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Friday, 23 September


So Why ISN”T She 50 Points Ahead of Trump? Dvorak News Blog

Why ISN"T She 50 Points Ahead of Trump?


Saudi Official Finally Admits Saudi Arabia Supports Terrorism The Last American Vagabond

Saudi Arabian support for terrorism is something most people are aware of, but in the face of Saudi Arabian and American denials of this reality, presenting it as an undisputed fact is frustratingly difficult without an official confirmation. This is all beginning to change. At least some degree of Saudi Arabian involvement in the September 11 […]

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The Problem of Reintegrating One-Ways into the Grid Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

Patrick Kennedy is a Strong Towns member and writer for D Magazine. Today, we're republishing an article from D Magazine with permission.

Photo by Steve Hardy

Photo by Steve Hardy

While these issues are becoming increasingly understood, what I want to write a bit about is not just about the trouble the one-ways create from a cross-sectional perspective and how they relate to their building frontages, but the trouble that one-way couplets have reintegrating with the grid.

It’s also critical to understand no two one-ways are the same, they have to be understood within their context.  I’ve heard people write or say that one-ways work just fine in New York or Portland (and I’ll throw Center City Philadelphia in as well).  However, in each of these three cities the one-ways start and end at intersections within a dense, highly interconnected grid.  There is no merging of the couplet as I’ll be showing below.  But those cities also have very specific conditions that allow the one-ways to work.  New York has hyper density.  Portland has tiny blocks, only 220′ x 220′ so the access issue is less problematic and the sheer amount of intersections created by a 220 x 220 grid means plenty of intersections to calm traffic (which is another issue I’ll be touching on).  Center City Philly has tiny streets, ranging from 10′ to 26′ curb-to-curb.  They’re just too small to fit two-way traffic plus parking plus bike lanes on some corridors.

You’ll notice the one thing each of those three cities have in common is a highly connected rectilinear grid that allows for an abundance of route choice, adaptability for wayfinding, and flexibility for transportation planners to have a variety of different corridor types that make the same connection.  Highly interconnected grids connect everywhere to everywhere rather than Point A to Point B, which seems to have been (and often continues to be) the prevailing mindset in Dallas transportation planning.

How do we connect this one point to this other point?  Oh, well we just plow this road directly through there.  That’s the wrong thing to do: assuming a singular direct connection at the expense of overall grid connectivity has a positive impact on mobility or accessibility.  Instead, it has a negative impact on all of these aspects.

The mindset is that vehicular throughput trumps all other considerations.  If we’re moving cars fast and furiously, everything is better.  Business does b...


The U.S. Has Entered the False Flag Window Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



I have known Mike Adams for sometime. He has great credibility and I can accurately state that Mike is extremely sincere and very accurate with his analyses on various issues.  Subsequently, when Mike says that we are in the definitive window of multiple false flag attacks. he has my attention and should have your attention as well.

The following interview with Mike is exciting and frightening at the same time.



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 In large part, The Common Sense Show is listener/reader supported, we thank you for your kind donations which enables us to carry out our research, reporting and broadcast efforts.

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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Don’t wait until it is too late. Click Here  for more information.


If the bad guy has night vision and you don't he wins. Don't be a victim, find out more by CLICKING HERE

If the bad guy has night vision and you don’t he wins. D...


Graffiti for Charlotte Uprising in South Philly IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

Tonight we smashed five billboards along I-76 in South Philly. Two say “PHILLY TO CHARLOTTE FUCK THE POLICE”, one “COP LIVES DON’T MATTER” and two had paint thrown on them.

Complicity with the Charlotte uprising.

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Protests in Charlotte Inspire Racist Tweets & Nationwide Stop-And-Frisk News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Glenn Reynolds, University of Tennessee Professor of Law and conservative commentator who uses the pseudonym “Instapundit” is unapologetic The post Protests in Charlotte Inspire Racist Tweets & Nationwide Stop-And-Frisk appeared first on Top US &...

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US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media The Last American Vagabond

FBI agents conducting undercover investigations have now been given the green light to impersonate journalists, the Justice Department determined last week — effectively legalizing the government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird. Last Thursday, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General published what’s become the subject of outrage for journalists, civil and constitutional rights […]

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Feds: We Can Read All Your Email, And You’ll Never Know Activist Post

By Clark D. Cunningham, Georgia State University Fear of hackers reading private emails in cloud-based systems like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo has recently sent...


Author Calls for the Revoking of Citizenship of Naturalized Muslims Freedom Outpost



It was a busy weekend for miscreant Islamist scum operating under the imprimatur of the international socialist-Islamist axis within America. On Saturday, Ahmad Khan Rahami, a New Jersey resident and naturalized immigrant from Afghanistan, detonated multiple bombs in New York and New Jersey. No one was killed, but nearly 30 people were injured. Rahami was apprehended three days later in Linden, New Jersey, after a gun battle with police.

Also on Saturday, 22-year-old Dahir Adan, a Somali Muslim who had been living in the United States for the past 15 years, stabbed nine people at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. According to St. Cloud Police Chief William Blair Anderson, Adan –who was disguised as a security guard at the time of the attacks – “reportedly made references to Allah during the attack and asked at least one person whether they were Muslim.” Dahir was killed by police at the scene.

According to the New York Times, Rahami, the man arrested for the New York and New Jersey bombings, became a “completely different person” after a trip to Afghanistan, when it is presumed he became “radicalized,” a term used by the press and politicos to describe a Muslim who crosses that obscure line from Islamic to militant Islamist. It has also been reported that Rahami made several other trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan without being detected by the U.S. government. Rahami’s father, Mohammed Rahami, told the press this week that he had reported his son to the FBI as a potential terrorist in 2014, but the agency took no action.

While the Rahami and Adan stories have received wide press coverage, of course we are still being subjected to the usual spin and politically correct propaganda from the press and politicians, which deftly avoids the motive attendant to these attacks – this being that the perpetrators were Muslims and were acting based on Islamic doctrine.

At this point, we’ve now seen several high-profile acts of domestic terrorism perpetrated by Muslims wherein communities and law enforcement agencies were previously made aware of the danger posed by these individuals. In all of these cases, nothing was done to mitigate the potential danger.

In the case of federal law enforcement, to some extent it stands to reason that organizations such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security might be less motivated to counter these threats, since these are under the control of the Obama administration, whose agenda includes destabilizing America through an influx of potentially violent Muslims and the establishment of insular Muslim communities. In a speech to the United Nations this week, our bath house refugee-playing statesman president, Barack Hussein Obama, defended increasing globalization and condemned the populist nationalism that has been growing in the West in direct response to the actions of murderous Muslim émigrés and refugees.

This deportment, which has included the Obama administration illegally facilitating the importation of tens of thousands of Muslims from unstabl...


Self-Driving Cars: Another Control Mechanism for Our Lives? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Technology is the driving force in business, industry and the surveillance-control spectrum of what’s becoming an apparent totalitarian-type of society couched...


The Financial Aristocracy PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of ROAR - The history of capitalism is characterized by a fundamental paradox, in which the most abstract and most impersonal expression of value — money — mediates the most concrete and most personal form of power. From Medici popes in renaissance Rome and Rothschild peers in Victorian England to Goldman Sachs’ private army of mercenary technocrats, moneyed elites have long exerted extraordinary influence over politics.


“Kill this MotherF***er!” — Leaked Video Shows Cop Plot to Kill Unarmed Man then Murder Him The Free Thought Project

St. Louis, MO -- In December 2011, St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley violated department policy when he grabbed his personal AK-47, premeditated, and then murdered Anthony Lamar Smith. The planning of the murder and the actual murder were captured on the officer's dashcam. However, no one has


Barack Obama Just Proved "Conspiracy Theorists" Right! Freedom Outpost



I would like to give President Obama a big "thank you" from all of us “conspiracy theorists.”

For years now, we have been warning people that the United Nations was plotting to institute a global government on the pretext that human beings were not capable of self-governance and that they needed a global elite to rule their lives.

Well, President Obama just proved that we were telling the truth as he stood in front of the whole world and declared that the only way to defeat terrorism was for powerful nations like the United States to surrender some of their freedom to some type of global government.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic at play, using a crisis to institute a pre-planned solution.

Since September 11, 2001, the U.S. Government has been chipping away at our liberties in the name of keeping us safe, and now it has come to its fruition.

Barrack Obama is just another globalist selected for his smooth talking, and his abilities to pull the wool over the sheeples' eyes.

RIP America.

Article posted with permission from

The post Barack Obama Just Proved "Conspiracy Theorists" Right! appeared first on Freedom Outpost.


Activists Eye Battles Beyond Dakota Access PopularResistance.Org

By Hannah Northey for E&E - Emboldened by the Obama administration freezing construction on part of the Dakota Access pipeline, activists opposing oil and gas projects are now girding for new battles in the Mid-Atlantic region. "I think the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley [pipelines] are cued up to be the next hot spots. They have river crossings, and there are such historic grounds of American history — literally land given by George Washington to families during the wars," Bold Alliance President Jane Kleeb declared in an interview last week.


Republicans "Working The Ref" With War On IRS OpEdNews

It is the job of the IRS to look at whether groups applying for nonprofit status are actually political operations in disguise. The IRS' crime was including "conservative" organizations among those checked. (Never mind that groups labeling themselves "conservative" clearly implies they have a political mission.)


Briefing: Dakota Access Pipeline’s Massive Government Subsidies PopularResistance.Org

By Collin Rees for Oil Change International - The Dakota Access Pipeline has faced strong resistance from Native Americans, farmers, and ranchers along the proposed pipeline route. It’s also energized the broader climate movement and raised critical questions of protecting clean water, respecting native sovereignty, and rethinking eminent domain for private gain.


The TPP’s Climate Blindspot PopularResistance.Org

By Ben Lilliston for IATP - Free trade deals, and in particular the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), have taken a beating this election season. Most of the noise on trade from Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has focused on the loss of jobs linked to the offshoring. Much less attention has been paid to the serious impact the TPP and past trade agreements will have on our ability to respond to climate change.


Millenials Arrested At Paul Ryan’s Office Target Republicans & Wall Street Dems PopularResistance.Org

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - Decrying the GOP's "dog-whistle racism," which they say has contributed to the rise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a group of young people risked arrest during a surprise sit-in at the office of House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday morning. "Paul Ryan has a choice," the millennial-led campaign All Of Us 2016 said ahead of the action, which saw 11 arrests. "Will [he] reject dog-whistle racism or, like Trump, will he keep encouraging Americans to hate each other?"


Murder By U.S. Occupation Forces: Tulsa 2016, Baghdad 2007 PopularResistance.Org

By Glen Ford for Black Agenda Report - The mayor of Tulsa is promising a “transparent” investigation into the police slaughter of another unarmed Black man, 40 year-old Terence Crutcher. The U.S. Attorney for Oklahoma is making similar noises, promising to explore whether Crutcher’s civil rights were violated. No justice can come from any of these quarters, because Crutcher’s death is a war crime. Justice begins with an end to the Occupation.


Selling perception of terror attacks (and everything else) on the mind-control superhighway—and immortal you Jon Rappoport's Blog

Selling perception of terror attacks (and everything else) on the mind-control superhighway—and immortal you

By Jon Rappoport

I’ve written several introductions and postscripts to my collection, Exit From The Matrix. Here is the latest postscript:

Public relations adepts understand that you can take a genuine positive sentiment and make a cartoon out of it.

And then you can make a cartoon out of THAT, and you can go on with this multiplying process for many years. And people will totally lose track of where and when the genuine was replaced by the fake.

Worse yet, people will sculpt their own personalities to fit some sixth-generation “positive” cartoon, believing all the while they’re embracing the highest Good in the cosmos.

This article is about selling perception, not fact.

When enough images, cues, and symbols are placed in the mind, the owner of that mind will basically have an excuse to sacrifice his independence, surrender, and adopt a “peaceful” role in the stage play of his life.

He will even go so far as to embrace a wholly fake messianic agenda for a “better world”—because it looks like it fits his new role.

Now he’s inside a cartoon bubble.

Social propaganda operatives understand these factors. On this basis, they pick up their paychecks. One such retired operative once told me, “I made my living from the idea of unity. That’s it. I sold it for years like Big Macs.”

—The bomb in NY, the bombs in New Jersey, the stabbing attack in Minnesota…no matter what major media call them or don’t call them, the American people call them terrorist acts.

And that seems to play into the hands of Donald Trump.

But you can be sure Hillary Clinton’s inner circle are telling her a different story. A familiar story, because they’ve been operating on this basis for a long time: “You, Hillary, are the moderate candidate. You’re in the center. You’re for unity. That’s how the majority of the voters see you. So these attacks benefit you, not Trump, because America wants peace and unity and caring at any cost. And they see you as the President who can give those things to them. Trump is the wild cowboy. He stands for retribution and violence and revenge. That’s not what the people want, because they’re afraid his actions would bring down more terror attacks. Don’t worry, be happy, Hillary. You’re going to win the White House…”

For decades now, the mood in America has been shifted over into endless compromise and political correctness and counterfeit love and caring—as a result of a purposeful multi-front propaganda operation:

“Everybody is good, respect diversity, automatically love everyone who is different, be nice, think positive, embrace hope, don’t make waves, and peace will come.”

I hope you understand that all the key words in the preceding sentence are crafted as fake versions of the real thing. I can’t say it more plainly than that.

“No one is evil. When met with love, all differences and enmities dissolve.” This is another crafted propaganda cartoon. Its purpose is to convince people to surrender.

This is how defeat is sold on the superhighway of PR.

Then, another step is taken. Cues are installed in people’s minds that trigger surrender as if it is “love.” Cues such as: waves of migrants (among whom are un-vetted terrorists); inner cities devastated by a combination of Globalism and gangs; violent riots in the streets—these and other cues bring about a response of “share and care” surrender.

—Love them, care for them, give them everything they want, and all will be well. (And even if it isn’t, you’ve donned the visible and admirable cloak of a “good person,” and what else matters?)

To the degree that this massive society-transforming mind-control op works, political candidates who present themselves as cartoons...


Syrian War Report – September 22, 2016: Russia to Test Modern Weapon Systems in Syria Veterans Today

…from SouthFront The Syrian army, Hezbollah and Liwaa Al-Quds, supported by Russian warplanes, launched an attack on Jaish al-Fatah militants in the Old Ramouseh Neighborhood of Aleppo city. Following an intense firefight, the pro-government forces took control of the Ramouseh Bakery. If the Old Ramouseh Neighborhood is secured, the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood will become the […]


The Roswell HOAX

Much more to come on this one.


Gov Says Popular Pesticide Doesn’t Cause Cancer. Here’s The Problem PopularResistance.Org

By Tom Philpott for Mother Jones - Back in 1996, seed and chemical giant Monsanto introduced crops engineered to withstand a weed killer called glyphosate (brand name: Roundup). Soon after, glyphosate emerged as by far the globe's most prolific pesticide, its use spiking nine fold in the United States and nearly fifteenfold globally. All the while, it enjoyed a reputation as a relatively benign agrichemical compared with older, harsher herbicides like 2,4-D and dicamba.


Will Our Representatives In Washington Betray Us On TPP? PopularResistance.Org

By Mary Wildfire for Charleston Gazette-Mail - Everybody hates the TPP — the Tran Pacific Partnership “free trade” deal. Conservatives hate it because of its assault on sovereignty, the way it hands over the rights to regulate in the U.S. to foreign corporations. Liberals and progressives hate the way it threatens labor rights, health and safety standards, and the environment. Everybody hates the prospect of sending yet more American jobs to whichever country lets the companies pay them the least.


Bernie Sanders & His Liberal/Progressives Will Be The Deciding Factor In This Election OpEdNews

Bernie Sanders and his liberal/progressive supporters will decide the outcome of this election. That's how much power that Sanders still possesses. While he didn't secure the Democratic nomination, as many of us had hoped he would, he is going to play a major role in who wins in November.


Biotech giants Bayer and Monsanto sign mammoth merger agreement Intellihub

The agritech world got a lot bigger this week when German chemical giant Bayer inked an agreement to acquire Monsanto for $66 billion in cash. The 2 companies had been bickering for months, and this was the 3rd refurbished offer. In the end, Bayer agreed to pay $128 per share, up from the company’s previous offer of $127.50. [1]

The agreement makes it the largest all-cash deal on record.

Markus Manns of Union Investment, one of Bayer’s top 12 investors, said:

“Bayer’s competitors are merging, so not doing this deal would mean having a competitive disadvantage.”

Details of the Merger

Among the terms included in the merger is a $2 billion breakup fee that Bayer would pay to Monsanto should U.S. and/or European anti-trust concerns cause the transaction to fall through. Analysts say the proposed merger faces will likely face an intense and protracted regulatory process in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and the European Union (EU). [2]

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant said the companies will need to file in about 30 jurisdictions for the merger.

On September 13, Bernstein Research analysts said they only saw a 50% chance of the proposed merger winning regulatory clearance, though a survey among investors put the likelihood at 70%. [1]

What a Merger Would Mean for Food

Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto will give the company more than 1/4 of the world market for seeds and pesticides. That means less industry competition, higher seed prices, and as a result, higher food prices. Let me break it down a bit.

Bayer seeks to combine its crop chemicals business – the world’s second-largest behind Syngenta AG – with Monsanto’s seed business to make it the go-to place for farmers. Everything they need would be in 1 place.

But because Bayer will be a one-stop shop, they will have the power to sell seeds at insanely high prices – ones that would be burdensome to many farmers, who are already struggling.

John Colley, a professor at Warwick Business School, said:

“Bayer’s acquisition of ‘Frankenstein’ crop producer Monsanto could be a horror story for both Bayer and its customers: the farmers. The farmers will lose out as product ranges are rationalized and attempts are made to increase prices.” [3]

The farmers have to make up for the higher costs somehow, so they will have to slap a bigger price tag on their crops.

Professor Radhakrishnan Gopalan, a professor at the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, explained:

“[Food] will definitely get more expensive. I’m guessing all over, because it’s not just this merger. Any consolidation is not good for consumers.”

That’s right, the industry is about to shrink even more.

U.S. chemical giants Dow Chemical and DuPont plan to merge and may later transform their respective seeds and crop chemicals operations into a major agribusiness. Canadian fertilizer producers Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc and Agrium Inc. announced September 12 that they were also planning to merge. [1]

Already, European regulators have indicated that they will keep a watchful eye on Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto for any sign of anti-trust concerns. [3]

Said Megan Westgate, director of the Non-GMO Project:

“This deal is a disturbing step in the corporate consolidation of our global food supply. Monsanto owns approximately a quarter of the world’s seed supply and Bayer is one of the world’s top 10 chemical companies.”

She added:

“GMO crops don’t...


13 Questions Senate Needs To Ask Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf PopularResistance.Org

By Helaine Olen for Slate - Expect fireworks in Washington on Tuesday morning. That’s when John Stumpf, the chairman and chief executive officer of Wells Fargo, is expected to appear in front of the Senate Banking Committee to answer questions about how, exactly, the corporate culture at his bank went so awry that employees opened an estimated 2 million bank and credit card accounts for customers without their permission.


Which Voters Show Up When States Allow Early Voting? ProPublica: Articles and Investigations

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 37 states now offer voters some way to cast ballots early and avoid lining up at the polls on Election Day.

These options are popular. About one-third of voters made use of them in the 2012 election.

There is no act more central to a democracy than voting. Electionland is a project that will cover access to the ballot and problems that prevent people from exercising their right to vote during the 2016 election. Read more and sign up.

But so-called “convenience voting” remains controversial: In some states, various types of early balloting has been challenged on grounds that it opens the door to fraud, though there’s been little evidence that such fraud is taking place.

Supporters of early voting say partisan politics is what really drives the objections. Research shows early voting increases turnout by 2 percent to 4 percent. In some cases, it particularly boosts voting among minorities, a constituency that tends to vote Democrat.

A GOP consultant acknowledged as much after a federal judge struck down North Carolina’s effort to curtail some kinds of convenience voting on the basis that legislators had targeted measures that disproportionately aided African Americans.

“Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was,” the consultant, Carter Wrenn, told the Washington Post. “It wasn’t about discriminating against African Americans. They just ended up in the middle of it because they vote Democrat.”

We took a look at some convenience voting tactics and what they do—or don’t do—for turnout, particularly in minority communities:

In-person Absentee Voting

This form of early voting has a confusing name but an easy concept: Voters get a ballot before Election Day and turn it in at a designated place. The ballot is counted with other absentee ballots. This is also known as in-person early voting or early in-person voting.

The Brennan Center for Justice reported that 14 percent of voters in nine of the top-turnout states with in-person absentee as an option used it in 2012, up from 13 percent in 2008 and 8.4 percent in 2004. Political science research hasn’t come to a consensus on what it does for overall turnout: A study out of the University of Wisconsin found that in-person absentee voting actually decreased participation...


US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media The Free Thought Project

mediaThe federal government just signed off on allowing the FBI to impersonate the media, legalizing what was once only the realm of conspiracy theory.


No War 2016 Conference: Attend or Watch the LiveStream OpEdNews

As the war system keeps societies in a state of permawar, we have reached a stage in human history at which we can say with confidence that there are better and more effective alternatives. Of course we know the question: "You say you are against war, but what's the alternative?" This event will develop answers to that question,


Acting On Bill Ayers’ Radical Manifesto PopularResistance.Org

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - Bill Ayers' short new book, Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto, is different from the typical liberal view of a better world in two ways. First, its goals are a bit grander, more inspiring. Second, it adds as the first and most important goal one that others don't include at all. A typical proposal that a lesser evilist might give for "voting against Donald Trump" might include minor economic or police or prison reforms, a bit of environmentalism, healthcare, or education.


A Song of Your Own Booman Tribune

The Stupid got you down? Campaign stripping your spirit down to the studs?

Yeah, me, too.

So, here, have something diverting and uplifting and very cool.

You can stream the original here. It's Track 8.


Early Votes and Tea Leaves Booman Tribune

The voting is nearly upon us. In fact, many absentee ballots have already been requested and quite a few have already been returned. So, it's now possible to begin reading some tea leaves.

The best way to do this is not to look strictly at the party registration of ballot requesters because there are a lot of states, particularly in the South and in Appalachia, where likely Republican voters are still registered as Democrats. The best way to judge how things are going is to compare this year to the same point in the cycle four years ago.

Based on that type of analysis, done by the Associated Press, the first batch of results look solid for Clinton in North Carolina and somewhat worrying for her in Iowa.

Overall, for a variety of reasons including a superior ground game, the Democrats do better than the Republicans in getting people to vote early. So, in Iowa, for example, "Democrats dominate the early requests with 40,476 or roughly 60 percent of the ballots so far, compared to 13,011 or 19 percent for Republicans." But that's actually bad news for Clinton because four years ago "92,850 Democrats had requested ballots at this point, compared to 13,635 for Republicans."

In other words, the Republicans are about the same, but Democrats have requested less than half the ballots they asked for by this stage in 2012. This is important because Obama actually lost the Election Day voting in Iowa and yet won the state based on the margins he built up in early voting.

By contrast, in North Carolina "Democrats made up 40 percent of the ballots returned so far compared to 33 percent for Republicans. At this point in 2012, Republicans were running slightly ahead, 43 percent to 38 percent, in ballots submitted."

Ballots returned is a different (and more important) metric than ballots requested, and it's a positive sign for Clinton that she's doing better in North Carolina than Obama did four years ago.

Ohio doesn't break things down by party, but I think there's reason to believe that Clinton is doing well there, too.

In Ohio, election officials reported Monday that more than 524,000 voters had submitted absentee ballot applications. That's up from nearly 485,000 during a similar period in 2012, when a record 1.87 million absentee ballots ultimately were cast by mail and in person, according to the secretary of state's office.

The reason I suspect this is good news is that I can see that requests from Republicans are flat in Iowa and that returns are down in North Carolina. In addition, Democrats tend to utilize early voting more. Therefore, an increase in overall requests in Ohio suggests an advantage for Clinton and less of a probability of the enthusiasm drop-off we see in Iowa.

Overall, the data here provide a mixed and ambiguous message. There's definitely a problem in Iowa, which we've seen reflected in the polls. But, in this trio of states, Iowa has the fewest Electoral Votes and is therefore the least important. Signs of strength in North Carolina more than offset concerns about Iowa, and the numbers out of Ohio may be hard to gauge but they're not immediately troublesome for the Clinton campaign.


Cultural Ascendancy and Political Complacency Booman Tribune

I actually like Ross Douthat's latest column because it's provocative in the good sense. It's true that Douthat is uniquely disqualified from having credibility on the subject of Donald Trump's appeal. After all, no one assured us more emphatically that Trump would never win the Republican nomination than Douthat. But he seems to be slowly coming around to an understanding of what's been going on in this country.

At first, I wasn't sure where he was going in blaming Samantha Bee for Trump's electoral strength. And, while his argument isn't ultimately convincing, it's sound enough to explore.

What he's noticing is real, although his description of it is incomplete. It's true that liberalism is culturally ascendant, relatively unquestioned among Millennials, and encroaching into areas where politics were previously muted or absent.

The examples he uses are adequate to make his point.

On late-night television, it was once understood that David Letterman was beloved by coastal liberals and Jay Leno more of a Middle American taste. But neither man was prone to delivering hectoring monologues in the style of the “Daily Show” alums who now dominate late night...

...Awards shows are being pushed to shed their genteel limousine liberalism and embrace the race-gender-sexual identity agenda in full. Colleges and universities are increasingly acting as indoctrinators for that same agenda, shifting their already-lefty consensus under activist pressure.

Meanwhile, institutions that were seen as outside or sideways to political debate have been enlisted in the culture war. The tabloid industry gave us the apotheosis of Caitlyn Jenner, and ESPN gave her its Arthur Ashe Award. The N.B.A., N.C.A.A. and the A.C.C. — nobody’s idea of progressive forces, usually — are acting as enforcers on behalf of gay and transgender rights. Jock culture remains relatively reactionary, but even the N.F.L. is having its Black Lives Matters moment, thanks to Colin Kaepernick.

Quibble about the details here if you want, but he's basically correct. If anything, he doesn't go far enough. During the Obama presidency, there has been a steady growth of black, brown, gay and feminist voices who have moved from the media fringe or underground into the mainstream, as syndicated columnists, cable news anchors and regular guests, and (as it has aged) even as veterans of the administration. The growth of social media, especially Twitter, has also amplified voices of the cultural and ethnic left, pushing them into the conversation on every major news story.

I'm not sure we'd have a Black Lives Matter movement in this country if citizens hadn't been empowered with cameras in their phones and the ability to publish their thoughts to wide audiences. So, there are many factors at play here. There are advances in the diversity of mainstream media, citizen-empowering technological changes, demographic changes, a leftward drift in the youth culture, and a dysfunctional response from the right all combining to create an almost radical shift in how our news is collected, sifted, and presented to the public.

But, then there are the people who are uncomfortable with or even disoriented by the pace of these changes, not to mention panicked about the political implications. And there are a lot of these people. We saw them emerge as the Tea Party almost (but not quite) spontaneously in reaction to the Democratic wave that hit Washington DC in 2009.


Driving While Black is Totally Different Booman Tribune

I don't know what I was expecting to see when I watched the dashcam video of Tulsa police officers killing Terence Crutcher on September 16th. I guess I expected to see something a little more suspenseful instead of just a mundane segment of footage of a seemingly non-threatening person being executed for no apparent reason.

In fact, the first time I watched it, I completely missed the shooting because it didn't seem imminent and I was momentarily distracted. (If you don't want to watch someone die, don't watch the following footage).

According to the news reports, he was tasered and shot in quick succession, although it's impossible to tell from the video. All you see is him drop to the ground. Then you see the police fail to render him any assistance for about three and a half minutes.

I went and found the helicopter cam video to see if I could learn more.

It didn't help. I saw a man who had his hands on his car who was clearly shot and killed for no apparent reason. I couldn't even see any reason why he might have been tased.

It certainly doesn't show Mr. Crutcher reaching into his car as a Tulsa police spokesperson initially said.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan called the shooting "very difficult to watch" and called for an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Before the video of the incident was made public on Monday, police spokeswoman Jeanne MacKenzie told reporters that Crutcher "refused to follow commands given by the officers."

She added, "They continued to talk to him. He continued not to listen and follow any commands. As they got closer to the vehicle, he reached inside the vehicle, and at that time there was a Taser deployment, and a short time later there was one shot fired."

I could talk about Mr. Crutcher here, since he had no weapon and wasn't doing anything obviously wrong. But that would be a disservice because based on his behavior, he could have been a mass murdering cannibal and it wouldn't have justified this shooting. We can't judge police behavior based on the moral character of the people they exterminate. They don't have the right to act as judge, jury, and executioner, so all that matters is whether they were justified in using violence to protect themselves.

In this case, I can see no justification whatsoever. At the very worst, Mr. Crutcher may not have been responding the way they wanted him to to their verbal commands. But he was not any kind of threat. He made no threatening moves.

The woman who killed him, Officer Betty Shelby, may be incompetent or there may be a worse explanation. But she hopefully won't get away with the excuse that Mr. Crutcher was acting like a man on PCP.

What's probably the most disturbing part of this is that he was being treated like a suspect in the first place. His vehicle broke down in the middle of the road. He needed assistance. Yet, he's there from the first moment of the video with his hands up and a gun drawn on him.

Maybe he was acting strangely. I have...


Saudis Kill 20 Civilians in Yemen Hours After US Senate Approves $1.15 Billion Weapons Sale The Anti-Media

Saudis-civilians-tankThe Saudi-led coalition has been repeatedly criticised for the high civilian death toll from its 18-month-old bombing campaign.


Charlotte Cop Shoots UNARMED Protester in the Head? Counter Current News


Protests in Charlotte have occurred for a second night in row. Throughout the evening police launched a substantial arsenal of projectiles and gas into crowds of people protesting the killing of Keith Lamont Scott earlier this week.

Unsubstantiated reports have been made that police shot a protester with live ammunition. Police are claiming the person was shot by a member of the public, and there is a video circulating that depicts a person wounded from a less lethal projectile.

While Charlotte braces for a third night off civil unrest, there are several factors in this killing that need to be examined. A disabled father was killed on his property while waiting for his son to come home from school. Let that sink in for minute.

Watch the video of the aftermath below…

Why did police even target Scott? Police claimed they were in the area looking for someone else with outstanding warrants. But they compromised their operation by approaching Scott.

FACT: In order for an officer to initiate a detention, there needs to be an articulable fact that links someone to a crime that is or is about to occur. Sitting, reading, and waiting for your child to come home from school doesn’t constitute reasonable suspicion.

FACT: In order for the police to be allowed to use deadly force, they must be in fear for their safety or the safety of others, and the person must present an immediate threat to life or great bodily harm. Police justified shooting Scott claiming that they witnessed him get out of his parked car with a gun, then get back in the car, then get back out of the car with the gun again.

While there is no proof that this happened, (and even if it did) North Carolina is an open carry state. The mere sight of a firearm neither constitutes reasonable suspicion nor justifies deadly force.

It is also important to note that Scott’s family claims Scott was unarmed when he was killed, and that the police were working in an undercover/plain clothes capacity. Hypothetically if Scott did have a firearm (which is not illegal) and was approached on his property by armed men that weren’t or didn’t identify themselves as police, Scott legally would have had the right defend himself.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are supposed to protect all people from unlawful stops, searches, and seizures. As of today, police haven’t presented any evidence to support shooting Scott. However police have admitted that some officers present were wearing body cameras.

If the body camera videos supported the officer’s narrative, why not release them in the name of transparency?

Watch the local report below…

Either way, it’s time to release the tapes. Help make that happen by calling,
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department: 704-336-7600
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Mayors...


‘End prison slavery!’ 24,000+ inmates join nationwide jail strike (VIDEO) Intellihub

More than 24,000 inmates in at least 40 prisons from over two dozen states have refused to follow orders, failing to report for work and causing prisons to go on lockdown, since the nationwide prison work strike began in early September.

From Alabama to Michigan to Texas, despite the isolation of prisons and a desire to cover-up news of the work stoppages by correctional departments, reports are leaking of widespread disruption at prisons.

The nationwide prison strike began September 9, when inmates refused to report for their prison jobs. It is becoming the largest prison strike in US history.


In California, at least 150 inmates are confirmed to be on strike in the John Latorraca Correctional Facility and Merced County Sheriff Jail. They are demanding better conditions, a lieutenant to be ousted and an end to solitary confinement. Inmates have been threatened with guns and dogs.

“Initially with the strike, they refused all consumption of food and all movement. They had boycotted court, their yard time, their visitation, all medical movement until something is changed,” Victoria Castillo, an organizer with Live Free Merced, told RT. “We had all sort of problems with inmates not properly triaged or being triaged and cleared from prison and then having to have extensive surgery for cancers and underlying medical conditions that were potentially life threatening as well as improper mental health evaluations.”

Castillo said that at the John Latorraca facility, there were “suicides every 60 to 90 days.”

There are additional reports that the largest women’s prison in the state, Central California Women’s prison in Chowchilla, is also on an all-out strike.

Azzurra Crispino, organizer with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, told RT that while the mainstream media is not covering the strikes, there are many grassroots organizations working inside and outside over the major goal to reform prison conditions and strive for a prisoners’ union.

“It is important to talk about why we want a prisoners’ union and a fair minimum wage or a fair wage for prisoners. It is not just to better their conditions and give them a little nest-egg when they come out of prison and reduce recidivism, but also the recognition that the system of mass incarceration in the United States in only possible, because it exploits these captive workers,” Crispino told RT. “Unionizing prisoners, which is why the Industrial Workers of the World is involved, is a strategy towards prison abolition and an end to prison slavery.”

Crispino said there are private and public companies that benefit from the labor prison industry.

“McDonald’s, Starbucks, AT&T, Verizon, Victoria Secret, United Airlines. It is a long list of companies that use prison labor for pennies to the hour, if at all any wage, and are benefiting from this monetarily,” Crispino added.

Crispino said inmates have been threatened with retaliation in the form of solitary confinement, and long-term solitary confinement.

“In California at Merced, the inmates were threatened with dogs, rubber bullets and pepper spray,” Crispino told RT. “We have seen a decrease in food quality to the prisoners. In South Carolina, there have been reports of maggots in the food. Lockdowns have been widespread.”


In Florida, protests erupted in four facilities in the north of the state.

At the Holmes Correctional Institution, a major disturbance happened on September 7, with several hundred inmates housed in multiple dorms for 24 hours. Visitations were canceled, and lockdown continued through the weeke...


Obama set to veto 9/11 victims’ statutory right to sue Saudis Veterans Today

Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (C-L) meeting with US President Barack Obama in Washington, DC, on June 17, 2016. (Photo by AFP) US President Barack Obama is set to veto legislation which gives the families of 9/11 attack victims a civil cause of action against Saudi Arabia […]


PressTV-‘Adelson will hold sway over Trump’ Veterans Today

US Republican mega-donor and hard-line Zionist Sheldon Adelson According to former US Senator Mike Gravel, hard-line American Zionist Sheldon Adelson would have unprecedented influence in a Donald Trump presidential administration. Gravel made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday while commenting on a recent statement by Adelson who said he would […]

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Thursday, 22 September


John Kerry: Dear Russia and Syria, I screwed up Veterans Today

Gordon Duff again got it right when he stated: “The US has shown a willingness to sacrifice any credibility of any kind.” John Kerry didn’t disappoint Duff at all.


Fritz Springmeier Just Announced He Has Inside Info That the IMF Will Announce a New Global Currency on Sept 30th TIP


Fritz Springmeier posted this on his Facebook page last night around 9:30pm Pacific time (on Wed night Sept 21st). My heart sank when I read it. Is this it? I know Fritz is no alarmist which is why I tend to believe this is serious.

Via BeforeItsNews



Get ready. In one hour Babylon will fall. Here is the text of his post:

FRITZ SPRINGMEIER- “THIS IS IT. (21 SEPT ’16) This is the culmination of so many things I’ve written about in the past. I finally have a date to pass on, Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, (more specifically, perhaps late in the afternoon of the 30th for the IMF announcement.) (Before today, I thought it would be after Hillary was by voter-fraud & rigged voting made president.) I suggest you sit down while you read this. Insiders, who care more about their fellow humans, than the corrupt system they are part of, have whispered warnings about this. A few alert financial analysts like James Rickards have picked up on the Sept. 30th date & are warning people. Let me slow down and walk us through this financial watershed event. This kind of sudden destruction matches the prophecy of REV 18:8,10 (& PRV 6:15, ISA 30:13 & 1 THS 5:3).

THE DOLLAR’S STATUS AS THE WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY, what some call the petrodollar. Because large deals between nations are done in dollars, it can be said that 85% of global transactions are done in U.S. dollars. I have explained many times that our dollar’s VIP status globally has allowed the U.S. to create as many dollars out of thin air that it wants without destroying the dollar’s value–inflating the supply of money is simply a global tax on everyone who holds dollars, and more dollars are held by foreigners overseas than by Americans. In other words, we have been getting a free ride. I have repeatedly discuss...


Brilliant Hidden Messages: Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” TIP


Da Vinci’s 15th century painting “The Last Supper” is beyond brilliant and one of the world’s most famous paintings.

Via BeforeItsNews


Mastering Art and Art History while studying abroad I actually got to see and study many famous artworks and architecture. Although this was 20 years ago I was never taught or able at the time to uncover what I have self-taught myself in the last 5 years.

Spiraling down this never-ending rabbit hole I had studied in depth many philosophers and their works. One of my favorites- Manly P. Hall’s lectures and books.

Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Kabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus. He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult.

Carl Jung, when writing Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall’s private collection.

In 1973, Hall was recognized as a 33* Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

This lead me to uncovering the fact that in our ancient world many of our greatest minds were initiates of these mystery schools such as Percales, Plutarch, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zoroaster, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Herodotus, Hippocrates, Euclid, Democritus- all trained in the great mystery schools of Egypt and Greece. They all established wisdom that nourished their civilizations.

In more recent history, we find many initiates from the ancient mystery schools included Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newt...


New Leaks, as usual…never a world about Israel or real organized crime Veterans Today

Bahamas files: New leak exposes offshore ‘tax haven’ dealings of politicians, companies [ Editor’s note:  The real story is Assange, now Snowden and the other “leakers.”  They get Hillary’s emails, they get bank accounts of thousands, hundreds of thousands…always the same.  They only get enemies of Israel.  Look for something on Netanyahu or Trump or […]


Obama DOJ Complaint Against NYC bomber Scrubs References to Islamic State in Jihad Journal Freedom Outpost



What further proof do Americans need to show that Obama and his party of treason is aligned with the jihad force? Remember, Obama’s DoJ did the same thing with the Orlando nightclub jihadi’s transcripts to 9/11. Lynch scrubbed them all references to Islam.

This is Islamic law. And it borders on treason. Obama’s obsession and submission to Islam has put us all in grave jeopardy.

“Federal complaint against bombing suspect appears to omit journal’s ISIS references,” FOX News, September 21, 2016
A page revealed from the bloody journal of the New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami showed three names commonly associated with the Islamic State terror group and its followers, yet federal investigators included only one of those words in their complaint charging him on Tuesday.


An image of the page, obtained by ABC News, shows...


Pesticide Used To Control Zika Mosquitoes Causes Birth Defects And Autism TIP


A strategic partner of Monsanto, is the manufacturer of Naled, the pesticide used in the US to control mosquitoes that spread Zika, AND the pesticide believed by some doctors to be the real cause of increasing microcephaly in infants. Both pesticides cause birth defects and increase autism risk in humans.

Via TrueActivist


Credit - AP

Over the past few months, US government officials have given the ‘go ahead’ for the widespread spraying of pesticides on local populations, mostly in Florida and New York. The spraying is aimed at controlling mosquito populations as mosquitoes are known to harbor the Zika virus, a virus which has caused recent panic across the country. Yet, leading scientists, including Kenyan entomologist Dino Martins, are coming forward, saying that aerial spraying is ineffective and dangerous to both humans and the environment. In addition, a study released in April linked aerial spraying for mosquito control with a 25% increase in autism cases. Of even greater concern is the mounting evidence that the birth defects linked to Zika are really caused by a pesticide used for mosquito control. Could the US actually manufacture a new epidemic of pesticide poisonings in its attempts to lessen Zika fears?

The answer may concern you as this has all happened before. Before World War II, mosquito control efforts focused on draining wetlands by digging massive ditches. During the Great Depression, 1,500 miles of ditches were dug in Florida alone. However, in 1944, Monsanto began marketing a “wonder chemical” known as DDT to control insect populations and by 1949, the state began paying for widespread aerial spraying of DDT in mosquito problem areas. At the time, there were...


Scientists Find Fruit In Australia Capable Of Killing Cancer, Mainstream Media Stays Silent TIP


“The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind.”

Via TrueActivist



Already, 1 in 2 people is expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes. That’s 50% of all humans on Earth. If a potential cure was found, one would expect to see it broadcasted on every mainstream media site, correct? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Regardless, this recent discovery is worth knowing about and passing along to others.

According to ABC News, an eight-year-long study led by Dr. Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane, has confirmed that a compound in a rare berry which grows exclusively in Australia is capable of killing tumors. The flushed berry, also known as the Hylandia dockrillii, has a unique compound called EBC-46 that kills head and neck tumors as well as melanomas. In approximately 75% of the cases, says Dr. Boyle, the cancer cells did NOT come back.

He explains:

“There’s a compound in the seed – it’s a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it’s there in the first place, we don’t know. The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind.” 

Scientists are astounded by how fast the compound in the flushed berry works, as well as the lack of side effects caused by the treatment. In trials, the drug took effect within five minutes and tumors disappeared within days.



Recorded Testimony From Military Whistleblower Implicates Existence of Chemtrails TIP


Chemtrails — maybe your friends and family don’t believe in them yet — but they are very real.  

Via HumansAreFree


The nefarious activity of military and commercial jets purposely spewing forth elements like aluminum, barium, fuel additive polymers, nickel, cadmium, mold, fungi, desiccated blood, mycotoxins,, according to Global Research, doesn’t make much sense to logical, caring, trusting people.

Or folks who never look up. What we’re commonly told is that these substances are being strewn about in order to reflect sunlight to halt global warming from that nasty Co2.

Guess it doesn’t matter that CO2 is good for plant growth. Or that, as reported by Climate Depot, that there’s been an eighteen year “pause” in the warming trend.

And, according to Suspicious Observers, the earth’s electromagnetic shield, solar flares, space weather and that huge ball of fire in the sky are much larger factors that what you breathe out of your lungs, participating in that marvelous act called photosynthesis.


Twenty years ago, in 1996, the United States Air Force (USAF) put together a proposal entitled  “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.”

In it they wax on about the strategic and global security implications of mastering the weather domain.

When man begins to think that’s it’s not enough to control the weather, but it must be “owned,” our hubris and arrogance may be reaching an all time high.

Fortunately, there is a caring, conscientious and articulate woman who spent nine years in the Air Force as an industrial hygienist and environmental specialist.

Her name is Kristen Meghan. She was a witness to large barrels of chemicals and toxins that had no manufacturer name and were being sprayed without regard to env...


Project SIGMA — How the Secret Government is Selling Your Genome to the Greys TIP


In the 1950s, the US Government decided there was nothing wrong in letting Grey aliens abduct a few humans, if the price was right. Turns out you can’t win a deal with the devil.

Via HumansAreFree


After shooting down several extraterrestrial flying vehicles and acquiring the advanced technology they carried on-board, the government deemed it very profitable to establish communication channels with the foreign entities.

After all, amassing alien hi tech would grant the US technological superiority both in military and intelligence circles.

One of the first projects to deal with this situation was Project SIGMA, a joint operation established in 1952 by the NSA/CIA consortium. Ufologists refer to this venture using many monikers, including the TAU IX Treaty for the Preservation of Mankind (as Dr. Dan Burisch calls it), the Greada Treaty or the Edwards Agreement, named after the air force base where the monumental meeting reportedly took place.

Its main objective was to pave the way for meaningful and productive communications between humans and aliens.

Using technology we would now call rudimentary, Project Sigma scientists managed to pinpoint the relative location of a suspicious group of asteroids moving in an orderly fashion.

Using the telecommunications equipment developed using the technology aboard the downed UFOs, a transmission was sent in their general direction. The reply did not take long and a meeting was scheduled.

However, the message was also intercepted by another extraterrestrial presence that kept a close eye on our planet.

A Nordic species known as The Blues contacted the humans and advised them not to enter any arrangements with the force that had moved from the outskirts of the solar system into an equatorial orbit around Earth. They warned us about the other alien species and the fact that they only serve themselves.

The Blues refused to offer us any of their technology. Instead, the Blues offered to support us in our spiritual development but asked something in return: that mankind collectively dismantled their nucle...


Ex CIA Agent: Every Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack TIP


In the following video Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the business model of the war on terror.

Ex CIA Agent: Every Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack


Max interviews open source advocate and former CIA agent , Robert David Steele, about false flag attacks.

Whistleblower David Steele, a former Marine and CIA clandestine services case officer says that most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or were created by our own security services.

Apart from documents that have outlined supposed terrorist threats, like Al-Qaeda, and their connection to US intelligence agencies, like the CIA, there are a number of whistleblowers that have come out adding more fuel to the fire. Because not many are even aware of these documents, letting people know about a truth that can be hard for people to accept, let alone ponder the possibility is very important. It’s just one aspect of the veil that’s been blinding the masses for quite some time now.

David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence. He is a former CIA clandestine services case officer, and this is what he had to say:

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

What Is A “False Flag Attack?”


Putin: Colin Powell Lied At The UN TIP


Russian President Vladimir Putin says former U.S. Secretary of State General Colin Powell lied to the UN about weapons of mass destruction and malevolent Iraqi intentions.

Via YourNewsWire


colin powell

Colin Powell presented “evidence” to the UN that Iraq possessed WMDs during a February 2003 speech.

The general’s speech on behalf of the neocons in Washington paved the way for the U.S.- led invasion of Iraq.

No Iraqi WMD’s have been found to date.

The country has suffered destruction and death on a massive scale since the 2003 invasion, dubbed “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Inessa S YouTube video:


To fully understand this video, you basically have to unlearn everything you think you know about Western sanctions, the war in Ukraine, MH17, Nemtsov, Panama Papers, etc.

colin powell

All of these things are done in or...


National Effort Launches to Fight Surveillance State on Local Level Activist Post

By Derrick Broze A coalition of seventeen organizations has launched an effort to combat the growing Surveillance State by supporting accountability measures in eleven cities...


Native American Man Beaten To Death by Cops Because “He Was Drunk” Counter Current News


Phillip M. High Bear Sr., a thirty three year old man, was arrested and subsequently beaten by police on September 15th, 2016. High Bear was arrested for public intoxication by CRST police, and placed in their “drunk tank”.

The drunk tank, in this particular facility, is a cell that has cement floors and no mattresses for intoxicated inmates to lay on. Lieutenant Chad Olson, with CRST police, claims he discovered Mr. High Bear in his cell, experiencing respiratory distress. At this point Phillip High Bear was transported to  Indian Health Service hospital, which is located in Eagle Butte.

As Ernestine Chasing Hawk with Native Sun News reported:

Paula Mae High Bear mother of Phillip said she was in Sioux Falls when she received a call from a doctor at I.H.S. that she needed to come and identify her son who was brought in unresponsive from the CRST jail and later died.
“He said when they brought him in he was unresponsive. The doctor said he worked and worked on him but was not able to revive him,” she said.

When Paula Mae and other family members went to the funeral home, the funeral director told her to be prepared when she sees him because he has a lot of bruising.
“He was all beat up,” she said tearfully. “They (CRST police) picked on him all the time. They beat him up twice before. He had long beautiful hair and he said, ‘Mom I want to cut my hair so they will stop pulling my hair.’”
She said witnesses came forward and have told her that when police officers arrested Phillip he was maced repeatedly and drug on his stomach. Another witness told her that several people were hollering at police officers to stop.

However Olson denies Phillip was beaten by police officers.
“That is not true,” Olson said. “There is no facts or anything. I know what people are saying and all I can say is, it is not true. It will all come out in the investigation.”
Olson said the case is under investigation by both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Internal Affairs.

Phillip High Bear Sr. had one son, Phillip High Bear Jr. and a daughter named Sonique High Bear. Both of his parents and children had to live to see their father/son die suspiciously in police custody.

Native Americans are killed by police at a higher frequency per capita than any other group in America. Something about the police department, in particular Lieutenant Chad Olson’s claim that they just “discovered” Mr. High Bear Sr. in tha...


Assad is Right: US Air Force Supporting ISIS Attacks in Syria…Iraq as Well Veterans Today

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional” and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will” to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria. Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader denied that the airstrikes carried […]


Thirty Foreign Intelligence Officers of US-led Coalition Including Israelis Killed in Russia Missile Attack in Aleppo Global Research

The Russian warships in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Saman mountain, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers. Several US, Turkish,…


Video Proves St. Louis Cop Planted Gun On Man He Shot Counter Current News


Video from a police SUV and a business provide the most complete picture yet of a shooting in which a former St. Louis police officer is charged with murder.

According to Christine Byers of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Included are store surveillance video of the attempt by Officers Jason Stockley and Brian Bianchi to arrest drug suspect Anthony Lamar Smith on Dec. 20, 2011, and a police recording of a pursuit that ends with a crash and Stockley shooting Smith.

Stockley, now 35, who left the force in 2013, was charged this year with first-degree murder based on what Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s office said was new evidence that she did not disclose. Bianchi was not accused of wrongdoing and remains on the force.

A federal judge had issued a protective order forbidding release of the material by lawyers who obtained it as part of a civil suit in which the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners paid a $900,000 settlement in 2013 for Smith’s young daughter. In August, the judge denied a request from the Post-Dispatch to lift the order based on Joyce’s request that the information not be released.

The Post-Dispatch obtained copies of videos and reports from someone not otherwise involved in the legal proceedings, who said he had received them anonymously.

Also included were some reports and memos from the investigation, crime scene and evidence photos, and a recording of an OnStar vehicle assistance system operator who tried to get a response from Smith after the crash.

Byers reports that, “Joyce filed a murder complaint against Stockley in May and obtained an indictment in August. He remains free on $1 million bail, secured by the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, and stays with relatives in Illinois. A trial setting hearing is scheduled for Oct. 3.”

Court documents claim that Stockley spoke during the pursuit of killing Smith.

The documents also say tests revealed Stockley’s DNA — but not Smith’s — on the .38-caliber Taurus revolver police said was found in Smith’s car.

Despite video and DNA evidence, Stockley told investigators he fired when Smith reached for that weapon. The officer told investigators he unloaded the revolver as a safety precaution after the shooting.

Activists and Smith’s relatives claim that Stockley planted the weapon.

It takes about six minutes from the time Stockley and Bianchi try to arrest Smith after a suspected drug deal outside a Church’s Chicken restaurant, near Thekla Avenue and Riverview Boulevard, to the shooting of Smith after a high-spe...


America’s Quiet “Cultural Colonization” of Southeast Asia: State Department’s “Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative” (YSEALI) Global Research

The US State Department’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) claims on its official US government website to build “the leadership capabilities of youth in the region and promotes cross-border cooperation to solve regional and global challenges.” It not only…


Most Americans Would Rather See $38 Billion Invested In Vets & Education Than Israeli Military Aid Counter Current News

Homeless Korean War veteran Thomas Moore, 79, left, speaks with Boston Health Care for the Homeless street team outreach coordinator Romeena Lee on a sidewalk in Boston. M (AP/Steven Senne)

Homeless Korean War veteran Thomas Moore, 79, left, speaks with Boston Health Care for the Homeless street team outreach coordinator Romeena Lee on a sidewalk in Boston. M (AP/Steven Senne)

AUSTIN, Texas — The announcement of a massive new aid package recently offered to Israel isn’t sitting well with many Americans, who would rather see the money used domestically, according to a new online poll.

On Sept. 14, the White House announced a Memorandum of Understanding under which the United States will provide Israel with an unprecedented $38 billion in “security assistance” over a ten-year period, between fiscal years 2019 and 2028. At about $3.8 billion annually, the deal marks a significant increase from the current levels of foreign aid to Israel, which total more than $3.1 billion each year.

“The majority of the proposed spending is for Foreign Military Financing to provide Israel advanced and upgraded jet fighters, to continue developing Israel’s missile defense systems and to purchase other U.S. weapons,” Grant Smith on Tuesday, director of the Institute For Research: Middle Eastern Policy, wrote inan analysis published by on Tuesday.

A poll conducted by Google Consumer surveys posed this question about the newly minted deal to 1,005 internet users:

“The U.S. just agreed to provide $38 billion in military aid to Israel over the next ten years. In your opinion, how could this money be better spent?”

Just 16.8 percent of those surveyed thought the money should be spent on Israel. The majority, or about 81 percent, indicated that the money should be redirected elsewhere, with 20.7 percent suggesting directing the funds toward veterans, 20.1 percent toward education, 19.3 toward efforts to pay down the national debt, and 14.9 percent toward rebuilding U.S. infrastructure. A small group, 5.8 percent, wanted to see the funds go toward the Middle East peace process.



Here’s How the US, Israel, al-Qaeda and ISIS Work Together in Syria Global Research

The Syrian battlefield is now witnessing an escalation of the war. This is despite the fact that it is supposed to be a time of cessation of hostilities brokered by the US and Russia. The Syrian war has two major…


Syrian Army Opens Fire on US Drone in Deir Ezzor Global Research

The Syrian Arab Army’s 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Tank Division opened fire on a U.S. reconnaissance drone today after it was spotted flying over the Thardeh Mountains of Deir Ezzor. According to a source at the Deir Ezzor…


UN Removes Charges Against Russia and Syria Regarding Air Strike On Humanitarian Convoy in Syria Global Research

The UN has revised its recently released statement regarding the humanitarian convoy affected by an attack in Syria. The phrase “air strikes” were replaced with references to unspecified “attacks.” Change of the text of the statement came after explanations of…


Farm Aid 2016: A Revolution in Food and Farming is Brewing Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville The 31st Farm Aid benefit concert opened with a press conference made up of individuals from a number of different areas. Notably,...


Are Trump and Clinton Going to be Assassinated at the Same Time? Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



Let’s take a globalist perspective of the present situation in the 2016 race for the White House. The criminal elite do not want Donald Trump’s populist movement to progress any further. To do so, would advance the cause of nationalism over the sovereignty busting globalism the end game of the New World Order. However, it would be a case of high risk poker to assassinate Trump as it would put tens of millions into the street and the risk having an uprising that cannot easily be squelched would become real. A military coup might even result.

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton were to die, or be incapacitated to the point where she cannot continue the campaign, the globalists would witness the election, by default, going to Trump, yet, another unacceptable alternative.

Imagine if both candidates were to suddenly die. Only a handful of Trump supporters would suspect anything nefarious. Clinton’s impending demise would not leave Donald Trump’s revisionist notion for America in the White House. The simultaneous death of Clinton and Trump would allow the globalists to hit the reset button and erase the mistake they made when Trump was not stopped in the early days of the campaign, in Robert F. Kennedy style.

Are Both Candidates Slated to Die?

We are all to aware of the fact that media based predictive programming is utilized by the crimial elite to condition the masses for what is coming. It is not a very big leap of faith to project that in the last 11 days, America has been the recipient of some very disturbing type of predictive programming. It is looking more an more like both candidates are going to meet their fate at, or about, the same time.

The Globalists Have Made a Losing Bet

I think we can all agree that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. And her candidacy has blown up in the face of the her puppet masters. And what do professional gamblers do when a bet goes this bad? They simply fold their cards and wait for the next hand to be dealt. This appears to be the case with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As I have previously written, her continued candidacy is a liability for the globalists.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the very liberal, left-wing Huffington Post published an  “obituary” for Hillary’s campaign listing nine very valid reasons why Clinton will not be elected to the White House. The media, piece by piece, is beginning to run from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They are clearly preparing for the death of Clinton’s Presidential campaign, and as we will soon see, they may be preparing for her actual death. Actually, both candidates may have their foot on the proverbial banana peel. Let’s start with Donald Trump.



Is Your Pet Animal Over-vaccinated? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Most of the vaccine safety questioning and advocacy issues have been about vaccinations for children, but very little media attention has...


No debate: Tough for Arkansas Democrats to win statewide races

By Steve Brawner
© 2016 by Steve Brawner Communications, Inc.

You can’t blame a guy for trying, and that includes trying to be a U.S. senator.

I’m referring to Democratic candidate Conner Eldridge’s latest attempt to debate Republican Sen. John Boozman, or at least to remind whoever is listening that Boozman doesn’t want to debate him.

Which he doesn’t, and why would he? Debates are unpredictable, and Boozman might make a big mistake, although this campaign is showing that a candidate can say or do just about anything and still become a major party presidential nominee. Boozman has agreed to one debate, sponsored by AETN Oct. 12.

Boozman will continue doing what all front-running incumbents do: Avoid his opponent no matter how much the opponent gets under his skin, stay out of trouble, and use his huge fundraising advantage to run television ads, which Boozman has begun doing with a recent $300,000 ad buy. The ad shows him in a positive light and doesn’t mention Eldridge, who isn’t on TV yet.

Meanwhile, Eldridge will continue doing what all underdog opponents do: try to throw a kink in those plans. After months of calling out Boozman – even driving a truck around the state with two podiums – Eldridge finally held a debate without him in Fayetteville with the Libertarian candidate, Frank Gilbert. On the stage was an empty podium signifying Boozman’s absence.

The run-up to the debate was kind of messy. As reported by KUAR’s Jacob Kauffman, the debate was to be organized by the University of Arkansas Associated Student Government. Apparently the Boozman campaign was never issued an invitation, which of course it would have declined. Still, when the snafu became apparent, the debate’s moderator, Doug Thompson with the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, pulled out.

I should disclose that I was then approached by Gilbert to see if I would be willing to moderate and said I would do it, but then I removed myself from consideration when I learned about the empty podium prop. The night of the debate, television anchor Dillon Thomas also backed out.

Basically, everybody got what they wanted, though in a roundabout way. Boozman avoided the debate. Eldridge got a visual of an empty podium that he can use to remind voters that Boozman won’t debate him – which is more useful to him than an actual debate, which few would watch. Gilbert had a chance to discuss the issues, which is why he’s running as a Libertarian and not as a major party candidate.

The problem for Eldridge is that this election was over when he decided to put a “D” at the end of his name and Boozman already had an “R” at the end of his, and “Sen.” at the front.

Here are the percentages statewide Republican candidates have won in recent elections: 57 percent by Sen. Tom Cotton in 2014; 55 percent by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in 2014; 61 percent by Mitt Romney in 2012; and 58 percent by Boozman in 2010.

Here are the percentages won by Democrats in those races: 39, 41, 37, 37, by Sen. Mark Pryor in 2014, by Mike Ross in his race for governor in 2014, by President Obama in 2012, and by Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2010.

See a pattern there? The Republican ceiling is somewhere in the high 50s to low 60s. The Democrats’ ceiling is somewhere in the high 30s to low 40s. It’s possible that the six people running for president as independents and third party candidates might mess up that equation in that race a little, but not much. Otherwise, Hillary Clinton, Arkansas’ former first lady, would be campaigning here.

Debates will not make Arkansas competitive. What will make Arkansas competitive is demographic change – when the voting population becomes more diverse, as has happened in other states, and when today’s young people become active voters. The rising millennial generation seems to be more liberal about some things, although some voters become more conservative as they grow older.



Wake Up Call — Bumble Bee Just Proposed for U.S. Endangered Species Status The Free Thought Project

beeThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Wednesday proposed listing the rusty patched bumble bee, a prized but vanishing pollinator.


Why Is Environmental Damage Of War Considered A Taboo Subject? Activist Post

By Diane Mantzaris While Australia’s so called progressive left has been hollering about the environmental damage caused to our planet and lamenting the impact of...


Two More Counties Say No to HUD, Refuse Federal Funds Activist Post

By Mike Maharrey Two more counties have joined a Colorado town in rejecting grants covered by HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, effectively nullifying a...


“Leave Those Kids Alone” — Cop Confronted on Facebook Live for Detaining Innocent Children The Free Thought Project

childrenA Facebook Live video posted by an angry bystander in Delaware who witnessed a cop stop and question three children has sparked a firestorm.


The Demise of Obama’s Trade Deals Is Greatly Exaggerated WhoWhatWhy

Cue the theme from Jaws. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, the prospect of the US agreeing to at least one, if not two, massive trade deals is emerging as a distinct possibility.

A few months ago, it looked like both controversial trade agreements were foundering.

Back then, both major party presidential candidates declared themselves opposed to the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which the White House had negotiated with 11 Pacific Rim nations, making it one of the largest trade deals in history.

At the same time, Britain’s recent vote to exit the European Union appeared to knock the wind out of the sails of negotiations between the EU and US on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

But like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, these trade pacts seem to be pretty hard to kill.

President Barack Obama certainly hasn’t given up. He is campaigning hard for Congress to approve TPP by the end of this year. On September 16, Obama met with congressional leaders to urge passage of TPP during the post-election “lame duck” session. He even brought in Republican governor John Kasich (OH) to help make his case.

The US Trade Representative and the EU also haven’t halted their discussions, despite widely reported comments from French and German officials this summer that the deal was moribund. The next round of trade talks is set for early October, likely in New York City.

Indeed, German opponents of TTIP were so concerned that they organized multi-city demonstrations on September 17. (The demonstrations targeted not only the potential deal between the US and the EU, but also an agreement between the EU and Canada, which is far closer to being finalized.)

There is a “real danger” that TPP could be approved by Congress “right after the [November] election when members are the least accountable,” Ben Beachy, senior policy advisor for the Sierra Club’s Responsible Trade Program, told WhoWhatWhy.

Protest against TTIP & CETA in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo credit: Patrick G. Stößer / Campact / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Protest against TTIP & CETA in Frankfurt, Germany.
Photo credit: Patrick G. Stößer / Campact / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)



Unconfirmed – Russian Med ship launch missile attack to kill foreign command center near Aleppo Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - This has been lightly reported but not picked up or even commented on by the involved combatants. We will be looking for confirmation during the day and updating.


Virginia Woman Feeds 150 Hungry People for $20: More Proof That the Government Is Obsolete Freedom Outpost



You know what I find absolutely beautiful?

When a person takes over something that is usually left to be done by the government, does it a thousand times more efficiently, and does it with a true sense of compassion.

One of the major arguments that people have against less taxation and smaller government is that there will be no one to help the poor. If you don’t want to see a huge percentage of your money extorted from your paycheck and funneled into expensive government programs, then you’re accused of “hating poor people”  or being a racist.

But think about it: it’s human nature to resent being forced to do something like “give” your hard-earned money to the government so that they can dole it out to others. However, when force is not involved, then true compassion and generosity can shine through, and I believe it would do so far more often.

If charity is dying, it’s because the federal government is killing it. It’s because nonprofit organizations take our donations and pay their CEOs and directors enormous salaries. (The director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America earns $1.8 million, the president of United Way Worldwide earns $1.2 million, and the CEO of Goodwill earns $850,000. source)  Don’t even get me started on fake charities like the Clinton Foundation, which are just a way for rich folks get donations and shift around money that they don’t want to pay taxes on.

We can do so much better than that.

“Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through by the passion of individuals. ”  ~ Margaret Mead

True charity is voluntary.

A common question asked of those of us who object to taxation and big government is, “Who will feed the poor?”

Here’s one answer: People like Lauren Puryear....


Obama Used His Final UN Address To Promote A ‘Liberal World Order’ And A Palestinian State Freedom Outpost



During Barack Obama’s eighth and final address to the United Nations he let his true colors show. He staunchly defended globalism, he took several not very subtle shots at Donald Trump, and he boldly declared that Israel “cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land.” That statement about “Palestinian land” was extremely alarming to many, because there are indications that Obama may decide to support a UN Security Council resolution that establishes the parameters for a Palestinian state during his final months in the White House. Barack Obama has promised to squeeze every ounce of “change” out of the remainder of his term that he possibly can, and his last UN speech showed what is on his heart at this moment.

According to the Washington Post, Obama’s final UN address represented “an impassioned plea on behalf of a liberal world order”…

President Obama, in his final speech to the United Nations Tuesday, made an impassioned plea on behalf of a liberal world order that he admitted was under growing threat from wars in the Middle East and rising nationalism at home and in Europe.

Speaking to the U.N. General Assembly for the eighth and last time as president, Obama sought to rise above the conflicts of the moment and outline a future of international cooperation, stressing the importance of the global liberal institutions formed after World War II, including the United Nations.

Barack Obama is a true believer in internationalism. He appears to be completely convinced that the best path forward for humanity involves more integration on all levels – political, economic and even spiritual. Just check out this excerpt from his speech

“I believe that at this moment we all face a choice,” Obama said. “We can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and in...


Catholic Trade/Obama + Netanyahu Conclude/ And More WhoWhatWhy

PICKS are stories from many sources, selected by our editors or recommended by our readers because they are important, surprising, troubling, enlightening, inspiring, or amusing. They appear on our site and in our daily newsletter. Please send suggested articles, videos, podcasts, etc. to

Fire in Refugee Camp Makes Tough Situation Much Tougher (Russ)

We don’t hear nearly enough about the daily lives of people fleeing wars generated in good measure by our own countries.

Arsonists Destroy Lab with Terrorism Evidence (Dan)

Arsonists destroyed a lab in Belgium that contained DNA of suspected terrorists, including many involved in recent attacks in Europe.

No End In Sight For Sluggish Growth (Jeff C.)

In what International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde has derided as “the new mediocre,” world growth will remain trapped in the 2 to 3 percent channel that it’s been in since 2010 for at least another year.

Obama and Netanyahu End with Smiles (Dan)

The often bitter relationship between Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu ends on a high note. It helps that Israel recently received $38 billion in aid from the US.

Ageism in Silicon Valley (Russ)

It’s tough in the land of perpetual new ideas for anyone over 40, female, black, etc.

Trump Proposes National ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Policy (Trevin)

Believe it or not, the comment was made in an African American church: “In New York City it was so incredible, the way it worked.”

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Muslim Refugee Terror Is Changing America Freedom Outpost



The wave of Muslim refugee terror began with a bomb targeting a U.S. Marine charity run in New Jersey. By evening a pressure cooker full of shrapnel has exploded outside a Manhattan building for the blind. An hour later, a rampaging Muslim terrorist began stabbing people inside a Macy’s, asking them if they were Muslim and shouting the name of “Allah,” the genocidal Islamic deity of mass murder.

And that was one Saturday, two Muslim refugees and a wave of national terror 1,200 miles apart.

What did Elizabeth, New Jersey and St. Cloud, Minnesota have in common?

New Jersey has the second largest Muslim population in the country. This isn’t the first time it was used as a staging ground for Muslim terror.

11 of the 19 September 11 hijackers hung out in Paterson (known colloquially as Paterstine). Head toward Jersey City and you can see where Muslim enemies of this country stood on rooftops and cheered the attacks on September 11. It’s also where the World Trade Center bombing mastermind and the Blind Sheikh who provided religious guidance for a proposed wave of Islamic terror operated.

Go south and in Elizabeth you can pass the First American Fried Chicken joint where the Rahami clan made life miserable for their American neighbors before one of their spawn began his bombing spree.

New Jersey is a map of Muslim terror plots because of its huge Muslim population.

Ahmad Khan Rahami came to America as the son of an Afghan refugee. He stabbed a man two years ago. His family was a local nuisance who cried “Islamophobia” at the least provocation. His brother was a Jihadi sympathizer and may have fled the country after assaulting a police officer. By the time Ahmad was done, he had wounded a police officer and 29 other people. If his plot had succeeded, he might have pulled off the largest Muslim terror atrocity in the country since September 11.

Sadly, Syrian Muslim “refugees” continued to be dumped in Elizabeth, NJ to seed the next wave of Muslim terror. The International Rescue Committee, one of the two largest migrant agencies plaguing the Garden State, is based in Elizabeth, 8 minutes away from the Rahimi chicken place.

Last year Erol Kekic, the head of the group, insisted that the issue would “blow over.” Instead of blowing over, it’s blowing up.

Minnesota has suffered from the presence of the largest Somali migrant population in the country. And so a state which used to be known for its Swedish and German immigrants instead became a recruiting ground for ISIS and Al-Shabab. Al-Shabab, which is aligned with Al Qaeda, at...


Ex-Muslim Brother Rachid Explains Exactly How Accurately NYC Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami Was Following Islam [video] Freedom Outpost



In this short 9-minute video, Brother Rachid, an ex-Muslim and son of an imam, cites Islamic texts to explain exactly how the NYC bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami was actively and accurately following Islam.

Article reposted with permission from

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“Steady. Strong. Honest.” Even This Former Governor Can’t Keep a Straight Face Endorsing Hillary Freedom Outpost



This video from a debate for a congressional race in Florida is going viral because of how unbelievable it is that someone would pretend Hillary Clinton is an honest and trustworthy candidate.

Just watch as former Governor Charlie Crist – who has now lost several bids for office – tries to pass off his ‘sincere belief’ in Hillary’s qualities for the highest office… and draws laughter from the crowd instead. He dared to say:

I am proud of Hillary Clinton. I think she’s been a very good secretary of state, a very good senator from the state of New York. The thing I like most about her is I believe she is steady, I believe that she is strong, I believe that she is honest, and I look forward to voting for her.

His own faces nearly cracks before he wraps up his statement and the cameras turn away:

Crist, who was governor of Florida from 2007-2011,  is a former Republican who only flipped to the Democrats in 2012 – and had a hard time holding his composure as he made a ridiculously weak endorsement of Hillary’s candidacy for president.

But really anyone would. The body naturally shirks away from something so vile and false, and even seasoned career liars find it hard to work with the material they have been prompted with.

Read his words on paper. They sound like a prompt from someone under Soviet brainwashing and put on trial:

I believe that she is steady.

I believe that she is strong.

I believe that she is honest.

Completely the opposite of reality in every way.

Up-is-down; day-is-night.

Really, Backwards-is-forwards would make a better motto for Hillary’s campaign.

People have never been so anti-establishment during an American election, and there is a strong rebuke of the very sort of thing she really represents.

Even the empty suits and political hacks hired to regurgitate their talking points are having a hard time keeping up the ruse.

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan

The post...


London Mayor Says We Need to Get Used to Terror Attacks Freedom Outpost



One would wonder what the Liberal mayor of New York City and the Muslim mayor of London would have in common. Liberals support sodomite unions and lifestyles, which are banned in Islam. Liberals are egalitarians, while Muslims see women as inferior. So why would these two come together?

The two were speaking at an event called “Building Progressive, Inclusive Cities.” And at this event, Khan took the opportunity to speak about terror. But his words were not very encouraging.

Breitbart reports:

On a trip to New York City, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has said terror attacks are “part and parcel” of urban life, just hours after an Islamic terrorist bombed the city.

Earlier on Sunday, Mr. Khan had spoken at a “meeting for Muslim community leaders” where he also addressed the attacks.

“It is a reality I’m afraid that London, New York, other major cities around the world have got to be prepared for these sorts of things,” he said, the Evening Standard reports.

“That means being vigilant, having a police force that is in touch with communities, it means the security services being ready, but also it means exchanging ideas and best practice,” he added.

This means that Khan believes that we are just going to have to get used to these kinds of events. It means we just need to get used to it happening. And he helps us to understand this by comparing the terrorists to people speaking their mind.

Breitbart continued:

He then appeared to draw an equivalence between people who say offense things and terrorists who commit violence.

He slammed “some people who try and divide our communities,” people who, “say things they shouldn’t be saying,” along with “people who try to commit acts of terror.”

What a surprise. A Muslim leader downplaying terror attacks, also does not believe in free speech.

Article reposted with permission from

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Context for the Nature Band Aid Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

In the neighborhood: Insights on life in a small town

Before my family and I even closed on our new home in North Brainerd, MN, we were brought into a neighborhood conversation regarding the local hospital, their parking lot and the hospital's (as it turns out, non-approved) removal of some plant screening. I did a video on this and it was part of my last In the Neighborhood column, "New Neighbor." 

The issue has matured and now the hospital has applied for an after-the-fact variance that would allow them to keep things as they are. I'm unable to attend the meeting -- I'm happy to be sharing the Strong Towns message in Knoxville that day -- but I put together this letter so my thoughts would be heard. 

Dear Members of the Brainerd Planning Commission,

I am writing to you to express my thoughts on Essentia Health’s request for an after-the-fact variance from the city’s screening requirements. I’m out of town and unable to make the meeting. Please accept these comments in my absence.

While you must act on the application in front of you, I ask you to take a moment and reflect on the multiple challenges that have brought us to this. Stabilizing and improving the city’s core neighborhoods requires a broader conversation about the layout and design of our city.

Brainerd’s screening ordinance is a typical suburban code. Suburban design is based on the assumption that different types of uses are unable to mix and must be separated from each other. Think of the back side of the Target in Baxter, which is across the road from a pod of multi-family housing, homes that face Target. The back side of the building, with the loading docks and dumpsters, is very unattractive. Screening is the band aid kind of way that Baxter’s zoning officials attempt to deal with the ugliness.

Brainerd is not Baxter. North Brainerd is an urban, not a suburban, neighborhood. The underlying assumption of urban development is that, with thoughtful design and respect for one’s neighbors, all different types of uses are compatible. We should not need a screening ordinance.

The fact that we do is an indication that something else is wrong. What is the problem we are trying to apply a vegetative band aid to?

In the case of the hospital parking lot, the problem is pretty clear. Large surface parking lots, regardless of how much vegetation is provided, do not make good neighbors. Essentia Health has argued that they removed the heavy screening because they were having crime problems. That is certainly true. Without the passive surveillance of the homes with their windows and doors facing the street, the closed-off parking lot invited nefarious activity. By opening the lot up to the street, the homes and passing foot traffic now provides extra security for Essentia Health. For the hospital, it makes a lot of sense.

Here’s the neighborly rub: Where is the security for the houses across the street?

There is none. While the properties adjacent to the hospital parking lots are configured in a way that is respectful and neighborly, Es...

How Mexico Saves Its Citizens from the Death Penalty in the U.S. The Marshall Project

A fund is designated to train, pay and advise American defense lawyers.


Lawsuit Launched Over New Tax On Foreign Home Buyers Latest blog

Canadian legal experts maintain that the new foreign-buyers tax is a violation to the North American Free Trade Agreement by treating some investors in a discriminatory fashion. And now a Vancouver law firm is looking to have a judge certify a class-action lawsuit against the B.C. Government over it.


Mexico: Let the Storm Begin! Luis Fernando Sotelo Sentenced to 33 Years IT'S GOING DOWN

From Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico
Translated by Scott Campbell

On Tuesday, September 20, after one year and nine months of proceedings, our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano was given a sentence of 33 years and five months in prison and a fine of 519,815.25 pesos, for the crimes of attacks on public thoroughfares, first-degree attacks on public order, and first-degree destruction of private property.

This sentence is in line with the Mexican state’s policies of repression and criminalization, starting with Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, who sought to condemn our compañero without any evidence and to place a ridiculous and disproportionate sentence on him.

In the face of their policies of terror, we state that we are not afraid, that their sentences will collapse, because we have reason and organization on our side.

Today we renew and strengthen the solidarity with our compañero, may he know that he is not alone, we will walk and struggle together until the walls of their prisons fall, we will fight tirelessly until we are all free!

Let our rage become one, let the wind blow, let the storm begin!

Free Luis Fernando Sotelo Campaign

Background on Luis Fernando Sotelo

Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano was arrested alongside Sergio Pérez Landero on November 5, 2014, near luis-fernando-soteloUniversity City in Mexico City, following the Third Global Day of Action for Ayotzinapa. During the demonstration, a Metrobús station and a Metrobús (a rapid transit bus service) were burned.

The following day, Sergio was released for lack of evidence, while 20-year-old student Luis Fernando was charged with several major crimes and sent to South Prison (Reclusorio Sur) in Mexico City, where for a time he was held in solitary confinement, classified by the warden as a “pyromaniac.” Three businesses and the Mexico City government claimed 13 million pesos in damages.

Luis Fernando was involved in various political projects, including the Ollin Meztli Collective, the ik’ otik Cooperative, the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity, and is an adherent to the Zapatista’s Sixth Declaration.


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Panera Wants Diners to Bring Home the ‘Better’ Bacon Guardian Liberty Voice

Bacon is more popular than ever with flavoring being added to all kinds of products and strips of the meat being added to dishes at restaurants at all price points. But, Panera Bread has thrown down the gauntlet before other national restaurant chains with an announcement Wednesday, Sept. 21., that they will only sell clean […]

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It's Political Malpractice, Stupid OpEdNews

Democrats are wallowing in the Anger stage of the Kubler-Ross model of grief. How on earth, they howl on op-ed pages and cable-news talking-head shows, can this be? Why doesn't the electorate--that useless "basket of deplorables"--not see what is plain for all to see, that Hillary possesses more qualifications for the nation's highest political office in her tiniest pinkie toe than The Donald has in his whole 267-pound body.


Transcendent Men: Hegel and Posthumanism (Part 3) 21st Century Wire


12036523_10153725279532287_4578663768194735472_nBranko Malić
21st Century Wire

In the third, final, podcast we sum up the meaning of Hegelian dialectics and it’s analogies to Posthumanism.

While Hegelian philosophy, like all philosophy of Modernity, suffers from unbridgeable gap it digs between humanity and the world, posthumanism revels in the abyss it digs between narcissistic individual and everything else – both humanity and the world.

We demonstrate that posthumanism is an instance of absolute, metaphysical, egoism which, paradoxically, ends up revoking all individual properties of human being in order to render it absolutely free.

Hegel ends up creating a system of absolute knowledge that was supposed to provide humanity with encyclopedic insight into purpose of history and justification for all the ills it created.

This system was, of course, a failure.

Posthumanism, on the other hand, can move only in direction of absolute power of man over the world, but only on condition that both the man and the world be revoked as they are, and transformed into something else.

This approach doesn’t bridge the abyss of alienation but threatens to finally cast humanity into it.

Listen to Part 1, Part 2

(If for some reason the Mixcloud presents you with problems, the podcasts are available on Kali Tribune’s Youtube channel. Podcasts can be downloaded via this link )


Author Branko Malić is a Croatian author and owner of Kali Tribune, with the background in classical philosophy. He’s focused on philosophy, media, culture and deep politics analysis.

READ MORE PHILOSOPHY NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Philosophy Files



Soot The Straight Goods

Written by Grant G

Originally posted February 2/2012

I'm reposting this for a reason....... 

Goodbye Kleo The Cat 


With a big disposal bin placed out back I finally found courage to remove the charred embers of my past life......

For months now we waited patiently for a promised clean up by our insurance company, weather and excuses dominated and day after day I would drive by my scorched home, my head would turn 90 degrees to the left driving in and 90 degrees to the right on trips out of the driveway as looking directly at my burnt world and family graveyard wasn`t possible, memories would flood my mind bringing tears of sadness....

The horror, trapped loved ones succumbing to smoke and fire, in the news of late there have been story after story of children lost by families as homes burnt down, recently hundreds of prisoners perished in a sea of flames, trapped by cement walls and locked gates, yes indeed my heart weeps for thee, is there a good way to expire, is one tragedy harsher than others, sisters and daughters stalked and slaughtered by insane predators or stupid preventable accidents striking down fearless youth, even dreaded diseases that spread in a flash and hijack family futures for no apparent reason but random selection in life`s unwanted lottery...

I ordered the big ugly waste can and faced my fears head on, with shovel in hand, crowbar and bucket, piece by charred piece my memories past were tossed and discarded into a cold unfeeling metal waste bin, family offered to pay strangers to perform this personal menial labour but I refused the offer for responsibility and knowledge were mine and mine alone, the guilt of leaving no way out was my burden and in among the ashes were bones that deserved one final proper goodbye....

Sometimes trying to do the right thing has consequences for had I left windows open my beloved animals would have fled to safety but with cats an open window would mean tempting death all night in the land of stalking coyotes, having lost one family cat to canine jaws years back I vowed to never let them out unattended, and with my beautiful 26 human years old Siamese cat fast paws and sharp vision was gone, coyotes and cougars in my neck of the woods are common and curiosity killed the cat, open windows and my 3 day absence would mean night roaming pets not equipped to win, my safety concerns turned to be a death sentence and for that I will have to live with the emotions, I just can`t imagine guilt parents must bear when human children perish, bad wiring, open circuits or badly placed candles or causes unknown, my loss can`t compare but empathy I have....

Nothing much was left and it`s funny in a way what brings out emotions, metal springs from old furniture brought a quick toss but a metal water dish drained my eyes, it`s taken several days and today was the last, started at one end methodically cleaning and picking through ashes, hockey cards from decad...


Donnie is a Trumpist, not a Populist OpEdNews

Donnie has enhanced his fortune by emulating his father's business ethics, including engaging in wage theft, outsourcing his clothing line and other brand-name products to such low-wage countries as China and Vietnam, and underpaying undocumented immigrants engaged in dangerous construction work on his luxury projects.


Cop Who Murdered an Unarmed Veteran On Video was Just Found Not Guilty The Free Thought Project

Monroe, LA-- West Monroe Police Officer Jody LeDoux plead not guilty at his arraignment on Thursday, for negligent homicide after shooting and killing homeless veteran, Raymond Keith Martinez, 51, in December. On the evening of December 5, Martinez was attempting to go into a convenience store that


New Orleans: Call to Action to Tear Down Andrew Jackson’s Statue IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

On Saturday, September 23, an attempt will be made by the people of New Orleans to tear down the city’s most well-known and iconic statue, Andrew Jackson, the center-piece of Jackson Square. Released by the Take em Down NOLA Coalition, this call to action follows nearly a year of legal wrangling with the courts and broken promises by the city to remove four other well-known monuments to racism.

This is not a bluff.

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, New Orleans’ most historic neighborhood, Andrew Jackson is one of many monoliths acting as a daily reminder of the looming racist menace this city lives under. Another four statues—that the city has been unable to fulfill its promise to remove—all commemorate the Confederacy.


Photo of the Andrew Jackson statue.

While the Jackson statue is not currently being contested legally, this emblematic monument continues to form the public’s idea of New Orleans. Given Jackson’s white-supremacist and genocidal track record, his effigy makes for a coherent and apt site of resistance. Any sincere attempt to remove Jackson (from his high horse) will make it abundantly clear that we refuse to wait any longer for self-serving politicians to do what is right.

In New Orleans, white supremacy hides in plain sight. The ubiquitous presence of these racist monuments ensures them as part of an ‘historical legacy’, so protected by popular support, in fact, that your car may be firebombed if you attempt to remove them legally.

The regimes these monuments represent have changed, their mechanisms altered, but their essence lives on by way of cyclical oppression and legalized slavery. The institutions of policing, prisons, housing, schools, healthcare, non-profits, resource extraction, to name a few, allow power to accumulate through vamping on the labor and output of the poor and oppressed. This is the systemic genocidal racism these monuments reify daily in image. It’s high-time we do something about it.

This Saturday, September 24th in Jackson Square in the French Quarter everyone from white supremacist vigilantes to squeamish liberals will find it very difficult to hide the truth.

Having exhausted all other legal channels to remove the monuments, this call to action is the logical, albeit daring, next step. We repeat: it is not a bluff. Success on Saturday demands autonomous commitment on the part of everyone who wishes to take the fight against white supremacy one big step forward. Lets remove the shadows of racism from New Orleans. Let’s #TakeEmDown.

We ready. We comin’. Take em down.

Photo of the Jefferson Davis statue, taken this week.

A little background on the other four Confederate monuments under legal contestation:

  • General Robert E. Lee: Standing fifty feet up with his arms crossed Lee defiantly faces what was once the Reconstruction government’s seat of power. Demarcating the line between the confederate neighborhoods uptown and their sworn-enemies downtow...


Ten Myths About Marijuana That No One Should Believe – Part 9: The Marijuana Movement is just an excuse for people to get high The Last American Vagabond

At one very prosperous and advantageous point is this country’s history, hemp was beginning to be recognized as the future in textiles, food, medicine, fuel and just about every other important necessity of today. In 1916, the U.S. Government predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp and that no more trees would […]

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The BIS Warns Of Risk To Canada's Banking System Latest blog

The Bank of International Settlements, BIS, has recently warned that Canada is facing some pretty elevated risks with regard to its banking system, as a result of its growing debt.


DAPL Is Just The Beginning — Federal Bill Seeks Largest Native American Land Grab In 100 Years Counter Current News



For the First Time in 100 Years, Federal Initiative Seeks Massive Native American Land Grab for Big Oil

Three years ago, Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz came up with a proposal called the Utah Public Lands Initiative. This proposal would turn more than a quarter of the Ute Tribe’s land into oil and drilling zones. Now, after pining away for three years, the initiative has transformed into HR5780 and will be pushed through the US House of Representatives in just a few weeks.

This government grab of Native American land is the first of its kind in over 100 years.

According to the authors of the Utah Public Lands Initiative, it is to build consensus among stakeholders in eastern Utah to designate lands for conservation and development.

The Public Lands Initiative is a locally-driven effort to bring resolution to some of the most challenging land disputes in the state of Utah. The initiative is rooted in the belief that conservation and economic development can coexist and make Utah a better place to live, work, and visit

While Congressman Bishop’s proposal may sound fair on the surface, he is one of Congress’ top cheerleaders for oil and gas development and a dogged critic of environmentalists.

“There is some land that needs to be preserved and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Bishop said in an interview recently. “There’s also land that needs to be developed, and there’s no reason why the two can’t coexist.”

Given the recent destruction of sacred Native land at Standing Rock during the construction of the DAPL, the Ute tribe tends not to agree with the congressman and is already planning to fight it. They’ve since formed a committee to discuss how.

The actions of Bishop and Chaffetz would seek to divest the Ute Indian Tribe of their ancestral homelands,” the committee wrote in an op-ed for the Salt Lake Tribune. The committee said that this proposal runs the risk of returning to “failed policies of tribal land dispossession that have had a devastating and lasting impact upon tribal nations for the past century.

According to the tribe’s website, this bill would directly impact 100,000 acres of Ute reservation lands, home to more than half of the tribe’s population. This land has been inhabited by natives for more than 11,000 years as the rock paintings and petroglyphs show.

This modern day Indian land grab cannot be allowed to stand,” the committee said. Bishop and Chaffetz’s actions also defy common sense. The bill involves seven counties in eastern Utah. Our 4.5 million-acre reservation overlaps these counties and makes up 26 percent of the total land area covered by the bill. Representing more than a quarter of these eastern Utah lands, the tribe should have been a major participant in the development of any bill to addre...


Boiler Room EP #75 21st Century Wire

hCwCYpLTune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ starting at 6 PM PST | 9 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for barfly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR host Hesher along with Jay Dyer from,  Andy Nowicki from Alt Right Blogspot, Randy J of ACR and 21Wire and Stewart Howe of 21Wire for the 75th episode of BOILER ROOM. Dim the lights, dawn the headphones and indulge in some Boiler Room with the crew. .

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21st Century Demonology – Part 1: Esoteric Sciences, Fortean Cryptozoology, & Beyond The Last American Vagabond

What the hell is a demon? Is it a red-skinned, horned pigmy that sits on everybody’s left shoulder, consistently trying to muffle out the angel opposite it? Could a demon be considered a poltergeist, where strange and usually malevolent phenomena haunt an entire house or building? What about the strange things that people continuously report […]

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Editorial: Long overdue federal recognition for tribes in Virginia Indianz.Com News

'It is time for the government to put this issue to rest and acknowledge the legitimacy of the Chickahominy, the Eastern Chickahominy, the Upper Mattaponi, the Rappahannock, the Monacan and the Nansemond tribes.'

Bureau of Indian Affairs role in #NoDAPL 'task force' in doubt Indianz.Com News

The Obama administration isn't saying whether or not the Bureau of Indian Affairs is participating in a 'task force' that is looking into a #NoDAPL confrontation.

Mark Trahant: Politicians can no longer ignore the Native vote Indianz.Com News

It’s time for politicians to treat American Indians and Alaska Natives as an important constituency, not an outside group living in our own homeland.

Judge restores affidavit option for Native voters in North Dakota Indianz.Com News

Native citizens who lack identification will still be able to exercise their voting rights after winning a lawsuit in federal court.

Miami language champion Daryl Baldwin wins prestigious 'genius grant' Indianz.Com News

The Miami Nation citizen is being recognized by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Dave Archambault Sr.: History unfolds on Standing Rock land Indianz.Com News

The American Indian world will never be the same.

David Ganje: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe takes a stand for water rights Indianz.Com News

Upper Great Plains tribes today must be vigilant in obtaining reserved but yet undetermined water rights.

Native Sun News Today: Nation rallies around #NoDAPL movement Indianz.Com News

Opposition to the the Dakota Access Pipeline spawned solidarity demonstrations and arrests across the country.

Harold Monteau: #NoDAPL movement draws a line in the sand Indianz.Com News

'There is an opportunity here to turn this into a bona fide 'National' movement to resist these kinds of projects...'


Bloomington, IN: Sacred Stone solidarity Banner Dropped along I-69 IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

Just before the busy morning commute, we dropped a massive 24′ long banner across the “Welcome to Bloomington” exit sign along I-69 that read:





For context, I-69 (also known as the NAFTA Superhighway) is a hugely unpopular interstate highway that, after years of delays due to organizing, sabotage, casualties, and bureaucratic ineptitude, is finally being expanded through Bloomington. The development will undoubtedly affect nearby aquifers and forever change the environmental and social landscape of our region.

In total solidarity with the Lakota rebels: Against the black snakes and their world!

p.s. If you’re reading this:  TAG, you’re it!  Now it’s your turn. (But please, please take a better picture than ours!)

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Extreme Danger: Powerful Financial Crash Choreographed With Quiet Sun Political Vel Craft

“Extreme Danger” from 2017 into 2019 By Harry S. Dent Jr., Senior Editor, Economy & Markets When it comes to spotting danger periods for recessions, and especially major crashes, the Boom/Bust Cycle lets us see when stock crashes and recessions are most likely to occur. As my fourth key macroeconomic cycle, this makes it the […]


Interview with Portland ABC, BLM, & IWOC on Sept. 9th and Moving Forward IT'S GOING DOWN

From Portland Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)
Listen Here

Adam Carpinelli interviewed  national, local and regional organizers from groups like Black Lives Matters, Anarchist Black Cross and the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee about organizing for the September 9, 2016 call for a national prisoner strike. Organizers will discuss several national actions as well as updates about current prisons on lockdown or with prisoners continuing to strike.


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Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show




by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

Natural News


(NaturalNews) To much fanfare and excitement, Apple has announced that the iPhone 7 will come with wireless earbuds, ditching the much-reviled and ever-tangled cords of conventional earbuds. The wireless earbuds, dubbed “AirPods,” will be water-resistant and are, in the words of company CEO Tim Cook, the first step to a “wireless future.”

They will also fire dangerous, cancer-causing radiation directly into the brains of users, experts have warned.

The iPhone will communicate via Bluetooth directly with the right earbud, which will send a separate Bluetooth signal to the left earbud. This means the radiation carrying the signal will pass directly through the user’s brain.

“Playing with fire”

According to Apple, all Bluetooth devices emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR) within the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But according to Joel Moskowitz of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, more than 200 scientists who study the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body have gone on record criticizing the FCC guidelines as far too lenient.

“We are playing with fire here,” Moskowitz said. “You are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain.”

The public health implications of people doing this on a massive scale are daunting, Moskowitz and other experts have warned.

Traditionally, scientists have claimed that RFR does not carry enough energy to cause cellular or DNA damage — in contrast to the more high-energy ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, that has been shown to cause cancer.

Yet ionizing or not, a large body of research continues to show negative health effects in humans and other animals exposed to RFR.

“This has been observed over several decades,” Moskowitz said. “It’s like we keep rediscovering that Bluetooth is harmful and trying to forget it because we don’t know how to handle it from a policy standpoint.”

Brain cancer link is PROVEN

Contrary to the claims of industry representatives, studies have in fact established ways that RFR leads directly to health harm.

For example, RFR has been shown to degrade the blood-brain barrier, thereby allowing more toxins to pass into the brain. This is a major concern with placing RFR transmitters directly next to the brain.

“Although we don’t know the long-term risks from using Bluetooth devices, why would anyone insert microwave-emitting devices in their ears near their brain when there are safer ways to use a cell phone?” Moskowitz said. “Essentially I recommend using corded headsets or ha...


“He didn’t have no gun” — Witnesses and Family Accuse Charlotte Cops of MURDERING INNOCENT and UNARMED Man Who Was Reading a Book Counter Current News


Keith Lamont Scott, one of the latest victims of the police, was killed by the Charlotte police department while they were searching for another man. Police claim to have seen Scott enter and exit a vehicle with a gun, and that this random man was now a threat to them. The man they were actually searching for had several outstanding warrants. This happened last night, 9/20/2016, and protests/rioting ensued shortly after.

As RawStory Reports:

Investigators said they saw Scott get out of a car with a gun, then get back in. When officers approached his vehicle, they said, the man “posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers,” prompting them to fire.

The Charlotte Observer reported that Scott died after being taken to a local hospital, and that officials would not release his name until after his family was notified.

The Root reported, however, that a woman identifying herself as the victim’s daughter posted a video following the shooting, saying that he was disabled and reading a book inside his car at the time of the shooting.

Scott’s sister had this to say about the death of her brother:

“He sits in the shade, reads his book, does his studies, and waits on his kid to get off the bus,” the woman said. “He didn’t have no gun. He wasn’t messing with nobody. All they did, them ‘jumpout boys,’ them undercover detectives, they jumped out their truck, they said, ‘Hands up he got a gun, he got a gun, pow pow pow pow.’ That’s it.”

Protesters gathered where Keith Scott was killed and mobilized from there. I would gather that protests will continue tonight. People may not agree with the actions of the protesters, but it brings me back to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said about riots:

“Riots are the voice of the unheard”

What are your thoughts on this latest police shooting? Please leave your comments below


(article by Jaimes Campbell)

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Meet the 3% of Scared White Americans Who Own Half of All the Guns News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities published a landmark survey on gun ownership showing that not only are The post Meet the 3% of Scared White Americans Who Own Half of All the Guns appeared first on Top US & World News | Susanne...

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Vanessa Beeley on RT: ‘Terrorist Factions Have Been Imposed on Syria by US-NATO-GCC Coalition’ 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire says…

International tensions around Syria have reached a fever pitch following the recent attack on a UN Aid Convoy near Aleppo, and also the recent massacre carried out via a US Coalition airstrike which killed over 70 Syrian Army soldiers and wounding a further 100. Still, Washington, led by regime change hawks John Kerry and Samantha Power, claims that everything is “Russia’s fault” and “the Syrian regime’s fault” – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

21WIRE special contributor Vanessa Beeley spoke to RT International today about these, and other urgent aspects unfolding in the Syrian Conflict, including the exposure of terrorist-embedded and western-funded faux ‘NGOs’ the White Helmets and Aleppo Media Centre. Watch:

READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files



Sheriff Joe on Obama Eligibility: “I Don’t Care Where He’s From, We Are Looking At A Forged Document, Period” Freedom Outpost



In recent days GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump swept under the rug the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.  Many followed him blindly, but not this outlet and not Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio continues to be unmoved that Obama’s online birth certificate is a forged document and claims that he will not abandon the facts nor the investigation.

Appearing at The Surprise Tea Party Patriots on Tuesday, Arpaio told the crowd, ““I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.  I don’t care where he’s from, we are looking at a forged document. Period.”

Arpaio then distanced himself from Trump who claims the matter is closed because Obama produced the forged document, which is still housed on

“I had nothing to do with Trump on the birth certificate,” Arpaio said. “We did it on our own, because of you guys.”

“I know all the politicians say, ‘Sheriff, don’t talk about it,’ ”Arpaio said.  “But how can I back down when we started it? I’m not going to just forget it.”

Arpaio was not the only one to speak to the group of patriots.  His chief investigator Mike Zullo also made several comments.

Zullo claimed that Trumps comments were a “punch in the gut, because it was unexpected.”

“It’s not going to deter us,” Zullo said. “It’s not going to stop us. I am closer than ever.”

Zullo also called Trump’s comments “strategic,” indicating that it was more about politics than actually seeking the truth.  I tend to believe that.  Why would he want to have to pursue what has been labeled a “conspiracy theory” when the facts tend to bear that out?  I mean we are talking about a man that held the highest office in the land under forged documents, and we aren’t just talking about his birth certificate, but also his selective service documents and social security numbers.

Trumps website declares, “Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate...


The Final Theory of Everything, an in-depth interview with the author OpEdNews

In 2002 Mark McCutcheon published his book The Final Theory at Universal Publishers. It was an instant success on the Amazon website, however it also created controversy. It presented to the world a new Theory of Everything that worked out of the box to replace Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, Einstein's Theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. It answers why we won't find dark matter or dark energy in the universe.


Monsanto’s Crimes Against Humanity with Ronnie McMullen Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show




Ronnie McMullen was Dave’s guest as they discussed Monsatan’s crimes against humanity.

Dave and Ronnie also discussed the precarious nature of health and what people can do to protect themselves.

Very brief but very interesting interview.




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Attorney Destroys Cop’s Claim of PCP In Vehicle of Innocent UNARMED Victim Who Police Fatally Shot Counter Current News


Tulsa Police try to sanitize the obvious murder of Terence Crutcher by spreading disinformation and get called on it.

The Attonerney for Officer Betty Shelby says she “believes” Crutcher was high on PCP during her encounter with Terence Crutcher. There has been no conformation that Mr.Crutcher had PCP in his system at the time of the shooting. Homicide Detective SGT. Dave Walker would not tell where PCP was found inside the car not could they confirm that Terence Crutcher had been using PCP prior to his murder at the hands of police.

Officer Shelby’s Attorney maintains that Terence Crutcher was reaching inside of his car, This was why he was tasered simultaneously while being shot.

Crutcher family attorney Benjamin Crump called the police scenario “misinformation,” saying that video showed the vehicle’s window was not open.“Don’t put out stuff that would demonize him and try to make him look like as if he was doing something nefarious. Put the entire story up,” Crump said.

Crump told Tulsa World that even if Crutcher had used PCP that night, it still didn’t justify the use of lethal force.“If we started to condemn everybody to death just because they have drugs in their system, all our neighborhoods would be empty,” he said.

Police have a obsessive need for control. They have to control everything, even reality. When a video from multiple angle shows a rolled up window and a man compliant with his hands up, the Police State needs to control the flow of information. What you see, you didn’t see…why? Because I told you so.

Police have become arbitrary executioners and on-the-spot Medical Doctors ables to see from feet away if someone is high on PCP and decides that is enough to be shot and tasered and be left to die. The Police won’t even tell you where they found it or if it was in his system. Just trust them they say.

The Police State is getting it’s licks in know but there will always be people like Crutcher Family Attorney Benjamin Crump speaking truth to power.

(Article by Jafari Tishomingo)

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Justice For Chelsea Manning And Edward Snowden PopularResistance.Org

By Scott Tucker for Popular Manning’s situation in prison is indeed urgent, we can expect the corporate state and career politicians to respond to such cases with miserly pardons and small portions of charity. In the last days of his presidency, Obama has been pardoning some deserving people, and he could easily include both Manning and Snowden (among other honorable whistleblowers like John Kiriakou) with the stroke of a pen. But this president only finds his “courage” on a dwindling timeline, and is stingy as a banker in spending political capital. Why would this Nobel Peace Prize winner pardon citizens who have already paid a heavy price in exile and prison for their own sacrifices on behalf of peace and democracy? To ask the question is to answer it. Under Obama’s “progressive” administration, we have witnessed a vast expansion of state surveillance and of bombing by drones. Of course, we should still support any public campaign urging holders of high offices to show more courage. But let’s also be honest. We are talking about the kind of courage that could end careers in the capitalist parties. A fraction of the ruling class does become class conscious, and sometimes will take just such risks. The exceptions prove the rule. The drive toward war and empire is bipartisan and corporate.


Philadelphia: Insurrectionary Memory IT'S GOING DOWN

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

These posters were made with the intention of remembering and passing along stories of revolt. As authority fragments our lives and relations, so many moments of resistance fall through the cracks, and the world around us seems more and more overwhelming.

Often we’ve felt isolated as we try to attack the things that make us unfree; it’s easy to forget that people have been resisting and continue to fight around us. We want these posters to commemorate and inspire struggle against domination, exclusion, and separation in Philadelphia.

All the images in these posters are from local actions taking place over the last five years in Philly and some surrounding towns and suburbs. These images are gleaned without permission from various sources.

Dedicated to all the rebels known and unknown who refuse to accept this world. Your courage and creativity inspire us to keep taking aim at everything that oppresses us.

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First Derby of La Liga Ended With a Draw Guardian Liberty Voice

On Sept. 21, 2016, the first derby of Spain in the 2016-17 La Liga season ended with a draw. FC Barcelona could not defeat Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou Stadium. The score was 1-1. Ivan Rakitic scored with a header in the first half, giving Barcelona the advantage before halftime. However, Atletico Madrid started […]

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Cop Who Leaked Video of Fellow Officers Beating Innocent Man Now Faces 7 Years in Prison V.O.S

A Gold Coast police officer who leaked the CCTV video footage showing police brutally beating an innocent man is now facing seven long years behind bars.

Sergeant Rick Flori is being threatened with seven years in prison after the leaked video surveillance footage was released, which clearly showed his fellow officers beating a young chef named Noa Begic.

Begic was handcuffed in the Surfers Paradise Police Station basement during the entire ordeal. There was simply no way the officers could get away with claiming self-defense on this one… at least not once the video was released. That’s why they hoped it never would be.

Officers for the Gold Coast, Australia Police Department had expected Sergeant Flori to be like the rest of them and cover up the police brutality. But instead, Flori took a stand – and now they are trying to lock him up for it.

Flori leaked the footage to the Brisbane Courier-Mail. For this “crime” he was charged with “misconduct in public office”.

The footage he revealed was taken in 2012, and it clearly shows police officers slamming Begic’s face into the concrete floor. They then shove him in the back of a van and punch him over and over while he is cuffed and being held down.

Watch the video below and see for yourself…

Almost as disturbing is the routine way that the video shows Begic’s blood being washed away by a senior-sergeant after the incident is over.

Flori’s leak did get two of these officers in a little bit of trouble, but he is still being penalized. The officer who washed the blood away quick before he could be disciplined. The officer who did the bulk of the punching was given a suspended dismissal – a slap on the wrist though. The other two officers involved were not punished at all.

According to Sydney Criminal Lawyers, Flori is accused of “inappropriately obtain[ing]” the confidential surveillance footage.

The victim, Begic, ended up being charged with being a “public nuisance” and “obstructing police”.

Right now, Flori is still facing serious charges and lengthy prison time. If you believe he should walk free then help us SPREAD THE WORD and demand it!

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via Australia Supports Sgt Rick Flori / Facebook)


NYPD Tried To Poison Man Who Filmed Police Killing Eric Garner, Now They Have Arrested Him Again V.O.S

Ramsey Orta’s video of the chokehold death of Eric Garner shocked the world and put the spotlight on the New York Police Department and the problem of police brutality and murder.

But ever since he went public with the video of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo choking Eric Garner to death, Orta claims he’s been harassed by police.

Since that July 2014 encounter on Staten Island, the police have been targeting Orta and trumping up charges to repeatedly arrest him.

Watch the video below on the NYPD targeting Ramsey…

Just Friday the NYPD did it again. This time they claimed he “assaulted his wife” – but his wife says this is an absolutely lie.

Orta, 24, was in an argument with wife, Jessica Orta, 32, she explains. But the rest of the police story is a lie.

Jessica Orta and supporters of Ramsey Orta released a video today asking the public to support Ramsey as the NYPD has “escalated” a situation between the couple into an arrest.

This bail fund is being organized by El Grito de Sunset Park.

Jessica explains that “Ramsey has been the target of police harassment and has been arrested repeatedly by the police since his video of an NYPD detective fatally choking Eric Garner in Staten Island went viral two summers ago.”

She explains that “Ramsey was arrested just a few days ago and the media have used unnamed police sources to suggest that Ramsey has assaulted” her.

She adds that “the character assassination and criminalization of Ramsey must not be allowed to continue.”

Jessica notes that during Ramsey’s last arrest, police tried to poison Ramsey’s food with rat poison – prompting a hunger strike that was the only way he avoided dying. Now she’s worried that the NYPD may try to kill him once again.

Ramsey Orta was just arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court. Judge set bail at $10,000. We need to come up with $1950 in order to bail him out today. The bail bondsmen requests a 10% down towards bail and have a $950 fee for posting his bail. So far we have raised close to $1400 and need to raise almost $600 more. Please share and pleasedonate.

ALL money being raised will go towards Ramsey’s bail fund.

Donate and help us SPREAD THE WORD to get this innocent man out of jail and back filming the police!


(Article by M. David and Jessica Orta)


Hacker group creates $30 DIY Epipen to expose corporate greed and save lives V.O.S

The epipen works by spring load injecting epinephrine into someone that is suffering from anaphylactic shock.  Anaphylaxis can occur as an allergic reaction to a wide array of things, including peanuts or bee stings, and the Epipen, for many, is a last line of defense.

Unfortunately, the $318 price tag puts it out of reach for many people.

In response, Four Thieves Vinegar have created and uploaded the plans for the simple version, called the Epipencil.  Also spring loaded, the parts are gathered over the counter.  The epinephrine will still need to be acquired with a prescription.

In this video, Michael Laufer shows us how to assemble the auto-injector.

Four Thieves Vinegar continues their mission to make medicine free for everyone.  Crowd sourcing and the internet kind of proves that corporate, top-down power structures are busted.  The human race works better as a team.


Photo by Seth Rosenblatt/The Parallax

via Minds


Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans V.O.S

Written by Sophia Akram of

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), seeking to promote the peaceful use of Nuclear Power, in 2011 established with the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) Member States, a joint IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) project in the region of the Pacific Ocean. It was established after the Fukushima disaster when a tsunami caused by a major earthquake on 11 March 2011, disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident. As a result a large quantity of radioactive material was admitted into the Pacific Ocean.


Of no surprise, this caused great concern to countries based around the Pacific Ocean due to the potential economic and environmental implications. The TC project’s aim was therefore, to monitor the presence of radioactive substances in the marine environment.


The first annual review meeting held in August 2012 demonstrated predictive hydrodynamic models and they predicted that the strong current, known as the Kuroshio Current and its extension, had the ability to transport the radioactive substances across the Pacific Ocean in an easterly direction. However, the concentration of radioactivity was not as high as originally thought.


A field study found that two filter cartridges were coated, which showed elements of cesium, a radioactive substance.

The TC is due to conclude this year. A few results have caused concern. A field study they conducted on 2 July 2014, revealed from two sets of seawater samples, found that two filter cartridges were coated, which showed elements of cesium, a radioactive substance.

Then recently, trace amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 turned up in samples collected near Vancouver Island in Br...


This Group Stands Between America and Genocide Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



Oathkeepers is one of my most valued organizations. They literally stand in the gap between Americans and genocide by reminding soldiers and policemen to honor their Constitutional oath and not to obey illegal orders.

I often wondered if history would have been different if Oathkeepers had a presence in Nazi Germany.

In the following interview, I spoke with Jason Vantatenhove, the Media Director for Oathkeepers.  There are so many threats which put the Americcan military and police at odds with the American people. Oathkeepers stands in the gap.  This is a fascinating interview which covers a wide variety of current events.  u


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False Flag? US-NATO-Rebel Coalition Appear to Have Fabricated UN Convoy Evidence 21st Century Wire

How “We Know” Russia or Syria Bombed the Aleppo Aid Convoy

Monitor on Massacre Marketing

Washington’s Meaningless Confidence

On September 19, someone attacked a convoy of trucks delivering aid to a rebel-held area of Aleppo. Anti-government activists were emphatic the helicopters [were] dropping barrel bombs, followed by fighter jet strikes, which also used cluster bombs and-or machine gunned the area, keeping rebel help at bay so more witnesses would bleed to death.

“We know it was an airstrike and not one from the coalition. We don’t know if it was Russia or the regime,” the only others flying over Syria, a senior administration official said. “In either case, the Russians have a responsibility certainly to avoid doing it themselves, but also to keep restraint on the regime.”

We know this? It’s not explained how. It sounds like the model of aircraft isn’t known, nor whose they were, just that they were present, in the air, and not ours. But another unnamed official said “two Russian SU-24 attack aircraft were in the sky above the convoy at the precise moment it was hit in Urum al-Kubra.” (BBC) This sounds like a radar finding, but it could be just empty words also. The official also noted the strike “was too sophisticated to have been carried out by the Syrian army.” Is it really excess sophistication? Or just that they just want to blame Russia specifically at this time?

There will be no radar proof brought forth, probably because they were watching and saw no movements. Most likely, this is nothing but circular reasoning – there was an airstrike that must have been the Russians, and they would use SU-24 jets, as usual, operating in pairs. But it will be read as independent proof – what odds that a possible airstrike happened while Russian jets were overhead? Obvious, “Putin crime!”

The US says it’s very certain. Uh-huh. A couple days earlier they were just as clear their aircraft were massacring  Islamic State fighters near Deir Ezzour –  in an area they, and not the Syrian army, normally held. After killing and wounding nearly 200 Syrian soldiers manning a well-known army-held position (see right), they stopped over Russia’s protest. Now they’re now trying to become sure those were Assad prisoners turned into unwilling soldiers, and/or dressed up as ISIS and put in a crucial spot in the hopes the US would kill them and get embarrassed. But it never works. The US these days seems to be far above shame or embarrassment, as they and their minions team up to...


Muslim Man Declares, “I Am a Superstar in Afghanistan” after Sodomizing 2-Year-Old Boy Freedom Outpost



A 22-year-old Muslim man from Afghanistan proudly declared that he was a superstar in Afghanistan after he sodomized and orally raped a 2-year-old boy. The worst part is that he was only charged with sexual assault and only sentenced to two years in prison.

The UK's Express reports:

Jama B., 22, showed no remorse as he was sentenced to just two years and four months behind bars on the milder charge of sexual abuse of the four-year-old boy at the centre in Boostedt, Schleswig-Holstein.

The toddler, from Iraq, was lured into a toilet cubicle at the home in March this year. The court heard the Afghani forced his penis into the child's mouth.

Afterwards the distraught youngster was returned to his father with his trousers down around his ankles.

During the trial Jama B. boasted: "I'm a superstar in Afghanistan, a singer."

Judge Stefan Becker refused to comment on the verdict but Peter Boysen, the lawyer who represented the family of the child, said: "it was a one-off act that did not take very long and hopefully will not have harmful long-term effects on the child.

"Therefore there is no reason to complain, even if the sentence could have been maybe half a year longer. I have not therefore advised the parents to appeal against the verdict. He's better again, the boy, but is still in therapeutic treatment of a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Jama showed absolutely no remorse for his crime.

A second man, Sohrab S., 29, allegedly stood guard outside the toilet during the assault, which was really rape. He was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Prosecutor Axel Bieler said, "Rape charges are brought only if it was enforced with violence or the threat of violence. We do not assume this was the case.

"Therefore he was indicted on a charge of serious sexual abuse. The penalty doesn't matter - it is between two and 15 years in jail for rape or for serious sexual abuse."

Say what? How about the fact that it was forced and that it was upon a child? What kind of mind does Axel Bieler have? I can tell you it is not a critically thinking judicial mind for sure.

Karin Witt is not better. The spokeswoman of the Kiel court said, "The court found no reasons for an increased penalty, such as for example a criminal record for the accused.

"The fact that he was under the influence of alcohol and the high sensitivity towards detention of the offender were both factors in the sentence," she added. "He is young, knows no German and has already been attacked in pre-trial detention. The victim has also dealt well with the experience of what happened to him and there are no serious consequences to be expected."

What's even worse is the comments by the family's attorney.

"It was a one-off act that did not take very long and hopefully will not have harmful long-term ef...


DAPL is Just the Beginning — Federal Bill Seeks Largest Native American Land Grab in 100 Years Activist Post

By Matt Agorist Three years ago, Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz came up with a proposal called the Utah Public Lands Initiative. This...


The REAL Cost of the War of Terror Activist Post

By James Corbett, We all know by now that the real terrorists (the politicians in the suits and ties and the banksters that pull...


US Inflation Piggybacks Expensive Housing and Healthcare Sector Guardian Liberty Voice

Reuters reported on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, about the current dismal state of inflation in the U.S. This is evident from the figures released by different government departments. All of them suggest that, at present, the cost of living is the single most predominant factor driving up prices in the U.S. The onus for the upward […]

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Syria Shows US Under Military Rule OpEdNews

As the ceasefire came into effect on Sept 12, the Pentagon was contemptuously voicing doubts about its success. It was obvious that the US military establishment did not want the ceasefire arrangement with Russia. That dissent was tantamount to subverting Obama's presidential authority and his diplomatic option. The Pentagon has pulled rank on the White House's diplomacy with Russia. And US policy is under military rule.


Hillary-Trump debates: resurrection of IQ Jon Rappoport's Blog

Hillary-Trump debates: resurrection of IQ

by Jon Rappoport

September 21, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

We are approaching the 2016 Presidential debates. Hillary and Trump.

So I want to remind you of another time, another debate format, another capacity of the public mind. Way back when.

Consider the 1858 Abraham Lincoln-Stephen Douglas face-off—when apparently citizens still had a semblance of intelligence. Both men were running for a US Senate seat in Illinois. In those days, state legislatures chose US Senators.

But the issue in the debates was slavery, so the interest was intense and it was national. Here was the agreed-upon format—get this: seven debates in seven Illinois towns over the course of three weeks; in each debate, the opening candidate would speak for 60 minutes, his opponent would speak for 90 minutes, and then the first candidate would return for 30 minutes.

The debates drew large crowds. Chicago newspapers had stenographers in each town. The stenos took down every word, and newspapers across the nation printed, in full, the texts.

Those were debates. No moderator. The men talked. And talked.

They weren’t asked questions.

They didn’t interrupt each other with insults and wise cracks.

They didn’t shift from issue to issue.

And when they were done in each town, denizens of the media weren’t around to weigh in on how “Presidential” they sounded and looked.

Current TV debates preclude the possibility of something dangerous happening. For example, in a real contest, suppose the single issue was Syria and a candidate stepped up to the podium and said:

“During my remarks in the next ninety minutes, with no interruptions—yes, we’re going back to a much older format—I’ll be the making the case that the current US administration has essentially created ISIS, in part for the purpose of overthrowing the present government of Syria. Consider this fact alongside our declared ‘war’ against ISIS. This is more than an outrageous contradiction. It’s an intentional deception, and a crime of the highest order, considering what ISIS has been carrying out in terms of the destruction of human life. Now, I’m not just saying these things. I have evidence in the form of documents, which I’ll be explaining in detail. Some of these documents and reports are already public. Others are not. I also have statements, on the record, from US military officers and Pentagon executives. So bear with me, stay with me, I’m going to take this one step at a time…”

There are many ways to keep this sort of thing from happening. The easiest way: never let a true debate occur.

And just in case you think the American public is so addled they wouldn’t be able to follow such a presentation, I have a secret for you. At first, it would be a problem, yes. But if more and more true debates took place, a change would bleed in. People would begin to wake up. They’d find themselves, bit by bit, intensely interested in the proceedings.

After all, part of the reason the public is brainwashed springs directly from the fact that so few politicians explore any issue in depth. Reverse that trend and the mind begins to reassemble itself.

How about something like this? Crossing party lines, Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul debated, seven times, as Lincoln and Douglas had, the following: “What is socialism, and is it good for America?”

If either candidate had been unable to do more than spout vapid generalities and programmatic fumes during his seve...


Holman Prison: C Dorm Rises Up Again IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

Anonymous prisoner sent this report:

Just ten minutes ago members of the riot team and warden entered c dorm and attempted to confiscate a cellphone from a prisoner and whole c dorm rose up and forced them out of c dorm. The resistance at Holland prison in Alabama is strong. Fuck the police! 9/21/16 /2:48

We were able to force them [out] by showing a collective front of unity. Remember, a pig was just stabbed and died from his injuries for refusing a prisoner an extra of food. This happened on Sept. 1st.

On solidarity from the outside:

We feel it… knowing folks got our back.

On situation at Holman with guards quitting and refusing to work:

Pigs are still quitting and that opens up space for more actions.

IGD will post updates as they come in. 

Support our work! Please donate:


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Women Prisoners in Washington Facing Retaliation IT'S GOING DOWN

From Support Prisoner Resistance 

From anonymous prison staff:

“I would like you and supporters to know that there was a symbolic protest at Washington Correctional Center for Women in Gig Harbor on September 9. Three women refused to go to work in the prison library. The emergency response team was dispatched and the women were taken to Segregation. At their hearing last week, they were given 20 days in seg, and are facing reclassification and probably the loss of their jobs. In my opinion, this was a peaceful, non-violent expression of their opinions meant to draw attention to the issue of prison labor, and the response was much more disruptive than the event itself. The library has been closed since September 9. According to DOC, this was the only action in the entire state of Washington.”

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Saudi Official Finally Admits Saudi Arabia Supports Terrorism The Anti-Media

saudi-terrorismSaudi support for Islamic extremism started in the early 1960s.


Debate Live-Chat on September 26 Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

While Strong Towns is a firmly non-partisan organization, we are well aware that the American presidential election is hot on the minds of many of our readers and podcast listeners. We approach that conversation from a Strong Towns perspective, aware of the massive infrastructure spending for which both candidates have advocated. Visit our Infrastructure Crisis page to learn more.

On Monday, September 26, Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will begin the first of their three presidential debates. We'll be live-chatting throughout the event to analyze their #InfrastructureCrisis comments and anything else Strong Towns-related.

To participate in the chat, hosted by Chuck Marohn, join the Strong Towns Slack and head over to our #politics channel. You read along as you watch the debate, jump in whenever you'd like, or view the conversation afterward if you're not able to participate live. 

For an overview of how to use the Slack discussion platform and to sign up, visit this page.

Join the conversation

We hope you’ll join us on September 26 at 9pm Eastern for some lively, fun and productive discussion that takes a Strong Towns approach on the topics covered by the presidential candidates.

(Top photo from


Russian Military: US Coalition Predator Drone Spotted at Time & Place of Syria UN Aid Convoy Attack 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire says…

Despite proclamations by US official, details of the attack on the UN Aid Convoy yesterday are still sketchy. With no evidence to hand John Kerry and “unnamed” US officials claim that ‘they know’ the Russian attacked the UN aid convoy passing through a ‘rebel’ terrorist-held highway while travelling out of West Aleppo and heading southwest towards al-Foua and Kefraya villages. From the onset, both Russian and Syrian military stated they were not involved in this incident, but US maintain they are the guilty parties. 


John Kerry blaming Russia for mysterious attack on UN Convoy.

The US insistence to blame Russia for attacking this UN Aid Convoy appears to be a desperate deflect-and-divert public relations move to mask the fact the Washington destroyed its own ceasefire agreement on Saturday when it massacred over 70 Syrian Army soldiers and wounding another 100, in a sustained one hour-long attack involving multiple aircraft from the US, UK, Australia and Denmark. Because of that US-led airstrike, ISIS was allowed to advance immediately forward towards taking the key strategic city of Deir al-Zour. In spite of the unlikely coincidence, Washington claimed this was all just “a mistake.”

In addition, US Coalition and Gulf-backed ‘rebel’ terrorists had already broke the Russia-US ceasefire multiple times, and are also on record boasting earlier in the week how terrorist-held East Aleppo militants would refuse any UN aid convoy that crossed their sights.

Did the US and its “rebel” forces on the ground orchestrate another false flag event designed to avoid condemnation of Saturday’s massacre?

“Our western colleages are putting their best efforts to hype up the situation and ‘blur’ the tragedy in Deir ez-Zor and to distract the international community from Al-Nusra’s advance on Aleppo and thus cover the US incompetence in distinguishing between the ‘moderate’ opposition and terrorists in Syria.” – Russian spokeperson.

Now, new evidence suggests that the US Coalition may be misleading the world about their true intentions… 


The Russian Defense Ministry says that a US coalition drone was in the vicinity of a humanitarian convoy when it was attacked outside Aleppo. According to the Russian military, the unmanned aircraft was a Predator drone.

On the evening of September 19, in that specific region, a drone belonging to the international condition, which had taken off from the Incirlik air base in Turkey, was flying at a height of 3,600 meters and traveling...


Keith Lamont Scott: Protests Erupt Over Police Killing PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of Aljazeera - A US police officer has shot a black man at a housing complex in Charlotte, authorities in North Carolina say, prompting street protests late into the night. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) said on Twitter on Tuesday that demonstrators were destroying marked police vehicles and that approximately 12 officers had been injured. Witnesses contradicted police reports that the man killed was armed, saying that he was unarmed and disabled, according to reports.


Nationwide Prison Strike Draws Attention To Unpaid Labor PopularResistance.Org

By Rebekah Barber for Facing South - On Sept. 9, exactly 45 years to the day after the uprising at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York, prisoners across the United States went on strike. The full scope of the protests is unclear, in part because of the lack of media coverage. But what is evident is that prisoners in as many as 24 states including Alabama, South Carolina and Texas took part in simultaneous nonviolent protests to demand basic human rights.


BIS warns China is imploding Intellihub

Right on cue. Send out the attack dogs on both sides of the Atlantic. The BIS (Bank for International Settlement), one of the Western banking cabals top monetary watchdogs, is announcing to the world that China’s monetary, economic and financial systems are in trouble. This, of course, on the eve of the Chinese yuan/renminbi being added to the SDR basket of currencies on October 1. How convenient. This appears to be a coordinated effort to manipulate the markets and create more questions for the financial markets over the next two weeks.

First up is the Telegraph and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and right out the gate we find “full-blown banking crisis“. Nothing says “stay away” like full-blown banking crisis in the FIRST SENTENCE of an article.

Later in the piece he discusses how China’s debt climbed by 107% over eight years. How much debt has the U.S. added to the books since Obama has occupied the White House? You say $1+ trillion a year, every year? hmmmm When Obama first entered the White House the U.S. debt, not counting unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicaid, was approximately $10.6 trillion, today it stands close to $20 trillion. Meaning, that in fewer than eight years Obama has created the same disaster as China – almost to the dollar. Did I miss something or is this just how our world currently operates at this particular juncture in history? Blame who ever you wish, the whole system has to change and is going to change wether anyone likes it or not. The top two economies in the world running these types of debts can not be sustained. People, the world over, are beginning to understand what is happening and how these criminal enterprises, formerly called “governments”, are not only stealing todays wealth but tomorrows wealth as well.

China facing full-blown banking crisis, world’s top financial watchdog warns

China has failed to curb excesses in its credit system and faces mounting risks of a full-blown banking crisis, according to early warning indicators released by the world’s top financial watchdog.

A key gauge of credit vulnerability is now three times over the danger threshold and has continued to deteriorate, despite pledges by Chinese premier Li Keqiang to wean the economy off debt-driven growth before it is too late.

The Bank for International Settlements warned in its quarterly report that China’s “credit to GDP gap” has reached 30.1, the highest to date and in a different league altogether from any other major country tracked by the institution. It is also significantly higher than the scores in East Asia’s speculative boom on 1997 or in the US subprime bubble before the Lehman crisis.

Studies of earlier banking crises around the world over the last sixty years suggest that any score above ten requires careful monitoring.  The credit to GDP gap measures deviations from normal patterns within any one country and therefore strips out cultural differences.

It is based on work the US economist Hyman Minsky and has proved to be the best single gauge of banking risk, although the final denouement can often take longer than assumed. Indicators for what would happen to debt service costs if interest rates rose 250 basis points are also well over the safety line.

China’s total credit reached 255pc of GDP at the end of last year, a jump of 107 percentage points over eight years. This is an extremely high level for a developin...


Misrepresenting the facts OpEdNews

Less than 2 weeks ago Sec'y of State Kerry & Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov worked out a cease fire plan for Syria. That plan was shattered when US planes bombed a Syrian army base outside of Deir Ezzor last weekend killing some 60 elite army troops & wounding over a 100. The Syrian gov't accused the US of a deliberate attack. The US called it an "accident". Finian Cunningham called it"a deliberate act of murderous sabotage".


DAPL is Just the Beginning — Federal Bill Seeks Largest Native American Land Grab in 100 Years The Free Thought Project

initiativeThe Utah Public Lands Initiative will grab massive amounts of Native American land and turn it into oil and drilling zones.


The African American History Missing From The Smithsonian PopularResistance.Org

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - The new corporate-funded African-American History museum in Washington, D.C., built on the former site of Camp Democracy and all sorts of protests and festivals, is getting a great deal of purely positive press before its doors have opened. This press and the museum's own website suggest that the museum covers slavery, Jim Crow, racism, sports, and entertainment, but doesn't step out of the mold set by the Smithsonian when it celebrated the Enola Gay or began letting war profiteers fund and shape the exhibits in the Air and Space Museum or in the American History Museum, which has gone out of its way to glorify war.


Another Terrorist, Another Past Connection with the FBI WhoWhatWhy

Another terrorist attack in a major American city, more frightening images and talk of pressure cookers and ball bearings, BBs and pipe bombs, “lone wolves” and Christmas tree lights.

The latest alleged perpetrator is Ahmad Khan Rahami, a young Muslim man who grew up in America and likes souped-up cars. He became “self-radicalized” watching videos on the Internet that inspired him to blow up innocent Americans.

Some experts say the bombs he made show a high level of sophistication and training, but with more than a half a dozen bombs deployed, not a single person was killed. Some saw it coming — others say they can’t believe it.

He traveled to Afghanistan or Pakistan — or both — in the years prior to the attack. Nobody seems to know what he did there, but authorities are pretty sure there’s no wider conspiracy.

Cornered and desperate after authorities released his picture to the public, it’s a small miracle the suspect is still alive after a wild shootout with police.

Sound familiar?

The Boston Herald understandably thinks so. In a piece titled “Attack had eerie resemblance to Boston Marathon bombings,” the Herald points out the many superficial similarities to the 2013 attack at the Boston Marathon. The lead paragraph reads: “From pressure cookers, the release of a suspect photo, to the subsequent manhunt and shootout with cops, yesterday’s arrests of Ahmad Khan Rahami in New York City and New Jersey has stirred echoes of blasts at the Boston Marathon in 2013, security experts said.”

But there are far more significant similarities.

The reliably pro-law-and-order Herald left out the part about the FBI’s prior contact with the suspect. The New York Times, to its  credit, did inform us that the FBI conducted an “assessment” on Rahami in 2014, because his father told them he was a terrorist. Then dad took it back.

Interestingly, the Times also mentioned that the suspect’s father claims to have fought with the CIA-supported Afghan Mujahedin against the Soviets back in the 80s. The Times didn’t attach much significance to either revelation and probably won’t pursue the connections much further.

But, as with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, another recent “lone wolf” who suddenly started acting as a cartoonish Muslim fanatic, the FBI and CIA can be found lurking in the back story.

It is entirely possible that there are a lot of so-called lone wolves on the prowl — a sort of self-directed fifth-column of ISIS. But, according to investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson, an alarming number of them are being pushed and prodded by provocateurs on the federal payroll. W...


Modern education is Pavlovian conditioning Intellihub

Assessing the problems in American public education and academia elicits standard responses that are generally trite and multitude.  “Lack of funding,”, or “adequately trained teachers,” often round out the usual replies, yet system-generated solutions to the perceived problems are always external in nature (especially given the problems are themselves system-generated).  The diagnosis of the causes are also consistently external, leading to endless debates over appropriation and methodology, ever and always overlooking the actual problem, that academia as an institution no longer functions the way most perceive it.  The very presupposition of the modern debates over education are precisely concerned with how to fix a “broken system,” yet I propose the system is functioning perfectly as it was intended: The goal of public education and academia is not education, but socialization and Pavlovian social engineering.

From its inception, the architects of the American public education system, and its corollary system of “higher education” in the college and university system, were established explicitly for the purpose of reorienting classical modes of pedagogy for “democratic,” “socialistic,” “utopian,” and “egalitarian” techniques of state conditioning that would confer “personhood” on the individual pupil through integration into the collective, allowing for a smoother transition into the Comtean civic religion of scientistic naturalism, paying obeisance to the gods of state, as life would be lived out in the “New Jerusalem” of the public-private cubicle. These claims are precisely the words of the key founders of American Education, including: John Dewey, J.B. Watson, Horace Mann, James G. Carter, William James, and many others, all intent on inculcating their own religious philosophy of Darwinian scientism, pragmatism and collectivist socialism under the banner of progressive, democratic, secular humanism. It could more properly be titled Americanist Education, where the goal of indoctrination centers around the installment of the decrepit final end of its Enlightenment origins.  As I wrote previously:

The path to Enlightenment skepticism, deism. rationalism and scientism is directly from the empirical theology that even preceded Aquinas in thinkers like Abelard, and was contemporary with Aquinas in people like Ockham. Though Thomas was not a nominalist, he accepted the same epistemic starting point of the nominalists, namely, empiricism, and empirical based theology, that, again, derives from the analogia entis. Nominalism is absurd, and certainly worse than Aquinas in many respects, but insofar as they shared the same empirical starting point as Aquinas, they were more consistent. If God is banished from being directly present in the world through His immanent energies, all that is left is a material world of causation with an unknown deity locked within itself. That position is deism, and deism quickly leads to atheism. If sense-data is the only source of human knowledge, and sense-data is therefore the source of knowledge of God,. none of these created causal effects amounts to real knowledge of the divine itself. The divine is never accessed or experienced at all, just a series of created causes. And that, my readers, is the view of David Hume – that is how Thomism leads to Enlightenment atheism.

Arising from the ancient and medieval conception of the world as a unified whole under the providential governance of Reason and/or God, the birth of the university cultivated learning and the classical method of pedagogy that reflected that same belief in an ordered cosmos.  From this idea arose the term “uni” – “versitas,” a unified whole (See Cardinal Newman, The Idea of a University). Thus, a liberal arts education was grounded in the foundations of grammar, logic and r...


Video Footage of Syria Aid Convoy Released: Who Was Behind the Attack? Convoy Accompanied by Al Nusra Terrorists’ Off-Road Vehicle Global Research

The Russian military unveiled on Tuesday video footage of a UN humanitarian aid convoy that came under attack in Syria, which shows a militants’ pickup vehicle carrying a large-caliber mortar as part of the convoy. The video shows that the…


Selected Articles: Voices from Syria: Contradictory Reports Regarding Attack on Aid Convoy Global Research

Syria: Attack on Aid Convoy Kills Twenty, Destroys Aid, And Obliterates US War Crimes in Support of ISIS-Daesh Terror Group? By Felicity Arbuthnot, September 21 2016 In the words of Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: “We are reaching a…


The REAL Cost of the War of Terror The Last American Vagabond

We all know by now that the real terrorists (the politicians in the suits and ties and the banksters that pull their strings) are waging their war of terror on multiple fronts for multiple reasons. Domestically, it rallies the population around the flag, keeping the flock in check. At the same time it justifies the […]

The post The REAL Cost of the War of Terror appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Mr. President: Your Legacy is at Stake Veterans Today

Every day thousands upon thousands of war-injured and impoverished U.S. Military Veterans are forced to live homeless and hungry outside the Los Angeles VA, at Skid Row, in back-alley squalor and throughout the dangerous streets of Los Angeles because their legally deeded property at the National Veterans Home has been illegally and immorally pillaged and plundered for non-Veteran use.


#NoDAPL Noise Demo Demands Freedom for Jailed Water Protector Olowan Martinez IT'S GOING DOWN

From Unicorn Riot

UPDATE – Wednesday, September 21: The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services claims Olowan Martinez was extradited to Nebraska this morning.

On September 20th, 2016, water protectors from Red Warrior Camp and others from the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone camps converged on the Morton County Correctional Center to hold a noise demonstration.

Unicorn Riot was live for this event (see above video).

The Morton County jail has been used to hold all arrested water protectors from the numerous direct actions which have occurred to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

One water protector and Red Warrior Camp elder, Olowan Martinez of the Oglala Lakota nation, from the Pine Ridge reservation, has been held for a week. Long after all others arrested have been released, Olowan continues to be imprisoned at the Morton County jail as the state of North Dakota insists on continuing to hold her for attempted extradition to Nebraska.

Olowan is wanted in Nebraska based on charges related to her alleged involvement in actions against liquor stores in the small settlement of White Clay, Nebraska, which lies just a few miles from Pine Ridge across the South Dakota-Nebraska border.  By most accounts White Clay exists for the sole purpose of selling alcohol to Native people on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Alcohol is illegal in Pine Ridge and the reservation has disproportionately high rates of alcoholism and suicide.

Olowan tells her story in this video from the People’s Media Project:

A fundraising campaign has been launched to fund legal efforts to free Olowan Martinez, and raised over $1,000 within 24 hours of being launched.  Various individuals and groups have expressed their concern over Olowan’s continued incarceration and plan to work towards her release.

Olowan is currently incarcerated at Morton County jail for her defense of the Water at a #NoDAPL action to stop the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. She is the only one still being held captive, in their custody. The state is pushing for her extradition on charges connected with her resistance at White Clay, Nebraska (to stop alcohol sales from destroying her community) and is attempting to hold her for weeks without proper representation and process….

Olowan is an Oglala Lakota Mother and Grandmother. She is a long time Indigenous Land Defender, Water Protector, a born and raised Warrior. Her roots in resistance run deep and strong, far and wide, from Liberation Days to the Sounds of Resistance, she has worked to bring together the Women’s Peace March, to organize with Mothers Against Meth, to protect Indigenous women from industrial man camps and to stand in the way of resource extractive industry time and time again. Olowan is not only an I...


Former NATO chief Rasmussen wants US ‘to police the world’ Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Someone decided to put NATO wind-up doll, Fogh Rasmussen, in play via the NeoCon Wall Street Journal. The banksters and gangsters must be worried about their unipolar world prospects.


Climate Change and Barack Obama's Legacy OpEdNews

How will you know whether the administration is serious or not about standing with native Americans, and all Americans, in ending this project? When it ends the project using the authority it has without mass civil disobedience forcing them to do it. Or when the money a completed pipeline generates flows to its financiers -- Citibank, Wells Fargo, et al. Keep watching.


Government Delays Pipeline Settlement Following Tribe Complaint PopularResistance.Org

By David Hasemyer for Inside Climate News - The federal government has agreed to postpone final approval of a multi-million-dollar settlement with Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge, Inc., a move that will allow time for a Native American tribe from the northeast shore of Lake Michigan to protest terms of the agreement. In the wake of objections to the settlement by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, and a pledge by the Obama administration to be more sensitive to Native American concerns


NYC: Rojava Will Be the Graveyard of Turkey and ISIS IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

While the world descends into a dark authoritarian nightmare, the guerrilla fighters in Rojava, in northern Syria, have forged a new path for revolutionaries everywhere. With a politic built on feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-state, and communal praxis, Kurdish revolutionaries assisted by anarchist and communist guerrillas are ushering in the most important revolution in the 21st century.

The primary fighting units in Rojava, the YPG and YPJ, have faced insurmountable odds, battling Daesh, Bashar Assad’s forces, and various other counter-revolutionary forces in Syria. Armed with conviction and fighting against some of the most fascist forces in the world their battlefield victories have resonated all over the globe. The YPG/YPJ’s successes are so profound that their political model is the only viable political option for Syria, and has created a viable alternative for revolutionary movements worldwide.

This is the exact reason Turkey’s fascist leader, Erdogan, has chosen to intervene in Syria. He recognizes that Rojava’s anti-state, anti-capitalist, and anti-patriarchal values are a direct threat to his chauvinistic throne. The Turkish state has undermined the revolution since its inception and has supported every reactionary force in the region to crush the revolutions gains: funding and granting political support to Daesh and Al Nusra and recently colluding with Assad’s forces against the movement.


Turkey condoned Daesh’s sex slavery, beheadings, and conquests; it harbored Daesh fighters, provided money and arms, explosives, purchased oil and helped Daesh organize combat operations.

Turkey has ridiculously attempted to claim that it is merely liberating towns from Daesh, while simultaneously naming its invasion Operation Euphrates Shield, since it is shielding the area west of the Euphrates from the Kurdish-led revolution.

Turkey’s goal is clear: destroy the capacity of the liberatory armed forces and put an end to the most promising revolutionary movement in the world. Every day that Turkish troops attack revolutionary operations aimed at liberating towns from Daesh are halted.

For those who have built a new life in liberated territory Turkey promises a return to the reactionary days of the past. But the revolution in Rojava has already faced great odds and excelled.

We, at NYC Anarchist Action, urge all people to increase resistance against Turkey and to support the struggle in Rojava as they carve out a way forward for the liberation of all humanity. We placed this banner in solidarity with the fighters of Rojava and in complicity with their struggle, over the FDR highway during the convening of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Rojava’s example will be expanded with action, not words!
Rojava will be the graveyard of Turkey and ISIS.

As they say, ‘Resistance is life, silence is death!’

Long live Rojava!
Long live free life!

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Moose Cree First Nation Seeks To Revitalize Its Language PopularResistance.Org

By Lauren Wildgoose for IC Magazine - The Moose Cree First Nation, located on Moose Factory Island at the southern end of James Bay, is engaged in a series of community-based language preservation initiatives in support of its unique dialect of Cree. The First Nation’s Language and Culture department published the first Moose Cree dictionary in 2014 and a second edition in 2015, which will be followed by third, English-to-Cree edition next year. Geraldine Govender, Director of Language and Cultural Programs for the First Nation, coordinated the dictionary with Cree linguist Kevin Brousseau


Do Prison Strikes Work? The Marshall Project

Amid a current prison work stoppage, here are five strikes and how they turned out.


Yes, I’ll Get Gender Surgery. But May Still Be Punished For Suicide Attempt PopularResistance.Org

By Chelsea E Manning for The Guardian - Last week I was given the “good news” that the Department of Defense will grant my request to see a surgeon for treatment related to my gender dysphoria. Although I don’t have anything in writing, I was shown a memorandum with my name on it that confirmed the military is moving forward with my request. Everything that they have presented to me leads me to believe that they are going to provide the care that has been recommended by my doctor. I have requested this for nearly a year. That same week, I was also given “bad news”: I may be punished for a suicide attempt in July.


Prison Revolutionaries Of ’60s Generation: Role Models For Contemporary Strikers PopularResistance.Org

By James Kilgore for Truthout - In the run-up to the national prison labor strike on September 9, revolutionaries of decades past cast their imposing shadows over a new generation of activists, especially those in organizations like the Free Alabama Movement. At a gathering of the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People & Families Movement (FICPFM) held in Oakland to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Attica rebellion, Truthout had the opportunity to speak with three of the most important historic figures of prison struggles past


Judge Gives White Student No Prison Time For Raping 2-Year-Old Girl And Posting It Online Counter Current News

In another scary moment in which white privilege trumps the safety of potential victims, a white male was recently given a very lenient sentence for a very serious crime.

Kraigen Grooms, now 19 years old, plead guilty to second degree sexual assault in April 2013 when he was just 16 years old because he had raped a 2-year-old girl and streamed the whole thing online, with at least one other person watching. Prosecutors determined that the act was premeditated and claimed that before he was caught for this disgusting crime, he was planning a similar assault on a 3-year-old boy.

When Grooms was initially convicted, he faced a 25-year prison sentence, but in July of this year he plead guilty to “a lesser charge of engaging in a lascivious act with a child.” Because of this reduced offense, a judge sentenced him to five years of supervised release and a potential 10-year suspended sentence if he breaks parole.

While County Attorney Gary Oldenburger said that he was likely coerced by people online to commit the sexual acts, forensic analysis of computers used in the transfer of video recordings revealed that Grooms found the incident “so hot” and was plotting a second attack. Photos of an unidentified male child around 3 years old were discovered with arrangements for online streaming and recording the assault.

The family of the 2-year-old victim had said that they didn’t wish for Grooms to be sentenced to significant prison time and Oldenburger said that this was the main motivation for giving him a light sentence with no prison time. However, an argument can be made that the safety of potential, future victims needs to be considered before simply letting Grooms out on probation.

He has undergone several mental health evaluations since he was first arrested, but if treatment doesn’t work, it’s likely that another toddler, or even several, could become victims of his horrible sexual plots. If he was convinced once to molest a toddler, perhaps he could be coerced again or even act on his own.

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

This light sentence in favor of a white defendant is only one in a long line of recent light sentences. Infamous Brock Turner was recently released from jail after serving only three months for digitally penetrating an unconscious woman near a dumpster. Last month, Austin Wilkerson was sentenced to only probation and a 2-year jail sentence after he sexually assaulted a drunk female victim that was in his care. Despite the...


Russia Views Hillary Clinton as An “Existential Threat” to Peace The Anti-Media

fbi conspiracyDoes a Clinton presidency mean a war with Russia? They seem to think so.


It’s Not Zika – Substantial Evidence Suggests Pesticides Really To Blame For Birth Defects Counter Current News

With 2014’s Ebola panic all but forgotten, many Americans are now in a frenzy over the spread of the Zika virus. The Zika virus, and the media-driven panic of its spread, began in late 2015 following widespread birth deformations in Brazil, which were quickly linked to Zika. The link between Zika and microcephaly, the most striking birth defect allegedly caused by the virus, was largely based on a scientific paper by A.S. Oliveira Melo that found Zika in the amniotic fluids and other tissues in two cases. That’s right, only two women were examined in the study and the virus wasn’t even found in their blood, just the amniotic fluid. The New York Times reported in February of this year that only 17 of the 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly, only 4.2%, tested positive for Zika.

In response to these numbers which show no correlation between the presence of Zika infection and microcephaly, the government and “many researchers” said that this statistic “may be largely irrelevant, because their tests would find the presence of the virus in only a tiny percentage of cases.” Another indicator that the increase in microcephaly and other birth defects may have another cause altogether was Zika’s effects in Colombia. According to Colombia’s government, public health officials have so far diagnosed more than 17,000 pregnant women with Zika but only 18 cases of Zika-associated microcephaly have been reported, less than 0.2%.


The birth defect most frequently associated with Zika is microcephaly, an incurable condition that causes brain damage and small head size.

Amidst the glaring lack of basis for linking Zika to microcephaly, a group of Argentinian doctors, Médicos de Pueblos Fumigados, have published a report citing a pesticide used to mosquito larva as the real cause of the birth defects. According to the report, the area where most of the affected Brazilian families live, Pernambuco, had its drinking water treated for 18 months with a chemical larvicide that produces fatal birth defects in mosquitoes. Pernambuco reported over 4,000 cases of microcephaly in 2015. The use of t...


Obama: Do What I Say, Not What I Do OpEdNews

President Obama's parting speech to the UN was a masterpiece of deceit. The US President showed he's not only a good comedian who can skewer others at a press dinner, but a talented carpet-bagger. Meanwhile, no way to find out the dates of other leaders' speeches.


Color Blindness Upgraded With Color-Correction Glasses [Interview] Guardian Liberty Voice

The funny thing about a deficiency is that others around see with crystal clarity what is wrong while the host or carrier of the defect has no clue. As a society, people are great at pointing out the issues of others all the while ignoring their own. Therefore, to be clear, everyone has them. My […]

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Republicans Want to Stifle Free Speech Rights in the Name of Patriotism News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Curbing the 1st Amendment rights of Americans for the sake of preserving patriotism seems to be a thing The post Republicans Want to Stifle Free Speech Rights in the Name of Patriotism appeared first on Top US & World News | Susanne Posel.

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VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Unarmed 13yo Palestinian Girl at West Bank Checkpoint The Free Thought Project

israeliIsraeli guards have shot and injured an unarmed 13-year-old Palestinian girl after she walked up to a checkpoint.


Dakota Access Foes Call On AFL-CIO To Retract Support Of Pipeline PopularResistance.Org

By Mark Hand for DC Media Group - The AFL-CIO is coming under attack from labor groups and their supporters angry about the organization’s support of the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline through Native American land in North Dakota. Demonstrators stood outside the AFL-CIO’s headquarters in Washington, DC, on Sept. 19 calling on the union federation to renounce its support for the oil pipeline project.


Being A Truth Teller Is A Calling That’s Bigger Than Our Subjective Experience The Last American Vagabond

As many readers of The Last American Vagabond have come to realize, we are smack dab in the middle of a polarizing battle for power in society, between the established systems of elitism that aim to control society for their own agenda, and ordinary people who seek freedom and justice through decentralization of power. Although […]

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Just As Flint Threatens Lawsuit, The State of Michigan Removed Their Power to Sue Counter Current News

As the Detroit Free Press reports, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver filed a notice of intent to sue the State of Michigan with the Court of Claims back on March 24 — the last day of a 180-day limit from the time the city became aware of potential claims it could make against the state, according with court rules.

Weaver and Flint officials, at the time of filing notice, “had no plans to sue the state but had to take action to reserve the city’s rights” should that legal action have been warranted in the future, according to the Free Press.

In April 2015, Flint gained back some autonomy with the removal of a controversial emergency managership, but — underlying the lawsuit issue — the “state still exerts partial control over the city through a five-member Receivership Transition Advisory Board, whose members are appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder,” wrote the Free Press.

That board apparently didn’t find the notice to sue too amusing, and — despite it being a pure formality and preservation of protection for the people of Flint who had been poisoned by their government — cruelly and almost certainly retributively changed the rules.

For Flint to bring a lawsuit against Michigan, it now must be granted approval by Snyder’s state-appointed board.

Simply put, Flint has to ask the state for permission to sue it — something the already-embittered board couldn’t possibly be expected to grant.

As if the lead-poisoned people of Flint — who are still relying on donations of bottled water for all their drinking, bathing, and cooking needs over two years after the discovery of lead contamination — have not suffered enough already in Snyder’s hands.

Apparently, the notice of intent from Flint hit a sore spot with state officials, who had at the time already granted $67 million in state aid and were actively deliberating $165 million in additional assistance.

Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter explained, as quoted the Free Press, “a reckless lawsuit could throw the state budget into disarray and undermine everything we’ve done for the city.”

Both Snyder and Cotter requested Flint officials withdraw their intent notice — but on March 31 covertly used the power the board still holds over the city to change Flint governance to mandate state permission for legal action.

Citing the Receivership Transition Advisory Board’s website, the Free Press said the board wishes to ensure “a smooth transition” back to the city’s own governance by reviewing “major financial and policy decisions … to ensure that they maintain fiscal and organizational stability.”

Anna Heaton, spokesperson for Gov. Snyder, told the Free Press in an email Friday the governance shift was intended to bring more involvement from Flint City Council and city officials, ‘not just the city administrator,’ in...


ACLU Of Oklahoma Calls For Criminal Charges Against TPD Officers PopularResistance.Org

By Bryan Newell for ACLU - We call today on law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies around the state and around the nation to condemn the murderous actions of the Tulsa Police Department. In a world where our government continues to prove how little regard it has for the lives and the dignity of black Americans, to remain silent is to be complicit. It is well past time for the good men and women who serve their communities faithfully to speak out, and condemn this murder of a defenseless black man.”


Healthy Benefits of Laughter Guardian Liberty Voice

Laughter has a lot of healthy benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, it is an excellent method to release stress, boost spirits, and reduce depression. Laughing also stimulates organs and muscles. Dr. Lee Berk, a professor at Loma Linda University in California, studied the benefits of chortling for nearly three decades. According to Time magazine, […]

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Demanding Just Hours For Workers PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of Jobs With Justice - Kimberly Mitchell is a single mother who works as a senior make-up artist at Macy’s in Washington, D.C. For years, she and her colleagues worked with a human resources manager to set regular and reliable schedules, which meant Kimberly could effectively make ends meet and be counted on to drop off and pick up her daughter from school and activities.


‘We’re protectors, we’re not protesters:’ Northerner talks about Dakota arrest Warrior Publications


Daniel T’seleie — who has roots in Fort Good Hope and Yellowknife — and two other men were arrested on Sept. 14 and charged with reckless endangerment for attaching themselves to construction equipment with a steel device. (Facebook)

Activist Daniel T’seleie says his arrest is part of an escalation of state force against pipeline opponents

By Mark Rendell, CBC News, September 21, 2016

A Northern activist arrested last week while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline plans to return home later this week, although he’ll have to head back south for his court date, he says.

Daniel T’seleie — who has roots in Fort Good Hope and Yellowknife — was arrested on Sept. 14, for allegedly attaching himself to an excavator at a Dakota Access work site.

“I don’t want to get into too many details because it still is an open court case and I’m going to have to return here to court. But I was charged with reckless endangerment, which is a felony, and then I was charged with three misdemeanours,” said T’seleie, over the phone from New Salem, 110 kilometres northwest of Cannon Ball, N.D.

According to a Morton County peace officer’s affidavit, filed with the state of North Dakota, “[T’seleie] used a sleeping dragon device to secure himself,” referring to the protest technique in which handcuffs are hidden inside PVC piping, making it very difficult for officials to remove them.

“He refused several orders to release himself, which he was able to do at any time he wished, forcing law enforcement to cut the device off using power tools,” the peace officer wrote.

“This is part of a response that we’re seeing from the state here, which is trying to scare people from using any type of non-violent direct action tactics that actually stop construction of the pipeline,” said T’seleie.

Non-violent direct action

T’seleie sees his felony arrest as part of a broader escalation of state force against the activists who have gathered in solidarity with the Standing Rock Reservation to protest the $3.8 billion pipeline that’s supposed to transport oil from the Bakken oilfield near the Canadian border to Illinois.

“They’re setting the bail amount at $1,500, and they’ve also increased the bail amount for other misdemeanors,” he said.

“It’s kind of as a cash grab for the county but also as a way to prevent people from doing this, because there’s only a limited amount of resources right now in terms of legal support and jail support… [and they’re trying] to discourage people from undertaking direct action tactics that would actually physically stop construction of the pipeline at specific sites for a whole day or longer.”

T’seleie has been in New Salem, teaching just such tactics to fellow activists.

“Primarily what I’ve been doing here, along with a few other people, is running non-violent direct action training that are geared towards people who don’t have a lot of experience with non-violent direct action.”

This means teaching the theory behind non-violent direct action, as well as how to do it safely, he says.

“One thing direct action can be used for, is to stop construction of the pipeline at one worksite for a full day...


Terry Kok's Permanence Project: A Move Towards Empowerment and Freedom OpEdNews

We are in a physical, financial, family and personal mess in our culture. We are dependent on corporations, who have been diagnosed as sociopathic,:meaning they have no conscious"..a murderer killing without batting an eye. We need to get past the corporations while becoming self sustaining in our communities. This article speaks to that through the work of Terry Kok. We need to empower ourselves.


Black Voters Are Deserting Hillary by the Droves Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



Black Voters Are Deserting Hillary by the Droves

Hillary Clinton once had the support of 90% of the black voters. That number has shrunk to 70% since 9/11. On the other hand, Trump’s numbers, as it relates to support from black voters have surged 16% in the same time frame to 19%.

What is accounting for this surge int he Trump numbers and the devastating rop in Clinton’s numbers? The reasons for this change in Trump’s fortune and the implosion of the Clinton campaign are explained and analyzed in the following video.  Even the MSM is noticing the shift.

The reasons for the shift are discussed in the following video.



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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Don’t wait until it is too late. ...


Hamilton: Enbridge Building Vandalized in Solidarity with Standing Rock IT'S GOING DOWN

Submitted to It’s Going Down

A Love Letter to Sacred Stone Camp
[from Hamilton, ON]

For weeks, your numbers and our hearts have swelled in unison.
The world is watching as you spark the revolution.
We all wish that we could join you but realize we have ways to help from here.
We have work to do right here.
And so we offer up a small act of resistance. Of defiance.
A rejection of their narrative.

Enbridge is funding the Dakota Access pipeline, as well as Line 9 here.
As of one week ago, a merger made them the largest energy delivery company on Turtle Island.

But the era of oil snakes is over.
Gone are the days where companies can profit off death and destruction unopposed.

Enbridge has blood on their hands.
We have made this clear by using our hands to cover their Hamilton office in red prints.
A message was left on the windows to have it known we stand in solidarity.
There are those that will conflate this with an act of violence.
Yet stay silent as corporations use the mouths of hounds as weapons against women and children.
These are people who value property above people.
Things over beings.

Some of us have blood responsibilities to protect the land and water.
The rest have the responsibility to support those protectors.
We fight for the water and land. For life.
And for a world where we don’t have to.

We are with you. We are watching.
We stand with Standing Rock.


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Israeli Soldier Shoots 13-Year-Old Girl Who ‘Did Not Stop at Crossing’ The Anti-Media

Israeli-crossingThe Israeli defence ministry said the girl was not carrying a weapon.


Wells Fargo Had a Bad Day. That's a Start. OpEdNews

Wells Fargo's CEO faced a rough grilling. That's a start. But John Stumpf is undoubtedly decompressing somewhere right now, waiting in comfort for the heat to die down. Wall Street's fraud won't end until its senior executives are held fully accountable for their actions -- and not just for a day.


North Carolina Erupts After Cops Fatally Shoot Innocent UNARMED Man Who Was Minding His Own Business Counter Current News


Tuesday, In Charlotte, North Carolina, police fatally shot a black man they said was armed as they searched for someone else, sparking violent protests that injured more than 12 officers. Witnesses said the man who was killed, Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was unarmed.

According to Kim Bellware of The Huffington Post, The shooting ― the sixth Charlotte-Mecklenburg police killing of a civilian in the past year ― happened just before 4 p.m. at an apartment complex roughly a mile from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers were searching at the complex for someone else who was wanted on an outstanding warrant, police said in a statement.

According to officers, they saw a man exit a vehicle with a firearm, then get back inside. When police approached, the man got out of the vehicle again and “posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject,” according to the police statement.

Police said they called a medic and administered CPR, but Scott died at the hospital.

Officer Brentley Vinson, a black officer who has worked for the department since July 2014, was identified as the shooter.

Witnesses say that after the unarmed man was shot by police, hundreds of people converged at the shooting scene, chanting anthems that decried police violence.

More than a dozen officers and several members of the press were injured. Police blamed “agitators” who joined the protesters for destroying marked patrol cruisers. Police said Civil Emergency Unit vehicles were sent to remove officers whose vehicles had been surrounded by protesters.

Overnight, the protesters moved onto I-85, blocked traffic and threw rocks at passing vehicles.

The demonstrators also set a fire on the interstate after allegedly stealing cargo from a truck that was carrying auto parts. The unidentified driver said she feared for her life.

“I understand they want to make a statement, but they are hurting innocent people trying to make a living,” the driver said.

Once the police moved in and cleared the demonstrators from the highway with flash grenades, the protesters dispersed, Reuters reported. A group of protesters then broke into a Walmart store.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, who was reportedly “monitoring the situation closely,” took to Twitter to urge for calm.

“The community deserves answers and (a) full investigation will ensue,” she said on Twitter, adding in a subsequent post, “I want answers too.”

A woman saying she was Scott’s daughter captured the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live. She and other witnes...


A town where every child can walk to school Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

You might not expect something revolutionary to come out of a Cleveland suburb, but the following video by Streetfilms would say otherwise. Lakewood, OH is a "walking school district." The town has never, in its history, owned schoolbuses, so streets are designed to ensure that every child can walk or bike to school.

Maybe that's not terribly revolutionary; after all, walking and biking to school used to be commonplace. But somewhere in the second half of the twentieth century, when other school districts began building large campuses on the edge of town and busing children for 40+ minutes each way, Lakewood resisted the tide shift and continued to structure their district around the concept of walking.

Not only does this mean that children get healthy exercise each morning and afternoon, plus communal time with their peers and families who walk with them, the following video explains, "Lakewood City School District spokesperson Christine Gordillo estimates the policy saves them about one million dollars annually."

Looks pretty doable, right?

Catch all our school-related stories here.

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Dozens of Cops Implicated in Suit for “Trafficking, Raping, Victimizing” Underage “Sex Slave” The Free Thought Project

sexWhen a sex trafficked child managed to escape her pimps, she ran into the arms of the Oakland PD, who turned her into their own personal sex slave.


Arizona Court Rules Changing Baby’s Diaper Constitutes “Sexual Assault.” No Seriously. Counter Current News


According to The Supreme Court of Arizona, any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals is a felony. Any adult, so even if you are the child’s parent or grandparent, Arizona says you are a felon.

As The Independent reported:

The Supreme Court of the State of Arizona issued a decision interpreting a state law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals.

The court upheld the case of a man who reportedly appealed his conviction for sexually molesting his step-daughter.

It examined the language used in the state’s sexual abuse laws and ruled that any contact with a minor’s genitals should be considered molestation or sexual abuse – with no requirement of proof of sexual intent.

The 20-page ruling defines “sexual contact” as “any direct or indirect touching, fondling or manipulating of any part of the genitals, anus or female breast by any part of the body or by any object or causing a person to engage in such contact.”

It later cites the child molestation statute, stating: “A person commits molestation of a child by intentionally or knowingly engaging in or causing a person to engage in sexual contact, except sexual contact with the female breast, with a child who is under fifteen years of age.”

Anyone that has ever changed a diaper or bathed a child, in Arizona, could be charged with a class 2 or 3 felony. The way the courts chose to define the law makes it impossible to be a care giver and not break the law. According to legal professionals, prosecutors will not likely use this law to charge parents or doctors, but it still is an unsettling position to be put in. Justices who voted against this decision write:

“Parents and other caregivers who have changed an infant’s soiled diaper or bathed a toddler will be surprised to learn that they have committed a class 2 or 3 felony.”

What do you feel was the purpose of this change in the law? Will this create more problems than it fixes?

Leave your comments below.


(article by Jaimes Campbell)

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Just As Flint Threatens Lawsuit, The State of Michigan Removed Their Power to Sue Activist Post

By Claire Bernish Michigan has stripped the City of Flint of the ability to sue over the lead contamination of its water supply. As the...


Syrian War Report – September 21, 2016: Government Forces Advancing outside Aleppo Veterans Today

On September 20, the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, repelled an attack of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra/Al-Nusra Front) and its ‘moderate allies’ in southwestern Aleppo.


Goldman Sachs Is Acknowledging Climate Change. Why Isn't the GOP? OpEdNews

The Republican Party. The so-called Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln, is the only major political party in the developed world that denies man-made climate change. Despite all the evidence, despite the fact that the past 16 months have been the hottest on record, despite the fact that we're now seeing 1,000-year weather events on monthly basis -- despite all this, the Republican Party still refuses to accept reality.


Charlotte Cops Fatally Shoot Disabled Father Who Was Reading a Book Counter Current News


A man was killed yesterday afternoon while reading a book according to his family.
Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled father of 7, was approached by officers from the Metro Division Crime Reduction Unit of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department while reading a book in his car and was subsequently shot. While details are still coming in, the police have come out with a boiler plate statement to justify the use of deadly force.

Claiming that they were looking for a dangerous suspect who had outstanding warrants, police say they came into contact with Scott who they claim exited his vehicle, then got back inside, then exited the vehicle again as police approached.

It was then that police claimed that Scott posed an “imminent deadly threat to officers” (the language needed to justify deadly force) and police fired on Scott.

Family members of Scott claim that the officers that approached him were undercover.
Police have claimed Officer Brentley Vinson as the shooter. This is the 6th officer involved shooting this year with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

The video is very painful to watch

Scott’s daughter began recording after shooting claiming that the police that shot Scott were undercover, that her father was disabled, unarmed, and that it took 20 minutes for an ambulance.

Protests broke out into the early morning hours. You can see live updates from WSOCTV.COM at the bottom of this article

Official Statement from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Homicide Unit are conducting an officer involved shooting investigation that occurred in the 9600 block of Old Concord Road in the University City Division. On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, at 3:54p.m., officers from the Metro Division Crime Reduction Unit were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant on him at The Village at College Downs. Officers observed a subject inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The subject exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. Officers observed the subject get back into the vehicle at which time they began to approach the subject. The subject got back out of the vehicle armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject.

The officers immediately requested Medic and began performing CPR. Medic responded to the scene and transported the subject to Carolinas Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. The identity of the subject and officer involved will be released pending family notification. Detectives recovered the firearm the subject was holding at the time of the shooting at the scene. Detectives are currently interviewing witnesses who witnessed this incident.

As is standard procedure with any officer involved shooting, the Internal Affairs Bureau will conduct a separate but parallel investigation to determine whether CMPD policies and procedures were adhered to during the course of the incident. Per department protocol, the officer will be placed on Administrative Leave. Crime Scene Search responded to t...


Egyptian Media: ISIS Is “Made Up” And U.S. Created 9/11 To Justify War On Terror Activist Post

By Amanda Froelich More than ever before, American citizens are questioning the ‘official’ story behind 9/11. This was made evident by how popular two articles,...


State Supreme Court Rules Black Men Justified in Running from Cops — Fleeing Police Not Suspicious The Free Thought Project

runA state supreme court has now ruled black men have every reason to run from the cops.


Why Are We So Fascinated With The Universe? TruthTheory


By Luke Miller Truth Theory We are currently making some massive advances scientifically in our understanding of the universe, we recently found that there is […]

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Syria: Attack on Aid Convoy Kills Twenty, Destroys Aid, And Obliterates US War Crimes in Support of ISIS-Daesh Terror Group? Global Research

In the words of Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: “We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending the Islamic State. Now there can be no doubts about that”,


Confirming Big Pharma Fears, Study Suggests Medical Marijuana Laws Decrease Opioid Use TruthTheory


By Lauren McCauley via Common Dreams Study comes after reporting revealed fentanyl-maker pouring money into Arizona’s anti-legalization effort It is of little wonder that Big Pharma has […]

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‘Pardon Snowden’ Campaign Takes Off As Sanders, Ellsberg, And Others Join TruthTheory


By Nadia Prupis via Common Dreams ‘His bravery was a catalyst for the modern movement to defend democracy,’ said Malkia Cyril of Center for Media Justice Prominent […]

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Ditch The Trump Double Standard For The Debates OpEdNews

We're hearing rumblings that Clinton has more to lose at the debate, and that if Trump manages to not insult large portions of the electorate, the event will represent a victory for him. What's doubly concerning is that Trump already appears to be actively trying to intimidate the debate moderators in hopes they'll go easy on him.


Video: The Third World War Has Never Been So Close… “US Preparing to Wage War on Russia. How will Russia Respond?” Global Research

As we have already said many times, the main aspect of this political season is not elections, but war. But if elections do have importance somewhere, then this is in the US where, once again, they are closely connected to…


“I’m No Doctor, But I Think the Wine Helped:” This Man Refused Chemo, Went Home And Lived to Be 98 (Here’s How He Did it) TruthTheory


By  Yelena Sukhoterina via All Health Works “How long do I have to live? Because I have work to do,” told high-spirited Stamatis Moraitis to his […]

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Collapse of Syrian Truce: US Air Strikes in Support of the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) Terror Group Global Research

Last weekend, the US-led international coalition against ISIS used its air power against the Syrian Arab Army positions outside the eastern city of Deir Ezzor, supporting an advance of ISIS militants there. This was the second time in less than…


Good cop, bad cop – Waking up to the error of blind allegiance Intellihub

“To live outside the Law, you must be honest.” ~Bob Dylan

We are living in revelatory times. The mask of authoritarian rule is slowly dissolving. The veil is being lifted and the immoral power gained from deception and appropriation is slowly being replaced by a far superior moral power gained from truth and prestige. More and more people are waking up to the fact that power gained from violence is immoral. The era of blind allegiance is coming to an end. But it’s a slow and frustrating process for those few of us who have already remedied such a fear-based, slave-prone disposition and eliminated it from our mindset and lifestyle.

The most apparent crack in the tank-like armor of authoritarian rule lately, has been the gradual realization that police are nothing more than hired thugs paid to uphold the outdated laws of the authoritarian state. As it stands, the authoritarian state represents immoral power gained from smoke-and-mirror deception and violent appropriation. Cops are paid to uphold this immoral institution. Even worse, they are expected to be proud of it.

Here’s the thing: there are good people, but there are no good cops. In order to be a “good cop” the officer would have to hold people accountable to outdated, stupid, and in some cases, downright violent and immoral laws. Which would make the officer a bad person. So the officer is caught in a catch-22. Either the officer chooses to be a good person and does not enforce those laws, in which case he chooses to be a bad cop; or the officer chooses to be a “good cop” by enforcing those laws, in which case he chooses to be a bad person.

The only “good cop” is the human being who realizes the error of his/her ways, calls out the hypocrisy of the thin blue line, and then courageously turns in his/her uniform and badge, realizing that they could no longer in good conscience work for such a corrupt and immoral authoritarian state.

The tricky part is separating the cop from the person. It’s all too easy for us to attach our ego and our pride to our titles. For example, the typical cop will read this article and be overwhelmed by a flood of cognitive dissonance bolstered by their pride and their ego’s attachment to “being a cop.” All their conditioning will come to the forefront and guard against thinking outside the box that they were trained in. It’s all psychological, an emotional reaction by an emotional animal attached to its symbolic ideals, no matter how outdated, wrong, stupid, violent, or immoral those symbolic ideals are.

A good person cannot be a “good cop,” but a bad cop can still be a good person by ignoring outdated, stupid, violent, and immoral laws, which just makes being a “good cop” irrelevant. Let’s break it down…

“The rich may have lots of pieces of green paper that many pretend are worth something and the poor may not. These “rich” claim they own land, and the “poor” are often denied the right to make that same claim. The primary purpose of the police is to enforce the delusions of those with lots of pieces of green paper. Those without the green papers generally buy into these delusions almost as quickly and completely as those with. These delusions carry with them extreme consequences in the real world.” ~...


Kashmir: “We The People” Should Stand Up Global Research

The armed conflict in Kashmir has reached a dangerous point. The killing of 17 Indian soldiers in the Uri camp, 6 kilometres from the Line of Control (LoC) that separates the two state protagonists, India and Pakistan, could lead to…


Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds Veterans Today

This is absolutely dynamite material, it blows to smithereens any notion that Edward Snowden is anything other than a fraud, a CIA disinfo op.


War Propaganda and the ‘Aleppo Media Centre’, Funded By French Foreign Office, EU and US Global Research

The headline read: “Little boy pulled alive from the rubble”. The Aleppo Media Centre video and photograph of Omran Daqneesh, aka the ‘Dusty Boy” of Aleppo, allegedly rescued by the notorious White Helmets in terrorist-held East Aleppo, went viral almost…


Obama’s Final Address to UN Security Council: Give Up Liberty, Submit to World Government Freedom Outpost

US President Addresses the Hall. General Debate of the seventy-first Regular Session of the General Assembly

US President Addresses the Hall. General Debate of the seventy-first Regular Session of the General Assembly

In his final speech to the worthless United Nations Security Council, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah urged that Americans give up their liberty and sovereignty and submit to world government.

In stark contrast to founding father Benjamin Franklin, who uttered the famous words, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety," Obama called on Americans to give up more liberty for security.

"We can only realize the promise of this institution's founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations like my own accept constraints," Obama said.

He then added that "powerful nations" like the United States must give up their autonomy to realize security.

"I'm convinced in the long run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security." Obama said.

Of course, Obama was doing this to praise the United Nations, an organization that is anti-American, anti-Christian and totalitarian at its core.

So, what's the problem? Obama is convinced and that should make us just fall in line? Wasn't he the guy that was convinced Obamacare would lower costs and provide everyone with health insurance? Did that materialize? Nope. This man has lied through his teeth the entire time he has been in office and we've documented that.

While Obama, a clear foreigner by his words, his wife's word's, a Kenyan Ambassador and the record of the Kenyan Parliament (despite what Trump and others say), claims that his view is the right one, he also acknowledges that real Americans, born and bred here, oppose him. These people do so rightly.

"Sometimes I'm criticized in my own country for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I'm convinced in the long run…" Obama said. "We have to put our money where our mouths are."

Yes, but the problem is America is not normal to the international community. She has been unique throughout her history. She was unique because her foundation was established upon the Bible, not upon "international norms," which were pagan in origin. That's what made America great.

"I believe that at this moment we all face a choice," Obama added after denouncing the building of a southern wall on the US borde...


Voices from Syria: “This Country is being Violated by Terrorists who Destroy History, and People” Global Research

Radwan Altaweel and his 24 year old son, Basel Altaweel, work at Shop.Altaweel Copper and Brass Designs. Basel’s 30 year old brother is currently in the military, serving with the Syrian Arab Army.  The family name means “tall”, and they…


Video: Contradictory Reports regarding “Humanitarian Convoy” Destroyed on Road near Aleppo Global Research

Heavy clashes resumed in Syria after the truce officially collapsed on September 19. The Jabhtat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorist group and its allies launched a full-scale advance against the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah in…


Celebrating the One Percent: Is Inequality Really Good for the Economy? Global Research

To paraphrase Mark Twain, everyone complains about inequality, but nobody does anything about it. What they do is to use “inequality” as a takeoff point to project their own views on how to make society more prosperous and at the…


How Corporate Influence & Money Sparked Evolution of Bad Science News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Researchers with the University of California at Merced (UCM) have discovered warning signs that the scientific community is The post How Corporate Influence & Money Sparked Evolution of Bad Science appeared first on Top US & World News | Susanne...

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Creepy Clown Sightings Sweep The Nation As The Threats Of Violence Become Even More Chilling Freedom Outpost



All over America sick and twisted people are dressing up like creepy clowns in order to frighten the living daylights out of others.  This trend started back in August, and since then social media has helped it spread like wildfire.  So far there have been creepy clown sightings in 11 different states, and Mississippi and Kentucky have been added to the list since my last article.  A lot of young kids seem to think that this is a great idea for a “prank”, but authorities are taking the creepy clown phenomenon very, very seriously because in recent days the threats of violence have become much more chilling.  Individuals posing as “creepy clowns” on social media are openly naming specific schools that they plan to target and are threatening to commit horrific acts of violence.  That may sound like an interesting plot for a Hollywood horror movie, but in real life these kinds of threats have very serious consequences.

On Monday, several schools in Alabama were placed on lockdown due to threats from a group known as “Flomo Klown”

A number of Alabama schools were on lockdown on Monday after a series of Facebook posts from users posing as clowns threatened local children with violence.

Posts on the group ‘Flomo Klown’ warned that clowns may show up at two schools in the Birmingham area and one student alerted local police.

Fortunately, authorities were able to identify the people that were making those threats.  The police discovered that two juveniles and one adult were involved, and so far one arrest has been made in the case.

But that isn’t the only example of “creepy clowns” threatening to commit violence at schools.  A short-lived Facebook account under the name of “Bingerman Clownferd” issued a profanity-laced warning to five specific schools in the Montgomery, Alabama area on September 17th.  The following comes from a local Montgomery news report

A newly created Facebook account namedBingerman Clownferd began posting about visiting Montgomery schools last week. This weekend, Clownferd caused a stir on social media with a post listing which Montgomery schools would be visited:




‘I’ve never seen anything like this’ – Donald Trump raises huge sums from small donors Intellihub

I’ll be the first to admit I did not see this coming. Back when it was announced Trump had appointed ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Steven Mnuchin, to be his national finance chairman, I assumed this would mean Hillary Clinton-esque oligarch pandering would rapidly ensure. Surprisingly (to me), this has not really been the case.

Indeed, when it comes to raising money from small donors, Trump may have a little Bernie Sanders in him.

Politico reports:

Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented deluge of small-dollar donations for the GOP, and one that Republican Party elders have dreamed about finding for much of the last decade as they’ve watched a succession of Democrats — Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and, to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton — develop formidable fundraising operations, $5, $10 and $20 at a time.

Trump has only been actively soliciting cash for a few months, but when he reveals his campaign’s financials later this week they will show he has crushed the total haul from small-dollar donors of the last two Republican nominees, John McCain and Mitt Romney — during the entirety of their campaigns.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has an actual political movement behind him. John McCain and Mitt Ronmey did not, and neither does Hillary Clinton.

All told, Trump is approaching, and has possibly already passed, $100 million from donors who have given less than $200, according to an analysis of available Federal Election Commission filings, the campaign’s public statements and people familiar with his fundraising operation. It is a threshold no previous Republican has ever achieved in a single campaign. And Trump has done so less than three months after signing his first email solicitation for donors on June 21 — a staggering speed to collect such a vast sum.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said a senior Republican operative who has worked closely with the campaign’s small-dollar fundraising operation. “He’s the Republican Obama in terms of online fundraising.”

Clinton counted 2.3 million donors as of the end of August, the result of decades of campaigning, a previous presidential bid and allies who painstakingly built her an email file of supporters even before she formally announced her second run. But Trump had zoomed to 2.1 million donors in the last three months alone, his campaign has said.

The question now is what the gusher means for the GOP. The Republican National Committee, through a deal struck with Trump in May, is getting 20 percent of the proceeds from its small-donor operation for Trump plus access to this invaluable new donor and email file. But can Trump’s candidacy help close the Republican Party’s small-donor divide in one fell swoop? Will these donors — 2.1 million and counting — give to other Republicans? Will they drag the Republican Party in Trump’s direction for years to come? Or, if he loses, will they simply vanish?

Is this actually a real question? Trump’s entire popularity is fueled by the fact he has gone against so much of what was considered mainstream GOP orthodoxy. If Trump wins the Presidency, Donald Trump is the GOP.

Trump has found record-setting success as the first Republican nominee “in the Internet age” to have made empowering the grassroots and railing against the elite a core of his campaign message, Finn said. Going forward, the key is...


America’s Worldwide Impunity Global Research

After several years of arming and supporting Syrian rebel groups that often collaborated with Al Qaeda’s Nusra terror affiliate, the United States launched an illegal invasion of Syria two years ago with airstrikes supposedly aimed at Al Qaeda’s Islamic State…


Massive Police-Military Mobilization After New York City Bombing Global Research

Tens of thousands of police and troops were mobilized across the New York metropolitan area Monday in the wake of Saturday night’s bombing in the Chelsea district of Manhattan, which injured 29 people. A second explosive device was found four…


New York Times Peddles Alibi for US Bombing in Syria.”Accidental”, “Mistaken”, “Errant”… Global Research

In a front-page article entitled “Errant strike impairs effort to calm Syria,” the New York Times Monday provided an unconditional alibi for the air strikes carried out by US and allied warplanes two days earlier that claimed the lives of…


Enroll in Cheater University and Watch Your Business Soar OpEdNews

A parody on phony "colleges" and "Universities" that fleece students and don't deliver promises while lining the pockets of the administrators and faculty.


Russia vs. America: Democracy’s Last Chance Global Research

The Russian parliamentary elections went smooth as a silk dress under the hand. The ruling party, United Russia, has got a big majority of the seats in the Parliament, while the other three parties, the Communists (CPRF), the Nationalists and…


US Media’s Anti-Russian Numbers Game Global Research

On Sept. 14th, US Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois was invited on CNN’s “The Lead” as an expert on Russia. Without so much as a pause, he stated the following: “Donald Trump says we have to work with Russians in…


Did U.S. Attack Syrian Aid Convoy Just to Blame Putin and Assad? Global Research

The current situation in Syria may look like a confusing mess, but we think there are enough clues to make some sense of it. It all comes down to a statement UN ambassador Churkin made after his close encounter with…


Finally well deserved recognition for deplorables Intellihub

When the criminal Clinton cabal announces that their infamous foe and now world renowned ‘basket of deplorables‘ are threats to their power establishment, you are really hearing an admission that they are losing the war of ideas. It has long been a well established fact that psychopaths on the loony left are existing in a parallel universe, but it is relatively new just how desperate they have become since the public is waking up to their century long scheme to destroy America. While more and more people are joining the cause of rational national self preservation, the task of mobilizing the ranks of long oppressed productive citizens is still in its infancy stage.

The intensity of desperation coming out of the mass controlled media has the limousine liberals running on auto pilot to escape the wrath of the Trump supporters. Their only response is to trash the millions, who disdain the elitism within the heretical system of authoritarianism that the collectivists have created.

Cal Thomas maintains, Hillary shows that she thinks of Americans as ‘deplorables’.

“This is the contempt in which it seems the left holds traditional Americans. Anything they say “no” to is to be labeled racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic and nativist. To the left, anyone who does not share “modern” ideas is to be condemned, even called unAmerican and deplorable.”

Now being scorned by Marxists is certainly the opposite of being reprehensible, the establishment wants to rewrite history and interpose their distortion of events and reality on the general public by imposing a fictitious sense of falsehoods and phony guilt.

The dismantling of institutions of time-honored principles of constitutional protections during the Obama years has provided a downward spiral in national pride and domestic prosperity. Clinton offers an even more destructive path to centralized despotism, based upon decades of her obfuscation, influence pedaling and treasonous dealings.

Since an objective defense of such a record defies comprehension, all the Killery supporters can do is to attack the heartland of a country that they despise. Death follows the Clintons as sure as the corporatist media lies and protects her from endless scandals.

Without accountability, there is no justice. For the “social warriors” from the totalitarian left, genuine fairness is a disposable commodity in a Machiavellian society of situation ethics. This is the reason why anyone who hold true to the timeless values of good as opposite to the expediency of evil, need to be labeled  deplorable.

Adi Robertson writes, Hillary Clinton exposing Pepe the Frog is the death of explainers is a prime example of how the frantic DemocRATS have reacted to Trump’s outreach initiatives to Blacks and Latino communities.

“Earlier this week, the Clinton campaign posted an explainer of Pepe, an anthropomorphic frog who has become an unofficial mascot for Trump and the alt-right. It’s responding to a photoshopped riff on The Expendables posted by Donald Trump, Jr. and former Trump advisor Roger Stone on Facebo...


BREAKING: Video Released Showing Cops Publicly Execute Mentally Ill Man for Yelling at Them The Free Thought Project

Sacramento, CA -- Joseph Mann, 50, used to work for the Department of Corrections until he had a mental breakdown in 2011 following the death of his mother. Since then, this mentally ill man has peacefully lived on the streets of Sacramento -- until last July when he was shot 14 times and killed as


Ex Gitmo Teenage Captive Ordeal Veterans Today

Nazar Mohammad Motmaeen for Veterans Today Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul Mohammad Jawad, with his real name Sakhi Badshah little known to others, was born in Miramshah, Durand line, six months later shortly after his father Salman Shah was martyred. Mohammad Jawad lost his dad in 1991 while fighting together with forces […]


I, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Haiti's Pay-to-Play IHRC OpEdNews

The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC) was foisted by Hillary and Bill Clinton on Haiti less than four months after the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. The acronym for this organization was contrived to include HRC. The IHRC collected about $10 billion of donations that have vanished, probably into presidential-campaign coffers; it also inaugurated a Clinton style of governance called pay-to-play.


The 4 Ways to Leverage Business Intelligence to Gain a Competitive Advantage over the Rest of the Pack On eBay OpEdNews

eBay is well mastered and understood, you will be in a very competitive position to have a leg up on the competition and to reap the financial rewards of being a seller on eBay. A good piece of market research software should at the very least be able to offer you plenty of information on key metrics such as users, sellers, sales, searches, revenues generated on all platforms e.g. mobile and desktop devices and much more.


Left v. Right: Different Worlds Pt 5 OpEdNews

It would be much easier and certainly more comforting if the complexities of modern society and the needs, perspectives, and values of so many different others weren't factored into the mix. But simplistic decision-making carries a host of risks. Making things worse later for more of us isn't exactly an ideal worth pursuing.


Russia to Obama: Get Lost Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean says that Obama’s recent speech to the UN “almost made me gag.” I had a slightly different reaction. The speech almost made me want to puke largely because Obama knows better.


Slowing the Cars in St. Louis Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

Marielle Brown is a Strong Towns member who recently undertook an impressive tactical urbanism project in the city of St. Louis to help make streets safer. Today, she's sharing that story.

The Trailnet traffic calming team

The Trailnet traffic calming team

Like every U.S. city, St. Louis has a speeding problem. For years, St. Louis used stop signs and street closures to try to slow cars down. Residents and elected officials had asked for more effective ways of calming traffic, but the city said no to speed humps.

In 2012, when I moved to St. Louis to work for Trailnet, a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization, the conversation around traffic calming felt rote. Community members, elected officials, and advocates would point out the high rate of pedestrian fatalities in the City and look to successful traffic calming programs in other American cities using speed humps, miniature traffic circles, and bumpouts. City officials and engineers would remind us that there was no funding and that Missouri law was murky on traffic calming.

Each side was talking about what the street should look like, but we were not talking about why we wanted it that way. The people advocating for traffic calming wanted to make the streets great for walking, bicycling, and talking with neighbors. For us, the problem to be solved was speeding cars making it unsafe, and we saw the solution in copying the traffic calming that cities like Kansas City were installing.

But for our engineers, traffic calming seemed to exacerbate several of the problems they were officially tasked with solving. While they were charged with cutting costs, traffic calming meant new construction projects and made street cleaning more complicated. Instead of seeing traffic calming as reducing congestion and crashes, engineers viewed it as slowing cars down and putting obstacles in the streets for cars to hit. The Streets Department already routinely received complaints about anything that removed parking or slowed cars, and traffic calming promised to do both.

The advocates had answers to all of these objections, but none of them addressed the fundamental issue that we valued safety over cost and speed, while our engineers were trained to consider cost and speed as primary (and held to that standard by their job descriptions). Community members had politely asked for traffic calming, aldermen had proposed bills, and Trailnet had brought in experts for professional development on traffic calming, but none of us had effectively challenged the assumptions behind what a street is for.

So, in 2015, I worked with the Missouri Chapter of the American Planning Association and the Healthy Eating Active Living Partnership (HEAL) of St. Louis to get a grant from the American Planning Association (APA) that would allow us to test out temporary traffic calming and educate elected officials, city staff, and residents on street design. Working with the City of St. Louis and several partners, we tried out traffic calming in four different neighborhoods and made the following video to show the impact of traffic calming:...

Wednesday, 21 September


Complete History of BAYER — One of the Biggest Depopulationist Companies in the World TIP


Bayer AG is a chemical and pharmaceutical giant founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer and his partner, Johann Friedrich Weskott. 

Via UsualRoutine


Today it has its headquarters in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It trademarked acetylsalicylic acid as aspirin in 1899.

It also trademarked heroin a year earlier, then marketed it worldwide for decades as a cough medicine for children “without side-effects”, despite the well-known dangers of addiction.

During the First World War, Bayer turned its attention to the manufacture of chemical weapons including chlorine gas, which was used to horrendous effect in the trenches. It also built up a “School for Chemical Warfare”.


During this time Bayer formed a close relationship with other German chemical firms, including BASF and Hoechst.

This relationship was formalised in 1925 when Bayer was one of the chemical companies that merged to form the massive German conglomerate Interessengemeinschaft Farben or IG Farben, for short.

It was the largest single company in Germany and it became the single largest donor to Hitler’s election campaign.

After Hitler came to power, IG Farben worked in close collaboration with the Nazis, becoming the largest profiteer from the Second World War.

Amongst much else, IG Farben produced all the explosives for the German military and systematically looted the chemical industries of occupied Europe. It’s been described as the Nazis’ “industrial jackal” following in the wake of Hitler’s armies.

During the Second World War, IG Farben used slave labour in many of its factories and mines and by 1944 more than 83,000 forced labourers and death camp inmates had been put to work in the IG Farben camp at Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Auschwitz was a vast labour and death camp where more human beings were put to death than were killed in the whole of World War I.



Shades Of Antichrist: Obama Privately Campaigning To Take Over As UN Secretary General TIP


Al-Jarida quoted sources as saying that Obama has already discussed the issue of running for secretary-general with Democrats, Republicans, and Jewish officials in the US.

Via UsualRoutine



“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Revelation 13:2 (KJV)

Did you think that the Muslim-raised, anti-Constitution, pro-everything evil Obama was just going to go away after plundering America for the last 8 years? No, he is not. Now we have learned that he wants to step directly from killing America to global dictator. Can you, in your wildest nightmare, imagine Barack Hussein Obama as the Secretary General of the United Nations? It sounds like a plotline from the “Left Behind” series! But guess what? The drive to do it is actually happening and Obama just might be appointed to that office.

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;” 2 Thessalonians 2:3 (KJV)

People have said to me that Obama cannot be the Antichrist because there are too many people that don’t like him, and the Bible says the Antichrist is worshipped. True, but consider this. After the Rapture happens, the only people left are the type of people that love and support Obama. Take out the Church and there is no one left to oppose him. The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church changes absolutely everything. Time will tell how far Obama will go on the prophecy timeline.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also reportedly working with moderate Arab States to prevent this transition. The Jerusalem Post reported: “Netanyahu remembers well just how US President Barack Obama brushed aside Israeli objections and went ahead with the P5+1 nuclear agreem...


Is Strange Radio Transmission Warning of Impending Trump Assassination? TIP


This election year has been one of the strangest in recent history. Many people have come to believe that the election process is rigged and that the nominee has already been selected by the Elites.

Via BeforeItsNews



Speaking of strange, NATURAL BORN CITIZEN reported that he witnessed a strange audio transmission that went out this morning at 7 A.M. on the New Jersey Turnpike, from station 1630 AM.

The transmission kept repeating over and over, Trump will go 26th.

This went on for at least 5 minutes, according to NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

It is well known that the Clintons don’t like competition and have their eye on being in the White house once more.

There is an extensive list of other people who had gotten in their way and all met untimely and often bizarre deaths.

There has been some speculation as to whether one of their victims was JFK Jr, who had been eyeing the New York Senate seat and had been serioulsy disccussing the posibilty of running that year, he wanted the seat Hillary ended up winning that election instead.

JFK Jr. was a practiced pilot who died in a plane crash that also killed his wife.

Is Trump going to be another name added to the Clinton’s long kill list?

The date given in the transmission consequently happens to be when the first presidential debate is to take place.

Trump has been an incendiary figure since his campaign began a year ago.

It has been reported that threats...


9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm… Activist Post

By Daisy Luther You know me – I’m not prone to conspiracy theories (cough). But, I noticed some weird things about the pressure cooker bomb...


Upcoming Brussels Conf on Afghanistan is focusing on secondary matters Veterans Today

Afghanistan is unrivaled in being the focal point of international conferences where Afghan leaders in their depth of arrogance rattle off some meagerly accomplished tasks.


Body Double Or Replacement – Is Hillary Clinton Dead? TIP


A lot of theories emerged after Hillary Clinton went through a medical episode at a 9/11 Memorial. It has been claimed that her body double was used on more than one occasion.

Via MirrorSpectrum



Unless you live under a rock, nearly everyone knows Hillary Clinton attended the September 11 Memorial Ceremony at Ground Zero in Manhattan on Sunday morning. Despite the fact that the heatwave in the area broke the night before and the temperatures were in what most people considered to be comfortable 70s at the time, Clinton ended up leaving the ceremony early because she was having what was described as a “medical episode.”

In the video below, you can see Hillary leaning up against the security barrier for support as she is waiting for her motorcade to pull up.

In the video, you see Hillary being assisted as she moves towards the vehicle. Her movement appears to be unsteady and stiff. Her security detail appears to have to grab her under both of her arms in order to get to the motorcade. Towards the end of the video, you see what appears to be Hillary collapsing forward and being dragged into the motorcade by her security detail.

The action of putting Clinton into her motorcade happens so quickly she loses one of her shoes in the process.

Is it possible she never recovered from this “medical episode”? Is it possible Hillary Clinton is dead?
During a segment of ABC Eyewitness Breaking News at 11:00 p.m. on September 11, Anchorman Joe Torre appeared to have claimed that Hillary Clinton was dead. Watch the video below and see if you agree that the anchorman reported she was dead:


Chelsea Bombing Suspect Investigated By FBI Two Years Ago, Turned In By Father Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville As has become the norm in terrorist attacks in the Western world, reports are now coming from the mainstream media that the...


Inside Noah’s Ark: Suppressed Video Shows What Was Found Inside TIP


Do you believe the Great Flood really existed? What about Noah and the Ark? Well, according to many ancient texts and a fascinating VIDEO, the great Deluge did happen, and Noah’s ark is real. This suppressed video even shows what’s inside.

Via AncientCode



Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood is without a doubt one of the most important and famous stories present in many ancient texts.

If we look back in ancient literature, we will find that three are two main descriptions of Noah’s Ark. However, the strange thing is that neither of those descriptions satisfies basic naval engineering standards, deeming the Ark completely unseaworthy.

Nevertheless, the Ark did exist, and the great deluge described in numerous ancient cultures dis swipe across the planet in the distant past.

According to a group of researchers from China, not only did Noah’s ark exist, but it rests on a mountain in Turkey.

Said to rest on top of Mount Ararat in Turkey, the discovery made by Asian researchers was heavily disputed ever since the alleged finding was made ten years ago.

Regrettably like many other fascinating discoveries on Earth, this discovery was also ‘suppressed my most media.’

After a decade, the alleged Ark discovered on top of Mount Ararat remains a profound mystery.

“To make a long story short: this is all reported to be a fake,” said Randall Price, director of Judaic Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

“This is not Noah’s Ark,” adds Bob Cornuke of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute. “This is a fake. It’s a fraud and it’s of the highest caliber according to what I can assess from the evidence and talking to eyewitnesses and people from Turkey.”



War Of Words Between Russia, U.S. After Emergency UNSC Meeting Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville The American airstrikes on Syrian forces in Deir al-Zour on Saturday have produced a chain reaction throughout the diplomatic world, with Russia...


This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See TIP


This is an amazing piece of work that should be shown on every channel on every TV station in every country. Not even 5 mins long and blows the official theory out the water.



Via 911Truth



1) AWOL Chain of Command
a. It is well documented that the officials topping the chain of command for response to a domestic attack –George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Myers, Montague Winfield, Ralph Eberhart – all found reason to do something else during the actual attacks, other than assuming their duties as decision-makers.
b. Who was actually in charge? Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke, Norman Mineta and the 9/11 Commission directly conflict in their accounts of top-level response to the unfolding events, such that several (or all) of them must be lying.

2) Air Defense Failures
a. The US air defense system failed to follow standard procedures for responding to diverted passenger flights.
b. Timelines: The various responsible agencies – NORAD, FAA, Pentagon, USAF, as well as the 9/11 Commission – gave radically different explanations for the failure (in some cases upheld for years), such that several officials must have lied; but none were held accountable.
c. Was there an air defense standdown?

3) Pentagon Strike...


Cops Mistake Innocent Man for Suspect, Then Mistake his Book for a Gun & Kill Him — Chaos Ensues The Free Thought Project

“The police just shot my daddy,” lamented Lyric Scott, the victim’s daughter, after a police officer looking to serve a warrant on a different individual fatally shot a disabled man who had nothing to do with the case — whose only crime, according to witnesses, was holding a book. “Police just shot


How the Govt Used the NY Bombing to Convert Millions of Citizens into Spies — Literally Overnight Activist Post

By Claire Bernish Yet again, putative acts of terror — bombs detonated and discovered in New York and New Jersey, and a mass stabbing in...


Evidence Shows Osama bin Laden Actually Died In 2001 TIP


Evidence has emerged that Osama bin Laden actually died in December 2001 in Tora Bora from a lung complication as a result of kidney failure, and not in 2011 as claimed by the U.S. government.



By examining mainstream news reports from the era, many of which have been scrubbed from the internet and are now only available in archives, we can gain a more accurate view of bin Laden’s real death.

Anon News reports:

2000 to September 2001: Reports emerge of bin Laden dying from kidney disease.

In March 2000 the Chicago Tribune reports that an Afghan witness and “Western intelligence official” say bin Laden is suffering from severe kidney and liver failure.


This story was also picked up by CBS News in 2000, who outright lead with the title that “Bin Laden Reported to be Dying” from “kidney disease.”


In July 2001, the South Asia Analysis Group reports: “Bin Laden, who suffers from renal deficiency, has been periodically undergoing dialysis in a Peshawar military hospital with the knowledge and approval of the Inter-Services Intelligence, (ISI) if not of Gen.Pervez Musharraf himself.”


September to November 2001: bin Laden is Trapped in Afghanistan, Unable to Receive Kidney Treatments

In September 2001, PBS’ Frontline interviews...


What Has Congress Done to Find the Cause of Autism? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich The Autism Action Network is encouraging everyone to contact members of Congress to make Autism an election-cycle issue that needs to...


“Obama’s statement on Israel is the understatement of the century” Veterans Today

Obama actually spoke some truth about fact, he understated the case.


The Washington Post and Edward Snowden Global Research

The tensions between those engaged in the dangerous and compromising pursuit of whistleblowing, and those who use the fruit of such efforts has been all too coarsely revealed in the Washington Post stance on Edward Snowden.[1] Oliver Stone’s Snowden has…


US Attack in Syria Opens Disturbing and Unpredictable Scenarios. The Danger of “Direct Military Confrontation” between US-NATO and Russia Global Research

We have been seeing in Syria in recent days more and more direct involvement in the conflict by Turkey, Israel and the United States. Air raids, bombing and ground troops, albeit in limited numbers, reveal dissatisfaction and evident frustration by…


World War Three Starting in Syria? US Accused by Russia of ‘Deliberate’ Deadly Airstrikes on Syrian Troops Global Research

The war drums of a possible World War Three seem to have gotten considerably louder in the last few days, especially since an American air raid hit a Syrian Arab Army base in Deir ez-Zor on Saturday. And now, a…


Syria, Russia Refute Claims of Targeting Humanitarian Aid Convoy in Aleppo Countryside Global Research

A military source refuted the reports circulated by malicious media outlets about the Syrian Arab Army targeting a humanitarian aid convoy in Aleppo countryside. The source told SANA that there’s no truth to the rumors circulated during the past few…


The U.S. Deir Ezzor Air Strikes in Support of ISIS-Daesh Enable the “Salafist Principality” As Foreseen In The 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency Analysis Global Research

Two recent attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in east-Syria point to a U.S. plan to eliminate all Syrian government presence east of Palmyra. This would enable the U.S. and its allies to create a  ”Sunni entity” in east-Syria and…


The US Strategy of A “Masked War”. US-NATO’s Undeclared “Secret War” against Syria. Both Trump and Clinton are a Danger for World Peace Global Research

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your work focuses essentially on the strategy of the masked war. Can you explain this concept? Dr. Daniele Ganser: A secret war, a covert war is a war where the attacker does not admit that he is attacking…


Syria: Attack on Humanitarian Convoy is an Attack on Humanity. Official Statement of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Global Research

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) are outraged by last night’s horrific attack on a SARC warehouse and an aid convoy…


John Kerry’s False Flag to Steal the Election Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



In one of the most shining examples of illogical thinking, John Kerry has devised a false flag attack strategy designed to cancel the election if the globalists are not getting the results that they want.

You will not believe your ears on this one. Details are in the video.



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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Don’t wait until it is too late. Click Here  for more information.

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‘Ahmad Khan Rahami and his brother Mohammad Khan Rahami in Pakistan’ (Facebook). One of Ahmad Khan Rahami’s sisters, Aziza, ‘posted material on Facebook’. ‘New York bomber’ Ahmad Rahami. “She shared a post about claims that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the U.S. government as an ‘inside job’ with the intention of smearing Muslims. “She shared […]


The Number One Enemy of Humanity Has Arrived On Your Doorstep Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show



There are some issues, not many, that transcend the importance of the present election cycle we are in. Speaking for myself, I am highly concerned that a one-day extinct humanity has reached the point of no return with regard to the creation of the so-called “killer robots”.

The Outer Limits TV Show Foretold the Time We Are Living In

In the late 1990’s, I was watching an episode from the Outer Limits television series, which was a remake from the 1960’s series by the same name. In the episode, a group of humans were on the run. On the run from what? They were on the run from killer robots who had become totally sentient, fully autonomous, and had taken control of the planet and were seeking to exterminate every human.

What was once science fiction, from two decades ago, is quickly becoming science fact. There are some organizations who are up in arms about how the Pentagon is embracing the development of fully autonomous robots, a DARPA creation.


Sputnik reports that the Pentagon has denied any interest in developing killer robots. However, last month, veteran US Air Force pilot Gene Lee fought against a flight simulator using the latest in artificial intelligence and Lee offered the following observation: “It knew how to defeat the shot I was taking. It moved instantly between defensive and offensive actions as needed”.

Clearly, the Pentagon is lying when it comes to its interest in killer robots. Why else would they be spending large sums of money on the technology if they were not intent on developing it and someday using it. Using it against whom?

Some Are Speaking Out Against This Insanity

killer-robots-2Human Rights Watch issues an ominous warning:

“Fully autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots,” would be able to select and engage targets without human intervention. Precursors to these weapons, such as armed drones, are being developed and deployed by nations including China, Israel, South Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is questionable that fully autonomous weapons would be capable of meeting international humanitarian law standards, including the rules of distinction, proportionality, and military necessity, while they would threaten the fundamental right to life and principle of human dignity. Human Rights Watch calls for a preemptive ban on the development, production, and use of fully autonomous weapons. Human Rights Watch is a founding member and serves as global coordinator of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots...


Media Silent As Massive Sinkhole in Florida Leaks Radioactive Water into the Ground Activist Post

By Jay Syrmopoulos Last week, news broke that a massive sinkhole below a phosphate strip mine 30 miles east of Tampa had been releasing radioactive...


Masked JIHADI Enters Elementary School in Utah - Bomb Squad and Snipes at Scene Freedom Outpost



UPDATE: The suspect who threatened that his car was full of explosives in front of school is IN CUSTODY, per Utah Co. Sheriff.

It. just. doesn’t. stop.

It never will until we identify the enemy and defeat it.

In the email to the Times, Craig said he “was born into this world under the slave name of Christopher Craig. Currently, I am known as The Radical Islamic Jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr.”

This jihadi has been arrested before for a similar act and issued numerous threats.

A masked man ordered children be evacuated at Eagle Valley Elementary School in Eagle Mountain, Utah, so that “no one will get hurt.” The threat has prompted bomb squad and sniper-armed police to the scene, where evacuations are underway.

All children are off the school premises, Assistant to the Superintendent of the Alpine School District Kimberly Bird told KSTU.

Bird told the local Fox affiliate that a man wearing a mask entered the school office shortly after 2:00pm, warning, “Evacuate the kids and no one will get hurt.”

The suspect was photographed wearing a flowing, bright green outfit with a white head covering.



Hearts of Darkness, Part 3: The NY Times as Apologist for Apartheid WhoWhatWhy

This excerpt, the final part of our series, is about what The New York Times said — and, more important, what it did not say — about apartheid, South Africa’s system of legalized racism, slavery, sadism, and plunder. The articles discussed were published between 1923 to 1960, and most were sympathetic to the idea of apartheid.

One author described the segregation and disenfranchisement as an important intermediate step, without which “modern European civilization is apt to be to the semi-civilized native of much the same use as a razor in the hands of a monkey.”

WhoWhatWhy Introduction by Milicent Cranor

The third of three excerpts from The Hearts of Darkness: How white Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa by Milton Allimadi (black Star Books Co., 2016). Chapter 9, The New York Times as Apologist for Apartheid.   (The excerpt has been lightly edited and compressed.)  For Part 1, please go here; for Part 2, go here.

“A native vote is absurd…. These people’s grandfathers were sometimes cannibals. How do they vote? What do they vote for?” — Gabriel Teixeira, Governor-General of Mozambique, tells Albion Ross, New York Times correspondent, in April 1954.

When Western newspapers, such as The New York Times, started sending professional writers to cover Africa, their writings were Eurocentric and informed by the accounts of the early 18th and 19th century travelers.

One of the most important stories in Africa at the turn of the century was apartheid in South Africa and just as the so-called explorers once produced a narrative to justify the conquest and colonization of Africa, modern professional writers disseminated journalism that rationalized South Africa’s policy of racial segregation and the economic exploitation of the African population.

Sign from the Apartheid era in South Africa. Photo credit: Dewet / Wikimedia (cropped)

Sign from the Apartheid era in South Africa.
Photo credit: Dewet / Wikimedia (cropped)

The Union of South Africa was formally created in 1910. It comprised the Cape Colony, Natal, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal.

The past rivalries, wars, massacres, and competition for mineral wealth and land between settlers from different European nations — primarily, England and Holland — were subsumed. The focus became the subjugation of the African majority in order to ensure the continued exploitation o...


President Obama Says He’ll Be Personally Offended If African-Americans Don’t Vote for Hillary! Freedom Outpost



Apparently, President Obama believes that he and the Democrat Party are entitled to the votes of African-Americans.

During what was likely his last speech as President to the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama reminded everyone gathered about slavery (pre-1865, 150 years ago) and the Jim Crow era (which Democrats presided over) as he attempted to fear monger and terrify them into supporting Hillary Clinton. He even chose to demagogue the Republican Party in ways that only the fiercest race warriors dare – by arguing that some Republicans actually want to keep black Americans from voting!

Who says the politics of fear don’t work? Better yet, who says that it’s the Republican Party who uses fear to get out the vote?

Fear is a Democrat’s favorite tool, and fear mongering is a strategy that the modern left has become adept at using in an effort to ensure minority voters turn out for them. Don’t believe me? Think I’m being too simplistic? Listen to what President Obama told these highly respected leaders in the black community:

My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot. Tolerance is on the ballot. Democracy is on the ballot. Justice is on the ballot. Good schools are on the ballot. Ending mass incarceration, that’s on the ballot right now

There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters. And after we have achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the African-American community, I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down it’s guard and fails to activate itself in this election.

Progress? What progress? In almost every measurable way, Black America is worse off today than they were before the Obama era began. (By the way, President Obama cites some numbers in his speech that are completely erroneous, but no one listening seemed to care.)

The Poverty Rate among black Americans is up.

The Unemployment Rate among black Americans is up.

The Median Family Income among black Americans is down.

The Wealth Gap between black and white families is more pronounced.

Black families have less access to school choice today than they did during the Bush administration.

More states have...


ISIS Will Continue Attacking And Slaughtering Americans, And This Will Help Donald Trump Win Big Time Freedom Outpost



Trump 538, Hillary 0. My prediction here might be off just a little but it is not unlikely after the latest terror attack. I could be wrong, Hillary might get DC and Hawaii and maybe a few more. But this coming election, I predict, will be for Trump.

Every ticked off American, ticked off blue collar, every Chick Fil A customer, Bass Pro Shop customers, Walmart customers, gun owners, cops, people who like cops, to even the very minor demographics; German Baptists, Amish, Mennonites, ticked off farmers, guys who love fishing, hunters, conspiracy theorists … will converge on polling centers to vote Trump.


Do not trust the cherry-picked polling numbers that are put out there by media outlets. Take it from me, a confirmed “loon wingnut”, there is nothing Hillary can do to give Trump a black eye.

This is true regardless of what they say about his anti-Muslim rhetoric, especially after the latest terror attacks by Afghan terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahami. “Rahami” was “Allah sent” and in perfect timing.


You already see the polls adjust as we get closer. Hillary, as we get closer, will not as valuable to Pollsters as their own reputation which is their milk and butter.

Now they are beginning to say that Donald Trump has caught up with Hillary Clinton in the polls. He has closed the gap in the electoral college. In one battleground after another, Trump is opening up a lead over Hillary Clinton. Trump is also winning in Iowa and narrowing the gap in Colorado, Nevada and Virginia.

In Virginia, Clinton was so confident of victory that she’d canceled her planned ad buys and in Colorado, a key Southwestern swing state, seemed to be in the bag and now she is panicking, big time.

They told us before that she had strong double digit leads in both states. Now they tell us that the opposite of what they said before is the truth.

In Maine, one district going for Trump might change the result. Even Reuters said that Trump could win Vermont.

Are you hearing this? Vermont!

While Vermont is only  3 points, imagine, it is a liberal state, but its white. Keep in mind what we stated way back, in March, before the...


Impact? Asteroid With Destructive “Power of 3 Billion Nukes” Narrowly Misses Earth Freedom Outpost



This is the power, hurtling from space, that could wipe us out like the dinosaurs. Or so they say.

It could be a close call, with the potential to collide with Earth. Still, it’s an incredibly minute chance.

Asteroids and meteors regularly pass by the planet, and not infrequently there are episodic peltings from space rock that hit random areas across the globe. Sometimes people are killed, and buildings are destroyed.

But the next one headed this way will be brushing by pretty closely, and could bring with it the power of billions of atomic bombs, enough reign down destruction across the planet.

via AOL News:

Experts are saying a huge meteor is rocketing close to Earth with the power of THREE BILLION ATOMIC BOMBS, AHHHHHH.

China’s Purple Mountain Laboratory discovered the massive asteroid using Asia’s largest telescope, determining the meteor was passing our planet with a range of 18.8 times the distance between the Earth and the moon — aka, WAY too close for comfort.


But scientists are keeping a close eye on 2009ES as just a minor change in its flight path could have catastrophic consequences for the human race, due to its sheer mass.

But what about the chances of a truly ‘deep impact’ that could destroy all life on earth?

Well, of course, the chances are very, very slim. But how many times can we dodge a bullet simply due to improbability?

These things could happen. Let us hope they do not.

Both the Pentagon and Russia’s defense have been working on asteroid and meteor destruction system, including plans to shoot down incoming space rocks, as well as a plan to capture asteroids in a giant orbiting catch basket. That, and whatever else they cooked up from late night viewings of Hollywood disaster films.

But scientists are actually not just hoping to avert disaster; they have set a goal to capture one, and actually find the devastating prospect of an asteroid headed for earth somewhat attractive.

Researchers are strategizing about how to ‘capture’ an asteroid or...


Your Move: Putin’s Party Just Won Re-Election, And Now He’s “Reviving the KGB” Freedom Outpost



OK, we all know the KGB never really “went away.”

But now it is coming back out of the closet in style.

Russia just held its national elections, and the results are solid for Putin and his Russia United party.

His mandate has been reaffirmed. There are two years or so remaining, officially, in his third term, and a fourth is possible.

The notorious agency in which Vladimir Putin started his path to power is now in the process of being revived under his presidency, at a time when warfare is reaching new threshold of sophistication and specificity. Media and communications, as well as electronic warfare now plays a pivotal role, and modern Russia has spent a fortune to be on the cutting edge. The cyber and information war that the Pentagon has initiated formally in the age of Obama, was pioneered by Putin and his comrades in the Cold War spying days in East Germany.

Today, Putin sits as the ranking senior figure among intelligence community-statesmen, and is planning a major overhaul of his national security structure that will restore KGB powers to the fullest level. One never leaves the KGB, after all.

According to the London Telegraph:

Russia plans effectively to revive the KGB under a massive shake-up of its security forces, a respected business daily has reported.

A State Security Ministry, or MGB, would be created from the current Federal Security Service (FSB) , and would incorporate the foreign intelligence service (SVR) and the state guard service (FSO), under the plans. It would be handed all-encompassing powers once possessed by the KGB, the Kommersant newspaper said, citing security service sources.

Like the much-feared KGB, it would also oversee the prosecutions of Kremlin critics, a task currently undertaken by the Investigative Committee, headed by Alexander Bastrykin, a former university classmate of President Putin. The Kremlin has not commented.

The MGB is expected to be in operation before the 2018 presidential elections, which could see Mr Putin secure a fourth term of office that would keep him in power until 2024.

Mr Putin served as a KGB officer in Soviet-era East Germany, and is also thought to have been responsible for keeping...


Were All Of the Attacks Saturday Connected? Freedom Outpost



It is hard to fathom that there was a coordinated attack in three states--that two bomb incidents and a mass stabbing would have had any connection. Besides the fact of distance, there is the fact that there are clearly two styles of violence involved.

Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested in New Jersey after a shootout with police. And there is clearly a link between the three devices found in NY and NJ. But, the stabbing seems to be different. It is also the only one of the three that has been claimed as of the time of the writing of this article.

The Christian News reports:

Amaq, the news agency affiliated with the Islamic State group, issued a statement on Sunday saying, “The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition.”

But was the bombings also motivated by that call from ISIS? It is unclear. As yet, all we are really clear on is the fact that we are facing people who are seeking the destruction of our society. And there is a fear that Rahami was not working alone.

CNN reports:

The bombings led authorities to believe there may be a terror cell at work in those two states, law enforcement officials told CNN Monday.

Could this actually be a terror cell active in New York? If so, the citizens of the Tri-State area might be in for a long fall.

Article reposted with permission from

The post Were All Of the Attacks Saturday Connected? appeared first on Freedom Outpost.


Allimadi Discussion/Bad Bankers/And More WhoWhatWhy

PICKS are stories from many sources, selected by our editors or recommended by our readers because they are important, surprising, troubling, enlightening, inspiring, or amusing. They appear on our site and in our daily newsletter. Please send suggested articles, videos, podcasts, etc. to

Bank CEO: QE and NIRP are a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (Jeff C.)

It always should give the masses pause when a banker comes out and uses plain language confirming our deepest skepticisms for the global economy. “The real issue here is that there is no growth,” Saxo’s Kim Fournais admitted to CNBC.

Clinton Drops Climate Change (Trevin)

Since the Sanders endorsement, it’s been all Trump, all the time. Climate change has been mentioned in only one of every five speeches.

Bipartisan Agreement Over Wells Fargo Scamming  (Dan)

Elizabeth Warren, joined by Democrats and Republicans, called for an investigation of Wells Fargo and a refund to affected parties.

NRA Pumping Trump Margins in Rural Areas (Russ)

The lobbying group is looking to generate record turnout in suburbs and rural areas where most people have guns.

Amazon Algorithm Hides Best Deal (Russ)

According to this research, Amazon gives its own products an advantage over others it handles that may be a better bargain.

The post Allimadi Discussion/Bad Bankers/And More appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Facebook, Google, Twitter, & YouTube Are “Lifeblood of ISIS” [video] Freedom Outpost



The British Home Affairs Select Committee published a report assessing that Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube are “consciously failing” to prevent their sites from “being used to promote terrorism and recruit extremists.” Committee members announced that these social media giants are “the vehicle of choice in spreading propaganda and the recruiting platforms for terrorism,” and are demanding that they publish statistics four times a year detailing the number of terrorist-related pages and accounts they have deleted.

Committee chair, Labor MP Keith Vaz, argues that these social media sites are “the lifeblood of Daesh” (another term used for ISIS). He added:

“Huge corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter, with their billion-dollar incomes, are consciously failing to tackle this threat and passing the buck by hiding behind their supranational legal status, despite knowing that their sites are being used by the instigators of terror.

“The companies’ failure to tackle this threat has left some parts of the internet ungoverned, unregulated and lawless.”

The committee learned that these companies only have “a few hundred” employees tasked with monitoring content posted on their companies’ sites. Worse still, some don’t actively report the extremist content to law enforcement.

The Independent reports that official figures estimate that roughly 800 UK-based Islamists have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS. About half returned to the UK, which officials believe helped contribute to the one third increase of terror-related incidents. Police have had to rise to the challenge; deleting nearly 300 posts per day.

In late August, Twitter announced it removed 235,000 accounts for “violating its extremism policies,” the same week when British Islamist Anjem Choudhry was finally sentenced to prison, this time for publicly ...


Poverty or Conveniently Hidden Statistics Freedom Outpost

On the landfill there is every imaginable type of refuse, from kitchen scraps to animal parts, plastic, old film strips, broken ceramics, fabric. The diverse army of scavengers?billions of insects, a herd of cows, men, women and children?all move constantly toward the top of the pile with every new truck load. The pickers work the pile using home fashioned picks to move useless garbage aside in their hunt for anything reusable, recyclable, saleable?clothes, shoes, plastic, human hair...There is no such thing as a safety zone here. If you are talking to your friends, you are ripe for getting run over. Full attention is required?the dump trucks could bury you, the bulldozer could run over you, the pile, spongy and hollow in places, could consume you.

On the landfill there is every imaginable type of refuse, from kitchen scraps to animal parts, plastic, old film strips, broken ceramics, fabric. The diverse army of scavengers?billions of insects, a herd of cows, men, women and children?all move constantly toward the top of the pile with every new truck load. The pickers work the pile using home fashioned picks to move useless garbage aside in their hunt for anything reusable, recyclable, saleable?clothes, shoes, plastic, human hair...There is no such thing as a safety zone here. If you are talking to your friends, you are ripe for getting run over. Full attention is required?the dump trucks could bury you, the bulldozer could run over you, the pile, spongy and hollow in places, could consume you.

Americans in general are confused about poverty – people and economists define it differently. People who call themselves “poor” desire socialism and are perennially voting for their favorite Marxist Democrat and complain endlessly how unjust and rigged the system is, how the Man keeps them down and how there is no equality and social justice. Nobody brings up personal responsibility and work ethic into the mix of poverty.

To say that poverty induced by socialist dictatorships is hard to shake would be an understatement. Ask Cubans and Venezuelans what is like to live in the workers’ paradise that Fidel and Chavez forced upon their people while the two dictators stashed away stolen billions.

Lately, as the social justice, income disparity, income inequality, economic justice rhetoric intensifies, more global and Hollywood elites crawl out of the woodwork to confuse, agitate, and inflame the low information voters.

When almost 50 percent of the American public does not work and relies on some form of government welfare paid for by the other 50 percent of the working population, it is perplexing when former White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers states that “The U.S. may well be on the way to becoming a ‘...


The Well Tempered City Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

For the past several weeks I have been reading The Well Tempered City by Jonathan F. O. Rose. The title is based on the concept of well temperament - a system of musical temperament that allowed multiple notes to be played in harmony. A well tempered city is one where all of the components work in harmony as part of the greater composition of a city. The book is divided so that each chapter refers to one of the components.

The book was an easy and smooth read, and opens with a history of human civilization.  As humans improved their EROI (energy return on investment), we no longer needed to focus all of our energy on hunting and gathering. The higher our EROI, the more idle time we had to pursue other tasks, so the more layers of complexity we added to society. When our EROI declined, these layers unraveled. Examples were given over and over again throughout the book. At some point, you begin to realize that all of the economic problems we face today aren't unique. For example, during periods of decline, virtually all societies have a tendency to tighten their control, which only hastens their decline.

Ruins on ruins… Where is the senate? Where the people? All the pomp of secular dignities have been destroyed… And we, the few that we are who remain, every day we are menaced by scourges and innumerable trials.

- Pope Gregory the Great, circa 570 AD after Rome's population fell from a peak of 1.65 million centuries earlier to only 50,000.

A reoccurring theme throughout the book is that cities tend to accomplish their goals when they have a "master plan" guiding their future. Not rigid plans that become obsolete and can't adapt to changing circumstances, but guiding visions that encourage (both government and non-government) agencies to break outside of their silos and work together towards common goals. PlanNYC and Envision Utah are mentioned as examples.

Cities are organisms, and like any organism they have a metabolism with inputs (food, water, oil, electricity, consumer products, building materials) and outputs (waste, greenhouse gases, manufactured goods.) In order to become resilient against volatile resource prices and to reduce our environmental impact, our cities (and regions) should do their best to create a circular metabolism - feeding outputs to inputs.

An interesting concept mentioned in the book is ecodistricts. In traditional development, buildings are thought of as consumers - they consume energy, water, materials, food, etc. In 'green' development, buildings are thought of as isolated systems that should be as self-sufficient as possible - they try to generate their own electricity and they reuse their own waste water and excess heat. But, funding and designing these buildings have shown to lead to expensive, distant-owned, coarse-grained, mega-projects. Ecodistricts are presented as a third alternative - where each building is thought of not as a consumer,...


1 Wrong Out Of 6000+ Investigations.

So finally I nailed this scum actor.  His connection to CBS is something you will find interesting, but that is for another video.  The more I look at it, the more I see Hollywood as being a creation of the Military Industrial Complex that was owned and still is to this day by the Royals.


#FreeOlowan: Dakota Access Jail Solidarity in Mandan, ND Warrior Publications


My North Dakota Now, September 20, 2016
Bismarck, ND-Several Mandan streets were closed down today as a large group of people rallied in front of the Morton County Courthouse.
There were well over a hundred people voicing their support for a woman who was arrested in connection with a Dakota Access Pipeline.

While this effort was growing outside — inside — law enforcement announced a new task force designed to investigate perhaps the most notorious pipeline protests in recent weeks.
They sing songs, beat their drums, and made their collective voice heard. Their audience is a line of law enforcement dressed in riot gear.
“Again we’re just trying to show our support. for Olowan.  Maybe some songs, maybe some words.  That threatens them.  So they met us with that kind of attitude.  How do you think we feel now?”
Redboy Means is here to support a fellow South Dakotan.
Olowan Martinez was arrested for criminal tress pass while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.
“Everybody want’s to let her know that we support exactly what she did, what she’s doing, what she’s going through, and that we’re here for her and praying for her,” says Means.
Morton Counties Sheriff Kirchmeier says right now, she’s not being held for that crime.
“Those charges she has bonded out from that.  There are active felony warrants out of Nebraska for her.  She is being held upon extradition to Nebraska,”
While this protest formed outside the Morton County Courthouse, Kirchmeier was inside announcing a law enforcement task force.
The sole purpose is to investigate the moment the Pipeline Protests turned violent.
“There’s been allegations on both sides, from the protestors, and from the pipeline personnel about what happened there,” says Kirchmeier.
On September 3rd, protesters and private security clashed.
Hundreds crossed onto private property after pipeline workers bulldozed what native Americans say were sacred areas.
Injuries were reported on both sides.
Kirchmeier says the task force will also investigate the use of dogs by private security.

The task force will have four people from the Morton and Mercer County Sheriff’s Departments, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
It’s been seventeen days since this incident happened.
Sheriff Kirchmeier says it took some time to gather enough information to move forward.
He says the task force will give no bias to either side.

A message from cyberspace:
Olowan is being held at Morton County Corrections. Call (701) 663-9984 and leave her your support! Nebraska State Police will pick her up within 10 days. Keep calling and keep supporting! Call 701-667- 3318 and demand answers! Stay updated! And demand freedom of Olowan Martinez! DO NOT MAKE THREATS! STAY CALM! and be PEACEFUL and ASSERTIVE . ~ #FreeOlowan



Man charged with keeping $694K targeted for feeding children at impoverished First Nation reserve Warrior Publications


Flooding, access to clean drinking water, improper housing, infrastructure, unemployment and suicide have been chronic problems on the Kashechewan reserve. Photo: Jean Levac, Postmedia.

by Adrian Humphreys, National Post, September 20, 2016

A Thunder Bay, Ont., businessman has been charged with fraudulently misdirecting government money meant to buy breakfasts for children at an impoverished northern Ontario First Nation reserve for his personal use.

Giuseppe (Joe) Crupi, 50, co-manager of Kashechewan First Nation on the coast of James Bay and part of the Thunder Bay-based Crupi Consulting Group, was charged Tuesday.

Crupi was responsible for managing funds obtained by the band from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

He fraudulently obtained more than $1.2 million of federal money from INAC’s National Child Benefit Reinvestment Program from 2007 to 2012 through annual applications for funding, the RCMP alleged.

The money was meant to provide breakfasts for about 400 elementary school children at St. Andrew’s School, a school for children from junior kindergarten to Grade 7 and a focal point for the community of 1,900 people.


Giuseppe (Joe) Crupi.

The RCMP allege Crupi misappropriated about $694,000 of this money for his personal use in 2007, 2008 and 2012.

“(Crupi) made annual applications and reported on 400 children benefiting from a breakfast program to St. Andrew’s School,” said Sgt. Penny Hermann.

“The RCMP investigation concluded that the service was not provided to the 400 children as reported and the co-manager, Crupi Consulting, personally profited from the contribution fund.”

The RCMP’s serious and organized crime section in Thunder Bay charged Crupi Tuesday with three counts of fraud, three counts of uttering forged documents, laundering the proceeds of crime, and possession of property obtained by crime.

Questions over the breakfast funds were raised in 2012 during an annual audit of the band’s finances by the federal government.

Several band council members questioned Crupi Consulting Group invoices that were paid out by the first nation which did not contain supporting documentation, according to the RCMP.

In December 2012, Aboriginal Affairs North Development Canada, as it was called then, referred the audit irregularities and purported misappropriation of funds to the RCMP for investigation.

A message left for Crupi and Crupi Consulting Group were not returned by deadline. Kashechewan First Nation officials could not immediately be reached. Requests for comment from both the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett and the government department made late Tuesday went unanswered by deadline.

Crupi was scheduled to appear in court in Thunder Bay on Wednesday.

The RCMP investigation concluded that the service was not provided to the 400 children as reported

Crupi Consulting Group’s website describes itself as “one of Northern Ontario’s leading strategic management consulting and training groups specializing in business development, management services, economic analysis and deve...


NEO – Who Runs America’s Military, Surely Not Obama Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Gordon gives us another one of his classic retrospectives, a short synopsis of what happened back then and why it matters now, as few can do. It is easier to do when you have been there and done the heavy lifting.


21 Republican AGs Sue DoL to Get Out of Paying Employees Overtime News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt is leading the charge in a lawsuit against the US Department of Labor The post 21 Republican AGs Sue DoL to Get Out of Paying Employees Overtime appeared first on Top US & World News | Susanne Posel.

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Child Molester Sues Victim’s Parents For $22,500,000 Counter Current News


Ivan Jovahnni Anaya, 22, was arrested and charged with sexual molestation of two 4 year old girls back in June of the this year. Anaya worked at the Orchards Childcare at the Church of the Nazarene in Renton, Washington. This is where he allegedly sexually molested these two little girls. Fast forward to this week, Ivan Anaya is now suing the parents of his victims.As KIRO 7 via the Dayton Daily News reports:

According to documents filed in King County Superior Court, one little girl told police “Mr. Ivan” taught her to kiss with her tongue. The other said he put his hands down her pants and hurt her.

In July, Cmdr. Dave Leibman, of the Renton Police Department, told KIRO 7 that investigations involving such young children are difficult, but “we have enough to believe” the children’s accounts. “We also have allegations of other victims and we’re following up on that right now,” Leibman said.

Writing by hand from his jail cell, Anaya filed legal complaints against the four parents of the two alleged victims last month.

He claims that “these false reports caused me serious irreparable injury,”caused him to lose his job at the day care center and his home. Anaya also claims “mental and physical stress.”

So this man, Ivan Anaya, is claiming he is suffering from “mental and physical stress.” What about the mental anguish and physical abuse? Is anyone really concerned with this man’s feelings after this heinous crime these young girls claim he committed? Anaya is suing both families for $22.5mil in damages.

The executive director of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center has sympathy for the girls’ families. “I’m sorry this is happening,” Mary Ellen Stone told KIRO 7 on Friday. “It seems absolutely unfair.”

Stone has worked with sexual assault victims and their families for decades. In her opinion, there is no way a 4-year-old child who has not been sexually assaulted could give police as much detail as both girls did.

Kids of that age “don’t have the information to make up these kinds of allegations,” Stone said. “And when there is misinformation, confusing information, that shakes out very quickly.”

“It’s very difficult for something to be fabricated and then result in criminal charges,” Stone said.

Within days of being arrested, Anaya was charged. The charges read as one count of first-degree child molestation and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes. Anaya also is claiming to be indigent, meaning he has no way of paying his own legal fees, and the judge granted his motion.  Despite all of Anaya’s claims, he remains behind bars.

Watch the video below…



Acting on Bill Ayers' Radical Manifesto OpEdNews

Bill Ayers' short new book, Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto, is different from the typical liberal view of a better world in two ways. First, its goals are a bit grander, more inspiring. Second, it adds as the first and most important goal one that others don't include at all.


The Most Dangerous Neighborhood, the Most Inexperienced Cops The Marshall Project

In Chicago and elsewhere, rookies are cannon fodder while vets police the safer neighborhoods.


Wells Fargo's Stumpf leads the way: We Should All Start 'Taking Responsibility' for Our Transgressions OpEdNews

We should all be like Wells Fargo's CEO John Stumpf, writes TCBH! journalist Dave Lindorff: run a corrupt institution, commit mega frauds, and then 'take responsibility,' and it's over. No consequences!


9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmmmm… The Last American Vagabond

You know me – I’m not prone to conspiracy theories (cough). But, I noticed some weird things about the pressure cooker bomb attacks that took place in New York City and New Jersey this weekend and the subsequent arrest of the alleged perpetrator. Some things just don’t add up. Trust me, you won’t even need to […]

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Yes, I'll get gender surgery. But I may still be punished for my suicide attempt OpEdNews

I saw a photograph of myself shortly after my suicide attempt. Seeing this photograph has haunted me for the past week. It has disturbed me. It sends a chill down my spine. This hurt me more than any physical injury or hardship I have lived through. This process has forced me to relive one of the worst moments of my entire life.


Police Unknowingly Record Themselves Conspiring To Fabricate Evidence Latest blog

A lawsuit has been launched against the state police in Connecticut, over an incident which involved multiple police officers allegedly conspiring to fabricate evidence against a protester.


Federal appeals court sets October 5 hearing in #NoDAPL case Indianz.Com News

Arguments in the high-stakes battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline will take place in Washington, D.C.

Navajo Nation voters seek restoration of polling sites in Utah Indianz.Com News

Native Americans have represented a majority and near majority in San Juan County yet non-Indians control the political system.

Tohono O'odham Nation man ordered to pay $10M to victim Indianz.Com News

Jacob Harvey, 22, was convicted of a brutal sexual assault and has been sentenced to life in prison.

Morongo Band getting ready for Thunder & Lightning Powwow Indianz.Com News

Thousands of participants, dancers and drummers are expected for the 26th annual event in southern California.

James Giago Davies: The 'blame game' goes on in Indian Country Indianz.Com News

Indians are no strangers to the blame game themselves, and well intentioned, but misguided Wasicu social activists make matters that much worse.

Native Sun News Today: Concert brings unity to the Black Hills Indianz.Com News

The 2016 Black Hills Unity Concert at Elk Creek Resort in Piedmont celebrated its third year with a call to Honor the Sacred, the Earth and All Her People.

Democrats host forum on Dakota Access Pipeline on Capitol Hill Indianz.Com News

With Republican lawmakers continuing to ignore the growing #NoDAPL movement, Democrats on Capitol Hill are taking matters into their own hands.

Tribes face uncertainty on land-into-trust as Obama era comes to a close Indianz.Com News

With a new president on the horizon, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has just four more months to reach its goal of placing 500,000 acres in trust.

County sheriff leads investigation into #NoDAPL confrontation amid questions about role Indianz.Com News

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier has repeatedly used Facebook to accuse #NoDAPL resisters of crimes but insists his task force won't be biased against anyone.

Tribes deliver Wisconsin firewood to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Indianz.Com News

The #NoDAPL movement continues to bring Indian Country together.

Opinion: New Mexico tribes join fight against opioid epidemic Indianz.Com News

'It doesn’t matter where you live – East Liverpool or Washington D.C., in rural or urban America or Indian country – nearly everyone has been touched by this national epidemic.'

Appeals court hears lawsuit over death in stolen artifact case Indianz.Com News

A non-Indian man was never brought to justice for stealing tribal property but his family has kept the dispute alive for years.

Native vote push propels two Rosebud citizens to utility board Indianz.Com News

A concerted effort to turn out the Native vote paid off for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.


The New World Order Attempts to Hijack Anonymous V.O.S

By: Dylan Charles via

“Sovereignty is responsible for every war, bloodshed and terror that has ever inflicted humankind… Human beings must unite under one world government and constitution. Giving their voice and power to one government and one authority.” – the Organization now calling itself ‘Anonymous’

By virtue of the appeal of anonymity, the resistance group known as ‘Anonymous’ has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since anybody with basic knowledge of hacking or content creation, and with any motive, can rightfully claim to be part of this structureless organization, Anonymous is now more of a creative commons brand than anything.

“…“Anonymous,” which is a loosely associated international network of “hacktivists.” Anonymous has no real command structure and is largely a collective of ideas. Nonetheless, it has been associated with several DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks on high profile government, corporate, and religious targets. Their unofficial mascot is the image of Guy Fawkes.” [Source]

The FBI spent years dismantling the core group of hacktivists responsible for the formation of the original group, incarcerating much of the primary brain trust which made Anonymous (Anon) a serious threat to government and corporate actors. However, Anonymous’ branded use of the Guy Fawkes mask, as popularized by the movie ‘V’ for Vendetta, helped them to achieve international household recognition. The brand is now synonymous with civil disobedience and electronic resistance, and in this loosely bound way, the organization lives on.

“The movement is still there, and they’re still yacking on Twitter and posting things, but you don’t hear about these guys coming forward with those large breaches… It’s just not happening, and that’s because of the dismantlement of the largest players.” – Austin P. Berglas, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s cyber division in New York

The beauty of Anon has always been its adaptive application of leaderless resistance to a technology driven world, however, there appears to be an attempted coup taking place, and Anonymous as a headless social justice movement is being hi-jacked by a group of unknowns claiming this brand as theirs to promote a privately funded political party with a highly suspicious platform advocating for a one world government.

“Today we officially announce the unification of all people who have used the anonymous mask and its representation to protest and stand up for change. The way that the anonymous icon and name has been used by a few through fear and intimidation ends today.” – THumP®


Now armed with the trademarked names, the Voice of Anonymous™, and, THumP®the co-opting of the Anonymous brand was recently introduced to the world in a 40 minute, professionally staged video announcing the public launch of The Humanity Party (THumP®).

“In March of 2015, various Anons discreetly met via the Internet and Skype to vote o...


The DEA’s Own Website Proves the War on Drugs Is an Epic Failure The Anti-Media

DEAA simple analysis of the headlines reveals just how little the DEA has done to achieve its goals.


Big Pharma is Murdering America Through Prescription Addiction and the DEA is Screwing Us All V.O.S

By: DJDigitalGem via

As an EMT, working in a substance abuse facility, the opiate addiction issue is at the forefront of the majority of what I see. People that started on opiate medications as young as 15 that are now addicted … Average everyday people that have been seeing “pain management” doctors for 10+ years now hooked on prescription opiates … When the pills dry up (insurance or doctor reasons) most are already so far in to their addiction that many of them switch to the cheaper alternative which is heroin*. I have personally witnessed people detoxing from opiates and while alcohol and benzodiazepines are much more dangerous to withdraw from, the effects of opiate withdrawal are often very painful.

The DEA is proposing a ban on Kratom which would take affect on Sept 30, 2016. Kratom is currently used as an alternative pain, anxiety and opiate detox medication; it is not addictive or habit forming like conventional benzo’s and opiates. It is much SAFER than the garbage the big pharma’s throw at us and hence the DEA crack down. Big pharma doesn’t want us to have a choice in the matter. If you’re in pain then you either suffer or you MUST become an addict!

This ban is being put in to place with little to no research by the FDA and with the rising opiate addiction levels in this country BECAUSE of prescription pain meds they have no business making Kratom a “schedule 1 drug”. It’s used for SAFE opiate detox, unlike methadone, suboxone and/or subutex; all of which are just as addictive as heroin*.

The DEA reports “15 deaths” possibly attributed to Kratom use from 2014-2016; that’s 15 total in two years. In 2014 there were 47,055 lethal opiate overdoses; in one year! If the FDA is going to regulate anything it should be what the big pharma is FORCING us to take, not natural alternatives.

Via boncho

There’s little denying it now when you match up the hard data, anyone who ignores or perpetuates the false story-line is living in cognitive dissonance or benefiting in some way they don’t want the train to stop running.


what actually effective policy looks like

Bottom line is that these drugs* are a huge part of our lives, and have been since the very earliest civilizations. Before civilization even. They aren’t going anywhere. So the best we can do is address it as it is, a minor inconvenience if handled correctly, like how Portugal handles it for instance.

This content was originally appeared on abovetopsecret.


False Flag Op: This Is Why the US Attacked the UN Convoy And Blamed Russia TIP


Russia and Syria Blamed for an egregious war crime committed by the Western Powers.

Via BeforeItsNews



The Zio-Anglo-American Axis was compelled to change
the conversation from their previous war crime of killing
over 60 Syrian soldiers on their base.  Their handiwork
is shown here: First daylight pics of UN aid convoy that
was destroyed last night by American/Israeli airstrikes.

The USA has been operating under fierce criticism ever since their Air Force committed the most egregious war crime since the recent agreement with Russia and Syria was signed.

Not even a week went by and the American military went rogue by attacking a Syrian government base killing 62 soldiers and injuring more than 100 with surgically precise airstrikes.

Not only was this atrocity not an accident, it was perfectly coordinated with two critical military initiatives.  As follows:

“Seven minutes after U.S.-led coalition bombed the Syrian Army with phosphorus bombs, killing more than 60 soldiers and wounding more than 100, Daesh unleashed their assault on the Deri-Ezzor government enclave. The U.S. pretends it was an accident, and that the timing was a coincidence.”
(Source: Connecting The Dots Between: NYC Explosion, U.S. War Crime in Syria, and the Daesh Assault on Deri-Ezzor)

A second military assault was also exactly timed with these U.S. airstrikes as the Israeli military attacked Syrian positions contiguous to the Golan heights.

Both of these military incursions were quite deliberately carried out with the U.S. attacks on the Syrian troops.   Hence, there is no plausible deniability for the Obama Administration to lean on.  They knew exactly what they were doing by committing the war crime(s).  The Syrian War in its entirety is actually one protracted war crime.



Ten Myths About Marijuana That No One Should Believe – Part 8: Marijuana Has Yet to be Subjected to Adequate Scientific Study The Last American Vagabond

Of all the misinformation continuing to circulate around the issue of marijuana legalization, this myth is by far the most absurdly incorrect. The most unsettling aspect of these myths is not that they exist, rather that those still proclaiming them as truth are acutely aware of their falsity. This is also called blatantly lying. How […]

The post Ten Myths About Marijuana That No One Should Believe – Part 8: Marijuana Has Yet to be Subjected to Adequate Scientific Study appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


New Chilling Evidence Reveals The Year America Will Experience The Most Catastrophic Event Ever! TIP


“It has never looked more promising from a biblical standpoint that this is exactly what is getting ready to happen…” 

Via BeforeItsNews



There is yet ANOTHER Solar Eclipse that has drawn little attention from the prophecy experts. If all the news of earthquakes, including the recent record-breaker in Oklahoma, isn’t enough, wait until you see what has been uncovered not only in the Bible, but in  history and the news, in relation to some major events that have taken place and that ‘will’ take place in the “VERY” near future! The facts that line up with prophecy are not only chilling, but undeniable! See here for yourself in the feature video below! You will be ‘shaken’!

As we cover the Four Blood Red Moon Tetrad and it’s effects, and the Solar Eclipses and their effects during the Historical and Biblical years of 2014 and 2015, there is yet ANOTHER Solar Eclipse that has drawn little attention from the prophecy experts Evangelist Michael Parker

As the fate of America is revealed before our eyes, and judgment is passed upon it, my only question to you is..”what will it take for you to stop rejecting Christ, and accept him as your Lord and Savior?”

What will it take for you to be serious about your faith and sell out to Christ?

What will it take for you...


Waiting To Exhale: Hillary, In Sickness And In Health OpEdNews

What's wrong with Hillary? Since her collapse on 9/11, that question has become inescapable. The state of Hillary's health will have the greatest personal and political impact on the people who support her, and who have been insisting that all progressives must vote for her--because she's the only hope for defeating Trump.


Something Really Weird Happened at Denver Airport TIP


Masons were, of course, the architects of the Denver International Airport…and many strange things have happened there throughout the years. 


Via BeforeItsNews


Now, check this out!


4 Ways To Detox The Neurotoxin Fluoride From Your Body TIP


Used as a rat poison for decades, sodium fluoride has been being added into the U.S. public water supply since 1961 as a means for improving dental health. Now, more than 60% of Americans consume it. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Via CollectiveEvolution



A plethora of studies have shown that the negative health implications of fluoride in the water far outweigh the benefits of decreasing tooth decay. For instance, prestigious medical journal The Lancet noted that the additive is actually a neurotoxin and is classified in the same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Researchers believe that, as a result of fluoride most commonly being ingested through water consumption, certain foods, and toothpastes, it is contributing to a worldwide “pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity” that is leading to disabilities like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments.

A 2012 study by the National Institutes of Health even found a link between children’s IQ scores and fluoride exposure:

Although fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in animal models and acute fluoride poisoning causes neurotoxicity in adults, very little is known of its effects on children’s neurodevelopment.

We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies to investigate the effects of increased fluoride exposure and delayed neurobehavioral development. . . . [C]hildren in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas. . . . The results support the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment.

Research published by the Indian Journal of Pediatrics discovered thousands of cases of severe skeletal fluorisis in children as a result of cumulative effects of fluoridated water, while a report by...


Watch the Moment This Florida School Board Makes History by Opting out of Common Core Freedom Outpost



On August 24, the Lee County School Board voted to opt out of all standardized tests that were tied to Common Core or end-of-course exams. The response to the historic 3-2 vote was ecstatic, but it was short lived.

Take a look at the response of the people when the announcement was made.

Florida Today reported:

The 3-2 vote left more questions than answers as the southwest Florida school district becomes the first in Florida to say no to Common Core testing. The meeting adjourned without any discussion regarding whether any testing will replace the state tests.

"Sometimes it takes an act of civil disobedience to move forward," said school board member Don Armstrong. "We cannot allow the fear to hold us back."

Board members Tom Scott and Mary Fischer voted with Armstrong, a decision that was met with cheers and applause from red-clad supporters who packed the house for the meeting. Fischer was initially reluctant to the idea, but served as the tie-breaker on Wednesday.

"No matter what else is going on, teachers go on and they teach the students," she said. 'If this is our window of opportunity, I hope we make the best of it."

At the time Superintendent Nancy Graham told the board, "This will hurt children. There is no way around it."

The crowd booed her and rightly so.

However, the vote barely stood a week before being rescinded. On September 2, Florida Today reported:

A Florida school board rescinded its vote Tuesday to opt out of standardized testing standardized, changing its mind about its unprecedented decision that captured the growing discontent among parents and teachers nationwide over the number of tests children are given.

In a first for Florida and possibly the nation, Lee County voted last week not to administer tests tied to the Common Core academic standards or any end-of-course exams. The vote came after parents organized petitions, Facebook groups and meetings in favor of scaling back or getting rid of standardized testing.

"People said, 'Enough is enough,'" said Bob Schaeffer, education director for the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, which endorsed the opt-out vote. "The volume of standardized testing has exploded out of control."



Obama’s UN swan song a 1984ish George Orwell fairy tale Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Obama's UN speech writers went overboard on trying to wallpaper over the blood splatters of his regime change legacy, thinking that would erase it. And the parts about "accountable government and "true democracy" made me gag.


FBI Given Powers To Set-up Fake Alternative News Websites TIP


The FBI have been granted permission to impersonate journalists and set-up fake alternative news websites when conducting an investigation. 

Via YourNewsWire


FBI granted powers to set-up fake alternative news websites

The new rules will grant the agency permission to entrap independent journalists and whistleblowers before they go public with information that could be deemed ‘subversive’.

US News reports:

The conclusion sparked consternation across social media by journalists, civil rights groups and some legal experts, who have argued that the practice – by its very existence – threatens to heighten public mistrust of reporters, damage journalists’ credibility and have a chilling effect on sources and whistleblowers who may fear that their contacts in the media are actually undercover agents.

“The Associated Press is deeply disappointed by the Inspector General’s findings, which effectively condone the FBI’s impersonation of an AP journalist in 2007,” Associated Press Vice President Paul Colford said in a statement. “Such action compromises the ability of a free press to gather the news safely and effectively and raises serious constitutional concerns.”

The inspector general’s report acknowledged that the practice calls for “a higher level of approval” by FBI supervisors than was in place in 2007. Policies on impersonating journalists at the time were “less than clear,” it found. However, a new interim policy adopted this June – one that permits agents to pose as journalists so long as they get approval from two high-ranking officials and an undercover review committee at headquarters – meets that requirement.

“We believe the new interim policy on undercover activities that involve FBI employees posing as members of the news media is a significant improvement to FBI policies that existed,” the inspector general wrote in the 26-page report.

The Associated Press and the American Civil Liberties Union, however, maintain the new measures are insufficient.

“The FBI guidelines adopted in 2016 in response to this incident still permi...


Obama’s Handler: ‘It’s Easier to Kill than Control a Million People’ TIP


Obama’s handler Zbigniew Brzezinski, a big-time New World Order globalist insider, put the matter rather bluntly by asserting that it was now harder to control, but easier to kill, a million people. 

Via HumansAreFree


Specifically, he said that “new and old powers face” an unprecedented situation; the “lethality of their power is greater than ever”, but, sadly for the NWO globalists, their “capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low.”

Humanity’s consciousness is rising.

People are starting to get wise to the deception. The masses are resisting, not complying and fighting back, and this is exactly the kind of behavior that will make it difficult for the Controllers to implement their NWO agenda of a One World Government, backed by a one world currency and army, with a fully microchipped population.

Brzezinski said that “in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

To the NWO, who are heavily into eugenics and depopulation, it is no big deal to kill a million people.


Hillary’s Campaign Caught Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors Freedom Outpost



Just when you think you’ve heard it all with Hillary Clinton, you haven’t. With Hillary, it can always get trashier, more scandalous, or even more corrupt than the time before. in a way it reminds me a lot of the most unbelievably scandalous video Hillary wishes never saw the light of day. That too just keeps going, and going, and going, and getting worse, and worse…

Remember when Democrats famously accused Republicans of wanting to throw granny off a cliff, when Paul Ryan was trying to create a more balanced budget back in 2012. Well, Hillary is literally sneaking into the poorest grannys' rooms on her donor list  at night, going into their purses, and stealing from them. Furthermore, she can't even claim it's an "accident," or some type of "computer glitch," which I'm sure she'll try IF the mainstream media ever picks up the story, because she did the exact same thing in her previous campaign for president. 

The Observer Reports:

Hillary for America processed a total of $94 in unauthorized charges to Carol Mahre’s US Bank account. This follows a pattern in which unwitting donors are charged multiple times, but always for a total of less than $100, which is a key trigger point for banks’ internal action systems. Photo: Courtesy Carol Mahre

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is stealing from her poorest supporters by purposefully and repeatedly overcharging them after they make what’s supposed to be a one-time small donation through her official campaign website, multiple sources tell the Observer.

The overcharges are occurring so often that the fraud department at one of the nation’s biggest banks receives up to 100 phone calls a day from Clinton’s small donors asking for refunds for unauthorized charges to their bankcards made by Clinton’s campaign. One elderly Clinton donor, who has been a victim of this fraud scheme, has filed a complaint with her state’s attorney general and a representative from the office told her that they had forwarded her case to the Federal Election Commission.

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from...


Peace! OpEdNews

A source of hope and guidance for a humanity adrift and bereft of a vision of the future. Share and save the world.


Jesse Ventura Just Shut Down The National Anthem Debate – Once And For All TIP


Colin Kaepernick set the internet ablaze with his stance, or kneel, against the national anthem at a pre-season football game last month. Since his lone act, others have joined in the viral protest, from an entire NFL team to high school football players.



Via TrueActivist


Kaepernick has now taken to kneeling during the national anthem for the foreseeable future, and it’s driving continued debate over the role of nationalistic rituals in American society.

Kaepernick is carrying out this protest because, as he said:

“People don’t realize what’s really going on in this country. There are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust. People aren’t being held accountable for. And that’s something that needs to change. That’s something that this country stands for freedom, liberty and justice for all. And it’s not happening for all right now.”

In particular, his national anthem protest is focused on shedding light on the epidemic of police killings in the United States and the lack of justice for victims, who are often unarmed and innocent.


Media Blackout: Navy Seal Found Dead After Hillary Clinton Plane Crash TIP


WikiLeaks has released a batch of emails revealing that Hillary Clinton was involved in a plane crash that caused her brain injury and left a US Navy Seal dead.

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Navy Seal found dead in Hillary Clinton plane crash

According to the WikiLeaks document, Hillary was in a C-12 Hurson aircraft that was forced to make an emergency landing at Ahwaz International Airport on the border between Iran and Iraq. The crash landing left the former Secretary of State “unconscious and bleeding profusely”. reports:

The report indicates that Hillary was on some sort of secret mission and traveling with the members of Seal team 4.  One of the members of that team was reportedly killed when the aircraft crash-landed.

The government had previously claimed that Commander Job W. Price died of a possible “suicide.” His death was listed as a non-combat related injury. Commander Price was a leader of this highly specialized American Special Forces unit.  Their mission was to protect high-ranking diplomats traveling in Middle Eastern and Asian combat zones.

US military flight logs recorded by Russian air and space forces confirm that Commander Price, and other members of US Navy Seal Team 4, left their base in Urozgan Province, Afghanistan on a flight to US Naval Support Activity Bahrain where they met up with the then-Secretary of State, Hillary, and all of them transferred to the C-12 Huron and proceeded to fly to Baghdad.

Within minutes of leaving Bahrain airspace, the C-12 Huron carrying Hillary and her US Navy Seal protectors, “without notice,” deviated from their assigned flight path for unknown reasons.

They then headed directly towards Iran’s Ahwaz International Airport. Coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously landed on an “unscheduled” visit.

See Wikileaks documents below:


Bill Proposed In Kentucky That Would Nullify Unconstitutional Foreign Laws Latest blog

A new bill, BR149, has been introduced in Kentucky, prefiled for the 2017 legislation session, that seeks to nullify any foreign laws that would aim to violate the constitution.


This Is What Happens To Your Body After Drinking 1 Cup of Coffee [Watch] TIP


Few can resist a cup of java in the morning. Here’s a breakdown of what happens to your body from 10 minutes to 6 hours after drinking the brewed beverage.

Via TrueActivist


Credit: Shutterstock

The rich and robust flavor of coffee is what compels many people to drink it on the daily; that, and the boost of energy obtained from its caffeine content. But have you ever pondered what exactly happens to your body after consuming a cup of the brewed beverage?

Conflicting studies abound on the pros and cons of drinking coffee. Does it tax the adrenals and increase cortisol (stress hormone)? Or does it reduce appetite and improve focus? Is it beneficial for diabetics? Or does it raise blood sugar and contribute to weight gain?

If you’re conflicted on whether or not you should consume the drink, you’re not alone. Fortunately, some new research has surfaced that hints at the benefits of drinking the beverage. Obviously, consuming coffee in excess is not good for the body; but a cup now and again may actually offer some benefits.

Following is a breakdown of what happens to your body from 10 minutes to 6 hours after drinking coffee, courtesy of David Wolfe: 

10 Minutes

Shortly after your first sip, caffeine from the beverage enters your bloodstream. This causes a spike in heart rate, blood pressure, and energy. Intriguingly, this effect is most pronounced in men, according to researchers at the University of Barcelona.

20 Minutes

Twenty minutes after drinking coffee, you’re likely feeling pretty good. This is because caffeine begins to affect your adenosine levels. The neurotransmitter is responsible for telling your body when it’s time for bed; caffeine binds to the brain’s adenosine receptors and shuts them off. That’s why drinking coffee before bedtime is...


Nuggets of Knowledge to Pearls of Wisdom OpEdNews

Nuggets of Knowledge to Pearls of Wisdom... Aristotle, our first economist.


You Have 3-4 Weeks-to-Prepare- No Food, Gold, Guns, Water? You Will Not Survive Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The BDI indicates that global shipping is running aground.

The BDI indicates that global shipping is running aground.


If Clinton cannot win, the globalists will crash the economy. For all intents and purposes, the economy has already crashed, only the crumbs are falling to earth.

Here is a quick look at where we are. I want to stress that we are weeks away from this possibility.

Plunging Oil Prices

The low oil prices represent a financial risk which is equivalent with the housing bust.  Most recently, experts are sqmetalsseeing the signs of another global financial meltdown which is nudging the global economies into a series of quantitative easing in a new round of forcing taxpayers to support bankers from their own mistakes through the private theft of public assets.

Plunging European Bank Stocks Are Devastating the Banks

Key bank stocks in Europe are trading at levels lower than in the depths of both the global financial crisis (2009) and the European sovereign debt crisis (2012).

euro crisis

Just one week before it wanted to release its financial results, it already issued a profit warning to the markets, and Deutsche Bank’s capitalization has lost in excess of 5B EUR since the profit warning, on top of seeing an additional 18B EUR set of devastating losses since last summer. Deutsche Bank’s trading is now less than 50% of the share price it was trading at in July of 2015. In short, the bottom is falling out of the European banks and there is no end in sight to the carnage.

deutsche bank

The Horrific State of America’s Energy Company Health

economic collapse

There is no shortage of places to hang your hat with regard to the dire straits that the American energy industry finds itself in.

From the Economic Collapse Blog:

“Since the start of 2015, ...


Rockmart, GA: Speak Out Against the Klan’s Public Gathering October 1st 2016 IT'S GOING DOWN

From Atlanta Anti-Fascist Notes

As highlighted by anti-racist research, the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are hosting an all-day “White Christian Community Event” at Seaborn Jones Park in Rockmart, western Georgia, on October 1st. The City of Rockmart has approved the Keystone Knights’ permit application to use the park’s pavilions from 10AM-6PM. Anti-racists believe that the Klan event is dangerous, not only because it provides an opportunity for Klan recruitment and future growth, but also because unaware users of the park and the nearby Silver Comet Trail could be exposed to hostility from the assembled white supremacists.


International Keystone Knights leader in Georgia, Greg Calhoun (profile as “Thor Henderson”). Image courtesy of Restoring the Honor

Please call or email the following parties to express your concern:

  1. City of Rockmart main office: 770-684-5454,
  2. Rockmart Mayor Stephen A. Miller, (call main Rockmart number, request transfer)
  3. City Manager Jeff L. Ellis, (call main Rockmart number, request transfer)
  4. Trailhead Offices, 678-883-9024, (The Silver Comet Trail runs along Seaborn Jones Park where the Klan event will be held, warn them of threat to trail users.)
  5. Parks & Recreation, 678-757-1001. Jeff Hulsey, Coordinator:

Be persistent and call/email every day until the event is canceled.

Talking points:

  1. The International Keystone Knights of the KKK gathering is being advertised as a “White Christian” gathering “for god race nation”.
  2. Klan organizers renting all the pavilions at Seaborn Jones Park will in effect turn a public park into segregated whites-only space.
  3. Authorities in Rockmart have behaved disgracefully by not warning the public of the blatantly white supremacist, Klan event which is approaching.
  4. Another neo-Nazi event–the large “Hammerfest” gathering hosted by the Hammerskin Nation–will occur in Draketown, GA on the same day. Draketown and Rockmart are just 25 minutes apart. It is likely that the Rockmart KKK event will attract neo-Nazi militants who are driving to Draketown later in the day. This further increases the danger of the Rockmart event.

Additional Background:

A recently-obtained permit for the International Keystone Knights event lists five people as “responsible parties” for October 1st event in Rockmart. Four of these five individuals are clear Klan or neo-Nazi organizers. Our previous story on the Rockma...


In Obama’s Attempt to Slam Putin, He Accidentally Incriminated Himself The Anti-Media


(ANTIMEDIA) Barack Obama recently criticized presidential candidate Donald Trump’s admiration of Vladimir Putin, but his complaint was hypocritically laughable. Though no one in their right mind would pretend the Russian president is any kind of saintly figure, Obama’s choice of words in scrutinizing his Russian counterpart turned into a largely accurate description of himself.

The American president attacked Trump for praising Putin as being a “strong leader” despite the fact that, according to Obama, Putin “invades smaller countries,” jails political opponents, controls his country’s media, and has driven Russia’s economy into recession.

Let’s go through those claims one by one.

Putin Invades Smaller Countries

In 2011, Obama invaded Libya, the country with the highest standard of living in Africa, plunging the rich democracy into a perpetual state of civil war. U.S. media tried to claim the American role in this conflict was secondary in a so-called “leading from behind” capacity. But the truth is the U.S. was the second biggest, if not the biggest contributor to this war (depending on the report). It was an American drone that struck Muammar Gaddafi’s motorcade, effectively sealing the fate of the Libyan leader.

Obama is also actively bombing Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, to name a few. None of these are considered large countries, especially when compared to United States’ military spending and the number of bases it has worldwide. If anything, these are all incredibly poor and relatively small countries.

On the other hand, Putin is only bombing Syrian territory at the formal request of the Syrian regime, not as an attempt to invade a sovereign nation. Regarding Ukraine, Russia also annexe...


Today in OpenGov: A word from Sunlight's chairman of the board and co-founder Sunlight Foundation Blog

TRANSITIONS: Mike Klein, Sunlight's co-founder and chairman of the board, shared a statement about our organization today on our blog. [READ MORE]

Here's what you, as a valued part of our networks and community, should know: Sunlight's board did not find a candidate for executive director. They're now exploring potential alliances, mergers or arrangements with similar organizations that would both advance and preserve our mission to make governments and political systems more open. While that process goes forward, Sunlight will continue to meet our obligations to our funders and partners, including What Works Cities and our efforts to make the presidential transition, Congress, states, cities, campaigns and the remaining days of the Obama administration more transparent and accountable to the public.

While Sunlight remains committed to our mission, this is not a happy day in DC: we are laying off five of our wonderful staff and beginning to wind down Sunlight Labs and the databases that go along with it. We will be making every effort to find good stewards for the open source code and data that our community wishes to preserve and maintain. We also will support our remarkable colleagues as they transition. We hope you will, too: please reach out if you're hiring or want to adopt a project or database.

John Wonderlich will continue as interim executive director while we navigate the months ahead. Everyone here is deeply grateful for the outpouring of support we've seen online today in the face of uncertainty. Thank you.



Wards of the Nanny State: Protecting America’s Children from Police State Goons, Bureaucratic Idiots and Mercenary Creeps Freedom Outpost



When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ [Hitler] said in a speech on November 6, 1933, “I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.’”—As reported by historian William L. Shirer

It’s not easy being a parent in the American police state.

Danger lurks around every corner and comes at you from every direction, especially when Big Brother is involved.

Out on the streets, you’ve got the menace posed by police officers who shoot first and ask questions later. In the schools, parents have to worry about school resource officers who taser teenagers and handcuff kindergartners, school officials who have criminalized childhood behavior, school lockdowns and terror drillsthat teach your children to fear and comply, and a police state mindset that has transformed the schools intoquasi-prisons.

In your neighborhoods, you’ve got to worry about the Nanny State and its network of busybodies turning parents in for allowing their children to walk to school alone, walk to the park alone, play at the beach alone, or even play in their own yard alone.

And now in the last refuge for privacy—one’s home—parents are being put through the grinder, their actions scrutinized and judged by government goon squads armed with outrageous, overreaching, egregious laws that subject families to the hyped-up, easily offended judgment of the Nanny State.

The latest slap in the face comes from the Arizona Supreme Court whose 3-2 ruling in Arizona v. Holle paves the way for parents to be charged as child molesters or sexual abusers for such innocent acts as changing their children’s diapers or taking baths with their kids.

I kid you not. This is really happening.

As Chief Justice Bales wrote in his dissent:

Parents and other caregivers who have changed an infant’s soi...


From the People that Brought You Brexit: UKIP Leader Insists Sun Causes Tides News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group The UK Independent Party (UKIP) MP Douglas Carswell made a bizarre statement regarding a fundamental understanding of lunar The post From the People that Brought You Brexit: UKIP Leader Insists Sun Causes Tides appeared first on Top US & World News |...

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Afghanistan 2.0. Will Uzbekistan Survive the Death of President Islam Karimov? Global Research

Introduction The history of Uzbekistan after the break-up of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s is replete with ethnic division, civil strife and Islamic militancy. It is widely acknowledged that only the successful, yet often repressive leadership of one…


Rogue Mission: Did the Pentagon Bomb Syrian Army to Kill Ceasefire Deal? OpEdNews

Warhawk Supremo, Ash Carter, and his Russophobe colleagues want to intensify the conflict, expand America's military footprint in Syria, and confront Russia directly. They don't approve of the President's policy, so they're doing everything they can to torpedo the ceasefire deal. But why now, after all, the ceasefire began five days ago?


Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About Global Research

The US led war against the Islamic State is a big lie. Going after ”Islamic terrorists” is used to justify a military agenda. The Islamic State is a creation of US intelligence. Washington’s “Counter-terrorism Agenda” in Iraq & Syria consists in Supporting the Terrorists.


Palestinians in Israel Warn of Bid to ‘Criminalise’ Political Activity Global Research

Members of one of the main Palestinian parties in the Israeli parliament have accused authorities of seeking to criminalise their political activity following the arrest of more than two dozen party officials. Senior Balad members including secretary general Awad Abdel…


The Courtiers And The Tyrants PopularResistance.Org

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - Thomas Frank’s marvelous scorched-earth assault on the Democratic Party and professional elites in his book “Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?” has one fatal flaw. Frank blames the liberal class, rather than the corporations that have seized control of the centers of power, for our descent into political dysfunction and neofeudalism. Yes, self-identified liberals such as the Clintons and Barack Obama speak in the language of liberalism while selling out the poor, the working class and the middle class to global corporate interests.


“We’re Freedom Fighters”: Story Of The Nationwide Prison Labor Strike PopularResistance.Org

By James Kilgore for Truthout - The first national prison labor strike in US history launched on September 9. Billed as a "Call to Action Against Slavery in America," the spark for the action came from the Free Alabama Movement (FAM), a prison-based organization that has been mobilizing across the state since 2012. Alabama has one of the most overcrowded prison systems in the country. Reports from FAM's base within Holman Prison indicated a universal refusal of the population to go to work on September 9.


Media Silence As Massive Sinkhole in Florida Leaks Radioactive Water into the Ground The Free Thought Project

sinkholeA massive sinkhole below a phosphate strip mine 30 miles east of Tampa had been releasing radioactive waste water into the Floridan aquifer.


Ute Tribe: Utah Republican Pushes Modern Day Indian Land Grab PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of Indianz - In the next few weeks Congressman Rob Bishop will attempt to push through the U.S. House of Representatives the first Indian land grab in over 100 years. H.R. 5780, the Utah Public Lands Initiative, proposes to rollback federal policy to the late 1800’s when Indian lands and resources where taken for the benefit of others. In a startling lack of transparency, Congressman Bishop plans only one hearing on this 215-page bill with about 129 other land management proposals in the obscure Subcommittee on Federal Lands.


Civilization and logic: more than a fortunate accident Jon Rappoport's Blog

Civilization and logic: more than a fortunate accident

by Jon Rappoport

September 20, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)

I’ve mentioned many times that the disappearance of logic as a primary subject in US schools has accompanied a long, gradual erosion of individual freedom and independence.

There is specific link: It leads to Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence.


Several years ago, I came across a letter to the editor of Commentary Magazine. The letter was published in the January 1979 issue. It came from a Jefferson scholar, Wilbur Samuel Howell.

Howell makes several key points. As a college student, Jefferson studied philosophy and logic under Professor William Small, at William and Mary. Small had come to the college from Aberdeen, Scotland, where he had studied under William Duncan, a renowned logician and author of Elements of Logick. Indeed, Jefferson later remarked Professor Small went a long way toward shaping his life.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Declaration of Independence would adhere to a logical structure. Indeed, the Declaration is a kind of argument from first premises, through to a conclusion.

Note: Another Founder, James Madison, thought of by many as the father of the Constitution, studied logic intensely at the College of New Jersey. In fact, we have 122 pages of Madison’s own handwritten notes from the course. The course followed the pattern laid down in a famous 17th-century book, Logic or the Art of Thinking.

I went back and read the Declaration of Independence, and I’ll open up its logical structure.

It begins with this:

“When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

Jefferson, in this prologue, indicates that the people should state their reasons for separating from a ruling power. Before he goes on to do that, he enunciates his first premises.

All men have rights, and to secure them, they create governments.

Second, the people have the authority to abolish any ruler that tries to destroy those rights, and, in its place, the people should institute a new government.

Third, when a long history of tyrannical abuse proves that the old government cannot be corrected, the people have a duty to overthrow it.

Here is the text:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, whil...


Attack Dogs And Police Respond As Indigenous Fight Massive Dam Project PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of Indian Country Today - Flood gates from a reservoir were opened and washed homes away in August and, according to Indigenous Ngabe protesters in Panama, they were then harassed, shot by police, and now attack dogs have been used at recent protests. Despite these challenges, the protestors are not backing down from their 10-year struggle to prevent a massive hydroelectric dam on their land. The Ngabe activists and allies are fighting against the controversial Barrio Blanco Hydroelectric Dam project which has again been halted due to multiple protests around the country.


Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Appears To Have Suffered A Heart Attack in Prison PopularResistance.Org

By John Kiriakou for Reader Supported News - I’ve written a couple of articles recently, here and here, about CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling and his battle to get adequate medical care while incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Institution at Englewood, Colorado. Jeffrey has a history of atrial fibrillation. He has had several medical “episodes” in prison related to his heart, and prison officials have refused to allow him to see an outside cardiologist or to go to a hospital for tests.


Using Public Art To Narrow The Gaps PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of - On September 21, 1976, agents of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet carried out a brutal assassination in the heart of the U.S. capital. Orlando Letelier, a vocal Pinochet critic and leading thinker on global economic inequality, was killed in the attack, along with Ronni Karpen Moffitt, a 25-year-old American colleague of Letelier’s at the Institute for Policy Studies. Forty years later, this tragic event continues to stoke the flames of activism for social and economic justice around the world. One of the people who picked up the torch is Orlando’s son Francisco Letelier.


Warren Skewers Wells Fargo CEO for Greed and ‘Gutless Leadership’ The Last American Vagabond

“You should resign, you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.” As many hoped she would, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday gave a thorough tongue-lashing to Wells Fargo CEO John […]

The post Warren Skewers Wells Fargo CEO for Greed and ‘Gutless Leadership’ appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Playing Algorithm'n Blues OpEdNews

Facebook actually determines, according to its own interests, what everyone sees -- and learns -- in the social network. No less than two-thirds of American adults have a Facebook profile. Nearly half, according to a Pew Research Center report, rely on Facebook for at least some of their news.


Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Revolution In Banking? PopularResistance.Org

By Ellen Brown for Counter Punch - Several central banks, including the Bank of England, the People’s Bank of China, the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve, are exploring the concept of issuing their own digital currencies, using the blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin. Skeptical commentators suspect that their primary goal is to eliminate cash, setting us up for negative interest rates (we pay the bank to hold our deposits rather than the reverse). But Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, puts a more positive spin on it.


Getting Immigrants Out Of Detention Is Very Profitable PopularResistance.Org

By Steve Fisher for Mother Jones - Sofía was 19 when she fled El Salvador after receiving threats from a drug cartel. In late 2014, she was caught near San Diego by the US Border Patrol and sent to an immigration detention center in Eloy, Arizona. Following eight months in detention, she was desperate to reunite with her mother, who lives in Northern California. Like many detainees, Sofía was eligible for release on bond while awaiting her immigration court proceedings. But her bond, set at $15,000, was far more than she could afford.


Hundreds Of Thousands March In Germany Against TTIP, CETA PopularResistance.Org

By Jon Queally for Common Dreams - Taking aim at both the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and theComprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), European Union deals with the United States and Canada respectively, opponents say the agreements are not really concerned with expanding trade but rather increasing corporate power. "CETA and TTIP threaten environmental and consumer protection for millions of people in Europe and North America," said Jennifer Morgan, co-executive director of Greenpeace International.


Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel? The Anti-Media


(RPILast week’s announcement of a record-breaking US aid package for Israel underscores how dangerously foolish and out-of-touch is our interventionist foreign policy. Over the next ten years, the US taxpayer will be forced to give Israel some $38 billion dollars in military aid. It is money we cannot afford going to a country that needs no assistance to maintain its status as the most powerful military in the Middle East.

All US foreign aid is immoral and counterproductive. As I have often said, it is money taken from poor people in the US and sent to rich people overseas. That is because US assistance money goes to foreign governments to hand out as they see fit. Often that assistance is stolen outright or it goes to the politically connected in the recipient country.

Just as bad is the fact that much of what we call “foreign aid” is actually welfare for the wealthy here at home. The aid package to Israel is a very good example. According to the agreement, this $38 billion will all go to US weapons manufacturers. So the real beneficiaries are not the American people, and not even Israeli citizens. The real beneficiaries are the US military-industrial complex. Perhaps the money won’t even leave Washington – it may simply go across town, from the Fed to the Beltway bomb-makers.

While even US government aid to desperately poor countries should be opposed on moral and practical grounds, it is even harder to understand US aid to relatively rich countries. At a nominal per capita GDP of over $35,000, Israel is richer than Japan, Italy, and South Korea. Not long ago Business Insider published a report by the Institute for the Study of War showing that the Israel is the most powerful military force in the Middle East. We know they have hundreds of nuclear weapons, a sophisticated air force, drones, and even nuclear weapons-equipped submarines.

So why is the US giving a rich and incredibly well-armed country a record amount of military aid? Part of it is that the US government believes it can coerce Israel to do Washington’s bidding in the Middle East. History shows that this is a foolish pipe dream. If anything, US aid subsidizes Israeli human rights abuses in Gaza and elsewhere.

Another reason is a very powerful lobby in Washington, AIPAC, that pressures Members of Congress to focus on Israel’s interests instead of US interests. Members of Congress should look at our economy, with effectively zero interest rates, an anemic non-recovery from the 2008 crash, historically low participation in the work force, and inflation eroding the value of the dollar and conclude that this might not be the best time to start handing out billions of dollars in foreign aid. Unfortunately most Members of Congress find it impossible to say no to special interest groups like AIPAC.

Here’s a better aid package for Israel: free trade, travel, friendly relations, and no entangling alliances. Israel should be free to pursue its national interests and we should be free to pursue ours. If individual Americans feel compelled to provide assistance to Israel or any other country or cause overseas they should b...


Flint’s Right to Sue Over Lead Poisoning Revoked by State of Michigan Breaking Brown

Imagine being poisoned with a neurotoxin, then being denied the right to sue the state that poisoned you. That’s exactly what’s happening to the residents of Flint, Michigan.

After Flint Mayor Karen Weaver took action to protect the city’s right to sue over lead-filled water, that right was revoked by the state.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The controversy began March 24, when Flint filed a notice of intent to sue the State of Michigan in the Court of Claims. At the time, Weaver and other city officials said they had no plans to sue the state but had to take the action to reserve the city’s rights, should city leaders later determine a need to sue the state over the lead contamination of Flint’s drinking water. Under state court rules, the city had 180 days from the time it became aware of a potential claim to file the notice or it would lose the right to sue in the future, city officials said, and March 24 was the 180th day.

State lawmakers demanded that Weaver withdraw the notice, and when that didn’t happen, they took matters into their own hands.


Flint’s Right to Sue Over Lead Poisoning Revoked by State of Michigan

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Since Flint is no longer ruled under a Democratic process, but by an advisory board, revoking the city’s rights was easy:

….the state quickly and quietly defused any imminent legal threat, using the Receivership Transition Advisory Board that continues to oversee many aspects of Flint city government while the city emerges from emergency management.

However, “the (advisory board) resolution also clarified that its approval was required before the settlement or initiation of litigation,” Heaton said in an e-mail to the Free Press on Friday.

Now Flint cannot sue the state without state approval.

The post Flint’s Right to Sue Over Lead Poisoning Revoked by State of Michigan appeared first on Breaking Brown.


Tallying Up The Mounting Economic Toll Of North Carolina’s HB2 PopularResistance.Org

By Alex Kotch for Facing South - Since becoming law in late March, North Carolina's House Bill 2 has sparked national controversy and an ongoing boycott of the state over its discriminatory provisions. HB2 requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate and bars local governments from adopting LGBT protections and minimum wage laws. This week, major college sports leagues became the latest organizations to cancel events in the state because of the law.


Selected Articles: Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh Global Research

Obama is Protecting the Terrorists, America to the Rescue of ISIS-ISIL-Daesh. Testimonies of Syrian Soldiers Who Witnessed the US Airstrikes By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, September 19 2016 These testimonies by Syrian soldiers who are fighting the Islamic State rebels (ISIS-Daesh)…


Did Reddit Find the ‘Smoking Gun’ in the Clinton Email Scandal? The Anti-Media


(ANTIMEDIA) Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may have been cleared from official prosecution in what many dubbed the “Clinton email scandal.” But if the army of redditors behind the latest revelations concerning one of Clinton’s computer specialists have a say, the investigation into the former secretary of state’s mishandling of confidential material may have just begun.

Paul Combetta, the computer specialist who “deleted [Clinton]’s emails despite orders from Congress to preserve them” — and who has been granted immunity — is now at the center of another investigation being carried out by the House Oversight Committee, The Hill reports. The IT specialist is being accused of asking Reddit users how to “alter the contents of ‘VERY VIP’ emails” two years ago.

The investigation is looking into claims made by an army of Reddit users. The “collaborative investigation unearthed archived Reddit posts uploaded by the user “stonetear,” the man redditors believe to be Combetta.

The post in question shows stonetear requesting advice on how to “remove a ‘VERY VIP’ individual’s email address from archived content.” U.S. News reports the “requests match neatly with publicly known dates related to Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.”

Since then, stonetear’s posts have been deleted. Nevertheless, individuals using Reddit were able to archive these posts in time.

While the evidence connecting Combetta to the stonetear account is “circumstantial,” the “inactive website is registered to the email address …  An account for a person named Paul Combetta on the web bazaar Etsy also has the username stonetear.”

To those paying attention, however, the most damning “evidence” is the date the posts were uploaded.

On July 23, 2014, the State Department agreed to produce records in response to requests from the...


Oklahoma Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Man In Alarming Video PopularResistance.Org

By Chris D’Angelo for The Huffington Post - The Tulsa, Oklahoma, police department on Monday released several videos showing last week’s fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white female officer. Terence Crutcher, 40, was shot and killed Friday after officers responding to an unrelated call spotted his vehicle stalled in the middle of the roadway, Tulsa World reports. The police department earlier said Crutcher refused orders to put up his hands, but the footage appears to show him walking toward his vehicle with his hands above his head.


Just As Flint Threatens Lawsuit, The State of Michigan Removed Their Power to Sue The Free Thought Project

flintIt has now been revealed the City of Flint cannot sue the State of Michigan without the state's permission, leaving the residents in an impossible situation.


Attempts By Honduran Authorities To Silence Outspoken Journalists PopularResistance.Org

By Staff of RSF - Honduras is one of Latin America’s most dangerous countries for the media. Both murders of journalists – there have been eight since the start of 2015 – and cases of censorship of various kinds are frequent. RSF has registered several grave media freedom violations in Honduras in the past six weeks alone. The producer and presenter of the programme “Prensa Libre” on the independent Libertad TV channel, Ariel Armando D’Vicente was sentenced on 24 August to three years in prison and a three-year ban on working as a journalist for allegedly defaming Oquelí Mejía Tinoco,


Syrian War Report – September 20, 2016: Militant ‘Humanitarian’ Convoy Destroyed on Road near Aleppo Veterans Today

Heavy clashes resumed in Syria after the truce officially collapsed on September 19. The Jabhtat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorist group and its allies launched a full-scale advance against the Syrian army, the National Defense Forces and Hezbollah in southwestern Aleppo.


Prison Guards Gassed To Death Florida Inmate Who Was Begging For Help Counter Current News


A 27-year-old prisoner who died at Franklin Correctional Institution in 2010 was killed by corrections officers who tortured, gassed and beat him, according to a 33-page federal civil rights lawsuit filed Monday.

According to Julie Brown of The Mimi Herald, The inmate, Randall Jordan-Aparo, suffered from a genetic blood disorder that had flared up in the months before his death. As his condition worsened, the lawsuit alleges, corrections officers, doctors and nurses at the prison denied him medical attention, and when he complained, they forced him into an isolation cell and gassed him until he could no longer breathe.

Jordan-Aparo, who was serving time for credit card fraud, was found dead in his cell in March 2010. Photographs of his body show him face-up next to his Bible. His hair, legs, toes and mouth — as well as the walls of the cell — were coated with orange residue, a byproduct of the chemical spray.

He was subjected to 600 grams of chemical agents in a confined space, well over lethal levels.

The suit, brought on behalf of Jordan-Aparo’s 12-year-old daughter, alleges that the corrections officers murdered Jordan-Aparo and that the nurses, doctors and warden — all named in the suit — conspired to cover up his death by removing evidence, doctoring reports and threatening witnesses.

This is the latest in a series of legal actions filed against the Florida Department of Corrections involving inmates who died as a result of mistreatment by corrections officers or medical staff or both. The lawsuits claim that the agency has a history of corruption that involves destroying and concocting evidence to hide the suspicious deaths of Florida prisoners.

The circumstances of Jordan-Aparo’s death are similar to the deaths of several other inmates who were the focus of investigations by the Miami Herald over the past three years. Among them:

▪  Darren Rainey, a 50-year-old inmate suffering from mental illness who was placed in a scalding shower at Dade Correctional Institution in 2012;

▪ Rommell Johnson, 44, an asthmatic inmate with severe breathing problems, gassed in confinement in 2010;

▪ Ricky Martin, 24, who was beaten by a fellow inmate as officers passed by his cell in 2012;

▪ Matthew Walker, 47, beaten to death by corrections officers at Charlotte Correctional Institution in 2014.

Most recently, a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed in the death of Frank Smith, 44, who was badly injured in 2012 during a transport from Shands Hospital in Gainesville to Union Correctional Institution. The suit contends that Smith was beaten so severely by corrections officers that he was left paralyzed and died several months later from massive head trauma.

In ALL of these cases, the prisons’ inspector general’s office found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. NO ONE has been charged in ANY of these suspicious death cases! No one has been held accountable for the deaths of these people.

Jordan-Aparo’s death, which is still being investigated by the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, is also the subject of additional lawsuits filed by FDC’s own investigators. They say that the agency conspired to cover up his death and then retaliated against them when they tried to re-investigate what happened.

In June, a state panel ruled that the prison agency violated its own policies by stacking up allegat...


Another U.S. Territory Grab? Marine Area Twice Size of Texas Now Under Federal Government Control The Last American Vagabond

Is the expanded Papahãnaumokuãkea marine area a new U.S. Military zone? Another government ‘land grab’ occurred last month when the US Federal Government announced that it had massively expanded the scope of its marine protected area in Hawaii, known as the Papahãnaumokuãkea Marine National Monument. With this top-down presidential proclamation, over half a million (582,578) square miles off the coast of […]

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Why Won’t Obama Call It Terrorism? Freedom Outpost



Everybody knows that what just happened in New York City was an act of Islamic terror, so why won’t Barack Obama use those words? 28-year-old Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami only had one motivation when he planted those improvised explosive devices. He wanted to use violence to promote the cause of Islam. All over the planet radical Islam is on the rise, and we have seen more than 1000 Islamic terror attacks worldwide so far this year. But an extreme form of political correctness is causing many of our leaders to deny what is happening right in front of their eyes. In fact, Barack Obama refused to use the word terrorism when talking about the attack in New York…

President Barack Obama made no mention of terrorism in his remarks on the bombings and attempted bombings in the New York City/New Jersey region over the weekend.

He also chastised the media and urged restraint when reporting about incidents that appear to be terrorist-related.

“I ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation,” Obama said. “… it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there.”

Throughout his entire presidency, Barack Obama has been extremely reluctant to link radical Islam and terror. When he has spoken of Islam, his remarks have almost always been extremely positive.

And it is understandable why Obama would be so hesitant to say anything that could be construed to be negative about Islam. There are people working in his administration that are Muslim, and he has a whole host of friends and relatives that are Muslim.

But to deny that Ahmad Khan Rahami had a religious motivation because it would not be politically correct to admit that he did is insane.

Of course he had a religious motivation and of course this was yet another instance of Islamic terror.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also initially refused to call the bombing an act of terror, and he was roundly criticized by security experts interviewed by USA Today

Several experts including a former New York City police commissioner said Sunday the explosion that injured 29 people on a Manhattan street was clearly an act of terror...


Louisiana Officer Arrested After Being CAUGHT ON VIDEO Beating Handcuffed Suspect Counter Current News

A Gretna Police Officer was arrested last week charged with simple battery and malfeasance stemming from an incident that took place in April of this year. Officer Robert Wallow, 47 was arrested this week for punching and kicking Carlos Gustavo Pineda, 21 after he was caught burglarizing a store called Latino Express located in Gretna on April 22, 2016. Pineda was allegedly caught exiting a broken window of the store. A surveillance camera depicts Wallow punching Pineda several times in the head and then once handcuffed, Wallow can be seen kicking Pineda several times in his side as well as his head.

Screen grab of surveillance video of Wallow.

“We certainly have acted swiftly upon discovering this information,” Gretna Chief Arther Lawson said according to However in a department as small as Gretna, (100 officers) information moves fast and on April 25 just days after the incident and months before the Chief became aware of the incident, Wallow’s supervisors opened an internal affairs investigation against Wallow providing investigators with the surveillance video.

Surveillance Video

The surveillance video clearly shows that Pineda was not resisting as he lay face down on the pavement with his hands on his head. Punching a person who is complying is considered excessive force. Once handcuffed, Pineda is kicked, and Wallow appears to pull out his firearm and point it at the back of Pineda’s head before kicking him several more times. Putting a gun to the back of a handcuffed individual and then kicking him is excessive force. Another important thing to note is that different officers were present at different times during this altercation. Did they document Wallow’s use of force in their reports?

Lawson claims he wasn’t aware of the incident until August 25, when Lawson was made aware of another internal inquiry unrelated to Wallow. “It all had been documented, it just did not move as quickly as it should have,” Lawson said. On August 26, Wallow was put on administrative leave, and on August 29 according to Deputy Chief Anthony Christiana, a criminal investigation was launched again Wallow.

According to on Thursday September 15th, Wallow was officially terminated from the Gretna Police Department, and that same day an investigation was opened into the complacency of the initial internal affairs investigation.



Father of Suspect in NYC Bombing Told Police His Son was a Terrorist in 2014 The Free Thought Project

bombingFather of Ahmad Khan Rahami, who is suspected of planting bombs in New York and New Jersey, alerted police of his son in 2014 his son was a terrorist.


5 Global Phrases That Represent Love And Solidarity TruthTheory


  By Luke Miller Truth Theory Language is a beautiful thing often with a whole new language hidden in between the lines of the of […]

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Sen. Warren Slams ‘Gutless’ Wells Fargo CEO, Calls For Resignation News & Headlines: Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group Senator Elizabeth Warren told John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo that he “should resign” and “give back the The post Sen. Warren Slams ‘Gutless’ Wells Fargo CEO, Calls For Resignation appeared first on Top US & World News | Susanne Posel.

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700,000 Petition the US Government to Stop Monsanto-Bayer Merger The Anti-Media


(COMMONDREAMSHundreds of thousands have signed petitions calling on the U.S. Department of Justice and elected officials to block three proposed mega-mergers of chemical and biotech behemoths: Bayer-Monsanto, Dow-Dupont, and ChemChina-Syngenta.

“The continuing consolidation of seed and pesticide companies essentially creates a monopoly of toxicity in control of the world’s seed market and food supply. These agrichemical giants threaten the availability and genetic diversity of seeds that are critical to a sustainable food system and to our ability to respond to the impacts of climate change,” Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety, said Tuesday.

The petitions signed by over 700,000 people were delivered by nine consumer advocacy and environmental groups—including Food & Water Watch, Sierra Club, Pesticide Action Network, Friends of the Earth, and Center for Food Safety, among others—as the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee met Tuesday to examine the wave of consolidation in the biotech and agrochemical industry.

“I’m afraid this consolidation wave has become a tsunami,” said Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as the hearing opened.

“Just six corporations already dominate worldwide seed and pesticide markets,” commented Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, senior scientist with Pesticide Action Network, in a statement released by the groups. “Additional consolidation will increase prices and further limit choices for farmers, while allowing Monsanto and friends to continue pushing a model of agriculture that has given us superweeds, superbugs, and health-harming pesticides. Instead, we need to invest in agroecological, resilient, and productive farming.”

Kiki Hubbard, director of advocacy for Organic Seed Alliance, noted that all farmers “experience the negative consequences of seed consolidation. Organic farmers in particular are already underserved by the industry because the dominant players only invest in seed technologies and chemical production systems that are in conflict with organic farming practices.”

“The last thing t...


Statement from Sunlight Foundation's board chairman Sunlight Foundation Blog

The board of directors of the Sunlight Foundation has reached some important conclusions about our future. We want to share them with our friends, funders, employees, partners, and everyone who has been a part of our work over the last decade.

In July, we officially launched a search for a new executive director. As we noted in the position description, we sought “a leader who will closely collaborate with board, staff and funders to shape a coherent, forward-thinking strategy to maximize the Foundation’s impact.” Finding a candidate with a compelling strategic vision and a promising capacity to execute it was our lodestar.

We searched far and wide. Our search consultant, m/Oppenheim, reached out to a list of well over 100, a number of whom became candidates while others were sources into other potential candidates. They came from the fields of journalism, public policy, government, and technology. We ultimately received and considered approximately two dozen applications. Of those, the Search Committee ultimately chose to interview five candidates. Last week we met as a board to interview two final candidates and consider their visions for the organization.

As I wrote earlier this year, Sunlight has successfully catalyzed a movement. While we are enormously proud of what Sunlight has accomplished over the past decade, and has come to stand for, we are also aware of the changes time has wrought.

We are aware that the robust maturation of technology over the past decade has — happily but substantially — reduced the urgency of Sunlight’s early role as a leading transparency innovator. In addition, the board had to recognize that Sunlight’s initiating objective— to build support for better legislation against and regulation of the power of money in politics— has been significantly limited by the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 Citizens United decision.

Those factors required a rethinking of what, if anything, can most effectively be done with the resources available to continue the technology/transparency cause and Sunlight’s role in it. We’ve done that work, and here is what we have determined.

The board has not found a candidate for executive director who persuaded us of both a compelling new strategic vision and of their capacity to lead Sunlight to its achievement. Accordingly, we have determined to explore alliances with other organizations similarly motivated, perhaps merging with one of them, in an arrangement that advances and preserves Sunlight’s mission and identity with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

During this time period, we will deliver on all existing obligations to funders and partners, making certain that we continue the great work we’re doing in the What Work Cities initiative, for instance. We are making necessary adjustments to staff in accordance with this direction.

We will discontinue our tool building and database maintenance activities, and encourage others to continue our most promising projects. The decision to retire OpenCongress is an example.

In reaching these conclusions, the board recognizes and honors what the Sunlight Foundation has achieved. Thanks to the efforts of hundreds, we have compiled a record of pioneering innovation in policy, governance, and technology. We have built a deep well of institutional knowledge; a remarkable portfolio of initiatives, programs, products, experiments, reporting, and infrastructures; and an unmatched network of staff and alumni who are among the most accomplished experts, activists, advocates and technologists in their fields. These are important and valuable elements of a broader movement to revitalize our democratic institutions. We aim to find the right alliance or arrangement that will carry them forward.

I helped start this organization hoping it would play an active role as a monitor and constructive critic of government policies and practices affecting transparency. As we explore...


#MorningMonarchy: September 20, 2016 #CyberSpaceWar – Media Monarchy

The grid, the dragnet and the Ministry of Truth + this day in history w/McCartney's cannabis and our song of the day by Warpaint on your Morning Monarchy for September 20, 2016.


Meet Australia — America’s Latest Pawn on the Syrian Battlefield The Anti-Media


(ANTIMEDIA) Over the weekend, the United States did the unthinkable and targeted Syrian troops on the battlefield, killing over 60 servicemen and injuring at least 100 others. Outraged, Russia demanded a full explanation, noting that the aerial bombardment conveniently coincided with an ISIS offensive, further confirming to the Russian establishment that ISIS and al-Qaeda receive air support from the United States coalition.

Making the story even more unseemly, it was revealed shortly after the attacks that the planes conducting the strikes on Syrian targets were not only American and British — the bombing campaign also employed Australian jets.

Due to its support for U.S.-led wars in the region, Australia has experienced some blowback in the form of lone terror attacks. One could argue, therefore, that it is understandable why Australia would want to partake in the current military activity led by the United States — so they can eradicate the threat ISIS poses to Australian national security.

If that is the case, however, one is forced to ask how on earth Australian jets ended up bombing Syrian troops who were fighting against ISIS. The Australian air force essentially acted as air cover for ISIS militants battling the Syrian army, running absolutely contrary to the coalition’s stated goals and risking an all out war with Syria, Russia, China, and Iran.

What is Australia really doing in Syria? Are they merely a pawn of American foreign policy?

No one really knows the answer to these questions, but there is one person who is determined to find out. Kellie Tranter, a lawyer and human rights activist, is investigating Australian involvement in Syria based on the notion that Australians should have the right to know why their troops are fighting inside that country. She acknowledges that the Australian government’s decision to carry out airstrikes in Syria in September of 2015 was made without any U.N. Security Council mandate. Tranter decided to issue a Freedom of Information request to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to find out how this has happened.

The department responded by issuing some heavily redacted documents, which, in turn, pointed to a somewhat summarized explanation of Australian motives in Syria...


The Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent Activist Post

By Michael Snyder The pinnacle of the global financial system is warning that conditions are right for a “full-blown banking crisis” in China.  Since the...


This Sunday, September 25 on Radio Free Kanata: Satanism, the British Crown and Ongoing Murder Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Ninth Circle cult participants and convicted criminals Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor, signing Holyrood Agreement to incorporate Church of England into the Roman Catholic Church – September 2010

The upcoming “royal visit” to British Columbia on September 24 – a sacrificial high-point in the Satanic calendar – has many west coast aboriginal families on major alert. For when “royals” appear, indigenous children go missing.

This week’s Radio Free Kanata program will expand on our previous interview with cult survivor Dave Staffen as we talk with Anishinabe elder Peter Yellowquill about his peoples’ experience with Satanic evil and genocide, and how both are continuing.

We will also explore our documented evidence that in the spring of 2013 convicted the British Crown and its Vatican partners with unspeakable crimes against children and all of humanity. We will also feature breaking announcements in the campaign to rally other nations to shut down the Satanic Catholic-Anglican Ninth Circle sacrificial cult.

Tune in this Sunday, September 25 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern time on , featuring your regular hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable.

Listen, engage, and help us defend the lives of the innocent!

Here is the link to last week’s Radio Free Kanata program:



The Economic Collapse Has Started Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

CSS Offical-New-Logo2

The Economy is aleady in Free-fall, According to the Recent Data

In international trade circles, everyone knows how much trouble the United States is in economically. We could look at debts, but in this presentation, we are going to look at international economic factors that could soon make it impossible to obtain basic supplies. In particular, I Am going to reference the Baltic Dry Index and the plunging oil prices.  These two factors, alone, are wreaking havoc and devastation upon our economy.

This video highlights just how much trouble America is in.


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 In large part, The Common Sense Show is listener/reader supported, we thank you for your kind donations which enables us to carry out our research, reporting and broadcast efforts.

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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer. Don’t wait until it is too late. Click Here  for more information.


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Neurological and birth defects haunt Wabaseemoong First Nation, decades after mercury dumping Warrior Publications


Bill Henry, 66, believes the numbness in his hand, which leaves him unable to feel a cut, is caused by mercury poisoning. (Martha Troian)

People in community born without toes, an extra thumb, but few are compensated

By Martha Troian, CBC News, September 20, 2016

Forty-five years ago, mercury pollution from a pulp and paper mill poisoned hundreds of kilometres of waterways in northwestern Ontario.

Asubpeeschoseewagong First Nation, also known as Grassy Narrows, often makes headlines for its fight against the mercury poisoning. But few have heard of a tiny community called Wabaseemoong, also called Whitedog, just downstream.

Located approximately 100 kilometres northeast of Kenora, the community still grapples with the lingering effects of the methylmercury poisoning — a condition known as Minamata disease — which many blame for birth defects that appear in children in their community.

Recently, two experts from Japan, Dr. Masanori Hanada and Dr. Naoki Morishita, visited Wabaseemoong and Grassy Narrows as part of their research in a disease that’s endured for decades.

“I cannot say exactly why, maybe there is mercury in their diet, or there is an after-effect of 20 or 30 years, but it is not normal to find this sign in the younger generation,” Hanada said to CBC News.

Now community members from the Wabaseemoong First Nation want to know why so few have been compensated and why the amount given hasn’t changed since the 1980s.

‘I have no toes’

Kimberly McDonald, 31, of Wabaseemoong First Nation, describes the burning discomfort in her feet as phantom pain. She was born without toes — just small stubs without nails.

“I get lots of pain in my foot, I have no toes, so it’s hard to walk,” she says.

In order to walk, McDonald has learned to balance herself on the ball of her right foot.

“I have a really bad callus on my foot, where I step all the time,” she says, adding how she has a large, painful blister on her foot, too.

“When I step too hard [or] put too much weight on it, then I get a sharp, shooting pain that goes up my leg.”

For the pain she must endure for the rest of her life, McDonald receives $250 a month from the Mercury Disability Board, a government-controlled body that determines who is suffering from mercury poisoning and the compensation they’ll receive on a monthly basis.

“I grew up eating fish. My mom grew up eating fish while she was pregnant with me,” says McDonald.

Industrial source

Beginning in the 1960s, mercury used in the bleaching process at a Dryden, Ont., pulp and paper mill was simply being flushed into the Wabigoon River system.

A decade later, the Ontario government discovered what the company was doing and ordered it to stop — but by then nearly 10 tonnes of mercury had been released into the river and had spread as far as Lake Winnipeg, nearly 300 kilometres west.


Kimberly McDonald, 31, was born without fully formed toes. Like many from the Wabaseemoong First Nation, her family ate fish poiso...


The Bank For International Settlements Warns That A Major Debt Meltdown In China Is Imminent Freedom Outpost



The pinnacle of the global financial system is warning that conditions are right for a “full-blown banking crisis” in China.  Since the last financial crisis, there has been a credit boom in China that is really unprecedented in world history.  At this point the total value of all outstanding loans in China has hit a grand total of more than 28 trillion dollars.  That is essentially equivalent to the commercial banking systems of the United States and Japan combined.  While it is true that government debt is under control in China, corporate debt is now 171 percent of GDP, and it is only a matter of time before that debt bubble horribly bursts.  The situation in China has already grown so dire that the Bank for International Settlements is sounding the alarm

A key gauge of credit vulnerability is nowthree times over the danger thresholdand has continued to deteriorate, despite pledges by Chinese premier Li Keqiang to wean the economy off debt-driven growth before it is too late.

The Bank for International Settlements warned in its quarterly report that China’s “credit to GDP gap” has reached 30.1, the highest to date and in a different league altogether from any other major country tracked by the institution. It is also significantly higher than the scores in East Asia’s speculative boom on 1997 or in the US subprime bubble before the Lehman crisis.

Studies of earlier banking crises around the world over the last sixty years suggest thatany score above ten requires careful monitoring.

If you are not familiar with the Bank for International Settlements, just think of it as the capstone of the worldwide financial pyramid.  It wields enormous global power, and yet it is accountable to nobody.  The following is a summary of how the Bank for International Settlements works that comes from one of my previous articles entitled “Who Controls The Money? An Unelected, Unaccountable Central Bank Of The World Secretly Does“…

An immensely powerful international organization that most people have never even heard of secretly controls the money supply of the entire globe.  It is called the Bank for International Settlements, and it is the central bank of central banks.  It is located in Basel, Switzerland, but it also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City.  It is essentially an unelected, unaccountable central bank of the world that has complete immunity from taxation and from national laws.  Even Wikipedia admits that “...


Northern Gateway will not appeal Federal Appeal Court decision blocking pipeline Warrior Publications


The Federal Court of Appeal has overturned approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline project because Ottawa failed to consult adequately with First Nations. (Alex Panetta/Canadian Press)

Court ruled Ottawa had not adequately consulted Indigenous peoples along project’s route

By Chris Hall, John Paul Tasker, CBC News, September 20, 2016

Northern Gateway will not appeal a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision that overturned Ottawa’s approval of the controversial pipeline project.

The court ruled in June that the federal government had not adequately consulted with Indigenous peoples who will be affected by the project, which is backed by the energy company Enbridge, and which would stretch from outside Edmonton to a marine terminal in Kitimat, B.C.

“We believe that meaningful consultation and collaboration, and not litigation, is the best path forward for everyone involved,” the pipeline’s president, John Carruthers, said in a statement.

“We believe the government has a responsibility to meet their constitutional legal obligations to meaningfully consult with First Nations and Metis.”

The former Harper government gave the go-ahead to the Northern Gateway project after a National Energy Board joint review panel gave its approval subject to 209 conditions.

But the government was supposed to meet a constitutional requirement to consult with Indigenous peoples following the NEB’s approval, something the Federal Court said was not properly done.

“We find that Canada offered only a brief, hurried and inadequate opportunity … to exchange and discuss information and to dialogue,” the ruling said. “It would have taken Canada little time and little organizational effort to engage in meaningful dialogue on these and other subjects of prime importance to Aboriginal Peoples. But this did not happen.”

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr has until Thursday to decide whether the government will appeal the decision or pursue an alternative scenario, which could include launching full consultations with Indigenous peoples to comply with the court’s ruling. Or, the government could decide to simply let the decision stand without further action, effectively killing the project.

Then, the federal cabinet could make a decision to either reject or approve Northern Gateway based on those consultations or the project could be punted back to the National Energy Board for reconsideration.


Say a Prayer for Jeffrey Sterling OpEdNews

Nothing is more sacred or essential to a democracy than transparency. It is not enough to protect society, if that society must sacrifice its values and freedom for those protections. Jeffrey Sterling is in prison because he tried to shed light on questionable government practices.


Os explosivos e-mails de Hillary Clinton Global Research

De tempos em tempos, para fazer um pouco de “limpeza moral” com objetivos político-midiáticos, o Ocidente tira alguns esqueletos do armário. Uma comissão do parlamento britânico criticou David Cameron pela intervenção militar na Líbia quando ele era premiê em 2011:…


Tomgram: Chip Ward, Peace Pipes, Not Oil Pipes OpEdNews

With the return of Utah environmentalist Chip Ward to TomDispatch comes a vivid analysis of the latest dramatic oil pipeline battle in the West, the stand-off at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.


Activist DESTROYS 19 Red Light Cameras and Turns Himself In Activist Post

By Luke Rudkowski In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the Red Light Robin Hood Stephen Ruth who one night decided to go out in Long...


Police Use TEN Different Types Of Checkpoints, With More On The way Activist Post

By MassPrivateI Police and the Border Patrol are using ‘general crime control checkpoints’ to harass and detain motorists across the country. Below, is a list of nine different...


TV Madness OpEdNews

A template for the articulation of rage on TV was shown as early as 1976 in "Network," a film written by Paddy Chayefsky. Now we have an angry TV star as a major party's candidate for President.


Esplosive mail della Clinton Global Research

Ogni tanto, per fare un po’ di «pulizia morale» a scopo politico-mediatico, l’Occidente tira fuori qualche scheletro dall’armadio. Una commissione del parlamento britannico ha criticato David Cameron per l’intervento militare in Libia quando era premier nel 2011: non lo ha…


Take a break. Watch this video (non-political) OpEdNews

It's just about a man, his dream, his boat, and a mountain. There's a message here, though words fail me.


Jury Finds Woman NOT Guilty Of “Manufacturing Drugs” Because The Cannabis She Grew Was Medicine The Last American Vagabond

In a state where medical and recreational cannabis is still completely prohibited, a jury found Bridget Kirouac not guilty of cultivating cannabis plants. This heartening example of jury nullification is yet another indication that public opinion is firmly on the side of medical cannabis — and government’s war on drugs is being rejected. Years ago, Kirouac […]

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Hewlett-Packard Printers OpEdNews

September 13 was an unlucky day for an unknown number of Hewlett-Packard printer owners. Instead of going dutifully to work, their printers displayed the error message "One or more cartridges appear to be damaged. Remove them and replace them with new cartridges." The cartridges weren't damaged, though. The printers had been sabotaged with, for all intents and purposes, malware. And the saboteur was Hewlett-Packard itself.


How Jehovah's Witnesses Won Colin Kaepernick's Right to NOT Honor the Flag OpEdNews

Most Americans don't realize the long fought battle of Jehovah's Witnesses to not honor nation or flag.


America Please Forgive Black Americans Guardian Liberty Voice

Many Americans are offended by the actions of several athletes who refuse to support the American flag and the National Anthem. Timelines on social media have been flooded with abhorrence and utter disdain because of these actions. Some are demanding players be benched and others leave the country if they are not happy in America. […]

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A Chance to Brag About Your Town Strong Towns Blog - Strong Towns

We believe that a nation full of towns that take on small, incremental projects to improve their neighborhoods is a much better model than a nation where the federal government goes trillions of dollars in debt in the hopes of growing the economy through megaprojects.

Do you agree? If so, you might want to submit a small, incremental project to our infrastructure contest.


You’re invited to nominate a project from your town (or a town you’re familiar with) that exemplifies Strong Towns principles including:

  • local decision-making and public input
  • bottom-up rather than top-down action
  • project design that’s built to adapt or change incrementally
  • utilizing existing resources, land and infrastructure instead of building from scratch
  • true return on investment

We’re looking for homegrown, neighborhood-based small bets. For the purposes of this contest, we’re defining an "infrastructure project" as any community investment (public or private) that interacts with the public realm and improves the neighborhood in some way. This is part of our ongoing conversation on infrastructure and debt in America.

Nominate a project

Once we receive these submissions, we’ll review them as a staff and select the best ones for publication on our website. Then you, our readers and listeners, will get a chance to vote for whichever one that you think most exemplifies Strong Towns principles.

Read contest rules and guidelines, and see project examples here.

(Top photo of Lancaster, CA road diet, courtesy of Streetsblog)


Conspiracy Theorist Nazi Preacher Goes On Alex Jone’s Show To Say He Hopes Donald Trump Kills All the Remaining Jews in the World Counter Current News


Among the anti-Semites and white supremacists rallying behind Donald Trump is Christian writer and conspiracy theorist Texe Marrs, who declared on a radio program recently that Trump just might be God’s instrument for finally destroying Israel and the Jews.

According to The Intellectualist, While speaking with Jeff Rense, a fellow right-wing extremist, Marrs made the case that Trump has a lot in common with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, which he meant as a compliment.

After Rense complained that Hitler was one of the most unfairly maligned and misunderstood leaders in all of human history, Marrs declared that Stalin was plotting to arrest and imprison every Jew in the Soviet Union, but was murdered before he could carry it out.

But, Marrs said hopefully, Trump might be able to pick up where Hitler and Stalin left off.

“Israel is going to be destroyed and it is going to happen so fast we’ll all be shocked about it,” Marrs said.

“It’s going to happen and I’ve been wondering if maybe, let me just say something here, could Trump be the instrument of God in this? He doesn’t have to be a Hitler, he doesn’t have to be a Stalin, he can simply be a good guy.”

“He’s going to have to move very fast against these people,” Marrs warned, because the Jews will work to take him down, just as they supposedly did to President Nixon.

But Trump “may be so smart though, and intelligent that he outwits them,” Marrs stated.

“He’s their friend, he’s their pal, he’s their buddy and then it’s suddenly, wow. He takes the woman, the whore, so to speak, Mystery Babylon the Great and suddenly he destroys her, in one single hour she will be destroyed.”

After a bit of Holocaust denial, Marrs declared that a Trump presidency “may turn out quite surprising.”

“I pray that they will get what is coming to them,” Marrs said of the Jews. “These people who have done such horrible things over the years and who, right now, are plotting such horrible deeds against gentiles and others, I hope they get what they deserve. I hope they do and I hope maybe Trump could be the instrument of it.”

Marrs is just one of the multitude of white supremacists that supports Trump. He is also just one of the many who see many similarities between Trump and Hitler. Will Trump be elected and try to wipe out Israel and all the remaining Jews? Marrs and many other white supremacist Trump supporters seem to think so.

(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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