The dissident Saudi journalist who disappeared after entering his nations consulate in Istanbul may have run afoul of the Saudi leadership over family business dealings rather than his public criticism of the kingdom, sources have told The Independent.

Jamal Khashoggi, scion of a powerful Saudi family, was caught up in the paranoid machinations of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, in his zeal to consolidate his power, eliminate rival royals, and seize the assets of his countrys billionaires to finance his ambitious vision for the kingdom, according to two sources.

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Mohammed bin Salman

It was decided that Jamal no longer had protection, said one source, a businessperson based abroad who said he was told by a senior Saudi royal family member that the prince wanted to question Mr Khashoggi over whether he was collaborating with powerful royal factions seeking to weaken his rule. There is no middle ground in the court now. You are either friend or enemy. For Jamal, he got caught in the middle.

A US-based analyst with extensive ties to the kingdom cited Saudi sources as s...