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Wednesday, 15 November


Arne Vainio: I blamed myself for my father's death by suicide for over 50 years Indianz.Com News

Almost everyone has been touched by suicide and those left behind most often suffer in silence.


Upset Palestinians Virtual Mirage

I share with whoever reads this blog a certain war weariness when it comes to the Middle East. In fact, I'm reluctant to blog about the place because it's like a broken record -- has been before I was born and will be after I die. The Israel vs Arab conflict was well underway long before David slew Goliath with a rock launched from a sling (the earliest example of Iron Dome...

Israel acts based on its own interests alone. I don't consider them an ally by choice, but they are an ally by need. Which is better? You can decide.

The Palestinians are upset because they're Palestinians. Nobody can fix that accident of birth.

On 13 November, the Israeli military raised the alert level across the country. The move was a response to threats by the Gaza-based militant group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). PIJ vowed to avenge the deaths of 12 members who were killed when the Israeli army last month blew up a tunnel under the Gaza-Israel border. Demo-ing a tunnel makes perfect sense. The US needs to demo more drug tunnels under the US/Mexico border because that's how the bulk of hard narcotics and high value people (Middle Easterners and Asians) are smuggled into the USA...but back to Israel.

Commercial Channel 2 TV reported that the Israel Air Force has finished deploying Iron Dome batteries throughout Israel, including in the north and center of the country.

Additional troops have been deployed to the south to reinforce the Gaza Division, which is on alert both to defend the southern communities and for the possibility of an attack.

Israeli official sources declined to state whether Israel had specific information about a PIJ attack. They never do comment, but their behavior in raising vigilance involved high cost physical precautions. Those usually imply a serious and reasonably credible, specific threat.

PIJ is more extreme than Hamas and usually makes good on its threats of revenge, using rocket and/or mortar attacks. PIJ has not been a party to the reconciliation t...


[WATCH] Cop Threatens Young Mother With Arrest at Bus Stop For Not Vaccinating Her Children Filming Cops

A mother in California was harassed by police and later threatened with arrest for her decision to not vaccinate her child. According To The Infowars Reports :  This is something that literally

The post [WATCH] Cop Threatens Young Mother With Arrest at Bus Stop For Not Vaccinating Her Children appeared first on Filming Cops.


Just another company boss Freethought Blogs

Trouble for Tesla and Elon Musk: workers are complaining about racist coworkers, and agitating for a union.

Jose Moranwho claimed to be an employee at the Fremont factorywrote a scathing critique of the facility and his employer, alleging excessive mandatory overtime and low wages. He said that he and other employees were considering unionizing and had reached out to UAW for help.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told our sister site Gizmodo that Moran was paid by UAW to join Tesla and agitate for the union.

And what is wrong with that? If conditions are unjust, then rallying workers to form a union is exactly the right thing to do (also, even if conditions are relatively just, forming a union to give workers a voice is also exactly the right thing to do. You are never wrong to form a workers union.)

But now the story going around is that Musk has fired some of those rabble-rousers for urging unionizing. That makes him a 19th century villain in my book.

But worseyou know those complaints about coworkers freely throwing around racial slurs? Musk has a suggestion for dealing with that, too.

Part of not being a huge jerk is considering how someone might feel who is part of [a] historically less represented group, Musk wrote in the email. Sometimes these things happen unintentionally, in which case you should apologize. In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology.


Different suggestion: if you discover that youve got racists working for you who are disrupting the other workers, fire the racists. Its that simple. If youre able to fire people for union activities, you must have the power to fire people for naked bigotry. Why arent you?


Fall Colours 2. Freethought Blogs

From Charly, click for full size! All so beautiful, but I especially like the fourth, so vivid.

Charly, all rights reserved.


Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Nov. 14, 2017 - Veterans Today Veterans Today

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


Evidence mounts that plague outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon Intellihub

Thousands of people have been infected and over 143 are now reported dead from the plague outbreak thats now threatening Africa, reports the UK Daily Mail. Health officials are unsure how this years outbreak began, reports the paper. Experts warn the disease spreads quicker in heavily populated areas.

Isnt it interesting that just as Prince William is calling for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa, we suddenly have the rapid spread of the plague from unknown origins? As Natural News previously reported, Prince William appears to be pushing for depopulation efforts across Africa in the name of environmentalism:

Africas rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month, Prince William explained during a recent event hosted by the Tusk Trust, a charity that is committed to protecting African wildlife.

According to The Telegraph, Prince William continued, Urbanization, infrastructure development, cultivation all good things in themselves, but they will have a terrible impact unless we begin to plan and to take measures now.

Want to eliminate blacks? Just release a weaponized disease strain and blame Mother Nature

Whats the quickest and easiest way for globalists to eliminate targeted human populations? Release a weaponized infectious disease and let it spread from city to city while using the outbreak to strengthen government funding of the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries. This, of course, is a form of medical genocide.

Yet as weve repeatedly seen, vaccines and pharmaceuticals are now confirmed to be routinely used to reduce targeted populations rather than save lives. Just last week, for example, a bombshell science paper was released that documents the covert infertility chemical being spiked into W.H.O. vaccines administered in African nations. From

[A] bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World, the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administere...


Quick report on the Genesis movie Freethought Blogs

As promised, I saw this crappy movie last night. Ive got a pile of notes, and will provide a more thorough review this weekend, but just to quickly summarize:

  • Theres no story here. Its built around the 6-day creation myth with a deep-voiced sonorous slow-talker telling the story of Genesis 1, but its almost like an afterthought. Its a framing device that isnt actually used effectively as a narrative structure.

  • The real story is that they interviewed a bunch of creationists, who sit alone in different rooms and who rant at the camera, saying stupid, familiarly tiresome things. They then sliced up these interviews into tiny snippets, interleaved them with each other and with some CGI, and then tossed them in a large mixing bowl with some vinaigrette. This is called editing.

  • The CGI is terrible. Seriously cheap. Everything from dinosaurs to humans has a kind of rubbery, plasticky surface in shades of brown although Adam is a notably pale shade of brown.
    Its very low rez, too. There are a couple of scenes where theyre showing off hominid skulls for comparison, and the detail is pathetic they look like the kind of cheap plastic skulls youd pick up from the Walmart Halloween decorating section.

  • They had a dodge for when the CGI was egregiously bad: defocus! They were constantly blurring everything, which I suppose they thought was artsy, but was clearly to hide the fact that they couldnt render convincing detail worth a crap. They also did this with the creationist interviews: theyd occasionally blur the person, or slowly move the camera around, and then youd end up with this segment of the interview where the subject was drifting off to the right side of the screen.

  • One of the reasons theyd move the subject out of the center was that they had these cheesy, 3-D animated titles that would rotate and also drift so youd start with camera on the subject, then youd see these bronzey metallic letters appear on the left, like ENCE, lets say, and youd be wondering what that was about, and the camera would wander over to the floating keyword as the speaker was ignored, so that you could finally figure out that the magic word was EVIDENCE or whatever. It was painfully gimmicky.

Ill go through some of the actual content this weekend, but for now, let it suffice to say that there was nothing new here, they were creationists making the same old tired assertions from ignorance that theyve been saying since the 1960s dating methods are circular, there are no genetic mechanisms for increasing the amount of information in an organism, we can explain all of geology with the Great...


The Daily Bird #530. Freethought Blogs

Dark-eyed Junco.

C. Ford.


McCain and Hillary Are Proven ISIS Supporters: Have the Two Been Indicted? Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

McCain and Hillary Are Proven ISIS Supporters: Have the Two Been Indicted?


Hillary Clinton and John McCain have a lot in common. Besides undermining the US Constitution and working against the interests of the United States, they share three similar variables: (1) They are undeniably supporters of ISIS and each had a hand in the creation of the most dangerous terrorist entity on the planet; (2) They both sustained supposed injuries to the same foot at the exact same time and we wearing the exact same orthodic boot; and (3) Both parties are the target of very vicious and persistent rumors that beneath their walking boots are GPS locators which are placed on the ankles of indcted suspects of serious crimes who may be a flight risk.

Supporters of ISIS

 Hillary has been a supporter of ISIS since its inception.

WikiLeaks continued to reveal criminal and outright treasonous behavior on the part of Hillary Clinton.  WikiLeaks, with their retrieval of Clinton emails continues to show ties between Clinton and foreign governments, criminally corrupt corporations and serious human rights violations.

At the center of the WikiLeaks revelations of Clintons treason and criminal behavior demonstrates undeniable links...


Boston Dynamics introduces SpotMini, the autonomous robotic dog Intellihub

Just like the Jetsons dog Astro, Boston Dynamics has introduced the new SpotMini, a fully functional autonomous robotic dog

(INTELLIHUB) Meet the new SpotMini, a fully functional autonomous robotic dog.

Hat Tip: @tabertronic on Twitter

Featured Image: Boston Dynamics/YouTube
2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

The post Boston Dynamics introduces SpotMini, the autonomous robotic dog appeared first on Intellihub.

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Tuesday, 14 November


FBI Assault on New Zealand Internet File Sharer Larger than Phony Bin Laden Raid - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Kim Dotcom and his ex-wife have reached a confidential settlement with police in New Zealand over the military-style raid and arrest at his home as part of an FBI plot. Dotcom said he agreed to settle for the sake of his children and because he felt the New Zealand government had recently changed for the []


DHS Plans Outdoor Biological Drill For 2018 On Border Of Oklahoma and Kansas, Spurring Protest Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Residents living in Newkirk, Oklahoma, and Kansas at the border are worried after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced plans...


Anatomy of a CIA Assassination, Part 1 WhoWhatWhy

Who killed President John F. Kennedys mistress, and why?

In searching for the answers to this mystery, author Peter Janney came upon what seem to be the jagged fragments of an even bigger picture.

Previously, we posted excerpts from Janneys remarkable book on the murder of Kennedys mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer Marys Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace: Third Edition (Skyhorse Publishing, 2016). The excerpts were from Chapter 2, which we broke up into three parts, here, here, and here.

We now present the first of two more excerpts, taken from Chapter 12 (but with added subheading).

In this installment, Janney describes the amazing things he hears during his search for the killer, and his frustrating attempts to substantiate these stories. They are fascinating though unproven.

But the essential parts of the story are proven fact.

And, by the way, the assassination of Kennedy the crime of the century seems connected to Meyers murder.

WhoWhatWhy Introduction by Milicent Cranor

We do it better


With New England blanketed by a winter blizzard in early 2004, I found myself stranded in Santa Monica, California, when my return flight to Boston was canceled. Rescheduling at a local travel agency, I ran into Hollywood actor Peter Graves.

Graves, readers may recall, was one of the stars of the 1966 television series Mission Impossible. The show was a fictionalized chronicle of an ultra secret team of American government agents known as the Impossible Missions Force. Peter Graves played the part of Jim Phelps, the team leader who began each episode selecting a cadre of skilled contract agents to accomplish the assigned clandestine mission.

Each week a new episode followed the exploits of the elite Impossible Missions Force as it employed the latest technological gadgets and state-of-the-art disguises in an effort to sabotage unfriendly governments, dictators, crime syndicates any enemy of American hegemony. The organization that masterminded these covert operations was never revealed, yet a little imagination led to the doorstep of the CIA. So successful was Mission Impossible, it has currently (as of 201...


Long Before Assault Allegations, Roy Moore Betrayed Conservatism The Federalist

On Monday, a fifth woman came forward with allegations that Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old and he was a prosecutor in Etowah County, Ala. The accusations to date are both plausible and disgusting. When Moore was in his early thirties, he allegedly sought out and sexually assaulted numerous teenage girls, including a 14-year-old.

Moore has denied it, sort of, although his weird interview with Sean Hannity on Friday left the strong impression that the charges are most likely true. Yet its hard to understand why voters in Alabama are only just now realizing that he is unfit for office.

They should have known years ago, when his contempt for the rule of law twice got him removed from the Alabama Supreme Court. Its worth recounting those incidents because they reveal that Moore is no conservative and has little use for the American constitutional order that conservatives hold dear. That he was embraced by a significant number of social conservatives, and still enjoys significant support among some evangelicals, is yet another sign that the conservative movement has lost its way.

Roy Moore Has a History of Contempt for The Law

Moores trouble with the law began shortly after he was elected chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000 and promptly had a 5,280-pound granite monument to the Ten Commandments installed in the state judicial buildings central rotunda. The American Civil Liberties Union and other groups sued, demanding the monument be removed on the grounds that it violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and was therefore unconstitutional. A federal district judge and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals both agreed, and ordered Moore to remove the monument. He refused, and in November 2003 the Alabama Court of the Judiciary unanimously voted to remove Moore from office, a decision the Supreme Court of Alabama upheld in an April 2004 ruling.

Moore returned to the bench in 2012, winning an election to become, for the second time, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. At that time, gay marriage was a going concern. When a federal district judge in Mobile struck down Alabamas marriage laws as unconstitutional in 2015, just months before the U.S. Supreme Court was set to hear Obergefell v. Hodges, Moore declared that the federal judges order was not binding in Alabama. He issued a decree prohibiting probate judges in Alabama from issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Relative chaos ensu...


Lets Respond Generously To The Black Dad Who Worries About His Kids Befriending White Kids The Federalist

When The New York Times decided to run an opinion article from a black law professor asking whether his children can be friends with white children, the response was swift and predictable. It was outrage. Some called it textbook racism. Some even compared the professor, Ekow Yankah, to white nationalist Richard Spencer. Likewise, the Times had scorn heaped upon it for running the article.

My own reaction was somewhat different. Yes, the piece is provocative and clickbaity. No, I am not comfortable with any parent advising his children to be wary of other children on the basis of their race. But after several years of writing from a conservative, white perspective on race, I noticed something else that confirmed a familiar pattern.

Very few detractors took the time or effort to look at this piece in a nuanced way, to see if, even though they vehemently disagree with the conclusion, they can learn something from how the conclusion was reached. That was the spirit in which I read the article and I was rewarded for it. In fact, something lurking in my own work about race jumped out at me in this paragraph:

Let me assure you that my heartbreak dwarfs my anger. I grew up in a classic Midwestern college town. With all its American faults, it was a diverse and happy-childhood kind of place, slightly dull in the way that parents wish for their children. If race showed in class lines, school cliques and being pulled over more often, our little Americana lacked the deep racial tension and mistrust that seem so hard to escape now.

When I read that, I knew even before I googled him that this man was my age. I knew he was describing the 80s and 90s of my childhood and teen years that our pop culture is so nostalgic about these days. I knew that I share his heartbreak at the brutality of todays racial tensions, which we thought we had left in the dark past of police dogs and firehoses.

Put simply, Generation X didnt see this coming. This is not the tone we read in Ta-Nehisi Coates or Jamelle Bouie, who came of age in a much different time. For the millennial black intelligentsia, todays racial situation is no surprise. It is the inevitable result of an unbroken, sinister white supremacy that has always haunted America.

But it isnt unbroken. For a time the fever of racial disharmony did break, or at least cool down. Those of us, like Yankah, who grew up in that time have seen that promise of greater equality and integration evaporate under the new heat.

When I considered what could make this heartbroken black man take, what to my view, is an illiberal, maybe even bigoted, viewpoint regarding his kids friends and their safety, some scenarios popped into my mind. I imagined his black kid as a teen, hanging out with white friends, getting into trouble with police, and receiving worse treatment from the criminal justice system. This doesnt strike me as an irrationa...


Dr Bouthaina Shaaban: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step 21st Century Wire

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad.

A hundred years after the Balfour Declaration and all that followed, and 100 years after the Sykes-Picot agreement, and after all the setbacks and pitfalls that marked our Arab history. After watching with bitter feelings the bombing of Baghdad and the destruction of Nimrud, and the barbaric attacks on Aleppo, Palmyra, and Western collusion with some Arabs against Libya and Yemen. After all this, what are we doing?

Would the Arabs continue using the same methods theyve been using, which proved to be useless, or would they reconsider all the mechanisms that have been followed to date, studying the situation and considering the methods used by their enemies to beat them and trying to use them to respond to these enemies?

After these calamities that plagued our Arab people in their villages and cities, which caused untold pain and unprecedented migration, is it not necessary to reconsider the intellectual system that governed our actions to this day, and the need to replace it with a system that is more useful?

At this stage in the history of our nation, we must have a serious stand, a candid and confident dialogue with history and a re-evaluation of everything we have written and done in the past decades. But before we can do this, the Arab elites must meet and regain their self-esteem and be at the center of the events, and provide the vision makes a difference in the course of events. Hence, regardless of the governmental situation in the various Arab countries, the Arab elites are invited today to communicate and discuss, and find the best ways to hold workshops in more than one place to arrive at the formulation of logical strategies for a better future for all Arabs and to resolve many topics long-debated on the subjects of identity, Arabism, Islam , and citizenship in all our Arab countries, in addition to the issue of youth and migration.

The Arab World is the only place where young people are brought up with their eyes focused on the West, n...


Will The Senate Become The Burial Chamber For Tax Reform? The Federalist

After the House Ways and Means Committee passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill, Republicans in the U.S. Senate released their own tax reform proposal last week. Some of the Senate proposals are improvements, but some are worse than the House version.

Several GOP senators have already threatened not to support either the Senate or the House version. Since the GOP has a very thin majority in the Senate, people cant help but wonder whether the Senate will become the burial chamber for GOP tax reform like it was for the Obamacare repeal.

The Major Differences Between the Bills

While the House bill will cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent (one of the highest among the developed nations) to 20 percent immediately, the Senate bill wants to delay the cut for one year, a terrible idea. Many economists and politicians on both sides of the ideological divide have long recognized that our corporate tax rate isnt competitive and has hindered Americas economic growth.

There are many benefits to cutting the corporate tax rate: stimulating long-term economic growth, increasing American businesses competitiveness, attracting entrepreneurs and new investments to U.S. soil, and higher wages and living standards for American workers. Yet corporate tax cuts can be a hard sell to many ordinary Americans because businesses need time to plan and adjust to tax code changes, so people wont see or feel some of these benefits immediately.

Delay is the deadliest form of denial, says C. Northcote Parkinson. Delaying will not win over any additional supporters, but only add uncertainty, which in turn delays businesses decisions. The GOP needs to learn that if its the right thing to do, do it now.

On the personal tax side, the Senate bills biggest improvement over the House bill is the total repeal of the state and local tax deduction, while the House bill caps such deductions at $10,000 for property taxes only. The rest of America shouldnt have to subsidize high-tax progressive states by shielding voters in those states from the cost of their own governments. Another improvement in the Senate bill is that rather than increasing the tax rate for the highest earners (couples earning more than $1 million or individuals earning more than $500,000) like the House bill proposes, the Senate bill slightly lowers the highest marginal tax rate from 39.6 percent to 38.5 percent.

Major Failures in Both Bills

Yet just like their House colleagues, it seems GOP senators are incapable of putting out a clean and principled bill. Every good idea they present is usually followed by a couple of bad ones. For example, its well known that the mortgage interest deduction (MID) is a bad policy. It inflates housing prices and incentivi...


Pro-Lifers Dont Oppose Abortion Because It Causes Labor Shortages, But Because Its A Human Rights Atrocity The Federalist

Last week, the Wisconsin Assembly debated a bill that would make it illegal for state insurance plans to pay for abortions. Assembly Bill 128 contains exceptions for cases of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother.

During the course of the debate, Rep. Scott Allen took to the stand to offer his thoughts on why state insurance plans should not be permitted to provide coverage for elective abortion. Given this opportunity to explain why the state has a compelling interest in protecting the lives of the most vulnerable, here is what Allen had to say:

Labor force shortages are tied to population declines. And labor force shortages are a limiting factor in economic growth. And limited economic growth poses a problem when government tries to pay for public services and infrastructure. In spite of this the Democrats continue their effort to support the abortion industry.

Allen is pointing out that abortion is bad for the state because it takes the lives of human beings who would otherwise eventually grow up, join the workforce, pay taxes, and help fund things. Thus, the state should prohibit coverage for elective abortion because the state has a compelling interest that these people grow up to be contributing members of society.

In defense of Allen, its clear that he is speaking only to what is in the best interests of the state of Wisconsin. I dont believe that he is attempting to make a moral argument against abortion or explain why abortion should be illegal. Nevertheless, instead of explaining why the state has a compelling reason to protect innocent human life because its innocent human life and the state has no business advocating for or promoting its demise, he chose to speak about potential benefit to the economy.

This Generated Outrage, Some of It Deserved

Predictably, his comments caught the attention of lots of people and organizations that were not overly pleased. NARAL was the first to take notice and tweeted their disgust. The Huffington Post published a column claiming Allen had just compared women to incubators who exist to churn out babies who will eventually benefit the state financially. Far-left Bustle was also unhappy.

New York Times columnist Lindy West, of #shoutyourabortion fame, echoed th...


How President Obama Sabotaged Obamacare More Lawlessly Than Trump Supposedly Has The Federalist

To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the demise of bipartisanship in health care are greatly exaggerated. While Republicans and Democrats claim different principles on health policy, their actions indicate a surprising level of agreement.

To wit: Both President Trump and President Obama took action to prevent Americans from suffering dramatic premium spikes due to Obamacares insurance mandates. Yet somehow the Lefts indignation over Trumps alleged sabotage, in the form of his recent executive order on health care, has not extended to Obamas actions four years ago.

In the fall of 2013, the Obama administration essentially decided not to enforce portions of Obamacare. At the time, remained in full meltdown, and millions of Americans received cancellation notices stating their existing individual market coverage would end on January 1, 2014, for not complying with Obamacares regulatory regime. Faced with a political uproar over what PolitiFact later dubbed the Lie of the YearIf you like your plan, you can keep itthe administration issued guidance allowing states to keep plans that did not comply with Obamacares new benefit requirements.

Its Cool Only If Obama Does It?

Following its initial decision to permit non-compliant plans, the Obama administration repeatedly extended these transitional arrangements. In March 2014, after the insurance exchanges began to function more smoothly, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services extended the non-compliant plans through October 2016, followed by a further extension through October 2017. Upon taking office earlier this year, the Trump administration extended the non-compliant plans a fourth time, through December 2018.

On no fewer than three separate occasions, then, the Obama administration expressly permitted Americans to hold policies that did not comply with Obamacares new regulatory regimeits prohibition on pre-existing condition restrictions, its essential health benefits requirements, and its myriad other new mandated subsidies. In perpetuating these non-compliant plans, the Obama administrations actions parallel President Trumps recent executive order, which among o...


For The Good Of The Country, Roger Goodell Must Fail Against Jerry Jones The Federalist

Roger Goodell inexplicably received a nod of approval from all 32 owners of NFL teams back in May. Those owners, whether buoyed by ratings or the decline in quarterback play or forcing good citizens such as myself into supporting the Patriots in the Super Bowl, said, Yes, were on the right track here, and voted to extend his contract.

Now one of those owners is backtracking. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has launched a salvo against the commissioner. Jones is reportedly demanding the contract extension be sent back to the Compensation Committee for possible adjustment. Failing that, there may be a lawsuit on the horizon. As reported by Peter King at Sports Illustrated, Goodells previous contract contained too much guaranteed compensation. The new contract attempts to address that. Jones concern is that the remedies are too nebulous.

It doesnt help that heres what the short version of the new contract looks like. As such, its not unreasonable to suspect that Jones complaint has some merit, especially since we are discussing Goodell. I mean, its Roger Goodell. Given the current state of the NFL, we should be suspicious of anything he supports, even if that means were on the same side as Jerry Jones.

Jones Could Be Attempting to Exact Revenge

Sure, it could be that Jones is angry over his own players getting suspended, but it could also be that the season started after May, when that contract extension vote occurred. For starters, the NFL is entertainment. When youre talking entertainment, ratings matter.

Lately, those ratings havent been stellar. We cant blame this all on Goodell, alas. The entertainment landscape has changed, with an ever-increasing amount of entertainment options. Streaming and all the options under that broad category make us far less dependent on broadcast schedules if were looking to while away a few hours on the couch.

At the same time, quarterback play has gotten demonstrably worse. This also cant be laid at Goodells feet, at least not wholly. His job isnt to run the 32 teams, but to provide the framework in which they operate.

Right now, as evidenced by the ratings, that innovation isnt happening. Instead, those of us who do tune in are treated mostly to games that fail to achieve the level of excitement offered by even the most average of average college games. I would su...


Nows The Time For Dialogue With North Korea, Not Military Intervention The Federalist

President Trump is just concluding his first major tour of Asia, which started with a marathon of meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Japan. Prominent among their topics of conversation was North Korea, a subject on which, by Abes account at a press conference last Monday, the two men are together 100 percent.

Thats troubling news, as Abes approach seems to disdain diplomacy for reckless escalation. Now is the time not for dialogue, but for applying a maximum level of pressure on North Korea through all possible means, he said Monday. Some of those means are economic in natureAbe spoke of a forthcoming decision of freezing assets of 35 North Korean entities and individualsbut his comments, as well as remarks from Trump himself, made clear preventive military action is on the table, too.

North Koreans are under a very repressive regime, Trump said, and I really think that, ultimatelyI can tell you thisthat I hope it all works out. It would be better for everybody. Certainly would be better for North Korea, but it would be better for everybody.

The president never specified what he meant by it, but the most plausible interpretation is he was speaking of regime change of the forcible, U.S.-orchestrated variety. After all, if Trump and Abe decide to go to war together, the technically military-free Japan will not be the country supplying the great bulk of blood to be spilt and tax-dollars to be spent.

What Preventative Action Would Cost

That the Kim Jong-un regime is oppressive and deplorable is not up for debate, but the wisdom of all but pledging the United States to preventive military intervention in North Korea most certainly is. The Pentagon recently sent a letter to members of Congress detailing the probable implications of such a decision, The Washington Post reported, and the picture is grim.

Military leaders believe North Korea may consider the use of biological weapons, the letter says. It also points out that Pyongyang has a long-standing chemical weapons program with the capability to produce nerve, blister, blood and choking agents.

The South Korean capital of Seoul is located just 35 miles from the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the two halves of the Korean Peninsula, the letter notes, and its greater metro area is home to 25 million pe...


State Lawsuits Against Contraception Mandate Exceptions Would Gut Religious Liberty The Federalist

Within hours of the Trump administrations release of new rules expanding the religious-based exemptions from the Affordable Care Acts abortifacient and birth control mandate, left-leaning organizations and liberal states filed a flurry of lawsuits. The American Civil Liberties Union and the SEIU-UHW (a labor organization representing health-care workers) filed suit in a federal court in San Francisco, while Massachusetts attorney general raced to the local federal courthouse for the same purpose. A few days later, the attorneys general of Washington state and Pennsylvania initiated two additional lawsuits.

The largest coalition attacking the interim final rules came when the attorneys general of California, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia joined to challenge the Trump administrations exemption in a federal court in California. That multi-state coalition has now emerged as the first set of plaintiffs to file a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to prevent the new rules from going into effect.

On Thursday, the blue-state attorneys general filed their request for an injunction with federal judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr., an Obama appointee confirmed to the bench three years ago. A hearing on the request is scheduled for February 8, 2018, when the parties will appear in Gilliams Oakland, California courtroom to argue the motion. In the interim, much can be gleaned from the attorneys generals memorandum filed with the court, including the legal theories and precedent on which the states rely.

They Admit No Women Are Denied Birth Control Access

First, a practical point: The attorneys generals brief finally acknowledges the truth religious individuals and organizations have been preaching since the Obama administration imposed the birth control and abortifacient mandate in 2011: exempting conscientious objectors does not deny women access to birth control. The attorneys general expose this reality by arguing that they have the right to challenge the Trump exemptions because the new rules harm the states, which will be left to shoulder the additional fiscal and administrative burdens as women seek access for this coverage through state-funded programs, . . . According to the plaintiffs, [e]ven a slight uptick in such costs will cause irreparable harm to the States.

While the states also argue the Trump exemptions will force governments to bear the public health consequences if women are unable to gain that access to contraceptives, the attorneys generals memorandum details the numerous and extensive options already available to women seeking contraceptive subsidies.

For instance, according to the court filings, California reimburses Plan...


GOP Should Trade Other Pro-Life Laws For The Adoption Tax Credit The Federalist

Eliminating the tax credit would have directly and negatively impacted the pro-life movement, which works so hard to present alternatives to abortions and is a cornerstone of the GOP platform and conservative community. Before considering elimination of the tax credit, the GOP needs to fulfill its promises to the pro-life community that elected them. It should first eliminate Planned Parenthood funding, and reduce the amounts adopting families have to pay to government agencies to bring their children home.

About the Adoption Tax Credit

The adoption tax credit is non-refundable, and applies to expenses up to $13,570 per child. The amount of the credit allowed decreases at certain income levels. The average international or private domestic adoption costs around $30,000, often closer to $40,000. A large percentage of those adopting are middle-class families who apply for grants and raise funds to cover these costs.

According to some sources, the GOPs tax plan would also have re-classified adoption grants from employers as taxable income. If accurate, not only would the GOPs plan have eliminated the adoption tax credit, it would have increased the amount of money an adopting family lucky enough to get this benefit would be taxed on.

One family I know well has adopted eight children, both domestically and internationally. As their family grew, of course so did their living expenses. Kristy Schnabel told me this tax credit was a crucial part of their decision-making: I can say very easily we would not have even considered international adoptions without knowing the tax credit would help ease the financial burden on our family.

Eliminating this important feature that allows families, many of whom take in children with special needs, to recoup some costs and care for their new child would be devastating for orphaned children here and around the world.

Adoption Costs Can Be Eased in Other Ways

Among the costs for adopting families are hefty fees to U.S. government agencies. Recently, the fee for one form that many families use to apply for U.S. citizenship for their child jumped from $600 to nearly $1,200. Is this necessary? If we are going to talk about abolishing the adoption tax credit to making government more efficient and lean, lets also take a good look at what adopting families have to pay government to perform a charitable act, and reduce waste and unnecessary bureaucracy to help them in other ways.

From a purely fiscal point of view, eliminating the credit doesnt ma...


How The Free Market Promotes Tolerance, Diversity, And Inclusion Far Better Than Socialism Does The Federalist

It may be said with confidence that ones personal values guide his political opinions. We all carry within ourselves a certain code of ethics that reinforces how we interpret the issues of the day. Indeed, studies have shown that liberals and conservatives weigh the importance of moral concerns differently, and that this manifests in their policy preferences.

When one thinks left-wing moral priorities, things like compassion and equality are probably the more enduring values. Yet tolerance, diversity, and inclusion seem to be the values du jour for modern liberalism today.

Coinciding with the ascension of these values has been the rise of socialism within the Democratic Party. It is no coincidence that the tolerance, diversity, and inclusion crowd, colloquially known as Social Justice Warriors, hailed the socialist Bernie Sanders as a political messiah. Arguably, if it hadnt been for Democratic National Committee bias, Sanders might have earned the partys 2016 presidential nomination. The social justice value system, and the socialism that goes with it, are the face of todays Democratic Party.

Much has been written about the utter hypocrisy of tolerant liberals refusing to allow conservative voices to be heard, and of how the Left promotes a diversity of superficial features over a diversity of thought and ideas. However, less has been written about the hypocrisy of socialism being promoted as the economic manifestation of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. When looked at honestly, it becomes clear that the free market better promotes these three values.

How Markets Promote Tolerance

Lets first start with tolerance. Tolerance may be the most cherished value of the modern liberal. By this framework, everything is relative and therefore equal in worth and validity (unless its at all conservative or Christian). This postmodern outlook has yielded absurd claims of cultural and moral relativism. The connection between tolerance and postmodernism has been recognized for some timeas G.K. Chesteron said, Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.

Despite such criticism, a level of tolerance is good in society, especially when there are countless types of people. So which economic model better promotes tolerance, socialism or the free market?

To answer this question, the most sensible approach may be to look at how capitalist societies treat their socialist minority, and how socialist societies treat their capitalist minority. After all, what is tolerance if not the treatment of those outside the status quo?

To start with, lets look at how a capitalist society treats a socialist minority. The best case study for this is likely Israel. Israel has a capitalist, free-market economy. However, within Israel there is a long history of socialist enclaves called Kibbutzim. These Kibbutzim have been free to man...


NEO: Are Waves of EU Bond Migrants about to Inundate Georgian Villages? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

  By Henry Kamens for Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow There is always a price to pay for gaining the benefits of EU membership, and even the hope of eventual EU membership. When Spain first applied in the early 1980s it was obliged to cut agricultural production but only given a short time []


The universal Rebel and the psy-op to neuter him Jon Rappoport's Blog

The universal rebel and the psy-op to neuter him

By Jon Rappoport

If you want to track a civilization as it collapses, watch what happens to the concept of the rebel.

From the 1960s onwardstarting with Lee Oswald and the assassination of JFKthe whole idea of the rebel with power has been sequentially updated and repackaged. This is intentional.

The objective is to equate rebel with a whole host of qualitiese.g., runaway self-serving paranoia; random destruction; out-of-control drug use; generalized hatred; the commission of crimes

On a lesser, commercialized level, the new rebel can define himself by merely showing up at a concert to scream and drink heavily and break something, having already dressed to make a dissident fashion statement. He can take an afternoon off from college classes and have his arms tattooed. All the while, of course, he functions as an avid consumer of mainstream corporate products.

You even have people who, considering themselves rebels of the first order, support a government that spies on its people 24/7, launches military attacks all over the world, and now funds a Manhattan Project to map every move of the 100 billion neurons of the brain, for the ultimate purpose of controlling it.

Even going back as far as the 1950s, the so-called decade of conformity, psyops professionals sculpted notions of The Rebel: He was the person who didnt want to take part in the emerging bland corporate culture.

He was imagined and presented as troubled, morose; a wobbly unfocused JD Salinger Holden Caulfield, or a beatnik, a Madison Avenue caricature of somebody who opposed Madison Avenue.

In other words, the people who were shaping the consumer culture were creating the image of the rebel as a cartoon figure who just didnt want to buy into the good life.

Time Magazine ran a cover story on the beatniks, and characterized them as a disaffected trend. Marlon Brando, heading up a bunch of moronic motorcycle riders, invaded a town of pleasant clueless citizens and took it over, wreaking destruction. The 1953 movie was The Wild One. James Dean, who had the same trouble Brando did in articulating a complete sentence, was the rebel without a cause in the iconic film of the same name. He raced cars toward cliffs because his father couldnt understand him.

These were all puff pieces designed to make rebels look ridiculous, and they worked. They also functioned to transmit the idea to young people that being a rebel should be a showbiz affectation. That worked, too.

Then the late 1960s arrived. Flower children rebels, in part invented by the major media, would surely take over the world and dethrone fascist authority with rainbows. San Francisco was the epicenter. But Haight-Ashbury, where the flowers and the weed were magically growing out of the sidewalks, turned into a speed, acid, and heroin nightmare, a playground for p...


Florida Court Strikes Down Front-Yard Edible Gardens for Miami Shores Activist Post

By Jason Erickson Apparently the right to feed yourself and your family is indeed not a fundamental one, as a Florida attorney previously declared. A...


The pitiful cowardice of fake news Freethought Blogs

Donald Trumps accusations of fake news arent just disingenuous, theyre cowardly. Some of those accusations are specific, and those are usually smacked down, hard:

Those arent the ones Im talking about. At least, in those cases, hes making a claim that can be fact-checked. More often, its just poisoning the well against (essentially all) legitimate news organizations:


Why Giving Robots (Objects) Citizenship Is Crazy Activist Post

By Vin Armani In this video, Vin Armani explains why giving robots citizenship is crazy. Is it to tax them? Is it to marry them?...


A Very Dire Warning From FEMA Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

A friend of mine used to be in FEMA gave me a dire warning about what the Deep State had planned for America is they could not stem the tide of populism. This message contains very upsettting content


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This is...


NASA ADMITS To Spraying Americans With Poisonous Chemtrails Sheep Media


WAKINGTIMES| Theres the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into our ionosphere, and then there is the probable reason(s). It would be easier to accept NASAs official explanation if they were not so secretive about everything they study and do but one thing is for certain NASAs own personnel have admitted that lithium, along with other chemicals, are intentionally being placed into our environment regularly.

It is possible that many of NASAs own employees arent even aware of the true motivations for carrying out such a project, ironically displaying the very behaviors that these chemicals/pharmaceuticals are meant to instill.

In the first bomb-shell video a NASA employee ( ADMITS that lithium is being sprayed in the atmosphere, and says that it is harmless to the environment.

Before I give you NASAs official explanation of why they are spraying psych-meds over hundreds of thousands of Americans, Id like to point you to some references so that you can do your own research, and discover that this is no conspiracy theory. It is very real, and there is ample scientific documentation to corroborate what I put forth here:

A Pub Med abstract titled, Feasibility of Aerosol Vaccinations in Humans discusses how an increase in antigen volumes can be beneficial in aerosol delivery of vaccines, and could be used in developing countries and disaster areas. The abstract also admits that several thousand human subjects have already been aerosol vaccinated with live attenuated measles and influenza A vaccines. The executive summary further states that aerosol vaccinations are ideal for large populations.

This has apparently bee...


Russian Billionaire Funding ET Search Mission Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Everygody from hillary Clinton to Laurence Rocefeller is interested in thepossibility of Alien Life. Now a Russian Billionaire is putting his money where his mouth is and is conducting a search for Extraterrestial life forms.




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85% Show Dramatic Improvement In Health When GMOs Stop Being Consumed Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

A new study has demontrated that when people avoid consuming GMOs, 85% of the people show a dramatic inprovement in health.  This is only part of the story. For the rest of the story, watch the following video.



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SHOCKING: 77TH Holistic Doctor Dies Shot Dead in Her Home With Entire Family! Sheep Media

Dr. Annie Fairbanks

Dr. Annie Fairbanks, a holistic doctor practicing out of Arizona, was found shot dead in her home with husband Jason Fairbanks, 3 year old daughter and 9 month old son. This makes the 77th holistic doctor to have been found dead in this way over the past couple of years.

Sgt. Ben Hoster, a spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Department, stated that the police do not believe any other parties are involved. This essentially means there are no suspects and that this is likely a murder-suicide. Even the local paper is calling it that. Oddly, this statement and conclusion was made just hours after the incident took place, hardly giving anyone enough time to make a call like that.

This is an isolated incident, Hoster told reporters during a news conference in the neighbourhood on Friday afternoon.  We do not believe there are any outstanding suspects.

Dr. Annie Fairbanks and her 9 month old son. Photo: Facebook.

The family ran a health practice called Macrotherapy, which focused on natural and holistic healing. Its unclear whether or not the practice was employing new or outside the box methods like GcMAF, but further investigations should tell us.

Watch As Ama...


A Modest Proposal for Peace OpEdNews

If Kim Jong-un agrees to stop his race to arms, will President Trump stop threatening North Korea's destruction? And if the two of them agree, will members of the international community underwrite the agreement with their own lives?


Western Intelligence: Saad Hariri resigned to avoid his father's fate and salvage Lebanon OpEdNews

Last week's resignation of Lebanon's popular Prime Minister Saad Hariri has fueled a plethora of politically inspired conspiracy theories.


ALERT: $21 TRILLION MISSING Govt LOST the Equivalent of the Entire U.S. National Debt Sheep Media

Losing the equivalent of the entire U.S. national debt

Cooking Books: DOD, HUD Defrauded Taxpayers Of $21 Trillion From 1998 To 2015

Are you OUTRAGED yet???

Officially, the DOD has acknowledged that its financial statements for 2015 were materially misstated. However, this was hardly the first time the department had been caught falsifying its accounting or the first time the department had mishandled massive sums of taxpayer money.

The cumulative effect of this mishandling of funds is the subject of a new report authored by Dr. Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University, and Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of housing.

Their findings are shocking.

The report, which examined in great detail the budgets of both the DOD and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), found that between 1998 and 2015 these two departments alone lost over $21 trillion in taxpayer funds. The funds lost were a direct result of unsupported journal voucher adjustments made to the departments budgets.

According to the...


Bureau of Indian Affairs makes changes to loan guarantee program amid scrutiny Indianz.Com News

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is making changes to a business loan program that has faced renewed scrutiny under the Trump administration.


Changing Americas Business Model Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

This is the second day of our member drive. Were pushing to become 2000 Strong this week. If you value the Strong Towns message and want to see it spread to more places, become a member today. Your support at just $5 per month makes a huge difference.

Join the Strong Towns Movement Source: Lee Bloomquist

Source: Lee Bloomquist

Americas local governments have a bad business model.

Back when I worked as an engineer, I did all kinds of projects that (sort of) made engineering sense, but made absolutely no financial sense. Since the financial health of the city wasnt part of what I was being asked to consider -- that was someone elses job, or so I believed -- I didnt spend a lot of time worrying about it. I believed that someone who knew more than me must have it figured out.

When I went back to graduate school for a planning degree and started working in that profession, I again found myself involved with projects that came nowhere near penciling out. And while the financial health of the city still wasnt my charge, I was starting to question whether it was anyones.

I derailed a few projects -- to the dismay of project boosters -- simply by asking some basic questions: How much growth do we need to make this investment pay off? Is that even possible? Since its clearly not, how much ultimately is this going to raise everyones taxes?

Although a handful of projects died from sheer financial ridiculousness, most of the ones I was involved in moved forward. I worked with local government after local government that, even when they knew the project was guaranteed to be a financial loser, even when it was clear that there was no possible way of them ever coming out ahead, went ahead and did them anyway.

If you asked them, the local leaders who voted for such folly would say they were pro growth, pro jobs and pro community. Heres the rub: So was I.



Route 91 VIP East bartender who escaped the massacre tells all: Shocking details Intellihub

A bartender who was working inside the VIP lounge when the attack began says there had to be more than one shooter that night

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB)  A bartender by the name of Noeaimi claims that she was working the VIP East section at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival during Jason Aldeans performance on the night of Oct. 1 when she heard what sounded like fireworks popping off and thats when she and several of her co-workers started to wonder what was going on.

According to Noeaimi, once she realized that the gunfire at a distance was real she decided to flee the bar area and headed east until she encountered an unclimbable fence laced with razor wire at the top and a green cloth over the mesh.

The shooting kept going, she explained. The shooting was louder and louder [] it sounded closer and closer.

Thats when a heard of people began to push a section of the fence down in order to escape volley after volley of fully-automatic gunfire.

You can not tell me that there was nobody there because those shootings sounded like they were walking towards us, she said. When all of those people, including myself, heard those [gunshots] we were frantic.

I mean, people, in the beginning, were just trying to throw people over the fence but when that happened that is when everybody tried to tilt the fence and tried to break it down so we could run.

Once the fence gave way, the bartender ran east across Giles down Ali Baba where she eventually took refuge inside of a concrete structure located within the airpark where she was told by a security officer to remain quiet because more shooters were still outside.

Astonishingly, not only does the bartenders account match up with other eyewitness reports of multiple shooters but it dovetails with an Oct. 29 Intellihub report titled Air traffic control audio from the night of the Las Vegas shooting reveals there were active shooters on the runway which proves that authorities were, in fact, trying to round up additional shooters who were reportedly on the property at the time.



Police Close Investigation into Hollywood Pedophilia, Citing Statute of Limitations Sheep Media

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued a statement that it has closed the investigation into Corey Feldmans official report about pedophiliac abuse in Hollywood. The statute of limitations on such child abuse in California comes into effect when the complainant is over 40. Feldman is 46.


(TFTP) As Corey Feldman predicted on the Today show over a week ago, the Los Angeles Police Department has quickly closed the investigation into the pedophile ring that allegedly operates in Hollywood.

LAPD officials told Page Six on Thursday that they would not be launching a full-scale investigation into the allegations because the statute of limitations has passed.

The alleged accordance is out of statue and Robbery/Homicide have no avenues to pursue the case. However, the LAPD applauds Mr. Feldman for coming forward, as an out of statute assault report could potentially bolster any current and forthcoming case as it creates a pattern of behavior. The latest rash of sexual assault reports are particularly troubling and the LAPD encourages and will gladly take a report from anyone who feels they may be a victim, an LAPD spokesperson said in a statement.

It took the department just a few days to decide that they were not interested in pursuing the case, despite the fact that new sex crimes have been popping up in Hollywood on a daily basis after producer Harvey Weinstein was outed in October.

Feldman responded to the news of t...



U.S. Mass Shooters Are Disproportionately Veterans OpEdNews

Are veterans of the U.S. military disproportionately likely to be mass killers in the United States? Asking such a question is difficult, first because of concerns of profiling, discrimination, etc., and second, because it's hard to answer.


Eric King: What It Looks Like to Be Antifascist In Prison It's Going Down

The post Eric King: What It Looks Like to Be Antifascist In Prison appeared first on It's Going Down.

Below is a statement written by anarchist prisoner Eric King in October. For more info on how to support Eric, go here.

What does it look like to be antifascist in federal prison in 2017? It may not be what you think.

If you picture coming into the feds with your fist swinging, taking on every racist, swastika wearing trash you see, that is not a reality. That line of thinking will get us nowhere. Racism at the federal level is very real and played out in a very archaic way. At CCA Leavenworth I pictured going into ANY spot guns blazing, taking on bigots in a very macho, aggressive, violent way. At CCA that was actually somewhat doable, even at Englewood-FCI (low security) it was somewhat a reality because you could dog them out and clown them for their ridiculousness the reality is though, that the higher up in custody you go and the further west coast you end up, the more serious the game gets and the less likely you are to be able to express your own antifascist ideas without facing some serious backlash.

Everything is racially divided here. Where you eat, when you work out, where you sit, what TV you watch, who cuts your hair, who you live with, who you play games with. For me this was super difficult at first because it felt like a betrayal of who I was. There isnt any bucking this, its shitty and gross but its real and VERY serious. No one is going to make an exception and disrupt prison order for the one anti-racist. Having good politics doesnt make you exceptional or above the others. Being antifascist doesnt make you a teacher, a preacher, a savior, this horrendous system will not make room for our differing beliefs. You will hear all day long people bashing every race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and nationality, everything that isnt white-American-straight-male.

I had to learn very quickly how to bite my tongue. Calling people out will get you nowhere but hurt. If your beliefs and views are known, that provides more weapons for the maggots to use against you, and some will without a doubt use them. I got called up for this MANY times. I have the word ANTIFA tattooed on my face. Ive had to learn how to NEVER take the bait, to keep your ideas to yourself and those you are close with. At the end of the day bro-ing out does less than taking conscious action. Ive been very lucky that early on some old heads took a liking to me.

Its a very thin line between being tolerated and being battered. Screaming, kill whitey! and fl...


Breaking: NAACP Calls on Government to Investigate ALL Gulen Charter Schools in U.S. Newsbud

The California N.A.A.C.P. has introduced resolution #16 calling on the states and the federal government to investigate all of the Gulen charter schools in the U.S.  Here is Newsbuds exclusive interview with the President of the N.A.A.C.P. for both California and Hawaii.

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Show notes

Breaking News: California NAACP calls for investigation of ALL Glen charters

Charter schools vulnerable to controversial Turkish movement

Pocketed US Politicians Exposed: The Most Powerful Criminal Organization in The World

Sibel Edmonds: Gulen


Confess, or Theyll Fucking Give You the Needle. The Marshall Project

An idle threat, but the teenage suspect confessed.


Will FCC Destroy Democracy on Nov. 16? Activism Needed Now! OpEdNews

[This] is a continuing purposeful attempt by Republicans to monopolize the information We the People get over our own airwaves with alt right propaganda. It is also an attempt by the Trump administration to gut our regulatory framework. Of all of those attempts, this is the most dangerous. Once these companies buy up all the stations, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back.


FYI: Australia's Plebiscite on Same-Sex Marriage OpEdNews

Same-sex marriage, Australian politics, religion and state


The Ex-Worker #59: Surviving a Grand Jury It's Going Down

The post The Ex-Worker #59: Surviving a Grand Jury appeared first on It's Going Down.

What it means to resist a grand jury; stories from those who have; how to support North Carolina grand jury resistance.
In this episode, we share the first-person stories of three comrades on the frontlines of grand jury resistance. As the state escalates repression through a new grand jury investigation in North Carolina against longtime anarchist Katie Yow, this episode offers perspectives from those who have successfully fought a grand jury summons. Tune in to demystify the process of how and why to resist testifying at a grand jury. For more information on her case and to support Katie, check out and to learn more about resources available for those resisting and their supporters, check out

For more information on how to stay strong during state repression, see our article How to Survive a Felony Trial.

To hear more about North Carolina Grand Jury Resistance and other cases of ongoing state repression, listen to this episode of The Hotwire.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction: Grand Jury Resisters Past and Present {00:00}
    • What is a Grand Jury {01:17}
    • A Knock on the Door {4:51}
    • Breathing Fire {19:35}
    • Facing the State {24:19}
    • Life on the Run {35:11}
    • Trees and MirrorsSurviving Solitary {38:31}
    • Release {45:53}
    • Back from the Underground {50:47}
    • Conclusion: We Can Survive This {54:45}
    • Support NC Grand Jury Resister Katie Yow {56:16}
    • Statement from Katie Yow {57:17}
  • On November 21, at 8 pm Eastern Time, we will broadcast our third live video presentation, in which an experienced legal support worker will explain what grand juries are, how they work, and how to resist themthen answer any questions you have. View the video...


A Wide-Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the Agriculture Department Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

At a private meeting in September, congressional aides asked Rebeckah Adcock, a top official at the Department of Agriculture, to reveal the identities of the people serving on the deregulation team she leads at the agency.

Teams like Adcocks, created under an executive order by President Trump, had been taking heat from Democratic lawmakers over their secrecy. What little was publicly known suggested that some of the groups members had deep ties to the industries being regulated.

Adcock, a former pesticide industry executive, brushed off the request, according to House aides familiar with the exchange, who asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly. Making the names public, they recalled her saying, would trigger a deluge of lobbyists.

In fact, interviews and visitor logs at the Agriculture Department showed that Adcock had already been meeting with lobbyists, including those from her former employer, the pesticide industrys main trade group, CropLife America, and its members. CropLife pushes the agenda of pesticide makers in Washington, including easing rules related to safety standards and clean water.

Adcock, who left the trade group in April, maintained contact with her former industry allies despite a signed ethics agreement promising to avoid for one year issues involving CropLife as well as matters that she had lobbied about in the two years before joining the government.

In one meeting, Adcock discussed issues banned by the ethics agreement with an executive who had been her lobbying partner weeks earlier at CropLife, according to the accounts of participants and the visitor logs, obtained through a public records request by The New York Times and ProPublica.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the USDA who also spoke on behalf of Adcock, said she had not violated her ethics agreement by meeting with her former industry allies. He also denied that Adcock had discussed issues related to her previous lobbying at the meeting, or that she had suggested that her deregulation team would be swamped by lobbyists if names of its members were released.

The career ethics officers at USDA agree that this is not a violation of the ethics agreement that Rebeckah Adcock signed, said Murtaugh, citing a 2009 memo by the Office of Government Ethics.

Others dispute that interpretation of the memo; the ethics office declined to say whether the memo applied to the meeting, citing its policy not to discuss individual cases.


RT America Torched in Witch Hunt '17 OpEdNews

Wall Street is run by a criminal class. Our debt is unsustainable, especially once the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency, and like all decaying empires we are headed for collapse. The DNI report clarifies what the ruling elites fear -- not fake news but the truth. And the truth is that the elites have destroyed the country and are traitors to democracy.


Anti-Repression Panel From the NAABC Conference It's Going Down

The post Anti-Repression Panel From the NAABC Conference appeared first on It's Going Down.

Listen and Download Here

This week we are featuring a recording from an Anti-Repression panel that took place in Denver in October of this year. The sound quality is affected by a fan system that the venue had running, but the words are well worth hearing.

For the hour, well hear words from a few perspectives of resistance in the U.S. currently. First, we hear from Danica from occupied territory of Portland about work around anti-colonial antifa resistance and self-defense in the North West. Next up, Firehawk talks about work in un-ceded Pueblo, Colorado, about working with femme, queer & trans prison rebels, Unstoppable zine and The Fire Inside project. Montana talks about autonomous relief work in Houston after Hurricane Harvey and the slow-disaster that is white supremacist capitalism in Texas. We hear from Jude talking about the J20 conspiracy cases coming out of the Inauguration, the court case moving forward and up til a few weeks ago. Finally, we hear from Jess who has been working with Water Protectors doing legal collective work up in so-called North Dakota mostly around #StandingRock with a very in-dept report-back on wider repression and specific case details.

A few updates are worth mentioning in the J20 case since Jude spoke on this panel: the first defendant convicted, Dane Powell, has been released and there is a linked support site for his post-release; two of the riot charges have been dropped down from Felony to Misdemeanor; & the first court dates have been moved forward to November 15th and info about how to help with court support can be found at Its Going Down.

As stated above, 2 of the initial 8 felony charges (engaging in riot and conspiracy to riot) have been dropped to misdemeanors, thus shaving decades from the potential sentences of the defendants. We here at The Final Straw suggest that Judge Leibovitz use a secure tor browser and visit to learn more about ending this expensive, insulting and dangerous act of political persecution that is the J20 case.


On blogging networks Freethought Blogs

As many readers know, I run a group blog, The Asexual Agenda (TAA). Other readers might be aware that Im on this blogging network called Freethought Blogs (FTB). Still other readers may be aware of other blogging networks like The Orbit, or Skepchick. Have you ever wondered how these blog networks are organized?

This is something that interests me, as a group blog admin. But perhaps nobody else is interested, because I hardly ever see anyone else talk about it. Or perhaps people dont talk about it because the information is too sensitive. You dont want to give away information that is potentially embarrassing to other people on the network. Many blogging networks may even have formal rules against disclosing certain information. I myself am limited in what I can say. But theres some stuff that is public knowledge, at least in principle, so Ill talk about that.

TAA is a dictatorship, with a few democratic processes. We follow a formal voting procedure for important decisions, namely blogger additions, and blogger ejections. But there are also a bunch of decisions that you wouldnt even know were decisions, and things that dont lend themselves very well to voting. For example, how do we make decisions on web design? How do we set the direction of the network? What if the network needs to make a public statement about something? When do we call a vote for something? How is the vote conducted? The value of a dictatorship is that we dont need to prepare for every possible decision. Theres an easy answer to any question that will ever come upthe dictator decides.

FTB is more of an anarchy. People just argue until there appears to be a consensus. The person who determines whether theres a consensus, is whoever has the power and initiative to act. Sometimes there is no clear consensus. And sometimes when there is a clear consensus, nobody has the power and initiative to act. So things end up moving very slowly. Im not really a fan of this structure, and Im guessing that the people who left FTB to form The Orbit were not fans either.

According to public statements, The Orbit is a democratic and collectivist organization. I dont really know what that means, but it sounds complicated. Im guessing there are lots of different kinds of organizational structures for blogging networks. Were not comparing notes, so there arent any standard practices.

As I already mentioned, the most important decisions in a blogging network are who to add, and who to eject. Adding bloggers is important because of blogger attrition. Sometimes you have some bloggers who write and write forever, like me. But most b...


The Vaccine Police: Cops Interrogate Mom At Childs Bus Stop, Intimidate Her To Vaccinate Son The Last American Vagabond

A mother was stalked and harassed by police and subsequently threatened with arrest for her choice to not vaccinate her son, as she dropped him at the bus stop. (TFTP) A particularly disturbing video was submitted to the Free Thought Project this week showing the Orwellian implications of state-mandated vaccination laws. Porsha Rasheed was simply []

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State Repression and Movement Defense It's Going Down

The post State Repression and Movement Defense appeared first on It's Going Down.

This episode turns to questions of political repression, movement defense, and solidarity with political prisoners questions which have been accentuated in the wake of the massive legal attacks visited upon protesters who participated in the #J20 demonstration in Washington D.C. on the day of Donald Trumps presidential inauguration.

Ashanti Alston, a former Black Panther and member of the Black Liberation Army who spent 14 years incarcerated due to his activity in the revolutionary movement, discusses the uses and pitfalls of distinguishing between political and social prisoners, and argues that defending political prisoners is essential to the struggle for abolition.

Jude Ortiz of The Tilted Scales Collective speaks on the importance of situating legal defense campaigns within a movement-centered strategy for liberation, and the ongoing campaign to defend the #J20 resistance. Payton, a current #J20 co-defendant, closes with his experience of the #J20 repression and this Falls courtroom struggles.

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ISIS terrorists given safe passage from Raqqa by US-backed forces - Veterans Today Veterans Today

__________ Al-Masdar ISIS terrorists given safe passage from Raqqa by US-backed forces The BBC leaked details, Monday, of a secret deal that had the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) surrender Raqqa City to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in early October. The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of IS []


Security Threat Groups: The Industry of Gangs It's Going Down

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This following essay is written by anarchist prisoner, Sean Swain, and was originally released on the Final Straw Radio show. For more info about how to support Sean, go here.

In Ohio prisons, pretty much everyone is in a gang whether theyre in a gang or not. If youre an Ohio prisoner and youre not in a gang, prison administrators will put you in one. And if theres no gang for you, theyll just create a new one.

The reason is, its a federal bloc grant swindle. Heres how it works:

The U.S. Department of Justice keeps a kind of database on what it calls Security Threat Groups, or STGs, not to be confused with STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases. The Department of Justice does not monitor chlamydia or gonorrhea. Yet. At least, as far as I know.

What it does monitor, Security Threat Groups, includes groups like the Bloods, the Crips, the Gangsta Disciples, the Aryan Brotherhood. Those are the larger, more-recognizable so-called Security Threat Groups.

So, to keep a handle on these groups, the U.S. Department of Justice gives what it calls bloc grant funding to states. States like Ohio that participate in the STG-monitoring program maintain a database that it shares with the Department of Justice, keeping files on gang members and their activities. For each gang member the state monitors, the Department of Justice allots a certain amount of funds.
The more gang members, the more money the state prison system gets.

Back in the 1990s, you had a handful of gangs or Security Threat Groups. Each of those gangs had a handful of pretty visible members. There as an investigator at each prison whose job was principally something else, who kept files on these gangs.

Since then, with the availability of federal bloc grants, we now have seemingly hundreds of security threat groups, some of them having only two or three members, all registered in the computer database. We have seemingly tens of thousands of gang members filling the Ohio prisons. And we have not one but two investigators employed full-time at every Ohio prison, with their salaries covered by bloc grant funds; their offices expenses covered by bloc grant funds; their computer hardware for conducting their work covered by bloc grant funds.

Gangs are an industry.

I know prisoners who have been listed as gang members for simply...


What the Priti Patel scandal tells us about the dark operations of the UK's powerful Israel lobby OpEdNews

There is growing hysteria about foreign interference in US and European politics. Is it not time for western states to show as much concern about the malign influence of Israel's lobbyists as they do about Russian hackers?


Join Hudson Valley Earth First! for an Action Camp in New York, December 1-4th It's Going Down

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Come join Hudson Valley Earth First! for an action camp! December 1, 2, 3, and 4.

We will be offering workshops, climb training, and most importantly campaign updates. The Hudson Valley faces many fossil fuel infrastructure projectsall gearing up for construction as we speak.

Learn about the Valley Lateral Pipeline, Lego Land theme park project, the Competitive Power Ventures Power Plant, and more. Come find out how to plug into the local resistance. We need all hands on deck.

Location: Hudson Valley. Exact location TBA.
RSVP/ ask questions by emailing hudsonvalleyearthfirst[at]

See you soon!


Indiana: Night Owls Disrupt State Forest Timber Sale It's Going Down

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The following communique was originally submitted anonymously to the Earth First! Newswire.

On the morning of Thursday Nov. 9th, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)s Division of Forestry sold the timber rights to 299 acres of the Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Areas that are some of the oldest and most diverse in the state. Nearly 2000 trees were sold to Hamilton Logging, who have a long history of shady business practices and timber theft.

Despite over 200 people showing up to protest the sale, months of organizing against the planned logging, and a recent protest encampment being established on private property adjacent to the public land to be logged, the DNR insisted on selling another piece of some of the most wild and beautiful land in the state for a mere $108,000.

So during the weekend following the sale, we painted hundreds of additional trees to match those the DNR had marked for removal in two of three tracts on the chopping block. We did this to obscure the trees Hamilton Logging bought, and to force the DNR Division of Forestry to redo the work of marking these tracts, thus delaying when logging can start.

We understand there is a risk that these additional trees could be cut down, but only if the DNR Division of Forestry and Hamilton Logging show unprecedented, intentional negligence, by letting a group of pranksters mark the trees for them. Logging all currently-marked trees would be a violation of the contract between the two parties, which only includes the trees the DNR chose to mark, not the hundreds more we marked with identical paint and markings. We hope that by painting these additional trees we can stop them from taking any of them or at least slow them down.

To other defenders of Yellowwood: there are many more trees left untouched. All it takes it red or blue marking paint, and some careful navigation. We wish you luck and look forward to all the other creative and inspiring ways youll think of to protect the land.

<3 N.O.P.E.
Night Owl Paint and Exteriors


Thousands Attend Anti-fascist Demo in Montreal It's Going Down

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Anti-racists in Montreal have built a coalition of over 150 groups in the struggle against fascism, and on Sunday they staged their first demonstrationa massive, festive fuck you to nazis. The night before the demo, some people redecorated a statue of John A. MacDonald, Canadas first Prime Minister and an architect of indigenous genocide.

For more info go to Montreal Antifascistes website.


Montreal: November 12th, Against Hate or Just Racism? It's Going Down

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On November 12th, 2017 a demonstration of about 5,000 people snaked through Montreal under the banner large demonstration against hate and racism. This was a good show of force, and tactically an important step on the part of the organizers in a context where far-right groups have been able to match or out-mobilize anti-racists at times in recent months.

The demonstration was clearly organized under a left coalition type of model, and as a result, suffered from some rather questionable populist language in their mobilizing call-out. Some of us were a bit concerned about a possible drift towards the de-contextualizing and delegitimizing of the concept of hatred which could likely come around to bite anarchists and other radicals in the ass in the future.

Some of us came to participate in the demonstration with critical solidarity, what follows is the text we handed out to participants in the demo and passers-by, (some will recognize that the bulk of it is taken from Against the Logic of Submission, by Wolfi Lanstreicher):


Many of the people at this demo are incensed by the whole drift towards fascism and other forms of authoritarianism in the current political climate. However, there is a constant tension to be consistent with ones own values and ethics, for the sake of practicality, and especially in times of mass anxiety. With that in mind, as anarchists, we offer a critical take on the discourse of being against hate.

Having made the decision to refuse to simply live as this society demands, to submit to the existence it imposes on us, we have put ourselves into a position of being in permanent conflict with the social order. This conflict will manifest in many different situations, evoking the intense passions of the strong-willed. Just as we demand of our loves and our friendships a fullness and intensity that this society seeks to suppress, we want to bring all of ourselves to our conflicts as well, particularly our conflict with this society aimed at its destruction, so that we struggle with all the strength necessary to accomplishing our aim. It is in this light, as anarchists, that we would best understand the place of hatred.

The present social order seeks to rationalize everything. It finds passion dangerous and destructive since such inte...


The Sex Scandal Snowball Effect - This Is Getting Huge Latest blog

Pedophiles and sexual predators are being exposed on a massive scale and this is only the beginning! Hollywood producers, major film actors and movers and shakers in Washington are falling like dominoes as more and more information is coming to light regarding sexual misconduct among some of the most famous and powerful. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth walks you through all the latest revelations regarding this on going form of abuse that is coming from some of societies most influential players.


Montreal: Colonial and Racist John A. Macdonald Monument Defaced It's Going Down

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The following anonymous report was originally sent to the Collective of Antifascist Resistance in Montreal, and reposted by Montreal Counter-Info.

On the eve of an important demonstration against hate and racism in Montreal, a group of anonymous local anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist activists have successfully defaced the historical monument to Canadas first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, located in downtown at Place du Canada.

According to Art Public Montreal: Among the monuments erected to the memory of Macdonald, the one in Montral is the most imposing and elaborate. The monument, built in 1895, is also now covered in red paint.

The individuals responsible for this action are not affiliated with todays anti-racist demonstration ( but have decided to target the John A. Macdonald statue as a clear symbol of colonialism, racism and white supremacy.

The action today is inspired in part by movements in the USA to target public symbols of white supremacy for removal, such as Confederate statues. Its also motivated by decolonial protests, like the Rhodes Must Fall movement in South Africa. As well, we are directly inspired by protests by anti-colonial activists both Indigenous and non-Indigenous against John. A. Macdonald, particularly in Kingston, Ontario, Macdonalds hometown. We also note efforts elsewhere in the Canadian state to rename the schools named after Macdonald, including a resolution by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario who denounced Macdonald as the architect of genocide against Indigenous people. The defacing of the Macdonald Monument is also appropriate in the context of the whitewashing of Canadian history this year during the Canada 150 celebrations, and various calls to action, including the 375+150 = Bullshit graffiti action this summer.

With all that inspiring and amazing anti-colonial and anti-racist activity targeting statues and other symbols, we decided to make a little contribution from Montreal.

John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist. He directly contributed to the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-white minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called Aryan Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese ori...


Crazies "running the asylum" in Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US OpEdNews

Ominous developments have occurred in Saudi Arabia. Mohammad bin Salman, heir to the Saudi throne, purged his rivals in the Saudi hierarchy, consolidating his power. This occurred after Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile north of Riyadh blaming Iran for supplying the weapon, calling it an act of war. Lebanese PM Saad Hariri visiting Riyadh resigns, announcing it on Saudi radio blaming Hezbollah causing a rise in tensions.


Donny the Pin Catcher. Freethought Blogs

Click for full size.

C. Ford, all rights reserved. (I took his little phone away, too distracting from the job of catching pins.)


TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTER: Years Before Soft Target Attack, Gunman Tried to Carry Out Death Threats on CIA Linked Air Force Base 21st Century Wire

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire 

The gunman named in a mass shooting that was said to have killed 26 people at a small church outside of San Antonio was convicted by the military several years before the tragic attack in 2012.  

This past week new information concerning the apparent First Baptist Church gunman 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, revealed that the previously convicted Air Force airman was already well-known to authorities via his bad conduct discharge from the military in 2012. The recent acknowledgement in Kelleys case history, coupled with his unusually relaxed plea bargain deal, has only prompted more questions from those concerned about the most recent high-profile mass shooting in America.

According to officials, the Sutherland Springs shooting at the First Baptist Church may have been caused by a domestic dispute involving Kelley and his ex-mother-in-law Michelle Shields. However, it turns out that Shields was not present at church services on the morning of the mass shooting, although her mother was named as one of the victims.

A more precise motive in the deadly Sutherland Springs massacre has yet to be uncovered by authorities

TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTING 8 years after the Fort Hood mass shooting, the First Baptist Church attack raises big questions. Its also worth noting, the recent church shooting echoes a scene in the 2015 Hollywood film Kingsman: The Secret Service. (Photo Illustration 21WIREs Shawn Helton)

The Texas Church Shooter

While many in media have focused on the militarys inability to log Devin Patrick Kelleys domestic violence court-martial case into a federal database, a police report from 2012 revealed that the gunman named in the First Baptist Church shooting had been previously caught attempting to sneak firearms onto a...


Philadelphia, PA: J20 Rally for Solidarity Reportback It's Going Down

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Thanks to so many who came through to show support. Despite unseasonably cold weather we danced our asses off, called to drop the charges and raised awareness about our upcoming trials.

Moreover we triumphed over the unnecessary antagonism of the Philadelphia Police Department who pushed us off of the plaza in front of the Rocky Steps and onto the sidewalk stating ridiculously the grey squares are private property. You must stay on the brown squares.

In fact the grey squares of the Plaza are part of Fairmount Park which is as public Philly property as it gets. We stood our ground and used their ridiculous aggression to illustrate how law enforcement stifles, harasses and silences those who dissent. A very helpful member of Up Against The Law googled videos of past demonstrations on the Rocky Steps and kept engaging the cops and pointing out how they were out of line and eventually they conceded.

We took the grey squares with a cry off weve won the grey area. And after all thats what were fighting for right? Some grey area in a world marked by straight line thinking and black and white authoritarianism.

Long live the grey area! Lets get our communities what they need and deserve. Lets stand up for those who stand up for all of us. Lets defend J20! If you want to get involved in ongoing efforts to support J20 defendants please message us.


An Honest Approach to Simplifying Corporate Income Taxes OpEdNews

The Republicans are trying to pitch their tax cut plan as being a major step toward simplifying the tax code. While there is little doubt the plan will mean large tax cuts for corporations and their shareholders it is not clear that there will be much simplification. Corporations will still be able to have large tax savings by hiding profits overseas and other tricks.


Jury In Sen. Menendez Corruption Trial Say They Are Deadlocked The Federalist

Two hours into deliberation, the jury deciding Sen. Bob Menendez and his co-defendants fate has announced they are deadlocked.

The Democratic senator and his deep-pocketed benefactor are on trial for a combined 18 counts of bribery and fraud. Prosecutors say Menendez took bribes from Salomon Melgen, a wealthy eye-doctor based in Florida in the form of campaign contributions, luxury vacations, and trips aboard a private jet. In exchange, the New Jersey senator allegedly lobbied top government officials to get visas for his married friends mistresses and even attempted to make a criminal investigation into Melgens fraudulent billing practices go away. Melgen was convicted of Medicare fraud earlier this year for robbing the agency out of up to $105 million.

On the first day of deliberations last week, a juror asked Judge William Walls: What is a senator? The judge declined to answer the question. On Thursday afternoon, a juror was dismissed to go on a vacation in the Bahamas. On her way out the door, Evelyn Arroyo Maultsby told multiple media outlets that the jury was leaning towards acquitting Menendez and that she thought the trial would result in a hung jury.

Maultsby also complained that she thought the other jurors were trying to run out the clock on her and that her fellow jurors tried to prevent her from getting a note to the judge. Walls dismissed Maultsbys claims: Every juror has the right to communicate at any and all times with regard to deliberations, he said. All you need to do is to step outside the door. The guards are there, and hes on hand to take whatever message you want to give to me in writing.

On Monday, Walls ordered the jurors to start afresh in their deliberations after several jurors admitted they had read media coverage about the dismissed juror.

You are starting fresh, he said, according to CNN. Forget about what happened last week. This is the jury.

Several hours into deliberations on Monday, the jury foreman pa...


Asking Government to Regulate Farmers Markets is a Horrible Mistake Activist Post

By Curtis Stone Is farmers market fraud a real problem? Some stalls at farmers markets got their produce from a central supplier instead of a...


Busted: Fake News Hoax Ties Brits, Saudis to Syria Gas Murders - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor This is a story for our professional readers, those who know solid gold intel and the great game.  It will be a short but fun ride. We will establish clear ties between generally recognized terror groups and news organizations.  This time, one of what we recognize as a terrorist []


Trump Doubles Down on Sanctions and Regime Change for Venezuela OpEdNews

Trump and his allies in the EU and the right-wing governments in Argentina and Brazil, as well as the fanatical Secretary General of the OAS, want to make sure that a recovery never happens. And despite all their blather about human rights and democracy, it is not a peaceful strategy they are promoting as they take measures to increase Venezuelans' suffering in the hopes of provoking the overthrow of the government.


Montreal: Direct Action Against Police Equipment Supplier It's Going Down

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The following communique was submitted anonymously to the website, Montreal Counter-Info

On November 7th, early in the morning, we broke the store window of PSP Corp, a manufacturer and distributor of police and security equipment that supplies police forces in the Montreal area. We then sprayed blue paint all over their merchandise with the help of a fire extinguisher. This action was at once anti-racist, against the police, and against the private security companies that are complicit in police infrastructure in our neighborhoods. The police and their supporters are on the front lines of the violent maintenance of the white supremacist social order and the colonial authority of the state and of capitalism.

Following the rise of the far right in Quebec, the police has defended racists and allowed them to spread their hate. The far right supports and encourages the maintenance and expansion of the police state and the surveillance measures that systematically target racialized and working-class people. Smashing PSP Corp.s window and destroying their merchandise is a way of fighting back against surveillance and police infrastructure in our neighborhoods.

This action was carried out in the lead-up to the large demonstration against racism and hate of November 12th. Racism exists in Quebec. Security and surveillance technologies and the industries that grow around them belong to a state and a society built on exploitation, white supremacy, and patriarchy, and all of it on stolen land.


New Moore accuser steps forward Freethought Blogs

As is often the case, it takes just one person to publicly come forward with their story about being abused by powerful people to open the floodgates because other people, realizing that they are not alone, feel emboldened to tell their own stories. It seems like a day doesnt pass without someone new coming forward to say that former president George H. W. Bush is a disgusting lecher who groped her. And another woman Beverly Young Nelson has now come forward to accuse Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore of assaulting her, both sexually and otherwise, when she was just 16, after he had offered her a ride home from her job as a waitress.

She said Moore, then in his 30s, was a regular at the restaurant and often complimented her on her looks and would sometimes touch her long hair as she walked past his seat at the counter. One day, Moore offered Nelson a ride home after her shift ended at 10 pm.

Nelson accepted the offer and said that he drove around to the back of the restaurant and assaulted her in his car in a dark corner of the parking lot.

Instead of driving to the street, he stopped the car and he parked his car in between the dumpster in the back of the restaurant where there were no lines. The area was dark and it was deserted. I was alarmed and I immediately asked him what he was doing, Nelson recounted in a press conference with her attorney on Monday afternoon.

Instead of answering my question, Mr. Moore reached over and began groping me, putting his hands on my breasts. I tried to open my car door to leave but he reached over and locked it so I could not get out, Nelson continued. I tried to fight him off and yelled at him to stop, but instead of stopping he started squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.

Nelson said she feared Moore was going to try to rape her and she began crying as he assaulted her.

I was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him, Nelson said. I was terrified. I thought he was going to rape me. At some point, he gave up and he looked at me and he told me, Youre just a child, and he said, I am the District Attorney and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you.'

Nelson recounted that after this she either fell out of the car or he pushed her out, driving away as she lay on the ground of the parking lot.

The passenger door was still open as he burned rubber pulling away as he left me laying there on the cold concrete, she said.

At a press conference, Nelson said that she had...


Is Your Church Safe for Worship? [Video] Guardian Liberty Voice

For many, it is difficult to believe that the words active shooter and church would ever need to appear in the same sentence. However, church shootings are quickly becoming a constant in America. Many are concerned while, unfortunately, far too many others are in denial. The result of increased shootings has many people wondering if the church []

The post Is Your Church Safe for Worship? [Video] appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


After New Allegations, Top GOP Senator Says Senate Should Expel Roy Moore If He Wins The Federalist

In a statement released Monday, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) said Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore should be expelled from office if elected. Gardners statement comes directly after a fifth woman has publicly alleged that Moore sexually assaulted her.

Flanked by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference in New York City, Beverly Young Nelson said Moore sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. After Moore allegedly forced himself upon her in his car, Nelson claims he told her no one would believe her story.

You are a child, Nelson claims Moore said. I am the district attorney of Etowah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.

As proof of her claims, Nelson says Moore signed her high school yearbook. If true, this could establish that the Alabama Republican knew her when the incident allegedly occurred. Allred says Nelson is willing to testify under oath and called upon the Senate Judiciary Committee to subpoena Moore about these allegations.

I believe the individuals speaking out against Roy Moore spoke with courage and truth, proving he is unfit to serve in the United States Senate and he should not run for office, Gardner said in a statement released by the National Republican Senate Committee, which he chairs. If he refuses to withdraw and wins, the Senate should vote to expel him, because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.



Florida of the day: Tampa man was born white, but says hes transracial and feels like hes Filipino The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century

Thats what I love about Florida: just when you think it cant get any weirder, someone says hold my beer. Case in point: Adam, a man from Tampa says that while he was born a white guy, deep down inside, he feels Filipino, goes by the name Ja Du, and identifies as transracial:

But given his not-so-Filipino-sounding nickname, hair, clothes, and especially the shoes, he needs to do a lot more research, practice, or maybe just face-time with actual Filipinos (and no, this is not me volunteering my time):

Crocs? Ay nako! If you really want to be Filipino, youd best up your shoe game.

The post Florida of the day: Tampa man was born white, but says hes transracial and feels like hes Filipino appeared first on The Adventures of A...


Natural Gas Worse Than Coal OpEdNews

This seven minute video is well worth the watch if you want to explore the title further. Amory Lovins, the energy guru of the planet imo, explains it well. (I've written about Amory before click here) Amory founded the Rocky Mountain Institute decades ago, in Colorado. He and his team have received barrels of awards and worked on seemingly countless projects worldwide.


SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT (sunlight reflection methods), Globalist junk science, wikipedia LA ROSA

Solar radiation management

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
refer to caption and image description

Proposed solar radiation management using a tethered balloon to inject sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere.

Solar radiation management (SRM) projects are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects.

Solar radiation management projects could serve as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by mitigation and greenhouse gas removal techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and thus do not address problems such as ocean acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide (CO2).



The Anti-Trump Hotel. Freethought Blogs

Oh, this place sounds fabulous! From what Ive read, I might want to live there. :D

The first thing youll see when you walk into Eaton Workshop, a hotel opening in late spring 2018 in Washington, is a custom-commissioned video art installation by AJ Schnack, shown on a series of vintage-style television screens. All day long, itll broadcast a montage of footage from the presidential elections of 2012 and 2016 thats built around one pointed question: How did our country get where it is today?

Its not a subtle statement, and its not meant to be.

In Trumps Washington, Eaton is planting a clear flag as a haven for Democrats. Its the worlds first politically motivated hotel, the flagship for a global brand thats built around social activism and community engagement. And it comes with a pedigree: As the daughter of Ka Shui Lo, the creator and executive chairman of Hong Kong-based Langham Hospitality Group Ltd., founder Katherine Lo knows a thing or two about luxury hotels and world-class service.

Lo firmly believes that hotels ought to be catalysts for good. In a world where we can be conscious consumersof everything from clothing to food to baby productsshe argues theres a place for conscious hotels, too. This isnt a revolutionary idea: Already, 1 Hotels has built a small collection of luxury properties entirely around the idea of sustainability, and Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts has made a significant, brand-wide commitment to bolster community programming for disadvantaged children in all of its destinations. Its one of many five-star brands that have a conscious ethos but choose not to flaunt it.

Eaton Workshop is different. With a premise thats built around liberal activism and civic engagement, the brand will weave a liberal philosophy into every aspect of the guest experience, some more obvious than others.


Among the Washington locations programming signatures will be a sort of TED talk series driven by the liberal agenda, consisting of fireside chats and rooftop lectures that Lo hopes will be free, open to the public, and streamable as Eaton-branded podcasts. Then comes the art program, whichaside from the political statement piece at check-inwill include commissions from at least a half-dozen up-and-coming local artists and a street-facing exhibition window c...


Why We Need to Confront the Billionaires' Paradise OpEdNews

This concentration of power must be investigated, and then it must be confronted -- by a majority determined to take back the economy and democracy from the powerful few who have made it their plaything, before it's too late. It's time to "strike back" -- not against wealthy individuals, but against oligarchy itself.


If you believe in our message, we need you to step up. Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Thats what this opportunity to become a member is all about; its about getting this message in front of more and more people.
Charles Marohn

On this podcast episode, Chuck Marohn shares an update on the Strong Towns movement and invites listeners and readers to join us as members during this important week. Help us spread the Strong Towns message across the globe. Become a member today.

Listen to the episode Copy of RyanShort.png


On Libya: Designs on her People, Political Leadership and Military, by Saif al-Islam Qaddafi OpEdNews

This brief memorandum documents some of the crimes and calls on the international community, human rights organizations and NGOs to support Libya and her people during this tragic period and assist to rebuild this small but unique country.


Ontario knew about mercury contamination near Grassy Narrows in 1990: report Warrior Publications

grassy-narrows warning sign

A newly released report shows that the Ontario government knew of mercury contamination at the Dryden mill, upstream from Grassy Narrows, in 1990. (Jody Porter/CBC)

Grassy Narrows chief says community exploring all options ahead of meeting with province, Ottawa

CBC News, Nov 12, 2017

A new report shows the Ontario government knew nearly 30 years ago that a mill site upstream from Grassy Narrows First Nation was contaminated with mercury.

Theres a continued liability on the province, Grassy Narrows chief Simon Fobister said. They said its going to clear itself up, but they never informed us that theres still mercury in the soil and they were aware of it.

Well consider all our options right now, whether its political or legal....


Video: Alton Gas Blockade Warrior Publications

video screen altong as

by the Stimulator, Nov 9, 2017

To see video, see below

During the fall of 2016 Mikmaq opponents of the Alton Gas project, supported by non-Indigenous allies, set up a truckhouse along the banks of the Shubenacadie River near the Alton Gas brine dumping site. This year, they set up a Treaty Camp along the entrance to the Alton Gas work site, effective blocking the company from working on the project. This camp continues to this date, and needs on-going support and donations.


TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, Art of Cooperation - Veterans Today Veterans Today

TCK Briefing: Latest False Prophet/Antichrist Message, Art of Cooperation By: Eric Gajewski As I have been mentioning Francis is a true Antipope but he is not the biblical False Prophet as so many Catholics and even Fundamentalists are suggesting. There is another step in this revolutionary process to undermine the Catholic Church and the Papacy. []


This Company Plants 10 Trees For Every Item Of Clothing They Sell TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Since 2012, Tentree have planted just over 16 million trees. The lifestyle apparel are for profit, as well as their environment. The company was founded by five socially and environmentally conscious friends in Canada. Their business plan is to plant ten trees for every item purchased. This means that their consumers have a direct impact on the environment and communities worldwide.

So far, Tentree have managed to plant around 5 million trees in Madagascar. This has helped to revitalise the entire village which has seen an increase in wildlife, fish and fishermen. The rest of the trees have been planted in Senegal, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Kenya, Haiti, Canada, Cambodia and the US.

Tentrees tagline protect the world you play in speaks volumes. Their goal is to become the most environmentally progressive brand on the planet. They are passionate about their environment and want to use the apparel industry as a vehicle for change.

Tentree are working to expand their movement in both Europe and Asia and aim to plant 1 billion trees by 2030.  

Tentrees collection feature pants, hoodies and accessories for both men and women. Join the movement...


Post-modern neo-Marxist cultural Marxists are coming to get you! Freethought Blogs

Jordan Peterson is a colossal ass an ignoramus who has become a professor of psychology and uses his tiny sliver of specific knowledge to grant him the authority to pontificate on every other field, about which he knows nothing. Hes putting together a website that will tell you how wrong, as determined by him, your college classes are.

They can use the website to distinguish between people who are credible and people who arent and maybe we can drop the damn enrollment in those horrible courses by 75% over the next three years its in their best interest both, I would say, spiritually and economically to avoid those courses and those disciplines like the plague and then maybe we can get the disciplines that have become entirely corrupt and the ones that started that way to put themselves back together before they run themselves out of existence completely, and I might as well name a few of the disciplines that i think are particularly reprehensible to begin with So, as I said already, womens studies, and all the ethnic studies and racial studies, studies groups, man, those things have to go and the faster they go the better. It would have been better if they had never been part of the university to begin with as far as I can tell. Sociology, thats corrupt. Anthropology, thats corrupt. English literature, thats corrupt. Maybe the worse offenders are the faculties of education.

Ive got some rather awkward news for him: there are biologists (Im not one of them) who think psychology is worthless and corrupt. There are physicists who think biology is trivial and useless stamp collecting, I think they called it. A good scholar recognizes that there are domains of knowledge in which we lack expertise, and that our ignorance is not an indictment of the field.

And look at what he wants to get rid of! Womens, ethnic, and racial studies does he think that those groups dont have unique problems and perspectives? Does he believe that White Man is the standard by which all should be measured?

Sociology, anthropology, and English literature have to go? Is he insane? These are rigorous disciplines in important subjects. That they are too difficult for Jordan Peterson to understand does not mean they are invalid.

And my god, he despises education faculty? Hes got a job at the University of Toronto. He is supposed to be an educator. Part of his responsibility is teaching, and teaching well, or hes got no right to be a member of a distinguished university. His only pedagogical technique seems to in...


[VIDEO] Facebooks Founding President Admits That Social Network Exploits A Vulnerability In Human Psychology TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Early investor and Facebooks founding president Sean Parker has admitted that the network was built to consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible.

At an Axios event, Parker shed light on Facebooks early ethos. He explains how Facebook is designed to give you a dopamine hit every once in awhile because someone liked or commented on your post. He went on to say that is going to get you to contribute more content and thats going to get you more likes and comments. He concluded that the network was a social validation feedback loop.  

The inventors, creators its me, its Mark [Zuckerberg], its Kevin Systrom on Instagram, its all of these people understood this consciously. And we did it anyway, Parker said.

Parker is a stream founder and chair of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. He has accused the social media platform of exploiting human vulnerability using psychology and appears to be concerned with the effect this is having on us. He warned about the unknown societal consequences of widespread social media use, saying that he had become something of a conscientious objector against social platforms. The uninten...


Trial Begins for Lincoln County Deputy Facing 22 Charges, Including Child Sex Abuse Filming Cops

AUGUSTA Lincoln County Sheriffs Deputy Kenneth Hatch III was a decorated officer by day but at night was a different person, a man who preyed on girls for his

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What's Wrong with Approval Voting OpEdNews

This article tries to clear up some of the confusion about claims that Approval Voting is a balanced system.


Lithuania supposed to have a large military sea port OpEdNews

A NATO defense ministers' meeting that took place in Brussels on November 8-9 resulted in the new and very important decisions for the future of Europe.


Heres Why Your Local TV News Is About To Get Even Worse The Last American Vagabond

Considering the history of television news a few years ago, iconic anchor Ted Koppel declared that CBS 1968 debut of 60 Minutes forever altered the landscape of broadcast journalism: A news program drew enough advertising to turn a profit. As Koppel told it, 60 Minutes showed broadcasters that news divisions could make money which was []

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Media Silent as a Record 1 Million Protesters March in Spain to End Govt Corruption Activist Post

By Rachel Blevins Close to 1 million people took to the streets in Spain to call for the release of Catalan political prisonersbut this historic...


UK COLUMN: EU Military Unification Out of the Closet, Truth Serum Administered to Boris 21st Century Wire

According EU technocrat Federica Mogherini, today was a historic day for a Unified EU Military. Yes, you heard that right. Also, a few doses of sodium pentothal seem to have sorted our Boris Johnson, temporarily. All this and more.

UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE, covering the top stories internationally. Watch:

READ MORE EU ARMY NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire EU Army Files



NYPD Cops Beat Man Who Had His Hands Up, Because They Thought He Stole A Pizza Filming Cops

New York City Police officers were caught on a grocery store surveillance video beating a young African American man who was holding his hands up. The police say that their

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Victor Davis Hanson Reinterprets WWII: Historys Deadliest Conflict The Federalist

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is a professor, military historian, contemporary commentator. He joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his newest book, The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won.

How did new technology, specifically the addition of air power and aerial bombings, have an impact of the war?

When [the U.S.] got over there, the British had already been trying to bomb in 40 and 41 and they said you cannot do daylight bombing, Hanson said. By 1943 when we were having horrific Schweinfurt raidsthen we started to learn how to fly in formation. We had the P-51 with drop tanks come in.

Later in the hour, they discuss what lessons from WWII can be applied to modern terrorism. The classic antidote to terrorism is you cannot allow them to say they are independent and autonomous, Hanson said. We have to tie ISIS or Al-Qaeda with a nation state.

Listen here:


Will America Survive Washington? OpEdNews

Where are the American and European media? The presstitutes are busy at work repeating endlessly the military/security complex and DNC's lies about "Russiagate." Alternatively, the presstitutes are focused on what the NFL's national anthem policy will be. We are experiencing the total failure of the leadership of a country.


This Church Is Armed and Ready for the Next False Flag of the Deep State Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

It may be a house of worship. However, the Deep States Black Ops better beware if they mess with this church in Texas that has declared themselves to be armed and ready. Here is the complete story.


Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!


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Deconstructing Trumpspeak Freethought Blogs

On his last show for the year, John Oliver looks at the obfuscatory rhetorical techniques that Donald Trump uses and the danger of them spreading more widely. He also looks at the slight glimmers of hope that have emerged.


Robert De Niro Was a Client of Prostitution Ring With Underage Girls, But Theres More Counter Current News

Source: AnonGroup Hollywood, French Officials Caught in Sex Crimes: Nobody Listened Almost 20 years ago, a sex scandal involving Robert De Niro, Arabian princes, French government officials, and a famous tennis player named Wojtek Fibak was exposed. However, []


Media Silent as a Record 1 Million Protesters March in Spain to End Govt Corruption The Free Thought Project

spainThe media focused on anything but the unprecedented protest in Spain, in which around 1 million people called for the release of 8 political prisoners.


Uber Driver Arrested, Charged With a FelonyFor Returning a Lost iPhone The Free Thought Project

uberAn Uber driver got arrested for felony grand larceny even after she'd returned an iPhone which a reportedly drunk and belligerent passenger left behind.


Sister Kate (Weed Nun) on the Divine Feminine and the REAL Holy Trinity TruthTheory

By The Mind Unleashed

Raise your hand if youve heard of Sister Kate of the Sisters of the Valley. The bad-ass activist, who was formerly known as Sister Occupy (and still is to some), founded the organization which grows CBD-rich strains of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Located near Merced, California, the 1-acre property exists as an oasis and education center for a handful of women who call themselves nuns but arent associated with any religion.

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sister Kate (Christine Meeusen) to pick her brain about the womens work. As our conversation evolved, she dropped copious amounts of wisdom on the subjects of marijuana, the divine feminine, and how the mainstream media continues to re-hash a lie about cannabis being a Holy Trinity.

Watch the interview below:



Contagious America: The Anti-Equality Tour. Freethought Blogs

Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the U.S. Supreme Courts marriage equality decision, spent nine days in October on a tour of Romania to boost religious conservatives push for a referendum to put a ban on same-sex couples marrying into the countrys constitution. Davis traveled with Liberty Counsel Vice President Harry Mihet, who was born in Romania. Mihet discussed the trip last week with Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver on Faith and Freedom, the groups weekly radio show.

Staver said that Mihet and Davis met with four out of the six top archbishops of the Orthodox Church as well as evangelical leaders and heads of pro-family organizations. Mihet said they spoke to several hundred people in six of the countrys largest cities, with thousands more watching online.

Staver said that Davis made the trip to tell her story as a warning about the implications of a country going the wrong way on marriage. Mihet said Davis gave a powerful message about the need to define marriage in the constitution to prevent the kind of devastating impact on people of faith experienced in the United States because of judicial activism and judicial overreach.

The monstrous contagion that is America. People everywhere, dont let your countries grow up to be Amerikka. Please. Be better than us, its not like its a high bar. RWW has the full story.


Ex-Trump aide Flynn plotted to kidnap Turkish dissident - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - VT beat the Wall Street Journal on this story, and everybody else really, about Flynn being "in play", where senior retired generals and top security people have become more aggressive at cashing in on their government service.


Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump OpEdNews

A slew of analyses show that the GOP plan will raise taxes on many middle-class families. It will also require cuts in government programs that middle and lower-income Americans depend on, such as Medicare and Medicaid. And the plan will almost certainly explode the national debt, eventually causing many middle class and poor families to pay higher interest.


Here's what it looks like when you take the Strong Towns mission seriously. Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

I've been working for Strong Towns for more than two years at this point, but one thing hasn't changed since the day I started: Each morning, I head to my office with a deep sense of excitement and passion for the work I get to do. It's not because I love my coworkers, or because I enjoy working from home, or even because I like writing and editing although all of these things are very true. No, the main reason I'm excited to work for Strong Towns every day is because of the movement I get to be part of and the action that I get to help inspire.

Every day, I hear from Strong Towns members across the continent who are taking our ideas to heart and applying our principles in their towns. 

Join the movement

So what does it look like when you take the Strong Towns mission seriously and start trying to make your community an economically strong and resilient place? What does it look like when you actively implement and share our message?

Here are a few examples:

Doing the Math on Development in Fate, Texas

A team of Strong Towns members who work for the local government in Fate, TX have taken Strong Towns' principles to heart and they've been working to apply these concepts in their community in a number of ways. A couple years ago, Fate City Manager, Michael Kovacs, began sharing some Strong Towns videos with his city council. (You can view the whole video series here, and we agree with Michael that it's a great way to introduce people to our mission.) 

That led local leaders to begin thinking a lot more seriously about Fate's financial future and planning for development in a way that ensures a sufficient return on each investment one that will pay for the city's needs, not bankrupt it. Michael and his colleagues developed a strategy for analyzing the ratio of private to public investment and implemented a system that takes this into account when a new development is proposed.

Not only that, but they shared their knowledge and system with a room full of Strong Towns members at our national summit this March. They also led a web broadcast about it for a virtua...


They Killed Him Officials Delayed Care For Vermont Inmate Suffering From Untreated Cancer Filming Cops

Bobby Hutt died of cancer in October 2014, after suffering for over a year. His sisters say the Vermont Department of Corrections killed him by waiting until the cancer got

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7 Ways To Use The iPhone i Glitch In Your Everyday Life The Federalist

A lot of people have been complaining about the Apple glitch, which has lasted about a week and types in the place of an i an A followed by a question mark in a box. Because I blame most problems on my children, when it showed up on my phone, I assumed one of them had created an unauthorized autocorrect.

Not so! This is an Apple problem, and were more than a week into it. The official word is you have to update your operating system and all will be well, but theres some indication that hasnt fully solved the problem. Its also worth noting iPhone users got this glitch in the first place as a result of, wait for it, updating their operating systems.

There is a hack you can use to fix it, but it doesnt fix it in all apps all the time.

Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, and finally Text Replacement. Next, select the + in the upper right-hand corner, then type a lowercase i into the phrase line and an uppercase I into the shortcut line and tap save. You might have to do this twice for it to work.

After reading this, you may not want to.

In the meantime, it occurred to me that Apple is always giving us new products we didnt think or know we needed or wanted until we had them. An iPod? Seems fussy. Cant I just listen to my music on this boombox like a normal person? The iPad? Sounds like a hygiene product, and why do I need some Goldilocks screen thats between the size of my computer and my phone? Pshaw, Ill never have one of those.

What if this is just one more? Forthwith, seven uses for the iPhone i glitch you may not have figured out. Why didnt Tim Cook just explain them to us in front of a big ol screen with a Britney mic on?

1. Trolling Apple via Football Stadium

This is some very large-scale trolling and I love it. At an Ohio State game this Saturday, the student section participated in the traditional O-H-I-O cheer, during which the sections of the stadium spell out each letter. The students are designated I, and instead gave the stadium and national TV audience this treat.


We Dont Have To Wait For Due Process To Hold An Opinion On Roy Moore The Federalist

Due process is a vital legal concept that establishes rules and procedures to guard against unfair, arbitrary, untrue, or unreasonable treatment that deprives Americans of life, liberty or property. Thats because anyone can lie including self-professed victims of sexual assault. You neednt look further than the numerous young lives that have been ruined on college campuses by fabricated allegations to understand why due process is important. And anyone can be railroaded. Witchhunts are real. Mobs tend to form rather easily these days. The politically motivated smear the innocent for partisan reasons. Biased organizations peddle innuendo and gossip to exploit the publics existing biases.

All of that is true. None of it means the allegations regarding Alabamas Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore are untrue. Dont let healthy skepticism transform into tribal denialism.

Did most of the establishment already detest Moore for his socially conservative views? Of course. Would The Washington Post pursue someone in the Democratic Party with the same gusto? Probably not. Its also true that the establishment media gave former presidents and senators who were likely sexual predators virtual free passes for decades. The treatment of the parties on this front will never be equal.

Still, none of that means the accusations about Moore pursuing sexual relations with teen girls when he was in his 30s is any less plausible. Unlike a number stories that have simply relayed abuse allegations without proof or corroboration, The Washington Posts article on Moore happens to be a solid piece of journalism with multiple sources and timelines that form a wholly credible, sordid story. Accusations of bias shouldnt convince the fair-minded person to dismiss the testimonies of (at least) four women who dont know each other but tell similar tales with some specificity.

Nor does media bias change the fact that many of Moores answers have been exceptionally unpersuasive to this point. Make what you will of Fox News Sean Hannity, but his interview with the Republican Senate candidate posed many of the right questions. When asked if hes dated 15-year-olds in his mid-30s, an ordinary healthy adult male does not answer, Not generally, no, as Moore did, but rather Hell no.



[WATCH] Family of Man Shot by Troubled Chicago Police Officer Files Lawsuit Filming Cops

Two weeks after a civil jury found that Chicago police Officer Patrick Kelly shot and severely injured one of his best friends in the officers home, the troubled patrolman faces

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Oh god, the Morris North Star Freethought Blogs

Theyve come out with another issue of their dreadful alternative campus newspaper. Although I fear that disclosing these facts may harm the reputation of our students, I must, in the interest of openness and transparency, reveal that some of our students seem to lack basic skills in logic, reason, grammar, and spelling, as well as being politically regressive and lacking in empathy for others.

I blame the high schools. Or possibly the home schools. I have this dream that a four year education in a public liberal arts college might fix some of these problems.

However, in response to an accusation that their previous issue exhibited a poor understanding of biology and sociology, they offer this embarrassing defense.

I can assure you that with many biology majors contributing to the paper, we are more than well equipped in the biology department and they ask you to remember that personal thoughts and opinions dont contribute to scientific evidence. As for sociology, we dont have anyone currently on staff with a background in brainwashed jargon.

So I guess UMM biologists are partly to blame. Well try to do better in the future.

If you want to see the depth of the ignorance were working against, heres one example: an article that attempts to vindicate Christopher Columbus and salvage his reputation. I wont include the whole thing because Ive already dealt myself a savage dent in my forehead with just these short excerpts.

Heres one argument that Columbus wasnt really so bad he didnt actually murder any Americans, you know, indigenous people who lived within the modern boundaries of the United States of America, which is the only True America, and the only America that counts.

First, contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus didnt discover America and never harmed a single Native American. Columbus actually spent most of his time sailing around islands that make up the modern day South America like modern day Haiti and Dominican Republic. While it is true that Columbus and his crew slaughtered the islands native people, his captains log and maps documenting his travels prove he never entered the modern day United States and therefore never harmed a Native American.

I just want to point out that America includes North, Central, and South America. Even Canada is part of the North American continent, and that Native Americans refers to people who live all over the Western Hemisphere.

Do only people who live in one specific region of one specific continent count as people? That admission that Columbus and his crew slaughtered the islands native people, while excusing it because they didnt live within our current borders, sou...


Tomgram: Alfred W. McCoy, Washington's Drug of Choice in the War on Terror OpEdNews

After nine months of confusion, chaos, and cascading tweets, Donald Trump's White House has finally made one thing crystal clear: the U.S. is staying in Afghanistan to fight and -- so they insist -- win.


[WATCH] Orange County Deputy Tells Story of Magically Ineffective Glock Bullets In Killing Filming Cops

Having handled excessive-force claims against police for three decades, Newport Beach-based attorney Jerry Steering says he had never seen a more outrageous case of a cop committing a public execution

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Syria War Report November 13, 2017: ISIS Conducts Suicide Attempt To Seize Back Al-Bukamal - Veterans Today Veterans Today

from SouthFront The battle for al-Bukamal heated up last weekend as ISIS terrorists conducted a successful counter-attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah in the border city. According to local sources, ISIS re-established control over a major part of the city on Sunday after two days of intense fighting in its vicinity and []


Daily Inspiration --- Rally for Democracy OpEdNews

On Saturday in Barcelona, hundreds of thousands of protesters demanded release of their jailed representatives.


Civil Lawsuit Against Tulsa County Reserve Deputy in Eric Harris Death Continues Filming Cops

A federal judge has declined to dismiss a civil rights lawsuit filed against six defendants by the estate of Eric Harris, who was shot to death while being detained by

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In praise of leftover food Freethought Blogs

One of the first things that struck me when I came to the US is the massive wastage of food. The most obvious signs of this can be found in the dumpsters behind grocery stores and restaurants where plenty of perfectly good food is thrown away because it is easier to do so than it is to make arrangements to divert it to people who might be able to use it, or because of dates stamped on the product that suggest that it is unsafe to eat when it is not, or because they are afraid of being held liable if someone falls ill. There are poor and homeless people who depend upon finding edible food in dumpsters in order to survive but surely there must be a better way of getting that food to them?

What is even harder to understand is food that is prepared in the home and yet thrown away, apparently because people dont eat leftovers.

What researchers found was staggering: The average person wasted 3.5 pounds of food per week. Of that, only a third consisted of inedible parts, such as chicken bones or banana peels. And of the remaining, edible trashed food, bin digs found that 23 percent consisted of prepared leftovers, from any source followed by fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and liquids and oils.

Gunders said that many consumers appear to stash Tupperware containers in their fridge and then forget to excavate them before the food goes bad. Other times, consumers grow bored of eating the same food on multiple occasions.

There were two big reasons people threw out edible food, Gunders said. They thought it had spoiled, or they just didnt like leftovers.

Disdain for leftovers seems to have started in the 1960s with rising prosperity that enabled people who were too lazy or tired to cook to see eating out as a better option than eating leftovers. Food is still comparatively cheap in the US, so throwing food away is not equated with throwing money away, at least not much.

Maybe because I grew up in a developing country, the thought of throwing away any edible food at all is abhorrent to me, though I know other people who also grew up in Sri Lanka and now live in the US and they have acquired the attitude that they need fresh cooked meals each day and disdain leftovers. I will make sure that all the leftovers in the fridge end up being used in some form, quite often in an omelet and these turn out to be pretty tasty. If part of a fruit has gone bad, I will cut it out and eat the rest, even if it does not taste that great. In fact, leftovers are an essential part of our home food system. We deliberately make more food than one meal requires, refrigerate part of it, and freeze the rest. As a result of this system, we spend much less time on cooking, always have good, home-cooked food to eat, and w...


They fall down if youre dumb. Freethought Blogs

Trump loeil: the atrium of Trump Towers.

Im quite surprised Jim Bakker can breathe, hes so busy screeching out dire warnings. This one is quite standard, democrats in power = all hells gonna break loose, you bet.

Bakker and his guest, Sharon Gilbert, agreed that President Trump is being protected by God and that Trump is much smarter than people think.

You cannot build the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world if youre dumb, Bakker said. They fall down if youre dumb.

Its not nice to make someone snort tea in laughter. Most beautiful? Cheapshit gilt all over everything? Corners cut all over the place? Beauty is subjective, and I dont find any Trump establishment to meet that standard. They might make The Gaudiest, Most God-Awful structures anywhere. As for them not falling down, were you under the impression that Trump actually got out there and did the construction? Set it up? Supervised it? No. He hired people, all of them smarter than him, to do the actual work. Trump wouldnt know work if it smacked him in the face.

Bakker went on to warn that while Trump is committed to defending Christianity, Democrats are intent on destroying it.

The left has become anti-Christ, Bakker continued. Im convinced, if we would have elected the other candidate, we would be, right now, probably packing boxes to move out of our buildings and Christian television would begin to be a part of the end of era of the freedom of Christian television. They dont want us, were one voice that speaks biblically and they dont like the fact that Gods word differs with what they teach. If we change positions in this country and the other team takes over, you better get ready because all hell is going to break loose and America will not be a religious nation any longer.

Oh fuck off. We were all doing quite well the past eight years, with a highly peaceful and scandal free white house, one in which actual work got done. No one cares about your tiny shows or your youtube channels. I thought Pres. Obama was supposed to be the anti-christ, and you all never stopped screeching for the whole time. No one came and got you in the middle of the night and quietly disappeared you. No one came to get you in daylight, either. Youre still here, spraying toxic stupid shit into the air by the tonne.

Oh, so youre all one voice which speaks biblically? Two words: Roy Moore. You all dont seem to be one voice there. One thing you can count on christians never being: a united front. You&#821...


Inmates Suicide Leads to $7M Settlement With Prison Company in Philadelphia Filming Cops

PHILADELPHIA The private company that runs the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Delaware County has settled a civil lawsuit by agreeing to pay $7 million to the family

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Wind Storm Update Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

The first...and lesser act...of today's wind event took place this morning, the passage of an occluded front associated with the offshore low.  But the main act is still in the cards, and folks should be prepared.

The infrared satellite image at 6 AM shows the swirl of clouds around the low center, located southeast of Vancouver Island.  The occluded front is indicated by the roughly north-south band of cloud over the Cascades at that time.

Heavy rain accompanied the occluded front (see radar at 2 AM), and after its passage winds surged.

The maximum winds during the last 24 hr (ending 6 AM), which pretty much happened during the past 6 hours, are impressive: several over 40 mph in the central Puget Sound, with some on the Kitsap Peninsula reaching 50-60 mph.  Even stronger winds on the coast.

 Power outages have already occurred over Seattle
 And Puget Sound Energy has about 25,000 customers blacked out, including lar...


Tim Giago: There are always two sides to every story -- even in Indian Country Indianz.Com News

This is a short note for those folks who went bananas when they read my column last week about the American Indian Movement.


WATCH: Cops Threaten Mom at Childs Bus Stop to Make Sure Shed Vaccinated Her Son The Free Thought Project

vaccinateA mother was stalked and harassed by police and subsequently threatened with arrest for her choice to vaccinate her son, as she dropped him at the bus stop.


State of New Hampshire to Pay $750,000 to Family of Canterbury Woman Killed by Trooper Filming Cops

The state of New Hampshire will pay $750,000 to the family of a Canterbury woman fatally shot by a State Police trooper in 2013. The New Hampshire Attorney Generals Office

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Native Sun News Today: Rosebud Sioux Tribe finally welcomes war hero home Indianz.Com News

Army Sgt. Philip James Iyotte was just 21 years old when he was captured by Chinese forces during the Korean War in 1951.


BREAKING: 80 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur-Era Shark Found Off Portuguese Coast TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi,
A mysterious dinosaur shark was captured off the Portuguese coast by a fisherman and has been dubbed as a living fossil by scientists. The species dates back 80 million years and makes it one of the very few creatures from the dinosaur ages that is still around.

The discovery adds to the list of very few sharks recently found in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. This deep sea creature usually lies at a depth of 390 and 4,200 feet below the surface, which is one one of the main reasons it was not discovered before the 19th century.


The prehistoric fish is 1.5 metres in length and was caught off the resort of Portimao at a depth of 700 metres. With a long and slim body, the shark resembles a snake and bears 300 teeth. Judging by remains which have been previously found, the species has been swimming in the sea for a very long time.

Researchers were in the area working on a project when the beast was found. They are now studying the frilled shark and hope to learn more about the elusive species. This rare find means that there is plenty they can learn about how animals coexist in the depths of the ocean.

Image credit: SIC Noticias

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Faust 11. Freethought Blogs

Art by Harry Clarke.


Mark Trahant: More Native American candidates need to run for public office Indianz.Com News

We know most Native American candidates are already outsiders. So we need a little luck. And good timing.


I know Im going to regret this Freethought Blogs

But Im going to The Genesis Movie tonight. I figure this is my only chance before it is relegated to church basements around the country. Ill be at the Parkwood 18 theater in Waite Park if anyone wants to join me in misery.

Just so you know, though, I do follow the Prime Directive in these events no interference with the primitive, crude, barbaric civilizations that put on these ignorant demonstrations. Im there to observe; I might ask questions of citizens who are open to that sort of thing, but otherwise, only respectful behavior while I take notes on the foolishness on display. If your intent is disruption, no no no, stay away from me.
There is a good chance Ill get thrown out even if Im quiet and polite, so I dont need need any assistance from rowdy compatriots.


Mocking Trump Doesn't Prove Russia's Guilt OpEdNews

President Trump is getting mocked for "trusting" Vladimir Putin's denial about "meddling" in U.S. politics -- and not accepting Official Washington's groupthink -- but ridicule isn't evidence, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.


Millions of Victims: US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia Activist Post

By Matt Agorist As previously reported, civilians in Yemen are suffering from an intense and widespread humanitarian crisis. Staggering numbers include 7 million civilians in...


Cronkite News: Hunters may be called into reduce bison herd at Grand Canyon Indianz.Com News

Officials are considering lethal and nonlethal methods to reduce a growing bison in the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.


Whos Got the Nuclear Football? WhoWhatWhy

Uber Partners with NASA Ahead of Flying Taxi Initiative (Trevin)

UberAIRs four-person ridesharing flights will begin demoing in Los Angeles in 2020, and will be priced comparably to the companys UberX service.

Big Name Climate Activists Usurp Trump (Dan)

What do Al Gore, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer have in common? They, along with other climate activists, appeared at the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany over the weekend. They wanted the world to know theyre still in the Paris Climate agreement.

Military Absentee Ballots are Missing in Virginia (Reader Steve)

The Democrats have been reinvigorated after sweeping special elections last Tuesday, most importantly in Virginias race for governor. Now they might have another reason to celebrate as 55 missing military absentee ballots could change a close election in Fredericksburg.

Draft Bernie Launches Next Phase For A New Party (Trevin)

Real News published an interview with founder Nick Brana on Draft Bernies new efforts toward building a viable third party through a coalition of progressive groups and organizations.

Uber Loses UK Court Appeal Against Drivers Rights (Jimmy)

A UK tribunal has affirmed a ruling from last year that Uber drivers are entitled to holiday pay, paid rest breaks, and the minimum wage.

Cops Should Be Trained in De-escalation It Works (Jimmy)

The author writes, The Baltimore Police Department is one agency that teaches de-escalation tactics. A recent example of an officer successfully defusing a potentially violent situation in Baltimore, captured by a police bodycam, shows that these techniques do indeed save lives and raises the question of why states dont mandate this training.

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Chevening Scholarships and Modern Day Imperialism THE INTERNET POST

In 1983 the British government created Chevening as an international award scheme aimed at developing what it calls global leaders. It is funded and directed by the United Kingdoms Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and includes both scholarships and fellowships for individuals selected by British embassies around the world. The Chevening website itself states: Chevening []


Millions of Victims: US Aiding Massive Genocide in Yemen at Behest of Saudi Arabia The Free Thought Project

yemenThe Saudi Arabian alliance, of which the US is a member, has cut off the flow of humanitarian aid into Yemen and the results are catastrophic.


The Genocide Bioweapon Newsbud

Russian President Vladimir Putin says DNA samples are being taken from people living in different geological regions within the Russian Federation. Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also confirmed Russia's intelligence agencies have documented the collection of genetic material by nongovernmental organizations. In July the US Air Force Air Education and Training Command posted an inquiry on the government owned FedBizOp website. It was looking to acquire RNA and other genetic samples from Russians. In 1992, the journal Defense News reported genetic engineering could be used to kill specific ethnic groups. All of this is possible due to advances in genetic mapping. As far back as 2004 the British Medical Association reported genetic weapons would soon become a reality. It said it may entail genetic bombs containing anthrax or bubonic plague that would activate when exposed to a targeted group. The Human Genome Project set the stage for the development of ethnic bioweapons. Its home is at Cold Springs Harbor, the same site where the notorious Eugenics Research Office was started in 1910. In 1972, the US signed and ratified the UN International Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention that outlaws all offensive biological weapons programs. After 9/11, the US violated the convention. The Pentagon Trump inherited is heavily investedalong with the military industrial complex and associated industriesin developing and using not only biological weapons, but other high tech weapons as well. The Russians have all the right in the world to be paranoid. Since the end of the Second World War, the national security state has shown it will go to extraordinarily brutal lengths to controlas they put itthe battlespace, including the Russian people.

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Putin: So...


Steve Bannon Continues to Lead Insurgency Movement Against GOP Establishment Guardian Liberty Voice

Steve Bannon has called evangelical Christians to join him in his war against the GOP establishment and now he has asked the Jewish community in America to do the same. Bannon, the former chief strategist for Donald Trump, has been gathering conservative groups to stand against the GOP leaders that have blocked the agenda of the []

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Charles Ornstein Named Senior Editor of ProPublicas Local Reporting Network Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

ProPublica announced today that senior reporter Charles Ornstein is moving to the newly created role of senior editor overseeing the ProPublica Local Reporting Network. The new initiative, designed to support accountability reporting at local and regional news organizations, will pay for a reporter to do investigative journalism at each of six news organizations in cities with a population below 1 million.

In his new role, Ornstein, who has covered health care and the pharmaceutical industry for ProPublica since 2008, will help oversee the reporters to guide and elevate the work. Working in collaboration with the reporters home newsrooms and within ProPublica, he will help execute stories in a variety of forms that may range from traditional newspaper features, to magazine and radio to TV pieces. Ornstein is also responsible for directing the vision and shape of the new endeavor. With 239 applications received from 45 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, the winning proposals will be announced in early December.

One of the nations preeminent health care reporters, Ornstein previously worked at the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Morning News. His Los Angeles Times series exposing deadly medical problems and racial injustice at Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center co-reported with a team that included Tracy Weber, now also a ProPublica senior editor won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, widely considered the highest honor in American journalism. Ornsteins work at ProPublica has included projects on Big Pharmas payments to doctors, gaping holes in the oversight of Medicares massive prescription drug program, widespread violations in patient privacy, as well as the health impacts of Agent Orange exposure and the failures of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to respond. His series on Californias shockingly poor oversight of nurses, co-reported for ProPublica with Weber, was a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

Again and again, Charlie has recognized new ways of doing investigative work, co-piloting some of our most powerful data and engagement reporting, said ProPublica managing editor Robin Fields. He has long been a leader in our newsroom as a mentor, creative engine and exemplary colleague and its pos...


[WATCH] Body Camera Footage Shows Baltimore Police Officer De-Escalate Standoff With Armed Man in Crisis Filming Cops

A Baltimore police officer is being praised by the department for de-escalating a situation in which a man with a knife appeared to be trying to provoke police into shooting

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Election 2017: The Moore You Know ... OpEdNews

I personally loathe Roy Moore, and don't hold with a "presumption of innocence until the charges are proven beyond a reasonable doubt" standard when it comes to personal reputation. Public opinion is not a criminal court proceeding. My personal biases push me toward believing Moore's accusers. On the other hand, the timing is suspspect.


YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction Jon Rappoport's Blog

YouTube cartoon videos programming toddlers for trauma and destruction

by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2017

Play very close attention to this one. Its boggling.

A reader recently sent me a note which alerted me to a form of programming Id never heard of. The links he sent introduced me to what is a very widespread phenomenon on YouTube. The technology involved is beyond my limited understanding. Some of you will be able to clarify the situation.

While Google and YouTube are engaging in censorship of political content, they are allowing a packaging of cartoons for very small children. While Momma works around the house, her toddlers can sit, mesmerized, and watch long-form collections of cartoons.

But in these cartoons, there is disturbing content, to say the least. Ugliness, violence. All presented in a repetitive cheery tone.

Supposedly, some of this content is created by random algorithms. From what Ive seen so far, I find that hard to believe.

Here is the readers note. Read, follow the links, and see what you think:

The article about Googles Youtube Kids program is entitled Something is wrong on the internet. (note: Lots of good stuff in the article but then the author makes the conclusion that it is all capitalisms fault.)

Example video: (Look at the number of views on this one video alone. They are making money off of the ads that Google inserts into the video. It could also be that not that many humans (children) watched the video. It could also be bots watching the video, too.)

Giant Lollipop Ice Cream Candy Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids Children Toddlers

Note: the song 5 finger nursery rhyme is in tens of thousands of videos just the video portion is changed up. Note also that the title of the video is a keyword salad based on someone or some software analyzing real-time search trends on YouTube. The videos are packaged as 30min, 60min for the mother that needs a break.

Note: the original 5 finger nursery rhyme nursery rhyme video was supposedly monetarily successful (the creator g...


Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Nov. 13, 2017 - Veterans Today Veterans Today

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


Cops Give Man Brain Damage, Then Violently Arrest Him Again, Days After He Filed A Lawsuit The Free Thought Project

arrestedA California mother says police brutally arrested her son just days after he filed a lawsuit against Sacramento Police for giving him permanent brain damage.


I Was a Child: George H.W. Bush Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl The Free Thought Project

An alleged victim of George H. W. Bush has come forward with claims that he sexually assaulted her as a child and that it was a horrifying experience.


Hackers Shut Down ProPublicas Email For a Day. Heres How to Stop Attacks Like That. Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

In August, my email was attacked. Hate groups overwhelmed my inbox and the inboxes of two of my colleagues, and shut down ProPublicas email much of the day. (I wrote about this incident in a previous newsletter.)

This week I wrote about the low cost and high effectiveness of such attacks. The assault on ProPublica a type known as email bombing or subscription bombing exploited the proliferation of websites that offer email sign-ups. The attacker uses an automated program which costs just $5 on online hacking forums that enters the victims email into every single sign-up form it can find. Then the victims inbox is deluged with emails seeking to confirm the sign-up.

In other words, my story shows how harassers have found ways to exploit yet another opening in web infrastructure. And despite its limited sophistication, email bombing is extremely difficult to defend against.

A widely respected anti-spam service recommended that the single best thing that can be done would be for email lists to include a test known as a CAPTCHA to distinguish between human and automated sign-ups. Most internet users know CAPTCHAs as the squiggly words or sequence of photos they are asked to identify.

Unfortunately, not every web form uses CAPTCHAs. After all, email list managers are not in the business of making it harder for people to receive their missives, especially when the people harmed by the sham sign-ups are not their clients.

The email industry is working on a solution that it hopes will limit these attacks. The Messaging Malware Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) has asked bulk email senders to identify subscription confirmation emails with a special technical header. That would allow email services to filter and block confirmation emails during a subscription attack.

But not all email senders are likely to adopt the standard, and not all open web forms are managed by bulk email senders. So here are a few things I learned in my reporting that could help guard against email bombs.

Easy But Annoying Tip

Do you run a website or a newsletter or some sort of listserv? Is CAPTCHA turned on? Turn it on. We know its not the easiest or prettiest thing, but if youre interested in guarding against this attack, thats a measure you can take.


Monday, 13 November


Observations of Iranian Activities Virtual Mirage

The US invasion of Iraq and the defeat of that nation was viewed from Teheran as "God's Intervention" for Iran, which had difficulty handling the Iraqi menace.

There were those of us who tried to make the point back then, but Present Bush (and his friends) would not be deterred. The hubris and zeal that led to the invasion which cost the American nation so much blood and treasure over the past decade and a half can not be under stated. Some forget the situation, but I recall it clearly. I'm not going into details of who or why post September 11, 2001, but I was alarmed by the situation, but I was not alone in this.

Fast forwarding to the present (with a continuing dose of I-told-you-so), the multi-polar nature of the Middle East that includes the Islamic radicalization of Turkey, creates frustration when reading the tea leaves, because it's like ten chameleons making love. Even with a program and a sound understanding of the history of the area and the players, the variables keep it all looking like the Gordian Knot (cut by Alexander-the-Great).

Iran is Open for Business

A shipment of 15,000 tons of Indian wheat aid to Afghanistan arrived on Saturday via Irans Chabahar/Chahbahar port. The shipment left Indias western port of Kandla on 29 October and reached Chabahar on 1 November. It was then transported by trucks to Zaranj, in the Afghan province of Nimruz, which borders Iran. From there, it will travel to Delaram to join the Afghan Ring Road for distribution.

A total of seven shipments are planned to deliver 110,000 tons of wheat in stages between now and the end of January. A second wheat shipment already is at Chabahar. With the opening of Chabahar port, Afghanistan will no longer be dependent on Karachi port, said Nimruz Governor Moha...


Heres Why Your Local TV News is About to Get Even Worse Activist Post

By Margot Susca, American University School of Communication Considering the history of television news a few years ago, iconic anchor Ted Koppel declared that CBS...


Pandemic Agents Spread by ISIS Drones Will Result In UN Controlled Medical Martial Law (FEMA Camps) Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Pandemic Agents Spread by ISIS Drones Will Result In UN Controlled Medical Martial Law (FEMA Camps)


The United States government is under attack from the Deep State. A coup is underway and a new found strategy is about to be employed. The strategy is called medical martial law and it involves the use of thinly veiled FEMA Camps.

Previously, and as reported on The Common Sense Show the United Nations has been granted the authority to take over policing activities in the event of a national emergency.

From Fox News:

The United States is announcing its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was proud and humbled to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again, she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.



Arab League to hold urgent meeting on Iran as Saudis mobilize jet fighters Intellihub

The Arab League is set to hold an emergency meeting on Iran at Saudi Arabias request, this according to Reuters and various regional sources, at a moment when Saudi fighter jets may be mobilizing for war in an attempted show of force. Egypt-based Ahram Online also reports further that the meeting will discuss Iranian interference in the region at League headquarters in Cairo, and other early unconfirmed reports indicate the meeting could come as early as next Sunday.

News of the Arab League extraordinary session comes as tensions are at breaking point as regional powers especially Saudi Arabia and Israel talk war against perceived Iranian expansion and domination in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, The Daily Star, citing the Baghdad Post, claims that Saudi Arabia has scrambled its air force for strikes in Lebanon: Reports now state the Royal Saudi Air Force has placed its warplanes on alert to launch strikes as the region sits on a knife edge. The report accompanies undated footage of Saudi F-15s in aerial maneuvers over what is presumably a Saudi airfield.

The Daily Star adds the following accompanying the video:

The kingdom has mobilized its F-15 fighter jet fleet to launch a military operation against the Iranian-backed terrorist militia of Hezbollah in Lebanon, regional news website The Baghdad Post reports.

Saudi Arabia previously accused both Lebanon and Iran of committing an act of wars against it after rebels fired a missile at the King Khalid International Airport in the kingdoms capital of Riyadh.

However unlikely it is that the Saudis would take direct military action against Lebanon, the report reveals the legitimate fears of Lebanese citizens who are increasingly aware that their country has fallen in the crosshairs of an unusual alliance between Saudi Arabia, Isra...


How Sex Robots Will Annihilate Our Sense Of Reality The Federalist

The Age of Sex Robots is upon us. Numerous science fiction authors, with a degree of jittery anticipation, have predicted this development for years. Yet it has not seemed feasible until recently.

The New York Times just ran a substantial profile on the impending rise of virtual reality porn and sex robots, and stirrings of anxious excitement are palpable in other media outlets. A strange and terrible new world is dawning, but lets not cue up Also Sprach Zarathustra quite yet. Far from being a boon dispensed from on high, the impending sex robot revolution threatens to destroy our entire sense of reality.

Unfortunately, a dash of cute therapeutic language can make anything sound borderline acceptable, including sex robots. Sex robot manufacturer Matt McMullen told the Times, Based on our experiences with thousands of clients, people do use them [sex robots] for sex, but there is something more that exists. We focus on companionship There are people who are already lonely, and people who live their lives being alone. They work all day and come home to an empty house. This is just offering an alternative to those types of people. They dont have anyone else.

Isolation Plus Self-Delusion

While Ryan Gosling made a chaste, loving relationship with a sex doll seem mildly charming in Lars and the Real Girl, that was clearly a feat unique to Gosling. The idea of a person attempting to assuage his or her loneliness by holding hands at the movies with a sex robot, feeding bread to ducks in the park with a sex robot, or riding on a Ferris wheel at the county fair with a sex robot, is both sadder and more disturbing than picturing that same person merely sitting alone in a room. It piles self-delusion onto isolation. It somehow makes the loneliness feel more intense by highlighting just how desperate these people are to find companionship.

Try staring into the lifeless eyes of this sex robots bodiless head for a few seconds. Its creepy. This palpable lack of erotic enticement comes from the fact that the sex robot is as alive as a toothpick. It is not an ensouled being. Manufacturers could pile on extrasgive the sex robot the ability...


The Adoption Credit Fight Reveals GOPs Tax Plan Isnt Really Reform The Federalist

On Thursday, House Republicans announced they would restore the adoption tax credit that their proposed tax reform bill had initially eliminated. It was a popular move, especially among social conservatives, but the whole discussion should remind us that there are a lot of things in the tax code that have nothing to do with taxes. A proper tax reform bill would address these things. Unfortunately, this one doesnt.

The Government Should Support Adoption

There are some good things about the Republican tax bill, but true tax reform it isnt. While there are some positive changes, the tax bill merely tinkers at the edges of the system that has been in place for decades. In doing so, it misses the chance for real tax reform, the best chance Republicans may get for a while.

It also lets Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by eliminating popular provisions in the tax code. One focus of public ire was section 1102 of the bill, which repealed the adoption tax credit, which grants a tax credit of up to $13,570 per child adopted in that tax year. Similarly, section 1406 repealed the exclusion from income for funds received from an employer that are designated for use in adoption assistance (also up to $13,570).

It provoked the usual finger-pointing from the Left and their typical derision at conservatives who want to ban abortion but not care for children after they are born. Here, the catcalls are not completely without reason. As John McCormack noted in The Weekly Standard last week, the pushback is understandable because the tax credit costs the federal government so little, but the costs of adoption can be enormous for American families. Eventually, the pressure got to them, and they deleted that part of the draft.

Why Is This In the Tax Code?

The focus on the loss of a useful benefit obscures what would be the larger question in a more sweeping tax reform: what does any of this have to do with income taxation? Its a question that you could ask of much of what the Internal Revenue Code covers. Other questions that conservatives should consider, even if none in Congress are willing to do so, are: Should the government be encouraging this at all? And if they should, is this the best way to do it?

To take the second (and easiest) of the three questions first: based on the response from across the political spectrum, it appears that most Americans believe government should encourage adoption. Children need families, and families are willing to open their homes to them. Adopting a child is one of the most selfless, generous, and decent things a couple can do. The process can be expensive, and it seems right that we should help people who are willing to sh...


Turns Out Notre Dame Isnt That Interested In Catholicism Or Religious Liberty After All The Federalist

On occasion, every pundit has to eat her words. Its pretty rare to have to do this within 20 minutes of publication. But thats where I found myself last week, after writing an essay in praise of my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, congratulating her on the courageous decision to discontinue contraceptive sponsorship in university health plans.

I finished the article on Monday, and woke up Wednesday morning to see it in print. Twenty minutes later, I was reading the disheartening news that the school had just reversed course, agreeing to continue contraceptive coverage as before.

For crying out loud, Notre Dame. Cant you leave us time to pat you on the back before sawing off the branch? Now I know how it feels to be the New York Times.

Notre Dame Jukes on Contraception

According to Paul J. Browne, the universitys vice president of communications, there was no flipping or flopping with this decision. The university made a small factual error, then corrected that misinformation. The tortuous logic behind this requires some explanation.

After the initial release of the contraceptive mandate, the Obama administration worked out an accommodation permitting Notre Dame (and other employers with religious objections to contraceptives) to transfer the cost to a third-party provider. Notre Dame had to facilitate the arrangement, however, by filing relevant paperwork.

In a subsequently filed lawsuit, the university argued that this accommodation was inadequate, because the requirement to cooperate with the mandates provisions conflicted with its religious mission. It should be noted that the Catechism of the Catholic Church (quoting the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae) deems artificial contraceptives intrinsically evil.

Now that the Trump administration has relaxed the relevant requirement, it is within Notre Dames power to discontinue the coverage altogether. Alternatively, the school can choose to continue in the status quo that it previously declared unacceptable.

After initially suggesting that it would discontinue the coverage, administrators now claim they simply had no intention of interfering with already established arrangements. They had assumed the third-party providers would discontinue their contraceptive coverage. If they wish to go on providing free contraceptives, thats their choice.

Does that look like a dodge? It is.

Its a Rationalization for Capitulation

More explanations will surely be forthcoming, but theyll easily be seen for what they are: weak rationalizations for near-total capitulation. Th...


Why Socialism Is Still Awful Despite Its European Image Makeover The Federalist

In light of last Tuesdays 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, conservatives have seized upon the chance to once again condemn supporters of communist ideas. Understandably, many expressed concern over a recent poll that revealed the majority of young Americans would prefer to live in a socialist system rather than a capitalist one.

Why wont the nightmare dream of Communism die? asks a senior writer for The Federalist, Robert Tracinski. The question is a good one. Tracinski is not alone in asking it. National Review, The Weekly Standard, and The Wall Street Journal all asked similar questions this past week. Their arguments all miss a key point: Soviet Union-style communism is not what infatuates young liberal Americans.

The arguments of Ronald Reagans time may still ring true, but progressives cant be bothered to notice. Their new infatuation, in their eyes, is entirely different. Its new, improvedprogressive, to use the perfect word. While conservatives have been busy repudiating outdated communist ideas, the American left has succeeded in selling a new fantasy: the democratic-socialist utopia.

The Left Is Pushing Europe, Not the Soviet Union

Its a European import, although the Canadians have it too. I know about it because I lived in it for 13 years. Its not that conservatives are wrong about socialism. The Soviet Union was without a doubt, a horrific world actor. Likewise, the Venezuelan and North Korean people are certainly struggling because of the idiocies of socialist ideology.

Yet conservatives blindly shoot themselves in the foot by bringing up these examples every time Bernie Sanders says he wants to make something else free. To leftists, Venezuela is like one bad pea in a pot full of bright, clean, and beautiful little socialist peas. These nice peas, where health care and education are seemingly free, have names like Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Canada, and Singapore.
The city I grew up in, Vienna, is a perfect example. On the outside, its a jewel. The clean and elegant streets, the affordable public transportation, the comparatively low crime rates, the free university education, and the single-payer health care all make it a great advertisement for a democratic-socialist advertisement bound to garner the attention of young minds. The quality beer also helps.

Mercer ranks Viennas quality of life consistently as the number one city in the world to live in. Want to know where the first American city ranks? Number 29. Its San Francisco. You may be thinking Maybe the methodology is slanted. Youre probably correct. Still, Vienna and any other western European city are nothing like a city in Venezuela.

The Huge Hidden Costs of Socialist Amenities

That doesnt mean Vienna is perfect. Far from i...


Two Catholic Heavyweights Debate The Value And Limits Of The Free Market The Federalist

Just west of Grand Central Station in New York City is a line of prestigious clubs associated with our countrys old, elite colleges. On a rainy Tuesday night, the Princeton Club of New York held a debate hosted by The Kings College between two of the foremost Catholic thinkers in America. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things magazine, and Robert Sirico, head of the Acton Institute, squared off over the question of whether free markets promote human flourishing.

The Princeton club isnt quite what one expects. It doesnt have a dark, wood-paneled, overstuffed armchair dcor, where Bertie Wooster and Gussie Fink-Nottle might be throwing rolls at each other. Rather, it looks like a high-end Danish hotel from the 1990s. The more modern atmosphere was apropos of a very modern discussion about the roles of the Catholic Church and Catholics under the current political and economic environments.

The Two Men Open Their Remarks

In his opening remarks, Reno painted an almost Trumpian and dystopic picture of a world in which global oligarchies, from multinational corporations to non-governmental organizations, are eroding traditional Christian culture. Later in the debate he said he was cautiously pessimistic about the idea that government can change that, and its the best chance.

Some of his proposals included higher taxes on corporations, the wealthy, and Internet companies, as well as a return to Sabbath laws. In the place of super-powerful global market players, he wants more government assistance for small or midsize companies, arguing convincingly that such enterprises create a greater feeling of solidarity in society.

While Reno focused on macroeconomic and political trends, Sirico focused on a microcosm of society, in his case a parish. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, and sounds like it. But his parish is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he arrived six years ago. When he arrived he found it moribund, far removed from the glory days of the early twentieth century, when Polish workers donated their pennies to fund the beautiful church.

Likewise the parish school, with only 68 kids, was what he called quasi-Catholic. He described attending a seventh-grade dance in what he called a nightclub setting, complete with young girls in slinky dresses. Sirico changed the school dramatically, instituting daily Mass, firing teachers who were uncomfortable with theology, and ending the state-sponsored lunch in favor of parish solutions. The school now has 310 students and the parish is thriving.

If Humans Are Corrupt, How Should We Distribute Power?

As the debate moved on, a lot of agreement emerged about the ills of society and what a healthier spiritual society would look like. But for Reno, using the power of government, not only to protect spirituality but to economically to make space for it, i...


Why Complaints About Paul Ryan Ditching Regular Order Are Political Head Fakes The Federalist

Last week, Politico published an article talking about how the Republican House of Representatives under Paul Ryans speakership set a new record for the number of bills approved under closed ruleswhich prohibit members of Congress from offering amendments. Although the Politico story didnt use the term, it echoes the complaints of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) surrounding Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation this past summer: I want the regular order.

McCains comment invites a question: What exactly constitutes the regular order in Congress? Why do people keep calling for it? And if so many people keep calling for it, why doesnt Congress just restore the regular order already?

Unfortunately, the answers often prove cynics skepticism about Washington. Members of Congress support regular order only as long as it delivers the policy outcomes they desire. The second regular order results in a policy defeat, those who would lose in an open vote attempt to jerry-rig the process to achieve their desired outcomeand those who would win in an open vote complain, and call for a return to regular order. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Politico quoted House Rules Committee Ranking Member Louise Slaughter (D-NY): Under Speaker Ryans leadership, this session of Congress has now become the most closed Congress in history. To call Slaughters complaints about a closed process ironic would put it mildly.

Seven years ago, when she chaired the Rules Committee, Slaughter proposed having the Democratic House enact Obamacare into law without voting on it. The House could merely deem Obamacare approved as a result of passing some other measure.

While the House has repeatedly used this deem-and-pass strategy under both Republican and Democratic majorities, the optics of passing such a massive and prominent piece of legislation using such dodgy procedural shortcuts led Democrats to abandon the gambit, but not before conservative bloggers noted that Slaughter, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and others attacked the deem-and-pass maneuver when Republicans controlled the House in the 2000s.

To sum up: Slaughter was for an open process before she was against an open process before she was for an open process again. Got it?

Republican Manipulation



Is The United States History Of Slavery And Racism Worse Than Other Countries? The Federalist

This article is a brief collection of published facts and figures I decided to compile after a conversation with a recent graduate who had studied racism and slavery in several college classes. The facts I cited contradicted everything she had learned from her professors and the books and TV programs they recommended. It sounded as if she and I had studied the histories of two parallel universes.

Her classmates and many other Americans share her beliefs. So I decided to chronicle these facts as a public service, as history is being completely rewritten right before our eyes.

Slavery is an ugly part of our past. In this country, it was inseparable from racism, as almost all U.S. slaves were from Sub-Saharan Africa and almost all slaveholders were whites. Furthermore, many founders of this country, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, were slaveholders, which some refer to as the original sin of this country.

That original sin, they conclude, makes this country uniquely repulsive among the countries in the world, and render its institutions illegitimate. The purpose of this article is not to offer any opinions on these issues, but to provide a few pertinent historical facts.

Some Basic Numbers about Global Slavery

Historians estimate that the total number of African slaves brought to the Americas was around 11 million. About 5 percent of them ended up in the United States, mostly during the colonial period. A law banning the importation of new slaves was passed during the Jefferson administration and went into effect in 1808, although some illegal smuggling continued. The largest number of the slaves in the transatlantic trade, close to 40 percent, were brought to Brazil. These numbers are estimates, but Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a prominent Harvard historian, cites similar numbers in an interview with PBS.

The transatlantic voyages were not the only source of the slave trade in the world. According to this BBC article, Muslim traders also exported as many as 17 million slaves to the coast of the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, and North Africa. Muslims also captured Europeans. In Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, Robert C. Davis estimates that Barbary pirates captured and enslaved more than a million Europeans from Mediterranean countries between 1500 and 1800. Some were kept for ransom; others were sold as galley slaves or sex slaves.

Another source of slaves was Russia and its neighbors. Long before Crimea became a bone of contention between Russia and Ukraine, it was a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire called the Crimean Khanate, populated mostly by the Crimean Tatars. They raided Russia and adjacent countries, including Poland, and captured and enslaved 2 million people between 1...


How Neighbors Mobilized To Rescue Women From A Brutal Late-Term Maryland Abortuary The Federalist

In 2010, a medical researcher and family man named Andrew Glenn began praying that God would give him a passion to live beyond himself and an opportunity to put that desire into practice. Later that year, news broke that late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was setting up shop to abort unborn babies 20 weeks old and beyond at a clinic just a mile down the street from Glenns home in Germantown, Md.

Starting in December of 2010, Carhart would fly out to Maryland at the outset of each week to see his patients. In an initial appointment, he would inject the preborn baby with deadly chemicals to induce fetal demise, then follow up with an appointment in the next two days where he would dilate the women and dismember the babies he had killed Monday morning.

The response from Glennnow a father of fiveand other Christians in the area was swift and relentless. He was part of a group that founded the Maryland Coalition for Life, which mobilized 30 area churches and several thousands of volunteers to peacefully pray in front of the clinic for the past seven years. Now Glenn and his fellow pro-lifers in Germantown are celebrating the closure of Carharts clinic on September 27, 2017.

A lot of Christians who had been on the sidelines woke the sleeping dragon, just coming to the realization that late-term abortion was happening in our neighborhood, Glenn said. Multiple denominations, both Catholic and non-Catholic, got involved together. We just prayed and asked God what we could do to stand up and help these women who are faced with unexpected pregnancies and difficult situations.

A Complete Game-Changer

As they flooded the sidewalksparticularly any time patients would be there from Monday morning through Wednesday afternoonthe Coalition soon ran into a pair of obstacles.

First, because the abortion mill was tucked away in a medical complex, sidewalk counselors and prayer teams werent able to come close enough to offer hope to the women going in to end their childrens lives through abortion. Second, when the women they were able to reach responded positively, volunteers would need to send them off-site for follow-up help at a pregnancy center.

In March 2012, an office space opened up right across the way from Carharts clinic. The Coalition seized the opportunity and opened a pregnancy help center in the office, giving them a key strategic beachhead for their life-saving operation. More than 400 women, by the Coalitions count, changed their minds and chose life as a result of the pregnancy center, Germantown Pregnancy Choices.

That was a complete game-changer, Glenn said. Sidewalk counselors were able to be there and talk to women going in for abortion, letting them know, Hey, were across the street. We have access to resources for you. There are other choices you can make besides going through with this abortion.

Because of its partnerships with pregnancy c...


The JFK Files: New Light on Oswald and Mexico City WhoWhatWhy

Those with a stake in avoiding the truth about John F. Kennedys assassination want you to believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut. If you wont accept that, they have a fallback position: Its even worse. He was working for the commies.

That alternative scenario revolves around a purported Oswald trip to Mexico City in the months before Kennedys death, when he allegedly visited Soviet and Cuban missions, met with a handler and sought his escape path to his beloved USSR.

Theres just one problem with this narrative. It probably isnt true.

While the full truth has not yet surfaced, hints of the real story can be gleaned from long-buried documents recently released by the National Archives.

Connecting all the dots is a challenge, even for investigators who have devoted their lives to this task. But progress continues to be made in shining light on what may be historys most consequential unsolved murder.

Here is the latest from this investigatory front.

Twice over the past week-and-a-half, the National Archives posted new documents as mandated by the President John F. Kennedy Records Collection Act of 1992. First came 676 records and then a whopping 13,213 more. While WhoWhatWhys special JFK Records Team has just begun probing this trove for new revelations, preliminary results are intriguing.

Jefferson Morley, author of a just-published biography of the CIAs longtime counterintelligence chief James Angleton, points out a telling code name on an Agency cable dated October 8, 1963. The cable was sent from the Mexico Station Chief, Winston Scott, under the subject heading LCIMPROVE. As first defined by the CIA for the House Committee on Assassinations in 1978, this cryptonym specified counter-espionage involving Soviet intelligence services worldwide. That was Angletons domain, and the Scott cable specifically described contacts between Oswald and Consul Valery Kostikov at the Soviet embassy in Mexico City.

As the CIAs internal 23-page report on Oswalds stay in Mexico (104-10004-10199) puts it: it is believed that [Kostikov] works for Department 13 of the KGB, the Department charged with sabotage and assassinations. This (continued CIA officer GPFLOOR in his internal report from the Mexico Station) was a particularly sinister aspect of OSWALDs dealings with the Soviets in Mexico City. The report was dispatched on December 19, 1963, to C/CI [Counterintelligence] from John Whitten of the Western Hemisphere Division, who initially handled the CIAs investigation in-house.

Surely, James Angleton saw this report, as well as Scotts pre-assassination cable. Yet, more than curiously, the day after Scotts October 8 cable was sent, senior FBI agents removed Oswalds name from a list of persons of interest to the Bureau. Although the FBI had inter...


What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse? Jon Rappoport's Blog

What comes after the widespread exposure of sexual abuse?

by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2017

(This is Part 2. For Part 1, click here.)

Marshall McLuhan was fond of pointing out that whatever is happening in the present moment is already obsolete. So, in the current exposure of celebrities sexual crimes, what is on the horizon?

It is the further FORMALIZATION of sexual relationships.

For example, this would result in more detailed assurances between two people that they are entering into a consensual arrangement. If that sounds bizarre, it is. Because sex isnt a contract.

Nevertheless, fear of accusations can make it so.

Sex, therefore, will enter into a wider trend of MACHINE connections.

In the same way that Facebook, with its likes, has become a reductionist norm mechanizing social relationships, sex can become a reduced process.

This is not an accident.

Technocracywhich is the leading edge of Globalism, which plans societies according to function and every persons place in a blueprintwill find a greater home in sex. This suits controllers, who want to eliminate spontaneityunpredictable happeningsin favor of organization.

The reasoning will go something like this: Well, you see what occurred when sex was linked with freedom. Abuse and violence. To eliminate the abuse, we have to define and regulate sex. We have to make more rules about it

When sex is reduced to procedure, its eventually easier to promote the act of procreation as something that should take place in a lab or a factory, as Huxley described in Brave New World.

Abuse is made into a wide-ranging generality. Another example: Well, we have a few mentally ill people who are shooting up schools and churches. Therefore, we need to screen the whole population, starting at a very early age, for potential mental disorders. And we need to take away guns from everyone (except determined criminals and the police)

Example: There are twenty confirmed cases of Swine Flu in the world. Therefore, we have to declare this is a global pandemic and immediately vaccinate at least a few hundred million people

A Specific is intentionally ballooned into a massive Generality, new rules are imposed, and Freedom is further gobbled up by Control.

If anyone objects, he is reminded of dangers and abuses, and he is declared an outlier.

This is all part of the craft of propaganda. Operatives ask themselves, What abhorrent event can we use to float a generality that will shr...


Nice Aeon article on biological individuality Freethought Blogs

Siphonophores by Ernst Haeckel

By Ernst Haeckel Kunstformen der Natur (1904), plate 17: Siphonophorae (see here, here and here), Public Domain, Link

Derek Skillings from University of Bordeaux/CNRS has a new article at Aeon about biological individuality:

For millennia, naturalists and philosophers have struggled to define the most fundamental units of living systems and to delimit the precise boundaries of the organisms that inhabit our planet. This difficulty is partly a product of the search for a singular theory that can be used to carve up all of the living world at its joints.

Skillings reviews the deep historical roots of the question, touching on the views of Charles Darwin and his grandfather, both Huxleys (T. H. and Julian), Herbert Spencer, and other 19th and early 20th century thinkers, as well as some more recent authors, including Daniel Janzen and Peter Godfrey Smith.

He argues for a pluralistic view:

But my view is that no such unified theory exists; theres no single answer to the question: What parts of the world are a part of you as a biological individual, and what parts are not? Different accounts of individuality pick out different boundaries, like an overlapping Venn diagram drawn on top of a network of biotic interactions. This isnt because of uncertainty or a lack of information; rather, the living world just exists in such a way that we need more than one account of individuality to understand it.

John Pepper and I argued something similar, though for different reasons:

when biologists pose questions requiring the reco...


Art of the Deal: Behind Saudi-Lebanon Crisis is Trumps Middle East Peace Project 21st Century Wire

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

The recent forced resignation by Lebanese PM Saad Hariri in Riyadh under the influence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and subsequent threats by Saudi Minister Thamer al-Sadhan against Lebanon and Hezbollah have puzzled analysts as to the motivation behind this seemingly irrational series of events.

While its true Saudi Princes and their Wahhabi order have been slighted by both Shia-based popular mobilization movements role eradicating ISIS from the region Hezbollah in Syria, and by the Hashed al-Shaabi in Iraqi with Arabian Sheikhs having to watch as their Gulf billions invested in the destablization of Syria and Iraq have gone down a blood soaked drain of history in reality, neither Lebanon nor its Hezbollah movement poses any direct threat to the country of Saudi Arabia. So who is directing these events?

Is this Saudi tirade just a case of an unstable young, soon-to-be king in 32 yr-old Crown Prince, consolidating too much power too soon, or is there more to it? Some analysts have been speculating that maybe Israel is the invisible hand pushing the oil Kingdom to do its bidding in the region as they both share a common enemy in Iran.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah (image,left) also made the claim this week that Saudi Arabia has offered Israel billions of dollars to attack Lebanon on its behalf, as well as accusing the Saudis of strong-arming Lebanese PM to resign on camera. Nasrallah knows that both Tel Aviv and Riyadh (with full US backing) have Hezbollah in mind when any threats are made toward Lebanon, but as Middle East analyst Eisa Ali explained on yesterdays Sunday Wire radio program, this...


Mary Annette Pember: Try something new for Native American Heritage Month Indianz.Com News

I tend to lie low during Native American History Month and dodge the Moon of Explaining Indians to White People. But not this year.


Police Oversight Ordinance Promised Transparency But Doesnt Fully Deliver Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

When Chicagos new police oversight agency opened in September, city officials pledged a different way of doing business: Misconduct investigations would be transparent and the public would learn the outcomes quickly.

But even as the fledgling agency, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, makes more information available to the public, it also has taken a big step backward in one critical area.

Instead of making its reports public as soon as investigations are completed, as its predecessor did, COPA withholds the ones in which it found an officer at fault until the findings have been vetted by police officials and officers have been notified.

As a result, in its first two months of operation, COPA has yet to publish the results of a single case in which it has ruled against an officer. It could be months, or even longer, before those summary reports which detail the allegations, investigative process, evidence and conclusions are made public.

Sharon Fairley, who recently resigned as head of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, said she favored a city ordinance that would make the new police oversight agency more transparent. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Photo)

The reason? The agency is hamstrung by the ordinance that created it. The law, pushed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, includes specific language preventing the agency from immediately sharing its reports with the public.

Sharon Fairley, who recently resigned as COPAs chief administrator to run for Illinois attorney general, said she objected to that provision in the ordinance, passed by the City Council last year.

But, she said, she was overruled by the citys Law Department.

I felt for transparency purposes we wanted our reports to go out as soon as they were available, Fairley said in a recent interview. That process (will) be delayed by however much tim...

Do you wish more people could hear the Strong Towns message? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

The Strong Towns movement transcends the normal answers to the very complex issues that our communities face... That is what it is going to take to bring real change, and that is why I am drawn to and supportive of this movement.
Brian Ludicke, Lancaster, CA

Our Strong Towns events are gaining momentum and size. Years ago, I would speak to groups of two or three people and was thrilled someone was interested. Now, we routinely present in front of groups of hundreds, and even groups of thousands.

Despite this success, one thing remains constant: every time I speak, people come up to me and say, I wish _______  had been here to hear this.

For example: "I wish our mayor had heard this message." "I wish our engineer had been part of this conversation." "I wish my good friend from the bakery had heard this." And on and on.

Heres the exciting thing: they can. And with your support this week, they will.

Today we start our winter member drive. We currently have about 1,700 members. Our goal is to get to 2000 members to be #2000Strong by the end of the week. Thats an aggressive leap, but we can do it. You can do it.

Join the movement

When you become a member of Strong Towns, you are saying that you want more people to hear the Strong Towns message. You want us to reach more communities, open up more minds and change more hearts. You want more people talking about the need to make our cities, towns and neighborhoods financially strong and resilient.

Chuck Marohn meets with residents in Santa Ana, California for an event earlier this fall (Source: AHOC)

Chuck Marohn meets with residents in Santa Ana, California for an event earlier this fall (Source: AHOC)

When you become a member of Strong Towns, you are helping grow a movement that is changing the way we talk about our places, from Main Street to Wall Street, from the corner cafe to the White House.

Ive been...


SURPRISE! Senator Dianne Feinstein & Dems Introduce Bill to BAN HUNDREDS of GUNS in America Sheep Media

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democrats are coming for your guns. And they arent making many exceptions.

Seriously, its true. California senator Dianne Feinstein just released a gun control bill. And, boy, is it a doozy.

Check it out:

From the Washington Examiner:

The bill sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and other Senate Democrats would make it illegal to sell more than 200 types of semi-automatic weapons as well as magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition. The proposal would also ban devices that ramp up firing speed, such as the bump stock used in the Las Vegas shooting last month.

Theres wrongheaded legislation, and theres just wrong legislation. The Feinstein bill is an example of the latter. Just from the looks of it, the bill would ban a huge number of guns on the market, without little exception.


Skepticon rejects Bolingbrooks bid to host 2018 convention (Fiction) Freethought Blogs

Despite secret lobbying efforts from the Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce, Skepticon officially chose St. Louis as their new host city.

We are disappointed in Skepticons choice, said a source within the Chamber.  We feel that we had a competitive bid, and we feel that Bolingbrook is a great site for any convention.

Skepticon, which describes itself as The largest free skeptic conference in the nation, and possibly the universe, is known for its coverage of both skeptical and social justice issues.  Sources within the Chamber say that winning the Skepticon bid could have been a big boost to tourism in Bolingbrook.

Sure, Skepticon is filled with so-called social justice activists, said another source.  But they would have been our social justice activists, and even the most die-hard social justice activists need to spend money on food and hotels.  We could have made huge profits if wed gotten this convention.  Just look at what it did for Springfield, MO.

Sources within the Skepticon organization said they were flattered by Bolingbrooks bid, but never seriously considered it.

One source, who asked to be called Rose, explained the reasons: Most of us live in Missouri, so Bolingbrook is too far away for us.  Plus, most of the venues in Bolingbrook are too small for us.  The only place that we could hold it in was the Bolingbrook Golf Club, and even the discounted price was too much for us.

The sources said they appreciated Bolingbrooks efforts to make new homes accessible for people with disabilities, but cited other problems with Bolingbrook.  Among them were: a lack of public transportation options from both Chicago airports; a lack of sidewalks in Bolingbrook; and the distance between hotels and nearby restaurants.

Another source, who asked to be called Steve, had harsher words for Bolingbrook:  We could not, in good conscience, go to Bolingbrook. Its mayor not only endorsed Trump but raised money for him as well.  We dont expect our host mayors to be perfect, but (Mayor Roger Claar) is too far from perfect for us to move Skepticon to his community.

Publicly, Skepticon denied ever receiving a bid from the Bolingbrook Chamber:  We have no record of such a bid, and were skeptic...


A Strategic View Freethought Blogs

My friend Aaron T. suggested this book to me.

Usually I read military history in an attempt to extract a big picture of events from the details.

Victor Davis Hansons new book is a strategic view of WWII [amazn] treating the war as a set of overlapping strategic problems that are discussed individually. To put it mildly, I find this fascinating. At first I felt a bit put off because some aspects of the war appear to be viewed repetitively I was wondering is this a bunch of articles that have been bound together? before I realized that the intent was to make his arguments stand on their own, in each area. When I read something critically, I am constantly weighing whether the author is pulling any tricks or putting his thumb on the scale and even with my skepticism sensitivity knob on 11 I dont catch anything in Hansons analysis that seems unfair. There are parts that make me uncomfortable, such as frank discussion of the value of the strategic bombing campaign and the question of how much it shortened the war (Hansons answer: it shortened it enough that it was probably a wash, trading dead Japanese and German civilians for dead Jews and Russian and other European civilians).

Im used to reading military history that focuses on a narrow area for example: the North Africa Campaign and the various events and trade-offs that theater commanders had to deal with. From that, I try to draw some conclusions, usually Wow, that was badly run or Rommel was overrated. Then, I check those conclusions against my memory and other things Ive read and see if they hold up. My experience reading this book is very different Hanson drops the conclusions and the facts from which they are drawn, and sometimes digs down to a necessary level of detail, but otherwise maintains his attention at the level of the big trade-offs: the axis did not coordinate its grand strategy effectively because Hitler was an impulsive gambler prone to sneak attacks. Reading an account of the Russia campaign, its pretty easy to see that Hitlers decision-making was bad, but Im not used to thinking about how Hitlers strategic blunders affected Mussolinis which, of course, they did.

When World War II broke out in 1939, Germany did not have a serious plan for defeating those enemies, present or future, that were positioned well beyond its own borders. Unlike its more distant adversaries, the Third Reich had neither an adequate blue water navy nor a strategic bombing fleet, anchored by escort fi...


The Best Natural Antibiotics on The Planet and How to Use Them THE INTERNET POST

Will come a rough winter. A lot of people will be been sick. And truthfully, when people get sick, a lot of them call the doctor and get antibiotics. Luckily, there are lots of safe and effective natural antibiotic alternatives. First, lets look at the some of the reasons why we might not want to []


Vaccinated child still gets the disease: Case of diphtheria confirmed at Edmonton elementary school THE INTERNET POST

| 07 Nov 2017 | The mother of a 10-year-old Edmonton boy who came down with diphtheria potentially exposing his elementary school class to the disease said her son is up to date on all of his vaccinations. [Thats likely how he got the disease in the first place.] Shewchuks son is a []


NASA to test space lasers with latest launch (VIDEO) THE INTERNET POST

Antares rocket carrying the S.S. Gene Cernan Cygnus Orbital ATK / Facebook An American aerospace firm is aiming to create 200 megabits per second (Mbps) connections in space using satellites equipped with lasers. The new satellites were launched on Sunday from NASAs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. If successful, this new tech could pave []


BOMBSHELL: Science Paper Documents the Depopulation Chemical Covertly Spiked into Vaccines Sheep Media

Natural News| Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World, the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administered to young black women in Kenya:

Oller, J.W., Shaw, C.A., Tomljenovic, L., Karanja, S.K., Ngare, W., Clement, F.M. and Pillette, J.R. (2017), HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World. Open Access Library Journal, 4: e3937.

The paper confirms exactly what Natural News reported earlier in the week: That a covert depopulation program is being run by the World Health Organization, targeting Africans for extermination via infertility chemicals administered under the guise of vaccines.

These vaccines, notably, contain chemicals that are administered without the informed consent of the women being injected. In fact, the women are deliberately lied to and told the injections are meant to protect your health. But the real reason for the shots is to exterminate blacks in the name of science and medicine.

Ive detailed all this in this powerful one-hour lecture thats already getting rave reviews across the net. Watch the full lecture below, and visit for more coverage of race-targeted extermination efforts being waged today under the banners of science and medicine.

The NaturalNews Network is a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism. The NaturalNews Network operates without a profit incentive, and its key writer, Mike Adams, receives absolutely no payment for his time, articles or books. The NaturalNews Network is not for sale, and does not accept money to cover any story (or to spike it). NaturalNews Network is what the news indust...


The N.S.A.s Chief Chronicler [ All News]

Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct [ All News]

In a yearlong investigation of sexual misconduct by U.S. law enforcement, The Associated Press uncovered about 1,000 officers who lost their badges in a six-year period for rape, sodomy and other sexual assault; sex crimes that included possession of child pornography; or sexual misconduct such as propositioning citizens. The number is unquestionably an undercount because it represents only those officers whose licenses to work in law enforcement were revoked, and not all states take such action. California and New York ... offered no records because they have no statewide system to decertify officers for misconduct. And even among states that provided records, some reported no officers removed for sexual misdeeds even though cases were identified via news stories or court records. Victims of sexual violence at the hands of officers know the power their attackers have, and so the trauma can carry an especially crippling fear. Jackie Simmons said she found it too daunting to bring her accusation to another police officer after being raped by a cop in 1998 while visiting Kansas for a wedding. So, like most victims of rape, she never filed a report. Diane Wetendorf, a retired counselor who started a support group in Chicago for victims of officers, said most of the women she counseled never reported their crimes - and many who did regretted it. She saw women whose homes came under surveillance and whose children were intimidated by police. Fellow officers, she said, refused to turn on one another when questioned.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on police corruption and sexual abuse scandals.

Could banana plants solve India's sanitary pad problem? [ All News]

Kristin Kagetsu left the United States in 2014 with an idea: to bring sanitary pads to India. The 27-year-old MIT graduate co-founded Saathi Pads - a health care startup that produces biodegradable sanitary pads made of banana fibers. According to a 2011 study ... only 12% of Indian women use sanitary pads during menstruation. Tampons, menstrual cups and reusable pads are practically unheard of, except in elite circles. Affordability is the key factor preventing many women from using sanitary pads. For lower income families, they can be a luxury. Saathi Pads said it plans to sell its product ... online and in urban areas but will distribute them for free in rural areas, or at heavily subsidized rates. The lack of proper feminine hygiene and sanitation facilities can affect women's productivity at work and in school. More than 30% of girls interviewed in northern India dropped out of school after they started menstruation. Kagetsu and her co-founders ... decided to manufacture their own compostable sanitary pads using banana fibers, a byproduct of fruit production. The pads Saathi produces are biodegradable and can be upcycled to compost or biogas after use. The company claims its production process is completely chemical and plastic free. The company's purchase of agri-waste material also helps provide banana growers with additional income.

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.


VIDEO PROOF: There Were At Least 7 Different Shooters During The Las Vegas Massacre Sheep Media

The following article was written by Alex Thomas and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

Over the last month numerous independent researchers have put together a startling amount of evidence that there were multiple shooters during the horrific Las Vegas Massacre, many of them pointing to the plethora of eyewitness reports that confirm this stunning fact.

Amazingly, eyewitnesses have not only reported the existence of multiple shooters near the Route 91 Music Festival, many have also noted that there were shooters at other hotels along the strip, including Hooters, MGM, The Bellagio, and The Delano.

Footage from these hotels (which is included in the video below) also points to attackers striking multiple places throughout the strip.

For their part, law enforcement authorities in both the Las Vegas Police Department and The FBI have actively covered up what actually happened during that fateful night, going out of their way to confuse the timeline and at one point even telling Americans to ignore independent news reports and even video footage that they could see with their own eyes.

We are clearly witnessing a massive coverup of one of the worst mass shootings in American history. At this point one has to wonder if authorities were in on the attack themselves or if they are covering up the fact that a terror group such as ISIS actually hit Las Vegas?

The following video puts together the various eyewitness reports that prove, without a shadow of doubt, that the authorities are lying about Stephen Paddock being the lone gunman who carried out the attack.

While over 40 minutes long, I encourage you to watch the entire report.

Although many facts about the attack remain unclear, it is safe to say that the official story has been officially debunked.

About the author: Alex Thomas is a staff writer and reporter for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up follow Alexs work at our Facebook or...


The Mayors of Bolingbrook: Nora Wipfler (1975) (Fiction) Freethought Blogs

In 1975, Bolingbrook celebrated its 10th birthday. Now it was officially the second largest municipality in Will County, and some predicted that Bolingbrook would soon reach 100,000 residents by 1985. If you were young and starting a family, Bolingbrook was the happening Chicago suburb. Old Chicago would open later that year, along with the Fountaindale Library. The future seemed bright.

The Babblers future, at the time, seemed uncertain. Following the loss of paper of record status, publisher John Olson was forced to make cuts. The page count was cut in half, and the number of enhanced photos per issues was reduced. Many believers feared that Chicagolands voice of truth could be silenced.

Though the Babbler was down, it was certainly wasnt out, as our first interview with newly elected mayor Nora Wipfler clearly showed.

Mayor Wipfler speaks: Romeoville wont eat us!

After avoiding the Babbler during the campaign, new Village President Nora Wipfler finally agreed to an interview! While obviously the powers that be prevented her from telling the whole truth about her plans for Bolingbrook, we found her relative openness to be quite refreshing.

Reporter: Thank you for the interview, madam president.

Wipfler: You can call me mayor. Everyone else does.

Reporter: OK. Well Mayor Wipfler, thank you for this interview.

Wipfler: Oh dont thank me. I just want to be able to go to sleep and not worry about a three AM call from your reporters.

Reporter: Fair enough.

Wipfler: But dont think that means Ill put up with any sexist questions.

Reporter: (Tears several pages out of his notebook.) In that case, my first question is, how do you enjoy being the most important mayor in the galaxy?

Wipfler: Galaxy? Oh, thats right. It feels just like being the mayor of a large village in Illinois. I enjoy it.

Reporter: Tell us about your first meeting with a space alien.

Wipfler: Now come on. You know that would be classified. I could tell you, but then a man in purple would have to slap you.

Reporter: Not a man in blue?

Wipfler: I meant a man in blue. Now, how about some questions that I can answer.

Reporter: OK. Our sources tell us that Old Chicago is being built over the Indian burial ground of ancient astronauts. Are you concerned that Bolingbrook could come under attack from a curse, the aliens decedents, or both?

Wipfler: No.

Reporter: Do you care to elaborate?

Wipfler: Old Chicago isnt being built on an ancient nuclear waste disposal site. The developer isnt an alien. The communists arent ordering me to harass the developer. Its just as ordinary as a shopping mall with an indoor amusement park can be ordinary.

Reporter: Are you concerned about the possibility of Old Chicago coming under psychic attack?

Wipfler: Im sure the men in lavender, er purple...


House panel advances bill to replace 'Eskimo' and 'Aleut' terms in federal regulations Indianz.Com News

Lawmaker are moving forward with a bill to replace the words 'Eskimo' and 'Aleut' in regulations at the Department of the Interior.


Portland, OR: Call to Action! Defend The Memory Of Mulugeta Seraw from Racial Intimidation! It's Going Down

The post Portland, OR: Call to Action! Defend The Memory Of Mulugeta Seraw from Racial Intimidation! appeared first on It's Going Down.

Join us on November 13th at 12pm on the E 39th Street overpass in Vancouver, WA, to put a stop to a campaign of white supremacist intimidation on the anniversary of one of Portlands most notorious racist murders.

In the early morning hours of November 13th, 1988, PSU student and beloved member of Portlands Ethiopian diaspora community Mulugeta Seraw succumbed to injuries inflicted upon him in a vicious attack by members of Portlands neo-nazi East Side White Pride gang. In the months and years preceding Seraws murder, neo-nazi organizations had managed to fester and bubble to prominence in Portland and around the United States with the help of informal networks, conspiracy theories, and racist newsletters and telephone hotlines such as Tom Metzgers White Aryan Resistance. In the aftermath of Seraws killing, diverse sections of Portlands community joined together in a struggle to destroy the capacities of local fascist organizations and to drive the neo-nazis out of the city entirely. The communitys response to the horrifying nazi murder of Mulugeta Seraw is widely understood in Portland as a crucial turning point in the ability of nazi gangs to organize for the purpose of intimidating and terrorizing vulnerable communities.

This year on the anniversary of Seraws death, Lakewood, Washington Patriot Prayer follower Morgan Brandfors is calling for an Its Okay to be White Overpass Rally on the E 39th St overpass in Vancouver, WA.

The Its Okay To Be White campaign is a recent manifestation of the Alt-Rights discursive tactic to pretend that white people are risk of white genocide, in order to violently attack minorities. Although the campaign was initially phrased as an effort to troll liberal media into overreacting, slogans like this open the door to white supremacist groups, whose pride in their whiteness and description of themselves as victims, serves as means and justification to attack at-risk groups, and intimidate the wider community. Thinly-veiled crypto-fascist propaganda such as this, rightly met by the community with disgust, is defended as free speech and heritage. But as always, when we dig deeper to look at what this white race is that is being defended, it manifests as racist aggression and fascist violence.

The behind-the-scenes discussions among the racists and neo-nazis responsible for this campaign give the lie to its nominally...


President Trump taps Bush-era official as Health and Human Services Secretary Indianz.Com News

Alex Azar, a pharmaceutical executive, served in top leadership posts at the department in George W. Bush administration, an era of resistance to Indian health care.


Daily Inspiration --- Direct Experience OpEdNews

We've forgotten how to pay attention to direct sense experience, to listen to our bodies, the tingling nerves and the patterns blazed upon our retinas. We've substituted words for sensations, interpretations for raw feelings. We've lost the inner attention that can channel our intuitions and innate knowledge concerning ourselves and our world that is our birthright.


NEO Moscow Outmaneuvers Washingtons Kurdistan Project - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Brother Engdahl brings us a good wrapup on the Barzani-Israeli independent Kurdistan caper that never had a snowball's chance in hell.


Doctrine of Information Security of the Russian Federation December 2016 Public Intelligence


by Decree of the President

of the Russian Federation

No. 646 of December 5, 2016


Doctrine of Information Security of the Russian Federation

I. General Provisions

  1. This Doctrine constitutes a system of official views on ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation in the information sphere.

The Doctrine defines the information sphere as a combination of information, informatization objects, information systems and websites within the information and telecommunications network of the Internet (hereinafter referred to as the Internet), communications networks, information technologies, entities involved in generating and processing information, developing and using the above technologies, and ensuring information security, as well as a set of mechanisms regulating public relations in the sphere.

  1. The Doctrine uses the following basic notions:

a)       the national interests of the Russian Federation in the information sphere (hereinafter referred to as the national interests in the information sphere) are the objectively meaningful needs of the individual, society and the State in ensuring their safety and security and sustainable development in the information sphere;

b)       the threat to the information security of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the information threat) is a combination of actions and factors creating a risk of damaging the national interests in the information sphere;

c)       the information security of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the information security) is the state of protection of the individual, society and the State against internal and external information threats, allowing to ensure the constitutional human and civil rights and freedoms, the decent quality and standard of living for citizens, the sovereignty, the territorial integrity and sustainable socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, as well as defence and security of the State;

d)       the provision of information security is the implementation of mutually supportive measures (legal, organizational, investigative, intelligence, counter-intelligence, scientific and technological, information and analytical, personnel-related, economic and others) to predict, detect, suppress, prevent, and respond to information threats and mitigate their impact;

e)       information security forces are government bodies, as well as units and officials of government bodies, local authorities and organizations tasked to address information security issues in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

f)       information security means are legal, organizational, technical and other means used by information security forces;

g)       the information...


Navy Seal: 3000 Elite Pedophiles Arrested Media Silent Counter Current News

Source: AnonGroup Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer says that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite pedophile ring have been arrested, amid a total blackout by the mainstream media.  Michael Zimmerman at the NRAs annual convention, []


Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation September 2000 Public Intelligence

The Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation represents a totality of official views on the goals, objectives, principles and basic guidelines for ensuring information security in the Russian Federation.

The present Doctrine serves as the basis for:

shaping government policy on information security in the Russian Federation;

preparing suggestions to improve the legal, procedural, scientific-technical and organizational framework for ensuring information security in the Russian Federation;

devising targeted national information security programs. The present Doctrine expounds the National Security Concept of the Russian Federation as applied to the information sphere.

2. Types of threats to the information security of the Russian Federation

According to their general directionality, threats to the information security of the Russian Federation are subdivided into the following types:

threats to the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and the citizen in the area of spiritual life and information activities, to individual, group and public consciousness and to Russias spiritual revival;

threats to information support to Russian Federation state policy;

threats to Russian information industry (including informatization, telecommunication, and communication facilities) development, to the satisfaction of domestic market requirements with its products and their entry into the world market, and to the accumulation, storage reliability, and effective utilization of national information resources;

threats to the security of information and telecommunication systems and facilities whether already deployed or being set up on the territory of Russia.

The threats to the constitutional rights and freedoms of man and the citizen in the areas of spiritual life and information activities, to individual, group and public consciousness and to Russias spiritual revival may be as follows:

adoption by federal bodies of state authority or by bodies of state authority in constituent entities of the Russian Federation of normative legal acts infringing the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in the areas of their spiritual life and information activities;

establishment of monopolies on forming, receiving and disseminating information in the Russian Federation with the use of telecommunication systems or otherwise;

counteraction, by criminal structures in particular, against citizens exercise of their constitutional rights to personal and family privacy and to the secrecy of postal mail, telephone and other communications; irrational, excessive restrictions placed on access to socially necessary information;

illegal use of special means of influence on individual, group and public consciousness;



Rat Art Installation #7,352. Freethought Blogs

This is actually a fairly old one, but I came across the bottle while cleaning the studio, and took pics this time out. I had this on a high shelf, which a persistent and creative Angel finally managed to get to, mostly with persistence in scaling the wall. The food colouring had, of course, run down the wall, and when I first saw it, still mostly asleep, first reaction was WTF, who is bleeding and how in the hell This evening, just picking it up, after it has sat for months, I got my fingers covered in red, which wont come off. Damn stuff is a menace.

C. Ford.


Fight the Disease, Not the Symptoms OpEdNews

If we can build counter-capitalist movements that include the working class we have a chance. If we can, like the water protectors at Standing Rock, mount sustained acts of defiance in the face of severe state repression, we have a chance. We cannot be distracted by the symptoms. We must cure the disease.


Your Health Record What is it? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Health is the absence of disease or abnormality caused by organic, environmental, or congenital problems. To remain healthy, you will be free of outside physical, social, and other problems that could lead to disease. When/if your health becomes challenged and if you seek medical care for that challenge, you will begin to generate a health []


The Missing Raturday. Freethought Blogs

Angel: Jaaaaaaaffa Caaaaaaake!

C. Ford.


Chevening Scholarships and Modern Day Imperialism Activist Post

By Joseph Thomas In 1983 the British government created Chevening as an international award scheme aimed at developing what it calls global leaders. It is...


Mass Shootings, Mass Psychopathology And Self-Defense Sheep Media

The following article written by Brandon Smith was originally published at

There is an unfortunate correlation between crises and catastrophes and mass psychology. For those with a decent long-term memory, you may have noticed that the frequency of attacks and tragedies taking place today around the world is far above and beyond what occurred 10 years ago. So much so that many in the public have moved beyond the point of outrage and have now embraced complacency.

The mass shooting issue, for example, once inspired fevered debate over gun rights. Not so much anymore. While I am happy that the relentless attempts by leftists to exploit every shooting as a tool for their gun grabbing agenda have taken a backseat, I see a trend in another direction which is equally dangerous. That trend is a move towards acceptance that these things happen, instead of a healthy discussion on real solutions (and no, more gun control is not one of them).

A decade ago the Vegas shooting would have inspired media and social discussion for at least a year. Now, the story disappears in two weeks and is replaced with 10 others. I will be surprised if the latest church shooting in Texas in which 26 people were killed stays on the news feeds for more than a few days.

Where does this complacency come from?

It is a complex problem, but one that I think relates to the state of decline within any particular society. In Carl Jungs The Undiscovered Self, Jung mentions a consistent element of latent sociopathy and psychopathy within most cultures. Perhaps 10% of people within a society are latent sociopaths and psychopaths, and around 1% or less represent full blown sociopaths/psychopaths. Most of the latent people will never become truly dangerous if they are living within a culture that is healthy and morally balanced. In fact, those with inherent sociopathic traits can become very high functioning human beings who are adept at careers that many other people avoid (surgeons and career soldiers are two examples).

However, in the event that there is cultural rot and a degradation of principles, environmental influences come into play and latent sociopaths/psychopaths have the potential to mutate into something far more dangerous. Jung examines thi...


Turkey denies working with Michael Flynn to kidnap Gulen OpEdNews

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim Saturday (November 11) denied Turkey's involvement in an alleged plot involving former U.S security adviser Michael Flynn to kidnap U.S.-based controversial cleric Fetullah Gulen, allegedly behind last year's coup attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Route 91 massacre survivor saw brass shell casings strewn across Tropicana parking lot upon his retreat Intellihub

Survivor claims to have seen about a dozen brass shell casings in the Tropicana parking lot  after he fled the Route 91 concert venue shooting

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) Route 91 massacre survivor Joe Napoli retraced the path in which he and several of his colleagues took on the night of the massacre as they fled the concert venue along with thousands of others as volley after volley of bone-rattling gunfire pierced the air and bullets pummeled scores of innocent victims.

According to the official story, the gunfire kicked off just a few songs into Jason Aldeans set at around 10:05 p.m. when a mad gunman reportedly opened fire from his 32nd-floor hotel room window killing 58.

During the live-stream, Napoli led Goodman and viewers down the exact path in which he and his associates took during their narrow escape.

Once Napoli arrived in the southeast parking lot of the Tropicana with Goodman he was able to point out the exact area in which he had witnessed about a dozen shell casings strewn across the parking lot in between 11:30 and 11:40 p.m.

[] I saw casings right here, the witness said as he pointed at a specific area of the parking lot. So there were beer cans, there were empty drink cups, and there were maybe a dozen brass inch-and-a-half to two-inch tubes spread out.

I dont know how anybody else didnt see them but we ran right over them, he said.

Napolis testimony gives credence to other eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters.

Featured Image: Jason Goodman/YouTube
2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channels America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Sheps World. Follow Shep on...


We'll make it, a little worse for wear -- a poem OpEdNews

Sometimes in spite of our best efforts there is the sense of being dragged out to sea by forces far beyond our control. Relax. We'll get through this. Ride the rip tide.


PKK Terrorist drone was shot down by the Turkish army! OpEdNews

Turkish army lost the war to PKK Kurdish forces on Zagros Mountain range from the Black Sea to Northern Iran-Iraq border and now President Erdogan's son-in-laws are manufacturing bomb-laden drones to be used against the PKK forces instead of using Turkish armed forces.


294 MORE Sealed Indictments Filed Against Elite Pedophiles/Politicians Sheep Media

294 more sealed indictments found across courts around the US

According to a legal expert, special counsel Robert Mueller filed 294 sealed indictments against the pedophilia elite. 

Will these indictments ever become public? Will Mueller give immunity to all of them ( including himself) without any exposure of these atrocious to the public?

It will take a federal judge to open the seals. Are all the federal judges in the pocket of the deep state? reports:

Between the 294 Indictments now located across the country PLUS the 81 in Washington, DC and in Eastern Virginia, thats almost 400 Sealed Indictments.  The lawyer told me this number is off the charts . . . .no one has seen anything like this.

This is not dis-info, it is fact. Sealed indictments are verifiable public record.  We dont know whats in them yet, but you can see they are there and its sure as heck not normal, its unprecedented. There has never been this many at once . . . ever.

Im just connecting the dots. Pedophile cases in the news every single day for the last 3 weeks? Weve gone years without hearing about any pedophile stuff, but now in the last 3 weeks its case, after case, after case, after case of some pervert, from Hollywood to DC.

Uranium One with all the Bribery, Kickbacks, Extortion and Money Laundering.

The fake Trump Dossier where Clinton and the DNC laundered money through the Perkins Coie Law Firm to hide the expenditures from campaign finance disclosure laws.

All of the locations given are the home bases of the previous administrations back to Bush.

Trump could be d...


A Possible Strong Wind Event Tomorrow Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

Tomorrow (Monday) a significant wind event is forecast to hit the region by the U.S. models..  But there is some uncertainty because some models (e.g., the European Center) are moving the low farther offshore.

The 1 PM Sunday visible satellite imagery shows the incipient storm, nearly due west of the CA/OR border. Can you see the swirl of clouds around the low and the very unstable air (with popcorn-looking clouds) to the storm's west?

 The latest WRF run  (forced by the US GFS model) shows the forecast sea level pressures (solid lines) at 4 PM Sunday.  A 995 hPa central pressure.

 By 10 AM, Monday morning, the system has revved up as a double-barrel low, with an intense pressure gradient (change of pressure with distance) along the Washington Coast.  That will bring very strong winds.

 The low pressure sweeps northwestward, bringing a strong north-south pressure gradient over western Washington, which will experience strong winds.


The Texas Church Massacre - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Another week, another massacre. This time it was a church, the First Baptist Church, in Sutherland Springs, TX. Twenty-five good people, one of them, Crystal Holcombe, pregnant with child, died at the hands of crazed psychopath Devin Patrick Kelley. He was an escapee from an asylum a real one, not Congress. The youngest victim, []


Will Alabama Voters Be Next to Reject "Trumpism"? OpEdNews

Steve Bannon's attempted fascist putsch in Virginia and New Jersey has failed. Is Alabama next? Can the Democrats keep it from being stolen? Given the Virginia/New Jersey rejection of hate, Alabama is now in play. The Democrats have shown they can beat Trumpism. In Alabama, they also must show they've learned some lessons from recent elections.


That was one hell of a week Freethought Blogs

There was so much, what with the Democratic party wins, the revelations about the attack on Rand Paul by his neighbor, the Roy Moore pedophile allegations, and one famous and powerful person after another accused of the most gross sexual aggressions towards young men and women, that even a horrendous tragedy like the mass murder in a Texas church on Monday quickly got pushed out of the headlines.

Saturday Night Live reviews some of the news from last week.


5 Things You Need To Know About The Saudi Purge The Last American Vagabond

Saudi Arabia, May 2017. A private yacht sails into the port at Jeddah under heavy guard. The yachts identity is hidden even from the port authorities. Only a handful of people are allowed near it. They deliver several boxes on board and the yacht sails away. The boxes contained cash. $1 billion cash. A gift []

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DHS-FBI-NCTC Bulletin: Complex Operating Environment Food and Agriculture Public Intelligence

Food and agriculture infrastructure is a $1 trillion industry, almost entirely under private ownership and comprises an estimated 2.1 million farms, 935,000 restaurants, and more than 200,000 registered food manufacturing, processing, and storage facilities. Intentional contamination of the food supply could have significant public health and economic consequences depending on the commodity, the agent used, and where in the supply chain the contaminant was added. This product provides first responders and private-sector stakeholders an awareness of the complex operating environment that may result from intentional contamination of the food supply and identifies key collaborative partners and indicators to minimize the risk of an intentional attack on the food supply.

Although some of the examples summarized below are not directly related to terrorism, they highlight relevant mechanisms and consequences of a potential attack on the food supply:

In 2014, a disgruntled employee at a Japanese seafood-processing company intentionally contaminated several frozen foods with the pesticide Malathion. Japanese authorities believe the worker brought Malathion to the plant and injected it into frozen foods during the manufacturing process. The employee exploited his access to the food prior to packaging to introduce the agent. The contamination resulted in at least 2,843 mild foodborne illnesses and a recall of 6.4 million packages of frozen foods.

In 2009, a disgruntled Michigan grocery store worker contaminated 200 pounds of ground beef with an insecticide containing high concentrations of nicotine. Dozens of people were sickened after eating meat purchased from a store in Grand Rapids. The employee allegedly poured Black Leaf 40 on the beef before wrapping it into one to three pound packages. After pleading guilty, the store worker was sentenced to prison and was ordered to pay restitution of $12,000.

In 2009, an employee and a former employee at a Kansas restaurant twice put a Methomyl-based pesticide into salsa, causing almost 50 people to become ill, including several requiring hospitalization. The employees were sentenced to prison and one was ordered to pay restitution of almost $500,000.

In 1984, a violent extremist group in Oregon deliberately contaminated local salad bars with salmonella to affect local election outcomes. The group purchased salmonella from a medical supply company and cultured it in advance of the intentional contamination. More than 750 people became ill. Two members of the group were charged and imprisoned.



The Catholic Church Has Used Almost $4 Billion Settling Child Molestation Lawsuits The Last American Vagabond

Pedophilia has become a huge topic of discussion over recent weeks as not only have sexual abuse outings been taking place in Hollywood but the exposure of pedophilia in Hollywood and amongst the elite is becoming more common. The reality of child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church has surfaced time and time again, and yet, somehow, it continues []

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BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines



(Natural News) Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World, the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administered to young black women in Kenya:

Oller, J.W., Shaw, C.A., Tomljenovic, L., Karanja, S.K., Ngare, W., Clement, F.M. and Pillette, J.R. (2017), HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World. Open Access Library Journal, 4: e3937.

The paper confirms exactly what Natural News reported earlier in the week: That a covert depopulation program is being run by the World Health Organization, targeting Africans for extermination via infertility chemicals administered under the guise of vaccines. These vaccines, notably, contain chemicals that are administered without the informed consent of the women being in...


EARTH CHANGES: Our Lady of LaSalette Forewarned of Pole Shift - Veterans Today Veterans Today

EARTH CHANGES:Our Lady of LaSalette Forewarned of this Pole Shift VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY FOR ALL THE LATEST ENDTIME NEWS! The seasons will be altered, the Earth will produce nothing but bad fruit; the stars will lose their regular motion; the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow. Water and fire will give the Earths []


Thank You TSA Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Thank You TSA


We need to thank the TSA. This is what we get for putting up with 2nd degree sexual assault and the invasion of our 4th Amendment rights. The TSAs success rates are listed in the following video. Their shirts may be blue, but they really should be brown.



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Meanwhile, a Russian Spy Who Worked with Putin is Now In Charge of US Embassy Security! OpEdNews

Donald Trump, who just announced to everyone that he trusts a former KGB agent over all 17 American intelligence agencies, is allowing the former head of KGB counter-intelligence to be handed the keys to US Embassy security in Moscow.


Denver Park Rangers Take Sleeping Bag, Tent from Houseless Man in 25 Degree Weather UNICORN RIOT

Denver, CO On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, despite below freezing temperatures and snowfall, daily sweeps of unhoused Denver residents continued.

As usual, Denver police, city workers, and park rangers descended on people keeping warm under blankets and inside their tents and told them to move along or risk getting a camping ban ticket.

The Unauthorized Camping Ordinance, or camping ban, states:

It shall be unlawful for any person to camp upon any private [or public] property without the express written consent of the property owner or the owners agent, and only in such locations where camping may be conducted in accordance with any other applicable city law.


Camp means to reside or dwell temporarily in a place, with shelter. The term shelter includes, without limitation, any tent, tarpaulin, lean-to, sleeping bag, bedroll, blankets, or any form of cover or protection from the elements other than clothing. The term reside or dwell includes, without limitation, conducting such activities as eating, sleeping, or the storage of personal possessions.

According to Marcus Hyde, a member of local advocacy organization Denver Homeless Out Loud:

We know that these laws are meant to help push development by using police to scare and intimidate, harass and arrest anyone that developers dont want to see in front of their new condos.

Eric Jackson, an unhoused Denver resident, left his spot along the South Platte River, where he has been surviving for many months, to attend to some business downtown. Two of his friends were watching over his belongings when park rangers approached them and asked them to remove their belongings from the area and move along.



Scale of nitrate timebomb revealed Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Scale of nitrate timebomb revealed

Huge quantities of nitrate chemicals from farm fertilisers are polluting the rocks beneath our feet, a study says.

Researchers at the British Geological Survey say it could have severe global-scale consequences for rivers, water supplies, human health and the economy.

They say the nitrate will be released from the rocks into rivers via springs.

That will cause toxic algal blooms and fish deaths, and will cost industry and consumers billions of pounds a year in extra water treatment.

In a paper in Nature Communications, the scientists from BGS and Lancaster University estimate that up to 180 million tonnes of nitrate are stored in rocks worldwide perhaps twice the amount stored in soils.

They say this is the first global estimate of the amount of nitrate trapped between the soil layer and the water-bearing aquifers below. They warn that over time the nitrate will inevitably slowly seep into the aquifers.

Most nitrate, the team says, is in rocks in North America, China and Europe where fertiliser has been lavishly applied for decades.

In some developed countries, the amount of nitrate stored in the rocks is increasing, despite improvements in farming practice and the introduction of rules to control the pollutant.

In developing countries, the problem is currently not so severe. But there is an urgent need for early intervention to avoid the environmental dama...


This Week on Splice Today: Harry Nilsson and Danica Roem Freethought Blogs

On Tuesday I wrote about Harry Nilssons The Point! and on Thursday I wrote about Danica Roem and Andrea Jenkins winning the election.



When the Shoe Is On the Other Foot Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

When the Shoe Is On the Other Foot

What do you say when the shoe is on the other foot? Obama has interfered in countless foreign elections. However, when the shoe is on the other foot and the Deep State is attempting to hack into the Russian elections, it is ok.


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Libya: The Forgotten Reason North Korea Desperately Wants Nuclear Weapons The Last American Vagabond

The United States and its allies continue to cajole and threaten North Korea to negotiate an agreement that would relinquish its growing nuclear and ballistic-missile programs. The latest verbal prodding came from President Trump during his joint press conference with South Korean president Moon Jae-in. Trump urged Pyongyang to come to the negotiating table, and []

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Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Evidence mounts that PLAGUE outbreak in Africa is an engineered depopulation bioweapon


(Natural News) Thousands of people have been infected and over 143 are now reported dead from the plague outbreak thats now threatening Africa, reports the UK Daily Mail. Health officials are unsure how this years outbreak began, reports the paper. Experts warn the disease spreads quicker in heavily populated areas.

Isnt it interesting that just as Prince William is calling for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa, we suddenly have the rapid spread of the plague from unknown origins? As Natural News previously reported, Prince William appears to be pushing for depopulation efforts across Africa in the name of environmentalism:

Africas rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month, Prince William explained during a recent event hosted by the Tusk Trust, a ch...


Facebooks Founder Admits It Was a Psyop From the Beginning Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Facebooks Founder Admits It Was a Psyop From the Beginning

Facebooks founder has gone on the record and admitted that Facebook is a psyop. It was designed to disrupt the American culture and minimize family and social connections. Facebooks founder has boldly stated that one way or another, we are going to get you.




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The GOP's Never-Ending Judge Moore's Problem OpEdNews

The GOP does not have a Judge Roy Moore problem. It has a Judge Moore's problem. That's plural for a reason. Moore is hardly an aberration in GOP ranks. In the past two decades the list of GOP governors, congresspersons, and state and local officials who have been accused of, convicted of, and either summarily dumped from office or resigned reads like a who's of a roster sheet of sexual deviants.


We're not even close to being prepared for the rising waters OpEdNews

For the 10,000 years of human civilization, we've been blessed with a relatively stable climate, and hence flooding has been an exceptional terror. As that blessing comes to an end with our reckless heating of the planet, the exceptional is becoming all too normal, as residents of Houston and South Florida and Puerto Rico found out already this fall.


Philadelphia Judge Tosses Murder Conviction Because Detective Fabricated Evidence Filming Cops

A Philadelphia judge on Friday threw out a murder conviction and sentence of a man who has been behind bars since 2008, ruling that the homicide detective who arrested him

The post Philadelphia Judge Tosses Murder Conviction Because Detective Fabricated Evidence appeared first on Filming Cops.


U.S., Israel, Palestine and the Santa Claus Effect (Part 2 of 2) - Veterans Today Veterans Today

The Santa Claus Effect Deception series At the heart of the Santa Claus Effect we find Palestine, the birthplace of Jesus the place I and many others consider the geopolitical and spiritual linchpin for peace on our planet. Toward the larger implication of this Santa Claus Effect, and years later, I recall watching a BBC []


Did Donald Trump become a wet on China and Moore? Freethought Blogs

During Margaret Thatchers reign of terror in the UK, she and her allies condescendingly referred to those who opposed her hardline polices as wets. One of the features that so endears Donald Trump to his most ardent supporters is that he sticks to his guns and appears to them to never back down, i.e., that he is not a wet. This is because he simply denies that he has ever changed his mind or reversed himself on anything, whatever the facts are.

But recent events may have belied that image. One is that he has not forcefully dismissed the allegations against Roy Moore outright as fake news manufactured by the liberal media, instead adopting the mealy-mouthed language of the wets in the Republican leadership that if Moore is guilty, he should withdraw. This seems to me to be a false step on his part, going against his bases expectations that he will reject any charge against the GOP.

His Asia trip also saw him praising China for being able to negotiate trade deals to their benefit against the US. This was completely contrary to his campaign rhetoric that China was being unfair in its trading practices and that on his first day in office he would brand them as currency manipulators and reverse that trend. China may have successfully fed his ego by giving him a lavish welcome, knowing how susceptible Trump is to flattery. Trumps deference to China took observers by surprise.

President Donald Trump heaped praise on President Xi Jinping of China on Thursday, blaming past U.S. administrations for Chinas yawning trade surplus with the United States and saying he was confident that Xi could defuse the threat from North Korea.

In public, Trump projected an air of deference to China that was almost unheard-of for a visiting U.S. president. Far from attacking Xi on trade, Trumpsaluted him for leading a country that he said had left the United States so far behind. He said he could not blame the Chinese for taking advantage of weak U.S. trade policy.

It was a remarkable moment in the story of Chinas rise and the United States response to it, with Trumps performance suggesting a tipping point in great-power politics. By concluding that the United States can better achieve its goals by flattering a Chinese leader than by challenging him, Trump seemed to signal a reversal of roles: the United States may now need Chinas help more than the other way around.

Youre a very special man, he told Xi in an appe...


[WATCH] Video Shows On-Duty Miami Gardens Cop Taking Woman Into Hotel Filming Cops

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. When a police call came that a 23-year-old woman with mental problems had walked away from a group home, Miami Gardens police Sgt. Javier Romaguera was

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Tampa, FL: 130 Years Since Haymarket Martyrs Were Hung It's Going Down

The post Tampa, FL: 130 Years Since Haymarket Martyrs Were Hung appeared first on It's Going Down.

November 11th marked what many statists call Veterans Day, but many anarchists know this day in which we celebrate the life of our very own martyrs. 130 years ago, to the day, our martyrs were marched to the gallows while they sang the Marseillaise. Engel, Fischer, Parsons, and Spies were then placed side by side while onlookers gazed and a rope fastened to their necks. Spies last words were, The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today. Engel and Fischer both screamed out, Hurrah for anarchism. The trap door fell and the rope tightened. The rope pulled tight while our comrades struggled for air, which would never fill their lungs again. Their death was not quick and they died a slow and painful death for their beautiful ideal.

We should be reminded that their deaths were not in vain. Their deaths sparked a beautiful ideal in many when they became martyrs for anarchism, one of whom was Emma Goldman. Throughout her whole autobiography, Emma talks about the love she had for these sent to the gallows. They were an inspiration to her and they have been an inspiration to so many on that day 130 years ago, 11 November 1887.

With this in mind Tampa area anarchists decided to drop a banner in solidarity with out martyrs. The banner says, Solidarity with our Haymarket martyrs / 11-11-1887 11-11-2017 / Here you will tread upon a spark, but there, and there, and behind you and in front of you, and everywhere, flames will blaze up. We say, solidarity with all OUR veterans on this day and every day, from Tampa to Chicago to Kurdistan, ehd Namirin, Martyrs Never Die!



The Asylum is our World: Lessons from Ward Two West

by Kevin D. Annett

Image result for breaking mental chains 

Personal adjustment to a psychotic social order is no sign of mental health. - Eric Fromm

One of the more gratifying illusions granted to me by advancing age is the sense that my sixty one years have occured to teach me something. Take my time working in a psychiatric facility, for instance.

Perhaps fittingly, I paid my way through seminary and into a kafkaesque United Church ministry by working at the University of British Columbia Psych hospital, in my early thirties. My assignment was on Ward Two West, among those souls designated as schizophrenics and psychotics by doctors whose main job was to keep them drugged up and manageable. As a roving orderly I was quickly introduced to the five basic personality types on the ward, among both the patients and the staff.

What is fascinating is how, during the many years since that brief spell in the nuthouse, those same five personas keep manifesting all around me. Ward Two West in fact introduced me to all of the kinds of people I would later encounter in the moral madness of the United Church and its various cohorts in crime. In fact, it seems to me now that the normalized nuttiness of Ward Two West has become our world.

The first and most common persona I encountered was of course the Tranquil Majority: the mass of dissociated and managed patients who had no idea of anything. They led the kind of 9 to 5, sleep walking dullness common to 90% of our populace, habitually following the rules and going along without harbouring an ounce of their own vision.

The next group was far less common because they were awakening to themselves and to their situation. But these Awakeners were just as confused as the Tranquils because they remained trapped within their own obsessive bubble and babble. They were the ones who over coffee in the day room would give me torturously long explanations of the real problem in the world and the secret villains behind the scenes responsible for their misery, in the manner of any internet word-warrior whos worked everything out. But thats where it began and ended for the Awakeners, for they were as glued to the Ward as the Tranquil Majority.

The third group...


Corey Haims Mother Names the Man She Said Sexually Assaulted Her Son The Free Thought Project

corey haimAfter Dominick Brascia accused Charlie Sheen of molesting Corey Haim when he was 13, Haim's mother is now claiming she witnessed Brascia abusing her son.


Sunday Facepalm. Freethought Blogs

Thoughts & Prayers, Thoughts & Prayers, Thoughts & Prayers, pretty much the only response of conservatives and too many christians in any crisis. Unsurprisingly, people at large have finally gotten fed up with Thoughts & Prayers, and arent at all shy anymore about telling the Thoughts & Prayers Parrots where to stick those thoughts and prayers. This has upset Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition something awful. He has a little petition:

Im writing you, along with thousands of other supporters of Faith & Freedom Coalition, to demand that Democrats stop using the lives of the 26 victims of Sutherland Springs to push a political agenda.

As Americans, we need to come together in a time of tragedy. We must focus on what unites usnot how we can score political points.

But instead, members of your party have gone on the record openly mocking Christians for offering their prayers, support, and guidance over the last few days. And worse, members of your party have exploited these victims to push radical gun laws that wouldnt have prevented the attack in the first place.

No one is using them as a political prop of any kind. Whats happening is anguished outrage over all those who stubbornly defend absurd and insane laws in this country, which is already drowning in guns, and refusing to acknowledge that change is desperately needed, to save lives. Of course, one of the major problems with christians is that you assholes always go on and on and on about how this life doesnt count, its the one after youre all dead and decayed.

If you all want to believe that, fine, but stop inflicting that view on everyone else. There are plenty of people who are most focused on this life, because we know its all we get, and time is short. Its truly awful the way christians always find a way to disdain and disrespect life, in spite of all those Thoughts & Prayers. You support unfettered access to guns. You fight even the tiniest of regulations. You defend those men who routinely abuse their families. You protect those who sexually assault and rape. You defend the rights of rapists. You fight against women having the slightest amount of bodily autonomy. You protect those who abuse children. You support and encourage the death penalty. You support wars. Yeah, your morality just shines through all those Thoughts & Prayers.

You act as though Thoughts & Prayers are some sort of action; that they mean something. They dont. They are just a way for you to hoist yourself into the spotlight, while actively refusing to do one thing which would...


Video Shows On-Duty Cop Take Mentally Ill Woman into Hotel to Sexually Assault Her The Free Thought Project

mentally illSurveillance footage shows a police sergeant lying about why he was reserving a hotel room for a mentally ill woman, before using it to sexually assault her.


Cops Having Sex With Detainees Should Always Be Considered Rape, Say New York Politicians Filming Cops

When New York City Council Member Mark Treyger read about Anna Chamberss case, he was appalled. News of the alleged rape of an 18-year-old by two undercover detectives from the

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Brent Budowsky: Mueller could indict Putin OpEdNews

Congress should make it clear that any effort by President Trump to fire Mueller or grant pardons to those who are found guilty or suspected of crimes involving this Russian attack against America would constitute an impeachable offense. The president's supporters in Congress state that this will not happen.


The Glaring Double Standard of US Foreign Policy - Veterans Today Veterans Today

One of the constant themes of the MSM narrative of recent weeks has been the demonisation of Russia Today and the insistence by the US government that it must register as a foreign agent. This is the latest twist in the never-ending Russia did it myth that has been pushed down our throats ever since []


Your power in a decaying world Jon Rappoport's Blog

Your power in a decaying world

by Jon Rappoport

November 12, 2017

These are notes I made prior to preparing my three Matrix collections:

Solutions to private problems and public problems require the ability to think things through, logically, and to reject what is unworkable or biasedbut above and beyond that, a person needs to be able to imagine solutions that havent been tried before.

Propaganda says: defect from your own power. Never find out what it is. Assume it isnt there. Propaganda says: all life is about the species, not about the individual.

When propagandists find a good thing, a message that works, they pound on it, they keep hammering away. Family, group, family, group, community. On and on. They never promote the message called The Individual with the same intensity. That would be counter-productive to what they are trying to accomplish: group identity; and amnesia about being an individual.

Civilization continues to erode and decay, as individual power is put on the back burner. But that doesnt give the individual a license to surrender. If others want to give up, thats their business. The individual, instead, finds new frontiers for his power, for his capacity to invent reality.

There is you, there is your own power. And what is that power? It comes in two forms or venues. First, there is the ability to apply logic to events and information; to think rationally from A to B to C; to analyze. And second, there is imagination, the capacity to conceive and then invent realities that would never otherwise exist in the world.

Individual power doesnt need to make rigid distinctions between what is done for self vs. what is done for others. Social engineers and propagandists make those separations. You exercise your creative power to fulfill what you deeply desire; and that process will, in fact, spill over and affect others in a positive way. It will lift them up. It will remind them that they, too, have power.

Logic and analysis keeps you from being sent down wrong roads, keeps you from buying official reality. Logic also reminds you that you have a mind. Logic is a road that can take you deeper and deeper into more basic fallacies that underpin organized society and its branches of knowledge. Logic tells you there are always more fundamental questions to ask and answer. There are levels of lies. The deeper you go, the more confident you become. The more powerful. Logic also lets you know when youre projecting basic pre-judgments over a whole landscape and neglecting to look at the details.

Passivity is a di...


While Clinching Deals With Communist China, Trump Cracks Down on Trade and Travel to Cuba OpEdNews

As President Trump was clinching new business deals with the repressive Communist government of China, the Trump administration announced its new rules rolling back President Obama's opening with Cuba. The new regulations restricting travel and trade with the Caribbean island will make it once again illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba without a special license from the Treasury Department.


Dearborn Heights Police Officer Charged With Felony in Fatal Car Crash That Killed Man in Taylor Filming Cops

A Dearborn Heights police officer who crashed his cruiser into a vehicle, killing the 59-year-old Wixom man behind the wheel, has been charged with a felony that could put him

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The Feminist Lie Gerold's Blog

Reading time: 584 words, 2 pages, 1 to 2 minutes.

A life built upon a lie is doomed to failure. Feminism is such a lie. And, we see the consequences of this lie with the increasing frequency of sexual assaults.

I grew up in a small Northern Canadian mining town in the 1960s. We moved there when I was nine. You couldnt drive to it because there was no road to it. The only way in and out was either by plane or train. Automobiles werent necessary because everything was within walking distance. Consequently, not many people had cars.

Since we didnt have a car, one of my duties was walking my sisters female friends home after they visited. I did it grudgingly, but I knew why it was necessary. The residential and mining construction boom meant that there were a lot of transient, single men, so a girl alone wasnt safe. I realized this before I reached puberty. I knew this even before I understood sex.

Half a century ago, a girl wasnt safe alone. A century ago, a girl wasnt safe alone. A thousand years ago, a girl wasnt safe alone.  Since the beginning of time, a girl wasnt safe alone.

Human nature doesnt change. Today, a girl still isnt safe alone, but one of the lies of feminism is that females are supposedly equal to males so females can do almost anything a man can do. Consequently, many gullible females think they are safe alone. They arent. They never will be.

Its not a male conspiracy. Its not patriarchy or male privilege. Its human nature. It. Will. Never. Change.

Accusations of sexual misconduct against powerful men are escalating. Every day we hear of another allegation of sexual misconduct. Everyones favorite TV father, Bill Cosby stands accused. In Canada, the CBC fired Jian Gomeshi.  Donald Trump allegedly grabbed pussy. Kevin Spaceys escapades lost him acting roles. The floodgates are open now with allegations against executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, actor Richard Dreyfuss and even Star Trek actor George Takei. (Link)

However, its easy to forget that Harvey Weinstein didnt invent the Hollywood casting couch nor did Lewis C.K invent masturbation. (Link) And, for what its worth, the judge exonerated CBCs Jian Gomeshi (Link)  because his accusers were unreliable and groupies, but not until after Jian had already lost both his job and reputation.

The ass media is shocked; shocked I say whenever accusations of sexual misconduct are leveled against another powerful man. No one ever questions...


Two UK Police Officers Fired After Leaving Voicemail on Mothers Phone Hoping Child Gets Raped Filming Cops

Two UK police officers have been fired after accidentally leaving a message on a mothers voicemail saying they hoped her vulnerable child would get raped. The Avon and Somerset Police

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How Trump Is Laying the Groundwork to Fire Mueller If Things Get Too Hot for Him OpEdNews

While President Trump cavorts in Asia, his legal problems at home continue to mount. The indictment of three aides, his record-low poll numbers and a wave of Republican defeats in state and local elections compound the threat to his aides, his family and himself by limiting his options.


Do not underestimate the military strength of the human navel Freethought Blogs

After the success of Wonder Woman, you may be wondering whether the upcoming Justice League movie will continue to correct the dismal, depressing failure of the DC comic hero franchise. Have no fear! Theyll find a way to fuck it up.

One sign that they will iscostuming. Wonder Womans Amazons wore practical, reasonable armor that were less about fan-service and more about warriors not wanting their guts stirred with a sharp piece of metal. In Justice League, though, the Amazons are ditching the uncuddly, relatively unrevealing metal plates for soft leather bikinis, because, apparently, belly buttons are more ferocious and intimidating.

Perhaps the US Army should ask Zack Snyder to design their uniforms?


SHOCKING: Joe Biden Touching Little Girls (THEY KNOW!) Sheep Media

If a picture says a thousand words then this video will blow your mind

EVERY single person on earth NEEDS to see this!!!


Via videographer ron johnson:

I need your help in order to keep this small, independent media site going and sharing information with you 365 days/year because of the increasing censorship and on purpose ad demonization. If you see any value in my work and feel you can trust me to give you the truth as I see it, please consider supporting me. My Patreon account allows for a small monthly pledge (here) or you can support this work with a small donation via Paypal (here). THANK YOU SO MUCH or your concern and support. Julie Telgenhoff Creator of A Sheep No More


TNET 8: M&Ms! Freethought Blogs

m&ms Dissolving in Water 4K from Beauty of Science on Vimeo.

We dropped m&ms chocolate in water and discovered something really wonderful!

This 4K time-lapse video was shot with a Sony A7R M2 camera to capture the beautiful details of m&ms dissolving. High-resolution stills:

Oh, I must get M&Ms! I have to do this myself.

Open Thread: dont be an asshole. Thanks. Previous thread.


Both sides suck Freethought Blogs

Sean Hannity has been defending creepy hebephile Roy Moore, so people have been calling for advertisers to pull their ads from the Hannity show. One advertiser who has done so is Keurig, which has been prompting the triggered snowflakes on the right to #boycottkeurig. Suddenly Im seeing angry videos of right-wingers throwing Keurig machines from balcony windows or shooting them with shotguns. Its absurd.

But what is equally absurd is that Im seeing liberals declaring that theyre going to buy Keurig machines, or trade in their Nestle equivalent for a Keurig, or are celebrating by drinking coffee from their Keurig. Aaaaargh. K-cups are wasteful consisting of almost as much packaging as coffee. Why are you celebrating a minor tactical decision by an exploitive, destructive capitalist company by rewarding them for a design that promotes convenience over the environment? I dont get it.

I should also remind you that Keurig was supporting jingoistic, far right wing propagandist Sean Hannity all this time, that they didnt seem to mind his constant America-First schtick of hatred for immigrants and people of color and queer folk and the poor, but only broke from the pack when he supported sexing up underaged white Alabamans. Theres an unconscious prioritizing of problems here. Its not that I dont think its despicable for Roy Moore to have been assaulting children, but that there is so much that is despicable about Moore that its shocking that his supporters are only noticing a problem now.

I appreciate that the opposition is finally crystallizing around this one incident to try and kill Moores career, and Ill be very happy if it succeeds, but Im just disappointed that his long history of theocratic bullshit and general incompetence werent enough to have kept him out of office, any office, for the last 40 years. But then incompetence and ideological asininity are no barrier to success in this country.


BBC Deletes Tweet that Exposes Israels Westminster Privileges 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire says

A BBC journalist has been exposed deleting a tweet in which a senior Tory MP expresses anger at Britains corrupt relationship with Israel that has permitted Israeli access to Westminster and the decision making process. This is not the first time that Laura Kuenssberg has been involved in controversy. She had previously complained of a stalking campaign against her, following her coverage of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Middle East Monitor: A prominent BBC journalist has deleted a tweet in which a senior Conservative MP can be seen complaining about the British media turning a blind eye to the corrupt relationship that has allowed Israel to buy access in Westminster.

The tweet was posted by the BBCs Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg on Wednesday while the Scottish journalist was covering the build up to the resignation of Priti Patel. The Secretary of State for International Development had taken part in undisclosed meetings in Israel organised by the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel lobby (CFI) last summer.

Kuenssbergs Twitter posts on the day was full of posts on the...


Faust 10. Freethought Blogs

Art by Harry Clarke.


Can There Be Another October Revolution in Russia? Newsbud

In the fifty-fifth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, RBK, and Komsomolskaya Pravda. He discusses the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and the approach taken towards it by the Russian president Vladimir Putin. In addition, Professor Kovacevic investigates the most recent Gladio C operations in the Crimea and the impending privatization of an important component of the Russian state-run weapons industry. Lastly, he looks at the sensationalist account that appeared in the Russian semi-tabloid press about the U.S. working on a genetic biological weapon against Russia.

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Show Notes

Parlamentskaya Gazeta November 3, 2017

Nezavisimaya Gazeta November 2, 2017

RBK November 7, 2017

Komsomolskaya Pravda November 3, 2017


Interview With Rania Masri On Saudi Arabia And Kidnapping Of Lebanese Prime Minister Shadowproof

If you would like to support the show and help keep us going strong, please become a subscriber on our Patreon page.

When Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariris plane landed in Saudi Arabia on November 3, his phone was confiscated. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not send an entourage to greet him like a dignitary. The next day, he appeared in a taped broadcast on a Saudi television station and read a statement that suggested he had resigned.

Hariri has essentially been held incommunicado for over a week, even though a few heads of state have apparently been allowed to see him under the supervision of Saudi authorities. Lebanese President Michel Aoun demands the Saudis end this blunt and bare-faced intervention in the countrys domestic affairs. It likely involves the Saudi regimes disapproval of how he has handled Hezbollah.

Was this all meant to provoke an Israeli military assault on Lebanon?

Hariris detention unfolds as Salman and others simultaneously burnish their image in the world press as reformers. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud launched an anti-corruption probe and rounded up hundreds of princes, investors, and moguls, who are detained at a Ritz Carlton hotel. The move does not seem to involve much due process, and it is quite clearly an attempt to consolidate power.

This week on the Unauthorized Disclosure podcast, Arab American professor and activist Rania Masri joins the show to unpack and contextualize all that has happened with Saudi Arabia and Lebanon in the past days.

Masri briefly outlines political responses in Lebanon, what the Saudi regime may be seeking to accomplish, and how media is whitewashing the regime by treating the Crown Prince as a reformer. She also addresses the blaming of Iran for the escalation in tensions. And, later in the show, she recaps the first year of Donald Trumps presidency and how the administration has reinforced the agenda of the Saudi regime.

Listen to the interview with Rania Masri by clicking on the above player or by going here.


Below is a partial transcript from the interview:

RANIA KHALEK: Walk us through what happened last week, beginning with how we got to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigning on al Arabiya to today and what...


If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesnt Worry You, Youre Not Paying Attention The Free Thought Project

saudi arabiaA dramatic geo-political realignment by Saudi Arabia is in full swing this month as heads of state are arrested, banished and killed.


Helios Day Mood. Freethought Blogs

Heilung Krigsgaldr. (The video is mesmerizing, dont miss it.) If you havent seen them live, I recommend it, but avoid the comments.

Heilung is amplified history from early medieval northern Europe and should not be mistaken for a modern political or religious statement of any kind.

Remember that we all are brothers
All people, beasts, tree and stone and wind
We all descend from the one great being
That was always there
Before people lived and named it
Before the first seed sprouted


Freudian Fraud: Sex and Psychoanalysis - Veterans Today Veterans Today

  by Jonas E. Alexis On his way to America in 1909, Sigmund Freud declared: We are bringing them the plague.[1] That plague was none other than psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis, in its whole scope, is or was a system that sought to subvert classical psychology, which started with the Greeks and which was to a large []


Researchers Have Devised A Way To Charge Smartphones With Ambient Light TruthTheory

By Christianna Reedy
Researchers at Dracula Technologies have devised a method to charge cell phones with ambient light. They have created thin, flexible solar cells that can be printed in any shape or color using an inkjet printer.


These days, we use our cell phones for a lot more than just making calls. Smartphones have become essential tools for monitoring our healthinteracting with our vehicles, and entering the world of augmented reality.

But these expanded smartphone functions have brought with them the need for us to find new ways to keep our cell phones charged. Recently, some have attempted to power smartphones through wireless power transmission or by capturing the kinetic energy of the users movements.  Now, researchers have devised a method to charge cell phones with ambient light....


Black Police Chief Fired For Confronting Racism In His Department Filming Cops

The police chief of a town in Maryland was fired after he took huge steps at calling out and fighting racism within his department. A crowd of supporters for the

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Five Horrifying Reasons to Never Call the Cops if Youre Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old The Free Thought Project

policeDue to their propensity to escalate violence, police should be a last resort when attempting to defuse a situation involving someone with special needs.


Battle of Al Bu-Kamal: Al-Baghdadis Last Stand - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Nauman Sadiq for Veterans Today Last week, the Islamic States self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, reportedly fled across the border from the town of Rawa in Iraq to the last bastion of the Islamic State in Syria, the border town of Al Bu-Kamal. On Thursday, the Syrian government and allied militias announced victory in []


Wisconsin DOJ Claims 14 Year Old Called 911 and Described Himself Before Deputy Fatally Shot Him Filming Cops

The Wisconsin Department of Justice released the initial findings of its investigation into the fatal police shooting of 14-year-old Jason Pero of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

The post Wisconsin DOJ Claims 14 Year Old Called 911 and Described Himself Before Deputy Fatally Shot Him appeared first on Filming Cops.


Troopaganda Eats Its Own Tail OpEdNews

Once war is understood as having no actual justification, but rather as having as many different justifications as participants, what if it occurs to someone to suggest that perhaps war isn't justifiable at all?


Phase Two of Terror Attacks Ready to Commence-Biological Agents Dispersed by Drones Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Phase Two of Terror Attacks Ready to Commence-Biological Agents Dispersed by ISIS Drones


The elite in this country are in full retreat. What do they know what the rest of us do not? Why are they apparently running for their lives?


I have had contact with some who have permanently bugged out. And the ones  that I have had contact with say they are running for the following reasons in order:

  1. World War III
  2. A deadly purge within the military and the intelligence agencies
  3. Chemical and/or biological attack

This article focuses on the reason #3, Chemical and/or biological attacks. Paul Martin and I, as well as many unnamed others, have had extensive and pervasive communications with various insiders who are all saying the same thing. The rash of mass murder events is only the beginning in the reign of terror being perpetrated against the American people. This is only the opening act. The conflict between the Deep State and and the growing spirit of populism, the antithesis to the planned Deep State dictatorship which is the planned replacement to the Republic. The next phase of Deep State-inspired aggression will come in the form of chemical and biological attacks.

The Deep State vs. American Populism

Despite the most massive voter fraud schemes perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the anti-American Democrats, Donald Trump won the general election with almost 60 million votes. Most of these votes were not votes for Trump, most were votes against anyone who sounded like they were anti-Deep State (aka Lets drain the swamp)....


Mainstream Media Finally Exposes Disturbing YouTube Content of Exploited Children The Free Thought Project

youtubeKnown as Elsa-Gate on internet message boards, a dark series of videos exploiting children and preying on them on YouTube has flourished -- until now.


Camden County Police Officer Indicted For Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girl Filming Cops

MOUNT HOLLY A Camden County police officer has been indicted on charges claiming he sexually assaulted a teenage girl. Tyler J. Chrupcala, 25, of Riverton, was indicted Tuesday on

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Episode #210 High Anxiety in Arabia guests Eisa Ali, Dean Henderson 21st Century Wire

Episode #210 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on Nov 12th 2017 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you this weeks LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) covering all the top news stories worldwide


5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)

This week the SUNDAY WIRE is broadcasting LIVE as host Patrick Henningsen is joined by in-studio guest host Mike Robinson from UK Column covering this weeks stories from the US, UK and internationally. This week, palace intrigue and The Great Saudi Purge of 2017 continues as the regions trillionaire oil haven and feudal theocratic dictatorship continues to clean house at behest of Washington, London and Tel Aviv in order to prepare for what looks like the next big war. To discuss what this crisis means in relation to Middle East neighbors Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, well connect with international correspondent Eisa Ali live from Iraq. Afterwards, well take a deeper dive behind the scenes with Saudis insider oil and financial ties, its US holdings, and future of the US dollar with Dean Henderson, author of Big Oil & Their Bankers and editor at his blog Left Hook. Later in the show, host Patrick also delivers another blow to the Resistance exposing the Shakespearean tragedy of the Russia Hacking hoax and explains why Hillary Rodham Clinton might have very well been one of the worse presidential candidates in US history a...

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