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Friday, 15 December


WATCH: Injured Woman Accuses Coldwater Police of Disgusting, Thug-Like Conduct Filming Cops

A woman is suing several Coldwater, Mich. police officers after she says she was slammed to the ground and knocked unconscious while handcuffed in a secure entrance to the county

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Two hours of Bellagio conservatory camera footage wiped from night of massacre Intellihub

Images captured from inside of the Bellagio on the night of the massacre appear to have been removed from EarthCam website, but why?

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) An EarthCam placed inside of the Bellagio Resort and Casinos conservatory and botanical gardens area of the property captures 4 images per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year like clockwork. However, on the night of the massacre two hours of imagery, a total of 8 images captured between the hours of 10:15 and 12:15 p.m. was scrubbed from the website following numerous eyewitness reports of gunfire which authorities have tried their best to cover up.

Here is Jake Morphonios with the report:

What could be seen in the images that authorities were so worried about?

A woman by the name of Rene Downs claims that the entire lobby of the Bellagio was a mess after bullets came whizzing in just 30-45-minutes after the Route 91 music festival massacre occurred over a mile-and-a-half away.

Downs recalls a chaotic scene as people came flying into the lobby through the front doors.

Downs said that she was sitting with a man by the name of Daniel, presumably her husband, who got her down on the ground behind a table when she heard pop, pop, pop!

For some reason, there has not been one reporting that we have heard from our friends or anything, Downs said, pointing out the media blackout on the incident.

But Downs was not the only witness to have heard gunshots at the Bellagio that night.

Additionally, a woman by the name of Rikki Raulerson claims that she was on the Las Vegas strip on Sunday night when the mass shooting occurred and says that early news reports, reports from police, security, and even her friends, contradict the official story that only one shooter was involved.

Raulerson posted a statement to Facebook last Tuesday where she explained what she heard the night of the shooting.

We were told that there were 7 confirmed shooters, and confirmed deaths at multiple hotels. Including Bellagio, the Aria and New York New York, Raulerson wrote.



Protests Intensify Before FCC Net Neutrality Vote PopularResistance.Org

Washington, DC Over 200 Net Neutrality supporters braved bitter cold at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wednesday to make sure Commissioners know they wont stand by quietly if it cedes control of the Internet to a handful of telecoms. The rally came a day before a critical vote on a proposed rollback of regulations governing broadband providers. On the sidewalk outside FCC headquarters, protesters built a memorial to the Internet with a bed of flowers, candles and a wreath and chanted slogans. FCC staff took pictures of the memorial as they passed by and watched from windows above. Among protesters concerns is the possibility that five corporations may end up with the keys to the Internet and be able to decide what data flows through the U.S. communications network, who has access to it and how fast it can be downloaded.


Henderson County Sheriff Addresses Tasteless Photo Circulated in Department Filming Cops

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. Henderson County Sheriff Charles McDonald released a statement Friday about an image circulated in his department that made a joke about the drug Narcan. Narcan is used

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Craven County Sheriffs Office Lieutenant Arrested on Assault Charge Filming Cops

A Craven County Sheriffs Office lieutenant has been arrested in Carteret County and charged with assault. According to the arrest report, David Paul Craft, 40, was arrested early Sunday morning

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The Big Brother Future WhoWhatWhy

US Meddling in Venezuela? (Jeff C.)

The State Department pays a think tank nearly $1 million to work with Venezuelan opposition. Critics on both sides see this as a bad idea.

We Need to Talk About Honduras (Dan)

Honduras recent presidential election has ended in violence. Security forces and protesters have continued to clash while the too-close-to-count result is still being debated. At the moment, 14 people have been reported killed. Now the US, which has long financially supported the incumbent Juan Orlando Hernandez and his security forces, is at a crossroads.

Arizonas Private Border Wall Fail (Steve)

Arizona tried to build a private border wall through crowdfunding. It failed miserably.

Ajit Pais Cringe-worthy Promo Video on Net Neutrality Repeal (Jimmy)

The author writes, In a video with the conservative site Daily Callers Benny Johnson the dude who got fired from BuzzFeed for plagiarizing Yahoo Answers [FCC Chairman] Pai urged the country to understand that even if he succeeds in his plan to let ISPs strangle the rest of the internet to death, theyll let us continue to take selfies and other stupid bullsh**.

Mesmerizing, Mysterious Murmurations  (Milicent)

You should stop whatever you are doing and witness this phenomenon. Watch it, listen to it, open up and let it flow in and around you, and carry you away.

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WATCH: Police Dog Attacks Innocent Man at Gas Station in Indiana Filming Cops

GARY, Ind. An innocent man was attacked by a police dog who mistook him for a criminal as he pumped gasoline in Indiana. CBS Chicago reports Antwan Scott now

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Two East Alabama Police Officers Charged With First-Degree Rape Filming Cops

Two former police officers in Etowah County were arrested Monday night on sex crime charges. Jonathan Perry Works, 41, of Gadsden, and Brian Edward Walker, 44, of Rainbow City were

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An America Without Consequences? Guardian Liberty Voice

Many Americans admit that they have never seen a country so divided. The last elections, one of the most intense on record, became the most talked about of all time. It had one of the most significant voting battles this nation has ever seen. It was one of the most watched political dramas ever broadcasted on []

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Shiny. Freethought Blogs

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


WATCH: Minneapolis Cop Sentenced to Six Months in Workhouse For on-Duty Assault Filming Cops

Ex-Minneapolis police officer Christopher Reiter will serve six months in a county workhouse for kicking a man in the face during an arrest after a judge told him Tuesday that

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GOP tax cuts will trigger sequestration OpEdNews

The Tax Bill is a reverse Robin Hood cloaked in the fake objectivity of sequestration. The plan all along appears to be to reduce taxes, boosting the deficit, then allowing sequestration to do more damage to the budget. Sure some of the Republicans' spending priorities might suffer--but not as much as those that the Democrats tend to defend.


The Horror of Sexual Abuse Must Stop... The Upsurge Against It Is Just. Are We at a Turning | Revolution Books forum OpEdNews

Film of a forum held at Revolution Books, NYC on the upsurge against sexual abuse and the big questions it raises. Speakers were Fran Luck, founder and executive producer of "Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio (WBAI)," and Sunsara Taylor, co-initiator of; a leader on the frontlines of the movement to end pornography and patriarchy; advocate for Bob Avakian's new communism. Moderator: Andy Zee.


Its amazing what theyll just come out and say on YouTube Freethought Blogs

Roy Moore lost the election in Alabama, but he refuses to concede. Hes put out a video explaining why. Its revolting.

After a brief nod to the fact that theyre still counting some military ballots (wont make a difference to the outcome), he gets around to the real reason. Its too important to God to allow godless sodomites to have a say in an election. We have to stop abortion, homosexuals, and men who claim to be women, and we need to have prayer in the schools, and Immorality sweeps over our land! To preserve our republic and honor the Constitution, he is going to deny the outcome of an election. Well, gosh, can we also deny the outcome of the last presidential election simply because the asshole-in-chief is an affront to morality?

I dont think he understands the concept of a republic. Remember that next time some theocrat runs for office their intent is to destroy that institution.

Hey, you know who else doesnt understand anything? Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad. Benjamin really is a Nazi at heart. He did a hangout with another alt-right fuckwit, MillennialWoes, and they let it all hang out. What is he afraid of?

Youve got diversity in everythingits terrifying, isnt it?

Hes terrified becausewhat? Brown people and gay people and women might also get employed and share equal status with his pale right-wing brothers? This is a blatantly racist, anti-egalitarian statement and he probably wouldnt consider my criticism a rebuke, but something to be proud of.

Hes also afraid of SJWs, because theyre a fucking massive problem. We have a terrible great power.

the reason thousands of young girls are getting raped is not because the police didnt want to do something or couldnt do something. It was because they were afraid of social justice warriors calling them racist.

That doesnt even make sense. Say or do something racist, and someone might rightly say to you that youre a racist, therefore the problem ispeople able to point out reality? A policeman might shoot an unarmed black man to death, but thats OK the real horror to a Sargoonian is that someone might point to a pattern of such incidents and declare that there is clear evidence of racist oppression. Say it right out loud, in public!

So we need to silence those goddamn SJWs.

The worst case scenario fo...


Chris Hansen Is Ready for a Comeback! Guardian Liberty Voice

Chris Hansen participated in Little League Wrestling when he was 10 years old. He competed in Megalodon Tournaments up through middle school and the he joined the wrestling team in high school with his older brother. His wrestling skills are noticeable in the cage. However, once he started kickboxing, he lost all interest in the []

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The Hayek revelations Freethought Blogs

Good grief. I just read Salma Hayeks piece in the New York Times. Its a horror through and through Harvey Weinstein is a terrible human being. There was the familiar constant pressure for sex, and his anger when denied, but whats new here is how Weinstein, who had a reputation for sponsoring great art movies, was in active force in compromising the art. What he did to Hayeks movie, Frida, was unconscionable.

Halfway through shooting, Harvey turned up on set and complained about Fridas unibrow. He insisted that I eliminate the limp and berated my performance. Then he asked everyone in the room to step out except for me. He told me that the only thing I had going for me was my sex appeal and that there was none of that in this movie. So he told me he was going to shut down the film because no one would want to see me in that role.

Frida Kahlo did many self-portraits, and her striking appearance was part of her identity, and Weinstein wanted to reduce her looks to something more conventional? She was afflicted with polio as a child and severely injured in an accident in her teens, and lived her whole life with a disability and chronic pain, and Weinstein wanted to erase that in a biography? How clueless is he, and how many of the good Weinstein-produced movies were made in spite of his interference, and how much better would they have been if hed never been allowed to say a word?

He offered me one option to continue. He would let me finish the film if I agreed to do a sex scene with another woman. And he demanded full-frontal nudity.

Christ. Hayek gave in on that demand, reluctantly, and with much anguish. But now youll need to keep this in mind next time you watch Game of Thrones or some cop show which features a stroll through a strip joint. The nudity isnt some critical part of the story, or even a part of the atmosphere added for verisimilitude. Its probably because some guy high up in the production likes the power of being able to compel the women acting in his show to expose themselves. Its not that nudity and sex cant be a natural part of a story, but that theres so much of it, and its almost entirely gratuitous.

It sort of turns out well, with regard to the movie, at leastexcept for the part where Hayeks success was added to the Weinstein luster, and that he then intentionally stunted her career.

Months later, in October 2002, this film, about my hero and inspiration this Mexican artist who never truly got acknowledged in her time with her limp and her unibrow, this film that Harvey never wanted to do, gave him a box office success that no one could have predicted, and des...


Why Oppose the Globalists and Then Let Them Educate Your Children? Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Do you remember the famous line from the classic movie, Animal House as John Belushi stated: Did we give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? This is a humorous but sarcastic and somewhat truthful quote designed to illustrate the folly of American education. Today, our kids are taught the folly of climate change without the benefit of using the scientific method. Social justice warriors patrol our university campuses looking to impose discipline for the mere appearance of incorrect views in this modern rendition of  The Lord of the Flies.  

An increasing number of Americans are realizing the folly of participating in the globalist world of antiChristian and anti-American values and then letting these same forces educate our children. In greater numbers we are avoiding the K-Marts, the Walmarts and all of the slave marts. We buy precious metals instead of horde cash because we know where this is all headed. More Americans are growing their own food. They increasingly shop at the mom and pop stores as opposed to the corporate entities. We visit natural doctors as opposed to the cut it out, burn it out and poison it out AMA approved doctors. More Americans than every belore are going off the grid. More of us are holidng home Bible studies as opposed to attending a DHS Clergy Response Team  controlled church who doesnt just render unto Caesar, they are Caesar. With all that many Americans are doing to not be a part of the evil empire then why in the world would parents give up their children to the public schools that are controlled by the same forces that have forced millions of Americans into varous degrees of alternatives to the main stream society? John Kennedy said it this way:

The great enemy of the tr...


I am graduating Freethought Blogs

I have been hinting for months that I am close to graduating.  Well, the time has come.  I am graduating with a Ph.D. in physics.

In the immediate future, I will be unemployed.  I am taking my time looking for a job in data science.  That means Ill find some tech company and analyze data for them.  And before you comment on that career choice, let me just say that I know more physics students moving into data science than staying in physics.  When I do find a job I probably wont make any announcement about it.

Given that most of my time blogging has been while I was at grad school, the impact on my blogging is unknown.  I may have more free time while unemployed, but I wont necessarily spend that time blogging.  (Note that I often take a blogging break near Christmas, and that has nothing to do with graduating.)

Ah, one thing that might make an impact on blogging, is that I will lose journal access.  I can still get physics papers on ArXiV, but most of what Id want to blog about would be in social sciences or humanities.  So, thats a bit tougher.

After this post, I intended to write at least a couple more blog posts about why grad school can be such a bad experience.  Its not too late, Ill get around to it eventually.

If you are unwise enough to wonder what my dissertation is about, Ill tell you.

I worked on photoemission spectroscopy of cuprate superconductors.  Photoemission spectroscopy is the technique of shining light on a material, and measuring the electrons that come out.  The technique tells us about how the electrons were behaving in the material.  A superconductor is material in a special state where electricity is conducted with zero resistance.  Cuprates are a particular class of superconductors.  Cuprates are famous for being in a superconducting state up to relatively high temperatures (but high temperature still means minus ~170 degrees Celsius).  Cuprates are not fully understood, and have been a longstanding mystery since they were discovered in the 80s.

Photoemission spectroscopy of cuprates sounds very specific, but its a well-established and competitive field of research.

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Thursday, 14 December


WATCH: Compliant Man Begs for His Life as Cops Try to Beat Him To Death The Free Thought Project

After savagely beating and tasering a compliant and arguably innocent man on video, police investigated themselves and issued a slap on the wrist.


Tillersons No Preconditions For North Korea Means Things Are Worse Than We Thought The Federalist

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent shockwaves through the foreign policy establishment this week when he suggested that the United States is prepared, for the first time, to come to the negotiating table with North Korea without any preconditions or promises from Pyongyang that it would halt, even if just temporarily, its nuclear program.

Tillersons startling comments, which mark a major departure from U.S. policy and part significantly with President Trumps views on the North Korea crisis, signal that Pyongyang is truly on the cusp of having a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and that a military conflict might be fast approaching.

On Monday, an analysis was released by 38 North, a U.S. website specializing in North Korea, indicating Pyongyang may be getting ready to test another nuclear weapon. The countrys last test, in early September, was estimated to have been 17 times more powerful than the hydrogen bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

The September test resulted in a fresh round of international sanctions, which, apparently, have done nothing to deter the hermit kingdom from moving ahead apace with its nuclear program. North Korea is similarly catapulting forward with its ICBM program, making steady progress and demonstrating this year that it now has the capability to reach the entire continental United States.

China Is Making Contingency Plans

By all accounts, the North is far ahead of previous estimates of when it would attain nuclear capability. With Pyongyangs rapid progress, the deployment of anti-missile systems to South Korea, Trumps boisterous posturing, and the evident failure of international sanctions, a growing number of experts estimate that some kind of war or conflagration is possible in 2018.

China doesnt seem all that interested in making significant efforts toward curbing North Koreas nuclear program, despite the Trump administrations persistence in believing that it is. Yet Beijing is forming a contingency plan in the event of the collapse of its neighboring client state, either from an outside pre-emptive strike or a self-imposed political implosion.

China is preparing for the waves of refugees that would attempt to enter China under such a scenario. According to recent reports, China has been setting up refugee camps along its border with North Korea and has conducted several military drills in that region. An even greater sign that China is fully cognizant of how fragile the situation has b...


This Formerly Trans 14-Year-Old Has A Message For Questioning Kids The Federalist

Noor Jontry believed she was male from ages 11 to 13, but has changed her mind. Now at age 14, she is sharing her journey into the trans-male identity and back to her female self.

In an interview on the website 4thWaveNow, Noor gives extraordinarily mature insights into her thoughts and feelings as she changed from being certain she wanted gender transition to finding less drastic ways of addressing her gender dysphoria and becoming comfortable in her female body.

Gender dysphoria is the strong feeling of unease about ones gender not matching ones physical body. Noor says, I learned that being female isnt a feeling. Its a biological reality and I could feel however I feel without it meaning I was male.

When asked why she wanted to be male, she said she didnt like her body and wanted a different one. She also realizes in retrospect that I used being trans to try and escape being scared about being small and weak. I thought that if I presented myself as a man Id be safer.

With the encouragement of her mother, she researched the medical effects of puberty blockers, cross-gender hormones and surgery, and came to see that her initial beliefssuch as there being no dangerous side effects from hormones or blockers or thinking that she could delay puberty foreverwerent true. She says she now understands that testosterone is a powerful drug that can damage female organs, and puberty blockers negatively affect brain development.

When asked about dysphoria, Noor says, It is definitely a real feeling! But being uncomfortable is part of being human. If you cant cope with those feelings, then you need help learning better ways to cope. My psychologist understood I had dysphoria and we worked through the trauma that caused it.

Dysphoria Always Has a Deeper Root

I have come under fire for suggesting people with gender dysphoria spend time with a psychologist to work through, as Noor puts it, the trauma that caused it. In my 10 years of working with trans persons and their families, I have found 100 percent of those who write me can identify the onset of gender dysphoria in themselves or their loved ones.

So many traumas can cause gender dysphoria, including emotional loss, abuse, and extreme changes in the home. According to research, almost two-thirds (62.7 percent) of transgender people have some type of co-existing psychiatric disorder, such as depression, phobias, and adjustment disorders.

As Noor has discovered and articulates so well: Dysphoria always has a deeper root. Trans isnt the right word. Weve learned to know it as trans but really what I think some people feel is extreme, chronic dissociation, possibly from trauma and PTSD.

Thats what h...


Ferdinand Film Writes Narcissism Into Classic Childrens Story The Federalist

In 1935, Munro Leaf spent about 40 minutes writing a story for his friend Robert Lawson, a then-struggling illustrator. After a slow start, Munros text coupled with Lawsons beautiful ink drawings became a success, and The Story of Ferdinand has never been out of print. A few years after its publishing, Disney released an Academy Award-winning short film based on the book, and a full-length feature film opens in theaters on December 15.

The Story of Ferdinand tells a humorous story of a gentle-spirited bull who wants to sit just quietly under the cork tree and smell the flowers. When five men come to Ferdinands pasture to pick the biggest, fastest, roughest bull to fight in the bull fights in Madrid, all the bulls except for Ferdinand try to prove that they should be picked.

Ferdinand desires no glory, though, and instead just wants to sit peacefully. When hes stung by a bee, however, the men spot him flailing and snorting, and choose him for the bull fights. Once in the ring, much to everyones shock and dismay, Ferdinand cannot be provoked to fight.

Its funny to imagine, isnt it? The bull in the pasture isnt so scary when hes as gentle as the butterfly on the flowers hes sniffing. The idea coupled with Lawsons captivating illustrations are enough to elicit a giggle from even the stodgiest of readers. Leaf said, If the book fails to make you chuckle there is no excuse for its existence, as far as Im concerned.

Not Everyones Laughing, Though

Although Leaf says his story was nothing more than a tale meant for a laugh, The Story of Ferdinand met its success alongside some serious controversy. First published near the start of the Spanish Civil War, different views had the story being both pro-Franco and anti-Franco. Ferdinand has also been called a fascist, a communist, an anarchist, and most commonlygiven the context of the unstable world during the books first printinga pacifist. Burned by Adolph Hitler as democratic propaganda, 30,000 copies of the book were later printed and distributed when Berlin fell in 1945.

While many of the original readers had strong political interpretations of the book, many modern readers have embraced Ferdinand as champion for following ones heart. The Washington Posts 50th anniversary tribute to Ferdinand praised him for knowing that true courage is being true to ones self, no matter what anyone else might say.

Similarly, in the latest Ferdinand film, audiences will be told, Be strong, be brave, be true to yourself. In the case of a bull whod choose peace under his cork tree over fame with the matadors, we might ar...

Director Martin McDonagh Discusses His Wish To Portray A Suicidal Christ The Federalist

When I met Martin McDonagh, he was in the process of directing his newly released film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri near Asheville, North Carolina. A local bookstore was hosting him for an afternoon interview and book signing, and I was more than happy to make the hour and a half drive to meet one of my favorite storytellers.

Martin McDonagh isnt exactly a household name, but he does have one more Oscar than most Hollywood A-listers. His first venture into film directing, a short called Six Shooter, won McDonagh an Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film. Prior to working in film, McDonagh wrote an impressive array of dark stage plays that received wide acclaim. My own introduction to McDonagh was his 2008 black comedy In Bruges.

In Bruges stars Colin Farrell (Ray) and Brendan Gleeson (Ken) as two hit men on the run from London. Ray botched his first job and accidentally killed a young boy along with the Catholic priest he was hired to kill. Ken is an older, more experienced hit man who acts as Rays partner, mentor, and babysitter.

After the boys murder, Ray and Kens boss, Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes), orders them to go hide out in the city of Bruges, the most well preserved medieval town in all of Belgium. The film follows their misadventures as they await instructions from Harry in Bruges.

Laughter Plus Punishment

When I first saw the film, I was completely unsure what to think of it. The viewer experiences emotional whiplash, laughing heartily at absurd lines of well-crafted dialogue, but mere moments later sadly contemplating what it means for the state of Rays soul that he murdered a little boy. The movie is genuinely funny and sincerely dark, and effectively shows that good comedy is perfectly compatible with heavy themes.

Where In Bruges succeeds and other dark comedies often fall flat is in its preservation of the weight of emotion throughout the film. This is due at least in part to the spectacular piano-based score composed by Carter Burwell, best known for scoring films by the Coen brothers. The melancholy main theme evokes sincere reflection, even nostalgia, always drawing the viewer back to the deepest questions at the heart of the film, questions about salvation, penance, and punishment.

McDonagh was raised Roman Catholic, but left the church at a young age. Nevertheless, as an Irishman and former Catholic, the church features prominently in his stories. Rays first job as a hit man is to kill a priest. Ray and Ken visit the Church of the Holy Blood in Bruges, where a vial of Christs dried blood is said to be held. They also visit an art gallery featuring paintings of the final judgment of all mankind, which leads Ray to ask Ken his thoughts on sin, death, and the afterlife. In other words, even if not orthodox or traditional, In Bruges is a deeply theological movie and must be approached as such.

The Characters Experience Purgatory...


17 Best Video Games To Buy Your Gamers For Christmas The Federalist

Do you know someone who would like a video game for Christmas, but you have no idea what to buy? Heres some help.

There are a lot of game choices out there, but for the uninitiated, it might seem like a daunting task to get the best ones or just avoid the trash. Here is a list of the best games to buy for a friend, family member, or even yourself.

Note that this list only includes games available for purchase at retail or the retail versions of some games.

2017 Games and Newer

Persona 5 (Playstation3, Playstation4)

We have to start off with possibly the best game this year. Popular among Japanese role-playing game fans, this 100-plus hour game tasks you with changing the hearts of various wrongdoers by entering their subconscious and making your way through stylish levels while combating figments of the hosts personality with your own personas, which you can level, customize, and fuse to create stronger versions (like a more complex demonic Pokmon).

Thats only half the game. You also spend time interacting with characters to grow your relationship that corresponds to your strength in battle. This game has great acid jazz music, gorgeous art, well-written characters, and emotional moments.

This is for those who love jrpgs, character interactions, and style, as well as any of the other Shin Megami Tensei games. Previous games are not required to enjoy this.

Rated M for Blood, Drug Reference, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence.

Nier: Automata (Playstation 4)

Do you want to play as a sexy robot in a post-apocalyptic world with a story revolving around existential crisis and questions about sentience, self-worth, and the value of life? This game has two main selling pointsits unique and interesting story and its fast, fluid combat. Its a little unorthodox in that it features 26 endings, achievable through some truly bizarre means. It also has an amazing musical score.

This is for those who love action games that might be a little different or an out-of-the-box way of storytelling, or if they like other Platinum-developed games like Bayonetta. While this is the second Nier game, the first is not required to understand the story.

Rated M for Blood, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Violence.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Playstation 4)

As a newcomer to Sonys first party lineup, I can grab your attention about this game with two words:...


Why A Tax Credit May Not Be The Best Way To Foster Adoption The Federalist

This is an article about adoption. But first, let me tell you about our recent minivan shopping.

You see, our current vehicle is 10 years old. It still runs fine, more or less, and I had hoped to hold onto it for a while longer yet, until I was excited about something new on the market or the vehicle needed major repairs, whichever came first.

But we take it for granted that subsidies towards electric car production have to be given to the consumer in the form of tax credits,when the whole thing could have been arranged as direct government subsidies to manufacturers and it wouldnt have even been under discussion in the tax reform proposals because no one would have considered it a part of the tax system.

So it is with the adoption tax credit, which was recently threatened in Congresss tax bills, but then restored. The rhetoric of the credit is that its a beautiful pro-life benefit and, in taking it away, Congress is practically consigning children to lives in orphanages or being snuffed out in abortion. But is that accurate?

Lets Review Some of the Facts and Figures

According to Adoption: By the Numbers, published by the National Council for Adoption, in 2014, there were a total of 69,350 unrelated domestic adoptions. Of these, only 18,329 were adoptions of infants. Split another way, of the total number of unrelated adoptions, 47,094 were through public agencies, 16,312 through private agencies, and 5,944 were private individual adoptions (no agency involved). Notably, private adoptions dropped by 55 percent from 2007 to 2014.

At the same time, there were 5,647 immigrant-orphan adoptions (2015 Department of State data). This is a small fraction of the 22,989 at the peak of overseas adoption in 2004, due to various sending countries tightening their regulations amid concerns about baby-buying. These children are largely toddler- and preschool-aged.

In 2012, when there were 8,600 such adoptions, 10 percent were infants, about 60 percent were between the ages of 1 to 4, and the remainder were older. The largest number, 36 percent, came from China; other top sending countries were Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Haiti.

And adoption is indeed expensive. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, private agency adoptions range in cost from $...


Court Case Reveals DCs Metro Canceled All Religious Ads In Fear Of Terrorism The Federalist

My November 30 article covering a lawsuit against Washington DCs transit system began: Keep the cash in Christmas. That was the message the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington received from the D.C. Metropolitan Transit Authority when the archdiocese attempted to buy ad space on Metro buses for its Find The Perfect Gift campaign.

In the lawsuit, the archdiocese argued that by refusing its ads, Metro violated the churchs First Amendment and due process rights, as well as claims under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. At the time, the archdioceses case seemed a pretty clear example of anti-religious animus and viewpoint discrimination. However, two happenings in the last week cast new light on Metros advertising guidelines that ban political and religious displays, and its use of those rules to reject the Catholic archdioceses Find The Perfect Gift campaign.

First, on Friday, when federal district court judge Amy Berman Jackson denied the archdiocese a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, she detailed the rationale underlying Metros decision to ban political and religious advertisements, writing:

The [Metro] Assistant General Manager for Customer Service, Communications, and Marketing also averred that she heard from the Metro Transit Police Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that running certain issue-oriented ads could pose security risks on trains and buses. One of the factors that spurred [Metro] to close its advertising forum was the submission of an ad featuring a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammad. Drawing the Prophet Mohammed is highly offensive to Muslims, and [Metro] was aware that the ad was drawn at a contest where two gunmen were killed in an attempt to prevent the event.

But why then also ban the Find The Perfect Gift campaign adan advertisement that does not disparage? From a legal perspective, the answer flows from First Amendment jurisprudence, which grants governmental officials the right to control access to a nonpublic or limited forum, such as advertisement displays on government property, based on the subject to be discussed as long as: the lines drawn are reasonable given the purpose of the forum involved, they do not favor one viewpoint over another, and they are consistently applied.

Had Metro opened the limited forum of bus advertisements to the subject of religion, it could not then discriminate based on the content of the proposed ad. In fact, the archdioceses strongest argument for reversal stems from Metro allowing advertisements that promote the commercialization of Christmas while rejec...


Why We Go Christmas Caroling Outside Abortion Facilities The Federalist

A young woman sits in the waiting room of American Womens Medical Center on Chicagos northwest side, waiting to be called back to the operating room for her procedure. Even now, shes unsure about the choice shes made. She knows that abortion is against her religion, but she feels cornered. This is the only way out.

Then she hears something that breaks through her anguished thoughts. A group of voices is singing outside the building. She recognizes the familiar words of a Christmas carol: round yon virgin, mother and child, holy infant, so tender and mild.

Outside, a group of some 30 carolers huddle together, bundled up against the cold, each holding a photocopy of a song sheet. As they finish the last lines of their final carol, Silent Night, the young woman comes out of the building. She approaches a member of the caroling group and says shes decided not to go through with her abortion. I heard your singing and started thinking of Mary and Jesus, and I just couldnt go through with it.

As the rest of the carolers move off to their cars to head to the next stop on their caroling tour, an experienced counselor stays behind to talk to the young woman about her situation. She gives her the number for a nearby pro-life pregnancy center that can help her with prenatal care, housing, getting plugged into social services, and anything else she might need.

This Christmas miracle took place on a Saturday morning in December 2003, the year the Pro-Life Action League organized our first Christmas caroling tour at abortion facilities throughout Chicago. We soon began training other pro-life groups to hold Peace in the Womb Christmas caroling tours in their own communities, and they were soon reporting back to us with their own stories of mothers being moved to cancel their abortions. This year, Christmas carols will be sung at close to 100 abortion facilities throughout the country.

It is especially sorrowful that a child would be aborted at this time of yeara horrible contradiction of the Christmas story of hope and joy dawning upon the earth with the birth of a baby. Those of us who go out every year to sing Christmas carols outside abortion centers draw parallels between the story of Bethlehem and so many of those sitting in abortion waiting rooms right nowthe poor and displaced who have found no room at the inn, and in desperation are turning to abortion.

We know that from the pro-choice perspective, abortion would be the ideal solution for a couple in Mary and Josephs situation, with their scandalous unplanned pregnancy. Planned Parenthood would have aborted Jesus.

The child spared from abortion during our inaugural caroling tour in 2003 will soon celebrate his or her 14...


Memo to CBS on George W. Bush: Dan Rather Got It (Mostly) Right WhoWhatWhy

Anyone who has worked at a television network has loads of stories about pieces that were spiked or totally suppressed because the corporation went into damage-control mode. One recent example: 60 Minutes.

On December 3, during a congenial retrospective presentation Fifty Years of 60 Minutes the iconic news program re-lived some of the shows biggest moments: trophy interviews, scoops and revelations, and, commendably, a few jumbo mistakes.

But in the course of serving up confessions, such as Mike Wallaces spiked interview with a tobacco company whistleblower, to which they devoted only a few seconds, they also mentioned how they were led astray on a key incident in the career of George W. Bush. And they blamed it on the sloppy reporting of Dan Rather and his producers.

By doing so, the network perpetuated a serious fiction about the 2004 election, in a way that only underlined its cowardice in dealing with an embarrassing scandal.

The real problem with Rather was not as CBS would have us believe that he failed to properly vet a fake document during an investigation into whether George W. Bush pulled strings to avoid combat duty in Vietnam.  

In fact, the documentation for Bushs self-serving actions is clear and compelling.

The core issue is what CBS left unsaid. Rathers producers were poking into an authentic story that powerful political forces had long been trying to suppress: how the then-President of the United States, who had taken the country into war in Iraq under false pretenses, resulting in untold unnecessary deaths, himself had gone AWOL from military service years earlier and covered it up.

Thats a big deal. And a news organization worth its salt doesnt run from the truth.

Another mainstream outlet, the Los Angeles Times, mocked Rather by putting the word Truth in quotation marks in the title of a story published in 2015 Dan Rather is sticking to the Truth of his story about George W. Bush. But at least that newspaper gave him a chance to defend himself. In his response, Rather made clear that he regrets the use of documentation that was not properly vetted. But he went on to strongly refute any inference that this invalidates the thrust of the original report:

Its not a matter of opinion whether the central facts of the story were true or not; its true, he says of the 2004 report. One: That through the influence of his politically powerful father, George W. Bush got into a so-called champagne unit of the Air National Guard as a way of assuring he wouldnt have to go to Vietnam. And two: After he got in he disappeared for more than a year.

We agree. To find out why, and for all the sordid det...


Committee To Protect Journalists: Number Of Jailed Journalists Hits Historic High Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has declared the number of journalists imprisoned worldwide has hit a new record at a total...


Chicago Police Win Big When Appealing Discipline Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

A secretive appeals system has been knocking down the punishments of Chicago police officers no matter how serious their misconduct, undercutting the results of lengthy investigations and layers of review long after the public believes the cases were concluded.

In the first examination of its kind, the Chicago Tribune and ProPublica Illinois found that 85 percent of disciplinary cases handled through the Chicago Police Departments grievance process since 2010 led to officers receiving shorter suspensions or, in many cases, having their punishments overturned entirely.

A suspension for punching a handcuffed arrestee, all caught on camera? Negotiable.

Discipline for making racially insensitive comments during a traffic stop? Tossed out and expunged from the record.

Punishments for making false statements, an offense for which the department says it has zero tolerance? Those, too, were wiped away as if they never happened.

The result: the weakening of a police accountability system that rarely finds fault with officers actions in the first place.

By the time an officers misconduct appeal reaches the Police Departments Management and Labor Affairs Section, where grievances are handled, the officer has already been found at fault in an internal affairs investigation or after an inquiry by the citys police watchdog agency, whose findings are public. In some cases, the discipline already has been upheld by the Chicago Police Board, whose decisions also are public.

But the departments labor office operates behind closed doors and according to requirements contained in the police union contract. Victims and complainants were not told when an officer filed a grievance nor were they notified of its outcome.

The decisions that overturn discipline can have little to do with the facts behind the actual misconduct. The systems notorious inefficiencies end up working in an officers favor, with punishments being dismissed because investigations took too long, the Tribune-ProPublica Illinois investigation found.

The Police Department has no system to track cases, so reporters used data and records from the department and its oversight agency to follow more than 300 disciplinary cases, analyzing changes between the original discipline orders and the actual outcomes.

Chicago Police Grievances

CPD Grievances

A Chicago Tribune-ProPublica Illinois investigation tracked more than 30...

Why I Chose to Raise my Kid in an Urban Neighborhood Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Every December, we re-run some of our best essays from the year. (See them all here.) The piece below might seem a little out of place on a "best of" list: it's not particularly in-depth, it wasn't written by one of our regular contributors, and it doesn't deal with a heavyweight issue like affordable housing or infrastructure spending. But I found it to be one of our most important articles from 2017 for the simple fact that it provided a contradictory perspective to the prevailing attitude in America (and we're all about sharing surprising perspectives on our site). Additionally, it generated extensive conversation on social media when we published it from people who both agreed and disagreed with its argument.

Parenting and family life might not seem like natural topics for an organization that's focused on helping towns become financially strong, yet every time we publish something in this realm, I see more and more connections between our mission and the concerns of parents and children. We can't have strong towns without having strong families, without having streets where kids can safely walk to school, without having neighborhoods that don't isolate stay-at-home parents from a community of support...

So I hope this essay (which we initially republished from the blog of our friends at VERDUNITY) helps kickstart more conversations about how to build strong towns, and I plan to continue contemplating issues of parenting and families on the Strong Towns website in 2018.  - Rachel Quednau

My decision-making inspiration

My decision-making inspiration

My life changed forever when I became a mom.  While I admit that I still hold onto a few of my selfish tendencies, most my daily decisions are now based on what is best for my son instead of myself.  My husband and I plan our weekends around what and when we are going to eat, when he is going to get his nap, and what activities we can do that will adequately wear him out before bedtime. 

So, when we started to think about the community that we wanted to live in, our criteria mostly revolved around the type of environment that was best for him.&n...


Chicago Police Department Grievances Articles and Investigations - ProPublica


Native Sun News Today Editorial: Why won't Donald Trump release his tax returns? Indianz.Com News

Native Americans and other minority races will rise up in great numbers in 2018 if they want to stop this madness that has taken over this country.


Charlottesville Community in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors It's Going Down

The post Charlottesville Community in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors appeared first on It's Going Down.

Today, Charlottesville community members held a press conference at the U.S. District Courthouse to declare solidarity with survivors of the August 12th car attack, who have been repeatedly harassed by federal law enforcement and were summoned to testify before a grand jury.

A full transcript is below:

SPEAKER 1: We are here today because the U.S. Attorneys Office has been bullying those of us who were most severely injured by the car attack. Chris Kavanaugh subpoenaed us to appear before a federal grand jury. In a federal grand jury, you cant bring your attorney into the room. Theres no judge in the room. The rules of evidence do not apply. They can ask you about anything under the sun. They can even take away your right to plead the fifth. I was already run over by a car. I will not be bullied by the federal government.

SPEAKER 2: Im just gonna build on whats been said. So, since November 27th, 2017, a number of federal grand jury subpoenas have been served to anti-racist activists who were the most severely injured survivors of the car attack on August 12th, that was carried out by white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. It is shameful that the most vulnerable members of our community are being singled out by law enforcement. As was said earlier, U.S. Attorney Chris Kavanaugh has justified these subpoenas by stating that hes only seeking to indict Fields and other white supremacists. Yet, we dont know if they are also seeking to indict the anti-racist activists who defended our community this past summer.

Grand juries are a secretive procedure. People who are called to testify, again, are not allowed to have their lawyer present, and there is no judge, only the prosecutor and the jurors. The prosecutor may ask any and all questions they deem relevant, and they are not obligated to reveal the subject of their investigation. Grand juries have historically been used as a tool of political repression to surveil and incriminate social movements, from Standing Rock to Greensboro, North Carolina. The survivors of a terror attack should not be subject to up to 18 months in jail simply for refusing to participate in the unjust processes of a grand jury.

Charlottesville activists are in solidarity with our comrades who have been called before the gran...


Native Sun News Today: Dakota prayer ride and walk puts focus on Keystone spill Indianz.Com News

Prayer ride and walk spotlights pipeline oil leak By Talli Nauman Native Sun News Today Health & Environment Editor AGENCY VILLAGE Participants in the Dakota Prayer Ride & Water Walk trekked to Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal headquarters here on...


Navajo Nation signs contract to implement AMBER Alert system on reservation Indianz.Com News

The Navajo Nation is finally close to implementing an AMBER Alert system on the reservation.


The Job I Want This is the website of Ken Layne.


Ive been looking for jobs online lately and this is the first posting Ive found that really resonated with me. 

Are you sitting around waiting for a mission in life? Feeling helpless as youre tossed and turned by events? Helplessly reacting to the deeds of the of the evil doers instead of taking action to put our civilization back on course? Well then you might have what it takes to join us, join us in this great mission to restore morality and human decency to our sickly species to drive the evil ones and the vile opportunists from the agora of the public realm, to aid the rapid transmutation and transformation of our world from a fossil fuel dependent weather wrecking nightmare of never-ending burning summer and fire and destruction and pain and boredom. Join us in the salvation of our home planet and the salvation of humanity. Well get those sleaze bags yet and well put them in the pit of despair. If youd like to enquire about this mission or the film rights drop us a line. The Voice of the Desert


Exit From The Matrix: free individual vs Deep State Jon Rappoport's Blog

Exit From The Matrix: free individual vs Deep State

by Jon Rappoport

December 14, 2017

The people who run society are engaged in bringing systems and structures into interlocking alignment, in order to create larger and larger machines of control.

I keep returning to this territory, because the whole thrust of modern civilization is making the individual extinct.

Powerless, badly educated, adrift in technology, viewed as a unit tied to a massive collectivethis is the picture of the individual.

Lets go back to square one. The individual is fundamentally at odds with the State. The State wants control. The State wants loyalists, adherents, joiners, conformists. The individual wants freedom, if he has any inkling of his own power.

The basic makeup of the State is promoted as a We. We want this. We need this. We deserve this. We all agree on this. The ubiquitous We is floated on purpose. The aim is to eradicate the I. The individual.

The State wants all arguments to center on what We should get. Should We be given this or that? Should We have A or B? What is best for We?

This is where all the trouble starts.

The State is not going to solve that trouble because it is creating it.

On the other hand, the individual who is free knows what he wants. Or can discover it. Sooner or later, he realizes that most of the people around him arent free. Those people have embedded themselves so deeply in We that they cant see outside it. The very idea of being free is meaningless to them.

So be it.

Ultimately, when all the bets are in, when all the chips are laid down on the table, the States game is all about We. Thats how the game is rigged.

The individual is ruled out.

The roulette wheel spins, but it doesnt matter which slot the ball falls into. No slot is labeled individual.

And Im not just talking about the State. Any large organization works in the same way.

So the free individual has to take his future in his own hands.

First, he has to conceive that he does have a future apart from We.

Then he has to imagine what that future could look like. He has to invent the future he wants.

Whats called the spiritual is not independent from what Im talking about here. How the free individual imagines his future and then goes after inventing it is very much a spiritual exploration. Why? Because the individual is more than a bio-machine. Knowing that, he conceives of a future which is more than lowest-common-denominator physical needs.

In my collection, Exit From The Matrix...


Growing Connections Between the Far-Right & J20 Prosecution It's Going Down

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the government is not concerned with policing forces which seek to uphold the power of the State and the colonial hierarchies upon which it was founded, but instead those that seek to abolish it. 

Almost 200 people face upwards of 60 years in prison for taking part in a demonstration against Trumps inauguration and collectively are all being charged with breaking the same 5 windows of banks and corporate stores. The mass of people arrested on January 20th were swept up in a police kettle which lasted for hours, and ended in the police sexually assaulting and raping arrestees as a sadistic form of group punishment.

Central to the States narrative, is that everyone that took part in the anti-capitalist and anti-fascist march that led to the breaking of only a handful of windows was in fact part of a criminal conspiracy. In lieu of evidence, the State argues that the wearing of masks, black clothing, and even chanting similar chants or smiling while witnessing property destruction all constitute evidence in this regard. If the State succeeds, most of the defendants face literally a life sentence, and the State will be given a dangerous new precedent for future repression.

Nothing To Do with Protecting the Public, Everything to Do With Smashing Social Movements

the farther that the far-Right can beat the drum of open civil war with autonomous social movements, the more the State can justify cracking down on them. 

Across the US, we already are starting to see a similar J20 strategy be put into practice. In Colorado Springs, police justified the infiltration of a group of socialists because police claimed that some of them were seen at a protest wearing black bloc clothing. Meanwhile, other states have passed new anti-masks laws, while others are attempting t...



Western Refugee Policies Are One Endless Evian Conference OpEdNews

Evian is not just a bottled water company. And the town of --vian-les-Baines in France on the south shore of Lake Geneva is not just a location for luxury hotels. It's also the location where, in July 1938, the first international effort was ever made (or feigned) to alleviate a refugee crisis.


What It's Like to Get Clemency One Year Later The Marshall Project

Catching up with Obamas clemency recipients.


Why Can't Alabama Republicans Admit Doug Jones Won Fair and Square? OpEdNews

Roy Moore cannot get a recount under state law, a growing chorus of legal scholars said Wednesday, despite what the state's top election official and the Senate candidate himself might have you believe. (Moore told rallygoers Tuesday night that the race is "not over," and that it will "take some time.")


Doctor Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti Found Dead The Last American Vagabond

Yet another individual involved with exposing the fraud of the Clinton Foundation, to the surprise of no one, has turned up dead. This time with a knife in the chest, yet for all those well versed on the many oddities and inconsistencies that always seem to follow the mysterious deaths in relation to the Clinton []

The post Doctor Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti Found Dead appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


As Media Obsesses Over Trumps Diet, Israel Is Dropping Bombs On Children The Last American Vagabond

While the MSM educates the public on Trumps diet, the aftermath of his decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem has turned deadly. (TFTP) The mainstream media devoted a significant portion of its precious airtime to a groundbreaking report claiming that President Trump drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke each day. While that could []

The post As Media Obsesses Over Trumps Diet, Israel Is Dropping Bombs On Children appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Abduct, Imprison, Repeat: Israel Systematically Imprisons Palestinians On False Or No Charges The Last American Vagabond

People around the world are rightfully outraged by Donald Trumps recent effective handing over of Jerusalem to Israel. Behind the scenes, out of sight, an outrageous and illegal practice continues, the alleged only democracy in the Middle East on a near-daily basis abducts Palestinian men, women, and children under false pretexts (or no charges at all), using sham []

The post Abduct, Imprison, Repeat: Israel Systematically Imprisons Palestinians On False Or No Charges appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Russias Pulling Out Of SyriaWhy Cant We? The Last American Vagabond

Yesterday, Russian president Vladimir Putin paid a surprise visit to Russian troops fighting ISIS in Syria. He announced that since the battle against the extremists was essentially won, he was ordering the bulk of Russian military forces to return to Russia. The US, on the other hand, is claiming that its troops would continue to []

The post Russias Pulling Out Of SyriaWhy Cant We? appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Law Enforcement Bill of Rights Adds Bricks To Blue Wall Of Silence The Last American Vagabond

The Law Enforcement Bill of Rights operates, in many cases, in opposition to the Constitutions Bill of Rights, by sharply limiting accountability and transparency when it comes to police brutality and other misconduct. LOS ANGELES  Most of us living in the United States were familiar with the Bill of Rights  the first 10 amendments to the []

The post Law Enforcement Bill of Rights Adds Bricks To Blue Wall Of Silence appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Scientists Warnings and What Humans, Bees and Koalas Have in Common? OpEdNews

The article delineates scientists' warnings to humanity. Unheeded there is an ever-growing disaster including the demise of some lovable, some necessary species.



GUN LOVERS : JOIN NOW !!! (only slightly satirical...) OpEdNews

A slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the sick love affair some have with their guns


Federal Government Continues To Argue In Favor Of Indefinitely Detaining An American Citizen The Last American Vagabond

On Monday a federal judge challenged the U.S. government to justify the continued imprisonment of an American citizen who has been denied access to a lawyer for over three months. Washington D.C.  U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has expressed skepticism and frustration over the U.S. governments arguments for detaining an American citizen for three months. []

The post Federal Government Continues To Argue In Favor Of Indefinitely Detaining An American Citizen appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Democrats abandon the resist Trump movement when it comes to Jerusalem OpEdNews

One would think Democrats would be be jumping at the chance to hammer Trump for his reckless plans and their consequences, pitting us, once again, against the rest of the world and obliterating our credibility to be an honest broker. Instead, most have been, silent or, worse yet, taking credit themselves for Trump actions.


Greenbacks and Scams OpEdNews

Time for a true progressive movement in the Democratic party to bring back liberal values to our struggling plutocracy.


What are you, my mom? Freethought Blogs

First, I get an email from The Nation with the subject line you DID NOT sign to impeach Donald Trump (WHY NOT?).

From this alone we can conclude that The Nation must have sent out a mass email survey of some sort recently one among many similar missives I receive daily from various organs of the Democratic party. Apparently readers were asked to sign to impeach Donald Trump. Because thats how impeachment works: a particular number of readers of a pretentious neoliberal magazine must click YES to an email poll.

However, when I tragically failed to timely respond to this embarrassing bid for attention in the guise of an impeachment vehicle, The Nation suddenly got all shouty at me and demanded to know WHY NOT.

Explain yourself, woman!! Do you even read our magazine?! Do you secretly looooove Donald Trump?! How could you???

Because FUCK YOU, The Nation. Hows that?

Moving on.

This morning I get an email from my illustrious Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Wall $treet), presently serving tirelessly as the de facto head of the Democratic party. His subject line is Yesterday? That was just the start.

As you might expect, Chuckie is trumpeting Doug Jones beating Roy Moore for the Senate seat abandoned by Jeff Sessions, after Mr. Sessions decided that he could do a lot more damage to peoples lives as Trumps Attorney General than he ever could as Senator from Alabama.

So of course Chuck lays on the usual banal accolades and then he says this:

Now, look, you are welcome to celebrate for a moment. Youve earned it. This win is thanks to Doug Jones, his incredible team, and you your calls, your donations, your Facebook posts, your emails to friends. Thank you.

But that moment to celebrate is over. Now its time to get back to work.

You had your fun missy, but all thats over!

Can we just pause for a minute to appreciate how generous it is of Chuckie to allow everyone a brief moment to celebrate a hard-won victory in Alabama?


I am sure you are now wondering how we might toil to best please the honorable Senator? Funny you should ask! Why, it turns out Chuckie wants all of us to give a single dollar to each of the eight most conservative Democrati...


Republicans and Democrats are the problem: Stupidity and Blindness Have Destroyed Whatever Democracy the US Ever Had OpEdNews

Between genuinely ignorant or science-denying Republicans and blinder-wearing Democrats, the US seems doomed to blunder into either climate catastrophe or a world war, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff


Bill Lost His Memory Activist Post

By Benny Wills Bill Lost His Memory is a poem about political and spiritual awakening. Written and performed by Benny Wills of The Joy Camp....


Roy Moore is waiting for God(ot) Freethought Blogs

Roy Moore still hasnt conceded that he has lost the Alabama senate race, even though the margin of defeat was 1.5%, well above the 0.5% threshold that triggers automatic recounts and that the Alabama secretary of state John Merrill, a Moore supporter, said that he thought it highly unlikely that a recount would change anything. Then Merrill incorrectly said that Moore could ask for a recount if he was willing to pay for it but legal experts say that Alabama law has that provision only for elections to state offices, not federal ones.

But the reason Moore is not conceding is apparently that he thinks an election is not over until his god, who must be the proverbial fat lady, sings or at least says so. He seems to think that his god would never allow a Democrat to win the election and so that at some point a miracle will occur reversing the outcome. This faith that his god was going to win the election for him may be what led him to take the final week off from campaigning, thinking it was in the bag.

You gotta admire that faith, even as you marvel at the idiocy.

JK Rowling suggests that he lost because god is a black woman, and that demographic went 98% for Jones.

Even Mike Huckabee, who can find a religious justification for pretty much any right wing abomination, thinks that Moore should pack it in, tweeting that Roy Moore wont concede; says will wait on God to speak. God wasnt registered to vote in AL but the ppl who voted did speak and it wasnt close enough for recount. In elections everyone does NOT get a trophy. I know first hand but its best to exit with class.

But the class train left Alabama evangelicals behind a long, long time ago.

Christian evangelicals are being urged to engage in some soul-searching for their support for Moore, even though turnout among them was low enough to cause his loss, according to Mark Silk.

In 2012, the last election for which we have an Alabama exit poll, 47 percent of the voters identified as white evangelicals and 90 percent of them cast their ballots for Mitt Romney. Yesterday, according to preliminary exit polls , they constituted 44 percent of the Alabama electorate, and 80 percent of them voted for Moore.

In other words, white evangelicals were less motivated to go to the polls than other voters (black and white), and those that did were less likely to vote GOP than in 2012. My back-of-the-envelope calculation is that had they...


Daily Inspiration --- that spirit can redeem mankind OpEdNews

Virtue Will, to her efforts, tolerate no bounds / That are not lofty as her rights; aspiring By impulse of her own ethereal zeal. / That spirit only can redeem mankind.


What the Doug Jones Election Means for Criminal Justice Reform The Marshall Project

The Alabama Democrat represents the flip-side of his predecessor.


Trump, His Generals, and the Road to Authoritarianism OpEdNews

The one power center that could challenge Trump is the military-industrial complex: America's fourth branch of government. Yet by hiring so many of its generals and by praising it while passing loads of moola its way, Trump has co-opted its authority and power, attaching it to himself in his role as commander-in-chief.


Mueller Team Uniform? Democratic Donkey Jerseys and Im With Hillary T-Shirts says Congressman 21st Century Wire

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, amid new questions about Anti-Trump text messages sent by FBI employees assigned to special counsel Robert Muellers Russia investigation. Rosenstein testified that Mueller is running his office appropriately and without bias.

In a colorful exchange between Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) and Rosenstein, Chabot asked the Deputy AG:

How with a straight face, can you say that this group of Democrat partisans are unbiased, and will give President Trump a fair shake?

After a brief stammer, Rosenstein replied that political affiliation and the issue of bias are different things, and that we should trust the experience Mueller and the Justice Department have in managing investigation teams, adding:

We recognize that we have employees with political opinions, and its our responsibility to make sure those opinions do not influence their actions.

To which Chabot argued how can anyone possibly reach that conclusion:

I was at first encouraged. It seemed like a serious matter and deserved a serious investigation. And I assumed, as many of us did, that Mr. Mueller would pull together an unbiased team. But, rather than wearing stripes as umpires and referees might wear, I would submit that the Mueller team overwhelmingly, uh, oughta be attired with Democratic donkeys on their jerseys or Im with Hillary t-shirts, certainly not with Lets Make America Great Againand I think thats a shame. Because I think the American people deserve a lot better than the very biased team theyre getting under Robert Mueller. And I think its really sad.

Things get awkwardly amusing at the 50 minute mark


 21st Century Wire RussiaGate Files



Counter-Insurgency as a State Philosophy with Peter Gelderloos It's Going Down

The post Counter-Insurgency as a State Philosophy with Peter Gelderloos appeared first on It's Going Down.

Counterinsurgency as a state philosophy has been used to crush uprisings before they even happen by pacifying movements and managing conflict to ensure the stability and continuity of governance.
We spoke to anarchist author Peter Gelderloos to understand the relationship between repression and recuperation, the reason why capitalists are attracted to democracy, how anarchists can be more effective and apply those principles, and a whole lot more.

For more writings by Peter, you can check out The Anarchist Library

Download MP3


Denver, CO: Unite the Right Attendee, Proud Boys, & College Republicans Oppose March Against White Supremacy It's Going Down

The post Denver, CO: Unite the Right Attendee, Proud Boys, & College Republicans Oppose March Against White Supremacy appeared first on It's Going Down.

On December 2, 2017, Denver activist group Resist 5280 held a March Against White Supremacy. 2017 has been a banner year for hatecrimes, which isnt surprising given the current political environment. One would think a march against white supremacy wouldnt be that controversial of an event. One would be wrong.

The Denver event brought out a contingent of counter protesters. In the same way that being anti-anti-fascist just makes someone pro-fascist, protesting a march against white supremacy just makes them pro-white supremacy. Which isnt surprising given the counter-protesters.



Criminalizing Dissent: After Proving Mere Presence J20 Prosecution Rests Case It's Going Down

The post Criminalizing Dissent: After Proving Mere Presence J20 Prosecution Rests Case appeared first on It's Going Down.

Washington, DC Since November 20, trial has been underway for the first group of defendants charged with multiple felonies after being caught up in a politically targeted mass arrest of an anarchist protest march during Donald Trumps inauguration on January 20 (J20). The arrests took place when, after some store windows were broken, police forcefully herded the march into a trap and kettled the entire group at 12th & L streets. Detained for hours in winter weather without access to food, water, bathrooms, or medical care, almost two hundred people would be indicted for a series of felonies and misdemeanors.

Update Weds. 12/13: On Wednesday morning Judge Lynn Leibovitz dismissed the charge of inciting a riot against all six current J20 defendants. More to follow:

Several hours later, Judge Leibovitz labeled photojournalist Alexei Wood a principal aider and abetter in the alleged conspiracy to riot because his livestream played a roleto advertise, broadcastto recruit and keep people informed of the events, and denied all other motions to dismiss the remaining charges against the defendants.

Follow our twitter for more updates.

The indictment brought by the US Attorneys Office for DC in the J20 case seeks to hold every perceived member of the political assembly responsible for alleged individual acts, such as breaking windows or throwing bricks at police, which appear to have been engaged in by only a dozen or so people. The case is being heard by Judge Lynn Leibovitz (known as DCs toughest judge) in DC Superior Court, with US Marshals providing court security.

The vast majority of the trial has been a long list of prosecution witnesses giving highly repetitive testimony that had little or nothing to do with the current defendants. Assistant US Attorneys Jennifer Kerkhoff and Rizwan Qureshi brought in at least a half dozen witnesses who were managers or owners of commercial businesses who had their windows broken on inauguration day, and had them recount their woes in detail to the jurors. (One business owner accidentally let it slip that her broken windows had been paid for by her insurance company.)


Trump's FCC Wants to Kill a Free and Open Internet OpEdNews

Ending net neutrality will squelch competition, innovation and small internet startups, and limit freedom of expression, independent voices and diverse viewpoints. More than ever, Big Business, like Big Brother, will control what you read, see and hear and limit your own ability to speak up and share your opinions, your creativity, your life.


Roy Moore Had Lowest White Evangelical Support Of Any Alabama Republican In The 21st Century The Federalist

Exit polls from the Alabama Senate special election on Tuesday show that Roy Moore got 80 percent of the white evangelical vote, but nonetheless went down to defeat. This is shocking, because white evangelicals are a big share of Alabamas population. Indeed, public polling on religion suggests Alabama should be the third-strongest-state for white evangelicals! Only Tennessee, West Virginia, and Arkansas have more of us than Alabama has. So if its a big voting bloc and theyre 80 percent for a candidate, shouldnt that candidate win?

This is where opinion polling gets tricky. The exit poll from Alabama shows that white evangelicals made up about 44 percent of the electorate, versus somewhere between 35 percent and 47 percent of the general population, depending on which polls and methods you use. White evangelicals were probably slightly over-represented in the electorate versus their population share, indicating they had higher turnout than other groups did.

With high turnout and 80 percent in favor of a candidate in a group that is a large population share, victory should be assured. But it was not to be.

In reality, Roy Moore substantially underperformed among white evangelicals. Understandably turned off by his apparent opposition to religious liberty, disregard for the Constitution, weirdly positive comments about slavery, and his alleged sexual misconduct, white evangelicals gave Moore the worst showing of any Alabama Republican Senate candidate in the twenty-first century.

So Lets Crunch Some Numbers

Proving this mathematically is simple in theory, but complicated in practice, so very few pundits have even tried. First, we need to know how many white evangelical adults were in Alabama during each previous senatorial election. Then we need to know how many white evangelicals actually voted for the Republican candidate in each election.

To get the first number, I use Census Bureau estimates of the adult population, and take estimates of the white evangelical population from the Public Religion Research Institute. I also tested using estimates from the...


The Meaning of Doug Jones's Upset Victory OpEdNews

Today Alabama demonstrated that America is better than Trump, and better than House and Senate Republicans who have jumped into the swamp Trump has created. Congratulations, Doug Jones. Congratulations, Alabama. Congratulations, America.


Podcast: Alabama Senate Race, Phony Feminists, And #MeToo Pitfalls The Federalist

Inez Feltscher Stepman and Bre Payton discuss last nights election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones in Alabama on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss evangelical voters and their pro-life beliefs, as well as other issues both Democrats and Republicans may be facing as the parties shift and the bases change.

I think there is a lot of blame to go around, Stepman said. Republicans dont want to defend conservatism and dont want to defend the people who vote for them and are willing to throw them overboard at any opportunity.

Stepman and Payton also share their opinions on the #MeToo movement and how many feminists are out to put down women they dont agree with, rather than building them up.

Listen here:


China and India sail into choppy waters in New Great Game OpEdNews

This is a heady vortex churning with power projections, spheres of influence, security and commerce. In the end, the only certainty is this shadow play involving China, India, Iran and Pakistan, with the US as an active third party, is at the heart of the New Great Game in Eurasia.


This Single Mom Worked Overtime To Restore $500 To Homeless Man Who Was Robbed TruthTheory

$500 is a hefty chunk of change. So, you can imagine a homeless mans despair when he was robbed of this exact amount the last of the money he owned.

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

To be a hero, all someone has to do is brighten another persons day. It is that simple. Buying a sandwich for a hungry person on the street, holding the door open for a stranger behind you, or purchasing another coffee lovers drink at Starbucks are all ways one can accomplish this. An additional method is shared in the following story, which is sure to cheer you up this holiday season.

Recently, footage was aired showing a man chasing another out of a Walmart in Florida.  The individual doing the chasing was 60-year-old Charles Reynolds, an employee at Walmart who had just cashed his check. At an inopportune time, a thief ran by and stole all $500 of it.

$500 is a lot of money. But to Charles, it was everything literally. Upon being interviewed, he said he is pretty much homeless, and Im doing the best I can to get up and get out of there. And, yeah, that money meant a lot.

One w...


Birth Control Pills Linked to Breast Cancer--How Could That Happen? OpEdNews

While Pharma, the FDA and the medical establishment collectively plead "Who Knew" they knew. Almost 50 years ago the breast cancer risks of hormonal birth control pill were exposed by Barbara Seaman in The Doctor's Case Against the Pill and reiterated in her follow-up book The Greatest Experiment Ever Performed on Women.


Bitcoin Futures Plunge Fiat Crypto-Space Crumbles: Gold Buying Increases Political Vel Craft

The days slide started around 9amET, when a burst of gold buying appears to have reset the correlation between XAU and BTC: Just a few hours later, Bitcoin is back below $16,000. [Who in the world can afford 1 Bitcoin ~ The US Middle Class? Think Again!] Nobel Laureate Economist Joseph Stiglitz Says Bitcoin Doesnt Serve []


Our Best Podcast Episodes from 2017 Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

We publish 2+ podcasts every week, so choosing the best handful of them from the entire year was a challenge. In the end, though, here's what rose to the top. These are the podcasts that we saw referenced again and again, and heard our members chatting about for weeks and even months after they were published:


Richard Florida and the New Urban Crisis

May 11, 2017

Listen to the episode

Richard Florida is a University Professor and Director of Cities at the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, he's a writer and journalist, and he serves as senior editor for The Atlantic, where he co-founded and serves as Editor-at-Large for CityLab. He's also the author of a new book, The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class-and What We Can Do About It.

In this interview with Chuck Marohn, Florida discusses the backlash to one of his most famous books, The Rise of the Creative Classand the growth in inequality and economic segregation in American cities, which he cites as a much bigger problem than gentrification. Florida also shares his reaction to the presidential election and his thoughts about the future of the suburbs.



America, plutocracy not a democracy OpEdNews

We don't have a democracy in the US. We have a plutocracy, gov't of, by, and for the rich & big corporate interests. There is no real difference between the Democrat & Republican parties. Both are beholden to the big moneyed interests. Is it any wonder the laws, regulations, oversight & enforcement benefit those interests? Our entire electoral system is irredeemable, beyond reform & needs to be scrapped.


It Is All in Your Head OpEdNews

In this book, the author, Dr. O'Sullivan, shares her long-term experience with some of her patients who thought they were suffering from serious diseases. She explains, however, how medical tests showed they had no serious disease but only illness, in how they respond to emotional situations.


Chris Owen Promises He Will Win the 170 Pound Title Guardian Liberty Voice

Chris Owen has been drawn to mixed martial arts since he saw his first fight in the eighth grade. He played water polo in college and when he decided the college tack was not what he wanted, he turned to fighting. I have always been a real scrappy kid. I grew up in a real []

The post Chris Owen Promises He Will Win the 170 Pound Title appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Zionist Group Awards Trump its Highest Honor: No President Has Done More to Promote Zionism The Free Thought Project

This week president Trump received the Friends of Zion Award at the White House, labeling him as the most Zionist-friendly president in US history.


The Art Of Word Magic And Its Connection To Freedom And Christmas TruthTheory

By Pao L. Chang Contributor, Waking Times 

In the late 1700s, freedom was a very important and popular topic on peoples minds, especially on the minds of the people living in the 13 colonies. Today that passion for freedom is burning strong again, causing many people to once again become interested in their freedom.

This is a wonderful thing, however, when people do not innerstand what freedom is, it can lead them down a dangerous path. To innerstand what freedom is on a deeper level, you need to investigate the word freedom meticulously by studying its origins and different definitions. Furthermore, you need to investigate the words that have a strong connection to freedom, such as liberty. You also need to study how word magic is used to hide the deeper meaning of words, allowing you to see their hidden meaning.

The Origins and Definitions of the Word Freedom

One of the origins of the word freedom is the Old English word freodom, meaning power of self-determination, state of free will; emancipation from slavery, deliverance. defines the word freedom using these exact words:

the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.

exemption from external control, interference, regulation, et...


Cesar Liborio Will Face Julius Lopez for the Bantamweight Title Guardian Liberty Voice

Current Bantamweight Champion, Julius Lopez will be putting his title on the line against Cesar Liborio, on Jan. 26, 2018. Lopez is 6-6-0. His last fight was on July 22, against Sean Mcalpin at Cage Wars 28. Lopez won the match 2:23 minutes into the first round with a submission choke hold. Liborio is 3-1-0 []

The post Cesar Liborio Will Face Julius Lopez for the Bantamweight Title appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Direct Action Campaigning Today: Manual For Organizers PopularResistance.Org

For the past year Ive been book touring to over 60 cities and towns across the United States and have been asked repeatedly for a direct action manual that addresses challenges we face now. The requests come from people concerned about a variety of issues. While each situation is in some ways unique, organizers in multiple movements face some similar problems in both organization and action. What follows is a different manual from the one we put out over 50 years ago. Then, movements operated in a robust empire that was used to winning its wars. The government was fairly stable and held great legitimacy in the eyes of the majority. Acknowledge that the United States has not seen this degree of political polarization in half a century. Polarization shakes things up. Shake-up means increased opportunity for positive change, as demonstrated in many historical situations.


WATCH: Tyrant Cop Knocks Handcuffed Woman Unconscious for No Reason & Lies About It The Free Thought Project

Horrifying video shows a woman beating cop slam his victim to into the ground so hard she's knocked unconscious and left to lay in a pool of her own blood.


Mick Mulvaney and the Bad Actors Club OpEdNews

Mick Mulvaney openly holds the CFPB in contempt. When he was still in the House of Representatives he referred to it as a "joke." Mulvaney has made it clear that he would be happier if the CFPB did not exist. Appointing him as acting director is a bit like selecting a hard--core atheist as the next pope.


Want to Host a Community Discussion on Maternal Health? Our Event Toolkit Can Help. Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Why does the U.S. have the highest maternal death rate in the affluent world? This year, ProPublica and NPR have been investigating this question through our Lost Mothers series. Weve explored myriad factors that contribute to the 700 to 900 American women who die each year from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes, as well as the more than 50,000 women annually who suffer life-threatening complications.

As we have continued to dig into this problem, we have focused on the personal stories of affected women and their families. Thousands of people have shared their experiences with us since our initial callout in February, and those stories hold critical lessons for hospitals, regulators and policymakers. Making such experiences visible and transparent lifting them up not only as individual tragedies, but as part of a public health crisis that endangers all women remains a vital aspect of this project.

In addition to this tremendous response from families who have lost someone, or narrowly escaped tragedy, we have received numerous emails from people who want to push the conversation further.

Your step-by-step guide to sparking community and change on maternal health.

Weve heard from expectant mothers seeking more specific advice on finding the best possible provider and preparing for an emergency.

Weve been contacted by advocates calling for a closer examination of where the health care system is failing women, including the areas of insurance companies and the responsibility of care providers.

We continue to hear from professionals, who are eager to highlight the vital roles of midwives, mental health care services and other providers. Essentially, our readers are looking to engage with this material beyond our stories, and yearning to exchange more of their ideas.

Thats why weve created the Lost Mothers Event Toolkit, a step-by-step guide designed to foster local conversation and connection aro...


U.S. Government Deports U.S. Military Veterans And Lowers Standards for Recruits OpEdNews

The newest chapter of Veterans for Peace is composed of U.S. military veterans recruited from 30 other countries. These U.S. military veterans did not attain U.S. citizenship that was promised when they were recruited for U.S. military service. After their service in the U.S. military they ran afoul of law enforcement in some manner and were deported despite their willingness to die for this country.


America Is Haunted Sheep Media

Theres a quote, attributed to Albert Einstein,that says, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

That definition of insanity may just fit that state of America where we continue to think we can keep our country afloat just keeping the status quo without any innovation.

Are things the same as they were back when you were a child?

Are you noticing that society in America is becoming obsolete?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

Americans haunted with the ghost of our nations past.

Via Truthstream Media:

I need your help in order to keep this small, independent media site going and sharing information with you 365 days/year because of the increasing censorship and on purpose ad demonization. If you like my work and you can assist me, my Patreon account allows for a small monthly pledge (here) or you can support this work with a small donation via Paypal (here). THANK YOU for your concern. Julie Telgenhoff, Creator of A Sheep No More

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We are Heading Down a Dangerous Path OpEdNews

We are Heading Down a Dangerous Path What President Trump stands for is not "America First", but unbridled capitalism, growing inequality, increasing racism, white supremacy, hatred of women, protectionism and constant provocation. He is purposely creating a crisis, as Trump's administration thrives by chaos. One man's loss is, after all, another man's gain.


California Wildfires Now Larger Than New York City and Boston Combined TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

It has been one week since the Thomas Fire exploded from a brush fire. Despite thousands of firefighters attempting to control it, the blaze has grown. Now, it is larger than New York City and Boston combined.

According to CNN, the fire was about 20 percent contained as of Monday evening. However, the Thomas Fire is but one of six fires which are engulfing the state. Together, theyve destroyed more than 1,000 structures.

Many are still hoping for the best, such as Barbara Nimmo. The California resident said she lived through the Zaca fire that burned more than 240,000 acres in 2007, and witnessed the blaze in Romero Canyon more than 40 years ago. As a result, she feels comfortable staying put in the affluent Montecito area, in Santa Barbara County.

Were from here. We know fires and we feel absolutely dedicated to our clients, said Nimmo, an estate manager. Im just devastated overall. This is the worst Ive seen.

Facts about the Thomas Fire:



Anonymous Person Buys All The Toys At Goodwill, Gifts Them To Children For Free TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Every year, for the past decade, an anonymous man in Fort Collins, Colorado, has written a hefty check to a local Goodwill store. The purpose? To delight children and their families around Christmas time. In the years that have passed, he has not tired of delighting people of all ages. Such is fortunate, for he and his family kept with the tradition again this year.

Last Saturday, the anonymous man and his wife visited a Goodwill establishment and purchased all of the toys in the childrens section. He then requested that each visiting child be allowed to take one item of their choosing home for free.

Todd Wakefield, Goodwills Senior Director of Retail, was happy to announce on the intercom: All kids today, all day long, you get one free toy, free stuffed animal or free kids book.

In the days leading up to Saturday, store staff members set aside extra toys to make sure no child left Goodwill empty-handed. According to the Coloradoan, there was an abundance of educational books and toys.



The Sad People Who Watched A Christmas Prince 18 Days In A Row Craft A Statement The Federalist

Donna: So, what do we think, girls? I feel like we have to respond to this Netflix tweet. Theyre targeting us. Weve done nothing wrong, and that should go without saying. But we do need to lay down a marker that watching a good, clean holiday romance every single day of the Christmas season is just good, clean fun.

Amelia: They should be happy were watching Netflix Christmas romances at all. Dont they know we can DVR TWO Hallmark channels? Two!

Beth: Theres an app, too! I mean, I didnt buy it, but now Im thinking about it.

Lindsay: Whats the implication, here, that were all lonely cat ladies just because we want to watch a spunky reporter investigate a playboy prince and get herself entangled in some truly royal trouble a couple dozen times??

Martin: I am not a girl or a lady, cat or otherwise. I know Im outnumbered, here, but really.

Donna: Sorry, Martin.

Amelia: How am I supposed to write a proper Wikipedia plot if I dont watch the movie SEVERAL times?

Angelica: We do have a lot of cats, to be honest.

Melissa: Collectively, sure.

Angelica: Also, some of us individually have a lot of cats. NTTAWWT.

Amelia: I have a dog.

Donna: We know, Amelia, but cats are an equally valid choice. I dont want to get into this again. Hes a handsome dog.

Amelia: He is.

Donna: And he helps us deflect accusations of cat-ladyism, which is important to our movement. Look, I think were getting off topic.

Emma: I have a cat and a dog. My cat is fat.

Ariel: He is! Loved the Christmas card! The fat cat had Christmas lights draped over him, and he was so maaaaad about it!

Emma: So mad!

Kristin: GUYS, our character has been besmirched. How dare Netflix make original, romantic holiday-themed movies and then sling its social media arrows at those who darewatch them? I am next-level on this right now. Lets torch them.

Alicia: Maybe they didnt mean it that way.

Kristin: Of COURSE they meant it that way. Lets torch them like all the grotesque exes who smashed our feelings when we made ourselves vulnerable.

Donna: Now, were getting somewhere.

Mary: I dont want to throw us off track, but I am kind of hurting. My last relationship was nooooot great. Kristins last comment suggests she may also be bringing some baggage to the mythical kingdom of Aldovia.

Ariel: She has a point. I may be indulging in idealized, romantic fantasies because Ive been unable to find a relationship thats more satisfying in my own life. The holidays are hard.

Donna: Hey, Im married, moderatel...


5 Practical Tips To Avoid Overspending This Christmas TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Christmas is the largest gift-giving holiday and many of us often break the bank to buy presents for loved ones. Christmas is the one time in the year when we normally throw caution to the wind and just blow our budget regardless of the consequences. However, once January rolls around the negative events of this spending begin to set in: higher than expected credit card statements, increased stress, and overall, complete and utter regret over the amount of money spent. So, what steps can you take to avoid overspending this year? Here are five ideas:

Set Your Priorities

What do you hope to achieve this holiday season? Do you want to see family you havent seen in awhile? Do you want to travel to a new location? Do you want to take time off work and just rest? It is important that you identify your goals so that you can prioritise what you hope to achieve and have a budget that reflects this.

Set A Budget

If you are prone to overspending be sure to list everything you want to buy, this includes everything from gifts and travel, to food and decorations. Once you have outlined the budget, it is important that you stick to it.

Pay Cash

At the height of the shopping season, many of us easily get carried away with our purchases. To avoid overspending, pay for everything by cash whenever you can. If you make an effort to do this, you will avoid fees and interests charged to your card and are less likely to spend more than you should....


Retro-Scoping the FBI Freethought Blogs

The retro-scope appears to now be part of the investigative procedure for any incident that has political implications. Because its time-horizon goes about -10 years (with some blurry images back to -20 years) the entire current crop of politicians grew up in a time before retro-scoping existed, so they do not fear the scope, nor do they fully understand it. They will.

I did a google image search for retroscope and look at this beauty!

Meta: Previous articles on the retro-scope [stderr][stderr][stderr]

Recently the Mueller investigation fired an agent for making a negative tweet(?) about the Trump administration. Certainly, that was a lapse of professionalism that could have (and did!) distract from the investigation, so Mueller was right to decisively shut it down. Its not a free speech issue well, technically, it is as much as a matter of poor professional judgement. The matter as Mueller clearly hoped would end there. But, because its political, it did not. Someone engaged the retro-scope on the FBI agent involved and now the left hand is doing a drill down on the right hand.

Most of the rest of what Im going to say is extrapolation; naturally, you should do your own research. Void where prohibited. Etc. But I dont think we need a copy of Palantir to draw the dotted lines through this scenario and see whats going on.

The story:

  1. FBI agent on the investigation into the Trump/Russia connection is fired for making a disparaging remark about the Trump administration. If you were there watching the news cycle, you might be forgiven for making the mistake many of us made, that Strzoks comments about Trump were public. If you read the reporting it might sound a lot like Strzok was a moron like Trump, and just gassed off on Twitter. The reporting goes blah blah blah Twitter blah FBI Investigator fired blah Twitter disparaging message blah blah. But I cannot find a reference that says that Strzok actually said anything public. [twitter]
  2. Next, the story is anti-Trump texts....


5 Low Cost Ideas to Make Your City Wealthier Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Today I'm flying home from my last trip of the year. Last night I spoke in Panama City, Florida to a large and enthusiastic group of people in a community struggling with some large development proposals. Their core frustration is a common one. There only seems to be two choices available to them: either build something completely out of scale with their community or build nothing.

During my visit, we talked a lot about why this is, why local government so often delivers this kind of false paradigm despite the strong desire from nearly all players  even many within local government  to do something different. This conversation echoed another dialogue that happened earlier this week in Pensacola, Florida, where I delivered a follow up to October's Curbside Chat. We all know that it makes more sense to work incrementally, to make many small investments to shore up and strengthen our core neighborhoods. How do we do that when every mechanism we use to deliver projects  from funding sources to regulations to the project advocates themselves pushes us into a few large endeavors we hope will trickle down to something resembling success.

Earlier this year I wrote one of my favorite pieces: this Buzzfeed-esque list of things cities can do, which you'll read below. As opposed to being merely clickbait, this list contains some of the most important incremental endeavors going on in North America today. I know the people involved in all of these undertakings. They are not only true visionaries following their passion for building stronger places, they are also experts delivering on the promises of transformation. I'm so proud to be able to recommend them all.

If you're inspired by Strong Towns and are struggling with your next steps, check out this list and see if something suits you. And look forward to more along these lines on our site in 2018, when we'll devote some serious attention to showing how our members and advocates can take action in their places. I could not be more excited.  - Chuck Marohn

Last week, we shared five ways federal infrastructure spending is making cities poorer. That piece included this observation:

What we have not figured out and what we won't figure out with another flood of federal infrastructure spending  is how to translate maintenance into growth. How do we go out and fill potholes and fix leaking pipes and have that result in additional wealth in our neighborhoods? This is a daunting challenge that requires us to rethink  from bottom to top  how we develop our places. We need to modernize our zoning codes, building standards, housing incentives, insurance programs, etc.&nbsp...


LIVE: House Judiciary Committee Watch The House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Robert Muellers Russia Investigation Witch Hunt Political Vel Craft

Today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosensteinthe official who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate alleged Trump/Russia collusion during the 2016 election, will answer questions about ongoing controversies within the FBI and DOJ. Judicial Watch => Investigation Into Robert Muellers Waste Of US Taxpayers Money On Witch Hunt


Autocorrect nightmare: cannibalism instead of cannabis Dvorak News Blog

Autocorrect nightmare: cannibalism instead of cannabis


The Destruction of the White Christian Male. Freethought Blogs

Oh, its Coach Dave again, this time sobbing and wailing into his bible (or beer), over the horrible crime committed against Roy Moore. Goodness, people didnt elect him! The worst persecution ever, you know.

We had an underbelly that was exposed to us last night, he said. If you guys dont think that were in troubleremember when I was telling you that its about the destruction of white Christian male? Do you remember that? This whole thing is all playing out that very thing, the destruction of the white Christian male. And the left, the God-haters, the devil has had tremendous influence in the lives of Christian believers, there is no other way to explain that mess that happened down in Alabama.

Oh now, there are plenty of ways to explain what happened in Alabama. We owe a great deal to all the people of colour who faced tremendous bigotry and oppression and still got their vote out. There arent enough thanks for that one. Some white christians managed to find their conscience, and decided that being a liar and a skeevy ephebophile* was not a good thing. Doug Jones is a white male too, Dave.

*To all the people using pedophile in regard to Moore: please, fucking stop it. Its inaccurate, and it does no good to go the hysterical and wrong route conservachristians are so fond of running down. Take the time to be right, please.

Daubenmire blasted Christians who refused to support Moore simply because he maybe molested a girl 40 years ago but were willing to vote for a Democrat who wants to kill babies.

So, maybe molesting a girl doesnt matter? At all? Goodness, you sure are clarifying those christian morals, Dave. Democrats do not want to kill babies, and they dont in fact kill babies. They do support women, which I realize is a crime in christianity.

When they weighed those two things in the balance, he said, evangelicals said, My faith will not allow me to elect the man that lies or molested a child, instead Im going to elect this guy here who wants to kill babies. Now, folks, I dont care who you are, that is a delusion right there, that is a strong delusion and it is evidence that we do not love the truth.

They weighed those two things in the balance, and did the right thing. You dont nee...


Monsanto Is Paying Farmers To Use Its Controversial Pesticide Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Corporate pesticide maker Monsanto, which has faced several recent lawsuits against its products, is paying farmers to use its controversial weedkiller XtendiMax with...


Pedestrian Tickets Lead to Hundreds of Suspended Drivers Licenses Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

More than half the 2,000 people who received pedestrian tickets in Duval County, Florida, from 2012 to 2016 saw their drivers licenses suspended or their ability to obtain one limited, according to an analysis by the Florida Times-Union and ProPublica.

The tickets, which carry what can seem like a modest $65 fine, can have more significant consequences for those who get them and refuse to pay or are unable to do so.

Over five years, a total of 2,004 pedestrian tickets were issued in Duval County, which is comprised almost entirely by the city of Jacksonville. Of those tickets, 982 people who failed or were unable to pay the fine lost their drivers licenses or their ability to obtain one, according to the analysis.

The license suspensions help answer a question at the center of a Times-Union/ProPublica investigation of pedestrian tickets in Jacksonville: What are the consequences for individuals swept up in the Jacksonville Sheriff Offices aggressive enforcement of some two dozen often obscure pedestrian statutes?

Last month, the Times-Union/ProPublica investigation showed that 55 percent of the tickets given in recent years went to blacks despite the fact that they make up only 29 percent of the citys population. Blacks were similarly overrepresented in the 932 tickets that led to license suspensions 54 percent.

As of Tuesdays City Council meeting, three elected officials on the body have called on Sheriff Mike Williams to order his officers to stop writing pedestrian tickets. Council member Garrett Dennis asked the Office of General Counsel to review what authority the council had to compel him to do so. In addition to voicing her support for that measure, council member Katrina Brown asked for a noticed meeting focused on pedestrian infrastructure and enforcement.

The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office has insisted that blacks have not been targeted in the issuance of pedestrian tickets, and said it saw no reason to review the investigations findings of a disproportionate impact on African Americans. The office said those receiving tickets could contest them before a judge, and that it would address any erroneous or improper ticketing with additional training of officers.

Losing ones license in a sprawling city like Jacksonville can make aspects of daily life seem near impossible, whether youre a mother shuttling children to school or a trucker trying to secure your next job.



Bad Moon Rising OpEdNews

What is wrong about the whole Trump team is that they all seem to believe that you can go around the world kicking the sh*t out of everyone without there being any consequences. And they all hate Iran for reasons that continue to be obscure but may be connected to their relationships with -- you guessed it -- the neoconservatives and the Israeli Lobby!


Could Central Banks Dump Gold in Favor of Bitcoin? Activist Post

By Charles Hugh Smith All of which brings us to the crazy idea of backing fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, an idea I first floated back...


Sicko Cop Convicted of Making Child Porn While On Duty, Using Police Equipment The Free Thought Project

dutyA police sergeant was found guilty of using his work equipment to produce and access child pornography while he was on duty.


Judge Bans Fmr House Speaker from Being Left Alone With Kids as Hes a Serial Child Molester The Free Thought Project

speakerA federal judge in Chicago just banned former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, from being around anyone under the age of 18.


Jones Victory Sends Message to Democrats, Ignore the Black Vote and Lose OpEdNews

Democratic party officials set up a huge table outside a voting precinct in Helena in Shelby County just south of Birmingham. They didn't try to hide who they were making their vote pitch to at the table.


Word Wednesday. Freethought Blogs



1 a: an outline, feature, or contour of a body or figure and especially of a face usually used in plural. b: a linear topographic feature (as of the earth) that reveals a characteristic (as a fault or the subsurface structure).

2: a distinguishing or characteristic feature usually used in plural.

lineamental, adjective.

[Origin: Middle English, from Latin lineamentum, from lineare to draw a line, from linea.]

(15th C.)

To open the female body was not just to embark upon a voyage of scientific discovery, but it was also to trace the lineaments of the rebellious nature of womankind. That rebellious nature could undermine the smooth transfer of material goods from one generation to the next, just as, in the garden of Eden, it had seemed to undermine the divine plan itself. Every female body which found its way into the anatomy theatre was, therefore, a potential second Eve, just as every male body was a potential second Adam. To be an Eve, however, was very different from being an Adam within the patriarchal structure of early-modern culture. If the Renaissance anatomy theatre, in its modes of ritual and representation, offered the suggestion of redemption to the male cadaver, what it offered to the female was the reverse: a demonstration of Eves sin, a reinforcement of those structures of patriarchal control which, so the argument ran, were necessary to avoid a repetition of that first act of rebellion in the garden of Paradise. The Body Emblazoned, Dissection and the Human Body in Renaissance Culture, Jonathan Sawday.

Note: This book is still available, and considerably less expensive than back when it was first published. Recommended, its a fascinating read all the way through.


NRA Silent as States, Feds Ban Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Patients THE INTERNET POST

The National Rifle Association (NRA), which fancies itself a champion of the Second Amendment and gun rights, is nowhere to be found as state governments are moving to confiscate firearms from medical marijuana patients. Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently sent out a letter to 30 medical cannabis patients warning them they had 30 days to hand over []


OIC recognizes East Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestines capital - Veterans Today Veterans Today

  Leaders and representatives of member states pose for a group photo during an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the US recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israels capital, in the Turkish city of Istanbul, December 13, 2017. (Photo by AFP) The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has invited all nations []


The Collapse of Major Media THE INTERNET POST

As I indicated in a recent article, the B-team, or even the C-team, is now heading up the national evening news in America. These anchors faces and voices (Muir, Glor, and Holt) are not even faint reminders of the so-called Golden Age, when father figures like Cronkite and Reasoner fed official truth into the brains []


Hump Day Blues Virtual Mirage

The Universal Progressive Elixir

This may be the only way to get the progressives onboard in dealing with North Korea.

I'm not sure about Judge Moore, who recently lost the bid for the Senate to represent Alabama. Stuff that happened 40 years ago? Really? Anybody can claim that anything happened 40 years ago and who can gainsay it.

Dateline 1967: "LL grabbed my breast when we were on a date." Uh, how do you respond to that one? 

Justice delayed is justice denied. Sometimes you have to resort to the statute of limitations and just get on with life, but that's not part of the progressive agenda (and that of the RINOs) who plan to use that tactic against President Trump. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was a sacrificial goat because none of the Dems had any use for the pompous fool/failed comedian.

A Curious Suicide
(ABC News) An acclaimed trauma surgeon was found dead with a knife in his torso Sunday in his Park Avenue apartment in a suspected suicide, New York City police said. 
Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was the associate director of the orthopedic trauma service at the Hospital for Special Surgery who treated Bono in 2014 after the U2 frontman was badly injured in a cycling accident in Central Park. 
Lorich was also a professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. His death is being investigated as an apparent suicide, a New York Police Department official told ABC News. 
Initial investigations did not find any signs of forced entry at his apartment, the official said. Authorities have not found a suicide note. 


Chemotherapy found to increase the number of tumor cells circulating in the blood, spreading it to previously unaffected areas THE INTERNET POST

Chemotherapy is a pretty scary prospect, but a lot of people are convinced by their doctors that its potential benefits are worth enduring the very unpleasant side effects. Unfortunately, a new study shows that getting chemotherapy before surgery can actually increase the tumor cells in your blood and spread the cancer to other areas. This []


Trump administrations turnaround in Syria - Veterans Today Veterans Today

On the campaign trail, in his speeches as well as on TV debates with other presidential contenders, Donald Trump repeatedly mentioned that he has a secret plan for defeating the Islamic State without elaborating what the plan is? To the careful observers of the US-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, however, []


Democrat Doug Jones claims win in Senate race roiled by sexual misconduct scandal Indianz.Com News

Democrat Doug Jones claimed victory in a closely-watched race in Alabama but Republican Roy Moore has not conceded after being repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct.


DOJ Wall Street Get Rich Quick Revolving Door$ THE INTERNET POST

This is the fourth part of an investigative series concerning the troubling matter of Wall Street crimes protected by federal agents switching sides to protect their secret buddies bizness schemes by conflict of interests and revolving doors. In this segment, well look into apparent acts of federal agents incompetence, willful blindness and observable acts of []


3 Ways The Tax Reform Bill Would Hit Seniors Hard In Health Costs - Veterans Today Veterans Today

    The Senates passage of the Republican-sponsored tax reform bill, which could result in a $1.5 trillion tax cut, is seen by some as a Christmas present to most American taxpayers. Critics of the proposed legislation, however, suggest that the Grinch will have stolen Christmas from some seniors. Older Americans have some important issues []


Should Donald Trump be fired? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Jonas E. Alexis   Donald Trump continues to deconstruct himself at an astronomical rate. He has recently called for the firing of a Washington Post reporter for a misleading tweet about the size of a crowd at a rally for Trump in Pensacola, Florida. Trump responded to the tweet by tweeting: @DaveWeigel @WashingtonPost put []


Moscows Pro-Putin Museum WhoWhatWhy

Roy Moore May Have Lost, But Its Bannon Who Loses (Dan)

Momentum for Bannons revolution and by proxy Trumps hit a snag last night with Roy Moores loss to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race. Establishment Republicans like Mitch Mcconnell appear OK sacrificing one of theirs to avoid any internal GOP dissent.

Mike Pence, Vice Brownnose (Reader Steve)

Pences willingness to be second in command came with a loss of pride something he didnt mind losing, apparently.

Meet the Alt-Tech Internet (Russ)

These new tech companies provide a refuge from political correctness and censorship.

GOP Further Shuns American Bar Association (Dan)

Republicans have long believed that the American Bar Association (ABA) has a Democrat bent. Now theyre acting on that feeling by approving judicial nominees that the ABA considers not qualified.

NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard (Jimmy)

Newly declassified documents confirm that, during delicate high-level German reunification negotiations in the early 1990s, multiple US and Western political leaders assured the Soviet Union that NATO would expand no further.

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Light Rain Returns to the Pacific Northwest, California Smoke Exits the Region, as the West Coast Ridge Weakens Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

After over a week without rain, precipitation will soon return to the Pacific Northwest.  But not much.

Morning temperatures will warm, freezing fog will lessen super temperature inversions will fade, and the hated Southern California wildfire smoke will leave our region for good.  But the ridge of high pressure is not done with us, continuing in a weakened form.

Today and Thursday should be dry, but by Friday, the probability of precipitation will increase---withe light rain Friday, Saturday, and into next week.

Let's look at the forecast upper level maps.  One valid at 4 PM today shows a ridge (high pressure) over us...and you can see the weak upper level disturbance (trough) over Idaho that brought some clouds yesterday.

The map for Friday at 10 AM shows a modest upper level disturbance passing through, depressing the ridge.  Clouds and perhaps some light showers.

But fast forward to Sunday afternoon at 1 PM.  The ridge is still there, but pushed southwards, and we are in the northern portion of it, with strong flow going into northern BC.  

Meteorologists call this a dirty ridge.  No...nothing to do with porn, but a ridge that allows some clouds and perhaps some light rain.  But no real weather.


Russia Begins Withdrawing Troops, Aircraft From Syria The Last American Vagabond

Most of the remaining Russian forces operating in Syria, including the Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Beriev A-50 AWACSs are returning to home just days after President Vladimir Putin surprised the world by announcing that Russian military forces would swiftly withdraw from Syria  a promise that elicited accusations of insincerity from the West. The first contingent of []

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dod/cia man out of my office yesterday, Khan Shaykoun terrorist incident file (part) - Veterans Today Veterans Today

There were terrorists in the area, no matter what erdogan has been attempting to conceal. Just for fun, here is my scratch pad from around the time of the terrorism incident. I have been dealing with a suspected case against me in the United States of America for exposing Turkish terrorism which connects with Netanyahu. []


Alabama Stunner: Democrat Doug Jones Defeats Right-Wing Extremist Roy Moore in Photo Finish U.S. Senate Race OpEdNews

Moore did not concede defeat, however. In brief remarks to his supporters, Moore's campaign manager said that ballots from overseas military personnel had not yet been counted. (The state will not conduct a recount unless the victory margin is under 0.5 percent; however, that does not stop a candidate from paying for a recount.)


Every Time You Wish Someone Happy Hanukkah You Acknowledge The Historic Jewish Claim On Jerusalem The Federalist

On Hanukkah eve, I tweeted out a somewhat reductionist thought commemorating the bloody Maccabean rebellion against the Seleucid Empire and their traitorous Hellenized Jewish accomplices. It seemed to upset some of my followers.

Why are you politicizing such a pleasant holiday? Does wishing someone a Merry Christmas now mean that you accept Jesus as your lord and savior?

Well, first of all, the story of Hanukkah isnt pleasant. Violent, brutal, and passionate, maybe. But not pleasant. And of course wishing someone a Happy Hanukkah isnt an endorsement of any theological position, any more than wishing someone Merry Christmas is (although we appreciate the recognition of the Jewish presence in ancient Bethlehem). Mostly its convention and good manners. Thank you.

Fact is, there isnt a ton of theology to worry about. Hanukkah is not a Jewish yom tov, which in the literal translation means good day but in religious terms means the holiday was not handed to the Jewish people through the Torah. Unlike Passover or Yom Kippur, there are no restrictions on work. The two books that deal with the Maccabees arent Jewish canon. The miracle of the lights which you might be led to believe is the entire story of the holiday is apocryphal and was added hundreds of years later in the Talmud. (To be fair, the story of miraculous oil is far more conducive to the holiday gift-giving spirit than, say, the story of the Jewish woman who watched her seven sons being tortured and slaughtered by Antiochus because she refused to eat pork.)

But whatever reasons you have for offering good wishes, Hanukkah itself is a reminder that Jews have a singular, millennia-long historic relationship with Jerusalem. By the time Mattathias rebelled against Hellenistic Syrian king Antiochus, who had not only ordered a statue of Zeus to be erected in the Holy Temple but that swine be sacrificed to him, Jerusalem had likely been a Jewish city for more than 1,000 years. As some readers have suggested, Hanukkah might be the only Jewish holiday that celebrates events confirmed by the historical record. The Hasmonean dynasty, founded by Mattathias son Simon, is a fact.

The problem is that many are trying to erase the Jew...


Evidence of C.I.A. role in forging Obamas birth certificate Intellihub

Government computers illegally hacked Hawaii Dept. of Health

WASHINGTON, D.C. has learned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaios investigators had discovered bombshell evidence that the CIA and or other government entities illegally hacked into Hawaii Department of Health records searching for birth records on Barack Obama.

Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006 in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, an Arizona State Certified Law Enforcement Agency, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, provided sections of an electronic surveillance database created by whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, in 2013.

The electronic surveillance database, provided to Zullo in late 2013  by a then-confidential informant, Dennis Montgomery, working with the sheriffs office  was apparently created by the NSA as part of the NSAs illegal and unconstitutional Project Dragnet electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens, first revealed by news reports published in 2005, as further documented by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.

As reported in June, the decision of a federal court to take the case of former contractor Dennis Montgomery advances the story reported in March that the National Security Agency illegally conducted surveillance of potentially millions of citizens for years, with a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under unauthorized government monitoring.

Represented by well-known conservative attorney Larry Klayman, Montgomery ultimately turned over to the FBI 47 hard drives including information he supplied to Zullo concerning Obamas fraudulent birth certificate and highly classified information he had removed from the NSA.



EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Cops Taser Grandpa to Death While Handcuffed in Back of Police Cruiser The Free Thought Project

Horrifying video shows an innocent grandfather's last moments alive as police taser the handcuffed mentally ill man repeatedly until he died.


Where Will Lexington Put 40,000 People? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

My dad and I at our first Lexington house near the Lexington Ice Center.  This is about as far from urban as it gets, but it got us into the city.

My dad and I at our first Lexington house near the Lexington Ice Center.  This is about as far from urban as it gets, but it got us into the city.

When I was a baby, my parents and I moved to Lexington, Kentucky. My mom had left behind debilitating rural poverty in eastern Kentucky. My dad had left behind a then-fairly stagnant Louisville. Before I could talk, we bounced around the southeast from apartment to house to apartment as my dad served in the military and started looking for a job in the automotive industry. We might have left Kentucky altogether at this point. But eventually, he found a good job at the Toyota plant in Georgetown.

My parents bought our home shortly thereafter, a house off of Todds Road that was built thanks to a recent expansion of Lexingtons urban growth boundary. Later that year, we celebrated my sisters first birthday there. A lot has changed, but my parents still live in that house. Whenever I think about the course my life has taken, I think about how different things would have been if we hadn't found a place like Lexington.

Between now and 2025, Lexington is projected to add 40,000 new residents. I start off by sharing personal history because, when we talk about migration and development in Lexington, its easy to forget the human reality of these issues. Each of these 40,000 abstractions is a human being with hopes, fears, and needs. Many of them are Kentuckians who, like my mom, come from places where there is no opportunity. For them, Lexington is a beacon of hope a place where they can find a great job, reach their fullest potential, raise a family or start a business.

When we talk about how Lexington needs to change in the years to come, we can frame it as something like: How do we add 40,000 new residents without crossing X housing cost threshold? But I prefer to think of it this way: How do we keep Lexington (and cities like it) a place that is livable and affordable for people like my young parents? Its a massive undertaking and now is the time to start taking this question seriously. This vital question is something cities across the country should be consid...


Things are changing in Russia for the Positive - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Kremlin does not share Erdogans stance on Israel Russias position on Jerusalem and the Middle Eastern settlement is well known, Peskov added MOSCOW, December 13. /TASS/. The Kremlin is aware of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogans stance on Israel but does not share it, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. When commenting on Erdogans statement, []


What might the Alabama result signify? Freethought Blogs

It is always dangerous to draw sweeping conclusions from one data point, so the stunning victory in Alabama by Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore in one of the reddest of red states should not be taken as a sign that the era of Republican extremism, so well represented by Moore, is over. The result continues my streak of making wrong predictions, since I had thought that Moore would win and that the only doubt was whether he would win narrowly or easily. My repeated wrongness has made me think of referring to myself as the anti-pundit. But there are some implications that are easy to predict.

The first is that this is major and humiliating defeat for Donald Trump. He is immature and deeply hates to lose and be associated with losers. The Alabama race had him making several missteps. He first backed Moores rival Luther Strange in the primary. After Moore won and was expected to win his senate race easily, he suggested that his endorsement of Strange had been a mistake and that he really preferred Moore. Then when the sex abuse allegations exploded and Moores poll numbers dropped below Joness, Trump went silent and declined to speak about Moore. Then when Moores poll numbers bounced back up, Trump started campaigning strongly for him again especially at the end. So this loss has got to really hurt.

Since Trump is so immature, worse than a spoiled toddler really, he is likely to be livid at what he will see as a personal repudiation and will lash out because no amount of his favorite comfort foods of Big Macs and Diet Cokes will ease his pain.. I feel sorry for the low-level staffers in the White House who will have to deal with his wrath. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the high-level staffers who have been his apologists and enablers, as he unleashed tirades on those whom he thinks are responsible for his humiliation. He has already attacked Moore for being a weak candidate and reminded people that he initially supported Strange because he thought Moore might lose.

It was also a terrible night for Trumps Svengali Steve Bannon. He had grand designs of taking over the Republican party by having people loyal to him run for office and defeating the Republican party establishment that, while it is extreme, is not extreme enough for him. He led the charge against Strange (who would likely have won easily) and gloated over that fact. The party may wish that he will, as a result of this debacle, fold his tent and steal away quietly into the night but that will not happen. The fairly narrow margin of defeat makes alternative explanations irresistible since any one can be claimed to be decisive. He (and Trump) could argue that it was feckless Republicans like fellow Alabama senator Richard Shelby and other Republican...


Tillerson: US Ready For Talks With North Korea Without Preconditions The Last American Vagabond

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to make a major change to the US position with respect to possible direct negotiations with North Korea, saying Tuesday that he is prepared to engage in such talks without preconditions. Historically, the US has demanded North Korea unilaterally disarm before they would even consider negotiations, something which North Korea has []

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Inside ISIS Management Structure: Fatally Wounded ISIS Trying To Reallocate Resources And Reappoint Its Killers The Last American Vagabond

Inside Syria Media Center sources on the ground give an inside look into the scattered, yet still very present ISIS organization, and reports on personnel changes and renewal of ISIS leadership. Senior officials are currently in hiding and are trying to optimize the management of their structure and continue to carry out illegal subversive activities in a []

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Syrian War Report December 13, 2017: Trump Declares Victory Over ISIS - Veterans Today Veterans Today

from SouthFront On December 12, ISIS conducted a surprise attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on the western bank of the Euphrates in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to reports, members of ISIS entered the villages of al-Jalaa, Saiyal, Salihiyah, Mujawdah, Abbas and al-Harsa. Clashes in the area continued on December 13. According []


Beautiful Blackbird. Freethought Blogs

Oh, a gorgeous blackbird from Giliell, click for full size.

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Donald Trumps China Hawk Clown College Now in Session! Newsbud

Donald Trumps China Hawk clown college is officially in session!  The China hawks are getting their way on Korea, Australia, and Taiwan.  But look for US China policy to overpromise, underdeliver, and screw up in what we now love to call the Indo-Pacific Region.

Its hard to push around the Peoples Republic of China.  Maybe thats why the US China hawk community has concentrated on whipping Australia into shape.  The Australian battle to combat PRC influence and ignore US influence passed an important milestone with Malcolm Turnbull taunting the Chinese in Mandarin and ASIO gearing up for stage two of its witch hunt against pro-PRC politicians.

Meanwhile, US Korean policy drifts into a frozen conflict.  Will Trump turn that aroundby flipping the switch on red hot radioactive Armageddon?

And China hawks want to do something bold and provocative on Taiwan.   But will China play ball?

Finally, the myth of Hambantota: the BS getting peddled about the PRC and the Sri Lankan debt trap.  Who really put Sri Lankas wallet in the wringer?  The answer will probably surprise you.

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Show notes

US will take North Korea into its own hands if China doesnt do more -- Haley

North Korea: Urgent need to open channels, UN says after visit

The Sellout in Oz My China Watch special report on the most consequential and under-reported Asia story of the year: the coordinated US-Australian deep state campaign to deny Australia an independent or pro-PRC foreign po...


Democrats find their candidate

By Steve Brawner

2017 by Steve Brawner Communications, Inc.

If youre an Arkansas Democrat, the glass-half-empty perspective is that your candidate for governor apparently is going to be Jared Henderson, a 39-year-old political newcomer youve probably never heard of. Thats also the glass-half-full perspective. Read the rest

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The Daily Bird #559. Freethought Blogs

From Charly, Blue Tit takeoff! Click for full size.

Charly, all rights reserved.


We Saved Net Neutrality Once. We Can Do It Again PopularResistance.Org

Democracy lives or dies on the quality of public conversation. Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, Thomas Jefferson wrote, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Today it doesnt take the smarts of a Jefferson to realize that our public conversation, filtered through corporate-controlled, often-fractured media, is faltering. While analyzing how to fix our broken news system, from the promotion of public broadcasting to eliminating fake news, is complex, right now is a critical moment to hold the line. If we hope to reinvigorate our media, today democracy defenders are called upon to play defenseand quickly.


Two People Locked Themselves To Crane At Port Of Tacoma PopularResistance.Org

Two protesters have locked themselves to a crane at the construction site of a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) liquefied natural gas facility at the Port of Tacoma this morning, according to activist group 350 Seattle. A spokesperson for the Port of Tacoma confirmed that Tacoma Police and the fire department have responded to the scene. Climate activists and the Puyallup Tribe have been protesting the facility for years. It sits on the tribe's ancestral land at the Port of Tacoma, between two stretches of the Puyallup reservation. Two years ago, the tribe filed a lawsuit against the City of Tacoma, PSE, and the Port of Tacoma, claiming that the project would impact tribal members' ability to fish in treaty waters.


The Great White Fuckups of America finally begin to lose Freethought Blogs

Last night, I stopped paying attention to the news when I heard, early in the returns, that Doug Jones was far behind Roy Moore in the Alabama election.

The last thing I read about it was Charles Pierces despairing description of a Moore rally.

You grow exhausted from the effort it takes to keep mockery at bay long enough to explain that what Moore and Bannon are selling is a dangerous blend of religious extremism and McCarthyite bombast, Roy Cohn in Torquemada drag. You grow exhausted by the effort it takes, over and over again, to remind yourself that there are good people in the crowd cheering this river of sludge and nonsense.

Finally, you give up. Roy Moore is a vehicle for collecting suckers, for liberating them from their responsibility as citizens in a self-governing republic, and anybody who thinks this waterheaded theocrat belongs in the United States Senate is a dupe and a fool. Finally, you dont care if the people behind Roy Moore, and the people in the crowd in front of him, believe you are a member of the coastal elite or an agent of Lucifer. Finally, you grow weary of the smug condescension of religious bigots. Finally, you decide to put down the twin burdens of excusing deliberate ignorance and respecting the opinions of people who want to light the world on fire to kill their imaginary enemies. And you give up and tell the truth.

These people deserve what they get.

Then I went to bed.

I woke up to howling winds rattling the house, and I peeked out the window to see a bleak cold landscape to match my soul. So I resignedly opened up the news to this, Rosie Grays post-election wrap up.

Everything had to break exactly right for Doug Jones to win the Senate election in deep-red Alabama, and it did. Jones ran a disciplined campaign that hinged on black turnout, and it delivered for him.

WTF? Jones won? How could that happen? Moore had Bannon and Clarke and Gohmert and Trump all backing him he had all the racist/nationalist/dumbshit fuckwits pulling for him in Alabama. That isnt a recipe for success anymore? And then I read how Jones won. He had the black vote. Black citizens turned out in spite of all the obstacles put in front of them, all the voter suppression, all the dirty tricks, like all the stories I read of Alabama cops pulling over black drivers on the way to the polls to make them late, the weird games with demanding that they re-register, that they were listed as inactive voters and had to jump through extra hoops to get the ballot. The white vote strongly favored Moore. Heck, the college-educated white demographic voted for the kiddie...


Exxon To Disclose Climate Risks Under Pressure From Investors PopularResistance.Org

Under pressure from investors, prosecutors and global regulators, ExxonMobil Corp. agreed on Monday to strengthen its analysis and disclosure of the risks its core oil business faces from climate change and from government efforts to rein in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. That will require Exxon to face squarely the implications of reduced oil demand if the world makes good on the pledges of the Paris climate agreement to cut carbon emissions practically to zero fast enough to avoid the worst effects of global warming. In a one-paragraph filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the oil giant said it would stop resisting motions filed by dissident shareholders seeking this kind of risk disclosure.


How Movements Can Turn Money Into Victories PopularResistance.Org

As an organizer in the climate movement, I dont usually have a lot of spare cash to donate to the cause. (Still waiting on that Soros money!) But since the people doing the work are my friends and comrades, I know when theyre not getting support for vital, underappreciated stuff. So on the occasions when I can afford it, I throw a little money their way, and they do the same for me and for groups Im working with. Often, this means giving to a bail fund after a successful direct action, for example, or helping a veteran organizer come up with a months rent to get on their feet during a hard time. In other words, its the kind of thing that a philanthropic foundation is unlikely to touch. But for the scrappy, grassroots groups that are most effective at stopping new fossil fuel projectsand that are also proposing the most creative, promising alternativesits precisely the kind of thing that can make or break a campaign. Thats because smaller organizations are much less able to weather the kind of spur-of-the-moment expenses that inevitably come up.


As Media Obsesses over Trumps Diet, Israel is Dropping Bombs on Children The Free Thought Project

dietWhile the MSM educates the public on Trump's diet, the aftermath of his decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem has turned deadly.


LA Brings Social Equity To Marijuana Sellers PopularResistance.Org

LOS ANGELES  Beginning in January in Los Angeles, individuals who are low-income and/or have had a conviction for a marijuana-related offense will enjoy priority status when it comes to applying for a license to legally sell the herb. Cultivators or manufacturers will also have such status, thanks to the Los Angeles City Council.  On Wednesday the council voted to repeal a four-year-old ban on such businesses in the city, and that repeal is accompanied by what supporters are saying is the most aggressive and progressive social equity clause in the nation. In the movement to decriminalize marijuana, attempts to apply social equity standards to cannabis have been talked about but have not made much progress.


Your Favorite Websites Could Soon Disappear Courtesy of the MSM Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

It is not just Facebook. All the MSM is engaged in a plot to silence the alternative media. This a crtically important issue.

The alternative media, or as I prefer, the Independent Media, is beating the daylights out of the Mainstream Media (MSM). CNNs ratings are so far in the toilet that they need a plumber to excise the network.

The American public has become sensitized to the odor of the MSM and its penchant for fake news. People often write to me and ask me how we in the Independent Media (IM) get to the truth behind the stories with much more depth and accuracy of the Independent Media? The reasons are simple:

  1. We are not owned by corporate media and are beholding to their money-making (at all costs) agenda. Therefore, we have no restrictions on telling the truth.
  2. Confidential sources, with an important story to tell, do not trust the MSM because of their lack of integrity and therefore, turn to the IM.
  3. The present generation of MSM journalists are script writers and teleprompter readers. They have neither the desire of the ability to connect the dots required by the demands of quality investigative journalism. In fact, much of the copy for the MSM is written by the intelligent agencies (eg CIA). Remember, WAPOs, Jeff Bezos, signed a 6$600 million dollar deal with the CIA and we know the CIA runs CNN and ABC.

The emerging dominance of the MSM could come to a screeching halt. More on that later. First, how does the IM outperform the MSM in critical stories. It has to do with out collective ability in the IM to connect the dots and knowing where to look for classified information.

Open Source vs. Closed Source Information

The world of intelligence gathering is a very complex process. Some people in the world of intelligence gathering, to be used a data/trend fathering tool is also not a perfect science. However, there...


Mussolini Era Law Used By Italy Against Pipeline Protesters PopularResistance.Org

Italian authorities are using a Mussolini-era law to put an entire town under lockdown while they force through a gas pipeline against the wishes of the local community, activists have said. A so-called red zone was declared around Melendugno by the central governments military police force this month, after months of protests against the effect of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) on the local area. Activists on the ground who contacted The Independent say the police swooped in the middle of the night and barred people from leaving their homes, blockaded streets, and fenced off olive farms. Some locals have been expelled and cannot access Melendugno... for the next three years, Sabina Giese, one resident of the town said.


Two huge current vaccine scandals the press isnt covering Jon Rappoport's Blog

Two huge current vaccine scandals the press isnt covering

by Jon Rappoport

December 13, 2017

The old question about a tree falling in the forest is relevant here. Does the tree make a sound if no one is there to hear it?

If a scandal erupts and the press doesnt cover it, is it a scandal?

If this sounds strange, consider that, since the dawn of time, whatever has passed for mainstream news has substituted for the direct observation of events by humans. The press has functioned as the eyes and ears and even mouths of the public.

If someone tells you, I am your eyes, trust me, and then they fail, on purpose, to see something vital, where are you if you trust them? Youre blind.

Two giant vaccine scandals are in progress at the moment. The mainstream press is mentioning them, here and there, but without any intent to raise alarms, dig in, investigate, and get down to the core of what they mean.

The first scandal revolves around the flu vaccine for the current year. As I recently wrote, a new study has concluded the vaccine has a very low effectiveness rate. Why? Because the vaccine is produced using chicken eggs, and in that medium, the flu viruswhich is intentionally placed in the eggsmutates. Therefore, it isnt the same virus which is causing flu this year.

FiercePharma reports: Based on data from Australia, which already had its flu season, scientists warn that this seasons flu shot might be only 10% effective. And the reason for such a low level of protection might lie in the method by which the majority of flu vaccines are made: in eggs.

Ten percent effectiveness. Now thats ridiculous. And its assuming you accept the whole model of how vaccines workthat they actually do protect (safely) against disease, rather than, at best, repressing the visible symptoms of the disease.

Amidst their spotty coverage of this scandal, here is what the press is failing to mention: the problem with the flu vaccine isnt just a 2017 flaw.

Its been the same problem ever since chicken eggs have been used to manufacture the vaccine. The majority of...


Ten Essential Elements of a Covert Op Activist Post

By Jon Rappoport Im talking about major covert ops, not small ones. ONE: Compartmentalization. The tasks necessary to carrying out the operation are divided among...


FCC Does Not Understand Internet, Flawed Analysis PopularResistance.Org

The Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality repeal "is based on a flawed and factually inaccurate understanding of Internet technology," a group of inventors and technologists told members of Congress and the FCC in a letter today. The letter's 21 signers include Internet Protocol co-inventor Vint Cerf; World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee; Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, public-key cryptography inventors Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman; RSA public-key encryption algorithm co-inventor Ronald Rivest; Paul Vixie, who designed several widely used Domain Name System (DNS) protocol extensions and applications; and security expert and professor Susan Landau, who has fought against government attempts to make phone encryption less secure.


Infiltration And Intense Law Enforcement At Standing Rock Camp PopularResistance.Org

AS LAW ENFORCEMENT officers advanced in a U-shaped sweep line down North Dakota Highway 1806 last October, pushing back Dakota Access opponents from a camp in the pipelines path, two sheriffs deputies broke formation to tackle a 37-year-old Oglala Sioux woman named Red Fawn Fallis. As Fallis struggled under the weight of her arresting officers, who were attempting to put her in handcuffs, three gunshots allegedly went off alongside her. According to the arrest affidavit, deputies lunged toward her left hand and wrested a gun away from her. Well before that moment, Fallis had been caught in a sprawling intelligence operation that sought to disrupt and discredit opponents of the pipeline.


Mika Brzezinski Roasts Trump over Gillibrand Tweet OpEdNews

Trump's demeaning tweet about NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand brought Mika Brzezinski to angry tears on Morning Joe. She says she is so upset she is literally shaking in anger, calls Trumps tweet "one of the worst things I have seen in this presidency." Mika angrily calls for Huckabee-Sanders and other women on staff in the White House to stop covering for presidential bullying.


CODEPINK Protests Democrats Supporting Saudi Weapons Deals PopularResistance.Org

Its the holiday season in Washington, and Christmas carolers with bells and funny red hats are everywhere. But CODEPINKs carolers werent interested in decking the halls with boughs of holly on Monday. Instead: nows the time to stop the killing. CODEPINK visited Senate offices against a record-breaking arms deal with Saudi Arabia amid the ongoing Yemeni civil war and deepening proxy conflicts with Iran. Washington and Riyadh concluded the largest arms deal in American history in May, immediately providing the Saudis with billions in combat-ready equipment. Thousands protested the deal in the Yemeni capital, and a Saudi blockade imposed following an attempted missile attack by Houthi rebels stocked fears of a worsening humanitarian crisis.


Free and Fair Elections in America? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Ballot-Stuffing Ted Rall
I guess no one wants fair elections in America? Who wants to end fair elections, even it you are a Republican? Here is Greg Palsts latest article on Free and Fair Elections: Legal victory stops steal in Bama! Well, almost Voting rights victory lasted just 9 hours: Republican judges overturn ruling to prevent ballot-box stuffing []


How Baltimore Prosecutors Pursued A Police Shooting Victim PopularResistance.Org

Victory, the Baltimore States Attorneys Office tweeted in October after Keith Davis Jr. was found guilty of second-degree murder. Keiths wife Kelly and members of the activist group Baltimore Bloc who have been advocating for Davis for years called attention to the language: the SAO, headed by celebrated, purportedly progressive prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, best known for indicting the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, declared Victory instead of invoking Justice. It was evidence that, in Kelly Davis words, Mosby and the SAO have a vendetta against her husband. Keith Davis Jr.s story begins on June 7, 2015, when he was shot by the Baltimore Police three times near the Park Heights neighborhood in West Baltimore.


We Are Hiring an Engagement Reporting Fellow for ProPublicas Local Reporting Network Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Are you interested in helping revitalize local reporting and reinventing journalism along the way?

Then apply to be the engagement reporting fellow for ProPublicas Local Reporting Network.

The network is an initiative we recently announced to support local journalism. Were going to be covering the salaries of, and providing editorial support for, reporters to do investigative journalism at seven news organizations across the country next year. Here are the organizations and reporters were going to be working with.

In addition to hiring a senior editor to oversee see the initiative, we are hiring an engagement reporting fellow to help develop and execute ideas that give communities the opportunity to contribute to or participate in the work.

Youll work closely with the local reporters and their news organizations, as well as the senior editor and ProPublicas award-winning engagement team. Some of our partner newsrooms are bigger than the others; in some instances, you might be in a more advising or consulting position. In others, you might be leading and managing the engagement portion of the project.

Youll be involved from the very beginning of our work in the project, thinking about how to find and reach the communities we need in order to tell the story, pull them into the work to help inform the story, and find ways to maximize the resonance of the project after publication.

So what exactly are we talking about? Take a look at a project weve done about Vietnam vets exposed to Agent Orange. Unlike traditional investigations, we didnt start with a story. We announced that we were doing an investigation with a callout to the community. We asked vets to tell us their stories, and weve now heard from nearly 8,000 of them. This community has fueled our reporting, and its gotten...

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Wednesday, 13 December


Evolution of outcrossing and selfing Freethought Blogs

Sex is costly. You could die trying to find a mate. Your mate could kill you, or give you a disease. You could be unable to find a mate in the first place, in which case youd be better off if you could reproduce asexually. Even without those risks, though, even in a simple genetic simulation, sexual reproduction means you only pass on half of your genes to your offspring.

So why do it? We know that its possible to reproduce without sex; lots of things do. Its not just bacteria and protists, either: asexual reproduction occurs in some plants, insects, snails, amphibians, and reptiles, among many others. The logic of natural selection suggests that sex must confer some benefit that outweighs all the costs, at least in some situations. Essentially all of the proposed benefits of sex have to do with outcrossing, or mixing your genes with those of another, genetically distinct, individual.

Nevertheless, a lot of things that reproduce sexually do so without outcrossing. This is especially common in plants, where its called self-pollination or just selfing. Selfing is thought to provide short-term advantages relative to outcrossingbasically by avoiding the costs Ive listed above. However, selfing also doesnt provide most of the benefits associated with sex, so its thought to be a bad strategy in the long term. This leads to selfing being thought of as a dead-end strategy: the short-term advantages make it unlikely that a selfing species will return to outcrossing, and the reduced genetic variation produced by selfing make diversification less likely.

Erik Hanschen and colleagues have tested these predictions in the volvocine algae (Im among the colleagues, as are John Wiens, Hisayoshi Nozaki, and Rick Michod): do selfing species ever return to outcrossing, and do they have a lower rate of diversification than outcrossing species? Both mating systems exist within the volvocine algae, and so they make a good test case. Roughly speaking, the term heterothallic refers to outcrossing species and homothallic to selfing species:

Hanschen et al. Fig. 1

Figure 1 from Hanschen et al. 2017. Diversity of mating systems in the volvocine green algae and their respective life cycles. (A) In outcrossing (heterothallic) species, distinct genotypes (male on left and female on right) sexually differentiate producing either eggs or sperm. A diploid zygospore (red) is produced after fertilization. Sexual offspring hatch a...


A Victory for a Night, a Loss for the Future OpEdNews

Doug Jones' win over the odious Roy Moore is good news, yes, but the particulars of the race bode ill for the health of our two-party system.


Thank You Alabama! OpEdNews

Let's all pause for a moment and give the good people of Alabama a huge thank you for doing the right thing.


Opinion: Secularism must stay in Syria to avoid dictatorships, globally - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Syria is an important symbol for America. As Tillerson, Putin and "others" seem too eager to oust Bashar al-Assad, it seems those in power are too eager to deny the Syrian people the right to choose their leadership.


Roy Moore Is A Lesson On The Folly Of Angry Populism The Federalist

They told me I should keep my elite media nose out of it and let the voters in Alabama decide for themselves whether to elect Roy Moore as their next senator. Well, alright then. The voters decided, and they elected a Democrat. In Alabama. I think thats a pretty definitive judgment about the merits of Moore as a candidate.

The obvious lesson here is that angry populism fueled by resentment against the bogeyman of supposed elites is not the basis for a political party or movement. Even before the allegations that as a grown man Moore used to troll the malls for teenage girls to date, it was pretty obvious that he was trouble. He has always been a grandstanding attention addict who likes to shoot off his mouth without thinking first.

More to the point, he thrived by pandering to the deplorables whom normal candidates wisely choose not to pander to. Moore pandered to those who like to engage in Confederate nostalgia, to those who want to return to the persecution of homosexuals, to those who fantasize about imposing a religious test for public office.

When called to account for these views, he follows the angry populist playbook Donald Trump established: call it all fake news and campaign against the media and the elites. Its the perfect way never to be held responsible for your own statements and actions. Everything is always a conspiracy by those corrupt insiders in Washington DC to foist their will on the decent, God-fearing folk out here in the heartland. Its a formula that covers a multitude of sins.

Until it doesnt. No one could have predicted specifically that Moore would end up having a history of showing creepy sexual interest in teenage girls back when he was a district attorneythough this was apparently whispered about in some political circles in Alabama. What we could have predicted is that he is the kind of personality that is a constant source of random political embarrassment. To be sure, Alabama leans so far toward the Republicans these days that Moore could have gotten away with lesser embarrassments. But his thing for teen girls turned out to be a fatal character flaw for a man who had built his reputation on being holier than thou.

Yet Moore doubled down on the playbook: blame the media, blame the establishment, blame Mitch McConnell. Count on your core supporters to be so eaten from within by hatred for Democrats, RINOs, and the fake news media that they will automatically dismiss anything bad that is said about you and vote you into office just to poke a finger in the eye of the imagined...


Instead Of Taxing Endowments, Congress Should Slash College Subsidies The Federalist

The House and Senate tax bills ignited a mini controversy over proposing to tax at 1.4 percent the annual income from college endowments worth $250,000 per student or more for colleges of at least 500 students.

An endowment is like a retirement account: a pot of economic investments expected to generate annual returns that fund college programs and scholarships. An endowment at $250,000 per student at a 5 percent average annual rate of return would generate $12,500 per student per year. Approximately 65 colleges fit the criteria for this new tax should it become law (heres a list).

A late amendment to the Senate bill would apply the tax only to colleges with assets of $500,000 per student, approximately 30 higher education institutions. That level of assets with a 5 percent rate of return generates $25,000 per student per year, or about enough to cover half a students tuition costs at a typical private college.

Theres No Real Good Justification for This Carveout

Yet its not exactly clear why the tax bills contain this provision, as part of the justification for tax reform at all is simplifying the tax code and eliminating carveouts aimed at select groups decided by narrow political preferences. By this principle, if there are changes to investment taxes they should apply to all investment income for all endowments, trust funds, retirement accounts, and the like, or none at all.

If the goal is to soak the rich, its not only unjust to target those who take more care to provide for their own students and long-term stability, its class warfare, which is built upon a foundation of envy and therefore despicable. It could be, as Tim Carney suggests, motivated by culture war politics; but conservatives shouldnt use tax law to target the other sides institutions, because a war between the Leviathan State and the institutions of civil society is a war that conservatives automatically lose.

If the goal is to pay for some of the tax cuts elsewhere in the bill, that could be done much more fairly, with better profit for students and Americans, and with bigger savings to taxpayers by instead cutting federal college subsidies, period. Otherwise, this provision penalizes prudent...


The #MeToo Movement Is Destroying Trust Between Men And Women The Federalist

How do people from different walks of life, diverse experiences, and varied points of view live together peacefully within a civil society? What is the main ingredient necessary for democracy to thrive? It can be boiled down to one word: trust. Civil society is built on relationships, friendships, and associations that foster confidence in ones fellow man or woman.

Freedom and community flourish in a culture of trust, and were losing it. This has been happening for some time. We see it across the American landscape in varying degrees. The poor dont trust the rich. Blacks dont trust whites. Populists dont trust the elites. Voters dont trust politicians. Teachers dont trust parents. Citizens dont trust the media. Democrats dont trust Republicansand vice versa.

We experience so much distrust that were numb to it; we even expect it, and often we thoughtlessly feed it. After all, we dont think the distrust being bred out there in politics and social media affects us in our daily lives. But it does, and its increasing, expanding. Like a disease, its now infecting our most foundational relationship as a people, the building block of a free, civil societythe relationship between men and women.

Demonizing Men Undermines Both Sexes

The breakdown of trust between the sexes is the tragic legacy of the modern feminist movement, but it has taken on a new fervor with the #MeToo campaign and the growing accusation that masculinity is vile, toxic, and inherently predatorial. Fear of men is legitimized, as accusation is treated as fact. Men are seen as the enemy, an embodied deviance that must be remolded into the image of a woman. Their sexuality is assumed to be naturally brutal, a threat to be controlled and reduced for the individual man to be considered safe.

While womens willingness to hold men accountable for criminal sexual behavior is to be applauded, the scorched-earth approach we are seeing today is destructive because it undermines trust. When anything from a naive touch during a photo shoot to an innocent attempt at a kiss is compared to rape and sexual abuse, we are not healing society but infecting relationships with the poison of distrust.

Whether its in the workplace, church, or home, the interaction between a man and a woman is unique and primary to all other relationships. When a breakdown of trust happens there, when fear of the other sex becomes generalized, society simply cant thrive.

Essential to the relationship between men and women is the sexual dynamic. For trust to flourish, this reality cant denied, and it must be handled with respect, care, and honesty. It cant be shut down. It cant be abused, and one part of the polaritywhether its masculine or femininecannot be labeled toxic, brutal, or evil (as was done in the past by certain totalitarian religions regarding feminine sexuality). Once that label sticks, distrust is generated to the detriment of all....


The 9 Worst Kinds Of Hilariously Trendy Church Names The Federalist

The Christian satire site Babylon Bee recently skewered the growing trend of trendy church names. Forget words like Faith, Bible, Church, orheaven forbidthe name of your denomination, they advised. Dont go with a name that gives visitors information about your church, said imaginary consultants. Go with a name you can market.

I had a good laugh, but it got me thinking. What if I compiled my own list of the most cringe-worthy actual church names? So I conducted an informal social media survey, and was overwhelmed by the responses. For your convenience, Ive pared down the list (really, I did!) and broken these church names (all of which Ive checked, and all of which are real) into nine handy categories.

Understand that I count all of you who belong to these, ahem, creatively named churches as brethren and sistren, so please, no angry emails. Were all in this together, and whats life if you cant laugh at yourself? Without further ado, here are the nine types of trendy, new church names.

1. Just Random Words

These led me to suspect the branding agencies or committees in charge of renaming, say, First Baptist Church of Springfield, or Pleasant Grove Presbyterian simply wrote nouns and verbs on slips of paper, threw them into a hat, and named their church according to whatever one or two words the senior pastor pulled out.

They include such oddities as, City, City Hope, Cornerstone, Create Church, Destiny City Church, Dream City Church, Intersect Church, Elevate Church, Elevate Life Church, Lifebridge Church, The Compass Church, Reality Church, and Rise.

Some names made me wonder if a deacons kid selected them while looking out the window during a road trip. Among them were Red Door, The Branch, The Harbor, The House, The Journey, The Orchard, The Painted Door, and The River.

2. The Grocery Store Romance Novel

These subtle-yet-sentimental congregational cognomens irresistibly evoke the titles of paperbacks in the supermarket checkout aisle aimed at middle-aged momsbooks whose covers feature brawny, classically masculine men with their heads cropped off, holding breathless, bonnet-clad women in front of an idyllic vista that hints at the traditional mores holding back their achingly unconsummated love.

The best included, Burning Hearts, Door of Hope, Epiphany Station, Liberating Spirit, Mercy Road, New Horizons, Passion, Second Chance Church, Shepherd of the Prairie, The Nest of Love, The Refuge, and Word Aflame.

3. The Gated Community

For Christians, church can offer a sense of place. Its where a body of local believers gathers to worship, wed, and weep. So naturally, it makes sense that such meeting places trade in stuffy denominational names like First Methodist of Kingstown, or Greenvil...


Repealing The Mandate Doesnt Fix Obamacare. Its The Regulations, Stupid The Federalist

As Congress considers repealing Obamacares individual mandate as part of tax reform, some conservatives believe doing so would fulfill [Republicans] promise to the American people by return[ing] personal decisions about health care choices to patients.

In reality, however, repealing only the mandate would accomplish little of the former, and virtually none of the latter. For this conservative, at least, the answer to what would fulfill Republicans promise echoes James Carville: At its core, an Obamacare repeal is about the regulations, stupid.

To be sure, repealing the individual mandate would alleviate a regressive tax on the poor, and create revenue to provide tax relief elsewhere. But, as a lawyer familiar with courtroom rules of evidence might say, repealing the mandate alone focuses solely on pruning back the fruit of the poisonous tree, rather than attacking that poisonous trees roots.

We Dont Want to Own the Consequences of Our Policies

In 2009, Democrats probably didnt want to subject themselves to attacks for spending trillions of dollars on new entitlements. They didnt want to take the political hit for raising taxes and reducing Medicare spending to pay for those entitlements. Also, Democratsnot least Barack Mandate to Buy a House Obama, who ran against the mandate in the 2008 presidential primariescertainly didnt want to require individuals to purchase government-mandated insurance.

But they realized that imposing unprecedented federal regulations on insurers would raise premiums, necessitating requirements on employers to offer, and individuals to purchase, that costlier coverage, higher spending on subsidies to make that more expensive coverage affordable, and new taxes to pay for that higher spending.

By contrast, repealing only the mandate would do nothing to restore health-care freedom, or return health care choices to patients. While Americans would not face taxes for not buying coverage they may not want, need, or afford, they would have no greater or lesser ability to buy coverage they do want and can afford than they did in the first place, because all of Obamacares regulations would remain in place.

Moreover, repealing the mandate alone could allow Republicans to walk away from their promise to repeal Obamacare root and branch, because many seemed disinclined to dismantle Obamacares regulatory regime earlier this year. When debating repeal-and-replace legislation, the House proposed...


The Federalist

The investigation of Russias meddling in the U.S. election has been going on for almost a year now. Its scope and objectives seem to expand daily. It has consumed the majority of our attention and resources.

In the meantime, another country has more subtly and expensively wielded its soft power on U.S. soil. That country is China. Unlike Russia, the Chinese government has a different set of objectives: it wants to use its influence to quiet critics of its authoritarian regime and its policies on human rights and international affairs. By controlling discussions and shaping public opinion in America, China hopes to export its authoritarian ways globally with little resistance.

Fortunately, Chinas interference in the United States didnt go unnoticed. This Wednesday, the Congressional Executive Commission on China, chaired by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), will host a public hearing, titled The Long Arm of China: Exporting Authoritarianism with Chinese Characteristics. Such a hearing is long overdue, because Attempts by the Chinese government to guide, buy, or coerce political influence and control discussion of sensitive topics are pervasive, and pose serious challenges in the United States and globally.

Some Countries Have Fallen to Chinas Interference

Chinas interference on foreign soil usually involves several means. One is using technology to obtain political, economic, and even personal information to its advantage. For example, the German intelligence agency (BfV) disclosed  Monday morning that Chinese intelligence used fake profiles on LinkedIn, a networking site, to target at least 10,000 Germans, many government officials and politicians. According to BfV, the Chinese objective is to gather information on these Germans and even possibly turn some as informants.

Three years ago, two U.S. government databases, which contain personnel records and security-clearance files on about 22 million Americans, were hacked. It was one of the worst cyber intrusions in U.S. history, and officials said they traced the hack to the Chinese government.

No country has suffered more than Australia. Australias domestic spy chief Duncan Lewis alerted Parliament that Chinas interference in Australia was occurring on an unprecedented scale. The Sydney Morning Herald filed a series of reports on...


Why Even Non-Catholics Can Appreciate Our Lady Of Guadalupe The Federalist

December 12 is the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, an event commemorated in the Catholic Church marking three days in 1531 when Mary supposedly appeared to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, a poor Aztec peasant, in Mexico.

Most Americans knowledge of Our Lady of Guadalupe probably extends to recognizing the famous image of Mary, often found in the homes and businesses of many Mexican-Americans. Indeed, Mexicans often display the image on their cars, clothing, and even on their bodies vis-a-vis tattoos.

That image, and the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, may seem like a parochial element of Mexican culture of little interest to broader America. Yet it is a thoroughly American story, one with a message of faith, hope, and love not only for Catholics, but for all Christians and even non-Christians, as well.

What Reportedly Happened

The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe begins in Mexico in December, 1531. The colony formerly the great empire of the Aztecs had only been in the hands of the Spaniards for ten years. The vast majority of the inhabitants, including Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, were Aztecs, a small number of whom, like Juan Diego, had converted to Christianity.

On December 9, 1531, a maiden dressed in traditional Aztec clothing and speaking Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, appeared to Juan Diego at a place called the Hill of Tepeyac. She identified herself as Mary and requested a church be built at the site in her honor.

Juan Diego appealed to the archbishop of Mexico City, Fray Juan de Zumrraga, and related the story. The bishop, unsurprisingly, did not believe him. Later that day, Mary reportedly appeared to Juan Diego again, and urged him to continue to entreat the archbishops aid.

The next day, Juan Diego again sought out the archbishop, who instructed the peasant to return to Tepeyac Hill and petition the lady for a miraculous sign to prove her identity. Diego promptly returned to Tepeyac, and encountered the maiden yet again, and reported the request for a sign. The maiden consented to provide one the following day, December 11.

The next day, however, learning of a desperately ill uncle, Juan attempted to avoid the maiden in his rush to find a priest to say last rites. The woman confronted Juan on his alternative route, told him his uncle would be healed, and instructed him to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac, a hill typically barren, especially in December. Juan obeyed, and found blooming there Castilian roses, a species foreign to Mexico.

The woman arranged the flowers in Juans tilma, or cloak, and Juan Diego headed off to see the archbishop. When he reached him, he opened his cloak, the flowers fell to the floor, and prominently displayed on the fabric was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a seemingly miraculous event. The story spread through Mexico like wildfire. Within ten years, ten million Aztec natives had been baptized...


Fusion GPS Paid Top DOJ Officials Wife To Dig Up Dirt On Trump The Federalist

Court documents reveal the opposition research firm that put together a dossier filled with wild, unsubstantiated claims about Donald Trump hired the spouse of a newly demoted Justice Department official to dig up dirt on Trump.

Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS the infamous firm behind the dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele stated in a court declaration that his firm hired Nellie H. Ohr as a subcontractor to help with research and analysis of Mr. Trump, according to Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller. Nellie H. Ohr is married to Bruce G. Ohr, who was associate deputy attorney general at the DOJ until he was recently demoted.

The timing of Bruce Ohrs demotion is curious, as he retained his status as a top DOJ official until just before Fox News broke the story about his wifes role at Fusion GPS and his own secret meetings with Steele and Simpson in 2016.

CNN has reported that the FBI used the Steele dossier as a justification to wiretap a Trump associate, Carter Page. Last week, news broke that Peter Strzok, a top FBI official who was involved in the ongoing probe into whether Trump or his associates colluded with Russian officials to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, was dismissed after it was discovered he had exhibited an anti-Trump bias. Strzok was demoted last July for text messages railing against Trump that he sent to a woman he was allegedly having an affair with. You can read some of these text messages here.

In one such text message, Strzok makes an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, CNN reported. 

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andys office an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe that theres no way he gets elected but Im afraid we cant take that risk. Its like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before youre 40 . . . . Page does not appear to have responded, according to records reviewed by CNN.

McCabe was scheduled to testify before House intelligence committee members on Tuesday about the ongoing prob...


Trump Administration To Reconsider Race-Based Special Education Quotas The Federalist

Today the Trump administration plans to suspend last-minute Obama-era regulations that required states to set quotas for special-education services based on race, known as the significant disproportionality rule. Although the regulations became binding two days before the end of the Obama administration, they have not yet affected children because they required data collection and paper-pushing that states were to have completed this coming July. Thats a good thing, because if the rule went into effect its biggest victims were likely those who dont need any more disadvantages: minority special-needs kids.

The initial rule was based on data showing African-American children are more likely to be identified as needing special education services than are kids from other racial groups, said Max Eden, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who studies education policy. The Obama administration just assumed the reason for that was institutional racism, then rushed to force states to administer special-needs services according to race. If the feds found significant disproportionality a term federal law does not define among the percentages of kids of each race given special-education services, districts could have parts of their federal special education funding redirected.

The goal was to ensure equality, but according to a largely arbitrary standard how much does anyone know about whether a kid needs special education just by knowing his or her race? Basically nothing. Saying it does is to engage in negative racial stereotyping.

Rather than putting a childs individual needs first, under this system states and therefore schools would be pushed to assign kids special-education services such as tutoring or therapy based at least partly on the students race. The policy theory parallels Obama administration school discipline race quotas that left educators across the country decrying a rash of violence and other disruptive behavior especially inside schools and districts with higher minority populations.

Also, new research Eden thinks is of better quality has found that minority children are, on average, more likely to have their potential special needs ignored, rather than overidentified. In other words, at least for some kids, the problem is not that they are too often designated special needs, its that they are not designated such not enough. The key difference is, again, whether the individual child is in need of those additional services or not. Thats, again, not something his or her race can tell you, nor can the percentage of other kids in his or her state of the same race needing...


7 Things To Know About The Supreme Courts Refusal To Consider Adding Sexual Politics To Employment Law The Federalist

Monday, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on whether sexual orientation discrimination is illegal under Title VII.

In a 2-1 decision, the appellate court held in Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital that the plaintiff, Jameka Evans, a former security guard for the defendant hospital, could not sue her former employer for sexual orientation discrimination because sex as used in the federal civil rights law does not mean sexual orientation.

Here are seven quick take-aways from the case and the Supreme Courts denial of review.

1. We Dont Know the Facts Yet

Initially, it is important to recognize that the district court and appellate court dismissed Evans case early on, before any evidence was presented, and that in answering the legal question of whether sexual orientation discrimination is illegal under federal employment discrimination law, the courts assumed Evans allegations were true.

Thus, while Evans claims her employer discriminated against her and harassed her because of her sexual orientation, that may not be the case.

2. The Eleventh Circuit Already Decided the IssueIn 1979

Another preliminary, but significant, point: The appellate court rejected Evans claim of sexual orientation discrimination based solely on circuit precedent. The two-judge majority did not analyze the issue anew, but instead concluded [o]ur binding precedent forecloses such an action, based on the Eleventh Circuits prior precedent rule.

That rule requires the presiding panels (which consists of three judges) to follow prior circuit precedent unless and until it is overruled by this court en banc or by the Supreme Court. (En banc review occurs when all active judgesthere are 12 in the Eleventh Circuitdecide a case as a whole.) In this case, the Eleventh Circuit refused to consider the issue en banc, leaving the panel bound by the circuits prior holding in the 1979 decision of Blum v. Gulf Oil Corp., that [d]ischarge for homosexuality is not prohibited by Title VII . . . .

3. There Is a Split in the Circuits

In denying Evans petition for review, the Supreme Court let stand a disagreement between the federal circuit courts concerning the proper interpretation of Title VII. Until recently, every federal circuit court to have considered the question held that sexual orientation is not a protected class under Title VII.

However, earlier this year, while sitting en banc, the Seventh Circuit held in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College that Title VII prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. The meaning of federal law, thus, varies depending on where the parties live, with those suing in the federal courts of Wisconsin, Illinois, or Indiana benefitting by the controlling Seventh Circuit precedent. Only the Supreme Court can resolve this circuit split.

4. This Case Was a Poor...


Nebraska Requires Barbers To Train Longer Than EMTs. Thats Ridiculous The Federalist

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court found that, without proper state supervision, licensing boards can become unaccountable, self-serving organizations that protect themselves from competition rather than protecting consumers. The courts opinion noted that when legislatures hold hearings on licensure practices, they are flooded with special interests that give the false impression that additional occupational regulations will only enhance public safety without imposing costs on aspiring workers.

For proof the court was right, look no further than a recent hearing on barber licensing in Nebraska. This fall, the Nebraska Health and Human Services committee held hearings on lowering the licensing requirements for those who want to work in various personal service occupations, including barbers.

I testified in support of lowering Nebraskas excessive licensing requirements to promote economic opportunity, but other witnesses did not share my view. Besides a representative from the free-market Platte Institute, nearly every other witness wanted to maintainor even increasethe states licensing requirements. And these opponents of reducing red tape? They work as barbers, for the Board of Barber Examiners, or at barbering schoolsimagine that.

Its Cutting Hair, Not Nuclear Science

Nebraska mandates 2,100 hours of education and training to become a licensed barber, which is tied with Iowas requirement for the longest training requirement in the nation. These long hours lead to tuition costs of more than $20,000 for completing the education and training. Here Nebraska is an outlier: in the United States, the average required training is close to the 1,500 hours that more than half of states mandate for barber licenses.

The Nebraska hearings also covered a proposal to lower the licensing hours for cosmetologists, another occupation that has the unnecessarily high barrier of 2,100 hours to work in the state. Some witnesses who opposed easing the requirements argued the extra hours were necessary to teach students professional and life skills like how to market their business and open a retirement account. One witness even called for adding extra hours so the schools could have time to teach the importance of voting.

But these witnesses fundamentally misunderstand the purpose of occupational licensing. Voting, building a business plan, and...


Plastic Ocean: From Thriving Ecosystem to Trash Dumpster WhoWhatWhy

In the foreseeable future, the weight of plastic trash in the ocean will be greater than the weight of all fish.

Already its been estimated by researchers that virtually all shellfish, and one-quarter of all fish, contain traces of plastic.

Every year about 300 million tons of plastic are produced and eight million tons wind up in our oceans. Thats the equivalent of over 500 trillion plastic water bottles. If you were to stack these bottles one on top of the other, you would be able to make two full trips from Earth, to the Moon and back.

But the problem is not only the millions of water bottles humans consume and discard each hour, but also the plastic we cannot see.

Microplastics are considered to be any piece of plastic that is under five millimeters in length. This also includes small particles like fabric and the plastic microbeads used in facial cleansers.

These particles are found in our oceans, on our beaches, and pretty much anywhere else theres water.

Danger to Humans


The plastics that wash up on our beaches or end up in massive floating garbage patches come from bottles, bags, containers, straws, shipping materials and other quick-use products that break down over time and in turn become a home for harmful substances.

Toxic chemicals adhere to plastics very easily, Emily DiFrisco, Director of Digital Strategy of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, told WhoWhatWhy. Even in the ocean, PCBs, DDT, pesticides, flame retardants, mercury and other organic pollutants can be absorbed by plastic in the ocean.

DiFrisco, whose group aims to halt the tide of plastics that make their way into the environment, added that the chemicals pass into animals we consume and, as a result, enter our bodies.

It is believed that these chemicals can be found in almost all humans, including newborn babies.

We as producers, consumers and disposers, are directly to blame. More than half the plastic we use everyday, according to the Plastic Oceans Foundation, is used only once.



Doug George-Kanentiio: Onondaga Chief Chief Irv Powless was a legend and a friend Indianz.Com News

When I think of what it requires to be a rotiane in the best sense, Chief Irv Powless exemplified this in every instance of his 88 years and for that I am grateful


Fake News, Fake NFL Fans and Now Fake Ancestry Reports Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Everything the liberals touch turns fake from news, the NFL fans to ancestry reports


The Isolation of Aging in an Auto-Oriented Place Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Sara Joy's essay below is simple and beautiful, and it highlights a tremendously important topic: the impact of our auto-oriented cities on senior citizens. There's a popular trend in the media right now of talking about how traditional downtowns and urban cores are the "playgrounds of the rich" where young people flock so that they can walk to breweries and restaurants and live in trendy converted warehouses... In fact, walkable neighborhoods are attractive to and needed for people of all ages. Seniors in particular benefit from neighborhoods where they can safely run errands, visit friends, and go about their days without needing a vehicle, since many of them cannot drive.

Unfortunately, most of our cities are designed in a way that makes life nearly impossible for people who don't drive. And the dangers of un-walkable neighborhoods where cars speed through and pedestrians must contend with crumbling or nonexistent sidewalks, unsafe intersections, and so on... well they're actually most harmful to the most vulnerable members of our communities: kids and seniors. A simple moment in a grocery store parking lot brought that home for Sara Joy this year and I'm so glad she was willing to share this story (originally published on Humane Pursuits) with us as she reflected on this important issue.  - Rachel Quednau

Source: miltondawson

Source: miltondawson

A couple of months ago, I was leaving the store about 8:30 at night when I noticed an elderly woman pushing her shopping cart into the vast expanse of empty parking lot. The scene struck me as odd because, it being winter in Minnesota, the sun was well beyond set, the weather was nippy, and she appeared to be going in the direction of nowhere with no identifiable car in her line of sight. I shrugged it off and got in my car to head home. A few hundred yards later, as I was exiting the lot, there was the woman again except now she was waving at me. I slowed down and paused a moment wondering what to do. Did she need my help? Was I about to get myself into a situation with a crazy lady? I uttered a quick prayer for wisdom and rolled down my window.

She politely asked if I was going in the dir...


Minnesota governor passes over Native lawmaker with appointment to Senate seat Indianz.Com News

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) passed over a historic opportunity to name a Native woman to a Senate seat being vacated by a disgraced lawmaker.


The LA Rams Resort to Hiring Fake Fans-The NFL Is Imploding Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Selfish, liberal, self-absorbed and anti-American NFL players have turned their staduims into ghost towns.




Masculinity: the personal, the political and the economic Freethought Blogs

Theres an unusually well-balanced feature about the politics and practice of masculinity in the Independent today by Oliver Bennett. Most writing on mens issues and masculinities takes either an individualist or a political approach. Bennetts piece is smart enough to recognise that the issues are connected & inseparable.

The article put me in mind of something I wrote a few weeks ago, when I was speaking on a panel at the ESRC academic conference on masculinities & was asked to introduce myself with a few words to set out where I was coming from. What follows is a (hopefully) readable edit of the notes I made for that address.


When it comes to writing the socio-political history of 2017, I think we can safely assume that masculinity will be filed among the villains, implicated in everything from sexual abuse and harassment scandals to the rise of the alt-right, from the mass murder of spree shooters and terrorists to child abuse or the mundane malice of internet trolls.

And masculinity is not just held responsible for harm to others. Our bookshelves groan with the weight of testimony against masculinity, as writers, actors, comedians, artists, musicians all line up to become witnesses for the prosecution. Yes, the biggest victims of masculinity are often men themselves emotionally stunted, isolated, lonely, self-destructive.

Our masculine norms can be and often are rightly blamed for contributing to the horrific male suicide rates, alcoholism and addiction, our poor physical and mental health, and so on and so on. Never mind what we are doing to others, why are we doing this to ourselves?

I dont particularly disagree with the prevailing consensus of those debates. And yet, for me, something very important is missing from the conversation, and it is this:

The prescriptions that we hear today, from the Grayson Perrys and the Robert Webbs, from the endless Guardian thinkpieces goes something like this: The problem here is men, and the solution is for men to heal, for men to change.

But theres a problem. Masculinity is not an individual ailment it is a political construction.

This narrative around healing and change is an atomised, individualist solution to a structural, societal, political problem. Men are as we are because at a profound level this is how society wants us to be. That is how hegemony works. While well-meaning liberals urge us to step out of the man box, pretty much all of the structural forces of society are shoving us back in and nailing down the lid.

Now theres a big ideological point there, an analysis that has come down from Engels and Antonio Gramsci. Our cultural norms of masculinity evolved to s...


This Is the Worlds Next Hot Spot Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Do you know where the next hot spot will be How many Americans will have to die so some banker can become more more wealthy? Which country? Will the conflict lead to WW III?




Trump Going After Obama-Appointed Liberal Judges Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


President Trump is making the political assassination of Obama appointed federal judges a hobby. Navarro and Contreras are the only the first 2 casualties of the war against the Deep State.




Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Dec. 13, 2017 - Veterans Today Veterans Today

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


New CDC Statistics: 1 out of every 36 Children in the U.S. has Autism Sheep Media

New statistics released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that one out of every 36 children in the U.S. now are diagnosed with autism.

The rate in 2013 was one out of 50, in 2008 the rate was one out of 88, in 2002 the rate was one out of 250, and in 1980, six years before Congress and President Reagan passed a law giving vaccine manufacturers total legal immunity for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines, the rate was only one out of 10,000.

This should be headline news, and yet the corporate-sponsored mainstream media has been mostly silent on this report.

MIT researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff has stated that given current trends, by the year 2025 half of all children will be diagnosed with autism.

To break down the data supplied by the CDC, the VAXXED team turned to Dr. Brian Hooker. Dr. Hooker is perhaps the most knowledgeable person in the world regarding the CDC and the data they have compiled regarding vaccines and autism.

Dr. Hooker is the father of a vaccine-injured child, and is a Ph.D. researcher. He has fought against the CDC for more than 14 years, using the Freedom of Information Act to try and gather as much data as he could from the studies that the CDC has published that claim there is no link between vaccines and autism.

He has submitted much of the results of his own internal investigation of the CDC data on vaccines and autism to Congress. Congressman Bill Posey has assisted him in forcing the CDC to comply with many of these requests.

After almost 12 years, his tireless pursuit of finding the truth resulted in the CDC finally handing over documents so that Dr. Hooker could look at the raw data that the CDC used to claim that there was no link between vaccines and autism.

It took some Congressional pressure from Congressman Bill Posey to get this information. (See:...


Alabama Elects First Democrat Senator in 25 Years Guardian Liberty Voice

On election day, December 12, 2017, Alabamans voted in the states first Democrat senator since 1992. In what is being heralded as a stunning victory, Gordon Douglas (Doug) Jones managed to keep Roy Moore from joining Congress. Jones won by 20,936 votes 673,236 to 652,300, according to NBC News. Jones will take the seat []

The post Alabama Elects First Democrat Senator in 25 Years appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Vladimir Putin: Trumps Jerusalem statement defies common sense - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Jonas E. Alexis   Vladimir Putin has recently pronounced his verdict on Trumps recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital. Once again, King Bibi must have felt pretty bad because virtually no serious politician in Europe has followed through his Zionist project. Putin, who has recently defeated the New World Order in Syria, declared []


End Of US Dollar Dominance As Globalists Move The Wealth From West To East Sheep Media

by Julie Telgenhoff

Houston we have a problem.

As the US Dollar is deliberately being destroyed by the BRICS alliance, which is a planned destruction, we will  soon see the new rising players of China and Russia playing their role on the road to an eventual one world governance.

Whats very disturbing to me is when I see many Americans jumping for joy as they read commentary about their own currency being destroyed.

From the RT article, Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance, check out the following comment by an American:

YESS !!!..KARMA.. the zionnist warmonger Rothchild colony is sinking like the Titanic Ship !sooner the better ..imagine peace in the world ?? no world war 3 ? no more the U.S. bullying north korea and all the third world countries !!

What in the world is this American thinking? That somehow the warmongering US isnt a part of this plan for a global police state governance? That any of the BRICS countries (mainly China and Russia) are going to come in and give her the cushy life shes always had living in a country considered a super power with the its military might and dollar dominance? That wars will cease because the global wealth left the US and went to the East? That Russia and China will be the new heroes of human rights, especially to those living the the US?

I just dont get it? I see so many Americans rooting for their own demise no clue that once that dollar ceases to have its global glory, they will experience massive hyperinflation and who knows what else in the near term future. Without that protection and the Americas ability to be a global military threat, Id say the future isnt looking to good for us Americans. Maybe we can take a glance at the future by visiting Zimbabwe.

These globalists cannot allow for any country to be a super power with military might if the plan is for a one world tyrannical government with all countries of equality. The destruction of the US dollar by shifting the wealth from West to East, is a delib...


Criminalizing Dissent: After Proving Mere Presence J20 Prosecution Rests Case UNICORN RIOT

Washington, DC Since November 20, trial has been underway for the first group of defendants charged with multiple felonies after being caught up in a politically targeted mass arrest of an anarchist protest march during Donald Trumps inauguration on January 20 (J20). The arrests took place when, after some store windows were broken, police forcefully herded the march into a trap and kettled the entire group at 12th & L streets. Detained for hours in winter weather without access to food, water, bathrooms, or medical care, almost two hundred people would be indicted for a series of felonies and misdemeanors.

Update Weds. 12/13: On Wednesday morning Judge Lynn Leibovitz dismissed the charge of inciting a riot against all six current J20 defendants. More to follow:

Several hours later, Judge Leibovitz labeled photojournalist Alexei Wood a principal aider and abetter in the alleged conspiracy to riot because his livestream played a roleto advertise, broadcastto recruit and keep people informed of the events, and denied all other motions to dismiss the remaining charges against the defendants.

Follow our twitter for more updates.

The indictment brought by the US Attorneys Office for DC in the J20 case seeks to hold every perceived member of the political assembly responsible for alleged individual acts, such as brea...


Native activists go viral with 'Redhawks' campaign aimed at NFL team's racist mascot Indianz.Com News

A series of fake news articles, claiming the Washington NFL team changed its controversial name to the Washington Redhawks, went viral across Indian Country.


Mysterious Sun Simulator Captured On Video??? Sheep Media

Wow! Is this the Sun Simulator caught on video???

According to disclose:

The Youtuber MrMBB333 is specialized on weather and geographic events.

In his last two videos, he examines some photos that were sent to him. On these photos, you can see a strange anomaly which after a closer examination, could turn out to be the mysterious sun simulator. Then check out video number two.

In the second video, he even found the patent for this type of satellite.



Havasupai Tribe sees mixed victory in litigation to protect Grand Canyon from uranium Indianz.Com News

The Havasupai Tribe and environmental groups saw a mixed victory as they seek to protect the Grand Canyon in Arizona from uranium mining.


Analysis of Reasons for American Involvement in Vietnam War - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Authors note: Human life losses during the Vietnam War were astronomical and under reported. According to Major General Jan Sejna,1205 living Americans were never repatriated from Russian custody and in the early 1990s Congress considered placing a second monument for approx. 50,000 Vietnam war dead not included in the wall. These figures included, but were []


America Says Screw You to Trump, Alabama Elects a Democrat to the Senate - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Editors note:  America just did to Trump and Moore what they do to little girls. Democratic candidate Doug Jones will be the new US senator from Alabama after defeating Republican Roy Moore in a special runoff election. Jones shock victory will send ripples through Congress, and could impact upcoming races. With 89 percent of precincts []



Navajo Nation accusses Wells Fargo Bank of exploiting tribal citizens in new lawsuit Indianz.Com News

The Navajo Nation is suing Wells Fargo Bank, alleging the financial giant pressured tribal citizens into opening accounts and signed them up for debit and credit cards without their consent.


Daily Inspiration --- Vita activa & Vita contemplativa OpEdNews

Every kind of activity, even the process of mere thought, must culminate in the absolute quiet of contemplation. Every movement, the movements of body and soul as well as of speech and reasoning, must cease before truth. Truth, be it the ancient truth of Being or the Christian truth of the living God, can reveal itself only in complete human stillness.


Mitch McConnell Is The Reason Doug Jones Is A Senator The Federalist

While Mitch McConnell and his allies will try to blame conservatives for nominating Roy Moore, its important to remember that McConnell is the main reason Roy Moore was nominated.

The moment it was clear there would be a Special Election to replace Jeff Sessions, McConnell and his PAC, Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) declared they would back Luther Strange and vowed to spend millions on his behalf.

Strange was a flawed candidate from the jump. The circumstances around his appointment by scandal-ridden Governor Robert Bentley were sketchy at best, and rightly or wrongly, voters just never trusted him.

Looking back, an establishment candidate like Strange, beset by issues surrounding his appointment was never going to win a runoff in an anti-establishment state like Alabamacertainly not in the year after Donald Trump was elected.

Judge Roy Moore soon entered the race, followed by Mo Brooks, a conservative congressman from northern Alabama with a very solid voting record. A member of the House Freedom Caucus in the mold of Jeff Sessions, Brooks resonated with conservative grassroots. As I have outlined before, my firm was retained by Brooks and helped a pro-Moore superPAC in the runoff against Strange. (We did no work for Moore in the General Election.)

Determined to keep a Freedom Caucus member out of the Senate, McConnell and SLF swung into action with a little over a month to go, spending over four million dollars carpet-bombing Mo Brooks.  They told everyone who would listen that they were going to destroy Brooks. They even hired consultants for a potential prim...


Doug Jones beats Roy Moore in Alabama Freethought Blogs

In what has to be considered a huge upset, Democrat Doug Jones has just been projected to be the winner in the Alabama senate race, defeating sex abuser and molester of teens Roy Moore by a margin of 49.5 to 48.7% with 91% of precincts reporting, in one of the Republican partys strongest of strongholds.

I am off to bed feeling great and will discuss what this might mean tomorrow.


Crown Chakra Mandala OpEdNews

One in a series of stylized mandala designs representing the 7 chakras. The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra, symbolized by the color white. Located at the top of the head, it is the Divinity center, associated with the mystical experience of oneness with the divine.


From Automation to the Gig Economy: Mapping Capitals Networks It's Going Down

The post From Automation to the Gig Economy: Mapping Capitals Networks appeared first on It's Going Down.

From Trump tweeting about how low unemployment is to patting himself on the back for a roaring stock market, we are bombarded daily with news about how great our economy is doing. So how can the economy be doing well, but so many American workers are barely getting by? Moreover, many Americans are having to work a variety of jobs in order to put food on the table and pay their rent, as the cost of living continues to climb while wages stay stagnant. As the saying goes, someone is gettin rich, but it sure isnt me. 10 years after the Great Recession, and the gap between rich and poor has grown even wider, while wealth has accumulated into fewer and fewer hands. Meanwhile on the horizon, automation seeks to amplify this process while at the same time the elites are signalling a push to gut basic programs for the poor, the elderly, and the infirm.

Wanting to know more about the forces causing this reality, in this episode, we catch up with two people involved in the Global Supply Chains, which works to map the strengths and weaknesses of modern capitalism and looks at ways in which working-class people could possibly take action at choke points, leveraging the maximum amount of power.

In the first part of the podcast, we begin the conversation with a discussion about the massive transfer of wealth in the wake of the Great Recession, the rise of the precariat, the growth of the service sector and the gig economy, and how capitalists in big cities are literally running out of workers as gentrification pushes out more and more wage earners. We then discuss economically, what has taken place under Trump over the last year, looking at both the economic nationalism of Bannon and the tough talk by Trump to leave behind neoliberalism. Lastly, we discuss the growing push towards automation and robotization and what this signals for everyday people.

We then switch gears and discuss the work of Global Supply Chains, and how this work can inform both current anti-capitalist workers struggles as well as environmental battles taking place against resource extraction.

As both tech capital and gentrification rearranges the world around us, pushing millions into the margins while working us harder and longer for less and less money, we find our lives becoming more and more precarious. In this context, we need to find ways of analyzing and understanding the networks of power, energy, and capital in ways benefit our struggles on the ground.

More Info:...


Federal Government Continues to Argue in Favor of Indefinitely Detaining an American Citizen Activist Post

By Derrick Broze On Monday a federal judge challenged the U.S. government to justify the continued imprisonment of an American citizen who has been denied...


DOJ Wall Street Get Rich Quick Revolving Door$ Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel This is the fourth part of an investigative series concerning the troubling matter of Wall Street crimes protected by federal agents switching...


New Mail Policy in Michigan Prisons Support Prisoner Resistance

Effective November 1st, 2017, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) has instituted a new mail policy, which they falsely claim will stem the flow of contraband, primarily the controlled substances suboxone and fentanyl, into Michigan prisons, when they well-know over 80 percent of all contraband is smuggled into prisons by employees, as confirmed by multiple studies. If the MDOC really wanted to stop drugs and other contraband, such as cell phones and tobacco, from entering its prisons, then they would search all MDOC employees just as thoroughly upon entry as they do prisoners families and friends when visiting. Consequently, one can only conclude that stopping contraband is not the goal of this new policy, merely the excuse for it


Michael Snyder And Other Pro-Trump Candidates For Congress Are Freaking The Establishment Out The Truth

Literally dozens of pro-Trump candidates are running for seats in Congress in 2018, and the establishment is really starting to freak out about this. If having Trump in the White House was a nightmare for them, how are they going to respond once his allies start taking control of Capitol Hill? For a very long time I have been saying that the 2018 mid-term elections are going to be the most important in modern American history. They will inevitably be a referendum on Trump and his policies, and I believe that the American people will support Trump wholeheartedly.

Personally, I am running as a pro-Trump candidate in Idahos first congressional district. Trump supporters have been flocking to my campaign, and it is absolutely amazing how much momentum we have built up over the past few months.

At first my opponents were very polite to me because they didnt see me as a threat. But then they started seeing numbers that showed how well I was doing, and now the claws are coming out.

It is funny how the attacks against me and other pro-Trump candidates around the nation sound almost exactly like the attacks that are constantly being hurled at Trump himself. But like Trump, we are refusing to be intimidated and we are keeping our eye on the ball. Our campaign website is getting the most visits of any of the candidates, our Facebook page has the most likes, and we won the most recent online poll by a very wide margin. We need your help to keep the momentum going, because the establishment is likely to continue to hammer me with attacks up until election day.

Other pro-Trump candidates are getting a lot of heat as well. One of the candidates that I really like is...


How to make an omelet Freethought Blogs

Chef Gordon Ramsay got over 25 million views of his video showing how to make scrambled eggs. So The Onion produced its own video showing how to make an omelet for those who dont know how. (Language advisory)


It's Duesday... OpEdNews

Perhaps caving to some of the pressure from his own sexual harassment/assault accusers, Trump today took to Twitter to call New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand a whore. Well, not exactly. But he said she "begged" him for money and "would do anything" for contributions... wink-wink.


Russian warplanes & troops arrive home after Syrian mission accomplished (VIDEO) - Veterans Today Veterans Today

The Russian forces operating in Syria, including the Beriev A-50 AWACS plane and military police detachment, are arriving back home after successfully completing their mission and playing a key role in defeating Islamic State. On Tuesday, the first group of Russian military aircraft and troops left Syria following President Vladimir Putins order. The Russian leader []


Thank you Trump: Big Losses for Severely Disabled Veterans - Veterans Today Veterans Today

[ Editors note: Lets explain why you should care about this. Krause leaves some things out. For many years now the most severe totally disabled veterans have been pushed into a category called individual unemployability, corruption and incompetence have, left this one path open after the VA had simply destroyed records or misplaced claims. Some []


Property of the People Demands Termination of Christy McCormick from Trumps Election Integrity Committee The Sparrow Project

Letter from Transparency Watchdog to Secretariat Reveals McCormicks Dual Positions in Trump Admin Violates Federal Law

Read the letter to Secretariat HERE

Washington, DC On Monday, December 11, 2017, Property of the People mailed a letter to the General Services Administrations Committee Management Secretariat asking that Christy McCormick be terminated from the Presidents Advisory Committee on Election Integrity.

52 U.S.C. 20923(d)(2), which governs the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, explicitly states that [n]o member appointed to the Commission under subsection (a) may engage in any other business, vocation, or employment while serving as a member of the Commission and shall terminate or liquidate such business, vocation, or employment before sitting as a member of the Commission.

Christy McCormick serves on the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). McCormick was also appointed to serve on the Presidents Advisory Committee on Election Integrity (PACEI).

McCormicks dual positions matter not only because they violate the letter of the law, but also the spirit.

The EAC is an independent agency. When Congress creates independent agencies, it is with the intention that their officers discharge their duties independently of presidential control. Influence from the executive, whether direct or indirect, must not enter the calculus of the officers decision-making. This concept dates back to the very founding of our nation. McCormicks service on the PACEI, a commission created by President Donald Trump, himself, threatens to blight McCormicks service on the nonpartisan, independent EAC.

Sarahjane Blum, Property of...


Solecast: Long Live the Olympia Fracking Blockade It's Going Down

The post Solecast: Long Live the Olympia Fracking Blockade appeared first on It's Going Down.

Listen and Download Here

In this episode of the Solecast I chatted with 4 participants from the Olympia Fracking Blockade, an occupation that shut down the port of Olympia for 2 weeks in November 2018. We take a look back on the occupation in the wake of its raid.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The history of shutting down the Olympia Port from anti-war resistance to environmental actions
  • The subtle beauty of occupations and how they serve many purposes
  • The importance of blockades vs symbolic acts
  • The role of music & dance in building a culture of resistance at the blockade
  • How Freedom Of Information Act requests can inform actions
  • Perspective on the decision to not resist the eviction
  • Critical discussion of things that the people I talked to think could have been done better
  • Tons of amazing and informational anecdotes from the blockade

For more information visit the Olympia Stand Fedbook & Twitter


Here Comes the Next "Defense" Shakedown OpEdNews

Is Trump truly under the mistaken impression that US military might is ailing? Or is he mindlessly aping Ronald Reagan and hoping it brings in the re-election votes? Or perhaps something else entirely? The NDAA budgets nearly $700 billion for the US military next year. Despite its name, there's precious little "defense" involved.


Talking to the Media: Avoiding the Pitfalls, a Guide for Anarchists It's Going Down

The post Talking to the Media: Avoiding the Pitfalls, a Guide for Anarchists appeared first on It's Going Down.

Anarchists have appeared in the corporate media a lot this year, from the first breathless reports on resistance to the rise of the far right to recent appearances in the fashion pages. But not all visibility is good visibility. The Trump regime is looking to popularize an image of anarchists and other activists as a major threat to public order in order to legitimize further crackdowns; fascist organizations have worked hard to capitalize on a media profile of antifa as violent and mysterious in order to draw more people into their ranks. Corporate media outlets like the Wall Street Journal are notorious for catering to the reactionary politics of their owners, while even the most sympathetic media coverage can be useful to law enforcement agencies seeking information to use against activists.

Anarchists and others have long been critical of the function of the media itself. Yet its not always possible to avoid press coverage; in the information age, its spin or be spun. When we act effectively in pursuit of social change, media outlets will seek to represent us to the general publicand unless we can disrupt their narratives, most people will see us through their eyes.

Corporate media is not a neutral space in which we can present ideas the way we can in direct conversation with our coworkers and neighbors. It is a strategic terrain on which the authorities position themselves to legitimate the use of force. To step in front of the cameras is to enter a hostile territory controlled by a class that is determined to use our images against us. If we enable media outlets to depict us as violent, alien, or extremeno matter how strong the arguments we make in favor of our tactics or ideasthe ultimate result will be that the authorities are emboldened to step up their attacks on us.

When we engage with the media, we must not imagine that they will promote our ideas; we have to accomplish that on our own through our own channels. (At best, we can use media appearances to direct people to those channels, like the organization that insisted on only answering interviews in front of a banner displaying their website.) Rather, we are engaging in a subtle war of position in which we seek to prevent the authorities from alienating others from us and to u...


A Christian Christmas? The West Supported Al Qaeda Terrorists Who Killed Christians in Syria OpEdNews

Soon Americans and Canadians will be going to Christian churches to celebrate Christmas


To the Muslim Puppet Leaders of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran etc: - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Now that unstable Trump has designated Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, unfortunately there will be more violence and chaos. This unnecessary action is a slap in the face to all Muslims


Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life Sheep Media

This below video will make you sick to your stomach, but you really should try to watch it in order to understand why we need criminal justice reform.

A man is dead.

A cop sprayed him with bullets for failing to comply with a series of confusing and frankly impossible instructionshands on your head, hands in the air, cross your legs, crawl forward, dont fall.

Keep your hands in the air or I will shoot you!

If you fall, you better fall on your face

Keep your hands up

Also, crawl toward me Somehow?

The man was inebriated but obviously no threat, unarmed, sobbing, and justifiably fearful of being killed. I will hear the terror in his voice in my nightmares.

The video is unambiguous; we see the whole encounter, from start to finish. For some reason, a jury decided to acquit the officer.

Heres an interesting detail from the Arizona Republic:

The judge did not allow jurors to hear about an etching on the dust cover of the rifle Brailsford used to shoot Shaver, which said Youre fked, because he felt it was prejudicial.

Both victim and officer were white.

This wasnt racism.

It was aggression and authoritarianism.

One of the problems I have with Black Lives Matter (their tactics, not their goals) is that it seems like they have managed to make the cause of criminal justice reform appear explicitly racial, which could have the unfortunate side effect of discouraging people who arent sufficiently woke on race issues from caring about it.

Which is bad, because the automatic deference we extend to police power, the excuses we make for bad cops, and the incentives we provide for authoritarian policing these are not the hallmarks of a free and healthy society. And they have a real impact on peoples lives.

Daniel Shaver, the victim, had no way out to get out of his situation alive.

This is the body cam footage that was released showin...


Israel-Palestine: Trumped, Part 1: Why the Israeli Right Will Never Negotiate OpEdNews

Trump's Jerusalem decision has put Israel-Palestinian peace talks on hold indefinitely. But that suits the Israeli Right, led now by Netanyahu and Likud, just fine. And it always has.


Meet the Miss USA Contestant Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct as Senators Call for Him to Resign OpEdNews

Five senators are now calling on President Trump to resign over allegations that he sexually harassed or assaulted women, and 56 House lawmakers with the Democratic Women's Working Group are calling for a congressional investigation into the allegations. This comes as three of the 16 women who have publicly accused Trump of sexual harassment held a press conference Monday in New York, demanding that Congress take action.


Bitcoin and Blockchain Mass Adoption Is Happening! What You Need To Know! Latest blog

2017 was the year for cryptocurrencies because Sally soccer mom and Joe six pack are now interested in Bitcoin! This has peaked the interest of Wall Street investors who may soon be able to short bitcoin due to the futures market recently being introduced. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Frank Holmes of HIVE Blockchain about what this will mean for not only bitcoin moving forward but also other cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech in general.


Uri Avnery King and Emperor - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Uri has the best new quote on the Supremacist Jews in Israel: Netanyahu would like to be, like Queen Victoria, "king and emperor" King of Israel and Emperor of the Jews. Well, he ain't.


Tell The FCC Not To End Net Neutrality! OpEdNews

Since its creation, the internet has been an open exchange of ideas and information, free from corporate control and influence. But corporations could soon have tremendous power over what we can access and share online, ending the internet as we know it.


An Activist Stands Accused of Firing a Gun at Standing Rock. It Belonged to Her Lover an FBI Informant. Warrior Publications

DAPL red fawn bwby Will Parrish, The Intercept, December 11, 2017

As law enforcement officers advanced in a U-shaped sweep line down North Dakota Highway 1806 last October, pushing back Dakota Access opponents from a camp in the pipelines path, two sheriffs deputies broke formation to tackle a 37-year-old Oglala Sioux woman named Red Fawn Fallis. As Fallis struggled under the weight of her arresting officers, who were attempting to put her in handcuffs, three gunshots allegedly went off alongside her. According to the arrest affidavit, deputies lunged toward her left hand and wrested a gun away from her.

Well before that moment, Fallis had been caught in a sprawling intelligence operation that sought to disrupt and discredit opponents of the pipeline. The Intercept has learned that the legal owner of the gun Fallis is alleged to have fired was a paid FBI informant named Heath Harmon, a 46-year-old member of the Fort Berthold Reservation in western North Dakota. For at least two months, Harmon took part in the daily life of DAPL resistance camps and gained access to movement participants, even becoming Falliss romantic partner several weeks prior to the alleged shooting on October 27, 2016.

In an interview with agents from the Bureau of Alcoh...


Why Palestine and Al Quds are Number One Priority for The Resistance 21st Century Wire

Dahiyeh Al Quds rally. Beirut 11th December 2017. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

The estimated six thousand strong crowd hummed with expectation as they gathered in the Beirut suburb of Dahiyeh to hear Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah speak, following President Trumps unilateral announcement that Jerusalem should be recognised as the capital of Israel. This statement has unleashed a volcanic reaction worldwide against yet another provocative geopolitical maneuver by the maverick US president. 

Watch this exclusive video footage from Beirut:

There was a new power and urgency to Nasrallahs words, the flags of Palestine, Hezbollah and Lebanon flew side by side over the surging crowd that chanted in unison as their leader spoke. This was not a speech of defence, this was a speech of defiance against the US moves to protect their military outpost in the Middle East. This was a speech that spoke of the end of the illegal state of Israel and a refusal to accept US policy on Middle Eastern soil. Palestine is centre stage once more and Israel is facing a no-option future, war and extinction if they press ahead with their policy of isolationism and extremism in the land they have occupied through brutality, racism and violence.

The following account of Nasrallahs speech has been taken from a report in Al Manarwith all photographs (except one) by Vanessa Beeley. 



A reconciliation fail: B.C. First Nations promise court action over NDPs approval of Site C Warrior Publications

Site C Construction 20160104

There are thousands of people that are bitterly disappointed, says leader of Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

By Andrew Kurjata, CBC News, Dec 12, 2017

Moments after B.C. Premier John Horgan announced his government would allow construction of the Site C dam to move forward, the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations promised to go to court to stop the project, while others criticized the NDP for breaking campaign promises to respect the rights of Indigenous people.

This sets the tone for the next four years with this government, said West Moberly Chief Roland Willson.

Willson and Prophet River First Nation chief Lynette Tzakoza said their legal counsel would be filing a court injunction to stop construction of Site C, on the grounds that it violates the 1899 Treaty No. 8 agreement.

A similar...


At Six Nations deer hunt, aboriginal rights become a target Warrior Publications

Six Nations hunt hunter

Chester Gibson, of the Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority, and co-leader of the Six Nations of the Grand River hunt in Short Hills Provincial Park, speaks to visitors on Dec. 5. PHOTOS BY Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

by Dakshana Bascaramurty, Globe and Mail, Dec 11, 2017

For much of Chester Gibsons adult life, deer hunting outside the boundaries of the Six Nations Reserve was carried out stealthily. Hed be in a car going 30 kilometres per hour and dive out of the passenger seat clutching his crossbow, roll in a ditch and then disappear into the woods. When Mr. Gibson, who is Mohawk, was ready to be picked up, hed plant a stick at the side of the road to alert his driver. Then hed lug the deer carcass into the back of the truck as quickly as possible, jump in and take off. If caught, he could be prosecuted.

But this fall, when Mr. Gibson, 51, arrived in...


What can I do to make you love me? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

The seducing of Amazon has turned into a litmus test of sorts for me. I've made a (sadly) very long list of cities below I don't plan to ever reside in  places that have shown a pathetic level of desperation. I'm actually proud of Minnesota. Our governor, who never met a subsidy he didn't like, who thinks success is subsidizing businesses to move from one community to the other, initially expressed enthusiasm over putting a package together for Amazon. Props to Minnesota's business leaders for pressuring him to do otherwise. We put together a modest bid just to be Minnesota Nice, but we're not mortgaging our future for a nice headline today. 

My least favorite example (which is the way my daughters describe things that they loath) has to be Frisco, Texas. I've been to Frisco. It is clearly in the grips of the Illusion of Wealth, including all of the feelings of superiority  as if their unique brilliance created the massive wealth they live with and not recognizing the pattern around them suggesting both the accidental origin and the inevitable end.

I posted something in the Strong Towns Facebook feed a while back about Frisco and was savaged on my own personal wall by a resident (the digital equivalent of putting dog feces on the front stoop of your enemy). Whatever you think of Amazon, they aren't stupid. There's no way they go to Frisco, or any similar dead-end suburb, regardless of their own estimation of themselves.

The best meme on this came from the Onion, which put together an article depicting Philadelphia razing their downtown in anticipation of landing Amazon. Their imaged quote was:

We look forward to all the jobs and economic benefits that will be coming our way once Amazon decides to call what used to be Center City home.


Taking Care of The Flood of Humanity in Bangladesh -- 622,000 Rohingya Arrive in Three Months OpEdNews

Bangladesh deals with annual disastrous typhoons from the Bay of Bengal and the massive floods that routinely submerge large parts of the small country. The latest flood in Bangladesh is not of water, but of humanity.


Rustbelt Abolition Radio #12: Settler Colonialism and the Struggle for Abolition It's Going Down

The post Rustbelt Abolition Radio #12: Settler Colonialism and the Struggle for Abolition appeared first on It's Going Down.

Listen and Download Here

This episode grapples with the relation between incarceration and settler colonialism. Kelly Lytle Hernndez, abolitionist writer and professor of History and African American studies at the University of California-Los Angeles, discusses her latest book, City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles.

Hernndez reveals the underlying logic of elimination and conquest that is foundational to our settler colonial society by interrogating the construction of the settler-carceral state over two centuries. In this historical analysis, Hernndez draws from what she calls The Rebel Archive, a constellation of historical materials that emerged from struggles against conquest and elimination.

As resistance against conquest continues, how can abolitionists take seriously the reality of envisioning another world on occupied land?

Rustbelt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, MI. Each episode amplifies the voices of those impacted by mass incarceration and explores ongoing work in the movement to abolish the carceral state (that is, prisons, police, courts as well as racial domination and capitalist exploitation).

The show seeks to strengthen community collaboration and undermine the common sense that putting people in cages and shackling them with electronic devices solves the problems produced by racial capitalism. As such, we aim to expand our ability to struggle against the ways in which the carceral state impacts our daily lives and to create a space where we can both imagine and remake our world anew.


Middle East Is On Verge Of New War Following Trumps Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israels Capital - Veterans Today Veterans Today

from SouthFront On November 28, SouthFront released a video analysis entitled Would Anyone Profit From a New War in the Middle East?. The video said that despite tensions in the region the possibility of a new war in in the near future was relatively low because no regional player was interested in it. The only []


Video Surfaces Showing Killer Cop Beating Up Teens Months Before He Murdered Daniel Shaver The Free Thought Project

A video has resurfaced apparently showing Philip Brailsford, the police officer who killed Daniel Shaver, violently abusing teenagers.


A $21 Trillion Global Pandoras Kitty? Activist Post

By Mathew Maavak As US federal debt approaches $21 trillion in a matter of months, an eye-popping equivalent amount seems to have gone cumulatively missing...


Surgeon who exposed Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti found dead in apartment with stab wound to the chest Intellihub

Predominant doctor who exposed the non-existence of Clinton Foundation-promised medical care in Haiti found dead with knife in chest

MANHATTAN (INTELLIHUB) A well-known surgeon who exposed major inadequacies in medical trauma care promised to the Haitian people by the Clinton Foundation after the non-profit raised over $30 million dollars in donations following the devastating 2010 earthquake was found dead in his upscale apartment Sunday with a stab wound to the chest.

Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, was found lying dead on the bathroom floor of his apartment by his 11-year-old daughter with a knife sticking out of his chest.

The predominant surgeon gained notoriety after operating on U2s frontman Bono and former running back Michael Cox but had also worked overseas in Haiti where he discovered an almost non-existent medical effort backed by the Clinton Foundation.

In fact, in January of 2010, Dr. Lorich sent a detailed email to a confidant which ended up getting forwarded to Cheryl Mills who was Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time before being forwarded on again to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The doctors correspondence, provided by Wikileaks, was critical of how the situation in Haiti was being handled.

Disaster management on the ground was nonexistent, the doctor wrote. Cheerios on the tarmac are not getting it done on these patients which clearly would be savable if good care could urgently be provided.

However, the email was only a precursor to the bombshell the doctor dropped publically just days later on Jan. 25, 2010, in a piece for CNN titled Doctors: Haiti medical situation shameful which detailed the conditions overseas and again the doctor took veiled shots at the Clinton Foundation.

Once we arrived, we saw a severely damaged hospital with no running water and only limited electrical power, supplied by a generator. Surgeries were being performed in the equivalent of a large storage closet, where amputations were performed with hacksaws, the doctor wrote. This facility could not nearly accommodate our equipment nor our expertise to treat the volume of injuries we saw.

Thats when the medical team decided to go with Plan B which was to set up at the Community Hospital of Haiti located several miles away. However, what the team found when they arrived at the hospital was horrific at best.

Dr. Lorich wrote:



UK Govt Exposed For Funding Terrorist Councils, Police, And White Helmets Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville The BBC has recently surprised everyone with a rare act of journalism, exposing the UK government for funding terrorists in Syria through...


U.S. Government Interventionism and Wars Provoke More Violence: NYC Bombing Activist Post

By Scott Lazarowitz Another terrorist bombing, an amateurish pipe bombing/attempted suicide bombing, in New York City on Monday morning, in which no deaths occurred but...


Trump Drags Red Herring Past Pack Of Yowling Democrats, Leads Them Off Alabama Race The Federalist

President Trump doesnt have the best track record with women. His opponents, especially in the media, dont have the best track record covering the president and his statements in a level-headed or particularly fair manner. The president knows both of these things, which made his Tuesday tweet on the morning of the Alabama special election particularly brilliant.

Immediately, liberals pounced, claiming the president was sexually harassing Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in retaliation for calling for his resignation. Strangely, Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused the president of slut-shaming on Twitter:

As National Reviews Kyle Smith put it on Twitter, She implies the problem is not that Sen Gillibrand had sex for donations, but that Trump went public with this information.

Considering how recently Gillibrands colleague in New Jersey, Bob Menendez, was on trial, its not hard to imagine that Trump easily could have been accusing Gillibrand of graft instead of prostitution.

President Trump does have a history of sexually harassing women. Anyone familiar with the Access Hollywood tapes or Trumps tweets on NBC News host Megyn Kelly can attest that when Trump intends to sexually debase a woman, he is anything but ambiguous. Trumps tweet on Tuesday morning isnt in nearly the same ballpark.

Trump has made similar comments on Twitter about Sen. Ted Cruz:



Thank you to our many volunteers! Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

The work of Strong Towns would not be possible without help from numerous volunteers around the world. Our small staff can only do so much, and volunteers provide much needed assistance, guidance and insight on many aspects of the Strong Towns movement. Here are some folks we wanted to extend a special thanks to as we close out 2017:

Our Contributors

Alexander Dukes, Spencer Gardner, Nolan Gray, Daniel Herriges, Nate Hood, Sarah Kobos, Andrew Price, Sara Joy Proppe, and Johnny Sanphillippo

These dedicated Strong Towns members write regularly for our website, sharing their wisdom and ideas with our global audience and creating the content you love.

Our Guest Writers

These folks are too numerous to name but we want to thank every person who submitted their writing to our website this year and shared their voice with the Strong Towns audience. We also want to thank the outlets that let us republish their work on an occasional basis like Greater Greater Washington, City Observatory and The Urban Phoenix.

The Ask R. Moses Panel

This secret panel of engineers has bravely stepped up to answer questions submitted by Strong Towns readers regarding street design, parking, infrastructure, and more. We can't share their names but we really appreciate their input. (And if you're a Strong Towns member and engineer who is interested in joining the panel, please contact Rachel Quednau.)

This Year's Webcast Hosts

Michael Kovacs, Will Rugeley, Justin Weiss, Molly Rockamann, Kevin Shepherd, Matt Lewis, Amanda Popken and Jordan Clark

Our webcasts this year were hosted by several wonderful Str...


The Game of Politics OpEdNews

We have parasites eating away at our national parks and monuments, further insulting already mortally injured Native American tribes, an escalating food fight between two enfants terrible over their nuclear toys, and a pseudo American political party dedicated to using phony "tax reform" in a determined effort to restore their beloved feudal system to their favorite donor oligarchs...


30 Year NSA Employee Shares Why They Are Watching You & It Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism The Last American Vagabond

William Binney is a former high ranking intelligence official with the National Security Agency (NSA). He is one of the highest placed intelligence officials to ever blow the whistle on insider NSA knowings. He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a []

The post 30 Year NSA Employee Shares Why They Are Watching You & It Has Nothing To Do With Terrorism appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Congress Expands Uranium One Probe After Senator Claims Obama Admin Misled Him Over Yellowcake Exports The Last American Vagabond

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) is turning up the heat on the Uranium One investigation, demanding documents from both the Energy Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in a Monday letter to both entities. Barrasso wants to find out if he was intentionally misled by the Obama administration about Uranium One being able to export yellowcake uranium out of the United []

The post Congress Expands Uranium One Probe After Senator Claims Obama Admin Misled Him Over Yellowcake Exports appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


The Deep State's Christmas Present to America: Surveillance That Never Ends OpEdNews

Just in time for Christmas, the Deep State wants to give America the gift that keeps on giving: never-ending mass surveillance.


Nixon 18 minutes -- Trump 18 Days -- Moore 14 to 16 OpEdNews

If we elect a child molester to consolidate political power, isn't it easy to pardon colluding with a foreign power and rekindling Moore's good ol' days?


Time to Pay Attention: China Now Building Refugee Camps, Prepping for Nuclear War The Free Thought Project

chinaWithin the last few weeks, China has begun educating citizens on how to act during a full-on nuclear war and is preparing for a mass influx of refugees from the Korean peninsula.


Nearly 70 Percent Of People Say They Can Hear This Silent Gif. Can You? TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

A Gifs is a short animation, but unlike video, they carry no sound. This is why it is extremely strange that 75 percent of people are claiming to be able to hear this one.

Its a gif you have possibly seen before, as it commonly pops up with different captions claiming they can hear the silent short.

The gif was created by Twitter user Happy Toast, and has resurfaced urging scientists to explain why why so many people are hearing the noise.

Can you hear it? If so you are not alone.

Dr Lisa Debruine, a researcher from the University of Glasgow, included a poll to see how many people were hearing the gif and 67 percent of people claim to hear a thudding noise.


Mary Katharine Ham Slams Media: Making Mistakes Doesnt Earn Back Trust The Federalist

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham slammed members of the media for repeatedly reporting false information about the ongoing investigation into whether Trump or his associates colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton.

The press does not understand that there is a credibility crisis on two sides here for the president and for us, Ham said Monday during a segment on CNNs The Lead With Jake Tapper.

Comparing our ability to get things right with a politicians is damning with faint praise, she continued. Literally our only job is to tell the truth. Theyre politicians and theyre very different than that.

I dont think that people are purposefully making mistakes, Ham said in reference to multiple news stories about the Russia investigation published last week and this week that turned out to be untrue. But look at the Brian Ross story. The K.T. McFarland quote, when seen in full context, was much different than we were led to believe by The New York Times. The WikiLeaks story these always break one way and its a way that makes the administration look worse. They dont break the other way.

That actually does matter to people, she said. If you look at the most recent Poynter survey of trust in the media, one of the things thats really important about it is how you deal with these mistakes and how you own up to them. So, I think pivoting the press on pivoting from making the mistake and saying sorry to, Hey, hey, hey. Why are you attacking us? And getting very pompous about it, is not a great look.


#MorningMonarchy: December 12, 2017 #CyberSpaceWar Media Monarchy

Bitcoin ballyhoo, interstellar objects and prescription video games + this day in history w/the first transatlantic radio transmission and our song of the day by Trevor Something on your Morning Monarchy for December 12, 2017.


IsraelGate: The Arrogance Of Jewish Power In The United States The Last American Vagabond

The revelation that the Trump transition team colluded with Israel to sabotage a foreign policy initiative by the Obama White House made the news, sort of, when the story broke at the end of November. But it has since died, pushed down by the relentless pressure in the media to disappear all things critical of []

The post IsraelGate: The Arrogance Of Jewish Power In The United States appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Trumps Mining Regulator Nominee Was Once Dropped by the Agency for Doing Junk Work Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

President Donald Trumps choice to head a federal coal mine regulator, like more than one of his nominees, is a vocal critic of the very agency hes being asked to lead. Steven Gardner is a longtime coal industry consultant, and he has called the agencys marquee Obama-era regulation the product of one of the most disingenuous and dishonest efforts put forward by a government agency.

But in Gardners case, there is an unusual and contentious twist: He runs an engineering firm that produced a report as part of the process of preparing that regulation, and the agency deemed it so shoddy that it cut ties with Gardners company. Now hes the nominee to head that agency, the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. (In broad terms, OSMRE pronounced oz-muhr focuses on minings effect on the environment, while the other key regulator, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, focuses on the welfare of miners.)

State and federal officials at the time harshly criticized a draft report produced jointly by Gardners firm, ESCI, and other contractors. They blasted it as nonsensical, junk, inaccurate and incomplete, and a piece of crap. Some OSMRE staff members went so far as to accuse Gardner of trying to sabotage the regulation his firm was hired to help develop.

Acrimony and accusations flowed in both directions. Gardner charged that agency officials had pressured contractors to soften the projected economic impact of the regulation, the Stream Protection Rule. The stated purpose of the rule was to limit damage done by coal mining to waterways, but Gardner and other critics saw it as a strike at the heart of the coal industry.

Gardner is expected to testify in the coming weeks at a confirmation hearing before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Former Obama administration officials and a contractor who worked with Gardner have questioned how he will lead an agency that he has held and that has held him in something less than high regard.

It has been said that one of my biggest challenges will be winning the support of OSM staff I will oversee due to the past controversies, Gardner said in an emailed statement. While there may be some in OSM that differed with my opinions, many others sent me messages of support noting they did not agree with OSM management during that controversial period. (The White House referred a request for comment to the Department of the Interior, OSMREs parent agency, which did not respond to a request for comment.)

This was no backroom tiff. The conflict between Gardner and OSMRE played out in unusually public forums, including congressional hearings. On Capitol...


BREAKING: Anonymous Hacks ISIS Accounts Finds Attacks Planned for US, Bomb-Making Plans The Free Thought Project

anonymousSources within the Anonymous hacking community have hacked multiple ISIS associated accounts and found damning information.


Podcast: The Last Jedi And The Future Of The Star Wars Canon The Federalist

Stephen Kent is a Star Wars expert and host of the politics and Star Wars podcast, Beltway Banthas. On this episode of Federalist Radio Hour, Kent discusses his expectations and predictions for the new Star Wars film coming out this week, The Last Jedi. Dont worry, no spoilers here!

Im excited to see a little more human and down-to-earth Luke. Kent said. Ryan Johnson is an artistic film maker. He doesnt things a different way. He has a really different approach to timelines.

Later in the hour, Kent and Domenech discuss the business side of the franchise and what Disney might have in store for future storylines.

Listen and subscribe here:


The Veta Arteaga Story Guardian Liberty Voice

Veta Arteaga was athletic throughout her childhood and loved watching her pro-fighter brother, Freddy, train. She was at Combat Fitness so much that in 2008, he suggested she take a class. She thought Jiu-jitsu would be a fun way for her to lose weight and learn self-defense. Arteaga took the gold at her first Jiu-jitsu []

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An Interview With Helena Padilla Guardian Liberty Voice

This is a quote from Helena Padillas Facebook page: Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now!! This quote says a lot about who Padilla is and what kind of fighter she wants to become. This woman needs a fight! Three years ago, she began []

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Rocky Cantu Prepares to Move Up Guardian Liberty Voice

Rocky Cantu is currently 13-7-0. Dec. 2, 2017, will be his 21st match. He has decided, after this match, if his trainers say he is ready, Cantu is going pro! Cantu competed in wrestling from the eighth grade through college. He has been fighting since he was 19. In 2014, he moved to Nevada and joined []

The post Rocky Cantu Prepares to Move Up appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


San Joaquin County Sheriff Called Mans Death an Accident After The Officer Tased Him 31 Times Filming Cops

Daniel Lee Humphreys was speeding on his motorcycle down a freeway in Stockton, fleeing from a California Highway Patrol officer, when he crashed. Humphreys, 47, staggered to the median and

The post San Joaquin County Sheriff Called Mans Death an Accident After The Officer Tased Him 31 Times appeared first on Filming Cops.


UK COLUMN: EU Army, More CNN Fake News, Bibis Bible Roadshow and More 21st Century Wire

This weekend saw a number of breaking stories including an eruption of Pro-Palestinian demonstrations worldwide, while Netanyahu embarks on a bizarre European PR tour to sure-up support for Trumps Jerusalem provocation. Also, EU Military Unification continues to roll ahead as scheduled, UK arms dealing to the UAE in order take down Yemen, the trials and tribulations of Mikheil Saakashvili, and CNN suffers one of its worst blows yet after it fabricated another imaginary Trump-Russia-Wikileaks story in a desperate bit to save the establishments long-running Russiagate hoax now in its 18th month in MSM fake news circulation.

UK Column New co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire with all the top stories in Europe, the US and internationally. Watch:


START PESCO ratified by the Council of Europe
Will the EU support Jerusalem as Israeli capital?
Netanyahu to Macron: Read the Bible
Syria: Putin orders withdrawal of Russian troops
Boris in UAE: discusses ending the crisis in Yemen
Yemen: will the US consider direct military action?
Treason May congratulates Iraq on clearing ISIS
44,000 unknown US military Black Ops personnel stationed worldwide
Saakashvili on hunger strike in Ukrainian jail
22:50 Ukraine after revolution: now Europes poorest nation...


Ray Ace Ostrander Likes a Challenge Guardian Liberty Voice

Ray Ace Ostrander began studying martial arts when he was 4 years old. His dad has a studio and still teaches Kenpo Karate. Kenpo Karate originated in Hawaii, as a practical form of self defense. Ed Parker, the originator of American Kenpo Karate taught Rick Ostrander before he opened his studio. Ace studied under his []

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Meet Chris Rojas Guardian Liberty Voice

Chris Rojas started mixed martial arts when he was 18. He began with Jiu-jitsu and did some small tournaments then, he expanded into boxing and kickboxing. Rojas has his debut fight at 19 years old. His first fight was rough. He thought he won, but lost by split decision. He said, At the end of []

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WATCH: 11-Year-Old Held at Gunpoint and Handcuffed by Police After Stepping Out of House Filming Cops

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. Michigan police are investigating after an 11-year-old Michigan girl was held at gunpoint, put in handcuffs and thrown in the back of a police car. Honestie

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Real MMA XVI Rivalry Between Chris Rojas and Ray Ace Ostrander Guardian Liberty Voice

Chris Rojas said there have been some harsh words between him and Ray Ace Ostrander. There is a clear understanding between them, and Rojas says he has a set game plan. When is comes to January 26th, hes gonna know I am the better striker, grappler, and wrestler. Im just going to be better everywhere. []

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IsraelGate: The Arrogance of Jewish Power in the United States The Anti-Media

(AHT)  The revelation that the Trump transition team colluded with Israel to sabotage a foreign policy initiative by the Obama White House made the news, sort of, when the story broke at the end of November. But it has since died, pushed down by the relentless pressure in the media to disappear all things critical of Israel or its behavior.

Thanks to the ongoing investigation of Russiagate by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, we Americans have learned that prior to President Donald Trumps inauguration, some of his closest advisers responded to Israeli solicitation to derail a United Nations vote on illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The effort to help Israel was implemented behind the scenes and in opposition to the official U.S. foreign policy.

Possible collusion with a foreign state has produced an avalanche of negative press coverage and congressional baying for blood related to Moscow and its President Vladimir Putin but similar action on the part of Israel has produced little to nothing in terms of a response from the Fourth Estate and political class.

Perhaps not too surprising, the story has actually taken a different turn, producing some opinion pieces, mostly from American Jews, insisting that Jared Kushner, the presidential son-in-law who was behind the effort, did the right thing because it was done for Israel. It is a sure sign of the invulnerability of those exercising Jewish power in the United States that something very close to treason involving a foreign country can be applauded with impunity. This is in spite of the fact that successful attempts to bury the story and even to justify what was done inevitably raises the issue of dual loyalty on the part of some American Jews who clearly see Israel as something that has to be protected and cherished even when it means doing serious damage to the American people and U.S. national interests.

One of the most illustrative opinion pieces written by an Israel firster appeared recently in Forward, Americas leading Jewish news and information website. It was entitled Jared Kushner Was Right To Collude with Russia because he did it for Israel before it was changed in the online edition to Was Kushner doing the right thing? The author, Daniel Kohn, lives in San Diego California. The article is particularly interesting as it makes a grotesque convoluted effort to not only justify what took place but...


WATCH: Cops Beat Unarmed Man to Near Death With Batons Like Rodney King Hearing Begins The Free Thought Project

A preliminary hearing started this week in the case of two cops who were caught on video severely injuring a manbeating him like Rodney King.


Anthony Medina Is Prepared for Anything Guardian Liberty Voice

Anthony Medina started in mixed martial arts when he was 19 years old. In 2011, he was hanging out with some friends watching Stephen Bonner and Forest Griffin fight on Ultimate Fighter. Medina really got into the fight, the look, and the hype. He joined Empire Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to get a taste of defense training. []

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We Muslims are shocked, SHOCKED by USAs sex-harassment epidemic - Veterans Today Veterans Today

An American Muslim mulls over the sexual harassment witch hunts.


Another Facebook Executive Issues Warning About its Disastrous Effect on Psychology and Society Activist Post

By Vic Bishop I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. ~Chamath Palihapitiya In a recent...


Cop Accused of Supporting Terror Says He Was Entrapped Filming Cops

ALEXANDRIA, Va. A defense attorney for the first U.S. police officer charged with providing material support to the Islamic State group told federal jurors Monday that Nicholas Young had

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Cole Griego Comes to Real MMA XVI to Win Guardian Liberty Voice

Cole Griego started mixed martial arts when he was 13. He started Jiu-jitsu with his dad at the gym across the street. They both instantly fell in love with the martial art and began competing in tournaments. Then, Griego got into kickboxing and after his first kickboxing smoker, he decided there was no turning back. []

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Ann Jones, Out With Monstrous Men OpEdNews

As I read now of women he preyed upon year after year, I feel the rage that's bubbled in the back of my brain for decades reaching the boiling point. I should be elated that Toback has been exposed again as the loathsome predator he's been for half a century. But I'm stuck on the fact of elapsed time, all these decades that male predators roamed at large, efficiently sidelining and silencing women.


WATCH: Cops Kidnap 11yo Black Girl at GunpointWhile Looking for 40yo White Woman The Free Thought Project

An 11-year-old girl is now terrified of walking out of her home after police officers held her at gunpoint and arrested her while searching for a white woman.


Washington Post Profile Of Fusion GPS Downplays Firms Shady Russian Connections The Federalist

Monday the Washington Post profiled Fusion GPS, the Washington DC-based communications shop that assembled and distributed the dossier alleging that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. The longish Post feature on the firm founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson is what savvy media folks call a deep digthe Post calls it a review. It burrows into a number of the outfits other projects, like publicizing the domestic disputes involving a former mayor of Beverly Hills, and digging up dirt on a competitor of a San Francisco museum proposed by Star Wars director George Lucas.

The Post lets on that its not pulling any punches. Fusion GPS, the paper acknowledges, has at times used hardball tactics. They paid ex-journalists who may have misrepresented themselves as journalists.  Simpsons firm dissuaded some former Journal colleagues from writing a tough piece about their clients.One local politician targeted by Fusion GPS says they were all about dirty politics and misinformation. After all, these purveyors of journalism for rent, as Simpson brands his work, never said they werent interested in making money. Journalism is the new Wild West and the Post concludes that these guns for hire are among the best there is. The Posts review, claims the Post, represents the most comprehensive look at the firms work.

Hardly. It makes no mention of some of the outfits more notorious, and widely reported, projectswork that shows a very different side to the charming, albeit hard-charging, rogues profiled in the Post. Fusion GPS spearheaded the campaign to undo the Magnitsky Act, American legislation imposing sanctions on Russian officials and other figures close to Vladimir Putin. Their work featured a smear campaign against the driving force behind the Magnitsky Act, financier William Browder.

I am surprised that the profile of Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson failed to mention my allegations that Simpson violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act rules, which I testified about at the senate Judiciary Committee in July, Browder told me. Nor did it mention his work for Natalia Veselnitskya trying to repeal the Magnitsky Act.

Maybe the Post thought that those details would have been too difficult for its readers to square. You mean, Fusion GPS did pro-Kremlin work? What about its storied reputation for having exposed Trumps ties to Russia? And what about Natalia Veselnitskaya? Isnt she the Russian lawyer whose meeting with Donald Trump Jr. is the smoking gun proving that the Trump campaign was masterminded in Moscow? So now youre telling me that Veselniytskaya and th...


Police Lock Woman Up In Mental Hospital For Throwing Bacon, and Calling Them Pigs Filming Cops

You may have heard about the story out of Massachusetts, where a woman threw pork at a police station. Lindsey McNamara said that she was only trying to feed the

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Durham Cops Grilled Female Officers Suicidal Ex Instead of Taking Him to Hospital Filming Cops

The Durham police officers said they would take the mentally unstable man to the hospital. He was suicidal and needed to see a doctor. Instead, the officers interrogated him in

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Drilling Down on Fake News Virtual Mirage

Should the Corrupt Mainstream Media be Considered to be 

(NY Post) CNN on Monday walked back an expos on Attorney General Jeff Sessions that turns out to have exposed nothing, except maybe the networks own bias.

The original report back in May blared that Sessions hadnt listed those two meetings with Russias ambassador on his FBI disclosure forms prior to his Senate confirmation hearings. Now CNN admits that the FBI told Sessions not to list any of his dozens of meetings with other countries diplomats as part of his senatorial duties.

To be fair, the May story did note the Sessions camps claims about the FBIs guidelines. But it also quoted a Beltway expert as saying that Sessions shouldve listed every meeting anyway.

What forced CNN to clarify? A right-wing groups Freedom of Information request produced an FBI e-mail from March that proved Sessions right.

The misleading May report became part of the litany of alleged Team Trump deception on its Russia contacts, showing up in The Atlantic as well as stories for ABC News, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and so on all confirming Sessions supposed lack of candor in his verbal testimony.

Mondays fess-up follows last weeks stunning CNN retraction of an incorrect report that WikiLeaks informed Donald Trump Jr. of dirt before releasing it publicly.



Netflix Thinks Your Holiday Loneliness Is A Punchline The Federalist

The other day someone in the Netflix PR department thought it would be a good idea to mock some of their own customers as part of the promotion for the streaming services latest production, A Christmas Prince. To the 53 people whove watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days: Who hurt you? How Netflix PR would know this information should probably concern you the equivalent shaming for me would be You fell asleep watching Batman: The Animated Series again. When are you going to grow up?

The movie has already been pronounced a so bad its good effort in the Hallmark movie category, with a plucky girl next door journalist who takes terrible notes melting the heart of a cookie cutter playboy prince with a heart of gold. Its the kind of film where there are Christmas trees in every scene, and its obviously designed to appeal to an audience of the decidedly unhip.

Now, we all consume Netflix and other streaming services in different ways. Sometimes its a movie youre really going to focus on other times, its background noise to something else, where you wont really pay attention. The point of Netflix is that you can binge watch these things easily, without being interrupted to search for something else. It just offers you whats next in a seamless flow, no different than someone who chooses to watch CNN for hours in the background, just with much better and funnier programming.

Netflix might think youre into things you actually arent for that reason. A friend admitted she recently watched Logan five times in the same day and a Selena Gomez movie, without really paying attention to what was going on in either one. And of course there are the elderly, the infirm, and those who have Alzheimers, who (as anyone with family like this likes to know) like to rewatch things because they forgot they saw it, or they forget the ending. I dont know how many times my grandfather rewatched the same episodes of Star Trek. They forget, so they watch it again.

So, yes, the data here can be skewed. But theres also something truly sad about the number of people Netflix just criticized for whom movies like this or a guilty pleasure, and particularly during the holiday season, turn to the Hallmark channel or content like it to find some semblance of holiday cheer.

Imagine: You are like many people today a deep introvert who did not have the good fortune in life to find someone who you love and who loves you back. Unfortunate in that department, burdened by a college education that cost you too much and taught you too little, you work in a career that does not fulfill you. Most nights you are alone, consuming the soma of things like Netflix and Amazon Prime and video games. When the holidays approach and the weather turns cold, you spend your nights watching and rewatching saccharine movies until you fall asleep, hoping for som...


WATCH: Its Time to End Mass Incarceration Filming Cops

The United States is the wealthiest country in the world, but it also jails more people than any other nation, including China and Russia. Over 2.3 million adults are currently

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WATCH: Cincinnati Cops May Have Violated Taser Policy Filming Cops

Two Cincinnati officers used horrible judgment and may have violated department policy when they used their Tasers in an early August scuffle. The incident prompted an extraordinary intervention by the

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News anchor on night of Vegas massacre: I have confirmed through a police source that there were two suspects with high-powered weapons Intellihub

Police source confirms there was more than one shooter with a high-powered weapon who acted on the night of the Las Vegas Massacre

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB)  KSNV 3 News anchor Gerald Ramalho told viewers on the night of the massacre that he confirmed through a police source that there were, in fact, two shooters who fired their high-powered weapons into a crowd of thousands of people who were attending the Jason Aldean concert across the street from the Mandalay Bay.

The news confirming two shooters was reported at 11 p.m. local time and was buried shortly after with no apparent explanation or retraction.

I have confirmed through a police source that there are two suspects with high-powered weapons, the anchor reported. They had some sort of high-ground position and they were firing on the crowd which was attending that Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

Additionally, the Ramalho reported that Mandalay Bay had active shooter SWAT teams in the property who were clearing floors of the hotel and casino at the time and said that many the guests and employees of the Mandalay Bay were spotted on the roof.

Ramalhos report is like a scene out of the 1988 film Die Hard starring Bruce Willis! Remember? I will provide a clip to refresh your memory.

Warning: The following video clip from Die Hard (1988) contains foul language and graphic imagery and is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Despite the uncanny Die Hard-style correlation, one thing is for sure police audio and other reports from the night of the shooting conclude that there were indeed multiple shooters who acted that night despite what authorities and the mainline press have told the general public.

According to the KSNV 3 News Las Vegas official website:

Gerard has 3-times been awarded an Emmy for excellence in journalism.

In 2008, and again in 2012 Gerard was voted Best Anchor in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal Staff. He has also received Electronic Media Awards for Best Anchor and Best Reporter.

Your thoughts? Please comment below and share.

Featured Image: AcesWildMMA/Flickr
2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.


In a Triumph for Feminism Police say a Mistletoe Kiss without Consent is Rape OpEdNews

If the world is to survive America, and if America is to survive as a country in which citizens are permitted free thought, free speech, to make their own decisions, to raise their own children and otherwise to be a free people, Americans will have to get angry at those who are destroying them and reply to the everyday violence that they experience in many different forms with violence of their own.


European Union Gives Benjamin Netanyahu the Finger - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Jonas E. Alexis   The European Union seems to demonstrate that Netanyahu sometimes can be ignoredpreferably with the finger. Netanyahu thought that victory was at hand when his puppet, Donald Trump, announced earlier that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Netanyahu was hopping that European nationsby his account, all or mostwould follow suit. But []


Strzok-Gate And The Mueller Cover-Up The Last American Vagabond

Almost eighteen months after Obamas Justice Department and the FBI launched the Russiagate investigation, and seven months after Special Counsel Robert Mueller took the investigation over, the sum total of what it has achieved is as follows: (1) an indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates which concerns entirely their prior financial dealings, and which []

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Major changes in store as trust reform office returns home to Bureau of Indian Affairs Indianz.Com News

A years-long effort by tribes is coming to fruition as the Trump administration prepares to return the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians to its familiar roots.


Prophecies and Politics: How US Evangelical Christians Pushed for Jerusalem Move The Anti-Media

Religious conservative groups have lobbied for policy relocating US embassy to Jerusalem from biblical standpoint.

(MEE)  God is not a real estate agent, the former bishop of Jerusalem said in response to US evangelical support for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Evangelical advocacy for Israel is a political position rooted in theology, experts say.

President Donald Trump went against the advice of allies and warnings of foes and announced on Wednesday plans to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The US religious right was a driving force behind the move, which left Washington isolated on the world stage, analysts say.

I have no doubt that evangelicals played a meaningful role in this decision, Johnnie Moore, a spokesperson for My Faith Votes, a large evangelical political group, told Reuters.

The policy shift was an unprecedented move that garnered international and domestic condemnations, even from states and politicians that are friendly to Israel.

While leading Christian figures across the world have opposed Trumps decision, the US religious rights influence helped make it a reality.

Several Christian groups had issued statements and action alerts to push for recognising Jerusalem as Israels capital.

East Jerusalem was illegally occupied by Israel in 1967 and annexed in 1980. The status of the city, which is home to holy sites for all Abrahamic faiths, remains disputed. The recent US decision angered Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, sparking protests across the world.

Belittling Almighty God

US evangelical political activists view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a biblical lens. In their interpretation, the scripture promises Jerusalem to the Jewish people for all time. They cite a verse from the Books of Chronicles that quotes God as saying: I have chosen Jerusalem that my name may be there and I have chosen David to be over my people Israel.

A wider theological aspect of the evangelical support for Israel stems from the fundamentalist notion that the establishment and preservation of Israel as a Jewish state will hasten the second coming of the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ.



Netanyahu: The Bible Proves Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel The Anti-Media

(ANTIWAR.COM Visiting Brussels on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only defended President Trumps decision to declare Jerusalem as Israels capital, but pressed all European nations to follow his example.

Netanyahu cited the Bible as proof of the position, saying that the Bible makes it clear Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, saying it was absurd of European officials not to accept that position out of hand.

The status of Jerusalem, in reality, is intensely contested, because it is religiously significant to multiple religions, and is claimed as the cpaital of not just Israel, but of Palestine as well. That Israel has expanded the definition of Greater Jerusalem to include large amounts of Palestine only makes such declarations more controversial.

Indeed, the occupation is a big reason why up Trumps declaration, no nation had accepted Israels claim of Jerusalem as a capital, and everyone had their embassies in Tel Aviv. The rest of the world largely maintains that such a position will remain until the resolution of the occupation and the establishment of permanent borders.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.



US absence at Paris summit a disgrace: Kerry - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Former US secretary of state John Kerry blasted the absence of the American government at a major climate change summit in Paris Tuesday as a disgrace. About 60 world leaders and hundreds of ministers, company bosses, and environmentalists gathered for the One Planet Summit called by French President Emmanuel Macron after Donald Trumps decision to []


Syrian War Report December 12, 2017: Govt Forces Liberated 67,000km2 Over 7 Months - Veterans Today Veterans Today

from SouthFront Over 1,000 localities, 78 oil and gas fields and two deposits of phosphate ores have been liberated in Syria over the past 227 days, commander of Russias military group in Syria Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin has told Russian President Vladimir Putin during this visit to the Khmeimim airbase on December 12. In total, the []


Massive Break the Internet Revolt Begins Today to Save Net Neutrality The Anti-Media

Major websites and social media platforms are teaming up for an epic online demonstration to show what the web would look like without net neutrality.

(COMMONDREAMS)  In addition to making their voices heard in the streets, net neutrality defenders have planned a massive online demonstration this week ahead of the FCCs scheduled vote on chairman Ajit Pais deeply unpopular plan to kill the open internet, which critics have denounced as naked corporatism.

Slated to begin Tuesdayand continue through to the scheduled vote by the Republican-controlled FCC on Thursdaythe Break the Internet protest is aimed at showing the world what the web will look like without net neutrality.

The demonstrations will vary widely, depending on the platform. Facebook and LinkedIn users will break their profiles by changing their relationship status to Married (to net neutrality) or adding a new job of Defending Net Neutrality,' Fight for the Future noted in a press release on Monday. Websites and apps will participate by doing something to break their platform and encourage their users to contact Congress.

Many major websites have been working in conjunction with activists to drive calls to Congress since the day Pai unveiled his plan to eliminate net neutrality rules just before Thanksgiving. According to Battle for the Net, over 833,000 calls have been made since November 21.

Last week, internet users...


Individuals involved in shift east - Veterans Today Veterans Today

I got a quote last night using subliminal speech from an individual who may have been clearly aware that 9/11/01 was going to happen and the results it would bring. I put that quote on twitter. "Ann, You are questioning the whole system we set up prior to 9/11." Ann Diener (@a_diener) December 12, []

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Choctaw Nation citizen taking oath of office as top federal prosecutor in Oklahoma Indianz.Com News

A ceremonial swearing-in is taking place for R. Trent Shores, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation who serves as the U.S. Attorney for Northern Oklahoma.


ProPublica Illinois Q&A: Meet Web Producer Vignesh Ramachandran Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Vignesh Ramachandran, who came to ProPublica Illinois from the Stanford Computational Journalism Lab and Bay Area local news startup Peninsula Press, is in charge of making sure the look, feel and design of ProPublica Illinois content makes sense to readers. He strives for an almost invisible design that allows people to focus on the stories. In the 10th of a series of Q&As with ProPublica Illinois staffers, Ramachandran chatted with ProPublica Emerging Reporter Andrea Salcedo.

What inspired you to become a journalist and eventually a digital producer?

Web Producer Vignesh Ramachandran. (Michael Schmidt, special to ProPublica Illinois)

Storytelling was something that, even as a kid, I was always drawn to. When I was little, my parents would read stories to me every night. I started becoming a voracious reader and was always interested in this idea of stories. Journalism seemed to be this interesting intersection of storytelling, current events, history and the future, which is something Im innately interested in. I was a kid reporter for The Denver Posts kids section, which is my hometown paper. I really loved this idea that you could go interview someone and have the license to just ask them questions. I was also a fan of Radio Disney at the time, and we got to do segments on air. That really got me excited. I thought, Hey, maybe journalism is something Id want to do. I was on my high school newspaper staff and ended up pursuing journalism in college. Its been an element that has always been a part of me.

How would you explain to readers your job as a digital producer?

Basically, I help get our stories on the internet. That involves producing the story in our content management system and making sure we have multime...


Albert Bender: Wisconsin police kill 14-year-old indigenous boy on his own homeland Indianz.Com News

Jason Pero was a member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and was killed on his own reservation by a non-Indian police officer.


Trump team reinstates delay for land-into-trust applications without consulting tribes Indianz.Com News

The Trump administration has quietly reinstated a waiting period for land-into-trust applications, reversing an Obama-era policy without consulting tribes about the change.


Keweenaw Bay Indian Community secures federal permit to manufacture tobacco Indianz.Com News

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community is joining the tobacco manufacturing business and is partnering with an Indian owned firm..


Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation takes the lead in embracing green energy solutions Indianz.Com News

We have embraced ideas that look to the future and how we can be better stewards for our children and for the earth.


Indian Child Welfare Act under attack again as conservative group submits appeal to Supreme Court Indianz.Com News

The conservative Goldwater Institute is attacking the Indian Child Welfare Act again, this time in a dispute involving the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians.


NRA Silent as States, Feds Ban Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Patients The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  The National Rifle Association (NRA), which fancies itself a champion of the Second Amendment and gun rights, is nowhere to be found as state governments are moving to confiscate firearms from medical marijuana patients.

Police in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently sent out a letter to 30 medical cannabis patients warning them they had 30 days to hand over their guns. When medical cannabis becomes legal in Ohio in 2018, patients will not be permitted to own or possess firearms. Similar restrictions have been imposed in California and Oregon despite state policy, and they are not new.

In 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive issued a warning that because cannabis is illegal at the federal level, patients cannot possess guns. There are no exceptions in federal law for marijuana purportedly used for medicinal purposes, even if such use is sanctioned by state law, the ATF said in 2011.

Despite the NRAs vehemently opinionated stances on many issues, including whether or not suspected terrorists should have access to guns, the lobbying group had little to say at the time about the federal governments infringements on cannabis patients gun rights, merely reporting that If a person admits marijuana use to a licensed firearm dealer, the dealer is prohibited from transferring a firearm to that person because the dealer will have a reasonable cause to believe that the person is an unlawful user.

The NRA has not responded to Anti-Medias request for comment on the Honolulu police order for cannabis patients to turn in their guns (considering the organizations proud support for law enforcement, this is unsurprising). In fact, the order came and went after public outcry condemned...


Craigslist Quietly Adds Option to Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as Payment The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA)  Bitcoin news site Blockexplorer News discovered last week that Craigslist quietly added a new option allowing sellers to specify that they accept cryptocurrency as payment. A seller just has to click the new cryptocurrency ok box when posting an ad on the widely-used classified site to let potential buyers know they will gladly accept digital currencies in exchange for used furniture, cars, electronics, or any other goods theyre looking to unload.

The new feature works both ways, also allowing buyers to filter search results to display only sellers accepting cryptocurrency.


The crypto option will undoubtedly make transactions safer for both buyers and sellers, as cryptocurrency exchanges take place on the blockchain, reducing the risk of falling prey to criminals using the platform as a way to choose their targets. Although Craigslist has not commented publicly on safety issues since a Congressional hearing in 2010, according to the Washington Post, industry watchdog and analyst Advanced Interactive Media Group disagrees.

Their attitude is, Were safe, we have billions of safe transactions sure they do, said Peter Zollman, the founding principal of the AIM Group. But every single day, there are also rapes, robberies and murders linked to Craigslist. And that is a serious issue. As of May 2017, the group tracked 112 deaths related to Craigslist. Without the need to physically hand over cash, this danger will likely be greatly reduced.

As opposed to PayPal, which can be used to scam vendors on Craigslist with reversed transactions, cryptocurrencies are irreversible and transactions are viewable on a public ledger.

In addition to being safer and more convenient, the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provides the user with a high level of security if used correctly. For...


Why Facebook Really Wants You to Answer These Personal Questions The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA Some Facebook users might have noticed a new feature on Facebook: the social media platform asking personal questions. As one Gizmodo headline put it, Facebook has some intensely thirsty questions for you.

The fill-in-the-blank questions, which include innocuous topics like The superpower I want most is and Mondays make me feel like appears to be an off-shoot of the companys recent acquisition of an app called tbh, which gained massive popularity among kids and teens this year for its focus on positivity. It allows users to take polls that focus on the positive qualities of their peers.

Rather than simply copying the apps features like it did with Snapchat and its addition of Instagram stories, Facebook actually acquired tbh, bringing its employees on as Facebook employees and allowing it to continue running as is. According to a statement from tbh:

When we met with Facebook, we realized that we shared many of the same core values about connecting people through positive interactions. Most of all, we were compelled by the ways they could help us realize our vision and bring it to more people.

Facebook echoed a similar sentiment, focusing on community in a statement to TechCrunch:

tbh and Facebook share a common goal of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together. Were impressed by the way tbh is doing this by using polling and messaging, and with Facebooks resources tbh can continue to expand and build positive experiences.

While some of the questions do appear to focus on uplifting users, the most apparent shift from tbh to Facebooks iteration of the questions is from users friends to themselves, and it may not be just for positive reinforcement. As Gizmodo notes, some of the questions seem of obvious use in marketinglike asking about users favorite sports teams, what their hidden talents are, [and] what they would buy if they won the lottery



Scientists Just Discovered a Weird and Entirely New Form of Matter The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA)  Its not every day that scientists discover an entirely new form of matter, especially one that could have far-reaching applications in both quantum mechanics and future technologies. But researchers at the University of Illinois claim to have done just that, confirming the existence of a long-theorized composite boson particle called excitonium.

The exotic matter in question displays macroscopic quantum phenomena similar to that of a superconductor, or superfluid, or insulating electronic crystal. Researchers led by Professor of Physics Peter Abbamonte and graduate students Anshul Kogar and Mindy Rak say new experimental tools allowed them to discover a smoking gun in the form of a soft plasmon phase, the first ever evidence for excitonium, which was first theorized almost 50 years ago.

Scientists hunted for this strange new form of matter for decades but were not able to differentiate it from a Peierls phase, which shares a similar symmetry and superlattice. In order to pin excitonium down, the researchers developed an entirely new technique called momentum-resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy (M-EELS). With this technique, the scientists studied non-doped crystals of the transition metal dichalcogenide titanium diselenide (1T-TiSe2).

What they observed was the soft plasmon phase of the metal reaching a critical temperature, and it was at this point that they were able to determine that excitonium consists of special particles made up of escaped electrons and the gap left in their absence. This positively charged exciton particle is a composite of the escaped electron and the hole left behind it.

This result is of cosmic significance, explained lead researcher Peter Abbamonte. Ever since the term excitonium was coined in the 1960s by Harvard theoretical physicist Bert Halperin, physicists have sought to demonstrate its existence. Theorists have debated whether it would be an insulator, a perfect conductor, or a superfluidwith some convincing arguments on all sides. Since the 1970s, many experimentalists have published evidence of the existence of excitonium, but their findings werent definitive proof and could equally have been explained by a conventional structural phase transition.

The team reproduced their results on a variety of cleaved crystals and published their fin...


US State Dept Spends $1 Million Funding Venezuela Opposition The Anti-Media

(ANTIWAR.COM  U.S. officials seem to be pretty much unanimous on the need to meddle in Venezuelas seemingly endless government crises. Yet a very core difference in how to approach this is leading to considerable dispute over the State Departments latest program.

State is paying some $900,000 to the Atlantic Council to promote non-violent conflict resolution in Venezuela, which is their subtle way of saying theyre trying to buy a regime change and the installation of a democratically-run government, obviously run by someone the U.S. likes.

What this boils down to is indirect funding for the Venezuelan opposition, one of many times when the State Department has put money into the hands of a think-tank to get them to try to coach a U.S.-friendly opposition movement into being both more successful politically and more beholden to U.S. interests.

Those for whom U.S.-imposed regime change usually means coup or war, particularly Congressional hawks, are expressing major opposition to the State Department plan, saying it is a waste of money and buys Maduro time, in as much as so long as the State Department is trying something short of an invasion, theyre not invading.

Absent from the debate on Venezuela is the option of staying out of the matter entirely. Thats something Venezuelan opposition figures have long urged of the U.S., noting that any whiff of U.S. meddling gives the government an excuse to paint the whole opposition as American puppets, and justify another crackdown.

Indeed, the simple fact that the State Department effort is public knowledge probably more than negates any impact at might have, as the damage done to opposition groups for taking this money will likely outstrip the $900,000 in aid they got.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

This article was chosen for republication based on the interest of our readers. Anti-Media republishes stories from a number of other independent news sources. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not reflect Anti-Media editorial policy.

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Clashes Break Out in Front of US Embassy in Lebanon Over Jerusalem The Anti-Media

Police fire tear gas and water cannons during protests against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israels capital.

(MEE)  Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water cannons on Sunday at demonstrators near the US embassy as they protested against Washingtons decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

An AFP correspondent in Awkar outside the capital Beirut said several hundred pro-Palestinian demonstrators had gathered near the US embassy, located in the area.

They were blocked from reaching the complex by a metal gate sealing the road leading to the embassy, and security forces fired tear gas and water cannons to repel demonstrators who tried to open the gate by force.

Middle East Eye reported from the scene:


LIVE: Clashes outside the US embassy in Lebanon following Trum

LIVE: Clashes outside the US embassy in Lebanon following Donald Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Posted by Middle East Eye on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Protesters, some of them waving Palestinian flags, set fires in the street and threw projectiles towards security forces who had barricaded the main road to the US Embassy.

Some demonstrators attempted to remove a roadblock protecting the embassy in an attempt to break in.

Addressing the protesters, the head of the Lebanese Communist Party Hanna Gharib declared the United States the enemy of Palestine and the US Embassy a symbol of imperialist aggression that must be closed.

Protesters burned US and Israeli flags. Several people were injured by rocks and tear gas, the correspondent said.

There was no immediate comment from security forces.

Protesters chanted slogans against President Donald Trump, who on Wednesday recognised Jerusalem as Israels capital.

A group of demonstrators set alight an effigy of the US president, whose decision has upended decades of American diplomacy and an international...

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Thursday, 07 December


Cord A Roy Bean Bag Chair Chair Ideas

81zh5ndkfFL SL1500

Cord A Roy Bean Bag Chair Furniture may be considered as one of the most significant arrangement stuff from the house. There are several different sorts of furniture and its your duty to keep on choosing the most unique furniture for your interiors or exteriors as per the arrangement in your area. You should definitely have a notion on the sort of furniture required by you since there are so many of them from the row as it is absolutely not possible to experience each and every piece of furniture while going to the furniture store. So as to learn about the best type that suits you if you are completely confused on the sort of furniture you should get for the purpose it is possible to make use of internet. There are various suppliers on internet handling the ventures on furniture and it would be really good for those who proceed through the sites as you might have the ability to obtain an idea on the exact use of distinct furniture at which you may be seeing a number of these to the very first time in your own life. You might be in need of growing couple of chairs to be put in your interiors.

You may be providing the concept in that you may be searching for something stylish and distinctive and that the chairs are not to be utilized for your office function. In fact it isnt possible that you go to each and every shop in search of the designer seat as per your choice. This is largely because of the restriction imposed from the period without confronting any difficulties within their tight agenda wherein majority of them are going on. This may be in turn creating great deal of problems wherein should you try finding time out that the schedule might begin down with the passage of time. There are lots of suppliers with huge types of chairs by going through the sites within your relaxation and you may surf. When compared to the shops you will have the ability to pick up the seat depending on your choice and by paying very rate.

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18 Inch Round Chair Cushions Chair Ideas

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18 Inch Round Chair Cushions You are able to tell if your church seats are due for replacement. Its no secret that worn chairs out isnt comfortable. They are unappealing, as well as structurally unsound and reflect to a church. Structurally compromised seating can give way at any given time, damaging a salesman member or potentially embarrassing.

When buying church seats, caliber is more non-negotiable; it is always preferable to invest in a few rows of quality chairs that will endure for many years to come as opposed to purchase a room filled with inexpensive seats that will start to fall apart at the seams in the minute theyre first employed. You get what you purchase in regards to seating. While good quality seats may not be cheap, they provide a worth, as they will last much more than lower quality chairs. Investing in chairs will offer your congregation an worship experience and a more comfortable, attractive environment.

It could be challenging in the event the church is already financially overwhelmed by other monetary obligations, to obtain church seats. Luckily, there are a couple ideas that you could use in the face of a church funding that is tight to ensure that you can buy quality church chairs.

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Booster Seat Straps to Chair Chair Ideas

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Booster Seat Straps to Chair Chairs continue getting better, and just have been in existence for decades. With the incorporation of new stuff, technologies, and ergonomic designthey feel much better. Chairs are essential parts of equipment in any house, office, or general setting. And although seats are sometimes seen as only a bit of equipment, it doesnt signify that it has to be tasteless and uncomfortable. On the contrary, seats on the market today are functional, comfortable, and are very reasonable.

Aside from some specific chairs in our property, most of our seat period is spent on Office Chairs. This is 1 area of functionality and chair design thats become its own over the last few years. Manufacturers are realizing that people want office chairs that provide comfort all day long and will not send you home with a headache. Or perhaps you are worried about your clients comfort that go to your office. Office chairs, though they dont always seem like it has been designed with relaxation in mind. Even if sitting for 2-3 hours at this seat, you will be loved by your body. A good office chair shouldnt be overlooked as an important bit of gear.

For house or home, Ergonomic Chairs are worth taking a look at. They use to be seen as a part of equipment but are selling at a rapid pace. You understand what I mean, when youve ever had back issue. Take the pressure off shoulders and your back, giving you a more comfortable seating position and these seats are made to improve posture. If you believe they seem bulky, think again, so that they may be saved in an upright or horizontal position, most chairs today are made to fold.

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Patio Swivel Rocker Chairs Chair Ideas

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Patio Swivel Rocker Chairs Furniture can be believed to be one of the most important arrangement stuff from the home. There are lots of unique varieties of furniture and it is your obligation to continue selecting the very unique furniture to the interiors or exteriors as per the arrangement existing in your own place. You should definitely have a notion on the kind of furniture required by you while visiting the furniture shop as its absolutely not possible to experience each and every piece of furniture since there are so many of them in the row. In order to understand about the ideal kind that suits you to the core if you are totally confused on the kind of furniture you should get for the purpose its possible to make use of internet. There are a number of providers on internet handling the ventures on furniture and it might be really good for those who proceed through the websites as you might be able to find an idea on the specific usage of different furniture in which you might be seeing some of these for the very first time in your lifetime. You might be in need of growing couple of chairs to be put in your insides.

You may be giving the concept that the chairs should not be utilized for your workplace function and so you may be searching for something stylish and unique in the plan. In fact it is not possible for you to go to each and every shop in search of the ideal designer seat according to your selection. This is primarily because of the restriction imposed from the period without confronting any problems within their tight schedules majority of them are moving on. Should you try finding time out that the entire schedule may crumble down with the passage of time, this may be in turn creating lot of issues. There are many suppliers with varieties of chairs by going through the websites inside your comfort, and you will surf. Youll be able to pick the chair up as per your choice and by paying very speed when compared to the stores.

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