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Friday, 17 November


Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Who Is Seema Verma? [News - AllGov]

Seema Verma, a long-time consultant in the health care industry, was named on November 29, 2016, as President-elect Donald Trumps choice to lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She was sworn in on March 14, 2017.


Verma, the daughter of Indian immigrants, earned a bachelors degree in life sciences from the University of Maryland in 1993 and a masters in public health from Johns Hopkins University in 1996. Early in her career, she served as a director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials in Washington, D.C., and as vice president of planning for the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County in Indianapolis.


In 2001, Verma founded SVC, a health-care consultancy. She started work in 2006 on the proposal that became the Healthy Indiana Plan, a healthcare plan endorsed by then-Governor Mitch Daniels (R) that put patients in high-deductible health plans and forced most to put at least some money in health savings accounts. Such plans act as barriers to obtaining and maintaining coverage for low-income groups, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. If youre talking about someone whose total income is $100 a month or $200 a month or is homeless, that is when it becomes particularly burdensome, MaryBeth Musumeci, associate director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, told The Washington Post.


Vermas work for Indiana proved lucrative. SVC received more than $3.5 million in contracts from the state. At the same time that Verma was advising Indiana, she worked for Hewlett-Packard, which was trying to win a contract from the state. Hewlett-Packard paid Verma, who had an office in the state government center, $1.2 million, but won more than $500 million in contractsincluding some involving Healthy Indianafrom the state, according to reporting by The Indianapolis Star. Indianas ethics laws dont forbid such a conflict of interest, according to The Star.


In 2014, the state increased Vermas payout by about $300,000, although neither her workload nor the length of the contract increased, The Star reported. Indiana officials provided only a vague explanationto cover claimsfor the raise. Vermas work for the state continued through the administration of Governor, and Vice President-elect, Mike Pence.



NOT FUNNY: Al Franken Once Joked About Al-Qaeda Assassinating President Bush (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In 2004, Al Franke told the sign-language interpreter working at the Republican convention that he should have communicated to Al-Qaeda how to sneak into the White House to assassinate President George Bush.

FRANKEN: You what would have been a really funny, stupid thing to do? Would have been, like, Al-Qaeda friends of mine, Ive scoped out the place, the way to get the President is to come through the Kitchen, which is downstairs.

After finishing his joke, Franken lets out a huge laughHA-HA!

Hot Airs Ed Morrissey had this to say about the tasteless joke back in 2008:

I can already hear the objections. Franken is a satirist! He was joking! Hes paid to make people laugh! Er, yeah but then Franken was also a political commentator, and now he wants to serve in the US Senate, so his judgment in this is fair game. If hes such a hater that the notion of AQ assassinating George Bush is funny, that shows just how far outside the mainstream Franken is, and how poor his judgment can be.

Does Franken really believe that joking about presidential assassinations is in good taste, ever? Because in a Barack Obama administration, I doubt that Frankens allies will find it funny. Neither will I, or most everyone I know.

The post NOT FUNNY: Al Franken Once Joked About Al-Qaeda Assassinating President Bush (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And Theres Nothing Funny About It Weasel Zippers

So where are the Democrats demanding he resign? Via KABC: In December of 2006, I embarked on my ninth USO Tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks. My father served in Vietnam and my then-boyfriend (and now husband, Chris) is a pilot in the Air Force, so []


Alabama Female Faith Leaders to Hold Press Conference Friday in Support of Judge Roy Moore The Gateway Pundit

A group of Christian women from Alabama will hold a press conference Friday at 10:30 AM in support of Judge Roy Moore.

Judge Moore has been accused of sexual assault and sexual advances on teenage girls by the liberal media and coastal elites in the past week.
Several of the allegations have already been disproven.

FAIRHOPE, AL SEPTEMBER 25: Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, speaks at a campaign rally on September 25, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama. Moore is running in a primary runoff election against incumbent Luther Strange for the seat vacated when Jeff Sessions was appointed U.S. Attorney General by President Donald Trump. The runoff election is scheduled for September 26. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)


 WHAT:  Women for Moore Press Conference

 WHEN:  Friday, Nov. 17th at 10:30am

WHERE: Alabama State Capitol Steps, 600 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, AL

WHY:  Judge Roy Moore has faithfully served in public office for forty years.  He ran for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court twice and won and he ran for Governor in 2010.  Yet, not once, during all that time were there any allegations of sexual misconduct.  During the fight over the removal of the Ten Commandments monument in 2003 and again last year when he was put through the fire with the Judicial Inquiry Commission there were no allegations of sexual impropriety.  But now, one month before the election, a volunteer of his opponent, Doug Jones, who also worked as an interpreter for Democrat Joe Biden comes forward.  The second accuser is also looking very suspicious.  It appears that the evidence that she has against Moore has been fabricated.  We know Judge Moore and we arent buying it.  The Judge has repeatedly denied these allegations and we stand with him.  We know his character and have called this press conference to show the our state and the nation that we will not be bullied by special interests nor political hacks in Alabama or in Washington DC.

The women who will be speaking have endorsed him and will attest to his good character.  Janet Porter from Faith2Action will be in attendance as well as a few surprise guests.  Please join us and hear what these women have to say....


Trump Should Be Sentenced To Death For Insulting Kim Jong Un, North Korea Says Weasel Zippers

Via Fox News: President Trump should be sentenced to death for calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un short and fat, the regimes state media declared Wednesday in an unhinged diatribe blasting Trump as an old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject. The editorial published in Rodong Sinmun, the states ruling party newspaper, called Trump []


This College Is Charging Students With Trespassing For Holding a Peaceful, On-Campus Protest The Intercept

An upstate New York university has taken its free-speech-zone policy, which regulates where students can hold protests, further than most, charging students who last month organized a protest with trespassing.

The conflict between students and administrators at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute stems from a two-year debate over who should control the student union. For more than 125 years, the student union, which helps administer student funds to campus organizations and promote a more prosperous student life, has been operated by the students themselves.

In fact, it is, according to the university, one of the few private school student unions in the country that is entirely student-run.

Thats why when RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson first made moves two years ago to try to assert university control over the union, many on campus were opposed. Jackson has argued that she should have final say over who is hired as the unions director, a position that has been vacant since the university fired the organizations previous director in December 2015. The board of trustees agrees with the president, arguing that the student union which now controls a bookstore, fitness facilities, and recreational spaces has grown tremendously in the past century and now needs more direct university control.

Last month, a group of outraged students opposed to increased university influence planned a demonstration during Homecoming Week, a time during which alumni, donors, and other bigwigs come to campus for events to promote the school.

But the university responded by outright banning protests during homecoming and turning down a formal request to stage a protest. It then erected a literal fence around parts of campus, preventing students from approaching a building where the president would be hosting university donors for an event. University staff also tore down posters promoting a planned protest.

More than 100 students, faculty, and alumni staged a demonstration about changes to the student union anyway. During the October 13 protest, some protesters pierced the makeshift fence and crossed into the no-go zone.

Dan Seel, a student in a joint bachelors and masters program in science and technology studies, has been involved in the fight over the student union since it began. He attended the...


BREAKING: @MittRomney Must Call For Accused Sexual Predator Al Frankens Resignation GotNews

Democrat Senator Al Franken has been accused of sexual assault by reporter Leeann Tweeden, meaning Mitt Romney must either call for his resignation or reveal his own hypocrisy. Tweeden says that in 2006, Franken forcibly kissed her backstage, and later groped her while she was asleep. Tweeden was able to produce a photo as corroborating []

The post BREAKING: @MittRomney Must Call For Accused Sexual Predator Al Frankens Resignation appeared first on GotNews.


Footage of Al Franken Making BABY RAPE Joke Resurfaces Amid Sexual Assault Allegations (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Amid sexual harassment allegations made by model and actress Leeann Tweeden against Al Franken, footage of the Democrat Senator cracking a vile baby rape joke at Rob Reiners Comedy Central Roast in 2000 has resurfaced. 

Video credit: GotNews

SOTT reports:

A 2000 Comedy Central Roast of director Rob Reiner featured Franken making baby rape jokes about Reiner. On a typical night, Carl [Reiner] would slip into Robs bed, roll him over, swab him down and say something like, Im thinking about hiring Morey Amsterdam to play Buddy Sorrell, what do you think?' Franken said as Reiner blurted out, Oh, Jesus.

Well, the success of The Dick Van Dyke Show changed things dramatically, Carl started inviting many of his famous friends to fuck his son, Franken continued. That list includes some of the greats in comedy: Paul Lynde, Dom DeLuise, Rip Taylor, Danny Kaye, Charles Nelson Reilly and Rock Hudson whom, I frankly dont think is that funny.

Thank you for doing so much to make sure another kid doesnt end up like you, Franken snarked.

Conservative author Ann Coulter made note of the joke in a tweet back in February

At Rob Reiner roast in 2000, Al Franken did an extended comedy bit @ Reiner anally raping his infant children. He is currently a US senator, Coulter tweeted.

Model and actress Leeann Tweeden accused Democrat Senator Al Franken pictured above groping a female US soldier of sexual assault. Tweeden made the allegations on her radio show this week.

Tweeden said Franken kissed her groper her without her consent when they were traveling on a USO tour in 2006.

Footage of the joke first emerged in...


Obama Rarely Prosecuted Criminals Who Sought To Buy Guns Illegally Weasel Zippers

And so you wonder why you get people like Devin Kelley. Via Daily Caller: More than 100,000 convicted felons or other prohibited persons tried to buy guns each year during President Barack Obamas administration by lying on their applications, but the Justice Department only considered prosecuting about 30 to 40 people each year, according to []


Model and Sports Commentator Accuses Creepy Democrat Senator Al Franken of Sexual Assault The Gateway Pundit

How gross.

Model and actress Leeann Tweeden accused Democrat Senator Al Franken pictured above groping a female US soldier of sexual assault.
Tweeden made the allegations on her radio show this week.

Tweeden said Franken kissed her groper her without her consent when they were traveling on a USO tour in 2006.

KABC reported:

In December of 2006, I embarked on my ninth USO Tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks. My father served in Vietnam and my then-boyfriend (and now husband, Chris) is a pilot in the Air Force, so bringing a little piece of home to servicemembers stationed far away from their families was both my passion and my privilege.

Also on the trip were country music artists Darryl Worley, Mark Wills, Keni Thomas, and some cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys. The headliner was comedian and now-senator, Al Franken.

Franken had written some skits for the show and brought props and costumes to go along with them. Like many USO shows before and since, the skits were full of sexual innuendo geared toward a young, male audience.

As a TV host and sports broadcaster, as well as a model familiar to the audience from the covers of FHM, Maxim and Playboy, I was only expecting to emcee and introduce the acts, but Franken said he had written a part for me that he thought would be funny, and I agreed to play along.

When I saw the script, Franken had written a moment when his character comes at me for a kiss. I suspected what he was after, but I figured I could turn my head at the last minute, or put my hand over his mouth, to get more laughs from the crowd.

On the day of the show Franken and I were alone backstage going over our lines one last time. He said to me, We need to rehearse the kiss. I laughed and ignored him. Then he said it again. I said something like, Relax Al, this isnt SNLwe dont need to rehearse the kiss.

He continued to insist, and I was beginning to get uncomfortable.

He repeated that actors really need to rehearse everything and that we must practice the kiss. I said OK so he would stop badgering me. We did the line leading up to the kiss and then he came at me, put his hand on the back of my head, mashed his lips against mine and aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I immediately pushed him away with both of my hands against his chest and told him if he...


Trump To Freed UCLA Players: Youre Welcome Weasel Zippers

Giving them fatherly advice. Via Fox News: President Trump put on his coachs hat Thursday and offered some words of advice to the three UCLA basketball players he helped free from China, while also saying youre welcome after they thanked him a day earlier. To the three UCLA basketball players I say: Youre welcome, go []


Are the Trump Tax Cuts Bad Politics or Not? Booman Tribune

Paul Waldman makes a compelling argument that the Republicans tax bill will be bad politics if it passes. Its the kind of bad policy that leaves a lot of victims who will know the cause of their distress and who will easily be able to assign responsibility for their plight.

I suspect Waldman may be a bit optimistic about those latter points, if for no other reason than that the Mighty Right-Wing Wurlitzer seems to still have a powerful ability to deflect blame and throw sand in peoples eyes. But the real question for Republicans is that theyre terrified of the alternative to passing this legislation. No matter how bad it looks, they keep asking themselves compared to what?

Its a fair point. Doing nothing will be bad politics, too, and so the real question for the GOP is which lousy option is worse.

Theres definitely some benefit to being able to accomplish something, even if its terrible. They can say they did something to harm Obamacare. They can tell their donors that they delivered the truckloads of cash. They can get Trump off their backs and off their case, if only for a little while. For everyone else, theres two sides to every story, and they can muddy the waters.

The way I see their dilemma, this is a live-to-fight-another-day strategy, and there are two ways it can be wrong. The first is if it is unnecessary and they can live to fight another day without it. The second is if it wont make a damn bit of difference in the end and itll just add to their long-term woes.

The surprising victory of Donald Trump proved that the Republicans are capable of misjudging their short-term chances and thinking theyre in a much worse spot than theyre really in. So, maybe theyre panicking without enough justification.

On the other hand, perhaps they think this will keep them from drowning but it actually wont buy them anything in terms of political victories next fall. In that case, it will almost definitely weaken them further.

I think the decisive thing is the donors. The typical large investor in the GOP wants a financial return on investment. If they dont get it, theyre not going to make more large investments.

The GOP thinks, probably correctly, that they may get wiped out next fall largely due to their idiot president. But as long as the donors feel like they were made whole, they can always make a comeback.

And so their decision to impose really bad policy on the nation is most likely the sanest of two miserable choices.

And, yet, theyre so incompetent that t...

Is Ted Cruz Texan Enough for Texas Republicans? Booman Tribune

Hey, do yall remember James Robison? No? Well, then let me have Mike Huckabee reintroduce him to you.

Despite Huckabees inclination toward a forgiving Christianity, Robisons passion drew him in. He dropped out of seminary after one year to take a job as Robisons director of communications.

The way the Moral Majority movement was actually started was there was a rally that James Robison did in 1979 that I helped cordinate, Huckabee said. It was all because of the local television station in Dallas throwing him off the air, because, in a sermon that he preached on television, Robison said homosexuality is a sin. Think: 1979, it wasnt really an outrageous statement. Anyway, they got some complaints and they told him he couldnt be on television. Well, Texas? Are you kidding me? More than ten thousand Christians came to a Freedom Rally at the Reunion Arena, in Dallas, to protest Robisons expulsion. There was this amazing energy coming up from these evangelical Christians, Huckabee said. I remember almost being frightened by it. If someone had gotten to the microphone and said, Lets go four blocks from here and take Channel 8 apart, that audience wouldve taken the last brick off the building.

Did that refresh your recollection?


It looks like James Robison isnt thrilled with Senator Ted Cruzs performance in office because the vice president and executive producer of Robisons television program Life Today is going to challenge Cruz in a primary.

Christian television executive Bruce Jacobson, who has discussed the possibility of taking on the Texas Republican in a primary, has a now live campaign website,, and Twitter handle, @brucefortexas

[Jacobson] worked in the U.S. Department of Transportation under President Ronald Reagan, and served as a deputy regional representative for the Department of Labor under President George H. W. Bush. He also served as a director of a Regional Emergency Management Team during the Bush administration.

I have a couple of other interesting tidbits to note.

A Fort Worth-based super PAC has been raising money to help a potential Jacobson campaign. The group, Texans for Texas, has raised about $25,000. It has paid the Pittsburgh-based firm Brabender Cox, which has ties to Rick Santorum.

The PAC has criticized Cruz for spending too much time out of state during his unsuccessful...

Where I Agree With Mo Brooks Booman Tribune

In a way, I sympathize with Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama. I understand how incredibly valuable it is to have a seat in the U.S. Senate, and I wouldnt want to concede one to the Republicans, especially in a dark blue state. The issue is amplified by the fact that the Republicans currently enjoy a narrow 52-48 majority, and we should keep in mind also that John McCain is very ill and that Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi has missed time recently because of poor health. The Republicans want to pass a tax bill through the Senate that is dependent on them having fifty seats, at a minimum, and losing the Alabama seat would get them down to a very uneasy fifty-one. Besides these factors, though, I can understand where Brooks is coming from when he says this:

America faces huge challenges that are vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago, Brooks said in a text message to Who will vote in Americas best interests on Supreme Court justices, deficit and debt, economic growth, border security, national defense, and the like? Socialist Democrat Doug Jones will vote wrong. Roy Moore will vote right. Hence, I will vote for Roy Moore.

I could say all the same things about Sen. Bob Menendez who is currently on trial in New Jersey for corruption. He may well get off, or at least get a mistrial based on a hung jury, but if he were to be convicted and forced to resign from the Senate, Im sure the person Gov. Chris Christie chose to replace him would vote wrong from my perspective on a whole lot more things than Menendez would.

Personally, though, Id prefer to see Menendez convicted because I think what hes done is every bit as wrong as what Virginia governor Bob McDonnell did, and I think the Supreme Court was wrong to overturn McDonnells conviction. Still, Im impure or partisan enough to hope that, were Menendez found guilty, it would be incoming Democratic governor Phil Murphy who would appoint a replacement for Menendez. I definitely understand the sentiment in favor of finding some way to save the Alabama seat for the Republicans.

Where I differ with Mo Brooks is, first, that I want Menendez held accountable for his actions and Im upset that the Supreme Courts leniency in the McDonnell case might prevent that from happening. In other words, my sense of right or wrong isnt compromised by any sense that I need to be a team player.

Secondly, while I might want to avoid the worst consequences of hav...

WikiLeaks Looks Like a Russian Front Organization Booman Tribune

On December 16th, Julian Assange or one of his assistants reached out to Donald Trump Jr. by direct message on Twitter and asked him to make a request of his father, who was then the president-elect. They knew that Australia wouldnt go along with it, but could Trump Sr. please suggest that Assange be appointed as the ambassador to the United States? This would send a message to Sweden, Australia and the U.K. to back off their legal cases.

As far as I can tell, this is the only communication WikiLeaks had with Donald Trump Jr. that didnt directly promote Russias interests.

Lets look at the first communication made via Twitter:

Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last years presidential election, the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominees oldest son and campaign surrogate. A PAC run anti-Trump site is about to launch, WikiLeaks wrote. The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is putintrump. See About for who is behind it. Any comments?

There are a host of issues raised by this communication, including legal questions about what laws may have been broken and by whom. But what stands out to me is that WikiLeaks was interested in something that linked Trump to Putin in a negative way. This was the subject that motivated them to make contact, and Donald Trump Jr. was the one who they thought would be the best person to arm with a stolen password.

The next communication came about a month later during the endgame of the campaign. In one sense, WikiLeaks was trolling for a scoop. They wanted to help neutralize a potential October Surprise by getting their hands on Trumps tax returns themselves before they could be released by an unfriendly source. But, on closer inspection, they primarily wanted the tax returns because it would rectify their reputation for pro-Trump bias and give more weight to the DNC and Podesta-hacked leaks they had been publishing on a rolling basis. Since Russia had procured the emails, this was clearly in Russias interest.

Hey Don. We have an unusual idea, WikiLeaks wrote on October 21, 2016. Leak us one or more of your fathers tax returns. WikiLeaks then laid out three reasons why this would benefit both the Trumps and WikiLeaks. One, The New York Times had already published a fragment of Trumps tax return...


Americas Renegade Warfare Consortiumnews

Exclusive: Claiming the right to launch preemptive wars and fighting an ill-defined global war on terror, the U.S. government has slaughtered vast numbers of civilians in defiance of international law, says Nicolas J S Davies. By Nicolas J S Davies


Stumbling Blindly into Cold War Two Consortiumnews

As the U.S. and its Western allies lurch into a new and dangerous confrontation with Russia, the different sides dont even have a thorough understanding of the history behind the tensions, warns Alice Slater. By Alice Slater NATOs recent provocative


Sexgate: Libtard Jon Stewart wishes hed done more to confront Louis CK Fellowship of the Minds

Oh please. Hollyweird has protected their perverts for years (i.e., Roman Polanski and Woody Allen). See here, here and here. Your blindness is not an excuse for what was an open secret. From NY Post: Comedian Jon Stewart said he Continue reading


Hillary Clinton: Investigating Me With Special Counsel Would Be An Abuse Of Power Weasel Zippers

Hillary Clinton: DOJ investigating me would be 'abuse of power.' Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) November 16, 2017 But the Obama administration using her opposition research to help get FISA warrants to spy on her political opponents isnt an abuse of power. Via Daily Caller: Hillary Clinton believes appointing a special counsel to investigate []


The Annual Best Of The Best Treeper Thanksgiving Recipe Thread The Last Refuge

Great Preference Given To Dishes Featuring Bacon and Jack, Super Foods! Its that time of year again! Pull up a log and sit a spell. We have snacks and drinks, a warm, toasty fire and fine friends gathered round. Next Continue reading


NFL Owners Are Discussing Removing Jerry Jones From The League Weasel Zippers

He tried going after Goodell but looks like now other owners are returning the favor. Via Daily Caller: Multiple NFL owners have engaged in discussions about removing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones from the league. There had been earlier reports about this idea being floated because of Jones actions during the Roger Goodell extension negotiations, []


Aerial Archaeology in the Saudi Desert bensozia

The deserts of the Middle East are dotted with archaeological sites. Because the spaces are so vast and the sites so widely dispersed, little was known about the history of these areas until quite recently. In the 1920s pilots flying over the desert began to report vast stone shapes, and archaeologists even poked into a few in Syria and Jordan.

The shapes includes these "kites," which are thought to be corrals for hunting antelope.

But real progress in surveying the desert was only made after satellite imagery became available starting in 1995. It is now estimates that there are hundreds of thousands of these structures in the deserts of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudia Arabia.



Figures. Uber-Liberal Daniel Negreanu Caught in Blackface So Which is More Vile, His Hypocrisy or His Racism? The Gateway Pundit

Todays lesson: People in blackface living in glass houses should not throw stones

Earlier this week actor James Woods SLAMMED Trump-hating poker player Daniel Negreanu for smearing him without proof of chasing 16-year-old girls.

James Woods tweeted:

Say it like a man to my face, you cowardly piece of shit. Say it as a statement of fact, so If you have any money left, you might actually be worth suing, unlike these other losers with no money and big mouths. And how old was Evelyn Ng when you were her mentor, you hypocrite?

Now this

There is video of liberal #DanielNegreanu doing a YouTube video doing BLACKFACE!

So which is more vile, his hypocrisy or his racism?

The post Figures. Uber-Liberal Daniel Negreanu Caught in Blackface So Which is More Vile, His Hypocrisy or His Racism?...


George Mr. Sulu Takei, accused of sexual assault, blames the Russians Fellowship of the Minds

Several days ago, the Weinstein Effect hit actor George Takei, best known for his role as Mr. Sulu in the Star Trek TV series, when Scott R. Brunton, a former model and actor, accused Takei of sexually assaulting him in Continue reading


Reed College Special Snowflakes Triggered By Steve Martins King Tut On SNL Weasel Zippers

Wait until they hear walk like an Egyptian. Via Washington Examiner: Comedian Steve Martins rendition of King Tut is triggering social justice warriors at Reed College because they see it as a form of cultural appropriation. The song, originally performed on Saturday Night Live, actually criticizes the commercialization and trivialization of Egyptian history and presents []


More #FakeNews: Former Gadsden, Alabama Mall Manager Says Roy Moore Was NOT BANNED From Mall (Video) The Gateway Pundit

On Monday several liberal news outlets including, The New Yorker and The Daily Beast reported that Judge Roy Moore was banned by the Gadsden Mall back in the 1980s after he repeatedly attempted to pick up teenage girls, former mall employees.

The story went viral in the liberal media including a mention by The Drudge Report.

But it was all a lie.
Roy Moore NEVER got kicked out of the mall.

Former Gadsden, Alabama mall manager Barnes Boyle told FOX 6 News in Alabama that Roy Moore was NEVER BANNED from the mall.

WBRC FOX6 News Birmingham, AL

Hat Tip Mary

The post More #FakeNews: Former Gadsden, Alabama Mall Manager Says Roy Moore Was NOT BANNED From Mall (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Like Mother, Like Daughter Gloria Allred and Daughter Lisa Bloom Push Fake Sex Scandals Against Conservatives While Defending Real Sex Predators Like Harvey Weinstein The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Far left California attorney Gloria Allred is famous for promoting unconfirmed sex abuse accusations against prominent Republican politicians days before elections.

Her daughter Lisa Bloom is also famous for representing far left sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein and gross and shocking comedians like Kathy Griffin.

Mama attacks conservatives with fake sex scandals while her daughter attacks abused women who stand up to liberal sex monsters! 

What a family!

This week Gloria Allred again promoted herself by standing with a woman, Beverly Nelson, who accused Alabama Judge Roy Moore of sexually abusing her years ago in Alabama.  Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

According to Beverly Young Nelsons account reported by the Washington Examiner, Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a dark, deserted part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.

The supposed event has been rebutted by numerous individuals based on numerous facts.  Nelsons own son released a video stating that  he felt his step mother was lying.  A yearbook provided by Nelson at the press conference appears to have a fraudulent copy of Judge Moores signature and as a result Moores attorn...


MSNBC Morning Clown Scarborough To Release Trump-Inspired Christmas EP Titled A Very Drumpf Christmas Weasel Zippers

Stocking stuffer for the social justice warriors. Via BI: MSNBC host Joe Scarborough will release a President Donald Trump-inspired EP titled A Very Drumpf Christmas on Friday. An advance copy generously provided to Business Insider showed artwork depicting Trump as the Grinch. The EP includes three songs, complete with sleigh-bell jingles, lyrics about reindeer, and []



The Washington Post's James Hohmann reports that President Trump got bad marks from women yesterday in a North Carolina focus group conducted by pollster Peter Hart.

Republican women who voted for President Trump in North Carolina said during a focus group Wednesday night that they are embarrassed by and exasperated with him.

-- Annie Anthony, 56, voted for Trump last year because she opposes abortion and did not like how Hillary Clinton handled Benghazi. Now she fears that Trump is marching us toward war with North Korea. She describes the first 10 months of his presidency as chaotic, stressful and an uphill battle.

While I thought his ideas appealed to me, since hes been in there hes embarrassed me by his behavior, said Anthony, a divorced college graduate who runs a local nonprofit volunteer center and drives for Uber to make ends meet. He behaves so unpresidential. The words he uses. The tweeting.... I cant imagine how they let him build a country club let alone be in one. Because adults dont behave that way ...
Emily Bell, a 32-year-old occupational therapist who voted for Trump, described him as rude and stressful. I feel like he told people that he had all these big ideas and big plans, and it just seems to kind of roll to something else. Its like nothing is ever accomplished, said Bell, who is married and has a postgraduate degree....

-- Melissa Hight, a 62-year-old married retiree who has a postgraduate degree and voted for Trump, used the word antagonistic to describe him. I had high hopes, but he just goes about things in a way that gets everybodys back up against the wall, she lamented. He doesnt facilitate working together. He comes out with these grandiose ideas, and theres no follow through. Its a lot of talk. ... He hasnt acted presidential at all...."
My first question is: What did you expect? As president he's acting exactly the way he acted as a candidate. But they all overlooked that. They focused on the big promises and ignored the infantile behavior. Or they processed the fact that he was infantile but assumed -- or hoped -- that he'd discipline himself in office.

These people just don't like the status quo, so they're willing to roll the dice on someone who says what they want to hear, and they'll ignore evidence that they're voting for someone who's not fit to be in office. A man in the focus group says of Trump:
Hes kind of a loose cannon I dont like that but what weve had for years and years not just Obama, but leading up to that they werent getting the job done in terms of leading the country. So hes still better than the alternative of a career politician....


The Night I Grew a Conscience Matt Forney

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog on October 18, 2010, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if Id be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

After hanging out with some friends and experiencing another awesome Friday in NYC, my plan was just to take it easy on Saturday. I visited my family, read a book, relaxed, saw a movie, and was getting ready to call it an early night until a female friend of mine texted me and said that she wanted to grab a few drinks, but keep it low-key.

Heres some background on my friend: she lived fairly close to me, we went to middle school together and reconnected earlier this year, and shes just an all-around awesome girl that I can talk to about anything. I have never considered her a potential hookup (unless of course you consider the times when youre really drunk and random things race through your head, and Im sure she felt the same way).

The night was going well, and then, like all gatherings of friends, the talk turned to sex and relationships. She said to me:

I love you as a friend, but I hate you as a man at the same time. The way you treat girls, its bad, but whats worse is that it works! Your bullshit is true. You know it. I know it. Every girl knows it. I just want to find a guy that doesnt act this way, but at the same time they do because it works and its the truth. Im 26 years old, Im past my hookup stage, I just want something real, but it seems impossible.

I replied:

See, thats the problem. Youre past the hookup stage. Im just discovering it. In high school, college, and for some time after that, I was a hopeless romantic, and that got me absolutely nowhere. But now I see people as people, with their needs, wants, and desires, and I absolutely love my life. And thats the story with many men: they are really only discovering their sexual side now, and its an awesome feeling.

She soon went to the bathroom, and when she returned she was surprised that I wasnt hitting on the girls next to us. Of course, I immediately switched to mack mode and within a few minutes got one of the girls sitting there to enthusiastically give me her number while my friend talked to her friend. Girls make the best wings.

I saw it in her eyes. Youll be fucking her in a week or two, dammit, she said afterwards.

We soon went to another bar, which turned out to be cougar headquarters, and then I noticed that I was by far one of the sexiest people there. Now, I am by no means a hot dude by any standard definition: while I do work out extensively, I still have a bel...


Good Candidates Don't Accept DCCC Endorsements In Primaries DownWithTyranny!

Worth 10 DCCC Red to Blue Endorsements

The DCCC claims to be neutral in primaries but always puts its fingers on the scale for corrupt conservatives from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, Blue Dogs and New Dems, never for progressives. The DCCC favors wealthy self-funders and "ex"-Republicans. They recruit them and back them and help them disadvantage candidates from working class backgrounds. Is the DCCC anti-union? They probably don't even realize it, but, of course they are. Let's take a look at a DCCC press release masquerading as reporting in yesterday's Roll Call: DCCC Names First 11 Candidates In 'Red To Blue' Program."
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is naming 11 candidates Wednesday to the first round of its Red to Blue program, which highlights strong Democratic recruits.

The list of 11 candidates, obtained first by Roll Call, includes recruits running in 10 competitive GOP-held seats and in one open seat Democrats are hoping to keep blue.

Washington Rep. Denny Heck, the chair of recruitment, and Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark, the vice chair of recruitment, will co-chair this cycle's Red to Blue program.

Being named to Red to Blue opens doors for candidates who can tout their inclusion on the list to donors. Candidates also benefit from guidance and staff resources from the DCCC, which has been in contact with all Democratic House candidates...


Joe Biden Gives Creepy Answer When Asked What Trump Has Done Well (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout:

Joe Biden was recently on Good Morning America and was asked what Trump has done well. Naturally, he had a somewhat creepy response. After all, hes Joe Biden.

The Hill reported:

Biden on what Trump is doing well: I think he married very well

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday struggled to come up with a specific example of something President Trump has done well since taking office, joking that he married very well.

I think theres a number of things hes doing well. But even the things hes doing well, its how he does them, Biden said on NBCs Today.

Its more the tone of this administration that bothers me, he said.

With all due respect, you havent come up with one thing you think hes doing well, host Matt Lauer interjected.

Well, I think he married very well, Biden joked.

I cant think of something right now, he continued. But Im not being a wiseguy. Theres a lot of the country thats still functioning.

Watch the video:

Of course, the liberal media never calls out Joe Biden for his creepiness.
It must be nice to be a Democrat.

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UK Bakery Chain Apologizes After Replacing Baby Jesus With A Sausage Roll Weasel Zippers

Didnt think that one through. Via The Telegraph: Greggs has apologised for inadvertently causing offence by replacing Jesus with a sausage roll in the Nativity scene. The bakery chain released the images to promote its advent calendar, which contains a voucher for a treat each day in the run-up to Christmas. Some complained after the []


Al Gore Thanks France For Picking up Americas Global Warming Tab Weasel Zippers

Thanks to President Macron for pledging to replace U.S. climate science funding. While you step up to fill the leadership void left by the Trump administration, Americas citizens, businesses, states & cities stand with you to meet our #ParisAgreement goals. Al Gore (@algore) November 15, 2017 Let the Euro weenies pay.


Trumps Extreme-Vetting Software Will Discriminate Against Immigrants Under a Veneer of Objectivity, Say Experts The Intercept

The interior of the new Red Hat computing and executive center in Fort Point in Boston on Jun. 27, 2017.


Crooked Hillary Lashes Out at Trump Over Possibility of Uranium One Special Counsel (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Crooked Hillary Clinton is angry over the possibility of a special counsel investigating her role in the Uranium One scandal. 

Ol Crooked sat down with Mother Jones for an exclusive interview looking sick and scared as she lashed out at the Trump administration, calling the possible investigation an abuse of power.

POLITICO reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has slammed President Donald Trump for suggesting that a special prosecutor investigate her role in the Uranium One deal, a current cause clbre among conservative commentators and some House Republican lawmakers.

Taking myself out of it, this is such an abuse of power and it goes right at the rule of law, Clinton told Mother Jones in an interview posted Wednesday night. As secretary of state, I went around the world bragging about Americas rule of law. If they send a signal that we are going to be like some dictatorship, some authoritarian regime where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract that we have that we can trust our justice system.

Classic projection from Hillary. She perfectly described the Mueller investigation. The Mueller witch hunt is something you would see under Stalins rule.

Hillary paid millions of dollars for a Russian dossier full of lies which was used to fraudulently unmask and investigate her political opponent.

For Hillary to claim that a special counsel investigating the Uranium One scandal would send a signal to the world that we are a dictatorship is laughable at best. In fact its quite the opposite.

If Hillary Clinton isnt properly investigated and brought to justice then that shows the world, and most importantly Americans that we are no different than corrupt 3rd world countries.



The post Crooked Hillary Lashes Out at Trump Over Possibility of Uranium One Special Counsel (VIDEO) appeared first on...

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Thursday, 16 November


Bloodsuckers: Seattle council approves tax on Airbnb rentals Fellowship of the Minds

As Ive told you here, here and here theres never enough money that Seattle demorats cant get their hands on. From Seattle Times: The Seattle City Council voted Monday to tax operators of short-term rentals, such as those Continue reading


Working-Class Women Say #MeToo The Indypendent

In the days and weeks since evidence of Harvey Weinsteins decades-long pattern of sexual abuse surfaced, millions of women, trans and gender nonconforming people, even men around the world have exposed the scale of sexual violence in our society, telling their own stories using the hashtag #MeToo.

A slew of men in positions of power from British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon to actor Kevin Spacey have been accused of sexual misconduct and many of them are finally facing real consequences. #MeToo set off a profound moment of collective bravery, a moment that would have been impossible without the broad sense of solidarity and support that welcomed people coming forward.

I still vividly remember feeling the power of such support during a SlutWalk protest in 2012, as we rallied at Praa Roosevelt in So Paulo, Brazil. We were all gathered in an enormous circle. At one moment, a protester came up to one of the women leading the rally with the megaphone and whispered in her ear. The woman with the megaphone announced that there was a man in the back she pointed, we all pointed in a gray shirt, blue cap and sunglasses, who was touching the women without their consent. Hundreds of us chanted at him to get out, our voices getting louder, faster, angrier. He fled. It was the first time I cried about my rape.

Yet, despite the mass outpouring of #MeToo stories, we know that there are millions of other people who cant or choose not to speak out in this particular way. In the overwhelming majority of cases in which survivors come forward, they are dismissed, their names are dragged through the mud, institutions try to cover up the wrongdoing or retaliate against them. Blamed and forced to keep quiet, theyre shown that their experiences are taken for granted and should simply be assumed to be part of what it means to be a woman in society, rather than grueling experiences of oppression that completely reshape peoples lives.

For decades, women have been coming forward about their experiences of being abused, harassed, assaulted and raped by renowned men. The difference now is that they are being believed. The confidence that the #MeToo welcoming has given survivors goes beyond the inner circles of the rich and famous.

The devaluation of women goes all the way to and comes all the way from the top where an admitted rapist sits in the White House.

In the lead-up to a Take Back the Workplace march that stormed the streets of Hollywood on Nov. 12, the Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, an organization made up of female farmworkers and women who come from farmworker families, released a moving letter of solidarity with the women in Hollywood who have come forward in the wake of the Weinstein scandal.

Even though we work in very different environments, we share a common experience of being preyed upon...


Reforma da Previdncia mira no passado e pode ficar obsoleta antes de vigorar plenamente The Intercept

A reforma da Previdncia nasceu como um monstrengo devorador de velhinhos, mas, ao que tudo indica, vai se tornar um ajuste sutil, se tanto, no setor de seguridade social. O problema, segundo especialistas ouvidos por The Intercept Brasil, que h grandes chances de que, quando as mudanas comearem a valer plenamente, elas tenham um impacto pouco significante.

Antes de irmos em frente, preciso dizer que no h grandes dvidas quanto necessidade de uma reforma da Previdncia. A populao brasileira est envelhecendo extremamente rpido. Hoje, para cada brasileiro com mais de 65 anos, existem nove em idade produtiva. J em 2060, segundo especialistas, teremos duas pessoas na labuta para cada aposentado.

Alm disso, pouca gente se lembra, mas o sistema pblico de aposentadorias tem, ou deveria ter, uma funo social, de distribuio de renda e de combate desigualdade. A ideia, basicamente, fazer com que aqueles ainda em condio de trabalhar ajudem a sustentar os idosos.

S que esse sistema, do jeito que hoje, no funciona bem, principalmente por causa da aposentadoria por tempo de contribuio. Hoje, os brasileiros em geral podem receber o benefcio por dois caminhos. No primeiro, para se aposentar por idade, precisam ter no mnimo 60 anos, no caso das mulheres, ou 65 anos, no caso dos homens. Tambm precisam ter contribudo por pelo menos 15 anos. O segundo caminho por tempo de contribuio. Basta ter contribudo por 30 anos, para mulheres, e 35 anos para homens, para garantir a aposentadoria.

Sistema desigual

Isso permite que um sujeito que comea a trabalhar aos 20 anos se aposente aos 55. Esse modelo, segundo o coordenador de Previdncia do Instituto de Pesquisa Econmica Aplicada (Ipea), Rogrio Nagamine, favorece aqueles que tm condies de ficar trs dcadas e meia sem perder o emprego, sem ter de recorrer a bicos e sem manter outra funo informal para completar a re...


Do a Google search for Creepy Uncle Joe Fellowship of the Minds

And yes, you guessed it, you get this video: Speak of the devil Folks, this man has presidential aspirations. If he succeeds, even your female anime characters will be unsafe.


US House Members Introduce Articles of Impeachment: Evident That Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger To Our Democracy; This Is The Start Of A Long Process And It Needs To Get Started Now Mining Awareness +

The majority of Americans do not approve of Trump and are worried about Russia:
If you have a sane or quasi-sane member of Congress as a Representative then get them to support this. If not, you can still annoy your Representative if you wish. The US is already way slower than Lithuania who removed their president through impeachment in around 13 months from when he took office: WHY IS THE US SO MUCH SLOWER THAN LITHUANIA? WHERE DID THE AMERICAN CAN-DO WORK ETHIC GO? IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE TO BE REPLACED BY PATRONAGE AND NEPOTISM?


US Congressman Nadler Grills AG Sessions on Information Related to George Papadopoulos and Possible Obstruction of Justice; What Does Mrs. Sessions Body Language Mean? Mining Awareness +

Mrs. Sessions is the lady to the left with her head tilted and eyes shut like shes praying. One could write a southern novel, or at least a short-story, about this cast of characters. It may be more enlightening to evaluate Mrs. Sessions expressions and those of his apparent assistants sitting behind than Sessions himself. That startled cat who ate a canary expression appears to be Jeff Sessions normal and culturally based animated behavior. When Jeff Sessions says that he pushed back (apparently against Papadopoulos though he doesnt finish), Mrs. Sessions and the other lady look down and start shuffling their feet. Is all of this boredom or something more?

Jeff Sessions normal expression:


Food industry is cooking the planet Neritam

The food industry and big agricultural concerns are driving climate change and at the same time threatening to undermine efforts to feed the worlds growing population, according to GRAIN, an organisation that supports small farmers. Particularly singled out for criticism are the large chemical fertiliser producers that have gained access to the United Nations talks []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

-by Noah

I suppose that some may say that today's meme is, maybe, a bit harsh, or at least crass. So what. The other night, I was watching Bill Maher's show. He only had two panelists this time. Usually, there are three and at least one is of the Republican variety. Sometimes, that republican is able to pass as a somewhat sane or decent person, almost. Notice that I didn't use the word 'individual'. Republicans tend to not be individuals in my book. They march to their hateful, paranoid, greedy, holier-than-thou creed in lock step. Permutations in republicans are rare, very rare. If you don't like that I lump all Republicans together, you can bite me. We all go by our personal experiences and I go by my 60+ years of personal experience.

On this particular night, Maher's panelists were MSNBC's Chris Matthews and film maker Michael Moore. Maher then brought out comedian Sarah Silverman. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a fan of both Moore and Silverman. As for Chris Matthews, I'm sure I'd like his new book on Bobby Kennedy and I respect the experience he brings to the table but he's too old-fartish and guilty of narrow establishment thinking for me. Also, his contempt for progressives is obvious. My first impression of Matthews was when I saw him do an interview with then House Speaker Newt Gingrich back in the 1990s. There are softball questions and there are nerfball questions. Matthews was practically blowing him. How's that for an image you can't unsee?

During the course of Maher's show, the conversation turned to the idea of civility when dealing with republicans. That got my hairs up immediately. Let me put it this way: Civility is what got us to the point where we are today. The media was far, far to civil in its treatment of Trump and now look where we are. We have a president who is, by any sane definition, a clear and present danger to our countr...


How Capitalist Central Banks Have Been Creating the Next Financial Crisis Neritam

As central bankers, finance ministers, and government policy makers head off to their annual gathering at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this August, 24-26, 2017, the key topic is whether the leading central banks in North America and Europe will continue to raise interest rates this year; another topic high on the agenda is when the three []


Unpredictable weather, unreliable insurance, unbelievable profit to companies Neritam

Oficially, the monsoon covered the entire country by July 19. The rain, in fact, was above normal. But it was not of much help to the farmers of Anandgaon, a drought-stricken village in Maharashtras Beed district, who had, on July 14, filed an FIR against the India Meteorological Department (IMD), blaming the countrys premier weather []


Headlines Tell the Story Neritam

Since 2001 the US has been at War in Afghanistan the longest war in US history. Headlines concisely tell the story of this cruel boomeranging quagmire of human violence and misery. Below are some newspaper headlines from 2010 to the present to show that a militarized foreign policy without Congress exercising its Constitutional duties []


New genomic insights reveal a surprising two-way journey for apple on the Silk Road Neritam

Centuries ago, the ancient networks of the Silk Road facilitated a political and economic openness between the nations of Eurasia. But this network also opened pathways for genetic exchange that shaped one of the worlds most popular fruits: the apple. As travelers journeyed east and west along the Silk Road, trading their goods and ideas, []


73% of Fortune 500 Companies Used Offshore Tax Havens in 2016 Neritam

A new study reveals the extent to which companies are using tax havens to avoid U.S. taxes and undermines the case for any tax proposal that would allow companies to repatriate their U.S. profits at a special low tax rate. In 2016, nearly three in four Fortune 500 companies maintained subsidiaries in offshore tax havens, []


An Honest American: Sean Hannity Will Reserve Judgement on Roy Moore Challenges Far Left Hack Gloria Allred to Release Yearbook The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity called on Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore to explain inconsistencies in his story surrounding allegations of sexual harrassment within 24 hours or drop out of the race.

In an attempt to quell Hannitys concerns, Judge Moore tweeted a powerful open letter to the Fox News host Wednesday evening.

** Josh Caplan reported this earlier at The Gateway Pundit.

The powerful open letter reads:

Dear Sean:

I am suffering the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure.

A month prior to the general election for U.S. Senate in Alabama, I have been attacked by the Washington Post and other liberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign.

Over the last 40 years I have held several public offices, including Deputy District Attorney, Circuit Judge, and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. In addition to running five statewide and three county campaigns for public office, I have been involved in two major controversies that attracted national attention, one about the Ten Commandments and the other the sanctity of marriage.

The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, Court of the Judiciary, and Attorney General have investigated, scrutinized, examined, and vetted me, not to mention every opposing candidate against whom I have run.

I have been married for almost 33 years to my wife Kayla. We have four children and five granddaughters.

We are in the process of investigating these false allegations to determine their origin and motivation. For instance, we have documented that the most recent accuser, Beverly Nelson, was a party in a divorce action before me in Etow...


85% of MPs dont know where money comes from Neritam

Only 15% of MPs were aware that new money is created when banks make loans, and existing money is destroyed when members of the public repay loans. 62% thought this was false, while 23% responded dont know. Tory MPs seemed to have a slightly better idea, with 19% answering correctly, compared to only 5% of []


November 16th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #301 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Thursday November 16th Open Thread The Last Refuge

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


You Think All Those Republicans Who Are Just Fine With Pedophile Roy Moore Are Going To Care What Mueller Finds About Putin-Gate? DownWithTyranny!

This Putin-Gate scandal is getting really complicated and harder to follow. Thank Heavens for Team Maddow! Last night's biggest piece of the puzzle wire transfers amounting to at least $380,000 from a Putin-controlled bank to Putin spymasters in DC (Sergei Kislyak at the Russian embassy) and other embassies earmarked for the "election campaign of 2016." Investigative journalist Jason Leopold, writing for BuzzFeed, reported that the FBI is scrutinizing more than 60 money transfers. In fact, almost all of them contained a memo line referencing the financing of the 2016 election. But a far bigger puzzle piece-- at least I think it's bigger-- is the secret correspondence between Fredo Trump and Russian Intelligence's WikiLeaks arm. Julia Ioffe's blockbuster report is actually shocking.
Just before the stroke of midnight on September 20, 2016, at the height of last years presidential election, the WikiLeaks Twitter account sent a private direct message to Donald Trump Jr., the Republican nominees oldest son and campaign surrogate. A PAC run anti-Trump site is about to launch, WikiLeaks wrote. The PAC is a recycled pro-Iraq war PAC. We have guessed the password. It is putintrump. See About for who is behind it. Any comments? (The site, which has since become a joint project with Mother Jones, was founded by Rob Glaser, a tech entrepreneur, and was funded by Progress for USA Political Action Committee.)

The next morning, about 12 hours later, Trump Jr. responded to WikiLeaks. Off the record I dont know who that is, but Ill ask around, he wrote on September 21, 2016. Thanks.



HELL FREEZES OVER=> Chelsea Handler Tells Juanita Broaddrick She Believes Bill Clinton Raped Her The Gateway Pundit

The tide is definitely turning on the Clintons.

Staunch Clinton supporter and ultra left-wing feminist, Chelsea Handler apologized to Juanita Broaddrick Wednesday evening and said she believed Bill Clinton raped her.


On Sunday, Chelsea Handler took a swipe at Judge Roy Moore and tweeted, Imagine being molested by an older man. Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United States senate. What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?

Juanita Broaddrick, who has credibly accused Bill Clinton of rape, slammed Chelsea Handler and responded, Yeah, I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor & President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But Im sure you dont want to go there.

Now this

Wednesday evening, Chelsea Handler responded to Juanita Broaddrick and said she believed that Bill Clinton raped her! Wow!


Add your voice to the Opt-out from Aadhaar Campaign Neritam

Petition to be delivered to GoI (PMO), UIDAI & Supreme Court: I demand that the Government of India stop asking citizens to link one identity card Aadhaar to multiple services. The multiple problems surrounding the Aadhaar have convinced me that such linking serves no purpose except to create a surveillance state. Since Aadhaar []


Hillary Chronicles LewRockwell

The Department of Justice will soon commence an investigation to determine whether there should be an investigation (you read that nonsense correctly) of a scandal involving the Clinton Foundation and a company called Uranium One. It appears that FBI decisions made during the time that Hillary Clinton was being investigated for espionage will also be investigated to see whether there should be an investigation to determine whether she was properly investigated. (Again, you read that nonsense correctly.)

Only the government can relate nonsense with a straight face. Here is the back story.

When President Donald Trump fired FBI Director Jim Comey last spring, the attorney generals stated purpose for recommending the firing was Comeys dropping the ball in the investigation of Clintons email when she was secretary of state. After a year of investigating her use of her own computer servers to transmit and store classified materials instead of using a government server to do so and notwithstanding a mountain of evidence of her grossly negligent exposure of secret and top-secret materials, which constitutes the crime of espionage the FBI director decided that because no reasonable prosecutor would take the case, it should be dropped. Weeks later, the DOJ ratified Comeys decision.

Time to buy old US gold coins

At the same time that Clinton was failing to safeguard state secrets, she was granting official State Department favors to donors to her familys charitable foundation. There are dozens of examples of this so-called pay to play, the most egregious of which is the Uranium One case. This involved a Canadian businessman and friend of former President Bill Clintons, Frank Giustra, who bundled donations from various sources that totaled $148 million, all of which Giustra gave to the Clinton Foundation.

At the same time that Giustra made this extraordinary donation, he was representing a client that needed federal permission to purchase a 51 percent stake in Uranium One, which then controlled about 20 percent of Americas licensed uranium mining capacity. Secretary Clinton freely gave Giustras client the State Departments approval, and it soon acquired the remaining approvals to make the purchase. Giustras client is a Russian corporation controlled by the Kremlin.

When the FBI got wind of the Giustra donation and Secretary Clintons approval and the Kremlin involvement, it commenced an investigation of whether Clinton had been bribed. At some point during former President Barack Obamas second term, that investigation was terminated. We do not know whether the investigating FBI agents learned that the Clinton Foundation was not even registered as a charity by the states in which it was doing business or authorized...

Reformation and State LewRockwell

Luther and His Progeny: 500 Years of Protestantism and Its Consequences for Church, State, and Society, edited by John C. Rao.

NB (and it will be really tough in this post): in my review of this book, I am presenting the case as Catholics see it; I say nothing of my views on theology.  My intent is not to get into the theology, but to examine the impact of the Reformation on society and what this meant (and means) for the growth of the state.

The period in Europe, before the Reformation, offers what I view as the longest-lasting and closest example of a decentralized, libertarian order we have seen in the westever.  What has come since has not come close, certainly in terms of longevity no matter what one believes about the value of the Renaissance, Enlightenment, or Liberalism.  For this, the period is worth examining for anyone interested in libertarianism in this world.

The doctrine of total corruption constitutes the view that, subsequent to the fall of the first couple, man is not merely wounded by sin, but utterly ruined by it.

Total determinism comprises the view that God arbitrarily decides who shall be saved and who shall not before they are created.

So Sebastian Morello describes the Reformation doctrine.

Time to buy old US gold coins

This dual doctrine reduces man to a brute, and two forms of government follow from its anthropology.  One is that of draconian leaders, and the other that of liberal oligarchy which maintains that they are the peoples choice.

One is Hobbes, the other is Jefferson.

People are incapable of developing virtue therefore they abandon the life of virtue.  Therefore, to govern man, brute force was necessary.  For this role, the princes gladly took charge.  The princes realized that Luther offered a way to separate from the dual governance authority provided by the Church in Rome, and therefore consolidate government in their lands under one head their own.

Citing Henry Sires synopsis:

[Thomas] More knew that despite the Protestants claim to speak for the ordinary layman, their revolt was not a popular one.  There was no place in Europe where the peasantry, by far the largest part of the population, received the Reformation gladly, let alone instigated its entry.

It was, instead, an elitist revolution.  Sire continues:

Reformation was the work of kin...

The Donald Trump Jr. Pile on LewRockwell

There is nothing illegal or improper with someone having contact with Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. Julian Assange is not a Russian asset and WikiLeaks is not a Russian propaganda organization. I understand that the US intelligence agencies insist otherwise but they are utterly unable to prove it. Its true in their minds because they wanted to be.

Contact between Donald Trump,jr.. and Julian Assange certainly does not constitute collusion with the Russians!

In fact Assange is a journalist publishing information given to him by sources just as they do at the Washington Post and the New York Times but Wikileaks record for accuracy and authenticity is far better.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Neither Donald Trump Jr. or Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica did anything inappropriate. Having tried so hard to drive the phony Russian collusion narrative to distract from their own Russian profiteering (Uranium One, Gazprom, Joule) they make casual contact with a first-rate Journalist muckraker treason.

The post The Donald Trump Jr. Pile on appeared first on LewRockwell.

No More Electric Gravy? LewRockwell

There must be a rube in the House.

recent Republican who does not understand how the game is played much less why it is being played the way it is played. He and perhaps some of his fellows not-yet-initiated publicly wondered why the federal government is underwriting the sale of luxury-performance cars that happen to be electric.

It is a curious thing.

They suggested rescinding the $7,500 tax inducement which the government has been using to help electric car manufacturers like Tesla, which sell electric cars that start around $40,000 and which emphasize not economy but performance and style and technology.

Some might look upon the robbing of Peter who probably drives an eight-year-old Camry in need of front end work so that Paul can drive a brand-new, $40,000 electric luxury-performance car as somewhat obnoxious.

But not everyone.

Time to buy old US gold coins

There is, for example, Genevieve Cullen who is the head shill for the electric luxury-performance car lobby, styled the Electric Drive Transportation Association. She practically squealed the collective indignation of her clients, who are alarmed very much by the prospect of having to make an honest dollar:

She and they . . .continue to believe that a reformed tax code should include a robust set of incentives to support the electrification of transportation, Cullen wrote to House Republican Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, who is the chair of the Ways and Means Committee which is the government gaggle which weighs how to dispose of our means.

But Cullen is not being straight with Brady or with the means providers (who havent got much choice about that).

The issue on the table is not whether Uncle should support the electrification of transportation, as she shysterishly misdirects. It is whether wealth transfers from working people to affluent people ought to be continued.

Elon Musk, for instance, is a billionaire. The idea that anyone who files a W2 ought to be made to fund his operations is haltingly offensive.

The people who buy the electric cars he makes when he does actually make them are the same people who buy BMWs and other luxury-performance cars with prices that start around twice the price of an ordinary IC-engined economy car.

Which is why the electric cars Tesla sells do not emphasize economy. That would be as obviously absurd as suggesting a diet of potato chips and grape soda sweetened with fructose for the obese. The difference here, however, is that the government is not paying obese people to eat...

A New History of the World LewRockwell

The Silk Roads is a wonderful invigorating work of history. It is directed to the general reader rather than the specialist. I found it be absolutely riveting.

The essence of the book is that, in the West, our history is viewed through a very narrow lense. Schools teach its students of the Roman Empire, the subsequent Dark Ages, the Norman conquest in 1066, Henry VIII and the Tudors, the American War of Independence, the Industrial Revolution and the First and Second World Wars. The vast bulk of a map of the world from western Europe to China is passed over very quickly. With The Silk Roads, Peter Frankopan has attempted to redress this imbalance.

As the author states:

Time to buy old US gold coins

For centuries before the early modern era, the intellectual centres of excellence of the world, the Oxfords ad Cambridges, the Harvards and Yales, were not located in Europe or the west, but in Baghdad, and Balkh, Bukhara and Samarkand.

Moreover, Frankopan gives the reader a perspective on the rise of Mesopotamia, Alexander the Great, the rise of Christianity in the eastern Roman Empire and then the subsequent rise of Islam throughout much of Asia. He then proceeds to discuss the Crusades, the rise of Genghis Khan and his mighty Mongol Empire and then the rise of China more specifically. He concludes by bringing the book up to the present day with the rise of Europe and the USA before suggesting that there is a reorienting of history underway again. In other words:

we are witnessingthe birthing pains of a region that once dominated the intellectual, cultural and economic landscape and which is now re-emerging. We are seeing the signs of the worlds centre of gravity shifting back to where it lay for millennia.

Whether you agree or not with Peter Frankopans conclusions, the book remains a tour-de-force. Thoroughly recommended.

Reprinted from

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The 4th Turning Is Inevitable LewRockwell

In Part 1 of this article I provided the background regarding the phases of Fourth Turnings and where we stand nine years into this period of crisis. I will now ponder what could happen during the remainder of this Fourth Turning.

History offers no guarantees. Obviously, things could go horribly wrong the possibilities ranging from a nuclear exchange to incurable plagues, from terrorist anarchy to high-tech dictatorship. We should not assume that Providence will always exempt our nation from the irreversible tragedies that have overtaken so many others: not just temporary hardship, but debasement and total ruin. Losing in the next Fourth Turning could mean something incomparably worse. It could mean a lasting defeat from which our national innocence perhaps even our nation might never recover.  Strauss & Howe  The Fourth Turning

The most important point to comprehend is the death of the existing social order always occurs during the course of a Fourth Turning. Thus far, those constituting the Deep State hierarchy have fended off their demise. They are utilizing every tool at their disposal to retain their wealth, power and control. As their mass media propaganda machine falters, they have redoubled their rigging of financial markets to promote a narrative of economic recovery, while further enriching themselves and their cronies.

It is clear they have reached the peak of financial manipulation, money printing, and artificial interest rate suppression. The narrative is faltering. Their last and final option to retain power is war. As their everything bubble (stocks, bonds, real estate) inevitably implodes, civil and/or global military conflict will be utilized to distract the populace from their Deep State domestic disasters.

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The time for compromise is long past. There are no moderates left in the political spectrum. The mood of the country is clearly trending towards conflict. Trump, as the grey champion of this Fourth Turning, has proven to be a lightning rod of hate. He infuriates his political opponents, the left wing media, many in his own party, foreign leaders, billionaires and most worrisome to his well-being the shadowy surveillance state intel operatives.

His own FBI and CIA have been subverting his presidency and attempting to ini...

Race vs. America LewRockwell

Justins note: Today, Doug and I continue our conversation on why the U.S. could dissolve over time. Doug says the problems are all bubbling to the surfaceand when the U.S. eventually breaks apart it will not be peaceful. (If you missed Part I, you can catch up right here.)

Justin: What about political tensions? Because, as Im sure youve seen, the far-left and far-right are becoming more and more antagonistic. In some cases, theyve even become violent towards each other.

Could radical political ideologies cause the country to break apart?

Doug: Yes, I think so.

In the late 60s and the early 70s, hundreds of bombings took place at universities, banks, and all kinds of places. The National Guard was in cities like Detroit during the riots, and they were raking buildings with .50 caliber machine guns. It was wild.

I dont think most remember this. At least, I dont see it being brought up anywhere.

I lived in Washington DC then. It seemed like there was tear gas in the air half the time I went out on a date on a Friday or Saturday night.

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But as wild and wooly as things were back then, what we have now is much more serious.

The racial element is still there, but the ideological element is even more pronounced.

In those days, people at least talked to each other. You could have a disagreement, and it was a simple difference of opinion.

Its much worse now. Today, theres a visceral hatred between the left and the right, between the people that live in the so-called red counties and blue counties.

You add that to the racial situation. Then throw in the fact that the rich are getting richer at an exponential rate while the middle class is disappearing.

And lets not forget the large-scale subsidized migration of people from totally alien Third World hellholes. This is not what the U.S. was founded on. Before changes in the immigration law that were made in the 60s, immigrants were culturally compatible opportunity seekers that were coming to America to improve themselves.

Now, people from all kinds of alien places are being imported by the hundreds of thousands by NGOs; they then go on welfare in enclaves in different places around the country. This is unlikely to end well. The U.S. is no longer a country.

That said, Im actually for open borders. But its only possible if, A, there is zero welfare to attract the wrong types. And, B, all property was privately owned, to help ensure everyone is self-supporting.

Justin: But Doug, arent you against large nation stat...

Essential Skills and Training LewRockwell

For this article, were going to go into basic focus mode: you start out with the basics and build upon them.  This is the type of mindset and foundation that work for everything in life (basically).  You use it as a format in everything you do, such as building a home or when you begin an exercise program.  In this vein, were going to create a Training METL: A Mission-Essential Task List for your Training as a basis for well-rounding yourself.  This is Part 1 of a 2-part series.

What is your focus?  What type of work do you do?  How do you allocate your time?  A short time ago, I wrote a piece on the importance of self-analysis: creating a true picture of yourself, your strengths, and areas that you need to improve in.  This holds true here, as you identify and prioritize your goals, with an overall objective in mind.  Here is an overall objective for you:

To survive and thrive as you and your family develop physically, mentally, and spiritually to well-round yourselves and prepare for any disaster that arises.

Simple enough.  The Mission-Essential Task List for Training can become a big part in actually realizing that objective and maintaining it.  This METL (called Metal in the Army) for your use will use broad categories to train and prepare that you can refine as your needs change and your skills improve.  Lets start it off!

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  1. Physical Training: It all starts here, with whatever you do to be able to hang with the big dogs!  Whether youre a Triathlete, a weightlifter, a boxer, or a swimmer, you need to take your personal forte and tailor it to the maximum productive capacity.  Outline your training schedule, plan short and long-term goals for improvement, and take copious notes!  If youre a swimmer, do you want to swim the English Channel?  If youre a marathon runner, do you want to set a personal record for yourself?  Want to up your max on the bench press by 50 lbs.?  Part of your training is to identify your goals, and work up to them.  Tie in what you can do with the tasks you will need to accomplish as a survivor.  This also has to do with your overall body fat content (what is your goal?) and your measurements of weight, and tape.  Physical training is not an accessory: it is a priority!
  2. Martial/Fighting Arts Training: this is in the form of self-defense, such as Karate or the Martial Arts, or Boxing.  This also takes the form of skill with weapons and firearms.  Were talking about combat with knives, wit...

He Took His Gun on a Run LewRockwell

A lot of people dont take their guns with them when theyre doing certain things, particularly on a run. After all, even a lightweight pistol is going to cause issues with your everyday running shorts, and no one wants to wear a fanny pack, especially one loaded down with a firearm, right?

Well, Josh Williams of Austin, Texas didnt worry about any of that. Eventually, anyway, and at least one area resident is thankful for that.

Josh Williams has been licensed to carry a gun for about 10 years and takes his Glock 43 almost everywhere he goes, KVUE-TV reported.

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But on the morning of Sept. 15, Williams almost didnt take the gun along for his weekly run on the Hike-and-Bike Trail in Austin, Texas but a voice inside him said he might need it, the station said.

Did he ever.

It was about 5:30 a.m. and still dark when Williams heard a womans screams on the trail over his earbuds, KVUE reported.

So he took out his earbuds and pointed his flashlight in the direction of the screaming and quickly realized a woman was being sexually assaulted, the station said.

I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her, Williams told KVUE, adding that he ordered the man to get on his knees and show his hands.

The man ran off, leaving him with the victim, safe and sound.

A few days later, 22-year-old Richard McEachern was arrested for the assault. He remains in the Travis County Jail.

Read the Whole Article

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The Friendliest Cities in the World LewRockwell

The worlds destinations have been ranked according levels of happiness, friendliness, safety and treatment of tourists with some unexpected cities topping the list.

In a list released by holiday website Travelbird, Australia has been poorly represented with only Sydney and Melbourne recognised in the top 100.

Australians are renowned worldwide for their friendliness and jovial nature but it seems tourists arent impressed with the land Down Under when it comes to safety and welcoming travellers with open arms.

Travel experts and tourists who have jetted around the world were quizzed on their perceptions of each city they visited, and Australian destinations were harshly ranked by overseas holidaymakers.

Both Sydney and Melbourne were evenly matched in the overall happiness of citizens both scoring a pleasant nine out of 10 but it was the Nordic city of Oslo which took out the number one spot as happiest destination in the world with a perfect 10 score.

Trailing close behind Oslo on the happiness scale is Copenhagen in Denmark, while Reykjavik in Iceland made third place and three consecutive Swiss cities held down places four, five and six.

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European and Scandinavian cities dominated the top 10 happiest locations in the world but right behind Toronto, Canada, was Auckland at number 11 and Melbourne and Sydney tying at 9/10 for happiness too.

The cities with the unhappiest locals were found to be Kiev in Ukraine, Phnom Penh in Cambodia and New Delhi in India.

The next category each city was ranked in was safety sourced from United Nations data which investigated the perception of security and how safe people feel.

An unexpected winner of this department was the UAE city of Abu Dhabi with a perfect score, while Melbourne sat at 49th place and Sydney at 58th, likely because of the threat of terror attacks and past incidents.

Travelbird also assessed each city on how willing locals are to welcome tourists into their own homes based on t...

Cradles of Capitalism LewRockwell

There long has been a persistent academic debate as to whether an ancient economy, referring mainly to Greece, even existed at all. In a field dominated by Marx, Marxists, the 19th century sociologist Max Weber, and such scholars of renown as Sir Moses Finley, the lingering image of the economic world of the Greek polis is that of something very static. We imagine a leisure class lounging at the sandaled foot of an orator while slaves tended to the fields, flogging cows harnessed to ploughs stuck in the mud. It is the notion of a primitive economy: money made for status, not investment; credit extended for the purchase of slaves, war waged for the capture of booty, elites in control of craft guilds and tyrant-kings keeping the peace by randomly doling out the goods.

Then there is ancient epic itself, with the noble Odysseus disdaining seafaring for profit (though he did take all the pay-offs he could collect) and the great Achilles pondering a discovery of precious treasure only so far as it might estimate his aristocratic worth. From this rudimentary foundation, an entire field of Socialist-Keynesian views on the Greek economy has prevailed, with occasional libertarian scholars such as Murray Rothbard and Jess Huerta de Soto getting a word in edgewise. In recent time, however, academia has found much more evidence of technological advances and market-driven considerations on the part of the classical polis than previously thought.

Keeping in mind that in both ancient Greece (and Renaissance Italy) that democracy was not incompatible with aristocracy, and that oligarchies and tyrants were not necessarily illiberal, several points may be made in defense of the economic model of the city-state: 1) that the stronger the city-state, the greater the industrial and economic expansion; 2) that private property was considered a fundamental economic principle; 3) that banking standards were relatively conservative; 4) that the wealthiest city-states were of the most socially dynamic; 5) that city-state competition spearheaded the modern entrepreneurial Europe; and 6) that the visionary tyrant was almost always business-first in his rule.

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When the Greek polis was its Strongest, Industrial, Technological and Monetary Revolution Followed

The first great industrial revolution of ancient Greece took place around 500 BC, the result of political power shifting into regional democratic clusters individually known as the polis. The great poleis  Athens, Corinth, Thebes, and the colonized areas of Hellenic Asia began to specialize their industrial production within four areas: agriculture, food processing, mining, a...

Dont Be a Victim of Vehicular Terror LewRockwell

In these days of smartphone distractions, youre seeing more and more people oblivious of their surroundings. In the past, this might get you a bump on the head by walking into a lamp post. In todays world, however, it could cost you your life.

The NYC vehicular attack that killed 8 and injured a number of others is just the latest in a number of incidents by the deranged, disgruntled, and politically motivated.  These events occur with little warning. Yet, being situationally aware could prevent you from becoming a victim of a future vehicular terror event.

Situational awareness involves understanding factors in your immediate vicinity that might represent a threat. Im not talking about second-hand smoke; Im talking about serious dangers that you can avoid with rapid action.

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Vehicular terrorism is not new, with Israel the scene of multiple attacks in past years. Its becoming more and more common in the West, however, with attacks in NYC, London, Nice, France, Berlin, and elsewhere. A Somali student used his car to run over several people at Ohio State University and then perpetrated a knife attack on those who, ironically, ran over to see if he was injured. Many similar events have occurred, but rarely make the news.

Why vehicular terror? Terror attacks are often associated with bombs, but making a bomb requires some expertise to assemble safely. Guns, the other preferred weapon, are difficult to come by in most countries other than the U.S. Owning or renting a vehicle, however, is easy. Trucks and cars can cause mass casualties if wielded as a weapon; obtaining one isnt an act that evokes suspicion.

Early this year, an article titled Just Terror Tactics was published by the English-language ISIS magazine Rumiyah.  It described which vehicles will cause the most damage and called for attacks on Western crowds. It is a simple idea and there is not much involved in its preparation, the article said. All what is needed is the willingness to give ones life for Allah.

The article goes on: Pick your location and timing carefully. Go for the most crowded locations. Narrower spots are also better because it gives less chance for the people to run away. Avoid locations where other vehicles may intercept you

To achieve maximum carnage, you need to pick up as much speed as you can while still retaining good control of your vehicle in order to maximize your inertia and be able to strike as many people as possible in your first run.

The writer also suggested attackers weld steel blades onto the front of an SUV: They do not need to be extra sharp because with the speed of the truck at the time of impact, even a blunter edge would slice through bone...


Dozens of Christian, Conservative and Pro-Family Leaders Sign Letter in Support of Judge Roy Moore Will Attend Rally Tomorrow The Gateway Pundit


Major Press Conference Thursday in Birmingham

1:00 PM Thursday
Birmingham Room of the Birmingham Marriott
3590 Grandview Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama


Reject Suspiciously-Timed Accusations without Evidence Generated by the Alt-Left and Republican Establishment

At the Press Conference, hosted by Faith2Action President Janet Porter and Dr. Steven Hotze, CEO of Restore Our Godly Heritage PAC, media will be presented with a letter signed by pro-family leaders and pastors from across the nation which states:

We stand with Judge Roy Moore, a man of integrity who has never wavered from his valiant defense of the unborn, the Ten Commandments, and the Constitution.

We are confident the voters of Alabama will not be fooled by suspiciously timed accusations without evidence, and will reject the politics of personal destruction led by the Washington Post. If the media lynch mob and establishment politicians are allowed to ambush Judge Roy Moore, then they will destroy anyone who gets in their way. We stand with Roy Moore.

Pro-aborts often ambush pro-lifers on the eve of an election, said Andy Schlafly, Attorney for Phyllis Schlafly Eagles. They did the same thing to Clarence Thomas and now theyre doing it to Judge Roy Moore. Alabamians are pro-life and will not be fooled by this latest attempt of abortion supporters to steal an election.

Steven Hotze, M.D., stated, Judge Roy Moore has demonstrated the courage of his Christian and conservative convictions by defending the right-to-life of unborn babies, the Ten Commandments and Biblical marriage. In the face of overwhelming opposition, Judge Moore refused to compromise. We need a man of Judge Moores commitment in the U.S. Senate.

I trust Judge Roy Moorenot the Washington Post and Republican Establishment who are orchestrating his character assignation, said Janet Porter. Judge Moore has been a personal friend and a friend of life for decades, while his opponent supports even Partial Birth Abortion, where a late-term baby is partially delivered before having his or her brains sucked out, added Porter, who lobbied to pass the nations first ban on Partial Birth Abortion. Doug Jones publically admitted he supports abortion until birth in a September 27th MSNBC interview.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Among those who will be speaking include...


GOP Swamp Leaders Plotting Drastic Plan To Steal Senate Seat From Judge Moore RINOS Steering White House Decision? The Gateway Pundit

As Steve Bannon warned at CPAC back in February, If you think theyre going to give your country back to you without a fight you are sadly mistaken.

Republican leaders are plotting a drastic plan, to block Judge Roy Moore from becoming the next Senator of Alabama. Even more concerning, Vice-President Mike Pence and his team are helping to steer the administrations decision-making process on the Alabama race, says POLITICO. 

POLITICO reports:

With less than four weeks until the special election and no sign that the partys besieged nominee will exit the race, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his top advisers are discussing the legal feasibility of asking appointed Sen. Luther Strange to resign from his seat in order to trigger a new special election.

McConnell aides express caution, saying theyre uncertain whether such a move, one of several options being discussed, is even possible. Yet the talks underscore the despair among top Republicans over relinquishing a seat in deep-red Alabama, further diminishing their slim Senate majority.


The White House, meanwhile, is poring over survey results. Trump remained silent about the situation on Wednesday, ignoring questions from reporters about Alabama after he delivered extensive public remarks on his 12-day Asia tour. Vice President Mike Pence, his chief of staff, Nick Ayers, and the administrations political director, Bill Stepien, are helping to steer the administrations decision-making process on the Alabama race.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Axios says Republican swamp creatures may ask RINO hack Luther Strange who lost to Moore during the primary and Republican Rep. Robert Aderholtto to run as write-in candidates.

It gets worse

According to this Axios report, the Republican establishment hacks may even try to delay the Senate race or block Moore if he wins since its too late to remove him from the ballot!

Axios reports:

Theyve also weighed asking Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to delay the Dec....


Summary of Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Mining Awareness +

Hurry up already! The US cant afford to be slow like Spain where Prime Minister Rajoys party has been under investigation for corruption for around eight years and the trial just ended with the verdict still out. Meanwhile the Rajoy government has long cracked down on dissent, including beating protestors and recently jailing opposition politicians and civil society leaders.
No more maana, maana, maana!

The US is already way slower than Lithuania who removed their president in around 13 months from when he took office:

If you have a sane or quasi-sane Congressional Representative then get them to support this. If not you can still annoy the others, if you wish.


Newborn Infant Left In Safe Haven Box At Indiana Fire Department Weasel Zippers

Via WGNTV: It was a big fight for the Coolspring Township Fire Department to get a Safe Haven Baby Box. Many officials were against it, but on Tuesday night, they proved why it was needed when a baby was dropped off there for the first time. The boxes are equipped with alarms that notify local []


OMG! Roy Moore Taunts Mitch McConnell! The Gateway Pundit

Judge Roy Moore is under siege by Republican swamp creatures and he is not backing down.

Mitch McConnell called for Moore to drop out of the race after WaPo published a hit piece on the Alabama Judge claiming he sexually assaulted teenage girls 40 years ago. McConnell also floated the idea that he wouldnt seat Moore even if he won the election.

Judge Moore is showing he has no fear and taunted Mitch McConnell!

Roy Moore tweeted Wednesday evening, Dear Mitch McConnell, Bring. It. On.

This isnt the first time Moore has zinged McConnell on Twitter. The Alabama judge slammed swamp creature McConnell in a viral tweet saying, The person who should step aside is Mitch McConnell. He has failed conservatives and must be replaced.

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NY Times Reporter Nicole Perlroth Deletes Tweet Defending Joe Bidens Sweet and Affectionate Behavior with Children The Gateway Pundit

New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth deleted a tweet posted Tuesday defending former Vice President Joe Biden from accusations of child sexual assault that called Bidens sexually abusive behavior toward children seen in C-SPAN videos as sweet and affectionate and derided accusations his behavior is predatory as an insult to real sexual assault victims.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden gropes the breast of a girl child relative of Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) at a ceremonial swearing-in at the Capitol, January 6, 2015.

Perlroth deleted the tweet after it was featured in an article at The Gateway Pundit published Wednesday, NY Times Reporter Asks Twitter What It Will do About Videos of Joe Biden Sexually Assaulting Girls

Perlroth had initially posted a request to Twitter on Tuesday asking how it will handle tweets accusing Biden of molesting children based on C-SPAN videos that show Biden molesting children in front of their families, with cameras rolling, at ceremonial Senate swearing-in sessions. Perlroth was responding to a Twitter thread about Biden molesting children that was posted Monday by Richard Armande Mills that featured the C-SPAN videos.

Twitchy was first to report on Perlroths concern trolling defense of Biden.

Perlroth posted, In the past 24 hours, a new alt-right fake news meme had emerged of Biden as predator. How will @twitter handle?


Roy Moore Attorney Questions Authenticity of Accusers Evidence Press Conference Video The Last Refuge

The attorney for Alabama Republican Senate Candidate Roy Moore appeared today for a brief press statement and provided material that strongly suggests the documents provided by the accusers attorney, Gloria Allred, were forged.  In a subsequent follow-up interview with Allred Continue reading


Latest Roy Moore Accuser Who Said He Grabbed Her Ass Was Arrested for Writing Bad Checks and 3rd-Degree Theft The Gateway Pundit

On Wednesday a Gadsden, Alabama woman came forward and accused Judge Roy Moore of grabbing her ass while she was in his law office on legal business with her mother in 1991.

Tina Johnson accused Moore of grabbing her ass when she was in his office to sign over custody of her 12-year-old son to her mother.

Now heres the kicker:

Besides going through a nasty divorce and signing her son over to her mother Tina Johnson has a record of writing bad checks and third degree theft. reported:

Johnson has had ups and downs in her life, both before and after she met Moore. She has pled guilty to writing bad checks, and for third-degree theft of property, which she said stemmed from family disagreement over the care of her late stepfather.

The post Latest Roy Moore Accuser Who Said He Grabbed Her Ass Was Arrested for Writing Bad Checks and 3rd-Degree Theft appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


The World Seems To Be Collapsing Around Paul Ryan's Ears DownWithTyranny!

The Ryan/Trump tax plan (short version): over the long run, it raises taxes on the entire middle class while repealing health coverage for around 13 million people, all to give corporations and the 1% gargantuan tax cuts. No one should have expected anything else from these two serial liars. Keep in mind that an NBC/WSJ poll in September found that 55% of Americans said they that taxes on corporations should be increased and only 16% favored decreasing them. It's a shame Democrats can't promote that as a motivation for getting people to go to the polls and voting. Oh, right... that could endanger Blue Dogs, New Dems and other corrupt conservative Democrats favored by the DCCC and the part's DC establishment.

Yesterday, several endangered Republicans-- Darrell Issa (CA), Chris Smith (NJ), Leonard Lance (NJ), Elise Stefanik (NY), Peter King (NY), Dan Donovan (NY), Lee Zeldin (NY)... a few others-- announced they're voting against the Trump/Ryan tax bill that cuts taxes on billionaires at the expense of the middle and working class. The American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Federation of American Hospitalsand several other nonpartisan groups sent Congress a letter panning it for seeking to repeal the individual mandate. The AARP is also telling it's members that the bill is not friendly to seniors (and future seniors). And the CBO response to the House Democrats made it clear that Ryan's bill raises deficits for $1.5 trillion through 2027, and leads to $25 billion in IMMEDIATE Medicare cuts. Bernie:
"If this legislation is passed, it would...


Problems In Accuser Beverly Nelsons Story Against Roy Moore Weasel Zippers

She said that she never saw Moore after the alleged attempted sexual assault. But it turns out that wasnt true. He was the judge in her divorce. Would you allow someone who tried to rape you to be your judge in the divorce case? And he was never the D.A., so he wouldnt have signed []



When you take the red pill and everyone else treats you like you are in your own dream landwhat good did it do to take it?

alice jj

It is clear that those taking the blue pill remain in the wonder land.and those taking the red pill see, but are treated like they are in the wonder land by the wonder land people and matrix builders. Ponder this a moment.



TICK TOCK: Hannity Warns of Another Bombshell As Details Emerge Top FBI Official Granted Clinton Email Probe Special Status The Gateway Pundit

Fox News host Sean Hannity is on the front lines in the fight against the mainstream medias blatant effort to ignore scandal after scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton.

On Wednesday evening, Hannity teased yet another bombshell by tweeting a new report by The Hills John Solomon about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe writing an email in which he revealed the Clinton email investigation had been given special status.

The Hill reports:

McCabes Oct. 23, 2016, email to press officials in the FBI said the probe was under the control of a small group of high-ranking people at the FBIs headquarters in Washington.

As I now know the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team, McCabe wrote in the email. He said he had no input when the Clinton email investigation started in summer 2015, while he was serving as assistant director in charge of the FBIs Washington office.

[The Washington office] provided some personnel for the effort but it was referred to as a special and I was not given any details about it, he wrote.

According to The Hill, the FBI refuses to clarify what McCabe meant by labeling the Clinton probe special

We dont have anything to add to the documents that were released, FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty told The Hill.

On Wednesday, the FBI released more than 70 pages of emails on its public records website known as The Vault.

The McCabe email is among the newly released documents.

Recently released documents  show former FBI head James Comey exonera...


Judge Moore Attorney Demands Gloria Allred Accuser Release Yearbook After Gateway Pundit Raises Doubts (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

An attorney for GOP Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore revealed Gloria Allred accuser Beverly Young Nelson lied when she said no contact had been made between the Judge and herself following the alleged sexual advancement in 1977.

In addition, Moores attorney called on the accuser to release the yearbook to determine if it is indeed the Judges signature inside on it.

The Hill reports:

A lawyer for Alabama Senate GOP nominee Roy Moore on Wednesday suggested a yearbook signature presented by a woman accusing Moore of sexual assault could be fake.


Jauregui repeatedly noted Nelsons association with the famous lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented women who accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, and called on them to release the yearbook for handwriting analysis.

We demand you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so our expert can look at the actual document, release the yearbook so we can determine is it genuine or is it a fraud, Jauregui told reporters in Birmingham.


The message read: To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say Merry Christmas. Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore, D.A.

Jauregui implied that the entire yearbook note was not written by the same person. And he claimed that the D.A. next to Moores name were the initials of his assistant at the time, a sign that the assistant had actually stamped Moores signature.

Known for his insightful take on politics, journalist and author Thomas Wictor believes Judge Roy Moores signature in Gloria Allred accuser Beverly Young Nelsons yearbook is a forgery.

The sevens in 1977 to the right of C...


Allred Offers To Have Her Client Testify Before Senate Committee, But Theres A Problem Weasel Zippers

This is basically silly, as Allred likely knows. They have no jurisdiction over him or any case, hes not a senator yet. So they wouldnt, but she can say, Look we offered, they refused. Via Daily Caller One of the women who claims Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually assaulted her has offered to []


BREAKING: Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Asks Gloria Allred if the Yearbook Signature is a Forgery ALLRED REFUSES TO ANSWER! (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Embattled Attorney Gloria Allred, who is well known for trotting out women to confess to phony crimes against conservatives, held a press conference on Monday afternoon. Allred and her client accused Judge Roy Moore of attempted rape in 1977.

Allred and her client brought a yearbook with them to use as evidence during their press conference.

The signature was signed in two different colored inks.

Allred was a Hillary delegate at the DNC in 2016.

Allred is also under TWO INVESTIGATIONS for misconduct as an attorney.

On Wednesday Gloria Allred went on with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
Gloria Allred refused to say the high school yearbook signature was not a forgery.

Here is the video:


WHOA! James Woods Smacks Down Pompous Leftist Claiming Woods Likes to Chase 16-Year-Old Girls The Gateway Pundit

Dont mess with James Woods!

The patriotic actor smacked down a pompous leftist who tweeted that James Woods likes to chase 16-year-old girls.

Sexual assault accusations are flying in Hollywood and D.C. after Harvey Weinstein got taken down with very credible rape accusations.

Judge Roy Moore is under siege by Republican swamp creatures in an effort to derail him from winning the Alabama Senate seat by smearing him with sexual assault accusations.

Now everybody is accusing everybody of sexual assault!

Trump-hating poker player from Canada, Daniel Negreanu tweeted, Add James Woods to the list of men accused of chasing 16 year old girls He appears to have a lot in common with Roy Moore. What is wrong with these people? Disgusting. Do I believe these women? 1000% yes.

In the Daily Mail article Negreanu linked, it is not clear why a woman is holding up a James Woods sign at a Me Too march in Hollywood against sexual assault. Actress Amber Tamblyn claims Woods tried to pick up her and her friend when they were 16 and asked them to go to Vegas

In September, actress Amber Tamblyn called Woods predatory, saying he tried to pick her and a friend up at a diner when she was 16. Responding, Woods accused Tamblyn of lying.

Twitter user Amanda Kendall linked the movies subject and Tamblyns accusation by asking Woods a question about the morality and legalities of underage relationships: What makes a 24yo/17yo gay relationship inherently indecent but skeevy old guys trying to pick up a pair of 16 year old girl...


Judge Roy Moore Pens Powerful Letter to Sean Hannity After His 24 Hour Demand The Gateway Pundit

On his Fox News program Tuesday, Sean Hannity called on Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore to explain inconsistencies, in his story surrounding allegations of sexual harrestment within 24 hours or drop out of the race.

In an attempt to quell Hannitys concerns, Judge Moore tweeted a powerful open letter to the Fox News host Wednesday evening.

The powerful open letter reads:

Dear Sean:

I am suffering the same treatment other Republicans have had to endure.

A month prior to the general election for U.S. Senate in Alabama, I have been attacked by the Washington Post and other liberal media in a desperate attempt to smear my character and defeat my campaign.

Over the last 40 years I have held several public offices, including Deputy District Attorney, Circuit Judge, and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. In addition to running five statewide and three county campaigns for public office, I have been involved in two major controversies that attracted national attention, one about the Ten Commandments and the other the sanctity of marriage.

The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, Court of the Judiciary, and Attorney General have investigated, scrutinized, examined, and vetted me, not to mention every opposing candidate against whom I have run.

I have been married for almost 33 years to my wife Kayla. We have four children and five granddaughters.

We are in the process of investigating these false allegations to determine their origin and motivation. For instance, we have documented that the most recent accuser, Beverly Nelson, was a party in a divorce action before me in Etowah County Circuit Court in 1999. No motion was made for me to recuse. In her accusations, Nelson did not mention that I was the judge assigned to her divorce case in 1999, a matter that...


Trump Represents US Far Better In Asia Trip Than Obama Ever Did Weasel Zippers

Via Fox News: President Trump did us all proud on his Asia trip at least those of us who are still prouder to be Americans rather than citizens of the world. He scored points by simply behaving like the leader of our nation and the free world. President Obama was never comfortable in either []


Source: Fusion GPS Founder Had Not Verified Dossier Claims When He Briefed Reporters Weasel Zippers

It could have happened. (Sarcasm) Via Daily Caller: The founder of Fusion GPS told the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he was upset over former FBI Director James Comeys decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation just before Election Day, a source familiar with the testimony tells The Daily Caller. Glenn Simpson, who []


Please Help Us Fight Back=> Associated Press Is Targeting Gateway Pundit Actively Working to Remove Us from Facebook The Gateway Pundit

After the election of Donald J. Trump as President the Democrat-Media complex immediately blamed Russian interference and Fake News for Hillary Clintons historic loss.

The accusations reached such a fever pitch that Facebook and Twitter announced new rules for their social media sites.

In December 2016 Facebook announced it was going to start fact-checking, labeling, and burying fake news and hoaxes in its News Feed.  Facebook announced far left Snopes, Politifact, ABC News and the Associated Press would be their fact-checkers for Fake News.

In March the Columbia Journalism Review puslished a report titled: Study: Breitbart-led Right-wing Media Ecosystem Altered Broader Media Agenda.

The article found that only Breitbart, The Hill and FOX News (and The Drudge Report) were more influential than The Gateway Pundit in last years election with conservative audiences.

Since that report was published The Gateway Pundit has been targeted by the left with the intent of destroying our voice in the conservative community.

TGP has taken direct hits in advertising, social media shares, our reputation and personal threats.

On Wednesday Facebook banned a report from The Gateway Pundit.

The AP did not like the report.
We received this notice:

The AP blocked our report on an Alabama robocall.

Here is a screen s...


Angry Senate Republicans Demand Tillerson Spend More Money in State Dept The Last Refuge

The Usual Suspects Senator John McCain joins Senator Bob Corker demanding that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spend more money or face being hauled up to congress for Senate investigative hearings on his excessive streamlining and productivity efforts. According Continue reading


Raising the Bayonne Bridge bensozia

The Bayonne Bridge crosses the Kill van Kull, one of the entrances to New York's extremely busy harbor and my nominee for the world's coolest river name. The bridge used to look like this. It was built in 1931, its steel arch a modernist monument with many admirers. The roadway was 151 feet (46 m) above the water.

That was plenty high for big ships of the twentieth century, but in the twenty-first they have gotten even bigger. So more than a decade ago the Port Authority realized that something would have to be done about the Bayonne Bridge. After considering proposals to completely replace the bridge they decided to keep the old structure but raise the roadway. The roadway, after all, is not a structural element of the bridge; the steel arch provides all the strength and support. Here you can see the upper roadway being built 65 feet (20 m) above the old one. The cost of the construction was $748 million.

On September 7, one of the world's biggest ships, the "neo-Panamax containership" Theodore Roosevelt, sailed under the bridge, showing off its new height.


Jon Stewart: Tough Sh*t To People Who Want Less Biased Comedy Weasel Zippers

Simple answer, turn him off. Via Daily Caller: Liberal comedian Jon Stewart said tough shit towards those who want less biased late night comedy in an interview with the New York Times this week. Stewart, along with friends and co-performer Robert Smigel was asked, For people who dont share your politics and feel alienated by []


Ivanka Trump Joins Republican Swamp Creatures, Attacks Roy Moore: I Have No Reason to Doubt the Victims Accounts The Gateway Pundit

Ivanka Trump joined the Republican swamp creatures in blasting Roy Moore after WaPo ran a hit piece on the Judge accusing him of sexually assaulting teenage girls in the 70s.

Ivanka told the Associated Press Theres a special place in hell for people who prey on children. Ive yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims accounts.

We all agree with Ivanka that people who prey on children are evil. Roy Moore isnt being accused of preying on children. The accusations against him have yet to be proven.

There are many holes in WaPos hit piece. One of the accusers stepson even said his stepmom is lying. OUCH!

TGPs Josh Caplan reported, Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

Moore supporters immediately became suspicious of these accusation because of the timing. Gloria Allred also paraded out the victims in theatrical press conferences further discrediting the accusers.


An Alabama woman who worked closely with Judge Roy Moore when she was a teen spoke to Conservative Tribune this week.

The woman says she believes Roy Moore is innocent and said, I always felt safe around him, I never once felt uncomfortable.

Many women came forward and accused Ivankas own father of sexual assault right before the presidential election. Did she say the same thing about her fathers accusers?

Accusations alone should not be enough to destroy a persons life. The Republican swamp creatures are threatened by an anti-establishment candidate and will do anything to keep him out of the Senate.

The post Ivanka Trump Joins Republican Swa...


Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrich Talks University Censorship with Buck Sexton on America Now [AUDIO] The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrich appeared on the nationally syndicated radio talkshow Buck Sexton with America Now to discuss the recent barriers put up by UMass Boston regarding his now-postponed speech.

The speech was to be held on Friday, November 17, on the campus of UMass Boston, but after a request by the school to change his poster and then a last minute security concern, the speech was postponed until February.

Wintrich commented to Sexton:

The speech that I was set to give, it really did just examine the current cultural climate that were dealing with right now, where the left is so reactionary, where the left is so quick to not only disparage people but call innocuous slogans like [It Is OK to Be White] racist. Low and behold, of course, the university, at the very last minute, theyre claiming that theres security concerns. Its an insecure environment.

Sexton likened the title of Wintrichs speech (Its OK to Be White) to the All Lives Matter slogan:

This kindve reminds me of the All Lives Matter situation where its hard to think of a more innocuous phrase . . . or a phrase that should have a more universal buy-in than All Lives Matter, but they say its like showing up at a funeral and saying, What about my uncle who died last week? Theyre saying that it diverts attention, and whether you believe that or not, I cant even think of what the objection is to Its OK to Be White.

Wintrich commented:

I dont think it aligns with their games of intersectionality and multiculturalist policies. Right now, according to the University of Masschusetts Boston it is not okay to be white, but I guess its okay in three months from now when they prepare for it.

It appears that college campuses are sticking to their hyper-liberal guns and are actively attempting to keep conservatives from speaking to their students. Where Ben Shapiros Berkeley speech seemed like a coup, it really wasnt because the campus had the eyes of the world upon it and the stake was free speech itself, but when not under the scrutiny of every major publication in the country, universities persist with their targeted bullying campaigns and their pernicious game of censor the conservative.

Listen to the full discussion below:

The post...


Canada Admits They Will Lobby Congress To Block Trump Withdrawal from NAFTA The Last Refuge

No-where is Trump Derangement Syndrome more evident than in the position of activist Democrats now swearing allegiance to multinational trade deals. It was only a short time ago when Democrat activists and liberal politicians demanded U.S. withdrawal from TPP and Continue reading


UCLA Basketball Players Thank Trump After He Wondered If They Would Weasel Zippers

So they thanked him, even if media wants to skip right over it. Via Daily Caller: The three college basketball players that were released from detention in China thanked President Donald Trump Wednesday after the president publicly wondered if they would show gratitude. Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you []


Report: Fusion GPS Founder Never Even Verified Dossier Claims Before Peddling Document to Reporters The Gateway Pundit

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson spoke with House investigators in a closed-door meeting Tuesday. Fox News Catherine Herridge reports Simpson never even verified the Dossier claims before peddling the document to reporters.

Fox News reports:

The co-founder of the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier told House investigators Tuesday that he personally discussed with members of the media allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, though he did not speak to the sources behind the claims, a source told Fox News.

But the source said Simpson acknowledged he did not personally look into certain aspects of the dossier which was authored by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and contained salacious allegations about the Trump teams ties to Russia.

Simpson told investigators he never spoke to the underlying sources of the document, never traveled to Russia and did not verify the dossier beyond comparing the claims to open source media reporting.

Herridge also said that her source told her that Glenn Simpson was upset when Comey re-opened Hillarys email investigation at the end of October and wanted to push back.

And he did

On October 31st, 2016 with just days to go until election day, David Corn of Mother Jones broke the story of a veteran spy who gave the FBI information on Trumps alleged connections to Russia. Christopher Steele, British spy and author of the garbage dossier was not named in this Mother Jones report. Only hints of the dossier were published; the salacious claims were omitted.

Hillary Clinton was disappointed the entire dossier hadnt been published in full prior to the election. After all, she paid millions of dollars for the smear document....


NRSC Poll: Democrat Now +12 On Roy Moore Weasel Zippers

Via Politico: Republican Roy Moore is trailing Democrat Doug Jones by 12 points in the Alabama special Senate election, according to a poll conducted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee after five women accused Moore of pursuing them as teenagers. Jones led Moore 51 to 39 percent, according to the survey taken Sunday and Monday. []


Tens of thousands being dropped from US student loan relief program WORDVIRUS

By J. Cooper
15 November 2017

October marked 10 years since the George W. Bush administration enacted the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program as an incentive to young college graduates to pursue careers as teachers, in government, or at non-profit institutions. The program was advertised as a way for some recent graduates to see an exit sign on their student loan debt.

In 2006, average student loan debt for undergraduates was just under $20,000. For graduate students it was nearly $40,000. For the class of 2016, average undergraduate debt had climbed to $37,172. For graduate students, the average is considerably higher. In that same period, college tuition has increased 63 percent.

Over the past 10 years over half a million graduates have signed up for PSLF. However, according to a recent article in Rolling Stone, more than half of those have been disqualified for myriad bureaucratic reasons. Last month a total of only 137 individuals were deemed eligible to have the balance of their student loans wiped clean. Thousands are just finding out that their years of paying on time wont count under the federal forgiveness plan because they took out the wrong type of loan, their employer has been disqualified, or their original lender sold the l...


Call To Action: What Should Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrich Title University of Connecticut Speech The Gateway Pundit

With Lucian Wintrichs speech at UMass delayed until February, due to Security concerns, the University of Connecticuts Young Republicans Club stepped in and invited Wintrich to speak February 28th.

With only two weeks to prepare and a few days to design a new poster, Wintrich has decided to crowdsource a new title from the suggestions of TGP readers.

In the comments below, what do you think the title should be?

The post Call To Action: What Should Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrich Title University of Connecticut Speech appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


BlackLivesMatter poll on President Trump: 62% approve v. 28% disapprove Fellowship of the Minds

Black Lives Matter on Twitter @usblm has a poll on President Trump, and as of 5:20 pm EST, its 49% approve vs. 45% disapprove. LOL Go vote! Click here. UPDATE (Nov. 16): Last night, at around 9:30 pm EST, the Continue reading


Egypt Bans Famous Arab Singer After She Tells Fans Not To Drink From The Nile Because Its Dirty Weasel Zippers

Egypt lives in a state of denial. Via AP: A famous Arab singer has been banned from performing in her native Egypt after advising a fan against drinking from the Nile River, leaders of the local musicians union said Wednesday. A video clip of a recent concert shows Sherine Abdel-Wahab, a singer widely known by []


BREAKING: Accuser LIED About Having No Contact With Roy Moore After Alleged Sexual Assault JUDGE MOORE DISMISSED HER DIVORCE ACTION! The Gateway Pundit

An attorney for GOP Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore revealed Gloria Allred accuser Beverly Young Nelson lied when she said no contact had been made between the Judge and herself following the alleged sexual advancement in 1977.

In fact, Judge Moore dismissed a divorce action brought by Nelson against her husband in 1999.

[Nelson & Gloria Allred] said that Ms. Nelson after the allegations had never seen or had any contact with Judge Moore In 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action The judge assigned was Roy S. Moore, said Roy Moores Attorney.

Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

According to Beverly Young Nelsons account reported by the Washington Examiner, Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a dark, deserted part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.

Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

Ive known the woman, she married my father many, many years ago. Ive known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that shes being honest about this, added Nelson.

You, Mr. Moore, your wife, I apologize for whatever reasons she is doing this i am truly sorry I stand behind you 100%!

The post...


Chicagos Attack On The Homeless: After Tent City Evictions, People Are In Hiding Shadowproof

As temperatures drop and the winter months near, the city of Chicago remains committed to ensuring homeless individuals are unable to erect Tent Cities in the Uptown area of the city near Lake Shore Drive. Authorities also contend the city has no obligation to offer alternative housing for homeless individuals.

The Chicago Police Department is prohibiting any protest tent encampments in Uptown and anyone who attempts to setup tents will be subject to arrest, as of September 19.

Such treatment of homeless people is typical of Alderman James Cappleman, whose ward includes Uptown. In his career as a politician, Cappleman has fought to ban low-rent cubicle hotels, introduced an ordinance to criminalize those at bus stops that are not waiting for buses, and ordered a Salvation Army food truck to stop providing food to homeless people. Cappleman also has overseen the loss of over 1,000 single-room occupancy units of affordable housing in the ward.

The actions of city officials have led to a federal lawsuit submitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. On behalf of Uptown Tent City Organizers (UTCO) and one of its members, Andy Thayer, the Uptown Peoples Law Center alleges the city of Chicago has violated their First, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights by denying the group any venue to establish their protest encampment, arresting and threatening to arrest those that do so, and threatening to seize plaintiffs.

People are in hiding literally because the city has, subsequent to the evictions, tossed out peoples tents and tossed out peoples tarps and done it in a patently illegal fashion, Thayer told Shadowproof. Parks Department workers about a week or so ago came upon a place [in Lincoln Park] where people were staying. It was during park open hours and yet they confiscated peoples stuff and threw it into the trash, threw it into a garbage truck.

Thayer said people are hiding on private property. They are hiding on public ways. At 35th and Federal on the south side, where people were at the viaducts, the police threatened them with arrest. A similar incident happened at the Chicago River by Fullerton Avenue.

Uptowns homeless population accounts for nearly ten percent of the homeless population in...


The legacy of Obamacare: A five percent increase in heart patient deaths WORDVIRUS

15 November 2017

When one individual inflicts bodily injury upon another such that death results, we call the deed manslaughter; when the assailant knew in advance that the injury would be fatal, we call his deed murder. But when society places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death, one which is quite as much a death by violence as that by the sword or bullet  murder it remains. (Friedrich Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England, 1845)

* * *

A US government program supposedly devised both to improve medical care and cut costs has, predictably, succeeded in the latter while undermining the former. Research published Sunday in JAMA Cardiology (Journal of the American Medical Association) shows that an initiative introduced five years ago under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to induce hospitals to reduce Medicare readmissions for heart patients has resulted in an increase in mortal...


Who Is Hector Morales? DownWithTyranny!

Gene Green is one of the worst Democrats in Congress-- very conservative and very corrupt, a pairing that you often find together. And he's retiring early. No realistic explanation why since he's been raising money hand over first all year. He raised $474,164 so far this year and has a campaign war-chest with $1,272,398 as of the September 30 FEC filing deadline. TX-29 is a strongly blue district-- PVI was D+12 in 2015 and is D+19 this year-- and Obama won it in a walk both times. A 77% Hispanic district, it wraps around Houston (north, east and south) and includes much of the Ship Channel area, South Houston and Pasadena. Green has promised to help solve the endemic pollution problem at election time while taking massive bribes from the oil and gas industries the rest of the time and helping push through their agenda. He should have been replaced years ago.

The only Democrat brave enough to take him on this cycle has been progressive activist and public school teacher Hector Morales. Hector has been one of the few progressives challenging an entrenched incumbent conservaDem anywhere in the country-- the toughest job in politics (please contribute to his campaign here). When the Republicans-- with Green's help. passed a fracking bill last July, we asked him about Green's vote and, he told us that "This should not come as a surprise as Gene Green is one of the founding members of the Congressional Oil & Gas Caucus along with Henry Cuellar and Vicente Gonzalez, to name a few. Green was also one of the scarce Democrats that voted in favor of the Keystone Pipeline... Perhaps the Congressman should look no further than the Manchester neighborhood deep in the heart of the 29th Congressional District where all the refineries are located. After all, the low-income, heavily Latino community has high rates of childhood leukemia, asthma, and bronchitis-- an observation that has been backed up by data from the Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Texas which found unaccept...


GOP Sen. Says Swamp Creature McConnell Bluffing Senate Has No Choice but to Seat Judge Moore If He Wins The Gateway Pundit

Well, well, well. It appears Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell might have oversold his hand yet again. Senator McConnell claims to be evaluating every option to block GOP Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore from assuming his seat if he wins the election. 

According to Senator Susan Collins, McConnell must seat Moore if he is victorious over Democrat Doug Jones.

Sen Collins says shes looked at the law and if @MooreSenateis elected we would have no choice but to seat him, tweeted NBC News reporter Frank Thorp V.

Breitbart News reports:

[Collins] remarks come amid threats from Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other establishment Republican senators that they will push Moore out even if he wins on December 12 over Democrat Doug Jones.

Republican senators who opposed Moore are calling for him to step aside, after the Washington Post published an interview with a woman who said she met him in 1977 when she was 14 and he was 32, alleging that the second time she went out with Moore, he initiated a sexual encounter.

On Monday, another woman said during a press conference arranged by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred that when she was 16, Moore groped her in his car and tried to force her head towards his crotch.

As The Gateway Pundit reported,...


What? Bio-Ethicist: People Need To Stop Having Kids Because Theyre Bad For The Environment Weasel Zippers

Its gonna be one of those afternoons guys Via Daily Wire: For anyone who doubts the unhinged zealotry of climate change activists, NBC News Think now offers the most cruel, heartless suggestion from one activist that has likely ever been offered: having children is bad for Planet Earth. This astonishingly inhumane perspective is offered by []


STATISTICIAN: Shady Poll By GOP Elites Leaked To Get Judge Moore Out of the Race The Gateway Pundit

A new poll commissioned by the National Republican Senate Committee claims Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones is leading Republican Judge Roy Moore by 12 points. 

Statistician Nate Silver implies the numbers may have been manipulated to pressure Moore out of the race.

I wouldnt put much stock in that NRSC poll showing Moore way down, which presumably was leaked in order to get him out of the race, tweeted Silver.

Even leftist researcher at Right Wing Watch, Jared Holt, thinks the poll should be approached with caution.

Despite the onslaught waged by establishment Democrats and Republicans, Moore is still leading in the polls.

Moore is leading Jones 49% to 43%!

FOX News 10 reports:

Undecided voters may decide the Alabama U.S. Senate race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore. The FOX10 News/Strategy Research statewide poll of 3,000 likely voters, taken on November 13, shows Moore leading Jones 49% to 43% with 8% undecided.

Of those who indicated they would vote in the December 12 election, Moore lost 3 percentage points from the poll two weeks ago while Jones showed a 2 percent increase in support. Undecided voters went from 7 percent to 8 percent.

Among typical Republican voters,  Moore showed an 8 percent loss of support from our latest FOX10 News poll two weeks ago while Jones picked up 3 percent.

The post STATISTICIAN: Shady Poll By GOP Elites &#821...


Sweden declares milk a hate symbol Fellowship of the Minds

The Swedish government tasked the Defense Research Institute (FOI), a government agency for defense research which reports to the Ministry of Defense, to conduct a study of violent extremist propaganda, which is expected to conclude in March 2019. The Institute Continue reading


WOW! CNN Absolutely ROASTS Democrat Hack Ted Lieu For His Conduct During Sessions Hearing (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In rare form, CNN roasted a Democrat hack for his poor conduct during AG Sessions hearing.

Ted Lieu (D-CA) thought he was going in for a softball interview with the Clinton News Network and instead got scolded.

CNNs Poppy Harlow asked Ted Lieu why he called AG Sessions a liar before he even started the hearing Tuesday morning. Lieu was also called out for a series of scathing tweets where he mocked Sessions looks.

Your tweets about him (Sessions) being a liar before he appeared in front of you. Is that appropriate?

Because he lied to the U.S. Senate, Lieu nervously answered.

Lieu then dragged Trump into it by saying, By the way, Im choosing words that the president uses on his own Twitter.

Poppy Harlow interrupted him and asked, Does that make it right?

Ted Lieu said hes going to continue calling Republicans names.

CNNs John Berman hit back again scolding Lieu and asked him, Is that a grown-up thing to do?

Lieu desperately tried to save face by bringing up Michelle Obamas line When they go low we go high and modified it to when they go low, we fight back.

Berman wasnt impressed and asked him, so when they go low, you stay low? OUCH!

Lieu dug in his heels and said hes going to continue to call Republicans names to which Poppy Harlow asked him, Is that what you would teach your children?

Its funny to see CNN grill a Democrat Congressman like this. He did not see it coming.

By the way, Ted Lieu also walked out on the moment of silence for the Texas mass shooting victims. He has no class whatsoever.


The post...


LEADERSHIP! President Trump Holds Presser on Historic Tour of Asia Since Corrupt Media Wont Report the Truth The Gateway Pundit

US President Donald J. Trump delivered a speech on Wednesday from the White House following his historic 14-day tour of East Asia. This was another brilliant move by the populist president.

President Trump discussed his many successful meetings and successful business meetings with East Asian leaders from Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and The Philippines. Trump explained his new doctrine of fair trade for the United States and United States workers.

President Trump knew the corrupt mainstream media would not cover his successful tour so he went directly to the American people with the results of his tour.

The president described the billions dollar trade deals he set up with the Asian regimes from Japan to Vietnam. This was another brilliant move by the US president who understands the corruption of the US media and is everyday fighting for everyday Americans.

The media is already mocking President Trump for drinking water during his speech.

The post LEADERSHIP! President Trump Holds Presser on Historic Tour of Asia Since Corrupt Media Wont Report the Truth appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Report: Steve Bannon Now Telling Allies That He Has Second Thoughts About Roy Moore Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Beast: Donald Trumps former chief strategist Steve Bannon is keeping the door open to ditching Roy Moore as the sexual-assault allegations against the Alabama Republican Senate candidate continue to pile up. Publicly, the Trump confidant and Breitbart chairman has stood behind Moore, who is now accused of attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. []


U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda: Who Is Peter Vrooman? [News - AllGov]

The next ambassador to the African nation of Rwanda will be career diplomat Peter Vrooman, who has extensive diplomatic experience in the region. Nominated October 26, 2017, Vrooman most recently served at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as deputy chief of mission from July 2014 to August 2016 and as charg daffaires from September 2016 to July 2017. If confirmed by the Senate, Vrooman would succeed Erica J. Barks-Ruggles, who served in Kigali starting in December 2014.   


Peter Hendrick Vrooman was born March 1, 1966, near Canton, New York, to David Henry Vrooman, Jr., an economics professor at nearby St. Lawrence University, and Sally (Eaton) Vrooman. Peter initially attended Hugh C. Williams High School in Canton, where at age 14 he won a prize for an essay on local history, Lumbering on the Grass, which was published in an area historical journal. Vrooman graduated Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, in 1984 and went on to earn a B.A. in Social Studies at Harvard College in 1988. He served a summer 1986 internship at the New York State Office for the Aging. Vrooman earned his next degree in France, a Certificat dEtudes Politiquesa one-year program nearly equivalent to a Masters degreeat Sciences Po (Institut dtudes politiques de Paris) in 1987.


Vrooman worked from 1989 to 1990 as special assistant to Richard F. Pedersen, then the president of the American University in Cairo and a former U.S. ambassador to Hungary, before joining the State Department as a foreign service officer in 1991.


Vrooman served early career assignments as watch officer in the State Departments Operations Center (circa 1991 to 1992); in Djibouti City, Djibouti (circa 1992 to 1993); at the US Liaison Office in Mogadishu, Somalia (circa 1994); as desk officer for Algeria (circa 1995 to 1997) in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs; and in Beirut, Lebanon (circa 1998 to 2000).


Vrooman served as deputy political counselor at the U.S. mission to the United Nations from 2000 to 2005, and was an advisor on the Midd...


ISIS Promises Christmas Blood At The Vatican Weasel Zippers

Via Mirror: The terror group ISIS has made a chilling threat against the Vatican just weeks before tens of thousands of faithful gather there to celebrate Christmas. A pro-ISIS propaganda channel made the threat in a poster depicting a car attack. The poster reading Christmas blood depicts a masked jihadi driving a BMW []


Through Thick and Thin: Bannon Stands By Moore As Judge Continues Leading in Polls The Gateway Pundit

Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore is facing headwinds from the establishment not seen since President Trumps run for the White House. Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon is sticking by Judge Moore amid allegations of sexual harassment, despite the Daily Beast report stating otherwise,

POLITICO reports:

Two sources close to the former White House chief strategist and Trump campaign CEO, who helped turn the September Senate primary into a referendum on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, swatted down speculation that Bannon was reevaluating his support for Moore in the wake of the allegations.

It is 100% fake news that Steve Bannon would abandon Judge Moore, said a source familiar with Bannons thinking, comparing the situation with the Access Hollywood video scandal that prompted calls for Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race.

He is standing with Judge Moore through thick and through thin. The polls show the people of Alabama believe Judge Moore is innocent until proven guilty and these charges have not seen any evidence produced backing them up, the source added. The people of Alabama are smarter than the political class in Washington, the fake news locusts in the media, and the financial donor-class elites on the island of Manhattan. Judge Moore still has the support of the people of Alabama.

Breitbart News reporter Charlie Spiering didnt believe reports that Bannon is turning on Moore.

Pretty sure that Bannon hasnt turned on Judge Moore

Despite the onslaught waged by establishment Democrats and Republicans, Moore is still leading in the polls.

Moore is leading Jones 49% to 43%!

FOX News 10 reports:

Undecided voters may decide the Alabama U.S. Senate race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore. The FOX10 News/Strategy Research statewide poll of 3,000 likely vot...


GOP Plans to Win Tax and Obamacare Fight by Opening Up Alaskas Wildlife Refuge to Drilling The Intercept

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chair Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, speaks with reporters after the Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, to consider, pursuant to H.Con.Res.71, the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018, reconciliation legislation to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to establish and administer a competitive oil and gas program in the non-wilderness portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, known as the "1002 Area" or Coastal Plain.


Touting America First in Asia, Trump Sucks Up to China The Indypendent

Donald Trump wrapped up the longest international trip of his young presidency yesterday and the first real test of his foreign policy chops as he toured Asia for 12 days to build international support for U.S. opposition to North Korea. He also laid out the details of his Indo-Pacific dream bilateral trade policy at two major economic summits in the region, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

In China and South Korea, leaders echoed calls to dissuade Kim Jong-Un through sanctions and diplomacy. Trump warned the young dictator through a speech in South Korea that his is a very different administration than the United States has had in the past. Do not underestimate us. And do not try us. However, an attempt at a photo-op of Trump staring down the North Korean regime from across the demilitarized zone was stymied by a thick fog perhaps symbolic of the general uncertainty that continues to envelop the dynamic between the United States and North Korea.

Sparking fears of nuclear war over the most idiotic of causes at that Trump later tweeted from Vietnam on Saturday that he would NEVER call Kim short and fat?

Aside from his feud with North Korea, Trumps trip focused on international trade, one of few foreign policy issues that Donald Trump regularly campaigned on. In countless stump speeches, he lambasted his predecessors for trade deals that, as he put it, allow China to rape our country. By connecting the $347 billion trade deficit conceptually with voters frustration at the sharp decline of blue collar jobs (mainly in manufacturing), Trump conjured a resounding image of a hostile China that took advantage of Americans but that would ultimately yield to his negotiating skills.

At his first stop in Japan, Trump seemed to combine the twin purposes of his trip, telling Prime Minister Shinzo Abe he should buy more American military hardware to protect his country from North Korea. Its a lot of jobs for us and a lot of safety for Japan, he said.

The Trump that toured China sounded little like the Trump who suggested labeling the country a currency manipulator.

While meeting with Japanese industrial leaders, the president stuck to his America First economics by lamenting the nearly $70 billion trade deficit that the United States has suffered at the hands of Japan for many, many years. Although he repeatedly lauded Japanese investment in the United States, Trump pushed business leaders toward further investment, highlighting the renewed construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. And we love it when you build cars, Trump said. Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask?

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, a non-profit trade group, reported that in 2016, three-quarters of Japanes...


The Charmed, Doomed Life of Barry Seal Consortiumnews

Exclusive: Tom Cruises portrayal of drug-smuggler-turned-government-informant Barry Seal is a fast-paced visit back to the Reagan eras shadowy world of the CIA, cocaine and secret wars, writes James DiEugenio. By James DiEugenio Barry Seals life has become the stuff of  legend. And


President Trump White House Announcement 3:30pm EST Livestream The Last Refuge

The White House has announced President Trump will be delivering remarks today from the White House at 3:30pm EST following his 12 day visit to Asia.  Media outlets are rushing to prepare for the broadcast. [4 live-streams] Topics: Trade, North Continue reading


Dem Rep: If Republicans Dont Kill Tax Reform Bill, Well Kill Them in Elections Weasel Zippers

Note how he emphasizes the words kill them. We will remember if they dont help us kill this bill. They better kill this bill or were going to kill them in the next election. HT: NTK


UCLA Basketball Players Arrested For Shoplifting in China Thank POTUS Trump For Securing Release (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were arrested for shoplighting sunglasses during a trip to Shanghai for a game against Georgia Tech. President Trump tweeted Wednesday that the players were facing 10 years in prison, despite earlier reports that they would serve 20 days under house arrest. 

Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!, tweeted the President.

At a press conference Wednesday, Cody Riley thanked President Trump for securing his release.

To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf, UCLA basketball player Cody Riley said.

LA Times reports:

Trump said Tuesday that he had spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping about the three athletes, who were taken into custody while in Hangzhou for a game against Georgia Tech.

Their teammates left China after the game, but freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were held until Tuesday, when they boarded a plane in Shanghai. When they arrived in Los Angeles, the three ignored reporters questions. They planned to speak at a news conference Wednesday.




A new poll from Boston's WBUR suggests that Elizabeth Warren is in excellent shape as she approaches the 2018 midterms.

Warren is viewed favorably by 55 percent of Massachusetts voters, according to the survey, and the Democrat has advantages of at least 23 percentage points when faced off individually against her four declared challengers....
And she certainly seems to have the right message.
Most voters polled said a candidate who made addressing the cost of health care a major priority would make them much more likely to back the candidate, while 42 percent of voters said a candidate in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act would make them much less likely to get their support.

Nearly half of survey respondents -- 48 percent also said that if a Senate candidate made standing up to President Trump a major priority, it would make them much more likely to back the candidate.

Just 27 percent of Massachusetts voters view the Republican president favorably, compared with 66 percent who have an unfavorable view of him.
She's doing a lot better than she was right around Inauguration Day, when only 44% of respondents in a WBUR poll thought she deserved reelection, while 46% believed that Massachusetts should "give someone else a chance."

So how's she doing against potential challengers?
In hypothetical match-ups, Warren leads Geoff Diehl, 58 percent to 32 percent; Shiva Ayyadurai, 58-27; Beth Lindstrom, 56-33; and John Kingston, 57-33.
But that comes with an asterisk:
(When the survey went into the field, Ayyadurai was running in the Republican primary, with the other three candidates; he now plans to run as an independent.)
That means that Ayyadurai -- a troll who pals around with the alt-right -- will be in the race all the way to November. I told you about this guy a few months ago. He was born in India and has said, "I think only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian." A real class act, Ayyadurai sent Warren a DNA kit for her birthday.

Ayyadurai also claims he invented email, and dismisses those who say email existed a decade before he says he invented it, even if they're scientists who were actual users of what they quite sensibly regard as early email. Ayyadurai sues new...


NY Times Reporter Asks Twitter What It Will do About Videos of Joe Biden Sexually Assaulting Girls The Gateway Pundit

New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth asked Twitter what the site intends to do about reports being tweeted based on C-SPAN videos that former Vice President Biden is a serial child molester.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden gropes the breast of a girl child relative of Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) at a ceremonial swearing-in at the Capitol, January 6, 2015.

Perlroth posted several tweets about the matter starting Tuesday in response to a Twitter thread by Richard Armande Mills.

Mills posted a thread on Monday starting with, Its time to talk about former Vice President Joe Biden, the open sexual predator. A thread/moment, and proceeded to post several C-SPAN video clips of Biden fondling girls.

The Gateway Pundit found those videos independently of Mills and reported on some of the more egregious Biden sex assaults on children in two articles. However Mills deserves the credit for getting people to focus this week on Bidens behavior.

Video: Joe Biden Fondles Little Girls Breasts; Uses Bible to Entice Girl at Senate Ceremony


Video: Joe Biden Repeatedly Grinds His Crotch on 6-Year-Old Daughter of Kelly Ayotte at 2011 Senate Ceremony

Perlroth wrote, In the past 24 hours, a new alt-right fake news meme had emerged of Biden as predator. How will @twitter handle? Followed with, The fake news Biden meme is being propagated by Twitter accounts like @kchenette tweeting/retweeting pro-Russian propaganda (like false Magnitsky conspiracy theories). And concluded with, I watched a dozen videos of the Vice President,...


Luther Stranges Campaign Tried and Tried and Tried Yet FAILED to Confirm Moore Allegations The Gateway Pundit

The Washington Post slammed Judge Roy Moore with what appears to be a dirty political hit piece accusing him of sexually assaulting teenage girls in an effort to derail his run for the Alabama Senate seat.

Moore supporters immediately became suspicious of these accusation because of the timing. Gloria Allred also paraded out the victims in theatrical press conferences further discrediting the accusers.

How is it that Judge Roy Moore, a man who has spent decades in public service has never been hit with these accusations?

Luther Stranges campaign spent millions of dollars to defeat Moore. Why didnt they hit Moore with these allegations a few months ago? It turns out Luther Stranges campaign tried and tried and tried to confirm the Moore allegations yet backed down when they couldnt get any solid information.

The Washington Examiner reported:

About six or seven months ago, Sen. Luther Stranges campaign heard that Roy Moore liked to chase women around the courthouse, according to two Alabama Republican sources.

We did a lot of research. We tried and tried and tried, one source said. I think if we were able to find the names out, we probably would have passed it along to a reporter to track down We just werent able.

The second source said the campaign was never able to get any solid information or leads or corroboration. Just like many people in Alabama, we heard a rumor.


Indeed, when rivals heard that Moore may have committed misconduct, they sought to rattle loose public records, such as bar complaints and court records regarding Moores wife Kayla. The efforts did not yield corroboration.

There are many holes in WaPos hit piece. One of the accusers stepson even said his stepmom is lying. OUCH!

TGPs Josh Caplan reported, Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.


An Alabama woman who worked closely with Judge Roy Moore when she was a teen spoke to Conserv...


We Knew Julian Assange Hated Clinton. We Didnt Know He Was Secretly Advising Trump. The Intercept

A screenshot of a fake image Julian Assange shared and later deleted.


PAPER: What Hillary Clinton Knew About African Slave Auctions & Genocidal Death Squads The Gateway Pundit

From the Uranium One scandal to rigging the Democrat primary race in 2016, Hillary Clinton is up to her ears in corruption. Underneath the surface is a little known scandal about what Clinton knew concerning Libyas thriving slave trade and genocidal death squads.

Zerohedge reports:

A new CNN investigation has uncovered a network of slave markets operating in warehouses in various cities across Libya six years after NATO-led intervention in the country toppled the government of Muammar Gaddafi in support of US and UK backed rebels. And not only did CNN confirm the presence of slave auctions where human beings are being sold for as little as $400 in liberated Libyabut CNNs crew was actually able to film a live auction in progress, while also gathering the testimonies of multiple victims.

Though CNNs footage and accompanying report is shocking, such practices have been quietly documented for years, and clear warnings were issued starting in early 2011 that Libyas black as well as migrant population would be the first to fall victim at the hands of the Islamist Libyan rebels that NATOs war empowered. From the outset critics of Western intervention in Libya loudly sounded the alarm of a genocide against black Libyans in progress committed by the very rebels the US, UK, France, and Gulf allies were arming  a fact so well-known that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was personally briefed and warned on the matter.


One of the few international correspondents to actually report the truth in...



Street Art masterpiece by BIKISMO

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


Rebranding Kim Jong-un Will Likely Be a Key Part of The Strategy The Last Refuge

Almost everyone understands the term re branding. Dont laugh when you consider the possibility of re-branding Kim Jong-un; and more importantly, as an outcome, the entire geopolitical architecture of North Korea.  Rebranding takes time. This type of re branding takes Continue reading


Top Afghan Leader: Taliban Should Have Role In Peace Talks Weasel Zippers

Was successful with the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 to end the war in Vietnam. Via Washington Times: The Taliban, the terror group who have been battling the U.S. and NATO coalition in the country for the last 16 years, should have a seat at the table in peace talks geared toward ending the longest []


Dakota Access Pipeline Company Paid Mercenaries to Build Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Environmentalists The Intercept

An activist stands alone in silent protest by a police barricade on a bridge near Oceti Sakowin Camp on the edge of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on December 4, 2016 outside Cannon Ball, N.D.


Street art by Arsek & Erase WORDVIRUS

Street art by Arsek & Erase,
Blue Moon in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Tagged: graffiti, street art ...


France considering 13 as the legal minimum age of consent Fellowship of the Minds

From Daily Mail: France is to set a minimum legal age for sexual consent for the first time just weeks after two courts cleared grown men of rape after they had sex with 11-year-olds. Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet told Continue reading


Donald Trump Asks: Will UCLA Basketball Players He Saved From Long Prison Sentences In China Say Thanks? The Gateway Pundit

Three UCLA Basketball players were arrested in China after they attempted to steal expensive sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in Beijing. Lucky for them, the attempted theft took place while President Donald Trump was in China for his series of successful meetings with Asian leaders.

It has been reported that President Trump personally intervened in the case, asking President Xi Jinping to release the three Americans LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill.

UCLA Mens Basketball student-athletes LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley are returning from China to Los Angeles at this time, UCLA associate communications director, Alex Timiraos, said in a statement.

Once arriving back in America Tuesday, the three (incredibly entitled) basketball players ignored all reporters questions and claimed that they would address what happened in a press conference Wednesday (today).

President Donald Trump has openly wondered on Twitter this morning: will they thank him for guaranteeing their release, or will they not accolade it due to the far-left culture of UCLA?


The post Donald Trump Asks: Will UCLA Basketball Players He Saved From Long Prison Sentences In China Say Thanks? appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


A Self-Serving Democratic Establishment Still Has Its Fingers On The Levers Of Power-- And Will Continue Disadvantaging Progressives DownWithTyranny!

Kara Eastman (Democrat) and Brad Ashford ("ex"-GOP Blue Dog)

Alixandria Lapp, a poster child for the DC Dem's revolving door problem worked for New Dem Adam Smith (WA) from 1997-2005 and then went to work for the DCCC. In 2007 she became executive director of the New Dems, the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. A year later she was working as a lobbyist for Parven, Pomper & Schuyler and after that as a lobbyist for Akin, Gump. In 2011 she went to work running Pelosi's House Majority PAC, where she still works, triple-dipping her time away, now extremely wealthy.

Yesterday she tweeted a batch of private PPP surveys, that mostly tested voters' reactions to aspects of the Trump/Ryan tax proposal but also testing a generic Democrat against a Republican incumbent in each district-- except one. Last night we looked into the primary in Omaha (NE-02), where a progressive woman, Kara Eastman, is facing off against a party-switching opportunist, Blue Dog Brad Ashford. Ashford has been endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business, organziations that normally back Republicans and Democrats willing to sell out to Big Business.


ESPNs Jemele Hill Refuses To Give Trump Credit For Freeing Black UCLA Players Weasel Zippers

The cat has her tongue. Via Daily Caller: ESPNs Jemele Hill didnt give any credit to President Donald Trump for intervening on behalf of three black UCLA basketball players in Chinese custody. LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were released Tuesday morning after theyd been arrested for allegedly stealing from a Louis Vuitton store. []


ROGER STONE: Contact Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks is Not Russian Collusion The Gateway Pundit



By Roger Stone

There is nothing illegal or improper with someone having contact with Julian Assange or WikiLeaks. Julian Assange is not a Russian asset and WikiLeaks is not a Russian propaganda organization. I understand that the US intelligence agencies insist otherwise but they are utterly unable to prove it. Its true in their minds because they want it to be.

Contact between Donald Trump Jr. and Julian Assange certainly does not constitute collusion with the Russians!

In fact Assange is a journalist publishing information given to him by sources just as they do at the Washington Post and the New York Times but Wikileaks record for accuracy and authenticity is far better.

Neither Donald Trump Jr. or Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica did anything inappropriate. Having tried so hard to drive the phony Russian collusion narrative to distract from their own Russian profiteering (Uranium One, Gazprom, Joule) they make casual contact with a first rate Journalist muckraker treason.

The post ROGER STONE: Contact Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks is Not Russian Collusion appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


If Anyone Knows About the Heavy Toll of War, It is the Vietnamese by Felicity Arbuthnot Dandelion Salad

by Felicity Arbuthnot Writer, Dandelion Salad London, England November 15, 2017 One day while I was in a bunker in Vietnam, a sniper round went over my head. The person who fired that weapon was not a terrorist, a rebel, an extremist, or a so-called insurgent. The Vietnamese individual who tried to kill me was []



Alabama Woman Who Worked With Roy Moore as Teen Speaks Out=> I Never Once Felt Uncomfortable The Gateway Pundit

An Alabama woman who worked closely with Judge Roy Moore when she was a teen spoke to Conservative Tribune this week.

The woman says she believes Roy Moore is innocent and said, I always felt safe around him, I never once felt uncomfortable.

Conservative Tribune reported:

In an exclusive interview with an executive at Conservative Tribune, a woman in Alabama identified only as Beth has shared her account of working with Roy Moore as a teenager, and her story differs quite a bit from the narrative put forward by the liberal media. Beth gave permission for her remarks to be shared and the only changes made were to grammar and punctuation.

Yes, I absolutely believe (the) Judge is innocent! Beth declared. Ive known him and his family for years. I was a teenager when I first started working in his campaign. And he always honored and respected me and all the others. I always felt safe around him, I never once felt uncomfortable.

And even if I didnt know him personally, I would find it suspicious that these women are just now coming out with this, she continued. Hes been running for office for the past 17 years and been a judge for even longer. So why, if this did happen why didnt they come out about this before now? Theyve had plenty of chances.

I just find it odd with as many times as he has run for office over the past several years none of this has come out, she added. I dont think it is a coincidence that all this is being said one month before the election. Polls were showing Moore way ahead of Jones, then next thing you know all this poop is coming out.

Beth stated that she also worked on some of his other campaigns for office, though to a lesser extent than before, and noted that she stayed in touch with him and his family for years afterward, even volunteering her time at Moores Foundation of Moral Law.

He even tried to set me up with one of his lawyers that worked for him, Beth revealed. It did not work out, but I was close with them.

All this was years ago, but still I know him enough to know he is not like that, she said.

The post Alabama Woman Who Worked With Roy Moore as Teen Speaks Out=> I Never Once Felt Uncomfortable appeared first on...


REPORT: Audio Recordings Show Russian Officials Suggested Bribery to Bill & Hillary Clinton in Exchange for Favors The Gateway Pundit

In an appearance Tuesday evening on Fox News program Hannity, author of Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer told Sean Hannity that audio recordings reportedly show Russian officials suggesting they would be open to bribing Bill and Hillary Clinton in exchange for favors. 

Peter Schweitzer: We now have this whistle-blower that has come forward who reportedly has audio recordings of Russian officials talking about using bribery to get favors from the Clintons, giving donations to the Clinton Foundation. That has yet to appear, but I think that will be pretty strong.

Partial transcript as follows via Breitbart News:

HANNITY: Joining us now, the man who got the started, author of the book, Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer, Fox News contributor, former deputy assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka. Peter, you got this started, you watch this unfold today, and I want to get your initial reaction. I also want to talk about I want you to give us the money aspect to this as it relates to the Clintons, who paid who, when and where, and how active and involved were they in this deal?

SCHWEIZER: Well, look, Sean, Ive always felt the evidence was very clear. And I dont know that hesitation is at the Department of Justice. There were several facts that no one debates. Fact number one, you have the Kazakh uranium minister Moukhtar Dzhakishev in a 2010 video deposition describing in great detail how Bill and Hillary Clinton shook him down and shook down Kazakh officials to compel them to give uranium assets to Frank Giustra, who is the founder of Uranium One. Nobody disputes that. That is clear.

We now have this whistle-blower that has come forward who reportedly has audio recordings of Russian officials talking about using bribery to get favors from the Clintons, giving donations to the Clinton Foundation. That has yet to appear, but...


Kneeler League Ratings Continue Slide as Anti-Police National Anthem Protests Continue The Gateway Pundit

The NFL has already lost 2.5 million viewers so far this year.

After decades of American tradition of standing at attention during the National Anthem the National Football League started their own tradition last year and allowed players to kneel, sit, or stretch during the National Anthem before the games.

The Bears-Packers game was half empty on Sunday.

NFL viewership also continues to slide.

Monday Night Football ratings reached a season low this week as Pantherss beat the Dolphins.

Via Free Republic:

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More Confederate Monument Topplers Get All Felony Charges Dropped Weasel Zippers

Why bother to have any law at all? Just give in to all the anarchists now. They caught them on video, they even raided their houses and got evidence of the planning of the event. But theyre dropping the charges with their lawyer claiming theres no evidence. And this is why George Soros is buying []


Anti-Abortion GOP Congress Shrugs as Program That Helps New Mothers Expires The Intercept

Barney Frank once quipped that Republicans who call themselves pro-life believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Nowhere would that punchline land harder than on the current Congress, composed of lawmakers who are at once pushing past the boundaries of Roe v. Wade, while undermining a range of policies that would make life slightly less difficult for expectant and new mothers.

The GOP tax reform proposal initially came after the adoption tax credit, while Congress has allowed the childrens health insurance program to expire and, now, is doing the same for a program that funds nurses and social workers to coach at-risk new moms, beginning during pregnancy and lasting until the child turns 2 years old.

The programs have lapsed as Republicans struggle to find ways to pay for them, even as they gallop toward an unpaid-for series of corporate tax cuts that could cost the government trillions in lost revenue.

The lapsed program that has received the least attention is also one of the most effective. The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program was launched as a pilot program by the Bush administration, which then signed it into law after it was implemented as legislation by a Democratic Congress in 2008. It is routinely held up as a model of evidence-based policymaking, because the law sets an outcome Congress wants, but leaves it to people on the ground to get there and prove that they got the result they promised.

It began largely as a program involving nurses or social workers, but has expanded to other paraprofessionals who have been able to ease a new mom into the daunting world of parenting.

The program expired at the end of September due to congressional inaction and battles over its funding. Though MIECHV is relatively small, its part of a package of programs meant to help vulnerable children and families, along with the Childrens Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which expired at the same time.

The House introduced a bill, H.R. 2824, to reauthorize MIECHV pronounced McVee by wonks on the Hill for five y...


Marc Chagall, The Lovers bensozia

Painting by Marc Chagall of himself and his wife, 1928, just sold by Sotheby's for $28.4 million.


BREAKING: Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe Under House Arrest After Apparent Coup By Army Weasel Zippers

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe under house arrest. Fox News (@FoxNews) November 15, 2017 40 years of Communist dictator finally at an end.


Nanochips And Smart Dust Dangerous New Face Of Human Microchipping Agenda Inflection Point

The Freedom Articles via Natural Health News

By Makia Freeman
Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin to set up a synthetic network on the inside which can be remotely controlled from the outside. Needless to say, this has grave freedom, privacy and health implications, because it means the New World Order would be moving from controlling the outside world (environment/society) to controlling the inside world (your body). This article explores what the advent of nanochips and Smart dust could mean for you.

Different Forms of Control

Humanitys history is filled with examples of societies where the people were sharply divided into 2 categories: rulers and slaves. In the distant past, the slaves have usually been kept in place because the rulers had access to and control over the resources, such as money, food, water, weapons or other necessities of life (control of the environment).
In our more recent history, control was implemented not only by monopolizing resources but also via propaganda (control of the mind). This has manifested itself in many ways, e.g. the caste system in India (you must remain in your position on the hierarchical ladder for life), the royal bloodlines in Rome, the Middle East and Europe (who claimed an inherent and divine right to rule), the centralization of power in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia during the 1930s (where a single autocrat or a small committee decided the fate of millions), and finally in the West (especially in the US) with the advent of specialized PR and mind control...


NY Times Reporter Claims Videos Of Joe Biden Touching Girls Is New Alt-Right Meme Weasel Zippers

No, it isnt an alt-right meme, its C-Span video and an issue that should be addressed. In this clip, former Vice President Biden uses a candid moment to fondle the chest area of a little girl in front of her entire family. Her visible discomfort is extremely obvious. Richard Armande Mills (RAM) []


Its Chaos Out There: A Cyclists Diary The Indypendent

Its all so fragile, this having a body and interacting with bikes and cars on the streets. Always so close to that point where you stop being a person and you become a corpse.

Out there, its chaos. Not chaos in a good way, not the self-managed chaos where strictures are cast aside and spaces for new forms of existence open up. Not Dionysian chaos. No, this is more of the run-into-the-person-in-front-of-you-at-the-red-light chaos. Trump America chaos. I got mine, to-hell with-everybody-else chaos. Fuck-you-pay-me chaos.

Tearing down First Avenue on my bicycle, Im always tempted to look up at the hospital room where my daughter was born, but a quick up-glance could be fatal. People jumping into the bike lane food cart workers, women in labor, various injured people dropped off by taxis they might as well be dropped from the sky. Outta the fucking bike lane! somebody shouts at a man hobbling towards the ambulatory entrance.

I went to Critical Mass events regularly in the early aughts. A swarm of cyclists would halt traffic. It was a way of protesting for alternative transit, for opening the city up outside of car culture. I stopped going sometime after the Republican National Convention came to town in 2004. The cops started sweating the event hard, cracking down and cracking heads. The mass arrests and brutality had the intended effect of deterring people. It got to the point where there would be more cops than bikers.

Still, when it was good, there was no feeling more liberating than being in the throes of cyclists, shutting down traffic on a street, then an avenue, maybe a bridge. It was really something to ride like that and see the city free of cars, to glimpse the possibilities.

Which driver is not tempted, merely by the power of his engine, to wipe out the vermin of the street, pedestrians, children and cyclists Theodor Adorno

The fleeting sense of power can be intoxicating. Theres this element of anarchic joy, it led to shouts of Join us and We are taking over. I used to marvel at the Critical Massers who would block off intersections, bikes held above their heads. What would happen if the drivers decided to call their bluff? I used to see this one guy I knew, right there at the intersection, matching his power against the cars. He was killed a few years later, at a protest in another country. He was braver than me. He put his body on the line and was killed for taking a risk. Ill always think of him there at the intersection, bike held over his head, sure that he would prevail.

[W]hich driver is not tempted, merely by the power of hi...


House Democrats Introduce Five Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Weasel Zippers

.@RepCohen: "We believe that President Trump has violated the Constitution, and we've introduced five articles of impeachment." ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 15, 2017 Sigh, they keep trying. Via Free Beacon: House Democrats introduced five articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying they took the action because of their great []


Abby Martin: All This Shit Doesnt MatterEvery Issue Must Be Seen Through the Lens of the US Empire Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad with Abby Martin The Jimmy Dore Show on Nov 14, 2017  Part 2 Is Rachel Maddow Dangerous To Journalism? from the archives: Chris Hedges: RT Targeted for Giving Platform to Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Capitalist Critics Abby Martin: Trump Expands Police-State Crackdown on the Left Abby Martin: The Sacrifice Zones of Houston Before and After Hurricane Harvey, Part 2 Abby []


Gen. Hayden Admits to CNN That China Sending Envoy to N. Korea Proves POTUS Trumps Effectiveness (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Former CIA and NSA chief General Michael Hayden joined CNNs Chris Cuomo Wednesday morning and praised President Trumps effectiveness following reports that China will send an envoy to North Korea. 

Hayden had this to say after Cuomo asked him if China sending an envoy to North Korea is a sign of President Trumps effectiveness:

I think the timing suggests thats true. So, youve got a bit of a ray of light, a breath of fresh air here with the Chinese trying to amp up there pressure on the North Koreans. We need to be realistic, all right? China is most interested in stability on the North Korean part, on the whole Korean peninsula. Theyre not too excited about change. I think we can rely on them to amp up the pressure a bit, to have Kim, the youngest, tone down the rhetoric. Maybe stop testing for a while. I dont think hes going there to point out that you need to give up these weapons.

A senior Chinese diplomat will visit North Korea from Friday as a special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Beijing said, although it did not say he was planning to discuss North Koreas nuclear and ballistic programs, reports Reuters.

Reuters reports:

China has repeatedly pushed for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but in recent months has had only limited high-level exchanges with North Korea. The last time Chinas special envoy for North Korea visited the country was in February last year.

In a brief dispatch, the official Xinhua news agency said Song Tao, who heads the ruling Communist Partys external affairs department, would leave for North Korea on Friday.

He will inform the DPRK of the 19th CPC National Congress and visit the DPRK, Xinhua said on Wednesday, using the Norths official name and referring to Chinas recently concluded Communist Party Congress at which Xi further cemented his power.

News of this comes amid President Trumps return to Washington...


Rep Said $15M Has Been Paid Out By Congress To Silence Sex Abuse Victims Weasel Zippers

Via NY Post: The US congresswoman who testified that current members of Congress are known sex harassers said Tuesday night that $15 million in hush money has been paid to accusers. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) told MSNBC that the millions have been doled out to alleged victims of harassment from congressional members over the past []


California college lecturer threatens to beat the sh*t out of pro-lifers Fellowship of the Minds

This is yet another nail in the coffin of the Lefts narcissistic self-portrayal as tolerant, caring, peace-loving people. A part-time lecturer at San Jose State University (SJSU), Matthew Kapell, Ph.D., sent out a tweet that he and his wife, Amy, Continue reading


MSNBC Morning Clown Scarborough On Trump DOJ Investigating Hillary: This Is What Joseph Stalin Would Do Weasel Zippers

Stalin would have had her shot, Comrade. Via Breitbart: Tuesday on MSNBCs Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough addressed reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was considering appointing a special counsel to investigate the Clinton Foundations role in the sale of Uranium One to Russia. Scarborough said, We are going to get to how horrific this []


MBL, o defensor da liberdade. Desde que no seja com eles. The Intercept

Em um vdeo gravado em outubro, Salsicha, o mais novo expoente do MBL, respondeu a dvidas dos interessados em participar do 3 Congresso do MBL. Em uma delas, algum pergunta se intervencionistas militares sero bem-vindos e recebe essa resposta:

Todas as pessoas so bem-vindas. A gente acredita no dilogo e no bom debate.

Pois bem, no foi o que vi no evento realizado no ltimo fim de semana no luxuoso World Trade Center, considerado o maior complexo de negcios da Amrica Latina. O que vi foi o jornalista Denis Russo do Nexo, que assistia aos painis sem incomodar ningum, ser expulso pelo crime de portar um bloquinho de papel. Enquanto eu filmava o ocorrido com meu celular, um segurana me abordou e exigiu que eu apagasse o vdeo, caso contrrio eu tambm seria convidado a me retirar. Questionei brevemente, mas acabei acatando recuperar arquivos da lixeira uma tarefa simples.

A averso a quem era de fora daquele mundinho no ficou restrita aos corredores do evento. No palco, logo no primeiro painel do congresso, Renan dos Santos, lder e fundador do MBL, fez um alerta em alto e bom som:  

Se eventualmente vier algum com uma camerazinha querendo fazer perguntas, que est muito curioso sobre vocs, com bloquinho de notas Avisa a gente!

O que conseguimos registrar de melhor (ou, melhor, de pior) est no vdeo que acompanha este texto.

The post MBL, o defensor da liberdade. Desde que no seja com eles. appeared first on The Intercept.


Sexgate: Actor Tom Sizemore accused of molesting 11-year-old girl Fellowship of the Minds

The parents and others involved in the movie knew about this and did nothing. NOTHING. After all, they had a fiduciary responsibility to the movie. What a cesspool Hollyweird is. From Hollywood Reporter: Actor Tom Sizemore was told to leave Continue reading


After Mass Shootings Marist College In New York Drops Mascots Name: Shooter Weasel Zippers

Via Poughkeepsie Journal: If youve been to a basketball or football game at Marist College over the past four decades, youve seen him. Hes the one in the faux fur, wearing over-sized sneakers and a big smile, handing out high-fives to fans and dancing through timeouts. Hes the Red Fox everyone knows, though you may []


Video: Maxine Waters Leads Impeach 45 Chant At Glamours Women Of The Year Awards Weasel Zippers

Beating a dead horse. A much-deserved standing ovation for @RepMaxineWaters at tonights #GlamourWOTY Awards! #ReclaimingOurTime Women's March (@womensmarch) November 14, 2017 HT: Daily Caller


Alabama Robocall Claiming to be WaPo Hack Seeks Damaging info on Judge Roy Moore (Audio) The Gateway Pundit

A robocall is currently running in Alabama seeking Damaging information on Judge Roy Moore.

The call claims to be a Washington Post hack and offers a reward for damaging information on the Republican candidate. reported:

According to a report from Mobile, AL CBS affiliate WKRG, at least one person in their viewing area had received a robocall seeking damaging information about Roy Moore.

The robocall, captured in a voicemail recording by Creola, AL pastor Al Moore, is from a man claiming to be a Washington Post reporter by the name of Bernie Bernstein and offers a reward for damaging remarks.

Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein, Im a reporter for The Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5,000 and $7,000. We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report. I can be reached by email at, thank you.

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ISIS Sends French Fighters Home For Day Of Reckoning Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: ISIS foreign fighters from France were dispatched home to perform terrorist operations as it became increasingly clear that the groups capital of Raqqa would fall, a fighter told BBC News. There are some French brothers from our group who left for France to carry out attacks in what would be called a []


Trump Adds to Washingtons Swamp Consortiumnews

Exclusive: President Trumps vow to drain the swamp was just one more empty promise as he adds to the muck with military contractors in key Pentagon jobs and other industry lobbyists at regulatory posts, says Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall


Trump Trashes Very #FakeNews CNN After Asia Trip The Gateway Pundit

CNN outdid itself this week.

The Trump-hating network compared President Trumps face to a dogs ear.

And these jokers insist they are completely unbiased.

After returning from his very impressive 14 day tour of East Asia President Trump woke up Wednesday and blasted CNN.

President Trump: While in the Philippines I was forced to watch @CNN, which I have not done in months, and again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!

The post Trump Trashes Very #FakeNews CNN After Asia Trip appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Federal Prosecutors Are Using Plea Bargains as a Secret Weapon for Deportations The Intercept

A police officer and a security officer look on at the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in Washington DC on October 4, 2017.


Report: Police Body Cameras Can Threaten Civil Rights Of Black And Brown People Weasel Zippers

Social justice warriors wanted police body cameras, they got body cameras. Via Newsweek: The number of U.S. police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras increases each year, but the cameras can pose a threat to civil rights if the departments fail to set rules that govern when officers review footage from their cameras, according []


Sessions Must Go! DOJ Launched Mueller Investigation Where No Crimes Existed But No Uranium One Probe Where Crimes Are Abundant The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The time has come Jeff Sessions Must Resign!

Yesterday US Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke in front of the House Judiciary Committee on a number of issues.  Sessions is famous for recusing himself from any Russia related investigations almost immediately after becoming AG earlier this year.  This resulted in his Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein launching a Special Counsel on Trump Russia collusion and appointing his friend Robert Mueller as the special counsel.

During the hearing yesterday Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the many clear crimes surrounding the Clinton Campaign, the Democrat Party, the FBI, James Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation and the Russian Dossier.

The Attorney General was noticeably uncomfortable and irritated with the questioning.  Rep. Jordan laid out the specific crimes of collusion committed by FBI and DNC operatives in 2016. Jordan pointed out the fake dossier and asked AG Sessions if this was the impetus to spy on the Trump campaign? Sessions would not answer.

At the end of the questioning Rep. Jordan asked Sessions if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate this criminal activity by the FBI and DNC.  Sessions told him he would not appoint a special counsel.

Rep. Jim Jordan: Doesnt that warrant in addition to all the things we know about James Comey in 2016, doesnt that warrant naming a second special counsel?

AG Jeff Sessions: I would say what it looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel.

AG Sessions refuses to create special counsels for any number of criminal actions that took place during the prior corrupt Obama Administration.  

Sean Hannity last night outlined in one of the most thorough presentations to date of the many crimes related to the Clintons and the Obama Administration.

But no, AG Sessions believes that t...


Trumps Debasement of Civilization Consortiumnews

Hillary Clintons deplorables comment was surely a campaign gaffe, but she wasnt wrong about Donald Trumps exploitation of white grievances and other ugly attitudes, writes Lawrence Davidson. By Lawrence Davidson There is more to being civilized than being a citizen


Ted Cruz and the Circle of Political Cuckoldry Matt Forney

NOTE: This article was originally published at Right On on March 28, 2016. Im re-posting it here as the site is now defunct.

Behind every weak man stands a woman who gets her jollies from emasculating him. Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi are the Bill and Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party: triangulating psychopaths who seek power above all else.

2016s presidential election has devolved into a nationwide Maury Povich brawl, and my response is Good. The latest mudslinging match between last, best hope Donald Trump and GOP establishment last man standing Ted Cruz has revolved around their wives and sex lives. A few days ago, the National Enquirer dropped their own H-bomb, publishing an expose claiming that Cruzsqueaky clean, principled Christian conservative Ted Cruzhas cheated on his wife with five other womenthree of whom have already been identified.

While the story has sent the GOP cucksultant class into meltdown mode, Cruz himself isnt actually denying the allegations, instead calling them garbage. Even his most fervent fans arent defending him on the basis that hes too honest to break his marriage vows; theyre claiming hes too much of a dweeb to get laid. And with Trump holding a wide delegate lead and the upcoming contests unfavorable to Lyin Ted, the presidential race has become like sex after the money shot: bask in the afterglow and mop up the fluids.

Ted Cruz is so phony and insincere he comes off like a replicant grown in a vat off the Tannhauser Gate. When hes not lying with women other than his wife, hes lying about his competitors dropping out so he can steal their voteslying about his connections to the GOP establishment, and lying about his favorite characters in childrens cartoons. Even when hes defending his wife from one of Trumps broadsides, Cruz is so devoid of humanity that he lifts lines from a movie. He might as well tout himself as Americas first autistic president....


Maine-- The 1st State To Pass Medicaid Expansion At The Ballot Box-- A Guest Post By Jared Golden DownWithTyranny!

There's a battle raging in Maine right now because, after the Trumpist governor of the state, Paul LePage, kept vetoing the legislature's Medicaid expansion, the citizens voted to expand it in a ballot initiative. LePage then announced he would "veto" that too! Yesterday, Jared Golden, the House Majority Whip and a candidate for Congress (endorsed by Blue America) penned an OpEd for The Hill explaining the situation to folks outside the state who might not be following it as closely. This is something the whole country needs to understand.
Give Maine voters what they want and expand Medicaid in the state
by Jared Golden

Maine made history last Tuesday by becoming the first state to pass Medicaid expansion at the ballot box. After five unsuccessful attempts to override Governor Paul LePages vetoes, Maine people took matters into their own hands and elected to expand healthcare coverage to 70,000 of their neighbors.

On the heels of the GOPs attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) earlier this year, Medicaid expansion received a majority of the vote in both of Maines Congressional Districts, including Maines Second Congressional District (ME-2) which went for President Trump in 2016.

In 2016, ME-2 also supported a referendum to increase the minimum wage from $7.50 to $12 by the year 2020, and approved a bond to invest in the states infrastructure.

Taken together these three voter-approved initiatives say a lot about a district that voted for Pres...


Dartmouth Prof To Donate Half Of Book Proceeds To Antifa Weasel Zippers

Does he make the check payable to George Soros? Via Campus Reform: A Dartmouth College professor plans to donate half of the proceeds from his latest book to Antifa, the radical protest group labeled as domestic terrorists by the federal government. Mark Bray, a lecturer at the elite college, gained popularity after publishing Antifa: The []


McCain Calls Moore Accusations Disturbing, but He Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct in 08 The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by John Roberts at Right Observer:

Arizona Sen. John McCain recently called for Alabama candidate Roy Moore to drop out of his states Senate race in light of the unproven sexual harassment allegations against him. However, McCains skeletons have just resurfaced

From America News Hub:

What a lot of people seem to forget about John McCain is that hes been a womanizer for decades. In fact, he was accused of sexual misconduct during his 2008 presidential campaign and he immediately dismissed the charges.

From Western Journalism:

However, McCain sang a different tune during his 2008 presidential when the senator faced his own accusations of sexual misconduct with a lobbyist 30 years his junior.

McCain was among the very first so called establishment Republicans to rush to judgment about the allegations against Moore, characterizing them as disqualifying and declaring that the candidate should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.

In February 2008, The Post and The New York Times published stories alleging McCain had had an improper relationship with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. The stories both related that the senator had developed a close relationship with the lobbyist who had business before the Commerce Committ...



Politico tells us that President Trump has a "wrenching" decision to make about the Alabama Senate race:

White House officials plan to convene a meeting to talk through their options soon, and Trump is widely expected to address the predicament publicly when he returns from abroad. In order for the president to get involved, some aides to the president say, he would need an airtight plan that limits his political exposure to any fallout.
I don't understand. Republicans love Trump. What's the potential "fallout" for him?
Its a vexing call for Trump. If he tries to pressure Moore out of the race, as some people close to the White House expect him to do, theres no guarantee that the candidate will oblige.
I know Trump didn't endorse Moore in the primary, but Moore and Trump are both Republicans and Trump is the president of the United States. Not only is Trump the president, he's admired and loved by voters in his party. At least that's what we're told. It ought to be Moore -- a man who hold no political office right now -- who's in the vulnerable position. You'd think it would be risky for him to defy a man whose approval rating in his state is nearly 60%. And yet Moore probably would defy him.
Intervening in a race against the candidate backed by conservative activists could also be seen as at odds with Trumps own insurgent campaign in 2016.
But it's Trump. It's supposedly his movement. The slogans are his: Drain the swamp. Make America great again. Why wouldn't he be given leeway to define what his movement does and doesn't stand for?

But that's the problem for Trump: It really isn't his movement.
The establishment did everything they could to destroy Trump, and we the people stood with him. It would be very disappointing to see Trump believe these lies and turn on a rock-solid conservative like Roy Moore, said GOP state Rep. Ed Henry.
What Henry is saying here is what Steve Bannon has said: that "we the [wingnut] people" define what the Trump movement is, and true believers can say at any time that Trump is disloyal to Trumpism. Trump may have altered the contours of conservatism -- it's now protectionist and pro-Russia -- but his ability to shape conservatism only goes so far. He can't say that Moore has to go. Backing Moore is a #MAGA litmus test right now. Even Trump has to pass it.


This week Frank Rich wrote about America once Trump is out of office. Rich believes that Trumpism will survive Trump because it predates Trump -- Rich says that we can see Trumpism...


Charlotte, NC Coffee And Book Shop Has A Safe Space For Queer People, Victims Of Capitalism, People Of Color Weasel Zippers

Do the victims of capitalism pay full price? Via Charlotte Observer: Last Saturday, one local superheros dream became a reality: Lara Americo hosted the grand opening of the shop she founded, Comic Girl Coffee & Books, an inclusive space made by and for queer people, people of color and those looking for a good comic []


Why Do We All Feel Like We're Losing? bensozia

As David Brooks says in this essay, the reason some Evangelicals are rallying around Roy Moore is that they feel besieged by the rest of society, and when you are in a war for your very existence you can't worry about little things like decades-old allegations of molesting teenagers:

The siege mentality starts with a sense of collective victimhood. Its not just that our group has opponents. The whole culture or the whole world is irredeemably hostile.

From this flows a deep sense of pessimism. Things are bad now. Our enemies are growing stronger. And things are about to get worse. The world our children inherit will be horrific. The siege mentality floats on apocalyptic fear.

The odd thing is that the siege mentality feels kind of good to the people who grab on to it. It gives its proponents a straightforward way to interpret the world the noble us versus the powerful them. It gives them a clear sense of group membership and a clear social identity. It offers a ready explanation for the bad things that happen in life.

Most of all, it gives people a narrative to express their own superiority: We may be losing, but at least we are the holy remnant. We have the innocence of victimhood. We are martyrs in a spiteful world.
Nothing new about this, of course. To me the weird thing about America today is that activists of every sort seem to feel the same way: all the sides feel like they are in the same dangerous position, threatened by powerful enemies that are both nefarious and nebulous. As Brooks points out, a Pew Poll taken after the election found that 64 percent of Americans think their side has been losing most of the time.

To me the most important divide in America is the one between the people who feel besieged by dark forces and worry about the continued existence of what they believe in, and those who think that despite our problems things are basically ok. The reason both political parties are having so much trouble is that both are divided between complacent and revolutionary wings, with most of the energy at the extremes. This is especially true for Republicans, since a bigger part of their base seems to be up in arms. It's a bad situation for everyone because the large radical wings never really get their way, since even if they can dominate their own party they are still a minority in the nation, and that leaves them ever more embittered and ever more threatened.

I think the biggest political question for America now is, what is driving this widespread fear, and can we do anything about it? Part of it may be just because the country is close to evenly divided on a lot of issues, which leaves everybody feeling uncertain; it can't be true that every side is losing, but it does seem to be true that no side is getting most of what it wants. Hey...

Wednesday, 15 November


More lib speak: Eton college head says their young men need to be more gender intelligent Fellowship of the Minds

That modern intelligence might be challenged in biology class. From The Guardian: Pupils at Eton College need to be more gender-intelligent according to the headmaster, who indicated that any student at the all-male boarding school wishing to transition genders would Continue reading


US Congressman McGovern Condemns U.S. Support of Saudi War in Yemen; Yemen Denied Humanitarian Aid as Civilians Suffer from Hunger and Fastest-Growing Cholera Epidemic Ever Recorded Mining Awareness +

US Congressman McGovern asks: Or will this Congress finally, after more than 2 years of sheer horror, send a clear message to Saudi Arabia that its actions are intolerable? (See speech further below.)

Donald Trump meets with Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and members of his delegation, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead). He was appointed Crown Prince in June 2017. Notic...


Intercepted Podcast: The Distraction in Chief The Intercept

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and other platforms. New to podcasting? Click here.


As the Trump/Russia reality show continues to consume endless hours of media coverage, the U.S. is backing the genocidal, scorched-earth bombing of Yemen. Trump has granted the CIA and military sweeping authorities to conduct lethal operations, all while laughing it up with the murderous despot, Rodrigo Duterte.

This week on Intercepted, Rami Khouri breaks down Saudi Arabias agenda in the Middle East, its destruction of Yemen, and the bizarre case of the exiled Lebanese prime minister. Despite what you may have heard, the CIA and U.S. military are quite content with the Trump presidency. Aram Roston of Buzzfeed, Spencer Ackerman of the Daily Beast, and The Intercepts Matthew Cole join Jeremy for a discussion on Trumps new covert action czar on the National Security Council and his past work for Blackwaters Erik Prince on the CIA assassination program. They also discuss Ackermans report that the mysterious death of a Green Beret in Mali came after the soldier allegedly discovered Navy SEALs were stealing money.

WikiLeaks slid into Donald Trump Jr.s DMs. The media went crazy. Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy analyze what the messages actually say and how they have been portrayed in the media. Glenn also blasts the Justice Departments order that the Russian-funded news organization, RT, registers as a foreign agent.

And we talk to two newly elected Democrats who stunningly upset red seats in Virginias elections. Former Marine Lee Carter campaigned as a Democratic Socialist and Elizabeth Guzman, a Peruvian immigrant, is one of the first Latina women elected to the state legislature.

In this weeks cold open, Donald Trump stars in American Beauty.

Transcript coming soon.

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The Nose Knows Caption Contest Fellowship of the Minds

This is the 163rd world-famous FOTM Caption Contest! Heres the pic: You know the drill: Enter the contest by submitting your caption as a comment on this thread (scroll down until you see the LEAVE A REPLY box), not via Continue reading


The Non-Coup Coup In Zimbabwe Moon of Alabama

Yesterday's coup in Zimbabwe is of global interest. The country is one of the few that have long resisted the colonial "western" attempts to control its mineral and agricultural riches. Such coups are often driven by the CIA or other...




Daily we are watching dramatic scenes unfold, the likes of a best selling mystery novel.  Or is it the prophetic words of the Bible unfolding before our eyes?  It feels like both inside my bones, although I know it to be true that prophecy is being fulfilled.



The Battle for Venezuela and Its Oil Neritam

Despite the public battles between the New York Times and President Donald Trump, the two seem to be on a similar page about the unfolding crisis in Venezuela. Last week, the administration announced it had designated President Nicolas Maduro and other Venezuelan officials, freezing their U.S. assets and barring Americans from doing business with them. []


Canadian pension funds grab farmland in Brazil Neritam

Pension funds are among the most influential actors in the global financial industry. They manage more money than all the sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and private equity funds of the world combined, and Canada is home to some of the biggest pension funds on the planet. The decisions that pension fund managers make on []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! DownWithTyranny!

-by Noah

The stories of Roy Moore, who also founded and is President of The Foundation For Moral Law, apparently just for laughs, trolling shopping malls for underage and barely of age hotties grow by the day as we find out that he may not have been talking about the traditional Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments brought down the mountain by Moses at all. Instead, it appears that Judge Roy Moore may have started his own "church of my dick" with his very own Ten Commandments, as pictured in the above cartoon.

The mind numbing thing about this story is how Alabama Republican officials (not to mention so many national Republicans), and so many fake Christians still back Moore and even say they would back him even if they had absolute proof that the disgusting stories we've heard are true; even more evidence than the super well-sourced and multi-sourced allegations we've already heard and seen documented. Alabama State Audi...


O massacre de Las Vegas no impulsionou a venda de armas, e o setor est decepcionado The Intercept

Os massacres dos ltimos anos foram seguidos de um ciclo bastante previsvel: os polticos americanos aumentam a probabilidade de que sejam implementadas medidas de controle de armas, e grupos financiados pela indstria de armas respondem exagerando o potencial alcance do controle, levando as pessoas a um frenesi de compra de armas. Todos os massacres so efetivamente transformados em oportunidades de lucro.

Porm, na sequncia do assassinato em massa de primeiro de outubro em Las Vegas, que matou 58 pessoas e deixou 546 feridos, parece que o ciclo se rompeu. E as empresas de venda de armas e seus investidores perceberam.

A Sturm Ruger & Company, uma das maiores fabricantes de armas dos Estados Unidos, fez em primeiro de novembro sua mais recente teleconferncia de discusso de resultados. Nela, Rommel Dionisio, um analista da Aegis Capital, perguntou se a indstria de armas tinha percebido algum aumento nas vendas em decorrncia dos incidentes em Las Vegas. Mais especificamente, ele perguntou se havia ocorrido um aumento equivalente aos picos de demanda depois de San Bernardino e Orlando, h um ano.

Cristopher Killoy, presidente da Sturm Ruger, disse que o tiroteio de Las Vegas era obviamente um evento muito trgico, mas que sua equipe de vendas no havia percebido qualquer impacto.

Oua aqui o trecho da discusso (em ingls):

Um dilogo semelhante aconteceu na discusso de resultados de 9 de novembro da Compass Diversified Holding, proprietria de uma empresa de acessrios para armas de fogo. Um analista perguntou a Elias Sabo, scio da Compass, se os recentes incidentes bastante significativos envolvendo armas de fogo tiveram efeito sobre a demanda.

Sabo informou que no haviam percebido um pico de vendas. Ele comentou ainda que, no passado, havia um tom diferente na discusso sobre o controle de armas de fogo, e no parece que seja esse o caso atualmente. E acrescentou: no me parece que o pas esteja dessensibilizado a esse tipo de incidente, mas talvez j esteja, o que seria muito espantoso. Mas entendo que seja mais fcil atribuir isso ausncia de discusso acerca de eventuais mudanas na legislao sobre armas de fogo, que o que eu realmente acho que ocasionou a maior parte da demanda na sequncia dos incidentes a que voc se refere.

Oua aqui esse dilogo (em ingls):


Terror in Charlottesville Neritam

The white supremacist violence there began Friday night as hundreds of neo-Nazis, KKK members and other white nationalists descended on the city and participated in a torch march. Yes, burning torches, in a surprise march across the University of Virginia campus, surrounded the statue of Thomas Jefferson on Friday night. They were chanting Blood not []


Millions consumed potentially unsafe water in the past 10 years Neritam

As many as 63 million people nearly a fifth of the country from rural central California to the boroughs of New York City, were exposed to potentially unsafe water more than once during the past decade, according to a News21 investigation of 680,000 water quality and monitoring violations from the Environmental Protection Agency. []


Trumps Nuclear Authority Reviewed In US Senate: Concerns About Trumps Stability And Volatility Mining Awareness +

C-Span image; Video at and Link Below:
NOVEMBER 14, 2017
Nuclear Weapons Authority The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to consider the rules and guidelines for the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons. Members considered the conditions under which the president could order the use of nuclear weapons, and discussed the potential for legislation that would require congressional approval for the use of those weapons

From VOA:
Trumps Nuclear Authority Reviewed on Capitol Hill
Last Updated: November 14, 2017 4:08 PM, by Michael Bowman C...


No, Stephen Hawking. Lets Save This Planet Instead of Looking for Another Neritam

Back in the 1970s, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist named William Shockley created quite a stir when he suggested that certain races (i.e., black people) were genetically inferior to whites and Asians, and that in order for the human race to have any chance of improving itself, people with IQs lower than 100 should submit to []


Indian official reportedly dismisses fraud allegations against Adani Group Neritam

An Indian customs official has reportedly dismissed allegations that the Adani Group illegally siphoned nearly 15bn rupees (176m) into overseas tax havens. It is the third set of siphoning allegations against the Adani Group and key figures in the Adani family to be dismissed by the official, KVS Singh, in recent months. The Indian mining []


Charlotte Protests Escalate Neritam

The National Guard was called in after a second night of unrest following the killing of Keith Scott, who protestors believe was unarmed at the time of his shooting by a police officer source


Mother of All Bubbles Too Big to Pop Peter Schiff Greg Hunters USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunters  Money manager Peter Schiff correctly predicted the financial meltdown in 2008. Now, 10 years later, what does Schiff see today?  Schiff says, I predicted a lot more than just the stock market going down back then.  I predicted the financial crisis, but more importantly, I predicted what the government would do []


November 15th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #300 The Last Refuge

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Wednesday November 15th Open Thread The Last Refuge

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


What About California? Can Democrats Win Congressional Seats There? DownWithTyranny!

Laura Oatman would be a great replacement for Dana Rohrabacher

Ted Lieu, the hero of today's Jeff Sessions grilling at the House Judiciary Committee hearing, is also the West Coast regional vice-chair of the DCCC. He's the only one who's doing a good job. This evening he told us that "One of the key takeaways from recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Oklahoma is that Democrats should not shy away from expanding the map wherever possible. We are going to pick up at least 15 seats in the Virginia legislature, many in districts no one thought we could win. Next year is shaping up to be a wave election year and if we can harness the grassroots energy and recruit strong candidates we can compete anywhere. This includes traditional Republican strongholds like CA-22 or CA-50. The House is absolutely in play in 2018. Things are moving in our direction, but we cant take anything for granted, and we must all work to earn the trust of voters and fight for every last vote."

Monday morning, the L.A. Times California politics editors ranked the hottest congressional races in the state by the intensity of the fight ahead for the congressmen (and one congresswoman). I'd love to see their methodology, because "the intensity of the fight ahead" sounds suspect. And their list generally sounds like the more traditional ranking from most endangered (Darrell Issa and Steve Knight) to vaguely endangered (Devin Nunes plus clock-punching crap-Democrats, Salud Carbajal, Ami Bera, Scott Peters and Raul Ruiz). Here's the full list, from more endangered to not very endangered, along with the 2015 and 2017 PVIs:


Syria is joining the Paris Agreement, leaving the U.S. alone in rejecting it Neritam

During the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany, delegates from Syrias government announced it will sign the Paris climate accord. That leaves the United States as the only nation on earth to refuse climate action. President Trump announced in June that the U.S. would leave the agreement as soon as it is legally allowed to []


Video: Joe Biden Repeatedly Grinds His Crotch on 6-Year-Old Daughter of Kelly Ayotte at 2011 Senate Ceremony The Gateway Pundit

Vice President Joe Biden apparently is an experienced child molester. Videos of Biden fondling several girls at the 2015 ceremonial Senate swearing-in session were reported earlier Monday by The Gateway Pundit.

Video from the January 5, 2011 ceremonial swearing-in of Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) shows the then 68-year-old Biden maneuvering to get Ayottes six-year-old daughter Kate to stand next to him so he could continuously touch her and repeatedly grind his crotch on her.

Still photo by Getty Images shows Vice President Joe Biden with his left hand wrapped around the throat of 6-year-old Katherine Daley, the daughter of Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), as he pulls the child toward his crotch, at a ceremonial Senate swearing-in session at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., January 5, 2011. Also in the photo are Ayottes husband Joseph Daley and their son Jacob Daley. (Click picture embedded in tweet for full image.)

Kate is first seen in the video running away from Biden and hiding behind the old Senate podium. Biden calls out to her, Who is that beautiful child? Her parents call her out and she is introduced to Biden who asks here, How old are you, seventeen? Kate tells Biden she is six.

Biden sets the Ayotte family for the ceremonial swearing in. Kelly on one side, husband in the middle and Biden on the other side with Kate between her father and Biden, as Ayottes younger son Jacob stays with his mother. Biden leans in and presses his crotch against the girl as he speaks to her parents before swearing in Ayotte.

The girl gets an uncomfortable look on her face and tries to shift away. Biden moves closer and gives her a hip thrust on her left shoulder. Biden places his right hand on the girls head, steadying her as her left shoulder rests in his crotcheven as her father has his left hand on his daughters right shoulder and her mother look at Biden to be sworn in.

Biden strokes the girls hair with his right hand as he reads the oath of office from a card held in his left hand as her left shoulder is nestled in his crotch. Biden seems more intent on touching the girl than administering the oath to her mother. The girl breaks contact by lifting her dress to scratch her leg.

With the oath over, Biden starts stroking the chin of the girl, asking her if she is...


3 Special Elections In Oklahoma Today-- Keep Your Hopes High... But Your Expectations Low DownWithTyranny!

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle."
It's election day in Oklahoma today... well sort of. There are 3 special elections, 2 state senate seats and one state House seat. Some Democrats-- naive Democrats-- seem to think blue-leaning Virginia can be replicated in deep red Oklahoma. That's not likely. In fact, if the three Democrats were to win today, it would signal a massive anti-Republican revolution in their own heartland, a revolution that no one is predicting. On the other hand, Oklahoma Dems have picked up a couple of state legislative seats in special elections this year. The seat in the Oklahoma City metro (SD-45-- parts of Canadian, Cleveland and Oklahoma counties) is pretty red and last year the Democrats didn't even run a candidate against arch-conservative Kyle Loveless who quickly resigned for embezzling funds and committing perjury.

The race pits Republican Paul Rosino against Democrat Steven Vincent. As of the October 30 reporting deadline Rosino had raised $133,010 and Vincent $46,460. Normally, turnout is very low in these kinds of local special elections, which is good news for Vincent since he's running a highly organized campaign geared towards getting every possible Democratic and Democratic-leaning voter to the polls. If Rosino loses tonight, it will be clear that voters are extremely upset with the way the Republicans are running the state. Vincent appears to have done everything he could have done to win. If he doesnt win in the current political climate, deep red districts like this in Oklahoma are still just a bridge too far.

The two other races are in the Tusla area. State Senate district 37 is southwest of the city and includes Sand Springs and Prattville. In 2016 Dan Newberry beat Democrat Lloyd Snow 17,671 (55.70%) to 12,729 (40.12%). In June, Newberry announce...


Breaking: Chairman Xi Jinping Special Envoy to Visit DPRK Friday The Last Refuge

Chairman Xi is sending his CPC special envoy, Song Tao, to North Korea. Song Tao, special envoy of General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Xi Jinping, will leave for the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea Continue reading


Judge Moore Attorneys Tease First Legal Action Against Media For Defamation The Gateway Pundit

Attorneys for Judge Roy Moore sent the Alabama Media Group a letter notifying the company of their intent to sue for reporting on sexual harassment allegations against the GOP Alabama Senate candidate.

Attorney For Alabama Media Group confirms they received a letter from Roy Moores attorney notifying them of intent to sue for false reporting related to Moore and the Foundation For Moral Law, tweeted FOX 6 reporter Johnathan Hardison.

Daily Wire reports:

On Tuesday evening, Judge Roy Moore, answering the allegations that have been made accusing him of sexual harassment, initiated his first legal action in response to what he regards as defamation, giving notice of a lawsuit he and his wife Kayla intend to file against the Alabama Media Group.

The letter to the media group accuses the media group of making false reports and/or careless reporting, reporting that a fifth woman had accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, and inaccurately reporting income paid by the Foundation for Moral Law, of which Kayla Moore is the president.

The letter also takes issue with the report that Roy Moore signed the yearbook of an accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, and adds that the media group has allowed general slander against Moore and his wife, including that Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall, was on a watch...


Life at the Top for 66 Years LewRockwell

Today, Tony Bennett will be publicly receive the Gershwin Prize in Popular Song. It is granted annually by the Library of Congress. He is 91 years old.

The previous winners were Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Sir Paul McCartney, song writing team Burt Bacharach and the Hal David, Carole King, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, and Smokey Robinson. Here is what is unique about Bennett: the previous winners got their breakthroughs in the mid-1960s or the 1970s. Bennett got his in 1951. He has never looked back.

He is a pure singer. These stylists used to be called crooners. We still remember them: Bing Crosby and the Italians Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Frankie Laine, and Dean Martin plus Nat King Cole. But what makes Bennett truly unique is that his popularity survived the tsunami of rock and roll, which hit the general teen culture in 1954. His first gold record, Because of You, was released in 1951. His first album was released in 1952. Since then, he has never slowed down. In the Wikipedia entry on Tony Bennett Discography, we read: The discography of American traditional pop and jazz singer Tony Bennett consists of 57 studio albums, eleven live albums, thirty-one compilation albums, three video albums, one extended play and 81 singles. The Library of Congress summarizes:

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No one in American popular music has recorded for so long and at such a high level of excellence as Tony Bennett. In the last 10 years alone, he has sold 10 million records. Bennett has received 19 Grammy Awards, including a 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award and a 1995 Grammy for Album of the Year for his MTV Unplugged, which introduced him to a whole new generation. Later, his 2006 Duets: An American Classic was released, featuring performances with Paul McCartney, Elton John, Bono and others, winning three Grammy Awards and going on to be one of the best-selling CDs of the year and of Bennetts career. The follow-up, the 2011 Duets II, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album charts, making Bennett the oldest artistat the age of 85to achieve this in the history of recorded music. He broke this record three years later with his 2014 collaboration with Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek, which also debuted at No. 1 when he was 88.His initial successes came via a string of Columbia singles in the early 1950s, including such chart-toppers as Because of You, Rags to Riches and a remake of Hank Williams Cold, Cold Heart. He has had 24 songs in the Top 40, including I Wanna Be Around, The Good Life, Who...

Conservatives and Libertarians for Higher Taxes LewRockwell

Why do some conservatives and libertarians want some Americans to pay more in taxes?

Oh, they dont actually come out and say that. Then they would sound like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

What they do say is that certain tax deductions are loopholes that need to be closed because they distort the tax code, subsidize high-income taxpayers, and encourage people to make economically unwise decisions. Although most of them also add that the increased government revenue that would result from the elimination of a particular deduction should be used to pay for good tax reform by offsetting the cost of lowering tax rates and making the tax code simpler and fairer, there is no getting around the fact that some conservatives and libertarians still want certain Americans to pay more in taxes.

The latest deduction under attack is the State and Local Tax Deduction (the SALT deduction).

Let me first explain how tax deductions work and how eliminating them, reducing their value, or phasing them out above a particular income level is no different from raising tax rates.

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Tax deductions serve to reduce ones income subject to tax. Taxpayers will pay less in taxes the greater the number, and the higher the amount, of deductions they qualify for. All taxpayers can generally claim a standard deduction of $6,350 ($12,700 for married filing jointly). Many taxpayers can also claim deductions for educator expenses, business expenses of performing artists, health savings account contributions, alimony paid, moving expenses, the deductible part of self-employment tax paid, health insurance premiums paid by the self-employed, IRA contributions, tuition and fees paid, and student loan interest. Instead of taking the standard deduction, some taxpayers can itemize their deductions and end up with a larger total tax deduction. In this case, allowable deductions include medical and dental expenses, state and local taxes paid, real estate taxes paid, home mortgage interest, mortgage insurance premiums, charitable contributions, casualty or theft losses, unreimbursed employee expenses, and tax preparation fees.

All applicable deductions (and exemptions, which work the same way) are subtracted from ones gross income and then ones income tax due is calculated. Thank God for tax deductions. If someone makes 100K and has 20K of deductions, then he is only taxed on 80K. This results in the taxpayer being able to keep thousands of dollars of his money in his wallet or bank account to spend or save as he sees fit instead of paying the money to the federal government to waste it on foreign wars, fund some boondoggle, or redistribute...

JFK Conspiracy Theories LewRockwell

The recent October 26 deadline for releasing 50-year-old JFK-assassination records of the CIA and other federal agencies provided an opportunity for people to promote their favorite JFK assassination theories. The Russians did it. Fidel Castro did it. The U.S. national-security establishment did it. The Mafia did it. A lone nut named Lee Harvey Oswald did it.

The reaction among some people was predictable: Oh, there are so many JFK assassination theories that I guess well never know what really happened. Or Its all so overwhelming and I just dont want to be pulled into the rabbit hole.

Actually, however, understanding the various conspiracy and non-conspiracy theories in the JFK assassination is really not that difficult. All it takes is some critical thinking, analysis, and common sense.

There are three major conspiracy theories and one non-conspiracy theory (i.e., the lone-nut theory). Lets examine each one. I believe youll see why the matter isnt as difficult as mainstream writers and commentators make it out to be.

JFK Assassination Theory One

The Russian (i.e., Soviets) and Cuban Communists,
in a Conspiracy with Lee Harvey Oswald, Did It.

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The basic idea here is that Lee Harvey Oswald, a purported communist, got together with the Russian and Cuban governments, which were communist, and assassinated Kennedy.

We saw this theory recently resurface in the mainstream press when President Trump, on the very October 26 deadline for releasing those long-secret records, decided to let the CIA continue keeping its records relating to Oswalds trip to Mexico City secret from the American people. Proponents of this particular conspiracy theory said, Oh what a shame! We could have learned more details about how Oswald conspired with the Russians and Cubans to assassinate Kennedy.

It is easy to establish the fallaciousness of this particular conspiracy theory.

First, no motive. Neither the Russians nor the Cubans had any motive to kill Kennedy. In fact, their desire was the exact opposite. They wanted Kennedy to live out his term and even be reelected. The last thing they wanted was for Kennedy to die in office and be replaced by Lyndon Johnson or be defeated in the 1964 election by Republican Barry Goldwater.

Why did the Russians and Cubans prefer Kennedy? The answer is simple: Kennedy was reaching out to them in a spirit of peace and friendship at the time he was killed.

By the time the Cuban Missile Crisis was over in 1962, Kennedy had come to reject the Cold War, anti-Russia mindset, philosophy, and policies of the CIA, Pentagon, FBI, and the rest of the U.S. national-security establishment. He also had rejected their deeply ingraine...

Race Will Break the US Apart LewRockwell

Justins note: America is a marvelous idea, a unique idea, fantastic idea. Im extremely pro-American. But America has ceased to exist.

Longtime readers will recognize this. Its one of Doug Caseys more memorable quotes.

Im sharing it with you today because Doug said something last week that touched on this radical idea. He said the United States could break apart due to racial tensions.

Most people havent considered this possibility. After all, the U.S. is supposedly a melting pot where different races can coexist peacefully.

So, a few days ago, I called Doug to learn why he thinks this. Below is the first part of our discussion. Tomorrow, Ill share Part II

Justin: Doug, the last time we spoke, you said the United States could break apart because of racial tensions. Why do you think that?

Doug: Well, I used to know a guy by the name of Michael Hart. He would come to our Eris Society meetings in Aspen. Eris was a private annual event I ran for 30 years, for authors, scientists, and people who were well-known for something. It enabled people who might not otherwise meet to get to know each other and exchange ideas. Michael was a university prof, best known for his book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential People in History.

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One year, he gave a speech about how the U.S. was going to break up into smaller countries, and part of it would be on racial lines.

I thought that unlikely at the time; it was about 1990. Now, I think Michael may have been right.

Ill explain why in a minute. But we should first discuss the origins of democracy.

Democracy originated in 6th-century BC Greece. It was a unique and workable method of governance for city-states of a few thousand people. And in the case of Athens, as many as 40,000 people.

But these people all shared a common language. They worshipped the same gods. They were the same ethnicity. They had the same customs and beliefs.

They were like an extended clan with many similarities. Differences were among individuals, not groups.

When the U.S. democracy was started, it was much like that. It was very much like a Greek city-state, an extended one. Everybody shared culture, ethnicity, language, habits, and so forth, with just minor regional differences. People saw themselves first as New Yorkers, Virginians, or whatever, just as the Greeks saw themselves first as Athenians, Thebans, Corinthians, or many scores of other polities.

As you know I dont believe in democracy, I believe in personal freedom. Democracy is workable enough in something like a cohesive city-state. But absolutely not once voters get involved in economic issuesthe poor wil...

The Unbearable Slowness LewRockwell

The next Fourth Turning is due to begin shortly after the new millennium, midway through the Oh-Oh decade. Around the year 2005, a sudden spark will catalyze a Crisis mood. Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.  Strauss & Howe The Fourth Turning 

This Fourth Turning was ignited suddenly in September 2008 as the housing bubble, created by the Federal Reserve and their criminal puppeteer owners on Wall Street, collapsed, revealing the greatest control fraud in world history. A crisis mood was catalyzed as the stock market dropped 50%, unemployment surged to highs not seen since 1981, foreclosures exploded, and captured politicians bailed out the criminal bankers with the tax dollars of the victims.

The mood of the country darkened immediately as average Americans flooded their congressmens websites and phone lines with a demand not to bailout the felonious Wall Street banks with $700 billion of TARP. But they ignored their supposed constituents and revealed who they are truly beholden to.

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Trust in the political and financial system disintegrated and has further deteriorated as the ruling elite continue to loot and pillage as if the 2008/2009 global financial meltdown never happened. From the perspective of the archaic social order there is no longer a crisis. The recovery narrative, flogged ceaselessly by the crooked establishment and their propaganda fake news corporate media mouthpieces, has convinced millions of willfully ignorant Americans progress is occurring.

Could they be right? Is the Crisis over? Has this Fourth Turning been managed to a successful conclusion by central bankers issuing tens of trillions in debt, politicians spending tens of trillions supplied by taxpayers, bankers rigging financial markets, and consumers leveraging up to maintain their lifestyles? Has the exiting corrupt social order successfully retained their power, control and influence over the masses by manipulating the levers of society and fending o...

A Warning to Trump LewRockwell

If the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has in mind a war with Iran, President Trump should disabuse his royal highness of any notion that America would be doing his fighting for him.

Mohammed bin Salman, or MBS, the 32-year-old son of the aging and ailing King Salman, is making too many enemies for his own good, or for ours.

Pledging to Westernize Saudi Arabia, he has antagonized the clerical establishment. Among the 200 Saudis he just had arrested for criminal corruption are 11 princes, the head of the National Guard, the governor of Riyadh, and the famed investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

The Saudi tradition of consensus collective rule is being trashed.

MBS is said to be pushing for an abdication by his father and his early assumption of the throne. He has begun to exhibit the familiar traits of an ambitious 21st-century autocrat in the mold of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

Yet his foreign adventures are all proving to be debacles.

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The rebels the Saudis backed in Syrias civil war were routed. The war on the Houthi rebels in Yemen, of which MBS is architect, has proven to be a Saudi Vietnam and a human rights catastrophe.

The crown prince persuaded Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE to expel Qatar from the Sunni Arab community for aiding terrorists, but he has failed to choke the tiny country into submission.

Last week, MBS ordered Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Riyadh, where Hariri publicly resigned his office and now appears to be under house arrest. Refusing to recognize the resignation, Lebanons president is demanding Hariris return.

After embattled Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile at its international airport, Riyadh declared the missile to be Iranian-made, smuggled into Yemen by Tehran, and fired with the help of Hezbollah.

The story seemed far-fetched, but Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the attack out of Yemen may be considered an act of war by Iran. And as war talk spread across the region last week, Riyadh ordered all Saudi nationals in Lebanon to come home.

Riyadh has now imposed a virtual starvation blockade land, sea and air on Yemen, that poorest of Arab nations that is heavily dependent on imports for food and medicine. Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni are suffering from cholera. Millions face malnutrition.

The U.S. interest here is clear: no new war in the Middle East, and a negotiated end to the wars in Yemen and Syria.

Hence, the United States needs to rein in the royal prince.

Yet, on his Asia trip, Trump said of the Saudi-generated crisis, I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing.


Stalking Horses LewRockwell

When hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their prey. They would synchronize their steps on the side of the horse away from their prey until they were close enough for a good shot. A stalking horse had a double benefit if the prey was an armed person. If the stalkers were discovered, it would be the horse that took the first shot. Thats what blacks are to liberals and progressives in their efforts to transform America stalking horses. Lets look at it.

Ill just list a few pieces of the leftist agenda that would be unachievable without black political support. Black people are the major victims of the grossly rotten education in our big-city schools. The average black 12th-grader can read, write and compute no better than a white seventh- or eighth-grader. Many black parents want better and safer schools for their children. According to a 2015 survey of black parents, 72 percent favor public charter schools, and 70 percent favor a system that would create vouchers parents could use to cover tuition for those who want to enroll their children in a private or parochial school ( Black politicians and civil rights organizations fight tooth and nail against charter schools and education vouchers. Why? The National Education Association sees charters and vouchers as a threat to its education monopoly. It is able to use black politicians and civil rights organizations as stalking horses in its fight to protect its education monopoly.

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The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 was the nations first federally mandated minimum wage law. Its explicit intent was to discriminate against black construction workers. During the legislative debate on the Davis-Bacon Act, quite a few congressmen, along with union leaders, expressed their racist intentions. Rep. Miles Allgood, D-Ala., said: Reference has been made to a contractor from Alabama who went to New York with bootleg labor. This is a fact. That contractor has cheap colored labor that he transports, and he puts them in cabins, and it is labor of that sort that is in competition with white labor throughout the country. American Federation of Labor President William Green said, Colored labor is being sought to demoralize wage rates.

The Davis-Bacon Act is still law today. Supporters do not use the 1931 racist language to support it. Plus, nearly every black member of Congress supports the Davis-Bacon Act. But that does not change its racially discriminatory effects. In recent decades, the Davis-Bacon Act has been challenged, and it has prevailed. That would not be the case without unions...

We the People Are the New Permanent Underclass in America LewRockwell

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. Frdric Bastiat, French economist

Americans can no longer afford to get sick and theres a reason why.

Thats because a growing number of Americans are struggling to stretch their dollars far enough to pay their bills, get out of debt and ensure that if and when an illness arises, it doesnt bankrupt them.

This is a reality that no amount of partisan political bickering can deny.

Many Americans can no longer afford health insurance, drug costs or hospital bills. They cant afford to pay rising healthcare premiums, out-of-pocket deductibles and prescription drug bills.

They cant afford to live, and now they cant afford to get sick or die, either.

To be clear, my definition of affordable healthcare is different from the governments. To the government, you can afford to pay for healthcare if your income falls above the poverty line. That takes no account of rising taxes, the cost of living, the cost to clothe and feed a household, the cost of transportation and communication and education, or any of the other line items that add up to a life worth living.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

As Helaine Olen points out in The Atlantic:

Just because a person is insured, it doesnt mean he or she can actually afford their doctor, hospital, pharmaceutical, and other medical bills. The point of insurance is to protect patients finances from the costs of everything from hospitalizations to prescription drugs, but out-of-pocket spending for people even with employer-provided health insurance has increased by more than 50 percent since 2010.

For too many Americans, achieving any kind of quality of life has become a choice between putting food on the table and paying ones bills or health care coverage.

Its a gamble any way you look at it, and the medical community is not helping.

Healthcare costs are rising, driven by a medical, insurance and pharmaceutical industry that are getting rich off the sick and dying.

Indeed, Americans currently pay $3.4 trillion a year for medical care. We spent mor...

Follow the Oil, Follow the Money LewRockwell

In this scenario, time is running out for Saudi Arabias free-spending royalty and state and for all the other free-spending oil exporters.

While there are numerous dynamics at work in the turmoil roiling Saudi Arabia and by extension, the Mideast, one way to cut to the chase is to follow the oil, follow the money. Correspondent B.D. recently posited a factor that has been largely overlooked in the geopolitical / fate-of-the-petrodollar discussions:

Perhaps the core dynamic is a technical one of diminished oil production. Here is Barts commentary:

I think the Saudis may be quickly running out of profitable oil to produce/export.

I think they tried to over-produce for a while to damage the competition and they now have production issues resulting from that. (As has happened in the past)

I think they may have recently slipped over the event horizon for being the worlds swing producer of cheap-ish and abundant oil. That has huge ramifications for the global markets ability to quickly respond to supply/demand fluctuations.

I suspect theyre no longer cutting production voluntarily they are now in the grip of a technically driven decline in output. (Why else begin selling off ARAMCO now?)

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I doubt that many national economies can handle $70+ oil for very long price will be limited by the ability of the consumers to pay. What I assume should happen is relentless severe volatility in the absence of a big swing producer that can open up or shut in production with comparative ease.

Thank you, B.D. Lets start with whats well-established about Saudi oil production:

1. The days of sticking a straw in the sand and oil gushing out are long gone. Oil production now depends on costly technologies such as pressurizing the wells with seawater, CO2, etc.

2. The soaring population of Saudi Arabia is dramatically increasing domestic consumption of the Kingdoms oil, reducing the amount of oil available for export.

3. The industry is skeptical of official Saudi estimates of proven reserves and production capacity.

Lets sketch a conjectural scenario which explains the extraordinary purges and power plays underway in Saudi Arabia:

1. As B.D. posited, Saudi production is already flat-out, and there is no million-barrel-per-day slack that can be brought online to depress global prices, crushing competitors and maintaining control of crude prices. In other words, the Saudis no longer have the technical / production capability needed to control global oil pricing a power that theyve enjoyed since 1973.

2. Saudi...

Get Your Money Out of the Banks LewRockwell

It is the opinion of the European Central Bank that the deposit protection scheme is no longer necessary:

covered deposits and claims under investor compensation schemes should be replaced by limited discretionary exemptions to be granted by the competent authority in order to retain a degree of flexibility.

To translate the legalese jargon of the ECB bureaucrats this could mean that the current 100,000 (85,000) deposit level currently protected in the event of a bail-in may soon be no more.

But worry not fellow savers as the ECB is fully aware of the uproar this may cause so they have been kind enough to propose that:

during a transitional period, depositors should have access to an appropriate amount of their covered deposits to cover the cost of living within five working days of a request.

So thats a relief, youll only need to wait five days for some competent authority to deem what is an appropriate amount of your own money for you to have access to in order eat, pay bills and get to work.

The above has been taken from an ECB paper published on 8 November 2017 entitled on revisions to the Union crisis management framework.

Buy Silver at Discounted Prices

Its 58 pages long, the majority of which are proposed amendments to the Union crisis management framework and the current text of the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD).

Its pretty boring reading but there are some key snippets which should be raising a few alarms. It is evidence that once again a central bank can keep manipulating situations well beyond the likes of monetary policy. It is also a lesson for savers to diversify their assets in order to reduce their exposure to counterparty risks.

Bail-ins, who are they for?

According to the May 2016 Financial Stability Review, the EU bail-in tool is welcome as it:

contributes to reducing the burden on taxpayers when resolving large, systemic financial institutions and mitigates some of the moral hazard incentives associated with too-big-to-fail institutions.

As we have discussed in the past, were confused by the apparent separation between taxpayer and those who have put their hard-earned cash into the bank. After all, are they not taxpayers?

This doesnt matter, believes Matthew C.Klein in the FT who recently argued:

Bail-ins are theoretically preferable because they preserve market discipline without causing undue harm to innocent...

10 Foods That Can Wreck Your Mood LewRockwell

Diet plays a large role in all aspects of health, even mood. You may think that your brainor heartare solely responsible for your happiness and sadness, but what you eat can also have an effect on this as well. This is because when you eat a diet low in nutrients and high in sugar, this actually triggers changes in a persons mood, even leading or worsening depression in some cases.

Furthermore, have you ever noticed that when youre sad or depressed, you reach for more unhealthy food? These comfort foods are only fueling your low mood and they can contribute to weight gain, which overtime can add to your depression. Its a vicious cycle, really.

To get out of this cycle and feel happier more often, you may want to avoid the following 10 foods that can contribute to low mood.

10 foods that contribute to low mood

Agave: This one may shock you because agave is pushed as a healthy sweetener. In actuality, agave contains excess fructose, which can trigger metabolic syndrome and lead to brain shrinkage and mood instability.

Holiday ham: Even though the holidays are a happy time, your ham isnt. This is because your holiday ham probably came from a farm that injects their pigs with antibiotics. The ham itself is then injected with sugar, preservatives, and fillers, which can lead to low mood, migraines, and even swollen ankles.

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Soda: Soda is loaded with sugar, and after that, sugar runs its course in your body. This can cause you to experience a mood crash.

Margarine: Margarine contains inflammation-triggering industrial fats that can affect mood along with insulin. Think of it this waymargarine is fake and your body doesnt know what to do with it, so it can lead to negative consequences.

Processed pumpkin seeds: Homemade pumpkin seeds are perfectly fine and healthy to enjoy, but avoid picking up a package of them at the store. Often, items like this are coated with potassium borate, which prevents iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid, which is important for mood regulation.

Potato chips: Potato chips are often loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, which can alter mood by blocking out brain-boosting omega-3s. Furthermore, frying potatoes causes acrylamide, which is a carcinogen.

Bagels: Bagels look like a zero, which basically means they do nothing for you. They are packed with refined sugars, which causes your own sugars to spike and crash, leavin...

The Worlds First Floating Nation LewRockwell

The worlds first floating nation is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti in 2020.

A handful of hotels, homes, offices, restaurants and more will be built in the next few years by the nonprofit Seasteading Institute, which hopes to liberate humanity from politicians.

The radical plans, bankrolled by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, could see the creation of an independent nation that will float in international waters and operate within its own laws.

In a new interview, Joe Quirk, president of the Seasteading Institute, said he wants to see thousands of rogue floating cities by 2050, each of them offering different ways of governance.

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The world's first floating nation is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti in 2020 (artist's impression). A handful of hotels, homes, offices, restaurants and more will be built in the next few years by the nonprofit Seasteading Institute, which hopes to 'liberate humanity from politicians'

The worlds first floating nation is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti in 2020 (artists impression). A handful of hotels, homes, offices, restaurants and more will be built in the next few years by the nonprofit Seasteading Institute, which hopes to liberate humanity from politicians

Governments just dont get better, Mr Quirk told the New York Times.

Theyre stuck in previous centuries. Thats because land incentives a violent monopoly to control it.

The first island is being funded by a coin offering, a new concept gaining popularity in Silicon Valley in which money is crowd sourced by creating and selling a virtual currency.

The non-profit hopes to raise around $60 million by 2020 to build a dozen buildings.

The structures will feature green roofs covered with vegetation and construction will  use local bamboo, coconut fibre, wood and recycled metal and plastic.

First revealed in January, the plans...


Very #FakeNews Hits New Low: CNN Compares Trumps Face to Dogs Ear The Gateway Pundit

So this happened.

CNN compared President Trumps face to a dogs ear.

But dont worry.
It wont affect their hard news reporting
Theyre completely unbiased.

Via James OKeefe:

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HANNITY DROPS BOMBSHELL ON PANEL: Sources Tell Me We Are All Being Surveilled Illegally (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Fox News Sean Hannity dropped a bombshell on his show Tuesday night. He said he, and his entire panel of guests are being illegally surveilled, according to sources. 

Sean Hannity was speaking to a panel of guests about the Russia dossier Tuesday evening. Circa News Sara Carter, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and John Solomon of The Hill all appeared on Hannitys show to discuss the new developments of the Russia dossier.

Circa News Sara Carter said the pieces of the puzzle are coming together after Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testified before the House Intel Committee.

Hannity responded by saying, by the way, sources tell me that all of us are being surveilled illegally.



TGP reported in April, according to reports, Fox News Sean Hannity was also caught up in the Obama administrations surveillance and unmasking scandal. Sean Hannity was a guest on Rose Unplugged and gave his reaction to these allegations.

Hannity said in August he is prepared to sue the Obama administration if it is revealed he was subject to illegal NSA unmasking.

Now sources are telling Hannity that not is only is he being surveilled, but so is Trumps attorney, Jay Selulow, Sara Carter and John Solomon.

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K-9 Falco Grabbed A Masked Suspects Arm, Broke The Mans Wrist As He Pointed A Handgun At Officers Weasel Zippers

Non-lethal force at work. Via KVAL: A police K-9 grabbed a masked suspects arm and broke the mans wrist as he pointed a semi-automatic handgun at officers Sunday night, Springfield Police said. Officers on scene speculate the outcome may have been deadly had K-9 Falco not intervened at the moment he did, Springfield Police said []


Chris Murphy Accuses U.S. of Complicity in War Crimes from the Floor of the Senate The Intercept

Members of Congress have largely avoided speaking out about the famine and cholera epidemic in Yemen, even as aid organizations, celebrities, and late-night TV hosts sounded the alarm this past week.

But one U.S. senator is breaking the Senate silence  and even going further, explaining how U.S. support for the war has enabled the worlds largest humanitarian crisis.

Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy spoke out about the crisis on the Senate floor Tuesday, while showing pictures of starving Yemeni children. His remarks went much further than those of most public officials, not shying away from the reality that the cholera epidemic could never have taken place without U.S. support.

For U.S. officials, the difficulty in publicly addressing the crisis is caught up in U.S. complicity, given that the disease and starvation in Yemen is not the result of a random hurricane or an earthquake, but the expected result of deliberate actions taken by the United States and its allies in the Gulf.

Murphys speech, delivered on the Senate floor Tuesday, had been viewed later that day by fewer than 200 people.

There is a humanitarian catastrophe inside this country that very few people in this nation can locate on a map of absolutely epic proportion, said Murphy. This humanitarian catastrophe this famine is caused, in part, by the actions of the United States of America.

Murphy has been speaking out about the war in Yemen nearly as long as its been going on, criticizing both the Obama and Trump administrations. Together with Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, he has introduced multiple measures in the Senate trying to block weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, but none have passed.

The brutal war in Yemen has killed well over 10,000 people since Saudi Arabia began bombing the country in 2015, but in recent months, cholera has been killing people much faster than bombs. The International Committee on the Red Cross estimates that by the end of the year, a million people will have contracted the contaminated water-born disease.




alicee Tim-burton-white-rabbit-costume-alice-wonderland-657x700

Tick tock

If one went down the rabbit hole would they need to take the red pill or would they be safer with the blue? Do they even have a choice?

What would you say to the rabbit with the clock?

Who is the rabbit with the clock?  Why does he have a clock?



Protest Song Of The Week: What Were Up Against By Worriers Shadowproof

Lauren Denitzio has long been a master of lived-in, personal-political songwriting. With Worriers, Denitzio creates melodic punk songs that weave stories and lessons out of hard-fought feminist wisdom. The stories are sometimes told through wordy, double-time sweet-sung verse, sometimes with a gruff deadpan that sounds weary but never cynical.

Worriers songs infrequently tackle the intricacies of capital-p politics. More often they reflect what happens to people emotionally because of sociopolitical environments: the way relationships strain under the weight of capitalism, how anxiety exacerbates isolation, and the problem with binaries.

That type of context has only bolstered the urgency of songs like 2015s anthemic anti-police brutality Yes All Cops (Sometimes silence is a loaded gun / in the hands of all of us, goes a chorus that stares you straight in the eye) and They / Them / Theirs, a reflection on non-binary identity (What if I dont want something that applies to me / What if theres no better word than just not saying anything, anything).

Denitzio said their most recent album Survival Pop was written while considering what types of songs their younger self would need. Listening to its punk rock poetry, one gets the sense that they might have revisited old diaries for this one, spending time in past lives to make sense of what was and what is and what could be.

Songs like Self Esteemed and No Thanks offer time and perspective on a radical picture book of navigating your twenties: leaving the group house, losing touch with friends, remembering the unrealized possibilitiesand the people who didnt believe in you, toowhile recognizing it is okay now.

What Were Up Against, the albums fifth track and most potent protest song, is planted right in the present. Its one of the most rough-edged cuts on the record, an urgent response to 2017.

Theyve got bigger flags, theyve got bigger bombs, but through all the noise, theres still more of us, Denitzio sings with urgency over a raw, pointillist punk riff.

When the pummeling chorus comes around again (Wait for history to count to ten then you can get us, come and get me / No ones waiting for this nightmare to end before we pick up, swing back, refuse what were up against), the album is less than halfway through but already living up to its title, Survival Pop.

Listen to What Were Up Against:

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Boston Globe: Its Time To Consider Gun Confiscation Weasel Zippers

You knew they were going there. Via Townhall: Well, if theres one thing we can say about this Boston Globe op-ed, its honest. I dont mean honest regarding facts or anything, but honest in detailing what gun control advocates really, really want: confiscation. In light of the recent mass shootings in Texas and Las Vegas, []


20,295 Miles Later President Trump Arrives Back At White House The Last Refuge

Air-Force-One had to be flying super fast to arrive at Joint Base Andrews at 8:17pm EST. . I added video of the previous presser at the bottom: Trumps home, 8:17p. Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) November 15, 2017 Trump didnt Continue reading


Creepy Joe Biden Invades Personal Space of Female Reporter For Entire Interview (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

While promoting his new book, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose, former Vice President Joe Biden invaded the personal space of NBC Stay Tuned host Savannah Sellers for its entire duration.

While Sellers does her best to act casual as Biden stands less than a foot away from her, one cant help but cringe watching the interview at times.

NBC News served up the clip with the tag line, Former Vice President Biden talks about his regrets, DACA, and whether or not hell run in 2020 with NBC Stay Tuned host Savannah Sellers.

Sellers kicks off the interview by asking Biden how he selected the title of his book. Biden explains the title is based off his son Beau Bidens urging that he remain engaged in public policy.

There is hope in purpose, Biden tells Sellers while tightly squeezing her hands.

Biden then laughs off how at times its hard to watch President Trump govern.

Biden, leaning in closely to Sellers, then rips President Trumps position on DACA.

These kids are Americans!, Biden says.

The former Vice President concedes calling DACA recipients America, sounds corny.

Sellers then asks Biden if he regrets not running in 2016.

No, because I knew I wasnt emotionally ready, Biden admits.

Pressed if he will run in 2020, Biden told Sellers I dont know what Im going to do.


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Report: Rahm Emanuel Intervened To Save Now Indicted Dem IT Aide From Fraud Charge Weasel Zippers

Why was he intervening on this guys behalf and why were they given to understand that Awan worked for the White House? Via Daily Caller: The family of Imran Awan, the now-indicted former IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats, was previously accused of fraud in Pakistan involving huge chunks of land, []


Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton Must Face The Consequences Of Her Actions And The Scrutiny Of A Special Counsel Weasel Zippers

Hillary has been given a get out of jail card for 40 years. Via Fox News: No person in this country is so high that he or she is above the law. This includes Hillary Clinton. There is no station in life or standing in government or political aspiration that absolves someone from criminal conduct. []


Omaha Democrats Voted For Bernie In 2016-- No Reason To Vote For Blue Dog Brad Ashford In 2018 DownWithTyranny!

If you've been following DWT for any length of time, you're aware this isn't exactly Blue Dog headquarters. The Republican wing of the Democratic Party is not something we celebrate here. The bullshit about how you need a reactionary Democrat to win in a "red" district isn't something we ascribe to-- because it isn't true; it's just an excuse for the establishment to run what they see when they look in the mirror. If the voters want a Republican, there's a party for that. Democrats need to stand for something that people want and then educate the voters about the disconnect between the Republicans they vote for and the policies they actually support.

There is an important race coming in Nebraska's second congressional district-- basically Douglas County (Omaha and it's suburbs) plus more rural Sarpy County to the west. Obama won the district in 2008 and lost it in 2012. Last year Hillary lost to Trump 48.2% to 46.0%. The district's PVI is R+4 but part of why Hillary lost last year was because the Democratic incumbent, Blue Dog Brad Ashford was the worst candidate who could be running in the district. His presence on the ticket discouraged Democrats from turning out-- the opposite of what down-ballot candidates are supposed to do. We'll come back to Ashford in a moment.

Last week I met the actual Democrat running this cycle, Kara Eastman, who started the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA) which has grown from a small, start-up lead poisoning prevention organization to a nationally recognized, award-winning nonprofit that has raised more than $13 million to support green, safe, and healthy housing in Omaha. "We have directly served over 4,000 Nebraska families over the last decade.," she told me. "In the process, I created dozens of jobs within the organization, in city government, and through partnerships with the...


Biden And Lady Gaga To Create Abuse Trauma Centers Weasel Zippers

A message from me & my buddy Vice President @JoeBiden @ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Go to #ItsOnUs to help. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 25, 2017 Creepy groping Uncle Joe? Via The Hill: Former Vice President Joe Biden and musician Lady Gaga are collaborating to open trauma centers for victims of []


Rush Limbaugh is Wrong Alabama is Not McConnell -vs- Bannon, Its Bigger The Last Refuge

CTH has attempted to stay away from talking about the Alabama clown show, all of it, since we made our position clear long before the primary run-off race.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes etc. My concern with the Alabama Continue reading


SHOCK: $15 Million in TAXPAYER MONEY Has Been Paid Out to Settle Congressional Sexual Harassment Lawsuits (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

As previously reported, Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a creep list of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

As if this couldnt get any worse, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) told MSNBCs Chuck Todd Tuesday that taxpayers have paid over $15 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against members of Congress!


A new report by CNN exposes the DC swamps very serious problem of powerful men preying on women. CNN spoke with over 50 current and former lawmakers, aides and staff who have personally experienced sexual harassment on The Hill or know people who have.

Women are subjected to sexual harassment by their male colleagues and avoid reporting it out of fear of career-ending retaliation.

A female Senate staffer told CNN she had an experience with a male lawmaker in an elevator that left her horrified.

Multiple females told CNN that elevators on Capitol Hill are known places for male lawmakers to prey on women. One woman said she still gets anxiety about being in an elevator alone with a man.

Jackie Speier testified in front of the House Administration Committee Tuesday that two members of Congress that one Republican and one Democrat engaged in sexual harassment.

I think moving forward we have got to take steps to make sure that there is transparency. That in fact, the harasser is not going to have the settlement paid for out of the U.S. Treasury and have all the taxpayers paying for it. It should be something that is paid for by the individual, Speier said.

Chuck Todd asked if the public has a right to know who these members of Congress are being that the taxpayers have paid for their sexual harassment settlements.

Well, I think you do have the right to know. But right now, under the system, you dont have a right to know. We do know there is about $15 million that has been paid out by the House on behalf of harassers in the last 10 to 15 years, Speier said.

How much more are the American people going to take from the DC swamp?! Not only do they waste taxpayer money on blo...


MUST SEE=> Roy Moore Signature Inside Accusers Yearbook Is Written in TWO DIFFERENT COLOR Inks The Gateway Pundit

Following The Gateway Pundits viral story on Judge Roy Moores alleged signature inside accuser Beverly Young Nelsons yearbook, more evidence suggests it may be a forgery. 

On Monday, CNN published photos of the signature showing two different inks.

The signature says To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, Merry Christmas. Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House.

Strangely, To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, Merry Christmas. Love, Roy, is written in black ink, while Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House, is in blue ink.

Photo credit: CNN


George Takei: I Just Joking About Groping Men With Howard Stern, Playing Naughty Gay Grandpa Weasel Zippers

Takei was accused by Scott Brunton of sexual assault back in 1981. Brunton told four other men about the assault years ago. He talked about groping men in his home. Brunton claimed he was groped at Takeis home. Just locker room talk, right? And no, he really wasnt kidding.


Liberal MSMs about-face: Bill Clinton is a rapist Fellowship of the Minds

Something interesting is going on with the liberal MSM theyre turning against the Clintons, specifically Bill Clinton. At least three mainstays of MSM  MSNBC, The Atlantic and The New York Times  are calling Bill Clinton a rapist. Finally. Continue reading


Reps. Jackie Speier And Barbara Comstock Says Two Current Members Of Congress Sexually Harassed People In Past Weasel Zippers

So why not name them? Via Roll Call: Two current lawmakers allegedly have sexually harassed congressional staff in the past. And a former staffer reportedly asked to deliver papers to a members home was greeted by him wearing only a towel. Thats what California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier and Republican Barbara Comstock of Virginia recounted []


Breaking: News Conference Supporting Judge Roy Moore 1 PM Thursday The Gateway Pundit

News Conference Supporting Judge Roy Moore

Thurs. 10/16/17 News Conference Supporting Judge Roy Moore

Conservative and Christian leaders will hold a press conference on Thursday in support of Judge Roy Moore for the US Senate.

FAIRHOPE, AL SEPTEMBER 25: Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, speaks at a campaign rally on September 25, 2017 in Fairhope, Alabama. Moore is running in a primary runoff election against incumbent Luther Strange for the seat vacated when Jeff Sessions was appointed U.S. Attorney General by President Donald Trump. The runoff election is scheduled for September 26. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

This was sent to The Gateway Pundit Tuesday afternoon

Dear Compatriots,

Greetings to you in the name of Christ our King!

Tonight, Janet Porter, President of Faith2Action, who is leading the charge on the heartbeat bill in Congress, suggested that we hold a News conference supporting Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.

I contacted Bill Armisted, Judge Moores campaign manager, and he said that this is a great idea and wanted to know how soon we could do it.

The news conference will be held this Thursday, November 16 at 1 PM in Birmingham, Alabama, either in front of City Hall or the courthouse.

The primary purpose of this news conference is to rally Judge Moores supporters. It will demonstrate that conservative leaders remain united behind Judge Roy Moore.

Please plan to attend.
Judge Moore needs your support from the liberal and GOPe onslaught.

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Congress Asks If Donald Trump Really Can Blow the World Up Without Restraints The Intercept

At his town hall meetings, Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin, despite being the highest-ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, typically gets questions that are close to home. But lately, the question on peoples minds has turned more existential, perhaps the closest to home of all. People want to know, he said at a hearing on Tuesday, Can the president really order a nuclear attack without any controls?

The committees chair, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., meanwhile, has gone on record referring to the White House as an adult day care center, where aides do their best to minimize the day-to-day damage that can be done by the man-child in their care.

So it stands to reason that for the first time since 1976, the committee on Tuesday held a hearing on the presidents authority to launch a nuclear attack. The hearing comes amid Democrats bubbling anxiety over President Donald Trumps Twitter feud with North Koreas Kim Jong-un and fixation on Americas military might. Corker, for his part, said the confab, of course, had nothing to do with Trump, insisting that members of Congress have long wanted to discuss the issue.

But nothing, as they say, focuses the mind quite like the sight of the nuclear gallows.

The president has the sole authority to decide whether to use nuclear weapons, an arsenal consisting of 4,571 warheads as of September 2015. There are no legal or political restraints on the presidents power to order a nuclear strike: The president is not required to consult with anyone beforehand, and the Defense Department, Congress, and the judicial branch have no way of blocking an order once it happens.

Other countries with nuclear capabilities have adopted models that dont give the executive unilateral authority. India and Pakistan have both established councils to authorize the use of nuclear weapons, and Russia gives the president, defense minister, and chief of general staff access to the nuclear codes, according to the...


Stepson of Roy Moore Accuser Says Shes LYING I STAND BEHIND THE JUDGE 100% (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Darrel Nelson, the stepson of Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson says the allegations are all lies. Nelson says he is baffled by the timing of the sexual advancement claims and voices his staunch support for the Alabama GOP Senate candidate.

Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

According to Beverly Young Nelsons account reported by the Washington Examiner, Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a dark, deserted part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.

Video credit: Darrel Nelson Facebook page


Nelson begins the video by saying Mr. Moore, I support you. I dont believe the acts that she claims youve done I dont believe it.

Ive known the woman, she married my father many, many years ago. Ive known her for a while now, and I truly do not believe that shes being honest about this, added Nelson.

You, Mr. Moore, your wife, I apologize for whatever reasons she is doing this i am truly sorry I stand behind you 100%!

To my stepmother, whatever reason you did this, I have a few questions on this. Why did you wait so long if this did happen? You said you were a teenager when it happened, but here it is now, how...


Six Terror-Linked Foreigners Entered US Via Diversity Lottery, Says Trump Administration Weasel Zippers

Needs to stop, and now. Via Fox News: At least five foreign nationals with suspected ties to terror resettled in the U.S. through the same visa lottery program that allowed NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov into the country, the Trump administration said Tuesday. Saipov, the ISIS sympathizer who allegedly committed the Halloween terror attack in []


Trump Convinced China To Let 3 UCLA Players Go Weasel Zippers

UCLA Players Headed Back to U.S.@LifeZette Maggie Lit (@MaggieLit92) November 14, 2017 They were allegedly caught on video swiping things at a Louis Vuitton. Theyre very lucky that Trump was there and able to prevail on President Xi Jinping to get them out. Via Newsmax: Three UCLA basketball players detained in China on []


DUMB AS A BRICK=> Chelsea Clinton Celebrates New Sharia Law Barbie Doll Gets DESTROYED on Twitter The Gateway Pundit

Staunch feminist Chelsea Clinton took to her Twitter account to celebrate the new Sharia compliant, hijab-wearing Barbie doll.

Millions of women are abused and oppressed under Sharia law and Chelsea Clinton thinks its great!

Chelsea Clinton tweeted out a People article celebrating the first ever Barbie to wear a hijab in the brands 58-year-history:

Barbies breaking barriers! Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first-ever U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab at the 2016 Rio Olympic games. And now she has her very own Barbie the first to ever wear a hijab in the brands 58-year history.

Nothing says breaking barriers like going back several centuries and treating women like property! Amirite, ladies?

LOVE this. Barbie made their first hijab-wearing Shero doll in honor of American fencing star Ibtihaj Muhammad: Chelsea Clinton tweeted. (picture of doll below)

We all know why the Clintons praise Islam. They receive millions of dollar from Middle Eastern countries so like the good puppets they are, they push Islam onto Americans.

Chelsea got pummeled on Twitter. Even a Middle Eastern man who claims to be one of her fans hammered her for her stupidity celebrating Sharia law....


Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooting Should Not Have Been Allowed To Have His Gun Weasel Zippers

Joe Biden says that the man who stopped the Texas church shooter should not have been armed. Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) November 14, 2017 The hero, Stephen Willeford used his AR-15 to stop the killer by shooting him in the side as he was reloading at the church. This was bad, according to []


CIA Narrative On WikiLeaks Dominates Coverage Of Trump Jr. Correspondence Shadowproof

The CIA contends WikiLeaks is not a media organization but rather a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia. Response by the U.S. press to a report from The Atlantic on correspondence between WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Jr. wholly adopted the CIAs narrative, even though the public still lacks proof of such cooperation.

Moreover, although The Atlantic report merely shows communications between a Trump campaign official and WikiLeaks, it was treated as significant confirmation of Russian collusion.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta appeared on CNN and said the correspondence was another additional piece of evidence related to the activities of either [Trump] family members or members of his campaign working with the Russians in one way or another. Panetta maintained there was no question WikiLeaks was a cutout for the Russian government.

The basic message that should have gone out to all campaign individuals is do not interact with the Russians, Panetta added, when asked what the Trump campaign should have done when contacted by WikiLeaks. Do not interact with a foreign adversary that could very well come in and try to influence this election.

This is yet another level interest by the campaign in foreign assistance and not just any foreign assistance but foreign assistance tied to the Kremlin, Democratic Representative Adam Schiff, a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on CNN.

When host Wolf Blitzer asked Schiff to be precise on the relationship between the Kremlin and WikiLeaks, Schiff answered, Well, the Kremlin, well, was certainly using WikiLeaks to publish these documents. I think it gave them a certain level of deniability that the more direct cutouts like Guccifer 2.0 or DCLeaks that could be traced right back to the Kremlin would ultimately not provide them. But nonetheless, WikiLeaks is a sophisticated actor.

I fully believe that they knew exactly where they were getting this information about and were more than happy to coordinate with the Russians. I dont think that this is an issue so much of theyre being useful idiots as opposed to witting participants. There is a division of opinion, I think, among members about just how witting or useful they were. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter was this was clearly one of the outlets the Russians were using for publication.

Tony Blinken, a former deputy secretary of state under President Barack Obama, also appeared on CNN and stated, WikiLeaks was basically a cutout. That is, everything that was exfiltrated from the DNC to the Clinton campaign was apparently passed on to WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks put it out. So this is pretty...


EXCLUSIVE: Donna Brazile Now Listed As Defendant In DNC Lawsuit After Latest Seth Rich Bombshell GotNews

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile has been added to the ongoing DNC lawsuit, conservative lawyer Jack Burkman told GotNews in an interview this afternoon. Burkman, who filed the suit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters last month, confirmed Brazile was added to the lawsuit in response to the recent bombshells she dropped in her new []

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Arianna Huffington Ignored Sexual Misconduct At HuffPo Weasel Zippers

Via Gizmodo: When Susan Fowler rocked Ubers world with a meticulous account of the companys sexual harassment and gender discrimination issues, the ride-sharing service turned to its only female board member to help clean up its culture (and its image). Arianna Huffington was perfectly poised to position herself as the feminist savior who would advocate []



There's been yet another mass shooting, this time in California:

Five people are dead including the suspect in a mass shooting at a school some 15 miles southwest of Red Bluff, where at least another 10 people have been hospitalized, some of them children.

Tehama County Undersheriff Phil Johnston confirmed two children were also shot and wounded, but said children were not among the dead.

"It's a very sad day for us in Tehama County," said a deputy, who was visibly shaken.

The gunman, who still hasn't been identified, shot both inside and outside Rancho Tehama Elementary School, Johnston said.
I can't even be horrified anymore. It's like looking out the window and noticing that it's raining. It just happens now, and there are no available means to stop it.

A Free Republic commenter notices a pattern in recent mass shootings:
I grew up 1/2 hour south of there.

Conservative counties.

Interesting patterns... shootups happening in these and against these types of folks in defenseless positions.
Yup -- a country music show in Vegas, a church in Sutherland Springs, and now this. Conservative America. (Today's shooting took place in Tehama County, which is part of California's District 1, where Trump won by nearly 20 points.)

So what is this Freeper's theory about why shootings are taking place in conservative America?
I am certain connections exist, they either havent been found or deep state is turning a blind eye.
Yeah, that must be it. It must be that the Deep State is ignoring problems in Conservistan. It can't possibly be because everybody in Conservistan has a freaking gun, or multiple guns, including the rageoholics, and nobody dares to try to disarm those rageoholics, because FREEDOM.

And what do you know, that appears to be the case once again:
The Rancho Tehama Reserve a subdivision home to about 1,485 people is described on its website as a quiet private country community located 12 miles west of Interstate 5 between Red Bluff and Corning. The community is a place where people are friendly and the pace is relaxed," the website reads.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it was 86.3 percent white in 2010 and had a poverty rate of 43 percent.

Resident Brian Flint said he got a call in the m...


Nigel Farage Calls Out Soros Allies In EU Parliament, Shines Spotlight On Open Society Influence (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit


Open Society Foundations are colluding with MEPs

George Soros has spent countless billions on 'Open Society Foundations' to undermine national borders and the nation state across the EU. It could be the biggest level of international political collusion in history.

Posted by Nigel Farage on Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Two and a half minutes of speaking time was all it took for Nigel Farage to cause squirming in seats this afternoon in the European Parliament (Strasbourg) during a debate on financial transparency and the recently published Paradise Papers.

No stranger to rattling political cages, Farage, chief architect of the UKs departure from the EU, turned attention to what he claimed may become the biggest level of international political collusion in history the influence of billionaire George Soros cash within the structures of the European Union.

Ordinarily drawing heckles from political adversaries, the chamber remained largely silent for the bulk of the British MEPs comments on Soros lobbying within the EU.

George Soros recently gave Open Society his organization, which of course campaigns for free movement of peoples and supports supranational structures like the European Union he recently gave it $18 billion and his influence here and in Brussels is truly extraordinary.

Soros Open Society Foundations have boasted of having had 42 meetings last year with the European Commission, Farage claimed. The European Commission is the unelected branch of EU government responsible for proposing new legislation.

Theyve even published a book of reliable friends in the European Parliament, and there are 226 names on that list.

If were going to have a debate and were going to talk about full political and financial transparency, well, lets do it!

So I shall be writing today to all 226 of yo...


Rush Limbaugh Smashes Judge Moore Accusers Claim About Being Locked In Car In 1977 Child Locks Not Required Until 1980s The Gateway Pundit

On his nationally syndicated radio program Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh discussed recent sexual harassment allegations against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore by Gloria Allreds client Beverly Young Nelson.

According to Nelsons account reported by the Washington Examiner, Moore offered to drive her home from work one night but instead parked in a dark, deserted part of a parking lot behind the restaurant where she worked. Nelson said Moore groped her and began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.

Video Credit: DailyRushbo

Transcript via DailyRushbo

LIMBAUGH: Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is denying that he ever met the woman who on Monday accused him of sexually assaulting her in a diner parking lot in 1977 when she was an underage teenager, calling her allegations absolutely false, despite his apparent signature in her high school yearbook. I can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. I never did what she said I did. I dont even know the woman.


This is 1977? Somebody tell me: In 1977, were there child locks on the door? In other words, could the driver push a button that would make sure all windows and doors could not be opened? Was that present in 1977, because she says she couldnt get out. But did child locks? Were they in 1977 vehicles. Im trying to remember what I had in 1977. I had a Pontiac Well, it was a pretty big Pontiac. The car I had didnt have them in there. But I didnt drive every car thats out there. You know, the button on the drivers side where you can flip it and nobody can open a door.

Its to protect kids from opening windows and doors when the car is moving. But if that wasnt present (interruption) Child-locking mechanisms have been required s...


Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrichs UMass Speech Delayed By School Due To Security Concerns The Gateway Pundit

Following the absurd request by UMass Boston on Monday that revolved around the Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrich needing to change the name of his upcoming talk, which was to be titled It Is OK to Be White, the college went ahead and put up another extremely aggravating barrier.

Wintrich, who was scheduled to speak Friday, November 17 at UMass Boston, was informed Tuesday that due to security not being available for the previously scheduled speech, his talk must be pushed back until the much later date of February. This is not atypical for college campuses during this new era of active censorship.

Wintrich commented:

After 12 hours non-stop on the phone trying to negotiate this out, its disappointing that we were told the only recourse is to postpone until February because of security (a regular excuse with universities and colleges when conservatives are scheduled to speak). If were waiting three months, I expect the tanks and the national guard on my arrival.

The censorship that Wintrich is facing, as he noted, is not new and at this point it is coming off as formulaic as the security costs seem to be the repeat factor and tactic that campuses are using to keep conservative speakers from getting their ideas out to an audience of college students.

The post Gateway Pundits Lucian Wintrichs UMass Speech Delayed By School Due To Security Concerns appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Senate Tax Bill Will Include Repeal Of Obamacare Mandate Weasel Zippers

Thank God! Via The Hill: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Tuesday that the Senate tax bill will include language to repeal ObamaCares individual mandate, which could make it tougher for moderate Republicans to support. Conservatives led by GOP Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Tom Cotton (Ark.) pushed hard to include []


Does It Surprise You That Trump Is Dragging The Federal Judiciary Into His Kakistocracy? DownWithTyranny!

Kakistocracy is a relatively new word for most of us. It was coined in the 1600s but didn't come into popular usage until the election last November. Kakistocracy is "a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens." In case you were wondering, the word in Russian is kakistokratiya ().

At this point you may be thinking about about the start railing on Wilbur Ross, Scott Pruitt, Mike Pence, Steven Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions, Ryan Zine, Tom Price Alex Azar, Betsy DeVos (or her brother Erik Prince) or Rick Perry... or Trump's grifter family or Trump's now-disgraced generals. But no; ever heard of Brett Talley?

The Senate Judiciary Committee-- in a strictly party line 11-9 vote-- just recommended that the Senate confirm Talley for a lifetime position presiding over the federal judiciary in the state of Alabama. Most people who know anything about Talley (36) would describe him as a far right nut lawyer who has worked as a political hack, not as an attorney and has never tried a case in his life. Trump nominated him for one overriding reason. Talley nominated himself for the "best Trumpism yet," tweeting "Hillary Rotten Clinton."

The American Bar Association unanimously voted Talley "not qualified" for confirmation, sending the Judiciary Committee a letter, explaining that Talley doesn't have "the requisite trial experience or its equivalent."...


Americas Righteous Russia-gate Censorship Consortiumnews

Exclusive: Arriving behind the anti-Trump resistance and the Russia-gate scandal is a troubling readiness to silence dissent in the U.S., shutting down information that challenges Official Narratives, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry A stark difference between todays Washington and


MO Democrat McCaskill Comes UNGLUED at Hearing Demands Taxpayers Be Forced to Pay $2,800 Obamacare Tax! (Video) The Gateway Pundit

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday threw his support behind including a repeal of the Obamacare mandate for individual health insurance in the Senates tax reform bill.

The action will allow working class Americans to save $2800 a year the cost of the annual tax penalty for those who do not carry insurance for all 12 months of the year.

Democrats are OUTRAGED by the proposed plan.
Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill CAME UNGLUED at a Senate Committee hearing after hearing the news.

McCaskill wants to force working class Americans to pay the $2,800 Obamacare tax!

Here are the premium increases in several states since 2014.
McCaskill calls this a success.

The post MO Democrat McCaskill Comes UNGLUED at Hearing Demands Taxpayers Be Forced to Pay $2,800 Obamacare Tax! (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


The Plague May Soon Be Coming To America Weasel Zippers

This is LITERALLY how every disaster movie starts Via Daily Star: After Daily Star Online reported the disease ravaging Madagascar has killed 143 people, the deadly plague has now claimed 165. And with at least another 2,000 being infected, fears of a global outbreak has doubled after the World Health Organisations latest update. Officials at []


Video: Joe Biden Fondles Little Girls Breasts; Uses Bible to Entice Girl at Senate Ceremony The Gateway Pundit

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a reputation for being handsy and a hugger with women and girls; being quite shameless about intruding on women and girls personal spaces. The media treats that aggressive sexual behavior as Biden being Biden because he is a gregarious pro-abortion liberal who deserves sympathy because he lost his first wife and a son to tragic early deaths.

Bidens behavior at the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony for U.S. Senators on January 6, 2015 drew widespread attention, mainly for photos of the 13-year-old daughter of Delaware Senator Chris Coons (D) leaning away from Bidens attempt to plant a kiss.

However, C-SPAN video of the swearing-in ceremony shows the then 72-year-old Biden doing more than trying to steal a kiss from a young girl in front of her parents. At least two other incidents show Biden fondling the chests of young, pubescent girls. Another incident shows Biden using a Bible to entice a reluctant girl to stand next to her so he could touch and hug her.

The C-SPAN camera operator at one time zoomed in after Biden fondled a girls hair with both hands, bent over to kiss her on the top of her head then returned his hands to her shoulders and then slid them down her shoulders with Bidens right hand fingers touching her chest.

NOTE: Each embedded video is set to start at a different point even if from the same video, with the exception of the ending C-SPAN video.

Another incident shows Bidens right hand sliding down a girls shoulder and then his fingers creep over toward her breast. The girl elbowed Biden and stepped away from him, but Biden grabbed her and put his right hand back over her breast.

The first girl is a niece of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (R). The girl with the sharp elbow is apparently a relative of freshman Sen...


A Year of Living Dangerously (in Trumps America) The Indypendent

Its been a year since hell froze over. This should be a moment of sober reflection, but its still so damn hard to concentrate with this deranged clown occupying the White House, monopolizing Twitter and crowding into our every conversation.

Donald Trump is just as brilliant as he thinks he is at one thing and one thing alone: being a world-class troll a master at shooting another spitball at the back of your head at just the moment when you thought hes finally given up, at making the exact Twitter comment to get you to break your three-day pledge to stop getting into internet debates.

Twelve months after his election were still in a state of shock and agitation because he keeps finding ways to hit new lows while he raises the stakes to new highs. A year ago it was, Can you believe hes feuding with Alec Baldwin and hanging up on the Australian Prime Minister!  Now its, Dear God, hes praising neo-Nazis and threatening the Korean peninsula with nuclear annihilation.

The other reason why many people continue to be baffled by Trumps presidency is that he seems to be defying political gravity. He somehow won the election with only a 38 percent approval rating from the people leaving voting booths and has only become less popular since, but he keeps doubling down on the pettiness and hate.

The president is playing to his base as the pundits say disapprovingly. There shouldnt be anything wrong with an elected official doing the very things that got them elected by voters except in a dysfunctional democracy where those voters represent nowhere near a majority of the populace.

If we avert our eyes from blinding beam of orange garbage and look at whats been happening to the rest of the political establishment since last November, the structures that are propping Trump up start to come into view.

Trumps base is a minority rump, a basket of truly deplorable forces alt-Nazis, union busting billionaires, power-grabbing generals, Christian crusaders and Black Lives Dont Matter cops surrounded by millions so consumed by despair that theyve embraced the nihilism of the Trump wrecking ball the way many of us cheer on the destruction of major cities when were watching movies about alien invasions.

But if we avert our eyes from blinding beam of orange garbage and look at whats been happening to the rest of the political establishment since last November, the structures that are propping Trump up start to come into view. In an era of profound political polarization, when millions are gravitating towards both socialism and fascism, the two-party system has shown itself to be far more responsive to pres...


Gadsden Locals Say Roy Moores Predatory Behavior Was No Secret In Town Weasel Zippers

Yet somehow this stayed hidden from everyone till just now. Via Roy Moores penchant for flirting with teen girls was common knowledge and not a big secret around Gadsden, according to some area residents. The Senate candidate has denied any wrongdoing in the wake of a report from The Washington Post in which four []


AG Jeff Sessions: Looks Like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel The Last Refuge

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) frustratingly questions his good friend Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the standard for the DOJ to appoint a special counsel and/or investigate the brutally obvious legal issues/implications surrounding the Steele Dossier, the Clinton campaign and the Continue reading


Former Secret Service Agent Who Worked with Hillary Savages Clinton Over Missing Emails The Gateway Pundit

Monday, the fake news media selectively leaked 3 private (edited) Twitter messages between Don Jr. and Wikileaks as if it was a smoking gun Russian collusion revelation. 

Don Jr., being transparent, subsequently tweeted out the entire chain of messages. Clearly he has nothing to hide.

Meanwhile Hillarys 33,000 emails are STILL missing. But whos counting?

Former Secret Service Agent who worked for Devil Hillary slammed her for her lack of transparency and asked her when she will be releasing her missing emails.

The Atlantic leaked transcripts of private messages between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks. It appears Twitter, the Democrats and the mainstream media have all teamed up in an attempt to kick up more Russia collusion hysteria

Shortly after The Atlantics piece went viral, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted that contents of the piece appear to be edited.

Donald Trump Jr. once again slapped fake news in the face by releasing the ENTIRE chain of messages and said the Congressional Committees chose to selectively leak!
Enter Dan Bongino

Dear Hillary, This is what TRANSPARENCY looks like when you have nothing to hide. Try it sometime. BTW, when can we expect those 30,000 missing emails? People want to know.

Of course Bonginos tweet immediately went viral. Bongino worked with Hillary and knows what she is like firsthand. He routinely slams her for her criminal behavior.

The fake news media is hysterical over THREE private messages between Don Jr and Wikileaks, yet they completely ignore...



alice unShowImage

What is the United Nations really? It seems historically it could not protect anything it was designed to least not on the surface if indeed it was designed to protect nations. Look at Israel becoming a nation the UNS very first act of business. The vote to grant Israel nation status took place under the threat of war by Palestinians in the region if Israel were to be granted nation status. Of which the ink on the United Nations proclamation wasnt even dried before they  continued to rattle their war swords and attack the new nation of Israel.  All while the super power nations sat back on their hands and watched to see the outcome.  To their surpriseIsrael was victorious.

Then, two short years later the Korean war breaks out all part of a long history of lustful eyes wanting to own it.



Imran Awan Alleged to Have Used His Position to Influence the Pakistani Government Disobedient Media

According to a report by the Daily Caller, former Democratic IT aide, Imran Awan, used his position as a congressional []


Joe Biden Says He Hopes Trump Presidency Will Be The Single Exception In American History Weasel Zippers

Says Barack Obamas VP TONIGHT: @JoeBiden talks about the state of affairs in Washington, and whether Trump has changed the American presidency forever. #LSSC The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) November 14, 2017 God willing, it will go down as the single exception in American history, I really mean that.


President Trump Secures Release of Three Thieving UCLA Student Athletes Arrested in China The Last Refuge

LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalem Hill have embarrassed our country, our president, their school and their families.  A day prior to President Trumps arrival in China the three UCLA Bruin freshman basketball players were arrested in Shanghai, China for Continue reading


What Would Happen If We All Refused To Go Quietly To The Slaughterhouse? + The Roots of Resistance Dandelion Salad

The Essays of The Man From the North by Rivera Sun Writer, Dandelion Salad Originally published December 14, 2016 November 14, 2017 We are serving ourselves up on silver platters to the oligarchs and giant corporations. We have apples of misinformation in our mouths and sprigs of patriotic parsley tucked behind our ears. Must we []


Congress Votes to Say It Hasnt Authorized War in Yemen, Yet War in Yemen Goes On The Intercept

The House of Representatives on Monday voted 366-30 to declare what has long been known that it has not authorized U.S. action in support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, but other than urging the parties to come to a negotiated solution, the resolution did not actually do anything to end American participation in the conflict.

Since the Saudi bombing of Yemen started in the spring of 2015 when Saudi forces intervened on the side of ousted President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi the U.S. has played a close support role. It has aided Saudi bombers with targeting and assisted with refueling. It has also sold tens of billions of dollars in munitions to the Saudis since the war began, while the kingdom has used U.S.-produced aircraft, laser-guided bombs, and internationally banned cluster bombs to target and destroy schools, markets, power plants, and a hospital, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths. Following a deadly strike on a Yemeni funeral in 2016, the U.S. actually doubled fuel support for Saudi airplanes. The war has led to an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions.

Which is why a bipartisan group of lawmakers last month pushed for an actual vote on United States support for the Saudi-led war. California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna, North Carolina Republican Rep. Walter Jones, and others sought to invoke a clause in the War Powers Act to bring a resolution to the floor that would force an up or down vote on war authorization.

But congressional leadership in both parties pushed back, doing everything they could to prevent a vote. Eventually, a compromise was struck, the result of which was the toothless resolution that passed Monday nigh...


Elizabeth Warren: On Second Thought, 2016 DNC Primary Was Not Rigged Weasel Zippers

Hmmm, I wonder what changed her mind? Via MassLive: U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, said this week while the Democratic National Committee may have shown some bias in 2016, she believes the primary fight between Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders was fair. Warren, who has become a high-profile figure in Democratic Party politics, []


Black Agenda Radio for Week of November 13, 2017 Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Radio for Week of November 13, 2017

bruce Wed, 11/15/2017 - 01:40

On this week's Black Agenda Radio
Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies discusses the new report Billionaire Bonanza which details how the 3 richest individuals in the US own about as much as much as the bottom 50%.
Eritha Akiile Cainion, local candidate in St. Petersburg FL updates the concept of reparations for a new era at the Black Is Back convention at Howard University.
Dr. Josiah Rector details how the privatization of Detroit's water, like very other privatization is grand and simple theft.
Mumia Abu Jamal weighs in on the revelations of persistent sexual abuse by powerful men.
And Dr. Marsha Coleman Abedayo, also at Black Is Back in DC asks for solidarity.


SWAMP: AG Sessions DEFENDS Loretta Lynchs Use of Email Alias The Gateway Pundit

In his testimony to House investigators Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions not only acknowledged his predecessor Loretta Lynch used an email alias, but defended the practice. 

Daily Caller reports:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions acknowledged on Tuesday that he uses a pseudonym for his government email account.

Sessions made the admission in defense of his predecessor, Loretta Lynch, who used the name Elizabeth Carlisle to mask her identity on her government email account.

I would say in defense of Attorney General Lynch, I have a pseudonym also. I understand all cabinet officials do and maybe some sub-cabinet officials do, Sessions said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Sessions had been asked whether he would recuse himself from any investigation into Lynchs use of a pseudonym.

She would probably have been following the advice of the Department of Justice, Sessions said of Lynch.

A FOIA revealed the former U.S. Attorney General used the alias Elizabeth Carlisle within one week of joining the Justice Department.

Email screenshot credit: Disobedient Media



Exclusive: Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, Weinstein Level Stuff The Gateway Pundit

Guest post by Cassandra Fairbanks at Big League Politics:

A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that,  We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice Presidents house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriends asses. The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.

He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible, the agent said.

According to the source, a Secret Service agent once got suspended for a week in 2009 for shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriends breast while the couple was taking a photo with him. The situation got so heated, the source told Cassandra Fairbanks, that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President.

Additionally, the agent claims that Biden would walk around the VP residence naked at night. I mean, Stark naked Weinstein level stuff, he added.

He said that the men on duty would frequently stand in front of female agents and Navy women that were present like a damn guardian. On some occasions, they would make up reasons to get the women away from where he was.

The agent said he was specifically concerned about women in the Navy.

They werent allowed to disobey him at all, but wed take them away under pretend auspices, the agent stated.

The official Vice Presidential residence is the Queen Anne style house at One Observatory Circle in Washington, DC, which is located on the northeast grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory. The property is maintained and...


3 Dead, Shooter Killed At California School Weasel Zippers

Via KCRA: Three people were killed in a shooting Tuesday morning that started at a home and moved to an elementary school in Tehama County, and the shooter was also killed by law enforcement, the sheriffs department said. Multiple shots were fired about 8 a.m. at Rancho Tehama School on the outskirts of Corning, northwest []


How not to fight Judge Roy Moore WORDVIRUS

14 November 2017

Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for US Senate in the December 12 special election in Alabama, is a diehard reactionary and enemy of the working class. He has a long record of ultra-right politics as a law-and-order prosecutor and a judge who claimed that the Bible and not the Constitution was the supreme law of the land. He is a political reactionary who would turn the clock back a century, if not more, in terms of the rights of women, blacks, gays and other minorities.

His campaign for the Republican nomination for US senator from Alabama, to fill the vacancy created by President Trumps appointment of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, had the backing of openly fascistic elements such as former White House aides Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Bannon, the chief executive of Breitbart News. Opposing Moore in the runoff election is a right-wing Democrat, former US Attorney Doug Jones, who advocates increasing US military spending even beyond the stratospheric levels set by Trump and the congressional Republicans, in part to benefit the array of US military bases across Alabama.

The challenge in fighting against this choice of two reactionaries is to expose the politics of both capitalist parties: the ultra-right populism of Moore, who claims to be fighting for the predominantly rural population of Alabama against the Eastern establishment, and the mainstream corporate agenda of Jones, who has overwhelming support in the most affluent areas of Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery, where he is seen as a more relia...


The Gun Industry Is Used to Sales Skyrocketing After Mass Shootings. That Didnt Happen After the Las Vegas Attack. The Intercept

Mass shootings have in recent years been followed by a predictable cycle: Politicians raise the potential for gun control policies, and gun industry-funded groups respond by exaggerating the reach of gun control, sending people into a gun-buying frenzy. Every mass shooting is effectively transformed into an opportunity for profit.

But following the October 1 mass murder in Las Vegas, which took the lives of 58 people and left 546 others injured, that cycle seems to have broken. And gun companies and their investors have noticed.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, one of the largest gun manufacturers in America, had its most recent earnings call on November 1. On the call, Rommel Dionisio, an analyst with Aegis Capital, asked if the gun industry had reaped any additional sales from the incidents in Las Vegas. Specifically, he asked whether an increase in gun purchasing comparable to demand spikes after San Bernardino and Orlando a year ago had occurred.

Christopher Killoy, chief executive of Sturm Ruger, said the Las Vegas shooting was obviously a very tragic event, but his sales team had not noted any impact.

Listen to the exchange here:

A similar conversation took place on the November 9 earnings call for Compass Diversified Holdings, a firm that owns a firearms accessory company. One analyst asked Compass partner Elias Sabo if fairly significant firearms incidents recently have had an effect on demand.

Sabo said that the firm has not seen a spike in sales. In the past, Sabo noted, There was a different tone being discussed surrounding gun control, and that doesnt appear to be the case right now. He added: I dont think that our country has become desensitized to these types of incidents, but perhaps they have, which would be pretty stunning. But I think its more likely attributable to the lack of discussion surrounding change in gun laws, which I think really spurred a lot of demand post the incidents that you reference.

Listen to the exchange here:

During former President Barack Obamas time in office, Democrats proposed more than 100 gun control measures, many of which were debated in direct response to mass shoot...


Former ESPN Reporter Calls Out GQ Magazine For Naming Colin Kaepernick Citizen Of The Year Weasel Zippers

Update to this story. Via Daily Mail: Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has slammed GQ Magazine for naming Colin Kaepernick Citizen of the Year. McHenry claimed that there were many more worthwhile football players than Kaepernick who sparked a national protest when he began kneeling during the national anthem last season to protest racial inequality []



Sexual Harassment Rampant on Capitol Hill Female Lawmakers Have Creep List of Men to Avoid Especially in Elevators The Gateway Pundit

Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a creep list of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.


A new report by CNN exposes the DC swamps very serious problem of powerful men preying on women. CNN spoke with over 50 current and former lawmakers, aides and staff who have personally experienced sexual harassment on The Hill or know people who have.

Be extra careful of the male lawmakers who sleep in their offices they can be trouble. Avoid finding yourself alone with a congressman or senator in elevators, late-night meetings or events where alcohol is flowing. And think twice before speaking out about sexual harassment from a boss it could cost you your career.

These are a few of the unwritten rules that some female lawmakers, staff and interns say they follow on Capitol Hill, where they say harassment and coercion is pervasive on both sides of the rotunda.
There is also the creep list an informal roster passed along by word-of-mouth, consisting of the male members most notorious for inappropriate behavior, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments or gestures to seeking physical relations with younger employees and interns.
Women are subjected to sexual harassment by their male colleagues and avoid reporting it out of fear of career-ending retaliation.
A female Senate staffer told CNN she had an experience with a male lawmaker in an elevator that left her horrified.
Multiple females told CNN that elevators on Capitol Hill are known places for male lawmakers to prey on women. One woman said she still gets anxiety about being in an elevator alone with a man.
Who is on this creep list? Several of the interviewees told CNN a couple names
More than half a dozen interviewees independently named one California congressman for pursuing female staffers; another half dozen pointed to a Texas congressman for engagin...


Louisiana Man Caught While Trying To Sneak Into North Korea Weasel Zippers

A lost Hillary supporter looking for Canada? Via WISTV: A Louisiana man has been arrested for allegedly trying to enter communist North Korea for political purposes, the Korean news agency Yonhap and other media outlets report. We are aware of media reports regarding the detention of a U.S. citizen in the Republic of Korea, near []


UPDATE: 5 Dead After Shooting at California Elementary School The Gateway Pundit

At least 5 dead, including shooter, after shooting spree in Northern California. Suspect opened fire at 7 different scenes, including elementary school, reports ABC News.

LA Times reports:

At this point the suspected shooter is deceased by law enforcement bullets, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told reporters. I know of at least three deaths.

Authorities said the shooting occurred around 8 a.m. in Rancho Tehama, near Red Bluff, Calif., about 120 miles northwest of Sacramento.

Officials say there at least 100 law enforcement officers on scene of about 5 different sites where the shooter opened fire, tweeted reporter Sara Stinson.

Here is part of an interview with the man who says his truck was stolen and his roommate was shot and killed by the alleged shooter who is described as a known felon in his 50s named Kevin, tweeted reporter Sara Stinson.



Transracial Florida man born white claims he is actually Filipino Fellowship of the Minds

Move over Rachel Dolezal, theres a new transracial in town! From Daily Mail: A Florida man who was born white is now claiming that he is actually transracial and Filipino. Adam Wheeler, who now goes as Ja Du, considers himself Continue reading


Rep. Trey Gowdy to AG Jeff Sessions: Congress Will Investigate a Politicized DOJ (Video) The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday that Congress is opening an investigation on the politicized DOJ.

Under Attorney General Sessions the Department of Justice has ignored any criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton or the Obama administration while launching a Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump and Russia a complete Democrat Party hoax.

Trey Gowdy told Sessions Congress will investigate the Department of Justice.

Rep. Trey Gowdy: I get, I guess, that certain departments are inherently political. But the Department of Justice should not be. I tell you that up front that Chairman Goodlatte and I are going to be looking into the decisions made in 2016 and 2017. And I think I can speak for him and I know I can speak for myself my motivation is a love for that department.

Its about time.

For the sake of the nation Jeff Sessions needs to step down immediately.

The post Rep. Trey Gowdy to AG Jeff Sessions: Congress Will Investigate a Politicized DOJ (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Let Children Experiment With Gender Identity, Church Of England Tells Schools Weasel Zippers

Getting an education is secondary. Via Breitbart: The Church of England has said schools should encourage young children to experiment with their gender identity, in its new guidance on bullying. Pupils need to be able to play with the many cloaks of identity (sometimes quite literally with the dressing-up box), reads the latest church advice []



Body Language Expert: Judge Moore Denial of Gloria Allred Accusers Claims is 100% Genuine (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, body language expert Bombard analyzed Judge Roy Moores facial expressions and eye movements as he denied the sexual harassment allegations made by Gloria Allred accuser Beverly Young Nelson. 

Bombard concluded Judge Moores denial was genuine.

Bombard notes Moore keeps perfect eye contact with various members of the crowd.

He looks at everybody thats good!, says Bombard.

Bombard then goes on to note as Moore touches on the allegations that hes clearly disgusted by the claims as hes talking out of the side of his mouth.

Moore puts genuine emphasis on his words, while his speech is in-sync with his body movements.

Bombard notes Moore is not stiff while fighting back against the allegations.

Hes being genuine and looking at those who are looking at him, adds Bombard. 

Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

On Monday evening, Judge Moore vehemently denied Nelsons accusations.

Heres what he told the press:

MOORE: Thank yall for being here tonight. Thank-you to all the people have came out at this late hour and for being here. I want to address whats been brought out on television today by Gloria Allred and a client she has about things I allegedly did. I want to make it perfectly clear, the people of Alabama know me, they know my character, they know what Ive stood for in the political world for over 40-years. I can tell you without hesitation, this is absolutely false. I never did what she said I did. I dont even know the woman. I dont know anything about her. I dont even know where the restaurant is or was. If you look at this situation youll see because Im eleven or ten points or eleven points ahead, this race being just 28 days off, that this is a political maneuver and has nothing to do with reality. Its all about politics.


Israel Uses U.S. Tax Dollars to Abuse Palestinian Children. This Bill Would Put An End To That. The Intercept

Children and teenagers are frequent victims of Israels occupation of the Palestinian territories. They face physical abuse by Israeli military forces and are shuffled through an unfair court system without access to legal counsel or even their parents.

The United States has long subsidized these abuses, giving billions of dollars in military aid to Israel every year. Now, a group of Democratic members of Congress is saying enough is enough.

Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., and nine co-sponsors on Tuesday introduced legislation that would require the U.S. State Department to certify every year that American military aid is not being used to fund the systematic abuse of Palestinian children.

If passed, the bill titled the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act would explicitly prohibit U.S. aid from being used by Israel to support the administrative detention or physical abuse of Palestinian children. The bill says that detention of Palestinian children is inconsistent with the values of the United States.

Bill Harper, McCollums chief of staff, told The Intercept that the legislation is an attempt to establish some sort of transparency over how Israel uses U.S. military aid, particularly as it relates to human rights abuses.

There is no accountability or transparency on U.S. military assistance to Israel with regards to U.S. funds being used to pay for this, Harper said.

The other sponsors of the bill are Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin; Ral Grijalva of Arizona; John Conyers of Michigan; Earl Blumenauer of Oregon; Chellie Pingree of Maine; Peter DeFazio of Oregon; Andr Carson of Indiana; and Luis Gutirrez and Danny Davis of Illinois.

Israel maintains two different legal systems in the occupied West Bank: a civilian criminal legal system that applies to Israeli settlers, and a military court system for Palestinians.

Omar Shakir, Human Rights Watchs Israel and Palestine director, described the situation to The Intercept in a phone interview from Jerusalem. In the West Bank, you have two communities that live here: You have Palestinians and you have Israelis. Israel effectively controls the entire area and has a two-tiered system, a system in which Palestinians and Israelis who live in the same territory are governed by two different systems separate and unequal systems, he said.

This network of military courts prosecutes between 500 and 700 Palestinian children every year,...


Since Trumps Election, Violence Against His Supporters Has Become Routine Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: Since Donald Trumps election win in 2016, his supporters and the political right in general have repeatedly been targeted for violence and intimidation. News broke Monday that anti-white hate crimes grew faster than any other racial hate crime category in America in 2016. According to statistics released Monday, there was a 19.34 []


Media Forced To Acknowledge Bill Clintons Alleged Sex Crimes Weasel Zippers

Pigs are flying. Via Daily Caller: The flood of recent sex-related accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and other prominent men has forced members of the establishment media to acknowledge former President Bill Clintons alleged sex crimes. Paula Jones, Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broaddrick have long accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment or worse. Broaddrick []


Trump Hints At Major Deals Announcement On His Return To D.C. This Evening The Gateway Pundit

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, President Trump tweeted out that he I will be making a major statement from the @WhiteHouse, when he returns later this evening, time and date to be set.

The major announcement will most likely involve trade deals that Trump has successfully negotiated during his recent trip to Asia. Speaking with reporters on AirForce One, the President explained:

I think well be going into some more details as to what were doing, as to what we accomplished. But, specifically, deals, concepts. And well be pinpointing things.

In another conversation with the press, Trump condemned former disadvantageous trade agreements enacted by his predecessors, Ive said very loud and very clear, the U.S. has been taken advantage of. Theyre very giving, and they dont get in return, Trump said. So we want fair trade and we want reciprocal trade.

President Trump believes he is close to correct these imbalances to bring down the massive trade deficit, Tweeting: After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion. The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!

Trump is optimistic about the success of his trip and th...


BREAKING: Tony Podesta, Podesta Group Failed To Report Over $100,000 Of Campaign Contributions To The Department Of Justice GotNews

Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group failed to report over $100,000 in contributions to Hillary Clintons campaign to the Department of Justice, according to a GotNews review of campaign finance records. During the 2016 election, Tony Podesta the lobbyist brother of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta worked as a fundraising bundler for Hillary []

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Locals Claim Moore Hung Out At Mall, Flirted With Teen Girls Weasel Zippers

Via NY Post: Roy Moore regularly hung out at an Alabama shopping mall, flirting with teenaged girls and much younger women, local residents said. The embattled US Senate candidate accused, on the record, by five women of making creepy moves on them when they were teens and he was in his 30s was []


GOP Lawmaker GRILLS AG Sessions on Democrat Crimes SESSIONS REFUSES SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL! (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit


Finally a REPUBLICAN with a SPINE!

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Attorney General Jeff Sessions today on the many apparent crimes connecting the Clinton Campaign, the Democrat Party, the FBI, James Comey and the Russian Dossier.

Jordan grilled the Attorney General who was noticeably uncomfortable and irritated with the questioning.

Rep. Jordan laid out the specific crimes of collusion committed by FBI and DNC operatives in 2016. Jordan pointed out the fake dossier and asked AG Sessions if this was the impetus to spy on the Trump campaign? Sessions would not answer.

At the end of the questioning Rep. Jordan asked Sessions if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate this deviant activity by the FBI and DNC.

Sessions told him he would not appoint a special counsel.

Rep. Jim Jordan: Doesnt that warrant in addition to all the things we know about James Comey in 2016, doesnt that warrant naming a second special counsel?

AG Jeff Sessions: I would say what it looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special counsel.

But the DOJ started one on President Trump when NO CRIMES were committed?

Jeff Sessions needs to resign immediately.

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North Korean Soldier Defector Escapes Across DMZ, Despite Being Shot 4 Times Weasel Zippers

Wow. SEOUL, South Korea Four North Korean soldiers fired about 40 rounds at a comrade fleeing into South Korea and hit him five times in the first shooting at the jointly controlled area of the heavily fortified border in more than 30 years, the Souths military said Tuesday. South Korean soldiers did not fire []


Report: FBI May Be Investigating Planned Parenthood Over Dealings In Aborted Fetuses Weasel Zippers

Via The Hill: The FBI has asked the Senate for unredacted documents it obtained from abortion providers, signaling agents may be investigating whether Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers illegally sold fetal tissue and body parts, according to sources familiar with the document request. The request was made in recent days, the sources said, to []


True to his word, DHS data show President Trump *is* going after pedophiles Fellowship of the Minds

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) defines human trafficking as a crime and a form of modern-day slavery involving the exploitation of children and adults for commercial gain, most commonly in the form of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation, Continue reading


Jeff Sessions: I Have No Reason to Believe Judge Moore Accusers are Lying (Video) The Gateway Pundit

Jeff Sessions: I Have No Reason to Believe Judge Moore Accusers are Lying

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee fired off several questions today on Republican Judge Roy Moore during the House Judiciary hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Lee accused Judge Roy Moore of five counts of child sexual activity today during testimony at the House Judiciary Committee.

So far two women have accused Judge Moore of illicit sexual activity with minors. Three others were teens when they accused Judge Moore of sexual advances which would not be illegal due to the age of the women at the time.

Jeff Sessions told Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee he had no reason to believe Judge Moore accusers were lying.

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The Ever-Expanding War on Terror Consortiumnews

In the shadows, the U.S. special operations war on terrorists keeps on expanding around the globe, now reaching into Africa where few detectable American interests exist, writes Jonathan Marshall. By Jonathan Marshall If national-security reporters are ever replaced by robots


The Ongoing Misery of Puerto Rico Consortiumnews

Puerto Ricos recovery from Hurricane Maria, which hit the U.S. territory on Sept. 20, remains slow and spotty with continued power outages, unsafe water and school closings, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein Its been nearly seven weeks


Tom Steyer: Billionaire Democratic Donor And Fusion GPS Client Weasel Zippers

Anti-energy billionaire whose actions help Russia by knocking U.S.s energy efforts. Via Daily Caller: Years before Fusion GPS became famous for its work on the Trump dossier, the opposition research firm worked for Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic donor currently waging a $20 million TV campaign to impeach President Trump. A Daily Caller investigation reveals []


Chris Hedges: RT Targeted for Giving Platform to Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Capitalist Critics Dandelion Salad

Dandelion Salad with Chris Hedges RT America on Nov 13, 2017 The Department of Justice has required RT America to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), an anti-propaganda law from the 1930s. On Contact host Chris Hedges discusses whether such a requirement will have a chilling effect on the First Amendments freedom of []


PAPER: Secret Grudge Caused Socialist Doctor To Attack Rand Paul As Details of Property Troubles Emerge The Gateway Pundit

Nearly two weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was physically attacked by neighbor Rene Boucher. According to a new report, the incident may have stemmed from a real estate dispute, as Boucher has been trying to sell his Bowling Green, Kentucky home for years and blames Paul for his troubles. 

Paul suffered six broken ribs and a pleural effusion from the attack.

Daily Mail UK reports:

The socialist doctor charged with cracking Senator Rand Pauls ribs in a crunching blindside tackle may have harbored a secret grudge against his GOP neighbor for spoiling his lakeside views and devaluing his home, can reveal. 

Rene Boucher, 59, told Paul in the wake of the mauling that he hadnt been able to sell his $740,000 house for ten years because the congressmans trees were in the way.

Its believed Boucher was referring to woodland at the back of Pauls property that blocks the doctors views of the picturesque private lake that forms the centerpiece of their upscale gated community.

Friends say it could explain why the retired anesthesiologist has failed to find a buyer for his five-bedroom, 1.36-acre home which is nonetheless described on property websites as overlooking the desirable water feature.

Dan Renshaw, a 70-year-old car dealership owner isnt buying the pervious motive that alleged the attack took place over a landscaping issue.

Ive known Rand and his wife Kelley for many years. Theyre great neighbors. Rand mowed his own yard. It was always presentable. Thats a very lame excuse if thats the one they are choosing to use. If there was a genuine problem this g...


Army Lifts Ban On Cutters, Mentally Ill And Drug Abusers To Meet Recruiting Goals Weasel Zippers

Really? Come on! Via Fox News: Facing low recruitment levels, the U.S. Army quietly lifted its ban on allowing people with a history of mental illness, self-mutilation and drug abuse to serve in the military despite warnings from the industry about the risks involved. The new rules green-light recruits who have bipolar disorder, depression []


A Week After Virginia Election Sweep, Democrats Join Republicans for More Bank Deregulation The Intercept

Bipartisanship, long left for dead in Washington, has struck again. And Wall Street looks to be the winner.

In the wake of the Equifax scandal, Congress has been under pressure to act. But the price of modest reforms in Washington is often much larger giveaways elsewhere, and that pattern holds true in the agreement announced Monday between nine Senate Democrats and the top Republican on the Senate Banking Committee.

The measure would roll back several key financial regulations, including sections of the Dodd-Frank Act. It does so under the cover of offering consumer protections and coming to the aid of community banks though the financial institutions that benefit have not-so-obscure names, like American Express, SunTrust, and BB&T.

Four Banking Committee Democrats Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., Jon Tester, D-Mont., and Mark Warner, D-Va. negotiated the bill with committee chair Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, after ranking Democrat Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, broke off talks on a compromise bill with Crapo just last month. Warners Virginia colleague Tim Kaine, last years vice presidential nominee, signed on as an original co-sponsor of the bill, along with Joe Manchin D-W.Va., Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Gary Peters D-Mich., and Angus King, I-Maine, who caucuses with Democrats. The Democratic support would give the legislation enough support to break a filibuster, if all Republicans signed on.

While five of these senators face re-election next year and come from states won decisively by President Donald Trump, Democrats scored a major victory over Trumpism in Virginia just last week, winning the governors race and potentially wrestling control of the heavily gerrymandered House of Delegates. Having Virginias senators engineer a bank deregulation bill days later sits uncomfortably with that triumph of the resistance.

Using a moment the Democratic base is busy fighting the corporate giveaways in Trumps tax scam to push through a gift-wrapped present for bank lobbyists is as cynical as Washington gets, said Kurt Walters, campaign director for Rootstrikers, a grassroots progressive group.

The bill returns Washington to its longtime tradition of joining hands to reward Wall Street. Former presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush...


Leadership: China Releases Detained UCLA Basketball Players After Trump Intervenes (Video) The Gateway Pundit

UCLA basketball players Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were released by the Chinese regime on Tuesday after President Trump told reporters he had a conversation with Chinese leader Xi Jinpiang over the players arrests in China.

The three UCLA freshmen was caught shoplifting while on tour in China.

CBS Local reported:

Three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China may be on their way back to Los Angeles.

Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were seen checking into a Delta flight bound for Los Angeles at Shanghais Pudong International Airport, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The development comes just hours after President Donald Trump told reporters he had a long conversation on the matter with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Theyre working on it right now, Trump told reporters in the Philippines as he prepared to return to Washington after a nearly two-week visit to Asia that included an earlier stop in Beijing.

The UCLA freshmen were detained last week for questioning about allegations of shoplifting before a recent game against Georgia Tech in Shanghai. The UCLA team returned to the U.S. without them on Saturday.

According to reports, there is surveillance footage of the players shoplifting from three stores inside a high-end retail center next to their hotel.

The post Leadership: China Releases Detained UCLA Basketball Players After Trump Intervenes (Video) appeared first on...


Nearly 30k Diversity Visas Have Been Given To Immigrants From Terror States Weasel Zippers

Lovely. Via Fox News: The United States issued nearly 30,000 visas to people from nations officially designated as sponsors of terrorism over the last decade through the Diversity Visa lottery program, the White House said Monday. According to State Department statistics, since 2007, the U.S. has admitted 20,739 individuals from Iran; 7,232 from Sudan, and []


Three Roy Moore Accusers Say Theyre Republicans Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller: Three of the women who have accused Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of making advances on them when they were teenagers, including both of the women who have accused Moore of sexually abusing them, are reportedly Republicans. That Moores alleged victims are Republicans appears to work against the Moore campaigns defense []


This is Fake!: Body Language Expert Says Judge Moore Accuser Was ActingNot a Real Victim (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

In a video posted to YouTube on Monday, body language expert Bombard analyzed Judge Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelsons facial expressions and vocal discrepancies, concluding Gloria Allreds client conveyed signs of deception.

Nelson was acting, and not a real victim, says Bombard.

Nelsons first sign of deception, is visible as she stiffens up while explaining how Judge Roy Moore allegedly attacked, her when she was a child, says Bombard. 

Nelsons eye movements then demonstrate rehearsed verbal communication, adds Bombard.

Shortly after,  Allred hugs an emotional Nelson, which Bombard believes is a form of acting.

Nelson, visibly nervous, can be seen staring directly as someone. Looking at a focal point during a speech helps calm nerves.

True victims of sexual harassment, especially those where the incident took places decades ago, will not burst into tears like Nelson. They will have had years to cope.

Judge Moore is then referred to as Ray, instead of Roy.

Nelson, 56, held a press conference in New York with embattled attorney Gloria Allred on Monday, alleging Judge Roy Moore sexually harassed her when she was 16 years old.

On Monday evening, Judge Moore vehemently denied Nelsons accusations.

Heres what he told the press:

MOORE: Thank yall for being here tonight. Thank-you to all the people have came out at this late hour and for being here. I want to address whats been brought out on television today by Gloria Allred and a client she has about things I allegedly did. I want to make it perfectly clear, the people of Alabama know me, they know my character, they know what Ive stood for in the political world for over 40-years. I can tell you without hesitation, this is absolutel...


Fears bensozia

Two cards left by visitors to an exhibition at the Getty featuring the work of Barbara Kruger.


Alabama Secretary of State: State Republican Party May Nullify Judge Moores Election Even if He Wins (VIDEO) The Gateway Pundit

Alabama Republican Secretary of State John Merrill told Shannon Bream on Monday that the state Republican party can nullify Judge Moore even if he wins the senate race in December.

The Alabama Republican Party is obviously backing away from Judge Roy Moore after the latest accusations against the judge on Monday. reported:

On Mondays broadcast of the Fox News Channels Fox News @ Night, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) said that the Alabama Republican Party can formally pull its support for its Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, and if this happens and Moore still gets the most votes, the election would be null and void.

Merrill said Moore could withdraw from the race, or the state Republican Party could formally pull its support. He further stated that if that happens and Moore receives the most votes, our election would be declared null and void, and Governor Ivey would have to call another special election, and wed start the process all over again.

Merrill commented on the prospect of Governor Ivey delaying the certification of the election results, and said he would be very surprised, if this happened, seeing as it would be unprecedented in the history of the state for that to occur after the results of the people were made known. It would be very unusual.

He added that Ivey has already changed the election date already, but that was done before the process had begun.

The post Alabama Secretary of State: State Republican Party May Nullify Judge Moores Election Even if He Wins (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


FBI: Anti-White Hate Crimes Are The Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes In America Weasel Zippers

When professors and media are constantly pitching that white people are evil and oppressive, you get a reaction back. Via Daily Caller: A new FBI report indicates that hate crimes committed against white Americans are the fastest growing racial hate crimes in the United States. The FBI report on 2016 Hate Crime Statistics shows that []

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