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Saturday, 24 February


Prayer and Meditation for Saturday, February 24, 2018 So be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect. Peace and Freedom

Saturday of the First Week of Lent
Lectionary: 229

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Moses And The Ten Commandments by Giora Eshkol

Reading 1  DT 26:16-19

Moses spoke to the people, saying:
This day the LORD, your God,
commands you to observe these statutes and decrees.
Be careful, then,
to observe them with all your heart and with all your soul.
Today you are making this agreement with the LORD:
he is to be your God and you are to walk in his ways
and observe his statutes, commandments and decrees,
and to hearken to his voice.
And today the LORD is making this agreement with you:
you are to be a people peculiarly his own, as he promised you;
and provided you keep all his commandments,
he will then raise you high in praise and renown and glory
above all other nations he has made,
and you will be a people sacred to the LORD, your God,
as he promised.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 119:1-2, 4-5, 7-8

R. (1b) Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!
Blessed are they whose way is blameless,
who walk in the law of the LORD.
Blessed are they who observe his decrees,
who seek him with all their heart.
R. Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!
You have commanded that your precepts
be diligently kept.
Oh, that I might be firm in the ways
of keeping your statutes!
R. Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!
I will give you thanks with an upright heart,
when I have learned your just ordinances.
I will keep your statutes;
do not utterly forsake me.
R. Blessed are they who follow the law of the Lord!

Verse Before The Gospel  2 COR 6:2B

Behold, now is a very acceptable time;
behold, now is the day of salvation.

Gospel MT 5:43-48

Jesus said to his disci...


Florida Shooting Survivor Doubles Down: CNNs Entire Town Hall Was Scripted The Anti-Media

Colton Haab CNN Town Hall(ZHE)  The latest embarrassing blow to CNNs (already tattered) credibility emerged last night when Colton Haab, the student who first exposed CNN for pushing him to ask a scripted question during Wednesday nights town hall, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to offer even more shocking details about CNNs conduct. Yesterday, we noted that Haab, a Marjory Stoneman Douglas []


Lakota Brandon Ecoffey Leaves Position as Editor CENSORED NEWS

Calling for a Free Press, Brandon Ecoffey Leaves Position as Editor at Lakota Country Times Statement by Brandon Ecoffey, Lakota Censored News I have chosen to step down as editor of Lakota Country Times to focus on expanding my company Bad Face Consulting. This company was created to help tribal governments develop and implement professional public relations departments and policies in the


UK ideas on post-Brexit ties are pure illusion, EUs Tusk says Peace and Freedom


Image may contain: 1 person

European Council President Donald Tusk

BRUSSELS (Reuters) European Council President Donald Tusk on Friday dismissed as pure illusion the ideas floated by Britain so far on what sort of relationship it would want with the European Union after it leaves the bloc.

Tusk said he hoped to get more clarity when he meets Theresa May next Thursday, a day before the British prime minister is due to deliver a speech to outline Londons vision of its future ties with the EU.

I am glad that the UK government seems to be moving towards a more detailed position, Tusk told journalists after 27 EU leaders all apart from May met in Brussels on Friday.

However I am afraid that the UK position today is based on pure illusion. It seems like the cake philosophy is still alive. From the very start it has been a key clear principle of the EU 27 that there can be no cherry-picking and no single market a la carte.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he wants Britain to get the best of both worlds to have its cake and eat it.

EU leaders have long been asking May for details of Londons vision for future relations, but she has been hampered by divisions within her ruling Conservative Party, with some backing close trading ties and others seeking a clean break.

Tusk said the remaining 27 EU states would adopt their joint stance on that in March, whether London provided input or not. Tusk said the bloc would be extremely realistic in our assessment of possible new proposals.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who saw May this week, echoed those comments in talking to reporters separately after the Brussels meeting.

I made it clear to Theresa May that I believe it is crucial for the UK to set out its position on the transition, on issues like the Irish border, and particularly on the future relationship, he said.

We dont like cherry-picking, so it will be difficult to come to a bespoke deal along the lines that some in the UK are suggesting.

Additional reporting by Samantha Koester and Philip Blenkinsop; Editing by Kevin Liffey



US Treasury chief says Russia sanctions to come within weeks Peace and Freedom


AFP | US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters at the White House that new sanctions against Russia could come within weeks

WASHINGTON (AFP)  US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday previewed a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia, which he said could come within weeks.I dont want to leave here without emphasizing you havent asked me yet we are working on Russia sanctions, Mnuchin told reporters during a discussion about sanctions on North Korea.

I can assure you that is in the process. I will be back here within the next several weeks to talk about that, he said.

The White House this week stepped up efforts to counter allegations that it is a soft touch on Moscow.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, officials earlier this week said a task force has been set up to address potential meddling in the 2018 congressional elections and work is underway to introduce more sanctions in response to Moscows 2016 campaign.

Highlighting one potentially far-reaching step, a senior administration official said governments around the world have already been warned they could face sanctions for significant transactions with the Russian military.

Trumps vocal praise of President Vladimir Putin and his criticism of a special counsel Robert Muellers investigation into the 2016 election has poured kerosene on allegations of foot-dragging.

Several members of Trumps campaign have been charged or admitted to lying to the FBI about their contacts with Kremlin-related officials who are accused of trying to sway the 2016 vote in Trumps favor.

On Thursday Trumps former campaign boss Paul Manafort was charged with additional counts of laundering money and tax fraud stemming from his time working for a Kremlin-backed Ukrainian politician.


Watch: New Smart Robot REALLY Wants to Open Doors and It Might Creep You Out The Anti-Media

Boston Dynamics Robot Open Door(ANTIMEDIA)  One of the creepiest parts of the film Jurassic Park is when the velociraptor uses his witch-like claws to manipulate the door handle and enter the room where the children are hiding. Now imagine a headless dog robot doing that and being extremely persistent at it for 30 minutes. Thats what the latest video by Boston Dynamics demonstrates []


UN Security Council almost there on agreeing Syria cease-fire Peace and Freedom

The UN Security Council. (Reuters)
UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council is almost there on agreeing a Syria cease-fire, its president said Friday, the day of a crucial vote on the conflict.
We are still working on the language, on some of the paragraphs, but we are almost there, said Kuwaits Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, who holds the presidency this month.
The council is set to vote on a draft resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow for deliveries of humanitarian aid and medical evacuations.


Newsbud Exclusive- The US is the Grand Master of Undermining Elections, Not Russia!! Newsbud

Despite evidence showing the Russian troll farm had zero impact on the 2016 election, Democrats are not ready to give it up. The click-bait operation, according to Democrat Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, is the equivalent (of) Pearl Harbor. He told MSNBCs Chris Hayes the Russians are destroying our democratic process.

While Nadlers assertions are entirely laughable, they should be taken seriously. If Democrats take back the House later this year, Nadler could very well become head of the House Judiciary Committee. This would likely keep the idiotic Russian election hack allegations alive, as well as move forward an effort to impeach Donald Trump.

The corporate media is taking the Justice Departments indictment of the Russian Internet Research Agency seriously despite the admission it had no influence on the election. As the Moon of Alabama blog detailed on February 17, the so-called influence operation was in fact a click-bait scheme designed to make money.

There was no political point to what the Russian company did. Whatever political slogans one of the company's sock-puppets posted had only one aim: to increase the number of followers for that sock-puppet. The sole point of creating a diverse army of sock-puppets with large following crowds was to sell the 'eyeballs' of the followers to the paying customers of the marketing company.

The whole Russian influence storm is based on a misunderstanding of commercial activities of a Russian marketing company in U.S. social networks, the Moon of Alabama explains. This effort was exploited by Democrats for political purpose after Hillary Clinton lost the election, which took the establishment by surprise.

All of this needs to be put into perspective. The masters of flipping elections are not Russian, theyre American.

Not only has the US meddled in dozens of elections over the last centuryin Honduras, Iran, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, and many other countriesit has also assassinated disfavored leaders and orchestrated the murder of thousands of political opponents, most notoriously in Indonesia. According to research conducted by pol...


How free is the UK press when over 75% of it is owned by a handful of billionaires? OffGuardian

It could say a lot more, and it leaves out a few important names, but at least it says something Theres been a lot of talk recently about the Freedom of the Press. But how free is it, when over 75% of the press is owned by a handful of billionaires? Is it really about the right of tax-avoiding non-doms to use their wealth to poison our society for their own ends? EL4C (@EL4JC) February 23, 2018


How Brexit Won World War Two Dissident Voice

Two British Second World War dramas are among the leading contenders for Academy Awards this year. Dunkirk, about the 1940 evacuation of British troops from France, received eight nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Christopher Nolan. The Darkest Hour, showing Winston Churchill becoming Britains wartime Prime Minister, has six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Gary Oldman.

A third British movie about the Second World War, Churchill, released in June, offers a portrait of Winston Churchills doubts and disagreements with his officers and allies in the run-up to the 1944 Normandy invasion. Brian Cox was superb in the title role, but 2017 was a tough year to pit the failing, war-worn Churchill against the fresh, inspirational orator who rallied his countrymen against Nazi tyranny.

In his review of The Darkest Hour, Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw wrote:

Just as Britain negotiates its inglorious retreat from Europe, and our political classes prepare to ratify the chaotic abandonment of a union intended to prevent another war, there seems to be a renewed appetite for movies about 1940

Bradshaw asked the films producers if they recognized the relevance of their cinematic Churchill to current events. They told him they had planned their movie long before the Brexit vote. But the zeitgeist often takes a while to incubate artistic and political phenomena before bearing fruit. An abiding ambivalence, both toward Winston Churchill and membership in the European Union, have long simmered in the British psyche.

The UK officially joined what was then the European Communities (EC) on January 1, 1973. In 1975 the country held its first referendum about whether to leave. Various political parties Labour, the Referendum Party, UKIP have flirted with defection from the EU over the decades, without success, until 2016. With Brexit now imminent, the country seems to be suffering a sense of leavers remorse. But both of the award-nominated World War Two films offer reassurance that the UK can and will prosper in its new circumstances, on its own.

Churchill has always loomed larger than life for the British, even during his lifetime. A recent poll revealed that a quarter of British voters believe Churchill to be a mythical figure, even as a majority consider Sherlock Holmes historical. Churchill was mythic, as well as a flesh and blood human. He wrote history and enacted it. Both as an author and a public official he was a maker of myth.

Arguably the most eloquent world leader ever, Churchill wrote dozens of inspirational speeches, reams of incisive journalism and epic painstaking multi-volume cultural and military histories. In 1953, during his final term as Prime Minister, Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature. His country tended to embrace him in desperate times and turn...


US Embassy Moving to Jerusalem on Israels Independence Day The Anti-Media

US Embassy Jerusalem(MEE)  The United States plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on 14 May, the 70th anniversary of Israels independence, a US official confirmed on Friday. In December, US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital, and signaled Washingtons intention to relocate its embassy. The move infuriated many of Washingtons Arab allies and dismayed Palestinians []


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/02/23 Open Thread The Vineyard of the Saker

2018/02/23 18:00:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


France clamps down on radical Islam in prisons, schools France is experimenting with various ways of ending the drift towards extremism Worry about young people Peace and Freedom


AFP / by Clare BYRNE, Marc PREL | No one has a magic formula for deradicalisation as if you might de-install dangerous software, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (C) said in the northern city of Lille where he presented his strategy, flanked by a dozen ministers

LILLE (FRANCE) (AFP)  The French government said Friday said it would seal off extremists within prisons and open new centres to reintegrate returning jihadists into society as part of a plan to halt the spread of radical Islam.France is experimenting with various ways of ending the drift towards extremism of young people growing up on the margins of society, in predominantly immigrant suburbs where organisations like the Islamic State group or Al-Qaeda recruit.

The plan unveiled Friday is the third in four years and aims to draw lessons from past failures, after three years marked by a series of attacks that left over 240 people dead.

No one has a magic formula for deradicalisation as if you might de-install dangerous software, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in the northern city of Lille where he presented his strategy, flanked by a dozen ministers.

But in France and elsewhere there are good approaches to prevention and disengagement.

France is particularly keen to stop extremism flourishing in its prisons, where some of the jihadists behind attacks in recent years first came under the spell of hardliners.

A total of 512 people are currently serving time for terrorism offences in France and a further 1,139 prisoners have been flagged up as being radicalised.

To prevent extremism spreading further, Philippe said he would create 1,500 places in separate prison wings especially for radicalised inmates.

Islamic schools under scrutiny

He also announced plans for three new centres that will attempt to reintegrate radicals referred by French courts, including jihadists returning from fallen IS strongholds in the Middle East.

A first de-radicalisation trial ended in failure last July, with a centre in western France that operated on a voluntary basis shutting after less than a year with no improvements to show.

Other measures announced by Philippe include:

Investments in psychological care for returning children of jihadists. So far 68 children have been repatriated, most of them under 13.

Tighter controls on private Islamic schools which have grown rapidly in number in recent years.

More training for teachers to help them detect early signs of radicalisation and to debunk conspiracy...


#Helsinki March 3: Everywhere #Afrin, Everywhere Resistance! Enough is Enough!

Call for a demonstration in solidarity with Afrin in Helsinki, Finland on March 3.  People will start to gather at 02:00pm (14:00) at Narinkkatori, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Helsinki March 3: Everywhere Afrin, Everywhere Resistance!

Turkey has waged a war in Afrin, northern Syria for over a month without any meaningful action from the international community. Afrin is one of the cantons in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and the autonomous region of Rojava. The barbaric acts of the Turkish army and the affiliated jihadist groups, such as the use of chemical weapons, the bombings of civilian targets and the destruction of cultural-historical sites must be strongly condemned. We demand the attention of the international community regarding this matter. The diplomatic support of Western countries, trade and any other cooperation with the occupying Turkish government must be terminated. 

We want to show our support for the Kurdish forces of the YPG and the womens YPJ, the groups that are defending the society of Rojava and the Rojava revolution. There have been numerous demonstrations in support of Afrin in the last month and in support of Rojava in the last five years all around Europe as well as in Finland. If we want peace and democracy in the Middle East, we have to support the fight in Rojava. The democratic autonomy of Rojava allows the freedom of all Syrian people. Join us in supporting Rojava and Afrin to show that they are not alone in this fight!

Koollekutsujat / Organisers:

Yhdess Rojavan puolesta
Suomen kurdien kulttuurikeskus
Helsingin vasemmistonuoret
Varis Helsinki

Tukijoita / Support groups:
Vapaa Syndikaatti
Astra- lehti


CPAC censors, hijacks AFDI free speech panel Jihad Watch

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has never been much interested in hosting honest discussion of the jihad terror threat. I was on a panel there in 2003, and in 2007 debated both Dinesh dSouza and moderator Suhail Khan on Islam and the jihad threat (partial video here). I was on various AFDI panels while []


Colorado congressmans wife encourages messianic Jews to seize Muslim holy site in Jerusalem Say, Its ours! Mondoweiss

On a tour of the Muslim holy site, the Haram-al-Sharif, in the Old City of Jerusalem yesterday, a Colorado congressmans wife advised messianic Jews that seizure of the site might be the best option. Why not tomorrow say its ours! she said to zealots on the site.

Jean Tipton was touring the site along with her husband Scott Tipton, a Republican representing western Colorado, and Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia and his wife Mary.

The Haram-al-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary is the third holiest site in Islam. It is governed by a Muslim waqf, backed by Jordan. The site in the occupied Old City of Jerusalem is also revered by Jews because it the site of the first and second Jewish temples. Its western wall is the famous scene of Jewish prayer.

Jewish Temple Mount activists dream of asserting Israeli sovereignty over the mount, removing the Muslim structures, and replacing them with a Jewish temple, with millions of Jews attending sacrifices there.

During the hour-long tour, posted to Facebook by a Jewish activist, Jean Tipton egged on two of the messianic Jews.

So you would not be opposed to seizure? she said to Rabbi Chaim Richman, of the Temple Mount Institute.

I cant say that because I would be in trouble, Richman responded.

Avi Abelow, a Temple Mount activist and New Yorker who moved to Jerusalem, jumped in. I can say it, what was the question?

You would not be opposed to seizure? Tipton repeated.

What do you mean?

Taking it back. Just saying, No, its ours. Always was. And it is again!' Tipton went on.

Abelow said Tipton was correct, and that Jewish sovereignty would be fairer to Muslim worshipers than Muslim control of the site is to Jews.

Tipton persisted: So why not tomorrow say that, Its ours.'

Abelow said that such plans are opposed on a geopolitical level and by the current Israeli government, which fears the consequences of seizing sovereignty of the site.

Tipton continued, So youre feeling that it will happen in Gods time. As opposed to mans time.

Im a believer that God works with mans assistance, Abelow said. He said he and Rabbi Richman and others are seeking to generate the awareness necessary to prepare the Jewish people to be ready to then declare sovereignty and be the active partners with God to bringing about a better situation for all of us. Does that make sen...


Trump Taking Republican Into European-Style Populism? Critics say Yes Peace and Freedom


By Sahil Kapur

February 22, 2018, 4:00 AM EST Updated on February 22, 2018, 1:36 PM EST
  • Stars of U.K., French nationalist movements address CPAC
  • Annual gathering of conservatives often signals GOP direction
Image may contain: 1 person
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
CREDIT Chip Somodevilla

Trump Says NRA and Republicans Want a Deal on Gun Control

President Donald Trump has pushed the Republican Party toward a European-style populism that is amply evident in the line-up at an annual conference in Washington that long has reflected the pulse of the American right.

The list of speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference that opened Thursday includes two European nativists, Marion Marechal-Le Pen and Nigel Farage, who are addressing the gathering between panels and events on the dangers of immigration, Sharia law and lawless government agencies.



Gun Owners Protest Backfires When He Accidentally Commits Felony in Viral Video The Anti-Media

Gun Owner Felony(ANTIMEDIA)  In the wake of the recent mass shooting in Florida in which 17 people lost their lives and another 14 were injured, one conscientious gun owner decided to make a statement. In a video uploaded to Facebook, Scott-Dani Pappalardo cut through the barrel of his AR-15 with a saw, declaring there was now one less of the weapon that could potentially []


Controlled Demolition: Heightened Financial Market Risks and the Planned Impending Recession Newsbud

The second longest bull market in stocks was brutally interrupted in early February 2018 with some serious volatility, including the largest single day point drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  I mean, why would something like that happen if the economy is otherwise doing so well, investors are so clearly exuberant, unemployment is so very, very low, and the Fed, Treasury and President Trump are guiding things along so firmly?  Tongue firmly in cheek

When actual economic fundamentals are weighed with some data sobriety, this recent volatility could be seen as a warning of further corrections and a deep recession to come.  Yet that said, such a wider downturn isnt necessarily due to natural market forces, just like the disingenuously long 9-year-old bull market in equities hasnt been due purely to theoretical supply and demand, either.  So, what all is going on behind the ticker tape?  What are the true stakes, real numbers at play, and possible ends for which another large systematic financial crisis could serve as means to?

In this episode of Money & Fear, and in the shows Show Notes, well look at the interplay between the bond and stock markets, probe possible financial shenanigans meant to speed a wider correction along, and bring some monetary history into it all, as always.  Details not shared, let alone analyzed, by mainstream corporate business press and its sponsors, all of whom prefer that you not think critically about economics or finance, but rather just listen to prescribed numbers, guidance and sound advice otherwise.

If youre not a Newsbud member yet, please join and tell others.  It costs practically nothing, yet gives you information youre not supposed to know, thus empowering you to stay ahead of the herd and think like Establishment planners think.

*Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter

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Increasingly Difficult To Work With Russia on Syria Senior U.S. diplomat says Dialogue with Russia on those issues and areas where we can work cooperatively toward a common goal is less and less Is Putins Ego the problem? Peace and Freedom


BRUSSELS (Reuters) U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan said in Brussels on Friday it has become harder for Washington to work with Moscow on Syria.

Weve worked hard to maintain relations and a dialogue with Russia on those issues and areas where we can work cooperatively toward a common goal, Syria is one, Sullivan told journalists.

As the campaign against ISIS (Islamic State) has proceeded, it has become more challenging for us to work with the Russians on this (Syria).

Sullivan said he had not been directly engaged in negotiations of the U.N. Security Council vote on Syria on Friday.


French prime minister unveils new deradicalisation programme change in strategy for the French government. Peace and Freedom


Image may contain: 11 people, people standing and suit

Philippe Huguen, AFP | French Prime Minister douard Philippe and some members of his government pose afting announcing new de-radicalisation measures on February 23, 2018, in Lille.

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2018-02-23

The French government unveiled new deradicalisation plans on Friday, including isolating extremists within prisons and opening centres dedicated to reintegrating former radicals into society.

France is experimenting with new ways of halting the drift towards extremism for young people growing up on the margins of society, predominantly in immigrant suburbs where organisations like the Islamic State group or al Qaeda focus their recruiting efforts.

The plan unveiled by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Friday is the third such proposal in four years. But this one aims to learn from past mistakes, after three years marked by a series of attacks that has left more than 240 people dead across France.

No one has a magic formula for deradicalisation, like you might de-install dangerous software, Philippe said in the northern city of Lille, where he presented his strategy flanked by a dozen ministers.  

But in France and elsewhere there are good approaches to prevention and disengagement.

Wassim Nasr, FRANCE 24s expert on radicalisation, said that Philippes speech represented a change in strate...


Justin Trudeau dresses up for Bride and Prejudice Fausta's Blog

When Justin Trudeau decided to go to India, he must have tried kill two birds with one shot, and dress up like Mr. Darcy in Bride and Prejudice: It did not go well. Read my post, Justin Trudeau dresses up for Bride and Prejudice.


Globally Top-Respected Experts on Middle East Warn Syrian War May Produce WW III The Vineyard of the Saker

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog Abdel Bari Atwan, the retired editor-in-chief (1989-2013) of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi and author of widely respected books on the


Freewheeling Trump at CPAC touts armed teacher proposal Peace and Freedom

Washington (CNN)  A freewheeling President Donald Trump offered a political greatest hits reel Friday to the highest-profile right-wing gathering of the year, basking in conservative plaudits for what he characterized as a triumphant first year in office.


Quickly discarding prepared remarks he deemed sort of boring, Trump lit into Democrats and even some Republicans who he deemed insufficiently doctrinaire, and again called for teachers to be armed in schools as a response to the Florida shooting last week.
He welcomed familiar chants like lock her up about Hillary Clinton, the opponent he defeated 15 months ago. And he pledged to protect gun ownership rights, even amid an emotional national debate over guns in which hed pledged new restrictions.
It was Trumps second appearance as President at the Conservative Political Action Conference, held just outside Washington in Maryland. His speech at CPAC last year was a blistering and dark diatribe that cemented the notion that Trump would not adhere to presidential norms.


Time is Not on Yemens Side World Beyond War . . .

Kathy Kelly: Video with transcript February 20, 2018.

Kathy Kelly, on Feb 15 2018, addresses NYs Stony Point Center outlining the history of peaceful resistance and U.S.-engineered catastrophe in Yemen. She has not as yet had opportunity to review the attached rough transcript.


So, thank you very much to Erin who apparently had asked the question What are we going to do about Yemen? and that was part of what generated our gathering here today; and Susan, thank you so much for inviting me to come and picking me up; to the Stony Point Center people, its a privilege to be here with you and certainly, likewise to all who have come, and to be with these colleagues.

I think the urgency of our gathering tonight is indicated by the words that Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, spoke on a nationalized, televised speech in Saudi Arabia on May 2nd of 2017 when he said a prolonged war is in our interest regarding the war in Yemen. He said, Time is on our side regarding the war in Yemen.

And I see that as particularly urgent because its likely that the Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman, who is by all accounts the orchestrator of the Saudi-led coalitions involvement in prolonging the war in Yemen, is going to come to the United States in Britain they managed to push back his arrival there: there was such a strong movement, led by young Quakers, actually, in the UK and he probably will come to the United States and most certainly, if that trip happens, to New York, and I think that gives us an opportunity to say to him, and to all of the people focused on him, that time is not on the side of the civilians who suffer desperately; and their situation will be described much further throughout the course of our evening together.

Ive been asked to speak a bit about the war, the history of the war and the proxy wars and the causes. and, And I want to say most humbly to [] that I know that any child, in the Yemeni marketplace, selling peanuts on the corner, will always know more about the culture and the history of Yemen than I ever can. Something Ive learned over the years with Voices for Creative Nonviolence is that if we wait till were perfect well wait a very long time; so Ill just job in.

I think one place to start is with the Arab Spring. As it began to unfold in 2011 in Bahrain, at the Pearl Mosque, the Arab Spring was a very very courageous manifestation. Likewise in Yemen, and I mostly want to say that young people in Yemen risked their lives beautifully to rai...


Painting an Israeli Attack on Syria as Israeli Retaliation Aletho News

By Gregory Shupak | FAIR | February 21, 2018 Israel claimed that it intercepted an Iranian drone in Israeli airspace on Saturday, February 10; Iran denied that it had a drone there. Israel then bombed a Syrian airbase, saying it was the command-and-control center from which Iran had launched the drone. The Syrian government shot []


EU-South America trade deal could kill 20,000 French farms Peace and Freedom


AFP/File | The deal could see up to 99,000 tonnes of beef from South Americas Mercosur trading bloc exported to Europe every year

PARIS (AFP)  Over 20,000 French farms could go bankrupt if the European Union concludes a major trade deal with four South American countries, Frances biggest farm union warned Friday.Christiane Lambert, head of the National Federation of Agricultural Holders Unions, said France risked losing between 20,000 and 25,000 farms if the EU signs a deal allowing tens of thousands of tonnes of tariff-free South American beef into the bloc.

On Wednesday, beef farmers across France demonstrated against the deal which could see up to 99,000 tonnes of beef from the Mercosur trading bloc (Brazil the worlds top exporter of the meat as well as Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) exported to Europe every year.

Some campaigners have raised concerns about the use of hormones in these countries which lead to artificially high growth rates in cattle a practice that is widespread in the United States but banned in Europe.

Lambert told BFM television she was worried the EU would agree to waive food security norms in return for access to a market of 260 million South American consumers for EU cars and auto parts, dairy products and other goods and services.

She complained that the use by South American producers of hormones and of meat and bone meal a type of feed banned in the EU since the BSE or mad cow crisis of the 1990s would allow them to undercut their French counterparts by up to 30 percent.

At a meeting Thursday with farmers, President Emmanuel Macron promised France would not budge on meat safety.

There will never be beef with hormones in it in France. We shouldnt play with fear, he said, adding: There will be no reduction in our social, environmental or health standards.

Negotiators from Mercosur and the EU resumed talks on Wednesday after edging closer to a deal during the last round in Brussels.

Paraguays Foreign Minister Eladio Loizaga, whose country currently holds the rotating presidency of the Latin American bloc, said Monday that the two sides were in agreement on 90 percent of the issues, including beef exports to Europe.

But EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan said it was very open as to whether there will be a successful conclusion at this stage.

At the end of the previous round, the EU said it was willing to accept tariff-free imports of 99,000 tonnes of South American beef annuall...


Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate World Beyond War . . .

World Beyond War allows volunteers to create (and assists in the creation) of new local organizations that we call World Beyond War chapters. If you cant find one near you below, you can create one. Its easy!

We also let existing organizations become affiliates. You can do that too. We do not include as affiliates groups that support war or other major forms of violence or injustice. But we do not expect to agree on every topic with every affiliate. An affiliate must be an organization working with us on ending war. If your organization or business wants to endorse ending war without becoming an affiliate, please sign here.

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Country Coordinator: Samira Abrar
Affiliate: Rehabilitee Organization for Afghan War Victims

Country Coordinator: Robert Salerno

Chapter: World Beyond War Cameroon

Country Coordinator: Bob Fantina
Chapter: World Beyond War St. Johns
Chapter: World Beyond War Toronto
Affiliate: Canadian Peace Initiative
Affiliate: Anutek Developments Inc.
Affiliate: World Without Fear



Top Turkish Official Accuses Kurds of Releasing ISIS for Terror Attacks The Anti-Media

Kurds ISIS(ANTIWAR.COM)  Mehdi Aker, a top figure in Turkeys ruling AKP party, issued a statement Thursday accusing the Kurdish YPG of having released all the ISIS fighters they had captured in Syria, on condition that they carry out terror attacks against targets of Turkish interest. Aker and other officials claimed there is an ongoing roundup along the Turkey-Syria border []


Footage from the Civilian Convoy #Turkey Bombed in #Afrin Enough is Enough!

ANF has acquired footage from the civilian convoy which was bombed by the invading Turkish state, exposing the misinformation that military vehicles were hit. The footage shows civilian vehicles torn to pieces with bombs and shrapnel.

Originally published by ANF News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Footage from the Civilian Convoy Turkey Bombed in Afrin

ANF has acquired footage from the civilian convoy which was bombed by the invading Turkish state, exposing the misinformation that military vehicles were hit. The footage shows civilian vehicles torn to pieces with bombs and shrapnel.

A convoy of civilians who were traveling from Cizire to Afrin to show support for the resistance that has continued for 35 days were hit by the invading Turkish state. One civilian was martyred and 12 others were wounded according to the first information from the site.

The martyred civilian was 28 year old Salim Xilf. Civilians Baq Xell (24), Red Hisn Mihemed (22), Wensa Umer aw (58), Xr Coq engal (23), Rende Hisn Celal (20), Ekrem Bedran Biro (21), Rocvan (21), Xalid Tewfq El (45) and Mihemed Xalid Yeqb (60) were taken to the Avrin Hospital for treatment. Civilians Mihemed x Neb, Xalid Xell and Merwan were also wounded.

The invading Turkish state served articles and videos through the Turkish Special War Department to deceive the public.

ANF acquired footage from the civilian convoy bombed by the Turkish state, exposing the misinformation that military vehicles were hit. The footage shows civilian vehicles torn to pieces with bombs and shrapnel. Several civilian vehicles can be seen being destroyed in the footage, while there is no sight of even one military vehicle or piece of equipment. This has shown that the Turkish state has committed another war crime last night.



US confirms Jerusalem embassy opening in May 2018 Jihad Watch

This is one of the most significant things President Trump has done. All the mainstream analysts insisted it was a terrible idea, that moving the embassy would inflame the Palestinians and other Muslims, and lead them to riot and kill. They were, in effect, saying yet again that the U.S. must bow to violent intimidation []


The Nazi Demonstration at Sofia Voltaire Network

For the first six months of 2018, Bulgaria is presiding over the European Union; yet in this period, a Nazi torch-lit march took place though its capital, Sofia, on 17 February. A member party of the current government participated in this march. Last year, the Vice Minister of Regional Development, Pavel Tenev, had already been forced to resign after a holiday photo was published in which he was posing giving the Nazi salute before wax statues of Gestapo officers. Following this, a high (...)


Netanyahus Confidant Turns Against Him stan van houcke

Netanyahus Confidant Turns Against Him, Makes Deal to Turn Over Evidence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Wednesday, Feb. 21. One of Netanyahu's closest confidants Shlomo Filber has turned state witness against him in a corruption probe. (Sebastian Scheiner / AP Photo)
Shlomo Filber, a confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been arrested in a corruption investigation and reached a deal with police on Tuesday to turn over evidence against Netanyahu in exchange for a lighter sentence. Under the deal, Filber, who formerly served as director general of the Communications Ministry under Netanyahu, will not serve jail time.
On Feb. 13, police recommended that Netanyahu be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two corruption investigations. Five days later, police brought in eight suspects for questioning in another corruption probe. One was Filber; another was Shaul Elovitch, a friend of Netanyahus and chairman of Bezeq, Israels largest telecom company.
The Economist provides additional background:


Id Elect the People on My Facebook Page Over Any Weapons-Funded Hack World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson, February 23, 2018.

I asked my Facebook page which high school teacher theyd least like to have had a gun in their desk. Go read their answers.

Id elect those people over any recent president or any current member of Congress.

These bursts of public discussion with dashes of sanity thrown in that follow each particularly media-covered mass-shooting are always encouraging. And its especially encouraging to have young people being allowed to have a say.

But lets be clear about the limitations of whats happened so far. The first set of limitations is those that are created by universal militarism worship.

These kids were killed by a kid trained to kill by the JROTC, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Congress, and your tax dollars, with a bit of spare change thrown in by the NRA. He was tra...


What Would an "America First!" Security Policy Look Like? Strategic Culture Foundation

Republicans are hardly the zealous guardians of the public purse they would have Americans believe. While quick to trash their partisan opponents for making free with taxpayers money, they are no less happy to do the same at least when its called national defense.


YouTube Has Informed Me That It Will Soon Delete The Richie Allen Show Channel Aletho News

By Richie Allen | February 22, 2018 YouTube operates a three strikes and you are out policy. Content creators are told that if they violate community standards three times, their channel and all its content will be deleted. Two weeks ago The Richie Allen Show received a strike. Incredibly, I was informed that I had []


Get underground or die in the streets - the choice in Eastern Ghouta Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Syrian civilians are forced into makeshift underground shelters under the streets of Douma - above them is only death


US embassy moving to Jerusalem on Israel's independence day Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


The US will relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv earlier than expected and may use a consular facility already based in the city


Chaos continued, Syria. Penny for your thoughts

From yesterday:  Chaos, Syria.

Massive Psychosis set to continue at the UN-

Globe & Mail
A new wave of bombs struck Syria's eastern Ghouta district unabated on Friday, witnesses said, ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote to demand a 30-day ceasefire to end one of the deadliest bombing campaigns of the war.
 As mentioned yesterday- The US has been flying out "prisoners" from Syrian territory annexed by their Kurdish proxies... Obviously these aren't prisoners. 
Obviously these are military assets of some value. Most probably these military assets are then presented as flag waving militia members gone to Afrin

 Besides the movement of military assets from Kurdish annexed Syrian territory there are reports of a "civilian convoy" bombed by Turkey. This was NO civilian convoy, same as there were no "prisoners" that were flown by the US to somewhere else in Syria...

The Region & their 5 eyes asset Wladimir van Wilgenburg

This is such a preposterous narrative overall, still it's interesting to read about the locales the  civilians hailed from. Relatively calm areas in Syria and Iraq...
A group that came from...


Crowd chants lock her up at Trumps CPAC speech They committed a lot of atrocities. Peace and Freedom

Crowd chants 'lock her up' at Trump's CPAC speech
Greg Nash

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD.Republican activists in the audience at President Trumps speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday broke out into a lock her up chant, reviving the 2016 GOP presidential campaign chant to imprison Hillary Clinton.


The chants started after Trump criticized Clinton as crooked during a brief aside in his remarks. He seized on the chant to go further on the offensive against his political rival.
Everything thats turning out, now its amazing, its come full circle. Wow, have they committed a lot of atrocities? Trump said to the crowd, which cheered and yelled encouragement after the Lock her up chants subsided.
Democrats have long been critical of those chants, which regularly interrupted Trump campaign rallies in 2016.


CNN Town Hall: Stick to the Script

Via: Real Clear Politics: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor Colton Haab appeared on FOX News Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about his saga with CNN and how they scripted a question for him to use at Wednesday nights town hall event hosted by the network and moderated by CNNs Jake Tapper. Haab, a []


#Brescia, #Italy: Serious Fascist Incendiary Attack at the CSA Magazzino 47 Social Center Enough is Enough!

Statement by the CSA MAGAZZINO 47 social center after the fascist incendiary attack in Brescia, Italy.

Originally published by CSA MAGAZZINO 47. Translated by @eatps_  and Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Brescia, Italy: Serious Fascist Incendiary Attack at the CSA Magazzino 47 Social Center

Immediate mobilization, tomorrow city demonstration.

This night some rats entered the CSA Magazzino 47 social center after they broke a window. They have set a fire in the room of the bookshop and the wine shop. The broken window with obvious signs of forced entry and the intense smell of gasoline give no doubt about the suspect nature of the act, as immediately reported by the firefighters themselves.

The fast reaction of a comrade who was inside the social space meant that the firemen could intervene promptly and extinguishing the flames before they could provoke much worse damage. Several furniture and a large amount of books have been destroyed. Our brother, the only person present, fortunately is fine.

We can say with certainty that it was the umpteenth infamous attack of fascists and racists who try to sow a climate of racial hatred and intolerance in the city.

The same that in recent weeks have hit the occupyed houses of via Gatti and the Sinti field in via Orzinuovi in Brescia city. They are the same ones that praise Luca Traini, author of the Macerata racist attack.



Theresa May warned she will betray Brexit if she accepts amendments to remain in a customs union Peace and Freedom


Theresa May at Number 10

Theresa May has been warned she would be betraying the electorate if she accepts amendments which would keep Britain in a customs union after Brexit.

Tory MPs have urged the Prime Minister to stick to her guns after a group of five rebels proposed changes which would force the UK to remain in a customs union with the block.

It came after Anna Soubry and Labours Chuka Umunna tabled a new amendment to the trade bill, which called for MPs to support the implementation of a customs union with the EU following the UKs departure.

Brexit-supporting MPs rounded on the amendment within hours, with Tory MP Michael Fabricant describing the proposal as a total betrayal of what the 52 percent of the

Read the rest (Paywall):


Stop confusing Kurdistans! Syrias leftists must turn home to Assad Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

February 22, 2018 by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog As Assad-backed troops enter Afrin to fight Turkish invaders, the Syrian conflict has entered its decisive crossroads: Will Northern Syria cooperate with Damascus, or not? This is the key to Syrian peace and territorial unity. Its also the question which will make or break claims that []


The Last Hegemon: Declining US Power In Worlds Geopolitical Arena PopularResistance.Org

The most fluid arena in the modern world-system, which is in structural crisis, is arguably the geopolitical arena. No country comes even near to dominating this arena. The last hegemonic power, the United States, has long acted like a helpless giant. It is able to destroy but not to control the situation. It still proclaims rules that others are expected to follow, but it can be and is ignored. There is now a long list of countries that act as they deem fit despite pressures from other countries to perform in specified ways. A look around the globe will readily confirm the inability of the United States to get its way. The two countries other than the United States that have the strongest military power are Russia and China. Once, they had to move carefully to avoid the reprimand of the United States.


Why Japans Ultranationalists Hate the Olympic Truce World Beyond War . . .

by Joseph Essertier, February 23, 2018
from CounterPunch.

Photo by Emran Kassim | CC BY 2.0

Making North Korea into an ever-present threat has helped Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his circle of ultranationalist government officials unify the nation behind their government. Recent escalating tensions between Washington and Pyongyang only help promote the narrative that Prime Minister Shinzo Abes policies are good for Japan, keeping the population focused on an external enemy. I hereby admit that I stole most of the wording in the previous two sentences from CNN. All I had to do was exchange one group of actors for another.

Below I outline five reasons why Abe and his circle of ultranationalists hate the Olympic Truce and are looking forward to getting back to maximum pressure (i.e., preventing peace between North and South Korea through genocidal sanctions, threats of a second holocaust on the Korean Peninsula, etc.)

1/ Family Honor

Some of Japans top ultranationalists, including Japans Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Minister in charge of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, have ancestors who were major beneficiaries of Japans empire, and they also want to restore the honor of those ancestors, people who tortured, murdered, and exploited Koreans, among others. Shinzo Abe, the current prime minister, is the grandson of Kishi Nobusuke, an A-class war criminal who barely escaped the death penalty. Kishi was a protg of Hideki Tojo. The relationship between these two went back to 1931 and to their colonialist exploitation of resources and people in Manchuria, including the forced labor of Koreans and Chinese, for their own sake as well as for the Empire of Japan. The slave system that Kishi established there opened the door to the military sex trafficking of women from Japan, Korea, China, and other countries.

Taro Aso, who now serves as the deputy prime minister and min...


A Conversation with Andre Vltchek Dissident Voice

Andre Vltchek

This week I spoke with philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist Andre Vltchek. Vltchek has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are his tribute to The Great October Socialist Revolution, a revolutionary novel Aurora and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: Exposing Lies Of The Empire. His other books can be viewed here. Also be sure to watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky On Western Terrorism. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.

I spoke with him about his work and his thoughts on the current imperialist attack on independent media.


Danny Haiphong: Could you give readers a background of who you are and what influenced you to take the path of independent journalism and analysis?

Andre Vltchek: First of all, lately I do not define myself as a journalist. These days, journalism is synonymous with the oldest profession. I document the world, I inform people, and I propagate my political ideas. I dont believe in objective reporting it simply does not exist, and those who claim to be objective, like the BBC or The New York Times, are actually the most professional propagandists for the Western Empire. I may be a propagandist, too, but for the left, for internationalism. And I never hide who I am and where I am standing, politically.

Who am I? To simplify it: a Cuban-style un...


Marching Forward Women, Resistance And Counter-Power PopularResistance.Org

If we learnt anything in 2017 in the aftermath of Trumps election shock, it was that the face of resistance to todays autocrats would be that of a woman. Women were the first to take to the streets the day after Trump was inaugurated in the largest street march in US history and have since been at the forefront of resistance to his toxic politics of racist fear-mongering and corporate cronyism. Women have similarly changed the entire conversation on sexual abuse, not just in the US but also in Asia and in Latin America, most recently through the #niunamenos (not one woman less) campaign. Women everywhere are leading struggles against corporate crimes and defending their communities and the dignity of all people, risking their lives in the process. To introduce TNIs State of Power 2018 report on counter-power, we interviewed three women activists who have displayed incredible courage...


Trump Announces Another Round of Sanctions Against North Korea Peace and Freedom


No automatic alt text available.

North Korean Hwasong15

By Terrence Dopp and Jennifer Jacobs

February 23, 2018, 9:30 AM EST Updated on February 23, 2018, 10:30 AM EST
  • New restrictions target North Korean shipping transactions
  • Sanctions aimed at pressuring North Korea on nuclear program

President Donald Trump said Friday his administration is imposing the largest U.S. sanctions package yet against North Korea for its nuclear weapons program.

The sanctions, which Trump planned to unveil at a meeting of conservatives near Washington, aims to disrupt shipping and trading companies and vessels that deal with North Korea in an effort to further isolate the regime of Kim Jong Un.

The Treasury Department will soon be taking new action to further cut off sources of revenue and fuel that the regime uses to fund its nuclear program and sustain its military by targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses that are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions, Trump will tell the meeting, according to excerpts released in advance by the White House.

The action targets one individual, 27 entities, and 28 vessels, according to a statement from the Treasury Department Friday. Those vessels may be located, registered or flagged in a number of countries, including North Korea, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Marshall Islands.

While the new sanctions focus on international shipping, the administration is also working on a response to the regimes illicit cyber activities, a senior administration official said.

Olympic Games

The latest sanctions send a message of continued U.S. determination as its ally South Korea hosts athletes and officials from North Korea in a show of detente at the Winter Olympics. Ivanka Trump, the presidents daughter and adviser, is in South Korea for the closing ceremony of the games. We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country, Trump sai...


Donald Trump to Unveil Largest Ever Set of Sanctions on North Korea Peace and Freedom

The president says the new actions will further cut off sources of revenue and fuel for Pyongyangs nuclear program

Updated Feb. 23, 2018 9:49 a.m. ET

WASHINGTONThe Trump administration plans to levy its largest ever sanctions package against North Korea, President Donald Trump was set to announce on Friday.

The sanctions will target shipping and trading companies as the U.S. seeks to further cut off foreign-currency revenues keeping the nuclear-armed regime afloat, Mr. Trump will say Friday, according to excerpts of his planned remarks released by the White House.

The Treasury Department will soon be taking new action to further cut off sources of revenue and fuel that the regime uses to fund its nuclear program and sustain its military by targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses that are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions, Mr. Trump planned to say in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The U.S. says North Korea, China and a host of other countries are allowing ships and trading companies to aid North Korea in evading an international ban on coal exports and fuel imports, a vital source of income and goods that help leader Kim Jong Un maintain power as he pursues an intercontinental ballistic missile that can target the U.S. mainland.


  • Ivanka Trump Meets South Korean Leader

Write to Ian Talley at


Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues PopularResistance.Org

On February 1, Margaret Flowers posted Which Path to National Improved Medicare for All?, which argued that states cannot enact single payer health systems and that a state-by-state approach will not lead to National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA). The article was intended to stimulate debate about strategies to win NIMA. Kip Sullivan, a single payer activist in Minnesota, responded to some of the points in the article. His arguments were discussed by the Health Over Profit for Everyone steering committee. Below are summaries of Sullivans responses and our rebuttals (Sullivans full response and the rebuttals are provided at the bottom). Please use the comment section and our Facebook page to keep this discussion going.


General Mills to pay $8 bn to acquire Blue Buffalo pet foods Pillsbury Doughboy Eats Buffalo Peace and Freedom


GETTY/AFP | The Pillsbury Doughboys parent company General Mills, which also has a long line of natural and organic foods, is moving into the natrual pet food market with the acquisition the Blue Buffalo line of products


US food conglomerate General Mills is adding dogs and cats to its portfolio, in an $8 billion deal to acquire natural pet food company Blue Buffalo, the companies announced Friday.

The Minnesota-based maker of Cheerios cereal, Yoplait yogurt and home of the Pillsbury Doughboy, said the acquisition gives the company a way into a growing $30 billion market for pet food.

Founded in 2002 in Connecticut, Blue Buffalo has seen double-digit sales growth of its natural products in each of the last three years with $1.3 billion in sales last year.

The addition of BLUE to our family of well-loved brands provides General Mills with the leading position in the large and growing Wholesome Natural pet food category, General Mills Chairman Jeff Harmening said in a statement.

Noting that General Mills has a large line of natural and organic products for people, including Annies and Larabar, Harmening said, In pet food, as in human food, consumers are seeking more natural and premium products.

Blue Buffalo chief Billy Bishop said the partnership gives his company the ability to reach more pet parents.

I have been impressed by General Mills strong track record of accelerating growth for its natural and organic brands, Bishop said. General Mills will be a tremendous home for our BLUE brand.

The deal, which is subject to approval by regulators, is expected to be finalized by late May, the statement said.


Racism Is Literally Killing African-American Mothers PopularResistance.Org

At first glance, tennis star Serena Williams and the late activist Erica Garner dont have much in common. They lived different lives on different ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. But as black women in America, they both shared horrifying stories due to complications from childbirth. Our country spends more on health care than any other high-income country but still holds the worst record for maternal mortality in the developed world. This maternal health crisis is driven by the high rates of African-American women who die while pregnant or within one year of the end of a pregnancy. Black mothers die at three to four times the rate of white mothers due to pregnancy-related complications. While existing health disparities can add to the risk, one recent study found that racism is a major driver of the gap.


Gathering on the Homeland Feb 24 and 25 Manderson, Oglala Territory CENSORED NEWS

Gathering on the Homeland Feb 24 & 25 Manderson, Oglala Territory


Russia says ready to agree on UN resolution on Syria but with caveats Peace and Freedom


MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia is ready to agree on a U.N. Security Council draft resolution in Syria but it needs guarantees on a ceasefire, Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Friday.

There are no guarantees that (the rebels) will not continue shooting at Damascus residential areas, Lavrov said in a briefing about discussions on a U.N. ceasefire resolution for Syria.

 Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and suit
Russias UN ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, dismissed reports of attacks on civilians in eastern Ghouta as disinformation and propaganda at a Security Council meeting on February 22, 2018. Credit Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters

Thats why for the resolution to be efficient and we are ready to agree on the text which would make it so we propose a formula which would make the ceasefire real, based on the guarantees of all who are inside eastern Ghouta and outside eastern Ghouta, Lavrov said.




Behind The Explosion In Socialism Among American Teens PopularResistance.Org

TAMPA, FLA.In a fluorescent lit classroom with handmade posters covering one wall, approximately 15 high school students are chanting the words of black revolutionary Assata Shakur: It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and we must support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains. With some embarrassed giggling, they recite it once, twice, three times, led by their visiting speaker, Pamela Gomez of the Hillsborough Community Protection Coalition, an alliance of local progressive groups. These students are some of the 40-odd members of the Blake High School chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA). The Tampa high school has 1,697 students, a majority of them black or Latino, and the YDSA chapter reflects that. The chapter also has a high concentration of LGBTQ students, the clubs biggest demographic bloc.


23 February 2014, SitRep Sevastopol The Vineyard of the Saker

Today, 23 February, is the anniversary of the City of Sevastopol cementing its course of leaving Ukraine. I personally think that soon this will be a holiday in this City


Theresa May expected to set out Brexit plan Friday after Cabinet agreement at Chequers Peace and Freedom


AFP/File / by Alice RITCHIE | British Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to set out more details of her position before talks get underway on the future partnership in April, with Brussels warning Britain cannot have everything it wants
LONDON (AFP)  Prime Minister Theresa May will make a speech next Friday on Britains relationship with the EU following Brexit after her cabinet agreed a plan at a marathon meeting, her spokesman said.One minister who was not present said they had agreed Britain would seek to align itself with European Union rules in certain sectors of the economy, but will retain the right to diverge.

May is under pressure to set out more details of her position before talks get underway on the future partnership in April, with Brussels warning Britain cannot have everything it wants.

The prime minister gathered around a dozen of her senior Cabinet colleagues for eight hours of talks at her country retreat Chequers on Thursday, in a bid to thrash out their considerable differences.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who has called for a clean break with Brussels, and Finance Minister Philip Hammond, who favours closer ties, were among those present.

It was a very positive meeting and a step forward, agreeing a basis of the prime ministers speech on our future relationship, the spokesman said.

The prime minister will be setting out more detail of the governments position on Friday, he added on her upcoming address.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who did not attend the gathering, said Britain would not be part of a customs union with the EU because it wanted to be able to agree trade deals beyond the bloc.

Its one way of getting frictionless trade but its not the only way, he told BBC radio.

He acknowledged divergent views among ministers, but said: The central common understanding is that there will be areas and sectors of industry where we agree to align our regulations with European regulations.

The automotive industry is perhaps an obvious example because of supply chains that are integrated.

But it will be on a voluntary basis, we will as a sovereign power have the right to choose to diverge, and what we wont be doing is accepting changes in rules because the EU unilaterally chooses to make those changes.

Labour sets out plan

The full Cabinet will discuss the plans, likely at their regular weekly meeting on Tuesday, before May makes he...


UK: Labour plans to scrap most immigration laws, inundate country with Muslim migrants, Conservatives echo same policy Jihad Watch

Despite abundant evidence that many child migrants are not children at all, Labour wants more in the UK: Abbott said Labour would end family break-up through the immigration system. The left-wing party would achieve this by allowing child migrants to bring over family members particularly parents effectively turning them into beachheads for a []


Crisis Of Social Democracy: From Norway To Europe PopularResistance.Org

The crisis of social democracy is being debated throughout Europe. Several of the historically strong labour parties have almost been wiped out in elections while others seem unable to recover from defeat. In the last few years, a number of social democratic parties have ended up with only one-digit election results (Greece, Ireland, Iceland, The Netherlands, France), while others have experienced major setbacks. The Norwegian Labour Party, for example, has experienced two of its worst elections 2001 and 2017 since the 1920s. Significant parts of the trade union movement believe that the party made serious blunders in what should have been an easy victory during last years parliamentary elections. There is no doubt that social democracy is in a deep international crisis, although conditions vary widely between different countries.


Israel and school violence The Angry Arab News Service/

Of course, the New York Times account ignores the long record of Israeli bombing of schools in Lebanon and Palestine and the bombing by fighter jets of school children in refugee camps. Also, what about the targeting of Bahr Al-Baqar school in Egypt in April of 1970? That does not count as school violence for the New York Times?


Frontline on PBS on Saudi-Iranian conflict The Angry Arab News Service/

I watched one hour of the first episode.  Horrible.  He goes to Iran and tells viewers that there is suppression of political freedoms in Iran. He goes to Saudi Arabia and offers no such warning to viewers.  His main experts on the subject of the documentary are two: 1) a retired US diplomat who is a big fan of Saudi regime; 2) a Princeton Professor who is know for being very close to the Saudi regime and to Muhammad bin Salman.  After one hour, I learned about US documentaries what I knew not before.  He also adheres to Saudi regime talking point: that Saudi Arabia was a feminist democratic republic until 1979 when Iran revolution came and the rebellion in the Grand Mosque occurred. But what about the Jihadi rhetoric and religious fanaticism which was employed by Saudi regime against Nasser and against the Left in general BEFORE 1979???


Weekend long read BBC Watch

1) At the Tablet, Tony Badran discusses the US Secretary of States recent visit to Lebanon.

As the military confrontation between Iran and its regional proxies on one hand, and Israel on the other hand, heats up, Lebanon has emerged as the nerve center of the Iranian camp. On the eve of Tillersons visit, Lebanon hosted Akram al-Kaabi, the leader of an Iraqi militia which operates under the command of Irans Qods Force. From Beirut, al-Kaabi stated his group would fight Israel alongside Hezbollah in a future war. The presence of al-Kaabi in Lebanonhis terrorist comrade Qais al-Khazali had dropped by late last yearunderscored Lebanons role as a hub for Irans regional terrorist assets.

2) The Times of Israel carries an excerpt from Ben Dror Yeminis latest book now available in English.

We must admit that there is no chance for peace in the foreseeable future.

Its not that the solution is co...


UN Security Council to vote Friday on Syria ceasefire 400,000 Syrians are living in hell on earth. Peace and Freedom


Smoke billows following Syrian government bombardments on Kafr Batna in the besieged Eastern Ghouta region. (AFP)
UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council will vote Friday at 1600 GMT on a draft resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow for deliveries of humanitarian aid and medical evacuations, diplomats said.
A slightly amended text was circulated to council members, but it was unclear whether Russia would support the measure.
Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told a council meeting on Thursday that there was no agreement on a truce and presented a new raft of amendments.


Cyprus accuses Turkey of blocking ship again in gas exploration standoff Is Turkey Becoming More Lawless? Peace and Freedom


Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades said that Cyprus was determined to press ahead with its plans for oil and gas exploration despite the intervention of the Turkish Navy  in blocking an Eni-chartered drillship. (Reuters)
ATHENS: Cyprus accused Turkey on Friday of threatening to use force against a drillship chartered by Italys Eni, in a standoff over hydrocarbons rights in the eastern Mediterranean.
There was no immediate reaction from Turkey, which has vowed to prevent Greek Cypriots from exploring for oil or gas around the ethnically-split island and says some areas of Cypruss offshore maritime zone fall under its jurisdiction.
On Feb. 9, the Turkish navy on maneuvers in the Mediterranean stopped the Saipem 12000 vessel on its way to drill for gas in the waters off Cyprus, triggering a diplomatic standoff which has underscored tensions in the region over competing claims for offshore resources.


Coverup: UK report claims no evidence police feared to investigate Muslim rape gangs because of racism charges Jihad Watch

British authorities let these Muslim rape gangs operate freely for years, because they were afraid of being called racist and Islamophobic for stopping them. This BBC story falsely claims: The report noted that there was no evidence that police and other agencies had been reluctant to investigate amid misplaced concerns over political correctness or allegations []


Signal Foundation PopularResistance.Org

Long before we knew that it would be called Signal, we knew what we wanted it to be. Instead of teaching the rest of the world cryptography, we wanted to see if we could develop cryptography that worked for the rest of the world. At the time, the industry consensus was largely that encryption and cryptography would remain unusable, but we started Signal with the idea that private communication could be simple. Since then, weve made some progress. Weve built a service used by millions, and software used by billions. The stories that make it back to us and keep us going are the stories of people discovering each other in moments where they found they could speak freely over Signal, of people falling in love over Signal, of people organizing ambitious plans over Signal.


What just happened in Korea and when will we ever learn?! Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

The Saker February 20, 2018 Okay, a quick summary first: one of the Russian athletes participating in the Winter Olympics has tested positive for Meldonium.  On two different probes.  There is no way to explain that away, Alexander Krushelnitsky did have Meldonium in his body.  But he was also tested for the same substance just before leaving []


Ben Hubbard on the Lebanese comedian The Angry Arab News Service/

What is funny (or unfunny) is that Hubbard left out that the Lebanese (Christian) comedian that he profiled supports Hizbullah in Lebanon.  Yet, the Wall Street Journal reporter here, blamed Hizbullah for his court summon.


Russian Meddling? stan van houcke

Hoi Stan,

Een, voor jouw blog, in zo ontzettend veel opzichten relevante discussie over het onderzoek van Mueller over Russische inmenging & Trump (& en de verslaglegging daarover). Duur: 1 uur.

Gr. Arnoud


Resurrection City Participant Considers Current Poor Peoples Campaign PopularResistance.Org

My deeply moving experience was to see the Washington Mall filled with African-American and other activists living in poverty conditions. They were on the ground in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln. The cold rains and action turned the ground into deep mud. My memory is strong of the mud and walking on planks to the makeshift and somewhat dismal clinic. Now, many years later, the Poor Peoples Campaign is being resurrected. Another attempt is flinging itself at the government, the churches, and the entire American society -- still divided by class. Poverty has largely become normalized in America. The minds of most have become inured to inadequate food, housing and health care for millions of us. We certainly must have not only a national call, but also national change -- to be morally revived and eliminate systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation.


Rev. Billy Graham: the Mufti of the American republic was a blatant anti-Semite but was forgiven because he supported Israel The Angry Arab News Service/

""Not all the Jews, but a lot of the Jews, are great friends of mine; they swarm around me and are friendly to me because they know that I'm friendly with Israel. But they don't know how I really feel about what they are doing to this country." Also, On Feb. 1, 1972, unaware of Nixons Oval Office taping system, when Nixon ranted about how Jews totally dominated the media, Graham said, This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country is going down the drain. He also told Nixon that Jews are the ones putting out the pornographic stuff.


An Israeli criminologist explains why for Israeli men, killing Palestinians make them less likely to kill other Israelis because they vent out against Palestinians The Angry Arab News Service/

This is an incredible statement here: "I would say that for many [Israeli] males, especially, military service serves as a kind of catharsis for their aggressive emotions, therefore much less of it is being expressed in civilian circles, Dr. Rattner said."  Military service is a kind of catharsis? Because they get to kill and maim Palestinians which make them let some steam off?


Nigeria: 85-year-old Muslim cleric leads Muslim mob that demolishes church building Jihad Watch

Islamic law forbids Christians to build new churches. Thats the only law that Mudasiru Owoyale doubtless respects. What Nigerian law says is of no import to him; he considers that to be manmade law, vastly inferior to the supposedly divine law, Sharia. Muslim Cleric destroys N8.7m church building, arraigned, Vanguard, February 22, 2018 (thanks to []


This is the foreign policy columnist for the New York Times The Angry Arab News Service/

Can you imagine Anthony Lewis or Tom Wicker or even William Safire writing like this: "reportedly had sex with a porn star shortly after his wife delivered their son".


West Virginias Public Schools Closed Due To Teacher Walk-Out Over Pay PopularResistance.Org

Public schools across West Virginia are closed Thursday as teachers and other school employees hit the picket lines, demanding higher wages and better benefits. According to Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, teachers in all of the states 55 counties are participating in the planned two-day walk-out, and a group will march Thursday morning to the capitol building in Charleston. Organizers expect thousands of teachers to participate. The work stoppage comes after Gov. Jim Justice signed legislation late Wednesday night granting teachers a 2% pay increase starting in July, followed by 1% pay increases over the next two years. But union officials have said thats not a sufficient fix. Teachers are also requesting better healthcare and benefits packages. We need to keep our kids and teachers in the classroom, Justice said in a statement after signing the pay raise bill.


Did Ibn Sauds militants cause 400,000 casualties? The Angry Arab News Service/

"Did Ibn Sauds militants cause 400,000 casualties? Myths and evidence about the Wahhabi conquests, 19021925".  He is right, of course. The figure is inflated.


The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner stan van houcke

A Nuclear War Planners Guide to Resisting the Bomb

Pixabay / CC 2.0
The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner
A book by Daniel Ellsberg
The Doomsday...


Look at this stupid sentence in the New York Times: in South Korea? Unlike the US?? The Angry Arab News Service/

So unlike the US, "In South Korea, men still dominate the top echelons of government, business and the arts".  I see.  When will South Korea have gender equality just like the US, when?



U.S. the Most Corrupt Nation in the World stan van houcke

Top 10 Signs the U.S. Is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World

Screen shot / YouTube
Those ratings that castigate Afghanistan and some other poor countries as hopelessly corrupt always imply that the United States is not corrupt. This years report from Transparency International puts the US on a par with Austria, which is ridiculous. All kinds of people from politicians to businessmen would go to jail in Austria today if they engaged in practices that are quite common in the US.
While it is true that you dont typically have to bribe your postman to deliver the mail in the US, in many key ways Americas political and financial practices make it in absolute terms far more corrupt than the usual global South suspects. After all, the US economy is worth over $18 trillion a year, so in our corruption a lot more money changes hands.
1. A sure sign of corruption is an electoral outcome like 2016. An addled nonentity like Donald Trump got filthy rich via tax loopholes a predatory behavior in his casinos and other businesses, and then was permitted to buy the presidency with his own money. He was given billions of dollars in free campaign time every evening on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other channel...


Teaching in a Time of War stan van houcke

Teaching in a Time of War

Pixabay / CC 2.0
I was teaching the day the airplanes hit the World Trade Center. It was the second meeting of The Communist Manifesto for Seminarians, a course for my fellow graduate students. By the time I got to class, both towers had collapsed. A few hours later, Building 7 came down as well. We dispensed with a planned discussion about what Marxists mean by idealism and materialism and talked instead about the meaning of this particular example of the propaganda of the deed.
We already sensed that, with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in the White House, the attacks would mean war. But like the rest of the world, we didnt yet have the faintest idea how long that war would last. And 16 years on, we still dont know.
A few years later, I found myself in front of 40 undergraduates on the first day of the first ethics course I would ever teach. You know how sometimes you have no idea what youre going to sa...


Unlearning War stan van houcke

FEB 22, 2018


Unlearning War

The 1917 "I Want You" U.S. Army recruitment poster by James Montgomery Flagg. (Library of Congress / Wikimedia)


Germany: Muslim migrant gets year and a half of prison dawah for jihad massacre plot Jihad Watch

The Chamber was convinced that the defendant was and is a threat. So what will he be in a year and a half? A solid, stolid German burgher? Lord, what fools these dhimmis be. Asylum seeker sentenced to prison for planned terrorist attack, translated from Asylbewerber wegen geplanten Terroranschlags zu Haftstrafe verurteilt, Deutsche Presse Agentur, []


The Coming Wars to End All Wars OffGuardian

By Edward Curtin, first published at the Greanville Post The compulsive hatred of Putin by many who have almost zero idea about Putin or Russian history is disproportionate to any rational analysis, but not surprising. Trump and Putin are like weird doppelgangers in the liberal imaginationJohn Steppling, Trump, Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk into a Bar The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one. No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem. If they cant find a justification (which they cant), they will have to create one (which they will). Or perhaps they will find what they have already created. Whatever the solution, we should feel confident that they are not sitting on their hands. History teaches those who care to learn that when aggressors place a gun on the wall in the first act of their play, it must go off in the final act. These sinister players have signaled us quite clearly what they have


UK: Counter Terrorism Policing unit arrests man on suspicion of belonging to proscribed organization Jihad Watch

What details does LincolnshireLive think salient in this case? We learn that the person arrested was a man, and indeed, a 46-year-old man. He was arrested on suspicion of membership of a proscribed organisation and malicious communications. LincolnshireLive deigns to give us no information as to which proscribed organisation was involved here, or what the []


Syria - The Two East-Ghouta Campaigns - One Is For Liberation, The Other To Save Terrorists Moon of Alabama

Daily mortar and missile attacks against the Syrian capital Damascus have been ongoing for years but intensified in recent months. The often quoted Syrian Observatory notes: ... raising to 116 persons at least including 18 children and 14 citizen women,...


Syrian Militias Beat Erdogan To Afrin, Dealing Setback to Turkey ThereAreNoSunglasses

People waving Syrias flag and portraits of its president, Bashar al-Assad, and the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party, Abdullah Ocalan, as a convoy of pro-Syrian government fighters arrives in Syrias northern enclave of Afrin on Thursday. Credit Ahmad Shafie Bilal/Agence France-Presse Getty Images

ISTANBUL Militias loyal to the Syrian government swept into the northwestern enclave of Afrin on Thursday in support of Kurdish militias, reclaiming the territory and stealing a march on Turkish forces that have been battling toward the cit...


Trump administration official: Islamic Republic of Pakistans moves against terrorism reversible, superficial Jihad Watch

So far, these steps have been reversible, superficial, and steps that we have actually seen them take in the past, in periods of high pressure. Yes. Whenever the U.S. complains that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not moving against jihad terrorists, despite getting billions of U.S. taxpayer money to do so, the Pakistani government []


UNIFIL Slams Israeli War Rhetoric, Affirms Strategic Partnership w/Lebanese Army ThereAreNoSunglasses


UNIFIL Slams Israeli Blames, Affirms Strategic Partnership with Lebanese Army


UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti slammed Israeli media reports accusing the peacekeeping forces of failing to carry out their duties, saying the reports are inaccurate, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

UNIFIL is aware of these media reports which contains clear inaccuracies. UNIFIL is working around the clock and carrying out some 450 operational activities each day. We have close coordination with the Lebanese Armed Forces, almost 40% of our activities are carried out at night, said Tenenti.

He stressed saying the UNIFIL highly values its strategic partnership with the Lebanese army mainly in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. The Lebanese army is an integral part in preserving the calm and stability in the UNIFIL area of operations.

Israeli media have accused the peacekeeping forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) of becoming an excuse for Hizbullah and the Lebanese government to violate UN resolution 1701.

Israel fought a month-long war against Hizbullah in 2006, killing more than 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civ...


Lance Schuttler: We Dont Need Government, We Need Purpose Public Intelligence Blog

We Dont Need Government, We Need Purpose

Lance Schuttler

Full Text Below the Fold

What truly motivates a person? Years ago I would have answered, well, money of course. Money helps to pay for our food, shelter, some entertainment and allows us to (sometimes) further our education. While that answer is true in ways, today I will take it further and say that a purpose is what motivates us. It is not that money itself is motivating for us, but it is the security money can provide us by allowing  to our basic needs like food, shelter and clothing to be met.

From our childhood, we have been conditioned to believe that it is necessary to have money and to need the institutions in our world that direct the flow of money to the greater populace. However, if we analyze this deep enough, we see that it is a fact that such a means of rationing resources (which money does) and the institutions that control the rationing, are not necessary, but are by choice.

Sure, in some ways government has served its purpose. It has allowed us to build an infrastructure on this planet where we can travel pretty much wherever we would like. It has also built schools, hospitals and allowed for the creation of all sorts of public services as well as public entertainment. However, what is important to remember is that it wasnt governments who build these things. It was people. People made the choice each and every morning to wake up and go to their job to help create their projects.

Though money was almost certainly an incentive for many of these people, I believe that we human beings have an innate desire to help serve a greater cause. Perhaps for many of these people, an additional incentive for doing their work was that they knew on a deeper level that this was in some way, big or small, helping our civilization to develop and grow in a positive direction.

In todays world, with the internet, 3-D printing, blockchain technology and the ability to harness unlimited energy for the entire world in the forms of solar, wind, tidal and geothermal, not to mention the numerous patented free energy devices which are currently suppressed, the need for money and government has passed us. We no longer need money as a way to ration resources when we have the technology to create unlimited abundance for everyone on the planet. With no longer needing money, w...


Map Udpate: Military Situation In Aleppo City

On February 22, the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) handed over its checkpoints in the neighborhoods of Ein Tal, Hellok, Bustan Basha and nearby areas to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Reports also appeared that the SAA had entered into the YPG-held neighborhood of Sheikh Maqsoud as well as the  YPG-held part of the Youth housing area the situation there remains unclear.

Map Udpate: Military Situation In Aleppo City

Click to see the full-size map

A map of Aleppo according to the versino that the entire area had been handed over to the SAA:

Map Udpate: Military Situation In Aleppo City

Click to see the full-size map

The post Map Udpate: Military Situation In Aleppo City appeared first on .


Arab MK: Saudi Arabia In Alliance With the Israeli Right, Doesnt Want Netanyahus Downfall Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Local Editor 22-02-2018 | 12:00 Arab Member of the Israeli Knesset Ayman Odeh, the chairman of the Joint List party stated that Saudi Arabia has an alliance with the Israeli right wing during an interview on Tuesday night.   There is a direct alliance between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli right and it is disgraceful, []


Global watchdog to put Pakistan back on terrorist financing watchlist: sources Peace and Freedom


ISLAMABAD (Reuters) A global money-laundering watchdog has decided to place Pakistan back on its terrorist financing watchlist, a government official and a diplomat said on Friday, in a likely blow to Pakistans economy and its strained relations with the United States.

 Image may contain: one or more people

A masked protester sits next to a flag of Pakistan during an anti-Indian protest in Srinagar, November 25, 2016. REUTERS/Danish Ismail

The move is part of a broader U.S. strategy to pressure Pakistan to cut alleged links to Islamist militants unleashing chaos in neighboring Afghanistan and backing attacks in India.

It comes days after reports that Pakistan had been given a three-month reprieve before being placed on the list, which could hamper banking and hurt foreign investment.

The United States has spent the past week lobbying member countries of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to place Pakistan on a so-called grey list of nations that are not doing enough to combat terrorism financing.

Pakistan had launched last-minute efforts to avoid being placed on the list, such as taking over charities linked to a powerful Islamist figure.

But the campaign proved insufficient and the group decided late on Thursday that Pakistan would be put back on the watchlist, a senior Pakistani official and a diplomat with knowledge of the latest FATF discussions told Reuters.

The decision was taken yesterday. The chair (of FATF) is expected to make a statement some time this afternoon in Paris, the diplomat said.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

Pakistans foreign ministry spokesman declined to confirm or deny the news at a regular news briefing on Friday, saying the FATF would make an announcement on its website.

Let the things come out, and then we can comment on the U.S.-Pakistan relationship, spokesman Mohammad Faisal said.

Pakistan was on the list for three years until 2015.


Earlier in the week China, Turkey, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) were opposing the U.S.-led move against Pakistan but by late on Thursday, both China and the GCC dropped their opposition, the diplomatic source said.

He added that the financial consequences would not k...


The Lebanese/Israeli Line In the Sand Is Drawn In the Water ThereAreNoSunglasses

Gas fields: Enough reason for Israeli-Lebanese war?

While this gas field quarrel might not bring about the next Israeli war, the ever-increasing presence of Iran and its militias in the southern Syrian border with Israel does not bode well for Lebanon

Robert Frost, the famous American poet, concludes his poem Mending Walls with the assertion that good fences make good neighbors. While this might generally be the case, for both Lebanon and Israel, it seems that neither a fence nor border demarcation can keep these two nations from a recurrent conflict.

In the past, Israel has on many occasions attacked Lebanon due to the latters inability to prevent non-state actors, such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and later Hezbollah, from launching attacks into its territories. The last such Israeli act was in July 2006, when the Israeli Ar...


BMW plans electric Mini production in China Peace and Freedom


GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP | In a China venture Minis would be built outside Europe for the first time

If plans to build the Mini in China go ahead, it would be the first time the unmistakeable cars originally created by a British company have been built outside Europe.

But BMW and Great Wall have yet to agree on important details like where to build a factory and how much to invest.

China is the fourth-largest market for the Mini after Britain, the United States and Germany.

Some 35,000 were sold there in 2017, or around one in ten sales worldwide.

BMW follows a maxim that production follows the market, making China ripe for investment in local manufacturing.

Reaching 560,000 units in 2017, Chinese sales of BMW-brand cars produced locally under a joint venture with carmaker Brilliance outweighed shipments in other major markets the United States and Germany combined.

A similar growth strategy could accelerate development of the Mini brand significantly, BMW said.

It added that it would continue talks with Great Wall without questioning BMW Groups commitment in the UK, where production of electric Minis is slated to begin at an Oxford plant next year.

The firm added that it would further expand its joint venture with Brilliance, but did not offer further details.


Trudeau Exposed: A Leader Who Embraces Islamic Supremacists and Khalistani Terrorists Jihad Watch

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is now making quite the impression in India and globally as he continues to parrot his commitment to diversity. To his detriment, it never seems to occur to him that diversity, like any other concept, needs to be scrutinized and tested. To Trudeau, diversity has no definable boundaries, and []


Chaos, Syria. Penny for your thoughts

Events in Syria are so heavily muddied, by hyperbole and complete disinfo, it's been two or three of the most media crazy days I've noticed since 2011. When I began following the destruction of Syria  as it began in earnest.
Was saying to hubby- I've never seen the spin so thick and fast. And I've assuredly read through a whole pile of media lies these past nearly ten years.
I suspect this entire area is going to get much worse. If that's even conceivable to all?

Recent News and Views:

Security Council Resolution was a fail. Unsurprisingly

I like this guy

But Russias ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, whose veto is the lone obstacle to the resolution, dismissed the reports as disinformation and propaganda.
He accused his fellow ambassadors and United Nations officials of succumbing to massive psychosis perpetuated by the global news media, which he said had engaged in the coordinated and repeated spread of the same rumors in recent days.
I just love that he used the words "massive psychosis" 
Syrias ambassador, Bashar al-Jaafari, said accusations by the United States, Britain and France which he called the three musketeers that the Syrian government was indiscriminately bombing civilians were completely false

Lavrov: US Just Wants to Overthrow the Syrian Government

 The real goal of the West-brokered UN Security Council resolution on Syria is to put the blame on Damascus for everything and provide cover for militants, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

The authors of the resolution on humanitarian issues in Syria, which is to be discussed at the UNSC meeting...


Penguin: Venezuela Offers Petro-Backed Crypto Currency Public Intelligence Blog

Dare To Be Free!

Venezuela aims for crypto alchemy with new petro gold token

Maduro is hoping cryptocurrencies will help Venezuela skirt U.S. financial sanctions as it struggles under hyperinflation and a collapsing socialist economy.

Phi Beta Iota: Sanctions are going to die in next decade. Ecuador particularly and UNASUR generally, should be looking at three things: nationalizing all central banks; expelling all foreign and absentee land owners; and creating a crypto-currency at the same time that they leave the SWIFT system.  All IMF and WB officials should be declared Personna Non Grata.


Are You At Risk For Autoimmune Disease? "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

Approximately 20 percent of the population of the United States suffer from an autoimmune disease. Are you one of those?

By Kristin Grayce McGary LAc., MAc., CFMP, CSTcert, CLP.

Will You Get an Autoimmune Disease?

50 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease costing almost 100 million dollars a year. Its a growing number. And while you may believe that youre healthy, eat well and never get sick you could have autoimmunity a pre-diagnosable disease state.

Any autoimmune disease always begins with autoimmunity where the bodys immune response attacks healthy cells and tissues, glands and organs eventually manifesting into a full-blown disease. Put simply, the body has misidentified a part of itself as a foreign invader and mistakenly attacks it.

According to John Hopkins Universitys Autoimmune Disease Research Center, autoimmune diseases are a special threat to women. Indeed, more than 75% of their patients are women. (1)

Sadly, autoimmune diseases are among the ten leading causes of death among women in all age groups up to the age of 65. (2)

Ive had an autoimmune disease called Hoshimotos Thyroiditis. About 90% of all thyroid disorders are actually autoimmune issues but they are left misdiagnosed or undiagnosed until such extensive damage is done to the thyroid gland that its difficult to fully recover. I suffered for years before I discovered what was really going on. I neednt have suffered and I can help you to protect yourself from autoimmunity by passing along some of the knowledge I have accumulated.

Conventional medicine practiced in the West has few answers for those suffering from autoimmune issues and theres little sight of a cure. It has been my experience that autoimmunity and full-blown autoimmune diseases are symptoms of deeper issues. Allopathic medicine tends to focus on relieving symptoms rather than getting to the root cause of the problem. From my point of view, autoimmune issues, such as allergies, food sensitivities, digestive issues, foggy thinking, exhaustion, weight gain, repeated infections, even cancer are red flags. Clearly, as far as I am concerned, they point to a dysfunctional immune system. And that can lead to any one of a number of crippling autoimmune diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

Never getting sick, may seem to you like a good thing. That youre doing OK. But it could very well be the complete opposite and a sign of an underactive immune system it m...


ANALYSIS: Turkey's adultery debate, where the personal becomes political Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Erdogan's push to re-criminalise adultery has re-ignited a debate that has dogged politics - and left many secularists feeling the creep of religion

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Friday, 23 February


Appeaser Theresa May surrenders to EU open immigration demands for years after Brexit Jihad Watch

Theresa Mays government is set to surrender to European Union demands that mass, uncontrolled immigration continues for years after Brexit, an official familiar with talks has revealed. A major survey found that the UK public voted for Brexit because of the EUs reckless immigration policy, so given Mays surrender, Brexit now seems counterintuitive. The British []


Glazov Moment: No Honor Killings in America? Jihad Watch

This new Glazov Gang episode features the Jamie Glazov Moment with Jamie Glazov. Jamie asks: No Honor Killings in America? and then unveils the Lefts callous lies and heart of darkness. Dont miss it! Subscribe to the Glazov Gangs YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter: @JamieGlazov. Please donate through our Pay Pal account []


Kirk Cameron: CONNECT What are Your Kids Doing on Social Media and Is It Good For Their Brains Peace and Freedom

by Stephanie Hertzenberg

Image may contain: plant

In Kirk Cameron: CONNECT, family advocate Kirk Cameron takes on one of the greatest challenges facing parents today: the rise of smartphones and social media. These devices have become a cultural rite of passage among children, and parents are buying phones for younger and younger children. Ever mounting evidence, however, points toward a myriad of dangers buried in the modern screen-obsessed world.  [Too much technology] is deeply effecting kids perceptions of themselves, their perception of their moral values, their understanding of the world around them, their sense of identity and purpose and their ability to have real relationships, Kirk Cameron said. These are all things that are critical for our kids to grow up to be healthy adults Thats why I made the movie CONNECT, to offer real help parenting kids in a social media world.

Related image

Kirk Cameron

With his six children reaching smartphone age, Cameron grew increasingly interested in the effects technology and social media had on children. All you need to do is turn on the news or Google kids and social media, and youll find endless articles and videos about the concerning effect of too much technology on children, Cameron said. Technology is terrific, and we can use it for so many good thingsbut we have to be careful that we dont give our kids tools that are more powerful than we have the ability to handle at a young age. A car is a great piece of technology, but Im not going to give it to my 10 year old.

The questions of how young is too young for a phone and how to help children prepare for their inevitable exposure to social media haunts many parents of the so-called digital generation.  According to Cameron, there is not necessarily a single age where children old enough for a smartphone. I think that young people should have a phone when they need it, Cameron said. Not when they want it or when peer pressure is getting the best of them to have oneIf your children are babysitting and the house does not have a landline but the parents need to get a hold of [the babysitter], that may be a time [your child] needs to have a phone. But that doesnt mean that it automatically has to include access to Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.


Congressional Research Service: Legal Sidebar on Russian Election Trolling Robert Steele Evaluates Charles Doyle (B- for Facts, F- for Context) Public Intelligence Blog

CRS Legal Sidebar Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress

Russians Indicted for Online Election Trolling

Charles Doyle
Senior Specialist in American Public Law

February 21, 2018

Full Text and Strong Comment Below the Fold

Tip of the Hat to Steve Aftergood and Federation of American Scientists

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the grand jury indictment of three Russian companies and thirteen Russian nationals on February 16, 2018. The indictment alleges that the defendants took part in a multi-layered, multi-million dollar scheme to surreptitiously participate in the most recent presidential election. The defendants are charged with aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to commit mail and bank fraud and with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government. The indictment asserts that the purpose of the enterprise was to obstruct the lawful governmental functions of the United States by dishonest means in order to enable the Defendants to interfere with U.S. political and electoral processes, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

One of the companies and four of the individual defendants are charged specifically with six counts of aggravated identity theft. The crime involves unlawfully possessing, using, or transferring the identity of someone else in connection with the commission of one of a series of other offenses, such as wire or bank fraud. The offense is punishable by imprisonment for a mandatory two years (five years if the predicate offense is a federal crime of terrorism). The indictment lists six instances in which a victims social security number and/or date of birth were used in conjunction with acts of wire and bank fraud to open bank accounts or secure credit cards.

One of the companies and two of the Russian nationals are charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud....


Call for a #Balkan Internationalist #Antifa Rally in #Thessaloniki on March 10 Enough is Enough!

Solidarity is our weapon. In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the enemy lies in banks and ministries.

Originally published by Vogliamo tutto e per tutti.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Call for an #Balkan Internationalist Antifa Rally in Thessaloniki on March 10

Solidarity is our weapon

In Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, the enemy lies in banks and ministries

Patriotism is the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers, Leo Tolstoy

We will not beautify the situation. It is more than evident that those who participated in the two rallies for the Macedonian issue in Athens and Thessaloniki are not fascists in their majority. If most of them were fascists, Greece would have entered a civil war by now. Here starts the dangerous part, however. Someone stated that political hegemony does not concern majorities, but content. It is clear that fascism was hegemonic in those two rallies. The rallies provided the opportunity to a heterogeneous rabble and the right-wing scums of the greek society to mobilize under the flag of patriotism, of national unity, and the threat of an imaginary foreign enemy. Those who participated in the rallies, yes those non-fascists that we mentioned before, walked (even if they do not admit it) side by side with far-right party members, neo-Nazis, militaries, the church, and many other ludicrous personas of the far-right circus. Their presence in the rallies strengthened and normalized the HOMELAND-RELIGION-FAMILY dogma of the greek far-right, in other words, they legitimized nationalism dressed in the light cloak of patriotism. Simultaneously, the rallies were embraced by the most violent actors of the greek far-right (Nazis, autonomous fascists, far-right hooligans, and so on) who, with the tolerance of the police, found the opportunity to attack squatted buildings (such...


Turkish forces shell convoy entering Afrin Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Ankara claims the convoy passing into northwestern Syria was carrying fighters, but Kurdish forces said it was made up of civilians carrying food and medicine


Russia, Iran should stop Syrian government violations, Turkey says Putin is the Problem Peace and Freedom


ISTANBUL (Reuters) Turkeys Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday that Syrian government air strikes in eastern Ghouta were unacceptable, and called on Russia and Iran to put pressure on Damascus authorities.

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

Turkeys Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Russia and Iran need to stop the Syrian government, Cavusoglu said, adding that an offensive by pro-government forces in the northern Syrian province of Idlib also violated an agreement between Turkey, Iran and Russia.

Reporting by Ezgi Erkoyun; Editing by Dominic Evans

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and suit

Russias UN ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, dismissed reports of attacks on civilians in eastern Ghouta as disinformation and propaganda. Credit Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters


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#Knoxville Report Back: Counter Protests Against Fascist Traditionalist Workers Party Enough is Enough!

Despite the rain, hundreds of Tennessee residents and antifascist groups including Knoxville Radical Alliance, Mercy Junction, Middle Tennessee based antifascists, and multiple DSA chapters (Charlottesville, Northern Alabama, and Knoxville), gathered in Knoxville, Tennessee on February 17th to protest neo-Nazi leader Matthew Heimbach & his Traditionalist Workers Party coming to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus.

Submitted to Enough is Enough by Middle Tennessee Autonomous Network.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Knoxville Report Back: Counter Protests Against Fascist Traditionalist Workers Party

Despite the rain, hundreds of Tennessee residents and antifascist groups including Knoxville Radical Alliance, Mercy Junction, Middle Tennessee based antifascists, and multiple DSA chapters (Charlottesville, Northern Alabama, and Knoxville), gathered in Knoxville, Tennessee on February 17th to protest neo-Nazi leader Matthew Heimbach & his Traditionalist Workers Party coming to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus.



Turkish forces shell convoy headed to Syrias Afrin region Peace and Freedom

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Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army fighters hold an ammunition belt near the city of Afrin, Syria February 21, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil AshawiREUTERS

BEIRUT/ISTANBUL (Reuters) The Turkish army struck a convoy entering Syrias Kurdish-held Afrin region, which Ankara said carried fighters and weapons but Kurdish forces said was made up of civilians entering with food and medicine.

In a statement on Friday, the Turkish military said a fleet of some 30-40 vehicles of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia had approached the main town of the northwest Afrin region. It said artillery targeted the convoy carrying terrorists, weapons and ammunition.

The YPG said the convoy, which arrived in Afrin late on Thursday, had transported civilians from the Jazeera region further east and other towns under the control of Kurdish forces.

Birusk Hasaka, the YPG spokesman in Afrin, said the convoy included hundreds of people. The shelling set some cars ablaze, wounding at least ten people and killing one passenger.

The convoy was headed to stand in solidarity with the people of Afrin, carrying food aid and medical supplies, he told Reuters.

Turkey launched an assault last month on Afrin, seeking to drive out the YPG which it deems a menace along its border. It denies hitting civilians during the offensive.

As always all attention and sensitivity was shown so that civilians were not harmed, the Turkish military said on Friday. It released aerial video footage showing a series of explosions and smoke rising from a country road.

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday the Turkish army was making every effort to avoid harming any civilians, which was extending the duration of the operation. Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli has previously dismissed reports of harmed civilians as false.

Human Rights Watch said on Friday it had investigated three attacks in Afrin last month in which Turkish troops failed to prevent civilian casualties. The air strikes and shelling, on a cluster of tents, a poultry farm, and a house, killed 26 civilians, including 17...


Trump to announce new sanctions against North Korea as South Korea readies more talks The largest package of new sanctions against the North Korea regime Peace and Freedom

Tougher sanctions may jeopardise the latest detente between the two Koreas.PHOTO: AFP

SEOUL/WASHINGTON (REUTERS) The United States is due to announce its largest package of sanctions yet against North Korea to further pressure Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programme, as South Korea readies itself for more talks with the Norths officials.

Tougher sanctions may jeopardise the latest detente between the two Koreas amid their preparations to create conditions appropriate to hold a summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae In.

A senior US administration official, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity, called the new penalties the largest package of new sanctions against the North Korea regime, without giving details.

The new US sanctions will be announced while President Donald Trumps daughter, Ivanka, is visiting South Korea to attend a dinner with President Moon and the closing ceremony of the Games. In addition to the dinner which will feature a kosher menu for Ms Trumps dietary restrictions, the Blue House has planned a small traditional Korean music performance for her delegation.

US Vice-President Mike Pence had hinted at a plan for more sanctions two weeks ago during a stop in Tokyo that preceded his visit to South Korea for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Mr Kim said he wants to boost the warm climate of reconciliation and dialogue with South Korea after a high-level delegation including his sister returned from the Winter Olympics.

Last year (2017), North Korea conducted dozens of missile launches and its sixth and largest nuclear test in defiance of United Nations sanctions. However, it has now been more than two months since its last missile test in late November.

Ms Trumps visit coincides with that of a sanctioned North Korean official Kim Yong Chol, blamed for the deadly 2010 sinking of a South Korean navy ship that killed 46 sailors. His delegation will also meet with Mr Moon.

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Kim Yong Chol

The Blue House has said there are no officia...


Is Black Panther Islamophobic? Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

The Marvel Studios movie may inadvertently reinforce the negative portrayal of Muslims


Mongoose: Parkland False Flag School Shooting Chabad, Broward County, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Pedophilia Judges, and More Public Intelligence Blog


#GoogleGestapo is deleting all accounts that conflict with the official narrative.  The USA is now officially Stalinist in its treatment of information that is not approved. People are being digitally assassinated to cover up false flag fake news operations.

Below is one email with many links and images from a person whose entire digital life has just been deleted by social media mandarins in active violation of Title 7.

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge but we do believe that it is a criminal conspiracy in violation of the US Constitution as amended, to treat this information the way Germany treats those who question the Holocaust myths. The common connection: Zionists. We are also taking an interest in Broward County, which appears to have a much higher proportion of judges and county officials who are active pedophiles and in some cases active murderous pedophiles. The truth will come out eventually, via proper legal processes. In the interim, we continue to defend the Constitution against all enemies, domestic as well as foreign.

See Especially:


Steele, Robert, How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy, American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

See Also:

Deep State @ Phi Beta Iota

Fake News @ Phi Beta Iota

False Flag @ Phi Beta Iota

Zion @ Phi Beta Iota


Nice job, Jeanice. Theyre obliterating everyone who doesnt help foster their Deep State crap.



Absorbing the Irresistible Consumer Reports Magazine Dissident Voice

On my weekly radio show, I recently interviewed Liam McCormack, the head of testing for Consumer Reports (CR)a resource and monthly magazine with seven million print and online subscribers. It has always been a wonder to me why seventy million people dont take advantage of this honest, non-profit testing organization that gives you the lowdown on just about every kind of consumer productand some servicesthat you buy regularly.

Year after year, month after month, Consumer Reports proves its worth to consumers through money saved, aggravation avoided and safety advanced. Founded in 1936, this venerable  organization takes no advertising and is as incorruptible as  any organization can possibly be.

Here are just a few examples of naming names and suggesting better purchases:

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon cost an average of $960 a year. Well tell you about the carrier that provides better voice quality and costs $360 a year. You can save $600 a year.

Comparing price, selection and service of more than 20 chain retailers, consumer satisfaction scored Costco higher than Walmart.

Youve heard the Geico insurance ads15 minutes saving you 15 percent. CR advises you compare insurance companies every two or three years, adding, After 20 years with Geico, one of our readers switched to highly-rated Amica insurance companies and saved $793 on her coverage.

The most expensive brands, whether cars or mattresses, are not often the best buy, whether it is a Mercedes-Benz car or an Apple computer, or a Serta mattress. CRs own testing results often show other brandsincluding lesser known ones, are a better deal for a variety of reasonsincluding price and performance.

To show how much you can save and how you pay for rewarding name-brand advertisers, Consumer Reports tested the Serta Comfort Smart Support HB300Q, which costs $2,275, and had unimpressive back support. By contrast, the Denver Mattress Doctors Choice received a CR top-rating with very good back support and is priced at $500!

CRs food testing and advice can save your family hundreds of dollars a year while protecting your health and saving you additional health care expenses.

One of the magazines innovations was their Annual Auto Issue. Lets say youre thinking about buying a car or selling a car. Youll receive detailed ratings, reliability, recommendations, photos and base price ranges for 240+ recently tested cars and trucks.

CR doesnt shy away from controversy. It writes that doctors recommending CT scans include many physicians who underestimate the risk of CT scans, whose substantial radiation can increase your risk of cancer. Always ask your doctor why the scan is being ordered and if your problem could be managed without it, urges CR. ...


UK bid to agree Brexit line faces EU scepticism Peace and Freedom


Mays aim for cabinet unity around Canada plus model unlikely to impress Brussels

The UK prime minister faces a fundamental dilemma: avoiding flare-ups at home may only store up trouble in Brussels FT Montage/AFP/Getty

By Alex Barker and Jim Brunsden in Brussels and George Parker in London
Financial Times (FT)

Theresa May on Thursday night hammered out a British strategy for future ties with the EU but was warned by a fellow European leader over the way ahead even before a Brexit Cabinet meeting had begun.

Meeting the British prime minister in Downing Street on Wednesday, 24 hours before the Chequers summit, Mark Rutte, Mrs Mays Dutch opposite number, urged her to ditch the idea of a three baskets trade deal.

This idea, floated by Mrs May in the past, seeks to divide a post-Brexit order into three areas; one where the UK maintains the same regulation as the EU; another where it uses rules of its own for the same outcomes; and a third where the UK takes a fundamentally different approach.

It would be better to say nothing at all, Mr Rutte said, according to officials familiar with Wednesdays meeting.

His blunt assessment captures the fundamental dilemma facing Mrs May as she seeks to unify her government around a common line: avoiding flare-ups at home may only store up trouble in Brussels.

For Mr Rutte and other EU27 leaders, the onus is on Mrs May to set out a credible plan that is clear and free from hybrid constructions that mask an unwillingness to make choices.

One has to accept the costs [of different models], said one senior EU diplomat. There is a tendency in the UK for politicians to mention lots of different specifics they would like. What we want is coherence, realism. Im not saying it is easy.

A senior French official said: We dont need lots of details. The issue is: can the UK government simply say they want a free-trade agreement?

Some British ministers also favour a more conventional free-trade deal rather than a broader accord with Brussels.

On Wednesday the European Commission circulated a 58-page document to EU27 member states making it plain that whatever compromise were agreed at Chequers, it was unlikely to fly.

Preserving the integrity of the single market excludes sector-by-sector participation

It includes a staircase chart that shows how, if Mrs May sticks to her negotiating red lines, the only option available is a traditional, unvarnished free-trade agreement along the lines of the EU deals with Canada and South Korea.

More worrying for British officials, it also suggests that even bending the UKs position on respecting the rulings of European courts would not alone be enough to secure privileged sin...


UK: The Chequers agreement is far from the last word on Brexit Peace and Freedom

The Cabinet at Chequers

Todays Front Bench covers last nights Brexit summit at Chequers. A sample of the email is below. If you like what you see, sign up here. Dont forget to vote in the poll and leave your reasoning in the comments below. The best responses will feature in this afternoons Brexit Briefing.

Front Bench

Forget three baskets, it sounds like we might only need one. Well, at least for most things. The much-hyped Brexit war cabinet away day to Chequers has come and gone with an agreement reached and no one flouncing out or resigning.

We wont find out exactly what was agreed over slow-braised Guinness short rib and lemon tart until next week. However, the 11-strong core Cabinet has reportedly agreed to pursue mutual recognition of regulations. That is, the middle of three baskets or same goals, different methods. It means divergence is still possible, but should stave off feared job losses from the sudden erection of trade barriers.

 Divergence wins

Pro-Brexiteers are spinning it as divergence wins, with The Telegraph being told that Philip Hammond, a supporter of very modest Brexit, was shocked at the level of divergence agreed to.

Nevertheless, everyone seems to be relatively happy, with various media outlets being told that the PM played a blinder.

May is worried enough that she has reportedly pushed back the vote on the customs bill to beyond Easter


Nikki Haley Says Trump Administration Middle East Peace Blueprint Almost Ready U.S. likely to push for a Palestinian state Plan wont be hated by either side. Peace and Freedom

Nikki Haley addressed a number of issues Thursday night, among them the likelihood that the US would push for a Palestinian state.

 FEBRUARY 23, 2018 09:15

Jerusalem Post

Nikki Haley to top Palestinian negotiator: I will not shut up

JPost Exclusive: Trump team briefs Security Council on Mideast peace plan

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks at UN headquarters in New York

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks at UN headquarters in New York. (photo credit: LUCAS JACKSON/REUTERS)

United States Ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday night said that President Donald Trumps Middle East peace plan is nearly ready while speaking at the University of Chicagos Institute of Politics.

During a question-and-answer session led by the Institutes current head, David Axelrod, she said: Theyre coming up with a plan. It wont be loved by either side, and it wont be hated by either sideI think theyre finishing it up.

Be the first to know  Join ou...


REVEALED: How British spy chief courted Gaddafi on secret visit to Libya Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Documents presented in court also reveal how MI6 defined British Muslims as a potential security threat


Moldova Embraces NATO: Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear to Tread Strategic Culture Foundation

Moldova seldom hits media headlines but the situation there is another example of creeping NATO expansion. The US is in the process of establishing its military presence there to make American soldiers and Russian peacekeepers watch each other through gun sights.


Dubai accuses Djibouti of illegally seizing key Africa port Peace and Freedom


A Djibouti policeman stands guard during the opening ceremony of Dubai-based port operator DP Worlds Doraleh container terminal in Djibouti port February 7, 2009. (Reuters)
DUBAI: Dubai has said it is seeking international arbitration against Djibouti after the Horn of Africa nation terminated its concession at a key port that is the main transit route to landlocked Ethiopia.
The emirate said the Djiboutian governments termination Thursday of the 50-year concession it granted to Dubai-owned DP World to operate the Doraleh container terminal in 2006 was illegal.
Announcing its decision on Thursday, Djiboutis transport ministry said that it was merely implementing a law adopted in November last year that sets a legal framework allowing for the renegotiation, if necessary, of contracts already concluded dealing with the management or exploitation of strategic infrastructure.
Image result for Horn of Africa, Bab Al-Mandab, map
In the current case, the contract of concession for Doraleh container terminal contains elements that are in flagrant contravention of state sovereignty and the higher interests of the nation, it said.
But Dubai countered that the Djiboutian legislation flew in the face of international law, as repeatedly upheld by arbitration tribunals.
The illegal seizure of the terminal is the culmination (of) the governments campaign to force the DP World to renegotiate the terms of the concession, the government said late Thursday.
Those terms were found to be fair and reasonable by a London Court of International Arbitration tribunal, it added.
DP World has commenced ar...


Mass Shootings Are a Symptom stan van houcke

Mass Shootings Are a Symptom of a Problem That Gun Control Won't Solve

emmafiala (38) in news   ...


Hezbollah: Well Defend every Single Meter in Our Territory Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

February 22, 2018 Hezbollah Deputy Chief, Sheikh Naim Qassem, vowed that the Lebanese resistance wont cede one iota of its countrys territory. During a meeting in Beirut southern suburb (Dahiyeh) on Wednesday, Sheikh Qassem said that Hezbollah sticks to accuracy while defending its territory. We dont accept that our land or our territorial water be []


Books as resistance!

Our friends at the Hargeysa Cultural Center in Somaliland are organizing the 11th Hargeysa International Book Fair.


Rogue State Strategic Culture Foundation

What is this country we are asked to love? This might once have been an easy question to answer. National identity was built around a range of institutions, considered to represent the national interest. Rebellion against them was characterised as treason. But one by one, these institutions have been subverted from within. Look to the top to see treachery at work.


In the shadows: How Prevent functions outside of the public eye Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

The recent focus on SOAS sheds light on a series of important aspects of the way Prevent operates in universities, and in general


Philippine police say 10 killed in bloody night of drug busts Plus: A look back at the Philippines war on drugs Peace and Freedom


In its World Report 2018, Human Rights Watch said President Rodrigo Duterte dragged the Philippines into a serious human rights crisis since the dictatorship of late Ferdinand Marcos, whom Duterte had praised in the past. Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times/World Press Photo via AP, File

MANILA (Reuters) Philippine police killed 10 suspected drug peddlers and arrested 63 people in dozens of operations during the single deadliest night of the countrys ferocious war on drugs since police resumed participation in early December.

Since President Rodrigo Duterte allowed police to resume operations following a two-month suspension over the death of an unarmed teenager, 88 people have been killed and close to 9,000 arrested, the latest police data show.

The operations ran from Wednesday night through to Thursday morning in the province of Bulacan, north of Manila, the capital. This is the province where 32 people were killed in a single day in August last year.

Bulacan police chief Romeo Caramat said the 10 suspects were killed in eight different towns in 45 separate buy-bust incidents, or sting operations.



The Last Oil -- Gwich'in David Solomon 'Rise Up and Defend Arctic and Caribou' CENSORED NEWS

The Last Oil -- Gwich'in David Solomon 'Rise Up and Defend Arctic and Caribou' Article by Brenda Norrell Watch live Censored News ALBUQUERQUE, David Solomon, Gwich'in of Fort Yukon, urged the people to rise up and defend the caribou and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as oil drilling again threatens the Gwich'in homeland. "We need you," David said,


Dominos Pizza Not Amused with Pizza-Ordering Sex Toy Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: food

Dominos Pizza says it is in no way affiliated with an adult entertainment website after news of the sites Dominos-ordering sex toy was announced on Thursday.

This is news to us, a Dominos spokesperson tells Fox News. We have not worked with this company, nor have we authorized them to use our name in conjunction with their toy.

The adult site introduced its new interactive vibrator, dubbed the RubGrub, in a press release issued on Thursday morning, describing the sex toy as an interactive vibrator that has the ability to order Dominos pizza immediately following an orgasm.

According to the press release, the RubGrub will be outfitted with a button affixed to the end of the device, which can be pre-programmed with the users payment and delivery information, meaning he/she would merely need to push the button to summon a cheese pizza.

While initially launching with the ability to order pizza, the adult entertainment company has plans to add additional restaurant chains, including those serving Mexican and Chinese food, reads the press release, adding the devices will be available sometime in the coming months for $19.95 a pop.

Additional toppings extra.

Fox News is the source


Acoma Petuuche Gilbert 'Why does US continue building nuclear bombs' at The Last Oil CENSORED NEWS

Acoma Petuuche Gilbert opens The Last Oil symposium in New Mexico, the home of U.S. nuclear bombs, with words of prayer and respect for all life. By Brenda Norrell Censored News ALBUQUERQUE -- Petuuche Gilbert, Acoma, opened The Last Oil symposium, with prayer and a call for peace and respect, while questioning why the United States continues to build nuclear bombs to kill the people of the


Armed officer at Florida school waited outside School shooting at El Camino High School in South Whittier aborted in part due to safety officer Peace and Freedom

Officer Scott Peterson waited four minutes outside the high school building after the shooting started. Seventeen people were killed in the six-minute ordeal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14.

Students leave Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the February 14 shooting (picture-alliance/AP Photo/Mike Stocker)

The armed police officer who stood outside a Florida high school while a gunman shot and killed 17 people resigned on Thursday and has been placed under investigation.

The resignation came amid a national debate in the United States about how to prevent future school shootings. The countrys powerful pro-gun lobby and some Republican lawmakers, including US President Donald Trump, have suggested arming school officials as a solution.

Read more: Donald Trump orders ban on Las Vegas-style bump stock gun modifications

Failure to respond:

  • Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said on Thursday that the school resource officer, Scott Peterson, took up a position near the school entrance some 90 seconds after the shooting started. Peterson waited for more than four minutes in the same position without entering the building. The shooting lasted about six minutes.
  • Peterson resigned after Israel had suspended him and placed him under investigation. Asked by a reporter what Peterson should have done, Israel said: Went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.
  • Israel said he was devastated after reviewing security video recordings of Peterson waiting outside the building. I mean these families lost their children, he said, adding: Ive been to the homes where they sit and shiver.

Read more:...


Russian mercenary boss 'spoke to Kremlin' before attack on US allies in Syria Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Head of mercenary group Wagner also reportedly told Damascus to prepare for 'surprise', days before US repelled Russian mercenary attack


American semiconductor firm Xcerra calls off sale to Chinese fund after hitting US regulatory wall Peace and Freedom

The two firms decide to end the US$580m deal as regulatory approval is unlikely

By Laura He
South China Morning Post

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 February, 2018, 5:08pm
UPDATED : Friday, 23 February, 2018, 5:17pm

Xcerra, a US semiconductor company, has cancelled its US$580 million sale to a Chinese government-backed fund in yet another case of US regulators blocking Chinese takeovers of US tech firms amid the Trump administrations toughened stance on such deals citing national security concerns.

Massachusetts-based Xcerra announced last year that Hubei Xinyan Equity Investment Partnership had agreed to buy the companys all outstanding shares for US$10.25 per share in cash, which valued it about US$580 million.

After caref...


Trojan Horse affair: When government and media colluded to vilify the Muslim community Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

With few exceptions, journalists failed to examine the underlying facts while repeating what turned out to be false allegations


US Aggression in Syria an Imperialist Blueprint Strategic Culture Foundation

Syrias prolonged conflict and misery going into its eighth year is no accident. It is by design. American imperialist design.


Palestinian Beaten to Death In Custody by 20 israeli Troops Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Palestinian Beaten to Death In Custody by 20 Israeli Troops Security camera footage shared online and picked up by local media showed the soldiers hitting the 33-year-old repeatedly in the head, stomach and back. A Palestinian man died Thursday after a brutal confrontation with Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank that the Palestinian Authority []


The opioid crisis is draining Americas workforce Peace and Freedom

The job search has not been going good, said Harsanyi, a baby-faced 27-year-old with tattoos poking out of his collar. I think when youre a drug addict in sobriety with a felony on your record, they look at you different, like youre going to rob their store.

Jobs are plentiful in Marylands Anne Arundel County, which boasts an unemployment rate of 3.1%. But after doing time for an armed robbery committed while he was high in 2015, Harsanyi has so far been turned down for jobs at Valvoline and Jiffy Lube, and is only able to pick up occasional work as a tile setter for another recovering addict he met through his 12-Step program.

Harsanyis experience isnt just hard on him. The opioid crisis is turning into a real problem for employers, who are having trouble finding workers in the midst of one of the tightest labor markets in decades.

There are nearly 6 million job openings in the U.S. and the unemployment rate, at 4.1%, is at a 17-year low. But the share of people working or looking for work still hasnt recovered from before the recession. Part of the problem: The rise in abuse of prescription painkillers, partially responsible for the 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016, has incapacitated thousands of working-age people whom employers would otherwise be eager to hire.



Maldives warns India against interfering as ties fray Peace and Freedom


AFP/File | New Delhi said it was deeply dismayed by the extension of emergency rule in the Maldives

MAL (MALDIVES) (AFP)  The Maldives has warned India against interfering in its political crisis, deepening a rift with the country once seen as its closest ally.New Delhi has expressed concern about the situation in the honeymoon islands, whose president has sacked top judges, jailed political dissidents and imposed a state of emergency in recent weeks.

On Wednesday it said it was deeply dismayed by the extension of emergency rule, earning an official rebuke from the Maldives foreign ministry.

There is no doubt that the Maldives is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in the history of the nation, the islands ministry said in a statement late Thursday.

It is therefore important that friends and partners in the international community, including India, refrain from any actions that could hinder resolving the situation facing the country.

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has jailed almost all his political opponents since coming to power in late 2013 and the resulting fall-out has dented the nations image as a popular holiday destination.

The UN human rights chief has described the imposition of a state of emergency following a power struggle with the Supreme Court as an all-out assault on democracy.

Exiled opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed has urged India to intervene militarily in the crisis a request the government has not publicly addressed.

The Yameen regime has leaned heavily on Indias regional rival China for political and financial support to build infrastructure in the nation of 1,190 tiny coral islands.

Despite criticism from the international community, legislators from Yameens party on Tuesday controversially approved a 30-day extension of emergency rule.



Abbas downplays health concerns after US hospital visit Peace and Freedom

Above, Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas speaks at the UN Security Council on Tuesday, February 20. Abbas called for the convening of an international conference by mid-2018 to pave the way for recognition of Palestinian statehood as part of a wider Middle East peace process. (AFP)
RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas appeared on local television Friday to downplay concerns over his health after undergoing what were described as routine tests in the US.
In an interview with Palestine TV while in the US, 82-year-old Abbas rejected reports he had been rushed to hospital during his visit.
It was a suitable opportunity to be here to conduct some medical tests, and these tests have been conducted and now we left, he said after leaving the hospital.
Thank God all the results are positive and reassuring.
The health of the longtime smoker has long been the subject of speculation, with no clear successor identified.
Abbas was in the US to meet with political allies amid a breakdown of communication with the US administration following President Donald Trumps controversial recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital.
The Palestinians, who see the eastern part of the city as the capital of their future state, have said the US has disqualified itself as a mediator in talks with Israel and cut political ties with the administration.
Trump is expected to propose a peace plan in the coming months.
Abbas has been in power since winning presidential elections in 2005.
He has remained in the role despite his initial mandate expiring as splits between the Palestinian factions have made fresh elections impossible.


Moscow Begins Crypto-Elections Testing: Thumbs Nose at US Strategic Culture Foundation

The irony is so thick youd think it was made from ballistic jelly. But, thats exactly whats needed to contain this shot across the election-tampering bow the Russians just pulled off.


North Korea Calls US-Japan Missile Drills Provocation Against Intra-Korean Dialogue Aletho News

Sputnik 22.02.2018 MOSCOW North Koreas committee on Korean reconciliation condemned on Thursday an upcoming joint US-Japan missile defense drill as an attempt to reignite regional tensions and obstruct the ongoing thaw between Pyongyang and Seoul. Branding this as a ferocious gangster-like act aimed to tarnish the hard-won atmosphere for the improvement of the []


Iran Continues to Adhere to Nuclear Deal, says IAEA Report Geopolitics Alert

Tehran (MEE The IAEA report also says that Iran may build nuclear reactors for ships that remain within limits of 2015 deal.

Iran is still sticking to the 2015 nuclear accord, a UN atomic watchdog report showed on Thursday, four months ahead of US President Donald Trumps deadline to fix its disastrous flaws.

IAEA Inspectors
Image: Flickr IAEA

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) document, the ninth since the deal came into force in January 2016, showed Iran complying with the accords key parameters.

The number of centrifuges to enrich uranium was below the agreed level of 5,060, while Irans total stockpile of low-enriched uranium has not exceeded 300 kg, said the report seen by AFP.

When enriched to high purities, Uranium can be used in a nuclear weapon. At low purities, it can be used for peaceful applications such as power generation Irans stated aim.

The volume of heavy water, a reactor coolant, remained below the agreed maximum of 130 tonnes throughout the past three months.

Iran has inched above that ceiling twice since the accord took effect.

Related: IAEA Chief Confirms Irans Compliance with Nuclear Deal

It removed and rendered inoperable the core of the Arak reactor, which could in theory have produced weapons-grade plutonium, before the accord entered into force.

Aside from the relatively minor breach on heavy water, the IAEA reports have consistently shown Iran adhering to the deal in the two years since it took effect.

However, the future of the hard-won agreement between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany is highly uncertain, mainly because o...

Trumps Stance on Guns Puts Pressure on Congress Peace and Freedom

While calling for hardened security at schools, president floats proposals to keep weapons out of some hands

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting
 Julia Cordover, the student body president at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School wipes away tears during a listening session hosted by Donald Trump at the White House. Photograph: Xinhua / Barcroft Images
Trump: Violence in Media Shaping How Young Minds Are Being Formed
President Donald Trump, in response to Floridas school shooting, pledged action on certain gun regulations on Thursday, including background checks. He said hes concerned that violence on the internet, in video games and in movies is shaping how young minds are being formed. Photo: Agence France-Presse

Updated Feb. 22, 2018 7:33 p.m. ET

WASHINGTONPresident Donald Trumps calls for changes to gun laws in the wake of last weeks Florida school...


Is it time to put the US Coalition in Syria on a Terrorism watch list? Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Is it time to put the US Coalition on a Terrorism watch list? While Syria is fighting ISIS, it must also battle US Coalition-supported Turkey al-Qaeda groups, while the US reserves the right to bomb the SAA [ Editors Note: We are living in an upside-down world now. Western countries, widely known to have been []


China, Saudi, Turkey Join Forces To Defend Pakistan From Trumps Threatened Economic Sanctions ThereAreNoSunglasses

Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey blocked US move against Pakistan at Financial Action Task Force: Report


  • The FATF is a global body that combats terrorist financing and money laundering.
  • The US says Pakistan is not taking action against terror groups like the Haqqani network and the Taliban.
  • The report said Saudi Arabia was acting on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

(File photo for representation)

WASHINGTON: China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey the three close allies of Pakistan have joined hands to block a move by the Trump administration to place Islamabad on an international terror-financing watch list, a US media report said.
While Pakistan has claimed a victory of sorts, the US was working behind the scenes during the ongoing Paris meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) so as to take action against the country whi...


Is the CIA So Bad that Even When It Tells the Truth It Adds-In Lies? Strategic Culture Foundation

The February 17th New York Times article is deceptive not merely on account of its holier-than-thou admission of the CIAs supposedly past history of badness and its presumption of todays Russia being almost as bad as was the Soviet Union. Actually, the article includes several other lies.


israeli Soldiers Shoot Child With Gas Bomb In The Head Near Ramallah Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Soldiers Shoot Child With Gas Bomb In The Head Near Ramallah     23 Feb 7:40 AM Israeli soldiers shot, on Thursday evening, a Palestinian child with a gas bomb in his head, in Deir Nitham village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah. Medical sources said the child, identified as Saleh Mahmoud Tamimi, []


The GOPs Gun Temptation Trump and Rubio flirt with feel-good but ineffective solutions Peace and Freedom

Protestors gather at the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee to push for stricter gun regulation, Feb. 21.
Protestors gather at the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee to push for stricter gun regulation, Feb. 21. PHOTO: COLIN ABBEY/EPA-EFE/REX/SHUTTERS/EPA/SHUTTERSTOCK

Republicans have held the political high ground on gun rights for decades, and theyve done it by sticking together and sticking to the facts. Nothing will lose them that credibility faster than if they jump on the false-hope bandwagon.

The Parkland, Fla., school shooting is rightly causing a new national debate. With astounding cynicism, Democrats rushed to capitalize on dead teens, while ineffectually dragging out the same fatigued arguments theyve been making since the Clinton era. They are back again with the assault weapons crycalling for an arbitrary ban on a handful of scary-looking guns, when millions of other firearms can kill just as efficiently. (The 1994 assault-weapon ban was still in effect at the time of the 1999 Columbine massacre.) They are back again with confiscation, even though they know its a nonstarter with the Supreme Court and the public. The Parkland community deserves real policy proposals, not more empty posturing.

The GOP has excelled in recent decades in pointing out the barrenness of this gun-control agenda with statistics and common sense. And theyve pointed out the unifying thread behind these mass-shooting events: mental illness. Former Pennsylvania Rep. Tim Murphy spent three years pushing legislation to overhaul and bring accountability to federal mental-health programs, and President...


Boris the clown Johnson resumes subsidizing Al Qaeda through the CSSF Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Boris Johnson resumes subsidizing Al Qaeda through the CSSF Voltaire Network Feb 20, 2018 Without making a big deal about it, Boris Johnson, British Minister of Foreign Affairs is now resuming subsidizing Adam Smith International (ASI) following a two-month break. In December 2017, the BBC programme Panorama had shown that the ASI, supported by []


Weekly report on israels terrorism against the State of Palestine Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory  (15- 21 February 2018) Israeli forces continue systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) (15 21 February 2018)   Israeli forces killed 2 children and wounded 2 others in the Gaza Strip without endangering the soldiers life. Israeli forces continued to use []


Stealing China's thunder: the Quads' counter project to the Silk route Voltaire Network

The United States has formed a new Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD), which is known as the Quads. This is an anti-Chinese group composed since 2007 of Japan, Australia and India. Following a change in government, Australia had left the group, making Washington's strategy a failure, returned to it in 2010. The Trump Administration is preparing a project to steal China's thunder. The initiative the Chinese have in mind is to create new communication routes along the model of the former (...)


As China Puts Pressure on Taiwan, Signs of a U.S. Pushback Peace and Freedom

BEIJING As China ratchets up pressure on Taiwan, the self-governing island it claims as its territory, the United States is cautiously starting to push back.

In recent months, Chinese strategic bombers have been conducting island encirclement flights, escorted by fighter jets. The Chinese government has discouraged tourism to Taiwan and imports of goods like fish over the past year and a half, hurting its economy. And China persuaded the islands most important remaining diplomatic ally, Panama, to switch diplomatic recognition last summer from Taipei to Beijing.

Concern about Taiwans fate now appears to be building slowly in Washington, even as President Trump continues to seek Chinas help on other issues. Through his first year in office, Mr. Trump pressed Beijing to put more pressure on North Korea to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, with limited success. He has also sought to limit Chinas nearly $400 billion trade surplus with the United States, which has nonetheless continued to widen.

Against that backdrop, Washington has recently begun moving gradually to reinforce its ties to Taiwan, a vigorous democracy facing an increasingly authoritarian government in Beijing.

Bills have been introduced in Congress to promote visits to Taiwan by warships and by civilian officials. A small gathering of defense contractors...


Turkey announces its preparations for invading Greece Voltaire Network

On 17 February President Recep Tayyip Erdoan delivered a speech on Operation Olive Branch (the current invasion of Syria by the Turkish army) at the Provincial Congress of Eskiehir of the AKP. He declared the following: Those who think that we have erased from our hearts the lands of from which we withdrew in tears, 100 years ago, are quite mistaken. On ever occasion we say time and time again, that Syria, Iraq and other places on the map of our hearts are no different from our own (...)


Gaza: A Concentration Camp of 1.5 Million People Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Gaza: A Concentration Camp of 1.5 Million People By Jean Shaoul, Israel mounts fresh military assault on Gaza Israeli forces attacked 18 targets in the Gaza Strip belonging to Hamas, which controls the besieged enclave, in the second such action over the weekend. The strikes followed an explosion during a demonstration of Palestinians on the []



I just hope theres plenty of 4K footage of the launch centrifuge facility when it experiences catastrophic failure. Via: TechCrunch: What if instead of blasting cargo into space on a rocket, we could fling it into space using a catapult? Thats the big, possibly crazy, possibly genius idea behind SpinLaunch. It was secretly founded in []


What possible excuses could the Jewish terror state have for incidences such as these Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Settlers Attack Palestinians near Jenin IMEMC News & Agencies February 22, 2018         Israeli settlers attacked, on Wednesday, Palestinian vehicles near the town of Silat al-Zohor, to the south of West Bank city Jenin, and shouted anti-Arab slogans. Witnesses confirmed that settlers deployed near the settlement of Homesh, and attacked the []


Fighting on All Fronts, Netanyahu Could Leave Israel Exposed Peace and Freedom


Fighting for his political, Netanyahu juggles tensions in north and south Netanyahus threats against Iran and Syria could backfire In Gaza, while Israelis philosophize about the gravity of the situation, a crisis is liable to erupt imminently

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows a map of the Middle East during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference on February 18, 2018 in Munich, southern Germany


Russia blocks U.N. agreement on ceasefire resolution for Syria The Evil Empire Wins Peace and Freedom

BBC News

Media captionAt least in heaven theres food: The children caught up in Eastern Ghouta air strikes

Russia says it wants changes to a UN Security Council resolution for a ceasefire in Syria amid growing outrage over civilian deaths in a rebel enclave under Syrian government bombardment.

Russias UN ambassador called for feasible not populist action.

Russias ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, dismissed reports of attacks on civilians in eastern Ghouta as disinformation and propaganda. Credit Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters

But Western diplomats say Russia is stalling for time and France said failure to act could spell the end of the Security Council itself.

Activists say 400 people have been killed in Eastern Ghouta in five days.

The UN body in New York is due to vote on the resolution on Friday at 11:00 local time (16:00 GMT).

Russia, one of five powers that can veto a resolution, is a key backer of Syrias President Bashar al-Assad in the civil war. Western powers suspect that Moscow wants to give its ally time to deal a final blow to rebel forces.

The besieged Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta has become hell on earth, a British envoy said Thursday. A man carried a wounded boy from bombed-out buildings there on Wednesday. Credit Bassam Khabieh/Reuters

The United States, the UK and France are calling for the resolution to be approved without delay.

What does the resolution say?

The draft, put forward by Kuwait and Sweden, calls for a 30-day nationwide truce to go into effect 72 hours after the re...


World cannot trust Iran over nuclear future: Saudi foreign minister Iran says will quit nuclear deal if major international banks continue to avoid doing business with Iran Peace and Freedom

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir says Iran needs to act as a normal country. (REUTERS file photo)
LONDON: Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi minister of foreign affairs, said on Thursday that the nuclear deal with Iran was unacceptable because Tehran could not be trusted to not produce a nuclear bomb in the future.
The so-called sunset clause in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) means that in eight to ten years time Iran could manufacture a nuclear bomb within weeks.
Addressing the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament,...


Abbas confirms medical checks and says results 'positive' Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Palestinian president had been due to travel on to Venezuela, but is now returning to the West Bank


Hearing could lead to forfeit of millions of dollars in assets of Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Peace and Freedom

Martin Shkreli is interviewed by Maria Bartiromo during her Mornings with Maria Bartiromo program on the Fox Business Network, in New York. (AP)
NEW YORK: Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli is due back in court Friday for a hearing about whether he should forfeit millions of dollars in assets including a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album as part of his conviction in a securities fraud scheme.
Prosecutors are expected to argue in federal court in Brooklyn that Shkreli is on the hook for more than $7 million. Along with the Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album that Shkreli has boasted he bought for $2 million, prosecutors have said he should give up $5 million in cash in a brokerage account, his interest in a pharmaceutical company and other valuables including a Picasso painting.
The defense has said the brash former pharmaceutical CEO owes nothing because in the end, his investors did not lose the...


Australia: Former Tamil Tiger Deported to Sri Lanka Insurrection News


Received on 23.02.18:


23 February 2018 

The Tamil Refugee Council condemns the Australian government for deporting to Sri Lanka a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, or Tamil Tigers).

Santharuban, who fled the country in 2012, last night was taken into custody for questioning in Colombo, the capital, on arrival just after 10pm local time.

He had been handcuffed and removed from the Broadmeadows detention centre (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation) on Tuesday evening and was driven to Sydney escorted by four guards, one Border Force agent and one doctor where he was detained.

Early Thursday morning, he was asked to sign a deportation document. He claims that when he refused, Border Force agents grabbed him by the shirt and threatened to handcuff him, tape his mouth shut and drag him onto the plane.



BBC WS facilitates UNRWA PR again part two BBC Watch

As we saw in part one of this post, the February 19th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme Newshour included an interview (from 30:06 here) with UNRWAs commissioner-general Pierre Krahenbul.

Having failed to challenge Krahenbuhls unevidenced claim that an UNRWA education is an investment in regional security, presenter Tim Franks next provided him with the cue for dismissal of one of the prime criticisms of the UN agency.

Franks: What do you say to the other criticism that is often levelled at UNRWA particularly of your work inside Gaza where theres a huge proportion of the refugees and that is that maybe inevitably, maybe willingly, you have allowed yourself to become too close to the authority...


Rescued Singapore Shipbuilder Buckles Under Debt Woes Otto Marine has $877 million in liabilities Peace and Freedom


By Andrea Tan and  David Yong

February 22, 2018, 11:50 PM EST
  • Otto Marine has $877 million in liabilities, it tells court
  • Provider of offshore support vessels has potential investor

A Singapore shipping company rescued by its chairman just over a year ago faces collapse unless the courts step in, a sign that an earlier slump in oil prices is still reverberating.

 Image result for Otto Marine, singapore, photos

Saddled with $877 million in liabilities and creditors demanding payment, Otto Marine Ltd. is asking the Singapore High Court for protection. The shipbuilder wants to turn itself around under the courts supervision and fend off creditors while it restructures its debt, according to its Feb. 20 application for judicial management, which was obtained by Bloomberg News.

I cannot be expected to continue shouldering the financial burden and injecting fresh capital into the company, Executive Chairman Yaw Chee Siew said in the application.

Yaw, took full control of the ailing firm in October 2016 and is the single biggest creditor with $208 million due to him and affiliates, the papers show. The financial collapse of the group is imminent unless the High Court provides breathing room, he said.

Otto Marine made its case for an interim judicial manager in a closed door hearing on Friday. The company will release a statement after the outcome of the hearing is known, Mark Ortega, legal counsel, said in an email on Thursday.

Oil and Gas Struggles

The shipping company is among many in the oil and gas services industry struggling to meet financial obligations after a plunge in crude prices caused contracts to dry up. At least $15 billion of bonds and loans have fallen into distress in Southeast Asia in the past five years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg, and Otto Marine and peers including Swiber Holdings Ltd., Ezion Holdings Ltd. and Ezra Holding Ltd. contributed almost half of the amount.



Chinese Regulator Seizes Anbang Insurance, Owner of Waldorf Astoria Peace and Freedom

The company will be overseen by a working group of regulators from various agencies for at least one year

Anbang Insurances former Chairman Wu Xiaohui has been indicted on charges of fraudulent fundraising and abusing his position, prosecutors in Shanghai said.
Anbang Insurances former Chairman Wu Xiaohui has been indicted on charges of fraudulent fundraising and abusing his position, prosecutors in Shanghai said. PHOTO: THOMAS PETER/REUTERS

SHANGHAIChinas insurance regulatory agency Friday took control of hard-charging, acquisitive Anbang Insurance Group Co., saying the action is needed to avoid a collapse of the firm following suspected illegal activity and the downfall of its once-highflying chairman.

Anbang was among a handful of privately run, fast-growing Chinese firms that appeared to enjoy unusual levels of political support to borrow money and build global footprints. For instance, it owns New Yorks iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel. Many of those companies are now in retreat, including airline-turned-conglomerate HNA Group Co., which has been selling assets.

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission published a letter to Anbang mana...


South Korean MPs demand execution of Norths Olympic delegate Kim Yong Chol is a diabolical war criminal Peace and Freedom

North Korea will send one of its highest ranking figures, General Kim Yong-chol, to the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.


South Korean lawmakers protested Friday over a visit by a top North Korean general for the Pyeongchang Olympics, labelling him a war criminal over the 2010 sinking of a warship and calling for his execution.

Kim Yong Chol will head an eight-member delegation to arrive on Sunday for the Games closing ceremony which will also be attended by US President Donald Trumps daughter Ivanka.

Kim is widely blamed for a spate of attacks against the South including the torpedoing nearly eight years ago of the Seouls Cheonan corvette, with the loss of 46 lives.

File photo: Kim Yong-Chol and North Korean soldiers marchingKim Yong-chol 

Some 70 lawmakers of the conservative Liberty Korea Party staged a protest outside the presidential Blue House, urging President Moon Jae-in to scrap the visit.

Kim Yong Chol is a diabolical war criminal who attacked the South He deserves death by hanging in the street, the partys parliamentary floor leader Kim Sung-tae said in a statement.

Even if the heavens split in two, we cannot allow such a heinous criminal who must be sliced to death to be invited to the Olympics closing ceremony, he said.

Unification ministry spokesman Baek Tae-hyun said the South Korean government was aware of widespread misgivings about Kim Yong Chols visit to the South, but accepted it as the chances for improving inter-Korean ties and a peace settlement might be improved.

The Pyeongchang Olympics have seen a charm offensive by the North, which sent leader Kim Jong Uns sister to the opening ceremony as it seeks to loosen sanctions against it and weaken the alliance between Seoul and Washington.

US Vice President Mike Pence was also present for the start of the Games, and sat only a few seats away from Kim Yo Jong, without exchanging words with her having earlier visited a memorial to the Cheonan and...


Daesh militants waging fresh bid to set up Southeast Asian caliphate Peace and Freedom


Daesh-linked militants occupied Marawi City south of the Philippines for over five months before government forces retook control in October last year. (AFP)
MANILA: Months after being routed from the southern Philippine city of Marawi, militants are waging a fresh and deadly bid to set up a Southeast Asian caliphate in the same region, the military warned Friday.
The gunmen have mustered a force of about 200 fighters and fought a series of skirmishes with the security forces this year after government forces retook Marawi last October, Col. Romeo Brawner said.
They have not...


Bodies Found Under Rubble; 91 Killed in Iraq Original

Civilian and militant bodies were discovered in the rubble in northern Iraq.

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Syrian War Report February 22, 2018: Russia Moves Its Advanced Su-57 Stealth Fighters Into Syria The Vineyard of the Saker On February 21, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Qara Baba, Kirbet Siluki and Vergan from the Kurdish Peoples Protection


Russian Presidential Elections: boring, useless and necessary? The Vineyard of the Saker

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review] As the Presidential elections in Russia are drawing near I am amazed to see how much interest this event is generating in


More Than a Fight over Couscous: Why the Palestinian Narrative Must Be Embraced Original

As soon as Virgin Atlantic Airlines introduced a couscous-style salad inspired by the flavors of Palestine, a controversy ensued. Israels supporters ignited a social media storm and sent many complaints to the company, obliging the airline to remove the reference to Palestine. In the Zionist narrative, Palestine does not exist nor is it allowed Continue reading "More Than a Fight over Couscous: Why the Palestinian Narrative Must Be Embraced"

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The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right? Original

Originally posted at TomDispatch. I was teaching the day the airplanes hit the World Trade Center. It was the second meeting of The Communist Manifesto for Seminarians, a course for my fellow graduate students. By the time I got to class, both towers had collapsed. A few hours later, Building 7 came down as well. Continue reading "The 9/11 Hijackers Were Iraqis, Right?"

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A letter from Slovenia to Syria OffGuardian

by Katerina Vidner Ferkov, February 18, 2018, via Zdravo Slovenia It is very hard to write a letter to a country where children, women, and men are being bombed by the coalition for the greater good, so they say in the corporate media. How to find words while you are looking for your sons and daughters in the fire, explosions and collapsed buildings? But a letter from Slovenia to Syria must be sent. Dear Syria in Slovenia we have seen this before when Yugoslavia fell apart and a devastating carnage took place in a state where people used to sing about brotherhood and equality. We saw the refugees from ex Yugoslavia and felt their pain like we witnessed the suffering of many Syrian refugees. Do you know that ex Yugoslavia was bombed in the NATO operation called the Merciful Angel? What kind of mercy is that? Those children in ex Yugoslavia till this day suffer because of depleted uranium in those bombs. Our reality is Slovenia and in the South neighborhood countries is a direct


Lets Acknowledge US Interference in Foreign Elections Original

Last week, the Mueller investigative team indicted 13 Russian nationals for charges related to interference in the 2016 election. One of the individuals is a Russian billionaire, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is allegedly the financier of the "troll farm." This company that is solely dedicated to sowing political discord via fake news and false online identities Continue reading "Lets Acknowledge US Interference in Foreign Elections"

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Activist: Time to Formally End the Korean War After 65 Years of Armistice Aletho News

Sputnik 23.02.2018 The brief respite on the Korean Peninsula seems fated to end with the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang after North Korean leaders canceled a planned secret meeting with US Vice President Mike Pence. Washington is also expected to soon resume postponed military exercises alongside South Korea, exercises that North Korea has labeled provocative. []


Nissan to Begin Easy Ride Trial in Japan

Via: Reuters: Facing a future in which self-driving cars may curb vehicle ownership, Nissan Motor Co is taking its first steps to becoming an operator of autonomous transportation services, hoping to break into a segment set to be dominated by Uber Technologies and other technology firms. In partnership with Japanese mobile gaming platform operator DeNA []


Oil from sunken Iranian tanker reaches Japan islands Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Oil carried by Sanchi does not form traditional surface slick, but is nonetheless highly toxic to marine life


Cowardice and Neglect of Duty Sic Semper Tyrannis

" The only armed sheriffs deputy at a Florida high school where 17 people were killed took cover outside rather than charging into the building when the massacre began, the Broward County sheriff said on Thursday. The sheriff also acknowledged...


Hundreds of French police smash nuclear dump protest camp, raid support house and arrest opponents The Nuclear Resister

by Jack Cohen-Joppa, for the Nuclear Resister Before dawn on the morning of February 22, hundreds of French police in riot gear and equipped with trucks, bulldozers, helicopters and drones, evicted dozens of nuclear waste dump opponents who had occupied a disputed woods in the Meuse district for the last 18 months. A public relations []


Germany: Muslim migrant plotted jihad massacre at synagogue, trained 7-year-old boy as jihadi Jihad Watch

Gratitude. And remember: if you oppose mass Muslim migration, youre a racist, bigoted Islamophobe. Syrian Medical Student Was Training 7-year-old Boy as Islamic State Fighter, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, February 22, 2018: A 30-year-old Syrian medical student living in Germany and currently on trial for a plot targetting a Berlin synagogue has been accused of trying []


The Last Oil -- Gwich'in Sarah James 'No Oil, No Compromise' in Sacred Place Where Life Begins CENSORED NEWS

. As with the Rebirth of the Nation in 1988, Gwich'in today are again threatened, and proclaim, 'No Oil. No Compromise.' Article by Brenda Norrell The Last Oil Censored News ALBUQUERQUE -- Sarah James, Gwich'in, today is carrying forward the message of the Chiefs, "No Oil. No Compromise," and remembering the humble way of life of the Gwich'in.


The problem is not Islamophobia but ignorance of Islam Jihad Watch

An Open Letter to Bishop Joseph Bambera, Chairman of the USCCBs Committee for Interreligious Affairs Your Excellency, You are to be commended for your December 29th statement asking Catholics to pray for our Coptic brethren who are enduring martyrdom for the sake of Christ. Catholics need to know the extent of the attacks on Christians []


My First Day as CIA Director Aletho News

By Ray McGovern | Consortium News | February 22, 2018 Now that I have been nominated again this time by author Paul Craig Roberts to be CIA director, I am preparing to hit the ground running. Ray McGovern Last time my name was offered in nomination for the position by The Nation []


France: First Press Release from a Few Owls about the Bure Eviction Insurrection News


22.02.18: This morning at 6:15am the eviction of the Lejuc wood (Bois Lejuc) started with 500 riot cops, reinforced/orchestrated by a communication campaign from the home secretary (ministre de linterieur), the news channels diffusing shock images of military vehicles gathered next to the Lejuc wood, cabins being invaded, cops in balaclavas armed with chainsaws and cameras

The operation, supposed to be because of a court decision last year about eviction of the wood from le tribunal de grande instance de Bar-le-Duc, came before all legal cases had finished (especially if Andra owns the wood or not) and before the end of the period of non eviction in winter even though many living/occupation structures had been built in and around the wood. There is even a place where local elected officials changed their headquarters to an address in the wood.  Andra cant legally start any work in the wood, the French environmental authority concluded in October 2017 that Andra had to do an environmental survey of the area before proceeding with any exploration/preparation work.  There is a nesting period in the middle of March that prevents any work and Andra does not have the permit to do any forest clearing.

Like in 2012 in Notre-Dames-des-landes, the bulldozers are just behind the riot cops, to destroy as quickly as possible any living areas not even leaving time for people to collec...


Does Islam get special treatment in Eastern Iowa schools? Jihad Watch

These are interesting times in the Heartland. On February 13, 2018, a meeting of the Board of the Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) took place. As was later reported in the Iowa City Press Citizen: [i] Activism by some particularly young activists might shake up ICCSDs school calendar to accommodate for more religious holidays. []


UK: Muslim migrant and his wife get prison dawah for plotting jihad massacre Jihad Watch

Munir Mohammed, from Derby, was handed a life sentence, with a minimum of 14 years. Pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan has been jailed for 12 years. So theyll both be out in just a few years, and what then? Will they have given up jihad and become solid, loyal, productive Britons? No. Nothing whatsoever is done in []


Germany: Anarchist Comrade Lisa Transferred to New Prison Insurrection News


On Tuesday, February 20th, our comrade was transferred to another prison in Germany, JVA Willich II, about 60km from Cologne, where she was previously. We do not know yet how long she will be there, but we will still leave her new address so that she can continue to receive letters and solidarity photos.

Lisa Dorfer
JVA Willich II
GartenstraSSe 2
47877 Willich


(via Solidaritat Rebel, translated by Insurrection News)


Armed Cop Was Present During Entire High School Shooting and Did Nothing, Videos Show The Anti-Media

Florida High School Shooting(ANTIMEDIA) Broward County, FL  An armed officer on campus during last weeks mass shooting in Florida never went in the building to confront the killer, the Broward County Sheriff told reporters at a news conference on Thursday. Sheriff Scott Israel said Deputy Scot Peterson, the resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, opted instead to take up []


Grecia: El prisionero de guerra anarquista Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou inicia huelga de hambre Insurrection News


[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News]

Hoy, 21.02.18, el prisionero anarquista Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou inici una huelga de hambre para exigir su traslado desde la crcel de Larissa a la crcel de Korydallos tras el rechazo de su solicitud por parte del Comit Central de Traslados. Actualmente se encuentra en la prisin de Korydallos, donde fue enviado ayer para un caso judicial en curso. Un texto del compaero seguir en los prximos das.

Llamamos a una asamblea abierta de emergencia para planificar acciones de solidaridad para la huelga de hambre del compaero y compartir informacin sobre el caso el jueves 22 de febrero a las 19:00 en el Politcnico (edificio Gini).

Asamblea de Solidaridad con Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

Recibido el 22.02.18:

Algunas palabras sobre el caso del prisionero anarquista Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

El compaero anarquista Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou fue arrestado el 28 de octubre de 2017, mientras sala de un escondite alquilado por l bajo una identidad falsa y mientras intercambiaba armas de fuego y materiales explosivos. Dinos est acusado de ser miembro de Conspiracin de las Clulas de Fuego y de enviar...


The Venezuelan Petro Towards a New World Reserve Currency? The Vineyard of the Saker

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog Imagine an international currency backed by energy? By a raw material that the entire world needs, not gold which has hardly any


The Killing Field Dissident Voice

Every time we hear news of yet another mass shooting in the United States we inevitably also hear that it is the right of every American to own a gun, sanctified by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. But I wonder how many people making that claim have actually read the Second Amendment, because thats not really what it does.

Fortunately the section is very short and pretty easy to understand. It reads, in its entirety, as follows:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

So its pretty obvious that the purpose of this law, which should be far more important than the actual wording, is to provide for the security of a free state. In the days when the amendment was written the only way this could be readily achieved was by permitting any citizen to bear arms, and to be ready to join with fellow citizens in defence of the community if it was attacked. Obviously that condition no longer applies. The US is the most powerful armed nation in the world and its existential security is no longer dependent on individual citizens bearing arms.

In other words the infamous Second Amendment, which is routinely quoted every time another appalling mass murder takes place in the US, does NOT give an unconditional right for Americans to own guns. It strongly suggests that the right to own a gun is dependent on the necessity of a citizen being part of a well-regulated state militia which, given the fact that the US has the most tooled-up government on the planet, is itself no longer a necessity. But how many of the perpetrators of previous mass slaughters, or even the more everyday suicides and shootings that happen on average 33,000 times a year are members of well-regulated state militias? Because those are the only people the Second Amendment actually authorises to bear arms.

Then we hear from the huntin shootin fishin brigade, the people who think its well hard to murder defenceless animals as some sort of perverted survival instinct. But the truth is that almost no one needs to kill animals in order to survive. Except for tiny isolated communities living in remote parts of the planet in the way their ancestors have always done, no one needs to kill animals to stay alive. Apart from the fact that the vast majority of human beings obtain their food from shops much of which is slaughtered animal flesh of one kind or another theres also the obvious fact that we dont actually need to eat animals at all, as millions of healthy vegans can easily prove.

Sometimes we also hear from gun clubs, about the harmless pleasures of shooting at bits of paper. Well, heres a news bulletin: you dont need high-powered rifles or handguns to put a hole through a bit of paper. You can do the job very successf...


US Intelligence Agencies Warn War in Space is Coming "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

US Intelligence Agencies Warn War in Space is Coming

By Brett Tingley

Space is beginning to become more accessible to humankind. Naturally, the military wants to start fighting wars up there. Really, though, if you think about the timelines of the development of automobiles, aircraft, and atomic bombs relative to their use in war, its a wonder that there hasnt been a war in space yet. I guess the near-unbelievable price tags of any space-borne technology still hold back the superpowers from going CRASH BANG BOOM with all their shiny new space toys for now, at least. Thanks to James Bond villain-in-the-making Elon Musk and the Chinese rocket scientists who are no doubt furiously plagiarizing his technology (yeah, they really do that), those price tags are sure to come down in the near future. What does that mean for us? Get ready for war in space, folks. Its gonna be weird and deadly.

What blows up must come down.

For now, most of the space weaponry involves disarming, destroying, or hijacking enemy...


Stop confusing Kurdistans! Syrias leftists must turn home to Assad The Vineyard of the Saker

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog As Assad-backed troops enter Afrin to fight Turkish invaders, the Syrian conflict has entered its decisive crossroads: Will Northern Syria cooperate with Damascus,


As Nation Debates Gun Control, US Military Wants $716 Billion for Next Year The Anti-Media

Gun Control Military $716 Billion(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  As Americans debate domestic gun control following the mass shooting at a Florida high school last week, funding for military arms has evaded public scrutiny. The United States Department of Defense recently released its summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS) with little fanfare. The first thing to note is how little media coverage the NDS []


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Solidarity Action for #Afrin: #Antifa Enternasyonal T-Shirts Profits go to Heyva Sor

Solidarity Action: Unisex Solidarity with Afrin Antifa Enternasyonal (Antifa International) T-Shirt in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL. All profits of this t-shirt will be donated to Heyva Sor. These t-shirts are also available as wome design and as long sleeve shirt. 



Saudi Arabia to hold rap concerts Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Saudi Arabia will stage more than 5,000 shows in 2018, double the number of last year, as it tries to shake off traditional image


Hamas: Abbass speech did not rise up to the desired level Aletho News

Palestine Information Center February 22, 2018 GAZA Palestinian resistance group Hamas criticized Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas following his speech at the UN Security Council on Wednesday. In a press release, Hamas underlined that the political plan presented by Abbas in his speech does not reflect the national position which calls for []


The Second Amendment and National Defense World Beyond War . . .

by Donnal Walter, February 22, 2018

Peaceful demonstration. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In a recent Facebook post I suggested that the right to keep and bear arms is somehow not on par with other named human and civil rights. A respected friend countered that he and others consider the right to defend oneself against violent attack to be the primary right, that the Second Amendment is the right that protects all the others.

The right to self-protection

The part about a well regulated Militia and security of a free State notwithstanding, I concede that the Second Amendment can be construed as the right of an individual for self-defense (and has been so interpreted, at least since 2008). I further concede that the right to individual safety and security, and thus the right to defend oneself is equal to (on par with) the right to life, liberty, dignity, clean water and sanitation, healthy food and healthcare, working for a living wage, owning property, and freedom from discrimination and oppression. These are all essential, personal security being of equal importance.

My disagreement with the Second Amendment is that it is not working. If the goal is the safety of our people, granting individuals the right to keep and bear arms has made us less safe rather than more so. The evidence for this may be questioned by some, but evidence to the contrary is meager and ambiguous at best. Arming citizens in increasing numbers does not seem to be protecting us from violent attacks. It has been suggested that perhaps we need still more guns. I disagree in the strongest possible terms.

It has been argued that evil is as old as humankind, and that its not going away anytime soon. This is true. What is QUITE NEW, however, is the escalating capacity to kill. While this trend continues, arming ourselves further cannot possibly result in a safer society. Violence begets violence. It is self-perpetuating. How can mushrooming sales of ever more destructive weapons reduce violent deaths and make our children and ourselves safer?

It has also been said that evil, being pervasive, will find a way to acquire the means to kill. The argument is that infringing the right to keep and bear...


No deal at UN over Syria ceasefire as Russian veto looms Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Voting on ceasefire resolution may take place on Friday, amid fierce air campaign against enclave

Iran continues to adhere to nuclear deal, says IAEA report Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


IAEA also says Iran may build nuclear reactors for ships within limits of 2015 deal


The Banking System stan van houcke

Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.


Billboards Opposing Drone Wars Are Going Up All Over Syracuse, NY World Beyond War . . .

By David Swanson, World Beyond War

World Beyond War has been raising funds for and renting billboards in opposition to war. Weve run into censorship from numerous billboard companies but persevered, and more billboards are on their way.

First we put this message up here in Charlottesville, Va., and then in Baltimore, Md. (see explanation of the 3% calculation here):

Now were putting these two images up on billboards in Syracuse, NY, where drone pilots participate in U.S. wars from Hancock Air Base:

For 8 hours a day for 16 days in March, these two images will be on either side of a billboard truck driving around downtown Syracuse and the University of Syracuse. Then, from April 2 to May 27 each image will be on two of the four stationary billboards located at 115 South Street, 700 East Washington Street, 1430 Erie Boulevard East, and 1201-1208 South Salina at Raynor St...


Crimes of compassion, Iraqs long war and Canadas bloody hands Aletho News

By Matthew Behrens | Rabble | February 22, 2018 Canadians should prepare themselves for an onslaught of feel-good propaganda in the coming weeks as the world marks the 15th anniversary of one of the most horrific war crimes of the 21st century, the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by forces including the U.S., U.K., []


Los Angeles Has Criminalized Poverty by Making It Illegal to Sleep in Cars and RVs The Anti-Media

Los Angeles Sleep RVs(TMU)  Raising rent prices and low wages have resulted in thousands of people across the city of Los Angeles becoming homeless, many of them now living in cars and RVs if they were able to keep it together that well. According to the most recent counts by the KPCC, there are at least 7,000 people live in their []


Video of Shooting Survivor Slamming CNN for Giving Him Script Goes Viral, CNN Denies Claims The Anti-Media

Florida Shooting Survivor cnn script(ANTIMEDIA)  On Thursday, CNN denied claims from a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who said the network expected him to ask scripted questions during a televised town hall meeting in Sunrise, FL, that focused on last weeks shooting. CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being all scripted, Colton []


Israel, Iran on collision course over Syria Peace and Freedom

The Washington Times

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
In this photo released by Lennart Preiss/MSC 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, holds a part of a downed drone during his speech at the Munich Security Conference, MSC, in Munich , Germany, Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018. (Lennart Preiss/MSC 2018/dpa  more >

Iran and Israel are on a collision course over Tehrans expanding footprint in Syria, raising the odds of a direct clash between the regions two military heavyweights that could quickly draw in other combatants.

With Iran and Lebanons Hezbollah movement, Irans most potent military ally, emboldened by their success in upholding Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israel is growing more and more wary of being attacked by missiles not just from southern Lebanon but also from inside Syria.

Israel has been sporadically bombing Hezbollah positions in Syria for the past three years. But the situation rea...


Americas long history of meddling in other countries elections stan van houcke

Americas long history of meddling in other countries elections



Guess which economic forecaster accurately predicted growth in 2017: The Amazing Trumpkin Peace and Freedom

Guess which economic forecaster accurately predicted growth in 2017.

President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday.
President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room of the White House on Tuesday. PHOTO: JOSHUA ROBERTS/BLOOMBERG NEWS

On Wednesday the White House released the annual Economic Report of the President. No surprise, Democrats like Jason Furman, who served as the top economic adviser in the Obama White House, say President Trumps economic forecasts are much too optimistic. Mr. Trump says that his tax cuts and deregulation will restore robust growth and Mr. Furman calls the Trump growth estimates absurd.

The national press corps, which spends a good deal of time cataloging every inaccurate statement from Mr. Trump, may be particularly receptive to the Furman message. But as they dig into this issue, they ought to give some credit where its due.

Specifically, reporters may want to consult Table S-9 in the economic report Mr. Trumpreleased last May...


Prayer and Meditation for Friday, February 23, 2018 If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just, he shall surely live, he shall not die. Peace and Freedom

Friday of the First Week of Lent
Lectionary: 228


Image may contain: 2 people

Pharisee shake down Jesus for tribute money Lithograph James Tissot

Reading 1  EZ 18:21-28

Thus says the Lord GOD:
If the wicked man turns away from all the sins he committed,
if he keeps all my statutes and does what is right and just,
he shall surely live, he shall not die.
None of the crimes he committed shall be remembered against him;
he shall live because of the virtue he has practiced.
Do I indeed derive any pleasure from the death of the wicked?
says the Lord GOD.
Do I not rather rejoice when he turns from his evil way
that he may live?And if the virtuous man turns from the path of virtue to do evil,
the same kind of abominable things that the wicked man does,
can he do this and still live?
None of his virtuous deeds shall be remembered,
because he has broken faith and committed sin;
because of this, he shall die.
You say, The LORDs way is not fair!
Hear now, house of Israel:
Is it my way that is unfair, or rather, are not your ways unfair?
When someone virtuous turns away from virtue to commit iniquity, and dies,
it is because of the iniquity he committed that he must die.
But if the wicked, turning from the wickedness he has committed,
does what is right and just,
he shall preserve his life;
since he has turned away from all the sins that he committed,
he shall surely live, he shall not die.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 130:1-2, 3-4, 5-7A, 7BC-8

R. (3) If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?
Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD;
LORD, hear my voice!
Let your ears be attentive
to my voice in supplication.
R. If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?
If you, O LORD, mark iniquities,
LORD, who can stand?
But with you is forgiveness,
that you may be revered.
R. If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?
I trust in the LORD;
my soul trusts in his word.
My soul waits for the LORD
more than sentinels wait for the dawn.
Let Israel wait for the LORD....


Trumps ambassador says the unspeakable: Uprooting settlers could cause civil war Mondoweiss

Last Sunday, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said the unspeakable behind closed doors to American Jewish leaders (as reported by Israeli television).

[T]he settlers are going nowhere. The uprooting of hundreds of thousands of settlers could cause a civil war in Israel.

The comment was a depth charge against the two-state solution from a former bankruptcy lawyer who has helped fund the settlements. And leading liberal Zionists have pushed back. Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street wrote angrily that the Trump administration and the settlers were dragging Israelis and Palestinians further into a one-state nightmare.

Friedman was misstating the reality, and maligning Israel, Ben-Ami went on:

Friedmans claim that settler evacuation would lead to a civil war is (a) based on several falsehoods and (b) insulting to the strength and resilience of Israeli democracy.

Because the two-state solution is still quite achievable:

Nearly all objective experts whove looked at the issue agree that only a limited percentage of settlers beyond the Green Line would need to relocate because negotiations over an Israeli-Palestinian border would certainly include land swaps.

Wildly exaggerating the number of settlers who would need to move under a peace deal is a favored scare tactic of settler advocates looking to make a two-state agreement seem infeasible which it is not.

Anshel Pfeffer at Haaretz had a similar message: The parameters of the two-state solution are very clear, and when its time to effect them the settlers will walk away:

The warning that any possible eviction of settlements could lead to civil war has been used by some settlers in the past, although most responsible settler leaders say that if an Israeli government will so decree it, they will have no choice but to leave.

Pfeffer was as angry as Ben-Ami; he said the Israeli government should reprimand the US ambassador for casting aspersions on Israelis. The Israel army has never mutinied. The settlers are not capable of fomenting civil war. Only 80,000 Israeli settlers will have to leave the West Bank.

Whatever their political and religious views, the great majority of them are Israeli patriots who ultimately would accept the decision of the government.

The inter...


Research Paper: Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade Anti Oligarch

The WorldPaost By David L. Phillips Introduction The sale of oil products by ISIS garners about $500 million/year. The US led multinational coalition has pledged to destroy ISIS. Its strategy includes depriving ISIS of financial support. Allegations abound that Turks are engaged in oil trade with ISIS. Additionally, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family []


Dutch parliament recognizes 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide Peace and Freedom

THE HAGUE (Reuters) The Dutch parliament on Thursday passed a motion recognizing as genocide the massacre of as many as 1.5 million Armenians in 1915.

 Image result for House of Parliament, in The Hague, photos

FILE PHOTO A general view shows the House of Parliament, in The Hague 

The move, passed with the support of all major parties, risks further straining diplomatic relations between The Hague and Ankara, which have been tense since the Dutch barred a Turkish minister from campaigning in the Netherlands last year.

Nearly a dozen other EU countries have passed similar resolutions. Turkey denies that the killings, which took place at the height of World War One, constitute genocide.

Reporting by Toby Sterling; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg


Billy Graham. God Finally Killed Him stan van houcke

  February 21, 2018

How Billy Graham Evangelized for American Empire

Graham gave his blessing to every conflict under every president from Truman to the second Bush, and most of the presidents, pleased to enjoy public assurance of God's approval, made him welcome in the White House
By Cecil Bothwell



AP clarification about Jerusalem The Angry Arab News Service/

"Clarification: United Nations-Palestinians-Israel story
UNITED NATIONS In a story Feb. 21, The Associated Press reported that east Jerusalem is Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967. The story should have made clear that this was quoting a speech by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the U.N. Security Council." (thanks Basim)


Leading Turkish human rights defender sentenced for Twitter post Peace and Freedom


Mehdi Chebil, FRANCE 24 | File photo of Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu at an Istanbul caf in April 2017.

Text by Leela JACINTO 

Latest update : 2018-02-22

A Turkish court on Wednesday sentenced Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, one of the countrys leading human rights advocates, to two-and-a-half years in jail for a 2016 Twitter post advocating peace.

A former head of Mazlumdar, a prominent Turkish human rights group, Gergerlioglu was sentenced for disseminating terrorist propaganda, a charge he denies.

The 53-year-old human rights activist was sentenced for a message he posted on Twitter on October 9, 2016, when he downloaded a photograph of a World Peace Day demonstration featuring Kurdish mothers protesting behind two symbolic coffins, one draped in the Turkish flag and the other in a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) flag.

The PKK is proscribed as a terror group by Turkey, the EU, the United States and the United Nations.

Gergerlioglu tweeted the picture along with a message for peace in Turkish that said: Looking at this picture, you will understand that this war has no meaning. Mothers the same, flags different.

Responding to the charges before a court in the western Turkish city of Izmit, Gergerlioglu maintained that while he supported the peace process between the Turkish government and the PKK  which collapsed in 2015  he never supported terrorism or the use of violence.

I have never supported terror or terrorist organisations in word or deed. In fact, Mazlumder has made statements condemning the PKK. My posts on Facebook have been pro-peace, he said.

Trapped in Turkeys post-coup purges

An Islamist human rights activist, Gergerlioglu served as head of Mazlumder between 2009 and 2011.

Mazlumder  which means persecuted people was founded in 1991 to fight for the rights of Turkeys Islamists, who feel oppressed by the secular establishment. Following the 1990s conflict between the Turkish government and the PKK, which resulted in the deaths of 30,000 people, the group earned a reputation for its human rights work during the counterinsurgency.

In a message...


Correction: stoning illustration The Angry Arab News Service/

I stand corrected. The stoning illustration below is not an official Saudi regime publication but came from here.


Yes, We Can Still Use the Second Amendment to Overthrow the Government The Anti-Media

Second Amendment Government(TFC Opinion)  As the subject of the Second Amendment reenters the public discourse, the question of whether or not the right to keep and bears arms is an effective deterrent against tyranny must be examined. In the days of drones, fighters, and tanks, what good is a semi-automatic rifle? This question is typically posed by those who []


US Violates Iranian Nuclear Deal Almost Every Day Tehran Aletho News

Sputnik February 22, 2018 Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said Thursday that the US violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) almost every day, while Trumps public statements contribute to this. It is a fact that the United States is not implementing the JCPOA [the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], it is a []


Air strikes hammer Syrias Ghouta for fifth day, U.N. mulling ceasefire resolution Peace and Freedom


AMMAN (Reuters) Warplanes pounded the last rebel enclave near Syrias capital for a fifth day running on Thursday as the U.N. Security Council considered demanding a 30-day truce  across the country to allow emergency aid deliveries and medical evacuations.

 Image may contain: one or more people

Civil defence help a man from a shelter in the besieged town of Douma in eastern Ghouta in Damascus, Syria, February 22, 2018. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh

The U.N. envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, pleaded for a ceasefire to halt one of the fiercest air assaults of the seven-year civil war and prevent a massacre in the besieged eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of Damascus.

At least 403 people have been killed in eastern Ghouta district since Sunday night, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor, with more than 2,116 wounded from the assault by Syrias military and its allies.

Planes have struck residential areas in the enclave of 400,000 people and, said medical charities, hit more than a dozen hospitals, making it near impossible to treat the wounded.

Panos Moumtzis, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Syria, said households in eastern Ghouta were without food, water or electricity in winter cold and 80 percent of the population of the town of Harasta was living underground.

There is a need for avoiding a massacre, because we will be judged by history, Mistura said, urging the 15-member Security Council to act. The Council was meeting on Thursday to discussion the situation at the request of Russia.

President Bashar al-Assads main ally Russia, which wields a veto on the Security Council, said it could support a 30-day truce, but not one that included the Islamist militants it says the onslaught on eastern Ghouta is meant to target.



A nuclear war planners guide to resisting the bomb Waging Nonviolence

by Robert Levering

As someone who grew up during the coldest years of the Cold War, I have always been aware that we are living on borrowed time. During the 1950s, nuclear bomb tests were broadcast live on TV. And I recall being traumatized by the 1959 film, On the Beach, which depicts the dystopian aftermath of nuclear war.

But the school air raid drills represented the most common reminders of the nuclear specter. When the siren sounded, we were expected to march out of our classrooms into the hallway, then kneel and put our heads against the lockers for a few minutes before the siren signaled that we could return to class. Supposedly this was to protect us from being incinerated during a nuclear attack. I realized this was a ridiculous exercise. Along with a few friends, I engaged in my first political act by refusing to participate in a drill early in my senior year. You can imagine that this did not sit well with the school administration. The principal gave us a stern lecture and threatened to punish us severely if we did so again. It was also my first lesson in the power of nonviolence: My high school conducted no more air raid drills that year.

At the time, Daniel Ellsberg was working as a consultant to the Pentagon on nuclear strategy. He says little about that work in Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, which is among the most inspiring books Ive ever read about civil disobedience. So, I was anxious to get my hands on his latest book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear Planner, to read what he has to say about nuclear war.

But I had some even more personal reasons for wanting to read Dans book. Last August, I was arrested with him and several dozen others at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California, where scientists create new devices to blow up the world. Our demonstration commemorated the 72nd anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Coincidentally, my grandson Rocky Barnes-Levering Ly was being born at the very time as we were being carted off to jail.

After reading Dans book, I knew that I had to give it to Rocky. Hopefully, no country will unleash its nuclear arsenal before he is able to read the book. Thats not a given, particularly considering the current nuclear bomb-waving threats emanating from Washington and Pyongyang. Trump threatened his counterpart in North Korea with fire and fury the world has never seen before the same week Rocky was born.

Assuming we escape a nuclear nightmare fo...


Frontiersman of the Internet: John Perry Barlow Dissident Voice

He may have been a lyricist for the Grateful Dead, but a component of John Perry Barlows activism and corpus will forever be associated with a concept fast losing its gloss: internet freedom.

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace had a certain founding fathers imperative, and, along with that added enthusiasm, a degree of misunderstanding.  Like the mind expansion experiences he shared with Timothy Leary during the 1960s, it had a psychedelic edge to it, an LSD doctrine of interactive space.

Governments, for instance, would be left outside its perimeters.  Rather than partners and participants, they were deemed rapacious enemies.  Cyberspace was the new home of Mind. In that mind, states would let citizens be. You are not welcome among us.  You have no sovereignty where we gather.

It was axiomatic that any such space be free, a global social space inimical to despots and regulators, naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose upon us Your legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context do not apply to us.  They are all based on matter, and there is no matter here.

In Barlow, we had a figure envisaging what was to come, and, in some ways, what was sliding into history.  According to The Economist, he embodied a vanishing America.  His lyrics, like his lifestyle, were a world of cowboys, nature and passions. In WELL (Whole Earth Lectronic Link), he found a virtual community that nourished a wild west, frontier vision of engagement.

For Tim Berners-Lee, the British computer scientist most closely associated with the invention of the World Wide Web, Barlows dreams are needed even more today, in 2018, than when he wrote that manifesto.  Were a long, long way from the utopia of peace, love and understanding, and we need people more than ever to evangelize for technology, and for the good.

Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, was effusive about the vision of the Internet as a fundamental place for freedom, where voices long silenced can find an audience and people can connect with others regardless of physical distance.

Cohn is keen to disprove the assertion that Barlow was overly nave about the transcendent properties of an all emancipating Internet. Barlow knew that new technology could create and empower evil as much as it could create and empower good.

On reflecting on his 1996 declaration, Barlow noted a tendency to make a straw man of the piece, ho...


NRAs Loesch: I Wouldnt Have Been Able To Exit CNN Town Hall If I Didnt Have A Security Detail People Yelled: Burn Her Peace and Freedom

 Image result for Dana Loesch, at CPAC, photos
NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch at CPAC, February 22, 2018

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said Thursday morning at CPAC that she wouldnt have been able to exit last nights town hall on the Parkland, Fla. school shooting if she didnt have a security detail. Loesch faced off with students who survived the shooting at a CNN-hosted forum.

I want to make this super obvious point, Loesch said. The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe. And yet, some people want all of us to disarm. You heard that town hall last night. They cheered the confiscation of firearms. And it was over 5,000 people.

I had to have a security detail to get out, she said of the Sunland, Fla. event. I wouldnt be able to exit that if I didnt have a private security detail. There were people rushing the stage and screaming burn her. And I came there to talk solutions and I still am going to continue that conversation on solutions as the NRA has been doing since before I was alive.

Loesch said the people who call Trump a tyrant are the same people who want the president to confiscate weapons.

The government cant keep you safe and some people want us to give up our firearms and rely solely upon the protection of the same government thats already failed us numerous times to keep us safe. And then they also call Trump a tyrant but they say they want the president to also confiscate our firearms? Try to figure that one out, Loesch said.

Watch Loeschs full CPAC speech:


New Book from Political Prisoners Travis Washington and Sean Swain: Last Act of the Circus Animals Enough is Enough!

We (Sprout Distro) are excited to be selling the book Last Act of the Circus Animals by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, all proceeds from which will go directly to Sean Swains support fund.

Originally published by Sprout Distro.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

New Book from Political Prisoners Travis Washington and Sean Swain: Last Act of the Circus Animals

We (Sprout Distro) are excited to be selling the book Last Act of the Circus Animals by anarchist prisoner Sean Swain, all proceeds from which will go directly to Sean Swains support fund.

Little Black Cart presents a story for children of all ages! An anarchist Animal Farm.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of this touching, thought-provoking, and inspiring fable by two long-term political prisoners, Travis Washington and anarchist Sean Swain. Originally told in three pamphlets (and distributed by Anthony Rayson), this story has been making the rounds of prisons in the u.s., and inspiring prisoners, for all those years. Little Black Cart is delighted to present the full story in a single volume, with introductory comments by Rayson, Jeremy Hammond, and Comrade Migs, and many of the original drawings.

This is one more amazing example demonstrating that prison is not the end of radical, interesting, funny, and profound thought and activity.

All money will go directly to Sean Swains support fund when purchased from Sprout Distro:

Click here to order ($7).


Time to Admit the Afghan War is Nonsense Aletho News

By Jonathan Marshall | Consortium News | February 22, 2018 Whatever happened to the Donald Trump who tweeted in 2013, Lets get out of Afghanistan we waste billions there. Nonsense! And whatever happened to the reality TV star who used to tell under-performers, youre fired? Today, as commander in chief, President Trump is indefinitely []


UN Security Council meets to discuss the situation in the Middle East Peace and Freedom

UN Security Council. (Reuters)

LONDON: The UN Security Council is holding a meeting on the situation in the Middle East (8186th meeting) chaired by Kuwait Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah.



Chinese loans with high interest will burden Filipinos Hasnt China Already Gotten What They Want From The Philippines? Peace and Freedom

Sen. Paolo Benigno Bam Aquino said that the government should consider the nations first before friendly relations with other nations, after it emerged that Manila would secure Chinese loans which charged interest rates of between two to three percent. File

MANILA, Philippines Sen. Paolo Benigno Bam Aquino said on Thursday that the Philippine government should not sacrifice the welfare of the nation at the altar of friendship with China, after it emerged that Chinese loans to Manila were loaded with high interest rates.

According to Aquino, he will file a resolution urging the Congressional Oversight Committee on the Official Development Assistance to conduct a hearing on government dealings with China and other countries to ensure transparency and guarantee the best deal for the country.

The government owes it to the people to secure the best agreement, and not pursue a friendly deal that will later burden the Filipino people, Aquino said.

Aquinos pronouncement came after Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia admitted that the Philippine government would secure Chinese loans for its infrastructure projects despite being charged with an interest rate of between two to three percent.

Pernia said that Japan meanwhile charged between 0.25 to 0.75 percent for its interest rate.

Aquino clarified that it was not about choosing between China and Japan but about getting the best option for Filipinos. The opposition lawmaker reminded the government that it would be Filipinos who would bear the brunt of these loans through taxes.

The government should not sacrifice the welfare of the nation for the sake of friendship, Aquino said.

The Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte...


Malaysia: Publisher on trial for publishing Irshad Manji book that says God is love, which is un-Islamic Jihad Watch

Wait a minute. Isnt Malaysia supposed to be moderate? And isnt Irshad Manji a leading moderate Muslim writer? Irshad Manji has not been much heard from in recent years, but about ten or twelve years ago she was the Moderate Muslim Du Jour (a position since occupied by luminaries including Zuhdi Jasser and Maajid Nawaz), []


NRA Leader Warns Conservatives Of Socialist Wave In Wake Of Shooting Peace and Freedom

The National Rifle Associations Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre speaks during the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor in Oxen Hill, Md., on Thursday.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Just over a week after 17 people were killed at Parkland, Fla., high school, National Rifle Association executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre gave a fiery, defiant speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, on Thursday. LaPierre defended 2nd Amendment rights and warned of a socialist agenda that wanted to strip away firearms from law-abiding citizens.

As usual, the opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain, LaPierre said. Saul Alinsky would have been proud of the breakneck speed for gun control laws and the breathless national media eager to smear the NRA, he added, referring to the 20th century community organizer.

LaPierre, who was not listed...


Newsbud Exclusive Divide & Conquer: UN Unleashes Global Mass Migration Plan!! Newsbud

A new draft for managing mass migration was introduced by the United Nations about a month ago and is expected to be adopted by most of its member states later this year. The draft is called ''global compact for migration'', and if you think it's about restricting the phenomenon, you are wrong. Quite the opposite.

In fact, the global compact for migration seeks to expand even more mass migration and actually legitimize it by blurring the legal status between refugees and migrants, or in the words of UN secretary general Antonio Guterres himself, ''put in place more legal pathways for migration, removing the incentives for individuals to break the rules'' and find ''more credible pathways for migrants who do not qualify for international refugee protection''.

In other words, instead of implementing the existing international laws, let's create new ones to bypass them. No restrictions, no rules to break, no one is illegal, no problem. Genius.

This is a tactic that Kelly Greenhill described in her book entitled ''Weapons of Mass Migration'', where she writes that ''when German Jews were interned on the Isle of Man, British newspapers blurred the distinctions between refugee, alien and enemy, so today, according to Alasdair Mackenzie, coordinator of [UK] Asylum Aid, Theres general confusion in many newspapers between an asylum seeker and someone from abroadeveryone gets tarred with the same brush.'''

Greenhill defines ''coercive engineered migration'' as ''those cross-border population movements that are deliberately created or manipulated in order to induce political, military and/or economic concessions from a target state or states''. The difference with the new draft from the UN is that it transforms Greenhill's ''target states'' into something much bigger: the whole planet.

This is a giant practical step towards globalisation, and of course it's not happening for the sake of ''humanity''.

In an astonishing admission, a spokesman from the International Organisation for Migration told the Guardian: ''We have a youthful south and an ageing...


Israel simulates war in Lebanon, amid tensions with Iran, Hezbollah Peace and Freedom

Reservist, conscript brigades take part in large-scale exercises along the Lebanese border to improve preparedness on the northern front, army says

Times of Israel
February 22, 2018
The IDF's 188th Armored Brigade takes part in a large exercise in northern Israel meant to simulate war in Lebanon in February 2018. (Israel Defense Forces)
The IDFs 188th Armored Brigade takes part in a large exercise in northern Israel meant to simulate war in Lebanon in February 2018. (Israel Defense Forces)

The IDF Galilee Division on Thursday completed a series of large-scale exercises designed to prepare the military for a potential rapidly unfolding war in Lebanon, the army said amid rising tensions in recent weeks along Israels northern frontier.

Conscripted soldiers, along with reservists, took part in the exercise. They practiced a rapid call-up of reservists, as well as operational capabilities and readiness to fight in Lebanese terrain, the Israel Defense Forces said.

In addition, the armys 188th Armored Brigade conducted its own, separate exercise in northern Israel, along with troops from combat engineering, infantry and artillery.

The drills came amid heightened tensions in the countrys north, following aerial clashes between the Israeli air force and the Syrian military earlier this month, and amid an ongoing diplomatic dispute between Israel and Lebanon over a portion of the Mediterranean Sea, which is believed to contain a natural gas reserve, that each claims as its own.

The brigade exercises were held as part of the enhanced 2018 training program. Their purpose is to prepare combat soldiers and their commanders for any scenario, and to enhance their readiness and capabilities for real-time threats, the army said.



Comment Set Free: the head of the White Helmets begs for intervention in east Ghouta OffGuardian

The Guardian today is running an opinion piece written by Raed Al Saleh the head of the White Helmets in which he pleads for intervention in eastern Ghouta. The same newspaper that denied a platform to Vanessa Beeley nd Eva Bartlett to respond to the attacks made on them by Olivia Solon, has now given carte blanche to the spokesman for an organisation which, at very best, has terrorists and terrorists sympathisers in its ranks, and at worst is a front and shield for al Nusra and ISIS in Syria. To the surprise of very few the article is not open for comments. So, if you would like to tell the Guardian what you think of the article or of their decision to give this man a platform, feel free to comment here on: My staff are trying to save lives in the rubble of Ghouta. Who will help us?


NRA chief slams shameful politicization of Florida tragedy Peace and Freedom


AFP | The NRAs executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre made his first public comments on the tragedy in Parkland, Florida in an address to the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland

NATIONAL HARBOR (UNITED STATES) (AFP)  The head of Americas National Rifle Association lashed out Thursday at critics of the powerful gun lobby, accusing them of exploiting last weeks deadly school shooting in Florida for political advantage.

In his first public comments since the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre accused gun control advocates within the Democratic Party of seeking to roll back the constitutional right to bear arms.

The shameful politicization of tragedy, its a classic strategy right out of the playbook of a poisonous movement, he told an annual conservative conference, hitting out in turn at supposed socialists on the political left, and at the so-called national news media.

For them its not a safety issue, its a political issue, he charged. They hate the NRA. They hate the Second Amendment. They hate individual freedom.

LaPierre is a fixture at the Conservative Political Action Conference held every year just outside Washington. President Donald Trump, who hosted survivors of the Parkland shooting at the White House Wednesday to explore options for reducing gun violence, is the keynote speaker at the event Friday.

The NRA chief, warmly welcomed by CPACs attendees, said the NRAs millions of members were all horrified by the high school massacre, in which a 19-year-old went on a killing spree with a semi-automatic rifle and which has fuelled urgent calls for a toughening of Americas lax gun laws.

But he also advocated for fortifying US schools with armed guards to prevent the future such killings.

Evil walks among us, LaPierre said, adding that schools in gun-free zones are wide open targets for any crazy madman.

He also doubled down on the NRAs longstanding position that armed Americans were the first line of defense in confronting deadly attacks.

Lean in, listen to me now, and never forget these words: to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun.

Earlier in the day, in a fired-up address, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch slammed the FBI for missing a series of warning signs ahead of the Florida shooting, while also asserting that the mainstream media benefited from such tragedies.

Many in legacy media love mass shootings...


AUB cancels series of lectures by Berkeley chemistry professor, Omar Yaghi The Angry Arab News Service/

There is no question that UC, Berkeley chemistry professor is rising in his field.  A year or so ago, he was invited by AUB to give series of lectures.  But in the days preceding his lectures (last week), he was awarded the Israeli Wolf Chemistry Prize (which was also won by Ahmad Zuweil, who went on to win the Nobel Prize--an Arab has to prove his acceptance of Israel before receiving any Nobel: just look at the record, from peace to literature to chemistry).  He expressed his "pride" in receiving the prize: would he dare accept an Iranian prize, say?So there was a debate at AUB (you see there is more proBDS mood among Western faculty than there is among some AUB faculty), and then they decided to cancel all lectures by Yaghia but noticeably the AUB administration did not explain or release a statement for fear of upsetting the Zionist US Congress.  


How to Archive Open Source Materials bellingcat

Throughout this story, click on any of the images to view in full resolution.

When conducting open source investigations, an ever-present issue is how to archive away the materials you are researching. For example, a social media post may be deleted by a user after you publish an investigation, or a video on YouTube showing sensitive information (such as a war crime in Syria) may be deleted due to censorship policies set by YouTube.

There are two main reasons to archive all of the digital evidence that you use an investigation: to preserve it in case it is removed from its original source, and to prove to your audience that the material (if it has been removed) really existed as you present it. Screenshots can be easily forged, so it is vital that you find a way to retain the materials in a way that shows that you did not have the opportunity to modify the content.

Third-party archive platforms

For most content, including social media posts, news stories, and other web pages, there are two services that will usually work: and These two sites save web pages on their own servers, accessible to anyone with a URL. Better yet, both of these sites will save snapshots of pages over time, so you can observe changes for each time it was archived, such as before and after a news article was redacted. We generally recommend to save materials on both sites in order to maximize the amount of archived content. We will summarize how each of these sites work, along with how effective they are in capturing pages on a number of the most popular social network sites. In general, is more versatile in saving social network pages, as they saving pages through an account created for these sites, while can only see completely public pages that do not require an account.

Of the two main archival sites, is the most versatile, and more friendly to social network sites. However, it has not been around nearly as long as, and it should be seen as less stable due to the fact that it is a much smaller operation. Additionally, this site has been banned in a number of countries due to the fact that extremist content is sometimes shared via links. There are alternate URLs to the site (,, that can let you bypass some the censorship of some (but not all) countries, such as Russia, China, and Finland.

Saved pages on are entirely from user-submitted requests, and not automatically retrieved, as with To save a page on this site, just enter the URL you want saved into the red box.



Video: Niqabi mother with hijabi toddler Jihad Watch

Terrible, if already an infant has to live under the burden of hijab. Onlinemagazin (@OnlineMagazin) February 22, 2018 What a cute little girl, right? Only greasy Islamophobes could look at this video and not find it heartwarming, right? Well, consider this: the whole idea of the hijab (and niqab) is that it []


Trump Renews Call for Arming Select, Trained Teachers to Deter Sicko Shooters President says gun-free schools attract bad people Peace and Freedom

President says gun-free schools attract bad people

President Donald Trump speaks during a session on school safety at the White House on Wednesday.
President Donald Trump speaks during a session on school safety at the White House on Wednesday. PHOTO: TING SHEN/XINHUA/ZUMA PRESS

President Donald Trump on Thursday morning called for arming select, highly trained, weapons talented teachers to thwart mass school shootings, arguing it would deter would-be sicko shooters.

Mr. Trump outlined the plan a day earlier, while talking to students and parents at a White House event aimed at coming up with solutions to school gun violence.



Venezuela: Revenge Of The Mad-Dog Empire PopularResistance.Org

Only in the world of comic-book fantasies is the United States a friend to the oppressed in Africa or anywhere else on the planet. In the real world, the U.S. is a predator, colonial/capitalist nation. But like the imagined nation of Wakanda, in the latest cultural assault on critical mass consciousness, American exceptionalism and make America great again two slogans representing both sides of the imperialist coinruling class interests are obscured and the people are reduced to working against their objective interests and being accomplices to imperial lawlessness. In every part of the world, the United States is engaged in maniacal, criminal assaults on democracy, basic human decency and common sense.


Meet the New Solidarity Structure International Anarchist Defence Fund Enough is Enough!

Worldwide the forces of repression are cracking down on anarchists. In
the summer of 2017 a few activists discussed the idea of creating an
International Anarchist Defense Fund (A-Fund) and today its finally in

Submitted to Enough is Enough by International Anarchist Defence Fund.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Meet the New Solidarity Structure International Anarchist Defence Fund

Worldwide the forces of repression are cracking down on anarchists. In
the summer of 2017 a few activists discussed the idea of creating an
International Anarchist Defense Fund (A-Fund) and today its finally in

Our collective support structure provides support to anarchists around
the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life
situation because of their political ideas or activities.

We are very much different from other solidarity structures in the way
that we offer direct involvement into distribution of funds instead of
usual charity-style solidarity. The Anarchist Defence Fund incorporates
the model of solidarity introduced by the International Anti-Fascist
Defence Fund.

We think its important to organise something like the international
A-Fund because its a very easy and successful way of informing people
about repressions and involving them into direct financial support and
solidarity. There are not enough ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) groups in
the world where people can ask for support, and most local groups have a
lot of pressure, if the cont...



The Italian general elections are coming up on March 4, 2018, and at issue is Italy's sovereign debt, a whopping 134% of GDP, the


Neo-Ottoman jihad aggression: Turkish coast guard vessel rams Greek patrol boat Jihad Watch

Erdogan recently said: We say at every opportunity we have that Syria, Iraq and other places in the geography [map] in our hearts are no different from our own homeland. We are struggling so that a foreign flag will not be waved anywhere where adhan [Islamic call to prayer in mosques] is recited. That includes []


The US Is Executing A Global War Plan PopularResistance.Org

February 18, 2018 "Information Clearing House" - Washington is moving inevitably on a global war plan. Thats the grim conclusion one has to draw from three unfolding war scenarios. Ultimately, its about American imperialism trying to assert hegemony over the international order for the benefit of US capitalism. Russia and China are prime targets for this global assault. The three unfolding war scenarios are seen in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. These are not disparate, disassociated conflicts. They are inter-related expressions of the American war plans. War plans which involve the moving of strategic military power into position. Last weeks massacre of over 100 Syrian government forces by American warplanes near Deir ez-Zor was an audacious overt assault by the US on the Syrian state.


Amnesty International says Rohingya crisis consequence of society encouraged to hate Accused President Donald Trump of poisonous rhetoric Peace and Freedom


LONDON (Reuters) The crisis in Myanmar and reported massacres of Rohingya Muslims are the consequence of a society encouraged to hate and a lack of global leadership on human rights, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling

 Photo: People hold a banner with picture of Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi

The human rights group said in its annual report covering 159 countries that hate-filled rhetoric by leaders was normalizing discrimination against minorities.

We saw the ultimate consequence of a society encouraged to hate, scapegoat and fear minorities laid bare in the horrific military campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya people in Myanmar, said Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty.

Last week, the United States urged the U.N Security Council to hold Myanmars military accountable for what it said was the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims.

Image result for Rohingya Muslims, photos

A Rohingya woman breaks down after a fight during food distribution at Kutupalong refugee camp

Nearly 690,000 Rohingya have fled Rakhine and taken refuge in neighboring Bangladesh since the Myanmar military launched a crackdown on insurgents at the end of August, according to the U.N..

More than 6,500 Rohingya are currently trapped on a strip of unclaimed land between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Amnesty said the international community had failed to respond robustly to crimes against humanity and war crimes from Myanmar to Iraq, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Rohingya refugees walk at Jamtoli camp in the morning in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, Jan. 22, 2018.



German free-meals charity bars new migrant clients No room at the inn Peace and Freedom


dpa/AFP/File | Refugees, mainly rejected asylum seekers, hold a banner reading Justice we need as they face police officers at a train station in southern Germany

BERLIN (AFP)  A German food bank said Thursday it would temporarily stop accepting new non-German clients, citing a huge influx of migrants that was displacing locals in need.We want the German granny to be able to keep coming to us, said Joerg Sartor, chairman of the charitable group that serves free meals to the poor in the western city of Essen.

He said especially German elderly people and single mothers had been gradually displaced over the past two years as the share of migrants had risen to three-quarters of recipients.

More than 1.2 million asylum seekers have come to Europes biggest economy since 2015, more than half from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, in mass influx that sparked a xenophobic backlash.

The website of the Essener Tafel charity said it had taken the step in order to avoid frictions between needy locals and foreigners that could harm acceptance of the newcomers.

Since the number of foreign citizens among our clients has risen to 75 percent in recent years we are forced to only accept customers with German identity cards in order to facilitate proper integration, it said.

The charity announced the change in December and implemented it in mid-January, but it was only widely reported on Thursday, initially by the newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ).

The group, like hundreds of similar charities nationwide, collects surplus food that would otherwise be discarded by supermarkets and other businesses to prepare and serve it to the poor.

Typically, people have to register to qualify for regular free meals by proving that they are recipients of unemployment or other social benefits.

Sartor told the WAZ daily that his charity would maintain the additional demand that new clients show German identity papers to register until the balance is restored.


U.S. Empire Still Incoherent After All These Years PopularResistance.Org

I recently reread Michael Manns book, Incoherent Empire, which he wrote in 2003, soon after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Mann is a sociology professor at UCLA and the author of a four-volume series called The Sources of Social Power, in which he explained the major developments of world history as the interplay between four types of power: military, economic, political, and ideological. In Incoherent Empire, Mann used the same framework to examine what he called the U.S.s new imperialism after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He predicted that, The American Empire will turn out to be a military giant; a back-seat economic driver; a political schizophrenic; and an ideological phantom. What struck me most forcefully as I reread Incoherent Empire was that absolutely nothing has changed in the incoherence of U.S. imperialism.


Russian bots outcry: Is Twitter cracking down on people who challenge the status quo? Aletho News

RT | February 22, 2018 It seems that the bots (especially the Russian bots) narrative is being used as a kind of defensive mechanism, journalist and human rights activist Mike Raddie told RT amid reports of a massive account purge on Twitter. A crackdown on bot spam or dissent? The whole meme of the bots, []


Swedish Security Service: Number of jihadis has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years Jihad Watch

The number of people in so-called extremist environments is growing, and the figure has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years, according to Spo. Why is that? Because of the immigration policies that the Swedish government is pursuing indefatigably, even at the expense of the safety and security of Swedish citizens. Will []


Bread riots: Hundreds still in Sudan jails despite promise of release Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Opposition leaders fear the release of activists was only to calm protests at austerity measures


Protest in Istanbul against bloodshed in Syrias Eastern Ghouta Russians, you are killing Ghoutas children. Peace and Freedom


Syrian opposition politician George Sabra (C) takes part in a protest in front of Russian Consulate in Istanbul on Feb. 22, 2018 during a protest against the airstrikes and shelling by the Syrian government forces in Ghouta. (AFP)
ISTANBUL: Over 200 people on Thursday protested outside the Russian consulate in Istanbul against the deadly assault on Syrias rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta.
More than 350 civilians have been killed in the five-day-old blitz by the Syrian regime led by President Bashar Assad in the rebel-held enclave near Damascus.
Regime supporter Russia has been accused of taking part in air strikes but the Kremlin denied involvement, on Wednesday calling the accusations groundless.
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing


"a giant catcher's mitt." Sic Semper Tyrannis

""It's like a giant catcher's mitt, in boat form," SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told reporters after the Falcon Heavy launch on Feb. 6, reported. In particular, the giant net is designed to catch the payload fairings, also known as...


#France: Cops Started Eviction of Forest Occupation in #Bure Enough is Enough!

France: Pressrelease by a few owls in Bure about todays eviction.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

France: Cops Started Eviction of Forest Occupation in Bure

This morning at 6:15am the eviction of the Lejuc wood (Bois Lejuc) started with 500 riot cops, reinforced/orchestrated by a communication campaign from the home secretary (ministre de linterieur), the news channels diffusing shock images of military vehicles gathered next to the Lejuc wood, cabins being invaded, cops in balaclavas armed with chainsaws and cameras

The operation, supposed to be because of a court decision last year about eviction of the wood from le tribunal de grande instance de Bar-le-Duc, came before all legal cases had finished (especially if Andra owns the wood or not) and before the end of the period of non eviction in winter even though many living/occupation structures had been built in and around the wood. There is even a place where local elected officials changed their headquarters to an address in the wood.  Andra cant legally start any work in the wood, the French environmental authority concluded in October 2017 that Andra had to do an environmental survey of the area before proceeding with any exploration/preparation work.  There is a nesting period in the middle of March that prevents any work and Andra does not have the permit to do any forest clearing.

Like in 2012 in Notre-Dames-des-landes, the bulldozers are just behind the riot cops, to destroy as quickly as possible any living areas not even leaving time for people to collect personal belongings.  Already following the first eviction of the wood in July 2016 the machines of Andra cleared illegally a large number of trees before opposition forces reoccupied the forest in the middle of August 2016.

now the tress are still occupied by many owls.  20 riot cops are at the base of the trees.  Quite a few people were arrested during the operation or are encircled on paths leading to the wood, a lot of ID checks took place. At least one person has been arrested and taken in custody.

Resist everywhere

This eviction decided by Macrons government come in a context of cracking down on social movements, workers, s...


The Rothschild Organ And Octoputin - Projection or Envy? Moon of Alabama

The title page of this weeks Economist: bigger Now consider one of the earliest cartoons that used this image: The Rothschild banking family of England, Coins Financial School, (1894) - bigger At least 26% of the British Economist is owned...


Argentinas Government Tries To Suppress Anti-Austerity Protests PopularResistance.Org

Argentinas main worker unions, social movements and human rights groups have planned a massive protest in Buenos Aires to oppose President Mauricio Macris economic policies, layoffs, the recent pension reforms, judicial persecution of social leaders, and other intended labor reforms. A series of actions and mobilizations against the austerity measures started on Feb. 15. The various groups, including the General Confederation of Labor (3 million members) and the Argentine Workers Central Union (1.5 million members) and the Association of State Workers (roughly 250,000 members) will arrive downtown at noon on Wednesday. Transport union leader Hugo Moyano, will address the crowd. The union called Camioneros (or truckers) has roughly 200,000 members and is reported to have the capacity to paralyze the country.


Syria war: Why leaving Ghouta is not an option Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

The majority of rebel groups in Eastern Ghouta think their only option, despite the odds, is to survive long enough until things change


When Will Congress Investigate All Interference in Elections? Aletho News

By Philip M. GIRALDI | Strategic Culture Foundation | 22.02.2018 The atmosphere in the United States regarding possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is something like hysteria, with a real danger that bilateral relations might break down completely as a result. Indeed, a number of politicians and senior government officials have described the []


Corporations Profiting From Water Infrastructure Crisis PopularResistance.Org

Here are some numbers to start. In 2014, 64 percent of bottled water was, essentially, filtered tap water -- up from 51.8 percent in 2009.  From 2010 to 2014, total federal funding for public water infrastructure fell from $6.9 billion to around $4.4 billion. In other words: as funding for safe public water fell 37 percent, bottled water companies were able to increase sales of what was basically just tap water under the guise that it was safer. Even though the U.S. government requires stricter safety monitoring of tap water than for bottled water. When Congress doesn't fund water infrastructure, Nestl wins. And this is something they spend millions doing.  The International Bottled Water Association, Nestl Waters NA, Nestl USA and Coca-Cola lobbied Congress on issues including bottled water, water infrastructure...


NRAs Wayne LaPierre hits Democrats, socialism in speech that goes beyond gun fight Socialism feeds off of manipulated victims. Peace and Freedom

National Harbor, Maryland (CNN)The National Rifle Associations executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre slammed Democrats for their reaction to the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, and warned of government overreach extending far beyond the limiting of fire arms.

What they want is more restrictions on the law-abiding, LaPierre said on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference outside Washington. They want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security.
Despite the fact that...


Iran wants to annihilate 6 million Jews Netanyahus Munich rant, interrupted Mondoweiss

Netanyahu, what a speech you gave at Munich Security Conference on Sunday. You even brought a piece of the downed Iranian constructed drone and threatened to attack Iran directly.  

Allow me, Netanyahu, to interrupt your speech in retrospect.

You began by pointing out the historical echoes of Munich, with two anecdotes first the more recent one, with the massacre of the Israeli Olympic athletes in 1972, but perhaps even more significantly for your argument, the Munich agreement of 1938. That pre-war agreement is often referred to as an appeasement, in that Germany was given legitimacy for its annexation of Czechoslovakian territory, which Germany named Sudetenland. You used this anecdote in order to refer to Iran. The logic is that appeasement of tyrants is just foolish.

The concessions to Hitler only emboldened the Nazi regime and facilitated its conquest of Europe. Rather than choosing a path that might have prevented war, or at the very least limited its scope and its scale, those well-intentioned leaders made a wider war inevitable and far more costly.

Well, you know, Israel is also receiving a whole lot of concessions on resolutions and international laws that it is simply being allowed to not comply with, and its not exactly leading to peace. But lets get back to your speech and Iran, the supposed Nazis.

Ah, but Iran is not Nazi Germany, you noted. So what are the differences, Netanyahu?

There are many differences between the two. Well, for one, one advocated a master race, the other advocates a master faith.

So what youre saying is, that whilst the Nazis were about race supremacy, Iran is about religious supremacy, right?

But Netanyahu, your state, the Jewish State, actually applies both aspects: a racial aspect entitling only Jews to national rights, and a religious attachment to the sense of Jewish. Thats a problem too.

Sorry for interrupting! Go on.

Jews in Iran are not sent to the gas chambers. 

Certainly not, Netanyahu. In fact, even CNN noted three years ago (when you were trying to destroy the Iran deal at the US Congress), that the Ayatollah Khomeini had issued a fatwa, a religious decree, saying that Iranian Jews were different to those in Israel and should be considered an integral part of the Islamic Republic.  

So Jews are actu...


In Nigeria, A Template For Solar-Powered Minigrids Emerges PopularResistance.Org

How a unique partnership, innovative financing and stubborn persistence created a model for localized solar and batteries. On a humid November day in the small Nigerian village of Gbamu Gbamu (pronounced bomb-ou bomb-ou), Akinola Oduola clambers down a wooden ladder propped against a minaret that overlooks a tight cluster of adobe, wood and concrete homes. This is my work, Oduola says by way of introduction, gesturing toward the mosque that is taking shape nearby. This is not hyperbole. Oduola has spent the past three years single-handedly willing this mosque into existence. Hard work is important for those who call Gbamu Gbamu home. When hes not building his mosque, Oduola is a welder and motorcycle repairman -- an in-demand profession in a town where the bulk of the population travels to and from Gbamu Gbamu along a deeply rutted 10-kilometer dirt road.


NRAs Wayne LaPierre: Democrats put politics ahead of school safety Why do we secure our jewelry stores but not our schools? Peace and Freedom

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. In his first public remarks since last weeks deadly shooting at a high school in Florida, Wayne LaPierre, leader of the National Rifle Association, told a conservative convention on Thursday that gun control advocates care more about destroying liberty than protecting kids.

Opportunists wasted not one second to exploit tragedy for political gain, Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the nations most prominent gun-rights lobbying organization, said at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Name-checking Democratic lawmakers like Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a leading advocate for gun control measures, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, along with the national media, LaPierre condemned those eager to smear the NRA.

For them, its not a safety issue, he said. Its a political issue.

 NRA chief says communities must harden schools with armed security 2:07

LaPierre said the NRAs critics are interested only in eliminating liberty for Americans.

They hate the NRA. They hate the Second Amendment. They hate individual freedom, he said.

They want to get rid of guns, he added, so they can eradicate all individual freedoms.

His remarks came the day after President Donald Trump and his aides outlined his plans to combat mass shootings: Tighten the national background-check system, raise the age for purchasing a semi-automatic weapon to 21, and allow some teachers and school officials to carry firearms on campuses.



No Collusion Between Trump and Putin stan van houcke

Mueller: No Collusion Between Trump and Putin, But the Russia Card Is Bigger Than Ever
And Who Will Investigate Chinese, Israeli, Saudi, and Mexican "Meddling"?


Community Blockades Detention Center To Protect Asylum Seekers PopularResistance.Org

Community members have blockaded the gates of MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows this morning in a desperate bid to stop the deportation of Tamil asylum seeker, Santharuban. Grave fears are held for him should he be returned to Sri Lanka. As a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers), he faces plausible threat to his safety on return. Former Tiger members and returned Tamil refugees are routinely harassed, interrogated and some are subjected to torture by Sri Lankan security forces. The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) has asked the Australian government to stop Santharubans deportation until it is able to perform an investigation. The Home Affairs Department has issued a deportation notice for the 22nd of February in spite of the UNCAT request.


Politics and Media Censorship -- by Natalie Hand CENSORED NEWS

POLITICS and MEDIA CENSORSHIP BY: NATALIE HAND Censored News As an investigate journalist, I follow controversial stories and often write about them, under the freedom of the press. I also follow a code of ethics in my reporting. Investigative journalism requires me to intensely probe for the facts and ask pointed questions. Often, my stories expose political corruption so


Egypt: Muslim TV host hands out chocolates to celebrate downing of Israeli F-16 Jihad Watch

We have many times seen the Palestinians celebrate the murder of Israeli civilians by passing out candies, and this is in the same vein. A culture of violence produces people who celebrate and glory in violence. Israel was, remains, and forever will be the No. 1 enemy of Egypt and the Arab world, regardless of []


DA Drops Charges Against Remaining Confederate Statue Protesters PopularResistance.Org

District Attorney Roger Echols announced Tuesday afternoon that he is dropping the charges against the five remaining people accused of destroying a Confederate statue in downtown Durham last summer. The announcement follows a long day in District Court Monday in which a judge acquitted one defendant, Raul Mauro Jimenez, and dismissed the charges against two others, Peter Gilbert and Dante Strobino, after an assistant district attorney presented all her evidence. The judge said the prosecution failed to prove the defendants were guilty of three misdemeanors: injury to real property, defacing a public building or monument and conspiracy to deface a public building or monument. Prosecutors presented all of the admissible evidence available, Echols said. Since his office planned to present the same evidence against the remaining defendants, it no longer made sense to prosecute the case...


Eastern Ghouta home of 'Noor and Alaa' destroyed by Syrian bombs Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Hundreds of civilians were killed as the Syrian government escalated its campaign to overrun the area


Palestinian man dies after arrest; family says he was beaten to death Mondoweiss

Violence / Detentions West Bank / Jerusalem

Palestinian dies while in Israeli custody, hours after his detention
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 22 Feb A 33-year-old Palestinian identified as Yasin Omar Saradeeh from Jericho was pronounced dead shortly after Israeli forces detained him on Thursday morning apparently following clashes in Jericho, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS). The Israeli army informed Saradeehs family of his death while in detention, claiming he suffered convulsions after inhaling tear gas fired by the Israeli army during confrontations. Saradeehs family and witnesses said Israeli forces severely beat him after detaining him and that he was in a good health before his arrest and did not suffer from any health problem. Issa Qaraqe, head of the Palestinian Authoritys Detainees Commission, told Voice of Palestine that Saradeeh apparently died from severe beating to the head, describing the incident as a crime, execution and premeditated murder at the hands of occupation forces, which reflect the level of brutality and terrorism of the soldiers. He said an autopsy will be carried on Saradeeh; one in Israels Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, which will be attended by a Palestinian pathologist following Israels agreement to his participation, and the second at a Palestinian hospital after Israel returns his body to his family.
The PPS said 213 Palestinians, including Saradeeh, were killed by Israel after their arrest since the 1967 occupation. It said 75 died as a result of premeditated murder, 7 were shot dead while in detention, 59 from medical negligence and 72 from torture.

Palestinian laid to rest in West Bank as Israel returns body after 5 months
JERUSALEM (Maan) 17 Feb The family of Nimr al-Jamal, 37, finally laid him to rest on Saturday, after Israeli authorities had been holding his body for nearly five months. Al-Jamal was killed on September 26th after he carried out a shooting attack in an illegal Israeli settlement that left two security guards and a border police officer dead. His body was returned to his family on Friday night in the village of Beit Surik in the central occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem. His familys home had been punitively demolished by Israeli forces in November. The funeral procession set off from the Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah where al-Jamals body was wrapped in the Palestinian flag. He was...


Video claims to show Russias 5th-gen jets in action over Syria Su-57 fighter jets Victory in Syria Over Terrorists By Moscows forces, along with their Syrian and Iranian allies Peace and Freedom

Russia Today (RT)

Image may contain: airplane and sky

A video has emerged purportedly showing two Su-57s operating from Russias Khmeimim Airbase in Syria. If genuine, the video will have documented the fifth-generation fighters first combat drill.

A video published on the Facebook group Syrian Military Capabilities purports to show the brand new Russian aircraft in the skies over Syria. Although the two warplanes appear to look similar to the Su-57, RT cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

Image may contain: airplane and sky

(L) Su-57 multirole figher jet Sputnik / A still from a video by Syrian Military Capabilities/Facebook

Designed by Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, the multirole Su-57 fighter took to the skies for the first time in 2010 but only entered production this year.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov revealed on February 8 that the ministry is going to sign a contract for the first squadron of 12 Su-57s in 2018. He also said that the first stage of the trials was over, and that the Su-57 will be undergoing experimental combat training. The Russian Air Force hopes to field around 220 Su-57s between 2020 and 2030.

READ MORE: First Russian 5th generation Su-57 fighter jets to be put in service very soon

Befitting of a next-generation fighter, the Su-57 is fitted with a cutting-edge avionics system capable of autonomously assessing battlefield situations. Able to detect air, ground and sea-based threats at distances far beyond most modern radar systems, the fighter jet is also capable of striking targets with an array of modern weaponry, including short, medium and long-range air-to-air, air-to-ground, and even anti-radar missiles.

A significant part of the Russian forces returned home from Syria after President Vladimir Putin announced their withdrawal in December, declaring victory over the most battle-hardened grouping of international terrorists by Moscows forces, along with their Syrian and Iranian allies.

Includes Video:



Warning: Trumps Infrastructure Plan Will Make It Harder To Fight Pipelines PopularResistance.Org

As green groups continue to denounce the Trump administration's recently unveiled infrastructure plan as a "scam" that's designed to keep the nation trapped in its "dirty and destructive past," analysts are also warning the proposal will "make it harder for the next big anti-pipeline movement" to launch successful legal challenges to new fossil fuel projects. The plan aims to not only fast-track the construction of more pipelines across the U.S., but also to limit "the legal options available to lawyers at environmental groups opposed to new fossil fuel infrastructure" in part by changing "the standard under which a pipeline project could be temporarily halted by a judge," as Dino Gradoni explains in a Washington Post piece published Friday.


Your Pipeline Fights; Polluting Along Race Lines & Invading White Spaces PopularResistance.Org

This week on Act Out! big oil and gas pay a small fine so they can keep on polluting. Next up, YOUR solidarity is needed in an upcoming week of action against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Not in the bayous? Well, you don't need to be. This affects us all. Finally, the impact of dirty energy on black and brown communities plus community organizer Maurice Cook joins us to talk white supremacy, the importance of battling racism, of recognizing black history and how to organize TOGETHER in our place and time.


Overthrowing Syrian govt is aim of Wests proposed UNSC resolution Lavrov Aletho News

RT | February 22, 2018 The real goal of the West-brokered UN Security Council resolution on Syria is to put the blame on Damascus for everything and provide cover for militants, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. The authors of the resolution on humanitarian issues in Syria, which is to be discussed at the []


Oregon: Julia Shumway of the Bend Bulletin invokes Hamas-linked CAIR and SPLC to defame counterterror speaker Jihad Watch

Its the same thing every time: if someone who speaks the truth about the nature and magnitude of the global jihad, including John Guandolo and me, is invited to speak anywhere off the conservative reservation, there are protests, defamatory news articles, and calls for us to be canceled. There is no engagement with or refutation []


Job advert offers glimpse into secretive work of Home Office 'propaganda' unit Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Home Office seeks new head for communications unit responsible for controversial 2014 counter-extremism campaign fronted by Sara Khan


Russiaphobia Is Out of Control Foreign Policy Journal

CNN Center, the headquarters of the Cable News Network in Atlanta, Georgia. (Ken Lund/CC BY-SA 2.0)


Its Time to Admit the War in Afghanistan Is Total Nonsense The Anti-Media

War in Afghanistan(CN)  Whatever happened to the Donald Trump who tweeted in 2013, Lets get out of Afghanistan we waste billions there. Nonsense! And whatever happened to the reality TV star who used to tell under-performers, youre fired? Today, as commander in chief, President Trump is indefinitely extending the Afghan wars record as the longest in U.S. history. Hes []


How American Dollars End Up Funding Terror Clarion Project

Companies that do business with Iran have a good chance of funding terror. That was the warning of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster at the recent Munich Security Conference in Germany.

The simple reason is because the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) the arm of the Iranian government responsible for global terror owns and influences a considerable portion of the Iranian economy.

When you invest in Iran, youre investing in the IRGC, McMaster said. You might as well cut the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a check and say, Please use this to commit more murder across the Middle East.

See Clarion Projects Fact Sheet: Iranian Support for Terrorism

Besides sending out the Quds Force (special forces of the IRGC used for extraterritorial operations), Iran funds the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah as well as the Shiite militias in Iraq, which are officially recognized as part of the military in Iraq.

It was recently reported that due to the Iranian regimes funding of terror, the U.S. government will be stopping a $16.6 billion deal between the American aircraft manufacturing company Boeing and Mahan Air.

Mahan Air is a subsidiary of Iran Air, which is owned by the Iranian government. Mahan was flagged for circumventing U.S. sanctions and using its planes to transport Iranian weapons to Syria.



Get to Know Irans Terrorist Ambassador to Iraq

Irans Regime of Terror by the Numbers

Muslim States Condemn...


Mohawk Nation News 'How our Minds were Stolen' CENSORED NEWS

HOW OUR MINDS WERE STOLEN Posted on February 21, 2018 HOW OUR MINDS WERE STOLEN Mohawk Nation News MNN. Feb. 21, 2018. When our minds are forced into the evil corporate colonial brainwashing systems by churches, schools, military and government institutions, the goal is to destroy our  connection to all creation. WATCH THE WHITE MANS GET RICH SCHEME TO STEAL FROM US: Read article at


BBC WS facilitates UNRWA PR yet again part one BBC Watch

As regular readers will be aware, the BBCs coverage of the US administrations announcement on January 16th that it would be withholding part of its donation to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has been extensive.

BBC News report on UNRWA funding story omits relevant background

BBC WS Newsday coverage of UNRWA aid story part one

BBC WS Newsday coverage of UNRWA aid story part two

Falsehoods go uncontested on BBC World Service part one

Falsehoods go uncontested on BBC World Service part two

Three BBC articles on US aid promote an irrelevant false comparison

BBCs Yolande Knell amplifies UNRWAs PR campaign

However, the BBCs reports have consistently failed to provide its funding public with information concerning the multiple issues that have made UNRWA so controversial or conduct any in-depth examination of the agencys purpose, its agenda, its record...


How to Stay Connected With Us on Facebook Clarion Project

(Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)(Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

To our readers:

For over six years, Clarion Project has been working to provide news, analysis, insight and film content to our audiences all over the world.

We know that our online content is important to many of you, and we constantly strive to provide more content and make it as accessible as possible to you.

As you may have heard, Facebook is implementing some changes to the way their news feed will work. As a result of these changes, you are less likely to see content from pages that you follow or have liked (not just the Clarion Project).

To insure that you continue to see our content, follow these three simple steps:

1.  Go to our Facebookpage:

2.  Click the drop-down button which says FOLLOWING

3.  Select SEE FIRST

Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate you reading and sharing our content. The Clarion Project community is continually growing. With your help, we can keep it that way.



Does Facebook Support Terror?

Did Facebook Just Agree to Enforce Blasphemy Laws?

Clarions Facebook Fans Celebrate ISIS Boar Gore


The post How to Stay Connected With Us on Facebook appeared first on Clarion Project.


US May Open Path for Saudi Arabia to Acquire Nuclear Weapons The Anti-Media

Saudi Nuclear Weapons(MEMO)  Saudi Arabia is moving swiftly to become the next country in the Middle East with nuclear power. The Kingdom is on the verge of striking a deal with the US for the purchase of nuclear reactors despite concerns over its refusal to accept stringent restrictions against the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Crown Prince Mohamed Bin []


Germany: Mass protests spreading against Merkel and Muslim migration Jihad Watch

We can only hope it is not too little and too late: Germans are not planning to stop protesting against Angela Merkel and her migration policy. Several demonstrations have already taken place and the next one will be on 24 February..Most protesters are concerned about how Germany is changing under Merkel and about migrant violence []


MS-13 in the news this week: What you need to know Fausta's Blog

Paul Berard writes that report from the Center for Immigration Studies, MS-13 spreads to 22 states, fed by 300,000 illegals, DACA recipients, tied to 207 murders One MS-13 clique leader in Frederick, Md., who had received a DACA work permit and was employed as a custodian at a middle school in Frederick, Md., and who was recently incarcerated []


How General Electric Gambled on Fossil Fuel Power, and Lost

Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. Via: Reuters: Rather than rising, GE Powers profit fell 45 percent last year, forcing GE to slash its overall profit outlook and cut its dividend for only the second time since the Great Depression. Its shares have plunged more than 50 percent since the March []


UK MPs endorse Muslim candidate who claimed Islamic State doesnt exist and 9/11 was a Western plot Jihad Watch

Two Birmingham MPs have endorsed a council candidate who claimed ISIS doesnt exist. Labour candidate Safia Noor not only claimed that the Islamic State did not exist, but she displayed an insensitive hostility toward victims in her overt attempt to excuse jihad murder and crimes against humanity. Safia Noor told her followers to relax and even []


Israel moves buildings into first new illegal settlement for 25 years Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


First residents will include hundreds evicted from Amona, an outpost deemed illegal by Israel and cleared last year


Timeline of Attacks on US Embassies Abroad Clarion Project

The attack on the U.S. embassy in Montenegro February 22, 2018, is unfortunately part of a long string of embassy attacks (see our infographic below).

Last nights attack saw an assailant throw an explosive device most probably a grenade at the embassy in the middle of the night before blowing himself outside the compound, according to the government of the Balkan country.

No embassy personnel were injured. At present the attacker has not been identified.


Watch Iranians Celebrate US Embassy Takeover Anniversary

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Attack on U.S. Embassy

Radical Muslim Terrorist Attacks U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo



The post Timeline of Attacks on US Embassies Abroad appeared first on Clarion Project.


Nigeria: Boko Haram jihadis attack village, seize girls 2 girls dead, 76 rescued Jihad Watch

The Nigerian military rescued 76 schoolgirls and recovered the bodies of two others.after the students went missing during a Boko Haram attack on a village. The rescue drew cheers of relief, amid the grief and anxiety for the two girls and 13 others missing. The seizure of these girls recalled Boko Harams brazen 2014 abduction []


US Looking at New Sanctions Against Russia The Anti-Media

New Sanctions Russia(ANTIWAR.COM)  Three unnamed senior Trump Administration officials told reporters on Wednesday that they are advancing through the process of considering new rounds of sanctions against Russia, rejecting criticism that they werent sanctioning Russia often enough. The officials said that the review process is slow and arduous, and that as a result the administration isnt able to impose []


Mike Whitney: Goofy Indictments stan van houcke

Goofy Indictments Divert Attention from Criminal Abuses at the FBI and DOJ


Mike Whitney: When is an indictment not an indictment? stan van houcke

Did Trump Cut a Deal on the "Collusion" Charge?


Massive Russia Investigation Ends in a Whimper stan van houcke

Hallo Stan,

Stuurde deze kleine selectie ook aan de nrc ten behoeve van een meer gebalanceerd commentaar.
Mike Witney blijft een van mijn favourits.

Een Nothing Burger. De ontrafeling van de Mueller indictments.
Een kleine selectie met artikelen die voor de corporate media (en voor de Nederlandse pers) niet bestaan. 

Voormalig CIA director James Woolsey bij Ingraham Angle (Fox): 
"Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries elections?" Laura Ingraham asked former CIA Director James Woolsey this weekend.
With a grin, Woolsey replied, "Oh, probably."


Afrin "Kurdish YPG militia says Syrian army must come help stop Turkey" Penny for your thoughts

If you've been following along with the situation in Afrin, as I have, you could be excused for already believing SAA had deployed to Afrin- It's clear they have not from this report!
Quite frankly I can't say with certainty if anyone at all deployed to Afrin and if some person did deploy, who exactly they are.
 What seems pretty certain is Syrian Army has NOT deployed to the area.


Groups aligned to the Syrian army came to Afrin, but not in the quantity or capacity to stop the Turkish occupation, YPG spokesman Nouri Mahmoud told Reuters. The Syrian army must fulfil its duty... to protect Syrias borders.
The YPG has called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assads government to send troops to the Afrin region in the northwest, and pro-Damascus militias arrived there late on Tuesday.
Hundreds of those fighters have deployed on front lines in Afrin battling Turkish forces, Mahmoud said.
I personally have serious questions regarding the very idea of loyalist militias being sent to Afrin. Waving a flag just doesn't cut it for me. A flag can be used like a prop. It can indicate loyalty or in the case of a false flag it can indicate deception.

flashback  Afrin False Flag ??

"But Assad did not send the army itself, a deployment that could have sparked a wider direct confrontation with the Syrian government if Turkey did not back down"
Ankara, a pro-Assad commander and Kurdish officials have all said recently that Russia intervened to stop Damascus sending the army to defend Afrin after reports of a deal with the Syrian Kurdish forces.
Ankara (nom de guerre) a pro Assad Commander ? Odd name, no? For an alleged pro Assad/loyal to Syria commander?
While Russia is Assads strongest ally in the war, it is also working with Turkey, which backs...


Video: Muslims burn piles of diapers because cartoon cats whiskers resemble Arabic for Muhammad Jihad Watch

As we have seen with Allah, the style of Arabic characters make it possible to see words anywhere, and insults to Islam as well, if youre inclined to be outraged all the time. This ridiculous story, which doesnt seem to be a hoax or parody, shows that Muslims in India dont have much of anything []


Review: The Wrong Story: Palestine, Israel, and the Media Middle East Eye - RSS Feed

Greg Shupak's new book documents - and corrects - the warped media narrative on the Palestine-Israel conflict


REVIEW: The Square and the Tower Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook Public Intelligence Blog

Amazon Page

Niall Ferguson

3 Stars Half-Assed History from a Courtesan

Niall Ferguson is neither Will Durant nor John Lewis Gaddis.  He is far removed from Howard Zinn. He is, in effect, an intelligent idiot, a courtesan historian. While the books intent may remind one of Eric S. Raymonds classic essay on The Cathedral or the Bazaar, or the book by Thomas L. Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, the author while spectacularly qualified in conventional, which is to say, approved thinking, offers so many false notes in this book in relation to what I know to be true, that I consider this book largely worthless.

Among my early notes are these:

Elite apologist.  Selective sourcing following a planned counter-narrative.

Pushes the known falsehoods about both 9/11 and the Russians intervening in 2016; accepts Zimmerman telegram in Mexico as real when it is known to be a British covert operation; completely mistaken on who funded Lenin and why.

Dismisses idea of a Deep State while recognizing that elite networks do serve to concentrate wealth.

Emphasizes how hierarchies achieve economies with scale without having the vaguest regard to true cost economics and the price we pay for internalized profit for the 1% versus externalized costs to the 99%.

Funniest useful   quote not accurate by my modern experience but telling in a catty way (186):

While Milners network of Oxford men envisioned a muscular, martial, imperial, and heterosexual future, their counterparts at Cambridge aspired to almost the precise opposite. The network that evolved there in and around the Cambridge Apostles was effete, pacific, liberal, and homosexual.

Most stunning statement oblivious to its meaning today (218):

By defining the slightest grumble as treason or counter-revolution, the Stalinist system was in a position to send whole armies of Soviet citizens to the Gulag.

This is not a man who understands either of the below two links:

Review: The Fruits of Graft


Go Back:30 Days | 7 Days | 2 Days | 1 Day

IndyWatch War and Peace Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Thursday, 22 February


Check out these students at Diamond Child School!

The Diamond Child School of Arts and Culture is an educational center in Freetown, Sierra Leone, that works with the area's most vulnerable youth.


The FBIs Parkland Fail Peace and Freedom

The list of fatal mistakes by federal agencies in recent years is staggering.

Feb. 21, 2018 6:17 p.m. ET

Two possibilities for comment present themselves this week. One is what Robert Muellers exposure of a Russian network of provocateurs operating in the U.S. since March 2014 says about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. The other is the FBIs failure to act on a substantial tip about the disturbed and ultimately homicidal Nikolas Cruz, who as promised went on a high-school killing spree.

There is no reason for anyone to comment on the credibility of the collusion narrative because the president himself is covering that


Mapping Trumps Empire: Assets and Liabilities

Mapping Trumps Empire: Assets and Liabilities

Written by Prof. James Petras; Originally appeared at Global Research

The US empire spans the globe; it expands and contracts, according to its ability to secure strategic assets, willing and able to further military and economic power to counter emerging adversaries.

The map of empire is a shorthand measure of the vectors, reach and durability of global power and wealth. The map of empire is changing adding and subtracting assets and liabilities, according to the successes and retreats of domestic and overseas power centers. While the US empire has been engaged in intense conflicts in the Middle East , the imperial map has been enlarged elsewhere at lower cost and greater success.

Enlarging the Empire

The US empire has substantially increased its scope and presence in several regions, especially in Latin America . The additions and enlargements include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Central America, Peru and the Caribbean. The most important asset redrawing the empire in Latin America is Argentina. The US has gained military, economic and political advantages. In the case of Argentina , political and economic advances preceded military expansion.

The US provided ideological and political support to secure the election of its client Mauricio Macri. The new Argentine President immediately transferred over $5 billion dollars to the notorious Wall Street Vulture speculator, Paul Singer, and proceeded to open the floodgates for a lucrative multi-billion dollar flow of financial capital. President Macri then followed up by inviting the Pentagon and US intelligence services to establish military bases, spy stations and training operations along its borders. Equally important, Argentina embraced the US directives designed to overthrow the government of Venezuela, undermine Bolivia s nationalist government under Evo Moralesand pursue a policy of US-centered regional integration.

Argentina: A Client without an Economic Patron...


Poland guilty of breaching air quality norms, top EU court finds financial penalties if Poland does not comply swiftly Peace and Freedom

The European Commission took Poland to court in 2015, saying the country had failed to rein in air pollution. The court also noted that Polands plans to meet EU air quality standards were not effective enough.

Warsaw's Mermaid of Warsaw wearing a pollution mask

The European Court of Justice on Thursday found Poland guilty of violating air quality norms and warned of financial penalties if Poland did not comply swiftly.

The case was brought against Poland in December 2015 by the European Commission, which found that the daily limit for harmful air pollutants had been regularly breached in most parts of the country between 2007 and 2015.

The European Commission has also warned of legal action against nine other EU members, including Germany, if they did not come up with concrete plans to rein in air pollution.

Read moreGermanys air pollution: Clean up or pay up

Under a 2008 EU rule, member states are obliged to limit air pollution to protect human health. More than 400,000 people die prematurely across the bloc every year due to poor air quality, according to recent estimates.

Ineffective plan

The court also found Polands plans to curb air pollution ineffective, saying the existing plans would not bring air quality in line with EU standards between 2020 and 2024.



Mongoose: Pedophilia Snapshot Babies Now Public Intelligence Blog


UK pedophile arrested for plot to rape young girls for top politicians, then dissolve their bodies in acid

A law enforcement agent told actress Blake Lively that the youngest victim of child pornography hes seen still had the umbilical cord attached. (NewsBusters)

See Also:

Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota


Amnesty slams Trump-led politics of hate Peace and Freedom


AFP/File / by Dario THUBURN | Amnesty took particular aim at the US presidents transparently hateful executive order banning entry to citizens of several Muslim-majority countries.

LONDON (AFP)  The politics of demonization provided fertile ground for human rights abuses in 2017, exemplified by the response of Europe and Donald Trumps US to the refugee crisis, rights group Amnesty international said Thursday.The British-based group in its annual report took particular aim at the US presidents transparently hateful executive order banning entry to citizens of several Muslim-majority countries.

Throughout 2017, millions across the world experienced the bitter fruits of a rising politics of demonization, said the report, which was launched this year for the first time in the United States.

It accused leaders of wealthy countries of approaching the refugee crisis with a blend of evasion and outright callousness.

Most European leaders have been unwilling to grapple with the big challenge of regulating migration safely and legally, and have decided that practically nothing is off limits in their efforts to keep refugees away from the continents shores, it added.

Amnesty International Secretary-General Salil Shetty singled out Trump for criticism, saying the travel ban set the scene for a year in which leaders took the politics of hate to its most dangerous conclusion.

Praise for Florida teens

Amnesty also said Myanmars military crackdown on Rohingya insurgents, which prompted an exodus of nearly 700,000 Rohingya people into neighbouring Bangladesh, was the ultimate consequence of a society encouraged to hate, scapegoat and fear minorities.

This episode will stand in history as yet another testament to the worlds catastrophic failure to address conditions that provide fertile ground for mass atrocity crimes, said the report.

It took aim at President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, accusing him of a harsh crackdown on critics of his war on drugs.

The ability to voice out and to criticise and to check government is constricted and has become more dangerous, said Amnestys Philippine section director Jose Noel Olano.

Tirana Hassan, director of crisis response at Amnesty International, said: When it comes to conflict, crisis and mass atrocities we have seen zero moral or legal leadership coming from the international community.

The group highlighted recent elections in...


U.K. Economy Stays in the Slow Lane as Growth Revised Lower Peace and Freedom


By Fergal OBrien

February 22, 2018, 4:30 AM EST Updated on February 22, 2018, 6:44 AM EST
  • Pound weakness has pushed up inflation, hurting consumers
  • Economists say pace of expansion may not improve this year
 Image result for EU flag, british parliament, photos
Credit Suisses William Porter and JPMorgans Bob Michele react to the slower-than-expected growth.

The U.K. economy expanded less than previously estimated in the fourth quarter as consumers and businesses absorbed faster inflation, keeping the country in the slow lane of global growth.

The 0.4 percent expansion revised down from 0.5 percent also left full-year growth below the initial estimate. On an annualized basis, the rate was 1.6 percent in the quarter, compared with a 2.6 percent pace in the U.S.

Household-spending growth slowed in the fourth quarter, business investment was stagnant and exports fell. The pound fell for a fifth day against the dollar and was down 0.2 percent at $1.3884 as of 11:10...


Fugitive Bahrain militants die at sea en route to Iran Fugitives wanted for serious acts of terrorism fleeing to Iran are lost at sea Peace and Freedom

Image result for Bahrain, photos


DUBAI (Reuters) Three suspected Bahraini militants wanted on terrorism charges died at sea in unexplained circumstances this month and another is missing, activists said, after they appear to have fled the country by boat headed for Iran.

The incident shines a light on alleged links between a small, armed fringe of Bahrains Shiite Muslim opposition and Iran, which authorities in the Western-allied Gulf kingdom accuse of helping stoke years of attacks against its police.

An activist group in their home village called Youth of Karbabad hailed the four men as holy warriors in a statement, saying they sought to flee authorities by sea.

They were martyredin a sinking in regional waters near Iran on February 7 in hazy circumstances which remain unclear.

A Bahraini security official, however, denied any involvement by its forces in the incident.

Its the latest in a pattern of fugitives wanted for serious acts of terrorism fleeing to Iran in coordination with authorities in Tehran and other exiles there, the official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Map of Persian Gulf (also known as the Arabian Gulf)

Iranian authorities did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and Tehran has denied any support for Bahraini militancy.

Bahrain, ruled by a Sunni monarchy, has cracked down on perceived threats since pro-democracy Arab Spring protests in 2011 led mainly by the island kingdoms Shiite majority were quashed with help from Gulf Arab neighbors.

It has shut down the main opposition parties, jailed or stripped the citizenship of prominent dissidents and put the top Shiite spiritual leader under de facto house arrest.

According to Bahraini security dossiers on the men lost at sea reviewed by Reuters, all had been convicted in absentia for attacking police and taking part in riots and were on the run inside Bahrain.

One, Maytham Ali Ibrahim, was wanted for killing a police officer with a fire bomb last April.


Under pressure from authorities, many activists, clerics and some militants appear have moved to Iran and other countries in recent years.

A militant commander was killed in a Bahraini commando raid last year along with several comrades headed to Iran on a speedboat after they staged a prison break.



VIDEO: Egyptian woman fights back after sexual assault Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Rania Fahmy filmed retaliating against attacker, who was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison


After Maldives Ignores Advice On Emergency, India Sends Sharp Message Peace and Freedom

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has overlooked repeated appeals from India urging him to roll back the emergency provisions imposed early February; the last one made just a few hours before he announced the 30-day extension.


After Maldives Ignores Advice On Emergency, India Sends Sharp Message

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen had initially imposed the emergency on February 5



  1. India said it was deeply dismayed with Maldives extension of emergency
  2. India stressed extension would delay restoration of democracy in Maldives
  3. Maldives president Yameen has overlooked repeated appeals from India

Maldives President Abdulla Yameens decision to extend Emergency for 30 more days has provoked a sharp response from New Delhi that had been trying to persuade the tiny island nation to restore democracy. The Foreign Ministry said India was deeply dismayed by the development and underscored that the manner in which the Emergency had been extended was in contravention of its Constitution.

President Yameen has overlooked repeated appeals from India urging him to roll back the emergency provisions imposed early February; the last one made just a few hours before he announced the 30-day extension.

New Delhi stressed that the extension of emergency would lead to delay in the resumption of the political process and the continuing suspension of the functioning of democratic institutions including the judiciary.

We are deeply dismayed that the government of Maldives has extended the State of Emergency for a further 30 days. The manner in which the extension of the State of Emergency was approved by the Majlis in contravention of the Constitution of Maldives is also a matter of concern, Indias Foreign Ministry said in a statement....


Why Turkey Says Its Ready to Go to War With Syria Over Afrin Peace and Freedom

Heres a rundown of whats at stake for rival foreign powers in the Syrian Kurdish enclave on the Turkish border

A convoy of pro-Syrian government fighters arrives in Syria's northern region of Afrin on Tuesday. Kurdish forces said that pro-regime fighters deployed to Syria's Afrin region will take up positions and counter Turkey's offensive on the area.
A convoy of pro-Syrian government fighters arrives in Syrias northern region of Afrin on Tuesday. Kurdish forces said that pro-regime fighters deployed to Syrias Afrin region will take up positions and counter Turkeys offensive on the area. PHOTO: GEORGE OURFALIAN/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Turkeys month-long offensive against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria has opened up a new front in the seven-year Syria war, as its forces this week fired artillery at Syrian pro-regime militias trying to enter.



Trump puts America back in Asia Peace and Freedom


By Thitinan Pongsudhirak


German court considers banning diesel cars in cities to tackle pollution, protect public health Peace and Freedom


Cars pass by a sign reading environment zone and allowing entrance just for cars with low emissions recognizable on a green sticker in Frankfurt, Germany. (dpa via AP)
BERLIN: A German court began considering Thursday whether authorities should ban diesel cars from cities in order to lower air pollution, a move that could have drastic consequences for the countrys powerful auto industry.
The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig is hearing an appeal by two German states against lower court rulings that suggested driving bans for particularly dirty diesel cars would be effective and should be seriously considered as a means of protecting pu...


Encounter With Uber Driver Results in FGM Arrest Clarion Project

A chance encounter between an Uber driver and an anti-FGM campaigner resulted in an arrest and trial of the driver for FGM offenses in the UK.

Sami Ullah, 29, a trustee for the charity Integrate, got into the car of a Somalian Uber driver. While making small talk, the conversation turned to FGM. While the driver (who cannot be identified for legal reasons) agreed with Ullah that FGM was wrong, he said that he had had his daughter cut.

I did the small one to my daughter. Other people did the big one, but I did the small one.

Ullah asked the driver if he knew that the procedure was illegal, to which the driver replied that it was custom and tradition, saying, some people did it and some people dont.

The driver then asked Ullah, Do you know why we do it? to which he answered, Its so women dont feel sexy all the time.

Get Educated. Look at our infographic FGM 101

After Ullah got out, he used his Uber app to identify the driver. He then called the police.

An examination by a specialist showed that the daughter had indeed been cut not in the severest form but nevertheless in a way that is classified as FGM.

Since the driver did not perform the procedure himself on his daughter, he was charged with cruelty to a child under the age of 16 years, having responsibility for a child under that age and willfully assaulting/ill-treating/abandoning the child to cause unnecessary suffering or injury.

The case in now in trial.



FGM in Michigan Get the Facts

Journalist Tells Personal Story of FGM: a Massacre

Raheel Raza: 500,000 at Risk of FGM in US



Boko Haram: The Jihadist Killers Nigeria Seems Unable or Unwilling To Stop How often has the Government of Nigeria Declared Victory over Boko Haram since 2009? Peace and Freedom


AFP | Suicide bomb attacks and abductions have been the hallmarks of Boko Harams bloody insurgency

LAGOS (AFP)  Nigerias Boko Haram, suspected of another mass kidnapping of school girls, started out as an Islamic anti-corruption group but mutated into an IS affiliate waging a lethal insurgency.- Fundamentalist

Boko Haram aims to create a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria a campaign that has cost at least 20,000 lives since 2009 and at its peak displaced 2.6 million from their homes. The name loosely translates from the Hausa language as Western education is forbidden.

Founder and spiritual leader Mohammed Yusuf pinned the blame for Nigerias ills on Western values left by colonial master Britain, criticised the countrys corrupt secular regime for neglecting development in Muslim regions and advocated a return to fundamentalist Islam.

He came to the attention of authorities in 2002 when he began to build a following among disaffected youths in Maiduguri.

Yusuf was killed in police custody in 2009 after an uprising in Maiduguri that prompted a military assault which killed some 700 people and left the groups mosque and headquarters in ruins.

Many of its supporters fled the country.

Violent turn

Boko Haram was broadly peaceful before Yusufs death.

But his successor, his right-hand man Abubakar Shekau, undertook a violent campaign of deadly attacks on schools, churches, mosques, state entities and security forces.

Some Boko Haram members are thought to have trained with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in northern Mali in 2012 and 2013.

Among the groups most notorious acts was the April 2014 kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls from the remote town of Chibok. A total of 107 have since been released, found or escaped.

The mass abduction brought world attention to the insurgency at a time when Boko Haram was seizing territory across the northeast, which became a largely no-go area, with the violence spilling over into Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

In August 2014 Shekau proclaimed a caliphate in the Borno town of Gwoza and in March 2015 pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.


The long-divided Boko Haram underwent a major split in 2016 when the IS recognised Yusufs son, Abu Musab al-Barnawi, as its leader.

The Barnawi faction is particularly active on the Chad and Niger borders and has said it will attack Nigerian government targets and the military.

Shekaus faction operated out of...


Israel and Iran: Inching Toward Armed Conflict Strategic Culture Foundation

A conflict between Israel and pro-Iranian forces would douse the light at the end of the tunnel so recently kindled as a result of the diplomatic initiatives in Syria by Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Once the shooting starts, all that work will go down the drain.


So-Called Australia: Break Away From Break Free A Critique of the Environmental NGO Model of Organizing Direct Action (PDF) Insurrection News



Two minutes after getting on a minibus headed for Newcastle, the person seated next to me tugged at their friends arm in mild distress.

Noo, I forgot the selfie stick!

Without putting any blame on this individual, this brief interaction had already captured the essence of this protest for me. Truthfully, I already had an idea of what it was going to be like from past involvement in actions run by groups such as Direct Action Melbourne and, as well as from the communications hype in the lead-up. But I had gone on this trip to find out if my suspicions were warranted.

We were going to take part in a mass flotilla of kayaks which would block a shipping channel in Newcastle, home to the worlds largest coal port, preventing coal ships from leaving and entering. Signups happened online when the invitation was initially shared through 350.orgs email list and facebook promotions. Since then we had been kept in constant contact about logistics, shown inspirational videos and excitedly told about the well-known musicians and politicians who would be there on the day.

As we headed towards the Hume, the driver tried to break the ice by gauging everyones spirits onboard. How are we all feeling this morning?

So happy!, Excited!, came the replies.

Yes Were creating histo...


Mueller's Comic Book Indictment: How to Prosecute a Great Big Nothingburger Strategic Culture Foundation

We have always heard that a determined government prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and now we know it's true. After 38 years in the prosecution racket, Robert Mueller just made his biggest score ever---that is, he nailed a great big Nothingburger.



Well, sooner or later it was bound to happen: crypto-currencies and the underlying blockchain technology are being advocated as a means to exercise personal

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Ms. M.W. found this story, and it's such a whopper that I'm not even going to blog about it, but merely direct your attention



When Will Congress Investigate All Interference in Elections? Strategic Culture Foundation

When will Mueller and the several congressional committees that are investigating the Russians move on to the topic of Israel and Saudi Arabia to find out what really effective foreign influencing operations looks like?


Syrian jets pound Eastern Ghouta for fifth day as UN pleads for ceasefire Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Security council to vote on resolution as 'scorched earth' assault of missiles and barrel bombs leaves more than 300 dead


Bay Area: Interview with Mother of Sahleem Tindle,  Shot By BART Police and Leaked Video of the Shooting (Audio and Video) Enough is Enough!

Yolanda Banks-Reed is the mother of 28-year-old Sahleem Tindle, who was unarmed with his hands in the air, when he was shot and killed by BART police officer Joseph Mateu on Jan 3, 2018. Mateu is back on active duty, after a brief paid administrative leave. The Oakland Police, which is involved in the investigation, showed the police cam video to the family last week, but are refusing to release the video to the public while the investigation is open.

Originally published by KPFA Radio. Edit by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Bay Area: Interview with Mother of Sahleem Tindle,  Shot By BART Police and Leaked Video of the Shooting (Audio and Video)

Hear the interview:

7:34 Yolanda Banks-Reed is the mother of 28-year-old Sahleem Tindle, who was unarmed with his hands in the air, when he was shot and killed by BART police officer Joseph Mateu on Jan 3, 2018. Mateu is back on active duty, after a brief paid administrative leave. The Oakland Police, which is involved in the investigation, showed the police cam video to the family last week, but are refusing to release the video to the public while the investigation is open. 



Syrian War Report February 21, 2018: Government Forces Entered Afrin Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

South Front Over the last few days, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army have captured over a dozen villages from the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) in the Afrin area. A complicated situation on the frontlines forced the YPG to at least temporarily forget the US is our only ally []


Russia and Syria Falsely Blamed for Civilian Deaths in Eastern Ghouta Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Russia and Syria Falsely Blamed for Civilian Deaths in Eastern Ghouta by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) The area is one of four de-escalation zones in Syria, brokered last May by Russia, Iran and Turkey. Al-Nusra and other US-supported terrorists in the area, falsely called rebels, undermined it. Theyre responsible for civilian []


America"s Election Meddling Would Indeed Justify Other Countries Retaliating In Kind Strategic Culture Foundation

There is still no clear proof that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 US elections in any meaningful way. Which is weird, because Russia and every other country on earth would be perfectly justified in doing so.


15 Dead After Saudi Arabia Launches Terror Attacks on Civilian Cars in Yemen Geopolitics Alert

Sanaa (GPA) 15 civilians in Yemen lost their lives today after Saudi Arabia launched a series of airstrikes targeting cars in Saada province.

The recent terror attacks in Saada are just another case of Saudi Arabia attacking civilians in Yemen without remorse. The United States and western allies provide military and intelligence support to all members of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen.

Additional airstrikes targeted Taiz, Sanaa, Dhamar, Hajjah, and Hodeidah provinces without reports of casualties.


terror attacksRescue workers at the scene of a prison attack in Sanaa in December.

Yemen Responds to Ongoing Aggression

Yemens Army and Popular Committees retaliated by launching attacks on Saudi military targets beyond the border in Jizan province.

President of Sanaas Supreme Political Council, Saleh al-Sammad, spoke today at a meeting with various governors and leaders. He e...


Dutch Lies Over Putins Aggression Expose NATO War Agenda Geopolitics Alert

Amsterdam (SCF Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte was this week forced to bear a parliamentary vote of no confidence after his foreign minister finally came clean over a dangerous lie he has been telling for two years concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Halbe Zijlstra quit in shame on Monday as the countrys foreign minister after admitting that a story he had peddled about personally hearing Putin plotting to create a greater Russia was false. That then forced premier Rutte to endure a no confidence motion from parliamentarians. In the end, Rutte survived the vote. If a majority had voted against his leadership, his coalition government may have collapsed.

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Image: Flickr European Parliament

But the deep damage done to the Dutch authorities will not be so easily repaired by Ruttes survival as premier. What has been exposed this week is a senior member of government recklessly telling bare-faced lies in an attempt to slander Russia, poison international relations, and ratchet up already dangerous geopolitical tensions.

Zijlstra had claimed two years ago, in 2016, that he had personally witnessed Russian leader Vladimir Putin boasting about creating a greater Russia which, it is claimed, would incorporate...


In Solidarity: March 8 The Call for a Day Without Womens Work #WomenStrike Enough is Enough!

It is often forgotten that the international March 8th womens day began with striking female factory workers.  The strike, the withholding of womens work, lies at its origins, and not the docile protests or celebrations of acquired rights that would later mark the occasion.

Originally published by Autonomies.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In Solidarity: March 8 The Call for a Day Without Womens Work

This years call for an international womens strike on womens day recalls earlier rebellions and repeats a more recent gesture.  The aim remains, at one level, protest: of giving voice and calling attention to the violence, exploitation and oppression of women.  More significantly, though, it is a gesture of withdrawal from an essentially patriarchal capitalist production and social reproduction; a potentially contagious gesture that resonates beyond simple appeals for recognition and protection by the State.

The danger is that the womens strike, this year or in the future, limit itself to such appeals (however important they may be for some, at a specific time and place), subsequently falling into one more dead, predictable parade of political folklore.  If the institutions and relations of patriarchal power can be mitigated, pushed back, by such strikes, it is equally important to remember that it is these institutions and social relations that produce patriarchy and their underlying gendered ways of life.

A radical feminism must not only contest the oppression of women, but ultimately, the creation of women as the subservient sex-gender to male-capitalist domination.

The Call to Strike ...


Israel: Could Netanyahu Survive Corruption Scandal? Dead man walking Three possible outcomes. Peace and Freedom


Despite the media describing him as a lame duck, the Israeli PM still has several options as he deals with the avalanche of corruption allegations against him

.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the opening of an ER in Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the opening of an ER in Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon.\ Ilan Assayag

At first, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked as if he might ride out the corruption storm raging around him (at least temporarily). After the police recommendations last Tuesday that he be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two of the corruption cases involving him, he initially stood strong, issuing a defiant statement.

Politically, he maintained strong support within his Likud party, with no one daring to even speculate on who might take over...


The Best Democracy Money Can Buy stan van houcke

Republicans AND Democrats Are Gutting the Rules on Wall Street

By Elizabeth Warren, Reader Supported News
21 February 18
n 2008, Wall Streets reckless greed crashed our economy.
While millions of hard-working people lost their jobs, their homes, and their life savings, the big banks got a $700 billion no-strings-attached bailout from the American taxpayers. A bailout and nobody went to jail for causing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
After the crash, Congress passed legislation called Dodd-Frank, which put new rules in place for the biggest financial institutions to stop another crisis and taxpayer bailout.
But now, less than a decade later, Senate Republicans and some Senate Democrats are getting ready to gut a lot of those rules for some of the countrys biggest banks. The bank lobbyists have been hitting Capitol Hill hard, and they have a Dodd-Frank rollback bill lined up with the support of every Republican and twelve Democrats.
Dodd-Frank said that eve...


Failed Attempt to Smear Jeremy Corbyn Reveals Waning Power of British Tabloids Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Failed Attempt to Smear Jeremy Corbyn Reveals Waning Power of British Tabloids By Robert Mackey For decades, British politicians have cowered in fear at the power of the nations popular and largely unregulated tabloid newspapers, which are owned by a handful of billionaires, and skew heavily to the far-right. The current Conservative government is no []


Floating Island: New home for Rohingya refugees emerges in Bay of Bengal Seriously? Its not a concentration camp. Amnesty International: No one in the humanitarian community we spoke to who thought this was a good idea Peace and Freedom


DHAKA/BHASAN CHAR/COXS BAZAR, Bangladesh (Reuters) Bangladesh is racing to turn an uninhabited and muddy Bay of Bengal island into home for 100,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled a military crackdown in Myanmar, amid conflicting signals from top Bangladeshi officials about whether the refugees would end up being stranded there.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Monday that putting Rohingya on the low-lying island would be a temporary arrangement to ease congestion at the camps in Coxs Bazar, refuge for nearly 700,000 who have crossed from the north of Myanmars Rakhine state since the end of August last year.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

However, one of her advisers told Reuters that, once there, they would only be able to leave the island if they wanted to go back to Myanmar or were selected for asylum by a third country.

Its not a concentration camp, but there may be some restrictions. We are not giving them a Bangladeshi passport or ID card, said H.T. Imam, adding that the island would have a police encampment with 40-50 armed personnel.

British and Chinese engineers are helping prepare the island to receive refugees before the onset of monsoon rains, which could bring disastrous flooding to ramshackle camps further south that now teem with about 1 million Rohingya. The rains could start as early as late April.

Image result for Bhashan Char, photos

Photo of Bhashan Char, also known as Thengar Char, a low-lying island where Bangladeshs government has approved a plan to build shelters to accommodate about 100,000 Rohingya refugees who will be moved from Coxs Bazar district.

Hasinas adviser, Imam, said the question of selecting Rohingya in Coxs Bazar to move to the island was not finalised, but it could be decided by lottery or on a volunteer-basis.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement: We would emphasise that any relocation plan involving refugees would need to be based on and implemented through voluntary and informed decisions.


Humanitarian agencies criticized the plan to bring Rohingya to the island when it was first proposed in 2015. Aid workers who spoke to Reuters said they remain seriously concerned that the silt island is vulnerable to frequent cyclones and cannot sustain livelihoods for thousands of people.

But work on the project has accelerate...


#Germany: Ums Ganze Alliance in solidarity with Afrin Enough is Enough!

Ums Ganze Alliance has released a Solidarity Statement to the Kurdish freedom movement and called for solidarity with the progressive forces in Kurdistan: Learning from the Kurds means winning. As the communist ums Ganze! alliance we refer critically, but in solidarity, to the revolution in Rojava/North-Syria.

Originally published by Ums Ganze. Translated by ANF News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Germany: Ums Ganze Alliance in solidarity with Afrin

The current situation in the Kurdish areas of Syria and Turkey is escalating further. The Turkish military is attacking the canton of Afrin in Rojava in co-operation with Islamist militias under the flag of the FSA (Free Syrian Army). In fact, these militia are battle forces trained in Turkey with the support of former soldiers of Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar Al Sham and Daesh. Since 2016 the FSA has basically only existed as a broad label which is used to cover different militias and forces. What is to be expected from the Turkish armys allies if they win in Afrin, has been shown by their terrible and misogynistic desecration of the fallen YPJ-fighter Barin Koban. In Turkey, the repressive apparatus is being extended to its limits. Every comment against Turkish nationalist unity is being shut down immediately. Every day journalists, scientists, political opponents or simply anyone who is against the war is being villainised and arrested. A free and independent news coverage in Turkey has not been possible for a long time. Those media channels not completely behind Erdogan are being banned and/or censored. After the failed coup detat of July 2016 over 100 journalists were arrested, about 150 media channels closed and more than 700 press cards annulled. Critical journalists are being put under general suspicion. While the German-Turkish journalist Deniz Ycel was released from prison quickly, Ahmet Altan, Mehmed Altan, Nazl Ilcak and three further persons were sentenced to lifelong imprisonment under harsh circumstances. They are being blamed for participating in the attempted coup detat of 2016...


Greenpeace appeals to Thai PM to tackle air pollution crisis Greenpeace said Bangkok suffered the worst air pollution in its history between Jan. 1 and Feb. 21 Peace and Freedom

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper and outdoor

The sun is seen through evening air pollution in Bangkok, Thailand February 8, 2018. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

BANGKOK (REUTERS)  Environment group Greenpeace on Thursday called on Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to tackle an air pollution crisis in Bangkok, weeks after a pollution agency said the citys air quality had hit dangerous levels.

Air pollution has been under the spotlight in Bangkok, one of the worlds most popular tourist cities, with many residents complaining about smog.

Greenpeace said Bangkok suffered the worst air pollution in its history between Jan. 1 and Feb. 21.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

The Pollution Control Department warned this month that the level of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometres, or PM2.5 dust, in the city had hit unhealthy levels and asked children to stay indoors.

PM2.5 dust, the most dangerous kind, includes pollutants such as nitrates that can penetrate the cardiovascular system.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing and suit

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha leaves a cardboard cutout of himself to take questions from reporters he is known for his distain for the men and women of Thailand and has made a close alliance with China

Critics blame Bangkoks worsening air pollution on lax enforcement of vehicle emission standards, poor urban planning and insufficient green spaces.

Greenpeace activists presented an hourglass filled with dust from Bangkok and other provinces most affected by severe air pollution to a government representative.

Bangkok cannot continue choking on haza...


Justice will come: jailed critic of Philippines Duterte says Hes got a dark psychology. He cannot stand strong-willed women. He has a misogynistic character. He is a damaged man. Peace and Freedom


AFP / by Ayee Macaraig | Senator Leila de Lima has been pursuing Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte for almost a decade
MANILA (AFP)  A year after being jailed on charges she insists were concocted to silence her, a top critic of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says she believes justice is coming.Senator Leila de Lima has been pursuing Duterte for almost a decade, beginning with allegations he directed a death squad against suspected criminals while mayor of the southern city of Davao.

But now that the International Criminal Court has opened an initial probe into the deadly anti-drug war Duterte launched after becoming president 20 months ago, she says she has new reason to hope.

I see the day justice will come. I hope for that day. The preliminary examination will eventually get to an indictment, De Lima told AFP at national police headquarters in Manila, where she is being held.

I feel this is the start of my vindication, but true vindication comes when I am absolved of the charges, added the 58-year-old, who was named one of Time magazines 100 most influential people of 2017.

De Limas detention, which began with her arrest on February 24, 2017, stems from allegations she took bribes from imprisoned drug lords while justice secretary from 2010-2015 under then-leader Benigno Aquino.

The charges are serious enough that no bail is permitted, and it is common for even minor cases to take years to work their way through the Philippines creaking justice system.

De Lima says the allegations were cooked up to stifle her criticism of Duterte, and she has earned the support of international legislators as well as rights watchdogs.

Amnesty International considers De Lima a prisoner of conscience and in its annual report released Thursday tagged her as the most prominent critic of the war on drugs'.

She is a symbol of the coming signs of the times where it will be dangerous for any Filipino citizen to speak out against the government, Amnesty International Philippines country director Jose Noel Olano told AFP.

After being elected to the Senate in the same 2016 election that handed Duterte the presidency, De Lima led an inquiry into the thousands of people killed by police in his anti-drugs war.

But Dutertes allies in the Senate shoved her aside from the inquiry and subsequently concluded he was not involved in any wrongdoing.

A damaged man

The senator is not being held in...


Comrades" Trump and Corbyn? Cold War Mania Relapse Strategic Culture Foundation

Today, Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn have nothing in common politically with each other or with the Kremlin. All they have in common is the absurd smear of being comrades of an illusory foreign enemy.


Another BBC makeover on a speech by Mahmoud Abbas BBC Watch

On February 20th the BBC News website published a report titled Palestinian head Abbas calls for international peace summit on its Middle East page. The BBCs account of Abbas long speech at the UN Security Council on the same day is as follows:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called for an international peace conference to tackle the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In a rare address to the UN Security Council, he said the situation was no longer bearable for Palestinians. []

Mr Abbas told the Security Council that to solve the Palestine question it is essential to establish a multilateral international mechanism.

He blamed the deadlock in the peace process on the US declaration on Jerusalem, which he said violated international law, and on what he called Israels illegal activit...


Feds Quarles Says U.S. Economy in Best Shape Since Crisis Peace and Freedom


By Christopher Condon

February 22, 2018, 12:15 AM EST
  • Dismisses low-inflation worries and backs gradual rate hikes
  • Says business-investment drought may finally be breaking
Randal Quarles Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Federal Reserve Governor Randal Quarles delivered an upbeat assessment of the U.S. economy and endorsed a gradual path for raising interest rates in his first public speech on monetary policy since joining the central bank in October.

The U.S. economy appears to be performing very well and, certainly, is in the best shape that it has been in since the crisis and, by many metrics, since well before the crisis, Quarles said in prepared remarks Thursday in Tokyo.

With a strong labor market and likely only temporary softness in inflation, I view it as appropriate that monetary policy should continue to be gradually normalized, he said. The views appear to align Quarles on monetary policy with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who testifies next week before Congress for the first time as central bank chief.

His comments follow the release of minutes from the Feds Jan. 30-31 policy meeting that showed confidence growing among policy makers that growth in 2018 may exceed their December forecasts and justify additional rate hikes this year. Officials have penciled in three hikes in 2018, according to their median projection released in December.

Quarles, who was named to the central banks board by President Donald Trump, said recently enacted tax changes and bipartisan budget deals could help sustain the economys expansion by increasi...


Irans Syrian Front Who is to counter Irans destabilizing activity? Peace and Freedom

Assads atrocities grow as Tehran builds a new anti-Israel satellite.

Smoke rises from the rebel held besieged town of Hamouriyeh, eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, Feb. 21.
Smoke rises from the rebel held besieged town of Hamouriyeh, eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, Feb. 21. PHOTO: BASSAM KHABIEH/REUTERS

Bashar Assads Syrian military committed more atrocities this week, bombing the opposition stronghold of Eastern Ghouta and killing at least 200. Rescue workers had to haul dead civilians from the rubble, including a family of five. As everyone deplores the killings, the point to keep in mind is that the driving political power here is Iran and its attempt to make Syria part of its growing Shiite-Persian empire.

Iran has propped up Assad since the Syrian civil war erupted in 2011, and along with Russia is largely responsible for the regimes survival. After its 2016 victory in Aleppo and the ouster of Islamic State from Raqqa, this axis is now trying to roll up the last opposition strongholds. The trio will then use Russia-sponsored peace talks to re-establish Assads control over Syria. Russia will keep its military bases, and Iran wants to establish a new imperial outpost on the border with Israel.

Toward that end, Iran is building a robust military presence of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops, Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah, foreign fighters from Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan, and local Syrian militias in Assad-controlled areas. Irans ultimate goal is the eradication of Israel, as the leader of the IRGCs Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, said recently.

Military analysts estimate Hezbollah could have more than 100,00...


400,000 trapped in Assads monstrous campaign of annihilation in Eastern Ghouta Russia and Iran helping to make destruction, death, hell on earth Peace and Freedom


UN human rights chief Zeid Raad Al-Hussein described the assault by the Syrian regime forces as a monstrous campaign of annihilation. (AP)
BEIRUT: Desperate residents trapped in Eastern Ghouta waited for their turn to die on Wednesday beneath one of the most intense bombardments of the Syrian war.
UN human rights chief Zeid Raad Al-Hussein described the assault by Syrian regime forces as a monstrous campaign of annihilation against the opposition-held territory on the edge of Damascus.
At least 310 people have been killed in the district since Sunday night and more than 1,550 injured, the Syrian Obse...


Silwan, a Palestinian community torn apart by Israel's dig to find 'lost city' Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Israel is creating a 'City of David' attraction in East Jerusalem - but the work is destroying homes above the excavation sites


British lawmakers launch inquiry into cryptocurrencies Peace and Freedom

A global investment craze over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the last year has seen wild gyrations in their valuations, making fortunes for some investors, while others have lost heavily. (Reuters)
LONDON: Britains cross-party Treasury Select Committee of lawmakers on Thursday said it is launching an inquiry into digital currencies, as well as the underlying distributed ledger technology.
The probe will focus on the opportunities and risks posed to consumers, businesses and the government by the rising popularity of so-called cryptocurrencies, the com...


Greece: Anarchist Prisoner of War Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou Begins Hunger Strike Insurrection News


Today, 21.02.18, anarchist prisoner Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou commenced a hunger strike to demand his transfer from the prisons of Larissa to the prisons of Korydallos following the rejection of his request by the Central Committee for Transfers. He is currently in Korydallos Prison, where he was sent yesterday for an ongoing court case. A text from the comrade will follow in the coming days.

We call for an emergency open assembly to plan solidarity actions for the comrades hunger strike and share information on the case on Thursday, February 22nd at 19:00 at the Polytechnic (Gini building).

Assembly of Solidarity for Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

Received on 22.02.18:

A Few Words about the Case of Anarchist Prisoner Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou

Anarchist comrade Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou was arrested on October 28th 2017, while exiting a hideout rented by him under a false identity and while trasferring guns and explosive materials. Dinos is accused of being a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and for sending parcel bombs to various EU officials including the former prime minister of Greece...


Bremen, Germany: Arson Attack Against Military Contractor OHB in Solidarity with Afrin Insurrection News


We declare our solidarity with the revolutionary Rojava project in Kurdistan and its defence. With our action we oppose the Turkish war of aggression in Afrin. We call for the sabotage of the German arms industry!

During the night of the 20th to the 21st of February, we carried out an arson attack against OHBs headquarters in Bremen. OHB is one of the leading companies in space technology. The main business of OHB is military research and production. One of their current major contract orders comes from the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND). OHB is currently building a spy satellite for them.

Responsibility for the wars and crises of the world is often right here.

Fire and Flames to the German Arms Industry!

Solidarity greetings to the Wendland!

(via Chronik, translated by Insurrection News)


ISIS Attacks Truck Drivers at Border; 114 Killed in Iraq Original

Militants attacked truck drivers waiting to drive across the border. Also, a mass grave was found.

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US intelligence assessment describes Philippines leader as threat to democracy

A wide-ranging assessment by the United States Intelligence Community views the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, as a major threat to democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia.


Muellers Comic Book Indictment: How To Prosecute a Great Big Nothingburger Original

We have always heard that a determined government prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and now we know its true. After 38 years in the prosecution racket, Robert Mueller just made his biggest score ever that is, he nailed a great big Nothingburger. But he also did a lot more than that. Muellers 37-page Continue reading "Muellers Comic Book Indictment: How To Prosecute a Great Big Nothingburger"

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Muellers Fraudulent Indictment Original

The indictment handed down by Robert Mueller against 13 Russians connected to the Internet Research Agency, a Russian-owned- and- operated clickbait farm, is the capstone of my case that we have indeed entered Bizarro World, an alternate universe where up is down, black is white and truth is a ridiculous falsehood. Yes, I said clickbait Continue reading "Muellers Fraudulent Indictment"

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US Empire Still Incoherent After All These Years Original

I recently reread Michael Manns book, Incoherent Empire, which he wrote in 2003, soon after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Mann is a sociology professor at UCLA and the author of a four-volume series called The Sources of Social Power, in which he explained the major developments of world history as the interplay between four Continue reading "US Empire Still Incoherent After All These Years"

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Pence Snub Reveals North Korea Strategy at Work Geopolitical Monitor


For several days, US Vice President Mike Pence shared the Olympic stage with a high-profile member of North Koreas Kim dynasty, Kim Yo-jong. Yo-jong, the younger sister of Kim Jong-un, was the first member of the Kim dynasty to visit the South in decades, and her presence transfixed TV audiences around the world.

Vice President Pence had originally been scheduled to meet with Kim Yo-jong and her delegation from the North. This in itself is an interesting revelation, because it suggests that, despite the sanctions, UN posturing, and threats of a bloody nose, the US administration is still angling for a negotiated de-escalation should the stars align that way. But the talks never materialized. Two hours before they were supposed to take place, Yo-jong pulled out of the meeting.

For Yo-jong, the mission was already accomplished: North Korea had been presented as a status-quo world power at the games, and North-South dialogue had veered back toward the Peninsula thanks in part to a high-profile snub of the US administration.


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How Biblical is Zionism? The Vineyard of the Saker

by Laurent Guynot for the Saker Blog Laurent Guynot is the author of From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land Clash of Civilizations, 2018.  ($30 shipping included


Russiaphobia Is Out of Control Aletho News

By Paul Craig Roberts | Institute For Political Economy | February 21, 2018 As has been made perfectly clear, Robert Muellers indictment of 13 Russians and 3 companies is just another hoax. All Mueller has found is a bait-click commercial marketing scheme that had nothing to do with election interference. Why is Mueller comfortable bringing []


The Hotwire #19: February 21, 2018 : Florida School Shooting & Gun ControlKoreatown Against ICE RaidsTN Antifascism CrimethInc.

Listen here. This episode is packed to the gills with news! There is antifa activity in Tennessee and folks in the Northwest continue to hold it down against the fascist creep. Solidarity for Afrin spreads and an inspiring model to fight ICE raids emerges out of Koreatown, Los Angeles. We offer some analysis about the school shooting in Parkland, FL and interview both an anarchist attending the student led rallies there and an anarchist author whos written about gun control. There is a short update on the repression Florida prisoners are enduring due to Operation Push. Walter Bond is in need of support and we have some good news about accused confederate statue topplers in Durham, NC. To wrap things up, there are loads of upcoming events, so stay tuned until the end!


More Than a Fight over Couscous Dissident Voice

As soon as Virgin Atlantic Airlines introduced a couscous-style salad inspired by the flavours of Palestine, a controversy ensued. Israels supporters ignited a social media storm and sent many complaints to the company, obliging the airline to remove the reference to Palestine.

In the Zionist narrative, Palestine does not exist nor is it allowed to exist even if merely as a cultural conception.

The sad irony is that, while Israel appropriated Palestinian-Arabic couscous (the Palestinian dish, in particular, is known as maftoul), branding and marketing it in western countries as Israeli couscous, its supporters go to every extent possible to erase any reference that may validate Palestinian Arab culture, whether Muslim or Christian.

This is an old habit, an endemic practice that dates back to the destruction of nearly 600 Palestinian villages and localities in 1947-48. Palestinians refer to these earth-shattering events as the Nakba, or catastrophe. Tellingly, Israel outlaws the use of the term or the commemoration of the tragic event in any way.

From claiming Palestinian Arab culinary culture as their own, to Judaized Arabic street names to rewriting history, Israel and its supporters are relentless.

Israel fears a Palestinian narrative because the Israeli government understands, and rightly so, that it is the collective Palestinian narrative that has compelled resistance, in all of its forms, for over 70 years.

All attempts have failed, until recently.

The 1993 Oslo Accord is a critical juncture that shattered the cohesiveness of Palestinian discourse and weakened and divided the Palestinian people. However, it is not too late to remedy this through decisive and concentrated efforts that overcome the challenge of a Palestinian political viewpoint beholden to self-seeking political aspirations and competing factions.

In the absence of a Palestinian leadership populated by the Palestinian people themselves, intellectuals must safeguard and present the Palestinian story to the world with authenticity and balance. The clarity and integrity of the Palestinian story has been damaged and divided by Palestinian Authority (PA) tactics which remove Palestinian refugees right of return from their political platform.

Essentially, the story of Palestine is the story of the Palestinian people, for they are the victims of oppression and the main channel of Resistance, starting with the creation of Israel on the ruins of Palestinian villages. If Palestinians had not resisted, their story would...


Lies the London Guardian told me OffGuardian

In an article first published on the Emperors New Clothes in 2004, Jared Israel looks at one notorious episode of media deception from the 1990s. Despite a successful libel suit in 2000 the fact remains that British news outlet ITN produced images that grossly distorted reality and were widely used in a highly misleading way to promote humanitarian intervention in the Yugoslav war. We are publishing this here today because of how closely it seems to foreshadow the current, maybe even more deceptive, campaign to promote fresh and potentially apocalyptic western intervention in Syria. Compare the Guardian article discussed below with this and this and this appearing in the same publication in just the last two days. On 6 August 1992, the international media broadcast pictures of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp for Muslim prisoners of war. These pictures were taken from footage shot 5 August at a facility in the Bosnian town of Trnopolje (pronounced turn-OP-ul-yay). The film crew from the British news station, ITN, was led by reporter Penny Marshall, and accompanied


Ex-CIA Director: U.S. Meddles in Foreign Elections for a Very Good Cause

Via: The Hill: Following a federal indictment of Russians accused of meddling in the U.S election, a former CIA director on Friday said the U.S. probably meddles in other countries elections, as well. The Russian embassy flagged his comments. When asked whether the U.S. interferes in other countries elections, James Woolsey said, Well, only for []


Will Foreign Buyers Sour on US Debt? Geopolitical Monitor


US debt is projected to surge over the short-term thanks to recent tax cuts and other longstanding government outlays. What this all might mean for US Treasury yields, and the US economy as a whole, is drawing a great deal of attention from market watchers. In the short term, the pump-priming from tax cuts has boosted markets, but companies like Goldman Sachs are warning that President Trumps ambitious infrastructure plans and an unbalanced budget mean that the US is expanding its debt load at a potentially destabilizing pace. Goldman economists predict that the US deficit could reach 5.2 percent of gross domestic product by next year. This means market watchers are looking closely at how foreign buyers of US debt (especially China and Japan, who hold over $2 trillion in bonds between them) react to the latest planned borrowing spree by the US federal government. The appetite of foreign buyers for future US debt purchases will be a key test of whether US lawmakers can continue to borrow their way out of partisan gridlock on deficit spending.



The U.S. has never owed so much money before, and foreigners have never before owned so much that debt. Currently, foreign investors collectively hold about $6.35 trillion in US government debt, more than twice as much as in 2008, and that number is set to rise if President Trumps infrastructure plans have any hope of securing financing. Battles over government spending and the rising tide of US debt date back to the George W. Bush administration. The Clinton administration was the last US presidency to project a budget surplus, not a deficit, all the way back in 2001, and the issue of how to tackle deficit spending without cutting cherished government programs in areas like defense or social security outlays has never been satisfactorily resolved in Washingtons hyper-partisan political culture.

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Another Netanyahu Ally Turns States Witness, Opposition Prepares for Elections Geopolitics Alert

Tel Aviv (GPA The walls are closing in on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the Attorney General weighs the possibility of an indictment for corruption charges.

Over the past several weeks, the multiple corruption probes against Benjamin Netanyahu have reached a new stage following the recommendation by Israeli police that the Attorney General criminally charge the Prime Minister.

israeli police indicting netanyahu corruptionBenjamin Netanyahu
Image: Wikimedia Commons

There are currently four corruption cases open against Netanyahu which include:

  • Case 1000: The case known as 1,000 involves alleged illegal gifts from business executives and Netanyahu supporters received by the Prime Minister and his family. The gifts are said to range from minor items like cigars, haircuts, and champagne to bigger ticket bribes like hotel rooms and flights on private jets.
  • Case 2000: Case 2,000 involves conversations between Netanyahu and Arnon Mozes, the owner of one of Israels largest newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth. Apparently, Netanyahu asked Ahronoth for more favorable coverage, and in exchange Netanyahu would change government policies that gave an unfair advantage to a competing free paper owned by US billionaire, and Bibi supporter, Sheldon Adelson.

Related: Former Netanyahu Aide Turns States Witness in (Both) Corruption Cases

  • Case 3000: The third case revolves around a planned submarine purchase between Israel and German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp. One person lobbying for these deals to go forward was Netanyahus lawyer (and cousin...


After 3 Years of Neutrality, Pakistan Will Send Troops to Yemen Geopolitics Alert

Islamabad (GPA) After remaining neutral and declining involvement for the past three years, Pakistan will send troops to Yemen to fight on behalf of the Saudi invaders.

Pakistans defense minister, Khurram Dastigir, spoke to the Senate on Monday. He said 1,000 Pakistani troops would join the Saudi-led war against Yemen. Dastigir claimed the forces would provide intelligence and training support but would not see combat.


The Saudi-led war against Yemen will enter its fourth year in March. Riyadh has failed in every way, shape, and form. On the ground, Yemens resistance forces known only as the Houthis throughout western media have only grown stronger in the past three years. Now, Yemens Army and Popular Committees have domestically produced long-range ballistic missiles, improved their air defenses, and manufactured naval missiles.

Ansarullah (aka. the Houthis) gained full control of Yemens capital Sanaa following a failed coup orchestrated by the United Arab Emirates, United States, and Saudi Arabia. Yemens resistance has successfully maintained security and eliminated terror elements from groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS...


4 Ways to Land Your Dream Sales Job Bold Face News

The sales job is one of the most challenging because you have to convince potential buyers to purchase what you selling. Companies look for the most qualified and skilled people when hiring salespersons because they are concerned with maximizing sales and revenues as much as possible. This means that attending an interview to be hired as a salesperson is one of the most demanding tasks to job hunters.

Many people are not sure what they should do to be offered a position and how they should do it as it can be very hard to tell what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. If you have made your mind to become a salesperson, below are 4 tips for landing a sales job.

1. Send applications to as many employers as you can

When looking for a sales job, you are not sure which employer will eventually hire you and sometimes you do not even know which companies are hiring. It is therefore wise to increase your chances of getting a job as a salesperson by sending your applications to as many employers as you can. This is very important especially if you are a recent graduate from college and you have no work experience.

Start by applying for entry-level roles and attend as many interviews as you can. When you send job applications to many employers it means you have more chances of getting a job. Even if you have no intentions of accepting a position that you applied for, attend the interview anyway. This will give you the experience you need to effectively respond to questions during interviews and learn a few things about sales.

2. Maintain great communication

Communication skills are very important in sales a...


On Guns Dissident Voice

I grew up as the child of a small Houma Indian community in south Louisiana. My father was a hunter, trapper and commercial fisherman so my early years were spent at his side observing and learning those life-ways. In our household a gun was just another tool with which we put food on the table.

My first experience hunting was with a single-shot 410 shotgun with which, as a youngster, I brought home my first meal, a fat little marsh hen. In that experience was embedded one of the most important firearm lesson my dad would teach me. While I had friends who would use an occasional, non-eatable, seagull or blackbird for target practice my dad was emphatic that if you kill it you eat it! Waste and wanton destruction was a cultural faux pas that was unacceptable.

It is this background that always foreshadows my contemplation of the gun debate that has been so prevalent in America these past couple decades. I consider my observations on this charged political oratorical struggle to be somewhat non-partisan. Ive been a registered independent since I signed my first voter registration nearly forty years ago. As an indigenous scholar with definite anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist leanings I do not fit squarely into either of the two political polarities. From this position issues are judged on merit, I would hope, and not as democratic issues or republican issues.

My social media feed today contains opinions across the spectrum from the friend who remembers fondly the bygone years when high schoolers had gun racks in their pick-up trucks to the social activist who wants to end private gun ownership this minute. They are, of course, entrenched in their respective political parties and leave little room for the possibility of common ground.  If there are to be solutions found it would seem that a first step would entail a lowering of those party flags. Unfortunately, it seems that with every incident, with every mass shooting, the flags go up, the bunkers are strengthened, and the doors are closed.

On the right, once you get past thoughts and prayers, we are pointed in the direction of mental illness or violent video games while the left calls out the corrosive influence of the NRA. This, of course, does not imply that there is some sort of both sides do it equivalency but rather speaks to the fact that both camps have now stock, pre-loaded responses ready for the revolving news cycle.

I feel forced to question the assumptions and interpretations of the gun rights advocates. Statistics tell us that mental illness is responsible for 5 percent or less of gun deaths in the United States. Further, it is understood that mental illness affects men and women somewhat equally yet the perpetrators of mass shootings are predominantly male. As to the influence of violent video games, these also exist in...


The Palestinian People Are Not Fooled any More Aletho News

By Rima Najjar | Palestine Chronicle | February 21, 2018 As a Palestinian, I am skeptical about Mahmoud Abbass address, billed by the press as Abbas delivers rare address at UNSC meeting, which calls for two states. Whereas I believe that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movements goals can be achieved through more than one []


The Strategic Challenge for the Latin American Left INTERNATIONALIST 360

Rafael Correa After the long and sad neoliberal night of the 1990s which broke entire nations like Ecuador and since Hugo Chvez won the Presidency of the Republic of Venezuela at the end of 1998, the rightist governments of the continent began to be overthrown like houses of cards, bringing popular governments aligned...


The Coming Wars to End All Wars Dissident Voice

The compulsive hatred of Putin by many who have almost zero idea about Putin or Russian history is disproportionate to any rational analysis, but not surprising. Trump and Putin are like weird doppelgangers in the liberal imagination.

 John Steppling, Trump, Putin, and Nikolas Cruz Walk into a Bar, Dissident Voice, February 21, 2018.

The Trump and Netanyahu governments have a problem: How to start a greatly expanded Middle-Eastern war without having a justifiable reason for one.  No doubt they are working hard to solve this urgent problem.  If they cant find a justification (which they cant), they will have to create one (which they will).  Or perhaps they will find what they have already created.  Whatever the solution, we should feel confident that they are not sitting on their hands. History teaches those who care to learn that when aggressors place a gun on the wall in the first act of their play, it must go off in the final act.

These sinister players have signaled us quite clearly what they have in store.  All signs point toward an upcoming large-scale Israeli/U.S. attack on Lebanon and Syria, and all the sycophantic mainstream media are in the kitchen prepping for the feast.  Russia and Iran are the main course, with Lebanon and Syria, who will be devoured first, as the hors doeuvres.  As always, the media play along as if they dont yet know whats coming.  Everyone in the know knows what is, just not exactly when.  And the media wait with baited breath as they count down to the dramatic moment when they can report the incident that will compel the innocent to attack the guilty.

Anyone with half a brain can see the greatly increased anti-Russian propaganda of the past few weeks.  This has happened as the Russia-gate claims have fallen to pieces, as former CIA analyst Raymond McGovern, the late Robert Parry, Paul Craig Roberts, and others have documented so assiduously.  All across the media spectrum, from the big name corporate stenographers like The New York Times, CNN, National Public Radio, The Washington Post to The Atlantic and Nation magazines and other leftist publications such as Mother Jones and Who What Why, the Russia and Putin bashing has become hysterical in tone, joined as it is with an anti-Trump obsession, as if Trump were a dear friend of Putin and Russia and wasnt closely allied with the Netanyahu government in its plans for the Middle-East.  As if Trump were in charge.

Russia Sees Midterm Elections as a Chance to Sow Fresh Discord (NY Times, 2/13), Russia Strongman (Putin) has pulled off one of the greatest acts of po...


Nobody Wants to Talk About What Many Mass Shooters Have in Common The Anti-Media

mass shooters(ANTIMEDIA)  In the aftermath of yet another mass shooting in the United States, the internet and broadcast news alike are inundated with commentary about why this keeps happening in America. Some blame guns, others blame mental health, and still others confidently blame false flag events and crisis actors. But one commonality among numerous mass killings in the []


Burkina Fasos Citizen Movement Fighting for Democratization of Their Political System INTERNATIONALIST 360

Dawn News Le Balai Citoyen which means the citizen broom in English is a civil society movement founded on August 25, 2013 with The vision of making Burkina Faso a fair and honest society in a democratic state of law and with the mission to Constitute a force of proposals and pressure for social change...


Marichuy: If I dont attain the candidacy, the struggle will continue. INTERNATIONALIST 360

Marichuy speaks at rally to collect signatures. Blanche Petrich Mara de Jess Patricio Martnez, Marichuy, who aspires to an independent candidacy to the Presidency, and five council women from different ethnicities on the Indigenous Government Council-National Indigenous Congress recognized that if at the end of the deadline the National Electoral Institute (INE, its initials in...


US Supreme Court prohibits seizure of Persian artefacts Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


US Supreme Court unanimously rules that victims of 1997 bombing in Jerusalem cannot seize Persian artefacts as payment


Political repression in Lebanon: the view of the New York Times The Angry Arab News Service/

Two things struck me: 1) they typically don't mention any of the leftist victims of state repression in Lebanon.  They only highlight the right-wing victims.  2) notice they refer to the allegedly most corrupt media personality in Lebanon, Marcel Ghanem, as "a popular talk show host".   This is like mentioning Robin Leach (of the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous) as a popular journalist.


Lebanon: Should it be Devil, Deep Blue Sea or Russia? Dissident Voice

Lebanon, as so often in the past, is facing mortal danger.

Saudi Arabia is putting great pressure on the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, a powerful but controversial figure who holds dual nationality Saudi and Lebanese. Riyadh expects Lebanon to play by its own rules, sidelining Hezbollah, ending Iranian influence in the country, and promoting Saudi business and political interests or else. It is clear that foreign aid from the Gulf is increasingly conditional.

Tension with Israel is also mounting. A military conflict could erupt at any moment, with devastating consequences. Between 1978 and 2006, Israel attacked its northern neighbor on five occasions. The last time Israel invaded Lebanon, during the so-called Lebanon War in 2006, at least 1,300 Lebanese people were killed and 1 million displaced.

The Israeli air force is lately, unceremoniously, violating Lebanese air space, flying over its territory on the way to Syria, where it is bombing selected targets, grossly violating various international laws.

To make things worse, Israel has begun building an ugly concrete wall right at the border line, an act which Lebanon views almost as a declaration of war. The Lebanese military received orders to confront Israeli bulldozers and construction crews, if the building of the frontier barrier continues. Both sides are now using intermediaries to communicate, but a confrontation may take place at any moment.

There is also a maritime dispute between the two countries, over an oil and gas rich area, which both countries are claiming as their own. This quarrel is also threatening the fragile peace between Israel and Lebanon. Although some would say, what peace, really, if both nations are still technically at war?

Reported by AP, on February 8, 2018:

Israel has in recent days escalated its threats against Lebanon over Lebanons invitation for offshore gas exploration bids on the countries maritime border.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman described Lebanons exploration tender as very provocative and suggested that Lebanon had put out invitations for bids from international groups for a gas field,which is by all accounts ours.

His comments drew sharp condemnation from the militant Hezbollah group and Lebanese officials, including Hariri, a Western ally, who described Liebermans comments as a blatant provocation that Lebanon rejects.

Abi Assi quoted Hariri as saying Thursday that area in the water that Israel is claiming, is owned by Lebanon.

A day after the above report appeared, Lebanons energy minister said, the dispute with Israel would not stop Lebanon benefiting from potential undersea reserves in the contentious Block 9.

An international consortium consisting of three giant oil companies Italys Eni, Franc...


Russia, Pakistan edge closer in new cold war conditions Aletho News

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | February 22, 2018 Afghanistan, no doubt, was what brought Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif to Moscow on a working visit on February 20. This was Asifs second meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the past 5-month period. They last met in New York on the sidelines []


CNNs Chris Cuomo Retweets and Defends Bogus News Story About Buying Guns The Anti-Media

Chris Cuomo CNN(TIM)  On February 19th, CNN host Chris Cuomo retweeted an article, written by Cody Davis and published by The Tab, which bore the headline I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes. In the 2-year-old article, Davis described a visit to a Virginia gun shop. He wrote that he approached an employee for assistance in picking []


Syrian War Report February 21, 2018: Government Forces Entered Afrin The Vineyard of the Saker Over the last few days, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army have captured over a dozen villages from the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG)


Abbas at the Security Council Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

by Stephen Lendman (  Home Stephen Lendman) He long ago lost credibility for collaborating with Israel as its enforcer against his own people for special privileges hes enjoyed for years, growing super-rich, much of his ill-gotten wealth stashed in offshore tax havens while most Palestinians remain deeply impoverished and viciously persecuted, besieged Gazans []


Is Sweden complicit in Saudi war on Yemen? Aletho News

Press TV February 21, 2018 Last year, Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrm told a conference that the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Yemen was one that has far too long been neglected and forgotten by the global community and what Yemeni people were going through was difficult to imagine. It is such statements that, besides []


US to Deploy Lethal Drones to Korean Peninsula After Olympic Games Report Aletho News

Sputnik 21.02.2018 Recent reports by South Korean news media claim that the US will deploy attack drones to the Korean Peninsula in the next few months. Twelve attack drones that can target North Korean leaders and military targets will be deployed in March or April, South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported this week. According []


Iran's elections should be 'free', Ahmadinejad writes to Khamenei Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


In rare critical letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for 'fundamental reforms' in government


Top Democrats demand $300mn to protect the midterms from Russia intervention Aletho News

Press TV February 21, 2018 US Democratic leaders have called for more than $300 million in new funding to protect upcoming midterm elections from Russian interference. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi demanded a budget boost Wednesday, claiming that the amount is necessary to safeguard Novembers elections. The []


Why did Kurdish officials allow Assad loyalists to enter #Afrin? An explainer Enough is Enough!

We dont necessarily agree with everything in this article. But we reblog it because we think there are some important points in this piece.

Originally published by the Region.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Why did Kurdish officials allow Assad loyalists to enter Afrin? An explainer

Assad and Kurdish forces have negotiated a deal that will allow for Assad loyalists to enter Afrin and battle against the military forces of Turkey, and allied FSA groups. Whereas Russia tried to obstruct such a deal from taking place, it was finalised anyway.

What catalysed it?


On January 20th, The Turkish armed forces and affiliated rebel groups operating under the banner of the Free Syrian Army began attacking the Kurdish-held enclave of Afrin, a relatively peaceful area in northwest Syria.  Prior to the attack, Afrin was under the protection of Russian forces, who withdrew when Turkey and Turkish backed FSA forces launched their attack. Kurdish officials believe that an agreement between Turkey and Russia provided the green light for the attack.  

For the people of Afrin, It was never a question of if Turkey would attack the enclave in Northwestern Syria, but only a question of when.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Afrin had already engaged in often minor, intermittent clashes with Turkish forces on the border for years. And for the past few months, as Erdogan was warning of a potential Operation Euphrates Sword that would aim to expel the Syrian Kurdish PYD group from Afrin, Syrian Kurds began to raise the alarm.  

Ankara claims that the Womens Protection Units (YPJ), Peoples protection Units (YPG) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are all a Syrian extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has been waging an insurgency in Turkey for decades. The PYD, which governs...


The Anthropology of Death aNtiDoTe Zine

The Putin regime has a flagrantly necrophiliac tendency. Even under Stalin, there was nothing like this savoring of death.


Somaliland journalist detained without charge Committee to Protect Journalists

People wave flags as soldiers and other military personnel of Somalia's breakaway territory of Somaliland march past during an Independence day celebration parade in the capital, Hargeisa on May 18, 2016. Somaliland authorities detained journalist Mohamed Aabi Digaale on February 17, 2018. (Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP)

Nairobi, February 21, 2018--Somaliland authorities should immediately release Mohamed Aabi Digaale, the Hargeisa bureau chief for the London-based broadcaster Universal TV, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Police arrested Mohamed on February 17 and have been holding him without charge, Guleid Ahmed Jama, chairperson of the advocacy organization Human Rights Center, and Abdullahi Hersi Kulmiye, the East Africa director of Universal TV, told CPJ.


Number of US anti-Muslim groups increasing under Trump, watchdog says Middle East Eye - RSS Feed


Number of hate groups in US has increased by 20 percent since 2014, Southern Poverty Law Center says


Abbas bows before UN Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Palestinian President Abbas bows before UN By  Robert Inlakesh 20/02/2018 DAMASCUS, SYRIA (11:00 P.M)- Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, just announced that the Palestinian Authority (PA) works for the occupation forces in the West Bank. At a speech delivered before the United Nations Security Council today, Mahmoud Abbas Announced that his administration works with the occupation of []


Al Sayyed and the discussion of the wrong ideas Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Al Sayyed and the discussion of the wrong ideas 21, 2018 Written by Nasser Kandil, The deterrence equation set by the Secretary General of Hezbollah Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and was put at the hands of the Lebanese officials we will ensure the stopping of the Israeli oil platforms in the sea within hours []


Paul Craig Roberts 249 stan van houcke

Russiaphobia Is Out of Control

Russiaphobia Is Out of Control


#Germany Spontaneous Demo After Cops Raided Guesthouse of Resistance in #Wendland Because of #YPJ / #YPG Banner Enough is Enough!

Yesterday we reported about the raid by 100 masked and armed cops against the Guesthouse of Resistance in Wendland because of an YPJ / YPG banner. After the raid there was a spontaneous demonstration in the evening hours, where cops repressed people again. 

Originally published by DE Indymedia. Translated and edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Germany Spontaneous Demo After Cops Raided Guesthouse of Resistance in Wendland Because of YPJ / YPG Banner

After yesterday mornings police raids more than 100 people took part in a sponstaneous demonstration in Lchow (County Wendland), Germany. The powerful mood and the great attendance in the small province town Lchow felt really good. The whole operation of the cops was somehow bizarre, if you know that the only reason for their operation was that they wanted to confiscate a banner. This continued with the police operation during the demonstration on the streets in the evening. 

During a speech on the demo somebody said: The henchmen need (BFE (a special police unit to secure evidence), SEK (an anti-terrorism unit with machine guns), Staatschutz (state security, a police unit for politival crimes and so on to remove a banner with more than 100 cops with machine guns. We would take scissors in cases like this. 

This bizarre and disproportional police operation continued during the spontaneous and unregistered demo last night. The masked and armed cops with helmets sealed off the streets and again and again TRIED to stop the demo. A small group was kettled for a while and the cops used pepper spray. A bizarre cat and mouse game in the small contemplative town of Lchow. It was so disproportional that many people got cynical but we also had a lot of fun in Lchowlast night. We knew similar things from the big cities in the past months, it was all a bit whacky for such a small town, something that was also evinced fr...


The Saker: Escalation In Syria How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed? Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

16.02.2018 Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review Events in Syria have recently clearly taken a turn for the worse and there is an increasing amount of evidence that the Russian task force in Syria is being targeted by a systematic campaign of harassing attacks. First, there was the (relatively successful) drone and mortar attack on []


Hugh Fitzgerald: Tariq Ramadan Could Face Charges in the U.S. Jihad Watch

For Tariq Ramadan, the news gets worse and worse. First, there were the charges against him in France, where two Muslim women, Henda Ayari and a woman known only by an alias, Christelle, both accused him of extreme sexual violence and rape. He now sits in a French prison, waiting trial, his sudden claim about having []


Fed Officials Marked Up Growth, Inflation Outlook in January Economic data bolsters central bank officials plans Peace and Freedom

Economic data bolsters central bank officials plans to keep raising short-term interest rates this year

Jerome Powell was sworn in as the newest chairman of the Federal Reserve on Feb. 5 at the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington.
Jerome Powell was sworn in as the newest chairman of the Federal Reserve on Feb. 5 at the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington. PHOTO: SAUL LOEB/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

WASHINGTONFederal Reserve officials agreed last month that a strengthening economic growth outlook bolstered their plans to keep raising short-term interest rates this year.

Fed officials late last month believed the economy was set to grow faster than they when they met in December, according to minutes of their Jan. 30-31 meeting, which were released on Wednesday.

After the December meeting, Congress approved tax cuts that were slightly larger than officials had anticipated. Stocks also rose to new highs in the month before the January meeting, likely giving an additional boost to economic growth, they thought.

Stock markets convulsed in the days following the January meeting. Economic reports hinted at rising wage and price pressures, fueling fears the Fed might raise rates faster than expected, and bond yields climbed to their highest levels in four years.

Also after the January meeting, Congress approved a larger-than-expected government spending plan, which has prompted more economists to project the Fed will need to raise rates slightly faster to ensure the economy stays on an even keel.

Officials had already marked up their growth projections when they met in mid-De...


Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, accused of various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women. Peace and Freedom

Following a report that a former team president had engaged in various acts of inappropriate conduct toward women, the Dallas Mavericks have hired outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation of the alleged acts and of the teams overall workplace environment.

The announcement by the team came in advance of a detailed Sports Illustrated report on alleged misconduct by the Mavericks former president and chief executive, Terdema Ussery. The report also included details of domestic violence allegations against Earl Sneed, a former writer for the teams official website.

While the teams statement did not name Ussery or Sneed, the NBA issued its own statement confirming that those two were the people whose behavior was being investigated. Most of the sources in the Sports Illustrated report were anonymous, but it painted a picture of a workplace teeming with problems for female employees, one in which the locker room was a far safer environment than the front office.

The report also led to the teams terminating the employment of Buddy Pittman, its human resources director.

Ussery, an Ivy League-educated executive who at one point served as the commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association, was known as a wunderkind whose rapid rise led him to his position with the Mavericks when he was just 38. His tenure with the team began before Mark Cuban purchased the team in 2000, and he held the job for 18 years, during which the team secured funding for a new arena and won an NBA title, in 2011. He resigned in 2015 to take a position with Under Armour, although he held that job for just three months.

According to Sports Illustrated, Ussery had been accused of inappropriate behavior as early as 1998.

In a statement provided to Sports Illustrated, Ussery said he was not aware of any sexual harassment complaints against him. I am deeply disappointed that anonymous sources have made such outright false and inflammatory accusations against me, he said in the statement. During my career with the Mavericks, I have strived to conduct myself with character, integrity and empathy for others.

Cuban, who is...


Major Escalation: Trump to Promote US Killing Russians as Proof Hes Not Putins Puppet The Anti-Media

Killing Russians Putin's Puppet(ZHE)  In the aftermath of Robert Muellers indictment against 13 Russian operatives for meddling with the US presidential election, President Trump has been under fire for lashing out at everyone except Russia. So, in response, Bloomberg reports that the Trump administration is weighing citing the deaths of more than 200 Russian fighters or rather mercenaries in []


Trump Team Briefs UN Security Council on Mideast Peace Plan Peace and Freedom

According to diplomatic sources, Kushner and Greenblatt said of the plan that both sides are going to love some of it, and hate some of it.

 FEBRUARY 20, 2018 23:28

Jerusalem Post

Abbas calls for international conference to advance peace efforts

U.S. finalizing peace plan despite Abbas vow for international efforts

JPost Exclusive: Trump team briefs Security Council on Mideast peace plan

United States Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley speaks in front of White House senior adviser Jared Kushner during a meeting of the UN Security Council at UN headquarters in New York, U.S., February 20, 2018. . (photo credit: REUTERS)WASHINGTON US President Donald Trumps Middle East peace team briefed members of the UN Security Council on their plan to jumpstart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday.

Two sources familiar with the briefing told The Jerusalem Post that Jared Kushner, the presidents son-in-law leading the diplomatic effort, Jason Greenblatt, his special representative for inter...


Why the choice between Netanyahu and the rule of law is no choice at all for Israel Peace and Freedom

Is Israel going to drum out a skilled PM for a few piffling infractions? Well, it might, but they may not be piffling, and the framers of our laws ensured it wont be done lightly

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves the Muni World conference in Tel Aviv on February 14, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves the Muni World conference in Tel Aviv on February 14, 2018. (AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ)

Toward the end of a panel discussion in which I participated on Tuesday evening, organized by American Jewish leaders on a mission to Jerusalem, a member of the audience asked us whether we realized how lacking in self-awareness Israel currently seems to many of its supporters overseas, as it apparently moves to hound out of office a highly effective prime minister for alleged bribery offenses involving piffling sums.

The $300,000 or so in total that Netanyahu and wife Sara is alleged to have received in cigars, champagne and other goodies from billionaire friends Arnon Milchan and James Packer, the questioner scoffed at our session of the annual gathering in Jerusalem of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, is so insignificant it could be regarded as a rounding-off number.

Over such a sum, he asked in outraged bafflement, Isr...


Erdogan vows to recapture all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire and more Jihad Watch

We say at every opportunity we have that Syria, Iraq and other places in the geography [map] in our hearts are no different from our own homeland. We are struggling so that a foreign flag will not be waved anywhere where adhan [Islamic call to prayer in mosques] is recited. Apparently Erdogan means at the []


Philippines: President Duterte counts killing of Filipinos among accomplishments Creeping dictatorship, disregard for human rights and rule of law Peace and Freedom

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV slammed President Rodrigo Duterte anew over his persecution of his political and media critics. Combination Photo, File

MANILA, Philippines Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV on Wednesday slammed the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte anew over its alleged political persecution of political and media critics and the mounting number of drug-related deaths in the country.

In a privilege speech, Trillanes claimed there were already more than 20,000 drug-related deaths in the country based on the administrations year-end report in December 2017.

He said that under the accomplishments of the Department of Interior and Local Government the administration listed 3,967 drug deaths in anti-narcotics operations from July 2016 to November 2017.

It meanwhile said that there were more than 16,000 homicide cases still under investigation from July 2016 to Sept. 30, 2017.

It is only in this country where the president counts the killing of his countrymen as among his accomplishments, he said.

Duterte has faced local and international criticisms over the rights violations and extrajudicial killings allegedly marring his flagship war on drugs.

Trillanes also condemned the order of the president barring Rappler and its palace reporter Pia Ranada for supposedly losing the trust of the chief executive over allegations that it was publishing so-called fake news.

The opposition lawmaker said that was Dutertes retaliation for Rapplers critical coverage of his administration.

This is a violation of our Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights that guaranteed press freedom, Trillanes said in Filipino. Duterte is doing all these out of political vendetta and to send a chilling message to other reporters and media outfits that they should tow Malacaangs propaganda line or else.

Trillanes also cited the ad...


The Egypt-Israel gas deal is scandalous and shameless Aletho News

Dr Amira Abo el-Fetouh | MEMO | February 21, 2018 After Al-Sisi opened the very large Zohr gas field about two weeks ago the newspapers celebrated and announced the news that Egypt will achieve gas self-sufficiency this year by means of the Zohr, North Alexandria, Nawras, and Atoll gas fields. The Egyptian citizens lived this []


Israelis disfigure Damascus Gate with steel watchtower Mondoweiss

If there were only one place I could visit in Palestine, it would be Damascus Gate. Going down the tall steps to the gate is like going down into a living theater of history. You are enveloped by a grand but not overwhelming architectural space, and the awareness of the flows of human beings come here in belief and humility makes your life seem purposeful and capable of transcendence.

Before you the high wooden doors lead into the Old City and on to the stones Jesus walked in the passion. To the east you can see cypresses on the Mount of Olives and to the north the busy commercial neighborhoods of Wadi al-Joz and the American Colony. And west, uphill, you can make out Jewish neighborhoods of West Jerusalem. You are at the center of the world, and civilization has a deep root here. Magnificent structures rise from rock, and storytellers stand at the gates periphery, to contemplate the many traditions and seek to explain our social mysteries.

Then a cartman almost runs you over shouting for he has a load of spices to bring to the marketplace.

So it was shocking today to see that Israel, an occupying nation, has disfigured the Damascus Gate. Maan news reports that Israel has erected a steel watchtower near the center of the gate, so as to police Palestinian activities more vigilantly. Look at this steel wen on the gates fine face.

Watchtower at Damascus Gate, from Maan News.

It tries to present itself as a gazebo or a bandshell to hide its identity as a watchtower. It wants us not to think of the awful military cylinders that rise over Qalandia and Bethlehem but it is just more grotesque due to the pretension. It is obvious that only soldiers will have access to this tower, so they can target the Palestinians walking by. Because of course its all for security, the security of settlers and soldiers.

And theres no outrage, no report in the Western press apart from this dispatch at Middle East Monitor. And this comment from the US Campaign::Israel continues to escalate surveillance and targeting of Pal...


China Humiliates Another Western Company Will Western companies ever stop Kowtowing toward Beijing? Peace and Freedom

Beijing increasingly demands corporate self-censorship.

 Image result for chinese dragon, new year, photos

Mercedes-Benz, the luxury unit of Daimler AG , recently learned the price of crossing Beijing. Earlier this month the German car maker was attacked by state media after posting an anodyne Dalai Lama quote on Instagram. The company quickly and abjectly apologized to the Chinese government. It then went further, promising no support, assistance, aid or help to anyone who intentionally subverts or attempts to subvert Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This public humiliation has prompted many companies to ask: How much is it worth to stay in Chinas markets?

Image may contain: 3 people, closeup

Gone are the days when China bided its time, as counseled by Deng Xiaoping. In exchange for continued access to Chinese markets, Beijing increasingly expects Western companies to engage in self-censorship, accept government control over information, and even punish their own workers for offending China.

Related image

Few companies have been willing to stand up for themselves when singled out. In January the American hotel giant Marriott caved in to pressure and temporarily shut down its websites in China. Its offense? An online questionnaire listed Tibet, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong as independent countries. After changing the website, the companys CEO publicly stated that Marriott respects and supports Chinese sovereignty and its territorial integrity. Delta Air Lines , Qantas, Zara and Audi are also fellow travelers in Chinas geopolitical strategy.



Tunisia FM Concerned ISIS will Grow in Libya Following Defeat in Syria, Iraq Geopolitics Alert

On 18 February, Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui is reported to have stated in an address at the Munich Security Conference in Germany that ISIS will attempt to return to Libya following its defeat in Iraq and Syria. In his speech Jhniaoui called for the need for cooperative international counter-terrorism efforts, arguing to win our battle against terrorism, it has to be under the name of war of thoughts, which will eradicate extremist thinking that attempts to attract young people to ideological distortions, in addition to fighting poverty and unemployment.

isis in libyaCredit: Ministrio da Indstria, Comrcio Exterior e Servios

On 12 14 February, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD), a Geneva-based NGO, facilitated talks between a range of different Libyan actors in Geneva. CHD did not publish a list of attendees, but those invited are reported to have included Government of National Accord (GNA) Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maitig, House of Representatives (HoR) President Agilah Saleh, Central Bank of Libya Governor Sadiq al-Kabir, and former head of the General National Congress (GNC) Nuri Abu Sahmain. The organisers of the event stressed that all participants were invited in their personal capacity as individuals, not as representatives of certain institutions. HCD held a similar event in May 2017, as well as a meeting of over 90 of Libyas mayors in Tunisia in December 2017.

On 15 February, the Egyptian army announced it had foiled an infiltration attempt after reportedly destroying ten 44 vehicles loaded with arms and ammunition on the Libyan border. This is the latest in a series of similar claims by the Egyptian army to have destroyed convoys of vehicles carrying weapons and fighters into western Egypt.

On 13 February, it was confirmed the UN General Assembly (UNGA) had suspended Libyas to vote at the UN for...


Israel Suffers Major Setback in Syria The Anti-Media

Israel Large Scale Attack Syria(MEMO)  The military confrontation between Israeli and Syrian/Iranian forces on 10 February set off widespread analysis and speculation on the probability of a major regional war. The severity of the latest clash with reports that Israel may have destroyed up to 50 per cent of Syrian air defense systems  underscores the depth of tension in the area. But []


Catholic social teaching Voltaire Network

The control mechanisms in the current financial system have become so overwhelming. Quadragesimo Anno more topical than ever, by Heinrich Wohlmeyer / It's true: NATO with its eastward expansion has violated all pledges made. Russia's deepest fears have been realized, by Eric S. Margolis / The post-Mobutist Congo: The USA is betting on Rwanda. Congo kleptocracy with no end in sight? (part 4), by Peter Kpfer / No country can live with a political lie for good, by Karl Mller / Reasoning against an ice age in East-West relations. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz outlines solutions, by Carola and Johannes Irsiegler / To deny students the important literary texts means depriving them of their identity, Interview by Alexandre Devecchio / Oscar Bernhard, the founder of mountain rescue. Doctor, chamois hunter, mountain guide and pioneer of accident medicine, by Heini (...)


Russian "Troll Farm" Indictment Shredded stan van houcke

Russian "Troll Farm" Indictment Shredded By Journalist Who First Profiled It In 2015



UN Required to Step in to End US, Israel Escalation against Syria Peace and Freedom

Fars News (Iran)

UN Required to Step in to End US, Israel Escalation against Syria
TEHRAN (FNA)- Various terrorist groups, including ISIL, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates, continue to find themselves on Americas and Israels good sides and its official.

Israels mounting interest in the US-led war on Syria, and in particular in picking fights with the Syrian government, Iran, and Hezbollah after the defeat of ISIL by these allied forces have included reports by analysts of a growing amount of Israeli arms and ammunition flowing across the border for Qaeda-allied terrorist groups on the Golan frontier.

To be clear, similar reports and evidence have put the United States on the side of all these terror proxy groups, like Al-Qaedas Nusra Front, which have been active in the area for some time. After all, American officials, the Pentagon regime, and the CIA continue to be very public saying they prefer ISIL over the elected government in Syria.

No wonder the regime changers are pushing the UN Security Council members for the Syrian government and its allies to halt their ongoing offensive in the Idlib province. Their desperate attempts to stop the successful offensive are designed primarily to save the Nusra Front and other terror proxies. This way they can claim they need to stay in the country, support the so-called moderates, and prolong their illegal occupation and war on the pretext of fighting terror.

The US has done the same to save the ISIL forces. In early February this year, US forces intensified their heliborne operations to evacuate ISIL commanders trapped in Hasaka province. Local sources in Hasaka confirmed that the US helicopters conducted heliborne operations in the village of Tuwaimin, 50km Northeast of al-Shadadi, in Southern Hasaka. The sources said militants, including an ISIL security commander, were evacuated from the region. The area where the operation took place is still occupied by the terrorist group.

If still in doubt, consider this: US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a member of both the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees, has just proposed legislation that would prohibit US assistance to terrorist organizations in Syria as well as to any organization working directly with them. Equally important, it would prohibit US military sales and other forms of military cooperation with other countries, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, that provide arms or financing...


Stasi kept top secret files on Labour group which Jeremy Corbyn helped to run Peace and Freedom

Jeremy Corbyn

Questions: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces intense pressure over his links to former Czechoslovakian agent Jan Sarkocy CREDIT: GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT/AP

East Germanys secret police kept top secret files on a Labour group which Jeremy Corbyn helped to run, it has emerged.

The Stasi reportedly took a keen interest in the Labour Action for Peace (LAP) group in the 1980s.

Mr Corbyn was reportedly an officer of the LAP in the eighties and went on to serve as vice chairman before becoming president.

The Stasi believed the activity of the LAP to be of special importance and that the group could play a role in influencing the formulation of official Labour Party policy.

The emergence of the files, published by the Guido Fawkes website, comes as Mr Corbyn faces intense pressure over his links to former Czechoslovakian agent Jan Sarkocy.

Mr Corbyn,

Read the rest:


Corbyn spy claims: Labour steps up war of words with media

Jeremy Corbyns office blames rightwing press owned by tax exi...


So Youre Calling For Gun control Huh? The Vineyard of the Saker

For more information on guns and crime, see here: For more information on the real causes of crime in the USA, see here:


Cultural diplomacy Voltaire Network

Cultural Diplomacy in a World of Conflict, by Hans Kchler / Iran is not top terror sponsor. Memorandum for the US President Donald Trump, by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity / Close Camp Bondsteel! / 2018 There are good reasons to fight and to hope, by Natacha Polony / Swiss model versus EU bureaucracy. EU Weapons Directive is in contradiction to the freedom of citizens, by Marianne Wthrich / Austria: This is what the new government wants, by Klaus Faissner / Digital transformation in schools learning from experience, by Felice Pensatore / People do not want war or how wars are made, by Dieter Sprock.


Germany urges Russia, Iran to end regime strikes on Damascus suburb indiscriminate shelling and bombardment continues Peace and Freedom

ARAB NEWS | Published Wednesday 21 February 2018

A man carries an injured boy as he walks on rubble of damaged buildings in the rebel held besieged town of Hamouriyeh.(AP)

BEIRUT: New airstrikes and shelling of the besieged, rebel-held suburbs of the Syrian capital killed at least 60 people and wounded dozens more on Wednesday, a rescue organization and a monitoring group said, adding to a staggering casualty toll that has overwhelmed paramedics and doctors in the past few days.

Syrian government forces and Russian aircraft have shown no signs of letting up their indiscriminate aerial and artillery assault on eastern Ghouta since they stepped up strikes late Sunday.

The situation in Eastern Ghouta is very sadning the UN Secretary General Antonio Guteres said while opening a Security Council session to discuss UN Charter and maintenance of international peace & security.

.The UN chief urged all parties for an immediate halt to fighting in what he described hell on Earth Syria enclave.

The International Committee of the Red Cross asked Wednesday for access to Eastern Ghouta near Syrias capital where a regime aerial campaign has killed over 300 civilians and wounded 1,400 others this week.


The fighting appears likely to cause much more suffering in the days and weeks ahead, and our teams need to be allowed to enter Eastern Ghouta to aid the wounded, said Marianne Gasser, ICRCs head of delegation in Syria. The worsening situation for the Syrians besieged in Damascus suburb led Germany to urge Russia and Iran to push the Syrian regime to end the deadly airstrikes on rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, noting that the two had pledged to be guarantors of peace in Syria.

One has to ask where is Russia, where is Iran, which had pledged in Astana to guarantee a ceasefire also in Eastern Ghouta, said Steffen Seibert, spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel, referring to peace talks in the Kazakh capital.

At least 260 people have been killed since Sunday night, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, including 10 in a wave of strikes on the town of Kafr Batna on Wednesday.

The Syrian Civil Defense search-and-rescue group, also known as the White Helmets, said government forces targeted the town with airstrikes, artillery fire, and barrel bombs crude, explosives-filled oil drums dropped from helicopters at high altitudes. It reported that several other people were wounded.

The locally-run Ghouta Media Center reported strikes on Kafr Batna and other towns in the region outside Damascus.

We are really alarmed by the information were receiving from civilian ar...


Philippines bans Rappler reporters from presidential palace Committee to Protect Journalists

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, center, before he addresses Filipino Muslim leaders during a reception at the Presidential Palace to celebrate the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan in June 2017. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque told local media the government decided to ban Rappler from covering official presidential events because Duterte had

Bangkok, February 21, 2018 - The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the Philippine government's decision to ban the news website Rappler from covering official presidential events, and calls for an immediate end to all government harassment of the independent online publication.

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Wednesday, 21 February


Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement on the Seventh Anniversary of the February Conspiracy. INTERNATIONALIST 360

Arabic Official English Translation  Libyan National Popular Movement February 17th 2018 Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement on the Seventh Anniversary of the February Conspiracy Today comes the seventh year of the international conspiracy, in which obscurantist forces and Libyan agents participated in the war against Libya and its safe people, where innocent people...


Brazilians Fear Intensified Repression as the Militarization of Rio de Janeiro Begins INTERNATIONALIST 360

Brazilians reject the decree of militarization proposed by the de facto government, backed by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. After the decree signed on February 16  for the militarization of Rio de Janeiro (southeast), by the de facto president of Brazil, Michel Temer, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate approved the federal...


MAS Proclaim Morales 2019 Presidential Candidate INTERNATIONALIST 360

The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), proclaimed the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, as its candidate for the 2019 general elections; a feat that the Bolivian leader considered support for the process of change in the South American country. We proclaimed from Santa Cruz as our candidate for 2019 based on the Constitution of the State,...


While Venezuela Holds Presidential Elections, the Opposition Boycotts Democracy INTERNATIONALIST 360

The Venezuelan opposition is seriously divided and cannot agree on an electoral tactic much less a platform other then getting rid of Maduro. Nino Pagliccia Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave a media conference on Feb. 15 that brought us to date on the Venezuelan governments position to several important events that have occurred recently. The...


Benin suspends local paper for insulting president Committee to Protect Journalists

Benin's media regulator, the High Authority for Broadcasting and Communication (HAAC), ordered the privately owned daily L'Audace Info on February 8, 2018 to suspend indefinitely its print and online editions after it allegedly insulted the president, the paper's editor, Romuald Alingo, told CPJ.


Egyptian journalist detained, disappears in state custody Committee to Protect Journalists

In Cairo, Egypt, a woman sips on a cup of tea as she sits behind a poster of Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who will run for a second term in an upcoming election. The poster reads "We've chosen you for a second term". (Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

New York, February 20, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned about the detention and subsequent disappearance of Egyptian journalist Moataz Wadnan, and today called on the country's authorities to make public what they know about his whereabouts.


Turkey sentences 4 journalists to life in prison, releases and indicts another Committee to Protect Journalists

German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel walks after he was released from government detention on February 16, 2018. (Reuters/Huseyin Aldemir)

Istanbul, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned a Turkish court's decision to sentence four journalists to life in prison without parole, and called on Turkish authorities to release them without delay. In a separate case, Turkey must scrap charges against another journalist who was today released from custody but simultaneously indicted for terrorism propaganda, CPJ said.

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Tuesday, 20 February


So Paulo Forum Rejects Imperialist Interference in Venezuela and Supports April Elections INTERNATIONALIST 360

The Working Group of the So Paulo Forum rejects and condemns the imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela commanded by US President Donald Trump and obeyed by the subaltern governments of the so-called Lima Group. Venezuela and the government of President Maduro, democratically elected, are still brutally attacked and are now threatened in...

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Saturday, 17 February


CPJ calls on Ethiopia to drop case against Zone 9 blogger Committee to Protect Journalists

An undated picture of members of the Zone 9 blogging collective. One of the bloggers is waiting for a court to drop an incitement charge against him. (Endalkachew H/Michael)

Nairobi, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Ethiopian authorities to drop an incitement charge against Zone 9 blogger Atnafu Berhane. Prosecutors told a court on February 14 they planned to drop the charge today, but the process was delayed by a paperwork error, Atnafu told CPJ. He added that a judge said today that the case against him will continue if prosecutors fail to present the updated paperwork to the court on February 23.


Indian authorities say jailed photographer Kamran Yousuf not 'real journalist' Committee to Protect Journalists

Photojournalist Kamran Yousuf, pictured, is facing charges after covering unrest in Jammu and Kashmir state. (Younis Khaliq)

New York, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Indian authorities and the National Investigative Agency (NIA) to immediately drop charges against photojournalist Kamran Yousuf and release him.


Israeli troops arrest Palestinian journalist in West Bank Committee to Protect Journalists

A Palestinian and a boy walk a dog along the Israeli barrier in the West Bank town of Qalqilyah in February. Israeli security forces arrested a Quds News Network reporter at his West Bank home on February 15. (AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh)

Beirut, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned by the arrest of Palestinian journalist Abdul Mohsen Shalaldeh. Israeli security forces arrested Shalaldeh, a reporter for the Hamas-affiliated Quds News Network, at his home in the southern West Bank town of Sa'ir, on February 15, according to news reports, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, and Shalaldeh's brother, Loay.


Attacker tries to stab Honduran journalist during live broadcast Committee to Protect Journalists

Honduras' President Juan Orlando Hernandez at a construction site in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in January 2018. An unidentified man with a knife attempted to attack journalist Csar Omar Silva on February 13 amid ongoing political unrest in Honduras following the reelection of President Juan Orlando Hernndez and a subsequent security crackdown, according to reports. (Reuters/Edgard Garrido)

New York, February 16, 2018--Honduran authorities should take swift action to identify and bring to justice the man who attempted to stab television reporter Csar Omar Silva during a live broadcast, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

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Friday, 16 February


Week after raid, office of Ukraine's Vesti remains blocked Committee to Protect Journalists

People cross a road during a heavy snowfall in Kiev, Ukraine in January 2018. Journalists at Media Holding Vesti remain blocked from their newsroom in central Kiev one week after dozens of law enforcement agents raided the office, editor-in-chief Oksana Omelchenko told CPJ. (Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko)

Kiev, February 15, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists urges Ukrainian authorities to ensure that journalists at Media Holding Vesti are able to access their office and continue their work without fear of retaliation. Journalists at Media Holding Vesti remain blocked from their newsroom in central Kiev one week after dozens of law enforcement agents raided the office, editor-in-chief Oksana Omelchenko told CPJ.

Thursday, 15 February


Ugandan journalist seized in Kampala following investigative report Committee to Protect Journalists

A general view shows the capital city of Kampala in Uganda, in July 2016. Five unidentified men dressed in military camouflage seized journalist Charles Etukuri outside the newspaper's office in Kampala on February 13, 2018. (Reuters/James Akena)

Nairobi, February 14, 2018--Ugandan authorities must make every effort to secure the safe release of Charles Etukuri, an investigative journalist for the state-owned New Vision newspaper, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. Five unidentified men dressed in military camouflage seized Etukuri outside the newspaper's office in Kampala yesterday, days after he published an investigation into the murder of a foreign national in Uganda, the paper's editor John Kakande and the Independent Media Council of Uganda executive secretary, Haruna Kanaabi, told CPJ.


ECOWAS court rules Gambia violated rights of journalists Committee to Protect Journalists

A supporter of Gambia's President Adama Barrow waves an ECOWAS flag at his swearing-in ceremony in February 2017. An ECOWAS court ruling calls on Gambia to repeal its criminal libel and false news laws. (Reuters/Thierry Gouegnon)

New York, February 14, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists called on the Gambian government to act on a judgment passed today by the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to immediately repeal its laws on criminal libel, sedition, and false news.


Moroccan court convicts local publisher of criminal defamation Committee to Protect Journalists

A boulevard in Casablanca, Morocco as seen in October 2012. A Casablanca court on February 12, 2018, convicted journalist Taoufik Bouachrine of criminal defamation in a lawsuit filed by two government ministers, according to news reports. (AP/Abdeljalil Bounhar)

New York, February 14, 2018--Moroccan authorities should drop all charges against Akhbar al-Youm columnist and publisher Taoufik Bouachrine on appeal, and allow him to work without fear of reprisal, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.


Ethiopian journalists Eskinder Nega and Woubshet Taye released from prison Committee to Protect Journalists

Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega was released on February 14, 2018, after serving nearly seven years in prison. (Befekadu Hailu)

New York, February 14, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists welcomes news that Ethiopian journalists Eskinder Nega and Woubshet Taye are free from prison after each served nearly seven years.

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