videos, also gives the Russian-government outlet ad revenue.

Twitter named RT in a report last month on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. election, and the company noted that RT spent $274,100 to promote tweets to U.S. users. The Twitter dossier, submitted to a congressional committee investigation into Russian influence in the election, cited a federal intelligence report released earlier this year that claimed RT was a primary tool in Russias alleged efforts to swin...


israels Rogue Arms Trade Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

by Jonathan Cook Israel has not divulged details of its ties to Myanmars military government, but public records show that it has sold the military there armed patrol boats, guns and surveillance equipment [File: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters] Human rights activists are stepping up efforts to expose Israels long and covert history of supplying weapons and []


Illegal US Airstrike Kills 14 Civilians in Eastern Syria Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Source Attack Targeted Government-Held District in Deir Ezzor US warplanes attacked the Qusur District of Syrias city of Deir Ezzor, a government-held area in the nations far east, killing at least 14 civilians and wounding 32 others, according to reports. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 22 civilians had been killed in the []


Catalonia Spain: Officials wont follow orders from Madrid Investors brace for years of crisis in Spain as Catalan drama escalates Peace and Freedom


BBC News

Catalan authorities will not follow orders from the Spanish government if Madrid moves to reassert control over the region, a senior official says.

A regional government spokesman told the BBC that the central government was acting against the will of Catalans.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced plans to sack the regions government and curtail some of the powers of its parliament.

The Catalan parliament will meet on Thursday to decide on its response.

The pro-independence leaders could decide to formalise a unilateral declaration of independence, the BBCs Bethany Bell in Barcelona reports.

The Spanish Senate is expected to approve the governments measures on Friday along with a proposal for fresh regional elections.

How did we get here?

The Catalan government, led by President Carles Puigdemont, has refused to halt an independence drive following an outlawed referendum held earlier this month.

Raul Romeva says direct Spanish rule would put into question the survival of EU democracy

On Saturday, Mr Rajoy said he was triggering Article 155 of the constitution an unprecedented move which allows for direct rule to be imposed in a crisis on any of the countrys autonomous regions.

But Catalan leaders say they will not accept the plan.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4s Today programme, foreign affairs spokesman Raul Romeva said: How can the European Union live with that situation [if this happens]?

Because what I can tell you is that the people and the institutions in Catalonia will not let this happen.

He said the Spanish government needed to recognise that the people of the region had voted for independence.

The Catalan government said that of the 43% who took part in the 1 October referendum, 90% were in favour of independence.

Unionist parties who won about 40% o...


Bannon Backs Isolation of Qatar, Comparing Threat to North Korea Iran Allied to Qatar; China Funding Iran Peace and Freedom


By Jennifer Jacobs

October 23, 2017, 6:41 PM EDT
Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and chairman of Breitbart News, speaks during a discussion on countering violent extremism, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, on Oct. 23, in Washington, DC. Photographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Saudi Arabia-led isolation of Qatar over its alleged financing of terrorists and relationship with Iran is the most important foreign confrontation in the world, U.S. President Donald Trumps former strategist Steve Bannon said in a speech.

Bannon backs the Saudi effort and said Qatar must be held to account for allegedly funding the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic terrorism, Bannon said in remarks hosted by the Hudson Institute on Monday.

I think the single most important thing thats happening in the world is the situation in Qatar, Bannon said. Whats happening in Qatar is every bit as important as whats happening in North Korea.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Saudi Arabias leaders rebuffed his request in meetings on Sunday to end the isolation of Qatar by their country, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The diplomatic row began in June shortly after President Donald Trump visited the Mideast and called for an end to terrorist financing by countries in the region.

Bannon called Trumps speech a milestone in U.S. policy toward the Mideast.

I dont think it was just by happenstance that two weeks after the summit that we saw the blockade by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and Egypt and the king of Saudi Arabia on Qatar, he said.

Trump said in September hed be willing to mediate the dispute, after initially backing the Saudi-led effort against Qa...


Hezbollah Aligned German Center Declares Resistance Against Israel Israel is the enemy we are here to carry out resistance,. Peace and Freedom


The NRW state intelligence agency roughly equivalent to Shin Bet in Germany monitors Al Mahdi because it represents a threat to German democracy.

Image result for Al Mahdi, Germany, photos

Hezbollah-aligned German center declares resistance against Israel ONE OF the groups supplied by Iran is Hezbollah.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

The chairman of the Hezbollah-affiliated Islamic center Al Mahdi in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) urged his supporters to wage resistance against Israel on Saturday, according to a report in the regional paper Neue Westflische.

Image result for North Rhine-Westphalia, map

Israel is the enemy we are carry out resistance, said Hassan Jawad, chairman of the Al Mahdi cultural center in the city of Mnster.

Jawads cultural center is building a meeting center for 800 to 1,000 religious believers in Bad Oeynhausen, a spa town with a population of nearly 50,000 in NRW. The Al Mahdi center has served as a hotbed for Hezbollah activity for over twenty years, according to the paper.

The NRW interior minister Herbert Reul told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that when somebody in Germany says that Israel is the enemy, that is, for me, intolerable. I am a big friend of Israel, and the friendship to Israel belongs to Germanys raison dtat. Therefore this statement [from Hassan Jawad] is condemned by me in the strongest terms.

When asked if the interior ministry plans to ban the Al Mahdi center, the ministry told The Post that associations that support Hezbollah can presently be banned, if financial support [for them] is provable.

The ministry added that security forces take decisive action against organizations, like Hezbollah, that are opposed to international understanding. The ministry said that where a ban of an organization or individual group beyond sanctions can be implemented, this will also be done. Hezbollah and other affiliated organizations remain in the focus of the NRW intelligence agency.

Image result for Hezbollah in Germany, Iran, Photos

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters gesture as they march during a religious procession to mark Ashura

Germany and the EU consider only Hezbollahs so-called military wing to be a terrorist entity. The US, Canada, Israel, the Arab League and the Netherlands classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The cultural center in Bad Oeynhausen is slated to be comple...


Global financial top brass descend on Riyadh Peace and Freedom

(From left:) Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and BlackRock Chairman Larry Fink are among the stellar corporate lineup attending the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. (Reuters)

RIYADH: A major conference hosted by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) gets underway in the Saudi capital today attended by some of the worlds top business leaders and money managers.

The Future Investment Initiative (FII) is being organized in the context of Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdoms ambitious blueprint for economic reform.
It is being held under the patronage of King Salman and under the le...


Singapore, India to step up defence cooperation Peace and Freedom

MANILA Singapore and India on Tuesday (Oct 24) reaffirmed their strong and long-standing defence relationship in bilateral talks on the sidelines of the Asean Defence Ministers Meeting at the Clark freeport, north of Manila.

Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen and Indias Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also discussed ways to enhance bilateral defence cooperation under the revised Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA), signed in November 2015.

Under the DCA, Singapore and India agree to establish a regular defence ministers dialogue, deepen cooperation in maritime security, and encourage cooperation between their defence industries.

The agreement also encompasses bilateral training and exercises, and cooperation in areas of common interest, including defence technology and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Dr Ng and Ms Sitharaman acknowledged in their bilateral talks the good progress made under the revised DCA.

Among these are the first Defence Industry Working Group in May 2016 and the i...


European Central Bank to chart end to easy money Peace and Freedom


AFP/File / by Tom BARFIELD | ECB policymakers say low interest rates, cheap loans to banks and pumping 60 billion euros per month ($70.4 billion) into bond markets have made it easier to borrow but inflation remains below the banks target of just under 2.0 percent

FRANKFURT AM MAIN (AFP)  The ECB will announce a big reduction Thursday in its support to the eurozone economy, analysts predict, as it takes its first steps to wean the single currency area off the medicine that dragged it out of crisis.

With healthy growth and sinking unemployment, central bankers are confident the single currency area can stand more fully on its own two feet in future but face a continuing puzzle over why inflation has failed to rise towards their target.

The European Central Bank would therefore start to reduce the volume of easy money it pumps into the economy, analysts said, while at the same time pledging to keep the monetary tap open for a longer period of time in order to help the markets adjust.

The ECB had in 2015 begun buying massive amounts of bonds to fight the threat of deflation a damaging downward spiral of prices and activity.

Since then, the state of the eurozone economy has improved.

In the first half of the year, economic growth powered to 2.4 percent in annualised terms, outdoing even optimistic forecasts, while unemployment has fallen to an eight-year low of 9.1 percent.

ECB policymakers say historic low interest rates, cheap loans to banks and pumping 60 billion euros per month ($70.4 billion) into bond markets have made it easier for businesses and households to borrow sorely-needed money for spending, investment or hiring.

Monetary policy measures introduced by the ECB since June 2014 have played a pivotal role in supporting the economy, the banks chief economist Peter Praet said earlier this month.

But inflation remains below the ECBs target of just below 2.0 percent believed to be most favourable for economic growth and is forecast to continue falling short.

Because inflation is rising only gradually, the ECB can afford to go slowly towards the exit from bond-buying, Berenberg economist Florian Hense said.

Battle in the boardroom

Some on the ECBs governing council remain loath to withdraw their powerful medicine, fearing they might nip the recovery in the bud by tightening access to money a fate that the US Federal Reserve suffered in 2013.

Meanwhile, other governors have long warned of the risks of easy money, arguing they...


Free speech in the digital age: Prager University sues YouTube in free-speech case Peace and Freedom

Conservative nonprofit says site is restricting its content and infringing First Amendment rights

Prager University argues in its lawsuit that Googles YouTube should be treated as a public forum.
Prager University argues in its lawsuit that Googles YouTube should be treated as a public forum. PHOTO: MICHAEL SHORT/BLOOMBERG NEWS

LOS ANGELESPrager University, a nonprofit that produces short, educational videos from conservative perspectives, is suing YouTube and its parent company, Google, claiming the tech giant is illegally censoring some of its content as part of a wider effort to silence conservative voices.

A lawsuit filed Monday evening in federal court in San Francisco says YouTubes more than 30 million visitors a day make the site so elemental to free speech in the digital age that it should be treated as a public forum. The suit argues the site must use the laws governing free speech, not its own discretion, to make decisions about what to censor.

The nonprofit, known as PragerU, alleges that by limiting access to some of its videos without clear criteria YouTube is infringing on PragerUs First Amendment rights.

YouTube said it didnt have immediate comment because it hadnt yet reviewed the suit. The site is owned by Google, part of Alphabet Inc. GOOGL -1.94%

The suit heightens a debate over tech companies increasing influence on public opinion and how they should police content on their sites. With the internet enabling the spread of misinformation, hate speech and foreign propagand...


One to watch out for on BBC Two BBC Watch

Via the BBC Media Centre we learn that a one-hour programme by Jane Corbin titled The Balfour Declaration: Britains Promise To The Holy Land will be aired on BBC Two at 9 p.m. on October 31st.

The BBC describes the programme as follows:

One hundred years ago, just 67 words on a single sheet of paper lit a fire in the Holy Land, igniting the most intractable conflict of modern times.

The Balfour Declaration was the first time the British government endorsed the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. While many Palestinians see it as a betrayal, many Israelis believe it was the foundation stone of modern Israel and the salvation of the Jews. 

The legacy of the declaration is one that BBC reporter Jane Corbin has watched unfold over the last 30 years charting the conflict on both sides. But its also a story that Jane has a personal connection to. One of her own ancestors, Leo Amery, a British politician an...


Servicemen of EW company from 200th Brigade of Northern Fleet who fought in Donbas (English)

Informnapalm international intelligence community continues a series of publications containing information and visual evidence of the participation...

The post Servicemen of EW company from 200th Brigade of Northern Fleet who fought in Donbas appeared first on (English).


Russian spies arrested by the FBI in 2010 had targeted Hillary Clinton

A major reason behind the Federal Bureau of Investigations decision to arrest ten Russian spies across the United States in 2010 was their increasing proximity to the then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it has been claimed.


ISIS Stages Small Attacks on Mosul, Hawija; 36 Killed in Iraq Original

ISIS/Daesh militants continue to stage attacks in captured towns such as Mosul and Hawija.

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Is Communism Really dead? an Answer The Vineyard of the Saker

by Jimmie Moglia After reading the Sakers article, I had to walk back and forth for some time, partly to digest its content, and partly to determine why I found


Are Our Mideast Wars Forever? Original

"The Kurds have no friends but the mountains," is an old lament. Last week, it must have been very much on Kurdish minds. As their U.S. allies watched, the Kurdish peshmerga fighters were run out of Kirkuk and all the territory they had captured fighting ISIS alongside the Americans. The Iraqi army that ran them Continue reading "Are Our Mideast Wars Forever?"

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Tech Firms Seek Washingtons Prized Asset: Top-Secret Clearances

Via: Bloomberg: In doing so, companies such as Facebook Inc. are competing with defense contractors, financial firms and the U.S. government itself. Security clearances are a rare and valued commodity, whether at a bank trying to prevent hackers from stealing credit-card data and emptying accounts or at a manufacturer building parts for a stealth fighter []


Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail

Disclosure: I have no relationship with ProtonMail, besides being a user of the service. While I wouldnt assume that ProtonMail is as secure as they claim it to be, what is very clear is that far less of your personal information is going to leak from ProtonMail than it would from Gmail, which essentially []


Hidden Danger of Ecological Collapse Dissident Voice

A recent landmark study that investigated alarming loss of insects is leaving scientists dumbfounded, deeply troubled, potentially the biggest-ever existential threat, risking ecosystem collapse too soon for comfort.  In contrast to global warming, this may be much more imminently dangerous across-the-board to terrestrial life. An enormous loss of insect population, almost decimation in some parts of the world, threatens the life-giving structure of the ecosystem. This is a deadly serious problem!

If we lose the insects, then everything is going to collapse there has been some kind of horrific decline. (Prof Dave Goulson, Sussex University). According to the new study, insect abundance has fallen by 75% over the past 27 years.1

Horrific decline may serve as a gross understatement because any time a key component of life on Earth declines by 75% in less than three decades, big-time-huge trouble is right around the corner. Theres no other way to look at it. Hopefully, the study is flawed. Time will tell, assuming there is enough.

The study utilized carefully controlled scientific protocols, but consider this: Even anecdotal evidence for the Average Joe tells the story: It wasnt too many decades ago, 1950s-70s, that cross-country trips in the family car hit bugs, lots of em, squashed on windshields and lodged within front bumper grills. No more.  And, kids no longer frolic about chasing fireflies in back yards at night.

Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline, said Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK, and part of the team behind the new study. We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.2

The loss of insects casts a very long dark shadow over the 21st century. Consider: First, global warming and now massive insect decline at a heart-stopping rate of decline. Is human society, en mass, committing suicide? The answer could be yes, humankind is committing harakari in the wide-open spaces for all to see, but nobody has noticed. Until now, as insect losses forewarn of impending ecosystem...


Russian Embassy Slams US for Denying Access to Diplomatic Archives Aletho News

Sputnik October 24, 2017 The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the United States slammed the US officials on Monday for packing and transferring the diplomatic archives from the closed Consulate General in San Francisco without the oversight of the Russian diplomats. By taking these actions, the United States has once again violated the []


Guardian Sells False Image of an Open Jerusalem Dissident Voice

A Guardian essay on a new Israeli open-rooftops project in Jerusalem, part of a Season of Culture, sadly falls into a standard trap for feelgood articles of this kind. It fails to provide the main context for Jerusalem: that the native Palestinians live under a belligerent Israeli occupation that is ultimately trying to evict them from the city.

Ignoring that context when reporting on life for Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem is gravely irresponsible journalism.

Does this misrepresentation simply reflect author Hannah Ellis-Petersens ignorance? Or is it a consequence of who is footing the bill: the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored the article.

Note these infuriatingly misleading introductory paragraphs:

For its Season of Culture, the ancient capital has thrown open its rooftops to encourage residents to see beyond their blinkered boundaries. But the reality is a city where the divides are growing deeper.

The standfirst sets the mendacious balanced tone, as though Palestinians could ever afford the luxury of choosing to be blinkered in a city where the Israeli-run, occupation municipality is openly hostile to them, and where their homes can be demolished for the smallest infraction of opaque, Israeli-imposed planning rules.

The citys divides are not growing deeper. They were always deep in a city where the occupying power has sought for five decades to colonise Palestinian East Jerusalem with Jewish settlers. There are now more than 200,000 of these settlers gradually displacing the native Palestinian population.

Living side by side in Jerusalem are communities who exist with no interaction with one another kept apart by fear, nationalism and religion.

No, that is not what keeps them apart. Just imagine an article on apartheid South Africa stating that whites and blacks had no interaction because they were kept apart by fear, nationalism and religion. In reality, the two populations were kept apart by the colour of their skin. For blacks under apartheid, and today for Palestinians under occupation, their inferior status is dictated to them. They have no say in the matter.

Palestinians and Israelis are kept apart by the structural violence of occupation, which confers on them entirely different rights and life choices. Jews in Jerusalem have Israeli citizenship; Palestinians have a residency that Israel can easily revoke. Potentially, Jews can live almost anywhere in the city; Palestinians are confined to ghettoes, where they are being suffocated of space and services to encourage them to leave.

Israel has even built a wall cutting some Palestinian neighbourhoods off from the rest of East Jerusalem and the services they pay for through their municipal taxes. They do n...


French Minister of Defense: French Citizens who Joined Jihad Should Die on the Battlefield Dissident Voice

French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, told Europe 1 radio last week, If the [French] jihadis perish in this fight, I would say thats for the best.

AP reported in The New York Post of 21 October 2017, that during ISIS heydays, it is estimated that about 30,000 citizens from around the world traveled to the Middle East, mostly Syria and Iraq, to join ISIS/Daesh as jihadi fighters.  This included an estimated 6,000 Europeans, mostly from France, Germany and Britain, many with immigrant backgrounds. A study found that less than 10% converted to Islam.

After ISIS defeat in Syrias northern city of Raqqa, the former ISIS stronghold and artificial capital of the Islamic States Caliphate, about a third of the European jihadists have returned home, where many are awaiting trial in prison. Others are free and under surveillance. They are easy fodder for western secret services to blow themselves up, as jihadists, leaving always an ID behind; False Flag acts of terror, immediately claimed by ISIS, through the Islamic States news agency, Amaq. No surprise, though, in case they were contracted by CIA, Mossad, MI6 et al, to do so.

Other European jihadi fighters are still left on defeated battlefields, hiding in Raqqas ruins, some captured and facing immediate death by execution. They are not wanted back in their European home countries. These countries had then and have now no time, nor interest to care for these people, their desperate, rudderless citizens. Let them die on the battlefield we dont want them back.

While most European Governments didnt dare express it in such blunt words, the French Minister of Defense, Florence Parly, told Europe 1 radio last week, If the [French] jihadis perish in this fight, I would say thats for the best.

US orders were similar, Our mission is to make sure that any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria, said Brett McGurk, the top U.S. envoy for the anti-IS coalition, in an interview with Dubai-based Al-Aan television. So, if theyre in Raqqa, theyre going to die in Raqqa, he said. This is as much as saying, no prisoners are taken, they are all to be neutralized, a euphemism for murdered.

Imagine, this comes from the very countries that have created, trained and funded ISIS. Then they have nurtured ISIS for their purposes of spreading destruction, chaos, and assassination throughout the Middle east with focus on Syria and Iraq. These are the NATO governments who have left their young rudderless people without hope, seeking a raison dtre, a purpose in life.

Desperate without hope and guidance, many with zero income, zero chance in our western ultra-competitive merciless society thats what they were then, when they joined the Jihad and thats what they are today at the point of being slaughtered with the per...


What The Walking Dead Taught Us About Islam Jihad Watch

Following the introduction of a Muslim character at the end of Season 7, the Season 8 premier of The Walking Dead introduced the shows second Muslim character. But when the writers started explaining the Quran to us, it wasnt long before they made some standard blunders. Lets take a closer look.


PINACs Facebook Page was Stolen by Hackers and Held for Ransom: Here is the Conversation that Led up to It. Photography is Not a Crime

The Photography is Not a Crime Facebook page was taken over by hackers Saturday morning and theres a good chance well never get it back, resulting in the loss of more than 263,000 followers.

The page was hacked while I was on the phone with a man who goes by Cristiano Patric on Facebook, who had sent us a message through the page last month, saying he can set up an ad network on our page that would generate between $70 to $200 a day.

I am generally very skeptical of these messages but PINAC crew member Felipe Hemming said he had been talking to him for a week and insisted it was a great deal.

I sent him a friend request on Friday and he accepted on Saturday morning, messaging me to set up an account on

He called me from (415) 655-1767 and was talking me through the process of setting up the account when at one point, he told me to click remove, which appeared only to remove the link to the Facebook page from the top of the column that was on the Facebook business page. The page is set up to add several Facebook pages in a graph-like box.

I assumed I had to click remove because we had missed a step and had to backtrack before I could re-add the link in the column again.

But by clicking remove, I ended up removing myself as administrator from the Photography is Not a Crime Facebook page, leaving no administrators to let me back in.

He made it seem as if it were my fault by clicking on the wrong remove but I did not think it was possible to remove myself as admin of one Facebook page from a completely different page. I figured you would have to go through settings on that same page, then click on page roles before accomplishing such a task.

Here is a screenshot of the page I was trying to set up an account on. It still lists me as an administrator. I have no idea how I was able to remove myself as administrator from the Photography is Not a Crime Facebook page.



China Is Creating a Database of Its Citizens Voices to Boost its Surveillance Capability

In other news, Google Home Capable of Voice Printing Multiple Users. Via: Time: The Chinese government has collected tens of thousands of voice pattern samples from targeted citizens and is inputting them into a national voice biometric database, according to a Human Rights Watch report published Monday. The idea is that an automated system, thought []


Hollywoods (Fictional) Decapitation Operation Against North Korean Leadership Fig Trees and Vineyards

[ Ed. note Below is an article I wrote back in 2014 regarding a Hollywood film entitled The Interview, just then released. Putatively a comedy, the film starred Seth Rogen and James Franco and depicted the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Since tensions have escalated to the point where we have a []


We will not follow in the footsteps of Iraq and LibyaNorth Korean Diplomat Fig Trees and Vineyards

[ Ed. note The non-proliferation conference mentioned in the article took place in Moscow October 19-21. Choi Sun Hee, North Koreas delegate, announced that while attending she had no plans to meet with either the representatives from the US or South Korea. ] Oct. 23 (UPI)  North Koreas senior diplomat on North America said []


Air Strikes Kill 22 in Deir Ez Zor- Syria Accuses US Led Coalition Penny for your thoughts

Early reports have the US attacking civilians..

At least 22 people were killed late on Monday in strikes by unidentified aircraft on a Syrian government-held neighbourhood in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, a monitor said.
A local official, and Syrian state television, accused the US-led coalition  of carrying out the strikes, and gave a lower death toll of 14, with 30 injured.
IS holds part of the city, but the deaths came in a neighbourhood under government control and appeared to be the possible result of a mistake, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The war monitor said the 22 civilians were killed in the Al-Qusur neighbourhood, in the west of the city, which is provincial capital of oil rich province
"Fourteen civilians were killed and more than 30 others injured in air strikes by coalition planes on the Al-Qusur neighbourhood in Deir Ezzor city," the source said, adding that the toll could rise because a number of the injured were in serious condition.
Syrian state television, citing its reporter, also accused the coalition of the strikes.
There was no immediate response from the coalition to questions on the deaths, which were reported late on Monday night.
 I had noticed earlier today there were reports of Syria evacuating civilians.. Most probably because they had some inkling of what the US might engage in. The destruction of Raqqa speaks loudly for itself..

An air raid in the government-held Qusur district of Deir al-Zor city in eastern Syria killed more than a dozen people, Syrian state television and a war monitor said on Monday.
State television said jets from a U.S.-led international coalition battling Islamic State carried out the air strike and that it killed 14 civilians and wounded 32 others.
 Coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon said by phone that he would check the reports, but that there was no r...


Steve Bannon says Trump's Saudi visit started Qatar crisis Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Bannon says Trump's summit in Saudi Arabia sparked changes within kingdom, including promotion of Mohammed bin Salman to crown prince


Congress can get tough on Iran and still preserve nuclear deal: Former IAEA official Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Nuclear expert Olli Heinonen will tell Congress that the two-year-old deal needs reinforcing


Syrian journalist Waad al-Kateab wins prestigious reporting award Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Kateab won Britain's Rory Peck award for her coverage inside east Aleppo's last functioning hospital, al-Quds


Russia-China Tandem Changes the World Aletho News

By Gilbert Doctorow | Consortium News | October 23, 2017 Much of what Western experts assert about Russia especially its supposed economic and political fragility and its allegedly unsustainable partnership with China is wrong, resulting not only from the limited knowledge of the real situation on the ground but from a prejudicial mindset []


Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Underwear Bomber Says Prison Rules Severely Restrict His Practice of Islam Jihad Watch

Freedom of religion is not a license for criminal activity. My latest in PJ Media: Always the victim. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to murder 289 people on a jetliner on Christmas Day 2009 by detonating a bomb hidden in his underwear, has filed a prison lawsuit. His complaint says that the Colorado Supermax prison []


Steven Salaita keynotes conference on academic freedom in Ireland Mondoweiss

This conference, organized by the MPhil in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict at Trinity College Dublin, and supported by Trinity College Dublin (TCD), aimed to explore the paradoxes and limits of free speech and academic freedom under the conditions of the neoliberal university.  The academic boycott of Israeli higher education institutions was taken as an example of the limits on dissenting activity in the modern university.  Fifteen speakers from seven different countries ranging from the Middle East, to the United States, Ireland, the UK and continental Europe spoke at the conference.

Given its contentious nature, PACBI represents a perfect example against which it is possible to test the limitations of academic freedom limitations that are imposed by university and institutional authorities through formal and informal channels. From the United States, to Lebanon and Germany, institutional responses to the call for the boycott or to events critical of Israeli policies were examined. The confrontational attitude widespread among university authorities vis--vis BDS was perfectly illustrated during the conference, as debates around BDS and PACBI have been banned or silenced, rather than authorized and encouraged, in many of the national settings considered by speakers.

The conference was opened by the head of the Department of Sociology at TCD, professor Richard Layte, who laid out the fundamental questions the conference would consider.

Mark LeVine (L), Kathleen Cavanaugh (C), and Paola Rivetti (R). (Photo: Ronit Lentin)

The opening round-table panel, University...


Muslims threaten to murder pro-Israel Muslim for refusing to hate Israel Jihad Watch

Here is yet another story illustrating why we see so few genuine Muslim reformers, or Muslims who are willing to break the lockstep on any issue. Death threats for refusing to hate Israel, by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, October 22, 2017: Just a few years ago, Yahya Mohamid was living in a northern Israeli town []


'Unidentified' air strikes kill 22 in Syria's Deir Ezzor Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


The US-led coalition denied it had launched the strike after Syrian government claims


Toronto: Imam prays for the killing of the Jews, Toronto Star explains he didnt really mean it Jihad Watch

An imam in Toronto, Ayman Elkasrawy, prayed that Allah would kill all the Jews. In a sane society, newspapers would be investigating the prevalence of Islamic antisemitism in the area mosques, and among Muslims in general. But this isnt a sane society, this is Trudeaus Canada. So instead of focusing on Islamic antisemitism, the Toronto []


Sudan jails al-Tayar journalist over article alleging corruption in president's family Committee to Protect Journalists

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir addresses supporters during his visit to the war-torn Darfur region, in Bilal, Darfur, Sudan September 22, 2017. A Sudanese criminal court convicted an editor to six months in prison for publishing an article that accused Sudan's first family of corruption, according to news reports. (Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah)

New York, October 23, 2017--Sudanese authorities should immediately release al-Tayar Editor-in-Chief Osman Mirgani from prison and drop all charges against him and al-Tayar columnist Mohamed Zine al-Abidine, the Committee to Protect journalists said today.


Two-thirds of elderly Americans have been targeted by a fraud campaign Peace and Freedom


MARLBOROUGH, Mass.  About two-thirds of elderly Americans have been targeted by a fraud campaign, and more than a quarter have actually fallen victim to such efforts, a new survey finds.

Researchers at the Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA), a trade group that represents credit unions, polled nearly 1,200 Americans, all of whom were caretakers of senior citizens, hoping to learn more about the scams that prey on unsuspecting baby boomers.



CIA Uses 1000 of US Overseas Bases to Facilitate the Smuggling of Drugs, Cash, Gold, Guns stan van houcke



I wish Western correspondents in Beirut care more--or as much--about Israeli mines all over South Lebanon than about dog poops The Angry Arab News Service/

Western correspondents doing their important journalism work in Beirut.  Israeli officials are threatening Lebanon AND ITS civilians and infra structure with total destruction, but there was not ONE story about that in any US newspaper.


Tillerson calls for dialogue between Iraq and Kurdistan Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejects Tillerson's criticism of an Iraqi paramilitary force backed by Iran


The Syrian missile in the Lebanese airspace Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

The Syrian missile in the Lebanese airspace 23, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, Away from the trivialities which those who are obsessed with the invincible Israeli force launched, the Israelis experts and analysts agree that there is a disturbing deterrence strategy followed by the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad that imposes its presence quietly, and []



By John Helmer, Moscow
Nicolo Machiavelli once called moral philosophy the child of civil war. That also makes moral philosophy after the fact, after the crimes. War winners write histories; losers and martyrs write philosophies.  
Tsar Nicholas II (lead images) was killed, along with his family, because the Romanovs were a dynasty threatening the revolutions which had transformed Russia from the start of the year 1917. They did not just represent their own interest to retake power and fortune. They represented the anti-democratic side among Russians. They also represented the aims of the outside powers, including ally Britain and enemy Germany, whose forces invaded Russia during the sixteen months between Nicholass abdication on March 15, 1917, and his death on July 17, 1918.


Fact check: Philippine President Dutertes claims on US and Chinese aid to military (Sounds like fentanyl talking) Peace and Freedom

One of the military first battalions to be deployed in the besieged southern city of Marawi board a military truck as they arrive to a heros welcome at Villamor Air Base Friday, Oct. 20, 2017, in Pasay city, southeast of Manila, Philippines. The military has begun to scale down their forces in Marawi after President Rodrigo Duterte declared its liberation following the killings of the militant leaders after five months of military offensive. AP/Bullit Marquez

MANILA, Philippines  Last Friday, President Rodrigo Duterte thanked the US, China and Israel for providing military assistance for the clearing operations in Marawi City.

In his speech before the 43rd Philippine Business Conference and Expo concluding ceremony, Duterte revealed that the sniper rifle that killed Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon was made in China.

Duterte said that the bulk of four planeloads of rifles that government troops used in war-torn Marawi came from China.

It was only China who gave it on time and plenty, Duterte said.

The president, meanwhile, said that the equipment provided by the US was only borrowed and were already returned.

So I said, the countries helped us. China. We needed it badly, you gave it to us. Thank you very much and President Xi Jinping. And of course the Americans just provided the we just borrowed it, we have returned it already, the president said.

They are not willing to give it to us unlike China, he added.

At least P2.84 billion in US assistance

Despite Dutertes claims that Washington was not willing to give arms to the country, the US provided a majo...


Israel says Hezbollah ordered latest Golan shooting (at Israel) Peace and Freedom


GETTY/AFP/File | Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (L), pictured on October 18, 2017, said Hezbollah fired on Israel without Bashar al-Assads knowledge but called on Damascus to restrain Hezbollah from operating on Syrian soil

JERUSALEM (AFP)  Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that mortar and rocket fire from Syria that landed in Israel last week was ordered by arch-foe Hezbollah, without the involvement of the Syrian regime.

Speaking to senior members of his Yisrael Beitenu party in parliament, Lieberman said the fire into the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan Heights was definitely not random spillover from fighting in the Syrian civil war, as in several previous incidents.

This was deliberate fire by a local squad operated by Hezbollah, Liebermans party spokesman quoted him as saying, without elaborating on his source for the information.

Israel fought a devastating 2006 war with Hezbollah and has voiced concern the Lebanese Shiite militant groups involvement in Syria risks opening up a new front.

Israel also says that Hezbollah ally Iran is using the Shiite group to help expand its own presence in Syria, which borders Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday used a speech in Israels parliament to praise US President Donald Trumps refusal to certify the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal and to send a warning to Tehran.

Every enemy who threatens us with destruction must know that he places himself in danger of a fatal blow, he said.

Hezbollah is also a key ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but Lieberman said Damascus was not implicated in incidents on Thursday and Saturday in which rockets and mortar shells hit open ground in the Israeli sector.

Israel responded with tank fire against Syrian military positions, saying that it held the Syrian regime accountable for any aggression from within its territory.

Hezbollah did it in isolation from the Assad regime, Lieberman said in Hebrew, putting the blame on its leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

It was a personal order from Nasrallah to keep it secret from Assad, he said, adding that nevertheless Israel saw the Syrian regime as responsible for attacks launched from Syrian soil.

Especially today when it controls 90 percent of the territory, Lieberman said.

He called on Damascus and on Russian forces deployed in Syria to restrain Hezbollah, which he said sought to drag us into the Syrian swamp.



Leaked documents. MH17 Mystery stan van houcke

Leaked documents: Ukrainian Air Forces shot down MH17 - confirms conspiracy and guilt



Macron kmpft fr lngere Zulassung von Glyphosat stan van houcke

Bericht vertalen


Pollution Causes One in Six Deaths Worldwide stan van houcke

Newshour: Pollution Causes One in Six Deaths Worldwide

October 22, 2017

Were already paying a tax on carbon with our lungs, our organs, our brains, and our health.


How the EU mocks the victims of Israels crimes stan van houcke

How the EU mocks the victims of Israels crimes

On Wednesday morning, Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian-owned building in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.
As usual, the pretext was that the owners had failed to obtain a permit something the occupation municipality almost never grants to Palestinians.
A day earlier, nine Palestinians were made homeless when Israeli forces demolished two houses in the Silwan neighborhood, using the same pretext.
The Palestinian online publication Quds tweeted this video of the demolition in progress:


EU gives Vietnam yellow card over illegal fishing Peace and Freedom


AFP/File | The European Union urged Vietnam to curtail the activities of vessels like these, which were anchored together after the Vietnamese fishermen crewing them were detained for illegal fishing in Thai waters by the Royal Marine Police in 2016

BRUSSELS (AFP)  The European Union said Monday it has given a yellow card to Vietnam, warning the Pacific country it could ban seafood exports unless Hanoi did more to tackle illegal fishing.The European Commission, the executive of the 28-nation EU, said Vietnam should fix the problem within a reasonable timeframe but did not set a deadline.

We cannot ignore the impact that illegal activities conducted by Vietnamese vessels are having on marine ecosystems in the Pacific, European fisheries commissioner, Karmenu Vella, said in a statement.

We invite the Vietnamese authorities to step up their fight so we can reverse this decision quickly, Vella added.

He said the EU was offering Hanoi technical support to stop the problem, urging steps to rectify the situation within a reasonable timeframe.

The commission said Vietnam lacked an effective system to punish illegal or unreported fishing and did too little to stop Vietnamese vessels in the waters of neighbouring small island countries.

Vietnam ranks among the top ten world producers of seafood products, according to the FAO, the UN food and agriculture organisation.

The commission can go as far as handing a red card to a third country that fails to curb illegal fishing and eventually impose a trade ban on fishery products.

The EU, the worlds biggest fish importer, adopted the regulation that took effect in 2010 in a bid to avoid being complicit in illegal fishing and promote sustainable use of the sea.



No Food, No Water, No Shelter: Two Days of Muck, Rain and Uncertainty HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

23 October 2017 International Organisation for Migration (IOM)*  Nearly 7,000 Rohingya refugees were stranded on a strip of land between Myanmar and Bangladesh for two days last week

Photo: Muse Mohammed/UN Migration Agency (IOM) 2017

Last week, the Government of Bangladesh moved near 7,000 Rohingya refugees, who had been stranded in no mans land near the Anjuman Para border crossing point in Coxs Bazars Ukhia District, into more appropriate settlement areas. The Rohingya are fleeing violence, which broke out in Myanmar on 25 August. 

Photo: Muse Mohammed/UN Migration Agency (IOM) 2017

For 72 hours, the stranded Rohingyas had been lining up on the banks of paddy fields i...


Japanese Official Warns North Korean Threat Critical, Imminent Peace and Freedom

Defense minister tells Asian counterparts, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that Japan supports U.S. position that all options are on the table

U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is given a book by Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers meeting on Monday.
U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is given a book by Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers meeting on Monday. PHOTO: AMBER SMITH/ZUMA PRESS

Oct. 23, 2017 12:35 p.m. ET

CLARK FREEPORT, PhilippinesJapans defense minister said the threat posed by North Korea has grown to an unprecedented, critical and imminent level, reflecting a rising sense of urgency over Pyongyangs nuclear weapons program.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told counterparts from South Korea and the U.S. at a gathering of defense ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations here that Japan supports the American position that all options are on the tablereferring to a possible military responsewhile also favoring efforts at peace.

He said the danger from North Koreas development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles meant the allies had to carefully calibrate their response.

Mr. Onodera met with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis as well as South Korean Minister of National Defense Song Young-moo, for a rare trilateral meeting on security issues. The meeting comes just weeks before Presiden...


Susan Jacoby on Golda Meir: even her cheating on her husband was seen as virtuous The Angry Arab News Service/

Look how this sentence is phrased: "Goldas marriage fell apart in Israel in the 1920s, and although she had many lovers, she and her husband never divorced legally."  So if a man cheats on his wife but never divorces her legally it is praiseworthy? Anything for Zionism in the US.  


Trump plays to the neocons and Netanyahu to get some establishment support Mondoweiss

Were you as frightened by Donald Trumps October 13 speech on Iran as I was? The president used the word regime 29 times in that speech this rogue regime, this fanatical regime, this radical regime, etc. Plus he sloppily linked Iran to Al Qaeda and other terrorist networks

The regime remains the worlds leading state sponsor of terrorism, and provides assistance to al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist networks.

It sure sounded like George Bushs warmongering speeches before we went into Iraq and changed that regime, with such disastrous results.

And just as it was during the Iraq war runup, Israel was hanging out in the wings of the White House. The administrations official roll-call of praise for Trumps speech began with Benjamin Netanyahus statement, He boldly confronted Irans terrorist regime, before listing 20 Republican politicians comments.

It was just like Netanyahu jumping to salute Trump after his last foreign policy splash, the shocking rocket-man speech at the U.N. in September. In over 30 years in my experience with the UN, I never heard a bolder or more courageous speech, Netanyahu said then.

The liberal media gave Trump the reputation of being an isolationist during last years campaign, but no one would say that today. In abandoning the antiwar creed that helped get him elected, Trump is plainly cultivating Israel and the neocons. Robert Parry argues at Consortium News that Netanyahu is pulling Trumps strings. While former Obama aide Philip Gordon points out at Politico that Netanyahu played the same role during the Iraq war and that should give people pause.

Netanyahu, however, would perhaps be a more reliable expert witness today had he not testified to Congress in 2002 that there was no question whatsoever that Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons and if he had not guaranteed that an invasion of Iraq would have enormous positive reverberations on the region, especially on Iran.

Scott McConnell explained to me that Tr...


Myths About Britains Finest Hour Aletho News

By Alexander Cockburn Theres a myth now about the British hanging together in those dark days [of 1939-1941]. London can take it, Ed Murrow told America in his CBS broadcasts. Actually, morale was appalling. Most people correctly had little confidence in the competence of their government and thought Germany was going to win. In the []


Protect the Remaining Animal Species on Earth Their Future is Our Future HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

Unless the international community integrates wildlife conservation with sustainable development, it will not be able to protect the remaining animal species on Earth, the head of a United Nations-backed environmental treaty on 23 October 2017 said at the opening of a wildlife conference in the Philippines.

A lion watches his territory in Kenya. Photo: UN/DPI Photo

Development without a regard for the environment is not sustainable. Their future is our future, said the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), Brandee Chambers, in a press conference on the opening day of the Twelfth Meeting of countries that have joined CMS.

The week-long event is being billed as the years largest wildlife conference, and is for the first time being convened in Asia since the treaty was adopted in Germany in 1979.

More than 1,000 delegates from 120 countries are expected for the five-day conference that will focus on protecting some of the most vulnerable animals in the world, such as the whale shark, which is the worlds largest fish with a rapidly declining population due to fishing, illegal poaching, and other human activity.

Among other animals that the hundreds of governments, civil society and private sector representatives, and experts will discuss are ten species of vultures and the Steppe Eagle, which are threatened with extinction, and the giraffe, which is not safeguarded by any convention.

Participants are also expected to strengthen their work with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), to conserve African carnivores, such as the African lion, the cheetah, the leopard, and the African wild dog.

These proposals are among the 31 to discussed at the conference, affecting at least 35 different species.

The theme of this years conference is the Their Future is Our Future Sustainable Development for Wildlife & People, and links to the Sust...


John Bolton: North Korea ready to hold a dagger at the throat of the U.S.  David Ignatius: North Korea is scarier than ever Peace and Freedom

Trump has scotchd the snake, not killd it. But proposed congressional fixes are feckless.

This article appeared in The Wall Street Journal on October 15, 2017. Click here to view the original article.

By John Bolton
The Wall Street Journal
October 15, 2017

As Abba Eban observed, Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources. So it goes with America and the Iran deal. President Trump announced Friday that the U.S. would stay in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, even while he refused to certify under U.S. law that the deal is in the national interest. Decertification, a bright, shiny object for many, obscures the real issuewhether the agreement should survive. Mr. Trump has scotchd the snake, not killd it.

While Congress considers how to respondor, more likely, not respondwe should focus on the grave threats inherent in the deal. Peripheral issues have often dominated the debate; forests have been felled arguing over whether Iran has complied with the deals terms. Proposed fixes now abound, such as a suggestion to eliminate the sunset provisions on the deals core provisions.

The core provisions are the central danger. There are no real fixes to this intrinsically misconceived agreement. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Iran is a party, has never included sunset clauses, but the mullahs have been violating it for decades.

If the U.S. left the JCPOA, it would not need to justify the decision by showing that the Iranians have exceeded the deals limits on uranium enrichment (though they have). Many argued Russia was not violating the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (though it likely was) when President Bush gave notice of withdrawal in 2001, but that was not the point. The issue was whether the ABM Treaty remained strategically wise for America. So too for the Iran deal. It is neither dishonorable nor unusual for countries to withdraw from international agreements that contravene their vital interests. As Charles de Gaulle put it, treaties are like girls and roses; they last while they last.

When Germany, Britain and France began nuclear negotiations with Iran in 2003, they insisted that their objective was to block the mullahs from the nuclear fuel cycles front end (uranium enrichment) as well as its back end (plutonium reprocessing from spent fuel). They assured Washington that Tehran would be limited to peaceful nuclear applications like medicine and electricity generation. Nuclear-fuel supplies and the timely removal of spent fuel from Irans peaceful reactors would be covered by international guaranties.

So firm were the Europeans that they would not even negotiate unless Iran agreed to suspend all enrichment-related activity. Under these conditions, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell agree...


'Indigenous Women Take Pipeline Activism Global' by Women's radio and TV network, 'Rising Up with Sonali' CENSORED NEWS

Indigenous Women Take Pipeline Activism Global Feature Stories - October 18, 2017 0 Listen to story: Download: mp3 (Duration: 20:39 18.9MB)  FEATURING MICHELLE COOK The struggle to protect water resources from extractive industries is not over with the approval of the Dakota Access


Military Situation In Central Syria On October 23, 2017 (Map Update)

This map provides a general look at the military situation in central Syria on October 23, 2017. Syrian government troops are advancing southeast of Mayadin city while the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are developing momentum on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Military Situation In Central Syria On October 23, 2017 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

The post Military Situation In Central Syria On October 23, 2017 (Map Update) appeared first on .


US Targets Russian Nord Stream-2 Gas Project: Dj Vu Story Aletho News

By Peter KORZUN | Strategic Culture Foundation | 23.10.2017 The US Countering Irans Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 contains a separate section called the Countering Russian Influence in Europe and Eurasia Act (CRIEEA). CRIEEA authorizes and at times requires the President to impose significant new sanctions on the Russian energy, financial, and defense []


North Koreas nuclear threat now at critical and imminent level, says Japan Peace and Freedom

Donald Trump threatened to totally destroy North Korea

By Andrew Buncombe New York
The Independent
October 23, 2017, Noon in New York


The North Korean leader has stepped up its missile and payload testing Getty

The threat from North Koreas developing nuclear and conventional weapons programme has reached a critical and imminent level, Japans defence minister has claimed.

Speaking in the Philippines, in the company of his US and South Korean counterparts, Itsunori Onodera said it was essential those countries concerned about the threat acted to confront it.

[The] threat posed by North Korea has grown to the unprecedented, critical and imminent level, he said.

According to Reuters, he added: Therefore, we have to take calibrated and different responses to meet with that level of threat.

The comments from Mr Onodera came amid escalating tension between North Korea and the West. Since Kim Jong-un assumed leadership of the country in 2011, he has overseen a rapid escalation of its nuclear weapons programme.

In recent months, it has continued to test intercontinental ballistic missiles, despite repeated calls from the international community not to do so. Many experts believe those missiles which North Korea has tested by firing them over Japan could reach the US mainland. At the same time, it has also been testing the nuclear payloads that could be carried by such missiles.

The US has responded by sabre-rattling and a barrage of rhetoric. During his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Donald Trump said the US may be obliged to totally destroy North...


How dare right-wing anti-communist invoke the memory of the Kronstadt Rebellion? The Angry Arab News Service/

Kronstadt Rebellion played a big role in my intellectual formation and in my disillusionment with Leninism and travel to anarchism.  Yet, I hate when right-wingers like Josef Joffe in the Times--of all places--mentions it as if the sailors were rightwing anti-communists like him: "Where the system was heading, shattering all hopes and dreams for freedom under the revolution, became cruelly obvious as early as 1921, when sailors revolted at the Kronstadt naval base."


Mayor of Ankara announces resignation after weeks of speculation Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Melih Gokcek is the latest victim of a move led by President Erdogan to tighten loyalty within the ruling party


Ex-spy chiefs back policy to kill British IS fighters, rights group says it's unlawful Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Foreign Office minister's comments have provoked a storm with former spy chiefs supporting him and rights group calling it 'concerning'


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, October 24, 2017 Gird your loins and light your lamps and be like servants who await their masters return . Peace and Freedom

Tuesday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 474

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Reading 1 ROM 5:12, 15B, 17-19, 20B-21

Brothers and sisters:
Through one man sin entered the world,
and through sin, death,
and thus death came to all men, inasmuch as all sinned.If by that one persons transgression the many died,
how much more did the grace of God
and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ
overflow for the many.
For if, by the transgression of the one,
death came to reign through that one,
how much more will those who receive the abundance of grace
and the gift of justification
come to reign in life through the one Jesus Christ.
In conclusion, just as through one transgression
condemnation came upon all,
so, through one righteous act
acquittal and life came to all.
For just as through the disobedience of one man
the many were made sinners,
so, through the obedience of the one
the many will be made righteous.
Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more,
so that, as sin reigned in death,
grace also might reign through justification
for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Responsorial Psalm PS 40:7-8A, 8B-9, 10, 17

R. (8a and 9a) Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.
Sacrifice or oblation you wished not,
but ears open to obedience you gave me.
Burnt offerings or sin offerings you sought not;
then said I, Behold I come.
R. Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.
In the written scroll it is prescribed for me,
To do your will, O my God, is my delight,
and your law is within my heart!
R. Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.
I announced your justice in the vast assembly;
I did not restrain my lips, as you, O LORD, know.
R. Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.
May all who seek you
exult and be glad in you,
And may those who love your salvation
say ever, The LORD be glorified.
R. Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will.

Alleluia LK 21:36

R. Alleluia, alleluia....


Rebuilding Raqqa: Strengthening Terror Armies with "construction" contracts Penny for your thoughts

 What might really be set to occur in Raqqa now that the US backed PKK terror crew has their fealty flag flying?
  In yesterday's post I broached the subject of funneling funds via construction contracts to create terror armies

"U.S. special envoy Brett McGurk is visiting the Raqqa area, accompanied by Saudi Arabian Minister for Gulf Affairs Thamer al-Sabhan, whose government the Trump administration hopes will put up funds for the effort."

And that's how you funnel money to terrorists- Through construction contracts. Particularly with certain connected persons or construction firms. Think Osama bin Laden & Bin Laden construction
I've begun work on a post regarding the reconstruction of Raqqa and the ease with which money can be diverted to fund all manner of terrorism. This is how ISIS came to be in Iraq.
We'll revisit that soon enough.........."
Before we get to the possible funding of terror armies redux- I want to mention yet again that mouthpieces from the US are insisting that Syria is hindering the US in their "fight" against ISIS
"The Syrian regime and its allies are hindering the liberation of Raqqah by U.S.-supported forces, the White House charged Wednesday.

"Instead of focusing on fighting ISIS, the pro-regime forces attacked our partners and attempted to block them from liberating the Syrian people from the brutality of ISIS," spokeswoman...


Germany: Terrorism-related cases quadruple in one year Jihad Watch

Terrorism cases have quadrupled in Germany? Now, what on earth could be the cause of that? Could it have anything to do with the mass migration of Muslims into the country? No, to think that would be Islamophobic. BKA chief Holger Mnch told daily newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau in July that the danger from the far-right and []


US Cannot Shoot Down DPRK Missiles: Global Defense Experts Aletho News

Sputnik 24.09.2017 The US State Department stated on Friday that the countrys military defense networks will shoot down a North Korean ballistic missile if it flies over the island territory of Guam, but experts in the field have claimed that the Pentagon is flat-out wrong. In stating that the US will destroy a Pyongyang []


Germany: Police had Berlin jihad murderer on watch list, but didnt watch him on weekends, holidays Jihad Watch

After all, there are so very many jihadis in Germany now, German authorities cant be expected to keep track of them all at all times. Celebrate diversity! Special Investigator: Police Did Not Watch Berlin Attacker on Weekends, Holidays, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, October 16, 2017: Special investigator Bruno Jost has completed his report into the police []


Tillerson Open to Peace Talks With Moderate Taliban Peace and Freedom

The U.S. secretary of state reopened the offer during a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks during a surprise visit to Afghanistan on October 23, 2017. (Alex Brandon/AFP/Getty Images)

During an unannounced trip to Afghanistan on Monday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reminded the Taliban that the United States is ready to negotiate, going so far as to say the militant group could join the Afghan government if it renounced its extremism and violence.

Tillerson said the United States wanted to make it clear to the Taliban and other militants that the United States was in Afghanistan for the long haul and the militants would not prevail militarily.

We believe moderate voices among the Taliban, voices that do not want to continue to fight forever, he said. Theres a place for them in the government if they are ready to come, renouncing terrorism, renouncing violence, and being committed to a stable prosperous Afghanistan, he added.

Tillerson made remarks after a meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and other top Afghan officials near Kabul at Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. military installation in Afghanistan.

The diplomatic overture signals the Trump administrations eagerness to wrap up the longest war in U.S. history. In August, Trump pledged open-ended support for Afghanistan following fierce internal debates and foot-dragging after having campaigned on ending the costly 16-year war.

Former President Barack Obama tried multiple times to negotiate peace with the Taliban,...


Tillerson Urges Action From Pakistan Against Taliban on First Afghan Trip Peace and Freedom

Tillerson says the Trump administrations approach to Afghanistan didnt amount to unlimited commitment

Updated Oct. 23, 2017 10:46 a.m. ET

Rex Tillerson made his first trip as secretary of state to Afghanistan on Monday, jetting in and out of the country on a secret visit to meet top U.S. military and Afghan officials battling the Taliban and an offshoot of Islamic State.

Mr. Tillerson, speaking from Bagram Air Field north of Kabul a day ahead of a planned trip to Islamabad, emphasized that Pakistans cooperation in the fight against the Taliban and other extremists would be critical to success in neighboring Afghanistan.

Tillerson to talk tough to Pakistan on terror safe havens
By PTI | Published: 23rd October 2017 08:17 PM |
Last Updated: 23rd October 2017 08:30 PM
Islamabad, Oct 23 (PTI) Ahead of his maiden visit to Pakistan, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson today indicated that he will firmly tell Islamabad to stop providing safe havens to terror groups on its soil to improve bilateral ties.Tillersons crucial visit to Islamabad tomorrow, aimed at normalising bilateral ties, comes days after he made a major policy speech on Americas growing strategic relations with India and US President Donald Trumps move to offer a bigger say for India in war-torn Afghanistan....


Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On October 23, 2017 (Map Update)

This map provides a general look at the military situation in Syria and Iraq on October 23, 2017.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have established control over the Omar oil fields east of Deir Ezzor city and some nearby points. Meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has advanced southeast of Mayadin city.

In Iraq, government forces have tighten control over the contested areas recently captured from the separatist Kurdistan Regional Government.

Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On October 23, 2017 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size map

The post Military Situation In Syria And Iraq On October 23, 2017 (Map Update) appeared first on .


Will Bitcoin Suffer an Enron-Like Demise? Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: indoor

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed is joining the long line of skeptics saying bitcoin is a bubble as the digital currency continues to set record highs.

I just dont believe in this bitcoin thing. I think its just going to implode one day. I think this is Enron in the making, Alwaleed told CNBC in an interview. It just doesnt make sense. This thing is not regulated, its not under control, its not under the supervision of any central bank, he said.

The prince, who has a knack for early-stage investing in technology companies like Twitter and AOL, joins the likes of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon in lambasting the cryptocurrency.


Dimon called bitcoin a fraud and said he would fire any employee trading it for being stupid.


 (Criminals want to be paid in Bitcoin)



Zionists Run Dickinson Texas stan van houcke

No hurricane aid if you boycott Israel, says Texas city



More on the US policy miasma in the ME Sic Semper Tyrannis

"On October 22, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at a joint news conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, that it is time for Iranian militias thats fighting ISIS in Iraq to go...


Global Forecast (10-23-17) Geopolitical Monitor


The GPM Global Forecast is a bi-weekly, members-only article series for 2017. It provides analysis and short-term forecasting on key military, political, and economic events around the globe. 



The post Global Forecast (10-23-17) appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


Eight EU countries tell Israel to pay up after destroying solar panels donated to Bedouin village Mondoweiss

Land, property theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Judaization / Settlements

In unprecedented move, eight European countries to demand compensation from Israel for West Bank demolitions
Haaretz 19 Oct by Barak Ravid Eight European Union countries wrote an official protest letter to Israel, demanding over 30,000 ($35,400) in compensation for confiscating and demolishing structures and infrastructure which the countries had built in Area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli control. A senior European diplomat told Haaretz that the letter, which is the first of its kind, was expected to be delivered to senior Foreign Ministry officials within a few days. According to the European diplomat, Belgium was leading the move. The other countries involved in drafting the letter are France, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland and Denmark. All eight countries are members of the West Bank Protection Consortium, a body through which they coordinate humanitarian assistance to Area C. The countries were protesting the confiscation of solar panels they had installed in Bedouin communities and the demolition of mobile structures that were financed in various Bedouin communities to serve as classrooms.

WATCH: Week-long cultural festival aims to revive Palestinian traditions, life in Jerusalem
Reuters 17 Oct A jubilant Palestinian wedding procession marched through the streets of Jerusalem, kicking off a festival aimed at reviving life in the ancient city. Layali al-Quds is the first cultural festival in Jerusalem launched by Shafaq, also known as the Jerusalem Arts Network which includes five of the most prominent art centres in the city: Al-Mamal Foundation for Contemporary Art, the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, Palestinian Art Court-Al Hoash, Palestinian National Theatre, and Yabous Cultural Centre. Daoud al-Ghoul, the director of Shafaq, said there will be 50 events during the festival.

Palestinians vow to Israel: Were not leaving Jerusalem
OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM (Al Jazeera) 14 Oct by Mersiha Gadzo Mazen Jabari was heading towards the Yabous Cultural Centre in occupied East Jerusalem to deliver a presentation on...


CPJ calls on Russian authorities to condemn stabbing attack on Ekho Moskvy journalist Committee to Protect Journalists

A police officer walks past a photograph of Ekho Moskvy journalists, including Tatyana Felgengauer, seen on the right, at the station's Moscow office. An assailant stabbed Felgengauer on October 23, 2017. (AFP/Vasily Maximov)

New York, October 23, 2017--An unidentified assailant today broke into the Moscow office of Ekho Moskvy and stabbed Tatyana Felgengauer in the throat, the outlet's editor-in-chief, Alexey Venediktov, wrote on Twitter. Felgengauer, the deputy editor-in-chief and an anchor at the independent radio station, was hospitalized, according to media reports. Security staff apprehended the assailant, who is being questioned by police on charges of attempted murder, according to reports.


Chris Hedges: 'Our Ever-Deadlier Police State' stan van houcke


Our Ever-Deadlier Police State

Mr. Fish
None of the reforms, increased training, diversity programs, community o...


Kenya to charge opposition leaders sister with incitement to violence Peace and Freedom


Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, crowd

Kenyas President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses a Jubilee Party campaign caravan rally in Nairobi, Kenya October 23, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner Reuters

By Duncan Miriri

NAIROBI (Reuters) Kenyan authorities will arrest and charge the sister of opposition leader Raila Odinga with incitement to violence after attacks on the election board, the chief prosecutors office said on Monday.

Image result for Raila Odinga, Kenya, photos

Raila Odinga

Odinga has pulled out of the re-run of an election he was due to contest on Thursday against President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying problems with the election board meant the vote would not be fair. He has called for protests and a boycott and on Sunday said on Twitter there would be no election.

We resume our picketing at IEBC (election board) offices countrywide on Tuesday and Wednesday. We maintain that there will be no election on Thursday, he said, without giving details.

Kenya is East Africas richest economy and a trade and transport gateway as well as a hub for diplomacy and security, so its stability is considered vital for the region.

Odingas supporters disrupted a training session for election officials last week in the western city of Kisumu, which is his political stronghold. They attacked election staff and destroyed tents and polling material, witnesses said.

Ruth Odinga, who is the opposition leaders sister and a former deputy governor of Kisumu county, was present at the protest, according to Reuters witnesses. Prosecutors instructed police to arrest her, opposition Senator Fred Outa and others.

Image result for Ruth Odinga, Kenya, photos

Ruth Odinga

She will be charged with incitement, destruction of property, obstructing election officers and trespassing in an electoral center, according to a letter that the director of public prosecutions office posted online.



Climate Denial Crock stan van houcke

Gagged. EPA Scientists Forbidden to Speak on Climate Research

October 22, 2017

Maybe if we dont talk about it, it will go away.
Thats why they call it denial.


The Nation magazine: Robert Spencer an extremist, right-wing anti-Muslim rabble rouser Jihad Watch

That is what Bob Dreyfuss of the hard-Left magazine The Nation called me. He threw in anti-Muslim bigot and fanatic for good measure. How did I get to be such a villain? Well, it all started when I had the bad manners to notice that Muslims who were killing the idolaters wherever they found them []


US Secretary of State Tillerson in surprise visit to Afghanistan Our mission is to achieve peace in Afghanistan and deny safe havens to terrorists Peace and Freedom


POOL/AFP | US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is greeted by General John Nicholson (R) upon arriving at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on October 23, 2017

KABUL (AFP)  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson paid a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday to discuss Washingtons new strategy with President Ashraf Ghani.

Tillerson reiterated the US commitment to working with the Kabul government and regional partners to achieve peace in Afghanistan and deny safe havens to terrorists who threaten that goal, said a US embassy statement posted on Twitter.

The meeting took place at Bagram Airfield, Americas largest base in Afghanistan, as the resurgent Taliban step up attacks on Afghan police and troops in response to the US strategy announced in August.

Clearly we have to continue to fight against the Taliban, against others, in order for them to understand they will never win a military victory, Tillerson told reporters after the meeting that was also attended by Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

It was Tillersons first trip to Afghanistan as secretary of state and comes several weeks after US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis also paid an unannounced visit.

The closed-door talks covered Ghanis reform programme, his anti-corruption strategy and preparations for parliamentary elections due to take place next year.

US President Donald Trump has declared that we are here to stay until we can secure a process of reconciliation and peace, Tillerson said, adding: Its not an unlimited commitment.

Tillersons unannounced visit follows one of the bloodiest weeks in Afghanistan in recent memory, with more than 200 people killed in multiple attacks on security installations and mosques across the country.

A spokesman for the militants told AFP last week the attacks were a clear message the enemy who thought they had scared us with the new Trump strategy have now been given a lesson.

The Taliban have been rampant since the withdrawal of NATO combat forces at the end of 2014.

Trump has cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops in an open-ended commitment and there has been a surge in US airstrikes, but the insurgency has only intensified.

Militants fired several rockets into Kabul on Monday morning but there were no casualties.

During Mattiss visit last month Taliban militants fired multiple rockets towards the citys international airport in an attack that killed one person and wounded 11 others.



Report: 16 Palestinian Children Arrested, Beaten, and Confined to Cage By Israeli Soldiers Aletho News

By Richard Edmondson | Fig Trees and Vineyards | October 22, 2017 On October 13th, 2017, 16 children and 2 adults were ambushed and arrested by the Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade. The 18 arrested were initially detained in a cage in checkpoint 56,  cable-tied,  kicked, and hit. 2 were released, whilst the remaining []


Muck Rock -- Kinder Morgan paid Massachusetts State Police $115,000 to defend controversial pipeline CENSORED NEWS

Kinder Morgan paid Massachusetts State Police $115 thousand to defend controversial pipeline Troop B of the MSP have been stationed in Sandisfield since May, and have arrested dozens of protesters of the Connecticut Expansion Pipeline Written by Grace Raih Edited by JPat Brown Same controversy, different pipeline. On July 29th, 22 protestors were arrested by Massachusetts State Police


Hugh Fitzgerald: The Lasting Benefits of an Independent Kurdistan Jihad Watch

First of all, lets not forget that astonishing vote on September 25; 93% of the Kurds in Iraq went ahead and voted for independence. It was an opinion poll, not binding. But it meant a great deal. That figure cannot be ignored, not even by the U.N. The Kurds have a moral right to such a []


China Speeds Ahead of U.S. as Quantum Computing Race Escalates

Via: McClatchy: U.S. and other Western scientists voice awe, and even alarm, at Chinas quickening advances and spending on quantum communications and computing, revolutionary technologies that could give a huge military and commercial advantage to the nation that conquers them. The concerns echo although to a lesser degree the shock in the West []


sexual harassment and assault in the US military The Angry Arab News Service/

"The Army is grappling with a resurgence of cases in which troops responsible for preventing sexual assault have been accused of rape and related crimes, undercutting the Pentagons claims that it is making progress against sexual violence in the ranks."


Susan Jacoby on Golda Meir, the notorious anti-feminist and war criminal The Angry Arab News Service/

Notice that: 1) there are no references to her war criminal career and the bombing of unarmed refugees in camps in Lebanon and in Palestine.  2) notice how her anti-feminism is glossed over.  


Pakistan: Morgue refuses to keep transgenders body as its freezers will get dirty Jihad Watch

A morgue in Peshawar has refused to keep the body of a transgender person who was found murdered in the Darmangi area The government contractor has also refused to bury the body. Although the morgue said that its freezers will get dirty because the body is too decomposed, that is an obvious lie, as he []


Robert Mugabe as goodwill ambassador The Angry Arab News Service/

Notice the outrage about his appointment in Western media.  If this was the Saudi king, there would not have bene such an outrage although the Saudi regime is far more oppressive than Zimbabwe.  


According to the New York times Africans complain about Chinese NOT US colonialism The Angry Arab News Service/

"In Southeast Asia and Africa, there are complaints about a new era of Chinese colonialism."


Jimmy Carter: on the confederacy The Angry Arab News Service/

Read this interview with Carter.  He remains a southern white conservative.  Read his views about confederate statues.  He also still misses Anwar Sadat.


Ukrainian anti-corruption detectives raid top mayors home Peace and Freedom


AFP/File | Former Georgian president and ex-Odessa regional governor Mikheil Saakashvili, seen at a Kiev rally last week, has accused mayor Trukhanov of being one of the regions corruption kingpins

KIEV (AFP)  Ukrainian anti-corruption investigators on Monday raided the home and office of a powerful mayor at the centre of a politically charged embezzlement probe.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) said the searches were conducted at the premises of Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov and his associates.

The Black Sea citys authorities are being probed for allegedly pocketing money from contracts assigned for repairing a highway and awarding loans that vanished but were meant to help refurbish the local airport.

Since detectives are also checking the possibility of the Odessa mayors involvement in these criminal offences, the searches are being held at his home and office, NABU said in a statement.

The raids came nearly a week after the start of the first sustained wave of anti-government protests in Kiev since Ukraines 2014 pro-EU revolution deposed the Russia-backed regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

The anti-corruption rallies are currently being spearheaded by Mikheil Saakashvili the former Georgian president who became the regional governor of Odessa in February 2015.

Saakashvili accused Trukhanov of being one of the regions corruption kingpins but soon became frustrated about his inability to tackle graft in the region and resigned last year. He went on to accuse President Petro Poroshenko of knowing about the corruption and covering it up in order to protect his political friends.

Poroshenko dismisses the charge as groundless and accuses Saakashvili of trying further to destabilise the crisis-torn country.

But the Ukrainian leader appeared to bow to a major protester demand on Friday by promising to set up a special anti-corruption court by the end of the year.

Saakashvili said on Monday that he intended to keep the protests running until deputies return from a recess on November 7 and address other outstanding demands.


Lenin in the New York Times: Josef Joffe on Lenin The Angry Arab News Service/

The US has not been cured of the anti-communist disease.  It would be fair to say that the intellectual and media class has not been cured of the rabid anti-communist disease.  You can't read any fair assessment about communism in US papers, still to this very day.  Look at this ignorant and fanatic review of a book on Lenin by Josef Joffe.  There is no sense of reason in it at all.  Historian E.H.Carr pointed out something important about Lenin: that he was in fact a moderate, all the Western media and academic account to the contrary notwithstanding.  Notice that the people who were killed in Russia due to the European AND US military invasion and intervention of Russia are also blamed on Lenin and counted as victims of communism: this is like counting the victims of US war on Iraq as victims of Ba`thism.  But you can't read anything reasonable about communism and its leaders in US media.  I could not believe the bad quality of this article.  


Alternative travel facts from the Tuscany of the Middle East Mondoweiss

A friend alerted me to the Telegraph travel writer Soo Kims recent article about visiting Israel (The Mediterranean country youd never thought to visit (but really should)) and noted that it didnt mention the Palestinian Arabs, not once. We actually make up two thirds of the population of Western Galilee, the region extolled in the article as Tuscany of the Middle East. We also make up half of the residents of the entire Galilee and one fifth of all of Israels population.

I wrote notes  in the margins of the Telegraph article,  which I will now share with you along with the relevant bits from the hasbara article.

From the original:

Israel has a tremendous history and legacy, architecturally speaking, much of which dates back to the architecture in Jerusalem which evolved over three millennia, formed by inspirations from the best Persian, Roman, Ottoman Turkish architecture, with a bit of colonial German architecture thrown in the mix, Asa Bruno, the Israeli-born director of Londons Ron Arad Studio, told Telegraph Travel.

This is a standard Israeli Hasbara gymnastic trick, jumping over 13 centuries of Arab history to avoid using the accursed term.

Sitting at the mouth of the meandering Yarkon river

Heavily polluted. In 1997 when a bridge over it collapsed, a visiting athlete died from the trauma of the fall and three others later on from the polluted water.

Tel Aviv has a six-mile beach popular with young, hip and laid-back locals.

A note of caution: You may want to join the laid-back locals on the dry sand. The Gaza sewage pollution may reach this beach.

Israel can boast around 300 days of sunshine a year. Rays are so reliable that the country has been a pioneer of solar energy.

Even the Bedouins in the Negev, Israels citizens with the lowest socioeconomic status, and villagers in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, have adapted the technology extensively (with financial aid from international sources) before Israel put an end to such frivolity. This is in line with its policy of banning the Bedouins access to their native environment. The homes and any solar energy rigs one such group, Al-Araqib, had were destroyed for the 116th time as of August 1, 2017. But they come back. I have more pity on the cockroaches in my kitchen, it seems.



Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel but only if youre Jewish Mondoweiss

Did the law in Britain and the United States allow apartheid South Africa to advertise job opportunities to white Britons and Americans that were not also available to those countries black citizens? And was it possible for the apartheid regime to hold employment recruitment sessions for whites-only in London and Manchester, in an effort to bolster its white population?

And even if British and US law allowed them to do such things, can we imagine that these practices would have passed without eliciting noisy protests outside the careers advice meetings and questions in each countrys legislature?

And yet this is exactly what is happening right now in the US and Europe in a different context: Israel. And so far there has been not a peep. Yes, Israel is singled out, but the exceptionalism works to its advantage, not to its detriment.

The Jewish Agency for Israel advertisement

The Jewish Agency, an international Zionist organisation with semi-governmental status in Israel, is currently publicising in the UKs Jewish Chronicle newspaper job opportunities in Israel for British citizens but only if they are Jews. Those interested can attend meetings in London and Manchester, organised by the Agencys Global Service Centre.

Israel has been far more careful about concealing the nature of its apartheid policies than South Africa was. It therefore intentionally uses language as a tool of deception. Its racist ads do not explicitly refer to Jews, which might make the rest of us deeply uncomfortable. Instead, it adopts code words for Jews that only those who can benefit will understand.

Olim and the Law of Return

To decode this and similar adverts, we need to understand how Israel originally engineered an apartheid structure of citizenship, embedded in a piece of foundational legislation known as the 1950 Law of Return. It...


Bankster Drug Wars: Financial Elite Reap Billions on Addiction and Misery Newsbud

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Mexico Is World's Second Most Violent Country, Report Says

Mexico's bloody drug war is killing more people than ever



Israeli Lt-Col & Intel officer who selectively translates and mistranslates Arabic for propaganda wars The Angry Arab News Service/

"Halevis writings and statements suggest that he sees himself as a soldier in the information wars particularly when it comes to allegations against Israel, which he challenges by using continuous, intensive and thorough research, according to a profile on the Economic Club of Canadas website. This work includes counting Gaza fatalities in his free time, according to a 2009 NPR article that described his macabre hobby. During the first Gaza war, NPR wrote, Halevi suspected Palestinians of exaggerating their civilian fatalities and spent six months scrutinizing 1,400 deaths listed by a human rights group checking each name against a terrorist database he personally compiled and whatever he finds on the internet. Halevi has also written extensively about Islam and Muslim Canadians on CIJ News, where his Arabic translations have drawn praise from the anti-Islamist blog Point de Bascule." (thanks Amir)


Arabic press review: Egypt denies authenticity of attack tape Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Egypt claims leaked recording from Friday attack is fabricated, while Algeria says it dismantled an IS cell


Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between

Via: Bloomberg: The U.S. retirement age is rising, as the government pushes it higher and workers stay in careers longer. But lifespans arent necessarily extending to offer equal time on the beach. Data released last week suggest Americans health is declining and millions of middle-age workers face the prospect of shorter, and less active, retirements []


Israeli police in 'Holocaust' row after numbering arms of ultra-Orthodox Jews Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Hebrew media sources described the act as having 'a Nazi connotation' - but Israeli police won't apologise


West Eyes Recolonization of Africa by Endless War; Removing Gaddafi Was Just First Step HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

By Dan Glazebrook*




Argentina: Big win for Macris coalition, Cristina goes to the Senate Fausta's Blog

Good news for the country, and for the hemisphere: Argentine Presidents Coalition Wins Midterm Elections.Mauricio Macris Lets Change group garners broad backing in key provinces, easing his path to new tax cuts and other market-friendly policies. How about Cristina? Mixed news (emphasis added), Mr. Macris top Senate candidate in Buenos Aires province, Esteban Bullrich, outpolled []


'Sons of AKP': Turkish-German biker gang accused of aiding Turkish spies Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Politician says Osmanen Germania works with MIT spies in Germany to hunt PKK, Gulenists and anti-AKP activists


Sweden issues stamp featuring a mosque Jihad Watch

Hailing their new masters and overlords. Postnord launches stamp with mosque, translated from Postnord lanserar frimrke med mosk, Fria Tider, October 21, 2017 (thanks to Vikram): Domestic. Postnord launches five new stamps with different motifs. One of the stamps represents a mosque, writes Social News. It was at the end of August that Postnord launched []


Allahs Child Brides Jihad Watch

Allahs Child Brides
On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the International Terrorism seminar. Anni focused on Allahs Child Brides, sharing her own harrowing personal experience as a child bride who escaped and survived after living []


Help Wanted - State Department Seeks Self-Consistent Secretary Moon of Alabama

European business deals with Iran are safe: Tillerson - AFP, October 20 2017 Washington (AFP) - The United States does not intend to disrupt European business deals with Iran, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in comments published Friday. ......


What Does a UAE-backed Independence Referendum in Yemen Mean? Geopolitics Alert

Aden (GPA) With global momentum building from separatist referendums in Spain and Iraq, southern leaders in Yemen eye their own independence referendum. But is this movement worthy of support? What does southern secession mean for the war against Yemen led by the Saudi coalition?

Southern secession in Yemen is not a new concept. Formerly two nations, North and South Yemen, the two countries unified in 1990 leading up to the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Before unification, South Yemen was known as the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen: a socialist state with strong ties to the Soviet Union, Palestine, and Cuba. While supporting South Yemens self-determination and calls for secession might seem like a no-brainer, the current Southern Transitional Council is a far cry from the Marxist-Leninist guerillas who overthrew British occupation and established an independent socialist state in the 1960s.

Saudi special forces patrol Aden in Yemen's south 2015Flickr: AHMED FARWAN

U.A.E. Occupation and Imperialism in Yemen

Before the Saudi-led intervention against Yemen, the Southern Movement was very decentralized lacking any concrete structure or long-term vision. The United Arab Emirates has since taken it upon themselves to hijack the movement as a means to carry out their own political, military, and economic occupation in Yemen. While Saudi Arabia bombs Yemenis in the north, the U.A.E. floods the south with troops. The U.A.E. is also responsible for establishing 18 black site detention centers throughout southern Yemen in partnership with none other than the United States. Inmates report unimaginable torture as discovered by the Associated Press.

Those leading the movement represent nothing but foreign interests. This campaign is merely a manifestation of the Saudi-U.A.E. proxy war in Yemen. Yes, thats right: two members posing as allies in the war against Yemen currently face their own power struggle in the south.

The current leader of the Southern Movement is militia commander and governor of Aden Aidarous al-Zubaidi: the U.A.E.s man in the south. Formerly an ally of the Saudi-imposed President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, Zubaidi and his allies grasped the Southern Movement as a way to diminish Hadis power which wasnt much to begin with anyways.

Zubaidi announced last week that the Southern Transitional Council w...


Drafting 1,000 Retired Pilots, B-52s Back On 24-hr Duty.Fake News, Or Just Big Balls? ThereAreNoSunglasses

[Trump is NOT FUCKING AROUND, FOLKS.  At some point in the Trump run, it is inevitable that the war horses of the USAF, fifty-year old B-52s will be warmed-up, with the intention of flying them into the conflict zone with full nuclear and non-nuclear payloads.  This Newsweek article posted below builds on the breaking news, or Fake News item which was released yesterday through Google News, on recalling 1,000 pilots ( SEE: Can USAF Draft 1,000 Retired Pilots?(too many targets).

[Preparing a Simple Fallout Shelter

Nuclear Bombers Poised to Return to 24-Hour Alert After Trump Recalls Retired Pilots




The U.S. Air Force is preparing for nuclear armed B-52 bombers to be put back on 24-hour alert for the first time in 25 years as tensions rise between North Korea and President Donald Trump.

I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and h...


Missing Links for Peace, Civility, Social Well-Being HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

By Antonio Carlos Silva Rosa*

23 October 2017 TRANSCEND Media Service

We will keep missing out if we insist on relying solely on our intellect, acquired knowledge, reason and intelligence; human potential encompasses much more.


Antonio Carlos Silva Rosa, M.A. | Editor 

I am fascinated with the insights the evolution of science provides, particularly astronomy, cosmology, quantum physics and medicine. Medical research and technology opened the doors to the insides of our brains, considered by ourselves superior and in many ways as complex, dynamic, fascinating as the universe itself.

And scientists keep sending those intelligent messages to outer space in hopes that other intelligent beings will pick them up and beam back their replies to them-us to provide a human life-changing experience of a close encounter of some kind. They assume that beings out there possess minds and intellectslives like our own....


In the aftermath of Kirkuk: Violence, betrayal, and defeat Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Only a better leadership in both Erbil and Baghdad can bring the conflict to a peaceful settlement



Cycles of Wealth in Brazils Amazon: Gold, Lumber, Cattle and Now, Energy HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

PARANAITA, Brazil, Oct 21 2017 (IPS) The burning down of the local forest, on Jun. 29, 1979, was the first step towards the creation of the city of Paranaita, in a municipality that is now trying to shed its reputation as a major deforester of Brazils Amazon rainforest and has named itself the energy capital.

Aerial view of the TelesPires Hydropower Plant, which has been operating since 2015.With an installed capacity of 1,820 MW, it is the biggest plant on the TelesPires River, which runs across the west-central state of MatoGrosso. Built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, the reservoir is only 160 sq km in size and only displaced one family. Credit: Courtesy of CHTP

Aerial view of the TelesPires Hydropower Plant, which has been operating since 2015.With an installed capacity of 1,820 MW, it is the biggest plant on the TelesPires River, which runs across the west-central state of MatoGrosso. Built in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, the reservoir is only 160 sq km in size and only displaced one family. Credit: Courtesy of CHTP


Two large hydropower plants, one of which is still being built, have changed life in Paranaita. But its future is not yet clearly defined between the rainforest, cattle-breeding and soy and maize monoculture that have advanced from the south, deforesting the west-central state of MatoGrosso, which is the southeastern gateway to the Amazon jungle region.

Construction of the plants has brought investment, new housing and hotels and has given a new boost to the local economy in the city, which now has large supermarkets. My hotel only had six apartments; now it has 12 complete apartments and a more attractive facade,Francisco Karasiaki Jnior said brightly, during a tour of the area by IPS.

The Teles Pires dam, 85 km northwest of Paranaita, employed 5,719 workers at the height of construction, in July 2014.

The dam began to be built in August 2011 and was completed in late 2014, when work had already b...

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Monday, 23 October


Hackers Target Nations Schools Your Childs Personal Data Could Be For Sale Peace and Freedom

Criminals make student data public in escalating demands for ransom; some districts pay up

No automatic alt text available.

Oct. 23, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

Hackers looking to exploit sensitive information for profit are increasingly targeting the nations schools, where they are finding a relatively weak system to protect a valuable asset: student data.

Cyberthieves have struck more than three dozen school systems from Georgia to


Hackers are targeting schools, U.S. Department of Education warns

CNN Money
 When Superintendent Steve Bradshaw first received a threatening text message in mid-September, he didnt know it was coming from a hacker trying to exploit his Montana school district.

But soon, students and other schools around Flathead County were receiving threatening messages, too. More than 30 schools in the district shutdown for three days.



Mohawk Nation News 'Vanishing Immigrants' CENSORED NEWS

VANISHING IMMIGRANTS!! Posted on October 22, 2017 Mohawk Nation News Please post and distribute. MNN. OCT. 22, 2017. In 1946 on the first day of school the class in Kahnawake was told by the missionary that the INDIANS would soon disappear. A blue booklet with white letters was handed out called The Vanishing American to take home to their families. One father yelled, Its a lie.


Brexit: UKs Theresa May should accept reality, says EU negotiator Peace and Freedom

The EU Parliaments Brexit negotiator has called on the British premier to outline the trade deal she wants after the UK leaves the EU. He said many Brexiteers have refused to accept the realities of the exit.

Guy Verhofstadt (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Seeger)

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliaments chief Brexit negotiator, on Sunday called on British Prime Minister Theresa May to confront British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and other Brexit advocates in her party with the true consequences of Britains departure from the European Union by outlining the future trade deal she would like with the bloc.

Read more: Angela Merkel has absolutely no doubts about securing Brexit deal

May should call the bluff of the increasingly desperate Brexiteers and outline, once and for all, what kind of future relationship the country wants with the European Union, Verhofstadt told the British The Mail on Sunday newspaper.

This may require Theresa May to face down Boris Johnson and others in her party who refuse to accept the reality of the Brexit they campaigned for, he said.

EU member states are calling for detailed and concrete commitments from Britain about how it sees its relationship with the bloc after Brexit before consenting to start trade talks. However, at a recent summit, leaders of the 27 states that will remain in the EU did agree to start preparing for the so-called Phase Two of Brexit negotiations, which will include the issues of trade and a transition deal.


Interview: Bret Schafer on Putins Internet Propaganda Push Geopolitical Monitor


Russian state-directed efforts to spread disinformation and influence political debate ahead of the 2016 US presidential elections is now the subject of various government investigations. We sit down with Bret Schafer from the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States to learn more about the rise of targeted fake news or perhaps more appropriately: fake polemic and discuss whats being done to insulate Western democracies from its effects. 


Could you briefly describe how Russia is spreading disinformation in Western countries?

Disinformation spreads in largely the same manner as legitimate information; the difference is that disinformation must be disseminated in a way that masks its intent and, frequently, its source. In a similar vein to the laundering of illicit finances, disinformation must be cleaned in order to establish a faade of legitimacy. Misleading information that can be directly traced to an unreliable sourcesay, a foreign intelligence agencyimmediately loses its value. The process of spreading disinformation is therefore not simply about amplifying a message; it is about moving a message from a questionable to a credible source, or, at the very least, a source that appears credible.

The Russians, or more accurately, the Soviets, literally invented the word disinformation (most scholars trace its origins back to the Russian word dezinformatsiya), so they understand the framework outlined above better than anyone. The tools they are currently using are modern, but the techniques have been honed over a half-century of influence operations in the West. Thats important to stress because the spread of disinformation is not just about the manipulation of technology, its also about the manipulation of people.

But to directly answer your question, the Kremlin spreads disinformation in the West by first either publishing misleading content on one of its overt-propaganda channels (RT or Sputnik); placing content on one of the many websites that are covertly funded by the Kremlin or Kremlin-sympathizers; posting messages to Facebook and other social media sites (usually pseudonymously); commenting on articles or videos (again, pseudonymously); or by promoting misleading content that they did not create but that serves their broader strategic purposes. Regardless of where the content originates, however, the Kremlin operates a network of bots and trolls that spreads the message, either by linking directly to the original story or by repackaging its themes into tweets or posts.  As mentioned earlier, this serves to not only disseminate the message to a wider audience but to also conceal their direct involvement. The hope, of course, is that the misleading message is appropriated by the Western media or people online who connect with the message, without realizing the messenger.




Psychic Espionage: An Insiders View of US Armys Secret Project StarGate Covert Geopolitics

US Army intelligence officer Major Ed Dames was one of five officers trained to monitor and analyze remote viewing, a technique said to allow users to psychically see locations, events or other information from great distances. The top-secret project, run by the Defense Intelligence Agency, would be dubbed Project StarGate. The Central Intelligence Agency, to Continue reading Psychic Espionage: An Insiders View of US Armys Secret Project StarGate


KINDLE: Zion in Shiksa-Land: Harvey Weinstein First Major Jewish Pedophile Domino in the USA (Trump Revolution Book 16) Public Intelligence Blog

From Benjamin Fulford to Tim Luongo to Charles Huge Smith, it is clear that Harvey Weinstein is not just shlonged, to use Donald Trumps verbing of a noun, but he is taking the entire Zionist encampment in America down with him. Harry Weinstein, not Sheldon Adelson or George Soros or Michael Chertoff or Jeffrey Epstein, is the schlemiel who is ending the Zionist occupation of America and in so doing, also imploding the Deep State (the Khazarian Mafia as well as the Zionists and their Jesuit fellow travelers). All we shiksas owe him a debt of eternal gratitude. Kosher he was is not (that is a nuanced observation at many levels).

Harvey Weinstein is the first Jewish pedophile domino to fall. His public outing represents the beginning of the end for the Deep State and the Zionists that are such a large part of the Deep State in the USA.

Read more.


Russias Kaspersky to Allow Outside Review of Its Cybersecurity Software Peace and Freedom

Company hopes sharing source code will build trust after allegations its software helped Russia spy on Americans

Oct. 23, 2017 7:01 a.m. ET

Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based cybersecurity firm whose software U.S. officials suspect helped the Russian government spy on Americans, promised to make its source code available for an independent review.

The company said Monday the review is part of a global transparency initiative that it hopes will improve the trustworthiness of its products. It said it would hand over the source code for its software in the first quarter of next year but didnt specify who would undertake the review or how widely the code would be

Image result for Eugene Kaspersky, photos

Eugene Kaspersky


Kaspersky fights spying claims with code review plan

October 23, 2017 0745

Apple Pay now in 20 markets, nabs 90% of all mobile contactless transact...


Israel sold military gear to Myanmar at height of Rohingya crackdown Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Myanmar's navy proudly showcased Israeli-made gunboats as hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fled the country


Venezuelas Behind on Its Debt and Facing Two Huge Bond Payments Every day, its harder for them to pay. Peace and Freedom


By Katia Porzecanski, Christine Jenkins, and Ben Bartenstein

October 23, 2017, 6:00 AM EDT
  • Government-run oil giant PDVSA owes $985 million on Friday
  • Country is already late on $350 million of interest payments

Image result for maduro, photos


Ever since the price of oil collapsed in mid-2014, theres been a broad consensus among the bond-market crowd that Venezuela was going to default. Not immediately, they said, but at some point down the road.

Three years on, that time may have arrived. On Friday, the government-run oil giant PDVSA owes $985 million. Six days later, its on the hook for another $1.2 billion. Not only is that a daunting sum for a country whose foreign-currency reserves recently dipped below $10 billion for the first time in 15 years, but it figures to be a logistical nightmare too.

Increasingly isolated by U.S. financial sanctions that have spooked banks and other intermediaries in the bond payment chain, Venezuela has already fallen behind on interest payments worth $350 million that were due...


Review: How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Page

6 star focus on retaking the Republic one precinct at a time

5 even 6 for one single great idea. 29 pages of double-spaced substance (the rest is a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, also double-spaced and always worth reading).

Dan, who I am fortunate to know personally, could be the Patrick Henry of our time, sounding the alarm over the demise of democracy, but also showing us a crystal clear readily achievable solution: GET INVOLVED. Dan has studied the precinct level of politics (and is himself a member of a Republican precinct in Arizona) and documents, in no uncertain terms, that the fastest way of restoring integrity to our goverment is to GET INVOLVED ***at the precinct level***

Put most simply, absent Donald Trump getting serious about the Election Reform Act of 2017 that buries the two-party tryanny led by pedophiles and serving the Deep State, I rate Dan Schultz as #2 after Steve Bannon in the ranks of those who might lead us forward to defeat the Satantic criminals now in change of the USA. America the Beautiful America of God, community, family, and integrity is restorable. Dan has a...


Yoda: Unified Campaign & Election System Public Intelligence Blog

The Unified Campaign & Election System

Everything you need to win votes, Integrated Into One, Proven System.

The Original Game Changer. The system that everyone else is trying to copy.

From the original architect of The Most Winningest political software in history.


Berto Jongman: Hackers Could Take Down the Internet With Million-Device Botnet Worse Than Mirai Public Intelligence Blog

Berto Jongman

Hackers Could Take Down the Internet With Million-Device Botnet Worse Than Mirai

Hackers have compromised the security of more than a million internet-connected devices and transformed them into a massive botnet that could take down the internet, researchers have warned.

Phi Beta Iota: It is important to note that states such as Israel, not individual hackers, are the primary offenders in this cyber-war.


Mattis says to discuss N. Korea threat on Philippines trip Praises the Philippines for its successes in battling Islamic State in Marawi Peace and Freedom


Image result for james mattis, philippines, photos

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis

CLARK (PHILIPPINES) (AFP)  US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said Monday that curbing military threats from North Korea would be high on the agenda on his Asian tour this week, ahead of a visit by Donald Trump.

Tension has been high on the divided peninsula for months with Pyongyang staging its sixth nuclear test and launching two ICBMs that apparently brought much of the US mainland into range.

Trump and the Norths leader Kim Jong-Un have meanwhile traded threats of war and personal insults.

Mattis, on his way to the Philippines for security talks with Southeast Asian defence ministers, said he would discuss the regional security crisis caused by reckless North Korea among other issues.

At the forum, Mattis is also expected to hold three-way talks with his counterparts from South Korea and Japan key US allies in Asia before visiting Seoul for annual defence talks.

We will discuss how we are going to maintain peace by keeping our militaries alert while our diplomats Japanese, South Korean and US work with all nations to denuclearise the Korean peninsula, Mattis told reporters on his aircraft.

He stressed the international communitys goal was to denuclearise the flashpoint region, adding: There is only one country with nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

Mattis visit to Seoul comes ahead of Trumps first presidential trip to Asia next month, which also includes South Korea. All eyes will be on Trumps message to the isolated North.

His recent remark that only one thing will work with North Korea fuelled concerns of a potential conflict.

But even some Trump advisers say US military options are limited when Pyongyang could launch an artillery barrage on the South Korean capital Seoul only around 50 kilometres from the heavily fortified border and home to 10 million people.

The defence ministers from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), meeting in the northern Philippine city of Clark ahead of talks with Mattis, issued a strong statement against North Korea on Monday.

(We) express grave concerns over the escalation of tensions in the Korean Peninsula including the testing and launching by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in addition to its previous nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches, the joint declaration said.

(We) strongly urge the DPRK to immediately comply with its obligations arising from all the relev...


Help Free American Pastor Andrew Brunson Clarion Project

Military officers being rounded up and arrested in Erdogan's post-coup sweep; inset: Paster Andrew Brunson Military officers being rounded up and arrested in Erdogans post-coup sweep (Photo: video screenshot); inset: Paster Andrew Brunson (Photo: family)


New details have come to light about an America pastor who has lived in Turkey for 23 years and was arrested in the sweep of dissidents following the failed coup attempt in Turkey in the summer of 2016.

Human rights activists viewed the arrests as an excuse for Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to round up all those with whose politics or religion he disagreed.

Pastor Andrew Brunson, 49, was held without charges for close to a year. Last August, the Turkish government charged him with spying and insurgency against the government and membership in an unnamed armed terrorist organization, demanding the that he be given four consecutive life sentences.

Sign the petition to free American Pastor Andrew Brunson by clicking here

The organization was later named as the network of Erdogans arch rival, Fethullah Gullen, a Turkish cleric living in America whom Erdogan claims was behind the coup.

To date, the Erdogan has ordered the rounding up of more than 50,000 Turks including military officers, judges, police, professors, lawyers and journalists whom he accuses of being Gulenists.

For almost a year, Brunson and his lawyer were denied access to the legal files containing the charges against the pastor.

As reported by World Watch Monitor, According to a 24 August release by the state-run Anadolu news agency, investigations by the chief prosecutors office in the coastal city of Izmir submitted new evidence that Brunson had obtained confidential political and milita...


Italy: Regions prepare Rome challenge after autonomy victory vote Could Veneto and Lombardy Leave Italy? 95 percent of voters support more autonomy Peace and Freedom


AFP/File / by Cline CORNU | 95 percent of voters in Veneto and Lombardy support plans for more autonomy

ROME (AFP)  Two of Italys wealthiest regions were drawing up plans Monday to claw back power and money from Rome after a victory for autonomy campaigners that could deepen divisions in Europe.

Over 95 percent of voters who flocked to the polls in the Veneto and Lombardy regions, home to Venice and Milan, supported a mandate to negotiate a better deal with the Italian capital.

Turnout was higher than expected and the results should not be underestimated in the context of the crisis created by Catalonias push for independence, analysts warned.

Voter participation stood at 57 percent in Veneto and nearly 39 percent in Lombardy.

Both regions are run by the Northern League (LN) party, which was once openly secessionist but has lately shifted its focus to run on an anti-euro ticket in the hope of expanding its influence into the south.

The leaders of the two regions, which contribute up to 30 percent of Italys GDP, will now embark on negotiations with the central government on the devolution of powers and tax revenues from Rome.

Once the terms are agreed, they will need a green light from parliament in a process that could take up to a year.

Veneto leader Luca Zaia said the regional council, which was meeting Monday, was aiming to get Rome to agree it could keep ninety percent of taxes, rather than handing them over to a capital it has long accused of waste.

Growing unease in Europe

More than five million people voted for change. We all want less waste, fewer taxes, less bureaucracy, fewer state and EU constraints, more efficiency, more employment and more security, said LN head Matteo Salvini.

He said the party was committed to winning greater autonomy for all regions up and down the country.

Secessionist sentiment in Veneto and Lombardy is restricted to fringe groups but analysts see the autonomy drive as reflecting the same cocktail of issues and pressures that resulted in Scotlands narrowly-defeated independence vote, Britains decision to leave the EU and the Catalan crisis.

Lombardy is not Catalonia, nor indeed is the Veneto, but the revival of the autonomist flame here takes place in a Europe which tends towards fragmentation and closing in on itself, Italian political commentator Stefano Folli said.

Economist Lorenzo Codogno, a former senior official in the finance ministry, said the Yes victory would likely add to the sense of uneasiness in Europe.

Following the populist wave, now Eu...


Turkish filmmakers launch 'rogue' festival in protest at crackdown Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Cinema artists run shadow competition mimicking 54-year-old festival in protest at its decision to drop national category for 'political' reasons


Belgium: Wave of Arson Attacks Targeting International Arms Industry Contractors Insurrection News


Photo of the fire that completely destroyed the Valec factory in Malines, Belgium, that produced tracks for tanks and tyres for military vehicles for the United States Military

Lucrosum et decorum est pro patria facere? [Is it profitable and proper to produce for the fatherland?]

They dont speak Latin in Belgium.

At about 2AM on Monday 25th September the residents of Malines (a town half way between Brussels and Anvers) were woken by a string of detonations. As they looked out of their windows they saw a huge fire blazing in the buildings of a local company. In spite of the intervention of many fire brigade vehicles, nothing could be done. Of the 5,000 square metres of the company, nothing remained. Everything destroyed. A hard blow for Varec, a company that produces tracks for tanks and tyres for military vehicles and is a well-known supplier of the Armed Forces in the United States.

If in some smothering dreams you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devils sick of sin;

At 5:40AM on Thursday 28th September the alarm went off at the site of a company in Genk (a town in the Flanders, not f...


2 Places You Dont Want to Go in Europe Clarion Project

In front of the central station on New Year's Ever 2016 in Cologne, Germany, the site of hundreds of sexual molestations by migrant gangs in 2015In front of the central station on New Years Ever 2016 in Cologne, Germany, the site of over a thousand sexual molestations by migrant gangs in 2015 (Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images)


  1. No-go zone in Colognes inner city screamed the headlines of the German newspaper Die Welt, while District Mayor Andreas Hupke said to reporters, Police have given up on the Ebertplatz area. The local newspaper Express reported Ebertplatz is degenerating into a lawless area in the middle of Cologne city. The area is reportedly made up of young migrants from North and Sub-Sahara Africa who are dealing drugs and have formed gangs.Cologne was made famous by migrant rape gangs on New Years Eve in 2015, where more than 1,200 women were sexually assaulted and robbed in front of the central station and other locations. According to Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state Ralf Jaeger Most of the cases [of rape and sexual assault in Cologne] will remain unsolved.
  2. Meanwhile in Sweden, 20 members of the Moderate Party requested the army be sent in to restore order to the countrys most dangerous no-go zones, Breitbart reported. The situation in our areas of exclusion has dete...


Barzani's catastrophic gamble: Now Kurdistan's future belongs to others Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Only a new Kurdish leadership that upholds the principle of serving the people, not a cult of personality or political party, will make a democratic Kurdistan possible


Trumps November Trip To Asia Could Be His Defining Moment Peace and Freedom

US leaders historic Asian trip will have an enduring impact, but he must confront three harsh realities

United States President Donald Trumps first official visit to East Asia next month is historic in its combination of low expectations and high potential impact.

The President will visit Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines, marking a potentially defining moment in the next chapter of US-Asia relations.

There is considerable benefit to making a first visit to Asia after rather than before the spectacle that has been the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It is also of inestimable help to hear the private wisdom of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, whom the President hosts today in Washington.

But as a five-nation tour ushers in Americas post-pivot Asia policy, three harsh realities will precede the Presidents arrival at every stop on his itinerary.

Image result for Donald Trump, photos

U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In North-east Asia, Mr Trump will find grave doubts about the reliability of US leadership, especially given North Koreas irresponsible proclivity to evoke the spectre of nuclear war. Nobody wants to see Pyongyang deploy a deadly arsenal of missiles carrying hydrogen bombs. And a catastrophic conflict is everyones nightmare.

The words Mr Trump chooses during his visit will influence Asian opinion about Americas status as the ultimate security guarantor. Long seen as a benign distant balancer, US staying power and political will are increasingly called into question. Washington has focused on a North Korea strategy of maximum pressure and minimal diplomacy. In Seoul or perhaps if he visits the DMZ or demilitarised zone, Mr Trump can channel Ronald Reagan in Berlin three decades ago (Tea...


US Targets Russian Nord Stream-2 Gas Project: Dj Vu Story Strategic Culture Foundation

Europe badly needs the stable supplies, if it wants to achieve economic progress. To protect its vital interests it has to defy the United States. The history appears to repeat itself.


Theresa May begged Juncker for help on Brexit at private Brussels dinner, leak claims Peace and Freedom

She has deep rings under her eyes. She looks like someone who cant sleep a wink, European Council president reportedly says of PM

By Jon StoneAshley Cowburn

The Independent


Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker (file) Getty Images

Theresa May appeared tormented and begged for help in Brexit talks, Jean-Claude Juncker reportedly told aides after dining with the Prime Minister last week.

The highly personal comments about the private meeting in Brussels came after the pair issued a joint statement after the dinner pledging to accelerate the Brexit negotiations.

But an account of the meeting  published by the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) claimed that Ms May looked like she could not sleep and seemed anxious and tormented as well as despondent and discouraged with progress so far.

Theresa May: No Brexit breakthrough on the cards


Iran Grabs Kirkurk; Claims Victory Over the US Clarion Project

A member of the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militia in IraqA member of the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militia in Iraq (Photo: ACHILLEAS ZAVALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)


The Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist organization celebrated the Iraqi take-over of the city of Kirkuk from the Kurds, calling it a victory over the U.S. and Israel, reported.

Our victory in Kirkuk is a victory over the U.S. and Israel and an answer to Trumps threats to Iran, said Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, deputy head of Hezbollahs executive council and the lead Hezbollah official in Lebanon.

Qaouk was right

The U.S.s emphatic desertion of the Kurds before, during and after their historic referendum calling for independence paved the way for an Iranian takeover of the region, in continuation of its push to create a Shiite crescent in the Middle East and dominate the region.

Never mind that the takeover of Kirkurk was made infinitely easier by the Kurdish Talabani faction, representing the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), through a deal made with Iran. In exchange for a cut in the profits from Kirkurks strategic oil fields and a role in running the civil government of the city, the Kurdish PUK forces rolled over and played dead, allowing Iraqi forces to take over the city without a fight.

Who are these Iraqi forces?

The takeover of Kirkurk a disputed city which had been under Kurdish control since the summer of 2014 when ISIS rolled into Mosul and the surrounding areas and the Iraqi army dropp...


Clinton, Assange and the War on Truth Strategic Culture Foundation

On 16 October, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation aired an interview with Hillary Clinton: one of many to promote her score-settling book about why she was not elected President of the United States.


China fears its ambassador to Pakistan may be killed Peace and Freedom

No automatic alt text available.
China has asked Pakistan to increase security for its new ambassador in Islamabad, after receiving intelligence information that terrorists were planning to attack him.
The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has written to Pakistans Interior Ministry, saying that a terrorist tasked with attacking Ambassador Yao Jing has entered Pakistan.
The Embassy asked that Islamabad take immediate action, and increase security for Yao. Sources say a letter written by the focal person for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), identifies the terrorist as Abdul Wali, who is from the banned East Turkestan Independence Movement (ETIM).

The ETIM largely operates in Chinas troubled northwestern region of Xinjiang, home to many minority ethnic groups, including the Turkic Uyghur Muslims.

The letter contains details about the Walis passport, and demands that he be arrested immediately, and handed over to the Chinese Embassy. This, the letter says, wont just help foil the terrorists nefarious designs, but will also facilitate the capture of other terrorists involved in the plot.
The multi-billion dollar CPEC project, dubbed a game-changer for the region, will connect the Xinjiang region with Pakistans deep sea port in Gwadar, through a rail and road network.
(With inputs from PTI)
China considers the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China to be enemies of the state.


Islamic State 'executed' 116 in Syria town revenge campaign Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


IS militants killed more than 100 civilians over a 20-day period before Syrian forces captured Al-Qaryatain


Islamic State killed at least 128 people in Syrian town, says monitor Peace and Freedom


BEIRUT (Reuters) The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday that Islamic State killed at least 128 people in a Syrian town in central Homs over a three-week period before the Syrian army recaptured it on Saturday.

A Syrian government soldier in Homs province (AFP)

There was no immediate comment from Syrian government officials or state media on the report by the Observatory, a Britain-based war monitor.

Syrian troops and allied forces regained control of al-Qaryatayn town after eliminating terrorist Daesh (Islamic State) groups that had infiltrated it, state media said on Saturday.

Earlier this month, the Observatory said IS fighters had seized the town from government forces, part of a counter-attack by the jihadists who have come under intense pressure in eastern Syria.

At least 83 people were killed in the 48 hours before the Syrian army retook the town, the war monitor said, adding that IS had accused the civilians of being agents of the regime.

The town lies nearly 300 km (190 miles) from Deir al-Zor city in the east, the current focus of the government offensive, with Russian jets and Iran-backed militias, against Islamic State.

Reporting by Sarah Dadouch; editing by Richard Balmforth


Additional Sanctions against Iran to Isolate US Economically: American Prof. Geopolitics Alert

Washington D.C. (TNA) A senior professor of anthropology at the University of Minnesota warned against the consequences of Washingtons additional sanctions against Tehran and its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying the US would become economically isolated in that case.

If the United States does impose additional sanctions, another effect will be that the United States will gradually become economically isolated, William Beeman said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.

William O Beeman is an internationally known expert on the Middle East and the Islamic World, particularly Iran, the Persian Gulf Region and Central Asia. He has also conducted research in Japan, India, Nepal, China and Europe. Beeman is also an actor, author, and singer.

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Following is the full text of the interview:

Tasnim: As you know, US President Donald Trump, who faced an Oct. 15 deadline to tell Congress whether it will continue to certify that Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear deal with six world powers, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), on October 13 refused to certify the multilateral deal. Now, the US Congress will have 60 days to decide whether to re-impose sanctions against Iran. What would the US withdrawal from the deal signal to the international community?

Beeman: I believe the international community has spoken loud and clear on this point. The head of the European Union has come out with an extremely strong condemnation of the Trump position. The other P5+1 nations will not withdraw from the agreement. They view the Trump administrations actions as unwarranted since Iran is in full compliance with the JCPOA. Moreover, they believe that this sends a very bad message to the world about the United States reliability regarding international agreements. If the United States cannot be trusted to remain in an agreement where all other parties are fulfilling every provision correctly, this means that the United States may not adhere to other international agreementsso why negotiate with the Trump administration at all? If the United States does impose additional sanctions, another effect will be that the United States will gradually become economically isolated. There is a multi-billion dollar aircraft deal with Boeing Aircraft now in the pipeline. It is not clear what will happen to this if economic restrictions are reimposed, but the likelihood is that Iran will turn to Airbus for its supplies. Already economic dealings with Iran have been channeled through banks that do not have American branches. In fact, specific banking channels have been set up already to bypass the American dollar. This will...


Ambiguous Militants Ambush and Kill Dozens of Egyptian Security Forces Geopolitics Alert

Cairo (GPA) A raid on a militant hideout backfired on Friday when Egyptian security forces in Giza found themselves on the wrong end of an ambush.

Militants killed 54 police in what appears to be a very coordinated attack. Evidence suggests the militants may have purposely fed intelligence to counterterrorism officers to lure Egyptian security forces into an ambush. The attackers also made-off with police equipment and weapons.

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But who are the militants? This answer is not exactly clear. The ambush reeks of Daesh (ISIS) activity and mirrors another devastating attack from 2015 when ISIS militants carried out coordinated suicide bombings in the Sinai killing over 50 police. It would make sense attributing the ambush to Daesh considering the recent increase in activity over the past few weeks. Last week, ISIS militants attacked at least seven security checkpoints throughout Egypt, particularly in the Sinai region. Rockets were later fired towards Israel.

Egypts Interior Ministry quickly released a much lower death toll for the attack likely due to avoid embarrassment or give the militants any credibility. Many are left wondering if Islamist militants were able to infiltrate law enforcement.

This event falls in line with increasing ISIS attacks and activity throughout Libya as the United States recently revamped air strikes against the group in North Africa. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi vowed to increase counterterrorism offenses in response to the attack which will likely translate into an even broader crackdown on all dissent.

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Duterte Declares Marawi Liberated from Terrorists Geopolitics Alert

Manilla (TeleSUR Filippino President Rodrigo Duterte, during a visit, declared that Marawi City was liberated.

The head of state was making his seventh trip to the city when he stated that the region was now free from ISIS-affiliated groups.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare Marawi City liberated from the terrorist influence that marks the beginning of rehabilitation, the president said.

My problem is the many wounded. I can guarantee you, I am telling you, no one will be left behind. Duterte told soldiers gathered in Marawi.

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However, Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, Spokesperson Brigadier General Restituto Padilla said the war in Marawi continues. It will continue until armed elements are dealt with. But terrorists no longer have complete control, adding that a greater part of Marawi has been freed and liberated.

On Monday, military officials reportedly killed Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute, who are believed to have played significant roles in the siege, and rescued 17 hostages.

Image: Wikipedia

He further explained that There are still a few more that are left, and a few more hostages that are still in the area that remains to be a battle area. The declaration of the president hopefully gives way to the entry and start of rehabilitation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of Marawi from the ashes.

Local officials expect the number of casualties, more than a thousand people in the five-month war, to go up.

Padilla estimates that there are maybe about 30 immobile wounded soldiers and 20 additional hostages to be rescued.

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The military carried out ground assaults with the aid of allies. The United States and Australia monitored the region with surveillance planes, while China contributed arms.

Duterte promised he will rebuild Marawi City.



Israel Promises to Step Up Strikes in Syria Geopolitics Alert

Tel Aviv (GPA Israel has promised to intensify their strikes on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) following a week of rocket strikes that Tel Aviv blames on Damascus.

This Saturday, several rockets fell in the Israeli occupied area of the Golan Heights. While this attack caused no injuries and damaged no property, the Israeli military still decided to target three SAA artillery positions within Syrian territory.

While the parts of the Golan occupied by Israel are technically Syrian land that was invaded in 196, this hasnt stopped Israel from making more demands in the region as the Syrian war draws to a close. In fact, earlier in the week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday to negotiate a buffer zone between Shia militias and the Israeli occupied Golan, originally stolen 50 years ago as a buffer zone with Syria.

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Shoigu and Netanyahu worked out this new buffer zone for the buffer zone during their meeting, agreeing to keep Iranian backed forces between 10 to 15 kilometers from Israeli drawn borders. Yet, like anytime anyone gives Israel an inch, they immediately tried to take a mile in less than 24 hours.

The day after Shoigus visit to Israel, the Israeli air force immediately bombed SAA forces fighting Al Qaeda and affiliated local militant groups in the Golan Heights. Thursdays attack on the SAA was the result of what Israel called errant projectiles landing in occupied territory.

This spillover of the Syrian war is increasingly becoming more intolerable for Israel who has two concerns about the outcome of the conflict. The first concern being the victories of Hezbollah during the war, and the second, that the Syrian government has as little control in the Golan as possible.

Most of Israels capital in the war is invested directly in operations in the Golan and the nearby area of East Ghouta, where just as recently as Friday, Israeli jets were...


Balfour's heir says Israel is failing to recognise rights of Palestinians Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Lord Balfour says 1917 declaration was 'a great humanitarian gesture' but has 'major reservations' about consequences


U.S. Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert

Via: Defense One: The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this bases 11,000-foot runway dubbed the Christmas tree for their angular markings could once []


Enter the Dragon, Exit the Turkey (Formerly American Eagle) Strategic Culture Foundation

Chinas Xi Jinping and Russias Vladimir Putin are showing some responsibility and awareness of what real world leadership requires. Even the sniping Western media are beginning to catch on to the reality.


Tillerson visits Qatar in new push to end Gulf crisis Peace and Freedom

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, left, and Qatars Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani listen to a reporters question during a media availability, Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017, in Doha,Qatar. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool)

Doha, Qatar  US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Saudi Arabia is not willing to begin direct talks to resolve the Gulf diplomatic crisis, as his Qatari counterpart, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, expressed frustration over the behaviour of the four countries blockading Qatar.

The diplomats made the comments on Sunday during Tillersons visit to Qatar, where he arrived following a stop in Saudi Arabia as part of a new push to end the months-long dispute.

In a joint news conference with Mohammed bin Abdulrahman in Qatars capital, Doha, Tillerson said he is not hopeful Saudi Arabia is willing to enter discussions to resolve the crisis.

In my meetings with [Saudi] Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, I asked him to please engage in dialogue, [but] there is not a strong indication that parties are ready to talk yet, said Tillerson, referring to his earlier discussions in Riyadh.

We cannot force talks upon people who are not ready to talk.

View image on Twitter...


Chinese Banks in Need of a Stiff Quality Check Peace and Freedom

When Chinese banks start reporting their third quarter earnings this week, investors should pay particular attention to their asset quality.


By Anjani Trivedi
The Wall Street Journal
Oct. 23, 2017 1:41 a.m. ET

Chinese bank stocks have been on a tear this year, with many now trading close to their book valuesa sign that investors trust their financial reports more than they have in some time. With leading Chinese banks due to start reporting their latest earnings this week, its time for a more realistic assessment.

Chinas banks have been vital forces behind the explosive growth of credit across the economy, with corporate debt now estimated at around 250% of GDP. They have played a critical role in the rise of shadow banking too.

The countrys biggest banks, whose shares are up 21% this yearthe likes of ICBC and Bank of China have also been faithful executors of Beijings will, directing credit to sectors the government favors and propping up debt-challenged state-owned enterprises. Chinese President Xi Jinpings speech to the Communist Partys congress last week made clear that the states role in directing the countrys economy is only set to grow.

Image result for Bank of China, photos

For investors, the question is where this leaves banks asset qualitya key driver of their share prices. Over the past 4 years, Chinese banks have recognized some 5 trillion yuan ($760 billion) of bad loans. Even so, official estimates of nonperforming loans in the overall banking system still put them at 1%-2% of assets; the most bearish independent analysts reckon the real figure could be up to 20%. The truth is hard to know but there is plenty of troubling evidence that bad loans are understated and more are at risk of going bad.

Even though state-owned enterprises profitability has ticked up, their debt has tooand at a higher interest rate, hampering their ability to repay. Their liabilities continue to rise as well, up 11.4% in the first half of this year. Meanwhile, the amount of so-called special mention loansthose that are overdue but which havent yet been written offthat banks record has been rising sharply.

Any correction in Chinas frothy property market could spark a rise in nonperforming loans. When property prices in the city of Wenzhoua wealthy coastal town that has seen dramatic housing price fluctuationsdropped almost 50%, the NPL ratio for banks there surged more than 4 percentage points, according to Deutsche Bank analysts.

For the past year, Beijing has tried to clear out bad debts. It has set up more than a dozen asset managers whose role it is to manage distressed debts bought up from the banks. It has put in place...


#Catalonia: Statement by CNT #Barcelona on the Latest Actions by the Spanish State Enough is Enough!

Statement by the CNT Barcelona on the latest actions by the Spanish state.


Originally published by CNT Barcelona. Translated by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about Catalonia; here.

Catalonia: Statement by CNT Barcelona on the Latest Actions by the Spanish State

From CNT Barcelona, we want to show our rejection and discomfort in the current situation we live in Catalonia. We are witnessing institutional totalitarianism that shows the result of the smoke screen called democratic transition.
We are experiencing the total failure of parliamentarism, of representative democracy. There is no doubt that the latest actions prove it, there are no deceptions, there are no words that blur it in thousand and one terms that have always served the factual powers to try to blur their interests.


Cities, Local Policies Key to Eradicate Hunger, Eliminate Food Waste HUMAN WRONGS WATCH

Human Wrongs Watch

20 October 2017 Highlighting the potential of cities to address malnutrition, the head of the United Nations food security agency has called for innovative partnerships between urban centres and wide range of stakeholders to overcome the challenge of food waste and to ensure a healthy and nutritious diet for all.

High rises and hotel buildings in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama. Photo: World Bank/Gerardo Pesantez | Source: UN News Centre

Multiple forms of malnutrition overweight, obesity or micronutrient deficiencies threaten the health of millions of people around the world, Jos Graziano da Silva, the Director General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), told a global meeting of mayors and representatives from more than 150 cities.

Fortunately cities are taking action and rising up to the challenge [] high levels of creativity can be achieved if partnerships are forged with local actors, civil society, private sector and academic and producer organizations, he added.

Citing his own experience with the Zero Hunger Program in Brazil, which lifted 40 million people from poverty and hunger, the FAO Director-General stressed that a key component in the success was the participation of cities, where local governments launched popular restaurants that served balanced and nutritious food at low prices as well as prioritizing the purchase of locally produced food.

In his address to the third mayors meeting of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact a commitment to combat hunger and food waste and improve nutrition Graziano da Silva also spoke of the UN agencys support to implementing the Pact.

In particular, he highlighted FAO work t...



Mr. B.H. also shared this bit of news about glyphosate bans in Middle Eastern countries, which have banned the herbicide due to concerns about

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Mr. B.H. found this article, and if you've been following the whole story of GMOs and the underhanded and unethical behavior of I.G.Farbensanto over



Black Is White, White Is Black, in the Washington Post Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Black Is White, White Is Black, in the Washington Post Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Washington Post presents a shockingly imaginary Syria, in which the U.S. Government has been the friend of the Syrian people by trying to eliminate in Syria simultaneously the jihadists and the Syrian Government thats been fighting against the []


India Needs to Calm Down Strategic Culture Foundation

India under the Government of the extreme Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi has been getting itself quite worked up over the past year, Matthew Jamison writes.


Anti-Racist Alert! November, 25 National Assembly, #Qubec City Enough is Enough!

Mark your calendars: Montreal mobilization to Quebec City on November 25. Oppose racism and Islamophobia! Support migrants and people of colour! (please share this callout widely with Montreal-area networks)


Originally published by Montreal-Antifasciste

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Anti-Racist Alert! November, 25 National Assembly, Qubec City

Mark your calendars: Montreal mobilization to Quebec City on November 25. Oppose racism and Islamophobia! Support migrants and people of colour! (please share this callout widely with Montreal-area networks)

Two far-right, anti-immigrant groups the Storm Alliance and La Meute are co-organizing a rally in Quebec City on Saturday, November 25 at 2pm at the National Assembly. Since the Ste-Foy mosque massacre in January, these Islamophobic groups have escalated their public presence and activities.Their upcoming rally in Quebec City represents a crucial and necessary moment for anti-racists to come together to oppose racism...


The reason why U.S. wants Iran out of Syria & Iraq is to make life easier for terrorists Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

ISIL would have taken over region if not for Iran forces     News ID: 4122146 Mon 23 October 2017 09:42  TEHRAN, Oct. 23 (MNA) Reacting to Rex Tillersons remarks on asking Iranian forces to exit Iraq, FM Zarif stressed Tehrans role in fighting terrorism, saying ISIL would have taken over Syria and []


U.S. lies about Syria Govt. using chemical weapons begin to dissipate Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

US Now Admits Syrian Rebels Have Used Chemical Weapons Source: Zero Hedge From the first moment chemical weapons were used on the Syrian battlefield, the American public was led to believe that only one side could possibly be responsible. The constant refrain in the echo chamber of US government officials and the mainstream media was []


Statement by Anarchist Federation of #Rosario on #SantiagoMaldonado Enough is Enough!

We  publish the recent statement by the comrades of the Anarchist Federation of Rosario (FAR), Argentina on the confirmation of the death of the militant anarchist Santiago Maldonado.


Originally published by Anarkismo.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Santiago Maldonado Present!

In these last days it has been three years ago the body of Luciano Arruga was found, seven years that Mariano Ferreira was murdered and today the 20th of  October, it is confirmed what we all intuited, the body found on the Chubut river, is Santiago Maldonados.

A neighborhood boy disappears because he does not want to steal for the police, one dies at the hands of a pact to fight against labor precarization, and another one was disappeared for fighting for the autonomy of the Mapuche people. In all of them there are common elements, the repression of the state points to those who are dangerous because they are part of a youth that...


ABEL DANGER: MH-370 Hijacked Landed With 239 Corpses Aboard Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

6/26/2017 - Interview with retired pilot and founder of ABEL DANGER , Field McConnell who confirms media reports of "lost" MH-370 is FAKE NEWS. More


Video: Korean War: 600,000 Tons of American Bombs on the North. Every City was Destroyed Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Video: Korean War: 600,000 Tons of American Bombs on the North. Every City was Destroyed By mlovmo, This episode details the UN bombing campaign over North Korea and the results for the people on the ground. The majority of civilians killed in the Korean War were killed in North Korea by air attack. (This segment []


Sex, Rage Displacement, and Ecocide: Wanderings In An Interior Archipelago Of The Colonised Dissident Voice

Human sexuality mirrors human culture. Mating dances of seduction and refusal, and acts of non-consensual aggression cannot be separated from traits witnessed, practiced, and internalised by the people of a particular society. It is impossible to close the bedroom door to the culture at large. Eros not only inhabits the genitals and the heart but Anima mundi as well.

Sexuality is not going to go away because its nature, which is sublime in the sense of the beautiful and the monstrous, makes people uncomfortable. The phenomenon brings all things human to the fore of consciousness. Therefore, it is imperative we talk about it all, and without mind-negating shame and heart-freezing hysteria.

The late, archetypal psychologist James Hillman, in his final book, the brilliant but under recognised, A Terrible Love Of War, noted the consort, the backdoor man, of the Goddess of Love and Beauty is Ares, the God of War. Moments after her practical minded husband Hephaestus would leave for work, Ares and Aphrodite would be ensconced in the lovers bed, locked in intimate embrace, under the very roof constructed by her craftsman spouse. Withal, libido translates, often, into impractical, irrational, and dangerous phenomenon.

Hillman asks, where else in human experience, except in the throes of ardor that strange coupling of love with war do we find ourselves transported to a mythical condition and the gods most real? A Terrible Love of War (p. 9).

When human beings evince the erotic, we are gripped and grappled by primal forces. The ancient Greeks traced the phenomenon to the heights of Olympus while the lurid, Calvinist/Puritan imagination places it in lakes of torment-inflicting hellfire.

Under capitalism, the activity will be commodified. Sexuality is deemed a human resource. And, as is the case with the finite resources of all things on planet earth, designated as fodder for exploitation by ruthless profiteers. The genitals of an individual are but another precinct to be colonised. One is advised to be ready with a local insurgency of the heart, mind, and body to retain self-rule.

If only it was that easy. Where are the mountains of the heart from which to stage a guerrilla war? The option is possible. But expect a long struggle, and for your heart to receive all manner of wounds. Yet the pain of struggle provides us with a common tongue that limns the radiance of everyday catastrophe, including catastrophes attendant to the realm of Eros, son of errant and erratic Aphrodite. Thus we blunder into self-knowledge, are privy to our own biography, read by pressing fingertips to the braille of ones scars.

When sexuality has been degraded by inequitable power, and the powers at large have decreed all the things of the world theirs for exploitation then the system from which the predatory class gains their power over the individual must be challenged and dismantled. Although the setu...


Gay dating app's new Egyptian alert: The police want to arrest you Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


The warning from Grindr comes after a homophobic purge in Egypt that has seen around 70 people arrested


Four soldiers killed in attack on UAE-backed Yemeni forces Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


The attack on the base in south Yemen also saw five assailants killed


Just following orders, Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu by Gareth Porter U.S-Iran policy is closer to Israel than it has been in years. Credit: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr President Donald Trumps new Iran policy clearly represents a dangerous rejection of diplomacy in favor of confrontation. But its more than that: Its a major shift toward []


To Support ISIS Terrorists israel Says It Will Step Up Attacks Against Syria Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Israel To Step Up Attacks Against Syria Syria warns of grave consequences for continued strikes Claiming more stray artillery fire landing inside the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Israeli officials are promising to step up their strikes against Syrian military targets in response, including attacks over the weekend in southern Syria. Throughout the Syrian War, Israel has []


This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls stan van houcke

This Is How Tyranny Rises and 

Freedom Falls: The 

Experiment in Freedom Is 




BBC Arabic amplifies Assads conspiracy theory in Golan attack report BBC Watch

Just after 5 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, October 21st residents of some of the northern communities in the Golan Heights were woken by the sound of the siren warning of incoming projectiles from Syria. Israel subsequently responded to the incident.

The Israeli army on Saturday hit three Syrian artillery targets across the border in the northern Golan Heights, hours after five projectiles landed in open ground in Israel as a result of spillover fire from the fighting in Syria.

The IDF vowed it would intensify its responses to future such stray fire. Even if this is just spillover, this is an exceptional incident and the continuance of such events will be met with a more fierce Israeli response, a statement by the IDF said. 

As the day progressed, however, assessment of the incident altered.

Israel believes five rockets fired across the border from Syria early Saturday morning may have been deliberately launched at Israel, rather than constituting errant spillover from clashes in Syria, military sources said late Saturday. []

The Israeli army said five projectiles were fired at around 5 am, and that four of them fell relatively deep inside Israeli territory. The rockets set off alarms in several locations. They landed in open ground, and caused no injury or damage. One of them landed close to an Israeli residential area.

Channel 2 news reported that although the IDF officially referred to spillover fire in its statements Saturday, there was a growing sense in the army that the Syrian fire was deliberate.

There was no fighting going on in Syria at the time of the fire, the TV report said. It added that the area from which the rockets were fired is under the control of the Syrian army. And it noted that the projectiles fell deep inside Israeli territory on the Golan Heights, one after the other, rather than close to the border.

Meanwhile, as usually happens in such cases, the Syrian re...


US Gets Increasingly Isolated Internationally Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

US Gets Increasingly Isolated Internationally By Alex GORKA | Strategic Culture Foundation | 22.10.2017 Economic sanctions are an instrument of coercion used to make one state comply with anothers wishes. The United States is by far the largest implementer of economic sanctions in the world. It is virtually the only country that imposes unilateral sanctions, certainly []


US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes By Ulson Gunnar New Eastern Outlook 22.10.2017 While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (IS) managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, []


Victory in Kirkuk is a victory over the US and Israel and an answer to Trumps threats to Iran Hezbollah, Syria, Iran Increasing Pressure on Israel Kirkuk a victory by the resistance over the United States and Israel Peace and Freedom

 OCTOBER 22, 2017 16:57


Kurdish expert to The Post Iranian-backed victory in Kirkuk has allowed Iran to create a new route to northern Syria and Mediterranean, increasing pressure on Israel.

Hezbollah official: Kurdish defeat is a victory over US and Israel

A Hezbollah fighter stands at a watch tower at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Hezbollahs executive council deputy head Sheikh Nabil Qaouk has called the routing of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk by Iranian-backed Iraqi troops a victory by the resistance over the United States and Israel.

Our victory in Kirkuk is a victory over the US and Israel and an answer to Trumps threats to Iran, Qaouk said on Sunday, during a religious ceremony in the southern Lebanese town of Bazouriyeh.

 Image result for hezbollah, photos
File photo from a Hezbollah event.

Qaouk, Hezbollahs top official in South Lebanon, said the region has entered a new phase that favors Hezbollah.

The qualitative and strategic gains achieved by Iraq in Kirkuk is a new achievement for the resistance...


Chinas Pursuit of Fugitive Businessman Guo Wengui Kicks Off Manhattan Caper Worthy of Spy Thriller Peace and Freedom

Pressure from Beijing officials seeking Mr. Guos return sparks frantic response from Trump administrationand Pennsylvania Station, JFK airport standoffs

Exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui at the Manhattan hotel where he now lives, Sept. 30. Photo: Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal

Updated Oct. 22, 2017 8:28 p.m. ET

Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman, sat in the sun room of his apartment on the 18th-floor of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel on New Yorks Fifth Avenue. With him were four officials from Chinas Ministry of State Security, whom Mr. Guo had agreed to meet.

For many months, Mr. Guo, from his self-imposed exile, had been using Twitter to make allegations of corruption against senior Chinese officials and tycoons. During the hourslong conversation, the officials urged him to quit his activism and return home, after which the government would release assets it had frozen and leave his relatives in peace.

Liu Yanping, the lead official, said he had come on behalf of Beijing to find a solution, according to Mr. Guo and a partial audio recording Mr. Guo said he made of the May encounter and posted online in September.

Mr. Lius demeanor made clear this wasnt a friendly negotiation, and he hinted at the risks for Mr. Guo. You cant keep doing this forever, Mr. Liu can be heard telling Mr. Guo on the audio recording, reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Im worried about you, to tell you the truth.

The dramatic meeting sparked an unresolved debate within the Trump administration over the Guo case and laid bare broader divisions over how to handle the U.S.s top economic and military rival, according to people familiar with the matter. U.S.-China relations have been upset by disagreements over trade, cyberespionage and policy toward North Korea, and Mr. Guos New York stay is only adding to the tension.

Mr. Guo shows a video he says he made of the visit to his home by Chinese state security officials.  Photo: Michael Bucher/The Wall Street Journal

The Chinese officials, who were in the U.S. on visas that didnt allow them to conduct official business, caught the attentio...


US Preparing to Put Nuclear Bombers Back on 24-Hour Alert Peace and Freedom

A 2014 photo of a B-52H Stratofortress based at Barksdale Air Force Base, La.

If the order comes, the B-52s will return to a ready-to-fly posture not seen since the Cold War.

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La.  The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991.

That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this bases 11,000-foot runway dubbed the Christmas tree for their angular markings could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moments notice.

This is yet one more step in ensuring that were prepared, Gen. David Goldfein, Air Force chief of staff, said in an interview during his six-day tour of Barksdale and other U.S. Air Force bases that support the nuclear mission. I look at it more as not planning for any specific event, but more for the reality of the global situation we find ourselves in and how we ensure were prepared going forward.

Goldfein and other senior defense officials stressed that the alert order had not been given, but that preparations were under way in anticipation that it might come. That decision would be made by Gen. John Hyten, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, or Gen. Lori Robinson, the head of U.S. Northern Command. STRATCOM...


Indonesia, Singapore should encourage conflicting parties to solve South China Sea dispute Peace and Freedom


Indonesia, Singapore should encourage conflicting parties to solve South China Sea dispute

Illustration of South China Sea. (www,

Jakarta (ANTARA News) Indonesia and Singapore can take the initiative to encourage countries involved in the South China Sea dispute to sit together to solve it, Indonesian senior diplomat Hasjim Djalal said.

Indonesia and Singapore can take the initiative to bring the conflicting parties to negotiations, he said in a discussion on The South China Sea Disputes: Will ASEAN and China Find Convergence? here on Saturday.

The discussion was held as a side event of the 3rd Indonesian Foreign Policy Conference themed Win-Winning ASEAN, Conquering Globalization. The conference highlighted 50 years of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and globalization.

As non-claimant countries, Indonesia and Singapore can take the initiative to bring claimant countries to a meeting, he said.

According to the expert in law of the sea, non-claimant ASEAN member states should encourage claimant countries to sit together to find a solution to the dispute.

We need diplomatic initiative on the part of Indonesia and Singapore as non-claimant ASEAN member states to encourage claimant ASEAN member states to sit together with China, he said.

The South China Sea disputes involve both island and maritime claims among several sovereign states within the region, namely Brunei, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

An estimated US$5 trillion worth of global trade passes through the South China Sea and many non-claimant states want the South China Sea to remain international waters.



The Winners and Losers of Japans Landslide Election Peace and Freedom


By Dave McCombs

October 23, 2017, 12:23 AM EDT
  • Exporters, nuclear power and defense firms likely to benefit
  • National sales tax may hurt Seven & I and other retailers
Shinzo Abe following a lower house election victory at the partys headquarters in Tokyo on Oct. 22. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

The landslide victory in Japan for the party behind Abenomics is likely to be good news for industries from nuclear power to defense, while posing challenges to retailers and others.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abes ruling coalition retained its two-thirds majority in the lower house in Sundays election, paving the way for more ultra-easy monetary policy that has boosted Japanese stocks to the highest level in two decades and helped Asias second-biggest economy expand for six straight quarters. At the same time, pressure is growing for Abe to increase stagnant wage growth and overhaul the labor market to replenish a rapidly aging workforce.

Read here for more on Abes decisive victory

Corporate Japan is determined to play a role in rebuilding our economy and is cooperating with the Abe administrations strategy, Sadayuki Sakakibara, chairman of Japans main business lobby Keidanren, said in a statement.

Heres what the election results mean for key industries and companies:

Large Exporters

Abe won office in 2012 with a central bank policy of massive quantitative easing that pushed the yen lower. The currency has weakened from a 2011 peak and provided a tailwind for many of the countries biggest manufacturers such as Toyota Motor Corp.

Corporate profits have been boosted by a resurgence in Japanese...


Spanish PM moves aggressively to crush the separatist movement in Catalonia Peace and Freedom

Demonstrators holding mostly Spanish flags march to protest the Catalan governments push for secession from the rest of Spain at a coffeeshop in downtown Barcelona, Spain, Sunday Oct. 8, 2017. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco, file)

BARCELONA, Spain Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy left the nation breathless when he announced the steps he wants to take to crush the separatist movement in the prosperous Catalonia region.

Rajoy called on Spains Senate on Saturday to trigger a previously untapped section of the constitution that allows the central government to temporarily intervene in the running of a region if its leaders have broken the law.
Activating the constitutional authority granted by Article 155 is Madrids boldest response so far to avowals from Catalonias leaders to declare independence based on an Oct. 1 referendum that a court has judged as illegal.
There are some of the regional powers Rajoy is seeking by triggering Article 155:

Depose leaders

First and foremost, Rajoy wants to remove the members of Catalonias pro-independence regional government. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, vice president Oriol Junqueras, and the 12 regional ministers claim Catalonia is sovereign and not subject to Spanish law.

Impose control

Catalonia has secured the ability to govern itself in many areas since democracy returned to Spain following the death of dictator Gen. Francisco Franco in 1975. Education, health and policing are areas in which the region enjoys self-rule.


Boris Johnson backs Trump Has a responsibility to prepare for war with North Korea Peace and Freedom

BORIS Johnson will today give his backing to Donald Trump to prepare any option in tackling the nuclear threat from North Korean.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Mon, Oct 23, 2017

In a hard-hitting speech, the Foreign Secretary will insist that the US President has an absolute duty to protect his country and its allies against aggression by the regime of Kim Jong-un.

He will also urge the US not to rule out a military strike against the dictators forces.

Mr Johnsons remarks will come in a speech today at a conference about global security organised by the Chatham House foreign affairs think tank.

He is expected to say: Kim and the world need to understand that when the 45th President of the United States contemplates a regime led by a man who not only threatens to reduce New York to ashes, but who stands on the verge of acquiring the power to make good on his threat, I am afraid that the US President whoever he or she might be will have an absolute duty to prepare any option to keep safe not only the American people but all those who have sheltered under the American nuclear umbrella.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong UnGETTY/AP

Nuclear technology was made available for civilian purposes, not to become a threat, said Johnsons



Analysis: West should prepare for chemical attacks by the Islamic State

A German newspaper reported last week that at least one European intelligence agency has already warned that the Islamic State is exploring the use of chemicals for attacks in Europe. Such an eventuality would be a radical departure from prior attacks by the Islamic State in the West. But the Islamic State is not averse to the tactical use of chemical weapons in terrorist attacks, and the deployment of unconventional terrorist technologies should not be excluded as a tactical option for the organization. Western counter-terrorism officials should actively and immediately prepare for such an eventuality.


The High-Tech Playing Field Peace and Freedom

Will sports be able to survive robot referees and biomedical player monitors?

At a Detroit Lions and New York Jets game in Detroit, Aug. 13., 2015.
At a Detroit Lions and New York Jets game in Detroit, Aug. 13., 2015. PHOTO: PAUL SANCYA/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Forget fall foliage. I know only three seasonsbaseball, basketball and footballand for the next week or so they coexist. They bring with them virtual strike zones, on-field stats, rotating 360-degree views, and yellow first-down lines. Technology has changed sportsbut not always as intended.

Green Bay Packers return specialist Desmond Howard admitted after his 99-yard kickoff return in the 1997 Super Bowl that hed had a technological assist: You can use the jumbotron almost like a rearview mirror, and so thats what I did. Twenty years later, the Boston Red Sox got caught stealing Yankee catchers signs, relayed to the dugout via an Apple Watch. At least someone found a real use for the device. These examples are nothing compared with the benefits to fans from all the gizmos packed into stadiums and arenas. From pylon-cams to sensors capturing launch angles and exit velocities, the games are wired.

Gerard J. Hall runs SMT, a North Carolina-based company that provides broadcasters with much of the tech that enhances the viewing experience. He told me that baseball actually uses our technology to train umpires. To display an ESPN K-zone, every pitch is tracked for speed, location and path, and run through algorithmic filtering for accuracy. If you watch enough baseball, you know its way more accurate than human umpires. Will this technology replace the ump? Assuming people want to get it right, its available, says Mr. Hall.



Brazils President Temer to face congressional vote on whether he should stand trial He knows how to use the machine and to find the necessary support. Peace and Freedom


AFP/File / by Louis GENOT | The first president in the country to face criminal charges while in office, Michel Temer is accused of obstruction of justice and racketeering

BRASLIA (AFP)  He may be Brazils most unpopular president in decades and charged with serious crimes, but Michel Temer, the ultimate teflon leader, is expected to breeze through a congressional vote on whether he should stand trial.In Portuguese, Temer means to be afraid, but the canny 77-year-old veteran of Brasilias notoriously corrupt political scene appears to be full of confidence ahead of Wednesdays vote.

The first president in the country to face criminal charges while in office, Temer is accused of obstruction of justice and racketeering. He denies any wrongdoing and has argued that the country needs him at the helm to bring in market-friendly reforms after two years of deep recession.

A two-thirds majority is required in the lower house of Congress to have his case sent to the Supreme Court. Just as occurred in August when Congress threw out another charge, his allies are expected to reject the idea.

Constitutional law professor Daniel Vargas is not surprised.

Temer is a professional in politics. He knows how to use the machine and to find the necessary support, Vargas said.

Ironically, what makes it easier for Temer is that many of those judging him in the lower house 185 of the 513 deputies are themselves targets of anti-corruption probes.

The mentality among those scandal-plagued politicians is clear, Vargas said.

Temer represents the survival of the old guard, the analyst added.

If he falls, wholl be next?

Critics say the president is also boosting his chances of survival through blatant vote buying, opening up the budgetary purse to give congress members the projects back in their home states that will help their own causes.

Despite the damage already suffered by this government, deputies looking for favors can benefit from it, said Antonio Queiroz, an analyst with DIAP, a congressional watchdog representing trades unions.

Risky business

Theres risk for deputies who decide to shore up Temer.

He has record low ratings, with only three percent considering his government good or very good, according to the latest opinion poll in September.

General elections are scheduled for October 2018 and the mood, analysts say, is already deeply anti-establishment.

However, for Temer, t...


Despondent Theresa May losing sleep on in-fighting, Jean-Claude Juncker says Peace and Freedom

British Prime Minister Theresa May waits for the arrival of European Council President Donald Tusk prior to a bilateral meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk during an EU summit in Brussels on Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. European Union leaders gathered Friday to weigh progress in negotiations on Britains departure from their club as they look for new ways to speed up the painfully slow moving process. AP/Geert Vanden Wijngaert, Pool


BRUSSELS (Reuters) Theresa May looked despondent, with deep rings under her eyes, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker told aides after dining with the British prime minister last week, a German newspaper said on Sunday.

The report by a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung correspondent whose leaked account of a Juncker-May dinner in April caused upset in London, said Juncker thought her marked by battles over Brexit with her own Conservative ministers as she asked for EU help to create more room for maneuver at home.

No immediate comment was available from Junckers office, which has a policy of not commenting on reports of meetings.

The FAZ said May, who flew in for a hastily announced dinner in Brussels with the European Commission president last Monday ahead of an EU summit, seemed to Juncker anxious, despondent and disheartened, a woman who trusts hardly anyone but is also not ready for a clear-out to free herself.

As she later did over dinner on Thursday with fellow EU leaders, May asked for help to overcome British divisions. She indicated that back home friend and foe are at her back plotting to bring her down, the paper said. May said she had no room left to maneuver. The Europeans have to create it for her.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit

Britains Prime Minister Theresa May welcomes Head of the European Commission, President Jean-Claude Juncker to Downing Street in London, Britain April 26, 2017. REUTERS-Hannah McKay

Mays face and appearance spoke volumes, Juncker later told his colleagues, the FAZ added. She has deep rings under her eyes. She looks...


Tillerson says Saudi Arabia not ready for talks with Qatar on Gulf crisis Peace and Freedom


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks during a news conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday. (Alex Brandon/AFP/Getty Images)

DOHA (Reuters) Saudi Arabia is not yet ready to begin direct talks with Doha to resolve the nearly five-month diplomatic and trade cutoff affecting Qatar, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday.

There is not a strong indication that the parties are ready to talk yet, Tillerson said of discussions he had earlier in the day in Riyadh with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aimed at overcoming the row.

Reporting by Eric Knecht and Jonathan Landay; Editing by Dale Hudson


Abe, Trump agree to raise pressure on North Korea: Japan government Peace and Freedom

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, answers a question from reporter during a TV interview on the ballot counting of the parliamentary lower house election at the party headquarters in Tokyo, Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017. Japanese media projected shortly after polls closed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abes ruling coalition would win a clear majority in national elections. (Shizuo Kambayashi/Associated Press)

TOKYO (Reuters) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to work together to raise pressure on North Korea, Yasutoshi Nishimura, a deputy chief cabinet secretary, said on Monday.

Abe and Trump spoke by telephone after the Japanese premiers ruling coalition scored a big win in an election on Sunday.

Nishimura told reporters that Abe and Trump were planning to play golf together on Nov. 5, when Trump makes his first visit to Japan.

Reporting by Takaya Yamaguchi; Writing by Chris Gallagher; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore



Looting, Violence Continues in Captured Towns; 57 Killed in Iraq Original

The looting of Kurdish homes in recently captured town appears to continue unchecked.

The post Looting, Violence Continues in Captured Towns; 57 Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.


The Eurozone has likely entered its final calendar year, contraction coming The Vineyard of the Saker

by Ramin Mazaheri The historical trend of the euro and its previous incarnations has followed this historical pattern, when we take a leftist view: The Eurozone is dominated by France


Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point Original

Originally posted at TomDispatch. Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, a former businessman who had helped run companies into the ground, he was widely considered ill-prepared for the presidency, out of his depth, a lightweight in a heavyweight world. Still, having won the Republican nomination and then a uniquely contested election, once Continue reading "Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point"

The post Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point appeared first on Original.


Getting It Right On Catalonia Original

Theres something very wrong with an ideological movement that calls for opposition to centralism, protests high taxation, and defends the right to cultural and political autonomy and yet, when it comes down to actually supporting these ideals in real life, cannot bring itself to rise to the occasion. While Ed Krayewski has been writing Continue reading "Getting It Right On Catalonia"

The post Getting It Right On Catalonia appeared first on Original.


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

23, 2017   ! . []


Argentina: Santiago Maldonado Presente! Insurrection News


The murder of Santiago Maldonado has triggered a series of actions in Argentina. Santiago disappeared on August 1st, kidnapped by the gendarmerie, and on October 20th, it was confirmed that a dead body found in the Chubut river belonged to our compaero Santiago Maldonado. We hope that the guilty will suffer the worst possible vengeance.

Death to the murderous state, Santiago presente!

Today like last night we continue in the streets SANTIAGO PRESENTE!


Sad are the hours that we are living. On October 20th, Sergio Maldonado (brother of Santiago) confirmed what we were all so afraid of. The body planted by the gendarmerie in the Chubut river is the compaero Santiago Maldonado.

The gendarmerie are responsible. The State is responsible. Because it was them who took him from the rebel territory of Cushamen on the first of August.

Santiago Maldonado is no longer one of the disappeared, now he is one of the murdered. But we must never forget the most important thing. Santiago Maldonado was killed for fighting, for showing solidarity, for confronting the gendarmerie alongside the weichafes (warriors) of MAP, the Autonomous Mapuche Movement of Puel Mapu, to demand the freedom of Facundo Jones Huala. (Translation note: Facundo...


Boom Has 76 Pre Orders for Future Supersonic Passenger Jets

Via: TechCrunch: Boom has a new design for its XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator jet, the working prototype aircraft its creating to prove out its tech before beginning work on building real, commercial supersonic passenger aircraft. The new design was revealed Tuesday at the Paris Air Show, along with new business milestones: Boom has orders for 76 []


ELN FARC: Declaration of Montecristi INTERNATIONALIST 360

On this day, delegations of the National Liberation Army-ELN and the political party Revolutionary Alternative Force Common FARC, have met in Montecristi, Ecuador, birthplace of national hero Eloy Alfaro, for the purpose of evaluating the development of the peace process with the national government. After deliberating for two days, we would state the following:...


EZLN-CNI: Marichuy, A Very Different Campaign INTERNATIONALIST 360

Marichuy and members of the Indigenous Council tour Zapatista Territory. Luis Hernndez Navarro English Interpretation by Chiapas Support Committee Some 21 years ago, on October 11, 1996, an indigenous Nahua from Jalisco read the political statement of the nascent National Indigenous Congress. In the name of more than 600 delegates coming from all over the...

Russias Initiative on Combating Glorification of Nazism INTERNATIONALIST 360

Dr Alexander Yakovenko Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Russia attaches great importance to combating the glorification of Nazism, and any forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. Once again we put forward draft resolutions to the United Nations General Assembly on this issue. It is a...


Cell Phone Brain Cancer The Case of Jimmy Gonzalez (RIP) Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Pembroke Pines, Oct 17, 2012: Jimmy Gonzalez Warns Cell Phones Cause Cancer During City Commission Meeting More


Tomgram: Erik Edstrom, Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point TomDispatch - Blog

In George W. Bushs home state of Texas, if you are an ordinary citizen found guilty of capital murder, the mandatory sentence is either life in prison or the death penalty...


Report: 16 Palestinian Children Arrested, Beaten, and Confined to Cage By Israeli Soldiers Fig Trees and Vineyards

On October 13th, 2017, 16 children and 2 adults were ambushed and arrested by the Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade. The 18 arrested were initially detained in a cage in checkpoint 56,  cable-tied,  kicked, and hit. 2 were released, whilst the remaining 16 were transferred to an Israeli police station where they were subjected []


Iraq's Kurdistan oil exports sharply reduced through weekend: Shipping sources Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Iraqi oil ministry officials say they were hoping to bring output back to normal by Sunday


Travel plea for conjoined twins to leave blockaded Gaza Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Israel has maintained blockade of enclave for decade, citing security fears regarding Hamas


Cristina Fernandez Wins Senate Seat in Argentinas Legislative Elections INTERNATIONALIST 360

Turnout reached almost 80 percent, according to electoral authorities. Former president Cristina Fernandez won a seat in Argentinas senate at the same time Mauricio Macris conservative Cambiemos coalition made gains in both houses, according to the results in Argentinas heated mid-term legislative elections. Cambiemos won about 40 percent of the vote while the Front for Victory coalition led by...


MH17 Mystery stan van houcke

Dag 1193
22 oktober 2017
Max van der Werff
Het gaat goed met het onderzoek. Dat vertelde Fred Westerbeke (hoofd van het MH17 Joint Investigation Team) in een interview met het Russische blad Novaya Gazeta.
Het is vanwege meerdere redenen een opmerkelijk interview. In deze tweet met link naar ...


Prenatal Fluoride Exposure Lowers IQ in Children "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Many still do not realize the proven health risks inherent with fluoridated water, but the information is spreading. Beginning in 1945, it was claimed that adding fluoride to drinking water was a safe and effective way to improve peoples dental health. Over the decades, many bought into this hook, line and sinker, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Scientific investigations have revealed that fluoride is an endocrine-disrupting chemical,1 and have linked it to the rising prevalence of thyroid disease.2 Importantly, fluoride has been identified as a developmental neurotoxin that impacts short-term and working memory, contributes to rising rates of attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)3 and lowered IQ in children.4

Now, a new, long-term multimillion-dollar study sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and conducted by a research team that has produced over 50 papers on the effects of environmental exposures on childrens cognitive health, sheds light on the price children pay when mothers are exposed to fluoride during pregnancy.

As noted by Paul Connett, Ph.D., toxicologist, environmental chemist and former director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) in the video commentary above (while retiring and handing over the directors position to his son Michael, Connett remains very active in the organization):

This should spell the end of water fluoridation worldwide. How can you possibly c...


Nieuwe Fase Zionistisch Fascisme stan van houcke

Isralische leger sluit kinderen op in kooi

In de Palestijnse stad Al-Khalil (Hebron) werden 16 Palestijnse kinderen door Isralische militairen van straat geplukt, opgesloten in een kooi, mishandeld en bedreigd.


Blair: We hadden Hamas nooit moeten boycotten stan van houcke

Blair: We hadden Hamas nooit moeten boycotten

De boycot van Hamas door westerse mogendheden was fout en heeft rampzalige gevolgen gehad, die tevoren bekend waren. De EU waarschuwde, maar ging er toch in mee. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van de Britse journalist Donald Macintyre.


Saudi Arabia to monitor use of Muhammads sayings in order to counter jihad terrorism Jihad Watch

This is an admission that Muhammads sayings can lead to terrorism. And that has been obvious all along. After all, the man is depicted in the hadith as saying: I have been made victorious through terror (Bukhari 4.52.220) Saudi Arabia to vet use of Prophets sayings to counter extremism, Reuters, October 18, 2017: RIYADH (Reuters) []


Nebraska: Jailed Muslim doctor alarmed prison staff with his religious expressions, claims discrimination Jihad Watch

Kahn claims that he was deemed such a threat because jailers believe the Quran is a violent book and because Kahn had used religious expressions that alarmed jail staff. He wrote that his first amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion are being violated. The Quran is is a violent book, calling on Muslims []


Niger: Islamic jihadis storm military base, murder 12 paramilitary police Jihad Watch

Security sources say that militants in the latest attack were heavily armed with rocket launchers and machine guns. Where do they get this materiel? Despite being condemned by virtually the entire world, the alleged misunderstanders of Islam have rich and powerful friends. Niger: At least 12 police killed as militants storm base, BBC, October 21, []


Underwear bomber files lawsuit, claims prison rules severely restrict his ability to practice religion Jihad Watch

Always the victim. In his 2012 guilty plea, Abdulmutallab wrote: The jihadi is proud to kill in the name of God and that is exactly what God told us to do in the Koran. Now he is suing over supposedly not being able to practice Islam? By his own account, Islam is what led him []


Big (and Hurting) Media on Drugs Peace and Freedom

Did the Washington Post overplay its opioid story because it spent so much money on it?


In 1997, The Wall Street Journal lent its editorial voice to those of cancer doctors and the Journal of the American Medical Association to warn that severe pain was badly under-treated by the U.S. medical profession.

The reason, of course, was customs and regulatory strictures meant to prevent doctors offices from becoming a channel for the illegal marketing of drugs.

Obviously opioid abuse is a challenge today, as is adequately treating patient pain, though, 20 years later, the problem is still sometimes misstated. But one thing is certain: Unless the Washington Post and CBS s 60 Minutes have discovered a new, physics-defying form of quantum action at a distance, their splashy expos last weekend identified neither the cause nor any solution.

Ill admit I didnt read the Posts 7,800-word opus on first pass. To the credit of some merciful editor, the lead sentence told me I neednt bother. The piece begins: In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nations streets.

In other words, whatever the sorry tale of the sausage factory to follow, the abuse epidemic wa...


Iraqi Kurdish opposition party calls on Barzani to step down Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Gorran blames Barzani for 'disaster' facing Kurds after loss of oil-rich city of Kirkuk


Kim Ghattas: yet again expresses nostalgia for colonial times The Angry Arab News Service/

What she does not tell you is that:
1) It was the communists who gave the Afghans the freedom to choose and that US and Western conspiracies in and around Afghanistan who imposed the horrific Islamist order.
2) that most of the places were freedom to choose existed it existed despite what the US supported: the US was supporting an Islamist order in the Cold War.  Secular movements were all opposed to US and Western wars and policies.
3) The freedom to choose ended or diminished because the US was aligned with the fanatical regimes of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the Cold War, that is why.

Odes to Colonialism is now her shtick.  


Trumps Release of JFK Files Necessitates Another False Flag Event Covert Geopolitics

The Trump government is allowing the release later this month of the JFK assassination files being marooned by the Bushes during their time in the White House. It would be a wakeup call for the mainstream non-conspiracy analysts. US President Donald Trump says he will allow the release of classified documents relating to the assassination Continue reading Trumps Release of JFK Files Necessitates Another False Flag Event


Chinas rising authoritarianism has a stark human cost Chinas human rights activists certainly havent been crushed. Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

By Jonathan Kaiman
The Los Angeles Times

Li Heping spent his career trying to hold Chinese Communist Party officials accountable for their darkest behavior. He believed in an authority higher than the party Chinas own legal system. And for that, he suffered tremendously.

Since the late 90s, Li, a 46-year-old human rights lawyer, had defended Chinas most persecuted groups: dissidents, petitioners, victims of land grabs and forced demolitions, church leaders, practitioners of the banned spiritual group Falun Gong. Then came the 709 crackdown named for July 9, 2015, the night it began when authorities detained or interrogated more than 300 lawyers and their associates, including Li. They held Li without charge for nearly two years. And this May, they let him go on the condition he remain silent.

What my husband has gone through during that 22 months in jail was relentless, inhuman, perverted and unthinkable, said his wife, Wang Qiaoling, 44, who has emerged as an outspoken advocate for rule of law amid her husbands enforced silence. The police will torture you till the edge of death, both physically and mentally.

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping ascended to power in 2012, he has both amassed extraordinary power analysts routinely call him Chinas strongest leader since Mao Tse-tung and ratcheted up repression to its highest levels since the early 1990s.



KINDLE: War for the 1% or Peace for the 99%?: Are the Deep State & Zionism Done For? (Trump Revolution Book 15) Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Kindle

This is a collection of very recent articles about war and peace rooted in the battle between Donald Trump and the Deep State, as published in the American Herald Tribune. 43 pages in length it offers four articles by the author and two interviews of the author with seven pages of endnotes, each endnote linked to a source.

The good news up front: our legitimately-elected President Donald Trump appears to have formed a strategic understanding with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and General Secretary Xi Jinping to the point that a summit with North Korea will take that potential war off the table, at the same time that there will be a radical shift in the Middle East that puts Israel back in its box, stops subsidizing the Saudis, and pays due respect to Turkey and Iran (respectively, the inheritors of the Ottoman and Persian Empires). We are looking at a Global Re-Set.

Read more.


Ohio: Muslim honor-murders daughter for having non-Muslim boyfriend Jihad Watch

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right. However, not subject to retaliation is a father []


US-allied force takes Syrias largest oil field from IS Peace and Freedom

This July 30, 2017 photo, shows an oil field controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in Rmeilan, Hassakeh province, northeast Syria. The SDF, with air support from the U.S.-led coalition, said Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017 that they had captured the Al-Omar field, Syrias largest oil field, from the Islamic State group, marking a major advance against the extremists and for now keeping the area out of the hands of pro-government forces. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

BEIRUT The US-led coalition said allied fighters captured Syrias largest oil field from the Islamic State group on yesterday, marking a major advance against the extremists in an area coveted by pro-government forces.

With IS in retreat, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian government have been in a race to secure parts of the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province along the border with Iraq.

The SDF, with air support from the US-led coalition, said yesterday it captured the Al-Omar field in a swift and wide military operation. It said some militants have taken cover in oil company houses nearby, where clashes are underway. The US-led coalition confirmed the SDF had retaken the oil field.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said pro-government forces retreated from the area around Al-Omar field after coming under heavy fire from IS. The SDF said government forces are three kilometers (two miles) away from the fields.

Syrian troops, backed by Russian warplanes and Iranian-sponsored militias, have retaken nearly all of the provincial capital of Deir el-Zour, as well as the town of Mayadeen, which is across the Euphrates River from the Al-Omar field.

The SDF have focused their operations in rural Deir el-Zour on the eastern side of the river, and have already seized a major natural gas field and other smaller oil fields...


Jimmy Carter Offers to Aid North Korea Negotiations Geopolitics Alert

Plains, GA USA (GPA Former US President Jimmy Carter has told The New Yor Times that he would go to North Korea to aid negotiations if asked by the Trump Regime.

In an interview published by The New York Times (NYT) on Sunday, former President Jimmy Carter told Times reporter Maureen Dowd that he would be willing to travel to Pyongyang. Carter has a history of participating in negotiations like this with North Korea.In 1994, Carter financed his own trip to Pyongyang to speak with then-leader Kim Jong Il. Despite being asked not to go by the]

In 1994, Carter financed his own trip to Pyongyang to speak with then-leader Kim Jong Il. Despite being asked not to go by Bill Clinton, Carter still managed to play a role in negotiating the October 94 Agreed Framework between the US and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea).

Related: North Korea Reportedly Hacks South, Steals Military Assassination Plans

Unlike in 1994, however, we now have a situation in which the US regime is constantly threatening the DPRK which obviously has to respond to these messages being blast worldwide. Its this constant blustering that Dowd says scares leaders in Washington, whose feelings are shared by Carter, telling Dowd Im afraid.

Although Carter did say he is scared, he still carried the same line as the Trump regime when it comes to the DPRKs leader Kim Jong Un calling him more unpredictable than his father. Carter also peddled the same line as the CIA did this weekend, basically hyping fears of the reach of the DPRKs nuclear weapons and their potential to strike the US mainland.

Former US President Jimmy Carter


Trump tells Paris, Berlin to 'keep making money' via trade with Iran Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Trump does not intend to disrupt European commerce with Iran


Go home, Tillerson tells Iranian-backed militias in Iraq Peace and Freedom

RIYADH (Reuters) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday it was time for Iranian-backed militias and their Iranian advisers who helped Iraq defeat Islamic State to go home after a rare joint meeting with the leaders of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The United States is concerned that Iran, a Shiite regional rival, will take advantage of gains against IS there and in Syria to expand the influence it gained after the U.S. invasion in 2003, something Sunni Arab states like Saudi Arabia also oppose.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks during a news conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday. (Alex Brandon/AFP/Getty Images)

Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fight against Daesh and ISIS is coming to a close, those militias need to go home. The foreign fighters in Iraq need to go home and allow the Iraqi people to regain control, Tillerson said at a joint news conference with Saudi foreign minister Adel Jubeir.

Tens of thousands of Iraqis heeded a call to arms in 2014 after IS seized a third of the countrys territory, forming the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) which receive funding a...


Putins answers a US journalist on the Ukraine (UPDATED) The Vineyard of the Saker

Thanks to Eugenia for translating and subtitling this interesting exchange! (please give the player a few seconds to load) UPDATE: I know that some have problems loading this video


Iraqi Kurdish opposition party Gorran calls on Barzani to step down Peace and Freedom


Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Iraqi Kurdish President Masoud Barzani casts his vote during Kurds independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq September 25, 2017. REUTERS Azad Lashkari

BAGHDAD (Reuters) Gorran, a main opposition party to Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, called on Sunday for his resignation, and for a national salvation government to be formed to deal with crisis pitting the Kurds and the central Iraqi authorities.

Gorran, or the Change Movement, blamed Barzani for the disaster facing the Kurds after the loss on Oct. 16 of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, captured by Iraqi forces in retaliation to a Kurdish independence referendum held last month despite warnings from Baghdad and neighboring Iran and Turkey.

The Kurdistan presidency must be dissolved and a national salvation government be formed to overcome the current situation, said a statement published by the party leadership after meeting in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya.

Gorran supports the right of Iraqs Kurds for self-determination but it opposed holding the referendum on Sept. 25, saying the timing was ill-chosen.

Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli, editing by David Evans


US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes Aletho News

By Ulson Gunnar New Eastern Outlook 22.10.2017 While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (IS) managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, it was abundantly clear to many analysts []


Mohawk Nation News 'Murder is Work' CENSORED NEWS

Read article in Mohawk Nation News


Maps: Syrian Army Advances From Mayadin Towards ISIS Border Stronghold Of Al-Bukamal

Maps: Syrian Army Advances From Mayadin Towards ISIS Border Stronghold Of Al-Bukamal

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On October 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies advanced towards the ISIS border stronghold of al-Bukamal from the government-held city of al-Mayadin in the province of Deir Ezzor. The SAA liberated Khsham, Makham and Quriyah.

Maps: Syrian Army Advances From Mayadin Towards ISIS Border Stronghold Of Al-Bukamal

Click to see the full-size map

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No, The US Didnt Stand By Indonesian GenocideIt Actively Participated Aletho News

Jim Naureckas | FAIR | October 18, 2017 New York Times headline, 10/18/17. Theres a story in the New York Times today (1/18/17) headlined: US Stood By as Indonesia Killed a Half-Million People, Papers Show Standing by, however, is not what the United States did during the Indonesian genocide of 196566; rather, it actively supported []


'Black Snake Killaz -- A NoDAPL Story' Trailer, by Unicorn Riot CENSORED NEWS

Black Snake Killaz screenshot Unicorn Riot added a new video: BLACK SNAKE KILLAZ - A #NoDAPL Story Documentary Trailer [2017]. 'Black Snake Killaz -- A NoDAPL Story' by Unicorn Riot Black Snake Killaz, a NoDAPL Story, is coming this fall. Unicorn Riot was on the frontlines at Standing Rock, their videographers arrested, and Unicorn Riot did not sell out their film footage commercially.


Contraception, Abortion, and the Not So Holy Alliance Dissident Voice

Im looking at a large and stately oak tree. It has hundreds of branches and thousands of acorns. Each acorn has the capacity, the blueprint, for becoming another stately tree.  But right now its not its an acorn. So when does it become recognized as tree? Surely not when it first falls to the ground. Probably not yet either, when its covered with soil. When the first anchoring root is sent into the soil, is it now a tree? Maybe not  it does have a skinny little tendril, but it still looks like an acorn.  How about when the spring rains come and moisture swells the paired halves? The outer shell splits and something begins to poke through; its alive and growing, but is it a tree? When the sprout bends upward, just barely poking through the soil, and into free air now is it finely a tree? Perhaps, but it might still rest on opinion or a scholarly learned definition. Change continues, two leaves appear, and the shoot grows taller. It sure looks like a little tree, and at some point recognition is undeniable: It really is an oak tree, no matter what frame of reference.

OK, its outrageous to compare the process of becoming a tree to that of a human being. Theres no moral based  equivalency, but a mutual creative unfolding does take place. Irrefutably, when egg and sperm unite, the blueprint is put in place to guide that first cell into the process of becoming a fully recognized human being. But where in the process does that recognition become undeniable? Is it at conception? At birth? Or somewhere in between? In that first cell, with the blueprint just completed, is it already a human being?  Or at five months, is it really just an assemblage of cells? Answering no to both questions precipitates a period of moral uncertainty and the necessity to entertain arguable ethical considerations.  Answering yes to either removes uncertainty and the need for further thought.  Catholic and Evangelical voices have become united in answering yes to the first question.  To their dishonor, both rather deceitfully claim Gods behest in support of their answer.  The maneuver intractably stifles exploratory dialogue, and has repercussions far beyond procreation argument.  It began long ago.

Some Historical Perspective

Europe was in turmoil.  The Church was under siege.  By 1870, revolution in France and Italy had erased much of its political/cultural control and had reduced its geographical footprint to the Vatican  hardly more than 100 acres in the city of Rome.  Pius IX and the Catholic Church were in survival mode.  Facing unrest from within, and destruction from without, Pope Pius IX began formal implementation of Papal Infallibility.  It was a centuries old concept that had been rejected as demonic in 1324 by Pope John X...


John Brennans Police State USA OffGuardian

by Mike Whitney, via Information Clearing House Did the United States warn Russia to stay out of Syria? Yes, they did. Did they tell the Russians that if they joined the war against ISIS and helped Bashar al Assad the US would make them pay a heavy price? Yes. Did US agents and diplomats warn their Russian counterparts that Russian troops would come home in body bags and that the western media would launch a propaganda campaign against them? Yes, again. Did US officials say the western media would concoct a phony story about Russian hacking that would be used to persuade the American people that Russia was a dangerous enemy that had to be reigned in with harsh economic sanctions, provocative military maneuvers, and threats of violence? No, but its not hard to imagine a scenario in which the CIA would pursue such a strategy. After all, the Intel agencies, the media and the entire political establishment have been hammering on Russia for over two years now. Isnt it possible that elements of these


Kirkuk bell also tolls for US strategy in Syria Aletho News

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | October 22, 2017 The rout of the Kurds in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk this week constitutes a major setback for the overall American strategies toward Iraq and Syria. The prospect of an unceremonious US retreat from Syria haunts the Trump administration in immediate terms, and []


How ME New York Times correspondents lack even basic elementary knowledge of Islam or Arabic: Thomas Erdbrink The Angry Arab News Service/

Look at this: "But this is not just any company. Khatam-al Anbiya, whose name means seal of the prophet,".  This is basic, damn it.  It is "seal"--as in the last in a chain--of all prophets (plural, not singular).  He could not even know that.  How do they hire those people? On what criteria? Just Zionism?


This is your favorite "democracy" in the Middle East The Angry Arab News Service/

""Israel Arrests Palestinian Because Facebook Translated 'Good Morning' to 'Attack Them'"


Trumps new Iran strategy has no support in US: Ex-congressional staffer Aletho News

Press TV October 22, 2017 US President Donald Trumps new strategy on Iran has no support inside the United States other than by pro-war neoconservatives and the Israel lobby, says an American analyst. President Trumps position on canceling the Iran deal, at least on the United States side, has no support in the United []


Russia"s Argus Armored Vehicle Provides Artillery with Precision Strike Capability Strategic Culture Foundation

Caterpillar-tracked armored vehicles become irreplaceable to enable artillery-delivered high-precision strikes. No surprise Uralvagonzavod design engineers have received state decoration for the development of Argus.

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Sunday, 22 October


Venezuela: Dollar Yesterday? INTERNATIONALIST 360

Jessica Dos Santos Jardim Originally published in Epale Translated by Tortilla Con Sal Last September 7th, one month after the installation of the National Constituent Assembly Venezuelas President Nicolas Maduro announced a series of economic measures framed within the governments Constituent Plan for Peace and Prosperity. So far, almost none of these measures has diminished...


False Flagging Sonic Attacks in Havana: A CIA Specialty INTERNATIONALIST 360

Wayne Madsen The Central Intelligence Agency, now under the direction of an extreme right-wing Republican, former Kansas Republication congressman Mike Pompeo, is insisting behind-the-scenes that the Cuban government is responsible for alleged sonic weaponry attacks on American diplomats in Havana. The CIA, which wrote the book on false flag attacks in Europe and around the...


Chavez is Always With Us INTERNATIONALIST 360

  Chavismo faces the task of deepening the changes of the last fifteen years Al Rodrguez Araque Translated by Tortilla Con Sal The electoral victory of last October 15th highlights the identification of the great majority of the Venezuelan people with the series of transformations begun by Comandante Hugo Chavez and carried on by Nicolas...

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Friday, 20 October


Israeli forces raid several Palestinian media production companies Committee to Protect Journalists

Employees of TransMedia look at a military order attached to their office doors in Hebron on October 18, 2017. Israeli forces raided several media companies for alleged incitement. (AFP/Hazem Bader)

Beirut, October 19, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Israeli authorities to stop harassing Palestinian media and to release two staff members of a media company arrested during a series of raids in the West Bank yesterday.

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Thursday, 19 October


Ecuadoran TV journalist receives death threats Committee to Protect Journalists

Ecuadorian journalist Janet Hinostroza poses for a photo at the Teleamazonas television station in Quito, Ecuador on December 7, 2015. In 2013, CPJ honored Hinostroza with its International Press Freedom Award for her courageous investigative reporting in politics and corruption. (AP/Dolores Ochoa)

New York, October 18, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Ecuadoran authorities to ensure the safety of television journalist Janet Hinostroza.

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Tuesday, 17 October


Car bombing kills Malta journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia Committee to Protect Journalists

Police and forensic experts inspect the wreckage of a car bomb that killed journalist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia close to her home in Bidnija, Malta. (STR/AFP)

New York, October 16, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists called on authorities in Malta to swiftly ensure justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia, a prominent blogger killed today. The car that Caruana Galizia was driving exploded near to her house in Bidnija, in the north of the island, media reported.


Two Kurdish reporters killed on duty by car bombings in eastern Syria Committee to Protect Journalists

A fighter from Deir al-Zor military council which fights under the Syrian Democratic Forces holds the council's flag in the village of Abu Fas, Hasaka province, Syria September 9, 2017. Two reporters died in car bombing attacks on October 12 in Abu Fas. (Reuters/Rodi Said)

Beirut, October 16, 2017--Kurdish journalists Dilshan Ibash and Hawker Faisal Mohammed died from injuries sustained during October 12 suicide car bomb attacks that occurred in the eastern Syrian village of Abu Fas, where the two reporters were covering civilian displacement, according to their employer, Hawar News Agency, and the Syrian Journalists Association.

Friday, 13 October


Three Cameroonian journalists charged with criminal defamation Committee to Protect Journalists

President Paul Biya of Cameroon addresses the United Nations General Assembly, at U.N. headquarters on September 22, 2017. A trial judge on October 9 charged three journalists with criminal defamation for their

Cotonou, October 12, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Cameroonian authorities to immediately halt the prosecution of three journalists after a judge on October 9 changed the charges against them mid-trial.

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