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Friday, 16 February


World watch Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Friday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


February 17 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

1500 The Battle of Hemmingstedt.

1600 The philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned alive at Campo de Fiori in Rome for heresy.

1801 An electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr was resolved when Jefferson was elected President of the United States and Burr Vice President by the United States House of Representatives.

1809 Miami University was chartered by the State of Ohio.

1814 The Battle of Mormans.

1819 The United States House of Representatives passed the Missouri Compromise.

1848 Louisa Lawson, Australian suffragist and writer, was born  (d. 1920).

1854 The United Kingdom recognised the independence of the Orange Free State.

1864  Banjo Paterson, Australian poet, was born  (d. 1941).

1864 The H. L. Hunley became the first submarine to engage and sink a warship, the USS Housatonic.

1867 The first ship passed through the Suez Canal.

1873  Emily Hancock Siedeberg-McKinnon, CBE MB ChB BSc, first woman to graduate from the University of Otago Medical School, was born (d. 1968).

Emily Hancock Siedeberg


1873 The editor of the Daily Southern Cross,...


Australian venomous spiders, new research "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

This 2015 video says about itself:

Australian hospitals are in desperate need of live funnel web spiders to make anti-venom. Spider expert Stacey Denovan shows the safest way to catch them.

From San Diego State University in the USA:

Worlds most venomous spiders are actually cousins

Study finds the deadly Australian funnel-web spiders and mouse spiders are more closely related than previously thought

February 15, 2018

Two groups of highly venomous spiders might be seeing more of each other at family reunions. A new study led by San Diego State University biologist Marshal Hedin has found that two lineages of dangerous arachnids found in Australia long classified as distantly related in the official taxonomy are, in fact, relatively close evolutionary cousins. The findings could help in the development of novel antivenoms, as well as point to new forms of insecticides.

The spiders in question are those from the families Atracinae and Actinopodidae and include Australian funnel-web spiders and eastern Australian mouse spiders, respectively. One member of Atracinae, Atrax robustus, is considered by many to be the most venomous spider in the world.

A reasonable number of people get bitten every year, but basically nobody dies from it anymore because of the wide availability of antivenom, Hedin said.

Historically, the spiders were thought to have diverged from a common ancestor more than 200 million years ago and therefore were only distantly related. Based on their anatomy and other traits, funnel-web spiders and mouse spiders closely resemble other species of spiders known to be distantly related. Yet based on their highly similar venom the same antivenom can treat bites from both Atricinae and Actinopodidae many biologists suspected these spider groups might be more closely related than previously thought.

The funnel-webs always were an uncomfortable fit in their taxonomic place, Hedin said. I could see the writing on the wall.

So he and colleagues, with help from biologists in New Zealand and Argentina, collected new spiders from both branches throughout Australia, sought out museum specimens...


Government at sea over fisheries "IndyWatch Feed"

The governing coalition is all at sea over fisheries monitoring: Evidence given to the Environment Select Committee from the Department of Conservation (DOC) today just goes to show the deeply divided factions occurring within the Coalition Government, Nationals Fisheries spokesperson Gerry Brownlee says. Speaking at DOCs annual review, the Director General Lou Sanson was asked []

via If only thered been a teal deal Homepaddock


A Sobering Look at the Antifascist Response at Red Square "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post A Sobering Look at the Antifascist Response at Red Square appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following is a report back and analysis of recent antifascist and anarchist struggles in the Pacific Northwest.

On Saturday, February 10th, multiple groups of fascists and far-right conservatives converged in Seattle, WA (occupied Duwamish territory) at Red Square in the center of UWs campus. A call for anarchists and anti-fasciststo oppose this gathering was posted nearly a week prior. The occasion for such a gathering was a Freedom Rally that the UW College Republicans had invited Joey Gibson and his group Patriot Prayer from Vancouver, WA to attend. The fascist creep that has been edging its way into the patriot movement for the last several years in the pacific northwest has been well documented by Rose City Antifa, among others. With this in mind, anarchists and anti-fascists took it upon themselves to organize last-minute efforts to sabotage this gathering of fascists and their more center-leaning accomplices. Sure enough, a handful of different fascist and fascist-leaning right-wing groups converged together on campus; The Cascade Legion, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, UW College Republicans and various groups of militia-wannabes who patrolled the perimeter of Red Square in their olive-green army fatigues.

The rally was scheduled to happen from 1pm-4pm on Red Square, and attendees were spotted parking their cars in the surrounding neighborhood hours before the event. The police were well amassed for this gathering, they understood that counter-protesters would wish to swarm the rally and shut it down. Metal barricades were laid out throughout Red Square early into the morning, setting up multiple barriers preventing any counter-protest from physically reaching the so-called Freedom Rally. Signs were set up outside of Red Square alerting attendees and counter-protesters alike that weapons were prohibited from being taken any further. Ana Mari Cauce, the president of the UW administration, had sent out an email in the days leading up to the rally, declaring that the college administration was anticipating violence from groups outside of UWs community, and had canceled every other event happening on campus that day (including multiple Black history month events). It should be clear to the reader the iro...


When You Make Rules........ "IndyWatch Feed" have to police them.

That is why when I managed a sales team for nine year I made as few rules as possible.  I got rid of a rule which said 'you cannot authorize discounts.'   I was being inundated with requests for discounts so I introduced a revolutionary discretion for the sale people.

'You can authorize any discount you like.  For every dollar of discount you authorize, your commission will reduce by one dollar.'

The commission was set at a level where, if all of it was used to offset discount, the company still broke even.

Fast forward to Australian federal politics in 2018.

Australia's Prime Blunderer has ruled that henceforth Ministers must not bonk members of their staff.

I kid you not.



Suspension of Federal Law Given to Dominion Energy for ACP Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Large diameter pipe has been in storage for months

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Suspends the Law

By Beth Little, Mountain State Sierran, Volume 44, Number 2, Spring 2018

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline could not be built through the Monongahela National Forest without violating the law, so the law has been suspended.

I will explain. I say suspended because the amendments to the forests Land and Resource Management Plan included in the permit issued by the Forest Service are project-specific plan amendments. They apply only to construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The Land and Resource Management Plan is law. It contains the regulations for how the forest is to be managed. It was developed by the staff of the Forest Service, including scientists and technicians, who are charged with protecting the forest from the ravages of the late 1800s and early 1900s, when a frenzy of logging resulted in massive flooding, huge fires, loss of life, destruction of local economies and disappearance of wildlife. Unregulated practices left a wasteland that took more than a century to recover significant productivity.

The Monongahela National Forest includes the highest mountains in West Virginia and the origin of major rivers in the East. These rivers have been cutting their channels for millennia, resulting in ravines with startlingly steep slopes. To truly appreciate how steep they are, you have to stand at the top and look down what appears to be a straight drop of hundreds of feet to rushing water. It is hard to believe trees can grow on slopes so steep, but then its the trees that maintain the slopes by holding the soil on them.

The forest also gets some of the highest rainfall in the continental U.S. So, if the trees (and all other vegetation) are removed, and a heavy rainfall comes, the soil is washed away, making the rivers run with sediment.

There are four standards in the forests management plan to be modified for the pipeline construction. The shortest example: Standard SW06: Severe rutting resulting from management activities shall be confined to less than 5 percent of an activity area.

This language is specific and easy to enforce. The modified standard reads: Standard SW06: Severe rutting resulting from management activities shall be confined to less than 5 percent of an activity area w...


So far, 4 pro nuclear Submissions to Senate Committee on nuclear waste dump selection. "IndyWatch Feed"

My advice to those writing submissions is to take your time, and do it properly.


I have skimmed through the 4 submissions already published, and they are pretty crummy, repetitive pro nuclear stuff   all emphasising that the writer thinks that the Federal Nuclear Waste Dump is really a matter for the local, not the wider, community


The writers are: Denise Carpenter, Ian Carpenter, Chelsea Haywood and Janice Alex McInnis


Bye,bye Marco Rubio "IndyWatch Feed"


Thoughts and prayers are not enough


Remembering Fallujah: War Crimes Committed Under Jim Mattis and Jim Molan "IndyWatch Feed"

Bagdhad (AHT) Ross Caputi, a former Marine who was witness and accomplice to the atrocities committed in Fallujah in November 2004 during Operation Phantom Fury, wrote this about his units entry into the city:

Perhaps it was just too painful of a realization for many of us to make, because we saw ourselves as the liberators, the good guys, and to admit that we were hurting innocent people would have contradicted everything that we claimed to stand for. I can only speculate about what the motives were for the people who dreamed up that mission and decided to make the people of Fallujah flee into the desert. Was it also too painful for the decision makers to admit to themselves that we were hurting innocent people? Or were they so evil that they just did not care who we were hurting? Whatever their reasons for doing it were, the fact of the matter is that our entire command was aware that we had forced the majority of the citys population, about 200,000 people, into refugee status, but nobody took responsibility for their wellbeing, as international law required of us.


Central to that command was Major General Andrew Jim Molan, an Australian who was seconded to the US military in 2004 and took overall command of US coalition forces in Iraq, alongside the current US defense secretary Jim Mattis.

What happened in the so-called second battle of Falluja however, went far beyond a failure to attend to the needs of the civilian population who were able to flee...


Russian warship catches fire in Far East port, crew members safely evacuated "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Russian Navy destroyer has caught fire in the port of the Russian Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. Images of the vessel shared on social media show clouds of smoke spewing from the ship's deck structures. The Marshal Shaposhnikov, a destroyer from the Russian Pacific Fleet, caught fire on Friday morning while anchored in Vladivostok. Eleven fire trucks and 48 personnel were dispatched to the port to fight the blaze. All 106 crew members on board were safely evacuated. Despite the impressive amount of smoke billowing from the ship, a local shipyard representative said the fire didn't cause any significant damage, according to RIA.


Russian warship has caught fire in Far East port of Vladivostok "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian Navy destroyer has caught fire in the port of the Russian Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. Images of the vessel shared on social media show clouds of smoke spewing from the ships deck structures.

The Marshal Shaposhnikov, a destroyer from the Russian Pacific Fleet, caught fire on Friday morning while anchored in Vladivostok. Eleven fire trucks and 48 personnel were dispatched to the port to fight the blaze. All 106 crew members on board were safely evacuated.

Despite the impressive amount of smoke billowing from the ship, a local shipyard representative said the fire didnt cause any significant damage, according to RIA.




School Shootings in The USA "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

A recent study of World Health Organization data published in the American Journal of Medicine that found that, among high-income nations, 91 percent of children younger than 15 who were killed by bullets lived in the United States And the trends are only growing more dire. On average, two dozen children are shot every day []

The post School Shootings in The USA appeared first on Uncensored Publications.


Laser scanning reveals lost ancient Mexican city had as many buildings as Manhattan "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Archaeology might evoke thoughts of intrepid explorers and painstaking digging, but in fact researchers say it is a high-tech laser mapping technique that is rewriting the textbooks at an unprecedented rate. The approach, known as light detection and ranging scanning (lidar) involves directing a rapid succession of laser pulses at the ground from an aircraft. []

The post Laser scanning reveals lost ancient Mexican city had as many buildings as Manhattan appeared first on Uncensored Publications.



By Aloysius Laukai
The ABG Vice President and member for Atolls and Minister for Mining, RAYMOND MASONO says mining and Independence cannot be separated.
He said only mining can enable the ABG to meet its 3rd pillar that is Fiscal
Self-reliance in a short period of time.
MR. MASONO said other economic activities like agriculture will take years and will not reach the amount needed by the ABG to govern as an Independent nation.
The Vice President made these remarks when thanking KOKODA constituency for the launch of their Exploration licence at Aropa recently.
MR. MASONO said he has been talking mining since day one, but now KOKODA will lead Bougainville if their exploration is successful.
A local company SRMI Bougainville Limited has started its exploration work in the KOKODA area whilst ISINA and TOREMANA and KALI Resources are yet to start with their exploration work.
The Vice President said that KOKODA is leading the way forward to move Bougainville into its previous glory days before the Bougainville conflict.




By Aloysius Laukai
The Bougainville Electoral Commission has lost a very senior and reliable officer and would take time to find another such officer.
These were the words of the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner, GEORGE MANU when farewelling the body of the late DORCAS AUASI at PAGHUI village in the WISAI area of BUIN last night.
The Bougainville Electoral Commissioner his wife and officers from the Electoral Commission office escorted the body to PAGHUI where they handed the boy to the family.
MR. MANU was lost for words in describing his officer who worked with him since 2008 at the then PEACE office and later moving to the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission when MR. MANU was appointed as the Acting Electoral Commissioner.
Earlier at the Funeral ceremony at the UNITED CHURCH in Buka town, MR. MANU called the late DORCAS AUASI as an IRON lady who mediated between the warring WILMO and Mekamui fighters in the Konnou area.
He said that she silently contributed a lot to the Bougainville Peace Process as the Bougainville Peoples Congress member and later as an officer of the Peace office and the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission.



By Aloysius Laukai
The ABG member for Konnou and Minister for Police and Justice, WILLIE MASIU yesterday thanked the Bougainville Electoral Commissioner and his staff for making arrangements to get the body of the late DORCAS AUASI to her final resting home in PAGHUI, WISAI.
Speaking at the Funeral Service in Buka, MR. MASIU said that as the member for Konnou he was happy that the Department of Peace and Obec officers have moved quickly to make funeral arrangements and including the airlifting of her coffin from Port Moresby.
MR. MASIU also acknowledged the work that the late DORCAS did in Konou and Wisai to bring peace and reconciliation to Konnou and Bougainville as a whole.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS is calling on the ABG members not to threaten the Manager for the Bougainville Ombudsman Commission office regarding the Constituency Support Grant saga.
In a media release yesterday, the ABG President that it was not appropriate for some ABG members to make threats to the Ombudsman Commission Manager in Buka regarding this issue.
President MOMIS said that he was working with the Ombudsman Commission to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.
He said that a formal submission will be made to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission to reach a resolution on this important allowance to support members of the House of Representatives in the work they undertake.
He also called on the Ombudsman Commission to maintain open communication channels with the ABG Parliament so that members remain informed of the work to resolve this matter as quickly as possible.
New Dawn FM last year ran a story on the concerns raised by the Ombudsman Commission on ABG members banking the Constituency Support Grants to the members personal accounts.




By Aloysius Laukai
The South Bougainville fastboat, MVSANDY ROSE TOURUKA was officially welcomed to South Bougainville last week.
The ONE MILLION KINA boat bought with funding from the DSIP funds of the member for South Bougainville failed to arrive at the KANGU wharf where the celebration was staged due to strong winds and bad weather.
The boat left TOROKINA the previous night but took refuge at MAMAGOTA and could not travel to Buin due to strong winds.
Despite this the launce was staged at the KANGU wharf and officials came from BANA, Siwai and Buin to witness the boats arrival.
Speeches at the beach was made by the member for the South Bougainville former combatants, Women member for South Bougainville ISABELL PETA and the ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS.
The ABG President, Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS said that the coastal villages of South Bougainville will now be serviced by this boat once it starts operating.
He said that the ABG was not able to service these areas in the past as it had no money. And he thanked the member for South Bougainville, TIMOTHY MASIU for working with the ABG to serve the people of Bougainville.




Newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosas acceptance speech "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The National Assembly has elected African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa as the President of South Africa. Business Day South Africa Sees Fresh Start for Economy, With the Same Challenges In the nearly quarter-century since apartheid ended in South Africa, the dominant African National Congress party has lost some of its moral authority as a []

The post Newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosas acceptance speech appeared first on Uncensored Publications.



BY Aloysius Laukai

The new UN Resident Coordinator for Papua New Guinea,
GIANLUCA RAMPOLLA arrived in Buka today for an official visit to Bougainville.
MR RAMPOLLA was accorded a Bougainville traditional welcome and was welcomed by the ABG Vice President, RAYMOND MASONO, ABG leaders, senior Government officials and UN and UNDP Bougainville officials.
The UN team then proceeded to meet the ABG President, Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS than later meet with the Bougainville House of Representatives Deputy Speaker FRANCESCA SEMOSO and Chairman of the Bougainville Referendum Committee and member for Selau, Joseph Watawi.
They will then meet with women parliamentarians tomorrow morning.
The UN leader will also meet with former combatants before meeting with the Minister for Peace Agreement Implementation, ALBERT PUNGHAU and the Secretary for the Peace Agreement Implementation, JAMES TANIS.
Also tomorrow the UN team will later meet with the Bougainville chief Secretary, JOSEPH NOBETAU at the Bougainville administration conference room.
Before departing for Port Moresby on Thursday the UN leader will meet with the Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative for a round table consultation.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS today paid tribute to the late PAUL AKOITAI the big brother of SAM AKOITAI of TOGARAU in WAKUNAI.
President Momis in his condolence message to the family of the Late PAUL AKOITAI said that on behalf of his wife Lady Elizabeth Momis And the people of Bougainville he extended their most sincere condolences on the passing on of the late PAUL AKOITAI.
He said that the late PAUL AKOITAI was a leader and Commander of the Wakunai Resistance Force but also known to other resistance forces on Bougainville.
The late PAUL AKOITAI contributed greatly to peace negotiations and agreements.
He was a great supporter of Peace and the Autonomous Bougainville Government.




By Aloysius Laukai
The former Bougainville Revolutionary General SAM KAUONA said that the Bougainville Mining law protects the rights of landowners and they should organize and find investors to develop their land.
MR. KAUONA made these comments at the launch of the KOKODA Exploration program at TUNANIA near Aropa on Monday.
He said that 28 years ago he joined the militants to remove oppressors from Bougainville which led to the Bougainville conflict.
MR. KAUONA said that those days are gone and now with the ABG and Bougainvilles own Mining act the landowners are well protected to move forward and raise their standards of living.
He said with the change in the land laws the landowners are powered as they own their land with resources under their land.




By Aloysius Laukai

The ABG member for KOKODA, RODNEY OSIOCO says KOKODA constituency will support the ABG meet the Pillar for Fiscal Self Reliance of Bougainville under the Bougainville Peace Agreement.
Speaking at the launch of the KOKODA Exploration launching in Tunania on Monday, MR.OSIOCO said that the Autonomous Bougainville Government has wasted Millions of Kina in the hope of kick-starting the now closed Panguna Mine.
He said each time new funds were injected to Panguna another new problem would emerge making it more difficult for the ABG to realize its dreams.
MR. OSIOCO said that the granting of an Exploration license to SR METALS INC Bougainville has made it possible for the company to start exploration in the KOKODA area and eventually establish a mine that would support the ABG with the much needed funds.
He called on the people of KOKODA to forget their differences and support the project that would benefit the landowners and the people of Bougainville as a whole.
The ABG President Chief DR. JOHN MOMIS officially launched the exploration program for KOKODA .
The ABG last year granted another exploration license to the ISINA Resources Limited also in the KOKODA and Kongara area of Central Bougainville.



365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The science isnt settled on whether manuka honey is helpful for sore throats or not.

Im not ruling out the placebo effect, but have been sucking pure manuka honey lozenges today, am finding theyre reducing the soreness and Im grateful for that.



Greens may have to support waka jumping bill "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The Greens have long been staunchly opposed to the waka jumping (party hopping) legislation, but due to their confidence and supply agreement commitments they may be obliged to back the bill prompted by NZ First. They have been caught out because NZ First did not campaign on this policy (voters would have good cause to []


Something must be done, this is something, therefore this must be done "IndyWatch Feed"

Otherwise known as "The National Party's approach to drug testing, in a nutshell." National, being a party of stuffed shirts, likes nothing better than sticking it to people who use drugs other than alcohol or tobacco.

 Yesterday saw them playing to the dumbass market (nothing new there) by demanding that a stuffed shirt's bill to implement roadside saliva testing be introduced. Fortunately, the excellent Julie-Ann Genter was having none of it, and the sight of a minister of the crown telling the braying Tory jackasses that her government prefers evidence-based policy to knee-jerk virtue-signalling was a glory to behold:

I ask all our right-wing readers out there this question:  if random roadside breath-testing by the Police only indicated whether you'd drunk alcohol within the last couple of days, and the cops could confiscate your keys and charge you if it gave a positive result, how enthusiastic would you be about a bill to introduce that testing, and how keen would you be to vote for the party that pushed for it?  If the answer is "Not very,"  do some thinking about whether you'd vote for a party with Chris Bishop and Alistair Scott as MPs.


MRA and PNGTPA collaborate on initiative "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea is set to add a new product onto its existing list of tourists attractions and products.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNGTPA) and the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) have begun initial discussions on the concept of Geo-Tourism as a new product development initiative. This is an addition to the traditional tourism products such as culture, diving, surfing and bird watching among others.

The two agencies will soon sign an MOU to cooperate in developing the concept. Officials from the two agencies have had several meetings to agree on the details of the MOU.

The concept capitalises on the countrys tropical and natural geographical landscapes including rocks, caves and springs, which carry unique historical stories such as origins and formation.
The idea is to survey and identify these distinctive features, research and write about the scientific aspects behind their formation, and present them as tourism products. In addition some of these features may have cultural significance. Not only will these features and their stories be able to attract tourists for leisure and entertainment purposes, but they are also natural habitats that can be used to provide training and educational opportunities for researchers, students and surrounding communities to learn about the environment they live in.
The pilot project will be developed initially in the National Capital District, Central and the East New Britain provinces after the first quarter.

Besides the concept being an opportunity to earn direct revenue for local communities and villagers in terms of tourism Kina, it will be the first for concerned communities to appreciate the science behind how their villages and surrounding environment was formed.


ExxonMobile PNG thanks its community development partners "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More than 100 organisations attended a community partner thank you event, hosted by ExxonMobil PNG on Thursday 15 February in Port Moresby.

ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Andrew Barry acknowledged the many development partners the company works with including community organisations, government agencies, NGOs and aid agencies.

Our approach has always been to build partnerships to identify, define and prioritise potential programs to deliver results that meet stakeholder needs said Barry.

Through a range of innovative and strategic community programs we are using our combined talents to improve access to education and health care, elevate womens initiatives, enhance livelihoods and protect the countrys extraordinary biodiversity.

Witnessing the achievements of our partners have been some of my greatest moments at ExxonMobil PNG. The results speak for themselves and support a shared vision to contribute to societal development in line with the countrys sustainable development goals.

A number of organisations showcased and spoke about the work they were doing in partnership with ExxonMobil PNG.

Esmie Sinapa said it was a unique opportunity to partner with ExxonMobil to help improve living standards in their respective community development sectors. Ms Sinape developed and is implementing an innovative leadership and governance training program for school boards of management in Central Province under a Public Private Partnership arrangement, between ExxonMobil PNG Limited, the Central Provincial Government and Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants. The journey is rewarding and one of growth for many of us, she said.

Mr Barry concluded by thanking everyone present. On behalf of ExxonMobil PNG, I would like thank you for your support and partnership throughout 2017. 2018 will be an exciting and busy year with APEC coming up, we must continue to work together to deliver programs that are efficient, drive positive development and will benefit the livelihood of Papua New Guineans for the long-term.

Since 2014, ExxonMobil PNG has invested over K820 million in community and infrastructure development programs focused on education, health, womens empowerment, environment and agriculture.


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Bridge Building At Whareroa Farm? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Needs but no action By Roger Childs Back in May 2015 the Kapiti area suffered severe flooding and several houses had to be evacuated. Less well known was the damage caused in Whareroa Farm. Near the start of the Farm Road that runs inland from the Shelter, a stream began running across the road, and []


BCL wants to bully Bougainville into reopening Panguna "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Has BCL not learnt from history that Bougainvilleans do not like being bullied!

BCL takes Bougainville Govt to court over licence non-renewal

Radio New Zealand | 16 February, 2018

Mining company Bougainville Copper Ltd is taking an arm of the Bougainville government to court.

This came after the autonomous government in the Papua New Guinea region announced late last year a moratorium on mining at Panguna, which had been abandoned in 1989 after the civil war started.

Two companies are vying to re-open Panguna but Bougainville President John Momis said to get the nod, the successful company must first win the trust of the people and BCL is yet to do this.

Meanwhile a mining wardens meeting in central Bougainville in December turned down BCLs request for its exploration licence to be extended.

But the company is not...


Lets Talk "IndyWatch Feed"

How would you describe your personality? How would other people describe your personality, the same or different? What is the best aspect of your personality? How about the worst aspect? Discuss:

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#BarnabyJoyce does not own #NewEngland: @burgewords comments on #auspolbarnaby "IndyWatch Feed National"

The man who once had a home base at Tamworth, but now seems to belong nowhere. AS I approached the polling station at the Tenterfield Memorial Hall on by-election day in December 2017, I suspected Barnaby Joyce would put in an early appearance. If Mr Joyce was going to cover New England glad-handing and holding babies, finishing in triumph at Tamworth, hed have to start early in this town at the far reaches of the electorate that had recently been stripped of its sitting member.  Despite being a local boy, Mr Joyce had been found by the High Court to be a dual citizen of New Zealand and dumped from parliament under the []

Author information

Michael Burge

Michael Burge

Journalist at No Fibs

Michael is an author and journalist who lives on Ngarabal country in the NSW Northern Tablelands. He has had enough of writing about marriage equality.


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

 Interstices  intervening spaces, especially a very small or narrow ones, between things or parts; tiny gaps; the cracks and crevices of life.


A forum with decorum "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest Post: Its times like these that we can and should appreciate Whale Oil. This blog represents a community of a diverse range of people with largely similar but at times somewhat divergent opinions. It is here that we can express our opinions freely in a considerate manner. A forum with decorum if you like. []

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Nuclear waste dump? A new abuse for Brewarrinas Aboriginal people? "IndyWatch Feed"

Brewarrina, or Bre as it is known, is an historic and fascinating town on the Barwon-Darling River. New South Wales.With 68% of the local population identifying as indigenous it is essentially an Aboriginal town. .
It is hard to underestimate the importance of the Aboriginal stone fish traps which, at 40,000 years old, may be the oldest man-made structures on the planet.

Brewarrina was the scene of a huge massacre of Aboriginals. They rounded them up like cattle, old and young, on the Quantambone plain, and shot them. It is said that there were about 400 and that was how Hospital Creek got its name



Diver Was Just About To Surface When She Spotted The Rarest Thing "IndyWatch Feed"

People used to think that there were only a couple dozen individuals left of the red handfish, considered one of the rarest fish in the world.

Scientists thought that this critically endangered fish a distinctive-looking fish whose fins, shaped like hands, walk along the ocean floor lived in just one little nook of the sea, Frederick Henry Bay, off the southeast coast of Tasmania, Australia. But what divers discovered on a plunge late last month surprised everyone. 

Credit: Antonia Cooper/Reef Life Survey

After a person off the coast of Tasmania thought he glimpsed the rare fish, a team of divers from the University of Tasmania's Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and the Reef Life Survey (RLS) went looking to see if this sighting was fact or fiction. 

Credit: Antonia Cooper/Reef Life Survey

After a while searching the water, there was no sign of the colorful fish. And the divers were just about to give up. 

We were diving for approximately three and a half hours and at about the two hour mark we were all looking at each other thinking this is not looking promising, Antonia Cooper, IMAS technical officer, said. My dive partner went to tell the other divers...


The North Korean Olympic thaw- unwise to treat this with cynicism "IndyWatch Feed"

The West risks missing a chance at peace if it continues to treat North Koreas change of heart with cynicism  Could it be that Trumps bombast over the airwaves cut through in Pyongyang in a way that conventional diplomacy had failed to do? The Independent UK, Mary Dejevsky  @IndyVoices 16 Feb 18

The mixed messages about the North Korean skaters, however, highlighted or so it seemed to me something else: a reluctance on the part of the foreign policy establishment, including the media, to look good news in the face, especially when it has not been expected.

How long ago was it in fact, a bare six weeks that Kim Jong-un and the US President were trading very public, very macho, insults, culminating in Donald Trumps memorable boast that his nuclear button was much bigger and more powerful than Kims and, what is more, my button works.

Even the most hardened pessimist would have to admit that between then and now there has been something of a mood swing. Less than three weeks after the big button exchange, North Korea suddenly acted on overtures in Kims New Year address to broach talks with the South, and even participated in the Olympics. The IOC delayed its deadline for entries, permitted North Koreas participation, and the next thing we knew was that North and South were concocting a joint ice hockey team, the Norths nonagenarian de facto head of state was on his way to Seoul, and Kim announced that his sister his sister would be going to the opening ceremony, too.

Far from haili...


Safety of nuclear waste containers in doubt,as Kobe Steel firm suspected of nuclear waste data falsification "IndyWatch Feed"

Kobe Steel firm suspected of nuclear waste data falsification, By MASANOBU HIGASHIYAMA/ Staff Writer,February 15, 2018 

A subsidiary of Kobe Steel Ltd. may have falsified test data on highly radioactive waste disposal, the Nuclear Regulat...


South Australia a global leader in clean energy: Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) "IndyWatch Feed"

IEEFA: South Aust among world leaders in transition to wind, solar, ECO News, By David Twomey -February 14, 2018 


Olympics 2020: the nuclear terrorism threat for Japan "IndyWatch Feed"

Japan, IAEA agree to cooperate on Tokyo 2020 nuclear counterterrorism, Nikkei Asian Review, 16 Feb 18, VIENNA (Kyodo) The Japanese government and the International Atomic Energy Agency signed an agreement on Thursday to work together to keep the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics safe from the threat of terrorism involving nuclear materials.
 According to the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the agreement includes measures to support IAEA experts participation in events relating to the Tokyo games, the exchange of information on nuclear security issues and the loan to Japan of equipment to detect radiation.

Foreign Minister Taro Kono and IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano observed the signing in Vienna before holding a meeting at which Kono said they agreed to flesh out cooperation in thwarting nuclear terrorism.

We want to thoroughly cooperate with the IAEA to make sure the Olympics are safe, Kono said at the outset of the meeting..


Ooops she did it again: Three requirements only for Charter schools says PM "IndyWatch Feed"

I cant help but wonder if the left-hand knows what the left hand is doing in the Labour party. This is at least the second public announcement from Jacinda Ardern that contradicts her Education Ministers stated intention in a press release to terminate Charter schools. Apparently, all they have to do to avoid being assigned []

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Driver drug testing some questions "IndyWatch Feed"

NZTA is running ads on the dangers of driving whilst under influence of drugs . So NZTA believes this is an issue.

The AA seems to concur.

Stuart Nash, Police Minister, seems to agree, but Green Julie Ann Genter, Associate Transport Minister responsible for Road Safety disagrees over the tests proposed, citing amongst other issues costs.

Chris Bishop, National Hutt South, questioned this in Parliament. Interestingly Gareth Hughes felt it necessary to run interference for Genter.

RNZ said Bishop was seeking to drive a wedge between Greens and Labour. Of course he was, that is what functioning oppositions do. Indeed, Nash and Genter are clearly not on same page. Genters opposition to saliva testing for drugs needs more explanation.


Frances nuclear giant EDF plans a whopping radioactive garbage pool "IndyWatch Feed"

EDF plans to build a giant nuclear garbage pool in Belleville-sur-Loire instead of stopping producing unmanageable waste! release of February 13, 2018

On February 13, 2018, the Reporterre site revealed the new EDF project. In view of the prolongation of the operation of nuclear reactors and to unclog the four basins of the La Hague plant where used fuel is stored, the electrical firm wants to build a giant new pool of deactivation near the Belleville plant -sur-Loire (Cher). We strongly condemn this imposed, dangerous and expensive project. Rather than create a new trash, EDF must turn off the tap and dry up the production of unmanageable radioactive waste!

In France, spent fuel is stored in deactivation pools for the time needed to cool them (between 3 and 5 years). If each nuclear power plant has its own pool adjoining the reactor building, the La Hague plant (Manche) hosts 4 pools in which are immersed more than 10,000 tons of spent fuel, representing a hundred reactor cores waiting for a improbable reprocessing. Supposedly temporary, storage in these pools has been going on for 40 years. Consequences: the pools are full and the space is running out. Instead of starting a decline in spent fuel stocks by stopping the production of electricity from nuclear power, EDF is stubborn and plans to build an additional pool in Belleville-sur-Loire. But the experience of La Hague shows that the use of these pools goes hand in hand with disproportionate risks.



Fukushima 7th Anniversary Events List Fukushima 311 Watchdogs "IndyWatch Feed"

This is the list of the events organized in various countries and towns worldwide for the commemoration of the March 11 2011 beginning of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, ongoing for 7 years now. I will complete this list little by little by adding to this list any additional event about which the people will inform []

via Fukushima 7th Anniversary Events List Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Home battery storage uptake tripled in 2017 in Australia, as costs tumble RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

New report suggests household battery storage set to boom in Australia, with uptake predicted to have tripled in 2017, and costs of the key technology expected to halve in less than seven years.

via Home battery storage uptake tripled in 2017 in Australia, as costs tumble RenewEconomy


New-build homes with solar and storage? Its going to be the norm RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Including battery storage and rooftop PV in new home packages is soon just going to be the norm, says home builder Metricon. Already, theyre putting them in around half of the new homes they build.

via New-build homes with solar and storage? Its going to be the norm RenewEconomy


IKEA flags selling solar panels at cost in Australia, industry reacts RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed"

Flat-pack solar? IKEA says it wants to retail solar panels in Australia, at cost, as it has done in the UK and other EU countries. Is this a good thing?

via IKEA flags selling solar panels at cost in Australia, industry reacts RenewEconomy


Oral health expert Robin Whyman slams claims made by fluoride critic Paul Connett "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

DHB clinical director for oral health Dr Robin Whyman says evidence shows fluoride can help reduce dental decay. Photo / File

DHB clinical director for oral health Dr Robin Whyman says evidence shows fluoride can help reduce dental decay. Photo / File

Fluoridating drinking water is about protecting the health interests of the wider population, a dental expert says.

This comes in response to a Fluoride Free meeting held on Wednesday, where prominent critic Dr Paul Connett told a 100-person audience about water fluoridation and the harm he argued it posed to health and the environment.

However, Hawkes Bay District Health Board clinical director for oral health Dr Robin Whyman said the board supported fluoridation as evidence showed its effect on reducing dental decay, particularly in children.

We think its good for our community, and we think it has a positive health benefit which will reduce peoples need for treatment and reduce cost both to the DHB and to peoples pockets.

Their position was consistent with that of the Ministry of Health, and other DHBs around the country. It was based on research which had been repeatedly backed up in both national and international studies, he said.

The Wednesday meeting was part of a New Zealand speaking tour featuring Dr Connett, a retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology at St Lawrence University, as the guest of Fluoride Free NZ.

His presentation touched on a number of ar...


If his charter school is not making a difference then why is he guaranteeing its future? "IndyWatch Feed"

Did Willie Jackson just admit that his own Charter School is making no difference? Watch the video and decide for yourself.   At 2:05 following a question from Goldsmith. If he doesnt think that his charter school is making a difference then why is he guaranteeing the future of it but not others? All the Mori side []

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The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: February 7 - 13, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

New activity/unrest was reported for 3 volcanoes between February 7 and 13, 2018. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 15 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Fuego, Guatemala | Kadovar, Papua New Guinea | Mayon, Luzon (Philippines).Ongoing activity:...... Read more


Chinese looking to cut costs for Frieda river mine "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

What will be the costs for the environment and the mighty Sepik river as PanAust looks to decrease capital expenditure?

Frieda River upside options explored

PNG Industry News | 16 February 2018 

THE Frieda River copper-gold project in Papua New Guineas Sandaun Province represents PanAusts long-term strategic growth opportunity.

This was said by PanAust managing director Fred Hess when he presented the companys quarterly report for December 2017 this week.

[PanAust is wholly owned by Chinese State company, Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd (GRAM)]

In 2017, we made strides towards making the project a reality through identifying opportunities to increase the value of the project, decrease capital expenditure, and reduce its overall risk profile. 

We will continue to evaluate these opportunities in 2018, Hess said. 



Tonight: Partial solar eclipse on February 15 "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

By Bruce McClure

The new moon will take a bite out of the solar disk to stage a partial eclipse of the sun on February 15, 2018. This eclipse is visible from southern South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, far-southern Brazil and far-southern Paraguay), Antarctica, and the far-southern extremities of the South Pacific and South Atlantic oceans. If youre in a position to watch this eclipse, remember to use proper eye protection.

On a worldwide scale, the partial eclipse of the sun starts at sunrise over the South Pacific Ocean, and then the moons penumbral shadow moves eastward across the globe, to finally end at sunset nearly four hours later over the South Atlantic Ocean.

The animation and map below help illustrate the February 15 eclipse path. In the animation, every place within the moving gray shadow can see varying degrees of a partial solar eclipse.

The animation helps illustrate this eclipse, whereby every place within the gray shadow can see varying degrees of a partial solar eclipse.

From South America, this partial solar eclipse happens in the late afternoon on February 15, placing the sun low in the west at eclipse time. The farther south you live in South America, the deeper the partial solar eclipse.

Map of February 15, 2018, partial solar eclipse vi...


Jerking to music no one else can hear "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1374, dozens of villages along the Rhine River were in the grips of a dancing plague called choreomania. By the hundreds, villagers took to the streets leaping, jerking, and hopping to music no one else could hear. They barely ate or slept, and just danced, sometimes for days on end, until their bloodied feet []

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Map of the day: Countries Where The Capital Is Not The Largest City "IndyWatch Feed"

  While London is by far the largest city in the UK, the former British Dominions of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan all have other cities that are bigger than their respective capitals

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Gwynn Compton looks at National "IndyWatch Feed"

Some thoughts from a former National media manager.

Overall they make quite a lot of sense but details can be quibbled with.

this is the flavour, but take the time to read the whole piece

A few thoughts on Nationals future direction

Keep NZ Growing.png

Im not endorsing any of the candidates for National Party leader. Im sorry to disappoint, but Ive been very fortunate to work with all of those who are either in or are thinking about contesting, and I dont think itd be appropriate for me to declare a preference one way or the other. While I have my preferences on who Id like to see, and I have my reckons on who I think will win, what is ultimately more important to me is to see an change in the direction and tone that the National Party takes in the two and a half years leading up to the 2020 election.


Learn to make shoes day #5 "IndyWatch Feed"

  Day 5 last day of shoe school and the day we get to see the final results of our work.  I started the day by applying the rand to the second shoe.  We had all joked that one shoe would always be better than the other, as we had generally learnt from scratch []

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Nationals Leadership Preliminary Thoughts 5 Amy Adams "IndyWatch Feed"

Amy Adams, the last to declare of the three declared contenders. She has held senior posts and is seen by many as a competent minister. Seems to have a tendency to speak in management speak. Like Collins and Bridges she is a lawyer.

Adam questions whether she has the necessary cut-through. Interestingly at her launch she was supported by Nikki Kaye, Chris Bishop both seen as on the socially liberal wing of the party and proven vote getters and Tim McIndoe former Chief Whip and from the more socially conservative element within National.

At present do not see her as the winner with the party at large nor the broader electorate.


A column to fill? Make stuff up. "IndyWatch Feed"

Jo Moir conjures up conjecture with Nationals ten first-term MPs could decide the next leader. Ten virtual unknowns in the National Party could decide the next leader. Lawrence Yule is hardly a virtual unknown after the Hawkes Bay water issue. The first-term MPs, who have only been at Parliament for about two months since they were []

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Principal Advisor, Policy and Strategy "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Victorian Government Environment, Land, Water and Planning


Save Us Judith "IndyWatch Feed"

Maybe Im getting old but I needed to look up what in fact a Mimosa is: A Mimosa cocktail is composed of one part champagne (or other sparkling wine) and one part chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice unless otherwise specified. It is traditionally served in a tall champagne flute at brunch, at weddings, or []

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Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"


Honolulu Star-Advertiser - February 15, 2018

This is a time of tremendous need for Native Hawaiians, who are disproportionately beset by poverty, homelessness, imprisonment and social problems. Now would be the time for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and its trustees to focus their considerable funding resources to help the beneficiaries of that trust.

But as all can see from the stunning report released Tuesday by the Office of the State Auditor, quite the opposite has happened. OHA, according to the latest audit, has misspent millions in discretionary funding that should have been properly vetted and directed to the people who need it most.

The agency was authorized in the 1978 Constitutional Convention for the deployment of resources set aside for those of Native Hawaiian ancestry, and the first board of trustees was elected in 1980. Revenues gleaned from the ceded lands dating to the kingdom days are legally reserved in part to benefit the indigenous people of the state. The money is gathered into an investment trust overseen by OHAs nine elected trustees.

OHA protested when a draft of the audit was leaked a few weeks prematurely, and now its painfully clear why.

The final report indicated a lack of fiscal controls over the Native Hawaiian Trust Fund, a laxity that goes back decades but persis...


PNG to sign free trade agreement "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guinea will sign the Free Trade Agreement as soon as the leaders resolve some of the outstanding domestic trade-related issues.
Incumbent chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and Prime Minister Peter ONeill said this in his address during hand over take over with Solomon Islands Prime Minister Rick Nelson.
Mr ONeill said MSG has already made great inroads into sub-regional trade through the MSG free trade agreement. The signing of this agreement by some of our member countries is a milestone achievement.
He called on all leaders to work together to strengthen Trade and Sustainable Development for an inclusive Melanesia.
Papua New Guinea will be signing the free trade agreement as soon as we resolve some of our domestic trade-related issues.
MSG has stood the test of time, and in solidarity, we continue to honor the Melanesian spirit of consensus as is contained in our establishing agreement.
This agreement forms a solid foundation which guides the work of our organisation well into the future.
The theme for this years summit is strengthening Trade and Sustainable Development for an inclusive Melanesia, he said.
The theme reminds us as MSG members we all have a responsibility in advancing our shared future.
We all have responsibility to work together we to achieve our goals and objectives for all our countries.
Through MSG, we will continue to address the many challenges we are now faced with in our region.


Fridays answers "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Teletext gets my thanks for posing Thursdays questions and can claim a virtual bunch of red roses for stumping us all by leaving the answers below.


View from your window ** COMPETITION photo "IndyWatch Feed"

Once a month I select one of the photos submitted to View From Your Window and make it the competition photo. The first person to correctly guess where the photo was taken with the most accuracy will win a 1 kg bag of Blueburds famous Coffee Vice coffee. We want not just the area shown in the competition photo identified, we want []

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...and on whistleblower protection "IndyWatch Feed"

Abortion isn't the only area where Labour is moving to act on its promises. last year, the newly elected government suggested it would strengthen whistleblower protections. Now, they're doing that too:

Work has begun on a review of the Protected Disclosures Act 2000, Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins said today.

The Government is exploring whether the law and procedures to protect whistle blowers need to be strengthened. The review will start with a series of targeted workshops next week.

Getting this right is critical to building public confidence in the integrity of government and business in New Zealand, Mr Hipkins says.

It is crucial that employees feel safe to report cases of serious misconduct. Anyone who raises issues of serious misconduct or wrongdoing needs to have faith that their role, reputation, and career development will not be jeopardised when speaking up.

The first step in this review is to identify possible gaps and weaknesses in the current Act.

There are a couple. Firstly, that whistleblowers can't go to MPs or the media if their reports are ignored by their proper reporting chain. Secondly, that (thanks to National) it is literally a criminal offence for staff in some departments (notably those with significant intrusive powers) to pass on evidence of wrongdoing. Thirdly, that it is not currently a criminal offence to retaliate against whistleblowers. All those things need to change. Hopefully this review will be the first step in that process.


Joyce affair reveals Australias corrupt and crony political culture "IndyWatch Feed"

Contributed by Joe Montero

In many ways, the controversy over Barnaby Joyces affair is a distraction. The focus on the personal affair with a former journalist, who became a staffer in the media has the flavour of tabloid journalism about it. Personal relationships are much more complex and only those involved really know what is going on. Besides, he has done much worse then get his girlfriend pregnant and this is what the focus should be on.

Joyce has consistently been in the front line, attacking those on Centrelink benefits as welfare cheat.  her has played a leading role in  bringing in a list of measures, engineered to make life more difficult for the most vulnerable Australians.

While doing this, he has not been too shy to dip his own hands into the governments coffers.And he is accused of using public funds to cultivate an extramarital affair. And when he finally leaves Canberra, there will be no guilt about walking away with a bag of life-long perks and a pension that would provide a comfortable life for a whole bunch of other pensioners. You can bet he wont be calling himself a welfare cheat, even if this comes on top of his reputed wealth of around $18 million.

Time and time again, Barnaby Joyce has betrayed the ranks of the National Party, siding with Tony Abbott and then Malcolm Turnbull, to champion cut backs in services and privatisations. He once claimed to stand against this. No wonder that some in the National Party took to calling him Turncoat Barnaby. This has contributed to the shifting of a section of the partys base of support to One Nation.

Many more sins could be written about. At every turn, when a new measure that hurt ordinary Australians came, Barnaby was there, playing the role of the most reliable sycophant of a brutal  government without compassion and prepared to do anything to serve its own interests. .

If there is one positive thing to come out of the present affair, it is that it has given us a glimpse of the murky waters of the embedded culture of corruption and cronyism that envelopes Canberra.

This  is the most pressing political issue of our times. Corruption and cronyism is what is determining the type of government that we have and what lies behind so many measures are being put in place, which are hurting ordinary Australians.

The flip side is that  this situation has plunged trust in the political system to the lowest level ever. Before the Barnaby Joyce affair broke out, not many had any great trust in parliament, leading politicians and the big parties.  But now, the stocks have sunk even lower, and this has mainly goner...


Economics in Two Lessons "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Ive finally committed to delivering a manuscript of my long-overdue book Economics in Two Lessons. As part of the process, Im going to post the chapters, one at a time, and ask for comments, criticism, encouragement and so on. To begin at the beginning, heres the Introduction.


Simon Bridges own electorate doesnt support him "IndyWatch Feed"

Sun Live is a local news outlet based in Tauranga. Theyve been running a poll for the leadership contenders and the news is not good for Simon Bridges, in his own electorate: That has got to be pretty devastating. Now theyve added in their other local boy, Todd Muller. He doesnt do so well either. []

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Ayn Rand advises the National Party "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Ayn Rand offers advice on choosing a political candidate:

In view of the general confusion on this subject, it is advisable to remind prospective voters of a few basic considerations, as guidelines in deciding what one can properly expect of a political candidate, particularly of a presidential candidate.
....One cannot expect, nor is it necessary, to agree with a candidates total philosophy only with his political philosophy (and only in terms of essentials). It is not a Philosopher-King that we are electing, but an executive for a specific, delimited job. It is only political consistency that we can demand of him; if he advocates the right political principles for the wrong metaphysical reasons, the contradiction is his problem, not ours.
....A contradiction of that kind, will, of course, hamper the effectiveness of his campaign, weaken his arguments and dilute his appeal as any contradictions undercut any mans efficacy. But we have to judge him as we judge any work, theory, or product of mixed premises: by his dominant trend.
....A vote for any candidate does not constitute an endorsement of his entire position, not even of his entire political position, only of his basic political principles
....It is the basic and, today, the only issue by which a candidate must be judged: freedom vs. statism.
....If a candidate evades, equivocates and hides his stand under a junk-heap of random concretes, we must add up those concretes and judge him accordingly. If his stand is mixed, we must evaluate it by asking: Will he protect freedom or destroy the last of it? Will he accelerate, delay, or stop the march towards statism?
So, a serious question: is there any candidate for National Party leader who you could support? Or are they all little more than a junk-heap of random concretes.


Australian Constitution Fraud "IndyWatch Feed"

Putting aside the Barnaby Joyce affair, the people in the Australian Government have a much more serious issue that is not on a domestic scale but rather has global ramifications, that being a "Constitutional Crisis" that is (deliberately?) hidden in plain sight.

Please also note that a book from 1999 called AUSTRALIA The Concealed colony  by F.J. Coningham Ph.D. has been removed from bookshelves.  

From the video below (6m50s), these are the topics mentioned;

  • Australia is a colony as defined within the Constitution, therefore cannot have a matter in the International Court of Justice.

  • Royal signature (of QEII) a must for any law to be valid, where the signature is given by the Vice-Regal representative -> Governor-General.

  • A passport can only be issued by a nation and not a colony of the U.K.
  • No action has been taken by the Australian government on the Stern Hu matter as this could expose Australia's Constitutional issues.

  • In the 1990's Australia's Governor-General was appointed from a forged document.
  • U.K. chancellor Baron Falconer confirmed signature was a forgery,
  • Date of the document is after the design of the Royal Seal was changed.
  • Custody of the Royal Seal
  • The Australian people are governed in secrecy.
  • Australia given vast territories in the Antarctic by the United Nations.
  • The U.S. has bases on Australian territories searching for resources.
  • The Japanese are whaling in Australian territories as they comprehend that if the matter was to play out publicly in the international courts where it would be exposed that the U.N. cannot give territories to a colony.
The people in government will not do anything about this, due to the cushy government entitlements, where they'd rather keep the masses in the dark.


Disturbances in Whitianga 3: Who Assaulted Who? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

We continue our series on the bizarre events in the Coromandel back in late 2017. Next week the trial begins of a man who was assaulted but then charged with assault! (To read 1 and 2 scroll down to February 14 and 15.) A Kafkaesque Turn of Events By Stephanie McKee Then in November 2017, []


NZ Political Cartoon Roundup: Who is completely ignored and who is seen as the biggest threat? "IndyWatch Feed"

Political cartoons reveal a lot about what the Media Party is thinking. Amy Adams didnt even rate her own cartoon. Of the ones left ask yourself which candidate the Media Party are dedicating the most time to and why?    

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Food, Glorious Food: Beggars Pudding 1773 recipe for Bread Pudding "IndyWatch Feed"

This recipe is very similar to one my grandmother and my mother used, though used milk not sherry and dark sugar and sultanas as well as currants. However, the virtue of many of theses old recipes, especially ones such as Bread Pudding is their adaptability. Will try this soon.


Retaliation feared for Sydney bikie hit "IndyWatch Feed"

Mahmoud Mick Hawi.

The brazen shooting murder of notorious former bikie boss Mahmoud Mick Hawi as he sat in the drivers seat of a luxury 4WD is feared to spark a new round of Sydney underworld revenge attacks.

The ex-leader of the Comancheros was shot multiple times outside a Fitness First gym in Rockdale in Sydneys south about midday on Thursday and later died in St George Hospital.

His 4WD was peppered with at least half a dozen bullets in the underworld hit.

Two men in dark clothing were captured on CCTV fleeing the scene after the attack.

Witnesses identified a man wearing a balaclava as the gunman.

Shortly afterwards, a Mercedes Benz station wagon was set alight on a nearby street.

Police described the daylight murder of the 37-year-old as a serious, brutal and callous.

This was a planned and targeted attack, Assistant Commissioner Mal Lanyon told reporters.

He said detectives are investigating Mr Hawis underworld links and who may wanted him dead, while full resources are also being deployed to prevent retribution for the murder.

Its essential, when we believe there could be links to organised crime, that we take action to prevent that, Mr Lanyon said.

Hawi served time in prison for his role in the killing of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas who was bashed with a bollard during a brawl between the rival clubs at Sydney Airport in 2009.

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Joyces slow, agonising spiral down "IndyWatch Feed"

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Hair by agonising hair, day by painful day, the bandaid was pulled off.

It didnt have to be this way.

Barnaby Joyce and coalition MPs had about 24 hours where they thought he had pulled out of a death spiral that began nine days ago.

Nationals MPs were lined up behind their leader.

The flood of revelations about his affair with staffer Vikki Campion had dried up.

His party didnt want him gone.

Joyce leads 21 Nationals MPs in parliament and they are the only ones who can remove him, not the prime minister.

They see him as an electoral asset, a man who bombastically stands up for the regions, delivering money and votes.

His style isnt for everyone, but it does just fine for many, many people in the country.

After a testy week, Joyce looked to have avoided the death spirals his colleagues had taken.

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop lasted 18 days before her inevitable resignation over taking a helicopter to a Liberal fundraiser.

Sussan Ley lasted 10 days before quitting the front bench over claiming travel expenses to buy a house on the Gold Coast.

Liberal MPs privately said they thought this scandal was going to end the same way, until Joyce appeared to pull it out of the fire on Wednesday.

Despite his mistakes, one MP summed up his worth to the coalition:Were better with him than without him.

Then Malcolm Turnbull pulled the bandaid off a bit further, ripping out some hairs with it.

He told parliament Joyce would be taking personal leave next week instead of being acting prime minister while Turnbull was in Washington.

Turnbull had not appeared fully confident in Joyce all week but that decision took him to the brink.

More questions then began to be raised about a rent-free townhouse Joyce was given to live in for six months, thanks to a rich business friend Greg Maguire.

Then there were questions about a function his department paid for at Maguires Armidale hotel.

And it was revealed Joyces push to move the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to Armidale meant taxpayers have spent almost $15,000 putting staff in that same hotel.

A passionate and strident Turnbull waited unt...


Nationals Leadership Preliminary Thoughts 4 Mark Mitchell "IndyWatch Feed"

Mark Mitchell is seen as the dark horse candidate. He has an excellent track record, having served in the police , as an international hostage negotiator and has run his own business. Furthermore, some reports suggest he has a positive relationship with Winston Peters. In addition he is seen as having good relationships across parties, an important consideration in an MMP environment. A key question will he be able to counter Ardern and push back on the weak links in the coalition.

Should he choose to enter the race than he could well be a late finisher as he is likely to appeal across the party and the aisle.


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Drought, disruption undermines farmers confidence:

A marked drop in farmer optimism and growing concern about the ability to recruit suitable staff are stand-out features of the Federated Farmers Mid-Season Farm Confidence Survey.

For the first time in two years, farmer optimism has decreased, including negative perceptions of the economy, farm profitability, farm production and farm spending. Farm debt levels have also increased and fewer farms are now debt-free.

The Federated Farmers survey is conducted by Research First twice a year (January and July) and 1070 farmers responded to the questionnaire last month. . . 

Time to get real about forestry Graham West:

Last year I commented on the high returns from current harvesting, however I dont believe this is being translated into significant interest in new planting, certainly not at the rate of the governments aspirational target of 50,000ha per year. The Crown Forestry action is clearly around doing deals to secure land for leasing and other deal makers, like Toitu Te Waonui, and various forestry consultants, are doing the same, good on them.

But this doesnt really raise the general awareness of the forestry business opportunity for land owners and investors. The challenge is how to create a pipe line of prospects who are considering land use change. The target group must be the approximately 25,000 drystock farmers in New Zealand, owning 9.5m hectares. The timeline is also important, seedlings for next winter are already booked, but the deadline for orders to secure plants for the following winter (2019) needs to be placed with nurseries by Oct-Nov 2018. . . 

Minister needs to step up as drought worsens in Coastal Taranaki:

The Minister for Primary Industries needs to step up and listen to the rural sector in the face of the worsening drought in Coastal Taranaki, Nationals Rural Communities Spokesperson Barbara Kuriger says.

Mrs Kuriger reached out to Agriculture Minister Damien OConnor last week to discuss ideas put forward by the Taranaki Rural Support Trust, but the Minister has not accepted the invitation to meet.

It would seem that the res...


Soper eviscerates some contenders "IndyWatch Feed"

Barry Soper had a brilliant column yesterday. Sometimes he is well off the boil but he seems to have a good grasp of the issues in this case: There was no need for the rounded vowels of Simon Bridges to front up to the media with a flashy support party like the showy Amy Adams []

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Islamic terrorism in New Zealand 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

We always said that it was not a matter of if but when. All the warning signs were there. We had seen it happen in Western country after Western country, including our neighbour Australia, but did our politicians do anything differently? No, they did not. Now New Zealand is paying the price because of weak []

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U.S. Ambassador to Australia: Who Is Harry B. Harris Jr.? "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trumps love affair with general officers shows no sign of abating. On February 9, 2018, he nominated Admiral Harry Binkley Harris Jr., the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command and the first Asian-American to reach the rank of admiral in the U.S. Navy, to be ambassador to Australia.


Harris father, a World War II veteran, was a machinists mate chief petty officer in the Navy who married a Japanese woman when he was stationed in Japan after the war. Harry Jr. was born August 4, 1956, in Yokosuka, Japan. His father retired from the Navy in 1958 and the family moved to a farm in Tennessee, and then to Pensacola, Florida. Harris graduated from Booker T. Johnson High School in 1974, having participated in Naval Junior ROTC.


Harris went on to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, graduating with a B.S. in engineering in 1978. He subsequently earned a masters in public administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in the early 1990s and an M.A. in national security studies from Georgetown in 2000.


Harris went into naval aviation and, after flight school back in Pensacola, he was assigned as a tactical coordinator for P-3 Orion anti-submarine patrol planes, coordinating the personnel and the equipment in the back of the plane. From 1985 to 1987, Harris served as a tactical action officer aboard the carrier USS Saratoga, including participation in the response to the October 1985 hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro and the April 1986 bombing of Libya.


He continued to advance up the chain of command in naval aviation, with stops in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations from 1992 to 1993, commander of Whidbey Island Naval Base, and as special assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1998 to 2000. He served as assistant chief of staff for operations, plans and political-military affairs, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command in Manama, Bahrain. Harris earned his first star in 2005 when he was again serving in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations as director of Information/Current Operations.


On March 31, 2006, Harris took over as commander of Joint Task Force Guantnamo. Under his watch, three prisoners held at the base, Mani Shaman Turki al-Habardi Al-Utaybi, Salah Ali Abdullah Ahmed al-Salami and Yasser Talal Al Zahrani, died while in custody. Harris quickly declared the deaths to be suicides, saying: I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us. However an investigation by Harpers magazine cast considerable doubt on that verdict, pointing out the near simultaneous times of death while held separately; the improbability of the prisoners ability to kill themselves in the...



Winston First MP Clayton Noname is looking to make a name for himself by seeking to introduce into parliament a Bill making English one of our official languages.

Wot a friggin waster of time.   Te Reo and sign language are official languages but nothing can change the fact that English is 'our' language of choice; of government; of the law; of commence; of education and of everything else except perhaps on the Marae; in kura kaupapa Maori schools and on a couple of TV/radio stations.

Nothing is going to change that ever.   This Bill is dogwhistle politics at its worst designed to fill a gap that doesn't exist and pander to the prejudices of Winston First's ever evaporating voter demographic.  

A fatally flawed Electoral Integrity Bill; support for Labour's destruction of Charter Schools and now this piece of crap legislation.    All from a Party destined for the dustbin of history.


Mike Hosking on the National party leadership race "IndyWatch Feed"

Mike Hosking shared his view of the race so far: So lets deal with what weve got so far. Simon Bridges, Amy Adams and Judith Collins. Aged 41, 46 and 58 if age is an issue for all those gripped by this generational change bollocks. Generational change is fine but not if thats []

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Question of the Day: "The proper question is, 'What share of its legal monopoly on the use of force should the government share with its citizens?'" "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

"To see why it is proper for a government to regulate weapons and to understand the principles by which it should, we need to go back to some fundamental principles of moral philosophy, political philosophy, different kinds of rights, and the nature of government... You have a natural right to defend yourself against an attack, using unlimited force if necessary. But it still might rightly be illegal for you to own or carry a gun...
    "Remember, the proper question is not, 'Why can the government restrict my access to guns?' The proper question is, 'What share of its legal monopoly on the use of force should the government share with its citizens?' The proper answer is, 'Whatever is needed for those citizens to protect themselves when the government cannot.'
    "Unfortunately, this principle is not articulated in the [US] Constitution and we are stuck twisting the Second Amendment into service. Things would be better if we didn't have to." 
~ John McCaskey, '
Natural Rights, Civil Rights, and Guns'


Thoughts from Bob: More vile racism "IndyWatch Feed"

Theres a lefty Wellington lightweight called Dave Armstrong who Im told is a potboiler playwright, thus self-employed and good on him for that. What fascinates me though is that the dying Dominion Post allots him a half page on their all-important Saturday edition, doubtless a contributing factor to its circa 12% annual circulation collapse.

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#Seattle: A Sobering Look At the Anti-Fascist Response at Red Square on 2/10 "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Saturday, February 10th, multiple groups of fascists and far-right conservatives converged in Seattle, WA (occupied Duwamish territory) at Red Square in the center of UWs campus. A call for anarchists and anti-fascists to oppose this gathering was posted nearly a week prior. The occasion for such a gathering was a Freedom Rally that the UW College Republicans had invited Joey Gibson and his group Patriot Prayer from Vancouver, WA to attend. The fascist creep that has been edging its way into the patriot movement for the last several years in the pacific northwest has been well documented by Rose City Antifa, among others. With this in mind, anarchists and anti-fascists took it upon themselves to organize last-minute efforts to sabotage this gathering of fascists and their more center-leaning accomplices. Sure enough, a handful of different fascist and fascist-leaning right-wing groups converged together on campus; The Cascade Legion, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, UW College Republicans and various groups of militia-wannabes who patrolled the perimeter of Red Square in their olive-green army fatigues.

Originally published by Puget Sound Anarchists.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Seattle: A Sobering Look At the Anti-Fascist Response at Red Square on 2/10

On Saturday, February 10th, multiple groups of fascists and far-right conservatives converged in Seattle, WA (occupied Duwamish territory) at Red Square in the center of UWs campus. A call for anarchists and anti-fascists to oppose this gathering was posted nearly a week prior. The occasion for such a gathering was a Freedom Rally that the UW College Republi...


Cronywatch: Fat Tony scores a job in Christchurch despite living in Hawkes Bay "IndyWatch Feed"

The crony jobs are flowing for Labour people. Mike Fat Tony Williams is the latest to score a crony job: Three new trustees have been appointed to the Christ Church Cathedral fundraising trust. Jenny May, Jo Scott and Mike Williams have joined chairman Peter Guthrey, Te Maire Tau, Sarah Sinclair, Ian Lochhead and Tim Carter on []

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If only thered been a teal deal "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The governing coalition is all at sea over fisheries monitoring:

Evidence given to the Environment Select Committee from the Department of Conservation (DOC) today just goes to show the deeply divided factions occurring within the Coalition Government, Nationals Fisheries spokesperson Gerry Brownlee says.

Speaking at DOCs annual review, the Director General Lou Sanson was asked what input his department has had on the new Governments decision to firstly postpone and then, this week, cancel the introduction of cameras on fishing boats.

Mr Sanson and DOC have always been spirited advocates of on-board cameras as one of the best practical measures needed to protect our declining marine bird species.

He told the committee that DOC absolutely maintains its position that cameras on fishing boats are essential if we are to reverse the decline in the sort of seabird species we see in our waters.

Its therefore quite extraordinary that his Minister, Eugenie Sage, has so quickly and thoroughly distanced herself from Stuart Nashs decision to cancel the roll-out that the National Government initiated.

It doesnt take a rocket-scientist to work out that Mr Nash is being leant on by Coalition partner, New Zealand First.

Im surprised that as a junior Coalition partner, the Greens have allowed themselves to be side-lined in this way, Mr Brownlee says.

The Green Party has had to swallow a lot of dead rats in its agreement to support Labour and New Zealand First in government.

Had they been able to countenance a deal with National last year, there would be no compromise over on-board cameras.

If the Greens could moderate their radical left economic and social agenda, they could sit in the political middle, able to go left and right.

A teal deal would have been better for both the economy and environment than what weve got a red and black one with a weak green off-shoot.


The Save Joyce campaign and Amy Adams "IndyWatch Feed"

Far from being the claimed generational change Amy Adams has garnered support from the old guard who are seeking to preserve the McCully/Boag/English dynasty by using her as a proxy. She is now seen by caucus as the status quo campaign, endorsed by the wets and the old guard. Amy Adams, yesterday, again reiterated her []

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Bridges mauled by Guyon Espiner on Red Radio "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday Simon Bridges went on Red Radio to talk with Guyon Espiner and what happened next was a disaster. Espiner openly mocked him, laughing in his face and calling him out on his virtue signalling. Bridges is showing that he is ill prepared for this leadership challenge and clearly has not prepared a plan, much []

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How should peace be measured in Papua New Guinea? "IndyWatch Feed"

For most of us our raison detre for seeking to understand violence is the need for peace. If we understand violence then we can reduce it and thereby have peace. For many people working on the frontlines, it is not a career choice but a labour of love and life often unpaid or involving great sacrifice. PNG women like Dame Carol Kidu, the late Josepha Kiris, Ume Wainetti and many others have paved the way for legal reform, national action and policies like the recently approved National Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender Based Violence and the Sorcery National Action Plan. National actors, in partnership with development partners, have also been instrumental in paving the way for the emergence of new initiatives like the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee, PNGs first case management service Femili PNG, and much needed counselling services. Through these and other initiatives such as work in the Law and Justice sector, the next generation of actors are also being trained.

I proceed with deference to this extraordinary body of knowledge generated by scholars, national actors, and development partners leading action to reduce violence in PNG. This work unequivocally informs us that violence in PNG is multilayered, gendered, involves multiple actors, and is fast changing. It also counsels that there are no silver bullets, that our responses need to be multifaceted but may also have unintended consequences that may exacerbate violence.

Media narratives, often sensationalised and essentialised for Western audiences, mask the breathtaking diversity, breadth and the depth of issues that the term violence in PNG canvases.

For example, media reports that cite the statistic 2/3 of PNG women have experienced so...


US will struggle to keep pace with Chinese military if it does not invest, senior admiral warns "IndyWatch Feed War"

We ignore Chinese military expansion at our peril

By Alexandra Wilts Washington DC

The Independent


Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command, has taken a hard line against Chinese military expansion Getty Images

The top US admiral in the Pacific has said that if the United States does not keep pace with Chinas investment in military technologies, the American military will eventually struggle to compete with Chinese armed forces.

China is a rapidly growing regional military power and is seeking to expand its global influence, Admiral Harry Harris told the House Armed Services Committee.

If the US does not keep pace [Pacific Command] will struggle to compete with the Peoples Liberation Army on future battlefields, he said.

He added that China is using military modernization, influence operations and predatory economics to coerce neighbouring countries to reorder the Indo-Pacific to their advantage.

Chinas intent is crystal clear, Mr Harris said, suggesting that the nations is working to replace the US as the security partner of choice for countries in the region.

He continued: We ignore it at our peril. These types of aspirational goals could be appropriate for a nation of Chinas stature, but judging by Chinas regional behaviour I am concerned that China will now work to undermine the rules-based international order, not just in the Indo-Pacific but on a global scale.

On Wednesday, US intelligence chief Dan Coats told the Senate Intelligence Committee that malign actors like Russia and China would continue to use several tactics, such as cyber warfare, to challenge US influence around the globe.

Last week, Mr Trump signed a bipartisan budget deal that significantly boosted defence spending.

The President on Wednesday, speaking of the budget agreement, said were extremely happy with the bill that was passed, because it takes care of our military.

Our military will b...


Florida school shooting "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Another horrific mass shooting in the US, this time at a school in Florida. Reuters: FBI was warned about alleged Florida gunman, could not locate The Federal Bureau of Investigation was warned last year about an ominous online comment by the 19-year-old man accused of killing 17 people in his former high school but was []


Academic researching China burgled "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

There may be a couple of coincidences here, but this does deserve some scrutiny. NZ Herald:  NZ academic who made headlines researching Chinas influence links break-ins to her work A New Zealand academic who made international waves researching Chinas international influence campaigns has linked a number of recent break-ins to her work. University of Canterbury []


Florida School Shooting Trump speaks "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump addresses nation, utterly meaningless

Listen to the sanctimonious hypocrite spouting biblical quotes, but failing to address need for tough gun laws. Furthermore, he talks about mental illness, but his budget proposals are to massively cut federal funding in this area. Thoughts and prayers and a proposed visit to Parkland are just posturing. They are no substitute for strong actions to stop this rot in US society.


Fortnightly links: compassion fatigue, modern contraception, gender equality, and more "IndyWatch Feed"

Nancy Birdsall writes for the Center for Global Development on modern contraception and womens empowerment in the developing world.

Rohi Joan Halifax shares some words of wisdom on the problem of compassion fatigue, or empathetic distress.

Without urgent action, big and open data may widen existing inequalities, says Sabina Leonelli.

Does gender inequality stem from economic or cultural factors? Seema Jayachandran covers the statistical evidence in a reader-friendly way.

When will the number of children on our planet stop growing? Max Rosser looks at the demographic evidence and projections.

Japans first lady, Akie Abe, talks about advancing gender equality and Japans experience.

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Daily Crossword "IndyWatch Feed"

Welcome to our Daily Crossword.

Readers have requested a daily crossword and stated that the only reason they maintained a subscription to the NZ Herald or other newspapers was for a daily crossword.

We have now sourced a quality crossword provider, the same provider who provides many crosswords to media outlets for print. It is available for ALL readers who have a subscription package with Whaleoil.

Now you can safely cancel your newspaper subscription as your final remaining reason to keep it has now gone. Instead, you can sign up for one of our subscription packages and enjoy crosswords online on Whaleoil.

If demand is sufficient we can extend what we offer to other puzzles like Sudoku as well. Let us know.

The Crossword is now only available for subscribers only. 

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China has built seven new military bases in South China Sea, US navy commander says "IndyWatch Feed War"

Beijings assertive territorial claims in disputed waterway is coordinated, methodical and strategic, Admiral Harry Harris says

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 1:15pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 1:15pm

South China Morning Post



If you want to UPDATE, UPGRADE or CHANGE any details this post has all the links you will need "IndyWatch Feed"

If you want to update your credit card details click here. If you want to upgrade or change your subscription click here. You can easily upgrade between subscription levels at any time by visiting your account page. When upgrading your subscription, it will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and how much time is left on your []

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National leadership speculation in full swing "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

There hasnt been much change to the list of National leadership contenders Jonathan Coleman has confirmed he wont stand, Steven Joyce and mark Mitchell are reported to be interested but havent yet confirmed either way, so Amy Adams, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins remain the current confirmed contenders. Theres a lot of pundit positing []


Quote of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Oh, they never lie. They dissemble, evade, prevaricate, confound, confuse, distract, obscure, subtly misrepresent and willfully misunderstand with what often appears to be a positively gleeful relish and are generally perfectly capable of contriving to give one an utterly unambiguous impression of their future course of action while in fact intending to do exactly the opposite, but they never lie. Perish the thought.  Iain Banks


Whaleoil General Debate "IndyWatch Feed"

Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoils daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate youll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No []

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Face of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

As the wheeling and dealing within the National Party kicks into action, talks to political insiders about who will replace Bill English as Leader, and where they see the party going. Former Reserve Bank Governor, National Party Leader and ACT Party Leader, Don Brash, has his money on Judith Collins. He has confidence in []

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed"

The word for today is epistemic (adj) Of, relating to, or involving knowledge; cognitive. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : The Greek noun epistm skill, knowledge, scientific knowledge, science is a derivative of the verb epistnai to know how (to do), believe (that), be acquainted with, know, know as a fact. The verb []

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Friday's Fulminations "IndyWatch Feed"

There is mild moderation.  Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply.with serious transgressors being thrown out.

Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.




Daily Proverb "IndyWatch Feed"

Proverbs 16 19 An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city. Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars.

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South Korea's Ahn Hee-Jung on coal trade: after Paris 'everything should change' "IndyWatch Feed"

Australia sells South Korea $6bn of coal a year, so Canberra unease over the governor's anti-coal message is unsurprisingFor a South Korean presidential hopeful, Ahn Hee-Jung is not what you would expect. Related: Energy economics group says export market for Australian coal will decline Meeting South Korea's Governor An Hee-jung to discuss working together to meet regional challenges & #WinterOlympics2018 ~ Continue reading...


New Zealand: Muslim teen planned to ram car into people and then stab them for Allah "GroovUs Feed Nvideos"

Not to worry. He is getting counselling by a member of the local Muslim community. That will fix everything, wont it? And the president of the Federation of Islamic Associations, Hazim Arafeh, says that jihad terrorists are misinformed about Islam. So you see, nothing to be concerned about at all! Go back to sleep. But []


East Africas Albertine Rift needs protection now, scientists say "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

The equatorial ecosystems of the Albertine Rift are packed with plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Formed as tectonic plates in eastern Africa have slowly pulled away from each other for millions of years, the unique habitats in this epicenter of biodiversity have rapidly come under threat in recent decades from conflict, poverty and a booming human population. Now, a coalition of conservation groups is working with authorities to mobilize a plan to protect the cloud and lowland rainforests, the lakes and rivers, and the savannas and wetlands that stretch from Lake Albert south to Lake Tanganyika. The six landscapes of the Albertine Rift. Image courtesy of WCS. The Albertine Rift is the most important site for vertebrate conservation in Africa, with more endemic and globally threatened vertebrates than any other region of the continent, Andy Plumptre, a conservation biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Societys Africa program and the papers lead author, said in a statement. WCS, in concert with local NGOs and the governments of Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, has pulled together research spanning 16 years. Theyve used these investigations to better understand the six geographic landscapes selected for the high concentrations of unique and threatened species they contain, and theyve put forth detailed plans to protect them. According to the report, the scientists estimate that it will cost about $21 million a year to set their proposals in motion, a figure they argue offers a greater bang for the buck


Operation Pacific Eagle: Duterte Falls in Line with US Plans for the Philippines "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the second part of this MPN exclusive, we examine the U.S. militarys latest intervention in Asia, its 120 years of imperialist domination in the Philippines, and Philippine President Rodrigo Dutertes half-hearted push for independence from Washington. We speak to exiled Filipino revolutionary Jose Maria Sison and Professors William I. Robinson and Roland Simbulan.

In Part Three, we will conclude with a comparison of Operation Pacific Eagle to the notorious counterinsurgency initiative Plan Colombia, and look at how the new Pentagon mission enables the U.S. to continue encircling China with its military bases.

In Part One, we spoke to Ka Oris of the New Peoples Army and the professors about the armed struggle on the southern island of Mindanao and its nearly trillion dollars in mineral deposits a crucial motive for Washington to prioritize the Philippines as a major military theater on the same scale as Syria and Iraq.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES   By all appearances, Operation Pacific Eagle the U.S. militarys new overseas contingency operation to team up with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to fight so-called extremist groups is a mission conceived to never end.

Packaged as an extension of the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) groups Southeast Asian cohorts, Operation Pacific Eagle has been confirmed by a U.S. government report as entailing that U.S. special operations personnel accompany AFP troops in all of its military operations, especially on the large southern island of Mindanao. A virtually limitless sum of money will also be allowed to fund the mission, which will be prioritized on the same level as Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Syria.

As MintPress detailed in Part I of this series, the alleged presence of so-called ISIS-P (Islamic State group in the Philippines) militants in Mindanao, which remains under martial law, provides a convenient excuse for the entrenching of U.S. Armed Forces to assist the AFP in halting radicalization and violent extremism in the country.

Launched last September but only...


Media watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

16 February 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

16 February 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


West Papua MSG Membership Close "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

West Papua MSG Membership Close
5/02/2018 Meriba Tulo

West Papuas application to become a full member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group has gained traction, with MSG Leaders referring the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) to the MSG Secretariat for deliberation.

Prime Minister & MSG Chair, Peter ONeill, made this known at the conclusion of the Leaders Summit Wednesday afternoon.

According to Mr ONeill, the leaders of Melanesia have approved new criteria guidelines for observers, associate members and full members to the sub-regional grouping.

Currently, the ULMWP has an observer status to the MSG, with Indonesia already an associate member to this sub-regional grouping.

However, with this new move, West Papua, or the ULMWP at least could be one step closer to becoming a full member of MSG.

ULMWP Leader, Benny Wenda, was present at the closing of the MSG Leaders Summit, and was pleased with the outcome.

When addressing Melanesian Leaders, Wenda called on the MSG to support West Papua, in the same way that the MSG had shown support for the FLNKS in New Caledonia in their push for independence.

Indonesia, however, called on the MSG to respect its sovereignty, calling the West Papuan issue an internal matter their comments not go down well with Mr Wenda, when speaking to EMTV.

West Papua Is a Melanesian issue, which must be dealt with by Melanesians Indonesia is not Melanesia.


Webs under water: The really bizarre lives of intertidal spiders "IndyWatch Feed"

Spiders are one of the most ubiquitous creatures on Earth, found on every continent except Antarctica. Whether in underground caves in the Amazon or the icy climes of Mount Everest, there is a species of spider that has moved into practically every land habitat. But some arachnids are determined to not even let the oceans stand in their way and scientists have just discovered a new one. A spider named for the late reggae legend Bob Marley is the newest member of the 15 known species of so-called intertidal spiders. These weird spiders inhabit the intertidal zone: a stretch of land that is submerged during high tide and exposed during low. Scientists from Australias Queensland Museum and the Zoological Museum at the University of Hamburg, Germany, first found Bob Marleys spider (Desis bobmarleyi) in 2009 and described it last December. A male Bob Marleys spider (Desis bobmarleyi), discovered in Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia. Photo by Robert Raven The connection to Bob Marley was first through his song high tide [or] low tide as these spiders live in the high tide low tide zone, said Barbara Baehr, a research scientist from the Queensland Museum and the lead author of the paper. The mix of land and sea in the intertidal zone supports a wildly diverse set of habitats. For instance, Baehr found Bob Marleys spider on brain corals in shallow reefs on the rocky Queensland coast. But another intertidal species, Desis formidablis, or the formidable spider, lives under boulders


Dead sperm whale leaves stink in the air at Papamoa Beach, New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

"It's pretty whiffy out on the East Papamoa Beach today," says fisherman John Howlett. John is describing the smell in the air left by a dead whale he found on his way to a fish at the Kaituna cut. He could still smell it when he got to the cut, which is about 2km downwind of the decaying carcass. From its teeth in the narrow jaw and the square front to its head, it looks like a sperm whale, but not fully grown. John sent his photos through to the Tauranga Department of Conservation office and a whale expert is on his way to inspect the find. "It washed up with the last high tide overnight," says John.

Thursday, 15 February



The people of Papua New Guinea should not be panicked by the alleged report on the media regarding the Anthrax outbreak in Madang early this week.

The National Department of Health has confirmed with the Madang Provincial Health Authorities that Anthrax disease was not an outbreak though it existed among pigs in certain parts on the habitat.

According to World Health Organisation, Anthrax is a disease caused by a bacterium called Bacillus anthracis. It is a disease which has existed for hundreds of years and which still occurs naturally in both animals and humans in many parts of the world. In its most common natural form, it creates dark sores on the skin.

Health Secretary Pasco Kase confirmed reports from his office and he was frustrated over the report as to how one has to post such nonsense causing panic among residents, visitors and tourists in Madang, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

My office confirms that no human beings in Madang has caught the Anthrax bacteria. We have to be careful with lives of the people when posting about diseases (outbreaks), Kase warned.

The health department has the authority to declare outbreaks in the country and not by individuals pressing panic button we deal with sensitive cases seriously as it involves peoples lives, he said.

He said that the anthrax was common on pigs and did not affect people.
The National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA) also expressed similar sentiments.

NAQIA Chief Veterinary Dr Gibasa Asiba stated that type of anthrax bacteria reported in Karkar (Madang) was common in PNG and affected only pigs, not humans.

Madang leaders were also frustrated about the posts which resulted in panic among people.

Madang business man and leader Sir Peter Barter called on authorities to investigate and apprehend the person who posted the misleading information.


The Late Movie: Things To Come 1936 "IndyWatch Feed"

Classic film by Korda from H G Wells famous novel. Marvelous cast Ralph Richardon, Cedric Hardwicke, Raymond Massey


Haus Ples Revolutionizes Real Estate Online Search "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Papua New Guineas leading real estate website has launched a new website and mobile app to give users a world-class experience.

The new multi-million Kina online platform and app will provide a one stop online shop for property renters and buyers and give sellers and landlords exposure in a very competitive market.

Hausples GM Tom Snelling said the creation of the new website and app is in response to the growth of digital technology in PNG, and acknowledges the increasing number of people who are using the internet to source more information regarding real estate in PNG. was launched in 2013 as Papua New Guineas first ever specialized real estate portal. The aim of our new website and app was to revolutionise PNGs online real estate experience again, making it even easier for people to find their dream home without the stress and effort of running around Town.

Key features of the new website include its map search function which allows users to circle the area in which they would like to find a new home for sale or rent in PNG.

The user is immediately presented with a list of properties in that search zone per their specific search criteria. Users are also able to not only search by location, but also by landmark, added Mr Snelling.

The site has also introduced specialised listings for New Developments, Compounds and Apartments which display every available home for sale and rent within that property, plus amenities and detailed location guides. Mr Snelling explained that This allows users to instantly see all available homes within a given multi-dwelling property.

To compliment the new website, has pioneered the first ever real estate search app in PNG, which is now available in both the IOS and Android app store for free download.

The app allows a much simpler, faster-running and user-friendly interface for property seekers to find their dream home straight from their mobile phone.

Thanks to this new technology Papua New Guineans can save time searching for a home and more time relaxing with family.

After all, what is the point of living in a fantastic new home if you dont have time to enjoy it?


DHERST announces guidelines for Registration of higher education institutions in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

The Papua New Guinea Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) has issued the guidelines for  Registration of  all higher Education in the country.

In accordance with the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014, all institutions offering higher education qualifications must be registered.

  • The decision of the National Executive Council (NG25/2017) made on October 17 2017 calls upon the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology to bring together under its jurisdiction all institutions of higher education teaching post-secondary programmes, for example universities, research and other specialised institutions; colleges offering TVET, nurse education and teacher education [including those teacher colleges affiliated to universities established by Act of Parliament], as well as fisheries, maritime, farming and agricultural establishments, must also be registered.
  • It should be noted that the process of registration applies also to all existing, and proposed, public and private institutions offering tertiary education of any kind; however, universities established by Act of Parliament do not require to register.
  • Any college or institution unsure of its designation under the Act must seek guidance from the DHERST Quality Assurance Division at
  • An approved registration form may be downloaded below
  • Support and advice on the completion of the form is readily available from officials in the Department. Again, please feel free to contact the Quality Assurance Division.
  • Details, for example, are required concerning
  • the governance and administrative structure of the institution;
  • operational, human resource and financial plans;
  • the avoidance of discrimination on the basis of sex, race or religion;
  • details of all the programmes of study, and
  • how the institution will comply with national standards.
  • Also of relevance to the registration process is an indication of how the work of the institution will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.
  • All institutions offering higher education qualifications in Papua New Guinea, apart from those established by Act of Parliament, ha...


Lae City Dwellers to face Nalkutan in OFC Quarter Finals "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

After securing their spots in the OFC Champions League 2018 Quarter Finals, Papua New Guinea Champion team Lae City Dwellers and Nalkutan FC have set up a Match Day 3 showdown tomorrow to decide who will get home advantage, while the look of the bottom half of the standings will be decided when Tupapa Maraerenga and Ba FC meet.

With both sides hoping to leave Port Vila with some consolation points in their hands, its bound to be an exciting match-up and will provide a perfect entre to the final Group A match which sees the top two sides meet in the decider.
Whoever wins gets a home quarter final and both Nalkutan and Lae City Dwellers want to reward their loyal fans with that prize.
Having already set history in motion with their respective exits from the group stage of the OFC Champions League for the first time, this match should be a thriller.
Lae City Dwellers are an organised team that relies on speed, skill and organisation to undo its opponents. Raymond Gunemba, even when unwell, has shown his class in the two previous matches and with four goals remains the groups leading scorer.
But hes not the only talent in the squad. Obert Bika is a rising star of the same vein and given a bit more time to hone his accuracy, will soon be just as lethal as his teammate.
Nalkutan FC isnt lacking for attacking talent either, although will likely feel the loss of both Solomon Islanders James Naka and Joses Nawo who serve suspensions for the final match.
However Raoul Coulon showed hes a crucial cog in the team line-up and if Azaraiah Soromon and Daniel Natou can live up to expectation, Laes Ronald Warisan will have his work cut out.

Lae City Dwellers
Vital Statistics: Lae City Dwellers met Vanuatus previous OFC Champions League debutants Malampa Revivors in 2017 in Auckland winning 5-2.
The Players: Tutizama Tanito was the author of a crucial goal again...


DHERST Minister Niningi clarifies confusions on Online Tertiary Selections "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Higher Education Minister Pila Niningi clarified that selections of students done online by Department of Higher Education is for students selected to go Universities and not other tertiary institutions.

Niningi revealed this after Nawaeb MP Kenedy Wenge queried in
parliament the confusion that has arose by two sets of selections done by the higher education and the Universities.

He clarified that the selection list done by universities manually are for students that are qualified to go to technical colleges.

He added that online selections done by the higher educations is rightfully for student going to universities. PNGFM/PNG Today


World watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


February 16 in history "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

1032 Emperor Yingzong, of China, was born  (d. 1067).

1646  Battle of Great Torrington, Devon the last major battle of the firstEnglish Civil War.

1770 Captain James Cook sighted what he called Banks Island but later discovered was a peninsula.

James Cook sights Banks 'Island'

1804  First Barbary WarStephen Decatur led a raid to burn the pirate-held frigate USS Philadelphia (1799).

1838 Weenen Massacre: Hundreds of Voortrekkers along the Blaukraans River, Natal were killed by Zulus.

1852 Studebaker Brothers wagon company, precursor of the automobile manufacturer, is established.

1899 President Flix Faure of France died in office.

1899  Knattspyrnuflag Reykjavkur Icelands first football club was founded.

1918 The Council of Lithuania unanimously adopted the Act of Independence, declaring Lithuania an independent state.

1923 Howard Carter unsealed the burial chamber of PharohTutankhamun.

1926 Margot Frank, German-born Dutch Jewish holocaust victim, was born (d. 1945).

1931 ...


RNZ Nine To Noon: More on the Fletcher debacle "IndyWatch Feed"

More on the Fletcher debacle from RNZ Nine To Noon. Something seems to have gone very awry at Fletchers, but the real facts have yet to emerge.


Disability and Accessibility: Practical and Political Considerations. "IndyWatch Feed"

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 31, 2018 -
11:00am to 1:00pm

Discussion facilitated by disabled radical Saz, 11am Sat 31st March at the Rattler
11am-1pm Saturday 31st March at the Red Rattler Theater, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville. All welcome.

Jura is pleased to be opening up a space for discussion about the politics and practical considerations of disability and accessibility, with a particular focus on concrete ways we can improve our own accessibility at Jura and across radical meeting spaces. We are very grateful to Saz for volunteering to provide resources and to facilitate. We are also grateful to the Red Rattler for allowing us to use their space for this discussion; they are recognised as a radical community space which has had some real successes in terms of making themselves accessible. Information about their venues accessibility can be found here.

This discussion aims to be a starting point on understanding the ways in which Disability Justice fits into anti-capitalist work. It will attempt to lay out some ground work on the specificity of ableist oppression and how it is interwoven through Western capitalist societies, as well as its immediate manifestations within the contexts surrounding us. By drawing lines of connection between the structural and the imminent components, it will seek to push people to consider both what is immediately possible and the scope of work to come.

We want to work out how Jura can begin to invest energy into developing a consciousness around accessibility and a more developed praxis, do solidarity work, and help facilitate the opening of other radical spaces which do meet more accessibility requirements.

This discussion comes partly in response to public criticism made of Jura last year, but also because of our ongoing commitment to making our shop, library and events as accessible as possible, to as wide a range of people as possible, including people with disabilities. We try to have an intersectional approach to anarchism, and this means working towards ending all forms of....


Ecocide by Design? Under Modi, Vacancies At National Green Tribunal Reach 70% "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Thanks to political apathy, the NGT has not been provided with the infrastructure, staff or resources to properly function.

The tribunal has not been provided with the infrastructure, staff or resources to properly function. Credit: PTI

The tribunal has not been provided with the infrastructure, staff or resources to properly function. Credit: PTI

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) was constituted in October 2010 to speed up the adjudication of environmental litigations, and also to address the environmental problem from multiple perspectives by involving both judicial and expert members in the decision-making process. At present, the NGT has four zonal benches in Kolkata, Pune, Chennai and Bhopal, and a principal bench in New Delhi.

With the establishment of the NGT, India became the third country in the world to set up a specialised environmental tribunal, only after Australia and New Zealand, and the first developing country to do so. While the establishment of the tribunal and its performance over the last seven years has been lauded by petitioners, lawyers and civil society groups, the journey so far has been far from smooth. And the future of the NGT looks bleak and hopeless due to the indifferent approach of the political regime.

Political apathy in allowing the NGT to function as an effective body started from its inception, but the scale and form of it have intensified in the recent...


Stepford Wife "IndyWatch Feed"

Stepford Wife, Vogue super model, mistress of the selfie and part-time PM. In her spare time Ms Ardern is developing a plan for World Peace. World hunger was solved last week when she conjured up an endless supply of loaves and fishes. Just like that!



Kung he fat soy, Otago, 1884 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This year Ill be heading to New Zealand, to the archives in Wellington and Dunedin, to research the history of Chinese naturalisation there. With that in mind, heres a report from 1884 on Chinese New Year celebrations on the Otago goldfields. Happy New Year, or kung he fat soy to you all! Chinese Festivities Thames Star,


Global Stocks Extend Rebound "IndyWatch Feed War"

Many Asian markets closing for Lunar New Year holidays

Updated Feb. 15, 2018 4:25 a.m. ET

Global stocks continued their rebound Thursday as investors brushed off strong increases in U.S. inflation.

The Stoxx Europe 600 was up 0.8% shortly after markets opened. Asian markets gained in light trading ahead of a holiday. Futures pointed to an opening gain of 0.7% for the S&P 500 after the index on Wednesday registered its largest four-day percentage gain since July 2016.



The global stock rally marched ahead as investors took in stride a jump in U.S. Treasury yields that harked back to the detonator for last weeks selloff. The dollar retreated to a four-year low and the yen extended its advance.


  • Dollars fall vs major peers deepens; S&P 500 futures rise
  • 10-year Treasury yield tops 2.9% as CPI beats expectations


Cornerstone Macro Partner Roberto Perli weighs in on the U.S. economy, Fed policy and the bond markets.

The global stock rally marched ahead as investors took in stride a jump in U.S. Treasury yields that harked back to the detonator for last weeks selloff. The dollar retreated to a four-year low and the yen extended its advance.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index took its cue from a rally in Asian equities to advance for a second day. Futures on the S&P 500 Index signaled U.S. stocks will open higher. The yield on the 10-year Treasuries nudged closer to 3 perce...


NZ - Concerns over fluoride in drinking water aired by prominent critic "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

A crowd packed into the Napier Conference Centre last night to hear Dr Paul Connett's research into fluoride. Photo / Warren Buckland
By: Victoria White 
Victoria White is a reporter for Hawke's Bay Today

A crowd packed into the Napier Conference Centre last night to hear Dr Paul Connett's research into fluoride. Photo / Warren Buckland Questioning and opposing the addition of fluoride to Hawke's Bay's water supply was urged of the audience at a fluoride-free meeting last night. About 100 people packed into the Napier Conference Centre where prominent critic Dr Paul Connett spoke about water fluoridation, and the harm he argued it posed to health and the environment.

The retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology at St Lawrence University is on a New Zealand speaking tour as the guest of Fluoride Free NZ.

This comes as a bill is before parliament which would gives District Health Boards (DHBs) the power to make decisions about water fluoridation - rather than local authorities.

His presentation touched on a number of arguments, including that fluoridation was a reckless medical practice, that it violated the individuals right to informed consent to medical treatment, and that "the evidence that fluoride is neurotoxic and lowers IQ in children is very strong". He said the widespread addition of the chemical was "unethical" as the normal distribution response people had to any substance meant only some would be helped, while others could face harm.

He urged it was time to move beyond fluoridation to better alternatives, saying this was the start of a "slippery slope" to mass medication of a population.

A spokeswoman for the Hawke's Bay District Health Board said it "strongly supports community water fluoridation, as a strongly evidence based and cost effective way to prevent tooth decay in our communities".

Last night Waipukurau dentist John Jukes also spoke, telling the audience how he began to question the merits of fluoridation as an undergrad. The local took issue with the ethics of fluoridation, that there was no control over the dosage of the chemical, and that it was treating the symptom, not the problem...


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

One birthday yesterday, another tomorrow, both celebrated tonight with dinner at Dunedins Ironic Cafe.

Delicious food and the company of special people for both of which Im grateful.



South Africas New Hope But Can Cyril Ramaphosa Clean the Swamp Sludge from His Boots? "IndyWatch Feed"

(L) President Jacob Zuma and (R) Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa during the Womens Day celebration held, 9/8/2015 (Photo Daily Maverick)

by Dee McLachlan

Twenty-three years after the end of the repressive apartheid regime, South Africa (RSA), a country with enormous resources and wealth, still has poverty, inequality and corruption.

The corruption there seems to be more blatant &#821...


The multiple roots of Emiratiness: the cosmopolitan history of Emirati society "IndyWatch Feed"

The UAE, like many other Arabian Gulf States, claims to be home to a homogenous Arab population. In doing so it assimilates rather than acknowledges the regions slave past.

'The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque's design and construction "unites the world", using artisans and materials from many countries including Italy, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece and United Arab Emirates. More than 3,000 workers and 38 renowned contracting companies took part in the construction of the mosque.' Andrew Moore/flickr. (CC BY-SA 2.0) 

A quick glance at the faces of Emirati citizens as I walked down in a busy shopping mall made me think I could easily be back in London. The only major outward difference was that all the locals were wearing the national dress, or rather what has become the national uniform: abaya and dishdasha. A more important but less obvious difference, however, was that despite Dubais creole past and the ethnic, linguistic and racial diversities within the Dubaian Emiratis, Emirati national identity has been officially and popularly racialised as Arab since the founding of the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

With the aim of cultivating this presumed collective identity, the regions and its inhabitants links to, and origins from, various parts of the Indian Ocean, Yemen, Baluchistan, Southern Persia, the Arabian Gulf, Zanzibar and other parts of Africa has been elided. Yet for Emirati citizens, there are many clues to determine an Emiratis ethnic, sectarian, cultural, linguistic, and geographical origins. These range from surname, accent, and dexterity in spoken Arabic to physical characteristics, such as skin colour and even shape of eyebrows, as I was told. For example, Emiratis associate white skin with Persian origin, and darker skin with those with Baloch or Zanzibari origin, even though there are great phenotypical differences within these groups (i.e. Afro-Iranians).

However, one particular group, the Dubaians with slave ancestry, is surrounded by silence. Awareness of the regions involvement in Indian Ocean slave trad...


Tech Thursday "IndyWatch Feed"

This week in tech: A US company, Desktop Metal has developed a 3D printing system using a range of metals and alloys, that is faster and much cheaper than existing systems. It brings 3D metal printing into the office rather than the factory, and has reduced the cost by a factor of 20. This is the kind []

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The State against Blacks: John Stossel "IndyWatch Feed"

Very relevant given the increases in the minimum wage by both Labour and National.

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Trying to make English an official language "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Nothing is set by being submitted as a Members Bill first it has to be drawn, and the odds are against that. Then if it is drawn it needs to pass through Parliament. @SamSachdevaNZ Clayton Mitchell wants to make English an official language of NZ this might just have supplanted Nuk Korakos lost []


Podcast #11: Voluntary Euthanasia "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

This week on the podcast we are joined by two healthcare professionals, Dr Frank Kueppers and Frauke John, who are both passionate about voluntary euthanasia and wish to inform people on the controversial topic given the level of misinformation being spread by opponents.
Submissions on David Seymours End of Life Choice Bill end in a few days on Tuesday the 20th of February, so if you would like to make a submission you will need to be quick:
If you enjoyed the conversation and would like to hear more like this in the future, please consider supporting us on Patreon. Even $1 dollar a month will enable us to provide more frequent, better quality content. Thanks for all of your support!
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the coalition negotiations were a charade "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The latest Listener, about Bill Englishs legacy, says: Ardern was as gracious in her comments about Englishs pending departure as New Zealand First leader Winston Peters was mean-spirited. Peters inability to contain his bitterness suggests the coalition negotiations were a charade. Thats a bit how things look. His resentment towards National is deep-rooted, and since []


Kaye versus Davis on Partnership Schools "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Its fair to say that Kelvin Davis has been unimpressive as Labours deputy leader. He is also in an awkward position over Partnership Schools, last year having threatened to resign if they are closed. Current Government policy seems to be to shut them down. Davis was questioned by Nikki Kaye in Parliament today in his []


How Do I Love Ewe? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Jim Mora mentioned the anniversary of the first shipment of frozen meat on the Pre-Panel this afternoon and read a snippet from my ewenique rewriting of Elizabeth Barret Bronwings poem:

How Do I Love Ewe? (With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

How do I love ewe? Let me count the ways

That lamb tempts the taste buds and any hunger stays.

Of course I love ewe roasted, but still a little rare.

And I love ewe butterflied, from all the bones carved bare.

I love you chopped or diced and threaded onto sticks,

With capsicum and onion to get my...


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Lets Talk "IndyWatch Feed"

TRANSGENDER footballer Hannah Mouncey has been granted permission by the AFL to play in the VFLW and AFL Canberras womens league this season. [] While I wholeheartedly thank those who supported me through this time, I will not and I think it would be inappropriate for me to thank the AFL for allowing me to []

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A letter of resignation from Kelvin Davis "IndyWatch Feed"

Tena koe Jacinda, I have been waiting for what seems like forever to inform you that I am stepping down as Deputy leader of the Labour Party. I promised my favourite Maori Charter schools that I would resign if they were closed and as I am a man of my word I feel that I []

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And so it begins: Kiwi Teenager radicalised online planned mass Killing "IndyWatch Feed"

We always said it was not a matter of if but when. Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned mass killing in Christchurch for Allah

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Chambering illicit intercourse; wantoness; impurity.


What National should have done "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest Post: In the lead up to the 2017 election, National was running surpluses and had surpluses forecast to keep rolling in. National had an opportunity to deliver real tax cuts that would reduce the size of government, give hardworking taxpayers a break and undermine the next governments ability to blow out spending. Instead of []

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I Will Always Protect Mr. Trump: Trumps Attorney Claims Payment To Porn Star Was His Own Money, Not Trumps or the Campaigns Money "IndyWatch Feed"

An interesting post by Professor Turley raising some ethical points.As so often the case the comments in the thread are even more interesting, showcasing the deep divisions in US politics and in many instances both intolerance and huge capacities for self deception.


donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWe previously discussed the controversy surrounding President Donald Trumps alleged relationship with porn film star Stormy Daniels.  At issue was not just the alleged affair previously described by Daniels in an interview in 2011m but a payment in 2016 of $130,000 in exchange for a denial of the affair.   That payment was later the basis for a lawsuit by Common Cause alleging possible campaign finance violations.  The source of the money, the lawsuit alleged, may have been campaign money and the use of such money for this purpose would have violated federal law. Now, the Trump attorney who created a shield company and anonymous identity to pay off Daniels has stated that the money was his, not Trumps or the campaigns. That disclosure however raises additional questions both factual and ethical.

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Dealing to the Absurd with Counter Absurdity "IndyWatch Feed"

As promised in my last piece A Social Construct what follows is a lighter side to the attack on our social constructs to cheer you up after what was a bit of a depressing piece. Here are a few ideas on how to deal with the absurd with counter absurdity. As I see it when a []

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No coverage from NZ Herald about complaint against Labour Cabinet Minister "IndyWatch Feed"

If a formal complaint had even been laid against a National Cabinet Minister I cannot imagine that the NZ Herald would not have written about it at all yet that is exactly what they have done regarding the complaint against Labour Minister Kelvin Davis. Stuff has written about it: Radio NZ has written about it: In []

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RNZ Nine To Noon: Racist cartoons? "IndyWatch Feed"

From RNZ Nine To Noon, a look at High Court decision on case brought by Labour MP Louisa Wall over cartoons by Al Nisbet, which Wall and others took exception to.


Riding the Storm: Does the Sun Trigger Hurricanes and Social Unrest? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Riding the Storm: Does the Sun Trigger Hurricanes and Social Unrest?

By Therese Wade

What do the activities of our sun have to do with the increase in extreme weather, public scandals, mass tragedies and social unrest that we are experiencing here on earth? According to indigenous and shamanic belief, and their understanding of life and the universe everything.

Each time I travel to the Southwest, I happen to cross paths with a different indigenous Indian man who teaches me about this period of accelerated change and instability. The indigenous people of our land have valuable insight to share with us. Their oral traditions, passed down from generation to generation have long forecast this period of instability as part of a repeating cycle, which their ancient ancestors have lived through before. This cycle involves our suns natural rhythms as it journeys around the galaxy, and the simultaneous maturing process of human beings within this solar system. According to indigenous and shamanic belief, the adventures and affairs of our sun get reflected on every level, from the geography and weather of the Earth, to our social structures and the activity of our individual brains the way we think and interact with each other, and our transition, disruptive and tumultuous as it may be, into a new era.

Through conversations with members of the Hopi and Pueblo tribes of the Southwest and with shamanic practitioners trained within the Pacific Northwest tribal traditions, I have come to the following understanding of their views on this dynamic phase that we are moving more deeply into. All the stars in our galaxy are flowing in a channel of energy that travels out from the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. This energy contains the electromagnetic spectrum, and also other dimensions of energy that cannot be measured by our scientific equipment. Shamans describe this energy as a hum or harmony. They call it the sound of creative intelligence and love. It can serve as an organizing force or a disruptive force, depending on how particles or beings (stars, planets, and people) are relating to it.



Indigenous Employment Opportunity Orange, NSW "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities


What Happens at 120 Decibels? "IndyWatch Feed"

  La rvolution dvore ses enfants -Jacques Mallet du Pan   In the United States at the present time, the #metoo movement has successfully cornered the market in the expression of a growing sense of moral outrage towards any form of sexual abuse whether it be real or imagined. This virtual vanguard of victim-hood is shifting into []

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John Howard Lecture to Menzies Research Centre Bill English "IndyWatch Feed"

With Bill English departure it is worth recalling his excellent presentation to the Menzies Research Centre in Australia when he gave the John Howard lecture in 2015. He set out very clearly what he saw as social investment and its advantages. Unfortunately, the Ardern government seems to embody the traditional NZ Labour approach of spraying money about, whilst having conversations and photo ops, with a twist of including fashion shoots.


Our deputy PM and Finance Minister, Bill English delivered the John Howard Lecture to Menzies Research Centre last week:

Thank you for inviting me tonight.

Its a pleasure to be here in Australia.

What happens over here, and what people are thinking, affects New Zealand profoundly.

Thats why I try to visit here regularly and talk to as many people as I can.

I want to acknowledge the warm relationship shared between our respective Governments and the constructive engagements we have with Prime Minister Abbott and Joe Hockey in particular.

Australia has enjoyed 25 years of solid economic growth. Following the end of the mining boom, I believe you are well placed to make the necessary adjustments and continue that run of solid growth.

Australia is New Zealands most important trading partner and biggest source of overseas investment.

Its also where many New Zealanders have come to live.




Compassionate conservatism trumps good intentions "IndyWatch Feed"

Bill is a major loss.


Bernard Hickey writes of Bill English:

. . . He talked of his admiration for his father-in-laws family ethos and hard work in raising a big family in Wellington, despite the struggles of arriving with little from Samoa in an unfamiliar city. He also talked about a quiet chat he had with a kaumatua on a marae about the problems of Mori youth, and the need for strong communities with their own resources. His point was that he admired the self-reliance and quiet conservatism of family and community life. He saw his role as helping those communities and pulling Government out of the way to let them get on with it. It wasnt an ugly or dry form of libertarian scorched-earth politics. It was a deeply humane and thoughtful approach where Government was supposed to treat people with empathy and dignity and as individuals, rather than as just another

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Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople.pacific"




Billions Of Dollars From Crude Oil Sales Pour Into Middle Eastern Countries Every Year.

Poverty Has Been Eradicated In Those Countries & Citizens Are Very Well Off.

Billions Of Tourist Dollars Also Pour Into Hawai`i Each Year With Very Different Results.

Watch This To See Why With All Those Billions, Its Still So Hard To Make Ends Meet In Hawai`i.

Then Share This Video Today With Your Family & Everyone You Know.


Corporate Child Trafficking: A Case from Ireland "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This Sunday February 18 on Here We Stand
3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT on 

Inline image 1
A multinational corporation named TUSLA is trafficking and harming children for mega-profits thanks to the Irish government. TUSLA is beyond the law and its actions are censored in the media. But one woman is standing up to them, and is facing attacks from the state for doing so. Patricia Bland is a single mother with three children from Port Laoise, Ireland. Shell join us today along with other Irish activists to describe how they are fighting the institutionalized theft of her children and many children.
Also featuring updates about the Operation Atonement campaign to shut down criminal religious bodies and save children on the ground.
With your regular host Kevin Annett. See...


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Farmer compensation for cattle disease to cost over $100m: Nathan Guy Gerard Hutching:

Compensation for farmers affected so far by the cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis could cost more than $100 million, Nationals Primary Industries spokesman Nathan Guy says.

But he said the coalition Cabinet would probably soon decide it had other spending priorities, and farmers would be told to learn to live with the disease.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) announced on Friday a further two South Island dairy farms had been confirmed infected with Mycoplasma, bringing the total to 23. . . 

US vet: Mycoplasma need not cripple dairy profitability:

Mycoplasma bovis infection, now spreading throughout NZ dairying, neednt be a death sentence for farm profitability, according to American veterinarian Dr Paul Dettloff, visiting here in early March.

Official response to the M. bovis crisis has focused on containment and keeping the contagious bacterial disease from spreading between animals. This infection is widespread in other dairying countries and neednt reduce dairy profitability here. Dr Dettloff, who works for a large dairy cooperative in the US, indicates he sees farmers who dont have M. bovis in their cows, despite being surrounded by farms with infected animals. . . 

Rural mums infectious enthusiasm part of Fantails Nest story Kate Taylor:

The enthusiasm from Michelle Burden for her Fantails Nest business is infectious.

She smiles when she talks about what she does and what the future holds for her business and her family.

Running a small, rural business has its challenges. But theyre worth it.

Burden is one of hundreds of business people, many of them mothers, juggling life and work in a rural area. . .


Learn to make shoes day #4 "IndyWatch Feed"

Day 4 continued with lasting, repeating the steps followed with the left shoe on the right shoe. It is slow and methodical work, and all up probably took a full 8 hour day to complete. Im assuming we are much slower because we are newbies, and there are gaps in the process while our work []

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The hole they are digging keeps getting deeper "IndyWatch Feed"

Labours Mori MPs have declared that Maori charter schools are safe which is a shocking announcement for a number of reasons. One of the reasons why that is a shocking announcement is because all Partnership schools have large Maori And Pasifika student populations and this announcement appears to only protect those schools lucky enough to have a []

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The fur flew in parliament yesterday "IndyWatch Feed"

During oral question number six Kelvin Davis, Labour deputy leader, and Associate Minister of Education made accusations of Chicken Little scaremongering from National. Nikki Kaye responds with the complaint against him from Villa Education Trust. She also raises the Radio NZ report that Labour Maori MPs have given their word that Maori Charter schools will []

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PNG to host 3000 delegates for first Senior Officials Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

More than 3000 delegates have been confirmed to attend the first Senior Officials Meeting (SOM 1) in Port Moresby nine days from now.
The SOM 1 is the biggest of the four cluster meetings that will be hosted by PNG during this APEC year.
PNG APEC Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu told members and non members of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry during an APEC briefing in Port Moresby yesterday.
Mr Pomaleu said it will take the committee 36 to 48 hours per day to host 78 of those meetings, peaking 8 meetings per day at four different locations, and that entails a massive coordinating effort between the policy teams, the security teams, and logistics teams.
In 10 days we will host the SOM 1 cluster meetings commencing from February 24 to March 9, that will entail 78 meetings running parallel over the 14 days of the meetings, with more than 3000 delegates rotating through the 14 days of meetings.
Meaning we would have a peak of eight meetings running all at the same time at the Stanley Hotel and Suites (the main venue), Laguna, Lamana and Gateway, he said.
Mr Pomaleu said they have already scheduled the meetings that will run for the two weeks and have also allocated rooms with officials ready to deploy these meetings next Saturday. He said they are also wrapping up all the agenda papers for all the 78 meetings.
Weve agreed that most of the papers that need to go in and there are processes that need to be followed in terms of ensuring that the agenda papers are circulated well in advance so we all have to follow some of the expectations of making sure that the documents are circulated and ready for the meetings.
Its an incredible effort that we are putting together over the last couple of months since December, the teams in the secretariat and the logistics areas weve been working flat out to coordinate different inputs.
Weve got international support from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, China, Indonesia and Canada. Support is coming through in the form of security assistance, both in terms of advisory as well as deployment of high end equipment and personnel, Mr Pomaleu said. Press Release/PostCourier/PNG Today


New UN rep to PNG presents Credentials "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Incoming United Nations resident co-ordinator Gianluca Rampolla presented his credentials to Papua New Guinea's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato.

Officially taking up his post in-country, Mr Rampolla met with Mr Pato in Port Moresby last week to discuss prospects for deepening the strategic partnership between the government and the United Nations in realising the sustainable development goals, as well as national development and peace building priorities.

It was a great honour to meet with Mr Rimbink Pato and to present him with the letter of credentials from the UN Secretary-General, appointing me as the UN resident co-ordinator in Papua New Guinea.
I am humbled and honoured to work with the government to support the people of Papua New Guinea at this historical juncture, with the government hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) meetings this year, and the opportunity it provides to boost the work on the sustainable development goals, Mr Rampolla said.

Mr Pato said the government has built a fantastic working relationship with the United Nations system.
The Department of Foreign Affairs has enjoyed a very constructive engagement with the United Nations. I hope we continue to work together on all the issues Papua New Guinea is concerned with, including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Bougainville referendum, human rights, and gender, Mr Pato said.
Prior to his appointment as the highest-ranking UN official in Papua New Guinea, Mr Rampolla served in several UN field assignments in Africa, Europe, and headquarters in New York.  Statement 


A Cyclone Just Ripped Through Another US Territory and Nobody Noticed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Cyclone Gita American Samoa(ANTIMEDIA)  Over the weekend, a tropical cyclone laid waste to a number of Pacific Island countries, including the unincorporated territory of the United States known as American Samoa. According to a White House statement, U.S. President Donald Trump declared an emergency in the territory of American Samoa and ordered federal assistance to supplement response efforts in the []


La Nina Snows Over the Pacific Northwest Followed by Very Cold Air "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The atmosphere over the eastern Pacific is thoroughly locked into a La Nina-type pattern, with the snowpack being refreshed for NW skiers and those concerned about the water supply next summer.

The snow water equivalent (the amount of water in the snowpack if melted) is in decent shape (see below), being above normal for the northern and far eastern portions of Washington State, but slipping to about 3/4 normal for the southwestern Cascades.

There was some improvement last night, when 8 inches to a foot of new snow  over the Cascades due to an upper level trough moving southward along the eastern flank of a big ridge over the northeastern Pacific (see below).

As I have noted in earlier blogs, a ridge in the eastern with cool northerly/northwesterly flow moving over the Northwest is typical of mature La Nina events. That sets up the cool temperatures, while the upper level trough moving southward provides the precipitation.

But to get lowland snow one needs to get an upper trough of just the right amplitude and position, which doesn't happen often.  Too far inland, and the cool air and precipitation are too far east.  Too far offshore, we are cold and dry.

Another, more vigorous, trough will approach on Saturday (see below), resulting in another snowy period in the mountains.




It is reported that St Jacinda has instructed the Attorney-General to commence an investigation into the claims made by Hagar and Stephenson in their book 'Hit and Run' that the SAS deliberately targeted civilians in what amounted to extrajudicial killings in revenge for an earlier attack on  NZ troops in Afghanistan in 2010. 

My sources have it that Defence Minister Ron 'Medals' Mark had indicated to NZDF top brass that he saw no need for such an inquiry.

If that is right then clearly Mark's response to the Prime Minister telling him jump was to say "how high Sir".     Mark's standing in the military will have taken a further dive.


Thursdays quiz "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Youre invited to pose the questions.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual bunch of roses.


View From Your Window "IndyWatch Feed"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? ** PLEASE Note that the competition photo will be later this month but I am still waiting for a suitable photo that contains enough clues. If you think that you have the perfect competition photo please send it to me today to Put Competition photo in the []

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Drones enable fast, accurate wildlife counts, study shows "IndyWatch Feed"

Jarrod Hodgson is one of very few scientists who have used rubber ducks as part of their Ph.D. research. Hodgson and colleagues at the University of Adelaide compared the accuracy of counts of birds on an Australian beach from images taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to counts by ground observers. They brought in the ducks to serve as faux seabird colonies, each with a known number of individuals. The University of Adelaide research teams experimental site, filmed from the UAV. A colony of rubber ducks, posing as greater crested terns, is in the foreground at left. Ground counters, researchers, and other volunteers are scattered behind. Copyright: Jarrod Hodgson Their findings, published this week in the journal Methods of Ecology and Evolution, suggest that aerial imagery can offer scientists more accurate counts of at least some species than even experienced observers on the ground. Image vs. in-person observations UAV-derived imagery is increasingly being used to survey and monitor wildlife, including detecting and monitoring individual koalas and surveying orangutan and chimpanzee nests, but few researchers have tested the accuracy of UAV-based data collection relative to other, traditional methods. Counting birds and other colonial species from the ground is liable to miss some animals and double-count others. It also requires experts to invest time visiting a site, sometimes repeatedly, to collect the data, and their presence may scare or alter the behavior of the animals they are trying to study. Thus the drones and the ducks. The researchers simulated 10 breeding


Book review: The Impossible Revolution Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy "IndyWatch Feed"


Demonstration outside Syrian embassy in London art by Hamid Sulaiman (source).

By Ani White.

As sectarianism and the far-right rear their heads internationally, its easy to forget the optimism of 2011. Those seeking to understand this trajectory must read Syrian revolutionary Yassin al-Haj Salehs essay collection The Impossible Revolution: Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy.

A foreword by Robin Yassin-Kassab, who co-wrote the excellent work Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War, explains why this work is so essential:

  They simply do not see us, [Yassin al-Haj Saleh] laments. If we dont see Syrian revolutionaries, if we dont hear their voices when they talk of their experience, their motivations and hopes, then all we are left with are (inevitably orientalist) assumptions, constraining ideologies, and pre-existent grand narratives. These big stories, or totalising explanations, include a supposedly inevitable and ancient sectarian conflict underpinning events, and a jihadist-secularist binary, as well as the idea, running counter to all evidence, that Syria is a re-run of Iraq, a Western-led regime change plot. No need to attend to detail, runs the implication, nor to S...





Today the Post Courier published a front page story under the headline "Uproar in the House."

The article was in relation to Member of Wau Bulolo and Minister of Communications & Energy Sam Basil's statement (personal explanation) on the floor of Parliament following question time yesterday. Basil's statement was in response to my article published on Facebook in relation to the recent defection of the Member of Wosera-Gawi Open from Opposition to O'Neill Government.

An article authored by reporter Jeffrey Elapa, which I'm of the view was biased confirmed by the fact the reporter made no attempt to get my comment to balance the story.

The central theme of the article and Basil's statement were expressed in the following terms:

1) Basil: the comments labeling me as dumb and a stupid member of Parliament, I felt obliged and convicted to stand up and speak as Mr Kramers comments are unacceptable and unbecoming of a national leader.

My Response:

So did I state in precise and expressed terms Sam Basil is dump and stupid?

No, not once in my article did I state as much.

Both words where stated twice as follows:

"It seems the offer by O'Neill to Basil was a lie. The only question was whether one was (1) dumb enough to believe it. I explained to Basil only an idiot would believe O'Neill would honour his word. It seems in PNG Politics we don't have a shortage of (1) stupid people."

"In the end Pangu only received one Ministry. Basil may go down in PNG Political History as one of the (2) dumbest Political Party Leaders for taking 16 Members across the floor on the promise of four Ministry portfolios in Cabinet and only receive one. On the same token Yopyyopy himself stated O'Neill promised him six projects and delivered none."

The first asks the question whether "one" is dumb enough - it does not state Sam Basil is.

The second states he "may" go down in PNG Political History as one of the dumbest Political Party Leaders. The word "may" is not a statement of fact but expressing a view (opinion). - a view that may be considered fair comment - which is a legal defense to derogatory or defamatory statement.

2) Basil: I was accused by Kramer alleging that I met with the MP for Wosera-Gawi, Joseph Yopyyopy, an...


Classic Comedy: The Two Ronnies The Albini Brothers "IndyWatch Feed"

Barker and Corbett in great form check out the mock Circus Poster at the start


Review of day one of the leadership challenge "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday was day one of the search for the person to replace Bill English as leader of the National party. I think it is safe to say the day was Judith Collins. She announced first, utilising Twitter and Facebook to side step journalists and deliver messages. When journalists like Lloyd Burr are moaning that that []

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Speech by PM O'Neill at MSG Summit, Port Moresby "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

Your Excellences,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is again my honour, as Chair, to welcome you all to this 21st Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders Summit in Port Moresby.

I thank the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, and the Government and people of the Solomon Islands, for successfully chairing MSG, and I thank them for that.

The Solomon Islands went beyond the mandatory two-year chairmanship of the MSG.

The humble beginnings of MSG go way back to the informal meeting of Melanesian Leaders in Goroka, in Papua New Guinea, 32 years ago.

Two years later in 1988, MSG members agreed on the Principles of Cooperation in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

MSG established the MSG Secretariat Headquarters in Port-Vila to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

From this we have seen enormous leaps forward in the way Melanesian people work together.

This includes governance, security, sustainable and economic development, trade and investment, and certainly in the arts and culture.

I am very encouraged by the review of the MSG 2038 Prosperity for all Plan.

Scheduled for later this year, discussion on this issue will enable us to consider a more realistic approach for the resourcing and implementation of the Plan.

The capacity of our Members to lead and host high-level global events is been tried and tested in our region.

Two examples stand out.

Firstly, we congratulate and continue to pledge our support for Fijis current Presidency of COP-23.

We all have an interest in dealing with environmental issues particularly the threat brought about by climate change.

Our countries, and our people are all threatened by changes in climate, and the disasters this brings upon us.

Extreme weather conditions, in the form of tropical storms, and the devastation of drought has been killing our people and destroying communities.

We all know how serious climate change is with the effect that our people are dying as a result.

As a group of collective minds, we must and we will make our voices heard in the global community.

At COP-21, in Paris in 2016, our countries were all signatories to a plan of action and MSG must be at the forefront of...


Tolukuma mine liquidated "IndyWatch Feed Enviro.pacific"

Asidokona Mining Resources is reputable, committed, has integrity, and capacity said then Mining Minister, Byron Chan when the government sold the mine in 2015

Who in the Mineral Resource Authority is going to take responsibility for this monumental mess?


Tolukuma mine purchased by Asian finance company with no mining experience

More farce over governments botched sale of Tolukuma mine



Oxfam NZ press statement re sex scandal "IndyWatch Feed"

This is Oxfams press statement as of 10 February 2018

Oxfams reaction to recent news on sexual misconduct in Haiti and Chad

Over the past few days, the media has talked of sexual misconduct by staff employed by Oxfam Great Britain in Haiti seven years ago, as well as in Chad in 2006. It hurts all of us at Oxfam, deeply, to hear that a few Oxfam Great Britain staff abused the very people they were sent to help.

What happened in Haiti and clearly in other countries we work in was a few privileged men abusing the very people they were meant to protect and our processes were too weak to stop them. Oxfam gave them power and they used it against powerless women. They betrayed their trust and the trust of our supporters and of the governments that allow us to come in to respond and support their people.

They also betrayed the trust of hundreds of thousands of Oxfam staff kind and dedicated women and men. People who wake up every day to put themselves on the front-lines to help save the lives of others. These people represent the Oxfam I believe in not those men who abused others.

Back in 2011 when this happened, several staff were fired. A few resigned during the investigation, or left the country, leaving Oxfam unable to satisfactorily resolve disciplinary measures. Acting on legal advice at the time, the Oxfam Great Britain Haiti Country Director was allowed to resign as he cooperated transparently with the investigation. Though the media has reported that Oxfam gave positive references to these staff, this did not happen. We have never and will never endorse individuals who are capable of such behaviour.

We always seek to do better and to learn. Oxfam today as a global confederation has grown significantly since 2011, and has put stringent and powerful measures in place to make sure this kind of behaviour never happens again.

Since the Haiti case in 2011 we have introduced a range of measures including a Global Taskforce on Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation & Abuse that is co-chaired by our Oxfam International Exec...


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Does Te Reo Have A Future? "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

The second language By Roger Childs Anthropologists estimate that there were over 400 indigenous languages in Australia before white men and women arrived. Less than 10% now remain. What lies ahead for Te Reo Maori? In New Zealand there is plenty of official support to keep Te Reo alive and well, and there are many []


Compassionate conservatism trumps good intentions "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Bernard Hickey writes of Bill English:

. . . He talked of his admiration for his father-in-laws family ethos and hard work in raising a big family in Wellington, despite the struggles of arriving with little from Samoa in an unfamiliar city. He also talked about a quiet chat he had with a kaumatua on a marae about the problems of Mori youth, and the need for strong communities with their own resources. His point was that he admired the self-reliance and quiet conservatism of family and community life. He saw his role as helping those communities and pulling Government out of the way to let them get on with it. It wasnt an ugly or dry form of libertarian scorched-earth politics. It was a deeply humane and thoughtful approach where Government was supposed to treat people with empathy and dignity and as individuals, rather than as just another beneficiary locked into welfare for life. His views on helping to lift people out of poverty were a precursor to his championing of the social investment approach, which he was only just starting to roll out through the Government as Labour returned to power in late October.

As he spoke about his in-laws and his wife and the dignity and self-reliance of those conservative Samoan and Mori communities, he stopped for a few moments. The tears rolled down his nose and splashed onto the lecturn. You could hear a pin drop. The audience was with him though. Englishs story was utterly authentic and thoughtful and showed a depth of humility and humanity that struck a chord that night. He got a standing ovation when he finished.

Since then Ive listened to English give countless speeches off the cuff that connect with audiences of all types up and down the land. Some thought he was a dry policy wonk who would struggle on the campaign trail, but I was sure he would connect if he was able to make his case on his feet in debates and in interviews, rather than in scripted speeches. . . 

I have heard Bill speak like this countless times from the heart, eloquently showing both compassion and intellect.

His essential conservativeness often shines through, particularly on macro-economic issues and in challenging the good intentions of public servants.

Whatever the fashions, sound economics matter. They might be a bit boring, but if you stick to them thats what works. People are always trying to find shortcuts and leapfrogs and Ive seen most of them come to grief, he said.

He said he had learned that the effects of the public sector on the econo...


Book Review Of The Day Murdering Americans "IndyWatch Feed"

You can help. Send your book review to and we will put it up when it is your turn. Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also if you happen to be a commenter please []

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National statistician in hiding: told to front fraud investigation "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

MEDIA STATEMENT | Transparency International PNG

Lawrence Stephens
Lawrence Stephens

PORT MORESBY Positive steps by the government to audit the National Identity Project (NID) has been marred by the efforts of national statistician Roy Koloma which appear intended to evade a police investigation into alleged fraud.

TIPNG has earmarked three key national issues it would campaign for in 2018: an Independent Commission Against Corruption; citizens free access to public information; and the resolution of scandals involving the NID.

In January, TIPNG called for the government to halt payments to NID until an independent audit was done on the K230 million spent by the Department of National Planning, said TIPNG chairman Lawrence Stephens.

We also called for the head of the National Statistical Office Roy Koloma to step aside whilst investigations of alleged fraud were conducted.

Subsequently the deputy prime minister and the national planning minister responded with promises that an independent committee would be established in February. We are keen to hear the findings of the committee, Mr Stephens said.

However, it is now reported that Mr Koloma has taken what appears to be a deplorable step of attempting to evade the police and apparently demanding that he be given special consideration.

TIPNG reminds Mr Koloma and all citizens that they must comply with the efforts of legal authorities, exercising constitutional powers on behalf of us all, to cooperate when requested to provide information.

There is only one law and it should be applied to all citizens equally, he said.

Moreover leaders like Mr Koloma must preserve the integrity of the office they occupy and, if being investigated for serious criminal offences relating to their office, step aside until being cleared. The people of Papua New Guinea demand deserve accountability.

Mr Stephens announced that the Transparency International Secretariat in Germany will release its global corruption perception index next Thursday. The index ranks c...


Climate Justice Forum: Lake Rail Bridge & Silica Drilling Meetings, Fatal Railroad Crossing Upgrades, Fossil Fuel Industry in Public Lands, 2017 Oil & Gas Well Increase, North Dakota Valve Turner Incarceration 2-14-18 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Climate Justice Forum radio program, produced by regional, climate activist collective Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), features a recording of the Idaho Conservation League, rail bridge update meeting in Sandpoint, and news and reflections on north Idaho, railroad crossing upgrades and an exploratory, silica drilling proposal, a Trump administration directive allowing fossil fuel industry exploitation of public lands, a nationwide increase of oil and gas drilling rigs last year, tar sands pipeline valve turner Michael Fosters North Dakota incarceration, and various, activist support appeals.  Broadcast for six years on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow, every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, on-air at 90.3 FM and online, the show describes continent-wide, community resistance to fossil fuel projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.


Kelvin Daviss report card isnt looking good "IndyWatch Feed"

The Villa Education Trust, which operates two partnership schools in Auckland, has laid a complaint with the Ministry of Education about Kelvin Davis. My post yesterday, Why is Kelvin Davis talking to the Maori Charters?, highlighted the issue that they have now raised officially. Labour deputy leader and Kelvin Davis has had a complaint laid against him []

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February 15 On This Day In Australian History "IndyWatch Feed"

1795 - HMS Reliance and HMS Supply set sail from Portmouth for Sydney. On board were Capt John Hunter to take up his appointment as Governor of NSW, Master's Mate Matthew Flinders, Surgeon George Bass, with his boat, Tom Thumb, and  Bennelong.

1796 - John "Black" Caesar, the first bushranger and escaped convict, was shot by a settler at Liberty Plains (Strathfield).

1802 - Twenty crew of the brig Lady Nelson, the first ship to enter Port Phillip Bay, met five Boon wurrung men on the beach near Arthurs Seat. They exchanged greetings and danced, but that afternoon violence erupted and contacts ceased.

1804 - David Collins and his party for a 3 course sit down bang up meal, arrived at the Derwent River in Tassie after a sailing jaunt from Port Phillip.

1823 - Keeping more than his hair under his hat, surveyor James McBrien found that glittery gold stuff at Fish Creek but wasn't made public.

1836 - Robert Duffy was Hanged at Sydney for the stabbing murder of his wife Mary Duffy in Phillip St.

1837 - Andrew Gillies wasHanged at Sydney for the murder of James Kelly near Yass.

1840 - Strzelecki went for a wander after a heavy lunch and climbed a hill he then dubbed Mount Kosciusko.

1841 - Edward John Eyre, with John Baxter and three Aborigines, did a bunk from Fowlers Bay, SA, in an attempt to cross the Nullarbor Plain to King George Sound, WA.

1855 - The Iron Age ( a ship in this case, not how old your author feels) was tripping the light vesper fantastics from Liverpool to Portland with a general cargo when she was blown ashore near Cape Banks, SA. Running before the wind she ploughed across a reef and remained intact long enough to enable the crew to reach safety. Divers who visit the wrecksite have recovered bricks from her cargo and a few fittings.

1860 - Keen to keep the yoof off their skateboards, a volunteer militia corps was cobbled together in Qld.

1872 - Charcoal was Hanged for the murder of Samuel Wells Lazenby at Port Walcott.

1872 - Tommy was Hanged for the murder of Samuel Wells Lazenby at Port Walcott.

1873 - The colonies agreed to a Border Customs Treaty.

1876 - The railway line from Ararat to Scallan's Hill (1.6kms east of Stawell) opened.

1884 - The railway line from Branxholme to Henty, a hearty 37.5kms, was opened.

1907 - Queensland allowed Italian migrants to replace (kidnapped) Kanaka labour (called slaves in any other language) on sugar plantations.

1930 - One poor bugger had a shit of a day when he was taken by a shark whilst he was diving off the Middle Brighton Pier and treading water.

1933 - A Torres Strait Islander was lucky to rea...


Top UN Human Rights Official Completes Mission to Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Niugini"

thediplomat-zeid-ra%E2%80%99ad-al-hussein-553x360.jpg Top UN Human Rights Official Completes Mission to Indonesia
While proposed new laws may threaten human rights in Indonesia, the country continues to engage positively with the UN and other bodies.

Top UN Human Rights Official Completes Mission to Indonesia

While proposed new laws may threaten human rights in Indonesia, the country continues to engage positively with the UN and other bodies.
By Jack Britton
February 15, 2018

In early February, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad Al Hussein, conducted his first official mission to Indonesia since taking office in 2014. During the three day visit, February 5-7, Al Hussein met with President Joko Widodo, high level government representatives including the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of religion, civil society organizations, religious leaders, and the three Indonesian national human rights institutions. It was the first mission by the UNs top human rights official to Indonesia since the previous high commissioner, Navi Pillay, in 2012. Whilst some breakthroughs have been made regarding the advancement of human rights across the archipelago, a number of issues raised as concerns by the former high commissioner remain unresolved.

In Indonesia, people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities have not been provided with the protection urged by Navi Pillay during her 2012 visit, and are now facing unprecedented criminalization under the new formulation of the Draft Revised Penal Code that outlaws homosexual relations. The 1965 Blasphemy Law that Navi Pillay recommended be repealed remains a source of human rights violations and discrimination against religious minorities. The law is currently, for the third time, having its constitutionality tested by a judicial review in the Constitutional Court. The discriminatory enforcement of Sharia in Aceh that the former high commissioner called out also continues to create an environment of intimidation and fear in the autonomous region.

On the other hand, Indonesia has continued to engage with and largely fulfill its commitments to the international human rights...


Quakes shake Pacific plate as Ring of Fire activity returns "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alaska was hit by more but weaker tremors, measuring at magnitudes of 4.2, 4.0, 3.9, 3.6, 3.5 and 3.3 while a 4.5 magnitude quake shook Japan. The earthquake activity returns after a magnitude 6 quake struck 10km deep off the Northern Mariana Islands. No immediate tsunami warning was triggered. The Northern Mariana Islands have a population of 55,023 while Guam had 162,742 people living on the island in 2016.


Disturbances in Whitianga 2: Assaults "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Graeme Sturgeons account By Stephanie McKee Three elders, with myself one of them, were camped at Kaimarama near the river ready to bear witness to the dropping of toxins into the Whitianga water supply. As I have suffered the effects of Agent Orange for just on 50 years now, I have a particular interest in []


May-bot Amy Adams and her puddle of supporters "IndyWatch Feed"

Amy Adams decided to risk all the questions about her ethics and announce that she is standing for leader of the National party. She trotted outside and held her standup in the most awful audio conditions, probably to hide her high-pitched voice. But, what was interesting was what I am going to call her puddle, []

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RNZ Morning Report: Oxfam sex scandal worsens "IndyWatch Feed"

From Morning Report

The sex scandal involving one of the worlds biggest charities has deepened, with allegations workers demanded sex for aid and carried out abuse. Oxfams deputy chief executive Penny Lawrence resigned this week, saying the organisation was too slow to deal with complaints about aid workers hiring prostitutes in Haiti and Chad. Now the Haitian government is seeking the arrest of Roland van Hauwermeiren

This gets worse by the day

Oxfams Regional Director for Asia Lan Mercado also told the BBC the news cases took place in the Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal before she started as regional director two years ago.


Ms Mercado, who oversees 14 countries, said she was aware of similar cases involving Oxfam workers in Asia between 2009 and 2013.

She said they went largely unreported publicly and had been dealt with internally according to specified policies, although the situation should not be defined as a cover up.

Asia is likely to be an area where NZ Oxfam employees may have been deployed.

Given that there seems to be a pattern of systemic behaviour across Oxfam, it is critical that NZ authorities ensure that Oxfam NZ and its personnel are not now or previously been involved in tese matters


Swarming crickets in Auckland, New Zealand 'like a scary movie scene' "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Sticky humidity isn't the only thing keeping rural residents up at night this week. Crickets have arrived in their thousands "like a scary movie scene", and they aren't afraid of making a racket. Some have had their homes invaded by the noisy insects, while others have experienced crickets pounding down on their rooves with a sound like heavy rain. Steff and Bill Shepherd described a "cricket explosion" in Dargaville. "The ground is alive with them late afternoon onwards. Some are sizeable, and ping on the roof and walls and windows," they said in a Neighbourly post. "It's like small gravel thrown at the house."


Head and heart "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Good leaders have strong heads and warm hearts.

Nationals ABC of leadership contenders Amy Adams, Simon Bridges and Judith Collins all have good heads.

All were lawyers, all have been successful ministers.

I have no doubt they all have warm hearts too, to succeed they must be able to show that in leadership.

Sir John Key and Bill English both did however, there is still a lingering misconception that National has a stronger head and weaker heart.

The challenge for the new leader will be to demonstrate both steel and compassion.


The abject failure of Bill English to win the coalition negotiations "IndyWatch Feed"

Bill Englishs political demise was entirely predictable, and predictable from the moment Winston Peters chose to go with Labour. National supporters who rage against Winston or the current government need to stop being stupid.

The Labour lead government is a clear case of Bill English failing. Whatever is said about the negotiations Englishs stupidity left the results in doubt. He failed to have a plan for if Winston was holding the balance of power and he got what he deserved when Winston went with Labour and ended his career.    

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Nationals multiple leadership elections "IndyWatch Feed"

Nationals current leadership election is going to elect someone who will say that they have the support of the caucus and will stay until the election at least. The problem with this is that everyone knows what happened with the Australian Liberals between 2007 and 2010. They were turfed out in 2007, and elected Brendan []

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Media mocks Bridges, his campaign is rooted from the get-go "IndyWatch Feed"

Simon Bridges stuffed up the launch of his leadership bid with a hopeless, self-aggrandising speech where he referred to himself in the third person. The media just mocked him. Unprofessional though that is, it is still telling. Simon Bridges speaking in the third person. "Oim focused on Soimin Brudges" "Oi do have oideas" Good []

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Napier: Concerns over fluoride in drinking water aired by prominent critic "IndyWatch Feed Nznews"

Questioning and opposing the addition of fluoride to Hawkes Bays water supply was urged of the audience at a fluoride-free meeting last night.

About 100 people packed into the Napier Conference Centre where prominent critic Dr Paul Connett spoke about water fluoridation, and the harm he argued it posed to health and the environment.

The retired professor of environmental chemistry and toxicology at St Lawrence University is on a New Zealand speaking tour as the guest of Fluoride Free NZ.

This comes as a bill is before parliament which would gives District Health Boards (DHBs) the power to make decisions about water fluoridation rather than local authorities.

His presentation touched on a number of arguments, including that fluoridation was a reckless medical practice, that it violated the individuals right to informed consent to medical treatment, and that the evidence that fluoride is neurotoxic and lowers IQ in children is very strong.

He said the widespread addition of the chemical was unethical as the normal distribution response people had to any substance meant only some would be helped, while others could face harm.

He urged it was time to move beyond fluoridation to better alternatives, saying this was the start of a slippery slope to mass medication of a population.

A spokeswoman for the Hawkes Bay District Health Board said it strongly supports community water fluoridation, as a strongly evidence based and cost effective way to prevent tooth decay in our communities.

Last night Waipukurau dentist John Jukes also spoke, telling the audience how he began to question the merits of fluoridation as an undergrad.

The local took issue with the ethics of fluoridation, that there was no control over the dosage of the chemical, and that it was treating the symptom, not....

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