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Tuesday, 06 June


In Berlin gibt es heute eine groe Fahrraddemo vom ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In Berlin gibt es heute eine groe Fahrraddemo vom ADFC. Die war lang angesagt und heute ist Sonntag. Perfekte Voraussetzungen, wrde man denken, fr eine schne Fahrraddemo und freie Straen, weil niemand so blde sein kann, an so einem Tag mit dem Auto rauszufahren.

Das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Die Stadt erstickt im Stau.

Ich frage mich ja hufiger, ob Autofahrer einfach ein bisschen blde sind. Auf dem Land gibt es Ausreden, ber die man reden kann. In der Stadt nicht.

Merke: Du stehst nicht im Stau. Du BIST der Stau.


Tribunal: PDP Witnesses Assert Electoral Fraud "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On Monday, Abiye Sekibo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Coordinator for the Presidential election in Rivers State, cited a violation of the Electoral Act 2022s prohibition on the use of electronic results transmission. New Telegraph reports that Sekibo testified in support of the PDPs suit challenging Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as...

The post Tribunal: PDP Witnesses Assert Electoral Fraud appeared first on New Telegraph.


Caramel Plugg Sues Tosin, Cutie Julls, Others N35m Over Defamatory Comment "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Popular influencer, Caramel Plugg has sued some Instagram bloggers such as Tosin, Cutie Julls, amongst others over defamatory comments. Caramel has been in the news in this past weekend after she clashed with her boyfriends side chick, Shalom for allegedly collecting money from her man. New Telegraph had earlier reported that Caramel Plugg who was...

The post Caramel Plugg Sues Tosin, Cutie Julls, Others N35m Over Defamatory Comment appeared first on New Telegraph.


US Took the Initiative Over China "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post US Took the Initiative Over China appeared first on Global Research.


Archaeologists discover Target store ruins in Sodom and Gomorrah "IndyWatch Feed World"

Archeologists have uncovered what they believe are the final remains of Sodom and Gomorrah's beloved Target store. "You could still make out the display for tuck-friendly tunics," said Dr. Sally Mcneil. "It's clear these perverted rapists were massive Target fans." According to the Israeli excavators, researchers began searching for a possible Target store after unearthing hundreds of pairs of yoga pants. "We knew we had to be close," said Dr. McNeil. "As soon as we found the sign saying 'Satan Respects Pronouns', we knew we'd found it. Our survey indicates the Sodomites had installed curbside pick-up to the south, and a gender mutilation station for children at the north entrance. It was really a very modern society, not so different from our own." Further research at the dig site led researchers to believe the heavenly fire that burned up Sodom and Gomorrah may have struck the Target store first. "Everyone says Target smells nice, right up until the point sulfur begins raining...


Foods that Contain the Highest Amount of Pesticides "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Foods that Contain the Highest Amount of Pesticides appeared first on Global Research.


Mercy Johnsons Father Burial Stir Emotions "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie has finally laid her father to rest amid tears. In a video making the rounds on social media, New Telegraph observed that it captures the sad moment of Mercy Johnson at her fathers burial ceremony. This online news platform had earlier reported that the movie actress lost her father in...

The post Mercy Johnsons Father Burial Stir Emotions appeared first on New Telegraph.


Motion Canvas Helps Get Your Point Across "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Generating videos for projects can be difficult. Not only do you have to create the thing, but you film the process and cut it together in a story that a viewer can follow. Explaining complex topics to the viewer often involves a whiteboard of some sort, but as we all know, its not always a perfect solution. [Jacob] was working on a video game and making videos to document the progress and built a tool called Motion Canvas to help visualize topics like custom shaders. A few months ago, he decided to release it as an open source project.

Since then, it has seen quite a few forks and GitHub forks with a lively showcase on the community Discord. Looking at the docs, it is pretty easy to see why. The interface allows you to write procedural animations using the async semantics of TypeScript while still offering the GUI interface we expect from our video editors. In particular, the signal system allows dependencies to be defined between values. The system runs in Node, and the GUI runs in your browser locally while you edit the files in your terminal/notepad/IDE. CSS and Flexbox are available as the video is rendered to a web canvas and then compiled into a video via FFMPEG. The documentation is quite extensive, and...


Firefox 114 Available With WebTransport Enabled, Continued DNS Over HTTPS Work "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following last week's release of Chrome 114, Mozilla developers today uploaded the release binaries for Firefox 114 ahead of tomorrow's official announcement...


Scientists invent self-healing robot skin that mimics the real thing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The material can self-heal in just 24 hours when warmed to 158F or in about a week at room temperature.

Stanford professor Zhenan Bao and his team have invented a multi-layer self-healing synthetic electronic skin.

This is according to a report by Fox News published on Friday.

Stanford scientists have invented a multi-layer self-healing synthetic electronic skin that can now self-recognize and align with each other when injured, allowing the skin to continue functioning while healing.


This underwater robot may soon replace divers in dangerous operations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its ideal for search and rescue missions.

Scientists at the ETH Zurich spinoff company Tethys Robotics have developed an underwater robot that can be deployed in situations that are too dangerous for human divers to undertake.

This is according to a report by InceptiveMind published on Saturday.

The new machine is an autonomous underwater vehicle that has been specifically engineered for use in challenging and dangerous environments like turbid channels and rivers. When conventional search and rescue techniques fail, the Tethys robot is there to take over.


This robot butler will tackle all your household chores "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


This is according to an article by Sifted published this week.


The AI Hype Cycle Is Distracting Companies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Machine learning has an AI problem. With new breathtaking capabilities from generative AI released every several months and AI hype escalating at an even higher rate its high time we differentiate most of todays practical ML projects from those research advances. This begins by correctly naming such projects: Call them ML, not AI. Including all ML initiatives under the AI umbrella oversells and misleads, contributing to a high failure rate for ML business deployments. For most ML projects, the term AI goes entirely too far it alludes to human-level capabilities. In fact, when you unpack the meaning of AI, you discover just how overblown a buzzword it is: If it doesnt mean artificial general intelligence, a grandiose goal for technology, then it just doesnt mean anything at all.

Page-utils class= article-utilsvertical hide-for-print data-js-target= page-utils data-id= tag:, 2007/03/31:999.357346 data-title= The AI Hype Cycle Is Distracting Companies data-url=/2023/06/the-ai-hype-cycle-is-distracting-companies data-topic= AI and machine learning data-authors= Eric Siegel data-content-type= Digital Article data-content-image=/resources/images/article_assets/2023/06/Jun23_02_Skizzomat-383x215.jpg data-summary=

By focusing on sci-fi goals, theyre missing out on projects that create real value right now.


Lukaku Wants To Stay At Inter Milan "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Belgian professional footballer, Romulus Lukaku is believed to want to stay back in Inter Milan even if its on loan. According to inside sources, Lukaku has made it clear that his time with Chelsea is closed and the arrival of a new manager wont change that. Similarly, its said that the Argentine manager Pochettino is...

The post Lukaku Wants To Stay At Inter Milan appeared first on New Telegraph.


Woodpecker Helps Managers Promote New Life in Burned Forests "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Woodpecker helps managers promote new life in burned forests:

"Gigantic, severe fires are becoming the new norm in California due to drought, longer burn seasons and dense forests. But birds do really well in landscapes that are 'pyrodiverse' areas where fire results in uneven patches burned at high, medium, and low severity," Stillman said.

Black-backed woodpeckers love pyrodiversity. They prefer to build their nest cavities in newly burned areas after high severity fires. But they also like to be adjacent to areas that burned at low intensity, where their young can hide from predators among living trees that still provide cover. Because of the species' unique habitat associations, they are sensitive to the removal of trees after fire, and forest managers use information on the woodpecker to guide their post-fire planning.

After a wildfire, forest managers face difficult decisions about how best to protect and restore the burned areas while balancing the needs of people and wildlife. Sometimes there isn't time to survey wildlife in burned areas, making it hard to choose where to invest in wildlife conservation. To address this need, the researchers developed an online tool to predict the potential abundance of black-backed woodpeckers after fire. Incorporating new information on the value of pyrodiversity made the underlying models more accurate.

"The tool we've created uses data from 11 years of surveys to predict where woodpeckers could be found in the greatest numbers using data available within months after a fire burns," Stillman said. "The birds move in to take advantage of a boom in juicy beetle larvae in the burned trees."

[...] "A burned forest is a unique, incredible and complicated ecosystem that bursts with new life," Stillman said. "At first you think everything is dead. The ground is ash. The trees are black. But as you start walking around, you find that the place is alive. It's not dead, just changed."

Journal Reference:
Andrew N. Stillman, Robert L. Wilkerson, Danielle R. Kaschube, et al., Incorporating pyrodiversity into wildlife habitat assessments for rapid post-fire management: A woodpecker case study, Ecol. App., 2023. DOI:

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Global study of 71,000 animal species finds 48% are declining "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Two centuries ago, extinctions were rare. Islands were hotspots, losing flightless bird species like the dodo and other animals that were hunted out of existence by European traders and colonists or killed off by introduced rats and cats. The Industrial Revolution changed that: Extinction rates soared across continents, roughly paralleling the exponential growth in human population, and more recently, a rapidly heating planet. The modern era leveled forests, raised sprawling cities, converted huge amounts of wild land for agriculture, and pierced remote areas with roads. Massive growth kicked in post-World War II as 2.5 billion people in 1950 grew to 8 billion in 2022. These trends are expected to continue this century, with wildlife increasingly pushed to the margins. The major cause behind this current crisis is habitat destruction, says Daniel Pincheira-Donoso, senior lecturer of evolutionary biology and macroecology at Queens University, Belfast. Hes a co-author of a new study published in May in Biological Reviews. Pincheira-Donoso and his colleagues examined the state of more than 71,000 animal species, looking for both winners and losers and those with stable populations. They found erosion of species across the tree of life, which they called one of the most alarming consequences of human impacts on the planet. Most previous studies estimated extinction risk based on snapshot-in-time assessment, using categories ranging from non-threatened to critically endangered. The new study instead focused on trajectories: whether species are doing well, with numbers increasing or holding steady or falling. It evaluated species from all fiveThis article was originally published on Mongabay


My dinner with Donald, part two "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ultimately, I decided there could be no dinner talk with Donald Trump because from what I've seen, he doesn't have conversations. He talks at you. He makes pronouncements.


In Praise of Caring Less and Being Better "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Treating everything as an outrage leaves us perpetually outraged at neighbors we should instead consider having over for dinner, (real) beer, and maybe a swim.


[$] Supporting large block sizes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At the 2023 Linux Storage, Filesystem, Memory-Management and BPF Summit, Luis Chamberlain led a plenary session on kernel support for block sizes larger than 4KB. There are assumptions in the current kernel that the block size used by a block-layer device is less than or equal to the system's page sizeboth are usually 4KB today. But there have been efforts over the years to remove that restriction; that work may be heading toward fruition, in part because of the folio efforts of late, though there are still lots of areas that need attention.


Five new stable kernels "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 6.3.6, 6.1.32, 5.15.115, 5.10.182, and 5.4.245 stable kernels have been released. They contain a relatively small number of important fixes throughout the kernel tree.


[$] Special file descriptors in BPF "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Developers learning the Unix (or POSIX in general) system-call set will quickly encounter file descriptors, which are used to represent open files and more. Developers also tend to learn early on that the first three file descriptors are special, with file descriptor zero being the standard input stream, one being standard output, and two being standard error. The kernel, though, does not normally attach any specific meaning to a given descriptor number, so it was somewhat surprising when a recent BPF patch series attempted to attach a special meaning to zero when used as a file descriptor.


Microsoft blames Clop ransomware gang for MOVEit Transfer attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

<h2 class="wp-block-heading">Microsoft attributes the recent campaign exploiting a zero-day in the MOVEit Transfer platform to the Clop ransomware gang.</h2> <p>The <a href= ""> Clop ransomware</a> gang (aka <a href= ""> Lace Tempest</a>) is credited by Microsoft for the recent campaign that exploits a zero-day vulnerability, tracked as <a href= ""> CVE-2023-34362</a>, in the <a href= ""> MOVEit Transfer</a> platform.</p> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"> <p dir="ltr" lang="en">Microsoft is attributing attacks exploiting the CVE-2023-34362 MOVEit Transfer 0-day vulnerability to Lace Tempest, known for ransomware operations & running the Clop extortion site. The threat actor has used similar vulnerabilities in the past to steal data & extort victims.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence (@MsftSecIntel) <a href= ""> June 5, 2023</a></blockquote> <p>The Microsoft Threat Intelligence team pointed out that the Lace Tempest group has already used similar vulnerabilities in the past to steal data from organizations worldwide and extort them.</p> <p>MOVEit Transfer is a managed file transfer that is used by enterprises to securely transfer files using SFTP, SCP, and HTTP-based uploads.</p> <p>The vulnerability is a SQL injection vulnerability, it an be exploited by an unauthenticated attacker to gain unauthorized access to MOVEit Transfers database.</p> <p><em>a SQL injection vulnerability has been found in the MOVEit Transfer web application that could allow an un-authenticated attacker to gain unauthorized access to MOVEit Transfers database. reads the <a href= ""><strong>advisory</strong></a> published by the company. Depending on the database engine being used (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Azure SQL), an attacker may be able to infer information about the structure and contents of the database in addition to executing SQL statements that alter or delete database elements.</em></p> <p>The vulnerability affects all MOVEit Transfer versions, it also shared Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) for this attack and urges customers that notice any of the indicators to immediately <a href= "">contact</a> its...

LogicGate accelerates policy management processes with OpenAI integration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

LogicGate introduced a new OpenAI integration that will help automate and inform GRC processes, including policy generation. Founded in 2015 by seasoned risk consultants, LogicGate automates and centralizes tedious, time-consuming governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) workflows with Risk Cloud, its integrated and scalable GRC platform. Organizations are looking for ways to leverage the new crop of generative AI models to make their risk management and GRC processes much more efficient and automated, said Jon Siegler, More

The post LogicGate accelerates policy management processes with OpenAI integration appeared first on Help Net Security.


Security updates for Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (chromium, cpio, mariadb-10.3, nbconvert, sofia-sip, and wireshark), Fedora (ImageMagick, mingw-python-requests, openssl, python3.6, texlive-base, and webkitgtk), Red Hat (apr-util, git, gnutls, kernel, kernel-rt, and kpatch-patch), Slackware (cups and ntp), and Ubuntu (linux-azure-fde, linux-azure-fde-5.15 and perl).


Air-pollution monitors may hold unnoticed wealth of biodiversity data "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Environmental DNA sometimes called forensics for wildlife can be collected from the atmosphere using existing air-pollution monitors, according to a new study. 

Plants, animals and other organisms shed DNA into soils, water and the air that can be collected and analysed.

Over the past 20 years, researchers have figured out ways to use this data to track a wide range of biodiversity around the world.

But there is currently no global infrastructure network to monitor biodiversity in this way. 

The new research, published in Current Biology, finds that air-quality-monitoring systems, thousands of which are already in place in more than 100 countries, potentially already capture and store environmental DNA, or eDNA. 

There is an urgency to further analyse this possibility on a global scale and better preserve existing data, the study says. 

One expert, who was not involved in the study, tells Carbon Brief that the findings are extremely important and timely.

But another expert warns that the study may create an over-expectation for the possibilities of eDNA analysis. 

Biodiversity CSI

Biodiversity is currently declining at the fastest rate in human history.

Globally, wildlife populations decreased by an average of 69% between 1970 and 2016, according to a 2022 WWF report. Climate change is among the key drivers of biodiversity loss. 

In December 2022, almost 200 countries signed up in Montreal to a set of goals and targets to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. But achieving these goals requires putting monitoring systems in place to understand how populations are changing. 

One tool at scientists disposal is the use of environmental DNA. 

Environmental DNA can be thought of as forensics for wildlife, says Dr David Duffy, an assistant professor of wildlife-disease genomics at the University of Florida. He tells Carbon Brief: 

Essentially every species is continually shedding trace amounts of DNA into the environment.

[eDNA] is the recovery and analysis of DNA that has been shed from organisms into the env...


Conservative MP charged with 'racially aggravated' abuse of Bahraini activist "IndyWatch Feed War"

Conservative MP charged with 'racially aggravated' abuse of Bahraini activist

Bob Stewart is accused of violating the Public Order Act over a number of comments made to Sayed Alwadei
MEE staff Mon, 06/05/2023 - 15:58
Bob Stewart, MP for Beckenham (Parliament)

Conservative MP Bob Stewart has been charged with a "racially aggravated" violation of the Public Order Offence over comments to a leading Bahraini activist.

Bob Stewart, MP for the UK constituency of Beckanham, is alleged to have shouted the comments at Bahrain activist Sayed Alwadaei, head of Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD), after the activist confronted him in London in December.

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that Stewart would appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday 5 July.

The MP, a former military officer who has represented Beckenham since 2010, is also charged with using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Alwadaei is a campaigner has lived in the UK in exile since 2012 over his involvement in pro-democracy protests in Bahrain.


RE: Update CVE-2021-3610 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by cpe_dictionary on Jun 05

Good morning,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate community input in order to provide the most accurate and
up-to-date information as possible. After reviewing publicly available information we have made the appropriate
modifications in addition to adding missing versions for the codebase. Please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to
be reflected on the website and in the data feeds.

Common Platform Enumeration...


Subsidy Removal: NYCN Directs Nigerian Youths To Shun Strike Action "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

declares support for Tinubus government  The National Youth Council of Nigeria ( NYCN) on Monday directed Nigerian youths and middle-aged citizens to completely shun the proposed strike action by the Labour unions, in protest against subsidy removal and outrageous hike in petrol pump prices. The National President of NYCN,  Solomon Adodo, who disclosed this at...

The post Subsidy Removal: NYCN Directs Nigerian Youths To Shun Strike Action  appeared first on New Telegraph.


Google extends passkeys to Google Workspace accounts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After making passkeys available for consumers in early May, Google is now rolling them out for Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts. This feature will soon be available (in open beta) for more than 9 million organizations and aims to provide users with a hassle-free sign-in experience without the need for traditional passwords. While users can still continue using passwords to sign in to their work and personal Google Accounts, passkeys can offer a simpler More

The post Google extends passkeys to Google Workspace accounts appeared first on Help Net Security.


Fuel Subsidy: Shelve Strike, Eminent Nigerians Tell NLC, TUC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Eminent Nigerians have urged the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and their affiliates, to shelve their proposed strike, which is set to commence on Wednesday, June 7. While speaking in a separate interview with New Telegraph on Monday, they pleaded that strikes will have a great calamitous impact on the economy of...

The post Fuel Subsidy: Shelve Strike, Eminent Nigerians Tell NLC, TUC appeared first on New Telegraph.


Atiku VS Tinubu: Presidential Tribunal Resumes Sitting Today "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal on the case of Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) challenging the victory of President, Bola Tinubu at the 2023 poll resumes sitting today, Monday, June 5. New Telegraph reports that Atiku is challenging the declaration of President Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC)...

The post Atiku VS Tinubu: Presidential Tribunal Resumes Sitting Today appeared first on New Telegraph.


Customs Seizes Pangolin Scales Worth N432m In Bauchi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Bauchi State Zone D of the Federal Operational Unit, Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Monday said it has seized contraband Pangolin scales with a Duty Paid Value of N432 million. Speaking at a press conference in Bauchi, the Zones Public Relations Officer, Mr Umar Abdullahi said the Pangolin scales weighed about 216 kilograms, adding...

The post Customs Seizes Pangolin Scales Worth N432m In Bauchi appeared first on New Telegraph.


Tribunal: Atikus Witness Claims He Signed Election Result Under Duress "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

One of the witnesses presented before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Abuja on Monday by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has revealed that he signed the result sheet from the presidential election under duress. The witness who was identified as Ibrahim Mohammed Hamza, who resides in Lafia Nasarawa State...

The post Tribunal: Atikus Witness Claims He Signed Election Result Under Duress appeared first on New Telegraph.


Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jeffrey A. Tucker Its common now to speak of the before times in contrast to the after times. The turning point was of course...

Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns


Peatlands, Indonesias carbon trove, are mostly unprotected, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

JAKARTA Most peatlands in Indonesia that need protection are currently not protected, a new study has found. It identifies 5.65 million hectares (13.96 million acres) of peatlands an area nearly twice the size of Belgium that should be conserved, but that are located outside of protected areas. Peatlands serve as a major carbon sink. Their defining feature is a thick soil layer of leaf litter and other dead vegetation in a waterlogged state, meaning it cant fully decompose, which prevents vast amounts of carbon emissions. Peatlands account for only 2-3% of Earths total land surface, and yet theyre the largest terrestrial organic carbon sinks, storing up to 46% of soil carbon and about 25% of organic carbon globally. Indonesia is home to the largest area of tropical peatlands of any country, which hold an estimated at 55 billion to 57 billion metric tons of carbon. This is the equivalent of almost two years of global carbon emissions at existing rates. Many of these peatlands need protection to prevent them from being degraded and thus releasing their vast stores of CO2 into the atmosphere, which would severely exacerbate climate change. To identify which peatlands in Indonesia need to be protected, researchers from Italy, Malaysia and Australia analyzed 14.9 million hectares (36.8 million acres) of peatlands on Sumatra and the Indonesian portions of the islands of Borneo and New Guinea. Together, peatlands in these three regions make up 99% of the countrys total peatland area. The researchers divided theThis article was originally published on Mongabay


Ireland Mulls Over Plan To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Tyler Durden Livestock production primarily cows has apparently become such a problem for the climate that government officials in Ireland are mulling...

Ireland Mulls Over Plan To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change


Afghanistans Girls Under Attack Again for Seeking Education "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Emily Thompson Nearly 80 female students in grades 1-6 were poisoned in Afghanistans Sangcharak district of Sar-e-Pul province over Saturday and Sunday. Sixty students...

Afghanistans Girls Under Attack Again for Seeking Education


UBS Makes Five Generative AI Predictions "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Tyler Durden Generative AI (i.e., AI that can create text, video, etc.) has the potential to drive innovation across a wide swath of sectors....

UBS Makes Five Generative AI Predictions


Russia, Ukraine and the Emergence of a New Global Management Regime "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Russia, Ukraine and the Emergence of a New Global Management Regime appeared first on Global Research.


Officially the Best Reloaded Redux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A couple years ago, I watched all the movies on the Sight & Sound 2012 Directors Poll Top 100, and that was a lot of fun lots of great movies I hadnt seen before, and lots of stuff I hadnt seen in a long time.

But then there was a new poll in 2022, so I had to watch all the new movies, right?


So project completed, and heres the new list, and Ill continue nattering on in a random way after the list.

Pos   Year Title   Prev
#1 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey #2
#2 1941 Citizen Kane #2
#3 1972 The Godfather #7
#4 ...


N7.6bn Fraud: Group Drags Stella Oduah Over Plot To Block Arraignment "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Following the alleged plot to derail the arraignment of Senator Stella Oduah on Monday over the N7.9 billion alleged fraud, President Bola Tinubu and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) have been put on the spot. A group identified as Today Anti-Corruption Network (TACN), alleged that those behind the plot have forwarded an N100...

The post N7.6bn Fraud: Group Drags Stella Oduah Over Plot To Block Arraignment appeared first on New Telegraph.


Biden appointee calls upon the UN to act to secure reparations and end the "continuation of slavery" in the US "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Howard Law Professor Justin Hansford addressed the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent last week and called for the establishment of a United Nations Reparations Tribunal that could order the payment of reparations to African Americans. Professor Hansford objected that white lawyers and politicians have been allowed to control this debate in the United States for too long: But so far we have left it to the scholars of the past, the lawyers of the past, the white scholars, white lawyers, to determine the bounds of our legal imagination, to determine the narrow structures that we will use to determine what justice looks like for our own people. So I come to you today with a novel proposal, that we begin to think our own thoughts, propose our own vision of justice, and implement that justice, as part of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent.


Demand for Immediate Release of True Numbers of Casualties and POWs in the Foreign Wars of the Last 20 Years "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Demand for Immediate Release of True Numbers of Casualties and POWs in the Foreign Wars of the Last 20 Years appeared first on Global Research.


Scott Ritter: Sanctions Against Russia Failed "IndyWatch Feed War"


Sanctions Against Russia Failed. I Saw It Firsthand. Scott Ritter



Did U.S. House Speaker McCarthys Visit to Israel Doom the Debt Ceiling? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Did U.S. House Speaker McCarthys Visit to Israel Doom the Debt Ceiling? appeared first on Global Research.


Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine appeared first on Global Research.


Sinking Zelensky "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Sinking Zelensky appeared first on Global Research.


UK Government Denies Targeting COVID-19 Policy Critics on Social Media "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post UK Government Denies Targeting COVID-19 Policy Critics on Social Media appeared first on Global Research.


Why Did The Home Assistant Future Not Quite Work The Way It Was Supposed To? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The future, as seen in the popular culture of half a century or more ago, was usually depicted as quite rosy. Technology would have rendered every possible convenience at our fingertips, and wed all live in futuristic automated homes no doubt while wearing silver clothing and dreaming about our next vacation on Mars.

Of course, its not quite worked out this way. A family from 1965 whisked here in a time machine would miss a few things such as a printed newspaper, the landline telephone, or receiving a handwritten letter; they would probably marvel at the possibilities of the Internet, but theyd recognise most of the familiar things around us. We still sit on a sofa in front of a television for relaxation even if the TV is now a large LCD that plays a streaming service, we still drive cars to the supermarket, and we still cook our food much the way they did. George Jetson has not yet even entered the building.

The Future is Here, and it Responds to Alexa



5D Shift: Unleashing Primal Dragon Energy onto the Plane of Mind "IndyWatch Feed World"

June 6th, 2023 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Why is our planetary history steeped in mythology of Dragons? Does the metaphor have anything to say about the energetic dynamics of the Earth and how might it speak into the 5D Shift right now? Most importantly, how might a particular kind of Dragon energy []

The post 5D Shift: Unleashing Primal Dragon Energy onto the Plane of Mind first appeared on Wake Up World.


Traceable AI unveils API Security Reference Architecture for Zero Trust "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Traceable AI announced API Security Reference Architecture for Zero Trust. This reference architecture serves as a guide for security leaders as the industry addresses the urgency of integrating API Security into zero trust security initiatives. Zero trust, a cybersecurity framework that emphasizes continuous verification and helps to minimize the attack surface, has proven effective in enhancing security for many organizations, from large enterprises, to the US Government. However, traditional zero trust approaches have primarily focused More

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Monday, 05 June


Bank for International Settlements to use AI to monitor global bank transactions for "money laundering" "IndyWatch Feed World"

While the IMF is currently gearing up to introduce its new global CBDC system called the UMU (also known as the Unicoin), The Bank for International Settlements has been busy with multiple projects designed to centralize all international banks and central banks into a single umbrella network that allows for quick cross-border transactions using digital currencies. In other words, a cashless society. One such concept, called Project Icebreaker, dealt specifically with creating a SWIFT-like bottleneck system which would allow global banks to regulate and eventually homogenize all currencies into a single one world exchange model that would give them the power to cut out any nation or company that does not meet their ideological approval. The latest idea from the BIS is Project Aurora, which may be even more disturbing than Icebreaker in its implications. Aurora is designed to use "machine learning" (AI) as a tool to monitor vast flows of financial transactions from all over the...


Digital Pound: Have Your Say on CBDCs in the UK "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Ukraine: Lets Not Pull the Pin on the Grenade to See What Happens "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Why There Should Be a Treaty Against the Use of Weaponized Drones "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Intel's Codeplay Announces oneAPI Construction Kit For Bringing SYCL To New Hardware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Codeplay Software, which was acquired by Intel last June, has an exciting announcement to make today in the form of the oneAPI Construction Kit. This open-source project aims to help ease bringing up SYCL on new processor/accelerator architectures, particularly around HPC and AI. The oneAPI Construction Kit also has a reference implementation for RISC-V...


56 years after the 1967 War, the world still denies the Palestinian experience "IndyWatch Feed War"

A balck-and-white photo of an Israeli soldier posing in front of the Dahmash Mosque in Lydd in 1948, standing next to a civilian vehicle and carrying a machine gun.As the son of a general who participated in the Nakba in 1948 and the Naksa in 1967, Miko Peled thought he knew Israeli history. But when he finally met Palestinians and heard their stories of Zionist atrocities he was shocked to learn the truth.


Existential alarms about AI and longtermism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

AI has been much in the news recently. The initial splash was with ChatGPT and its potential to enable students to use it for writing assignments and the threat to eliminate the jobs of people whose work consisted mainly of writing. But suddenly things took a very dark turn and warnings that AI threatens the future of humankind are suddenly all over the media. We now have a public statement signed by 350 tech executives and AI researchers that warns of the danger of extinction of humanity posed by this technology. The signatories including Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI the creator of ChatGPT who testified before congress. The statement says in its entirety:

Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.

Extinction is a pretty dire word and this naturally set off alarm bells.

But there has also been a backlash to this statement, with arguments that the dangers are being overblown and that people like some of the signatories, especially those associated with the tech industry, are fear mongering to cover their self-interest.

[N]ot everyone was shaking in their boots, especially not those who have been charting AI tech moguls escalating use of splashy language  and those moguls hopes for an elite global AI governance board. 

TechCrunchs Natasha Lomas, whose coverage has been steeped in AI, immediately unravelled the latest panic-push efforts with a detailed rundown of the current table stakes for companies positioning themselves at the front of the fast-emerging AI industry. 

Certainly it speaks volumes about existing AI power structures that tech execs at AI giants including OpenAI, DeepMind, Stability AI and Anthropic are so happy to band and chatter together when it comes to publicly amplifying talk of existential AI risk. And how much more reticent to get together to discuss harms their tools can be seen causing right now, Lomas wrote. 

Instead of the statement calling for a development pause, which would risk freezing OpenAIs lead in the generative AI field, it lobbies policymakers to focus on risk mitigation doing so while OpenAI is simultaneously crowdfunding efforts to shape democratic processes for steering AI,' Lomas added.

Other field experts promptly shot back at the tech execs statement. Retired nuclear scientists, AI ethicists, tenured tech writers and human extinction scholars all called the industrialists to the carpet for the use of inflammatory language. 

This is a look at me by software people. The claim that AI poses a risk of extin...


Under-construction bridge collapses in India for second time in a year "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Indian state government on Monday ordered a probe into the collapse of a portion of an under-construction bridge over the Ganges River over the weekend, the second time the structure has crashed in a year. No casualties were reported with no movement of people or vehicles on the bridge when nearly 250 meters (820 feet) of the concrete surface connecting pillars crashed into the river on Sunday. Videos of the collapse spread on social media.


Internal Disputes Increasing in Ukraine. Replacement of President Volodymyr Zelensky? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Ticketing Woes "IndyWatch Feed War"

What is it about government contracts that produces the worst results and poorest returns? Those clods behind such deals, notably in the poison chaliced field of public transport, seem so utterly incapable at even modest competence.

In public transport, muddles, bungling and oh so much fumbling are common; the whole show comes into view when public money is thrown at a project, and the planners get enthusiastic about a contractor they favour. In the Australian state of Victoria, this seems to be of a particularly advanced order. When it comes to paying for public transport, things always seem to be untidy and inchoate. With the plastic transport card known as Myki be wary when government officials call them smart a triumph of clumsiness and ineptitude came into being.

The list of problems, tweaks, and aberrations afflicting the soon-to-be-reformed myki system, covering trams, buses and trains, is lengthy. From the time the contract was made in 2005 with Kamco, subsequently acquired by NTT Data, it seemed that it was a system designed to create problems. In June 2008, it was reported that the new Myki ticketing system had failed 10% of the tests it had been subjected to. The system, projected to cost A$500 million, had already been running three years behind schedule, leading the Labor Brumby government to put A$350 million into the scheme to cover the burgeoning blowout.

In May that year, Transport Minister Lynne Kosky was forced to concede that the government had underestimated the problems that would come with the introduction of the new smart card across the transport network. But she still insisted, as the provincially minded always do, that Australias second most populous state would be receiving the worlds best system by early 2010.

As a result of such delays, both myki ticketing, and the pre-existing Metcard ticket system would be run parallel to each other for up to 18 months, adding twelve months to what had originally been planned. Not exactly the worlds best solution.

Then came the information pamphlet fiasco, where 500,000 booklets of 28 pages were scrapped for being out of date. The then opposition public transport spokesman, Terry Mulder, asked the sensible question: Wouldnt you think number one, you get the system working properly, number two, you get the brochure printed and you send it out. Too logical; too tidy.

Victorias Transport Ticketing Authority was defensive on the issue. [The] project schedule is different to what was expected then, an...


MEPs Demand Hungarian Opposition Take Over EU Presidency and Not Orban "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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MEPs demand Hungarian opposition take over EU presidency and not Orban "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ahmed Adel | June 5, 2023

The non-binding resolution for Hungary not to preside over the European Council is another attack on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban by the European Parliament. Five of the seven parliamentary groups of the European Parliament support the proposal for Hungary not to take over the presidency of the European Council in the second half of next year, as the country supposedly systematically violates the principles and values of the EU.

According to the text of the resolution, the EU legislature questions how Hungary will be able to credibly fulfil this task in 2024, in view of its non-compliance with EU law. The nonbinding statement calls on member states to find a proper solution as soon as possible. It also warns that Parliament could take appropriate measures if such a solution is not found.

Dutch MEP Sophie Int Veld said in the debate that the presidency of the EU Council is an opportunity for the presiding country to put its political priorities first, and therefore the stage should not be left to Orban, and rather a podium to those who have been silenced in Hungary should be given instead.

Effectively, Veld is demanding that the opposition represents Hungary, and thus she is interfering in the internal processes of the country.

Its about time we start to play hardball, added the Dutch MEP, who belongs to the liberal Renew Europe group. She explained that the proposal includes ways to reduce cooperation to the bare minimum during the Hungarian presidency.

The European Parliament cannot influence the order of the presidency of the European Council because that is the exclusive competence of the member states. All member states preside over the Council for six months in a predetermined order. This was last done in 2016 when the order of the presidency until 2030 was determined.

This provocation by Brussels towards Hungary will not harm Orbans government in the slightest. In fact, it will only confirm the correctness of his policy among his voters. Although the resolution is motivated by Hungarys position on Ukraine because Orban is not aligned with Brussels, he is also targeted because of value issues.

The resolution raises serious threats against LGBT+ rights in relation to a new amendment to the Whistleblower Protection Act that MEPs say will legitimise open discrimination. Targeting Hungary for its values is contradictory given that Eastern Europe generally resists the Istanbul Declaration, a human rights treaty of the European Council opposing violence against women and domestic violence but which many say is now hijacked by the homosexual lobby. However, many of these countries, such as Poland, are tolerated because they are involved in the war effort against Russia.

Because Hungary does not comply with the war propaganda and war efforts against...


Robot chef learns to recreate recipes from watching food videos "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers have trained a robotic chef to watch and learn from cooking videos, and recreate the dish itself.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, programmed their robotic chef with a cookbook of eight simple salad recipes. After watching a video of a human demonstrating one of the recipes, the robot was able to identify which was being prepared and make it.

In addition, the videos helped the robot incrementally add to its cookbook. At the end of the experiment, the robot came up with a ninth recipe on its own. Their results, reported in the journal IEEE Access, demonstrate how can be a valuable and rich source of data for automated food production, and could enable easier and cheaper deployment of robot chefs.


Blindmans Buff: Americas Continuing Quest to Hide Torture "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Overcoming The Chronic Condition Of Cybersecurity In Healthcare "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to 81% of hospital CIOs surveyed by my company, security vulnerability is the leading pain point driving legacy data management decisions. Thats no surprise as healthcare continues to rank as one of the most cyber-attacked industries year over year. In a study by the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 80% of healthcare organizations reported having legacy operating systems in place. Cybersecurity in healthcare is increasingly becoming a chronic condition.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which measures risk to critical national infrastructure, says legacy software ranks as a dangerous bad practice. Thats because the use of unsupported or end-of-life legacy systems offers some of the easiest entry points for bad actors to gain access and cause havoc within a medical environment. With the average price tag for a healthcare data breach at an all-time high of $10.1 million, the overall cost to a breached organization is high in terms of economic loss and reputation repair.

To fortify defenses against cyberattacks, here are some tips for addressing out-of-production software in healthcare facilities.


Improving prostate cancer screening: accounting for genetic determinants of PSA variation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a recent study published in Nature Medicine, researchers conducted a genome-wide analysis of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels of men without prostate cancer to understand the non-cancer-related variation in PSA levels to improve decision-making during the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Study: Genetically adjusted PSA levels for prostate cancer screening. Image Credit: luchschenF/


This All-Electric Motorcycle Actually Self-Balances, and It Can Even Follow You Around "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new, high-performance all-electric motorcycle just hit the streets, bringing an incredible 250-mile (400-km) NEDC range, in addition to a few tricks that may, thanks to a reported capability to self-balance and actually follow you around, according to a new webpage from Da Vinci Dynamics.


This Weeks Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through June 3) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From the surreal world of AI-generated films to a nanoscale robotic hand, check out this weeks awesome tech stories from around the web.


AI Is About to Turn Book Publishing Upside-Down "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I believe that every function in trade book publishing today can be automated with the help of generative AI. And, if this is true, then the trade book publishing industry as we know it will soon be obsolete. We will need to move on.

There are two quick provisos, however. The first is straightforward: this is not just about ChatGPTor other GPTs (generative pretrained transformers) and LLMs (large language models). A range of associated technologies and processes can and will be brought into play that augment the functionality of generative AI. But generative AI is the key ingredient. Without it, what Im describing is impossible.

The second proviso is of a different flavor. When you make absolutist claims about a technology, people will invariably try to defeat you with another absolute. If you claim that one day all cars will be self-driving, someone will point out that this wont apply to Formula One race cars. Point taken.


Irish farmers revolt over gov'ts 'green' plan to cull 195,000 cattle, 'retirement scheme' offered to willing farmers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Irish farmers are rebelling against a proposal to cull tens of thousands of cattle a year to help Ireland meet its climate change targets. The Irish government wants to reduce emissions from farming by a quarter by 2030. Media reports last week suggested that one option being considered was to reduce the national dairy herd by 10 per cent - meaning a cull of 65,000 cows a year for three years, at a cost of 200 million (170 million) annually. One Irish politician described the plan as "absolute madness" and there are warnings that some farmers will refuse, and others will leave the sector, if an order is introduced.


UK Government Had Secret Unit to Monitor Online COVID Lockdown Critics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Ukraine Launches Its Counterattack "IndyWatch Feed War"

The long announced Ukrainian counter offensive has started. New Ukrainian units, never seen before, have come to the front. The attack was launched by Ukraine for political reasons under pressure from its 'western' sponsors. Militarily it is unlikely to become...


CHILLING 'RITUAL': Terrified nurse catches 'naked witches eating carcass' in haunting CCTV after setting up cam in back garden "IndyWatch Feed World"

A nurse was left terrified after claiming to catch "naked witches eating a carcass" in haunting CCTV footage. Corinea Stanhope found a dead deer at the bottom of her garden in Powell River, Canada, and decided to set up a trail camera to see if it would attract any animals at night.


Misfiring Cannons, Rotted Tires in US Army Gear Pulled for Ukraine, Watchdog Finds "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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BigID Integrates with ServiceNow to help customers protect sensitive data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the availability of the BigID Data Classification App on the ServiceNow Store, this expanded relationship provides more advanced security and privacy capabilities for workflow automations. BigID automates the discovery and classification of personal, regulated, critical, and sensitive data in the Now Platform. ServiceNow Vault enables anonymization based on the intelligence about what is sensitive and who should have access. Together, the integration enables advanced data security, privacy, and governance by protecting sensitive data. The More

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Thermosphere is Cooling, Bad for Satellites. Thermosphere is Heating, Bad for Satellites. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Thermospheric cooling, CO2 and models are proved again, bad for satellites. Thermospheric warming, it's that damn sun and its storms, bad for satellites.

The post Thermosphere is Cooling, Bad for Satellites. Thermosphere is Heating, Bad for Satellites. first appeared on Watts Up With That?.

SoylentNews PBC Will Formally Continue Operations + Site Overhaul Status "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SoylentNews PBC had a proper business meeting on Friday, to discuss events since the shutdown notice was posted.

This meeting was attended by myself, Matt Angel, and kolie. I was on the phone for about two hours, combined with multiple follow ups in DMs.

Let's get the good news out first.

SN PBC has agreed to continue operations for SoylentNews.

We also had a very long extended discussion on what the future may look like and some points brought up by staff or members of the community were discussed.

Let's cover all the major points below.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Swiss capital votes for legal cocaine, follows government permission for sale of cannabis "IndyWatch Feed World"

The municipal council of the Swiss capital Bern voted on Thursday to extend the trial sale of cannabis to cocaine. The drug will not be immediately legalized, however, without the federal government's permission. The motion, which was introduced by the Alternative Left party, passed by 43 votes to 18, Swiss news outlet SRF reported on Friday. The motion was opposed by center-right and religious councilors, but supported by leftists and some members of the center-left Social Democratic Party. Bern voted last year to test the controlled sale of cannabis, and was granted permission by the federal government last month. Cannabis sales are expected to begin in Bern this fall, and have already started in Basel, Zurich, and Lausanne.


ARWPAN Felicitates Tinubu On Inauguration, Urges Passengers To Exercise Patience On Fuel Subsidy Removal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


LAGOS JUNE 5TH (URHOBOTODAY))-Association of Right and Welfare of Passengers in Nigeria (ARWPAN) has Congratulated President Ahmed Bola Tinubu on his successful inauguration.

In a press conference in Abuja,  the founder, Engr. Princess Tina Onojeghuo, the organization commended the president for appointment of credible key officers to serve Nigeria.

According to her, Nigerians can expect honesty,  peace and integrity as Senator George Akume, Rt.Hon Femi Gbajabiamila and Senator Ibrahim Hadeijia have proven their love for Nigeria in the past, The Association expressed their confidence in the key appointments by the President.


Speaking on the fuel subsidy removal, the organization sympathized  with Passengers on the hardship currently experienced due to the subsidy removal,she however urged passengers to bear with  present government and trust hem to pilot the country with peace, love and honesty.

As the voice of Passengers in Nigeria ,the board chairman,President and all National executive ,State executive and local government executive, sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding. We urge you to bear with this government and trust them to pilot the country with peace, love and honesty.

According to her,  if the subsidy is actually plowed into the education and health sector as promised, it will be for the greater good of many as opposed to subsidy which only benefits a few.

Princess Onojeghuo further reminded Nigerians that nothing good comes easy and appealed to all to persevere in the face of the hardship which she believes will be shortlived to enable Nigeria transform into the country of our dreams.

She reiterated ARPANs commitment to the rights and welfare of Passengers in Nigeria, saying that since its inception...


A Few Amazon Workers Protest the Return to Office Mandates and Company's Climate Impact "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon workers walk out to protest return to office mandates and the company's climate impact:

Two employee groups at Amazon have joined together to stage a corporate walk out today, uniting to protest the company's return-to-office policy and to raise concerns about Amazon's climate impact.

Standing in front of Amazon's Seattle Headquarters, the group streamed the event live on Twitter featuring speakers for both groups advocating for their united cause. Some speakers vented their frustrations with the company's policy to have workers return to the office for at least three days a week, telling stories about how the remote work kicked off by the COVID pandemic bought them precious hours at home with their family and saved them from hours of daily commute time. Another speaker married this idea to the company's climate goals, highlighting how remote work allowed more families to become one-car households. This dovetails into some of the groups' complaints that Amazon is failing to meet its own goals in its climate pledge of reaching zero emissions by 2040.

[...] "We continue to push hard on getting to net carbon zero by 2040, and we have over 400 companies who've joined us in our Climate Pledge. While we all would like to get there tomorrow, for companies like ours who consume a lot of power, and have very substantial transportation, packaging, and physical building assets, it'll take time to accomplish. We remain on track to get to 100% renewable energy by 2025, and will continue investing substantially, inventing and collaborating both internally and externally to reach our goal.

[...] Amazon also estimated that about 300 of the 65,000 corporate and tech employees in the Puget Sound HQ participated in the walkout; it doesn't look like the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice account has yet provided their own estimate for how many people participated.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Micron Ban Enflames US-China Chip Conflict "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinas recent decision to ban purchases from US semiconductor firm Micron Technology has heightened the geopolitical standoff between the United States and China. This move, framed as a response to a failed Chinese network security review, underscores Beijing and Washingtons appetite for protectionism and statist intervention in their respective semiconductor industries. At the expense of access to their respective markets, both countries are likely to continue their support for a state-led industrial policy for domestic semiconductors. Regardless of the outcome of the 2024 US presidential election, Americas semiconductor industry has joined the likes of the aerospace and defense sectors in their level of support from the federal government, with protection at home and promotion abroad. Chinas ban on Micron is just the first instance of a heightened trade war that threatens to evolve far beyond tariffs.

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Dublin and NATO Nord Stream: Ireland Edition Coming Soon? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Rockefeller: Controlling the Game "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Oil price rises after Saudi plan to further cut output from July "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saudi Arabia announced on Sunday it would cut one million barrels of oil a day in July in a bid to boost sagging oil prices. The latest cuts would take Saudi oil production to the lowest level for several years as the kingdom seeks to put a floor on prices in an attempt to fund an ambitious spending programme at home. The kingdom's energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Opec's de facto leader, said he "will do whatever is necessary to bring stability to this market" following a contentious OPEC+ meeting over the weekend. Despite several attempts to reduce oil supply in the markets to keep prices steady over the last 10 months, the moves have largely come to naught.


Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizers Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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The post Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizers Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents appeared first on Global Research.


The People Kept NATO Off Their Mountain Again "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, World BEYOND War, June 5, 2023

The U.S. military had threatened to use the mountains of Sinjajevina as a training ground between May 22nd and June 2nd, together with other troops under the banner of NATO. Instead, the troops went to other locations in Montenegro but never to the mountains of Sinjajevina.

Milan Sekulovic of Save Sinjajevina credited local and international pressure   including from International Land Coalition for this latest success in the ongoing campaign to protect Sinjajavina from being turned into a military training ground. It also may have helped that Montenegro has parliamentary elections on June 11th, and in democracies governments prefer not to do highly unpopular things, breaking past promises, immediately before elections.

People had most recently turned out to oppose military exercises in snowy February, but have been nonviolently preventing the planned destruction of their mountains for years.



Nuclear Brinkmanship in Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Microsoft: Lace Tempest Hackers Behind Active Exploitation of MOVEit Transfer App "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft has officially linked the ongoing active exploitation of a critical flaw in the Progress Software MOVEit Transfer application to a threat actor it tracks as Lace Tempest. "Exploitation is often followed by deployment of a web shell with data exfiltration capabilities," the Microsoft Threat Intelligence team said in a series of tweets today. "CVE-2023-34362 allows attackers to


Climate-Crazed Bureaucrats Home Of The Future Is Secretly A Costly Fixer-Upper "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Front view of large, modern houseLeft-wing environmentalists want to micromanage your life, down to every detail of your home.

Gangster Diplomacy: How Netanyahu is Provoking Armed Intifada in the West Bank "IndyWatch Feed World"

After signing a military decree on May 18, allowing illegal Israeli Jewish settlers to reclaim the abandoned Homesh settlement located in the northern Occupied West Bank, the Israeli government has informed the US Biden Administration that it will not turn the area into a new settlement.

The latter revelation was reported by Axios on May 23. This contradiction is hardly surprising. While Israels far-right ministers, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, know precisely what they want, Netanyahu is trying to perform an impossible political act: he wants to fulfill all the wishes of Ben-Gvir and Smotrich, but without veering off from the US political agenda in the Middle East, and without creating the circumstances that could eventually topple the Palestinian Authority.

Moreover, Netanyahu wants to normalize with Arab governments while continuing to colonize Palestine, expand settlements and have complete control over Al-Aqsa Mosque and other Palestinian Muslim and Christian holy shrines.

Worse still, he wants, per the insistence of Ben-Gvir and his extremist religious constituency, to repopulate Homesh and create new outposts while avoiding an all-out armed rebellion in the West Bank.

Concurrently, Netanyahu wants good relations with the Arabs and Muslims while constantly humiliating, oppressing and killing Arabs and Muslims.

Indeed, such a feat is virtually impossible.

Netanyahu is not a novice politician who is failing at appeasing all his target audiences simultaneously. He is a right-wing ideologue who uses the Zionist ideology and religion as the foundation of his political agenda. Anywhere else, especially in the Western world, Netanyahu would have been perceived to be a far-right politician.

One of the reasons that the West is yet to brand Netanyahu as such is that if there is a general agreement that Netanyahu is an affront to democracy, it would be difficult to engage with him diplomatically. While the likes of Italys far-right government of Giorgia Meloni...


Egyptian Authorities Reveal Identity of Hero Who Killed Three Israeli Soldiers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

June 5, 2023 By Staff, Agencies The Egyptian authorities released personal details about the border police officer who killed three Israeli soldiers on Saturday morning, identifying him as 22-year-old Mohamed Salah. According to the latest reports from the ongoing investigation, Salah acted alone. He carried a Quran, a knife, and six magazines for his firearm, []


UK suffering another egg shortage, cost jumps 30%, low supplies could last months as producers exit market "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shoppers are reporting empty shelves at Waitrose amid reports that egg shortages will continue until the autumn despite the threat of avian flu outbreaks falling. Comment: Note that Waitrose is one of the higher end supermarkets where shoppers expect a particularly high level of quality and service, this shortage will not go down well with customers, and so one would presume that it's not for lack of trying that the supermarket was out of stock. Availability for eggs remains patchy and varies from one retailer to the next. But even shoppers who do find they are able to procure a pack of eggs might be in for a surprise when they see the shelf price. Customers attempting to purchase eggs from Tesco online recently were greeted with a message notifying them that the product is 'subject to availability' and they 'may receive a different box' to that which they ordered. The supermarket's medium free range eggs were reportedly out of stock online in packs of six.


The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism Patrick Wood "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Charles Burris In this lecture from the Sovereign Nations Mere Simulacrity conference that was held in Phoenix, AZ, Patrick Wood elucidates the struggle for...

The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism Patrick Wood


Idaho Hospitals hit by a cyberattack that impacted their operations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week two eastern Idaho hospitals and their clinics were hit by a cyberattack that temporarily impacted their operations.

Last week the Idaho Falls Community Hospital was hit by a cyber attack that impacted its operations. Officials at the hospital confirmed that some clinics closed due to the cyber attack and some ambulances have been diverted to nearby hospitals.

Another hospital in the same region, the Mountain View Hospital, suffered a cyber attack. Officials confirmed that a malware infected some systems of the hospitals IT infrastructure.

The good news is that defense systems at the Hospital quickly identifies the threat and contained the attack, which did not impact patient medical records.

Both hospitals remain open and are safely caring for all their patients and the vast majority of clinics are seeing patients as usual, reads a blog post published on the website of the Idaho Falls Community Hospital.

Both eastern Idaho hospitals and their clinics are working to resume full operations after the cyberattack on their computer systems.

Officials in the Idaho attack have only referred to the problem as a virus that needs to be removed.

At this time it is not clear if the hospitals were targeted by a ransomware attack.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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MOVEit Transfer zero-day was exploited by Cl0p gang (CVE-2023-34362) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The zero-day vulnerability attackers have exploited to compromise vulnerable Progress Softwares MOVEit Transfer installations finally has an identification number: CVE-2023-34362. Based on information shared by Mandiant, Rapid7 and other security researchers, the attackers seem to have opportunistically targeted as many exposed organizations as possible, including US government agencies and banks. Microsoft is attributing the initial attacks to the Cl0p ransomware group (aka FIN11, or Lace Tempest according to its new threat actor taxonomy). Mandiant More

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The Annual Report: 2024 Plans and Priorities for SaaS Security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over 55% of security executives report that they have experienced a SaaS security incident in the past two years ranging from data leaks and data breaches to SaaS ransomware and malicious apps (as seen in figures 1 and 2). Figure 1. How many organizations have experienced a SaaS security incident within the past two years The SaaS Security Survey Report: Plans and Priorities for 2024,


Another Look at the Financial Transactions Tax "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Yes, Abortion Laws Protect The Life Of The Mother "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

hands holding pregnancy testThe media are lying about state trigger laws and treating women with ectopic pregnancies and other life-threatening conditions.


USA is a DYING Empire "IndyWatch Feed War"

USA is a DYING Empire, US Using Ukraine To Weaken The Russia-China Alliance-Dr. Harriet Fraad


On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of the Capitalism Hits Home podcast. She discusses the debt ceiling fiasco in the United States and why both the Democrats and Republicans refuse to tax the rich, the primacy of the military-industrial complex in the US and why the US always needs a foreign conflict, the real motives for the US in the Russia-NATO proxy conflict in Ukraine being to weaken the Russia-China alliance, the mass shooting epidemic in the United States and the root causes of gun violence, the causes behind the breakdown in US families and relationships and much more.


Conservatives Cant Afford To Get Distracted By The 2024 Primary "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

2024 candidates Trump and DeSantis in the White HouseThe left would love nothing more than for conservatives to get caught up in the drama of the 2024 GOP presidential race for the next year.


Federal Loneliness Advisory Threatens To Destroy Freedom By Occupying Private Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

friendship childrenWe need to start understanding attacks on free speech as direct attacks on our ability to develop relationships with others.


Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli soldiers dies from wounds "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinian toddler shot by Israeli soldiers dies from wounds

Two-year-old Muhammad Tamimi was hit in the head by army fire in the West Bank
Lubna Masarwa Mon, 06/05/2023 - 12:34
Muhammad Tamimi, 2, was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers on 1 June 2023 (Social media)
Muhammad Tamimi (2) was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers on 1 June 2023 (Social media)

A two-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers died from his wounds on Monday.

Muhammad Tamimi and his father Haytham Tamimi were hit by Israeli fire near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank on Thursday.

The pair were in their parked car outside their home in Nabi Saleh village when they were targeted, according to eyewitnesses. 

Haytham was shot in the chest and taken to a hospital in Ramallah while Muhammad was seriously wounded in the head and evacuated to an Israeli hospital, where he remained on life support until he was pronounced dead this morning. 

The Israeli military admitted to shooting the toddler and his father, saying they mistook them for Palestinian fighters. 

The army said in a statement that they were returning fire at a group of Palestinian fighters who allegedly targeted a settlement nearby with live fire minutes earlier. 

However, Basem Tamimi, a family...


The good little robot "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Look at that thing. Its beautiful.

Thats Ingenuity, the drone that was sent to Mars on the Perseverance mission. It was intended to be a proof-of-concept test, expected to fly for only a couple of excursions, and then fail under the hellish Martian conditions. Instead, it has survived for two years.

Ingenuity defied the odds the day it first lifted off from Martian soil. The four-pound aircraft stands about 19 inches tall and is little more than a box of avionics with four spindly legs on one end and two rotor blades and a solar panel on the other. But it performed the first powered flight by an aircraft on another planet what NASA billed a Wright brothers moment after arriving on Mars in April 2021.

Its made over 50 flights. Apparently its a bit wonky, losing radio connection to the rover when it flies out of line of sight, or when the cold shuts it down, but when it warms up, or the rover drives closer, it gets right up again.

NASA has still got good engineering. It might be because of all the redundancy they build into every gadget this little drone cost $80 million dollars! but I have a hypothesis that the real secret to its success is what they left out. Theres no narcissistic and incompetent billionaire attached to the project, just a lot of engineers who take pride in their work.


Highly Credible Source Reveals Scandal Bigger Than Biden Bribery: FBI Election Interference "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

FBI Director Christopher WrayMore important to America's future than unearthing Biden family corruption is uncovering corrupt bureaucrats who violate the rule of law.


Israeli Oppression against Palestinians in West Bank, Al-Quds Proceeds "IndyWatch Feed War"

June 5, 2023 Israeli occupations oppression proceeds in several areas across the West Bank and Al-Quds, with Palestinian people confronting the aggression with all possible means. Occupation forces arrested a large number of Palestinians during raids across the West Bank and Al-Quds in the early hours of Monday. At dawn on Monday, Israeli occupation forces []


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, oversees racist and bigoted policies "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Peter Halligan Peters Newsletter June 5, 2023

How long has this been going on and how pervasive is it throughout civic offices and organizations in London?

From here:

London Mayors Transport Team Bans Whites from Internships. The National Pulse+

Transport for London (TFL) the government arm responsible for travel across Britains capital city has banned white people from applying to internships. The organization whose chairman is London Mayor Sadiq Khan now only accepts applications from only ethnic minorities.

The organizations website states, to apply to the Stuart Ross Communications Internship, you must be of Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, defined as having some African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian or other non-white heritage.

Just imagine if a white mayor tried this approach by advertising for whites only!!!

Of course, because he is not white, he gets a pass to engage in hate crimes, sponsoring apartheid and devaluing all non-whites who will be treated as quota hires whenever they apply for jobs.

In fact, anyone accepting these internships is automatically also a racist and a bigot seeking to exploit whites by benefitting from facilities paid for by taxes paid by mainly whites.

ALL discrimination is abhorrent racism by non-whites is no less abhorrent.

It used to be that internships were hardly paid anything, if at all. Work experience was the benefit.

But from  the website:

Stuart Ross Communications Internship Transport for London (

No mention of the number of internships offered.

London based hybrid working. Anticipated 1 to 2 days on average in the office- subject to working patterns and business requirements.

Salary: A bursary of 21,824 (reviewed in line with London Living Wage)

1-2 days in the office  for 21,824????

What youll need

  • You must be of Black, Asian and minority ethnic background, defined as having some African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian or other non-white heritage
  • Either an undergraduate or recent graduate on track to receive, or have already achieved, a 2:2 in any degree
  • Or be a non-graduate with no more than one years paid experience in the communications industry such as public relations, public affairs, marketing, stakeholder engagement, media, or other related fields

A 2:2 degree is a second-class honours, lower division. This is the lower division of a second-class degree. It is commonly known as a 2:2 or (2.2 degree) Desmond (as in Desmond two-two). A 2:2 degree is often the minimum grade required for most opportunities in employment...


China - Floods and landslides in south west leave 17 dead, 6 missing "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 17 people have died after heavy rainfall in southwestern China has triggered flooding and landslides in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan. According to state media reports, 14 people have died and 5 are still missing after a landslide in Jinkouhe, a mountainous area near the city of Leshan in Sichuan Province on 04 June 2023. Reports said the area saw heavy rainfall for 2 days prior to the event. A team of around 180 people rescue and emergency personnel are working at the site.


Hell Holes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fossil fuel companies walk away from the lands they have devastated, often without paying a penny to restore them.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 1st June 2023

When youre in a hole, keep digging. This is the strategy of opencast miners across the world: our past debts and future liabilities can one day be discharged if only were allowed to dig a little deeper and extract a little more. And public authorities keep falling for it.

The UKs biggest opencast coalmine, Ffos-y-Fran in south Wales, was granted permission in 2005 on the grounds that it would rehabilitate a hill, on the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil, which had been made dangerous by the shafts and spoil heaps left by deep mining. It wasnt called a coalmine, but a land reclamation scheme. If the reclaimers happened to stumble across 11 million tonnes of coal while improving the land by digging a 400-hectare pit, 200 metres deep, who could blame them for taking it?

In 2007, as the works commenced, I wrote an article arguing that, as local people had pointed out, there were much simpler, quicker and more reliable ways of reclaiming the land, which did not involve ruining peoples lives by blasting, digging and trucking for 17 years, and releasing 30m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the coal extracted. But the council, under pressure from Tony Blairs government, had bought the story. It even allowed the miners to work without the usual protections for local people, encroaching to within 36 metres of some homes.

Never mind: after 17 years of hell, the land would be restored, using some of the money made by extracting the coal. The hole would be filled and the hill rebuilt. The mining company, originally Miller Argent, now Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd, would deposit the reclamation money in an escrow account held by the council. But in 2014, the Welsh government warned that only 15m had been deposited in this account, while the reclamation might cost 50m.

Since then, the price of coal has boomed, but the fund still stands at 15m, while the estimated cost of filling the hole and restoring the landscape has risen to between 75m and 125m. The rehabilitation was supposed to be completed by the end of next year, but there is no sign it has begun. Far from reclaiming the land, the mine has created a much bigger problem: where the hill stood in 2007, there is now a great pit above whose sheer sides the homes of local people perch.

So last year the company app...


AntChain and Intel launch a privacy-preserving computing platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AntChain announced a new collaboration with Intel to launch AntChain Massive Data Privacy-Preserving Computing Platform (MAPPIC), a new privacy-preserving computing platform that brings a data privacy protection solution for large-scale AI machine learning. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, MAPPIC is based on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology and provides petabyte-scale AI training data protection capability. Powered by Ant Groups open-source TEE operating system Occlum and Intels open-source framework BigDL PPML, MAPPIC enables developers to More

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Navy Program PUMPs Up Hopes for Magnetic Propulsion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Yamato 1, a sleek grey ship that looks vaguely like a computer mouse or Star Trek shuttlecraft. It has an enclosed cockpit up front with black windows and blue trim. It is sitting on land in front of a red tower at a museum in Tokyo.

The caterpillar drive in The Hunt for Red October allowed the sub to travel virtually undetected through the ocean, but real examples of magnetohydrodynamic drives (MHDs) are rare. The US Navys recently announced Principles of Undersea Magnetohydrodynamic Pumps (PUMP) intends to jump-start the technology for a new era.

Dating back to the 1960s, research on MHDs has been stymied by lower efficiencies when compared with driving a propeller from the same power source. In 1992 the Japanese Yamato-1 prototype, pictured at the top of the page, was able to hit a blistering 6.6 knots (thats 12 kph or 7.4 mph for you landlubbers) with a 4 Tesla liquid helium-cooled MHD. Recent advances courtesy of fusion research have resulted in magnets capable of generating fields up to 20 Telsa, which should provide a...


The problem isnt artificial intelligence, its natural stupidity "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Texas A&M professor flunked all of his students because ChatGPT told him to.

Dr. Jared Mumm, a campus rodeo instructor who also teaches agricultural classes,

He legitimately wrote a PhD thesis on pig farming, but really a rodeo instructor? I guess thats like the coaches we have working in athletic programs at non-Ag colleges.

sent an email on Monday to a group of students informing them that he had submitted grades for their last three essay assignments of the semester. Everyone would be receiving an X in the course, Mumm explained, because he had used Chat GTP (the OpenAI chatbot is actually called ChatGPT) to test whether theyd used the software to write the papers and the bot claimed to have authored every single one.

I copy and paste your responses in [ChatGPT] and [it] will tell me if the program generated the content, he wrote, saying he had tested each paper twice. He offered the class a makeup assignment to avoid the failing grade which could otherwise, in theory, threaten their graduation status.

Wow. He doesnt know what hes doing at all. ChatGPT is an artificial expert at confabulation it will assemble a plausible-sounding mess of words that looks like other collections of words it finds in its database, and thats about it. Its not TurnItIn, a service professors have been using for at least a decade that compares submitted text to other texts in its database, and reports similarities. ChatGPT will happily make stuff up. You cant use it the way he thinks.

Mumm was unwarrantedly aggressive in his ignorance.

Students claim they supplied him with proof they hadnt used ChatGPT exonerating timestamps on the Google Documents they used to complete the homework but that he initially ignored this, commenting in the schools grading software system, I dont grade AI bullshit. (Mumm did not return Rolling Stones request for comment.)

Unfortunately for him, Mumm was cursed with smarter spectators to his AI bullshit. One of them ran Mumms PhD thesis through ChatGPT in the same inappropriate, invalid way.

In an amusing wrinkle, Mumms claims appear to be undercut by a simple experiment using ChatGPT. On Tuesday, redditor Delicious_Village112 found an abstract of Mumms doctoral dissertation on pig farming and submitted a section of that paper to the bot, asking if...


More Indications RFK Jr.s Anti Vaccine Claims Have Little Basis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Although COVID-19 numbers are down in the US, they are soaring in China and we know well enough from history that as goes China, so may go the rest of the world. Therefore, its not a good time to just thank our lucky stars and move on. And that means we still need to achieve consensus on the threat and what to do about it.


Most people believe that the medical and scientific establishment did the best they could with an unanticipated emergency, that they made mistakes but learned along the way.


And most people remember how it was. Not so long ago, hospitals were bursting at the seams with patients deathly ill with COVID-19. As soon as one died, another was brought in. Freezer trucks were parked outside the hospitals, containing piles of bodies with nowhere to go for burial. Victims of other emergencies car accidents, heart attacks, strokes were being sent away in ambulances driven by desperate EMT workers who didnt know where to go next. The public was crying out for a vaccine. 


But not everyone seems to remember why a COVID-19 vaccine became necessary. Theres a small but loud minority who seem to have forgotten.Theyre the base for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.s presidential campaign, which drew 20 percent of Democratic voters in a recent CNN poll. He almost certainly cant win, but he can be a potent factor, and maybe a distraction at an inflection point in what is shaping up as an epic battle for the future of America and the world. 


As noted in previous columns, I find Kennedy a bit slippery in terms of what he says about COVID-19 and vaccines. That seems a glaring deficiency given that Kennedy is ostensibly running to mitigate a lack of forthrightness and honesty among politicians.  


Related: Building Herd Immunity to Truth: More on RFK Jr.s Anti-Vax Crusade


Ive also noticed, based on comments from his supporters, that their skepticism about the trustworthiness of the US medical establishment often extends to the US establishment in general which they accuse of nefarious meddling in almost everything, including the endless tragedy in Ukraine. 


They are infatuated by...


The Musktown Massacre "IndyWatch Feed War"

CJ Hopkins Well, it was touch and go there for a while, but it appears free speech has been saved again! Thats right, as Im sure youve heard by now, all hell broke loose at Musk Cult HQ (also known by Musk Cultists as Musktown). It felt like the final days were upon us! What


New Zealand Government releases proposal to set up Ministry of Truth "IndyWatch Feed World"

READ MORE AT THE EXPOSE  The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has released a...


Delta Govership Tribunal Gives Deadline, Warns Respondents Over Delay "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


LAGOS JUNE 5TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Asaba, the Delta state capital, has ordered respondents to file and serve the petitioner with their applications latest today June 5, 2023.

Head of the tribunal, Justice C. H Ahuchaogu directed when he commenced hearing of the petition of the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Barr. Kenneth Gbagi.

I have listened to all the parties. The substantial part of the pre-hearing has been conducted except the pending motions. I therefore adjourn the case to June 13 for the continuation of the petition Ahuchaogu stated.

Gbagi had filed a 79-page petition against Governor Sheriff Oborevwori and his party, Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), Deputy Senate president, Ovie Omo-Agege and All Progressive Party, (APC), Labour Party, (LP), candidate, Ken Pela and All Progressive Grand Alliance, (APGA), candidate, Chief Great Ogboru and their deputies.

Gbagi, former Minister of State for Education and Chairman, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, (LACN), argued for the disqualifications of all of them, alleging that they were not qualified to contest the March 18, 2023, poll.

Addressing journalists shortly after the adjournment, the led counsel to the petitioner, Mr Magaji Mato Ibrahim (SAN) said the substantial part of the Pre-hearing has been conducted.

The pre-trial section had commenced and all parties have responded. What is left are the motions that are pending which will be taken in the next adjustment day.

All processes for filling, exchange will be done on that day. So, nothing will stop the hearing of the applications, those that are pending and other will be filed.






Haiti - 15 dead, 8 missing after flooding and landslides caused widespread damage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Heavy rainfall in Haiti over the past few days has resulted in severe flooding and landslides, inflicting significant damage across the country. The capital city of Port-au-Prince and the Ouest Departments have been particularly affected, with hospitals and other structures suffering damage. In addition, a bridge near Jrmie in the Grand'Anse Department has been destroyed, exacerbating the situation. The relentless downpours that commenced on 01 June 2023, intensified during the early hours of 03 June, leading to overflowing rivers and triggering numerous landslides. In some cases, the situation was further exacerbated by blocked drainage channels and bodies of water. According to official reports, at least 15 individuals have lost their lives as a result of the disaster, while eight people remain missing. Regrettably, the death toll is anticipated to rise as search and rescue operations continue.


Link "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mr. Biscu makes pieces using clay that comes from earth extracted from a hill in Horezu.

Chantel Tattoli reported this story from Horezu, Romania for the New York Times. Accompanied by photographs and video by Marko Risovic, her story is based on speaking to a dozen local potters using a translator:

A style of pottery made for centuries in a small Romanian town has recently become a hot commodity.


Pedestrian Safety: Theres No Technical Fix "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


This article was originally published on Joe Cortrights blog, City Observatory. It is shared here with permission. All images for this piece were provided by the author unless otherwise indicated.


Sooner than many of us thought possible, self-driving cars are in testing on city streets around the country. While a central promise of autonomous vehicle backers has been that this technological advance would eliminate road carnage, thereve been good reasons to be skeptical. A viral video of a driverless Tesla blowing past a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk (where the opposing traffic was already stopped) serves as a social media litmus test for peoples view of traffic safety

See? The self-driving Tesla drives just like a human: with blatant disregard for pedestrians.

Autonomous car advocates seem to think that the video shows the technology is just like humans, with the same cavalier attitude toward people outside vehicles, prioritizing getting there faster over endangering human lifeI mean, the vehicle didnt actually hit the pedestrian, am I right? Others point out that the self-driving Tesla flagrantly violated state law, with zero consequences: Nobody is tracking down Elon Musk or a software engineer to hand out a citation (or, but for a few feet, an arrest warrant for manslaughter).

There seems to be little improvement from the first days of self-driving technology. In 2016, City Observatory reported on a self-driving Uber being tested on the streets of San Francisco that had...


Geotrendlines: 'Valt De Dollar?' "IndyWatch Feed War"


Beste lezer,

We zien een verandering komen zoals we die de afgelopen honderd jaar niet meer hebben

gezien. En we gaan deze verandering samen in gang zetten. Dat waren de woorden van de

Chinese president Xi Jinping na afloop van het driedaagse bezoek aan de Russische

president Poetin in maart 2023 in Moskou. Een boodschap die niet alleen gericht is aan zijn

bondgenoot in het Kremlin, maar ook aan de rest van de wereld.


Het vat de trend samen van de grote machtsverschuiving in de wereld, van een door de


Verenigde Staten aangestuurde unipolaire wereldorde naar een multipolaire wereldorde,


waarvan het zwaartepunt in het Oosten ligt en waarin China de leiding lijkt te nemen.



MIDI 2.0 Driver Support Coming With Linux 6.5 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last month Linux's sound subsystem maintainer Takashi Iwai published a set of Linux driver patches for MIDI 2.0 support for the USB Audio and Raw MIDI drivers. That roughly six thousand lines of new code for the MIDI 2.0 driver coverage is now expected to be mainlined with the upcoming Linux 6.5 cycle...


Experts warn of a surge of TrueBot activity in May 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

VMwares Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team observed a surge of TrueBot activity in May 2023.

Researchers at VMwares Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team warn of a surge of TrueBot activity in May 2023.

Truebot has been active since 2017 and some researchers linked it to the Silence Group, while a recent investigation linked it to threat actor TA505 (aka Evil Corp).

TrueBot is a downloader that gathers information on compromised systems and uses infected systems to carry out other malicious activities, as observed recently with Clop Ransomware

In recent TrueBot attacks, operators exploited a critical vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2022-31199 (CVSS score: 9.8) in Netwrix auditor, as well as Raspberry Robin as delivery vectors.

The attack chain commences with a drive-by-download from Chrome for the executable update.exe. The threat actors attempt to trick users into downloading and executing the above executable masquerading it as a software update.


Once executed the above file, it connected to 94[.]142.138.61, which is a Russian IP address that is known to be attributed to TrueBot. Then a second-stage executable 3ujwy2rz7v.exe was downloaded and executed via cmd.ex...


HP Business-Class PCs To Provide Hardware Sensors Reporting With Linux 6.5 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those running HP or HP-Compaq business-class systems whether they be desktops or laptops, improved hardware sensor reporting is expected for the upcoming Linux 6.5 kernel thanks to a new HP WMI Sensors driver set to be mainlined...


Dont Punish Them More. Effort Grows to Ease Job Barriers After Prison Release "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nearly 2,000 formerly incarcerated people return to Cleveland each year with few job prospects. Some lawmakers want to change that.

Phil Trexler Joins The Marshall Project as New Cleveland Editor-in-Chief "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trexler comes to The Marshall Project - Cleveland with broadcast, digital and print journalism experience. Turns 19 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware, Open-Source News "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today marks nineteen years since I started for covering the Linux hardware space. It's been a wild ride from the days of 56K modems, graphics driver pains, and having to use NDISWrapper for WiFi device driver support on Linux, among many other Linux hardware pains in the early days. These days the open-source GPU driver scene is far better off, Linux hardware support overall is great, companies continue investing massively into Linux/open-source thanks to the success in the server space over the past two decades, and the Steam Deck has proven to be one of the most interesting Linux-powered consumer devices in recent years...


Japans Largest Manga Piracy Site Shuts Down Following Cloudflare Probe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

bad 13dlManga comics are popular around the globe in a content category that has seen piracy grow significantly in recent years.

This popularity is also apparent in mangas home country Japan, where several dedicated pirate sites are active.

Publishers are working hard to counter this trend and last month they turned to a U.S. court for help. Working with the Japanese anti-piracy group CODA, manga publisher Shueisha obtained a DMCA subpoena that required Cloudflare to uncover the identities of several pirate site operators. Folds

This legal strategy doesnt always pay off as some site operators use strawmen and fake data, but in this case, the publisher struck gold. Soon after the subpoena was issued, Japans largest manga piracy site stopped releasing new content.


New uploads stopped appearing three days after the DMCA subpoena to Cloudflare was issued and the sites operator later confirmed that the site has shut down for good. At the time of writing, its no longer operational.

This is a major win for the publishers as had an estimated 25 million monthly visits, mostly from Japan. The site listed links to fresh manga releases which were distributed through external file-hosting platforms such as RapidGator, TakeFile, Novafile, WupFile, and HexUpload.

Cyberlocker Targets

Several of these hosting sites were also targeted in the DMCA subpoena obtained by the publisher, after they were first targeted in a regular DMCA notice, listed below.

Original DMCA Notice to Cloudflare

shueisha takedown

According to CODA, the operator of 13DL was responsible for uploading the pirated comics to t...


Blue's News One of the Oldest Gaming Websites in the World is Still Going Strong! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Imagine firing up your brand-new Intel 486DX and waiting those several minutes to show Windows, Open American Online and connect to go to your favorite site about Quake Blue's News. One of the oldest and still operated Gaming Websites in the world, it is using crowd sourcing for it's articles and editors similar to SoylentNews to share what is happening in the gaming community. Passing it's 25 year anniversary recently, Blue's News continues to give the latest on Diablo to Science related news. Congrats Blue's News!

[Editor's Comment: There are certainly some news items that we haven't covered that will be of interest to our community. But I am never sure - how big IS our gaming community? Hands up please... JR]

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Rust-Written Coreutils Replacement uutils 0.0.19 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The open-source uutils project that is striving to be a drop-in replacement to GNU Coreutils but written within the Rust programming language is out today with a new feature update...


'Sport as connecting, not competing' "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

'Sport as connecting, not competing'

brendan 5th June 2023
Teaser Media


The EU is desperate to clamp down on Elon Musk's free speech as 'disinformation' "IndyWatch Feed World"

If Brussels' tech disinfo code is voluntary, then why did officials freak out when Musk yanked Twitter from it? European Union officials are having a meltdown, all because Twitter CEO Elon Musk has withdrawn the platform from a "voluntary" EU code of conduct for tech firms to combat so-called "disinformation." And they have yet to cite a single actual example of it. EU Internal Markets Commissioner Thierry Breton tweeted, "You can run, but you can't hide," citing a legal obligation to prevent disinformation from August. He's basically treating Musk, a guy who builds rockets and cars in America, like an unruly schoolchild, with Brussels in the role of the principal. French Digital Minister Jean-Noel Barrot even threatened to ban Twitter from the EU in a recent interview, citing the "grave" threat of disinformation.


Stingy Rich Countries Dont Live Up to Climate Change Commitments "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Rich countries that have promised to help their less fortunate peers with shouldering the burden of coping with and fighting climate change are cooking the books to pretend that they are living up to their commitments, a report released today shows.

In 2009, the worlds wealthiest countries agreed that, beginning in 2020, they would provide $100 billion per year to ensure that low- and middle-income countries would have the funds to fight climate change. So far, they failed to deliver, according to the report, which the advocacy group Oxfam published at the start of the Bonn Climate Summit in Germany. Even worse, these countries are using a series of gimmicks to pretend that they are holding up their end of the bargain.

As a result, while donor nations claim that they mobilized more than $83 billion in 2020, the actual figure is much lower, Oxfam says. The group estimates that, at most, the real value of this aid was $24.5 billion. Of that money, only $11.5 billion went to climate adaptation programs that allow vulnerable countries to address the increasingly harmful effects of climate change.

Dont be fooled into thinking $11.5 billion is anywhere near enough for low- and middle-income countries to help their people cope with more and bigger floods, hurricanes, firestorms, droughts and other terrible harms brought about by climate change, said Nafkote Dabi, Oxfam Internationals climate change policy lead. People in the US spend four times more than that each year feeding their cats and dogs.

So how is it that rich countries are claiming that they have provided tens of billions of dollars when the actual total is much less?

For one, by designating the bulk of the money they do give as loans and not grants. As a result, they are burdening the recipients with even more debt, which forces them to tighten their belts. And when that happens, projects meant to fight climate change end up on the chopping block. Therefore, this so-called aid can have the opposite effect.

Despite their extreme vulnerability to climate impacts, the worlds poorest countries, particularly the least developed countries and small island developing states, are simply not receiving enough support, Dabi noted. Instead, they are being driven deeper into debt.

Among individual countries, France is the worst offender in this regard. A whopping 92 percent of the money it provides comes in the form of loans, Oxfam found. Japan at 90 percent and...


IceWM 3.4 Released With Improved Keybindings Handling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For fans of the lightweight IceWM X11 window manager, released on Sunday was IceWM 3.4 as the newest feature release...


A 14-year-old is dead. Her dad blames 'safer supply' drugs provided by the gov't "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fourteen-year-old Kamilah Sword overdosed and died last August after becoming addicted to hydromorphone, a drug which her friends say they often acquired through drug users who were defrauding Vancouver's safer supply programs. Her father, who wants answers for his daughter's death, feels "brushed aside" by the government and worries about how the investigation of his daughter's death is being handled. Last week, he shared his story and introduced me to Kamilah's closest friends, and their parents, who explained how hydromorphone abuse has ravaged their families and contributed to a new generation of opioid addicts in Port Coquitlam, B.C. Collectively, they painted a disturbing portrait of a community where the abuse of "dillies" (the slang term for Dilaudid, a brand of hydromorphone) is ubiquitous among teenagers, thanks, in part, they say to the wide-scale defraudment of "safer supply" programs. As I reported in an investigative story, published earlier this month by the National...


Panic As Suspected Cultist Stabs Colleague To Death In Igbudu Market, Warri "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


LAGOS JUNE 5TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A suspected cultist, Abdurasam, has reportedly stabbed an unidentified fellow cult member to death following a disagreement over unpaid debt in the yam section of Igbudu Market at Hausa Quarters along Warri/Sapele Road, Delta State.

PUNCH Metro gathered that Abdurasam had a serious argument with his unidentified fellow cult member over money he borrowed from him.

According to sources, the incident occurred on Friday evening when Abdurasam spotted the unidentified fellow cult member and demanded repayment of a previous loan. The argument that ensued between the two of them was reportedly heated, and Abdurasam became so angry with the fellow cult member that he allegedly stabbed him in the chest. The commotion that followed resulted in traders and buyers running for their lives due to the severity of the situation.

The victim reportedly bled to death, and nobody around the vicinity was available to help him. Conflicting reports indicate that Abdurasam fled the scene of the incident to an unknown location. However, another report suggests that Abdurasam was apprehended by members of the markets vigilante group.

As of the time of filing this report, the Police Public Relations Officer for Delta State Command, DSP Bright Edafe was unavailable for comment regarding the incident.





UN Agency for Palestine Refugees on Verge of Financial Collapse "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

(UN NEWS)* The United Nations on Friday [] appealed for sustainable funding for its agency that supports Palestine refugees, UNRWA, which is on the brink of financial collapse.

A Palestinian family in Gaza share a meal bought with a WFP food voucher.
WFP/Ali Jadallah | A Palestinian family in Gaza share a meal bought with a WFP food voucher.


A Restless Conscience "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  Hard Day at Work   Theyre Here What do we do if THEY arrive and demand to be taken to our leader   and somebody takes them to see Pedo Joe? I know, hell want to take a shower with them   Bullet Points: ** Wolves and rabbits dont sit down in a meeting []

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Surprise: Hurricane Activity Reconstructions Show Greater Storm Frequency When Globe Was Cold "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

warmer periods dont mean more hurricanes and it appears that colder periods are associated with greater hurricane frequency.

The post Surprise: Hurricane Activity Reconstructions Show Greater Storm Frequency When Globe Was Cold first appeared on Watts Up With That?.

NYC Child Welfare Agency Says It Supports Miranda Warning Bill for Parents. But Its Quietly Lobbying to Weaken It. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as theyre published.

The New York State Legislature could by the end of this week pass groundbreaking legislation requiring child protective services agents to read people their constitutional rights, just like the police have to do.

But New York Citys Administration for Childrens Services, despite publicly claiming to support the family Miranda warning, has in recent weeks quietly proposed gutting the measure, according to eight lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists involved in the negotiations.

The agency even lobbied for the removal of the word rights from the bill text.

And the state Senates Democratic majority leader, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, has repeatedly blocked the popular proposal (it has dozens of co-sponsors), throwing into question whether it will get a full vote before the legislative session ends on Friday.

Last fall, a ProPublica investigation found that ACS caseworkers without a warrant conduct full home searches of more than 50,000 households every year across New York City, disproportionately affecting Black or Hispanic and low-income families. Despite the Fourth Amendments protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, these government officers rifle through families refrigerators and medicine cabinets and inspect childrens unclothed bodies without informed consent.

They conduct these warrantless searches even if the allegation of potential child neglect they are investigating has nothing to do with the condition of the home, such as a kid missing too many days of school. They also sometimes use manipulative tactics, including threatening child removal or calling the police, to get inside residences, according to dozens of interviews with caseworkers, families and attorneys.

The agency ultimately finds a safety situation requiring removal of a child from the home less than 4% of the time.

Lawmakers in Albany repeatedly cited ProPublicas repor...


Safeguarding Your Investment: Best Practices for Selling Your Mobile Home Park "IndyWatch Feed World"

Do you want to sell your mobile home park? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the best practices to adopt for selling your mobile home park.

Many people are confused about the first step they should take in this process. It usually happens because they dont have much knowledge regarding the selling of properties. If you are also in this situation, you must learn some tips for a smooth selling procedure. Learning is essential to avoid mistakes and get a perfect deal for your mobile home park.

There are different ways to sell your mobile home park. But you need to understand the best methods to carry out this task. Taking help from a professional is significant when it comes to selling properties. Nowadays, many individuals rely on mobile home park brokerage. They have extensive knowledge regarding the properties. So you can trust them. Before selecting a particular professional, make sure to do enough research.

You might be curious about the best practices for selling your mobile home park. Lets discuss them in detail without further ado.

What Are The Tips To Sell Your Mobile Home Park?


As mentioned earlier, you must follow some tips for a successful selling process. Here are some of them that might help you with the same-

  • Get help from certified professionals: Selling mobile home parks might be challenging. But getting some help from professionals is the best you can do. As they are knowledgeable, you can trust their information.

They might provide you with some successful ways to complete the entire procedure. You can find the right buyers with their help. However, you must be extra careful when choosing a particular service provider.

  • Get the documents ready: Many documents might be required in the selling process. You have to prepare them to avoid issues while dealing with a buyer.

Many people make mis...


Ibori Visits Osinbajo At Dental Clinic, Urges Him To Get Well Soon "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


LAGOS JUNE 5TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Former governor of Delta State James Ibori met with ex-Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Saturday at a dental clinic.

He shared a photo of their meeting on social media.

Ibori congratulated Osinbajo on doing a great job, urging him to get his well-deserved rest.

See who I ran into today at the Dentist. Congratulations Mr Vice President for a great job. Please enjoy your well-deserved peace & quiet out of public office, he wrote.

On Friday, Ibori met with President Bola Tinubu at the State House, Abuja.

He was joined by the immediate past governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike; and Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.




How to watch Apples WWDC 2023 keynote today: iOS 17, AR headset, and more expected "IndyWatch Feed World"

This years highlight is expected to be a preview of Apples mixed-reality headset. You can stream it live on a computer, phone, or TV.

One of Apples biggest events of the year kicks off today: the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference. Though the event runs all week for developers, the highlight of WWDC for tech enthusiasts is always the keynote presentation, which is where Apple gives a sneak peek of its new software, including iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, watchOS 10, and tvOS 17 this year.

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Where is the Peace Dividend? "IndyWatch Feed"

A few days ago the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee of the House of Commons was told that for some communities here, the expected peace dividend from the Good Friday Agreement never arrived.

Tim Attwood of the John and Pat Hume Foundation reported on its recent Peace Summit. One of the young people said, The conflict was not the problem; the peace is, because, in so many places, they do not see the dividend. Some working-class people in parts of Belfast or Derry do not see the dividend. Where are the jobs? Where is the investment that gives them the hope for the future?

A couple of years ago, the Derry University Group lobbyists for university expansion in the city published research from accountant Cormac Duffy which concluded that, in real terms, while the Belfast economy grew by 14% since the Good Friday Agreement, Derrys economy contracted by 7%. Those figures are rejected, both by the independent FactCheckNI and by Derry City and Strabane District Council. Yet the conclusions resonated in Derry, where there is resentment and a feeling of being left behind.

Duffys conclusion was based on comparing Gross Value Added in the two cities. But, as the author himself recognised, those statistics are distorted by the commuting nature of the Belfast economy, with many of the best paying jobs in the capital taken by people who live in Lisburn, Bangor and elsewhere.

The unemployment rate provides an alternative measure of progress. At the time of the Good Friday Agreement, the unemployment rate in the Foyle constituency was 15.2% and the male unemployment rate 20.7%. This was the 7th worst in the UK, behind Belfast West and several deprived areas of England. Today the claimant count rate in Foyle is 5.6% and 6.9% for men.

The UK rate in 1998 was 6.3%, today it is 3.9%. In 1998, the Foyle rate was around 9% higher than that of the UK average. Today it is 1.7% higher. So measured by official unemployment rates, Derry has gained a peace dividend.

Yet, Derry continues to lag behind the rest of the UK in employment rate and wealth generation. While the UK had an employment rate of 75% at the end of 2021, it was just 65% in the Derry and Strabane council area. And the levels of deprivation in the city (as in parts of Belfast) continue to be disgraceful, 25 years on from a peace accord that might have been expected to resolve most of our societys challenges.

Some 38% of the population in Derry and Strabane are classed as income deprived, compared to the NI figure of 25%. Pay in Derry and Strabane is 9% below the NI median, while disposable income per head is 11% below the NI average. More positively, the council points to official statistics indicating that both Derry and Belfast have been catching up with the rest of the UK in terms of median pay, and also that Derry has been catching up with Belfast.

But official statistics also reveal that more than half of children growing up in Derr...


Protect Vintage Gear with Easy Capacitor Reforming "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Having acquired some piece of old electronic equipment, be it a computer, radio, or some test gear, the temptation is there to plug it in as soon as youve lugged it into the shop. Dont be so hasty. Those power supplies and analog circuits often have a number of old aluminium electrolytic capacitors of unknown condition, and bad things can happen if they suddenly get powered back up again. After a visual inspection, to remove and replace any with obvious signs of leakage and corrosion, those remaining may still not be up to their job, with the oxide layers damaged over time when sat idle, they can exhibit lower than spec capacitance, voltage rating or even be a dead short circuit. [TechTangents] presents for us a guide to detecting and reforming these suspect capacitors to hopefully bring them, safely, back to service once more.



Two Sisters Reunite 75 Years After They Were Put Up For Adoption At The End Of WWII "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Good News Network

Two sisters were put up for adoption at the end of World War II, but finally, after 75 long years, they have finally been reunited. Annie Jipelaar and Sheila Anne Fry who are both in their late 70s have Sheilas daughter-in-law and Annies son to thank for their reunion, as they took it upon themselves to track down their long-lost relatives.

Sheila was adopted as an infant in 1946 in the United Kingdom, and she had zero knowledge of who her actual birth parents were. However, using a DNA test revealed that she had a half-sister who lived in the Netherlands that was born only a few months after she was to the same father. When Sheilas daughter-in-law, Karen, got a message from Annies son, Marc, both sisters took a DNA test that confirmed they were biological sisters.

Just last year, the sisters finally met for the first time, which was an extremely emotional experience for the two of them. Sheila described it as, It was like looking in the mirror and talking to myself. It was amazing. We have the same hobbies, and the same medical complaintsit is very strange.

Sheila knew she was adopted because her parents had told her, I was special because mummy and daddy picked me.


Why Descript is the best way to edit multimedia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Descript offers a simple way to edit a YouTube video, podcast interview, or social video.

This article is republished with permission from Wonder Tools, a newsletter that helps you discover the most useful sites and apps. Subscribe here.

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Magecart campaign abuses legitimate sites to host web skimmers and act as C2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new ongoing Magecart web skimmer campaign abuse legitimate websites to act as makeshift command and control (C2) servers.

Akamai researchers discovered a new ongoing Magecart web skimmer campaign aimed at stealing personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card information from users in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Magecart attacks target e-commerce websites, the name Magecart is derived from the malicious code (JavaScript) typically injected by the attackers into compromised websites.

In the recent campaign uncovered by Akamai, threat actors hijack legitimate websites to act as makeshift C2 servers and use them to distribute malware.

Attackers employ a number of evasion techniques during the campaign, including obfuscating Base64 and masking the attack to resemble popular third-party services, such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. reads the analysis published by Akamai.

Some of the victim organizations have hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, this implies that their compromise impacted up to tens of thousands of victims. The researchers pointed out that many victims uncovered the attack more than a month after the initial compromise.

The attack chain commences by scanning the web for vulnerable legitimate sites and hacking them to inject malicious code. Attackers used the compromised websites as C2 servers to avoid detection.

Rather than using the attackers own C2 server to host malicious code, which may be flagged as a malicious domain, attackers hack into (using vulnerabilities or any other means at their disposal) a vulnerable, legitimate site, such as a small or medium-sized retail website, and stash their code within it. continues the analysis. In this way, the attackers create a seemingly healthy host for their malicious code, and can deliver it to any victim they choose.

Attackers employ small JavaScript code snippets that act as loaders to fetch the final software skimmer from the victims websites previously compromised.

Threat actors likely compromised the websites by exploiting known vulnerabilities in popular CMS (such as Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, etc.) or in vulnerable third-party services and components used by the website.

The researchers identified two distinct variations of the skimmer code employed in this ongoing campaign. 

contains a list of CSS selectors which explicitly indicated that the skimmer targeted input fields...


A Conclusive Guide About Bulldozer Types, And When You Need Them "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Top Mark

Bulldozers are high-powered, versatile machines used in construction, forestry operations, and mining. These machines are fashioned to move large amounts of earth and debris, making them perfect for various applications. The most common use of bulldozers is during road, residential or commercial construction, where a lot of digging into the earth is involved. 

If youre new to construction, its wise to understand bulldozer types, know when to use them, their benefits, and the factors to consider before doing so. Although the topic might sound complex, stick around for more insights.

Bulldozers Types

Bulldozers come in different types, sizes, features, and capabilities. More information about them will help you choose the suitable machine for any project and complete the job perfectly. Here are the different bulldozer types, uses, and detailed descriptions. 

Crawler Bulldozers

Crawler bulldozers are the most common in construction and are mainly used in mining and construction sites. Theyre designed differently with metallic tracks instead of wheels, allowing them to navigate rugged terrain easily. These bulldozers are perfect for heavy-duty projects like grading and excavation. Moreover, theyre also commonly used in forestry operations when clearing land for new vegetation. 

Wheel Bulldozers

They are similar to crawler bulldozers, but wheel bulldozers are equipped with wheels instead of tracks. Wheel bulldozers are mainly used in agricultural and forestry applications and sometimes in construction projects where the terrain isnt so rugged. These bulldozer types are also used to remove snow and road maintenance in municipal applications.

Mini Bulldozers

Mini bulldozers are s...


Delta: Patients Flee, Hospital Shut As Mobile Policeman Attacks Female NYSC Doctor "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


LAGOS JUNE 5TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Medical services at the Delta state-owned hospital in Ogwashi Uku, Aniocha south council area of the state was at the weekend paralyzed after a female youth corper doctor was seriously beaten up by a mobile policeman.

The incident which occurred on Thursday night was said to have caused panic in the hospital even as patients were discharged.

It was reported that other doctors in sympathy with their colleagues decided to down tools until the policeman is brought to book by the relevant authorities.

The doctors were yet to resume work as of Sunday noon when NIGERIAN TRIBUNE inquired.

The crisis started on Thursday night when some policemen on escort to a burial ceremony in Ogwashi Uku town rushed some persons to the hospital following injuries they sustained during fracas that ensued at the wake-keeping ceremony.

According to findings, shortly after the victims were attended to by the doctor, one of the policemen became hostile despite all efforts made by his colleagues to calm him down.

The policeman holding his gun started shouting at the doctor inside the emergency ward. He said so many things to the doctor. He was insisting that one of the victims in particular (his brother) be treated.

Despite being told outrightly by the doctor and others health workers that the person and indeed all others have been treated,  the man was not satisfied.

He moved towards the doctor while sitting and gave her a severe blow, kicked and dragged her to the ground until some staff come to her rescue.

The other policemen sensing more danger hurriedly escape from here.

Other doctors were so sad what happened to their colleague and immediately decided to shut down, an eyewitness account said.



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