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Thursday, 22 March


Questions from Joel Settecase Part One Freethought Blogs

I love these question lists for atheists thingys (within reason; not the particularly stupid or insulting ones) so I was thrilled to see a new list posted; 30 Questions for Non-Christians, by blogger Joel Settecase. Given the length Ill split it into either two or three parts, depending on how I go.

1. Are you certain that God does not exist, or that you cant know whether He exists?

Im as certain that God does not exist as I am that, say, fairies or werewolves do not exist in other words, I recognise its theoretically possible for me to be wrong about this, but none of the supposed evidence for the existence of God/fairies/werewolves stands up to examination and so for practical purposes I think its fair to say that God/fairies/werewolves do not exist.

Im not quite sure whether the second half of the question is meant to be read as Are you certain that you cant know whether God exists?, which would fit with what it actually says, or as Do you believe that you cant know whether God exists?, which seems to make a bit more sense contextually. Either way, I suppose that technically the answer is Yes, as we cant absolutely know whether or not some sort of god exists, but its still the case that I feel sure enough that no gods exist that I count myself as an atheist rather than an agnostic.

2. How do you know that?

Again, Im not quite sure how to read this; it seems to be asking how I know that Im certain that God doesnt exist, in which case the answer is because my certainty is part of my mind and thoughts and hence is something I know about. However, I think its meant to be How do you know that God doesnt exist? in which case the answer is that I:

  • Spent a lot of time and effort reading the reason...


Who Was the Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt and What Was His Motive? The Anti-Media

Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt(ZHE)  Police have identified the Austin bombing suspect as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt. Metro also pointed out that a Reddit user with the screenname Austinbomber was suspended from the site last night after publishing a post purporting to explain the bombers motive. According to the post, the bomber didnt plan the bombings because he wanted to []


Graham Lee Brewer: Harassment within the Bureau of Indian Affairs Indianz.Com News

Why High Country News is investigating high rates of discrimination and assault at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


States rights confronts federal supremacy Intellihub

Look around. The country is inverted and upside down. As any follower of BREAKING ALL THE RULES knows, States Rights are a central position of our paleo-conservative populism. A sincere review of the U.S. Constitution clearly identifies that the Tenth Amendment specifies that The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Cornell Law School explains.

Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States, and how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States. It also provides the means by which certain aliens can become legally naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nations border, determining who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave.

Congress has complete authority over immigration. Presidential power does not extend beyond refugee policy. Except for questions regarding aliens constitutional rights, the courts have generally found the immigration issue as nonjusticiable.

States have limited legislative authority regarding immigration, and 28 U.S.C. 1251 details the full extent of state jurisdiction. Generally, 28 U.S.C. 994 details the federal sentencing guidelines for illegal entry into the country.

Our position and judgments are presented in a Dueling Twin segment on States Rights that has our counterpart from the Left contending The Myth of State Sovereignty does not supersede the authority of the Federal Government. Note the irony that such a contention argues that DC power is supreme. Of course this applies if the loony left controls the reins of government and does not apply to the Trump administration that represents the real majority of Americans.

Myths like state sovereignty are simply grist for the mill of ideological minorities.  Finding themselves deeply out in cold, they warm themselves by burning the Constitution and would love to declare a sovereign republic out of some flyover piece of land whose politics faintly resembles their own.  But their arguments are no more credible now than they were in 1861.



Cannabis And The Federal Law Loophole You Don't Wanna Miss! Latest blog

The cannabis market is booming and the big banks are about to miss out big time! As legalization is slowly but surely making it's way across the country and the world, California is proving to be one of the largest markets to date! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Andriyko Herchak of FinnCanna Capital Corp about the potential this new sector has and how his company FinnCanna are positioning themselves to help the cannabis community by funding them while building a strong portfolio and utilizing the royalty model in an effort to pick up where the big banks left off!


Doctor Receives Four Years In Prison As Historic Opioid Trial Moves Forward The Last American Vagabond

A disgraced doctor is on his way to prison for his role in Americas opioid crisis as the largest trial dealing with the crisis unfolds. The United States has been grappling with what has come to be known as an Opioid Epidemic, with hundreds of people dying every day due to opiate-related overdoses. The tragic []

The post Doctor Receives Four Years In Prison As Historic Opioid Trial Moves Forward appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Mary Annette Pember: Rising above colonialism with spirit writing Indianz.Com News

Spirit writing is more than tattoos. Its guidance from the past that connects our responsibilities to each other and to earth.


I have a feeling Ill just be ignored if I mention this to the administration Freethought Blogs

Student evaluations suck, mostly.

Imagine that youre up for a promotion at your job, but before your superior decides whether you deserve it, you have to submit the comments section of an internet article that was written about you for assessment.

Sound a little absurd?

Thats in essence what we ask professors in higher education to do when they submit their teaching evaluations in their tenure and promotion portfolios. At the end of each semester, students are asked to fill out an evaluation of their professor. Typically, they are asked both to rate their professors on an ordinal scale (think 15, 5 being highest) and provide written comments about their experience in the course.

Weve repeatedly seen studies that show that student evaluations are skewed to favor popularity and attractiveness of the professor (damn, I lose), and this article points out that there is a gender bias as well: male professors tend to get higher ratings than female professors (so thats how Ive managed to get along), and that means these evaluations are discriminatory. And therefore illegal. Cool.

Now I said that student evals suck, mostly. Theyre sometimes helpful not the goofy numerical scores, and I ignore comments that whine about how hard the class is but the productive, thoughtful comments can be very helpful. If a student says X worked for me, Y didnt, Ill seriously reconsider X and Y.

The last batch of evaluations I got back I just ignored the numerical scores and browsed through the comments for practical concerns. I got one: theres a lot of grade anxiety out there, and they really wanted the gradebook available online, so they could see exactly where they stand, point by point. OK, I can do that. Not with our existing software, Moodle, in which the gradebook is a confusing nightmare, but were switching to new courseware next year, so Ill look into it.

I guess its good that that was the biggest problem they had with the course. But its the stupid numbers that the administration will care about.


Here and There Virtual Mirage

North Korea

North Korea published an official comment about relations with South Korea and with the US. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) published an English-language commentary on 21 Wednesday that read a dramatic atmosphere for reconciliation has been created in relations between the North and the South of Korea and there has been a sign of change in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea --North Korea) -U.S. relations.

I don't know whether the rapprochement is sincere or not. I don't think that anyone knows at the moment. However the US is going ahead with scheduled military exercises beginning April 1, and sanctions are still in place. I don't think that China will blink and lift them and that may have the attention of the Norks even more than what the US and its allies have done.

The commentary on improving relations coming out of North Korea is without precedent and important as an acknowledgment of a change in North Korean tactics, if not policy. North Korean media have published nothing else like it, according to an analysis posted by the Daily NK on 20 March.

Putting their Snouts Under the Tent

The Russian Far East Development Ministry announced on 20 March that a delegation led by its minister, Alexander Galushka, is now visiting Pyongyang.

The delegation is scheduled to meet with North Korean External Economic Affairs Minister Kim Yong Jae on 21 and 22 March to exchange views on cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transportation and science technology.

This is vintage Russian behavior whenever North Korea reaches out to South Korea and the US. The timing is perfect.

The Russians tried to sh...


Supreme Court hears second Indian law case during a busy term Indianz.Com News

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments in its second Indian law case of what has turned out to be an unusually busy term.


Robert F. Kennedy Jrs World Mercury Project delivers vaccine safety details to Congress Intellihub

Vaccine safety champion and medical choice advocate Robert F. Kennedy and his World Mercury Project have delivered a promised report to Congress providing details on a six-step program to introduce sound science and transparency to our vaccination program for children, according to an announcement by the organization.

The organization said that 15 like-minded advocates joined Kennedy on Capitol Hill to fulfill our promise to the community in providing data they said would dramatically improve child vaccine safety.

Federally elected officials can no longer ignore the chronic health conditions tied in no small part to adverse vaccine reactions that currently affect over half our nations children, the statement said. Not only are these officials now aware of the conflicts of interest and inadequate science upon which the vaccine program is built, but they have been given a common-sense plan for enacting desperately needed changes that puts childrens health first.

For those unfamiliar with the World Mercury Projects work, its mission is to raise public awareness of the dangers and sources of mercury, with the ultimate goal of banning all uses of mercury on a global level, according to the groups website. Kennedy is the groups chairman; he was recruited to the organization in the early 2000s because he was already a leading environmentalist and anti-mercury champion. Once he learned about the damage being caused by toxic mercury-based preservative thimerosal, which is used in vaccines, he was more than willing to join the fight.

The group noted in meetings with lawmakers last week that the long-term effects of the nations childhood vaccine program have not been sufficiently studied, while U.S. regulatory agencies are conflicted over the issue of vaccine safety.

Childhood epidemics have mushroomed along with the childhood vaccine schedule, the group noted, adding that many vaccines are known to be neurotoxic, carcinogenic, and can cause autoimmunity.

The group makes these recommendations:

All vaccines must be subject to a scientifically rigorous approval process;

There must be a reporting system established to notify federal agencies of adverse vaccine events to include automation of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) databases for the research purposes;

Make sure that all parties involved with approving vaccines are completely free from conflicts of interest;

Before adopting evidence-based guidelines, all vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) should...


What is the immune system of the mind? OpEdNews

The body's immune system mounts a reaction to intruders, and in the process it swings into a full inflammatory response. Swelling occurs. Fever. The result, if the immune system is healthy, is the banishing of the intruders and a return to well-being. The body gains a victory -- and the person builds confidence in his ability to stave off attacks.


Sleeping Beauty and Quantum Mechanics Freethought Blogs

This is a repost of an article I wrote in 2014.  Note that Sean Carroll also wrote about this, and hes an author of the cited paper.

My newest favorite philosophical dilemma is the Sleeping Beauty problem.  The experiment goes as follows:

1. Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep.
2. We flip a coin.
3. If the coin is heads, then we wake Sleeping Beauty on Monday, and let her go.
4. If the coin is tails, then we wake Sleeping Beauty on Monday.  Then, we put her to sleep and cause her to lose all memory of waking up.  Then we wake her up on Tuesday, and let her go.
5. Now imagine Sleeping Beauty knows this whole setup, and has just been woken up.  What probability should she assign to the claim that the coin was tails?

There are two possible answers.  Thirders believe that Sleeping Beauty should assign a probability of 1/3 to tails.  Halfers believe that Sleeping Beauty has gained no new relevant information, and therefore should assign a probability of 1/2 to tails.  The thirder answer is most popular among philosophers.

This has deep implications for physics.

There is an argument that Everettian Quantum Mechanics (aka Many Worlds Interpretation, henceforth EQM) requires that you be a halfer.  Say that you tell Sleeping Beauty that you will wake her up on Monday and Tuesday, with a memory wipe in between.  The argument goes that this is exactly analogous to telling her that you will cause her wavefunction to branch, and in one branch she will wake up on Monday and in the other on Tuesday.  In both cases, the Sleeping Beauty on Monday and Sleeping Beauty on Tuesday are both real, and neither has access to the other (either because of the memory wipe or because they are in separate branches).

Therefore, the standard sleeping beauty problem (Two-Branch-Beauty on left) is equivalent to the quantum sleeping beauty problem (Three-Branch-Beauty on right).

The Two-Branch-Beauty diagram shows the universe splitting into two branches, one where Sleeping beauty wakes up on Monday, and the other where she wakes up on Monday and Tuesday. The Three-Branch-Beauty diagram shows two branches, but one of the branches splits further into a Monday branch and a Tuesday branch.

From ...


WATCH: Cops Say It is Okay to Attack a Child for Free Speech, Then Arrests a Child to Prove It The Free Thought Project


A San Jose police officer told the father of a child who'd just been attacked by an adult that it was okay for the adult to attack his son because he mouthed off. He then arrested the child to make his point.

The post WATCH: Cops Say It is Okay to Attack a Child for Free Speech, Then Arrests a Child to Prove It appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


The Best Justice System Money Can Buy Freethought Blogs

Its become a rite of the losers to decry the influence of money on politics, and its a legitimate complaint. As a portable form of power, money is going to immediately be corrupting to any system you can inject it into.

The law must not only be just, it must not be seen to be a mass of corruption, run by snakes, for lice: [ebx]

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy OMalley accepted a $10,000 campaign donation from the Fremont police union just months before her office cleared Fremont police officers of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of pregnant teen, Elena Mondragon. In addition, the president of the Fremont police union Sgt. Jeremy Miskella is one of the cops that shot Mondragon to death one year ago and was subsequently cleared by OMalleys office.

Its a little hard to put together the timing but its basically:

  1. Shooting
  2. Donation
  3. Cleared

The rest is coincidence.

In case youve forgotten how the killing went down: [guard]

In March 2017, a group of men wearing street clothes and carrying AR-15s ambushed a car full of teenagers at an apartment complex in Hayward, a suburb of San Francisco. The driver of the car thought he was being robbed, and tried to drive away. The men opened fire with semi-automatic rifles, killing Elena Mondragon, a pregnant 16-year-old who was in the passenger seat.

The men who fired the shots were undercover police officers. They claimed they fired in self-defense, though the car was driving away from them and they did not turned on their body cameras. The officers were never charged in the shooting, a decision made by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy OMalley.

Say her name: Elena Mondragon

Go back and read that again, slowly. So, youve got a bunch of teenagers sitting in a car. Suddenly a bunch of guys dressed in street clothes and carrying military weapons jump out at them. One of the teenagers puts the car in drive and tries to get out of there, so the guys with guns s...


Senate Committee on Indian Affairs postpones activity due to snow Indianz.Com News

It's a snow day in the nation's capital, with the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs taking a break due to inclement weather.


Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem OpEdNews

Before being chosen by Trump to head up the CIA, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo was one of the most pro-war Members of Congress. He has been militantly hostile toward Iran, and many times has erroneously claimed that Iran is the world's number one state sponsor of terror. The truth is, Iran neither attacks nor threatens the United States.


Time To Eliminate Your Wall Street Tax? PopularResistance.Org

As we get older, and hopefully wiser, we generally start to become more discerning on how we view the world and the problems we face. Many of us who seek to make the world a better place try to look at the problems, analyze them, and do what we can to correct them. However, because there are so many different problems facing us, this approach often overwhelms us and can instill a sense of hopelessness in our ability to create positive change. Looking more deeply into this situation, we discover that many of these difficulties are SYMPTOMS of much deeper problems, and that attempts to address these SYMPTOMS are not an effective or efficient way to bring about the changes we desire.


Whats To Celebrate? Iraq, 15 Years Later PopularResistance.Org

H.W.  he was left in power in Iraq and during the regime of the Commander in Grief  Bill Clinton, the people of Iraq were devastated with crippling sanctions and active bombing. Moreover, Clintons Sec of State Madeleine The Ghoul Albright (in)famously told journalist Leslie Stahl that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. First of all, that is a deeply perverse and vicious statement; and secondly, worth what? Not too long after Clinton was just a stain on the blue dress of history, the US was once again, in an even more intense way, bombing the crap out of Iraq which eventually led to the murder of Saddam Hussein and another million, or so, Iraqi.


Heres The Uncomfortable Truth About The Austin Bombings The Federalist

AUSTIN, Texas The Austin bomber is dead. In an overnight police chase, the suspect, a 24-year-old white man, blew himself up in his car as police closed in.

A law enforcement official told The New York Times the man was from Pflugerville, a suburb north of Austin. Right now, thats all we know about him. Authorities have not released a name or a motive or anything else. There might be more suspects at large, there might be more bombs in play. Time will tell. [UPDATE: Local and federal law enforcement sources have released the name of the suspect, a 24-year-old man from Pflugerville, a suburb north of Austin.]

The bombers suicide is the latest turn in a strange and harrowing chain of events here since March 2, when the first bomb went off in North Austin, killing a 39-year-old man. Ten days later in East Austin, a pair of bombs killed a 17-year-old and severely injured his mother, and nearly killed a 75-year-old woman. All these bombs were apparently hand-delivered, and the victims were all African-American or Hispanic.

That prompted speculation that the bombings were hate crimes targeting racial minorities. But then on Sunday, a roadside bomb detonated by a tripwire laid across the sidewalk exploded in the affluent and mostly white neighborhood of Travis Country in southwest Austin, injuring two white men.

The tripwire device raised the terrifying possibility that the bomber or bombers were ratcheting up their campaign, and that Iraq War-style IEDs might go off anywhere in the city.

But then things changed again. Early Tuesday morning, a bomb went off at a FedEx processing center just north of San Antonio. Authorities said it had been mailed from Austin and was bound for an address in Austin. Hours later, another unexploded bomb was found at a second FedEx facility near the Austin airport.

The Randomness Of The Bombings Sowed Fear

All of it seems to defy any discernable pattern. The most important missing element is motive. In the greater Austin area, there are any number of radical communities the bomber might have been part of, from Islamists to left-wing extremists to white supremacists. And of course he might not have been part of any group, but simply a lone actor intent on sowing chaos and death. The equivalent of a mass shooter, with a different weapon.

What can we do in the face of something like this? In Austin, people were genuinely afraid. At first, no one wanted a package coming to their house. After the tripwire bomb, nowhere seemed safe. And yet Austinites carried on with life. A trio of reporters dispatched here for The Wall Street Journal...


Unusually Cold Air and Even the Chance of Light Lowland Snow with Hit the Pacific Northwest Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

By late March, the threat of lowland snow is normally over, temperatures are warming, and one starts thinking of gardening and hiking.

But during the next few days our relatively normal temperatures of the past week will cool substantially and some portions of lowland Washington and Oregon may get some light snow. 

The reason?  A deep upper-level trough moving southward into the eastern Pacific.

The current (5 AM Wed)  upper level map at around 30,000 ft (see below, with wind speeds shown by color and wind parallel to the height lines) already shows substantially troughing (lower pressures or heights) over the eastern Pacific, with a jet stream (stronger winds, yellow colors) well south of the Northwest. Strong southwesterly flow is bring a lot of moisture into California and large amounts of precipitation there.  The jet stream is associated with a large horizontal temperature contrast (cold north, warm south of it), and thus we are on the cold side.

But the situation is about to get more exciting for us as the low to our north greatly amplifies and moves southward (see the same map for 11 AM Friday below).  The jet stream (yellow areas) will still be south of western Washington and Oregon and northern California will remain wet.

Now lets turn to a surface chart (sea level pressure, 3000 ft temperatures--colors, and surface winds). The cold blue temperatures shows a lower atmosphere that is cold enough for snow to fall below roughly 1000 ft.  The problem for getting snow at sea level with such a pattern is that the flow is onshore (the ocean is a WARM 50F).


What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to Doomsday Camps The Free Thought Project


High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to "doomsday camps" around the country citing "inevitable" events as the impetus behind the move.

The post What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to Doomsday Camps appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Majority Of Americans Agree In Poll That Deep State Exists Here Is The Cited Evidence Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel A majority of Americans believe an unelected faction or cabal of officials is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C., according to a new poll,...


Talks Between Putin and Trump Going Great; Two Will Meet Soon The Anti-Media

(ANTIWAR.COM)  US relations with Russia have been suffering in recent months, but may be making a turn for the better. President Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on a decisive election victory over the weekend, and the two seemed to get on quite well. All indications are that the talks were quite positive, and indeed []


Doctor Receives Four Years in Prison as Historic Opioid Trial Moves Forward Activist Post

By Derrick Broze A disgraced doctor is on his way to prison for his role in Americas opioid crisis as the largest trial dealing with...


The Case For Being Cautiously, Stupidly, Optimistic About The Newest Pro Football League The Federalist

I would like to claim that the reason I dont watch many NFL games is that theyre boring, but thats not the truth. Though the games are slow and often predictable, even in their unpredictability, the formula isnt what drove me away. No, the main reason I dont watch is time. Its a precious commodity. With three kids and a busy schedule, 3.5 hours is an act of devotion. Those are hours I could spend taking my offspring to a museum they dont really appreciate or otherwise directing them to burn energy away from the home in a way they could have easily done in the back yard.

But, also, the NFL is boring. Really boring. There are always underdogs, upsets, surprises, sure. They are predictably unpredictable. Even if we dont know how the unpredictability will shake out, it always follows some pattern, one were accustomed to. Or were accustomed to. For here comes the Alliance of American Football, which might just prove to be a sport rather than a business that has been focus-grouped and analyzed into the realm of sad reboot, season after season.

Granted, my optimism is unfounded. And theres still the new and theoretically improved XFL to contend with, though its been less forthcoming with details or even a marketing strategy.

Which would make it consistent with the former XFL, which was definitely not a farm league for the NFL, a fact Jared Lorenzen can attest to, Super Bowl ring notwithstanding.

Okay, its true Lorenzen played arena football, which is distinct from the XFL and from whatever the Alliance of American Football is promising. He may not have even been drafted into the Alliance of American Football had it existed in his heyday. But what about Tim Tebow? Maybe they would sign him as a quarterback. He never fit the NFL mold, but he possibly couldve worked in a chaotic new venture. Of course, were applying a time machine because thats how boring the NFL is, but hes still got some years left, probably.

Or probably not. I really dont know. Im not up to speed on all the could-have-beens, or even the playing nows, because of the aforementioned boringness. What I do know is that I didnt think Tebow should play quarterback in the NFL when his time came, because the formula is the one ring. But what if there were a league that welcomed his unorthodox style of play?

Which is where the Alliance offers hope, much like the faction of the same name in Star Wars, but without the predictable plotline. Or lasers. At least as currently announced.

This alliance, predicated on recruiting all the local talent left hanging after the NFL draft and limiting games to two-and-a-half hour broadcasts and likely not incorporating lasers, mayb...


Boom! Trump China Trade War Train Wreck Hits Telecom Newsbud

There is a superpower that is groaning under erratic one-man rule that tramples on state institutions and flouts the constitution and the rule of law.  Unfortunately for China hawks, that country is not China. Donald J. Trump tried his hand at stopping Chinas global telecom surge by quashing a big-ticket acquisition in the US telecoms []


DACA Deal Dead? WhoWhatWhy

Is Cambridge Analyticas Ability Overstated? (Russ)

The data firm may be better at marketing itself than actually delivering voters, this writer claims.

War Against the Trade War (Dan)

Trumps tough talk on tariffs has incensed allies and adversaries. But the hype might all be for nothing, as massive lobbying against the tariffs might derail Trumps trade war inducing plans.

Whats CFIUS? (Dan)

No, its not the latest virus to be scared of. CFIUS stands for Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, an interagency committee led by Trump and his cabinet. It recently blocked the takeover of US Qualcomm by Singapore-based Broadcom for national security reasons. This video explains the future of CFIUS and why well be hearing about it.

In Run-Up to Vote to End Yemen War, MSNBC Remains Totally Silent (Jimmy)

The author writes, In the run-up to a vote this week on a bill co-sponsored by senators Bernie Sanders, Mike Lee, and Chris Murphy to withdraw US support for the Saudi air campaign a move that, according to at least one insider, would end the war itself the USs major liberal cable network has continued its radio silence. MSNBC continued to ignore the story this week as activists and a broad coalition of anti-war groups tried to put pressure on the Senate to finally end the US-sustained siege of Yemen.

Trump Wants to Make It Easier to Export Lethal US-Made Drones to More Countries (Jimmy)

Reuters reports that President Donald Trump will soon make it easier to export some types of lethal US-made drones to potentially dozens more allies and partners, according to people familiar with the plan.

The post DACA Deal Dead? appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Zuck Made Him a Billionaire, Now WhatsApp Founder Urges Users to Delete Facebook The Anti-Media

(ZHE)  Three years after Mark Zuckerberg made Brian Action a billionaire by paying $22 billion for WhatsApp, the messaging apps co-founder has a clear message for the billions of social media drones worldwide  #deletefacebook. MarketWatch notes that Acton and fellow co-founder Jan Koum sold the messaging service WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for $22 billion. Acton received about $3 []


The Austin bomber is dead Freethought Blogs

Seems fitting he blew himself up.

Also, he turns out to have been a Young White Male, which isnt at all surprising anymore. Now we wait for the revelation: was he mentally ill, or a lone wolf? He couldnt possibly have been a terrorist.

I will not, however, be surprised at all if the oncoming rummaging through his internet history reveals associations with racist or alt-right groups. Those associations will be minimized, though, if it is discovered that he also played video games.

The whitewashing begins.

Well, isnt that nice. What a nice quiet boy.


John Oliver Sics Nasty Internet Mobs On Pence Family Picture Book. Their Response Will Shock You The Federalist

The most recent episode of Last Week Tonight took an unfair shot at Charlotte Pence, daughter of the vice president. Comedian John Oliver filled his main story segment reviewing the veeps long-term anti-LGBT views, not exactly new information for anyone familiar with Mike Pence and the Trump administration. By revisiting some clips of Pence either firmly stating his beliefs or avoiding interview questions, Oliver used his go-to Shocked British Man reactions to elicit a strong viewer response.

Fans of Last Week Tonight have come to expect Oliver to go beyond telling jokes in a studio once a week. He is known to interact with his antagonists off screen, including a former FIFA president, the U.S. government, and several global heads of state, all for the sake of jokes for the show. The televised accounts of these scrimmages always portray Oliver as the savvy, smart, worldly (albeit arrogant) voice of reason.

The problem is that Mike Pence did not write this book. His 25 year-old daughter, Charlotte did. His wife, Karen did the illustration. Oh, and also conveniently omitted from the segment that all of Charlottes proceeds will be donated to charities that fight human trafficking and support art therapy. If the audience had been given this information, would they still have stormed Amazon in an antagonizing attempt to bury Charlottes book before it had a chance to succeed? Maybe, but at least they would have known who their real target was.

Charlotte Pence did not write a political book, just a childrens book about her bunny and her dad, the vice president. The innocence of the book was completely dissolved by an HBO show looking to mobilize an angry mob, creating dissention wher...


Stately, Fred and Central Park mornings OpEdNews

An extra layer of pixie dust has fallen on New York's Central Park. According to reliable sources, the park now contains a talking tree and a talking statue. They only add, of course, to the magic the park regularly provides. See the article for all the details.


Death Penalty for Drug Dealers? Be Careful What You Wish for, President Trump OpEdNews

"If we don't get tough on the drug dealers," said Trump, "we're wasting our time. That toughness includes the death penalty." ... odd, coming as it does from a high-level drug dealer like Donald Trump.


There is nothing phony about the current war OpEdNews

The intransigence of our power elite concerning global citizens it views as expendable, is not only cruel, but also insanely self destructive.


Cop Arrested for Raping a Mentally Ill Man Who Was Chained to a Hospital Bed The Free Thought Project


A Chicago police officer has been arrested on multiple charges after he was caught raping a mentally ill man who was chained to a hospital bed.

The post Cop Arrested for Raping a Mentally Ill Man Who Was Chained to a Hospital Bed appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Rewriting Indian history in the image of Hindu chauvinists OpEdNews

The Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, a right wing Hindu nationalist political party in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, released a Hindu New Year calendar which says that Taj Mahal along with several mosques and monuments from the Mughal era, are "Hindu Temples," Times of India reported Monday (March 19).


Free speech is a nice sharp sword Freethought Blogs

Im liking this article, and the term, on the Free-Speech Grifters. You know who they are: the usual suspects who go into a tizzy of denunciations of the illiberality of people who espouse liberal views; who want to use the First Amendment as a cudgel to silence protests; who constantly, shrilly complain about people who use their free speech to demonstrate against liars and neo-fascists, but are strangely mum on the actual goals of said neo-fascists. Its all free speech for me and my fellow travelers, but not for libs and progressives and feminists and communists and environmentalists, you guys need to sit down and shut up. All this in a time when open, vocal protest is fully warranted.

Lets see the author name-drop a whole lot of popular, influential people I just happen to despise.

On the topic of campus politics and free speech, Andrew Sullivan has written in New York magazine about a half-dozen articles, warning that the broader culture is in danger of drifting away from liberal democracy. His colleague Jonathan Chait has written another dozen on PC culture, arguing that these episodes are the manifestation of a serious ideological challenge to liberalism. In The New York Times, Bret Stephens regurgitated a speech as an article called Free Speech and the Necessity of Discomfort, while David Brooks dedicated a piece to Understanding Student Mobbists, for which he spoke to exactly zero students. In ten months, Weiss has racked up three articles on the subject. You would think that these mobs on college campuses and Twitter were sending the unwoke to a Soviet-style gulag.

The enthusiasm to defend those triggering libs makes the Free Speech Grifters uniquely susceptible to right-wing propagandists. In her last op-ed, Weiss featured an obvious parody Antifa Twitter account, run by alt-right trolls, and YouTuber Dave Rubin fell for the same gag. In 2016, Sommers unwittingly did a full hour on a Swedish white-supremacy podcast. And the same year, in a since-deleted tweet, she announced she would be defending free speech and reason with Milo Yiannopoulos, who was recently outed by BuzzFeed for working with white nationalists to smuggle their ideas into the mainstream. He also appeared alongside Maher, railing about free speech, on Real Time. This isnt all complete ignorance. Columbia University College Republicans invited Tommy Robinson of the far-right English Defense League, while the new Canadian free-speech club Laurier Society for Open Inquiry announced white nationalist Faith Goldy as its first speaker. In the National Review, Elliot Kaufman chided fellow campus conservatives for purposely giving the alt-right a platform in an effort to bait the left into doing something silly and destructive, so...


There have only been two openly gay male cast members in the 40+ year history of SNL Freethought Blogs

James Adomian is a great comedy person more people should know about. In a recent interview he discussed, among other things, the lack of LGBT representation on SNL:

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that there hasnt been an out gay male full-fledged cast member on SNL since Terry Sweeney became the first and only one more than 30 years ago [As noted at the end of the article, John Milhiser was the second, appearing in 2013-2014]. He only lasted one season, from 1985-1986, and has since been more or less lost to history. It was another 26 years before the show brought on its next out cast member, current star Kate McKinnon. In 2016, Chris Kelly became the first openly gay co-head writer (along with Sara Schneider) in SNLs history, but they left to create a new show for Comedy Central the following year.

It would be nice if they put a gay man on camera on that show, Adomian tells me over lattes in the lobby of his hotel in Austin. Ive been out of the closet the whole time since I auditioned 13 years ago. You would think that they would have tried to put someone else on that was a gay man. Its about time.

SNL declined to comment for this piece on the record. However, a source with knowledge of the situation says Adomian auditioned several times but the show decided his comedy wasnt the right fit.

I believe SNL when they say he wouldnt be a good fit. To me, SNL is where comedy goes to die (i.e. Amy Poehler, who was in Upright Citizens Brigade before SNL), while actual funny people exist in a state of arrested development until they leave (i.e. Will Forte and Bill Hader). But to each their own, of course.

I think a lot of people, myself included, have affinities for the cast of their formative years for me the 90s. Right around when Jimmy Fallon joined the show is when I stopped watching. Looking back, out of a sense of nostalgia, I can laugh at the likes of Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider but recognize its pretty bad (though some of the stuff from that era I think has stood the test of time). All of this is to say Adomian is too funny for SNL.

Despite being very well thought of in the comedy community and really fucking funny, he hasnt been able to break through:

Adomian tells me that he has a lot of larger ideas for television and film, but hes not able to make them because hes never been given the opportunity. During his Bernie Sanders show last Friday night, he momentarily broke the fourth wall to reveal that he had recently pitched a show to Netflix, but was ultimately rejected because they are only interested in doing deals with famous people.

He tells me hes had meetings with every single network that a comedy fan might be familiar with and they said no to his TV show ideas every time.

That he ha...

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Wednesday, 21 March


CALEXIT, MS-13, ISIS and the Deep State Have Reared Their Ugly Heads- GAME ON! Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

All the previous warnings about MS-13, ISIS presence in the US and a coming Deep State coup are all coalescing in unifed action.

I recently spoke with a former high-ranking military source who is still very well connected and what he told me is indeed very disturbing.

Domestic Troop Deployments

As I write these words, the deployment of troops from Ft. Irwin to key locations around California are presently in progress. The same can be said for some personnel at Camp Pendelton. Irban warfare traiing was just completed in Phoenix and centered on potential operations in LA and San Francisco. Why? The answer to this question will appear later in this article.

The State of California Is In Open Rebellion

As I have perviously covered, in great detail, on this site, Eric Holder, George Soros, the United Nations, Governor Jerry Brown, both the Mexican and Chinese governments and the drug cartels have joined forces to try and force California out of the Union as California, on one level, is seeking national independence as a protectorate of the United Nations. They are willing to go to any length to accomplish this goal including open sedition, already in evidence as well as perpetrating any number of false flag events.

California has declared itself to be a sanctuary state in violation of federal law. Many of their Democratic public officials are in open rebellion and are engaged in obstruction of justice when it comes to the federal authority of ICE. The situation is so grave in California with regard to sedition, that 37 California counties have declared support for the creation of the new 51st state, New California. Another seven counties are in negotiation with New California officals who have already filed paperwork to become the 51st State. Why would the vast majority of counties in California feel compelled to turn their state upside down in order to cr...


What is the immune system of the mind? Jon Rappoport's Blog

What is the immune system of the mind?

by Jon Rappoport

March 21, 2018

Were familiar with the bodys immune system. It mounts a reaction to intruders, and in the process it swings into a full inflammatory response. Swelling occurs. Fever. The result, if the immune system is healthy, is the banishing of the intruders and a return to well-being. The body gains a victoryand the person builds confidence in his ability to stave off attacks.

The mind has the potential to operate in a similar fashion. But there are prerequisites. The mind needs basic ideas and principles on which to erect its response.

These basics are inherent in a healthy mind: the desire for freedom, for self-sufficiency, for the creation of a desired future, for committed work in that direction.

In the absence of these strong fundamentals, the mind will not mount a direct immune response against intruders. It will be clueless.

What are the intruders? Well, they are precisely the external influences that lessen, minimize, squelch, and sideline the inherent basics.

Whatever would challenge freedom, self-sufficiency, committed work on behalf of creating a desired futureTHESE are the factors the minds immune system responds against.

But if the mind has been tuned to DEPENDENCE, all bets are off. The immune system is confused. It doesnt respond swiftly and decisively. It is looking for, and favoring, more dependence, and so it is essentially working backwards. It has already let the opponent in the door.

When intruding ideas enterideas that try to reject freedom and self-sufficiencythe minds immune system allows them deep inside. There is no defense. There is no full inflammatory response.

When the mind is fortified with the basics, it sees these destructive ideas for what they are, and it nullifies them. There may be a period of crisis, during which the mind is sorting out thorny deceptions and coming to terms with them. But finally, it sees with clarity, and it wins.

What now passes for education plays a role here. If schools downplay the strength of the mind, if they offer a flabby flaccid curriculum over a period of years, the mind tends toward surrender. And the stepchild of surrender is dependence. Game over.

In the culture, these things used to be understood fairly well. That day is gone.

Now, its up to the individual.



Word Wednesday. Freethought Blogs



1: having the character of a synonym; also: alike in meaning or significance.

2: having the same connotations, implications, or reference.

-synonymously, adverb.


I had decided that if there was a God, he was a cruel sonofabitch to allow the things he allowed. Especially since he claimed his name was synonymous with love. It seemed to me that he was little more than a celestial Jack the Ripper, offering us, his whores, rewards with one hand, smiling and telling us he loved us, while with the other hand he held a shiny, sharp knife, the better with which to disembowel us. The Complete Drive-In, Joe R. Lansdale.


If Mitch McConnell Allows Susan Collins Bailout Vote, He Sells Senators Trust Down The River The Federalist

Mitch McConnell has a problem entirely of his own making. The Senate majority leader promised a vote on Obamacare stability legislation to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). Collins wants a vote on the package as a Senate floor amendment to the omnibus appropriations legislation (that is, if and when congressional leaders emerge from their smoke-filled rooms and actually release an omnibus package for Congress to vote on).

Except that not six weeks ago, McConnell literally let the federal government shut down rather than grant his fellow Kentuckian Sen. Rand Paul a floor vote on his amendment to appropriations legislation.

Does McConnell anger Collins, by refusing her a vote Collins believes she is due? Or does McConnell anger conservatives, by granting the moderate Collins a vote after Republican leaders castigated Paul for having the temerity to ask for a vote on his amendment last month?

Its a fun choice McConnell gets to makeand hes running out of time to do it.

Shutdown Showdown

Lest anyone forget what transpired a few short weeks ago, Paul asked for a clean vote on his amendment to budget and spending legislation, to preserve strict spending caps enacted as part of the Budget Control Act. (When it passed in 2011, McConnell said the Budget Control Act spending caps would slow down the big government freight traina freight train that he now apparently wants to put into hyperdrive.)

McConnell and the Senate leadership refused to give Paul an up-or-down vote on his amendment. As Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) put it, Why reward bad behavior? Because under Senate rules Paul could speak for an extended period of time, and because Senate leadership did not allow enough time for a full floor debate on the legislationapparently thinking it appropriate for the Senate to consider and pass in mere hours a 652-page bill allocating trillions of dollarsthe federal government briefly shut down.

To put it another way: McConnell said repeatedlyincluding as recently as Decemberthat We will not be shutting down the government. But in February, McConnell preferred to violate his promise, and shut down the federal government, rather than give Paul an up-or-down vote on his...


10 Common Arguments For Gun Control, Debunked The Federalist

School shootings have dominated the news cycle and the common theme anti-gunners express is how gun control can somehow solve the problem.

The most common gun-control arguments of today go something like this: These shootings would stop if we banned AR-15s or other semi-auto rifles; raised the minimum age for firearm ownership; and/or created tougher gun laws.

These are emotion-based arguments and will do nothing to solve the problem. In fact, they can even make the problem worse while infringing on the liberties of Americans. Lets explore, and debunk, 10 of the most common gun-control arguments.

1. The Second Amendment Only Gives the Right to Own Guns for Use in a Militia

Our Second Amendment reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Our Constitution does not give us any rights. Rather, it affirms rights that we already have in order to safeguard them. Note that the right of the people to keep and bear arms isnt given by the language above. Instead, our right to keep and bear arms, which exists outside of the Constitution, is protected from infringement.

The militia is mentioned as the goal for the protection of our right to keep and bear arms it is not a requirement. A helpful analog from an unknown author goes like this: A well-educated electorate, being necessary to the preservation of a free society, the right of the people to read and compose books, shall not be infringed.

In this example, it should be easy to see that the right to read and compose books is not reserved only to those that are registered voters or well-educated. Instead, the goal is a well-educated electorate, for which tools of education are needed. Likewise, our right to keep and bear arms is protected in the event a well-regulated militia is needed to defend our country.

2. The Second Amendment Only Applied to Muskets

Anti-gunners often claim that modern/rapid-fire arms are not protected. This argument assumes that muskets were the only type of arms in existence when the Second Amendment was written, and therefore our founding fathers never intended our protections to extend to modern firearms.

First, repeating rifles were in existence for more than 100 years before our Bill of Rights were included in our Constitution. Second, muskets were military-grade firearms. Our founding fathers wanted to protect our ability to overthrow a tyrannical government, which would include the capability to match whatever arms an opposing military possessed.

Third, if this argument were valid, then smartphones and social-media would not be protected as forms of speech under the First Amendment, because these modern/rapid-fire forms of communication were not around back then.

3. Criminals Wont Have Guns if We Ban Them

Simply, law-abiding...


What Are We Breathing? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Does it seem as if its getting a little harder to breathe?  You may not be mistaken. That may not be...


On lawsuit limits, Family Council, lawyers on same side

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Todays friend is tomorrows opponent, and vice versa. Which helps explain why the Family Council, one of Arkansas most visible conservative groups, will be allied with trial lawyers and opposing the Chamber of Commerce this year.

Its because of Issue 1, the tort reform amendment. Read the rest

The post On lawsuit limits, Family Council, lawyers on same side appeared first on


Daily Inspiration --- California Dreamin--- OpEdNews

Spring is a promise of summer to come ----in the midst of the ice and the snow As you shovel and scrape with the wind in your face, ----think of fields where the wildflowers grow Do you really imagine that life would be grand ----if your days were no work and all play? Then move to L.A.


Low Energy, High Profits: How Privatizing Public Utilities Left Us All In The Dark PopularResistance.Org

More than a generation after President Ronald Reagan barked at his subordinates, Dont just stand there; undo something! government officials from South Africa to southern California have embarked upon an unprecedented dismantling of the public sector, hiring for-profit enterprises to manage everything from homeless shelters, to toll roads, parking meters, and utilities. While there are no known comprehensive studies, the best available evidence strongly suggests that consumers worldwide have never spent so much of their paycheck to park downtown, or for a liter of water, or a kilowatt of electricity. No demographic has been squeezed more than communities of color, which have borne the brunt of Wall Streets restructuring of the economy, and its 40-year effort to hollow out the manufacturing industries that Blacks and Latinos have heavily relied on for jobs that pay a decent wage.


Odins Day Mood. Freethought Blogs

Les Filles de Illighadad Tende (Traditional song from Niger). Oh, I could watch & listen to this several more times in a row! Those sparkling eyes, hints of smiles, and you dont want to miss the drum.


Badass Breakfast Club Turns Detention Into Yet Another Gun Reform Protest PopularResistance.Org

Lookit These Kids Redux: Over 200 students at Pennsylvania's Pennridge High who defied their school's ban on joining last week's nationwide walkout have transformed their ostensible punishment into Civil Disobedience 101 by turning their detention into a silent, moving sit-in. Days before the planned walkout, school officials had announced a Remembrance Assembly featuring a 17-minute silence and slide show to honor the Parkland victims; citing "safety concerns," the school board also said any students who joined the walkout would "face consequences. Somewhat defensively, the Superintendent clarified that students would be disciplined, not because "they expressed any particular viewpoint or opinion," but for "willfully breaking a school rule about leaving the building without permission."


The Inner City Turns Away From Democrats Welfare State and Embraces Trumps Economic Policies Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

With laws being passed by the Democrats which criminalize homelessness, the people in the inner city are turning away from the Democratic Party and are looking elsewhere for support. They have found a friend in Donald Trump. The Presidents economic policies are putting many people in the inner city to work. The Democrats offer welfare, Trumps policies are offering hope.


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Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared PopularResistance.Org

It is easy to see why Brennan lost it. The Attorney General fired McCabe, denying him full retirement benefits, because McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor including under oath on multiple occasions. There but for the grace of God go I, Brennan must have thought, whose stock in trade has been unauthorized disclosures. In fact, Brennan can take but small, short-lived consolation in the fact that he succeeded in leaving with a full government pension. His own unauthorized disclosures and leaks probably dwarf in number, importance, and sensitivity those of McCabe.  And many of those leaks appear to have been based on sensitive intercepted conversations from which the names of American citizens were unmasked for political purposes.


People With Down Syndrome Deserve Our Love, Not Genocide The Federalist

Ann Turner Cook recently celebrated her 91st birthday. You may not recognize her name, but you surely know her face. She is the iconic baby sketched in charcoal who has graced Gerber baby-food jars since 1928.

Gerber recently initiated an annual photo contest to name a national Spokesbaby of the year. This year more than 140,000 pictures were submitted, and on February 7 Gerber announced the winner, Lucas Warren.

Son of Courtney and Jason Warren of Dalton, Georgia, Lucas has an infectious smile and an endearing personality. The photo that made him famous caught him in mid-giggle sitting in an overstuffed chair with white pants and aqua shirt, bare feet, and black polka-dot bowtie to complete the ensemble.

The name Lucas means light. He is certainly that. Courtney said, We hope this opportunity sheds light on the special needs community and educates people that with acceptance and support, individuals with special needs have the potential to change the world just like our Lucas!

His Genes Make Lucas Special

Part of what makes Lucas so adorable is genetic. Of course, thats true of every photogenic person. He cant take credit for his facial features or physique. Nor can he be blamed. These things are just as much a part of who he is as his sex, eye color, and inborn talents.

In every nation, people have always shared Lucas endearing characteristics. They have also shared a number of physical and mental challenges. In 1866, John Langdon Down described this grouping of characteristics, which came to be called Down Syndrome. Later, in 1959, it was discovered that most (not all) of the people who share these characteristics have an extra copy of the 21st chromosome pair.

In 2006 the United Nations declared March 21 World Down Syndrome Day. The date was chosen because, when written 3-21, it connotes three chromosomes at the 21st position.

Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon said, On this day, let us reaffirm that persons with Down syndrome are entitled to the full and effective enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms. Let us each do our part to enable children and persons with Down syndrome to participate fully in the development and life of their societies on an equal basis with others. Let us build an inclusive society for all.

As we mark World Down Syndrome Day, lets start by noting that it is a chromosomal reality, not a disease. Every person is born with a specific genetic makeup. It is unalterably a part of who you are. This specific makeup is duplicated in every single one of your 100 trillion cells. You cannot change your genes any more than you can change your past.

This condition is not a virus like the flu, nor an infection like pneumonia, still less a cancer. It is much more like blue eyes and blonde hair. But even this isnt quite it. Blue eyes and blonde hair are hereditary. Down syndrome is not. It is not a fami...


Muslim-Led Persecution Is A Global Epidemic, And It Hit My Friend Michael Again This Week The Federalist

The day after the Washington Post published a March 16 article on the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, I received the email I feared would one day come. One of my best friends, a Pakistani Catholic named Michael, had been brutally assaulted by Muslim thugs in a suburb of Karachi.

The men burned his tuk tuk (also known as a motorized rickshaw). It was his source of livelihood, and a vehicle that my wife and I, with a number of close family and friends, helped purchase. His wifes email attached a number of pictures of Michael, beaten, bruised, and bloody, after he was discharged from the emergency room.

Im grateful to the WaPo for its increased coverage of this often-overlooked story of prejudice and violence, but this is no new phenomenon. The WaPo cites the growing reach and aggressiveness of Pakistans once-obscure anti-blasphemy movement, which has gained wide support since staging a three-week protest outside the capital, Islamabad, in November. The author, veteran reporter and Afghanistan/Pakistan Bureau Chief Pam Constable, notes that one group of Muslim antagonists was treated deferentially by police after they filed a complaint against a Christian man for allegedly committing blasphemy.

Leaders of the areas minority Christians, Constable writes, are beginning to fear they are no longer safe. That would be putting it mildly. The truth is, Christians havent been safe in Pakistan for years. I should know I spent three years in Thailand, where thousands of Pakistani Christians live as asylum seekers or refugees, having fled violent persecution in their native land.

A Long, Sad Story of Persistent Violence

Pakistani Christians have been fleeing to Thailand for more than a decade. My very first Sunday after I moved to Thailand in the summer of 2014, I met dozens of them at a large Catholic parish in downt...


Cambridge Analytica: High-Tech Mind Manipulation and Your Vote WhoWhatWhy

Do Americans have the slightest idea of the extent to which they are manipulated? That seems to be the big and so far unexplored question as scandal continues to explode around Facebook and a UK-based data company.

The news is dominated currently by Cambridge Analytica, the data company that helped propel Donald Trump into the White House. It is in hot water this week, following reports that it harvested information from 50 million Facebook users without their consent.

New stunning stories keep coming from the UKs Channel 4. On Tuesday, these revelations resulted in the suspension of the companys chief executive Alexander Nix. Previously, we learned that top Cambridge Analytica officials, including Nix, were caught on hidden cameras discussing dirty and possibly illegal campaign tricks such as using beautiful women or fake businessmen to entrap rival candidates.

The secretly recorded videos, which you can see below, pull back the curtain on modern political campaigns.

More than anything, however, they show that the spread of social media, and the resulting reams of data that users willingly hand to companies like Facebook, allow campaigns to manipulate people into voting a certain way.

Here are a few striking examples of Cambridge Analytica executives caught by Channel 4 News as they boast about exploiting voters digital profiles in order to effectively manipulate them:

If youre collecting data on people and youre profiling them, that gives you more insight that you can use to know how to segment the population, to give them messaging about issues that they care about, and language, and imagery that theyre likely to engage with. And we use that in America, and we use that in Africa. Thats what we do as a company.

The two fundamental human drivers when it comes to taking information onboard effectively are hopes and fears, and many of those are unspoken and even unconscious. You didnt know that was a fear until you saw something that just evoked that reaction from you. And our job is to get, is to drop the bucket further down the well than...


Getting From Profits For A Few To Health Care For All PopularResistance.Org

Democracy is a more radical idea than socialism. That has been noted by a fair number of democratic socialists, including one of the steady campaigners on the left wing of the British Labor Party, Tony Benn, who died in 2014. By stressing democracy first and foremost, he plainly did not abandon the full range of his socialist commitments. On the contrary, the extension of democracy into the workplace and the advance of workers into public life has been the real ground of social democracy. Without democracy in basic goods and services such as health care, housing and education, the ability of people to participate in public life and politics is deeply undermined. We, the people, did not gain ground in civil and human rights simply through the Constitution.


No, Illegal Immigrants Do Not Share The Plight Of Holocaust Victims The Federalist

Its easy to sympathize with the families of illegal immigrants. They are caught in a terrible bind that often places children who are American citizens in a position where their parents who came here illegally face deportation. Their tears are genuine as they face the prospect of either being forced to move to countries where theyve never lived or being separated from loved ones. The families and individuals in this predicament who choose to evade the law live in fear of discovery.

Such situations are very sad. But are those caught in such dilemmas the moral equivalent of Holocaust victims in hiding from the Nazis? Are the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement no different from the Gestapo or others who cooperated with the Hitler regime? Does a knock on the door from ICE the same thing as being sent to a certain awful death at Auschwitz merely for the crime of being Jewish?

Thats the argument being made by religious congregations that are seeking to provide sanctuary for illegals who are eligible for deportation. This effort, which was highlighted by a dramatic CNN news feature aired last week, depicts those involved as victims of a heartless state that deserves to be resisted, not least because it is headed by a president they despise. Those who seek to provide sanctuary think of themselves as not merely engaging in a political protest, but as the moral equivalent of righteous gentiles who sought to hide Jews from the Hitler regime.

In doing so they arent merely demonstrating a lack of respect for the rule of law, theyre also insulting the memory of the actual Holocaust. This goes beyond the sort of ordinary virtue signaling on the order of those who put Hate has no home here signs on their lawns. It is brazen law breaking justified by a dramatic self-regard in which those involved imagine themselves taking part in a dramatic rebellion against tyranny.

It also demonstrates the corrosive nature of the lefts commitment to resistance rather than mere opposition to the Trump administration. Those who have claimed that there was no harm to the lefts adoption of such terms must now confront a culture of contempt for law that has spread from liberal politicians like Oaklands Mayor Libby Schaaf to religious congregations, with unforeseen consequences for American democracy.

Even without inappropriate analogies, the concept of sanctuary cities or congregations is a dubious one, both from an ethical and a legal point of view. The essence of democracy is a willingness to accept the rule of law, even when you dont necessarily approve each law. Applied on a general scale, the idea that some laws can be disregarded is a recipe for anarchy and chaos.

That is bad enough when such sentiments are mouthed by small government conservatives who dont bristle at the exercise of almost all forms of government powe...


How Accepting Down Syndrome Frees Everyone To Be Loved When We Become A Burden The Federalist

In I Would have Aborted A Fetus with Down Syndrome. Women Need the Right, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus writes selfishly (her words) about what even some of the heaviest pro-choicers would prefer not to touch. Scanning the comment section of Marcus declaration, I was not surprised to see so many other women joining in agreement.

After all, the abortion rates of children with Down syndrome are close to 100 percent. If one woman can speak so candidly, the rest must be thinking it. In a world where the r-word is taboo and commercial zoning laws spare no expense for wheelchair accessibility, it might seem to many that Marcus has gone a little too far.

But too far in what sense? Saying what we all already think but dont dare to say? So, thank you, Ms. Marcus, for being so candid and putting all platitudes aside. I too will now be selfish.

Maybe the pro-life movements treatment of this years adorable Gerber baby, the first with Down syndrome, was beside the point. The baby is cute, yes. But one does not keep a child with Down syndrome because he or she will be cute. As many know, the cuteness will often get lost in the frustration that always accompanies a Downs child.

There is hair-pulling and food-snatching and severe motor skill impairment. Marcus especially notes the IQ deficits that range between 35 on the moderate side and 70 on the mild side. This goes to the heart of her objection to having a child with Down syndrome: few will be able to live on their own or be financially independent. As Marcus says, It is life-altering for the entire family.

Lets All Be a Little More Selfish About Weakness

Yet maybe more women need to be a little more selfish. As a young woman with only two pairs on chromosome 21, I selfishly oppose Marcus call, because Marcus and her less-honest disciples are casting a far wider net than they realize.

Do they understand that in objecting to the burden of one who is financially and intellectually dependent they are making a definitive judgment on the worth of all others who, for whatever reason, cannot stand on their own two feet? Our treatment of the burdensome will become our treatment of everyone. Ask my mom, for I, too, am a burden.

The future is a very scary thing, especially right after college. I graduated in May, and with my tail between my legs moved back home without a semblance of a plan. My IQ is high, but I am, all the same, financially dependent and living at home for the foreseeable future.

Im not alone. We post-college dependents feel shame in the presence of peers who appear to have control over their finances and lifestyle. We suspect that our worth would go up in their eyes if we to...


Is Peter Thiel a Deep State Defector or a Trojan Horse? Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Pay Pal founder, Peter Thiel, may talk like a disaffected and former Deep State member. He calls social media dictatorial and repressive. But is he really sincere, or is he just another Trojan Horse?

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Panda Finds A Home. Freethought Blogs

The new kid Chez Raucous Indignation, Panda.

Raucous Indignation, all rights reserved.


Your Kids Dont Want To Read? Make Them Miserable Until They Do! The Federalist

Im an editor at a book publishing company, so I dont get to read many books for fun anymore. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me. I do love getting paid to read, but Id still do it for free if I had to. Always been that way.

A reader. People called me that back in the old days and they didnt always (or usually) mean it in a nice way, either. Was I a reading rebel? Oh yeah.

I had flashlights yanked from my hands when I sneaked books under the covers after bedtime. By my own parents. When I was a teenager, I perfected the art of reading obnoxiously. I would read while walking from the car to the door, from my room to the supper table, even down the crowded school hall between classes. I read all the damn time.

Later, I read entire books while coming home from college. While I was driving the car. I could have killed somebody. I might have killed somebody. Ill never know. My nose was always in a book.

I married a reader. I read to my kids when they were little.

Then one day I came to a horrific realization forced on me by the facts before my very eyes.

My kids do not like to read.

I have a girl and a boy. Neither is a natural reader. They dont particularly like books. They can take em or leave em, and usually they leave em.

Never did I dream that I could have children who werent big time readers. It seemed genetically, archetypically impossible. I guess if I hadnt had my nose stuck in a book all the time, I wouldnt have been so surprised.

Now, I could have come to terms with this state of affairs. I could find peace with the fact that, while I may not have whelped readers, both are incredibly smart and creative kids who do well academically and blow out the Iowa tests and such.

Youve always had doubts about the worth of the novel, anyway, I might tell myself. Arent novels merely artistic holdovers from the dawn of the industrial revolution? They had their heyday in the nineteenth century, but what purpose do they serve today? Since radio and movies were invented, havent they been about as culturally relevant as new opera and modern poetry that is, not very? The contemporary novel in the hands of most practitioners today is a joke, a public indecency, a mildewed ear. Do you really want to subject your kids to a bunch of yucky mildewed ears?

Yeah, well. True enough. But A Wrinkle in Time aint a mildewed anything. Neither is Emma, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The Hobbit, Little House on the Prairie, or Moby-Dick. And, as you know (if you are a reader), the list goes on.

So the answer is hell no. My kids will read. Even if it kills me. Even if it kills them.

Metaphorically speaking. By which I mean literally.

I tried nice. Nice d...


Hillary Clintons Woman-Bashing Is Why Women Find Feminism So Distasteful The Federalist

Why are so many women reluctant to call themselves feminists? It might be that widespread hostility toward men defines modern feminist movement.

Certainly that was the theme of Hillary Clintons remarks earlier this month, when she blamed her 2016 presidential loss on husbands pressuring white women to vote for Donald Trump. Clinton has since been widely criticized and apologized. But her comments suggest so much that is wrong with todays feminist movement: its both anti-male and anti-woman at the same time.

Clinton said all of a sudden white women, who were going to vote for me, and frankly standing up to the men in their lives and the men in their workplaces were pushed to vote for Trump. These remarks certainly warranted loud criticism. But positioning men as bullies and women as suffering from political laryngitis is no surprise.

An anti-male drumbeat has carried the feminist movement for decades, intensifying in recent years with fears over a rape culture on college campuses, the clamor over street harassment, and last years Day without Women campaign, which sought to put a spotlight on the economic injustices set against women.

The modern feminist movement has advanced the narrative that most men, not just the Harvey Weinsteins of society, abuse women. Many of todays feminists insist the preponderance of men harass, sexually assault, discriminate, and generally mistreat women. A Day Without Women suggested men wouldnt care if women disappeared altogether.

Men Are Bad, Women Are Helpless

Of course, the #MeToo campaign demonstrates that a lot of women feel they have been treated badly, perhaps more than some of us may have wanted to recognize. That shouldnt be ignored. In fact, I urge more conservative feminists to publicly accept some of these problems and not overlook real grievances.

But Clintons comments werent simply problematic because they cast men, once again, in a negative light. What was even more egregious but seemed to escape notice by some is that she also stripped women of any free will, a posture the modern feminist movement has increasingly adopted. Whether its a conversation about the so-called wage gap, the political gap between sexes, or sexual assault on college campuses, feminists more and more overlook how women make choices, and those decisions contribute to the realities of our society.

Its hard to argue that women in America today dont have more choices than ever before. But progressive feminists like Clinton frequently rob them of their free will by putting the problemand the powerin the hands of men. One doesnt have to be a Trump supporter, or even voter, to be bothered by Clintons willingness to refashion women as objects of their husbands political leanings rather than free agents of their own.



Walk To Palestine: Activist Walking 5,000km PopularResistance.Org

Twenty-five-year-old Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa is on a treacherous walk from Sweden to Palestine to raise awareness about human rights violations in the occupied territories. As of Wednesday, he is in Bulgaria and should reach Istanbul on March 20, walking 30-50km a day. Ladraa began his 5,000km journey from Gothenburg, Sweden, on August 8 last year. "The plan is to continue through Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and again through Syria to Jordan, and if I cannot get into Palestine, I will try to inform the media about it," he said.


Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Image: Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves

(Natural News) A recent breakthrough in high-intensity focused ultrasound therapy (HIFU) technology has proven its use as an effective cancer treatment. A multi-institutional research team from China developed a semi-enclosed, spherical cavity transducer that can produce a focused, standing-wave field with a subwavelength-scale focal region and extremely high ultrasound intensity. The spherical cavity transducer appeared to generate tighter focal regions and greater pressure amplitude compared with the traditional concave spherical transducer. Researchers said the level of intensity generated by the new transducer design may lead to significant improvements in HIFU therapy. The findings were published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

HIFU is a non-invasive, targeted treatment that makes use of sound waves to eradicate cancer cells. HIFU uses an ultrasonic transducer to convert electrical signals into sound waves, then concentrates ultrasound into a small focal region to raise the temperature to more than 65 decrees Celsius, thereby killing cancer cells in the process without inducing damage to surrounding tissues. The technique works in the same manner as focusing sunlight through a lens, which helps eliminate the disease-causing cells.

HIFU can be used as an alternative to traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

Sound waves prove to be viable cancer treatment in various studies

High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy proved to be a highly-effective cancer treatment in various studies and clinical trials.

For instance, researchers at the University College Hospital in London examined 625 men with prostate cancer and found that 93 percent of patients who underwent HIFU alon...


YouTube Suspends Major Gun Manufacturer, Bans Instructional Gun Videos The Federalist

YouTube has updated its policies on content featuring firearms, leading to the suspension of a large gun manufacturer and forcing popular gun content creators to remove videos from their channels.

While weve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories, specifically, items like ammunition, gatling triggers, and drop-in auto sears, reads a statement from a YouTube spokesperson.

The list of prohibited content now includes links to sites that sell firearms, videos that teach installation of certain accessories, and videos that teach the entirely legal acts of manufacturing guns and reloading ammunition. Here are the specific guidelines from YouTube:

YouTube prohibits certain kinds of content featuring firearms. Specifically, we dont allow content that:

  • Provides instructions on manufacturing a firearm, ammunition, high capacity magazine, homemade silencers/suppressors, or certain firearms accessories such as those listed above. This also includes instructions on how to convert a firearm to automatic or simulated automatic firing capabilities.
  • Shows users how to install the above-mentioned accessories or modifications.

Spikes Tactical, a Florida-based manufacturer of guns and accessories, posted on their Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday that their YouTube account has been suspended for violating community guidelines.

This is not the first time YouTube has tightened its firearms policies. After the Las Vegas shooting, YouTube ruled that videos instructing how to install bump stocks fell under the category of harmful and dangerous content.

We have long had a policy against harmful and dangerous content, a YouTube spokesperson told The Telegraph. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we have taken a closer look at videos that demonstrate how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly and weve expanded our existing policy to prohibit these videos.


Whats At Stake In The Fight Over Irelands Pro-Life Eighth Amendment The Federalist

As Ireland nears a summer referendum on whether to change a constitutional provision ensuring unborn childrens right to life, public demonstrations have broken out. Earlier this month, thousands of Irish marched in Dublin to support keeping the countrys pro-life laws, just days after thousands more marched against them.

The historically Catholic nations Eighth Amendment has long kept the nation one of the worlds few to outlaw abortion except when the mothers life is at stake. It currently reads: The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right. This amendment allows for abortion under extraordinary circumstances, and passed with 67 percent approval in 1983.

Yet on March 7 Irelands Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the unborn in Ireland have no rights under the constitution other than the right to be born, and that legal references to the unborn do not include unborn babies. The next day, the Irish Cabinet announced they had finalized wording for an Eighth Amendment replacement if a recent referendum to repeal the amendment passes. The proposed new language reads: Provision may be made by law for the regulation of termination of pregnancies.

In a recent poll, the Irish people were divided about the potential changes to the amendment. Forty-three percent of voters said they support allowing abortion with no restrictions, a similar regime to the United States law that is almost equally rare across the world. Only seven countries allow abortion after 20 weeks of gestation, which is approximately when unborn babies can live outside the womb with appropriate medical care: Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea, Sing...


The Guy Who Came Up With Fracking Probably Deserves A Nobel Peace Prize The Federalist

In May of 2011 the average U.S. gas price as measured by the U.S. Energy Information Administration peaked at just over $4. At the end of January, 2018 it was down to $2.72, a reduction by 32 percent. If you are driving the average 1,3476 miles that Americans drive every year, in a 2016 model car getting the average 24.7 miles/gallon, then congratulations: you saved about $700 last year compared to 2011. Factor in everything else you consume that has benefitted from declining oil and natural gas prices heating your home, airline travel, every product under the sun that contains plastic and it is reasonable to think that you are saving a couple of thousand dollars compared to six or seven years ago.

Your gain is somebody elses loss. More specifically, your gain is the loss of the oil producing nations who used to hold the world hostage with their near monopoly on oil and gas production. What has changed? The U.S. oil and gas industry has once again become a factor to reckon with, and our country and the world is a better place for it. And we have one man in particular to thank for it: George P. Mitchell, the father of fracking.

The last decade the U.S. has made astonishing progress in oil and natural gas production, thanks to advances in exploration and extraction technology. Exploration improvements have unearthed vast new reserves of both oil and gas, and extraction innovations the fracking revolution, or more precisely hydraulic fracking advances combined with horizontal drilling have made more of the reserves economically feasible as shown in this chart of proved reserves through 2015:

U.S. Energy Information Administration: U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves, Year-end 2015

(proved reserves are considered recoverable under current economic conditions; the dip in U.S. reserves in 2015 is explained by the low oil and gas prices making certain shale reserves economically but not technologically unrecoverable).

As a result, U.S. oil and gas production has skyrocketed, and the U.S. is now the worlds largest natural gas producer, and on the path to again becoming the worlds largest oil producer:



Watch These Moms Sing With Their Children Who Have Down Syndrome The Federalist

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, you should watch this sweet viral video featuring 50 moms singing and laughing with their children.

In Iceland, 98 percent of unborn children who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. In the United States, 67 percent of children who have the genetic disorder are killed before they can take their first breath.

In a recent interview with The Federalist, Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-Wash.), who has a child with Down syndrome, urged others to celebrate every childs potential.

You can listen to the interview in full here.


US Envoy In Venezuela Tried To Dissuade Falcon From Presidential Bid PopularResistance.Org

Venezuelan opposition leader Henri Falcon received a visit from United StatesCharge d'Affaires in Venezuela Todd Robinson in which he tried to convince him not to run in the May 20 presidential elections, according to sources close to the candidate. The United States has been threatening President Nicolas Maduro's government with increasing sanctions if they go on with the elections, which they have called fraudulent, and are carrying out an international diplomatic campaign to isolate Maduro and discredit the democratic process. With Falcon, an important opposition figure in Venezuela running for the presidency, the Venezuelan elections gain credibility in the international community which goes against Washingtons attempts to discredit the socialist government in Caracas and lay the groundwork for a military coup which has been publicly suggested by multiple senior U.S. officials in the past few months.


Recent Poll Reveals 74% of Americans Are Aware of the Deep State Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Monmouth College conducted a poll and they wanted to know what percentage of Americans were aware of shadowy forced that attempt to secretly rule the government as well as other related questions? The answers revealed in this neutral poll are very surprising.

For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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Woman Who Alleged Assault By Guard Finally Released From Detention PopularResistance.Org

A Salvadoran woman who came forward four months ago with allegations of sexual assault by a guard has been released from the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas, where her abuser remained employed for the bulk of her detainment. Laura Monterrosa was released from detention Friday evening after a months-long campaign by the advocacy organization Grassroots Leadership, culminating with a letter to the Department of Homeland Security signed by more than 45 Congressional representatives calling for an investigation into sexual abuse allegations at Texas detention centers. The members of Congress demanded an expedited audit to assess Huttos compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Getting released from detention has been a long road for Monterrosa, who Grassroots Leadership says is adjusting to her new environment and recovering from the trauma she has experienced.


The Daily Bird #652. Freethought Blogs

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Columbus Activists Turn Out To Support Black Pride 4 Protesters During Sentencing PopularResistance.Org

On March 13, roughly two dozen community activists and supporters gathered outside a courtroom in Franklin County Municipal Court to support four young activists accused of disrupting last Junes pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. The Black Pride 4 Wriply Bennet, Ashton Braxton, Deandre Miles-Hercules, and Kendall Denton and six other activists blocked the path of the parade for seven minutes last June to protest the acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who killed Philando Castile in 2016, as well as to shed light on the lack of safe spaces for black and brown people in the LGBTQIA+ community, according to their press release. Three out of four of those arrested were sentenced Wednesday to two years of probation and dozens of hours of community service; two of them were fined.


Humanity vs Insanity: The Skripal Affair with Ian R Crane and Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire

The UK government is willing to bring the country on the brink of conflict with a major world super power on the basis that it is highly likely that Russian may have used an obscure, unproven military-grade nerve agent called Novichok.

This interview with Ian R Cranes Humanity vs Insanity featuring guest Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE was filmed on Thurs 15 March, 2018, immediately after British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from Britain supposedly in retaliation for the alleged chemical weapons poisoning of retired Russian-British double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, in the quiet tourism town of Salisbury, England. Watch:

21st Century Wire Skripal Files



Propaganda & Manipulation: How Mass Media Engineers and Distorts Our Perceptions 21st Century Wire

The presentation before by Dr Jerry Kroth was first published in 2013, but it offers to solid framework with which to compare western corporate media propaganda surrounding 9/11 and Iraq War to contemporary western propaganda currently being deployed in order to demonize Russia through MH17 and The Skripal Affair, as well as routine chemical weapons allegations against Syria in order to initiate new wars.

Heres a refresher highlight reel of the US Iraq propaganda program which was put into action in the run-up to 2003:

This video on the psychology of propaganda by Prof. Jerry Kroth reviews five major techniques for how American mass media manipulates and twists the view Americans have of their world. The seriousness of the distortion, and our progressive loss of contact with reality is dramatic. We are increasingly living inside a media-induced trance without knowing it. While children are conditioned to believe that Ronald MacDonald is more real than Abraham Lincoln, American adults have been successfully trained by the media to believe that Saddam Hussein was somehow involved with 9/11, was harbouring al Qaeda and was hiding massive stockpiles of WMDs. From Coke to Carls Jr., Hip-hop to the Iraq War and Syria the role of subliminal propaganda in our lives as all pervasive.

The following video presentation is based on Dr. Kroths recent book, Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse. Watch: 



Gina Haspels Nomination Should Be Withdrawn, She Should Be Investigated PopularResistance.Org

Amnesty International calls upon President Donald Trump to withdraw his nomination of Gina Haspel to the post of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for the reasons outlined below. At the same time, the organization calls upon the US Department of Justice to initiate investigations into Gina Haspels alleged activities in the context of the program of secret detention operated by the CIA, a program in which the crimes under internationallaw of torture and enforced disappearance were committed. The investigation should include any role she may have had in the destruction of evidence of such crimes. Finally, Amnesty International calls upon members of the US Senate, if the nomination of Gina Haspel remains in place and the above investigation is not initiated, not to holda confirmation hearing.


4 Reasons We Must Build Our Streets for People (Not Just Cars) Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

About a month ago, my local news station here in St. Louis ran a remarkable piece of journalism one that I never thought Id see a traditional media outlet be brave enough to tackle. They named the stroad (a term that Strong Towns coined way back in 2013) for exactly what it is: one of the worst public safety mistakes our cities can make. They made it clear that bad road design like this was responsible for the preventable deaths of 78 people in our town over the course of the last decade. And they put that message right in middle of the 5 oclock news.

 All too often, this is the lens through which our leaders see their city. (Source: Rian Castillo)

All too often, this is the lens through which our leaders see their city. (Source: Rian Castillo)

I was thrilled. Until I got to the segment where they interviewed our Streets Department director, Jamie Wilson.

Its been about a month since the segment ran, and since then, Ive been wrestling with how to respond. As someone whos invested in the future of my community, I know that reactionary, heat-of-the-moment media is a huge part of how the road networks in places like St. Louis turned into mess that they are in today. Decades of breathless reporting on fatal car crashes are some of the reason why high speed roads designed with the principles of forgiving highway design in mind have crept further and further into our city centers, without much thought for the pedestrian protections that we lost in the process (and the common sense, #slowthecars approach that would have served us far better.) Anger turns complex problems into binaries: Cars versus pedestrians. One limited, flawed solution versus another. With me or against me.

Ill admit I was angry when I first heard our streets department directors words on the 5 oclock news. And I wasnt the only one. Friends around St. Louis wrote to me furious at his comments, which implied that stroads werent the re...


Altered Carbon (a review) Virtual Mirage

The Journey

The Book - Altered Carbon

Then I bought the book even though I did not and have not moved past episode 1 on Netflix. And I really liked it. There was something in the story that resonated for me and I found myself laughing, which I seldom do while I read. Don't get me wrong, this is NOT a comedy. It's a murder mystery set in the 25th Century, and it's very well written. Here's the plot: Netflix Tag Line: In the distant future, human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded into different bodies. Brought back to life after 250 years by Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) the richest man on Earth, ex-Envoy soldier Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman / Will Yun Lee) must solve Bancroft's attempted murder for the chance to live again in a world he doesn't recognize. (trailer)

The Sequel - Broken Angels


A Political Boss Goes Down Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

When it comes to politics, theres nowhere like Illinois. Throughout the election season, ProPublica Illinois reporter and political junkie Mick Dumke will analyze the states political issues and personalities in this occasional column.

If video killed the radio star, big money is sealing the fate of the old Democratic machine.

Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios, one of the last remaining machine bosses, conceded early Tuesday night to a political newcomer, a nobody, as the old pols used to say. Fritz Kaegis apparent victory pending a possible court challenge by a third candidate to void the election came after he vowed to fix what has been exposed as a faulty assessment process, one that burdens lower-income property owners while helping the wealthy.

But Kaegi wasnt just any reformer promising to clean up this town. He delivered his message by pouring more than $1.5 million of his own money into his campaign.

As the assessors race unfolded over the last several months and especially as the results began to come in last night I kept thinking about how Berrios got his start in politics nearly 50 years ago: His alderman used clout to get rid of a speeding ticket for him.

It wasnt his first ticket, and Berrios, then 17, was worried about losing his drivers license. That would have been a serious financial blow to him and his working-class family, he said in a 2016 interview with me and Ben Joravsky of the Chicago Reader. Berrios parents were from Puerto Rico, and during his early years, his family lived at the Cabrini-Green public housing development before moving to the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

At a neighbors urging, Berrios mentioned the ticket to his precinct captain, one of those guys whod been given a government job in return for keeping residents happy and getting them to vote for the machine. The precinct captain took Berrios to meet the boss of the 31st Ward, Alderman Tom Keane.

Joseph Berrios speaks about his start in politics in an October 2016 conversation with journalists Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky, during their First Tuesdays at the Hideout live show....


Donald Trump Jr. Pushed Blatantly Illegal Project In India, Former Official Says Trump, Inc. Podcast Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Last month, Donald Trump Jr. visited India to tout new Trump properties. Full page ads in Indias top papers announced, Trump has arrived. Have you?

It wasnt Trump Jr.s first trip to India. Ive been coming to India for over a decade, he said during his visit last month. Theres an entrepreneurial spirit here it needs no further explanation.

This week on Trump, Inc., were looking at the Trumps yearslong work in India, where corruption in the real estate industry is endemic.

We worked with Investigative Fund reporter Anjali Kamat, whose reporting on the Trumps business in India appears in the new issue of The New Republic.

As with many of the companys deals abroad, the Trump Organizations India projects are all licensing deals. Trump Jr. has been closely involved in much of the work.

Listen to the Episode

The Trumps first India project, in Mumbai, was halted in early 2012 after investigators found significant irregularities. The investigators had been tipped off by a state lawmaker who suspected a $100 million fraud scheme and warned of gross violations in the projects plans. Authorities revoked the buildings permits.

A few months later, in April 2012, Trump Jr. traveled to Mumbai and, along with partners, met with a top official there to try to get the project restarted.

Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, the equivalent of a U.S. governor, had been told Trump Jr. wanted to discuss investing in the state. But instead, Chavan recalled, Trump Jr. and his partners asked Chavan to overturn the decision to revoke the permits.

Chavan declined. I would get into trouble to sanction something that was blatantly illegal, he told us. The plans were not within the existing rules. (Chavan has also described the encounter to The New York Times and...


Israeli Court Claims Ahed Tamimis Closed Trial Is for Her Own Good The Anti-Media

Ahed Tamimi(MEMO)  An Israeli court has refused to hold a public trial for Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi claiming it is for her own benefit, reports Haaretz. Last week the military prosecution told the court that they had no objection to a public court proceedings but were later informed that the case would be held behind closed doors as []


The Crime Scene called Canada: Taking Back the Nation Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

This Sunday March 25 on Here We Stand
at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm central, 10 pm GMT on 

Two seasoned freedom fighters will shine a new light on the murderous corporate tyranny that rules Canada, and how to undo it. 
Our regular host Kevin Annett is joined by Nanaimo journalist Bob Hansen of CHLY radio. Theyll discuss the west coast genocide, child trafficking, church-state cover ups and the Chinese take-over, along with what must be done: the convening of a new common law jurisdiction and Republic.
Also featured...


1928 recording from Standing Rock added to Library of Congress Indianz.Com News

A 1928 recording from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation has been added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress.


Montreal: Disruption of the Parc-Ex Borough Council Meeting to Denounce Gentrification It's Going Down

The post Montreal: Disruption of the Parc-Ex Borough Council Meeting to Denounce Gentrification appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following report was originally published on Montreal Counter-Info.

On March 13, we went to the Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension borough council meeting in order to prevent the elected officials of the borough from granting Ron Basal a permit to continue the development of his luxury apartment project in Plaza Hutchison. After the council refused to consider the appeal of residents in Villeray who opposed the Taxi Diamond condo project, we decided to disrupt the meeting, so that Ron Basal would not receive his permit. We were brutally forced out of the room by the police, and two people were arrested and charged. The borough council then approved the permit for the Plaza Hutchison construction, in an empty room, with Basal sitting in the front row.

We have pursued all of the available administrative and political channels, but those have only led us to an impasse. It is time now to take to the streets, instead of trying to work with a system we dont believe in. If the mayors find this messy, that is too bad for them. We are disgusted, but not surprised by the lack of initiative, openness, and lack of political will demonstrated by borough mayor Fumagalli. Fumagalli has demonstrated that she wont dare to take even the slightest risk in denying a simple permit, even when facing an issue with such grave consequences for the community. Writing a communique to say that she opposes the project, despite having voted for approving the permit, is an insult for the tenants of the building who have been evicted, as well as to the residents of the neighbourhood. She accuses us of making the council meeting unsafe, but the only weapons we had to oppose the police batons were toy trumpets and noisemakers. The two people arrested, brutally forced to the ground and handcuffed for having tried to make their voices heard would have also liked to feel safe.

We also reject Valrie Plantes proposal to invest 17 million dollars in projects to promote social mixity in Parc-Extension. Social mixity does not benefit everybody; its just a polite term to make gentrification easier to swallow. In fact, such projects only result in the allocation of public funds to build housing for the wealthy- and actually furthers the process of gentrification by introducing them to newly discovered and exotic neighborhoods. We refuse to support the displacement of working class people of colour from our neighbourhood for the benefit of a new wave of richer and whiter inhabitants.

If the mayor and the councillors have thrown in the towel on this project, we cannot....


Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still Refusing to Vote in the Ontario Election It's Going Down

The post Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still Refusing to Vote in the Ontario Election appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following editorial was originally published on North Shore Counter-Info.

Against all expectations, the Ontario provincial election is shaping up to be politically interesting. I dont ever vote and I encourage others to also abandon any remaining faith in electoral democracy. If you dont care much about which party leads the province, since you intend to oppose them no matter what, you dont need to pay attention to the details of party politics. However, in Ontario, the argument in favour of voting has seldom been stronger. Doug Ford is an ideal right-wing bogeyman, giving centrists and leftists a source of fear and guilt to coerce those who have abandoned electoralism into casting a ballot for a lesser evil. And at the same time, the Ontario NDP finally tries to distinguish themselves from the Liberals on the left by including free dental care in their platform, which, if implemented, would undeniably make lots of peoples lives better (including the cavity-plagued anarchist writing this text).

And yet, I still dont intend to vote and I still want to encourage you to reject the ballot and representative politics too. But I feel like the generic anti-electoral argument (No matter who you vote for the government still gets in!) are particularly inadequate this time around. This text is for those who are disgusted by electoral politics but who, like me are feeling the pressure to participate. Its an invitation to build an anti-electoral politic specific to our local context, capable of responding to the fear-mongering around Doug Ford and also the specific threat he poses, as well as countering the opportunistic handouts coming out of the NDP. Continuing to struggle against reactionaries prevents the rise of figures like Doug Ford while deferring to the system enables them; and building practices of autonomy and mutual aid make the top-down charity of the NDP unnecessary.

Doug Ford, sometimes presented as the master mind of Rob Fords hilarious series of pratfalls as mayor of Toronto, is positioning himself as a strong fiscal conservative, using rhetoric around balanced budgets and spending restraint to conceal the cuts, privatizations, and tax recuctions the Ontario Progressive Conservatives (PC) have always stood for. He has also positioned himself as more socially conservative than the partys previous leader, Patrick Brown, whose predatory behaviour brought about his rapid downfall. Ford has tried to capture the support of the partys social conservative base by declaring that, if elected, he w...


What the Media Isnt Telling You About Social Media The Anti-Media

Weaponization of Social Media(CORBETT)  Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The weaponization of social media.  TRANSCRIPT: It didnt take long from []


South Bend, IN: Ursula K. Le Guin Reading Group It's Going Down

The post South Bend, IN: Ursula K. Le Guin Reading Group appeared first on It's Going Down.

Announcement for a readying group in Indiana.

This is a chance to discuss stories and novels by Ursula K. Le Guin, who passed away earlier this year. The New York Times said she brought literary depth and a tough-minded feminist sensibility to science fiction and fantasy. At our first meeting, in April, well discuss the short story The Day Before the Revolution and the first two chapters of The Dispossessed. The readings discuss events before and after a fictional anarchist revolution.

If youre interested, email or Meeting dates and times will be decided based on peoples availability.

This reading group is jointly organized by Notre Dame Grad Workers Collective, Rising Tide Michiana, and Michiana Industrial Workers of the World.



March 20, 2018 WhoWhatWhy

The post March 20, 2018 appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Steve Bannon's Surprising Opinion About Cambridge Analytica OpEdNews

In other words, Bannon's creation is getting far too much attention and credit for being more powerful than it was. Moreover, if the public wants to understand how social media has become a powerful political messaging tool, people should pause and understand that Facebook's profiling of users is not unique among online marketers.


Under the Risk Protection Law, Florida Is Confiscating Guns with No Warrants or Cause Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Florida law enforcement is busy seizing weapons and ammunition with no warrants and no provocation. This is total tyranny. Gun confiscation is being taken to a new level. Have we not learned anything from history? Those that turn in their guns are doomed. The globalists will never go after the guns directly, they know what the American reaction would be. Instead, in states like Washington, they are going after the guns incrementally. And when the guns are gone from law-abiding citizens, history shows that when genocide occurs. The video describes what lies ahead.

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Netanyahu To Be Investigated In Another Corruption Case Political Vel Craft

Israeli media predicts that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to be investigated, along with his wife and eldest son Yair, over Corruption Case 4000. The investigations over Case 4000 revolve around facilitations offered by Netanyahu to the businessman Shaul Elovitch, the owner of the news site Wallah, in return for favorable media coverage. Hungary Joins Russia InContinue reading "Netanyahu To Be Investigated In Another Corruption Case"


The Resistance Needs Better Heroes OpEdNews

Donald Trump is both corrupt and unstable. I share the hope Mueller succeeds in bringing him to justice, although a President Pence could conceivably do more legislative damage than Trump has done thus far. Trump's escalating war of words against Mueller, even as his lawyer argues that Mueller's investigation should be shut down, is deeply worrisome.


Sharron Angle Speaks Out on School Safety Guardian Liberty Voice

Nevada Congressional District 2 candidate, Sharron Angle, states Schools should proactively promote self-defense. As a former teacher and School Board Trustee, she speaks from experience. No matter who commits a crime at school the local law enforcement should address the problem, even when the perpetrator is a child. Solving problems on a local level is []

The post Sharron Angle Speaks Out on School Safety appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Daily Inspiration --- When Freedom Dies OpEdNews

He who possesses liberty otherwise than as an aspiration possesses it soulless, dead. One of the qualities of liberty is that, as long as it is being striven after, it goes on expanding. Therefore, the man who stands still in the midst of the struggle and says, "I have it," merely shows by so doing that he has just lost it.


Indigenous protesters again block entrance to Pinery Provincial Park Warrior Publications


Maynard T. George is leader of the Indigenous family group claiming ownership of Pinery Provincial Park. (Submitted by Colin Graf)

Protester Maynard George says the action is connected to a First Nations claim to the land

CBC News, March 19, 2018

Indigenous protesters are again blocking the entrance to the Pinery Provincial Park, an action they say stems from a longstanding dispute over First Nations claims to the park on the shores of Lake Huron.

Maynard George of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation told CBC news that he and about four other protesters have pulled into the parks front entrance in a trailer, preventing visitors from entering the park.

He said Pinery staff told people using the park to leave. As of Monday evening, about 10 trailers have already left, said George.

Weve moved in, weve taken up our residency here, said George. And weve shut down the park permanently. Were in a position where we have to do something to resolve the claim.

George was involved in a similar action that ended in Novemb...


Secwepemc run for clean water, against Kinder Morgan pipeline Warrior Publications

Secwepemc runners antikm

Secwepemc youth run for clean water. Photo: CFJC Today

First Nations group hoping to bring more awareness to pipelines, environment

By Chad Klassen, CFJC Today, March 19, 2018

KAMLOOPS Its a run for clean water, a journey that began in Valemount on Saturday and wraps up in Kamloops on Tuesday.

The runners and walkers and support team are hoping to bring more awareness about environmental impacts happening within Secwepemc territory. 

Our prayer is for clean water and protection of the watershed, said organizer Miranda Dick. When were looking what does that look like? were talking about the deforestation, were talking about all of these larger corporations coming encroaching onto our territory.

The group is walking for the third day in a row and have now clocked over 300 kilometres. The biggest concern is pipelines and how they may imp...


A Giant US Retail Corporation Just Filed a Patent For Autonomous Robot Bees Sheep Media

Like an episode out of Black Mirror, Walmart has filed a patent for autonomous robotic bees, technically called pollination drones, that could potentially pollinate crops just like real bees.

The drones would carry pollen from one plant to another, using sensors and cameras to detect the locations of the crops.

First spotted by CB Insights, the robot bee patent appears along five other patents for farming drones, including one that would identify pests and another that would monitor crop health. Walmart did not immediately respond to Business Insiders request for comment.

While Walmarts exact goal for these patents is unclear, they may signal that the company hopes to venture into agriculture and gain more control over its food supply chain.

This would make sense, considering Walmart has recently focused on improving its grocery delivery business.

On Wednesday, the retailer announced that it will expand its grocery delivery this year to over 800 stores that reach 40 percent of US households.

In some locations, the service will offer same-day delivery in as little as three hours. In January, Walmart also filed a patent for an online grocery shopping service that would allow shoppers to accept or reject produce picked by Walmart employees.

Walmart is not the first organisation to create a robot bee.

In recent years, scientists have searched for solutions to the decline of honeybees, which pollinate nearly one-third of the food we eat and are dying at unprecedented rates largely because of a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder. (In 2017, however, these deaths...


Investors Already Bracing On $100 Oil In 2018 Political Vel Craft

* Open interest trebles in December 2018 $100 calls * $100 calls now largest strike by open interest for 2018 * Interest rising in bullish 2018 calls above $75 By Amanda Cooper LONDON,  (Reuters) When crude prices crashed in early 2016 to $27 per barrel, most industry executives said the world had seen theContinue reading "Investors Already Bracing On $100 Oil In 2018"


Most of the World Doesnt Want to Hear This Sheep Media

Most of the world population is under a hypnotic mind control in one form or another.

Those who are truly awake have been sounding the alarm for quite some time now.

Its difficult to wake the sleeping masses when all they really want is to stay asleep in their blissful ignorance because they are too afraid to learn the truth about their world.

Too scared to face reality because then they would have to get involved and actually risk being called names or losing friends because those friends are too dense to understand the truth.

We are conditioned from childhood to obey the state, fear the unknown and hate what we fear.

We fear change because we are taught that we are powerless to affect change and it all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because we are too afraid to realize that we are the ones who hold the REAL POWER in this world.

It is so simple even a 4 year old can see it. All you have to understand is that you have the power of YES and NO. The ones who control you do so effectively because they have convinced you that you are powerless when in reality they derive their power from your ignorance of your own true power.

They derive their power from your MANUFACTURED CONSENT.

They program you with COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and effectively turn you into their slaves.

Remember, The Truth Is Out there, Waiting To Be Found:


NEO Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Jim W. Dean - American media has become the New Pravda from the Soviet Days where it serves the party line, maybe not at the 99% level, but enough to say it no longer represents what the Founding Fathers fought for


Why Europe's Center-Left Keeps Losing Elections OpEdNews

If the center-left is to make a comeback, it will have to re-discover its roots and lure voters away from xenophobia and narrow nationalism with a program that improves peoples' lives and begins the difficult task of facing up to what capitalism has wrought on the planet.


Gun Control? No, Youth Liberation: On Shootings, Walkouts, & Getting Free It's Going Down

The post Gun Control? No, Youth Liberation: On Shootings, Walkouts, & Getting Free appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following collection of materials from CrimethInc. is designed to be printed and handed out at upcoming March for Life actions, and offers a critique of reformism and gun control within the context of grassroots resistance to mass shootings.

Following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School last month and ahead of the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC this coming weekend, people all around the United States are talking about gun violence. As politicians seek to exploit horrific tragedies to consolidate even more power for the state and channel youth outrage into support for the Democratic Party, we have to direct attention back to the structural factors that cause these mass killings in the first place. Weve prepared the following poster, zine, and handbill addressing the root causes of school violence and the solutions that genuine grassroots organizing can offer. Please print these out to distribute at your local high school, walkout, or protest!

Poster version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Zine version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Handbill version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.



Facebook Just Lost $50 Billion in Market Value Over the Last Two Days The Anti-Media

Facebook Market Value(ANTIMEDIA)   The Cambridge Analytica scandal has Facebook feeling it where it counts most for a publicly traded company investor confidence. On Friday, the social media giants closing stock price was $185.09, making it worth about $538 billion. The next day, the news broke that data consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked with Donald Trump on the 2016 election, had allegedly obtained []


Thats quite the just-so story youre selling, Atlantic Freethought Blogs

Are your eyes in need of a little rolling exercise? Get ready to read The Evolutionary Case for Great Fiction. Heres how it begins:

Picture this: Its 45,000 years ago and a small Pleistocene clan is gathered by a campfire. The night is bone cold and black and someonelets call him Ernestbegins telling a story.

Lips waxy with boar grease, Ernest boasts of his morning hunt. He details the wind in the grass, the thick clouds overhead, the long plaintive wail of the boar as his spear swiftly entered its heart.

The clan is riveted.

Among them sits a moody, brilliant devotee of campfire stories. Every now and then she pipes up to praise or decimate a tale. Tonight she says, Excellent work. Unsurpassed. Ernest breathes a sigh of relief.

Lets call the girl Michiko.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ridge, theres another tribe, where John is telling his hunting story. Except he sucks, and the story falls flat, and everyone shrugs and goes to bed.

And then, later, Johns tribe goes extinct. The end.

Thats it. No evidence, no data, no actual measurements of any survival benefit to storytelling, one invented number (is there a benefit to good storytelling? If it increases your offspring by only 1%yes), and the author comes to the conclusion that good stories enhances survival and makes the talespinner sexy (well, an author would say that, wouldnt they?)

It is literally a just-so story, and nothing more. Nothing. Its someone sitting at a keyboard fantasizing about how important their writing skills are on an evolutionary scale, and inventing a series of rationalizations.

Its terrible.

I guess Im going to have to predict the imminent extinction of every member of the tribe who writes for the Atlantic, if this story were true.

By the way, after being named, Michiko doesnt appear in the story any more. The first critic, and she doesnt even make it to the next page.


BREAKING UPDATE: arkland Shooer Was Given The Green Light While The Authorities LIHOP Latest blog

In the case of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting the authorities that ought not to be Let It Happen On Purpose! New documents reveal the mental state of Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Nikolas Cruz and the fact that it was highly suggested that he be placed in a mental facility for evaluation under Florida's Baker Act. But the authorities ignored these warnings and suggestions as well as the numerous calls to the FBI warning that he was a threat and would shoot up the school! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the latest information regarding this case that points a LIHOP situation while also pointing the blame in the direction that it really should be...big pharma and the mental state of our youth today.


Liberal Media Remains Totally Silent About US-Backed Decimation of Yemen The Anti-Media

MSNBC Russia Yemen(FAIR)  What use is having a liberal cable network if it remains silent on the major issues facing the left? As FAIR noted in January (, 1/8/17), MSNBCs coverage of the US-assisted bombing and siege of Yemen is virtually nonexistent. In the year 2017, MSNBC ran only one segment that focused on the USs role in Yemen; zero in the []


Anti-Pipeline Fight at Burnaby Mountain Heats Up It's Going Down

The post Anti-Pipeline Fight at Burnaby Mountain Heats Up appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following video from sub.Media.Tv documents how recent actions on Burnaby Mountain in so-called British Columbia are heating up.

People blocked tree cutting equipment, slated to clear the way for Kinder Morgans Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, that would bring oil from Albertas tar sands to the port of Vancouver.

These actions were done by autonomous individuals unaffiliated with environmental ngos, currently engaged in a week of symbolic actions. Six people were arrested

Follow this struggle


Latest OK Go video Freethought Blogs

The music group OK Go is known for its highly choreographed videos done in just one take that depends upon carefully timed movements that must require plenty of rehearsing. Sometime ago, I linked to one that had a large number of dogs involved. Their latest one seems to exceed all their previous efforts and involves a ton of paint. I felt sorry about all the guitars, though.

First you can see the video.

Lead singer Damian Kulash explains the detailed calculations that went into creating the split-second synchronization that the production of their latest effort required.

(Via Carla Sinclair.)


The Last Financial Deadline Before The Election Is In 11 Days And We Need Your Help The Truth

With just 56 days to go until election day, this race for Congress is still incredibly close right now. Our numbers have been surging, but there are four candidates very closely grouped together, and the truth is that any of the four of us could potentially win this thing on May 15th. We are incredibly excited about the fact that our campaign is the only one that seems to be gaining more traction, but a couple of the other campaigns do have a bit more money then us. We need to close that gap, and the last FEC financial deadline of the campaign is coming up in just 11 days. If you feel led to help us, the following are three ways that you can give a gift to the campaign

Donate By Credit Card Online:

Donate By Paypal:

Donate By Check: Make your check out to Michael Snyder For Congress and send it to the following address

Michael Snyder For Congress
PO Box 1136
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

I apologize for barely writing any articles this month. Because this race is so close, our team has been working around the clock to try to win this thing. Over the past week we have visited Sandpoint, Payette, Cascade, Post Falls and the Coeur dAlene area, and tonight I will be back down in Bonner County. In April we are literally scheduling dozens of events all over the state, and if you live in Idahos first congressional district I hope that you will come out and see us when we are in your area.

Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, our sign bomb has been a roaring success. We have more signs up than all of the other campaigns combined, and this is just the beginning of our shock and awe final push over the last 60 days.

The best way to keep up with our campaign on a regular basis is to make our official...


Imminent Launch Of Russias Silver Rouble Political Vel Craft

This was going to be about helicopter money because a ton of precious metal literally fell out of a Russian plane. But now its way more than that... Please connect the dots below, but first, please do this math:1+1+1+1=? (Answer: 4, every day of the week). While it has been known that China and RussiaContinue reading "Imminent Launch Of Russias Silver Rouble"


Bay Area: 2nd Annual Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism (ROAR) Conference It's Going Down

The post Bay Area: 2nd Annual Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism (ROAR) Conference appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism Conference (ROAR) returns to Ohlone land, the so-called bay area on April 28th and 29th, and will take place in both Oakland and in San Francisco. To hear recordings from last years conference, go here, here, and here.

We have battled and been bruised, but are inspired and ready for the coming storm. From the murder of Heather Heyer at a white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville, to the spontaneous airport shutdowns after Trumps ban on Muslims entering the US, to an inspiring display of solidarity and mutual aid dealing with the ramifications of a collapsing ecosystem, we have forged long overdue alliances, built solidarity in the wake of natural disasters, and together struck what we hope are fatal blows to a burgeoning national fascist movement.

This year we invite you to gather again at the second annual Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism ROAR Conference! The ROAR Conference is a FREE two day event that will be held on Ohlone Territory (San Francisco Bay Area). Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism means not only opposing white supremacists in the street, but being able to build a movement that can challenge the very pillars of a society built on slavery, genocide, and racist exclusion.

It means tearing down borders and abolishing prisons; it means struggling to ensure black liberation; it means stopping the pervasive violence against trans women of color; and it means protecting our Muslim neighbors by any means necessary. In doing all of this and more, we are creating a freer world. Join us at ROAR for dialogue, community and capacity building, skill sharing, and nurturing revolutionary anti-racist movements!

When and Where:

ROAR will take place on Saturday, April 28th at Omni Commons in Oakland and Sunday, April 29th at California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco. More info will soon be posted on the ROAR websi...


Opposition to Wars -- From Vietnam to Iraq: Imprisonment, Resignation and Resistance OpEdNews

Americans for decades have challenged successive U.S. governments that have thought the United States is an exceptional country and therefore can do what it wants to other countries -- invade, occupy and destroy them. I will continue to challenge the war-mongering mentality of many of our politicians and their propensity to lie to the American public on the dangers in the world that "require" the U.S. to wage war.


26 Reasons Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Edward Snowden The Anti-Media

Edward Snowden(ANTIMEDIA)  In June of 2013, Edward Snowden was the most wanted man in the world as the U.S. government and others frantically attempted to arrest him for leaking documents that exposed the breadth of surveillance imposed upon the public. The Portuguese government even forced a plane carrying Bolivias president to be grounded because of rumors that Snowden might be on board. []


Ken Cuccinelli On FBI Investigations, Andrew McCabe, And Cable News The Federalist

Ken Cuccinelli is President of the Senate Conservatives Fund, CNN contributor, and former Virginia attorney general. He joins Federalist Radio to discuss the firing of Andrew McCabe, the loss of respect for the FBI, and the debates of the pundit class on cable news.

You can tell a half truth and its true, but if you leave things out like in the FISA warrant, it has the appearance of being deceitful, he said. Its going to take the FBI a very long time to work its way back to a position in American society of respect.

Listen here:


We Need To Talk About How Non-Binary Invisibility Affects Mental Health My Latest for Ravishly Freethought Blogs

Its no secret that many LGBTQ people struggle with mental health issues, but some struggle more than others.

For example, a 2011 study shows that out of 33% of LGBT students surveyed that reported suicidal ideation during the previous year, 44% of them were bisexual. Other studies have similar results, and they all suggest bisexual invisibility is the underlying cause. Indeed in my own experience as a bisexual, being caught in the middle of the binary of straight and gay often made me feel like I wasnt queer enough for the LGBTQ community and not straight enough for the heterosexual world, leaving me feel lost in space in the end.

Recent studies reveal being in the middle of the gender binary isnt any better. A 2017 study, for example, surveyed over 900 trans youth (ages 14 to 25) and found that non-binary participants reported struggling with mental illness more than binary trans participants. As the study authors speculate, This group [non-binary youth] is likely to be less understood and acknowledged than transgender youth whose gender identity fits into the man/woman binary, and this may mean nonbinary youth are less likely to have social support. Another study from last year, conducted by Transgender Europe, found similar results; specifically, that twice as many non-binary people reported struggling with mental health problems as binary trans people.

I asked my non-binary Facebook friends about their experiences with non-binary invisibility. Some, like Ingrid, said their transition would have been a lot easier if they had more support.

Read the rest here.


Join the Outrage Brigade today! Freethought Blogs

Are you one of those people who, when your sense of justice is offended, simply sit quiet and avoid rocking the boat? Do you always defer to authority, even when theyre clearly wrong? Are you one of those people who enjoy pointing and screeching at outsiders doing things against your sensibilities, but when a member of your in-group does exactly the same thing, you look away? Do you judge whether someone is right by how popular they are?

Then go away. You dont get to join the Outrage Brigade, and you havent earned this nifty sticker, which you can get by donating to Secular Women Work.

I am a proud member of the Outrage Brigade, but dont accept my say-so. Join because you feel the rage in your bones.


Americas Foster Care System Is the Pipeline For Child Sex Trafficking The Last American Vagabond

Child sex trafficking is an epidemic today, and while most people would find this crime to be right up there with homicide, the culture of permissiveness and lack of moral leadership tacitly condones the sexual abuse of children, while the media remains largely silent. It baffles the mind of any normal human being, and while []

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8 Signs The World Is Undergoing A Paradigm Shift The Last American Vagabond

Browsing through history, its very clear that the world has undergone many monumental shifts in society that have uprooted its very foundation in place of new seed. A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or underlining assumptions. For example, when Pythagoras proposed that the Earth was round instead of flat, the foundation of []

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High-Ranking People Protected Hillary Clinton From Being Indicted & The Truth Is Coming out The Last American Vagabond

The 2016 presidential election presented a great deal of opportunity for us to begin to see through how our system of politics truly functions and what the goal of the deep state/media is within this entire charade. Its always serving in the early stages of these articles to make it clear, my (and CEs) stance on Trump is simple, we []

The post High-Ranking People Protected Hillary Clinton From Being Indicted & The Truth Is Coming out appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Sudan, The Last Northern White Rhino On Earth, Has Died TruthTheory

By Jess Murray Truth Theory

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino on our planet has died due to age-related complications, marking a sad day for conservationists and animal lovers worldwide. Sudan, who was 45 years old when he died, lived at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where he was protected and looked after by conservationists.

After suffering from muscle and bone deterioration and extensive skin wounds, the decision was made to euthanise Sudan on Monday evening after his condition meant that he was unable to stand. Prior to this, he had spent two weeks lying in his pen due to the discomfort caused from a deep wound on his leg.

Over recent years Sudan has become well-known around the world as a symbol of the destruction that humans have brought upon the planet. In an attempt to save the subspecies from becoming extinct, huge efforts were made to get him to mate with the two surviving females of his kind, 27-year-old Najin and 17-year-old Fatu. Following these failed attempts, a Tinder dating profile was even created for the rhino, in an attempt to raise the $9million funds needed for fertility treatment.

The conservancys CEO, Richard Vigne, ...


One-Way Ticket: Inflation Coming The Last American Vagabond

Its kind of hard to imagine how a country, which makes up less than 5% of the worlds population, has been able to become the largest economy on the planet, but also the biggest debtor nation in history. The U.S. has a population of 326 million people, compared to over 7.6 billion human beings globally. []

The post One-Way Ticket: Inflation Coming appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Meet Lilly, The 9-Year-Old Girl Who Picks Up Plastic Waste In Her Community TruthTheory

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Lilly is not your average 9-year-old girl. She is originally from London, England and moved to the Netherlands a few years ago. As an avid animal lover, she is on a mission to prevent plastic pollution from harming animals. When I was learning to count in Dutch, I counted 91 pieces of plastic [that I picked up] and I thought should I be happy or mad or sad about this?

Not everyone is as passionate as the environment as Lilly is, for those who dont see plastic pollution as a pressing issue, Lilly has one question. Have they ever seen the way animals suffer when they eat this plastic? she says.

Lilly is Youth Ambassador for the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Child Ambassador for HOW Global, a charity organization that brings water to forgotten children. With the full support of her family, she has also founded Lillys plastic pickup, an initiative that raises awareness about plastic pollution. She has already organised several cleanups in her community, recruiting friends and neighbours to help her with her mission. Im trying to do something to convince my friends to save the entire planet! she explains. In addition, she has also asked her local McDonalds to switch to paper straws and lids, and even persuaded a car company to stop releasing balloons. One time we saw a picture of a baby puffin wrapped around in balloons and it made me very cross.



Monsanto Fails To Halt Arkansas Ban On Controversial Herbicide TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

In mid-February, an Arkansas judge dismissed a Monsanto lawsuit which aimed to stop Arkansas from blocking the use the controversial herbicide dicamba. A huge blow was dealt to the agrochemical corporation as a result.

Monsanto sued the Arkansas State Plant Board in 2017 over its decision to ban the sale of dicamba between April 16 and October 31. As EcoWatch reports, the regulators made the decision after receiving nearly 1,000 complaints from farmers.

Reuters reports, In the ruling, Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza cited a recent Arkansas Supreme Court decision that the state cannot be made a defendant in court, according to the Arkansas Agriculture Department. To say Monsanto was displeased by the ruling is an understatement; the company said it will be considering additional legal action.

We are disappointed in the courts decision to dismiss our legal challenge of the plant boards restrictions, and we will con...


Chinese Government To Ban Citizens With Poor Social Credit From Planes, Trains TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

A dystopian future isnt on the horizon, its here. In China, a Social Credit System (SCS) is being implemented to rate the trustworthiness of citizens. Very soon, citizens with a low score will be prohibited from traveling via train or plane up to one year.

According to two statements, issued on the National Development and Reform Commissions website, individuals who have spread false information about terrorism, caused trouble on flights, used expired tickets, or smoked on trains will be placed on the restricted list.

Additionally, those who have committed financial wrongdoings, such as failing to pay social insurance or reusing to pay fines, will also be barred from traveling either by plane or train.

The statements were released on March 2, 2018. Reportedly, the rules will come into effect on May 1, 2018.

The SCS, supported by Presidents Xi Jingping, is based on the principle of once untrustworthy, always restricted. Although a persons character may change over time, their status in a society that operates through a Social Credit System will not. This may prove problematic to the growing population of 1.379 billion.

Surprisingly, there are signs that a SCS has already been implemented. In early 2017, Chinas Supreme Peoples Court said during a press conference that 6.15 million Chinese citizens had been prohibited from taking flights for social misdeeds.



D.C. Lawmaker: Rothschilds Controlling Weather to Damage Climate Sheep Media

Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) posted a video on his Facebook page saying the snow resulted from the Rothschilds controlling the climate. (Trayon White/Facebook)

NeonNettle| A D.C lawmaker has claimed that a brief snowfall was a result of the Rothschilds controlling the climate according to a report from the Washinton Post. D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) uploaded a video to his official Facebook page which was shot through the windshield of a car driving through a snowstorm, the narrative was as follows

Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Yall better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation, he said.

And D.C. keeps talking about, We a resilient city. And thats a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.

White apologized Sunday night after receiving backlash for comments he made in a video on The Rothschilds

According to CNN: White apologized Sunday night after receivi...


Student Supended From School After Calling Congressman Mark Amodei Guardian Liberty Voice

United States Representative Mark Amodei (R-Nev.) is responsible for a students absurd suspension from school. Seventeen-year-old Noah Christiansen, attending Robert McQueen High School, phoned his Congressman to lodge a complaint about lax gun laws which he believes are responsible for school shootings. During the recent #NationalWalkOut, Christiansen decided to leave a message for Representative Amodei. His []

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Truth Theory To Release Open Letter Series Addressing Societys Biggest Issues TruthTheory

Truth Theory has released a teaser to an open letter series addressing 11 societal problems, and how they are all linked to the financial system.

The series written by Truth Theory journalist Luke Miller shares how many of the current flaws in different areas can be traced back to the financial sector, and how its replacement or restructure would result in a better society for everyone.

In a 2017 article Miller said: The central reserve banks create money which are not backed by anything tangible, meaning there is no gold or asset supporting it. They then put interest on that money, loan it to the banks and add their fees. The banks then loan it to the people and add interest. The money can never be paid back, as there is not enough money in circulation to pay back the debt. he continued Our government is supported and influenced by this system and as a result the majority of the problems we face can be linked back to the financial sector.

The series will include letters on 11 topics including education, the media, healthcare and of course the financial system itself. So far they have released 2 trailer videos sharing the tone of the message.

The Truth Theory team in charge of the project have reached out to a leading cryptocurrency Dash for support to bring the letters into video form. Cryptocurrency is built on a decentralised system called blockchain which provides a solution to many issues such as keeping medical records, the voting process and a transparent financial system.

Mike Sygula the CEO of Truth Theory has said:


TCK RADIO: Jeff Crouere Current State of the USA - Veterans Today Veterans Today

TradCatKnight Radio, Jeff Crouere Current State of the USA Talk given 3-20-18 (aprx 35 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special guest Jeff Crouere joins me to discuss: RussiaGate, Christian persecution, emerging police state, rise in censorship, biggest threat to USA is? emerging New World Order social credit system, Pope Francis, refugee crisis, clash between good and []


Terry Gilliam is totally wrong Freethought Blogs

Gilliam is one of the members of the Monty Python troupe, not as well known as the other five because he was rarely seen in the TV series and films. His main role was providing the animations that provided the transitions between sketches and scenes. After the Python era ended, he went on to become a successful director. In a recent interview, he gave his opinion on the recent exposes of predatory sexual behavior in the entertainment industry and said some appalling things, among other things comparing the #MeToo movement to mob rule.

Hollywood director Terry Gilliam said Friday that the #MeToo movement has morphed into mob rule, claiming that while some women suffered, others used Harvey Weinstein to further their careers.

It is a world of victims. I think some people did very well out of meeting with Harvey and others didnt. The ones who did knew what they were doing. These are adults, we are talking about adults with a lot of ambition.

Harvey opened the door for a few people, a night with Harvey thats the price you pay, said the maker of Brazil and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

But Gilliam said the truth was that abuse of power has always happened. I dont think Hollywood will change, power always takes advantage, it always does and always has.

Its how you deal with power people have got to take responsibility for their own selves.

While he lamented that the 1960s generation did not get full equality for women and went on to describe Weinstein as a monster and said that there were others like him, his general response was a shrug, that this situation had always existed and he seemed to suggest that as long as both parties were adults and aware of the transactional nature of the relationship, i.e. exchanging sex for career advancement, then that is acceptable.

This is, of course, completely nuts. I am all in favor of consenting adults being allowed to behave in ways they choose. But the compact phrase consenting adults contains a whole lot of implicit assumptions about other conditions that should exist. One is that there be no power differential significant enough to influence consent. Another is that the parties are in full command of their faculties and are not drunk or stoned or otherwise in a state of cognitive impairment that prevents them making a rational decision.

The abuses committed by Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Bill OReilly and the huge number of other people are wrong precisely because those conditions were not met.


We Must Be Strategic To Win Social Change PopularResistance.Org

We have more power than we think. But weve got to go beyond the protest-petition-call officials-vote routine. Think outside that box, and youll find a world of creative solutions and strategies to tap into. Id like to issue a challenge to all of our nonprofits and organizing groups to at least employ a one-for-one strategy. If youre going to ask people to call public officials or join a large protest, add a second strategy that uses an organized, sustained, and strategic act of noncooperation and/or intervention targeted at a second group of power holders. The time has come to double down on strategy and make great strides toward change.


Florida Court to Determine If Police Use of Facial Recognition Software Is Even Legal The Anti-Media

Facebook Facial Recognition(AP)  Floridas First District Court of Appeals will take on a case involving law enforcement use of facial recognition technology to catch a drug dealer. Specifically, the court will determine whether police are allowed to use the facial recognition software to catch suspects without notifying them of the technology. Police One reports: The court battle, regarded by researchers []


Professor Brian Cox on Stephen Hawking OpEdNews

I've seen several eulogies on the late, great Stephen Hawking. This nine minute one is my favorite, not just because it's an interview with one of my favorite scientists, Professor Brian Cox (maybe my favorite, due to this extraordinary breath, depth, and knowledge of science, but his ability to deliver so well; anything you find by Brian is worth a look, imo), but because he so well and concisely highlights some major points.


Russia Warns US About Attacking Syria as US Backed Terrorists Kill 28 in Damascus - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Moscow Warns Washington Against Conducting Strike Against Syria Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov commented on the situation in Eastern Ghouta and the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal. Russia has called on the United States to abandon its unconditional plans for a strike against the Syrian government forces and Damascus, Sergei Ryabkov stated, answering the journalists question. Weve []


Is President Trumps Tariff Package Against China Feasible? Guardian Liberty Voice

President Trump is preparing to impose a package of $60 billion in annual tariffs against Chinese products after his aides recommended a $30 billion package.  This has been a long-time threat that the president says will punish China for intellectual property theft and in turn, create more American jobs.  The tariff package could be applied []

The post Is President Trumps Tariff Package Against China Feasible? appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Top Senators Press DOJ On Whether Russian Government Paid Christopher Steele The Federalist

In a lengthy letter to the inspector general of the Department of Justice (DOJ), two key senators demanded answers on whether anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele was ever paid by the Russian government or other Russian sources. The letter from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked Michael E. Horowitz, the DOJ inspector general, for answers to 31 sets of detailed questions related to DOJs handling of various Russia-related probes in 2016 and 2017.

What connections are there between Mr. Steele and the Russian government or Russian intelligence community? the senators asked. Has Mr. Steele ever been paid directly or indirectly by the Russian government, Russian intelligence community, or other Russian sources?

Steele is the former British intelligence agent hired by Democrat research firm Fusion GPS on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign. Concerns about Steeles relationship to questionable Russian figures were initially raised after encrypted text messages between Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and Adam Waldman, a registered foreign agent for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, were leaked to the media. In those texts, Waldman repeatedly tried to broker access between Steele and Warner, who serves as the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is unclear why a registered foreign agent for a Russian oligarch would be running interference on Steeles behalf.

As The Federalist reported last month, during interactions between Warner and Waldman, which included encrypted messages, phone calls, and private, in-person meetings, Waldman offered Warner access not just to...


Sex and the City Star Under Attack for Supporting BDS The Anti-Media

Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon(MEMO)  A leading pro-Israel activist is attempting to derail an American actors bid to become the governor of New York over her support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel. Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of the Sex and the City television series and movies, announced on Monday that she is planning to []


15 Years On, The Staggering Death Toll In Iraq Keeps Climbing The Last American Vagabond

As we begin the 16th year of the Iraq war, the American public must come to terms with the scale of the violence and chaos we have unleashed in Iraq. March 19 marks 15 years since the U.S.-UK invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the American people have no idea of the enormity of the calamity []

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Round 3: Pensacola, FL vs. Kent, OH Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Welcome to the third round of our annual Strongest Town Competition! 4 towns are facing off right now and 2 will advance to the championship based on your votes.

We invite you to listen to the podcast interviews that representatives from these two towns conducted with Strong Towns staff to discuss their economic strength and resilience. Voting closes at 12pm CT on Friday, March 23.

Pensacola, Florida

Rachel Quednau, Communications Director of Strong Towns, talks with Christian Wagley of Pensacola, Florida about a unique citizen engagement and education effort, a transformative road diet on the city's Main Street, how the community is prudently utilizing settlement money from the BP oil spill, and more.

Kent, Ohio

In this conversation, president of Strong Towns, Chuck Marohn, chats with Kent City Manager Dave Ruller. They discuss unique planning processes in the city, the energy that college towns offer, and how the community approached a recent controversial issue.

Voting is weighted so that Strong Towns member votes account for half of each town's score and non-member votes account for the other half.


Man Found Guilty of a Hate Crime for A Joke Video Of His Dog Doing a Hitler Salute The Free Thought Project


An ominous precedent has been set as a man was just found guilty of a hate crime for making a joke video of a dog doing a 'Nazi Salute' and he now faces the possibility of being thrown in prison for it.

The post Man Found Guilty of a Hate Crime for A Joke Video Of His Dog Doing a Hitler Salute appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Round 3: Muskegon, MI vs. Annapolis, MD Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Welcome to the third round of our annual Strongest Town Competition! 4 towns are facing off right now and 2 will advance to the championship based on your votes.

We invite you to listen to the podcast interviews that representatives from these two towns conducted with Strong Towns staff to discuss their economic strength and resilience. Voting closes at 12pm CT on Friday, March 23.

Muskegon, Michigan

In this conversation, president of Strong Towns, Chuck Marohn, chats with Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce President, Cindy Larson. They chat about Muskegon's unique farmer's market, challenging developments in the city's past, the advantages of being a lakefront community, and more. Listen, then cast your vote below.

Annapolis, Maryland

Rachel Quednau, Communications Director for Strong Towns, hosts this conversation with Mayor Gavin Buckley and Sally Nash, Chief of Comprehensive Planning for Planning and Zoning in Annapolis. They discuss the ways that the city's waterfront is integrated into the life of the community, unique small business and placemaking efforts in historic neighborhoods, how Annapolis is handling the challenges ahead and more. Listen, then cast your vote below.


Voting is weighted so that Strong Towns member votes account for half of each town's score and non-member votes account for the other half.


Terrifying: This Makes Me Cringe The Last American Vagabond

Nobody quite knows the miracle of coincidences. My life has been full of events so rare that, looking back, they seem to be grandiose, but as they occurred, I paid no mind to them. As I frequently do on airplanes, I curved out a few hours to reflect on the past and draft new goals []

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Why The US Is Responsible For The Humanitarian Catastrophe In Raqqa The Last American Vagabond

Currently, the attention of mainstream media is focused on the situation in the battered enclave of Eastern Ghouta. More than 80,000 civilians have already fled the region via humanitarian corridors despite numerous threats from terrorists, and the humanitarian situation there is being improved day by day. However, the same cannot be said of Raqqa that []

The post Why The US Is Responsible For The Humanitarian Catastrophe In Raqqa appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Video: Cops Laugh at Man Being Held Naked in Chair for 46 Hours Before Dying The Anti-Media

Andrew Holland(TIM)  Chilling jailhouse footage captured an inmate as he writhed on the floor, lost consciousness and subsequently died after being bound naked in a restraint chair for 46 consecutive hours, as California sheriffs deputies at the San Luis Obispo County Jail looked on, with some occasionally laughing. The newly released video stands in contrast to the []


Top 5 Casino Movies The Last American Vagabond

Gambling-themed movies have always drawn special attention of viewers. Movies about the casino are incredibly fascinating and great to watch with its original stories. And there are so many of them that its hard to choose the best one. We picked the most exciting films, which are definitely worth watching. Casino (1995) A dramatic motion []

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It Wasnt the Russians, VT Right All Along, as Mossadnik Zuckerberg Faces the Axe - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Astonishing Facebook Intervention Could Have Compromised Cambridge Analytica Evidence, Says U.K. Consultants sent by social network were kicked out of Cambridge Analyticas London offices late Monday, as authorities in the U.S. and U.K. fear evidence may have been destroyed. Jamie Ross Facebook has been plunged into crisis over the allegations that Cambridge Analytica misused data []


Turkey Vows to Destroy US-Backed Terrorists in Syria The Anti-Media

Turkey Kurds US Troops Syria(ANTIWAR.COM)  With Turkey having captured the Afrin District over the weekend, President Erdogan is even more bellicose about the ongoing invasion of Syrian Kurdistan on Monday. He is even suggesting the offensive could grow more than ever expected. Erdogan is now saying that the offensive is going to span the entire Turkish border with Kurdish territory. This []


Those Lovable Turks Virtual Mirage

Turkish President Erdogan said the war against the Kurdish People would continue to the Iraqi border.
"Now we will continue this process until we entirely eliminate this corridor, including in Manbij, Ayn al-Arab, Tel Abyad, Ras al-Ayn and Qamishli," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday in Ankara. 

(Press comment: Ayn al-Arab is known to Kurds as Kobane; Tel Abyads Kurdish name is Gire Spi and Ras al-Ayn is Sari Kani in Kurdish. All of the towns are located along the Syria-Turkey border within Rojava, the self-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Syria.)
Erdogan said that capturing Afrin was a comma and God willing, a full stop will come next, but he insisted that Turkey is not invading Syria. Our intention is not to invade, but to carry out operations to cleanse (Kurds) terrorists and eliminate terrorist threats to our country, he said. 

Erdogan also threatened to fight anti-Turkish Kurdish fighters in Iraq. 
We told the Iraqi government that they were trying to form another Qandil in Sinjar (Shingal). If you do not solve it, we can enter Sinjar and clean it up there, he said, Hurriyet Daily News reported.
The reference to Qandil is to the base of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) which is a terrorist organization. Qandil is located in northeastern Iraq, whereas Sinjar is located in northwestern Iraq. 

Buoyed by the capture of Afrin in Syria, Erdogan is talking boldly about solving Turkeys Kurdish terrorism problems, despite the humiliation of Turkeys immediate neighbors and their allies.



Four Women Will ROW From California to Hawaii To Highlight Climate Change and Sustainability Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

In June, four women plan on rowing from California to Hawaii to highlight their concerns about global warming and the degradation of the world's oceans.   We are talking about journey 2400 miles on human power alone, and they are planning on doing this in less than 50 days, thus breaking the record for a women-only team to cover this huge distance.

One of the women is an undergraduate in my department, Eliza Dawson, an excellent student who plans of going to graduate school next year to study the earth's climate system.  Eliza is also a member of the UW's fabled women's crew team, and thus is an accomplished athlete as well.  Such an effort is not inexpensive and thus she is raising funds to support this effort (here and here).

I am intrigued by this ambitious project on many levels. 

Eliza and compatriots will view and document the current state of the northeast Pacific at close hand.  As many of you know the world's oceans have become a giant junk yard, particularly for floating plastic, and they will go through one of the worst garbage collection areas--the center of the east Pacific gyre (see images).  They plan on taking pictures and documenting the debris they pass through.


University Police Use The Library of Harm To Flag Students Words Activist Post

By MassPrivateI It seems like not a day goes by, where law enforcement isnt inventing new ways to spy on Americans. According to a recent article...


CBS News fawns over despotic Saudi prince Freethought Blogs

You have got to hand it to the Saudi Arabian regime. They have figured out how to get really good press in the US despite presiding over one of the most appalling governments in the world when it comes to both domestic and foreign policies. They have realized that as long as they are supportive of US and Israeli goals in the Middle East, the US media will have an immediate bias in their favor that will cause them to find any reason to ignore their appalling record, such as the horrendous amount of suffering they are causing to the people of Yemen, their breeding of extremist Islamic ideology, and their appalling record of human rights at home.

They have now also figured out that if they can take some steps towards relaxing some restrictions domestically, they can get massively favorable coverage while still being backward when compared to pretty much any other country. This propaganda blitz culminated with the new de facto ruler crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (known as MBS) allowing women to drive and relaxing some curbs on music and the cinema.

Mehdi Hasan writes that while any advances such as these are undoubtedly good things, they are no excuse for the fawning coverage that MBS received in an interview with 60 Minutes, the supposedly hard-hitting news magazine program of CBS News.

So why did the segment on MBS resemble more of an infomercial for the Saudi regime than a serious or hard-hitting interview? His reforms inside Saudi Arabia have been revolutionary, intoned correspondent Norah ODonnell prior to the start of her exclusive sit-down with the crown prince in Riyadh. He is emancipating women, introducing music and cinema, and cracking down on corruption.

Move over Tom Friedman and David Ignatius in ODonnell, the Saudis seem to have found a new cheerleader within the U.S. press corps. Forget the Saudi bombardment and siege of Yemen, described by United Nations agencies as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, which received a mere two minutes of coverage over the course of a 30-minute segment. Forget the horrific Saudi record of beheadings and stonings, which received zero coverage from the 60 Minutes team in Riyadh. Instead, we were treated to ODonnell oohing and aahing over the crown princes youthfulness, workaholism, and lest we forget support for women drivers.

Hasan then goes on to provide ten questions that ODonnell should have asked, such as with regard to the war in Yemen. How do you square reform at home with war crimes abroad? and Is it not a moral outrage for one of the richest countries in the Middle East to be starving the poorest country in the Middle East? and Congratulations on lifting the Saud...


Chloroform, Engine Exhaust, Lead, And Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Are All Possibly Carcinogenic Schools Should Provide Wired Internet Activist Post

By B.N. Frank WiFi Also Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier. For many years now, tech inventors have been sending their kids to private low-tech schools and...


Cronkite News: Tribes hit hard by opioid crisis but federal support remains elusive Indianz.Com News

The opioid crisis has hit rural Native Americans significantly harder than any group in the nation, and the problem may be even worse because of racial misclassification on death certificates.


The Denial Of The Right To An Opinion Britains Inexorable Slide Into Fascism Activist Post

By Julian Rose In Britain, during this last week, something very nasty made its presence known to the nation. And it was not Putin or...


Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times OpEdNews

Congratulations on assuming the reins of this nation's -- and arguably, the world's -- most influential publication. It's the family business, of course, so your appointment to succeed your father doesn't exactly qualify as a surprise. Even so, the responsibility for guiding the fortunes of a great institution must weigh heavily on you, especially when the media landscape is changing so rapidly and radically.


Michigan Bans Material Support or Resources for Warrantless Federal Surveillance Activist Post

By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill that bans material support or resources for warrantless federal surveillance programs. This is an essential...


The Cambridge Analytica Panic Is The Silliest Conspiracy Of The Entire Russia Scare The Federalist

What the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica panic lacks in relevance it sure makes up for in melodramatic rhetoric. Bloomberg, for instance, says that revelations of the apparent skulduggery that helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election keep sending shock waves across the political landscape. Its true. Everyone is talking about it. The story has consumed most of the mainstream media.

The theory goes something like this: Facebook obtained information on users who took a personality quiz with their online friends. Another outlet, Cambridge Analytica, harvested that information to brainwash a bunch of rubes, and then yada, yada, yada Russia! Senators are now demanding executives come forth and answer questions. Investigations must be open. Democracy is under threat.

Former Cambridge Analytica contractor and now-professional whistleblower Christopher Wylie told CNN that while at the company he helped build a psychological warfare weapon to exploit mental vulnerabilities that our algorithms showed that [Facebook users] had.

So, in other words, he worked in the advertising business.

Those who have covered politics for more than a single Trump-cycle should know better than to use this kind of unnerving rhetoric for what amounts to average microtargeting, which has been used by hundreds, if not thousands, of firms. Yet, now, when it serves to bolster convoluted theories about an election being overthrown, terms like psychographics and breach are being thrown around to make it sound like someone hacked into voting rolls after boring into the deepest recesses of our souls.

Moreover, the idea that Facebook can know your mental vulnerabilities is only true if you share your nightmares with them. If youre uncomfortable with data mining and your information being shared, dont take surveys. Because, breaking news: You dont have to be on Facebook. You dont have to use Twitter. You dont have a constitutional right to play FarmVille without answering some questions. You dont get free stuff. The very existence of these tech companies is predicated on mining data so that they, or third parties, can sell you things.

Cambridge Analytica, a shady company owned by the British firm called SCL Group and, reportedly, in part by the right-wing funding Mercer family claimed it could build models that identify persuadable voters by using six key personality types. Considering the amount of data Hillary Clinton had at her disposable, the idea that more data equals more persuasion is suspect. Aside from that, Cambridge Analyticas effective...


'Acting' Trump administration officials present Indian budget plans Indianz.Com News

The leadership void within the Trump administration is again on display as lawmakers consider the budgets for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service.


Cops Shoot Unarmed Dad In The Back, Kill Him For Holding a Phone in His Grandparents Backyard The Free Thought Project


Police officers ambushed a man in his family's backyard and fired several rounds into his back, killing him because they claimed the phone in his hand was a gun.

The post Cops Shoot Unarmed Dad In The Back, Kill Him For Holding a Phone in His Grandparents Backyard appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Obama AND Trump Insiders Blow Whistle, Reveal Facebook ALLOWED Them BOTH to Spy on You The Free Thought Project


Both the Barrack Obama and the Donald Trump campaigns engaged in social media warfarein which Facebook participatedto insidiously mine your private information for political gain.

The post Obama AND Trump Insiders Blow Whistle, Reveal Facebook ALLOWED Them BOTH to Spy on You appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Civil Insurrection: A Modest Proposal for Ending the United States

I see  that a man named Sessions, apparently  Washingtons Attorney General, threatens to unleash the coercive powers of the federal government against the state of Colorado, his reason being that he does not like the states policy with regard to marijuana.  This is most curious. Why he believes the policies of Colorado to be his concern is not clear. Equally mysterious is why he thinks the police of Colorado should arrest Coloradans for doing a thing that the people of the state have determined to be acceptable.

Mr. Sessions expansive view of his importance in the universe is seen again in his menacing of the state of California because he does noi approve its policy toward its immigrants. Common sense suggests that if he does not like Californias policies, he should live in another state. I am sure this would suit California well.

What justification does this feral busybody have for meddling in what is not his business? Mr. Sessions wraps himself in the Constitution and, thus emparchmented, asserts that the Supremacy Clause gives him the authority to overrule the states. Reasonable men may disagree on this matter. I assert that the states have no duty to observe the Constitution since the federals do not.

As one instance among many, the Constitution ordains that the country shall not go to war without a declaration from the Congress. In fact the federals make war constantly with neither a declaration nor any reference to the will of people, draining their substance for purposes which are not theirs. If the Constitution is not binding on the central government, it is not binding on the states.

In any event the federals do not represent the people of the country. How many of us in the various states want to spend trillions on distant wars at the commandfor that is what it isof Israel, the petroleum industry, and Empire? Yet we have no choice.

The question of states rights is  today seen, or inculcated, as the fantasy of romantic conservatives remembering a world that never was. In truth, states rights are our only bulwark against tyranny. It is the amalgamation of undeserved powers in the hands of the federals that accounts for the countrys tribulations both within and without.

A great and wise man, a leading proponent of states rights, long ago foresaw this dismal prospect,  saying, The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.

Just so. Is this not what we see? When a single remote legislature contr...


A Wee Bit Late. Freethought Blogs

In his latest video, Lance Wallnau has a prayer:

The left needs to shut up and Father, we just pray in Jesus name that your hand will be on this president and on his marriage and on his wife, that their ears will be deaf to the salacious, cruel accusations and toxic utterances that are coming at them from all directions. And I pray for a swift and speedy blocking of this subject from entering into the middle of the national narrative.

You need to keep up, Lance. Rather late in the day to ask Jehovah to stomp all over Ms. Daniels. As for being salacious, cruel, and toxic, it seems the Tiny Tyrant has all those covered, with more to spare. It really takes a special kind of man to go out and cheat on his wife while pregnant, and after giving birth to yet another heir. Thats a particular cruelty, one which will reside in Ms. Tiny Tyrants head forever.

As for the national narrative, when has the Tiny Tyrants salacious, cruel, and toxic behaviour not been a part of it? Donny is guilty of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and cheating all over the damn place. Thats all on him. The man is a walking scandal of criminal activity. I cant speak for all The Left, but this little part of it is not going to shut up, so Im afraid yet another prayer has fallen on deaf ears. The only reason the lunatic fringe wants this all hushed up is that you cant stand people looking at your hypocrisy, supporting an adulterer in spite of your so-called morals and family values. Oh, that spotlight is hot, isnt it? Unfortunately for you, right wing asshole christians are more likely to be lapping up every bit of, um, exposure given to Ms. Daniels, more than the average person. Fundamentalist christians have a fatal attraction to porn, and the more they yell about it, the more they are watching and listening. Repression never works the way its supposed to, and youd think you idiots would figure that one out, but no. Even remonstrations use clickbait titles: Dont watch super-whore Stormys interview!, knowing that super-whore is a magnet to christians. So, it would be you fucking idiots feeding the frenzy youre upset about.  If I were a god, I wouldnt pay attention to you either.

Thats not all that Lance has been praying about:

Wallnau warned that if the midterm elections prove that the fury and froth and madness stirred up by propaganda by the left is eff...


US Senator Demands Zuckerberg Be Subpoenaed to Testify Under Oath The Anti-Media

Zuckerberg Facebook(CD)  As the damning details of Facebooks largest-ever data breach at the hands of pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica continue to pour inand as the social media giants share price continues to plummet as a resultSen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Monday called on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify under oath before Congress to explain why his company took so long to []


Why U.S. is Responsible for the Humanitarian Catastrophe in Raqqa? OpEdNews

Currently, the attention of mainstream media is focused on the situation in the battered enclave of Eastern Ghouta. More than 80,000 civilians have already fled the region via humanitarian corridors despite numerous threats from terrorists, and the humanitarian situation there is being improved day by day. However, the same cannot be said of Raqqa that lies in ruins.


How We Collected Nearly 5,000 Stories of Maternal Harm Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

About a year ago, ProPublica and NPR launched Lost Mothers, a project investigating the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth in the U.S. We soon learned that the U.S. was one of the most dangerous countries in the developed world to give birth. About 700 to 900 women die each year from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications. For each woman who dies, more than 70 nearly die.

We knew the statistics. Maternal advocacy organizations and other sources had provided names of some expectant and new mothers who had died, including Lauren Bloomstein, a neonatal nurse in New Jersey. But we still didnt have enough of the human stories we needed for this project. So we set out to find women and families willing to share intimate experiences. To do that, we published a request: Do you know someone who died or nearly died in childbirth? Help us investigate.

The form asked users about the type of maternal health complication that occurred, about follow-up care, and about lingering long-term consequences. Within a few days of publishing our maternal health questionnaire, we received about 2,500 responses. Today, we have almost 5,000. Weve had submissions come in from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. We have stories of maternal deaths dating as far back as 1920 and as recent as December 2017. The people who answered that request helped fuel much of the Lost Mothers project. And were going to tell you how we did it.

How We Got to 5,000

A key reason we elicited 2,500 submissions so quickly was NPRs reach it has 6.3 million Facebook followers. NPR posted the questionnaire to its Facebook page the day our questionnaire published. But we wanted to reach more than just an NPR or ProPublica audience. Thats where the shoe-leather social journalism started.

Data on maternal deaths is so inadequate that the federal government no longer publishes an official death rate. The estimated 700 to 900 women who die each year largely go unnamed. So sourcing via social media played an important role. To compile our list of women who died from pregnancy- and childbirth-related causes, ProPublica reporter Nina Martin scoured social media primarily public posts on Facebook and Twitter, and the crowdfunding sites GoFundMe and YouCaring. We then verified the womens basic information using obituaries...


Holy Ground Desecrated At Site Of Apache Resistance To Mine PopularResistance.Org

On March 17th, a representative of the Apache Stronghold arrived to Oak Flat, Arizona and found that the four crosses of an Apache holy ground had been intentionally destroyed. Two of the crosses were missing, ripped from the ground and two of the crosses have been left standing, but destroyed with what appears to be an axe. Evidence of large tires driving through the space covered the dirt surrounding and through the site of prayer. Ceremonial eagle feathers were left laying on the ground.


Intel Drop, Word from Syria of Poisonous Treason, given at risk - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Americans are being held inside Syria. We have reason to believe that Syria captured Americans in East Ghouta and elsewhere. What I am telling you now is confirmed. We have a list of 12 dead Russian officers killed by UK/US special operations.


Banksy Blitz NYC. Freethought Blogs

One of the new Banksy murals in Midwood, Brooklyn. Benjamin Sutton.

One of the new Banksy murals in Midwood, Brooklyn. Benjamin Sutton.

Banksyslatest series of interventions in the New York City streetscape continued apace today. This afternoon the artist revealed on Instagram that a mural in the Midwood section of Brooklyn that had come to widespread attention last week is in fact his doing.

The mural is a characteristically coy commentary on capitalism, although it is accompanied by a smaller piece that depicts a seal. The pair is located in Midwood, at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue I. The larger one features what looks like a real estate developer (equipped with both a briefcase and a hardhat) brandishing a whip in the shape a rising red line graph, while a procession of children, a woman, an elderly person, and a dog flee. Nearby, a smaller mural whose connection to the theme of gentrification is indecipherable, features a seal balancing a ball formed by the unpainted circle where a sign used to hang on its nose.

Its always interesting, tracking Banksy, and this is no exception. Benjamin Sutton at Hyperallergic has the story.


2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Freethought Blogs

The Great wall of Namib. Paranyu Pithayarungsarit, Thailand, Shortlist, Open, Landscape & Nature (2018 Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

The Great wall of Namib. Paranyu Pithayarungsarit, Thailand, Shortlist, Open, Landscape & Nature (2018 Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

Oh, such amazing photography, glimpses of all the worlds within our world! I had to bookmark, because I have too much to do today and I have to be good and asleep early (5:30am wake up), but Ill work my way through eventually. Have a wander and see wonders!

This was via Atlas Obscura, which highlighted twelve landscapes, including the one above.


Breaking News! Another School Shooting-Stopped by Armed Guard-Liberal Media Coverup Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


There has been yet another school shooting. This time, the Deep States objective was not met. More on that at the end of this article.

CNNs Obfuscation of the Facts Leading to the Containment of This Particular School Shooting

There has been another terrible tragedy involving a school shooting. We can only pray that everyone that is injured will fully recover and that a parents worst nightmare is not realized.

As this crisis unfolds, it is important to look at how the liberal media is using this tragic event to support their objective of gun confiscation, while completely ignoring how the crisis was contained.

First, lets look at the opposition media beginning with CNN:

Maryland high school is on lockdown after reports of a shooting. Both CNN and MSNBC were reporting that the shootin...


Bomb Meant for Austin Explodes at FedEx Facility Near San Antonio The Anti-Media

FedEx Bomber Austin(ZHE) FedEx has discovered a suspicious package at a different facility in Austin, according to media reports. The package is being investigated. Meanwhile, a former FBI official responsible for catching the Unabomber appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning and said the FedEx bomb was a game changer in the bombing case. For all of these bombs to []


Brooklyn NRA Group Not Backing Down After Third Venue Cancels Their Event Under Pressure The Federalist

Next month the Brooklyn Friends of The NRA is set to hold its second annual dinner to raise funds for the National Rifle Association Foundation, which gives grants to shooting sports and other programs across the country. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, some progressive residents of Brooklyn were outraged to find out that an NRA affiliated event would be held in a borough they view as a sanctuary of progressive ideals.

The first restaurant signed on to host the event near Coney Island backed out after facing a backlash from gun rights opponents and the Brooklyn Young Democrats. The second venue in Staten Island did the same. Undaunted, the pro-NRA group secured a third venue, back in Brooklyn, and again, neighbors and Democratic groups succeeded in shutting the event down.

Threatening businesses that offer services to groups because people dont like those groups ideology or hobbies is a disturbing and intolerant trend in our society. But thankfully, the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA have no intention of backing down and are still working on a place to hold the event. Sources tell me they are exploring a plan D starting today.

Its important to understand what the fundraiser is raising money in support of. The NRA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is explicitly forbidden from electioneering or giving money to campaigns. So, none of the money raised at the event will go to any political activity whatsoever. Where will it go? To safety efforts and training for sport shooting, to natural conservation for hunting grounds, and to police departments.

Nobody Owns Brooklyn

Speaking to the New York Post, one protester, Brooklyn transplant and Stoneman Douglass alumna Claire McCue said, Its surprising also an event that has already been chased out of Coney Island, Staten Island and for them to be successful and have an event here [Park Slope] in my backyard is just something I dont understand.

Well, let me try to explain it.

Brooklyn is a borough of 2.6 million people thats a larger population than 15 states have. And guess what? Not everyone in Brooklyn agrees with each other about everything all the time. The rest of the country has a vision of Brooklyn that is monolithically progressive, but that just isnt the case. There is a lot more here than Williamsburg hipsters and Park Slope mommies. There are cops and fireman, hunters, fisherman and people who shoot for sport.

On Fort Hamilton Avenue in more conservative South Brooklyn there is a gun range below a pizza place and a CVS pharmacy. On weekends as one peruses the toothpaste one hears the BOOOM, BOOOM, BOOM, thundering up from below, followed by more rounds. Eventually it fades into the background, like so many other noises and smells and obstacles that arise from such dense population. But heres the thing, the gun enthusiasts who use the range are just as much a part of Brooklyn as anyone else, and no...


A Single Cop Sued 23 Times for Rights Violations, Costing Taxpayers DearlySTILL On The Job The Free Thought Project


One police officer has been accused in numerous lawsuits of illegal home searches, false arrests, and theft, and instead of firing him, the department has spent more than $280,000 covering up his misconduct.

The post A Single Cop Sued 23 Times for Rights Violations, Costing Taxpayers DearlySTILL On The Job appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Chickasaw citizen Kevin Washburn named dean of law school in Iowa Indianz.Com News

Kevin Washburn, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, is making history once again in academic circles.


Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West Ready to Attack OpEdNews

The number of Syrian immigrants on the Lebanese territory has already dropped below 1 million, the first time since 2014. People are returning home. They are going home by the thousands, every week.


Brooks Agnew: The deep state is being backed into a corner right now Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) Six-time Amazon best selling author Brooks Agnew appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show Monday, where he spoke about the deep state and just how desperate they are getting.

All is not done, Agnew told Shep. You see, the globalists lost in November of 2016, November 8th, but that was just a battle that was not the war.

What is happening is the deep state is being backed into a corner right now, he explained. We just took down a Major General Andrew McCabe I dont think hell turn but its making a lot of people nervous.

There is one thing about a bad dog that gets backed into a corner if you approach it its going to bite very hard.

The best selling author went on to explain how the deep state makes its biggest progress when major events that happen worldwide.

World War I, World War II, the crash of 1929, 9/11, these types of events, he said. There hasnt been one in a while and they are losing ground.

You can listen to Brooks Agnew on hour number two of The Shepard Ambellas Show here by fast-forwarding to the 1:00 mark.

The Shepard Ambellas Show airs weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9 pm/8C/6P on American Freedom Radio. You can listen at

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

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Building The Iron Wall PopularResistance.Org

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives15 Republicans and three Democratshas sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera television network register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The letter was issued after Al-Jazeera said it planned to air a documentary by a reporter who went undercover to look into the Israel lobby in the United States. The action by the senator and the House members follows the decision by the Justice Department to force RT America to register as a foreign agent and the imposition of algorithms by Facebook, Google and Twitter that steer traffic away from left-wing, anti-war and progressive websites, including Truthdig. It also follows Decembers abolition of net neutrality.


Can You Trust Facebook? WhoWhatWhy

ICEs Funny Numbers (Reader Steve)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ICE chief Thomas Homan say Oakland mayor Libby Schaafs warning to residents about an immigration crackdown allowed 800 people to elude arrest. But not everyone agrees with that high number including ICE agents.

Buy American (Drones) (Dan)

Trumps new Buy American plan features selling lethal drones to US allies like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and NATO-aligned countries. While current plans do not feature the notorious Predator drone, Trump has said it will eventually reach the marketplace.

Pentagon to Congress: You Cant Stop Us from Fueling Saudi Arabias War in Yemen (Jimmy)

The author writes, On February 28, Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Chris Murphy (D-CT), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced Senate Joint Resolution 54, a resolution that seeks to end US support for Saudi Arabias war in Yemen. Even before the resolution was introduced, the Department of Defense responded with the extraordinary claim that Congress lacked the legal authority to override the Presidents determination as Commander in Chief and end the United States involvement in the conflict.

Despite Possible Blowback, Snowden Decries Anti-Democratic Forces in Russia (Jimmy)

The author writes, Despite the possible threat it could pose to his own long-term safety and security, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Sunday publicly criticized the appearance of ballot fraud and democratic corruption during national elections in Russia, the country where he has enjoyed political asylum since 2013.

Chinas New Pointman on Trump (Dan)

Feeling confident after his new mandate on power, Chinese president Xi has appointed a pragmatic hardliner to deal with the Trump administration. Let the geopolitical chess game begin.

The post...


Greenpeace Founder Arrested At Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protest In Burnaby PopularResistance.Org

Greenpeace International co-founder Rex Weyler joined the ongoing protests against Kinder Morgans pipeline expansion Monday. Weyler, formerly a director of the original Greenpeace Foundation, was arrested along with Bob and Barbara Stowe, the son and daughter of Greenpeace founders Irving and Dorothy Stowe, with others who attached themselves with zip ties to the gate at the entrance to the Trans Mountain terminal in Burnaby. According to Burnaby RCMP, 14 people were arrested Monday related to the protests, following Saturdays action where 28 were arrested after blocking the entrance to the tank farm. Protesters blocked the entrance to the facility in waves. A group of four attached themselves to the gate with zip ties Monday morning, and after they were arrested, three more took their place.


Beautiful Flowers! Freethought Blogs

From Opus, click for full size!

Opus, all rights reserved.


Indigenous Women Unite To Defend The Amazon, Mother Earth And Climate Justice PopularResistance.Org

It was the first time ever that indigenous Amazonian women from seven nationalities, including the Kichwa, Spara, Shiwiar, Shuar, Achuar, Andoa, and Waorani, joined forces and marched together in defense of their rights, rainforests and future generations. They came from remote rainforest communities, local towns and provinces by foot, canoe, bus and plane to denounce a newly signed oil contract between the Ecuadorian government and Chinese oil corporation Andes Petroleum for blocks 79 and 83, which includes parts of the indigenous territories of the Spara, Shiwiar and the Kichwa of Sarayaku, Pacayaku, Teresamama along the Bobonaza and Curaray River Basins. Contrary to Ecuadorian and international laws, they were not consulted and did not give their consent for any oil operations on their territories and have vowed to defend their rainforest homes and cultures.


Maria Zakharova destroys Theresa May and Boris Johnson - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Jonas E. Alexis Maria Zakharova, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, has recently brought the whole house down by taking both Theresa May and Boris Johnson by the hair of their heads and chopped them to pieces in the political arena. Zakharova was frustrated because May and Johnson actually accused Russia []


Whistleblowers Sue Citys Top Health Insurance Providers PopularResistance.Org

Three whistleblowers representing New York City employees and retirees are suing the citys top health insurance providers for defrauding taxpayers of more than a billion dollars. The lawsuit unsealed in New York Supreme Court last month alleges that GHI, along with parent company EmblemHealth and their partner, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, engaged in a long-running scheme that provided inadequate healthcare to city employees and retirees  while collecting $3 billion in premiums from the city each year. The GHI-Empire plan covers 600,000 people  about 75 percent of city workers, retirees and families. In a 63-page complaint, the plaintiffs say the companies filed false claims to overstate their expenses by an average of $55 million dollars a year between 2008 and 2014.


The Daily Bird #651. Freethought Blogs

From Giliell, click for full size!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


Tribes cite progress since passage of Violence Against Women Act Indianz.Com News

Prior to enactment of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013, tribes lacked authority to prosecute non-Indians who abused their partners.


No CEO Should Earn 1,000 Times More Than A Regular Employee PopularResistance.Org

The CEO of Marathon Petroleum, Gary Heminger, took home an astonishing 935 times more pay than his typical employee in 2017. In other words, one of Marathons gas station workers would have to toil more than nine centuries to make as much as Heminger grabbed in just one year. Employees of at least five other US firms would have to work even longer more than a millennium to catch up with their top bosses. These companies include the auto parts maker Aptiv (CEO-worker pay ratio: 2,526 to 1), the temp agency Manpower (2,483 to 1), amusement park owner Six Flags (1,920 to 1), Del Monte Produce (1,465 to 1), and apparel maker VF (1,353 to 1). These revelations come thanks to a new federal regulation that requires publicly traded US corporations to disclose, for the first time ever, how much their chief executives are making compared with their median workers.


School Shooting in Maryland at Great Mills High School [Update] Guardian Liberty Voice

It is 9:04 a.m. ET on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, and Great Mills High School, in Maryland is on lock down. There was a shooting at the school between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. The St. Marys Sheriffs Office was on the scene when the incident occurred, and Maryland State Police also responded. According to []

The post School Shooting in Maryland at Great Mills High School [Update] appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Freethought Blogs

Ariel as an eldritch abomination:

Disney does remakes, I know. I might be slightly worried that theyll do this one as a live-action remake, ushering in the Age of the Old Ones.


Its Time To Transform The War Economy PopularResistance.Org

Im here to speak to you today about one of Dr. Kings triple evils: militarism. As an Afghanistan War veteran, Id like to highlight an aspect of his warning about militarism, when he said, This way of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love. Id like to tell you all about the precise moment I realized there was poison in me. Im the child of a nurse and a factory worker in the heartland of Illinois, the family of blue-collar and service workers. At the height of the Iraq War, military recruiters at my high school attracted me with sign up bonuses and college assistance that some saw as their ticket outfor me, I hoped it was my ticket up, providing opportunities that once felt out of reach.


Sex And The City Actress To Challenge Andrew Cuomo For Governor Of New York The Federalist

Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon has announced she is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the New York Democratic primary, focusing on education as her political raison dtre.

Nixon is a champion of many progressive causes, from LGBT rights to abortion, but redistribution of education funds is the main issue shell use to rally New Yorkers to her side. In a USA Today interview in August of last year, Nixon said Cuomo hasnt done enough to address disparity in New Yorks schools.

Governor Cuomo likes to say that, We spend more per pupil than any other state, and that is actually true, but the only reason that is true is because we spend so much on the kids in our wealthiest districts, Nixon said. That gap now between our richest schools and our poorest schools are wider under Governor Cuomo than it has ever been before, and thats got to stop.

Nixons interest in education activism seemed to take off when, after ending a 15-year relationship with Danny Mozes, the father of two of her children, she began dating education activist Christine Marinoni. The two women became engaged in 2009 and were married in New York in 2012.

Nixon soon became one of New York Mayor Bill de Blasios top Hollywood supporters, and her wife worked in his Department of Education, developing plans for community engagement. Marinoni has since left her position, purportedly to support Nixons campaign against Cuomo.

Its not surprising that Nixon isnt keen on Cuomo since shes close to de Blasio and supported him for over a decade. Its no secret that de Blasio and Cuomo, in the words of Vice, fking hate each other, and its likely de Blasio will throw his weight behind his fave celeb in her campaign against his archnemesis.

Besides being famous for the role as Miranda in Sex and the City, Nixon is a spokeswoman for the progressive labor-backed group Alliance for Quality Education, speaking out on systemic educational racism, which, as the alliance website says, has shortchanged school districts serving Black, Brown and immigrant students, resulting in the underfunding of high need schools for students of all races. To overcome educational racism, New York State must provide eq...


These Maps Show All The Cities And States Now Defending Net Neutrality PopularResistance.Org

As seen in the map above, 28 different states have proposed legislation to adopt net neutrality regulations. Only one state Washington has already passed a law in the state legislature protecting net neutrality statewide. Its legislation basically reinstates the Obama-era regulations repealed by the FCC, meaning that ISPs wont be able to block content or establish fast and slow internet lanes once it goes into effect in June. Some believe that Washingtons legislation might provoke a lawsuit from the FCC, because the December repeal of net neutrality stipulated that city and state governments were prohibited from drafting their own rules. Because the FCCs new plan isnt set to go into effect until April 23, we might have to wait to see if the FCC pursues action against Washington.

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IndyWatch North American News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Tuesday, 20 March


Ho hum. Its Morning in America! Freethought Blogs

Theres been another school shooting, this time in Maryland.

Domestic terrorists are blowing people up in Texas, initially targeting black people, but now progressing to random explosions.

Our government will do nothing.

Situation normal. This is America now.


Inspired By West Virginia, Teachers Spread Red For Ed Movement Across Arizona PopularResistance.Org

This all got started two Fridays ago, March 2. I had become friends with Jay ONeal from West Virginia, who helped start the teachers and public employees Facebook group there, and he let me into their group. Id been hanging out, just watching things, thinking, Why is nobody in Arizona doing this? So my Chicago blood got boiling, and I said, Im just going to spark the fire, Ill be the catalyst. I had been communicating with some folks on the Arizona BATS pageBad Ass Teachers. I had been posting some things coming out of West Virginia, and others would get fired up too, so we started a dialogue. And then one of the admins of that page said, Anybody else think Arizona should do something like that? I said, Yess!!! I and another teacher started a Facebook group that day: Arizona Teachers United. There was no mention of striking, no mention of action.


I look forward to Jordan Petersons inevitable decline into dishonorable obscurity Freethought Blogs

Partly because Im growing tired of the frequent puncturings of his obvious lunacy, even the well-written ones, because he and his fanboys just keep blithering on. The latest, though, by Pankaj Mishra in the New York Review of Books, seems to have had some effect Peterson is raging on Twitter and threatening to slap him. You know, that underlying threat of physicality that Peterson believes to be a necessary part of our social interactions.

I sympathize. If I met Mishra, Id have to get physical too, and shake his hand.

Closer examination, however, reveals Petersons ageless insights as a typical, if not archetypal, product of our own times: right-wing pieties seductively mythologized for our current lost generations.

Peterson himself credits his intellectual awakening to the Cold War, when he began to ponder deeply such evils associated with belief as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and became a close reader of Solzhenitsyns The Gulag Archipelago. This is a common intellectual trajectory among Western right-wingers who swear by Solzhenitsyn and tend to imply that belief in egalitarianism leads straight to the guillotine or the Gulag. A recent example is the English polemicist Douglas Murray who deplores the attraction of the young to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and wishes that the idea of equality was tainted by an ideological ordure equivalent to that heaped on the concept of borders. Peterson confirms his membership of this far-right sect by never identifying the evils caused by belief in profit, or Mammon: slavery, genocide, and imperialism.

Reactionary white men will surely be thrilled by Petersons loathing for social justice warriors and his claim that divorce laws should not have been liberalized in the 1960s. Those embattled against political correctness on university campuses will heartily endorse Petersons claim that there are whole disciplines in universities forthrightly hostile towards men. Islamophobes will take heart from his speculation that feminists avoid criticizing Islam because they unconsciously long for masculine dominance. Libertarians will cheer Petersons glorification of the individual striver, and his stern message to the left-behinds (Maybe its not the world thats at fault. Maybe its you. Youve failed to make the mark.). The demagogues of our age dont read much; but, as they ruthlessly crack down on refugees and immigrants, they can derive much philosophical backup from Petersons sub-chapter headings: Compassion as a vice and Toughen up, you weasel.

Petersons response:


Angelina Arroyo: Habematolel Pomo stay strong in face of adversity Indianz.Com News

The traditions we share, the stories we tell, the very health of our people, all these are powerful elements that have kept our people together over time.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Locals Take Over Pipeline Office, Then Occupy Drill Rig PopularResistance.Org

A busload of fifty local residents took over the field offices of Williams/Transco at 805 Estelle Drive, Suite 101, in Lancaster. We dropped a 12 foot stretch of pipeline in Williamss meeting room, sang songs through the hallways, and slapped a Condemnation Notice on the door before leaving. When a Williams employee complained about our visit, one of our residents deadpanned: Sucks to be invaded, doesnt it? Our message was simple and direct: we the people, whose lives and land are under assault by this toxic pipeline, openly defy the right of dirty energy giants to profit at the expense of our health, safety, water, and land. From there, the bus headed down to southern Lancaster County where Williams is drilling under the Conestoga River and desecrating federally recognized indigenous graves.


POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What's Happening, What's Right, and What's Possible OpEdNews

Political Mind Games was written to help inoculate the public against the 1%'s self-serving appeals. When we expose and debunk their mind games, the 1%'s empty rhetoric loses its allure, their selfish motives are laid bare, and everyone can see clearly how a privileged few have fleeced and forsaken the country--and the people--that made their enormous wealth and power possible.


Uber Halts Nationwide Testing Of Self-Driving Vehicles Following Death of Pedestrian Activist Post

By Nicholas West Even as robotics experts, universities and tech luminaries sound the alarm about the potential for a future filled with killer robots powered...


Flawed Assessments Caused $2 Billion Shift In Property Taxes PopularResistance.Org

In the first effort to measure the cost of Cook Countys error-ridden assessment system under Assessor Joseph Berrios, a new study estimates that at least $2.2 billion in property taxes was shifted from undervalued Chicago homes onto overvalued ones between 2011 and 2015. Because the countys assessment system is skewed in favor of high-priced homes, the errors amount to a staggering transfer of wealth that benefited Chicagos most affluent homeowners at the expense of people who own lower-priced homes. The study, released Thursday by the Municipal Finance Center at the University of Chicagos Harris School of Public Policy, was conducted by Professor Christopher Berry, a critic of the assessors office who testified at a County Board hearing in July about flaws in the countys assessment system.


Sanders Feels The Bern After Surrounding Himself With Armed Police At National Walkout Rally Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel Senator Bernie Sanders joined students participating in a national walkout to protest gun violence outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C surrounded by...


U.S. Military Working To Deploy Robot Ground Vehicles For Urban Combat By 2020 Activist Post

By Nicholas West Every year, more and more of the worlds population moves into cities. The number of megacities is growing exponentially. Both of these...


How about life in prison for doctors who prescribe psychiatric drugs to toddlers? Jon Rappoport's Blog

How about life in prison for doctors who prescribe psychiatric drugs to toddlers?

by Jon Rappoport

March 20, 2018

Over the past 25 years, Ive documented and exposed the horrendous effects of psychiatric drugs.

To take this a giant step further, what doctor, in his right mind, would DIAGNOSE a baby, a toddler, a very young child with a mental disorder and then PRESCRIBE one of these drugs?

Your six-month-old baby has clinical depression. What lunatic would say such a thing?

In case youre a new reader, Ive firmly established that NO so-called mental disorder is diagnosed on the basis of a defining laboratory test. Not a blood test, not a urine test, not a brain scan, not a genetic assay.

And yet, here are MDs sayingon the basis of psychiatric committee decisions that arbitrarily define these disordersthat babies have specific mental illnesses.

On February 19, 2015, the Wall St. Journal reported:

Psychiatric drugs are now being given to infants and toddlers in unprecedented numbers.

An analysis of 2013 IMS Data, found that over 274,000 infants (0-1 year olds) and some 370,000 toddlers (1-3 years age) in the U.S. were on antianxiety (e.g. Xanax) and antidepressant (e.g. Prozac) drugs. This report also found over 1,400 infants were on ADHD drugs.

A 2014 Georgia Medicaid analyseswhen extrapolated nationwide by the New York Times found that over 10,000 toddlers were put on ADHD treatments [amphetamine-type drugs].

Prescriptions of powerful antipsychotics such as Risperdal for infants and very young children have also sharply risen. Office visits for childhood bipolar disorder have risen 40-fold over the past decade in the U.S.

The doctors who prescribe these dangerous and highly harmful drugs are worse than street dealers. What street dealer would try to sell a drug to a parent for her one-year-old child?

If the Department of Justice wont take action, professional medical societies, such as the American Medical Association, should publish the names of doctors who prescribe psychiatric drugs to toddlers, and state medical boards should strip these doctors of their licenses to practice. But this is a fantasy, because every major medical group is a partner of the pharmaceutical industry.

It falls, then, to parents to keep their babies miles away from brain-killing MDs who prescribe the drugs.

Here is a tiny sample of available open-source literature. You can multiply the reported drug-effects many times, when babies are the patientsand in many cases, the specific damag...


Tribes object as Trump appointees 'streamline' interests of wireless industry Indianz.Com News

Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission are poised to 'streamline' the interests of the wireless industry despite strong objections from Indian Country.


Nearly 100 Operations Of American Meddling In Russia Publicly Admitted By NED Activist Post

By Brandon Turbeville As the recent Russian elections conclude and current President Vladmir Putin has been re-elected and confirmed as the clear winner, the United...


Top US General Says American Troops Should be Prepared to Diefor ISRAEL The Free Thought Project


A top US general, who is head of the Strategic Plans and Policy at the Pentagon has recently issued an ominous and shocking statement noting that US soldiers should be prepared to give their lives defending the state of Israelnot America.

The post Top US General Says American Troops Should be Prepared to Diefor ISRAEL appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


The Scandal Behind The Florida School Shooting Is About Federal Coercion, Not Guns The Federalist

A thousand different things might have prevented the Parkland shooter from killing 17 people at a Florida high school last month. But among the most likely measures would have been the intervention of local law enforcement after any one of dozens of complaints about him from neighbors, family friends, and classmates.

Why didnt it happen? The shocking truth is that local officials failed to intervene not because of an oversight or a mistake, but because of a deliberate policy put in place to secure federal funding.

Last week, Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations reported that Broward County School District, the countrys sixth largest, was in the vanguard of a strategy, adopted by more than 50 other major school districts nationwide, allowing thousands of troubled, often violent, students to commit crimes without legal consequence.

The goal of the policy was to reduce the school-to-prison pipeline by making it more difficult for school officials to suspend or expel problem students, and to make it harder for local police to arrest them for certain crimessome of which the 19-year-old shooter allegedly committed before his February 14 rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. According to Sperry, the strategy came straight out of Washington:

The new policy resulted from an Obama administration effort begun in 2011 to keep students in school and improve racial outcomes (timeline here), and came against a backdrop of other efforts to rein in perceived excesses in zero tolerance discipline policies, including in Florida.

Broward school Superintendent Robert W. Runciea Chicagoan and Harvard graduate with close ties to President Obama and his Education Departmentsigned an agreement with the county sheriff and other local jurisdictions to trade cops for counseling. Students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, would now be disciplined through participation in healing circles, obstacle courses and other self-esteem building exercises.

Why would Broward County and other major school districts adopt such a policy? Because the federal government was pa...


Wind River Grippingly Portrays Americas Crime-Ridden Indian Reservations The Federalist

Wind River is easily the best movie to have premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film festival, and is now available on Netflix. Its a nuanced, well-told story of life in Wyoming on and off the Wind River Reservation.

The film does justice to a state many people only know from visits to Yellowstone, or a ski trip to Jackson Hole, or perhaps a summer trip to the rodeo in Cheyenne. The setting is an integral part of this story.

Wyoming is the ninth largest state by land area, but it has the smallest population in the nation by far, even including Puerto Rico and Washington DC, with only 585,501 people in the whole state. Many U.S. cities have populations in excess of our states whole population. This fosters an isolation that can be hard for people in the rest of the nation to grasp. This isolation sets the stage for the crimes at the center of the film and the hardships for the law enforcement investigating wrongdoing in it.

The Setting Helps Drive the Plot

Elizabeth Olsen plays Jane Banner, a rookie FBI agent from Tallahassee, Florida. She is sent to help tribal police with a murder and a rape because shes the nearest officer, and her discomfort at the whole situation is one of the best written parts of this film. When Banner initially meets the tribal police chief and other star of the movie, Jeremy Renner playing Cory Lambert, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service agent who found the murdered woman, she points out that there are only six officers trying to patrol and police an area the size of Rhode Island and Delaware, together.

Its impossible and improbable for six people to do this job well, not because they dont care or want crimes to go unsolved but because the resources are inadequate. A rape kit needs to be sent some 360 miles away for processing in Loveland, Colorado, because thats the nearest place with capacity. Lamberts assistance with the case uncovers his connections with the reservation, his painful past, and deep connection to the crime, and why hes so personally invested in helping the FBI agent solve it. Wind River isnt just a typical crime drama, its also the story of how isolation changes people, both for the better and the worse.

Its in this setting that the character- and crime-driven Wind River grips you. I dont watch a lot of crime movies, but I watched this one on the recommendation of a local friend. She described it as intense and warned me I would cry, and she was right.

Im a Wyoming transplant, here for some seven years, but Ive been to the places in this film. The scenery and resiliency of the people is so familiar. For example, Lambert pushes aside Banners ideas about luck, because surviving in Wyomings winters takes more than that....


Heres Whats Inside The Latest Obamacare Stability Bailout Proposal The Federalist

On Monday, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and others introduced their latest version of an Obamacare stability bill. In general, the bill would appropriate more than $60 billion in funds to insurance companies, propping up and entrenching Obamacare rather than repealing it.

Also on Monday, the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the updated legislation. In CBOs estimate, the bill would increase the deficit by $19.1 billion, while marginally increasing the number of insured Americans (by fewer than 500,000 per year).

A more detailed summary follows, along with an analysis of the CBO score. Changes from the original Alexander-Murray legislation introduced in October are highlighted below, as are possible conservative concerns with the legislation.

Can You Scream Big Insurance Bailout?

Stability Fund: Provides $500 million in funding for fiscal year 2018, and $10 billion in funding for each of fiscal years 2019, 2020, and 2021, for invisible high-risk pools and reinsurance payments. The $500 million this year would provide administrative assistance to states to establish such programs, with the $10 billion in each of the following three years maintaining them.

Grants the secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), in consultation with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the authority to allocate the funds to stateswhich some conservatives may be concerned gives federal bureaucrats authority to spend $30.5 billion wherever they choose.

Includes a provision requiring a federal fallback for 2019 (and only 2019) in states that choose not to establish their own reinsurance or invisible high-risk program. Moreover, these federal fallback dollars must be used for market stabilization payments to issuers. Some conservatives may be concerned that this provisionwhich, like the rest of the $30 billion in stability funds, did not appear in the original Alexander-Murray legislationundermines state flexibility, by eff...


Why Democrats Should Pay Attention To The Ecomodernist Running For California Governor The Federalist

In his latest book, Enlightenment Now, Steven Pinker credits ecomodernists a new breed of environmentalists for their forward-thinking approach to challenges such as climate change, energy, and land use. Pinker praises Michael Shellenberger, a founder of the ecomodernism movement, for defying old-guard greens who reject modernity and fantasize about a future without carbon dioxide emissions and small co-ops in the Amazon forest where peasant farmers and Indians would pick nuts and berries to sell to Ben and Jerrys for their Rainforest Crunch flavor.

Pinker now has joined other scientists and Nobel-Prize winners to ask California media outlets to allow Shellenberger, a long shot candidate for governor in that state, to participate in upcoming debates: By including Michael into the debates, you would allow a broader set of ideas to be discussed that have not been discussed to date, such as changes to the school calendar to allow more instruction time; the use of nuclear energy to mitigate climate change; and new approaches to the states housing and homelessness crisis.

But his fellow Democratic opponents, including front-runner Gavin Newsom, Californias lieutenant governor, may not want voters to hear what Shellenberger has to say before the June 5 primary. He is taking direct aim at the states corrupt cronyism, fueled by Newsom and incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown, and Californias political machine [that] is controlled by family dynasties whose wealth has come from oil and real estate since the 1960s. Shellenbergers campaign platform focuses on affordable housing, poor-performing schools and the states spiraling public pension debt.

In a national political climate ruled by tribalism, Shellenberger, 46, has no tribe. After years of environmental activism, he reversed his opposition to nuclear energy, making him a foe to one-time allies. His new nonprofit, Environmental Progress, bucks the dogma of stale green groups such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club and he fights to keep open nuclear plants here and abroad. A longtime resident of Berkeley, the birthplace of the local, sustainable food crusade, Shellenberger supports genetically engineered crops and questions how organic agriculture can feed a growing world population.

In 2004, Shellenberger declared that the traditional environmental movement w...


72 Years After Japanese Internment Camps, Karate Kid Still Teaches The Importance Of Fathers The Federalist

If you look at the facts about the vast majority of the deeply troubled men who shoot up schools, you will find a pattern: They are generally fatherless. I found part of the antidote to this deep wound in a surprising place, a small film from 1984: The Karate Kid.

This is not meant to be satirical or flippant in any way. Nothing about this problem is funny. The Karate Kid is a relatively straightforward coming of age and sports film. Boy is a fish out of water. Boy meets girl. Boy meets bullies. Boy finds mentor. Boy gets girl. Boy beats bullies. Pat Morita gets nominated for an Academy Award.

Wait, what? The Karate Kid was recognized at the Academy Awards? Morita (1932-2005) was nominated for best supporting actor for his role as Kesuke Miyagi. This was famously highlighted by an episode of Community, where Jason Mantzoukas gives this breathtaking monologue: The Karate Kid is about Kesuke Miyagi, an immigrant who fought against his own people in World War II while his wife lost a child in an internment camp. Noriyuki Morita was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. Ralph Macchio [who played the boy] SHOWED UP.

This is played for laughs in the episode, but it made me realize I had lost respect for this wonderful film. Its easy for film snobs like me to deride it. The Karate Kid is riddled with clichs. Its depiction of karate makes Rocky look like a boxing documentary. And unlike the wonderful score of that film, also directed by John Avildsen, Karate Kid is full of corny 80s montage music. From start to finish, its highly predictable.

But when all is said and done, the heartbeat that drives this film may be stronger now than it was in 1984. For all its superficial flaws, this film overflows with timeless wisdom for how to raise good men.

A Story about Unrequited Fatherhood and Sonship

As Mantzoukas pointed out, the story really is about Mr. Miyagi. The final frame before the credits roll is his gentle, smiling face. If Daniel LaRusso was the hero, then why didnt it end with him? Because this story is actually about unrequited fatherhood.

The Community speech points out that Mrs. Miyagi lost the couples baby due to a lack of medical care, but fails to mention that she died as well. This is revealed in the scene that almost certainly earned Morita his nomination. On his wedding anniversary, Miyagi mourns and remembers his wife by putting on his Army uniform and drinking with her portrait. Daniel finds him drunk but still lucid.

Daniel: Sergeant Miyagi!

Miyagi: [as self] Yes, sir! Sergeant Miyagi report to kill many jerry Germans, sir!

[Miyagi laughs, staggers toward the bed, and picks up an old telegram]

Miyagi: Sergeant Miya...


These High School Students Showed How To Recognize Tragedy Without Obsessing Over Politics The Federalist

One group of students demonstrated how to recognize the Parkland shooting without politicizing it in a special kind of tribute last week, in lieu of the school walkout for gun control.

Many students across the nation decided to walk out of class for 17 minutes on Wednesday, in a call for more gun control on the one-month anniversary of 17 people being murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by a shooter. The walkouts were controversial. Critics said it only focused on one dubious solution (more gun control), as if weve all come to a consensus as a society on how to stop these atrocious acts (we havent).

Proponents of the walkouts said it was youth speaking truth to power. In other words, adults arent enacting the solution we think will fix this (more gun control) so were going to exit the premises of the places were all supposed to be, our classrooms, to provoke you to act.

American schools everywhere had two choices: either participate in the walk outs or ignore them altogether. But Rochelle Township High School in the small Northern Illinois town of Rochelle (population 9,574, two of which are my wife and me) did neither. They didnt walk out, but they also didnt ignore the moment they did their own thing entirely. Students at RTHS (the Hubs) in fact devoted the whole week, not just Wednesday, to something called The Week of Us. And it had nothing to do with guns, mental health funding, school security or politics.

A peer-to-peer student assistance club called Natural Helpers held some brainstorming sessions the day after the Parkland shooting and invited anyone and everyone at the high school to participate. Co-organizer and senior Teddi Hacaga explains what they came up with: The Week of Us is a week filled with activities that would not only recognize the 17 innocent lives that were lost but also a way to bring [our] student body together. To show unity.

Each day of the week was devoted to a different act. Monday they put positive post-it notes on random student lockers; Tuesday they handed out bracelets; Wednesday they recognized the individual 17 victims murdered in Parkland; Thursday they made posters; and Friday they all wore the school colors, purple and white, to show Hub Pride.

The most intriguing and outside-the-box idea they had though for the week was this: For all five days, students were encouraged to reach out and interact with 17 individual RTHS strangers whom they didnt really know well. Fellow organizer and senior Serena Abdallah explained on my radio show Friday that this particular idea was a big hit:

It was really cool to see all the bright faces, when you just go up to someone and say hi, how are you? It could possibly change someones life around. We dont see what happens behind closed doors. Something like that could easily change how someone views someone, and...


Loneliness Is Fueling The Opioid Epidemic. Heres How You Can Help The Federalist

Two recent discussions crystalized the important point that social despair, not economic despair, is the leading driver of our latest wave of drug problems. The opioid crisis is complex, as all the speakers at a recent American Enterprise Institute discussion noted, and the causes are multifaceted. Theres no doubt that there is an economic element.

But the consensus is not that economic despair is leading to drug addiction and overdose, rather that were facing a terrible social breakdown, and many people are lonely and isolated. They feel they are not needed. Yuval Levin, vice president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, noted during the panel that this epidemic is connected at some level with a collapse of connectedness, a loss of meaning, a loss of fulfillment in peoples lives. Levin says all of this can be described as an exhaustion or collapse of social capital.

During the discussion, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, vice chairman of Congresss Joint Economic Committee, introduced and discussed a recent report from the committees Social Capital Project, titled The Numbers Behind the Opioid Crisis. Two things stand out in the presentation and panel interview: the depletion of social capital, and the role of Americas prosperity in the drug epidemic. The two are connected, and although the panel did not elaborate on this point, a compelling argument can be made that as Americas economic capital increased, its social capital declined.

Were No Longer Good at Enduring Hardship

Isolation is a kind of suffering. Yet our prosperity has stunted our ability to forebear difficulties, be they physical, spiritual, emotional, economic, or any other. So often, when we experience suffering in this imperfect world, our knee-jerk response as a society is to look for relief. Some of us turn to food to quiet our tormented souls, others drink themselves into a stupor, and still others turn to myriad forms of entertainment to fill the gnawing emptiness inside them. Our opulent society offers many ways to run away from our misery.

Within our countrys genetic make-up is the drive to make things better. In itself, it is a wonderful quality. Over time, it has made us an advanced and prosperous nation. Yet that same quality can be distorted, and in its corrupted form, it makes us impatient and unable to endure hardships, looking quickly for a fix and a way out. In the land of fast food we can barely tolerate being hungry. We are a society unpracticed in endurance; we know not how to sit still in the suffering.

So we do not suffer well, and likewise, we have a skewed sense of comfort. We tend to see comfort as a state rather than a process. Comfort comes in no small part from others ministering to...


What 13 Women Told The Supreme Court About Their Crisis Pregnancies The Federalist

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear one of the most interesting cases this termand thats saying something. National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra is about two controversial ideas: abortion and free speech.

The California Reproductive FACT Act requires pregnancy clinics to advertise the availability and location of abortion facilities. The FACT Act does not require abortion facilities to provide information to women seeking abortions about the availability and location of pregnancy help centers. The justices will analyze whether these mandates violate the free speech clause in the First Amendment.

While this is a free speech case cloaked in the abortion issue, to shed light on how important pregnancy clinics are to families in need, The Catholic Association interviewed 13 women about how their lives changed because of the work of the kind of clinics the Reproductive FACT Act discriminates against. TCA presented this to the Supreme Court as an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief.

The brief is powerful and emotional. While these womens stories say little about the legal question at hand, together they underline the importance to women of a warm environment in which to grapple with a difficult pregnancy.

At first it might seem strange to read an entire brief in a free speech case on pregnancy resource centers, but one of the reasons for the FACT Act is allegations that pregnancy resource centers and medical clinics employ intentionally deceptive advertising and counseling practices [that] often confuse, misinform, and even intimidate women from making fully-informed, time sensitive decisions about critical health care.

Contrary to the states unsupported allegations, the women profiled in the TCA brief say they experienced valuable and informative care. They voluntarily came forward to publicly share a delicate and private part of their lives regarding the real and lasting support that pregnancy resource centers and medical clinics throughout the country offer women and their families. Its obvious these women feel as though these centers and clinics are important places that offer women the chance to make an informed choice and improve the circumstances of their lives and the lives of their children.

Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Stories

The TCA brief tells story after story of women in all walks of liferich, poor, clean, addictedwho share one thing: uncertainty about pregnancy. For example, Angela Jozwicki turned to drugs at 14 years old. At 22, she discovered she was pregnant.

I knew in my heart that a baby would stop me from having drugs, but I wasnt ready, she writes. Angela had an abortion with that child. Later, she became pregnant again. Despite struggling with addiction and an unexpected pregnancy, Angela reac...


Discover The Secret Behind Winston Churchills Strategic Genius The Federalist

In the third lecture of Hillsdale Colleges free online Winston Churchill and Statesmanship course (which you can take along with me here) college President Larry Arnn explains the forces and influences that shaped Churchills military mind. His deep understanding of British history and love of self-government enabled Churchill to keep the peoples interest at heart during wartime.

Why England Rose to a Global Superpower

Churchill thought the United Kingdoms greatness was the result of two things the unification of the island, and the passing of power from the king to parliament. Churchill also believed Englands geographic location gave the country a huge advantage. The English Channel, which is only 19 nautical miles wide at its narrowest point, provides separation from the continent of Europe. But this aquatic separation is not so vast as to make England irrelevant from Europes affairs.

Once Britain became a naval superpower, its path to conquering parts of the world both known and unknown was inevitable. The island nation was able to easily defend its people from oncoming attacks while exploring and trading abroad without putting a strain on its defense forces.

In a biography on his ancestor, John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, Winston Churchill writes that having a capable military mind that understands strategy requires a bit of genius.

Nothing but genius, the daemon in man, can answer the riddles of war, and genius, though it may be armed, cannot be acquired, either by reading or experience. In default of genius nations have to make war as best they can, and since that quality is much rarer than the largest and purest diamonds, most wars are mainly tales of muddle. But when from time to time it flashes upon the scene, order and design with a sense almost of infallibility draw out from hazard and confusion. The mere aspirant after a type of character only shows his hopeless inferiority when the natural orator or fighter or lover comes along.

Its this touch of genius that seems to have smiled upon Winston during his tenure on the battlefield and in the bunker below the streets of London.

Churchill Was Afraid Of War

Despite his reputation as a heroic soldier, Churchill was afraid of war especially modern war, which he saw had the potential to destroy life as the world knew it. He thought modern wars were too costly, as they left everyone winners and losers exhausted and broken. In his role as a member of the House of Commons, and later as prime minister, Churchill believed in ha...


Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: Whats Standout About Episode 33 The Federalist

This is the second in a series of Battlestar Galactica recaps. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Read the last piece, Revising Battlestar Galactica: The Mini-Series, here.

Spoilers ahead.

33 is often cited as a standout Battlestar Galactica episode because its plot is a microcosm of the TV series. Yet 33 also excels at the small things in moving from mini-series to weekly drama.

As we rejoin the action, a relentless Cylon pursuit is forcing the rag-tag fleet to make faster-than-light (FTL) escape jumps every 33 minutes. Digital countdown screens and analog clocks with the 33rd minute marked by tape convey a pressure-cooker atmosphere.

Galacticas Viper fighters engage the Cylons long enough for Pres. Roslins ship Colonial One to repair its FTL drive for jump 237. The crew has not slept for over five days, as reflected in their mood. On the flight deck, Crewman Specialist Cally Henderson (Nicki Clyne) asks (mostly to herself), Why do the Cylons come every 33 minutes? Why isnt it 34, 35 Deck chief Tyrol tells her to shut up (the show never answers her question).

Once jump 237 is completed and the clock is reset, the crew attempts other business. Adm. Adama and Col. Tigh repair to Adamas quarters to formulate a strategy one which may not be feasible, given the constant demands of their plight. At least Adama shaves while Tigh snacks on the admirals noodles.

Petty Officer 2nd Anastasia Dualla (Kandyse McClure) leaves the Combat Information Center (CIC) in an unsuccessful attempt to have a picture of her family transmitted throughout the fleet. While returning to the CIC, she walks down a long corridor with a photographic shrine to those already missing or lost.

Dualla briefs Adama and Tigh on the mounting cases of exhaustion. Adama orders that stimulants (stims) be dispensed to essential personnel, including Viper pilots. The order does not sit well with Starbuck, who believes stims impair her performance.

As tempers fray, Starbuck angrily challenges Apollo, the new Commander of Air Group. She critiques his downbeat briefing in prep for jump 238 and his reluctance to order her to take the stims she does not want. A tense pause following Starbucks eruption dissolves into the sleep-deprived laughter of the two pilots, after which she takes her pills.

On Colonial One, Roslin and her aide Billy Keikeya (Paul Campbell) learn that counting errors and recent losses have reduced the number of surviviors by 300. They also receive a message from a civilian ship named the Olympic Carrier that a Dr. Amarak wants to meet with Roslin, though there is no time for it before jump 238.

The request startles Balt...


5 Ways You Can Stay Sane On Social Media The Federalist

Conservatives are having a fun time complaining about social media and the Internet with the kind of ire they normally reserve for soccer. I dont disagree with most of the criticism, but I also dont find the issue nearly as pressing.

My career has relied on the Internet and news aggregation. Twitter is an invaluable resource. My Tweetdeck is open daily. Yet I dont share nearly the same angst. Its possible to use social media without going crazy. Here are some suggestions that work for me.

1. Consider Using Only One Social Medium

Do you find yourself actually enjoying one platform? Or, at the very least, does it leave you in a similar mood before and after you use it? Which one can you use judiciously without mindless scrolling? Stick with that one. Cut out the rest.

I deactivated Facebook because scrolling out of habit offered little to me. I never joined Instagram partly because I feared a similar experience. I dont have that problem with Twitter, so I stuck with that one.

2. Limit the Number of Accounts You Follow

Im able to stay abreast of my interests (mostly TV, tech, politics, and soccer) while following (as of this writing) 93 accounts. I really only follow 51 of those via a private list. Ive found I rarely miss out on much.

The ones in that list have earned my trust. I know Ill get quality material from them that will inform or amuse, not anger or exasperate. A smaller following also lessens the chances of mindless scrolling and outrage induction.

3. Dont Hate-Follow

I understand the appeal of hate-watching bad movies or TV shows, though I rarely participate because it seems unhealthy. I do not understand why people hate-follow on social media, however.

Hate-watching is limited: perhaps an hour or two at a time watching mostly fictional material. Hate-following, be it your husbands crazy sister on Facebook or Tomi Lahren on Twitter, only fosters ill-will towards people made in Gods image.

The likes of Peter Daou dont offer much, judging by how often conservatives snark at him. So why follow him? To snicker at him like middle-schoolers at the lunch table? Isnt that partly why Twitter feels like a wasteland? Reduce your feed to people you actually like or respect, even if you dont agree with them.

4. Dont Follow People Who Tweet Too Much

I unfollow (or de-list) aggressive tweeters. That includes too much self-promotion or retweeting of supporters, but it mostly involves those who regularly tweet about or retweet their haters. Twitter martyrdom adds little. Responding to genuine criticism is one thing, but retweeting the guy with 30 followers just to show how the other side thinks benefits no one.

5. Accept That Youre in a Liberal Bastion

Gnash your teeth all you want about how Twitter, Facebook, o...


If Trump Really Cared About the Opioid Crisis Hed Legalize Weed, Not Turn the US into Saudi Arabia The Free Thought Project


Instead of looking at the science and data on how to beat the opioid crisis, Trump is following the lead of Saudi Arabi whose plan of killing people for selling drugs has done nothing to deter use.

The post If Trump Really Cared About the Opioid Crisis Hed Legalize Weed, Not Turn the US into Saudi Arabia appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


An MD Regrets And Apologizes About Vaccine Ignorance: A True Story Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Seeing vaccine adverse reactions may not make one a believer, but personally experiencing a vaccines adverse effects event makes one become...


The Mike Adams Plan to Save Internet Free Speech-CSS HR 3-March 18 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

I recently interviewed Mike Adams of Natural News. He has developed a strategy to challenge the communist censorship of Youtube. This is a must listen interview.


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Role of Judges in Hiding Trump Activities Helped Pave Way for Eventual Victory WhoWhatWhy

New revelations show that Donald Trumps path to the presidency might have been much more difficult if a panel of judges had acted differently in 2011.

Documents released by a federal appeals court in Manhattan on Friday, March 9, but thus far not reported, demonstrate that a panel of judges in 2011 blocked the release of extremely damaging information about then real estate mogul Donald Trump to the late Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett, who was then working for the Daily Beast.

Those documents, if they had been released at the time, would have shown that Trump was accepting financing from a company that was headed by a convicted felon. Doing so knowingly is criminal fraud under federal banking laws.

The felon was Felix Sater, who has in recent months become a constant figure in the media limelight. However, the real import of Sater, and who knew what about him, was lost for years as a result of that 2011 court decision, and benefited Trumps chances tremendously.

Related: Everything You Need to Know About Felix Sater

Those documents came from a lawsuit brought by New York lawyer Frederick Oberlander against Bayrock Group LLC, (10 cv. 03959). It charged that the firm, which funded Trump-licensed projects such as Trump SoHo as well as projects in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Phoenix, AZ, was receiving funding from a company which had Felix Sater as a concealed partner.

Sater had been convicted of two felonies, one involving assault and the other a $40 million stock scam. Sater had also worked closely with Donald Trump on real estate projects prior to his election, and even carried a business card identifying himself as a senior advisor to the Trump organization. He also reportedly had ties to the Russian mob.

Oberlander was represented by Richard Lerner, who at the time was a partner at the well-known insurance law firm, Wilson Elser in White Plains, NY. He was ousted from his firm when he refused to abandon Oberlander as his client.

Oberlander had been the subject of an injunction issued by the Manhattan-based US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit because he had used confidential information from Saters criminal file in mounting the lawsuit against Bayrock. After pleading guilty to the stock scam, Sater became a government cooperator and in return his criminal file was sealed, making it inaccessible to the public.

Sater was a partner, with an interest of as much as 63 percent, according to internal Bayrock documents cited in the lawsuit. Further, Saters interest as a partner was hidden by casting him as a lender who was being repaid as much as $5 million that he had purportedly loaned the company.



Disease X and the Freaked Out Intel Community- Paul Martin-CSS Hr 2- March 18 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


I recently interviewed Revolution Radio.orgs Paul Martin on disease X. Paul stated that all of his intel contacts are freaking out. The world has never seen something as dangerous as Disease X.


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Economic Expert Robert Kudla Analyzes Trumps Economic Policies- CSS Hr 1-March 18 Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


I recently interviewed economic expert, Robert Kudla, about the Trump economic plan which is surprisingly successful. However, there are some deep state clouds looming and as well as world economic conditions that all Americans need to be aware of. This is a must listen interview. Please make this go viral!




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Russian Nerve Agent Attack : Complete Hoax? (Updated) - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Senior Editors note: I have some experience with NBC  (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) weapons.  Ian is right.  A non-fatal dose of nerve agent is recovered from immediately.  Bio-toxins are not.  We are describing a bio-toxin, not a nerve agent. I got an accidental minuscule hit of sarin a decade ago.  I dropped like a rock but recovered in []


Dangerous Streets Often Hurt Low-Income Neighborhoods the Most Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Today's guest article focuses on a mid-size Midwestern city, but it has implications for communities across the country. In this city, like so many others, it is the poorest residents who bear the brunt of dangerous street design.

 Many Milwaukee streets are far wider than they need to be, which encourages cars to drive fast and makes life as a pedestrian dangerous. (Source: Jeramey Janene)

Many Milwaukee streets are far wider than they need to be, which encourages cars to drive fast and makes life as a pedestrian dangerous. (Source: Jeramey Janene)

Newly released statistics concerning pedestrian deaths in Milwaukee during 2017 show a slow but steady increase in pedestrian deaths, with a majority of them occurring in low-income communities, according to local advocacy group MilWALKee Walks. The statistics show more than half of these deaths are occuring on the north side of the city, followed by Milwaukees south side neighborhoods, all of which are home to mostly African-American and Latino residents.

Earlier this month, a community meeting on safer streets took place at the Sixteenth Street Health Center. Hector Alvarez Santiago, a pedestrian safety advocate from Puerto Rico was in attendance. He moved to Milwaukees South Side just three months ago, but he says he has already noticed where the city is failing in pedestrian safety.

There is not many crosswalk signals, the painted lines are faded, and drivers do not respect pedestrians said Santiago. This isnt just my street, its yours and yours and all of ours, said Santiago, pointing to other community members in the room.

A new Complete Streets policy takes a look at redesigning some of Milwaukees oldest streets in order to make roads safer for all travelers, bicyclists and walking pedestrians included. The most damaged streets would potentially receive priority in being reconstructed and measurements would be taken to make streets more pedestrian and biker-friendly.

The policy could turn four-lane roads into two-lane roads, add traffic circles, and add curb extensions to slow drivers down, according to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukees Assistant Professor of Urban Planning Robert Schneider.

[This..] could help reduce the speed traffic and make drivers aware of pedestrians in the street said Professor Schneider.

Jessica Wi...

The DAs Who Want to Set the Guilty Free The Marshall Project

Sentence review units would revisit harsh punishments from the past.


All the News You Didnt Even Know Was Going Down It's Going Down

The post All the News You Didnt Even Know Was Going Down appeared first on It's Going Down.

The political crisis grows in DC, as Jeff Sessions fired the Deputy Director of the FBI. In response:

Former CIA Director John Brennan, speaking for much of the intelligence apparatus, replied to the McCabe firing with a declaration of extraordinary ferocity. He tweeted Saturday at Trump, When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America America will triumph over you.

While the Democratic Party champions these splits within the ruling class, there is no one section to cheer, as largely the differences between the Deep State and the proto-fascists of the Trump administration, break primarily over who to bomb first and to what degree to attack the poor and working-class.

Meanwhile, there is growing anxiety and anger within the US, manifesting itself in the form of increasing strikes, riots, and demonstrations. While the DNC is attempting to put a wet blanket over this growing resistance, at the same time, a new sense of confidence is growing within autonomous struggles, as well as the understanding that the official organizations: the parties, the union bureaucrats, and the non-profits, are just as much a part of the enemy apparatus as the cops.

In that spirit, lets get to the news.

Indigenous Resistance

An update on the struggle against Alton Gas in so-called Nova Scotia:

Also in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona on March 24th:



Minutemen Virtual Mirage

Darwin never said the strongest of the species survives. He said the most adaptable to change survives. And the fastest to adapt not only survive, they thrive. That was certainly true in the age of British America when the staid and established British lost the New World. 

Note how the so-called "deep state" that actually runs America does the same thing by refusing to adapt to change. "How can a non-political real estate mogul become President? Why that's un-American," poor old Jeb! laments to his friends in the club from an alcoholic haze. Hillary (Jeb! without a dick) blames white women who are browbeaten by their husbands for her loss. How could anyone not recognize her political superiority over an outsider - somebody who doesn't belong to the club? Let's get Mueller in there to discredit the President and try to get him ousted.

Deep state manifestations peak out of the ooze and some of them (mostly in the FBI these days) are netted out and examined like some species of Neanderthal discovered living in a cave. The only problem is that the deep state was bruised (not killed) by the Trump election and they yearn for the good old days of Bubba and George W.

The socialists on the left took a drubbing and plan to double down on their loss rather than looking out across the nation. Those in the know within the deep state are bothered by the fact that "the deplorables" who elected President Trump are armed to the teeth and if counted as a militia army (which they are not but hang with me for a minute) due to numbers, arms and ammunition, outnumber the standing military by at least 50 to 1. (Active US Military in 2017 was 1,281,900)

Deep state efforts to disarm those deplorable Constitutionalists who cling to God and guns during the years of ObamaNation were anemic. Barack is often held to be the best firearms salesman tha...


Will Syria be the Battleground for All-Out War Between Russia and America? 21st Century Wire

Civilians released from five years US Coalition-supported terrorist occupation in Eastern Ghouta. (Photo: Youssef Badawi)

Elijah J. Magnier

Today, Ghouta and tomorrow Daraa

This is not about Syria nor about the war on its soil : it is all about an open war between the axis led by United States of America, Europe and their allies in the Middle East against the axis led by Russia and its allies. Its a war about control, influence and dominance in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

It is natural for the US to resist the loss of its unilateral dominant status that has held since the collapse of the Soviet Union, from 1991 until 2015. September 2015 is the date when Moscow decided to send its air force, navy and some ground special forces to the Levant to announce its presence to the world there and give birth to its superpower capability after decades of absence.

It is therefore natural that the US defends its world unilateralism and tries to block the awakening of the Russian genie by mobilising all its energies and those of its western and arab allies to push back against the (successful) attempts by Russia to prove its diplomatic skills and military power through the window of the Levant.

So it is indeed natural that the US should try to hit the weakest link (Tehran) in the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance by attempting to thwart the nuclear agreement signed by the United Nations and the five permanent members of the Security Council plus one (Germany).

All this is caused by the successful (in Russias view) outcome of the war in Syria, in which the US failed in its attempt to redraw the map of the Middle East, divide Iraq and Syria, hit Hezbollah in Lebanon and extract parts of northern Syria for itself and Turkey, and the southern region for Israel.

Washington has benefited from the religious and sectarian slogans circulated by the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda, insinuating that the conflict in Syria is just among Muslims of different sects. The fake message was as follows: these Musli...


Tohono O'odham Nation reaffirms opposition to wall along border Indianz.Com News

The Tohono Oodham Nation remains strongly opposed to a wall along the United States border even as the Trump administration continues to push for one.


March 19, 2018 WhoWhatWhy

The post March 19, 2018 appeared first on WhoWhatWhy.


Facebook Helped the Obama Campaign Harvest and Exploit Your Personal Data The Anti-Media

Facebook Helped Obama(ZHE)  The recent controversy and escalating scandal over Facebooks decision to ban Trump-linked political data firm Cambridge Analytica over the use of data harvested through a personality app under the guise of academic research has opened a veritable Pandoras box of scandal for the Silicon Valley social media giant. Carol Davidsen, who served as Obamas director of integration and []


Cutting Class Interview with Autonomous Student Network from Austin It's Going Down

The post Cutting Class Interview with Autonomous Student Network from Austin appeared first on It's Going Down.

This interview first appeared in Cutting Class, and features an interview with the Autonomous Student Network of Austin.

Over the next few days, well be releasing pieces to highlight the work of some of the organizations involved in the Cutting Class project. We hope this will provide some clarity on where we are coming from and how that affects the way we have organized this project. We also hope this can help provide a beacon for other autonomous groups to get in contact and start collaboratingwhether on this or on other projects!

First up is the Autonomous Student Network (Austin). For more info on their history and style, check out their year in review piece!

1. Introduce your crew: what projects are some you working on, how long have you been around, where are you based, etc.

We are the Autonomous Student Network in Austin, Texas. We initially formed under that name around January 2017 and our first action as a group was our participation in the local J20 protests. Prior to that this group existed as a small affinity group for about 6 months before really getting organized. Our name was actually inspired by the comrades in Pittsburgh who sometimes use the name, although we decided to organize under the name in a very distinct way. Most of our work is focused on students at the University of Texas at Austin. Most of our members are students there and live nearby, although we do and have had non-student members and students from Austin Community College campuses.

ASN has two major ongoing projectseach with its own sub-activities. The first project is Autonomous Student Media. This project emerged out of dissatisfaction with the campus news, The Daily Texan, and its reporting on radical activities. Publishing op-eds about the dangers of homeless people, sending reporters who had retweeted David Duke to leftist events, and giving platforms to neo-nazis in their articles were just some of the activities that disgusted us. Those problems inspired us to start constructing an alternative media outlet to express leftist & marginalized student narratives & voiceswhether the...


Announcing the Institute for Advanced Troublemakings Anarchist Summer School, Year 2 It's Going Down

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The following is a call to take part in the second annual and week long, Institute for Advanced Troublemaking summer school, happening in July, in Worcester, MA.

The second annual Institute for Advanced Troublemaking (IAT), a weeklong anarchist theory and action summer school for adults of all ages, kicks off July 21 to 29, 2018, in Worcester, MA.

The IAT emphasizes a prefigurative politics that explores forms of freedom as a counter to and, hopefully, increasingly replacement for forms of domination and hierarchy. We aspire to bring that sensibility to the summer school, doing our best to cultivate transformative social relations as we co-learn and create a temporary, do-it-ourselves community.

Our long-term goal for the IAT is to create a lasting anarchist education hub in the Northeast that can train new and old organizers alike beyond the basics in anarchist theory and practice, critical thinking, and collective self-organization and liberatory infrastructure. We have seen the need for our struggles and organizing to develop deeper forms of mutual aid and solidarity for the days ahead building innovative new strategies that can present a revolutionary challenge to the state, capitalism, and other forms of systemic violence.

For this summer, our intention is to cultivate a stronger understanding and praxis of anarchist organizing among people who have been active in anarchistic spaces and movements but are looking to deepen their organizing strategies, learn theory, and skills. Our hope is that the anarchist summer school provides generative ground for imagining another world and sticking with such visions for the long haul.

Below youll find the majority of the courses/workshops and talks (listed in alphabetical order) that will fill the week during this years Anarchist Summer School. Well likely be adding one or two more talks. The schedule will also include time for opening/closing/morning circles along with shared meals, DIY skills shares, a night walk, swimming, campfires, and other socializing and fun.

Applications are due before or on our favorite anarchist holiday, May Day. For the online application, see:

(poster design by Landon Sheely)

Anarcha-Feminism, Prefigurative Politics, and Communities of Care (2 sessions)
Hillary Lazar



FDA to Decrease Nicotine Levels in Cigarettes: Believe it When You See It - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Health Editors Note:  So now the FDA wants to start the process of decreasing nicotine levels in cigarettes. After years of looking the other way while big tobacco hit smokers with  increased the levels of nicotine to insure rapid and solid addiction to nicotine, now we are to believe that they will decrease nicotine . []


Anarchists in Brazil on the Assassination of Marielle Franco It's Going Down

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Brazil has been rocked this past week over the political assassination of Marielle Franco, a prominent Black, feminist and socialist activist in Rio de Janeiro. Franco was also an elected councilor in the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro and having grown up in a favela neighborhood, the dense informal settlements of the poor and often marginalized that surround major cities in Brazil, she was seen as a prominent organizer and voice against the poverty and police violence directed against the largely Black residents.

Members of Black Rose Anarchist Federation conducted this interview with Brazilian comrades in the Rio de Janerio based political organization Federao Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro (Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro or FARJ), which is a member of a alliance of similar organizations across Brazil, the Coordenao Anarquista Brasileira (Brazilian Anarchist Coordination or CAB). They discuss Marielle Francos legacy, Black struggles in Brazil, and the political context of her assassination.

Interview on the Assassination of Marielle Franco

BRRN: Can you tell us about Marielle Franco, her activism, and what she was known for?

FARJ: Marielle was a council woman of Rio de Janeiro, a member of PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party), a party that was created as a split from the Workers Party (PT). She was elected in 2016 as the fifth most voted for councilor of the Rio de Janeiro municipality. However, first and foremost, she was a Black lesbian woman, born and raised in one of the biggest favelas of Rio, who had a long time story of rooted militancy and struggle. She was highly involved in human rights struggles, mainly around womens rights (specifically abortion rights and against sexual violence) and Black struggles (against police brutality and black genocide). More recently, she was named the rapporteur of the Intervention Commission of the Municipal Councilor of Rio created to follow up the federal intervention in the security of Rio de Janeiro. In her last days, she was actively taking part in the denunciation of police brutality in Favela de Acari, a favela that has been a target of violent police operations, often resulting in fatal victims, and for months before the military intervent...


We Can See The Problem. So Why Do We Allow It To Continue? The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/19/18). The question I want to ask today is why the American people allow the government to continue to take action that obviously and demonstrably does not align []

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Mexico: Letter and Call for Support to Free Anarchist Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo It's Going Down

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Below is a translation of a call from the Free Luis Fernando Sotelo Campaign regarding an organizing meeting in Mexico City and actions that those from afar can take to support his release. Fernando is an anarchist political prisoner jailed since 2014. Following the call is a new letter from Fernando.

To the compaerxs in solidarity

Regarding Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano.

On February 6 of this year, the collective Los otros Abogadoz submitted a direct appeal against the latest decision of the Fourth Criminal Court of Mexico City. The appeal was again referred to the Second Collegiate Criminal Court of the First Circuit, which leaves our compaero in a state of complete powerlessness, as this was the same court that reviewed the previous appeal and denied Luis Fernandos freedom. That ruling made clear their opinion that the criteria of Article 362 of Mexico Citys penal code [disturbing public order] is constitutional, although we know that this criminal code is utilized to politically persecute the social movement.

Thus, the solidarity lawyers have solicited the supreme court to exercise their jurisdiction and resolve Luis appeal and pass down a ruling that Article 362 is unconstitutional. This is essential, not only for the freedom of our compaero, but for the political-judicial struggle that for years we have undertaken against the persecution and criminalization of social protest.

In light of the above, we call on everyone, each one of the organizations, collectives and compaerxs in solidarity, to organize one last effort seeking the absolution and immediate freedom of our compaero. It has already been 3 years and 5 months that Luis Fernando has been kidnapped by the state. He has continued resisting, knowing that outside there are those that organize, resist and struggle for his freedom and for the freedom of all of the prisoners. Those of us who recognize Luis as our compaero in struggle should not only show their solidarity in a speech or banner, but with the responsibility that comes with calling ourselves compaerxs. It is the moment to connect and gather all our forces, as this is the final stage of his judicial process. It is our turn politically not to abandon him, but to accompany him. We need to apply pressure and raise our voice, so that the supreme court sees that he is not alone, that the force of the lawyers is backed with social organization.

As such, we call for:

A broad meetin...


Finally, Some Good News OpEdNews

How much more evidence does the world need that the Western media is nothing but a collection of liars devoid of all integrity who serve as a Propaganda Ministry for undeclared government agendas? The Skirpal Affair is the final nail in the coffin of the Western media.


Otherworlds Review #7: Spiritual Anarchism It's Going Down

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Sun in Pisces, New Moon in Pisces

Issue 7, March 2018

The puppet called historical materialism is always supposed to win. It can do this with no further ado against any opponent, so long as it employs the services of theology, which as everyone knows is small and ugly and must be kept out of sight.

Walter Benjamin

The new moon has always been the ally of runaways, anarchists, and insurgents. In the darkness, guided only by the stars, we make our escapes, we hide from our enemies, we attack. The doors to these possibilities are especially open during Pisces, the watery sign of all things hidden and the last sign before the cycle begins once again with fire. A Piscean origin story tells of Aphrodite and Eros leaping into the Euphrates and taking the form of fish in order to evade the Leviathanic monster Typhon. And like love and desire, anarchy always finds a way to elude its would-be captors, shapeshift, and survive.

Pisces is the sign of the spiritual and the occult. The word occult simply means hidden, after all. The anarchist tradition, with its black masks and clandestine associations, has always had a strong affinity for the hidden. For some anarchists, the spiritual world is a refuge and a sanctuary and a place to receive and transmit knowledge that is necessary to keep encrypted. But it is also a disputed territory.

* * * * * * *

A decade ago, an anarchist named Kirsten Brydum, left San Francisco itself a city with a more than century long unbroken continuum of...


President Magoo's Glasses OpEdNews

As I listen to talk of impending trade wars and the usual drivel spewed by apparent hardliners on either side of the "globalist" vs. "isolationist" debate, I keep waiting for some description of the long term effect of either legitimate but diseased ideology. President Magoo, whose physician seems to have misled us about both his visual acuity and psychological stability, can't seem to find his bifocals...


Questioning Brief History of Our Trump Time Before his Date with History's Dustbin OpEdNews

Questioning what happens to us when we lose a Stephen Hawking and gain the Cabinet Trump wants.


Daily Inspiration --- Dreaming OpEdNews

The world is hard, the pillow's stuff is soft One holds my frame, one keeps my soul aloft.


Teacher Warriors (Satire) OpEdNews

A look at hardened schools in the age of post safety America. How best can we arm teachers and harden schools?


New False Flags to Justify More National Security Measures and, Perhaps, War With Russia? OpEdNews

Will Russiagate and the U.K. poisonings be used as new false flags by the U.S. Empire?


NEO Gibraltar The Real Reason for Brexit finally revealed - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Gibraltar has gained a new military dimension thanks to US actions in Libya, Syria, Egypt and other countries with a Mediterranean coastline. The US, and particularly the Trump White House which has always supported Brexit, doesnt want those pussies in Europe remaining in charge of it.


Book Review: Gary Lindorff's new poetry book 'Children to the Mountain' OpEdNews

Review of a new book of poetry by poet-in-residence Gary Lindorff, written by Rip Rense, a novelist, poet and journalist who lives in Los Angeles.


Trump's Stock Buyback Bamboozle OpEdNews

Trump and Republicans branded their huge corporate tax cut as a way to make American corporations more profitable so they'd invest in more and better jobs. But they're buying back their stock instead. Now that the new corporate tax cut is pumping up profits, buybacks are on track to hit a record $800 billion this year.


Reliving the Past: A Hands-On Experience of Modern-Day Slave Labor in the Lone Star State It's Going Down

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Jason Renard Walker is Deputy Minister of Labor for the New Afrikan Black Panther Party and one of the contributors to the Fire Inside zine. Here, he describes the experience of forced unpaid work in a prison kitchen.

Since the birth of the Texas Department of Corrections (TDC), now called the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Texas has used a not so subtle tool of profit and anti-social control to exploit its captives via unpaid forced labor. This method, both grassroots scholars and many average laymen agree on, is akin to a benign form of slavery thus to say modern day slave labor.

In fact Texas first form of prison management was on former slave plantations. Some of these prisons are still up and running, like the Huntsville Unit which opened its doors in the mid 19th century.

If it wasnt for the induction of the 13th amendment which legalized slavery (as long as one was convicted of a crime and sent to prison) It would have been a hard bargain for prisons to profit off of the prisoners.This is because any unfair or below minimum wage pay could be challenged in civil courts simply enough. Prisoners could refuse to work in droves, which would send an economical blow to the prison industrial complex (PIC). This dilemma also made in prison labor unions, workstrikes, and organizing to achieve these ends a violation of prisons rules and a frivolous claim in state and federal civil court.

Texas revolutionized and dominated the art of exploitation and for profit prison management to such an extent that it became the pre and post Cold War poster child for self sufficiency and get rich for cheap schemes. Other state prisons began modeling their system off of this newly discovered scam. Texas was also the first state to operate a private prison.

In short it is here in Texas where it was first realized that (despite the methods and work conditions that killed prisoners) it is more fruitful to run a state prison system strictly through the means of being self reliant and at the cost of forced unpaid labor. This in fact occurred after a 1902 investigation revealed that prisoners were being rented out to farmers in exchange for currency. Farmers gave kickbacks if allowed to work the men harder (convict leasing).

In Don Umphreys The Meanest Man in Texas, he laid out a very good description on how rough Texas prisoners had it b...


Uri Avnery The Fake Enemy - Veterans Today Veterans Today

Uri Avnery - What would life be like without enemies?


Watch Tonight: Sanders, Warren, Moore Headline National Town Hall on Inequality and Oligarchy OpEdNews

On Monday night, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EDT, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is hosting a nationally televised town hall tonight focused on U.S. inequality and the threat posed by an increasing powerful oligarchy that has corrupted the nation's economy and politics.


Financial challenge for Lithuania OpEdNews

Next year will be the real turning point for Lithuania from the financial point of view. After gaining the independence Lithuania was significantly supported by the EU. Brussels helped a young country to grow stronger and decrease its dependence on Russia. Many projects started by the country decades ago were successfully financed from the European funds.


Down With Wall, Up With Increased Port Security OpEdNews

President Donald J. Trump visited California Tuesday to view prototypes for his long-touted border wall. However, Congressman Tim Ryan is right: Instead of building the wall, the president should enhance security to inspect and protect U.S. ports against illegal drug imports. About 90 percent of drugs in the U.S. arrive through the ports of entry.


Israel Quietly Begins Practicing for Possible War With Russia The Anti-Media

Israel War With Russia(ANTIMEDIA)  The Israeli army quietly conducted a military exercise last week that simulated a multi-front war where Russia intervened to prevent Israel from attacking Syria, Haaretz reports. According to Haaretz, the drill involved the top-ranking officers of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), as well as the headquarters staff of all the commands that would be required to successfully pursue []


UN Acknowledges Russia's Leadership in Syrian Humanitarian Situation OpEdNews

Despite the biased evaluation by the Western governments and mainstream media of Russia's role in the Syrian peace settlement, the United Nations acknowledges the leadership of Moscow in Syrian humanitarian situation.


Toronto: Posters Naming Brutal Cops Up for March 15th It's Going Down

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Anarchist Network of Toronto and was originally re-posted by North Shore

As part of the International Day Against Police Brutality (March 15th), members of the community put up posters around major intersections university campuses in the downtown area last night.

The posters highlight recent incidents of Canadian police officers charged with violent crimes, especially crimes committed against women, children, and people of color.

The images are self-explanatory and show clear examples of situations where police have been empowered to commit heinous acts against members of the public, and most were able to do so with little or no legal consequences.

Anonymous Torontonians


FEMAs Mysterious New Disaster Warning Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

A friend of mine used to be in FEMA gave me a dire warning about what the Deep State had planned for America is they could not stem the tide of populism. This message contains very upsettting content. Now, FEMA is denouncing man-made climate change.. However, FEMA claims that they are prepping for a coming disaster. It is all very mysterious.


For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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 Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to The Common Sense Show will receive 10% off their next order by mentioning Hodges10 in th...


Cambridge Analytica Ain't Nuthin: Look out for i360 and DataTrust OpEdNews

The GOP has been using computer power to erase the voting rights of Black and Hispanic voters for years -- by "caging," "Crosscheck," citizenship challenges based on last name (Garcia? Not American!!), the list goes on -- a far more effective use of cyberpower than manipulating your behavior through Facebook ads.


John Oliver trolls Mike Pence in classic fashion Freethought Blogs

The vice-president is a notorious homophobe and that is just one of his many awful qualities as John Oliver points out. But after documenting how awful Pence is, Oliver reveals that Pence is releasing a childrens book about their pet bunny named Marlon Bundo and then springs a surprise.

Kevin Fallow says that Olivers book is already outselling Pences book.

Literally overnight, the biggest star in the literary world has become a gay bunny named Marlon Bundo.

On Sunday night John Oliver announced on HBOs Last Week Tonight that A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo , a childrens book about a gay bunny, named after a pet rabbit owned by the family of Vice President Mike Pence, would be available immediately. That meant it beat a rival childrens book, Marlon Bundos Day in the Life of the Vice President , written by Pences daughter, Charlotte, and illustrated by his wife, Karen, by mere hours to the digital shelves.

As of Monday afternoon, Last Week Tonight s bookwhich was written by Jill Twiss and illustrated by E.G. Keller, an artist from Pences home state of Indianawas the No. 1 seller on Amazon, with the Pences book lagging noticeably behind at No. 6. With over 1,200 user reviews by that time, the Last Week Tonight book earned a rare five-star rating. The Pences effort had less than 50 reviews, and a woeful one-and-a-half-star rating.

Regnery Publishing, which released Pences book, blasted Oliver in a statement for bringing partisan politics into the release of a childrens story.

Oliver also stressed that this isnt just some adult parody middle finger to Pence, but a legitimate childrens book meant to entertain, inspire, and be read by kids. Weve read through a review copy of A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo , and while thats 100 percent truethis is a sweet and vital story about love that children can and should read and enjoyits also as political as it is touching.

What you can expect is to see a ratings war as supporters of each book try to raise their own books rating and downgrade the other.


UK COLUMN: The Skripal Affair with guest Dmitry Orlov 21st Century Wire

What really happened in Salisbury on the morning of March 4, 2018? With the actual forensic evidence still outstanding, will we ever know the full story? Also, a surprise image from the liberation of East Ghouta in Syria, and will Trumps tariff war with China usher in the TTP and TTIP by fiat? All this and more

UK Column anchor Mike Robinson and guest host Patrick Henningsen are joined by special Dmitry Orlov from St Petersburg for todays news round-up. Watch:

START  Poisoning: Russia expels 23 UK diplomats and closes British Consulate
07:03 OPCW to visit Porton Down laboratory today
Foreign Affairs Council meeting today Boris: Russia concealing truth
Dmitry Orlov Killing Diplomacy: an essay on destroying discussion
Poisoning exposure fake news: 40 needed treatmentor did they?
Event announcement: Media on Trial 27 May, Leeds
Guardian fake news in 2001: Iraq behind US anthrax outbreaks
UK MainStream Media falsely alleges Russian election fraud
Syria: mystery driver films East Ghouta now liberated from terrorists
Human Rights Watch: fake news from East Ghouta
Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes...


Navy Seal Says He Killed Bin Laden and the Photos of His Dead Body Are Fake The Anti-Media

bin laden(ANTIMEDIA)  A Navy SEAL who participated in the execution of Osama bin Laden in 2011 claimed last week that a previous picture purporting to show notorious terrorists corpse is fake, calling on the U.S. government to release the real documentation. Robert ONeill told El Mundo, a widely circulated newspaper in Spain, about his views on the pictures []


The Public Banking Movement Is Taking Off In The U.S. PopularResistance.Org

Public Banks exist around the world. They are used to hold public dollars, such as taxes and fees, to keep the money local so it serves the public interest, instead of giving it to Wall Street banks who charge high fees and interest rates. There is only one public bank so far in the United States, the Bank of North Dakota. It has been in existence for almost 100 years. Now, thanks to the work of the Public Banking Institute, there is a vibrant movement to create more public banks in the U.S. at the city and state level. We speak with Walt McRee and John Comerford about the reasons to support public banks, how they would serve people instead of Wall Street profits and current efforts across the country.


Support Herman Bell Four Things to do Right Now! It's Going Down

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The following comes from supporters of Herman Bell, and details things you can do to support him.

Last week the New York State Board of Parole granted Herman Bell release. Since the Boards decision, there has been significant backlash from the Police Benevolent Association, other unions, Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo. They are demanding that Herman be held indefinitely, the Parole Commissioners who voted for his release be fired, and that people convicted of killing police be left to die in prison.

We want the Governor, policymakers, and public to know that we strongly support the Parole Boards lawful, just and merciful decision. We also want to show support for the recent changes to the Board, including the appointment of new Commissioners and the direction of the new parole regulations, which base release decisions more on who a person is today and their accomplishments while in prison than on the nature of their crime.

Herman has a community of friends, family and loved ones eagerly awaiting his return. At 70 years old and after 45 years inside, it is time for Herman to come home.

Here are four things you can do RIGHT NOW to support Herman Bell:

  1. CALL New York State Governor Cuomos Office NOW 518-474-8390

  2. EMAIL New York State Governor Cuomos Office

  1. TWEET at Governor Cuomo: use the following sample tweet:

@NYGovCuomo: stand by the Parole Boards lawful & just decision to release Herman Bell. At 70 years old and after more than 40 years of incarceration, his release is overdue. #BringHermanHome.

  1. Participate in a CBS poll and vote YES on the Parole Boards decision

The poll ends on March 21st. Please do this ASAP!

Script for phone calls and emails:



West Virginia: Peters Mountain Blockade Enters into Third Week It's Going Down

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The following is an update about the ongoing tree sit in West Virginia against the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which has now been active for three weeks and currently is threatened with eviction. For background information on the pipelines threatening Virginia and West Virginia, check out our podcast with local organizers here.

Monday, March 19th 2018.

For 21 days, the tree sit on so-called Peters Mountain has been occupying a section of land preventing the Mountain Valley Pipeline from felling trees where they plan to drill beneath the Appalachian Trail. They have faced blizzards and 60 MPH winds, and been greeted with massive community support. As of today, the sitters risk extraction attempts on multiple legal grounds.

On February 26th, Forest Service police informed the tree sitters that they had 21 days to remain in their sits based on federal legislation that places limits on a campsite. The forest service proceeded to enforce a closure of the easement, the access road, and 200 feet surrounding the access road. The sitters have remained strong and active in the closure.

The question of jurisdiction and enforcement remains convoluted. Initially, Monroe County Sheriff, Virginia State Police, West Virginia State Police and Forest Service Officers arrived at the sits in tandem and as independent entities. Some officers have appeared one day dressed as State Police, and the next as Forest Service toting body cams and bullet proof vests, begging the question if Forest Service is deputizing state police.

Tuesday, March 20th is the rehearing for the case MVP LLC brought against the sitters. Judge Irons of West Virginia first heard the case on March 13th, and granted a Temporary Restraining Order against two named individuals and the still unidentified tree sitters John Doe 1-5. Irons further granted MVP a Preliminary Injunction pending the companys submission of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions notice to proceed for West Virginia. At the initial hearing, the company showed up in court with paperwork for the wrong state. Irons also ruled MVP LLC must pay a ten-thousand dollar bond to West Virginia State Police. The hearing tomorrow may determine that the sits are not within West Virginia State jurisdiction, but rather national forest land causing a refund of the bond to MVP and further action of the forest service alone.


The James Mattis moment OpEdNews

American military and diplomatic strategy should return to the core concept of democratic alliances, democratic unity, democratic initiative, democratic resolve and democratic self-confidence to win the war waged against democracy, without firing a shot, with leaders such as Secretary Mattis.


Doesnt anybody vet the people in the Trump administration? Freethought Blogs

That the Donald Trump administration is corrupt is old news. What is incredible is how far down the corruption extends and how even low-level grifters seem to have been able to find a home in its various niches. Ben Carson has already been in trouble because of his willingness to cut programs that benefit those who lack adequate housing while spending money on expensive furniture for himself. Now comes reports that one of his advisors Naved Jafry has resigned under a cloud.

He said he was a multimillionaire an international property developer with a plan to fix Americas cities through radical privatization. He felt that Donald Trumps administration was where he was meant to work.

Jafry was contracted to work for Trumps housing and urban development department (Hud). His government email signature said his title was senior adviser. Jafry said he used his role to advocate for microcities, where managers privately set their own laws and taxes away from central government control.

But those plans are now stalled. Jafry, 38, said he had resigned from his position with Hud after the Guardian asked him to explain multiple allegations of fraud as well as exaggerations in his biography.

During an interview, Jafry described himself as a veteran of the US army and said he was deployed to Kosovo. When confronted with his service record, though, he said he in fact served as a reservist in the army national guard, and remained in California while giving logistics support to colleagues in Kosovo.

You have to read the article to get the full extent of Jafrys transgressions and how he boasted about non-existent wealth and deal-making. What is incredible is that no one seems to vet these people. It looks like all you have to do is say that you are rich and that you agree wholeheartedly with Donald Trump and youre in.

There is one statement of his that is utterly credible and that is when he said that his involvement with the Trump administration was a natural fit. Yes, indeed.


Hernia Comb. Freethought Blogs

Hernia Comb is an anagram of Chemo Brain. Roughly 19 x 13, watercolour, liquid acrylic, fabric paint, and ink on Bristol. Bad flash because weather.

Hernia Comb C. Ford, all rights reserved.

Hernia Comb C. Ford, all rights reserved.


Interview: Cathy McMorris Rodgers On Trust, Culture Wars, And Down Syndrome The Federalist

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech interviews Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the conservative Congresswoman from Eastern Washington, in her office on Capitol Hill.

They discuss the decline in trust in American politics, institutions, and the eugenics trend of aborting children diagnosed with down syndrome.

Listen here:


Legal Opioids Have Killed Hundreds Of Thousands As Big Pharma Bribes Politicians To Ignore It The Last American Vagabond

As the opioid crisis continues, pharmaceutical companies continue to pay politicians to look the other way, and the federal government fails to push for legitimate solutions. (TFTP) More than 200,000 Americans have died from prescription opioid overdoses since 1999 and as the epidemic continues, it raises serious questions about why the United States government has []

The post Legal Opioids Have Killed Hundreds Of Thousands As Big Pharma Bribes Politicians To Ignore It appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


How Trumps Trade War Could Cost America Everything The Anti-Media

Trade Dollar(ANTIMEDIA)  As the Trump administration moves forward with its plan to impose tariffs on goods shipped into the U.S., like steel and aluminum, the term trade war is emerging in headlines across the media. Abandoning the principle of free trade marks a monumental shift in Americas stance towards the globalized economy and will undoubtedly come with severe repercussions. President Trump seems []


Gina Haspel Should Be in the Dock at the Hague OpEdNews

We only have a little bit of time. We have to organize quickly and not back down. We have to tell the CIA that it cannot violate U.S. and international law and not have a price to pay. Gina Haspel should be in the dock at The Hague. She shouldn't be in the CIA director's office.


The Great Gamble Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Mark Schweitzer is a writer and lifelong resident of Akron, Ohio. Today he's sharing a guest article about the risks of putting all your economic eggs in one basket and the benefits of a diversified economy. It's a lesson that all our communities can learn from.

 An illustration of the B.F. Goodrich rubber plant in Akron, Ohio (Source:  Miami University Libraries - Digital Collections )

An illustration of the B.F. Goodrich rubber plant in Akron, Ohio (Source: Miami University Libraries - Digital Collections)

For over half a century, Akron, Ohio proudly wore the moniker of Rubber Capital of The World. As corporate and manufacturing home to Goodyear, Firestone, B.F. Goodrich, General Tire and many other tire manufacturers, the city boomed as America fell in love with the automobile. For decades, its citizens took solace in the fact that the soot that settled over its neighborhoods each day was the by-product of the rubber industrys high-wage manufacturing jobs.

Its easy to forget, however, that the citys success did not start with the tire shops of the 20th century. During the Victorian age, Akron had developed a strong and well-balanced economy, initially centered on the transportation advantages offered by the Ohio Canal. It had slowly grown over time into a vibrant and prosperous city, featuring world-class manufacturers and distributors of cereal, farm machinery, clay products and books. Yet by the beginning of the 20th century, that healthy and diverse economy based on a wide array of small, medium-size and large manufacturers was about to become eclipsed by the promise of rubber.

While the eventual growth and domination of the rubber industry was not the result of a singular decision on the part of city leaders of the time, their inclination to go all in on tire manufacturing was to have an indelible impact on Akron; one that lasts to this day. It would make the city one of the fastest-growing in the world, as the population grew from about 69,000 in 1910 to over 208,000 by 1920, making it Americas poster child for economic success.

But this big bet not on a sing...


Russia Claims US Deploys Warships For Imminent Attack On Syria, Trains Militants For False Flag Attack The Last American Vagabond

Last April, in one of the Trump administrations first diplomatic ventures, the US fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Syria, in stated retaliation for the latest alleged chemical attack by the Assad regime, the same false flag excuse which was used by the US to officially enter the conflict back in 2013 when military tensions between the []

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TCK RADIO: Dr. Bill Warner Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of Europe Coming? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Bill Warner Leftist-Islamic Alliance and Mass Exodus of Europe Coming? Talk given 3-19-18 (aprx 40 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! Special guest Dr. Bill Warner joins me to discuss: connection between Islam and the liberals, rising censorship, Victor Orban, revived Ottoman Empire coming?, migrant sex gangs, is border control the solution? 2nd amendment, []


Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel Are Symptoms of a Much Deeper Problem The Anti-Media

Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel(RPI Op-ed)  President Trumps recent cabinet shake-up looks to be a real boost to hard-line militarism and neo-conservatism. If his nominees to head the State Department and CIA are confirmed, we may well have moved closer to war. Before being chosen by Trump to head up the CIA, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo was one of []


Ahoy America, Give Trump a Taste of His Own Medicine Starting on Trump Imitation Day OpEdNews

Trump Imitation Day will take place online on April 1, this April Fools' Day, 2018 -- a day driven by the vast and varied online networks of America with all of their imagination and organizational capability. Trump has proven repeatedly that he is a serial prevaricator, bully, cheater, boaster, malicious myth-maker, racist, abuser of women, slanderer, violator of laws and the Constitution and emerging war-monger.


Pedestrian Killed in Arizona by Self-Driving Car Guardian Liberty Voice

Due to a pedestrians death in Tempe, Arizona Uber suspended their self-driving vehicle program in Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. The victim is a woman. She was taken to a local hospital where she passed away, according to NPR. The woman was struck and killed even though there was a person in the autonomous []

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A World War Might Sound Crazy, but It Could Be Americas Last Act of Desperation The Anti-Media

WWIII World War(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  Though some have been warning about the catastrophic potential for a third global conflict for years, it wasnt until recently that these warnings became more mainstream. The calamitous nature of the violence in Syria  which has one nuclear power defending a government that has been the target of a regime change operation led by the worlds superpower  combined with 2017s threats of fire []


Are the Trump Tax Cuts Working and Does Anyone Care? OpEdNews

If the tax cuts actually did produce the sort of investment boom promised by proponents, there would be a good case for cutting the corporate tax rate. We now have good preliminary evidence that the investment boom exists only in the realm of political propaganda. Workers will not be getting any big dividends from this tax cut.


The Overton Window Can Serve Progressives? Freethought Blogs

Well, yes.

Ive told this story before, but I was involved in the planning, chant-writing, and sign-painting for a protest I did not actually get to attend. The protest involved a bill proposed by conservative jerkwad Kevin Mannix, one of many who have served in Oregons state legislature. The bill proposed that unmarried women who wished to receive artificial insemination in the state of Oregon be required to ask permission of the government before being able to legally proceed. Mannix was quite explicit in his rationale for the bill. State law made a married man equally responsible for the economic support and general well-being of a child of artificial insemination as it would a child via penis-in-vagina sex between that husband and that wife.

This was necessary because in divorce proceedings a childs welfare needed no less attention merely because of being conceived through medically-assisted fertilization. The law solved a problem that had popped up in other jurisdictions in the early days of artificial insemination where a divorcing husband would claim that he never wanted the child and shouldnt be held responsible. There was a trade off, however. If this law were to be applied fairly, then it would make sense that, as unlikely as abuse of the provision might be, the law ensured that the insemination was performed with the approval of the husband. So it was required that a doctor intending to perform such an insemination acquire and keep record of such a husbands approval.

Mannix took an unusual lesson from these understandable legal facts: while married women have to ask their husbands permission to receive artificial insemination, single women dont have to ask anyone.*1 Thats right, he gave an actual interview to an actual reporter in which he actually presented his argument as, Well, women shouldnt be able to do important things without asking permission. If I had full access to the Oregonian archive, Im sure I could even find the thing.

Well, Mannix didnt do himself or his bill any favors with that interview, though I suppose it was inevitable that he would state something like that. Its not like this was a confused misstatement: women shouldnt have autonomy was an important part of his governing philosophy. Well, the news reports at the time werent exactly favorable to his bill, but there was some trouble putting it out of its legislative misery. Gail Shibley, the first out lesbian member of the Oregon legislature, had become the face of the opposition. There was quite a bit of hostility to queer folks in Oregon at the time (we were still dealing with Scott Lively and Lon Mabons decade-long parade of anti-queer bills at that point), and though there was obviously enough support...


Donatella Versace Announces She Will No Longer Use Animal Fur TruthTheory

By Jess Murray Truth Theory

World-renowned fashion designer Donatella Versace has announced that she will no longer use animal fur in her clothing collections, much to the delight of animal rights supporters.

The designer recently made the welcomed announcement in an interview with The Economists 1843 magazine, stating, Fur? I am out of that. I dont want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesnt feel right. The decision was praised by many, including animal-rights organisation PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), whose senior vice-president, Dan Matthews, said, PETA led runway disruptions, protests, and a 2006 ad blitz at a time when Versace was synonymous with fur, so this news is most welcome. Donatellas realization that its wrong to bludgeon and electrocute animals for fur is a major turning point in the campaign for compassionate fashion, and PETA looks forward to seeing a leather-free Versace next.

Together with Donatella, a number of other fashion brands including Armani, Gucci, and Michael Kors have also recen...


Pentagon Struggles To Defend Americas Secret War In Niger The Last American Vagabond

The Pentagon, already struggling to manage growing concern about the US military operations ongoing in Africa, is now facing a second problem. Last week, it was revealed that the Pentagon had kept a number of recent clashes in Niger a secret. Pentagon officials are now trying to defend not just the war effort, but the idea []

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74% Of Americans Believe The Deep State Is Running The Country The Last American Vagabond

For the past two years, the long-running narrative, at least that promulgated by the mainstream media which continues to explain away Hillary Clintons loss to Donald Trump, is that Americans had fallen for a massive, long-running fake news scam (in part aided and abetted by the likes of Facebook), which boosted Trumps popularity at the []

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US Empire In Decline OpEdNews

Just as Freedom Caucus Tea Party representatives hold power in the Republican Party, the military-intelligence officials will become the powerhouse for Democrats. This takeover will make the Democrats even more militarist at a dangerous time when threats of war are on the rise and the country needs an opposition party that says "no" to war.


Trumps Plan To Execute Drug Dealers Is Bluster Masquerading As A Solution The Federalist

On a stop in New Hampshire today, Donald Trump will reportedly unveil the Stop Opioid Abuse plan, which, though it includes a number of valuable ideas, promises to be consumed by coverage of one that will do little to mitigate the opioid problem. Death penalty for drug dealers is a discussion, Trump has contended, we have to start thinking about. I dont know if this countrys ready for it. Lets hope its not.

In a number of countries, drug trafficking is a capital offense. None of these countries is the type of place we should want to emulate. Trump claims to have gotten the idea from Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping. So its worth pointing out that the Chinese War on Drugs has failed to dent illicit drug abuse, even though its being prosecuted by an authoritarian government deploying paramilitary forces with virtually no limits on its resources or power. Here, in a liberal nation, the Drug War proved that focusing primarily on enforcement leads first to frustration, then to mission creep, and finally to police abuse. As long as people want drugs, a market for them will exist.

Who exactly would be executed, anyway? There seems to be a populist notion that if we shoot a few cowardly drug dealers, none will follow their career path. According to the White House, the Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against drug traffickers, where appropriate under current law. More specifically, certain cases where opioid, including Fentanyl-related, drug dealing and trafficking are directly responsible for death. Instead of getting into a debate over the efficacy of the death penalty, its worth mentioning that the administration is talking about a few big-money narcotic traffickers.

Setting aside the legality of such a sentence, will these people be deterred by the prospect of execution, any more than they were by the prospects of a lifetime in prison? It seems unlikely. In the United States, the average death-row prisoner spends more than a decade waiting for his execution. More importantly, though distracting, the idea that there will be enough of these cases to make any difference in the recent troubling surge in opioid abuse drugs that are widely available, often with a prescription...


There is such a thing as a stupid question Freethought Blogs

Heres click-baity title its hard to resist: Science Still Cant Explain This Biological Mystery, But Scientists Like to Pretend Otherwise. Oooh. What is that biological mystery? I want to know!

Its a bad sign, though, when the author has to strain to stave off criticism before he gets around to spilling the beans.

Those of us who embrace science are growing increasingly impatient with religious and spiritual traditions. To us, absolute faith in claims scribed by backwards people thousands of years ago is delusional. We think its time for the faithful to get over themselves. The culture wars will end when it finally does. Were waiting, though not patiently, because much is at stake.

Much is indeed at stake, but were actually waiting for the scientific to get over themselves. I say this as an atheist fully committed to science as the best method yet for discovering the nature of reality.

Im an atheist, so you know you can trust me (oops, no, I cant), now you scientists better address my demands! OK, I know who needs to get over themselves, and it isnt the scientists here.

But finally, what is the mystery?

Between science and faith, I think faith is te more honest about what the scientific community seems perversely averse to explaining: Organisms: what they are and how they emerge from chemistry. Scientists explain organisms away or simply assume them without explaining them. At least the faithful recognize that lifes purposefulness needs explaining, even though their explanation is no explanation at all.

Organisms? One broad, very general word, and we have to explain it to him? Try this. Go up to a plumber, and say Pipes. Pipes are a mystery. You cant explain them to me. Or a refrigerator repairman: I am confused by cold. Explain it. I think religion is more honest than physics in describing temperature. What can you say? And he does go on and on trying to emphasize his ignorance hes not much different from Bill OReilly saying, Tide goes in, tide goes out, you cant explain that. He even has his very own quaint definition of what an organism is.

Unlike inanimate things, organisms engage in functional, fitted effort. Effort is purposeful work, an organism trying to achieve what is functional of value to it, fitted or representative of its circumstances. Effort value and representation only make sense with respect to organisms. Organisms try to benefit themselves given their environment. Inanimate things dont.

Im just going to have to short-circuit this whole argument. The author, Jere...


Why The Stormy Daniels Story Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse The Federalist

How come nobody really seems to care about Stormy Daniels?

Over the past few weeks, weve seen reports from legitimate sources like the Wall Street Journal that in 2016 Donald Trumps lawyer paid $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, an adult film actress who goes by the stage name Stormy Daniels, to get her not to talk about liaisons she had with Trump some years ago, when he was married to his current wife. Now Clifford is suing to get released from that agreement.

I know our politics is pretty much in permanent Look, a squirrel mode these days, but this seems like a pretty big story to just be puttering along on the sidelines, when it would have been the central, all-consuming scandal of any previous administration.

The reason, obviously, is that none of this is a surprise. It is totally consistent with what we already know about Trumps character and personal history after 40 years in the public eye. It doesnt change anyones opinion of him, because we already knew what kind of man he is. In itself, thats a pretty stunning admission about the state of our political culture. How did we get here?

Democrats are naturally seeking to use this story against Trump, but without much conviction. These are the same people who defended Bill Clinton during his own sex scandal back in 1998, telling us all that his louche private life was irrelevant to his political position. They succeeded more than they realized, and the arguments they coined to protect Clinton are now functioning to protect Trump. Twenty years later, a majority of the public now thinks that personal immorality is not disqualifying for elected officials.

The real milestone, though, is that the people who believe this now include evangelical Christians and the religious right. Remember that Trump won the Republican primary and the general election with staunch support from evangelicals, and even now they are standing by their man. A Huffington Post poll found that only half of Trump voters would even say with certainty that Trump cheating on his wife with a porn star is immoral, and three-quarters think its irrelevant to his qualification to be president.

You might dismiss this is a mere Huffington Post pollfak...


Putin Won Election; New World Order Agents Obviously Panic - Veterans Today Veterans Today

by Jonas E. Alexis Putin won the recent Russian election by a landslide. Communist presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin was defeated big time. The propaganda machine in the West lost again. The Polish government and Angela Merkel are sad because Putin once again is in charge. The Polish deputy foreign minister, Konrad Szymaski, called on Germany []


China Banning People From Transit For Bad Social Credit Scores The Last American Vagabond

The slow-motion train wreck of social credit systems and the gamification of society has moved to the next stage. Now the Chinese government is going to start barring people from flying or riding trains if their social credit score is not up to snuff. China may be the test case for these ideas, but theyre []

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Miami Air International flight was chartered from Langley AFB to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, flight records indicate Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) Miami International Air flight LL162 flew to Langley Air Force Base (LFI) during the wee hours on Sunday where, presumably, a prisoner under official military control was boarded onto the aircraft which was later bound for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Boeing 737-8Q8 was wheels up from Langley (LFI) by 6 a.m. and remained aloft for two hours and thirty-seven minutes before landing at its destination, the most notorious prison facility in the world, GTMO.

The question is: who was onboard the flight? One could only wish that it was Hillary Clinton.

H/T: @Tabertronic on Twitter

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (...



Uber CEO halts all autonomous car tests after deadly crash Intellihub

Update: Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted of the incredibly sad news

As we detailed earlier, Tempe, Arizona police report that a self-driving Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode when it was involved in a deadly crash overnight.

As ABC15 reports, the crash occurred near Mill Avenue and Curry Road early Monday morning.

The Uber vehicle was reportedly headed northbound when a woman walking outside of the crosswalk was struck.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries.

Tempe Police says the vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and a vehicle operator was also behind the wheel.


Graham Calls For McCabe Firing Inquiry. Has He Paid Any Attention The Past Two Years? The Federalist

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants a hearing in the Judiciary Committee to make sure the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wasnt politically motivated. But thats exactly the accusation Democrats leveled in 2017 against the Judiciary Committee, of which Graham is a member, when it grilled McCabe for hours and its chairman called for McCabes dismissal because of interactions relating to the Hillary Clinton email investigationinteractions the FBI failed to explain then and now.

Sen. Jeff Flake, another Judiciary Committee member, has also questioned the firing despite the committees unanswered inquiries into McCabes conflicts of interest.

When the president said it was a great day for democracy yesterday, I think it was a horrible day for democracy, Flake told CNN. To have firings like this happening at the top, from the president and the attorney general, does not speak well for whats going on.

Im just puzzled by why the White House is going so hard at this, Flake said. Other than theyre very afraid of what might come out. I dont know how you can have any other conclusion.

Hes puzzled? Congressional committees have been going hard at this for more than a year. In fact, intense inquiries were likely what drove McCabe to retirebut apparently only after his pension benefits would be guaranteed (about which, however, there is currently some uncertainty). He knew the heat was on and planned to get out after he got his government goodies.

You Guys Were On the Committee That Investigated This

Graham and Flake will no doubt remember letters their own committee chair sent to former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, demanding answers to questions about McCabes relationship with the Clinton Foundation and his failure to be recused from Clintons email investigation. Here are some excerpts from Chairman Chuck Grassleys letter to Comey in 2016:

On October 23, 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported a set of troubling facts about potential conflicts of interest in the criminal investigation into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That news article noted that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffes political action committee donated $467,500 to Dr. Jill McCabes state Senate campaign in 2015.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Virginia Democrat Party, over which Mr. McAuliffe exerts considerable control,...


Give Love Not Tech: No Safe Level of Cell Phone or Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Has Been Scientifically Determined for Children or Pregnant Women Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Tech inventors have been limiting their own kids exposure to new technology for many years already even sending them to private...


Ankara Vows Response to Possible US Sanctions Over S-400 Deal - Veterans Today Veterans Today

MOSCOW (Sputnik) Turkey is ready to respond to possible US sanctions, for example, those over Ankaras decision to purchase Russian S-400 Triumf air defense systems, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. If it [the United States] wants to punish Turkey with sanctions, Turkey will react in another way, not like Russia or other states We will respond. You []


WATCH LIVE: Award-Winning Filmmaker and Culture Icon Alex Winter Discusses Significance of Bitcoin Activist Post

By Vin Armani WATCH The Vin Armani Show LIVE at 10am PST (1pm EST). In the first hour, Vin takes a deep dive into the...


What lesson did this teach students? Freethought Blogs

Last week saw students in schools around the nation stage a walkout to protest the lack of action by the government to the easy availability of high-powered guns that have been used in so many mass killings. In general, school authorities and local communities have been supportive of these actions, or at least tolerated it and did not punish students for the walkouts. Some universities have even said that a suspension for such an action would not adversely affect a students application for college admission.

But not at Greenbrier High School located in a rural, very conservative region in Arkansas. Three students walked out of school for 17 minutes, in the face of hostility from their fellow students. A parent reported that the school authorities gave her child and the two others two options: suspension or corporal punishment. They chose the latter. One student Wylie A. Greer described his experience and I was struck by the maturity of his words.

Walking out of class at ten on Monday morning was not an easy thing. Many students were vocally insulting and degrading to the idea of the walk-out and anyone who would participate. At 10:00, I walked out of my classroom to a few gaped mouths and more than a few scowls. I exited the building, sat on the bench, and was alone for a few seconds. I was more than a little concerned that I would be the only one to walk out. I was joined by two others eventually, two of the smartest students at the school.

After the 17 minutes had passed, we re-entered the building and went to our classes. Over the next two hours, all three of us were called individually to talk with the dean-of-students. He offered us two choices of punishment, both of which had to be approved by our parents. We would either suffer two swats from a paddle or two days of in-school suspension. All three of us chose the paddling, with the support of our parents.

I believe that corporal punishment has no place in schools, even if it wasnt painful to me. The idea that violence should be used against someone who was protesting violence as a means to discipline them is appalling. I hope that this is changed, in Greenbrier, and across the country.

I have written before about my feeling that corporal punishment has no place in schools so I will not repeat that here. But I wonder what lesson the authorities expected the students to learn from this. Did they think that it would make them regret their actions, which is often the presumed goal of punishment? If so, they are wrong. I am pretty sure that in their later years, these three students will look back on this experience proudly as the time when they stood up for what was right in the face of negative peer pressure. It will be a formative...


Cops Cleared in Murder of 16yo Girl and Unborn Baby, After Giving $10,000 to District Attorney The Free Thought Project


The president of a police union was cleared of all wrongdoing in the shooting that killed an unarmed16-year-old girl and her unborn child after his union donated to the campaign of the district attorney in his case.

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The Adolescence of Urban Revival Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Arian Horbovetz is a Strong Towns member who lives in Upstate New York. Today's essay comes from his blog, The Urban Phoenix, and is republished with permission. 

In May of 2017, I wrote a piece on my blog about the phases of urban revival, likening the growth in identity of our emerging city centers to the growth of a child from infancy to young adulthood.  This has such pertinent application to for our Upstate New York cities today and for many other cities in the process of renaissance and rebirth.

The part of this piece that keeps coming back to me is the Adolescent Phase, a time of change and choices in which we can clearly see so many of our cities are currently struggling.  A quote from this piece about the Adolescent Phase is included below. I bet you anything you will read this and do a significant amount of metaphorical head-nodding:

Just like a teenager starts choosing friends over family, cities start identifying with investment capital and large scale development projects, believing its in their best interest.

As cities celebrate their newfound vibrancy and abilities, outside forces begin to take notice and start to assert themselves.  The major players that began the revival movement now compete with countless new sources of financial, developmental and directional influences.  Developers and investors from inside and outside the community begin to see opportunities some with mutual interests, and other simply for their own.  Distinguishing these two can be very very difficult.  Just like a teenager starts choosing friends over family, cities start identifying with investment capital and large scale development projects, believing its in their best interest.  And perhaps to some extent, it may be.  But like the bad kids, mixing with the wrong group at this juncture might take those A grades down to Ds which in city terms means taking a strong local momentum and selling it out to people you thought had your best interest in mind.

Aside from, and perhaps driven by, outside influences, the pro-local movement may begin to question its own identity and direction.  A once unified front of local growth and enthusiasm may suddenly be divided on where to go based on a sudden abundance of new choices of direction and development.  The once simple choice of supporting the new coffee shop in a transitioning neighborhood suddenly turns into whether to invest tens of millions in new transit, or build a park versus building condos, or whether to knock down those old buildings in favor of new structures driven by outside investment and more and more.  All of a sudden, there is an overwhelming abundance of possible dire...


The London Police Now Have a Firm Definition Of Thought-Crime And Theyre Going To Use It Activist Post

By Jon Rappoport Whether he went on with the diary, or whether he did not go on with it, made no difference. The Thought Police...


Women Fined $100,000, Face Potential Jail Time, Just for Braiding Hair The Free Thought Project


The state of Tennessee has recently begun cracking down on residents who would dare braid someone's hair without first paying the government for the privilege of doing so.

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Manufactured Catalytic Event Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again? Activist Post

By Prof. Graeme McQueen The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 led to the outbreak of World War I. The Gulf of Tonkin...


Are You Gluten Free Just Because? Here Is What You Need to Know Guardian Liberty Voice

Has the G-word begun to wear on you like it has for many of us? That is right gluten; the polarizing word that, in recent years, people either embrace, fear or roll their eyes at. While gluten has been discovered to be at the root of many health issues and discomfort for millions who []

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Top 5 Veterans News: March 19th, 2018 - Veterans Today Veterans Today

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


Is Profit-Maximizing Data-Mining Undermining Democracy? Activist Post

By Charles Hugh Smith If targeting political extremes generates the most profit, then thats what these corporations will pursue. As many of you know,


I Saw Black Panther Freethought Blogs

And it was OK. I am generally sick of movies in which the final resolution is two people in spandex beating the crap out of each other.

Heres a though that is not good to have, when watching this scene:

Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!

I kept giggling at random through the rest of the movie.

The costumes are beautiful and so were the actors. As usual for one of these comic book-derived movies, there were ideas and moments that were really good, but damn Id like to see one of these movies in which the hero (for example) recognizes that Killmonger is a valuable talent and a potentially strong ally hed be an impressive person to have on ones team, not decorating a compost heap then negotiates an arrangement with them that is beneficial to everyone. Of course, thats never an option because of the simple manichean view of the world that Hollywood wants us to absorb so we can be good militarist subjects.

Any movie with armored rhinos or polar bears is good thats just a general principle.

Anyone remember Ralph Bakshis Wizards? Thats how to resolve this sort of final conflict. Whenever I see people using hand to hand weapons in a civilization that has powerful projectile weapons; I start pulling my hair out. I know its not sporting to disintegrate your enemy while they are hundreds of yards away, but a kings job is to be a good strategist not a passable brawler. Further, unless youre a civilization that has surreal medicine, you do not want blades to be any part of how you select your monarch. Blades leave deep, debilitating, permanent marks. During the samurai era, Japan had so many ex-samurai who were missing eyes and other critical body-parts that they had to build a whole infrastructure to warehouse them. It comes back to my point about violence as the means of choosing the king: you wind up choosing strategically incompetent thugs, mostly.

The eye candy is amazing and I found myself wondering how many hours of weight-lifting we were seeing. A great deal of hard work and dedication was on display all around.

Normally I loathe the role of clever sidekick but Letitia Wright was perfect. If you put her character, Shuri, on a team with Kate McKinnons Holtzmann from Ghost Busters they would rule the world and it would be a good thing and there would be no need for big sword-fights to decide who was awesome.

My preferred ending would have been for the two would-be kings to kill each other off and for the wome...


Sue Klebold: My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story Intellihub

(INTELLIHUB) Sue Klebold, the mother of one of the Columbine school shooters Dylan Klebold, gave a live presentation at TEDTalks in February of 2017, where she talked about what shes learned from the tragedy after her son Dylan and his friend Eric murdered 13 people on April 20, 1999.

According to the videos description:

Sue Klebold is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters who committed the Columbine High School massacre, murdering 12 students and a teacher. Shes spent years excavating every detail of her family life, trying to understand what she could have done to prevent her sons violence. In this difficult, jarring talk, Klebold explores the intersection between mental health and violence, advocating for parents and professionals to continue to examine the link between suicidal and homicidal thinking. Note: Comments are disabled for this video because YouTubes comment moderation tools are not up to the task of maintaining a quality discourse here. You are welcome and invited to comment on the talk at

Via TED/YouTube

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Can Nuclear War Be Avoided? OpEdNews

Two factors are driving the world to nuclear war. One is the constant stream of insults, false accusations and broken agreements that the West has been dumping on Russia year after year. The other is Russia's response, or, perhaps more correctly, the lack thereof.


Adidas Sold 1 Million Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic In 2017 TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Adidas is following through with its commitment to turn plastic pollution into high-performance products. And clearly, consumers are eager to take part. In 2017, the global brand sold 1 million shoes made from ocean plastic.

As Interesting Engineering reports, each pair of shoes reuses 11 plastic bottles. Furthermore, recycled plastics are incorporated into the laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers.

To create the eco-friendly shoes, Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans. The initiative develops products from recycled marine plastic. In addition to shoes, Parley for the Oceans and Adidas have also made tank tops made from recycled waste and leggings that are made of fabric that has Econyl regenerated material.

In May of 2017, the sneakers made their debut online and in stores. Despite the fact that they are literally made of trash and are $200, Adidas sold 1 million pairs last year.

As a global brand we have a responsibility to help change the world for the better, said Mathias Amm, Product Catego...


21-Year-Old Launches Vegan Restaurant To Prove Healthy Food Isnt Just For The Rich TruthTheory

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most people are aware they need to eat healthier. The problem is, superfood beverages and to-go salads are expensive. For those who dont have $20 to spend on a Whole Foods salad or $10 to splurge on a juice, nutrient-dense meals can be hard to come by. Thats why 21-year-old  Francesca Sol Chaney founded Sol Sip, a vegan restaurant that is affordable and healthy.

The full-time student is on a mission to provide delicious and nutritious food to the inner-city community in Brooklyn. As a city dweller, she has worked three jobs. So, she can relate to the struggles many people face when looking for food.

The entrepreneur believes many people want to eat healthy, but cant due to their fixed incomes. The wellness community can be really classist, Chaney told Essence. Our intention [with Sol Sips...


US will pander to Saudi ambitions during crown princes grand tour - Veterans Today Veterans Today

For 75 years, the US has held its nose at the backwardness and ostentation of its strategic Saudi allies now it looks to embrace them. The US is naive if it thinks that Riyadh shares its values, and cynical if it doesnt care. From the moment he touches down in Washington on Monday, and []


Tomgram: Nomi Prins, Jared Kushner, You're Fired! OpEdNews

Here we are a little more than a year into the Trump presidency and his administration's body count is already, as The Donald might put it, "unbelievable, perhaps record-setting."


Spies in the Skies: Walmart Files Patent for Robot Bees The Anti-Media

Robot Bees(TMU)  With honey bee populations still in peril from one or several of a litany of hotly debated causes neonicotinoid insecticides, changing climate, and more Walmart appears to have joined the race for a technological solution to a potential looming disaster, filing a patent for robotic, drone bees earlier this month. Technically called pollination drones, Business Insider points []


Trump Says He Will Seek The Death Penalty For Opiate Dealers TruthTheory

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Will this include pharmaceutical companies?

Donald Trump has made an announcement that he will be seeking the death penalty for drug dealers selling opiates.

Trumps new proposal reported by Reuters, says: Trump will share his plan in detail which will have stronger penalties for dealers, lower the amount of opioid prescriptions by 1 third, and further drug education and treatment.  

The plan has said it will go after criminally negligent doctors and oppioide producers who break the law. Earlier this month Trump praised the zero tolerance policy in Singapore, who use death by hanging to those who get caught in possession of drugs.   

This is an extreme measure by Trump, but also has the interesting dichotomy that pharmaceutical company representatives could face legal actions for their negligence.

It is unclear if representatives in the pharmaceutical industry are included in those who will get the death penalty, but we will keep you updated on any progress.

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The Biskeptical Podcast #44: A Stormy Rexit Freethought Blogs

(This episode came out on Friday, but I was on the road to NaNoCon at the time, so thats why Im posting it here today.)

Today on the show we first play catch up on the latest drama involving President Trumps alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and how the White House is trying to shut her up. Then during the second half we discuss the recent firing of Rex Tillerson, who Trump wants to replace him with, and what this might mean for foreign policy.

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SYRIAN WAR REPORT March 19, 2018: Eastern Ghouta battle enters final phase, Afrin falls - Veterans Today Veterans Today

If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via:, BTC: 13iYp9CDYZwgSnFXNtpEKgRRqaoxHPr2MH, BCH:1NE49pQW8yCegnFCMvKuhLUnuxvTnxNUhf, ETH: 0x962b312a9d41620f9aa0d286f9d7f8b1769bfae6 On March 18, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) established full control over the city of Afrin. The city had been the main stronghold of []


Fate of Keepseagle settlement funds in hands of Supreme Court Indianz.Com News

The fate of $380 million in leftover funds from the Keepseagle settlement is in the hands of the nation's highest court.


Triggering War. A Manufactured Catalytic Event Which Will Initiate An All Out War? Are We Going to Let this Happen Again? - Veterans Today Veterans Today

In a manufactured war trigger PR operation, "those desirous of war write the script, choreograph the action, plan the output, and carry out, or subcontract, the actual event."


Fooling American masses with false-flag terror no longer easy - Veterans Today Veterans Today

False-flag terror is now being fully exposed to increasing numbers of the American People for what it actually is, thanks to the Internet, the world's New Gutenberg Press.

Monday, 19 March


A record number of Native candidates are running for office in 2018 Indianz.Com News

More than 70 Native Americans are running for office across the nation and some are hoping to make history at the ballot boxes this year.


Winnebago Tribe confirms first sighting of mountain lion in decades Indianz.Com News

Matt Morgan has seen mountain lions on his familys farm for years, but in all that time, and despite having set up several cameras along trails, hes never caught a photo of one.


American Indian Cultural Center and Museum names senior curator Indianz.Com News

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum is building up senior staff as construction resumes on the long-delayed facility in Oklahoma.


Gun Lake Tribe seeks more trust land after victory at Supreme Court Indianz.Com News

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians is seeking to restore more of its homelands in Michigan.


Epic: Russias long road toward resurgence - Veterans Today Veterans Today

If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via:, BTC: 13iYp9CDYZwgSnFXNtpEKgRRqaoxHPr2MH, BCH:1NE49pQW8yCegnFCMvKuhLUnuxvTnxNUhf, ETH: 0x962b312a9d41620f9aa0d286f9d7f8b1769bfae6 Russia in the 90s The modern day Russian Federation emerged after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Not only did this change the fate and the standard of life []


Countdown To The Bond Armageddon! Latest blog

For 35 years, one of the longest bull markets in history has been the bonds bull market but those days are coming to an end! Central banks around the globe are "normalizing" interest rates while attempting to tame inflationary pressures. Bonds are in danger of suffering brutal losses. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group about the coming bond apocalypse as well as some viable commodities that will actually make you money and not drain your bank account!

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