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Wednesday, 23 May


Impatient dictators: how snap elections shore up authoritarianism in Eurasia "IndyWatch Feed"

Authoritarian states are using all-too familiar constitutional mechanisms to consolidate power.

Fatima Mvlanl. Source: Youtube.Fatima Mvlanl, an Azerbaijani teenager, is used to seeing lham Aliyev, her countrys president, everywhere: on TV, street billboards, on portraits at her school and health clinic. The man would always be kindly smiling in various settings: surrounded by children, villagers, workers, happy citizens of prosperous Azerbaijan. His seemingly omnipresent, inescapable smile watched over her as she grew up.

But when Fatima turned 17, she looked around and saw a different picture: in the city where she grew up, although the dictator smiled at everyone from the posters, big and small, people rarely smiled back. Their faces conveyed anxiety, they seemed preoccupied with making ends meet as official made pronouncements on the health and strength of the economy, constantly repeating the adjective analogue-less in reference to Azerbaijan. The smiles were slowly and gradually giving way to disquiet, fear and hopelessness.

When she looked around, Mvlanl saw a country ruled by a dictator.

This is why when Ilham Aliyev called for snap elections in February 2018, she decided to act. On 26 March, Mvlanl left home with posters of Ilham Aliyev to take part in the Know Your Dictator campaign, launched by Azerbaijani emigres in Europe in order to draw attention to Aliyevs rule. The posters contained a QR code with further information, and Mvlanl was determined to inform people of the dictatorship and its use of elections to further consolidate the Aliyev regime.

I did this to demonstrate that our youth hasnt lost the ability to fight, and to give people reason to summon their courage, she says....


New Spectre-like flaw found in CPUs using speculative execution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new flaw that can allow an attacker to obtain access to sensitive information on affected systems has been discovered in modern CPUs. CVE-2018-3639, discovered by independently by Google Project Zero and Microsoft Security Response Center researchers and dubbed Variant 4, is a Speculative Store Bypass (SSB) vulnerability, and is considered to be a new variant of the previously revealed Spectre Variant 1 vulnerability. Variant 4 is a vulnerability that exploits speculative bypass. When exploited, More

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Der grte Troll, den England je gesehen hat, hat ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der grte Troll, den England je gesehen hat, hat vor 90 Jahren anonym 500.000 Pfund auf ein Bankkonto eingezahlt, und bestimmt, dass es an die Regierung geht, wenn sie damit ihre Staatsschulden abzahlt. Aber nur, wenn sie damit alle Schulden komplett abzahlen kann. Die Kohle liegt da jetzt seit 90 Jahren, ist inzwischen 400 Millionen wert, aber natrlich sind die Staatsschulden noch viel krasser gewachsen und es wird wohl nie einen Zeitpunkt geben, bei dem die Regierung an die Kohle rankommt. Daher versuchen sie es jetzt gerichtlich. m(

OK, das reicht jetzt mit den School Shootings. Da muss ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

OK, das reicht jetzt mit den School Shootings. Da muss endlich mal was gemacht werden. Oh ich habs, CCTV mit Gesichtserkennung in der Schule! Das System kommt von einer Firma aus dem Gefngnis-Industrie-Komplex der USA. Wieso wrden sie sowas kaufen? Na ganz einfach:

The Lockport district says that the system will make students safer by alerting officials if someone on a sex-offender registry or terrorist watchlist enters the property.
Klingt gut, bis man merkt, dass:
None of America's school shootings or high-profile serial sex abuse scandals were carried out by wanted terrorists or people on the sex-offender registry.
Hups. Nun, h, was soll ich sagen. Ist ja nicht mein Geld. Sind Steuergelder.

Man kann gerade prima beobachten, wie die Unternehmen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Man kann gerade prima beobachten, wie die Unternehmen alle mitkriegen, dass Opt-Out jetzt out ist mit der DSGVO, und der Reihe nach auf Opt-In umstellen. Alle, bis auf Telefonica. Ich bin mal gespannt, wieviel 4% des Konzernjahresumsatzes bei Telefonica sind. Denn einen klareren Fall fr einen mutwilligen Versto gegen dis DSGVO kann ich persnlich mir gar nicht vorstellen.

Ausrede des Tages:Indian govt employee declares himself ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ausrede des Tages:

Indian govt employee declares himself reincarnation of Vishnu, skips work to go to '5th dimension'
Den muss ich auch mal probieren!


Americas most cyber insecure cities exposed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Coronet researchers identified Las Vegas, Memphis and Charlotte as Americas most cyber insecure cities. While big companies may have the budgets, personnel and resources to protect their assets reasonably well, mid-market and small businesses are mostly left to fend for themselves. This is both unfortunate and a recipe for disaster, said Guy Moskowitz, CEO, Coronet. Americas most insecure metros 10. Tampa St. Petersburg 9. Orlando Daytona Beach 8. West Palm Beach Ft. More

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Blockchain game for 2018 World Cup arrives "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A blockchain-based betting game is taking the opportune moment to combine the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup with the increasingly-popular blockchain industry., designed to revolutionise football predictions and betting, is causing a stir thanks to its superstar team of advisors and timing to coincide with the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

The project asks users to stake their Ether against thousands of other users in the hope of finding the best predictors on the planet. Users can also gain an edge, or earn additional money, by trading their tokens after each game in response to their price.

Costing just 0.045 Eth to enter in the first week, Cryptocup looks set to revolutionise the way we consume professional sporting events and just in time for the 2018 World Cup.

The project has also announced that Greg Colvin, the organizer of the fellowship of Ethereum Magicians and core developer of Ethereum Virtual Machine, has joined Cryptocup as an advisor.

Additionally, Coinfabrik, the developers of Jaxx and RSK wallets, have audited the projects smart contracts and joined it in the capacity of partners to oversee the technical part of Cryptocup.

Tokens on the platform will only stay tradeable for the duration of the tournament, which kicks off next month. As a result, when the tournament concludes on July 23, all remaining tokens will be rewarded with an Eth prize.

The team behind Cryptocup are confident that knowledgeable fans should be able to make money using their platform.

The idea is really fun and adds a little bit of excitement to the worlds of both football and cryptocurrency, said CEO, Federico Golberg.  Win or lose, people are going to love Cryptocup and its next-generation capabilities for sports betting.

At the end of each game, according to a press release, bonuses are paid out directly after each successfully predicted game and ultimate winnings are determined at the end of the tournament.

However, Cryptocups model sees the price of entry rise each week, meaning savvy players will need to be quick if they want to play on the cheap. is taking new registrations today take part in one of the most revolutionary products in sports betting this week to get involved for just 0.045 Eth.

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Netanyahu Is Losing His Mojo "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Netanyahu: "If you asked most of the governments and most of the leaders in the Middle East: What is the principle barrier to peace? What is the greatest threat to our security? They would say three things: Iran, Iran, and Iran.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

SACP Gauteng Condemns the Shameless Feeding Frenzy Off the Life Esidimeni Tragedy
15 May 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) Gauteng Province condemns with the contempt it deserves the opportunistic and shameless attempt by the Democratic Alliance (DA) to use the pain of families who lost their loved ones in the Life Esidimeni tragedy to gain political points.

It is precisely for the simple reason that in the DA "black life is cheap" that the it has once again violated and directly attacked the plea by the families that the tragic loss of life not be used for narrow political interests.

We are convinced that the motion of no confidence of the DA has absolutely nothing to do with the interests of the affected families but narrow political interests of the DA. Yet again, the DA's obsession with the 2019 National and Provincial Elections has proven to be at the expense of working class families and that of the survivors of the tragedy.

We welcome the defeat of this senseless Motion of No Confidence against Premier David Makhura by our revolutionary Alliance partners the African National Congress (ANC) in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and the commitment by the Gauteng Provincial Government to continue working with the families and survivors.

We commend Premier Makhura for a sterling and profound leadership he tirelessly and consistently demonstrated by working with the families, appointing an investigation led by Professor Malegalapuru Makgoba, appointing Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke for the arbitration process and finally for publicly taking final responsibility for the tragedy. This we believe constitute the essence of the best that humanity could be and therefore applaud the leadership of the Premier.

We also salute the ANC Caucus members for their revolutionary combative defeat of the DA teetering on the brink of internal racial implosion and lingering racial heritage.

We also thank the families for their absolute confidence in the leadership of the provincial government led by David Makhura.

We remain resolute that the outcomes of the Moseneke report and that of Professo...


Buhari fight against corruption is bias, targets opposition Group "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The President of Church of Christ in Nations COCIN Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri has disclosed that the church has distanced itself from President Muhammadu Buhari Fight against corruption which he said, is bias and gives a semblance of targeting the Opposition in the Country. The clergy stated this on Tuesday in Jos during the 94th General []

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FBI Director Testimony Reveals Need for Radically Different Strategy to Defeat Jihadis "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have about 1,000 investigations into exactly the kind of people youre describing, covering all 50 states as Im sitting here right now. And thats not even counting, you know, the al-Qaeda investigations, the traditional ISIS investigations, the domestic terrorism Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: Dad Confronts the Cop Who Killed His Unarmed Son, Secretly Records It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


When a heartbroken father confronted the police officer who killed his son, the officer claimed he would shoot the unarmed young man again in the same situation.

The post EXCLUSIVE: Dad Confronts the Cop Who Killed His Unarmed Son, Secretly Records It appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

NEHAWU Distances Itself From Afro Voice Article on PSCBC Wage Negotiations
21 May 2018

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union [NEHAWU] distances itself from the article published in today's edition of Afro Voice titled "NEHAWU backs new wage deal".

The article suggests that the national union has indicated that its members are happy with governments' latest offer. In the statement released on Saturday afternoon as NEHAWU we confirmed that we were engaged in a process of reporting back to our members on the details of the offer made by government on Friday night. During an interview done with the media liaison officer of the union yesterday morning the journalist was clarified that the reporting back process is starting from Monday, 21st May 2018 until completed within two weeks, therefore it can't be true that members are happy with something that has not been reported to them. This article is misleading and not factual as it is the misrepresentation of the union's view.

The national union abhors distorted reporting and will immediately approach the press ombudsman if the publication does not withdraw the false article meant to isolate the leadership from members. As NEHAWU, we remain a worker-led national union that take mandates from its members and always chooses its members. The exercise of reporting to our members is for purposes of listening to them. In this regard, we want to say on record and categorically put it clear that the national union has not signed any offer regarding the public service salary negotiations as it is still waiting to receive the mandate from its members. It has always been our tradition and norm to report back and seek approval from our members and we shall never pre-empt the views of our members before the process is concluded.

Issued by NEHAWU Secretariat

Zola Saphetha (General Secretary) at 082 558 5968; December Mavuso (Deputy General Secretary) at 082 558 5969; Khaya Xaba (NEHAWU Media Liaison Officer) at 082 455 2500 or email: Visit NEHAWU website:


#MeToo: A Cultural Workaround to a Legal Failure "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

#MeToo is not, nor does it seek to be, a legal process. It is a cultural reaction to a legal system that fails women accusers. It is a workaround. It is a drive to change what constitutes acceptable behavior on a date, at the office, in the bedroom. It has nothing to do with due process -- because due process hasn't worked for women victims.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ANC Statement on the Outcomes of the Land Summit
21 May 2018

The ANC National Executive Committee convened a consultative summit over the weekend of 19-20 May 2018, focusing on its 54th National Conference resolution on land redistribution, and in particular the use of expropriation without compensation as a primary instrument to speed up land and agrarian reform.

The summit included representatives from COSATU, SACP and SANCO, from NGO's, communities, black farmers associations, lawyers, valuators and other professionals working in the sector.

The summit focused itself on broad issues of land redistribution and its recommendations will be submitted to the next ANC National Executive Committee meeting expected to sit this coming weekend from 26th to 28th May 2018.

At the core of the issues discussed was the review of Section 25 of the Constitution. The workshop recommends that the ANC make a submission to the Constitutional Review Panel of Parliament, based on the Conference resolution.

It furthermore interrogated the need for a law of general application on the issue of expropriation as required by the Constitution. Other legal issues which the workshop looked at included provisions for expropriation in other legislation such as the SA Schools Act, and more specifically expropriation in the' public interest' and for 'public good.'

The workshop also reiterated the ANC's position in other policy documents - that land ownership in South Africa continue to be a mix of state, private and communal land ownership and that the challenges and opportunities for redistribution, urban development and agrarian reform, as well as the rights of black communities, be considered in each of these 'sectors' of land ownership.


The consultative summit acknowledged the ANC's historical role is the key player in the creation of South Africa's democratic order and bill of rights.

Accordingly, the ANC will continue to defend the core values of our constitution while ensuring that its transformative impulses and democratic intentions are strengthened and clarified through the current Constitutional review processes.



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Desperate DA Will Stop at Nothing to Hog Attention
18 May 2018

The ANC has noted with disgust the desperate attempt by the DA who of late seem to stoop as low as is necessary in a poor attempt to remain relevant.

So deep is the level of desperation that the DA want to mislead the nation using an unfortunate fire incident that happened earlier today in Tswelopele Ext 8, Tembisa where two stands caught fire, affecting 10 informal dwellings.

The ANC as led by President Cyril Ramaphosa is in the area to launch the Thuma Mina campaign happening today at Makhulong Stadium this afternoon.

Following the fire breakout, President Ramaphosa immediately instructed the Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni Comrade Mzwandile Masina to attend to the unfortunate incident and ensure that the situation is stabilized, the safety of the families is secured and the necessary relief is dispersed.

The leadership of the ANC in Ekurhuleni wasted no time in attending to the situation, coordinating food parcels and blankets for the affected families.

Emergency services arrived with 4 major pumps fire engines to put out the fire. The City's Disaster Management is currently busy with impact assessment while the Ekurhuleni Human Settlements Department is busy with measures to ensure that the families will have a roof over their head by the end of the day.

It is unfortunate that the first point action for the desperate DA was to issue a media statement instead of coming to the aid of the community. The DA, which is never on the ground, was in such a hurry to score empty moral points while deliberately misrepresenting facts to suite their narrow agenda.

Today's incident, unfortunate as it was, to the contrary, validates the ANC's reasons to launch the Thuma Mina Campaign to decisively intervene on issues affecting society.

Issued by the African National Congress


Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson


Virginia: Another Tree-Sit Goes Up Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Appalachians Against Pipelines

Early Monday morning, pipeline protesters in the Jefferson National Forest erected a new aerial blockade on Pocahontas Road near Narrows, VA. The blockade consists of a protester on a platform 30 feet in the air, suspended from a horizontal rope tied to surrounding trees.

Banners at the site read WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? and STILL HERE. Pocahontas Road is a Forest Service road and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) access road that leads to the construction site for MVPs intended boring through Peters Mountain, under the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The presence of this roadblock prevents MVPs continued construction of the access road and boring site, which has already been significantly delayed for well over 50 days by the presence of protester Nutty in an aerial blockade on the same road less than 3 miles away.

I am taking a stand on Peters Mountain to prevent the further devastation of these lands by the Mountain Valley Pipeline, said Fern MacDougal, the protester suspended in the new blockade. Cutting through delicate karst topography and 300 miles of contiguous forest and family farms seized by eminent domain, MVP threatens to damage the health and wellbeing of poor and oppressed communities along the pipeline route by threatening the air, soil, and water. This pipeline will catalyze the growth and expansion of gas extraction across Appalachia, an industry which has already caused permanent harm to many communities. We are dedicated to resisting this reckless endangerment of the land and people as long as MVP continues to operate. MacDougal further stated that she was inspired to take this action by monopod sitter Nutty and by David Buckel, an LGBTQ rights lawyer who died in April after setting himself on fire as a protest against the use of fossil fuels.

Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC has faced significant resistance to its plans for this 42-inch diameter...


Zuckerberg Enters the Lions Den: Privacy-Focused Europe "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook CEO to be questioned by EU lawmakers days before new privacy regulation is introduced

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the companys annual F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif., on May 1.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the companys annual F8 developers conference in San Jose, Calif., on May 1. PHOTO: STEPHEN LAM/REUTERS

BRUSSELSTop European lawmakers are set to interrogate Facebook Inc. FB -0.14% Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday over the companys handling of alleged data misuse and election interference on the platform, as the tech giant seeks to appease officials in a region where it is regulated strictly.

Roughly a dozen of the European Parliaments most-senior members and its president are set to press the Fa...


WATCH: Five-Year-Old Girl Finds Out She Wasnt Invited To The Royal Wedding, Bursts Into Tears "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Five-year-old Lola burst into tears on camera when her mom explained to her that she was not going to be attending the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Lola, who lives in Belfast, thought she had received an invitation to the royal wedding this past Saturday, but what she had actually been invited to was a royal wedding-themed tea party at her school. When her mom broke the news to her that she would not get to attend Meghan Markles wedding at Windsor Castle her reaction was priceless.

Are you just joking me? Lola asks her mom before she bursts into tears.

You have to be a prince or a princess to go to the royal wedding, her mom explains.

What am I not a real princess? the five-year-old asks.

Probably Meghan doesnt know me, Lola says in a calmer tone after her mum explains how wedding invitations work. But she knows everybody else in our school. She probably cant know everybody, but she does know some people.

The girl calms down after her mom promises to take her girlie shopping on the day of the royal wedding, in an attempt to comfort her.

Are you recording me? she asks at the end of the video.

No, her mom replies.


Hacking a Cheap Laser Rangefinder "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When a new piece of technology comes out, the price is generally so high that it keeps away everyone but the die hard early adopters. But with time the prices inch down enough that more people are willing to buy, which then drives the prices down even more, until eventually the economies of scale really kick in and the thing is so cheap that its almost an impulse buy. Linux SBCs, Blu-ray lasers, 3D printers; you name it and the hacker community has probably benefited from the fact that its not just the hacker community thats interested anymore.

Which is exactly whats started to happen with laser rangefinders. Once almost exclusively a military technology, you can now pick a basic laser tape measure for less than $40 USD from the normal overseas suppliers. Unfortunately, as [iliasam] found, they arent particularly well suited other tasks. For one theres no official way of getting the data out of the thing, but the other problem is that the sample rate is less than one per second. Believing the hardware itself was promising enough, he set out to reverse engineer and replace the firmware running on one of these cheap laser rangefinders (Google Translate from Russian).



Anger Over Tourists Swarming Vacation Hot Spots Sparks Global Backlash "IndyWatch Feed War"

QUEENSTOWN, New ZealandTowering mountain ranges, forests and glacier-fed rivers made New Zealand the perfect stand-in for Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings movie series and a cinematic billboard for the countrys natural beauty.

Today, jet boats rip down rivers seeking the mythical Isengard, where the wizard Gandalf was imprisoned. Freedom campers in rented vans leave trails of waste. Tens of thousands of helicopter trips annually deposit visitors, some in flip-flops, on New Zealand glaciers that were once the realm of expert climbers.

One tour group had to be rescued after trying to walk barefoot to Mount Ngauruhoe, in apparent homage to J.R.R. Tolkiens Mount Doom.

Tourists on an ice plateau above Milford Sound.
Tourists on an ice plateau above Milford Sound. PHOTO: RACHEL PANNETT/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Elected officials are weighing measures from new tourist taxes to tighter camper-van restriction...


Jihad via the Ballot Box "IndyWatch Feed War"

American Thinker, By Eileen F. Toplansky, May 22, 2018: In his 2008 book titled Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad, Andrew C. McCarthy sounded the alarm when he described a zealous international network of warriors dead certain that history and Allah are on their Continue reading


Activities grounded as Catholics defy downpour to protest wanton killings in Edo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Activities including vehicular movements were brought to a halt for several hours along major routes and streets of Benin, the capital town of Benin, Edo State as Catholic faithful of Benin Archdiocese in their large numbers protested against the killings of their priests and members as well as others across the nation. This came as []

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Quantum dots made from tea leaves lay waste to lung cancer cells "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Full of antioxidants and vitamins, tea is pretty good for you, and green tea extracts have even been used as effective carriers for cancer drugs. New research led by Swansea University has found a novel way to wring more health benefits out of the stuff, by making quantum dots from tea leaves and using them to slow the growth of lung cancer cells.

Quantum dots are semiconductor particles so small they exhibit strange electrical and optical properties, such as the ability to fluoresce in different colors, or help with certain chemical reactions. Their glowing properties mean theyre showing up in TVs and solar cells, and in medical applications as biomarkers to help doctors precisely locate tumors. Theyre also being used to treat cancer, fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and convert CO2 into liquid fuels.

The problem is, manufacturing them can be a costly and complicated process, and the end results can be toxic. So the Swansea team, along with researchers from Bharathiar University and K. S. Rangasamy College of Technology, set about making quantum dots out of humble tea leaves.


Catholics protest killings of priests, appeal for calm "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Catholic faithful on Tuesday in Uyo protested the killing of two Catholic priests and 17 worshipers recently in Benue. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that some of the placards carried by the protesters read: No weapon fashioned against Christians shall prosper; Say no to terrorism in places of worship; Christians lives matter; live []

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Kidnappers demand bitcoin ransom for S.African teen "IndyWatch Feed War"

A gang who kidnapped a South African teenager from a playground at the weekend have demanded a ransom in bitcoin cryptocurrency worth about $123,000, police said Tuesday.

The 13-year-old boy was taken in the eastern province of Mpumalanga while he was playing with friends near his home and was driven away by captors in a car.

AFP | Bitcoin is a virtual currency that operates over the internet, without a central bank or single administrator in charge

We are investigating a case of kidnapping that happened on Sunday in Witbank (town), police spokesman Leonard Hlathi told AFP.

There was a demand that was made that the parents should deposit cash in bitcoins, he said, declining to give further details.

Local media said the ransom note was left at the scene.

We demand ransom of 15 bitcoins to be paid into the below bitcoin wallet address to secure your childs safe release non negotiable, read the reported note.

This case appears to be the first ransom demand in South Africa made in virtual currency.

In March, US hackers demanding a ransom payable in bitcoin attacked computers of the Atlanta city government in the southern state of Georgia.

Police in South Africa, where violent crime is common, have reported a recent rise in kidnappings, although it is often wealthy business people who are targeted.



EUs Mogherini holding firm on JCPOA Is US isolation beginning? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jim W. Dean - Can the US really break the Iran deal for everybody when the EU, including Britain, are sticking with it, plus China, Russia and Iran?


Economic saboteurs had no love for Nigeria Buhari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said those who mismanaged Nigerias economy in the past, through fraudulent electricity projects and misuse of revenue earnings from oil, had no love for the country. The president stated this when he received members of the Buhari Support Organisations (BSO) led by the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali, at []

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Security Flaw Impacts Electron-Based Apps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow3941

Security researchers have found a security flaw in Electron, a software framework that has been used in the past half-decade for building a wealth of popular desktop applications.

Apps built on top of Electron include Microsoft's Skype and Visual Studio Code, GitHub's Atom code editor, the Brave browser, along with official desktop apps for services like Signal, Twitch, Discord, Basecamp, Slack, Ghost,, and many more.

The framework has become very popular among today's software development community because it allows developers to easily port web-based apps coded in HTML, JS, and CSS to run on the desktop. The software framework is a custom API wrapped around the Node.js server-side JavaScript server.


Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


SCOTUS Sides With Corporations Against Workers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

US Vows Strongest Sanctions in History on Iran (Jimmy)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to the Heritage Foundation in Washington yesterday. In his speech he declared that the US would impose on Iran the strongest sanctions in history. He also said the country would be battling to keep its economy alive.

As Trump-North Korea Talks Falter, South Korea Says Landmine John Bolton to Blame (Reader Luke)

The author writes, Characterizing US national security adviser John Bolton as a human landmine, a South Korean lawmaker has reportedly joined others who have made clear their belief that Bolton is the true culprit behind faltering diplomatic efforts ahead of a planned meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un next month.

Israel and Evangelicals: New US Embassy Signals a Growing Alliance (Jimmy)

The author writes, Mr. Netanyahus calculation mirrors that of his strong ally in Washington, where Mr. Trump has tapped a wellspring of evangelical support. Many of his top evangelical advisers attended the embassy dedication as well as private meetings with Mr. Netanyahu last week.

Polls Show Being Anti-Trump Isnt Enough to Beat GOP (Reader Luke)

The author writes, With six months to go before the midterm election, recent national polls are showing that the Democratic Partys much-touted momentum to gain control of the House has stalled. The latest numbers tell us a lot about the limits of denouncing Donald Trump without offering much more than a return to the old status quo.

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JUST IN: Oshiomhole meets Senate APC caucus "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Adams Oshiomhole, who is contesting for the national chairmanship of the ruling All Progressives Congress, is currently meeting with the Senate APC caucus. Oshiomhole who is a former Governor of Edo State is accompanied by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Senator Ita Enang, and several others, particularly from []

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Mark Trahant: Paulette Jordan could be the first Native governor "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Conventional wisdom says Paulette Jordan has no chance, but Idaho is changing fast.


[$] SMB/CIFS compounding support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a filesystem-track session at the 2018 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit (LSFMM), Ronnie Sahlberg talked about some changes he has made to add support for compounding to the SMB/CIFS implementation in Linux. Compounding is a way to combine multiple operations into a single request that can help reduce network round-trips.


La guerra mundial contra el plstico "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Una de las normas de uso domstico que ms se vienen extendiendo a nivel mundial en los ltimos aos es la restriccin del uso de bolsas plsticas de un solo uso.

Una de las regiones que ha acatado con mayor rigurosidad esta medida en los ltimos aos ha sido la Unin Europea, donde Espaa confirm la prohibicin de este material a partir del presente ao.

De esta manera, la medida adoptada por la mayora de pases europeos fue la de prohibir que se regalen este tipo de bolsas plsticas de un solo uso en los comercios. Las pocas que se oferten debern ser vendidas con el objetivo de disuadir a los clientes de usarlas y aminorar el impacto ambiental negativo que el plstico tiene sobre el planeta.

Pero no solo en Europa vienen adoptando esta medida, pues desde hace un ao Kenia se convirti en uno de los primeros pases africanos que pone un freno al uso de bolsas plsticas y en este pas los efectos positivos de esta medida ya se vienen notando.

Segn ha declarado el jefe de la Autoridad Nacional de Gestin Ambiental de Kenia, David Ongare, la disminucin de plstico en el panorama de la contaminacin que sufre su pas se hizo evidente con prontitud.

Las calles, en general, estn ms limpias y esto ha generado una sensacin de bienestar. Cuando sopla el viento, ya no ves bolsas que vuelan. Las vas fluviales estn menos obstruidas. Los pescadores del litoral y del Lago Victoria encuentran menos bolsas de plstico en sus redes, manifest el funcionario keniata.

El caso de Kenia resultara influentes en otros pases africanos que ya vienen analizando la posibilidad de adoptar esta medida. Entre quienes lo haran se encuentran Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi y Sudn del Sur.

En Latinoamrica

Aunque en Latinoamrica este tipo de medidas an se encuentran en una etapa incipiente, ya algunos pases las han adoptado.

El caso ms reciente es el de Chile cuyo Parlamento acoge leyes que buscar prohibir la entrega gratuita de bolsas plsticas en todos los comercios, incluso las biodegradables.

La contaminacin ambiental generada por las bolsas plsticas es un problema mundial. Segn estimaciones de la Asociacin de Industriales del Plstico (Asipla), en Chile se usan 3.400 millones de bolsas plsticas al ao, lo que se traduce en 200 bolsas anuales por persona, de las cuales una gran parte termina en rellenos sanitarios o en el medio ambiente, declar hace unos das la ministra del Medio Ambiente, Marcela Cubillosal diario La Tercera.

Mientras tanto, en Per el panorama parece an ms sombro. De momento en el Congre...


Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Supports House Letter Opposing Medicaid Work Requirements for Tribal Members "IndyWatch Feed 1stpeople"

Published May 22, 2018 

Representative Tom Cole

AKWESASNE, NY The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT or Tribe) applauds 56 members of the House Native American Caucus for opposing the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recent reclassification of Native Americans and Alaska Natives as a racial group for purposes of receiving Medicaid.

In a letter dated Onerahtohk:wa/May 11, 2018; House members highlighted the unprecedented change in CMS policy; which sweeps aside decades of Supreme Court jurisprudence, numerous statutes, and long-established Executive Branch policies governing the relationship between sovereign tribal governments and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The letter goes on to read, In addition to threatening tribal sovereignty, this shortsighted and ill informed decision will have the added effect of reducing funds available to the Indian Health Service (IHS) in effect, undermining Congresss intent in enacting Section 1911 of the Social Security Act to authorize IHS reimbursements under Medicaid.

The Houses effort comes in response to a Tsiothohrk:wa/January 11, 2018 letter to state Medicaid directors, which authorized states to establish and implement their own work requirements without accommodations for federally recognized tribes. Tribal governments were directly informed on Tsiothohrk:wa/January 17, 2018 that CMS would not approve a waiver that contained a tribal exemption because of civil rights concerns. Though New York State has made the reasonable decision to not impose the work requirement, the Tribe supported the letter as efforts to classify Native Americans as a racial group is alarming for all of Indian Country.

This is a dangerous change in policy for many tribes around the country, said Tribal Chief Beverly Cook, a family nurse practitioner and Nashville Area Representative for the National Indian Health Board. Chief Cook added, Because the IHS continues to be chronically underfunded and incapable of addressing our disproportionally high rates of diabetes, chronic ailments, and cancer; Medicaid assists us in providing basic healthcare services to our members. The loss of these funds would cripple our already limited ability to address the health concerns of Mohawk people....


A Vile Act of Inhumanity: Splitting Up Families like the Slave Traders Did "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jeff Sessions said, "[Your] child will be separated from you as required by law. If you don't like that, then don't smuggle children over our border." John Kelly, White House chief of staff, added, "The children will be taken care of -- put into foster care or whatever." Yes, he said "whatever."


Hamas Turmoil in Gaza is a Reflection of a Deeper Development in the Arab World "IndyWatch Feed War"

Center for Security Policy, by Louis Fleischman, May 17, 2018: For the last six weeks, Hamas has been organizing protests under the slogan the march of return. The protests are presented to the world as peaceful demonstrations, but as the Continue reading


Gas hits $5 a gallon in New York City "IndyWatch Feed War"

No automatic alt text available.

With the summer travel season fast approaching, gas prices are on the rise but some people are getting sticker shock in Manhattan.

Image result for gas nozzle in tanks, photos

Regular gas has hit $5 a gallon at at least one station.  A Mobil station on 11th Ave. in Hells Kitchen has raised its prices to $4.999 a gallon.  Thats well above the current average for the five boroughs.  AAA says the average in New York City is $3.18 a gallon.

Across the river in New Jersey, the statewide average is $3.  The price gap has shrunk between New York and New Jersey after a huge gas tax increase was enacted in the Garden State during the Christie administration.

AAA says the national average for regular gas is $2.93.  Thats up 12-cents in the past two weeks.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Senior US Defense Official Arrives in Ecuador for Military Deal
Ecuador's Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrin speaking about restructuring security forces on the northern border. May 14, 2018. | Photo: EFE

Sergio de la Pea arrived to Ecuador to consolidate a security cooperation agreement that could bring back U.S. military bases to the Latin American country.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Sergio de la Pea arrived to Ecuador for a two-day visit aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and security cooperation between the two countries, as informed by the U.S. Embassy in Quito.

De la Pea will meet with Oswaldo Jarri, Ecuador's defense minister, to deal with the Latin American country's recent security problems on the border with Colombia, its northern neighbor.

Border security has been a major concern for Ecuador in the last few months, as several violent attacks had taken place at the country's border with Colombia. A group, led by a man known as Guacho, have allegedly killed four soldiers and injured about 30 people in bomb attacks.

The group also kidnapped a group of three journalists, who were doing a special coverage of the region's violence for the El Comercio newspaper, based in Quito, who were later murdered in controversial circumstances.

Guacho claimed their execution was a response to military landing near their encampment where the three hostages were being held.

De la Pea was appointed as deputy assistant for Latin American affairs byU.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis on May 2017, and has been a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and his policies. He's also in charge of cooperation programs for both the Northern and Southern Commands.

On April 25, Ecuador signed a cooperation agreement with the United States to fight transnational organized crime and drug trafficking.

The agreement, signed by Ecuadorean Interior Minister Cesar Navas and U.S. ambassador Todd Chapman, will support the creation of an Office for Investigating Transnational Criminals.

On the same day Chapman told El Telegrafo the U.S. is waiting for an official request by the Ecuadorean government for the return o...



BACKGROUND When in February of 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is Coming Back to Africa and Africa is Returning More


Over 492 persons killed by Herdsmen in Benue so far in 2018 Governor Ortom "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, says over 492 people have been killed by herdsmen since January 2018. Speaking at the funeral mass and interment of Mbalom martyrs, Ortorm expressed concern that the number may continue to rise should the Federal Government fail to act decisively to curtail the situation. The Governor, who noted that sponsors []

The post Over 492 persons killed by Herdsmen in Benue so far in 2018 Governor Ortom appeared first on Newtelegraph.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Cuba and China to Begin Pharmaceutical Production
Cuba and China have signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing for the creation of joint enterprises to produce world renowned Cuban-developed pharmaceuticals

Cubadebate |
May 17, 2018 16:05:44
Photo: Cubadebate

Cuba and China have signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing for the creation of joint enterprises linked to the healthcare sector, specifically the production of world renowned Cuban-developed pharmaceuticals.

The agreement was signed by Eduardo Martnez, president of the BioCubaFarma group and Huang Lianshen head of Guang Xi Fukang Investment, at the Cuban embassy in Beijing.

According to Martnez - leading a delegation of BioCubaFarma representatives to China, in order to continue strengthening over 15 years of bilateral cooperation in the field of biotechnology - the memorandum is broad and provides for the creation of joint enterprises on the island and in China to produce an important group of new patented Cuban medicines to resolve important health conditions such as heart attacks and strokes, as well as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, he noted.

The Cuban official went on to highlight that the document sets out the bases for strategic cooperation with Guang Xi Fukang Investment over the short, medium, and long term, with the aim of introducing Cuban medicines in to the Chinese market, as well as Latin America and other regions around the world.

The facilities will be based in the Mariel Special Development Zone, located in the islands western region, and contribute to stimulating direct foreign investment, explained Martnez.

Meanwhile, Huang emphasized the great social and economic benefits of the initiative for both countries, as well as the demand for Cuban-developed medicines in his country. He also stated that such collaboration will help to raise the profile and stimulate Cubas pharmaceutical industry.

(With information from ACN)


The Healing Arts: The Gin Shop. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

George Cruikshank, click for full size.

The Gin Shop, George Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1829. Subject: Alcohol, Gin, Drunkenness, Mother's Ruin, Children, Child Care.

The Gin Shop, George Cruikshank, Etching coloured, 1829. Subject: Alcohol, Gin, Drunkenness, Mothers Ruin, Children, Child Care.

The GIN Shop

Now oh dear, how shocking the thought is They makes the gin from aquafortis:

They do it on purpose folks lives to shorten And tickets it up at two-pence a quartern.

New Ballad.

You can read more about the Gin Craze here.


Ondo assembly deputy speaker impeached "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Hon Iroju Ogundeji, the deputy speaker of the Ondo state House of Assembly has been impeached. Hon. Abimbola Fojolu representing Ileoluji/Okeigbo state constituency has emerged as new Deputy Speaker. The former deputy speaker was removed on Tuesday during plenary following receipt of signatures of 18 members of the House by the Speaker, Mr Bamidele Oleyelogun. []

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Spy collection program using fake mobile phone apps linked to Pakistani military "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Pakistani military is suspected of having orchestrated a lucrative intelligence collection campaign using mobile phones, which targeted diplomats from India and Australia as well as from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries such as the United States and Britain. Others targeted in the operation include officials from Iraq, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. News of the alleged spy operation was published earlier this month by Lookout Mobile Security, a sec


Syrian War Report May 22, 2018: Damascus Is Secured, Daraa Is Next "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront Late on May 21, Russian air defense systems, allegedly a Pantsir-S short to medium range system, launched at least four missiles at unidentified targets over the Khmeimim air base in Syria, according to local sources. Later, the Russian military revealed that one unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) had been shot down. No damage or []


Wife laces husband food with rat poison "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Sharia Court sitting at Magajin Gari in Kaduna, on Tuesday dissolved the marriage between Sirajo Abdullahi and Nazira Ahmad over irreconcilable differences. The wife took the case before the court on May 2, and accused the husband of assault and failing in his matrimonial duties. On his part, the husband accused the wife of []

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

World Leaders Congratulate Nicols Maduro for His Reelection
As final results of this Sundays elections in Venezuela were announced, with President Nicols Maduros winning more than six million votes, leaders around the world applauded this new victory for Chavista forces

International news staff |
May 22, 2018 09:05:53
Photo: AVN

CARACAS. As soon as the final results of this Sundays elections in Venezuela were announced, with President Nicols Maduros winning more than six million votes, leaders around the world applauded this new victory for Chavista forces.

From Havana, Army General Ral Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, emphasized the courage of the Venezuelan people in a message that was shared by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

With revolutionary pride, I send you, in the name of the Communist Party of Cuba and my own, the warmest congratulations for your transcendental electoral victory, the message read.

Miguel Daz-Canel Bermdez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, in his message of congratulations, noted the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Comandante Hugo Chvez, and reiterated Cubas solidarity with Venezuela.

The Bolivarian, Chavista people have shown once again their determination to defend the legacy of Chvez, which you so honorably represent, he wrote to the reelected Venezuelan President.

For his part, Bolivian President Evo Morales described the election results in Venezuela as a victory over U.S. interventionism.

The sovereign Venezuelan people have again triumphed in the face of the U.S. empires coup-plotting and interventionism. Free peoples will never be brought to our knees. Congratulations to our brother Nicols Maduro and the courageous people of Venezuela, he wrote on his Twitter account.

RT reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin wished his Venezuelan counterpart good health and success in resolving the nations socio-economic problems, and in promoting national dialogue in the interest of the countrys entire people.

Leaders in other cou...


Which relations between Switzerland and the EU? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Straighten up EU-Switzerland relations. Switzerland does not need a framework agreement with the European Union; by Felix W. Zulauf / Federal Council hampers small hydro power plants development, by Marianne Wthrich / Swiss agricultural policy what next? / How Switzerland saved itself. Fundamental book on the history of Switzerland in the Second World War / A framework agreement with the EU, which is almost unknown to the public... The previous history; by Werner Wthrich / To facilitate the emergence of a community of common destiny. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) take position to sensitive issues of world politics / The NATO states need to change their business model, by Karl Mller / Military strike against Syria must be brought to the International Criminal Court, by Eva Maria Barki / Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You (...)


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rejects New US Sanctions
Published 21 May 2018

Venezuela's Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, rejected on Monday the new sanctions imposed by the United States Government against the South American nation, based on non-compliance with international law.

During a press conference, the Venezuelan minister mentioned that these issues were touched upon during a meeting with the international observers of Sunday's elections, in which he pointed out the interventionist actions of U.S. President Donald Trump against the public debt and Venezuelan bonds.

Arreaza criticized the U.S. administration for not allowing the liquidation of assets in the territory of the North American country, in order to make Venezuela surrender, while stressing that Venezuelans remain strong.

"There is no unilateral measure, no type of pressure from that power that can intimidate the Venezuelan people, we are going to continue with our friends around the world opening paths for freedom," said the Venezuelan official.

For her part, the Panafrican parliament deputy, Suilma Dairuk, highlighted the transparency of the Venezuelan electoral system, "in which the citizens expressed their will".

"It is a great victory for democracy and transparency in which the will of the Venezuelan people and its president Nicols Maduro has been clearly expressed," said the African deputy.

African leader Roland Lumumba affirmed that the people of Africa have always reiterated their support for Venezuela, former President Hugo Chvez and re-elected President Nicols Maduro.

"We have to go beyond the speeches and move on to real events (...) different peoples of Africa have been at the side of this country supporting it," added Lumumba.

The Palestinian representative and specialist in human and international rights, Shady Abuzarqa, showed solidarity with the Venezuelans and established a fraternal common bridge, because both nations "share the same enemy, the enemy of the peoples of the world, but both Palestine and Syria and Venezuela, we are winning, and you so demonstrated yesterday, "said the academic.

For his part, Syrian political observer...


This Is Not The Change We Clamoured For APC Chieftain Attacks Buhari, Apologises To Jonathan. "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Having achieved the change agenda, it is now crystal clear, that the change we had clamoured for is not the More


Rob Malley and Chris Hayes cant talk about Adelsons influence in scrapping Iran deal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Two leading figures on the American left, Rob Malley and Chris Hayes, cannot honestly discuss the role of Israel in foreign policy-making, specifically Sheldon Adelsons influence over Donald Trumps historic and tragic decision to scrap the Iran deal, a landmark of international diplomacy.

Malley, a former Obama security aide, gave a one-hour interview on Trumps destruction of the Iran deal and cited three reasons for Trumps decision: He wants to demolish Obamas legacy (Thats an obsession), Trump wants to fulfill promises he made to his base, the electorate; and he has advisers who counsel regime change in Iran.

No one would question that Trump wants to destroy Obamas achievements. But the base? When Trump campaigned in March in rural Pennsylvania for a Republican congressional candidate (who lost), he didnt once mention Iran or the Jerusalem embassy. Trumps base doesnt care about those things. And to the extent they do, they dont want Middle East wars. Rob Malley writes for the New York Review of Books, and ought to be more responsible.

Malley failed to mention the elephant in the room: Sheldon Adelson, Trumps largest donor. As Eli Clifton has reported, Trump scrapped the deal because of three billionaire donors, Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer, whose investment [is] total alignment by the U.S. behind Israel. The three men are all rightwing Jewish Zionists (though Adelson and Singer are liberal on social issues), and their influence is significant: Trump trashed his original foreign policy braintrust of Tillerson/McMaster that supported the Iran deal, and replaced it with two hacks Pompeo/Bolton, whom Adelson surely adores.

Adelson has incredible access. Peter Stone of McClatchy reported that the day after the Iran decision,

Adelson quietly slipped into the White House for a private meeting with Trump and three top administration officials: Vice President Mike Pence, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and an Adelson favorite, National Security Adviser John Bolton

Lately Adelson...


Jimmy Kimmel Claims Mass Killings Dont Happen In Countries With Gun ControlHes Dead Wrong "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Using the tragic shooting in Texas to push his agenda, Jimmy Kimmel went on a rant claiming that in countries with "sensible gun control," these tragedies do not happen. But he's wrong.

The post Jimmy Kimmel Claims Mass Killings Dont Happen In Countries With Gun ControlHes Dead Wrong appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Graham Lee Brewer: Discrimination against Native students all too common "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Discrimination against two young Mohawk men at Colorado State University highlights an all-too-common misunderstanding.


The Boxer's Lament: A Story "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

"Unfortunately, after many years of success and contentment, things changed -- a new President was elected. He was mean-spirited and set-out to make the country mean-spirited too. It didn't take long for his proclamations, rants and policies to take effect..."


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ceela Electoral Experts Say Venezuela Vote Reflects 'Will of the People,' Must Be Respected
Published 21 May 2018

"We have not observed any element that can disqualify the electoral process," said Ceela President Nicanor Moscoso.

Representatives of the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America (Ceela) stated that the results of Venezuelan elections on May 20 must be recognized because they represent the popular will expressed by the people.

Speaking during a press conference, alongside Delcy Rodriguez, president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), the international commission, which was deployed to Venezuela to monitor the electoral process, assured that the decision made by some countries to ignore the results is politically motivated.

"Technically, up until today, we have not observed any element that can disqualify the electoral process," said Ceela president Nicanor Moscoso. "We can emphasize that these elections must be recognized because they are the result of the will of the Venezuelan people."

The organization, which routinely carries out as accredited international chaplains for the presidential and legislative elections in the Americas, highlighted that Venezuela is the only country that audits their voting procedures.

Rodriguez, for her part, stated that despite difficulties, the people of Venezuela expressed themselves and voted for peace and sovereignty.

While many countries in Latin America and elsewhere have recognized the Venezuelan elections and congratulated President Nicolas Maduro, such as Cuba, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iran, Russia and China, right-wing governments have dismissed the vote as "illegitimate," echoing statements by the United States, Canada and other Western countries who had dismissed the electoral process and the results even before it took place.

The so-called Lima Group - Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Santa Lucia, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica and Guatemala plus Canada, issued a statement Monday saying it did not recognize the legitimacy of Venezuela's presidential election. It noted that their respective countries will recall their am...


Massachusetts AG Maura Healey: Protecting the Environment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey is fighting to protect the environment through legal means.


The Democrats' "Blue Wave"...of Accommodation and Collaboration "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Trump/Pence regime is targeting immigrants as "animals," robbing women of basic reproductive rights, threatening war on Iran, celebrating while Israel massacres Palestinians, and more--all part of hammering into place a vicious, "make America great again" fascist regime. But what are leaders of the Democratic Party actually saying they're going to do?


Six Economies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This is Part 5 of my series on Economic Sanity and Alternative Economic Systems. This article is my adaptation of a book written by a genius who is as good a thinker as Aristotle. She's a must read!


Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Did fracking cause the Hawaii volcano eruption?

by Jon Rappoport

May 22, 2018

On the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, there is a geothermal energy plant. It is the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant, in Puna.

There is a long-running debate about whether PGV is fracking. The debate may be a matter of terminology, because in the geothermal process, as reports, the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks used in geothermal energy plants does fracture the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.

Whether deep injection of fluid aims to capture oil, gas, or heat (geothermal), the beginning stage of the process is the same.

Earthquakes induced by this water-injection could obviously trigger a volcano.

For example, here is an alarming article about a geothermal project in Switzerland., December 10, 2009: The authorities in canton Basel City say they will cancel a geothermal energy project, which three years ago caused minor tremors that damaged many buildings.

A risk analysis study published on Thursday found that the danger of setting off more earthquakes was too great if drilling at the site resumed.

The project was put on hold three years ago after thousands of claims for damage were filed with insurers. Total costs for the damage were around SFr9 million ($8.78 million).

The study, commissioned by the canton, concluded that Basel was unfavourable for geothermal power generation.

It said the resumption of Deep Heat Mining project and its operation over a 30-year period could set off around 200 tremors with a strength of up to 4.5 on the Richter Scale in 2006, the quakes were about 3.4.

This would result in damages up to SFr40 million.

The Basel facility drilled five kilometres into the earth. The borehole was designed to be injected with water to capture the extreme heat. Back at the surface, the hot water at a temperature of around 160 Celsius would run a steam turbine coupled with a generator.

This Swiss article outlines the risks, and also confirms that deep water-injection is used in the geothermal processwhich can and does trigger earthquakes.

Here is another referenceThe Guardian, July 11, 2013: Pumping water underground at geothermal power plants can lead to dangerous earthquakes even in regions not prone to tremors, according to scientists.

Prof Emil...


Entrega lvaro Obregn contrato millonario de reconstruccin mujer vinculada con Leonel Luna "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Mara Evelia Lira Morgado, ex trabajadora de la ALDF, recibi el fondo de lvaro Obregn para la reconstruccin de la zona, sin ser contratista.   Regeneracin, 22 de mayo de 2018.- Mara Evelia Lira Morgado, ex trabajadora de la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal (ALDF), hoy Ciudad de Mxico, recibi 4 millones de pesos destinados []

La entrada Entrega lvaro Obregn contrato millonario de reconstruccin mujer vinculada con Leonel Luna se public primero en Regeneracin.


Wife seeks dissolution of 24 year-old-marrige, says theres no more love "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A housewife, Salamat Aladejobi on Tuesday asked a Customary Court sitting in Oye-Ekiti in Ekiti to dissolve her 24 year-old-marriage to her husband, Kadri Aladejobi due to lack of love. The petitioner, in her application for divorce, told the court that her husband was very fetish, saying that she was no longer in love with []

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Cazorla leaves Arsenal after reaching end of contract "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Injury-plagued midfielder Santi Cazorla has left Arsenal after six seasons in north London as his contract has expired, the Premier League club has said. The 33-year-old has not played since October 2016 and underwent several operations, one resulting in a loss of eight centimetres from the tendon in his right ankle. He also nearly lost []

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Censored from MSM, Both US and Russia: Rudys Ties to Opioid Peddler Exposed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors note:  It isnt just that Rudy is and always has been, along with Trump, a mob associate.  Our sources say Purdue and the entire oxy/opioid industry is mob run, not Italian mob but Kosher Nostra, where Rudy, Trump and Roy Cohn made their bones. The story behind the story is the coverup.  This is []


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

US, Allies Continue Interventionist Agenda After Venezuela Vote
Published 21 May 2018

After incumbent Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro received an overwhelming majority of the votes in Sunday's elections, the United States and its allies slammed the electoral process and called for further measures aimed at keeping up with the interventionist policies to topple the Bolivarian revolution in the name of democracy and "humanitarian intervention."

The U.S. State Department had announced earlier Monday that President Donald Trump put in place new economic sanctions aimed at Venezuela in an executive order banning U.S. citizens from being involved in sales of that country's accounts related to oil and other assets.

"Today's executive order closes another avenue for corruption that we have observed being used: it denies corrupt Venezuelan officials the ability to improperly value and sell off public assets in return for kickbacks," a senior administration official told reporters.

Venezuelas election was a sham neither free nor fair, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said shortly before the sanctions order. The United States will not sit idly by as Venezuela crumbles and the misery of their brave people continues ... The Maduro regime must allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela and must allow its people to be heard, he said.

In a separate statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the United States will take swift economic and diplomatic actions to support the restoration of their democracy. He did not elaborate.

And in a series of tweets written in English and Spanish, the infamous Senator Marco Rubio called the Venezuelan elections a fraud and even said there was no electoral exit while the Bolivarian revolution is in power, echoing previously declarations in which he directly called for a military coup. The only mafia in Venezuela is its regime. Today is the beginning of its end, tweeted Rubio.

Across the Atlantic, U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson issued a statement Monday saying he was disappointed by a neither free nor fair electoral process that has further eroded Venezuelan democracy.

The condemnation of the international community is loud and clear. We shall work...


Certain types of content make for irresistible phishes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A mature anti-phishing program keeps organizations safer, claims Cofense, and offers as proof the decreasing susceptibility of their customers employees to mock phishing emails as well as rising reporting rates of the same. Overall, the resiliency rate of its clients has almost doubled, and its improving throughout major industries, except education. Possible reasons: tighter security budgets compared to other industries, lack of central control and typically open environments that encourage users to bring your own More

The post Certain types of content make for irresistible phishes appeared first on Help Net Security.


Fairy Tale Art. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A wonderful site, full of enough fairy tale art to keep a person quite busy, sent along by rq: Art Passions. Fairy Tale art and artists encompass so very many styles, and the illustrations are crucial to the stories, they inflame the imagination, and illuminate the stories from within. In this particular case, serendipity strikes, as I brought home a book of short tales by Leigh Bardugo yesterday:

The first story, Ayama and the Thorn Wood, is a grand story which I enjoyed very much. I do have one noisy complaint however, and it has to do with the fairy tale art. In the story, Ayama is described thusly:

Ayama was clumsy and apt to drop things. Her body was solid and flat-footed, short and round as a beer jug.

Given this description, why in the fuckety fuck is Ayama drawn like this?:

This never should have gotten a pass from anyone, let alone the author. It is not a crime to depict characters correctly, and all girls do not need to be tall and thin with a teeny waist. FFS, seeing this sort of thing is infuriating, and it went a long way to souring a very good story. In the story, Ayama is strong, courageous, imaginative, and thoughtful. In the drawing, shes just another generic pretty, skinny girl. Thats not doing anyone any favours. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and thats a message all kids need. What they dont need is yet another cookie cutter shape to try and stuff themselves into, regardless of fit.


Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In this winners take all culture, there's a widening sex gap between the haves and have nots. While some are sexual Walmarts, many more must lick whatever scraps flutter their ways. Those who can't get any are still titillated nonstop, for this is the land of the endless comeons. Masturbating, they can consume sex as spectacles.


Daily Inspiration --- Stranger than Fiction "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent. We would not dare to conceive the things which are really mere commonplaces of existence. If we could fly out of that window hand in hand, hover over this great city, gently remove the roofs, and peep in at the queer things which are going on, the strange coincidences, the plannings, the cross-purposes, the wonderful chains of events, working through


19 New Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield Worksheet Answer Key Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

chemistry archive november 29 2017 assume temperature and pressure remain constant answer 150 l v 2 o 5 chemistry archive february 15 2017 lab report on synthesis of alum using aluminum aqa gcse chemistry 2016 unit 3 quantitative yield mass moles chemistry archive june 08...


El gran negocio de las crceles de Estados Unidos "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

La poltica penitenciaria de Estados Unidos es un engranaje clave de su sistema econmico. Los detenidos trabajan para corporaciones que facturan sumas millonarias. Las crceles ocupan el tercer lugar como dadoras de mano de obra. Solo son superadas por la General Motors y Wall Mart. Desde que muchas fueron privatizadas se transformaron en un redituable negocio. Albergan al 25 por ciento de los presos del mundo cuando la poblacin de EE.UU apenas alcanza al 5 por ciento. La paga es de 0,23 centavos de dlar la hora, segn el sitio de investigacin Global Research. Analistas de estas estadsticas hablan de esclavitud en el siglo XXI o cuanto menos de explotacin. Por eso el malhumor de los reclusos va en aumento. Proyectan una gran huelga para el 21 de agosto que ya tuvo antecedentes en lo que va de este ao, como una en Luisiana. En ese estado del sur se levanta Angola, la prisin de mxima seguridad ms grande del pas. Se construy en 1869 sobre 73 kilmetros cuadrados de una ex plantacin de esclavos. Sus condiciones de vida, que incluyen los trabajos forzados, son la reproduccin ms exacta de la desigualdad carcelaria. La mayora abrumadora de sus presos son negros.

Segn el informe anual que difundi Human Rights Watch en 2017, hay 2,3 millones de detenidos en EE.UU. De esa cifra, 211 mil en crceles federales y el resto en prisiones estaduales. Pero si se ampliara el universo a quienes estn en libertad condicional o bajo alguna restriccin de movimientos, habra 5 millones de personas ms en cuarentena. Las cifras de presos en Estados Unidos superan con amplitud a las de China, Rusia y Brasil, que le siguen en orden y rondan entre los 600 y 700 mil cada uno. Comparadas las tasas de encarcelamiento, arrojan que por cada blanco hay cinco negros detenidos o dos hispanos en esa misma proporcin. A expensas de esa poblacin penitenciaria, un grupo de corporaciones muy conocidas hacen negocios que todava estn lejos de alcanzar su techo.

Un estudio del pequeo Partido Laborista Progresista una escisin del PC de EE.UU- sostiene que la contratacin privada de prisioneros para el trabajo fomenta incentivos para encarcelar a la gente. Las prisiones dependen de este ingreso y los accionistas corporativos que  lucran del trabajo de los prisioneros hacen lobby a favor de las sentencias ms largas a fin de ampliar su fuerza laboral. El sistema se alimenta a s mismo. Ms de un centenar de crceles privadas se extienden por todo el territorio estadounidense. En varias se les cobra la estada diaria a los presos como si vivieran en un hotel. En un artculo del 9 de noviembre de 2015, BBC Mundo describi lo que pasaba en el sistema penal de Ohio. Haba reclusos que deban entre 20 y 35 mil dlares por entrar y salir de prisin despus de co...


Donald Trumps smartphone security: an inconvenient truth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Trump phone thumb

According to reports, US President Donald Trump hasnt been following the advice of his security team, and is resisting their attempts to regularly check his iPhone to see if it has been hacked.


They deserve no mercy: Iraq deals briskly with accused women of Isis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Martin Chulov in Baghdad and Nadia al-Faour In a small holding room in a Baghdad court, French citizen Djamila Boutoutao cradled her two-year-old daughter and begged for help. Boutoutao, 29, is accused of being a member of Islamic State. Whispering in her native tongue within earshot of other accused Isis members all foreigners like her []


Security updates for Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (gitlab and packagekit), Fedora (glibc, postgresql, and webkitgtk4), Oracle (java-1.7.0-openjdk, java-1.8.0-openjdk, kernel, libvirt, and qemu-kvm), Red Hat (java-1.7.0-openjdk, kernel-rt, qemu-kvm, and qemu-kvm-rhev), SUSE (openjpeg2, qemu, and squid3), and Ubuntu (kernel, linux, linux-aws, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-kvm, linux-oem, linux, linux-aws, linux-kvm,, linux-hwe, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-oem, linux-lts-trusty, linux-lts-xenial, linux-aws, qemu, and xdg-utils).


GOP plots to kick failed Speaker Paul Ryan out of his job "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ryan's tenure has been marked by incompetence. Whereas then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was able to help President Barack Obama shepherd historic bills through Congress, such as Obamacare and the Recovery Act, which helped save the U.S. economy, Ryan has proven himself to be nearly completely ineffective, as Congress under Trump has ground to a halt, legislatively.


Understanding recent developments on Korea "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The current uncertainty over whether the meeting between North Korean president Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump will actually take place on June 12 in Singapore should not detract from how important getting just an agreement to meet is. In one of the best articles I have seen so far, John Feffer argues that the foreign policy establishment in the US is correct that Donald Trump got manipulated into agreeing to a summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung-un but that this was good thing.

When, in early March, Donald Trump agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Washington foreign policy elite nearly suffered a collective heart attack.

Youd think, then, that an announcement of jaw-jaw, not war-war, would have met with universal acclaim in the nations capital. Instead, observers across the ideological spectrum found fault with Trump and his attempt to denuclearize North Korea through negotiations. They criticized his timing, his impulsiveness, even the fact that the announcement came from South Korean representatives visiting Washington and not the president himself.

Experts on Korea promptly decried the presidents move because he hadnt demanded any North Korean concessions first. Wed expect such a highly symbolic meeting to happen after some concrete deliverables were in hand, not before, tweeted New America Foundation fellow Suzanne DiMaggio. (In fact, the North Koreans had declared a moratorium on further testing of their nukes and missiles, but that apparently didnt count.)

Worse yet, the North Koreans were getting the summit of their dreams for nothing. Kim will accomplish the dream of his father and grandfather by making North Korea a nuclear state, tweeted Abraham Denmark, head of Asia programs at the Wilson Center, and gain tremendous prestige and legitimacy by meeting with an American president as an equal. All without giving up a single warhead or missile.

Feffer says that what appears to have happened is that the leaders of the two Koreas, especially South Korean president Moon Jae-in, had basically managed to get the US on board with the idea of a slow-motion process towards reunification without major preconditions.

And yet, dont fool yourself (even if most of Washington does): the upcoming Trump-Kim summit, if it happens, will represent an extraordinarily important step forward, whether it actually produces an agreement of substance or not. It may not end the longest ongoi...


Big Island: Lava flow nears geothermal plant in Puna as National Guard troop presence increases "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

PUNA, Hawaii (INTELLIHUB) National Guard presence on the island is high as molten lava has made its way within a few hundred yards of Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) power plant which government insiders have already warned may explode.

As Intellihub reported on 18 May:

The highly-controversial Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) geothermal power plant has become a major issue of concern among U.S. government insiders who fear an imminent explosion of the plant may cause a massive tsunami and wreak havoc in the region due to the recent uptick in volcanic activity on Mount Kilauea.

What officials arent telling you is that PGV usually contains tens of thousands of gallons of highly flammable solvents which it uses to power its turbines. If earthquakes, eruptions, or fire cause this solvent to ignite it would trigger a massive explosion which National Guard/Civil Defense whistle-blowers fear will cause a massive tidal wave which would, in turn, threaten the Hawaiian Islands and the lives of people in the region. Although 60,000 gallons of the solvent was removed from the site last week, there is still a chance that capped underground geothermal well chambers which contain gasses may explode.

Now that the lava flow has made its way within a few hundred yards of the plant it only stands to reason the National Guard would be fully prepared to handle the disaster if one were to occur.

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Scrambled Eggs: How the Trump team is mixing up the Bureau of Indian Affairs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Still wondering about that reorganization? A former Bureau of Indian Affairs official explains it.


A Tale of Two Americas: Where the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Go to Jail "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This isnt the American Dream I grew up believing in. This certainly isnt the American Dream my parents and grandparents and those before them worked and fought and sacrificed to achieve. This is a cold, calculated system of profit and losses. Now you can shrug all of this away as a consequence of committing a []


Free Resources for Securing Your Open Source Code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Free Resources for Securing Your Open Source Code


Hands-On: Flying Drones with Scratch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ill admit it. I have a lot of drones. Sitting at my desk I can count no fewer than ten in various states of flight readiness. There are probably another half dozen in the garage. Some of them cost almost nothing. Some cost the better part of a thousand bucks. But I recently bought a drone for $100 that is both technically interesting and has great potential for motivating kids to learn about programming. The Tello is a small drone from a company youve never heard of (Ryze Tech), but it has DJI flight technology onboard and you can program it via an API. Whats more exciting for someone learning to program than using it to fly a quadcopter?

For $100, the Tello drone is a great little flyer. Id go as far as saying it is the best $100 drone Ive ever seen. Normally I dont suggest getting a drone with no GPS since the price on those has come down. But the Tello optical sensor does a great job of keeping the craft stable as long as there is enough light for it to see. In addition, the optical sensor works indoors unlike GPS.

But if that was all there was to it, it probably wouldnt warrant a Hackaday post. What piqued my interest was that you can program the thing using a PC. In particular, they use Scratch the language built at MIT for young students. However, the API is usable from other languages with some work.

Information about the programming environment is rather sparse, so I d...


"For the first time in many years, I am optimistic about the future of our community." "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Strong Towns is trying to change the entire system of growth and development in North America. That's a pretty big task, but we know that by shifting the conversation about these issues, we can begin to shift minds, hearts and actions too. 

If you care about this mission and want to help us grow a movement of a million people who care about building Strong Towns, we need you to become a member of this movement.

Join the movement

William Neher is from Regina, Saskatchewan and he's been a member of Strong Towns for two years. He has taken the Strong Towns mission to heart and he's working to change the conversation in his community. Today, he's sharing a few words about why he's a member and what it's inspired him to do.

 William Neher

William Neher

Being a voice for new urbanism in Western Canada can be a very lonely experience. Frequently you come against deeply rooted ideologies that are strongly advocated for by all levels of government and industry stalwarts. You feel like a lone voice calling out in the wilderness.

When a random search for information lead me to the Strong Towns website, it was like discovering new members of your extended family. It was so encouraging to hear that my struggles are not isolated to my community but are in fact universal to communities, large and small, across North America. 

I'm a member of Strong Towns because it helps me to connect with others who believe in the need to change how we build our cities.

I specifically found inspiration in the concept of the Curbside Chats. Engaging the community on important topics in a non-threatening setting, using non-technical language is brilliant. In our community these discussions are typically presented by our citys planning department and feature terminology and concepts that would challenge a 3rd year planning student. 

Several months ago, I started presenting a series of free seminars, open to the pub...

Tuesday, 22 May


Remember. Leibowitz. 'Judeo-Nazis' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Prof. Leibowitz: There are Judeo-Nazis. Israel Represents the Darkness of a State Body.


Le agradezco mucho su apoyo a Belinda, su solidaridad: AMLO "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

En sus redes sociales, la cantante Belinda explic por qu apoya a Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, el candidato presidencial le agradeci el apoyo. Regeneracin, 22 de mayo de 2018.- Despus de que la cantante y actriz Belinda utilizara sus redes sociales para mostrar su apoyo a Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, el candidato presidencial de la []

La entrada Le agradezco mucho su apoyo a Belinda, su solidaridad: AMLO se public primero en Regeneracin.


Wonders of the Wind Art Show Traveled Maryland in May "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Over the past few months, CCAN worked with partners across Maryland to put on an art exhibition called Wonders of the Wind, which highlighted the beauty of wind power and the clean energy future. Nineteen artists created sculptures, paintings, and other original work inspired by the prospect of two offshore wind farms coming to our state. The exhibition opened in Ocean City where the turbines will be installed and closed in Baltimore where the manufacturing and assembly will be based.

So, why an art show?

Last year, Maryland took a huge step toward becoming the East Coast hub for offshore wind when our states Public Service Commission approved two applications for large wind farms off our coast. These projects promise thousands of jobs and enough energy to power over 500,000 homes. Now, those projects must secure federal permits in order to move forward.

This wont be an easy fight. There has already been a steady stream of opposition to offshore wind, mainly focused on the aesthetic appearance of wind turbines. Some elected officials have even referred to the turbines as visual pollution to which we say: what about actual pollution?

As an artist and an advocate, I deeply value the power of art to share stories and increase awareness about the critical issues we face today. Thats why I was so excited to work with a coalition of artists and environmental and faith-based allies to organize the Wonders of the Wind exhibition to highlight the beauty of wind power and a more just, sustainable future in Maryland.

We hosted receptions in Ocean City and Baltimore where attendees could view artwork, learn more about offshore wind from guest speakers, and even make pinwheels to take home with them as reminders of the wonders of the wind. Scroll down to see photos from these receptions and to view some of the artwork featured in the Wonders of the Wind exhibition.


U.S. 'Master Stroke' Against Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States "Master Stroke" against Venezuela

Stella Calloni reveals SouthComs secret plan to overthrow the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This document, which we have already published, contradicts President Trumps engagements to put an end to the rgime changes which have characterised US imperial policy. It demonstrates that the international image of chaos in Venezuela is entirely fabricated and is an exclusive invention of Anglo-Saxon propaganda.


Y Is For Yellow. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A beetle Im unable to identify on a yellow hawkweed flower. Click for full size!

Nightjar, all rights reserved.


North Korea-linked Sun Team APT group targets deflectors with Android Malware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A North Korea-linked APT group tracked as Sun Team has targeted North Korean deflectors with a malicious app that was published in the official Google Play store.

A North Korea-linked APT group tracked as Sun Team has targeted North Korean deflectors with a malicious app that was published in the official Google Play store.

The campaign, named RedDawn by security experts at McAfee, is the second campaign attributed conducted by the same APT group this year.

Experts noticed that this is the first time the APT abused the legitimate Google Play Store as the distribution channel. In a past campaign spotted in January, a group of North Korean deflectors and journalists was targeted via social networks, email, and chat apps.

Researchers at McAfee discovered that the malware was on Google Play as unreleased versions and it accounts for only around 100 infections, they also notified it to Google that has already removed the threat from the store.

Once installed, the malware starts copying sensitive information from the device, including personal photos, contacts, and SMS messages, and then sends them to the threat actors.

McAfee found that the hackers managed to upload three applications to Google Play based on the email accounts and Android devices used in the previous attack. The apps include Food Ingredients Info, Fast AppLock, and AppLockFree. They stayed in Google Play for about 2 months before being removed.

Our recent discovery of the campaign we have named RedDawn on Google Play just a few weeks after the release of our report proves that targeted attacks on mobile devices are here to stay. reads the post published by the security firm.

We found three apps uploaded by the actor we named Sun Team, based on email accounts and Android devices used in the previous attack.

The experts discovered three apps in the app store, the first one named (Food Ingredients Info), provides information about food, the remaining apps, Fast AppLock and AppLockFree, are security applications.

While the  and Fast AppLock apps are data stealer malware that receives commands and additional executable (.dex) files from a cloud control server, the  AppLockFree is a reconnaissance malware that prepares the installations to further payloads.

The malware spread to friends, asking them to install the malicious apps and offer feedback via a Facebook account with a...


Plan to Overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship Masterstroke "IndyWatch Feed War"


Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship Masterstroke

 | MIAMI (USA) | 23 FEBRUARY 2018 ...


Boko Haram: Security fears keep kidnapped schoolgirls at home "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hundreds of girls have refused to return to their school in northeast Nigeria because of security fears following a mass kidnapping by Boko Haram jihadists, parents and teachers said on Tuesday.

Jihadists stormed the Government Girls Technical College in Dapchi on February 19, seizing 111 schoolgirls in a carbon copy of the abduction in Chibok in 2014 that caused global outrage.

All but six of the Dapchi girls were returned to the school just over a month later. Five died in captivity while the only Christian among them is still being held.

Image result for Boko Haram girls, photos

The school re-opened on April 30 but one teacher, who asked not to be identified for fear of official sanctions, said most pupils have stayed away because they were still afraid.

We have a total student population of 989, and out of that number only 314 have resumed after we reopened. Of the 314 that returned, 299 are writing their final examinations and will be leaving school in July, he said.

So, technically, we can say only 15 students have resumed, who will be continuing their education here.

Bashir Manzo, who headed the abducted girls parents association, said children were being kept at home because of a lack of security personnel.

There are only a handful of soldiers and vigilantes guarding the school, not more than 25 in all, a number grossly inadequate to protect our daughters, he told AFP.

We believe even the 15 girls that returned will go back home once their seniors finish their examinations and leave.

The education commissioner for Yobe state, Mohammed Lamin, angrily dismissed parents concerns and said everything humanly possible had been done to make the school safe.

We deployed soldiers, police, civil defence paramilitary and vigilantes to the school providing security 24 hours, he said.

How can they say security is inadequate? Do they have such level of security in their homes?

Lax security

Security has been an issue in Dapchi since it emerged that soldiers had been withdrawn before the k...


Tom Engelhardt 288 "IndyWatch Feed War"

May 22, 2018

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, The Hidden Meaning of American Decline

[Note for TomDispatch Readers: Remember that a signed, personalized copy of historian Alfred McCoys breakout Dispatch book on American decline, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power, is still yours for a contribution to this website of $100 ($125 if you live outside the U.S.). Of it, Andrew Bacevich said, This is history with profound relevance to events that are unfolding before our eyes. Indeed! And while youre at it, dont forget that a signed copy of my own new book, A Nation Unmade by War, is also available. (Thanks to all of you who already contributed for a copy. Youre champs!) Of it, Ann Jones says, We Americans have learned to sleep through our multiple wars, but Tom Engelhardt relentlessly shakes us awake. So wake up! Dont wait another second! Check ...


Ontario Politician Withdraws Candidacy after Data Theft "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The National Post reports:

A former employee of Ontario's 407 private freeway quit suddenly Wednesday as a Progressive Conservative candidate in next month's election, barely an hour after the highway confirmed that information on 60,000 customers had been leaked through an "internal theft."

Simmer Sandhu, the candidate for Brampton East, said in an online statement that he had recently been made aware of anonymous allegations against him "pertaining to both my work life and my nomination campaign."

"These allegations are totally baseless. I absolutely deny them," he said on both Twitter and Facebook. "I will vigorously defend myself and reputation and I am confident I will be cleared."

An opinion piece explains the anonymous allegations:

[...] it is alleged that someone stole 60,000 names, addresses and phone numbers from the privately-owned Highway 407 ETR's internal systems and distributed or sold the data to a couple of dozen candidates in GTA nomination races. Those campaigns then sold fake party memberships under the stolen names, mocked up identification that met the party's requirements (which do not include photo ID), and paid international students $200 a pop to vote under these fraudulent identities.

Wikipedia has an article about the Brampton East riding.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Welfare conditionality is ineffective, authors of major study say "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welfare conditionality within the social security system is largely ineffective and in some cases pushes people into poverty and crime, a major study led by the University of York has found.

Welfare conditionality links eligibility for and services to responsibilities or particular patterns of behaviour, under threat of sanction for non-compliance. It has been a key element of welfare state reform in many countries since the mid-1990s.

Supporters say the use of sanctions and support is an effective way of weaning people off benefits and into paid work, or addressing anti-social behaviour.


Dealerships trash talk electric cars: study "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Car dealerships in Nordic countries actively discourage consumers from buying electric vehicles, researchers who conducted an undercover investigation said Monday.

Their findings, published in the peer-reviewed Nature Energy, reveal an overlooked barrier to the sale of electric vehicles, which are expected to play a key role in lowering CO2 emissions and curbing global warming.

Posing as prospective buyers, the researchers made 126 enquiries at 82 dealerships in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.


Teen ordered to apologize to treaty tribes for starting massive fire "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A 15-year-old boy started a massive fire that endangered treaty and cultural resources along the Columbia River.


Fuel price hike in India: Amit Shah says govt taking matter seriously "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, motorcycle
BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday said the government is working out a formula to bring down the prices and ease the burden on consumers.

Image may contain: 1 person

BJP president Amit Shah

By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: May 22, 2018 6:07:24 pm

Steps to deal with rising petrol, diesel prices likely this week The petrol prices in Delhi are the cheapest among all metros and most state capitals. (File)

With the prices of petrol and diesel touching a record high, BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday said the government is working out a formula to bring down the prices and ease the burden on consumers. Briefing the press on the BJPs four years in power at the party headquarters in New Delhi, Amit Shah said the matter of rising oil prices is being pursued seriously by the government. The government is taking the matter of oil prices seriously. Petroleum minister will have a meeting with the officials of the oil companies tomorrow. We are working out a formula to reduce the prices, he said.

Meanwhile, news agency PTI, citing a senior government official, reported that the administration is likely to come out with some steps this week to deal with rising fuel prices. The government may not rely only on cutting excise duty, which makes up for a fourth of the retail selling price, the official said without elaborating further.

Rising fuel price is a crisis situation for government and it has to be handled with combination of steps. Finance ministry is consulting the petroleum ministry on rising crude prices, he said.

More than a week after the state-owned oil firms ended a 19-day pre-Karnataka poll hiatus on revising fuel prices, petrol and diesel rates have touched record highs. Petrol costs Rs 76.87 per litre in Delhi and diesel costs Rs 68.08 a litre. In last nine days, petrol price has risen by Rs 2.24 a litre and diesel by Rs 2.15. Rates vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT. The prices in Delhi are the cheapest among all metros and most state capitals. Refusing to discuss steps under consideration, the official said the government has to be mindful of its fiscal maths while dealing with the option of cutting excise duty.

We cannot rely on excise duty cut alone, although I am not...


PlayStation VR HMD Working On Linux With SteamVR/Dota 2 Thanks To OpenHMD "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Thanks to the work done by Christoph Haag on a SteamVR plug-in for OpenHMD, the PlayStation VR (PSVR) head-mounted display is working out for handling Steam VR Linux games like Dota 2...


Why medicine is a political act "IndyWatch Feed War"

Welcome to Jewish Voice for Peaces monthly Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on our website and archived as a resource.  If you wish to join this effort, contact Please feel free to share the newsletter with your colleagues and communities and encourage them to join the JVP Health Advisory Council.

Thanks to all who have contributed!

For those who missed our webinar with Professor Rita Giacaman, here is a link to the extraordinary work of the Institute of Community and Public Health at Birzeit University which studies health and disease through the lens of military occupation and colonization. The researchers have developed unique measures for the wounds inside, which impact ease and dis-ease such as suffering and humiliation. 

A Monologue with the Other: the inauthenticity of discourse under occupation
Middle East Eye 8 March  Following up on the protest regarding the scheduling of the International Association of Relational Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts, psychiatrist Dr. Samah Jabr examines the dialectical relationship between the psychological and political. She exposes the arrogance and elitism that lies behind the arguments offered by the IARPP to hide its subtle support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Dr. Jabr challenges the powerful who assume ownership of the virtuous language of dialogue and empathy while asserting that Palestinia...


Second Trump Inauguration Protest Trial Begins "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Washington, DC The second trial of protesters mass-arrested at an antifascist, anti-capitalist march during President Trumps inauguration on January 20 (J20), 2017 has begun in DC Superior Court. After two days of jury selection, the jury was empaneled Tuesday afternoon, and opening arguments began around 10:30 AM on Wednesday, May 16. In her opening statements, Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff relied on the same rhetorical devices she used in the first trial, giving dramatic descriptions of property damage and invoking the image of a mass of protesters in a sea of black. As in the first trial, she introduced a series of large map boards indicating where property damage took place along the route of the protest march, a piece of evidence that also figured heavily in the previous trial.


Fighting ransomware with network segmentation as a path to resiliency "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recent cybersecurity events involving the use of ransomware (WannaCry and similar variants) represent the latest examples highlighting the need for organizations to not only take an initial hit, but survive, adapt, and endure. In other words, be resilient. All too often, our community is a witness to any number of similar events where an initial breach leads to catastrophic effects across the enterprise. We need to do better; the methodologies and tools to do so More

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BBCs Dateline London airs defamation of Israel but relevant facts concealed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Readers may recall that in July 2017 the BBC responded to a complaint concerning an edition of Dateline London in which contributor Nabila Ramdani voiced some vicious, off-topic, anti-Israel slurs by saying that:

We have spoken to the production team and presenter to remind them of the need to ensure that any contentious remarks are challenged and questioned, at whatever point they are made during the programme.

In January 2018, the BBC responded to yet another complaint concerning falsehoods and anti-Israel smears promoted by Nabila Ramdani on the same programme by claiming that such calumnies are part of a legitimate debate....


Aument ms de 600 por ciento el nmero de solicitantes de asilo en Mxico: ONU "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Ciudad de Mxico | Desinformmonos. El nmero de solicitantes de asilo en Mxico aument un 600 por ciento en los ltimos tres aos, tiempo en el que el pas se ha convertido no slo en un pas de trnsito, sino tambin de destino para las personas que huyen de la violencia, la persecucin y la falta de oportunidades en sus pases de origen, seal el documento titulado Agenda para la proteccin de personas refugiadas en Mxico: 2019-2024 del Alto Comisionado de Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados (Acnur).

El organismo indic que la cantidad de solicitantes de asilo o refugio ascendi de 2 mil 137 en 2014 a 14 mil 596 en 2017, y que el aumento podra continuar en los prximos aos.

Los refugiados provienen principalmente de los pases centroamericanos como Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala, pero tambin de Venezuela y Nicaraga, agreg Acnur.

Indic que si bien el nmero de solicitudes aument, el de refugiados es an muy reducido en comparacin con el total de la poblacin, ya que slo hay un solicitante por cada 9 mil mexicanos.

Por ello, Acnur indic que es necesario ajustar la poltica migratoria y de proteccin a refugiados en Mxico, con el fin de respetar plenamente las obligaciones en materia de derechos humanos y proteccin internacional adquiridas por el pas.

Agreg que la Ley de Refugiados, Proteccin Complementaria y Asilo Poltico necesita ser revisada para enfrentar esta realidad y estar plenamente en conformidad con los estndares internacionales y con la Convencin sobre el Estatuto de los Refugiados de 1951, de la cual Mxico es Estado parte.

Indic que son necesarias algunas reformas legislativas para garantizar la proteccin de los refugiados, como fortalecer a la Comisin Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados y dotarla de autonoma orgnica y de gestin, aumentar sus recursos financieros y humanos, e incrementar su presencia geogrfica a lo largo del pas.

Adems, llam a las autoridades a hacer ms para la proteccin de los solicitantes de asilo, incluyendo a nios y jvenes que son obligados a abandonar sus hogares por las condiciones en sus pases de origen.

La entrada Aument ms de 600 por ciento el nmero de solicitantes de asilo en Mxico: ONU aparece primero en Desinformmonos.


Iran tells Europe to step up and save nuclear deal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iran poured scorn on threatened U.S. sanctions on Tuesday and told European powers to step up and salvage its international nuclear deal though Germany signaled there was only so much it could do to fend off Washingtons economic clout.

Image result for Zarif, photos

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Senior Iranian military and political figures queued up to issue defiant statements a day after Washington threatened the strongest sanctions in history if Iran failed to make a series of sweeping changes.

Two weeks on from U.S. President Donald Trumps decision to pull out of the nuclear pact, his administration told Iran to drop its nuclear program and pull out of the Syrian civil war among other demands, setting Washington and Tehran further on a course of confrontation.

The people of Iran should stand united in the face of this and they will deliver a strong punch to the mouth of the American Secretary of State and anyone who backs them, Ismail Kowsari, a senior commander with Irans Revolutionary Guards said, according to the Iranian Labour News Agency.

The 2015 nuclear agreement, worked out by the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, China and Iran, lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for Tehran limiting its atomic program.

Trump called it the worst deal ever negotiated but European powers see it as the best chance of stopping Iran developing a nuclear bomb.

After Trump pulled out, the other signatories said they would try to salvage the deal and keep Irans oil trade and investment flowing. But European companies say they are worried about getting caught up in the new U.S. sanctions, given the extent of Washingtons global reach, and some have already started pulling out.

The head of Irans National Security and Foreign Policy committee in parliament said that the only way to salvage the nuclear deal would be for the European signatories to stand up to the United States.

Today they must show their strength in the face of American pressure, Alaeddin Borujerdi said, according to the Iranian Students News Agency.


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Monday told reporters in Argentina he would travel on from there to Washington to discuss the nuclear deal with U.S. Secretary of State Mi...


Palestinian Protest Leader Explains Why Philadelphia Orchestra Should Stay Out Of Israel "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Monday morning, the Philadelphia Orchestra sent out a bon voyage email to its fans and subscribers, explaining that the group is about to embark on a two-week tour that includes performances in Israel. What the email doesnt mention is the controversy and boycott surrounding the Israel portion of that tour, or the fact that protesters blocked traffic outside of the Kimmel Center and interrupted the Philadelphia Orchestras performance there on Saturday night. We caught up with Palestinian protest organizer Susan Abulhawa of Bucks County to learn more.


A Dive Into Washington's Swamp "IndyWatch Feed War"

One years ago Trump pledged allegiance to the Wahhabi Orb. The one Orb that rules them all: This swearing of an oath to the Wahhabi death star was part of the opening of the potemkinesk "Global Center for Combating Extremist...


How long before police "batmobiles" patrol our streets? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Plasan which bills itself as the leader in 'vehicle protection' unveiled their new 'Yagu' an ultralight armored vehicle at the Expo Seguridad 2018 exhibition in Mexico City. 

While the Yagu is designed primarily for border patrol it can also be equipped with flashing lights for law enforcement. Another selling point for law enforcement, the Yagu can be equipped with a drone launching system, so they can track protesters and activists.

Plasan's sales pitch to law enforcement; our Yagu's are a viable alternative to cumbersome MRAPS.

Plasan claims to have sold more than 32,000 armored vehicles which come with 400 variations to 20 countries. Unfortunately, they don't publish how many of them were sold to law enforcement agencies. 

Plasan's new Stormer EX looks like...


Shoplifters meet their match as retailers deploy facial recognition cameras "IndyWatch Feed War"

Shoplifters beware: Closed-circuit cameras in stores might be observing more than you think. As facial recognition software gets better, the battle against retail theft is moving into high tech.

Retail stores with facial recognition systems can spot convicted or admitted shoplifters in about the time it takes to walk two paces into an establishment.

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

May 21, 2018 02:35 PM

We can match a face against the database of 25 million people in just under a second. Two or three years ago, that was just unheard of, said Peter Trepp, chief executive of FaceFirst, an Encino, California, firm that is a leader in retail surveillance tools.

Civil libertarians are up in arms over widespread use of facial recognition software, fearing that errors could victimize innocent shoppers, but industry experts say the use of the software is here to stay.


Rural Whites Shielded From Medicaid Work Requirement Rules "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In April, President Trump signed an executive order allowing some Medicaid recipients to be exempted from requirements that they find  jobs or lose their health insurance. Now, the states taking advantage of the order, called Reducing Poverty in America, are facing scrutiny for allegedly creating policies that, as Talking Points Memo (TMP) reports, would in practice shield many rural, white residents from the impact of the new rules. Kentucky and Ohio are applying for the waivers that the executive order allows. Each of their proposals include exemptions for the counties with the highest unemployment, which happen to be mostly white, GOP-voting and rural. In contrast, according to TMP, many low-income people of color who live in high-unemployment urban centers would not qualify...


EU Fake News "IndyWatch Feed War"

Recent experience shows EU measures against fake news are problematic

The EU is stepping up its fight against fake news. It recently published a new policy document (the Communication on Tackling online disinformation of 26 April 2018) proposing several measures against fake news.
But the EU is already actively pursuing an anti-fake news campaign, specifically directed at Kremlin disinformation. It started a website called EU vs Disinfo, where it selects articles the EU qualifies as fake news and pro-Kremlin disinformation. It is a type of naming and shaming strategy, where the EU links to the media which in its eyes are disinforming outlets. On EU vs Disinfo, the EU accused three Dutch media of spreading fake news. However, these accusations were all false, and the EU had to rectify its accusations. These media were accused of giving no supporting facts, repeating disinformation and uncritical reporting. Already at first glance, these accusations turned out to be nonsensical. The article which allegedly gave no supporting facts in fact contained a plethora of links to authoritative sources to back up its assertions. Another article was merely a report of a political discussion in which several people were cited who criticized Ukraine. However, the EU claimed this was fake news as the article was allegedly aimed only at worsening the image of Ukraine.


Divest From BlackRock! May 23 In New York City "IndyWatch Feed War"

BlackRock office in Manhattan, NY

By Marc Eliot Stein, May 22, 2018

On Wednesday morning, May 23 2018 in New York City, the annual shareholders meeting of BlackRock, the shadowy but gigantic too big to fail financial conglomerate that profited from the Wall Street crash of 2007/2008 and has been profiting for decades from global weapons sales, local gun sales and pro-military lobbying, will be greeted by a small but determined group of angry protestors shouting divest. (Join us if you can.)

No doubt, the executives and investors who want to ignore our angry voices will be able to. But that wont discourage us, because we have truth and justice on our side. Divestment is gaining ground all over the world as a strong method of resisting the monolithic power that emerges when greedy money finances endless war. This resistance can feel often hopeless, but its not. Heres why divestment campaigns against corporations like BlackRock can matter.

Divestment gives us a direct voice. Its our money. If you are enrolled in a government pension fund in the USA or Canada or Japan or the UK, or if you are a teacher or other public employee in New York or California or one of many other states, your own money is being funneled into the BlackRock war profit machine, and this means you are empowered to demand answers. Divestment is direct empowerment. We dont need to beg slick politicians to finally pay attention to us and act on our behalf. We can act on our own behalf. Its our money.

Divestment is self-education. How many people have never even heard of BlackRock? Thats the way BlackRock likes it. And thats what the divestment campaign aims to end. If you have a friend with a pension fund and you explain to this friend why they should protest against investment with BlackRock, you are not only helping the cause of divestment. You are helping to wake people up. Even if your friend isnt ready to follow your logic today, you will...


Erdogan: Those Who Possess 15,000 Nukes Are Now Threatening the World "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors note:  Time to tell a story:  The United States currently has 82 nuclear weapons on Turkish soil.  Despite that, in 2016, the US tried to overthrow the Turkish government, working closely with Israel despite the fact that Turkey was actively, at the time, cooperating with both the US and Israel, along with Saudi Arabia, []


Farm bill to get second vote in U.S. House in June: Roll Call "IndyWatch Feed War"

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote for a second time on a massive farm bill after the measure was defeated last week, the No. 3 Republican in the chamber said, according to Roll Call newspaper.

The vote on the $867 billion bill will be held on June 22, Republican Representative Steve Scalise said, Roll Call reported.

Prior to the farm bill vote, the House will consider a conservative immigration bill sponsored by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, Roll Call quoted Scalise as saying.

Image result for U.S. farmer, reaping, photos

Were looking at moving the farm bill on June 22 and having the Goodlatte-McCaul bill come up the third week of June, Scalise told reporters, according to Roll Call.

Scalises office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

Roll Call said it was not immediately clear if the timing would appease members of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of about 30 of the most conservative Republican lawmakers.

The farm bill failed on Friday after Freedom Caucus members withheld their support. They had asked Republican leaders not to hold the vote until the Goodlatte-McCaul immigration bill could be considered.

Scalise said the Goodlatte-McCaul bill, which would give temporary protections to young illegal immigrants but not offer citizenship, was currently short of the votes needed to the pass the House, according to Roll Call.

He said there was an effort underway to find another immigration measure that could pass the chamber, Roll Call said.

Reporting by Eric Beech; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Sandra Maler



Arrests At Poor Peoples Campaign Rally Inside Pa. Capitol "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival protesters were arrested inside the Pennsylvania state Capitol in Harrisburg. Twenty-four people were arrested as part of the organized protest. The arrests came after a one hour rally in the Capitol Rotunda. Those arrested were taken into custody peacefully. Seventeen will be issued summary citations by Capitol Police for disorderly conduct. Another seven who have a prior arrest will receive a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and will be processed at the Dauphin County Booking Center, said Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the state Department of General Services, which oversees the Capitol Police.


Candidatos carecen de una postura clara sobre seguridad fronteriza "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Uno de los temas ms urgentes en materia de migracin y que no tuvo una postura clara por parte de los candidatos a la Presidencia de Mxico, durante el segundo debate presidencial, fue el enfoque sobre seguridad fronteriza, seal la Mtra. Mariana Zaragoza, coordinadora del Programa de Asuntos Migratorios (PRAMI).

De acuerdo con Zaragoza, ninguno de los cuatro candidatos se pronunci a favor de un enfoque de seguridad humana, que tiene que ver con el respeto a los derechos humanos y el libre trnsito para todas las poblaciones migrantes, o en todo caso con la decisin de continuar con un enfoque de externalizacin de fronteras, es decir, la militarizacin, detencin y deportacin.

Si hubieran dado una postura clara en cuanto a seguridad fronteriza hubiera sido ms fcil saber hacia dnde podran tomar las polticas pblicas y de proteccin aterrizadas en las diferentes dimensiones de la movilidad. Era vital que se hablara tanto de proteccin a migrantes en el extranjero, as como del retorno de las personas deportadas, pero tambin tocar el tema de Mxico como pas de destino de personas refugiadas, de trnsito y de la llegada de personas migrantes, aadi Zaragoza.

Al respecto, Monserrat Narro, asistente del PRAMI, seal que el candidato por la coalicin Todos por Mxico, Jos Antonio Meade, fue el nico que abord el tema, pero con un enfoque en favor de la militarizacin y la deportacin, a partir de una declaracin criminalizante al decir que hay migrantes que pasan por Mxico de buena fe y otros que vulneran la seguridad nacional. Por su parte, el candidato independiente, Jaime Rodrguez, se pronunci por una poltica de detencin, respetuosa, pero de contencin.

Asimismo, Narro habl de un preocupante desconocimiento de las realidades migratorias por parte de los presidenciables, pues se evidenci que no saben cules son las variantes y dimensiones de la migracin, debido a que no hicieron visible un entendimiento de las diferencias entre las migraciones de trnsitos, destino, origen, personas retornadas o deportadas.

Record que al candidato de la coalicin Por Mxico al Frente, Ricardo Anaya Corts, se le pregunt si cambiara el sistema de asilo, ante lo cual se limit a hablar del inters de proteger a las personas refugiadas, pero sin una propuesta concreta de cmo lograrlo.

En 2017, la Comisin Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados (Comar) recibi 14,596 solicitudes de asilo presentadas en su mayora por personas centroamericanas y crecientemente venezolanas. De ellas 7,719 an no haba sido resueltas al 31 de diciembre de dicho ao, lo que equivale a un rezago de ms del 50% en la resolu...



New Dawn FM News
The ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS last week told the visiting Australian High Commissioner to PNG, BRUCE DAVIES and his delegation plus the ABG Ministers, Members and the people of South Bougainville that ABG has its priorities as the date for the referendum nears.
Speaking at the Opening of the Double Classroom and a Teachers house at Buin Primary School, President MOMIS said certain things can wait after the referendum but not the preparation for the coming Referendum.
He said that Bougainville desperately needed funds to fast-tract outstanding issues to make sure all Bougainvilleans are ready and united to go for the vote in 2019.
President Momis said that the tactic that the National Government is playing to withhold funds entitled to Bougainville under the Bougainville Peace Agreement was not helping Bougainville at all.
He called on the people of Bougainville to remain united and not involve in issues that could divide the people during referendum vote next year.
President MOMIS said that UNITY was Bougainvilles most powerful bargaining power when negotiating the final status of Bougainville after referendum.



The 10 Highest-Paid Software and Services CEOs "IndyWatch Feed War"

Low-paid company founders such as Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg drag down the sectors median pay

The median pay figure for the software and services industry was $10.7 million, below the overall median for full-year CEOs at all S&P 500 companies.
The median pay figure for the software and services industry was $10.7 million, below the overall median for full-year CEOs at all S&P 500 companies.

The highest-paid software executive of 2017? That was Gary Norcross, chief executive of Fidelity National Information Services Inc., at $29.1 million.

Fidelity National, also known as FIS, is a bank-technology provider. Mr. Norcross has led the Jacksonville, Fla.-based company since January 2015. His total compensation increased 46% from $20 million the previous year, according to regulatory filings. The companys total shareholder return, which reflects shares price and dividends, was 26% last year.




New Dawn FM News

The member for South Bougainville in the Papua New Guinea National Parliament and Deputy Opposition Leader, TIMOTHY MASIU wants Australia or another Pacific country to monitor the border between PNG and Solomon Islands in three areas of Bougainville.
The three areas are TASMAN Islands where Traditional border crossers from Tasman cross to Oton Java, SIROVAI in Central Bougainville where Central Bougainvilleans cross to TARO island and Gizo and at KANGU in Buin where the people of South Bougainville cross over to NILA, Shortland island and Mono island in the Solomon islands.
MR. MASIU said the Bougainville Peace Agreement forbids the Papua New Guinea Defence Force from coming to all the islands within Bougainville and must remain as it is.
He said because of the APEC meeting there is a need to monitor the movement of people within the border areas.
MR. MASIU said that they must start the Security operations on our borders quickly even before the APEC meeting is staged in November this year.
The Member for South Bougainville also mentioned this to the visiting Australian delegation in Buin last week.


Buin Primary Classroom Opening170518 045


La cartera de AMLO "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

La cartera de AMLO no fue una broma, fue un guio a los grandes saqueos perpetrados en el presente sexenio, como la estafa maestra o los moches polticos.   Por Pedro Miguel| La Jornada Regeneracin, 22 de mayo de 2018.- Si una encuesta no puede ser sucedneo de una eleccin, un debate, menos. El encuentro []

La entrada La cartera de AMLO se public primero en Regeneracin.


An Open Letter To Those Who Meet With Mohamed Bin Salman "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mohamed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

May 22, 2018

An Open Letter to Business Leaders and Actors, Directors, and Producers Who Met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, including Adam Aron (CEO, American Multi-Cinema), Ari Emanuel (CEO, William Morris Endeavor), Willow Bay (Dean, USC School of Communications and Journalism), Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon), Michael Bloomberg (CEO, Bloomberg LP, former Mayor of New York City), Richard Branson (founder, Virgin Group), Kobe Bryant (former professional basketball player), James Cameron (director, producer, and writer), Tim Cook (CEO, Apple inc.), Michael Douglas (actor and producer), Morgan Freeman (actor and producer), Alan Garber (Provost of Harvard University), Bill Gates (philanthropist and principal founder, Microsoft Corporation), Brian Grazer (film and television producer), Ron Howard (actor and director), Bob Iger (CEO, Walt Disney Corporation), Dwayne the Rock Johnson (actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler), Robert Kraft (owner, New England Patriots), Rupert Murdoch (founder and Chairman, News Corp.), Elon Musk (founder and CEO, designer of SpaceX and Tesla, Inc.), Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft), Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google Inc.), Peter Rice (President, 21st Century Fox and Chairman and CEO, Fox Networks Group), Jeff Shell (Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group), Shane Smith (cofounder, Vice News), Ridley Scott (film director and producer), Stephen Schwarzman (CEO, Blackstone Group), Stacey Snider (Chairman and CEO, 20th Century Fox Film), Evan Spiegel (CEO, Snapchat), Peter Thiel (entrepreneur and co-founder of Paypal), and Oprah Winfrey (media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist).

Re: Saudi Arabia is killing civilians in Yemen: Why dont you speak out?

We, the undersigned professors and civil liberties, human rights, and peace organizations, are writing to express our concern that you did not publicly speak out about Saudi Arabias grave human rights violations in Yemen when you met with Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman on his recent trip to the United States. 1 As public figures, your activities and statements garner significant attention, and you wield national and global influence. You are uniquely position...


Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trump needs to act right to protect those who got him elected.


It is unquestionably a true statement that if it were not for the Independent Media, Donald Trump would not be sitting in the White House. I have never witnessed a group of professionals come together and united under single cause, to Make America Great Again, as I did with what the Independent Media did for Trump in the 2016 election .

After Trump was sworn in, his causes were championed and his enemies were chastized by the Independent Media. Then came the extreme censorship by the social media monopolies. Many of the resources and incomes of the Independent Media dried up. Yet, most remained loyal to this President. It has been 15 months since the social media giants began to practice extreme censorship. One would think that President Trump would still need the Independent Media to help him carry his water since the mainstream media is outright hostile and dishonest in their treatment of the President. Therefore, when the social media media monopolies are violating anti-trust laws by censoring the Trump supporting media, one would think that the President would step in and attack those who are breaking the law in an attempt to destroy Trumps initiatives. Yet, all we have heard from the President is crickets chirping. It is baffling that Trump would foresake his strongest ally. This fact, among others, have caused many in the Independent Media to question Trumps resolve to truly make American Great Again. For if he did, he would be defending his base, his strongest group of supporters, and he is not.

The Social Media Gestapo

President Trump by not acting against social media censorship is promoting a Gestapo-like take over of all independent thought and subsequent action. There is even legal precedent for the President to take action against the social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Google. And this legal precedent has been c...


Supreme Court Rules Against Workers In Arbitration Case "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ON MONDAY, THE Supreme Court slowed recent momentum to give workersincluding many in the tech sectorthe right to a day in court. The Supreme Court case centered around clauses in employment contracts that require employees to resolve disputes through arbitration, and preclude them from joining with others to file class-action lawsuits. In a 5-to-4 decision, the court ruled that those clauses are enforceable under federal law, which means companies can prohibit employees from banding together both privately or in court. Such binding-arbitration clauses are widely used at technology companies, and critics say they helped allow sexual harassment to flourish by hiding complaints. More recently, some firms have taken steps to limit the practice. Uber last week said it would eliminate arbitration agreements for employees, riders, and drivers with sexual misconduct claims.


He who is born in the harbor wont be an astronaut. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A painting by Romn Cura, from Kreator. Click for full size!

Kreator, all rights reserved.


Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests "IndyWatch Feed War"


Health Ministry: Israeli army killed 112 Palestinians, injured 13,190 since March 30th
IMEMC 21 May Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip, has reported Sunday that Israeli soldiers have killed 112 Palestinians, and injured 13,190 since the Great Return March protests started on the Palestinian Land Day, March 30th, 2018. Dr. al-Qedra said that the soldiers killed 13 Palestinian children, and injured 2096 others, in addition to wounding 1029 women. He added that 332 of the wounded Palestinians suffered life-threatening injuries, 3,422 suffered moderate wounds, 9,436 suffered mild injuries, and 5,572 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation. Dr. al-Qedra said that:
502 Palestinians were shot in the head and neck.
283 were shot in the chest and back.
225 were shot in the abdomen and pelvis.
938 were shot in the arm.
325 were shot in the leg.
1,117 suffered various cuts and bruises to several parts of their bodies.
He also said that 27 of the wounded Palestinians suffered amputations in their legs, one in his arm, and four others had some fingers severed by Israeli fire. Dr. al-Qedra added that the soldiers also shot and killed one medic, and injured 323 others with live fire and gas bombs, in addition to causing damage to 37 ambulances.

Another Palestinian dies from wounds suffered on May 14
IMEMC 19 May The Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported that a young Palestinian man died, Saturday, from serious wounds he suffered on Monday, May 14. It said the young man, identified as Mohammad Mazen Oleyyan, 20, was shot with live Israeli army fire, and died from his serious wounds at the Al-Quds Hospital, in Gaza. The Palestinian was shot with a live round in the head, during the Great Return March, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza. He remained in critical condition before he was pronounced brain dead, and passed away Saturday.
On Saturday at dawn [as previously reported], another Palestinian identified as Moin Abdul-Hamid Saey , 58 years of age, died from his serious wounds at the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza city, where he was rushed to surgery and then to the Intensive Care Unit until h...


Get out of my head, Eiynah! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Over at Nice Mangos, she posts about her perspective on movement atheism.

Its quite depressing that movement Atheism has turned into such a joke. I valued it so much once.

This unraveling of the movement and its leaders has been tough to come to terms with. Especially for those of us who have already done this bit beforewrestled our beliefs, questioned respected leaders, lost community for it, and so on.

I had noticed a troubling turn 2-3 years ago. The questions in my mind became harder and harder to ignore when Rubin arrived on scene. He really brought the hypocrisies to the surface.

My personal, recent last straw was the treatment of the Krauss thing generally among movement leaders.and the Ezra Klein/Harris convo, the utterly obvious flaws in thinking. That was really it for me. No looking back and hoping former heroes come to their senses.

OK, thats eerie its the same scene, only about 5 years later, with different players. I noticed the troubling turn about 8 years ago, as more and more atheists began to rally around two themes: the Glorious Leaders who were fonts of inarguable Reason & Logic, and a definition of atheism that exempted them from all social responsibility or ethical obligation. The other big difference was that unlike Eiynah, I resisted criticizing with the excuses of #NotAllAtheists and theyll outgrow the regressive social tendencies if we just keep trying. I was wrong. And it is quite depressing.

At least I can really love this portrayal of the shambles movement atheism is in right now.

Wheres all the energy of atheism going? Right into the pockets of those jokers, many of whom are openly anti-atheist.


Waffle Houses Right-Wing Politics: The Chikesia Clemons Controversy Follows Many Years of Supporting Reactionary Far-Right Republicans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Anyone who has spent a lot of time listening to southern hip-hop has no doubt heard of Waffle House. The restaurant chain has been mentioned in countless hip-hop and modern R&B recordings and has had plenty of black customers over the years. But following some racially troubling incidents in 2018, Dr. Bernice A. Kingdaughter of the late civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.has urged African-Americans to boycott the restaurant chain, which has a strong connection to far-right politics and the Republican Party. On May 10, King sent out a tweet saying, Family, lets stay out of @WaffleHouseuntil the corporate office legitimately and seriously commits to 1) discussion on racism, 2) employee training, and 3) other plans to change; and until they start to implement changes.


Australia - Two towns are 48kms apart. One has twice as much tooth decay "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

For 40 years, dental therapist Jennifer James has had the "unique experience" of treating children in Bathurst, which has fluoride in its water, and 48 kilometres away in Oberon, which doesn't.
The difference out here working is that you see twice as much tooth decay in children, twice as many fillings, twice as many extractions. That is a comparison we can make weekly in Bathurst and Oberon," said Ms James, who works for NSW Health.
"What people don't see is parents crying because they don't understand why their children need teeth taken out."......................

Is it really as simple and obvious as she believes? 


ISIS Leaders Sinister Plan for the Future "IndyWatch Feed War"

A top ISIS official, captured by Turkish and Iraqi forces, revealed that, as of about a year ago, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, self-styled caliph of the Islamic State, was alive and well.

As the caliphate was rapidly disintegrating due to massive territorial losses, al-Baghdadi called together his top sergeants to talk about insuring the future of the organization. The topic he was most concerned with was rewriting the terror groups educational curriculum, according to the operative, named as Abu Zaid al-Iraqi. It was the third such meeting on the subject with the ISIS leader.

The following is Clarion Projects (unfortunate) take on the subject:


Recovery & Rehabilitation of ISIS Children: Is It Possible?


How ISIS Gets Children to Kill


The post ISIS Leaders Sinister Plan for the Future appeared first on Clarion Project.


Cronkite News: San Carlos Apache activist joins rally at U.S. Capitol "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

'There are many issues that need to be addressed, but Congress doesnt matter if theres no water,' said Apache activist Wendsler Nosie Sr.


Morena, la esperanza de la naturaleza "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Los proyectos aprobados por los ltimos gobiernos neoliberales de Mxico, tienen a la naturaleza nacional en emergencia ecolgica que hay que cambiar.   Por Vctor Manuel Toledo | La Jornada Regeneracin, 22 de mayo de 2018.- Si algo queda claro es que no hay ms que dos opciones electorales. O se reconoce que el actual []

La entrada Morena, la esperanza de la naturaleza se public primero en Regeneracin.


Bellicose Rhetoric & Brutal Sanctions Not the Way to Help Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed War"

Venezuelans faced a battalion of challenges as they prepared to go to the polls on May 20th to elect their next president. Many inflation, food shortages have been widely reported on in the media, which has frequently laid the blame at President Nicolas Maduros door and the legacy of Chavismo. But it would be intellectually dishonest not to look at the way the U.S. and other global powers have made life harder for the already-suffering Venezuelan people, while getting little in return.

Theres plenty of room to critique Maduros politics, but U.S. invectives against his government have escalated to a stunning degree under Donald Trump. The White House surprised policy wonks in August 2017 when President implied he was considering an armed invasion of Venezuela. In remarks shortly before he was sacked, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted that the United States wasnt pushing for regime change in Venezuela. His protests, however, were undermined by his repeatedly raising the spectre of a military coup, euphemistically declaring that when things are so bad the military leadership realizes that it just cant serve the citizens anymore, they will manage a peaceful transition.

Other American policymakers have gone still further. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio echoed Venezuelan national hero Simon Bolivars words that it is always noble to conspire again...


Journey of an Israeli in Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Miko Peled | American Herald Tribune | May 22, 2018 Trumps declaration regarding the US backing out of the Iran agreement came just days before my trip to Iran was confirmed and my visa was approved. I was asked by several people if I was still going, thinking that Trumps declaration that sanctions were []


US Refuses To Recognize Venezuelas Election Results, New Sanctions Already Planned "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Even before Venezuelans finished casting their votes Sunday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan announced that the U.S. would not recognize the result of Venezuelas democratic election. Sullivan was in Buenos Aires on Sunday, leading the U.S. delegation to the G-20 Foreign Ministers Meeting. Venezuelas Nicolas Maduro was elected to his second presidential term on Sunday. With 92.6 percent of the votes counted, Maduro accumulated 5.8 million votes. His nearest challenger, former governor Henri Falcn, received only 1.8 million votes. International observers from over 40 countries were present on Sunday and have confirmed the transparency of an electoral system put in place in 2015, when the opposition won a majority in the National Assembly.


Faster Audio Decoding/Encoding Coming To Ogg & FLAC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

FLAC and Ogg now have faster audio encoding and decoding capabilities thanks to recent code improvements...


Landmark Lawsuit Claims Monsanto Hid Cancer Danger of Roundup for Decades "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

California groundskeeper makes history by taking company to trial on claims it suppressed information about the weedkillers toxic impact


China makes cut to car tariffs as tensions cool "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China on Tuesday said it will reduce tariffs on auto imports as heated trade tensions with the U.S. seem to cool.The levy on passenger cars will fall from 25 to 15 percent on July 1, China's Finance Ministry said, according to...


Gulf-linked US lobbyists pushed anti-Qatar policy with Trump to gain contracts: Report "IndyWatch Feed War"


AP reports that emails show American businessmen promoted anti-Qatar policies in exchange for multi-million dollar contracts


De abejas y de seres humanos: el destino de las polinizadoras vinculado ms que nunca a la agricultura "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Las abejas no estn desapareciendo en todo el mundo, y su extincin no necesariamente amenazara toda la agricultura. Sin embargo, poner coto a estas creencias alarmistas nos permite comprender mejor lo que revelan las prdidas sin precedentes que padecen los apicultores en algunas regiones del mundo, y los graves peligros que representan los profundos cambios en los sistemas agrcolas.

Desde los primeros rayos de sol que anuncian la primavera, las abejas melferas (Apis mellifera) ya se encuentran manos a la obra. Distinta de otras abejas sociales o solitarias, esta especie, originaria de una extensa regin que abarca Europa, el Oriente Prximo y frica, ha sido domesticada en todo el planeta, y ahora existen numerosas variedades locales.

Apiadas en racimos, las abejas forrajeras han pasado los perodos ms fros del invierno en su colmena, contando nicamente con sus reservas de miel. Es en esta poca en la que el apicultor hace sus primeras incursiones a la colmena y descubre la hecatombe.

Cuando empec, tena un 5% de prdidas invernales. Hoy tengo un 30%!, exclama Bernard Tiron, quien trabaja desde hace treinta y cinco aos en Valgaudemar, una regin situada en los Alpes franceses.

Desde la dcada de los aos 1980, la mortalidad de las abejas se ha disparado en la mayora de las regiones templadas del mundo: Europa, Japn, Amrica del Sur, Amrica del Norte. En Canad, por ejemplo, un autor se preocupa por su pas: Las tasas actuales en torno al 25% son excepcionales, y seran catastrficas desde el punto de vista econmico si persistieran a mediano plazo.

Vistas las condiciones actuales, si tuviera que iniciar mis actividades en la apicultura, no lo hara, asegura Tiron, al tiempo que enumera las dificultades que se han sucedido, una tras otra: Ya no se ven flores en los prados, los cortan antes de la floracin para poder hacer dos cortes de heno y dar de comer hierba verde a las vacas para que den el mximo de leche. Los setos tambin estn desapareciendo.

Un ecosistema alterado

Algo anda mal en los campos a los que se dirigen las abejas en busca de alimento: las variedades de colza o girasol que se cultivan actualmente dan menos nctar, afirma.

En el caso de la lavanda, la floracin duraba entre tres semanas y un mes, ahora solo ocho das. La recoleccin de flores comenzaba antes, y no todas las plantaciones se cosechaban en un corto perodo de tiempo. Antes se cortaba a mano, con una hoz, las abejas tenan tiempo de alimentarse y escapar cuando llegaban los campesinos. Ahora las mquinas aspiran...



New Dawn FM News
The member for South Bougainville in the Papua New Guinea National Parliament and Deputy Opposition leader, TIMOTHY MASIU last week praised the High Commissioner of Australia to Papua New Guinea, BRUCE DAVIES and his delegation for spending few days in South Bougainville.
Speaking at the dinner he hosted for the delegation in Buin, MR. MASIU said this was the first time for Buin and South Bougainville to host to a delegation in Buin town.
He said many similar visits by VIPs just stay for few hours and travel to Arawa and Buka for accommodation.
MR. MASIU said that this was a sign of confidence by the Australian team that Buin is a safe place to visit despite of negative comments by people as a place where there is no rule of law.
He said during the time the Australian High Commissioner was visiting Buin there was also the circuit of the National Court hearing cases in Buin.
MR. MASIU said that although the High Commissioner did not make any commitment he has seen for himself what South Bougainville needs at this time.


180518masiu dinner for australia 011


Palestinian leaders refer Israel to ICC for war crimes "IndyWatch Feed War"


Palestinian representative says 'further delaying justice for Palestinian victims is tantamount to denial of justice'


Kitty. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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Gobierno de la CDMX hace negociazo con parqumetros y lo oculta "IndyWatch Feed Noramerica"

Hace un ao que la administracin de los parqumetros pas al gobierno de la CDMX y hasta el momento no se han actualizado las cuentas.   Regeneracin, 22 de mayo de 2018.- Como parte de la contraprestacin de los parqumetros, vecinos de las colonias donde existen podran ejercer una parte de los ingresos para mejoras []

La entrada Gobierno de la CDMX hace negociazo con parqumetros y lo oculta se public primero en Regeneracin.


Free Ebook Offers Insight on 16 Open Source AI Projects "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Open source AI is flourishing, with companies developing and open sourcing new AI and machine learning tools at a rapid pace. To help you keep up with the changes and stay informed about the latest projects, The Linux Foundation has published a free ebook by Ibrahim Haddad examining popular open source AI projects, including Acumos AI, Apache Spark, Caffe, TensorFlow, and others.


Air Force delays launch as it reviews SpaceX rocket "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The U.S. Air Force has pushed back the launch of a new Global Position System satellite as it reviews the upgraded SpaceX rocket that is supposed to launch it into orbit. Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday that the launch date, which was...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Imperialists and Their Agents React to Socialist Victory in Venezuela
May 22, 2018
BBC World Service

Venezuela's President Nicols Maduro is facing an international backlash after winning his second six-year term, in a landslide vote marred by an opposition boycott and claims of vote-rigging.

Fourteen countries including Argentina, Brazil and Canada have recalled their ambassadors from Caracas in protest.

The US has imposed new economic sanctions after Sunday's election.

Venezuela is suffering from food shortages stemming from its economic crisis and voter turnout was low.

US President Donald Trump called for new elections to "end the repression" of Venezuelans.

However Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Mr Maduro on his re-election on Monday, wishing him "success in resolving the social and economic issues facing the country" in a statement.

What was the result?

With more than 90% of the votes counted, Mr Maduro had 5.8 million votes, or 67.7% of the total, the electoral council announced. The main opposition candidate, Henri Falcn, stood on 1.8 million votes or 21.2%.

What has the international reaction been?

The US has imposed new economic sanctions on Venezuela, aimed at preventing its officials from selling off state oil assets in return for kickbacks.

Mr Trump said in a statement: "We call for the Maduro regime to restore democracy, hold free and fair elections, release all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally, and end the repression and economic deprivation of the Venezuelan people."

The US Vice President Mike Pence earlier denounced the election as a "sham" and "illegitimate".

The US had already slapped sanctions on Mr Maduro and his senior aides, as well as banned US companies from buying any more debt from Caracas or the state oil company.

"The United States stands with democratic nations in support of the Venezuelan people and will take swift economic and diplomatic actions to support the restoration of their democracy," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said i...


The Daily Bird #713. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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An Extreme Climate Forces Extreme Measures As Worst-Case Predictions Are Realized "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

"One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise." -- Aldo Leopold Mountaineering, which has become more of a balm and solace for me than ever before, is an increasingly bittersweet experience. While the internal freedoms experienced continue to match the external while up in the high country, being on and amongst glaciers today entails being on one of the most dramatic front lines of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD).


South China Sea Dispute: Vietnam "IndyWatch Feed War"


Its widely accepted that the South China Sea is a geopolitical flashpoint that could inadvertently trigger a regional, even international conflict.

But how did it get to this point?

Broadly speaking the South China Sea dispute boils down to the question of how borders should be delineated in the absence of bilateral agreement between two countries. This discussion is given further impetus by the importance of the region. The South China Sea is as economically lucrative as it is geographically significant. There are hundreds of billions in mineral and energy wealth locked away under its waters, and the South China Sea is both a key global trade conduit and a gateway into Chinas backyard. Given the economic and geopolitical stakes, its not surprising that the region has become a volatile frontier of global competition.

This series will examine the claimants in the South China Sea dispute: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Now we move on to Vietnam, the country that has had one of the strongest historical claims and therefore has the most to lose from China asserting its control over the area.



Like China, Vietnam claims the entirety of the Spratly and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. Its claim relies on a combination of history, maps, administration, and economic use since the 15th century.  The Vietnam claim also relies heavily on the actions of the French colonial government, which took various steps to secure the islets for its own economic benefit in the 20th century. These steps were often taken in accordance to the accepted norms of international law at the time, which in turn has given Vietnams claims additional weight in modern international jurisprudence. However, a strong legal claim is only useful if all parties are respecting the rules and norms that it rests on. China does not recognize them, as evidenced by both its actions in the South China Sea and its disdain for the one legal ruling that has been made on the South China Sea dispute by the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague. And when it comes to the two countries ground-level military presence and naval capabilities, China has an obvious and decisive advantage over Vietnam when enforcing its claims in the South China Sea.

The post South China Sea Dispute: Vietnam appeared first on...


Clashing Visions Of Denuclearization Pose Risk To U.S.-North Korea Summit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The soaring hopes generated by the recent Inter-Korean Summit are now supplanted by uncertainty, due to North Koreas suspension of a planned meeting with the South. In the weeks following the summits Panmunjom Declaration, North Korea took actions to demonstrate its goodwill and desire for peaceful resolution of differences. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK the formal name for North Korea) announced that it would dismantle its underground nuclear test site, culminating in explosions to collapse tunnels, the blocking of entries, and removal of above-ground facilities. Substantial progress has already been made on disabling the site. The DPRK could have waited and made this a negotiable issue in talks with the United States. Instead, it offered the step to the United States ahead of the summit as a confidence-building measure.


Government Forces Start Redeploying For Operation Against Militants In Southern Syria (Map, Videos) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Government Forces Start Redeploying For Operation Against Militants In Southern Syria (Map, Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

Following the liberation of southern Damascus from ISIS, Syrian government forces have started redeploying its units from the Damascus countryside to southern Syria, according to pro-government sources and videos appearing online.

According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are now preparing to deal with militant groups operation near the city of Daraa.

The post Government Forces Start Redeploying For Operation Against Militants In Southern Syria (Map, Videos) appeared first on .


Wayne Jett: 5G + GeoEngineering = Genocide "IndyWatch Feed War"


Make Government Stop It!

By Wayne Jett

Classical Capital,  May 15, 2018

The plan of the global ruling elite to exterminate all humans except themselves and their selected slaves has been in writing, in English, since 1901. The scrivener (or shill) who wrote the plan, H. G. Wells, was promptly invited into halls of power around the world, including the White Houses of both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, the Kremlin of Joseph Stalin and, of course, palaces of west European royalty. The plan expressly stated among its goals that, by the year 2000, ascendant nations must learn how to poison unwanted human populations. The elitist cabal is behind schedule and frustrated in 2018, but working hard to catch up.

EMR Can Cook Your Eyeballs Like Eggs

Read full article.


Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War Prism of Disaster "IndyWatch Feed War"

Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War

Prism of disaster

By Professor Kees van der Pijl

Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War


Businesses Join to Create Enterprise Standard for Blockchain Networks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A blockchain standards group made up of hundreds of businesses and tech development members has unveiled its first specification for enabling the development of peer-to-peer, decentralized networks explicitly for automating corporate transactions.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) last week released the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification 1.0, an open-source framework to speed business transactions, boost privacy for contracts and create a faster, more efficient business transaction workflow.

The EEA Specification and its architecture stack is based on blockchain components developed by the Ethereum Foundation, the organization behind the world's second most valuable cryptocurrency: Ether.

By using the EEA's new specification, developers can write code that enables interoperability between businesses and their customers, either over a permissioned or public blockchain. The specification sets up a framework for setting up permission to join a blockchain network.

"You think about where Ethereum currently sits. It has great core competencies around value transfer, sending people Ether. It's created the standard for fundraising through token offerings [initial coin offerings]," said Tom Lombardi, EEA's head of market development. "But the goal of the alliance is to build a framework where we can use Ethereum, which has the largest developer based in the world, in a corporate setting.

"These large companies have compliance hurdles, legal hurdles and certain levels of bureaucracy where they have to check all the boxes before they can use a technology like this," Lombardi said.

The blockchain specification and its architectural stack promises greater transactional efficiency because it allows data to be taken "off-chain," or outside the primary blockchain ledger and processed in a separate database behind a firewall. The primary blockchain is then only used to validate completed transactions and can create a separate hash to represent the data offline for privacy and security.

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Washington Holds Gun to North Koreas Head "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 22.05.2018 The prospects for peace diplomacy between the US and North Korea took a sudden hit after President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary threat to Kim Jong Un. It was in effect a death threat. Trump warned last week that if the North Korean leader does not comply with []

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