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Wednesday, 23 May


Netanyahu Is Losing His Mojo Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Netanyahu: "If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.


EXCLUSIVE: Dad Confronts the Cop Who Killed His Unarmed Son, Secretly Records It The Free Thought Project


When a heartbroken father confronted the police officer who killed his son, the officer claimed he would shoot the unarmed young man again in the same situation.

The post EXCLUSIVE: Dad Confronts the Cop Who Killed His Unarmed Son, Secretly Records It appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


#MeToo: A Cultural Workaround to a Legal Failure OpEdNews

#MeToo is not, nor does it seek to be, a legal process. It is a cultural reaction to a legal system that fails women accusers. It is a workaround. It is a drive to change what constitutes acceptable behavior on a date, at the office, in the bedroom. It has nothing to do with due process -- because due process hasn't worked for women victims.


WATCH: Five-Year-Old Girl Finds Out She Wasnt Invited To The Royal Wedding, Bursts Into Tears The Federalist

Five-year-old Lola burst into tears on camera when her mom explained to her that she was not going to be attending the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Lola, who lives in Belfast, thought she had received an invitation to the royal wedding this past Saturday, but what she had actually been invited to was a royal wedding-themed tea party at her school. When her mom broke the news to her that she would not get to attend Meghan Markles wedding at Windsor Castle her reaction was priceless.

Are you just joking me? Lola asks her mom before she bursts into tears.

You have to be a prince or a princess to go to the royal wedding, her mom explains.

What am I not a real princess? the five-year-old asks.

Probably Meghan doesnt know me, Lola says in a calmer tone after her mum explains how wedding invitations work. But she knows everybody else in our school. She probably cant know everybody, but she does know some people.

The girl calms down after her mom promises to take her girlie shopping on the day of the royal wedding, in an attempt to comfort her.

Are you recording me? she asks at the end of the video.

No, her mom replies.


EUs Mogherini holding firm on JCPOA Is US isolation beginning? Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Jim W. Dean - Can the US really break the Iran deal for everybody when the EU, including Britain, are sticking with it, plus China, Russia and Iran?


SCOTUS Sides With Corporations Against Workers WhoWhatWhy

US Vows Strongest Sanctions in History on Iran (Jimmy)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to the Heritage Foundation in Washington yesterday. In his speech he declared that the US would impose on Iran the strongest sanctions in history. He also said the country would be battling to keep its economy alive.

As Trump-North Korea Talks Falter, South Korea Says Landmine John Bolton to Blame (Reader Luke)

The author writes, Characterizing US national security adviser John Bolton as a human landmine, a South Korean lawmaker has reportedly joined others who have made clear their belief that Bolton is the true culprit behind faltering diplomatic efforts ahead of a planned meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un next month.

Israel and Evangelicals: New US Embassy Signals a Growing Alliance (Jimmy)

The author writes, Mr. Netanyahus calculation mirrors that of his strong ally in Washington, where Mr. Trump has tapped a wellspring of evangelical support. Many of his top evangelical advisers attended the embassy dedication as well as private meetings with Mr. Netanyahu last week.

Polls Show Being Anti-Trump Isnt Enough to Beat GOP (Reader Luke)

The author writes, With six months to go before the midterm election, recent national polls are showing that the Democratic Partys much-touted momentum to gain control of the House has stalled. The latest numbers tell us a lot about the limits of denouncing Donald Trump without offering much more than a return to the old status quo.

The post SCOTUS Sides With Corporations Against Workers appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Mark Trahant: Paulette Jordan could be the first Native governor Indianz.Com News

Conventional wisdom says Paulette Jordan has no chance, but Idaho is changing fast.


A Vile Act of Inhumanity: Splitting Up Families like the Slave Traders Did OpEdNews

Jeff Sessions said, "[Your] child will be separated from you as required by law. If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border." John Kelly, White House chief of staff, added, "The children will be taken care of -- put into foster care or whatever." Yes, he said "whatever."


The Healing Arts: The Gin Shop. Freethought Blogs

George Cruikshank, click for full size.

The Gin Shop, George Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1829. Subject: Alcohol, Gin, Drunkenness, Mother's Ruin, Children, Child Care.

The Gin Shop, George Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1829. Subject: Alcohol, Gin, Drunkenness, Mothers Ruin, Children, Child Care.

The GIN Shop

Now oh dear, how shocking the thought is They makes the gin from aquafortis:

They do it on purpose folks lives to shorten And tickets it up at two-pence a quartern.

New Ballad.

You can read more about the Gin Craze here.


Syrian War Report May 22, 2018: Damascus Is Secured, Daraa Is Next Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

from SouthFront Late on May 21, Russian air defense systems, allegedly a Pantsir-S short to medium range system, launched at least four missiles at unidentified targets over the Khmeimim air base in Syria, according to local sources. Later, the Russian military revealed that one unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) had been shot down. No damage or []


Jimmy Kimmel Claims Mass Killings Dont Happen In Countries With Gun ControlHes Dead Wrong The Free Thought Project


Using the tragic shooting in Texas to push his agenda, Jimmy Kimmel went on a rant claiming that in countries with "sensible gun control," these tragedies do not happen. But he's wrong.

The post Jimmy Kimmel Claims Mass Killings Dont Happen In Countries With Gun ControlHes Dead Wrong appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Graham Lee Brewer: Discrimination against Native students all too common Indianz.Com News

Discrimination against two young Mohawk men at Colorado State University highlights an all-too-common misunderstanding.


The Boxer's Lament: A Story OpEdNews

"Unfortunately, after many years of success and contentment, things changed -- a new President was elected. He was mean-spirited and set-out to make the country mean-spirited too. It didn't take long for his proclamations, rants and policies to take effect..."


Massachusetts AG Maura Healey: Protecting the Environment OpEdNews

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey is fighting to protect the environment through legal means.


The Democrats' "Blue Wave"...of Accommodation and Collaboration OpEdNews

The Trump/Pence regime is targeting immigrants as "animals," robbing women of basic reproductive rights, threatening war on Iran, celebrating while Israel massacres Palestinians, and more--all part of hammering into place a vicious, "make America great again" fascist regime. But what are leaders of the Democratic Party actually saying they're going to do?


Six Economies OpEdNews

This is Part 5 of my series on Economic Sanity and Alternative Economic Systems. This article is my adaptation of a book written by a genius who is as good a thinker as Aristotle. She's a must read!


Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption? Jon Rappoport's Blog

Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

by Jon Rappoport

May 22, 2018

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, there is a geothermal energy plant. It is the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant, in Puna.

There is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as reports, the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

For example, here is an alarming article about a geothermal project in Switzerland., December 10, 2009: The authorities in canton Basel City say they will cancel a geothermal energy project, which three years ago caused minor tremors that damaged many buildings.

A risk analysis study published on Thursday found that the danger of setting off more earthquakes was too great if drilling at the site resumed.

The project was put on hold three years ago after thousands of claims for damage were filed with insurers. Total costs for the damage were around SFr9 million ($8.78 million).

The study, commissioned by the canton, concluded that Basel was unfavourable for geothermal power generation.

It said the resumption of Deep Heat Mining project and its operation over a 30-year period could set off around 200 tremors with a strength of up to 4.5 on the Richter Scale in 2006, the quakes were about 3.4.

This would result in damages up to SFr40 million.

The Basel facility drilled five kilometres into the earth. The borehole was designed to be injected with water to capture the extreme heat. Back at the surface, the hot water at a temperature of around 160 Celsius would run a steam turbine coupled with a generator.

This Swiss article outlines the risks, and also confirms that deep water-injection is used in the geothermal processwhich can and does trigger earthquakes.

Here is another referenceThe Guardian, July 11, 2013: Pumping water underground at geothermal power plants can lead to dangerous earthquakes even in regions not prone to tremors, according to scientists.

Prof Emily Brodsky, who led a study of earthquakes at a geothermal power plant in California, said: For scientists to make themselves useful in this field we need to be able to tell operators how many gallons of water they can pump into the ground in...


Censored from MSM, Both US and Russia: Rudys Ties to Opioid Peddler Exposed Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Editors note:  It isnt just that Rudy is and always has been, along with Trump, a mob associate.  Our sources say Purdue and the entire oxy/opioid industry is mob run, not Italian mob but Kosher Nostra, where Rudy, Trump and Roy Cohn made their bones. The story behind the story is the coverup.  This is []


Fairy Tale Art. Freethought Blogs

A wonderful site, full of enough fairy tale art to keep a person quite busy, sent along by rq: Art Passions. Fairy Tale art and artists encompass so very many styles, and the illustrations are crucial to the stories, they inflame the imagination, and illuminate the stories from within. In this particular case, serendipity strikes, as I brought home a book of short tales by Leigh Bardugo yesterday:

The first story, Ayama and the Thorn Wood, is a grand story which I enjoyed very much. I do have one noisy complaint however, and it has to do with the fairy tale art. In the story, Ayama is described thusly:

Ayama was clumsy and apt to drop things. Her body was solid and flat-footed, short and round as a beer jug.

Given this description, why in the fuckety fuck is Ayama drawn like this?:

This never should have gotten a pass from anyone, let alone the author. It is not a crime to depict characters correctly, and all girls do not need to be tall and thin with a teeny waist. FFS, seeing this sort of thing is infuriating, and it went a long way to souring a very good story. In the story, Ayama is strong, courageous, imaginative, and thoughtful. In the drawing, shes just another generic pretty, skinny girl. Thats not doing anyone any favours. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and thats a message all kids need. What they dont need is yet another cookie cutter shape to try and stuff themselves into, regardless of fit.


Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates OpEdNews

In this winners take all culture, there's a widening sex gap between the haves and have nots. While some are sexual Walmarts, many more must lick whatever scraps flutter their ways. Those who can't get any are still titillated nonstop, for this is the land of the endless comeons. Masturbating, they can consume sex as spectacles.


Daily Inspiration --- Stranger than Fiction OpEdNews

Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent. We would not dare to conceive the things which are really mere commonplaces of existence. If we could fly out of that window hand in hand, hover over this great city, gently remove the roofs, and peep in at the queer things which are going on, the strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the wonderful chains of events, working through


They deserve no mercy: Iraq deals briskly with accused women of Isis Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Martin Chulov in Baghdad and Nadia al-Faour In a small holding room in a Baghdad court, French citizen Djamila Boutoutao cradled her two-year-old daughter and begged for help. Boutoutao, 29, is accused of being a member of Islamic State. Whispering in her native tongue within earshot of other accused Isis members all foreigners like her []


GOP plots to kick failed Speaker Paul Ryan out of his job OpEdNews

Ryan's tenure has been marked by incompetence. Whereas then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was able to help President Barack Obama shepherd historic bills through Congress, such as Obamacare and the Recovery Act, which helped save the U.S. economy, Ryan has proven himself to be nearly completely ineffective, as Congress under Trump has ground to a halt, legislatively.


Understanding recent developments on Korea Freethought Blogs

The current uncertainty over whether the meeting between North Korean president Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump will actually take place on June 12 in Singapore should not detract from how important getting just an agreement to meet is. In one of the best articles I have seen so far, John Feffer argues that the foreign policy establishment in the US is correct that Donald Trump got manipulated into agreeing to a summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung-un but that this was good thing.

When, in early March, Donald Trump agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Washington foreign policy elite nearly suffered a collective heart attack.

Youd think, then, that an announcement of jaw-jaw, not war-war, would have met with universal acclaim in the nations capital. Instead, observers across the ideological spectrum found fault with Trump and his attempt to denuclearize North Korea through negotiations. They criticized his timing, his impulsiveness, even the fact that the announcement came from South Korean representatives visiting Washington and not the president himself.

Experts on Korea promptly decried the presidents move because he hadnt demanded any North Korean concessions first. Wed expect such a highly symbolic meeting to happen after some concrete deliverables were in hand, not before, tweeted New America Foundation fellow Suzanne DiMaggio. (In fact, the North Koreans had declared a moratorium on further testing of their nukes and missiles, but that apparently didnt count.)

Worse yet, the North Koreans were getting the summit of their dreams for nothing. Kim will accomplish the dream of his father and grandfather by making North Korea a nuclear state, tweeted Abraham Denmark, head of Asia programs at the Wilson Center, and gain tremendous prestige and legitimacy by meeting with an American president as an equal. All without giving up a single warhead or missile.

Feffer says that what appears to have happened is that the leaders of the two Koreas, especially South Korean president Moon Jae-in, had basically managed to get the US on board with the idea of a slow-motion process towards reunification without major preconditions.

And yet, dont fool yourself (even if most of Washington does): the upcoming Trump-Kim summit, if it happens, will represent an extraordinarily important step forward, whether it actually produces an agreement of substance or not. It may not end the longest ongoing conflict in U.S. history, but thats really not the point. The summits importance lies largely in its symbolic encouragement of another proces...


Big Island: Lava flow nears geothermal plant in Puna as National Guard troop presence increases Intellihub

PUNA, Hawaii (INTELLIHUB) National Guard presence on the island is high as molten lava has made its way within a few hundred yards of Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) power plant which government insiders have already warned may explode.

As Intellihub reported on 18 May:

The highly-controversial Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) geothermal power plant has become a major issue of concern among U.S. government insiders who fear an imminent explosion of the plant may cause a massive tsunami and wreak havoc in the region due to the recent uptick in volcanic activity on Mount Kilauea.

What officials arent telling you is that PGV usually contains tens of thousands of gallons of highly flammable solvents which it uses to power its turbines. If earthquakes, eruptions, or fire cause this solvent to ignite it would trigger a massive explosion which National Guard/Civil Defense whistle-blowers fear will cause a massive tidal wave which would, in turn, threaten the Hawaiian Islands and the lives of people in the region. Although 60,000 gallons of the solvent was removed from the site last week, there is still a chance that capped underground geothermal well chambers which contain gasses may explode.

Now that the lava flow has made its way within a few hundred yards of the plant it only stands to reason the National Guard would be fully prepared to handle the disaster if one were to occur.

Stay tuned to for updates. Subscribe to our RSS feed:

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

The post Big Island: Lava flow nears geothermal plant in Puna as National Guard troop presence increases appeared first on Intellihub.


Scrambled Eggs: How the Trump team is mixing up the Bureau of Indian Affairs Indianz.Com News

Still wondering about that reorganization? A former Bureau of Indian Affairs official explains it.


A Tale of Two Americas: Where the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Go to Jail Newsbud

This isnt the American Dream I grew up believing in. This certainly isnt the American Dream my parents and grandparents and those before them worked and fought and sacrificed to achieve. This is a cold, calculated system of profit and losses. Now you can shrug all of this away as a consequence of committing a []


"For the first time in many years, I am optimistic about the future of our community." Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Strong Towns is trying to change the entire system of growth and development in North America. That's a pretty big task, but we know that by shifting the conversation about these issues, we can begin to shift minds, hearts and actions too. 

If you care about this mission and want to help us grow a movement of a million people who care about building Strong Towns, we need you to become a member of this movement.

Join the movement

William Neher is from Regina, Saskatchewan and he's been a member of Strong Towns for two years. He has taken the Strong Towns mission to heart and he's working to change the conversation in his community. Today, he's sharing a few words about why he's a member and what it's inspired him to do.

 William Neher

William Neher

Being a voice for new urbanism in Western Canada can be a very lonely experience. Frequently you come against deeply rooted ideologies that are strongly advocated for by all levels of government and industry stalwarts. You feel like a lone voice calling out in the wilderness.

When a random search for information lead me to the Strong Towns website, it was like discovering new members of your extended family. It was so encouraging to hear that my struggles are not isolated to my community but are in fact universal to communities, large and small, across North America. 

I'm a member of Strong Towns because it helps me to connect with others who believe in the need to change how we build our cities.

I specifically found inspiration in the concept of the Curbside Chats. Engaging the community on important topics in a non-threatening setting, using non-technical language is brilliant. In our community these discussions are typically presented by our citys planning department and feature terminology and concepts that would challenge a 3rd year planning student. 

Several months ago, I started presenting a series of free seminars, open to the pub...

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Tuesday, 22 May


Y Is For Yellow. Freethought Blogs


A beetle Im unable to identify on a yellow hawkweed flower. Click for full size!

Nightjar, all rights reserved.


Teen ordered to apologize to treaty tribes for starting massive fire Indianz.Com News

A 15-year-old boy started a massive fire that endangered treaty and cultural resources along the Columbia River.


Second Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Begins PopularResistance.Org

Washington, DC The second trial of protesters mass-arrested at an antifascist, anti-capitalist march during President Trumps inauguration on January 20 (J20), 2017 has begun in DC Superior Court. After two days of jury selection, the jury was empaneled Tuesday afternoon, and opening arguments began around 10:30 AM on Wednesday, May 16. In her opening statements, Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff relied on the same rhetorical devices she used in the first trial, giving dramatic descriptions of property damage and invoking the image of a mass of protesters in a sea of black. As in the first trial, she introduced a series of large map boards indicating where property damage took place along the route of the protest march, a piece of evidence that also figured heavily in the previous trial.


Palestinian Protest Leader Explains Why Philadelphia Orchestra Should Stay Out Of Israel PopularResistance.Org

On Monday morning, the Philadelphia Orchestra sent out a bon voyage email to its fans and subscribers, explaining that the group is about to embark on a two-week tour that includes performances in Israel. What the email doesnt mention is the controversy and boycott surrounding the Israel portion of that tour, or the fact that protesters blocked traffic outside of the Kimmel Center and interrupted the Philadelphia Orchestras performance there on Saturday night. We caught up with Palestinian protest organizer Susan Abulhawa of Bucks County to learn more.


Rural Whites Shielded From Medicaid Work Requirement Rules PopularResistance.Org

In April, President Trump signed an executive order allowing some Medicaid recipients to be exempted from requirements that they find  jobs or lose their health insurance. Now, the states taking advantage of the order, called Reducing Poverty in America, are facing scrutiny for allegedly creating policies that, as Talking Points Memo (TMP) reports, would in practice shield many rural, white residents from the impact of the new rules. Kentucky and Ohio are applying for the waivers that the executive order allows. Each of their proposals include exemptions for the counties with the highest unemployment, which happen to be mostly white, GOP-voting and rural. In contrast, according to TMP, many low-income people of color who live in high-unemployment urban centers would not qualify...


Erdogan: Those Who Possess 15,000 Nukes Are Now Threatening the World Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Editors note:  Time to tell a story:  The United States currently has 82 nuclear weapons on Turkish soil.  Despite that, in 2016, the US tried to overthrow the Turkish government, working closely with Israel despite the fact that Turkey was actively, at the time, cooperating with both the US and Israel, along with Saudi Arabia, []


Arrests At Poor Peoples Campaign Rally Inside Pa. Capitol PopularResistance.Org

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival protesters were arrested inside the Pennsylvania state Capitol in Harrisburg. Twenty-four people were arrested as part of the organized protest. The arrests came after a one hour rally in the Capitol Rotunda. Those arrested were taken into custody peacefully. Seventeen will be issued summary citations by Capitol Police for disorderly conduct. Another seven who have a prior arrest will receive a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and will be processed at the Dauphin County Booking Center, said Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the state Department of General Services, which oversees the Capitol Police.


Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base? Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Trump needs to act right to protect those who got him elected.


It is unquestionably a true statement that if it were not for the Independent Media, Donald Trump would not be sitting in the White House. I have never witnessed a group of professionals come together and united under single cause, to Make America Great Again, as I did with what the Independent Media did for Trump in the 2016 election .

After Trump was sworn in, his causes were championed and his enemies were chastized by the Independent Media. Then came the extreme censorship by the social media monopolies. Many of the resources and incomes of the Independent Media dried up. Yet, most remained loyal to this President. It has been 15 months since the social media giants began to practice extreme censorship. One would think that President Trump would still need the Independent Media to help him carry his water since the mainstream media is outright hostile and dishonest in their treatment of the President. Therefore, when the social media media monopolies are violating anti-trust laws by censoring the Trump supporting media, one would think that the President would step in and attack those who are breaking the law in an attempt to destroy Trumps initiatives. Yet, all we have heard from the President is crickets chirping. It is baffling that Trump would foresake his strongest ally. This fact, among others, have caused many in the Independent Media to question Trumps resolve to truly make American Great Again. For if he did, he would be defending his base, his strongest group of supporters, and he is not.

The Social Media Gestapo

President Trump by not acting against social media censorship is promoting a Gestapo-like take over of all independent thought and subsequent action. There is even legal precedent for the President to take action against the social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Google. And this legal precedent has been c...


Supreme Court Rules Against Workers In Arbitration Case PopularResistance.Org

ON MONDAY, THE Supreme Court slowed recent momentum to give workersincluding many in the tech sectorthe right to a day in court. The Supreme Court case centered around clauses in employment contracts that require employees to resolve disputes through arbitration, and preclude them from joining with others to file class-action lawsuits. In a 5-to-4 decision, the court ruled that those clauses are enforceable under federal law, which means companies can prohibit employees from banding together both privately or in court. Such binding-arbitration clauses are widely used at technology companies, and critics say they helped allow sexual harassment to flourish by hiding complaints. More recently, some firms have taken steps to limit the practice. Uber last week said it would eliminate arbitration agreements for employees, riders, and drivers with sexual misconduct claims.


He who is born in the harbor wont be an astronaut. Freethought Blogs

A painting by Romn Cura, from Kreator. Click for full size!

Kreator, all rights reserved.


Get out of my head, Eiynah! Freethought Blogs

Over at Nice Mangos, she posts about her perspective on movement atheism.

Its quite depressing that movement Atheism has turned into such a joke. I valued it so much once.

This unraveling of the movement and its leaders has been tough to come to terms with. Especially for those of us who have already done this bit beforewrestled our beliefs, questioned respected leaders, lost community for it, and so on.

I had noticed a troubling turn 2-3 years ago. The questions in my mind became harder and harder to ignore when Rubin arrived on scene. He really brought the hypocrisies to the surface.

My personal, recent last straw was the treatment of the Krauss thing generally among movement leaders.and the Ezra Klein/Harris convo, the utterly obvious flaws in thinking. That was really it for me. No looking back and hoping former heroes come to their senses.

OK, thats eerie its the same scene, only about 5 years later, with different players. I noticed the troubling turn about 8 years ago, as more and more atheists began to rally around two themes: the Glorious Leaders who were fonts of inarguable Reason & Logic, and a definition of atheism that exempted them from all social responsibility or ethical obligation. The other big difference was that unlike Eiynah, I resisted criticizing with the excuses of #NotAllAtheists and theyll outgrow the regressive social tendencies if we just keep trying. I was wrong. And it is quite depressing.

At least I can really love this portrayal of the shambles movement atheism is in right now.

Wheres all the energy of atheism going? Right into the pockets of those jokers, many of whom are openly anti-atheist.


Waffle Houses Right-Wing Politics: The Chikesia Clemons Controversy Follows Many Years of Supporting Reactionary Far-Right Republicans PopularResistance.Org

Anyone who has spent a lot of time listening to southern hip-hop has no doubt heard of Waffle House. The restaurant chain has been mentioned in countless hip-hop and modern R&B recordings and has had plenty of black customers over the years. But following some racially troubling incidents in 2018, Dr. Bernice A. Kingdaughter of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.has urged African-Americans to boycott the restaurant chain, which has a strong connection to far-right politics and the Republican Party. On May 10, King sent out a tweet saying, Family, lets stay out of @WaffleHouseuntil the corporate office legitimately and seriously commits to 1) discussion on racism, 2) employee training, and 3) other plans to change; and until they start to implement changes.


Cronkite News: San Carlos Apache activist joins rally at U.S. Capitol Indianz.Com News

'There are many issues that need to be addressed, but Congress doesnt matter if theres no water,' said Apache activist Wendsler Nosie Sr.


US Refuses To Recognize Venezuelas Election Results, New Sanctions Already Planned PopularResistance.Org

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Even before Venezuelans finished casting their votes Sunday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan announced that the U.S. would not recognize the result of Venezuelas democratic election. Sullivan was in Buenos Aires on Sunday, leading the U.S. delegation to the G-20 Foreign Ministers Meeting. Venezuelas Nicolas Maduro was elected to his second presidential term on Sunday. With 92.6 percent of the votes counted, Maduro accumulated 5.8 million votes. His nearest challenger, former governor Henri Falcn, received only 1.8 million votes. International observers from over 40 countries were present on Sunday and have confirmed the transparency of an electoral system put in place in 2015, when the opposition won a majority in the National Assembly.


Kitty. Freethought Blogs

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


The Daily Bird #713. Freethought Blogs

A lovely Tit from Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


An Extreme Climate Forces Extreme Measures As Worst-Case Predictions Are Realized PopularResistance.Org

"One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise." -- Aldo Leopold Mountaineering, which has become more of a balm and solace for me than ever before, is an increasingly bittersweet experience. While the internal freedoms experienced continue to match the external while up in the high country, being on and amongst glaciers today entails being on one of the most dramatic front lines of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD).


Clashing Visions Of Denuclearization Pose Risk To U.S.-North Korea Summit PopularResistance.Org

The soaring hopes generated by the recent Inter-Korean Summit are now supplanted by uncertainty, due to North Koreas suspension of a planned meeting with the South. In the weeks following the summits Panmunjom Declaration, North Korea took actions to demonstrate its goodwill and desire for peaceful resolution of differences. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK the formal name for North Korea) announced that it would dismantle its underground nuclear test site, culminating in explosions to collapse tunnels, the blocking of entries, and removal of above-ground facilities. Substantial progress has already been made on disabling the site. The DPRK could have waited and made this a negotiable issue in talks with the United States. Instead, it offered the step to the United States ahead of the summit as a confidence-building measure.


WATCH: 96-Year-Old WWII Vet in a Wheelchair, Groped & Molested by TSAFor Freedom The Free Thought Project


A 96-year-old grandmother and World War II veteran was repeatedly groped and molested, in the same areas, for nearly six minutes by the TSA all in the name of freedom.

The post WATCH: 96-Year-Old WWII Vet in a Wheelchair, Groped & Molested by TSAFor Freedom appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


While Kids Wait For Homes, Philadelphia Bars Catholic Social Services From Serving Foster Children The Federalist

Ever since the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, weve been seeing myriad broader implications from the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling in Obergefell. From wedding cake bakers to event planners, if you dissented from the new regime you could have your livelihood taken from you. Now, the inexorable logic of Obergefell is bearing down on religious organizations that do social welfare work, as conservatives predicted.

Last week, a group of foster families in Philadelphia asked a federal court to end a new municipal policy that prevents Catholic Social Services from placing children in foster homes. Catholic Social Services is one of the largest and highest-rated foster agencies in Philadelphia, but because it adheres to Catholic teaching on homosexuality and does not place foster children in same-sex households, the City of Philadelphia is cutting them off.

City officials are doing this despite a massive shortage of foster families in Philadelphia. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which is representing the foster families, issued this summary of the case last week:

In March 2018, the City of Philadelphia put out an urgent call for 300 new foster families. Despite the desperate need for homes for the 6,000 children in Philadelphias foster care system, the City then abruptly barred Catholic Social Services, one of the most successful foster agencies in the city, from placing any children. The Citys actions mean that foster homes are sitting empty and loving foster parents are unable to serve at-risk children, simply because the City disagrees with Catholic Social Services longstanding beliefs about marriage.

Philadelphia will terminate its contract with Catholic Social Services at the end of June unless the agency abandons the Catholic Churchs teaching on marriage. Never mind that no same-sex couple has ever complained about Catholic Social Services, or that the agency refers couples with whom it cannot work to one of 26 other agencies in the region.

Never mind that Sharonell Fulton, a plaintiff in the case and a foster parent who has cared for more than 40 children over 25 years (including the two special-needs siblings currently in her care), depends on Catholic Social Services and says she cannot continue fostering children without the agencys help.

Never mind that Philadelphia isnt alone in its foster care crisis, that foster families are in short supply across the United States. In just the past few weeks, local news outlets have chronicled foster family shortages in MissouriColo...


Trumps Mischaracterized MS-13 Comments Are One Breath In A Hurricane Of Media Reality Twists The Federalist

You wouldnt believe how bad these people are. These arent people these are animals, and were taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate thats never happened before. President Trump on Wednesday in reference to MS-13 gang members.

Trump lashed out at undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting, calling those trying to breach the countrys borders animals,' The New York Times, that same day, in a tweet linking to a corresponding article. The tweet was later deleted.

Distrust in the American so-called mainstream media has been declining ever since Gallup began polling on the question in the 1970s, but it now sits at unprecedented levels, according to a September 2016 Gallup poll. Less than two years ago, just before the presidential election, fewer than one third of Americans fully trusted the accuracy of major news media. This was at a time when talking heads on most of the news networks were giving Hillary Clinton a 92 percent chance of being elected president.

Throughout the campaign, Trump was constantly labeling media outlets such as CNN and NBC as fake news, and a war of words erupted between journalists and the president that continues to today. Just last November, The Washington Post ran an editorial titled Donald Trumps Fake Case Against Fake News insisting in part that the president was inventing the charge of fake news in order to garner distrust in media. But if less than a third of Americans trusted the media one year prior to the Posts editorial, then how could Trump be blamed for the perception of the medias deliberate inaccuracy?

Could it be that false narratives and deliberately untrue journalism are nothing new to the American media landscape? Is it possible the president has been pointing out what most of us have known all along; that the media has an inbuilt bias, and will go so far as to falsify reports in order to serve that bias?

A thorough recounting of false media reports just within the last century could fill a book. Here are some of the highlights of fake news in American media that demonstrate why distrust in the media has actually been building for decades.

Recall that during the 2004 election season, CBS News ran a story about then President George Bushs time served in the Texas Air National Guard, and how he had used influence to cover up reports by his superiors that labeled him unfit for promotion. This was the story that ended the career of Dan Rather, who to this day, maintains it was all true, despite the fact the memos which were the basis of his story were proven to have been fabricated and no one has ever corrobo...


Why Jonah Goldberg Is Right About The Suicide Of The West The Federalist

Jonah Goldbergs newest book, Suicide of the West, has faced some serious criticism from conservatives in the last month. Conservatism is at its strongest when we are having substantive, lively, and civil debate. So in that spirit Im going to argue that his book easily handles these criticisms.

The most substantive critique from a purely philosophical perspective originated with David Brooks in his New York Times review, but it was given considerably sharper teeth by Nathanael Blake here at The Federalist. This I will call the anti-Lockian critique.

For both Brooks and Blake it essentially came down to this: Edmund Burke is better than John Locke. Thats a hyper gloss, but ultimately what they both said. Alas: virtually no one outside of political philosophy knows who Burke is. I have two degrees in analytic philosophy, which is very isolated from politics, and I had never heard of him until relatively recently. This is similar to the spaces Thomas Reid and Emmanuel Kant occupy in the history of philosophy.

If youve ever heard of Reid, then you get a nerdy gold star, because he was mostly forgotten until recently. But he was a great philosopher. He took over Adam Smiths professorship at the University of Glasgow and founded one of the most influential schools of thought during the Scottish Enlightenment. He was a ferocious contemporary critic of David Hume, and most philosophers today are far more inclined towards Reids conclusions than they are to Humes.

Conversely, Kant destroyed any chance modern philosophy had of recovering sanity by agreeing with some of Humes most ludicrous conclusions, yet he is remembered as a monumental philosopher while Reid is obscure. Thus Goldberg used Locke instead of Burke because Burke will never occupy the place Locke does in the story of Goldbergs Miracle of liberal democratic capitalism. This isnt based on merit, but myth.

Goldberg writes: most civilizational creation stories are just that: stories. That doesnt mean they are untrue. But the truths significance is on a separate track from the significance of the story itself. It would be fair to say that John Locke was a storyteller who, more than anyone, created the Miracle. But a more accurate way of saying it would be the story we tell about Locke helped create the Miracle.

At one point he credits Lockes primary contribution as simply writing down some of the cultural advancements that took place in the thousand years preceding him. In other words, Goldberg is using Locke differently from the way one would use Burke because he simply isnt part of the overarching myth of the Mirac...


The Media Increases School Shootings By Immortalizing The Perpetrators The Federalist

The Sante Fe High School shooting was a horrific tragedy, but it was also a sadly predictable affair.

A socially isolated white man takes out his rage on his school. The media, appalled, tries to study what went wrong. Some blame guns. Some blame toxic masculinity. All repeat the name of the shooter, over and over again, until his name, and his deranged views, become as embedded in the public consciousness as any celebrity. The public commentariat abides by a cultural script that spins the shootings into one partisan direction or another, allowing the acts of violence to completely dominate our news cycle, across airwaves and headlines. In a sad perverse way, the shooters get exactly what they wanted attention.

And the cycle of shoot, rinse, repeat, continues.

Over the past 20 years, news media have failed to balance their investigative natures with concerns about legitimizing the views and lifestyles of people whose world views do not deserve to be heard. One of the first articles in The Washington Post to accompany the actual news of the Santa Fe shooting was a lengthy profile of the perpetrator, the headline saying that he had a fondness for trench coats and a growing darkness. From Santa Fe, to Parkland, to Charleston, to Aurora and Virginia Tech, the news media cant help but elevate the platforms of deranged men by publishing their sick, twisted views.

The modern cultural script for covering school shootings, however, emerged even earlier than these tragedies. In fact, it was the Columbine High School shooting, in 1999, that spawned the modern marriage of ugly tragedy and tabloid-style celebrity coverage of its perpetrators.

Mass shootings were exceedingly rare before Columbine (a fact people often forget). They were isolated incidents held by deranged individuals, and were treated as such by the news media. But the Columbine shooters were different. Psychologist Malcolm Gladwell, writing for the New Yorker in 2015, noted how the Columbine shooters fit into both a news and a tabloid script, with their lengthy manifestos, their colorful personalities, and their desire to kick-start a revolution. Indeed, Columbines combination of strange characters (the shooters themselves master-planned the murders) and political intrigue (it tied directly into running gun control and mental-health debates at the time) made it simply too juicy for journalists to pass up.

Seizing the ratings cash cow, news media documented extensive histories and analyses of the killers, j...


Richard Cordrays Tyrannical Federal Reign Disqualifies His Bid For Ohio Governor The Federalist

Earlier this month, Ohio Democrats anointed Richard Cordray their partys choice for governor. If elected this November, he would succeed retiring Gov. John Kasichthe liberal medias favorite Republicanwho, praise the Lord, is term-limited.

Ohio voters deserve to know more about Cordray, a liberal lawyer who for four years ran the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) under Presidents Obama and Trump. Even a cursory examination reveals Cordray to be more than just a self-promoting pit bull with vaguely monarchical tendencies. He is also a corrupt partisan hack.

Created in 2010 and launched in 2013, CFPB is a new kind of independent agency: highly centralized, without oversight by the usual bipartisan commission, and funded by Federal Reserve Bank profits and fines on corporations rather than congressional appropriations. The Dodd-Frank Act makes the agencys director extremely powerful and basically un-fireable by the president. The idea is to liberate one impartial bureaucrat to courageously enforce justice in corporate America, unfettered by anything beyond his own sense of rightness.

Neither Impartial Nor Motivated by Justice

As CFPBs first director, Cordray proved neither impartial nor particularly motivated by justice. From the start, he exploited his unique power to the full, working to shape CFPB into a vehicle of immense power and publicityfor himself.  How shall we summarize this mans record? Let facts be submitted to a candid world.

He staffed the newly created bureaucracy top-to-bottom with partisan Democrats. According to Federal Election Commission data, 100 percent of campaign contributions the agencys employees made in 2016 went to Democratic candidates.

He funneled nearly $60 million to GMMB, a Democratic consulting firm with strong ties to the Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns, for advertising and PR. Records show his agency spent at least $16 million a year in taxpayer money publicizing its directors heroic deedsa lavish amount even by Beltway standards.

He handed a lucrative loan-servicing monopoly to a Democratic crony, Donald Uderitz, a wealthy Florida hedge-fund operator. Under the terms of their...


What Some Teachers Think About Carrying Guns Doesnt Match Historical Reality The Federalist

Last Friday evening, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick spoke on radio about the horrific school shooting that day in Santa Fe, Texas. He affirmed his commitment to Texas open carry laws, explaining the decision to let teachers arm is left to individual school boards and superintendents.

Students told lawmakers they wished some of the faculty had been armed. Admirable as were the officers on site, the massacre could have been limited sooner had the teacher in the next classrooman ex-Marinebeen permitted a gun. As Patrick observed, guns have not changed. The sea change was in our culture, and its effect on our young.

Mondays New York Daily News reported, Texas lieutenant governor blames everything but guns after Santa Fe school shooting. After every mass shooting, gun control advocates demand tighter regulation of firearms. School shootings in particular prompt the question: Should teachers pack heat?

What Art Teachers Think about Arming Teachers

The College Art Association (CAA) wanted to know. In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, shooting, it polled members to find out so it could better advocate on behalf of educators nationwide. Given academias dramatically higher percentage of liberalsanti-gun by definitionthan other professions, its straw poll was pro forma. The CAAs emailed query, posted beneath a photo of a makeshift memorial outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, cued the response it was looking for.

President Trump and the National Rifle Association have suggested a proposal to arm teachers in order to protect their students against another tragedy.  .  .  . There has been significant pushback against the idea. Law enforcement groups and teacher organizations have expressed opposition and it has been singled out as a politically motivated distraction on the part of the NRA.


Whether a classroom teacher can carry a gun warrants serious debate. Arguments must be judged on the merits,...


Dont Listen To The Communists, Madeline: Its True Theyd Take Your Rights The Federalist

Recently a teen named Madeline wrote to the Communist Party USA to ask a smart question. Her history teacher said there are no individual rights under communism. She asked for examples, and said her teacher replied, for instance, that we wouldnt have freedom of speech. We wouldnt be able to voice an opinion that contradicted the majority.

This prompted Madeline to ask CPUSA, If we had a Communist President and a Communist country with communist laws, would that mean people who are conservative in any way could not not [sic] be able to say or do anything that was politically incorrect?

Party member Scott Hiley fielded her question. He seems like a pleasant fellow, well suited to answer inquiries from young people. The short answer is that it depends on what kind of things, and where, he explained. I doubt a government based on our vision of Bill of Rights socialism will be handing out fines to people who use the term snowflake, but I also dont think it will issue permits for Nazi rallies, use publicly owned media to promote racist conspiracy theories, or let trolls make rape threats over social media.

Hileys short answer is possibly true, but it assumes some ideas that turn out to be terrifying.

Communists Promise Rights, Then Destroy Them

It is common for communist countries to have something like our Bill of Rights. North Korea is one of them. Article 67 of the North Korean Constitution says, Citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, demonstration and association. The State shall guarantee conditions for the free activity of democratic political parties and social organizations.

Yet North Korea is one of the least free places in the world. Reporters Without Borders maintains a Press Freedom Index. It ranks countries based on the degree to which reporters may practice journalism without interference from the government. North Korea is at the bottom of the index, the worst country on earth.

The U.S. State Department has interviewed defectors from North Korea. They speak of prison camps where dissidents are subject to brutal treatment, torture, sexual violence, and forced abortions, and many succumb to starvation and disease.

The problem is that socialism and communism dont have a framework for individual rights. Their goal is the good of the collective, as defined by the top echelon of government elites. Article 63 of the North Korean Constitution says, In the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea the rights and duties of citizens are based on the collectivist principle, One for all and all for one. If your speech threatens the social order as the elites or majority understand it, you could be jailed, tortured, and killed. In North Korea, being politically...


How Scrapping The Second Amendment Would Jeopardize The Entire Bill Of Rights The Federalist

As the news of a horrific school shooting shocks the nation once again, many are worried about their childrens safety, and theyre looking to gun laws as a possible solution. Its worth asking whether we should consider scrapping the right to buy and own guns outlined in the Second Amendment.

The founders included this protection of gun ownership for good reason, right? Many agree with NBA coach Steve Kerr, who told reporters in 2016 the Second Amendment is outdated. What bugs me is this adherence to the right to bear arms, you know, he said. That was back in 1776. You had to have a musket in case the Redcoats were coming. The British were coming.

This argument is popular, but it exhibits a misunderstanding of what rights are. The Bill of Rights is not a wish list or an enshrinement of what society thinks is most important. Rights are not requests to the government for things that we want or even need. On the contrary, rights handcuff the government. They protect us from government intrusion on our freedom.

The founders recognized that it was immoral for those who work in government to wield certain powers over their equals, so they included these protections in the Constitution. Rights are based on the objective moral truth that all humans are equal, which is why the founders referred to our rights as inalienable and God-given.

So, why did the founders feel the need to specify the right to bear arms in the constitution? After all, wouldnt it be just as wrong for the government to take away any other possession? Why add a specific amendment about guns? The answer is that the founders understood the important role guns play in establishing and preserving a free society. They found this out firsthand.

As Chinese dictator Mao Zedong said, All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

Society is much safer from the abuse of power when the power is distributed somewhat evenly. Limiting government ensures that power stays spread out and doesnt get clumped up in government. In order to limit government, we must set boundaries for what government can do. Holding a monopoly on guns, which are ultimately the essence of political power, must be something that government cannot do. Government is already the only organization in society that is allowed to use guns on people. It would be risking an abuse of power to also make it the only organization in society that gets to own guns.

What the government can and should do with its political power is provide justice when someone takes what is ours, whether guns or life. Fortunately, with the shootings in Parkland and Santa Fe, Texas, justice will be provided in a court of law. But, in the same way that it would be unjust to convict the wrong man and to take away his rights for something he didnt do, it would be unjust to take away the rights of millions of gun owners for something that they didnt do.

The Second Amen...


No, Miss, Taking Off Your Clothes Wont Create Social Justice The Federalist

The recent case of Letitia Chai, a Cornell University senior who stripped down to her underwear during a thesis presentation to protest a professors remark about her short shorts, has me thinking about respectability politics.

If youre not aware, respectability politics is a bit of social-justice jargon that more or less means adopting standards of excellence and professionalism are not going to stop racism/sexism/fill-in-the-blank. Therefore, we should be rude and disregard or actively assault these standards. That, anyway, is the definition youll find on the SJW Internet. A more nuanced discussion on the matter can no doubt be had.

A Vox article by black activist Vann Newkirk is a good example. He writes about a lecture in one of his college courses by Julian Bond, a civil rights activist with a bit of a radical streak. Bond lectured on whether African Americans could help end racism by becoming respectable to whites. He was on the fence. Newkirk recalls the lecture:

Maybe we would have to let go of some of the respectability, he [Bond] said. Maybe we had an innate sense of its limits in a society that found a way to dehumanize even our greatest suit-wearing leaders. Theres one line I remember verbatim: A nice suit is a nice suit. Get one, he told us. But it wont stop a bullet, son.

Of course a nice suit wont stop a bullet, and of course every professional should have one. Bond evidently understood these are not opposites. He merely observed that respectability was not a silver bullet. If respectability politicsthe notion that a suit is a silver bulletis naively misguided, then so is its equal-and-opposite ideology, the belief that professionalism and its attendant rules are in and of themselves a form of oppression or social injustice.

Is Adult Attire Oppressive?

Many people actually believe exactly that, as this post from the extreme but deadly serious site Everyday Feminism attests: Im a young professional, and professionalism is one of my least favorite social constructs. When were told that we need to look or act professionally, we rarely recognize that its code for appear, as much as possible, as if youre something youre not and never want to or could be.

The problem, the author goes on to explain, is that professionalism is a social construct designed to reinforce white maleness. Believing that norms of respectability are  intrinsically harmful is a harmful mental habit. It can degenerate into allowing...


Ed Sheeran Should Embrace The Pro-Life Message In His Song Small Bump The Federalist

Ed Sheeran is mad that pro-lifers are playing his song Small Bump to encourage voters to vote against a referendum to repeal Irelands abortion ban.

I have not given approval for this use, Sheeran wrote in an Instagram story last week after learning that pro-lifers were playing the song in Dublins city center, according to The Guardian. It does not reflect what the song is about.

On Friday, Irish voters will decide if they want to repeal eighth amendment of their constitution which outlaws abortion unless the life of the mother is at risk. In the song about an unborn baby that dies before it is born, Sheeran describes what the baby looks like.

Youre just a small bump unknown, youll grow into your skin
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin
Finger nails the size of a half grain of rice, and eyelids closed to be soon opened wide
A small bump, in four months youll open your eyes.

He concludes the song by saying that he cant understand why the baby lost his or her life in the womb.

Cause you were just a small bump unborn for four months then torn from life
Maybe you were needed up there but were still unaware as why.

If we take Sheeran at his word that the song is not about abortion and we should, as he wrote it it doesnt put the song at odds with the pro-life message that life inside the womb is precious and deserves protection. Whether a babys life was lost at the hands of an abortionist or in a miscarriage, it is still a tragedy that deserves to be mourned. Acknowledging that a baby is human in the womb and that in a matter of months he will open his eyes and take his first breath is to recognize truth, which is so often shunned from pro-choice rhetoric.

If one accepts the scientific truth that life begins at conception and that a baby is a baby with its own unique genetic information from day one, then one cannot favor abortion. While much of the public debate between pro-lifers and pro-choicers centers around the legality of abortion, the difference between the two sides is much simpler than that. One side affirms the humanity of the unborn and believes tiny humans are worthy of the right to life, and the other side does not see it that way.


The Islamic State and Taliban are Fighting Over Afghan Talc Riches The Sparrow Project

London, UK The Islamic State in Afghanistan (ISKP) controls major mining sites in eastern Afghanistan and has a strategic interest in the countrys rich mineral resources, new Global Witness research shows a powerful example of the wider threat posed by armed groups and corrupt actors in Afghan mining.

The Islamic State in Afghanistan (ISKP) controls large talc, marble and chromite mines in the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Achin district in the Nangarhar province of eastern Afghanistan the same area where in April 2017 the US military dropped the Mother of All Bombs against ISKP-held caves. Nangarhar was the deadliest Afghan province for US troops in 2017.

The evidence on how much ISKP have been able to mine and profit from the minerals is mixed, but there has been at least some activity and the group has fought major battles with the Taliban over neighboring districts containing even richer deposits. A Taliban commander explicitly linked the ferocity of the conflict to competition over resources, saying: The fight is over the mines.

A talc processing factory near Nangahar, mid 2017 | Photo: Courtesy of Global Witness

Nick Donovan, Campaign Director at Global Witness, said: The Islamic State appears to have a significant strategic interest in Afghanistans minerals and controls some major mining areas. Given its track-record of exploiting natural resou...


Baseball Ex-Commishs Love Letter to Torturers and His One Percent Pals WhoWhatWhy

The other day, the Wall Street Journal published a ludicrous and tragically laughable op-ed from former Major League Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent, Immorality Is Part of the Job. It  argues that CIA directors should lie to Congress to protect our boys.

Those who read it could be excused for wondering why a baseball dude is qualified to comment on such a topic. What you might not know is that there is a connection between baseball and the CIA. Here is what you missed:

Most importantly, Vincent, while professionally a baseball guy, also traditionally hangs with spooks.

In his essay, Vincent expressed disgust with moral considerations around torture in the confirmation hearings for the CIA director nominee, Gina Haspel. He stated that CIA directors are under instruction to lie, and should do so to protect operations, and that since theyre under instruction, thats the law and we should be a nation of laws.

As usual, the background, context, and the deep politics to this convoluted thinking are entirely missing, and are just accepted without question and rushed out to the Wall Street Journals audience of the money-minded. Vincent does mention his old friend Dick Helms, the late former CIA director, who was involved with many CIA abuses. And he excoriates the late Sen. Frank Church, who was one of the few to investigate those abuses, writing:

Dick Helms died in 2002. His portrait hangs in honor at CIA headquarters. There is no portrait of Frank Church.

But Vincent, a corporate lawyer before he became pro baseballs top honcho, doesnt say how he was friends with Helms, who was very much part of the CIAs hard-core, old-style element of democracys hit men, or why he knew him.

In fact, Helms was not Vincents only spook friend.



Registration for Chlamydomonas 2018 ends Saturday Freethought Blogs


Image from

Theres not much more to say: if youre planning to go to the 18th International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas, youd better get your ducks in a row. Registration and abstract submission end Saturday, May 26.

Registration is $350 for students and postdocs, $500 for everyone else, and includes breakfast, coffee, and lunch but not dinner and accommodations. Featured speakers include Susan K. Dutcher, Fred Cross, Peter Hegemann, and Martin Jonikas.


UNs Agenda 21 Nearing Complete Takeover-Debbie Bacigalupi-CSS Hr 3 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


I recently interviewed Debbie Bacigalupi about the UNs Agenda 21. The penetration all the way down to the local level is nearly complete. Can it be stopped? How will our lives change? Agenda 21 is still the blueprint for the takeover of the New World Order.  This is a dramatic interview that reveals much.






White Powder and the Afghan Economy Virtual Mirage

Opium and the politics of opium has dominated Afghanistan for a very long time. It's also the principal cash crop of the Kurds (American allies in Syria and Iraq). Therefore, while we wage a war on opiates at home in the US, we support the production of opium in the Middle East and the Asian Subcontinent by not destroying the crops - many of which are produced by our allies.

It's not a new story. And it may be time to shamelessly plug my book, "White Powder: A Novel of the CIA and the Secret War in Laos".

Context and Precedent

The vast bulk of heroin that hits the street in the USA today comes from Latin America (it must be somewhere around 95%+). Much of it is grown in Guatemala, Honduras and Southern Mexico. So while Afghan/Thai/Myanmar/Kurdish/Laotian heroin is a problem, it's more of a problem to Asia than it is to the US. The Mexicans control distribution (by in large) in the US.


Afghanistan produced a record opium poppy harvest in 2017. On 21 May, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its latest report on opium poppy production in Afghanistan. It also produced a shorter summary of key points in the report. Virtual Mirage (your favorite blog) reproduced excerpts from the UNODC reports executive summary and analytical comments from the UNODCs separate summary of the report for your consumption. 
The survey results found a clear and well-established link between lack of government control, insecurity and increased opium poppy cultivation. Lack of governmental presence and security are driving factors for opium cultivation and opium cultivation further destabilizes the country by funding insurgency and anti-government groups.


A Death in Slow Motion Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

James Lee Lewis had waited years for a new heart, praying for the day he would be free of the mechanical pump doctors implanted in him in 2015. The device had extended his life after his heart began to fail, but he hated that its wires and the portable battery pack kept him tethered to land and off his fishing boat.

The call from the hospital finally came on the first day of 2018.

Lewis and his wife, Jennifer, drove nearly two hours from their home in rural Bay City, Texas, to Baylor St. Lukes Medical Center in Houston, one of the nations most celebrated heart transplant hospitals.

The program, though, had fallen well short of that reputation in recent years.

As detailed in an investigation by ProPublica and the Houston Chronicle, St. Lukes has performed an outsized number of heart transplants resulting in deaths or unusual complications, has lost several top physicians and has scaled back its ambition for treating high-risk patients, all the while marketing itself based on its storied past. Among St. Lukes patients who received heart transplants between mid-2014 and the end of 2016, twice as many failed to survive a year as would have been expected.

A few weeks after Lee received his new heart on the morning of Jan. 2, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would hit St. Lukes with a serious citation for its poor outcomes. By the time Lee left the operating room, the 52-year-old pipefitter was in worse shape than when he entered.

For the next three months, he remained connected to life-support machines, enduring nearly 20 follow-up surgeries and procedures, before dying on March 23. For many weeks, the hospital withheld key details about his care, the family said, including what went wrong in the operating room during his transplant.

Along the way, his wife and daughter chronicled Lees downward spiral in matter-of-fact Facebook posts that belied their sadness and anger but sometimes hinted at their frustration with the transplant program. ProPublica and the Chronicle confirmed their account through a review of medical records, answers to written questions from the hospital and an interview with a physician involved in Lees care.

Taken together, excerpts from their social media feeds show how loved ones coped after Lees transplant his shot at deliverance went seriously wrong.

Jennifer got her husband out of bed and told him the news. Then she hurried to pack for what she thought would be a two- or three-week hospital stay. She called the principal at the elementar...

On Milestones Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

My birthday always makes me feel a little reflective. Im turning 31 today, so its not exactly one of those big-deal birthdays that ends in a zero or a five or means I'm suddenly eligible to drive or vote. 31 is one of those birthdays thats best celebrated by a quiet afternoon walk by yourself in the park, thinking back on who youve become and who youd like to be in the year ahead.

My 30th year didnt deliver much in the way of earth-shattering drama, or long-worked-for accomplishments, or any of the sort of once in a lifetime events that you call your grandma about. I didnt start an amazing new job like I did last year when I joined Strong Towns. I didnt achieve my single greatest dream of publishing my first novel, like I did the year before. I didnt buy my first home that happened the year before that and while I did buy a rental property (just a few days ago!), and I hope, soon enough, it will help me achieve another dream of providing quality-managed affordable housing, Im still far too deep into the unsexy parts of new homeownership to start celebrating yet. There are way too many utility bill transfers and sewer lateral repairs to take care of before I start popping the champagne.

What happens if we become just a little more thoughtful, a little more creative, a little more brave, every time we have a chance to choose?

So it wasnt a bad year, but it wasnt a monumental year.

And what working at Strong Towns has taught me is this: years like this last one are what life is really about.

Our lives, like the communities we love, are made out of ordinary days. Planting persimmon trees in the yard, walking the kids to school, showing up to neighborhood meeting and listening to a stranger speak. We make thousands of small choices an hour, and sleep and wake and choose again. Over time, the choices sum up to something bigger. They pile like leaves on the lawn, slowly taking shape.

We remember the storms of life, when the leaves get kicked up and the trees are ripped out by the roots and it feels like our small, daily choices dont matter a bit. Were human, after all: were conditioned to try to control the weather.

But what happens when we recognize our small, everyday choices are what shape our communities the most? What happens if we become just a little more thoughtful, a little more creative, a little more brave, every time we have a chance to choose?

Lets say youre like me. When you look back over the past year, you might not have memories of starting a revolution in your place. Maybe you didnt raise a skyscraper or level a slum. Theres no photo of you shaking the governors hand and no front page of a newspaper emblazoned with your name.

But that doesnt mean you...


America Is Failing to Recognize It Doomed Place In History- Bob Griswold-CSS-Hr 2 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Some call it Karma for the imperiaiistic United States. Some call it normalcy bias. What we can all agree on is that America is failing to recognize its place in history and the grave threats that are knocking on the door. Bob Griswold joined me to share his perspective about Americas place relative to national survival.







Americas Place In End Times Prophecy-Sheila Zilinsky CSS -Hr 1 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Researchers are increasingly turning their attention to end times prophecy because the signs are falling into place that the end times are approaching. What is Americas place in all of this? Sheila Zilinsky joined me as we explored end times prophecy according to the Bible. The news is disturbing. Can Amaerica change her place in prophecy? This is an excellent interview.make this go viral!







Defining Moments In History That Have Made The Most Impact On The World. True Activist

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, We are not makers of history. We are made by history. And these words couldnt ring more true after understanding the history of the world and the immense number of events that have brought us to where we are today. Although the number of historic events the human race has experienced are great in number, there are some that stand out much more than others. Here are 35 that have made the biggest impact on our current lives, and will continue to do so for future generations.

See which defining moments have made the world the place that it is today.

The Wright Brothers First Flight


At a time when technology was just beginning to take form, the Wright Brothers from Dayton, Ohio were busy attempting to make a machine that could fly in the air. On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright managed to get the first powered glider, hence the first airplane, 20-feet above the ground, spanning the distance of 120 feet, lasting 12 seconds in total. This momentous day would mark the true beginning of aviation history.


Electromagnetic Frequencies And Glyphosate Will Do In Mother Nature, If Weather Geoengineering Doesnt Get Us First Sheep Media

Related image

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses credible threat to wildlife, report finds

Matt Shardlow, CEO of Buglife said: We apply limits to all types of pollution to protect the habitability of our environment, but as yet, even in Europe, the safe limits of electromagnetic radiation have not been determined, let alone applied.

Therefore we [Buglife] call for all 5G pilots to include detailed studies of their influence and impacts on wildlife, and for the results of those studies to be made public. [CJF emphasis]

The EKLIPSE report [1] found that the magnetic orientation of birds, mammals and invertebrates such as insects and spiders could be disrupted by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It also found established that plant metabolism is also altered by EMR.

A 35 page document read online at

The other mortal threat to all life forms on the planet are toxic chemicals, especially those used in agriculture and as pest control, which consumers think are not harmful and use like water on their gardens and in their homes!

Look what happens when a proponent of Monsantos glyphosate-containing-herbicide Roundup is asked to drink some, but after saying he would be happy to, recants with, Im not stupid; Im not an idiot.

1:33 minute video

So, if its really safe, why did Monsanto lobbyist Patrick Moore refuse to drink it?  Good question?  Well, may hes not an idiot after all!  Furthermore, I hear in Monsantos corporate dining room, only organically grown foods are served.  Can someone eith...


Putin just Altered the Balance of Power with New Weapon Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Putin has no Fear. With his new weapon, Putin has just altered the balance of power. This weapon is capable of completely destroying any naval base. There is no defense for this weapon and the US arsenal does not appear to have an answer in kind. Here is the story





From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Take 5% off the cost of your order with coupon code DAVE5

From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer h...


Husbands Death Revealed Dark Past Of Greedy Wife True Activist

Photo source:

In August of 2007, police got a 911 call from a woman named Tami Duvall saying that her husband had died from alcohol poisoning. It all seemed likely when they went to the home the couple once shared and found him slumped in his chair in their backyard. She told them that Alan had gone home to work on an air-conditioning unit, and when she got there, she already found him in this state. It all seemed straightforward and believable.

However, detectives soon pieced information together and found the situation highly strange and doubtful.

She Says

Photo source:

It was obvious that the couple had been going through a rough patch, but marital problems couldnt be used as a basis. After all, this was a common occurrence. Nonetheless, cops took note and noticed details. They recalled how Tami told them that he had always been a heavy drinker. This was a fact that people could corroborate. However, there was obviously more to this case than met the eye.


The Conspiracy Behind The Paladin Club Murders True Activist

Photo source:

Joseph and Olga Connell were out celebrating when tragedy struck. They hadnt expected anything to happen to them. It was Olgas birthday, after all, and they were simply having fun. When they came home in the early hours of September 22, 2013, a gunman was waiting for them. The neighbors heard shouting and they were all stunned to hear a gunshot that soon followed.

That night, the Connells were murdered at the Paladin Club Apartments in Wilmington.

The Ruckus That Began

Photo source:

The neighbors heard shouts before gunshots rang out. After that, someone called the cops and they came to inspect the scene. What they found on the crime scene shocked them. Lying on the bushes was a man who had died from multiple bullet wounds on his head. Who could have done this to him? Who was crazy enough to kill a man outside?


Police Didnt Believe Rape Victim And Dismissed Her Case. Then They Found A Pink Camera True Activist


Marc OLeary was wreaking havoc in different towns, in two different states at that. He was calculated, he was precise, and more importantly, he knew exactly how to get away with his abominable crimes. He was shamelessly assaulting woman after woman, and he thought he was untouchable. That was until two female detectives joined forces to track down one of the most prolific serial rapists they had ever encountered.

And when they finally caught up to him, the lasciviousness of his crimes was almost unbearable to witness.

Golden, Colorado


On January 5, 2011, Detective Stacy Galbraith received a call saying that someone had reported that she had just been sexually assaulted. Although crimes have no preference for time nor day actually, this particular one happened at 8 a.m., a little strange for a sexual assault since most of the men doing the raping preferred to be cloaked in darkness.


On Hate, the Hamilton Police, and Mexican Food It's Going Down

The post On Hate, the Hamilton Police, and Mexican Food appeared first on It's Going Down.

A report and a history from North-Shore.Info on attacks on anarchists and social movements in the last ten years in the Hamilton area.

After a tense week-long standoff between city bureaucrats, local journalists, and police, it seems anarchism has finally been cleared of being a hate crime in the city of Hamilton. On Thursday, Mayor Fred Eisenberger issued a statement indicating that he had been misinformed after equivocating anarchists and the circle-a symbol with white supremacists and the swastika this coming two months after he referred to a group of anarchists as terrorists for their part in a Locke Street anti-gentrification demonstration.

Sure, it seems a bit amiss that the mayor should have worked himself into such a hissy-fit over a few Lexuss having their windows smashed, yknow, especially while remaining mum on actual white supremacists marching in his city, but whatever its over, right?

Well, it seems this isnt the first time the citys wealthy and their defenders have been a bit confused about the whole hate crime thing. As the drama unfolded over the past week, I couldnt help but be reminded of a little piece of Hamilton history that never really got the press it deserved.

Back in 2009 the anarchist and radical scene in town was in a bit of a flux, as new and old circles of people experimented with different tactics and made efforts to connect with each other to increase our capacity. It was during a social event where some of us had the very harsh realization that not only were we increasingly on the radar of other politically engaged folks in the city, but we were also being sized up by the Hamilton Police Service.

The HPS Swarming incident at Mex-I-Can Restaurant, as it would later be dubbed, happened the night of January 22nd, 2009. A bunch of people from a few different friend circles gathered at the Mex-I-Can restaurant (rip) near Wilson and James for a radical folk-punk show (I know, I know it was 2009). Music was underway and the anarchist zine table set up when there was a commotion just outsid...


Daily Inspiration --- Therapy OpEdNews

Enlightenment is a shared enterprise. We all want deeply to be seen. No one suspects how hard it is to hold another's gaze for more than three seconds. A quarter minute, and they are in agony. Introverts and extroverts, dominants and submissives alike. Scopophobia hits them all. Fear of seeing and being seen. A dog will bite if you stare at it too hard. People will shoot you.


Millions Tuned Into The Royal Family Wedding, When We Should Be Investigating Royal Family Pedophilia Sheep Media

Please read the article, there is a conscious message in it that ends this piece with a bright message, and a reason not to react to this information with fear, worry, anger, or any other emotion that  does not serve your highest interests. That being said, its ok to feel these things, we are human, but we can transform that energy into a positive force and use it for good will and help give a voice to those who do not have one. 

Some dark revelations have come to light, especially within the past 6 years alone. But the truth is, theyre not really so much dark as the human mind likes to label them. At the soul level, the spiritual level, they are simply experiences, how the human mind chooses to view it is another story. Obviously, we label them as dark because they do not resonate. The idea of taking another against their will and subjecting them to such things goes against the moral code we are all born with, as do many other things.

This stuff can be scary to even think about, so many of us turn a blind eye but the fact remains, silence does absolutely nothing, and its time we ask ourselves, who are we really accepting and electing as our leaders? As our governors? Decision makers? The ones that seem to create the future, our interests, our wants and needs, the ones we have chosen to depend on for our food, health and water? Can we really trust them? Whats really going on in the upper echelons of the deep state?.

With so many concerning revelations in all areas that surround human life, from food to finance, education and more, its quite clear that our best interests arent really being served, and the intention is not to better our world, but to simply profit, among other things.

Its no different when it comes to the Royal Family, and wedding celebrations that are televised to billions across the globe. So much attention is given to these events its embarrassing, and makes you realize how little we know of our own history.

If you really look into the history of the Royal Family, and Royal Family bloodlines, things arent as theyve always been presented to us.  Why is it on the attention of so many? Because thats the way they do things, its pure manufactured attention, literal brainwashing, simply because this aristocratic family, one of multiple, completely controls mainstream media, and multiple nations.



School shootings have decreased since the 90s but Democrats would like you to believe the opposite Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) In an early 2018 piece, Mises Wire editor Ryan McMaken pointedly articulates the fact that official U.S. government documents indicate a decline nationally in homicides and school shooting since the 90s which means that schools are actually far safer today than they were over two decades ago. However, Democrats and certain left-leaning media shills would like to you believe quite the opposite, mostly because it suits their gun control agenda.

And when it comes to things like homicides, there is no evidence that things are getting worse, the publications editor made clear in his piece. There were far more homicides in the United States during the 1980s and 1990s than there are today.

Things were even worse than that during the 1970s, he wrote. In fact, the homicide rate in the US was cut in half between 1991 and 2014.


Additionally, his piece linked to a Northern University report titled Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say which paints a different picture then the one the media and top-level Dems have fed to the general public over the years following the tragic Columbine High School massacre (1999) in which attackers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold terrorized and killed students and teachers using guns and explosives in Jefferson County, Colorado.

I have to say, after reading his work, I like the way McMaken thinks. 

So here is where Im going with this. The American people have been lied to b...


US Threatens to Crush Iran, Vows Strongest Sanctions in History The Anti-Media

(ANTIWAR.COM)  Setting up a new level of hostility toward Iran after the US withdrew from the P5+1 nuclear deal, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised unprecedented financial pressure Monday in comments to the Heritage Foundation. He said the US would impose the strongest sanctions in history against the Iranians. We will track down Iranian operatives and []


An Anarchist Response to Far-Right Professor Jordan Peterson It's Going Down

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The following is a critique of the popular far-Right and self-help guru Jordan Peterson. Most recently, Peterson argued that the State should enforce monogamy as a way to end young, male, lone-wolf violence. Peterson represents the push towards a fundamental restructuring of society that re-cements the power of patriarchy, social hierarchy, and the State.

Take responsibility for your own life!, shouts psychology professor, Youtuber and self-help guru Jordan Peterson, capturing the collective imagination of the crowd of starry eyed young men seated before him. As he goes on, the banal platitudes begin to accumulate, Life is suffering, so get your act together!, Clean your room!, and Make your bed!

Peterson claims to be tapping into and addressing the alienation expressed by thousands of young men with his self-help philosophy. He blames third wave feminism, the dissolution of the quintessential male archetype and a lack encouragement for signs of a disaffected population of young men who are experiencing increasing university dropout and suicide rates relative to women. Indeed, one only has to mention the term young men for Peterson to dissolve into tears during interviews, bemoaning the postmodern neo-Marxists whos claim that Western Civilization is a patriarchal hierarchy allegedly undermines the fragile archetypical male. Here, Peterson references a far-Right conspiracy theory commonly associated with fascism, but for now, lets focus on the question of personal responsibility.

What does Peterson mean when he says we should take responsibility for our own lives? In an interview on ABC news Australia where Peterson lays out his philosophy, the interviewer pushes back, pointing out that some people face difficult circumstances in life, which makes it harder to take responsibility. Peterson agrees, responding with: Life is very difficult and we all die well, whats the alternative, you take responsibility for that and try to struggle uphill because the alternative makes everything worse.

With this, Peterson cuts down to an existential truth; in the face of suffering, an individual can either choose to accep...


Hero Gets $7,000 For Finding Missing Teen. But What He Did Next Is Unbelievable True Activist


On August 8, 2017, 15-year old Jasmine Jaz Block came home from a day out on the lake with a massive headache. When she got home, she changed into her pajamas and told her mom she was going to bed. Her mom was headed out for a bit, and was expecting Jaz to be asleep when she got back home a couple hours later. But when she arrived that evening, not only was Jaz gone, but all of her belongings were strangely left behind. One month later, Jaz was still nowhere to be found, until a guy saw what he thought was a deer running through a field by his house.

Find out about the horrible kidnapping of Jasmine Block, and how one man became her hero, in more ways than one.

Jasmine Jaz Block


Jasmine Block, otherwise known to her family and friends as Jaz, was 15-year old and about to begin high school at Alexandria Area High School where she would enter the 9th grade for the next school year. She had two older sisters whom she was said to be very close to, along with her mom and other loved ones. They all lived in Alexandria, Minneapolis, and enjoyed spending time together.


Deadly Acid Clouds Rise Over Hawaii As Lava Continues To Flow Sheep Media

Deadly white clouds of acid and shards of glass emerged into the sky over Hawaii on Monday as lava from the Kilauea volcano flowed into the ocean.

The volcanic eruption has been going on for more than two weeks now.

Hawaiis Civil Defense agency warned motorists, boaters and beachgoers to beware of toxic clouds of laze, which is a combination of lava and haze.

The clouds formed as two streams of hot lava poured into sea water.

The plumes can be fatal if inhaled.

Since starting on May 3, the eruption has no signs of stopping.

Two thousand people have been ordered from their homes due to lava flows and toxic sulfur dioxide gas.

To support A Sheep No Mores ability to provide independent, alternative media through Donation:







South Koreans See Human Landmine John Bolton as the Main Obstacle to Peace The Anti-Media

John Bolton(CD)  Characterizing U.S. national security adviser John Bolton as a human landmine, a South Korean lawmaker has reportedly joined others who have made clear their belief that Bolton is the true culprit behind faltering diplomatic efforts ahead of a planned meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un next month. There are several []


Venezuela Lies, US Loses Control Of Iran Narrative, Missing Refugee Children & Police State Exposed The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/21/18). We are in a wildly manipulative time in this nations history, where propaganda and deception are disgustingly commonplace. There seems to be more misinformation than information out []

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Autistic Man Wandered The Desert For 3 Weeks, And Stayed Alive On Frogs And River Water. True Activist


28-year old William Michael LaFever, an autistic adult, would go on a hiking trip much like the ones hed been on before. William, who is a pretty experienced hiker, fell into some unforeseen circumstances, ended up in dire straits after deciding to follow the Escalante River. Three weeks from the last time his family had heard from him, he was miraculously found albeit emaciated and majorly dehydrated.

Read about his astonishing story of survival, and how he managed to stay alive by eating frogs, foraging for roots and drinking river water.

William Michael LaFever


William Michael LaFever is the only son of John and Anita LaFever and brother to Lisa. William was diagnosed autistic, but managed to live alone, take care of himself and was quite passionate about hiking, being considered an avid trekker.


He Was Adopted By His Birth Mother, But No One Actually Knew That He Was Truly Hers. True Activist


Tim Ekue Brannigan was one of the only black boys who would be adopted from a Belfast orphanage. He would spend days in the presence of Peggy Brannigan and she could no longer take having to give him back to the orphanage each week, so she decided to take him home forever. But there was something much deeper lying just beneath the surface of the story. Tim was really her son, she just couldnt tell anyone the truth. Eventually, this mother found a way to beat all the odds and take home her black child in the midst of a very racist community.

See how this mother-and-son duo proved that love conquers all.

Penny Brannigan


Penny Brannigan was a lovely Irish woman who, like most of the women in the 60s, was married young and already had a few kids. But after 10 years of marriage, she was no longer happy. Her husband, Tom, was a deliveryman who sometimes sang part time for a show band. But he was also a philanderer, having cheated on her too many times and she got tired of his womanizing ways.


BREAKING: E-mails Show FBI Brass Discussed Dossier Briefing Details With CNN The Federalist

Newly revealed e-mails show that former Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) deputy director Andrew McCabe was keenly aware of CNNs internal understanding of a secret briefing about the infamous Steele dossier, days before CNN published any stories on the matter. The e-mails, which were obtained by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), also reveal that top officials used coded language to refer to the salacious and unverified allegations made by Steele.

Former FBI director James Comey briefed then-President-Elect Donald Trump on January 6, 2017, on at least one unproven allegation contained in Steeles dossier, which was jointly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. CNN broke the story about the dossier briefing on January 10, 2017, touching off a firestorm of hysteria that culminated in not just the firing of Comey by Trump, but the eventual appointment of Department of Justice (DOJ) special counsel Robert Mueller.

Comey claimed that he was compelled to brief Trump on the dossier because CNN had [it] and was looking for a news hook.

Hours before Comey briefed Trump, FBI chief of staff James Rybicki e-mailed staff that Comey is coming into HQ briefly now for an update from the sensitive matter team. Just as the same officials dubbed the Clinton e-mail investigation the mid-year exam and the anti-Trump counterintelligence investigation Crossfire Hurricane, they also used various phrases using sensitive to refer obliquely to the dossier.

Two days after the briefing, on January 8, 2017, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who earlier this year was fired and then referred for criminal prosecution by the DOJ inspector general for repeatedly lying about media leaks, wrote an e-mail to top FBI officials with the subject, Flood is coming.

CNN is close to going forward with the sensitive story, McCabe wrote to Comey, Rybicki, and two others. The trigger for them is they know the material was discussed in the brief and presented in an attachment. He did not detail how he came to know what CNNs trigger was for publishing the dossier briefing story.

Although the January 10 story from CNN also claimed that Trump was presented...


Citizen? Prove it. The Marshall Project

After 22 years, Manuel Herrera discovers that its complicated.


Better way to elect, or select, judges?

Alabama, blue wave, school boards, Hixson, Breanne, red tide, judicial electionsBy Steve Brawner ,  2018 by Steve Brawner Communications, Inc.

Lets say you were on trial for a murder you didnt commit. Your fate would be decided by average Arkansans.

Which process would you prefer?

  1. A small group of focused people from all walks of life would hear both sides of the case through an orderly process.

Read the rest

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Timeline Of The Democrat Coup dtat Political Vel Craft

2018 Over the last two years, you have been witnessing an attempted deep state coup against the United States of America, carried out by what can only be called an organized crime ring of treasonous criminals like Robert Mueller, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan and Hillary Clinton. Now, fearless independent journalism Sharyl Attkisson hasContinue reading "Timeline Of The Democrat Coup dtat"


The Russian Collusion Allegations Persist but Alt Media Has Been Targeted for 18 Months Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Was this coming moment foretold on the mural at Denver International Airport near baggage pick-up? I took this picute after traveling to Denver to visit family. Shortly after thes pictures went viral in 2011, they were removed from the mural adjacent to baggage pick-up. This picture speaks volumes upon closer examination 

Alex Jones is claiming that he is being investigated for being a Russian spy a couple of days ago. He is not alone and has not been alone for over 18 months. Dating back to mid-November, the Washington Post pubished a list of 200 names of people and/or organizations that were in collusion with the Russians for the express purpose of disrupting the 2016 election.

We wish Alex good luck in dealing with this situation. However, his case is not unique, nor is he alone. This spurious allegationis being used to defame all alt media journalists.

In fact I had discussed suing the Washington Post for their characterization of me as a Russian spy. I published a week after the election of Donald Trump. You can see the Russina-collusion-delusion had its roots in Novemeber of 2016.

On behalf of DH Communications, the parent company of The Common Sense Show, we are releasing the following statement regarding the allegation that The Common Sense Show is playing the role of Russian Collaborator and the staff at The Common Sense Show is serving as Russian agents in an attempt to illegally interfere with Americas electoral process.

Be it known, that The Common Sense Show is seeking co-litigants for the purpose of suing the Washington Post for these fabricated allegations mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I see that Mike Adams is moving in the same direction as is The Common Sense Show. At this point, it is pointless to sue the Washington Post as a single entity because when fellow litigants appear, the cases will likely be combined into a class action status.

In an article, dated, November 27, 2016, Mike Adams made the following statement in which The Common Sense Show wholeheartedly agrees with...


The problem with prescription drug prices [ All News]

One very expensive prescription drug threatened to financially cripple an entire city. Rather than using a health insurance company, Rockford, [Illinois] has, for years, paid its own health care costs for its 1,000 employees and their dependents. When Rockford got hit with the drug bill it was so enormous the mayor at the time set out to understand why. In 2015, two small children of Rockford employees were treated with Acthar, a drug that's been on the market since 1952. In 2001, Acthar sold for about $40 a vial. Today: more than $40,000. [Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey] wanted to know how that could've happened. His investigation got nowhere until last year, when the Federal Trade Commission charged the drug manufacturer, Mallinckrodt, with violating antitrust laws. [The company] bought another drug that was Acthar's main competitor ... and put it on the shelf. Many of the doctors who prescribed a lot of Acthar also were getting money from the company that makes Acthar ... adding up to huge sums. Cities like Rockford [hire pharmacy benefit managers or PBMs] to negotiate down the price of drugs. The company negotiating prices for Rockford is Express Scripts. Express Scripts is many companies, not just the PBM. It also owns a pharmacy that sells expensive drugs, [as well as] a company that ships and packs expensive drugs. The city of Rockford was able to find out one more piece of the puzzle: that Express Scripts ... had a contract to be the exclusive distributor of Acthar.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing Big Pharma corruption news articles from reliable major media sources.

Wells Fargo Still Hasnt Gotten Ahead of Its Problems [ All News]

California becomes first state to require solar panels on new homes [ All News]

Solar panels will be a required feature on virtually every new home built in California, under a policy advanced Wednesday by California regulators. The California Energy Commission voted unanimously, 5-0, to recommend energy efficiency standards that are set to be added to state building regulations later this year, effecting all construction after Jan. 1, 2020. The rules will make California the first state in the nation to require solar panels on new homes. "This will be nothing short of historic for our state and for our country," said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar & Storage Association, an industry group. The requirement will apply to single-family homes and to apartment and condominium complexes of three stories or less. Solar installations have become so cost effective that they are included in more than 15,000 homes built each year in California, even without the directive from the state. In 2020 and beyond that number promises to increase to 80,000, the number of homes built each year in the Golden State. The average estimated cost of a solar system is $9,500, or $40 a month when amortized over a 30-year mortgage. But the systems are projected to save customers an average of $80 a month on their utility bills. Another part of the new regulation ... gives energy credit to homes that employ battery storage technology.

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

Florida Set To Launch Country's First Private High-Speed Train Service [ All News]

The country's first private high-speed rail service is opening this month in Florida, promising to transform congested South Florida highways by taking as many as 3 million cars off the road. The ambitious $3 billion Brightline express project will run along the state's densest population corridor with more than 6 million residents and a regular influx of tourists. The project, funded by All Aboard Florida, represents the first test into the long-awaited U.S. move into high-speed rail, says John Renne, director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University. All Aboard Florida secured state approval in October to sell bonds to fund the project. The company has said no public money will be used. Renne says the trip from West Palm to Miami, which can take up to five hours round trip in a car, will take about 60 minutes each way on the train. Brightline trains will have their own dedicated set of tracks, built alongside 19th century lines that still carry cargo trains. The return to passenger trains will revive a line that stopped running on those old tracks in the 1960s, with the arrival of the federal highway program. "The federal highway system expanded ... and everyone got off trains and into cars," John Guitar of All Aboard Florida [said]. "And we've done a full circle now that the traffic and congestion and gas prices are so bad, people are looking for alternatives to get out of their cars and find other ways to get around the state."

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.


4000 Google Employees Sign Petition To End Controversial At Drone Contract With The U.S. Military True Activist

By: Richard Enos / Collective Evolution   There is a story from World War 2 that always struck me as the essence of what it meant to have a conscience. A German soldier who was a member of a firing squad told his commanding officer that he could not bring himself to fire upon and kill a lineup of helpless, innocent Jews. The commanding officer told the soldier if he did not follow orders and kill the Jews that he would have to join them. To the officers surprise, the soldier laid down his rifle and walked across to stand amongst the Jews. The officer gave the command and they were all shot to death.

Acts of conscience are never in vain, even if they are never heard about. No doubt, every time we hear of someone challenging authority to do what is inherently right, there are a thousand other such instances that are hidden or covered up. But these acts all contribute to our collective consciousness, and help to move our shared sense of self a little closer to the light.

Pushback From Google Employees

Today, one of the major battlegrounds of conscience is the corporate office, where a small but growing number of the rank and file of the employed have started to question their own complicity in corporate policy and activities that is detrimental to humanity.

Google employees learned three months ago about the companys decision to provide artificial intelligence to a controversial military pilot program known as Project Maven, which aims to speed up analysis of drone footage by automatically classifying images of objects and people.

This has spawned a petition signed by nearly 4,000 Google employees that asks Google to immediately cancel the contract and institute a policy against taking on future military work. The petition reads,

We can no longer ignore our industrys and our technologies harmful biases, large-scale breaches of trust, and lack of ethical safeguards.These are life and death stakes.

Open Letter Lays It Out

In support of Google employees, a recently written...


Low Voter Turnout for Nevada Primaries and General Elections Guardian Liberty Voice

The poll numbers continue to suffer for Nevada primaries and general elections. Is this a result of turnout or burnout? Traditionally Nevada voters are known to be lackluster concerning their civic duty to vote, however, some are wondering if it is just due to turnout or burnout. Low voter turnout in the United States as []

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Sen. Grassley Asks Rosenstein For Communications Between Demoted DOJ Official And Christopher Steele The Federalist

Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has requested all communications between Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele, who put together an opposition research dossier on President Trump.

Ohr was demoted within the DOJ shortly after news broke that he held secret meetings with Steele and Ohrs wife, Nellie Ohr, who was hired by opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. That resulted in the dossier of salacious, unverified claims that was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clintons presidential campaign.

In one of these meetings, Steele told Bruce Ohr he was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected. This bias against Trump was not disclosed to the court when the FBI used the dossier to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil Trumps campaign associates.

In a letter sent to Rosenstein on Monday, Grassley asked the DOJ to provide all communication between the dossier author and Bruce Ohr regarding the investigation into Trump, including emails, phone logs, handwritten notes, and texts from both personal and work accounts. Grassley also asked that Bruce Ohr be made available for a transcribed interview with Committee staff about his relationship and communications with Steele.

Last week, the Iowa senator sent a seven-page, single-spaced letter to Rosenstein asking about his decision to appoint Robert Mueller as the special counsel overseeing the investigation into whether Trump and his campaign associates intentionally colluded with Russian officials to win the 2016 election.


Prank: Masked seniors rushed into school with water guns and firecrackers Intellihub

Intellihub Editors note: This is not a good idea for obvious reasons.

Three days before 10 people died in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. a small group of students at Bowie High School in Maryland pulled a senior prank that the local police chief called reckless.

They wore black masks covering their faces. Some wore dark clothing.

School was already in session when the band of students rushed into Bowie High School in Maryland armed with water guns and fireworks in a stunt that simulated a school shooting.

Via Kansas City Star
Featured Image: Dean Hochman/Flickr

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New Protest Site Blocks Mountain Valley Pipeline PopularResistance.Org

Giles County, VA Early Monday morning, pipeline protesters in the Jefferson National Forest erected a new aerial blockade on Pocahontas Road near Narrows, VA. The blockade consists of a protester on a platform 30 feet in the air, suspended from a horizontal rope tied to surrounding trees. Banners at the site read "WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?" and "STILL HERE." Pocahontas Road is a Forest Service road and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) access road that leads to the construction site for MVP's intended boring through Peter's Mountain, under the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.


This Is What Happens To Our Stomach Receptors When We Eat Junk Food True Activist

By: Kalee Brown / Collective Evolution    Have you ever felt super full after eating a low-calorie meal, or still hungry after eating a calorie dense one? This has certainly happened to me; for example, one day last week I just ate carrots and drank a bit of cold-pressed juice and felt extremely full all day, yet the following day I had three pieces of pizza and three mozza sticks (all made with a high-fat vegan cheese) and still felt hungry afterwards.

How does this make any sense whatsoever? Contrary to popular belief, its because our stomachs dont get filled up as quickly when we eat high calorie foods like meats and oils as they do when we consume more nutrient-dense, lighter foods like fruits and vegetables. This happens because of how our stomach receptors and nutrient receptors work.

How Our Stomach Receptors Determine That Were Full 

Many people seem to be terrified of raw food diets because people on plant-based diets tend to eat more food. However, have you ever actually seen someone gain weight by eating a plant-based diet? Odds are that you havent, because theyve cut out high calorie foods like meat, dairy, and on some occasions, oil. In reality, people on plant-based diets typically lose weight because, even though theyre eating more volume, theyre getting far more nutrients and eating far fewer calories (source).

In our stomachs, we have nutrient (or caloric) sensors and stretch receptors. Most of the calories found in a typical North American diet are made up of animal products and processed foods, meaning that most people are severely nutrient and fiber deficient. If your diet doesnt have enough plant-based foods in it and youre not getting enough nutrients, your body will continue to feel hungry until those needs are met. Plus, high-fat foods and sweets dull our dopamine reward system, leaving us feeling unsatisfied, even if weve just consumed a high-calorie meal.

Its kind of beautiful because your body is literally telling you that you arent feeding it what it wants. Your body will actually c...


007's Aston Corvair Wheels Super-Rich Thru Eye of the Needle? OpEdNews

Imagine if the super-rich voluntarily funded a National Service Corps of do-gooders who built health and welfare--thereby reducing stealth and warfare--at home and abroad. People's Lobby has the legislation. It needs you to fire up the imagination and vision of Congress to introduce & implement robust voluntary National Service via a voluntary nontraditional-funding mechanism (NTFM). Imagination and vision. Push for both.


It Was Supposed To Be A Celebration Of Love Until He Killed His Wife True Activist

Photo source:

Lovers, husbands and wives, life partners, familiesall of them come together to celebrate Valentines Day. After all, it is the day when the world celebrates all kinds of love. Women dress themselves up to prepare for their men, and it always ends up with romance. However, for one family, Valentines Day is a day when they lost their daughter. Denise Leuthold was supposed to be a happily married woman to a devout Christian man.

So, why did she end up losing her life? Why was she murdered? The details of the case shook the whole town to their very core.

Man of God

Photo source:


Nathan Leuthold was a man of God. He was a devout member of the Baptist church and had served as a missionary. He was married to Denise, with whom he had three children. From the outside, it seemed as if they had made a perfect home in Peoria, but what happened after 17 years of marriage proved to the neighbors that nothing is always what it seems.


Hit Fossil Fuels Where It Hurts -- the Bottom Line OpEdNews

The oil industry is slowly being cornered, like the tobacco industry before it. Just as they once promised to go "Smoke Free," towns across the country are now pledging to go "Fossil Free," banning new fossil-fuel projects and committing to 100 percent renewable energy for all.


May 21, 2018 WhoWhatWhy

The post May 21, 2018 appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Obama pleads with Jay-Z to prevent other artists from meeting with Trump: Report Intellihub

Former President Barack Obama has reportedly asked Jay-Z to encourage other hip hop artists not to meet with Donald Trump following the firestorm of publicity over Kanye West.

The claim is being made by pro-Trump activist Josh Cornett, who tweeted, Sources are confirming that former President Barack Obama has called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading with Jay-Z to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.

The tweet has received over 7,600 retweets and over 10,000 likes since being posted.

Donald Trump Jr. also liked the tweet, leading some to speculate that he may know that the story is true.

While the story remains unconfirmed, it would make political sense for Democrats to deter pop icons from being seen to endorse President Trump in any way as the mid-terms draw nearer.

In the week after Kanye West tweeted his support for Candace Owens, a vocal African-American Trump supporter, Trumps popularity amongst black males jumped from 11 per cent to 22 per cent.

It has also been pointed out that before Trump ran as a Republican, he was a popular figure amongst the hip hop community, being name dropped in the lyrics of numerous hit songs.

Democrats routinely rely on endorsements from celebrities, with both Jay-Z and Beyonce being prominent supporters of Hillary Clinton during the election.

Any shift away from superstars using their platforms to amplify leftist narratives would spell disaster for the Dems, who have already lost 9 per centsupport from millennial registered voters aged between18 to 34 since the 2016 election.

Via Infowars
Featured Image: Jay-Z in concert. (Rich Thane/Flickr)


The post Obama pleads with Jay-Z to prevent other artis...


Google Removes Dont Be Evil From Its Conduct As Employees Quit In Droves Over Project Maven Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Google has removed the phrase Dont be evil from its Code of Conduct; this comes as at least 4,000 employees have expressed...


Portland, OR: Banners Dropped in Solidarity With the J20 Defendants and Palestinian Resistance It's Going Down

The post Portland, OR: Banners Dropped in Solidarity With the J20 Defendants and Palestinian Resistance appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following report and photo was anonymously sent to Its Going Down.

On the night of May 19th two comrades dropped two banners from a highway overpass in Portland.  When state repression rears its head close to home, or far away, through the courts, or through straight up massacres, these are the times when our solidarity is most important.  Across oceans and borders, the struggle against oppression and authority is the same struggle.

In uncompromising solidarity with the J20 defendants,

and with all Palestinians subjugated by the Israeli apartheid state, 

Until all are free!

-some anarchists


Moses Pompeo delivers the 12 Commandments to Iran Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Jim W. Dean - Was Pompeo trying to bait Iran into a Pearl Harbor style attach with his impossible demands?


People Released Thousands of Crickets into the Immigration Prison Architecture HQ It's Going Down

The post People Released Thousands of Crickets into the Immigration Prison Architecture HQ appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following anonymous communique was originally published on Montreal Counter-Info.

One morning in April 2018, our amateur construction crew released thousands of crickets into the newly built headquarters of the Montreal architecture company Lemay. We pulled a sheet of plywood off the side of the building and funneled the crickets into a recently completed office space. Lemay, along with Quebec-City based company Groupe A, has been awarded a contract to build a new immigration detention centre in Laval, a suburb of Montreal. It is slated to open in 2020. We oppose borders, prisons, and immigration detention centres. We struggle for a world where people are free to stay and free to move; a world without white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and patriarchy.

We see the release of these crickets as merely the beginning of a concerted effort to stop the new immigration detention centre from being built. Crickets are known to reproduce quickly and are difficult to exterminate. Their constant noise and quick proliferation through any space they have access to makes them much more than a nuisance to have around. The crickets will multiply inside Lemays new headquarters in the gentrifying neighbourhood of St. Henri, even after the wall we deconstructed has been replaced. Meanwhile, we will get even more organized in our resistance to this new immigration detention centre and all that it represents.

The new immigration detention centre in Laval has been proposed as part of a Liberal government overhaul of the immigration system. The bulk of the overhaul is focused on infrastructural changes: $122 million of the $138 million overhaul project will be spent on building two new immigration detention facilities (in Laval and in Surrey, BC) and upgrading an already existing detention centre in Toronto. The stated reason for this change is that the current detention centres are not up to international standards. The government claims they also want to move away from detention and towards alternatives to detention.

The new facilities are being pitched as nicer prisons. They are supposed to be non-institutional in design, and have easy access to outdoor spaces and meeting spaces for family and NGO representatives, but still prioritize state security and keeping people locked up inside. The companies who have been awarded the contracts are known for designing LEED certified court houses and prisons as well as libraries and university spaces. So, its hard to imagine that this new prison wont have an institutional feel. Much like the overhaul of the...


Juneteenth: Capture the Flag It's Going Down

The post Juneteenth: Capture the Flag appeared first on It's Going Down.

Call from the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) to take action this Juneteenth.

This Juneteenth the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement calls on revolutionaries to join us in setting fire to prison society, as we renew the abolitionist struggle against modern day slavery. In response to the call from the End Prison Slavery in Texas Movement, we intend to stand side by side with those inside and outside of prison to fight for abolition.

Juneteenth is a day to commemorate the abolition of slavery, but in reality, the system of slavery continues today through the prison system. So while we take the time to commemorate the abolitionist and black liberation movements of the past, the struggle to free people from bondage continues. The prison system in the US houses the most detainees in the world. ICE immigration camps are expanding to include military prisons. And these sites of detention, like Angola prison in Louisiana are either former plantations or modeled from their likeness. This is where our struggle begins. To celebrate this holiday, and for it to be truly realized, we must fight for the abolition of prisons, the justice system, and the state and capitalist systems that make these evils palpable.

On the lead up to June 19th we are calling for all comrades out there to capture the slave masters flags. Share your actions directly to us or with the hashtags #CaptureTheFlag and #Juneteenth. Solidarity with all those who fight against prison slavery to make a world free from this barbarism.


When 43% of Americans Cant Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE Activist Post

By Daisy Luther You know all those reports about how lots of Americans cant afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a...


Final Straw: Planning the Insurgency, Bloc by Bloc It's Going Down

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Final Straw discusses the brand new board game, Bloc by Bloc, which is a table top strategy game where the object is to win an insurrection against the State.

Listen and Download Here

This week, we are excited to share with yall an interview with TL, the main artist and designer of Bloc by Bloc: The Game of Insurrection. From the website of Out Of Order games, which publishes the game, Bloc by Bloc is a semi-cooperative strategy board game inspired by 21st century riots and revolutions. The game features hidden agendas, deep strategy, area control, asymmetrical player abilities, and a special method for randomly generating billions of unique city layouts.

Well, now the second edition of the game has launched a kickstarter to pay for the new edition. This new edition includes streamlined game play, new pieces and new scenarios in order to improve the initial game. For the hour, TL & I talk about how the board game was developed, what study of real-world did to influence the games development, TLs thoughts on how play can strengthen strategic thought, cultural means of spreading liberatory imagination with story-telling, and cooperation and more.

TL mentions that Out Of Order games is looking for translation of the game into other, non-English languages, seeking a degree of fluency in game terminology and the languages in question. They are also always seeking review and design inputs. You can email the Out of Order crew here.

A few links we mentioned:

*Decoloniser Catan...


WATCH LIVE: Vin Armani Discusses Bitcoin Cash Conference, the Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain Governance Activist Post

By Vin Armani Watch Live at 1pm EST (10am PST). The Vin Armani Show returns from the CoinGeek bComm Conference in Hong Kong and Vin...


Amid Rash of School Shootings, More Parents Turn to Homeschooling The Anti-Media

HomeschoolingParents who remove their children from the confines of the conventional classroom are not running away from reality. They are running towards it. (FEE)  In the wake of recent tragic school shootings, anxious parents are contemplating homeschooling to protect their children. After Februarys school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Miami Herald reported that more parents were considering []


Life or Death for the FCC OpEdNews

Reverse net neutrality? Open the floodgates to more media monopoly? Chairman Pai, a former staffer to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has in mind to accomplish all that and more. He leads the commission's Republican majority in lockstep, and they've already proposed radical reductions to Lifeline, the meager subsidy that helps low income people connect to doctors, nurses, and public assistance.


Agents of Shield Wimps Out Freethought Blogs

OK, the status quo of the MCU is a bad joke between Infinity War and the next one, but its a joke that should be affecting the plots of Agents and all those Nutflex shows and so on. Agents of Shield shouldve disintegrated half the cast. It didnt do that to a single one of them.

No big deal tho, right? If I was in the position of creating one of those shows, I wouldnt want to kowtow to silly world-wrecking ideas implemented on other peoples projects. But I see in this a big missed opportunity.

See, Coulson was revealed to be terminally ill this season, definitely gonna die. If, as in my last post, we suppose Thanoss victims enter the soul gem, then this couldve been a real slick way to cross over again. See, the movies have been ignoring Agents because they saw Coulsons death as dramatically complete, no need to fuck with it.

But if Coulson showed up in the Soul Gem (because he got disintegrated right before he died naturally) the movie couldve played it off like he was there because any dead person could be, and never have to acknowledge his life on the TV series. And in reverse, if the series wanted him back in full health, they could have him escape the soul gem by the same means as Dr. Strange and the others.

If theyre at all serious about keeping the crossover with the series as an idea, I know how theyll write it off. Whatever mulligan happens in Infinity Boogaloo will cause the lost to be restored as if nothing happened, and with no knowledge they had been lost in the first place. Ipso facto yadda yadda, their adventures will not seem to have been affected by the event at all. The end.

I just think thats Dullsville. If they were gonna go big like this, they shouldve had the huevos to stick with it and make the disintegrations happen everywhere. Raspberries to you, Marvel. Raspberries.


The Empire Files: The Tyranny of Big Oil OpEdNews

The oil industry is a powerhouse with control over land, resources, politics and more. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin uncovers big oil's strong-arm reach--its growth, its crimes, its power and its impunity. Featuring interviews with two investigative journalists who have covered oil disasters on-the-ground


Minneapolis, MN: Graffiti for Fallen Comrade Toor It's Going Down

The post Minneapolis, MN: Graffiti for Fallen Comrade Toor appeared first on It's Going Down.

The photos of the following graffiti, sent to Its Going Down anonymously, commemorates the passing of an anarchist comrade, Toor. We will see you when we storm heaven.

In memory of our comrade Toor who has recently fallen.

They are an anarchist fighter and an eco-warrior whos work inspires us to organize for the liberation of the planet and all its people! Together with the spirits of anarchists past we will hear their call and step up to battle against the brutal capitalist machine.

Honor the dead Fight for the Living!

A fellow queer anarchist.


Israels Coming War Wont Be Against Iran or Syria The Anti-Media

Israel Lebanon War(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  Writing in the Asia Times earlier this month, David P. Goldman lamented that an Israel-Iran war is unlikely to take place any time soon. His observation appears surprising considering the mainstream media has been hyping up the idea of such a war over the past few months. Nevertheless, he is correct. Short of something catastrophic that completely upsets the current status []


As Trump-North Korea Talks Falter, South Korea Says "Landmine" John Bolton to Blame OpEdNews

North Korea has condemned Bolton and his "Libya model" remarks last week as a "sinister" regime change threat in a statement last week. Bolton has a long history of calling for both regime change and a U.S. first strike on North Korea, warmongering that led Pyongyang to call him a "bloodsucker" when he was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.


NY Schools to Install Facial Recognition Tech Used by Police and Military The Anti-Media

Facial Recognition(ANTIMEDIA)  Amid the highly-publicized spate of mass shootings in America, one public school district is set to impose unprecedented police state tactics to ensure security and safety for students. Starting next school year, schools in New Yorks Lockport district will be equipped not only with bulletproof glass and surveillance cameras but also with facial recognition []


Phone and Email Zap to Support Prisoner Resistance in Missouri It's Going Down

The post Phone and Email Zap to Support Prisoner Resistance in Missouri appeared first on It's Going Down.

Prisoners at CRCC in Missouri are already engaging in collective resistance leading up to the National Prisoner Strike which will occur August 21st through September 9th and they need our support.

There are also numerous IWW members in this facility. The details of this situation are below the call in script.

Please call The following offices in this order:

1. Warden of CRCC Rhonda Pash

2. Director Anne L. Precythe OR Deputy Director Matt Sturm (ask for either//both)

(If they arent available, ask to leave a message!)

Also, email,,,


I would like to know why prisoners at CRCC are being denied medical attention, showers, law library access for court deadlines, visitation, feeding on time, and hot meals. Ive heard they are being fed bags of green baloney and hard biscuits. Why is that baloney green? Staff is telling prisoners they may be facing these restrictions for 2 months. Why is this happening and when is this situation going to be corrected?

Background Info:

On Saturday, May 12th, prisoners at Crossroads Correctional Center attempted to peacefully negotiate improved conditions however the situation escalated and they ended up hot wiring forklifts, tearing down gates, and destroying parts of the prison.

We received this report from inside, My homies call me Tiny G. from Crossroads C. Missouri. A place known in here as the only destination for hell. We send G love to all the homies standing up. We had no demands here at Crossroads. Inmates of every race and none Gs participated. We only wanted them to allow rehabilitation programs and back recreation time. Anne L. Precythe has not heard our words to be treated right in years. Staff acted like we were kids to be punished. The admin want all the Gs to kill each other like in south carolina. This allows staff to justify locking inmates down for money raises. Inmates did not hurt the staff intentionally. Staff know how badly inmates here are being treated. All the Gs here will be joining, with other in...


Think Jill Stein, one of the more sensible and mature adults in politics. OpEdNews

The site encourages to support their vision. I encourage you to spread the word with the tabs on the top of OEN pages. On the 6th of May 2018 we organized an event in Munich with Glenn Greenwald, Jill Stein & Abby Martin under the title "Freedom & Democracy: Global Issues in Context 2.0". Scroll below to view the video of this event.


In Our Age of State Crimes OpEdNews

Whole nations are created using mythology and self-deception as pillars of identity. The reality of history somehow creeps in and the effort to sustain these self-deceptions eventually poisons the societies that rely upon them. Today that poison can be seen in the way Donald Trump is received as a savior by many Americans just because he represents a racist militarism they confuse with honor and "greatness."


Corey Williams About to Walk Free in Louisiana The Marshall Project

A sudden plea deal ends a decades-long fight in a capital murder case.


Another Tree-Sit Goes Up Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline It's Going Down

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The following report was sent to us from Appalachians Against Pipelines and announces that a new aerial blockade has been erected on a Mountain Valley Pipeline access road in the Hellbender Autonomous Zone (in the so-called Jefferson National Forest).

Early Monday morning, pipeline protesters in the Jefferson National Forest erected a new aerial blockade on Pocahontas Road near Narrows, VA. The blockade consists of a protester on a platform 30 feet in the air, suspended from a horizontal rope tied to surrounding trees.

Banners at the site read WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? and STILL HERE. Pocahontas Road is a Forest Service road and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) access road that leads to the construction site for MVPs intended boring through Peters Mountain, under the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The presence of this roadblock prevents MVPs continued construction of the access road and boring site, which has already been significantly delayed for well over 50 days by the presence of protester Nutty in an aerial blockade on the same road less than 3 miles away.

I am taking a stand on Peters Mountain to prevent the further devastation of these lands by the Mountain Valley Pipeline, said Fern MacDougal, the protester suspended in the new blockade. Cutting through delicate karst topography and 300 miles of contiguous forest and family farms seized by eminent domain, MVP threatens to damage the health and wellbeing of poor and oppressed communities along the pipeline route by threatening the air, soil, and water. This pipeline will catalyze the growth and expansion of gas extraction across Appalachia, an industry which has already caused permanent harm to many communities. We are dedicated to resisting this reckless endangerment of the land and people as long as MVP continues to operate. MacDougal further stated that she was inspired to take this action by monopod sitter Nutty and by David Buckel, an LGBTQ rights lawyer who died in April after setting himself on fire as a protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC has faced significant resistance to its plans for this 42-inch diameter fracked gas pipeline since 2014. In the past few months, numerous sites of direct action have sprung up, severely interfering with pipeline construction. A total of nine aerial blockades have now been launched by various groups and individuals across the pipeline route, including a tree sit near the ridge on Peters Mountain and a monopod blockade on Pocahontas Road, which have been occupied since February 26 and Mar...


If Police Rape You, Who Do You Go To? Terry Crews Hammers Establishment for Protecting Abusers TruthTheory

by Rachel Blevins via The Free Thought Project

Terry Crews claims he went to his agency after he was sexually assaulted by one of its executives, and it protected his attacker in the same way that police departments protect their officers.

Famous actor and former NFL linebacker Terry Crews was one of the few men who spoke out during the height of the #MeToo movement and revealed that he had been sexually assaulted by a Hollywood executive. He is now speaking out and giving insight into the ways in which the establishment enables predators who use their money and influence to silence their victims.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on the Today Show, Crews used the analogy of If the police rape you, who do you go to? to describe the way he was treated after he was assaulted by an executive within his own agency, and he attempted to report the incident to superiors the day after it happened.

Crews was represented by William Morris Endeavor at the time and he said he was at an industry even when the head of the motion picture department, who has since been identified as Adam Venit, walked up to him and groped him.

I was gropedpublicly, with my wifeat an industry event, and this guy comes at me and he gropes me, in front of everybody. I smacked the guys hands back and Im like, What are you doing? Leave me alone, and he comes back and does it again, Crews said.

While many questioned why Crews did not react by punching or hitting his assailant, he said he felt like he was trapped at the time, and that as a 240-l...


Jacks Walk Freethought Blogs

Jack and I went to the park today and found a flotilla of geese surrounding the island where the swans have nested.

voyager, all rights reserved


Silver Where Art Thou? Silver Demand Rose 17% Last Year While Supply Actually Fell Political Vel Craft

For How Long will the Era of Cheap Silver Prices Continue? One of the running themes of the silver market since the economy recovered from the financial crisis has been an apparent disconnect between silver prices and the realities of supply and demand. Even as demand for the precious metal has consistently been strong fromContinue reading "Silver Where Art Thou? Silver Demand Rose 17% Last Year While Supply Actually Fell"


3 More Things I Want To Do Before I Die TruthTheory

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

I am 2 days away from going into a silent 10 day meditation retreat called Vipassana and it got me thinking about life and some of the things that have taken place personally in just the last few years. It also gave me a moment to look forward to all the potential opportunities that still await in the future.

I am 31 years old, and unless a disaster happens I have at worse 30 years left and if I am lucky and eat lots of avocados and coconut oil I could be a third (or less) of the way through my life. This means there is the potential for plenty more experience and learning.

So far I have managed to have a boxing match, a baby (who is no longer a baby) and a conversation (or 2) with god. I lived in the jungle for a 28 days, took psychedelics 40 times in 13 months and ran a half marathon (not on psychedelics).

I sat in a hut in the Amazonian rainforest with a Peruvian shaman on the visionary brew Ayahuasca, trekked ...


Global Elitists Are Not Human Sheep Media

The following article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at

It is often said that other-izing people overall can be dangerous and other-izing your enemies specifically can be tactically detrimental. For one, it can lead to a false sense of superiority over those people as you assert some kind of imagined genetic advantage.

It can also lead to dangerous generalizations of vast groups as you categorize and pigeonhole millions as being exactly the same when this is rationally impossible. However, other-izing is perhaps the only option when faced with a very particular type of person embracing a very particular brand of ideology; other-izing can become a matter of survival.

I am of course talking about globalists.

Not the low level cronies and useful idiots within the globalist push or movement, because many of them simply represent a underlying gullibility or stupidity among people attracted to the inbred world of academia.

Instead, Im talking about the people behind the curtain; self proclaimed globalists or internationalists that have positioned themselves into strategic power centers. I am talking about the people that influence or outright control government policy as they stand over the shoulders of supposedly freely elected officials. I am talking about the people that influence economic security or insecurity through unaccountable central banking conglomerates. I am talking about the men and women that desire to dictate the fate of billions.

These people are not easily identified by anything other than their rhetoric and actions. They are made up of multiple ethnic groups. They herald from all corners of the planet. They do not subscribe to any one spiritual doctrine, but they do publicly devote themselves to many different religions as a means to fit in with the common citizen. Globalism IS their religion. And their god? Well, they see themselves as gods.

To be a globalist, though, one has to do more than merely subscribe to the tenets of globalism; there is a matter of character traits and actions which must be examined.

After studying the behavior of globalists and their organizations for quite some time, I have noticed that their psychological patterns tend to match with a narrow band of people that are best described as criminally insane. More a...


US, France, UK, Establish More Bases In Syria To Push Breakup Of Country Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville As virtually all pretense of leaving Syria has vanished from the rhetoric of the White House, American and French soldiers have now...


Podcast: Royal Wedding Recap, Tax Bill Aftermath, And Summer Fitness The Federalist

Mary Katharine Ham hosts a Federalist Radio Hour conversation with Mattie Duppler, fellow at the National Taxpayers Union and President of Forward Strategies.

They recap Prince Harry and Meghans royal wedding, discuss Trumps spending rescission request to Congress, the aftermath of the tax bill, and summer fitness trends.

Duppler explained how a quirk in the way Congress budgets allows Trump to exercise power over federal spending.

We know there is money out there that hasnt been spent, and the White House has the authority to tell agencies not to spend it, she said. Eventually it can go back into public coffers and not be used.

Listen to the full episode here:


Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign OpEdNews

Nothing untoward is going on here. The FBI merely needed a man on the inside of the Trump campaign, to make sure Russia wasn't exercising undue influence on the 2016 presidential election. Nothing more. No problem. Just ask the FBI. They'll confirm this. The FBI high echelon is squeaky clean. They never lie. If you buy that, I have condos for sale on the dark side of the moon.


TFN #10: 100 Nazi Scalps It's Going Down

The post TFN #10: 100 Nazi Scalps appeared first on It's Going Down.

Sub.Media brings us news from the great white north, where antifascists have white power on the run.

This week in the Fuckin News we look at the multiple setbacks suffered by nazis and white supremacists in Turtle Island, as a multifaceted anti-fascist offensive, targeting individual fascists and their infrastructure paid off big time. Special thx to Jrmie Gauthier and Sithlord for their images


Iran Endgame Newsbud

Trumps decision to trash the nuclear agreement with Iran has set the stage for an endgame long envisioned by Israel and its neocon fellow travelers in the United States. The Israelis and the Saudis will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of Iran. If the endgame becomes a reality, this will be a []


Future Children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Have Title of Prince/Princess Guardian Liberty Voice

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially married and with the royal wedding now a thing of the past, it is time to look to the future. The royal couple has previously expressed their desire to have children together, and while it may still be some time before this happens, that does not mean fans []

The post Future Children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Not Have Title of Prince/Princess appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Iraq 2.0: New US Secretary of State Setting the Stage for Regime Change in Iran The Anti-Media

Iran Regime Change(CD)  In a speech at the right-wing Heritage Foundation on Monday that critics said should put to rest all lingering illusions that the Trump White House wants anything other than regime change in Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined a wildly unrealistic list of demands that Iran must meet if it wants nuclear talks with America []


Harvey Weinstein Victim Take The Stage At The Cannes Festival To Say There Are Many Still To Be Held Accountable TruthTheory

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Asia Argento gave a powerful speech saying You know who you are, but most importantly we know who you are, and we are not going to let you get away with it anymore.  

Asia Argento has alleged that in 1997 Harvey Weinstein raped her at the Cannes Film Festival, at this years festival she took to the stage saying that the festival was Weinsteins hunting ground and that there are many who are still to be held accountable for their crimes. Argento ended her speech with the line You know who you are, but most importantly we know who you are, and we are not going to let you get away with it anymore.

Hopefully this is the start of a clean up of an industry that has a very dark shadow following it around. You can watch the video below:


The post Harvey Weinstein Victim Take The Stage At The Cannes Festival To Say There Are Many Still To Be Held Accountable appeared first on TruthTheory.


International Update Virtual Mirage

Adventures in Norkland

North Korea apparently continues the preparations for dismantling the nuclear test site at Punggye-ri. The Daily NK reported its sources said that the government has ordered a crash effort to repair and improve the railroad tracks between Wonsan and the tests site. 

North Korea intends to transport foreign journalists by rail because other modes of transportation are poor or do not exist. The rail lines are neglected but are repairable.

On 19 May, a North Korean military officer and a civilian defected to South Korea. They were spotted in waters north of Baengnyeong Island near the inter-Korean border, a source told Yonhap news agency. The source said, They expressed willingness to defect.

Baengnyeongdo is one of several islands off North Koreas southwest coast but south of the seaward extension of the Military Demarcation Line. That extension is called the Northern Limit Line. South Korean forces garrison the islands.

If the defections are genuine, their timing is awkward for North-South relations. North Korea could use the incident to cause further strain with South Korea. 

Military defections are infrequent. The last was the December 2017 defection by an enlisted soldier at Panmunjom. Officer defections are rare. The last was in 2008. South Korean news sources reported that since 2000 14 North Korean officers have defected. Nevertheless, genuine defectors can provide timely insights about popular attitudes towards Kim Jong Un and his diplomatic outreach. Defector sources reported that North Koreans are not aware of a potential summit with the US.
If the defectors are North Korean agents, then the intelligence business has not been curtailed as part of the peace offensive.
On 19 May, North Korea demanded that South Korea transfer to North Korea 12 waitresses who defected from a Nor...


I am running OpEdNews

We have a president who is not only a pathological liar but someone who is trying to win votes by dividing our nation up based on the color of our skin, our country of origin, our religion, our gender or our sexual orientation. Further, and dangerously, he is undermining our democratic institutions as he attempts to move us toward an authoritarian type society.


Israeli Govt Just Condoned the Slaughter of Men, Women and Children by Calling Them Nazis The Free Thought Project


An Israeli official claimed Palestinians are "Nazis" and the number of civilians who are killed by Israel does not matter.

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Technology news you can use Privacy SOS

SENATE VOTES TO REINSTATE NEUTRALITY // From The Hill: Senate votes to save net neutrality rules

Thanks to Massachusetts Senator Ed Markeys leadership, last week the US Senate voted 52-47 to overturn the FCCs decision to end net neutrality. The bill now moves on to the House, where it needs the support of 22 Republicans in addition to every Democrat member. If the bill manages to get enough support in the House, it would still need Trumps approval before becoming law. If that fails, net neutrality protections will officially end on June 11th, and internet service providers will be able to prioritize, throttle, and block content. No matter what happens in the House, the fight for a free and open internet will continue.

SECURUS MUST BE FEELING PRETTY INSECURE RIGHT NOW // From Motherboard: Hacker Breaches Securus, the Company That Helps Cops Track Phones Across the US

Securus, a company that provides phone services to prisons in the United States, was hacked again. A report last week revealed that in addition to offering call services, Securus also purchases phone location data from telecom companies and sells the records to law enforcement officers, enabling unwarranted surveillance on a potentially vast and troubling scale. The breach reveals just how massive is the problem: the hacker found a spreadsheet from a database marked police containing almost 3,000 usernames, email addresses, phone numbers, hashed passwords, and security questions. According to Motherboard, the hackers method to access the server was relatively simple. This isnt the first time Securus has been in the news for its bad security. In 2015, the Intercept published a damning report about the company, finding that not only were 70 million prisoner phone calls hacked, but that the company was allegedly violating attorney-client privilege by recording calls that should have been private. In 2016, the company settled a lawsuit related to the recordings of attorney-client privileged conversations.

THE DIGITAL MUSLIM BAN IS DEAD // From the Washington Post:...


Peace with a price: Iran promises EU to adhere to nuke deal on one condition Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Jim W. Dean - The EU is making its opening moves to deflect Trump sanction threats. A showdown seems to be in progress as to who will blink first.


DNA is Chinese to Jordan Peterson Freethought Blogs

There are so many reasons to be annoyed with Jordan Peterson (William Brinkman, CripDyke, and Mano Singham have all rolled their eyes at him right here on FtB), and I had to pick just one thing out of the multitude to focus onand I picked his terrible misconceptions about DNA. His most recent nonsense reminded me so much of Louie Giglio.


After Santa Fe Highschool Shooting, Texas Lawmakers Have "Focused on Anything But Guns" OpEdNews

A student entered his Santa Fe High School, outside of Houston, wearing a trench coat, and shot dead 10 people -- eight fellow students and two teachers. Seventeen-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis used a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver taken from his father to carry out the attack, which officials said he planned to end by committing suicide, but instead he surrendered to police.


#WelcomeToCanada Isnt Aging Well Latest blog

Diversity is our strength will go down as one of the greatest blunders from a Canadian Prime Minister in the history of this country. At Roxem road near the border in Quebec the number of illegal boarder crossings has risen to approximately 400 per day with no signs of it slowing down. In this video Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth tracks the latest developments including a planned rally that is set to take place on June 3rd which she will be attending to provide coverage. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for updates as this situation continues to develop.


Floating in a Sea of Propaganda part 4 Freethought Blogs

It is not enough that our leaders have power; they want to be loved. Thats a fairly consistent pattern in powerful people; I think that sometimes its that they want to be able to convince themselves that their route to power was not ruthless and corrupt, or that they didnt abuse their underlings too much.

Andrew Carnegie, before he died, re-invented himself as a philanthropist and threw money at America in the form of gifts to the upper class. Its not like he was paying dues at an exclusive golf club, nope, nossirree! Its not like he did anything for the laborers who did the work that made his money: his philanthropy was aimed at his new peers the social aristocracy he wanted to be come a paid-in-full member of. Meanwhile, he propagandized us all with his Gospel of Wealth which was mostly a bunch of self-justifying motivated reasoning that ignored labors role in achieving his vast achievement. What is wrong with these people?

My opinion is that, by attempting to farm plaudits, they reveal their own uncertainty regarding their actions after all, if they really knew they had accomplished great things, they wouldnt need to hire people to do public ego-stroke-jobs.

This is a bit of propaganda I stumbled across a year ago, and its been sitting on my propaganda-heap while I periodically scratch my head and decide what to make of it. Why does this book exist? Who funded its creation? Why didnt they spend a couple hundred thousand dollars more to make it a best-seller?

Dont get me wrong: I voted for her. Because I had no real choice; the alternative was a suit packed full of fish guts and lies.

This is a pretty obvious attempt to build a cult of personality around a politician. In principle, I find that acceptable because thats all that I think politicians are: a personality cult stuffed inside an empty suit. In order to get to the higher reaches of the US political process, you cannot (until Trump) survive without making the right deals with the right people, without compromising yourself on this in order to get that. Thats why I have relatively little respect for Bernie Sanders, who leveraged his campaign onto the shambolic Democratic Party machine, then discovered that it was corrupt and a shambles something I expect anyone who has been in politics for 20 minutes to have figured out.

So, its OK to have someone write a laudatory book of propaganda about a prospective office-holder. But it seems extremely skeevy, to me, to aim it at kids. Kids have not yet built up a resistance to propaganda. Oh, maybe thats...


The U.S. Considered Declaring Russia a State Sponsor of Terror, Then Dropped It Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

The attempt to kill a former Russian spy in England bore an ominous signature: The assailants used a lethal nerve agent of a type developed in the Soviet Union, and British investigators quickly concluded that only the Kremlin could have carried out such a sophisticated hit.

Soon after the March attack, Rex Tillerson, then the U.S. secretary of state, ordered State Department officials to outline the case for designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism under U.S. law. Experts in the departments Bureau of Counterterrorism began to assemble what they thought was a strong case.

But almost as quickly as the review began within about two days the secretary of states office sent new instructions to drop the initiative, according to State Department officials familiar with the episode.

There are a lot of issues that we have to work on together with Russia, a U.S. official said. Designating them would interfere with our ability to do that.

The State Departments reluctance to impose the terror designation was not a product of Trump administration sympathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. officials say. Rather, it reflected an ambivalent and at times contradictory policy toward Russia on terrorism issues that stretches back more than a dozen years, American intelligence officials and foreign-policy experts said.

Even as Washington has grown more concerned about an array of Russian security threats, it has continued to seek Moscows cooperation in combating terrorism. Although the approach has yielded few victories against the Islamist militants that the two countries vowed to fight after 9/11, advocates of the policy argue that it has been one of the few areas of common ground in which cooperation remains possible during a period of increasing confrontation.

Russia is clearly a bad actor on the world stage, said David McKean, a former director of policy planning at the State Department. But terrorism is an area where we have to keep trying to talk to them. They can either play a negative role or not play a negative role or occasionally play a positive role.

Yet, as Tillersons order for the review suggested, the calculus in Washington has begun to shift. Throughout the civil war in Syria, Russia has strengthened its backing for the regimes in Damascus and Teheran, which Washington has long accused of supporting terrorism, and their ally Hezbollah, an officially designated terrorist group. Russia has intervened more directly in Afghanistan, Pentagon officials have said, shipping arms to the Taliban with little apparent regard for the geopolitical consequences. And the Kremlin has methodically pursued its enemies overseas, ordering a series of assassination attempts i...


When Granny Goes to the Airport OpEdNews

None of us should be surprised, really. But what are the possible motivations for this kind of needless intrusiveness, when people (especially young white males) are waved through processes that put the ability to harm the public in their hands?


Hey, Better Than Pharaoh! Freethought Blogs

Screengrab. Man looks like he was unwrapped after a a few decades of mummification. Yeah, I know, but still

Heres a somewhat novel defense of the Tiny Tyrant hes better than Pharaoh. Yep. Naturally, the first question springs to mind: um, which Pharaoh would we be talking about? There were a bunch of them.

Throughout biblical history, God continually raises up imperfect leaders, he said. In the days of the Pharaoh of Egyptlets not be Pollyannish hereanything that is inappropriate for young children, it was far worse in the king of Babylons time and the Pharaoh. When they partied, they partied and they didnt even have an X-rated label because anything went.

Uhhh, X-rated kinda means anything goes, and thats not even touching on the absolute idiocy of trying to paste that over various Egyptian dynasties. I dont think it a terribly wise focus either, given the Tiny Tyrants penchant for nasty partying. All throughout history, pretty much  everything was worse for children, so Im afraid thats not much of a winner either. This is also a display of complete ignorance about Egyptian history, which in many aspects, was highly civilised, with a whole lot of very smart people running things.

Donald Trump, like so many other leaders in the Old Testament, was raised up by God not because he was perfect, McGuire added. Other men in the Bible were pagan kings, in fact, they made the people worship them as gods. God has a historical record from Genesis to Revelation, over and over again, God says in his word, Thus saith the Lord. He chooses who he will raise up and put down.

Monarchy, regardless of where its taken place, has always been considered to be of divine origin and choice. Nothing new there. The ancient Egyptians had gods, you know, and they took them pretty damn seriously. Just like you do. That means god[s] first, monarch second. Most monarchs were quite smart enough to play up their various god[s], and simply relied on their authority as ruler to keep people in obeisance, and being fodder for wars often fought overgod[s]. Thus saith the lord. Yeah, there was a lot of that, and a lot of what Jehovah said was hideous, psychopathic bullshit. So fucking what? I could walk around every day saying Thus saith Caine, and writing Thus saith Caine. Wouldnt mean a thing, except perhaps as an announcement I had decided to be an obnoxious ass.

He put Trump into office for a reprieve, he continued, bec...


The Skripal Case Is Being Pushed Down The Memory Hole With Libya And Aleppo The Last American Vagabond

On the fourth of March, in the sleepy British cathedral town of Salisbury, an ex-spy named Sergei Skripal was poisoned by an assassin with the most deadly nerve agent known to man. The Russian government was immediately blamed by a shocked and outraged world. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson assured the people of Great Britain that Theres []

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Deputy Arrested After He Sexually Assaulted a Child in a Panda Express, On Video The Free Thought Project


A California deputy was arrested this month after surveillance footage from a Panda Express restaurant caught him sexually assaulting a child and then running away.

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Did The Obama Administration Spy On Trump Using Flimsy Evidence? Lets Find Out The Federalist

If the Justice Department and FBI are, as weve been told incessantly over the past year, not merely patriots but consummate professionals incapable of being distracted by partisanship or petty Washington intrigues, why are Donald Trumps antagonists freaking out over the fact that an inspector general will assess whether political motivation tainted an investigation into the presidents campaign? The American people should get a full accounting of what transpired during 2016. Isnt that what weve been hearing since the election?

You believe Trump is corrupt. I get it. But surely anyone who alleges to be concerned about the sanctity of our institutions and rule of law would have some cursory curiosity about whether an investigation by the administration of one major party into the presidential campaign of another major party was grounded in direct evidence rather than fabulist rumor-mongering. Otherwise, any administration, including Trumps, could initiate an investigation for whatever cooked-up superficial reason it wanted.

Then, when a constitutionally empowered oversight committee demanded information about that investigation, the DOJ could accuse it of extortion and stonewall for years.

I dont know if theres a big conspiracy by the deep state. But its pretty obvious to me that leaders of our institutions arent above engaging in spying. John Brennan spied on the legislative branch and lied about it to the American people. James Clapper spied on the American people through a domestic surveillance program and lied about it to Congress. Although the Obama administration never tweeted nasty attacks on journalists, it did spy on and prosecute them. Its completely plausible that those in the upper echelon of law enforcement saw Trump as a threat, then used wobbly evidence as the pretext to investigate his campaign. If not, itll be good to clear their names.

FBI used informant to investigate Russia ties to campaign, not to spy, as Trump claims, read a truly silly...


NGOs Are The Deep States Trojan Horses Activist Post

By corbettreport The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as...


Which state can welcome the most new members this week? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

It's our Spring Member Drive and we've got a little challenge for you: Can your state gain the most new members this week?

Strong Towns is proud to have members from all 50 states and several Canadian provinces. That geographic diversity is part of what makes our mission and our movement so powerful.

But now we want to see how many new members will join us from these places. Throughout this week, we'll be checking in to update you on the stats and on Friday, we'll share the top 5 states that have gained the most members. 

Which State will win?.png

Here are 3 ways you can participate in the challenge:

1. Become a member! That's the biggest way you can help the Strong Towns movement, plus nudge your state up in this rivalry.

2. Invite your neighbors to become membersAfter you've joined, get your neighbors, friends, co-workers and any other fellow residents who care about the Strong Towns mission on board.

3. Share this on social media. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever you like... The more people that see our message, the more that will be compelled to join.

For the curious, here are the states that currently have the most Strong Towns members:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Minnesota
  4. Florida
  5. New York

No big surprises on that list; it's mostly correlated with population... But now we wipe the slate clean to track where new members are joining from.

I just checked our stats so far today and two states are currently leading the charge with new members: Kansas and Illinois.  

Will your state bring on the most Strong Towns members this week? 

Join the movement


Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign Jon Rappoport's Blog

Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign

by Jon Rappoport

May 21, 2018

Well, you see, the mole wasnt a spy, he was an informant. Aha. Lets use a microscope to tell the difference.

The mole: Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor.

Supposedly, Halper was gathering information for the FBI about a suspected Trump-Russia connection.

Well, what else has Halper done? At The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald reports: Four decades ago, Halper was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign using CIA officials managed by Halper, reportedly under the direction of former CIA Director and then-Vice-Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carters foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering.

Oops. That doesnt smell good. CIA operatives, managed by Halper, infiltrated the presidential campaign, spied on Jimmy Carter and his advisors, and relayed information about Carters foreign policy to Reagans team.

But were supposed to believe, without evidence, that in 2016 Halper was only trying to dig up information on a Trump-Russia connection.

What more do we know about Stefan Halper, the mole for hire? Breitbart: Halperserved as an assistant to all three of President Gerald Fords Chief of Staffs Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney Quite a trio of politicians. I dont think youd want to list them on your resume, if you were applying for a job with an organization that showed a shred of ethics.

And then there is this: In 1984, Halper was the chairman of the Palmer National Bank. Breitbart: White House official Oliver North wired loaned funds from the Palmer National Bank to a Swiss bank account, which were later used to aid the [Nicaraguan] contras. The contras, backed by the CIA, were trying to derail the Sandinista government, and in the process, reportedly carried out over 1000 terrorist attacks. Transferring funds from the US to the contras was illegal.

Glenn Greenwald: the CIA...


NGOs Are The Deep States Trojan Horses The Last American Vagabond

Troy, 12th century BC. The Greeks decade-long siege of Troy is drawing to a close. The cunning Odysseus has hit upon a plan to subvert the Trojans defenses. The Greeks build a giant wooden horse and then pretend to sail away, leaving the horse at the gates of Troy as an apparent offering to the []

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Do You Have Respiratory Issues? Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation, Dirty Electricity, WiFi and Other Sources of Electrosmog Can Make It Worse. Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Difficulty breathing is very scary. Research has determined that exposure to cell phone radiation, WiFi, and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog)...


The Skripal Case Is Being Pushed Down The Memory Hole With Libya And Aleppo OpEdNews

Now both Sergei and Yulia Skripal, alleged victims of a poisoning by highly trained assassins using the deadliest nerve agent ever created, are doing fine. But you're still supposed to fear and hate Russia. Just don't think too hard about it or remember too much.


FRACKing with Democracy: U.K. Government Wants Fracking Decisions Out of Local Control 21st Century Wire

21st Century Wire says

This is how the game will play out. Take away local democracy to achieve profits and decimate the environment.

Anti-fracking activist Ian R Crane delivers another daily fracking report on a stunningly beautiful morning at the Clowbridge Reservoir in East Lancashire:

Greg Clark and James Brokenshires recent announcement in Parliament includes plans to remove all local participation in the decision-making process to allow fracking. Their message to the people of EnglandFRACK YOU!

Watch Ians latest report:

READ MORE FRACKING NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Fracking Files



Russia, Europe And China Discuss New Iran Nuclear Deal, Leaving US Sidelined The Last American Vagabond

While previous reports have indicated that there was little interest in talking about a new nuclear deal with Iran, the withdrawal of the US from the existing deal appears to have changed things. Now, Russia, China, and the European Union are to hold talks on a major revision of the deal later this week. This new deal []

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Wikipedia Is An Establishment Psyop The Last American Vagabond

If you havent been living in a hole in a cave with both fingers plugged into your ears, you may have noticed that an awful lot of fuss gets made about Russian propaganda and disinformation these days. Mainstream media outlets are now speaking openly about the need for governments to fight an information war against Russia, with headlines containing that peculiar []

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Our Healthcare System Is So Broken, Even Non-Profits Are Failing Us PopularResistance.Org

Since the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, there has been an unprecedented consolidation in the healthcare industry. Giant medical corporations are investing in "vertical integration," which basically means they own everything, including the hospitals, doctor's practices, long term care centers, pharmacies, insurances (both public and private), and more. This gives corporations the power to have control over hospitals and health professionals. Their interest is a healthy bottom line, not the health of patients and communities.


Investigators Admit Victims in Texas Shooting Couldve Been Killed by Police Fire The Free Thought Project


Authorities in Texas made a telling admission on Monday, noting that it is indeed possible that some of the victims of the Santa Fe High School shooting could've been killed or injured by police.

The post Investigators Admit Victims in Texas Shooting Couldve Been Killed by Police Fire appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Tomgram: John Feffer, Korea's Two "Impossibles" OpEdNews

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have posted some of the highest negatives since Attila the Hun. The notion that two such wrongs could make a right certainly tests the credulity of the most dispassionate observer. You wouldn't normally want to buy a used car, much less a complex diplomatic deal, from either of them.


Federal Reserve Note Dances Upon Its Own Grave Activist Post

By Clint Siegner Practically nobody enters the foreign exchange markets looking to buy and hold. Currency trading is generally a short-term game, and there isnt...


Study of 91,000+ Links Nighttime Phone Use With Mental Health Disorders. Decades of Research Says Cell Phone and WiFi Radiation Exposure Can Cause Same Disorders 24/7. Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense recently sent out a newsletter about an article from The Times UK about one of the largest studies...


If we can accept western technology then why not adopt their modes of protest too? Freethought Blogs

This year the Nobel Prize in Literature will not be awarded. This is hardly the first time something like this is being done, but never before has the reason behind such a step been a sex scandal. The members of the Swedish Academy decide the recipient of the prize each year but this year the award has to be canceled because there are only ten extant members of the total council of eighteen. That is not enough to come to an agreement over a suitable recipient of the Nobel Prize. Where did the rest of the members of the council go? They have resigned because the husband of one of the members of the Academy has been accused of sexual harassment by eighteen different women. The Academy also used to financially aid an organisation founded by the accused. Besides, in the past this same man has been accused of leaking the names of the winners in advance having gained the information from his wife. After these uncomfortable incidents came to light some of the members of the Academy resigned. One must admit that it is because of the Me Too movement that so many women have come forward with their stories of harassment against such an influential man. The movement has provided immense impetus to women who have faced sexual violence to voice their accusations, to not be afraid and to never feel ashamed. It has provided many women with a lot of strength and assured them that no matter how rich or influential the accused men are, their stories of harassment will no longer remain dirty secrets, that their Times Up. In case of the Academy, if the women had not come forward the husband Jean Claude Arnaut would have remained installed as a virtuous man in the public eye. His reputation now lies in ruins, the Academy has snapped all ties with him and his wife too has had to pay for his indiscretions by resigning from her position in the Academy.
Hollywood too has gone through a storm recently. A series of women came forward and accused powerful producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. Harvey was forced out from his own company. Accusations were leveled against Kevin Spacey and Ben Affleck too; Spacey lost his deal with Netflix as a result while Affleck too has had to apologise for an old incident when he had groped a young journalist. Accusations were raised against director Oliver Stone that he had allegedly grabbed the breasts of a woman in a party twenty years ago, with the woman recently making the story public. Dustin Hoffman, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Douglas, Roman Polanski, David Copperfield are only a few among the nearly 122 celebrities against whom many women have alleged sexual harassment. Without consent they have grabbed breasts or touched buttocks, told sexually coloured jokes, lured women to their rooms under false pretexts, tried raping many of them and even succeeded with some. Not just in Hollywood, this is everywhere, in the music industry, in the world of art, in politics, business or media. The effect of Times Up has been...


Call for Coup in Saudi Arabia: Dissident Prince Urges Uncles to Seize Power The Anti-Media

Saudi ArabiaPrince Khaled: I have received a large number of emails from within the police and army in support of my call. (MEE)  A dissident Saudi prince has called on his uncles to depose King Salman and take over the country. Prince Khaled bin Farhan made the appeal to Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Prince Muqrin bin []


The Healing Arts: A Man Mid-Wife. Freethought Blogs

An interesting piece, addressing what was a great controversy, with people hotly on one side or another, as male physicians encroached on the world of childbirth. Additional information and sources under the image. Click for full size.

A Man Mid-Wife, Isaac Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1793. Subject: John Blunt (pseud. S.W. Fores), Midwives, Surgical Instruments, Forceps.

A Man Mid-Wife, Isaac Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1793. Subject: John Blunt (pseud. S.W. Fores), Midwives, Surgical Instruments, Forceps.

The text reads:

A Man-Mid-Wife, or a newly discoverd animal, not Known in Buffons time; for a more full description or this monster, see, an ingenious book, lately published, price 3/6 entitled Man-Midwifery dissected, containing a variety of well-authenticated cases elucidating this animals Propensities to cruelty & indecency sold by the publisher of this Print who has presented the author with the above [illustration] for the Frontispiece to his Book.

From the same source:


This etching illustrated a book criticizing (male) physician birth attendantsman midwivestodays obstetricians. The etching shows a figure that is male on one side, female on the other. The male half stands on a plain wood floor next to a large mortar and pestle, holding an instrument labeled a lever in his hand, which is pressed against his thigh. The background seems to be a shop, with shelves lined with vials, bottles, and frightening looking instruments labeled forceps, boring scissors, and blunt book.

In contrast, the female half of the figure stands in a homey room on a decoratively carpeted floor; in her outstretched hand she holds a small cup. Behind her, a fire burns in a grate.


This etching was made in 1793, at a time when middle-and upper-middle class English women were being attended by physicians rather than midwives at the births of their children. Midwives were left to attend the beds of birthing women too poor to afford the services of physicians.

At the time, however, criticism was leveled at physicians who chose to demean themselves by doing womens work, with some suggestion that their only motivations must be prurient ones. (This latter accusation is hinted at by...


Supreme Court sides with tribal interests in sovereign immunity case Indianz.Com News

In a rare win for Indian Country, the nation's highest court has sided with tribal interests in a closely-watched sovereign immunity case.


On Israel, satire in The Onion gets closer to the truth than the news media Freethought Blogs

Israelis and their supporters in the US celebrated the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem even as the Israeli armed forces killed dozens of unarmed protestors in Gaza. Jeremy Scahill writes about what happened and Norman Finkelsteins new book about the harrowing conditions in Gaza.

ISRAEL HAS ONCE again conducted a premeditated, full-scale massacre in broad daylight, in front of the cameras of the world. Once again, it took place in Gaza.

On May 14, Israeli snipers and other forces gunned down more than 60 Palestinians, and wounded thousands of others, including civilians, journalists, and paramedics. You try nonlethal means and they dont work, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So youre left with bad choices. Its a bad deal. You know, you try and you go for below the knee, and sometimes it doesnt work, and unfortunately these things are avoidable.

It appears that the only way not to be killed, according to Netanyahu, is to meekly accept imprisonment inside the prison of Gaza. Among those killed by Israeli forces was an 8-month-old infant. Her name was Laila al-Ghandour. They also killed at least seven other children and a man in a wheelchair, and that man had lost his legs after they had to be amputated following an earlier Israeli attack.

Israel has made it clear that it believes that it has the right to systematically murder Palestinians for the crime of continuing to exist. There is no defense for what Israel has done. None.

But that has not of course stopped the propaganda machinery of Israel and its apologists from rushing to the defense of the IDF actions, even to the extent of describing it as restrained and blaming all the violence on the protestors. The US ambassador to the UN played as usual what seems like its main role, protecting Israel from any repercussions for the atrocities it commits.

On Tuesday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley brought plenty of blame to pass around at the Security Council for the deaths of unarmed Palestinians. She blamed Iran. She blamed Hamas. She blamed the Palestinians who protested. But Nikki Haley placed no blame on Israel. This is what is endangering the people of Gaza. Make no mistake Hamas is pleased with the results, she said. No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has.

After Nikki Haley blamed the Palestinians for murdering themselves with Israeli snipers, she wouldnt even listen to the Palestinian delegation at the U.N. She walked out when they began speaking.

It was fitting that this latest Israeli massacre in Gaza took place as the United States celebrated its official opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. It was fitting that President Donald Trumps daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-...


Syrian War Report May 21, 2018: Syrian Army Liberates Southern Damascus As ISIS Withdraws Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are about to re-establish full control of the southern Damascus countryside.


Pravda: Why Putin should say nothing when USA and Germany fight over Russian natural gas Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Why should Russia "keep quiet" during arguments between the European Union and the United States?


A Sad History of Monopoly. Freethought Blogs

Elizabeth Magie's 1904 board design.

Elizabeth Magies 1904 board design. Source and Credit. Click for full size.



Its a right pity that Monopoly didnt turn out the way Elizabeth Magie envisioned. Just goes to show that greed always wins. (I couldnt get the twitter video to play; if you also have such problems, head to Required Reading, and scroll down to the bottom. That one works fine for me.


Doug George-Kanentiio: Energy company still hostile to indigenous interests Indianz.Com News

The Mohawk people can abide by our ancestral morals and reject a deal with the Enbridge energy company.


Syrian War Report May 21, 2018: Syrian Army Liberates Southern Damascus As ISIS Withdraws Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are about to re-establish full control of the southern Damascus countryside.


Saudi Crackdown on Womens Rights Activists WhoWhatWhy

Blacklisted Academic Norman Finkelstein on Gaza, The Worlds Largest Concentration Camp (Jimmy)

The author writes, After Nikki Haley blamed the Palestinians for murdering themselves with Israeli snipers, she wouldnt even listen to the Palestinian delegation at the UN. She walked out when they began speaking.

Trumps Iran Deal (Dan)

New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump want a new nuclear deal with Iran. This deal will try to include other nations besides Europe, Russia, and China, such as Japan and Arab states.

Julian Assange Is Suffering Needlessly. Why Not Report That? (Jimmy)

The author writes, Isnt the headline story that the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks remains detained without access to fundamental healthcare? And since March this year, has been cut off from the outside world, bar meetings with his lawyers, which have apparently been surveilled?

Trump Tariffs Are Killing Print. Literally (Reader Steve)

This article details how Trumps tariffs against Canadian paper being used for US print are killing newspaper jobs.

CIA Leaker Suspect Charged But Not for Leaking (Dan)

Wikileakss dump of Vault 7  which contained various details on US government cyber weapons  was achieved by the help of an internal leaker. The alleged leaker was recently charged with child pornography, not leaking.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Next Big Thing? OpEdNews

This article presents different views on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI), both from what I have read by authorities in related fields and by common sense intuitive opinions.


Mexican Wall Blues: And Some Other Stuff

Being as I am a self-appointed explicator of things Latin to Americans curious about what lies to the south, and has come north, I occasionally and in a scattershot and prejudiced manner try to offer a picture of life below the border. There is more to the place than narcos and MS-13. If I lived in Thailand instead of Mexico, I wouldnt. But Latin America matters to America today as Thailand does not. So here goes.

Trigger Waning: Republicans and Nordic populations may find this column unsettling. It contains disturbing color and some of the images show signs of having escaped from an acid trip. Proceed at your own risk.

Recently Vi and I were in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas in southern Mexico and, wandering about in a sort of Brownian motion, found ourselves walking along a canal. We discovered a region  frequented by grafiteros, street artists.These view unwatched walls as canvases, legal, semi-legal or just not policed. Using spray paint, they, well, paint. I suspect that the authorities fail to get into an uproar because the results leave the precincts more attractive  than would bare walls. Vandalism it isnt.

Anyway, I decided to shoot a few of themthat is, photograph the walls, not assassinate the grafiterosand then, ideas exploding on me, to post some of them, along with links to such things Mexican and Latin-American as struck my fancy. It will not be well organized. It will, I hope, make the point that the southlands are not, musically, artistically, or culturally, as they are thought to be by many in the United States.


Spray-painted on someones back wall in Chiapas. Obviously the owner of the wall is not greatly upset since (a)  the painting is still there and (b) it is difficult, though not impossible, to do something so elaborate without being noticed.

In Ajijic, where I live, on a wall along the malecn, a sort of cement boardwalk by the lake.



Cartoonist Fired From German Newspaper Over Netanyahu Drawing The Anti-Media

German Cartoonist(MEMO)  A leading German daily fired a cartoonist over anti-semitic views on Friday after he drew a caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The cartoon by Dieter Hanitzsch showed Netanyahu carrying a missile in his hand. He is dressed up as Israeli singer Netta Barzilai, who won this years Eurovision contest. A speech bubble on top says: Next []


Doctor accused in $240-million fraud case allegedly misdiagnosed and falsely administered chemo to patients Intellihub

A Texas doctor has been indicted on seven counts of health care fraud after allegedly administering chemotherapy and other toxic medications based on false diagnoses. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that 61-year-old Dr Jorge Zamora-Quezada victimized thousands of people, many of whom were undocumented immigrants.

According to a federal unsealed indictment, Zamora-Quezada and unnamed co-conspirators intentionally misdiagnosed patients with various degenerative diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, to allegedly defraud health insurers by billing unnecessary treatments.

After nearly two decades of criminal activity, the fraud charges total $240 million. Authorities say the money-laundering scheme ultimately funded the doctors lavish and opulent lifestyle. Zamora-Quezada commuted between his two offices using a million-dollar private jet and a Maserati both of which were emblazoned with his initials.

Jorge Zamora-Quezada allegedly orchestrated a massive fraud scheme that jeopardized the health and well-being of innocent children, elderly, and disabled victims, said Acting Assistant Attorney General John P Cronan in a statement. The allegations that Zamora-Quezada violated his oath to do no harm by administering unnecessary chemotherapy and other toxic medications to patients with serious diseases  including some of the most vulnerable victims imaginable  are almost beyond comprehension.

Via IFLscience
Featured Image: Eric Norris/Flickr

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Speak Dakota! Freethought Blogs

Via Ruth H. Hopkins.


Reforming the National Weather Service, Part 1: Changing the Role of Human Forecasters Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

In a number of ways, the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) needs to reform its practices.

And let's be very clear, I don't mean that NWS forecasts are getting less skillful. They are getting better.  But it is clear that the NWS has fallen behind the state-of-the-art and is not producing as skillful or useful products as it could or should.

This blog will consider the role of human forecasters in the NWS and how the current approach to prediction is a throwback to past era.  As a result forecasters don't have time to take on important tasks that could greatly enhance the quality of the forecasts and how society uses them.

Let me begin by by showing you a comparison of forecast accuracy of the NWS versus major online weather sites, such as,,, and others.  This information is from the web site, which rates the 1-3 day accuracy of temperature and precipitation forecasts at cities around the nation.  I have confirmed many of these results here in Seattle, so I believe they are reliable.  I picked three locations (Denver, Seattle, and Washington DC) to get some geographic diversity.  Note that the NWS Digital Forecast is the product of NWS human forecasters.

The National Weather Service forecasters are not in the top four at any location for either the last month or year, and forecast groups such as The Weather Channel, Meteogroup, Accuweather, Foreca, and the Weatherunderground are in the lead.  And these groups have essentially taken the human out of the loop for nearly all forecasts.



Get to Know Strong Towns This Week Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Here at Strong Towns, we're all about transparency and approachability. You can contact any of our staff (including our President) via email, phone or Slack, and read a detailed breakdown of exactly how we spend our money. If you meet us at an event, we're more likely to be wearing Strong Towns t-shirts than suits. And we don't shy away from tough questions or conversations...

Which is why we've got 2 simple ways for you to connect with us this week.


1. An Open Slackchat (Tuesday)

First, we're inviting you to ask us literally anything tomorrow on a completely open-ended Slackchat. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the Strong Towns movement and membership.

Wondering why we're a media organization and not a consulting group? We can answer that. Not convinced that membership is important? We'll address that, too.

This chat will take place on our Slack discussion forum at 12pm CT on Tuesday, May 22.

Just log onto Slack and visit the #scheduled-slack-chat channel at the scheduled time to join Strong Towns staff, members and readers in a lively discussion. We'll see where the conversation takes us...

If you're not yet part of our Slack (and you should be!), take 30 seconds to request an invitation and we'll get you set up for the chat.

2. A Free Neighborhoods First Presentation (Wednesday)



More Doodle Freethought Blogs

Another idle doodle made on a piece of blotting paper.


Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.


Mike Males: It's not schools that are dangerous for our children Indianz.Com News

Schools are the sites of fewer than 3 percent of students gun homicides; the other 97 percent occur somewhere other than school.

Go Back:30 Days | 7 Days | 2 Days | 1 Day

IndyWatch North American News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Monday, 21 May


ContraPoints is the Hero We Need My Latest for Splice Today Freethought Blogs

In a world where YouTube has been taken over by the Alt-Right and classical liberals who accuse everyone who disagrees with them of being postmodern neo-Marxists, one transgender woman rises above to bring reason and nuance to the marketplace of ideas.

ContraPoints, a YouTuber based in Baltimore, currently has over 110,000 subscribers and criticizes both the Intellectual Dark Web and modern-day Marxists. A former philosophy professor, Contra (real name Natalie Parrott) has a ability to dissect topics such as racism, cultural appropriation, capitalism, free speech, and Jordan Peterson with the perfect balance of humor and reason. Even Kinda Funny co-founder and outspoken libertarian Colin Moriarty gave her a mention on a recent episode of The Rubin Report.

Her latest video takes a critical look at Petersons claims, especially his postmodern neo-Marxism is everywhere and ruining everything line. She first explains the difference between modernism (using the Scientific Method to figure out everything, from the natural world to politics) and postmodernism (skepticism about being absolutely certain about everything), and then explains that technically Marxism is a metanarrative most postmodernists reject. As far as Petersons definition of postmodern neo-Marxism, Contra says its a nonsensical umbrella term for everything about the Left he doesnt like. She points out that Marxists and identity politics activists tend to hate each other. Ive seen many fights on Facebook about this.

Read the rest here.


Cop Crosses Thin Blue Line, Records Chief Say He Wants to Line Up Black People and Mow em Down The Free Thought Project


A good cop crossed the thin blue line and because of his bravery, a racist and brutal tyrant, who used his badge to carry out his sick desires, has been charged with multiple hate crimes.

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Was the Public Deceived in School District's Superintendent Search? OpEdNews

Los Angeles Unified School District Board member Scott Schmerelson provides information about how someone with no experience in education was picked to lead the country's second largest school district.


The Kiev Regime: Derogation of Freedoms of Speech OpEdNews

On Tuesday, May 15, Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) raided the RIA Novosti news agency's Kiev offices and detained the outlet's local bureau chief, Kirill Vyshinsky, ostensibly for acts of "treason."[1]


Damascus Fully Freed of Militants as Syrian Army Clears Last Stronghold Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Damascus is completely freed from militants as Syrian Army clears the last stronghold.


Indianz.Com News

Two Arizona lawmakers were among the 30 Republicans who crossed the aisle and joined all Democrats to send the $868 billion farm bill to defeat.


X Is For Xerophyte and Xerfito. Freethought Blogs

Xerophyte. Xerfito.

Xerophytes are drought-adapted plants, commonly found in environments where water is scarce.  An example is the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica. The fruits, seen here, are delicious but harvesting and peeling them can be quite tricky because of all the small spines, it is almost guaranteed that at least one will find its way into your skin no matter how careful you are (speaking from experience here). Bonus wasp!

The wasp looks so tiny! Click for full size.

Nightjar, all rights reserved.


Rebel Cities 4: In Warsaw, Rights To The City Means Clean Air And Affordable Homes PopularResistance.Org

We fight for a fair, more resident-friendly and greener city, which follows the principles of sustainable development," explained Justyna Kociska, board member of Warsaw's municipalist organization Miasto jest Nasze. Miasto jest Nasze means City is Ours. Started in 2013 by social activists, it is now a urban movement spreading from the capital across Poland. Kociska continued: "Since 2013, City is Ours has been actively searching for solutions to problems such as chaotic urban planning and architectural policy, and the deficiencies of the transport network and infrastructure in this rapidly developing city."


Propornot 2 - Setting Up the Atlantic Council for Lawsuits OpEdNews

Fourth time is the charm. Find out why news sites are suing companies and government agencies that use the Propornot list and brand them Russian trolls.


Classical Thinking: Part 3 of A Series on Economic Ideas OpEdNews

3 classical thinkers on economics?. Know who they are? You probably do. Their views are viewed here. Know what the fringe economy is? The answer is here.


MSNBC libs: President radically demanded an unpredicated investigation while hes under investigation and should be impeached Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB)   MSNBC-backed liberals Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski put in work for their deep state masters Monday as they spewed agitprop like banshees over President Donald Trump recent demands for an investigation into an alleged FBI/DOJ spy plot which may have infiltrated the Trump Campaign during the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Adding spin to their curve ball, the communist hosts claimed Russian cutouts are to blame for Trumps controversial tweet which they say the POTUS demanded a radical unpredicated investigation while he himself is under investigation.

It all started after the President fired a proverbial shot over the bow on Sunday when he tweeted: I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!

But that didnt prevent the visibly exhausted morning crew from relentlessly attacking the President for merely defending himself from illegal wrongdoings committed by the highly corrupt and flagrant Obama Administration which managed to operate unscathed with impunity for eight years.

So, out of good measure, and the fact that I just couldnt contain myself, I responded to MSNBC Monday by tweeting:

@MSNBC @morningmika #MorningJoe show saying: Trump demanded an unpredicated investigation for radical reasons while under investigation and should be impeached for doing it. #RussiagateContinues #MSMLies @ShepardAmbellas kicks ass! READ: #AltMedia.


Grandfather Scales Tree, Erects Mid-Air Camp To Stop Kinder Morgan Clear-Cutting PopularResistance.Org

Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver)  Early this morning Terry Christenson, a 70-year old Grandfather of two, and former Juno nominee, scaled a tree on the inside of Kinder Morgans fence (Westridge terminal side) and erected a mid-air camp suspended from its trunk. Terry constructed the high-flying structure to stop Kinder Morgans proposed tree clearing which is being done to enable the companys drilling through Burnaby Mountain. This pipeline does not have consent of the Indigenous Nations it would pass through. It would endanger the livelihoods and economies of all those that depend on an oil free coast and I for one wont stand by and let it happen, said Terry Christenson. Im taking this action to protect my grandchildrens future. I care about this land, this coast and I wont let it be destroyed all so a Texas oil company can increase its profit share.


Missiles to al Qaeda, Raytheon Corporation Does it Again Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Hundreds of the missiles have fallen into the hands of various rebel factions during the Syrian conflict.


Sticks and Stones OpEdNews

A brief anecdote that leaves us thinking the better of an old epithet and less of a new president.


The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know Jon Rappoport's Blog

The psychiatric Matrix: what you need to know

by Jon Rappoport

May 21, 2018

First of all, as I reported some months ago, 25% of college students in America have received a diagnosis of a mental disorder, or are on psychiatric drugs. I mention this to indicate how widespread psychiatric control has become.

That statistic has been reported by NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

NAMI also states: Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.43.8 million, or 18.5%experiences mental illness in a given year.

These figures are earthshaking. They reflect a relentless push, by organized psychiatry and their pharmaceutical partners, to expand the diagnoses of mental disorders and the toxic drugging that follows.

Indeed, if you consult the DSM, the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, youll find listed 297 distinct and defined and labeled disorders. This is marketing at an awesome level.

This is also a cultural revolution. Over the past few decades, millions of Americans have been convinced they have a brain malfunction of some kind. If you dont think that creates a vast victim mentality, think again.

And yet, wait for itnot one of the 297 mental disorders has a defining diagnostic lab test. Not one.

Ive made this point many times. Occasionally, readers point out that there are tests. Yes, but not DEFINING tests. If tests existed which invariably point to a true diagnosis of a true condition, those tests would be published in the DSM, the bible of the psychiatry. But they arent. Nowhere in the DSM will you find them.

Instead, every mental disorder is defined by a list of behavioral symptoms. Committees of psychiatrist gather and debate, and decide which clusters of symptoms add up to which labels of mental disorders.

It would be as if you walked into a doctors office, talked to him for ten minutes, and then he said: You have cancer. I can tell by the way youre talking and behaving. We start chemo tomorrow.

As with a number of investigation Ive done, some people respond with: Oh no, that couldnt be. But it could be, and it is:

There is NO DEFINING lab test for any so-called mental disorder. No blood test, no urine test, no brain scan, no genetic assay.

Professional researchers will try to tap dance and bloviate around this shocking revelation: We do a different kind of science. Were making breakthroughs every day. Were getting closer.

Fine. Let us know when youve arrived. Until...


Adorable. Freethought Blogs

Warthogs get such a bad rap. I think they are adorable. From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Freedom Flotilla To Gaza Vessels In Copenhagen May 20-21 PopularResistance.Org

The Freedom Flotilla ship AlAwda (The Return), together with Ship to Gaza Swedenvessels Hurriya (Freedom) and Mairead (named for Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire who has previously sailed on three missions against the blockade of Gaza) are in Copenhagen on Sunday May 20 and Monday May 21. They will be joined later by another Swedish boat, Falestine(Palestine), and all four vessels will visit many European ports on their way to challenge the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza in late July. The Freedom Flotilla is sailing in 2018 for the right to a just future for Palestine. We challenge the Israeli blockade and to demand an end to our governments complicity with Israels war crimes and violation of human rights.


The Afghan Peace Tint and Dark Image Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Protests on supporting peace have been carried in Kabul, Helmand, Paktia, Herat, Balkh and several other provinces.


Killing Gaza Captures Culture Of Resistance PopularResistance.Org

Westerners witnessed Israels massacre of protesters at the culmination of Gazas Great March of Return on 14 May mostly through bytes of imagery transmitted onto flat screens and smartphones. They saw montages of horse-drawn carts carrying bloodied bodies and zig-zagging through thick clouds of teargas, flashes of young men charging at the high-tech fences and militarized fortifications that hold their lives in a soul-sapping stasis, rescue workers overwhelmed by the sheer number of casualties, and grainy footage of snipers in olive drab hunting their prey with laser range finders and terminating 62 lives with the flick of a trigger.


Atlantic Coast Pipeline Faces Civil Rights Complaint After Key Permit Is Blocked PopularResistance.Org

A federal court has invalidated a key permit for the Atlantic Coast pipeline project, a step that could give civil rights advocates more time to build their environmental justice case against the $6 billion project to carry natural gas from West Virginia to North Carolina. Opponents of the Atlantic Coast pipeline allege the Dominion Energy-led project would have a disproportionate impact on people of color living along its route. A group of community and statewide advocacy groups in North Carolina, along with the national Friends of the Earth, filed a complaint with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's External Civil Rights Compliance Office on Tuesday asking the agency to overturn North Carolina state permits for the pipeline and for a new environmental justice analysis of it.


State Sets Massive Precedent, Passes Law To Effectively Ban The NSA PopularResistance.Org

It hangs up a sign on Michigans door saying, No violation of the Fourth Amendment, look elsewhere, Howrylak said. Democrats, as well as Republicans, would certainly stand very strong in our position on what this law means. While Howrylak said he thinks the law makes a strong court case saying this is what the state intends, he hopes other states will join in by passing similar legislation, in an effort to cripple the NSAs illegal activities. Next month marks 5 years since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released a trove of classified documents revealing that the United States government was routinely collecting metadata from innocent American citizens without warrants, and using national security to justify its actions.


Police Union Is Lobbying To Expand Powers To Tase People Who Dont Pose A Threat PopularResistance.Org

The San Francisco Police Officers Association is aggressively pushing a ballot measure that would allow police to use tasers on members of the public even if they aren't violently resisting. If passed, the citys police officers would be able to electrocute people who pose no physical threat or resist arrest as a result of mental illness. Last November, San Franciscos Police Commission approved tasers for the citys police. This March, it finalized a policy for how those tasers should be used. That policy, which is backed by Police Chief Bill Scott and San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell, requires police to implement de-escalation tactics before using their tasers. However, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, with a membership of roughly 2,200, believes that these criteria are too narrow.


Battling The Indignities Of Detroits Water Shut-Offs PopularResistance.Org

I never considered myself a politically active type. In fact, I abhorred politics for three decades. But about 25 years ago, I realized that I couldnt fight my personal health insurance issues without dealing with the many other human rights issues Id heard people debate on C-Span not realizing how they were affecting my life. So I got involved with my local Democratic party here in Detroit, then in fighting for school reform. After that, I began speaking out as a volunteer advocate for people who face water shut-offs because they couldnt afford to pay their bills. This issue is finally making national headlines, but the city previously shut off Detroiters water 10 years ago, when large numbers of Detroiters began to struggle with the citys high water rates. The city council passed an affordability plan that adjusted water rates based on a percentage of income.


Mark Trahant: Native candidates in New Mexico react to polls and controversy Indianz.Com News

As voters head to the polls in New Mexico, Deb Haaland is in a tight three-way race while Gavin Clarkson is still stirring controversy.


WATCH: Innocent Man Detained, Assaulted by Cops Because He Had Vegetation on His Window The Free Thought Project


An innocent man was harassed and detained by police, all because they claimed the "vegetation" on his window seal was an illegal substance.

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The Surprising Popularity Of Far Left Policies PopularResistance.Org

There were a couple of other candidates who were categorized as far left by affiliation. In the Pittsburgh area, Summer Lee and an unnamed Sara Innamorato were described as card-carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of Americausing a phrase popularized by Sen. Joe McCarthys claim that he had the names of 57 card-carrying members of the Communist Party. Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania was described as the grandson of Henry Wallace, who was Franklin Roosevelts vice president for a term, and then ran against Harry Truman, who FDR dumped him for, from the far left in 1948. Aside from Scott Wallaces self-description as a proud progressive and his promise to make America sane again, genealogy was all the Post presented to tie him to the far left.


The Public Evidence About Crossfire Hurricane Demands A Full Investigation, Stat The Federalist

What we know about federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies spying on the Donald Trump campaign likely represents but a sliver of their covert activities. But its about time we do, and President Trump is right to demand an investigation. Heres what we know so far.

In the run-up to the presidential election, on July 31, 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened a counterintelligence investigation to probe whether the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia to influence the election. Over the last two weeks, in a series of articles, The New York Times and Washington Post revealed that the investigation, dubbed operation Crossfire Hurricane, involved a government informant connected to the Trump campaign.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported more details of the informants months-long pattern of seeking out and meeting three different Trump campaign officials. The presumed informant, a professor with contacts with both the Central Intelligence Agency and MI6, first met with Carter Page, then a foreign policy advisor for Trumps campaign, at a conference in Cambridge in July 2016. He met Page several more times before the election.

According to the Washington Post, the informant also met in the late summer with Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis, offering to provide foreign-policy expertise to the Trump effort. Then in September, the informant reached out to George Papadopoulos, an unpaid foreign-policy adviser for the campaign, inviting him to London to work on a research paper.

The Investigations Timing Is Under Scrutiny

The timing of the informants initial encounter with Page proves significant because that meeting occurred before the FBI launched Crossfire Hurricane. That detail proves the raison dtre for the Washington Posts Friday article because, with reporters already cracking the identity of the informant from the Posts earlier articles, it would not be long before someo...


Heres How To Take Down Planned Parenthood Now That Trump Landed A Punch The Federalist

President Trumps administration is bringing back a Reagan-era rule that would pull federal birth control funds from clinics that sell abortion. Planned Parenthood, which is by far the nations largest and wealthiest abortion provider, has the most to lose. It is the largest single recipient of Title X funds, to the tune of about $80 million per year.

The new regulation is a good start. It is a bigger blow to Planned Parenthood than anything the establishment Republicans have ever done. But more action is needed to take PP down.

How Trumps New Rule Works

In 1970, Congress created Title X as a grant program to provide birth control and sexually transmitted disease treatment to low-income women. The program has always been banned from funding abortion. But in the 1970s and 80s, the law was interpreted to allow the entity giving birth control to be the same entity selling abortion or referring patients for abortions.

In 1988, President Reagan issued a regulation that said no Title X funds could go to a birth control provider that was co-located with an abortion clinic or that referred patients for abortion. The regulation was challenged and went all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was found to be legal in the case Rust v. Sullivan.

When Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, he reversed Reagans regulation, and George W. Bushs administration never brought it back. President Trumps regulation brings back the co-location prohibition, but it does not bring back Reagans ban on abortion referrals (although it does remove the radical and illegal requirement that a recipient of Title X funds must make abortion referrals, which precluded many pro-life clinics from receiving Title X funds).

The New Rule Doesnt Hurt Planned Parenthood Much

The reinstated regulation wont heavily affect Planned Parenthood because most Planned Parenthood locations dont provide surgical abortions. Yes, many provide abortion pills, and all clinics refer for abortions, but because the new regulation doesnt disallow abortion referrals, most Planned Parenthood clinics receiving Title X should be fine.

Because of this, more action is needed. First, the Trump administration should disallow Title X funds from any provider that makes any abortion referrals. This would totally cut Planned Parenthood off from Title X funding.

If there are far too significant legal and political hurdles to such an action, the regul...


9 Ways Muellers Investigation Epitomizes A Legal System In Crisis The Federalist

One should rejoice that some trial judges are expressing skepticism about the tactics of Robert Muellers special counsels office (see here, here, here), and that defendants are increasingly willing to fight back (see here, here). Anyone with a taste for irony will appreciate that a Russian oligarchs company Mueller indicted, which was expected to remain cowering behind the Kremlin walls, has shown up in court as a champion of American civil liberties.

But it would be unfortunate if the only result of the brouhaha were to make this particular witch hunt disappear. Muellers investigation is showy and politically important, but it is not unique. It embodies our administrative state, an epiphenomenon of a serious disease of the legal system.

I count nine related trends that have led to our present state.

The U.S. Legal System Has Gone Berserk

First, the U.S. legal system has gone berserk. Once, reading the Ten Commandments and consulting the communitys moral compass was a good guide to behavior. Now, no one can calculate the number of laws and regulations that are punishable by criminal sanctions or equally damaging civil fines and forfeitures, but it is in the tens of thousands. Many are vaguely defined or do not require knowing ahead of time that the action is illegal, and even the most punctilious of us cannot be sure of compliance.

Any business person certainly, any citizen probably, engages in actions almost daily for which he could be prosecuted. Even on those days when they accidentally obey all laws, people do things a zealous prosecutor might characterize as illegal, especially when they involve complex issues of tax, finance, or regulation. In American Greatness, Julie Kelly aptly described the current situation as The Rape Culture of Politics by Investigation.

Second, the various agencies that administer these laws are captured by special interests, including the ideological. Of course, different agencies are controlled by different and competing inter...


The Left And The Right Arent Hearing The Same Jordan Peterson The Federalist

Dr. Jordan Peterson, who has enjoyed a surge into fame over the past year, has become a bit like the Yanny and Laurel audio meme. People listen to what he has to say but disagree wildly about what they are hearing.

Some hear a man with important ideas that can help people live a more fulfilling life, others hear a dangerous misogynist who wants to set back the cause of liberated women, trans people, and the rest of the cast(e) of oppression. In a feature for The New York Times Magazine this weekend, Nellie Bowles clearly came down on the latter side.

The first paragraph makes this obvious: Look back to the 1950s he says. Its not clear from the article if this is a quote from Peterson. In any event, this interpretation has an essential mistake. When Peterson talks about changes in gender, sexuality, family, and work, he is exposing central contradictions, both evolutionary and social, that he believes are making people unhappy.

He is not suggesting that all women should aspire to be a 1950s Donna Reed housewife, but that on many levels some women do want something closer to that lifestyle. Part of the evidence for this is that since the sexual revolution the question of whether women can have it all has been so often on our tongues and pages. Peterson suggests the answer, in many cases, is no.

He isnt telling women not to strive for whatever they want, or to be forced into anything. But thats the progressive narrative against him, one that the Times reinforced. A perfect example of this is Bowles mischaracterization of Petersons argument that societies are better off with enforced monogamy.

The Times Got It Wrong

The Times article makes it appear that Peterson means somehow women will be forced into sex they dont want to have, calling his ideas about enforced monogamy absurd. The reaction to that line has been swift and damning. But thats not what he is talking about at all. He is talking about societal norms that value monogamy and work to enforce it. He addressed this on Twitter this weekend.

He also addressed it on his blog: My critics abject ignorance of the relevant literature does not equate to evidence of my totalitarian or misogynist leanings. The important thing he...


3 Big Takeaways From Grassleys Oversight Demands To Rod Rosenstein The Federalist

On Friday, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a seven-page, single-spaced letter posing 16 questions to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Grassleys letter asked Rosenstein to explain, in detail, the circumstances surrounding his appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, the parameters of that appointment, and the authority Rosenstein gave Mueller to, among other things, proceed before the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

Here is what you need to know to understand this letter and the three big take-aways.

1. Rosensteins Special Counsel Appointment Letter Was a Ruse

Rosensteins May 1, 2017 special counsel appointment letter was a ruse, and the August 2, 2017 clarification was no such thing. On May 17, 2017, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to serve as Special Counsel to oversee the previously-confirmed FBI investigation of Russian government efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters. In the appointment letter, Rosenstein authorized Mueller to:

conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including:

  1. any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and
  2. any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; and
  3. any other matters within the scope of 28 C.F.R. 600.4(a).

However, in a four-page memorandum to Special Counsel Mueller on August 2, 2017, Rosenstein stated: The May 17, 2017 order was worded categorically in order to permit its public release without confirming specific investigations involving specific individuals. This memorandum provides a more specific description of your authority. The following allegations were within the scope of the Investigation at the time of your appointment and are within the scope of the Order.

At that point, the memorandum went black, redacting the first portion of the charge. Then, left unredacted were two sets of allegations against Paul Manafort, to be investigated: first, whether Manafort committed crimes by colluding with Russian government officials to interfere with the 2016 election, and second, whether he committed crimes related to payments he received from the Ukrainian government. Then the next several paragraphs are redacted, before concluding [y]ou therefore have authority to continue and complete the investigation of those matters, and additional matters described in 28 C.F.R. 600.4(a).

This strange sequencing, coupled with the redaction, garnered much of Grassleys focus. Grassley directed Rosenstein to provide the Judiciary Committee an unredacted copy of the A...


Its Time To Finally Admit Professional Sports Are Bad For Society The Federalist

The Supreme Court recently struck down a federal law regarding sports gambling, opening the door for states to legalize betting on competitive sports. This is, in policy terms, a good thing: states should have the right to regulate this without federal intervention, and its absurd that people arent allowed to bet on sports. Let people waste their money how they want to!

But if states begin legalizing sports betting, with legal bookies in stadiums, it will have another positive effect: it will reveal the longstanding moral depravity of American sports culture, and hasten the process of American families abandoning the decadence and shame of professional sports culture.

Gambling is not evil in itself. A game of chance can be good entertainment, and some real stakes make it fun. But alas, gambling is addictive, wasteful, and it often comes paired with many other vice industries (see Las Vegas for details).

Of course, thats nothing new for Big Sport, since sporting events are already possibly drivers of human trafficking and prostitution, and sports-related binge drinking has been causally demonstrated and harms the drinkers. The wedded pair of sport and vice isnt new, and adding addictive slot machines will clarify what has always been true: professional sports are decadent spectacles that embarrass the nation.

The Christian Fathers Agree With Me

I am aware how unpopular this take will be with sports-loving conservatives. But alas, we conservatives have imbibed a poisonous cultural norm in our worship of spectacle and games. The games are ultimately hostile to Christian culture, and to the civic virtue that makes republican governance possible.

But dont take my word for it. Listen to the early church fathers! St. Chrysostom, one of the most widely revered and respected of the early Christian leaders, condemned the heinous evil of horse racing in terms that may shock modern American Christians, who are accustomed to a Sunday ritual of church and football. He says:

You have not even shown respect for the very day on which the sacraments of the salvation of mankind were celebrated. on that very day, when it was necessary to fast and give glory, and to raise prayers of thanksgiving for the good things in the world to the one who created them, instead you left the church and the spiritual eucharist, and the assembly of the brothers, and the solemnity of the fast, and as a prisoner of the devil were you dragged off to that spectacle? Can this be tolerated? Can this be accepted? I shall not stop saying these things constantly, and assuaging my pain that way, no...


Lets Cool The Philosophical Hot Takes On The Laurel Versus Yanny Audio Illusion The Federalist

Every once in a while a new puzzle or paradox sweeps the Internet. A while ago it was the optical illusion of a dress that was either blue and black or gold and white, depending on who you asked. Now its the auditory illusion of Laurel Versus Yanny.

This is a sound clip that originated at the reference website as a sample for the pronunciation of laurel (as in laurel wreath). But a young listener visiting the site for her schoolwork listened to the clip and heard yanny. This seems insane to those of us who clearly hear laurel, just as the whole gold and white dress thing seemed insane to those of us who clearly saw that it was blue and black. So it naturally went viral.

How to explain it? Well, it turns out that if you boost the sound on the higher frequencies, the word Yanny pops out. If you boost it on the lower frequencies, Laurel clearly predominates. This is why the clip can sound different depending on the device you play it on or the response of your own ear. Younger people are better at hearing higher frequencies, which is why teenagers first brought this to everyones attention, while the lower registers are likely to predominate for older listeners.

The New York Times has a great tool that allows you to adjust the predominance of higher or lower frequencies. I find that if I adjust it a little less than one tick to the right of center, boosting the higher frequencies just a little, I can hear either Laurel or Yanny at will, sort of how you can look at Rubins Vase and make yourself see either a chalice or two faces.

In fact, I suspect this is an auditory equivalent of Rubins Vase. If you pronounce Laurel and Yanny and pay attention to how you have to hold your mouth and tongue to make each of the sounds, you will notice that the words are exact opposites of each other. This is what makes the paradox so powerful. On the one hand, it seems impossible that you could get two such different sounds from the same recording. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense if you view them as complementary, as auditory negatives of each other like the figures in Rubins Vase.

Ah, but the state of the world being what it is, we cant just be content to view this as a fun intellectual puzzle....


Speech Codes Are The Problem On Campuses, Not A Right-Wing Assault The Federalist

The American Association of University Professors is blaming a right wing assault on higher education for the removal of a teacher from her post in the fall of 2017, after she violated school policy in protesting a conservative group on campus.

The AAUP assessment of her removal in a report on the incident is ridiculous. Footage of Courtney Lawton verbally harassing recruiters for Turning Points USA at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln went viral last year. Lawton was a grad student and part-time lecturer there at the time. She approached the booth with a sign reading, Just Say No to Fascism, and referred to a female recruit as a neo-fascist Becky in a tirade.

Neo-fascist Becky right here, she says in the footage. Becky the neo-fascist right here She wants to destroy public schools, public universities, hates DACA kids. No KKK, no neo-fascist USA Fight white nationalism.

Some Nebraska legislators were upset by Ms. Lawtons statements, but its not the legislature that drove UNL to remove Lawton from her teaching duties. She was removed because of the universitys own rules regarding faculty conduct.

The problems with her statements fall into two categories. The first category are statements that appear to be personal attacks against a female student sitting at the TPUSA table. The second category are clearly political statements. Lets dispense with the political statements first.

Chanting No KKK, no neo-fascist USA Fight white nationalism, and carrying a sign denouncing fascism is protected speech. Numerous Supreme Court rulings have held such statements are protected and public employees cannot be fired, face retaliation, or be discriminated against, for such utterances. However, the first group of statements are more troubling.

Lawton may have run afoul of UNLs core value statement by calling the TPUSA organizer a Becky, twice. Becky can be a derogatory term for white women that conveys both racial animus and gender bias. The Urban Dictionary provides several possible definitions of a Becky, none of which are complimentary.

It appears from a video of the incident that the Becky comments were directed at the individual, not at TPUSA. UNL found Lawtons statement to be ina...


What Contempt For Prayer After Mass Shootings Says About Our Society The Federalist

Yet again, America is reeling from a tragic mass shooting. The emotions are still raw; the feelings still fresh. Of course, the waves of national pity cannot compare with the grief of the families of those who were killed. In the case of the recent Santa Fe school shooting, 10 beds will remain empty. Ten places at the dinner table wont be occupied. In the military, we know the individual and collective weight of such losses and grieve over them.

Amongst the chorus of grief lifted up over these mass shootings, we hear a frequent refrain: We must do more than pray. This comes from both the Left and the Right. Most recently, Texas Gov.  Greg Abbott, a Republican, joined in: We need to do more than just pray for the victims and the familiesIts time in Texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again in the history of the state of Texas.

Such rhetoric seems both noble and understandable. Noble, in that it recognizes the profundity of the grief and issues a desire to rid us of such tragedies once and for all. Understandable, in that it recognizes promises of prayer can sometimes be a cop-out for tangible action and can over-spiritualize problems that require practical responses.

Yet I respectfully suggest such rhetoric is unhelpful, even harmful, for a number of reasons.

Prayer Is Not the Problem or Meant to Be a Solution

First, prayer is not the problem. People may disagree on the problem at handmental health, family breakdown, violence in entertainment, guns, etc.but the problem is most certainly not prayer. The tragedy did not occur before too many people were praying, or even using prayer as an excuse of inaction. This is a red herring, meant to distract people from the complexities of such issues that dont lend themselves to decisive rhetoric and straightforward solutions.

In addition, prayer is not meant to be a solution. Prayer will not undo these tragedies. Proponents of prayer do not claim that it will. Nor is it a tool to implement a change in national policies. That is the job of our politicians. Prayer is what people do when incomprehensible tragedies occur. Whether these tragedies occur through the instrumentality of people or are sheer acts of God, like an earthquake, they call for something more meaningful than cries for action.

Prayer pays respect to these tragedies. It allows for respectful silence instead of well-intentioned but ill-considered calls for change. Winston Churchill bowed his head in silence for three minutes before the grave of his friend, Franklin Roosevelt. In the Information Age, where words alone are valued no matter how frivolous, such respectful silences are no longer respected....


Cohens Lawyers Try To Block Avenatti From Bringing His Carnival To New York The Federalist

Michael Cohens lawyers are trying to prevent Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti from turning the criminal investigation of their client into a carnival, and rightfully so.

It should surprise no one that Avenatti is trying to intervene in the pending case relating to the seizure of documents from Cohen, Trumps lawyer. Avenatti, a California lawyer, is not licensed in New York, and has to ask the court permission to appear in cases here.

Indeed, the court ordered Avenatti to make the appropriate request if he wants to intervene in the matter. On May 14, 2018, Avenatti filed a sworn affidavit in support of his motion to be admitted pro hac vice, Latin for for this occasion.

Avenattis affidavit is laughable. It includes a page and a half of his professional accomplishments, including him bragging about serving as lead counsel in cases resulting in verdicts and settlement totaling more than $1 billion. These types of things simply dont belong in an application of this nature. A pro hac vice application is about as vanilla as they come.

Pro hac vice applications are very common, and usually not met with opposition. Courts respect a clients choice in attorney, and as long the attorney is in good standing in his or her home state and there are no pending disciplinary matters against the lawyer, the motions are typically granted.

But Avenatti is a joker, so its not surprising Cohens lawyers oppose his request to practice in federal court in the Southern District of New York. Cohens lawyers have raised several non-frivolous points and have the stronger argument.

Notably, Cohens lawyers reiterate a cause of concern they raised with the court previously: Avenattis leaks of Cohens private banking records. Earlier this month, I wrote about that disclosure and Avenattis potentially unethical conduct. Cohens lawyers argue that Avenattis actions violate both the rules of the court and of professional responsibility governing lawyers actions.

They also highlight how Avenattis affidavit, sworn to under penalties of perjury, failed to mention an ongoing investigation into him by the California Bar Association. (The State Bar of California confirmed the investigation in an April 18 letter by Supervising Attorney Anand Kumar.) Avenatti responded that he has not been made aware of any such investigation.

I dont know precisely how investigations into attorneys work in California, but I find it surprising that the supervising attorney would issue a statement confirming the investigation yet not notify Avenatti. That said, given his busy television appearance schedule, Avenatti is not exactly a regular presence in his Orange County office, so there could be an unopened letter on his desk.

Cohens lawyers deride Avenatti for...


New Analysis Finds Blue States Have Worse Opioid Problems Than Do Red States The Federalist

Earlier this week, six more states announced lawsuits against Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma LP. This brings the total to 22 states claiming Purdue and other opioid manufacturers have been deliberately marketing and misleading consumers about addiction risks to painkillers in order to continue producing billions in annual revenue.

Attorneys general of Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas are the newest plaintiffs against big pharmas methods of producing and marketing highly addictive painkillers. We now know these drugs are responsible for the growing opioid epidemic in the U.S., and have resulted in as many as 42,000 overdose deaths in 2016 alone, as well as an estimated $55 billion in health and social costs a year. Twenty billion of the health and social costs are in emergency department and inpatient care for opioid poisoning. Many governors and state directors of Public Health are looking for alternative solutions to combat the crisis and funding to offset current trouble spots.

But what is happening at the state-level? And are all states facing similar problems?

While state-level analyses can be problematic given variations in urban and rural area statistics, big picture snapshots can actually tell us a lot about the current state of states. Lucky for us, personal-finance website WalletHub just released a report on the states with the biggest drug problems in 2018 to highlight the states that are winning and losing the war on drugs. The methodology and the results provide insight into some commonalities and differences between the states that are doing well, and those that are not.

Lets take a loot at the highlights. States with the biggest drug problems include: 1) District of Columbia; 2) Missouri; 3) New Hampshire; 4) Michigan and 5) West Virginia.

What is contributing to DCs ranking as having the largest drug problem in the U.S.? One thing is that its not a state. DC is a district with a population larger than entire states, and its all urban. For example, the District of Columbia (68 square miles) has a 2017 estimated population of almost 700,000 people. But the entire state of Wyoming (98,000 square miles) has only an estimated 580,000 people. Interestingly enough, the DC-area also continuously ranks the healthiest city in America.

Blue States have more drug problems than red states.

When using state-level results of the 2016 presi...


Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: The Farm And Home (Parts 1 and 2) The Federalist

This is the eleventh in a series of Battlestar Galactica recaps. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Read the last piece, Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: Fragged And Resistance, here.

Spoilers ahead.

The Farm, an unusual Caprica-centric episode, examines Starbucks psychology and the depth of her feelings for Sam Anders. More significantly, Home closes the schism between Cdr. Adama and Pres. Roslin that capped Season One.

Both stories are grounded in the various religious beliefs of Colonials and Cylons. The vital role faith plays in this series is unusual to television generally, and an example of how science fiction allows for subjects Hollywood might feel squeamish addressing in a more realistic setting.

The Farm

On Caprica, Starbuck tries to sneak out on Anders after spending the night. He asks her to stay and advise the resistance. She recommends they retreat and await rescue after she returns to Galactica. Starbuck, Anders, Helo and other fighters plan to steal a Heavy Raider for Starbuck and Helo to escape. They are ambushed by Cylons. Starbuck is shot.

Starbuck awakens in a hospital, under treatment by a doctor named Simon for an abdominal wound. She suspects he is a Cylon; he notes he would deny it either way. Simon says Anders died of his injuries; Starbuck becomes distraught and gets sedated. Simon later mentions Starbuck may have an ovarian cyst. He suggests that on Caprica, she might be more valuable as a mother than a pilot.

Meanwhile, Anders and Helo search for Starbuck. The Boomer copy appears and says she knows where Starbuck is held. The next day, Starbuck has another abdominal scar, which Simon downplays before sedating her again. Starbuck blocks the sedative tube, sneaks down the hall and sees Simon with a Six.

When Simon returns, Starbuck kills him. She discovers a laboratory with unconscious pregnant women attached to Cylon equipment. Starbuck awakens a resistance fighter, who tells her to kill the power (and thereby kill the women). Starbuck destroys the lab and staggers outside. She is confronted by another Simon, who is shot by Anders, Helo and others. The Cylons counter-attack is thwarted by Boomer, piloting a Heavy Raider.

As Starbuck, Helo, and Boomer prepare to leave, Boomer says the Cylons have failed at Gods command to be fruitful and believe her pregnancy by Helo is testing the theory that Gods love is required. Starbuck promises Anders she will return and gives him her dog tags.

On Galactica, Adama makes an emotional return to command. He orders a search for the fugitive Roslin and Apollo, who are plotting with Tom Zarek and Priestess Elosha. Zarek advises Apollo to publicly denounce his father, but Apollo cannot bring hims...


Will Maine Voters Make High Earners Pay for Universal Home Care? WhoWhatWhy

The sky-high costs of in-home care for the elderly and disabled have been a major problem for many US families. Voters in Maine will vote this fall on an ambitious Universal Home Care initiative that would make the wealthy help pay for such care. If successful, it could become a model for other states.

Under the initiative, all adults 65 years and older as well as state residents with disabilities would be provided long-term health care and social services in their home at no cost to the individual. Providers that receive funds from this program would be required to spend at least 77 percent of the funds on employee costs.

Funding for this program would be raised in two ways: a payroll tax of 1.9 percent on annual salaries and wages over $128,400, and a payroll tax of 3.8 percent on investment income above that same threshold.

The campaign promises to be expensive and hard-fought, but there are a couple of points that both advocates and opponents of the bill agree on. One is that in Maine, a state with the highest percentage of seniors in the nation, the need for in-home care is genuine. Second, with the average costs of in-home care services in the state at $50,000 a year, versus the average yearly costs of nursing homes in Maine over $100,000 a year, in-home care is preferable where possible.

The hard facts primarily that Medicare does not reimburse home care costs and Medicaid does so at very low rates fuel a general consensus that the system is broken; but opposing sides of the debate appear to agree on little else.

Closing Tax Loopholes or Increasing Middle-Class Taxes?


Not only do opposing sides not agree on solutions to the problems of inadequate home care, they are nowhere near close to agreement on the root causes of the problem.

For those who followed the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) two years ago, the arguments put forth by initiative advocates will sound familiar. Supporters claim that after years of receiving tax breaks at the state a...


PLoS ONE retraction Freethought Blogs

PLoS ONE logo

A Senior Editor at PLoS ONE has notified me that the paper I first complained about back in September (A cautionary tale on reading phylogenetic trees) has been retracted. I still have lots of questions.

As a reminder, the paper, A tree of life based on ninety-eight expressed genes conserved across diverse eukaryotic species, inferred a phylogeny of eukaryotes using genes expressed in rice and conserved across 49 eukaryotic genomes, including animals, plants, fungi, and protists. Divergence time estimates among the included species were based on synonymous substitution rates.

The paper first came on my radar because the authors used one of my study organisms, the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, as an outgroup. This is weird, because the green algae are known to be closely related to the land plants, of which many were included in the ingroup. Its a basic principle in phylogenetics that the outgroup cannot be more closely related to any members of the ingroup than the members of the ingroup are to each other. This is true by definition: the outgroup has to be outside of the ingroup.

As I read the paper, more problems became apparent. Some of these were just semantic; frequent readers will know that Im picky about cladistic terminology. Many, though, were substantive. The outgroup choice simply invalidates everything downstream of that, meaning that every analysis based on the phylogenetic tree is useless. A good tree never grew from a bad seed.

I wont rehash all of the problems with the paper here. I posted a summary on the PLoS ONE website, and more detailed analyses here and here. A couple of the highlights include a five-fold range of estimates for the same divergence, for example 110 million years to 549 million years for the divergence between plants and animals (none of which is remotely plausible, by the way), and divergence times badly at odds with the fossil record (for example, 124 million years for sea urchin vs. zebrafish, implying that chordates originated in the Cretaceous).

Two of the articles authors res...


Renewing Past Promises Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Three years ago, I was preparing for a meeting that would change the trajectory of the Strong Towns movement. As I flew home from CNU 26 in Savannah this past weekend, I reflected on that meeting and the bold decisions our board of directors made then. This week is our member drive and I want to kick it off by renewing the promises I made back in 2015 when we made that important pivot in direction.

Join the Movement

The greatest operational challenge weve had as a movement is saying no to things. Ever since I started writing back in 2008, weve had more requests for our time and energy more opportunities for taking action as an organization than weve had capacity to perform. From requests to craft legislation and lobby decision makers to opportunities to consult with cities and write white papers, the list of things we could be doing is long.

Thats why the meeting three years ago was so important. That was when we developed our Strategic Plan, a process that not only defined what we were going to do our theory for making change but, perhaps more importantly, identified those things we would not being doing.

Our theory is simple: We believe that the more people who are exposed to the Strong Towns message, the more positive change we will witness in our cities, towns and neighborhoods. So we transformed our organization to focus on doing three things: (1) Create content around our core message, (2) distribute that content broadly, and (3) nudge people to take action.

Heres the key to this plan, and it goes to the promises Ive made to all of you: Our success depends on our audience being willing to support the growth of the movement. One of the key actions we nudge people to take is to become a member, to do your part to give us the resources we need to share this message with others.

I promised our audience and our members back then that, if they supported us financially, we would use those resources to implement the plan and grow this movement. We would hire the staff we needed and equip them with high return-on-investment support systems. Back then we had one person me implementing this plan. Today we have seven, with two more to be added in June, thanks to your support.

Most importantly, I promised then that we would maintain our focus, no matter what. By anchoring our business model to membership not foundations, major donors or consulting revenue we ensure that we remain focused on our mission. If we cease being relevant to what is happening in our ci...


The Russians Can Take Down Our Grid and Communications Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Our country has been sold out. Over the past 7 years, the Russians have been put into position to take down our grid and our communications.  Obama was the catalyst, but his dirty work continues. Here is an outline of what Obama has done to the safety and security of the American people.

  1. He helped author a bilateral agreement in 2011 with the Russian Foreign Ministry which brought the FIRST 15,000 Russian troops to America. This was the first ever appearance of Russian soldiers on American soil.
  2. In 2013, Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in the Grid Ex drills. The Russians would have learned how to take down the grid.
  3. Paul Martin, through a high level, deep-cover source has learned that Russian operatives have been placed in key positions in the telecoms. So, not only do the Russians know how to take down our grid. They have been put into position to take down our communications as well. Why do I believe Paul Martins source? Because his revelations fit hand in glove with what I already know to be true about the Russian infiltration.

Here is a brief recounting of the Russian infiltration with enough documentation to circumstantially validate Paul Martins claims.

What is going on in America, is part of a generations-old plan by the Soviets.

Stanislav Lunev and Long-Term Russian Preparations for War Against the U.S.

Former Russian Colonel Stanislav Lunev has the distinction of being the highest ranking Russian military officer to defect from to the United States after doing so in 1992, after Boris Yeltsin came to power. Lunevs information was considered to be so volatile, but accurate, that the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA placed Lunev, where he remains to this day, in the FBIs Witness Protection Program.

Lunev served as the top GRU agent in America in the 1980s and 1990s. While in the United States, Lunev mission involved gathering intelligence information about Americas defenses and recommending Russian war strategies against America.  Some of Lunev...


Muscogee Nation clashes with state in reservation boundary dispute Indianz.Com News

The Muscogee Nation and the state of Oklahoma are headed into a historic sovereignty clash thanks to the Supreme Court.


Illuminati honors Professor Jordan Peterson (Fiction) Freethought Blogs

The Illuminati honored controversial Canadian professor Jordan Peterson at a ceremony held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club.

Photo of Jordan peterson

File photo of Jordan Peterson by Adam Jacobs.

The New World Order underestimated the power of his words, said Simon, Grand Master Councilor of Western Canada.  Our branch of the Illuminati didnt, and today he is a potent weapon in our quest to create global chaos.

Deputy Mayor Michael Lawler performed the glowing orb ritual for Peterson, then presented him with a medal.  It was Lawlers first time performing the ritual, and Mayor Roger Claar, who was in the audience, nodded in approval.

Peterson wiped away tears as he accepted the award.

I shouldnt have cut onions before the ritual, said Peterson.  The gathered officials laughed.

Peterson then thanked the Illuminati for the honor: Honestly, I never dreamed I would get this far.  I thought I was going to be an ordinary professor and make some spare money selling self-help books.  When Simon approached me, I honestly didnt take him seriously.  He promised to make me a messiah of masculinity. I just expected to sell a few more books.  This will be one of the few times I will admit to being wrong.  I now understand the full power of the Illuminati.

He went on to talk about his followers: They will follow me no matter what I tell them. I say theres no such thing as an atheist, and atheists follow me.  I say witches and dragons are real, and skeptics follow me.  There are men who tell me that I am the voice in their head. Im still amazed.  ...


Power Virtual Mirage

Power requires neither permission nor forgiveness. 

I'm sure that was the sense of certainty in the triumph of the Democrat Party in the last presidential election that Barack Hussein Obama felt. Orwell said it best, perhaps, "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." (1984) The feeling of power and invincibility must have been heady when he ordered the FBI into the Trump Campaign, when his minions created false FISA Court surveillance warrants and when his political adversary was wiretapped.

It wasn't the first time. Under Obama, the National Security Agency collected data on electronic transmissions of American citizens without a warrant. It was an age that Hillary planned to expand upon - and there was the pesky problem of hundreds of millions of firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition in private hands. The Founding Fathers understood that free people are armed and that slaves are not.

Smug, sly, self-satisfied ghouls like Big Jim Comey and Robert Mueller are the perfect agents of "change" because they believe(d) that they had a messianic style mission to remove the stone from the shoe of the deep state. President Trump was never the "Republican" choice. The deep state Republicans and the media liked JEB! because he was a useful tool, a dim bulb, a legacy ruler who would fail  in his campaign - but fail graciously. His campaign slogan was "Jeb can fix it." $100 million bought him an early failure - largely due to Donald Trump, who mocked him and America saw that the retarded Bush was an incompetent goof....


How Do We Prevent Typos and Other Errors From Appearing in Our Stories? Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

At the beginning of the year, we asked ProPublica Illinois readers what they wanted to know about the way we work. Thoughtful, challenging questions have been rolling in ever since, and weve been answering them in an occasional series of columns. In this dispatch, ProPublica Illinois Deputy Editor Steve Mills answers a question about errors.

Lately, I am being driven mad by errors everywhere I read, from misspellings to wrong word usage to crappy and nonsensical sentences, and from sources like The Atlantic and the NYT [New York Times]. Are there no more human eyes on the prize? What the Hades is going on? Gale R. Greenleaf

I share your frustration. Nothing drives me battier than seeing a word misspelled or misused. Unless, of course, that word is in a story Ive written or edited. Then I really go off the rails. But the problem, to my mind, is not that there arent human eyes on the prize, as you suggest, but that there are. Were painfully human. We make mistakes.

Your most trusted news sources have always made mistakes. Thats one reason theres a spot, typically on Page 2 of their print editions, where errors are corrected, and why we typically dont fix errors without acknowledging them in the story. Its part of being transparent and accountable.

If youre noticing more mistakes, its probably a byproduct of the digital news age, which has led to shrinking newsrooms across the country and, as a consequence, fewer reporters and copy editors. That, in turn, leads to heavier workloads, and less time spent reading and rereading a story.

With quicker news cycles, speed is prized often at the expense of spelling and grammar. Reporters and editors race to post stories and beat the competition. Rushing isnt at all conducive to accuracy.

Theres an attitude, too, that you can post first and fix later. You cant do that in a print product. Once a story is printed, an incorrect fact or misspelled word is there to stay. It can be corrected, but it cannot be fixed. Online, you can post a story and tweak it repeatedly. In fact, you can tinker with it days, months or even years after its published.

At ProPublica Illinois, everything we publish goes through several editing layers. That includes short updates, Twitter threads and other pieces our readers might not consider traditional articles, including these reader questions about journalism.

After a reporter has finished a story and reporting, in my book, includes fact-checking and proofreading it figuratively lands in my computer. If its a story written...


Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many True Activist

Photo source:

Timothy White. That name may not be familiar to many, but those who lived in the 1980s know his story well enough. Thats because he was able to escape, with another victim named Steven Stayner, the clutches of a pedophile and a kidnapper. In fact, their story had been featured in a made for television movie entitled I Know My First Name Is Steven.

These two boys showed courage in the face of pure evil, and with Whites passing, the family can only hope that his memory will continue to live in the lives that hes touched.

Looking Back

Photo source:

It all started the day when Stayner was abducted. No one knew what happened to him for a time. Thats because there were no witnesses around. It all happened quietly, but the experience changed the boys life forever. In fact, he had never fully recovered from years spent in captivity, but his story, nonetheless, proved to everyone that miracles do happen.


The Tireless Search For The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Thief True Activist

Photo source:

On the night of March 18, 1990, two uniformed men entered The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It all seemed innocent enough until you take a closer look. In reality, these two suspects werent cops at all. They werent there on official business, either. What they were about to do was pull the biggest heist of the century that, up until today, leaves experts baffled at how they were able to pull it off.

Theres certainly some form of conspiracy involved and in the years of investigation, authorities have started to put pieces together.

How It Happened

Photo source:

At around midnight, a red Dodge Daytona pulled around the side of the famous museum. Inside, the guards switched positions as one patrol ended. Richard Abath had made sure that the door found by Palace Road was locked. This was his usual routine, and that night, he did what he was paid to do and got ready to pack up and leave.


Home of scientists who discovered contaminants in vaccines RAIDED; documents confiscated for the good of science Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Vaccines are one of the most hotly debated topics today, and their defenders often ask those who voice concerns about vaccines to furnish evidence that theyre bad. While there is no shortage of studies showing the harm they cause, a recent incident reminds us that there is likely a lot more information out there about vaccine dangers that never sees the light of day.

Recently, the home of a pair of world-renowned scientists who found contaminants in several common vaccines was raided, and authorities confiscated documents related to their findings along with computers, flash drives, and years of research.

After publishing a study exposing nanoparticulate contaminants in vaccines, Dr. Antonietta Gatti and her husband, Dr. Stefano Montanari, attracted the attention of authorities in Italy, Europe and the U.S. Dr. Gatti showed that vaccines contain inorganic adjuvants such as steel, tungsten and copper components that arent declared in the vaccines labels.

They likely got there during the vaccine creation process or through polluted components. Once injected into a persons tissue, their danger grows because they become trapped in the tissue and cause permanent inflammation. Is this really something we want injected into anybody, much less babies and toddlers whose bodies are still developing?

Dr. Montanari likened these particles to a bullet. If youre shot in the heart, he says, it doesnt matter whether the bullet was made of iron or titanium youve got a hole in your heart either way, and thats never a good thing. Dr. Gatti was about to testify before the Italian parliament about the dangers of these vaccine contaminants when her home was raided.

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Audio Report: Anger Continues Against #DeportationBus It's Going Down

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In the past week, President Trump referred to undocumented migrants from Central America as animals, protests continued to confront Georgia State Senator, Michael Williams Deportation Bus, and protests in New York denounced a racist lawyer who attempted to call ICE on a group of restaurant workers because they were speaking Spanish.

As Its Going Down reported on May 16th, protests erupted against Georgian State Senator and former franchise restaurant owner, Michael Williams. Williams, who has long courted the far-Right and was one of the first Republicans in Georgia to promote Trumpism, hit the road with a converted bus that bore the words, Deportation Bus, and said that it would be filled With Illegals, while the back encouraged people to follow it to Mexico. Taking a page from Trumps famous comments on migrant workers, it also referred to immigrants as rapists, murderers, and child molestors. In the following audio report, we hear in part an interview with a Georgia resident who discusses the first day of the protest.


Former DARPA exec to head shady Facebook project called Building 8 centered around augmented reality and brain-scanning technology Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

As if things werent already bad enough for Mark Zuckerbergs baby, Facebook (the worlds least trusted company at this point), now they are apparently working on a secret project behind the scenes that has nothing to do with social media, and everything to do with scanning peoples brains as part of a sinister artificial intelligence (AI) endeavor.

Known as Building 8, the research and development venture involves manipulating the human central nervous system in order to build so-called augmented reality technologies that blend real life with fantasy. And heading it up is none other than former DARPA executive Regina Dugan, who will spearhead the programs success in the style of DARPA, of course.

In case you arent aware of what DARPA actually is, its a program of the United States military-industrial complex. Known in full spell-out form as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA is basically the U.S. militarys high-tech division, some of its other projects including a $100 million genetic extinction technology that involves weaponizing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) as part of a global eugenics program.

Building upon these and other technologies she learned about while still at DARPA, Dugan will apparently work towards exploiting the human brain in order to input its functionalities into AI systems that, should Zuckerberg one day get his wish, might be used to merge the Facebook application directly into peoples minds.

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Cross Cultural Soft Power and Trumped Up American Dream Guardian Liberty Voice

Soft Power, a new musical within a play, wryly looks at cross cultural perceptions and influences impacting the American dream in todays Trumped-up environment. Soft Power received its world premiere this week at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. The show, which is produced by Center Theatre Group in association with San Franciscos the Curran and []

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A Unexpected Non-Surprise Freethought Blogs

Shoot, are you Canadian or not? For those not, Ill give a one-paragraph primer on Canadian politics.

There are two main parties on the federal level: the Liberals (centre-Left) and the Conservatives (centre-Right), who swap power every five to ten years. There are also a constellation of lesser parties, of which the New Democratics (Left) have enjoyed the most success in recent years. Each province has localised versions of the federal parties, though their ideological relations can vary widely from place to place; for instance, Albertas New Democratic Party is currently fighting with their British Columbia counterparts over an oil pipeline, British Columbias right-wing party are the Liberals, and Quebec. theyre off doing their own thing.

Ontario, our largest province, tends to follow the federal system quite closely. The Ontario Liberal party has been in power for nearly fifteen years, and as youd expect thats led to corruption scandals. Given that centrists hold an electoral edge, and the two Left-ish parties split the progressive vote, the most likely outcome would be a switch from the centre-Left Liberals to the centre-Right Progressive Conservatives during this years election.

Except, mere months before the election, the PC leader stepped down over sexual assault allegations. This triggered a scramble for a new leader, which turned ugly when the disgraced leader tried to regain power, only to bow out again as the negative press mounted. Nonetheless, that wasnt enough to tank the PCs poll numbers and their success at the polls seemed much more likely than not.

So you can imagine most peoples disgust when a Trump clone by the name of Doug Ford managed to win the PC leadership in a mysterious upset. Oh joy, a ...


Russia, Europe and China Discuss New Iran Nuclear Deal, Leaving US Sidelined The Anti-Media

Russia Europe China Iran Nuclear Deal(ANTIWAR.COM)  While previous reports have indicated that there was little interest in talking about a new nuclear deal with Iran, the withdrawal of the US from the existing deal appears to have changed things. Now, Russia, China, and the European Union are to hold talks on a major revision of the deal later this week. This new deal []


Santa Fe High School Shooting Details Emerge; Suspect Appears in Court The Anti-Media

Santa Fe High School Shooting(TIM)  A 17-year-old high school student identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at the Houston-area Santa Fe High School with a shotgun and a handgun, killing 10 people and leaving another 14 people wounded including a school police officer who confronted the suspect during the attack at Santa Fe High School. The Associated Press reported that local []


Authorial intent is magic! Freethought Blogs

This is a repost of an article I wrote in 2015, although I changed the title.

The author is magic

Death of the Author is a famous 1967 essay by Roland Barthes regarding the interpretation of literature.  He argues that the intentions and context of the author are irrelevant when interpreting the authors work.  At most, the author provides a single interpretation, which must compete with all other interpretations.

Intent! Its fucking magic! is an influential 2010 essay by Kinsey Hope regarding the moral judgment actions.  Theres a common circumstance wherein a person tries to justify their mistakes by emphasizing their good intentions.  The essay snarkily observes that good intentions have the strange and magical power to erase all harms.  Intention isnt magic has become a common saying among activists.

Though the two essays live in completely different contexts (literary criticism vs moral discourse), I would argue that the sentiments behind each are substantially similar.  Indeed, in the modern age, when we increasingly look at popular works of fiction through moral lenses, and when actions often consist of tweets or other comments, it is questionable whether they even live in different contexts.

Each essay is questioning the importance of intention. The intention of the author, the intention of the actor, what is the relevance of either to our judgment of the result?  If an poet fails to articulate a compelling interpretation of their own work, does that make it a bad poem?  If a celebrity says they didnt mean to offend anyone with their comments on black people, does that protect them from charges of racism?

Intent isnt completely irrelevant; rather, people frequently overrate its relevance.  Once we abolish the common misconception of the authority of intent, we can then quibble over the relatively small ways in which intent might matter after all.

Intention as predictor

Some small insight can be gained by considering a form of fiction which maybe wasnt so popular in 1967: webcomics.  Alternatively, we can consider fanfiction, ongoing TV shows, or any medium where we consume the work at the same time that it is actively updated.  As the work is being updated, our interpretations of it must also be updated.  Insofar as we are offering a coherent interpretation of a single body of work (as opposed to string of interpretations of a series of disconnected works), our interpretations must care about what will happen in future updates.

Intention doesnt change the past, but it...


Is Wikipedia an Establishment Psyop? The Anti-Media

WikipediaIf you havent been living in a hole in a cave with both fingers plugged into your ears, you may have noticed that an awful lot of fuss gets made about Russian propaganda and disinformation these days. Mainstream media outlets are now speaking openly about the need for governments to fight an information war against Russia, with headlines containing that peculiar []


Sending Even More Immigrants to Prison The Marshall Project

Despite Jeff Sessions new zero-tolerance mandate along the border, the Justice Department has prioritized immigration offenses for years.


Letter from Iran: Mr. Trump, you have been served OpEdNews

The letter signatories make a direct connection about Israeli actions that may trigger "and escalate American military actions against Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Russia since these nations are opposed to the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem; and rising tensions already exacerbated by the US withdrawal from the JCPOA."


Foreign Federal Reserve (sic): In A State Of Perpetual Unlawful Manipulation Political Vel Craft

Jim Rickards explains the next event that will cause gold & silver to turn up again. Heres the details June 12 is just three weeks away. Thats when the Federal Open Market Committee, FOMC, the Feds interest rate policy arm, will in all likelihood raise interest rates another 0.25%, the seventh such rate increase sinceContinue reading "Foreign Federal Reserve (sic): In A State Of Perpetual Unlawful Manipulation"


Worlds Largest 3D Printer Is Now Able To Print Giant Metal Objects True Activist

By: Markab Algedi / The Mind Unleashed   Melbourne, Australia is now the city that contains the worlds largest known 3D printer. Melbourne based manufacturer Titomic recently displayed their accomplishment by printing a large metal rendering of their corporate logo.

Among the objects listed as capable of being printed by the Australian 3D printer, the CEO of Titomic Jeff Lang reports that it can print a submarine, or wings for an aircraft: soon.

At the Titomic factory in Waverly, Australia in the outer regions of Melbourne, this 9 metre long, 3 metre wide and 1.5 metre tall 3D printer now surpasses the next largest, owned by notorious General Electric. GEs printer is about 5 times less large.

The printer owned by General Electric is capable of printing solid metal objects up to a cubic metre in size, while this Titomic bed can put out parts up to 40 cubic metres in s...


Trump Renegotiates Iran Deal! Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

It's now a much, much better deal, a beautiful deal. Its named after me now, right?


Two Years Of Global Record-Breaking Cooling Political Vel Craft

Global average temperatures have dropped by more than half a degree Celsius since President Trump took office and removed the United States from the Paris Global Climate Accord, laying waste to the climate alarmists such as Al Gore who claimed the earth would continue heating up at an unsustainable rate. NASA data shows that globalContinue reading "Two Years Of Global Record-Breaking Cooling"


Thousands In Sweden Have Implanted Microchips Under Their Skin True Activist

By: Tyler Durden / Zero Hedge   More than 3,000 people in Sweden have implanted tiny microchips beneath their skin to replace their credit card information, identification, keys, train tickets, among other everyday items, Agence France-Press announced Sunday.

The implant, which is about the size of a grain of rice, utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, also found in credit cards, debit cards, key fobs, and smartphones. This technology is considered passive, which means the microchip stores data that can be read by other devices but cannot read data themselves.

Photo Credit: USA Today

This might resemble an Orwellian nightmare to many, but in Sweden, residents are flocking to get these implanted microchips by convenience over concerns of potential personal data violations, AFP explained.

Governments in Europe quietly experimented with embedding the small chip in humans in 2015 in Sweden, and several other countries in the region, before the recent rollout.

Swedes have gone on to be very active in microchipping, with scant debate about issues surrounding its use, in a country keen on new technology and where the sharing of personal information is held up as a sign of a transparent society, AFP notes.

Ulrika Celsing is one of 3,000 Swedes with a microchip implanted in her hand a process called biohacking. The 28-year-old told AFP, It was fun to try something new and to see what one could use it for to make...


The Coming Collapse OpEdNews

Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay. He is a product of our failed democracy. The longer we perpetuate the fiction that we live in a functioning democracy, that Trump and the political mutations around him are somehow an aberrant deviation that can be vanquished in the next election, the more we will hurtle toward tyranny.


Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Strategy 2018 Public Intelligence

The American people are increasingly dependent upon the Internet for daily conveniences, critical services, and economic prosperity. Substantial growth in Internet access and networked devices has facilitated widespread opportunities and innovation. This extraordinary level of connectivity, however, has also introduced progressively greater cyber risks for the United States. Long-standing threats are evolving as nation-states, terrorists, individual criminals, transnational criminal organizations, and other malicious actors move their activities into the digital world. Enabling the delivery of essential servicessuch as electricity, finance, transportation, water, and health carethrough cyberspace also introduces new vulnerabilities and opens the door to potentially catastrophic consequences from cyber incidents. The growing number of Internet-connected devices and reliance on global supply chains further complicates the national and international risk picture. More than ever, cybersecurity is a matter of homeland security and one of the core missions of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

At DHS, we believe that cyberspace can be secure and resilient. We work every day across the Department and with key partners and stakeholders to identify and manage national cybersecurity risks. We do this by adopting a holistic risk management approach. Like every organization, no matter how big or small, we must minimize our organizational vulnerability to malicious cyber activity by protecting our own networks. DHS also has broader responsibilities to protect the larger federal enterprise and improve the security and resilience of other critical systems. At the same time, we seek to reduce cyber threats by preventing and disrupting cyber crimes, and to lessen the consequences of cyber incidents by ensuring an effective federal response when appropriate. Finally, we work to create conditions for more effective cyber risk management through efforts to make the cyber ecosystem more fundamentally secure and resilient. This strategy sets forth our goals, objectives, and priorities to successfully execute the full range of the Secretary of Homeland Securitys cybersecurity responsibilities.

During the last several decades, advances in technology have fundamentally changed the world. Substantial growth in Internet access, use of Internet-enabled devices, and the availability of high speed information technology systems and large datasets have facilitated productivity, efficiencies, and capabilities across all major industries. The proliferation of technology also presents new cybersecurity challenges and leads to significant national risks. More than 20 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. The risks introduced by the growing number and variety of such devices are substantial.

The United States faces threats from a growing set of sophisticated malicious actors who seek to exploit c...


Uri Avnery Israels Day of Shame Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Hamas had discreetly offered a Hudna for ten years in Palestine. A Hudna is a sacred armistice, never to be broken. Israeli leaders immediately rejected the offer.


On The Technical Aspects Of Voting, Venezuela Does It Right PopularResistance.Org

Caracas, Venezuela - The voting system in Venezuela cannot be technically challenged in any serious way. It is open, transparent, leaves a voter-verified paper record and can easily be recounted if there are any questions about the results. It prevents voter fraud, as a fingerprint is needed to start someone's voting process. In the early 2000's, I was in the leadership of a group seeking to fix the poor voting system in Maryland. After the 'hanging chad' election in 2000 that put George W. Bush in the White House, many states rushed to paperless, computer voting systems.


Why is Jordan Peterson so unreasonably popular? Freethought Blogs

I think this article by Robyn Pennacchia comes closest to explaining Petersons appeal. There are a lot of meaty quotes in there if you want to see the evidence, including a great summary of his bogus transgender pronoun complaint, but the conclusion is excellent.

Peterson is telling young men the story they want to hear about themselves and the world around them. That they are individuals, that hierarchy and inequality are not bad things, that we live and have always lived in a meritocracy. That people arent clamoring for equality because they are good people who want people to be treated fairly and decently, but because they want to manipulate them and put them in gulags. That women are going to be just fine with jumping back into traditional gender roles and give them their patriarchy back. That women will not be put off by misogyny. That soon they will be living in a world where they can insult people and yes, refusing to use someones preferred pronoun is insulting to them and there will be no social consequences for that. That, rather than having enjoyed unearned privileges and advantages, those who have risen to the top of our societal hierarchy did so because they were simply the hardest and best workers. Because they were simply lobsters with more serotonin.

Its an overly simplistic and often intentionally vague worldview that intellectualizes the basest id impulses of men, largely white men, who feel that they have been disadvantaged by the recent successes of white women and people of color and now feel left behind. He tells them they are logical, rational, critical thinkers heroes, in fact. Even by doing things like talking a lot about the importance of IQ, he sates their desires to feel important and special. Take a moment and think of all the men youve ever met who were not doing much with their lives but very much wanted to talk to you about how high their IQ is (even though thats ridiculous because most people probably dont even know their actual IQ, for a variety of reasons). This is a thing. He doesnt have to tell them they have a high IQ (because everyone thinks they have a high IQ), he just has to talk about how it is important, and that makes them feel good.

The thing is, hes promising these men a world they actually cannot have without the permission of other groups of people. Hes not doing them any favors. If he really wanted to help these lost men, hed help them thrive in the actual world they live in, rather than the way they want the world to be. Hed help them learn to adjust to a world in which the old hierarchies have been dismantled and understand that theyre no more entitled to be at the top of a hierarchy than anyone else is. Or help them learn how to function and love and improve themselves without needing to base that on being ...


Top Five Reasons To Vote With Your Feet Activist Post

By Joe Jarvis People routinely vote with their feet, meaning that they choose to relocate to a better environment when the opportunity arises. This could...


Jacks Walk Freethought Blogs

Jack and I found a few rare white and green trilliums today. The green tint on the blooms is caused by a mycoplasma infection that will eventually stop the plant from reproducing. They occur in a few areas around Ontario, including our favourite forest trail where theyre a common sight.

voyager, all rights reserved


City Bans Anarchy Symbol Officials Call It Hate Speech Similar To Swastika Activist Post

By John Vibes Ontario, Canada Last week, officials with the City of Hamilton legally ordered a local anarchist group to remove the anarchy symbol...


Since Rosa Parks Wasnt Rosa Parks, Who Was? Irene Bad-Ass Morgan, Thats Who Freethought Blogs

Over on Pharyngula, a discussion has been started about the propriety of using accomplice as a better word to describe the people that we have sometimes described as allies when discussing people that are not targeted by a specific form of oppression but nonetheless choose to work against it.

I started to write a comment over there about why I believe accomplice is appropriate, but it ended up becoming a treatise*1 about a woman named Irene Morgan*2. I decided that the thread shouldnt be cluttered by a comment quite as long as I was writing, but that Morgan deserved better than cutting that treatise short. So Ive moved it to Pervert Justice as a post for your reading pleasure.

To set the stage, PZs post quotes a recent article on Dr. King and the misperceptions of his life and work held by white folk in the US. Hes often seen as a great peacemaker, to be contrasted with rabble rousers who use activism to shake things up and get attention. But in fact he was both. Contrary to the thoughts of conservative luminary Jack Kingston, slavery is violence, as is apartheid, and the US had been engaged in a continuous war against its own Black citizens since the countrys founding. Peace required not maintenance of the simmering, unstable status quo, but a complete reformation of the American project. Dr. King himself said so quite clearly (though he was building on and even paraphrasing others as he did so):

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.

The article PZ excerpts is written by April Reign for and his excerpt includes the first paragraph of this quote, which later became the subject of discussion by Owlmirror, mythogen, and Caine:

Accomplice, not ally, should be the goal. An ally is one who acknowledges there is a problem. An accomplice is one who acknowledges there is a problem and then commits to stand in the gap for those less fortunate than themselves, without hope or expectation of reward. An ally is passive; an accomplice is active.

King spoke of this in his 1967 book, Where Do We Go from Here:
Why is equality so assiduously avoided? Why does white America delude itself, and how does it rationalize the evil it retains? The majority of white Americans consider themselves sincerely committed to justice for the Negro. They believe that American society is essentially hospitable to fair play and to steady growth toward a middle-class Utopia embody...


Praise the Lord and Pass the Blame Downward: More Follies on the Sinking Church of Rome

A Commentary by Kevin D. Annett

Catholic Churches fire bombed by Mapuche Indians in Chile, 2018

News Item: May 18, 2018, Santiago, Chile Chilean Catholic Bishops resign en masse

One has to generally be a masochist to try to make sense of the Pray to Statues and Buy your Salvation world known as Roman Catholicism. But the Vatican Nuthouse became even nuttier this week when the news wafted from Chile that all thirty four of the Catholic Bishops in that country have resigned their offices after getting a very odd public scolding from Jorge Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis.

Bergy, who years ago won his church-spurs in Argentina for trafficking the children of political prisoners imprisoned by his buddies in the military junta, and who stands solidly behind the Vatican policy of concealing and abeting in-house child rapists, was apparently upset that the Chilean Bishops were not protecting children enough. Its all their fault, according to Bergoglio: sort of like a Mafia Don criticizing his Underbosses for breaking the law.

Damage Controllers call that pissing downward. In the present context, Bergoglios pathetic attempt to shift the blame to the Bishops represents yet another act of uncalculated desperation by Rome to deflect attention from its own irresolveable crisis and undeniable criminality. Just months ago, a dozen or more Catholic churches in Chile were burned to the ground by protesting Mapuche Indians who confronted Bergoglio in person, demanding an end to the Catholic churchs theft of their lands and their children; today, the Chilean Bishops have similarly responsed to Bergoglio by walking off the job.



Double Trouble That Will Do In Mother Nature: Electromagnetic Frequencies And Glyphosate, If Weather Geoengineering Doesnt Get Us First Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Is this little work of living art worth saving? (Source: Email Forward) Then stop polluting the planet! Electromagnetic radiation from power...


The big vaccine-autism lie Jon Rappoport's Blog

The big vaccine-autism lie

by Jon Rappoport

May 20, 2018

How is a self-contained world built? Well, you can take a major situation which has an obvious cause, and then relabel the situation with a new name and say the cause is unknown. Then you can claim youre looking for the cause, and you can keep looking and stalling for 50 years. (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

First of all, there is NO definitive evidence that autism is a specific condition with a single cause.

If you doubt this, look up the definition of autism in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and try to find a definitive lab test that leads to a diagnosis of autism. There is no such test.

That means there is no confirmed cause of autism. And THAT means there is no proof autism is a single and specific condition.

Like other so-called developmental disorders or neurological disorders, autism is a collection of behaviors and symptoms, clustered together by committees of psychiatrists.

Basically, what is being called autism is DAMAGE. Various forms of neurological damage. This means the cause(s) could be coming from a variety of places.

For example, vaccines can and do cause damage.

Neurological damage, brain damage.

Parents of damaged children know this. There were there. They saw their children before vaccination and after vaccination.

Everything else claimed about these children is diversion. High-class sophisticated deceptive diversion.

For example: shuffling various disease and disorder labels; studies claiming there is no link between vaccines and autism; the hoops the government makes parents jump through, in order to try to obtain financial compensation for their damaged children; the legal deal allowing vaccine manufacturers to avoid law suits; the invented cover stories claiming autism begins in utero or is a genetic disorder; the pretension that autism has even been defined

All lies. All avoidances.

A child gets a vaccine. The child suffers brain damage. That happens.

Thats the truth which the government buries in a mountain of obfuscation.

In general, how much damage do vaccines cause every year in the US?

Unsurprisingly, there is no reliable count.

For a sane reference, see In the Wake of Vaccines, by Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the private National Vaccine Information Center. Her article was published in the Sept./Oct. 2004 issue of Mothering Magazine.

Gathering information from several sources, Fisher makes a reasonable estimate of vaccine damageactual figures are not available or carefully tracked or vetted. The system for reporting adverse effects is broken.

Fisher: But how many children have [adverse] vacc...


Medicare is Wasting Taxpayer Money on Incompetent/Unethical Physicians Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

A doctor, provider, or supplier will agree to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for any covered service.


Trump demands investigation into whether FBI "infiltrated" his presidential campaign OpEdNews

That Trump is willing to "officially" demand interference into the investigation of several other members of his campaign team's contacts with Russian intelligence figures suggests similar motive; the sitting president seeks to sabotage the investigation into campaign collusion with a foreign intelligence service.


Blowback from torture Freethought Blogs

Gina Haspel has been confirmed as head of the CIA with assistance from Democratic senators despite her appalling record of supervising brutal torture methods and then destroying evidence. Jeremy Scahill reports how Dr. Sondra Crosby, a professor of public health at Boston University and a doctor and a Naval reserve officer, described what she saw to the committee that was conducting the hearings, and that it was worse than what she had seen in torture victims in other places.

In her letter to [Democratic senator Mark] Warner, Crosby stated that among the known acts of torture committed against Nashiri while he was in U.S. custody at several U.S. facilities, included:

  • suffocated with water (waterboarding)
  • subjected to mock execution with a drill and gun while standing naked and hooded
  • anal rape through rectal feeding
  • threatened that his mother would be sexually assaulted
  • lifted off ground by arms while they were bound behind his back (after which a medical officer opined that shoulders might be dislocated)

Crosby told Senate staffers that the CIAs methodology consisted of strategic assaults multiple traumas inflicted simultaneously, as well as consecutively, in a manner designed to instill terror and maximize harm in the prisoners. The interrogation program, she stated, showed that torture is not just a crime of physical violence, but a way of destroying someones humanity. Crosby added: It is important to note that the barbarity of the torture methods used were shrouded and concealed in sterile euphemisms.

In the briefing, Crosby described the torture in graphic, albeit unclassified, terms:

The terror of being kept naked in pitch-black, shackled to the ceiling while music blared, covered in urine and feces while insects crawled on their bodies, in dank cells that were freezing cold or unbearably hot. The horrific conditions in between interrogations were in some cases as bad as the interrogations. These torture methods were inflicted for hours and days, for weeks at a time, over the course of years. The men became disoriented with no sense of when the abuse would stop. Some of the men wished for death.

Theo Padnos, an American journalist who was captured and tortured by al Qaeda, describes in an open letter to Haspel what he went through because of the actions of people like her.

For what its worth, at the time, as I tried to trace the violence that was being done to me through a chain of causes, my thoughts alighted on the psychologists, subcontractors, CIA agents and legal experts who had found it within themselves to aid in the torture of...


What Is The Israeli Talmudic Talpiot Program That Will Take Over The World? Sheep Media

In less than 2 minutes, research analyst, Brendon OConnell, will expose to you what has been hidden. The Talmudic Technological takeover program is part hardware and software, but also includes people and placing them in KEY positions around the world. 

It does not matter if youre using Windows, Linux or Apple iOSyou are toast and THIS is how Israel does it. All part of The Talpiot Program.

No one is safe no one.

AMD has the exact same system Platform Security System and that is now totally owned and run by China.

The ENTIRE worlds Cloud Based Internet system is backdoored by Israel.

THIS is a national security disaster. Disaster is spelt D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

Think about the POWER this gives the Zionist state!!!

Take 2 minutes and find out how Israeli hardware has backdoored EVERYTHING.


UN To Investigate Israeli War Crimes, 34 Bishops Resign Over Pedophilia, Facebook Partners With Atlantic Council The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/19/18). To begin today, I want to open with a very well written and incredibly insightful point, written by Caitlin Johnstone, in regard to the current Trump administration, []

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Bolton Is Already Pulling the Strings The Last American Vagabond

The hard-right national security adviser successfully tanked the Iran deal. His next target? The North Korea talks. For a man with a reputation for venting spleen and flying off the handle, John Bolton bided his time before finally rising to the position of power he now occupies. The former U.S. ambassador to the UN spent []

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Somebodies v. Nobodies: Guess Who's Winning? OpEdNews

To avoid customary political categories, I borrow the terminology from a short poem by Emily Dickinson. In it, she says that she is a Nobody. Like her, I am also a Nobody. But I am writing about two recent articles by authors who are Somebodies. Moreover, each author alerts us to the adverse influence of certain other Somebodies on my fellow Nobodies in America, especially on non-college whites and non-college people of color.


The Merkel Dilemma: Trump or Putin? Newsbud

In the eighty-second edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Kommersant, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and Moskovsky Komsomolets. He discusses the counter-measures against the U.S. economic sanctions approved by the Russian Parliament and how they present a very difficult dilemma for European businesses, especially the German []


Obama should lift the Dems, now OpEdNews

Obama is the only national Democrat who would galvanize an explosion of attention from the media and voters about what Democrats stand for, who Democrats fight for and how Democrats will make life better in a nation that hungers for not just attacks against Trump, but a compelling alternative to Trump.


The US Is Definitely Meddling In The Venezuelan Election The Last American Vagabond

As Venezuelans go to the polls Sunday, the U.S. is working to disrupt the re-election of Nicolas Maduro and rollback left-wing governments in the region. Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro is the frontrunner in the presidential elections that will take place on Sunday. If past pronouncements and practice by the United States are any indication, every []

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This Was Supposed to Be a Post About the Runoff Election in Texas Freethought Blogs

This was supposed to be a post about the past week of early voting here in Texas to determine party candidates for Novembers election.  Because its never just about elections, is it?  Not about the two Democrats vying for the partys gubernatorial candidacy, former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Houstonian Andrew White.  Not about the slow start and the low turnout.  Not about strategies Democrats are using to encourage non-voters to vote.

Not when the week is punctuated by at least two mass shootings here in Texas: a mother whose ex-husband murdered all their children on Wednesday, and the Santa Fe High School murders on Friday.

But it is about elections.  It has to be.  In response to the shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott spoke at a press conference about his plans to address the issue of gun violence in schools.  From The Texas Tribune:

Abbott said that he had already been preparing to release several new proposals for gun laws in Texas.

Now, he said, he will begin meeting with stakeholders to propose swift solutions to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again.

We need to do more than just pray for the victims and their families, Abbott said. Its time in Texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again.

That said, we have to question how much this willingness to act is a response to the upcoming November election.  Immediately following Gov. Abbott at the press conference was Sen. Ted Cruz, who has received an A+ rating from the NRA.  Though Sen....


Thoughts and Prayers OpEdNews

How do you survive having your child taken from you because our "leaders" in Congress are too afraid of the NRA to save these kids' lives? Then how do you go on knowing your child won't be the last one? Do they still pick up things for them at the store, forgetting for a moment they're dead?



Nearly 51 Million Households In The United States Cant Afford Basics Like Rent And Food Sheep Media

If the U.S. economy is performing well, then why cant 51 million households in the United States afford basics like rent and food.

A stunning new report that was just put out by the United Way ALICE Project shows that the gap between the wealthy and the poor in this country is perhaps the biggest that it has been in any of our lifetimes.

In some of the wealthiest areas of the nation, homes are now selling for up to 100 million dollars, but meanwhile tens of millions of families are barely scraping by from month to month.  Many believe that this growing inequality gap is setting the stage for major societal problems.

In general, the U.S. economy seems to be performing better than expected so far in 2018, but the ranks of the poor and the working poor just continue to grow.  The following comes from CNN

Nearly 51 million households dont earn enough to afford a monthly budget that includes housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone, according to a study released Thursday by the United Way ALICE Project. Thats 43% of households in the United States.

The figure includes the 16.1 million householdsliving in poverty, as well as the 34.7 million familiesthat the United Way has dubbed ALICE Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This group makes less than whats needed to survive in the modern economy.

If 43 percent of all Americans cannot even afford the basics, what does that say about the true state of the U.S. economy?

Of course the biggest reason why so many American families are struggling is the lack of good jobs.

In America today, 66 percent of all jobs pay less than 20 dollars an hour.

66 percent.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

You cannot support a mid...


Banner Dropped in NYC in Solidarity with the J20 Defendants It's Going Down

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The following report and photos was anonymously sent to Its Going Down.

On the gray morning of May 17th two comrades in Brooklyn dropped a banner in solidarity with the J20 defendants. The banner was dropped in a spot highly visible from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Broadway, and the elevated J train line. The previous day and night were spent putting up posters and stickers in multiple neighborhoods in Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, using tape during the day and wheat-paste at night. This was an easy and fun way to reach a large number of eyes, using just a couple dollars worth of materials. Below is a list of the materials we used for people who want to replicate these actions.



one bed-sheet from the 99cent store

a handful of grommets

a couple padlocks and a couple zip-ties

some spray paint



NASA Wants To Spend $3B Drilling Into Yellowstone Volcano, Risking Eruption TruthTheory

by Markab Algedi via The Mind Unleashed

Last August, it was reported by the BBC that NASA believes the most viable solution to the possibility of the Yellowstone supervolcano having a catastrophic, potentially nuclear winter-inducing eruption would be to drill several miles down into the volcanos magma pool to pump down water at a high pressure: up to 10 kilometers.

Unfortunately, that plan actually risks causing the catastrophic eruption itself. The origin of the story is from the BBC, where tons of headlines about NASA wanting to spend $3 billion on the extremely risky and not necessarily time sensitive supposed solution to this problem came from.

Just to be clear if the Yellowstone supervolcano in fact did erupt, one of the only volcanoes of its kind in the world, it would almost certainly cover the United...


The Business of School Safety Guardian Liberty Voice

Each school shooting leaves parents, teachers, and school districts wondering if there is a way to prevent these horrific events from re-occurring. School districts are desperately trying to avoid becoming the next victim and they are almost in a panic chasing answers. An increasing number are placing their hopes in high-tech security systems that were []

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EU Approves Historic Ban On Bee Killing Pesticides TruthTheory

by Philip Schneider via Waking Times

In light of growing scientific evidence linking certain insecticides known as neonicotinoid insecticides or neonics to rapidly collapsing bee populations, the European Union voted to place a permanent ban on virtually all use of these bee-killing toxins.

The decision to vote on the ban came shortly after the European Food Safety Authority announced that after conducting a major review of more than 1,500 studies relating to neonicotinoids, the council had decided that the pesticides clothianidin, imidacloprid, and thiamethoxam all pose a significant risk to wild bees and honeybees.

Under the new law, the three main neonics cited in the study will only be allowed in permanent greenhouses away from any possible contact with wild or domestic bees. The rules are set to take effect around the end of the year and build on current restrictions from 2013.

Most uses of neonicotinoid pesticides represent a risk to wild bees and honeybees, according to assessments published today by EFSA. The Authority has updated its risk assessments of three neonicotinoids clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam that are currently subject to restrictions in the EU because of the threat they pose to bees.  European Food Safety Authority

Although their conclusions vary depending on the type of bee and form of exposure, the EFSA states that the insecticides pose a clear overall risk to wild and domestic bee populations. Wild bees such...


The Search For A New Politics PopularResistance.Org

For the last four decades, political discourse has been dominated by the ideas of neoliberalism. This ideology has been promoted by elites to direct public policy not only in the US, but worldwide. Neoliberalism offers a simple story of our times by which people can make sense of the world in which they find themselves. British journalist George Monbiot has pointed to the importance of such stories in his recent book Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis. His aim is to construct a new story to mobilize people into political action and create social change.


Dangerous Liaison: Industrial Agriculture And The Reductionist Mindset PopularResistance.Org

A minority of the global population has access to so much food than it can afford to waste much of it, while food insecurity has become a fact of life for hundreds of millions. This crisis stems from food and agriculture being wedded to power structures that serve the interests of the powerful global agribusiness corporations. Over the last 60 years, agriculture has become increasingly industrialised, globalised and tied to an international system of trade based on export-oriented mono-cropping, commodity production for the international market, indebtedness to international financial institutions (IMF/World Bank).


Taking advantage of young peoples passions Freethought Blogs

The world of professional sports takes great advantage of young peoples desire to be part of its glamor. The most egregious example is the way that so many colleges make so much money off student athletes while the students themselves never see any of it and often get a rotten education as well. The latest US Supreme Court decision striking down the bans on betting on sports is going to open the floodgates for a lot more money and plenty of groups are going to want a slice of that action and the only people who will be shut out are the student athletes. The problem is that there are many young people who love sports so much or hope to someday be part of the tiny minority who make it in the professional leagues that there is no shortage of people who can be exploited.

But there is another group that is also exploited and those are the cheerleaders for professional teams. Four years ago, I wrote about some cheerleaders for football teams who complained about how badly they were treated. Like the student athletes, these people love what they do and enjoy performing for the crowds at the games and the TV audiences but the owners and the league administrators take advantage of their passion to pay them poorly and treat them badly.

Now some of them are filing lawsuits.

Since 2014, five other NFL teams the Raiders, Buccaneers, Bengals, Jets, Bills, and one NBA team, the Bucks have faced lawsuits from their dancers, each alleging severe labor violations, and offering glances into the secretive and manipulative world of professional cheerleading: mandatory diets; forced beauty regimens paid out of pocket; countless hours of work for which the super-rich teams they cheered for refused to pay them. Perched atop of this mountain of alleged mistreatment, and riding the rocky aftermath of a recent New York Times story that revealed that in 2013 Washington cheerleaders were required to pose topless and act as unpaid escorts to the teams sponsors, Goodell chose not to meet face to face with Davis and Ware. He sent his lawyers instead.

While much of the focus has been on NFL cheerleaders, rampant mistreatment of dancers appears to be endemic to the NBA as well. I know the NBA has the same problems because I hear from them, said Blackwell. NBA cheerleaders, like their NFL counterparts, are often required to sign arbitration agreements, which force employees claiming damages into highly confidential settlement talks. Often, said Blackwell, when employees settle in arbitration they have to sign a gag order saying You can never tell anyone ab...


State Sets Massive Precedent, Passes Law To Effectively Ban The NSA Activist Post

By Rachel Blevins Michigan has become the first state to ban the National Security Agencys intrusive data collection practices by passing a law that prohibits...


Is the first rule of science communication Be mealy-mouthed? Freethought Blogs

Hot on the heels of The Sun, here comes Newsweek, touting that drivel about cephalopods from space by Steele et al.. I have dispensed enough scorn for that paper lately, so now Im going to snarl at a few other targets: some of the critics.

Outside experts are unconvinced by the findings. Avi Loeb, the Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University, told Newsweek the paper raised an interesting but controversial possibility.

Oh, fuck that noise. Thats the polite reservation of a privileged professor who would rather not offend a peer. It was not interesting. There is nothing interesting about the hypothesis. This is antique bullshit biology by a dead astronomer who knew nothing of the subject, and its been kicked around for years by his (ma)lingering acolytes. It is not compatible with any of the evidence, and it doesnt even make sense: it contradicts all the available evidence.

It is also not controversial. It is fucking wrong. I know it goes against years of science training, which tells everyone to fudge and hem and haw and avoid saying anything that might someday be used to say you were wrong about something, but get over it. Learn to speak plainly and honestly. This kind of dim politesse is exactly what allows science denialists to misquote you.

However, it offers no indisputable proof that the Cambrian explosion is the result of panspermia, he said.

Aaargh. First day of my introductory biology course, where I talk about the basic principles of science, the first thing I tell them is that THERE IS NO PROOF IN SCIENCE. We deal in probabilities, in consilience, in building an evidential case to strongly support a hypothesis, and everything is provisional.

The problem with the squid panspermia hypothesis isnt that there is no proof, its that there is no evidence. None. The dithering pontifications in the paper in question are all evidence-free speculations based on wishful misinterpretations of inappropriately collected and interpreted data.

I bet that Harvard professor would say exactly the same thing over a beer at the local bar with his colleagues, but put em in front of a journalist and suddenly all of their well-earned confidence turns into cautious cowardice.

And thus do all the phony hucksters and pseudoscientists thrive in the loamy fertilizer of tepid, timid compost dribbling from the jaws of hesitant academics.


Cops Raid School, Hold Teacher at Gun Point, Terrify Kids to Look for an Absent Student Activist Post

By Rachel Blevins Denver, CO Community members are horrified after they say police officers conducted a classroom-to-classroom search with guns drawn and interrogated teachers...


Again I Am Speaking Out Against Torture, Again I Am Under Attack OpEdNews

I was very public in my opposition to Gina Haspel. I believe that her deep involvement in the CIA's torture program is disqualifying, no matter how many of the CIA's rank-and-file employees love her, as Senator Mark Warner said in rationalizing his flip-flop on her nomination.


Germany responds to USAs ultimatum about Nord Stream 2 project Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Earlier, Us officials said that the United Stats may impose sanctions on the companies involved in the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project.


I Am Julian Assange PopularResistance.Org

Julian is not wanted because hes a spy, or even because he published a number of documents whose publication was inconvenient for certain people. He is wanted because he is so damn smart, which makes him very good and terribly effective at what he does. Hes on a most wanted list not for what hes already published, but for what he might yet publish in the future. He built up WikiLeaks into an organization that acquired the ultimate trust of many people who had access to documents they felt should be made public. They knew he would never betray their trust. WikiLeaks has to date never published any documents that were later found out to be false.


Thousands in Sweden Have Implanted Microchips Under Their Skin The Anti-Media

Microchips(ZHE)  More than 3,000 people in Sweden have implanted tiny microchips beneath their skin to replace their credit card information, identification, keys, train tickets, among other everyday items, Agence France-Press announced Sunday. The implant, which is about the size of a grain of rice, utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, also found in credit cards, debit cards, key []


What Palestinians? PopularResistance.Org

One of the young Israeli men who were picking fights with young Palestinian men on the ancient streets of East Jerusalem a few days ago, assured a BBC journalist that there were no Palestinians in the city or anywhere in Israel for that matter in fact there were no Palestinians anywhere, they had never existed. There were only a bunch of Arab troublemakers. The young Israeli mans argument was bolstered by a 2010 book entitled The Complete History of the Palestinian People by Dr. Marcus Rose who follows what seems to be a perfectly sensible table of contents with eight blank pages...


May Is Mental Health Month: What To Read. Freethought Blogs

For a list of good reading having to do with mental and emotional health, head over to Rumpus. Im not big on special days or months, they rarely penetrate most peoples skulls, but this is a timely reminder to be more mindful to others. In that vein, Ill leave you with this video by The Amity Affliction. Its harsh, but its a damn good reminder to make every effort not to be an oblivious ass. (Added the follow up song.)

The Amity Affliction -All Fucked Up.

The Amity Affliction I Bring the Weather With Me. (Lyrics below the fold.)

Its time to lay my head down
I can hear the weeping song
There are sirens in the distance
As the church bells sound along
Mourning ushers in the rain
Clouds are heavy like their hearts
I sing to them their weeping song
Until their world is dark

We are all stars in the sky
We all shimmer then decay
So I wonder did I burn out, make a mark
Or fade away?

Will you miss me when Im gone?
(I am the storm that never leaves)
Will you miss me when Im gone?
(I bring the weather with me.)

Im the ship in the bottle
Rain pouring down on me
I sing songs for my funeral
That I will never see
You were my shining light
Oh, you were heaven sent
But now Im not afraid of leaving
Not of God, and not of Death.

We are all stars in the sky
We all shimmer then decay
So I wonder did I burn out, make a mark
Or fade away?

Will you miss me when Im gone?
(I am the storm that never leaves)
Will you miss me when Im gone?
(I bring the weather with me.)

[Now] Place the pennies on my eyes
Ill sleep with the stars tonight.

Will you miss me when I&#8217...


The Path To Victory On Net Neutrality PopularResistance.Org

The United States Senate has voted to overturn the FCC and restore net neutrality protections, the fate of that measure currently rests in the House of Representatives. While many will think that the uphill battle there makes it a lost cause, that is simply not true. Together, we have the power to win in the House of Representatives. Now that the Senate has officially voted 52-47 to reverse the FCCs so-called Restoring Internet Freedom Order under an expedited procedure known as the Congressional Review Act (CRA). It is now pending a vote in the House of Representatives.


Shepard Ambellas: Twitter just said I was a bot then forced a data scrape of my iPhone Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) In what can only be presumed to be a audacious act of extortion, Twitter appeared to have allowed Google to force a data scrape of Intellihub Founder and Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellass iPhone by holding his account features hostage early Sunday morning following several racy tweets made by Ambellas in regards to the Las Vegas Shooting.

It all started when the highly-popular and extremely controversial alternative media guru tweeted the following late Sunday night: In this story you will find that the man on a mission is likely also tied to communications from the night of the #LasVegasShooting! #MKULTRA #CIA #PSYOP #GunControl

Shep quickly followed up with another tweet which read: Let that sink in.

Twitter jumped in Sunday morning and issued a pop-up message that took over Ambellass smartphone screen altogether. The message read Weve temporarily limited some of your account features.

The message went on:

Your account appears to have exhibited automated beha...


How Costa Rica Gets It Right PopularResistance.Org

SAN JOS With authoritarianism and proto-fascism on the rise in so many corners of the world, it is heartening to see a country where citizens are still deeply committed to democratic principles. And now its people are in the midst of trying to redefine their politics for the twenty-first century. Over the years, Costa Rica, a country of fewer than five million people, has gained attention worldwide for its progressive leadership. In 1948, after a short civil war, President Jos Figueres Ferrer abolished the military. Since then, Costa Rica has made itself a center for the study of conflict resolution and prevention, hosting the United Nations-mandated University for Peace.


The Beginner's Guide to Pissing Off Conservatives OpEdNews

Yes, it's an art. And like any art it can be mastered with discipline, patience, and practice.


Why Are For-Profit US Prisons Subjecting Detainees To Forced Labor? PopularResistance.Org

In 2017, officials at the Stewart immigration detention center in Georgia placed Shoaib Ahmed, a 24-year-old immigrant from Bangladesh, in solitary confinement for encouraging fellow workers to stop working. Ahmed, who was paid 50 cents per hour to work within the facility, was upset because his $20 paycheck was delayed. His punishment was solitary confinement for 10 days, where he was subject to deplorable conditions a cell with no access to other workers, only an hour of out of cell time per day and showers only three times per week.


EU, Iran Agree to Salvage Nuclear Deal Despite US Breach of Agreement The Anti-Media

EU Iran Nuclear Deal(CD)  The European Union and Iran signaled on Saturday that they would not permit President Donald Trumps deeply unpopular decision to exit the Iran nuclear deal to deteriorate their own involvement in the agreement. We have sent a message to our Iranian friends that as long as they are sticking to the agreement the Europeans willfulfill []


Windjammer, Restored. Freethought Blogs

Windjammer, a film made in 1957, was noted for a new camera technique, Cinemiracle. Unfortunately, the cinemiracle didnt take off like the film did. Flicker Alley has now restored the film, and you can read all about it at Hyperallergic, as well as find the link to purchase the newly restored film.


SUNDAY SCREENING: How Britain Created Israel & The Nakba (2013) 21st Century Wire

EDITORS NOTE: While 21WIRE has been extremely critical of Al Jazeeras relentless production of regime change propaganda and extreme bias designed to undermine both Syria and Libya since 2011, the following documentary about Britains central role in the foundation of the Zionist Project is both historically accurate and extremely informative. We sincerely wish that the Qatari-controlled media outlet will one day apply the same principles of journalism to telling the truth about Syria.

This weeks documentary film curated by our editorial team at 21WIRE.

The Nakba did not begin in 1948. Its origins lie over two centuries ago. Before the brutality of the Israelis, there was the brutality of the British This is the first in a four-part series on the Nakba, meaning the catastrophe, about the history of the Palestinian exodus that led to the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948, and the establishment of the state of Israel. It start in 1799 with Napoleons attempted advance into Palestine to check British expansion and his appeal to world Jewry to claim a homeland there. The story then moves into the British Mandate in Palestine and the Nakba where residents were ethnically cleansed by European settler paramilitaries who forced hundreds of thousands of native Arabs from their homes. And thats only the beginning.

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe Episode 1:

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe Episode 2

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe Episode 3

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe Episode 4

Run time: 47 min
Produced by: Al Jazeera English (2013)



Pravda: Draft Dodger in Chief Dodges Historic Opening of US Embassy, Jerusalem. Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

In the few minutes it took to jot down notes for this piece, the Palestinian death toll of those demonstrating rose from twenty eight dead, shot by Israeli soldiers, to forty three.


Episode #234 Manifest Destiny with guests F. William Engdahl + Treka (from Syria) 21st Century Wire

Episode #234 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on May 20th 2018 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you a very special LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) covering all the top news stories worldwide


5pm-8pm UK Time | 12pm-3pm ET (US) | 9am-12am PT (US)

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE as host Patrick Henningsen brings you all the top stories in the US, Europe and internationally. This week well discuss the continued fall-out from Israels massacre of protesters in Gaza, Palestine, as well as Trumps US embassy move to Jerusalem, and additional fall-out from Trumps withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal setting the stage for increased tension between US and Israel against Iran, Syria and possibly Lebanon.  Later in the first hour well be joined LIVE by special guest and author F. William Engdahl to discuss his new book, Manifest Destiny: Democracy as Cognitive Dissonance, and how Washingtons NGO Complex is now doing the old job of the CIA and what this means for countries on the Anglo-American target list for regime change and destablization.  In the second hour well go LIVE to Damascus to speak with Syrian performance artist and comedian, Treka, to discuss how and why the West have got the Syrian narrative so wrong as he explains how all of the media main Western myths about his country are fiction. And this and more. Enjoy the show



Former CIA Operative & FBI Whistleblower on Covert Illegal Ops. & Out of Control CIA Newsbud

In this edition of Probable Cause, Sibel Edmonds guest is Verne Lyon, a former CIA operative involved in Operation Chaos, in addition to covert operations in Cuba.  Lyon is the co-author of the brand-new book Eyes on Havana - Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA. Edmonds and Lyon discuss Lyons new book []


Call To Disband Baltimore Police Department In Wake Of Abuses PopularResistance.Org

After the DOJ report, the Baltimore Police Department did not fundamentally change. They continued to have a War Room and were found to have engaged in secret aerial surveillance, facial scanning, and using Geofeedia and Zerofox to track activists on social media. They have secretly deployed a device called Stingray to capture all cell phone signals in an area effectively criminalizing entire communities, especially disinvested, redlined Black neighborhoods. Hence, the Baltimore Police Department is fundamentally a white supremacist organization that hurts Black Lives.


San Francisco: Arrests At Book Event In Protest Of Massacres In Occupied Palestine PopularResistance.Org

San Francisco, CA - 18 people were arrested on Wednesday for speaking out at a book event for the former prime minister of Occupied Palestine, Ehud Barak. The Palestinian Action Network (PAN), Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC),  Jewish Voice for Peace-Bay Area and other groups shouted down former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, calling him a war criminal for his actions against Palestinians. Barak, who served as prime minister from 1999 to 2001 and as defense minister from 2007 to 2013, spoke at the Jewish Community Center to promote a new book.


The Healing Arts: Love In A Tub, Three Women in the Bath. [NSFW] Freethought Blogs

The first one is mild enough, the second below the fold. Interestingly enough, the explicit one is from the 1500s. Click for full size.

Love In A Tub or A Cure for a Cold, Thomas Rowlandson, Etching, 1802. Subject: Foot Baths, Sexual Behaviour, Coryza.

Love In A Tub or A Cure for a Cold, Thomas Rowlandson, Etching, 1802. Subject: Foot Baths, Sexual Behaviour, Coryza.

Three Women in the Bath, Hans Sebald Beham, Engraving, 1548. Subject: Public Baths, Sexual Behaviour.

Three Women in the Bath, Hans Sebald Beham, Engraving, 1548. Subject: Public Baths, Sexual Behaviour.


Missiles Exchange Rate Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

A clash in Syria between the US and Russia and even US and Iran, are far from inevitable.


Cop Rapes Fellow Cops 13-Year-Old DaughterNot Fired, Still Getting Paid The Free Thought Project


A police officer has been charged with sexual assault after he was accused of raping his fellow officer's 13-year-old daughter.

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Stop Kicking Sand In Kim's Face OpEdNews

Who can blame the North Koreans for blowing their tops? As Trump administration mouthpieces were gabbing about peace and light, the US Air Force was getting ready to fly B-52 heavy bombers and F-22 Raptor stealth fighters around North Korea's borders and missile-armed subs lurked at sea. This provocation was the first of two major spring military exercises planned by the US and its reluctant South Korean satrap.


NY Times: Trump Jr, the Mossad and Blackwaternot Russia Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Did Israel participate in rigging the U.S. election in 2016 by manipulating social media?


A Judas Will Appear In the Alt Media to Lead Us Astray Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

In my former days as a college basketball coach, I became very adept at analyzing my opponent by becoming familiar with the tactics and strategies of opposing coaches. I would look for their relative strengths and weaknesses. I would subsequently study how they might potentially employ their strengths against my team. When I felt I had a good model, I would employ anticipatory strategies, usually two or three, which were all designed to counter the anticipated threat. This approach to preparation is similar to what organizations like the Naval War College will engage in. Enemy strategies are anticipated and game planned for.

I bring these strategies to light because I think it is prudent, in the present time to employ this type of analysis and preparation to our fight against the globalists. Are there patterns that they follow that we can presently discern and reasonably expect them to employ in the near future? I think that there are.

Past Behavior Is the Best Predictor of Future Action

When I was coaching, I constructed and maintained a notebook on all coaches that I ever competed against. I wanted to know their tendencies, and subsequently, their coaching style. Since I sought to know my opponent as well as they knew themselves, I would begin by looking for patterns that they have employed in the past.

I have begun to do the same with the globalists and there are patterns that they follow.

We need to keep in mind that the globalists have no hesitation to kill millions in anticipation of lessening the opposition to a desired globalist goal. The wars that have killed millions are the most obvious case in point. Brzezinski, stated a few years before his death, that it used to be easier to control a million people than kill a million people. He modified this statement and said, today, it is easier to kill a million rather than to control a million.

Will the Globalists Use a Mass Murdering Bioweapon?

For the past 5.5 years I have...


Bombshell: Doxxed FBI Trump spy also spied on Carter Admin while a campaign aide for Regan Intellihub

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) Doxxed FBI Trump spy Stefan A. Halper also spied on the Jimmy Carter Administration while he was working as a Ronald Reagan Campaign aide, according to an archived 1983 report out of the New York Times.

The report, titled Reagan aides describe operation to gather inside data on Carter explains:

An operation to collect inside information on Carter Administration foreign policy was run in Ronald Reagans campaign headquarters in the 1980 Presidential campaign, according to present and former Reagan Administration officials.

Those sources said they did not know exactly what information the operation produced or whether it was anything beyond the usual grab bag of rumors and published news reports. But they said it involved a number of retired Central Intelligence Agency officials and was highly secretive.

The sources identified Stefan A. Halper, a campaign aide involved in providing 24-hour news updates and policy ideas to the traveling Reagan party, as the person in charge. Mr. Halper, until recently deputy director of the State Departments Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs and now chairman of the Palmer National Bank in Washington, was out of town today and could not be reached. But Ray S. Cline, his father-in-law, a former senior Central Intelligence official, rejected the account as a romantic fallacy.

Here is the actual article out of the newspaper.

times machineScreenshot via TimesMachine/New York Times (@BlacklistedNews on Twitter)

It looks like Halper and the FBI have some explaining to do.




Ex-Ukrainian Soldier to Trump: Im Ready to Testify Kiev Used Chemical Weapons Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

In 2014, reports surfaced of the Kiev military allegedly using chemical weapons in its operations against the Donbass militia.


Show Solidarity With Corea Hunger Strike PopularResistance.Org

Washington, DC - The Corea Peace delegation reports that even though South Korea and North Korea had agreed to stop all hostilities against each other and pledged to lower military tension in the recent Panmunjom Declaration, the South Korea-U.S. joint war exercise, "Max Thunder" began on May 11. This was just a week after the Key Resolve/Foal Eagle war exercise had ended. The Max Thunder war exercise is proceeding in the largest-ever scale, including eight of the latest stealth aircrafts, named the F-22 raptor, which are built by Lockheed Martin.


Man hit by lava in first serious Kilauea injury: Hawaii volcano Intellihub

The injured man was sitting on a balcony at his home when lava spatter projectile molten rock landed on him.

It hit him on the shin and shattered everything there down on his leg, a spokeswoman for the county mayor said.

Lava spatters can weigh as much a refrigerator, she told Reuters.

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaiis Big Island erupted at the beginning of May, and the situation for residents has steadily been worsening.

Featured Image: USGS/Twitter

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Behind the Iron Curtain part 7 Racism Freethought Blogs

These are my recollections of a life behind the iron curtain. I do not aim to give perfect and objective evaluation of anything, but to share my personal experiences and memories. It will explain why I just cannot get misty eyed over some ideas on the political left and why I loathe many ideas on the right.

In this particular case, much of what I know now I did not even remotely see or experience as a child and I only learned about it later on. Further, I must first state my bias.

My experiences with Romani people were overwhelmingly negative throughout my life, behind the Iron Curtain as well as afterward. I am in no way an objective and dispassionate observer on this matter.

First experience was at the age of approximately 10 years when the merry-go-rounds were in town. I have met a slightly younger Romani boy who was totally downcast because he did not have money for any of the attractions. I offered to lend him 10 crowns (which was a lot). We agreed that he will give me the money back one crown at a time whenever he gets pocket-money and we went on and had loads of fun together that day. He only returned the first crown and his mother has seen him doing so. I have seen her to tell him something very loudly afterwards, but I did not hear what it was. However, next time he only offered threats of violence. After he pulled out a knife on me, I stopped politely asking and avoided him altogether. It was first time someone has betrayed my trust and I could not make sense of it.

(That same boy has tried later to rob a newspaper stand, was caught by police and subsequently beaten by his mother. Allegedly not for trying to steal, but for being caught, which given my experience I unfortunately find believable. At the age around thirteen he attempted to rape a woman near a disco club who fended him off. I have no idea what became of him afterward, I have never heard about him since.)

Second instance was the age of twenty-five. Not having learned my lesson, when a Romani employee at the company I worked for asked me if I would be so kind as to lend him some money for he had run out and he needs to buy diapers for his children, I obliged. On payday, when he was due to give the money back as agreed, he offered me threats of violence.

Third instance, at the same employer, was a conflict with Romani fork-lift driver whom I caught drunk on the job. I tried to be nice and told him politely that he cannot drive fork-lift in this state and should go home to sleep it off. He started to get agitated, my attempts at de-escalating the situation totally failed and he assaulted me. Afterward I was being told that it was all my fault for not being nice enough to an aggressive drunkard. My today position is that I should have called police straightaway and not try to pussyfoot around someone breaking the law.

And there were the all too common instances of Romani people being drunk in public and having shouting m...

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