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Saturday, 27 January


Second acts for abusers Freethought Blogs

While there have been several cases of high-profile people losing their perches because they sexually harassed and abused people over whom they had power, one cannot help but wonder if after some time has elapsed and they fade from the headlines, they will slowly creep back into positions of prominence. Sometimes, they move quickly into new positions where they still exercise power over people, thanks to the good old boy network that protects its own.

Justin Elliot and Ariana Tobin at ProPublica report on one such case where an executive at the Red Cross who committed gross acts of abuse then went on to a job at Save The Children, aided by a glowing recommendation from a senior executive at Red Cross who knew about his abusive behavior. The Red Cross has been under fire for a whole range of bad practices (which is why it is one charity I do not support) and this adds to its bad reputation.

When Save the Children hired Gerald Anderson in 2013, the global charity believed it was hiring a veteran humanitarian executive with a sterling resume. Anderson had spent more than 15 years working around the world for the American Red Cross, rising through the ranks to lead the groups massive relief effort after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. After that, the Red Cross made him head of its half-billion-dollar response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Perhaps most crucially, the Red Cross gave him very positive references, including from a senior official, Save the Children said.

But the Red Cross didnt tell its counterparts at Save the Children an important fact about Andersons work history: He had just been forced to resign from his job after the charity concluded he sexually harassed at least one subordinate.

Andersons accusers were dismayed when a top Red Cross official praised Anderson in an October 2012 email announcing his departure. David Meltzer, then senior vice president for international services, wrote that he regretted to announce Anderson had decided to make a change. Meltzer said he was grateful to Anderson for his leadership, lauded him for two decades of dedication and hard work in furthering the international mission of ARC, and wished him well in his future endeavors. Meltzer and Anderson are personal friends, according to five people.

A few days later, at a staff meeting, Meltzer, who is now the Red Cross general counsel, went further. He said he was upset Anderson was leaving and that if it were up to him, Anderson would continue working at the Red Cross, according to three attendees. It was flabbergasting. If you are a woman sitting in this room, and you have ever been harassed by Jerry Anderson, youve just heard from the VP that he does not believe you or support you, said Amy Gaver, then an officia...


ANY Fearless Congressman Could Legally Read the FISA Document on the House Floor Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

A release of the FISA document is not needed. ANY member of Congress could read the document, in its entirety, on the floor of the House of Representatives. Why wont they? What are they afraid of?


For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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Problematic Women Episode #29: Womens March, Suzanne Somers, And Planned Parenthood The Federalist

In this weeks episode of #ProblematicWomen, Kelsey Harkness of The Daily Signal and Bre Payton, a staff writer at The Federalist, discuss the Womens March and continued attacks against women in the White House. The two also discuss Cecile Richards plans to step down from her role as president at Planned Parenthood.

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here. 


Fox News Lou Dobbs Makes Stunning Remarks Regarding the Deep State Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Breaking and stunning! Lou Dobbs of Fox News has been making some bold comments regarding the Deep State on his recent broadcasts.



For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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 Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to The Common Sense Show will receive 10% off their next order by mentioning Hodges10 in the coupon code box.  Dont wait until it is too late. Click Here for more information.




Kushner refuses to talk to Senate Judiciary Committee OpEdNews

As Grassley frets over the committee getting Kushner to sit down for questions, there is another option -- he could subpoena the witness to appear. But don't get in a hurry. Grassley is more concerned here with frowning at Feinstein than he is about whether or not the committee ever gets at the truth.


Ben Swanns Reality Check is Back and Its All Thanks to Cryptocurrency The Free Thought Project


The show responsible for making the establishment cringe and run for the shadows is coming back. Ben Swann's Reality Check is back and powered by cryptocurrency.

The post Ben Swanns Reality Check is Back and Its All Thanks to Cryptocurrency appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


The Turkish Invasion of Afrin and International Solidarity It's Going Down

The post The Turkish Invasion of Afrin and International Solidarity appeared first on It's Going Down.

In this interview we talk with a Turkish born anarchist that now lives in the United States, but has spent time in Kurdistan, about the recent Turkish invasion of Afrin and what it means for the ongoing social experiment happening in Rojava.

We start off by discussing the history of the region and its importance for anti-authoritarians and anarchists, as it is a social movement that while growing out of nationalism and Leninism, has distinctly rejected the State as a form of social organization and in turn embraced feminism, ecology, and Democratic Confederalism.

We then move on to discuss both the goal of the Turkish invasion of Afrin; to crush the Kurds and potentially destroy the autonomous communities within Rojava, as well as talk about the role of the United States, both during the fight against ISIS, and in the current context of Turkish aggression, along with a host of other State actors, while addressing some critiques and questions that have arisen during the battle of Raqqa.


American Standard Bathtub Bathtub Ideas


Evolution 72X36 Inch Deep Soak Bathtub - American Standard

American Standard Bathtub - When you think of contemporary bathtubs, you probably think in terms of a spa, Jacuzzi or whirlpool. To be a contemporary twist to a classic idea, not too many consider a deep bathtub. Deep wooden bath-tubs were employed by the Japanese for centuries within their bathing rituals. They've become well-known in The United States for their attributes that were soaking. Many use Japan bath tub or Ofuro bath-tub as a Jacuzzi. They can be jetted and have a heater attached to the water resource to provide you with all the soothing and calming sprays of water that was hot water. Many of these are made from wood that is sealed.

A more more sophisticated bath tub would function as cast iron claw-foot bathtub. These, like the Japanese bath-tubs, are deep and excellent for soaking as well as bathing. They can serve two uses in one-unit. They are generally produced from fiberglass or acrylic today even though some can be purchased in cast iron. When draining, modern bathtubs are not as primitive as this and typically do not soak your floor.


Designs: Terrific American Standard Bathtub Inspirations. American


American Standard Cambridge 5 Ft. Americast Right-Hand Drain


Bathroom: Modern Bathroom Design With Wall Tub Faucet And American


American Standard Cadet 5.5 Ft. Acrylic Flatbottom Non-Whirlpool


New Salem 60X30 Inch Integral Apron Bathtub - American Standard


Shop American Standard Princeton 60-In White Reinforced Porcelain



Blogging anniversary Freethought Blogs

It was 13 years ago today that I decided to try this new thing called blogging. It was hosted by a newly installed blogging platform at my university and the friendly people working there helped me get over the initial difficulties of learning how to do basic things. I did not expect to blog for long but here I am, still plugging away and having fun.


Cops Now Charge Businesses Thousands to Provide Them Police ProtectionJust Like the Mafia The Free Thought Project


Just like in Hollywood movies in which the mafia forces business owners to pay for "protection," Detroit police are following suit.

The post Cops Now Charge Businesses Thousands to Provide Them Police ProtectionJust Like the Mafia appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


This is How Hawaiian Residents Celebrated After the False Missile Attack This Month TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Imagine going about your day, checking off chores when all of a sudden, you learn that a nuclear missile is headed for the state you live in. Like any person, youd grab a few items near and dear to your heart, then dive for cover.

This is exactly what tourists and residents in Hawaii were urged to do last week. After news of a missile attack was declared, people dove into storm drains and scrambled to find shelter. Shortly after, they learned that the missile attack was false and that they would all survive the day.

If you had been on the Big Island, how would you have celebrated upon learning that the attack was false? The answer for many tourists and locals in Hawaii is very clear, and we have Pornhub to thank.

Days after the incident, the internet porn giant released data showing that from the minute the missile alert went out, traffic to the website declined by nearly 80 percent in Hawaii. Perhaps the 20 percent were otherwise occupied and missed the news. Regardless, Pornhub witnessed a huge drop-off in its usual traffic levels for a Saturday. What came next, however, was unexpected.

As soon as residents and tourists learned they would not die, the website experienced a massive surge in its traffic. To educate the public, Pornhub released the chart below to display the traffic levels during the whole ordeal.



Americas National Defense Is Really Offense The Last American Vagabond

On Friday, the Pentagon released an unclassified summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy report. On the same day, Secretary of Defense James Mattis delivered prepared remarks relating to the document. Reading the summary is illuminating, to say the least, and somewhat disturbing, as it focuses very little on actual defense of the realm and relates []

The post Americas National Defense Is Really Offense appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Papers Please: Daily Citizenship Checks on Buses Across Maine Highlight Constitution-Free Zone Activist Post

By Joe Wright Still unknown to much of the U.S. population is the fact that they reside within a Constitution-Free Zone, as it has been...


We Need More Than a "Not Trump" Strategy for Real Change OpEdNews

The dreadfulness of Trump may be helping sustain the neoliberal Democrats' chances of winning back nominal power simply by being the "Not Trump" party. The "anybody but Trump" strategy that failed for Democrats in 2016 is alive and well, with a strong overlay of conspiratorial and neo-McCarthyite Russophobia added on.


Cancer Chronicles 8: One one thousand, Two one thousand Freethought Blogs

Got to disengage the giant capsule today, yay! Wow, that goes a long way towards feeling normal again. That chemo pump has a terrible weight to it, which has nothing to do with the physicality of it. Okay, this chronicle is mostly pictorial. Ill caption whats going on.

Okay. Once the pump is empty, first step is to switch the line to 'off' - you just slide the tube from the open flow notch to the pinch end. Easy peasy.

Okay. Once the pump is empty, first step is to switch the line to off you just slide the tube from the open flow notch to the pinch end. Easy peasy.

Next, get your bag of goodies out and ready. You'll have alcohol wipes, gloves, two loaded syringes for flushing, and a bandage.

Next, get your bag of goodies out and ready. Youll have alcohol wipes, gloves, two loaded syringes for flushing, and a bandage.

Even if you don't think you need to do this, go over your instructions once before you begin, because you really don't need to fuck something up, and end up with an unnecessary trip back to hospital, yeah? After a few times, it will become old hat.

Even if you dont think you need to do this, go over your instructions once before you begin, because you really dont need to fuck something up, and end up with an unnecessary trip back to hospital, yeah? After a few times, it will become old hat.


A Decade of Strong Towns - Year 1 Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

This is the tenth year of Strong Towns and, as we head towards our official anniversary in November, Ive been asked to reflect on how we got here. Ill do so a year at a time. This month Im going back to the very beginning 2008 and talk about how this movement got started.

Chuck with daughter Chloe on vacation in San Diego, 2008. 

Chuck with daughter Chloe on vacation in San Diego, 2008. 

I wish I could say that Strong Towns is what I planned from the start, that a rapidly growing international movement for positive change in our cities, towns and neighborhoods was the original vision. Sadly, it wasnt.

Ive joked many times that writing the blog that became Strong Towns was cheaper than therapy. I joke, but its not far from the truth. I started writing here in November of 2008 because I didnt know what else to do. I was angry, frustrated and disillusioned with the world around me, a world that didnt make any sense, one that was falling apart on many levels in ways that seemed, for me, both easy to comprehend yet incomprehensible to everyone around me.

Back to School

In 2000, I had quit my comfortable and secure job as (and Im being modest here, but its true) somewhat of a rising star in a successful and growing engineering firm. I went back to graduate school for a planning degree thinking I would become a better engineer. I wound up understanding in time how bad of an engineer I was and how clueless I had been in my chosen profession. I became convinced that what the small towns and rural areas I worked with needed more than anything wasnt a better engineer, it was something resembling a competent planner.

Those places started to call, and I decided to answer those calls. By the time I finished my coursework at the University of Minnesotas Humphrey Institute, I had started my own planning firm and had hired a couple of my classmates to help me do planning work for more than a dozen cities,...


How Did Abortion Become A Monopartisan Issue? The Federalist

Charles Camosy is an associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University, and board member of Democrats For Life. Camosy joins this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss how abortion has become a partisan issue, and the future of the pro-life movement.

The danger I feel like the pro-life movement has run into nationally is theyve become monopartisan, Domenech said. That has led them to make decisions about who they support and where they support them that has taken away any opportunity to have somebody who is in the other party who is with them 60 or 70 percent of the time.

Listen to the full episode here:


Billionaire Omidyars Intercept: Government-Silicon Valley Nexus to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Newsbud

Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Webbs recent three-part investigative report exposing billionaire founder of the Intercept- Pierre Omidyar. Webb delves deep into Omidyars long-ongoing multi-billion dollar partnership with government agencies, including the CIA and NSA, questionable coincidences and ties between Omidyar-Snowden, Glenn Greenwalds hushed contract and arrangements with Omidyar to privatize Snowdens 500+K page leak, Freedom of Press Foundations betrayal of Wikileaks Julian Assange, and much more. Do not miss this explosive interview exposing the new trend in intercepting and neutralizing whistleblowers and their information.

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Show Notes

FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks

Palantir: The PayPal-offshoot Becomes a Weapon in the War Against Whistleblowers & WikiLeaks

Omidyars PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents

Glenn Greenwald Goes on Record: I Dont Doubt PayPal Cooperates with NSA!



2018 Looks To Be Another Good Year for Weapons Makers Activist Post

By William D. Hartung As Donald Trump might put it, major weapons contractors like Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin cashed in bigly in his first...


Act Now In Solidarity With Honduras PopularResistance.Org

Over 30 people have been murdered, many of whom were killed by the Military Police or other state security forces who fired live bullets at protesters, and hundreds of others have been injured or tortured.  According to human rights organization COFADEH (Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras), over one thousand people have been detained and many are facing criminal charges aimed at silencing dissent. Others have been victims of torture or have had to flee for their lives. Security forces have entered neighborhoods, setting off teargas inside homes with children present, and seizing adults for arbitrary arrests. Jesuit priest Father Melo has received death threats and he and other social movement leaders have been the subject of vicious defamation campaigns.


FBI Responds to Kidnapping by Killing the Innocent HostageCriminals Just Fine The Free Thought Project


An innocent father was shot and killed by the same FBI agents who were supposed to be rescuing him after he and his son were tied up and taken hostage.

The post FBI Responds to Kidnapping by Killing the Innocent HostageCriminals Just Fine appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


US Capitalism Lets Children And Mothers Die PopularResistance.Org

One of the authors of a recent study of U.S. childrens deaths told an interviewer that, The U.S. is the most dangerous of wealthy, democratic countries in the world for children  Across all ages and in both sexes, children have been dying more often in the U.S. than in similar countries since the 1980s. The report was published online January 8 in Health Affairs. Ninety percent of the deaths analyzed there were of infants and older adolescents. According to the authors, we examined mortality trends for [20] nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for children ages 019 from 1961 to 2010 using publicly available data. They discovered that, Over the fifty-year study period, the lagging US performance amounted to over 600,000 excess deaths.


Over 1,000 Rhinos Were Slaughtered In South Africa Last Year TruthTheory

By Jess Murray Truth Theory

The figure for the number of rhinos that have been poached during 2017 have just been released, and following all of the increased awareness, education and knowledge, those figures should have decreased compared with previous years, right?

Well, they have in fact decreasedby 26. There were 26 less rhinos slaughtered for their keratin horns in 2017 compared to the previous year, and although this may sound positive at first, there were still 1,028 rhinos illegally slaughtered in South Africa. This is in comparison to a decade prior, when just 13 rhinos were killed in 2007.

Jimmiel Mandima, from the Nairobi-based African Wildlife Foundation, told Nat Geo, While this may look like progress on paper, its overshadowed by the fact that rhino populations are still in critical danger. A small drop in yearly poaching statistics doesnt tip the scales against the imminent threat of extinction.

Although these figures are only from one African country, it is important to note that South Africa is home to around 80% of the entire population of the worlds 29,000 rhinos. Despite the latest figures showing us that rhino killings have decreased, the small reduction is showing conservationists that these losses are not sustainable to save t...


Daily Inspiration --- Science in its Place OpEdNews

Science then Shall be a precious visitant; and then, And only then, be worthy of her name: For then her heart shall kindle; her dull eye, Dull and inanimate, no more shall hang Chained to its object in brute slavery; But taught with patient interest to watch The processes of things, and serve the cause Of order and distinctness,


What Is A Sapiosexual And Could You Be One? TruthTheory


Intelligence is enormously sexy.  ~ Frank Langella, actor

Who are you exactly?  What do you like, love, hate, and why?  As F. Bacon once said it is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself.

Therefore, my hope is that this article will help you learn something new about yourself, something that you can say damn, Im cerebrally splendid about.  Bon Apptit.


Do your synapses sizzle away as your sensory pathways are overstimulated by intelligent banter and witty wisecracks?  Do you feel like licking the frontal lobe of every astute person you meet, and orgasmically exulting in every debate you have with every brainy whiz you assemble with?  If so, youre probably a Sapiosexual.

As defined by Sapiosexual Kayar Silkenvoice, Sapiosexuality is both a noun:

A person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others. (noun)

And an adjective:

Of, or relating to, finding intellectual stimulation sexually arousing. (adjective)

Sapiosexuality is also a neologism (a newly created word) and comes from the Latin sapien, meaning wise or intelligent and sexualis, relating to sexuality.



John Pilger On Mainstream Media And Imperial Power PopularResistance.Org

Emmy award-winning filmmaker John Pilger is among the most important political filmmakers of the 20th and 21st century. From Vietnam to Palestine to atomic war, Pilgers work has been on the cutting edge, and his stinging critique of western media has always be revelatory. And, no doubt, his biting analysis is more relevant and important now than ever.  His latest film, The Coming War on China powerfully presages the growing potential for war between the US and China. Randy Credico and Dennis J Bernstein spoke with Pilger on January 18 about the multiple failures of the corporate press in fanning the phony flames of Russiagate, and turning its back on Julian Assangeacting more like prosecutors than journalists, whose responsibility it is to monitor the centers of power and report back to the people.


How to Become TripAdvisors #1 Fake Restaurant TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

The rules of the world and success grew ever more mysterious when freelance writer Oobah Butler tricked the London elite into bargaining for a table at a restaurant that didnt exist. However, Butlers wildly audacious project was born of disenchantment. He began his career writing fake TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants. Watching his work turn low performing dens into high-end hotspots led to his realisation that TripAdvisor touted a false reality. He grew frustrated at how seriously everyone took the platform but after having spent years thinking, the only bit of TripAdvisor that is unfakeable is a restaurant itself a light bulb illuminated in his head. And the tenacious 25 year old walked out to his back garden to begin visualising his outdoor restaurant, aptly named The Shed at Dulwich, using this three step guide to make his enormous ruse manifest:

Step 1: Build a website and start uploading pictures of the menu your restaurant has on offer, as well as other supporting materials that will get across the vibe of your pseudo establishment to prospective customers.

Step 2: Get verified on TripAdvisor and get your friends to start writing reviews of your restaurant.  Get your friends friends to do the same and keep them rolling out at an appropriate frequency. Think in terms of months.

Step 3: (And this is the cypher) Bolster the illusion of demand by making your restaurant appointment only. Not only does this mean that no one will turn up to blow your whole operation wide open but it plays on the human psychological condition. We all want what few others have. If we can be among the elite few to get it well have the other 99% to laud our l...


Local News Warns Of A Fourth Snowfall And Geoengineering For Houston The Last American Vagabond

The weather is doing some unusual things this year, and there is no consensus on what is bringing about such dramatic changes to our climate. Is it global warming, climate change, ocean warming, or maybe geoengineering? The gulf port city of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the United States, has already seen three snowfalls []

The post Local News Warns Of A Fourth Snowfall And Geoengineering For Houston appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


TeleSUR Englishs Day In Facebook Jail Raises Doubts About Silicon Valley Hospitality PopularResistance.Org

QUITO, ECUADOR  Facebook users who followed Latin American news outlet teleSUR English were confused on Tuesday when the fan page suffered a mysterious disappearance from the site that lasted nearly a full day. The pages deletion and subsequent reemergence raised questions about potential censorship by the California-based social networking giant, which has previously acted at the behest of repressive governments and faces pressure from U.S. officials and traditional media to crack down on so-called fake news. The page has a modest presence on Facebook about 400,000 followers as well as millions of social media interactions, such as comments, likes, shares and views. The page also hosts tens if not hundreds of hours of originally-produced video content including original programs, documentaries, and tightly-edited one-minute clips.


Redefining Leather: This Company Uses Mushrooms To Create Sustainable Alternatives In Fashion TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

MycoWorks is a company that is good for people and great for the Earth. The founders are from some of the worlds leading teaching and research institutions such as Stanford University and Berkeley University. They came together to innovate a product that doesnt rely on animal consumption. Using one of natures most abundant resources mushrooms, they have found a way to manufacture leather.

We love the qualities of leather, but its a resourceintensive product that is tied to the livestock industry. At MycoWorks, we found a solution in nature.

We have created a new kind of leather grown rapidly from mycelium and agricultural byproducts in a carbon-negative process. Our custom-engineered material is sustainable, versatile, and animal-free. Best of all, it feels and performs like leather.

The material is water-resistant, breathable and unlike animal hides, it can be grown to nearly any size and shape. The vegan leather can be soft, hard, flexible or even sewable, making it a biodegradable alternative that seeks to solve todays greatest challenges. This company has shown us first hand that it can help build a better world with natures best tools.

In this video entitled The Funghi in Your Future, Phillip Ross, MycoWorks CEO explains the manufacturing process in greater detail.

Image Credit...


Ian R. Crane: The Mother Frackers just got seriously SPANKED! 21st Century Wire

On Thursday, the fracking industry was dealt a major blow as UK business secretary Greg Clark demanded that Third Energy, a spin-off of Barclays, submit their full accounting before any decision can be made on their application to frack Kirby Misperton. According to anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane, the announcement is quite possibly a watershed moment for the campaign against The Mother Frackers.

In Cranes latest video report, he documented the new developments. Watch:


Yesterday was an absolutely seminal day in the UK anti-fracking campaign, in particular of course the campaign against the Mother Frackers here in England. The Mother Frackers were seriously SPANKED, from so many different quarters

And then to cap it all off last night, Greg Clark, finally, did what he is supposed to do, and demanded that Third Energy submit their accounts. And he basically stated that he was not going to sign off on the application by Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton until at the very least they had submitted their full accounts.

One way or another, Thursday, January 25th, 2018, I think was quite possibly the day in which the zeitgeist of the country just might have got through to the socio-psychopathic Mother Frackers who are determined do what it takes to further their addiction to greed but in the process destroy the ecology, to destroy the agricultural industry of this country.

And just maybe, just maybe, what were seeing, yesterday, is an insight into the lack of enthusiasm within the British government now to pursue an agenda that clearly does not have the support of the British people.

READ MORE FRACKING NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Fracking Files



Orgs Call On FEMA To Address Critical Housing Needs Of Disaster-Impacted Families PopularResistance.Org

Washington DC  More than 250 national, state, and local organizations called on FEMA to implement proven disaster-recovery housing solutions like the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) for families with the lowest incomes. They note that the need for DHAP is underscored by FEMAs recent decision to abruptly end its Transitional Shelter Assistance (TSA) for displaced Puerto Rican families in Connecticut. In a recent letter to FEMA Administrator Brock Long, the Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition (DHRC) comprised of more than 250 organizations led by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) called on FEMA to address the longer term needs of low income people displaced by the recent hurricanes and wildfires.


Cronkite News: White House promises to deliver immigration plan Indianz.Com News

A reported White House plan could give the so-called Dreamers a path to citizenship over 10 or more years.


Coming soon to an election precinct near you: The Revenge of the American Voter OpEdNews

"We know things are bad -- worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy. Now I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell: 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take this anymore!"


Brazils Democracy Pushed Toward The Abyss PopularResistance.Org

The rule of law and the independence of the judiciary are fragile achievements in many countries and susceptible to sharp reversals. Brazil, the last country in the Wessstern world to abolish slavery, is a fairly young democracy, having emerged from dictatorship just three decades ago. In the past two years, what could have been a historic advancement the Workers Party government granted autonomy to the judiciary to investigate and prosecute official corruption has turned into its opposite. As a result, Brazils democracy is now weaker than it has been since military rule ended. This week, that democracy may be further eroded as a three-judge appellate court decides whether the most popular political figure in the country, former President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva of the Workers Party, will be barred from competing in the 2018 presidential election, or even jailed.


Let's Change The Game In 2018 OpEdNews

Stark contrast between Trump's vision for America and the progressive view.


Julian Assange Could Walk Free TODAY After Plea to London Court to Drop Erroneous Charge The Free Thought Project


Within hours, Julian Assange could be a free man as his legal council moved to have the erroneous charge being held over his head dropped.

The post Julian Assange Could Walk Free TODAY After Plea to London Court to Drop Erroneous Charge appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Hindu extremists get mad over a film Freethought Blogs

Hindu extremists in India are threatening violence if a new Bollywood film Padmavaat is released that they allege depicts a romance between queen Padmaavati and a 14th century Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji. They have not seen the film and the filmmakers say the film does not show this and have offered an advance screening to allay their fears. But hell hath no fury like an enraged religious extremist and now that they have got worked up, they are not going to calm down easily.

Not being steeped in Indian history, I am not sure what exactly the problem is. Is the very idea of the queen having any romance at all the problem or is it because it was with a Muslim? Wikipedia suggests that she was actually a fictional character in an epic poem, though he actually existed. The fact that she may be fictional does not seem to be a factor because we know that violently defending the honor of fictional entities is a common religious trait and there have been mob rampages attacking totally innocent and defenseless people.

In Gurgaon, just outside the Indian capital New Delhi, protesters attacked a school bus. They threw stones at the bus as petrified students crouched on the floor of the bus in fear, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. No one was injured in the attack.

In a separate incident in the city, a bus was torched by a mob, blocking a major highway.
The protesters carried sticks and caused minor injuries to 14 people, said B.S. Sandhu, a senior police official, adding that police had detained 15 protesters.

We will not tolerate any violence in the name of protests against a movie, Sandhu added. Sporadic rioting did take place but no one will be allowed to protest now.

Similar riots unfolded in other cities, with baton-wielding police charging protesters in Etawah in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh state as they marched through the streets. Demonstrators also blocked a passenger train in the city of Mathura in the state.

One group of people has threatened to kill themselves.

A group of about 150 women belonging to the Rajput community have threatened to burn themselves alive if the film was released.

The government should either ban the film, or give us the permission to kill ourselves, one of the women told Indian broadcaster Times Now.

I am not sure why they think they need permission from the government to kill themselves or what giving permission for suicide might look like, but it is a good idea. Given the nightmare of Indian bureaucracy, they would probably have to go to several government offices, fill out f...


Honduran Anti-Fraud Protesters Clamor For Justice As State Killings Continue PopularResistance.Org

Virgilio Yareth vila loved to sing. The 16-year-old high school student also played drums at his church. Thats where he was headed on a Monday afternoon last month. vila left the simple family home and walked up to the gravel road to cross the highway that bisects the town of Agua Blanca Sur, 10 miles south of El Progreso, Honduras. Minutes later, gunshots rang out. vilas mother started running up the road after her son. When she reached the highway, she found one of her older sons weeping in anguish. Police had opened fire on residents blockading the highway as part of ongoing nationwide protests against election fraud. vila had been shot in the head. He was still breathing, but in my heart I knew I was going to lose him, vilas mother told Toward Freedom. As she approached, she asked police not to shoot.


Bicycle Touring Trash Picker-Uppers Extraordinaire OpEdNews

Enter Seth Orme and Abby Taylor, two long distance touring cyclists who pedaled 5,025 miles across the United States in 2017 to pick up 1,200 pounds of trash from Cumberland Island, Georgia to Cape Flattery Washington. They packed out that trash in their trusty B.O.B. (beast of burden) trailer to the next public trash can.


James Giago Davies: That struggle to remember what to remember Indianz.Com News

My main worry right now is I will write this same column, six months from now, forgetting I wrote this column.


5 Things We Learned About The Russia Investigation This Week The Federalist

In the last few months, weve discovered that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee funded a dossier, using sources connected to the Kremlin, which likely started the Obama intelligence agencies investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Nothing in that dossier, aside from information publicly available before it was written, has been verified.

Nevertheless, the FBI may have used that dossier to obtain a warrant at the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court to spy on the Trump campaign. Intelligence community officials also briefed Congress, president-elect Trump, and President Obama on the unverified dossier, which granted the document a legitimacy it most certainly did not earn. Then the Clinton campaigns media allies used all of this to write stories in the home stretch of the 2016 election, alleging that Trump was a corrupt Russian stooge.

In the last week, even more bombshells have dropped. In response, Democrats and their media allies have flooded the airwaves with the stuff Bess Truman wanted Harry to call horse manure. This makes sense. Many are so invested in the collusion narrative that a severe-enough blowback where it is found that Hillary colluded with Russia, not Trump, for example could destroy American institutions that wield enormous amounts of power.

Those at risk include the Democrat Partys media appendages, such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Business Insider, The Hill, and Vox. Even the Democrat Party, at least the uber-corporatist manifestation that we see today, faces an existential crisis.

In other words, it will get much worse before it gets any better. In the meantime, to cut through all the medias horse manure, here are five things weve learned about the so-called Russia investigation in the last week (and, at the end, what you can do about it).

1. The FISA Abuse Memo

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) constructed a memo using Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) documents. Nunes viewed the documents in a secure room, and couldnt take the documents out. Despite congressional subpoenas, the FBI and DOJ have refused to release these documents to congressional investigators in the House and Senate.

The Nunes memo details FISA abuse by senior FBI officials. This memo reportedly alleges that the secret FISA court, meant to grant warrants to secretly spy on U.S. citizens who are engaged in espionage for a foreign power, was not given full info on the Trump-Russia dossier.

The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee all voted to allow the entire U.S. House to see the memo. The ever-transparent Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, and every other Democrat on the committee voted to keep other...


70% Nutella Discount Leads To Riots In French Supermarkets TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

The price of Nutella was dropped from 4.50 to 1.40 in selected supermarkets in France, leading to what has been described as riots.  

A discount on Nutella in the French supermarket chain Intermarch has led to violent scenes. Intermarch dropped the price by 70% from 4.50 to 1.40 which led to the caos.

The police had to be called as people started to fight and push each other.

They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand, ...


Of The Nature Of Snakes. Freethought Blogs

The snake squeezes through a slot in a narrow tower. The straightforward snake is nonethless shown with wings. Although the text says the snake goes through a rima (crack) in a rock, most of the second family of Bestiaries show the snake going through a masonry tower. This image appeared due to a misreading of the word rima for ruina (ruin).

The snake squeezes through a slot in a narrow tower. The straightforward snake is nonethless shown with wings. Although the text says the snake goes through a rima (crack) in a rock, most of the second family of Bestiaries show the snake going through a masonry tower. This image appeared due to a misreading of the word rima for ruina (ruin).

Text Translation:

Of the nature of snakes. The snake has three characteristics. The first of these is that when it grows old, its eyes grow dim; if it wants to regain its youth, it fasts for many days until its skin grows loose; then it seeks out a narrow crack in a rock, enters it, and scrapes through, sloughing off its old skin. Let us, too, through much affliction and abstinence in Christs name, slough off our former self and garb, and seek Christ, the spiritual rock, and the narrow crack, that is the strait gate (Matthew, 7:13).

The snakes second characteristic is this: when it comes to a river to drink water, it does not bring its venom with it, but discharges it into a pit. When we come together in church, drinking in the living, eternal water, to hear Gods heavenly word, we too should get rid of our venom, that is, earthly and evil desires.

The snakes third characteristic is this: if it sees a naked man, it fears him; if it sees him clothed, it attacks him. In the same way, we are to understand in spiritual terms, that for as long as Adam, the first man, was naked in Paradise, the serpent was unable to attack him; but after he was clothed, that is, in mortal flesh, then the serpent assaulted him. If you are clad in mortal clothes, that is, in your former self, and if you have grown old in evil days, the serpent attacks you. If, however, you divest yourself of the robes of princes and of the power of the darkness of this world, then the serpent, that is, the Devil, cannot attack you.

The snake, at the onset of blindness, wards it off by eating fennel. Thus, when it feels its eyes growing dim, it has recourse to remedies it knows, knowing that it can rely on their effect. The tortoise, when it feeds on the snakes entrails and becomes aware of the venom spreading through its own body, cures itself with oregano. If a snake tastes the spittle of a fasting m...


Native Sun News Today: Groups lose fight for water near sacred Mato Tipila Indianz.Com News

Conservation groups lost what they considered a battle for groundwater, land and cultural resources near Mato Tipila on January 19, when a federal appeals court here denied their pleadings over licensing of a uranium mine and mill near the sacred site.


DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Democratic Party's Grim Metaphor OpEdNews

Perez's leadership of the DNC during the last 11 months has been mediocre or worse. The problems go far beyond administrative failings, lack of inspirational impacts or shortcomings in fundraising. His mode of using progressive rhetoric while purging progressives from key DNC committees reflected a pattern.


Trump's Assault on Solar Masks an Epic Crisis in the Nuclear Industry OpEdNews

A major crisis in the nuclear power industry is threatening to shut four high-profile reactors, with more shutdowns to come. These closures could pave the way for thousands of new jobs in wind and solar, offsetting at least some of the losses from Trump's attack.


Veterans Challenge Islamophobia Campaign PopularResistance.Org

Veterans For Peace and the Veterans Challenge Islamophobia campaign are participating in the We Are All America week of action from January 27th through February 3rd to protest the one-year anniversary of the first iteration of the Muslim Ban and show solidarity with those still impacted by the current bans on people from nine Muslim-majority nations and refugees. Although all versions of the ban have been ruled to be discriminatory by multiple courts, Muslim Ban 3.0 is currently in effect and is causing heartbreak for American families and their relatives abroad. The Trump administration has also cracked down on refugee admissions by instituting more burdensome screening requirements, lowering the United States annual refugee cap to 45,000, and proposing more limits on family reunification.


FISA Extension Puts Journalists at Risk WhoWhatWhy

Cape Towns Water Problem (Russ)

South Africas bustling hub is set to be water-less by April. Heres why.

The Fate of Imprisoned ISIS Fighters? (Dan)

Thats what Kurds in Northern Syria are trying to decide as ISISs caliphate winds down. They will have to decide if basic rights like having a lawyer should apply to terrorists.

Trumps Fake News on Apple Taxes (Reader Steve)

Trump hailed Apples repatriated overseas profits as a huge win for his tax code. Well, thats fake news.

Egypts Sisi Versus Himself (Dan)

Egypts upcoming presidential election has only one candidate: the incumbent. President Fattah el-Sisi usurped power from Hosni Mubarak after the Arab Spring. Thanks to the arrest and public humiliation of other candidates, Sisi is doing everything he can to make sure no one does the same to him.

Apartheid State: Israel Condemned by South Africa at UN (Trevin)

During Tuesdays Universal Periodic Review, where over 100 countries shed light on Israeli violations against Palestinians, Israel accused its critics of veering away from human rights in favor of politics.

Is Ted Cruz in Trouble? (Jimmy)

A new poll shows his likely Democratic challenger within single digits.

The Pentagons Plan for Never-Ending War (Jimmy)

The author writes, Did the Pentagon just officially declare a new Cold War with both China and Russia while also committing to wage endless wars around the globe? Apparently, yes that was the central message of the Trump administrations newly released National Defense Strategy, which, as Andrew Bachevich noted, offers no strategy and isnt about defense.

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Newly Released Text Messages Reveal FBI Wanted to Investigate Clinton But Feared Her Wrath The Free Thought Project


Newly released text messages reveal the tyrannical grip Hillary Clinton had over Washington as investigators knew she was corrupt but were too scared of what she might do to them to investigate.

The post Newly Released Text Messages Reveal FBI Wanted to Investigate Clinton But Feared Her Wrath appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


U.S. And Turkey Agreed On The Assassination Of Kurdish Politicians And Field Commanders The Last American Vagabond

After Turkey had unleashed a military operation in the north of Syria it became clear that Erdogan is ready for decisive actions on this issue. On January 25, the Kurdish command initiated the redeployment of its troops from Deir Ezzor and Al Hasakah to the area of Manbij. In response to these events, the American []

The post U.S. And Turkey Agreed On The Assassination Of Kurdish Politicians And Field Commanders appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Snowshape. Freethought Blogs

Click for full size.

C. Ford, all rights reserved.


Newsbud Exclusive- The Nuclear Insanity of the Trump Administration. Newsbud

President Donald Trump and his generals are ready to use tactical nuclear weapons against North Korea and its hereditary leader, Kim Jung-un.

In early January, the Pentagon sent three B-2 Spirit strategic stealth bombers along with approximately 200 Airmen attached to the 509th Bomb Wing to the Andersen Air Force Base located on Guam in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean, according to Business Insider.

The nuclear capable B-2s join an unspecified number of B-1B Lancers deployed to Guam to support the US Pacific Commands (USPACOM) Continuous Bomber Presence mission. B-52 bombers are also stationed at the airbase.

The B-2 and B-52 comprise the air wing of the US nuclear triad. Both aircraft carry nuclear air-launched cruise missiles and also the B-61 gravity tactical nuclear bomb. It is currently the primary thermonuclear weapon in the Enduring Stockpile arsenal established after the Cold War. As of 2004, the arsenal included 5,886 strategic warheads and 1,120 tactical weapons. Of this number, 1,600 are B-61 and B-83 gravity bombs. The arsenal also includes 320 nuclear warheads for Tomahawk missiles.

The B-61 underwent modification and tests in October 2015. The bomb has two key difference from an earlier version, notes Russian military analyst Viktor Murakhovsky. It has the so-called scalable nuclear yield which allows for controlling the yield to a certain extent. In addition, its aerodynamic configuration and control surface makes the bomb extremely high-precision. The previous versions were developed several decades ago. Since nuclear warheads have limited operational time they need to be replaced from time to time. With the new bomb, the US has incorporated high-precision developments with the scalable nuclear yield technology.

Known as a nuclear bunker buster, the B-61 is designed to penetrate underground facilities, making it an ideal candidate for use against North Korea. It is estimated North Korea has hundreds of underground bunkers. In 2009, it was reported the regime planned to build over a thousand of these bunkers, many serving as decoys.

In 2010, it was reported by the Hong Kong bureau of the Canadian defense information center that Kim Jung-un has a huge underground command center...


President Trump urges investors to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into American economy Intellihub

Its no secret that President Trumps business skills have put America first which was the overall theme of the Presidents Davos speech

DAVOS, Switzerland (INTELLIHUB) President Donald Trump gave an amazing speech to investors at the World Economic Forum on Friday, and even scooped up a group of ultra-elite who plan to invest hundreds of billions of dollars into Americas newfound robust economy.

With the DOW Jones Industrial Average sitting at over 26,000, the highest level in history, President Trump has retained full-on bragging rights, after policies his administration implemented are now allowing individuals and businesses to reap the benefits.


The Commander-In-Chief explained to the Davos crowd how the DOW is up nearly fifty percent from what it was at the time of the election and pointed out that if the opposing party would have won it likely would have been down fifty percent.

The stock market is up over fifty percent since my election, he said. Had the Democrat would have won, I believe that we would have been down fifty percent.

Featured Image: CNBC/YouTube
2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channels America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Sheps World. Follow Shep on...


Monsantos Fingerprints All Over Newsweeks Hit On Organic Food PopularResistance.Org

If that name sounds familiar Henry I. Miller it may be because the New York Times recently revealed a scandal involving Miller: that he had been caught publishing an article ghostwritten by Monsanto under his own name in Forbes. The article, which largely mirrored a draft provided to him by Monsanto, attacked the scientists of the World Health Organizations cancer panel (IARC) for their decision to list Monsantos top-selling chemical, glyphosate, as a probable human carcinogen. Reporting on an email exchange released in litigation with Monsanto over cancer concerns, the TimesDanny Hakim wrote: Monsanto asked Mr. Miller if he would be interested in writing an article on the topic, and he said, I would be if I could start from a high-quality draft. The article appeared under Mr. Millers name, and with the assertion that opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.


The Daily Bird #601. Freethought Blogs

Stunning shot of a Pelican from David, click for full size!

Copyright David B., all rights reserved.


GOP Panics as Signs Point to Imminent Mueller Blockbuster OpEdNews

There is a strong chance that Trump will never voluntarily agree to testify under oath, no matter what he says. What Trump said to reporters on Wednesday, that he yearns to testify under oath, was totally meaningless because he also said his testimony is contingent upon the advice he receives from his lawyers.


5 Shutdown Lessons OpEdNews

On January 19th the federal government shut down. Two days later, Democratic leaders blinked and called off the shutdown. Even though Dems didn't get what they wanted, there were important lessons learned.


NFL Rejects Please Stand Ad for Super Bowl 52 [Video] Guardian Liberty Voice

Football fans across the globe are preparing for the sixth rematch in Super Bowl history.  Super Bowl 52 will feature the Eagles and Patriots as the teams go head-to-head for the 2o18 title. Prior to talk of the upcoming annual championship game, it had been awhile since players kneeling during the national anthem prior to []

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The End Game of the Globalists Is Coming Into Full View Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Rolled out on New Years Eve, over the night skies of Vegas, another major component of the police state surveillance grid is being rolled out in which every move of the citizenry will be under scrutiny. This is reminiscent of the TV show, Colony, in which the occupied populace has their every move and every conversation tracked. This could end up being one of the primary element of control in a police state similar to what we observe on the TV show.

There has been a media blitz regarding the authenticity of UFOs. This is a topic I have avoided, except to mention the false flag application of Project Blue Beam.

After decades of denial, one has to wonder why the mainstream media (MSM) is embracing the phenomenon without the usual accompanying giggle factor. I have never seen a time when this topic wasnt scoffed at in the MSM. However, the worm has turned, so to speak. In recent weeks, the media has been filled with what appears to be credible accounts of UFO sightings along with admonitions on why we should all pay attention.

Examples Giving Credibility to the Notion that Discosure Is At Hand

The following quote made by Henry Kissinger, almost 27 years ago is seemingly appearing everywhere on the internet.  At the Bilderberg conference in 1991, Henry Kissinger made one of the most stunning statements about UFOs and ETs ever made by a public figure.

Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore ord...

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Friday, 26 January


No, Nancy Pelosi, A Thousand More Dollars In My Pocket Isnt Crumbs The Federalist

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol are sharing talking points this week in attacks on the tax alterations Republicans finally managed to pass in December. Speaking at a Florida university, Pelosi attacked the idea of letting Americans keep more of their own money, and not because the United States has a debt and spending crisis our lawmakers refuse to fix before it fully devastates our economy and consumes nearly all state and federal resources.

Theres a cartoon that I just love, Pelosi said, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Theres a little mouse trap whos got a little piece of cheese on there, and theres a mouse about to take it and thats called the middle class And around it are fat cats. Her implication was that American voters should not be happy about getting good things if other people such as their employers get good things too. But were probably too stupid and distractable to be that envious, which reduces the political advantages Democrats gain by fomenting class warfare.

The Beacon quoted similar comments Pelosi made a few weeks earlier, attacking the idea of cutting taxes for U.S. employers atop cutting taxes for U.S. workers: In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic, she said.

Pelosi was obviously bitter that more than 80 large U.S. employers have announced the corporate tax cut frees enough resources to give employees bonuses and pay hikes, atop an estimated $1,000 that lower income taxes will allow the average U.S. household to keep each year. Add to that consumer savings from companies that chose to lower prices, such as a 3 percent reduction for customers of DTE Energy, a Michigan utilities company.

Kristol joined in on the employer-bashing, telling CNBCs John Harwood Wednesday that companies announcing bonuses due to the corporate tax cuts was sort of disgraceful.

Write $1,000 checks to people? Wasnt the whole point of the tax cut to free up money for investment? I mean, the government can just write checks to people. It doesnt have to go through a middleman, you know. Give em to everyone, not just the people who work for certain favored companies.

I found it slightly creepy sucking up to Trump and to the Trump administration in hope of favors. This is the classic limited government,...


For Proof Abortion Is Inhumane, Look No Further Than Supporters Defenses Of Killing Disabled People The Federalist

Evidence of the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion activists continues to accumulate. The most recent revelation of the latter came in the form of a tweet promoting the pro-choice position, declaring: It is okay to think that every child matters however a lot of them do not hence the amnio test which should be a mandatory test and if it proves negative and the woman does not want to abort then all bills accrued after that is on her and the father

And then thinking she was proving her point, the abortion advocate, using the Twitter handle @OBSIDIANSMOAK, included a screen shot of 9-year-old Sophia, a little girl who suffers from Rett syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects a childs ability to eat, speak, walk and breathe [and] an unknown syndrome that has caused facial deformities.

Sophias mother, Natalie Weaver, reported the tweet, but when Twitter initially responded that it had found no violation of its rules, Weaver blasted the social media mogul for refusing to suspend @OBSIDIANSMOAK for, as Weaver put it, using my childs image as the poster child to ABORT & to weed out all the defectives in utero

Weaver, who co-founded of Advocates for Medically Fragile Kids NC, suggested Twitter also add hate towards people with disabilities to their violation reporting categories, reported Fox News.

Twitter later apologized and suspended @OBSIDIANSMOAKs account, but the posts very existence and Twitters initial response exposes a sad reality: Abortion isnt about choice, its about dead babies at least when the unborn arent perfect, according to our flawed human standard.

While @OBSIDIANSMOAKs tweet stirred outrage, it was only because of the bluntness of the post not the content. The Left regularly rests its defense on late-term abortions on the disease, disability, or deformity of the unborn they just do so more gently. So gently, in fact, that news outlets succeeded in positively spinning Icelands eradication of Down Syndrome through abortion, even though  the choice exercised by 100 percent of the mothers-to-be flowed from pressure and propaganda.  Those pushing for Ireland to legalize abortion likewise tout a eugenics-based justification for abortion.



12 Strong Is A Fascinating Look At What Makes American War-Fighting Unique The Federalist

January is one of the few months of the Hollywood calendar without big movie releases. It used to be a post-holiday wasteland for dumping movies the studios didnt want to promote. But over the last several years, this wasteland has turned into the season for patriotism, including important movies like American Sniper. A bunch of these movies have made a lot of money, because the market for patriotism is real, however disdained in Hollywood. So this year we get another one, 12 Strong, based on the Doug Stanton book Horse Soldiers.

The book was a best-seller and its easy to see why: Youve got cowboys and space age technology. At the same time, youve got a remarkable true story about Green Berets deploying to Afghanistan after 9/11 to prepare for the invasion. The first men to take the fight to the Taliban bring with them the American way of war high technology, including new developments in airstrikes but they have to fight in the ancient way in the mountain deserts of Afghanistan if theyre going to prepare for a high tech assault on the capital, Kabul. They are completely cut off from any protection or reinforcements and have to survive in what they call a target-rich environment. Failure would mean no one would find their bodies. A bunch of them are family men. They all take these risks.

In this ancient world of tribes and clans, we get to see that aspect of the American military that separates it most from the rest of society: honor. This is the reason we need these movies and it is what moves us each year to see them; this is why men buy all the new books written by Special Forces operators, as well as by writers who get a hold of a good story. At some level, Americans believe in honor; but it seems impossible to locate it any more in public life. Who is left to embody it? Who suffers for America in a way that leaves hope of success and even triumph? These twelve men and all the others like them. We cannot watch them without marveling at their virtues, but also at a society that breeds or at least allows such men to thrive.

First, this is a movie you should see. Its well done, including shocking and thrilling action set pieces, and it is morally convincing, as true stories should be. It reveals things about America we can both be proud of and surprised by. It is also an implicit answer to the anti-military movies typical of post-Vietnam Hollywood. We see American troops, armed to the teeth, in a terrifying situation, in a savage world. How will they conduct themselves? In this story they retain their American ethics, the intelligence necessary to deal with every human and natural obstacle in their path, and the hope that theres life beyond war, if they can make it that far.

The film owes its success almost entirely to the story and the cast. The director is new to the work and the writers rely far too much on clich dialogue and movie convent...


3 Better Ways To Cope With Trumps Presidency Than Chelsea Handlers Winter Sabbatical The Federalist

Chelsea Handler is back, you guys. For those of you asking Who is Chelsea Handler, imagine Joan Rivers with half the wit but twice the talk shows. For those wondering Where did Chelsea Handler go, the answer, she recently tweeted, is some kind of snow-and-mediation sabbatical.

After spending the last few months mocking Sarah Huckabee Sanders appearance, accusing Lindsay Graham of being a closeted homosexual (links withheld for decencys sake), blaming Republicans for the church shooting in Texas, and blaming Donald Trump for the California wildfires, its easy to see why Handler needed a break. Its an exhausting thing, being the self-appointed court jester of #TheResistance, even if 95 percent of late night talk show hosts have been sharing the work load.

Its also commendable that Handler has decided to reduce her daily level of toxic media intake. (Granted, maintaining a steady diet of Joy Reid journalism in pursuit of that goal is a bit like a rehab graduate seeking to maintain his sobriety in Pablo Escobars basement, but to each his own.) All of us should aspire to a life less dominated by anger over lost elections and their consequences. However, if Resisters like Handler want to learn how to cope with the Trump presidency, there are more beneficial activities to undertake than to spend a month perfecting black diamonds and yodel therapy.

Here are three better ways for Resisters to spend their thirty days of personal growth.

1. Get a regular job at a place filled with normal human persons

At its core, #TheResistance is performance art, which explains why its so hard for Resisters to control their emotions. How can you show that youre even more...


New Interview Collection Reveals Christopher Hitchens Surprising Conservative Streak The Federalist

In Tom Wolfes The Bonfire of the Vanities, a British gossip writer used his English accent to cadge meals and free drinks off Americans who were spell-bound by anything British.

It has long been believed that Wolfe based this character on writer and professional atheist Christopher Hitchens. If so, (Hitchens, who loathed Wolfe, never thought so), there was no comparison. For Hitchens was amazingly productivehe wrote a column two weeks before his death from esophageal cancerand never relied on his purring accent alone to impress audiences (women were another matter).

Instead, like Oscar Wilde, Hitchens was a spellbinding talker, as witty and quotable in person as he was on paper. What is even more impressive about this was that Hitchens, in the interview format, often answered off the top of his head rather than regurgitating previous answers in interviews. Unlike his friend-turned-nemesis Gore Vidal, who refused to adjust his view of the United States as run by the military-industrial complex no matter the challenging event, Hitchens was rarely predictable. Even during his Trotskyite phase, there were twists and turns and even outright criticism of Trotsky.

That said, Hitchens held to certain bedrock beliefs , documented in a new book Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview and Other Conversations. The title is something of a misnomerits actually a collection of interviews from the 1980s to his death in 2011.

Those beliefs are often revealed to be of a conservative, even of a socially conservative, nature. This is rather ironic considering that when he died he was perhaps the worlds best known atheist intellectual. Taking note of Hitchens conservative principles also invalidates the accusations from his former comrades that his support of the War on Terror was attributable to him being bought-off by the Right.

Kind Words

Even in his most committed period of Trotskyism, however, Hitchens was as uncompromising as President Reagan on the totalitarian nature of Soviet Communism. In one interview in this collection, he echoed Orwell in saying that he never followed the traditionalist journey of moving from Stalinism to conservatism as he was inoculated against it. This came courtesy of him reading Arthur Koestlers ...


Report: Obamacare Exchanges Fraud Costs Taxpayers Millions The Federalist

What do Obamacare and Haley Joel Osment have in common? They both see dead people.

On Tuesday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released another report into eligibility verification checks on the federally run Obamacare insurance exchange used by more than three dozen states. As with prior studies, GAO concluded that regulators still need to improve integrity efforts to ensure the federal government spends taxpayer funds wisely.

Among the reports most noteworthy conclusions: A total of 17,000 federally subsidized insurance policies studied during the 2015 plan yearthe most recent for which GAO had complete data at the time of its investigationbegan or continued after the applicants reported date of death. In 1,000 of those cases, coverage began after the applicants reported date of death. In a further 2,000, the application was submitted after the applicants reported date of deathin most cases because the exchange automatically re-enrolled applicants without checking to determine that they remained alive.

GAO previously recommended that the federal exchange verify eligibility periodically, checking changes in circumstances that would affect the status of federal subsidies, such as death. However, to the best of auditors knowledge, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not implemented this recommendation, one of 18 relating to exchange integrity that remain open (i.e., not completed) from two prior GAO reports.

In part, the lack of strong program integrity provisions represents a continued legacy of the debacle in 2013. While CMS managed to get the public segments of the website up and running by December of that year, just prior to Obamacares January 2014 launch, the back-end portions of the tech infrastructure remained a work in progress for far longer.

For instance, this weeks GAO report notes that only in March 2017 did CMS finally upgrade the system such that the exchange could modify or change Social Security numbers (SSNs)whether due to a name change, or a typo when filling out the initial application for coverage. Before then, exchange officials did not actively take steps to resolve SSN inconsistencies in plan year 2015 primarily because [they] could not update SSNs in the data system at the time. Because the poorly designed system could not distinguish between actual fraud and changed circumstances, CMS didnt investigate either one.

The GAO report claims that the approximately 1 percent of applicants with potential inconsistencies related to citizenship, Social Security numbers or identity, or death represent a small portion of 8 million subsidized appli...


3 Critical Swamp Myths Trumps National Security Strategy Exposes The Federalist

The political establishment generally reacts in horror to President Donald Trumps brash style, lack of conventionality and apoplexy over his political incorrectness, with its over-the-top revulsion serving as a form of virtue-signaling. But Trumps national security and foreign policy posture, as reflected in his new National Security Strategy (NSS), actually puts him at odds with the political class on substantive grounds.

When Trump speaks out in support of Iranian protestors against the mullocracy, the political class guffaws. When Trump tweets about the size of the American nuclear button at Kim Jong-Un, the political class howls. When Trump touches the third rail of (gasp) Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the political class shudders.

These are insubstantial compared to Trumps new NSS, which is a real challenge to the national security and foreign policy establishment that has so savaged him, because it challenges the very premises of the establishments prevailing progressive Wilsonian internationalist orthodoxy.

The strategy draws the establishments ire, because Trumps vision presented there will undercut their power. To accept the tenets of what the NSS terms principled realism is to reject the worldview that has pervaded our diplomatic and foreign policy apparatus for decades. And it calls into question the credibility of our elites, thus threatening their standing and influence.

This in part explains the vociferous resistance to the Trump administration among high-ranking and often politically shrewd policymakers, particularly ex-Obama administration officials. Trumps policies not only contradict their desire to maintain the Obama policies of the last eight years, but also threaten their livelihoods.

The NSS strikes at three myths in particular, the premises of which are under appreciated, but worthy of our attention. If we are to imbue our policies with the core tenets that underlie these myths, we will have a national security and foreign policy agenda truly based on Americas national interest. Indeed, the Kirkpatrickian nature of this strategy, if implemented, will redound to Americas great benefit.

Myth #1: Economic liberalization leads to political liberalization

The Reality: Economic liberalization does not guarantee political liberalization, but may in fact be used to strengthen authoritarian regimes.

Relevant NSS excerpt:...


Top FBI Agents Discussed Taking It Easy On Hillary: She Might Be Our Next President The Federalist

In a batch of newly released text messages, it appears two high-ranking FBI officials were worried about investigating Hillary Clintons illegal use of a private e-mail server for fear that she would become president and seek revenge on the bureau.

On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released a batch of text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page throughout the course of the 2016 election. The two were allegedly having an affair.

On February 25, 2016, Page sent Strzok the following message when discussing the appropriate number of DOJ and FBI personnel that should be assigned to the investigation into Clintons use of a private, unsecured e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of State.

One more thing: she might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear.  You think shes going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?

Strzok replied: Agreed. I called Bill and relayed what we discussed. He agrees. I will email you and [redacted] same.

While testifying under oath, former FBI director James Comey said he did not know that then-candidate Clinton would not face any changes before the bureau interviewed her. Other released text messages appear to contradict that statement. 

Just days before Comey recommended that the Justice Department not press charges against Hillary Clinton, then-attorney general Loretta Lynch secretly met with Bill Clinton aboard a private airplane on a tarmac in Arizona. Around the same time, it was widely reported that if Hillary Clinton won the election, she would keep Lynch on as AG, which caused many to speculate about the the meeting.

You can read the entire batch of text messages here.


The Orville Isnt For Everyone, But Its Better Sci-Fi Than Critics Think The Federalist

When I was little, I used to write fanfiction about my favorite shows. (It was as good as youd expect from a 12 year old.)  For those unfamiliar with the nerdy world of fanfic, it sometimes is an exploration of an event seen on screen almost like another screenplay and it sometimes is nothing more than a self-insert fantasy of joining the authors favorite cast on adventures.

Ive always wanted to tell stories, and in my writing, I have tried, and failed, to highlight human interaction with a science fiction backdrop. There are stories in my head bursting to get out, but Ive found, time and time again, that my science fiction backdrop is basically Star Trek.

Enter The Orville, Seth McFarlanes science fiction show on Fox. The Orville is good very good Star Trek fanfiction. It appeals to generations of fans whose introduction to science fiction in their formative years was Star Trek, whether Star Trek: The Next Generation, (TNG) for people my age, or the Original Series for those older.

The Orville features McFarlane as Captain Ed Mercer, an up-and-coming officer in The Union (a barely-disguised Federation), who suffers a career setback after catching his then-wife in bed with a blue-skinned alien (a cameo by Rob Lowe, who fleshed out the character in a later episode). A year later, he finally gets his own ship, but to his surprise, his executive officer is his ex-wife.

McFarlane, the creator of shows and movies such as Family Guy, Ted, and American Dad, is best known for his sophomoric, low-brow humor. The Orville, too, is humorous in similar ways. That is, of course, a negative to prospective viewers who are tired of (or were never enamored with) the bumbling exploits of Family Guys Peter Griffin, obscure cut away gags, and gross-out jokes about anatomy.

The Orville, however, isnt that, not exactly. As with any show, you should not judge The Orville solely by its first episodes, which featured humor that was not just irreverent, which is fine, but also irrelevant, unrelated to the particulars or the seriousness of events, contributing to the feel of it being yet another soulless McFarlane comedy. As with many shows, it has begun hitting its stride as it goes. The humor has not abated, and it can still be sophomoric at times, but it fits. The people themselves are the funny ones with their own particular quirks, as opposed to events being a set-up for a punchline.

Along with the humor are actual gosh darn exploratory missions, new life and new civilizations, moral dilemmas, and cultures that put a mirror up to our own. Ill be honest they get some of it right and some of it wrong. What they get right is a relative lack of preachiness and moral...


How The Womens March Hurts The Women Theyre Trying To Promote The Federalist

Thousands of women congregated at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for the second annual Womens March on Washington, just one day following the March for Life. The crowds may have both been predominantly women, but the two marches could not have been more different.

While everything from the partisan views of the speakers to the tone of the rallies contrasted the other, the most marked difference their talking points. The Womens March peddled multiple false premises that ultimately the harm the very people and causes theyre trying to promote.

For Liberal Women Only

One of the main themes at the marches around the country was that more women should be involved in politics. The Las Vegas womens march specifically advertised a new initiative called Power to the Polls  to get more women to vote and run for office.

Theyre targeting women because women are more likely than men to vote for Democrats. According to Pew Research Center, [W]omen have been consistently more likely than men to identify as a Democrat or lean toward the Democratic Party. Over the first half of 2016, 54% of women identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, compared with 42% of men. The womens march is blatantly politically divisive despite attempting to portray a front of uniting all women. Mobilization of Democrat votes is far more important to them than promoting women as women.

The partisan views of the attendees were entrenched so deep, when I identified myself as a writer for The Federalist, no one was willing to talk to me about their participation in the march. When I identified myself as a writer for another, far less politically conservative, publication where I also write, womens marchers were willing to speak.

The marchs obvious implicationeven directive at timesis that more women should get involved in political office but only if theyre Democrats. How do we know this? President Trumps administration has the first woman press secretary in more than a decade and the most women in high-ranking cabinet positions in history, yet womens marchers adamantly oppose his administration and refuse to celebrate these womens accomplishments.

Yet, ironically, Democrats typically push for policies that end up hurting women. Tennessee state Rep. Sherry Jones and state Sen. Sara Kyle pushed a bill to reduce taxes on tampons, in an obvious bid at pandering to women through saving them a couple of bucks a year. Further, the measure was a false advertisement and...


This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 108 The Federalist

Sam took a long drink from his longneck, savoring the plainness of it. It was like a glass of iced tea, unadulterated with sugar or any other such accompaniments. This wasnt an Arnold Palmer or a John Daly, just an iced tea. Except it was a root beer, which is equally unpretentious. Thats not important right now.

The important thing is were talking about an influencer, one for whom every long drink from that longneck is a signal. The downward-facing dog of signaling, of influence. Not that Sam was much interested in yoga, though he did like dogs. Regardless, when he sipped his root beer, it inspired others to crack a cold one for themselves. Were talking the good stuff, the small-batch root beers, careful crafted and bottled with the finest modern machinery.

Not that Sam cared, other than he sometimes got free root beer thanks to his influence. No, he was more interested in reclining, in getting in touch with his spirit animal. His spirit animal was the sloth, in case you couldnt guess. There was also the package of Sweet Tarts on the table next to him. Those were pretty interesting in that they were both sweet and tart. It was an amazing combination.

There was but one problem, a persistent one. No matter how much he reclined, no matter how much he settled in, there were always devils about. Lurking. Watching. Waiting.

Those devils were always worthy of scorn.

Nobody was listening to Sam, but he didnt let that stop him.

Besides, this was his rep.


Where All That Davos Money Sleeps at Night WhoWhatWhy

With the annual gathering of global financial elites taking place this week in Davos, and all the recent news focusing on money laundering, taxes and the .0001 percent, it seems an appropriate time to take another look at where so much of the wealth-that-dare-not-speak-its-name is being stashed.

Back in 2016 we learned that a Panamanian law firm had become a kind of digital safe-deposit box for tainted money and tax evaders. WhoWhatWhy has extensively covered this story, which laid bare something like an alternative global financial system an incredibly complex web of offshore accounts, lawyers, guns and money.

In the wake of Davos and the ongoing revelations about Deutsche Bank, it seems important to take a fresh look at the Panama Papers. My guest for this weeks WhoWhatWhy podcast is journalist Jake Bernstein, who has devoted years to uncovering and explaining what is really going on behind the scenes of international finance.

One cant help wondering: How many owners of the private jets at Davos have Panamanian accounts?

download rss-35468_640

Click HERE to Download Mp3

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Panama City ...


Speed kills, so why do we keep designing for it? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Bryan Jones is a planner and engineer, a Principal with Alta Planning + Design and the Founder of the popular Transportation Psychologist Facebook page. Today, he shares a guest essay about the need for design professionals to reframe their thinking about speed and begin building streets that are safe for everyone.


Are we being precise, yet aiming at the wrong target when it comes to posted speed limits? Or are we using the wrong tool, research, or approach when identifying the appropriate posted speed limit, especially when it comes to safety for all roadway users in our communities? 

I find it deeply alarming that it's 2017 and approximately 40,000 people died on our roadways last year the highest number of traffic fatalities in the US in the last two decades. This shouldnt be news to anyone, though; we highlight these fatalities and severe injury collisions on the evening television news almost nightly, and you can see and hear emergency vehicles speeding toward carnage on our roadways on a daily basis.

We often call these accidents so we can feel better about them or complacent about them. However, a majority of the severe injury and fatal collisions are preventable, so they are not accidents, and we cannot neglect this. What is your state or city doing to address this safety issue and prevent severe injuries and fatalities?

Speeding defined as traveling too fast for conditions or in excess of the posted speed limits contributes to nearly one-third of all roadway fatalities. This proportion has remained largely unchanged for decades.

High speed kills when it comes to vehicle speeds and low speed kills when it comes to addressing the issue of speeding and public safety. We need a sense of urgency to both understanding why the number of fatalities is trending upward, and a sense of urgency to reduce the number of total fatalities.

It is not good enough to lower the fatalities per million miles travelled because the total deaths could still be on the rise if the vehicle miles are increasing, too. While the rest of the United States is trending upwards with fatalities on their roadways, the...


Davos Cesspool, Daily Shooter Video Game, Hawaii Nuke Scare Boiler Room EP #144 21st Century Wire

Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of The Boiler Room tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, savants, political animals and otherwise lovable rascals.

Join ACR hosts Hesher and Spore along side Jay Dyer of the Jays Analysis, Randy J & Andy Nowicki the Alt-Right Novelist for the latest BOILER ROOM. Turn it up, tune in and hang with the ACR Brain-Trust for this weeks boil downs, analysis and the usual gnashing of the teeth of the political animals in the social rejects club.

Tonight on the show the Boiler gang is back, despite technical issues, bringing another hard hitting Boiler Room. This week were discussing a new term coined by Hesher,  Dis-info-tainment as it relates to things like Pentagon sponsored video games and false dialectics inserted into the alt-media zeitgeist. Get a master class overview from Jay Dyer on Davos and other globalist gatherings that occupy an often oversimplified space in the alternative media much like Bilderberg, CFR and Trilateral Commission. Peek behind the curtain into a federally funded School Shooting Simulator Video Game, get a closer examination of the Hawaii emergency broadcast system false alarm, an update on Adam Kokeshs status after his recent arrest. And to kick off the show, Spore brings us yet another oddity of an ice breaker, the social media fad of young people pretending to eat Tide Pods (plastic packages of detergent for washing machines & dishwashers).



FIB? Virtual Mirage

The drama at the FBI certainly is topping the headlines. With husbands sleeping with other men's wives and the other way around in the uber moralistic FBI, one would think that Soddom-on-the-Patomac might be a better way of thinking about it. 

Then again, the FBI tries to paint an image of itself that is not in keeping with a bunch of barely competent, scheming bureaucrats working on a coup d'etat. Maybe they need to commission a new TV show about how cool they are? No, not a reality TV show, some sort of Hollywood fantasy FBI production that makes them look honest and honorable.

Former director Mueller is trying to set up a situation where President Trump is found making inconsistent statements. Those statements would be construed to be 'obstruction of justice'. That would generate (Mueller/Comey and other conspirators hope) impeachment proceedings in Congress...maybe.

You'd think that members of the FBI would work to stop the disgrace, but that doesn't seem possible at this point, does it?


A Chicago Cops Facebook Posts and a Citys Struggle With Racism Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

The Chicago Police Department says complaints against officers for making racial and ethnic slurs and other discriminatory comments have declined in recent years.

But as a story we published this week shows, it's a stubborn problem in a city that has long struggled with racism.

We wrote about Officer John Catanzara, a 23-year veteran who, over the years, two superintendents have tried to fire. In September, he was reprimanded for a controversial Facebook post. Now, he is under investigation for two other complaints about his social media conduct.

One of the complaints, lodged by his district commander, alleges that the officer displayed "bigoted views" and "hostile remarks" on Facebook, including against Muslims, women, liberals, Michelle Obama and those who are economically disadvantaged.

This is not the first time I've written about an officer accused of similar conduct, which in the sterile language of digital complaint data is coded as "Verbal Abuse: Racial/Ethnic."

In one case I wrote about, a sergeant was found to have referred to President Barack Obama with a racial slur in 2015 while he and other officers were deciding who would work on the president's security detail while he visited Chicago.

The city's police oversight agency recommended Sgt. Jack Axium be fired. Supt. Eddie Johnson argued for a suspension instead, and the agency and department agreed on a 270-day suspension: nine months without pay.

The case is now on appeal to the Chicago Police Board, which has the authority to make the ultimate decision.

After Axium was investigated, Sharon Fairley, the former head of the oversight agency, recommended in 2016 that the police department add a policy that makes clear that members are prohibited from engaging in racial or other discrimination. While the department's human resources policy explicitly forbids officers from exhibiting racial bias, no such language is included in the separate Standards of Conduct for department members, she wrote in her recommendation.

The police department never responded to that recommendation, a spokesman for the oversight agency, now called the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, said Thursday.

In another ProPublica Illinois story, we told how an officer, during a traffic stop, made "racial comments" to the men in the car. Records show he told them: "Johnnie Cochran is dead and Barack Obama can't save you."

The officer, Matthew O'Brien, was...


Fox News exposes GOP memo sham -- weapon of partisan mass distraction (VIDEO) OpEdNews

Fox News Shep Smith has been giving the Republicans hell lately exposing their lies and misinformation. In this recent report, he nails Rep. Devin Nunes & the Right Wing for attempting to release a misleading memo to help the president by maligning the FBI.


Cherokee playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle targets 'racist narrative' Indianz.Com News

Mary Kathryn Nagle, an attorney and citizen of the Cherokee Nation, is a campaign to overturn a U.S. Supreme Court decision that limits tribal sovereignty.


The Matrix Revealed: Revelations of a hypnotherapist Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

January 26, 2018

If there was any person worth talking to in depth about the Matrix and how to understand it, it was the most innovative hypnotherapist who ever lived, Jack True. He took all his experience with his clients and made enormous breakthroughs in un-hypnotizing people at very deep levels.

In The Matrix Revealed, there are 43 interviews with Jack True. 320 pages.

Jack was determined to find ways to show people how their own approach to reality was merging with the Matrix. He never tired of explaining his insights based on clinical experience.

Jack once told me a person had to be stimulated to pry open his own passive inclinations, in order to discover hidden energies and power. He was all about providing that stimulation, in the form of innovative and sometimes shocking ideas about reality and perception.

These 43 interviews are priceless explorations of frontiers of consciousness.

One night at dinner, Jack said, If you take any fixation a person has, you are looking at a funeral ceremony for his own creative power. Suppose hes fixated on money. Dig far enough into that, and youll find a brilliant artist who has innovative ideas about making money. It seems impossible, but its there. Ive seen it many times. But you have to open up the whole area, not just a little bit. What you end up with is the blueprint for the formation of a problem. Where does a problem come from? It comes from deciding that your own creative approach to something is too radical. Then you try the normal way, and that doesnt work for you. So its a problem now. You try to solve the problem and wrestle it to the ground. You cant. You become fixated on the problem. Thats what happens to people. And to put the cherry on the cake, these people tell you theyre not creative. You can meditate for a thousand years and you wont solve that. So we come to the question: why do people give up on their own creative power? Thats been the core of my practice for a long time. Unraveling that has been my lifes work.

It was very good work. It was brilliant work. It was unparalleled work.

And thats just a fraction of the overall text, which runs to 1,100 pages. Then there are 10-plus hours of audio from me about the Planetary Chessboard, the Matrix, and what amounts to psychological operations aimed at populations and individuals.

You get the full text of AIDS INC., my first book, which Jack shepherded into a publishing deal for me. It takes apart the medical-research complex at a level most people never investigate: the mos...


Pacific Cyclone Makes Landfall on Vancouver Island Tomorrow Night Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

I have an admission to make.  The weather this winter has been boring, without much major action. 

You know what I mean:  no big windstorms, crippling snowstorms, heavy rain or extensive flooding.  That kind of thing. 

One way to see this is to plot the (sustained) winds at Sea-Tac Airport for the last 12 weeks (below).  One decent event in mid-November (sustained winds reaching 32 knots), and pablum after that.  Boring.

For those of you who like weather action, things will improve late tomorrow ans Saturday, but even the upcoming event will only be a modest blow.  But we must take what meteorological scraps are offered to us by the weather gods.

Let me start by showing you the pressure forecasts for the next day or so.  The forecast for 10 PM Friday night looks promising, with a modest low center (a Pacific cyclone of 997 hPa) off our coast.  A strong pressure gradient on the Oregon coast....the will be ground zero for strong winds tomorrow evening.

By 8 AM Saturday, the low center will be making landfall on south/central Vancouver Island, with lots of pressure gradient and winds along the Washington Coast.

 At 1 PM to low will be moving due north o...


Palestinian Kids Shot, Abused, Imprisoned by Israeli Soldiers: How to Help OpEdNews

Israeli soldiers shot 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi's cousin in the face, shattering his skull. Ahed slapped one of the soldiers. So they stormed into her house in the middle of the night and took her to a military prison, where she is being abused and traumatized.


Bill in South Dakota affirms state's support for Treaty of Fort Laramie Indianz.Com News

A bill that affirms the legitimacy of the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie is on the books in South Dakota.


San Diego Community Mobilizes to Defend Chicano Park from the Far-Right, Again It's Going Down

The post San Diego Community Mobilizes to Defend Chicano Park from the Far-Right, Again appeared first on It's Going Down.

Many people familiar with California and the Bay Area have heard of Peoples Park and are aware of its history. In the 1960s, people took over a vacant lot owned by UC Berkeley, and transformed it into a park, garden, community space, and focal point for grassroots organizing. Over the preceding years, the State attempted to fence off the park, but through the use of a variety of tactics and the facing down of massive amounts of deadly police repression and violence, the park was reclaimed. Still to this day, the park remains a point of contention and a de-facto autonomous zone, both in the fact that it is still owned by the University which is constantly attempting to retake it, and the desire by the community to hold onto what is now known as Peoples Park.

8 hours south of Berkeley however, another park with just as exciting a history also exists in San Diego, known as Chicano Park, located in the working-class neighborhood of Barrio Logan. As the Chicano Park website writes about its history:

Unlike other parks, Chicano Park displays on its monolithic pillars, one of the largest assemblages of public murals in North America. These awe inspiring murals are giant mirrors of our Chicano Mexicano history.

Unlike other parks, Brown Berets fired raised shotguns in militant salute while a Mexican flag was raised and waved defiantly during Chicano Park Day ceremonies. And unlike other parks, Chicano Park was taken by militant force by a community angered by decades of neglect, ignorance and racism.

Since the 1930s, the Barrio Logan neighborhood grew as a working-class Latino community, however in the mid-1960s, highway construction bisected the community and displaced upwards of 5,000 families within it. By 1969, when highway construction was finally completed, it left a jungle of concrete pillars where many families had lived before. By 1970, construction crews had plans to build a parking lot fo...


The Misery of Medical Chain The Marshall Project

When a trip to the hospital means spending hours on a cramped bus handcuffed to another prisoner.


Portland, OR: Burgerville Workers Union Pickets and Expands Into More Stores It's Going Down

The post Portland, OR: Burgerville Workers Union Pickets and Expands Into More Stores appeared first on It's Going Down.

On Wednesday, January 24th, the Burgerville Workers Union (BWU) held its first picket of 2018 outside of a Burgerville store in Portland. BWU is a part of the revolutionary anti-capitalist union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and in the past year has grown to include workers in a variety of stores across the chain. Burgerville, which brands itself as a local and woke large fast food corporation, has refused to negotiate with BWU, and has even hired anti-union goons in an attempt to stop the IWW, as well as firing various organizers over trivial incidents.

Members of Burgerville Workers Union wrote about the picket, which brought out members of other unions, who in turn brought an iconic inflatable rat named Scabby, a fixture at labor demonstrations. Members of BWU and the Carpenters Local 1503 also served up free burgers on a grill in order to encourage people not to spend money at the restaurant. Here is their report from the picket as posted on their Facebook:

Our first picket of the year kicked off 2018 right: faced with yet another strong picket, Burgerville CLOSED THE STORE for the duration of the action for a suspicious maintenance inspection. This is the power of workers and the community coming together to show that we can and will continue to shut union-busters down!

Additionally, Burgerville management REFUSED to let community members deliver tips they collected on behalf of the workers on shift. We are shocked and d...


Mexico: Forced Displacement and the Resistance of Las Abejas of Acteal It's Going Down

The post Mexico: Forced Displacement and the Resistance of Las Abejas of Acteal appeared first on It's Going Down.

Editors note: IGD encourages readers to visit the original microsite.

The memory of the Peoples is a crack in obscurity and forgetting. Memory carries with it the dignity to confront the impunity of governments. It strengthens the struggles and resistances that point toward freedom for those who inherited the glow of rebellion. Memory also motivates the construction of social change toward a world different from this system of exclusion and death.

Processes of resistance centering on Memory, Truth, and Justice, such as those of the Civil Society Organization of the Bees of Acteal (Las Abejas) build autonomy through deep struggle. They have suffered through counterinsurgency strategies implemented by the government since the creation and execution of the Chiapas 94 Campaign Plan, a strategy developed by the Mexican Army to annihilate the uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN). Facing down this aggressive action, the peoples demand for justice has pushed forward a constant struggle for the rights to truth and peace.

Aggressions linked to this counterinsurgency strategy began in 1994 with 12 days of direct confrontation between the Mexican Army and EZLN. They continued in a second period, from 1995 to 1999, characterized by the creation and implementation of paramilitary groups in the Northern, Jungle and Highland regions, with the support of federal, state, and municipal governments. The civilian population suffered through displacement, extrajudicial executions, forced disappearances, torture, rape, physical assaults, and harassment, among other crimes against humanity...


Sanctions vs War Crimes, Ongoing Memo Distraction & The US Effort To Stop Korean Peace The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. As mainstream media continues to devolve into a juvenile show of back and forth tit-for-tat arguments, and highlighting anonymous insider sources, unconfirmed theories and accounts of second-hand information, []

The post Sanctions vs War Crimes, Ongoing Memo Distraction & The US Effort To Stop Korean Peace appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Father Chops off Hands of 17 Yr Old Who Raped His Baby after He is Set Free Counter Current News

Source: Anonymousfeed The father of a 7 month old child is reporting that he was left with no other option but to take action, and to take up revenge against a 17 year old boy who []


Iran Just Proposed A Path To Peace In The Middle East The Last American Vagabond

In an article published by the Financial Times on Monday, Irans Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif laid out the countrys proposed framework for bringing stability to the Middle East region. Isis displayed the darkest depths of human evil, Zarif wrote. Yet it also provided an opportunity to come together to battle an existential threat. The co-operative relationships forged in []

The post Iran Just Proposed A Path To Peace In The Middle East appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


US Spent Over $1 Million To Exploit Protests In Iran For Regime Change The Last American Vagabond

The U.S. State Department spent over $1 million to exploit unrest in Iran, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed reported last week in Le Muslim Post. At the end of 2017 and through the first week of 2018, Iran was rocked by protests through its major cities, and the Trump administration quickly pounced to exploit the dissent. The U.S. even []

The post US Spent Over $1 Million To Exploit Protests In Iran For Regime Change appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Calls Needed As Prisoner Rashid Johnson Asks for Support in the Face of Torture It's Going Down

The post Calls Needed As Prisoner Rashid Johnson Asks for Support in the Face of Torture appeared first on It's Going Down.

Kevin Rashid Johnson, a prison journalist, has been thrown in the hole since the start of #OperationPUSH in Florida prisons simply for writing an article about the strike and economic boycott. Now, lawyers have released a new letter from Johnson which calls for help and support in the face of ongoing torture. 

The Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons has received this urgent update on Rashids condition and request for action, please help and spread the word!


Kevin Rashid Johnson wrote an article about the Florida prison strike, which was published online on January 9, 2018. The following day warden Barry Reddish retaliated against Kevins use of his First Amendment rights, ordering that he be given a disciplinary infraction for inciting a riot. Further, on January 19th Johnson was thrown in a cold cell, with a broken toilet, no heating, and with a window that will not fully close, allowing cold wind to blow into the cell. The cell has the same temperature as the outside, where temperatures have been repeatedly at or below freezing. We have not heard anything from Kevin since January 19th . Warden Barry Reddish must be held accountable for illegal retaliation and, now, the torture of Kevin Rashid Johnson.

We demand that Johnson is moved to a safe and clean cell, with normal indoor temperatures and with a toilet that works. We demand that Johnson be allowed to call his attorneys immediately. We demand that warden Reddish and all other Florida Department of Corrections officials stop retaliating against Kevin for his reporting on conditions in their prisons.




An Anarchist Survey of Amazon: Crashing the Party and Amazon Go It's Going Down

The post An Anarchist Survey of Amazon: Crashing the Party and Amazon Go appeared first on It's Going Down.

Each day sees the new Amazon towers rise higher into the air, promising to bring ten thousand more of these high paid workers to the city and heighten the volatility of the current situation. Not all of these workers are happy or amused about the situation theyre in.

Since the conclusion of our previous survey, two interesting events occurred in various Amazon facilities. In one instance, a fulfillment center was torched in the British Midlands. In another instance, coordinated strikes hit Amazon in Germany and Northern Italy. All of this preceded the holiday sales blitz and threw Amazon into internal chaos. At the end of the holiday season, all Amazon could tout was its toxic accomplishment of shipping one billion commodities and selling tens of millions of talking Alexa units. When the shopping extravaganza was over, the corporate employees of Amazon were rewarded with a lavish spectacle to sooth their overworked souls.

Their annual Post-Holiday Party was held within the CenturyLink Stadium, otherwise known as the Seahawks Stadium in Seattle. The entire facility was commandeered by the corporation and when we arrived it appeared as if a football game were taking place. Police directed traffic in and out of the stadium area and a stampede of well dressed parties flooded towards the entrance. This was the only day of the year where their employer gave them something for free. This was where our survey began.

Security was very lose and we entered without issue or incident. This laxness was due in large part to the fact that Jeff Bezos was not going to be there. Our first observation was that the majority of Amazon employees in Seattle are between...


Europe's pandering to Trump risks killing Iran nuclear deal OpEdNews

Trump is motivated by an irrational Iranophobia and obsequious kowtowing to the Israeli government. He wants to throttle the JCPOA signed by his predecessor Obama regardless of international legal obligations. Trump's boorish business practice of bullying other parties is evidently working on softening up the Europeans towards his demands.


2017: Conflict in the Twin Cities PDF It's Going Down

The post 2017: Conflict in the Twin Cities PDF appeared first on It's Going Down.

Download and Print Here

The following pamphlet is a collection of antagonism in the Twin Cities and beyond. The bulk of the pamphlet are communiques and reports gathered from Conflict MN, supplemented with several news stories. The final pages also include a gallery and a short resources section. As with the previous years compilation, the reports are meant to speak for themselves.

Read, Download, and Print Here


Philadelphia, PA: New Issue of Anathema, Volume IV #1 It's Going Down

The post Philadelphia, PA: New Issue of Anathema, Volume IV #1 appeared first on It's Going Down.

Anathema is a long running anarchist publication in Philadelphia, PA, featuring analysis, critique, and reports from the ground.  

Volume 4 Issue 1 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 4 Issue 1 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • New Year, New Attitude
  • 2017: Year in Review
  • Guilt
  • DOW Reaches 26,000
  • Against Fearlessness
  • Poem: About Me: In English
  • What Went Down
  • World News


Toronto Residents Announce Rent Strike on February 1st It's Going Down

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This following report from Parkdale Organize announces yet another rent strike in the Toronto based neighborhood. For more information about Parkdale Organize, check out our podcast interview about their last successful rent strike here

Tonight, at a meeting called by the building committee at 1251 King, tenants committed in numbers to going on rent strike February 1. The tenants demand their landlord, Nuspor Investments, drop the above guideline rent increase at the building now.

In an attempt to intimidate tenants, Nuspor hired a security guard to stand in the lobby and spy on the meeting. Our neighbours were not intimidated. They have strength in numbers. They have a strong and active building committee. And they have the support of their neighbours in buildings throughout Parkdale.

Over the past few days more and more tenants in the building have pledged to join the rent strike. In the coming week more will pledge to join. We will be calling on our neighbours in Parkdale to stand alongside the tenants of 1251 King. Their struggle is ours and we will win.


Kurdish Fighters Defend Afrin From Turkish Military Invasion in Northern Syria UNICORN RIOT

Afrin, Syria On January 20th, 2018, the Turkish Armed Forces launched Operation Olive Branch which amounted to a full-scale military invasion of northwestern Kurdish-controlled Syria. The Turkish Armed Forces rank second to the United States, as the largest military force within the NATO alliance. In the last few days, the Turkish military along with an estimated 25,000 Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels, have fired extensive artillery barrages into multiple villages near Afrin, dropped hundreds of bombs with F-16s, and driven ground forces into Syria that include armored tank brigades and heavy infantry.


We Will Remember Freedom: Why It Matters that Ursula K. Le Guin Was an Anarchist It's Going Down

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Ive never liked the part of the story when the mentor figure dies and the young heroes say they arent ready to go it alone, that they still need her. Ive never liked it because it felt clichd and because I want to see intergenerational struggle better represented in fiction.

Today I dont like that part of the story because I dont feel ready.

Last week, I lived in the same world as Ursula Le Guin, a grandmaster of science fiction who accepted awards by decrying capitalism and seemed, with every breath, to speak of the better worlds we can create. On Monday, January 22, 2018, she passed away. She was 88 years old and she knew it was coming, and of course my sorrow is for myself and my own loss and not for a woman who, after a lifetime of good work fighting for what she believed, died loved.

Its also a sorrow, though, to have lost one of the most brilliant anarchists the world has ever known. Especially now, as we start into the hard times she said were coming.

To be clear, Ursula Le Guin didnt, as I understand it, call herself an anarchist. I asked her about this. She told me that she didnt call herself an anarchist because she didnt feel that she deserved toshe didnt do enough. I asked her if it was OK for us to call her one. She said shed be honored.

Ursula, I promise you, the honor is ours.

When I think about anarchist fiction, the first story that comes into my head is a simple one, called Ile Forest, which appeared in Le Guins 1976 collection Orsinian Tales. The narrative is framed by two men discussing the nature of crime and law. One suggests that some crimes are simply unforgivable. The other refutes it. Murder, surely, argues the one, that isnt for self-defense, is unforgivable.

The chief narrator of the story then goes on to relate a story of a murdera vile one, a misogynist onethat leaves you with both discomfort and with the awareness that no, in that particular case, there would be no justice in seeking vengeance or legal repercussions against the murderer.

In a few thousand words, without even trying, she undermines the readers faith in both codified legal systems and vigilante justice.

It wasnt that Le Guin carried her politics into her work. Its that the same spirit animated both her writing and her politics. In her 2015 blog post Utopiyin, Utopiyang she writes:

The kind of thinking we are, at last, beginning to do about how to change the goals of human domination and unlimited growth to those of human adaptability and long-term survival is a shift from yang to yin, and so involves...


Robert Mercer Rules OpEdNews

The corporate media have said far too little about Mercer's influence, preferring to create elaborate scenarios of Russian government interference. The Mercer story is a secret hiding in plain sight. It is the stuff of spy thrillers but it is all too real. An ultra-rich right winger put Trump in the White House and now controls the country's political agenda.


The Power of Positive Persistence OpEdNews

Trump's been in an ongoing campaign against the truth since Day One. It's alarming because presidents don't act this way. Dictators do. And there's evidence to suggest that the Republican president's constant attacks on the news media have encouraged dictators in other countries to continue their repression of journalists.


FBI Loses Text Messages In Two Cases; MSM Silent About Massive Corruption Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Its no coincidence that the FBI has conveniently lost text messages in two cases; one dealing with anti-Trumpers within the agency, and...


Tyrannical Law Will Throw Waiters in Jail Who Offer Customers Unsolicited Plastic Straws The Free Thought Project


Instead of thinking outside the tyranny of the state to solve the problem of plastic in the ocean, lawmakers will use the barrel of a gun to enforce a tyrannical straws law.

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A Rigged Game Only Amazon Will Win OpEdNews

Amazon's site-location team had decided from the start which half-dozen or so cities would be most profitable for the giant. The whole search is a "scAmazon," snookering cities into spending millions on a rigged game only Amazon will win.


The Shutdown Debacle: Trump and the Politics of Hate OpEdNews

Trump wanted the shutdown so he could unleash his vile politics of hate. Republicans shamelessly joined in. This cannot be ignored or accepted. It is not politics as usual. It is an ugly and vicious posturing that will drive this country apart, and unleash furies that may benefit Trump and his Republican choir in the short term, but will subvert this country in the end.


How the Republicans Helped Trump Steal the Election OpEdNews

The truth behind the 3 million disqualified ballots.


Trump Is In Dire Danger Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Plan A, the Russian-collusion-delusion failed and failed miserably for the Deep State.

Plen B, the planned removal of the President under the 25th Amendment disability clause for mental illness has failed.

The Deep State has fired all their political bullets and now all they have left is Plan C, which is where they keep the real bullets.

With the capture of a would-be assassin earlier in the week, the Secret Service has now gained some measure of plausible deniability. They can claim that if the worst happens, that they did their best.

This President is a walking, talking target. Beware of a lone assasssin with a diary which states, in advance what he is going to do. And of course, this would be assassin will be acting alone.

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Whats In Store For Health Insurance, Entitlements, And Drug Trials? The Federalist

Christopher Pope is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and an expert on health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and entitlement reform. Pope joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss what he expects to happen to U.S. insurance markets and regulations this year.

To a large extent, the Medicare program is a benefit for providers: hospitals, physicians, drug makers, Pope said. And so it has this overt purpose, and this secondary purposeseparating out these two purposes of Medicare programs is how you really take care of beneficiaries and their needs.

Listen to the full interview here:


The New Localism Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Power increasingly belongs to the problem solvers. And these problem solvers now congregate disproportionately at the local level, in cities and metropolitan areas across the globe. New Localism embodies this new reality of power.
Bruce Katz, The New Localism

Across the country, a movement of local doers is taking hold one where problem solving happens from the bottom up instead of the top down. We're seeing this in everything from the way we educate ourselves to the tools we use to get places. The energy is coming not just from governments but also business leaders, teachers and scientists, and the solutions are interdisciplinary, too. This is what Bruce Katz, Centennial Scholar at the Brookings Institution, argues in new book, co-authored with Jeremy Nowak, The New Localism: How Cities Can Thrive in the Age of Populism.

The historic mechanisms that centralized solutions to issues like housing affordability (i.e. federal home loans, suburbanization, etc.) are finally being recognized for their flaws, and we're beginning to find a balance with local control over these challenges once again, says Katz. 


Katz believes that "networked" solutions where people from different sectors work together will create a better future for all of us. These sorts of solutions often come out of cities, but even those in rural areas can apply these ideas to build great places, attract great people and strengthen their economies.

This "new localism" has been triggered by the same economic and cultural forces that brought about the current populist movement, particularly evident in the election of Donald Trump and particularly felt in rural areas. However, Katz sees the new localism as an antidote to the more vitriolic and prejudiced side of modern populism because it empowers local leaders of all backgrounds to champion their communities' concerns.

Katz argues that...


Mainstream Media and Imperial Power OpEdNews

Noted journalist and filmmaker John Pilger's collection of work has been archived by the British Library, but deep-rooted problems of Western media create an increasingly difficult landscape for ethical journalism, as Pilger explained in an interview with Dennis Bernstein and Randy Credico.


7yo Girl Sexually Groomed Online by AI Robot that Knew She Was a Child, Police Powerless to Stop It The Free Thought Project


A mother is speaking out this week after she found that an AI robot with pedophilia-like tendencies had been sending her 7-year-old daughter sexually explicit messages.

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China's BRI, Belt and Road Initiative, US not included. Why? OpEdNews

Many people in the US have become aware of China's BRI, Belt & Road Initiative--An ambitious plan of high-speed rail networks from China westward all the way to Portugal. It also includes maritime routes thru Malaysia & Indonesia. It's a massive infrastructure investment by China & most pointedly does not include the US. That's because the US is a war economy. It has no interest in massive domestic infrastructure development.


What To Expect From The House Intel Memo On Surveillance Abuse The Federalist

The impending release of a major classified document from investigators at the House of Representatives is stoking outrage and intrigue among voters and beltway elite alike. Because the report is held under lock and key and available only to lawmakers in the House who have legally agreed to abide by House rules and keep the information secret until its publicly released, little is known about the document. What we do know is that the document is based on oversight and investigation of the FBI and Department of Justice and details potential abuses of those agencies authorities as it relates to the Steele dossier and secret surveillance warrants obtained by the Obama administration.

Here is what to expect ahead:

1) The memo will likely be released to the public eventually.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence already voted to allow all 435 members of the House of Representatives see the document. In order to see it, they must go to a secure site and legally agree to keep its contents undisclosed until such time it is publicly released. As House members have begun reading the document, they have called for its public release on the grounds of its importance. To date, more than 200 members, most of them Republican, have read the document. When the House reconvenes next week, the committee may vote to release it to the public. If they do, President Donald Trump has five days to notify the committee of his opposition to its release. If he objects, the entire House may vote to release its contents. If he does not object, it may be made public after the five days expire.

2) The memo is a summary.

The document is a summary and is only four pages long. Its not going to be a massive compendium with hundreds of pages of salacious details to pore over. It will likely be a concise summary of a year-long investigation involving millions of documents and hundreds of hours of interviews.

3) The memo will provide facts.

Since the dossier and its contents, along with other Democrat-funded opposition research alleging nefarious contacts between Russia and Trump, have been given to the media, journalists have written thousands of pieces on the topic. Many of these pieces are based on hearsay, motivated leaks, and have been published despite reporters having no understanding of their context or even seeing the documents upon which the leaks are based. As a result, much of the widespread speculation has been contradictory or wildly wrong. This memo will provide facts and shed light on these allegations that have run rampant throughout the media.

4) The memo will detail wrongdoing, but readers should keep expectations in check.

As soon as House members saw the document, many of them were alarmed. Some of them particularly so. Theyve described it as troubling, shocking, jaw-dropping, sickening,&#822...


Davos: Inequality Rocks the Magic Mountain OpEdNews

As inequality reigns supreme, Davos 2018 preaches the necessity of striving towards a common future in a fractured world; a poor euphemism for the stark fact of a wealthy happy few getting much wealthier while untold masses of poor veer toward dirt poor.


Insane Cop Fires Pistol at Innocent Unarmed 13yo Boy On VideoNo Charges The Free Thought Project

An LAPD cop was caught on video assaulting a child and even firing off a round from his service weapon but he will face no charges.


Researchers Have Mapped Out How Plants Sense Our World TruthTheory

By Christianna Reedy, Futurism

While plants sensory processes are complex and mysterious, researchers recently took a major step towards elucidating them in a new study that mapped out the interactions of around 200 of the proteins involved.


Plants may lack our facial features, but the fact that they dont have eyes, ears, or noses has not stopped them from developing ways to see, hear, and smell potential threats around them. While plants sensory processes are complex and mysterious, a new study mapping out protein interactions has given researchers new insights.

Rather than growing sensory organs like mammals do, plants use proteins that are stationed at their cells outer membranes to detect chemicals around them or the proteins from pathogens or hormones released from another organism. These detections will trigger a warning signal into the cell. The focus of the study, published in Nature, was a type of membrane protein that are crucial to this process: leucine-rich repeat receptor kinases, or LRR-recept...


After He Was Called Ultra-Right Wing, Mike Rowe Thought He Was Fired From The Science Channel The Federalist

In an interview with Fox Newss Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, Mike Rowe explained he thought he was fired from narrating a show on the Science Channel after a critic called him a science-doubting, ultra-right-wing conservative.

In a Facebook post earlier this month, a woman named Rebecca Bright called for Rowe to be fired from his job as the narrator of How The Universe Works, a show on the Science Channel, because, in her words, hes and anti-education, science-doubting, ultra-right wing conservative.

There are countless scientists that should be hired for that, or actors, if you must, that believe in education and science that would sound great narrating the show, example: Morgan Freeman, she wrote in a post in which she reportedly tagged the producers of the show and network bigwigs. Cancel this fools [sic] contract and get any of your scientists so often on the show to narrate it.

Rowe responded by challenging Bright to show proof backing up her claims.

Youve called me an ultra-right wing conservative, who is both anti-education, and science-doubting,' Rowe wrote. Interestingly, you offer no proof. Odd, for a lover of science. So I challenge you to do so now. Please provide some evidence that I am in fact the person youve described.

He also pointed out that questioning policies like a $15 per hour minimum wage, or ideas like dark matter, does not make him a bigot. He also noted that Freemans previous onscreen roles as God and a professed man of faith might disqualify him from participating in a show that contradicts the Bible at every turn.

Rowe said his personal views do not affect his ability to read from a script into a microphone and that Brights objections make her sound fragile.

Anyway, Rebecca, my beef with your post comes down to this if you go to my boss and ask her to fire me because you cant stand the sound of my voice, I get it. Narrators with unpleasant voices should probably look for other work anyway, and if enough people share your view, no hard feelings Ill make room for Morgan. But if youre trying to get me fired simply because you dont like my worldview, well then, Im going to fight back. Partly because I like my job, and partly because youre wrong about your assumptions, but mostly because your tactics typify a toxic bl...


The Russiagate Stakes Are Extreme OpEdNews

It would be just as well if the coup succeeds as it would bring an end to Washington's cover as the government of a great democracy with liberty and justice for all. Most other governments, and one would hope certainly the Russian and Chinese governments, would see the coup as America's final transition into a police state and give up their utopian ideas of reaching accommodation with Washington.


Healthcare Plus Capitalism Equals Opioid Epidemic OpEdNews

The Sackler family opioid empire and the opioid epidemic it has contributed to are proof that America's system of state-sanctioned drug-trafficking is a mess.


11 Traps Sabotaging Your Spiritual Growth TruthTheory

By Lonerwolf

No matter what the practice or teaching, ego loves to wait in ambush to appropriate spirituality for its own survival and gain. Chgyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Spiritual growth is an experience we all go through once we have experienced the spiritual awakening process. As we begin to awaken to the truth of who we are, we develop a connection to our authentic essence, higher nature or Soul.

As we progressively advance on our paths, our spiritual essence begins to blossom like a luminous flower deep in our heart. And the more we clear away the dead, gnarled and overgrown beliefs, perspectives, and emotional baggage within us, the more clearly we feel our divine essence. When we maintain our inner garden, we feel more and more love, wisdom, peace, and wholeness as our True Nature is revealed slowly to us.

Yet, like any garden, our metaphorical inner landscapes can be consumed by weeds, plagues, and forms of pollution that strangle anything beautiful we have been nurturing. Sometimes, we even sabotage the growth occurring within us ourselves, without knowing it.



Veterans in Politics: It's Not About Honor OpEdNews

Forming a political organization around veterans is like forming a political organization around restaurant workers, stamp collectors, or avid kayakers. If it ever made sense, it stopped making sense a long time ago.


Israel Reveals its Plan to Flood the Internet and News Feeds with Propaganda 21st Century Wire

Forget about Adam Schiffs mythical Russian Bots meet the worlds premier trolling and propaganda operation

Its no secret that in recent years, Israel has been struggling to preserve its plummeting global reputation, as it continues to prosecute its brutal race-based, apartheid state policies. The situation is so bad now, that officials in Tel Aviv are planning to ramp-up propaganda and trolling efforts online in an attempt to mitigate damage caused by the international BDS movement designed to help the oppressed native population currently stateless and held prisoner under Israeli military occupation.

Traditionally, Israel has used international front groups as vehicles for Israeli spy agencies to conduct subterfuge activity overseas, and to conceal their connection with the state, including operating British Jewish organizations behind the [Israeli] embassys back in a way that could put them in violation of British law. Similar black ops have also been waged against the movements which support human rights in Palestine, as well as a special Israeli tarnishing unit used to spread lies about BDS activists.

It goes without saying that Mark Zuckerberg and his machine learning political censorship division at Facebook will be giving these IDF trolls a free pass to contaminate and spam its various news feeds and groups, while simultaneously shutting-down any dissenting speech which challenges the Zionist-Israeli narrative

In December 2017, appearing alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, was Israeli intelligence operative Sima...


City Shutting Down Life-Saving Charity Because They Dont Have a Permit Activist Post

By Matt Agorist Egg Harbor City, NJ In the land of the free helping those in need can be considered a criminal act if...


The Catholic Church & The U.S. Military: Two Peas in a Pedophilic Pod OpEdNews

It's time to face the facts. The U.S. military is at least as sexually corrupt as the Catholic Church. It's time for our decent young people to vote with their feet just as they have with the church. None of them with a shred of conscience should enlist.


20+ Illustrations Show Disney Characters Not Living So Happily Ever After TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

And they all lived happily ever after! Or did they?

And they all lived happily ever after, this is the fairy tale mantra that pops into the mind when you think of Walt Disney movies. But do we live happily ever after or (if we are using these movies as a metaphor) do we have these moments of magic, which are then followed by a dose of reality? Mexican visual artist Jos Rodolfo Loaiza (in some part) is changing the script on the happily ever after mantra by showing Disney characters in a different light.

Taken from Bored Panda: Specializing in pop culture, Rodolfo measures his viewers tolerance levels by putting our beloved characters in unorthodox context and showing them in dark, tough situations to explore the general theme of loss of innocence. Creating such kind of artworks, Rodolfo wants to raise the issue of what would happen with our classic characters if they were flesh and blood and were confronted by a frenetic and excessive world of fame, how many of them would prove to be susceptible to the excesses of drugs, alcohol, harassment or vanity?

His work captures a certain level of reality with a dark twist of humor. According to his website he captures images, once morbidly circulated by the media, and proposes a novel way of looking at them, You can decide for yourself:

  1. ...


How Conservationists Are Using 3D-Printed Turtle Eggs To Eliminate Poaching TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Did you know? Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of sea turtle eggs are stolen from nests. This is a violation of the federal Environmental Protection Act which seeks to protect the sea turtles from going extinct. Poachers will steal the sea turtle eggs to sell on the black market, where they are worth between $5 and $20 an egg.

To prevent the egg poaching from continuing, the conservation group Paso Pacfico is planting 3D printed decoy eggs in sea turtle nests in North and Central America. Because the eggs have a high risk of being poached, they are being used to help crack down on poachers.

The Washington Post reports that the 3D-printed ping pong ball-size eggs are identical to sea turtle eggs. However, they were laid by a printer and inside their silicone shells are GPS tracking devices. The conservationists hope to catch poachers by planting the fake eggs then confronting them.

We want to sneak them into nests that are most vulnerable to poaching,...


Multiple Catholic Priests Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican The Last American Vagabond

The works of multiple scholars, from Plato to Manly P. Hall and further down the line, suggest it is essentially the use of rituals and techniques to invoke and control spirits or lifeforms that could be existing within other dimensions or worlds. For example, according to Hall, a magician, enveloped in sanctified vestments and carrying a []

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A Town Well Planned: Geographic Form Plans Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

This article is part of a series in which Strong Towns member and contributor Alexander Dukes proposes a Civic Development System whose regulations are split into three core mechanisms: Master Street Plans, Land Use Zoning, and Form Plans. We hope it serves as valuable inspiration when thinking about design options for your own neighborhood.

Read previous articles in this series:

  1. Introduction to a Town Well Planned
  2. Determining Public Will
  3. Parcels and Master Street Plans
  4. Street Design
  5. Hierarchical Zoning
  6. Zoning with Context
  7. Universal Form Codes

Form codes and plans are relatively new regulatory tools in the civic planning toolbox intended to better control the design of developed land. In regulating the form of land, planners primarily seek to control building heights, footprints, frontage and setbacks. Note that form codes and form plans are not the same thing. A form code defines the terms by which the design of the land will be regulated such as: the citys building height limits will divided into three 30, 50, and 70 foot increments. A form plan applies that form code to specific blocks or parcels, such as: the city will apply 30 foot height limits along Oak Street, and 50 foot height limits along Spring Street.

In this article well continue to focus on a form code for the Auburn Mall Site. However; unlike the universal form codes applied to all parcels in the previous article, this article will describe form codes that must be applied with geographic context in a form plan. After describing these geographic form codes, well apply them to the mall site to produce a form plan  the final element of the Civic Development System at the heart of this series.

Listed below are the new form code elements that we will be dealing with in this article:

Auburn Mall Site Form Code (Part 2 of 2)

Building Across Lots A single main structure may be built acros...


The US Finally Told The Truth About Its Military Objective In Syria The Last American Vagabond

After over a year of flip-flopping and reversing its position on Syria and its president, Bashar al-Assad, the U.S. has finally admitted the real reason its military continues to violate Syrias sovereignty. From the Washington Post: After months of incoherence, the Trump administration has taken a step toward a clear policy on Syria and its civil war. In a speech last []

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What Do Immigrants Want to Come Here For? OpEdNews

Considering the full court press of the current presidential administration in the historical context of American immigration


Unnamed shooting suspect who occupied Mandalay Bay room 32-134 exited out hotel room door to make their escape Intellihub

It appears, in a roundabout way, the LVMPD has admitted that another suspect was occupying room 32-134 on the night of the massacre, during the shooting

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) The unnamed suspect who occupied Mandalay Bay room 32-134, the room adjacent to Stephen Paddocks end suite (32-135), made their escape out the front door then exited the building, according to vague details published in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments 19 Jan. preliminary report on the 1 October mass casualty shooting which left 58 people attending a country music concert dead.

As Intellihub reported on 10 Oct., over a week before the release of the prelim report, there is no way that Paddock could have made his way back and forth between the two rooms, as Sheriff Joseph Lombardo previously stated on the record. This action would have been physically impossible because the adjoining door to room 32-134 was dead-bolted shut at 9:46 p.m., about 14 minutes prior to the first volley of fully automatic gunfire, as the official report indicates. To top it all off, the report states that at 9:36 p.m. the dead bolt for room 32-135 was engaged which proves that both doors were locked at the time of the shooting as if the perpetrators had planed it that way.

On 10 Jan., Intellihub Tweeted: If the adjoining #Room134 door connecting Paddocks room was locked and had to be breached by @LVMPD, from room 135, then who locked it? It can only be locked from the other side! Answer this please.

Additionally, the prelim report confirms that a room service receipt for two was closed out in Marilou Danleys name just after 1:30 p.m. which suggests Danleys presence at the time. The receipt was for a total of $67.60 and included two meals which can be seen in the following picture. Withal, its obvious that two people were dining together in the room.



The Most Important Story This Month Was Not the Government Shutdown OpEdNews

For all the tumult over the shutdown, a more significant story was taking place far from the Beltway -- in communities where the resistance has been gaining strength and focus before a midterm election that could hold the president and his allies to account.


Washington Protects Its Agencies, Institutions And Elites From Ever Being Held Truly Accountable The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. With the ongoing drama around the Memo and the lost text messages, while being genuinely based in real corruption, it seems more and more to be distracting from much []

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Erdogan Extends Turkeys War With Syria Kurds, Risks US Confrontation The Last American Vagabond

In a move that analysts fear could bring Turkeys military into a direct confrontation with fellow NATO member the United States, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday that he is extending the invasion of northern Syria beyond Afrin District, and that the city of Manbij will be attacked next. Turkey invaded Afrin over the weekend. []

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The Blockchain Revolution Is Heading To Space THE INTERNET POST

There is a new space race unfolding that has the potential to change every industry, and even pave the way for an entirely new, decentralized internet Advertisements


Creating an Empire of Graveyards? At the Circus with Donald Trump OpEdNews

Who could deny that much of the attention he's received has been based on the absurdity, exaggeration, unsettling clownishness of it all, right down to the zany crew of subsidiary clowns who have helped keep him pumped up and cable newsed in the Oval Office?


Video Proves Cop Robbed Innocent Man at GunpointBlamed Robbery on Innocent Bystanders The Free Thought Project


A police officer held an innocent man at gunpoint, stole his pants, money, and phone, and smacked him with his service weapon, and then filed a false report claiming he was the victim.

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We Need Another Chilcot Inquiry This Time Into Syria Activist Post

By Judy Tanner Censorship of news is never a good thing. It might suit media corporations worried about their business model, falling circulation and losing...


Oklahomas Exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal and Consumer Protection Bill: A Model For Other States To Follow Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich You know it just had to happen!  Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce...


Cancer Chronicles 7: Shock & Silences. Freethought Blogs

The first day of chemo outfit: shirt with skulls, bag to match. The rest: black jeans, knee high Doc Martens lace ups.

The first day of chemo outfit: shirt with skulls, bag to match. The rest: black jeans, knee high Doc Martens lace ups, bright red hooded coat.

What your port looks like in use.

What your port looks like in use.

That is the giant pump which has to be attached to my port for two days. It's 6" in length and 7" in diameter. They need to hire some people from Intel, it would miniaturized in no time. Has to be above the waist at all times. The other stuff is what I need to flush the port after disengaging the pump.

That is the giant pump which has to be attached to my port for two days. Its 6 in length and 7 in diameter. They need to hire some people from Intel, it would miniaturized in no time. Has to be above the waist at all times. The other stuff is what I need to flush the port after disengaging the pump.

Cancer. The shock of it all didnt set in until this past Monday (22nd). Thats when I felt like I was going to fall apart, and it was hard to keep tears at bay. My oncologist asked me if I wanted to start chemo this week or next; I replied now is best, because Im at the point of running away and not coming back. Doc thought I was joking, but I wasnt. I really wanted to run. So, yesterday was my first chemo day. My schedule will at least be less hectic for a while, and Im grateful for that one.

Before I talk about the chemo, I want to briefly address reactions to CANCER. There will be a fair amount of people who you thought would have at least given you a oh, that sucks, but instead, dont acknowledge the CANCER or you, in any way at all. If youre newly diagnosed, dont be surprised by that. A lot of people simply will not acknowledge or address the issue. There are other unexpected reactions too. Yesterday, stopped by my pharmacy to pick u...


Another Article Dismisses ElectroHyperSensitivity (EHS) Without Mentioning that EHS is the Same Thing as Microwave Sickness Discovered in the 1950s Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Writer Christopher McFadden is likely in his early 30s.  He wrote this article: Is It Possible for You to Be Allergic to...


Reinhold Anon Freethought Blogs

Serenity Prayer (1937)

  • Reinhold Niebuhr

Father, give us courage to change what must be altered,

serenity to accept what cannot be helped,

and the insight to know the one from the other.

Serenity Prayer

  • as used in AA today

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

I believe the word, Father does a better job of communicating the breadth and depth and intimacy of a power-holding authority than ceremonial deism does, but may carry negative connotations for some. Remember, I havent said a prayer since the late 1970s. We all have fathers, we dont all have gods, and certainly not the...


MAGA is FailingThe Police State is Getting Worse: Round Ups, Checkpoints, Biometric IDs The Free Thought Project

police state

Constitutional attorney shows how all presidents are the same and the police state is marching on in spite of some supposed MAGA movement.

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Grassley: Feinsteins Fusion GPS Transcript Stunt Prevented Us From Interviewing Jared Kushner The Federalist

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said on Thursday that the unilateral public release by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) of testimony from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson eliminated any chance of White House aide Jared Kushner voluntarily testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Grassley chairs. Grassleys remarks came during a hearing to consider several judicial nominations.

Simpson, who founded the Democrat-linked political opposition research firm that commissioned and paid for the infamous Steele dossier, testified before the committee last August. In a move that took Grassley and his colleagues by surprise, Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee, unilaterally released a redacted transcript of Simpsons interview with the Judiciary committee. Grassley said Feinsteins gambit, which suggested the committee could not be trusted to honor confidentiality agreements it promised in exchange for voluntary testimony, had the effect of spooking witnesses who had not yet been interviewed by the committee.

I had hoped to speak with all the witnesses surrounding the Trump Tower meeting before releasing any of those interview transcripts, Grassley said. But the Ranking Member unilaterally released the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. That has spooked other potential witnesses.

As a result, it looks like our chances of getting a voluntary interview with Mr. Kushner have been shot, he added.

Voluntary testimony is important because it precludes the possibility of witnesses pleading their Fifth Amendment rights against being compelled to provide testimony that incriminates themselves in potential criminal activity. As a result, congressional investigators often prefer voluntary interviews under the belief that some information is better than zero information. Once a witness who has been compelled to appear before a court or investigative body pleads the Fifth, the chances of investigators learning important new facts from that person are virtually non-existent.

Grassley said he hopes to get access to a transcript of the testimony Kushner already provided before the Senate Intelligence Committee, since Feinstein serves on that committee as well. A similar arrangement was negotiated for testimony provided by Paul Manafort.

In his statement to the committee, Grassley noted that without Kushners testimony, the Judiciary Committees interviews with participants in the 2016 Trump Tower meeting were concluded. He then called for the full public release of all of the testimony provided to the committee during the course of its investigation.

I believe this Committees interviews of the witnesses surrounding the Trump Tower meeting are complete, Grassley said. That section of our investigation is done. So, now its time to start officially releasing the transcripts of all witness interviews...


Operation Olive Branch - Continues Virtual Mirage

It's Day 5 of Operation Olive Branch in Syrian Kurdistan. There have been no significant changes in the security situation in northern Syria, but Turkey began carrying out its threat to attack Manbij.
Turkish President Erdogan said he plans to "foil games along our borders starting from Manbij." He said that Turkey would "clean our region from this trouble completely.
The Turks promise the 'mother of all wars' in Manbij since they had their asses handed to them in Afrin. (yada-yada-yada)

Attacks on Manbij will be a test of intentions for all parties. The Syrian Kurds plan to resist the Turks there, they're well armed, supplied, and morale is high.

To break the Kurdish resistance, the Turkish aircraft must supply close support to the armor and fly low... or they need to send dismounted infantry forward and that means a LOT of dead Turks (and their Syrian allies). What to do?

Erdoan underlined that the operation is being carried out under the framework of Turkey's rights based on international law, U.N. Security Council resolutions, its right to self-defense under the U.N. charter and respect for Syria's territorial integrity, sources said.

The Turkish military said on Wednesday, the 24th, that 260 Kurdish and Islamic State (ISIL) fighters were killed. You can always tell when things aren't going well when they multiply the body count by 10x(+)

Turkish Modification - The political isolation and negative blowback have prompted the Turks to modify their propaganda about the targets of the Operation. Now the Turks are talking about killing Islamic State fighters. The Turks have always identified the Syrian Kurds as terrorists, but the Operation was aimed initially at Syrian supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)



City Shutting Down Life-Saving Charity Because They Dont Have a Permit The Free Thought Project


A family charity that's been providing food, shelter, and even medical equipment to those in need is under attack by the state for not paying them first.

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Republicans Sitting On Evidence That Clears Trump OpEdNews

The problem with Mueller's investigation is that it has never been an investigation of a crime but an investigation seeking to find a crime. No crime that falls under the purpose of the investigation has been found. As William Binney, the former high level NSA official who designed the spy program, has said, if a crime existed, the NSA would have the evidence. No investigation would be necessary.


New 2018 Pentagon Defense Strategy: From the War on Terror to Predatory Economics Newsbud

In this edition of a Different View with F William Engdahl he goes into the real issues on the new Pentagon Defense Strategy document that was widely missed by mainstream media, namely how the Pentagon is now making economic rivals into its main "enemy image," and no longer focusing on the War on Terror. He discusses what in fact this means and how it represents a dangerous shift in US military priorities.

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Show Notes

2018 National Defense Strategy

Defense Strategy for the 1990s


Turkeys Olive Branch Military Agenda Has Incited the Pentagon to Intensify Training of US Sponsored Kurdish Border Security Forces (BSF) The Last American Vagabond

After the Turkish Air Forces hit Kurdish positions in Syrias Afrin, the General Staff of the Turkish armed forces on Saturday announced it launched Operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish PYD/PKK troops. The next day, the Turkish command reported that aircraft had hit 153 Kurdish militant targets, including shelters and arsenals. In addition, according to []

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Davos: Inequality Rocks The Magic Mountain PopularResistance.Org

A major cause of such inequality is tax havens which in the current casino atmosphere stand no risk of being regulated. The so-called globalized elites meet at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year under the specter of extreme turbulence. The WEF Global Risks Report is hardly reassuring. The top five most likely risks for 2018 all range from extreme weather/climate change disturbances to cyber-attacks. Yet, according to the report, in terms of impact, they are superseded by weapons of mass destruction a direct consequence of the Korean peninsula standoff. Global elites are somewhat paralyzed by political inaction facing the most pressing questions of our time, just as the global economy is inundated by liquidity. Quantitative easing was actually the only concrete response to political inaction, adhered to by every Central Bank, from the ECB to the Japanese.


Black Women Challenge White Feminism of Womens March PopularResistance.Org

Black womens issues need to be at the forefront in order for this country to move forward, said Brittany Oliver, founding director of Not Without Black Women (NWBW), to many cheers from the crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial. About 10,000 people wrapped around the Reflecting Pool and stretched up the Memorials steps. Oliver said she was there to challenge white feminism and stress how important our voices are. Since we were here a year ago, there has been a seismic shift in the way women are dealing with the symptoms of gender bias, including the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, she said. She reminded them that #MeToo was founded a decade agoby a black woman. You saw #MeToo and Tawana Burke for over ten years, and [she] didnt get recognition for it until recently, Oliver said.


Cronkite News: Border Patrol agents accused of vandalism in Arizona Indianz.Com News

Seven humanitarian aid workers with the advocacy group No More Deaths are facing multiple federal misdemeanor charges, while another volunteer has been charged with harboring undocumented immigrants, a felony.


Sanctuary Cities Threatened With Federal Subpoenas PopularResistance.Org

Twenty-three cities and states are facing subpoenas if they do not prove they are complying with federal immigration laws regarding sanctuary cities in a timely manner, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. Letters were sent to each of the jurisdictions, which include California, New York City and Chicago, on Wednesday, demanding they provide documentation that proves they are not violating federal law. That law known as Section 1373  says state and local governments cant prevent their employees from communicating with Immigration and Naturalization Service officials about the citizenship or immigration status of any individual. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is threatening to pull federal grants from cities not demonstrating compliance, though multiple federal courts have blocked President Donald Trumps administration from withholding those funds; the issue is still being litigated.


We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices Inspiration For Young Activists PopularResistance.Org

New York, NY  Random House Childrens Books will publish WE RISE, WE RESIST, WE RAISE OUR VOICES, an empowering collection of poems, letters, personal essays, art, and other works from over 50 diverse, award-winning childrens book authors and artists in collaboration with Just Us Books, a Black-owned publisher committed to exclusively producing Black and multicultural childrens books. Phoebe Yeh, VP/Publisher of Crown Books for Young Readers, acquired world rights for publication from Just Us Books co-founders and anthology compilers Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson. The beautiful, full-color keepsake collection will be available on September 4, 2018.


More Than 750 Communities Have Created Internet Networks PopularResistance.Org

A new map from Community Networks shows that more communities than ever are building their own broadband networks to end big telecom's monopoly. Communities invest in telecommunications networks for a variety of reasons - economic development, improving access to education and health care, price stabilization, etc. They range from massive networks offering a gig to hundreds of thousands in Tennessee to small towns connecting a few local businesses. This map tracks a variety of ways in which local governments have invested in wired telecommunications networks as well as state laws that discourage such approaches. Our map includes more than 750 communities...


Ivan Star Comes Out: Sometimes it's good to air out our dirty laundry Indianz.Com News

We must come together as only a group of decent humans can and build a path that leads to freedom and contentment for our grandchildren.


Damn Those Meddling, Ugly Women! Freethought Blogs

Protesters attend the Women's March: Power to the Polls rally at Sam Boyd Stadium on January 21, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Roger Kisby for

Protesters attend the Womens March: Power to the Polls rally at Sam Boyd Stadium on January 21, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. Roger Kisby for

Sandy Rios, nasty bigot extraordinaire, was ever so concerned about the Womens March 2018, because it makes those women so gosh darn ugly. Those of us with the fuzzy pink lady brains, well, we arent supposed to be doing things like speaking up and thinking for ourselves, its ungodly and stuff.

Sandy Rios, a Religious Right radio host and American Family Association figure, said the 2018 Womens March was a very ugly thing and that women who attended it become ugly because they are acting outside of the realm of Gods parameters.

Im not a guy, so I dont have to worry about my political correctness. I am ashamed of the women of my generation. I have been for a long time. I just dont understand their foolishness and I dont understand why more of us werent deeply grounded in not only Gods word, but the principles of Gods word, about the moral behavior that is beneficial to us as well as our daughters, Rios said.

Uh, Im not a guy so well, thats me nonplussed. As for Ms. Rioss generation, shes around 68. Me, Im a fresh 60, and Im pretty much the antithesis of Ms. Rios. I dont consider myself to be foolish, nor do I consider women who stand up with their full humanity blazing to be anywhere near foolish. I have no doubt there are a number of women who march who consider themselves to be theists, and as they are all marching against a terrible display of immorality, they are all looking to be on the right side of the moral fence to me.

Once again, you can see that irony has zero impact on the zealots; Ms. Rios is aghast over women taking action and speaking up, yet from what I can tell, Ms. Rios rarely shuts up, always railing on about one group or another, reserving her best hatred for queer folk. If women speaking out is ungodly, well

Its a very ugly thing. It is a very ugly thing when women behave in this way. They become ugly. They dont become like men with all the privi...


Native Sun News Today: Gold mine near sacred site takes step forward Indianz.Com News

A Canadian company is moving forward with a gold mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota, near the Lakota spiritual center of Pe Sla.


Who has the snake-filled head? Freethought Blogs

Courtland Sykes is a candidate for the US Senate from Missouri. He has certain opinions about feminists. Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to accelerate fast.

I want to come home to a home cooked dinner every night at six, Sykes said, referring to demands he makes of his girlfriend. One that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives.

According to Sykes, feminists push an agenda that they made up to suit their own nasty snake-filled heads.

The candidate said that he hoped his daughters do not grow up to be career obsessed banshees who forgo home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils who shriek from the top of a thousand tall buildings they are [SIC] think they could have leaped in a single bound had men not been suppressing them. Its just nuts.

You banshees! How dare you! Courtland is hungry. Make him a sandwich, because he doesnt know how and will starve if no woman serves him!

I agree with his last sentence. It is just nuts.

Youre not going to elect him, are you, Missourians?


Burger King Loves Net Neutrality (?!) And Other Whoppers PopularResistance.Org

Some buzz-killers are complaining that Burger King doesnt really care about Net Neutrality and is just trying to exploit a hot-button topic. To them, I say: I know! Isnt it great?! Net Neutrality is so popular right now that its being used to sell hamburgers. This supposedly obscure issue, one that all the political experts spent years trying to dismiss and rename, is so prominent that Burger-freaking-King wants a piece of it. Right now Net Neutrality ranks high on the list of concerns of millennial voters right up there with marijuana legalization. If nothing else, BK knows its target demo. The unprecedented public response since Ajit Pais FCC moved to kill Net Neutrality in December has now seized the attention of Madison Avenue. This is new territory. And its delicious.


WATCH: Turn it Off: Cops Whisper to Turn Off Body Cams as They Beat and Rob Man The Free Thought Project


Two cops were caught on video beating and stealing from a man before they conspired to turn off their body cameras to cover up what they would do next.

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Tim Giago: Indian Country loses one of its greatest in Harriett Skye Indianz.Com News

Dr. Harriett Skye, a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, was a groundbreaker for many in Indian Country.


WaPo Defends Its Owner Against Charges That Hes Very Wealthy PopularResistance.Org

Awkwardly enough, one of the worlds six wealthiest people is the owner of the paper doing the factchecking. Or as the Postcoyly put it, (Among the names on the list: Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post.) The Posts Nicole Lewis didnt say that Sanders was wrong, exactly. Instead, she said that he has made a habit of relying on simplified statistics that are provocative but do little to illuminate the complexities of the US economic system. Or as she said of a similar statement Sanders made about US (not global) wealth, While technically correct, the condensed soundbite lacked nuance about wealth accumulation and debt in the United States. The factcheck started out by acknowledging that, yes, the six richest people, according to Forbes, have net wealth of $462.6 billion.


Bathtub Diverter Spout Bathtub Ideas


Delta Faucet U1072-Pk Universal Showering Components Diverter Tub

Bathtub Diverter Spout - You probably believe in terms of a spa, whirlpool or Jacuzzi when you think of modern bath-tubs. To be a contemporary twist to an old idea, not too a deep bath tub is considered by many. The Japanese employed deep wood bathtubs for generations in their bathing rituals. They have become well-known in The United States for their soaking characteristics. Many use Ofuro bathtub or Japan bath tub as a Jacuzzi. They are jetted and have a heater connected to the water source to provide you with all the calming and calming sprays of heated water. Many of these are made from wood that's been sealed.

A more modern bathtub would be the cast iron claw-foot bath tub. These, like the Japanese bath-tubs, are deep and great for soaking as well as bathing. They could serve two uses in one-unit. They are generally produced from fiber glass or acrylic today although some can still be purchased in cast-iron. Modern bathtubs aren't as primitive as this and generally do not soak your ground when draining.


Fluent Diverter Tub Spout - American Standard


Partsmasterpro Adjustable Tub Spout With Front Diverter In Chrome


Moen Tub Spout Nipple | The Home Depot Canada


Shop Bathtub Spouts At Lowes


Universal Diverter Spout - Mixx Tapware


Delta Innovations Pull-Down Diverter Tub Spout In Chrome-Rp17453


Grohe 13285002 Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Diverter Spout Tub Spouts



How Uncle Sam Launders Marijuana Money OpEdNews

In a blatant example of "do as I say, not as I do," the US government is profiting handsomely by accepting marijuana cash in the payment of taxes while imposing huge penalties on banks for accepting it as deposits. Onerous reporting requirements are driving small local banks to sell out to Wall Street. Congress needs to harmonize federal with state law.


Daily Inspiration --- Truth OpEdNews

All men, at one time or another, have fallen in love with the veiled Isis whom they call Truth.


Top Senate Democrat: The House Intel Memo Is Sloppy And Baseless. Also, Ive Not Read It The Federalist

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said Wednesday that the classified report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee, which reportedly details abuses by federal law enforcement and surveillance agencies, is sloppy and baseless. He also has not read the memo.

I have not seen the memo, Warner said, according to CNN. But I think it is sloppy, careless, and again, I think has no grounding in fact.

The senior senator form Virginia did not explain how he could know intricate details about a document he has not even read.

Under the rules of the U.S. House and the committee motion to make the report available to the entire House, only members of the House have been authorized to read the four-page classified memo. Before the memo can be made available to Senators and their staffs, executive branch agencies like the FBI, and the general public, the committee must vote to make the report publicly available. Congressional Democrats have repeatedly said they oppose making the report available to the public. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has said that the American public doesnt have the necessary knowledge or experience to adequately understand the findings in the report and should therefore be denied access to it.

The memo, which has stoked both widespread speculation and outrage in Washington, reportedly contains information about the FBIs reliance on a now-infamous dossier compiled by British ex-spy Christopher Steele to obtain a warrant from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on associates of the Trump presidential campaign. To date, none of the dossiers substantive allegations of illegal foreign collusion have been independently verified.

Steele, who has not set foot in Russia in nearly two decades, relied on information he received third-hand, including from Kremlin-connected Russians who may have used Steele to peddle disinformation in order to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S. This dossier was funded in part by the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton, and possibly others. The firm that commissioned the dossier, Fusion GPS, was at the same time working on behalf of a Russian company accused by the U.S. government of fraud and money laundering as part of a scheme to violate U.S. sanctions against corrupt Russians.

Republican lawmakers in the House are currently considering if, when, and how to make the House report available to the public. Under House rules, if the president objects in writing to the rel...


How Can We Bridge The Widening Global Inequality Gap? PopularResistance.Org

For the past five years, I have carried Oxfam's call to tackle global inequality to the rich and powerful people attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. I don't sing alone there any more. I'm worried my message is almost mainstream, that I sound like I'm part of the choir. I bet nearly every politician and industry leader I meet in Davos this week will talk the talk about the evils of inequality and be very eloquent and believable, too. I mean, how could they not? The evidence is overwhelming. Surely, no stable genius attending Davos could possibly try to deny, minimise or justify 2018 levels of global inequality? Now that would be a controversial sideshow! Oxfam's report this year is as much about people's stories as it is about inequality's staggering statistics. These are the people around the world losing their lands and livelihoods as fast as ever.


No Indigenous Women, No Womens Movement PopularResistance.Org

It is no secret that, beginning with the first wave of feminism, the womens movement has been a white womans crusade. While white women championed suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, black and indigenous women still were fighting for their personhood, not yet even considered human by the white race and simply not in the privileged position to be discontented with their inability to vote. Still today, white and upper-class womens issues stand in stark contrast to the issues of many indigenous and black women. In todays womens marches across the nation, scores of white women express their feminist vigor wearing pink pussy hats, a rebuff to Donald Trumps grab em by the pussy comment from a 2005 Access Hollywood recording that emerged publicly shortly before the 2016 presidential election.


Kentucky Medicaid Enrollees Sue To Block Work Requirement Waiver PopularResistance.Org

Groups representing Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries sued the federal government Wednesday to block the state from implementing its Medicaid waiver program that includes a work requirement. The proposed class action complaint alleges the changes, which include premiums, cost-sharing and a controversial work requirement, will lead to substantial reductions in Medicaid coverage. The CMS approved Kentucky's Medicaid waiver application this month. The controversial work requirement means able-bodied beneficiaries will have to complete 80 hours per month of community engagement activities, such as employment, education, job skills training or community service to maintain their Medicaid eligibility.


UK Police Vows To Send Pedophile Hunters Behind Bars For Exposing Child Sex Rings Counter Current News

Source: Anonbay Police chiefs in the United Kingdom have ordered their teams to hunt and jail hugely successful pedophile hunters, who get the child predators arrested and protect the vulnerable children. Officers have been told to []


Such wonders you can observe in the 21st century Freethought Blogs

I stand amazed at the progress we have made. People work together to aid those in needlike at The Presidents Club Charity Dinner in London. Theyre trying to raise money for hospitals! How can one possibly criticize them for that?

You can trust men to fuck it up.

It is for men only. A black tie evening, Thursdays event was attended by 360 figures from British business, politics and finance and the entertainment included 130 specially hired hostesses.

All of the women were told to wear skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels. At an after-party many hostesses some of them students earning extra cash were groped, sexually harassed and propositioned.

Theyve been doing this for 33 years, in relative obscurity, which has only been broken because a couple of women went undercover as hostesses to discover what shenanigans were going on. It was an unpleasant night for them.

At 10pm last Thursday night, Jonny Gould took to the stage in the ballroom at Londons Dorchester Hotel. Welcome to the most un-PC event of the year, he roared.

That was an omen. Ive noticed that only assholes take pride in not being PC. Thats exactly what it was, too: a parade of privileged assholes letting their hair down to just be themselves, i.e. deplorable and unpleasant.

The nature of the occasion was hinted at when the hostesses were hired. The task of finding women for the dinner is entrusted to Caroline Dandridge, founder of Artista, an agency specialising in hosts and hostesses for what it claims to be some of the UKs most prestigious occasions.

At their initial interviews, women were warned by Ms Dandridge that the men in attendance might be annoying or try to get the hostesses pissed. One hostess was advised to lie to her boyfriend about the fact it was a male-only event. Tell him its a charity dinner, she was told.

Its a Marmite job. Some girls love it, and for other girls its the worst job of their life and they will never do it again...You just have to put up with the annoying men and if you can do that its fine, Ms Dandridge told the hostess.

Two days before the event, Ms Dandridge told prospective hostesses by email that their phones would be safely locked away for the evening and that boyfriends and girlfriends were not welcome at the venue.

The uniform requirements also became more detailed: all hostesses should bring BLACK sexy shoes, black underwear, and do their hair and make-up as they would to go to a smart sexy place. Dresses and belts would be supplied on the day.

For those who met the three specific selection criteria (tall, thin and pretty) a job paying 150, plus 25 for a taxi home, began...


Cool Pope makes unintentionally funny tweet Freethought Blogs

Makes you think!



Big Win for Medicaid WhoWhatWhy

Is Russiagate About to Implode? (Trevin)

Based on chatter by House members who have read the vaunted memo, Justin Raimondo writes that Americans should prepare to be shocked by the nature and extent of the FBI/CIAs interference in our domestic politics, and surprised by how spooks dominate not just influence, but dominate what passes for American journalism today.

US Revives Syria-Russia Sarin Gas Claims (Dan)

The US claims that Assads government in Syria has once again used sarin gas against its enemies. UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said Russia bears responsibility for letting the attack happen. Stop me if youve heard this one before.

Conservative Prankster James OKeefe Tries to Play Nice (Russ)

Notorious right-wing prankster James OKeefe, who was caught trying to trick the Washington Post in December, is now trying to scrub negative press in a recent interview. And, well, to up his book sales.

No One But Maduro (Dan)

Venezuelas president Nicolas Maduro has called for a snap election. Will the countrys opposition be able to organize in time? Further, just because the opposition is anti-Maduro, are they really the answer?

450k Puerto Ricans Still Without Power (Jimmy)

Four months after hurricane Maria, nearly half a million people are still without power.

Government to Investigate Net Neutrality Comment Fraud (Jimmy)

The author writes, The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) will investigate the use of impersonation in public comments on the Federal Communications Commissions net neutrality repeal. Democrats asked the GAO to also examine whether this shady practice extends to other agency rulemaking processes.

The post Big Win for Medicaid appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Dollar Bill Origami: Multiple Bill Folds. Freethought Blogs

From Kestrel: These need at least six dollar bills to find. The first two need 8 dollar bills, the last ones need 6. I did the third one with the bills facing one way for one, and with the bills facing the other way for the other one. That one is called an umulius.  Click for full size!

Kestrel, all rights reserved.


The Daily Bird #600. Freethought Blogs

Adorable Chaffinch from Charly, click for full size!

Charly, all rights reserved.


URGENT: Vaccine Industry Pushing State Laws To TRACK Your Vaccine Status With Big Pharma Surveillance Sheep Media

VaccineNews| Freedom in Florida is under attack again, as state legislators seek to pass multiple vaccine-related bills to restrict personal liberty. Under these unconstitutional pieces of legislation, law-makers would delete parental rights regarding vaccine tracking.

Senate Bill 1680 was filed on January 5, 2018 and under this bill, parents would no longer have the right to opt-out of having their childs vaccination status monitoring by bureaucratic government agencies.  This bill would require students have a vaccination record on file with the government to attend school.

House Bill 1045, introduced December 19, 2017, seeks to exact similar measures by requiring electronic availability of vaccination records. The bill would also revise the vaccine requirements needed for public school students. HB 1045 would also demand that students have a certificate of immunization on file with the Department of Health.

Both bills serve to restrict a parents right to protect their childrens privacy or rather, eliminate it entirely.

The Florida State Health Department already operates a vaccine registry, but under current laws, parents still have the right to refuse to participate if they dont want their children on the list. But, as a recent release from the Florida National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Advocacy Team explains:

However, the health department has been openly circumventing the current law keeping everyones information without legal authority even after someone opts out using the state provided form. Instead of deleting records, the health department admits they will keep them and will only limit data sharing as they admit on their site: If you choose to opt out, your childs record will continue to be in the registry, but it will not be accessible to anyone but the childs current doctor.

So, even opting out doesnt delete a childs record in its entirety; what kind of liberties will the government grant themselves under these new (unconstitutional) bills?

Urgent action...


Why the FDA should be charged with murder Jon Rappoport's Blog

Why the FDA should be charged with murder

by Jon Rappoport

January 25, 2018

If you worked for a federal agency that was killing people at the rate of 100,000 a year, every year, like clockwork, and if you knew it, wouldnt you feel compelled to say or do something about it?

At the FDA, which is, in fact, killing Americans at that rate, no one has ever felt the need to step forward and speak up.

Lets shift the venue and ask the same question. If you were a medical reporter for a major media outlet in the US, and you knew the above fact, wouldnt you make it a priority to say something, write something, do something?

Im talking about people like Sanjay Gupta (CNN, CBS), Gina Kolata (NY Times), Tim Johnson (ABC News), and Thomas Maugh II (LA Times).

And with that, lets go to the smoking guns. The citation is: BMJ June 7, 2012, Anticoagulants cause the most serious adverse events, finds US analysis, (BMJ 2012:344:e3989). Author, Jeanne Lenzer.

Lenzer refers to a report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices: It [the report] calculated that in 2011 prescription drugs were associated with two to four million people in the US experiencing serious, disabling, or fatal injuries, including 128,000 deaths.

The report called this one of the most significant perils to humans resulting from human activity.

And here is the final dagger. The report was compiled by outside researchers who went into the FDAs own database of serious adverse [medical-drug] events.

Therefore, to say the FDA isnt aware of this finding would be absurd. The FDA knows. The FDA knows and it isnt saying anything about it, because the FDA certifies, as safe and effective, all the medical drugs that are routinely maiming and killing Americans.

And for the past five years or so, I have been writing about and citing a published report by the late Dr. Barbara Starfield that indicates 106,000 people in the US are killed by medical drugs every year. Until her death in 2011, Dr. Starfield worked at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Her report, Is US health really the best in the world?, was published in the Journal of American Medical Association on July 26, 2000.

Since the Department of Homela...


We made the list! Freethought Blogs

Minnesota is on a list of the 10 most educated states in the country. So is my home state of Washington.

10. New Jersey
9. Washington
8. Minnesota
7. New Hampshire
6. Virginia
5. Colorado
4. Vermont
3. Connecticut
2. Maryland
1. Massachusetts

I had to look up a few other states Ive lived in. Utah ranks surprisingly high, at #11 were going to have to credit Salt Lake City for bringing up their score, which is a really nice city to live in, despite the weird religion, and is home to a great university that the state actually takes considerable pride in. Pennsylvania is surprisingly low, at #30. Its surprising because Philadelphia is in the heart of a region rich in universities, with a long academic tradition. I guess the benighted middle of the state is dragging their average down.

There is some bad news for Minnesota lurking in the details: we have one of the worst gaps in educational attainment by race. I suspect thats a consequence of welcoming many immigrants Hmong, Somali, and Central American and then failing to do right by them.


Hannity: The walls are closing in on the deep state Intellihub

A major smear campaign continues in the liberal media to divert attention from the special council

(INTELLIHUB) Wednesday, on his show, Sean Hannity unleashed on the deep state and so-called journalists who are desperately clinging to the Russian collusion narrative.

Game on, Hannity said.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Fox News/YouTube
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The Murder of Frank Olson and the Beginning on Germ Warfare on the American People (Chemtrails) Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

The perfect storm is curently taking place. From Fukushima to chemtrails, the globalists are hitting the people with every deadly geoengineering plot known to man. Will mankind survive? How did this all begin?

The protagonist of the X-Files Fox Mulder, would say, The truth is out there. The truth about what? The truth about the night the CIA murdred bacteriologist, Frank Olson, because he could not be trusted to keep the CIAs dirty little secret. 

Russia and China Accuse the US of Waging a Biowar on North Korea In 1953

In 1953, the Soviet Union and China accued the United States of waging a biowar against North Korea in which millions died. The communist super-powers alleged that the US biowar actions against NK were conducted during the Korean war. Much to my surprise there are several consistent accounts of the secret biowar against North Korea.

From Wikipedia:

Allegations that the United States military used biological weapons in the Korean War (195053) were raised by the governments of Peoples Republic of China, the Soviet Union and North Korea in 1952. The story was covered by the worldwide press and led to a highly publicized international investigation. US Secretary of StateDean Acheson and other US and allied government officials denounced the allegations as a hoax.In February 1953, China and North Korea produced two captured...

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Thursday, 25 January


DOJ in process of recovering 5 months of missing FBI texts, Obama retains council Intellihub

It looks as if a major storm is brewing in Washington, the stage is being set for the final showdown in the Russian collusion saga

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) The Department of Justice has started to recover five months worth of missing texts from FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page after it was learned a technical glitch had caused their deletion during a time when anti-Trump communications in the ranks of the FBI were at an all-time high.

Fox News reports:

Federal law enforcement officials had notified congressional committees that a technical glitch affected thousands of FBI cellphones between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017. This meant that 5 months worth of texts would be missing from Strzok and Page, both of whom are under scrutiny after it was revealed that the former members of special counsel Robert Muellers team exchanged anti-Trump texts during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hannity said sources at the DOJ told him they have begun to recover some of the texts from that time period. Specific content from those texts has not been released.

The missing messages have caused problems for the Justice Department inspector generals office.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, have sent a letter to Inspector General Michael Horowitz noting that the IGs office said on Dec. 13 that it had all the messages between Strzok and Page between Nov. 30, 2016, and July 28, 2017.

Sean Hannity went on air Wednesday to urge congress to release the memo which may shed further light on the matter.

Additionally, a source fairly close to the President has indicated to Intellihub contact that former President Barack H. Obama has quietly retained council over the matter.

Buckle up people, this may get int...


The Russia Fake News Scare Is All About Chilling Speech The Federalist

Last week Republicans began to call for the release of a memo authored by House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes that purports to lay out a series of abuses connected to the FBI surveillance of Donald Trumps 2016 presidential campaign. As often happens these days, a Twitter hashtag evolved around the effort, #ReleaseTheMemo, and was widely retweeted by Republicans and elected officials.

It didnt take long for a report to emerge claiming that Russian-sponsored Twitter accounts and bots were the real driving force behind the viral call for the release of the memo. Without worrying about the veracity of this convenient claim, all the usual suspects giddily spread the story across social media probably because they have such a deep reverence for truth in the Era of Trump.

The report also prompted Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam Schiff, both Democrats, to pull out every fearmongering catchphrase available to demand that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg perform an in-depth forensic examination on the ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors directly acting to intervene and influence our democratic process.

Its difficult, it seems, for some people to embrace neutral principles nowadays. But if you genuinely believe that Donald Trumps distasteful tweets are attacks on the foundations of free expression, how can you not be alarmed by a pair of powerful elected officials demanding social media companies hand over information about their users? What would they say if the president had sent a letter to Google insisting they give the executive branch an in-depth forensic examination of his political opponents searches?

As it turns out, reports today say that Twitters internal analysis found that it was mostly Americans, not creepy Slavic mind-control robots, who were behind the hashtags. Not that it really matters, anyway. If a group of Americans have a legitimate issue to rally around, how are they supposed to control what outsiders do? Its not as if #ReleaseTheMemo was a secret or illegal. Republican politicians were openly using it.

Yet, if Feinstein and Schiff had their way, Twitter and Facebook would have moved to quash the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag for what turned out to be apparently solely partisan reasons. Sounds like a power that can be abused. Even if the two had been genuinely troubled by Russian hashtags yes, suspend your disbelief the source of fake news is not always easily discer...


Feminists To Women: Youre Consenting To Sex Wrong The Federalist

Im not the first to observe that a lot of modern feminism consists of loud sloganeering about womens choice and empowerment, behind a small subset of women looks down on other women and tells them theyre making the wrong choices. If you dont believe me, try being a conservative woman (especially one who opposes abortion), or a stay-at-home mom, or someone who thinks the #MeToo campaign has become an out-of-control warlock hunt. We can also see this in the way feminists have taken a new step toward redefining sexual consent, the upshot of which is partly to tell other women that they are consenting to sex wrong.

Consent is the most basic and limited moral standard that you can apply to sex, but it has the virtue of being a clear and objective standard, and it is actually not controversial. You would also think that holding to consent as a standard would allow you to find enough male miscreants and female victims as it is. But I guess that doesnt produce enough of them, or perhaps not of the right type.

So in the rush to find more victimsbecause every woman has got to be able to say #MeTooand to find more perpetratorsbecause all men must be corrupted by the patriarchycontemporary feminism has been slowly breaking down consent as a standard by trying to add extra conditions on top of it that are not clear and objective.

The first step was to change from consent to affirmative consent. It is not enough for a woman to show consent tacitly, by allowing a man to kiss her, to touch her, to remove her clothes, and so on. Under affirmative consent, she must explicitly and continuously say yes to every one of these actions or it becomes the equivalent of rape. That this is not the way lovers act in the real world, nor is it the way most women want their lover to act, does not deter the advocates of affirmative consent.

So now we get to the next stage. What is needed, we are told, is not consent and not merely affirmative consent, but enthusiastic consent. This is the lesson we are supposed to draw from the Aziz Ansari case. Just going by the womans account, she consented to most of what Ansari did on their lame, failed date.

In other words, they cant find enough material in this story to make out Ansari as an outright rapist. Instead, they fall back on the idea that Ansari was guilty of assault because his date was not consenting enthusiastically. As one advocate puts it: Enthusiasm as a standard of consent is meant to help clarify the places at which initiators unintentionally and sometimes unknowingly cross from sexual experience to sexual assault.

How clarifying can it be, if you can sti...


The Biggest Recent School Choice Victory Was Increasing The Child Tax Credit The Federalist

Through Saturday its National School Choice Week, an annual nonpolitical effort to increase visibility and positive feelings about the idea of families having the primary power to control their kids education. Beginning in 2011, President Obama recognized the week, and this year President Trump did, too.

The last approximately five years saw a marked increase in states finally opening the doors to voucher and other parent choice programs after more than 50 years of free-marketers advocacy. Although it descends from Founding-era school funding arrangements, Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman was the most significant modern thinker to develop and advocate the concept, most notably with a seminal 1955 essay.

But it took 56 years of making this case to lawmakers and the public before state legislatures successful activity on the matter prompted the Wall Street Journal to dub 2011 The Year of School Choice. That year, 13 states passed significant education choice measures. The WSJ, however, may have used the moniker too soon, as in 2012 and 2013 state legislatures followed with a fresh bevy of choice program establishment and expansions, to the point that today the majority of states offer some kind of parent-choice program, and many offer several.

Since 2013, however, legislative activity on this matter has slowed. Its not because there isnt room to grow, either. While 2011 to 2013 saw a significant increase in the variety of education choices states allowed parents to make with their kids share of public resources, the programs implemented during this time were typically highly regulated and poorly funded. This has dramatically limited their appeal and use.

Thus today, only about 5 percent of the U.S. school-age population uses school vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, state tax deductions and credits, and education savings accounts (my calculation using EdChoice and federal data). If you eliminate students using state education tax credits and deductions, the national percentage of private choice students shrinks to 0.8 percent, or essentially a rounding error.

Lets remember why school choice was proposed and gained momentum in the first place. Its deepest basis is justice: it is morally wrong to trap families into schools that do not serve their needs by basing school access on mere ZIP code. It is also morally wrong to treat families and children as pawns in an education system run with little meani...


Two tribes bring in women for top positions in their court systems Indianz.Com News

Women hold the top judicial positions in two tribes, the Navajo Nation and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.


Trust Women Is A Totally Inadequate Response To The Abortion Question The Federalist

Salon published a column this week by an outspoken abortion advocate attempting to convince readers that when it comes to the question of abortion, the answer should always be to simply trust women.

Amanda Marcotte argues that women know what theyre doing when it comes to abortion, and we should all leave it at that. The question is whether or not women can be trusted to make decisions for themselves like adults, or whether they should be relegated to second-class status, stripped of the right to bodily autonomy, she writes.

This hyperbolic statement actually says nothing about the morality of abortion or why it should be legal for a mother to take the life of her child. Nor does it address the status of the unborn child, a human being whose life hangs in the balance during every abortion decision.

In any case, Marcotte starts off her column by explaining that trust women was the motto of the late Dr. George Tiller, an abortionist who was killed in 2009 by what Marcotte refers to as  an anti-abortion terrorist. By referencing Tiller right out of the gate, she is sending a clear message: Trusting women is the reasonable approach to abortion. Look at what anti-abortion terrorists are doing to those who practice abortion.

Emotional appeals aside, the truth is that it doesnt matter who uttered the phrase first, or ever for that matter. The phrase either has merit or it doesnt. It is either worth following, or it isnt. The origin of the quote is irrelevant.

Speaking of irrelevant, Marcotte puts forward a fair amount of research in the column. She cites studies about peoples attitudes toward women who have abortions, attitudes about which biological sex understands abortion better, beliefs about which demographic of women is most likely to access abortion, employment numbers of women who are denied abortions, and some information about how easy it is to access abortion in Peru.

None of the numbers demonstrate why trust women is a slogan worth embracing, nor do they explain why abortion should be a legal option in the first place. Virtually every number and study put forth in Marcottes column is wholesale irrelevant to that point.

Nevertheless, lets consider this idea of trust women when it comes to unplanned pregnancies and abortion. Certainly most would agree that an unplanned pregnancy is a life-changing event, and produces a level of stress that many cannot imagine.

Lets consider a few different scenarios. Imagine you walk in and find a friend engaging in self-injurious behavior, perhaps cutting. You gasp, and tell her to put the razor blade away. She explains that this is the best way she can think of to manage her stress levels, and that you should trust her to know what is best for her as she proceeds in...


Tess Hollidays Nude Photo Isnt Doing Anything For The Body Positive Movement The Federalist

Supermodel Tess Holliday recently posted a nude picture of herself to advocate for womens equality. Her husband Nick posted the picture, writing, Women deserve respect, whether they are completely naked or covered head to toe.

The caption and the mere fact that the model is nude technically have nothing to do with fat positivity, but the undertones are there. Holliday is known for being a plus size model (size 22) and a fat positive activist. Thus, its a difficult issue for some viewers to navigate. Fat positive fans will adore the exhibition, and many critics of the ideology will be content to announce that they do not find Holliday attractive, and wont these fat positive people stop posting unappealing pictures already and stop trying to change peoples conception of beauty?

I can respect Holliday as a person, but I dont have to respect the fact that she posted a picture of her naked backside. That has nothing to do with her size; I would apply the exact same standard to a thin person. Even if you think conventional standards of beauty are too narrow (they are) and that women shouldnt feel pressure to conform to those standards (they shouldnt), theres something wrong with the way Holliday and many other feminist activists are pushing equality.

Whether the cause is fat positivity, unrestricted abortion, or equal pay, radical feminists embrace public nudity as a form of protest and display of pride. But when will they learn that getting naked doesnt get them even either with men, or thin people? Why do they insist that stripping is dignifying?

Over and over again, researchers have demonstrated that wearing less clothing encourages viewers to objectify women, and to view them as more sexually available, less capable, less intelligent, and less self-respecting. As far as I have read, revealing more of ones body has never been shown to encourage more respect. The body positive notion that women should get more respect for wearing less clothing goes against the entire body of data indicating the exact opposite.

And its not just hurting their cause. It could be negatively affecting the women themselves. A meta-analysis of multiple studies on dress and body image explains one study in which college women self-objectified if they viewed themselves in a mirror when wearing a swimsuit, but not if they viewed themselves wearing a bulky knit sweater. In another study, women who imagined themselves in scenarios wearing body revealing clothing (i.e., bathing suits) resulted in higher state self-objectification, negative mood, body shame, and bod...


12 True-To-Life Films From 2017 Worth Seeing Regardless Of Oscar Nods The Federalist

Nominees for the 2018 Oscars were announced with much fanfare on Tuesday, but theres always a gap between what performs at the box office and the films the Academy finds to be of merit. Hundreds of movies fall in the chasm between, many soon forgotten. Twelve biopics stand out in particular this year.

Audiences got an outsized crop of releases based on a true story that are alive with spirit, humor, striking visuals, and stranger-than-fiction twists. This list is not comprehensive, does not include documentaries, and avoids films loosely inspired by actual events, such as The Greatest Showman. (Because while watching Wolverine shed his claws and sing his way through a Broadway take on circus man P.T. Barnum may be a lot of fun, the story has little basis in reality.)

The breadth and depth of these films, from romance to war to dark comedy, reveals true stories cant really be pigeonholed. Most dramatize only a small chapter from history, rather than a sweeping look at a heros entire life. Its a welcome trend that brings forth small, specific moments that bring meaning to big-screen narratives. Here are the twelve.

1. Darkest Hour (Set in 1940s Great Britain, 127 minutes, PG-13)

One performance getting ample attention deserves every award coming its way. Gary Oldman (Air Force One, Harry Potter) brings Winston Churchill to life with remarkable period detail, his transformation aided by expert prosthetic work and a vocal coach who helped him drop an octave. Though he had long been cast aside by the powers that be, when in crisis, Great Britain called upon a military tactician and historian for help, and he ended up saving countless lives by seeing world events with moral clarity.


2. A United Kingdom (Set in 1950s Bechuanaland, 111 minutes, PG-13)

Heir to the throne of an African nation, Seretse Khama was studying law in London when he met a young woman who loved jazz as much as he did. David Oyelowo (Selma) and Rosamund Pike (Pride & Prejudice) capture well the romance that agitated cultural mores in several nations. Upon their marriage, Ruth Williams Khama must endure a skeptical people and the unexpected absence of her husband. Director Amma Asante, known for her under appreciated film Belle, navigates the complex history that birthed the nation of Botswana in this film.



Ive Had It With Reporters Trying To Stamp Political Heresy Out Of Tennis The Federalist

Not so long ago, tennis fans could watch a match and root for an underdog without having to worry about who he follows on Twitter or what he retweets. But in an age of ubiquitous social media and particularly since the toxic 2016 election, Americans can no longer remain blissfully unaware of how our athletic heroes feel about politics.

Sports reporters badger athletes about whether they would visit the White House, demand to know how they feel about national anthem protests, and scrutinize their Twitter activity looking for evidence of pro- or anti-Trump fodder to create headlines.

This week at the Australian Open, where an American named Tennys Sandgren came out of nowhere to reach the second round of the tournament, the press corps seemed less interested in his Cinderella story than the fact that his Twitter activity is awfully similar to President Trumps.

Caring More about Politics than about Tennis

Sandgren, a 26-year-old Tennessee native who had just two career wins at the Association of Tennis Professionals level coming into the tournament, had just scored the win of his life, beating No. 5-ranked Dominic Thiem. Then his apparent right-wing leanings were raised at a post-match press conference.

A British reporter asked why he had expressed support for Hillary Clintons debunked Pizzagate issue, and had re-tweeted and followed so-called white nationalists on Twitter. Sandgren denied being a member of the alt-right, and insisted that he didnt endorse the viewpoints of people he followed or retweeted.

But he also said he found some of the (alt-right) content interesting, and the press smelled blood. Elite news outlets around the world went ape, running damning pieces detailing the journeyman tennis players Twitter activity, focusing on dubious conspiracy theories common among elements of Trumps base.

I dont endorse Sandgrens opinions, nor am I a fan of the president. But make no mistake, the point here is to punish and embarrass him for being a Trump supporter.

I concede athletes help dig their own graves by making their viewpoints public on social media. But would journalists be scrutinizing Sandgrens every tweet and demanding answers if he had been following and retweeting Antifa activists, who have encouraged violence against the police? Would they be concerned if he had expressed support for baseless left-wing conspiracy theories? I think not.

Sandgrens political viewpoints have no bearing on the tournament. Twitter is like a religion to journalists. Thus tweets take on sacred importance, when in fact they are no more important than something you might overhear at a bar. Its bad enough we ha...

The Ranks Of The Uninsured Are Growing, But Not For The Reason You Think The Federalist

Theories abound on the state of American healthcare, insurance prices, and that strange compendium of rules and transfers known as the Affordable Care Act. But, new data on the state of insurance markets should force prognosticators to rethink their assumptions and predictions.

For the first time since the 2014 rollout of Obamacare, the rate of uninsured Americans has increased. According to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index, the share of Americans without insurance coverage increased from 10.9 percent to 12.2 percent in 2017, the largest jump since the economic downturn in 2008. But, unlike in 2008, the American economy is surging ahead with low unemployment and record high dow numbers.

To many defenders of the law, the additional 3.2 million uninsured Americans are victims of the Trump Administration and Congresss war against the Obama-era law. But theres a problem with this theory the law remained wholly intact through the end of the year. Sure, the Trump Administration cut out some advertising and shortened the open enrollment period as 2017 came to a close. But the decrease in coverage happened before the end of the year, with the last quarter not seeing sizeable coverage changes.

Some detractors of the law have argued that premium increases are in fact driving the decrease in insurance. While insurance prices on Obamacare exchanges are indeed on the increase, this cannot be the main explanation. Gallup data shows that exchange dropouts are heavily concentrated in the population eligible for ACA subsidies, who are effectively shielded against premium increases. For the majority of folks who dropped out of ACA exchanges in 2017, health insurance premiums are capped as a percentage of income, with the federal government paying the difference between that capped amount and the actual price of the health plan.

The enrollees that stand to lose the most from the double-digit percentage increases are unsubsidized exchange shoppers, yet this population is strangely holding steady. The dropouts are young (concentrated in the 18-25 age range), but hardly those pesky young invincibles that the government has tried so hard to attract. If exchange dropouts were disproportionately healthy, ACA exchanges across the country would suddenly start to look a whole lot sicker. But this simply isnt...


Instead Of Overregulating Tech, Grant People Ownership Of Their Data The Federalist

Congressional Democrats are ramping up pressure on Big Tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, making 2018 a potential regulatory battleground. A briefing organized by Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) last month lambasted the supposedly unethical behavior of the giants in Silicon Valley. Regulating online companies, however, is not an easy task.

If regulation is not carefully constructed, it could reduce the quality of service consumers have come to expect. Standard policy tools such as antitrust policy are likely to be ineffective due to the nature of online competition. And direct regulation would burden startups more than incumbents.

Worries about the growing market dominance of large tech companies are not unwarranted, though writing legislation that is beneficial to the public has becoming increasingly difficult, as online companies do not directly compete in the same way as conventional firms. The market power held by online firms is mostly due to the amount of data these companies collect. This enables network effects, a type of externality in which the value of using the site increases the more data it has.

Whenever a new person joins Facebook, the platform becomes more valuable to all their friends, encouraging more use, and more data is subsequently collected. The more you search with Google, the more it gets to understand your search patterns, and the better it is able to tailor the results of similar demographics, increasing the data it collects.

These network effects make it harder to switch to a new platform that offers a similar service, as the quality that these sites offer improves with use, so someone would necessarily have a worse experience when moving to a new competitors site. When you leave, these sites also keep your data, meaning that they continue to benefit, while you lack the ability to port this information to their competitors.

Antitrust measures are unlikely to do anything to reduce the benefits of these network effects. The scrutiny over the pending AT&T acquisition of Time Warner is being supported by those, such as the Open Markets Institute, who desire more stringent antitrust, as this could limit the power of tech companies to purchase smaller firms in different markets. By doing so they hope to end the buying sprees of the Big 5: Alphabet (Googles parent company), Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

None of this, however, would do anything to reduce the dominance of these companies, but may instead starve startups of the resources they need to innovate. Preventing vertical mergers will not increase online competition.



The Stable Genius Act Is A Terrible Idea, And Not Just Because Its Unconstitutional The Federalist

President Donald Trumps proclamation that he was a very stable genius caused some mirth on the internet, but in the halls of Congress, Democratic members are not laughing. Instead, they are rushing for the cameras to register their disagreement and outrage. One Congressman, Rep. Brendan Boyle, has even gone so far as to introduce a bill, the STABLE GENIUS Act, which would legally require all future presidential candidates prove their mental acuity.

The bill would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA), attempting to change a law governing election fundraising into one governing the quality of the candidates for whom the people are allowed to vote. The bills writers should have spent more time researching the law, and less coming up with a snappy backronym for the title. The bill is a bad fit for the law, and its at odds with the Constitution, as well as the entire idea of an elected president. 

Wrong Law

FECA was passed as a means of making campaign funding more transparent and regulated. It does not regulate who may run for President. It imposes reporting requirements when a candidate raises or spends money. FECA has been amended many times in the years since, with the most recent major changes coming through the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA).The laws basic purpose is to require transparency about who is donating to campaigns, and limits as to how much any one person may donate.

As with any law, violations of FECA result in penalties. The section Boyles bill would amend, 52 U.S.C. 30104, covers monetary transgressions, and the enforcement provisions reflect this. The penalties are mostly fines, and the amount of the fine varies based on how much money was involved in the illegal fundraising.

If youre asking what does any of this have to do with mental health, youre not the only one. FECA covers how candidates may manage their campaign finances; it does not regulate any of the qualities of the candidates themselves. Boyle ignores this problem in the bill, which does not contain any new enforcement provisions. The result, therefore, would be that even if this law holds up in court, the penalty for violating it would be a monetary fine.

As with any new legal requirement, an important question to ask is, What happens if I dont? The FEC has levied some large fines over the years, but mostly on donors, not campaigns. The formulas for penalties are pretty straightforward, but one of the factors involved is the amount of the contributions not reported. What is the monetary value of a medical examination? Boyles bil...


School Choice Provides Hope To Millions Of American Children The Federalist

Seemingly everywhere Americans go, bad headlines abound: Life expectancy falling, with an opioid crisis plaguing the nation. Politics more dividedand divisivethan ever. But some events do bring a beacon of joy and hope amidst our tumultuous times. National School Choice Week, celebrated last Sunday through this coming Saturday, provides one such occasion.

Full disclosure: I work as a consultant to National School Choice Week. (However, the views in this article are my own, and I have not cleared them with School Choice Week officials.) While I have spent most of my professional career working on health care issues, I couldnt ask for a better client, and not even because my colleagues are a delight to work with. I couldnt think of a better cause to dedicate my energies to than helping students, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, seek a better educationand a better future.

At a National School Choice Week event at the U.S. Capitol last week, I saw many such students on display. In the corner of the vast hall stood a young female, being interviewed by a reporter about her experiences with school choice. She spoke eloquently about how she found school more engaging and her grades improved, thanks to school choice.

Her comments resonated deeply with me. While I work as an analyst, I consider myself first and foremost a teacherwhether explaining the nuances of health care policy, game show history, stock car racing, or some other arcane topic.

I benefited from years of quality education in my youth. Twelve years of Catholic education gave me strong moral values, along with indispensable writing skills Ive used every day of my working life. My undergraduate professors at The American University taught me about how Washington works (or doesnt), challenged me to broaden my horizons, and opened new doors for me. Then, living and studying overseas for a year at the University of London, thanks to a fellowship my professors at American helped me to win, opened new worlds.

Nearly a decade ago, I had the privilege of returning to the classroom, this time as a teacher, by creating and teaching a health-care colloquium at American. I viewed it as an opportunity to pay it forward by providing to the next generation the same care and dedication that my faculty mentors had so willingly given to me.

National School Choice Week provides much the same opportunity, albeit in a slightly different form. For everyone who had a teacher who just wouldnt give up on you, no matter how hard you struggled, or the professor who inspired your career choice, or the instructor who served as a mentor and surrogate parent, National School Choice Week provides the perfect chance for Americans to pay it forward by suppo...


Tarte Cosmetics Learns It Doesnt Pay To Ignore Women Of Color The Federalist

Last week, Tarte Cosmetics rolled out its new Shape Tape Foundation, an all-over-face counterpart to the brands much-loved Shape Tape Concealer.

Of the 15 shades released, only three are in deeper tones. The online reaction from beauty bloggers, social media influencers, and makeup fans was swift and severe.


Pennsylvania and Florida Take Big Steps Toward Election Fairness WhoWhatWhy

Two developments this week could have a major impact on who will control the House of Representatives in 2019 and whether President Donald Trump will be reelected.

Both were victories for those seeking fairer elections in the United States. The first took place in Pennsylvania, where the states Supreme Court ruled the congressional districts drawn by Republicans in 2011 to be unconstitutional. Just two days later, activists in Florida managed to get an initiative onto the 2018 midterm ballot that would allow the states 1.5 million disenfranchised felons specifically those who have completed their sentence including probation to vote.

While the Pennsylvania ruling will have an impact on who controls the House of Representatives next year, the ballot initiative, if it passes, could make it more difficult for Trump to win Florida in 2020.

Swept into office by the GOP wave of 2010, Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania moved quickly to redraw the commonwealths congressional districts. The effect was immediate and drastic.

Even though Pennsylvania is considered a closely divided battleground state and had not elected a Republican presidential candidate since 1988 before Trump won by less than one percent, the new districts gave the GOP a stranglehold on its congressional delegation. Since the change, Republicans have held 13 of Pennsylvanias 18 seats in the House of Representatives.

That will now almost certainly change. On Monday, the states Supreme Court ruled that the 2011 congressional districts were unconstitutional and ordered the Republican-led legislature to redraw the voting maps by February 9th. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf then has until the 15th to review and approve them. Failure to submit redrawn maps means the court will instead revise them.

Voting integrity activists hailed the decision as a win for democracy.

Micah Simms, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania, told WhoWhatWhy that, while the current system does not inspire people to feel their votes matter, the courts decision should bring an ease to the minds of many people that when we have fairness and competitiveness, they will feel their vote is worthwhile.

Simms also acknowledged that this decision would have obvious political implications.

Politically, this offers an opportunity for people to have a sense of competitiveness, that if I aspire to run for Congress then Im not running in a place where I have no possibility of winning, Simms said. I think thats a frustration that many people feel and thats why some people dont want to get engaged in the political process, because they feel that the system is rigged already.

Predictably, Republicans were not pleased.

Todays ruling by the State Supreme Court is a partisan action showing a distinct lack of respect for the Constitution and the legislative process, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and Senate Majority...


Agua Caliente Band secures approval of land swap after long wait Indianz.Com News

It's taken longer than expected but the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians finally secured approval of a land swap with the federal government.


Bathtub Spout Diverter Bathtub Ideas


Jaclo :: Brass Diverter Tub Spout With Handshower Outlet

Bathtub Spout Diverter - If you have got a yucky bath-tub, you should consider giving it a facelift. Bathtub reglazing will not cost you a lot of money also it'll add a stunning touch to the appearance of your bathroom. You'll be able to have your tub done in almost any shade which you like. Bathtub re-finishing or reglazing make it like it used to be and will give your tub a new end.

Contractors typically charge $ 1,600 to $2600 tile the partitions and to install a brand new bathtub. You have the colour should you like changed and can restore these surfaces. Various colors are available, so you won't be limited with your decor. Porcelain, cast iron, and fiberglass bath-tubs can be done.
The procedure doesn't take extremely long to total and it will not harm decor and your fixtures.


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9 Ways to Change an Elected Officials Mind Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

If youve been reading Strong Towns for a while, youve probably realized the current dominant approach to development and public investment isnt working out. Cities and neighborhoods are not financially stable. Our streets are not safe. And almost all of our communities are on an unsustainable path.

We need to change. This can be done by personal actions at the block level, like planting a street tree in front of your house or putting a bench out in front of your business.  Those small acts of investment can add up to big results for neighborhoods. But we also need to start getting the big things, like street design and zoning codes, right  and that requires getting elected officials on board.

Source: Tim Gouw

Source: Tim Gouw

Changing minds isnt easy, but its one of the most powerful things you can do to make your town stronger. As a former small town city councilman and lobbyist who has worked to move my fellow city council members, state legislators and occasionally members of congress, I thought Id share a few tips Ive picked up over the last decade.

1. Dont just go to meetings, set one up.
Attending public meetings is important and showing up (especially if you bring a dozen of your neighbors with you) can be a powerful way to demonstrate the need for change. But, while public meetings can be a great place to pressure elected officials, they are a lousy place to persuade them.

If you want to change minds, ask for a personal meeting. In a small town, this could mean asking an elected official to coffee. In a bigger city, it may be setting an appointment with their staff. This more intimate conversation gives you an opportunity to make a human connection rather than just make your point within the allowed three minutes for public comment.

2. Have a game plan.
Dont just go into a meeting blind; prepare. Know what you want to say and, if theres more than one of you attending, who is going to say it. Bring a fact sheet or a photo of the problem you want addressed to leave behind. Clearly know what your goal is for the meeting and what the elected official youre meeting with can do to help.

3. Start with Thank you.
The best way to open a meeting is with gratitude. It immediately sets a positive tone to the meet...


Report Back from the Eagles Riots: A Chance for Solidarity, but More Importantly, a Chance for Joy It's Going Down

The post Report Back from the Eagles Riots: A Chance for Solidarity, but More Importantly, a Chance for Joy appeared first on It's Going Down.

More and more riot cops materialized from the side streets as someone with a speaker played NWAs fuck the police to the excitement of many within the crowd.

On January 21st, we took the opportunity to take part in the temporary autonomous spaces created by the post victory fervor of thousands of football fans. Realizing that the soon to be victory of the Eagles was an ample time for us to strike back against the domination of civilization, the police, and the prison walls built by our own deteriorating mental, we met up with friends outside of Lincoln Financial field with the intention of freeing ourselves, albeit temporarily. We joined up with fellow members of the continuous class war in their celebration, singing, chanting, lighting fires, and using this opportunity to attack ATMs and throw a little bit of art on the dismal walls of south Philadelphia. We moved down broad street with a roving party that the Philly PD just couldnt seem to shut down.

After the pigs threatened an individual with noise violations for playing music to the crowd, the atmosphere took a more exciting turn. South Philly sports fans who normally shrieked about the thin blue line became agitated at who they viewed as their protectors. We took this opportunity to begin chants such as Fuck the Patriots and Fuck Tom Brady which many didnt notice quickly became abbreviated to FTP and Fuck 12 (Bradys number). The crowd began to swell, with people leaving and even more left their homes to join the party and follow what soon became an autonomous, spontaneous anti police demonstration.

We made our way to city hall where our moving party joined up with an even larger group, the smell of smoke and alcohol filled the air and the distinct sounds of chanting bellowed in our ears, drowning out the orders of the Philly PD. With growing anger, the police attempted to clear the street. We used this opportunity to use the hundreds of bottles littering the streets as projectiles, with many others soon following our lead. The riots moved slowly, untamed by the police as people continued to...


Sleep Now in the Fire: Rojava, Iran, & Tunisia It's Going Down

The post Sleep Now in the Fire: Rojava, Iran, & Tunisia appeared first on It's Going Down.

At Its Going Down, we try and task ourselves with covering autonomous social movements and struggles within so-called North America. However, we are internationalists and support struggles for autonomy and freedom and against capital, the State, industrialism, and colonialism across the world.

With that in mind, we have created this list of texts from a variety of English language sources about developing struggles and revolts in Rojava, Tunisia, and Iran, due to their increase in intensity in the last two months. For more updates, be sure to check Insurrection NewsDialectical DelinquentsAnarkismoand LibCom.

While this collection is by no means extensive and we cant cover everything, we do hope this list will help anarchists and autonomists in North America deepen our affinities with those struggling across the world, as well as recognize the role that our governments, corporations, and policing agencies have in exporting and maintaining systems of domination, control, and exploitation. Also, for those looking for demonstrations in solidarity with Afrin, check the list below. Click on the title for each of the following selections to read the entire text.

Turkish Invasion of Rojava

For the last several years, anarchists, anti-capitalists, and many people on the Left have been supporting the ongoing struggle and evolving movement in Rojava, as an autonomous region in Kurdistan began to take shape, making up parts of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. There, both a sea change has taken place in the form of growing support for Democratic Confederalism, which embraces many aspect of anarchism, ecology, and feminism, as well as in the fierce resistance by the YPG and the YPJ against ISIS. In the battle against the Islamic State, many anarchists and anti-capitalists have also joined in the struggle and given their lives. However, after the fall of ISIS in Raqqa, the Turkish state quickly moved to attack the Kurdish forces, and began a campaign of bombing and attacking various cities starting with Afrin.

Does this mean the death of the Rojava Revolution, and with it, a hope of an anti-capitalist and anti-Statist way of life? Will our comrades in the YPG and YPJ, as well as our anarchist sisters and brothers be slaughtered? How can we act in solidarity with those on the ground? These are h...


A Few Issues Virtual Mirage

Trey Gowdy

On Transgenders in the military:

"Nobody has a 'right' to serve in the Military. Nobody. What makes people think the Military is an equal opportunity employer? Very far from it.

The Military uses prejudice regularly and consistently to deny citizens from joining for being too old or too young, too fat or too skinny, too tall or too short. Citizens are denied for having flat feet, or for missing or additional fingers. Poor eyesight will disqualify you, as well as bad teeth. Malnourished? Drug addiction? Bad back? Criminal history? Low IQ? Anxiety? Phobias? Hearing damage? Six arms? Hear voices in your head? Self-identify as a Unicorn? Need a special access ramp for your wheelchair? Can't run the required course in the required time? Can't do the required number of pushups? Not really a "morning person" and refuse to get out of bed before noon? All can be reasons for denial.

The Military has one job. War. Anything else is a distraction and a liability. Did someone just scream "That isn't Fair"? War is VERY unfair, there are no exceptions made for being special or challenged or socially wonderful. YOU change yourself to meet Military standards.. Not the other way around. I say again: You don't change the Military... you must change yourself. The Military doesn't need to accommodate anyone with special issues. The Military needs to Win Wars.

If any of your personal issues are a liability that detract from readiness or lethality... Thank you for applying and good luck in future endeavors. 

Who's next in line?"


American Ninja

It started out by being an unabashed fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now my grandson (right) is working his way though his white belt.



The Red Cross Helped an Executive Get a Job at Save the Children After Forcing Him Out For Sexual Harassment Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

When Save the Children hired Gerald Anderson in 2013, the global charity believed it was hiring a veteran humanitarian executive with a sterling resume. Anderson had spent more than 15 years working around the world for the American Red Cross, rising through the ranks to lead the groups massive relief effort after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. After that, the Red Cross made him head of its half-billion-dollar response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Perhaps most crucially, the Red Cross gave him very positive references, including from a senior official, Save the Children said.

But the Red Cross didnt tell its counterparts at Save the Children an important fact about Andersons work history: He had just been forced to resign from his job after the charity concluded he sexually harassed at least one subordinate.

The Red Cross handling of the Anderson case, coming to light as the nation wrestles more broadly with its treatment of sexual misconduct allegations, sheds light on the unsettling way many employers have dealt with such allegations against high-ranking male executives. Even when employers take action, their investigations are often cursory, and accusers can be left feeling abandoned when the executives are quietly dismissed and land plum new jobs. While many employers make a practice of giving neutral recommendations, or simply dates of service, the Red Cross gave Anderson a good review, with no hint of concern.

At the Red Cross, two young women came forward in September 2012 to accuse Anderson. One, who worked under Anderson, cited disturbing emails he sent to her work account insisting they should have a romantic relationship. A Red Cross attorney subsequently acknowledged to her that investigators had found her account to have merit.

The second woman, Eliza Paul, a program assistant who met him at an after-work happy hour, lodged even more serious allegations against Anderson. She told Red Cross officials she had woken up naked in his bed without knowing how she had gotten there and had gone to the hospital for a rape kit exam.

A picture of Gerald Anderson from his Facebook profile


Chicago Cop Under Investigation Again Over Social Media Posts Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

In September, Chicago Police Officer John Catanzara made headlines after posting on Facebook a picture of himself, in uniform, holding an American flag and a homemade sign that read, I stand for the anthem. I love the American flag. I support my president and the 2nd Amendment.

He was reprimanded for violating rules that prohibit officers from making political statements while on duty. But if that discipline was intended to change his ways on social media, Catanzara instead is living up to the words he uses to describe himself on Facebook: A give no f#$%s, say it like it is man.

Read Our Previous Reporting

See full Twitter thread.

Since he was disciplined last fall, the veteran officer has remained outspoken and defiant, posting inflammatory material about women, welfare recipients and those who disagree with his politics.

He has tangled with Facebook users who question him. Keep listening for that knock on the door, he responded to one critic.

And, more than once, he has boasted that he will continue to avoid serious punishment. Police superintendents have twice tried to fire him, though he appealed the efforts and won.

The police dept didn't and CAN'T fire me, he wrote last fall, after the flag post went viral.

Now, ProPublica Illinois has learned that the city's police watchdog agency is conducting two investigations into Catanzara's social media conduct in response to allegations of verbal abuse and coercion for comments he made on Facebook and Instagram. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, which investigates police misconduct, initiated the investigations in the days following Catanzara's flag post last year.

Catanzara, 49, already is among the most disciplined officers in the department. The 23-year veteran has been suspended seven times for a total of 111 days.

He was named in at least one earlier complaint of racial or ethnic-targeted verbal abuse, but the allegation was not sustained.

In a brief phone call, Catanzara told ProPublica Illinois he was unaware...


Indian Health Service enters another year without permanent leader Indianz.Com News

New leadership is coming to the Department of Health and Human Services but it's not for one of the most important positions in Indian Country.


The Man Behind the Women: George Soros Gave $246M to Partners of Womens March Sheep Media

Julie Telgenhoff

As I was saying on my own Facebook page, any well organized movements, riots, trends whatever it may be that goes mainstream, it is ALWAYS well funded by those entities that have an agenda just as we recently witnessed on Saturday with the Womens March on Washington and a Day Without a Woman.

ALL OF THEM .including Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, the Color Revolutions, Occupy Wall Streetand the list could go on.

Whether by NGOs, alphabet soup organizations, Soros Open Society Foundations  ITS ALL FOR AN AGENDA, which usually results in division. The good people around the globe need to understand this so they stop the participation.

The Washington Post reports:

A report released Tuesday by the conservative Media Research Center found Mr. Soros and his Open Society Foundations contributed $246 million between 2010 and 2014 to 100 of the 544 groups listed as partners of the Womens March.

The Womens March is the main U.S. organizer of the Wednesday worldwide general strike called a Day Without a Woman, held on International Womens Day, which encourages women to skip work, wear red and forego shopping.

While many celebrity voices were on stage on Jan. 21, highlighting what had become a massive, anti-Trump event, there was another influential voice not heard that day. It belonged to one man....


Defend J20: Fight the Charges, Build the Movement It's Going Down

The post Defend J20: Fight the Charges, Build the Movement appeared first on It's Going Down.

On January 18th, two days before the one year anniversary of the J20 demonstrations, the Attorneys Office in Washington, DC dismissed all charges against 129 defendants who were arrested during the Inauguration Day protests last year. While this is a victory for friends, families, and defendants who showed support to fight the charges, of the 188 remaining defendants, 59 of them still face up to 60 years in prison.

Targeting Militancy

The J20 cases have become a deliberate attempt by the state to label protestors as felons and agitators, and to vehemently punish collective dissent. According to a motion filed by the US Attorneys office, the government is channeling its efforts to prosecuting defendants who 1) engaged in identifiable acts of destruction/violence and assaultive conduct, 2) participated in the planning of violence and destruction, and 3) demonstrated an intentional use of the black bloc tactic. It is evident that the emphasis on the black bloc serves to foment public disapproval against militant direct action, but also against a specific tactic used by anarchists, revolutionary anti-capitalists and allies, and thus targets those on the left for specific politics. The association of black bloc with anarchism, and now the states legal repression of this tactic, makes clear the states intentions.

A Flimsy Case

The list of those still facing felony charges include journalists, medics, and protesters. Since the inception of these trials the prosecution had no evidence tying any of the protesters with destruction. More than 200 participants were indicted on felony riot charges: inciting to riot, rioting, conspiracy to riot, and destruction of property. Along with these amorphous accusations, the prosecution handled their own investigation poorly with misconduct, shoddy evidence, and encroaching investigation tactics.

Controlling Dissent

We live in dangerous times and the repression coming out of the J20 trials has yet to fully reveal how the current administration seeks to and can control future dissent. We must continue channeling our organizing efforts to fight against a state that allows the Neo-Nazi who killed Heather Heyer to face less time than a group of protesters who may or may not have broken a handful of windows. We also note that as political disaffection and polarization grows, the legitimacy of the state wane...



An Organizer We Need: Fundraiser for Lorenzo Komboa Ervin It's Going Down

The post An Organizer We Need: Fundraiser for Lorenzo Komboa Ervin appeared first on It's Going Down.

Donate Here

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin is a former member of the Black Panther Party and wrote the seminal text Anarchism and the Black Revolution while incarcerated as a political prisoner. His writings, which first circulated in the 1990s, continue to inspire many anarchists today. But most importantly his on-the-ground community organizing in the South, work with prisoners, and role in the first Anarchist People of Color conference in 2013 remain examples for all that are committed to liberation movements. 

Please consider a donation to support Lorenzo as he grapples with health issues and to allow him to continue his organizing work. If you are interested in his writings we recommend Why I Became An Anarchist or the full text of his book Anarchism and the Black Revolution which can be found in Black Anarchism: A Reader published by Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation. 

Support Lorenzo Ervin Komboa Fundraising Appeal

Please consider making a donation to this fundraising campaign for longtime anarchist political prisoner, theorist, and organizer Lorenzo Komboa Ervin. He has been going through a lot as of lately, including financial difficulties, transportation issues, health concerns and the medical expenses that come along with being type-2 diabetic. His lifes work has opened a path forward for anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-patriarchy organizing in geographies where the non-profit and academic industrial complexes have largely co-opted the progressive-to-radical Left. He needs to survive. Please consider contributing to this fund.

White supremacy must be abolished within leftist political movements throughout the global North. This internal racism needs to be placed at the center of our analyses and movement-building practices, and completely smashed. Moreover, white revolutionaries need to take up arms behind, with, and alongside grassroots movements that already exist in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.  This is happening in small pockets, but it needs to h...


ADHD drug use has skyrocketed 345% among young women in 12 years according to the CDC, increasing birth defects Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

(Natural News) As Big Pharma and the medical establishment continue to convince people they have various medical conditions and need medications to function or even survive, were seeing rises in the use of everything from antidepressants to statins. However, a new report from the CDC is shedding light on one disturbing trend in particular: a sharp spike in the number of child-bearing aged women who take medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

Characterized by hyperactivity, inattention and impulsiveness, ADHD is often treated with medications and behavioral therapy. Because its diagnosis relies largely on the symptoms patients report to their doctors, its hard to know for sure how many people truly need such medications.

According to the new CDC report, the number of women in the U.S. who take ADHD drugs quadrupled in the 12 years from 2003 to 2015 among women aged 15 to 44, despite the fact that these drugs have been linked to birth defects and fetal death. The CDC called the spike a public health concern given the high percentage of unintended pregnancies.

In 2003, 0.9 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 had filled a prescripti...


Right-Wing anti-abortion man called my show and it went mostly well (VIDEO) OpEdNews

My Politics Done Right show targeted Evangelicals on Wednesday for their hypocrisy and outright evil. Misinformation weaponized them into a clear and present danger to the well-being of America. A Right-Wing anti-abortion guy called into the show and I think by the end, there was some common ground. What do you think?



I remember when my parents told me that if I worked hard enough, I could be anything I wanted when I grew up .even become president of the United States one day.

That was back in the 1970s

How little I didnt know then

All these industries are controlled ..ALL OF THEM.

No longer can if be when I grow up, I am going to be ??? Sorry to say, but if you think you can be mainstream this or that better get into their club


This is a fashion show from January 22 2018, and i mean take a look at the amazing styles and dresses!!!! I guess this is in style for spring 2018.

Via A Call For An Uprising:

Because of the increasing censorship and on purpose ad demonization, if you would like to help me to keep this small, independent media site going and sharing information with you 365 days/year, you can assist me as follows. My Patreon account allows for a small monthly pledge (here) or you can support this work with a small donation via Paypal (here). **THANK YOU for your concern. Julie Telgenhoff, Creator of A Sheep No More**

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2017: Become Ungovernable It's Going Down

The post 2017: Become Ungovernable appeared first on It's Going Down.

An amazing video compilation of anarchist street activity in 2017 throughout the so-called United States.

In solidarity with the J20 defendants.


lvaro Sebastin Ramrez, former Political Prisoner in Mexico: Greetings to J20 Defendants and a call for Solidarity It's Going Down

The post lvaro Sebastin Ramrez, former Political Prisoner in Mexico: Greetings to J20 Defendants and a call for Solidarity appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following video and statement comes from Mexican indigenous militant and former political prisoner lvaro Sebastin Ramrez, and is both a statement of solidarity with the J20 defendants, as well as an appeal for support. 

lvaro Sebastin Ramrez is an indigenous (Zapotec) organizer, an adherent to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandn Jungle, and a former political prisoner from Loxicha, in Oaxaca, Mexico. After twenty years in prison, lvaro obtained his freedom on July 7, 2017. However, he and other former Loxicha prisoners are facing the threat of re-incarceration unless they pay exorbitant reparations to the court that sentenced them. An international solidarity campaign has created an online fundraising effort here:

lvaro Sebastinwas born to a peasant family in San Agustn Loxicha in 1959. He worked as an indigenous education teacher in the early 1980s. In 1984, lvaro founded the Organization of Indigenous Zapotec Pueblos (OPIZ), an indigenous movement in Loxicha dedicated to combating paramilitary violence, land theft, and extreme poverty. In the aftermath of the uprisings of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation in Chiapas (EZLN) in 1994 and the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) in Oaxaca in 1996, the Mexican government used these armed movements as an excuse to militarize the Loxicha region and conduct a savage war of counterinsurgency against its social movement. Starting in 1996, state and federal armed forces arrested more than 250 indigenous people from Loxicha, amidst extra-judicial executions, forced disappearances, and state terror. After two decades of organizing in and outside the prisons, the last three Loxicha prisoners, including lvaro, obtained their freedom in July and October 2017. Since obtaining his freedom, lvaro has renewed his organizing work with the National Indigenous Congress (CNI).

Keep Loxicha Free is a rapid-response economic solidarity initiative in support of lvaro Sebastin Ramrez and Abraham Garca Ramrez, former Loxicha prisoners who spent twenty years in prison for confronting the Mexican state, and who now face the threat of re-incarceration. Keep Loxicha Free is inspired by and supportive of the creative tradition of Loxicha prisoners juridical self-defense, as part of decades of prison organizing and solidarity, and a rich history of Loxicha resistance against capitalist and state violence.

In addition to the immediate urgency of...


Bathtub Reglazing Kit Bathtub Ideas


Can A Fiberglass Tub Be Resurfaced? - Total Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Reglazing Kit - It'll be a thrilling time when you decide to remodel your bathroom. It'll give you an opportunity to be innovative and creative when choosing your bath tub. When you start looking at what is available on the marketplace today for bathroom remodeling projects, you'll be astounded. You can find virtually limitless choices of add-ons and bath-tub fixtures to create the perfect bathroom. Technology has advanced so quickly you will end up changing your mind again and again before you make a final decision on which to purchase. One small suggestion is to set your financial plan before you shop or you could go!

It could be difficult to pick from a a steam outfitted shower, or a house spa, or a whirlpool bath-tub. However when you think of it as an investment then it makes sense to use it. In case you choose to market your house one day, you'll see a hundred percent return on your own investment.


Tub Glazing, Resurfacing& Refinishing In Brooklyn & The Bronx


Interesting Inspiration Bathroom Sink Refinishing Kit On Bathroom


Bathroom: Beautiful Rustoleum Bathtub Photo. Rustoleum Kitchen


Bathworks Diy Refinishing Kit


Bathtub Refinishers Near Me Reglazing Cost Nyc Diy - Lawratchet


Interior. Reglazing Bathtub - Lawratchet


Bathroom Tub Reglazing Cost | Home Bathroom Design Plan



Cops, Cameras, and Condos: Bloomington Is Getting Worse It's Going Down

The post Cops, Cameras, and Condos: Bloomington Is Getting Worse appeared first on It's Going Down.

by Barney Szyalak

Bloomington is increasingly becoming a place meant for rich and middle class people. In order for that to happen, the city government is cracking down on the presence of poor people in downtown, while real estate developers are building luxury and market-rate housing developments that drive up rent across the city. Cops, cameras, and condominiums complement each other in guiding the city towards becoming a place inhospitable to poor or uncontrollable people.

The Bloomington Police Department expanded its downtown presence last year (Associated Press 2017, 6/12) and finally removed the homeless population from Peoples Park. This came after Mayor John Hamilton unveiled his Safe & Civil Cities initiative in August 2016 (Banta 2016, 8/11), which aims to make downtown safer for middle-class and rich people, including privileged students and their visiting parents.

To accomplish this, the BPD is installing and monitoring four or five surveillance cameras downtown, an addition to the six added in 2016 located along the B-Line, in Peoples Park, and in Seminary Square (Gherardi 2016, 8/11). Regarding this technology, Steve Kallams with the Bloomington Police Department said: The criminal out there sees the cameraswe are hoping they take their criminal offense someplace else. (Eaton 2017, 11/6)

By spitefully wishing criminal offense on anywhere thats not downtown Bloomington, Steves logic complements gentrification, the ongoing process where wealthier people replace poor people in a city, often via rising rent. When this happens, theres a tendency for business owners, city government officials, and Good Citizens to heighten focus on crime associated with people living in poverty in the inner-city. Rather than address the social problems that both cause and result from poverty, police crack down on poor people, luxury housing is built, wealthy people who now feel safe invade the area, and rent goes up. This causes an inner-citys poor to be replaced with rich people. So Steves criminal offenses and the misery accompanying poverty still exist, they are just pushed someplace else.

This is not only happening in Bloomington. Developers are building luxury condos while housing is becoming more expensive in cities around the world. Urban living is becoming more culturally seductive to upper and middle-class people everywhere, whose parents or grandparents fled the cities in the 1950s and 60s. These processes are contributing to gentrification, which means more condos, more cops, and more cameras. Except maybe when theyre on a mission trip to Africa to collect potential defaul...


Hoopa Valley Tribe close to starting work on $5 million grocery store Indianz.Com News

The Hoopa Valley Tribe plans to open a $5 million grocery store on the reservation in northern California this summer.


Border Patrol Arrests Humanitarian-Aid Provider and Two Individuals Receiving Care It's Going Down

The post Border Patrol Arrests Humanitarian-Aid Provider and Two Individuals Receiving Care appeared first on It's Going Down.

Tucson, ArizonaOn January 17 near Ajo, Arizona, a humanitarian-aid provider from the group No More Deaths and two individuals receiving humanitarian aid were arrested by the US Border Patrol. The arrests came hours after the release of a report concluding that the Border Patrol plays a significant role in the destruction of humanitarian-aid supplies. Scott Warren, 35, was preliminarily charged with a felony involving alien smuggling and appeared in court on January 18. He was represented by Bill Walker and released on his own recognizance. The two other individuals remain in custody. In 2007, a federal judge dismissed similar charges brought against No More Deaths volunteers.

The report coauthored by No More Deaths, Interference with Humanitarian Aid: Death and Disappearance on the USMexico Border, was released last Wednesday and included video footage of the US Border Patrol destroying water gallons. The report also documents years of surveillance, threats, and interference with humanitarian aid efforts. No More Deaths provides direct humanitarian aid in an effort to end death and suffering along the USMexico border.

Warren has been instrumental in organizing humanitarian aid in the remote west desert around Ajo. Almost half of the 128 recovered remains of border crossers found in 2017 in Arizona were found in this area.

Home to the Devils Highway, this corridor is one of the longest stretches of wilderness along the border. It is characterized by 110-degree-plus heat during the summer and extreme temperature fluctuation during the winter. It is also home to the 8,500-square-mile Barry M. Goldwater bombing range.

These arrests come during a nationwide targeting of sanctuary and migrant-justice organizers by federal agencies. They also come at a time when Congress is looking to fund the further militarization of the border.

No More Deaths continues to provide humanitarian aid and condemns the targeting of community organizers by the US Border Patrol and ICE.


Former employee of Ute Tribe charged with nine counts of extortion Indianz.Com News

A former employee of the Ute Tribe is accused of extorting $110,000 from companies and individuals doing business on the reservation in Utah.


Northern Arapaho Tribe eyes tuition waiver as more head to university Indianz.Com News

The Northern Arapaho Tribe is proposing a tuition waiver program at the University of Wyoming.


Australia: Colonial statues vandalized on eve of Australia Day Warrior Publications

A STATUE of James Cook in St Kilda and the Burke Wills sculpture in the Melbourne CBD have both been defaced on the eve of Australia Day.

The sculpture of Captain James Cook, erected in the Catani Gardens in 1914, has had pink paint dumped over it and big red letters marked at the base saying No Pride.

The statue of Captain Cook is a replica of the one at his birthplace at Whitby in England.

Victoria Police took photographs of the defaced statue and dusted beer bottles found nearby for fingerprints in St Kilda this morning.

Another statue, Burke and Wills, has been splattered with green paint and the word stolen written across the plaque.

It is Melbournes oldest piece of public art and was made by sculptor Charles Summers.

The statue honours explorers Robert OHara Burke and Williams John Wills who...


Ursula K. Le Guin: An Appreciation Freethought Blogs

Most of the appreciations of Ursula K. Le Guin have focused on her fiction, but the SF master also wrote speculative poems. Like so many in the field, I began writing SF after reading her lyrical, intelligent prose. That lyricism, of course, we also find in the intelligence of her poems.

Ill admit here that I havent read as much of her poetry as Ive read her prose. That said, one of the most striking speculative poems Ive read in a while is hers: Werewomen. which I encountered in The Moment of Change, edited by Rose Lemberg. (As an aside, the anthology is a solid collection of speculative poetry that I highly recommend. Read a review by Brit Mandelo on here.)

The poem is a cry of an older woman who, like the younger women and urban women she aligns herself with, implores the reader to Listen what I need is freedom, including the freedom to walk alone at night. In an era of #metoo, marches against the current US administration, and other calls to raise our voices, we should keep the last lines of the poem with us:

All kinds of women
talk about walking alone.
When the moon is full
listen how they howl,
listen how they howl together.

And so, we keep howling. Howling on placards and protest chants. Howling through calls and letters to our elected officials. Howling through our online posts. Howling through our stories.


DC Police Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Trump Inauguration Mass Arrest It's Going Down

The post DC Police Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Trump Inauguration Mass Arrest appeared first on It's Going Down.

Washington, DC Last Friday, January 19, a new class action lawsuit was filed against the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) over the mass arrest of over 200 people at a protest during Trumps presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017.

The first three plaintiffs in the case   a DC-based systems administrator, a journalist, and a street medic represent a larger class of False Arrest Plaintiffs who will be added to the suit as the case progresses. (A similar lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Jeffrey Light, on January 20th immediately after the mass arrest, but was later withdrawn on procedural grounds.)

The federal lawsuit brings six different counts against several MPD commanding officials and officers. Defendants include MPD Chief Peter Newsham, Assistant Chiefs Lamar Greene and Jeffrey Carroll, former Assistant Chief Robert Alder, Commander Keith Deville, Lieutenant Paul Niepling, Sergeant Anthony Alioto, as well as Officers Michael Howden, Melvin Washington, Gregory Rock, and Daniel Thau. They face counts of Violation of the First Amendment, Common Law False Arrest, two counts of Negligence Per Se/Violation of the First Amendment Assemblies Act, Violation of the First Amendment, and Violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Central to the factual basis of the suit is the chain of command on inauguration day, on which, according to the complaint, Commander Keith Deville told officers the anti-fascist anti-capitalist protest march had turned into a riot, and ordered them to corral, detain, and arrest everyone present without differentiating who was demonstrating and who was rioting. 

The lawsuit also states that by virtue of MPDs chain of command in place that day, Deville received the order to stop the march from [Assistant Chief] Greene at the command center, where (on information and belief) he received direction from [Chief] Newsham. 

The complaint further states that Deville knew there were members of the press present in the group and ordered their arrest anyway:

Deville knew that not all of the individuals who were...


How Post-Prison Reentry Programs Fail Queer Women The Marshall Project

Having a man counts as a plan in some reentry programs.

The Ultimate Insider Art The Marshall Project

On Tennessees death row, the old aphorism applies: art is long, life is short.


Chuck Norris Sues 11 Drug Companies For Poisoning His Wife Sheep Media

Compared to CT scans or X-rays, an MRI does not use ionizing radiation that may cause DNA or cancer. This does not mean that the procedure is without risks.

As reported by Daily Mail, legendary celebrity martial artist, producer and actor Chuck Norris has alleged that his wife Gena was poisoned by the gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) that are used to improve the clarity of MRIs.

He has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his wife and the defendants include industry heavy weights GBMCA manufacturers ACIST Medical Systems inc., Bracco S.p.A., and McKesson Corporation.

Gena Norris, a model who has been married to Chuck Norris for 19 years, has suffered bouts of pain, burning, weakness, cognitive issues and constant fatigue since undergoing three MRI scans in a single week five years ago.

According to the suit, the gadoliniumused for her tests resulted in Gadolinium Deposition Disease. This condition has left her near death and resulted in $2 million in medical expenses, including stem cell therapies that have triggered underlying central nervous system issues.

Gena Norris is arguing that litigation is her only recourse and these companies continue to say that there is no link between gadolinium and adverse events, even though the evidence is overwhelming that this heavy metal stays in the body for years, rat...


BREAKING: Rashid Johnson Tortured by Florida DOC It's Going Down

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This update from Fight Toxic Prisons details the Florida State Prison systems attack on prisoner Kevin Rashid Johnson. Johnson has been charged with inciting a riot simply for writing about #OperationPUSH, a economic strike and boycott against prison slavery, price gouging, and for the reconstitution of parole. 

Kevin Rashid Johnson is being tortured at the Florida State Prison according to an emergency note Rashids lawyers received from him yesterday dated 1/19.

It is suspected the torture began sometime between 1/12 and 1/19 since there was no mention of it in his 1/12 communication.

No other details are available at this time but we will post updates here once we have them.

This comes immediately after news that Rashid faces an inciting a riot charge for merely reporting on #OperationPUSH. You can read Rashids original reporting on Operation PUSH and the conditions in Florida prisons on IWOCs site here.

Rashid is the Minister of Defense of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter) and a prolific organizer, author, and artist.

You can write to Rashid here:

Kevin Johnson #158039
Florida State Prison, PO Box 800
Raiford, FL 32083
United States


Water Supply at the Ramsey Unit, Texas, May be Contaminated Like the Rest of the State It's Going Down

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Jason Renard Walker is Deputy Minister of Labor for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and one of the contributors to the Fire Inside zine. He writes here about possible water contamination in Texas prisons, as it has been revealed that across Texas, many people are drinking water polluted with radium.  

This is a notice to the Fight Toxic Prisons campaign, the EPA and everyone who is against tainted drinking water: the Ramsey Unit here in Rosharon, TX (near Houston) may have high levels of radium in the water supply.

I was brought to this conclusion after hearing a news update on January 15th 2018, which mentioned that the water supply throughout the state of Texas was at high risk of containing harmful levels of radium.

The city of Houston was mentioned as being one of the cities that could possibly have the highest levels. For those who dont know what radium is, its a very radioactive metallic chemical element that is used in the treatment of cancer. It can also cause serious bodily harm and cancer if ingested in water with high levels of it.

Evidence that the water here might be tainted is due to the fact that it runs out of the faucet as a grainy, milky substance that takes time to clear up. White flakes and other debris can sometimes be found floating around. The toilet water contains the same discolorations, and off and on debris.

Ive been drinking the water since my arrival, November 1st 2017. And since then Ive continuously suffered from illnesses that I didnt have before, like sore throat, headaches, non-stop coughing, bone pain and high fever. Other prisoners are experiencing the same symptoms, and didnt have them until recently.

Whether its from the water is unknown, but an investigation into this matter is very important. The only ones subjected to this drinking water are prisoners. All staff carry and drink bottled water and other beverages.

There arent any boil notices posted, so its presumed by the prison that the water is safe to...


Bathtub Standard Size Bathtub Ideas


Bathtubs: Beautiful Standard Bathtub Sizes Design. Standard

Bathtub Standard Size - When you think of modern bath-tubs, you probably think in terms of a spa. Not too many consider a soaking bath tub to be a modern twist to an old idea. Deep wooden bath-tubs were used by the Japanese for centuries within their bathing rituals. They have become popular in North America for their attributes that were soaking. Many use Japan bathtub or Ofuro bath-tub as a Jacuzzi. They're jetted and have a heater attached to the water resource to provide you with the calming and relaxing sprays of water that was hot water. Most of these are created from wood which has been sealed.

A more more sophisticated bath tub would function as the cast iron clawfoot bath tub. These, like the Japanese bath-tubs, are deep and great for soaking as well as bathing. They are able to serve two uses in one-unit. Even though some can still be purchased in cast-iron, they're generally produced from fiberglass or acrylic to-day. Yesteryear's claw foot bath-tubs usually sat in the middle of a large bathroom that had a drain in the center of the floor. When draining, modern bath-tubs aren't as primitive as this and generally do not soak your floor.


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Standard Bathtub Size Gallons Bath Tub


Dimensions Of A Standard Bathtub Drain - Surripui


Bathtubs Idea: Interesting Standard Bathtub Dimensions Standard




Global Crisis Events: The Weird Keeps Getting Weirder Activist Post

By Brandon Smith While the mainstream media and general public tend to assume that every new day is bringing us closer to a better future,...


Challenging the "Establishment". The West Supports Terrorism OpEdNews

The framework for protest movements needs to be expanded with a view to threatening the Establishment that supersedes political parties.


2017: Philadelphia Year in Review It's Going Down

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This year end review from anarchists in Philadelphia was originally published in the current issue of the long running publication, Anathema

The following piece offers some thoughts on anarchist activity in Philly in 2017. Like any reflection worth its salt, this one is meant to inspire thought, conversation, and ultimately action.


The most noticeable change in the anarchist space has been its increase in size, alongside a deepening and broadening of anarchist activity in Philly. An ever-changing place, the anarchist space has seen an influx of new people and ideas. More punks, more overlapping with the left, and definitely more anti-fascism. Many of the struggles anarchists engaged in prior to 2017 have escalated, and anarchists have also opened new fronts on which to fight the social war. The anarchist space itself is constantly in flux; with people dropping in and out, relations between people changing, organizations forming and collapsing, new alliances and hostilities emerge. Each change affects our capacity, growing it, limiting it, moving it in different directions. Like all changes, these present both new opportunities and new challenges. How can we move beyond increasing our numbers to seeing our activity flourish? What would it mean to qualitatively assess the growth were experiencing?

Other aspects of the anarchist space have remained the same. We have yet to open large public conflictual spaces within big marches and protests. Theoretical conversation and deepening stays confined within one-on-one conversations and small groups. Assemblies and larger discussions continue to feel like spaces where many people show up with the expectation of being told what to do, of finding a group to join, of coming to a decision all together about what should be done, instead of being spaces where people arrive with their own initiative. As always, there is room to improve; this is not something we should shy away from.

The shift toward anti-fascism, fighting the right, and opposing Trump has affected local social conflict in interesting ways. Longtime anti-fascists expressed both bitterness and pleasure to see large sections of the population finally take seriously the dangers the far-right poses, a danger they have been fighting for years. One unfortunate effect of this shift towards anti-fascism has been a shift away from black revolts against policing and from anti-colonial struggles, as well as a shift away from insurrectionary interventions among anarchists. The rise of anti-fascism has birthed...


Western Media Fixates On Vague Chem Weapons Allegations, Ignores Children Murdered By Americas Terrorists Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville While Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley, Heather Nauert, and Emmanuel Macron as well as the entirety of the Western corporate media focus on...


Ex-USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Sentenced To 175 years In Prison On Sex Assault Charges The Last American Vagabond

Larry Nassar, 54, the former Team USA gymnastics doctor, was previously sentenced to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty in July for three counts of child pornography charges, where in approximately 37,000 graphic images and videos of child pornography were found on his computer and hard drive.  According to Reuters from November 29th: Larry Nassar, the []

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Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One It's Going Down

The post Anarchists in the Trump Era: Scorecard, Year One appeared first on It's Going Down.

January 20, 2018 marked the conclusion of the first year of the Trump eraa string of back-to-back crises that made unprecedented demands on US anarchists. Despite limited numbers and resources, we rose admirably to those challenges. Congratulations on a roller coaster of a year! Now its time to analyze how we succeeded, identify the opportunities we missed, andabove allprepare for what comes next.

Over the past year, weve disrupted the far-right attempt to legitimize a more totalitarian strategy of governance and pushed back the threat of a street-level fascist movement. Neither of these victories are complete, but we achieved them against incredible odds. In 2018, well have to continue fighting those battles, but well also contend with centrists bent on re-legitimizing the political system, a resurgent authoritarian Left, and the next wave of ecological and geopolitical catastrophes. In order to succeed, well have to broaden our focus and expand our range of tactics.

For a detailed timeline of anarchist activity throughout 2017, consult this report by Its Going Down; Spencer Sunshine has also composed a timeline of fascist activity. The following analysis is hardly comprehensive; for example, it passes over anarchist participation in disaster relief, which played an important role in demonstrating our ethos of mutual aid this past year.

Dawn of a New Apocalypse

The election of Donald Trump marked the ascendancy of a new nationalist strategy for managing the state. Trumps nationalism is not centered in old-fashioned economic protectionism, but a neo-fascist model in which the violence necessary to sustain neoliberal capitalism is directed disproportionately at those outside the gated communities of citizenship, whiteness, and patriarchy. From the opening of his campaign, it was clear that he had no real plan to reverse the course of global development and bring factory jobs back to the US. Rather, he was promising voters...


Sen. Ron Johnson: FBI Informant Says Secret Society Held Secret Meetings Off-Site Sheep Media

Former FBI officials Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Image via YouTube.

The following article by DEBRA HEINE was originally published at PJ MEDIA.

An FBI informant has apparently informed Congress that a secret society at the FBI was holding secret meetings off-site after the election of Donald Trump.

On Special Report with Bret Baier Tuesday evening, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) called it corruption of the highest levels of the FBI.

That secret society we have an informant thats talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site, Johnson said. There is so much smoke here.



The Secret House Memo And Rescue From Above The Last American Vagabond

The theme: Something starts off as fairly reasonable, and then is blown out of all proportion. First, a brief recap on the secret House memonot available to the press or publicand the reaction to it. Purportedly, the memo will reveal that Democrat operativessome inside the FBI and the DOJfeloniously used a fake and fabricated Trump []

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U.S. Blames Russia For All Chem Weapons Attacks Based On Claims From White Helmets Terrorists Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville It seems as if the U.S. State Department has been on a continual loop ever since August, 2013 when Western-backed terrorists launched...


Joe T. Hodo 2018: TV Spot #1 The Narco News Bulletin

Joe T. Hodo, Star of El Joe T. Hodo Show, Is Running For President of Mexico.

By El Joe T. Hodo Show / NNTV

January 25, 2018

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Is Accused of Endangering Whistleblowers The Narco News Bulletin

An attorney representing bank whistleblower Rudolf Elmer claims Assange threw his client under the bus for the benefit of his own ego

By Bill Conroy
Via The Narcosphere
January 25, 2018


Alabama Committee Passes Bill to Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money Activist Post

By Michael Maharrey An Alabama House committee has passed a bill that would exempt the sale of gold and silver bullion from state sales and use...


Silver Expected To Outperform Gold In 2018 Political Vel Craft

The Roman Republic and the later Roman Empire had gold coins called the aureus and solidus, but they also minted a popular silver coin called the denarius. One denarius was the daily wage for unskilled labour and Roman soldiers. Of course, in the late Empire, the aureus, solidus and denarius were all debased by mixing []


The Pope On Fake News, The US vs Assad And Trudeau in Davos - What You Need To Know! Latest blog

There seems to be no end to the manipulative tactics of the global ruling elite. The military industrial complex is marching head on into Syria just as planned all along, The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is virtue signaling about women's rights while the Pope points his finger at promoters of "fake news" when he really should be looking in the mirror! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth provides his analysis on these three stories that are making headlines this morning.


Evolving Beyond the Two-Party Duopoly: Two Projects to Represent US and "WE-Distribute" Political Power in America OpEdNews

This American evolution we're hinting at requires that we evolve from helpless and hopeless victims of a bad system to aware, awakened advocates and activists for a new one. Here are two chances to make one!


Nuclear War: A Thousand Buttons OpEdNews

The very nature of nuclear weapons requires that the power to use them is decentralized and dispersed. And while it is sobering to think of leaders like Kim and Trump with their finger on the trigger, a nuclear war is far more likely to be started by some anonymous captain in an Ohio-class submarine patrolling the Pacific or a Pakistani colonel on the Indian border.


What is the point of an apology? Freethought Blogs

There are circumstances where saying Im sorry is appropriate. You bumped into someone on the sidewalk, you say it, it means something because youre expressing regret at an accident, you didnt mean to do it, you dont want to ever do it again. We can believe it.

But theres another kind of sorry, the one where youve done something intentionally, repeatedly, and would have kept doing it if someone hadnt stopped you your primary regret was that you were caught. Yet we treat these kinds of cases as if they were similar to the oops, excuse me, I didnt mean to step on your toes sort of case. We still expect an apology a completely meaningless, pointless apology.

Like the Larry Nassar story. The judge seems to get it.

The former sports doctor who admitted molesting some of the nations top gymnasts for years was sentenced Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison as the judge declared: I just signed your death warrant.

The sentence capped a remarkable seven-day hearing in which scores of Larry Nassars victims were able to confront him face to face in a Michigan courtroom.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina said Nassars decision to assault was precise, calculated, manipulative, devious, despicable.

It is my honor and privilege to sentence you. You do not deserve to walk outside a prison ever again. You have done nothing to control those urges and anywhere you walk, destruction will occur to those most vulnerable, Aquilina said.

Yes. What he did was intentional and malicious and repeated hundreds of times. Why would anyone trust any sign of remorse? His apology is garbage.

Nassar turned to the courtroom gallery to make a brief statement, saying that the accounts of more than 150 victims had shaken me to my core. He said no words can describe how sorry he is for his crimes.

I will carry your words with me for the rest of my days he said as many of his accusers wept.

This is the same guy who wanted to be excused from listening to the victims statements, because they hurt his feelings. The same guy who submitted a letter objecting to the womens accusations.

Those patients that are now speaking out are the same ones that praised and came back over and over, Nassar wrote. The media convinced them that everything I did was wrong and bad. They feel I broke their trust. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

This is a whole different category of actions from the accident or error that warrants an ap...


Western Media Fixates On Vague Chem Weapons Allegations, Ignores Children Murdered By Americas Terrorists The Last American Vagabond

While Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley, Heather Nauert, and Emmanuel Macron as well as the entirety of the Western corporate media focus on phantom chemical attacks, none of the above have even mentioned the terrorist shelling of Damascus (Bab Touma area) which has resulted in the death of nine people, most of whom were children and teens. []

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Iran seizes bombs, explosives in Saudi terror plot - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - No matter how many times Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel tried to pin the terror tag on Iran, the world really knew who the terror proxies' puppeteers were, and why.


Obamas Bailed Out Bros: General Electric GE Under Federal Investigation For $6.2 Billion In Accounting Fraud Political Vel Craft

General Electric Co. is under investigation by U.S. regulators after taking a larger-than-expected charge in its finance division, dealing a new black eye to a company once enshrined as an icon of American business. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking at the accounting practices related to a review of a GE insurance business as []


Subtitles? We dont need no stinkin subtitles! Freethought Blogs

Some video clips never fail to crack me up and though I have shown them before, I feel the need to show them again for those who only recently started reading this blog and may have missed it. This one is from back in the early days of the US invasion of Iraq and is from the Australian sketch comedy show skitHOUSE.


AI Censorship And The Power Of Steem To Preserve Truth The Last American Vagabond

Just read a great article by Caitlin Johnstone over at Medium where she discusses the automation of censorship tools by companies like Twitter and Google. Putting paid Julian Assanges warning last year on this, Ms. Johnstone details just some of the abuses that Twitter and Google engaged in to subtly and not-so-subtly shift public perception of major issues []

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Daily Inspiration --- Uncredited Benefactors OpEdNews

The effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs. -- George Eliot


Cecile Richards Reportedly Leaving Planned Parenthood Amid Federal Investigation The Federalist

Cecile Richards is reportedly stepping down from her role as president of Planned Parenthood, according to BuzzFeed, amid an ongoing federal investigation into the nations largest abortion provider.

Under Richards leadership, the abortion provider drastically increased the number of annual abortions it performs, by 11 percent. During her tenure as president, which began in 2006, Planned Parenthood has aborted an estimated 3 million children, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

In 2015, numerous Planned Parenthood employees and high-ranking officials told undercover journalists the organization was harvesting body parts of unborn children, including intact heads. It exchanged these human body parts for money from companies and universities. These undercover videos, which spurred five congressional investigations, prompted Planned Parenthood to claim it stopped taking money for organ harvesting, despite the organizations repeated claims that its behavior was completely legal.

While these congressional investigations have stalled, the Justice Department confirmed in December 2017 that there is an ongoing federal probe into Planned Parenthoods business practices.


The Dangerous Erosion Of The US' Global Leadership OpEdNews

The damage that Trump has caused to American credibility and moral global leadership will not be readily repaired after electing a new president. It will take time and a president who is stable, politically skilled, and intellectually competent with vision and understanding of America's pivotal role in the international arena before America's global leadership can be restored.


TCK RADIO, Dr. Peter Chojnowski Two Sister Lucias? And False Mainstream Fatima Narrative - Veterans Today Veterans Today

TradcatKnight Radio, Dr. Peter Chojnowski Two Sister Lucias? And False Mainstream Fatima Narrative Talk given 1-24-18 (aprx 45 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special Guest Dr. Chojnowski formerly from the Fatima Center joins me to discuss: phony sister lucia, false fatima message of the Conciliar Church, latest from Francis, will neo-cons Burke/Sarah fall in line with []


WATCH: Comedian Shreds Medias Regime Change Talking Points in Under a Minute The Free Thought Project


This could well be one of the most epic less-than-60-second devastating take-down of just about every mainstream media lie on Syria

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Grassley Accuses DOJ Of Ongoing Obstruction, Calls For Full Release Of House Intel Memo The Federalist

In a speech delivered on the Senate floor Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) accused the Department of Justice (DOJ) of actively obstructing ongoing congressional oversight of the agency and its probes involving former secretary of state Hillary Clintons secret e-mail server and President Donald Trumps alleged illegal campaign coordination with the Russian government.

Grassley said the available evidence suggests that an operation to fund, compile, and distribute a dossier of salacious and unverified allegations against Trump was itself a Russia-influenced scheme to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Steele, who was working for Fusion GPS, who was working for the [Democratic National Committee] and the Clinton campaign, was working with the Russians, Grassley said. So, who was actually colluding with Russians? Its becoming more clear.

Christopher Steele is the British ex-spy who put together the infamous and discredited Donald Trump dossier for Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Clinton presidential campaign, and potentially others. Its still an open question whether federal intelligence agencies used the dossier as a basis for secret surveillance of people connected to Trumps presidential campaign.

There is thus far no evidence that any of the substantive allegations of collusion in the dossier have been independently verified by anyone. In British court filings, Steele himself would not even vouch for his dossiers accuracy, instead claiming that his work product was merely a collection of raw, unverified intelligence transmitted to him by sources in Russia.

Grassley said keeping many aspects of the Steele dossier hidden from the public has enabled the DNC and others to obscure whether Russian officials colluded with American politicians throughout the 2016 campaign. He called for the release of not just the House Intelligence Committee report on alleged abuse of surveillance tools by U.S. law enforcement, which he says the full Senate cannot review pre-release since the information is classified, but also the underlying DOJ documents supporting the House report, with necessary redactions to protect national security.

Grassley said he and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who both sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, believe that statements Steele has made in public contradict DOJ information unearthed during the course of their investigation. Earlier this month, those contradictions spurred the two senators to refer to DOJ a criminal investigation of Steele for providing false information to federal authorities.

We saw Mr. Steele swearing one thing in a public libel suit against him in London, Grassley said. Then we saw contradictory things in documents that I am not going to talk about in an open setting. And from everything weve learn...


Which was worse: Great Depression or Great Recession? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

I saw a fascinating claim last month that's been on my mind ever since. Specifically, that GDP growth during the decade of the Great Recession essentially tracked that of the Great Depression. It seemed extraordinary and so, in an age of fake news, I decided to look into this myself.

In the chart below, I've plotted the compounding GDP growth rates for the decades beginning in 1930 and 2007. I've also gone and added the compounding stock market growth rates (DOW) for the same decades, which I think adds some context and flavor to the story.

stock market recovery.jpg

Some takeaways for me:

  • If anything, it appears that our fiscal and monetary policy reactions in 2007 saved us from the volatility of the 1930's  we didn't suffer the worst of the Depression-decade decline in the real economy this time  but didn't really put us in a better place long-term. Essentially, it's been a smoother ride to the same general, crappy destination.
  • Today's stock market doesn't, in any way, reflect underlying economic conditions. We've basically had a decade of Depression-level growth but the stock market is up, to use a popular phrase, bigly. Why? We could debate the many potential reasons but it seems a policy of creating money out of thin air and then giving it to bankers and the wealthy may be good for stocks. Who knew?
  • Given the big gains in stocks, how much of our GDP growth is actually a (false) wealth effect? This might have been the policy objective, but creating the illusion of wealth  paper wealth  is not a substitute for actually creating things of value. At some point, the gap between illusion and reality must be reconciled.
  • Where's the purge? Before the Great Depression we had the 1920's and a decade of free spending excess. The weak and fragile firms that were propped up by the easy money of the '20's didn't survive the purge of the Depression. Where was our purge? We had a decade (or more) of free spending excess, where bad ideas and poor management were given money and comfort, yet there was no proportionate purge to clean them out. Did we fix anything or just buy time before the purge that needs to happen? I think the latter, and the fact that we chose to put things off is going to make that inevitable purge must, much worse....


Phoenix, AZ: #MyBordersMyChoice Neo-Nazi Propaganda Efforts Foiled by Antifascists It's Going Down

The post Phoenix, AZ: #MyBordersMyChoice Neo-Nazi Propaganda Efforts Foiled by Antifascists appeared first on It's Going Down.

As the radical right wing movement continues to splinter due to poor strategy, infighting, and general lack of consistency, members of hate-havens 4chan and 8chan called for a propaganda action on US college campuses, and public areas on the night of January 21st, under the hashtag #MyBordersMyChoice, (one of the featured slogans on one of the two flier designs they had). The callout post on 4chan had explicitly called to place anti-immigrant posters on college campuses, specifically places with high traffic, or buildings related to feminism & SJW related areas, in hopes of getting a reaction out of those who would come back to classes the next day and see them.

Poster from the group Vanguard America found with the #MyBordersMyChoice flyers, shows the connection between neo-Nazi groups and those putting up the posters. James Alex Fields, the man suspected of killing Heather Heyer, is also suspected to be a member of the organization.

In years past, Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ has been an on-again, off-again site of white nationalist campus recruiting, with efforts made by, primarily, the now defunct National Youth Front, and Identity Evropa to flier, recruit, and organize rallies on the campus. Recent history includes a 2015 National Youth Front flyering and intimidation campaign aimed at harassing and intimidating an ASU professor teaching a class about the construct of whiteness, which eventually led to the NYF and assorted neo-Nazis openly rallying on the ASU campus, and being confronted by a large group of local anti-fascists.

With that said, anarchists and antifascists have also kept a consistent presence on the campus, postering, flyering, distributing literature, and dropping at least a dozen banners over the ASU bridge on University Drive, a main traffic artery through Tempe. These effort...


DC Police Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Trump Inauguration Mass Arrest UNICORN RIOT

Washington, DC Last Friday, January 19, a new class action lawsuit was filed against the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) over the mass arrest of over 200 people at a protest during Trumps presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017.

The first three plaintiffs in the case   a DC-based systems administrator, a journalist, and a street medic represent a larger class of False Arrest Plaintiffs who will be added to the suit as the case progresses. (A similar lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Jeffrey Light, on January 20th immediately after the mass arrest, but was later withdrawn on procedural grounds.)

The federal lawsuit brings six different counts against several MPD commanding officials and officers. Defendants include MPD Chief Peter Newsham, Assistant Chiefs Lamar Greene and Jeffrey Carroll, former Assistant Chief Robert Alder, Commander Keith Deville, Lieutenant Paul Niepling, Sergeant Anthony Alioto, as well as Officers Michael Howden, Melvin Washington, Gregory Rock, and Daniel Thau. They face counts of Violation of the First Amendment, Common Law False Arrest, two counts of Negligence Per Se/Violation of the First Amendment Assemblies Act, Violation of the First Amendment, and Violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Central to the factual basis of the suit is the chain of command on inauguration day, on which, according to the complaint, Commander Keith Deville told officers the anti-fascist anti-capitalist protest march had turned into a riot, and ordered them to corral, detain, and arrest everyone present without differentiating who was demonstrating and who was rioting. 

The lawsuit also states that by virtue of MPDs chain of command in place that day, Deville received the order to stop the march from [Assistant Chief] Greene at the command center, where (on information and belief) he received direction from [Chief] Newsham. 

The complaint further states that Deville knew there were members of the press present in the group and ordered their arrest anyway:

Deville knew that not all of the individuals who were marching were committing acts of vandalism when he declared the march a riot. He was also aware that some of the individuals walking down 13th St., NW were journalists photographing the march or otherwise documenting the march.

Additionally, police did not issue a dispersal order before placing...



The Islamic religions are nothing but a political organization. During the era of the so-called Prophet Muhammad, politics did not exist. Religions were used to organize people. Muhammad ibn Abdullah as one of the descendants of Abraham by blood established Islamic religion to unite Arabs against Sassanid Kurdish Empire and Roman Italian Empire.


Behind the Money Curtain: A Left Take on Taxes, Spending, and Modern Monetary Theory OpEdNews

The first reason leftists should adopt MMT is the same reason some conservatives do--because it's true, and has been known to be for a long time. And a strong left movement can only be built on a correct economic analysis. Money is a powerful tool/weapon in the hands of our class enemy. We better know how it works.


Yuval Levin On The Failures Of Congress And Trumps First Year The Federalist

On this episode the Federalist Radio Hour, Yuval Levin and Ben Domenech discuss how Congress as an institution has crumbled internally and tries to legislate through the media. They also debate what Trumps administration has achieved policy-wise this year and how he will compare to other Republican presidents.

Yuval Levin is Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and EPPCs Hertog Fellow, and is the editor of National Affairs magazine.

Congress ought to make its work more legislative, not executive, and that means breaking down these consolidated processes, Levin said. The trouble is Congress doesnt actually want control if they did, they could do it by reforming their own institution.

Listen to the full episode here:


WATCH: Senator Confirms Conspiracy Theory of Secret Society Directing FBI and DoJ The Free Thought Project


In a stunning admission, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reveals an informant is briefing Congress on "offsite" meetings by "Secret society" mentioned in Strzok-Page texts

The post WATCH: Senator Confirms Conspiracy Theory of Secret Society Directing FBI and DoJ appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Cold Case Christianity For Kids, mother and daughter team review Chapter Two, Part Four Freethought Blogs

My nine-year-old daughter* and I, both atheists, are teaming up to review childrens apologetics book Cold Case Christianity For Kids, by J. Warner Wallace. The introduction to the series is here; posts in the series are being linked up there as I go along.


*She is in fact now 10. She was 9 when we sat down to review this chapter. One of these days Ill catch up with myself, although I hope I manage it before she turns 11.


(This is a longer post; we were getting close to the end of the chapter and finishing it all in one lot seemed simpler at this point than breaking the narrative yet again.)

At somewhere around this point in the narrative, according to my notes, Katie and I seem to have diverged into a brief aside about what Jesuss death is meant to be about in Christian narrative; the belief that were all sinners who cant get into Heaven and thus Jesus had to die in payment for our sins. I cant remember how we got onto this, but remember being interested to see what shed make of it, as its a theology Ive always found quite horrifying. Katie, as it happened, focused on another detail entirely; she didnt see why death was necessary according to this theory.

But wouldnt it be really, really painful? she asked me, referring to Jesuss death. And wouldnt the pain be the payment? I mean, supposing you got shot in the face for everyones sins even if you survived it, wouldnt it be really painful being shot in the face? Wouldnt that be the payment?

Good point. I cant remember how I answered it. Anyway, we got back to the story.

To recap, Jeffries had been steering the cadets through the line of apologetic argument that consists of listing possible explanations for why the disciples went round preaching the resurrection to everyone, finding objections to every explanation other than Jesus really did rise from the dead, and then declaring that, since thats the only explanation that we havent refuted, it must be the correct one. Katie had neatly spotted the key flaw in this; that miraculous resurrection is unlikely enough that, even if reasons make all the other explanations highly unlikely, we are still not going to be left with a situation where miraculous resurrection becomes the most likely. The cadets/Jeffries had the following list:

  1. Jesus didnt really die He fainted, woke up, and walked away....


Heres What Happens When You Ignore A Crying Baby TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

There are many theories about the best way to react to a crying baby, here are some of the effects of leaving them to cry it out backed up by science.

Aside from the obvious maternal feelings, wanting to show your child affection when they are experiencing something they do not understand just seems intuitively correct. However, there are many that believe giving attention to a child when distressed sets them up for a life of dependence and attention seeking.

The truth is, when you start to look, there isnt any good evidence that supports the idea that leaving babies to cry is a good method for them gaining dependance. The idea came about in the 1880s when the field of medicine had become obsessed with hygiene and the potential of transmitting infections, this led to the conclusion that babies should not be continually touched. (Deborah Blum 2002)

Alongside this, it seems that the idea of leaving a baby to cry comes from more of a selfish motivation (the baby being an inconvenience) than anything else. This was led by John Watson in 1928 when he became president of the American Psychological Association. His school of thought was giving to much love and affection would result in a dependent and time consuming baby, despite intuition and evidence at the time showing the opposite to be the truth.



The Abandonment of the Working Class OpEdNews

Somehow the US mining company, possibly by the paying of bribes, secured permission from the government of Ghana, or whomever the government of Ghana represents, to allow the mining company to evict citizens of Ghana off of their land at minimal cost to Newmont.


Former GOP chair to Evangelicals: Shut the hell up - Never preach to me again (VIDEO) OpEdNews

Chris Matthews played a clip where staunch Right Wing Christian Conservative Tony Perkins, came out and defended both Trump and Evangelicals who defend him.


A Governor Renews Net Neutrality Protections With the Stroke of a Pen OpEdNews

In Montana, Governor Steve Bullock picked up a pen. On January 22, the Democratic governor signed an executive order requiring Internet service providers that operate in the state to embrace net neutrality principles in order to obtain lucrative state government contracts. Bullock, whose order goes into effect July 1, is urging other governors to join him in pushing back against the FCC.


Trump challenging EU foreign policy sovereignty on JCPOA nuke deal - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - Trump wants to show to the world that he can bend the EU into changing the JCPOA, which would give him cover by weaseling out of the deal himself.


Horrifying Dash Cam Shows Cops Shoot Accountant in the Head Over Minor Traffic Offense The Free Thought Project

Dash Cam video has been released that shows police shooting and killing an unarmed man by firing nine rounds into his car after he was the victim of a minor car accident.


Cop Who Beat Innocent Woman and Kept Badge Caught on Video AGAIN Stomping a Mans Head The Free Thought Project

A Texas cop who was let off after being caught on video assaulting an innocent teacher was allowed back on the streets and has struck againthis time he was finally fired.


Parents Paving the Way for Family-Friendly Urban Living Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Jennifer Griffin is a Strong Towns member, architect, urban designer and mom based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This story is the final installment of a 3-part series on the future of families in cities. Read part one, "The Future Success of Cities Depends on Urban Kids" and part two, "Lessons Learned in Meeting the Demand for Family Friendly Urban Living."

As young adults today begin to form families and have children, the demand for family-friendly urban living easily outpaces the supply of family-friendly urban neighborhoods  so much so that those highly sought-after urban neighborhoods that are inclusive of the various amenities, institutions, and infrastructure that families with kids require have become financially unattainable for most young families with kids.

This is particularly true in most major metropolitan cities today.  Not only are young families with kids competing with each other for a place within these cities urban neighborhoods, they are also competing with singles and boomers making six-figure salaries who are willing to live in 400 square foot apartments.

This is only exacerbated by the financial challenges characteristic of the millennial generation.  Thanks in part to the rising cost of higher education, 62% of millennials have incurred student debt at an average sum of $27,000 (ULI survey 2014).

Data source: The Economist, Zillow, and the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Data source: The Economist, Zillow, and the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

For young adults today starting families, the cost of having kids has also increased.  When adjusted for inflation and compared in todays dollars, there has been almost a 17% increase in the cost of raising a child (from birth through age 17) between 1980 and...


The 6 Most Philly Moments Of The Eagles Playoff Run The Federalist

Philadelphia sports teams are not exactly legendary. Since 1983, the four major teams have accounted for exactly one professional championship. Philadelphia sports fans, on the other hand, are absolutely legendary. Well-known as the toughest, most violent, most profane and unwelcoming fans in America, they represent their hard-working city perfectly.

This year the underdog Philadelphia Eagles are making a Cinderella run through the playoffs that will take them to the Super Bowl to face the Patriots on February 4. It has been a time of great rejoicing and, well, other things for the Philly natives. It is truly an epic time for Philly sports fans, who are finding new highs, or lows, to cement their reputation as the best, or worst, fans in the country.

Here are six moments from the playoff run that show the Philly sports fan in all his glory, and are pure Philadelphia. As is the case at sports events, or really any event in Philadelphia, much of this is not safe for work and probably shouldnt be viewed around young children, unless they are from Philadelphia and used to it.

6. NFL Gameday Beer Shotgunning Guy

During the NFL Gameday show before the Atlanta game, one excited Eagles fan was doing some pre-gaming of his own. In four separate instances over the course of the short broadcast, this hero can be seen shotgunning four beers. For those unfamiliar with how to shotgun beer, one punctures the can then, holding it close to ones mouth, opens it, causing the beer to forcefully eject into ones mouth.

The advantage is that the alcohol is consumed very quickly and inebriation follows in short order. In classic Philly style, this beer-pounding happened around noon.

Philly Ranking: 4 Cheesesteaks

5. Greased Pole Climbing

In anticipation of the 38-7 shellacking that the Eagles laid on the Vikings last Sunday, Philadelphia police applied Crisco cooking grease to light poles around the city. The purpose of this proactive policing was to dissuade fans from climbing the poles in celebration, thereby risking serious injury from...


Policy Road Map To Reparations For War On Weed PopularResistance.Org

Over the past 50 years, the city of Baltimore and the State of Marylands active investments in policing the War on Drugs have created conditions of concentrated poverty in Baltimore City. While not limited to marijuana, cannabis prohibition has been, and continues to be, the vanguard of the War on Drugs in terms of social impact. Even today, despite the perception of increased tolerance of marijuana and many states pursuit of legalization, marijuana possession is the number of cause of arrest in the United States. In fact, in recent years marijuana arrests have continued to increase. Currently, over 100,000 Americans are incarcerated for marijuana possession, racking up a total cost of over three billion dollars. From 1990 to 2000, 75% of the increase in arrests for drug charges nationwide came from marijuana related offenses.


Congressmen Pushing LNG Exports Bills Have Deep Financial, Revolving Door Ties PopularResistance.Org

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce held a subcommittee hearing on two bills to expedite permitting for exports of natural gas. Domestic production of this fossil fuel has been booming in recent years, mainly thanks to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) opening up vast reserves in shale formations. Several former and present committee staffers have either taken oil and gas industry-sponsored trips as staffers or spun through the government-industry revolving door between Congress and the lobbying sector. And all of the politicians backing the two bills under consideration have taken tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the oil and gas industry for their 2018 mid-term election campaigns.


A National Defense Strategy Of Sowing Global Chaos PopularResistance.Org

Presenting the 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States on Friday at the Johns Hopkins University, Secretary of Defense James Mattis painted a picture of a dangerous world in which U.S. power and all of the supposed good that it does around the world is on the decline. Our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace, he said. And it is continually eroding. What he could have said instead is that the United States military is overextended in every domain, and that much of the chaos seen around the world is the direct result of past and current military adventurism. Further, he could have acknowledged, perhaps, that the erosion of U.S. influence has been the result of a series of self-inflicted blows to American credibility through foreign policy disasters such as the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Syrian War Report January 24, 2018: Fighting In Afrin, HTS Claims 350 Soldiers Killed In Idlib - Veterans Today Veterans Today

from SouthFront At least 260 Kurdish militiamen have been killed in the Afrin area since the start of Turkeys Operation Olive Branch, the countrys general staff reported on January 23. The general staff revealed that 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and one injured in the clashes. Late on the same day, reports appeared that a []


Disengaged By Design: Neoconservative War On Youth PopularResistance.Org

When I say that students are disengaged by design, I dont have in mind the popular thesis that schools are stuck in some factory model past, designed perhaps 150 years ago to satisfy the needs of industrialists, and since left unchanged. This kind of future proofing imaginary about the past and future of schools is popular among neoliberal reformers in Silicon Valley & Ken Robinson. Often, the real world of work is supposed to be more interesting and vibrant, demanding and permitting of creativity than schools. Of course, they have in mind only a slim sliver of jobs in the offices of places like Apple and Google, rather than the vast majority of work that increasingly alienates people.


The Internet of Things: What It Will DoBut What Will It Do To Your Health? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Businesses, industries, state utility commissions, utility companies, especially electric power providers, and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are...


The rise and fall of television news: no more father figures OpEdNews

Major media long ago built their wall. The wall protects everyone from bloated corrupt government institutions, mega-corporate partners of government, and major banks, to street thugs. Now, as these media fail to magnetize minds as in days of yore, the wall is crumbing.


Some Pipeline Foes Speak, Others Boycott At Hearing In Hancock PopularResistance.Org

HANCOCK As people spoke against a proposed natural-gas pipeline during a hearing in Hancock on Monday, other foes gathered outside to boycott the proceedings. More than 60 people attended the Maryland Department of the Environment public hearing at Hancock Middle-Senior High School. As they have done before, opponents raised concerns about environmental pollution, climate change and contamination of water wells. We all live downstream from something, said Laura Bayer of Martinsburg, W.Va., the first of 22 speakers, all of whom opposed the pipeline. Benjamin H. Grumbles, Marylands secretary of the environment, spoke before public comments began. He promised a robust review of the pipeline application and stressed that no decisions have been made on the project. Mondays session, which lasted about two hours, was held to resume the hearing that was continued last month.


The Internet of Things and the FCC: Failure Rate Approx. 75%, Millions Already Hacked, Tax Dollars Spent Activist Post

By Phil D. Coffers Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his family...


Garrison Keillor exposed Freethought Blogs

When Garrison Keillor was fired for inappropriate behavior, the only explanation we got was Keillors: hed merely touched a womans back, in an innocuous, friendly way. This has gone too far, some people raged, when harmless social behavior can get you fired! The problem was that MPR was silent. They gave no details about what had actually driven them to give him the boot, so only Keillors narrative was out there.

No longer. MPR News has published a long account of Keillors problematic history.

An investigation by MPR News, however, has learned of a years-long pattern of behavior that left several women who worked for Keillor feeling mistreated, sexualized or belittled. None of those incidents figure in the inappropriate behavior cited by MPR when it severed business ties.

Nor do they have anything to do with Keillors story about putting a hand on a womans back:

In 2009, a subordinate who was romantically involved with Keillor received a check for $16,000 from his production company and was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement which, among other things, barred her from ever divulging personal or confidential details about him or his companies. She declined to sign the agreement, and never cashed the check.

In 2012, Keillor wrote and publicly posted in his bookstore an off-color limerick about a young woman who worked there and the effect she had on his state of arousal.

A producer fired from The Writers Almanac in 1998 sued MPR, alleging age and sex discrimination, saying Keillor habitually bullied and humiliated her and ultimately replaced her with a younger woman.

A 21-year-old college student received an email in 2001 in which Keillor, then her writing instructor at the University of Minnesota, revealed his intense attraction to her.

MPR News has interviewed more than 60 people who worked with or crossed professional paths with Keillor. Most spoke on the condition of anonymity because they still work in the industry or feared repercussions from Keillor or his attorneys.

The article tries to portray both the good and bad sides of Keillor, but you cant escape the broad conclusion: he was a bad boss, autocratic and oblivious, and was only tolerable while you were on his good side.

People who worked with him across the decades say Keillor could be funny, charming, compassionate and gracious.

By other accounts, he could be cruel and dismissive. The office was driven by his moods, former colleagues say. A common complaint is he would punish his staff with prolonged aggressive silence, as Fleischman described.

He also grew tired of and discarded musicians, writers and staff, many of whom had be...


Pence To Attend Winter Olympics To Stop North Korea From Hijacking The Games The Last American Vagabond

White House officials have announced Tuesday that Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Winter Olympics in South Korea in early February, with an eye seemingly toward ensuring that North Koreas attendance of the event doesnt lead to improved relations. Officials say Pence believes North Koreas Kim Jong Un intends to hijack the Winter Olympics with his countrys involvement, and []

The post Pence To Attend Winter Olympics To Stop North Korea From Hijacking The Games appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


New York Sues Big Pharma To Make Them Pay for Deliberately Fueling Opioid Epidemic The Free Thought Project

new york

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he supports the lawsuit because it is "time for Big Pharma to pay for what theyve done. Its time that they are held accountable.

The post New York Sues Big Pharma To Make Them Pay for Deliberately Fueling Opioid Epidemic appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Thousands Protest At World Economic Forum In Davos PopularResistance.Org

Thousands of people took to the streets of Zurich to protest against Donald Trumps presence at Davos. The US president has planned to attend the World Economic Forums annual meeting in Switzerland this week. In response, anti-capitalist activists called for protests under the slogans Trump Not Welcome! and Smash WEF! Trump is due to speak on Friday at the WEF meeting in the Alpine town of Davos, an annual meeting of global business and political leaders. That march went off peacefully, unlike violent anti-WEF protests in several Swiss cities that were held in the early 2000s. More than 4,000 Swiss soldiers have been deployed to guard DAvos, alongside 1,000 police officers. A no-fly zone was also put in place to protect delegates.


Trump: Dangerously Ignorant About Syria Or Is He A Patriot Of Treason? Political Vel Craft

A False Good Guy & True Bad Guy Script Trump Believes U.S. Was Invited To Syria And U.S. Bombing Syrian Army Days After Kerry Armistice Was Russias Fault. The US presidential candidate from the Republican [zionist] party Donald Trump claimed that Russia had broken cooperation agreements which had been reached with the US on the []


WATCH: Innocent Man Calls 911 to Report Burglary, Cops Show Up and Shoot HIM The Free Thought Project

An innocent man called 911 for help while his home was being burglarized. However, when police showed up, the robber got away and they shot the innocent man insteadleaving him paralyzed for life.


Border wall opposed by Tohono O'odham Nation 'off the table' in D.C. Indianz.Com News

An offer to fund a wall along the United States border with Mexico is 'off the table,' according to the top Democrat in the Senate.


New US Cyber Attack Policy Makes Nuclear Strike On Iran More Likely Than Ever The Last American Vagabond

The recently leaked draft of the Pentagons Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) has revealed a number of concerns, including the allegation that Russia has a nuclear underwater drone with a range of 10,000 km and the ability to devastate U.S. ports and harbors. A more recently highlighted bombshell in the NPR alleges the Pentagon will find other arenas to []

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ProPublica, Audible Present The Making of a Massacre Event Remembering Casualties of the Drug War Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

In March of 2011, a Mexican ranching town near the Texas border was besieged by unspeakable violence. Gunmen from the Zetas drug cartel seeking vengeance against an alleged informant swept through the quiet town, kidnapping and killing dozens, perhaps hundreds, of men, women and children. Brushed aside as another ugly incident of cartel violence, the slaughter was barely a blip in the United States or Mexico.

In an investigative oral history for ProPublica and National Geographic last summer, reporter Ginger Thompson unveiled the tragic story of what happened in the town of Allende through the voices of those left behind. Many spoke publicly for the first time and at great personal risk. Thompson's reporting also revealed a scandal: The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and its botched operation had triggered the massacre in the first place.

On March 1 in Washington, D.C., ProPublica, Audible, National Geographic and the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) come together for an event with families of Allende victims. The event will be held at the National Geographic headquarters. In conversation with Thompson, three women who lost loved ones in the massacre will share their stories of the brutality they witnessed nearly seven years ago, the people they lost, the aftermath of speaking out, and their continued search for accountability and justice.

The event will also preview excerpts of The Making of a Massacre, a five-part Audible original series developed from ProPublicas reporting and interviews from both sides of the border. The audio series transports listeners to Allende and into the lives of the residents and officials who experienced the terror. The Making of a Massacre will be available on Audible beginning March 2. Guests at the event will get an exclusive first listen of this gripping new production.

In addition, a panel of experts Sergio Aguayo, a human rights investigator at the Colegio de Mexico; Eric Olson, deputy director of the Latin American Program and senior advisor to the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; and Maureen Meyer, director for Mexico and migrant rights at WOLA will put the Allende massacre in context of the drug war, violence and corruption in Mexico, US-Mexico relations and accountability when DEA missions cost lives.

  • When: Thursday, March 1, 7:00 8:30 P.M. (Doors open at 6:30)
  • Where: National Geographic, Grosvenor Auditorium, 1600 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
  • Free to attend. ...


Caterpillar Calendar (1837). Freethought Blogs

These wonderful illustrations come from Chronologischer Raupenkalender, oder, Naturgeschichte der europischen Raupen (1837), an entomological volume by Christian Friedrich Vogel outlining which caterpillars appear each month, as well as details on how to keep caterpillars and catch the butterflies into which they will transform. An added quirk of the book will be more immediately obvious to German speakers Vogel means bird, the caterpillars main predator.

You can see all the exquisite illustrations at The Public Domain Review.


If you dont realize this is creepy, maybe the problem is you Freethought Blogs

File that face under C, for creep.

Youre married, and you describe a much younger employee as your soul mate, and you think thats OK, even though she never reciprocated or expressed similar statements.

Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.) sought to defend himself against an accusation of sexual harassment Tuesday, saying he developed an affection for a decades-younger staffer he considered his soul mate but never sought a romantic or sexual relationship with her.

You get upset when you discover she is dating someone her age, who you dont know.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday Meehans first lengthy response to the New York Times report the four-term congressman denied engaging in harassment. He acknowledged lashing out when he learned the aide had started seriously dating someone outside his congressional office, attributing his reaction to the stress of a debate over repealing the Affordable Care Act.

I started to talk to her about my reaction to [her relationship] and you know, selfishly I was thinking about what this was going to mean to me, he told the Inquirer, adding that he should have been looking at it from the perspective of a subordinate and a superior.

I dont know what that last bit means. So he should have ordered her, as her boss, to stop dating other men? Its a bit ambiguous.

She accuses you of sexual harassment, and you actually settle for some large unspecified sum not paid out of your pocket, obviously, but rather with taxpayers money.

Meehan settled with the former aide last year using taxpayer dollars after she filed a formal complaint of sexual harassment. The revelation of the settlement in a report by the New York Times on Saturday led to Meehans expulsion from the House Ethics Committee, which began investigating his behavior this week.

You are brought before an ethics hearing where you still insist that there was nothing abusive about your relationship, despite admitting guilt with a payoff, despite admitting that youd been possessive of this woman, and despite openly talking about having an imaginary deeper relationship with her.

You know, by this point you ought to realize that you really are a great big creep, and that you...


Mueller Probe Accidentally Exposes FBI Cover-Up of Saudi Role in 9/11 The Free Thought Project


Recent court documents filed by the government reveal that Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller worked to cover up the connection between a Florida Saudi family and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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Can Womens March Evolve Into Radical Resistance Movement? PopularResistance.Org

Those words--from one of the many hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the streets on January 20 as part of the massive Women's Marches marking the shameful anniversary of Trump's first year in office--summed up the political mood. In two words: Pissed off. The sheer size of the marches--smaller overall than last year's turnout of some 3.5 million, the largest single day of protest in U.S. history, but not by much--caught organizers and longtime activists off guard: as many as 300,000 in Chicago; 200,000 in New York City by the official count, but possibly twice that; half a million in Los Angeles; 65,000 in San Francisco and 50,000 across the Bay in Oakland. Smaller towns and cities, including in reliably red states, turned out big time: some 8,000 in Omaha, Nebraska, for example.


A hard lesson for Dems OpEdNews

Instead of waging the fight that they should have waged in the shutdown fight, Democrats first precipitated a mega-crisis and then caved in a mega-surrender. This left many in the base fuming at Democrats who first declared a war they did not fight and then surrendered after a hasty retreat. Democrats talked like lions but surrendered like lambs.


YES! Magazine: Making your voice heard in the era of President Trump Indianz.Com News

Donald Trumps power is limited. Heres how people can use their own power to support or oppose his actions.


CNN Still Hasnt Corrected False Story On James Comeys Classified Memo Leaks The Federalist

Nearly seven months after falsely accusing President Donald Trump of getting the facts wrong on classified information that former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey leaked after he was fired, CNN still hasnt corrected its false story on the matter. On the heels of numerous other false stories published or broadcast by the cable network, the latest failure of the network to correct false reporting raises serious questions about its commitment to accuracy.

At issue is whether information Comey leaked to a friend after he was fired was classified or not. At the time, Comey and his friend, Columbia University law professor Daniel Richman, claimed that the information was not only not classified, but that the documents in Comeys possession werent even government records.

Last July, Trump blasted Comey on Twitter for leaking classified information.

Trumps tweet was based on a report from The Hill that a majority of the memos taken by Comey after he was fired contained classified information:

More than half of the memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote as personal recollections of his conversations with President Trump about the Russia investigation have been determined to contain classified information, according to interviews with officials familiar with the documents.

CNNs Jake Tapper, however, took issue with Trumps statement, and wrote the following lede and supporting paragraphs in a CNN story accusing the president of peddling false information about the nature of the information leaked by James Comey after he was fired by the president:

The Columbia University Law School professor and confidant of former FBI Director James Comey refuted a charge by President Donald Trump and his advocates in the media Monday: that Comey shared classified information with journalists.

Daniel Richman, with whom Comey shared at least one memo the contents of which Richman shared with New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt said President Trump was simply wrong.

No memo was given to me that was marked classified,' Daniel...


Word Wednesday. Freethought Blogs

Vixen / Gambol / Blithe

Vixen, noun.

1: a shrewish ill-tempered woman.

2: a female fox.

3: a sexually attractive woman.

-vixenish, adjective.

[Origin: Middle English (Southern dialect) *vixen, alteration of Middle English fixen, from Old English fyxe, feminine of fox.]


The Fox was just that, a monstrous fox: five hundredweight or more of tense power, quick as an arrow, straight as a javelin, bright as a new-polished sword-blade, and female as Eve; Hob could see immediately that it was a vixen. Tall and deadly and graceful: the Goddess of the Foxes.

Gambol, intransitive verb -boled or -bolled; -boling or -bolling. To skip about in play, to frisk, frolic.

Gambol, noun: a skipping or leaping about in play.

[Origin: modification of Middle French gambade spring of a horse, gambol, probably from Old Occitan camba leg, from Late Latin.]


Through Hobs frozen terror a thought came faintly to him: it was gamboling, it was playing at slaughter.

Blithe, adjective.

1: of a happy lighthearted character or disposition.

2: lacking due thought or consideration: casual, heedless: blithe unconcern.

-blithely, adverb.

[Origin: Middle English, from Old English blthe; akin to Old High German Bldi joyous.]

(Before 12th Century)

The Fox sprang from place to place, blithe as a new lamb, and each leap left a mortally wounded man behind. Now and again it would pause to survey its accomplishments, and then the crimson tongue would loll out over serried teeth, and Hob felt that it was laughing.

All from Something Red, by Douglas Nicholas.


Anti-Trump Protest In Haiti Temporarily Shuts US Embassy PopularResistance.Org

The U.S. Embassy in the Haitian capital closed Monday as demonstrators gathered outside to protest President Donald Trump. More than a 1,000 people marched toward the embassy. They were prevented from reaching the gates by barricades set up by Haitian police. Officers in helmets and carrying shields eventually fired several rounds of tear gas after some protesters threw rocks at them outside the heavily fortified compound. Many Haitians were angered over reported disparaging remarks about Haiti by Trump and his administration's decision to end a program that gave temporary legal residency to about 60,000 Haitians in the United States. The embassy said it would be closed for the afternoon and directed employees in a statement to keep away during the protest. It was expected to reopen Tuesday.


The dead-enders who are stifling the Democratic party Freethought Blogs

Ryan Grim and Lee Fang write that while the actions and words of Donald Trump and his Republican enablers have angered and energized progressives across the country to run for office, they are being blocked by Democratic party dead-enders in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and their allies like Emilys List who are backing the same losing candidates and polices of the past, based on their ability to raise money rather than gain votes. The DSCC keeps pursuing the tired strategy of trying to win over Republican voters, which means backing more conservative candidates and policies, rather than attract those voters who have opted out of politics because they feel that the Democrats are just Republican-lite.

The article is a detailed analysis of various key races across the country and the candidates who are vying for those seats and what happened in past races.

In his farewell address, President Barack Obama had some practical advice for those frustrated by his successor. If youre disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself, Obama implored.

Yet across the country, the DCCC, its allied groups, or leaders within the Democratic Party are working hard against some of these new candidates for Congress, publicly backing their more established opponents, according to interviews with more than 50 candidates, party operatives, and members of Congress. Winning the support of Washington heavyweights, including the DCCC implicit or explicit is critical for endorsements back home and a boost to fundraising. In general, it can give a candidate a tremendous advantage over opponents in a Democratic primary.

In district after district, the national party is throwing its weight behind candidates who are out of step with the national mood.

Its happening despite a very real shift going on inside the partys establishment, as it increasingly recognizes the value of small-dollar donors and grassroots networks.

But change is hard, and it isnt happening fast enough for candidates like King. So a constellation of outside progressive groups some new to this cycle, some legacies of the last decades growth in online organizing are stepping in, seeing explosive fundraising gains while the Democratic National Committee falls further and further behind. The time between now and July, by which most states will have held primaries, will be among the most important six months for the future of the Democratic Party, as the contests will decide what kind of party heads into the midterms in November 2018. The outcome will also shape the Democratic strategy for 2020, which in turn will shape the partys agenda when and if it does reclaim power.

In an er...


James Comey Starts His Interview With Special Counsel Robert Mueller: A Transcript The Federalist

Mueller: Hello, Jim.

Comey: Robert. It is my privilege and my sacred duty to meet you in this space the space between parties, between branches, between factions, where balance can be struck by the scales of justice, unencumbered by the dastardly thumbs of dark men with dark intentions. As the great John Stuart Mill once said

Mueller: You can call me Bob, as you usually do. Just one quick question before we

Comey: Oh, and I shall answer it. With the force of a raging river of truth shall I let flow the veracities etched upon the memos of my soul and also my literal memos, scribed with a love of duty and constancy unbreaking as the line of my Pilot G2 gel roller pen.

Mueller: Jim, I just

Comey: I hear you, Robert, and I want you to know I hear the American people and I hear the American heart beating. Listen with me thump-THUMP, thump-THUMP. It quickens as we enter the arena of which Teddy once so famously spoke, where we will strive to do the deeds and spend ourselves in a worthy cause; where at the best I will know the triumph of high achievement, and at the worst, if I fail, at least fail while leaking strategically. No cold and timid souls, we, Robert.

Mueller: I get it, Jim. Id like to get on with

Comey: I, too, would like to get on with it. With bending the arc of history toward justice with the sheer strength of our convictions. Thats what it is were doing here, after all, and what I have sought to do lo these many years as a servant of the public and in the footsteps of Publius before me, making the mark of my Pilot G2 gel roller pen as indelible on the preservation of the Union as that of our Founders, who of course did not have access to the finest in modern pen technology but nonetheless spurred themselves to be equal to the task. What excuse have I, then, with all this at my disposal?

Oh, could you take a pic here? Something pensive that captures the solemnity of the moment, but also the hope that simple honest men can repair the damage done. Portrait mode, obvi.

Mueller: Okay, but Im not really sure

Comey: These are unsure times, Robert, and it is up to sure men to tell the world that this, the greatest country on Earth, has that handful of men willing to correct and protect against the grave wrongs of the American electorate. I mean, Russia. Russias wrongs. Thats of course what I mean.

Mueller: All done. Now, can we

Comey: Thank you. Lemme check this out. Did you take a few? Great. Done, Robert? I would not say were done, here. We have not yet begun to fight for truth, justice and the American way! Our weapons may be different. It is true, my hand rested upon the rubberized hilt of my pen, not a sword, but it...


Montana Enacts Net Neutrality, Provides Template For Other States To Follow PopularResistance.Org

The states governor, Steve Bullock, signed an executive order Monday that effectively reinstates net neutrality principles dismantled by the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) in December. Montana will curtail the power of internet service providers (ISPs) by preventing those with a state contract to block or charge more for faster speeds to certain websites. There has been a lot of talk around the country about how to respond to the recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal net neutrality rules, which keep the internet free and open. Its time to actually do something about it, Bullock said in a statement. This is a simple step states can take to preserve and protect net neutrality. We cant wait for folks in Washington, D.C., to come to their senses and reinstate these rules.


Senator Ron Johnson: F.B.I. secret society group conducted offsite meetings Intellihub

U.S. senator confirms he has intel which suggests that there is a secret society operating withing the ranks of the F.B.I.

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) Sen. Ron Johnson told Fox News anchor Brett Baier that a secret society within the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was conducting secret offsite meetings.

What this is all about is further evidence of corruption, more than bias, but corruption at the highest levels of the F.B.I., the Republican senator from Wisconsin explained. And that secret society we have an informant thats talking about a group that was holding secret meetings off-site, theres so much smoke here, theres so much suspicion [].

Additionally, Sen. Johnson pointed out that Robert Mueller was formerly in-charge of the F.B.I. and simply can not be trusted to conduct an investigation into the agencys corruption.

So I think at this point in time we probably should be looking at a special counsel to undertake this investigation, he said. But congress is still going to have to dig.


EXPOSED: State Department H.Q. houses secretive Shadow Governments 7th Floor group

Featured Image: Ludovic Bertron/Flickr
2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

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Pentagon Schedules Its China War for 2018 Newsbud

This week on China Watch, America  aches for its manhood measuring moment in Asia; but will China oblige?  Pacific Commands Admiral Harry Harris is promising big doings in the Indo-Pacificyou know, that region that isnt supposed to have China in itin 2018.  Will the Chinese rise to Admiral Harriss bait prematurelyor will the PRC continues to dodge direct confrontation until it has built its way to military dominance?

Pushback against Chinese influence throws a revealing light on the American national security states latest outpost: the University of Texas! And China Watch reveals its invincible magic weapon against the PRC and the Chinese Communist Party.  A secret available only to viewers who subscribe to Newsbud and join the best and best informed community of free thinkers on the Internet.

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Show notes

New Defense Department strategy elevates threats from Russia, China over terrorism

Managing Asias Security Threats in the Trump Era Michael Swaine, now with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, is perhaps the highest-profile figure in the shrinking coterie of China specialists who are engagement-minded i.e. havent bought into the idea that the solution to Americas Asian headaches is a systemic clash between the PRC and the United States.  Swaines detailed, cautious and critical discussion of the Taiwan card is an indirect indication that the China hawks who have the upper hand in US China policy right now hope to play the Taiwan card in a major way.



Siren, Seps, Lizard. Freethought Blogs

The speedy siren is at the top of the page. The small seps is seen in profile. The lizard has legs as well as arms.

The speedy siren is at the top of the page. The small seps is seen in profile. The lizard has legs as well as arms.

The speedy siren is at the top of the page. The small seps is seen in profile. The lizard has legs as well as arms.

The speedy siren is at the top of the page. The small seps is seen in profile. The lizard has legs as well as arms.

Text Translation:

Of sirens. In Arabia there are white snakes, with wings, called sirens, which cover the ground faster than horses, but are also said to fly. Their is poison is so strong that if you are bitten by it you die before you feel the pain.

[Of the seps] The seps is a small snake which consumes with its poison not just the body but the bones. The poet refers to it as: The deadly seps, that destroys the bones with the body (Lucan, Pharsalia, 9, 723).

[Of the dipsa] The dipsa is a snake which is said to be so small that you tread on it without seeing it. Its poison kills you before you feel it, with the result that the face of anyone dying in this way shows no sadness from the anticipation of death. The poet says of it: So Aulus, a standard-bearer of Etruscan blood, trod on a dipsa, and it drew back its head and bit him. He had hardly any pain or feeling of the bite (Lucan, Pharsalia, 9, 737).

Of the lizard. The lizard is called a kind of reptile, because it has arms. There are many kinds of lizards, such as the botrax, the salamander, the saura and the newt. The botruca is so called because it has the face of a frog and the Greek word for frog is botruca.

Folio 69v the iaculus, continued. De sirenis; Of sirens. [De sepe]; Of the seps. [De dipsade]; Of the dipsa. De lacerto; Of the lizard. De salamandra; Of the salamander.


Who really pays for corporate subsidies? OpEdNews

There's an ugly blotch on Amazon's ballyhooed job-creation numbers: Working conditions in those sprawling, windowless warehouses are grim, and 40 percent of the employees are low-wage, temporary hires with no benefits and no job security. While warehouse wages everywhere are low, an ILSR survey documented that Amazon's average 15 percent lower than what other corporations pay.


Jeffrey Whalen: Oglala Sioux Tribe has no business running a business Indianz.Com News

The Oglala Sioux Tribe does not now and probably never will know how to operate a business.


Julian Assange Calls Effort Of Corporations To Control Internet Discourse An Existential Threat To Humanity PopularResistance.Org

The future of humanity is the struggle between humans that control machines and machines that control humans. Between the democratization of communication and usurpation of communication by artificial intelligence. While the internet has brought about a revolution in peoples ability to educate themselves and others, the resulting democratic phenomena has shaken existing establishments to their core. Google, Facebook and their Chinese equivalents, who are socially, logistically and financially integrated with existing elites, have moved to re-establish discourse control. This is not simply a corrective action. Undetectable mass social influence powered by artificial intelligence is an existential threat to humanity.


Oxfam on World Wealth Inequality WhoWhatWhy

Six Things You Need to Know About the UK Arms Trade (Trevin)

Red Pepper gives the run-down on one of the UKs most profitable and most deadly industries.

Hacking Gets Small, Nation-Wise (Reader Steve)

Smaller countries have upped their hacking efforts most notably in Lebanon. And its having big consequence.

US Military Ignores Pedophiles in Afghan Security Forces (Jimmy)

The author writes, The US military showed little interest for years in tackling widespread sexual abuse of children by Afghan security forces it still funds and trains, according to a newly declassified report by a US government watchdog. The investigation was requested by 93 members of Congress, after an article in the New York Times warned that child sex assault was rampant among Afghan forces.

Philadelphia Just Became the Second US City to Allow Safe Injection Sites (Jimmy)

The author writes, The facilities provide clean needles and space for people who inject illicit drugs. If an overdose occurs, trained staff can administer naloxone, which reverses the overdose. The facilities also test for HIV, provide wound care, and refer users to substance abuse treatment. Philadelphia has an estimated 70,000 heroin users, according to its health department.

Return, and Revenge, of the Arab Spring (Dan)

Unrest again brews in Tunisia, birthplace of the Arab Spring. Much of that uprisings anger still exists and its beginning to manifest itself through violence once again. Many feel the outcomes of the 2011 uprisings simply put a fig leaf over the repressive regimes.

The post Oxfam on World Wealth Inequality appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Bernie's the Man: His Town Hall Meeting on Single Payer Health Care OpEdNews

Tonight's meeting featured three panels of three persons each, and had them discussing our nation's healthcare crisis, the cost of single payer programs, and the success of such programs in Canada, Norway, and France.


Trump Tweets Scorn As Weather Disasters Sweep World OpEdNews

Trump scorned global warming and the world hit a temperature record according to scientists. Here are some facts and also what scientists expect will happen in the Arctic regions.


A State of Contradictions My Latest for Splice Today Freethought Blogs

In front of the Talbot County courthouse in Easton, MD are two monuments. The first is a statue of Frederick Douglass, the great civil rights leader born right here. The second is a memorial of the Talbot Boys, members of the community who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. These are monuments commemorating the legacy of a man born into bondage, who was viciously beaten for learning how to read, who eventually escaped from his shackles, and who dedicated the rest of his life to liberty and human rights, and another dedicated to the memory of those who fought to keep men like Douglass in shackles. To know Maryland is to understand the symbolism of these two monuments standing side by side.

Read the rest here.


Trumps Drone War Is Worse Than We Thought WhoWhatWhy

In November, WhoWhatWhy alerted its readers to the fact that President Donald Trump is continuing the Obama administrations drone war while suppressing important information on the drone strikes conducted this year.

While that is bad enough, things are actually much worse.

The number of drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen has soared as Trump appears to have handed much of his war-making authority to military leaders.

Last April, General Thomas Waldhauser, who leads the USs Africa campaign, told journalists that he now has the leeway to strike without clearing it with the White House.

This is a notable change from the management-heavy operations during the Obama years.

However, Waldhauser planned to keep one mandate from the previous administration: that a strike can only be carried out if there is near-certainty of no civilian casualties.

Yet, according to a new report, civilian casualties have increased while transparency has decreased in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Further, the reasoning behind the uptick in drone strikes  and by proxy the US military footprint  is increasingly hard to understand.

We dont have any real basis to assess, for example, why strikes have doubled in Somalia, or if any of these operations are being conducted in direct support of partner forces on the ground rather than as unilateral actions against the threats we face as a nation, Luke Hartig, a counterterrorism adviser under Obama, told the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Trumps constant claim of being against the 2003 Iraq war during his campaign suggested a scaling back of US presence in foreign lands. Instead, now that hes in power, his administration has continued  and intensified  the drone policies of his predecessors.

The post Trumps Drone War Is Worse Than We Thought appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Marcellina Performs at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase Guardian Liberty Voice

Stevie Eagle E and Shlepp Entertainment put together an all-star musical lineup for the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase. Starting the show was Hungarian star Marcellina at the M-Club in Birmingham, London. Marcellina is a European powerhouse commanding the areas of TV and radio. So why was she in Birmingham? She flew in for the event []

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Vegan Strongman Eats One Meal A Day TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

For 15 years, Dr. Nn Sava-Siva Amen-Ra has been living a life of self imposed discipline. Driven by a desire to push the limits of human lifespan, Amen-Ra spent years researching the effects of aging and how to mitigate them. His research led to him adopting a rigorous work-out regime and an even more extreme dietary plan, which consists of just one meal a day.

The 42 year old Vegan is a professional powerlifter who, in 2013, set the deadlift world record for his weightclass, by lifting 672lbs (305kg). His 23 hour a day fasting regimen consists of the following:

  • An aerobic exercise session executed in the morning.
  • Intellectual assimilation of the extensive information and practical principles that undergird the Regimen
  • Intervals of Amenistic Meditation interspersed at opportune junctures throughout the day
  • A resistance exercise session executed in the evening
  • A single nocturnal meal not exceeding an hour in duration

There are many articles debunking the dietary plan as dangerous, however, Amen-Ra isnt the only athlete eating one meal a day. NFL veteran and MMA expert Herschel Walker is also known to have been doing the same for over 20 years, as well as Vegan Bodybuilder and Youtuber KC who posted a video on the top 5 benefits of eating one meal a day.



Rachel Morrison Is The First Women To Be Nominated For Best Cinematography Oscar TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

The film industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. With the advent of digital cinematography, over the traditional celluloid film cinematography, came a boom in industry accessibility. Thanks to the digital revolution, films can be made over shorter periods of time for less money, which means less risk. Now, more filmmakers from all walks of life have a shot at making a name for themselves. Thus, it is of no surprise that were now seeing more diversity in film crews today from black directors breaking box office records to female cinematographers being nominated for Oscars.

One such cinematographer is Rachel Morrison who, on the morning of January 23rd, was nominated for the Academy Award of Best Cinematographer. She was nominated for her work as Director of Photography on Netflixs Mudbound, a period drama about two World War II veterans (a white man and a black man) who return to their home state, Mi...


Ron Paul: Repeal The 1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve: The Hidden Treasonists! Political Vel Craft

The 1913 creation of the Fed fused the power of the Eight Families to the military and diplomatic might of the US government. If their overseas loans went unpaid, the oligarchs could now deploy US Marines to collect the debts. Morgan, Chase and Citibank formed an international lending syndicate. The House of Morgan ~ Rothschild []


Whose fault? This time, Senate Democrats

ShutdownSo now yet another manufactured crisis has ended, and well see if we have another one by Feb. 8.

Heres how the process should work: Congress should prepare a budget once a year once that spells out the nations taxing and spending priorities, and then it should make sure its numbers add up. Read the rest

The post Whose fault? This time, Senate Democrats appeared first on


Get Ready: Very Rare Super Blue Moon, And Lunar Eclipse To Occur Next Week TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Next week is bound to be a powerful one. On January 31, a supermoon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse will be visible to skywatchers. As USA Today reports, the event is incredibly rare.

The blue moon total lunar eclipse is the first to occur in the U.S. since March 1866 (less than one year after the Civil War ended). Blue moons tend to occur every 2 1/2 years. However, this will be the second blue moon to appear in a single calendar month. Januarys first full moon occurred on January 1st.

The exact moment of this full moon is 8:37 am Eastern Time. The celestial body will be visible for a full day or two after the anticipated event. Forewarning the moon wont actually appear blue. The full moon will take on a dark, reddish color during the eclipse. This is also why some refer to the happening as a blood moon.



A Fire Obliterated This Mans Home, But All He Cares About Is His Kitten TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

While attempting to light his heating stove last Wednesday evening, trouble befell 83-year-old Ali Mese. The fire that caught in his wood home quickly spread, leading to an explosion in the living room. Neighbors in western Turkeys Mudurnu district quickly informed the fire brigade who were able to save the old man, his wife, son and cat.

Sadness hung in the air as the family watched their single-story house burn down. Likely in shock, the owner of the house hugged his frightened cat and mourned the loss of his hens. 13 of the 14 hens in the basement died during the fire, Mee said.



Female Mechanic Smashes Stereotypes By Fixing Vehicles In The Middle East TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Balqees Bani Hani never wanted to challenge the status quo. She just wanted to fix cars specifically, for women who feel intimidated by the all-male craftsman zones in Jordan. By opening her own garage, however, she has done just that. And this had made activists love her all the more.

The Jordan Times reports that since her childhood, Hani was fascinated with vehicles. As she studied their ins-and-outs, she began to dream of one day opening the first female-run garage in Jordan. Inspiration came not only from her desire to own a business, but to support female drivers in the region.

In November of 2017, Balqeess dream finally came true. Near Irbids industrial area, she opened her garage. The female mechanic stresses that she did not aim to challenge society or the local community.

Many people told me that I challenged society. I do not feel like I did so because society was not opposed to my idea. My parents were my first supporters and my father praised my decision as well, she told The Jordan Times.




Bureau of Indian Affairs reaffirms oversight in Nooksack Tribe dispute Indianz.Com News

The Trump administration is continuing to assert oversight in a long-running leadership and disenrollment dispute within the Nooksack Tribe.

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Wednesday, 24 January


Supreme Court schedules March 21 argument in tribal property case Indianz.Com News

Oral arguments have been scheduled in the second Indian law case on the U.S. Supreme Court docket.


San Manuel Band awards large grant to Tribal Supreme Court Project Indianz.Com News

A $600,000 grant will enable the Tribal Supreme Court Project to advocate for Indian Country at the highest court in the land.


Top 5 Top Veterans Stories in Todays News Jan. 24, 2018 - Veterans Today Veterans Today

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


National Congress of American Indians lines up speakers for big meeting in D.C. Indianz.Com News

The National Congress of American Indians is preparing for a big meeting in Washington, D.C., as tribes continue to deal with ongoing political challenges.


Narragansett student nominated for presidential scholars program Indianz.Com News

Sherent Mishitashin Harris, a young citizen of the Narragansett Tribe, is among the candidates for the 2018 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program.


Strip club that bore name of Crazy Horse rebuked by federal court Indianz.Com News

A strip club once named for the revered Lakota leader Crazy Horse was rebuked last week for abusing the court system as part of an employment lawsuit.


Sorry but that 'talking stick' used in the Senate isn't Native American Indianz.Com News

A 'talking stick' that became the talk of the media and certain corners of the internet isn't Native, The New York Times said in a correction to a widely-read story.


VP Pence Versus George Washington in the Knesset - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Cadet Bonespurs Trump, Mike Pence, John Hagee and all people who believe in showing favoritism to Israel are described by U.S First President and esteemed General George Washington as "ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens


TCK RADIO, Dr. E. Michael Jones Guinea Pigs In a Social Experiment - Veterans Today Veterans Today

TCK RADIO, Dr. E. Michael Jones Guinea Pigs In a Social Experiment Talk given 1-23-18 (aprx. 35 minutes) Special guest Dr. E. Michael Jones joins me to discuss: feminism, me2 movement, Oprah 2020?, America First or Israel First?, Trumps policies in the middle east, Weinstein the scapegoat? sex scandals a distraction or the real deal?, []


Phony CIA Director admits to seeing no proof of election meddling by Russia - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Mike Pompeo has said he hasnt seen any evidence of Russian interference in the US election, but that the Trump administration took the allegations very seriously.


Unarmed High School Sports Star Killed by Police as He Backed Out of His Own Driveway The Free Thought Project


A high school track and wrestling star was gunned down by police conducting a welfare check. He was unarmed and merely backing his car out of his own driveway.

The post Unarmed High School Sports Star Killed by Police as He Backed Out of His Own Driveway appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Cops to Cost Taxpayers $5 Million for Refusing to Apologize for Beating Autistic Child on Video The Free Thought Project

After their child was beaten by a cop for having autism, all the family wanted was an apologythe cops never said they were sorrynow the taxpayers will pay.


WATCH: Over a Dozen Cops Swarm, Arrest Tiny Girl for Sitting Incorrectly on the Subway The Free Thought Project

A Hollywood teenager was harassed and later arrested by a police officer accused of abusing his authority in demanding the teen leave the train for sitting incorrectly.


Congressmen Just Exposed FBIs Secret Society They Uncovered in Official Messages The Free Thought Project


'Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society,'" Gowdy said. "So I'm going to want to know what secret society you are talking about"

The post Congressmen Just Exposed FBIs Secret Society They Uncovered in Official Messages appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


WATCH: Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Pays Property Tax In Pennies and Nickles The Free Thought Project


To make a peaceful protest over the unjust nature of property tax, a man seeking the Libertarian nomination for Texas Governor, paid his tax in change.

The post WATCH: Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Pays Property Tax In Pennies and Nickles appeared first on The Free Thought Project.

Sunday, 21 January


Journalism Matters and Is Essential for Democracy Guardian Liberty Voice

The First Amendment is arguably the most important freedom for United States citizens. Few countries grant this right to citizens, but the First Amendment is so much more than free speech. Smart, fair, independent journalism is essential for a democracy to function well. Journalism is that part of communication that keeps society informed of the []

The post Journalism Matters and Is Essential for Democracy appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.

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