I cannot believe this is typical of the taxi drivers who give history tours of the trouble spots of Belfast, but it does provide a graphic illustration of what anti Protestant bigotry looks and sounds like:

The next thing we drive down a street with a lot of Union Jacks, Scottish saltires and Red Hand of Ulster flags and he said the reason the Protestants fly all these flags is because they have no culture of their own, Mr Liquerman explained.

I looked over at my parents and their jaws kind of hit the ground when he said that.

Taxi tour firms listed with tourist body Visit Belfast are supposed to sign up to terms and conditions including being sensitive and politically balanced.

However, there are taxi operators outside of this scheme.

The 21-year-old University of St Andrews student continued: One of our first stops was Bombay Street and he fed us a really distorted view of history. We were expecting some political bias, but this was revisionist political bias, telling us that every day they have to live through these disgusting Orange marches that are only designed to intimidate Catholic people, but made no mention at all of republican marches.

Mr Liquerman, who is chairman of Republicans Overseas Scotland and a board member of Republicans Overseas UK, said he felt it was important to speak out as so many tourists are being spoon-fed one side of the story.

The way he made it sound Id have walked away thinking the IRA never killed a single civilian or even British soldier, thats how he made it sound, he continued.

It wasnt just historically inaccurate, it was the really bigoted anti-Protestant remarks that really struck me.

I have been to Israel and been on taxi tours on the Muslim/Palestinian side and you hear it from their side, which is fair enough, but you dont hear any anti-Jewish bigotry. The same way Ive done the tour with an Israeli/Jewish tour guide and you get the same thing, a little bias, but no broad painting of strokes or sectarian bigotry like we heard in Belfast.

You walk around some areas in the US and you can see not just Sinn Fein flags, but IRA flags. You have politicians, Republicans and Democrats, that are supportive of somewhat dubious groups on the republican side and I think its because hundreds of thousands of Americans visit Northern Ireland and theyre being spoon-fed this pure hatred and one side of the story. This is why I think it is so important to speak out.

Mr Liquerman added: Im not saying every tour has this real hatred and bigotry, but...