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Thursday, 15 November


On the Origins of the Muslim Worlds Crisis by Youssef Hindi Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

By Youssef Hindi In this essay, we identify the primary, endogenous causes of the Muslim worlds crisis, and of its historical and geographical Arab-Muslim center in particular. In my book Occident et Islam Sources et gense messianiques du sionisme (2015), I expose, among other things, the exogenous causes of the Arab-Muslim worlds collapse. In []


When scams get pretentious Freethought Blogs

Pangburn (Pangburnt, am I right?) Philosophy has officially thrown in the towel. Heres their final statement:

Who is to blame? Not Pangburn! Confirmed speakers decided to back away from their commitment, the lousy no-good bastards.

And thenThis two year endeavor has led us to successfully produce what we believe to be some of the most important conversations in human history. Wow. In human history. Pretty impressive for a hodge-podge of racists, edgelords, pompous assholes, and alt-right cheerleaders, say what?

But have no fear.

Effective immediately, the Pangburn Philosophy Corporation will be folding as a result of this cancelled conference.

And there was much rejoicing! But wait. A Philosophy Corporation? Have those two words ever been paired before? Maybe this is the end of something unique.

Also, I doubt that all the people who bought overpriced tickets to this shitpile are rejoicing. Theyre never going to see that money again. Im trying hard to feel sympathy for the gullible simpletons who paid money to see Peterson, or Weinstein, or Harris, or any of the deplorables slated as speakers, and failing.

Our CEO Travis Pangburn plans to reanimate Pangburn Philosophy under a new business model, which will focus on Pangburn Documentaries.

Oy. So another Prager U, Ill guess.

A couple of suggestions. Its obvious that Travis Pangburn has a bit of an ego, but after your distinctively-named enterprise has just imploded under the weight of debt, leaving your most ardent fans without recompense, and youre trying to slither away, its not smart to keep the name Pangburn. Too obvious. You should at least try to slip out from under the PR taint. Find a fresh taint.

You built your ramshackle empire not on your talent, but the appeal of your center-right speakers. I presume youd like to bring them back under Pangburn Documentaries? Then its a bad idea to blame them for your failure.

Oh, and speaking of pretentiousness, you have to look at the Pangburn about page. Its mostly a close-up photo of Traviss handsome, serious face, a paragraph of grade-school philosophy about saving the planet with art and science, and an equation. Can I just say how much I despise the attempt to come up with a pseudo-sciencey equ...


US Sanctions On Iran Depriving Countrys Cancer Patients Of Essential Treatment The Last American Vagabond

Certain especially vulnerable groups, such as Irans cancer patients, are bearing the brunt of the burden caused by the new U.S.-imposed sanctions, as the cost of the average cancer treatment has now doubled and the supply of crucial medication has dwindled to new, troubling lows. TEHRAN, IRAN  The recent imposition of crippling sanctions against Iran []

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The Florida Election Recount Is About to Get Very Confusing OpEdNews

Florida's statewide recounts first faced technical obstacles surrounding the sorting and scanning of millions of ballots. Now political and legal obstacles are poised to add another layer of complexity over determining who is the next governor, senator and agriculture commissioner.


John Bolton Says No Evidence Implicating Crown Prince On Khashoggi Kill Tape The Last American Vagabond

Hours after the New York Times reported that Turkeys long-rumored audio recording of Saudi journalist-turned dissidents murder inside the Saudi consulate included strong evidence that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ordered the killing, National Security Advisor John Bolton said Tuesday that no such link existed, according to the Wall Street Journal. The recording didnt appear to implicate the Crown []

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Sea Of Plastic Discovered In The Caribbean Stretches 5 Miles And Is Choking Wildlife TruthTheory

By Amanda Froelich,

How often do you use plastic? If you compare to the average consumer, you might answer every day. Yes, items that contain plastic are convenient and cheap. But, the manmade material is wreaking havoc on our planet. Images captured off the Honduran island of Roatan by photographer Caroline Power illuminate this fact.

The photos that follow were taken off an idyllic island that is usually compared to paradise. In the past few years, however, this image has been ruined by a sea of plastic. Once, the waters were clear and icy blue. Now, they are congested and filled with pollution.

Powers and a dive team passed through the floating trash for nearly five miles. In one area, the sea of plastic was merely two miles wide. Some of the items they found include broken footballs, soda bottles, toothbrushes, an abandoned television, and shoes.

In an email, Powers noted that the country of Honduras is not solely to blame for the river of plastic near its shores. She pointed out that the average person in every country, worldwide, lives unsustainable and has learned to throw out goods which might be reused, sold, recycled, or refurbished. Its a mindset that needs to change, and her photographs are helping consumers re-think their habits.



One of the tragedies of poverty Freethought Blogs

One of the many adversities that befall those who are poor is that they get tempted to take risks with their own lives and the lives of their families just in order to survive, such as selling their organs and committing crimes. I was shocked to read this report about Anucha Thasako, a 13-year old Thai boy, who died of a brain hemorrhage after a boxing bout. It was bad enough that children are boxing at all but it appears that it is a way for poor people to earn money. Thasako had fought in 170 bouts since the age of eight.

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai as it is also called, is hugely popular in the country, where thousands of young fighters and their families see it as a way of earning money.

But there are few rules governing the sport and some people oppose proposed laws to protect young fighters, saying they are part of the countrys boxing tradition.

Video of the match showed the boy, known by his boxing name Phetmongkol Por Peenapat, and his opponent were not wearing any protective headgear.

Anucha was repeatedly punched in the head, before falling to the mat.

Thailand has more than 10,000 registered boxers under the age of 15, according to figures released last year by its national Sports Authority.

A draft law before parliament would ban children under 12 from professional kickboxing matches, and regulate the participation of young teenagers.

That draft law does not go anywhere near far enough. Boxing is a barbaric activity but you cannot stop adults from risking their brains and their lives. But it should definitely be banned for children and young adults, just like football should be in the US. Passing laws banning it will not of course solve the underlying problem of poverty but it may prevent poor people from being tempted to enroll their children in it. When things are legal, people tend to think it is safe.


Life without rising inequality is very much like life with socialism Freethought Blogs

Forbes. Fucking Forbes. Theyre doing a great job of painting a smiley face on a dystopia. They have an article up titled Surging Wealth Inequality Is A Happy Sign That Life Is Becoming Much More Convenient. For whom, you might ask? Does it matter? It benefits the rich, so the peons dont matter.

Crucial about all this is that the commercial seers who get the future right will grow stunningly rich for being right. The more convenient life is, the more unequal are the living. But as opposed to a sign of hardship, the happier truth is that life is truly cruel when the talented arent getting rich. Thats when we know that no one is devising ways to make our lives easier, cheaper, healthier, more productive, and everything else good. Life without rising inequality is very much like life with socialism.

The talentedwho might they be? The examples he gives are a) Pizza Hut is testing self-driving delivery cars and pizza-making robots that will get your pizza to you faster, without the expense of pizza delivery drivers. Yay! No more tipping college students struggling to make ends meet! And b) Walmart is making an app a digital map to find the toy or TV theyre looking for, then make the purchase right in the aisle where they find it. Bravo, capitalism. So the talented are a couple of big corporations, not people.

That last line, thoughhes completely oblivious, I can tell. You mean I can have life with socialism, and life without rising inequality, at the same time? Yes, please. And you want the opposite? Well fuck you very much.


If Voting Changed Anything #PropagandaWatch Activist Post

By corbettreport If voting changed anything theyd make it illegal. But why doesnt it change anything? After all, its the elected politicians who steer the...


Veteran's Day - The Military Industrial Empire's Chess Game OpEdNews

Times like this become a 'Catch 22' for we who dissent against this empire. If you mind your manners and keep your mouth shut as the hype and hypocrisy abounds all around you, you become almost as bad as them.


11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Slow Down Dramatically Activist Post

By Michael Snyder The pace at which things are changing is shocking the experts.  Just a few months ago, many of the experts were still...


U.S. to Step up Sanctions on Iran, Squeeze Them Until the Pips Squeak Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

[Editors note: Israeli asset Bolton is not acting on behalf of the USA, with the best interests of the American people in mind; rather, he is doing what Israel tells him to do. If he is allowed to continue, the end result is most likely to be a war with Iran that will see vast []


Mysterious Helicopters Continue To Evacuate ISIS Members From Battle Fields Across Middle East The Last American Vagabond

There have been sporadic, but regular reports of mysterious helicopters extracting ISIS militants from battlefields in the Middle East. Most recently, on November 13th, Syrias official news agency SANA cited an anonymous source claiming that US-led military helicopters conducted an operation in the village of al-Suwayda in Hasakah province near the border with Iraq. They []

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Richard Brookhiser Chronicles The Life Of Justice John Marshall The Federalist

Writer and historian Richard Brookiser joins the Federalist Radio Hour to talk Founding Fathers, SCOTUS, and the future of neighborhood and tolerance.


Why White Evangelicals Dote on Wayward Trump OpEdNews

It's impossible to figure why so many white Christian evangelicals dote on Donald Trump. Trump is twice divorced and thrice married. He's evidently been a serial adulterer. He talks dirty. He lies non-stop. He's less than well-versed in Holy Scripture. He seems to prefer golf to going to church on Sunday.


Vera is a beast Freethought Blogs

Today was cricket-feeding day. I am still learning things, and one of the things I have learned is that I hate crickets, those jumpy, twitchy, annoying little beasts. I have to struggle to confine and catch the things, but I chortle evilly when I finally slide them down into a vial. Theyre two or 3 times larger than my spiders, but its no contest. Theyre doooooomed. Bwahahahaha!

Also, spiders have personalities. Amanda is shy; she gets a cricket, she ignores it, and me, and just hangs out in her corner placidly until I leave the room.The cricket will be dismantled fragments the next day, but a lady does not make a spectacle of her murders.

Xena is timid. She notices the cricket for sure, but she runs away where it is, she is not, and she scurries about rather frantically to avoid it. She lays down lots of webbing, though, and I think she waits until it snares itself thoroughly before going in for the kill.

Vera is a beast. Put anything in there, she does not delay sinking her fangs into it. Id just put the cricket in her vial when she charged up, lassoed its hind limbs, and was making quick bites into the leg joints. She reminds me of Gwyneth, a real killer. Especially that bit about first knee-capping her prey before getting into the serious business of liquefying its guts.

Vera also escaped, briefly, and marched up onto my hand and stood there, gently tapping on my knuckle like she was getting impatient. Once the cricket was in her vial, though, she quickly rappelled down and made short work of it.

Ive got to get them some mates, but Im worried that the juvenile males are just too small I may try tomorrow, though, when the females are fat and sated with cricket juice and might be willing to tolerate a conjugal visit. Ive got a son of Gwyneth Id like to pair up with Vera what beautifully voracious slayers their progeny might make!

(I might be getting a little too close with my arachnid brood, I willingly confess.)


The Fed Will Continue Tightening Until Everything Breaks Activist Post

By Brandon Smith Around three years ago, in September 2015, I wrote an article titled The Real Reasons Why The Fed Will Hike Interest Ratesin...


Saudi Intelligence Met With Trump Admin And Mossad To Discuss Iran Sabotage And Assassinations The Last American Vagabond

A plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage Iran was developed by Trump confidant George Nade and Joel Zamel, an Israeli known for his deep ties to Israeli intelligence and security agencies. WASHINGTON  A new report published in The New York Times has revealed that top Saudi intelligence officials with ties to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman []

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California Smoke Reaches Washington State Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

An approaching weather system with strong southerly (from the south) flow in the lower atmosphere has pushed California smoke into Washington State.  To put it more starkly: Washington residents are now breathing smoke particles that originated near Paradise, California.

The arrival of the smoke layer was obvious in high-resolution MODIS visible satellite imagery yesterday.  Here is an image from yesterday (Tuesday) around noon.    There are clouds (the white stuff) but there is also smoke (the grayish veil that extends from offshore of CA into western WA.)  You can see that the smoke did not extend into eastern WA at this time.

 A close up view over western WA really shows the smoke.

Andy Stepniewski was birding yesterday near Chinook Pass and he generously shared a picture looking east (see below):  an elevated smoke layer was very obvious.

The smoke was obvious at ground-based particle sensors around the region.  Here is a plot of the PM2.5 concentrations (small particles that can go deep into your lungs) at North Bend, on the lower western slopes of the central Cascades, and Chehalis, in SW Washington, from Nov. 6th until now.  Note that the Camp Fire started early on November 8th.   A major spike was obvious at North Bend starting mid-day Tuesday and Chehalis is experiencing a major surge of small particles right now.



Think Small. Help Something Grow. Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

The Strong Towns movement offers a radically different prescription for our cities and towns than the ones that have often dominated policy-makers thinking. Where they look for silver bullets, we look for humble, low-risk experiments. Where they look for audacious visions of what ought to be, we look to cultivate places that can evolve and retain their value in the face of an uncertain future.

One question we get asked a lot is simple: why incrementalism? Why this obsession with small, tactical actions? The problems that face us are both staggering in scale and ubiquitous in spread. Shouldnt we be focused on aggressive, top-down actionstate and national policythat could have an impact on these issues everywhere?

The answer to this question is complex, and you can ask us more about our strategic vision at one of our two live ask-us-anything Q&A sessions this week: we have an open Slackchat tomorrow at 12 pm CST, and a members-only webcast Friday at 12 pm CST.

But this post gives one piece of that answer. One reason we are committed to bottom-up change, and to initiatives that start out small and are scalable, is because thats where the bang for our collective buck is. Thats where the real return on investment is.

Our neighborhoods, towns, and cities are absolutely full of little things that have been neglected, and that have grown into opportunities. Were talking about places where we can realize not only a modest return on a large investment, but a huge500%, 1000%, 5000%return on a modest investment. This is the kind of change a group of committed citizens can make without any government help, which we know can sometimes take a while. And once that change has been made real, we can keep it going by iterating: looking for the next small step, or scaling up what worked well and discarding what didnt. Over and over and over a thousand times.

This is how strong citizens build strong towns.

Want to support our message of bottom-up, nimble, grassroots action that responds to real needs? Become a member of the Strong Towns movement today.

Join the Movement

What Would You Do With $1000?

A while ago, we posed a question on Twitter: What would you do for your town with $1,000? Strong Towns member Joseph Molnar thought, I literally did that. Heres the story of the initiative he launched, ReForest South Bend.

Joseph became a homeowner in 2016 in South Bend, Indiana. A month later, a tornado took out seven trees on his block, including the street tree in front of his own new house. Joseph immedia...


How to treat burn victims during a SHTF emergency Alternative News Network


(Natural News) When the going gets tough, the tough get going. However, in SHTF situations, being strong wont help you survive if you s...


15 foods that contain zinc, an essential mineral Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Zinc is an essential mineral  the human body needs enough zinc so the immune system can fight off different kinds of bacteria and viru...


UK: Gang Hacks Victim With Machetes, Hammers In Broad Daylight Alternative News Network


UK: Gang Hacks Victim With Machetes, Hammers In Broad Daylight

A horrifying attack in Birmingham, England, was captured on video as a gang hacked a defenseless man with machetes and hammers on a sidewalk in broad daylight.

Footage reveals seven men sw...


What about those newly vote-empowered Florida felons? OpEdNews

Drilling in to the challenges and possibilities the Florida measure to end disenfranchisement of felons offer.


SoCal Fire May Have Ejected Incredibly Dangerous Radioactive Particles Into The Atmosphere The Last American Vagabond

The 95,000 acre Woolsey fire which has coated Southern California with an apocalyptic orange glow may have released a toxic stew of radioactive particles and toxic chemicals into the air, after scorching the land on closed-down government weapons testing facility in Simi Hills known to be heavily contaminated from decades of experiments.  Commencing operation in 1947 for []

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John Bolton Wins Defender of Israel Award from Zionist Lobby Group that Helped Appoint Him Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

__________ Mint Press John Bolton Wins Defender of Israel Award from Zionist Lobby Group that Helped Appoint Him The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) recently awarded U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton the Defender of Israel Award during its annual awards dinner, which took place in New York on Sunday night. Other awardees included U.S. []


Fox News Joins CNN in Lawsuit Against Trump The Anti-Media

Fox News CNN Trump White House(ZHE)  Update: NBC WILL BE JOINING AMICUS BRIEF SUPPORTING CNN: CNN * * * Fox News said it is supporting CNNs lawsuit to regain White House reporter, Jim Acostas, press credentials, and has filed an amicus brief in the case, Bloomberg reports citing an emailed statement from Fox News president Jay Wallace. FOX News supports CNN in its []


Voting Rights in Partisan Times WhoWhatWhy

The partisan divide in America is stark.  

A recent poll discovered that 61 percent of Democrats view Republicans as racist/bigoted/sexist. Over half of Republicans view Democrats as spiteful.

About a third of Americans would be disappointed if a close family member married a person on the other side of the political aisle.

How do Democrats describe Republicans in this poll? Selfish, greedy, corrupt, spineless, fearful, and bad. Republicans describe Democrats as socialist, angry, hypocritical, uninformed, power-hungry, and violent.

The growing polarization of the American electorate has spawned entirely new fields of political science research. For example, the fact that about a third of Americans would be disappointed if a close family member married a person with different political beliefs is an example of affective polarization, or the phenomena that our feelings are different towards members of our own groups compared with outsiders.

Perhaps the most fascinating research being done on this subject comes from political scientists Leonie Huddy and Alexa Bankert. They note that political partisanship is less a result of differing ideology and more a result of social identity. Partisanships social nature accounts for its ability to generate strong emotions and drive political engagement, they contend.

What can be done to reduce political tribalism? Bipartisan legislating on issues with widespread public support could help. One...


Wednesday Wings Freethought Blogs

From Kreator come these wonderful images of penguins in the wild, the Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve, home of the largest colony of Magellanic penguins in South America.







Make sure to click below the fold for all their beauty.




Whats the matter? @Kreator






The US ready to initiate a cold war with China? OpEdNews

VP Mike Pence traveling to Singapore intimated to a reporter the US is ready to initiate a cold war w/ China, that the US is "in strong position" to escalate its trade war w/ China w/ no intention to cede its influence in Asia. Meanwhile Trump's Nat'l Security Adviser John Bolton warned the US will up its naval presence in the S. China Sea which China sees as a provocation & it's not about to rollover & submit to US bullying.


House Leadership Aims To Stop Debate On US Involvement In Yemen War The Last American Vagabond

On Wednesday, a measure is being advanced at the behest of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) aiming to derail House Continuing Resolution 138, a War Powers Act challenge which would force an end to the US military involvement in the Saudi-led War in Yemen. Under the War Powers Act, any individual lawmaker is intended to []

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Je Suis Parisien OpEdNews

Trump got his ass whopped on election day and now he's pissed, cornered, and dangerous. So he's made good on his pointless pre-election threat to send 15K US troops to the border to spend Thanksgiving far from their families, scanning the horizon for a dwindling group of Honduran asylum-seekers as they crawl toward the US border.


Moderate Traffickers: Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army Caught Smuggle Hashish in Ambulances 21st Century Wire

US-backed criminal gangs were terrorizing residents of Aleppo and Syria since 2012.

Washingtons rebel darlings are running an organized crime syndicate based along the Turkish-Syria border.

Since their defeat in 2017, the western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebel faction in Syria have been desperate to repair their public image in the international media. This has been especially important for wayward NATO member state Turkey, who provided the initial launching pad for the FSA and other jihadist terrorist fighting groups in terrorist and western NGO-infested areas Gaziantep near Turkeys southern Hatay Province.

In late 2011, the US and UK media, led by outlets like CNN and the BBC and with the help of Senator John McCain, began circulating the fake talking point that the FSA were a group of Syrian Army defectors. This PR tactic was essential in convincing western politicians into believing these were moderate rebels, when in fact they were violent militants and jihadis determined to destabilize Syria and extend the 8 year war. In reality, the FSA were foreign-backed, mostly non-Syrians, and violent criminals and killers. This is well documented by now, including an incident where an FSA commander carved the heart of a dead Syrian Arab Army soldier and began eating it on camera, and also the brutal lynching of dozens of Syrian security officers in the Jisr Shoghour Massacre. These were only but a few of the FSA long-running killing spree in Syria.

Their troubles were compounded when President Trump announced an end to Obamas illegal policy of arming and supplying Syrian rebel groups, as Washington finally realized after 7 years that these jihadi mercenaries could not actually topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Desperate for extra money, the US and Turkish-backed terrorists have resorted to organized crime, including trafficking narcotics in the region. This week, one of their key smuggling rat lines appears to have been busted where they were caught posing as fake first responders and rescuers.



The sexual recession: an ace perspective Freethought Blogs

Why are young people having so little sex? asks the title of a new article in The Atlantic. The article is also summarized in video form. The article reports that the number of high-schoolers who have had intercourse declined from 54% to 40% in the period from 1991 to 2017. The author writes,

But now some observers are beginning to wonder whether an unambiguously good thing might have roots in less salubrious developments.

The author says the decline in sex is not just among teenagers, but among young adults too. Among people in their early 20s, 15% say they havent had sex since becoming adults, as compared to 6% among Gen-Xers. The author calls this a sexual recession. What follows is a long list of speculations about what could be causing itbe it porn, dating apps, helicopter parents, bad sex, or inhibition.

I will offer an unsympathetic, perhaps callous perspectivethis being largely a straight people problem, and me being a gay ace guy. Yeah, I really dont think this is as much of a problem as the article makes it out to be.

Flipping scripts

Ill begin by saying that this article falls into a familiar genre, at least to me. Because Ive read lots of articles about herbivore men in Japan. In Japanese media, talk of herbivore men might be best understood as a sort of moral panic about the younger generation, wherein the older generation complains about how young men arent masculine enough, and men and women are socializing with each other instead of making babies. In US media, this gets translated to Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? (actual headline). This Atlantic article is basically the same, except now the subject is young Americans instead of young Japanese people.

If you strip back the US misinterpretation, and understand what Japanese observers are actually complaining aboutthe younger generation refusing to conform to the restrictive gender roles of the older generationa lot of it looks fairly absurd from a US perspective. Why is it a bad thing that men and women can sometimes be friends with each other? Why is it bad that women sometimes ask men out rather than the other way around? It looks ridiculous, because were looking at Japanese cultural norms that we dont have here, so its obvious to us that the loss of those cultural norms is not the end of the world, and could even be a good thing.

What if we took an outsider perspe...


15 Signs Youre In A Healthy, Loving Relationship TruthTheory

By Luminita D. Saviuc via Purpose Fairy

Being in a healthy, loving relationship is something each and every one of us dreams of having at a certain point in our lives, but do we really know what it means to be in this kind of relationship?


1. You dont depend on your partner for your happiness.

Whether you are with your partner or away from him/her, you continue to be happy and you continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Your happiness is self-generated and youre not depending on the other person to feel good.

2. You and your partner love, but dont need one another.

You and your partner love, but dont need one another. You dont need the other person to feel loved but rather to share with him/her the love that is already present within you. And thats what makes your relationships so beautiful and so easy to be in.

The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another...


New Slave Labor: California Prisoners Fight Fires For Less Than $2 An Hour PopularResistance.Org

The nearly 4,000 incarcerated workers who are trained to fight deadly fires across California often make less than $2 an hour and are not eligible to be hired as professional firefighters after they are released from prison. The work is physically strenuous and, in some cases, fatal. As forest fires ravage California, the state has become increasingly reliant on the program as a cost-saving measure. In July, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation tweeted that 2,000 incarcerated people, including 58 youth offenders, were working to fight fires. Bill Sessa, an information officer at the department, said that all of the juvenile offenders [used to fight fires] have committed serious or violent felonies. Adult incarcerated firefighters are often low-level, nonviolent offenders.


6 Recent US Antiwar Protests the Media Doesnt Want You Talking About The Anti-Media

Antiwar Protests(CJ Opinion)  A friend told me yesterday that he hadnt seen an antiwar protest in America in ten years. It was a sincere comment; he genuinely hadnt seen any coverage on any peace activism in his country during that time. And of course he hadnt; it is mainstream medias job to distort public narratives in favor of []


House Leadership Aims to Stop Debate on US Involvement in Yemen War Activist Post

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM)  On Wednesday, a measure is being advanced at the behest of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) aiming to derail House Continuing Resolution...


Californias Wildfire and Climate Change Warnings Are Still Too Conservative PopularResistance.Org

As firefighters in California battle to contain the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history, a climate scientist says the reality on the ground is surpassing what a government report projected just months ago in assessing the links between climate change and an increasing frequency and severity of wildfires in the state. After a dry summer and fall, powerful winds over the past week swept flames through the town of Paradise in Northern California, killing at least 48 people and destroying more than 7,500 homes, officials said Tuesday. Two more fires near Los Angeles chased more than 200,000 people from their homes as the flames quickly spread, adding to a string of fires that have caused billions of dollars in damage this year.


No to NATO, No to Bases, No to Wars in Distant Places OpEdNews

As I head over to Ireland for a conference on closing U.S. and NATO military bases around the world -- and at which some of us will make plans for protesting NATO in Washington on April 4, 2019 -- the presidents of France and Germany are talking up the need for a European military that can fight the United States, Russia, and/or China.


Christine Assange Issues Call For All Journalists, Politicians, Medical Professionals And Activists To Stand Up For Julian Assange PopularResistance.Org

For the past 6 years in the embassy, the UK government has refused his request for access to basic health needs: fresh air, exercise, sunshine for vitamin D and access to proper medical and dental care according to Christine Assange and Julian Assanges lawyer, Greg Barns. As a result, his health has seriously deteriorated; and his examining doctors warn these detention conditions are life-threatening. The slow and cruel assassination is taking place before our very eyes in the embassy in London, Christine expressed. Assanges doctor, Sean Love, has previously stated in an opinion piece that depriving him of medical care is cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Adding, It is time for Australia to intervene.


Stupidity on a Grand Scale Virtual Mirage

The Eternal Question?

What happens when a middle class girl from Westchester County, NY - product of the public school system - goes to the big city where she works as a waitress...then decides to run for public office?

Sometimes I wonder if it's all an act. If the little communist is as stupid as she sounds. Then I see film clips of her speaking and I wonder about constituents so stupid that they'd elect her.

And I worry about our future, when an education system fails so completely and creates an electorate that thinks this cretin should speak for them. Yes, it could be worse. There is Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA, who feared that Guam would capsize if we sent another battalion of Marines there.


I met with some guys from the Dept. of Homeland Security yesterday, both of whom I've known for a while, in the course of regular business. They're nice guys, and I treat them the way I'd treat my kids (they're about the same age). The first words out of my mouth were, "Hey, they haven't shut you down ...yet!"

These guys don't deal with illegal aliens at the border. They don't apprehend them, house them, or work that angle. Thus, they feel put upon by progressives who want to destroy the place that they work. Progressive people are among the most ignorant on the planet (see Ocasio-Cortez, above). And their ignorance translates to anger against the informed. It's like a bunch of cretins who think that the Earth is flat being informed that it's round.


A ProPublica and Malheur Enterprise Forum Asks: What Happens When People Found Guilty Except for Insanity Attack Again? Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

This year, the Malheur Enterprise and ProPublica have examined how Oregon allows people charged with serious crimes, who were found guilty except for insanity, to be released from the state psychiatric hospital or supervised community programs. After reviewing the records of people set free by the states Psychiatric Security Review Board from Jan. 1, 2008, and Oct. 15, 2015, Malheur Enterprise reporter Jayme Fraser found that in almost 35 percent of those cases, people were charged with new crimes within three years.

The Consequences of a Sick System, a community forum on Nov. 29 at the Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario, Oregon, will explore how this has continued to happen across the state. Featuring a panel of experts including Enterprise reporters, state health representatives and mental health advocates, the discussion will cover the history of Oregons unique emphasis on reintegrating criminally insane defendants into the community and address questions on topics such as:

  • How frequently a person found criminally insane commits another crime after leaving state supervision

  • How the state decides how someone is safe for release

  • Why the state has released people even in the face of warnings they were dangerous

  • What changes might better protect the public without sacrificing the rights of people with mental illness

The issue hits close to home for the Ontario community, which has been gripped by the high-profile case of Anthony Montwheeler, who was convicted of kidnapping his ex-wife and child in 1997, released from the hospital in 2017, and, four weeks later, murdered his ex-wife and a motorist in a stabbing and car crash.

The expert panel including Fraser and Enterprise publisher Les Zaitz, moderated by ProPublica Editor-in-Chief Stephen Engelberg will also take questions from audience members seeking answers about guilty except for insanity policies. Additional speakers to be announced.


Thursday, Nov. 29
Doors open at 6 p.m., program starts at 6:30 p.m.
Four Rivers Cultural Center
676 SW 5th Ave.
Ontario, OR

Refreshments will be provided.
Register at
Contact: Cynthia Gordy Giwa, cynthia.giwa@propu...


Judge Halts Further Fracking Off Coast Of Southern California Until A Full Review Is Complete PopularResistance.Org

"A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop issuing permits for offshore fracking in federal waters off the California coast." A federal judge puts a halt to the Trump administrations push to expand oil off the cost of Southern California until a full review is completed. U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez of Los Angeles ruled that a review assessing the impact of fracking on endangered species and coastal resources must be done first. We just won a crucial victory in our lawsuit to stop offshore fracking! the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) said in a tweet. A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to stop issuing permits for offshore fracking in federal waters off the California coast.


Precedent Set as Judge Orders Amazon to Release Echo RecordingsHeres How to Delete Them The Free Thought Project


A disturbing precedent is being set as a judge in Arkansas is forcing Amazon to turn over recordings from an Echo smart speaker.

The post Precedent Set as Judge Orders Amazon to Release Echo RecordingsHeres How to Delete Them appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Dutch Stop Fracking Over Potential Earthquakes PopularResistance.Org

While fracking has only just begun in this country, the Dutch are waving goodbye to years of riches from gas extraction. Why? Because they can no longer stand the social and economic cost of hundreds of small earthquakes and thousands of properties damaged by the tremors gas extraction causes. The Dutch were told extraction was safe and well regulated, until their houses began cracking and falling down. We report from northern Holland.


The New York Times Misleading Story On North Korean Missiles PopularResistance.Org

That is the ominous lede of a story by David Sanger and William Broad in The New York Times on Monday, November 12. Substituting tendentious hyperbole for sound reporting may convince editors to feature a story on page one, but it is a disservice to readers. The United States and North Korea have yet to conclude an agreement that inhibits deployment of missiles by Pyongyang, never mind requiring their dismantlement. Nor has Washington yet offered the necessary reciprocal steps that might make such a deal possible. A negotiated suspension of missile deployment and production should follow a halt to fissile material production and take precedence in talks over a complete declaration of North Koreas inventory of nuclear and missile assets.


Get ready for lame duck shenanigans Freethought Blogs

In this Hanukkah election season for the Democrats, another day brought another gift in that Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner for the Arizona senate seat vacated by retiring Republican Jeff Flake.

Meanwhile, the US senate race in Mississippi will be heading to a runoff vote on November 27 since no candidate won more than 50% of the vote. The Republican incumbent candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith has got herself into trouble by saying that If [Tupelo cattle rancher, Colin Hutchinson] invited me to a public hanging, Id be on the front row. Her opponent Democrat Mike Espy is black and given the racist history of public hangings especially in the deep south, the comment was seen as reprehensible.

Meanwhile in Maine where ranked choice voting (RCV) for statewide primary and federal elections was approved twice by the voters, Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin, clearly fearing that his slim lead over Democrat Jared Golden might disappear if the second choice votes of the third and fourth place finishers are taken into account, has sued in federal court to stop the counting process and have him declared winner on the basis of just the first choice vote plurality. The hearing is taking place right now. Id be surprised if the judge issues an injunction to stop the counting process but in the crazy world of American politics, anything can happen. Arbitrarily changing the rules of the game to benefit yourself and your own party seems to be a Republican trademark. If the judge rules against RCV, then youd have to call for another election since the people voted on the basis of RCV and would have voted differently if it were a plurality election.

So the score right now is that in the 100-seat US Senate, Republicans lead 51-47 with the seats in Florida and Mississippi yet undecided but where Republicans have the edge. The outgoing senate had a Republican majority of 51-49. In the 435-seat House of Representatives, Democrats have a 228-198 majority with nine seats yet undecided, and things not looking good for Republicans in the undecided races in California, with even traditionally conservative and Republican Orange County possibly becoming 100% Democratic by the time all the dust settles. In the outgoing House, the Republicans had a 240-195 majority, so it is a really big swing away from the Republicans.

The US has this strange system where it takes about two months for the winners of elections to actually take office. Until that...


Maybe if they gave us profs big raises, wed become more conservative Freethought Blogs

You know how Turning Point USA has a McCarthyite list of academics they dont like, and also publishes the salaries of those faculty? I guess its to make citizens outraged at how much money theyre paying to support radicals in the ivory tower. Just to put it all in perspective, though:

Those football coaches are probably more conservative than the professors, though, so that makes it all OK.

I thought about it some more. Its not going to work. There are 1 million professors in the US. If some filthy rich multibillionaire decided to try and influence us all by sinking a billion dollars into bribing us that would only be $666 each, in a one-time investment in one year.

Suddenly it all makes sense. Far cheaper to buy a few influencers, give them a prop fake university a Prager U or some right wing think tank and get them to spend all their time promoting pseudo-intellectualism to the rubes. In case you were wondering what the Intellectual Dark Web is actually all about.


Will The Rainbow Wave Increase Bisexual Visibility? My Latest for INTO Freethought Blogs

Last Tuesdays midterm election was a watershed moment for many LGBTQ+ people running for office. The winners from the so-called Rainbow Wave include Jared Polis of Colorado, the first gay man elected governor; Sharice Davids, Kansas first Native American and gay congressperson; and Gerri Cannon and Lisa Bunker, two trans women elected to New Hampshires House of Representatives. The midterm election was also favorable to bisexuals such as Katie Hill of California, Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, and Harrie Farrow, who was elected Justice of the Peace for Carroll County, AR. And Kyrsten Sinema just eked out a win for Arizonas open Senate seat.

But will these successes increase bisexual visibility? Even in 2018, bisexual invisibility remains a huge problem among the LGBTQ population, despite bi+ people making up the majority of LGBTQ people. The results of bi invisibility are literally deadly; countless studies show that bi+ people have worse mental health than lesbians and gay men, and are at a high risk of suicide. Will the Rainbow Wave help, even if its just a little bit?

Farrow hopes so. We need more out people to save the bi community from our health and mental health disparities, she says. But ironically, the best ways to get more out people is to have more out people. There has to be a sense that when you come out, you wont be on your own being battered around by a lonely wind totally vulnerable to hate and discrimination; there has to be community and role models to embrace you when biphobes abandon and bully.Just as out and proud gay people shattered stereotypes, the same is desperately needed for bisexuals.

Read the rest...


House Leadership Aims to Stop Debate on US Involvement in Yemen War The Anti-Media

End War in Yemen(ANTIWAR.COM)  On Wednesday, a measure is being advanced at the behest of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) aiming to derail House Continuing Resolution 138, a War Powers Act challenge which would force an end to the US military involvement in the Saudi-led War in Yemen. Under the War Powers Act, any individual lawmaker is intended to []


ACLU Reveals CIA Tested Anxiety Drug as 9/11 Interrogation Tool WhoWhatWhy

When Media Say Working Class, They Dont Necessarily Mean Workers but They Do Mean White (Gerry)

The author writes, If youve seen a piece on the impact of the working class on the midterm elections, it has most likely dealt specifically with working whites. But the media focus distorts the composition of this class, racially and otherwise.

Editorial: Democracy Takes Time Count All Votes (Reader Steve)

The author writes, In determining the results of an election, speed and accuracy are competing imperatives and it shouldnt be much of a competition. Given the importance of reflecting the voters will, why hurry?

The State of Jeffersons Plan for a California Divided (Reader Steve)

The author writes, Almost anywhere you drive through Northern California, youll see green and gold signs, flags and banners heralding the arrival of the State of Jefferson, a separatist movement that nearly succeeded in 1941 and, more recently, has grown like a grass fire in the era of Trump.

Alarm Over Talks to Implant UK Employees with Microchips (Jimmy)

The author writes, Britains biggest employer organisation and main trade union body have sounded the alarm over the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security.

Edward Snowden: Israeli Spyware Was Used to Track and Eventually Kill Jamal Khashoggi (Reader Luke)

The author writes, Snowden, who leaked classified information from the NSA in 2013, and who is currentl...


The normal citizen receives a shock to the system Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

November 14, 2018

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John Q Jones had a nice job, a nice family, a nice house, and a nice yard. Everything was nice.

Then one day, he was walking down the street near his office and a soft explosion went off in his head.

He looked around and saw a young woman sitting in a parked car. She was reading a newspaper. And he realized he was reading her mind.

She was thinking about a vacation, a trip to Alaska, a boat ride, a book, a boyfriend. He was reading her thoughts and the sensation of doing it was exquisite, quite lucid, quite simple.

He was thrilled beyond measure. For a moment, he thought he would take off and fly.

A few hours later, he left work and went to see his psychiatrist.

I have a problem, he said. Today, I read a persons mind. And it was wonderful.

Hmm, the doctor said, I have a diagnosis for that. Paranoid schizophrenia. Possibly Bipolar.

Good, Jones said. I need a diagnosis right away, and drugs.

Im the man with the drugs, the psychiatrist said. Lets start you off with a sedative for sleeping and a bit of Haldol for your psychosis.

Sounds good, Jones said, but what if it doesnt work? What if tomorrow, out of the blue, I read someone elses mind?

Then come back and see me, the psychiatrist said, and Ill up the dosage. Dont worry.

The feeling of wonderful will go away? Jones asked.

Do you want it to? the psychiatrist said.

You bet I do. Its the hook. I could yearn after it, and who knows what I might do then?

Pleasure is a tough one, the psychiatrist said. We pursue it, sometimes to our own detriment. I favor neutrality in all things.

So did I, Jones said, until today. Now I have awhat would you call ita desire. And its scaring me.

Desire is the beginning of all suffering, the psychiatrist said. I read that somewhere.

The worst part, Jones said, is that Im becoming aware of a different space and time.

Dangerous, the psychiatrist agreed. Im a member of a committee formed to look into other spaces and times. Were hoping to draft legislation that outlaws them.

I hope you succeed, Jones said. Suppose I couldnt come back to my nice house and my nice life without feeling odd? That would be terrible. Im a round peg in a round hole and I want to stay that way. You know, we go to church every Sunday. The Church of Statistical Average. The congregation is growing. Its perfect for us. We love it.

I understand, the psychiatrist said.

All this time, he had been reading Jones mind, and Jones had been...


California Apocalypse: Fire and Fury OpEdNews

The path to security is narrowing. Breathe the air, look at your kids, think about being in a crowded public room, and know that the need for meaningful, powerful, and effective citizen action is more immediate than ever. In today's America, random mass murder has merged with ecological devastation.


Morenos Neoliberal Restoration Proceeds In Ecuador PopularResistance.Org

Lenin Moreno won Ecuadors presidency in 2017 by campaigning to continue the economic policies of Rafael Correa (a leftist who was in office from 2007 until 2017) but upon taking office immediately shifted dramatically to the right. Andres Arauz, a former member of Correas economic team whom I interviewed for Counterpunch in May, provides an update on Morenos remarkably cynical Neoliberal Restoration. In addition to the troubling state of Ecuadors economy under Moreno despite increased oil prices that help Ecuador, Aruaz discusses major assaults on the rule of law, looming corporate capture of Ecuadors highest courts (including the role played by some environmentalists in helping it happen) and the fact that candidates in upcoming elections are forced keep alliances with Correa secret to avoid disqualification.


Roses! Freethought Blogs

DavidinOz has treated us to roses today and they are grand. Just look at those crisp petals, that bright colour and all that beautiful light. Why, I can almost smell them. The photos were taken at the Renmark Rose Festival and the busy bee makes them positively perfect. Theyre just the tonic I needed to banish the November blues. Thanks for sharing, David.

David Brindley, all rights reserved

David Brindley, all rights reserved


NEO Trump Trade War hides military industrial agenda Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Jim W. Dean - The growing inability to fight large drawn out conventional wars creates a hair trigger situation for winning with the first knock out blow, before it gets done to you.


Watch Live! California Wildfires: Govt Mismanagement Or Staged Man-Made Disaster? Alternative News Network


Someone must be held responsible for the poor response to the inferno.

The post...


72 percent say media dividing Americans, spreading hate Alternative News Network


Overall, 72 percent said the mainstream media has played a major role in dividing Americans along racial, gender and political lines.

The post 72 percent say media dividing Americans, spreading hate appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Utopia On The Horizon As California Dems Gain Veto-Proof Majority Alternative News Network


California is on the brink of becoming the multicultural utopia we were all promised!

The post Utopia On The Horizon As California Dems Gain Veto-Proof Majority appeared first on A...


California Wildfire Rips Through Nuclear Waste Site, Fueling Concerns of Airborne Radioactive Toxins The Free Thought Project


Environmental activists are voicing their concern that the government is downplaying the effects of the fire on a nuclear waste site that could be spreading radioactive waste.

The post California Wildfire Rips Through Nuclear Waste Site, Fueling Concerns of Airborne Radioactive Toxins appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Israeli Defene Minister Lieberman Resigns, Slams PM for Surrendering to Hamas Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Liebermans resignation comes amid his rumoured disagreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu over the latters push for a ceasefire with Hamas that wrapped up nearly two days of intense shelling and missile attacks from both sides across the Gaza border. Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman stepped down from his position on Wednesday, slamming Prime Minister Netanyahu for surrendering []


This Co-Op Solar Project Will Be Owned By The Community Members It Benefits PopularResistance.Org

In Sunset Park, a waterfront neighborhood in central Brooklyn, nearly 30% of residents live below the poverty line. The neighborhood has dealt with a history of environmental burdens, particularly due to an expressway that runs above one of its main streets. For residents, high energy costs compound the air quality concerns produced by passing traffic and the presence of three nearby fossil fuel plants. A new initiative, though, is working to bring renewable energy to the neighborhoodand following a cooperative ownership model thats helped stabilize energy prices in rural America. Across rural America, its not uncommon for people to own their energy sources.


Aleister Crowley, Lokis Brood & the Fury of Hell pt2 Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Aleister Crowley, Lokis Brood & the Fury of Hell Part 2  By Jack Heart & Orage By the end of WWI, William Butler Yeats knew exactly what was coming. The most famous poem in the Michael Robartes and the Dancer collection is The Second Coming. Yeats begins it: TURNING and turning in the widening gyre   The falcon []


Civil Society Groups Ask Facebook To Provide Method To Appeal Censorship PopularResistance.Org

San FranciscoThe Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and more than 70 human and digital rights groups called on Mark Zuckerberg today to add real transparency and accountability to Facebooks content removal process. Specifically, the groups demand that Facebook clearly explain how much content it removes, both rightly and wrongly, and provide all users with a fair and timely method to appeal removals and get their content back up. While Facebook is under enormousand still mountingpressure to remove material that is truly threatening, without transparency, fairness, and processes to identify and correct mistakes, Facebooks content takedown policies too often backfire and silence the very people that should have their voices heard on the platform.


US Has Gone Rogue Economist Tells RT About SWIFTs Iran Cutoff PopularResistance.Org

In pushing the SWIFT financial messaging system to exclude Iran, the US has gone rogue, economist Steve Keen told RT. SWIFT cut a raft of Iranian banks - including the countrys central bank - off from its system on Monday, having come under pressure from the US to do so. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the move is the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system. Prof. Keen, an economist at Kingston University, told RT that while the global economy is too big to be badly affected by the move, the exclusion of Iran will emphasise the danger of using a single national currency as the means for international payments.


Climate Protesters Glue Hands To UK Government Building PopularResistance.Org

Twenty-two people have been arrested after protesters daubed the windows of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in London and blocked passing traffic in an effort to provoke society into action over climate change. One protester climbed above the revolving doors of the main entrance of the building in Westminster and wrote frack off in black spray paint, and another sprayed the extinction symbol in red on windows facing traffic on Victoria Street. A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, the group that coordinated the demonstration, said their members used spray chalk, which washes off. During the day, protesters superglued themselves to card-entry gates inside the staff entrance to the building, and lay down outside in Victoria Street blocking westbound traffic.


Time For Medicare For All OpEdNews

Most Americans support expanding access to quality, affordable care through Medicare for All. Yet Trump and the Republicans continue to try to gut the Affordable Care Act and take away care from tens of millions. It's time for Medicare for All.


Heres Why the NRA is Silent After Cops Killed a Legally Armed Black Man for Stopping a Mass Shooting The Free Thought Project


The NRA has a history of ignoring citizens who stop mass shootings or are killed for their second amendment rightsespecially if they are black and their killers are the police.

The post Heres Why the NRA is Silent After Cops Killed a Legally Armed Black Man for Stopping a Mass Shooting appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


ASMR for engine nerds Freethought Blogs

There are underwater microphones installed around San Juan Island, and they are streaming live continuously to the internet. Its called OrcaSound, and its supposed to be about hearing whale songs, but Ive been listening for the last hour and all I hear are boat engines. Its soothing, actually: a kind of continuous rumble, with a rhythmic throb. One boat just went by that has a weird syncopated rattle, and it slowly rises as it gets closer and fades as it passes by. And just now a second engine has joined the chorus it sounds like sawing wood. If you like percussion and a good background drone, check it out.

Id probably be startled out of my zen state if a whale started singing.

Also, one has to wonder whether the orcas are fans of all the noise pollution in their neighborhood since the apes started flopping around in their ocean.

Uh-oh. Its getting intense right now. Gotta zone out.


Latest Crazy Leftist Conspiracy Theory: Trump Will Stage Military Coup To Stay In Power Alternative News Network


He would be a president going, Im not leaving. Im not leaving. Call the military....


Syrian War Report November 14, 2018: Turkish-PKK Conflict Escalates Amid Fresh PKK Attacks Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

from SouthFront The Peoples Defense Forces (HPG), a military wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), claimed that it had attacked 6 military bases in the southern Turkish provinces of Hakkari and Sirnak on November 9 and November 10. The HPG stated that 17 Turkish soldiers were killed and 32 others were wounded as a []


The Fight for Americas Survival Begins When the Caravans Arrive Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show



Before the real invasion of the United States commences, there are going to have be 5th column forces who are absolutely dedicated to establishment of LaRazas pipe dream of a taking several states from the United States and creating their own nation.

Perhaps Americas greatest domestic strength lies in taking in immigrants and assimilating them into our country as Americans. However, what Obama wants and is in the midst of doing, is nowhere near what we bargained for as a nation. There are two groups who have repeatedly called for the seizure of several states and make them into an independent country, and these two groups are La Raza and MEChA. The concept of Aztlan has been sanctioned by the UN. This is the same UN that is transporting military grade vehicles within the United States. This,, too, is a violation of our immigration laws, not to mention national security.

These groups have historically taught that Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington State make up an area known as Aztlan, a fictional ancestral homeland of the Aztecs before Europeans arrived in North America.

MEChAs  founding principles are contained in these words in El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan (The Spiritual Plan for Aztlan):

In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal gringo invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny. Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all...


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IndyWatch North American News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Wednesday, 14 November


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman Resigns Following Tel Avivs Humiliation in Gaza 21st Century Wire

What a difference a week makes. The Israeli political establishment is in meltdown following their recent botched Israeli raid and haphazard IDF airstrikes on Gaza. What followed was almost unthinkable a truce and temporary ceasefire was declared between the Israelis and Palestinians. Unable to contain the backlash of Israeli public opinion from war hawks and settlers at home, as well the broad condemnation from the entire international community (except for the US), the political knives are out in search of a scapegoat on which to blame Tel Avivs latest epic failure.

Tel Aviv was desperate for a scalp yesterday as Israeli society descended into chaos following its embarrassing defeat at the hands of Palestinian resistance this week. As a result, Israels far-right ethno-nationalist Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman, tendered his resignation under pressure from the establishment, led by a panicked PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and a clamouring Israeli media who is sensing a public collapse in confidence in the extremist Likud coalition following the IDFs string of misadventure in Gaza.

The militant Liberman slammed the Gaza ceasefire as a capitulation to terror. In a potential snap for Netanyahu and Likud, Libermans far-right party, Yisrael Beiteinu, will also leave the ruling coalition led by Likud. Liberman called the ceasefire a surrender to terror and short-term quiet which will damage the Zionist states long-term security.

However, his resignation indicates that some of the more hawkish voices in Tel Aviv have been sidelined as the Israeli establishment continues to fumble while trying to preserve the last shreds of international credibility for the countrys 70 year illegal endeavor.

Watch as defiant Gaza residents pour into the street to celebrate Libermans hasty exit:

Previously, the openly racist Liberman has called for the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians in order to complete the long-held Israeli Zionist objective of mass land theft of the remaining indigenous Palestinian enclaves of the West Bank and Gaza. Liberman also waged a campaign of violent incitement against Palestinians by calling for those natives who were disloyal to new Israeli ethno-state to...


Robert De Niro Bashes Trump Again: Down With This Motherfer! Alternative News Network


Just two days after playing Robert Mueller again on Saturday Night Live, De Niro zinged the commander-in-chief with more verbal zingers.

  Read More

The post Robert De Niro Bashes Trump...


Acting AG Whitaker: Special Counsel is Required To Investigate Clinton Foundation Alternative News Network


Its very interesting to watch the Clinton camp try to explain away these meetings.



CNN Gets Several Things Wrong In Its Lawsuit Against The White House Alternative News Network


CNN and Jim Acostas lawsuit against the White House, which alleges First and Fifth Amendment violations, contains several factual inaccuracies.

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New Video Provides Proof of Cellular Modems in FL Voting Machines WhoWhatWhy

In the past few days, election integrity activists got up close to the current generation of ES&S voting machines close enough to record video of a digital scanner voting machine sending results wirelessly.

The ability of the machines to communicate with the outside world has generally not been acknowledged by either the manufacturer or election officials. Yet this wireless link is at the heart of concerns that election results could be hacked or manipulated, including attacks that could change vote totals and election results, said Emily Levy, director of communications at the voting transparency group AUDIT-USA.

There is no secure chain of custody for election materials in Broward County or any other county that has modems inside or connected to their election systems.

Almost two decades after its starring role in the 2000 Bush v. Gore Florida voting debacle, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office is still the centerfold for election integrity issues not just in Florida but in the country as a whole.

Back then, much of the controversy swirled around voting machines and punch cards made by the firm ES&S.

John Brakey, director of AUDIT-USA, recorded the wireless transmission of election results from an ES&S DS200 digital scanner voting machine at a Broward County polling place on Election Day.

In the videos, Brakey confirms that modems are installed in the DS200 voting machine and that they operate with a wireless antenna. He observed one as it successfully transmitted the results to the election management system, a program on a central computer at the election department that tabulates the results. Also seen in the video is the poll tape that the machines generate with the tabulated results.

A vulnerability like this means there is no secure chain of custody for election materials in Broward County or any other county that has modems inside or connected to their election systems, Levy said....


School Punishes Male Teacher For Refusing To Watch A Naked Girl In The Boys Locker Room The Federalist

A Florida school district allowed a self-described transgender female student access to the boys' locker room, with no warning to parents. The first time she walked in, she caught 'boys (literally) with their pants down.'


Ilhan Omars Election Shows Democrats Arent Interested In Confronting Anti-Semitism The Federalist

Democratic Party leaders refuse to condemn Ilhan Omar's contention that Israel is a racist regime. Considering their embrace of Women's March leaders, it's no surprise.


Macron Is Picking A Fight With Trump Out Of Empty Arrogance The Federalist

Trump and Macron alternate between clashing with and fawning over one another, because although they are quite different people, they seek similar goals.


There Is No Such Thing As An Unwanted Baby The Federalist

Infertility issues and infant loss plague so many couples who hope to have children. Don't take your child for grantedchoose life.


The Only Way To End Gun Violence Is To Ban Guns Completely The Federalist

Knowing that Americans do not want to give up their right to keep and bear arms, many gun control supporters peddle a soothing lie wrapped in panic.


Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Right To Be Angry About Amazons New HQ The Federalist

The democratic-socialist from the Bronx is right. Amazon shouldn't get billions in tax incentives.


#BigFertility Documentary Exposes 3 Ways Surrogacy Harms Children The Federalist

Embryos are routinely manufactured according to specification -- their genetic makeup is literally chosen from a catalogue.


Disciplined And Loaded With Talent, Homecoming Paves The Way For Podcast Adaptations The Federalist

'Homecoming' proves that the right combination of story, talent, and discipline can become something truly entertaining.


What Happened When I Tried An IQOS And Heat Sticks In Tokyo The Federalist

Tobacco has been a huge commercial success for 500 years. Can IQOS, a new high-tech product, really reduce smoking risks and transform the industry?


Not The Babylon Bee: Christian At UC-Berkeley Harassed, Denounced For Saying There Are Two Sexes The Federalist

Activists are trying to destroy a lone Christian student who dared speak out in favor of a Trump administration proposal to define sex according to biological realities.


Act Now To Save The Free Press Before Its Really, Truly, Desperately Too Late The Federalist

Whether you cover the White House, Big Pharma, or the local water board, its time to hide your belongings and kiss your children. For the gulag surely awaits unless we act now.


Gamers Outraged Over Chicagos New 9 Percent Amusement Tax The Federalist

Only a city as bankrupt as Democrats have made Chicago needs to tax ever last living thing it can possibly find. This time, thats electronic entertainment.


Matt Gaetz: Democrats Are Testing What They Can Get Away With to Steal 2020 Alternative News Network


Gaetz joked, Hell, I still think theyre finding votes of Al Gore down in Broward County.



Convergence part 6: the deepest of deep homologies Freethought Blogs

You are more closely related to a mushroom than a kelp is to a plant. Its strange to think about, but its true. Kelps seem very plant-like, with their root-like holdfasts, stalk-like stipes, and leaf-like blades. But kelps are brown algae, part of the stramenopile (or heterokont) lineage of eukaryotes, which are very distant from the land plants and their green algal relatives, all of which are within the archaeplastida (the direct descendants of the primary origin of chloroplasts). Mushrooms (fungi) and humans (animals), on the other hand, are both opisthokonts, practically cousins at the scale were talking about.

Pawlowski 2013 Fig. 1

Figure 1 from Pawlowski 2013. Deep phylogeny of eukaryotes showing the position of small eukaryotic lineages that branch outside the seven supergroups (modified after Burki et al. 2009; drawings S Chraiti). You are represented by a fish, which at this scale you might as well be.

Molecular clocks estimate the divergence between animals and fungi on the order of a billion years ago, with some estimates ranging as high as 1.5 billion. Estimates for the split between stramenopiles and archaeplastida tend to be about a half billion years older (for example, 1.55 versus 1.96 billion in Hedges et al. 2004, 1.30 versus 1.78 billion in Parfrey et al. 2011). Our minds have a tendency to compress very old timespans, so let me point out that that half billion year difference is about the same amount of time that has passed between the end of the Cambrian and the present. Give or take a few tens of millions of years.

In parts one through five of this series, I refuted the revisionist history some intelligent design advocates have created, in which evolutionary biologists have only recently learned about widespread convergence. I also argued that widespread convergence does not undermine common descent, as some in that community have claimed. This post was going to be about convergence in Volvox, and I promise Ill get to that. I got sidetracked, though, by a new preprint by Alok Arun and colleagues,...


Has it really been twenty years? (Non-fiction) Freethought Blogs

Twenty years ago this month, I was renting a basement room in Bolingbrook, not far from Mayor Roger Claars home. At some point during the evening, I wondered what writing a Weekly World News style tabloid would be like. So I wrote a story, added some HTML tags, and uploaded it to my personal web page. 

Bolingbrook Babbler 1999

Despite what a certain podcaster believes, the Babbler really does date back to the 1990s.

I didnt realize it at the time, but I had written the first story of what would become the Bolingbrook Babbler and the start of the most extended writing project of my life. In the fifteen years Ive actively been publishing, my stories have been praised by a Congressman, Bolingbrook politicians, and residents in the western suburbs.  Being accepted into the Freethought Blogs network was a great honor and a reflection on my stories.

When I started writing the Babbler, two of my interests were secular issues and speaking up about Rogers near-total rule of Bolingbrook.

I became active in the skeptical and atheist movement and gained some notoriety. Some of my heroes at the time, including James Randi, praised my work.  When the great rifts started, I was surprised to learn that many of the people I had admired in the skepticism had views I found abhorrent. I may have lost some readers when I drifted away from the community, but I rediscovered humanism.  Once I was mildly critical of PZ Myers.  Now Im proud to be a part of the network he helped create.   

Roger is still the Mayor of Bolingbrook, but now a member of the opposition party sits on the Village Board, and the Bolingbrook United party will be running a full slate in the April elections.  Bolingbrook residents finally have a choice at the ballot box for local elections.  Over the years, Ive had some friendly meetings with Roger and some tense ones.  Ive also received a couple of midnight emails from him.  I recall looking at my analytics program and realizing that someone from the Village Hall network went through almost every page of the Babbler....


What Is the Strong Towns Strategy? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

I often talk with people who love the Strong Towns message but dont know or understand what we do to share that message, or why we focus on creating quality content over other strategies. Im frequently asked, Why doesnt Strong Towns consult with cities or other organizations? Why dont you have local chapters and do community organizing? Why dont you have lobbyists and pursue changes in public policy?

To answer these questions, lets take a step back and look at Strong Townss theory of change. One model Ive used to describe to people what Strong Towns is trying to accomplish is called the Iceberg Theory of Change. (Note, Ive heard dozens of people use this in different contexts. I dont know whom to credit for this model, but its not me.)

Let me describe the iceberg theory of change in the context of the Strong Towns movement.

  Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 12.56.15 PM.png    Photo by Johnny Sanphillippo

Photo by Johnny Sanphillippo

Level 4: What We See

At the top (i.e. above the water) is what we see of the problem were trying to solve. Our nations approach to growth and development is broken, and as a result we see places that are designed to decline. We see a lack of basic maintenance and crumbling infrastructure, and we see a sharp divide between wealthy and poor neighborhoods. Many of us come to the Strong Towns conversation with an intuition about the development pattern we seemaybe we find it incredibly ugly or isolating, maybe we find it wasteful and environmentally unsustainable, or maybe we intuitively recognize that all those strip malls are a financial disaster in waiting. This is what we see when we look at the built enviro...


Century-Old West Virginia Leases Yield Paltry Gas Royalties. A Suit Could Cut Others Payouts to a Trickle, Too. Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Linda Stimmell gets upset every time EQT Corp.s checks arrive in the mail. The energy giant extracts natural gas from beneath the Stimmell familys old farm in Doddridge County, West Virginia, under the terms of a lease signed when Teddy Roosevelt was president.

The royalty checks Stimmell receives from two Bates Wells, named for her great-great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Bates, amount to just $9 and $3 each quarter.

The lease Bates signed more than a century ago with Carnegie Natural Gas Co. of Pittsburgh allowed legendary industrialist Andrew Carnegies company to drill for, produce and sell as much natural gas as Carnegie wanted. In exchange, Bates got a flat fee of $300 a year per well.

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Because of that deal, Stimmell and the many other Bates descendants who have since inherited the gas and that 112-year-old lease have received tens of thousands of dollars less than they would have if the contract were negotiated today.

Theyve paid pennies, compared to what they are making, Stimmell said. Its ridiculous.

Its not clear how many West Virginians are stuck with old leases that pay residents a fraction of what they might otherwise get. Observers guess its in the thousands. But what is clear is that thousand...

Oregon Board Says Those Found Criminally Insane Rarely Commit New Crimes. The Numbers Say Otherwise. Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

About 35 percent of people found criminally insane in Oregon and then let out of supervised psychiatric treatment were charged with new crimes within three years of being freed by state officials, according to a comprehensive new analysis by ProPublica and the Malheur Enterprise.

The analysis and interviews show that Oregon releases people found not guilty by reason of insanity from supervision and treatment more quickly than nearly every other state in the nation. The speed at which the state releases the criminally insane from custody is driven by both Oregons unique-in-the-nation law and state officials expansive interpretation of applicable federal court rulings.

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In Oregon, those decisions are made by the Psychiatric Security Review Board. The five-member panel of mental health and probation experts has custody of defendants found not guilty by reason of insanity and oversees their treatment.

Between Jan....

What Oregon Officials Knew and When They Knew It Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

The top of the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Boards website boasts of its success in reforming people acquitted of crimes because of a mental disorder: With public safety as its primary focus, the Board has an exceptional record of reintegrating clients into the community with a 6 year average 0.46% adult recidivism rate.

In fact, a review of public records shows that the board has known that its record with clients after they are released is far less impressive. The 0.46 percent rate of recidivism refers only to people still in the boards custody.

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Board members have said it is not their duty to track what happens to people they set free.

While any recidivism by any former client is concerning, our agencys responsibility is to the clients under our jurisdiction, board officials said in a statement on Oct. 5, 2018.

But in private, board members and staff pushed to study recidivism and found far higher rates among people the board releases. This timeline traces what board officials knew about a crucial issue of public safety and when they knew it.

September 2015

On Sept. 30, the board unanimously voted to free Charles Longjaw, despite warnings...

How We Analyzed the Outcomes of Those Freed by Oregons Psychiatric Security Review Board Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Studies of the criminal justice system rarely consider what happens after insanity defendants are freed. In Oregon, that has meant state leaders have had no objective measure of the states approach, which places more people into community treatment and frees them from state supervision more quickly than other states.

The Malheur Enterprise and ProPublica calculated outcomes by reviewing public records collected from the Psychiatric Security Review Board, courts and state agencies. The analysis is among a handful of recidivism studies of insanity defendants, experts said.

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Reporters searched available electronic court records for all 334 people freed by the review board from 2008-17. Because digital court records in Oregon are incomplete before 2016 and because not all states were searchable online, the analysis likely understates the number of new crimes committed.

Peoples identities were confirmed by birthdate or matching the original in...


Bonds Not Ballots It's Going Down

The post Bonds Not Ballots appeared first on It's Going Down.

As another election year spectacle has come and gone, and as we inch closer to irreversible, cataclysmic shifts in our climate, we are reminded that our hope is in each other, in relationships of mutual support that bind us to each other.

Many of us have very differing opinions about engaging with electoral democracy and its (f)utility, but we find common ground in voting everyday with our bodies, putting our whole weight towards our dreams and desires, rather than merely one strip of paper or button on one day. In Florida, as another proto-fascist (DeSantis) ascends to power, we continue to plant the seeds that we know can take root and bring the fortress down.

These seeds look small: cleaning supplies, baby items, rides, medical care and companionship for a birthing immigrant mother and her family; diabetes care, paying for prescriptions, tree-cutting, supplies, and assistance finding a temporary shelter for an extended family that knows what it means to weather a storm; tarping roofs, clearing debris, checking on pri...


This Is America #40: We Never Even Left the Streets It's Going Down

The post This Is America #40: We Never Even Left the Streets appeared first on It's Going Down.

Welcome, to This Is America, November 13th, 2018.

The midterms have come and gone, and already the Democrats have signaled their desire to work with Trump while even the most progressive sections of the DNC have announced that they have given up their promise of fighting to Abolish ICE, while Nancy Pelosi has stated that her single goal is to protect Obamacare.

Meanwhile, despite the eyes of the mainstream media being wrapped up in the dumpster fire of the Trump administration and cooing sweetly over the lukewarm success of the blue wave, autonomous social movements are still in the thick of it opposing the far-Right, fighting pipelines, and organizing in their communities in the face of drastic climate change, impending economic collapse, and creeping fascism.

Just this weekend, we saw #OutLiveThem mobilizations and actions take place in New York, North Carolina, and beyond, as well as an antifascist counter-demonstrations in Little Rock, Arkansas, Fruita, Colorado, Tucson, Arizona, and in Toronto and Calgary.

In this episode we were lucky enough to catch up with antifascists involved in the #OutLiveThem mobilization in New York, where we talk about how anti-capitalists are mobilizing within Jewish and Muslim communities to combat Trumpism and the far-Right, as well as someone involved in the Indigenous Anarchist Federation (IAF), about the counter-mobilization in Tucson, Arizona, where we discuss the far-Right post-midterms, as well as the various caravans coming from Mexico. We end by talking to someone with Rose City Antifa about a mass antifascist mobilization against Patriot Prayer in Portland this Saturday.

But first, lets get to some headlines!

Trump That Regime

Republican operative and InfoWars contributor Roger Stone has sent members of the far-Right gang the Proud Boys to Florida in an effort to harass largely members of the black community who are protesting the outcome of the recent election while dem...


An Emoluments Suit Against Trump Is Moving Ahead. We Spoke to a Plaintiff About Whats Next. Trump, Inc. Podcast Extra Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Theres lots of talk about congressional investigations of the Trump administration that may be coming. Meanwhile, there is already a push to pull back the veil on the presidents conflicts. And its making progress.

This month, a federal judge ruled that Maryland and Washington, D.C., can move ahead with a lawsuit claiming the president has violated the Constitutions Emoluments Clause, which bars presidents from accepting payments from foreign and state governments without congressional approval. That means the president may soon have to turn over all sorts of documents related to his businesses.

We spoke about the case with one of the lawyers behind it, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine.

Racine explains that the Emoluments Clause is the countrys first anticorruption law. The framers created it to ensure that a president the United States as well as other federal officers would be loyal to the interest of the United States, not to their purses or to their pocketbooks.

Listen to the Episode

The Department of Justice has fought the case, disputing that the president is violating the Emoluments Clause. This case, which should have been dismissed, presents important questions that warrant immediate appellate review, a department spokesman said after the judges order.

Racine also talked with us about what exact documents theyre hoping to get, and the time a Republican Congress investigated whether another president was receiving emoluments. (He wasnt.)

Listen to the whole episode.

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Sammamish, WA: GAB Hosts Neighborhood Flyered By Antifascists It's Going Down

The post Sammamish, WA: GAB Hosts Neighborhood Flyered By Antifascists appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following anonymous report was originally posted to Puget Sound Anarchists.

Earlier this weekend we paid a visit to the neighborhood of Robert Monster, head of, the company that recently decided to pick up hosting for GAB. For those who dont know, Gab is a favored platform for white supremacists, white nationalists, unaffiliated racists, and a general fascist milieu. You can find the likes of Patrick Little and Jack Corbin regularly spewing vile hate speech, attacking marginalized groups and doxxing antifascists.

Gab lost its domain when it was found that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter was a regular user of its services. Then in steps Rob Monster, the uber-wealthy white man giving praise to Gabs founder and offering to host the failing company. He brought a platform for hate not only back into the media spotlight but back from economic ruin and he should be held accountable.

People like Monster should not be able to move through the world unknown, their complicity in white supremacy must be made known. So we anonymously distributed flyers to his Sammamish, WA neighborhood that gave exam...


Los Angeles, CA: RAM San Bernadino Protests Turkish Airlines It's Going Down

The post Los Angeles, CA: RAM San Bernadino Protests Turkish Airlines appeared first on It's Going Down.

On Sunday November 4th a group of organizers gathered at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to protest and create awareness of the atrocities perpetrated by Erdogans fascist Turkish state on Rojava/Northern Syria.

Kurdish organizers, former combatants of the Rojava revolution, and members of the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement of Inland Empire, participated in the demonstration.

The organizers set up banners at one of the entrances of the airport near the Turkish airline booth and passed out fliers that informed passengers the reasons for protesting; the flier also outlined various ways for people to help and stand in solidarity with the revolution in Rojava. Itcalled for a boycott of Turkish Airlines and to not vacation in Turkey. In addition, the organizers were demanding the release of political prisoner Abdullah Ocalan; Ocalan also known as Apo has been unjustly imprisoned since 1999. As members of RAM it is important to speak out against the imprisonment of political organizers, not only here in the US, but also abroad. There were many curious passersby that were supportive and took fliers, but there was a group of LAX workers that engaged the organizer and wanted to learn more about the struggle in Rojava.

After the workers chatted with the organizers, they left with a handful of fliers that the workers were going to distribute to their other co-workers. The protest did catch the attention of the airport police department; some of the organizers did mention that the police had approached them at previous demonstrations, but that they had not seen so many police nor had they seen Homeland Security Police approach them before. The police presence was unnecessary, but these overreactions by police departments are a common occurrence and strategic response by the police state. Overall the protest achieved its goal to inform people about an often misunderstood and not very well-known struggle.



Recap: #StandWithMashpee march for the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Indianz.Com News

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is fighting to protect its reservation in Massachusetts.


Clara Caufield: Another Northern Cheyenne warrior passes on Indianz.Com News

Tim Lame Woman, whose Cheyenne name was Night Bear, dedicated his life to his people.


Native Sun News Today: Lakota activists stall uranium mining hearing Indianz.Com News

Leaders and citizens of the Oglala Sioux Tribe are protesting uranium development on their homelands.


The nine ways fluoride is harming your brain Alternative News Network


(Natural News) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calls the fluoridation of water one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Nonetheless, even though fluoride occurs natu...


Scientists: Taking EPA and DHA omega-3s reduces your risk of cardiac death Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce your risk of heart disease even if the mainstream media is trying to say otherwise. While Big Pharma is trying to get everyone under the s...


Breaking: Leaked Documents Show Mueller Investigation Found No Russian Collusion Alternative News Network


Mueller now desperately trying to find someone to indict for perjury to save face

The post...


Cronkite News: A 'purple' Arizona? Democrat wins key Senate race Indianz.Com News

Political pundits credit Democrat Kyrsten Sinema for appealing to moderate and independent voters in her successful run for U.S. Senate.


25+ Celebrities Who Found Themselves On The Wrong Side of the Law True Activist

Source: True Activist

Not all celebrities that we idolize and look up to are the model citizens that we expect them to be. Some of these amazing individuals who excel in various fields may be gifted athletes, actors or musicians but none of those gifts make them immune from making mistakes. The brightest of stars can fall from the sky too, and when they do, the craters of intrigue that they create go much deeper than others.

Here are 30 Celebrities Who Found Themselves on the Wrong Side of the Law.


Gaza Needs International Intervention to Prevent Another Israeli Military Offensive The Anti-Media

Gaza Israeli Offensive(MEMO Op-ed)  Since the end of Israels 2014 military offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza, which lasted 51 days, the besieged coastal territory has been the scene of endless armed incursions. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed, injured or maimed when a truce is supposed to be in place. Endless efforts mediated by regional countries have tried []


The Inspiring Life and Career of Devah Pager The Marshall Project

An appreciation of the Harvard sociologist who meticulously documented racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.


Drop in Credit Card Spending Hits Economy Alternative News Network


Consumer debt figures include credit card debt, student loans, auto loans

The post Drop in Credit Card Spending Hits Economy appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Good Samaritan Helps Woman In Wheel Chair Get Safely Home True Activist

Photo source:

It was a hard-knock life for Belinda Whitaker from the very beginning. She had parents that loved her, true, but she also suffered from polio at a very young age. This incurable disease left her unable to walk. Kids often enjoyed a big portion of their childhood playing outdoors, running around with bare feet as they climbed trees and played hide-and-seek. While Belinda wanted to do all that, she just couldnt, of course. Still, she made do with what she had.


VIDEO: Ohio State Protesters Chant John McCains Dead Outside Ben Shapiro Lecture The Federalist

Anti-Ben Shapiro protesters rolled out some unsavory chants at Ohio State on Tuesday.


Thats me Freethought Blogs

I sent the following cartoon to my daughters because this exactly describes the kind of thing I would do to them.


UK Corporations Preparing To Introduce Mandatory Microchips For Employees Sheep Media

Plans unveil to microchip hundreds of thousands of UK employees at major companies with Mark of the Beast Technology

Large British companies will be introducing implant microchips to their employees so they can not only spy on them, but also restrict them from accessing sensitive information within these corporations. 

Biohax, a Swedish company is in talks with a number of huge UK legal and financial firms to implant all their staff with these devices.

The chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, uses near-field communication readable at a compatible terminal, similar to how a card reader might work. Biohax said the devices have been tested for decades and cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Blaze reports:

These companies have sensitive documents they are dealing with, Jowan Osterlund, the founder of Biohax and a former professional body piercer, told the news outlet. [The chips] would allow them to set restrictions for whoever.

A syringe is used to place the chip in an area between the thumb and forefinger, according to the report. Osterlund said the procedure is similar to ear piercing and takes about two seconds. The microchips operate via near field communication technology, similar to what is used by no-contact bank cards.

In a company with 200,000 employees, you can offer this as an opt-in, Osterlund told the Telegraph.

Biohax teamed up with Wisconsin-based Three Square Market in 2017. The company became the first to offer microchips for free and about 50 signed up for the trial, according to the report.

In addition to controlling access to restricted areas, the microchips are billed as way for employees to speed up tasks such as accessing company printers or buying food from the company cafeteria.

Osterlund claims interest in the devices is so strong that he plans to open an office in London next year.

In Switzerland, an estimated 4,000 people...


Red Flag Gun Laws: Yet Another Government Weapon for Compliance and Control OpEdNews

Mark my words: red flag gun laws, which allow the police to remove guns from people suspected of being threats, will only add to the government's power. These laws are a stealth maneuver by the police state to gain greater power over an unsuspecting and largely gullible populace.


Talkin' Jim Acosta Hard Pass Blues: Is White House Press Access a Constitutional Right? OpEdNews

The First Amendment protects not only a free press but freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of peaceable assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances. Does this mean that anyone who wants to report, speak, pray or just have a non-violent political get-together must be allowed to do so at the White House, on demand?


A House Strategy for Retaking the White House OpEdNews

The Blue Wave has crested and left Democrats with control of the House. Can they use this win to dislodge Trump from the White House in 2020?


Saudis assassination plotsmaniac Bin Salman dooms Saudi royals Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Press TV interview with Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett Irans Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, says Tehran had credible information about Saudi Arabias plots to assassinate senior Iranian officials including Major-General Qassem Soleymani. Zarif was commenting on a New York Times report that Riyadh had contracted private companies to carry out the operations. He cited []


Democrats seek agreements with Trump administration OpEdNews

None of the Democratic congressional leaders and House members who took to the airwaves on the Sunday television network interview programs said a word about the defense of immigrants or condemned Trump for his vicious, race-baiting attacks on the Central American refugees and his claim that he has the power to gut an amendment to the US Constitution by executive order.


Amazon Echo Home Recordings At Center Of Murder Trial As Judge Orders Data Release Activist Post

By Nicholas West A new type of court case has been slowly but steadily emerging within the American legal system: alleged crimes being detected from...


New Movement Arises To Force Action On Climate Change PopularResistance.Org

The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a conservative body, estimates that humans have twelve years to take effective action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Given the lack of response by most governments to do what is necessary, a new movement has arisen in the United Kingdom targeting the House of Parliament to force significant policy changes. Called the Extinction Rebellion, this movement needs to go global. We spoke with Marijn Van de Geer about what the Extinction Rebellion is doing, their model of change and how to get involved.


Red Flag Gun Laws: Yet Another Government Weapon for Compliance and Control Activist Post

By John W. Whitehead Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.George Santayana We never learn. In the right (or wrong) hands,...



Leader of Frances angry police Found Dead Amid Troubling Pattern of Officer Suicides Alternative News Network


Led group that raised awareness about violence against French officers.

The post...



Top 3 Reasons Trump Could NOT visit the Military Cemetery in France Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

What's the real reason he did NOT go to honor fallen soldiers at the French cemetery? Here is the top 3 reasons.


The Best Way to Get Voters to Vote OpEdNews

Kemp and his vote-stifling cohorts are upending the goal of a representative democracy. In a democratic republic, voters choose their representatives -- not the other way around. Republicans are defiling America's promise of self-governance by erecting obstacles to the ballot. To be great, America must clear the path to the polls, perhaps even mandating voting like Australia. There, turnout is more than 90 percent.


John Oliver on the past weeks news Freethought Blogs

It was pretty funny. If you cant see the embedded video, go here.


Top Chicago Alderman Adds to Growing Momentum for Ticket and Debt Reform Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

Chicagos most powerful alderman on Tuesday joined the growing chorus of leaders calling for reforms to the citys ticketing and debt collection, introducing a measure to substantially limit the decades-old practice of seeking drivers license suspensions over unpaid tickets.

The proposal from Finance Committee Chairman Ed Burke would require the city to take into account motorists income before taking away their driving privileges and create more affordable payment plans for them.

Burkes proposal was the latest in a series of reforms that aim to respond to growing public pressure over the way Chicago punishes motorists who cant afford to pay tickets.

The impact of license suspensions truly hurts lower-income residents the hardest because of an inability they have to pay these steep ticket fines, Burke, who represents the 14th Ward on the citys Southwest Side, told the Finance Committee. For many motorists, the loss of the privilege to drive equates to higher unemployment, and in worst-case scenarios, Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings become necessary in order to protect licenses and vehicles required to get to work.

ProPublica Illinois has been reporting all year including more recently in collaboration with WBEZ on how unpaid tickets send thousands of mostly black Chicagoans into bankruptcy, a phenomenon seen nowhere else in the country. Bankruptcy gives motorists whose licenses have been suspended because of ticket debt the ability to get them back, in addition to other legal protections.

Chicago Alderman Ed Burke is the Chairman of the City Council Committee on Finance. (M. Spencer Green/AP)

State law allows municipalities to seek license suspensions after drivers have racked up 10 unpaid parking tickets, or five unpaid tickets from red-light or speed cameras. Black motorists from Chicagos South and West sides bore the brunt of the more than 21,000 license suspensions issued across the state last year,...


Support MDOC Whistleblower Todd Wentworth It's Going Down

The post Support MDOC Whistleblower Todd Wentworth appeared first on It's Going Down.

Call to support Michigan prisoner Todd Wentworth who is being targeted for being a whistle blower.

Last summer at Alger County Correctional Facility a queer black prisoner named Rodriguez Montez Burks was being harassed and threatened by a homophobic cellmate. Burks repeatedly asked to be moved to a different cell but the guards refused Burks request for safety. Burks cellmate finally snapped and killed Burks explicitly because of Burks sexuality.

Todd Wentworth with his son

We know the details of the guards role in this murder because of a prisoner who witnessed the incident and was willing to speak to the media. That man is named Todd Wentworth, and he has faced brutal and persistent retaliation because of his brave decision to speak up against the corruption and violence in the MDOC. Todd has also enabled and testified in...



A federal court rebukes Brian Kemp'selection management -- giving a lifeline to Stacey Abrams as she battles On OpEdNews

Two just-issued federal court rulings will mean potentially thousands of additional votes will be counted in Georgia's hotly contested elections, possibly affecting the outcomes of races ranging from the high-profile governor's race to seats for state legislature.


Pelosi Office & Hallway Taken Over By Calls For A Green New Deal PopularResistance.Org

Climate Justice activists organized by the Sunrise Movement held a sit-in in Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office calling for a Green New Deal and filled the hallway outside of her office. The hallway echoed with chants and speeches by activists calling for action to confront the climate crisis. They are demanding House Democrats: Champion a Green New Deal that would create millions of good jobs to transform society over the next decade to stop climate change; Mandate that any Democrat in leadership must take the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, and reject campaign contributions from fossil fuel executives and lobbyists, and prioritize the health of people and planet over industry profits.


Hackers Work With MSM to Take Down Infowars Alternative News Network


Alex Jones preliminary statement on potential hack of Infowars store

  Read More

The post Hackers Work With MSM to Take Down Infowars appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Future nuclear starship is shown in Russia Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Pravda: Recall that, starting in 2010, a transport and energy module is being created in Russia on the basis of the megawatt-class nuclear power plant. In particular, above the nuclear engine itself is building the Center for them. Keldysh and enterprises of the corporation Rosatom. The very use of YARD in space is being studied by the Arsenal []


Trump-Appointed Regulator Indicted in Alabama on Ethics Violations Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Sputnik/Moscow: A grand jury in Alabama has indicted the Environmental Protection Agencys southeast regional director for violating state ethics laws, according to local media reports. EPA regional administrator Trey Glenn, appointed in 2017 by US President Donald Trump, and a former Alabama Environmental Management Commissioner were indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on Monday for several legal violations. The []



United Nations Agenda 21, Smart Meters & Reduced Population Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Whats going on in California?  Why is California burning?  TV stations are reporting about the weather anomalies people now realize have...


Rep. Mike Gallagher Has Some Ideas On How To Save Congress The Federalist

Congressman Mike Gallagher joins Federalist Radio to discuss healthcare, Veterans, process reforms, and Green Bay football.


Everyone Is Wrong About The Jim Acosta, White House Battle The Federalist

Jim Acosta's behavior doesn't just damage his own reputation, it hurts CNN's and the entire journalism profession. The White House should avoid turning him into a martyr.


A "Civil War" Lesson for the Uneducated OpEdNews

When the Southern states seceded, they were concerned to do so legally or constitutionally under the Constitution so that the North could not legally claim that it was an act of rebellion and invade the Southern states. To make this case, the South needed to make a case that the North had broken the Constitutional contract and that the South was seceding because the North had not kept to the Constitution.


How Do You Get Your Community to Care About the Budget? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Mitch Foster is a Strong Towns member who serves as the Village Administrator of Winneconne, Wisconsin (pronounced Win-Knee-Con-Knee). Fosters thinking on how cities should address their finances has been profoundly shaped by the Strong Towns message, but so has something else: his view of what role the public ought to play in that conversation.

Its no secret to anyone familiar with local government public engagement that much of it is broken. Too often, we ask the wrong people the wrong questions, which dont align with their insights and expertise, and leave everyone frustrated when the resulting inputpredictablyisnt used.

But how to get the public really talking about something as important and yet seemingly arcane as a municipal budget? To Foster, the answer was to speak the native language of his state of Wisconsin: beer.

Fosters account of a Budgets and Beers workshop he recently hosted is an inspiring example of how Strong Towns members are out there changing the conversation in their own communities.

And were glad to know that we provided an assist: Fosters workshop was inspired, in part, by an article we posted on Strong Towns about how to do public engagement better.

Want to be a part of this wave of grassroots change? Want more resources like the above article to help you along in that journey? Join our movement today. No beer required (unless thats your thing).

Join the Movement

I first read one of Chuck Marohns musings on the American experiment in suburban growth during what must have been my first year of grad school at the University of Nevada, Reno. I was a 22-year-old hoping to get my footing in a older professional-focused Master of Public Administration program surrounded by 30 and 40-somethings. I felt like I was missing something as I was taught that the strongest cities were those creating fancy business parks and subdivisions in farm fields. All of us believed that was the best practice. However, as I continued to read the writings of Strong Towns as well as other thinkers like Nassim Taleb, Bent Flyvbjerg and Robert Putnam, my mental paradigm shifted toward something completely different.

When I started my first post as a municipal manager I implemented strategies using small, incremental, and neighborhood-based methods. I tried the classic hit rev...


Use horticultural vinegar as a natural herbicide Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Weeds are a home gardeners nightmare. There are many ways to eliminate pesky weeds, from old-school hand-pulling...


5 Reasons why ashwagandha is an amazing healing herb Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is often described as the king of Ayurvedic herbs, and for good reason. This medicinal herb can provide the body with a lot of benefits. Some examples include lowering blood sugar levels, improving brain function, reducing inflammation, and even preventing anxiety and depression. Many people consider i...


This Cameroonian medicinal plant can keep your liver healthy and prevent acute hepatitis Alternative News Network


(Natural News) A study published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine offers a new insight into how traditional medicine uses plants to full effect, especially in preventing certain conditions. In particular, researchers from the Universi...


Caught Red-Handed: The Truth About The Doctored Acosta Video Alternative News Network


Watch MSM & late night comedy collude to run cover for CNNs Jim Acosta and frame Infowars.

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Amazon Follows The Money To The Swamp Alternative News Network


Top three wealthiest counties in America, and 7 of top 12, are within commuting distance of the U.S. Capitol

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Jacks Walk Freethought Blogs

Today you get voyagers walk without Jack. I was in Toronto over the weekend to visit a friend so I thought Id share some shots of Front Street. Everywhere you look the city is gearing up for all that mindless and debt-inducing Christmas shopping and this year it looks like Union Station is going all out Lego. So far theyve placed 3 giant Legos in the square along with a totally Lego fireplace complete with Lego stockings hung with care. The large white board is also going to be all Lego and it has mind-numbingly small numbers. Lots of numbers, each one waiting for an individual normal size Lego block. It must take a crew of several people days to put it all together. Ill ask my friend to send me photos of the finished project and I promise to share.

Front Street, looking east, voyager, all rights reserved

Front Street, looking west with the CN Tower in the background. This is how the square looked when I arrived. voyager, all rights reserved

Monument to Multiculturalism, one of my favourite sculptures, voyager, all rights reserved


Monument to Multiculturalism, voyager, all rights reserved


UK Firms Plan To MICROCHIP Employees With Old School BIOTECH To Improve Security Latest blog

Microchipping humans with chips the size of a grain of rice is ancient technology that is now being accepted on the mainstream level. In 2002 the Jacob family became the first known family to inject the chip in the wake of 911 for the purposes of having more security. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth points out how this is old technology and that there does exist today the ability to do similar injections on a molecular level which plays into the Transhumanist movement where mankind hopes to merge man and machine with the ultimate goal of eventually become like gods.


Going Forward Pt #2: Capitalist Legitimacy and Growing Populisms It's Going Down

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This is the second part of a three-part essay by longtime Three Way Fight contributor Don Hamerquist. In Part 1, Hamerquist argued that transnational capital is seeking renewed foundation of mass legitimacy and popular acquiescence, and that this quest is shaped by its conflict with both left-wing and right-wing populist movements in many countries. In Part 2 (below), Hamerquist criticizes widespread leftist tendencies to see fascism, right-wing populist movements, and capitalist interests as all aligned together, and to divide capital into good and bad sectors.

He argues instead that transnational capitalists are strategically hostile to both left-wing and right-wing populisms, that all of capitalism (including its more liberal elements) tends toward repression, and that fascism is best understood as an array of emerging reactionary anti-capitalisms a right-wing revolutionary tendency that is real but distinct from reformist right-wing populisms. In Part 3, Hamerquist will address the danger of a new popular front that corrals leftists into supporting capitalism in the name of defending democracy.

The anti-capitalist left must provide significantly better answers than a left-populist New New Deal. For the most part, I dont think it does. Consider these examples of left responses to the current political circumstances. I think they illustrate a number of underlying problems and confusions and highlight some debatable conceptions of contemporary capitalism and fascism. (I realize these cites may not adequately reflect the politics of those who are cited. Any emphasis indicated is my responsibility.)

First, are two recent excerpts from Ajamu Baraka: I believe he is associated with Black Agenda Report and the Green Party (past vice presidential candidate).

The capitalist elite understand that they are facing new and dangerous conditions. That is why despite the intense struggle that is going on within their ranks, they will close ranks using Russia-gate to limit the range of information and analysis available to the public. It is why they will also close ranks on the left tendency in the democrat party and by extension against left electoral expressions and formations in general. The democrat party bosses already demonstrated that they would rather lose than concede any institutional power to their left pole.

Ajamu Baraka,...


Community Activist Makes Veterans Her Priority Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Community Activist Makes Veterans Day Her Yearly Mission There are 18.2 million veterans in the United States of America, 1.7 million of whom that do not have health coverage. In 2017, 1.4 million veterans reported having a service related disability. These staggering numbers make the need for easily accessible healthcare services more important than ever. []


Saudi Crown Prince Tried to Persuade Netanyahu to Go to War in Gaza: Report The Anti-Media

Saudi Crown Prince NetanyahuWar was among scenarios suggested by damage-limitation task force established to advise Saudi crown prince in aftermath of Khashoggi killing. (MEE)  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attempted to persuade Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to start a conflict with Hamas in Gaza as part of a plan to divert attention from the killing of journalist []


Hundreds Missing in Most Deadly and Destructive Wildfire in California History UNICORN RIOT

Butte County, CA Dozens have died and hundreds are missing in the most deadly and destructive wildfire in Californias history. Unicorn Riot is in the evacuation zone documenting the unfolding disaster. The fire started five days ago on Camp Creek Road and has been

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Is United States Breaking International Law? Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich MSNBC news media panel members were stunned speechless by a talking head professor from Columbia University, Jeffrey Sacks, spilling the beans...


Goodbye HAL, you were wonderful Freethought Blogs

Anyone who has watched the film 2001: A Space Odyssey will never forget the voice of HAL 9000, the computer that was the real star of that film. Douglas Rain, the Shakespearean actor who provided the voice, died on November 11 at the age of 90. That somber, flat, atonal, imperturbable voice, concerned and yet somehow menacing, is etched in the memory and I can recall it easily and immediately. For those who cannot, here is one key scene. (Keir Dulleas performance is often overlooked. He deserves a lot of credit for his reaction shots to a disembodied voice.)

Xeni Jardin recounts how the voice came about at a time when people realized that computer-generated voices would be the future but did not know what it would sound like.

Initially, director Stanly Kubrick got actor Martin Balsam to play HAL and went through extensive recording sessions with him.

Then the director changed his mind. We had some difficulty deciding exactly what HAL should sound like, and Marty just sounded a little bit too colloquially American, Kubrick said in the 1969 interview. Mr. Rain recalls Kubrick telling him, Im having trouble with what Ive got in the can. Would you play the computer?

Kubrick had heard Mr. Rains voice in the 1960 documentary Universe, a film he watched at least 95 times, according to the actor. I think hes perfect, Kubrick wrote to a colleague in a letter preserved in the directors archive. The voice is neither patronizing, nor is it intimidating, nor is it pompous, overly dramatic or actorish. Despite this, it is interesting.

Kubriks faith in Rains is shown by how little direction he needed to give him.

A transcript of the 2001 voice recording session in the Stanley Kubrick archives at the University of the Arts, London shows that Kubrick didnt give much direction to Rain, just a few brief notes like this:
Sound a little more like its a peculiar request.
A little more concerned.
Just try it closer and more depressed.

One of the most memorable performances in film.


North Carolinas Progressive Razorwire Plantations: A Report from a Prison Strike Leader It's Going Down

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Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) shares this insight from an incarcerated prison strike leader.

Revolutionary greetings.

I hope these words find all my komrades in support of the August 21st prison strike courageously strong and defiant. In response to our prison strike here in NC, North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) put out a three-paragraph statement, which contained a bunch of frivolous words. But one that caught my attention the most was Progressive (NC is one of the most progressive states in the nation concerning prisoner rehabilitation) LOL

Komrades lets look at the definition of progressive: 1. moving toward, advancing 2. open to or favoring new policies or methods 3. tending to spread or become more severe (the American Heritage dictionary 4th edition)

Now if the (NCDPS) hierarchy was referring to the latter definition, then komrades we all could agree with them right? But any conscious person knows that the totalitarian sadist that rules with a iron fist would never blatantly admit that the spreading of their totalitarianism is severe. So we will agree that it was the former two definitions that was used in the (NCDPS)  response to the August 21st prison strike. Moving forward, advancing. If this form of progression was being made, it would be noticeable to those of us immured within These razorwire plantations. There isnt no form of progression being made towards the rehabilitation of the prison commune.

how does long-stints of solitary confinement rehabilitate a person? If you are resilient, strong of mind and body, then the harsh conditions of long-term confinement may not cause one to break. But there are many who broke mentally because of the strain put on ones mental health, theres the inevitable depression, social disorder derived from long-term confinement in these razrwire plantations deepest and darkest holes.

I witness it daily with those around me, many komrades become mentally ill and become depended on psychiatric medications that kills the consciousness to a point they become less responsive to the daily oppression. Its easier for the overseers to control a prisoner sedated by one of the many experimental psychiatric medications given to prisoners. The overseers are conscious that this tactic is very effective.

The most common mental health disorder is schizophrenia, this is a psychiatric illness marked by psychosis, including hallucinations, delusions and disorganized thoughts. This illness causes many prisoners to deny their provi...


One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four How About GMO Potatoes No More Activist Post

By Catherine J. Frompovich Whats the main selling point of the GMO potato? Its flesh stays white and doesnt oxidize when cut. It doesnt turn green,...


Philadelphia, PA: November Issue of Anathema It's Going Down

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Long running anarchist publication from Philadelphia returns with its November issue and slick new cover design.

Greetings from Philadelphia.

Volume 4 Issue 10 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 4 Issue 10 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • The Plague Of Western Chauvinism
  • Vaughn 17 Trials
  • Anti-Colonial October
  • What Forest Remains
  • What Is Attack?
  • What Went Down
  • Notice On Police Cars
  • Poem: Coup Des Lumires by C.M. Wode
  • An Invitation To Desertion
  • World News
  • What Did You Do Instead Of Voting?


Stan Lee Showed The World That Superheroes Arent Only For Comic Books The Federalist

While the characters he co-created will go down as his big contribution, Stan Lee should gain the most credit for being the greatest advocate of comics.


"Progressives" Rally to Protect Mueller; Prefer to Wait for Godot OpEdNews

"Hope springs eternal." As MoveOn and other Democratic Party oriented organizations orchestrate preemptive demonstrations to protect Saint Robert Mueller and his endless investigation, it seems only fair to ask how much more time they think he needs. Is it not time to wind things up?


Russian Imperialism: Nationalism Disguised As Socialism Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

By Nauman Sadiq, VT Islamabad Many neoliberals are under the impression that communism failed due to wasteful economic policies adopted by the former Soviet Union. Economic weakness must have played a role, but it was only secondary to the primary role played by politics and a desire for enfranchisement in three-quarters of a century old []


Federal Election Comes Down to Which Votes Wont Be Counted WhoWhatWhy

Desiree Paula Martindale was visiting her children in New Jersey and knew she wouldnt be back in Georgia until December, so in mid-October she decided to send an absentee ballot in the mail.

While she did her part, it is still unclear one week after the election whether her vote will be counted. And that is not sitting well with her. Reached in New Jersey Tuesday morning, the 82-year-old, originally from Guyana, said she was irritated.

This is so amazing a citizen sends a ballot on the 15th of October for a November 6th election and it is rejected because of not putting my date of birth, she said, referring to a part of the absentee ballot verification process a court on Tuesday ruled to be immaterial. This reminds me of the sort of thing you hear about where Im from, the so-called Third World countries.

If Martindales vote, and others like it, are counted by the Gwinnett County Board of Elections and Registrations, it could bring a congressional race to a near-tie.

This afternoon, under guidance from the secretary of states office and a court order, the five officials on Gwinnetts elections board will decide the outcome of Georgias last remaining congressional race. The discretion exercised by the countys Board of Elections and Registrations will either give the Democrat a chance to catch up or will seal the victory for the Republican.

At question is the fate of two sets of ballots provisional and rejected absentee mail-in.

Provisional ballots are cast by voters who, for any number of reasons, have the legitimacy of their ballot questioned including voting at the wrong polling place on Election Day or, due to a mismatch between the address on their drivers license and their voter registration.

Mail-in ballots are cast by voters ahead of Election Day. Voters have to include certain information on the envelopes for these ballots, such as year of birth, address, and signature. Missing that, or if the envelopes information does not match voter registration information, the ballot may not be counted.

WhoWhatWhys exclusive reporting revealed that a high rate of mail-in absentee ballots was rejected in Georgia, with Gwinnett C...


As It Turns out, Good Guy With a Gun Gets Shot. Freethought Blogs

So, the ammosexuals wet dream came true, a good guy with a gun has managed to stop a mass shooting. Yet they seem to be suspiciously quiet about it, and nobody is lauding the hero, I wonder why?

Well, the problem is, he was the wrong color and was shot to death when police arrived, because they mistook him for the miscreant.

Now I am pretty sure that the fact that the poor guy was black has played a role in the police officers decision to shoot first and ask questions never. No doubt the murderous police officer will see no repercussions and any mention of subconscious racial bias will be ignored. But lets put that aside for now, because the whole scenario has another problem, and one that cannot be brushed aside as political correctness gun grabbing libtards going mad by even the staunchest NRA stooges.

That is the problem of how policing in a state where everybody has a gun is supposed to work?

The saying Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun was always a sham and american gun lovers know it. However I do not remember anyone ever giving an answer to the question how are police supposed to recognise who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? Or for that matter, if a random good guy with a gun walks in on a situation of two guys guns ablaze at each other, how is he supposed to recognise who is the good guy to join and who is the baddie?

Armed society is not polite society. Armed society is dysfunctional society. The only way to stop bad guys is not allow them to get guns in the first place. Which in this case includes the police officer one not insignificant fact about this case is that the black security guy has managed to subdue the assailant without killing him. Something the police officer did not even attempt to do.


Tomgram: John Feffer, Splinterlands 2.0 OpEdNews

You've done enough escape rooms to know the drill by now. You are escorted into what seems like an ordinary room. There's a table and a chair. On the table is a book. As soon as you step across the threshold, the door closes behind you. You hear the lock click into place.


Mad About Your High Utility Bills and Smart Meters? Group Analyzes Campaign Contributions By Utility PACs and Executives. Hello Govnor! Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Activist Post has previously highlighted analysis provided before in re political contributions made by Telecom companies.  This recent article from the Energy...


National Facial Recognition Database to Use Loyalty Rewards to Identify American Shoppers Activist Post

By MassPrivateI For years, I have been warning people about facial recognition in retail stores, but this story might convince you to avoid retail stores...


Strong Towns Members are Changing the Conversation Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

The Strong Towns approach is a radically new way of thinking about the way we build our world. In the last ten years, weve influenced the way countless people think about the costs and benefits of growth and new infrastructure, and weve introduced brand new terms like Growth Ponzi Scheme and stroad into the lexicon of grassroots advocates and urban policy makers alike.

But we dont do this by lobbying members of Congress (though we do write about federal policy). We dont write design guides, or white papers, or academic case studies. We dont work as a consultant for public agencies.

Rather, we believe that the change we want to see is going to require a broad cultural shift: a different set of understandings about what makes a place prosperous and resilient. We believe true resilience can only be built locally. And so we believe that any cultural paradigm shift we achieve is going to have to come from the ground up, in every community across North America. Itss going to have to be informed in each place by local realities, and endorsed with the credibility of local voices.

This is why were so proud of our members, who are taking the Strong Towns message to their own communities and fighting their own particular battles.

Are you a local advocate for responsible budgeting, safe streets, affordable housing, environmental protection, mom-and-pop entrepreneurs?

Are you a local elected official, or have you considered running on a platform that advocates for Strong Towns principles?

Do you want more of the information and resources that will help you change the conversation in your city?

Then become a member of Strong Towns today, so that we can help you and people like you be a more effective change agent.

Join the Movement

Heres just one story of a member who is working to change the conversation in her own town. Marlene Druker is a Strong Towns member in Gig Harbor, Washington. She wrote to us with the following update on a grassroots campaign she organized in Gig Harbor this year:

My city in general, and I in particular, just lost an election.

Editors note: Hold on, stop the presses. Were pleased to report that as of a more recent count, Drukers no campaign was in the lead by 51 votes. Anyway, well let Druker tell you about her efforts in her own words:

I live in Gig Harbor,  south of Seattle, across the famous bridge from Tacoma, in the booming Puget Sound region. The narrative in our town is tha...


Teachers Corner: I hate teachers Freethought Blogs


When last time I ranted against parents, its my esteemed colleagues this time. And sorry guys, this ones on you. Of course #notallmaleteachers are problematic, many of my male colleagues are wonderful, dedicated people who work hard for their students, but those colleagues who are problematic are overwhelmingly male.

One issue is the sexualisation of girls. While my school is grades 5-10, my building only holds 5-7, so were talking about children. Some time ago one of our headteacher team asked who was teaching a certain class now, because there was a new girl here for that class. Their teacher asked, loudly, probably within earshot of a kid between 11 and 12 is she nice and pretty?.

A colleague at a different school told me about a male colleague who had told a primary school girl who had misbehaved if she liked pushing? Because soon she would be pushed a lot and she would like that, too!

In the first case, we reacted quickly with several women saying in unison that this was not OK. In the second case, my colleague, young, new at school, female, was too shocked to say anything.

Another aspect is the discipline issue. For many teachers (not just the male ones, but theyre loudest about it), kids have to obey and to function. If they dont, well, thats their problem. So today I had a fight with one of them. There was an incident with a kid who is totally beyond (self) control right now. Im not going to go into details, but think your basic tragic neglected childhood that leads to aggression and delinquency. While the kid causes a lot of problems, he also has a lot of problems. But just hearing about the incident, that guy went he needs to disappear from here, immediately!

Not just that this isnt possible anyway, because the school for kids with severe behavioural problems has a waiting list, we cannot just disappear problematic kids. I snapped that yes of course, thats the solution to all our problems, send the kids away. He tried to argue that we just dont have the resources and we have to think of the other kids. I told him we were working at it.

He later tried to make peace by telling me that it wasnt meant as an attack on me (because Im the special ed teacher) and I told him that this wasnt about me, this was about how he was talking about a child. Fuck that shit. I know those kids are exhausting and draining, because I get them all. But theyre children. Children who have been told theyre good for nothing for their entire lives and thank you for adding to their sense of not being worth shit and nobody wanting them.

Thankfully our principal (also a dude, #notalldudes, eh?) is firmly on my side. Not that he was involv...


NEO: Casualties of American Democracy: Trump Serves Up Immigrants as Scapegoats Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

By Henry Kamens for Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow   One thing that is most predicated about the American political landscape is the pack-of-lies that flows before elections, especially under the Trump administration. We have heard so many recently that most have even stopped trying to separate the truths and half truths from []


1. The RICO Act Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Its about time the Justice Department starts to take apart the corrupt influences in our political system, the FBI, the security Agencies, and yes, even their own Justice Department. An initial response by some might conclude this is akin to the old adage of physician heal thyself, but I believe the majority of Americans, I []


Wildfire Carnage in California, Dozens Dead, Hundreds Missing as Fire Now Visible from Space-PHOTOS The Free Thought Project


Wildfires are still raging through California in the worst crisis in history as hundreds of thousands evacuate, and dozens have been killed.

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Stan Lee Died A Comic Legend, And Rightfully So The Federalist

It is right to honor Lee; it is right to make a legend of him. He gave us myths we still find enchanting, both as audiences and as myth-makers.


Personal Finance and Financial Management Tips OpEdNews

There are several other aspects of managing your personal finance apart from the ones mentioned above. However, the aforesaid tips are the basic ones for financial planning. If you follow them, you could ensure that you are prepared financially for the future.


Russia brings Taliban on table as India observes OpEdNews

Russia secured a huge diplomatic victory when it got Taliban to turn up at a meeting on Afghanistan, attended by no less than a dozen countries, in Moscow last Friday. This was the first time Taliban were face to face with the other side, the government-appointed Afghanistan High Peace Council, in the "Moscow Format" multilateral meeting which lasted less than three hours and was only aimed at kick-starting peace talks.


In Memoriam; Yasser Arafat OpEdNews

On the 14th anniversary of the passing away of Yasser Arafat, we look back on the days before and after his death.


Transformation Freethought Blogs

Kestrel has finally shared some of her jewellery making with us and its phenomenal. What starts out as a pile of horsehair becomes ordered and ultimately beautiful at the hands of a master artisan. Ill let kestrel explain the process

Im working on my website and one of the things that needs to be done is to re-shoot all the photos. Since most of my work is custom (in other words, people send me hair from their own horse, and then I make stuff out of it for them) I dont have things in inventory, and that means I had to re-make all the items in order to take new photos. One of the things I like about my work is being able to transform my materials, whatever they may be but in this case a messy pile of hair, into something orderly and worth having. 

kestrel, all rights reserved

Some of the braiding was done before it occurred to me to take a photo, but that messy pile of hair is going to be turned into 6 bracelets: 3 that are an 8-strand braid, and 3 that are a 25-strand braid, one each of white, chestnut and black. In case you are wondering: that messy pile of hair is made up of 1,761 individual hairs. That I had to count. On purpose. I dont usually sit down and figure out things like that, because I just really dont want to know; its a little depressing. But, if one is going to braid hair, one must first count it. 

kestrel, all rights reserved

Part way finished, you can see the 3 8-strand bracelets are done and Ive just started on the black 25-strand bracelet. 


kestrel, all rights reserved

All done! It looks very different from how it started out. Now what I have to do is take good photos of each product so that hopefully, people will want one of these made from their own horses hair as a keepsake or memento. Just another d...


Its Spreading: Now the British Media Is Pushing Microchipping In The UK Activist Post

By Adam Palmer Its no coincidence that a veritable public relations advertisement concealed as an article in the Daily Mail regarding the microchipping of thousands...


Mark Trahant: Election lessons for Indian Country Indianz.Com News

So much history was made this Election Day and it really was the year of the Native woman.


Big businesses oppose Trump actions against the transgender community Freethought Blogs

One of the most encouraging signs on the social issues front is that while businesses are doing extremely well with Donald Trump and the Republicans sending all the tax cuts their way, they are not willing to sign on to the anti-LGBT war being waged by the administration, especially against the transgender community.

As an example, over 50 tech companies that include the big names like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco have jointly signed a letter opposing the administrations attempts to reverse Obama-era civil rights protections for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

According to language proposed in a portion of a draft memo obtained by CBS News from a D.C.-based advocacy group, the Trump administration is suggesting a rollback of the more expansive gender identities originally contemplated by the Obama administration. The memo, which is believed to be a few months old, suggests that people should be categorized for Title IX considerations solely by the biological traits with which they were born.

The draft language reads, Proposed Definition: Sex means a persons status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth. The sex listed on a persons birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a persons sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence.

Early in his administration, Mr. Trump reversed Obama-era policies requiring public schools to allow children to use restrooms corresponding to their gender identity. In 2016, then-President Barack Obama issued guidance to public schools that said they were to treat transgender students according to their gender identity, even if it differs from their birth identity.

The joint letter says in part:

We oppose any administrative and legislative efforts to erase transgender protections through reinterpretation of existing laws and regulations. We also fundamentally oppose any policy or regulation that violates the privacy rights of those that identify as transgender, gender nonbinary, or intersex rights of those that identify as transgender, gender nonbinary, or intersex.

Recognizing that diversity and inclusion are good for business, and that discrimination imposes enormous productivity costs (and exerts undue burdens), hundreds of companies, including the undersigned, have continued to expand inclusion for transgender people across corporate America.

Currently more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 have clear gender identity protections; two-thirds have transgender-inclus...


Alaskan Man Wakes Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch [Photos] TruthTheory

by Amanda Froelich,

Early one morning in Alaska, Tim Newton awoke to a ruckus on his porch. At first, he suspected there might be an intruder. As he peered out his window to check, he spotted something even more surprising: a family of lynx

It was right near dawn. I heard some noises; it was like something scrambling on the deck, Newton told The Dodo. Coming out of my slumber, I thought, What the heck is that? So I put on my bathrobe and slowly eased back the curtain. And right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. He was sitting there watching his siblings race by.

That wasnt the only lynx kitten, however. Pretty soon, three more scrambled across Newtons deck. Without a second thought, the wildlife lover grabbed his camer...


Gaza Under Israeli Attack, Yemen Death Toll Over 100,000, US Arms Sales Up 13% & US Afghan Opium The Last American Vagabond

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/12/18). Today is Veterans Day, and in my eyes there is no better day to honor the sacrifice of so many by taking the quintessentially American action of []

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Spider poop Freethought Blogs

As promised threatened, I took some photos of spider poop this morning. Its surprisingly colorful! But then, these are from the spiderling vials, so maybe its like baby poop, which also tends to have surprising colors.

The big circular feature is an artifact at the bottom of the plastic vial.

This is my masterpiece: I call it Still life with spider poop, molted cuticle, and little blue bits of dried fly medium. Im thinking of printing it out on a 10 foot wide sheet and selling it to MOMA.


WATCH: Skin Cancer Survivor Ticketed for Window Tint She Had to Protect Her from the Sun The Free Thought Project


A skin cancer survivor who had window tint on her vehicle to protect herself from the sun was ticketed by a cop for dark tint who was just doing his job.

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Mary Annette Pember: Witnessing history on Native Election Night Indianz.Com News

While covering the midterms from Minnesota, I couldn't help but feel the pride my mother would have felt had she lived to see this day.


When I ran for Congress: Insights Activist Post

By Jon Rappoport I met with one nutritional-supplement-company president, a self-involved oaf who bragged about his expensive tastes, his vacations, his large house. His main...


Christine Assange Issues Call For All Journalists, Politicians, Medical Professionals and Activists To Stand Up For Julian Assange Activist Post

By Aaron Kesel WikiLeaks founder and former editor Julian Assange is in dire need of health assistance, according to his mother in an emergency plea...


Why did the Catastrophic Camp Fire Start Where it Did? Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog

The tragic Camp Fire of northern California has killed at least 31 people, destroyed approximately 7000 structures, and basically leveled the retirement community of Paradise, California.

It appears that the fire was initiated by a failing PG&E  power line in the Feather River Canyon just to the north of the town of Pulga (see map with arrow below).  The time of failure was roughly 6:15 AM November 8th, with fire reported 15 minutes later.

A regional terrain map shows the position of the town of Paradise (big star) and the fire initiation (red oval).

But why did the fire start in the specific location northeast of Paradise?    Even more interesting,  the regional winds were blowing, but were not THAT strong--which probably explains why PG&E did not de-energize the power lines.

The map below shows the winds (see barbs, and max gusts over the past hour-red numbers) at 6 AM Nov. 8th, right before the power line failed.  The red oval shows the failure location (click to expand).  Sustained winds of 25 knots at the Jarbo Gap location just to the south of the failure, but mostly less.  Jarbo Gap had a gust to 51 mph, and the other locations were less.  You wouldn't think that such winds would take down big high-tension power lines.

The Jarbo Gap RAWS site is about 5.5 miles to the S-SW of the failure site, and loc...


The War Inside 7-Eleven WhoWhatWhy

Why Jeff Sessions Final Act Could Have More Impact Than Expected (Russ)

From ProPublica: Just before he left, the departing attorney-general adopted a policy to limit the Justice Departments ability to oversee abusive police departments. That same policy could also hamper the departments role in environmental, voting-rights, and other cases.

Before Envelopes, People Protected Messages With Letterlocking (Gerry)

Surveillance and interception of communication predates computers. So do attempts to thwart the prying eyes.

The DEA and ICE Are Hiding Surveillance Cameras in Streetlights (Chris)

The author writes, The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have hidden an undisclosed number of covert surveillance cameras inside streetlights around the country, federal contracting documents reveal.

How Blue States Help Red States (Reader Steve)

The author writes, Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress love to demonize government handouts. But their own red-state supporters depend on these handouts. And the handouts are increasingly financed by the inhabitants of blue states.

Military Service Serves the Ruling Class (Jimmy)

The author writes, I realized in that moment that there is no forgiveness for destroying an entire country generations of Iraqis whose lives have been shattered. Was I to explain to him about my intention of providing a service to my country? Was I to justify the wars that are rooted in his oppression? Was I to justify the actions of th...


Ivan Star Comes Out: Our problems can be traced to our tribal constitution Indianz.Com News

I believe life on the homeland will not evolve until we rid ourselves of this so-called 'constitution' that was shoved down our throats.


Benjamin Netanyahu and Zio New World Order lie Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Together, we must unite in complete resolve to defeat a Global Zionist Beast which has as its foundation a cancerous Culturally Marxist, fascist Multi-National Corporate Conglomeration held together by its coercive Central Banks, accompanied by a desire to destroy anyone and anything in its path. With our unequivocal resolve, we can and will annihilate them.


When I ran for Congress: insights Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

November 13, 2018

(To join our email list, click here.)

I met with one nutritional-supplement-company president, a self-involved oaf who bragged about his expensive tastes, his vacations, his large house. His main advice (he didnt back my campaign with a donation) was to see his tailor and have him make me a high-priced suit.

Ultimately, I believed vote fraud occurred in my 1994 run for a seat in the US Congress, from the 29th District in Los Angeles. Ive written and spoken about that elsewhere.

This article is about something else.

I was running at the height of the so-called Health Freedom movement in America. My primary issue was the right of every person to manage his/her own health. The right to have access to the full range of nutritional supplements (under attack by the FDA). The right to consult alternative health practitioners (the FDA was attacking those practitioners). The right to know the full truth about toxic medical drugs. The right to refuse medical treatments. The right to have the FDA prosecuted for criminal collusion with drug companies.

The Health Freedom movement spawned more letters to Congress than any issue in the history of America. Several nutritional companies were backing the movement with money.

Eventually, during my campaign, I saw what was happening. Although millions of Americans wanted all those rights I just listed, and were becoming more aware of the extreme dangers of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, the inside backers of the Health Freedom movement and their core agents wanted something very specific.

They wanted to pass the federal Hatch Bill, which would, they said, offer protection to the American publicpeople would continue to have access to the full range of nutritional supplements, and the FDA attacks would stop.

The Hatch Bill eventually passed and became federal law. But as a few smart attorneys knew and warned, the Bill had loopholes, and the FDA would still be able to throw up roadblocks against supplement companies.

My efforts, as a candidate, were much wider. I wanted a full-scale exposure of the crimes of the FDA. I pushed this issue. Hard.

The nutritional supplement industry backed away from my campaign (with one notable exception). They thought I was going too far. They wanted that Hatch Bill passed, and then they wanted to go home and continue business as usual.

I met with one supplement-company president, a self-involved oaf who bragged about his expensive tastes, his vacations, his large house. His main advice (he didnt back my campaign with a donation) was to see his tailor and have him make me a high-priced suit.

At a high-lev...


Native Sun News Today: Tribes discuss takeover of troubled hospital Indianz.Com News

The future of the Sioux San Hospital, an Indian Health Service facility in South Dakota, is at stake.


Giving Thanks for Tammy Duckworth's Continuing Contributions OpEdNews

Senator, Lt. Colonel., Dr. Tammy Duckworth (IL-D) calls Nov. 12 her "Alive Day," it is the anniversary of the helicopter crash 14 years ago when an RPG tore through the cockpit of the helicopter she was flying over Iraq, and from which she emerged without her legs and with limited use of one arm. But that didn't stop her.


Forest Path Statues Part 5 Lamps Freethought Blogs

A few of the statues had an abstract look to them and they had metal hooks, very probably for hanging up lanterns.

Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.


Tree Tuesday Freethought Blogs

This week we have glorious fall colour from Avalus,

Lets begin with some brightly coloured leaves from the first of October.

Golden walnut trees, red wild grapes and assorted green plants.

And it was quite good timing, just half a week later, the walnuts were all leafless.

Your timing was perfect, Avalus. All that deep, rich autumn colour shot against a clear blue sky. Thanks so much for sharing.

Herbstfarben, Avalus, all rights reserved

Herbstfarben, Avalus, all rights reserved

Herbstfarben, Avalus, all rights reserved


Courage To Resist: Troops Ordered Deployed To Border PopularResistance.Org

Military brass suggested that these camps would not violate the constitutional prohibition against using the military to police and enforce domestic immigration law, based on the fact that the military has occasionally provided shelter to people during humanitarian crises, for short periods of time. Apparently, because the military helped out a bit following a hurricane then long term immigrant concentration camps are just fine. According to the Military Times (October 2, 2018), HHS has completed site surveys at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas; Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo, Texas; Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas; and Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas.


Neo-Nazi Splinter Groups Chats Show A Fractured, Violent Movement UNICORN RIOT

Sale Creek, TN Following the disastrous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August 2017, the white supremacist movement in the United States fractured into various smaller groups. One of the groups, the National Socialist Legion (NSL), has emerged more recently, founded by former

The post Neo-Nazi Splinter Groups Chats Show A Fractured, Violent Movement appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


Crucifying Julian Assange PopularResistance.Org

Julian Assanges sanctuary in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London has been transformed into a little shop of horrors. He has been largely cut off from communicating with the outside world for the last seven months. His Ecuadorian citizenship, granted to him as an asylum seeker, is in the process of being revoked. His health is failing. He is being denied medical care. His efforts for legal redress have been crippled by the gag rules, including Ecuadorian orders that he cannot make public his conditions inside the embassy in fighting revocation of his Ecuadorian citizenship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to intercede on behalf of Assange, an Australian citizen, even though the new government in Ecuador...


Volvox email Freethought Blogs

I got an email from a science teacher in India. This is the internet being what we thought it would be in the 1990s. I did my best to answer, but feel free to weigh in in the comments.

Dear Matthew,

This is Subhashini, I am a science teacher and a content writer for higher secondary school in India. I have gone through your research papers about Volvox. I still have few questions about Volvox. As I do not want children to get confused need some clarification. I would appreciate if you can help me in answering few questions regarding the same.

Q.1 Is Volvox unicellular, multicellular or colonial organism? Why? (I understand the evolutionary process and the relation of the same but need the explanation about specific cellularity.)

Q.2 If I remove few cells from volvox or cut Volvox in half will it still survive and function like naturally occuring Volvox? or it functions differently?

[Q. 3 Why can not Volvox be called as multicellular organism? (I personally feel, Volvox should be called as multicellular. I read about it but have never worked with it, hence the above question ]

Is it okay to mail you for further more queries regarding the same? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


Subhashini kindly gave me permission to post this here. I replied,

Dear Subhashini,

Thank you for the great questions!

Regarding Q.1., in my opinion, Volvox is a multicellular organism. However, different people use different criteria to decide this. For many, the dividing line between a colonial organism and a multicellular organism is cellular differentiation (or a germ-soma division of labor), which Volvox has. Some authors require cell-cell communication, and there is no evidence that this occurs in Volvox. I take a third view, namely that the complex developmental process of inversion, which occurs in all members of the Volvocaceae, implies a degree of integration that suffices to call them multicellular. Please note that I do sometimes call individual Volvocaceans colonies, but this is just a lazy informality; spheroids or coenobia would be preferable....


CIA Whistleblower: Brennan And Clapper Should Not Escape Prosecution PopularResistance.Org

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, the longtime chairman of the Judiciary Committee, made a dramatic announcement Nov. 1 that should lead to jail time for both former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. As reported, but widely overlooked amid the media focus on the midterm elections, Brennan ordered CIA hackers to intercept the emails of all potential or possible intelligence community whistleblowers who may have been trying to contact the congressional oversight committees, specifically to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hacking the Senates computer system constitutes illegal use of a government computer, illegal espionage, and wire fraud.


Witness list for Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing Indianz.Com News

Tribal leaders from Arizona, North Dakota and Oklahoma are testifying in support of bills that affect their communities.


SWIFTs Iran Ban Will Expedite Global De-Dollarization PopularResistance.Org

The blacklisting of Iran from international financial messaging system SWIFT serves as a warning to Washingtons enemies, but will hasten the demise of the dollar, stockbroker-turned broadcaster Max Keiser told RT. SWIFT, a system that facilitates cross-border payments between 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries worldwide cut several Iranian banks, including the countrys central bank, off from its services on Monday. The move came as a result of US pressure and was described by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as the right decision to protect the integrity of the international financial system.


Mays Leaked Speech: Anti-Russian Propaganda with a Twist 21st Century Wire

British Prime Minister Theresa Mays Russian policy speech at Mansion House was supposedly leaked to proverbial deep state media outlet, The Guardian newspaper also covered in depth on yesterdays UK Column News. The speech includes all of the usual tough talking points, but also has an insert stating London still wants to have better relations with Moscow. May is also supposed to note that the collective response measures are a sign of the Western countries will to protect their values and democracies. Will the British state abandon the current anti-Russian agenda, or will it stay the course with US who appears to be ramping-up the rhetoric past a new Cold War, and towards hot one?

Radio Sputnik discussed this and the wider geopolitical implications with 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen. Listen:

21st Century Wire Russiagate Files



The Worlds Paying Too High A Price For Inequality And It Needs To Be Addressed Quickly PopularResistance.Org

As Donald Trump stirs his base ahead of midterm elections with fearmongering over a raggle-taggle band of would-be immigrants wandering through the Mexican countryside towards the US border, claims of victimhood in international trade, and the rise of a modern yellow peril, one has to wonder what has happened to the issue that is truly eating the US from within extreme and entrenched inequality. As Stiglitz noted in the Scientific American: By most accounts, the US has the highest level of economic inequality among developed countries. It has the worlds highest per capita health expenditures yet the lowest life expectancy among comparable countries. It is also one of a few developed countries jostling for the dubious distinction of having the lowest measures of equality of opportunity.


Gaza Conflict Report November 13, 2018: Gaza Is On Edge Of Israeli Ground Invasion Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

from SouthFront The Gaza Strip is on the brink of a large-scale Israeli military intervention. The current round of escalation started on November 11 when a covert unit of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) opened fire at a patrol of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the Hamas military wing, in the town of Khan Yunis []


Was There a Blue Wave? WhoWhatWhy

There seemed to be a singular narrative on election night.

Democrats were making an impressive showing, recapturing a majority in the House, while Republicans were strengthening their majority in the Senate.

So was election night an electoral wash or, as President Donald Trump claimed, a GOP victory? No.

Democrats are projected to win a net of 37 House seats. This number may climb as high as 40 once the final races are called, which would be the largest Democratic gain in the House since the Watergate fallout in 1974.

Even more impressively, the Democratic surge occurred while the presidents party is overseeing a relatively healthy economy, with the unemployment rate hovering around 3.7 percent and inflation at a paltry 2.3 percent.  

The 2006 midterm election, which was called a wave election, saw only a net gain of 32 seats for the Democrats.  

The national leftward swing this year occurred on an impressively grand scale. Compared to election results from 2016, only a few dozen districts swung to the right, while a whopping 317 swung to the left. The swing of the average district ...


Canada Is Richer Than The US, According To A New Wealth Ranking In Fact, The US Doesnt Even Make The Top 10 PopularResistance.Org

The United States is home to more millionaires than any other country in the world. But whether the country is truly the wealthiest in the world depends on how you measure. A report released by Credit Suisse in October says the US is "in the lead" when it comes to global wealth. But a closer look at the numbers in that report reveals a different story. While it's true that wealth in the US is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, it's not the richest when you compare the average amount of wealth per adult. That prize goes to Switzerland, as you can see in the map below.


Lakota woman remains in critical condition after brutal attack Indianz.Com News

Sheena Between Lodges, 32, came out of a coma after being severely beaten. She remains under close watch in South Dakota.


Iran Sanctions: How Deep Will They Bite? PopularResistance.Org

For anyone watching the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League final, hosted in Tehrans Azadi stadium on Saturday, the only disappointment was the nil-nil score that denied Irans team first place in Asia. The stadium scene was energized by a musical performance similar to the half-time show of the U.S. Super Bowl as well as the cheers of 100,000 fans, including hundreds of women. This ebullience was in sharp contrast to the gloom elsewhere in Iran that has descended since the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord (the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action or JCPOA) and re-imposed sanctions. In Iran, officials blame the sanctions for the economic crisis, while in the United States, officials blame the Iranian government.


Maureen Brians funeral Freethought Blogs

Her daughter has written about Maureen Brians funeral, making me sad all over again. She was a wonderful person, for those of you who recall her participation online.


Physicians Work To Bring Back The Anti-Nuclear Movement PopularResistance.Org

It is a move that many, including former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, believe has ignited a new nuclear arms race. This is because the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, signed by Gorbachev and former US President Ronald Reagan, banned all short and mid-range nuclear and non-nuclear missiles, and helped eliminate thousands of land-based missiles. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Trump has already promised to build new nuclear weapons, in addition to having withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, heightening tensions further after having previously threatened the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea. Trump has also promised to build new nuclear weapons.


Academe is a MAJOR THREAT TO AMERICA Freethought Blogs

But dont you worry: Turning Point USA is on it. They made a list. Strangely, most of them seem to be women and minorities, but hey, I made the cut. There is a grand total of SIX (6) dangerous professors in the entire state, which is kind of a tiny group to be responsible for overthrowing the state and destroying capitalism, and were rather scattered all over the place I havent met any of my revolutionary cadre.

We should get together and do lunch, Jim Bear Jacobs, Marlon James, Shannon Gibney, Wayne Bendickson, and Barbara Gorski. We could also invite Jack Russell Weinstein, the sole enemy of the state in North Dakota (there is no representative in South Dakota. Theyre all running dog lackeys there). It might be difficult since some of us are hundreds of miles away.

This is no way to run a revolution.

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Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Tuesday, 13 November


Brother of billionaire Saudi prince freed after months in detention [ All News]

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have released the brother of a billionaire prince who was in detention for 11 months. Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal is believed to have been in detention since January. The prince is the brother of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal - one of a group of royal family members and businessmen who were held in the lavish Ritz Carlton in Riyadh last year as part of an anti-corruption purge. Alwaleed, who Forbes estimated had a personal fortune of $17 billion, was released almost three months later. The group paid over $100 billion in settlements for what Saudi authorities said were corruption charges. But critics outside Saudi Arabia said the wave of arrests were part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's efforts to silence potential opposition to his leadership. Khaled's release comes as Saudi Arabia faces increased scrutiny from Western powers over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last month. Khashoggi, 59, a royal court insider-turned-critic, was killed after entering the consulate on October 2 to obtain paperwork for his upcoming marriage. Saudi officials have presented shifting stories about Khashoggi's fate, initially denying any knowledge of his death, then arguing that a group of rogue operators, many of whom belong to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's inner circle, was responsible for his killing.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing government corruption news articles from reliable major media sources.

Total recall: the people who never forget [ All News]

If you ask Jill Price to remember any day of her life, she can come up with an answer in a heartbeat. She had always had a talent for remembering. Price was the first person ever to be diagnosed with what is now known as highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM, a condition she shares with around 60 other known people. She can remember most of the days of her life as clearly as the rest of us remember the recent past, with a mixture of broad strokes and sharp detail. Now 51, Price remembers the day of the week for every date since 1980; she remembers what she was doing, who she was with, where she was on each of these days. She can actively recall a memory of 20 years ago as easily as a memory of two days ago, but her memories are also triggered involuntarily. It is, she says, like living with a split screen: on the left side is the present, on the right is a constantly rolling reel of memories, each one sparked by the appearance of present-day stimuli. In order to figure out how HSAM worked, researchers first needed to understand what it was and was not. HSAM subjects turned out to be far better than people with average memories at recalling long-past autobiographical data; in memories that could be verified, they were correct 87% of the time. It is still unclear whether HSAM will turn out to be a fascinating curiosity, or a key that unlocks the deepest mysteries about how memory works.

Note: Explore another major media article on this unusual woman. And watch an excellent 14-minute segment from Australia's 60 Minutes on numerous individuals with the gift of perfect memory. How is this possible?

The Gift of Endless Memory [ All News]

There has been a discovery in the field of memory recently, so new you won't find it in any textbook. For the moment, the scientists studying it are simply calling it "superior autobiographical memory." Dr. James McGaugh, a professor of neurobiology at the University of California Irvine, and a renowned expert on memory ... is the first to discover and study superior autobiographical memory, and he is quizzing [violinist Louise] Owen - his fifth subject - to find out. "Let's move back in time now to 1990. It rained on several days in January and February, can you name the dates on which it rained?" McGaugh asked. Believe it or not, she could. "Let's see. It was slightly rainy and cloudy on January 14th, 15th. It was very hot the weekend of the 27th, 28th, no rain," she replied. We checked the official weather records and she was right. McGaugh says this type of memory is completely new to science. So he and his colleagues have had to devise their own tests. "These people remember things that you and I couldn't possibly remember," McGaugh [said]. Beyond the fun of asking what happened on a specific date and knowing you'll actually get an answer, there is a lot at stake here. The discovery of people with instant access to virtually every day of their lives could recast our whole understanding of how human memory works, and what is possible. Could understanding these remarkable people someday help with Alzheimer's and other memory disorders? The potential is enormous, but the inquiry is just beginning.

Note: Watch an excellent 14-minute segment from Australia's 60 Minutes on numerous individuals with the gift of perfect memory. How is this possible?

Jewish hospital staff treated synagogue shooting suspect as he spewed hate, administrator says [ All News]

When the man charged with killing 11 people Saturday at a Pittsburgh synagogue arrived with injuries at Allegheny General Hospital, the staff - some of whom are Jewish - stepped up and did their jobs, even as he continued to spew hate, their boss said. "Isn't it ironic that somebody who's yelling in the ambulance and the hospital, 'I want to kill all the Jews,' is taken care of by a Jewish nurse," Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, the facility's top administrator, told CNN's Alex Marquardt a day after the massacre. Cohen is a member of the Tree of Life synagogue, where the shooting unfolded. He lives nearby and even heard the shootout between police and Robert Bowers. When Bowers arrived at the hospital to be treated for multiple gunshot wounds, he was still screaming that he wanted to kill Jews, Cohen [said]. "And the first three people who are taking care of him are Jewish," Cohen said. "I said, 'Well yeah, ain't that a kick in the pants?'" Cohen ... checked on Bowers like he might any other patient, he said. "I asked him, 'How are you feeling?' And he was sort of groggy. He said, 'I'm feeling OK.' And I introduced myself as Dr. Cohen, the president of Allegheny General. And I left," Cohen said. "The FBI agent in charge looked at me and says, 'I don't know how you did that 'cause I'm not sure I could have,'" Cohen recalled. Cohen acknowledged that some on his staff had "conflicting emotions" about Bowers but said ultimately Allegheny General has one mission: to take care of sick people, regardless of who they are or their circumstances.

Note: Read a USA Today article where Jeff Cohen states about the the shooter "He's some mother's son." May this kind of compassion spread far and wide in our world.

Libraries, Writ Small [ All News]


Flawed art Freethought Blogs

Its good, butshouldnt it be a bit more mushroomish?


This and That Virtual Mirage


My reaction (below) is a response to this article.

While they are well intentioned, the DOJ bounty program is handled by-in-large by the FBI, not DEA. The bounties that are paid out, often go to 'straw men' and while a small portion of the money makes its way into the hands of informers, they 'kick back' to the FBI agents, who profit handsomely. It's not much of a secret in Mexico, but I guess that it is in the USA.

A botched Israeli clandestine operation in the Gaza Strip 

Hamas said it launched more than 200 rockets at southern Israel on 12 November in retaliation for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation in Gaza that resulted in the death of seven Hamas terrorists and one IDF field grade officer.

The IDF said the Iron Dome intercepted 60 rockets, but a rocket that struck a bus wounded a 19-year-old, who is in critical condition.

In response, the IDF deployed fighter planes, helicopters and tanks in Gaza and killed three Palestinians and striking over 70 targets belonging to Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

According to one press account, the undercover operation involved Israeli officers who used a civilian vehicle to sneak into Gaza on an intelligence mission. They assassinated one of Hamas' commanders, fatally shooting him before fleeing. Hamas fighters caught up with the vehicle and killed one of the undercover officers.

The inaccuracy of the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip remains consistent, even when firing in large salvos. The size of Israels asymmetric r...


In Loud And Clear Rebuke Of Factory Farming, California Passes Worlds Strongest Animal Welfare Law TruthTheory


In a clear rebuke of factory farming, California voters on Election Day passed the ground-breaking Proposition 12, which is being celebrated by some advocates as the worlds strongest animal welfare law for farmed animals in history.

Backed by 61 percent of voters, Proposition 12 establishes minimum space requirements based on square feet for calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and egg-laying henswhich includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowland and bans the sale of veal, p...


Hero Security Guard Stops Mass Shooting and is Killed by Cops Who Showed Up After it Was Over The Free Thought Project


A hero security guard stopped a mass shooting with his legal gun, saving an untold number of lives and was holding the suspect at gunpoint when police showed up and killed him.

The post Hero Security Guard Stops Mass Shooting and is Killed by Cops Who Showed Up After it Was Over appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Three Reasons Why Pelosi and Her Criminally Complicit Democrats Are Freaking Out Over the Whitaker Appointment Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

I am in big trouble.

The Democrats are absolutely freaking out over the appointment of Matt Whitaker as the new acting Attorney General of the United States. There are a chorus of Democratic politicians and their mouthpiece media that are demanding that Whitaker immediately recuse himself from any oversight of Mueller.

There are three major reasons why criminally complicit Democrats and the Deep State, as a whole, are in a state of absolute panic over the appointment of Matt Whitaker. Pelosi called Whitakers appointment a violent act against the Constitution. That is not the reason why this appointment is causing so much anxiety.

The three reasons why this move is creating panic:

  1. Whitaker is predisposed to fire Mueller over the phony Russian investigation based on previously expressed opinions
  2. Whitaker believes that Hillary should have been prosecuted over the national security violations connected to the emails.
  3. Deputy AG Rosenstein and his Deep-State wife, Lisa Barsoomian, have presumably been compromised and can open Pandoras box with regard to nefarious Deep State activities.

The following documentation supports these three positions.

Whitaker Believed That Clinton Should Have Been Charged with 33,000 National Security Violations

Whitaker was very straightforward in his belief, through a series of published opinions, that  Comeys decision to not charge Hillary Clinton for her...


82-Year-Old Woman With Alzheimers Regains Memory After Adopting Healthy Diet TruthTheory

By Amanda Froelich

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food, said Hippocrates, the father of modern-day medicine. Even in 400 BCE, the physician knew the importance of a healthy diet. And now, in 2018, his infamous words are finally being received by the general public.

In the UK, an 82-year-old Sylvia and her son, Mark, learned the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods which are high in antioxidants. It all began when Sylvia was diagnosed with Alzheimers in December 2016. In the months leading up to the diagnosis, she continued to repeat engagements and birthdays.

Sadly, her condition continued to grow worse. Not only did Sylvia forget her own son, she once called the police on hospital staff who were caring for her. It was at this point that Mark, 50, thought he had lost his mother for good.

When my mum was in hospital she thought it was a hotel but the worst one she had ever been in, said Mark. She didnt recognise me and phoned the police as she thought shed been kidnapped.

Over 5000 people have downloaded our free ebook Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living CLICK HERE to get your free copy now

Since my dad and brother died we have always been a very close little family unit, just me and my mum, so for her to not know who I was was devastating, Mark continued. We were a double act that went everywhere together. I despaired and never felt so alone as I had no other family to turn to.

When all hope seemed lost, something extraordinary happened. Upon...


This Beautiful Christmas Story Was Banned From TV For a Silly Reason [Video] TruthTheory

By Amanda froelich

The holiday season has arrived, and you know what that means. Right now, consumers are the busiest theyve been all year, searching for products to purchase, wrap and gift to others. Unfortunately, most shoppers arent aware that hundreds of items they might be purchasing contain the ingredient palm oil, which is devastating the environment and kills approximately 25 orangutans each day.

Over 5000 people have downloaded our free ebook Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living CLICK HERE to get your free copy now

To highlight the lesser-known truth about this commonly-used ingredient, the UK Supermarket Iceland decided to partner with Greenpeace for a festive holiday campaign. Though the story is beautiful, it was pulled for being too political because it highlights the consequences of the palm oil industry. Well let you decide if it should have been aired or not. 

The animated advertisement stars...


On The Road Freethought Blogs

I had a sudden trip to Boston that I needed to work into my schedule, which meant I had to get up early, vote, go to the post office, and then drive fast and furious down to Washington airport to get the 6:00pm Jetblue flight northbound.

As it happened, the flight was 3 hours late, so I had plenty of time. I spent a lot of time in transit and I usually let my mind wander; most of the postings in this blog are amalgamations of some form of mind wandering or other.

It was a strangely beautiful day. There was a bit of frost in the morning, which filled the air with the slightest amount of mist and that broke the sunlight into shafts of clean soft brightness against the fall colors.

When humans see a photograph and find it striking it seems as though some people look for contrast first, then color while others look for color, then contrast. Thats one reason (I believe) why rules of composition and photography are B.S.: the catalogue of photography that does not suck is a mix of something for everyone. There are no objective rules at all, its all personal.

I find this image funny because I was actually thinking of the beautiful fall colors of the mountains, but firing the camera straight at the sun, I knew, would create a high contrast situation where the trees by the road would look very dark. Cameras only record a limited dynamic range, unlike our eyes which is why some conspiracy theorists think the moon photos are fake: where are the stars? Simple: the films dynamic range wasnt wide enough to record them because the scene was very contrasty. If the camera had been exposing for the star-field it would have recorded it just fine, but the astronauts would have been completely blown out.

This photo also amuses me because I know that with a tiny bit of photoshopping, it could look very sinister indeed. Hollywood photographers realized a while ago that you could do nighttime scenes just fine by shooting in daylight and compensating for the exposure adjusting for the tonal range at filming time using a blue filter to simulate the kind of visual tone-stretch our eyes can get when they look into shadows (which are full of blue light) our eyes cheat, theyre multi-modal cameras that record detail in the highlights (rods) and shadows (cones) separately; our brains mash it all together and give us the illusion of a continuous tonal range where one does not really exist.

Its also fascinating to me how our expectations of vintage technology affect our understanding of current technology. When you see an image that has vignetting, for example, thats a modern technique of simulating the lens &#8220...


Who Pays the Price of Oklahomas Man-Made Earthquakes? WhoWhatWhy

In 2014, 15 percent of Oklahoma homeowners had earthquake insurance. That seems remarkable for a state that, from 1973 to 2008, had a mere 21 magnitude-3 earthquakes. But it makes sense considering that, since then, the state has become a hotbed of induced seismicity which is really just a fancy term for man-made earthquakes. In 2016, Oklahoma experienced 500 magnitude-3 earthquakes.

So the states residents, forced to adapt to these new, unnatural disasters, began to purchase earthquake insurance.

There is a higher take-up rate in earthquake insurance given the last few years, [because of] the increased seismicity our state has seen, John Doak, Oklahomas insurance commissioner, told WhoWhatWhy.

The waste products of hydraulic oil fracking, otherwise known as toxic wastewater, cause these earthquakes. The wastewater gets pumped to the surface and injected back into the earth at various depths.

Wastewater injection can induce small earthquakes to occur, leading to larger ones, in a cascading effect, said Jacob Walter, the Oklahoma Geological Surveys lead seismologist. He noted that the area in which the wastewater is injected has no clear correlation to where the earthquake will occur, because of the countless earthquakes triggering each other in unpredictable patterns.

Water Pump Fracking

Water is mixed with fracking fluids before being injected into the ground. Photo credit: Joshua Doubeck / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).

These unpredictable earthquakes can have devastat...


Voters Want Criminal Justice Reform. Are Politicians Listening? The Marshall Project

Midterms show wide support across party lines for changing the system.


Yes, Doctors Should Stay In Their Lane On Gun Policy The Federalist

The NRA has every right to call out groups that use science to conceal their political arguments.


Using Transgender Arguments, Dutch Man Demands Birth Certificate Say Hes 20 Years Younger The Federalist

'I want to change my age. My feeling about my body and about my mind is that Im about 40 or 45.'


Macrons Call For A European Army Is An Obvious Bluff The Federalist

Monsieur Macron wants to have a joint European military superpower and thinks a united Europe can face China, Russia, and the United States. Good luck.


Orson Welless Recovered Last Feature Is An Absolute Masterpiece The Federalist

How a fabled film, long in the works, was ultimately releasedand triumphed.


Dan Crenshaws Smart Strategy: Engage, Dont Rage The Federalist

Raging at culture is the best way for conservatives to get shut out of it. Dan Crenshaw gets it.


Trump Admin Cements Little Sisters Exemption To The Contraceptive Mandate The Federalist

For now, the Little Sisters of the Poor can stop defending themselves against unnecessary litigation that attempted to force nuns, of all blessed people, to pay for birth control.


SNLs Booty Kings Video Mocks Sexist RappersAnd Their Woke Critics The Federalist

The segment draws laughs partly because sexism, misogyny, and objectifying women generally have a long, undignified tradition in hip-hop.


5 Pieces Of Advice For New Moms Like Kate Upton The Federalist

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander just welcomed their new baby into the world. Heres some advice from experienced mothers to couples with or expecting a newborn.


Bohemian Rhapsody Reminds Us What The Music World Lost With Freddie Mercurys Death The Federalist

The amazing part of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is how Rami Malek channeled Freddie Mercury rather than impersonated him.


Why Nostalgia For The Old Lifetime Job Economy Is Misguided And Dangerous The Federalist

We decry as oppressive a one-size-fits-all approach to almost everything else in life. Why insist we apply such a standard for our employment?


4 Better Ways To Address Pre-Existing Conditions Than Obamacare The Federalist

Obamacare uprooted the entire market to address a comparatively small universe of truly uninsurable patients. A better reform would use a more specialized approach.


Revisiting Battlestar Galactica: No Exit And Deadlock The Federalist

Galactica is literally and figuratively falling apart, while humanity struggles with Cylon integration.


Illegal alien released by sanctuary city ends up murdering three people in Missouri Dems cheer illegals Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

Illegal alien released by sanctuary city ends up murdering three people in Missouri Dems cheer illegals

When those on the far-Left bash POTUS Donald Trump as a racist for his calls to build a border wall and end so-called sanctuary cities, they are doing so in part as a means of distracting us from the myriad of criminal acts committed by illegals who have been released into society by Democratic policies. 

Just like their claims that there is no such thing as voter fraud are lies, so too are their claims that illegal immigrants dont commit heinous criminal acts and those sanctuary city policies always benefit us.

Take the case of Luis Rodrigo Perez, an illegal alien who was arrested in Middlesex County, New Jersey in December 2017 on charges of domestic assault and battery. He was summarily released by authorities under a sanctuary policy by local authorities despite the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement requested a detainer on him.

From there, Perez somehow made his way to Missouri, where he then proceeded to murder three people over a two-day time span. 

Had ICEs detainer request in December 2017 been honored by Middlesex County Jail,  Luis Rodrigo Perez would have been placed in deportation proceedings and likely sent home to his country and three innocent people might be alive today, said Corey Price, acting ICE executive associate director, according to the Washington Times which was cited by PJ Media.

John Ts...


What Do You Do When You Need to Change Everything? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Our cities are struggling financially. But culturally, we lack a common understanding to explain why this is, let alone decide what to do about it.

Many people want to believe were simply not paying enough taxes. Others believe that our tax rates are too high. We might have too little regulation, or not enough. Some say we need an active government, and some, more of a free market. But at Strong Towns, we dont see things in such binary ways.

Plenty of Americans wish we would listen to the experts and hand things over to the people who claim they know what needs to be done. Others believe we have too many experts, and that they know a lot less than they think they do. 

Were more nuanced here at Strong Towns; a little expertise combined with a lot of humility can be a powerful force for good.

A Cultural Consensus That Lacks Real Understanding


One area where we have something approaching an American cultural consensus is our need to spend more money on infrastructure. Left, right, center... it seems most people can agree on this. But Strong Towns advocates think differently. 

What we at Strong Towns have seen so clearly is that our cities struggle not from the lack of a cultural consensus, but because of one.

Weve structured our economy around the principles of the Suburban Experiment, an approach to growth that provides lots of short-term rewards at the expense of our long-term strength and resiliency. Our cultural consensus on infrastructure spending is built on false statistics and short-term planning, but it lacks a common understanding about the root causes of financial failure and financial success.

Strong Cities, Towns and Neighborhoods

If America is going to be a strong country, it must first have strong cities, towns and neighborhoods.

We can't manufacture prosperity with infrastructure spending or federal dollars; it has to be built from the bottom up.

We understand that cities become strong and resilient when they grow incrementally, when they shun the easy path of simplistic solutions and instead do the hard work o...


Dem lawyers in Florida objects to non-citizens ballot being thrown out as efforts to steal 2018 midterms accelerate Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


Dem lawyers in Florida objects to non-citizens ballot being thrown out as efforts to steal 2018 midterms accelerate

All Americans even those who are not enamored with Republicans or POTUS Donald Trump should be alarmed by whats happening in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and California nearly a week after the 2018 midterms.

Democratic operatives are now engaged in a widespread and brazen effort to steal a number of elections that were won convincingly by GOP candidates during the 2018 midterms, and theyre doing it by committing outright voter fraud in many cases.

How bad has it gotten? Democratic lawyers in Florida are actually trying to force the state to count the ballots of non-citizens who have no legal right to vote in federal elections which is patently illegal.

As The Federalist reported over the weekend:

During review of provisional ballots to determine whether a recount is justified in the tight Florida governor, senate, and agriculture commission races, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher identified a voter as a non-citizen and declared that the ballot would not be counted.

Attorneys representing the Democratic candidate for Senate Bill Nelson and the Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum objected. A copy of the uncertified transcript shows the interaction.

How can you object to disallowing a non-citizens ballot? Its easy if youre a Left-wing Democratic operative who has no use for the rule of law when it benefits the Republican Party.

At the end of voting in the Sunshine State following last Tuesdays midterm electio...


When the Communications Go Down, Its Go Time! Paul Martin-The CSS Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show

 In this interview, Paul Martin states that when the phones go down, it is go time. This is the classic take out the command and control before attacking. The only problem is that your command and control that is going to be attacked.  Here is the story



The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are Available on Megaphone. The way to access them is to go to either Google Play, I-Tunes or Spotify. The shows are listed under The Common Sense Show

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Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

After he was charged in January with burglary, DAngelo Springer had a decision to make.

Springer, 24, had been pulled over after running a stop sign in Kankakee County. He was giving a ride to an acquaintance, who had an arrest warrant in a neighboring county. When officers searched the car, according to police reports, they found a checkbook behind the passenger seat that had been taken in a car break-in. Springer denied he was involved, but he was charged with felony burglary, which could have sent him to prison.

Signing up for the program cost $250, money Springer would have to scrape together.

Administered by a for-profit company called CorrectiveSolutions, the Kankakee County program and others like it require suspects to pay fees and take courses related to their charges some of the courses in person, others through interactive online seminars. Prosecutors also may add conditions such as community service or drug or alcohol testing. Fees are divided between the companies and the prosecutors office, though the comp...

West Virginias Natural Gas Industry Keeps Pushing to Whittle Away Payments to Residents Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

For decades, Arnold and Mary Richards collected monthly royalty checks most recently from $1,000 to $1,500 for the natural gas sucked up from beneath their West Virginia farm by small, old wells.

So in 2016, when EQT Corp. drilled six new gas wells, the Ritchie County couple expected to see their royalty payments skyrocket. The much-larger wells would collect far more natural gas from the Marcellus Shale formation, which is fueling the boom in the states gas industry.

The Richards checks did grow considerably. But the couple also saw something they didnt expect: EQT was cutting the size of those new checks.

Get Our Top Investigations

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EQT began deducting for what it said was the cost of transporting the gas, for processing the gas and even for state taxes. All told, since November 2016, the Richardses calculated they were missing about $235,000 in royalties.

The Richardses had looked closely at their lease agreements. The agreements stated that EQT would give them 12.5 percent of the revenue generated from the wells. They didnt say anything about allowing deductions. So the Richardses went to court, filing a federal suit against...


When Will The Crazies Quit? Trump's "Chosen One" Supporters Are Bolder, Crazier, More Commercial Than Ever OpEdNews

Will the Christian crazies ever quit? Not as long as there are people who buy into their .


Anti-Indian hate crimes rose dramatically in first year of Trump presidency Indianz.Com News

Hate crimes against Native Americans increased a whopping 63 percent after Donald Trump took office.


The Iron Dome: What You Need to Know About Israels ABM System 21st Century Wire

Following the recent botched Israeli raid in Gaza, Palestinian resistance retaliated with rocket fire into Israeli-held territory which then led Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. Western news outlets have been keen to show the effectiveness of Israels Iron Dome defense system, supposedly repelling all Palestinian rockets being lobbed their way. How does this system work, and does it really stop all incoming ordnances?

Despite the hype surrounding Israels celebrated Iron Dome, readers should know that this system was devised, installed, run and maintained by the US Military, as part of a project run out of the Pentagons EUCOM base headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Only in the last few years has the Pentagon gradually handed certain aspects of their operation to the IDF.

Defense analysts at South Front break down the details of this missile defense system

Israel is actively employing its Iron Dome anti-ballistic missile system during the ongoing military escalation over the Gaza Strip. According to fresh reports, Palestinain forces have launched over 400 projectiles at targets in southern Israel since October 12. The Israeli military claims that at least 100 of these rockets were intercepted.

Escalation In Gaza. All What You Need To Know About Israels Iron Dome ABM System

Iron Dome Origins

Since its inception, Israel has faced difficult political and m...


Drink hibiscus tea to naturally lower your blood pressure Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Hibiscus plants are often used as landscape shrubs because of their beautiful and brightly colored blossoms. But according to a study, these pretty flowers can also be used to make tea. High blood pressure (hypertension) is a long-term condition that may cause life-threatening problems, such as heart attack. While Western medicine advocates for the...


Blackberries are one of the best foods to eat for a healthier immune system Alternative News Network


(Natural News) Despite their name, blackberries (Rubus fruticosus) are less of a berry and more of an aggregate fruit. These fruits have been used for their medicinal properties for over 2,000 years. It should come as no surprise then that in their search for viable methods of reducing swelling in vulnerable tissues, researchers from the University of



Cronkite News: Arizona voters send first woman to U.S. Senate Indianz.Com News

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has defeated Republican Martha McSally in the highly contested race.


44 Declared Dead in Californias Deadliest Wildfires Guardian Liberty Voice

Overall, 44 people have lost their lives in Californias wildfires. There are six infernos raging through the state; Woolsey and Hill fires, in Ventura County; Alder, Mountaineer, and Moses fires, in the Sequoia National Forest; and the Camp Fire, in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands have been forced to flee their homes []


In November We Remember Those Who Gave Everything It's Going Down

The post In November We Remember Those Who Gave Everything appeared first on It's Going Down.

Veteran Tariq Khan reflects on the hollow legacy of Veterans Day and connects the history of November 11 to remembering those who fought for a better world.

By Tariq Khan and other BRRN members

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the working class people who made up the rank-and-file of the worlds most deadly militaries of the era, ceased firing at each other. This armistice unofficially ended the war to end all wars. And in several nations, November 11 became Armistice Day; a solemn day to reflect on the murderous futility of militarism, and to commit to peace. A tradition was born of observing a moment of silence at 11:00 am on November 11. To this day some still uphold this tradition.

But the notion of a war to end war was always a lie. As long as there is the rule of capital, as long as there is empire, as long as there is colonization, as long as there is racial domination, as long as there is patriarchy, as long as there is the state there is war. After a second, larger, more technologically advanced war to end wars, as the U.S. entered a period of constant war, of proxy war, of secret war, of Cold War, the President of U.S. Empire Dwight Eisenhower changed Armistice Day, a solemn day of peace, to Veterans Day, a day to glorify militarism not to be confused with Memorial Day or Armed Forces Day, which are likewise days the U.S. government has appointed to mystify the publics mind with patriotic militaristic lies.

Tomb stones with flags at Arlington national cemetary.

So here we are on November 11th.

November 11th. In 1831, Black people across Southampton County, Virginia, rebelled against slavery. Led by Nat Turner, the rebels walked silently from one slave labor camp to another, killing enslavers and freeing enslaved people along the way. The state and ordinary white society responded with murderous cruelty to uphold white supremacy and slavery. White vigilantes extrajudicially tortured and murdered some 120 Black people, regardless of involvement in the rebellion. The state executed some 55 Black people suspected of involvement with the rebellion. On November 11, 1831, in Jerusalem, Virginia, the state hanged Nat Turner, then flayed his body and beheaded him, to terrorize other Black people into submission. Through this kind of sadistic, ritualistic, group cruelty against Black people in Virginia, white people reestablished white domination in the region. November 11th.



Muscogee (Creek) Nation condemned for changes at media outlet Indianz.Com News

The formerly independent Mvskoke Media is being placed under the control of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation's executive branch.


Is Medicare Socialism? Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Health Editors Note: As of 2015 Medicare provided health insurance for over 55,000,000 with 46,000,000 older and 9,000,000 younger than 65.  Medicare covers about half the healthcare charges.  Enrollees are responsible for the remainder of the costs. Medicare is a single-payer national health insurance program.  It began in 1966 under the auspices of the Social []


Sussex 2 Sussex: From Death Row to An Empty Cell It's Going Down

The post Sussex 2 Sussex: From Death Row to An Empty Cell appeared first on It's Going Down.

A report from Black liberation prisoner Kevin Rashid Johnson, as the State continues to move and harass him.

Because I struggle to give a voice and human face to and to publicize abuses suffered by my imprisoned peers, help them challenge their mistreatment and work to educate them on their human rights and true role within Amerikas overall exploitative, oppressive and racist political-economic system, officials have always aimed to isolate me from them.

When years of these repressive efforts failed, in 2012 the Virginia Department of Corruptions (VDOC) new token Black director, Harold Clarke had me transferred out of state. Because I continued this work everywhere else I went. I was subsequently expelled from three other states (Oregon, Texas and Florida). Texas and Florida being recognized by the courts and media as two of Amerikas most corrupt and abusive prison systems and Oregon among its most racist.[1]

When Florida gave Virginia an ultimatum to come get me within five days, this left Virginia little option but to take me back since they couldnt arrange to send me elsewhere on such short notice. So, on June 12th I was returned to Red Onion State Prison where I immediately began publicizing abuses. After only a month there I was moved to Virginias Sussex 1 State Prison and put on death row, although I have no death sentence.

Apparently this seemed the ideal immediate place to isolate me, since only three men remained on Virginias Death Row and are held in an otherwise empty 44-cell pod where they could be housed in cells far away from me. Also, despite the dangerous stigma prison officials love to project against Death Row prisoners, they are recognized to be the least problematic of all prisoners. In this regard Virginia officials apparently expected their Death Row prisoners to meekly accept orders not to communicate with me. Their plan failed miserably.

So three months later (on October 17th) I was transferred to Sussex 2 State Prison and put in solitary confinement with designs to make my living conditions decidedly worse.

Life on Death Row

Throughout my stay at Sussex 1State Prison the Death Row prisoners refused orders to not talk to me despite the wardens trying everything from attempted bribery and threats, to revoking privileges and trying to make living condition harsher on Death Row.

Officials there were vocally incensed by my publicizing the case of Thomas Porter, one of the Death Row men, and his...


President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal? Alternative News Network


Is it normal to threaten millions of people with starvation if their leaders refuse to bow down to US demands?

The post President Trumps Iran Policy Is It Normal? appeared first on Alternative News Network.


#TexasFightBack: Protest Katie Hopkins on Campus It's Going Down

The post #TexasFightBack: Protest Katie Hopkins on Campus appeared first on It's Going Down.

University of Texas students call on Austin to protest Katie Hopkins, a British white nationalist who has encouraged Europe to meet migrants with gunships

On Tuesday November 13, UT students and greater Austin residents will gather outside UTs Patton Hall to protest white nationalist Katie Hopkins scheduled speech. The UT chapter of Turning Point USA is hosting Hopkins, who is known for her extreme anti-migrant and Islamophobic rhetoric. Hopkins has advocated for the use of gunships against refugees entering Europe and a final solution for Muslims. In 2017, she collaborated with Defend Europe, a white supremacist organization with ties to Generation Identity.

Antifascist UT students mark the actions of Turning Point USAs new chapter with concern. As Texans prepare to welcome the Central American migrant caravan, Hopkins brings racist sentiments that have incited violence against Muslims and migrants in her home country of the UK.

White supremacy is not an ideological position to be debated, it is a political force to be dismantled. While Turning Point masks their complicity in white nationalism under the guise of free speech, we know that these speakers do not come for good faith dialogue or honest debate, but to propagandize and normalize their rhetoric and the violence it entails. The ties between Hopkinss rhetoric and spikes in hate crimes are not accidentalthey are evidence of the direct link between white nationalist speech and the political project of white supremacy, which entails violence and domination.

Our response to fascism is not to appeal to institutions like the State, Police, or the Universitywhich themselves are built upon a foundation of white supremacy and regularly collaborate with fascist movementsbut to organize community responses. We have put out a call for a mass mobilization to oppose Eurofash Katie Hopkins and Turning Point USA in order to drown out, shut down, and raise the costs associated with white nationalist activities. We believe in mobilizing our communities to defend ourselves against rising fascismwhether it manifests in white nationalist speakers, or the everyday white supremacy at the core of our society.

No pasarn!



Vaughn 17 Court Support Summary, 2nd Week It's Going Down

The post Vaughn 17 Court Support Summary, 2nd Week appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from court on the end of the second week of Vaughn 17 trial.

Peoples mentality is theyre victims of circumstance. They fail to realize they were victims before C BuildingThose who understand the uprising needed to happen [] started from one thought (amazing)Now I truly know the concept of the tree inside the seed If my number gets called Im going pro se, fuck a suit, Ill wear a T-shirt and DOC pantsIts gonna be epic, especially when I cross-examine their witnesses. It wasnt about violence, that part is easyExpose this place so the public and the government will take notice Id say I got their attention [] This shit was supposed to happen.

Were stronger on the other side of adversity. [] I appreciate you keeping me aware of whats going on on earthFoolish humans. Staying aware is staying alive.

Dwayne Staats, from transcribed excerpts of an intercepted letter read out loud in court on Friday

Yesterday, court was well-attended with supporters, with media, and also with agents/affiliates of the state. Court began early with AG Downs, defense counsel for Deric Forney, B. Gifford and pro se/defendant J. Ayers finishing questioning of a state witness from yesterday who had custody of paper documents entered as evidence in the case before they were transferred for professional forensic handwriting analysis.

The rest of the morning saw testimony from Andrew Sulner, a career forensic analyst who is also an attorney. He explained how handwriting analysis works, what it can be certain of, what it is not certain of/what it cant rule out and how the paper documents (both the letter alleged to have been written by R. Shankaras and the letter alleged to have been written by D. Staats, but NOT the list of demands in blue ink on yellow paper that we have seen entered in evidence) were analyzed and reported on.

There was discussion about state witness from the prior week, H.J. Anderson, and his process of review under the recently retooled habitual offender statute, including how that may or may not relate to his having assisted the state in this case. We were informed that the law is nuanced, which was of course a mesmerizing insight.

State witness Sergeant David Weaver started testifying before lunch break, being questioned by AG Downs. We will note that he has been sitting at the states table the entire trial. His testimony centered on the kites that...


Joe Walshs Second Annual VETSAID 2018 Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

Joe Walshs Second Annual VETSAID 2018 was a Soaring Success The Capacity Crowd Tacoma Dome Featured Performances by Don Henley, James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, Haim and Walsh with an All Star Finale Let by Ringo Star November 11, 2018 Tonight the stars came to the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington to show their appreciation []


Twin Cities, MN: A Weekend of Solidarity Against Fascism & Anti-Semitism It's Going Down

The post Twin Cities, MN: A Weekend of Solidarity Against Fascism & Anti-Semitism appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following communique was originally published on the Conflict MN website.

It reads:

Over the weekend of November 9th, several properties owned by Julius DeRoma were attacked. Club Jger, Hansa Corporation, and DeRomas home were subject to dozens of rotten eggs being flung at the targets.

DeRomas Club Jger has had several problems since reopening after being exposed as a political contributor to the former KKK Grand Master David Duke. Some of those problems involve infestation of pests, other than Nazi scum.

Julius DeRoma has several ties to Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and has contributed to several fascists including Patrick Little, a vehement White Nationalist that supports violence against Jews. Patrick Little was also in contact with Robert Bowers the fascist that murdered 11 people at the Synagogue in late October. Julius DeRoma has hosted holocaust denier David Irving in 2012. Our struggle to combat fascism doesnt stop here, and our campaign against DeRoma has only just begun.

Solidarity Means Attack.

With Love & Rage,

An Unruly Crew of Twin Cities Anti-Fascists


Celebrations at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans Hosts Veterans Day Celebrations to Honor Veterans and Service Members The National WWII Museum in New Orleans celebrated Veterans Day this weekend with its annual Victory Ball and Veterans Day commemorative morning ceremony. On Friday, the Museum hosted guests for the Victory Ball, a 1940s themed event held to honor []


Tucson, AZ: For a Future Without Fascism, For A World Without Walls It's Going Down

The post Tucson, AZ: For a Future Without Fascism, For A World Without Walls appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following video and report was anonymously submitted to Its Going Down, which we republish here.

It reads:

On the anniversary of Kristallnacht we dropped a banner near downtown Tucson, AZ.

We offered this small gesture in honor of  those who fell at the hands of fascism 80 years ago and in solidarity with those who rise to fight in this current moment. While we mourn in the wake of the anti-Semitic attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, we also choose to fight.

For a Future Without Fascism,

For a World Without Walls,

From the borderlands to Gaza.

Whether fascism comes in the form of nazis marching in Chemnitz or the U.S. military mobilizing in the borderlands, well rise to meet the challenge.


Ann Arbor, MI: Banner Drop To Remember Aura Rosser, Murdered by A2 Cops It's Going Down

The post Ann Arbor, MI: Banner Drop To Remember Aura Rosser, Murdered by A2 Cops appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following report and photos was anonymously sent to Its Going Down, which we report here.

It reads:

On the snowy morning of Friday November 9th, a banner was hung on a pedestrian overpass over I-94 in Ann Arbor to greet workers as they commuted into the city. Reading Remember Aura Rosser, Murdered by A2 Cops the banner both calls on the passer-by to remember Aura, while directly laying the blame for her death at the feet of the Ann Arbor Police Department.

Aura Rosser was murdered on November 10, 2014 by Ann Arbor police. Ann Arbor police officers Mark Raab and David Ried responded to a police call from Rossers partner. Within 5 to 10 seconds of arriving at the home, officer Raab discharged his taser while Ried shot and killed her.

Officer Rieds decision to kill Aura must be seen within the context of national and international disregard for the lives of Black and Brown people.

Aura was a Black woman, mother of three, an artist, and a Lansing native who moved to Ann Arbor a month before being murdered. By accounts of those who knew and loved her, she was a beautiful, creative, and soulful woman. She was smart and strong, and defended herself against the exploitative men in her life.

We need to commemorate her artistry, her poetry, her motherhood, her being in this world. She had friends and family. She had spirit. She loved. She stood up for herself. She did not need to die. We demand justice for Aura Rosser!



Phone Zap!: Get Comrade Malik Out of Solitary! It's Going Down

The post Phone Zap!: Get Comrade Malik Out of Solitary! appeared first on It's Going Down.

IWOC member and prison rebel Comrade Malik is in need of help! Take part in the call-in campaign to help get him out of solitary!


Incarcerated activist Keith Malik Washington has experienced intense, targeted harassment ever since he began speaking out against the brutal conditions faced by incarcerated people in Texas and nationwidebut over the past few months, prison officials have intensified this retaliation even further.

In Administrative Segregation (solitary confinement) at McConnell Unit, Malik has experienced frequent humiliating strip searches, medical neglect, mail tampering and censorship, confinement 23 hours a day to a cell that reached 100+ degrees in the summer, and other daily abuses too numerous to name.

Most importantly, Maliks placement in Ad-Seg is a textbook example of political repression: a punitive response to organizing against the exploitation and dehumanization of prison slavery.

Please make calls to the prison officials below to demand Maliks release from Ad-Seg and an immediate END to abuses against him!


Malik was thrown into Ad-Seg in 2016 for endorsing the nationwide prison strike to #EndPrisonSlavery. To this day, prison officials acknowledge that he is in solitary for political activismthat is, for encouraging people to engage in non-violent tactics of work refusal and boycotts of prison industries.

And it gets worse: Malik was cleared for release from Ad-Seg back in June, but the decision was abruptly reversed on the basis of information allegedly received by a shadowy, unaccountable intelligence operation called a Fusion Centerinformation that has never been disclosed, evaluated or verified by anyone, ever.


Make the calls on Tuesday (ideally between 9AM-1PM) and send emails to addresses provided. Call script provided below!

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier
Phone: (936)295-6371

McConnell Unit Senior Warden Philip Sinfuentes
Phone: (361) 362-2300

TCDJ Region IV Director Miguel Martinez
Phone: (361) 362-6328



30 Deaths That Were Caused By Famous People True Activist

Source: True Activist

Although being a celebrity certainly comes with a slew of benefits, they are still human, and therefore must conform to the law just like the rest of us regular folk. So when celebrities happen to fall on the wrong side of the justice system, they also need to be accountable for their actions. And unfortunately at times, those actions are horrific ones that have resulted in the death of another human being.

Here are 30 celebrities who have actually killed someone in real life.



Philly: Keystone State Skinheads Plan to Attend We The People Rally It's Going Down

The post Philly: Keystone State Skinheads Plan to Attend We The People Rally appeared first on It's Going Down.

Update from Philly Antifa that neo-Nazi skinheads have stated on online forums that they plan to rally alongside Proud Boys and militia members in Philadelphia on November 17th. A mass mobilization under the banner of #PushBack has been planned. More info here.

ALERT: Keystone State Skinheads co-founder and de-facto leader Bob Gaus plans to bring a crew of KSS boneheads to the We The People rally being organized in Philly on Nov 17th by the Proud Boys and Three Percenter militia members. Fellow KSS member Bryan Vanagaitis has also been on the event page liking various comments.

The rally organizers have refused to bar them from attending, instead making vague statements about displays of hate not being allowed. What does that mean? It means nazis welcome, as long as you act in a media-friendly way.

Several KSS members are currently under indictment for a bias attack in Avalon, PA in which they attacked a black man at a bar. The last time an organized group of KSS came to Philly, they brutally attacked 2 Anti-Racists who were on the way to protest them.

We need EVERYONE in the streets to #pushback against this alliance of Nazis, Proud Boys and Threepers on the 17th! The rally organizers have their plausible deniability and thats all that matters to them. KSS has a group of nazi-sympathizing rubes to use as cover and to swell their numbers. Stay safe, bring lots of friends, and dont be intimidated by these bigots!

UPDATE: A few of the organizers of We The People are claiming that theyve told KSS they are not wanted. We are skeptical considering it took them hours to acknowledge that KSS intended to attend (while posting other updates on the event page) despite it being brought to their attention almost immediately by some of their own supporters. They then made the statement we refer to above about displ...


Peace Congress Calls For Unity Around April 4 NATO Protests PopularResistance.Org

The Peace Congress, held in place of the Trump Military Parade, brought together more than 100 people seeking to build a more effective peace and justice movement to end the wars at home and abroad. The Peace Congress celebrated their success in helping to stop the Trump military parade and used the opportunity to come together to develop plans to build the peace and anti-imperialist movement.


Is Russia Arming the Taliban to Avenge Loss of Ukraine? Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

By Nauman Sadiq, VT Islamabad On November 9, Russia hosted talks between Afghanistans High Peace Council, the members of the Taliban from its Doha, Qatar office and representatives from eleven regional states, including China, India, Iran and Pakistan. The meeting showcased Russias re-emergence as a proactive global power and its regional clout. At the same []


Mexico: A Modest Agitation, Full of Rage, Against the 50-Year Prison Sentence of Our Compaero Miguel Peralta It's Going Down

The post Mexico: A Modest Agitation, Full of Rage, Against the 50-Year Prison Sentence of Our Compaero Miguel Peralta appeared first on It's Going Down.

Yesterday, a group of anarchists carried out an act of disruption in the Anarchists exhibit in the National Museum of Revolution in Mexico City. The action was an act of solidarity with anarchist political prisoner Miguel Peralta after his recent 50-year sentence, along with solidarity for the other six political prisoners of Eloxochitln de Flores Magn, Oaxaca who still await sentencing. It was an act of remembrance for the recently deceased compaeros Kevin Garrido and Mikhail Zhlobitsky. Furthermore, it was an act of disruption of the institutionalization and commodification of anarchist history in Mexico, into political party discourses and state-run museums and anniversary celebrations.


On October 26th, 2018, the judge Juan Leon Montiel of the Mixed District Court of Huautla de Jimnez, Oaxaca, dictated a 50-year sentence against our anarchist compaero, Miguel Peralta, Mazateco prisoner and member of the Community Assembly of Eloxochitln de Flores Magn. This sentence was dictated after four years of incompetence, irregularities and other obstacles led by the Zepeda cacique family in collusion with this judge and other state authorities. It is evident that Elisa Zepeda, now local representative for MORENA, who also holds the position of municipal president in Eloxochitln, is behind this resolution, imposed according to her logic of power and terror against the organized community. While six other prisoners of the assembly continue imprisoned without sentence and dozens of families are displaced and threatened, Elisa Zepeda and her cacique group, in collusion with state power and protected by her political party, make use of the conventional clientelist tools to obtain legal immunity: protection through money, political favors, intimidation, fabrication of crimes, incarceration and dispossession. These clientelist tools accompany the escalation of power led by the current MORENA representative.

On the other hand, the alliance between MORENA and the liberal citizenship wing of anarchism are seen as the respectable, appropriate subjects. They seek to make anarchy an ideology inoffensive to power. They seek to extract the critical current from anarchism making it fit perfectly in this so-called Fourth Transformation. This new governmental regime seeks to break down radical and revolutionary social struggle, homogenizing social movements as part of the democratic government. It seeks to distance so...


Jason Walker Calls for Support against Staff Misconduct and Fake Disciplinary Hearings It's Going Down

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In this article, Jason Walker discusses the latest in a long series of attempts to punish him by framing him with false charges. He asks that people contact Ellis Unit warden Kelly Strong, who can be reached at (936) 295-5756 (**010) or, to pass on a message along the following lines:

Hello, I am contacting you about inmate Jason Renard Walker #1532092, and disciplinary cases #201900581891 and #20190058193. Mr. Walker reports that on November 6th 2018, Disciplinary Hearing Officer Cpt. Hill held an unrecorded disciplinary hearing, which goes against all due practice, where counsel substitute A. McMillian attended, supposedly to represent Mr. Walker, but behaved in a hostile and disruptive fashion throughout. Please investigate Mr. Walkers grievances thoroughly and do everything in your power to ensure that these cases are conducted in a proper fashion, with no further violation of his due process rights.

You can also pass this message on to Strongs boss, Regional Director Wayne Brewer, at or (936) 437-1770, and file official complaints with the TDCJ Ombudsmans office at and (936) 437-4927.

The Ellis Unit in Huntsville, TX, has a very crafty and sadistic closed-door disciplinary hearing committee and counsel substitute program, that shocks the conscious. It deters a person of ordinary firmness from using the counsel substitute as an advocate.

A. McMillian is an older woman who appears to have serious competency and behavioral issues, and raw hate for young men of color. This is who advocates for us in disciplinary hearings.

On November 2, 2018, I was notified by another incompetent counsel substitute, Ms. Wiseniske, that I was being charged with threatening two Telford unit nurses: LVN Becky Ramirez and RN Destanie Crudy. Bo...


Philadelphia, PA: Call to Action to Oppose Proud Boys, Militias, and Neo-Nazi Skinhead Gang Holding Nationalist Rally It's Going Down

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Call for a mass mobilization against far-Right groups rallying in Philadelphia on November 17th.

On Saturday, November 17, a coalition of far-Right groups spearheaded by The Proud Boys and various militia groups, along with Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads, one of the most violent white supremacist gangs in Pennsylvania, will be gathering in Philadelphia for a We the People Rally.

Weve seen nationwide the violence and bigoted terror that happens when the far-Right organizes under the guise of Patriotism or Nationalism, and weve seen the deadly consequences of an emboldened insurgent fascist movement thats been allowed a platform upon which to fester and spread their toxic and evil ideology.

We urge all people who can make it to show up and oppose them, to not concede a single inch and to not allow them any chance to recruit or grow in power. There will be a mass action coordinated by the Pushback Campaign to oppose them at the Independence Hall Visitor Center at 10:00 AM. Dress how you see fit to keep yourself safe, though recall that dressing explicitly in black bloc in Philadelphia is often met with severe and violent...


Cohen to Talk to Special Counsel Robert Muellers Team Alternative News Network


Meeting latest in a series of sitdowns hes had since pleading guilty in August

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New Report: Post 9/11 Veterans losing housing affordability war OpEdNews

A new research report shows how different generations of veterans have fared in the housing market compared to each other and their civilian peers.


Milwaukee, WI: Protect Trans Lives Banner Drop It's Going Down

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The following photo and report was anonymously submitted to Its Going Down which we reprint below.

It reads:

Some anarchists in Milwaukee got up early to drop a PROTECT TRANS LIVES banner over rush-hour traffic on I-43 northbound where the Oak Leaf trail crosses the freeway.

Gender is a construct. It can be dismantled, fucked with, and overcome.

We will defend, celebrate and protect those who defy the dictates of heteronormativity and fascism. 

Against order. Against banality. Against the violence of patriarchy.

Queer and trans liberation is the liberation of all.


On the Importance of the Smyrna 17 Case It's Going Down

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MaSalaam Fariha reports from the trial of the continuing Vaughn (Smyrna) 17 case.

Welcome to James T. Vaughn State Prison, its physical address is on Paddock Road, for those unfamiliar with the word Paddock here is an introduction: as noun its used as a small field or enclosure where horses are kept or exercised, and as a verb it is used to keep or enclose a horse in paddock.

I been part of a small support group for the inmates from Washington D.C., we try to drive up there at least twice a week, we usually take notes, and think of creative ways to bring attention to the case. I am going to refrain from reporting too much about what was said and focus on the most important facts.

For nearly 18 hours on Feb. 1, 2017, inmates seized the building, taking hostages and demanding better programming, education, and treatment from prison staff, a Delaware news outlet recently reported, they continued by stating that Forty-five years ago, in what is now Building C at Vaughn, a group of young, black men was part of a similar occurrence with the acceptation that this time one CO was killed.

What every article, or report about this case failed to report is that there is no evidence tying the defendants to the murder of this CO, as a matter of fact, the governments star witness is a former co-defendant by the name of Royal Diamond Downs aka Master Splinter (former BGF member and Baltimore native. About 14 years ago he was transferred from Maryland to Delaware in a state agreement for snitching on people in Baltimore in another riot case, as a matter of fact one time throughout trial one radio communication piece that was played, as the negotiator was a witness called in by the government. Identified Downss voice clearly saying, this is not a game, if you do not bring me the media and the governor your staff is going down.

I had the honor to meet two of the former Smyrna 5, and had a conversation with another elder black Muslim brother, the topic was Delaware, specifically Wilmington, I mean why was this little city hauling around with a nickname such as murder town USA. According to the census bureau Wilmington Delaware Wilmington, DE has a population of 71,502 people, the is 56.6% Black, 27.6% White, and 12.2% Hispanic. 12.3% of the people in Wilmington, DE speak a non-English language. It is also the corporation capital, which means most corporations have either an address there or their headquarters, but they do NOT hire, and I quote any of the young folks here, and people got to eat (as stated by the elder). I am not sure where the so-called white population lives, because I have not seen them driving or w...


How the Media Serve Trump OpEdNews

The media has made Donald Trump. They wait impatiently for his next tweet or rant. The corporate news media has given him millions in free, inadequately challenged advertising for his 2020 re-election campaign. The news media should rethink how they cover this president.


Vatican Suspends Vote on Commission to Hold Pedophile Priests Accountable Alternative News Network


US Conference of Catholic Bishops delays vote pending Vatican approval.

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The U.S. Is Nothing: Caravan Organizers Brag About Violating Americas Sovereignty Alternative News Network


Watch this in-depth report on the approaching caravan the MSM refuses to cover.



The Spiritual Battle For Earth Is Real Alternative News Network


The global elite know this and want to keep the public in the dark.

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Inktober 2018, the Rest of Em Freethought Blogs

Content Warnings for Images: Blood, Gore, Artistic Nudity, Sexual Creeping

Heres the rest of the month, 12 days late. Im not going to put a proper visual caption on these. Theyre OK for a bit of visual distraction if you can see, but they just arent worth the effort to describe. Its so much digital ephemera. For this (my first) Inktober, I combined the Monsters & Mythology prompts plus the Official Prompts.

Going with the spirit of Inktober I didnt allow myself much digital work. For example, I allowed myself no additional strokes or distortion / warping though I broke the distortion rule for the image of the Zmey. I dont have every color in the universe, pen-wise, so I did allow myself subtle use of adjusting contrast, hue, saturation, brightness. I felt some drawings looked too spare without a base color, so I added a fill or gradients to those.

You can still tell I did the under-drawing for all of these with a yellow sharpie, so I couldnt erase it. I think that kinda stuff looks fun in a drawing but I know some people hate it, so sorry about that. In this batch, I put more effort into disguising that somewhat with color replacement on a number of the pictures.

As I got through the last half of the prompts, my content got a little more creepy. Let me know if anything was too much. Proceeding thus,

inktober 15th 2018

This is Manananggal + Weak.


inktober 16th 2018

This is Tikbalang + Angular. I like this guy a lot. I have a feeling of yokai that they have a barely restrained urge to scare people, like funhouse employees gone wild. This monster from the Philippines had the same feeling for me. As an outsider to both those cultures, let me know if thats wrong in bad way.


inktober 17th 2018

This is Bannik + Swollen, or is it swole?


inktober 18th 2018

This is Yeth Hound + Bottle. A yeth hound is headless and makes scary noises. This witchy lady is harvesting that for future use.




TB Is the Deadliest Infectious Disease Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

NIAID Funded Researchers Predict TB Relapse Risk NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Each year, tuberculosis (TB) kills more people than any other single infectious disease. Although tuberculosis can often be treated through a long and grueling course of antibiotics, not everyone is completely cured. Even among patients who are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) []


30 Incredible Photobombs That Will Make You LOL True Activist

Source: Source:

One of the best things about taking a photo is when you look at the final product. And sometimes, whats even better is that shock of surprise you get when you realize theres something, or someone else in the picture that wasnt supposed to be there in the first place. Whether its funny, creepy, gross or downtime crazy, finding a Photobomber in your photo is just downright fun!

Take a look at 30 of the best Photobombed photos there ever were.


Watching plants move Freethought Blogs

There is something fascinating about watching time-lapse films of plants that show them moving. Plants move so imperceptibly slowly that they seem inert so it is disconcerting to see them growing and moving towards water and sunlight as if they have a sense of awareness. Here is a case where an almost dead plant comes back to life after being given water.

(Via Rusty Blazenhoff)


31 Of The Most Expensive Toys Of All Time True Activist


Who said toys are just for kids? This entire list of playthings is actually composed of items you would never leave in the hands of your children, let alone let them play with. In fact, some of them have price tags that are so insane, they would literally break the bank. Dont believe us? Find out how someone actually spent millions on a toy at the price of 12 lamborghinis! Join us as we countdown 31 of the most expensive toys that were ever made.

Take a guess for yourself and see if you even come close to which one sits at the number one spot.


National Memorial for Peace and Justice OpEdNews

A video report from the latest project of the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, Alabama


Whitaker an Abomination of Justice OpEdNews

Matthew Whitaker cannot be acting attorney general. Before even touching the Mueller probe, he fails on five counts.


On Veterans Day, Advocates Warn Against Pence And Trump-Led Attacks on VA Healthcare OpEdNews

On Veterans Day, we take a closer look at the issue of veterans' healthcare. On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence wrote an article for Fox News touting Trump's record on veterans' health and the passage of a policy known as "Veterans Choice," which is seen by veterans' advocates as an attempt to drain the Veterans Health Administration of needed resources and eventually force privatization of the system.


Will Either Party Change Course After Midterms? Probably Not The Federalist

The Atlantic's McKay Coppins joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the midterms, 2020, and the evolving legacy of Newt Gingrich.


Planned Parenthood President Avoids The Word Abortion In Debut Interview The Federalist

CBS journalists allowed Leana Wen to uncritically repeat Planned Parenthood talking points in a softball interview her first day on the job.


Commemoration for Sandy Lake Tragedy Seeks Healing UNICORN RIOT

Big Sandy Lake, MN Descendants, relatives, and people from all walks of life have come to Big Sandy Lake, Minnesota for the last two decades to commemorate the catastrophic Sandy Lake Tragedy of 1850, in which over 400 indigenous Anishinaabeg people died from U.S.

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How To Sharpen Pencils Freethought Blogs

Well, the end of last week was a pile-on of stuff, and even as Im recovering, I have another work trip scheduled this week thats another two days of basic work productivity gone and done. At least Im not going far this time, just down to Vilnius, and I dont have to drive. Im hoping my fellow travellers will let me nap in a corner. Im just tired right now.

Anyhoo. The rat race is never-ending, as demonstrated by this video (the end was a real exercise in futility).

And you still get a song.


What Does Strong Towns Mean To You? And Who Will You Tell? Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

It's our Fall Member Drive and we've got a little challenge for you: What does Strong Towns mean to you?

When you joined Strong Towns, you became part of a movement of people ready to challenge our dominant patterns of growth and development. We have thousands of members each with their own personal reasons for being a part of a new vision to make communities stronger, and now we want to hear from you!

This week, we have a little contest for you. To enter, use the hashtag #WhyIJoinedStrongTowns and tell us what your Strong Towns membership means to you. Then tag a friend who you think should become a member, or even just someone who ought to hear about our movement for the first time. On Friday, we will draw a winner to receive their choice of Strong Towns merch, a signed book from Chuck Marohn, or an appearance on the podcast or article stream as a featured member.

Will you share your story of being a Strong Towns member this week?


Here is how you can participate in the challenge:

1. Become a member! That's the biggest way you can help the Strong Towns movement. You must be a member to participate in this contest.

2. Post your testimony. After you've joined, tag a friend on a social media post with the hashtag #WhyIJoinedStrongTowns. The current mode of development affects us all. Tell us your story of why you joined on social media.

3. Invite your friends to become members. When you post, tag one or more friends who should know about our work. Every friend you tag acts as an entry into the contest.

4. Share your photo. As a bonus, share a photo in your post. Double points if it features a Strong Towns t-shirt or logo.

You, our members, are the Strong Towns movement. Help us make it even bigger.

Join the movement


Learning From 3.7 Percent Unemployment: It's More Than Just a Number OpEdNews

Economists like to bury their mistakes. Rather than owning up to them, they tend to rewrite the past and obscure the issues involved. Because most people have little understanding of economics, they often get away with it.


White nationalist Jewish Republican loses in New Jersey Freethought Blogs

I wrote earlier about the strange phenomenon of extreme right wing parties in Germany that have been associated with xenophobia and anti-Semitism actively wooing the Jewish community and having some success, to the consternation of the major Jewish organizations in that country, surprised by the willingness to support a party that is overtly against their own community.

It turns out that we have similar strange bedfellows in the US. Seth Grossman won the Republican primary for the second congressional district in New Jersey. Grossman, who is Jewish, had made statements that diversity is a bunch of crap and had shared articles from white nationalist sites on his Facebook page. This was too much even for the Republican party who ran away from him. Grossman ran as a strong pro-Trump candidate but lost 52.3%-45.9% to Democrat Jeff Van Drew last Tuesday. This was considered a solidly Republican seat that had long been held by a Republican Frank LoBiondo who was retiring after having served since 1994.

Grossman blamed his loss on the fact that he had to spend so much time defending himself from charges of being a racist. It is truly a mystery how people got that impression.

Currently, the Democrats have won 227 seats in the 435 chamber House of Representatives, a gain of 32 from their previous total of 195. Republicans have just 198, a loss of 42 from the last Congress. There are still 10 undecided seats. When you take into account the state of the economy with its low unemployment and high business profits and booming stock market, some analysts are saying that this can be considered the worst defeat for an incumbent party in US history.

Thanks, Trump!


No more cameos Freethought Blogs

Stan Lee has died.

Althoughwho knows about the cameos? He was in the habit of filming bunches of them well ahead of the movie releases, so he may surprise us for a while to come.


Pangburn going down in flames Freethought Blogs

Pangburn Philosophy, you know, that guy who has been putting on talks all over the place featuring alt-right heroes, was going to have an event in New York this weekend called A Day of Reflection. Its been hemorrhaging speakers for quite some time Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz backed out of it a while back, they couldnt meet Jordan Peterson and Ayaan Hirsi Alis demands, and then Bari Weiss cancelled. They were reduced to booking actual progressive speakers, like Rebecca Watson and Cara Santa Maria.

Well, now thats all done.

Apparently, the problem was gross mismanagement: speakers werent getting paid, people who bought tickets ($300 for the NYC event!) to events that were cancelled werent getting reimbursed, and with that news, youd have to be nuts to buy a ticket to any Pangburn event, given its odds of getting dropped or its speaker roster changing radically, leaving you holding the bag.

Bye bye, Travis Pangburn. I dont think well be hearing much of you polluting the skeptic/atheist movement anymore.

Just for the sake of recording this, here is their original announcement for the event:

Notice the featured speakers: Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Jordan Peterson, Maajid Nawaz, Glenn Loury, and it was to be held at the Lincoln Center.

Heres the web page a few minutes ago: they lost all but Loury.



12 Signs Youve Met Someone From Your Soul Group TruthTheory

By Mateo Sol via Loner Wolf

If wanderers who are members of other sects should ask you, What, friend, are the prerequisites for the development of the wings to self-awakening? you should answer, There is the case where a monk has admirable friends, admirable companions, admirable comrades. This is the first prerequisite for the development of the wings to self-awakening. (AN 9.1)  Gautama Buddha (Anguttara Nikaya)

Have you ever come across a person who you feel as though youve known forever, even if youve just met them?

Have you ever met a person who you immediately connect with, without knowing why?

Sometimes these people actually know what youre going to say before youve said anything. Luna and I used to call this freaky mind connections because wed often think and say the exact same thing at the exact same moment.

These people who we connect with on a deep heart level are part of what is known as our Soul Family or Soul Group.

If you want to know what kind of role your Soul Group will play in your life and how to recognize members of it, keep reading.

Over 5000 people have downloaded our free ebook Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living CLICK HERE to get your free copy now

What is a Soul Group?

A Soul Group is comprised of a single person or group of people that your Soul energetically resonates with on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level at any given moment.

These people are members of the same Spirit Family as you and they share an intensely strong bond with you that transcends time and space itself. Intuitively, most people tend to descri...


Intelligent Design : Two Weeks in Chengdu and Environs

Vi and I have just returned from Chengdu, a Chinese village of seventeen million and the gateway to Tibet. Since China is of some interest to the US these days, I thought a description of sorts, actually more in the nature of a disordered travelog,  might be of interest. I hadnt been to the country for twelve years and, before that, not since living in Taiwan in the mid-Seventies. Each time, the changes were astonishing. Herewith some notes:

A caveat: we never got more than three hundred miles from the city and do not pretend to describe the country beyond what we saw.

Despite Trumps trade war we had no problems in getting visas in Guadalajara or getting through customs in Chengdu. Nobody showed us the slightest hostility. Although China is assuredly a dictatorship and vigorously represses dissent, we saw virtually no police. A friend who lived in Chngdu for several years until recently asserts that there is close to zero street crime. (White collar crime is a very different matter, he said, and seems built into Chinese culture. There are books on this.)

China is often described as a developing country. Well, sort of. Chengdu is decidedly of the First World, modern, muscular, appearing to have been recently built because it was. The downtown is beautiful, at least as cities go,  and livable. In many hours of walking aimlessly we encountered everything from elegant high-end stores selling upscale Western bands to noodle shops. It is not a poor city. A considerable number of people wear worn clothes and clearly are not overly prosperous, but nobody looked hungry and most appeared middle class. We saw no beggars or homeless people of the sort common in the US. Whether this is because there arent any, or because the government doesnt allow them on the streets, I do not know.

For anyone who knows what China was before Deng Xiaoping took over in 1978, after Mao made his greatest contribution to his countryhe diedthe growth of prosperity astouds. Many criticisms may be made of the Chinese government, some of them valid, but no other government has lifted so many people out of poverty so fast.

When I lived in Taiwan, I wondered why the Chinese, especially the mainlanders, were so backward. They seemed to have been so almost forever, certainly since well before Legation days. At the time Taiwan had a Five Year Plan for development, but so did all sorts of dirtball counties, mostly consisting of a patch of jungle, a colonel, and a torture chamber.

I noted, though, it the reader will forgive me a digression:  Taiwan was actually meeting its Plan. In the Thirld World of the time, this was a novel idea. The Jin Shan reactors were going...


As Infowars Predicted: Microchip For Buying, Travel Implanted in Hand Alternative News Network


For years, we warned that microchips for tracking and identification were coming

The post As Infowars Predicted: Microchip For Buying, Travel Implanted in Hand appeared first on...


Florida Fraud Pushes Midterms Into Madness Alternative News Network


Democrat-run county finds mysterious trove of missing ballots.

The post Florida Fraud Pushes Midterms Into Madness appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Spider Update: Cleaning day (no photos) Freethought Blogs

Ive concluded that Ive been a terrible spider daddy. What else can you say when your young spiderlings have a 90% mortality rate? I expect ICE to pound on my door any day now and give me an offer of employment at one of their detention centers.

In my defense, I am learning. My big mistake was hoping that I could keep a freshly-hatched clutch of spiderlings together for a fairly long period of time, to minimize the maintenance chores. Nope. Doesnt work. I even did some quick experiments where Id put small groups of 3 in vials of different volumes, so different population densities, and it didnt help. After a while, there would be only one.

I dont know whether it was simply that one would hog all the food, starving the others, or whether it was outright siblicide, but lesson learned: the babies get separated, day one. I just have to get a new egg sac first. Unfortunately, all Ive got now are 3 full grown adults, and theyre all females (its their own damn fault, too, since they ate their husbands).

Today was cleaning day and sorting out all the juveniles. At this point, I have a grand total of11 younguns. They all look healthy and I dont expect serious mortality issues from this point on. About a quarter of them are male (you will say, whats 25% of 11?, and I will reply that one of them is ambiguously sexed at this point, with palps that arent quite fully developed), but I cant use them to breed with the adult females, yet. Its not a worry about incest, but just that theyre roughly 1/4 to 1/2 the size of the adult behemoths, and theyre too preciously few to risk turning them into snacks.

Speaking of incest, 82% of the juveniles are children of the dearly departed Gwyneth, so there goes genetic diversity already. That may not be a bad thing, given that Gwyneth was an uber-fertile monster queen, and a little inbreeding to reduce genetic diversity is useful in a lab model. Im also planning to do some collecting trips this Spring, to get individuals who didnt all come from one house on one corner of one block in Morris, Minnesota.

Anyway, right now theyre all tucked into fresh new clean vials, given a little spritz of water vapor, and a couple o...


UK COLUMN: Putin Gives Nod to EU Army, Multipolar Order, Theresa in Wonderland 21st Century Wire

Macron drops a bombshell on EU Military Unification, which leads to the question: does Russia favor this idea? Meanwhile, rain storms cause Trump to bail from Paris Remembrance Day, but Putin undeterred, outclasses Trump. BBC tripping over their own contrived narratives, attempting to gaslight public away from a real WMD story, while pretending to save western civilization in the epic fight against fake news. All this and more.

UK Column news co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up. Watch:

EDITORS NOTE & CORRECTION: The video clip of Vladimir Putin at 10:30 mark was not taken from 2018 Armistice Anniversary in Paris as presenters inferred, but rather from a previous Remembrance Day event held on June 22, 2017, at Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Moscow. 

UKC Extra Time: Off-Air Discussion with Patrick & Mike


START EU military unification: European army to protect from Russia & USA? President Putin: Jacques Chirac talked to me about it (EU military) before Putin: positive from the standpoint of strengthening multipolarity of the world 04:59 Ex-RN Admiral: modern warfare requires tight military and political control Britain losing this ability as well as NATORussia has learned to master this EU military union will not offer this control 07:22 Armistice Centenary: President Trump joins other world leaders Macron more orange than Trump these days? 09:26 Treason May: Mansion House speechstill no evidence against Russia May lost in Alice in Wonderland 11:55 Saudi Arabia: Jeremy Hunt visits t...


Yemeni War Deaths Have Been Underestimated By 5 To 1 Total Deaths in Yemen Top More Than 100,000 The Last American Vagabond

Civilian casualties in the three-year horror in Yemen has been vastly underestimated by mainstream organizations, reports Nicolas Davies. An NGO responsible for reporting on war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it has underestimated the casualties in the three-year-old conflict by at least five to one. Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project had originally estimated []

The post Yemeni War Deaths Have Been Underestimated By 5 To 1 Total Deaths in Yemen Top More Than 100,000 appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Documenting Hate: New American Nazis, Coming Soon From ProPublica and Frontline Articles and Investigations - ProPublica

In the wake of the deadly anti-Semitic attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, ProPublica and Frontline present a new investigation into white supremacist groups in America in particular, a neo-Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division, that has actively recruited inside the U.S. military.

Continuing ProPublica and Frontlines reporting on violent white supremacists in the U.S. (which has helped lead to multiple arrests), this joint investigation documents the groups acts of violence and asks how aggressively civilian and military authorities are taking the groups terrorist objectives and how it gained strength after the 2017 Charlottesville rally. (Watch the first documentary in this series, August 2018s Documenting Hate: Charlottesville, online.)

Tune into the premiere on PBS on Nov. 20 at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central and online at

Get Our Top Investigations

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The Best Way To Honor War Veterans Is To Stop Creating Them The Last American Vagabond

The US will be celebrating Veterans Day today, and many a striped flag shall be waved. The social currency of esteem will be used to elevate those who have served in the US military, thereby ensuring future generations of recruits to be thrown into the gears of the globe-spanning war machine. Veterans Day is not []

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DHS-wide Biometrics Programs, Issues, Detailed in Data Mining Report to Congress Activist Post

By Anthony Kimery The comprehensive, legally mandated new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Privacy Offices Data Mining Report to Congress provides detailed updates on modifications,...


Israeli Jets Strike Positions In Gaza As Tensions Mount The Last American Vagabond

Israeli fighter jets on Monday evening struck positions across the blockaded Gaza Strip in response to the launch of scores of rockets from Gaza into southern Israel, according to the Israeli army. Along with the airstrikes, Israeli artillery units shelled positions across the Hamas-run coastal enclave. According to Gazas Health Ministry, at least three Palestinians []

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Hitler Was Right Germany Was Stabbed In The Back Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs Policy

by Ian Greenhalgh I was chatting to my dad yesterday, which was Remembrance Sunday, 11th November, an occasion Britain still takes very seriously. He asked me what World War One was about as it seemed so pointless and futile. Well, I said, have you heard of the Balfour Declaration? Then I went on to explain []


As The US Spent $1.5 Million A Day To Fight Afghan Heroin Production, Heroin Output Quadrupled The Last American Vagabond

For 16 years, the US has dumped $1.5 million a day into Afghanistan to fight heroin production and in that time, heroin production has more than quadrupled. On November 5 yet another US soldier was killed by a member of Afghanistans military forces, as the country continues to be wracked by violence in its seventeenth year of []

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Trump Twitter-Tromped by French Army OpEdNews

President Trump was roasted on twitter by the French Army for letting the rain keep him from attending a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the WW1 armistice signing.


Bill Maher on Social Media Tycoons Being Tobacco Farmers in T-Shirts Selling an Addictive Product to Children Seems Tragically Accurate Activist Post

By B.N. Frank Over the last few weeks, Activist Post, The New York Times, Fox News many other media outlets have been reporting about Silicon...


If Trump and Whitaker Undermine the Mueller Investigation, That's an Impeachable Offense OpEdNews

The impeachment power was established to prevent lawless presidents from abusing their authority in order to place themselves above justice. Donald Trump has been abusing his authority since the day he took office. But any attempt to remove Mueller would represent a next stage of abuse that could not be neglected or denied.


Get to Know Strong Towns This Week Strong Towns Media - Strong Towns

Strong Towns is changing the conversation about how we build cities and towns, and how we can prepare every community for long-term fiscal solvency and resilience. To do that, we are determined to build a movement of a million people who care.

This is why we are a membership-driven organization and not a consulting firm or policy think tank. The Strong Towns movement is about you. And we want to know what questions you have for us, and what feedback you have as well. What do you most want to see from us, the Strong Towns staff, to better help you go out and make real change where you live?

At Strong Towns, we're all about transparency and approachability. You can contact any of our staff (including our President) via email, phone or Slack, and read a detailed breakdown of exactly how we spend our money. If you meet us at an event, we're more likely to be wearing Strong Towns t-shirts than suits. And we don't shy away from tough questions or conversations.

Which is why we've got 2 simple ways for you to connect with us this week.


1. An Open Slackchat (Thursday)

First, we're inviting you to ask us literally anything on a completely open-ended Slackchat. Several of our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the Strong Towns movement and membership.

Want to know more about why we're a media organization and not a consulting group? We can answer that. Not convinced that membership is important? We'll address that, too.

This chat will take place on our Slack discussion forum at 12pm CST on Thursday, November 15.

Just log onto Slack and visit the #scheduled-slack-chat channel at the scheduled time to join Strong Towns staff, members and readers in a lively discussion. We'll see where the conversation takes us.

If you're not yet part of our Slack (and you shou...

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Monday, 12 November


Senate Committee on Indian Affairs takes up three bills at hearing Indianz.Com News

The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is getting back to work after the historic mid-term election.


Tim Giago: When a grandmother is an accessory to murder Indianz.Com News

There are times when news stories come across my desk that are sickening.


Bill to address missing and murdered sisters scheduled for action Indianz.Com News

Savanna's Act represents a first step to address what Native women are calling an epidemic.

Sunday, 11 November


The Actor Based Reality (W/Transcription)

You can see the common attack that they use, the information that is not backed up by any fact, the mud throwing,

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