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Wednesday, 25 October


United States Ambassador to Lesotho: Who Is Rebecca Eliza Gonzales? [News - AllGov]

Rebecca Eliza Gonzales, a career member of the Foreign Service, was appointed September 7, 2017 to be U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Lesotho. If shes confirmed, it will be her first such appointment.


Gonzales was born May 19, 1963, in Sumter, South Carolina, but considers herself a Texan. Her late father, Jose Rene, was an Air Force officer from San Benito, Texas. Her mothers name is Estella and she has a brother, Jerome. Gonzales graduated from George Washington University with a bachelors degree in international affairs in 1984 and with an MBA concentrating on international marketing in 1992. Before joining the Foreign Service that year, Gonzales worked as a paralegal and a secretarial assistant, and as a Freedom of Information officer at the State Department,


Gonzales first assignment, in 1992, was as a special assistant/economic/consular officer at the embassy in Panama City, Panama. In 1995, she was named a management/consular officer in Athens, Greece; and in 1997 a general services officer in Bogot, Colombia.


Gonzales was sent to New Delhi, India, in 2000 as a financial management officer in the embassy there. Two years later, she was a supervisory general services officer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Gonzales returned to Washington in 2004 as post management officer in the Bureau of Near East Affairs. The following year, she was made special assistant in the Office of the Under Secretary for Management.


In 2006, Gonzales was sent to the U.S. embassy in Botswana as a management officer. She moved to Pretoria, South Africa, in 2010 as deputy management counselor.


Gonzales was back in Washington in 2013, first as deputy executive director in the Bureau of Near East Affairs, and then in 2016 as chief of staff in the Bureau of Administration, a post she held at the time of her nomination.


Gonzales speaks Spanish and Greek.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Certificate of Demonstrated Competence

Rebecca Eliza Gonzales (Prabook)


If Trump Keeps Up Like This, Would HE Be Able To Be Elected Dogcatcher In Tennessee? DownWithTyranny!

Last year, Trump beat Hillary 60.7% to 34.7% in Tennessee, a very solid win. Hillary won just 3 counties of the state's 95. She won Shelby Co., the state's most populous by a wide margin-- 206,640 (62.3%) to 114,948 (34.6%) and nearby Haywood Co.-- 3,704 (54.3%) to 3,020 (44.2%). Hillary also kicked Trump's ass in Tennessee's second most populous county, Davidson, which includes Nashville. She won 148,473 (60.3%) to 84,365 (34.3%).

In 2012, when Bob Corker was up to reelection, he did about 5 points better than Trump wound up doing, winning 64.9% of the vote. That's because he won Davidson Co, where Trump failed so miserably. The only counties Corker lost were Shelby and Haywood. So this morning when Trump went into a twitter rage against Corker, claiming, among the other nonsense that Corker "couldn't get elected dog catcher in Tennessee," it was just so much hot air. Trump was preparing for his lunch with Republican senators, many of whom hate his guts and, according to one chief of staff to a big-time Republican senator, is much more disliked by Republicans in the Senate than Obama ever was.

Keep in mind that Todd Womack, Corker's chief of staff went on the record to say that Trump flat out lied about Corker asking, let alone begging, for Trump's e...


Getting the Left to Embrace US Exceptionalism Consortiumnews

Exclusive: Neocons have deftly used the Lefts hatred of President Trump and the demonizing of Russia to lure liberals and progressives into an interventionist mindset to defend American exceptionalism, observes James W. Carden. By James W. Carden Last year, Donald


Roy Moore: Gay Marriage Ruling Worse Than 1857 Slavery Ruling Weasel Zippers

Oh boy Via The Hill: Republican Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore once argued that the Supreme Courts decision to legalize gay marriage was even worse than its ruling in the 19th century Dred Scott case, which found that African-Americans were not citizens, and therefore property. Yes, sir. I was simply pointing out that in 1857 []


Street art by SacSix in New York WORDVIRUS

Street art by SacSix in New York (photo Katie).

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


BOOM! Trey Gowdy Launches Investigation Into DOJs Handling of Hillary Clinton Email Scandal The Gateway Pundit

House Oversight chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) have jointly announced they will launch a probe into the Justice Departments handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered, say Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte.

The House Judiciary tweeted the following announcement:

Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status. The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight.

Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered. These include, but are not limited to:

  • FBIs decision to publicly announce the investigation into Secretary Clintons handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into campaign associates of then-candidate Donald Trump;
  • FBIs decision to notify Congress by formal letter of the status of the investig...


Kid Rock: Fck No Im Not Running For Senate Weasel Zippers

LOL what? Via The Hill: Kid Rock is ending months of speculation about a possible Senate bid, saying, F no, Im not running for Senate. Are you fing kidding me? Who couldnt figure that out? the All Summer Long singer said on Howard Sterns SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday. Im releasing a new album. Im []


BREAKING: Nunes Announces Inquiry Into Russian Uranium One Scandal (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) announced an inquiry into the Russian-Uranium One scandal Tuesday from Capitol Hill.

House Intel chair Devin Nunes announced an inquiry into Russias involvement in Uranium One scandal which involved then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Deep State Obama administration.


One of the things we are concerned about is whether or not there was an FBI investigation. Was there a DOJ investigation? And if so, why was Congress not informed of this matter? Nunes asked.

That will be the start of the probe. There will be two different committees looking into this, said Nunes.

Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said they will subpoena the FBI informant if his NDA isnt lifted.

The FBI informant providing information on the Russian nuclear bribery scheme calls himself a patriot. He didnt like corruption he was witnessing and when he decided to speak up, the Obama administration actually threatened him.

The Clintons took the cash from Uranium One officials before the deal was approved by Hillary Clintons State Department. The Clintons hid the donations which is a clear violation of the Memorandum of Understanding Hillary Clinton signed with the Obama administration wherein she promised and agreed to publicly disclose all donations during her tenure as Secreatary of State. (Via Breitbart)

Also, high-ranking Obama Admin officials KNEW that here was corruption in the Russian nuclear firm and apparently blocked that pertinent information from CFIUS.

All Russian roads lead to the Clintons, the Podestas and the corrupt Obama administration.

Full video via ACB News Facebook:



Little Has Changed For Flint Residents Forced To Pay For Poisoned Water Shadowproof

Nearly 1,250 days ago, a major water crisis hit Flint, Michigan. Complaints by residents, matched with studies showing more evidence of serious health issues, continue to emerge. Yet, even as problems persist, authorities and officials involved in fomenting the crisis have yet to be held accountable.

Lead poisoning in the water brought about the rise of childhood development issues and long-term brain damage in Flint, but according to a paper from David Slusky of Kansas University and Daniel Grossman of West Virginia University, fetal deaths are on the rise.

The authors conclude that between 198 and 276 more children would have been bornan estimated 58% increase in fetal death rateshad Flint officials not switched the citys water source from Detroit River to the Flint River. Their findings suggest that a more lax regulatory environment in the context of drinking water may have substantial unforeseen effects on maternal and infant health, including large reductions in the number of births.

Grossman and Sluskys research is part of a growing number of studies on the devastating effects of Flints water crisis. Another study published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters confirms that the omission of orthophosphate, used to treat water, allowed contaminants present in pipes, including lead, to leach into the water.

Melissa Mays, a community organizer and founder of the clean water advocacy group Water You Fighting For, was directly impacted by water contamination. She updated Shadowproof on what has and has not changed.

Flint residents are still being forced to pay for water bills, Mays said. We had a 65 percent credit for a short time, but the state took that away. So we still pay the highest rates in the United States for poisoned water. Now the state is threatening to take peoples homes by turning their unpaid water bills into a lien on their properties.

I was one of 8,002 residents who received this threat. So the poisoned community faces tax foreclosures because we refuse to pay for poison or simply cannot afford it. We still live off of bottled water because unfiltered water is too dangerous and the filters dont remove everything.

Past studies have shown filters distributed by the state to remove metals from the water may support the growth of bacteria. This is forcing residents to still use bottled water to prevent their families from getting sick, because even a simple shower can cause their skin to blister.

Mays household situation has not changed. The negative health impacts for her and her family ha...


Gold Star Father Gets $25,000 Check That Trump Promised Him Weasel Zippers

Trump promised this father money after he said he was financially hurting after the death of his son. But yeah, hes insensitive to Gold Star families. Media is chastising Trump because it took three months. Via NY Post: The family of a US soldier killed in Afghanistan has finally received a $25,000 check from President []


New reports document declining life expectancy and worsening health of US workers WORDVIRUS

24 October 2017

Three recent reports provide new data on the worsening social crisis in America.

According to the annual update of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) mortality improvement scale, released last Friday, life expectancy for 65-year-old men and women declined from 85.8 and 87.8 years to 85.6 and 87.6 years respectively between 2014 and 2015, the most recent years available. The 1.2 percent jump in the mortality rate was the first year-over-year increase since 2005, and the first by more than one percentage point since 1980.

Previous reports noted that life expectancy at birth also declined in the US between 2014 and 2015, the first decline since 1993, at the height of the AIDS epidemic. Someone born in 2015 is expected to live to 78.8, down from 78.9 in 2014.



Nazism: what it is, why we fight it, and how Stories by Yonatan Zunger on Medium

Nazi is not a slur: it has a meaning.

When I talk about the dangers of Nazism, people often assume I mean it as a term of abuse, as an excuse to attack people I disagree with. This is the unfortunate side effect of people forgetting the real meaning of the wordof treating Nazi like some kind of generic slur or term of abuse. It isnt: it has a straightforward, literal meaning. And it is one that you need to understand.

What is Nazism?

After WWII, there was a campaign to argue that Nazism had no real ideology, that it was just some group of people, to delegitimize it. That had some value, but its downside was that people forgot that Nazism does have an ideology, which never went away.

Nazism conceives of the world as a struggle between races. Thats not race as in the 20th-century American black/white sense; in the Nazi vision, Jews, Slavs, Britons, and so on are all races, too. Nazism believes that races have certain characteristics, which are passed on through the blood, and that they are bound to some land, which it is their right and duty to rule.

There are a few other articles of Nazi belief: for example, that acting (the will) is better than thinking (a sign of weaker races), and that the strength of a race is most strongly exemplified through the untrammeled Will of its leaders. It is often combined with Fascism, which adds a belief in the importance of hierarchy and obedienceand if youre thinking, Wait, you just made an ideology around obeying people who dont think? you may have spotted one of the many ways in which this goes wrong.

Invade Russia, they said. Itll be fun, they said. (Bundesarchiv)

The National Socialism is a very real idea, too: i means socialism for members of the nation. And they decide whos in and whos out. Government subsidies for good, decent people? Sure! Just dont give it to those parasites.

So heres the important thing: These ideas make up Nazism. You dont need to wear a swastika to believe in them.

And heres another important thing: If youre in the US, you may have grown up hearing Nazis are the bad guysthe guys Indiana Jones beats upwithout learning why. Or you may have learned about concentration camps, but not about what happened in the ten years leading up to them. All of which means that when other people see Nazis and get very frightened very quickly, they may seem to be overreacting.

Heres the thing: when the Nazis came to power in Germany, they didnt build camps. They passed laws restricting jobs for non-German races (nations). They argued that money spent on the disabled was simply a drain on society, and we should move them to hospitals. They held angry public rallies which often included violence. Their leaders and militias...


DNC Donors, Bernie Sanders Supporters Demand Release Of Hacked DNC Server In New Lawsuit GotNews

A new lawsuit filed this morning in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia is demanding the DNC release its allegedly hacked server. Bernie Sanders supporters and Democratic National Committee donors are listed as the plaintiffs, whereas the DNC and Hillary Clinton are named as the defendants. The lawsuit could prove decisive in debunking []

The post DNC Donors, Bernie Sanders Supporters Demand Release Of Hacked DNC Server In New Lawsuit appeared first on GotNews.


The Trump Town That Banned Dancing Booman Tribune

If the town of Pound, Virginia is famous for anything, its their ordinance against dancing that was overturned by a federal District Court Judge in 1999. The judge found that you couldnt even put on The Nutcracker in Pound without applying for a waiver from the local ban. The locals said that dancing and alcohol were too volatile a mix to tolerate, which put a damper on the good times at the local honky tonk at the edge of town.

There isnt much to do in this hamlet tucked into the farthest reaches of the Cumberland Mountains, 425 miles from Washington. A new four-lane highway bypassed the town a few years ago, and the nearest fast-food restaurant is 12 miles away.

But a federal judge is helping to liven up the place. His ruling has many residents here kicking up their heels. Literally. Theyre dancingand for the first time in 18 years, its legal.

The town is in the news again today because the Associated Press profiled the place as part of their look at the upcoming gubernatorial race in Virginia. The place went overwhelmingly for Trump but its decidedly less enthusiastic about the Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie. By now, you should be familiar with this story.

The town of Pound, nestled near the Kentucky line, was once a booming coal center where the main drag got so busy with shoppers that people couldnt find a parking spot. Now, many shops are boarded up with dusty For Sale signs. Some buildings are collapsing, overgrown with weeds. Jobs are scarce. Prescription pain pills are a major problem. The high school closed in 2011.

Eight out of 10 voters in Pound backed Trump, and some of the towns remaining business owners and patrons say their faith has already been rewarded.

Ive seen more coal trucks in the last six months than I have in the past eight years, said David Williams, who owns a TV repair and fishing gear store.

Its one of the mysteries of our age that the same folks who would ban dancing have no real problem warming up to a person like Donald Trump.

Hair salon owner Kim Mcfall said what little she knows of Gillespie hasnt impressed her hes not enough like Trump, and too much like a typical politician....

Find Out What Makes People Wince Booman Tribune

On Sunday, the New York Times ran a piece on the voters in Terre Haute and Vigo County, Indiana. The area has the distinction of picking every presidential winner since the beginning of the 20th Century except Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and William Taft in 1908. And, yes, that means they voted for Barack Obama twice and also for Donald Trump. To me, that makes this communitys political behavior something that needs to be understood if the left is going to diagnose why theyve been losing support in the Midwest, in rural and small-town America, and how they lost a presidential election to a man like Donald Trump.

Heres one clue from the article:

Its economy is struggling. City finances are a mess. Markers of misery lower family income, higher rates of smoking and obesity, surging opioid use are many. Its 108,000 residents are much whiter than the nation as a whole, and its demographics are changing only to the degree that the population is skewing older and less educated. It has benefited from government programs, like disability payments and a stimulus grant under the Obama administration that delivered a flood control project, but people here rail against Washington

The headquarters of Clabber Girl, the baking powder company, is a point of civic pride, along with Indiana State University, which has rising enrollment, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a highly regarded science and engineering college. One old factory is being converted into lofts. But several people, when asked about the state of things, simply responded with a wince.

How did a philandering New York City real estate developer turn this relatively conservative area from Obama territory to Trump territory? I suppose we should also ask how how Obama turned them away from the Republican Party (twice), since they supported George W. Bush in both of his elections. Maybe the people of Vigo County are contrarian enough to turn against the party in power so long as an incumbent isnt on the ticket. If thats the pattern, theyll be voting for Trump again.

Yet, the reporting for this article indicates that they have a lot of buyers remorse about Trump already, and it could become Democratic territory in 2020. What makes this part of Indiana interesting is its propensity to swing back and forth between the two major parties, but the general drift toward Trump in largely white communities has been evident almost everywhere.

The centrality of immigration and racial issues is seen as a main culprit by almost everyone, including the architects of Trumps campaign. But we still need to account for the fact that Vigo County voted for a black candidate two times over a white man. Perhaps its easier to identify what didnt w...

GOP and Dems Have Different Problems Booman Tribune

The two parties are not mirror images of each other. The Democrats can't raise money for the DNC but individual candidates and the DSCC and DCCC are performing very well. Meanwhile, the president is raising a ton of money for the RNC, but the NRSC and NRCC are struggling mightily, and many of their most vulnerable incumbents are being outraised by the their Democratic challengers.

The Democrats' problems are a hangover from the primaries and the contested race for a new DNC chief. There is plenty of blame to spread around for this, including from the Russians who fanned the flames of disunity with their release of hacked emails around the time of the Democratic National Convention. Of course, their active measure against the American left wouldn't be as effective if their weren't real embarrassing revelations involved. The best propaganda has an element of truth to it, and that was true all throughout the Cold War. Still, Democrats should be self-aware enough to be wary of doing the Russians' work for them by perpetuating bad blood from 2016.

The Republicans' problem is a predictable one. Trump is in only in it for himself, so he raises a lot of money for the organ responsible for helping him get reelected but actively suppresses his base's interest in donating to the congressional fundraising arms.

In general, the Dems get the better end of this because the midterm elections will turn much more on what the congressional organizations do than on what the RNC and DNC do, so the Republicans should be very upset.

House Republicans are growing increasingly alarmed that some of their most vulnerable members arent doing the necessary legwork to protect themselves from an emerging Democratic tidal wave. In some of the biggest media markets, where blockbuster fundraising is a prerequisite for political survivalmost notably in New York City, Los Angeles, and HoustonRepublican lawmakers arent raising enough money to run aggressive campaigns against up-and-coming Democrats.

Of the 53 House Republicans facing competitive races, according to Cook Political Report ratings, a whopping 21 have been outraised by at least one Democratic opponent in the just-completed fundraising quarter. Thats a stunningly high number this early in the cycle, one that illustrates just how favorable the political environment is for House D...


Hillary And Democrats Now Getting Called On Russian Collusion Weasel Zippers

Via Fox News: After months of batting back accusations of collusion with Moscow in last years presidential campaign, Republicans say Democrats are the ones who now have some explaining to do as fresh developments raise questions about their own Russia connections. First came reports that the FBI knew about a Russian bribery plot tied to []


VIRAL VIDEO: Paul Joseph Watson SAVAGES Leftists Plan To Scream Helplessly At Sky On Anniversary Of Trumps Election The Gateway Pundit

Infowars Editor-at-Large Paul Joseph Watson is back with another viral video. This time, the YouTube sensation roasts leftists plan to scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of President Trumps election. This is the epitome of Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

Only in Boston reports, Over 4,000 people have RSVPd to an event in Boston Common to scream at the sky on the 2016 Election anniversary.

PJ Media reports:

Thousands of anguished libs in Boston and Philadelphia will be taking part in scream fests on Nov. 8 to commemorate the anniversary of Donald Trumps election. Liberals in other cities around the country are likely to step up to the crazy plate as well as the big day draws near.

Over 4,000 Facebook users in the Boston area have RSVPd to attend the event theyre calling Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election. Another 33,000 have expressed interest in attending the event at the 383-year-old Boston Common.

The organizers say in a Facebook post: Come express your anger at the current state of democracy, and scream helplessly at the sky!

This administration has attacked everything about what it means to be American, Johanna Schulman, an activist and...


Street art by Bifido and Julieta. WORDVIRUS

Street art by Bifido and Julieta.

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


No Signs Harvey Weinstein Is Taking on the NRA Despite Statement After Sexual Assault Scandal Weasel Zippers

No, people in the 1960s werent masturbating into plants. And who would have thought that Harveys NRA statement was just a deflection hoping to get leftist support? Via Free Beacon: The nations leading gun-control groups told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday that Harvey Weinstein has not given any money to them despite his promise []


BUSTED: Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren Now Caught Lying About Being Sexually Harassed The Gateway Pundit

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) just cannot stop lying. The 2020 presidential prospect previously lied about her Native American heritage and now it appears she greatly exaggerated her account of being sexually harassed during her years at Harvard. 

Over the weekend, Warren recounted the incident on Meet The Press.

Below is a transcript of Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Todds exchange:


Yes, I have a me, too story too. I was a baby law professor and so excited to have my first real teaching job. And there was this senior faculty member who, you know, would tell dirty jokes and make comments about my appearance.

And one day he asked me if I would stop by his office, which I didnt think much about. And I did. And he slammed the door and lunged for me. It was like a bad cartoon. Hes chasing me around the desk, trying to get his hands on me.

And I kept saying, You dont want to do this. You dont want to do this. I have little children at home. Please dont do this. And trying to talk calmly. And at the same time, what was flickering through my brain is, If he gets hold of me, Im going to punch him right in the face.


After several rounds, I jumped for the door and got out. And I went back to my office and I just sat and shook. And thought, What had I done to bring this on? And I told my best friend about it. Never said a word to anyone else. But for a long time, I wore a lot of brown.


What it means now that so many people have spoken out, is its a way to say, Were here for each other. And its also a way to say, No. Its not about what you did. Hes the one who stepped out of line. And this is on him.


Dow Up Again New All Time High Again Up 28% and More than 5,100 Points Since Election! The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever! Another All Time High Today!  Dow up again!

Dow surpasses 5 All Time Milestones in Less than a Year for First Time in History!

* The Dow has risen 28% since the election on November 8th. (On November 9th the DOW closed at 18,332 on October 24th (currently) the DOW is at 23,449.)

* The Dow has increased more than 5,100 points since the November 8th election and the Dow all time high has increased by more than 4,800 since the election (the all time high on election day was 18,636 set on August 15, 2016). The Dow has never increased the All Time Highs this much in such a short period of time in its more than one hundred year history.

* Since the election the Dow has surpassed 5 major milestones 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000 and 23,000. This is the first time this has happened in less than a year in US history.


* The Dow all time closing high increased from 14,165 to 18,636 from President Obamas election to President Trumps election on November 8th last year for an increase of...


Street art at the Stencil Shed in Wiltshire, UK WORDVIRUS

Street art at the Stencil Shed in Wiltshire, UK

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


Michael Moores Broadway Show Aimed At Bringing Down Trump Shuts Down Weasel Zippers

Gee who could have predicted this? Gotta love it. Via Wall Street Journal: Film director Michael Moore may have arrived on Broadway with the self-professed goal of taking down a sitting president. But in the end, his politically liberal-minded show, The Terms of My Surrender, which closed this past weekend, failed to wow at the []


Clooney and Damon say they knew Weinstein was a womanizer, not a predator Fellowship of the Minds

The jig is up boys. Quit trying to backpedal to sell tickets for your racist movie. #TheyAllKnew. From Hollywood Reporter: George Clooney and Matt Damon are shedding more light on what it was like working with ousted Hollywood producer Harvey Continue reading


NSA Document Says Saudi Prince Directly Ordered Coordinated Attack By Syrian Rebels On Damascus The Intercept

The NSA issued three single source reports on 14 -18 March 2013 based on PRISM Skype collection which detailed directions from the Saudis to the Syrian opposition to light up Damascus in attacks on the airport and other locations.


Professor Claims Math, Algebra And Geometry Promote White Privilege Weasel Zippers

If you said something like this before eight years ago, everyone would have recognized it as racist. But racism is turned on its head with identity politics. Via Daily Caller: A University of Illinois math professor believes that algebra and geometry perpetuate white privilege because Greek terms give Caucasians unearned credit for the subject. But []



Bill O'Reilly's Non-Apology Tour is Trumpian in some ways, though not in others. O'Reilly is much better than Trump at remembering and reciting carefully crafted talking points: He's been in the news business 43 years and worked for 12 different companies and no one's ever lodged a sexual harassment claim against him; the number and cost of his sexual harassment settlements are reported incorrectly in The New York Times, though he's legally forbidden to correct the errors; and so on. I don't think Trump could sit down and work out talking points this well constructed, not even with expert help, nor could he remember them accurately. Trump's approach is to form a grudge, then tell the world about it repeatedly for days until something else irritates him and he's on to a new grudge. Occasionally he circles back to an old grudge and the cycle repeats. O'Reilly is much more calculating.

But the self-pity is similar, as is the narcissism. In the same way that Trump and his handlers have tried to make him the true victim of the Niger incident because his conversation with the wife of a slain soldier has been criticized, O'Reilly has declared himself the true victim of his own acts of sexual harassment.

He's sulky. He sounds wounded. Go listen to the episode of the New York Times podcast in which reporters Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt discuss their recent O'Reilly interview with host Michael Barbaro, and play clips from the interview. Steel and Schmidt wrote the two big Times stories about O'Reilly's harassment cases; O'Reilly asked to speak to them, then went into his sullen, menacing martyr act as soon as they arrived, as the reporters recount on the podcast:

SCHMIDT: It was pretty clear from the moment that he walked in the room that this was not going to be a normal interview. The handshake was sort of muted, it was a very sort of quick sort of handshake, and he quickly retreated back to the other side of the room and sat down.

STEEL: We -- Mike and I sat on one side of the table and he sits on the other, in between his two lawyers, and O'Reilly kind of leans back in his chair and crosses his legs and puts his hands -- he kind of clasps them on top of his stomach.

SCHMIDT: He had a very angry look on his face. He was staring directly at me. He wouldn't even look at Emily.

BARBARO: The entire time?

STEEL: At some points he did, but for most of the time he either wasn't looking at us or he would look at Mike.

SCHMIDT: So, we're sitting on one side, he's on the other, I look up to sort of start talking and he's staring directly at me as harshly or as strongly as anyone's ever looked at me.
You've got to listen to the podcast, because after all this drama, O'Reilly insists that the Times reports are...


Vicious War of Words Erupts Between POTUS Trump And Liddle Corker Just Hours Before Tax Summit The Gateway Pundit

The bitter feud between President Trump and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) has erupted yet again. This time, the barbed exchanges come just hours before President Trump is set to meet GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill for a working lunch tax summit.

President Trump tweeted, Bob Corker, who helped President O give us the bad Iran Deal & couldnt get elected dog catcher in Tennessee, is now fighting Tax Cuts.  Corker dropped out of the race in Tennesse when I refused to endorse him, and now is only negative on anything Trump. Look at his record!

Isnt it sad that lightweight Senator Bob Corker, who couldnt get re-elected in the Great State of Tennessee, will now fight Tax Cuts plus!

President Trumps tweetstorm comes after Corker popped off on Good Morning America, doubling down on his statements where he said the U.S. is moving towards World War III

Zerohedge reports:

I dont make comments I havent thought about, the Tennessee senator said in an interview with Good Morning America....


Trumps Praise for Philippines Killer-President Consortiumnews

Exclusive: President Trump may see his tough-guy rhetoric as just part of the reality TV show that hes putting on, but violent talk often goes hand-in-hand with real-life violence as in the Philippines, notes Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall White


Demonizing Venezuelas Revolution Consortiumnews

Venezuelas socialist experiment, which seeks to reduce the countrys extreme income equality and alleviate widespread poverty, has upset U.S. policymakers who now have new hopes for regime change, as Dennis J Bernstein explains. By Dennis J Bernstein The U.S. government,


Cosmopolitan: Maybe Dont Dress Your Kid Up As Moana This Halloween? Weasel Zippers

And now the Halloween crazy and the talk of cultural appropriation begins! How dare your kids want to emulate someone who isnt white! Thats racist! The article is something else too. Among many ridiculous paragraphs are these two little gems. Recognize this: Moana is a really special character to young girls of Polynesian descent who []


Jimmy Carter breaks ranks with Dems: Defends Trump; dismisses Russia election-tampering Fellowship of the Minds

At a time when President Trump is criticized, albeit thinly-veiled, by another Republican president, George W. Bush, a Democratic president is rallying to Trumps defense. In a stunning interview with the New York Times, which was archly reported by the Continue reading


BUMMER=> Kid Rock: F**k No Im Not Running for Senate! The Gateway Pundit

Rocker Kid Rock announced today he is not running for senator in Michigan.

Kid Rock was running neck-and-neck with the Democrat Senator Stabenow in the Great Lakes State.

It was all a publicity stunt for his new album.

Thats too bad.
Kid Rock in the senate would have been incredible.
The Detroit News reported:

Mocking people who took the idea seriously, Kid Rock said this morning hes not running for U.S. Senate.

F no, Im not running for Senate. Are you kidding me? Rock said on Howard Sterns SiriusXM show. Who couldnt figure that out? Im releasing a new album. Im going on tour too. Are you f s- me?

Rocks new album, Sweet Southern Sugar, will be released Nov. 3, Stern said.

Rock said the Senate idea which he has publicly toyed with for months was a mixed blessing.

Its the worst advice I ever gave myself, but its been the most creative thing Ive ever done, he said. And Ive gotten to see everyones true colors.

The post BUMMER=> Kid Rock: F**k No Im Not Running for Senate! appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Poll: Blacks Want Colin Kaepernick To Lead Black Lives Matter Weasel Zippers

Via Washington Examiner: Otherwise known as blogging gold! Eight of 10 African Americans believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is effective but feel it could have even greater impact if it wasnt so splintered and instead led by a national spokesman like former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, according to a new survey. The poll []


Media Blackout: President Trump Sent Goldstar Family a $25,000 Check The Gateway Pundit

President Trump Sent Goldstar Family a $25,000 Check

President Donald Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, met 6-year-old Christian Jacobs and his mother Brittany while visiting Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. (U.S. Army photo)

The grieving family of a fallen American soldier received a $25,000 check from President Donald Trump on Monday, fulfilling a promise made months ago by the Commander in Chief during a condolence call.

The check is dated October 18, 2017, which suggests the order was put in before liberal Congresswoman Frederica Wilson attacked the president after listening in on his call to a grieving widow.

The post Media Blackout: President Trump Sent Goldstar Family a $25,000 Check appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Muellers Special Investigation is Illegal Rosenstein Did Not Have Right to Set Up Without Preliminary Investigation First The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

As most Americans now know, former US Senator Jeff Sessions was sworn in as US Attorney General under President Donald Trump on Thursday, February 9th, 2017.  Then less than a month later, Sessions recused himself from any investigation into whether the Trump Administration colluded with Russians to swing the US 2016 election.

Next on April 25th, 2017, Rod Rosenstein was confirmed to be deputy attorney general by a vote of 94-6 in the Senate and on April 26th he was sworn in.  Then less than a month later, on May 17th, Rosenstein appointed a special counsel and appointed his old friend from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Robert Mueller with the following directive

The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James S. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:

(i) any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and

(ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and



How to Meet Girls at Art Galleries in New York City Matt Forney

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if Id be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

Wow, its been a long time since I last wrote anything, and the story of my absence is a little longer than what Im prepared to write about right now. But lets leave it at this: for now, Im single(ish) and rusty(ish), so I had to revisit some of my old NYC girl-hunting stomping grounds, and the NYC arts scene is one of the best things the city has to offer.

First, lets set some ground rules. I am a New Yorker first and foremost, and I love this city and the variety it brings to my everyday life. Throughout history, New York has been the world center of art, finance, technology, politics, and culture in some way, shape, or form. However, there has been a new wave in New York, a wave set on giving the city an non-threatening, one-size-fits-all appearance. Be it the Sex and the City clones that demand countless boutiques and bistros, or the hipsters that out-irony themselves into absurdity, part of New York is becoming an absolute parody.

So, the first rule of artfagging is this

You are a guest in the art scene, and you will respect its goals and aesthetic. You will not roll in there with five of your button-down shirt bros ready to bro out (fear not, there are plenty of places in NYC to do that), and you will not try to take over the scene. I am extremely conflicted about releasing this info, so please BE KIND TO THE ARTS SCENE, AND IT WILL BE KIND TO YOU.

The New York City arts scene is centered around galleries scattered throughout the city, exhibiting certain works for a certain period of time. However, for just about every single show, there is an opening, and thats where we find you, the eager NYC arts macker. In my experience, there are two main types of gallery macking options, both of you will require you to be familiar with my number one arts wingman, ArtCat, a directory of gallery openings:

  1. The Individual Gallery Show: these are scattered throughout the city. You can see the art, talk to people, and grab some free drinks (dont forget to tip, asshole, seriously).
  2. The Gallery Hop: this is the same as above, except it is centered around the Chelsea neighborhood on Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 8pm. There are usually several gallery opening receptions going on simultaneously, so lots of people just go from one gallery opening to the next, drink (tip, you asshole), and enjoy art.

The cool part about meeting women here is that you barely need any game. Just check out a piece of art, refill your wine glass, and com...


It Could Change With Time, But Trump's Worst Appointment So Far Is Scott Pruitt DownWithTyranny!

A lot of Republicans, when they work up the nerve to criticize Seor Trumpanzee, try to couch the criticism in a paean to the greatness of his judiciary and cabinet picks. First of all, he doesn't care how criticism is couched; he'll be looking for an opportunity at revenge sooner or later-- and it won't be pretty-- and, second, his personnel selections are among his worst and most existentially risky decisions, not his saving grace. Remember this? It's clear to anyone who isn't a deranged Republican that Trump can always be counted on to hire the worst people, as we saw last week when we looked at his horrendous appellate court selections. But, as horrible as Betsy DeVos has been and as putrid as John Kelly has turned out to be, I'm still convinced that Trump's very worst appointment was Scott Pruitt, the EPA Administrator. In fact, Pruitt-- who just hired more bodyguards so that his goon squad is now 30-- may well be the worst presidential appointment in contemporary history... but just for the country.

Yesterday, the NY Times editors, who have bashed Pruitt mercilessly, ran a column of letters by readers under the title The E.P.A. vs the Environment... just to allow some other voices on the matter. Leila Hadj-Chikh of Baltimore wrote that "History may be written by the victors, but thankfully science is not so subjective. However hard Scott Pruitt, the E.P.A. administrator, tries to censor his own scientists, he cannot alter the laws of physics. Nor can he magic away climate change by removing it from his agencys website. Nevertheless, its clear we ca...

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Tuesday, 24 October


Unreal. LGBTQ Group Is Getting Armed Because of Muslims? Nope. Conservatives! (Video) The Gateway Pundit

A small group of gays and lesbians organized a gun club in northern Maine.

The group is concerned with rise in Islamic jihad armed conservatives.

It was only one year ago that an Islamist shot and killed and killed 49 gays at the gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
Youd think that would concern them. But their leftists so they dont think rationally.

The Trigger Warning Queer and Trans Gun Club was recently organized in northern Maine to confront the rise of the Far Right in the United States.
Euro News reported:

Its in response to the rise of the Far Right in the US. In a small field near to the Canadian border, the newly formed Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club meet.

Lore McSpadden had never even touched a gun before joining the club: Were acknowledging our fear of a world in which conservatives are the only ones who are armed.

The 18 paid-up members are all LGBTQ, meeting once a month to shoot still targets and clay pigeons.

But the light mood affronts the incident that led to the groups creation last winter when vandals burned two homes rainbow flags in this area, straight after the presidential election.

Gun club member Jake Allen wants to push back from the idea that LGBT people are weak and defenceless,
I want white supremacists and neo-Nazis to know that queer people are taking steps necessary to protect themselves.

About a dozen people in a field dont exactly represent a vanguard of a newly armed left but the group isnt alone, with interest for other clubs coming from across the country.

Hat Tip Andrew

The post Unreal. LGBTQ Group Is Getting Armed Because of Muslims? Nope. Conservatives! (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Tweet Of The Day: U.S. Constitution Not A Relevant Document Weasel Zippers

Fascist. America is doomed if our colleges are producing kids like this. This is what fascism actually looks like, if you're curious. #freespeech Colin Moriarty (@notaxation) October 23, 2017


Treasury Department Launches Attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Ahead of Vote The Intercept

With the window to gut a critical consumer protection regulation rapidly closing, the Treasury Department on Monday launched an unusual attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus arbitration rule, relying heavily on a discredited industry theory which claims that trial lawyers routinely bully corporations into class-action settlements.

Treasury released a 17-page report arguing that the rule, which would prohibit companies from sticking language into financial contracts that prevent consumers from pursuing class action lawsuits, will impose extraordinary costs on businesses without providing benefits from an increase in industry compliance. Furthermore, the agency asserts that trial lawyers will enjoy a large wealth transfer if the rule is adopted.

A showdown could come to the Senate as early as Tuesday. Don Stewart, a spokesman for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said that a vote was possible this week, but had yet to be scheduled. Republicans need at least 50 votes for the resolution, but Republican Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, John Kennedy and Rob Portman have yet to commit; McConnell would need three of those five. He may also be able to pull in a Democratic vote in support.

Murkowski has told reporters she is leaning toward voting yes to overturn the rule. Lobbyists believe Collins, too, will vote yes, but Kennedy is a likely no vote. Graham is considered a hard no. Portman is publicly undecided but Democrats are not counting on him.

The rule has gotten increased public attention after the Equifax breach, in w...


How to Shop for Health Insurance on November 1 And Why You Shouldnt Have to The Intercept

The website is displayed on a computer screen Oct. 18, 2017, in Washington.


This is Hollyweird: Upcoming Woody Allen film has adult-teen sex scene Fellowship of the Minds

Business as usual for the Hollywood pervs. From NY Post: Woody Allens upcoming movie contains some awkward scenes involving an older man having sex with young starlets, considering the current firestorm about sexual misconduct sparked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Continue reading


Phoenix 2.0 - CIA's Vietnam Terror Unleashed Upon Afghanistan Moon of Alabama

Last week the new head of the CIA Mike Pompeo publicly threatened to make the CIA a "much more vicious agency". His first step towards that is to unleash CIA sponsored killer gangs onto the people of Afghanistan: The C.I.A....


Impact upon the wider marine and coastal environment..from the flooded anhydrite mine National Trust Mining Awareness +

UK planning a new coal mine near Sellafield Nuclear Site.

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

West Cumbria Mining plan to use existing disused Anhydrite Mine drifts to access new coal seams under the Irish Sea.  This would involve pumping old contaminated water from the flooded anhydrite mine drifts into the Irish Sea causing a double whammy of pollution for marine life and stress on the existing hydrology of West Cumbria.  It is common local knowledge that the anhydrite mine (Marchon Chemical Plant) supplied sulfuric acid worldwide for soap and fertiliser less common knowledge that the nuclear industry absolutely relies on enormous amounts of sulfuric acid for all sorts of processes from uranium mining to nuclear fuel reprocessing.  You can help the National Trust and others stop the coal mine plan in its tracks by pledging here.

quote from NT on Coal Mine.jpgMarchon.jpg

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Russia Is No Safe Place For Independent Journalists Violent Attack on Echo of Moscow Reporter Reminder of Vitriol Against Kremlin Critics Mining Awareness +

From Human Rights Watch:
Russia Is No Safe Place For Independent Journalists
Violent Attack on Echo of Moscow Reporter Reminder of Vitriol Against Kremlin Critics
, By Rachel Denber, Deputy Director, Europe and Central Asia Division

Independent journalists have known for some time now that Russia [1] is far from a safe place for them to work. Todays violent attack on Tatyana Felgengauer, deputy editor of the Russian radio station Echo of Moscow, is a bone-chilling reminder of this.

Felgengauers assailant attacked a security guard to get to her before stabbing her in the neck. Media reports say she is in a stable but serious condition. Police have arrested and placed in custody the man identified as carrying out the attack, and the authorities have opened an investigation.

The Russian government has long been cracking down on free expression, adopting strict new laws and forcing formerly independent media outlets to toe a pro-government line, by engineering changes in both ownership and editors.

So its important to examine what role Russias shrill and unrelenting state media may play in attacks like todays.

The assault comes two weeks after a state television channel aired a six-minute news segment accusing Echo of Moscow of serving foreign interests, and suggesting it is part of an alleged vast Western conspiracy to meddle in Russias presidential election and destabilize the country.

The report singled out Felgengauer, featuring several photographs of her. It was one of many lurid news features that demonize government critics, independent groups, and human rights defenders, which Russian state and pro-Kremlin outlets have broadcast in recent years.

Its not yet known if the assailant was motivated by, or had even seen, rhetoric such as this, but its also hard to ignore as part of the context. Last month a veteran Echo of Moscow journalist, Yulia Latynina, said she fled Russia after her car was torched because the state was losing control over violence. Its not the Kremlin directly instigating these kinds of attacks, she said, but they are winking at those who want to organize them.

Journalists are not the only targets of this violence. Other victims include supporters [2] of Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption activist campaigning for president, participants in a history essay contest organized [3] by a human rights group, organizers of a war photography exhibit [4], and people who speak their mind about [5] Russias actions in Crimea.

A careful and thorough investigation into todays attack is an essential and non-negotiable step. But Russian authorities should also stop their poisonous vitriol against government critics. Enough is enough.
Region / Country Europe/Central Asia Russia
Topic Free Speech Press Freedom
[1] http...


Hallowed Be Thy Name: Part 8 Jehovah Shammah Fellowship of the Minds

He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His Names sake. So how much do we know about His Name? This eighth post is about the next Old Testament name of God: #8 Jehovah Shammah The Lord Is Continue reading


The Catalan Government Identifies 1,200 Catalan Startups Generating 11,700 jobs Mining Awareness +

From the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya):
The Catalan government identifies 1,200 Catalan startups generating 11,700 jobs
* These are the new figures arising out of the update of the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub directory created last year by ACCI, a digital platform that identifies and lists Catalan startups.
* Catalan startups have a turnover of 1.2 million euros and 23% of their workforce is from abroad.
* 39% of startups use technology connected to Industry 4.0 in areas such as big data, robotics, simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, cloud technology or 3D printing..

The Government of Catalonia, through ACCI the government agency for business competitiveness has identified 1,200 Catalan startups that generate 11,700 jobs and show an average turnover of 1.2 million. These figures are the result of an update by the Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub, a digital platform created last year by ACCI that lists and identifies Catalan startups with the aim of positioning the Catalan startup ecosystem internationally and promoting investment attraction ( ).

The directory lists those companies with a maximum life of 10 years, with scalable and repeatable business models, applicable in global environments and focused on rapid growth. It can be seen that 23% of employees in Catalan startups are from abroad, while in the case of the founders this figure is 14%. Regarding company age, 40% of these startups are between 3 and 6 years old, 40% are under 3 years old and the remaining 20% are between 6 and 10 years old. It is noteworthy that 36% of startup founders have previously created other emerging companies.

In terms of sectors, Internet and mobile software, travel and leisure digital applications, health technologies and biotechnology concentrate the bulk of the activity. 39% of startups use technology linked to industry 4.0 in areas such as big data, robotics, simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality, cloud technology or 3D printing. As regards business models, e-commerce is the main area (29%), followed by development and manufacturing (21%), software licensing, consultancy and agency, and subscription (20%). Generalitat de Catalunya



Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

-by Noah

Like all of you, I get a lot of emailed petitions. Most of mine deal with political campaigns or endangered animals. I just got one that had the header "Please Sign To Save Orangutans." Please forgive me! I instantly deleted it, screaming "Why the hell would I want to save Trump?"

That's how bad things have gotten. They've gotten so bad that I've insulted a whole species by mistaking them for the grotesque tumorous orange ball of flab and weird hair that is masquerading as leader of the free world.

But what of the people who support this grotesque tumorous orange ball of flab and weird hair? I can understand the behavior of orangutans. That's pretty easy. They want a nice environment with healthy food, security and clean water, within which, they can be comfortable and raise a family. What do people who not only voted for Trump but still support him, no matter what, want? Why do they still like about this grotesque mistake of nature?

I've encountered enough Trump supporters that I think today's meme (the above clip) helps answer the question.


The reality of free trade deals Neritam

Free trade is figuring prominently in the upcoming presidential election. Donald Trump is against it. Hillary Clinton has expressed qualms. Economists still think free trade benefits most Americans, but according to polls, only 35% of voters agree. Why this discrepancy? Because economists support any policy that improves efficiency and they typically define a policy as []


Modi Governments Rs 500-Crore Bonanza to the Adani Group Neritam

The government recently took a decision to quietly tweak the rules relating to special economic zones (SEZs) which has enabled a company in the Adani Group to reap a bonanza of around Rs 500 crore. While a representative of the Adani Group predictably and correctly said that the company had done nothing wrong or illegal, []


Neoliberalism Is a Political Project Neritam

Neoliberalism is a widely used term today. However, it is often unclear what people refer to when they use it. In its most systematic usage it might refer to a theory, a set of ideas, a political strategy, or a historical period. Could you begin by explaining how you understand neoliberalism? David Harvey Ive always []


It Took Obama More Than Two Years to Kill This Many Civilians. It Took Trump Less Than Six Months. Neritam

A new investigation shows that President Donald Trumps bombing campaign against ISIS (the Islamic State) over several months has already led to nearly as many civilian deaths as those overseen by the Obama White House over several years. According to an Airwars investigation conducted for The Daily Beast, at least 2,300 civilians were killed by []


To save rural Iowa, we must oppose Monsanto-Bayer merger Neritam

Iowa farmers face a crisis. Crop prices have fallen by more than 50 percent since 2013, with no end in sight. At the same time, farmers hold more debt and possess fewer capital reserves to fall back on. In fact, farmers debt levels are almost as high as they were prior to the farm crisis []


FBI Informant Has Emails and Video Evidence of Russian Efforts to Win Favor of Clintons in Uranium One Deal (Video) The Gateway Pundit

In 2009 the FBI had substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putins atomic energy business inside the United States.

According to Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) an FBI confidential informant holds information about the handling of a criminal probe linked to a controversial deal that ceded ownership of U.S. uranium assets to the Russian government.

Despite an ongoing criminal investigation into officials working for subsidiaries of Rosatom, the Russian government entity seeking to acquire ownership of U.S. uranium, the Obama Administration approved the deal. The Justice Department has reportedly threatened to prosecute the informant if he discloses details of his involvement in the investigation.

The Executive Branch does not have the authority to use non-disclosure agreements to avoid Congressional scrutiny. If the FBI is allowed to contract itself out of Congressional oversight, it would seriously undermine our Constitutional system of checks and balances. The Justice Department needs to work with the Committee to ensure that witnesses are free to speak without fear, intimidation or retaliation from law enforcement. Witnesses who want to talk to Congress should not be gagged and threatened with prosecution for talking. If that has happened, senior DOJ leadership needs to fix it and release the witness from the gag order, Grassley said.

On Monday John Solomon from Circa News told Sean Hannity the FBI has emails, audio and video tapes by a US agent of Russian efforts to win favor with the Clintons in the Uranium One scandal.

Via Hannity:

The post FBI Informant Has Emails and Video Evidence of Russian Efforts to Win Favor of Clintons in Uranium One Deal (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Beautiful Melania Trump Makes Surprise Visit to Michigan Middle School Evil Liberals Mock Her The Gateway Pundit

The lovely First Lady made a surprise visit to Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Monday.

First Lady Melania spoke with the students about bullying and encouraged them to join her in a no one eats lunch alone event.

According to the news release (via Detroit Free Press):

First Lady Melania Trump to Kick Off the Week of Inclusion at Michigan Middle School

First Lady Melania Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos will visit Orchard Lake Middle School in West Bloomfield, Michigan to kick off the Week of Inclusion, part of National Bullying Prevention Month.

During her visit, Mrs. Trump will spend time in the schools Viking Huddle Class, a 6th grade classroom that focuses on social emotional learning.  The First Lady and Mrs. DeVos will observe and participate in lessons about respecting others, kindness, and inclusion.

In addition to classroom participation, Mrs. Trump will visit with 7th and 8th grade students in the schools cafeteria in an effort to bring awareness to No One Eats Alone, a concept that seeks to reverse the trends of social isolation by asking students to engage in simple acts of kindness such as making sure that no one is eating alone and students are making an effort to eat with new classmates and peers.

As part of my ongoing commitment to the overall well-being of children, I am looking forward to todays visit, stated First Lady Melania Trump.  By our own example, we must teach children to be good stewards of the world they will inherit.  We need to remember that they are always watching and listening.  It is our responsibility to take the lead in teaching children the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership.

First Lady Melania tweeted out pictures of herself smiling and taking selfies with the children and a caption, Wonderful to see kind children at Orchard Lake Middle School in Michigan! Thank you for having me!


Ouch! Bernie Sanders Progressive Group Refuses to Endorse Virginia Dem Gubernatorial Candidate The Gateway Pundit

Hillary Clinton won Virginia by more than 5 points.
A Republican has not won a statewide race in Virginia in 8 years.

But Democrats are panicking about their milquetoast gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam in Virginia.

The Bernie Sanders progressive group Our Revolution refused to endorse him.

Daily Beast
editor Sam Stein tweeted:

Selena Zito at The New York Post reported:
Northam should have a comfortable lead right now. Terry McAuliffe, the outgoing governor he currently serves under, is popular and generally seen as successful. Plus, Virginians have historically elected governors from the party opposite to a president whose won the year before. In 2001, Democrat Mark Warner won one year after George W. Bush was elected; in 2009, Republican Bob McDonnell won one year after Barack Obama took the state.

The post Ouch! Bernie Sanders Progressive Group Refuses to Endorse Virginia Dem Gubernatorial Candidate appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


The climate has always changed. What do you conclude? Neritam

Probably everyone has heard this argument, presented as objection against the findings of climate scientists on global warming: The climate has always changed! And it is true: climate has changed even before humans began to burn fossil fuels. So what can we conclude from that? A quick quiz Do you conclude (1) that humans cannot []


October 24th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #278 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Tuesday October 24th Open Thread The Last Refuge

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Even the IMF now agrees that taxing the rich is the only way to decrease inequality Neritam

Higher income tax rates for the rich would help reduce inequality without having an adverse impact on growth, the International Monetary Fund has said. The IMF said tax theory suggested there should be significantly higher tax rates for those on higher incomes but the argument against doing so was that hitting the rich would be []


Accenture data leak Neritam

A massive trove of sensitive corporate and customer data was left freely exposed to the public by Accenture, one of the worlds biggest management firms. The tech giant left at least four cloud storage servers, which contained highly sensitive decryption keys and passwords, exposed to the public, without any password protections. The exposed servers, which []


Will Trump Continue the CIAs JFK Cover-Up? LewRockwell

Last Friday, President Trump made the following announcement:

I have decided not to block release of the CIAs remaining JFK-assassination related records except for those records that directly implicate the CIA in the assassination, which will continue to remain secret.

Okay, he didnt really put it like that. But thats the potential and likely import of his announcement, which actually read as follows:

Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened. (Italics added.)

The operative words, of course, are: Subject to the receipt of further information.

What is going on here?

Negotiations. The art of the deal. The CIA desperately does not want to show the American people its long-secret JFK-related records. It has asked Trump to continue keeping at least some of them secret notwithstanding the passage of more than 50 years since the Kennedy assassination.

Under long-established custom and tradition in Washington, D.C., when someone asks someone else for a favor, the person who is in a position to grant the favor demands something in return. Thats where the negotiations between Trump and the CIA come into play. Trump wants something in return. We dont know what maybe laying off on the Russia investigation but his announcement last Friday is obviously part of the concluding steps of such negotiations.

Time to buy old US gold coins

What Trump has done with his announcement is send a clear message to the CIA: Give me what I want and Ill give you want you want. Otherwise, I will let all your cherished long-secret records relating to the JFK assassination be shown to the American people.

Make no mistake about it: A deal is about to be made. The CIA will cave. It will end up giving Trump whatever it is he wants. Trump is in the drivers seat because the CIA cannot afford to permit the American people to see the records it wants to continue to be kept secret. And once the CIA gives Trump what he wants, he will cave and give the CIA the continued secrecy it so desperately needs. All this will happen by this Thursday, the date set by law for release of all the JFK records that Trump has not blocked.

Think about it: The CIA has asked the president to continue secrecy of records that are more than 50 years old or, apparently, some relating to secret correspondence between the CIA and the Assassination Records Review Board back in the 1990s.

The CIAs ground? National security of course, the two most important and meaningless words in the American political lexicon.

National security? Really?

Whatever definition that one might put on that nebulous...

Are Republicans Libertarians? LewRockwell

Our two-party system makes it almost impossible for libertarians to get elected to office, especially on the national level. In order for libertarians to get elected to Congress, their best bet is to run as a Republican. Ron Paul is a perfect example of this. But libertarians should have no illusions about the Republican Party. And they shouldnt make the Republican Party out to be something it is not.

A former member of the Libertarian Party who is now running for office as a Republican recently said about the Republican Party:

At its core, the Republican Party is supposed to be a liberty partythats why it was the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. For a Republican, so long as you are not violating the lives and liberties of other human beingsand that includes the lives of human beings in the wombthe government should give you the freedom to do as you see fit. The party strives to put the trust and the power back in the hands of the people instead of handing it over to unelected bureaucrats.

This almost makes Republicans sound like libertarians. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lets first look at some principles of libertarianism followed by an analysis of the above statement.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Libertarianism is the philosophy that says that people should be free from individual, societal, or government interference to live their lives any way they desire, pursue their own happiness, accumulate as much wealth as they can, assess their own risks, make their own choices, engage in commerce with anyone who is willing to reciprocate, participate in any economic activity for their profit, and spend the fruits of their labor as they see fit as long as their actions are peaceful, their associations are voluntary, their interactions are consensual, and they dont violate the personal or property rights of others.

Libertarianism is the philosophy of nonaggression, whether that aggression be theft, fraud, the initiation of nonconsensual violence against person or property, or the threat of nonconsensual violence. The initiation or threat of aggression against the person or property of others is always wrong, even when done by government. Aggression is justified only in defense of ones person or property or in retaliation in response to aggression against them, but is neither essential nor required.

Libertarianism respects personal privacy, financial privacy, free thought, individual responsibility, freedom of conscience, free exchange, free markets, and private property.

Libertarianism celebrates individual liberty, personal freedom, peaceful activity, voluntary interaction,...

Trumps Fed Picks LewRockwell

This week President Trump revealed his final five candidates for Federal Reserve chair. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, all five have strong ties to the financial and political establishment. The leading candidates are former Federal Reserve governor and Morgan Stanley banker Kevin Warsh and current Fed governor, former investment banker, Carlyle Group partner, and George H.W. Bush administration official Jerome Powell. Gary Cohn, current director of the presidents National Economic Council and former president of Goldman Sachs, is also on Trumps list.

Trump is also considering reappointing Janet Yellen, even though when he was running for president he repeatedly criticized her for pursuing policies harmful to the middle class. Of course candidate Trump also promised to support Audit the Fed and even voiced support for returning to the gold standard. But, he has not even uttered the words Audit the Fed, or talked about any changes to monetary policy, since the election.

Instead, President Trump, in complete contradiction to candidate Trump, has praised Yellen for being a low-interest-rate-person. One reason Trump may have changed his position is that, like most first-term presidents, he thinks low interest rates will help him win reelection. Trump may also realize that his welfare and warfare spending plans require an accommodative Fed to monetize the federal debt. The truth is President Trumps embrace of status quo monetary policy could prove fatal to both his presidency and the American economy.

Time to buy old US gold coins

The failure of the Feds post-2008 policies of unprecedented money creation and record-low interest rates shows our experiment with fiat money is nearing its inevitable end. All of Trumps potential picks are likely to continue the Feds current policies. Even the ones who say they favor higher rates will likely bow to the wishes of their friends in the financial and political establishment and make sure any rate hikes are minuscule. Appointing a Fed chair who will continue, or only make marginal changes to, these failed policies will hasten the collapse while making the resulting depression more painful.

Some say that Trump could make a radical change in monetary policy by appointing Stanford University professor and former George W. Bush administration Treasury official John Taylor. Professor Taylor is a leading advocate of a rules-based monetary policy. Advocates of forcing the Fed to follow specific rules say this will bring stability and predictability to monetary policy. However, a rules-based policy still allows the Fed to control the money supply and distort interest rates, thus still plaguing the economy with Fed-created bubbles and busts.


Stupids for Liberty LewRockwell


The longbeards, as they were to be known, was a tribe of the very early Middle Ages.  What we know of their fifth-century origins comes from the Origo Gentis Langobardorum, a short 7th-century, Latin account offering the founding myth.

Regarding the Winnili: their ruler was a woman called Gambara; they were about to enter battle against the Vandals; they went to Odin and his wife Frea for help; Frea suggested that the women of Winnili tie their long hair in front of their faces such that they pass as men with beards in the battle.

At sunrise, Frea turned her husbands bed so that he was facing east, and woke him. Godan [Odin] saw the women of the Winnili, their hair tied in front of their faces, and asked Who are these longbeards?, and Frea replied, since you named them, give them victory, and he did. From this day, the Winnili were called Langobardi, longbeards.

And these are known to us as the Lombards.

No Longer Anonymous

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Anonimo Lombardo (no longer to be an anonymous Lombard: from now on to be known as Gambara, a woman of the Winnili), posting as Anonymous October 21, 2017 at 8:57 AM in the comments for my post regarding Hoppe.  I tried ignoring itbut, well you can read the comments to see why and how I changed my mind (more like changed my mood; if it is important for you to understand what I mean, take a look).

If I am going to spend energy on her comments, I felt I should at least both learn and offer to the readers something of the history.

Gambara doesnt like Hoppe; thats fine with me and I suspect fine with Hoppe (like Gambara would be the first in line for this!).  But this isnt really the issue.  Gambara doesnt like Hoppe for things Hoppe hasnt written (or at least nothing cited in my post) and doesnt like Hoppe for reasons that fly in the face of reality.

Bear with me; I dont like this any more than you do.

Hoppe is a mess

Nowyou tell mewould you keep reading this comment the very opening sentence after you just wrote 2000 words for a post labeled I Love Hans Hoppe?  I need more mood-changing liquid.

about gays/women / blacks / minorities rights: you do not have to be of those categories to advocate for special rights.  In addition, not every gays/women/blacks/etc advocates for those kind of fake rights.


Hoppe, in confusing gay people and gay righ...

JFK Assassination Files LewRockwell

COLONIAL KINGSTON, NY, 23 October 2017 As President Donald Trump prepares to release the John F. Kennedy assassination files, global trend forecaster Gerald Celente reveals the inside story told to him by Governor John Connally, who was seriously wounded when he took a bullet in the back sitting in front of Kennedy.

Celente was invited to meet Connnally in Dallas, Texas, in 1992, because Connally wanted to know how, three years earlier, in his book Trend Tracking, Celente not only forecast the rise of a third party, but identified Ross Perot as the ideal maverick candidate.

Parked in front of the Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the shots, Connally and his wife, Nellie, who returned to scene for the first time since the 22 November 1963 assassination, relived the horrors and ensuing chaos of that gruesome tragedy.

What did John and Nellie Connally tell Celente that may be revealed if the JFK files are actually released? What was it that Connally told Celente that would shape his lifes work? What was it that Connally wanted every American to know before he died and why it is so important?

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Reagans Civilian Psyops LewRockwell

Declassified records from the Reagan presidential library show how the U.S. government enlisted civilian agencies in psychological operations designed to exploit information as a way to manipulate the behavior of targeted foreign audiences and, at least indirectly, American citizens.

A just-declassified sign-in sheet for a meeting of an inter-agency psyops committee on Oct. 24, 1986, shows representatives from the Agency for International Development (USAID), the State Department, and the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) joining officials from the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Department.

Some of the names of officials from the CIA and Pentagon remain classified more than three decades later. But the significance of the document is that it reveals how agencies that were traditionally assigned to global development (USAID) or international information (USIA) were incorporated into the U.S. governments strategies for peacetime psyops, a military technique for breaking the will of a wartime enemy by spreading lies, confusion and terror.

Essentially, psyops play on the cultural weaknesses of a target population so they could be more easily controlled or defeated, but the Reagan administration was taking the concept outside the traditional bounds of warfare and applying psyops to any time when the U.S. government could claim some threat to America.

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This disclosure bolstered by other documents released earlier this year by archivists at the Reagan library in Simi Valley, California is relevant to todays frenzy over alleged fake news and accusations of Russian disinformation by reminding everyone that the U.S. government was active in those same areas.

The U.S. governments use of disinformation and propaganda is, of course, nothing new. For instance, during the 1950s and 1960s, the USIA regularly published articles in friendly newspapers and magazines that appeared under fake names such as Guy Sims Fitch.

However, in the 1970s, the bloody Vietnam War and the Pentagon Papers revelations about U.S. government deceptions to justify that war created a crisis for American propagandists, their loss of credibility with the American people. Some of the traditional sources of U.S. disinformation, such as the CIA, also fell into profound disrepute.

This so-called Vietnam Syndrome a skeptical citizenry dubious toward U.S. government claims about foreign conflicts undermined President Reagans effort...

9 Great British Insults LewRockwell

For as long as people have been speaking the English language, theyve been deploying it to poke fun at one another. Lets dig a little deeper into the grab bag of insults that language has bequeathed us throughout history, and find out where those terms come from.

1. Wazzock

Wazzock was a particularly prevalentand particularly loutishinsult in the 1990s. At the time, lad culture ran throughout British music and television, and wazzock, a North-England accented contraction of the sarcastic wiseacre (a know-it-all) became a powerful tool to shoot people down in an argument.

2. Lummox

Though the etymology of lummox is heavily disputed, one thing is for certain: It came from East Anglia, the coastal outcrop of Britain above London. There, around 1825, someone threw out the word as an insult, and it stuck, becoming a typically British go-to term. Some linguists believe it comes from the word lummock, which typified a lummox: it means a clumsy oaf.

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3. Skiver

Skivers and shirkers are one and the same. Someone who manages to duck under any responsibility and loaf around, doing very little, is a skiver. The origins of this particular insult are contested: some think its from an Old Norse wordskifameaning slice, whereby the worker slices off as much work as possible.

4. Minger

Often hurled at the opposite sex, to call someone a minger is to say they are objectively unattractive. Though etymologists struggle to agree where the word came from, it seems likely that it stems from the Old Scots word meng, meaning sh**. We didnt say it was pretty.

5. Nincompoop

For such a colloquial word, nincompoop actually has a very learned past. Samuel Johnson, the compiler of Englands first proper dictionary, claims the word comes from the Latin phrase non compos mentis (not of right mind), and was originally a legal term.

Read the Whole Article

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Washington Forbids Serbia From De-Mining Syria LewRockwell

This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark regime change Syria chapter. Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances by the Serbian government and military that Serbian de-mining experts will not be deploying to Syria to assist in removing the ubiquitous horrific mines and other explosive devices left behind by a retreating ISIS.

As the rout of ISIS forces continues in Syria, the civilian population begins returning to their homes and their lives that had been disrupted by the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups. According to the United Nations, more than 600,000 Syrians have returned to areas liberated by the Syrian government with the assistance of Russia and Iranian forces.

But that is where the tragic problems often begin. As the Economist reported earlier this year, the joy of returning to a life where the scourge of ISIS has been eliminated can be cut short in an instant by what ISIS leaves behind:

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The first explosion killed our neighbour and his sister-in-law when they entered their house, said Ali Hussain Omari, a former fighter from the city. Three days later another mine killed my cousin. His 11-year-old daughters leg was amputated and their house was destroyed. A week later another mine in an olive tree exploded. My neighbour lost his leg.

What a horrible irony to have survived the marauding jihadists only to be blown to pieces by the terrors they left behind.

Which is why it is all the more disturbing that the United States government is so adamant that US-trained Serbian de-mining experts NOT deploy to Syria to help make post-ISIS Syria safe for civilians to return.

The spat between US Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Scott and Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin began when the Serbian side announced that it would participate in the de-mining efforts in Syria in a manner that would have Serbian forces coordinating with Russians. The Americans reminded their Serb allies, through US Embassy spokesman Eric Heyden, that:

the US government provided significant donations in money, equipment and training to help the Serbian Army get rid of the mines left over from the war, and thus make Serbia a safer place. That is why, over the past 15 years, we have provided more that USD 20 million in aid for mine clearing operations in Serbia. During our last major joint exercise, in April 20...

Documents Reveal Active US Support LewRockwell

Newly declassified files from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta confirm the extent to which American officials supported the killings of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians in the 1960s, as the U.S. worked to keep Southeast Asia from falling into Communist control.

The U.S. supported a narrative pushed by the Indonesian military that blamed Communists for a failed coup in 1965, targeting the anti-American President Sukarno.

This narrative emboldened the Indonesian military, paramilitaries and others to oversee the killings of 500,000 Indonesians who were suspected Communists, including students and union members.

The U.S. was following what was happening very closely, and if it werent for its support, you could argue that the army would never have felt the confidence to take power, said John Roosa, author of the book Pretext for Mass Murder, about the events, in an interview with the New York Times.

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In a secret cable sent from the Embassy to Washington, D.C. in November 1965, an official detailed the efforts of provinces to repress suspected members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) and its executions of prisoners as a means of controlling prison populations.

Both in the provinces and Djakarta, repression of the PKI continued, with the main problem that of what to feed and where to house the prisoners, wrote a political affairs counselor. Many provinces appear to be successfully meeting this problem by executing their PKI prisoners, or by killing them before they are captured.

According to some of the 39 cables released by the National Security Archive on Tuesday, Washington also withheld aid from Indonesia until Sukarno was removed from power, and called the rise of his successor, the military dictator Suharto who had ordered many of the mass killings, a fantastic switch.

Following the release of the documents, Human Rights Watch called for a full accounting of U.S. involvement in the killings. These newly released documents make clear that U.S. officials had detailed knowledge of the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66, said Phelim Kine, the groups deputy Asia director. The U.S. government now needs to release the remaining documents, not only for the historical record of one of the 20th centurys worst atrocities, but as a long overdue step toward bringing redress to the victims.


The Black Market LewRockwell

In my lifetime, Ive witnessed five Cubas.

Pre-Revolution, 19521958

In the 1950s, the Cuban people suffered under great oppression from the countrys military dictator, Fulgencio Batista. The great majority of Cubans at that time lived in fear and welcomed regime change. That change came from Fidel Castro and a small band of rebels in 1959. Although the rebels were poorly armed, poorly trained, and by no means expert military strategists, they had a distinct advantage: The Cuban people would get behind nearly anyone who would oust the tyrannical Batista.

The Soviet Years, 19591989

Following the revolution, Mister Castro went to New York and appealed to the US government to recognize his leadership. Unfortunately, Mister Batista had been a US government toady and the Mafia was heavily invested in Havana hotels and casinos. Mister Castro had destroyed those cosy relationships, and the US was unquestionably not going to give him its seal of approval.

At that time, Mister Castro was not a communist. In fact, he followed no particular philosophy of governance whatsoever. He merely sought power and was open to whatever offers were on the table that might ensure it.

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But he didnt have to wait long. The USSR realized that Cuba was a real plum, geographically, and, in trade for Cuba declaring itself to be communist, the USSR provided considerable military support. The Soviets also offered to buy Cubas main export productsugarat three times the going rate. Cuba then entered into an unsound economic system. Although it would lose the productivity of the free-market system, the government would gain the benefits needed by Mister Castro to solidify his power base. (Its important to note that, although political victimisation still existed, it was below what had existed prior to 1959.)

Under the new collectivism, the possession of US dollars was punishable by up to two years in prison. Foreign exchange stores were only for foreigners and the politically well-connected. But whenever a government places a wet blanket on the free market, a black market arises in proportion to the suppression of the free market.

Its often been assumed that political oppression in the Soviet period must have been severe, or the people would have overthrown the government. But this is not so. The reason why Cubans were largely accepting of the system was that the black market functioned well. Bureaucrats embezzled funds under an inefficient system, state-owned goods were routinely stolen, underground entrepreneurships flourished and, in general, life was better than it had been prior to 1959. In addition, literacy and health care became free to all, a fact thats cherished by Cu...

Fatigued, Short of Breath, Lightheaded, or Dizzy? LewRockwell

While low red blood cells can be a sign of a serious health issue, such as anemia, there are ways to increase RBC.

People generally dont think about their red blood cells or the possibility of having low red blood cells until they start developing problems. It can be helpful to understand why we need a proper level of red blood cells and how to increase RBC count.

Some people suffer from low red blood cells due to an illness, while others might be lacking certain vitamins in their diet. There are also diseases that are inherited and can lead to low red blood cells. Red blood cells are vital because they remove carbon dioxide from the body by transporting it to our lungs for us to exhale. Red blood cells are made inside our bone marrow and usually live for about 120 days before dying. More are then formed, and the cycle goes on.

Low blood cells can be due to a condition known as anemia. People who are suffering from anemia tend to have red blood cells that are an odd shape or are larger or smaller than normal. If you suffer from anemia, you could have various symptoms, including tiredness, irregular heartbeat, pale skin, feeling cold, and in severe cases, you could even experience heart failure. Children with low red blood cells can grow more slowly than other children.

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An RBC count can tell doctors if you have a blood-related illness, such as anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common form of anemia. A low count can also indicate a deficiency in vitamin B6 or folate.

How to increase red blood cells

If you want to increase RBC count, you may have to look at your nutritional intake. For instance, eating an iron-rich diet can increase production of red blood cells. There are all kinds of iron-rich foods to choose from. Adding B vitamins can also be helpful.

Bread and enriched cereals have a lot of B-9, which is folic acid. Although copper doesnt directly produce red blood cells, it can help the cells access the iron they need to replicate. Foods rich in vitamin B-12, B-6, vitamin A, and vitamin C can also support RBC production.

Foods to increase red blood cell count:

  • Iron-rich foods
  • Oysters, clams, and mussels
  • Eggs
  • Chickpeas
  • Red meats
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables, such as spinach and peas
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Enriched cereals
  • Tuna
  • Tofu
  • White beans and lentils

Foods with B-12

  • Milk and cheese
  • Soy milk
  • Non-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • ...

Get Out of Dodge Fast LewRockwell

ReadyNutrition Readers, Simply put, urban survival will be quite a bit different from survival in a remote wilderness area or even a sparsely-populated suburban area.  Lets game some options, remembering that these options are general.  These actions arent specific to the type of breakdown of society (external by an attack from a foreign nation, or internal from economic collapse, for examples).

So, we have our collapse.  Let us X out a nuclear war/nuclear terrorist attack, as we can deal with all the other scenarios in variables without radiation to contend with.  Lets identify the largest challenges faced for that high-rise apartment resident in Manhattan, or the family in the brownstone on the South side of Chicago.  First, lets game the scenario:

After The Day, the city was almost completely without power.  You and your wife and two children were not able to leave town.  All mass transit was halted or discontinued.  It has been three days, and your family has been listening to static on the radio for the most part, with campy pre-recorded disaster broadcasts that have not been helpful or informative.  One of your neighbors left this morning after saying goodbye: he and his family had a boat, and they were heading out of the harbor, hoping to use one of the major rivers to make an escape.

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They didnt have room to take you or yours, but you wanted to stay put and not follow your neighbors idea: that there were plenty of boats whose owners were not going to use themprobably dead following the rioting and civil breakdown.  Youre beginning to think you should have listened to him.  Now you can hear angry voices outside, and you go to the window.  A mob has gathered at the top of your street!  Theyre armed with rifles, bats, axes, machetesand there are about 500 of them.  As you watch, theyre making a move toward the first house on the opposite side of the street.  Your house is less than half a block away.  There are no more cops, no more laws, no more order, and no help will be comingon The Day After Doomsday.

Sounds pretty bleak, huh?  Thats because it is unless you keep a cool head about you and stay in focus.  Here are your primary tasks, and in this order:

  1. ...


Trumpanzee Fights To Cut Taxes On The Super-Rich DownWithTyranny!

Dysfunctional GOP by Nancy Ohanian

Yesterday Ryan brought policy expert Donald J Trumpanzee to persuade the Freedom Caucus and other far right sociopaths that the Senate-passed budget is something they need to get behind. I would have loved to have been able to listen to the ignorant boob on the conference call trying to explain something he doesn't have a clue about to a pack of congressmen who tend to see him as a clown-- albeit their clown. I hope a tape gets out quickly. Pence was on the call as well, so it will definitely be leaked within 24 hours.

Remember, this budget is anything but balanced, something the Freedom Caucus still pretends to care about. And the tax cuts add $1.5 trillion to the deficit, which the Freedom Caucus are demanding be balanced out by immediately cutting Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and welfare programs. (Less radical Republicans are opposed to the whole plan because the elimination of the federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes will burn their voters-- especially in California, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and Illinois, where there are 38 Republican congressmembers. And then there's the little matter of screwing around with middle class retirement savings plans.

This could turn out very ugly for Speaker Ryan. As Rachael Bade pointed out for Politico yesterday, this is "not the first time House Republicans have been asked to swallow a budget they dislike. In January, conservatives balked when Speaker Paul Ryan insisted they support a budget that did little to tackle federal deficits in order to advance a bill to repeal Obamacare. [He] promised at the time that the next budget bill would incorporate more conservative principles. Instead, House conservatives feel they are again being asked to accept a budget deal they disagree with, t...


Irony Rep Frederica Wilson Wrote Legislation Demanding DoD Policy That Framed Lethal Mission of Sgt. Johnson The Last Refuge

Sometimes theres a level of irony that goes beyond the normal boundaries of ordinary irony and simultaneously creates a tear in the space-time continuum of DC hypocrisy; this is one such example. Representative Frederica Wilson, a devoted member of the Continue reading


Tucker Carlson Trolls Democrats: Unintended Consequences of Trump-Russia Hysteria Will Be Fun to Watch (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Tucker Carlson trolled Democrats and the Russia-obsessed media sycophants Monday night in his monologue saying the unintended consequences of Trump-Russia hysteria will be fun to watch.

The Democrats want to investigate Russia? Okay, no problem. Lets talk about the biggest scandal to rock the United Statesthe Obama administration selling 20% of our Uranium to Russia after they paid his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton $145 million.

This is the boomerang effect that Sean Hannity has been warning about. The Democrats flew too close to the sun with this Russian hoax.

The tables have turned and the real Russian scandal is coming to light. Although we were already aware of the Clinton-Uranium One scandal back in 2015, new reports shined a light on the FBI/Deep State involvement which immediately sent this scandal into overdrive.

The very people who spent 70 years making excuses for the Soviet Union were suddenly convinced that Russian agents had visited our shores in the dead of night to murder American democracy and install their puppet in the White House, Tucker said.

How else could their candidate have lost last Novembers election?

Thats the upside of the Russia hysteria. Its unintended consequences will be fun to watch, Carlson said. When you make up a fake scandal, you never really know where its going to go.

Video/transcribed by Fox News:

The post Tucker Carlson Trolls Democra...


Senate Intel Republican: Cannot Give Any Credibility To Dossier, Dems And/Or Russians Might Be Behind It Weasel Zippers

Once again, its really very clear that the Russians were trying to hurt Trump with this and may have been in league with the Democrats. If they can get to the people behind this, it can really blow the doors off the real colllusion. Via Daily Caller: A Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee []


What Does Keynote Speaker Steve Bannon Augur For The California Republican Party? DownWithTyranny!

Friday night, Bannon gave the keynote address at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim where he savagely attacked George W. Bush in response to Bush's NY speech the day before about the fascism Bannon has brought to the GOP. He depicted Bush as bumbling and inept, faulting him for presiding over a "destructive" presidency. Bannon said "It was clear he didn't understand anything he was talking about."
"There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush's," Bannon said during his dinnertime address at the convention banquet of the California Republican Party. He said Bush had "embarrassed himself" with a "high falutin" speech.

..."He has no earthly idea of whether he's coming or going," Bannon said, implying that Bush had mindlessly given a speech written for him by a speechwriter, "just like it was when he was President of the United States."

Bannon's sharply worded takedown of the 43rd President, who disappointed many of his GOP supporters with his huge increases in government spending and lengthy military entanglements abroad, illustrated the deepening divide within the Republican Party, and foreshadowed what Bannon has described as a "season of war" on the Republican establishment a year before the 2018 midterm elections.

...The reaction to Bannon's scathing criticism of Bush was mixed. At first, some in the crowd had booed loudly at the mere mention of Bush's name. There was also scattered applause and some shouts of support. But others in the crowd remained quiet.


Will Republican Cannibalism Do What The DCCC And DSCC Are Incapable Of? DownWithTyranny!

A YouGov poll for The Economist last week showed congressional approval at 8% and disapproval at 71%. Yeah, Congress is not popular. An overwhelming majority of Americans see Congress as part of the problem rather than part of the solution. They're right. And congressional leadership is especially loathed by most voters-- all the top leaders' favorability has been underwater in every poll this year. A Morning Consult poll for Politico last month had Ryan's favorability at 32% and hs unfavorability as 45%-- almost as bad as Pelosi's, whose favorability was at 29% and unfavorability at 47%. McConnell was at 22% favorable and 43% unfavorable and Schumer was 26% favorable and 30% unfavorable. Worse yet-- for them and their parties-- voters are starting to say they will take out their dislike for the leaders on their own candidates for Congress. Look at this:

Asking voters the same question for Pelosi and Schumer yield about the same ugly results. On the other hand, registered Democratic voters still back their partys legislative leaders. 45% said theyd be more likely to vote for a member who supported Pelosi, with 21% saying theyd be less likely. Among...


Philadelphia to Celebrate Dubois Birthday Black Agenda Report

Philadelphia to Celebrate Dubois Birthday

glen Tue, 10/24/2017 - 07:15

Next year marks the 150th birthday of the great Black scholar-activist W.E.B. Dubois. To celebrate the occasion, the Philadelphia Saturday Free School will mount a year-long literacy and democracy campaign titled Philadelphia Reads W.E.B. Dubois. Duboisian scholar Dr. Anthony Monteiro said the campaign will explore the totality of Dubois work, with the aim of enhancing the ability of Black working class and poor people to fight for our rights and for peace and justice.


Army Ranger Kris Paronto SAVAGES JoyAnn Reid For Comparing Niger Attack to Benghazi The Gateway Pundit

MSNBCs host of AM Joy, JoyAnn Reid stepped on rake after she angrily demanded why U.S. troops were in Niger following the death of four U.S. Special Operators. She also compared the Niger attack to Benghazi. 

Bad move.

Ms. Reid never thinks before she speaks which is why she is known for her ignorant remarks. Obama sent the Special Ops troops to Niger in February of 2013 according to a Reuters report.

According to Reuters reported:

Obama, in a letter to congressional leaders, said the last 40 of the approximately 100 military personnel had arrived in Niger on Wednesday and were deployed with weapons for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security.

This deployment will provide support for intelligence collection and will also facilitate intelligence sharing with French forces conducting operations in Mali, and with other partners in the region, the president said.
JoyAnn Reid asked several times what American special forces were doing in Niger (Obama sent them there, genius)


Again, she is demanding to know what U.S. special forces are doing in Niger

Dumb as a brick JoyAnn Reid popped off asking, Again: why are US troops in Niger? And why havent the re...


Womens March Promoted Russian Propaganda Weasel Zippers

Not only that, but there were Russian operatives organizing and/or participating in Black Lives Matter protests in Charlotte after the Keith Lamont Scott shooting and against the Dakota Access Pipeline (because that would impinge on Russian control of oil and add to our energy independence). Via Daily Caller: A popular Instagram account that promoted a []


DA Wants Sugar Bears Blood Black Agenda Report

DA Wants Sugar Bears Blood

glen Tue, 10/24/2017 - 07:07

Courts threw out Robert Sugar Bear Larks conviction in a 1979 murder because Blacks had been systematically kept off Philadelphia juries. The citys District Attorney is now demanding that a new jury put the 63 year-old Lark to death. Although Lark is not a political prisoner in the traditional sense of the word, said longtime Mumia Abu Jamal supporter Dr. Johanna Fernandez, Lark seems to have been targeted because of his outspokenness against political corruption and police misconduct in Philadelphia.


FBI Tries to Shield Violent White Supremacists Black Agenda Report

FBI Tries to Shield Violent White Supremacists

glen Tue, 10/24/2017 - 06:55

Activists in cites nationwide marked National Stop Police Brutality Day, this past weekend, including Newark, New Jerseys Peoples Organization for Progress (POP). POP chairman Larry Hamm noted that the FBI come up with a new designation for Black political activists. Weve had a rise in activities among white supremacist and racist hate groups, said Hamm. What the FBI is trying to do is take the spotlight off these groups and put it on groups they call Black Identity Extremists, which are actually fighting to protect the interests of the Black community.


State Dept. Admits Theres 40,000 Clinton Emails They Never Read The Last Refuge

A stunning admission today from the U.S. State Department considering all of the dismissive declarations from the Clintons, the FBI, DOJ and State Department before the 2016 election. The State Deparment now admits theres over 40,000 Clinton emails, created on Continue reading


Trump Isn't Making America Great Again But He's Sure Making It More Overtly Racist Again DownWithTyranny!

A recent study by Pew concludes that over 58% of Americans believe racism is a "big problem" in society. H. Richard Milner, a noted researcher and expert on race and education at the University of Pittsburgh says that, "education is the key to addressing inequity and racism in society," and if we are not, "working in education to combat racism, we are complicit in maintaining inequity and the status quo." Are educators prepared and willing to take this on? This post by C.M. Rubin, opened up the conversation on racism and the role of education with millennial bloggers around the globe. With Trump "teaching" racism from his bizarro-world bully pulpit, combatting racism and bigotry has taken on a new and, for some, sudden urgency.
Milner notes that teachers can struggle with tools to advance justice-centered curriculum and instructional opportunities that work against racism and therefore education programs for teachers must support them in developing knowledge and skills in ways that centralize race so that students can examine both localized and global perspectives and worldviews. Additionally, school administrators and policies must be in place that advance agendas that encourage and expect race-central learning opportunities and especially discourse. Beyond these stakeholders, Milner recommends that students, community members, families and parents be part of the learning discourse providing perspectives about their own worlds and experiences.
The young bloggers from all over the world who Rubin gathered are innovators in entrepreneurship, journalism, education, entertainment, health and well-being and academic scholarship. Her question to them was simple enough: "Do we need to talk more about racism in Education?" Let's take a look at a few of the responses:

Bonnie Chiu, Hong Kong-...


Podestas Green Company Forced to Close Because Hillary Lost the Election Weasel Zippers

Bet on the wrong horse. Via Daily Caller: Joule Unlimited, a secretive green energy company that appears to have placed a big bet hiring Democratic insider John Podesta to its board, appears to have been doomed when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. When the 2016 presidential election ended, senior company []


Khizr Khan Uses Deceased Child To Fundraise For Dems: My Son Died For This Country, Will You Chip In $1 Before Midnight? The Gateway Pundit

In what has to be one of the most tasteless fundraising emails to date, Gold Star father Khizr Khan is asking donors to give to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), writing my son died for this country, will you chip in $1 before midnight? 

Khan has chided President Trump for politicizing, the death of Sgt. La David Johnson, yet is asking for a measly $1 on behalf of Democrats while evoking his deceased military son.

Dave Levinthal, a senior political reporter for Publici, tweeted a copy of the letter on Monday evening.

The emails reads from Khizr Khan via the DCCC:

I love this country. My son died for this country. And like you, I watched Donald Trumps latest attack on Gold Star families in horror. While Donald Trumps word are devastating, theyre not surprising. Donald Trump cant comprehend the sacrifice from our service members and families like mine. Dee, I know the only way to stop Trump is to win a Democratic House. Id walk barefoot to every district in the country if it means Democrats win. But I cant do it alone. I need you fighting with me. Will you chip in $1 before midnight?

Khizr Khan was on CBS News Face The Nation this weekend, speaking out against President Trump and Gen. John Kellys reaction to Rep. Frederica Wilson condolence call statements.

Daily Mail UK reports:

Khizr Khan slammed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Sunday, lamenting that the de...


Its Out There Wikileaks Shows Clintons Knew Uranium One Was Major Scandal in 2015 The Gateway Pundit

Hillary Clinton likes to laugh off the Uranium One scandal as a debunked right-wing conspiracy, however; internal emails show the Clinton camp was panicking as the conservative media revealed the dirty details of pay-to-play.

Wikileaks leaked a Podesta email dated 4/29/2015 with the subject line Its out there. (screenshot below) The original email from Tony Carrk (Hillarys research director) to Jennifer Palmieri (Hillarys director of communications) and Brian Fallon (CNN hack and Hillarys press secretary) linked to a Daily Caller article titled, Firm Co-Founded By Hillarys Campaign Chair Lobbies For Russias Uranium One.

The Daily Caller article was then forwarded to then-campaign chairman John Podesta with an FYI.

Senate records show that The Podesta Group has lobbied the State Department on behalf of Uranium One  once in 2012, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and once in 2015.

Uranium One paid The Podesta Group $40,000 to lobby the State Department, the Senate, the National Park Service and the National Security Council for international mining projects, according to a July 20, 2012 filing.

The Podesta Group which was founded by brothers Tony and John Podesta (although John Podesta hasnt worked for the company in several years) was paid $40,000 by Uranium One to lobby the State Department, the Senate, the National Park Service and the National Security Council for international...


CNN Unveils Credibility Recovery Campaign Using Apples and Bananas Fails Miserably The Last Refuge

Throughout the past several years CNN has lost all credibility and spiraled themselves into such diminished brand value they are now routinely subjected to snark and ridicule at their inaccurate reporting. Every attempt CNN has made to try and push-back Continue reading


Judge Orders State Department To Explain Delay In Processing Clinton Emails Weasel Zippers

Their copy machine broke. Via Daily Caller: A federal judge ordered the Department of State on Thursday to explain their delayed pace in producing emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stored on a private server. A hearing was held to check in on the State Departments progress in processing and releasing 72,000 pages of []


Sotheby's Islamic World Sale bensozia

Some highlights from Sotheby's upcoming Arts of the Islamic World sale in London. This is a prince's coat from India, embroidered with Basra seed pearls,19th century.

Illuminated manuscript of the Diwan of the Persian poet known...


Trump Promises No Change to Your 401(k) Weasel Zippers

There had been reports that he was going to try to limit 401(k)s, but hes saying thats not true. Via Newsmax: President Donald Trump promised Monday that there will be NO change to your 401(k). His message on Twitter shortly before 8 a.m. addresses widespread concern that his tax plan would drastically reduce tax breaks []


BOOM! Attorney Toensing: My Client Knows What Russians Were Saying During Bribery of Clintons (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Washington DC lawyer Victoria Toensing went on with Lou Dobbs on Monday.

Victoria discussed her whistleblower client has information on the Uranium One scandal.

Toensings client is an American businessman who worked for years undercover as an FBI confidential witness, according to John Solomon and Alison Spann at The Hill. The man was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from telling Congress about conversations and transactions he witnessed related to the Russian nuclear industrys efforts to win favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton and influence Obama administration decisions, his lawyer tells The Hill.

On Monday Toensing told Dobbs her client knows what the Russians were saying during the bribery of the Clinton cabal.

Lou Dobbs: Weigh for us the impact of what he does know and what you may have learned from him.

Victoria Toensing: Its quite significant. He can tell what all of the Russians were talking about during the time that the bribery payments were made.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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Creepy Kids Book Claims Women Did Nothing In The World Until Hillary Clinton Was Born Weasel Zippers

From the book Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born To Lead Yikes! HT Beth Lynch


AG Sessions Unleashes Crime Task Force To Destroy MS-13 Like Al Capone The Gateway Pundit

President Trump ran in 2016 as the law and order candidate, vowing to eradicate MS-13 in the United States. On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled a new effort to remove the gang from neighborhoods across the country with a renewed vigor and a sharpened focus.

Washington Times reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that hes designated the MS-13 street gang as a priority for the Justice Departments Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces enabling authorities to target the gang with a broader array of federal resources.

Now they will go after MS-13 with a renewed vigor and a sharpened focus, Mr. Sessions said Monday as he addressed the International Association of Chiefs of police conference in Philadelphia. Just like we took Al Capone off the streets with our tax laws, we will use whatever laws we have to get MS-13 off of our streets.

The priority designation will instruct federal agencies such as the IRS, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to target the El Salvador-based gang not just with drug laws but also tax, racketeering and firearms laws.

Sessions launch of the new task force is the most significant development in the Trump administrations war against street gangs since the spring.

The Trump administration conducted a six-week sweep of suspected gang members with the final number arrested being 1,378. This is the largest gang sweep by ICEs Homeland Security Investigations yet. The operation ran from March 26 to May 6 with some of the major targets being: gang members and those involved with transnational criminal activity, including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling, sex trafficking, murder and racketeering.

Fox News reports:

Gangs threaten the safety of our communities, not just in major metropolitan areas, but in our suburbs and rural areas, too, ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said Thursday. Gang-related violence and criminal activity present an ongoing challenge for law enforcement everywhere.

According to ICE, of the 1,378 total arrested, 933 were U.S. citizens, and 1,095...


Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford Press Conference: U.S. Troop Deaths and Niger Mission The Last Refuge

[Extensive Regional Back-Story after Presser and MSM report] Earlier today Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford held a press conference to discusses the four U.S. deaths during a mission in Niger on October 3rd and Continue reading


Bill OReilly Claims Eric Bollings Son Is Dead Because Of Allegations Against His Father, Bolling Says Leave His Son Out Of It Weasel Zippers

Wow. Just wow. Via Washington Examiner: Former Fox News host Eric Bolling wants onetime colleague Bill OReilly to leave his recently deceased son out of discussions of sexual harassment allegations at the network. Just as Bill OReilly had wanted to shield his children from the allegations against him, I hope he will honor my request []


On November 8, liberals will scream helplessly at the sky Fellowship of the Minds

This takes Trump Derangement Syndrome to a whole new level. On November 8, at 6 pm EST, thousands of people will gather at the Boston Common on Charles St., Boston, Massachusetts, angrily look up at the sky, and scream helplessly. Continue reading


BREAKING: Morocco Arrests 6 Suspected ISIS Militants Weasel Zippers

Via JPost: RABAT Moroccan authorities said on Monday they had arrested six suspected Islamic State militants who had been planning attacks. The arrested belonged to a group linked to Islamic State that was dismantled this month which had been active in eight towns and cities and which had planned terrorist operations, an official statement []


Fewer Police Officers Volunteer to Work Dolphins Games Due to Continued Anti-Police NFL Protests The Gateway Pundit

Miami Dophins football players knelt during the National Anthem at their London Game.

The Broward County Sheriffs Office reported on Saturday that fewer officers would work the upcoming Miami Dolphin football games.

The local police are upset with the continued anti-police protests during the national anthem.

Only 270 officers volunteered for the game that usually has 400 officers present.

The Miami Herald reported:

The head of the union representing Miami-Dade police officers said there will be less than the ideal number of officers at Hard Rock Stadium for Sundays Dolphins-New York Jets game after officers eschewed the detail in reaction to Dolphins players national anthem protests.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera said Sunday morning the police presence will be the minimal amount where they feel safe, but I dont think theyre going to have the ideal amount.

Rivera said 400 officers would be best for a Dolphins-Jets game, which he said is one of the two or three that generate the most fights in the Hard Rock Stadium stands and create the most problems. He expects there to be 270 officers at Sundays game and the department had to mandate certain officers work to reach that number. Those officers will get overtime pay, which is more than the off-duty rate paid to those who volunteered.

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President Trump Awards Medal of Honor To Captain Gary Michael Rose, United States Army The Last Refuge

Earlier today President Donald Trump awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to Captain Gary Michael Rose, United States Army. [Transcript] 3:27 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Chaplain Hurley. Vice President Pence, Secretary Shulkin, members of Congress, Continue reading


Uranium One Paid Podesta Group $40,000 to Lobby Hillarys State Department For International Mining Projects The Gateway Pundit

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Podesta Group was one of the firms Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed, but you would have to read NINE paragraphs into the NBC News article to learn this. Instead of the story having its own headline, it was buried.

Tony Podesta and his firm, the Podesta Group, are now under federal investigation by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with the Russia investigation, three sources told NBC News.

Excerpt from NBCs August 25th exclusive article. In the original article, Podesta Group is mentioned 9 paragraphs down.

NBC News:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller issued grand jury subpoenas in recent days seeking testimony from public relations executives who worked on an international campaign organized by Paul Manafort, people directly familiar with the matter told NBC News.


The executive said six firms participated in the public relations effort that Manafort coordinated, paid for by a Brussels-based non-profit called the European Center for a Modern Ukraine. The stated goal was to build support for Ukraines entry into the European Union.

Two of the firms, Podesta Group and Mercury LLC, worked in Washington with Manafort partner Rick Gates, according to lobbying disclosure records. Three other firms worked in Europe, the executive said. NBC News could not confirm the identity of those three.

The Podesta Group lobbied the State Department, the Senate AND the NatSec Council on behalf of Russian-owned uranium mining company Uranium One while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The Podesta Group which was founded by brothers Tony and John Podesta (although John Podesta hasnt worked for the company in several years) was paid $40,000 by Uranium One to lobby the State Department, the Senate, the National Park Service and the National Security Council for international mining projects, according to a July 20, 2012 filing, Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller re...


Illegal Aliens Scale Border Fence as MSNBC Reports on Wall Construction (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In the middle of MSNBCs report on President Trumps wall construction, illegal aliens jumped over the U.S.-Mexico border fence near San Diego.

What happened? The people are crossing! MSNBCS Jacob Soboroff pointed out as U.S. border patrol apprehended the border jumpers.

The border agent casually explained dealing with illegal aliens hoping the reality of everyday border enforcement.

It plays out on a regular basis for us, he added.

President Trump is one step closer to fulfilling one of his core campaign promises; building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Eight border wall prototypes are currently under construction in San Diego, California. For the first time, the press has been granted access to cover the construction.

AZ Central reports:

The construction site is about 2 miles east of San Diegos Otay Mesa border crossing, in the foothills of the Otay Mountains.

At 30 feet, the designs dwarf the primary fence that currently marks the international boundary  its made of rusted Vietnam War-era landing mats. They are nearly twice the height of the secondary metal-mesh fence, which ends near where the prototypes are being built.

Their height, officials said, is intended to make a statement to criminals and would-be unauthorized crossers: Stay away.

The 30 feet is very impressive, said Mario Villareal, the division chief for the San Diego Sector Border Patro...


George Clooney: I Knew Nothing About Harvey Weinstein Weasel Zippers

Give us all a break George. Via ABC News: As the accusations of sexual harassment and assault against Harvey Weinstein have mounted, Matt Damon and George Clooney are speaking out, saying they had no idea of the alleged misconduct of the man who helped launch both of their careers. Interested in Harvey Weinstein? Add Harvey []


Jeff Sessions Sics Federal Task Force On MS-13 Gang Weasel Zippers

  Good. Screw them. The Department of Justice has asked an interagency task force to step up efforts to fight the violent transnational MS-13 gang, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday. The Justice Departments Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force will make MS-13 a priority, Sessions said during a speech to the International Association of []


Cowboys Owner: No Question the NFL Is Suffering from Protests The Gateway Pundit

On September 25th Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones joined his team in taking a knee before the National Anthem.

Then the team stood up locking arms for the National Anthem.

The next week after the NFL ratings dropped for the second week in a row Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told players to stand for the National Anthem.

On Sunday during the Cowboys game Defensive Lineman David Erving raised the black power fist after the National Anthem.

The protests are having an impact on the NFL. Ratings continue to slip week after week.

Earlier Monday Papa Johns told the NFL their sales were down during games.
This cant be good.

On Monday Jerry Jones admitted there is no question the NFL is suffering due to the anti-military National Anthem protests.
Mediaite reported:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones the NFLs most prominent and visible team owner is making a frank, if obvious, admission: The protests are negatively impacting the leagues bottom line.

In comments reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones addressed the issue for the first time since the owners meeting in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests, Jones said.

NFL ratings across the board were down 7.5 percent from 2016 through Week 6, according to ESPN. The league has zeroed in on the protests against racial and social injustice as a primary cause for the ratings drop.

The po...


Singer Sam Smith: I Feel Just as Much Woman as I Am Man Weasel Zippers

what? Via Cosmo: Singer Sam Smith (also known as the man whose music is responsible for 90 percent of your ugly-crying) has opened up about being gender non-binary. I love a heel. Ive got loads of heels at home, he said. People dont know this, but when I was 17, I remember becoming obsessed with []


Unless One Starts Openly Wearing Nazi Insignia, How Do You Keep Score Of Which GOP Candidate Is More Right-Wing? DownWithTyranny!

Earlier today we talked about the increasingly out of control Republican Civil War. It ties together the deterioration of the adherence of the GOP base to GOP congressional leaders, the toxicity of Ryan and McConnell, the neo-fascist jihad launched by the Mercers and their boy Bannon against the Republican establishment and Trump's reverse Midas touch in Republican politics. We looked at a random North Carolina congressional race, a proxy war between Bannon and Rove that has Ryan peeing in his panties. Now let's turn to the same dynamics in Mississippi and a whole other cockamamie Senate race shaping up in Tennessee.

Jeremy Peters covered the incipient mayhem shaping up in Mississippi for the NY Times. Last cycle far right crackpot, neo-Nazi state Senator Chris McDaniel was cheated out of a sure win against GOP basket case Thad Cochran. He's back this year, with a vengeance... and Steve Bannon, who, Peters writes, "is hoping to make Mississippi the next domino to fall in an insurgency that would remake the Senate-- and the Republican Party."
If Mr. McDaniel runs, as expected, he will face Senator Roger Wicker in a primary in June-- the first election next year in which Republican Senate candidates would square off. The race could offer an early answer to a question that is vital to the partys future: Does the effort to replace sitting Republicans with populist conservatives in the mold of Mr. Trump have a credible chance of maturing into a national movement?

Its backers are already plotting a course across the South and then westward to states like Nevada, Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah. In all of those states, the insurgents have a rallying cry in Mr. Trumps name and a villain in the Washingtons Republican leadership, es...


Today's World War II Fact bensozia

Poland alone lost more citizens than all of the Western European nations, Britain, and the U.S. combined.

Victor Davis Hanson, The Second World Wars


South Carolina Governor To Ban Sanctuary Cities In State Weasel Zippers

Good. Via WCNC: COLUMBIA, S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster unveiled a new initiative Monday to ensure that there will be no sanctuary cities in South Carolina. According to a press release from McMasters office, the proposed legislation would supplement the existing immigration law that requires reasonable efforts be made in determining whether a person in []


Russia-China Tandem Changes the World Consortiumnews

The Wests persistent demonization of Russia over the past decade has pushed Moscow into a de facto alliance with China, changing the geopolitical landscape in ways that U.S. pundits still wont admit, writes Gilbert Doctorow. By Gilbert Doctorow Much of


Week 7: Guide To NFL Players Who Protested During National Anthem Shadowproof

President Donald Trump threw another Twitter tantrum after several National Football League players protested during the national anthem on Sunday. He accused the NFL of showing no leadership when it comes to suppressing the free speech actions of players.

But it is not as if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell supports players, who are protesting during the anthem. Goodell said last week, following meetings with representatives from the NFL Players Association, that he thought players should stand. The NFL and team owners are trying to get to a point where no players are kneeling or sitting.

What Trump is upset with is that a private organization will not penalize or discipline its employees as they engage in freedom of expression that he abhors.

Nevertheless, owners like Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have led the way in pressuring players to end their demonstration. There is no question the league is suffering negative effects from these protests, Jones declared. He promises to bench any player who disrespects the flag, even though this is about police brutality and racism and not national symbols.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett responded, saying Jones comments reminded him of the Dred Scott case: Youre property, so you dont have the ability to be a person first.

In this generation, I think that sends the wrong message to young kids and young people all across the world that your employer doesnt see you as a human being, they see you as a piece of property, and if thats the case, then I dont get it. I just dont get why you dont see us as human beings first, Bennett added.

Taking a knee started with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the 2016 preseason. He declared, I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. (He was referring to police who gun down black men and face nearly zero consequences for their actions.)

NFL owners blackballed Kaepernick. Several of them donated to Trumps inaugural committee or his presidential campaign.

There are larger systemic issues motivating the protest of players, but a few players, like Bennett, say they must show solidarity with Kaepernick. The first step to even being able to even have a conversation is making sure that Colin Kaepernick gets an o...


Acusado de explorar trabalhadores, presidente da Riachuelo denuncia plano comunista no Brasil The Intercept

SO PAULO, SP, BRASIL, 22.09.2017 - O empresrio Flavio Rocha, proprietrio da Riachuelo, posa para entrevista Folha em sua residncia no Jardim Europa, na zona oeste de So Paulo (SP). (Foto: Keiny Andrade/Folhapress)


As Trump Preens, Puerto Rico Still Suffers Consortiumnews

Many Puerto Ricans continue to live in primitive and dangerous conditions more than a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory in the Caribbean, as Judith Berkan explained to Dennis J Bernstein.   By Dennis J Bernstein Last Thursday,


Megyn Kelly: Bill OReilly Says No One Complained About His Sexual Harassment, Hes Wrong Because I Did Weasel Zippers

OReillys suggestion that no one ever complained about his behavior is false. I know because I complained. @megynkelly on Bill OReilly TODAY (@TODAYshow) October 23, 2017 Except she wasnt complaining about knowing about any sexual harassment to her or to anyone else, she complained to Fox about what Bill OReilly said in defense []


Strategic Winning Singapore Airlines Signs $14 Billion Deal With Boeing During White House Diplomatic Visit The Last Refuge

MAGAnomics is about gaining serious economic benefits for the middle-class; the Trump Doctrine is about securing the national security interests of the U.S. through economic leverage and economic partnerships; put them together and you have Boeing Airline Manufacturer signing a Continue reading


The Strange World of Russian Trolls by William Blum Dandelion Salad

by William Blum Writer, Dandelion Salad Killing Hope October 23, 2017 Capturing the wisdom and the beauty of Donald J. Trump in just one statement escaping from his charming mouth: Our military has never been stronger. Each day, new equipment is delivered; new and beautiful equipment, the best in the world the best anywhere []


Male Feminist Writer Fired By GQ Magazine After Woman Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault Weasel Zippers

Anyone else seeing a pattern here? Via Fox News: A male feminist writer has been fired by the prestigious GQ Magazine after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her outside a bar. The writer, Rubert Myers, apologized to his accuser after she outed him on Twitter. Having been made aware of some allegations against []


Media Lied About Pres. Trump Paper Towel Toss at Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Center: Volunteer The Gateway Pundit

A volunteer who witnessed the visit by President Donald Trump to a hurricane relief center in Puerto Rico has written an article about the visit that accuses the media of lying about Trump and the moment he tossed paper towels to the assembled crowd. Video (posted below) by C-SPAN proves the volunteer right.

Screen image shows hurricane victim enjoying rare moment of fun with the paper towel toss.

Joel Enrique Salgado, Esq., in an article published Saturday at the Media Research Centers Newsbusters site, said he was a volunteer at Calvary Chapel in Guaynabo when Trump visited the hurricane relief center on October 3.


I have never received more insults in my life, all for simply participating as a volunteer in President Trumps visit with Hurricane Mara victims seeking supplies at Calvary Chapel in Puerto Rico.

As a result of all the distorted portrayals and misinformation that have been spread about what the President did during his October 3 visit, I have decided to offer this firsthand account, which I trust will reach those who criticized without knowing all the facts, along with those who deliberately decided to present just one brief scene from the event in order to justify their hatred and political opposition against Donald Trump.

The media that failed to accurately report on the distribution of water, food and other supplies to 300 hurricane victims during the Presidents visit are guilty of crass dishonesty and manipulation. Their purpose was obviously to inflame public opinion against the President, which in turn fomented the resulting insults from individuals who believed the false and deliberately incomplete reports.

To set the record straight: most of the Presidents visit to Calvary Chapel was taken up with talking and taking pictures with the people near the tables of supplies, and then handing out those supplies. Near the end of the visit, after spending several minutes handing out supplies such as canned chicken, flashlights, rice and water, he spent about 30 seconds tossing rolls of paper towels to people further back in the crowd who were not able to move toward the front where he was handing things out.

The reality is that the Presidents tow...


Did Matt Drudge Reveal POTUS Set For Mueller Grilling? Upcoming Questioning of Trump Should Be Televised! The Gateway Pundit

In a rare tweet Monday, media pioneer Matt Drudge suggested Robert Muellers upcoming questioning of Trump, should be televised perhaps revealing, despite recent reports, that President Trump is set to be interviewed by the Special Counsel.

If true, once again, Drudge is ahead of the curve with the inside scoop. 

Muellers upcoming questioning of Trump should be televised! Simply too much distrust in process. Grand Jury heavily stacked with Dem voters, tweeted Drudge.

Over the weekend, President Trump told Fox Business Networks Maria Bartiromo that no request has been made to interview with Mueller.

The Hill reports:

I dont know. I mean I nobodys asked me to do that, Trump told Fox Business Networks Maria Bartiromo when asked if he would do an interview with Mueller.

Bartiromo pointed to media reports that Trumps legal team was weighing whether the president should interview with the special counsel.

Trump continued to insist during the Fox Business interview that there is no collusion amid federal and congressional probes into his campaign associates ties to Russia during the 2016 election.

There is no collusion, I can tell you that, Trump said, claiming everybodys seen that.

Muellers team interviewed Priebus on October 13th, reports POLITICO.

POLITICO reports:

Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus was interviewed by special counsel Robert Muellers team on Friday, according to his lawyer, William Burck.

Mr. Priebus was voluntarily interviewed by Special Counsel Muellers team today. He was happy to answer all of their questions,...


Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: Niger Is Trumps Benghazi Weasel Zippers

Do sequins cause brain damage? (CNN) After President Donald Trump repeatedly referred to her as a wacky Congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson fired back on Sunday morning, saying that the ambush in Niger that left four US soldiers dead is (Trumps) Benghazi and demanding an apology to the nation from White House chief of staff []


Will Trumps sabotage wreck your health care? WORDVIRUS

Christopher Baum explains what Trumps executive orders on health care will meanand why no one should settle for the Democrats bipartisan compromise.

Donald Trump signs an executive order on health care (Andrea Hanks |

Donald Trump signs an executive order on health care (Andrea Hanks |

OBAMACARE IS finished, Donald Trump told reporters on October 16. Its dead. Its gone. You shouldnt even mention it. Its gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore.

Just saying the same thing over and over doesnt make it true. But Trump has certainly been busy trying to turn these words into reality.

This summer, Senate Republicans failed three times to repeal and replace the Obama administrations Affordable Care Act (ACA), thus denying Trump the victory hes been promising to his right-wing base since last years election campaign.

But Trump has the power to do a lot of harm on his own, without any help from Congress. In October, he kicked his sabotage efforts into high gearfirst by dismantling the ACAs contraceptive mandate and then with a pair of orders that threaten to undermine the insurance markets established under the ACA.

A bipartisan pair of senators, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Patty Murray of Washington, are proposing a bill that they say will stop the Obamacare system from crashing because of Trumps unaccountable orders.

But predictably, the bill is tailored to the concerns of the insurance companies threatened with a loss of federal government money to cover premium subsidies for poor and working-class Americans, rather than the problems so many millions of people face because of the ACAand theres no guarantee that Trump will support the bipartisan dea...


Director of the Indian Health Service: Who Is Robert Weaver? [News - AllGov]

Directors of the Indian Health Service, which provides health services to many Native Americans and Alaska Natives, have mostly been medical or public health professionals. Robert M. Weaver, nominated October 6, 2017, to lead the organization, is an insurance broker.


Weaver is a member of the Quapaw tribe, based in Oklahoma. He graduated from Baxter Springs High School in Baxter Springs, Kansas in 1996. He attended Missouri Southern State University from 1996 to 2002, studying marketing, accounting and Spanish, and spent 1997 studying at Mexicos University of Michoacan.


Beginning in 1997, Weaver worked for hospitals and healthcare facilities handling billing, registration and negotiating with insurance companies. In 2007, he decided to move to the other side of the table as founder, president and CEO of RWI Benefits, which provides insurance and manages insurance and other benefits. In 2010, he set up a plan that the Quataw tribe was able to offer free to its members. Weaver set up Native Care Health, a third-party administrative firm, in 2012.


Weaver published a paper (pdf) in January 2017 that criticized the Affordable Care Act, while lauding its benefits for Native Americans. He urged that protections for Native Americans be kept, while asserting that Healthcare and health insurance will improve for Americans in general under the replacement plan. Of course, no such plan had been published at that time.

Weaver went on to offer suggestions to change insurance regulations as they apply to Native American tribes, with many of the changes, including block grants from the federal government to tribes and loosening of regulations, potentially beneficial to the bottom line of RWI Benefits.


Weaver and his wife, Blythe, have four children.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Robert Weaver CV

White Paper: Native American Health Care (by Robert M. Weaver) (pdf)

Robert Weaver: Making Health Care Affordable for Indian Country...


No Joke: CNN Debuts New Slogan Facts First Weasel Zippers

Genius! Some people might try to tell you that its a banana. #FactsFirst CNN (@CNN) October 23, 2017


President Trump Congratulates Japanese Prime Minister Abe on Overwhelming Election Victory The Last Refuge

The White House shares that President Donald Trump called Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Sunday to congratulate him on his overwhelming victory. PM Abe had called a snap election and his ruling coalition won a clear majority with more than Continue reading


The US lurches toward military dictatorship WORDVIRUS

23 October 2017

The militarist diatribe by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired Marine general, at a White House press briefing last week laid bare an open secret of American politics: behind the faade of democratic rule, the United States increasingly resembles a military dictatorship.

Firing back at criticisms of President Donald Trumps handling of the October 4 deaths of four US soldiers in Niger, Kelly called members of the US military the best one percent this country produces. He then announced that he would take questions only from journalists who were family, friends or acquaintances of soldiers killed in action.

In an expression of undisguised contempt for the civilian government, Kelly denounced Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who had publicly exposed Trumps callousness in his condolence call to the widow of one of the soldiers killed in the October 4 incident. Kelly falsely accused Wilson of bragging about securing funding for a government building in Miami named after slain FBI agents, saying of her: Empty barrels [make] the most noise.

The next day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders implied at a press briefing that any questioning of the pronouncements of the military was out of bounds. If you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, she sai...


Shocker: No Signs Harvey Weinstein Is Taking On The NRA Despite Statement After Sexual Assault Scandal Weasel Zippers

Update to this story. Via WFB: The nations leading gun-control groups told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday that Harvey Weinstein has not given any money to them despite his promise to channel his anger at himself for sexually abusing numerous women into a fight against the National Rifle Association (NRA). We can confirm that []



Myeshia Johnson spoke to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America today and didn't seem angry. She just seemed to be in pain:

Nineteen days after her husbands death and two days after his wrenching burial, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson said she has nothing to say to President Trump, whose condolence call pulled the grieving widow into the center of a national controversy.

Very upset and hurt; it made me cry even worse, Myeshia Johnson told Good Morning America about her conversation with the president.
When I watch the interview, I certainly don't see an angry woman with an agenda. She's just grieving, and understandably upset -- she doesn't know why it took two days recover her husband's body, she doesn't know why she wasn't allowed to see the body -- and her recollection of the call by President Trump has the ring of plain truth:

GS: The president...

MJ: Yes the President, said that he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyway. And it made me cry cause I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said he couldnt remember my husbands name. The only way he remembered my husband's name is because he told me he had my husbands report in front of him and thats when he actually said La David. I heard him stumblin' on trying to remember my husbands name and thats what hurt me the most, because if my husband is out here fighting for our country and he risked his life for our country why cant you remember his name. And thats what made me upset and cry even more because my husband was an awesome soldier. He did what it take other people like five years to do in three years. So imagine if my husband was here now. It took my husband three years to make E-5 -- it takes other soldiers five to six years just to make E-5. So if he was here now he woulda been on his way to bein' the E-6 or E-7. My husband had high hopes in the military career.

GS: What did you say to the President? MJ: I didnt say anything I just listened

GS: But you were upset when you got off the phone?

MJ: Oh very, very upset and hurt. Very it made me cry even worse.
And yet Trump thinks he's winning. Some journalists have noted that, which led to this bit of press criticism:


NY Attorney General Launches Civil Rights Investigation Into The Weinstein Company What Does Malia Obama Know? The Gateway Pundit

On Monday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched a civil rights probe into The Weinstein Company. Former President Barack Obamas daughter, Malia, interned at the film companys New York City offices this year. What does she know?

New York Times reports:

The New York attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, has opened an inquiry into the Weinstein Company examining whether allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against its co-founder Harvey Weinstein reflect broad gender discrimination and other civil rights violations.

No New Yorker should be forced to walk into a workplace ruled by sexual intimidation, harassment or fear, Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement on Monday. If sexual harassment or discrimination is pervasive at a company, we want to know.

On Monday, the attorney generals Civil Rights Bureau sent a subpoena to the company seeking a long list of documents, including personnel files; criteria for hiring, promoting and firing; formal and informal complaints of sexual harassment or other discrimination based on gender or age; and records showing how such complaints were handled, according to a person who has seen the confidential subpoena and who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

A 19-year-old Malia Obama interned at The Weinstein Company and was responsible for evaluating the quality of scripts the office received. If Malia felt the script was up to standards, it was passed on to higher-ups. This very well means Malia could have interfaced with Weinstein Co. executives, and in doing so, was she a witness or subjected to Harvey Weinsteins behavior?

Newsweek reports:

Malia Obama, 19, landed an internship at the Weinstein Company right after her dad left office earlier this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Working in the New York City...


Barry Jones Was Sent to Death Row for the Murder of a 4-Year-Old Girl. Did Arizona Get It Wrong? The Intercept

Traffic travels on Interstate 10 east of Casa Grande, Ariz., on Thursday, Dec. 23, 1999.


U.S. Airstrike Kills 20 ISIS Suicide Bombers In Afghanistan Weasel Zippers

Feel good story of the day. (KP) The Silab Corps of the Afghan National Army in the East has said at least twenty suicide bombers were among the several ISIS militants killed in US airstrike in eastern Nangarhar province. The 201st Silab Corps in a statement said the airstrike was carried out in Pekha []


REPORT: House Investigators File Motion Demanding Fusion GPS Obey Subpoena To Reveal Bank Records The Gateway Pundit

Last week, Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Trump Dossier, requested a U.S. District judge to block investigators from accessing its bank records. Not so fast, says the House Intelligence Committee, who filed a motion demanding Fusion GPS obey the subpoena to reveals its past financial transactions.

Big League Politics reports:

The motion, obtained by Big League Politics, states that public reports reveal that Fusion GPS has allegedly been involved in lobbying against the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (which allows the Executive Branch to impose travel restrictions and sanctions on foreign persons responsible for human rights violations); providing litigation support in the Magnitsky related Prevezon Holdings money laundering case; and receiving compensation from the Russian government.

As part of its inquiry into the Russian active measures targeting the 2016 U.S. election, the Committee seeks, among other things, to understand all facets of the dossier which include: Who paid for it? Who received it? What steps were taken to corroborate the information contained therein? Did the FBI rely on the dossier as part of its counterintelligence investigation that was initiated in July 2016, as publicly announced by former FBI Director James Comey on March 20, 2017? The key to answering many of these questions lies with information in the possession of Fusion GPS, as well as records of one or more Fusion accounts at Defendant Bank, the motion continues.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Trump Dossier, is called on a judge to block House investigators from accessing its bank records. Is Fusion GPS attempting to hide who paid for the Trump Dossier?

Washington Examiner reports:

On the same day, October 4, that the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed three employees of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to testify in the Trump dossier investigation, the committee also subpoenaed TD Bank for Fusions ban...


Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917 by Michael Hudson Dandelion Salad

by Michael Hudson Writer, Dandelion Salad Michael Hudson October 23, 2017 An article written for the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution, to be read in Beijing today. Socialism a century ago seemed to be the wave of the future. There were various schools of socialism, but the common ideal was to guarantee support for []


Shocking the Shock Doctrine: What Recovery in Puerto Rico Could Look Like DownWithTyranny!

The cover of Naomi Klein's best-seller The Shock Doctrine. The book is available here.

by Gaius Publius

If neoliberalism is the belief that the proper role of government is to enrich the rich in Democratic circles they call it "wealth creation" to hide the recipients; Republicans are much more blatant then the "shock doctrine" is its action plan.

Click the link above for more information (or read the book), but in essence the idea is to use any form of disaster, whether earthquake or economic/political crisis, to remake a society in the neoliberal image. To reconstruct the destroyed world, in other words, to the liking of holders of great wealth by privatizing everything of value held by the public (think water rights, public roads); by forcing austerity on cash-strapped governments as the price for "aid" (think loans, not grants, repaid by unwritten social insurance checks); by putting "managers," or simply loan officers, in charge of democratic decision-making.

In simple, a "shock doctrine" solution always takes this form: "Yes, we'll help you, but we now own your farm and what it produces. Also, your family must work on it for the next 50 years."

This is what happened in Chile after Pinochet and his coup murdered the democratically elected socialist Salvador Allende and took over the government. It's what's happening to Greece, victim of collusion between greedy international bankers and the corrupt Greek politicians they cultivated. And it's what happened in the U.S. during the 2008 bailout of bankers, by which government money was sent in buckets to companies like AIG so they could pay their debts in full to companies like Goldman Sachs. While millions of mortgaged homeowners crashed and burned to the ground.

The populist reaction to neoliberal "reform" is usually social revolt, often or usually ineffective, since creditors are, almost by definition, people with money, and people with money, almost by definition, control most governments. In Greece, the revolt sparked the election of an (ineffective) "socialist" government plus the rise of the Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn. In the U.S. the revolt still st...


President Trump and Prime Minister Loong Lee Joint Press Conference 1:45pm Livestream The Last Refuge

President Donald Trump holds a joint Rose Garden press conference with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore. UPDATE: Video Added WH Livestream Link Alternate Live Stream Starting soon! @POTUS and #Singapore's Prime Minister @leehsienloong address reporters at the Continue reading


BREAKING: @LauraLoomer Returns To Vegas, Prepares To Release Previously Unseen #MandalayBay Footage GotNews

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has returned to Las Vegas, pledging to ask the questions the rest of the media has been ignoring. I have decided to return to Las Vegas to continue my investigation into the Las Vegas shooting, Loomer told GotNews. It hasnt even been one month since the shooting, yet local and mainstream []

The post BREAKING: @LauraLoomer Returns To Vegas, Prepares To Release Previously Unseen #MandalayBay Footage appeared first on GotNews.


College President Approves Of White Student Being Harassed By Anti-Racism Protesters: Appropriate All Of Us Of Privilege Feel Uncomfortable Weasel Zippers

Filed under: Dumb things self-hating white people say. Via Free Beacon: The president of Michigans Albion College told a student who said his girlfriend was physically and verbally harassed by anti-racism protesters on campus that it was appropriate that all of us of privilege feel uncomfortable from time to time, according to audio of the []


Singapores Prime Minister Loong On Meeting With POTUS Trump: Our Relations Are Prospering [Full Exchange] The Gateway Pundit

Today, President Trump sat down withLee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore. The exchange took place before the two men are set to give a joint statement concerning the strength of US-Singapore relations under President Trump in the White Houses Rose Garden later this afternoon. Transcript courtesy of the White House:


PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, thank you very much.  We have Prime Minister Lee, a highly respected man.  Singapore, doing well; continues to do well.  You never even see a downturn in Singapore, so I guess you dont agree with that.  (Laughter.)  But I would say looking from the outside, you never see a downturn.

I just want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job.  The relationship that weve had over the years has been very good, but its never been closer than now.  And well be spending a lot of time.

One of the things well be doing in a short period time is signing, together, a very large contract where Singapore is buying billions of dollars worth of airplanes from Boeing that will be made in our country.  So thats jobs.  And youre also buying the best plane, by the way.  So thats very good.

So I just want to thank Prime Minister Lee.  Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER LOONG:  Well, thank you very much.  Very happy to be here with you and to be here at a time when our relations are prospering.  And we look forward to taking them forward, deepening them, and strengthening them for many years to come, and starting with this administration.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thats very good.  I think it will never be stronger.


PRESIDENT TRUMP:  And Ill be going over to that part of the world in two weeks, and stopping in numerous countries, including, as you know, Japan, South Korea, China.  Were going to be stopping in Vietnam and probably the Philippines also.  So it will be a very busy 10 or 11 days.

PRIME MINISTER LOONG:  A very important trip.  We look forward to meeting you and to hearing your message.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Very good.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you, everybody.


The post Singapores Prime Minister Loong On Meeting With POTUS Trump: Our Relations...


#WarOnWomen: Director James Toback accused of sexual misconduct by 38 women Fellowship of the Minds

Gee, I wonder how many in Hollyweird had no idea about this? Oh wait, they did (read below). Cowards and enablers. From Yahoo: In a new Los Angeles Times report, 38 women accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment. The Continue reading


Puts This Country in Danger: Hannity Unloads On Media Failure to Cover Clinton-Uranium Scandal The Gateway Pundit

Fox News host Sean Hannity is fuming over the medias refusal to cover the Clinton-Uranium One scandal. Hannity told his radio show listers that ignoring the scandal puts this country in danger.

Transcript of Sean Hannitys statement below via CNS:

It is a disgrace. And let me be just [as] straightforward as I can possibly be: The news media in this country, they just outright lie to you on a regular basis nonstop almost, a year of conspiracy theories, a year of lies without any evidence, a years [sic] of misleading headlines, a year of false reports that they end up rescinding.

You know, all the evidence of corruption and criminal conduct in one of the biggest American scandals in history involving national security is right in front of the face of every media person. And it involves their favorite country, Russia, Russia, Russia, and their favorite world leader, Putin, Putin, Putin. And they do nothing. They do nothing. That makes them complicit, and that puts this country in danger. Are you listening Fake Jake, and the rest of you over at fake news?

All the media cares about is destroying Donald Trump. Thats their only obsession. I dont even think theyre in touch with their pathological hatred of the president at this point and how agenda driven they are at this point. They know not what they do.

Fox News host Sean Hannity gave his BEST EVER monologue on the Clinton-Uranium One deal bombshell Tuesday night. In a nearly 14 minute throw down, Hannity blasted the Clintons, demanded Mueller, Rosenstein, and Sessions investigate the scandal and smashed the media for endlessly pushing the unproven Russian interference narrative.



British Man Fighting ISIS With Kurds Plays Ariana Grande In Center Of Newly Liberated Raqqa Weasel Zippers

Probably the only time Ill approve someone playing an Ariana Grande song.



Breaking: Top Advertiser Papa Johns Warns NFL Pizza Sales Are Dropping During Games (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Several NFL stadiums were nearly empty post kick-off this past weekend as the NFL National Anthem controversy rolled into week 7.

The Cleveland Browns stadium looked nearly empty before the kickoff against the Tennessee Titans.

There is growing concern among NFL advertisers that this anti-American protest is affecting their sales.

Papa Johns recently told the NFL their sales are down this year during NFL games.

This must be very concerning to the pizza chain and to the NFL. Social Justice Protests continued this week at several NFL games

The post Breaking: Top Advertiser Papa Johns Warns NFL Pizza Sales Are Dropping During Games (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.



BREAKING: State Department Sitting on 76,000 Clinton Docs Wont Release Until 2020! The Gateway Pundit

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Monday morning that the Tillerson State Department is sitting on 76,000 Clinton docs and wont release them until the year 2020.

Via Judicial Watch:

 Judicial Watch announced that the State Department revealed in a federal court hearing that it has yet to process 40,000 of 72,000 pages of Hillary Clinton records that the FBI recovered last year. The revelation came during a federal court hearing in Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clintons emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)). The case is before Judge James E. Boasberg.

The hearing focused on the State Departments progress on processing the tens of thousands of emails Clinton failed to disclose when she served as Secretary of State, some of which were emails sent by Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. The State Department has processed 32,000 pages of emails so far, a small number of which have been released, but 40,000 pages remain to be processed.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton had this to say about the new developments:



Jimmy And Roslyn Carter Throw More Shade At The Obama And The Clintons Weasel Zippers

Epic burns. Read to the end. Via Biz Pac Review: Depending on your politics and tolerance for economic malaise, Jimmy Carter may have been one of the worst presidents in modern history, but most consider him an honorable man and few have accused the former president of the inability to call a spade a spade. []


MEGYN KELLY Continues to Bash FOX News as Her Ratings Continue to Drop The Gateway Pundit

Variety reported:

Megyn Kelly went on the offensive against Bill OReilly and Fox News on Monday, calling out the cabler for what she characterized as its failure to address complaints about OReillys behavior during his time at the company.

Kelly, who left Fox in January for NBC News, went so far as to single out Fox News media relations chief Irena Briganti for vindictiveness. Kelly alleged that Briganti has spread negative information about some women who accused the late Fox News founder and CEO Roger Ailes of harassment.

Ailes was forced out in July 2016 following a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson an action that spurred the current wave of harassment claims against powerful media and entertainment industry figures. OReilly was fired in April after the New York Times detailed his history of settling harassment claims

Kelly opened Mondays edition of her 9 a.m. Megyn Kelly Today talk show addressing the latest revelation of an OReilly sexual harassment settlement. Kelly read from an email she sent Fox News management in November 2016 complaining that OReillys comments on harassment during an appearance on CBS This Morning sent the wrong message to women at Fox News and elsewhere. OReilly said during that appearance that employees should not take steps that make their employer look bad. That was widely interpreted as a slam on Kellys inclusion of a passage in her just-released memoir Settle for More about sexual harassment that she faced early on from Ailes.

Once again Megyn Kelly is not being completely honest.

Back in November 2016 when Kelly was still at FOX News Bill OReilly attacked her for not showing loyalty to her employer.
It was not about sexual abuse accusations.

Bill OReilly ended his top-rated show The OReilly Factor back on November 15th by telling his audience to show loyalty to your employer.


Bill OReilly: So heres the deal. If somebody is paying you a wage you owe that person or company allegiance. If you dont like whats happening in the workplace go to human resources or...


Whether Trumps Refugee Ban Expires or Not, the U.S. Will Take in a Record Low Number of Refugees The Intercept

Iraqi civilians arrive at Maktab Khalid region near Kirkuk, Iraq on Dec. 7, 2016 to take shelter near peshmerga forces after they have fled from Daesh controlled Hawija district of Kirkuk, to find safer locations.


Harvard: North Korea Preparing Smallpox, Plague Attacks Weasel Zippers

Oh, how lovely. Lil Kim is trying to figure out his options. You have one. Back out, now. Via Newsmax: Aside from threatening nuclear war against the United States, North Korea is also suspected of secretly developing a vast biological-weapons program that could unleash fear and death in crowded cities, a Harvard University study warns. []


Neutrogena spokeswoman actress Gabrielle Union advocates rimming Fellowship of the Minds

Are we in Hell yet? Gabrielle Union, 44, is an actress whose movies (The Brothers, Deliver Us from Eva, etc.) and TV show of which Id never heard, even less watched. She is also a spokeswoman for Neutrogena, which no Continue reading


Hillary Calls Uranium One Stories Debunked Weasel Zippers

No, they havent been debunked, which is why the FBI is investigating. Via Daily Caller: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the stories about her and former President Clinton helping Russia obtain drilling rights in the U.S. through Uranium One have been debunked and are just people peddling bologna. I would say its the []


Civil Rights Groups Sue Ben Carson for Delaying Anti-Segregation Housing Reform The Intercept

A coalition of civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit Monday against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and its secretary, Ben Carson. The suit is aimed at stopping a move by Carson the civil rights groups say will only further racial and economic segregation.

A policy known as the Small Area Fair Market Rent rule was set to go into effect on January 1, 2018, after years of advocacy, research, and public debate. In August, however, HUD abruptly announced it would be delaying the rules implementation for two years, claiming that further study was needed.

Brian Sullivan, a HUD spokesperson, told The Intercept that while his office cannot comment on any pending litigation, the delay of the Small Area rule does not represent any change in agency policy. I gather there are some who believe this is a change of policy, or that it might signal a change in policy, but there is no change in policy, he said. Sullivan also referred to a blog post HUD posted on August 25 reiterating this point, specifically that the delay was a decision informed by research and that waiting until next summer when the pilots final report is released will allow for more successful implementation.

More than 5 million people in 2.2 million households use federal housing choice vouchers colloquially referred to as Section 8, referencing the statute that created the subsidies to help afford rent on the private market. The subsidies, however, are based on metropolitan-wide rent formulas, meaning that many low-income families are often relegated into communities with few job opportunities, poor-quality schools, and high crime rates. The rule change would have required or will require public housing authorities to calculate so-called fair market rents based on ZIP codes instead.

While tweaking a rent subsidy formula sounds minor and technical, the policy could impact millions of low-income people, especially African-Americans, who represent a disproportionate number of voucher holders.

The delay of this rule will have a s...


Extreme Isolation for U.S. Prisoners Shields Torture From Public View and Accountability The Intercept

Lynne Stewart, center, is surrounded by supporters and reporters in New York after a federal appeals court in New York City said a judge who sentenced Stewart to just over two years in prison should consider a harsher sentence in light of her case's terrorism connection.


WOW! James Comey Reveals Secret Twitter Account Is HIS?! (PHOTO) The Gateway Pundit

A Twitter account by the name of Reinhold Niebuhr, presumably run by former FBI Director James Comey, has been sending out a series of cryptic tweets.

Cristina at The Gateway Pundit wrote about this earlier

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, James Comey admitted that he was secretly on Twitter and Instagram. In March, Gizmodo figured out which account he was operating in stealth.well not so stealth anymore.

The sleuth at Gizmodo, Ashley Feinberg, was tipped off by Comeys own words regarding his Twitter and Instagram:

I care deeply about privacy, treasure it. I have an Instagram account with nine followers. Nobody is getting in. Theyre all immediate relatives and one daughters serious boyfriend. I let them in because theyre serious enough. I dont want anybody looking at my photos. I treasure my privacy and security on the internet. My job is public safety.

After finding one of Comeys sons on Instagram, a request was made to follow the account. Instagram then suggests other people to follow based on an algorithm that tracks other people associated with this accountOOPS!

The name Reinhold Niebuhr popped up.

A quick Google search of Reinhold Niebuhr revealed:

By senior year, Comey was a double major in religion and chemistry, writing a senior thesis on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and televangelist Jerry Falwell and on his way to the University of Chicago Law School.

The name Reinhold Niebuhr ultimately led the investigation to the Twitter account which is usually protected from public viewing.

Strange how the FBI Director cant even cover his own tracks on social media

On Wednesday afternoon, the Reinhold Niebuhr Twitter account, presumably run by James Comey sent out a very rare tweet in what appeared to be a response to President Trumps tweetstorm slamming the former FBI Director.

Comeys tweet from Wednesday, Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson. Many people interpreted this as a Benedict Arnold reference.


The Men Injured After Bergdahl Deserted Are Speaking At His Sentencing Weasel Zippers

One of the many things for which he is responsible. Via Daily Mail: Three men who were wounded while searching for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be included in the case against him. One soldier who searched for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl uses a wheelchair now, unable to speak because of a head wound. Another []


George Clooney, Matt Damon Admit They Knew Harvey Weinstein Was Sexual Predator (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In a rare sit-down interview with Good Morning America, actors George Clooney and Matt Damon admit they knew about Harvey Weinsteins predatory behavior towards women but claim not to the extent to which it is being reported today. 

Damon says pal Ben Affleck told him about Weinstein harassing Gwyneth Paltrow. Clooney reveals Weinstein would boast about his sexual conquests. They both knew enough to speak out, and yet, said nothing.

Daily Mail UK reports:

In an interview that aired on Monday morning, both men said that they knew Weinstein was a bully and womanizer who bragged of bedding actresses, but had no idea about the level of criminal behavior that was occurring behind closed doors in hotels.

Damon also confessed that he was aware Weinstein had sexually harassed the first lady of Miramax Gwyneth Paltrow just before the actress shot the 1996 film adaptation of Jane Austens Emma for the studio.

I knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben [Affleck] because he was with her after Brad [Pitt] and so I knew that story, said Damon.

But I was working with Gwyneth and with Harvey on [the 1999 film The Talented Mr.] Ripley.

He then added: I never talk...


Air Force Ready To Put US Nuclear Bombers On Alert Status Not Seen Since Cold War Weasel Zippers

Getting ready. Via Daily Caller: The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put Americas strategic nuclear bombers on 24-hour alert to counter emerging threats, according to an exclusive report. Preparations are reportedly underway at Barksdale Air Force Base, the headquarters for Global Strike Command, to have nuclear-armed multiple B-52 bombers ready to deliver a crushing []


Hallowed Be Thy Name: Part 7 Jehovah-Rapha Fellowship of the Minds

He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His Names sake. So how much do we know about His Name? This seventh post is about the next Old Testament name of God: #7 Jehovah-Rapha The Lord That Heals Continue reading


SICK. Democrats Drag Out Grieving Widow to Attack Trump Trump Forced to Respond (Video) The Gateway Pundit

There is nothing sacred for the American left Power is all that matters

The liberal media dragged out grieving widow Myeshia Johnson on Monday to trash President Trump.

President Trump took time out last week to give the woman a condolence call.
Democrats and their media immediately attacked the Republican president for not being empathetic enough during the call.

Today ABC News dragged out Myeshia to continue the attacks on President Trump.

President Trump later disputed Myeshias account of the condolence call.

President Trump early Monday disputed the account of his phone call with a Gold Star widow, who provided a description of the call earlier that morning in an interview.

I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, and spoke his name from beginning, without hesitation! Trump wrote on Twitter, referencing one of the Green Berets killed earlier this month in an ambush in Niger.

The presidents tweet comes after Myeshia Johnson during an interview on ABCs Good Morning America confirmed Rep. Frederica Wilsons (D-Fla.) description of the call.

What he said was yes the president said that he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyways. And I was it made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it. He couldnt remember my husbands name, Johnson told host George Stephanopoulos.

It looks like Myeshia has a future in Democrat politics!

And, of course, the liberal media will never report on Obamas treatment of grieving widows.

The post...


Mueller Now Investigating The Podesta Group Weasel Zippers

Could he finally have tripped over the right direction? WASHINGTON Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are now the subjects of a federal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, three sources with knowledge of the matter told NBC News. The probe of Podesta and his Democratic-leaning lobbying firm grew out of Muellers []


THIS IS BULLSH*T!: Bill OReilly BLASTS Sexual Harrassment Claims In Newly Released Audio The Gateway Pundit

Bill OReilly unloaded on the latest sexual harrestment allegations, where the New York Times reported on Saturday that the former Fox News host paid network contributor Lis Wiehl $32 million to settle the charges.

Its horrible what I went through, horrible what my family went through. Bill OReilly to the New York Times.

We have physical proof that this is bullsh*t!

Video credit: CNN

In an explosive statement, OReillys attorney says the New York Times relied on stolen documents to file its report.

OReillys attorney Mark Fabiani issued the following statement on the report:

Once again, The New York Times has maliciously smeared Bill OReilly, this time even failing to print a sworn affidavit from his former lawyer, Lis Wiehl, repudiating all allegations against Bill OReilly. The Times ignored that evidence, sworn under oath, and chose to rely on unsubstantiated allegations, anonymous sources and incomplete leaked or stolen documents.

The Times report alleged OReilly forced Wiehl into a non-consensual  sexual relationship and sent her sexually explicit material.

OReilly denied the allegations to the New York Times, stating I have never mistreated anyone. The former Fox News went on to suggest such allegations were politically and financially motivated.

The settlement a staggering figure for a sexual harassment case was made in January, according to the news report, just before OReilly signed a new four-year contract that would pay him $25 million annually to continue as host of his top-rated prime-time program The OReilly Factor,...


DNC Creates New Restrictions For Corporate Donations Weasel Zippers

No way the DNC turns away money. Via The Hill: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Saturday passed a resolution banning donations from corporate contributors whose areas of interest come into conflict with the DNCs stated values. The resolution, which was introduced by California member Christine Pelosi, passed unanimously. Pelosi is the daughter of House []


Al Gore says Trump has surrounded himself with polluters Fellowship of the Minds

Are ManBearPigs private jet flights powered by unicorn farts? From Hollywood Reporter: Al Gore previously expressed cautious optimism that Donald Trump would rethink some of his environmental policies, but the former vice president said he now realizes that he got Continue reading


Dem Congresswoman Who Attacked Trump Over Vet Message Voted Against Bill Giving Death Benefits To Families Of Troops Killed In Afghan War Weasel Zippers

Its almost like Rep. Frederica Wilson is using the death of an American soldier for political gain. Watch the latest video at


Gateway Pundit Proudly Takes Credit for Cat Fight Between Kathy Griffin and Lawyer Lisa Bloom The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

When The Gateway Pundit acts People listen

There was a sad development this past weekend as comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted her attorney Lisa Bloom and asked Bloom to stop calling her.

Bloom responded in kind.  This horrible breakup was broadcast on Twitter and we at the Gateway Pundit (GWP) are concerned that we may have provided the tool that cracked these nuts.

Griffin tweeted last night asking attorney Bloom to stop calling her after wasting tens of thousands of Griffins money.


Griffins attorney, Lisa Bloom, daughter of far left attorney Gloria Allred and then attorney for sex offender Weinstein, provided a long-winded response to Griffin.


James Woods opined on the cat fight with Two slugs wrestling at the bottom of a barroom spittoon.


No, Really, Gun Bans Work: Crime Stats Show London Now More Dangerous Than New York City Weasel Zippers

No, Really, Gun Bans Work: London hasnt figured out how to massage the stats. Via The Telegraph: London is now more crime ridden and dangerous than New York City, with rape, robbery and violent offences far higher on this side of the Atlantic. The latest statistics, published earlier this week, revealed that crime across the []


TRUMP WAS RIGHT! Seven Bombings In Sweden in Last 12 Days The Gateway Pundit

In February 2017 President Trump held a rally in Florida in front of thousands of supporters.

Kristinn Taylor photo

During his speech President Trump referenced the increased violence in Sweden due to the tremendous influx of refugees.

President Trump: You look at whats happening in Germany, you look at whats happening last night in Sweden Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden they took in large numbers. Theyre having problems like they never thought possible. You look at whats happening in Brussels. You look at whats happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris.

The media immediately pounded on President Trump.
They ran attacks all day Sunday claiming Trump said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden.

But Trump was right.

Migrants are changing the face of Sweden.

There were seven bombings in Sweden in the last 12 days.

Last night t...


Help Wanted - State Department Seeks Self-Consistent Secretary Moon of Alabama

European business deals with Iran are safe: Tillerson - AFP, October 20 2017 Washington (AFP) - The United States does not intend to disrupt European business deals with Iran, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in comments published Friday. ......


REPORT: Crooked Cop Robert Mueller Invested In Hedge Fund Linked To Russia The Gateway Pundit

As the Russian interference probe drags on, a new report places Special Counsel Robert Muellers investments under a microscope. According to 2017 SEC Fillings, Mueller is invested in a hedge fund betting against Gazprom, the state-owned energy giant in Russia.

Offended America reports:

Mueller has been an investor in Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund, LLC for many years, according to his financial disclosures. That fund consists of holdings of other hedge funds in a structure commonly referred to as a fund of funds. According to 2017 SEC Filings, one of the funds held by the Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund is the OCCO Eastern European Fund, run by Charlemagne Capital. The fund released a performance overview on August 31st that said in part: August was a relatively quiet month for markets and a strong one for the portfolio. The NAV gained 142 bps over the month. Russia was again the main driver with supportive contributions from other markets.

Performance Review of the OCCO Eastern European Fund
The OCCO Eastern European Fund also stated in late August 2017 that Our single largest position at ten percent total gross exposure is the 5% long position in Novatek paired with a cash neutral short position in Gazprom.  This means that the fund is betting against Russias state-owned natural gas company, Gazprom, while going long Gazproms main competitor Novatek, which is the largest non-state owned natural gas company in Russia. According to Charlemagne Capital, the OCCO Eastern European Fund is based in the Cayman Islands and is has a net-long position in the Russian markets. This means that Robert Mueller gains financially if the Russian market does well.
While the dollar amount Mueller made was not disclosed, the report at hand is particularly noteworthy as evidence pointing to the Special Counsels role in the Clinton-Uranium One deal has come under investigation by House and Senate investigators.

The classified cable released by WikiLeaks was authored by Hillary Clintons State Department on August 17th, 2009....


Unreal: UK Authorities Wont Prosecute Returning Islamic State Jihadists To Avoid Creating A Lost Generation Weasel Zippers

What the ? A senior government adviser has told the BBC that the authorities are not prosecuting many Islamic State volunteers, believing they should be reintegrated rather than punished. Max Hill QC, who acts as the governments Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, told Radio 4 that we do have a significant number [of Islamic State []


Hunter S. Thompson was a pedophile-bestialist who made snuff films Fellowship of the Minds

Hunter S. Thompson was a journalist, author, and acclaimed founder of gonzo journalism a style of journalism where reporters eschew the traditional objective journalism, but directly participate in the action to such a degree that they become central figures Continue reading


Who Will Win the Iowa Caucuses Tonight? Matt Forney

NOTE: This article was originally published at Right On on February 1, 2016. Im re-posting it here as the site is now defunct.

After following the presidential candidates stumping efforts in Iowa, here are my educated guesses as to how the first state caucuses will shake out.

Over a year of build-up to the presidential race finally ends tonight, with Iowans relieving our collective blue balls by voting in their first-in-the-nation caucuses. While Iowa is a small state that only sends a relative handful of delegates to the national party conventions, the candidates who win here get a boost that will improve their chances in the upcoming primaries. But which candidates are likely to take home the gold?

Ive been on the ground in Iowa since the Friday before last, and in that time, Ive visited at least one campaign event from every major candidate. The only candidates I havent seen are Chris Christie, John Kasich, and three of the Republicans who languish in the polling ghetto otherwise known as the undercard debate (though I did see Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum at Donald Trumps veterans rally). Based on what Ive seen, here are my predictions for who will win the Republican and Democratic caucuses, and where each candidate will place.

Republican Caucus

  1. Donald Trump: Its no contest. In my time in Iowa, Trump has consistently drawn the biggest, most enthusiastic crowds, as young and old alike gravitate to his nationalist plan to make America great again. The only thing that could potentially stump the Trump is the fact that many of his followers are first-time voters, and the Iowa caucus structure favors long-time, dedicated voters over dilettantes. However, the sheer level of support Trump enjoys may cancel this out.
  2. Ted Cruz: The previous Iowa front-runner, this lying greaseball has seen his poll numbers tumble after Trump raised the issue of his Canadian birth. Nonetheless, Cruz maintains a strong following among evangelical Iowans who are uncomfortable with Trumps New York values. With his campaign events drawing only a fraction of Trumps supportand mostly old people at thatthe most Cruz can hope for at this point is a second-place finish.
  3. Marco Rubio: The Tea Party darling turned cuckservative pin-up girl draws only small crowds of bored, elderly followers. However, Rubio has been picking up support from GOP establishment hacks who have given...

Monday, 23 October


USC Prof: Punishing Protesters Promotes White Supremacy Weasel Zippers

Dont do the crime if you cant do the time. Via Campus Reform: A University of Southern California professor recently argued that punishing protesters who disrupt conservative speakers can reinforce white supremacy. Charles H.F. Davis, a professor of education at USC, argued in an essay for Inside Higher Ed that punishing protesters contributes to white []



Headline on the front page of this morning:

Really? Ya think?

The story reveals that legislators' now-keen grasp of the obvious still overlooks a few self-evident facts:

... senators said the president shares responsibility for this years turbulence and gridlock, observing that the glacial pace of writing and passing laws, complicated by fits and starts, has been a culture shock for Trump.

Hes a guy who, you know, comes from the business world and hes in a hurry to get things done, Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Thune (S.D.) said. Around here, thats hard. You know, things take a while. So its a process and sometimes, kind of a slow and painful one.
No, it can take a long time to make a business deal, too. That may be one reason Trump has spent many years of his business career failing or trying to recover from failure.

Trump is impatient and distractible:
The presidents propensity to create diversions and follow tangents has kept him from focusing on his legislative agenda and forced lawmakers who might be natural allies on key policies into the uncomfortable position of having to answer for his behavior and outbursts.

For instance, Trumps news conference last Monday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), which was orchestrated to project GOP unity on taxes, instead gave birth to the self-inflicted controversy over Trumps treatment of fallen soldiers, which set the White House on the defensive and dominated the national media for seven days.
Yup, and Trump also couldn't resist going after NFL national anthem protesters in a speech that was supposed to be about Alabama senator Luther Strange's primary campaign -- and then obsessing over the anthem issue as primary day approached, dominating the news cycle. Why does he do that? Well, it's obvious: The election was days away! Legislation takes days ... weeks .....


Boom! Trump Bashes Failed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in Latest Tweet The Gateway Pundit

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made over $212 million in salary since 2006.

Goodell is the highest paid person in the NFL.

And hes destroying the league.


Goodell makes more than Tom Brady, Eli Manning or any other player in the league.

And Roger Goodell is destroying the league.

The NFL is losing viewers like a sieve thanks to his weak leadership.

The NFL has lost 3.3 million viewers in two years since Colin Kaepernick first started to sit and kneel during the national anthem in protest.

And the NFL continues to lose millions in income as viewers turn off the unpatriotic sports league.

Commissioner Goodells actions did not go unnoticed.
On Monday Donald Trump blasted the NFL Commissioner on Twitter.

President Trump: Two dozen NFL players continue to kneel during the National Anthem, showing total disrespect to our Flag & Country. No leadership...


Melania Trump Cuts Bloated First Lady Payroll From Michelle Obama Days Weasel Zippers

Nice. Via Fox News: Melania Trump is embracing a more active and public schedule as first lady but she still runs one of the leanest East Wing operations in recent history. According to a Fox News analysis of White House personnel reports, Melania Trump has significantly reduced the number of aides on the first []


VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Trips Over Words During Interview, Calls Robert Mueller Mother The Gateway Pundit

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is increasingly having difficulty speaking. The 77-year-old lawmaker trips over words, forgets names and has a tough time forming sentences. As one of the most powerful women in the U.S., this is deeply troubling. In an interview with MSNBCs Joy Reid, Pelosi could barely form a complete sentence and called Special Counsel Robert Mueller mother.

The segment begins with Reid showing a Trump impeachment ad, which Pelosi called great.

REID: If you become Speaker of the House in January 2019, will you push for the impeachment of this president?

PELOSI: You know, Ive served a long time, Pelosi responded, on the intel ethics committee in the Congress. Its one of the dues that Ive paid to the caucus and its only about the facts and the law. If hes broken the law, you would think there would be a bipartisan move to do that. But because we dont like his policy and we dont like his attitude well, dont let me go into all the things we dont like about the president on a Sunday morning. Uh, uh, thats, you know, if people have the facts thats why I would like us to have an independent, uh, commission. We have an investigation within the Justice Department. We have an investigation within the Congress. We should have an outside investigation to what, as to what happened.

REID: If Robert Mueller comes back with a report saying that there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trumps campaign and Russia, do you believe he should be impeached?

PELOSI: Well, it, first of all, what, what does mother, where does Mueller take that. But his, his, burden of proof is different than what it would be in the Congress of the United States and people should know that, that he has, uh, and maybe, uh, he could go to a criminal investigation of some of the people hes investigating. What were doing is saying, that what the measure of behavior, the Constitution of the United States, high crimes and misdemeanors, she said, apparently grabbing any phrase that popped into her head.

Trumps tax plan is armageddon, concluded Pelosi.


The post VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Trips Over Words During Interview, Calls Robert Mueller Mother appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Hillary Again Shows Signs of Serious Illness Will Liberal Media Ever Report This? The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Yesterday Hillary Clinton showed up at Yale using forearm crutches.  The Internet was ablaze noting that a broken toe, which she said was the reason for her declining an event last week, does not require forearm crutches for balance.

These events again lead even casual observers to wonder again if Hillary has Parkinsons disease.  She and her campaign have never said so but it sure looks like this is the case.

Last year we pointed out that Hillary was very sick and reported that she was dishonest about many things including her health. As an example, during the primary season in 2016 Hillary had some sort of seizure or attack during a stop at a coffee shop. She blamed it on her chai tea.

The AP reporter who was there stated that she was not horrified by Hillarys seizure, but her face showed a different story. WikiLeaks later uncovered that the reporter, Lisa Lerer, was one of many reporters who dined at Clinton campaign manager John Podestas house, diminishing her account of the event.


One Year Ago Today The New York Times Reported Their Pick for President Hint: They Were Way Off! The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

One year ago the New York Times gave their prediction for who was going to win the race for the President of the United States. They like most of the mainstream media were totally and absolutely wrong!

The Times reported that Hillary had a 93% chance of winning the Presidential election.

The Times like the rest of the mainstream media were totally wrong Thank God!


The post One Year Ago Today The New York Times Reported Their Pick for President Hint: They Were Way Off! appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Disabled Veteran Starts GO FUND ME For Surgery, VA MIA The Gateway Pundit

It was 2004. Specialist Brandon Powell was 2 months into his tour of duty in Iraq, as a member of 3rd brigade, 21st infantry-regiment striker brigade. I had no idea what was going to happen, no idea what my future held, he tells Portland based KOIN 6 news. What happened was a sniper round, presumably from a Taliban backed insurgent, which ripped through Powells throat and his C4 vertebrae.

He was rushed into surgery, and while he survived, he is paralyzed from the neck down, and now uses a wheelchair to get around. A special chin based joy stick allows him to operate the wheelchair, and brain fingers to use a computer, which are notes attached above the eye that translates small muscle movements into keystrokes.

As the Veterans Affairs seems to be missing in action, Powell, and his childhood best friend, Dustin Troupe, have taken to Go Fund Me to raise funds for an experimental surgery. The operation has been quoted at $92,000, plus airfare and other accommodations, so they are trying to raise $100,000. Apparently the surgery is only available in China.

The GoFundMe page reads:

In 2004 while deployed in Iraq with the 3rd brigade 21 infantry regiment, I was shot by a sniper through the neck leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders down. since then I have made little progress in regaining any of my former mobility.
There is now a treatment that I can receive called epidural stimulation that could help me regain some of my former mobilty and indepenace, but the surgery is costly and I need help raising the funds to pay for the surgery.


Id love to at least get functionality of my hands back. some people are getting to walk again I cant even imagine, drive a car maybe. Wow.

They are also putting together a benefit concert in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia river from Portland. Heres the event page...


Democrats Are Letting the Climate Crisis Go To Waste The Intercept

What should be a sparkling opportunity to push forward an ambitious agenda on climate to condemn Republicans for not just ignoring but fueling a crisis with increasingly human and economic consequences is going quite literally up in smoke. Even the most dogged climate champions in Congress are doing something Republicans would never dream of: letting a crisis go to waste.

Its not often that planetary devastation is so omnipresent. The United States has been hit by a string of catastrophic hurricanes this season, all of which were strengthened by unusually warm Atlantic waters. Their storm surges hit coasts harder and higher thanks to sea level rise, and knocked out infrastructure largely unprepared for rising tides and fierce winds. Wildfires fueled by unusually hot, dry weather have ripped through the Western half of North America, turning the air in some of Californias biggest cities into a public health hazard.

Each of the 10 hottest years on record have happened since 1998, and Republicans are doing everything in their power to rip up the regulations and policies that could help mitigate the United States contribution to our ongoing climate crisis, most recently in taking their first official step to dismantle the Clean Power Plan.

Theres been no unified policy response from congressional Democrats to Republicans attack on the Clean Power Plan or recent extreme weather events. Instead, the countrys most progressive Democrats have taken the GOPs advice of not politicizing the events of the last few months. We have a lot of time to make that point, climate hawk Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., told Politico when asked about seeing the storms as a chance to talk about rising temperatures.

The trouble is that we dont and Whitehouse knows we dont.

Without radical developments in so-called negative emissions technology, keeping warming below 2 degrees celsius will mean a prohibition on new fossil fuel infrastructure in the short term and a total decarbonization of most Global North economies by mid-century at the latest. To get to a 1.5 degree Celsius warming cap the more ambitious target inscribed in the Paris Climate Agreement you would have to shut down every coal and gas plant in the U.S. in the next 10 years, climate researcher Glen Peters told me last year. You couldnt have a single petrol car in the U.S., and the same for India, for China, and for every country in the world. While you remove thos...


Big rate hikes for health insurance will slam Washingtonians Fellowship of the Minds

Obamacare going as planned This is not happening just in Washington. I have health insurance with BCBS OK and pay $550/month up from $380/month last year. I have no co-pays (I pay the full contracted price when I walk Continue reading


IT BEGINS: Mueller Investigating Podesta Group In Connection With Russia Probe The Gateway Pundit

Submitted by

Tony Podesta and his firm, the Podesta Group, are now under federal investigation by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with the Russia investigation, three sources told NBC News.

The Podesta Group was subpoenaed in late August along with four other public relations firms who worked with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort during a 2012-2014 lobbying effort for a pro-Ukraine think tank the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU) tied to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych fled from Ukraine to Russia after he was unseated in a 2014 coup.

Two of the subpoenaed firms include Paul Manaforts Mercury, LLC and the Podesta Group, founded by John and Tony Podesta and operated by the latter.

Manaforts firm earned $17 million between 2012 2014 consulting for Yanukovychs centrist, pro-Russia Party of Regions. During the same period, Manafort oversaw a lobbying campaign for the pro-Russia Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a Brussels based think tank linked to Yanukovych which was pushing for Ukraines entry into the European Union.

The Podesta group, operating under Manafort, earned over $1.2 million as part of that effort.

In a statement to NBC, a spokesman for the Podesta Group said the firm is cooperating fully with the Special Counsels office and has taken every possible step to provide documentation that confirms timely compliance. In all of our client engagements, the Podesta Group conducts due diligence and consults with appropriate legal experts to ensure compliance with disclosure regulations at all times and we did so in this case.

White House Special Access

Visitor logs reveal that Tony Podesta visited the White House at least 114 times during the Obama administration according to...


Accused of Spying, Russian Security Firm Will Show Its Code and Operations to Outsiders The Intercept

Responding to U.S. government suggestions that its antivirus software has been used for surveillance of customers, Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab is launching what its calling a transparency initiative to allow independent third parties to review its source code and business practices and to assure the information security community that it can be trusted.

The company plans to begin the code review before the end of the year and establish a process for conducting ongoing reviews, of both the updates it makes to software and the threat-detection rules it uses to detect malware and upload suspicious files from customer machines. The latter refers to signatures and so-called Yara rules, which are the focus of recent allegations.

The company will open three transparency centers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, where trusted partners will be able to access the  third-party reviews of its code and rules. It will also engage an independent assessment of its development processes and work with an independent party to develop security controls for how it processes data uploaded from customer machines.

[W]e want to show how were completely open and transparent. Weve nothing to hide, Eugene Kaspersky, the companys chair and CEO, said in a written statement.

The moves follow a company offer in July to allow the U.S. government to review its source code.

Although critics say the transparency project is a good idea, some added it is insufficient to instill trust in Kaspersky going forward.

The thing [theyre] talking about is something that the entire antivirus industry should adopt and should have adopted in the beginning, said Dave Aitel, a former NSA analyst and founder of security firm Immunity. But in the case of Kaspersky, the reality is you cant trust them, so why would you trust the process they set up?

Kaspersky has come under intense scrutiny after its antivirus software was linked to the breach of an NSA employees home computer in 2015 by Russian government hackers who stole classified documents or tools from the workers machine. News reports, quoting U.S. government sources, have suggested Kaspersky colluded with the hackers to steal the documents from the NSA workers machine, or at least turned a blind eye to the activity.

Its believed the documents or tools were siphoned from the NSA workers machines using silent signatures keyword searches that antivirus companies conduct on customer machines to uncover suspicious files and send them back to the company for re...


Louisiana River Bend Nuclear Environmental/Socio-Economic Impacts Scoping Comment Deadline Tonight at 10:59 PM CDT Mining Awareness +

Impact Scoping Comment Deadline Monday Night, 10.59 Central Daylight Time: River Bend Station, Unit 1; Intent to Conduct Scoping Process and Prepare Environmental Impact, Due Oct 23, 2017 11:59 PM ET, ID: NRC-2017-0141-0004 Comment can be Anonymous. It is a government web site. It is easy. No need to put email and so spam-free. Comment here: While they will almost certainly ignore you, it still goes into the public record so that future generations, if there are any, know that someone cared. There are limitations to the comment length, but the form will tell you if you are over and allow you to cut it down. Alternatively, you can attach a pdf file, or both. Some people put a short text and attach a file....


Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

-by Noah

I think we should all send this meme directly to Lord Tiny Hands. Tweet it, email it, snail mail it, skywrite it, stencil it on the sidewalk outside any Trump property in the world. Imagine a world... where 1 million of us surround the People's White House and recite this meme with bullhorns like a modern-day greek chorus from Trump's own personal Hell. Whatever it takes. Do I think he would follow our directions? No, absolutely not, but the abuse sure would get to his massive need for praise and his massive, well-founded insecurities! We have a power to irritate the living fuck out out this demon. He's already two-thirds on the way to being reduced to a completely unable-to-speak or function, screaming, stinking ball of orange-haired blubber anyway. Let's finish the job! Shame on us if we don't use that power.

Sure, we'll end up with Pence, Ryan or some other headcase, but did the allied D-Day troops go home after killing just one German? One step at a time. One step for mankind. It's a great way to start the week.

I don't want to kill this guy. I want him locked up, locked up for the rest of his days, fed nothing but cheetos, carrots and oranges; wearing an orange "Make America Great Again" straitjacket in an orange padded cell. In an act of generosity, I would let him have a gold toilet. Of course, that toilet would be lined with photos of him and his fetid family. Rolls of toilet paper with his grotesque own face would be a nice touch. If he bitches, take away the toilet paper.

Do you think my ranting is harsh? Fine. Just paratroop him and his family, cabinet, and whole white supremacy staff into Somalia and let them fend for themselves.


Vice President Mike Pence Stages Walkout Amid NFL Player Protests Neritam

on Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence flew to Indianapolis, where he staged a walkout of an NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts, after players on both teams held a protest against racial injustice during the national anthem. Pences decision to leave appeared pre-planned, after President Trump said he asked his Vice []


REPORT: @JakeTapper Called College Student A F***ing P*ssy GotNews

CNN host Jake Tapper has both a foul mouth and a history of verbally abusing young journalists, according to a 2009 New York Magazine article titled Jake Tapper Is a Tool by Jessica Pressler. Pressler starts by observing how there are only a handful of people who live up to the sophomoric term tool quite the []

The post REPORT: @JakeTapper Called College Student A F***ing P*ssy appeared first on GotNews.


Did the Adani Group Evade Rs 1,000 Crore in Taxes? Neritam

For more than a decade now, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has been investigating how a clutch of companies in the Adani Group led by Gautam Adani allegedly evaded taxes and laundered money while trading in cut and polished diamonds and gold jewellery. The DRI, which is an investigative wing of the Department of []


Using the Courts to Silence the Palestinian Voice Neritam

The case of David Boim (The Boim Case) is a glaring example of the ongoing attempts to use the courts to suppress the Palestinian voice in America. A case that began in May 2000 and by 2008 seemed to have been put to rest, it has recently been resuscitated in a frivolous lawsuit targeting American []


Trumps Air War Has Already Killed More Than 2,000 Civilians Neritam

Civilian casualties from the U.S.-led war against the so-called Islamic State are on pace to double under President Donald Trump, according to an Airwars investigation for The Daily Beast. Airwars researchers estimate that at least 2,300 civilians likely died from Coalition strikes overseen by the Obama White Houseroughly 80 each month in Iraq and Syria. []


Jimmy Carter Knocks Media, Says Russia Did Not Steal 2016 Election The Gateway Pundit

Former President Jimmy Carter disappointed the Democrat Party and liberal mainstream media this weekend.

The former far left president said that Russia did not steal the election.

Carter went on to say that the media has been harder on President Trump than any other president.

The Hill reported:

Former President Jimmy Carter said in a recent interview that he does not believe Russia stole the election from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

I dont think theres any evidence that what the Russians did changed enough votes, or any votes, Carter told The New York Times in an interview published on Saturday.

The former president notes in the interview that he and former first lady Rosalynn Carter disagree on the matter.

Rosie and I have a difference of opinion on that, he said.

They [the Russians] obviously did, the former first lady said.

The post Jimmy Carter Knocks Media, Says Russia Did Not Steal 2016 Election appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Victims mother accuses villagers of threatening, abusing her Neritam

The mother of the 11-year-old girl, who died allegedly of starvation in Jharkhands Simdega district a few days back as her familys ration card was not linked to the Aadhar card, has accused the villagers of threatening and abusing her for defaming the village. Koyli Devi, the mother of the victim, said she was living []


Americans Tolerate Inequality Because They Over-Estimate Their Odds of Coming Out on Top Neritam

John Steinbeck conjectured in 1966 that there is not much support for redistribution in America because the working poor saw themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires (Steinbeck 1966). Are people willing to accept high levels of inequality if they think that everyone has a shot at climbing the social ladder? Is tolerance for inequality linked to []


October 23rd 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #277 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Monday October 23rd Open Thread The Last Refuge

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


I Love Hans Hoppe! LewRockwell

NO! NOT THAT WAY!  If thats what I meant, he would have to physically remove me from his (virtual) neighborhood!

I love his intellect, the way he creates the dots that he thereafter connects, his directness, and his very dry and wonderfully refined sense of humor.

It was Hans Hoppe (more precisely, someone who challenged me to challenge Hans Hoppe) that accelerated my interest in what has become the most intellectually satisfying topic that I pursue via this blog, that of libertarians and culture.  With that out of the way

Libertarianism and the Alt-Right: In Search of a Libertarian Strategy for Social Change, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.  (Speech delivered at the 12th annual meeting of the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, Turkey, on September 17, 2017)

You will note, sprinkled throughout my commentary are my accusations that Hoppe has stolen some of my material.  I hope you understand my meager attempt at humor; everything I have come to on this broad subject (I truly mean everything) began because Hoppe set me on that path, long ago.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Hoppe begins with his well-known examination of the requirement for a private-property-respecting order if one wants to minimize conflict:

If you want to live in peace with other people and avoid all physical clashes and, if such clashes do occur, seek to resolve them peacefully, then you must be an anarchist or more precisely a private property anarchist, an anarcho-capitalist or a proponent of a private law society.

He contrasts this absolute requirement for respect for private property with the views of those broadly known as left-libertarians.  He offers a long list of add-ons to this one, simple requirement, added by libertarians who for whatever reason do nothing more than destroy the powerful message of the non-aggression principle.  My favorite from his list (and probably his):

[Any so-called libertarians who argue for] the existence and justifiability of any so-ca...

Never Go to a Family Movie LewRockwell

I rarely see a modern family movie (since they are usually decidedly anti-family), but as it was one of my childrens birthdays, we went to see The LEGO Ninjago Movie.  How could a movie about Lego ninjas be anti-family?  I took a chance.  Well, it was as bad as they come.

From the very beginning, the father was the caricature of an evil uncaring absentee dad.  To drive the point home (in case you missed it), they went the extra mile and gave him devil horns, red eyes, dressed him in black, made him a greedy capitalist, and had him live in a fire-and-brimstone volcano lair.  Well, I gave him a chance.  Maybe he was an homage to Darth Vader and would turn around in the end.

Soon, the mother appears on scene and is referred to as the dads ex.  OK.  Divorced couple.  Real cutting edge story-line so far.  Certainly, the mom wouldnt be evil or at fault for anything even though 70% percent of real-world divorce filings are by wives choosing to disband their own families in favor of state-promised happiness and prosperity.

The motherly-love scenes with the divorce are long and ooey-gooey.  She lavishes undying love on her son, placing herself in stark contrast to the horrendous father.

Time to buy old US gold coins

The son, a secret ninja, whose special power is green (he doesnt learn what his power of green is until the end of the movie) endlessly hopes his dad will love, remember, and respect him and teach him dad things like throwing a ball.  Fat chance.  The dad tells his son that he knows how to do all the dad things, but he chooses to simply belittle his son for not knowing them.

Meanwhile, the ugly loveless devil-image of a dad is ejecting unappreciated employees into the stratosphere from his lava-spewing company headquarters as he fires them without so much as listening to their suggestions on how to improve the company. Well, of course; after all, hes a man and men dont listen.  A list of the dads faults includes every bad thing known to mankind including leveling cities, attacking innocent people, and crashing the stock market. The dad is obviously Satan from the way he looks, the way he acts, and the look of the hellish underworld he lives in.

I thought making the dad Satan and an anti-labor capitalist who crashed the stock market was a tiny bit over the top, but it fit nicely with the mainstream medias summation of everything bad in society: men / fathers and the free market.

From the beginning, the son persistently tries to kill his dad.  The son, piloting a mechanized green dragon with multiple weapon pods heroically unloads (multiple times in the movie) a full payload of weaponry on his dad as the robotic voice in the craft dramatically ticks off the weaponry being activated and fired, one after another aft...

Christopher Columbus LewRockwell

Democratic Borough President of the Bronx Ruben Diaz, Jr. recently explained in the New York Post, why he is proudly marching in the Columbus Day Parade. He is doing so after devoting considerable energy to cleansing his borough of Confederate statuary. Diaz, it seems, just ordered the removal of the busts of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from the historic Hall of Fame for Great Americans on the campus of Bronx Community College. These statues, he contends, were intended as a thinly veiled threat to the African-American populations in the communities where they were installed.   Diaz contrasts celebrations of Columbus and statues erected to honor this brave explorer to inappropriate tributes to slave-owners and the leaders of seditious insurrection. Although Columbus might have had a hand in the shameful, vicious treatment of the people he came into contact with, this must be balanced by all the good that Columbus epitomizes. He foreshadowed by his presence in the New World the spirit of the Italian-Americans that have done much to shape this city and this nationfrom giants like Fiorello LaGuardia and Joe Di Maggio and Mother Cabrini, to the laborer who built so much of this great city.

As I read this tortured expression of political opportunism, two sentiments welled up inside of me: affection for Italian-Americans and irritation with American Southerners, who have shown surprisingly little interest in defending the heroes of their regional and ancestral history.  Italian American political and civic leaders pulled out all stops defending the reputation of someone whom they consider to be the first Italian American. Catholic civic groups like the Knights of Columbus contributed to the effort to counteract the virtue-signalers and leftist Taliban, and in the end, impeccably PC politicians like Diaz and Governor Andrew Cuomo marched in the Columbus Day Parade, part of which I witnessed last Sunday in New York.  Mayor di Blasio, who is going through the motions of considering whether Columbuss statue in Columbus Circle should suffer the fate of Confederate monuments in New Orleans, was not well received by Italian Americans, as he tried to make himself inconspicuous in the parade. Every time he was sighted, ItalianAmerican fans of Columbus booed the mayor loudly.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Never mind that the connection between these defenders of Columbus and the person theyre defending is quite distant. Columbus was a Genoese, possibly descended from Sephardic Jews, who sailed under the Spanish flag to Central America. His defenders come almost entirely from the boot of the Italian peninsula, and many of their forefathers arrived here before a ge...

Why Wont They Send Me a Tesla To Test Drive? LewRockwell

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

If as Teslas carefully choreographed public relations machine maintains the range issue has been solved and the cars functional performance (as distinct from how quickly it can accelerate on a full charge . . . once or twice) is as good as implied why not send me one to test drive?

I test drive new cars every week. All the major car companies (except GM, lately, for breach of political correctness) send me their vehicles for a week at a time, to drive them around and then relate to you how they drive their good and bad points, etc. This is meant to be helpful to you, the prospective buyer.

But not a single electric car, so far.

How come?

Leaving aside the possibility of animosity I have written unflatteringly about Elon and his crony capitalist business model the reasons, methinks, are as follows:

Time to buy old US gold coins

I live too far from the press fleet staging areas; there is not an EV available that could make the trip without a pit stop to recharge overnight. No fast chargers on I-81, the main and only north-south Interstate between the press hubs for the northeast region in the DC area and my redoubt in the Woods of rural southwest Virginia. Its a one-way drive of about 250 miles and you have to drive at about 75 continuously (the speed limit is 70) if you dont want to have Kenworths leaving tire tracks up and down your back.

This is a problem for electric cars. They are optimized for low-speeds, not high ones. And for short bursts, not continuous vigorous exercise.

It is also probably a problem for you unless you have a flatbed chase vehicle. Or have strategically staged fast chargers along the route. The problem is that outside of (cue Arnold voice) Kulivornia there arent any such. Not outside of the citys inner ring, either. Which makes trips beyond the ring problematic for Tesla and for you, if you end up buying one and intend to ever drive farther than about 100 miles from your electric umbilical and at more than a crawl.

I would test the Teslas vaunted quickness repeatedly  to see what the effect would be on the battery packs charge, as this effects range.

I would want to know whether the range is reduced appreciably by sustained high-speed driving.

It would be embarrassing and rather ridiculous if it turns out that the Teslas insane mode the button you push to set the car up for maximum effort acceleration is only good for a couple of quick bursts of speed. That if you use the performance the car touts more than very occasionally, your zero to 60 time will not be 4 seconds or less but  . . ....

Marc Faber: Ive Been Labeled a Racist LewRockwell

As hypersensitivity across the world reaches a fever pitch, it seems that no one is immune to accusations ranging from racism to xenophobia. Nowhere was this more evident in the past week than when well known and highly trusted economic and geopolitical analyst Marc Faber was accused of racism after publishing a recent market commentary in his monthly Gloom Boom Doom Report. As is often the case, Faber analyzes global events using historical events as reference points, which in todays day and age of intolerantly silencing speech and tearing down monuments is a dangerous proposition for someone who speaks with such honesty and forthrightness. So dangerous, in fact, that Faber was quickly asked to resign several board seats at top financial and mining firms around the world.

As well, the establishment media made it clear his views were no longer welcomed at Fox News and CNBC, where he has often shared colorful and insightful ideas for years.

Though the mainstream would prefer to keep the publics eyes closed to the reality of not only history but where we find ourselves today and why, Future Money Trends featured Marc Faber in an exclusive interview, where among his latest economic and financial outlooks, he responds directly to his accusers with the candor for which he is so affectionately known.

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Its an interview that many people, especially in America, should take the time to watch because if you support the wrong political candidate, certain immigration or health care policies, traditional morals or even standing for the National Anthem, you too have been, directly or indirectly, accused of spreading hate and racism just as has been the case with Dr. Faber.

Ive been labeled by the mainstream media as a racist I dont think that corresponds at all to the reality. 

I wrote a report and I wrote about capitalism, socialism, private property and property rights and I also wrote about the tendency nowadays to want to erase history in other words, in the U.S. theyre trying to tear down statues of people who 150 years ago had a slightly different view than other people had at the time they also tried to tear down statues of Columbus, which historically is one of the greatone of the most important personalities ...

The CIA Is Crazy LewRockwell

The question as to whether the DPRK is willing to engage in broad dialogue with potential international partners, has been answered. Last week, the DPRK sent an open letter to multiple governments, including the US ally, Australia, in which Pyongyang asked to form a united front against Donald Trumps aggressive stance towards Pyongyang. Australia, in taking an overly literal reading of North Koreas letter, threw away a chance to reply to Pyongyang. Had Australia engaged with Pyongyang, this would have literally been the beginning of dialogue between North Korea and a stanch US ally in the Pacific. The short-sighted attitude of the Canberra, demonstrates that when North Korea does reach out to countries in an unexpected way, this attempt to establish lines of dialogue is essentially met with a cynical and obstinate attitude that doesnt get anyone anywhere. Dialogue is never easy in such situations, but all countries owe it to the wider cause of world peace to try. Australia foolishly read North Koreas letter as a kind of geo-political prank, where in fact it was a thorny olive branch.

While North Korea has recently stated that they will not negotiate its nuclear programme until Pyongyang possesses the ability to strike all of the US mainland with nuclear missiles, the reality behind such dramatic remarks is far more mundane.

All negotiations in difficult situations have a cat and mouse element to them, with the roles of feline and rodent, often swapping by the day, if not by the hour. North Koreas actions are often far more reasonable than their words. The fact that the DPRK did reach out to a US ally, demonstrates that they are ready for dialogue now. The fault here, therefore lies with those who refused to respond.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Furthermore, with North Korea months away from reaching the final stage of its nuclear development, by Pyongyangs own admission, the treat to refrain from dialogue until such a state is reached, is becoming increasingly moot in any case.

While it is impossible to independently verify the DPRKs internal nuclear timeline, there is no reason not to test the waters and begin attempts to negotiate in both good faith and more importantly, with pragmatism. This statement applies to all potential negotiating partners.

The truth of the matter is that North Korea is not going to forego its nuclear programme at this point in time, in spite of any attempted efforts by others to change this, even from traditional partners. The world must come to accept that a nuclear North Korea is a fact of life and rather than risk provoking a nuclear war in trying...

The Amazing Older Mind LewRockwell

If you are anything like me, you may have thought to yourself over the years, Man, I really wish I would have learned another language in high school, or wondered, Why didnt my mother put me in guitar lessons? Now Ill never be able to learn how to play. You cant teach an old dog new tricks, right?


This common misconception couldnt be further from the truth, and older minds are still very much capable of learning and mastering new skills.

Emerging studies in psychology and neuroscience are now proving this very fact. They are also showing that continuing to learn and experience new things may actually help you to maintain good mental health and cognitive functioning as you age. Its time to reconsider any previously held beliefs that we are simply incapable of learning new things after a certain age.

Where Did This Assumption Come From?

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This pessimistic view of the ageing mind can perhaps be traced back to the ancient Greeks. In his treatise De Memoria et Reminiscentia, Aristotle compared our memories to a wax tablet; at birth the wax is hot and pliable and can take on whatever shape you give it, but as it begins to slowly cool down, it becomes tough and brittle, making it difficult to mould or imprint upon.

Enter the Exciting Realm of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the brains ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

This essentially means that the brain is capable of regenerating new cells, a process once thought to be impossible. The concept of neuroplasticity is not new, but the ability to observe it in action is, thanks to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology, which has allowed us to confirm the incredible morphing ability of the brain.

Even though your brain may become a bit more plastic as you age, certain practices can trigger neuroplasticity and regenerate brain cells.

How to Encourage Neuroplasticity

Change happens when you make the effort and are motivated to learn. This conscious effort causes the brain to release the neurochemicals necessary to facilitate change. In other words, you have to have interest in what you are doing; it has to be something that you truly want and desire for yourself. The harder you try and the more motivated and the more alert you are, the greater...

Meals for Men LewRockwell

Last week, I casually mentioned to a friend that I had gone to see a movie by myself. Personally, Ive never thought it strange to catch an afternoon matinee without accompaniment. Besides, watching a movie is a great exercise in time out of mind: I firmly believe its an activity that does not require assistance from others.

Apparently, her sentiment was not the same. I was, as she put it, one of those sad people. Her mental picture of my experience must have been much different than my reality: legs propped, casually dressed, and enjoying Sour Patch Kids until my tongue resembled sandpaper.

The fact of the matter is that its okay to do certain things on your own. Though society and our friends may tell us differently, theres nothing wrong with enjoying a movie, taking a walk, or eating a meal alone. As much as Id like to say otherwise, writing a book on entertaining and dining with others (Have Her Over for DinnerA Gentlemans Guide to Classic, Simple Meals) does not mean my kitchen is a revolving nightly scene of endless girls and extravagant meals. I still eat alone. Ill even go a step further by admitting that I sometimes prefer to enjoy a meal without distractions.

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At the risk of sounding cynical, let me make clear that great food shared in the company of others is one of lifes true pleasures. Reality, however dictates that sometimes we may not always be able to line up a dining partner. Between work, travel, family, and personal schedules we are bound to sometimes eat alone. Getting back to the movies, dont let Lloyd Christmas quote, Man, you are one pathetic loser to Harry Dunn in Dumb and Dumber take root in your mind. Instead, use this opportunity as a chance to unwind and relax from a busy day.

For many of you, the idea of cooking for yourself doesnt really sound like a time to unwind and relax. I get it. With all of the restaurants and take-out options at your fingertips, its easier to let someone else do the work. However, you should take note that these establishments typically do not have your best interests at heart. The truth is its easy to make food taste good. Moms trick of adding cream, butter, and cheese always made us eat our vegetables. Its likely that your favorite restaurant meals are laden with extra fat and calories.

I prefer to take a realistic and health conscious approach to dining alone. Realizing that simplicity is a must, Ive outlined 5 meals that can all be prepared re...

Massive Uprising Against Spain LewRockwell

Thousands of Catalans were expected to protest Saturday afternoon after Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced he would take control of Catalonia by invoking Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, weeks after the regions independence referendum.

Defying the majority of Catalan voters who approved of a split from Spain in Catalonias independence referendum this month, Rajoy spoke at a press conference about his plans to transfer the power of the regions president, Carles Puigdemont, to the central government, and hold early elections in the next six months.

Forty percent of Catalonias 5.5 eligible voters cast ballots in the referendum, despite a show of force by Spanish police that left nearly 900 people injured ahead of the October 1 vote.

Ninety percent of those who voted approved of independence, according to the regional government. Officials said that in addition to police violence, Spanish law enforcement raided polling stations, resulting in the loss of 770,000 ballots.

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Following the vote, large crowds in Barcelona last weekend called for peaceful negotiations to determine the next step, but Rajoy has rejected dialogue on the grounds that the Spanish government sees Catalonias referendum as illegal.

Observers and supporters of Catalonias independence movement denounced Rajoys planned power grab on social media.

Still Stumbling on the Tarmac LewRockwell

President Obamas Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with members of the House Intelligence Committee Friday, Fox News reported.

Lynch was on the Hill to discuss Russian meddling in the election but sources told Fox that the ex-attorney general was likely queried about her infamous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton.

That gathering cast a cloud over the executive branchs investigation into Hillary Clintons emails and compelled FBI Director James Comey to hold an unprecedented presser, to say the FBI recommended that the former secretary of state not be charged.

Lynch is supposed to speak to Congressional investigators on the Senate side as well.

In June, when Comey publicly sat before the Senate Intelligence Committee, to testify about his firing by President Trump, which he said was because of the FBIs Russia probe, the ex-FBI leader also explained how Lynchs behavior compelled him to make certain decisions in the handling of the Clinton probe.

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The tarmac meeting was the final straw.

Comey said he decided he needed to hold a press conference and announce that the FBI would recommend to the Justice Department that no charges be filed to protect the credibility of the investigation.

Prior to that, he was bothered when Lynch told him to call the Clinton investigation a matter instead of an actual criminal probe, which it was.

At one point, the attorney general had directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me, Comey testified. That was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the department if were to close this case credibly.

Read the Whole Article

The post...

Does Illness Have an Odor? LewRockwell

By Dr. Mercola

Your olfactory sense, or the ability to smell, is integral to your health. Inside your nasal passages are two patches of cells designed to detect odors. They are made up of nearly 6 million olfactory receptor cells that allow you to detect and differentiate thousands of different scents. Although impressive, other animals have an even more acute sense of smell as often their survival is dependent on being able to smell enemies or their food.1

Your sense of smell is also intimately tied to your emotions, memories, ability to taste and even to sexual attraction. Research demonstrates that your ability to smell may peak at age 8. According to different studies, you may begin to lose sensitivity to scent between age 15 and your early 20s.2 However, that loss in sensitivity to scent is not consistent from person to person as some 80-year-olds have a sense of smell as keen as that of a young adult.

Some degradation of your sense of smell, and therefore your ability to taste food, may be related to air pollution.3 A combination of solvents, pesticides, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals and perfumes may have a negative effect over the years on your ability to discern scent and on your sensitivity to smell.4 Loss of this ability may affect your capacity to pull up memories from the past.

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Research shows odors are an effective reminder of experience,5 which may be tied to the way your brain processes odors and memories. Researchers have also found your sense of smell may predict your longevity, and you may be able to smell the scent of illness. In other words, the relationship between your sense of smell and your health is a two-way street.

Illness Has a Smell...


This Evening's Word: Kakistocracy... Trump Gives Understanding It A New Sense Of Urgency DownWithTyranny!


Last week, ABC News' Avery Miller did a brief report on Republican commentator Charlie Sykes' assertions about how the Trump circus is turning America into a kakistocracy. Sykes was long Wisconsin's top right-wing talk show host-- who never tired of pushing the odious agendas of Scott Walker, Reince Preibus and Paul Ryan. And then Seor Trumpanzee waddled onto the national stage with his ever-growing and ever more grotesque menagerie of freaks and thieves. And Sykes was suddenly a #NeverTrump lamppost in the encroaching darkness. He has a new book out, How the Right Lost Its Mind, which seeks to explain "how conservative have strayed from their core values. He points a finger at the Trump campaigns chief strategist Steve Bannon and what he describes as 'revenge of crazy town.'"
Sykes says, Steve Bannon is so much a part of this Trump story. Heres a guy who flirted with the alt-right. Dont pass this point-- he was in the White House. He had the ear of the president of the United States. Heres basically one of the gods of dysfunction, and he was sitting in the White House.

Now that Bannon has left the White House and returned to the right-wing website Breitbart News, the worst people in the world are becoming the faces of the GOP, Sykes says. It doesnt look like a strategy to me as much as an unfocused, vindictive rage. It doesnt even appear to be ideological principled as much as it seems to be Lets burn it all down. Lets tear it all down, and lets see what happens.


Miami Man Converts to Islam Attempts to Blow Up Dolphin Mall The Gateway Pundit

Vicente Solano from Miami recently converted to Islam.

On Friday he was arrested for attempting to blow up the local Dolphin Mall.

Via The Miami Herald and Jihad Watch:

A Miami man suspected of being inspired by Islamic extremists was arrested Friday night on a charge of attempting to blow up a bomb at the Dolphin Mall by FBI counter-terrorism agents in an undercover operation.

Vicente Solano, who acted alone, was communicating with a confidential informant who tipped off the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force about his alleged plot to carry out a weapons of mass destruction attack on the sprawling mall in Doral, according to authorities.

Before the planned bombing attack, Solano made pro-Islamic State videos, authorities said. But there is no indication he was directed by ISIS terrorists.

When he was arrested, Solano planned to detonate the WMD, which was a sham bomb that he acquired from FBI undercover agents.

The post Miami Man Converts to Islam Attempts to Bl...


Recent Developments Signal Mueller Investigation Moving Away From Russian Collusion Whats Next? The Gateway Pundit

Large segments of the government-media complex assert President Trump colluded with Russia to win the White House. When the accusations first came out, it was reported U.S. intelligence agencies were in possession of proof connecting Trump officials to the Kremlin.

Said evidence has yet to see the light of day. Now, when lawmakers and talking heads discuss alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, theyre reduced to talking about Pokemon Go or Facebook ads. Does that mean Muellers probe is shifting gears?

Byron York of the Washington Examiner writes:

Some of that could be just an impression. But the fact is, the subjects that have dominated discussion of the Trump-Russia matter lately Facebook and other social media ads and the most recent update from Senate Intelligence Committee leaders Richard Burr and Mark Warner do not necessarily point toward collusion. Rather, more often than not, the latest talk points toward Russian active measures, that is, the effort to disrupt the 2016 campaign.

Why the change?

Because thats where the evidence is going, one lawmaker who follows the matter closely told me in a text exchange. I mean, things could always change, but that observation is just the reality of the situation right now, as I see it.

Because theyve been spinning their wheels on something for which evidence has yet to emerge, said another lawmaker.

I think its 1) the Mueller probe means that stuff [allegations of collusion] is sort of in his wheelhouse now, said yet another lawmaker, and 2) I think theres recognition that Trump himself is unlikely to be implicated in this.

[] But the tone of the public discussion seems to be changing away from collusion and toward Russia. Yet another lawmaker agreed that appears to be the case, and in a text message suggested theres a simple reason: Maybe reflects where they think its heading.

If the tone of Muellers investigation is moving away from collusion and onto Russia itself, this appears to be yet another dead end, as well.

President Trump quashed another liberal media lie today in a series of Sunday morning tweets.

Trump correctly pointed out the much publicized mai...


Sunday Talks: OMB Director Mick Mulvaney -vs- Princess Perino The Last Refuge

Office of Managements and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss the ongoing tax reform plan with princess Bush-Perino. . OMB Director Mulvaney also appeared on CBS Face The Nation (see below). .


Suzie Dawson Calls For Active Support Of Assange, Wikileaks Disobedient Media

Suzie Dawson, leader of New Zealands Internet Party, spoke with the German Pirate Party this weekend as part of their annual conference. []


Comey Sends Another Cryptic Tweet Hinting Trump Will Only Serve One Term as President The Gateway Pundit

A Twitter account by the name of Reinhold Niebuhr, presumably run by former FBI Director James Comey, has been sending out a series of cryptic tweets.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, James Comey admitted that he was secretly on Twitter and Instagram. In March, Gizmodo figured out which account he was operating in stealth.well not so stealth anymore.

The sleuth at Gizmodo, Ashley Feinberg, was tipped off by Comeys own words regarding his Twitter and Instagram:

I care deeply about privacy, treasure it. I have an Instagram account with nine followers. Nobody is getting in. Theyre all immediate relatives and one daughters serious boyfriend. I let them in because theyre serious enough. I dont want anybody looking at my photos. I treasure my privacy and security on the internet. My job is public safety.

After finding one of Comeys sons on Instagram, a request was made to follow the account. Instagram then suggests other people to follow based on an algorithm that tracks other people associated with this accountOOPS!

The name Reinhold Niebuhr popped up.

A quick Google search of Reinhold Niebuhr revealed:

By senior year, Comey was a double major in religion and chemistry, writing a senior thesis on theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and televangelist Jerry Falwell and on his way to the University of Chicago Law School.

The name Reinhold Niebuhr ultimately led the investigation to the Twitter account which is usually protected from public viewing.

Strange how the FBI Director cant even cover his own tracks on social media

On Wednesday afternoon, the Reinhold Niebuhr Twitter account, presumably run by James Comey sent out a very rare tweet in what appeared to be a response to President Trumps tweetstorm slamming the former FBI Director.

Comeys tweet from Wednesday, Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson. Many people interpreted this as a Benedict Arnold reference.



Hah! NFL Backlash So Bad Empty Seat Wins Giveaway Prize at Browns Game The Gateway Pundit

The NFL is experiencing an unprecedented backlash as players kneel during the National Anthem. The boycott is so bad that the Cleveland Browns, which gives away prizes to fans during games, selected an empty seat for a giveaway.

Browns just randomly selected an empty seat to win a prize, tweeted Nick Virzi, who attended Sundays game between the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans.

It is not known what the prize was, but whatever it was, its quite sad the team has resorted to keeping fans happy at FirstEnergy stadium with giveaways. Whats even more sad is that the seat was empty. Several NFL stadiums are nearly empty post kick-off as the National Anthem controversy rolls into week 7. The Cleveland Browns are playing at home against the Tennessee Titans. Plenty of seats went unfilled.

The post Hah! NFL Backlash So Bad Empty Seat Wins Giveaway Prize at...


NFL Week #7 More Empty Seats Seed Doubt for Future of Commissioner The Last Refuge

The business decision of the NFL to isolate and ridicule well over half of their fan (customer) base will easily, very easily, go down in history as the most stunningly stupid decision in the history of any American business enterprise. Continue reading


More Than 30 Women Accuse Hollywood Director James Toback Of Sexual Assault Weasel Zippers

Hopefully, they all get flushed out now. Via Daily Mail: In the wake of the revelations about Harvey Weinsteins alleged sexual assault, more than 30 women have come forward with their own stories of sexual abuse at the hands of another Hollywood director. Movie director, James Toback, has been accused by 38 women of framing []


Will 2018 Be The Year Democrats Break The GOP Strangle-Hold On Texas? DownWithTyranny!

Over the years, Democrats let Texas slip away. When Democrats were firmly committed to representing the legitimate aspirations and interests of working families, Texas was part of their coalition. There are Texans today-- like gubernatorial candidate Tom Wakely, Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke and half a dozen outspoken progressives running for Congress who you could call modern day "New Deal Democrats" and aren't having any of the DC Dem bullshit.

Yesterday, Mark Jones, a political science fellow at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, and Joseph Jamail, chair in Latin American Studies at Rice University, penned an OpEd for The Hill, Texas Democrats smell blood in the water for 2018. Like every Texas Democratic candidate I've ever talked to, they bring up that Texas is less a red state than a "no vote state." They wrote that "in non-presidential years, the Texas Democratic Primary tends to be a low-key affair, with statewide turnout involving only around 3 percent of the voting age population. Contested Democratic congressional primaries tend to be scarcer than grass around a trough, with a plethora of safe Democratic incumbents and a paucity of seats in play." But they sense that that's not going to be the case next year. They're especially high on the prospect of Democrats taking back Houston's TX-07, North Dallas' TX-32 and TX-23 in South Texas.
In 2018 that is changing, as a talented group of high-quality Democratic candidates are coming out of the woodwork to run for Congress across the Lone Star State. And, if Democrats are to have any hope of taking back control of the U.S. House next year, they will have to flip at least a couple of Texas seats presently held by Republicans.
Tom Wakely told us that his campaign for governor will focus on 4 main issues. "1- Income inequality. I will fight for a raise in the state minimum wage to $15 an hour al...


White House Slams Slanderous Senator For Calling Stephen Miller A White Supremacist Weasel Zippers

White supremacists dont generally include Jewish people. And its ridiculous. But they never actually have any facts to support the smears. But they know their base will simply believe it. Via Daily Caller: The White House slammed Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in a statement Sunday for calling Stephen Miller, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, []


Eurosceptic Czech Trump Wins Landslide Electoral Victory The Gateway Pundit

Billionaire Czech businessman, Andrej Babi, has led his populist and Eurosceptic ANO party to victory in this weekends Czech legislative elections. The substantial gains for right wing parties come only one week after similar results in neighboring Austria.


Image result for babis ELECTION


A ballot box rejection of the EU appears to be continuing in Central Europe, with Czech voters electing a self-made billionaire strongly critical of EU meddling and opposed to the countrys adoption of the single European currency.

With 99.98% of the votes counted, Babi populist ANO party (Yes in Czech) had scored 29.72% of the vote, almost 20% higher than the next nearest party and taking first place across all regions of the country.

Several anti-establishment parties scored higher than expected, including the anti-Brussels and anti-migrant, Freedom and Direct Democracy party, which received 10.67% of the vote. The anti-establishment left-leaning Pirate Party will also enter the Prague parliament for the first time, having garnered 10.75% of the vote.

Babi, who made his estimated $4.1 billion fortune in agro-chemicals and food production served as Finance Minister in the outgoing coalition government yet is still viewed by many Czechs as a straight-talking outsider, prepared to voice public sentiment on topics ranging from EU migrant quotas to Czech membership of the euro.

We dont want the Euro here. Everybody knows its bankrupt. Its about our sovereignty. I want the Czech koruna, and an independent central bank. I dont want another issue that Brussels would be meddling with, Babi told Bloomberg in June.

Whilst supportive of the Central European nations membership of the EU, Babi has echoed sentiments expressed by Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbn, particularly on EU migrant policy and on forced migrant resettlements dictated by Brussels.

If there will be more Muslims than Belgians in Brussels, thats their problem. I dont want that here. They wont be telling us who should live here, the 63-year-old Slovakian-born tycoon told Bloomberg, echoing a viewpoint largely unspoken amongst Western European counterparts.

Babi has called for the securing of Europes external borders and been quoted as saying that the Czech Republic did not want to end up like Germany a widespread view amongst ordinary Czechs.



Sunday Talks: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Interview With Dana Perino The Last Refuge

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was interviewed on Fox News Sunday by former WH Press Secretary Dana Perino. In addition to discussing current events, Sarah Sanders discusses her job, family and the challenges therein.


Former Presidents Fundraising Campaign Raises $31 Million For Hurricane Victims Weasel Zippers

Down with that as long as the Clintons have no access to the money or call over how its distributed. Via Daily Caller: All five living, former U.S. presidents helped raise millions in donations to help victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma rebuild their lives. The One America Appeal campaign announced Saturday it had []


The Bell Beaker Invasion of Britain bensozia

I have written here before about the Bell Beaker phenomenon, which spread across western Europe at the very end of the Neolithic period, around 2800 BCE. At this time the use of copper was fairly common, so this is sometimes known as the Copper Age, but in fact most tools and weapons were still stone or bone. The name comes from their distinctive pottery vessels, one of which is above.

The range of the Bell Beaker culture.

Across much of its range Bell Beaker culture seems to be intrusive. In some places it has been found almost entirely in cemeteries, which are next to village settlements that seem completely unchanged. However a case can be made that it emerged from the local culture in two separate places, Portugal and the Netherlands. Archaeologists still argue over which is the Bell Beaker "homeland" and how the two are related, although the latest data seems to show that the beakers of Portugal are older by at least a century. There is also a raging argument about how the culture spread beyond those homelands: invasion or imitation? I reported back in 2015 on genetic data that suggested violent invasion and partial replacement of native populations.

Now there is a much bigger, better study of European DNA in this period, which you can tell is science because the list of authors fills most of the first page. This goes by the name of Olalde et al. The study is based on high-quality DNA profiles from 170 individuals, 100 of them clearly part of the Bell Beaker culture.

The study shows three very interesting things. First of all it shows that before the spread of the Bell Beaker Folk, the Neolithic inhabitants were closely related to each other acro...


Terrorism-Related Cases In Germany Quadruple In One Year Weasel Zippers

Gee, I wonder why? Whats different in Germany in the last couple of years? Via Daily Caller: The number of terrorism-related cases investigated by German authorities have quadrupled over the past year, newspaper Welt am Sonntag revealed Sunday. Prosecutors have opened more than 900 cases so far this year, compared to 240 throughout 2016. Just []


Wakey Wakey The Peasants are Still Revolting The Last Refuge

In the summer of 2016 a band of British Misfits delivered Brexit, the largest single event to push back against the growing infection of multinationalism and globalism created by multinational corporations and multinational banks.   Credit where Credit is Due: . Continue reading


Miami Man Inspired By ISIS Arrested On Charge Of Trying To Blow Up A Bomb At Dolphin Mall Weasel Zippers

Another lone wolf. Via Miami Herald: A Miami man suspected of being inspired by Islamic extremists was arrested Friday night on a charge of attempting to blow up a bomb at the Dolphin Mall by FBI counter-terrorism agents in an undercover operation. Vicente Solano, who acted alone, was communicating with a confidential informant who tipped []


STUNNING=> GOP Leadership Blocked Investigation Into Explosive Clinton-Uranium Deal Evidence (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In an interview with Fox News Sunday morning, GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis revealed Republican leadership blocked him and others from investigating the Clinton-Uranium One deal. 

Fox News reports:

The House Oversight Committee has started its investigation into an Obama-era deal in which a Russian-backed company bought a uranium firm with mines in the U.S., Rep. Ron DeSantis told Fox News on Sunday, adding that hes spoken with the federal governments confidential informant on the matter.


Ive spoken with the confidential informant that helped the FBI uncover this bribery scheme, DeSantis, R-Fla., a member of the oversight committee, told Americas News Headquarters. Clearly, its in the publics interest that this individual be able to tell his story to Congress.


DeSantis said Sunday the informant to whom he spoke signed his original non-disclosure deal with Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder and was threatened with reprisal by the Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch when he tried to come forward in 2016.

At the end of the interview seen in the video above, DeSantis says something stunning. GOP leadership blocked him from investigating evidence from the Clinton-Uranium deal.

Fox News Lou Dobbs spoke with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer Friday evening about the Uranium One scandal which involves the entire Deep State criminal cabal.



Irony: New Woody Allen Movie Focuses On Older Hollywood Executives Taking Advantage Of Young Girls Weasel Zippers

Is he finally telling his life story? Via Page Six: Woody Allens upcoming movie contains some awkward scenes involving an older man having sex with young starlets, considering the current firestorm about sexual misconduct sparked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Were told that a plotline in the untitled Allen flick, which is currently filming in []


Dem Chairman: Tom Perez Trump Most Dangerous President Weasel Zippers

Insane. And you wonder why you get crazy shooters trying to take out Republicans when you talk like this and like Maxine Waters did, saying she was going to take Trump out. Via Yahoo: LAS VEGAS (AP) Trying to quell accusations that he is ousting activists from the partys left flank, Democratic Chairman Tom []


Frederica Wilson Demands Apology From General Kelly For Character Assassination Weasel Zippers

Is she joking? Via The Hill: Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) is calling for an apology from White House chief of staff John Kelly for character assassination. Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the American people, Wilson said during an appearance Sunday on MSNBCs AM Joy, according to []



Interview With Max Suchan Of Chicago Community Bond Fund On Failure Of Judges To Implement Bond Reforms Shadowproof

If you would like to support the show and help keep us going strong, please become a subscriber on our Patreon page.

In September, Cook County adopted reforms to the system of money bond for pretrial detention. However, according to the Chicago Community Bond Fund, which has had a team of volunteer court watchers monitoring the implementation, results thus far have been fairly disappointing.

On this weeks Unauthorized Disclosure podcast, Max Suchan, a co-founder and director of operations for the Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF), joins the show to talk about the struggle to abolish money bond in communities in and around Chicago.

CCBF is a part of a local coalition, the Coalition to End Money Bond, which includes labor, legal advocacy, and faith-based organizations. They have put pressure on the city to reform the money bond system. Externally, Suchan said, the city also has noticed a national trend demanding reforms to the most racist practices in the criminal justice system.

Lawyers affiliated with the coalition launched a lawsuit last year that seeks a declaratory judgment that Cook Countys bond-setting practices violate the Constitution; that actually they disproportionately impact people that dont have money, and its a system that punishes people because theyre poor, according to Suchan.

The order issued by Evans instructed judges to not set bond higher than what people can pay. Money may be a condition of release, but there needs to be a determination as to whether somebody should be held or released that does not involve money. Pretrial detainees are entitled to a review within 7 days if they were unable to immediately post bond.

Thats important because oftentimes people get court dates a month, two months out, Suchan said. In order to actually revisit bond, a seven-day time is significant because most of the primary harms of incarceration happen within the first three days of arrest.

It went into effect for felony cases on September 18. In January 2018, the order will apply to misdemeanor cases. The order is supposed to retroactively apply to thousands of cases where people are already in pretrial detention.

Evans replaced the six central bond judges and prepared them for the foundational shift in how bonds would be issued.

Every day in August, and every day last month after the order was issued, CCBF had a team of court watchers to monitor how judges implemented the order. The court watchers tracked what amount the person said they could pay, what amount was ultimately set for the bond, and whether it was an amount they could pay. They also documented whether people were getting views within seven days and what happened at...


Massive Victory for Shinzo Abe Mandate in Japanese Snap Election The Last Refuge

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a key geopolitical ally to U.S. President Donald Trump and a big part of the larger strategic objective within the Trump Doctrine.  Both Abe and Trump are also personal friends. Theres zero doubt that Continue reading


Trump: Tax Plan Builds On Reagan Plan, Will Be Biggest Tax Cuts Ever Weasel Zippers

I can go for that! Via USA Today: Today is the anniversary of former president Ronald Reagan signing into law the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The act was the second major law he signed to reform the tax code for the American people. Republicans and Democrats came together to cut taxes for hardworking families []


It's As If Ryan And Trump Are Determined To Eviscerate The Middle Class With Their Tax Plan DownWithTyranny!

On Thursday we looked at how the Trump-Ryan tax cuts for the rich will be toxic for Republicans in states where the elimination of the federal deduction for state and local taxes is significant and will mean as much as $20,000 annually flowing from the bank accounts of middle class taxpayers into the bank accounts of multimillionaires and billionaires. Since then, Maine Republican Susan Collins has told The Hill that she's not ready to commit to voting for the package. "Until I see the specifics of the bill obviously Im not going to take a position on it," she said. One detail she's not likely to be a fan of is the sharp cut in the deductibility of 401 (k) contributions. Ryan is eager to cut that to provide bigger tax breaks for the wealthy. Saving though deductible 401 (k) plans used to be routinely supported by Republicans as an opportunity to help middle class taxpayers save for retirement. The Trump-Ryan GOP doesn't care at all about middle class taxpayers, other than as fodder for soundbytes.

Ryan and Trump and their teams are looking for short term gains-- regardless of how badly they hurt the long-term financial situations of Americans-- to help finance big tax cuts for their campaign contributors.
It is unclear if Republicans will ultimately include a cap on contributions in the tax bill that they are expected to release in the coming weeks. Such a move would almost certainly prompt a vocal backlash from middle-class workers who save heavily in such retirement accounts and from the asset management industry.

The proposals under discussion would potentially cap the annua...


Harvey Weinstein Denies Accusations by Black Actress Is Quickly Labeled a Racist! The Gateway Pundit

More than 40 women have now accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of inappropriate sexual conduct, including rape, over the past 30 plus years of his career.

This week Weinstein denied the accusations by one prominent Hollywood actress.
Lupita Nyongo is a black actress.

Weinstein released a statement vehemently denying the actresss accusations.
It was the first time Weinstein released such a statement.

Now the social justice warriors are accusing him of racism.

Wow. The left is so abusive and SO insane.

The Washington Post reported:

On Thursday, in an op-ed for the New York Times, the Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyongo detailed a pattern of predatory behavior Weinstein had directed at her, starting when she was still a student at the Yale School of Drama. One day, she said, Weinstein invited her to his home in Westport, Conn., ostensibly to screen a film with his family; before the movie ended, he insisted she leave the room with him.

[Lupita Nyongo describes secretly dealing with harassment by Harvey Weinstein: I felt unsafe]

Harvey led me into a bedroom his bedroom and announced that he wanted to give me a massage. I thought he was joking at first. He was not, Nyongo wrote. For the first time since I met him, I felt unsafe.

What followed, Nyongo said, was encounters over the next several years in which Nyongo continued to assert her boundaries, only to have them pushed or disregarded by Weinstein. It culminated in a meal in New York in which Weinstein propositioned her and then, when she turned him down, hinted that her acting career would suffer, she wrote.

I share all of this now because I know now what I did not know then. I was part of a growing community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Harvey Weinstein Nyongo wrote. But I also did not know that there was a world in which anybody would care about my experience with him ... He was one of the first people I met in the industry, and he told me, This is the way it is. And wherever I looked, everyone seemed to be bracing themselves and dealing with him, unchallenged.

For unknown reasons, Weinstein...


Report: Chinese-North Korea Relationship At End, Another Missile Test Will Mean War By The Chinese Against North Korea Weasel Zippers

Theyve had enough of lil Kim Via The Express: In a shocking bombshell interview, an academic with close ties to the Chinese government has warned war with North Korea was on the table. Chong Sho-Hu, who is a professor of international relations at the Renmin University, in Beijing, said North Korea was seeking death. He []


Michigans State Police Leader Fined Five Days Pay For Calling NFL Players Who Take The Knee Anti-American Degenerates Weasel Zippers

Start fining the NFL players and the kneeling will stop. Update to this story. Via Daily Mail: A top Michigan police woman will lose five days of pay for sharing a Facebook post in September that called NFL players who kneel during the national anthem anti-American degenerates. Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue has been under fire []


Sunday Talks: President Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo The Last Refuge

President Trump gave an exclusive interview to Maria Bartiromo on Friday at the White House.  The wide-ranging interview aired earlier today on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures.  Ms. Bartiromo generally does good interviews, especially when the topics are economics, Continue reading


The Strange World of Russian Trolls Consortiumnews

A big part of the Russia-gate hysteria is to accuse Russia of spreading U.S. dissension via Internet trolling, but thats just one more wild exaggeration among many, as William Blum describes at Anti-Empire Report. By William Blum Websters dictionary: troll


Alan Dershowitz Breaks Down Why NFL Players DONT Have Constitutional Right To Kneel During National Anthem (AUDIO) The Gateway Pundit

It has been reported that NFL players have a constitutional right to kneel during the National Anthem, yet, according to famed attorney and civil rights activist Alan Dershowitz, this is untrue. 

Credit: John Catsimatidis

Washington Examiner reports:

The players are entitled to kneel if the owners allow them to, Dershowitz told John Catsimatidis on New Yorks 970 AM radio station. Now the owners could say no because the players dont have a First Amendment right in relation to the owners. They only have a First Amendment right in relation to the government.

Although he disagreed with their demonstrations, Dershowitz said the First Amendment was working well in the context of the NFL because both sides are being heard.


They are the first ones who want free speech for themselves, but they dont want free speech for anyone they disagree with. Thats not the way it works, he continued. The Constitution doesnt distinguish between good speech and bad speech.

Dershowitz went on to rip snowflakes on college campuses today. Most college students are just a bunch of selfish spoiled brats when it comes to this issue: Free speech for me but not for thee,' Dershowitz said, citing his experience of being shouted down whenever he spoke on behalf of Israel despite supporting the two-state solution.

The post Alan Dershowitz Breaks Down Why NFL Players DONT Have Constitutional Right To Kneel During National Anthem (AUDIO) appeared first on The Gatew...


In Case You Missed Consortiumnews

Some of our special stories in September examined the risk of nuclear war over North Korea, the shifting power balance in the Middle East and the escalating hysteria over Russia-gate. Seymour Hersh Honored for Integrity by Ray McGovern, Sep. 1,


An Epic Film on the Vietnam War Stops Short WORDVIRUS

Fog drifts up from the valleys below the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam as U.S. Marines untangle air-dropped supplies in 1968. (AP)

As the dust settles on the release of the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick opus The Vietnam War, and as the cacophony of criticism quiets, a major issue remains largely unaddressedU.S. culpability for war crimes in Vietnam.

President Barack Obamas visit to Hanoi in 2016 seemed a turning point as he offered his hand in friendship to Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang, but there were no apologies forthcoming, and no acknowledgement of culpability for a U.S. war of aggression. Nor was there an outcry in the press that something was missing.

There is no statute of limitations on war crimes, as trials of aging German war criminals and of Bosnians and Rwandans attest. But the trying of Americans, especially powerful Americans, is another story entirely. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who still enjoys high status as an adviser to the powerful (his crimes long ago normalized), comes to mind as a potential target of inquiry.

But perhaps more important than the actual indictment of American war criminals is the corrosive effect of old war crimes on the American conscience. Avoidance of the conversation muddles our ability to judge what military ventures are appropriate, and how to prosecute them. The fog of war has become a constant state.

Unfortunately, Burns and Novicks epic recap of the war stops short of the treatment that might help us internalize the lessons we need. Because their film promises to define the conversation about Vietnam for decades to come, it is vital that critical analysis and debate continue.

By virtue of their power of presentation and the wide exposure their film will receive, Burns and Novick have established themselves as the framers of our collective memory on Vietnam. Power infers responsibilitytheirs was to get the history clear and right.

They have gotten a lot rightthe sense of Vietnamese and Americans shared humanity, of the tragedy and depraved brutality of the war and the persistent lying on the part of our leadership. And, while they have star...




NFL HELL: Several Stadiums Nearly Empty As Anthem Protest Backlash Rolls Into Week 7 (PHOTOS) The Gateway Pundit

Several NFL stadiums are nearly empty post kick-off as the National Anthem controversy rolls into week 7. 

Plenty of empty seats visible at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida as the New York Jets play the Miami Dolphins.

Swaths of empty seats here post kickoff, tweeted columnist Armando Salguero.

The Cleveland Browns are playing at home against the Tennessee Titans. Plenty of empty seats to go around.


Trump Quashes Another #FakeNews Media Lie: Crooked Hillary had Facebook on Her Side Too The Gateway Pundit

President Trump quashed another liberal media lie today in a series of Sunday morning tweets.

Trump correctly pointed out the much publicized mainstream media lies that a few Facebook ads flipped the 2016 election.

President Trump: Keep hearing about tiny amount of money spent on Facebook ads. What about the billions of dollars of Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS? Crooked Hillary Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars more on Presidential Election than I did. Facebook was on her side, not mine!

Once again, President Trump was correct.

** Russia spent $100,000 on Facebook before or after the 2016 election.
** This was during an election where Democrats outspent Republicans by over one hundred million dollars.
** The liberal media was meeting with and dining with top liberal reporters prior to the election.
** The liberal media gave Hillary Clinton over a billion dollars in favorable coverage.
** The ads promoted neither candidate.
** Half of the ads were posted AFTER the election.
** 25% of the ads did not play at all.

Here is more on those dangerous Russian ads from a previous report:

In September Facebook announced it would turn over 3,000 Russian-linked ads to GOP-led congressional committees. The left now claims 3,000 ads costing $100,000 that were neither favorable or unfavorable for either candidate flipped the 2016 e...


David Wootton, The Invention of Science bensozia

With the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe suffered a catastrophic loss of knowledge. Most of the books that had circulated in the empire were lost, and the traditions of learning maintained by academies in Athens, Alexandria, and other places were broken. The losses in math and science were among the worst, since the monks who preserved many books had little interest in them. The political chaos and economic decline meant that the society simply could not afford to maintain so many leisured scholars, and what learning there was focused on the needs of the church. So when Europe's economic and political situation improved from the 12th century onward, intellectuals were focused on recovering what had been lost from the Roman past.

By the 1500s that had been achieved: Europe had science and mathematics more or less equal to that of the Classical world. And then in the 1600s western Europe rocketed ahead, creating science and math that by 1800 far surpassed anything created before.

Why? How? Because one of the interesting things about ancient science is that it ceased to make much progress long before the Goths sacked Rome. Many short histories of ancient mathematics end with Hipparchus in the 2nd century BC, and many short histories of ancient science end with Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD. The same thing goes for ancient sculpture and poetry, which are generally held to have peaked centuries before barbarians burned down the workshops and beheaded the poets. It is as if classical culture ran out of steam. Its creative impulses were somehow exhausted before its people ran out of time, including whatever impulses drove its science.

Illustration from William Gilbert's On Magnets, Published in 1600

But so far there is no sign of that happening with modern science. This is because, argues David Wootton in The Invention of Scie...


Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days Fellowship of the Minds

From Fox News: Melania Trump is embracing a more active and public schedule as first lady but she still runs one of the leanest East Wing operations in recent history. According to a Fox News analysis of White House Continue reading


Jimmy Carter: Media Has Been Harder On Trump Than Any Other President Weasel Zippers

What He says may surprise you Via CNN: President Donald Trump may have found an unlikely ally in the presidents club. In an interview with The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, former President Jimmy Carter said hes eager to partner with Trump for a North Korea diplomatic mission. While his comments about his North []


Chris Hedges: Radically Reconfiguring Our Relationship With the Planet Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad with Chris Hedges RT America on Oct 22, 2017 Dr. James Hansen, former director of NASAs Goddard Institute and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Universitys Earth Institute, discusses the urgent need to radically change our relationship with the planet. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil looks at the accelerating pace of climate change. from the archives: []


WOW! Roger Goodells Future Uncertain As National Anthem Controversy Takes Toll On NFL The Gateway Pundit

Commissioner Roger Goodells future with the NFL is in question as the National Anthem controversy continues to take its toll on the league. 

Real Clear Life reports:

As the National Football League has struggled to come up with a game-plan to handle the controversy surrounding players who kneel in protest during the National Anthem, the issue has had a ripple effect behind closed doors.

And that includes a delay on a contract extension of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, ESPN is reporting.

The anthem issue has overridden everything and I do mean everything, a source told ESPN.

Thats because total viewership has plummeted over first six weeks of the NFL season dropping 7.5 percent compared to the same period last year season spurred by outrage from both sides over the league handling of the #TakeAKnee movement.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made over $212 million in salary since 2006.

Goodell is the highest paid person in the NFL.

And hes destroying the league.

Goodell makes more than Tom Brady, Eli Manning or any other player in the league.

CNN reported:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a pay cut of nearly $1 million during his tumultuous 2014-15 season, according to a new tax filing.

But with a salary of $34.1 million, he still earned more than all but...


Deserter Bergdahl Says Taliban More Honest Than U.S. Army Weasel Zippers

What a loser. Via Fox News: Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. Army sergeant who pleaded guilty Monday to deserting his post in Afghanistan in 2009, says his Taliban captors were more honest with him than the Army has been since his release three years ago. At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, Im the []

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