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Saturday, 23 September


Geht euch das auch so? Formel 1 ist einfach zu leise? ... Fefes Blog

Geht euch das auch so? Formel 1 ist einfach zu leise? Ja?

Keine Sorge, am Abhilfe wird gearbeitet!

Formula One is working on a microphone that can be attached to a cars exhaust system to make the sport louder and more visceral for television viewers.
Na also! Geht doch!


Big SAR operation to locate missing UK tourist, 64, in Rodopi, NE Greece Keep Talking Greece

Police and Fire brigades are searching for a 64-year-old British tourist who has been missing since Thursday afternoon in Thrace in north-eastern Greece. After a visit to a local archaeological site, the woman had decided to return on foot. She called her relatives in UK that she was attacked by stray dogs. Contact to the

The post Big SAR operation to locate missing UK tourist, 64, in Rodopi, NE Greece appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Friday, 22 September


Former ATE Bank executives charged for loans without collateral and guarantees Keep Talking Greece

Greeces corruption prosecutor has brought criminal charges against 30 former executives of the now defunct Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATE) for approving loans over a 10-year period to construction company ATTIKAT as well as to a private citizen who did not meet the necessary requirements. The cost incurred by the bank is estimated at 80,000,000

The post Former ATE Bank executives charged for loans without collateral and guarantees appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.



A prolific writer, blogger, vlogger and music producer, Matt Taylor writes about controversial subjects including alien murder, satanic ritual cover-up, false flag events, corruption, fraud and the ancient historical cover-up of King Arthur II.

Check him out at


Being in Berlin in Time Writings - Gilad Atzmon


In this Berlin talk (June 2017) I elaborate on identitarian politics being a cancerous disaster at the core of our current dystopia. I delve into ID politics' intellectual and political roots: the New Left, cultural Marxism and the meaning of fascism. I also spoke about philosophy of history  and German past in particular.  

p.s. I found out  that John Travolta's type blazer provides me with the necessary  extra oomph.

cover bit small.jpg

To understand  ID politics and the current dystopia  read  Being In Time: A Post Political and   


Massive blow to Panathinaikos FC after owner Alafouzos announces his departure Keep Talking Greece

Panathinaikos owner Yiannis Alafouzos announced on Thursday he is leaving the club and is asking for any wealthy members of the Greens fan base to take over in this difficult moment for the biggest soccer club in Greeces capital. The 60-year-old shipping and media magnate, the clubs major shareholder, has decided to end his association

The post Massive blow to Panathinaikos FC after owner Alafouzos announces his departure appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Review: Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble in Bristol Writings - Gilad Atzmon



By Elfyn Griffith, September 12, 2017

Do you like John Coltrane? asks Gilad Atzmon with an ironic smile after he and his band The Orient House Ensemble have opened tonight with a beautiful cover of Duke Ellingtons In A Sentimental Mood, Atzmons clarinet soaring deliciously above the melody, like Coltranes in the original.

Describing tonight as Coltrane light this constantly touring sax supremo who the Guardian once described as the hardest-gigging man in British jazz and his excellent band pay homage to one of the greatest jazzmen of all time with The Spirit of Trane.

John Coltrane, who died 50 years ago, was the most influential tenor saxophonist in jazz history, and while the sonic power of his music can never be overlooked his experimentalism confused some jazz audiences back in the day. As Atzmon says, he once emptied a gig in London in just seven minutes. No chance of that tonight though, as this is over ten minutes into tonights set and the warmth and feel that this amusing, supremely gifted and controversial figure gives to Coltranes sound is infectious.

Atzmon is an exiled Israeli and political activist who has courted controversy with articles and books about the injustices in the Middle East, but his philosophy and music has always sought to surmount boundaries and barriers and encompass different cultures. His band are named after the former East Jerusalem HQ of the PLO, Orient House. Hes also played with many people outside the jazz lexicon such as Ian Dury & The Blockheads and Pink Floyd to name but two.

Amid the lovely renditions of Coltranes material tonight, Atzmons natural comic talent comes to the fore, whether its joking with his drummer the versatile Enzo Zirilli about Brexit or about his own prostate problems, and how the bass clarinet could come in handy as a stage toilet (!), his big character comes to the fore.

And speaking of big characters, the huge frame of double bassist Yaron Stavi, concentration etched on his features as he strolls the strings of his bass with feeling, is a delight. As are the quite astounding touches and flourishes of pianist Frank Harrison. This is a gifted, tight unit, whove been together for a long time and flow and comp...


! Anarkismo

kronstadt1080x675.jpg ;
. , , . , , . , . .


Survivors of spycop abuse hit out at official inquiry as two years pass with little progress Freedom News

Yesterday, 13 women who were deceived into intimate sexual relationships with undercover policemen over a period spanning nearly 30 years wrote to the Home Secretary to raise concerns about the progress and recent direction of the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing. The women noted that, two years into the Inquiry, the names of the 1,000-plus groups spied []


Die EU hat 2014 eine Studie anfertigen lassen, die ... Fefes Blog

Die EU hat 2014 eine Studie anfertigen lassen, die herausfinden sollte, wieviel wirtschaftlicher Schaden durch Raubkopien entsteht.

Ergebnis der Studie: Bis auf Ausnahmen wie frisch erschienene Blockbuster? Keine.

Also hat die EU-Kommission die Studie in der Rundablage vergammeln lassen und nicht verffentlicht.

Wie in der Pharmabranche! Nur dass die die Ausrede haben, dass sie mit ihrem eigenen Geld fr die Studien gezahlt haben.

Und wie bei Trump und den Gender Studies! Wenn wir die Augen schnell genug zumachen, dass wir die Gegenargumente nicht sehen, dann gelten die auch nicht!1!!

Update: Ich bin ja ehrlich gesagt ziemlich angefressen, dass ich darber aus US-Medien erfahren muss. Gut, hat natrlich was.


Oil spill: Woman covered with fuel oil exits the sea in Palaio Faliro Keep Talking Greece

A shocking picture that has gone viral on Greek internet: A woman with legs and hands covered with black fuel oil is coming out from the sea at Batis, in Palaio Faliro, polluted with the tanker oil spill. Batis is one of the beaches in Athens Riviera affected by the tanker oil spill and where

The post Oil spill: Woman covered with fuel oil exits the sea in Palaio Faliro appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


F.A.N. Newsletter UK Against Fluoridation

The results of the first ever US government funded study of fluoride/IQ have now been published. A team of researchers funded by the National Institute of Environmental Sciences--part of the National Institutes of Health--found that low levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy are linked to significantly reduced IQ in children, according to a study published on September 19, 2017 in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
The study, entitled Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 612 Years of Age in Mexico, was conducted by a team of scientists from University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Harvard, and McGill, and found:
higher levels of maternal urinary fluoride during pregnancy (a proxy for prenatal fluoride exposure) that are in the range of levels of exposure in other general population samples of pregnant women as well as nonpregnant adults were associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 612 y old.
Within hours of it being published, FAN released a video response featuring Chemist and Toxicologist, Professor Paul Connett, PhD.

  1. Share FANs Facebook and Twitter posts on social media.

  2. Share FANs webpage on the study with friends, family, co-workers;     particularly expecting mothers.

  3. Share the study, the accompanying press release, FANs Video, and the Newsweek article with your city councilors and Water Board, urging them to protect the next generation by opposing fluoridation.
More to come

FAN Comment
The study found a very large and significant eff...


CGT en defensa de las libertades y de la Democracia Directa Anarkismo

cgt.pngLa santa alianza de la clase poltica dominante (PP, PSOE, C`s, PNV, PDCat), la clase empresarial y la judicatura, han instaurado el estado de excepcin contra las clases populares y los movimientos sociales.


Greece tells China to cancel fake trademarks on Feta and Samos wine Keep Talking Greece

A Greek minister has warned China to cancel fake trademarks of two Greek products including feta cheese in order for a future deal with Brussels on geographical indications to move on. Brussels and Beijing agreed in June to publish a list of 200 geographical indications (GIs) 100 from each side that would be

The post Greece tells China to cancel fake trademarks on Feta and Samos wine appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Ejrcito Colombiano Asesin a un Campesino y Dej Dos Ms Heridos en Zona Rural de Corinto, Cauca Anarkismo

Foto: Tomada hoy por comunero indgena en el lugar de los hechos. A quien le agradecemos y reconocemos su importante trabajo de registro fotogrfico La fuerza publica de nuevo dispara de manera indiscriminada contra las comunidades indgenas y campesinas de Corinto-Cauca. En los hechos fue asesinado el campesino Jos Alberto Torijano, coordinador de la Guardia Campesina de la vereda Ro Negro, adems fueron gravemente heridos Jonathan Alexander Hernndez Guevara y Gonzalo Iquinas Perdomo.


Kevin Barrett interviews the Saker for Truth Jihad Radio The Vineyard of the Saker

This Wednesday I was interviewed by Kevin Barrett.  It was a very good conversation.  Check it out on this page: or simply click here or you can download


It Gets Ugly in Catalonia Rigged Game

Spains ships of repression are coming to help out.

Madrids crackdown on Catalonia is already having one major consequence, presumably unintended: many Catalans who were until recently staunchly opposed to the idea of national independence are now reconsidering their options.

A case in point: At last nights demonstration, spread across multiple locations in Barcelona, were two friends of mine, one who is fanatically apolitical and the other who is a strong Catalan nationalist but who believes that independence would be a political and financial disaster for the region. It was their first ever political demonstration. If there is a vote on Oct-1, they will probably vote to secede.

The middle ground they and hundreds of thousands of others once occupied was obliterated yesterday when a judge in Madrid ordered Spains militarized police force, the Civil Guard, to round up over a dozen Catalan politicians in dawn raids. Many of them now face crushing daily fines of up to 12,000.

The Civil Guard also staged raids on key administrative buildings in Barcelona. The sight of balaclava-clad officers of the Civil Guard, one of the most potent symbols of the not-yet forgotten Franco dictatorship, crossing the threshold of the seats of Catalonias (very limited) power and arresting local politicians, was too much for the local population to bear

Continue reading the article

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A Look At How Nestle Makes Billions Selling You Groundwater In A Bottle Rigged Game

Cross-posted from Zero Hedge

A few weeks ago we shared with readers a lawsuit filed in Connecticut against Nestle Waters North America, Inc. alleging that the water they marketed as Poland Natural Spring Water was actually just bottled groundwaterthe same water that runs through the taps of many American households.

Now a new investigation from Bloomberg Businessweek reveals how large water bottling companies choose their plant locations based not on the steady supply of pristine, natural drinking water, as their labels and other marketing campaigns would lead you to believe, but based on which economically depressed municipalities offer up the most tax breaks and have the most lax water laws.

As an example, even in the drought stricken state of California, Bloomberg notes that Nestle was able to strike a sweetheart 20-year supply agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to pay roughly $0.000001 for the water in each bottle that consumers blindly drop a couple bucks to purchase.

But it illuminates how Nestl has come to dominate a controversial industry, spring by spring, often going into economically depressed municipalities with the promise of jobs and new infrastructure in exchange for tax breaks and access to a resource thats scarce for millions. Where Nestl encounters grass-roots resistance against its industrial-strength guzzling, it deploys lawyers; where its welcome, it can push the limits of that hospitality, sometimes with the acquiescence of state and local governments that are too cash-strapped or inept to say no. There are the usual costs of doing business, including transportation, infrastructure, and salaries. But Nestl pays little for the product it bottlessometimes a municipal rate and other times just a nominal extraction fee. In Michigan, its $200.

Elsewhere, Nestl has largely prevailed against opposition. In Fryeburg, Maine, it took the company four years to successfully appeal a zoning board resolution to build a facility it said it needed for its Poland Spring line. Last year it gained rights to extract water for the next 20 yearsand perhaps 25 more after that. In San Bernardino, Calif., Nestl has long paid the U.S. Forest Service an annual rate of $524 to extract about 30 million gallons, even during droughts. Our public agencies have dropped the ball, says Peter Gleick, co-founder of the Pacific Institute, which focuses on water issues. Every gallon of water that is taken out of a natural system for bottled water is a gallon of water that doesnt flow down a stream, that doesnt support a natural...


Earthquake in Mexico Unearths Years of Corruption Rigged Game

Source: The Real News Network (TRNN)

The Mexican government learned some lessons after the devastating earthquake of 1985, but there hasnt been an end to corruption, says Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy.

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Russian SOF incinerated the US SOF in Idlib The Vineyard of the Saker

by Scott Humor   Still only few details are available about the September 20th  morning attack of combined Al-Nusra, which is Israel, and  the US Special Forces to capture a


Schlechte Nachrichten: Die FTC ist mit ihrer Klage ... Fefes Blog

Schlechte Nachrichten: Die FTC ist mit ihrer Klage gegen D-Link gescheitert.

Die FTC hatte D-Link verklagt, weil die so unsichere Plasterouter ausgeliefert hatten. Die FTC als Regulierungsbehrde fand, dass das negative Auswirkungen haben sollte, die weiter gehen als "wir machen mal nen Patch, den wir dann shippen, wenn er halt fertig ist, und den knnt ihr euch auf eigene Kosten runterladen und aufspielen".

Das hat nicht geklappt. Damit leben wir jetzt ganz offiziell in einer Welt, in der es keine negativen Auswirkungen hat, unsicheren Elektroschrott auszuliefern.


Project Zero hat einen DOM-Fuzzer gebaut und gegen ... Fefes Blog

Project Zero hat einen DOM-Fuzzer gebaut und gegen die Browser losgelassen.

Ein Fuzzer ist ein Stck Code, das mehr oder weniger zuflligen Mll generiert. Dann lsst man den zu testenden Code drber laufen und guckt, ob er abstrzt. Eine frchtlich primitiv klingende Methode, aber sie ist immer wieder erschtternd effektiv. So auch dieses Mal.

Sie fanden in allen Browsern Bugs. In Chrome waren es 2, in Firefox 4, in IE 4, in Edge 6 und in Safari 17 (!!).

Apple wird also mal wieder ihrem in langen Jahren harter Arbeit erworbenen Ruf gerecht.

Amphibische Kriegsfhrung German Foreign Policy

(Eigener Bericht) - Mit einem Gromanver in der Ostsee bringt sich die Bundeswehr gegen Russland in Stellung. Das Szenario der unter der Bezeichnung "Northern Coasts" firmierenden bung erinnert stark an den Konflikt in der Ukraine. Trainiert wird die Entsendung einer EU-Interventionstruppe in ein fiktives Land, dessen Einheit von "Separatisten" bedroht ist, die ihrerseits von einem "militrisch starken" Drittstaat untersttzt werden. In der Folge kommt es laut Drehbuch zu "immer intensiveren Konfrontationen" bis hin zu gegenseitigen "Seeblockaden". Unter anderem beinhaltet das Manver die Landung deutscher und niederlndischer Marineinfanteristen an einer von feindlichen Streitkrften kontrollierten Kste mit dem Ziel, im Hinterland liegende Ortschaften einzunehmen. Bei "Northern Coasts" handelt es sich um eine sogenannte Einladungsbung des Generalinspekteurs der Bundeswehr, die nach eigenem Bekunden einen "besonderen Stellenwert" fr die Truppe hat. Dieser resultiere daraus, dass nicht nur "NATO-Partner", sondern auch die "neutralen Ostseeanrainer" Schweden und Finnland mageblich beteiligt seien, heit es.


Syrian War Report September 21, 2017: Al-Qaeda Failure In Northern Hama The Vineyard of the Saker     If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: Voiceover


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #mobilephone



Cultural Heritage Days: Free entrance to archaeological sites, museums Sept 23-24 Keep Talking Greece

Greeces Culture and Sports Ministry is celebrating the European Days of Cultural Heritage with free entrance to 117 archaeological sites, museums and monuments across Greece. In a statement, the Ministry has a program of cultural events that take place in many museums and archaeological sites. The full program in pdf in Greek is here The

The post Cultural Heritage Days: Free entrance to archaeological sites, museums Sept 23-24 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Russian special forces repel a US-planned attack in Syria, denounce the USA and issue a stark warning The Vineyard of the Saker

Something rather unprecedented just happened in Syria: US backed good terrorist forces attempted a surprise attack against Syrian government forces stationed to the north and northeast of the city of



MOAI KING WILLIAM IV Party leader Matt Taylor has insisted he is a credible candidate to be the next Prime Minister. Despite coming last in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown general election with just 69 votes, Taylor said he could replace Theresa May in 10 Downing Street.

The Moai King William IV party leader told BBC Ones The Andrew Marr Show, I think its perfectly plausible, actually, as leader of Britains newest political party, my job is to be the alternative Prime Minister.

Championing the forgotten memory of King Arthur II and representing the surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa from New Zealand, Taylor said, I think British politics is in a remarkable state of disaster. You have got the Conservative party committing false flag events, while fleecing the British public dry. You have got a Labour party of wolves in sheep clothing and the Liberal party lead by a granddad.

I, and the Moai King William IV party, are the real alternative.

Asked if the Moai King William IV party is a credible political party, Taylor said, If British party politics starts to break down, if the traditional structures start to break up, and that could well happen, we are perfectly positioned with amazing and wondrous policies guaranteed to save the nation.

96 800x600 Normal 0 false false...


Eldorado Gold makes U-turn in Greeces investment after efforts to undermine arbitration failed? Keep Talking Greece

Canadian Eldorado Gold made a last minute U-turn and put on hold its previous decision to suspend its operations in northern Greece. Allegedly, its effort to increase pressure on Greece at highest possible level incl. the Canadian prime Minister, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund have failed. A U-turn by Eldorado Gold on

The post Eldorado Gold makes U-turn in Greeces investment after efforts to undermine arbitration failed? appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Thursday, 21 September


Report: New Evidence Of Ongoing Corruption And Scientific Misconduct At CDC UK Against Fluoridation

misconduct CDC
Kennedy hopes new evidence and a fresh look at criminal misconduct will result in law enforcement action, rigorous and transparent vaccine safety science, and safer vaccines.
Washington, DC In a new report released today, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his team outlined various criminal acts on the part of employees and consultants for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whose questionable ethics and scientific fraud have resulted in untrustworthy vaccine safety science.
Among other information, Kennedy has found additional evidence of criminal activity by the CDC consultant, Poul Thorsen, the author and principal coordinator of multiple...


Benutzt hier jemand einen PC mit Intel Management Engine?It ... Fefes Blog

Benutzt hier jemand einen PC mit Intel Management Engine?

It allows an attacker of the machine to run unsigned code in PCH on any motherboard via Skylake+. The main system can remain functional, so the user may not even suspect that his or her computer now has malware resistant to reinstalling of the OS and updating BIOS.
Und sie sagen, dass auf der IME ein angepasstes MINIX luft. Das finde ich ja nun echt ultra-gruselig. Die haben meiner Erfahrung nach Security noch nicht wirklich auf dem Radar.


At least six doctors in major public hospitals in Athens infected with measles Keep Talking Greece

At least six doctors working at major public hospitals in Athens have been infected with the measles virus  as new cases of the highly contagious disease are been recorded in Greece on a daily basis. According to information of  news website, all infected doctors were born after 1970, which means that they were either

The post At least six doctors in major public hospitals in Athens infected with measles appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


CNT warns of riot cops shipped into Barcelona docks Freedom News

In the febrile atmosphere of Catalonias attempted independence referendum and repression from Madrid, activists with the anarchist CNT union report that national police have been shipped in from all over Spain and are holed up at Barcelonas port, seemingly in preparation to crush any significant upheavals. Dock workers with Portuaris CNT have been tracking police []


The Revolutionary Poop-le Writings - Gilad Atzmon

GUPS_Potty_Training.jpg Share

By Gilad Atzmon

Poopootov cocktails (plastic or glass jars filled with a mix of human excrement and water) have become the prime anarchist weapons in the revolutionary struggle toward a utopian diverse universe. In America and other Identitarian battlefronts around the world there have been repeated incidents of social justice heroes hitting their enemies with cocktail missiles made of urine, poop and other juicy ingredients that originate from the human body. Antifa is not alone in its choice, in Venezuela it is actually the anti socialist anarchists led by Henrique Capriles Radonski who are excitedly using poopootov ballistics. 

I wonder, what is it that motivates young revolutionaries to throw their excrement on others? What kind of zeal leads to such a disgusting crude dismissal of otherness? What are the political and ideological roots of this emerging pervasive new ethos?  


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 09.45.58.png

In Israel, throwing Used diapers and eggs at political opponents is a common tactic. Orthodox Jews in Israel frequently throw dirty nappies at policemen. And the obses...


Tourist steals antiquity stone from the Ancient Theater of Larissa Keep Talking Greece

A tourists could probably not resist the temptation to take a souvenir from the Ancient Theater of Larissa to her home country. Taking advantage of the lack of effective guarding, a tourist grabbed an ancient stone during her visit to the  2,400-year-old antique theater on Tuesday. The stone was in one of the big boxes

The post Tourist steals antiquity stone from the Ancient Theater of Larissa appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Francoist Clampdown in Catalonia Rigged Game

DQ here: Barcelona is in a heightened state of anxiety right now as the Guardia Civil expands its Operation Anubis, fittingly named after the Egyptian god of death, into just about every nook and cranny of Catalonias government institutions. Im working on a couple of pieces, including one about Catalonia for WS which should be ready by the end of the day, but in the meantime I leave you with part of a piece by former UK ambassador Craig Murray which highlights the Francoist origins of the current Spanish government the same government that a couple of years ago outlawed all forms of protest it doesnt like in the Orwellian-termed Citizens Security law, more popularly known as the Gag Law (Ley Mordaza).

Francoist Clampdown in Catalonia

There is a peculiar reluctance in the British and other European mainstream media to state the truth about the very real Francoist origins of the Spanish government. The current government of Spain are the direct political heirs of Franco and that many of their ministers have personal and family connections to his rule. Rajoy, Spains current Prime Minister, started his political career in 1981 by joining the Peoples Alliance, a party founded in 1979 and led by 7 of Francos ministers to carry on the Francoist legacy. The Peoples Alliance became the major component in the now governing Peoples Party. It is a directly Francoist party.

The fascist instincts of the Madrid government when faced with the entirely legitimate desire for a democratic vote on Catalonian Independence are therefore part of the very political DNA of the ruling party. It is a truth which it is more convenient for the Establishment to avoid, particularly in Britain where it is feared Catalan Independence might encourage Scottish Independence.

The European Commission has shown commendable rectitude in warning both Poland and Hungary in strong terms of the consequences of their right wing lurches away fro democracy. It would be good to see the Commission and European governments warning Spain now, for actions which are a bigger threat to democracy than the Polish or Hungarian right have so far dared. But that would not suit the agenda of the neo-liberal ruling Establishment, so do not hold your breath.

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Greek autumn arrives with rainfalls, thunderstorms, temperature drop Keep Talking Greece

Autumn begins astronomical on September 22nd, but the Greek Autumn arrives already today with rainfalls, thunderstorms, strong Western and North winds and temperature drop during the day, . According to meteorologists and the National Meteorology Service,the bad weather front will start in Western Greece and move to areas of Central and North mainland as well

The post Greek autumn arrives with rainfalls, thunderstorms, temperature drop appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Link UK Against Fluoridation

Fluoride again will be added to Albuquerques water supply.

Water utility board members voted 5-2 Wednesday to approve a $250,000 appropriation that will allow the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority to buy the equipment needed to resume supplemental drinking-water fluoridation, which the utility halted in 2011.
The decision followed nearly an hour of passionate pleas by both opponents and supporters of fluoridation similar to comments expressed at two earlier public hearings on the issue.
At the end of the day, when theres a question about science, we need to listen to the scientists, board member and Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis said before he voted in favor of resuming fluoridation. Davis withdrew his proposal for an advisory question on the 2018 general election ballot that would have asked Bernalillo County voters whether they support or oppose supplemental fluoridation.
Voting against the appropriation were Albuquerque Councilors Klarissa Pea and Trudy Jones. Joining Davis in support were Bernalillo County Commissioners Debbie OMalley, Wayne Johnson and Maggie Hart Stebbins and Albuquerques Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry, who represents Mayor Richard Berry on the board..............
Shame the latest research was published after the vote, it may well have changed the decision.


ADA responds to study suggesting association between lower IQ and fluoridation UK Against Fluoridation

ADA responds to study suggesting association between lower IQ and fluoridation

September 20, 2017
By Michelle Manchir
The ADA on Sept. 19 issued a response to a study published online the same day that suggested an association between higher prenatal fluoride exposure and lower IQ scores.

For th...


Visa Vagarities visiting Russia The Vineyard of the Saker

by Geneva Observer   Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky few whose mother dropped them on a favored part of the planet blessed with visa free travel to


US propaganda on Russian TV The Vineyard of the Saker

Quite a while ago I wrote an article entitled Counter-Propaganda, Russian style in which I tried to show that far from censoring the russophobic propaganda of the AngloZionist Empire, the


Mit deutschen Waffen German Foreign Policy

(Eigener Bericht) - Das fr Montag angekndigte Referendum zur Abspaltung der kurdischsprachigen Gebiete des Irak grndet auf jahrelanger Untersttzung der Bundesregierung fr die dortige Autonomieregion. Der Barzani-Clan, der die Regionalregierung kontrolliert, unterhlt schon seit Jahrzehnten gute Verbindungen zu fhrenden Politikern von CDU und CSU. Die Autonomieregion selbst wird seit 2005 von Berlin systematisch gefrdert - durch wirtschaftliche Hilfen, durch den Aufbau deutscher Institutionen und jngst durch die Ausbildung und Aufrstung der Peschmerga zu einer schlagkrftigen Truppe. Geschah Letzteres offiziell, um einen Verbndeten im Krieg gegen den IS zu strken, so knnten die Peschmerga ihre deutschen Waffen jetzt auch nutzen, um eine Abspaltung des Gebiets bei Bedarf militrisch durchzusetzen. Unter den Augen der Bundeswehr haben sie zudem unter dem Deckmantel des Kriegs gegen den IS sogenannte ethnische Suberungen in Orten durchgefhrt, die bislang nicht zur Kurdischen Autonomieregion gehrten. Damit soll beim bevorstehenden Referendum die gewnschte prokurdische Mehrheit gesichert werden. Berlin uert aktuell allerdings Einwnde gegen den Zeitpunkt des Sezessionsreferendums.


The killing of history - the films and journalism of John Pilger

Reporting from New York, John Pilger describes the re-writing of the history of the Vietnam War in the 10-part television series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Millions died "in good faith", they say. And so yet more wars are justified - as President Trump tells the world he is prepared to "totally destroy" North Korea and its 25 million people.


Der Ru von den Abgasen der Container-Frachtschiffe ... Fefes Blog

Der Ru von den Abgasen der Container-Frachtschiffe lst inzwischen zustzlichen Blitzschlag aus. Die Containerschiffe nutzen aus, dass sie in internationalen Gewssern auerhalb der Jurisdiktion einzelner Lnder sind und verbrennen da das fiesteste Stink-Schei-l, das sie finden knnen. Vor ein paar Jahren gab es eine Statistik, dass die 15 grten Containerschiffe zusammen so viel (Schwefel-)Luftverschmutzung machen wie alle Autos der Welt in Summe. Ich finde gerade nur die Daily Mail als Quelle, aber wenn man googelt, findet man noch mehr hnliche Meldungen. Die verbrennen auf hoher See den schon fast teerigen Rckstand von der Raffierung. Der gute Teil wird abgeschpft und in die Autos getan, der weniger gute Teil wird Heizl, und der fiese Rckstand wird abgekratzt und in Containerschiffen verfeuert. Ganz bel.

Aber dass das Blitzschlag auslsen kann, das war mir neu.


Fr mich liest sich das hier so, als htte Thyssenkrupp ... Fefes Blog

Fr mich liest sich das hier so, als htte Thyssenkrupp ihr Stahlgeschft an die Inder verscheuert. Und so gehen auch wir den Weg der Amerikaner, und bald wird hier nichts mehr hergestellt, nur noch "geistiges Eigentum" "produziert".

China macht jetzt anscheinend die Bitcoin-Miner platt.China ... Fefes Blog

China macht jetzt anscheinend die Bitcoin-Miner platt.

China Bans Bitcoin Executives From Leaving the Country, Miners Preparing for the Worst


Unmasked: Trump Doctrine vows carnage for new axis of evil The Vineyard of the Saker

North Korea, Iran, Venezuela are targets in compassionate Americas war on the wicked few. Its almost as though Washington felt its hegemony threatened by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times


Israels chief stooge at Westminster shames us again Philosophers Stone

By Stuart Littlewood

As prime minister, I am proud to say that I support Israel. And it is absolutely right that we should mark the vital role that Britain played a century ago in helping to create a homeland for the Jewish people. 

Thus spake Theresa May the other day as she welcomed members of the Jewish community to 10 Downing Street. But by focusing on creating a homeland for the Jewish people shes also celebrating the hell that Balfours Declaration created for the gentle Palestinians and for the rest of the region. Born of that letter, the pen of Balfour, and of the efforts of so many people, is a remarkable country, said May, apparently blind to the reality.

Proud of unspeakable misery, dispossession and displacement

Right now were on the run-up to the centenary of what is arguably the biggest foreign policy blunder in British history: the Balfour Declaration. In 1917 Arthur Balfour, Foreign Secretary, bowed to Zionist demands for a homeland for the Jews in Palestine and gave an undertaking that set the world on course for long-term turmoil and, for the native Palestinians, unspeakable misery, dispossession and displacement. It was a criminal conspiracy. And Balfour was an A-list idiot who bragged that he wasnt even going to consult the local Arab population about this theft of their homes and lands.

Yet he remains a hero of the Conservative Party which, led by Theresa May, plans to celebrate this hundred-year running sore as Lord Sydenham called it in great style, inviting Israels prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu to the festivities. Thats if the mad-dog warmonger isnt under arrest by then on imminent charges of corruption back home.

I will always do whatever it takes to keep our Jewish community safe, May added. Through our new definition of anti-Semitism we will call out anyone guilty of any language or behaviour that displays hatred towards Jews because they are Jews. We will actively encourage the use of this definition by the police, the legal profession, universities and other public bodies.

She was referring to the  International...


Turkish Coast Guard vessels harass Greek vessel rescuing migrants off Lesvos Keep Talking Greece

The rescue operation of a migrants boat turned into a serious incident between the Greek and the Turkish Coast Guard and set lives at risk, as the latter sailed closed to the port of Mytilene without permission. According to local media from the island of Lesvos, a Greek Coast Guard vessel sailed for a Search

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Interview with Peter Koenig: BRICS Potential and Future in an Emerging New World Economy The Vineyard of the Saker

Based on an interview with Tashreeq Truebody, Radio 786, South Africa Questions Global economy and Brics Peter Koenig Lets put the BRICS in perspective: The BRICS are of course Brazil, Russia,


The Silencing of Dissent Rigged Game

By Chris Hedges and cross-posted from Truth Dig

The ruling elites, who grasp that the reigning ideology of global corporate capitalism and imperial expansion no longer has moral or intellectual credibility, have mounted a campaign to shut down the platforms given to their critics. The attacks within this campaign include blacklisting, censorship and slandering dissidents as foreign agents for Russia and purveyors of fake news.

No dominant class can long retain control when the credibility of the ideas that justify its existence evaporates. It is forced, at that point, to resort to crude forms of coercion, intimidation and censorship. This ideological collapse in the United States has transformed those of us who attack the corporate state into a potent threat, not because we reach large numbers of people, and certainly not because we spread Russian propaganda, but because the elites no longer have a plausible counterargument.

The elites face an unpleasant choice. They could impose harsh controls to protect the status quo or veer leftward toward socialism to ameliorate the mounting economic and political injustices endured by most of the population. But a move leftward, essentially reinstating and expanding the New Deal programs they have destroyed, would impede corporate power and corporate profits. So instead the elites, including the Democratic Party leadership, have decided to quash public debate. The tactic they are using is as old as the nation-statesmearing critics as traitors who are in the service of a hostile foreign power. Tens of thousands of people of conscience were blacklisted in this way during the Red Scares of the 1920s and 1950s. The current hyperbolic and relentless focus on Russia, embraced with gusto by liberal media outlets such as The New York Times and MSNBC, has unleashed what some have called a virulent New McCarthyism.

The corporate elites do not fear Russia. There is no publicly disclosed evidence that Russia swung the election to Donald Trump. Nor does Russia appear to be intent on a military confrontation with the United States. I am certain Russia tries to meddle in U.S. affairs to its advantage, as we do and did in Russiaincluding our clandestine bankrolling of Boris Yeltsin, whose successful 1996 campaign for re-election as president is estimated to have cost up to $2.5 billion, much of that money coming indirectly from the American government. In todays media environment Russia is the foil. The corporate state is unnerved by the media outlets that give a voice to critics of corporate capitalism, the security and surveillance state and imperialism, including the network RT America.

My show on RT America, On Contact, like my columns at Truthdig, amplifies the voices of these dissidentsTariq Ali, Kshama Sa...


Russian Pantsir-S Goes Hunting In Syrian Skies The Vineyard of the Saker Written and produced by SF Team: J.Hawk, Daniel Deiss, Edwin Watson If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be


Greece wins 1st WTO Prize for tourism video A 365-Day Destination Keep Talking Greece

Greece won the first prize of the World Tourism Organization for the tourism promotion video Greece A 365-Day Destination. Below the official announcement by the Greek government website The first prize was won by Greece for the ESO video Greece- A 365-DayDestination passed by the World Tourism Organization as Best Video in Europe for 2017.

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Wednesday, 20 September


US, Russia seek extradition of Russian held in Greece over Bitcoin laundering Keep Talking Greece

Moscow has requested the extradition of a Russian national also wanted in the United States for laundering billions of dollars through a Bitcoin exchange he operated, a judicial source said Tuesday. Alexander Vinnik, who headed BTC-e, an exchange he operated for the Bitcoin crypto-currency, was indicted by a US court in late July on 21

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US, South Korea, China and Russia Practice for War off Coast of North Korea Rigged Game

Cross-posted from The

East Asia  This week started off with what Reuters called a flurry of military drills in East Asia following the latest missile test by Kim Jong-uns regime. From the news agencys piece on Monday:

The U.S. military staged bombing drills with South Korea over the Korean peninsula and Russia and China began naval exercises ahead of a U.N. General Assembly meeting on Tuesday where North Koreas nuclear threat is likely to loom large.

The flurry of military drills came after Pyongyang fired another mid-range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday and the reclusive North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3 in defiance of United Nations sanctions and other international pressure.

In a press release announcing the United States joint exercises with the South exercises that also involved elements from the military of Japan Captain Cassandra Gesecki of U.S. Pacific Command made it clear the drills were directly related to the Norths most recent launch:

United States Air Force and Marine Corps aircraft joined Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Republic of Korea Air Force aircraft in a sequenced bilateral show of force over the Korean Peninsula September 17, in response to North Koreas launch of an intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM) over Japan on September 14.

According to Gesecki, the drills were executed using two U.S. B-1B bombers from Andersen Air Force base in Guam, four U.S. F-35B jets from the Marine Corps, four South Korean F-15K fighters, and four F-2 jets from Japan.

At the same time, China and Russia are conducting coordinated exercises of their own in the region. From The Independent:

Russia and China have begun major military drills less than 100 miles from the North Korean border, amid continuing tensions over the isolated states nuclear ambitions.



Goyim United Writings - Gilad Atzmon

Not exactly Soros's wet dream. 


Trumps UN speech most atrocious by a US pres. Wilkerson The Vineyard of the Saker

Note by the Saker: In my commentary to Trumps speech yesterday I wrote in a sidebar There are plenty of highly-educated officers in the US armed forces who understand history

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