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Thursday, 19 April


Southwest Pilot Was As Cool As A Cucumber During Engine Failure Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: The Southwest pilot who had to land her plane after an engine failure was shockingly cool, calm, and collected as she placed various calls to air traffic control. One of the planes engines exploded and detached in midair, with some of the engine parts smashing open a window. A passenger was partially []


Evan McMullin Potentially In Violation Of Campaign Finance Laws, Records Show Weasel Zippers

Maybe he should spend less time talking about Trump and claiming hes breaking the law, and a little to his own problem. Via Daily Caller: Former presidential candidate Evan McMullins failed campaign ended its quixotic journey six-figures in debt as of summer 2017, and records show it has missed every deadline to file the required []


Dandelions and Plunder Monkeys by System Humanity Dandelion Salad

by System Humanity Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad crossposted at System Humanity, April 16, 2018 April 18, 2018 What a good read I said to myself when I had finished The Dandelion Insurrection by Rivera Sun. And unusual. A delicious story with nourishing political content spiced with distinctive characters and served on beautiful prose. Love, adventure, []


Democrat Claimed Independent Status in Election Filings, but Records Show He Was a Republican The Intercept

Pulled from the Wayback Machine, the Secretary of State's FAQ for the 2008 primary.


Eric Holder: Yes, I Am Considering Running For President Weasel Zippers

Is Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder running for president? "Yeah, I'm thinking about it," he tells @chrislhayes Watch. MSNBC (@MSNBC) April 18, 2018 The Democratic field in 2020 is going to be crazy unless the DNC pulls their tricks again and comes out to favor likely Biden. But Holder, an attorney general []


The Government Has A Job To Do-- Creating Full Employment... And It's Been Failing At It DownWithTyranny!

There have been rumors circulating for months that one of the planks of Bernie's 2020 platform will be Job Guarantee. This week the Levy Institute at Bard College published a paper that could well be the intellectual underpining of that plank, Public Service Employment-- A Path To Full Employment by distinguished economists L. Randall Wray, Stephanie A. Kelton, Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Scott Fullwiler, and Flavia Dantas. It's well worth reading the entire report (at the link above). This is the executive summary:
Despite headline-grabbing reports of a healthy US labor market, millions of Americans remain unemployed and underemployed. It is a problem that plagues our economy in good times and in bad-- there are never enough jobs available for all who want to work. The problem is most acute for women, youths, blacks, and Latinos, although research also finds a persistent lack of employment for large numbers of working-age men. This report asks a set of big questions: What if we sought to eliminate involuntary unemployment across all demographic groups and geographic regions, by directly creating jobs in the communities where they are needed through a federally funded Public Service Employment program? How could such a radical transformation of the labor market be implemented? What would it cost, and what would it mean for the US economy?

A number of important implications emerge from this analysis. Joblessness, defined as the inability to secure a job at a living wage ($15 per hour), can be eliminated in every corner of America for every eligible person who desires to work. With a standing job offer-- a public option-- available at all times, the US labor market would transition to a permanent state of true full employment. Millions of American families would be lifted out of poverty, and the economy would grow as the benefits of the program spill over into the private sector. Perhaps most astonishingly, this can all b...


Fresno State Professor Who Danced On Barbara Bushs Grave Now On Leave Weasel Zippers

And she set her account to private. She put up a gif of dancing on a grave and called Barbara Bush a racist. Shes a Muslim who is disturbed about Bush moves in the Middle East.


In 30 Years, Only 17 Women Won Sexual Harassment Claims Before Wall Streets Oversight Body The Intercept

The headquarters building of Prudential Financial Inc. stands in Newark, New Jersey, U.S., on Thursday, July 29, 2010.


David Hogg Calls for Boycott of 15 Financial Firms Over Investment in Gun Manufacturers Weasel Zippers

Davy doesnt know what indexing is and they also have 10% in Twitter, so why is David still on it? The response has been to basically mock him. No, people are not going to be boycotting them. Via Free Beacon: Gun control activist David Hogg on Tuesday called for the boycott of at least 15 []


Trump Confirms CIA Director Mike Pompeo Met In Top Secret Meeting With Kim Jong Un Weasel Zippers

Laying the groundwork for the Trump meeting and for peace talks after more than 65 years. Via Daily Caller: CIA Director Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang over Easter weekend for a secret meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, The Washington Post reported, citing two people with direct knowledge of the trip. The top-secret []


CNNs Jake Tapper Makes False Claim About Scooter Libby Weasel Zippers

The narrative had already been set in motion. Via Breitbart: In yet another personal attack against President Trump, CNNs Jake Tapper spread the false claim that Lewis Scooter Libby leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame. While Tappers fan-base on the far left are celebrating Tappers spreading of this fake news, those who still []


Michael Cohen Gets a Special Visit Booman Tribune

Last November, I wrote The Odd Chabad Connection Between Putin and Trump and its time to revisit the piece in light of recent events. Presumably youve seen the hilarious video of Michael Cohen smoking cigars with sketchy looking gangster types that was set to the theme song of The Sopranos.

While that video is funny, its also real. The man in the blue suit is Rotem Rosen, who was the main character in my November piece. While Cohen and Rosen were commiserating over cigars, Cohen was supposed to be in court. Judge Kimba Wood was reportedly displeased by his absence.

On an obvious level, it should surprise no one that Rosen and Cohen are friends. Both of them are honorary members of the Trump family. But, on a different level, the media really should be reporting on the significance of this relationship.

I am going to cite from my previous article on this rather than write it all out again, but you should also reference this article from Ben Schreckinger on how Putin enlisted two Jewish oligarchs back in 1999 to help him build up his political power.

Lets begin here:

Starting in 1999, [Vladimir] Putin enlisted two of his closest confidants, the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, who would go on to become Chabads biggest patrons worldwide, to create the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia under the leadership of Chabad rabbi Berel Lazar, who would come to be known as Putins rabbi.

Theres a good chance that if you know of Roman Abramovich, you know him as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League. You may not know that he was a...

James Comey Isn't Helping Booman Tribune

This should come as no surprise:

A new poll released by NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist University shows that about 3-in-10 Americans think that the FBI is biased against the Trump administrationSixty-one percent of Americans think that the FBI is just doing its job.

While the number of Americans who distrust the FBIs motives is growing, Im actually comforted that the number isnt higher. After all, the FBI has been under sustained tribal attack from the president, Republicans in Congress, and the organs of the mighty right-wing media wurlitzer. The thirty-one percent number is close enough to the Alan Keyes Constant that its within the margin of error. In other words, under normal circumstances, the percentage of FBI skeptics in the population is about as low as you can reasonably expect it to go in any situation where the FBI is under attack from the right.

In a way, it seems obvious that a decent chunk of the electorate will ascribe bias to anyone who criticizes the president they support, especially if that president is constantly calling the whole thing a witch hunt and effort to delegitimize his election. When that view is amplified in peoples news feeds and on the television programs they watch, its hard to see how wed ever get a lower number than thirty-one percent in our present circumstances.

Whats a sign of corrosion in our democracy is not the absolute percentage of FBI skeptics, but the fact that the FBI is under attack at all. When the FBI deserves criticism, they should receive it. Thats how our system self-corrects. But when they try to protect the country from foreign interference in our elections and are called biased for their efforts, thats a problem. Its a problem because its not something they can correct without surrendering to that foreign power.

Now, James Comey isnt helping things by going out and doing more than a dozen media appearances where he expresses his disdain for Donald Trumps character, appearance, and fitness for office. That doesnt make him look like a neutral or dispassionate observer or strengthen him as an objective witness of fact. When he basically says that the election of Trump made him nauseated, that weakens his standing as someone who stands above and o...

The Biggest District Court Hearing Since Watergate Booman Tribune

There will be a hearing today in Manhattan to discuss what will be done with the materials the government seized from Michael Cohen last week. It will probably be the most significant event in a U.S. District Court since James McCord sent his letter to Judge John Sirica on March 19, 1973. After that letter, it was only a matter of time before the ugly truths behind the Watergate break-in became known to investigators and the public.

President Trump knows the government probably now has possession of enough incriminating material to end his presidency and land him in prison for the remainder of his days, so the only remaining option is to fight to prevent the government from reading what they have. Judge Kimba Wood will decide if that is the correct way to deal with this mess. I dont think she will rule with the president.

Whats being debated is who gets to review the material seized from Cohens home, office and hotel room one week ago. After learning that the government planned to have a taint team start reviewing the material it had seized from Cohen last Friday, Cohens legal team filed a motion for a temporary restraining order on Thursday night. In short, they want to have the determination of what is or isnt privileged made not by government officials but by themselves or, at least, by a third party called a special master

Trumps team wants Cohens team to review the seized material and then to get a copy of the material related to the president. In court on Friday, Trumps attorneys seemed content to have a third-party review the material to determine what might or might not be privileged. In a letter filed with the court on Sunday night, though, Trumps position was that the only acceptable way of evaluating what was or wasnt privileged was to turn the material over to Cohens team to make that assessment.

The president has characterized the warrants that were issued to seize Cohens record as a violation of attorney-client privilege, but the government has had Cohen under surveillance for some time and has already be...


Pennsylvania House votes to ban abortions for Down Syndrome Fellowship of the Minds

From ABC News: A proposal to prohibit abortions in Pennsylvania when the sole reason is that the fetus has or may have Down syndrome passed the state House on Monday by a comfortable margin. The Republican-majority chamber voted 139-56 to Continue reading


Wayne Madsen: Israel uses Sen. Lindsey Grahams homosexuality to blackmail him Fellowship of the Minds

RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and his bud John McCain, are known neo-cons, aka warmongers for Israel. Two days ago, on April 16, 2018, Graham criticized the Trump Administrations April 14 firing of 105 missiles at Syrian government targets over Continue reading


Fresno State Professor Gloats Over Death Of Amazing Racist Barbara Bush, Im Happy The Witch Is Dead Weasel Zippers

Keeping it classy. Via Daily Wire: On Tuesday, a professor at Fresno State made highly outrageous comments celebrating the death of former First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush as she also took delight in the pain that George H.W. Bush is experiencing as a result of his wifes death. According to her bio []

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Wednesday, 18 April


Rahm Emanuel Wants To Withhold City Contracts To Punish Banks That Wont Restrict Gun Businesses Weasel Zippers

In Chicago the gun trade is cash and carry. Via Breitbart: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) wants to use city contracts to punish banks that will not restrict and/or regulate clients involved in the firearms industry. Emanuels ordinance is co-sponsored by Alderman Edward Burke (14th). The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Emanuel introduced the ordinance by []


California Progressives Launch Attack To Ban Books Weasel Zippers

Fahrenheit 451. Via NRO: On Sunday evening, New York magazines Jonathan Chait published a piece asking why more disgruntled Republicans dont punish their party by switching sides. Chait notes that the strongest defense against the election of an extreme or unfit leader is for his more mainstream partners to defect en masse. Yet with few []


Letters from a Heartbroken Pervert: Taste Matt Forney

This is a guest post by Nameless Writer, the fifteenth in a series.

No one believes me, but your ass tastes good. It was always a pleasure to eat it, without exception. People who try and tell you otherwise are no better than people who tell you youre fat.

I would eat your ass right now. Id eat it right after you took a shit. Id eat it and go to work without brushing my teeth. Id eat it and give you a kiss. Id eat it and spit in your mouth and have you spit back at me. You know all of this is true.

People ask me pretty regularly what ass tastes like. If its a man, I tell them to eat a bunch of peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon, then jerk off, then smell their fingers. That smell is close to the taste. Sweet like sugar, a bit nutty, quite a bit like sweaty flesh, and very carnal. Your ass tastes carnal. Like sexuality itself, like seduction or an affair.

If a woman asks me the same question, my mind always flickers back to the same recollection. We were making out on the bed and I was slapping your tits. You were moaning and started to touch yourself when I began sucking on your tits. Your spare hand was buried deep in my hair, pushing my head down like you wanted me to swallow your tits whole. I scooched down and yanked off your panties. They were good ones: light grey with little pink flowers all over them and cute pink trimming around the top. I looked over the insides like always and saw that you really had been enjoying yourself and my dick got even harder. The crotch was wet with streaks of cum and they smelled like youd just given birth to them. I gave them a big lick before I wadded them up and slipped them inside your pussy.

You wanna taste?


You wanna taste all the nice pussy juice your panties are soaking up right now?


Yes what?

Yes, please!

I pulled them out and they had gone from moist to wet. When I looked up, your eyes were locked on mine and your mouth was agape and waiting as your hand kept on your clit like it was magnetized. Those panties went straight in your mouth and you looked just about perfect. They were the final mantelpiece needed for your resplendent body. I started fingering you and sucking on your tits again. After a few minutes, it seemed like you were getting close to cumming, so I fished those panties out of your mouth and started laying them across my fingers.

Please keep fingering me, please dont stop now! you yelled out as you increased the pace of your right hand.

How about I finger your asshole, huh?

Anything! Please, just finger me!

With your panties draped over my middle finger, I started to open up your ass. You liked it, as always.

You like having your cute little-girl panties up your ass?


You know what Im gonna do when Im done fingering your asshole with them?

Feed them to me. Youre going to...


The GOP Is Trying to Bring Down This Anti-Establishment Republican. Can He Survive the Trump Era? The Intercept

As the 2018 midterm election cycle ramps up, Republican operatives are busy strategizing about how to protect incumbent GOP lawmakers. In one case, though, Republicans are working to overthrow one of its incumbents: Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina.

Jones, who is in his 11th term in office, cuts an unlikely figure in Washington, D.C. He has fought for a higher minimum wage, tougher regulations on Wall Street, and stronger limits on big money in politics. He has called for restrictions on government surveillance, sharply criticized the leadership of his party for being too cozy with K Street lobbyists and corporate interests, and waged a one-man battle to rein in United States-backed wars raging throughout the Middle East. Though once a strong supporter of the Iraq War, Jones changed his tune as the disastrous war unfolded: Lyndon Johnsons probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney, he once quipped.

These sorts of strident positions have put him at odds with Republican-aligned special interest groups and the GOP establishment over the years, with party leadership at one point revoking a plum committee assignment, and also dispatching a parade of Washington insiders to undermine him in his Republican primary. Jones has beaten back every attempt in the past, but faces a spirited challenge again this year.

Scott Dacey, a casino and tax lobbyist who also serves on the Craven County Board of Commissioners, will be Joness opponent in North Carolinas 3rd Congressional District Republican primary on May 8. Dacey divides his time between Washington, D.C., and North Carolina. According to a recently filed ethics form, he manages a Washington lobbying firm, from which he collected $509,899 last year in salary and profit-sharing, and co-owns a lucrative investment property on Capitol Hill.

In the past, interest groups aired foreign policy-focused ads alleging that Jones undercut the U.S. alliance with Israel and had been too friendly to Iran. This time, Dacey is hoping to cast Jones as disloyal to President Donald Trump by making Joness vote against Trumps tax reform bill a highlight of the campaign.

Jones voted with Pelosi against your tax cut, b...



As you probably know, Nikki Haley won't take the blame.

President Trump was watching television on Sunday when he saw Nikki R. Haley, his ambassador to the United Nations, announce that he would impose fresh sanctions on Russia. The president grew angry, according to an official informed about the moment. As far as he was concerned, he had decided no such thing.

It was not the first time Mr. Trump has yelled at the television over something he saw Ms. Haley saying. This time, however, the divergence has spilled into public in a remarkable display of discord that stems not just from competing views of Russia but from larger questions of political ambition, jealousy, resentment and loyalty.

The rift erupted into open conflict on Tuesday when a White House official blamed Ms. Haleys statement about sanctions on momentary confusion. That prompted her to fire back, saying that she did not get confused.
Anti-Trump GOP strategist Steve Schmidt responded by tweeting this:

Oh, please. Haley may have impressed some Trump critics, but the base isn't having it. Here's a sample of the response at Free Republic:
Neocon Nikki is going to show Trump who is the boss. And he can forget about pulling our troops out because the queen bee says we're not leaving Syria until the mission is complete and since she says the mission includes keeping an eye on Iran, that mission will never be complete.


There is our girl Ikki. The real arrogant, non team player knows all.

Bad pick POTUS. She thinks she runs all foreign policy. Does maddog answer to her?




Dont get ahead of the boss, lest the boss fire your happy a$$.


I read this article and I do not like this woman. She will be a problem. She was a #nevertrumper and picking her was a mistake.


Ikki is always confused. She has no respect for American histor...


Democratic Charlotte City Council Member Questions 9-11, Asks About Alleged Plane On Facebook Weasel Zippers

She didnt question the hands up, dont shoot mantra of Ferguson. Via WBTV: Charlotte City Council Member LaWana Mayfield questioned whether the 9-11 terrorist attacks were real in a social media post Monday, saying she is still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane. Mayfield, a Democrat who represents west Charlotte, linked []


Report: Stormy Daniels Plans To Donate $130K NDA Money To Planned Parenthood In Trump, Cohens Names Weasel Zippers

Libs swoon uncontrollably in 3 2 1 Via Daily Beast: In addition to her 60 Minutes sit-down with Anderson Cooper and appearance on The View this morning, Stormy Daniels will grace the cover of Penthouse magazine. The issue, which hits newsstands across North America on May 8, brands the porn actress the Penthouse Pet of the Century followed by the sub-headline: Getting Intimate with []


ICE Doesnt Want You to Read Its Manuals for No Good Reason Whatsoever The Intercept

Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI, is the nations second-largest federal investigative agency yet few Americans have ever heard of it. Housed within the Department of Homeland Securitys U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, HSI has operated largely out of the public spotlight for over a decade, even as its agents cases have led to multimillion-dollar seizures and high-profile arrests.

Over the last year, however, HSI has begun to attract more public attention, amid reporting from The Intercept and other outlets. Media reports have shed light on HSIs multibillion-dollar collaborations with Palantir Technologies, the data-mining firm founded by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel; the agencys access to databases shared with the CIA and the Pentagons Defense Intelligence Agency; HSIs reliance on questionable gang databases as a means to facilitate deportations; and HSIs guidelines for asset seizures.

In February, another layer was peeled back when the independent media website Unicorn Riot began publishing internal policy handbooks for HSI agents from a 2012 manual outlining how HSI operates on the ground. The Intercept has previously reported on HSI handbooks covering denaturalization authorities and search and seizure guidelines.

Federal law enforcement agencies dont like to share any information that they dont have to.

Despite being six years old, the manual, which was obtained by The Intercept, is still considered privileged by the agency. And ICE isnt interested in commenting on the content of the documents, despite the fact that they have become public. ICE spokesperson Matthew Bourke told The Intercept that the internal training materials are law-enforcement sensitive, not publicly available, and were therefore not prepared to comment on any of the handbooks.

Secrecy surrounding internal federal policies pervades all law enforcement communities, said Jonathan Blanks, a research associate for the Cato Institutes Project on Criminal Justice. Federal law enforcement agencies dont like to share any information that they dont have to, he said. Usual...


Joe Crowley-- Not Inevitable... We Can Do Better DownWithTyranny!

Wall Street's dozen biggest bets for 2018

Every progressive in America should be alarmed at this Politico headline from yesterday: Queens party boss angles to succeed Pelosi as speaker. Heather Caygle and John Bresnahan wrote, dispassionately, that "Rep. Joe Crowley is making moves to take over the House Democratic Caucus whether the party wins or loses in November." Yes, he is-- and has been for years.

Crowley is the most corrupt Democrat in Congress-- an inept creature of Wall Street, who serves as the conduit between the banksters and the Democratic conference. Although he's tried to moderate his right-wing votes since deciding to run for leader, he is best known as leader of the right-of-center New Dems. He is the embodiment of what everyone hates about Congress: corruption, self-serving and a being a toadie of the worst of DC's special interests. He doesn't belong in Congress, let alone as the leader of the party that's supposed to represent the legitimate interests of the downtrodden and the working families of this country.

Much of what Caygle and Bresnahan wrote was pure Beltway press release. How about that Crowley is "buoyed by a caucus thirsty for change" and how he has a "rising national profile?" What nonsense! His national profile may be rising among Wall Street banksters, lobbyists and media hacks... but real people? I don't think so-- not even in his own Queens/Bronx district. They describe him as "the affa...


Dicks Sporting Goods to destroy all firearms pulled from shelves Fellowship of the Minds

Whatever makes them feeeeeeel good. Hope their stockholders are happy because this just means more business for Cabelas. From Fox News: Dicks Sporting Goods announced on Monday it will destroy all of the unsold firearms it pulled off store shelves Continue reading


Today's Big Number bensozia

Viruses raining from the sky:

Each day some 800 million viruses fall onto every square meter of the planet.


James Comey Sees Himself as a Victim of Trump. He Refuses to See the Victims of the Justice System. The Intercept

Most stories about Comeys best-selling memoir have focused on its Hamlet-like agonizing over his potential role in tilting the 2016 election, and his horror at discovering that Trump, once in the White House, was as thuggishly corrupt as the mafia dons Comey had prosecuted before he led the FBI and got fired by Trump. But Comeys insistence on upholding the law is devotional to the point of ruthlessness, as he makes clear when explaining the need to send Martha Stewart to jail in 2003 for lying about an insider stock tip she had received.

People must fear the consequences of lying in the justice system or the system cant work, Comey writes. There was once a time when most people worried about going to hell if they violated an oath taken in the name of God. That divine deterrence has slipped away from our modern cultures. In its place, people must fear going to jail. They must fear their lives being turned upside down. They must fear their pictures splashed on newspapers and websites. People must fear having their names forever associated with a criminal act if we are to have a nation with the rule of law.

This is ridiculous and dangerous, because it suggests Americans are insufficiently cowed by the necessarily God-like wrath of the machinery of law enforcement. Comey is worried that the country risks degenerating into criminality and sloth and that all thats standing between us and chaos is the FBIs lash and our submission to it. Rather than separating himself from the Trump administrations extremism, Comey sounds much like retired Gen. John Kelly, the White House chief of staff who recently bemoaned the lost discipline of an earlier and supposedly sunnier era.

You know, when I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country, Kelly said during a bitter press conference, in which he tried to smear a member of Congress who had accurately reported that a grieving war widow was offended by comments Trump made in a fumbled condolence call. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. Thats obviously not the case anymore, as we see from recent cases. Life the dignity of life is sacred. Thats gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well.

Like Kelly,...


The little man Caption Contest Fellowship of the Minds

This is the 174th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest! Heres the pic (h/t DCG): About the pic: On April 10, 2018, Facebook co-founder/chairman/CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation regarding Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach. of Continue reading


Fake Comey Book Page Appears Online: More 1984 In 2018 Or Poor Satire? Mining Awareness +

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten.
George Orwell, 1984, Chapter 5

A fake page of former FBI Director Comeys book A Higher Loyalty appeared on the internet a few days ago, before the book was available to the public. On an apparently pro-Trump reddit thread they call it satire, but nothing indicates that it is satire. Rather, the poorly written page is made to appear as a page from the book itself. The appearance of this fake page 173 is reason, alone, to hurry up and buy a copy of the book a hard copy if possible, because more of these fakes could appear, as a way to counter the book. How to know its a fake? Firstly, because it is so poorly and stupidly written, in stark constrast to Comeys book, which reads like a well-written novel. With the hard copy you can prove that its a fake, by turning to page 173. With an ebook you can search key words (see screen shots, further...


Intercepted Podcast: Evening at the Talk House The Intercept

The Intercepted podcast presents Evening at the Talk House a darkly comic audio drama about the insidious dangers of an authoritarian society, written by and starring Wallace Shawn.

An intimate group of writers and actors reunite to celebrate a collaboration from their past. But the world is now very different and more quietly dangerous. And so are they. As drinks and hors doeuvres are consumed, small talk evolves into more sinister topics. Evening at the Talk House is a stark reminder that all it takes is complacency to enable the dirty work of an authoritarian regime.




This audio drama was based on the original U.S. theatrical production of Evening at the Talk House directed by Scott Elliott for the New Group in New York. Featuring Matthew Broderick, Wallace Shawn, Larry Pine, Jill Eikenberry, John Epperson, Claudia Shear, Michael Tucker, and Annapurna Sriram. Written by Wallace Shawn. Directed and produced by Pejk Malinovski. Assistant Director Marie Masters. Original music by John Epperson. Additional music, mixing, and sound design by Bart Warshaw. Executive produced by Jeremy Scahill and Leital Molad.

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Radio Public, and other platforms. New to podcasting? Click here.

The post Intercepted Podcast: Evening at the Talk House appeared first on The Intercept.


Cambridge Analytica CEO Alex Nix Refuses To Appear Before UK Parliament As Seriousness Of The Inquiry Becomes Evident Mining Awareness +

Nixs refusal to appear comes as the seriousness of the British inquiry becomes more evident. (See: Cambridge Analytica ex-CEO Refuses to Testify in UK, Reuters, April 17, 2018 1:51 PM, Reuters, )

From the UK Parliament:
Update on Alexander Nixs appearance before Committee
17 April 2018

The former CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, is now refusing to appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee at a public session tomorrow, Wednesday 18th April, at 2.15pm. He cites the Information Commissioners Offices ongoing investigation as a reason not to appear.

Chairs co...


Several US Members of Congress Urge Action to Protect Evidence Gathered By Special Counsel Mueller Mining Awareness +

April 17, 2018 Press Release
(WASHINGTON, D.C.)  Congressmen Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Ted Lieu (D-CA), and David Cicilline (D-RI) today joined Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee, in introducing the Special Counsel Transparency Act, a bill that would preserve the important work of Special Counsel Robert Muellers investigation in the event that President Trump fires him.
Rep. Doggett said. Amid President Trumps ongoing baseless attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we move ever closer to a crisis that will impact the entire country, said Congressman Doggett. As T...


Marielle, Lula e o fantasma do esquecimento The Intercept

RJ. RIO DE JANEIRO. 14.04.18 CASO MARIELLE Aps trinta dias do assassinato da vereadora Marielle Franco no bairro do Estcio, centro, amigos, familiares, militantes e populao em geral se reuniram em diversos pontos da cidade para cobrar respostas da polcia e homenagear a vereadora. O maior nmero de pessoas se reuniram embaixo dos Arcos da Lapa no centro.


Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

by Noah

It's always been obvious that FOX "News" was never meant to be anything but a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party. Even its origins lie in Roger Ailes plans for what he called a "GOP TV" network that he proposed to his then boss, President Nixon, back in the early 1970s. From the start, right down to the hiring of openly racist tools like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, shit-stirring crazies like Glenn Beck and Pam Geller, astounding hypocrites like Mike Huckabee, smarmy, truth-bending psychos like Newt Gingrich, and even downright morons like Sarah Palin, it's been clear that FOX would always be a tool of the far right. Shepard Smith? Well, what about Shepard Smith? He is an actual journalist and he is a token. There's no other reasonable way to put it. People that I have known and met over the years that have worked at FOX have always told me that, within the corridors and bunkers at FOX, Smith and those closest to him were regarded simultaneously as being there to provide a thin veneer of needed credibility, and, alien infiltrators that were to be kept at arms length.

Ironically, on Monday afternoon, it fell to Shep Smith to break the news about Sean Hannity's previously undisclosed relationship with Seor Trumpanzee's consigliere, Michael Cohen to FOX viewers. 'Previously undisclosed' is a key here. Hannity has been jumping through hoops into dimensions rarely heard of or seen in his defense of both Trumpanzee and Cohen, even more so since the FBI, with the OK of Republican judicial officials, including Trump appointees, got their warrants and paid their visits to Cohen and his offices and his residence. At no time, during his nightly spewing of Republican pro-Cohen anti-Robert Mueller bullshit, did Hannity bother to disclose his relationship to Cohen. Hey, maybe he just...


Does Rod Rosensteins Comey Memo Response Indicate Possible Criminal Review? The Last Refuge

U.S. Attorney John Lausch had previously explained his specific role is to coordinate document production from the DOJ-OIG with specific focus on evidence documents that pertain to the original Horowitz investigation path.  That only includes documents pertaining to the politicization Continue reading


April 18th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #454 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Wednesday April 18th Open Thread The Last Refuge

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War Party POW LewRockwell

Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States should withdraw from Syria. We convinced him it was necessary to stay.

Thus boasted French President Emmanuel Macron Saturday, adding, We convinced him it was necessary to stay for the long term.

Is the U.S. indeed in the Syrian civil war for the long term?

If so, who made that fateful decision for this republic?

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley confirmed Sunday there would be no drawdown of the 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria, until three objectives were reached. We must fully defeat ISIS, ensure chemical weapons would not again be used by Bashar Assad and maintain the ability to watch Iran.

Translation: Whatever Trump says, America is not coming out of Syria. We are going deeper in. Trumps commitment to extricate us from these bankrupting and blood-soaked Middle East wars and to seek a new rapprochement with Russia is inoperative.

The War Party that Trump routed in the primaries is capturing and crafting his foreign policy. Mondays Wall Street Journal editorial page fairly blossomed with war plans:

The better U.S. strategy is to turn Syria into the Ayatollahs Vietnam. Only when Russia and Iran began to pay a larger price in Syria will they have any incentive to negotiate an end to the war or even contemplate a peace based on dividing the country into ethnic-based enclaves.

Apparently, we are to bleed Syria, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran until they cannot stand the pain and submit to subdividing Syria the way we want.

But suppose that, as in our Civil War of 1861-1865, the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, and the Chinese Civil War of 1945-1949, Assad and his Russian, Iranian and Shiite militia allies go all out to win and reunite the nation.

Suppose they choose to fight to consolidate the victory they have won after seven years of civil war. Where do we find the troops to take back the territory our rebels lost? Or do we just bomb mercilessly?

The British and French say they will back us in future attacks if chemical weapons are used, but they are not plunging into Syria.

Defense Secretary James Mattis called the U.S.-British-French attack a one-shot deal. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appears to agree: The rest of the Syrian war must proceed as it will.

The Journals op-ed page Monday was turned over to former U.S. ambassador to Syria Ryan Crocker and Brookings Institute senior fellow Michael OHanlon: Next time the U.S. could up the ante, going after military command and control, political leadership, and perhaps even Assad himself. The U.S. could also pledge to take out much of his air force. Targets within Iran should not be off limits.

And when did Congress authorize U.S. acts of war against Syria, its air force or politica...

Big-City Mayors Fail LewRockwell

When World War II ended, Washington, D.C.s population was about 900,000; today its about 700,000. In 1950, Baltimores population was almost 950,000; today its around 614,000. Detroits 1950 population was close to 1.85 million; today its down to 673,000. Camden, New Jerseys 1950 population was nearly 125,000; today it has fallen to 77,000. St. Louis 1950 population was more than 856,000; today its less than 309,000. A similar story of population decline can be found in most of our formerly large and prosperous cities. In some cities, population declines since 1950 are well over 50 percent. In addition to Detroit and St. Louis, those would include Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

During the 1960s and 70s, academic liberals, civil rights advocates and others blamed the exodus on racism white flight to the suburbs. However, since the 70s, blacks have been fleeing some cities at higher rates than whites. It turns out that blacks, like whites, want better and safer schools for their kids and dont like to be mugged or have their property vandalized. Just like white people, if they have the means, black people cant wait for moving companies to move them out.

At the heart of big-city exoduses is a process that I call accumulative decay. When schools are rotten and unsafe, neighborhoods become run-down and unsafe, and city services decline, the first people to leave are those who care the most about good schools and neighborhood amenities and have the resources to move. As a result, cities lose their best and ablest people first. Those who leave the city for greener pastures tend to be replaced by people who dont care so much about schools and neighborhood amenities or people who do care but dont have the means to move anywhere else. Because the best people those who put more into the citys coffer than they take out in services leave, politicians must raise taxes and/or permit city services to deteriorate. This sets up the conditions for the next round of people who can do better to leave. Businesses which depend on these people, either as employees or as customers also begin to leave. The typical political response to a declining tax base is to raise taxes even more and hence create incentives for more businesses and residents to leave. Of course, theres also mayoral begging for federal and state bailouts. Once started, there is little to stop the citys downward spiral.

Intelligent mayors could prevent, halt and perhaps reverse their city decline by paying more attention to efficiency than equity. That might be politically difficult. Regardless of any other goal, mayors must recognize that their first order of business is to retain what economists call net positive fiscal residue. Thats a fancy term for keeping those people in the city who p...

Is College Worth the Cost? LewRockwell

New schools are popping up. Some offer one year programs but no college degree. Good idea? Ben Carlson at Wealth of Common Sense is irked by the question: Is College Worth the Cost?

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian gave some advice to young people in a recent interview with the New York Times:

Do you really need to go to college? There is a huge student loan debt problem in this country. I think theres going to need to be a drastic change in how these universities work. And I also think weve lambasted the trades for way too long. You can make six figures as a welder.

These kinds of statements irk me, especially when they come from rich entrepreneurs. This line of thinking reeks of survivorship bias.

Successful entrepreneurs must understand theyre the minority. Most businesses fail and most 18 year-olds dont have what it takes to start, let alone run their own business. I certainly would have been lost at that age trying to make a go at it on my own.

I get what Ohanian is trying to say here. There are plenty of problems with the higher education system. Its too expensive. Most students arent given enough guidance in terms of how their preferred area of study will lead to actual employment or how much that employment will pay. Student loans can also be a huge burden after school for many.

In many ways, much like personal finance, people are mostly on their own when it comes to figuring these things out, which is a shame.

Are we really expecting 18 year-olds to perform a cost-benefit analysis on whether or not they should go to college or skip it altogether and go straight to the working world to save on the tuition costs? Better yet, how many adults perform a cost-benefit analysis when they purchase a new car or house? How many adults do you know who track their spending? Create a household budget? Pay down their debt every month? Save enough for retirement?

One Year of College With No Degree

Lets now consider One Year of College With No Degree, But No Debt And a Job at the End.

As a high-school senior in Hampton, Va., Aidan Cary applied last year to prestigious universities like Dartmouth, Vanderbilt and the University of Virginia.

Then he clicked on the website for a one-year-old school called MissionU and quickly decided thats where he wanted to go.

Mr. Cary, 19...

If You Must Defend Yourself in a Violent Situation LewRockwell

I will join with many of the other reviewers and say that this book is a must-read for anyone who has any type of self-defense weapon on their person or in their home. After reading the book, Ive come to the sober conclusion that the law doesnt seem to favor the ordinary person who is simply trying to defend themselves. In order to prevail, it would seem that each person needs to have a law degree from Harvard, and the ability to slow down time in the event of lethal force situation. This is the case because the legal system chops up your deadly force encounter, which is measured in seconds, into an esoteric academic exercise where the actions of the parties are scrutinized at the nanosecond level. One can almost imagine a panel of ancient philosophers, psychologists, and scholars evaluating who is in the right and who is in the wrong at any given fraction of a second in the timeline of events. In our system of justice, such reflection is done by the police, the DAs office, your defense attorney, and a jury of your peers folks who know nothing about the law.

The author presents a very sobering view of how the legal system works for those who choose to defend themselves in a violent encounter. Yes, you may have killed the bad guy, and you may feel that you are right, but if the legal system chooses to pursue your actions, you will have two outcomes; the price tag of your legal defense and your freedom, or, 20 years to life in prison. On several occasions, while reading, I thought that death or serious bodily injury might actually be a good option given the real possibility of jail for the rest of my life, a fate that might be assigned by a gun hostile jury or some real error I made in the deadly encounter.

For all of those folks with high capacity magazines, heed this warning. Every single shot you fire in self-defense will be evaluated by the DA. As the author pointed out, there was a case where a subject fired 6 shots. Three were deemed self-defense, while the last 3 were considered attempted murder. The defender was convicted on the 3 bad shots and got a life sentence plus 90 years. So, a magazine with 20 rounds is a joke. If you shoot 20 rounds in a self defense case, you are in for a world of trouble with the justice system.

Lastly, know your state laws. The author goes to great length to compare differences in state law for self-defense. In fact, the last third of this book, is a comprehensive digest of every state law for a meriad of serif-defense issues.

This book is a must read for all gun owners.

The purpose of this book, in my opinion, is to form a proper mental attitude for a self-defense situation....

Bring on the Migrants LewRockwell

Nick Giambruno: The migrant crisis is tearing Europe apart. Whats your take Doug?

Doug Casey: Im all for immigration and completely open borders to enable opportunity seekers from anyplace to move anyplace else. With two big, critically important, caveats: 1) there can be no welfare or free government services, so everyone has to pay his own way, and no freeloaders are attracted 2) all property is privately owned, to minimize the possibility of squatter camps full of beggars.

In the absence of welfare benefits, immigrants are usually the best of people because you get mobile, aggressive, and opportunity-seeking people that want to leave a dead old culture for a vibrant new one. The millions of immigrants who came to the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had zero in the way of state support.

But what is going on in Europe today is entirely different. The migrants coming to Europe arent being attracted by opportunity in the new land so much as the welfare benefits and the soft life. For the most part they are unskilled and poorly educated.

What were talking about here is the migration of millions of people of different language, different race, different religion, different culture, different mode of living. If youre an alien and youre 1 out of 10,000, or 1,000, or 100, youre a curiosity, an interesting outsider. But an influx of millions of migrants is only going to destroy the old culture, and guarantee antagonismespecially when the locals have to pay for it. In many ways, whats happening now isnt just comparable to what happened 2,000 years ago with the migration of the Germanic northern barbarians into the Roman Empire. Its potentially much more serious.

Nick Giambruno: I think pretty much anywhere in the world, whenever theres an influx of foreigners to the degree that it changes the demographics or upsets the local economic applecart, its obviously going to cause problems.

For example, the Chinese are wearing out their welcome in many parts of Africa.

We saw this ourselves when we went to Zimbabwe earlier this year. Their numbers have grown so much that there are numerous Chinese mini cities within Zim.

Many people in Zim arent too happy with the Chinese dumping cheap products and upsetting the local economy. When we asked our driver to take us through a rough neighborhood, all we saw was a seemingly endless market, as far as I can tell, completely filled with Chinese products.

Doug Casey: Incidentally, its supposed to be official Chinese policy to migrate about 300 million Chinese to Africa in the years to come. Theyre employed in building roads, mines, railroads, and other infrastructure. The Africans like the goodies, but dont like the Chinese. It has the makings of a race war a generation or so in the future.

Nick Giambruno:...

Why Do They Tell Us Transparent Lies? LewRockwell

US officials and the presstitutes tell us that the illegal US missile attack on Syria destroyed chemical weapons sites where chlorine and sarin are stored/manufactured. If this were true, would not a lethal cloud have been released that would have taken the lives of far more people than claimed in the alleged Syrian chemical attack on Douma? Would not the US missile attack be identical to a chemical weapons attack and thus place the US and its vassals in the same category as Washington is attempting to place Assad and Putin?

What about it, you chemical weapons experts? Do chemical weapons only release their elements when they explode from intended use but not when they explode from being militarily attacked?

There is no evidence in Syria of chemical residue from the chemical weapons facilities allegedly destroyed by US missiles. No dead victims. No reports of hospitals treating Syrian casualties of the American chemical attack. How can this be if such sites were actually hit?

When I was a Wall Street Journal editor newspapers had competent journalists to whom such a question would occur. But no more. Stephen Lendman takes the New York Times to task for its unprofessionalism. The NY Times is no longer a news source. It is a propaganda megaphone.

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Conversion LewRockwell

The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity: A Sociohistorical Approach to Religious Transformation, by James C. Russell

Russell begins his specific examination of the acceptance of Christianity by the Germanic people, the first covering the period 376 678.  This covers the period from the Germanic entrance into the Roman Empire until the Anglo-Saxon mission by Bishop Wilfrid of York to Frisia.

When speaking of Christianity in this context, there are two prominent theologies: Germanic Arianism and Frankish Catholicism.  Seeking refuge from the Huns, the Visigoths negotiated with Valens, the Arian Christian emperor of the Eastern Empire: Arianism was adopted in exchange for asylum.

In Christianity, Arianism is a monotheistic Christological doctrine which asserts the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was begotten by God the Father at a point in time, is distinct from the Father and is therefore subordinate to the Father.The Arian concept of Christ is based on the belief that the Son of God did not always exist but was begotten by God the Father.

Several characteristics can be noted from this first encounter, characteristics that would repeat for even centuries into the future: political leaders vouched for their subjects regarding Christianization; Christianity was associated with Roman culture and the Roman polity; there was little or no religious instruction prior to baptism.

By the middle of the sixth century, several tribes to include the Bavarians, Thuringians and Lombards accepted the Arian form of Christianity; others including the Franks, Alamanni and Saxons remained unaffected.

Yet Valens suffered defeat and death in the battle of Adrianople; with him, Arianism was on the wane in the empire.  The Arian heresy suffered condemnation in the Council of Constantinople in 381.

Why did the leaders of most of the Germanic peoples accept the Arian form of Christianity, just as this heresy was in the process of being extirpated throughout the Roman Empire?

Some believe it is due to the Arian belief that the Son is subordinate to the Father a characteristic easily understood and accepted by a hierarchical culture.  Others believe that Arianism spread because it wasnt Roman  in this manner, less of a possibility that the Germanic tribes would be absorbed into the Universal Church and therefore into the empire.

It was Clovis, ascending to the throne in 481 as the king of the Franks, who was recruited by the Roman Catholic Church to be their champion; Clovis saw that through the Roman Church he could find a...

Dancing With a Witch LewRockwell

As anyone who has ever tripped the light fantastic with a witch knows, Circe was not only a witch, she could also at times be a bitch, and a sorceress. She was, after all, the daughter of the Sun and a goddess in her own right. If she were around today she would most probably be the first American female president, her specialty being turning men into pigs. When poor old battered Odysseus landed on Circes island, having lost all his ships except his flagship when he tangled with the Laestrygonianstheir king liked to eat Greek flesh and swallowed up most of his crews, yummyCirce turned the few survivors into swine except for Odysseus, whom she wanted for some old-fashioned hanky-panky.

Odysseus serviced her rather well and stayed in her palace for a year. He also used the moly, the antidote Hermes had given him in the form of a magic herb that turned pigs back into men. When Circe realized that Odysseus was not just a dumb shipwrecked schmuck, she played nice, although kindness was not an everyday happening on her island of Aiaia. But unlike some hardcore feminists of today, Circe developed a soft spot for Odysseus and told him how to get to the underworld and then on to Ithaca and his family. If the kindness toward Odysseus got out, however, I dont think shed crack the glass ceiling and make it to the White House. Hate right now is much more important than love.

Circe came to mind after reading that a female American novelist has recast the goddess as a very nice girl, a hero in her own right, the type youd like to bring home to mother. American women do not particularly like to be considered second-best, yet Circe was just a pit stop of one year in the heros ten-year peregrinations. No longer. Madeline Millers novelone I do not plan to read, incidentallyplaces Circe as a sort of avenging angel. In an interview, Ms. Miller said the following: Circe as a character is the embodiment of male anxiety about female power. Now she tells us. Why, that arch phony Homer, how dare he lead us astray all these 3,000 years. It was all about female power all along and how we men are scared shitless of it.

La Miller has perfect timing. She reads the mood of the culture and writes accordingly. About seven years ago, when being gay became de rigueur among the bien-pensants, she wrote her first anti-classic about the romance between Achilles and Patroclus. Dress designers, hairdressers, Hollywood types, closeted sailors, TV writers, book reviewers, Cond Nast journalists, and others of that ilk all went bananas. Why make war when you can stay in your tent and bugger one another? Back home where it all began, we have never accepted the Achilles-Patroclus friendship as anything but that. But the drop-the-soap-in-the-shower crowd says it aint necessarily so. Too much time in the tent and under the sheets makes Achilles and Patroclus naughty boys. La Miller knew how to catch the attention of the trs bien-pensants. I wonde...

Blame the Robots LewRockwell

Part of the production hell that Teslas Model 3 has been going through was due to too much automation along the manufacturing lines, Elon Musk said, indicating that robots are not all they have cracked up to be, and human contributions have been undervalued.

After Teslas chief executive Musk took CBS This Mornings co-host Gayle King on a tour of the Silicon Valley factory, Musk said later on Twitter commenting on the CBS story Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.

To CBS, Musk said:

We got complacent about some of the things that we felt were our core technology.We put too much new technology into the Model 3 all at once. This this should have been staged.

Asked by CBS host King whether robots actually slowed production, Musk said:

Yes, they did.We had this crazy, complex network of conveyor belts.And it was not working, so we got rid of that whole thing.

Musk said that he was back to sleeping at the factory in an effort to solve the Model 3 production issues, and that he was now more optimistic about the rate of Model 3 production, after solving some critical things that were holding back Tesla from producing more Model 3s and from reaching its self-imposed production target.

Asked if the 2,000 Model 3s per week rate is sustainable, Musk told CBS Well probably have, I dont know, a three or four-fold increase in Model 3 output in the second quarter.

Tesla had promised 2,500 Model 3s per week by the end of the first quarter, and 5,000 cars by the end of the second quarter. It fell short of the Q1 target, as was widely expected, and confirmed in early April that it continues to target a production rate of approximately 5,000 units per week in about three months.

On Friday, Musk reported that Tesla would be profitable and cash flow would be positive in the third and fourth quarters this year, reiterating that the electric vehicle maker is in no need of raising cashcontrary to the opinion of many analysts who see the company burning cash far too quickly to be sustainable.

Reprinted with permission from

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Everythings Subprime LewRockwell

Ron Paul talked about bubbles during his Liberty Report last week, noting our articles on the subprime auto bubble, along with housing bubble 2.0.

As Ron pointed out, its hard to keep up with all of the distortions in the marketplace thanks to a decade of Federal Reserve easy money.

How do you cover all the bubbles? The nature of what the Fed does by manipulating interest rates to lower than the market rate, everything has to be affected to some degree by a bubble and a distortion and a malinvestment, and excessive debt.

Ron pointed out that bubbles are inevitable when central banks tinker with interest rates. They destroy the market signals we need to guide economic decision-making.

Once you get involved in destroying the most important measuring rod for people to make decisions in business and investment, and that is the real interest rates. The market rate of interest tells you a whole lot, at least in a free market economy.

Of course, we dont really have a free market. As Ron put it, you pretty much just have to guess what the Fed is going to do.

Liberty Report cohost Daniel McAdams said the fact that the powers-that-be have managed to pump up subprime bubbles in both autos and housing makes you wonder where their heads are.

But they are addicted to creating new money into credit and this is what it looks like.

Ron said its not only the central bankers who havent learned the lessons of the past. Politicians in DC never learn either.

They try to say, Yes, youre right. Theres mistakes, and they acknowledge that, even when we dealt with the bailouts before. Yes. But the answer is not going to free markets and reining in the Fed. Its to take the mistakes of the Fed and take all the mistakes that business people make and solve the problem with more regulation.

Ron noted that Congress has created its own bubble a giant debt bubble.

Thats probably the biggest bubble were going to be dealing with.

Ron said eventually, the whole fiat system will collapse when the world decides to give up on the dollar. He said he doesnt believe were on the verge of that yet, but thats what the current course of things will eventually lead us to.

Ron didnt just focus on the problems. He pointed out a solution. Get rid of the fiat money system and go back to real money  gold and silver.

In my stint in Congress, I always introduced a bill that legalized competing currency  not dictating and saying, This i...

Mistake With a Personal Assistant LewRockwell

She sits patiently in millions of homes, an unremarkable cylinder commonly referred to as Alexa. But Amazons new virtual assistant has been touted as nothing short of technological revolution.

In response to spoken commands, she answers questions which previously required an internet search, can perform mundane domestic tasks such as turning on lights, and makes online purchases through Amazon, obviously.

Can it all be as innocent as it seems, particularly in an age rife with internet snooping? Or is Alexa a spy? Some users have even reported bone-chilling cackles emanating from their speakers at random moments.

What, then, could possibly go wrong when Peter Hitchens welcomed Alexa into his Oxfordshire home?

How would Alexa fare with a grilling on matters ranging from Beethoven to Bob Dylan, and from the Mid-East crisis to Einsteins theory of relativity?

I am enslaved by machines. But, like most slaves, I know deep down that I chose my fate. I calculated long ago that I preferred a life with mobile phones and computers to one without them. The price is high. It includes the loss of privacy, the unceasing availability to outsiders, the time wasted on the internet, the books unread, the conversations which never happened, the views from train windows that I completely missed as I checked my Twitter feed. I am sorry, but I am not that sorry.

But because my mind hardened before the age of the internet, I can resist much of it. Facebook is a mystery to me. I cannot see the point of it, or Snapchat or Instagram. My use of Twitter is brutally selfish, and if there were a Twitter Police, they would long ago have detained me for questioning.

So I am not the ideal subject for the new electronic fad, the thing most people call Alexa. This is a device about the size and shape of an extra-large family size can of baked beans, adorned with pretty flashing lights, now being widely promoted. The idea seems to be that you talk to it, it replies to you in a soothing voice and it then helps you buy things.

But I dont need this. I like to buy my food at markets, and my books (if possible) from bookshops. I mistrust electronic banking and wont use contactless cards. My experience of voice-activated switchboards is that they misunderstand all but the most simple words.

So with great reluctance I brought Alexa into my home, plugged it in and set it up. One of the first things I did was rename it. I didnt like the phoney familiarity of the Christian nam...

MK ULTRA LewRockwell

According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives.

The rationale for this type of activity? Well, its the typical answer, for national security purposes. Basically, the program was designed to make people do things they normally wouldnt do whilst under mind control, for the purposes of whoever is in charge and calling the shots atop the military industrial complex.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, whos since passed away, was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association, among others. He was one of many who conducted these experiments on patients. Again, the subjects were never told that they were being used as guinea pigs.

This topic became so serious, and a lot of information and research was being conducted by independent researchers to the point where the United States government could no longer deny that these programs took place. Eventually, they declassified what they had, and the government issued an official apology for the program and its victims in the mid 90s.

Multiple victims have also come forward sharing their disturbing experiences.

You can access those files via the CIAs electronic reading room. Simply use MKULTRA as the key word in the search.

As with any sensitive and controversial subject, the disclosure of information is usually, based on my research into Black Budget Special Access Programs, a way to put the subject to rest, or claim that this is all there was to this program. Its a quiet way to stop the concern and questioning from citizens, without really disclosing the full extent of the program, and whether it still runs today.

I believe our television, mainstream media and more were all birthed out of mind-control programs and intentions, but thats just speculation.

Was the program really terminated? Well get to that a little later on in the article. The main concern right now is the idea that MK Ultra mind-control experiments only consisted of LSD, electroshock therapy and oth...


The NRA And Two GOP Governor Scotts-- One In Florida And One in Vermont DownWithTyranny!

Vermont's PVI is D+15 and Hillary beat Trump there 178,573 (55.72%) to 95,369 (30.27%). Trump won just one of Vermont's 14 counties (Essex, the least populated). Florida is a more swingy state, although the PVI is R+2. Although Obama won Florida both times he ran, Hillary gave up on the state's crucial 29 electoral votes. Trump beat her (narrowly)-- 4,617,886 (49.0%) to 4,504,975 (47.8%). Of the state's 67 counties, she won 9.

Both states have Republican governors named Scott-- Phil Scott in Verment, who is running for reelection, and Rick Scott in Florida, who is running for the U.S. Senate. And the NRA has turned against each of them. In 2016 the gubernatorial seat was open in Vermont and the Democrats ran a weak EMILY's List nothing candidate, Sue Minter. Scott, the state's lieutenant governor, beat her 166,817 (52.96%) to 139,253 (44.21%).

Rick Scott, a convicted criminal who was caught stealing from Medicare, beat another weak EMILY's List nothing candidate, Alex Sink, in his first run (2010). He was reelected in 2014 against pointless ex-Republican Charlie Crist. In 2010 he beat Sink 2,619,335 (48.9%) to 2,557,785 (47.7%), largely because she allowed EMILY's List run her campaign). In 2014, Scott beat Crist 2,865,343 (48.1%) to 2,801,198 (47.1%) to 2,865,343 (48.1%).

Today the NRA is angry with both governors. How angry? Last week Phil Scott approved a package of gun-related laws passed by the state legislature and the NRA called on gun owners to abandon him. Dana Loesch, a national spokeswoman for the NRA: "This governor in Vermont completely gave a one-finger salute to the Constitution and to gun owners. He is no friend of firearm ow...


BREAKING: Mexico Agrees To Pay for Wall Offering Emergency Deal To Close NAFTA Tariff Loophole The Last Refuge

Allow me to introduce:SUPER-MAGA-NAFTA-WINNING This Reuters article is framed around Mexico making a surprise announcement they will support the U.S. steel tariff against China by shutting down the NAFTA back door on that specific trade segment.  However, the bigger story Continue reading


The Restaurant Industry Ran a Private Poll on the Minimum Wage. It Did Not Go Well for Them. The Intercept

One of the nations most powerful anti-minimum wage lobbying groups tapped a longtime Republican pollster to survey the public about a range of issues impacting the industry.

A significant chunk of the survey focused on attitudes toward the minimum wage and many members of the powerful lobby group arent going to like the results.

The poll which was presented on a slide deck obtained by The Intercept and Documented found that seven in 10 Americans want to see the minimum wage raised even if it means that theyd have to pay more for meals. It also found that the industrys various talking points against raising the wage are mostly falling flat with the general public.

Conducted by GOP pollster Frank Luntzs firm LuntzGlobal on behalf of the other NRA the National Restaurant Association the poll found that 71 percent of people surveyed support raising the minimum wage to at least $10 an hour.

The NRA, which did not respond to a request for comment, is the trade association for the massive restaurant industry. It has estimated that restaurant sales reached $799 billion in 2017, up 4.3 percent over 2016, and boasts eight years of consecutive growth in revenue for U.S. restaurants.

The restaurant industry now in the United States is larger than 90 percent of the world economies, said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the NRAs Research and Knowledge group.

The NRA paid its CEO, Dawn Sweeney, more than $3.8 million in total compensation, including a bonus of $1.7 million. If her total compensation were computed hourly, it would amount to $1,867.88 per hour (as of four years ago), which would take a minimum-wage worker 247 hours, or six weeks of full-time work, to earn.

The NRA has long claimed that increasing the government wage floor would ratchet up restaurants labor costs and result in thousands of jobs lost, but these results show that the NRAs rhetoric on the minimum wa...


China Underestimated Trump Beijing Attempts To Coerce Europe in Desperate Bid To Create Trade Firewall The Last Refuge

As expected, China is starting to realize they underestimated the severity of President Trumps three-decade-long perspective on trade. Against the backdrop of $150 billion in looming U.S. trade tariffs, Beijing sends an economic emissary to Europe attempting to restructure international Continue reading



Barbara Bush has died, and among Breitbart commenters, her passing has inspired a period of solemn reflection:

I was hoping she would outlive the Hillda-beast Clinton. Mrs. Bush had more class in her pinky toenail than Clinton and moochelle could have in a lifetime.


REPUBLICAN FIRST LADIES are nothing but class who know their place in History.

DONKEY First Ladies act like JackAsses consumed with HATE.

Yes, all the Bush's are still BITTER that Little Jeb didn't win.


Republicans know their place and ride off into the Sunset. Democrats have an ego that demands the never-ending spotlight. We'll never get rid of Bill, Obama, and their First Hags.


And then there's Al Gore and the Gaffe o' Matic Biden.


She loved Hillary you jack2$$.


The Hillda-beast husband don't even love the Hillda-beast, I think Mrs. Bush was just being nice.


Go blow the progressive Allah Obama's husband Mike


The entire Bush family voted for Hillary.


Yup, and why I no longer care for this family and any members. They are pretenders. They are supporters of the deep state that is crushing our country.


They pretty much have said so. The Clintons and Bushes were very close. Why? How could anybody embrace Hillary or Bill? I figure we know nothing about the extent of the corruption with the Clintons. These families love to portray how much they love the US and how saintly they are. It simply is not true. I am sick of putting these families on pedestals.


I predict 2018 will claim Bush 1 and Carter, McCain most likely as well.


The Reaper is right on McCain's trail.


Nah...The Demons in Hell are working hard to keep the Reaper away from McCain.

After all, there is so much more Evil he can do if kept alive.


Please let McCain be next.


3 of the most destructive forces in U.S. history.


Read"Trance-Formation of America" about the CIA mind control program, MK-Ultra to see what kind of scoundrel Bush Sr. is.


He was accused of actually being a coward and there has been a great deal of suspicion around his service and his service, for one, She hated conservatives like the whole clan, and the whole family loves the Clinton's, they even voted for the witch, so stop with the load.


Let us not forget the fathers very suspicious association with the Kennedy assassination and his CIA involvement.


GHW wa...


White House Press Briefing U.S. Japan Summit at Mar-a-Lago (Audio and Transcript) The Last Refuge

White House Press Briefing by National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow and National Security Council Senior Director for Asian Affairs Matthew Pottinger. Todays briefing is happening during a Presidential summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Kudlow is discussing the Continue reading


Director of the Defense Information Systems Agency: Who Is Nancy A. Norton? [News - AllGov]

Vice Admiral Nancy A. Norton took charge of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) on February 1, 2018, replacing Army Lt. Gen. Alan Lynn. DISA is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense responsible for planning, developing, fielding, operating and supporting command, control, communications, and information systems. It serves as the Defense Departments IT agency. The agency works to make information virtual and on-demand through its core services, including enterprise services, contracts, spectrum services, network services, voice services, information assurance, computing services, and testing. With more than 8,000 military and civilian employees, DISA oversees defense technology programs with an annual budget of more than $10 billion.


Norton is from Oregon, growing up in Coquille and Roseburg. She graduated from Roseburg High School in 1982 and went to Portland State University, where she earned a B.S. in general science in 1986. Norton subsequently earned an M.S. in computer science from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1994 and an M.A. in national security and strategic studies at the Naval War College in 2008.


Norton originally had her eyes on a medical career, so she joined the Navy after earning her bachelors degree to save money for medical school. However, she grew to love the communications field she entered in the Navy and made a career of it. She was commissioned as a general unrestricted line officer in 1987.  Nortons early duty stations included the Naval Communications Area Master Station Eastern Pacific in Hawaii, and the Naval Telecommunications Center in Fallon, Nevada. In 2004-2005, she was in Bahrain, where she commanded Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Bahrain. She later directed communications for Cruiser Destroyer Group 12 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and for the U.S. 6th Fleet and Naval Forces Europe.


She served as chief of Naval operations strategic studies group fellow in Newport, Rhode Island, from 2010 to 2012.


In 2013, Norton was promoted to rear admiral and named director for command, control, communications and cyber for the U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. She was transferred to the Pentagon in 2015 as director of the Warfare Integration Directorate in the office of the Chief of Naval Operations.


Norton was named vice director of DISA in 2017 in preparation for taking over as the agencys director.


She has recommended the followi...


McConnell Kills Bill Protecting Mueller from Firing: Well Not Be Having This on the Floor of the Senate Weasel Zippers

Via Free Beacon: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Tuesday he would not bring any bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller to the floor, calling it unnecessary. McConnells announcement effectively killed a bill meant to shield Mueller which was introduced last week by a bipartisan group of senators, called the Special Counsel []


How Are Arizona And New Jersey Shaping Up For The Republicans This Cycle? DownWithTyranny!

When Trent Franks retired in December after a sexual harassment scandal, I told a friend of mine to calm down, saying that the district is so red that if it flipped-- or even got close to flipping-- the GOP would have to pack it in and forget the idea of even an effective minority next year. The PVI is R+13 and Trump beat Hillary 58.1% to 37.0%. Romney and McCain even did slightly better than Trump did. This is really Republican district in the suburbs and exurbs west and northwest of Phoenix. It includes Sun City, Peoria, Litchfield Park and Surprise. In 2016 Franks beat Democrat Clair Van Steenwyk 71.1% to 28.9%.

Former state Sen. Debbie Lesko (R) faces off against emergency room physician Hiral Tipirneni (D) April 24. As of the April 4 FEC reporting deadline Tipirneni outraised Lesko $734,937 to $564,404. The NRCC, the NRC, Ryan's Congressional Leadership PAC and the right-wing Defend US PAC spent $1,125,575 in the district. It's a district the GOP has never spent a dime on before. Lesko has been endorsed by Franks, Ted Cruz, Steve King, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadow, Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio and others from the far, far right.

Emerson College released a poll yesterday that shows a dead heat-- 46% (Tipirneni) to 45% (Lesko), quite the swing from Trump's 21 point win. And it's all about independents abandoning the GOP, favoring Tipineni 42% to 28%. Tipineni's favorable rating is 49% and Lesko's is 45%.

There was another poll released Monday, all the way on the other side of the country. This one was by Monmouth and it reported pretty bad news for the GOP in New Jersey. Remember, the PVI is D+7 and Hillary beat Trump statewide 2,148,278 (55.5%) to 1,601,933 (41.4%)-- 13 counties to Trump's 9. But the way the congressional districts are drawn has given the Democrats only 7 seats to the GOPs 5. The new poll. In the new poll, Democrats have a 19 point advantage among registered voters, putting all 5 Republican seats in jeopardy. The single biggest factor is Trump's drag on Republicans in the state. "The recently enacted feder...


BREAKING: Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies At Age 92 Weasel Zippers

Statement by the Office of @GeorgeHWBush on the passing of Barbara Pierce Bush this evening at the age of 92. Jim McGrath (@jgm41) April 17, 2018


New Gun Control Measures in Delaware Face Stiff Opposition Weasel Zippers

Via Free Beacon: Delaware legislators are considering new gun control measures, but a town hall meeting Monday showed if they are to be passed, it will be done in the face of passionate opposition. Most of the 400 people at a bipartisan town hall in Middletown, Del., opposed several new gun control proposals in the []


Master of The Universe Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses New Responsibility: Space Traffic Management The Last Refuge

Come back to this video if you dont have the time to watch the whole thing.  As most readers are aware Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has a massive portfolio of big issue responsibilities within President Trumps administration. The reason Secretary Continue reading


Starbucks Is Shutting Down 8,000 Stores For The Day To Prove Theyre Not Racist Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: Starbucks is shutting down all 8,000 stores for one day to offer racial bias education training to employees, the company announced Tuesday afternoon. The 8,000 company-owned stores will close down May 29 to educate employees on how not to discriminate against people in their stores. During that afternoon, about 175,000 employees will []


Robert Muellers Warning: Many News Stories On Trump-Russia Probe Are Wrong Weasel Zippers

Mueller teams upset that media isnt doing just what they leak? Theyre making up their own stuff? Via Washington Times Special counsel Robert Muellers office is warning that many news articles on the Trump-Russia probe have been wrong. The statement from a spokesperson did not single out particular stories. But the warning did come after []


Heres Why You Shouldnt Necessarily Believe The Racism Claims Against Starbucks Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Wire: Starbucks is in the process of being consumed by the liberal pitchfork mob it spent years placating. Its certainly tempting to sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude. But my disdain for pitchfork mobs is greater than my disdain for liberal corporations, so I will now do something I never thought I would []


Kudlow Delivers Bad News to GOPe, Sasse and Donohue: TPP Talk was a Thought, Not a Policy The Last Refuge

Too funny.  The one constant in an ever-changing financial universe has been Donald Trumps three-decade-long position on U.S. trade and Main Street economic policy.  However, despite this reality the Wall Street purchased politicians continue to think their opposition to Trump Continue reading


Attorney-Client Privilege May Be the First Casualty of the Michael Cohen Investigation The Intercept

Manhattan attorney Lynne Stewart, center, speaks to news media after leaving the United States Courthouse on April 9, 2002, in New York City. Stewart and three other people were indicted that day. She was later released on $500,000 bond.


Corbyn VS Corker by David Swanson + Wilkerson: War Powers is the Surest Way to Tyranny Dandelion Salad

by David Swanson Writer, Dandelion Salad Lets Try Democracy April 17, 2018 Five years ago, the British Parliament said no to an attack on Syria that its prime minister wanted to join the U.S. president in launching. That action, combined with public pressure, was instrumental in getting the U.S. Congress to make clear that it []


U.S. Magazines Shun Melania Trump, Fawned Endlessly Over Michelle Obama Weasel Zippers

Imagine if Trump was a Democrat. Via NY Post: Magazines are showing no love for Melania Trump. The internet was in a tizzy last week when actor James Woods pointed out via Twitter that the first lady hasnt been a muse for the magazine industry since her husband, President Trump, took office. Woods tweeted: If the Trumps []


President Trump and Prime Minister Abe Summit Discussion North Korea Trump: direct talks started The Last Refuge

Weve also started talking with North Korea directly. We have had direct talks at very high levels, extremely high levels, with North Korea. I really believe theres a lot of good will. Well see what happens, as I always say. Continue reading


Bernie Sanderss Latest Criticism of Israel Signals an Actual Debate Coming in 2020 The Intercept

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who has been increasingly vocal on the need to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people, laid out a vision for United States policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Monday that is far more sympathetic to the rights of Palestinians than the pro-Israel orthodoxy that dominates both major parties.

Sanders, speaking at the national conference of the Middle East advocacy group J Street in Washington, D.C., called on the U.S. to adopt a more balanced policy toward Israel-Palestine. He condemned recent Israeli attacks on nonviolent protesters, called for an alleviation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and even threw in some harsh words for Arab autocrats who express concern for Palestinians but dont put their money where their mouth is.

Sanders may be veering away from the establishment line, but hes still far from being the ally many Palestinians look for in U.S. policymakers. He opposes the boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign, or BDS, a Palestinian-led movement that aims to hold Israel accountable for its violations of international law, including the expansion of settlements. Sanders has also consistently voted in favor of U.S. military aid to Israel. The U.S. gives billions of dollars in military aid to Israel every year, and generally shields the country from accountability at the United Nations. But in a political system where mainstream politicians in both major parties usually shy away from any vocal criticism of Israeli human rights abuses, the fact that a leading presidential contender and member of the Senate Democratic leadership is willing to do so is noteworthy and a sign that debate in the U.S. is shifting.

To oppose the reactionary policies of Benjamin Netanyahu does not make us anti-Israel, Sanders said to standing applause, opening his remarks. He first spoke at J Streets national conference last year, using that address to applaud the Obama administration for refusing to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution that was critical of Israels settlements, and to encourage a more balanced policy in the Middle East. J Street is an organization that seeks to change the U.S. conversation on Israel and Palestine by organizing within the American Jewish community; it has courted a number of federal politicians to advocate for a two-state solution, but it is far less influential than the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC.

Sanderss appearance at J Street was significant in a number of ways. The fact that a popular national politician appeared two years in a row at the conference helped bring a national spotlight to the relatively niche organization. And considering that Sanders is a...


Golden Ticket Summit Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Trump Meet at Mar-a-Lago The Last Refuge

President Donald Trump welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a summit at Trumps Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.  The President and PM Abe have a long-standing friendship. Among the topics for the summit will be ongoing U.S./Japan trade initiatives, and Continue reading


Pelosi Slams Trump For Acting Above The Law With Airstrikes In Syria Weasel Zippers

Oddly enough, Pelosi didnt criticize Obama after he attacked Libya. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters in San Francisco on Sunday that President Donald Trump had behaved as if he were above the law in ordering precision strikes on Friday targeting Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assads chemical weapons infrastructure. Trump ordered the strikes after []


Albuquerque, New Mexico Passes Immigrant Friendly Measures To Stop Feds From Deporting Illegals Weasel Zippers

Weak. TAOS, New Mexico (Reuters) The U.S. city of Albuquerque passed measures on Monday that make it harder for federal officials to deport illegal immigrants, a week after a federal judge blocked a Trump administration effort to withhold funding from cities that took such steps. Albuquerques majority-Democratic council voted 6-3 in favor of a []


Yes, As You Already Know, Alan Grayson Is Running For Congress Again... Thank God DownWithTyranny!

DWT readers who pay attention-- even a little attention-- are aware that Alan Grayson is running for Congress again. For one thing, Blue America endorsed him and has been raising money for his campaign. So far 77 Blue America members have contributed. I hope more start doing so when Alan makes his official announcement in a couple of weeks. Yesterday, though, did some sleuthing and announced that he definitely is running and raised $192,000 in the first quarter. They even quote Grayson: "I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives."
Grayson, who served one term representing Floridas 10th Congressional District and two representing Floridas 9th Congressional District in Central Florida, is officially filed to run in Floridas 11th Congressional District this time. However, he has insisted for more than a year that is just a holding spot for his paperwork, so that he can raise money while assessing his options.

In the latest reports, Graysons committee raised $192,018, including $71,358 in contributions so small that they need not be itemized. The committee also spent $53,567, and entered April with $694,967 in the bank.

The progressive Democratic hardliner pointed out that, thanks in part to redistricting, he has represented constituents now scattered about six different congressional districts, including CD 11, CD 10, and CD 9, as well as Floridas 6th, 7th, and 8th Congressional Districts.

His last two terms were in CD 9, which now covers south Orange County, Osceola County and eastern Polk County, and now is represented by Democratic U.S. Rep. Darren Soto. Sotos campaign has been bracing for him to put up a pr...


Stunning An Official End To The Korean War Planned for Next Week The Last Refuge

There was a possibility widely discussed and debated a year ago, where President Trumps geopolitical doctrine of using economic leverage for national security would create the leverage for a denuclearized North Korea.  And eventually the economic value for a unified Continue reading


Marker To Honor North Carolina Farm Tract That Housed Jewish Refugees Weasel Zippers

Via Star News: A new state highway historical marker, honoring a Pender County farm tract that served as a refuge from Nazi Germany, will be unveiled Wednesday afternoon outside Burgaw. A commemoration ceremony for the Van Eeden colony at 2 p.m. at the Pender County Public Library will precede the unveiling. Among the expected speakers []


Robert Mueller Office Warns Many Stories About our Investigation Have Been Inaccurate The Last Refuge

An interesting release from the spokesperson for Robert Mueller comes against the backdrop of the renewed Michael Cohen travel to Prague story being pushed by Fusion-GPS and Glenn Simpson. According to the Washington Times via Robert Mueller: What I have Continue reading


Trump Asks Arab States To Create Force To Replace U.S. Troops In Syria Weasel Zippers

The Arab states need skin in the game. Via Daily Wire: According to The Wall Street Journal, the Trump administration is communicating with friendly Arab nations about creating an Arab force to replace the U.S. military contingent in Syria. National Security Advisor John Bolton has reportedly spoken to Abbas Kamel, Egypts acting intelligence chief about []



The point Gwenda Blair is trying to make in this Politico piece is that Donald Trump has always relied on thuggish lawyers to strong-arm those who get in his way, which is obviously true. She thinks this M.O. isn't working for Trump in Washington:

... whenever Trump has seen anything that he thinks poses the slightest risk to his business or his reputation, he has sicced a lawyer on the offending party. Often such threats arrive in the form of a letter on heavy, cream-colored stationery, adorned with an embossed gold T and declaring that unless the addressee ceases and desists from all objectionable behavior, the Trump Organization intends to pursue said person to the full extent of the law, i.e., sue his or her pants off. I know. I got one of those missives when I published my book.

Sometimes, as in my case, the threat is all that happens. Other times, an actual lawsuit ensues.... According to an ongoing USA Today tally, as of April 2018, the Trump Organization has been involved in more than 4,000 lawsuits, far more than any other real estate developeror any president, for that matter.

Apparently, after entering the White House, Trump felt entitled to the same robust legal protection that he enjoyed in his 26th floor office at Trump Tower. But things havent worked out that way.
But I think Trump has relied on lawyers for more than muscle. Alongside his older daughter and his adult sons, lawyers have functioned as Trump's brain. Blair writes:
Most business executives tend to be lawyer-dependent, but for the better part of 50 years, lawyers have done everything for Trump except have his children. They have finagled unprecedented tax abatements, kept him going through multiple corporate bankruptcies (and out of personal bankruptcy), protected his finances from public scrutiny. They are so entwined with every aspect of his public and private life, it is unimaginable that Trump could have gotten anywhere close to where he is today without them....

Sometimes things have gone badly for Trumphis football venture failed, and in an ensuing lawsuit, he received only a humiliating $3 in damages. But even when his ventures have tanked (Trump Air, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, his casinos, the Plaza Hotel, Trump Soho Hotel, and a string of never-opened Trump-branded ventures in Argentina, Brazil and Canada, among other places), to all appearances, lawyers have kept him solvent.
What your Trump-loving relatives don't understand about Trump is that he has only the vaguest notion of how to do the things he wants done. His lawyers understand the details. He doesn't. Trump knows the victories he wants, and he expects his lawyers to wrest them from the other affected parties. They find a way (or f...


Comedian Files Restraining Order Against Trump Over Fears He Will Start A Nuclear War Weasel Zippers

Triggered! Via The Hill: Comedian Maria Bamford has filed legal paperwork seeking a restraining order against President Trump, TMZ reported Monday. Bamford is reportedly asking a judge for an order that would require the president to stay at least 1,000 yards away from her. She cited fears of nuclear war, specifically referencing a tweet from []


Dog gets carted off in cop car for being a dog, becomes internet hero Fellowship of the Minds

Im all for controlling your animals. Yet they will be just that, at times, animals. From Yahoo: A young Ontario woman couldnt resist sharing a photo of her dog, Finn, as he was taken away in a police car after Continue reading


Trump Is Winning Thats Why The Lefts Unraveling Weasel Zippers

The left wasnt prepared for Hillary to lose. Via Washington Times: President Donald Trump rode into office on the wings, in part, of a promise to clean up the Deep State, drain the swamp and boot from places of influence those whove worked behind the scenes to undo Americas greatness, one unconstitutional usurpation at a []


April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Heres How the Trump Hotel Marked the Occasion. The Intercept

Activists project a message on the side of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC on April 16.


The Importance Of Keeping Shadowproof Afloat Shadowproof

We kicked off 2018 with excellent freelance reporting thanks to donations from readers like you.

Journalists covered teacher and fast food worker strikes, published a trove of documents on government surveillance of Antifa, examined upcoming district attorney elections and single-payer proposals, and more for Shadowproof.

Eoin Higgins, a journalist who recently published with us, said working with Shadowproof helped me to tell a story that needed to be told about underreported corruption in Massachusetts jails. Without their support, the piece would probably not have been written. I cant stress enough how important it is to keep this news outlet afloat.

Were dedicated to providing more of these opportunities to journalists. But now were low on funds, and we cannot continue publishing and keep our website online without your help.

Donate $15 or give $5/mo or more as a member to support our work.

You can also subscribe to our members-only newsletter for $9/mo or more, featuring deeper dives and longform journalism on topics we are following closely.

Donations make it possible for us to pay journalists to cover important beats in a difficult media market.

Theyre receptive to stories that wouldnt find a home otherwise and cover social movements that the mainstream ignores, journalist Michael Arria said. They also treat freelancers with dignity and respect, which is saying a lot these days.

Your support funds on-the-ground reporting, like sending Kevin Gosztola to Georgia to cover the case against Reality Winnerthe first major leak prosecution under President Donald Trump.

In the first part of the year, we were able to publish 15 reports from independent journalists, including:

Prosecutors Invoke Union Membership To Criminalize Inauguration Day Protesters
by Elizabeth King and Siobhan OLeary

Disney Withholds Bonuses As Union Workers Protest Poverty Wages
by Michael Sainato

Oklahoma Teachers Plan Strike For April If Lawmakers Do Not Increase Pay
by Willie Burnley Jr.

Arizona Rank-And-File Teachers Plan Day Of Actio...


Sketch of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Stormy Daniels Has Twitter Buzzing The Gateway Pundit

Stormy Daniels said in a 60 Minutes interview that a mystery man approached her in a parking lot while she was with her then-infant daughter and threatened her in an effort to silence her about her sexual encounter with Donald Trump.

On Tuesday morning, Stormy Daniels released a rough sketch of the man who allegedly threatened her in 2011. (screenshot below)

Stormy Daniels released the sketch on an appearance with The View.

The response on Twitter was hilarious.



Open Thread 2018-18 Moon of Alabama

The post I worked on did not pan out. You are on your own. News & views ...


With Everyone Focused On Comey, Trump Reformed Welfare Weasel Zippers

Feint left, go right. Via Fox News: When President Bill Clinton signed the welfare reform act in 1996, which he negotiated with then-Speaker Newt Gingrich, the left claimed people would starve. They didnt. According to the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, between 1996 and 2000, the employment rate for single mothers increased from []


Fracking Has Brought the World to the Brink of Disaster DownWithTyranny!

From this video. The original graph contained global warming data through 2010 and predictions after that. The video author added the red dots, which show actual global warming data for 20112017. Note that the red dots are not just above all of the scenarios, including the "reference" or "no countermeasures" scenario. They're also above the 5%95% band of uncertainty around the reference scenario. In other words, in 2010 the authors of the study considered each recorded data point from 2011 to 2017 to be "highly unlikely" at the time the study was published, each one in the 5% least likely of outcomes.

by Gaius Publius

It's worth looking at two recent pieces from the climate front, not for what they say as their main points, but for two smaller points buried within them.

Two Degrees Warming Is a Ceiling, Not a Target

The first piece is by Jeffrey Sachs, writing in Canada's Globe and Mail. His main argument is that Canada should abandon its plans to build pipelines to carry doomed Alberta tar sands to market and instead build out a smart energy grid connected to the U.S. energy grid to leverage and store  both nation's renewable power capabilities.

About that, Sachs writes:
Oil seems to make politicians lose their bearings. The get-rich-quick mentality or too-much-to-lose thinking is very hard to overcome. Thus, two of Canadas most progressive leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, have both doubled down recently on Alberta oil sands and the pipelines to carry them to world markets. Whether Kinder Morgans controversial Trans Mountain expansion through British Columbia is built, or the company steps away from the project, re...


MO GOP Attorney General Accuses GOP Governor Greitens of Election Violations The Gateway Pundit

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced on Tuesday his office found criminal wrongdoing by Republican Governor Eric Greitens and will pass the information along to the corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorneys Office.

Hawley will likely be the GOP candidate to take on unpopular Senator Claire McCaskill in Missouri in November.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney was already investigating Greitens for an affair he had before running for office.

The corrupt Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner withheld information in the ongoing case and is accused of ethical violations.
Gardner is a far left activist who was supported by George Soros in her local race.

FOX2 Now reported:

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley says his office has evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Governor Eric Greitens regarding his involvement with the charity The Mission Continues.

The attorney generals office had been investigating possible violations of the states consumer protection and charitable registration and reporting laws.

In the course of this investigation, we have uncovered evidence of wrongdoing that goes beyond Missouris charity laws, Hawley said. To be specific, within the past several days, we have obtained evidence of potential criminal violationsthese potentially criminal acts were committed by Governor Eric Greitens.

Hawley said it appears Greitens used the donor list from The Mission Continues to solicit for campaign donations in his gubernatorial run a felony. The attorney general said the states laws on impeachment mean the governor could be removed from office if hes found to have participated in criminal acts.

At this point it will be very difficult for the Republican governor to recover and may be asked to leave office.

The post...


Pennsylvania House Passes Bill Banning Abortions Over Down Syndrome Weasel Zippers

Dems cry war on women! in 3 2 1 Via The Hill: The Pennsylvania House on Monday passed a bill to ban abortions based on a Down syndrome diagnosis in the fetus. The GOP-backed bill passed with bipartisan support in a 139-56 vote, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The bill now heads to the Senate []


Supreme Court Sides With Immigrant Facing Deportation, Gorsuch Casts Deciding Vote Weasel Zippers

Im inclined to agree with Gorsuch. The problem is that it should have said if convicted of a felony or something definitive. Crime of violence is vague and doesnt generally include burglary. Via Washington Examiner: The Supreme Court has sided with an immigrant convicted of residential burglary and facing deportation and found the term crime []


Global Warming Can Wait=> UN Ambassador on Climate Change Takes Private Jet to Coachella The Gateway Pundit

In 2014 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon designated Academy Award-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio as a UN Ambassador to Peace with a focus on Climate Change.

Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio even opened up the UN Climate Summit in 2014.

Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed flying in his private jet to Coachella this week.

Global Warming can wait.

Via Chet Cannon:

Of course, theres a large gap between DiCaprios words and actions.
Heres Dicaprio in 2014 on his way to the World Cup.

The post Global Warming Can Wait=> UN Ambassador on Climate Change Takes Private Jet to Coachella appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Supreme Court Hands Trump Defeat on Deporting Criminal Immigrants Gorsuch Sides With Liberals on Court The Gateway Pundit

Trump nominee Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with liberals on the Supreme Court to hand President Trump a defeat on his plan to deport criminal immigrants.

The Supreme Court was conflicted on the definition of violent criminal actions.

This was an old case where the court came to a 4-4 tie.
Gorsuch sided with the Democrats this time.
Business Insider reported:

The Supreme Court said Tuesday that part of a federal law that makes it easier to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes is too vague to be enforced.

The courts 5-4 decision an unusual alignment in which new Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the four liberal justices concerns a catchall provision of immigration law that defines what makes a crime violent. Conviction for a crime of violence makes deportation a virtual certainty for an immigrant, no matter how long he has lived in the United States, Justice Elena Kagan wrote in her opinion for the court.

The decision is a loss for President Donald Trumps administration, which has emphasized stricter enforcement of immigration law. In this case, President Barack Obamas administration took the same position in the Supreme Court in defense of the challenged provision.

With the four other conservative justices in dissent, it was the vote of the Trump appointee that was decisive in striking down the provision at issue. Gorsuch did not join all of Kagans opinion, but he agreed with her that the law could not be left in place.

The post Supreme Court Hands Trump Defeat on Deporting Criminal Immigrants Gorsuch Sides With Liberals on Court appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


The Stormy Sketch Is Out And Peoples Guesses Are In Weasel Zippers

NEW: Stormy Daniels and her attorney @MichaelAvenatti reveal a sketch of the man she says threatened her to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. The View (@TheView) April 17, 2018 So dumb. She cant remember how tall he is, but seven years later she can give that detail of his []


Which Party Hates Its Own Grassroots More? DownWithTyranny!

McConnell salutes West Virginia grassroots Republican voters

Third party Super PACs spent $7,343,577 tearing apart Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race. $6,552,448 of that came from Mitch McConnelll's Senate Leadership PAC. McConnell had so sullied Moore's reputation that when he won the primary against the establishment candidate, he couldn't win the general election. Despite Alabama's statewide PVI of R+14 and despite Trump having crushed Hillary in the state 1,318,255 (62.1%) to 729,547 (34.4%), Democrat Doug Jones still beat him 673,896 (50.0%) to 651,972 (48.3%)on December 12, 2017. Moore could not overcome all the negativity from fellow Republicans.

But it isn't just the corrupt Republican establishment waging this kind of warfare against its own Outside-the-Beltway grassroots. The Democrats do the exact something. The DCCC attacks on Laura Moser in Texas and Levi Tillemann in Colorado are examples of the same kind of ugliness. The DCCC would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive.

And now Alex Isenstadt reported in Politico over the weekend that Miss McConnell is up to his tricks again, this time in West Virginia. Watch:



President Trump Furious At California Gov. Jerry Brown: The High Crime Rate Will Only Get Higher Without National Guard The Gateway Pundit

As previously reported by Gateway Pundit, California governor Jerry Brown initially agreed to President Trumps plan of deploying the National Guard along the swiss-cheese like border between California and Mexico which resulted in rare praise from the President on Twitter:

President Trump thanked Governor Jerry Brown for sending the National Guard to the California-Mexico border. Despite Gov. Brown agreeing to accept federal funds and add about 400 troops, Brown asserted that the deployed troops will only be used to support operations targeting transnational criminal gangs, human traffickers and illegal firearm and drug smugglers and not be used for enforcing federal immigration laws. Also in his statement, Gov Brown stated, This will not be a mission to build a new wall. It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life.

Yesterday, we reported that California legislators back-tracked on Browns double-sided welcoming of the National Guard as they found it too closely tied to immigration. Today, President Trump is furious and in sharp contrast to the Presidents earlier tweet commending Gov. Brown for approving the National Guard, Trump lashed out at the governor derailing him for not looking for safety and security along their very porous border. President Trump went further to point out the high crime rate in many parts of California that are in no small part the result of illegals stating, the high crime rate will only get higher.



The post...


Dicks Sporting Goods Not Only Not Selling AR-15s And Other Rifles, Theyre Destroying Them Weasel Zippers

Via Twitchy: Youd think Dicks Sporting Goods would have figured out by now that playing along with this so-called boycott is not exactly great for business but nope. Hey, far be it for us to tell them how to ruin, err, run their business but this seems needlessly stupid. Like most boycotts. Well, THATLL []


Amazon warehouse workers pee in bottles to avoid being punished for taking breaks Fellowship of the Minds

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, may be the worlds richest person, with a net worth of about $112 billion. But workers in his warehouses are so desperate to keep their jobs that they dont even Continue reading


VIDEO: Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer Promises to RAISE TAXES if Democrats Win Congress The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told CNBC that if Democrats regain the majority after the 2018 election, they will look to raise taxes.

The 2018 tax filing deadline is today Tuesday April 17.

CNBC: Are you looking at raising the tax rate again on the highest earners?

Democrat Steny Hoyer: I think certainly well look to have revenues as opposed to simply creating more debt. This bill is going to create debt. Obama created and previous presidents created.

Democrats like to use the term revenues when they are talking about raising taxes today. It is one of their word games like the Affordable care act.

Over 4,000,000 working Americans will receive Trump tax reform bonuses this year.
Democrats want to take that away.

Democrats proposed a trillion dollar tax hike in March.

The post VIDEO: Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer Promises to RAISE TAXES if Democrats Win Congress appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Report: North Korea, South Korea Set To Announce Official End To 65-Year-Long War Weasel Zippers

Historic. Via Daily Wire: Hostilities on the Korean peninsula ended on July 27, 1953, but the war didnt. On that day, the U.S., North Korea and China signed an armistice agreement designed to insure a complete cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved, []


WINNING! Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages, Education Benefits Thanks to TRUMP Tax Cuts The Gateway Pundit

Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen announced Monday that the Republicans tax cut has allowed the company to raise wages and invest in its employees.

McMullen made the announcement on CNBC on Monday.

Democrats promise to take these tax cuts and benefits away if they take over Congress.

For the record Every Democrat voted NO to the Trump tax cuts.

The post WINNING! Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages, Education Benefits Thanks to TRUMP Tax Cuts appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Hannity Tells His Side Of The Cohen Story Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: Fox News Sean Hannity mocked the media for their hysteria over the revelation that he was supposedly a client of Michael Cohen Monday. Am I surprised by any of this? No, of course not, because this is with the media in this country does, Hannity said. Let me set the record straight. []


Politicized by Trump, Teachers Threaten to Shake Up Red-State Politics The Intercept

Christine Porter Marsh, front row, second from right, poses with supporters of her run for Senate.


Illegal alien bus driver in Louisiana crash that killed three sentenced to 15 years in prison Fellowship of the Minds

Not nearly enough time for his crime. From  (EDGAR, La) Denis Amaya-Rodriguez was sentenced Monday (April 9) to 15 years in prison for killing three people. Rodriguez was driving a bus that crashed into a group of firefighters Continue reading


Cop-Killer Assata Shakur Gets $15K Check From North Carolina Court Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: A cop killer received a check for over $15,000 from a North Carolina county court in early April for a land deal, according to a Saturday report. Assata Shakur, who is currently on the FBIs list of most-wanted terrorists, received $15,351.39 from New Hanover County as compensation for a land deal with []


South and North Korea Set to Announce End to 67 Year War in Talks Next Week The Gateway Pundit

North and South Korea are set to announce an end to their 67-year-long war in talks next week.

The announcement was made before a summit next week between Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with North Koreas Kim Jong Un by the month of May.

CNBC reported:

North and South Korea are in talks to announce a permanent end to the officially declared military conflict between the two countries, daily newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official.

Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the confrontation.

Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said.

Pyongyang and Seoul have technically been at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended with a truce and not a peace treaty. Geopolitical tensions have occasionally flared up since the armistice, although to date both countries have managed to avoid another devastating conflict.

The post South and North Korea Set to Announce End to 67 Year War in Talks Next Week appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Obamas Justice Dept. Feuded With FBI, Agents Quit As Politics Played Larger Role Weasel Zippers

Via Washington Times: Acrimony between the FBI and the Justice Department was so bad in the waning days of the Obama administration that some agents quit the bureau in frustration, a former G-man says. Fractures which began during the tenure of former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. deepened in the later years, and particularly []

Tuesday, 17 April


Speaker Ryans Biggest Mistake Was Not Supporting President Trump He Should Step Down from Speakership Now! The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan announced that he is stepping down as Speaker and will not seek re-election in the House of Representatives. He may have higher aspirations but his lack of support for President Trump will ultimately be his downfall.

Speaker Ryan may be planning to run for President someday. He was VP Candidate for losing Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and he is currently Speaker of the House.  However, because of his miscalculations and lack of support of President Trump, odds are that Speaker Ryan will never win a Presidential race.  He totally underestimated the current President at every turn. Ryans lack of support for the President and his massive group of supporters prove Ryan is out of touch with what is important to Americans.

In 2016, during the Presidential campaign Speaker Ryan stated in a call with House Republicans that he will never support then Presidential candidate Trump, and he never has

During the Presidents first year in office, Ryan couldnt contain his disdain for the President. Every time he was with the President he had a horrible smirk on his face.

Ryan never realized how disgusting his actions and lack of support were to Republicans who admire President Trump for his courage and efforts to change America for the better after the eight destructive years of the Obama Administration.  In spite of significant head winds from corrupt Democrats, the media and NeverTrumper Republicans, like Ryan himself, the President succeeded in accomplishing a...


Black Agenda Radio, Week of April 16, 2018 Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Radio, Week of April 16, 2018

bruce Tue, 04/17/2018 - 19:21

Black Agenda Radio for Week of April 16, 2018

Confront the Black Misleader Class at the Polls

Black radical candidates must always keep politics in command, when challenging the misleadership class for the hearts and minds of the Black community. That was one of the themes of the Black Is Back Coalitions Electoral School, convened in St. Louis, Missouri, last week. Listen to nine speakers address the broadest range of issues -- always with the focus on Black self-determination.

Winnie Mandela the Tallest of All

South African freedom fighter Winnie Mandela, who passed away this month at age 81, will outlive in her glory and marvel many of the presidents weve had since 1994, said Ronnie Kasrils, the former chief of intelligence of both the African National Congress and the post-apartheid South African government. She will outlive all of the leaders, barring Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani. Kasrils spoke on The Real News Network.

Only a Fool Believes U.S. on Syria Chemicals

Wed have to be complete morons to believe the scenario painted by the U.S. to justify its latest bombing of Syria, said Stephen Gowans, author of Washingtons Long War on Syria. Speaking on Phil Taylors CIUT radio program, Gowans said the entire western conversation on Syria is baseless. We implicitly assume they that they actually have chemical weapons. They dont having destroyed their stocks under international agreement in 2013-14.

Black Agenda Radio on the Progressive Radio Network is hosted by Glen Ford and Nellie Bailey. A new edition of the program airs every Monday at 11:am ET on PRN. Length: one hour....


A Black-Robed Counterrevolution Weasel Zippers

Countering the black-robed social justice warriors. Via Washington Times: Federal judges sit on the bench for life and can either uphold the law or rule like tyrants. This puts judicial appointments right near the top of the most important things a president can do. The newest Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch, has already shown what []


Chinese Farming and Incremental Science bensozia

What the world needs right now, I think, is not so much grand scientific breakthroughs is more effort devoted to making minor improvements in ordinary things. Like this major government agricultural effort in China:

Running from 2005 to 2015, the project first assessed how factors including irrigation, plant density and sowing depth affected agricultural productivity. It used the information to guide and spread best practice across several regions: for example, recommending that rice in southern China be sown in 20 holes densely packed in a square metre, rather than the much lower densities farmers were accustomed to using.

The results speak for themselves: maize (corn), rice and wheat output grew by some 11% over that decade, whereas the use of damaging and expensive fertilizers decreased by between 15% and 18%, depending on the crop. Farmers spent less money on their land and earned more from it and they continue to do so.
I am convinced that very few of the ways we do things are truly optimal, from sowing rice to timing traffic lights, and I look forward to many more similar efforts.


Flashback: Maxine Waters Slams Comey For Having No Credibility Weasel Zippers

But now that he wrote a book For once, I agree with mad Maxine Waters. Comey has absolutely no credibility.#Comey #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) April 13, 2018


DEADLINE PASSES for DOJ to Turn Over Unredacted Comey Memos to Congress (Video) The Gateway Pundit

On Sunday House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the House was ready to take action against the DOJ if the requested Comey memos from the FBI.

Rep.Bob Goodlatte: We dont have the documents yet. We dont have access to the documents but I believe we will have them very soon based upon the discussions that were undertaking. If we do not we are prepared to take additional steps and I believe that people in the administration very much want to have the Congress get these documents so that we can A, conduct our investigation but B, also recognize that right of the Congress and the American people to have access to information so that these investigations, this oversight can be conducted.

The documents were already passed by Comey to the media but Congress does not have a copy yet.
Congress needs to impeach these DOJ crooks.

On Monday night the deadline passed and the Sessions Department of Justice had still not turned over the unredacted Comey memos to Congressional investigators.



Matt Forney Live: Borderline Crazy with Artistic Layman and the Bechtloff Matt Forney

Many of my readers are also fans of Davis Aurini and the thrice-weekly live show he hosts with Artistic Layman, a show on which Im a frequent guest. Because Aurini will be on vacation for the next two weeks, Artistic Layman and I will be guest-hosting the show on my YouTube channel. Our fourth show will air tonight at 7PM Eastern (6PM Central/4PM Pacific).

As the meltdown of Baked Alaska continues, details about Erin, the woman he destroyed his reputation for, have emerged. Shes a drug addicted, mentally unstable headcase who shows all the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Join Artistic Layman, the Bechtloff and I as we discuss borderline women and how they can ruin menas well as the epidemic of BPD among modern womenon this episode of Matt Forney Live.

Watch the show live below (you can also use it to watch a recording after the show ends):

To watch the show on YouTube (and participate in the chat), click here.

To watch future streams live (as well as any other videos I upload), subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

To advertise on the show, click here. To support the show, click here.


This episode of Matt Forney Live was co-hosted by Artistic Layman. Visit his website here, subscribe to his YouTube channel here, follow him on Twitter here, and follow him on Gab here.

You can support Davis Aurini at the following links:


Islamic State Beheads 14-Year-Old Boy in Jawzjan Province The Gateway Pundit

The Islamic State beheaded a 14-year-old child for helping bring food and water to local security forces.

The victim, identified as Rahimdad, was from the northern Jawzjan province in Afghanistan.
The Khaama Press reported, via Religion of Peace:

Militants affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group have beheaded a child on charges of helping the security forces in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

The local officials confirmed on Tuesday that the incident has takne place in the vicinity of Darzab district, home to several ISIS militants.

Provincial security chief Abdul Hafiz Khashi said the child, believed to be 14-year-old, was beheaded by ISIS militants because he was taking food and water to the security forces in the area.

Khashi further added that the victim has been identified as Rahimdad and was helping the security forces voluntarily.

This comes as Afghan and US Special Forces are also busy conducting counter-terrorism operations against the terror group in North of the country.

The post Islamic State Beheads 14-Year-Old Boy in Jawzjan Province appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Shes Back: Clinton to Fundraise With Possible 2020 Dems Weasel Zippers

Prayers answered. Via NTK: Note to Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), and former Secretary of State Jason Kander (D-MO): youll be tied to Hillary Clinton if you run for president in 2020. All three are fundraising with the divisive former secretary of state and presidential nominee in May, according to a BuzzFeed News report published Friday []


University Of California Riverside Hosts Conference For Gay Black People; All Others Barred From Attending Weasel Zippers

To be sponsored by Starbucks in the near future. Via The College Fix: University of California Riversides LGBT Resource Center is set to host its fifth annual BlaqOUT conference later this month on the schools campus. The conference is open only to those who are black and gay, according to the events Facebook page. We []


The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth bensozia

Bayreuth's 1748 opera house has just re-opened after a six-year, $36 million renovation; the Times has an appreciation and many more pictures.

The opera house was the project of Wilhelmine, Margravine of Brandenburg-Bayreuth, daughter of King Frederick William I of Prussia and sister of Frederick the Great.
An ambitious polymath who composed music, wrote verse and corresponded with Voltaire, she built Bayreuths intimate yet elaborate Margravial Opera House, one of the most outstanding surviving examples of Baroque theater architecture in Europe.
The architect was Joseph Saint-Pierre, and the interiors were designed by Giuseppe Galli Bibiena and his son Carlo. Few of these Baroque theaters remain, partly because they are so expensive to maintain and partly because they are so small. This was a theater for the aristocratic elite, of whom there just weren't very many, so seating for 450 was a great plenty. Hard for an opera company to make money on those terms today. Or even in the nineteenth century, when Richard Wagner built his own 2,000-seat Festspielhaus outside of town, where the Bayreuth festival is still held. But how wonderful that at least one of these has been restored to its original glory.


We have a winner! Fellowship of the Minds

. . . for FOTMs 173rd Caption Contest! This was a very competitive contest, with a total of 64 caption submissions, many of which are very clever and witty! The FOTM writers duly voted, each for what he/she considered to Continue reading


Now That Randy Bryce Knocked Ryan Out Of The Race, Creepy Crawly Peter Barca Wants To Run DownWithTyranny!

Paul Ryan knows why he retired from Congress-- audit's not about teaching his sons, Charlie and Sam, to shoot bows and arrows. Randy Bryce is why Ryan is retiring from Congress. I've been trying for a decade to find a credible candidate to run against Ryan. The local Democratic elected officials in the district were all afraid... every one of them. Political cowards who were afraid to give up their jobs to run against Paul Ryan. In 1993, when Bill Clinton appointed 22-year incumbent Les Aspin to be Secretary of Defense, Assemblyman Peter Barca ran for the open seat to serve out the rest of Aspin's term. He beat Mark Neumann by 675 votes and in 1994 Neumann was back and beat Barca-- part of the Newt Gingrich wave-- 83,937 to 82,817. Barca had been a disappointment for Democrats, particularly for unions who had to pull teeth to get him to oppose NAFTA. Neumann decided to run for the Senate in 1998-- giving up his House seat (and losing the Senate race to Russ Feingold. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan won the GOP nomination to replace Neumann and he ran against a weak Democrat, Lydia Sottswood and beat her 57-43%. Obama won the district in 2008 but the Republican legislature gerrymandered it-- removing union stronghold Beloit and adding on a piece of blood red Waukesha, one of Wisconsin's most backward right-wing counties [When Obama beat Romney 53-46% statewide, Waukesha went for Romney 161,567 (67%) to 77,617 (32%).]

Meanwhile, this cycle Randy Bryce a plainspoken union and veteran activist, h...



Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but my takeaway from NPR's write-up of its latest poll is that NPR believes the opinions of Republicans matter more than what the rest of us think, or what the country overall thinks.

Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided on how they see special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible ties to President Trump's campaign, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

Overall, the former FBI director's favorability ratings have dropped over the past month as Trump and other Republicans have ratcheted up their attacks on Mueller and his ongoing probe. There's been a net-negative swing of 11 points over the past month, with 32 percent of all Americans holding a favorable view toward Mueller, 30 percent viewing him unfavorably, and a 38 percent plurality still not knowing enough to have an opinion.

Among Democrats, though, Mueller's favorability is at 56 percent, with just 19 percent viewing him unfavorably and a quarter unsure. But nearly half of all Republicans hold an unfavorable view of the Justice Department special counsel up from 30 percent last month with only 16 percent viewing him favorably and another 35 percent undecided.
But these numbers aren't a huge swing if you look back a few months. Right now, Mueller's favorable/unfavorable numbers are 32%-30%; in January, they were 29%/29%. So they've improved slightly since then. The numbers weren't very different in February (33%/27%). March's numbers seem anomalous (33%/20%). But in every poll, the largest group is respondents is the "unsure" group, and the disapprovers are very much in the minority.
A 45 percent plurality of all Americans believe Mueller's investigation is fair a seven-point net drop from March while 30 percent believe it is unfair and just over a quarter are undecided.

But again, the Mueller probe is being seen through an increasingly partisan lens by Americans. For the first time, a majority (55 percent) of Republicans say his investigation is unfair, with just 22 percent calling it fair which is a 17 point swing since last month. Almost three-fourths of Democrat...


Such a diva: Libtard Beyonc asks press not to publish unflattering photos Fellowship of the Minds

If you put yourself in the public forum then you are open to criticism. Especially when you so freely choose to criticize others, such as the ones who are paid to protect you. From NY Post: Beyonc doesnt trust Instagram. Continue reading


Arundhati Roy: I Need to Know the Place Where I Stand and Why I Stand There The Intercept

Twenty years ago, Indian writer Arundhati Roy published her debut novel, The God of Small Things. It won the ultra-prestigious Man Booker prize and propelled her to international fame. But it was not until last year that her second novel, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, was published. Both her novels are beautiful, powerful epic stories.


Cover art: Two Associates/Mayank Austen Soofi

So what did Roy do for those 20 years besides working on her latest novel? She used her very significant platform to fight for justice in causes and movements across the world. She was a ferocious and poetic opponent of the Iraq War and came to New York City to join in the massive street protests against the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in 2004. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and I actually brought her onto the floor of the RNC the night Dick Cheney spoke. Roy has traveled the globe, speaking at rallies and marches and gatherings. In India, she has been an advocate for the most vulnerable and dehumanized people. She has traveled Kashmir and told the stories of government crimes and brutality, and the resistance to them. She has defended Muslims when theyve been threatened, attacked, or massacred. And she has published many nonfiction books and collections of her speeches, including such titles as Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers, War Talk, Walking with the Comrades, The End of Imagination. Most recently, she and actor John Cusack published a book on their meeting with National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, whom they traveled to see with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. That is called Things That Can and Cannot Be Said. Roy is going to be coming to the U.S. in May and will be speaking in a number of cities. On the latest Intercepted, we spoke with her. What follows is a transcript of the entire conversation.



Tomado por grileiros, assentamento de Dorothy Stang est em colapso The Intercept

Servidor do INCRA conversa com membros do grupo encontrado na Reserva Legal do PDS Virola-Jatob no ltimo 17 de novembro.


Australias Bushfires Threatening Nuclear Reactor: Changing the Name of a Suburb Helps the Government Keep this Quiet Mining Awareness +

Fires as of April 16-17th. To give an idea of the map scale: Barden Ridge to Menai is approximately 3 km.
By Noel Wauchope: Australias bushfires threatening nuclear reactor: Changing the name of a suburb helps the government keep this quiet. Lucas Heights nuclear reactor: The untold threat of the Sydney bushfires:,11401 16 April 2018


Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

by Noah

If this is how America's nightmare ends, the irony will be large. After all, what will Pat Robertson have to say? Will multiple poses of Stormy Daniels' visage end up on a future sheet of postage stamps? If so, the U.S. Postal Service will never have to worry about going bankrupt again. Mail service might even be restored to twice a day, or at least one delivery by 11:00am.

Will every town in every blue state have a Stormy Daniels Boulevard?

Will there be a Stormy Danials International Airport? If so, I hope it's Washington's current Reagan International Airport. That would be so much more appropriate. Airports should be named for someone who did something positive for their country, not usher in the economic destruction of the middle class.

In keeping with the postage stamp theme, how about a shiny new Stormy Daniels coin? I suggest a quarter that comes in $20.00 rolls. A limited edition $75.00 roll of Stormy Daniels 50 cent pieces might also be popular, although that's obviously not for everyone. And, just to be fair and balanced about all this, I propose a commemorative Donald Trump $1.00 roll of dimes.

Finally, how soon before Stormy becomes the most popular name for newborns in America?


Planning Meeting For Proposed West Cumbria Coal Mine Cancelled Again! New Date 30th May Mining Awareness +

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Dear Friends,

Just recieved word that the Planning Meeting has been cancelled again.  The new date is the 30th May.  Letter of notification from Cumbria County Council belowThe more people and groups that register to speak at this meeting the better chance we have of stopping the plan!

Planning Application 4/17/9007 Woodhouse Quarry

I am writing to let you know that the West Cumbria Mining Application for Woodhouse Quarry has now been deferred from the 18 April meeting.  The aim is for it now to be considered at the DCR meeting on 30 May.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

There is no need for you to register your request to speak at the 30 May committee again, as you have already indicated your intent for the earlier meeting.  However, please note that the deadline for your written information to be submitted to me will now be

View original post 32 more words


April 17th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #453 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Tuesday April 17th Open Thread The Last Refuge

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Tucker Carlson: The Point of the Hannity Controversy Is About Hurting Trump and Anyone Close to Trump (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Tucker Carlson blasted liberal judge Kimba Wood for revealing in court that Sean Hannity was listed as one of Michael Cohens client.

Tucker Carlson: Michael Cohen was forced to hand over a list of his clients on a list to a judge. Among those on a list was our friend Sean Hannity in the hour after ours. Judge Kimba Wood ordered Hannitys identity revealed even though Hannity had specifically requested that his name remain private which is his right Keep in mind that Sean Hannity is a talk-show host. Hes not under investigation by anyone for anything. Who he hires as a lawyer and why is nobodys business. No judge has a right to violate his privacy or anybody elses. Those used to be the rules but the rules have changed. The point of the Russian investigation, you may have figured out, is not to find collusion. There was no collusion. Everybody knows that and everybody has always known that. The point is and was to hurt Trump and anyone close to Trump. And by the way its working.

Russia collusion was always a lie.
The media knows it.
The Democrats know it.
Deep State knows it.

The point of the investigation has always been to destroy President Trump and anyone who supported him.

It makes you wonder who is calling the shots in the Democrat Party today. Satan?

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

The post Tucker Carlson: The Point of the Hannity Controversy Is About Hurting Trump and Anyone Close to Trump (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


DC Is Terrifying LewRockwell

Behind President Donald Trumps bluster and threats over Syria, powerful forces are pushing the US towards war with Russia and Syria: the neocons and the military industrial complex.

For a candidate who once proposed a normal relationship with Russia, just peace in the Mideast, and an end to Americas foreign wars Donald Trump is now hurtling towards a full-scale war with Russia and a new disaster in the Mideast.  Not since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis has the danger of nuclear war seemed to close.

While Trump fulminates about the alleged use of toxic gas in Syria, US B-1 and B-52 heavy bombers are flattening villages in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

The bloodbath in Syria was ignited in 2011 by the US, Saudi Arabia and their allies in an effort to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, who was failing to accept US tutelage and too friendly with Iran.   By my count, this was the third attempt by Washington to overthrow a Syrian government since 1948.

Believe very little of what we are told about Syria.  Trump threatens to again attack Syria because it is alleged to have used chlorine gas on anti-government defenders and civilians in the Ghouta enclave near Damascus. This may be true or a fabrication.

Much of our information on Syria comes from false flag outfits set up by western intelligence like the White Helmets and Syrian Observatory,  Britains once independent BBC, now a major organ for government information warfare, and the majority of US government guided mainstream media hankering for a Mideast war.

Interestingly, the reliable Israeli newspaper Haaretz just reported that Ronald Lauder, head of the World Jewish Congress, donated $1.1 million to a rabid American anti-Muslim group during the 2016 elections.

Lauder was joined by Robert Mercer, another leading far right Muslim-hater and Trump supporter.  Such religious/racial hatred will likely blow up in their faces one day when the anti-Muslim far right turns on Jewish Americans.

Israels government plans to fragment Syria, just as was done with Iraq.  This would eliminate the only remaining credible Arab state opposing Israels domination of the region and, equally important, allow Israel to begin expropriating chunks of Syria, notably water sources and pipeline routes.

Britain is trying to show the old lion still has some teeth. France used to be colonial ruler of todays Syria and wants to reassert its influence there.

The timing for Israel is ideal.  Trump may have been a Trojan Horse for US neocons.  He has named ardently pro-Israel figures to senior posts: the loathsome Nikki Haley to the UN;  the well-known crazy from Bush days, John Bolton, as National Security Advisor;  the notorious torturer madame, Gina Haspel, as new CIA chief and so on and nominated tea-party Mike Pompeo from darkest Kansas as Secretary of State of all people. The State Dept. has be...

Winter Is Coming LewRockwell

Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.  George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones

Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. You hear the weather warning but probably fail to act on it. The sky darkens. Then the storm hits with full fury, and the air is a howling whiteness. One by one, your links to the machine age break down. Electricity flickers out, cutting off the TV. Batteries fade, cutting off the radio. Phones go dead. Roads become impassible, and cars get stuck. Food supplies dwindle. Day to day vestiges of modern civilization bank machines, mutual funds, mass retailers, computers, satellites, airplanes, governments all recede into irrelevance.

Picture yourself and your loved ones in the midst of a howling blizzard that lasts several years. Think about what you would need, who could help you, and why your fate might matter to anybody other than yourself. That is how to plan for a saecular winter. Dont think you can escape the Fourth Turning. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted.  Strauss & Howe  The Fourth Turning

Im always a little behind when it comes to popular TV, especially when the shows are on premium cable channels. Being cheap, Ive refused to pay for any premium cable channels, plus Ive spent much of my life on baseball fields and in hockey rinks, rather than watching TV. When my kids recently signed up for HBO Now, I finally got to watch The Sopranos, eleven years after its final episode aired. Now Im finally able to watch Game of Thrones, after it has been on the air for seven seasons. In the opening episodes I was impressed by the theme which permeates the series. Numerous characters stated Winter is Coming. I was immediately struck by the parallels with the Fourth Turning theory about the cyclical nature of our world.

The phrase Winter is Coming has multiple meanings in the context of Game of Thrones. First, it is the motto of House Stark, referring to their vigilance regarding dark times ahead. It is a manifestation, meaning one should always be prepared for the worst. As rulers of the North, the Starks were always ready for anything that could happen because eventually something wicked would come. Thus, winter is coming. Another meaning was related to the actual seasonal dynamic in the land of W...

Hurrah for Death LewRockwell

Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, Mission Accomplished! They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it.

We all remember that Mission Accomplished was the banner behind then-President Bush as he gloated aboard a US navy ship that the war in Iraq had been won. After his victory, however, some 4,000 US military personnel were killed, perhaps a million Iraqis were killed, and the countrys infrastructure and social fabric were so badly destroyed that they probably can never be repaired.

Actually, there is much about the US attack on Syria that reminds us of Iraq.

With Iraq, the US moved in to start bombing before international inspectors had completed their mission to verify whether or not Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Had they been allowed to complete their mission and verify that he did not, imagine the suffering, death, and destruction that could have been avoided. In Syria, the US decided to start bombing before the international inspectors were even allowed to start checking claims that Assad gassed his own people in Douma. Why? What was the rush? Was Washington afraid they might not find Assad guilty?

Who really benefits from US attacks on the Syrian government? There were reports that ISIS began making moves immediately after the air strikes. Do we really want to be al-Qaeda and ISISs airforce? Is that going to keep us safer? I remember when al-Qaeda was actually considered our enemy, not an ally in overthrowing the last secular government in the Middle East.

Will Syrias Christians be better off after the recent US attack? Just over a week ago Christians celebrated Easter in Aleppo for the first time in years. What changed? The Syrian army kicked out al-Qaeda, which had been occupying the eastern part of the city. So no, Christians will be much worse off if our moderate terrorists take control of Syria.

If Syria really had sarin and other chemical weapons factories, does it make sense for the US to bomb the buildings and risk killing thousands by widely disbursing the poisons? Does it make sense to risk killing Syrian civilians with chemical weapons in retaliation for allegations that the Syrian government killed civilians with chemical weapons? No, it seems more like the phony mobile WMD labs we were told that Saddam Hussein had constructed.

If the US knew S...

Drug Testing LewRockwell

The libertarian position on the drug war is simple, radical, and consistent. As I said in my lecture on Christianity, Libertarianism, and the Drug War:

There should be no laws at any level of government for any reason regarding the buying, selling, growing, processing, transporting, manufacturing, advertising, using, or possessing of any drug for any reason.

It is not the proper role of government to prohibit, regulate, restrict, or otherwise control what a man desires to eat, drink, smoke, inject, absorb, snort, sniff, inhale, swallow, or otherwise ingest into his mouth, nose, veins, or lungs.

The War on Drugs should and could be ended immediately and completely. All drug laws should be repealed, all non-violent drug offenders should be pardoned and released from prison, and all government agencies devoted to fighting the Drug War should be eliminated.

There should be a free market in drugs without any government interference, regulation, taxing, or licensing.

It is individuals, not government bureaucrats, who should decide what risks they are willing to take and what behaviors are in their own best interests.

A person should be free to live his live in any manner he chooses as long as his activities are non-violent, non-disorderly, non-disruptive, non-threatening, and non-coercive.

The heavy hand of government is not the solution to any problems resulting from drug abuse. The solution is to be found in family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, anti-drug organizations, treatment centers, religion, churches, and ministers.

A free society has to include the right of people to take risks, practice bad habits, partake of addictive conduct, engage in self-destructive behavior, live an unhealthy lifestyle, participate in immoral activities, and undertake dangerous actionsincluding the use and abuse of drugs.

Trafficking in drugs shouldnt be a crime any more than trafficking in bananas.

Does this mean that drug testing violates libertarian principles? Not necessarily. It depends on who is doing the drug testing and why they are doing it.

I have written about drug testing for welfare benefits and drug testing for unemployment benefits, but never about how drug testing relates to libertarianism.

Obviously, if the government shouldnt have any laws regarding drugs, then government drug tests are illegitimate as well. Now, if youre going to be the pilot of Air Force One, it is in the countrys best interests that you are not a drug user. But in this case, regular drug testing would simply be part of a health re...

Once Upon a Time, Long Ago LewRockwell

I wonder how many people, not just Americans but those in other countries, have come to the conclusion that the United States today is a less free and less aware society than the societies in the dystopian novels of the 20th century or in movies such as The Matrix and V for Vendetta. Just as people in the dystopian novels had no idea of their real situation, few Americans do either.

What are we to make of the extraordinary war crimes committed by the United States in the 21st century that have destroyed in whole or part seven countries, resulting in millions of dead, maimed, orphaned, and displaced peoples? Consider, for example, the latest Washington war crime, the illegal attack on Syria. Instead of protesting this illegality, the American media egged it on, cheering impending death and destruction.

During the entirety of the 21st century, Israel, Washingtons only allyas contrasted with the European, Canadian, Australian, and Japanese vassal states of Washingtons empirehas continued with Washingtons support, protection, and encouragement the genocide of the Palestinian people. Essentially, all that is left of Palestine is a getto concentration camp known as Gaza which is routinely bombed by Israel using weapons and money supplied by Washington. When a bombing of Gaza is announced, Gods Chosen People take their lawn chairs and picnics up on a hill overlooking Gaza and applaud as the Israeli military murders women and children. This is Americas only ally.

The crimes committed by the US and Israel are horrific, but meet with little opposition. In contrast, an alleged attack in which 70 Syrians are alleged to have died sets in motion the wheels of war. It makes no sense whatsoever. Israel routinely bombs Syrian targets, killing Syrians, and the US arms and supports the rebels that the Obama regime sent to overthrow Assad, resulting in large numbers of dead Syrians. Why all of a sudden do 70 Syrians matter to Washington?

According to the Washington authorities, or to the presstitutes reports of their statements, two or three alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities were destroyed by Washingtons missile attack. Think about this for a minute. If Washington bombed or sent missiles into chemical weapons facilities, a vast cloud of lethal gas would have been released. The civilian casualties would be many times higher than the claimed 70 victims of Assads alleged and unsubstantiated chemical attack used as the pretext for the Trump regimes war crime against Syria. There is no evidence whatsoever of these casualties.

Had there been casualties, Washingtons attack would obviously be a far greater crime than the chemical attack that Washington used as cover for its own crime. Yet the American presstitutes are crowing over the lesson that America has taught Syria and Russia. Apparently, the American media consists of such immoral or moronic hirelings that the presstitutes are unable to comprehend that an a...

The Debt-as-Currency Era LewRockwell

Gold is the currency of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants, but debt is the money of slaves.

Norm Franz, Money and Wealth in the New Millennium

We are nearing the end of the debt-as-currency era.

This is quite a broad statement and, of course, since debt is the foremost currency of our day, it would be quite understandable if the reader were to regard such a prognostication to be utter nonsense.

Indeed, many would say that, without debt, the world couldnt function. Debt has always existed and always will. However, in eras past, debt often played a much smaller role, and those eras were marked by greater progress and productivity.

Were now living in the era of the greatest level of debt mankind has ever created. In fact, weve come to regard it as normal. Most governments are far beyond broke. And they wont be saved by confiscation or taxation, as their people and corporations are just as heavily in debt. For this reason, a collapse is inevitable. And, since the severity of a collapse is invariably directly proportional to the severity of the debt, when it arrives, it will be a collapse that eclipses all previous collapses.

The present uncontrolled level of debt is made possible through the ability of central governments to create more currency at will. And this is only possible through the existence of a currency that is fiat in naturethat has no inherent value.

Aristotle was right on the mark when he stated that for something to be appropriate as money, it must have intrinsic valueindependent of any other object and contained in the money itself.

The great majority of what passes for money today is digital, although, for daily use, paper currency is still widely used. But it must be said that paper currency is also fiat, having a far lower intrinsic value than the denomination printed on it.

In 1971, the US dollar went off the gold standardit ceased to be redeemable in precious metal. From that date on, it existed as a promise onlya promise from a government. (Promises from governments tend to be somewhat less redeemable than promises from, say, loan sharks or used-car salesmen.)

In time, the rest of the world followed. Today, no national currency is redeemable in anything that has intrinsic value.

Doug Casey has rightly called the dollar (since going off the gold standard) an I owe you nothing. Exactly correct. He also describes the euro as a Who owes you nothing? since no one country in the EU is responsible to redeem the euro with anything that possesses intrinsic value.

Its hoped by many today that cryptocurrencies will be the salvation of the s...

What Do We Know About Syria? LewRockwell

Anyone accepting facts or narratives from any interested party is being played.

About the only fact the public knows with any verifiable certainty about Syria is that much of that nation is in ruins. Virtually everything else presented as fact is propaganda intended to serve one of the competing narratives or discredit one or more competing narratives.

Consider a partial list of interested parties spinning their own narratives about events in Syria: (in no particular order)

1. The government of Syria

2. non-state groups in Syria

3. Turkey

4. Saudi Arabia

5. Iran

6. Jordan

7. The government of Iraq

8. non-state groups in Iraq

9. The Kurds

10. Hamas

11. Israel

12. Lebanon

13. The Gulf States

14. Russia

15. United States

16. European Union

17. United Kingdom

18. France

19. Germany

20. Italy

21. China

This doesnt exhaust the list of interested parties, of course, but it reflects the spectrum of competing parties pushing a narrative that supports their particular interests in Syria. These include neighboring countries, regional powers, global powers and consumers of Syrian energy exports.

Lets start by stating the obvious: the only way to gain any reasonably accurate contexts/assessments in Syria is to have intelligence-gathering assets on the ground. The situation is fluid and complex, and there is no one truth.

The only way to get any sort of handle on the military, political and social dynamics in Syria is to have access to the intelligence assessments and analyses of all the major players intelligence agencies.

In other words, the only way to get any sort of comprehensive understanding would be to have a WikiLeaks-type release of intelligence reports from all the players with assets on the ground and have a deep enough understanding of the history and culture of the region to make sense of the overlaps, conflicts, nuances and shades of truth presented in each of the intel reports.

Only by collating raw (unfiltered) intel gathered on the ground and high-level analysis by those directing the various interests campaigns could a reasonably accurate assessment be assembled.

Short of that, we know next to nothing. What are presented as facts are narratives designed to persuade us of the fidelity of the facts being presented and the rightness of the narrative supported by the presented facts.

If the facts arent designed to support a specific narrative, then theyre designed to undermine or discredit a competing narrative.

There are several ways to push a narrative: one is to present evidence&...

Trumps Fantasy in Syria LewRockwell

Do not believe a word you have heard from the Pentagon and the White House about the success of the cruise missile strikes on Friday last. A fraud is being perpetrated on the American people and the world at large. Frankly, General Mattis and General Dunford have dishonored themselves by going along with this charade.

If you could go to the CAOC (i.e., the Combined Air Operations Center) located at the Al Udeid Air Force Base in Qatar and speak to officers working for CENTCOM, you would hear a mixture of disgust, shock and anger from many over the Presidents claim of Mission Accomplished. And I am talking about people who have been supportive of President Trump. But Trump, with the sycophants at the Pentagon and the Joint Staff, has crossed a line into delusional thinking.

(By the way, heres a picture of the CAOC courtesy of the US Air Force Central Command.)

Why the discontent?

There are at least three sourcesFirst, the United States fully coordinated and deconflicted the attack in Syria with the Russians; Second, well over 50% of the TLAMs launched by the United States, France and Britain were shot down by air defense systems in Syria; and Third, the pundits (like retired General Jack Keane) and politicians who are insisting foolishly that Russia is a second rate military power and wont hit back.

Lets start with the first issue of coordination and deconfliction. We have been in daily contact with the Russians telling them where we are flying for almost three years. Who says so? The Associated Press:


A U.S.-led coalition has been bombing Islamic State-held territory across Syria, launching 24 strikes on Thursday alone, according to the U.S. militarys Central Command. The coalition includes some 60 countries, with some launching their own strikes into Syria. Russia is waging its own bombing campaign in support of President Bashar Assads forces, while the Syrian government has its own air force and air defense systems. That means a lot of aircraft are flying in a small airspace, which raises the danger for pilots. In November 2015, for instance, NATO member Turkey shot down a Russian jet fighter, nearly sparking an international conflagration.

To protect pilots, Moscow and Washington opened a so-called deconfliction line after Russia began its bombing campaign in September 2015. On the U.S. side, it is run out of the Combined Air and Space Operations Center at the vast al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar, which hosts the forward headquarters of U.S. Central Command. There, air traffic controllers and senior military officers are in contact with their Russian counterparts in Syria. They share coordina...

Saudi-Funded Jihadist Head Choppers LewRockwell

April 9th The Rush to War

I have never ruled out the possibility that Russia is responsible for the attack in Salisbury, amongst other possibilities. But I do rule out the possibility that Assad is dropping chemical weapons in Ghouta. In this extraordinary war, where Saudi-funded jihadist head choppers have Israeli air support and US and UK military advisers, every time the Syrian army is about to take complete control of a major jihadist enclave, at the last moment when victory is in their grasp, the Syrian Army allegedly attacks children with chemical weapons, for no military reason at all. We have been fed this narrative again and again and again.

We then face a propaganda onslaught from neo-con politicians, think tanks and charities urging a great rain of Western bombs and missiles, and are accused of callousness towards suffering children if we demur. This despite the certain knowledge that Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had consequences which remain to this day utterly disastrous.

I fear that the massive orchestration of Russophobia over the last two years is intended to prepare public opinion for a wider military conflict centred on the Middle East, but likely to spread, and that we are approaching that endgame. The dislocation of the political and media class from the general population is such, that the levers for people of goodwill to prevent this are, as with Iraq, extremely few as politicians quake in the face of media jingoism. These feel like extremely dangerous times.

April 11th The Four Horsemen Gallop By

The media onslaught has moved past the attack in Salisbury by a weapon of mass destruction (quoting Theresa May) which could only be Russian, except that was untrue, and was extremely deadly, except that was untrue too. It now focuses on an attack by chemical weapons in Douma which could only be by the Russian-backed Assad regime, except there is no evidence of that either, and indeed neutral verified evidence from Douma is non-existent. The combination of the two events is supposed to have the British population revved up by jingoism, and indeed does have Tony Blair and assorted Tories revved up, to attack Syria and potentially to enter conflict with Russia in Syria.

The Russian attack in Salisbury is supposed to negate the not our war argument, particularly as a British policeman was unwell for a while. Precisely what is meant to negate the why on earth are we entering armed confrontation with a nuclear power argument, I do not know.

Saudi Arabia has naturally offered f...

Replacing the TSAs Waste of Time and Money LewRockwell

IN AMERICA AND ACROSS MUCH OF THE WORLD, the security enhancements put in place following the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, have been drastic and of two kinds: those practical and effective, and those irrational and pointless.

The first variety have taken place almost entirely behind the scenes. Comprehensive explosives scanning for checked luggage, for instance, was long overdue and is a welcome addition. Its the second variety, unfortunately that has come to dominate the air travel experience. Im talking about the frisking, X-raying, body scanning, and confiscating that goes on at thousands of concourse checkpoints across the globe activities that by and large waste our time, waste our money, and humiliate millions of us on a daily basis.

There are two fundamental flaws in our approach:

The first is a strategy that looks upon every single person who flies old and young, fit and infirm, domestic and foreign, pilot and passenger as a potential terrorist. That is to say, were searching for weapons rather than people who might actually use weapons. This is an impossible, unsustainable task in a system of such tremendous volume. As many as two million people fly each and every day in the United States alone. Tough-as-nails prison guards cannot keep knives out of maximum security cell blocks, never mind the idea of guards trying to root out every conceivable weapon at an overcrowded terminal.

The second flaw is our lingering preoccupation with the tactics used by the terrorists on September 11the huge and tragic irony being that the success of the 2001 attacks had almost nothing to do with airport security in the first place. As conventional wisdom has it, the 9/11 terrorists exploited a weakness in airport security by smuggling aboard box cutters. But conventional wisdom is wrong. It was not a failure of airport security that allowed those men to hatch their takeover scheme. It was, instead, a failure of national security a breakdown of communication and oversight at the FBI and CIA levels. What the men actually exploited was a weakness in our mindset a set of presumptions based on the decades-long track record of hijackings and how they were expected to unfold. In years past, a hijacking meant a...

Is There a Patriotic Duty To Pay More Tax? LewRockwell

In 1873 during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, the government abolished its income tax.

Aside from a single episode in 1894, there would be no income tax in the United States of America for nearly 40 years.

It was during this period that the United States emerged as the largest, most powerful economy in the world.

And the country achieved this with no income tax. No inflation. And very little public debt.

Today its entirely different. The dollar has lost over 99% of its value since 1913.

And the US has accumulated more debt than any other nation in the history of the world.

Entitlement program costs are soaring. The US governments own figures estimate that the long-term funding gap for Social Security, Medicare, etc. exceeds $40 trillion. Many private estimates are several times that amount.

This is obviously concerning.

But whats even more concerning is the complete lack of care and attention this issue receives.

Politicians continue to spend money with a dangerous sense of entitlement.

They believe that since theyre America they can do whatever they want without consequences, as if the laws of the financial universe dont apply to the US.

And their judgment is clearly lacking.

They borrow money and go deeper into debt just to pay the interest on the amount they already owe.

And yet they continue to spend, often on the most wasteful and destructive things.

They throw money at failed programs. They hire armies of bureaucrats who make life more difficult for productive citizens.

They spend $2 billion just to build a website. Or a billion dollars to destroy $16 billion worth of surplus ammunition.

All of this is ultimately supported by taxes. Your taxes.

You see, the creditworthiness of any nation is underpinned by its ability to raise and collect taxes.

Its a very simple calculus: when your government goes into debt, YOU are the collateral.

Whether you realize it or not, whether you signed up for this obligation or not, youre on the hook. Youre the guarantor of your governments debt.

So are your children and grandchildren.

Remember this as youre standing in line at the post office to send off that annual tax return.

Were told, of course, that in a Democracy were supposed to express our opinions at the voting booth; if politicians dont do what wed like, we fire them and replace them with a new batch.

President Obama used to say frequently, Dont Boo. Vote.

Thats a catchy phrase for sure. But the reality is that voting i...

The Best Vegetables LewRockwell

By Dr. Mercola

Research has shown that the more vegetables you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease, with different types of vegetables protecting your heart through different mechanisms. Leafy greens, for example, have high amounts of nitrates that naturally boost your nitric oxide (NO) level.1 Cruciferous veggies, on the other hand, lower your risk of stroke and heart attack by promoting more supple neck arteries and preventing the buildup of arterial plaque.

In fermented cabbage, its the fiber content that helps lower blood pressure and improve blood sugar control, thereby lowering your risk of heart problems. Phytonutrients in sauerkraut also help promote easy blood flow and flexible blood vessels, and veggies rich in magnesium and quercetin also provide important heart benefits. Following is a summary of some of the top vegetable types for maintaining healthy heart function well into old age.

Nitrate-Rich Veggies Boost Heart Health and Lower Risk of Heart Attack

NO is an important biological signaling molecule that supports normal endothelial function and protects your mitochondria. A potent vasodilator, it also helps relax and widen your blood vessels, which improves blood flow. A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,2 which followed nearly 1,230 seniors for 15 years, found that the higher an individuals vegetable nitrate intake, the lower their risk for atherosclerotic vascular disease (ASVD) and all-cause mortality.

According to the authors, These results support the concept that nitrate-rich vegetables may reduce the risk of age-related ASVD mortality. Research3 has also shown a diet high in vegetable nitrates helps prevent and treat prehypertension and hypertension (high blood pressure), and protects against heart attacks, courtesy of their NO-boosting power.

Vegetable nitrates should not be confused with the nitrates found in processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, ham and other cured meats. Dietary nitrates can convert into either NO or nitrosamines, the latter of which are carcinogenic and should be avoided as much as possible....


Is It News To Anyone That Trump Is Unfit To Be President? Anyone?? DownWithTyranny!

Here's the transcript of Sunday night's 20/20 interview by George Stephanopoulos of Jim Comey. As you know, Comeys much-anticipated book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, came out today. Shall I break it down to one sentence? "A person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like theyre pieces of meat, who lies constantly about matters big and small and insists the American people believe it, that persons not fit to be president of the United States, on moral grounds."

When Stephanopoulos asked him if he thinks Trump is unfit to be president, Comey answered "Yes... But not in the way I often hear people talk about it. I don't buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia. He strikes me as a person of above-average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on. I don't think he's medically unfit to be president. I think he's morally unfit to be president."

This morning Kellyanne Conway was on Good Morning America defending the indefensible, which is, after all, her job. She lied her way through the whole interview, mostly just calling Comey names. Trumpanzee and his Regime are on the warpath to discredit Comey even accusing him (and the FBI) of "many crimes." Hogan Gidley, a deputy White House press secretary was dispatched to Fox & Friends, scripted to tell the Trumpanzee base that "James Comey is a disgraced, disgruntled, discredited individual, fired from the FBI for lying and leaking, to completely go against everything he was put in power to do. Only in Washington, D.C., could a proven admitted liar and leaker be paraded around town as though he were the paragon of virtue. Its quite frankly disgusting."


Joe diGenova Discusses James Comey, Scooter Libby and Trey Gowdy The Last Refuge

Interesting radio interview earlier this morning with Joe diGenova on WMAL.  Mr. diGenova discusses his review of the James Comey interview and at 12:30 of the audio he enlarges the discussion of Scooter Libby with an interesting perspective of Trey Continue reading


WATCH=> GOP Lawmaker DESTROYS Comey, Hillary and McCabe From House Floor as He Lays Out Case For Second Special Counsel The Gateway Pundit

Earlier, Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) announced he would be leading a Special Order on the House Floor Monday night detailing a case for a second Special Counsel to be appointed to investigate Obamas FISA abuse.

Zeldin also wants to know how/why the Clinton probe ended and how/why the Trump-Russia investigation began.

GOP lawmaker Lee Zeldin went off on Hillary Clinton, Comey and McCabe Monday evening.

The DOJ and FBI used Hillarys phony dossier to spy on Trump yet we have a the same corrupt actors leading an investigation into the victim, Donald Trump.

Zeldin says the Trump-Russia probe began simply because Donald Trump won the election.

This video is a must watch. Zeldin puts everything out there for the public to see.

Zeldin even calls out the Uranium One scandal.


In late February, Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) sent a letter to AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions urging him appoint a Special Counsel to investigate FISA abuses and how/why Hillarys probe ended and Trumps Russia probe began.

The letter reads (partial transcript):

As you know, evidence has come to light that raises serious concerns about decisions and activities by leadership at the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI regarding how and why the Clinton probe ended and how and why the Trump Russia probe began. Additionally, important questions have been raised with regards to FISA warrants targeting U.S. citizen Carter Page. We write you to urge you today to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate these decisions and activities.

Initially 13 GOP Reps total signed Zeldins letter.

In late March, Rep Lee Zeldin announced House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and GOP House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy both signed his letter demanding a second special counsel.

AG Sessions appointed a special prosecutor named John Huber to investigate Obamas FISA abuse.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was first appointed to his position by Barack Obama in 2015.

Rep. Lee Zeldin is correct. We need a second Special...


No-Fly Zone bensozia

She fears something but can't say what.
She goes in reverse, mopping up her own tracks.
When she sleeps, it's always the same foggy night.

The dead have stopped knocking. No answer.
Their big cars hover along her block, engines
Idling, woofers pumping that relentless bass

Into the bones of her house. All night they pass
Bottles cinched in bags back and forth
Through open windows.

I want to wake her. Drag her by the gown
Down into the street where her parents
Are alive again, laughing like stoned teenagers

At some idiot joke. Look, I want to say,
The worst thing you can imagine has already
Zipped up its coat and is heading back
Up the road to wherever it came from.

Tracy K. Smith


Joe DiGenova on Comey: Single-Handedly Destroyed the FBI He Has to be Be Charged with Crimes and for Lying to Congress (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to discuss fired FBI Director James Comeys big Sunday night interview on ABC News.

DiGenova credited Comey with single-handedly destroying the esteemed Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Joe DiGenova: Americas dirty cop has destroyed the integrity, the reputation and the legitimacy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation single-handedly by his outrageous performance last night on ABC. It is inconceivable to me that anyone can now think that he performed a legitimate law enforcement function during the investigation of Hillary Clinton. And it is quite obvious that the dossier was a fake document. That it was absolutely purposely used illegitimately by senior officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice. Mr. Comey lied repeatedly last night. And regrettably, he lied to the FISA Court. He encouraged others to lie to the FISA Court. And regrettably, I think Mr. Comey has to be charged with crimes for falsely presenting information to a FISA Court and for apparently lying regularly to Congress.

Via Hannity:

The post Joe DiGenova on Comey: Single-Handedly Destroyed the FBI He Has to be Be Charged with Crimes and for Lying to Congress (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Democratic Senator Calls Out Party And Pelosi For Fundraising Off Fake News Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: A Democratic senator called out the national party for a fundraising with the misleading subject line special counsel Robert Mueller was about to be fired. Im so furious I can barely write this email, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising e-mail purportedly from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday. While the []


Ingrahams Viewership Increases 20 Percent Since David Hoggs Boycott Weasel Zippers

Via Free Beacon: Fox News host Laura Ingrahams viewership has gone up by 20 percent since gun control activist David Hogg initiated a boycott of her advertisers late last month. Hogg went after Ingraham Angle advertisers on March 29, and that week Ingrahams ratings had averaged about 2.23 million, but last week she returned from []


Little boy with cerebral palsy recites Pledge of Allegiance Fellowship of the Minds

NFL players refuse to honor the Pledge of Allegiance, but a little boy with cerebral palsy does. FoxNews reports 5-year-old Jake Garza was born prematurely and has faced many health obstacles throughout his lifetime, including cerebral palsy a neurological disorder Continue reading


George Soros Judge Demands All Cohen Records Placed In Federal, Searchable, Database The Last Refuge

The Federal Judge, Kimba Wood, who is making decisions in the case against President Trumps attorney Michael Cohen, is the same person who officiated George Soros wedding. Go figure. Today Judge Kimba Wood demanded, in open court, that attorney Michael Continue reading


The Toxicity Of Donald Trump: One Of The GOP's Biggest Contributors Is Now Giving To Democrats DownWithTyranny!

Joe Ricketts' Ending Spending Fund was founded to help candidates with the primitive idea that federal budgets need to be "balanced," basically so that government could not engage in doing any good for citizens or for society at large. Spending creates national wealth, something conservative nincompoops like the Ricketts family refuses to understand. His PAC spent $804,319 attacking Bernie Sanders as well as millions in ads supporting reactionary losers Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Joe Heck (R-NV), Josh Mandel (R-OH), Richard Moudock (R-IN), Art Robinson (R-OR)-- the Mercer urine guru-- and Terri Lynn (R-MI). Their biggest expenditure was in 2012 when they spent about $10 million opposing Obama and supporting Romney. One of their big donors was Seth Klarman, who put $850,000 into the PAC.

That wasn't even Klarman's biggest contribution to right wing politics. He put $3,750,000 into the GOP SuperPAC, American Unity, which supported a long list of Republican losers like Judy Biggert (IL), Andrew Roraback (CT) Linda McMahon (CT), Nan Hayworth (NY), Richard Tisei (MA), Monica Wehby (OR), and Dan Innis (NH). They spent large sums attacking Zephyr Teachout (NY), Tammy Duckworth (IL), Bill Foster (IL), and Raul Ruiz (CA). Klarman spent another $500,000 on the Marco Rubio SuperPAC, Conservative Solutions, and hundreds of thousands more on right wing candidates, state committees and PACs. Like Paul Ryan, over and over and over. (So he didn't know?)

When he gave to Democrats, it was generally conservative Democrats like Joe Lieberman (CT), Kyrsten Sinema (Blue Dog-AZ), Adam Schiff (New Dem-CA), Doug Jones (AL), Stephanie Murphy, (Blue Dog-FL) Mark Warner (VA) and Steve Israel (Blue Dog-NY), as well as, more recently, to the DCCC itself.

Yesterday, Annie Lindskey, reporting for the Boston Globe wrote that Klarman is disappointed with the GOP and...


New York Times, WaPo Share Pulitzer For Unearthing Possible Ties Between Trump And Russia Weasel Zippers

They are literally getting awards now for reporting fake news and things that dont exist Via Twitchy: The winners of the Pulitzer Prize were announced Monday, so you can believe theres a lot of media coverage about who won what and a lot of self-congratulation on Twitter. The New York Times announced in a tweet []


California Rejects Federal Plan For National Guard Duties At The Border Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: California has rejected a preliminary federal plan for the states National Guard troops deployed to the border because it entails too much support for immigration enforcement, according to U.S. officials. Gov. Jerry Brown surprised many in California April 11 when he authorized 400 National Guard troops to join the 250 already assigned []


Federal Judge Who Rejected Trumps Request For a Restraining Order Over Materials Seized in FBI Raid Officiated George Soros Wedding The Gateway Pundit

Kimba Wood, the federal judge overseeing the Cohen-Trump case rejected Trumps request for a temporary restraining order on materials seized after KGB FBI agents raided Cohens properties. 

FBI agents raided Cohens home and office looking for dirt on Stormy Daniels and seized attorney-client privileged communications between Trump and Cohen.

On Friday, President Trump was officially granted intervention in the Cohen case.

Late Sunday night, President Trump opposed allowing the government to review materials seized by FBI KBG agents in their raid of Michael Cohens properties in a court filing.

Federal Judge Kimba Wood made her decision on Monday.

She rejected Trumps request for a temporary restraining order.

ABC reported:

A federal judge rejected a request from President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for a temporary restraining order that would have kept federal prosecutors from reading files seized in raids last week.

Judge Kimba Wood said a government taint team can weed out privileged documents, but she left open the possibility an independent third party could play a role at a later time, in the interest of the perception of fairness.

I have faith in the Southern District prosecutors, that their integrity is unimpeachable, Wood said.

Her ruling came at the end of a hearing attended by Cohen and Stormy Daniels, who sat feet apart but did not appear to interact.

Hows this for a fun fact? The same federal judge who just rejected Trumps request for a temporary restraining order, officiated George Soros wedding in 2013.

It was a very intimate ceremony with only close family members in attendance.

Kimba Wood almost became the first female Attorney General during the Clinton administration in the early 90s.

Hillary Clinton hand-picked Kimba Wood to be on her list of nominees for Bill Clintons...


Dangers of Bushfires-Wildfires & Nuclear Business Mining Awareness +

Mining Awareness +

Bushfire Safety and Survival for Businesses and Organisations. Dear Customers from p. 19
From Bushfire Safety and Survival for Businesses and Organisations, p. 19:
Bushfires in Australia are frequent events during the hotter months of the year, due to Australias mostly hot, dry climate. Each year, such fires impact extensive areas
Radiant Heat Kills from a Distance 50% Don't know in Bushfire area
See more here:

According to the South Australia Country Fire Service, nearly 1/2 of people living in bushfire prone areas dont understand the threat. This is apparently true of those proposing adding nuclear anything in Australia. For, in such a context, the risks of nuclear anything are clearly even higher than average. And, the solar potential in Australia is higher than average. The choice should be clear.


FIGURES: Washington Post Wins Pulitzer for #FakeNews Russia Collusion Click-bait Garbage Can Reporting The Gateway Pundit

The Washington Post had quite a year publishing fake news after fake news on the pretend Russian Collusion crap sandwich.

In May 2017 WaPo ran a series of garbage reports on Russia For this they were given a Pulitzer?

The Washington Post got punked  in May when they posted a joke about Putin and Trump and ran it as a legitimate news report!

The DC paper has published screaming headline after headline that turn out to be complete trash.
Even the National Enquirer would be red-faced after at this point.

Its as if the WaPo will print anything for clicks.
Theyve become a click-bait site.

What a disgrace.

Here are the four completely inaccurate reports published by the Trump-bashing Washington Post last year.

1.) The Washington Post was completely off in their fake news reports on Comey asking for more funds to investigate Trump before he was fired.

The Washington Post reported that former FBI Director James Comey sought more resources for his Russia probe just days before he was fired by President Trump.

Too bad the story was complete garbage.

The Department of Justice refuted the report Wednesday saying Comey DID NOT ask Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein for more resourses for the Russian conspiracy probe.

2.) The Washington Post was wrong about Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threat...



James Comey compares President Trump to a mobster, and Brian Beutler thinks it's an apt comparison.

I sat there thinking, Holy crap, they are trying to make each of us amica nostrafriend of ours. To draw us in, Comey writes. As crazy as it sounds, I suddenly had the feeling that, in the blink of an eye, the president-elect was trying to make us all part of the same family and that Team Trump had made it a thing of ours.

... Comeys epiphany is timely. Trumps political method mixes mass tribalism with the kind of mob-like conscription of notionally ethical elite individuals that Comey describes in his book. He used this method to co-opt and compromise Republicans in Congress during the election, and has used it as president to avoid congressional oversight and to discredit law enforcement officers investigating him. Those who resist his recruitment efforts, like Comey and a handful of elected GOP officials, get fired, or attacked, or driven out of political life.
I'd say that Trump isn't exactly like a mobster -- mobsters compel loyalty by threatening physical violence, not loss of tribal membership. Trump won't have that anonymous congressman killed if he starts denouncing Trump publicly the way he did privately to Erick Erickson -- he'll just see to it that the GOP electorate withdraws its support and ruins the congressman's career, with a lot of help from the right-wing media.

Beutler believes that Trump could terrorize major figures in D.C. for years to come.
And with the rule of law closing in on him from multiple directions now, he will use the same method in an attempt to save his presidency, even if it means permanently corrupting the political system of the United States....

What we know to a near certainty is that as the heat increases, Trump will try to enlist more and more people into this thing of his as his only means of political survivaland perhaps as his only means of sparing those friends of his from justice.

He will extort support from the ranks of Republican officialdom, which may already be too tainted by allegiance to Trump to credibly sever ties with its criminal leader.

Most corrosively, he will conscript more and more of his supporters into the ethical netherworld of Trumpism, convincing millions of Americans to scoff at ethics and law, and serve instead as a human-political shield around him, so that he cant be removed from office. This process would serve to normalize his gangster ethic across large swaths of the country, among a radicalized pro-Trump cohort that will be around to poison civic life in America long aft...


Trey Gowdy Requests IG Horowitz Appearance Before House Oversight Committee May 8th, 2018 The Last Refuge

House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy has requested the appearance of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz on May 8th, 2018: (Committee Link pdf LINK HERE) Hopefully, this is not cause for alarm.  However, given the history Continue reading


Comey: Possible But Unlikely That Trump Is Compromised By Russia Weasel Zippers

Its also possible that Comey isnt an egomaniac. Oh wait, no, it isnt. Via Daily Caller: Former FBI Director James Comey says it is possible though unlikely that President Donald Trump has been compromised by the Russian government. Comey provided the assessment in an interview with ABC News George Stephanopoulos that aired Sunday night. Do []


Hillary pedophile-cannibal video is said to have been leaked to Dark Web Fellowship of the Minds

The Alternative Media is abuzz with chatter that the long-rumored Hillary Clinton pedophile-cannibal video has been leaked on the Dark Web. Note: The dark web is that part of the World Wide Web (www) which is encrypted and requires special Continue reading


OAN Reporter in Syria Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Douma The Gateway Pundit

Pearson Sharp of One America News obtained exclusive access to where the chemical attack was alleged to take place in Douma and is reporting and that after interviewing dozens of people, the consensus by residents is that the incident was staged by the rebels to help them escape.

The stunning on the ground report asserts that they spoke with approximately ten residents about a block away from where the attack was said to have happened and not a single person heard anything that day.

Additionally, the crew visited a rebel headquarters that had been held by Jaish al-Islam until recently.

I got to go down and I explored some of the tunnels in the area. I walked through some of the rooms where they were making weapons weapons manufacturing. There were entire rooms filled with mortars and they were stacked from floor to ceiling. Its shocking to see how much weaponry the terrorists had piled up in that area, Pearson said.

Next, the investigative team went to a nearby square where what appeared to be a Syrian relief convoy was handing out necessities such as food, water and clothing. He estimated that the line to receive aid was at least a thousand people long. Pearson picked dozens of random people to speak to in the line.

I went up random people. I know that there is a lot of concern from people that the residents being interviewed are plants that they are Russian operatives or staged interviews, Pearson said. No one came up to us, and we interviewed probably 30 or 40 people throughout the town. Consistently not one person in the entire town, that we talked, to said that they had seen or heard anything about a chemical attack.

Many of those he spoke to claimed that they were very close by when the attack was said to have happened. One man that he spoke to asserted that he was within 50 meters of the site at the time and did not see any unusual activity.

All of them told me that it was staged by the rebels who were occupying the town at that time. They said that it was a fabrication, that it was a hoax, and when I asked them why they told me that it was because the rebels were desperate and they needed a ploy to help get the Syrian Army off their backs so that they could escape, Pearson reported.

Pearson repeatedly reiterated that this was not his opinion or propaganda, but rather what he was told by residents on the...


Dem Congressman Calls for Fox News to Fire Sean Hannity The Gateway Pundit

As the media continuously foams at the mouth screaming about how President Donald Trump is a threat to the media, a Democratic lawmaker is now directly calling for Fox News to fire Sean Hannity.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.)

During an appearance on CNN on Monday, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) called for Hannity to be fired for being represented by Michael Cohen and reporting on things that he does not like.

I think he is so into this like a pig in the mud he cant get out of it. And I think he deserves to be fired. His word can never again be trusted, Connolly said on CNN.

Connolly claimed during his attack on free press that Hannity having the same lawyer as Trump is a big stain on Hannity and Fox News.

The real issue however, seemed to be the fact that Hannity covers things and asks questions about issues that make Connolly uncomfortable. The congressman cited the fact that Hannity has repeatedly asked questions about the unsolved murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

Hannity tweeted that he has never formally been represented by Cohen in any legal proceedings or paid him any fees.


Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter.  I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees.  I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective, Hannity tweeted. I assumed those conversations were confidential, but to be absolutely clear they never involved any matter between me and a third-party.



Unauthorized DisclosureEpisode 12: U.S. Media Loves War More Than They Hate Trump Shadowproof

If you would like to support the show and help keep us going strong, please become a subscriber on our Patreon page.

President Donald Trump and the Pentagon once again launched strikes against Syria to send a message to President Bashar al-Assad after an alleged chemical attack. This is all the Trump administration planned, and a review of media coverage of the strikes reveals a press hungry for more war.

In this weeks episode, Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola address the madness around Syria and this latest round of military strikes.

What Ive learned is our news media loves war more than they hate Donald Trump, Khalek said. Most of their coverage is anti-Trump, but as soon it comes to Syria, Trump has to go to war in Syria and maybe go to war in Russia. In fact, if he wants to prove to us he is not a tool of the Kremlin, then he has to go to war in Syria.

On the insanity, she further comments on the Jaysh al-Islam militants in Douma, where the alleged chemical attack took place.

We have seen a pattern, where whenever insurgent groups are on the verge of defeat they try to do their best to provoke outside intervention.

Khalek and Gosztola use the weeks episode to offer a context for recent events in Syria that is virtually ignored by most U.S. media outlets. They simply do not cover the war as two-sided, with descriptions of the brutality of militias against Syrians appearing alongside allegations of war crimes against the Syrian government.

Several Democrats appeared to be livid when Trump launched strikes without coming to them for permission, even though they were openly supportive of launching missiles at Damascus to send a message.

It is unclear what the legal basis was for the strikes. Presuming it was the 2001 Authorized Use for Military Force (AUMF), this outdated document was abused by President Barack Obamas administration. The Trump administration twisted it to apply to U.S. military support for a war in Yemen. At no point, especially when Democrats had a majority, did the Democratic Party make this an important issue to resolve so war-making powers of the Executive Branch were restrained.

Gosztola argued it is the Democrats who bear the most responsibility because they decided not to put any constraints on Obama when he was president so were in this mess.

Later in the show, Gosztola and Khalek set their sights on a few media pundits and skewer their commentary on Syria.

Listen to the show.

[*Note: The episode was recorded in the morning on April 13, before Trump launched strikes. Nonetheless, most of the episode contains poi...


Gowdy: Comey Is Criticizing Trump Because He Got Fired. Weasel Zippers

.@TGowdySC: "The reason [@Comey] wrote his book is because he got fired, not because he thinks President @realDonaldTrump is untethered from the truth, not because President Trump's ties are too long, not because he thinks he wears tanning bed goggles. It's because he got fired." Fox News (@FoxNews) April 16, 2018


FEC Hit With Lawsuit Over Ignoring Civil Complaint Accusing Hillary, DNC in $84 Million Money Laundering Scheme The Gateway Pundit

According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Hillary Clintons camp and the DNC are being accused of using state chapters as strawmen to launder approximately $84 million in an effort to evade campaign donation limits and the Federal Election Commission ignored complaints exposing this corruption, Fox News reported.

This is the SECOND FEC complaint against Hillarys camp for finance violations, so wheres the FBI raid of Hillary Clinton and her lawyers?

Fox News reported:

The Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee formally known as Stop Hillary PAC, filed its complaint with the FEC in December 2017 with the claims that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) solicited cash from big-name donors, and allegedly sent that money through state chapters and back to the DNC before ending up with the Clinton campaign.

As first reported by Fox News at the time, the CDP alleges in its complaint that about $84 million was funneled illegally from the DNC through state party chapters and back into the war chest of the Clinton campaign. The political action committee claims that even though the FEC acknowledged receipt of the complaint and claimed that an investigation would be conducted, the needle has barely moved.

The Clinton machine has escaped accountability for its illegal practices for far too long, Ted Harvey, CDP chairman, said to Fox News. After months of review, the FEC has refused to address the Clintons $84 million money laundering scheme that violated several campaign finance laws.

CDP counsel Dan Backer points to a SCOTUS case that first recognized this exact practice as illegal.

CDP counsel Dan Backer said the scheme was a flagrant violation of a Supreme Court ruling that determined such moves were illegal and broke FEC campaign contribution rules which state that an individual can contribute only $2,700 directly to a presidential campaign.

[SCOTUS] first recognized these practices were illegal when it ruled in a 2014 case involving Shaun McCutcheon, a businessman and electrical engineer from suburban Birmingham, Ala., who created the Conservative Action Fund PAC. McCutcheon filed suit against the FEC challenging federal campaign contribution limits. It was Backer wh...


Ed Schultz: MSNBC Fired Me for Supporting Bernie Sanders, They Were in the Tank for Hillary Clinton Weasel Zippers

Via Free Beacon: Ex-MSNBC host Ed Schultz in a recent interview ripped his former network as in the tank for Hillary Clinton and suggested he was fired in 2015 because of his support for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). Schultz, who now anchors a show on RT, told National Reviews Jamie Weinstein in an an []


California Lawmakers Want To Limit Gun Raffles Benefitting Conservation Efforts Weasel Zippers

Raffles for carbon credits arent selling any tickets. Via The Resurgent: A newly-introduced bill in the California legislature would severely cripple conservation efforts in the Golden State if passed. AB 3199, which would amend how firearms are transferred, would limit gun raffles hosted by nonprofits to three a year under this proposed bill. Prominent wildlife []


Denial and Mass Hysteria: The Liberal Loses It by Arthur D. Robbins Dandelion Salad

by Arthur D. Robbins Writer, Dandelion Salad Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained April 16, 2018 If one had wanted to create a psychosocial experiment to study the liberal political mentality, one could not have come up with a better solution than to have Donald Trump follow Barack Obama as president of the United States: one a []


Soup-to-Nuts Smart Take on Big Picture of Inspector General Report of Andrew McCabe The Last Refuge

A very good overall review of the Office of Inspector General report into the conduct of former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is provided by Twitter writer NameRedacted7. CTH is sharing the extensive review below with some minor editorial adjustments to Continue reading


WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Sexual McCarthyism The Gateway Pundit

By Wayne Allyn Root

The Special Counselor is sex obsessed. You cant impeach a president over his private sex life. Having affairs isnt a crime. The American people dont care. The prosecutor is over-reaching. The American people elected our president based on his politics, not his personal life. They dont care about his sex life. This is Sexual McCarthyism. The special prosecutor is a sex pervert. He is jealous of the president. This is a political and sexual witch-hunt.

Yes, these charges all apply to Robert Mueller. But Ive heard all of this before. Every charge above came direct from the liberal playbook defending President Bill Clinton from the Ken Starr investigation. I was there. Im a witness. Every liberal friend and colleague I knew back in 1998 used these exact words. They all called Ken Starr a sex pervert and branded his investigation of Bill Clinton a sexual witch-hunt based on partisan politics.

But it wasnt just average everyday liberals who cried sex pervert. It was liberal celebrities and high-profile Democrat politicians too. I know. I was a regular guest on Bill Mahers Politically Incorrect on ABC TV back in the late 1990s. I debated about the Bill Clinton-Ken Starr investigation nonstop. Liberal celebs called Ken Starr a sex pervert. They said he had no right to politicize our presidents sex life and make it into an impeachable crime.

But wait, it gets better. The Village Voice was New York Citys famous newspaper for the liberal gay community. Their headline in 1998 about the Ken Starr investigation was Sexual McCarthyism. So, liberals in 1998 compared an investigation into a presidents sex life by a special prosecutor, to the Senator McCarthy witch-hunt of the 1950s.

Now lets compare Bill Clintons sex scandal with President Trumps. Clintons scandal was the peoples business. It was worthy of an investigation. Clinton had sex while being paid by taxpayers, while in the White House. Clinton had sex with a White House intern, in the oval office. Then he lied about it under oath. He did commit crimes. Clintons sex with an intern would today be called sexual assault. The liberal feminist #metoo movement would demand impeachment. Ken Starrs investigation was certainly warranted.

Today Robert Mueller has turned an investigation of Russian Collusion that never happened into a sexual witch-hunt. This truly is Sexual McCarthyism. Mueller has even destroyed attorney-client privilege with a raid on Trumps lawyers office, home and hotel suite to investigate possible affairs with Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, and Tru...


Young People Sue Florida GOP Governor To Force Action On Climate Change Weasel Zippers

Shockingly, funded by an out-of-state group. Via The Hill: A group of young people on Monday sued Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to force him to take action on climate change. The group of eight young Florida residents represented by Oregon-based Our Childrens Trust sued Scott to demand that the state begin working on a court-ordered, []


FOX NEWS: Justice Department IG Horowitz Asked To Testify As Clinton Probe Report Looms The Gateway Pundit

Fox News reports that the month of May could be shaping up to be an important one for Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. 

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz expects his wide-ranging report on the FBI and DOJs handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe to be finished next month and has been asked to testify before the House oversight committee on May 8, according to letters reviewed by Fox News.

Horowitz addressed the timing in a letter to Senator Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

He wrote that the report, which began in January 2017 with bipartisan support, has been extended due to potentially important additional information and documents that recently came to our attention, and the interviews they have required us to conduct. Horowitz continued, my expectation is that we will issue our report in May, absent any new developments.

As reported by NBC News, the Inspector General found that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lacked candor on multiple occasions, violated the dept.s media policy and constituted misconduct.

Fox News has more:

The report, handed over to Congress on Friday and obtained by Fox News, looked at a leak to The Wall Street Journal about the FBIs probe into the Clinton Foundation. The report says McCabe misled investigators about leaks and did so in a way that di...


Biden Says Hes Still Considering 2020 Run Against Trump Weasel Zippers

Via Raw Story: Former Vice President Joe Biden said hes not ruling out a 2020 U.S. presidential bid against Donald Trump and will likely come to a decision by the end of the year. Speaking with MSNBC Sunday, the Delaware Democrat said hes still analyzing what other potential challengers the party may produce to face Trump []


Ryan Can't Save The GOP-- Can He Save His Own Political Future? DownWithTyranny!

Truth-telling counts for nothing at all in DC; it's all about working within a narrative, positioning, marketing. When he announced he was bailing, Paul Ryan looked into the camera and, as he so often does, lied. He said he's certain the Republicans would hold the House majority. Quite the contrary-- like most Republicans who have lost their facility for political thought, Ryan knows there is virtually no chance the Republicans won't be a shriveled minority in 2019.

And only Inside the Beltway are people still talking about a close election-- like 25 lost seats. one being in southeast Wisconsin. The Republicans have lost the independents. They can't win in swing districts; they can't even win in districts that lean Republican. All the savvy non-Beltway political pros are betting they'll lose between 50 and 75 seats. Some say 80. And the most daring say if the DCCC would just sit still and stop interfering, Democrats could take close to 100 seats.

Former NRCC chairman Tom Davis of Virginia is a straight shooter. He told Roll Call that Ryan's retirement is "reminiscent of the rats leaving the ship, you know? The model for Gingrich, the model for Hastert, is you run for re-election and then you resign because youre urging members to run and you run yourself. Paul has certainly earned the right to retire But as the team leader-- you dont want the captain leaving the ship." Immediately after Ryan announced he's leaving, Dennis Ross (R-FL) announced he was jumping ship as well.

Name a category of bribe givers to Congr...


BREAKING: Sean Hannity Responds After Deep State Alleges He Was Michael Cohens 3rd Client The Gateway Pundit

Sean Hannity responded to yet another attack from the Deep State Monday alleging he was Michael Cohens 3rd client.

The New York Post:

The mysterious third client of President Trumps embattled personal lawyer Michael Cohen was revealed Monday as Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Cohen was ordered to appear in court by Judge Kimba Wood and cough up Hannitys name as part of the investigation into $130,000 in hush money Cohen paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with Trump in 2006.

Cohen fought against having to reveal the confidential list all of three clients as part of a bid to block the feds from reviewing documents that could be protected under attorney-client privilege.

His lawyer Steve Ryan argued in vain that the unnamed third client is a publicly prominent individual who didnt want to be associated with the ongoing investigation into Cohens business dealings.

Sean Hannity said on his radio show Monday he has never retained Michael Cohen, never paid Cohen and Cohen has never represented him. He only asked Cohen for advice.

Sean Hannity sent out tweets as well addressing the Cohen drama.

Hannity tweeted: Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions a...


Palestinian TV: The Holocaust Is A Lie Perpetrated By Jews In Collusion With Hitler Weasel Zippers

Da Joooos! The Holocaust was a lie made real by Jews who colluded with Adolf Hitler in order to bring settlers to Palestine, a Palestinian political analyst has claimed. The incredible, untested assertion was made by Hani Abu Zeid the day before Israel marked its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day when the country pauses to remember []


GOP Lawmaker to Hold Special Order on House Floor Tonight Detailing Case For Second Special Counsel to Investigate Obamas FISA Abuse The Gateway Pundit

Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) just announced he will be leading a Special Order on the House Floor Monday night at 7 PM EST detailing a case for a second Special Counsel to be appointed to investigate Obamas FISA abuse.

Zeldin also wants to know how/why the Clinton probe ended and how/why the Trump-Russia investigation began.

At the time of this publication, 5 Freedom Caucus members are confirmed speakers for Monday nights Special Order on the House floor.

Rep. Lee Zeldin tweeted: Tonight, sometime in 7PM hour, Ill be leading a Special Order on House Floor, joined by other Members, detailing case for a 2nd Special Counsel to be appointed re FISA Abuse, how/why Clinton probe ended & Trump-Russia probe began.

5 Freedom Caucus members will be joining Zeldin: Confirmed Speakers for tonights Special Order on House Floor detailing case for 2nd Special Counsel include @RepMarkMeadows @Jim_Jordan @RepMattGaetz @RepTenney & @replouiegohmert. Stay tuned for further updates & watch live sometime in 7PM hour


Syria - Pentagon Hides Attack Failure - 70+ Cruise Missiles Shot Down Moon of Alabama

The U.S. military seems to hide that its attack on Syria last Saturday largely failed. We checked the numbers and sources and said so in our weekly review published yesterday. This post is extending yesterday's analysis. The U.S. attack on...


Former FBI Assistant Director Rips James Comey Over Salacious ABC Interview The Gateway Pundit

Former FBI Assistant Director Ron Hosko isnt too happy with fired bureau Director James Comey. In an interview with the Daily Caller, Hosko lays out why he thinks the sit-down will end up making the job of current FBI Director Christopher Wray more difficult. 

Former FBI director James Comeys nearly five-hour interview with ABC News George Stephanopoulos is raising concerns among veteran members of the FBI, three veterans tell The Daily Caller.

Im troubled by the timing of the book and some of the content that has been reported because I think it diminishes him former assistant director of the FBI Ron Hosko tells TheDC. Hosko took particular exception with Comeys detailed description of President Donald Trumps appearance, including his likely use of tanning goggles, his hand size, and the length of his ties.

To me that kind of salacious commentary diminishes Jim Comey, raises more questions about his true desire here, Hosko continued. He added that Comey is a carrier of the FBI brand and is making the job of current FBI Director Wray much more difficult.

Director Wray would rather be answering questions on the FBIs current work, its mission, priorities, and challenges rather than having this rather cloud on his horizon, questions about Jim Comey. Hosko also warned that Comeys animus to the President displayed in the interview would stoke accusations that a deep state is attempting to undermine Trump and his administration.

As it turns out, Comeys own friend isnt impressed with the fired FBI Director, either.

In an interview with CNNs Ana Cabrera on Monday, Comey pal and former federal prosecutor Walter Mack, bashed A Higher Loyalty, over its salacious details.

MACK: I would say the first thought when I watched that last night was where was his staff? where wer...


Islam Critic Reports Threat By Muslim Fanatic To Facebook Gets Banned Weasel Zippers

Facebook has banned Frontpage Editor and Glazov Gang host Jamie Glazov for seven days. Jamies crime is posting/reporting on his Facebook page a physical threat that was made to him personally on his FB page by a member of the Religion of Peace. On Saturday, April 14, 2018, a certain Muhammad Irfan Ayoub started commenting []


McCabe, Hillary And The Steele Dossier: Excellent Questions ABCs George Stephanopoulos Failed To Ask James Comey The Gateway Pundit

On Monday, the Wall Street Journals Kimberley Strassel tweeted out a list of excellent questions that ABCs George Stephanopoulos failed to ask fired FBI Director James Comey during an interview that aired Sunday. 

A few questions @Comey should have been askedbut wasnt, began Strassel.

You repeatedly note the source of the dossier (Steele) was credible. Does the FBI routinely view as credible sources hired by political operatives? You say Steele had a track record but did fact he was now working for politicalsin an election yearnot concern you?

Did you know Mr. Steele had been hired by Fusion GPS? Did FBI do any due diligence on Fusion, and discover its long record of being hired to dirty the reputations of its clients political foes? If not, why not?


Only a Fool Believes U.S. on Syria Chemicals Black Agenda Report

Only a Fool Believes U.S. on Syria Chemicals

glen Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:32

Wed have to be complete morons to believe the scenario painted by the U.S. to justify its latest bombing of Syria, said Stephen Gowans, author of Washingtons Long War on Syria. Speaking on Phil Taylors CIUT radio program, Gowans said the entire western conversation on Syria is baseless. We implicitly assume they that they actually have chemical weapons. They dont having destroyed their stocks under international agreement in 2013-14.


Quase tudo o que voc sabe sobre a miditica operao que prendeu 159 milicianos est errado The Intercept

A polcia chegou na festa na madrugada de 7 de abril, quando a casa de shows estava lotada. Santa Cruz, Zona Oeste do Rio de Janeiro, de onde as milcias partiram, em meados dos anos 1990, para dominar a cidade e se tornar uma fora mais potente do que as histricas faces do trfico de drogas. Formadas por policiais, bombeiros, vigilantes, agentes penitencirios e militares, fora de servio ou ainda na ativa, elas dominam bairros inteiros e, alm de atuar no trfico, cobram tambm por servios como gs, luz, televiso a cabo, vans do transporte alternativo e proteo.

Na ao daquela madrugada, os agentes mataram quatro pessoas ainda do lado de fora da festa. Os tiros causaram pnico e correria. Ao entrar, mandaram todas as mulheres embora, ordenaram que os homens deitassem no cho, de bruos e sem camisa. Poucas horas depois, imagens de nibus cheios de jovens tranquilos e sem algemas j estavam nos jornais matinais de TV. Sem qualquer questionamento. A Polcia Civil acabou com a festa da milcia.  noite, foi destaque no Jornal Nacional. Sem investigao prpria, o programa decretou: Bandidos que fazem parte da principal milcia do Rio aproveitavam a noite em um stio, em Santa Cruz, na Zona Oeste da cidade.

O secretrio de Segurana Pblica do Rio, o general Richard Nunes, nomeado pela interveno militar federal, estava contente. Em uma entrevista coletiva, ele disse:

Essa uma semana muito exitosa para a segurana pblica do nosso estado. A interveno federal comea a apresentar resultados positivos. Foram diversas apreenses, diversas operaes bem sucedidas e essa, sem sombra de dvida, foi a mais exitosa.

difcil saber o que o general acredita ser exitoso. Fato que a maior operao contra as milcias j feita no Rio de Janeiro foi apenas mais um show para a televiso, como tem sido a interveno. A polcia no prendeu 159 milicianos. A polcia entrou em uma festa promovida por uma estao de rdio, com ingresso, anncio nas redes, pulseirinha e prendeu indiscriminadamente todos os homens que nela estavam.

O que menos h, entre os presos, so milicianos: talvez uma dzia, ainda no se sabe. Pior: h suspeitas de que o chefe de uma quadrilha estivesse no local. Se realmente estava, Wellington da Silva Brag...


California Backtracks: Refuses President Trumps Request To Deploy National Guard Along Border The Gateway Pundit

As previously reported by Gateway Pundit, California governor Jerry Brown initially agreed to President Trumps plan of deploying the National Guard along the swiss-cheese like border between California and Mexico which resulted in rare praise from the President on Twitter:

President Trump thanked Governor Jerry Brown for sending the National Guard to the California-Mexico border. Despite Gov. Brown agreeing to accept federal funds and add about 400 troops, Brown asserted that the deployed troops will only be used to support operations targeting transnational criminal gangs, human traffickers and illegal firearm and drug smugglers and not be used for enforcing federal immigration laws. Also in his statement, Gov Brown stated, This will not be a mission to build a new wall. It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life.

Well, it looks like what we speculated would happen did happen as legislators in the state have now refused the National Guards presence because it is considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement.

More Via ABC News10:

Troops will not be allowed to fix and repair vehicles, operate remotely-controlled surveillance cameras to report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol, operate radios and provide mission support, which can include clerical work, buying gas and handling payroll, the state reportedly told federal officials. State insiders with knowledge of the talks spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter. []

Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the governor, did not immediately answer detailed question about Californias rejection of specific guard duties.

Talks between U.S. and California officials about the duties the California troops would perform soured Friday and over the weekend after state authorities told federal officials that they would not participate in vehicle maintenance and the other jobs outlined for an initial phase across the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the U.S. officials said. The other border-state governors all Republicans have openly embraced Trumps plans.

The states position infuriated some fe...


Winnie Mandela the Tallest of All Black Agenda Report

Winnie Mandela the Tallest of All

glen Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:29

South African freedom fighter Winnie Mandela, who passed away this month at age 81, will outlive in her glory and marvel many of the presidents weve had since 1994, said Ronnie Kasrils, the former chief of intelligence of both the African National Congress and the post-apartheid South African government. She will outlive all of the leaders, barring Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani. Kasrils spoke on The Real News Network.


Protesters Pack Into Philadelphia Starbucks For Second Day, Chant Store Is Anti-Black Weasel Zippers

Update to this story. Via Fox News: Protesters on Monday packed a Philadelphia Starbucks the site where two black men were arrested after store employees called police to say they were trespassing, sparking a days-long controversy. More than two dozen protesters crowded the store and chanted Starbucks coffee is anti-black. This is what systemic []


WWIII: Putin Warns That Future Strikes In Syria Will Result In Global Chaos The Gateway Pundit

After a chaotic weekend that began with President Trump authorizing a strike on Syria after Bashar al-Assads alleged use of chemical weapons, President Putin warned Monday warned that further would result in global chaos and put a significant nail in the coffin of international relations.

Putin admonished the Western nations that took part in the US-lead Syria strike during a telephone call alongside Hassan Rouhani. A subsequent statement by the Kremlin read, Vladimir Putin, in particular, stressed that if such actions committed in violation of the U.N. Charter continue, then it will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations.

More Via NewsHub:

The bombings, hailed by US President Donald Trump as a success but denounced by Damascus and its allies as an act of aggression, marked the biggest intervention by Western countries against Assad and ally Russia.

Mr Putins comments were published shortly after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov struck a more conciliatory note by saying Moscow would make every effort to improve political relations with the West.

When asked whether Russia was prepared to work with the proposals of Western countries at the UN, Ryabkov told TASS news agency: Now the political situation is extremely tense, the atmosphere is extremely electrified, so I will not make any predictions.

We will work calmly, methodically and professionally, using all opportunities to remove the situation from its current extremely dangerous political peak.

Russian foreign ministry official Vladimir Ermakov said Washington would want to maintain a dialogue with Moscow about strategic stability after the raids, Russian media reported.

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President Trump Attends Business and Economic Roundtable in Miami, Florida (Video) The Last Refuge

Earlier today President Trump attended a business and economic growth roundtable discussion in Miami Florida.  The forum discussion was focused on the administration policy for economic growth. . President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are expected to meet Continue reading


Confront the Black Misleader Class at the Polls Black Agenda Report

Confront the Black Misleader Class at the Polls

glen Tue, 04/17/2018 - 00:13

Black radical candidates must always keep politics in command, when challenging the misleadership class for the hearts and minds of the Black community. That was one of the themes of the Black Is Back Coalitions Electoral School, convened in St. Louis, Missouri, last week. Listen to nine speakers address the broadest range of issues -- always with the focus on Black self-determination.


VIDEO=> HUNDREDS From Honduran Caravan Board Beast Freight Train North to US Border The Gateway Pundit

Despite claims from Mexico that the country stopped the so-called Honduran Caravan run by Pueblos sin Fronteras, hundreds of the group were seen boarding The Beast train in central Mexico headed for the United States.

The caravan is about two days from the US border.

The poor women and children are working their way to the US border.

CNN reported:

A stampede of Central American migrants rushed to the tracks Saturday when the first whistle of the train rang out.

After a few days in Mexico City, it was time to continue their journey north to the US border. About 500 migrants traveling in a caravan climbed onto the freight train just outside the Mexican city of Tultitln.

They were about 1,500 miles south of the US-Mexico border as they started heading northwest to the city of Celaya.

As the train slowed down, migrants scrambled around the train cars to find a way to climb aboard, throwing small bags of belongings onto the train and hastily helping one another.

Police and guards watched from a few feet away. Some took photos. None took action to stop the migrants as they climbed the train.

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The result of strict gun control in the UK: One machete crime every 90 minutes on Britains streets Fellowship of the Minds

Paging Piers Morgan From Daily Mail: Machete attacks are taking place every 90 minutes on our streets, figures reveal. Criminals are increasingly picking the jungle blades as their weapons of choice to instill terror in victims and rival gang members. Continue reading


Prosecutors Invoke Union Membership To Criminalize Inauguration Day Protesters Shadowproof

In prosecutions against Inauguration Day protesters, the government contends some of the defendants union memberships qualify as evidence of a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters converged for the Inauguration Day protests in 2017. One of the demonstrations, an anti-capitalist and anti-fascist march dubbed Disrupt J20, commenced in Logan Circle before heading out into the streets. Protesters marched in the streets carrying banners and signs, and chanting against Donald Trump. During the march, a handful protesters broke off from the main group and smashed the windows of a few store fronts, including a Starbucks.

Police, who monitored people involved in the protest for months before the demonstration, responded indiscriminately with stingball grenades and a deluge of pepper spray. Over 200 people were kettled, including protesters, journalists, legal observers, and street medics.

The first of nearly two-dozen trials over property allegedly damaged during the protests started in November last year, ending in sweeping acquittals for six defendants just before Christmas. After acquittals that month, the government dropped charges for all but 59 of the defendants.

The governments communications to the press state the logic behind this decision: To focus on the core group that we believe is most responsible. Yet in all of the governments proceedings in what is known as the J20 trials, Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff admitted she has already identified at least 12 individuals she thinks broke windows at the protest.

For the rest of the defendants, the government invoked Washington D.C.s Riot Act, a law that was used against demonstrators who protested following the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. The law has not been used against protesters in D.C. since those demonstrations.

So why do so many individuals still face trial?

Theyve offered no real context or reasoning, said one defendant in an interview for VICE. All of the arrestees have had their phones confiscated, and their messages and emails scrutinized by the prosecution. The only common element between some of them is their union membership with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), whose members are commonly called Wobblies.

Isaac Dalto, a Wobbly and J20 defendant, talked to Shadowproof about the case against him and his fellow workers in the union.

The IWW organizes units across the country called General Defense Committees, whose stated objectives are to promote, through organization, action, and outreach, a mass, non-sectarian defense of the [working] class. Dalto said he was involved with his local General Defense Committee (GDC) a...


Pelosi Claims Trump Fired Mueller In Blatantly Dishonest Email To Donors Weasel Zippers

Pelosi banking on the stupidity of the Dem base. Via Fox News: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is fundraising off the firing of our only hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but one problem: Mueller has not been fired. The California Democrat sent out an email last week titled Mueller FIRED and asked people to donate []


TOM FITTON: Comey Says HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Hillary Emails Were Found on Weiner Laptop Judicial Watch Was told Only 72,000 The Gateway Pundit

Fired FBI Director James Comey held his first interview on ABC Sunday night promoting his new book, A Higher Loyalty.

Not one hardball was thrown at Comey, naturally since Stephanopoulos is a long time Democrat operative and Clinton sycophant.

Comey just doesnt know when to shut up.

James Comey told Stephanopoulos in a Sunday evening interview there were hundreds of thousands of Hillarys emails found on Weiners laptop.

Transcript via ABC:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: At the same time, the Hillary Clinton email investigation comes back. When did you first know you were going to have to deal with this again?

JAMES COMEY: Really, October 27th. Somebody earlier in October, the b in the beginning of October sometime, mentioned to me that there may be a connection between emails found on Anthony Weiners laptop and the Clinton email investigation. I dont remember.


JAMES COMEY: I think it was Andy McCabe, but Im not certain. I didnt store that in any prominent place in my brain cause how could that possibly be true?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But how could that not be something you remember?

JAMES COMEY: Thats a great question. I think the answer is because how could that possibly be true? How could there be a connection between Anthony Weiners laptop and Hillary Clintons emails? And so I think it was sort of a passing comment to me, and Im sure I stored it away thinking, Okay, well, that doesnt make any sense, but Im sure theyll tell me if it does. And they did. They c

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Its l its led your critics to say that the FBI, for several weeks, sat on the knowledge that they had several thousand Hillary Clinton emails.

JAMES COMEY: Yeah, more than several thousand, hundreds

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of thousands.

JAMES COMEY: -of thousands on Anthony Weiners laptop. And I dont know the answer to that criticism. I dont know whether the Bureau team could have moved fas...


What A Self-Centered Jacka**: FBI Insiders Are Savaging James Comeys Interview With ABC The Gateway Pundit

James Comey, call your former office or better yet, dont because some of your ex-colleagues may want to have a word with you. A new report says several FBI insiders are none too pleased with the fired bureau Directors interview on ABC. 

Real Clear Life reports:

Former FBI director James Comeys interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on ABC on Sunday night has angered Comeys former agents, according to The Daily Beast. Seven current or former FBI agents and officials spoke with Daily Beast during and after the interview aired.

Hoover is spinning in his grave, said one former FBI official. Making money from total failure.

Between segments, a promo aired about Comeys upcoming interview with The View. One official didnt like this, texting the Daily Beast, Good lord, what a self-serving self-centered jackass. True to form he thinks hes the smartest guy around.

One longtime Comey source, a current FBI agent, started off sending multiple thumbs up emojis at the beginning of the interview, but then sent a frowny face, a nauseous emoji and a poop emoji.

As it turns out, Comeys own friend isnt impressed with the fired FBI Director, either.

In an interview with CNNs Ana Cabrera on Monday, Comey pal and former federal prosecutor Walter Mack, bashed A Higher Loyalty, over its salacious details.

MACK: I would say the first thought when I watched that last night was where was his staff? where were those around him with comparable experience to overcome whatever beaten down views he had? Because at least my experiences that when you feel beaten down, your decision-making is impacted and thats when you need people around you to get you to think a little bit about your situation and what youre supposed to do about it.

CABRERA: As we understand, this was a five-hour interview that ABC condensed to one-hour and there was so much in it. They did release the full transcript. Did you hear anything or learn anything that surprised you?

MACK: Most people, such as Jim and me and others with that experience are very relucta...


Comey Rips Obama For Comments On Clinton Case: He Jeopardized DOJ Weasel Zippers

But Obama, so media didnt have an issue with it. Via Fox News: Ousted FBI Director James Comey, in his forthcoming book and a tell-all interview promoting it, ripped former President Barack Obama for comments made during the bureaus investigation into Hillary Clintons private email server, suggesting he jeopardized the Justice Departments credibility. In his []


Clinton, DNC Funneled $84M Through State Parties To Skirt Campaign Finance Laws Weasel Zippers

Once again, the evidence is ample that Democrats and the Clintons broke the law but no one is raiding their offices or bothering to prosecute them. Via Fox News: The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee allegedly used state chapters as strawmen to launder as much as $84 million in an effort to []


James Comeys Own Friend Says A Higher Loyalty Book Damages His Reputation And Credibility (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In an interview with CNNs Ana Cabrera on Monday, James Comeys own friend, former federal prosecutor Walter Mack, bashed A Higher Loyalty, over its salacious details. 

MACK: I would say the first thought when I watched that last night was where was his staff? where were those around him with comparable experience to overcome whatever beaten down views he had? Because at least my experiences that when you feel beaten down, your decision-making is impacted and thats when you need people around you to get you to think a little bit about where your situation and what youre supposed to do about it.

CABRERA: As we understand, this was a five-hour interview that ABC condensed to one-hour and there was so much in it. They did release the full transcript. Did you hear anything or learn anything that surprised you?

MACK: Most people, such as Jim and me and others with that experience are very reluctant to be in produced pieces and interviews. When I saw how edited the interview was, and in many ways I was wondering whether he was making the right decision to be interviewed outside of the legal process which he is part of right now..

CABRERA: He put himself out clearly, but then he, in his book and some of his comments that hes made on air, commenting on orange skins and small hands, if he wanted the focus to be on what he sees as a serious threat to the office of the presidency, why go there? Why talk about the presidents appearance?

MACK: Im not going to justify that, myself. The only time I talk to the press is in the courtroom and that is when Im explaining myself either to a professional and I think you run the risk lowering your platform by interacting and going at all personal. He may regret it. I hope his advisors Im not one of them have considered that in terms of how he conducts himself last night and in the ensuing times. Whether going on book tours and interacting and perhaps lowering his own credibility in order to deal with whats coming his way, Im not sure it enhances his reputation.

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Comey: Dont Know If Steele Dossier Is A Credible Document Weasel Zippers

So then how did you personally go before the FISA Court and use it justify getting a warrant to spy on Carter page? You have to state in that process that you believe the information to be reliable. Via Daily Caller: Former FBI Director James Comey says he is unsure whether the infamous Steele dossier []


The Latest Numbers on the Anglo-Saxon Migration to Britain bensozia

Recent studies of DNA from early medieval skeletons provide a new estimate of what portion of the English genome derives from Anglo-Saxon invaders:

Our research concluded that migrants during whats now thought of as the Anglo-Saxon period were most closely related to the modern Dutch and Danishand that the modern East English population derived 38 percent of its ancestry from these incomers. The rest of Britain, including todays Scottish and Welsh, share 30 percent of their DNA with these migrants.
That's a quite high percentage as these things go; the people of Turkey are genetically only about 10 percent Turkish. So the new result confirms significant migration into post-Roman Britain.

The data also show mixing of immigrant and native populations within a few decades of arrival.

Equally interesting is the spread of the migrants: according to this data, lowland Scotland and south Wales both have about the same percentage of Anglo-Saxon genes as Sussex or the Midlands. I have encountered several Scots online who hate this, but there is a reason most Scots speak English and already did by the time of Edward I.


Poll: Support Slips For Democratic-Controlled Congress Weasel Zippers

Their poll about Trump deviates from others that show his support has actually gone up and been consistently over 40%. Conclusion? Everyone better crash the boards against Democrats in November. Via The Hill: Support for a Democratic-controlled Congress appears to be slipping months ahead of Novembers midterm elections, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street []


HUGE! MAJOR SCANDAL UNCOVERED=> Internet Sleuths Put Together Bombshell Hidden in Fridays DOJ IG Report Involving Weiner Emails The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The DOJ IGs report released on Friday was a bombshell. Now we know hidden in it were pieces of information that when put into context with information released at that time indicate unimaginable corruption!

The DOJ IGs report related to the many lies made by former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here We reported on Friday our summary of the report. One key item that was included in the IGs report was related to Anthony Weiners emails.

We stated

The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiners laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016.  The emails were the suspected cause for Comeys email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened.  However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time.  [The Weiner emails may be what the Democrats are most fearful of being released to the public.]

Some Internet sleuths have put together some astounding implications from Fridays report when put in context with events at the time and Weiners emails.


Anthony Weiner was sentenced to nearly 2 years in prison in September 2017 for sexting minors.  The pervert was Democrat Senator Chuck Schumers protg and is married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clin...


How the Obama Justice Department Tried To Shut Down FBI Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation Weasel Zippers

And wheres the investigation for this? Via Daily Caller: The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the lack of candor by FBI deputy Director Andrew McCabe also documents for the first time the Obama administrations effort to shut down the bureaus investigation of the Clinton Foundation, according to a review of the report by []


PRESIDENT TRUMP Scores 51% Approval Rating 4 Points Higher Than Obama at Same Time in 2010 The Gateway Pundit


Despite constant attacks by the liberal media President Trump now holds a 51% approval rating according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

A recent study found that 90% of the left-wing media coverage of President Trump was negative in 2017.

Barack Obama had a 47% approval rating on April 16, 2010 despite having around 90% favorability from the liberal media.

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GOP Lawmaker: Rod Rosenstein Possibly Under Investigation For Supervising Uranium-One Deal (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

During an interview with the Fox Business Network, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) raised the possibility that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is under investigation for his role in the Uranium-One scandal. 

Gohmert: Rosenstein could very well be under investigation. There is a full investigation into Uranium-One, which he supervised, which he soft-peddled to allow Hillary to get her colleagues to approve the sale of uranium to Russia through Uranium-One. So, I have no problem with impeaching Rosenstein. He is a problem. He needs to step down. But, hes not going to because hes got to cover for himself and for Mueller in the Uranium investigation.

As The Gateway Pundits Joe Hoft previously reported, prior to the Obama administration approving the very controversial deal in 2010 giving Russia 20% of Americas Uranium, the FBI had evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were involved in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in order to benefit Vladimir Putin, says a report by The Hill.

From the report we found out that the investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who is now President Trumps Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy FBI director under Trump.

The Hills John Solomon reported that the Obama Justice Department failed to call on the deals secret informant, William D. Campbell, when it came time to charging former Russian uranium industry executive Vadim Mikerinn.

While he was Marylands chief federal prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosensteins office failed to interview the undercover informant in the FBIs Russian nuclear bribery case before it filed criminal charges in th...


Comey Thinks Rosenstein Acted Dishonorably Weasel Zippers

Throwing each other under the bus. Is he going to talk about his tan too? Everyone that fired this guy is going to feel his ego as the media feeds it. Via Daily Caller: Former FBI Director James Comey said Sunday he believes Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acted dishonorably when he wrote the damning []


Dershowitz: ACLU Is Dead in the Water A Partisan, Hard-Left, Political Organization that No Longer Cares about Civil Liberties (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Famed attorney and author Alan Dershowitz joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the Special Counsel out to get President Trump and fired FBI Chief James Comeys interview on ABC Sunday night.

Dershowitz thrashed the ACLU for condoning the scandalous and unethical behavior of the Mueller witch hunt against President Trump.

Alan Dershowitz: If this were Hillary Clinton theyd be raising money left and right defending Hillary Clintons right. But now theyre raising money left and left by attacking Trump and putting the attack on Trump over defending out civil liberties. Why do you think Im here all the time? Why do you think Im speaking out in favor of the rights of the man I voted against? Because the ACLU is dead in the water. Whos ever heard of the ACLU coming in, not only justifying, defending, but applauding a raid on a lawyers office which may very well may have taken material that was classified as lawyer client? It (ACLU) is absolutely political. It is a partisan, hard-left, political organization which no longer cares about the civil liberties of all Americans.

Via FOX and Friends:

The post Dershowitz: ACLU Is Dead in the Water A Partisan, Hard-Left, Political Organization that No Longer Cares about Civil Liberties (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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