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Tuesday, 21 November


GitHub starts alerting developers of security vulnerabilities in dependencies Help Net Security

Popular Git repository hosting service GitHub has introduced a new feature to help developers keep their projects safer: security alerts for vulnerabilities in software packages which their projects depend on. GitHub hosts some 67 million code repositories, and is among the largest collections of open source data. According to their statistics, 45% of the 100 largest companies in the United States (by revenue) use GitHub Enterprise to build software. Over 75 percent of GitHub projects More


Criminals leverage unsecured IoT devices, DDoS attacks surge Help Net Security

Organizations experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts per month during Q3 2017 equivalent to 8 DDoS attack attempts every day as hackers strive to take their organisations offline or steal sensitive data, according to Corero Network Security. The data, which is based on DDoS attack attempts against Corero customers, represents a 35% increase in monthly attack attempts compared to the previous quarter (Q2 2017), and a 91% increase in monthly attack More


German government bans childrens smartwatches, tells parents to destroy them Help Net Security

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), Germanys regulatory agency for public utility companies, has categorized childrens smartwatches as spying devices, and has banned their sale. Why? The watches have a SIM card and limited telephony function that are set up and controlled using an app. This kind of listening function is often described as a monitor. The app user is able to make the watch call a desired number unnoticed by its wearer or those nearby. More


Why hackers reuse malware Help Net Security

Software developers love to reuse code wherever possible, and hackers are no exception. While we often think of different malware strains as separate entities, the reality is that most new malware recycles large chunks of source code from existing malware with some changes and additions (possibly taken from other publically released vulnerabilities and tools). This approach makes sense. Why reinvent the wheel when another author already created a working solution? While code reuse in malware More


South Korea Winter Olympics: Cyber lessons from the past Help Net Security

There is little doubt that guns, gates, and guards will be on full alert in Pyeongchang, South Korea as the nation readies itself for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which begin Feb. 9. In concert with feats of strength, dazzling stadiums and piping national anthems, the threat of cyberattacks looms large at the Olympic Games. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil taught us that prior More

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Monday, 20 November


Sad state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance Help Net Security

A new survey of more than 300 IT professionals, conducted by Propeller Insights in October 2017, revealed that the state of enterprise cloud infrastructure governance is extremely poor. In spite of an ever-increasing number of security breaches, 28 percent of IT professionals arent confident their cloud infrastructure is secure, 62 percent rely on manual reviews before infrastructure is provisioned, and 42 percent have no cloud infrastructure governance processes in place. The cloud has completely transformed More


Discovery of a critical password stealing banking Trojan Hacker News Bulletin | Find the Latest Hackers News

Security researchers at Bitdefender have discovered a critical password stealing banking Trojan. This banking Trojan is believed to be based on the famous Trojan Zeus. The discovered Trojan has been termed as Terdot by the researchers. This Trojan has the ability to use visited web pages data with HTML code to carry out MitM (man-in-the-middle)

The post Discovery of a critical password stealing banking Trojan appeared first on Hacker News Bulletin | Find the Latest Hackers News.


Simple Jig Gives Plastic Homes to Orphaned Projects Hackaday

Look around your bench and chances are pretty good that theres a PCB or scrap of perfboard or even a breadboard sitting there, wires and LEDs sprouting off it, doing something useful and interesting. Taking it to the next level with a snazzy enclosure just seems too hard sometimes, especially if you dont have access to a 3D printer or laser cutter. But whipping up plastic enclosures can be quick and easy with this simple acrylic bending outfit.

At its heart [Derek]s bending rig is not much different from any of the many hot-wire foam cutters weve featured. A nichrome wire with a tensioning spring is stretched across a slot in a flat work surface. The slot contains an aluminum channel to reflect the heat from the wire upward and to protect the MDF bed; we wonder if perhaps an angle section set in a V-groove might not be more effective, and whether more vertical adjustment range would provide the wider heating area needed for wider radius bends. It works great as is, though, and [Derek] took the time to build a simple timer to control the heating element, for which of course he promptly built a nice looking enclosure.

We can imagine the possibilities here are endless, especially if you use colored acrylic or Lexan and add in some solvent welding. Weve covered acrylic enclosure techniques before; heres a post that covers the basics.

Filed under: misc hacks, tool hacks


Argentine Navy Diesel Sub Disappears; NASA Plane Joins in Search SoylentNews

The US Navy and NASA have joined the search for an Argentine Armada (navy) diesel-electric attack submarinethe ARA San Juan (S-42)and its crew of 44 sailors missing in the Southern Argentine Sea. The last contact with the TR-1700 class sub, built in 1983 by the German shipbuilder Thyssen Nordseewerke, was on November 15.

NASA has dispatched a modified P-3 Orion patrol planepreviously used by the Navy for submarine huntingto aid in the search. The P-3 is equipped with a magnetic anomaly detector (or magnetometer), a gravimeter for detecting small fluctuations in the Earth's gravity, infrared cameras, and other sensors for measuring ice thickness. With that array, the P-3 may be able to detect the submerged submarine.

[...] The NASA P-3 joins three Argentine Armada ships in the searchthe destroyer ARA Sarand (D-13) and two corvettes, ARA Rosales (P-42) and ARA Drummond (P-31). Reuters reports that Argentine naval spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters today, "We are investigating the reasons for the lack of communication [with the submarine]. If there was a communication problem, the boat would have to come to the surface." The submarine was traveling from Ushuaia to Mar del Plata, and it was expected to stay on course regardless of communications. The lack of any sighting or contact led to a request for assistance from NASA.


The search has been hampered by bad weather and 20-foot waves.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Peter Sripols Home Built Electric Plane

I have a young son whos interested in aviation, so I knew about Peter Sripol from his FliteTest days. Peters segments were always our favorites on FliteTest because his builds were completely over the top. When I saw that Peter was building a real electric plane with R/C grade motors, 3D printed parts and stuff []


GCC 8 Feature Development Is Over Phoronix

Feature development on the GCC 8 compiler is over with it now entering stage three of its development process...


We are happy to announce Dr. Michele Calos as a speaker for the 2018 Undoing Aging Conference Lifeboat News: The Blog

Dr. Caloss work has inspired us for over a decade: she has pioneered a radically novel approach to gene therapy that has the potential to overcome all the key obstacles that have held that field back for so long. We are delighted to welcome her to Berlin to discuss the latest advances in this technology.


Kodi-Addon Developer Launches Fundraiser to Fight Copyright Bullies TorrentFreak

Earlier this year, American satellite and broadcast provider Dish Network targeted two well-known players in the third-party Kodi add-on ecosystem.

In a complaint filed in a federal court in Texas, add-on ZemTV and the TVAddons library were accused of copyright infringement. As a result, both are facing up to $150,000 for each offense.

While the case was filed in Texas, neither of the defendants live there, or even in the United States. The owner and operator of TVAddons is Adam Lackman, who resides in Montreal, Canada. ZemTVs developer Shahjahan Durrani is even further away in London, UK.

Over the past few months, Lackman has spoken out in public on several occasions, but little was known about the man behind ZemTV. Today, however, he also decided to open up, asking for support in his legal battle against the Dish Network.

Shahjahan Durrani, Shani for short, doesnt hide the fact that he was the driving force behind the Kodi-addons ZemTV, LiveStreamsPro, and F4MProxy. While the developer has never set foot in Texas, he is willing to defend himself. Problem is, he lacks the funds to do so.

Ive never been to Texas in my life, Im from London, England, Shani explains. Somehow a normal chap like me is expected to defend himself against a billion dollar media giant. I dont have the money to fight this on my own, and hope my friends will help support my fight against the expansion of copyright liability.

Shanis fundraiser went live a few hours ago and the first donations are now starting to come in. He has set a target of $8,500 set for his defense fund so there is still a long way to go.

Speaking with TorrentFreak, Shani explains that he got into Kodi addon development to broaden his coding skills and learn Python. ZemTV was a tool to watch recorded shows from, which he always assumed were perfectly legal, on his Apple TV. Then, he decided to help others to do the same.

The reason why I published the addon was that I saw it as a community helping each other out, and this was my way to give back. I never received any money from anybody and I wanted to keep it pure and free, Shani tells us.

ZemTV was a passive service, simply scraping content from a third party source, he explains. The addon provided an interface but did not host or control any allegedly infringing content directly.

I had no involvement nor control over any of the websites or cont...


LWJGL 3.1.4 Adds Zstd & LZ4 Bindings Phoronix

A new release is available of the Lightweight Java Game Library 3 (LWJGL) that is popular among game developers using the Java programming language...


US Inventor is a Bucket of Deplorables Not Worthy of Media Coverage Techrights

Paul Morinville sickened

Summary: Jan Wolfe of Reuters treats a fringe group called US Inventor as though its a conservative voice rather than a bunch of patent extremists pretending to be inventors

A VERY short while ago Jan Wolfe, who had been covering PTAB for a while, published this article about so-called conservatives attacking PTAB. We wrote about it yesterday. These are not quite the classical Conservatives but anti-government groups that are also misogynist and racist the uglier face of US politics that aligns with the anti-scientific party (GOP). "US Inventor" (covered here before) is mentioned by Wolfe, who is perhaps easily misled by the name of the group. These are the people who bully Michelle Lee and resort to terms like drain the swamp. They could only get less than a dozen people to gather for an illegal protest on USPTO premises, so why even pay attention to them?

From the article:

Its time for us to make patents great again, Michael Caputo, an advisor to Donald Trumps presidential campaign, told those gathered. US Inventor, the group behind the protest Caputo now represents as a spokesman, is calling for the abolition of the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board, an administrative tribunal run by the patent office that reviews the validity of patents.

The rallying cry marks an about-face for some conservatives, who broadly supported the boards creation in 2011 as a way to rein in trial lawyers and patent trolls, who hold patents for the sole purpose of suing big companies for licensing fees.

Things have really flipped when it comes to the conservative perspective on patents, said Charles Duan, a lawyer with left-leaning consumer group Public Knowledge.

Much of the credit goes to activists who have convinced many conservatives that the real problem is not out-of-control litigation but how the tribunal designed to speed up resolving patent disputes favors big business over smaller rivals.



Fifth site in online tools network: good coders code, great reuse

At Browserling we're building a network of online tools websites. Each site in the network focuses on one and only one tool category. Each tool does one and only one thing. The first four websites in the network are Online CSV Tools, which is all about working with Comma Separated Values data, Online JSON Tools, which is all about working with JSON data, Online XML Tools, which is all about working with XML documents, Online STRING Tools, which is all about working with strings.

Now we're releasing the fifth site.

The fifth site in our network is Online Random Tools. Online Random Tools is a collection of simple, free and easy to use randomization utilities. There are no ads, popups or other garbage. Just randomization utilities that work in your browser. Press button and instantly get random data.

Here's a list of all randomization tools so far:


A bug in the Android MediaProjection service lets hackers to record audio and screen activity on 77% of all devices Security Affairs

A flaw in the Android MediaProjection service could be exploited by an attacker to record audio and screen activity on around 77.5% of all Android devices.

A vulnerability affecting Android smartphones running Lolipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat (Around 77.5% of all Android devices)  could be exploited by an attacker to record audio and screen activity.

The vulnerability resides in the Android MediaProjection service that has the access to both screen contents and record system audio.

Starting with the release of Android Lolipop (5.0), the MediaProjection service is not restricted to users with root access.

To use the MediaProjection service, an application would simply have to request access to this system Service via an Intent. Access to this system Service is granted by displaying a SystemUI pop-up that warns the user that the requesting application would like to capture the users screen. the MWR team wrote in a report.

The researchers explained that an attacker could overlay this SystemUI pop-up which warns the user that the contents of the screen and system audio would be captured, with an arbitrary message to trick the user into granting a malicious application the ability to capture the users screen.

The lack of specific android permissions to use this API makes it difficult check if an application uses the MediaProjection service to record video and audio. The unique access control mechanism available to prevent the abuse of the MediaProjection service s the SystemUI pop-up that could be easily bypassed.

The root cause of this vulnerability is due to the fact that vulnerable Android versions dont implement mechanisms to detect partially obscured SystemUI pop-ups.

An attacker can craft an application to draw an overlay over the SystemUI pop-up which would lead to the elevation of the applications privileges.

Furthermore, the SystemUI pop-up is the only access control mechanism available that prevents the abuse of the MediaProjection service. An attacker could trivially bypass this mechanism by tap-jacking this pop-up using publicly known methods to grant their applications the ability to capture the users screen. added MWR.

This vulnerability would allow an attacker to capture the users screen should the user tap of the SystemUI popup that has been overlayed by the attacker with an arbitrary message. 

Google patched the vulnerability only in Android Oreo Android Oreo (8.0), older versions are still affected by the bug.

Researchers highlighted that the attack exploiting this flaw is not entirely undetectable. When an application gains a...


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 11/20/17 TorrentFreak

This week we have three newcomers in our chart.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is the most downloaded movie again.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 (1) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 6.7 / trailer
2 () Logan Lucky 7.2 / trailer
3 () Wind River 7.8 / trailer
4 (2) The Hitmans Bodyguard 7.0 / trailer
5 (4) Thor Ragnarok (HDTS/Cam) 8.2 / trailer
6 (9) Atomic Blonde 7.0 / trailer
7 (5) Spider-Man: Homecoming 7.8 / trailer


SuperTuxKart 0.9.3 Officially Out With New Screen Recorder, In-Game Improvements Phoronix

There was the release candidate back for Halloween while now officially available is SuperTuxKart 0.9.3, the latest installment of the Tux-themed racing game...


The Policy Prognosis for AI: Winner of the SSUNS 2017 Essay Contest Lifeboat News: The Blog

Furthermore, with advancements in quantum computing and machine learning, many notable public figures, including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have indicated a growing concern with the imminent threat of AI surpassing human intelligence (Gosset, 2017). For instance, Darrell M. West, a political scientist, has proposed a protectionist framework that appeals to transhumanism, in which he restructures socioeconomic policy to account for changes in technology-induced unemployment. In particular, he posits that Separating the dispersion of health care, disability, and pension benefits outside of employment offers workers with limited skills social benefits on a universal basis (West, 2015). Expounding upon this equivocation, a more viable solution to potential unemployment is the realization of a multi-faceted policy which advocates the improvement of STEM-related education on a broad economic base, with habituation programs for the unskilled workforce. That is, with the implementation of appropriate and reformatory policies concerning the future development of AI technologies, this sector provides an economic incentive for new job creation, compatible with industrial development.

Prompt: What are the political implications of artificial intelligence technology and how should policy makers ensure this technology will benefit diverse sectors of society?

In recent years, the rapid development and mass proliferation of artificial intelligence have had various sociopolitical implications. It is a commonly held belief that the emergence of this technology will have an unprecedented impact on policies and political agendas. However, such discourse often lacks a geopolitical and social dimension, which limits the breadth of analysis. Further, little consideration has been given to potential employment and public policy reform. Growing concerns have been raised regarding the potential risk inherent in the evolution of strong AI, which provides the basis for transhumanism, whereby it is conjectured that AI will eventually be able to surpass human intelligence. As such, it is incumbent upon the upcoming generation of policymakers to implement and adopt necessary measures, which will provide a careful, multilateral framework, ultimately achieving market-oriented technological advancement with respect to employment and public policy.

Machine learning, the interplay of computer science and neuroscience, is a rapidly developing field that has been a source of much political controversy in recent years. While emerging technologies have significantly improved production quality and efficiency across industries, they have also raise...


31 (8000?) Sealed Indictments In D.C? Terra Forming Terra

What we have here is speculation at the moment that arose a week ago while Trump was Overseas.  Other reports flushed out another 290 sealed indictments which may all be completely unrelated.  we simply do not know.

On the other hand the narrative does make excellent sense and  superior to what we actually have or have not been told.  Add in the statement made by a former insider that the NSA data has been processed by the DOJ for the past decade and we have ample likely cause for 290 sealed indictments.

Recall that data includes every phone call and email ever made.  Thus it has become possible to construct all the networks of folks who are self serving in a criminal manner.  This is no small matter when you consider that in the past such  investigations always needed a tip off for questions to be asked.

My central point here is that a massive housecleaning is completely plausible and definitely possible.  Add in Muellar and Trump carefully playing the media while this is going on and this is truly huge and likely about to happen.  It certainly kept the perps asleep with false hope until their interviews.  It will be the biggest sting in history.

So far Trump has consistently done better than i was able to imagine and executed better.  We are now waiting for the real boot to drop on those declared internal enemies of the State.  It is not his style to let things ride.

Hammer Of Justice Falls On Clinton Crime Family 31 Sealed Indictments In D.C. 

Baxter Dmitry 



The Fixers Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

Thanks for everything you do, Jehu. Jehu Garcia YouTube Via: Vice:


Team Battistellis Attacks on the EPO Boards of Appeal Predate the Illegal Sanctions Against a Judge Techrights

A shocked Battistelli

Summary: A walk back along memory lane reveals that Battistelli has, all along, suppressed and marginalised DG3 members, in order to cement total control over the entire Organisation, not just the Office

LAST night we wrote about the EPOs latest attack on the boards, which have already been relegated to the suburbs of Munich (Haar). Its like Battistelli does not want these boards to exist, or wishes to overburden them to the point where they become useless for assurance of patent quality (prior art search and the like). He cannot legally knock them out of existence because of the EPC, but the EPC does not say anything about punishing them relentlessly, so Battistelli will probably get away with it. Now that his departure is almost imminent its ever more unlikely that hell lose his immunity and himself be subjected to disciplinary actions. 6 weeks from now he and Bergot will officially put the axe to long-term contracts. In other words, 6 months before hes gone hes totally destroying any prospects of the EPO ever recovering or salvaging the talent it once had.

Disturbing. To say the least.

We very much doubt the press will cover our findings regarding the Haar party, which is a sad display of irony if not black comedy. The press repeatedly ignores important stories and developments, as recently as weeks ago. Even comments on the matter might not get through. Heres yesterdays report of censorship in IP Kat (or maybe slow moderation by Bristows, or perhaps approval only after a complaint about it). Censorship is never good, the comment said. And yes, its about the boards. It often seems as though these matters cannot be brought up at IP Kat anymore, as peoples names cannot safely be mentioned (this limits useful debate). Truths are now personal attacks. To quote the comment at hand:

Why has my comment relating to recent case re entitlement of priority at the EPO not been accepted?

Is it because I mentioned the plea of a well known specialist about the fact that the EPO should only looking whether there is identity of invention?

I considered my comment as showing t...


Every Day is a Nibiru Doomsday SoylentNews

Have you seen headlines that look like the following?

Nibiru BLACKOUT: Fears Planet X could knock out power worldwide
Nibiru PROOF: Footage sparks claims Planet X spotted over UK
Governments 'ALREADY preparing for Planet X apocalypse'
Could the end of the world come TODAY? Mysterious planet Nibiru 'set to wipe out all life with apocalyptic earthquakes'
Nibiru Apocalypse Upon Us AgainHere's How Yellowstone, Nuclear War and Asteroids Could Actually End the World

NASA scientist David Morrison has taken the time to debunk Nibiru... repeatedly (archive):

"I assumed that Nibiru was the sort of Internet rumor that would quickly pass," Morrison wrote in 2008, after his "Ask an Astrobiologist" website had become inundated with predictions that Nibiru was going to cross paths with Earth in 2012. "I now receive at least one question per day, ranging from anguished ('I can't sleep; I am really scared; I don't want to die') to the abusive ('Why are you lying; you are putting my family at risk; if NASA denies it then it must be true.')" he wrote.

Morrison laid out a detailed explanation, which he would repeat in years to come: There is no evidence that Nibiru exists; if it did exist, it would have screwed up the outer planets' orbits long ago; and people have predicted its arrival before and been wrong.

But to no avail:

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Lockheed Martin Orion Lifeboat News: The Blog

Do you want to change our world by sending humans to another one?

Now is the time.

At Lockheed Martin Space, weve been robotically exploring the solar system for decades. Weve been on Mars for over 40 years starting with Viking, and were the only company in the world that has helped NASA visit as many planets, moon, and asteroids.


FatPiBoy: Respin Game Boy with a Pop-Out Controller Hackaday

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had a clone of the Game Boy, except it was actually twice as wide, and instead of holding it in your hands you pop a tiny separate controller out of the middle and play it that way? No? Well, neither have we. But that didnt stop [Christian Reinbacher] from designing and building exactly that, and by the looks of the finished product, we have to say he might be onto something.

To be fair, the charmingly-named FatPiBoy is not really meant to be played like the GameBoy of yesteryear. Its more like a game console with built in display; you prop the console up on something, and then remove the controller from the system and play that way.

The controller itself is a commercial product, the 8bitdo Zero, but [Christian] based the rest of the system on parts intended for the Adafruit PiGRRL. For the battery, [Christian] used a 4,500 mAh pack that was originally from his Nexus 7 tablet; a tip to keep in mind next time youre looking for a big and cheap lithium-ion battery.

[Christian] notes that the case design isnt perfect. Theres currently no external access to the Pis USB ports, and the recess for the 8bitdo Zero could be a few millimeters deeper. Still,...


8 minutes that will make you leave Islam Terra Forming Terra

8 minutes that will make you leave Islam YouTube

This resolves a serious question i had with the historic slave trade.  That must be defined best as  asking where are  the descendants of the fourteen centuries of African slaving?  This video resolves that issue.

It turns out that all men were castrated outright.  Worse, the dominant gender for the Arab trade were women who were all sold as concubines.    All pregnancies were ended by killing the new born.

It is thought that 11 million made it to the Americas to form their current populations.  At least twice as many were shipped into the Muslim world and no significant extent population exists.  In the same way, few white populations exist in the Arab world as well although white slaving was endemic until the eighteenth century.


Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency Terra Forming Terra

Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency
 This is important.  The Mayan collapse has begged explanation for decades.  As well we also have significant coastal abandonment at other locales to explain.  Hurricanes solve the whole problem nicely.

After all since our recent bombardment, coastal construction is looking far too fool hardy.  Now imagine the frequency jumping to decadal rather than every century.  That is what happened and recovery became impossible as would happen with us as well.

We are also seeing how a poorly organized society gets on as well in Puerto Rico.  They are not too far from all been refugees..

Rise and fall of American civilizations linked to hurricane frequency

Titanium-Gold Alloy: Physicists Combine Gold with Titanium And Quadruple Its Strength Terra Forming Terra

Sometimes nature simply surprises you.  This produces a super hard metal that can go into the body. 

Titanium does pretty well but this is much better.

All good to have.

Titanium-Gold Alloy: Physicists Combine Gold with Titanium And Quadruple Its Strength

IN BRIEFScientists from Rice University have discovered a titanium alloy that's better than titanium at being a medical implant, and it is four times harder than titanium and a vast majority of steels.


When it comes to bone replacements, the go-to material is still titanium. Hard, wear-resistant, and compatible to the body, titanium looks like the best alternative to actual bone, maybe even better. Who knew that you could improve the gold standard by just adding actual gold?

Rice University physicists have discovered that an alloy of titanium and gold is three to four times harder than steel, and may actually be better as a material for replacement body parts. The study, published in Science Advances, described the properties of an alloy of the two metals, a 3-to-1 mixture of titanium and gold, called Titanium-3. They found the alloy to be four times harder than titanium.

When they checked the biocompatibility and wear rate of the alloy, the researchers knew that it would rank high, since its parent metals are already biocompatible and used in medical implants. Surprisingly, Titanium-3 performed well over their expectations, actually being more biocompatible and wear resistant than pure titanium.




The Zoroastrian Texts of Ancient Persia & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations with graham hancock Terra Forming Terra

This information confirms reasons for the building of underground refugia throughout Anatolia and by extension, surely throughout Europe as well.  That they were forced to reside there for 150 years is shocking.  What is not explained is how folks were fed.

However, we also know that we are dealing with modernism in terms of their technology.  We have lighting panels mentioned and we must presume a food production infrastructure which was compact.  All this would have been extracted upon the abandonment of the refuge.

Longer life spans are also implied as well.

This report conforms with that of Noah and the Kolbrin bible as well.  Thus we have an organized society aware of the pending impact who goes underground in order to survive.  The tunnel work is not rough either and surely done using heat devices.  We would be hard put to do as well...

The Zoroastrian Texts of Ancient Persia & What They Reveal About Advanced Ancient Civilizations



The controversial certificate authority StartCom will go out of business on January 1, 2018 Security Affairs

The Startcom CA board chairman Xiaosheng Tan, announced that the controversial certificate authority will end its activity on January 1, 2018.

The controversial certificate authority StartCom is going to close, according to board chairman Xiaosheng Tan, the business will end its activity on January 1, 2018.

Starting from January 1, 2018, StartCom will no longer issue new digital certificates, but CRL and OCSP service will continue for two years, until the expiration of the StartComs three key root pairs.

In July, Google warned website owners that it will completely ban digital certificates issued by the Chinese certificate authority WoSign and its subsidiary StartCom. The Tech giant announced it will no longer trust the WoSign certificates starting with Chrome 61.
Startcom and Wosign certificates have been put on untrusted lists by almost any major browser firms, including Mozilla, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

For this reason, according to Tan the shut down of the CA would not have a major impact.

According to, about 0.1 per cent of websites worldwide still use StartCom as an SSL certificate authority.

The following diagram shows the historical trend in the percentage of websites using StartCom.


p2k17 Hackathon report: Antoine Jacoutot on ports+packages progress OpenBSD Journal

Another p2k17 hackathon report is just in, from Antoine Jacoutot (ajacoutot@), who writes:

Nothing fancy, just ports work, but my first time in Berlin was a blast!

It's been a while since I attended a ports hackathon where I ended up exclusively working on ports, and P2K17 was one of them.

Read more


Facebook Open Sources Open/R Distributed Networking Software SoylentNews

Facebook is no stranger when it comes to open sourcing its computing knowledge. Over the years, it has consistently created software and hardware internally, then transferred that wisdom to the open source community to let them have it. Today, it announced it was open sourcing its modular network routing software called Open/R, as the tradition continues.

"Open/R is a distributed networking application platform. It runs on different parts of the network. Instead of relying on protocols for networking routing, it gives us flexibility to program and control a large variety of modern networks," Omar Baldonado, Engineering Director at Facebook explained.

[...] "This goes along with movement toward disaggregation of the network. If you open up the hardware and open up the software on top of it, it benefits everyone," Baldonado said.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Chinese surgeon tackles head transplant critics in countdown to world first Lifeboat News: The Blog

Doctor says test run on corpses last week helped explore technical issues and results will be published soon.


According to UIDAI, more than 200 government websites made Aadhaar users details public Security Affairs

According to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Aadhaar details were displayed on 210 government websites.

The state government websites publicly displayed personal details such as names and addresses of Aadhaar users.

The Aadhaar is the worlds largest biometric ID system, with over 1.123 billion enrolled members as of 28 February 2017.

The role of the system is crucial for both authenticating and authorizing transactions and is a pillar of the Indian UID (unique identification database).

The Aadhaar issuing body confirmed that the data was removed from the websites just after the data breach was noticed, but it did provide further details on the alleged hack.

Even if the UIDAI never publicly disclosed Aadhaar details public, more than 200 websites of central government and state government departments, were displaying the list of beneficiaries along with their name, address, other details and Aadhaar numbers.

Though the UIDAI never made Aadhaar details public, 210 websites of central government and state government departments including educational institutes were displaying the list of beneficiaries along with their name, address, other details and Aadhaar numbers of general public. reported the IndiaToday website.

Aadhaar system
The Aadhaar architecture has been designed to ensure the data security and privacy.

Various policies and procedures have been defined, these are reviewed and updated continually thereby appropriately controlling and monitoring any movement of people, material and data in and out of UIDAI premises, particularly the data centres, the UIDAI said.

The UIDAI confirmed that the security audits are conducted on a regular basis to improve the security and privacy of data, it confirmed the efforts to make the data safer and protected.



Worlds First Cloned Dog Has Been Cloned Again Lifeboat News: The Blog

How healthy are clones? What about clones of clones?

This seems like a pretty silly way to go about testing this. Id clone like 1,000 to 10,000 mice and track them down generations to see if there was anything abnormal. Then, 1,000 cloned rats. And, finally clone 100 monkeys.

In the 1996 film Multiplicity, Michael Keaton plays an overworked construction worker who gets cloned so that he can spend more time with his family. Eventually his clone gets cloned, but this clone is defective, with a low IQ and weird personality. As might be expected, the movie was a total flop at the box office*.

Silly as it was, the movie does raise an interesting question: How healthy are clones? What about clones of clones?

Dolly the sheep, the worlds first cloned animal, died young at the age of six. This, along with other data, suggested that cloned animals may not be entirely healthy, specifically that they may have shorter lifespans. However, a follow-up study that examined 13 cloned sheep concluded that cloning had no obvious detrimental long-term health effects.


Gorgeous Engineering Inside Wheels of a Robotic Trail Buddy Hackaday

Robots are great in general, and [taylor] is currently working on something a bit unusual: a 3D printed explorer robot to autonomously follow outdoor trails, named Rover. Rover is still under development, and [taylor] recently completed the drive system and body designs, all shared via OnShape.

Moving the motors and gearboxes into the wheels themselves makes for a very small main body to the robot, and its more than a bit strange to see the wheel spinning opposite to the wheels hub. Check out the video showcasing the latest development of the wheels, embedded below.

[taylor] has an image gallery of the current hardware to go with the video above. Robots whose primary purpose is exploration are always exciting to see; some examples include PUFFER the rover and the Autonomous Underwater Glider (winner of the 2017 Hackaday Prize!)

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Why Linus is right (as usual) Errata Security

People are debating this email from Linus Torvalds (maintainer of the Linux kernel). It has strong language, like:

Some security people have scoffed at me when I say that security
problems are primarily "just bugs".
Those security people are f*cking morons.
Because honestly, the kind of security person who doesn't accept that
security problems are primarily just bugs, I don't want to work with.
I thought I'd explain why Linus is right.

Linus has an unwritten manifesto of how the Linux kernel should be maintained. It's not written down in one place, instead we are supposed to reverse engineer it from his scathing emails, where he calls people morons for not understanding it. This is one such scathing email. The rules he's expressing here are:
  • Large changes to the kernel should happen in small iterative steps, each one thoroughly debugged.
  • Minor security concerns aren't major emergencies; they don't allow bypassing the rules more than any other bug/feature.
Last year, some security "hardening" code was added to the kernel to prevent a class of buffer-overflow/out-of-bounds issues. This code didn't address any particular 0day vulnerability, but was designed to prevent a class of future potential exploits from being exploited. This is reasonable.

This code had bugs, but that's no sin. All code has bugs.

The sin, from Linus's point of view, is that when an overflow/out-of-bounds access was detected, the code would kill the user-mode process or kernel. Linus thinks it should have only generated warnings, and let the offending code continue to run.

Of course, that would in theory make the change of little benefit, because it would no longer prevent 0days from being exploited.

But warnings would only be temporary, the first step. There's likely to be be bugs in the large code change, and it would probably uncover bugs in other code. While bounds-checking is a security issue, it's first implementation will always find existing code having bounds bugs. Killing things made these bugs worse, causing catastrophic failures in the latest kernel that didn't exist before. Warnings, however, would have equally highlighted the bugs, but without causing catastrophic failures. My car runs multiple copies of Linux -- such catastrophic failures would risk my life.

Only after a year, when the bugs have been fixed, would the default behavior of the code be changed to kill buggy code, thus preventing exploitation.

In other words, large changes to the kernel should happen in small, manageable steps. This hardening hasn't existed for 25 y...


Fuel Cells Poised to Replace Indias Diesel Generators IEEE Spectrum Recent Content full text

Scientists at Indias National Chemistry Laboratory have pinpointed a clean, cost-effective fuel cell that can replace the unreliable and pollutive diesel generators that power Indias telecom towers.

The following is an excerpt from Multiphysics Simulation 2017.

By Lexi Carver

Despite significant addition to power generation and transmission capacities in recent years, India still faces an energy deficit of 2.1% and about 20,000 villages are off-grid. Moreover, electricity supply to urban and rural India is still unreliable. As a result, diesel generators are widely used for decentralized power generation. These generators (Figure 1, top), although inexpensive, are inefficient and pose great environmental and health risks.

Figure 1. Top: Diesel generators used to power

Figure 1. Top: Diesel generators used to power telecommunications towers in India. Bottom: PEM fuel cell.

This is why the National Chemistry Laboratory (NCL) in India, along with two other labs in the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI), and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), are investigating cleaner, cost-effective, and more dependable technology for powering telecom towers and eventually buildings.

A promising answer to the cost and pollution conundrum can be found in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM fuel cells or PEMFCs, shown in Figure 1, bottom), which are being phased into many applications as replacements for older power technology. Thanks to their small carbon footprints, low decibel levels, fuel compatibility, and excellent complementarity with other renewable energy options, they have potential for use in transportation, residential buildings and offices, and certain industrial sectors. PEM fuel cell systems have an overall efficiency exceeding 30% (compared to 22-25% for diesel generators), and when run on pure hydrogen, their only emission is water vapor.


PEM fuel cells contain a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) that comprises gas diffusion layers, electrodes, and polymer electrolyte membrane. Electrochemical reactions that generate power occur inside the MEA.

In a single PEM fuel cell, hydrogen streams to the anode side of the assembly, where it is split into protons and electrons by reactions in the presence of a catalyst. A network o...


India and Japan to Collaborate on Lunar Lander and Sample Return Mission SoylentNews

India, Japan working on lunar sample return mission

India plans to visit the moon a third time and also return, with Japan for company this time.

Their lander and rover mission will bring samples back from moon, the chiefs of the two space agencies said on Friday.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have started to work out the contours of their joint trip which will be the third for both countries.

They did not say when it would be sent. The plans are in the early stages: Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman and Secretary, Department of Space, A.S.Kiran Kumar, and JAXA president Naoki Okumura said the 'implementation arrangements' are likely be reached in a couple of months.

Related: Japan Planning to Put a Man on the Moon Around 2030
Enter the Moon Cave
India's Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission Planned for 2018

Original Submission

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Worlds First Artificial Kidney Is All Set To Replace Dialysis in 23 Years. Here is how it works! Lifeboat News: The Blog

A team of university scientists has developed the worlds first artificial kidney technology to be implanted in the body. Their bio-hybrid approach uses living kidney cells in tandem with a series of specialized microchips powered by the human heart to filter waste from the blood stream.

The National Kidney Foundation estimates that over 100,000 patients are on the waiting list for a donor kidney, and over 3,000 are added list each year. The average patient spends 3.6 years waiting for a viable transplant, and may be treated with dialysis while they wait, but only one in three dialysis patient survives longer than five years without a transplant.


Turn Command Lines into Web Apps Hackaday

Even if you like using a graphical user interface, you can probably agree that writing a graphical program is usually harder than writing an old-fashioned text-based program. Putting that GUI into an online format means even more to think about. [Adam Kewley] has the answer to that problem: Jobson. As you can see in the video below, the program is a web server that runs command line programs as jobs.

Simply write a YAML file to describe the programs inputs and outputs and Jobson will create input fields for arguments and display the output in a web page. Any files the program creates are available to download. Basically any command line program can be quickly and easily pulled into one web interface to rule them.

If a program takes a long time to run, Jobson will let you switch away and then later resume looking at the output. You can also abort a job or look at the arguments it received. Jobson can also authenticate users with several different methods to prevent just anyone from executing jobs.

If you really want to write a graphical program, try QTCreator. Or, you can get a shell in a web browser if you want to go that route. But this is the smoothest method weve seen for gathering command line programs into one place for monitoring and control. Neat!

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Yes, It Matters What You Wear to an Exam - Facts So Romantic Nautilus

The formality of clothing might not only influence the way others perceive a person, and how people perceive themselves, but could influence decision making in important ways through its influence on cognitive processing style.Photograph by John Chillingworth / Getty Images

In May 2015, an official vote was held by the Oxford University Student Union about clothing policy. It was over whether to keep subfusc, a traditional uniform dating back to the mid-seventeenth centurycomprised of a dark suit or skirt, black shoes, white shirt, and a white or black bow tie or ribbonmandatory for exams. The vote was overwhelming: Over seventy-five percent of Oxford students wanted to maintain it.

The argument over subfusc centered on the drawbacks of perceived elitism versus wholesome tradition. Some of the dissenters lambasted the outfit as snobbish, yet no one at the student union on voting day mentioned a recent scientific finding that could have completely changed the terms of the conversation: Different styles of dress may influence your test-taking skills. Wearing more formal clothing than your peers, according to a study published last year in Social Psychological & Personality Science, tends to make you think more abstractly, holistically, and creatively.

Abraham M. Rutchick, a
Read More


The Moon Express MX-1E Lander Is Heading for the Moon or Bust Lifeboat News: The Blog

Take a close look at the R2-D2-shaped lander that startup Moon Express wants to land on the moon.


LIGO Observes Lower Mass Black Hole Collision SoylentNews

Even small black holes emit gravitational waves when they collide, and LIGO heard them

LIGO scientists say they have discovered gravitational waves coming from another black hole merger, and it's the tiniest one they've ever seen.

The findings, submitted to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, could shed light on the diversity of the black hole population and may help scientists figure out why larger black holes appear to behave a little differently from the smaller ones.

"Its mass makes it very interesting," said Salvatore Vitale, a data analyst and theorist with the LIGO Lab at MIT. The discovery, he added, "really starts populating more of this low-mass region that [until now] was quite empty."

The black holes had estimated masses of around 12 and 7 solar masses.

Related: LIGO May Have Detected Merging Neutron Stars for the First Time
First Joint Detection of Gravitational Waves by LIGO and Virgo
"Kilonova" Observed Using Gravitational Waves, Sparking Era of "Multimessenger Astrophysics"

Original Submission

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Week in review: Risk assessment, fileless attacks, and the most hackable holiday gifts Help Net Security

Heres an overview of some of last weeks most interesting news and articles: Review: EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to strengthen data protection for all individuals within the EU (citizens and residents). It was adopted in April 2016, and it becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018. Sneaky malware downloader found in apps on Google Play Google has removed from Google Play eight apps that have served as downloaders for More


Hydrogen turned into metal in stunning act of alchemy that could revolutionize technology and spaceflight Lifeboat News: The Blog

Revolutionizing technology and spaceflight.

Its the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth, so when youre looking at it, youre looking at something thats never existed before

For nearly 100 years, scientists have dreamed of turning the lightest of all the elements, hydrogen, into a metal.

Now, in a stunning act of modern-day alchemy, scientists at Harvard University have finally succeeded in creating a tiny amount of what is the rarest, and possibly most valuable, material on the planet, they reported in the journal Science.


Airlander 10 Comes Unmoored and the Safety Features Work as Planned SoylentNews

"The world's longest aircraft dubbed the 'Flying Bum' was seriously damaged on Saturday after it slipped its moorings and crashed into a field....
'The aircraft has a safety system which operates automatically in circumstances of the aircraft breaking free of its mast, and is designed to rip open the hull and deflate the aircraft.'"

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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 739 News

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Fedora 27 WorkstationNews: Ubuntu running on Samsung phones, Red Hat unveils RHEL for ARM, Parabola continues to provide 32-bit packagesQuestions and answers: Cross-distro software portsReleased last week: Fedora 27, Tails 3.3, VyOS 1.1.8Torrent corner: Fedora, GhostBSD, KaOS, RDS, Slax, Sparky, Tails, VyOSOpinion....


Hackaday Links: November 19, 2017 Hackaday

[Peter]s homebuilt ultralight is actually flying now and not in ground effect, much to the chagrin of YouTube commenters. [Peter Sripol] built a Part 103 ultralight (no license required, any moron can jump in one and fly) in his basement out of foam board from Lowes. Now, hes actually doing flight testing, and he managed to build a good plane. Someone gifted him a ballistic parachute so the GoFundMe for the parachute is unneeded right now, but this gift parachute is a bit too big for the airframe. Not a problem; hell just sell it and buy the smaller model.

Last week, rumors circulated of Broadcom acquiring Qualcomm for the sum of One Hundred Billion Dollars. It looks like thats not happening now. Qualcomm rejected a deal for $103B, saying the offer, undervalued the company and would face regulatory hurdles. Does this mean the deal is off? No, there are 80s guys out there who put the dollar signs in Busine$$, and theres politicking going on.

A few links posts ago, I pointed out there were some very fancy LED panels available on eBay for very cheap. The Barco NX-4 LED panels are a 3236 panels of RGB LEDs, driven very quickly by some FPGA goodness. The reverse engineering of these panels is well underway, and [Ian] and his team almost have everything figured out. Glad I got my ten panels

TechShop is gone. With a heavy heart, we bid adieu to a business with a whole bunch of tools anyone can use. This leaves a lot of people with TechShop memberships out in the cold, and to ease the pain, Glowforge, Inventables, Formlabs, and littleBits are offering some discounts so you can build a hackerspace in your garage or basement. In other TechShop news, the question on everyones mind is, what are they going to do with all the machines?. Nobody knows, but the smart money is a liquidation/auction. Yes, in a few months, youll probably be renting a U-Haul and driving to TechShop one last time.

3D Hubs has come out with a 3D Printing...


Read "Space Traffic Control". Lifeboat News

Read "Space Traffic Control".


HPR2426: Let's Talk About Addiction Hacker Public Radio

I was partially inspired by Bitbox's really wonderful episode, "hpr2413: personal health care", to ramble on about the need for the HPR community to, maybe, start talking about a mental health crisis that touches pretty much everyone in the modern world: addiction. Personal Health Care hosted by Bitbox:


PTAB is Safe, the Patent Extremists Just Try to Scandalise It Out of Sheer Desperation Techrights

Tyranny of the patent microcosm continues to slip away

Kim to patent zealots
Nice try, patent zealots, but patent quality matters more than your protection money

Summary: The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA), which gave powers to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) through inter partes reviews (IPRs), has no imminent threats, not potent ones anyway

THE Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) is a subject we get to revisit every weekend. A lot is happening there. Technology companies like PTAB, whereas law firms are trying to destroy PTAB, which really says a lot about whose interests are served by improved patent quality.

A few days ago the patent trolls lobby expressed its interest in an old proposal for slicing USPTO. By independent USPTO they just mean a private USPTO, i.e. a for-profit monopoly whose goal would be to maximise profit, potentially by lowering patent quality (a la EPO).

Quoting IAM:

The USPTO is one of the few federal agencies that actually makes a profit from its operations, versus the majority of other US federal agencies which require taxpayer dollars to carry out their delegated functions. At present, the USPTO collects filing fees from applicants for patents and trademarks, as well as additional fees for many other services. These fees cover the USPTOs operations, including the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Historically, however, the federal government has diverted excess fees collected by the USPTO away from that office and into unrelated government programmes some estimates put the figure at more than $1 billion diverted from the USPTO since the early 1990s alone. With the enactment of the America Invents Act in 2011, the Patent and Trademark Fee Reserve Fund was created to hold all patent and trademark fees collected by the USPTO, with all allocations from the reserve fund to be determined by Congress under the USPTOs annual appropriation amount.

Things as they stand at the moment arent pleasing to those who became accustomed to a venue-shifting, litigant-friendly system (favouring plaintiffs with patents that lack merit). Loopholes are being closed, patent scope is being tightened, trolls are turned away, and thousands of...


Intel 2017Q3 Graphics Stack Recipe Released Phoronix

Intel's Open-Source Technology Center has put out their quarterly Linux graphics driver stack upgrade in what they are calling the latest recipe...


25 Percent of Black Market Passwords Can Access Google Accounts SoylentNews

The Inquirer writes about research carried out by Google and the University of California which found over than 1.9 billion usernames and passwords available on the black market, many of which provide access to active Google accounts.

The researchers used Google's proprietary data to see whether or not stolen passwords could be used to gain access to user accounts, and found that an estimated 25 per cent of the stolen credentials can successfully be used by cyber crooks to gain access to functioning Google accounts.

Google: 25 per cent of black market passwords can access accounts
Data breaches, phishing, or malware? Understanding the risks of stolen credentials

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Update on the EPOs Crackdown on the Boards of Appeal Techrights

A shocked Battistelli

Summary: Demand of 35% increases from the boards serves to show that Battistelli now does to the independent judges what he already did to examiners at the Office

EARLIER this month we wrote about the Haar party which chairs refuse to attend. Team Battistelli had the brilliant idea of inviting EPO chairs to actually celebrate Battistellis attack on the EPC. How tactless a move.

So basically, Battistelli is now doing to the boards the same thing he did to examiners: working them to death.As far as I can tell, one source tells us, there are still only two takers for [the] meet up [and] In other news, Battistelli junior is demanding 35% increases from the boards on the basis of concentrating on essentials.

Battistelli junior is [t]he independent other president. Holder of secret delegated powers.

So basically, Battistelli is now doing to the boards the same thing he did to examiners: working them to death. Neither patent nor service quality can be assured this way.

It often seems like Battistelli wants the EPO to have no staff anymore.How independent and impartial they must feel

This has gotten as ridiculous as it can get. But also predictable. It often seems like Battistelli wants the EPO to have no staff anymore. Maybe he wants everyone replaced by useless computer programs and fresh graduates with only enough knowledge to help operate these. Or maybe Battistelli wants to just outsource most of the work to yet another French company. Or some French court (UPC in Paris).


Tech beefs up lobbying amid Russia scrutiny The Hill: Technology Policy

Major tech companies are beefing up their lobbying amid scrutiny from Congress over their handling of Russian interference in the 2016 election.Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter testified before lawmakers this month about Russian actors...


Homemade Test Jig Is Cheaper Than Outsourcing Hackaday

In the past, [Sjaak] has had his testing and programming jigs made for him in Shenzhen, but realized they werent that great of a value. They werent terribly expensive in the grand scheme of things, but they didnt include any wiring, so he was still spending his own time and money. His quest to develop his own in-house jigs not only netted him a considerable cost savings in the end, but also produced a nicely detailed post on his site for anyone else who may be heading down the same path. Thats a win-win in our book.

The idea behind a jig is pretty simple: essentially its just a mount that holds the PCB, and a set of pins which contact the appropriate points on the board. The jig can then provide power, programming, status LEDs for testing, etc. Basically anything that you cant or dont want to include on the final board, but will help in testing or programming them.

To start, [Sjaak] begins with a blank PCB in Eagle and imports his target board. With the two lined up, he can then mark where he wants the pins to go on the jig, and add labels to the silkscreen to make things a little easier during diagnostics. The target board is then removed, the file converted to Gerber, and its sent off for manufacturing. With a few more tweaks, the file is then exported to DXF and laser cut out of acrylic. When the PCBs come back, its just a matter of sandwiching it all together with some standoffs and adding the pins.

[Sjaak] mentions that he was...


The Lobbyists Are Trying to Subvert US Law in Favour of Patent Predators Techrights

David Kappos
Source: David Kappos 2013 interview

Kappos PAI
Kappos-led lobbying group

Summary: Mingorance, Kappos, Underweiser and other lobbyists for the software patents agenda (paid by firms like Microsoft and IBM) keep trying to undo progress, notably the bans on software patents

The patent trolls (or sharks) lobby is at it again. Thankfully, owing to reports from their fan media and sometimes their own Web sites, we are able to see what they are up to.

Francisco Mingorance, a rather evil and deceitful person from Microsoft front groups like the BSA and now IP Europe, is trying to force software patents upon Europe using buzzwords like 5G and IoT. We wrote about it last month. Found via their tweet was this press release which quotes Mingorance as saying: We wholeheartedly welcome this signal from the DOJ that they will prioritise the safeguarding of longstanding FRAND principles against recent coordinated action of some implementers. In Europe, a decision to abandon this Communication or to bring it back into line with its initially stated goals can protect innovation, R&D investment, high-tech jobs and European leadership in 5G and IoT open standards.

Nonsense. Exactly the opposite is true, as actual practitioners in this area would gladly tell (if the media bothered asking them; it prefers to print lobbyists words). These patent thickets actively suppress innovation and breed monopoly. Why isnt the mainstream media talking about it? The downside of patent lobbying and propaganda sites (like the above) is that they push agenda; the upside is, they inadvertently reveal whos behind it.

Days ago we found out that David Kappos too is at it again. A bunch of patent bullies, including this...


CVE-2017-16882: Icinga core root privilege escalation via insecure permissions Open Source Security

Posted by Michael Orlitzky on Nov 19

Product: Icinga core <>
Vendor: NETWAYS GmbH <>
Versions-affected: 1.14.0 and earlier (all 1.x versions)
Author: Michael Orlitzky

== Summary ==

Icinga installs two sets of files with insecure permissions: after
installation, the executables and the configuration files are all
owned by the same unprivileged user...


Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and Skyrim VR Released SoylentNews

How Bethesda was able to fit Skyrim on the Switch

"While docked, Skyrim operates at a native 1600 x 900, while playing in mobile mode shows us the first sign of compromise," Digital Foundry said. "When we looked at the Switch port at Gamescom, everything indicated a native 720p resolution, but the final code reveals more: a fairly basic form of resolution scaling designed to sustain smooth performance. Under load, resolution drops back suddenly to 896 x 720 70 per cent of the native pixel count."

'Skyrim VR' makes the 6-year-old game feel fresh again

Having played through Skyrim from start to finish more than once, and having drudged through the opening act more times than I care to remember, I was skeptical that what amounted to a gimmick would be enough to draw me back into the snow-capped region that I'd already seen every inch of. But within moments, I was captivated.

How Bethesda brought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is available now for PSVR and PC. With hundreds of hours of gameplay between the core campaign, side content, and three expansions players will be able to lose themselves once again in the frosted wastelands of Skyrim.

The world of Skyrim is thrilling and flawed in VR

Other small annoyances abounded in my brief time with Skyrim VR so far. The interface seems imperfectly tuned for the new VR perspective; in-game books and menus are presented with big, readable text, but pop-up warnings and notifications like a stamina bar appear too small and out-of-the-way to be very useful. Navigating menus means holding a button and flicking in the direction you want to move, a usable but imprecise method of navigation. Picking up loose items, meanwhile, requires pointing directly at them and tapping a button, a process that gets annoying after constant repetition. This also makes it extremely awkward to play while sitting, as your legs often end up getting in the way of items on the ground.



A banking trojan that steals Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Password HackRead

By Waqas

The IT security researchers at Bitdefender have discovered a banking malware

This is a post from Read the original post: A banking trojan that steals Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Password


Patent Trolls Based in East Texas Are Affected Very Critically by TC Heartland Techrights

Of relevance and recent: US Patent Trolls Are Leaving and the Eastern District of Texas Sees Patent Cases Falling by More Than Half

Argument analysis: Justices hear horror stories about venue for patent litigation
Reference: Argument analysis: Justices hear horror stories about venue for patent litigation

Summary: The latest situation in Texas (United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in particular), which according to new analyses is the target of legal scrutiny for the loopholes it provided to patent trolls in search of easy legal battles

According to Lex Machina, which is an invaluable service as we said yesterday, there may be a massive patent troll in the making. Several days ago the patent trolls lobby said that Alan Loudermilk is behind the entity named 511 Technologies, based in Marshall, Texas (where many of the trolls reside). Its not actually a company, even if it has the word Technologies in its name (we recently wrote about other trolls that do this). Loudermilk, who founded this troll, has since then created what looks like another troll, Ginocchio Properties LLC, based in the same place. Will TC Heartland help squash these? We certainly hope so, but in the meantime, we have this to worry about:

Among the segments Maxell no longer operates in is magnetic tape cartridges. Once one of the most recognisable products under the Maxell brand, the company shuttered the division in 2014. That decision left only Fujifilm and Sony competing in the market, and according to USPTO assignments records from September, it is the former company that has benefitted patent-wise from its erstwhile rivals withdrawal. Max...


Why Im Digging Deep Into Alzheimers Lifeboat News: The Blog

This effects whole families and their emotional well being!

Bill Gates shares his thoughts on Alzheimers disease and his hopes for accelerating progress to find a breakthrough.


Kodi Addon Dev Says Show of Force Will Be Met With Defiance TorrentFreak

For many years, the members of the MPAA have flexed their muscles all around the globe, working to prevent people from engaging in online piracy. If the last 17 years progress is anything to go by, its a war that will go on indefinitely.

With Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner on board, the MPAA has historically relied on sheer power to intimidate opponents. That has certainly worked in many large piracy cases but for many peripheral smaller-scale pirates, their presence is largely ignored.

This week, however, several players in the Kodi scene discovered that these giants and more besides have the ability to literally turn up at their front door. As reported Thursday, UK-based Kodi addon developer The_Alpha received a hand-delivered cease-and-desist letter from all of the above, accompanied by new faces Netflix, Amazon and Sky TV.

These companies are part of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a massive and recently-formed anti-piracy coalition comprised of 30 global entertainment brands. TorrentFreak reached out to The_Alpha for his thoughts on coming under such a dazzling spotlight but perhaps understandably he didnt want to comment.

The leader of the Ares Project was willing to go on the record, however, after he too received a hand-delivered threat during the week. His decision was to immediately comply and shutdown but TF is informed that others might not be so willing to follow suit.

A Kodi addon developer living in the UK who spoke to us on condition of anonymity told us that most people operating in the scene expected some kind of trouble just not on this scale.

Did you see the [company logos] across the top of Alphas letter? Thats some serious shit right there. The film companies are no surprise but Amazon delivers my groceries so I dont expect this shit from them, he said.

When the ACE partnership was formed earlier this year, it seemed pretty clear that the main drive was towards the pooling of anti-piracy resources to be more effective and efficient. However, it cant have escaped ACE that such a broad and powerful alliance could also have a profound psychological effect on its adversaries.

Theres no doubt in my mind that theyre turning...

06:31 Crosses 27 Million Test/Suite Downloads Phoronix

Today the Phoronix Test Suite's crossed its 27,000,000th test profile / test suite download!..


Alice Remains a Strong Precedential Decision and the Media Has Turned Against Software Patents Techrights

Judge Paul Redmond MichelPublishers too, after all, have come under attacks from software patents (which retired Judge Paul Redmond Michel, shown to the left, continues to defend, even in his retirement)

Summary: The momentum against the scourge of software patents and the desperation among patent professionals (people who dont create/develop/invent) is growing

TWELVE years ago Europe decided on a ban/policy against software patents. 3.5 years ago something similar happened in the United States, owing largely to a panel of judges (Justices) whose decisions in recent years on patents at least we are thoroughly pleased with. Alice is, to us, a blessing. Its something we have been striving for since inception. We therefore need to guard Alice, shielding it from the constant barrage thats almost always yielded by the patent microcosm, i.e. people who do nothing but patents (handling of patents, not actual invention).

Mainstream Media Against Software Patents

Alice is, to us, a blessing. Its something we have been striving for since inception.A couple of days ago the New York Times said regarding subsidies for the financial sectors risk-taking that its wrong, as well as overprotection of software and pharmaceutical patents (the article is about Myths of the 1 Percent: What Puts People at the Top). Its very good to see that even the so-called journal of record highlights the problem with software patents. Another site, Biotech Blog, said a few days ago that [i]n some industries (e.g. software), patents are often seen as a nuisance.

Rightly so. Software patents must be banned universally if the will of actual software developers is to be honoured.

Software patents must be banned universally if the will of actual software developers is to be honoured.This is not a matter of software patents, said anothe...


Tracking an RS41-SGP radiosonde and reporting to APRS Daniel Estvez

In the past, I've talked about the RS92-SGP radiosonde launched from Madrid-Barajas. Recently, Barajas has replaced the RS92-SGP with the newer Vaisala RS41-SGP (except for ozone sounding, which is is still done with the RS92). The new radiosondes transmit at 401MHz and are released daily at 11:15 and 23:15 UTC.

In that post, I described about how to receive the position data from the RS92 and plot it in Viking in real time. Since then, a few features such as FEC decoding have been added to the RS decoder software, so I have decided to give this a go again with the newer RS41. This will be a complete walk through, since some people are interested in setting up unattended decoders, perhaps running on a Raspberry Pi.

First we download and compile the decoder as follows. (For the time being, probably you will want to git clone from instead. See below for why.)

git clone
cd RS/rs41/
ln -s ../ecc/bch_ecc.c bch_ecc.c
gcc rs41ptu.c -O2 -lm -o rs41ptu

Now we set up GPSd to read NMEA data from a pipe, as we did for the RS92:

mkfifo /tmp/gps
sudo chmod 666 /tmp/gps
sudo gpsd /tmp/gps

Finally, we use SoX to record and filter the FM-demodulated audio and pipe it into the decoder. A Perl script is used to convert the output of the decoder to NMEA, which is piped into GPSd. Note that there is a bug with this Perl script. It converts incorrectly positions west of Greenwhich and south of the equator. The fix will probably be incorporated soon in the rs1729 repository, but for now it is only in my fork (so you probably will want to git clone from there).

rec -t wav -r 48000 - 2>/dev/null | \
  sox - -t wav - lowpass 2800 | \
  ./rs41ptu --ecc --crc -i | \
  ../rs92/ > /tmp/gps

You may or may not need to use the -i option with rs41ecc depending on whether your receiver is frequency inverting.

The line above assumes that you use an FM receiver with its audio output connected to the computer's sound card. It can also be used with any SDR software if you use snd-aloop or pulseaudio to send the audio from the SDR software to rec. A popular alternative is to use an RTL-SDR. In this case, one can use rtl_fm as follows:

rtl_fm -f 401e6 -g 20 -s 48e3 - | \
  sox -t s16 -r 48000 -c 1 - -t wav - lowpass 2...


AC/DC Cofounder and Guitarist Malcolm Young Dies, Age 64 SoylentNews

NPR Reports: One of the founding members of AC/DC, among the best-selling bands in recorded music history, died Saturday. Guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young was 64 years old. Young's family, which announced his death in a statement, noted that he had suffered from dementia for several years. The place of his death was not shared, though the statement mentioned that he "passed away peacefully with his family by his bedside."

Also at:

Original Submission

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Intel Ironlake Receives Patches For RC6 Power Savings Phoronix

Intel Ironlake "Gen 5" graphics have been around for seven years now since being found in Clarkdale and Arrandale processors while finally now the patches are all worked out for enabling RC6 power-savings support under Linux...


Tips For Basic Machining on a Drill Press Hackaday

Its safe to say most Hackaday readers would love to have a mill at home, or a nice lathe, but such equipment isnt always practical for the hobbyist. The expense and amount of room they take up is a hard sell unless youre building things on them regularly, so were often forced to improvise. In his latest video, [Eric Strebel] gives some practical advice on using a standard drill press to perform tasks you would normally need a mill or lathe for; and while his tips probably wont come as a surprise to the old-hands out there, they might just help some of the newer players get the most out of what they have access to.

[Eric] explains the concept of the cross slide vice, which is the piece of equipment that makes machining on a drill press possible. Essentially its a standard vice, but with screws that allow you to move the clamped piece in the X and Y dimensions under the drill which can already move in the Z dimension. For those counting along at home, that puts us up to the full three dimensions; in other words, you can not only make cuts of varying depths, but move the cut along the surface of the work piece in any direction.

You can even turn down a (small) piece of round stock by placing it in the chuck of the drill press, and...


Cash Converters suffered a data breach, users of the old webshop are at risk Security Affairs

Cash Converters suffered a data breach, its old webshop that was withdrawn on 22 September was hacked and attackers gained unauthorised access to customer data

The High street pawnbroker Cash Converters, which sells small loans and second-hand jewellery, has announced its suffered a data breach that could put at risk some of its customers are.

Customers were notified of the data breach this week, on Thursday the firm sent them an email to explain what has happened.

Along with the relevant authorities we are investigating this as a matter of urgency. reads a statement from Cash Converters. 

We are also actively implementing measures to ensure that this cannot happen again.

Even if the website was not storing financial data, attackers may have accessed user records, including personal details, passwords, and purchase history from a website that was run by a third party. Cash Converters closed the contract with this third party in September.

cash converters

If you have had a Cash Converters account online change your password, including on websites and log-ins where the same credentials have been used.

The company has reported the data breach to authorities in the UK and Australia, it is still investigating the incident.

A spokesman for the ICO confirmed it was looking into the reported breach.

Were aware of an incident at Cash Converters UK and will be making enquiries, he said.

Users that receive anything suspicious can report it through Cash Converters or Action Fraud



Donald Trump Accused of Obstructing Satellite Research into Climate Change SoylentNews

President Trump has been accused of deliberately obstructing research on global warming after it emerged that a critically important technique for investigating polar sea-ice extent and concentration is being blocked.

A key polar satellite used to measure the arctic ice cap failed a few days ago, leaving the US with only three others, and those have lived well beyond their shelf lives. Scientists say there is no chance a new one can be launched until 2023 or later. None of the current satellites will still be in operation then. This will put an end to nearly 40 years of uninterrupted data on polar ice.

It seems like there would be a backup satellite, right? In fact, there was a backup satellite ready to go. Then the Trump Administration destroyed it earlier this year, by order of the US Congress. They said the storage costs were too high.

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Ex-Google Executive Is Starting His Own Artificial Intelligence Church TechWorm

Highly influential former Google engineer is developing an AI god

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google and Uber executive has filed paperwork with the IRS to officially register a religion centered around super-smart artificial intelligence (AI).

According to IRS documents, the new church of AI will aim to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead [to] contribute to the betterment of society. Levandowski would be the leader in this case dean of the religion.

The robot god will head a non-profit religious organization called Way Of The Future (WOTF). According to the website (, the movement is about creating a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + machines.'

The basis of this new religion is that Levandowskis believes that AI will one day grow to such efficiency that it surpass and overpower humans.

Given that technology will relatively soon be able to surpass human abilities, we want to help educate people about this exciting future and prepare a smooth transition, the site explains. In recent years, we have expanded our concept of rights to both sexes, minority groups and even animals, lets make sure we find a way for machines to get rights too.

Lets stop pretending we can hold back the development of intelligence when there are clear massive short term economic benefits to those who develop it and instead understand the future and have it treat us like a beloved elder who created it, the site argues.

In a rare interview with WIRED, Levandowski shed more light on his new church WOTF. The gospel of the religion would be called The Manual, and will have rituals and even a physical place of worship.

According to WIRED, the religions activities will concentrate on the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.

The church will perform outreach to AI industry leaders and professionals to network with those who are interested in the worship of a Godhead based on AI.

What is going to be created will effectively be a god, he said. Its not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?

He added, I would love for the machine to see us as its beloved elders that it respects and takes care of. We would want this intelligence...


Real-Life Electronic Neurons Hackaday

All the kids down at Stanford are talking about neural nets. Whether this is due to the actual utility of neural nets or because all those kids were born after AIs last death in the mid-80s is anyones guess, but there is one significant drawback to this tiny subset of machine intelligence: its a complete abstraction. Nothing called a neural net is actually like a nervous system, there are no dendrites or axions and you cant learn how to do logic by connecting neurons together.

NeruroBytes is not a strange platform for neural nets. Its physical neurons, rendered in PCBs and Molex connectors. Now, finally, its a Kickstarter project, and one of the more exciting educational electronic projects weve ever seen.

Regular Hackaday readers should be very familiar with NeuroBytes. It began as a project for the Hackaday Prize all the way back in 2015. There, it was recognized as a finalist for the Best Product, Since then, the team behind NeuroBytes have received an NHS grant, theyre certified Open Source Hardware through OSHWA, and there are now enough NeuroBytes to recreate the connectome of a flatworm. Its doubtful the team actually has enough patience to recreate the brain of even the simplest organism, but is already an impressive feat.

The highlights of the NeuroBytes Kickstarter include seven different types of neurons for different sensory systems, kits to test the patellar reflex, and what is probably most interesting to the Hackaday crowd, a Bra...


Experts discuss warning signs of eruption at Yellowstone super volcano Lifeboat News: The Blog

  • Geology
  • Volcanic Eruption

Experts discuss warning signs of eruption at Yellowstone super volcano



Dark cloud over future force with current strain on troops, says DoDs top personnel official Lifeboat News: The Blog

A new survey is worrying the leader of DoDs personnel and readiness office about how the military will recruit in the future.


The Big Changes So Far For The Linux 4.15 Kernel - Half Million New Lines Of Code So Far Phoronix

We are now through week one of two for the merge window of the Linux 4.15 kernel...


Robert Mugabe Removed From Power in Zimbabwe by Military Coup SoylentNews

Zimbabwe awaits news on Mugabe's future

Zimbabweans are waiting to see what steps the military will take next after seizing control of the country. President Robert Mugabe is said to be under house arrest but the whereabouts of his wife Grace, who was bidding to succeed him as president, are unknown.

South African ministers have been in the capital Harare meeting the army and political parties. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional bloc will hold emergency talks on Thursday.

President Mugabe, 93, has been in control of Zimbabwe since it gained independence from Britain in 1980. But the power struggle over who might succeed him, between Mrs Mugabe and her rival former vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, has split the ruling Zanu-PF party in recent months.

More about Zimbabwe and former President Robert Mugabe.

Here is your emoji: . Use it well.

CNN: Zimbabwe: Talks underway to form transitional government, source says
NYT editorial: For Zimbabwe, a Coup Isn't the Answer

Extras from BBC: Zimbabwe: Did Robert Mugabe finally go too far? - BBC News
Zimbabwe latest: How can you tell if a coup is happening?

Update: 'Mugabe Must Go': Thousands in Zimbabwe Rally Against Leader
Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF leaders meeting to decide Mugabe future
Pressure weighs on Mugabe to quit after mass protests

Update 2: Zanu-PF has removed Mugabe as party leader, and he may be impeached if he does not resign the Presidency by Monday.

Original Submission

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FOSDEM 2018 Will Be Hosting A Wayland / Mesa / Mir / X.Org Developer Room Phoronix

This year at the FOSDEM open-source/Linux event in Brussels there wasn't the usual "X.Org dev room" as it's long been referred to, but for 2018, Luc Verhaegen is stepping back up to the plate and organizing this mini graphics/X.Org developer event within FOSDEM...

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Sunday, 19 November


De-authentication attack on Amazon Key could let crooks to disable your camera Security Affairs

Researchers with Rhino Security Labs demonstrated how to disable the camera on Amazon Key, which could let a rogue courier to access the customers home.

Earlier this month, Amazon announced for its Prime members the Amazon Key, a program that would allow a delivery person to enter your home under video surveillance, securely drop off the package, and leave with the door locking behind them. The system could also be used to grant access to the people you trust, like your family, friends, or house cleaner.

Sincerely, I dont like this idea, but many Prime users will appreciate it for sure.

Well, these users have to know that experts from the security firm Rhino Security Labs demonstrated how easy it is to hack the Amazon Key allowing unauthorized people to access your home.

The researchers have discovered a flaw in Amazons Key delivery service and Cloud Cam security camera that could be exploited by a rogue courier to tamper with the camera and knock it offline, making it appear no one is entering home.

Amazon Key app.png

Homeowners can use the Amazon Key app to remotely monitor their front door via a video feed and receive Amazon delivery alerts, the app used by Prime customers could be used to unlock and lock their door.

Experts from Rhino Labs developed an application that can forge a request from the Wi-Fi router the Cloud Cam device is connected to instruct the camera to halt displaying a frozen image on the video feed making it appear the users front door is closed.

The experts published a video PoC of so-called de-authentication attack. The attack sees  a courier unlocks the front door using the Amazon Key app,  then the attacker sends a de-authorization command to the Cloud Cam for turning off the camera.

The attack repeatedly blocks the Wi-Fi signal causing the Amazon Key app displaying a frozen image until the attackers cease the jamming.

The camera is very much something Amazon is relyin...


Why the military's Space Corps isn't dead yet The Hill: Technology Policy

Congress will not create a new branch of the military dedicated to space this year, but lawmakers who support the move and defense experts say its only a matter of time.The annual defense policy bill passed by Congress this week punted on what...


The Linux Kernel Is Still Rectifying The Year 2038 Problem Phoronix

The Linux kernel is still working to rectify the Year 2038 problem whereby the time values stored as signed 32-bit integers will wrap around...


Libre Computer Board Launches Another Allwinner/Mali ARM SBC Phoronix

The Tritium is a new ARM single board computer from the Libre Computer Board project...


Play A Claw Machine From Your Armchair Hackaday

Have you ever been seduced by a claw machine in an arcade, only to have your hopes of a cuddly toy dashed as it fails to hang onto your choice? Then youre in luck, because now you can play to your hearts content online. [Ryan Walmsley] wants you to control his Raspberry Pi-driven claw machine.

Hardware-wise hes replaced the original 8052 microcontroller and relay control with the Pi and a custom H-bridge PCB. We particularly light the warning: Highish voltage, and we feel it should appear more often. There is some code in his GitHub repository, but we suspect it doesnt have everything.

We had a lot of fun digging into the documentation on this one. From his initial thoughts through some prototyping and a board failure, to the launch of the online version and finally a run-down of how it all works, hes got it covered.

Sadly the machine itself isnt online all the time, it seems to be only online when [Ryan] is at home, so if you live on the other side of the world from his British base you may be out of luck. Fortunately though his previous live streams are online, so you can see it in action on a past outing below the break.

Of course what kind of swag do you load up in a claw machine like this one? On his Twitter feed weve seen tests of the aliens from Toy Story (who start their existence in a claw machine so quite fitting). The majority of items show in is recorded games now numbering over 2000 have been our beloved companion cube.

There have been a few claw machines here over the years, from this large custom build to this one built for a childs birthday.



Intel Icelake Support Added To LLVM Clang Phoronix

Initial support for Intel's Icelake microarchitecture that's a follow-on to Cannonlake has been added to the LLVM/Clang compiler stack...


Pope to lawmakers: Protect all people with health care laws Lifeboat News: The Blog

Increasingly, sophisticated and costly treatment are available to ever more limited and privileged segments of the population, and this raises questions about the sustainability of health care delivery and about what might be called a systemic tendency toward growing inequality in health care, the pope said.

VATICAN CITY Pope Francis on Thursday urged lawmakers to ensure that health care laws protect the common good, decrying the fact that in many places only the privileged can afford sophisticated medical treatments.

The comments came as U.S. lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have been debating how to overhaul the nations health insurance laws.

In a message to a medical association meeting at the Vatican, Francis expressed dismay at what he called a tendency toward growing inequality in health care. He said in wealthier countries, health care access risks being more dependent on peoples money than on their need for treatment.


Chinese robot becomes worlds first machine to pass medical exam Lifeboat News: The Blog

Its developer iFlytek Co Ltd, a leading Chinese artificial intelligence company, said on Thursday that the robot scored 456 points, 96 points higher than the required marks.

The artificial-intelligence-enabled robot can automatically capture and analyze patient information and make initial diagnosis. It will be used to assist doctors to improve efficiency in future treatments, iFlytek said.

This is part of broader efforts by China to accelerate the application of AI in healthcare, consumer electronics, and other industries.


Only review good products Techmoan

Video Title: 'This is a Review of Object A'
Me "Today I'm going to be reviewing object A"
(Long section in the middle)
Me "So there you go that was my review of object A"
Comments "Why did you review object A - there are a thousand alternative devices that may be better"
Me "But I can only review one - hence the review of object A, so now you know how good object A is"
Comments "But it turned out to be rubbish that's why you should have reviewed something else"
Me "But you've only drawn that conclusion because you just watched my review of it"
Comments "I don't understand why you'd buy this one anyway, you should have known it would be rubbish"
i) Read out the press release and don't go into any detail (like other reviews of this product).
ii) Don't point out any faults you experience along the way (because no one wants to know about your problems).
iii) Don't really review a product, just promote it.


Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act - 20 Years of Protecting Intermediaries SoylentNews

The Recorder reports on efforts to weaken Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:

[...] 230 has proven to be one of the most valuable tools for protecting freedom of expression and innovation on the Internet. In the past two decades, we've (EFF) filed well over 20 legal briefs in support of 230, probably more than on any other issue, in response to attempts to undermine or sneak around the statute. Thankfully, most of these attempts were unsuccessful.

[...] The first wave of attacks on 230's protections came from plaintiffs who tried to plead around 230 in an attempt to force intermediaries to take down online speech they didn't like.

[...] The second wave of attacks came from plaintiffs trying to deny 230 protection to ordinary users who reposted content authored by others

[...] Another wave of attacks, also in the mid-2000s, came as plaintiffs tried to use the Fair Housing Act to hold intermediaries responsible when users posted housing advertisements that violated the law.

[...] We are now squarely in the middle of a fourth wave of attackefforts to hold intermediaries responsible for extremist or illegal online content. The goal, again, seems to be forcing intermediaries to actively screen users and censor speech. Many of these efforts are motivated by noble intentions, and the speech at issue is often horrible, but these efforts also risk devastating the Internet as we know it.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Ericsson Demonstrates 5G In India: Throughput Of 5.7Gbps And Ultra-low Latency TechWorm

5G to generate $27 billion revenue potential for Indian telcos by 2026

Swedish communications technology firm Ericsson on Friday demonstrated the first-ever live 5G end-to-end demonstration in India using its 5G test bed and 5G New Radio (NR) delivering a throughput of 5.7 Gbps and ultra-low latency of 3 millisecond.

We are strengthening our commitment to the Indian market by pioneering the first live 5G demonstration in the country. The 5G technology showcase has been organised in the direction of creating a robust 5G eco system in the country even as the Government plans to have 5G network roll outs by 2020. 5G research and development is natural for Ericsson thanks to our innovation, R&D focus, technology leadership and thought leadership, said Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Market Area SE Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson.

The 5G technology exhibition at the Ericsson Connect 2017 featured several 5G use cases and live demonstration of essential technologies on the road to 5G like Gigabit LTE (1 GBPS download speeds) and License Assisted Access (LAA) technology.

The LAA live demo showcased how this technology can influence wireless network resources using higher frequency bands on a small cell architecture.

Other technology innovations presented in the showcase included advancements in Radio Network Evolution, 5G Ready Transport and Network Slicing. Ericssons new 5G platform comprises the 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, with digital support systems, transformation services and security.

5G will bring new level of performance and characteristics to the telecom networks, enabling new services and creating new ecosystems. New revenue streams will open for operators. 5G has the potential to enable 43 per cent incremental revenue opportunity for the Indian operators by 2026, added Nitin Bansal, Managing Director, Ericsson India.

According to the Ericsson 5G business report, 5G technology will enable a $27.3 billion revenue potential for the Indian telecom operators by 2026. This will be besides the revenue generated from traditional services, which is expected to grow up to $63 billion by 2026.

We have MoUs (agreements) with 36 operators globally. In India, we have recently tied up with Bharti Airtel for 5G technology, said Mirtillo. However, he did not divulge any financial details about the partnership.

Ericsson, who is already a vendor to Bharti Airtel in areas like managed services and 4G will work with Bharti Airtel on creating a planned roadmap for evolution of the network to the next-gen 5G technology.

The largest opportunity will be seen in sectors like manufacturing, energy and utilities followed by public safety and health sectors, a report by Ericsson said.

5G is expected to play a major role in digitalization of industries. 5G will bring new level of performance and characteristi...


Harm Still Caused by Granted Software Patents Techrights

KEEP CALM AND CRUSH PATENT TROLLSSoftware patents remain a trolls weapon of choice

Summary: A roundup of recent (past weeks) announcements, including legal actions, contingent upon software patents in an age when software patents bear no real legitimacy

SOFTWARE patents are bunk, but if you throw 26 of them at a rival (in six lawsuits which have software patents in the mix) you hope a settlement will be cheaper than justice. This is exactly what happened some days ago [1, 2, 3] and the aggressor said in its press release:

Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN) today announced that it has filed six patent infringement lawsuits asserting 26 patents against 3Shape A/S, a Danish corporation, and a related U.S. corporate entity, asserting that 3Shapes Trios intraoral scanning system and Dental System software infringe Align patents.

The accused has responded in this press release:

We have today read the news of Align Technologys lawsuits against 3Shape in the USA. The said lawsuit and infringement claims are completely unfounded and without merit. 3Shape will vigorously defend itself against such claims.

How many of these are software patents we dont know for sure because we didnt look at 26 pertinent patents. But whats at stake here is definitely software. Unfortunately, the...


Danes Deploy Disruption Machine to Curb Online Piracy TorrentFreak

Over the years copyright holders have tried a multitude of measures to curb copyright infringement, with varying levels of success.

By now its well known that blocking or even shutting down a pirate site doesnt help much. As long as there are alternatives, people will simply continue to download or stream elsewhere.

Increasingly, major entertainment industry companies are calling for a broader and more coordinated response. They would like to see ISPs, payment processors, advertisers, search engines, and social media companies assisting in their anti-piracy efforts. Voluntarily, or even with a legal incentive, if required.

In Denmark, local anti-piracy group RettighedsAlliancen has a similar goal and they are starting to make progress. The outfit is actively building a piracy disruption machine that tackles the issue from as many sides as it can.

The disruption machine is built around an Infringing Website List (IWL), which is not related to a similarly-named initiative from the UK police. This list is made up of pirate sites that have been found to facilitate copyright infringement by a Danish court.

The IWL is a part of the disruption machine that RettighedsAlliancen has developed in collaboration with many stakeholders in the online community, the groups CEO Maria Fredenslund tells TorrentFreak.

The stakeholders include major ISPs, but also media companies, MasterCard, Google, and Microsoft. With help from the local government they signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Their goal is to make the internet a safe and legitimate platform for consumers and businesses while limiting copyright infringement and associated crime.

MoU signees

There are currently twelve court orders on which the list is based and two more are expected to come in before the end of the year. As a result, approximately 600 pirate sites are on the IWL, making them harder to find.

Every time a new court order is handed down, RettighedsAlliancen distributes an updated list to their the network of stakeholders.

Currently, all major ISPs in Denmark have agreed to implement the IWL in their systems based on a joint Code of Conduct. This means that all the ISPs jointly will block their customers access to infringing services thus amplifying the impact of a blocking order by magnitudes, Fredenslund explains.

Thus far ISPs are active...


Worlds first human head transplant carried out on corpses, claims controversial scientist TechWorm

Worlds first human head transplant successfully performed, scientists say

Dr. Sergio Canavero, the controversial Italian doctor and Director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, made headlines last year when he announced his plans to perform the first human head transplant.

At a press conference in Vienna, Austria on Friday, Canavero has claimed a surgical team led by his collaborator Dr Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University, China have successfully performed a groundbreaking 18-hour operation on a corpse reconnecting the spine, nerves and blood vessels of a severed head. For those unaware, Dr Ren had grafted a head onto the body of a monkey last year.

The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done, the maverick surgeon said in a video of the conference that he posted to Facebook.

While no evidence was provided to back the transplant, Dr Canavero said that details of the surgery, led by a team from Harbin Medical University in China, would be released within days by a surgical journal.

Speaking at the press conference, Dr Canavero said: For too long nature has dictated her rules to us. Were born, we grow, we age and we die. For millions of years humans has evolved and 110 billion humans have died in the process. Thats genocide on a mass scale. We have entered an age where we will take our destiny back in our hands. It will change everything. It will change you at every level.

He added, The first human head transplant, in the human mode, has been realised. The surgery lasted 18 hours. The paper will be released in a few days. Everyone said it was impossible, but the surgery was successful.

His teams next imminent step would be to perform the procedure on a living human paralysed from below the neck.

A full head swap between brain-dead organ donors is the next stage. And that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent. It will be for a medical, neurological condition, not for life-extension, Dr Canavero said.

When asked if after initial tests in China, whether live procedures would go worldwide, Dr Canavero said, Given the amount of mean criticism we received I dont think we should go international. For instance, if you still stick to the Frankenstein schtick, which doesnt make sense, then no. This is a medical condition for people who are suffering awfully so it isnt a joke.

But not everyone in the medical community is convinced that Dr Canavero could actually ever achieve a successful head transplant. They claimed that while the surgery is both unethical and dangerous,, it could also cau...


3D Printed Cookie Molds for the Best Speculoos Hackaday

Experiencing nostalgia for the outstanding Belgian cuisine [Adam], currently stuck in Ohio, found himself in craving some home-made speculoos. For the uninitiated, speculoos is what those brown cookies usually served with coffee on planes dream of becoming one day.

To add some extra regional flavour, [Adam] decided to print his own molds featuring motifs from Brussels. The risks of 3D prints in the kitchen are the subject of a lively discussion. They are addressed in this project by recommending the use of food safe filament and sealant for the molds. The fact that the dough will be removed from the molds almost instantly and that the molds dont go into the oven puts the risks in the vicinity of using plastic cutting boards in your kitchen.

[Adam]s write up features solid, well illustrated baking instructions that should enable any of you to replicate this delicacy. Some links to additional references and two recipes are thrown in for good measure. The article finishes with detailed instructions for designing your own molds that take the properties of the medium into account, to ensure your custom motif will still be recognizable after baking. Line art with a stroke width of around 2-3 mm seems to work best. It is that time of year and we hope to see a lot more tricks to take your cookie and edible house designs to the next level so dont forget to send in a tip.

With 3D printed molds having been used to shape resin, silicone and even metal, we are at a point where cookie dough looks like a natural progression.

Filed under: 3d Printer hacks, cooking hacks


Hollywood Strikes Back Against Illegal Streaming Kodi Add-Ons SoylentNews

An anti-piracy alliance supported by many major US and UK movie studios, broadcasters and content providers has dealt a blow to the third-party Kodi add-on scene after it successfully forced a number of popular piracy-linked streaming tools offline. In what appears to be a coordinated crackdown, developers including jsergio123 and The_Alpha, who are responsible for the development and hosting of add-ons like urlresolver, metahandler, Bennu, DeathStreams and Sportie, confirmed that they will no longer maintain their Kodi creations and have immediately shut them down.

[...] The crackdown suggests the MPA/MPAA-led Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has a thorough understanding of how owners of so-called "Kodi boxes" are able to stream TV shows and films illegally. While Colossus merely hosts the tools, urlresolver and metahandler did much of the heavy lifting for streamers. Their job was to scrape video hosting sites for relevant streaming links and serve them up for tools like Covenant inside Kodi. Streamers will find it very difficult to find working video streams of their favorite content without them, but they could reappear via a new host in the future.

Source: Hollywood strikes back against illegal streaming Kodi add-ons

Additional info at TorrentFreak and TVAddons.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


A second variant of the new Cryptomix Ransomware released in a few days Security Affairs

Malware researchers at MalwareHunterTeam discovered a new variant of the CryptoMix ransomware, the second one in just a few days.

A new variant of the CryptoMix ransomware was recently discovered by the experts at the MalwareHunterTeam, it is the second release of new variants this week.

The latest variant appends the. 0000 extension to encrypted files and uses new contact emails, for example, a test file encrypted by this variant has an encrypted file name of 0D0A516824060636C21EC8BC280FEA12.0000.

CryptoMix ransomware

The ransom note maintained the same file name  _HELP_INSTRUCTION.TXT, but now uses the,,, and emails for a victim to contact for payment information.

This variant of the CryptoMix ransomware contains 11 public RSA-1024 encryption keys that will be used to encrypt the AES key used to encrypt the files on the victims PC.

This allows the ransomware to work completely offline with no network communication. This variants 11 public RSA keys are the same as the previous XZZX Cryptomix Ransomware variant. wrote Abrams.

As usual, let me suggest to backup your data and test the backup files to avoid ugly surprises.

Install a security software and maintain it and any other application up to date. It cou...


First-of-Its-Kind Satellite Launches to Track Earths Weather Like Never Before Lifeboat News: The Blog

The first in a series of four advanced polar-orbiting satellites launched to space on its third try early Saturday (Nov. 18), turning its watchful eye to improving the accuracy of weather forecasts and Earth observations.

The new Joint Polar Satellite System-1 satellite, or JPSS-1, launched into orbit atop a United Launch Alliance-built Delta II rocket at 4:47 a.m. EST (0947 GMT), lighting up the predawn sky over its Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The successful liftoff came after two scrubbed launch attempts earlier this week due to high winds and boats inside the launch range restriction zone offshore.

Things went absolutely perfect today, NASA launch manager Omar Baez said after the JPSS-1 launch. The nations got another wonderful weather asset up in space. [The JPSS-1 Weather Satellites Mission in Pictures].


Brits: Make A Vote, Put Cash A Hackerspaces Way Hackaday

Those of you who have been involved in the running of a hackerspace or makerspace will know the never-ending struggle to maintain financial solvency, and the quest for sources of income to move your organisation forward. Its certainly a topic upon which Hackadays crew have some experience, more than one of us has helped run a space.

A good avenue to explore lies with community grants: money from organisations on a philanthropic basis to invest in community organisations. These can come from charities, governmental organisations, or even from companies as part of their corporate social responsibility. Its this last source of grant money that claims our attention today, because we are in the final days of voting for the Aviva Community Fund, in which the British financial and insurance company makes grants for worthy causes across the country. The causes compete to gain as much support as they can, and hope to thus win their prize.

Among the many worthy recipients of the cash are a selection of hackerspaces. First up are Hitchin Hackspace, whose Big Hak full-size rendition of a Milton Bradley Big Trak toy was featured in our coverage of EMF Camp 2016. They are building a new space in what well call a redundant community facility because it sounds better than Former public toilet, and winning a grant will help them a lot in that aim.

Then we have East London Makerspace. They have secured an unused garage to turn into a makerspace, as the capitals population of our community swells to support ever more spaces in its different suburbs. Like Hitchin, the money would go to the essential work involved in creating a functioning space where previously there was nothing.

Finally, we have the unexpected, a heating system from Milton Keynes Men In Sheds. If you know about Men In Sheds as a community organisation for older people, youll be wondering why this is listed here. What we havent told you is that MK Makerspace is a subgroup of the MK Shed that occupies the upstairs portion of their building, and what warms the Shedders also warms the hacker community of one of Britains new towns.

These appear to be the only hackerspaces bidding for grant money, but votes can usefully be given to other allied causes. Linlithgow Remakery and Tool Library, for instance could use a boost, as could the other Men In She...


Inside Google's Struggle to Filter Lies From Breaking News SoylentNews

Facebook has a fake news problem. Google has an evil unicorn problem.

"Evil unicorns" a term some Google engineers once coined, according to a former executive are unverified posts on obscure topics, full of lies. They pop up from time to time on the web and find their way into Google's search results. In an ideal world, Google's search algorithm should force these fake, pernicious creatures so low in search results that they are buried deep in the web where few can find them.

Here's the problem: These unicorns no, they've got nothing to do with highly valued startups are designed to surface in a void. And after a breaking news event, like a mass shooting, there's scant verified information for Google's engine to promote. As Jonathan Swift once wrote, falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.

[...] After the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting, several accounts seemed to coordinate an effort to smear Geary Danley, a man misidentified as the shooter, with false claims about his political ties. There were no existing web pages or videos broadcasting that Danley was innocent, and in the absence of verified information, Google's algorithms rewarded the lies, placing inaccurate tweets, videos and posts at the top of search results. A month later, when Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas, YouTube videos and tweets mislabeled him as "antifa," a term for radical, anti-fascist protesters. This was not true, yet Google displayed these posts prominently.

[...] This is a familiar headache for the company. For years, Google fought and won a similar battle with spammers, content farms and so-called search engine optimization experts over which web pages should be shown at the top of search results. But these latest web manipulators are causing greater havoc by targeting a slightly different part of Google its real-time news and video results.

Source: Inside Google's Struggle to Filter Lies from Breaking News

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Huge 74181 is a Classic ALU You Can Actually Understand Hackaday

You can no longer buy a brand-new 74181, theyve been out of production for years. All is not lost though, for [Daves Dev Lab] have created a facsimile of one on a printed circuit board, using modern single-gate 74-series chips.

Why on earth would you want an oversized replica of an outdated logic chip from nearly five decades ago, we hear you ask? The answer lies in education. If you were to embark on learning about the internals of a microprocessor by taking a modern example such as the one that powers the device on which you are reading this, you would find it to be a daunting task. Over six decades of progress in computer technology have delivered the performance enhancements that put a supercomputer in your smartphone, but at the expense of a contemporary microprocessor being an extremely complex machine which you cant peer into for any level of understanding.

Simple enough to work your way throug...


Transforming Education through Imagination even for Tech Execs Lifeboat News: The Blog


Why do Silicon Valley technology executives send their children to an almost tech-free school? Several authors have explored this question, including New York University professor Adam Alter. In his book Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked Alter explores the case of a San Francisco Steiner-Waldorf school where 75% of students are the children of Silicon Valley tech execs. How ironic. 

In this piece I propose some additional reasons why imaginative education is becoming an approach of choice for parents wanting their children to become innovative, ecologically aware and even, as Whitehead suggests, to develop genius.  

The three factors of genius are the habit of action, the vivid imagination, and the discipline of judgment. Alfred North Whitehead, 1916.

When we offer children a lifeless, stale education, we not only destroy their vitality, but we dumb them down. Through industrial era excesses we have altered the biosphere to the extent that our planetary homeland may in the foreseeable future become inhospitable for human habitation. Climate crisis is recognised as a global geo-political issue. How can young people be expected to contend with such catastrophic futures? How can we turn around dead, stale thinking, awaken ecological thinking and bring education back to life?

Evolution of consciousness research tells us that 19th century...


Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota SoylentNews

Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

"A total of 210,000 gallons of oil leaked Thursday (Nov 16, 2017) from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota, the pipeline's operator, TransCanada, said.

Crews shut down the pipeline Thursday morning, and officials are investigating the cause of the leak, which occurred about three miles southeast of the town of Amherst, said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the state's Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

This is the largest Keystone oil spill to date in South Dakota, Walsh said. The leak comes just days before Nebraska officials announce a decision on whether the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline, a sister project, can move forward."

Keystone pipeline - major leak/spill

Elsewhere there are notes of smaller spills in the same pipeline--this AC submitter is wondering about the long term use of a pipeline that is leaking when it's nearly brand new. Doesn't sound good for the long term.

PBS has a followup article from today (Saturday), 'We need to know' more about Keystone oil pipeline leak, tribal chairman says

The leak comes as the debate over the proposed path of the Keystone XL pipeline rages on. Nebraska's Public Service Commission is scheduled to announce its decision Monday on whether to permit TransCanada to build Keystone XL along its proposed route in the state, the Omaha World-Herald reported. A spokeswoman for the commission told the AP that the board's members will only use information provided during public hearings and official public comments in order to make their decision.

US District Court: Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law
Dakota Access Pipeline Suffers Oil Leak Even Before Becoming Operational
Company Behind Dakota Access Oil Pipeline Sues Greenpeace

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Original Torrentz Domain Names Listed For Sale TorrentFreak

Last year, the torrent ecosystem lost two of its biggest sites. First KickassTorrents was taken down following a criminal investigation by the FBI, resulting in indictments against the operators.

A few days later, decided to close its doors as well, albeit voluntarily. Without prior warning, all torrent listings were removed from the meta-search engine, which was the third largest torrent site at the time.

The sites operator kept the website online, but instead of offering links to the usual torrents, its users were left with the following message: Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.

Today, more than a year later, not much has changed. Torrentz is still online but the torrent search engine is still not functional. This role was taken over by an unrelated site carrying the name Torrentz2, which has millions of daily visitors itself now.

However, according to a message posted on the original Torrentz site, things may change in the near future. The original Torrentz domain names, including, and, are for listed sale.

Torrentz for sale

Considering the history of the site and the fact that it still has quite a bit of traffic, this may pique the interest of some online entrepreneurs.

For sentimental Torrentz fans, a sale can go both ways. It could either be used for a new torrent related venture, or someone could scoop it up just to fill it with ads, or even worse.

One thing potential buyers have to be aware of is that the site is still blocked in several countries, including the UK. This, despite the fact that it hasnt carried any links to infringing content for over a year.

TorrentFreak reached out to the owner of Torrentz to find out why he decided to sell the site now. At the time of writing we havent heard back yet, but its clear that hes ready to move on.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN discounts, offers and coupons



DS212 Oscilloscope Review: Open Source and Great for Hacking Hackaday

Weve seen plenty of oscilloscopes that look like repurposed cell phones. Usually, though, they only have one channel. The DS212, has two channels and a signal generator! [Marco] gives his review and a quick tear down in the video below.

The scope isnt going to replace a big bench instrument, but for a portable scope with a rechargeable battery, it isnt bad. The 1 MHz analog bandwidth combines with a 10 megasample per second front end and 8K of sample memory. The signal generator can produce basic waveforms up to 1 MHz. We were somewhat surprised the unit didnt sport a touch screen, which is why you can see [Marcos] fingers in the screenshot above. He seems to like the dual rotary encoder system the devices uses for navigation.

Where this really stands out is that it is open source for the the firmware running on the STM32 processor inside. We so rarely see this for commercially available bench tools and it makes this a fine hacking platform. It&#8217...


Interstellar Asteroid Named: Oumuamua SoylentNews

The solar system's first "interstellar interloper" has been named 1I/Oumuamua. It is the first known "hyperbolic asteroid" from outside the solar system:

The first known asteroid to visit our Solar System from interstellar space has been given a name. Scientists who have studied its speed and trajectory believe it originated in a planetary system around another star.

The interstellar interloper will now be referred to as 'Oumuamua, which means "a messenger from afar arriving first" in Hawaiian. The name reflects the object's discovery by a Hawaii-based astronomer using an observatory on Maui. It was discovered on 19 October this year by Rob Weryk, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy.

[...] Scientists who have made observations of 'Oumuamua, say that despite its exotic origins, the asteroid is familiar in appearance. In a paper submitted to Astrophysical Journal Letters, they argue that its size, rotation, and reddish colour are similar to those of asteroids in our Solar System. Measuring about 180m by 30m, it resembles a chunky cigar.

"The most remarkable thing about ['Oumuamua'] is that, except for its shape, how familiar and physically unremarkable it is," said co-author Jayadev Rajagopal from the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

Also at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and Scientific American.

Previously: Possible Interstellar Asteroid/Comet Enters Solar System

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Linux 4.15 Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU & Radeon GPU Owners Phoronix

Linux 4.15 is shaping up to be a massive kernel release and we are just half-way through its merge window period. But for AMD Linux users especially, the 4.15 kernel release is going to be rocking...


Links 18/11/2017: Raspberry Digital Signage 10, New Nano Techrights

GNOME bluefish




Drill the Wet Side Wet and the Dry Side Dry Hackaday

Working mostly in metal as he does, [Tuomas Soikkeli] has invested in some nice tools. So when his sweet magnetic-base drill was in need of a new home, he built this two-in-one drilling station to maximize shop space and add some versatility to boot.

For the non-metalworkers out there, a mag-base drill is basically a portable drill press where the base is replaced with a strong electromagnet like the one shown here. Theyre often used in the construction trades to drill holes in steel beams or columns, and often include nice features like a built-in coolant system.

[Tuomas] effectively turned his mag-base drill into a very beefy drill press by mounting it to a disused miter saw stand. A thick piece of plate steel forms the base, and with holes and drain channels machined into it, used coolant can be captured in a drain pan below for reuse. A second base for a benchtop drill press means hes got a dry drilling station too, and the original support arms on the miter stand are ready for drilling long stock. The drawer below the dry side is a nice touch too.

Theres a lot to learn about fabrication from [Tuomas] video and the others on his channel, which is well worth checking out. And if you want to convert your drill press into a mag-base drill, why not check out...


Boston Dynamics' Atlas Can Now Backflip SoylentNews

Atlas, the hulking humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics, now does backflips.

To be clear: Humanoids aren't supposed to be able to do this. It's extremely difficult to make a bipedal robot that can move effectively, much less kick off a tumbling routine. The beauty of four-legged robots is that they balance easily, both at rest and as they're moving, but bipeds like Atlas have to balance a bulky upper body on just two legs. Accordingly, you could argue that roboticists can better spend their time on non-human forms that are easier to master.

But there's a case to be made for Atlas and the other bipeds like Cassie (which walks more like a bird than a human). We live in a world built for humans, so there may be situations where you want to deploy a robot that works like a human. If you have to explore a contaminated nuclear facility, for instance, you'll want something that can climb stairs and ladders, and turn valves. So a humanoid may be the way to go.



takyon: Don't forget the new SpotMini as seen at The Verge, Quartz, and Popular Mechanics. Even Ethanol-fueled couldn't stop it.

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Exfiltration of Personal Data by Session-Replay Javascript SoylentNews

The Freedom to Tinker has a post on using Javascript to facilitate the exfiltration of personal data by session-replay scripts.

You may know that most websites have third-party analytics scripts that record which pages you visit and the searches you make. But lately, more and more sites use "session replay" scripts. These scripts record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling behavior, along with the entire contents of the pages you visit, and send them to third-party servers. Unlike typical analytics services that provide aggregate statistics, these scripts are intended for the recording and playback of individual browsing sessions, as if someone is looking over your shoulder.

The stated purpose of this data collection includes gathering insights into how users interact with websites and discovering broken or confusing pages. However the extent of data collected by these services far exceeds user expectations [1]; text typed into forms is collected before the user submits the form, and precise mouse movements are saved, all without any visual indication to the user. This data can't reasonably be expected to be kept anonymous. In fact, some companies allow publishers to explicitly link recordings to a user's real identity.

Though the post refers to scripts added by the web server intentionally, if third party, such an ISP, competiting company, or government agency, is in control of a certificate already loaded into a target's browser, either overtly or covertly, a Man-in-the-Middle attack is trivial with SSL/TLS and exfiltration scripts can be sent as payload. If you want to see the latency burden that even ostensibly well-behaved scripts cause, press ctrl-shift-i in the browser, select "network" and then reload the page.

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Intel Planning To End Legacy BIOS Support By 2020 Phoronix

Intel is planning to end "legacy BIOS" support in their new platforms by 2020 in requiring UEFI Class 3 or higher...


Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Support For Skylake Fixed With Linux 4.15 Phoronix

The platform-drivers-x86 updates have been sent in for Linux 4.15 and include a range of improvements for Intel hardware support. One of the bigger items is support for Skylake CPUs with Turbo Boost Max 3.0...


New Video Shows a Creepily Human-Like Robot Doing a Backflip Lifeboat News: The Blog

And with an apparently adequate battery too! None of the power lines are visible anymore!

Welcome to the NINJA-singularity!

So wax on.

Then wax off! wink

A new disaster robot has amazing human-like capabilities.


3D Printed WiFi Reflectors Custom Designed for the Building Hackaday

Are you a wizard at antenna design? Chances are youve never even given it a try, but this tool could change that. Most home-made WiFi signal boosting antenna plans around the Internet share one feature: they are directional antennas or reflectors. But WiPrint is a tool for designing custom WiFi reflectors that map to the specific application.

If we want to increase the signal strength in two or three different locations the traditional solution is an omnidirectional antenna. The problem is, although a good omnidirectional antenna increases the signal power in those locations we want, it also increases the signal power where we dont want.

A team of researchers led by Dartmouth College created WiPrint to allow users to input a floor plan, the location of the WiFi access point and a desired signal map into the system. The software uses an optimization algorithm to produce a custom reflector shape for that floor plan. The reflector can then be fabricated and placed next to the access point antenna to reflect and concentrate the signal in the specified area, while decreasing signal strength outside of it. The best thing is: you can actually 3D print the reflector and just glue tin foil on it!

The results show that optimized reflectors can weaken or enhance signals in target areas by up to 10 or 6 dB, respectively, and resulting in throughput changes by up to -63.3% or 55.1%. That is not the only advantage, as the researchers point out:

Our approach provides four benefits. First, it provides strong physical security by limiting the physical reach of wireless signals, hence creating a virtual wall for wireless signals. Second, it relies on a low-cost ($35), reproducible 3D reflector, which can be easily replaced upon substantial changes in the environment or coverage requirement. Third, it offers an easily accessible and easy-to-configure solution to non-expert users. Users only need to specify coverage requirements and a coarse environment model, with which our system computes a reflector shape tailored to the built environment. Finally, it is applicable to commodity low-end Wi-Fi APs without directional or multiple antennas.

The sad part is that, for now, no software is available. The study and results have just been presented at ACMs BuildSys 2017. It would be great to see something like this open-sourced. Meanwhile, this is further proof that [Brian Benchoff] knew what he was doing when he told you to use duct tape for superior WiFi range.

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Paging Dan Mangan Noise to Signal

(A robot speaking to a heartbroken robot) I am sorry that my leaving causes you pain. But the algorithm wants what the algorithm wants.

What the cheque is in the mail was to the 20th century, and it must have been spam-filtered was to the first 15 years of the 21st, its the algorithms fault will be for the foreseeable future: the perfect all-purpose excuse.

Of course, excuses only work if they ring true. Plenty of cheques were delayed by postal services. Spam filters (which are themselves based on algorithms) still sometimes trap urgent emails from your nearest and dearest. And an algorithm can do a lot of damage, from...


23,000 Posts Techrights

Leaving 22 behind

Apple pie

Summary: 23,000 blog posts milestone reached in 11 years

THE SITE TECHRIGHTS recently turned 11 (earlier this month) and today it turns a new page. Were in the 23,000+ posts region and still growing in terms of visitorship, too. We have always been 100% financially independent and intend to always remain so. To help us be heard please spread the overall message (verbally or links); thats the best support we could ask for.


Eugenics 2.0: Were at the Dawn of Choosing Embryos Lifeboat News: The Blog

Nathan Treff was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 24. Its a disease that runs in families, but it has complex causes. More than one gene is involved. And the environment plays a role too.

So you dont know who will get it. Treffs grandfather had it, and lost a leg. But Treffs three young kids are fine, so far. Hes crossing his fingers they wont develop it later.

Now Treff, an in vitro fertilization specialist, is working on a radical way to change the odds. Using a combination of computer models and DNA tests, the startup company hes working with, Genomic Prediction, thinks it has a way of predicting which IVF embryos in a laboratory dish would be most likely to develop type 1 diabetes or other complex diseases. Armed with such statistical scorecards, doctors and parents could huddle and choose to avoid embryos with failing grades.


BlackBerry Cannot Sell Phones and Apple Looks Like the Next BlackBerry (a Pile of Patents) Techrights

Just in time for pie/cake day


Summary: The lifecycle of mobile giants seems to typically end in patent shakedown, as Apple loses its business to Android just like Nokia and BlackBerry lost it to Apple

THIS past autumn we started a Wiki page about BlackBerry because BlackBerry made it clear that it had become somewhat of a parasite; some in the mainstream media go as far as alleging that BlackBerry is still operating in troll mode something which is only likely to exacerbate in years to come.

When BlackBerry adopted Android we were hoping it would move away from patent aggression and/or passage of patents to dubious entities. BlackBerrys patent strategist is now out (maybe he got kicked out), but his legacy remains. Based on this days-old press release and early coverage from a BlackBerry news site, theres another patent deal that smells familiar (similar to previous deals):

BlackBerry continues to sign new patent licensing deals and the latest to be announced is a strategic licensing agreement with Teletry. As part of the agreement between Teletry and BlackBerry, Teletry will have the right to sublicense a broad range of BlackBerry patents to a majority of global smartphone manufacturers.

Based on later coverage from broader scope news sites (e.g. [1, 2]), BlackBerry has entered into a strategic patent licensing deal with Teletry. As per the agreement, Teletry can sub-license a host of BlackBerry patents to global smartphone manufacturers. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet.

One can imagine that BlackBerry will receive a modest bucket of money and many of the patents in question cover software. BlackBerry has got almost nothing left but patents; other companies too...


Fintech Firms in South Wales Facing Skilled Staff Battle SoylentNews

Some of the fastest growing financial technology firms in Wales are at risk of being held back by skills shortages, a leading specialist lawyer has warned.

Cerian Jones said so-called fintech companies have told her they are "chasing fish in the same small pool".

She said those firms not actually trying to fill a recruitment gap "are trying to retain staff so they don't go elsewhere".

Cardiff is facing competition from London and Bristol among other cities.

Ms Jones, a patents attorney and partner at UDL in Cardiff, said: "When I talk to software companies about what their biggest challenge is, nine times out of 10 it's recruitment.

"These are very skilled positions, needing skilled graduates with the right coding and development skills."

She said there was a lure of working in London and firms in south Wales were having to be creative in trying to entice people "in a candidates' market".

Some were finding it difficult, even when offering 60,000 salaries.

There you have it. You can code to make banks richer. In Cardiff.

Original Submission

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EFF and CCIA Use Docket Navigator and Lex Machina to Identify Stupid Patents (Usually Software Patents That Are Not Valid) Techrights

Lex MachinaSummary: In spite of threats and lawsuits from bogus inventors whom they criticise, EFF staff continues the battle against patents that should never have been granted at all

Judge Finds Stupid Patent Web Story is Protected Speech; thats the headline of a new report (found via Slashdot, which has a summary and comments). For those who forgot, the EFF has been sued or threatened with lawsuits for running series which merely criticise or bash particular patents clearly an act of free speech. The judge too saw it that way:

An Australian court cant make a California-based digital rights watchdog take down a web article that mocks a companys patent as stupid, a federal judge ruled Friday.

San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation sued Global Equity Management (SA) Pty Ltd., or GEMSA, in April, claiming the Australian firm exploited its home countrys weaker free speech protections to secure an unconstitutional injunction against EFF.

Kurt Opsahl, EFFs deputy executive director and general counsel, hailed the ruling as a victory for free speech.

This wasnt the first and maybe not the last legal action, either. Imagine a world where one is not allowed to criticise particular patents. Not too long ago (just before the weekend) it was said in Stupid Patent Data of the Month: the Devil in the Details that the EFF along with CCIA make use of particular tools that we often mention in relation to patent reform. To quote the EFF:

Bad patents shouldnt be used to stifle competition. A process to challenge bad patents when they improperly issue is important to keeping consumer costs down and encouraging new innovation. But according to a recent post on a patent blog, post-grant procedures at the Patent Office regularly get it wrong, and improperly invalidate patents. We took a deep dive into the data being relied upon by patent lobbyists to...


GNU Nano Text Editor Can Now Record & Replay Keystrokes Phoronix

GNU Nano 2.9 is now available as the latest feature release of this popular CLI text editor and it's bringing several new capabilities...


Official OpenBSD 6.2 CD set - the only one to be made! OpenBSD Journal

Our dear friend Bob Beck (beck@) writes:

So, again this release the tradition of making Theo do art has continued!

Up for sale by auction to the highest bidder on Ebay is the only OpenBSD 6.2 CD set to be produced.

The case and CD's feature the 6.2 artwork, custom drawn ans signed by Theo.

All proceeds to support OpenBSD

Go have a look at the auction

As with previous OpenBSD auctions, if you are not the successful bidder, we would like to encourage you to donate the equivalent of you highest bid to the project.


Why Waiting for Perfect Autonomous Vehicles May Cost Lives Lifeboat News: The Blog

Some people think autonomous vehicles must be nearly flawless before humans take their hands off the wheel. But RAND research shows that putting AVs on the road before theyre perfect improves the technology more quicklyand could save hundreds of thousands of lives over time.


Waiting for Perfect Autonomous Vehicles May Cost Lives Lifeboat News: The Blog

Putting autonomous vehicles on the road when they perform just better than human drivers could save hundreds of thousands of lives over time. This article explains:


The Australian Productivity Commission Shows the Correct Approach to Setting Patent Laws and Scope Techrights

Well done, Australia

Australian stamp

Summary: Australia views patents on software as undesirable and acts accordingly, making nobody angry except a bunch of law firms that profited from litigation and patent maximalism

Rebuttals to the latest attacks on IP Australia are necessary. Theyre under attack* for cementing if not extending the ban on software patents. Even though Australia has, for a long time in fact, merely limited software patents, it has just banned software patents in a more explicit way. This should be very big news, but we hardly saw any press coverage about it (in spite of the language being English) and this new interview with the Director General of IP Australia mentions none of that either. What it does, however, mention is the motivation for some of the latest changes in lieu with recommendations from the Australian Productivity Commission (PC).

Rather than the outcomes of the judicial process with regard to IP, recent focus has been on improving access to the judicial system to pursue IP issues. The Australian Productivity Commission (PC) recently made international comparisons suggesting that Australia has robust IP enforcement arrangements, but that more can be done to improve the ability of rights holders to utilise Australias enforcement infrastructure, in particular for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). We have recently seen both the Federal Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia make efforts to improve accessibility and efficiency.

IP Australia is also committed to helping SMEs to understand that alternative methods of dispute resolution are available outside of the courts. We have recently launched an IP Mediation Referral Service, and we are working with the insurance sector to explore possibilities for trade mark defense insurance. It is early days for these initiatives and we continue to look for ways to assist in the enforcement area.

Mediation is already better; in the case of software, copyright is already enough.
* Shelston IP has just paid to...


The Commercial Usenet Stinks on All Sides, Anti-Piracy Boss Says TorrentFreak

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has targeted pirates of all shapes and sizes over the past several years.

Its also one of the few groups keeping a close eye on Usenet piracy. Although Usenet and associated piracy are a few decades old already and relatively old-fashioned, the area still has millions of frequent users. This hasnt escaped the attention of law enforcement.

Last week police in Germany launched one of the largest anti-piracy operations in recent history. Houses of dozens of suspects connected to Usenet forums were searched, with at least 1,000 gigabytes of data and numerous computers seized for evidence.

In their efforts, German authorities received help from international colleagues in the Netherlands, Spain, San Marino, Switzerland and Canada. Rightfully so, according to BREIN boss Tim Kuik, who describes Usenet as a refuge for pirates.

Usenet was originally for text only. People were able to ask questions and exchange information via newsgroups. After it became possible to store video and music as Usenet text messages, it became a refuge for illegal copies of everything. Thats where the revenue model is based on today, Kuik says.

BREIN states that uploaders, Usenet forums, and Usenet resellers all work in tandem. Resellers provide free accounts to popular uploaders, for example, which generates more traffic and demand for subscriptions. Thats how resellers and providers earn their money.

The same resellers also advertise on popular Usenet forums where links to pirated files are shared, suggesting that they specifically target these users. For example, one of the resellers targeted by BREIN in the past, was sponsoring one of the sites that were raided last week, BREIN notes.

Last year BREIN signed settlements with several Usenet uploaders. This was in part facilitated by a court order, directing Usenet provider Eweka to identify a former subscriber who supposedly shared infringing material.

Following this verdict, several Dutch Usenet servers were taken over by a San Marino company. But, according to BREIN this company can also be ordered to share customer information if needed.

It is not unthinkable that this construction has been called into existence by Usenet companies who find themselves in hot water, Kuik says.

According to BREIN its clear. Large parts of Usenet have turned into a playground for pirates and people who profit from copyright infringement. This all happens while the legitimate rightsholders dont see a penny.

For a long time, thereR...


MiSTer Upgrades Vintage Computer Recreations Hackaday

The MiST project provides an FPGA-based platform for recreating vintage computers. We recently saw an upgraded board MiSTer with a similar goal but with increased capability. You can see a video of the board acting like an Apple ][ playing Pac Man, below.

The board isnt emulating the target computer. Rather, it uses an FPGA to host a hardware implementation of the target. There are cores for Apple, Atari, Commodore, Coleco, Sega, Sinclair and many other computers. There are also many arcade game cores for games like Defender, Galaga, and Frogger.

The MISTer uses a Terasic DE-10 board that sports an Altera Cyclone V SE. That FPGA has 110,000 logic elements and about 5K bits of block RAM. It also contains two ARM Cortex A9 CPUs running at 800 MHz. Theres a gigabyte of DDR3 RAM that the FPGA and the CPU can share. The ARM CPUs can boot Linux and you can emulate some or all things in software if you prefer. While there is a VGA output, theres also a video scaler making it possible to drive a standard HDMI output.

What makes MiSTer more than just an FPGA demo board are the three daughterboards (and, of course, the software and FPGA configurations). There is an SDRAM daughterboard, an I/O board, and an optional real time clock board. The project is open source, with all the schematics and Gerber files available.

The I/O board provides legacy VGA output and connections for audio outputs (analog and digital). It is optional if you dont want those features.

We looked at the original MiST impersonating a Macintosh if you want to compare the two boards. Maybe this set up is just what we need to create the computers that never existed.

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Linux 4.14 File-System Benchmarks: Btrfs, EXT4, F2FS, XFS Phoronix

Our latest Linux file-system benchmarking is looking at the performance of the mainline Btrfs, EXT4, F2FS, and XFS file-systems on the Linux 4.14 kernel compared to 4.13 and 4.12.


Plastics Found in the Stomachs of Deep Sea Creatures SoylentNews

Plastics found in stomachs of deepest sea creatures

Animals from the deepest places on Earth have been found with plastic in their stomachs, confirming fears that manmade fibres have contaminated the most remote places on the planet.

The study, led by academics at Newcastle University, found animals from trenches across the Pacific Ocean were contaminated with fibres that probably originated from plastic bottles, packaging and synthetic clothes.

Dr Alan Jamieson, who led the study, said the findings were startling and proved that nowhere on the planet was free from plastics pollution. "There is now no doubt that plastics pollution is so pervasive that nowhere no matter how remote is immune," he said.

Evidence of the scale of plastic pollution has been growing in recent months. Earlier this year scientists found plastic in 83% of global tapwater samples, while other studies have found plastic in rock salt and fish. Humans have produced an estimated 8.3bn tonnes of plastic since the 1950s and scientists said it risked near permanent contamination of the planet.

Also at Newcastle University.

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An honest review of my personal experience with the Sky Soundbox (so far) Techmoan

The title says it all. I bought a Sky Soundbox and here's a video where I talk about my experiences with it.

As predicted this video has brought on a thousand cries of why did you get that why not use item X instead. Why why why and why.

The answers of course are all in the can lead a horse to water etc, but needless to say this review of a Sky Soundbox is a review of a Sky Soundbox, not a review of any of the other speakers on the market that do similar things. 

There was also the usual, 'you are doing it wrong'...and of course the old classic, 'well it worked fine for me'. Now this isn't my first rodeo, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's setting up AV systems. In fact I'd say it was my number one skill far and above everything else.

Here's some more information copied from the updates in the video description text box.

So just to clarify my issues with the Soundbox. 

1) I couldnt get the Sky Q Soundbox Option menu to appear on my main TV...does this also mean the speaker isnt receiving the custom equalisation profiles delivered from the Sky Q box...your guess is as good as mine on that.      
2) I was prepared to live with number 1, its not too big a concern, the sound was good anyway....but the real problem for me, the one that killed this stone dead for my requirements is the fact the Soundbox doesnt auto-wake from standby when a video signal is sent through it from the Sky Q box.   
Also for those asking...the LG 65EF950V TV is running the latest available firmware 04.25.56
...but dont worry too much about the LG Firmware as the failure to wake issue is common to all three TVs I own.  
UPDATE 1: (15 November 2017)  I have been informed that the Soundbox *is* supposed to automatically wake up whenever the attached Sky Q box is brought out of standby. Some Soundbox owners have reported that this feature is working for them (and some others say it isnt). As mentioned in the video, I have tested this speaker on one Sky Q 2TB box and two different Sky Q Miniboxes connected to three different TVs..and it doesnt wake up for any of them. So thats 0% success on this feature for me. Your mileage may of course vary.     
UPDATE 2: (16 November 2017) Sky have issued a new firmware for the Skybox (however haven't said what it fixes or improves) I...


YouTube terminated its own channel Citizentube for multiple or severe violations HackRead

By Waqas

In April 2007, YouTube launched its official channel on the

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Russia to go to the moon in new 30m spaceship Lifeboat News: The Blog

Russia is building a 30million space ship to explore the moon as part of its ambitious plan to become a superpower in space.

The Luna-25 will explore its south pole and collect soil samples to be sent back to earth for analysis.

No astronauts will travel in the lunar orbiter, which comes 40 years since Moscows last mission to the moon in the Luna-24.


Happy birthday, Security Affairs celebrates its Anniversary Today Security Affairs

Happy BirthDay Security Affairs!

Six years together, I launched Security Affairs for passion in November 2011 and every day dozens of new friends join in my community.

It is a dream that comes true, thank your support, I started with a daily single post, today I try to cover the best news almost in real time ;-).

Im very happy and proud to be here with you for the sixth year. I want to thank you for the support and the interest in the subject. Six years passed away, the cyber security is assuming a crucial role in modern society.

Today it is much easier to speak about cyber security, Information warfare and cybercrime thanks to the work of Security Affairs, and many other media outlets and blogger that do it for passion.

I started for joke saying that Security is everyones responsibility, this is my idea of cyber security that is becoming the spot of government organizations worldwide.

Ill continue to spread awareness, it is essential to improve the resilience to cyber attacks on our infrastructure. The information sharing is a pillar of any cyber security strategy, spreading and sharing the information on a cyber threats is possible to mitigate them.

I have many ideas to improve our experience, but the time seems to be not enough 

I really appreciate your suggestions (, Ill do all the best to make better.

I wish all the best for you and your families

Sincerely, Thank you!


Security Affairs

Thank you, Grazie!



A new EMOTET Trojan variant improves evasion techniques Security Affairs

Security experts at Trend Micro had recently observed a new variant of the EMOTET banking Trojan that implements new evasion features.

EMOTET, aka Geodo, is linked to the dreaded Dridex and Feodo (Cridex, Bugat)  malware families.

In past campaigns, EMOTET was used by crooks to steal banking credentials and as a malicious payload downloader.

The experts observed a re-emergence in the EMOTET activity in September, but the resents attacks present a few significant changes to elude sandbox and malware analysis.

Based on our findings, EMOTETs dropper changed from using RunPE to exploiting CreateTimerQueueTimer. states Trend Micro.

The CreateTimerQueueTimer is a Windows application programming interface (API) that creates a queue for lightweight objects called timers that enable the selection of a callback function at a specified time.

The original function of the API is to be part of the process chain by creating a timer routine, but here, the callback function of the API becomes EMOTETs actual payload. EMOTET seems to have traded RunPE for a Windows API because the exploitation of the former has become popular while the latter is lesser known, theoretically making it more difficult to detect by security scanners, continues Trend Micro.

Other malware already abused this Windows API, such as the Hancitor banking Trojan and VA...


UN panel agrees to move ahead with debate on killer robots Lifeboat News: The Blog

A U.N. panel agreed Friday to move ahead with talks to define and possibly set limits on weapons that can kill without human involvement, as human rights groups said governments are moving too slowly to keep up with advances in artificial intelligence that could put computers in control one day.

Advocacy groups warned about the threats posed by such killer robots and aired a chilling video illustrating their possible uses on the sidelines of the first formal U.N. meeting of government experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems this week.

More than 80 countries took part.


Hopping R2D2 bot to blast off to the lunar surface in 2019 Lifeboat News: The Blog

The MX-1E spacecraft is slated to fly before the end of the year aboard a Rocket Lab Electron booster, which launches from New Zealand and will attempt to win the $20M Google Lunar XPRIZE

The firm is is developing a fleet of low-cost robotic spacecraft that can be assembled like Legos to handle increasingly complex missions.

The initial spacecraft, known as MX-1E, is a similar size and shape to the R2D2 droid from Star Wars, and is slated to fly before next year aboard a Rocket Lab Electron booster, which launches from New Zealand.


Darling Is Still Active With A Goal To Run macOS Apps On Linux Phoronix

It's been one year and a few days when last researching a status update on "Project Darling" for running macOS/OSX applications on Linux. While the project hasn't been generating too much buzz this year, it still is being developed...


Trump regulators signal new antitrust approach with AT&T merger The Hill: Technology Policy

The Trump administrations antitrust enforcers have fired a warning shot to AT&T and other companies hoping to pull off massive mergers.Makan Delrahim, the Justice Departments antitrust chief, is reportedly expected to take AT&T to court...


Amazon Key Flaw Could Let Rogue Deliverymen Disable Your Camera SoylentNews

WHEN AMAZON LAUNCHED[sic] its Amazon Key service last month, it also offered a remedy for anyonerealistically, most peoplewho might be creeped out that the service gives random strangers unfettered access to your home. That security antidote? An internet-enabled camera called Cloud Cam, designed to sit opposite your door and reassuringly record every Amazon Key delivery.

But now security researchers have demonstrated that with a simple program run from any computer in Wi-Fi range, that camera can be not only disabled but frozen. A viewer watching its live or recorded stream sees only a closed door, even as their actual door is opened and someone slips inside. That attack would potentially enable rogue delivery people to stealthily steal from Amazon customers, or otherwise invade their inner sanctum.


Previously: Walmart Wants to Deliver Groceries Directly Into Your Fridge
Amazon Wants to Deliver Purchases into Your Home

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Elon Musks Tesla Unveils Electric Semi Truck And Roadster TechWorm

Tesla unveils electric sports car and semi truck

The new convertible four-seater Roadster prototype, which sped into the event, can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, and 0 to 100 mph in only 4.2 seconds.

This is the first time that any production car has broken nine seconds in a quarter mile, Musk said. The new Tesla roadster will be the fastest production car ever made period.

On the other hand, the two Tesla Semi trucks, one silver, and one a Batman-ish matte black, will achieve 0-60 mph in 5 seconds.  Its not like any truck that youve ever driven, Musk said.

The new Roadster has a top speed north of 250 mph and 620 miles (1,000 km) of estimated range on a single charge. These numbers sound nutty but theyre real, Musk insisted. Youll be able to travel from L.A. to San Francisco and back without recharging.

Musk described the Roadster as a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars making driving a gasoline sports car feel like driving A steam engine with a side of quiche.

The Tesla Semi can pull the max allowable payload of 80,000 pounds over a distance of 500 miles at highway speeds on one charge even if its fully loaded. It also comes with a million-mile guarantee on its powertrain. Another guarantee is a full refund if the windscreen doesnt survive a thermonuclear blast Musk said it will be able to keep up a speed of 65 mph while going up a 5 percent grade.

Prices of the new Roadster start at $250,000 for the first 1,000 cars that will start production in 2020, with later models starting at $2,00,000. This would help Tesla raise $250 million plus the $50,000 deposits on reservations.

On the other hand, production of the truck is expected to start in 2019. While no price was released for the Tesla Semi trucks, it will be half the price of diesel semis and even less expensive than rail transport, said Musk. Customers who order now would get the vehicles in two years, Musk added.

J.B. Hunt, trucking and freight company, after the unveiling announced that it had placed a reservation to buy multiple Tesla Semi tractors, which it plans to use primarily on the West Coast.

Reserving Tesla trucks marks an important step in our efforts to implement industry-changing technology, J.B. Hunt President and CEO John...


15,000 Scientists Just Gave a Catastrophic Warning About The Fate of Humanity Lifeboat News: The Blog

Is this accurate?

A new, dire warning to humanity about the dangers to all of us has been written by 15,000 scientists from around the world.

The message updates an original warning sent from the Union of Concerned Scientists that was backed by 1,700 signatures 25 years ago. But the experts say the picture is far, far worse than it was in 1992, and that almost all of the problems identified then have simply been exacerbated.

Mankind is still facing the existential threat of runaway consumption of limited resources by a rapidly growing population, they warn. And scientists, media influencers and lay citizens arent doing enough to fight against it, according to the letter.


Another set of stable kernel updates

The latest stable kernel updates are 4.13.14, 4.9.63, 4.4.99, and 3.18.82. Each contains the usual set of important fixes and updates.


US Missile Defenses Need Better Sensors, and Soon Lifeboat News: The Blog

Gaps in coverage leave interceptors less-equipped to defeat the threats of tomorrow.

No missile defense is better than the sensors that tell the interceptors where to go and what to kill. The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, or GMD, draws upon considerably more sensors for homeland defense than when operations began in 2004, but shortfalls remain. The North Korean and other missile threats are not diminishing, and its time to get this right.

In a forthcoming report, we recommend that the Defense Department and Missile Defense Agency take several steps to improve the sensor backbone of Americas homeland missile defenses, including fielding a space layer, filling radar gaps, adding omnidirectional focus, and improving command and control. Unfortunately, the budget for missile defense sensors has fallen considerably over the past decade, exactly the wrong trend for our changing security environment.


Problems that Plagued an Edible Marble Machine Hackaday

Gears are three layers, stacked and cemented with sugar glue, and coated with a hard edible shine.

The original idea was to assemble laser-cut gingerbread parts to make the machine. Gingerbread can be laser-cut quite well, and at first all seemed to be going perfectly well for [Martin]. However, after a few days the gingerbread was sagging badly. Fiddling with the recipe and the baking was to no avail, and it was clear [Martin] needed to find something other than gingerbread to work with. After experimenting, he settled on a modified sugar paste which kept its shape and dried hard enough to work with. (While appearing to stretch most people...


German Regulators Ban Smartwatches for Kids, Urge Parents to Destroy Them Lifeboat News: The Blog

There is almost no privacy anymore.

Saying the technology more closely resembles a spying device than a toy, Germany regulators have banned the sale of smartwatches designed for kids, urging the parents who were dumb enough to buy them in the first place to destroy them.


Introducing SENS Lifeboat News: The Blog

The SENS Research Foundation is taking a repair based approach to aging to prevent the diseases and ill health of old age. Visit to learn more about their work.


Funtin SFF-8639: U.2 NVMe SSD To PCI-E Card Adapter Phoronix

With our review this week of the Intel Optane SSD 900P 280GB U.2 SSD there was a discussion in the forums about using U.2 SSDs in desktop systems, etc. If your system doesn't have a U.2 slot, an adapter like the Funtin SFF-8639 makes it easy to pop the SSD into a PCI-E x4 slot...


Terabytes of US military social media surveillance miserably left wide open in AWS S3 buckets Security Affairs

Three AWS S3 buckets containing dozen of terabytes resulting from surveillance on US social media were left wide open online.

It has happened again, other three AWS S3 buckets containing dozen of terabytes resulting from surveillance on US social media were left wide open online.

The misconfigured AWS S3 buckets contain social media posts and similar pages that were scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest.

The huge trove of documents was discovered by the popular data breach hunter Chris Vickery, the three buckets were named centcom-backup, centcom-archive, and pacom-archive.

CENTCOM is the abbreviation for the US Central Command, the US Military command that covers the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, similarly PACOM is the for US Pacific Command that covers the Southern Asia, China and Australasia.

Vickery was conducting an ordinary scan for the word COM in publicly accessible S3 buckets when spotted the unsecured buckets, one of them contained 1.8 billion social media posts resulting from automatic craping activities conducted over the past eight years up to today. According to Vickery, it mainly contains postings made in central Asia, in many cases comments made by  US individuals.

Documents reveal that the archive was collected as part of the US governments Outpost program, which is a social media monitoring and narrowcasting campaign designed to target youngsters and educate them to  despise the terrorism.

The archive discovered by Vickery in fact includes the Outpost development, configuration files, as well as Apache Lucene indexes of keywords designed to be used with the open-source search engine Elasticsearch.

While public information about this firm is scant, an internet search reveals multiple individuals who worked for VendorX describing work building Outpost for CENTCOM and the Defense Department reads the blog post published by Upguard.



Google for Jobs adds new features to its job listings search tool TechWorm

Searching jobs made simpler, as Google updates tools to show salaries and location-based results

Google is looking to make search job easier for its job seekers. Back in June, it had introduced its job listing search feature that will help job seekers find a job right from the Search.

The internet giant on Wednesday announced in a blog post that it has updated its Google for Jobs platform, which is integrated into Googles search engine. The new function will now let users add salary-related information, location settings and job application choices based on which the details about open position will display in the Search results.

Now, based on feedback from job seekers, were introducing some new features to help make the process more efficient. Directly in Search, you can access salary information for job postings, improved location settings, job application choices, and in a couple of weeks, the ability to save individual jobs, said Nick Zakrasek, product manager for the job search platform, Google, in a blog post.

While these tools roll out immediately, Google also plans to add the ability to save individual job postings right in Google Search in a few weeks across all devices supporting internet access.

We all know the job hunt can be stressful, so Google is here to help. We review every piece of feedback we receive, and well continue to add tools to help make the job search easier for you, added Zakrasek.

With the newly added features, people searching for jobs will see estimated pay ranges for positions based on things such as job title, location and the company posting the job. Google has additionally updated its location filters to make it simpler for users to choose jobs between 2 to 200 miles (or anywhere) based on the flexibility of the job seeker.

The added tools have been added after an extensive research by a team found that an estimated 85 percent of job listings in the U.S. have salary information missing. Hence, Google have collaborated with job sources including Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, and Paysa among others to outline salary ranges based on the post as well as comparability to the estimated remuneration for the mentioned job post.

According to Google, since the job listing function has been rolled out five months ago, 60 percent of employers are now showing jobs in search results.

Unfortunately, it appears the service will be limited strictly to the U.S.

Source: Gadgets 360

The post...


KVM & Xen Don't Change Much With Linux 4.15 Phoronix

There are a ton of exciting improvements building up in Linux 4.15, but not too much on the virtualization front...


Neuroscience Is Helping Us Build a Machine With Consciousness Lifeboat News: The Blog

I always wondered if this was possible.

In a paper published, Science describes a team of neuroscientists striving to grasp the computational aspect of consciousness, and port it to a machine.


AI could be the perfect tool for exploring the Universe Lifeboat News: The Blog

Yes I agree.very good resource for this job!

In our efforts to understand the Universe, were getting greedy, making more observations than we know what to do with. Satellites beam down hundreds of terabytes of information each year, and one telescope under construction in Chile will produce 15 terabytes of pictures of space every night. Its impossible for humans to sift through it all. As astronomer Carlo Enrico Petrillo told The Verge: Looking at images of galaxies is the most romantic part of our job. The problem is staying focused. Thats why Petrillo trained an AI program to do the looking for him. Petrillo and his colleagues


Two Teams Have Simultaneously Unearthed Evidence of an Exotic New Particle Lifeboat News: The Blog

Very interesting!!

A few months ago, physicists observed a new subatomic particleessentially an awkwardly-named, crazy cousin of the proton. Its mere existence has energized teams of particle physicists to dream up new ways about how matter forms, arranges itself, and exists.

Saturday, 18 November


HTC Cancels U.S. Release of a Google Daydream VR Headset, Reveals Own Standalone Headset SoylentNews

HTC will not widely commercialize a planned Google Daydream headset, but released more details about the Vive Focus, a standalone VR headset with integrated positional tracking:

HTC has officially revealed the Vive Focus, its all-in-one VR headset. As previously announced, the Vive Focus runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and uses inside-out positional tracking. It should be the first standalone six-degrees-of-freedom VR headset to see release, though HTC isn't saying exactly when it'll be available.

[...] HTC has only announced plans for the Vive Focus in China just yet, and even then there aren't any details on pricing or a release date. If you were holding out for that Vive-branded standalone Google Daydream headset, meanwhile, there's bad news HTC and Google have cancelled their plans to bring it to the US.

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Emacs Tutorial New Think Tank

We'll cover how to move around, editing, repeating commands, regions, searching, buffers, frames, shells, macros and programming


Facebook Releases HHVM 3.23 With OpenSSL 1.1 Support, Experimental Bytecode Emitter Phoronix

HHVM 3.23 has been released as their high performance virtual machine for powering their Hack programming language and current PHP support...


Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets Exposed US Militarys Social Media Spying Campaign HackRead

By Waqas

UpGuards security researcher Chris Vickery has discovered three misconfigured AWS

This is a post from Read the original post: Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets Exposed US Militarys Social Media Spying Campaign


Researchers demonstrate Amazon Key system can be hacked HackRead

By Waqas

Rhino Security Labs researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Amazons

This is a post from Read the original post: Researchers demonstrate Amazon Key system can be hacked


Massive U.S. Military Social Media Spying Archive Left Wide Open in AWS S3 Buckets

Via: The Register: Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing dozens of terabytes of social media posts and similar pages all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest. The archives were found by UpGuards veteran security-breach hunter []

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