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Friday, 23 September


The developer-led planning system CPRE viewpoint

One of my jobs at CPRE is to go round England cheering up our branches and regional groups. I am not sure I ever really succeed, but they often succeed in depressing me.

This is not, I hasten to say, because they are all miserabilists or because we are losing every battle. I always come away proud that CPRE has so many talented and dedicated people, and full of admiration for what they achieve with minute resources. CPRE saves countryside that would otherwise be lost and improves the quality of many developments. But our local volunteers are finding the going tough, and they are not shy about saying so.

Yesterday I gave my usual message to the CPRE South West meeting in Taunton: the Government is listening, our messages are getting through, we hope we can persuade it to change course. Very few people any longer think that weakening the planning system and releasing more land is the way to solve the housing crisis: that seven year experiment is nearing its end. Indeed, no one seriously thinks the private sector will build houses on the scale the country needs: the 37 year experiment of leaving housing to the private sector has spectacularly failed.

I genuinely think we may be at a moment for radical new thinking about housing – or perhaps a variant of old thinking, harking back to the years when Conservative governments prided themselves both on building houses and looking after the countryside.

For now, though, at a local level CPRE branches have to grapple with a system of mind-blowing, spirit sapping complexity and opacity, one that seems almost designed to discourage civil society from having its say.

For many CPRE branches, the ills of the current system are symbolised by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs). The Coalition abolished the previous government’s regional bodies on the grounds that they were undemocratic and unaccountable. It took some genius to replace them with LEPs. These, according to the minutes of a previous CPRE South West meeting, “are not democratic, not transparent and are pushing for huge developments at all costs”. But that, I fear, is the point. I can almost hear someone in the Treasury reading that and going “tick, tick, tick”.

In opposition, the Conservatives railed against unaccountable regional bodies, but it is hard to get anyone outside CPRE too exercised by the role of (sub-regional) LEPs. They are below the radar, too obscure, too secretive – and besides, they have local government representation so they must be okay.

Across the country LEPs are driving up housing targets on the back of unrealisable growth projections. The joint core strategy for Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, for instance, is based on the local LEP’s aspirational target of 4.8% GVA, a rate of growth that has never consistently been achieved. It is a flimsy basis on which to release land for housing. It assumes that the area will economically out-perform other areas – but every LEP seems to think that its areas will be at the leading edge of something or other. The same logic applies to the new combined authorities. Each is competing for workers to fulfil its aspirations for growth, and each is planning to build houses for the same worker.

None of this is to deny the need for housing or economic growth, particularly in the places that need growth most. Nor is it to deny that some – a few – LEPs are relatively open and willing to engage local people or the Local Nature Partnership. What it clear, however, is that aspirational and often wildly optimistic growth targets, whether they come from LEPs or devolution deals, are no basis for calculating housing need.

The growth aspirations for the three Gloucestershire boroughs have led to the housing target being increased by 5%. The target will not be met and everyone knows what will happen: the local authority will be forced to release more land; the developers will cherry pick th...


The Wandering Jew Writings - Gilad Atzmon

Share the wandering jew.jpg

By Gilad Atzmon

This time back to Germany.  Reuters reported yesterday that “...for London rabbi Julia Neuberger, Britain's vote to leave the European Union has had a very personal impact: she has decided to seek German citizenship, laying to rest her family's painful legacy of the Nazi era.”

It seems that “...a significant number of Jewish Britons whose dismay over Brexit has led them to invoke a German law allowing people stripped of German citizenship by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945, and their descendants, to have it restored.”

But here’s the good news. Rabbi Neuberger feels she finally has made her peace with Germany. If only we had known that all it takes for a Jew to forgive Germany and to put the Holocaust behind is a bit of British patriotism well, we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and energy.  And by the way, if the Jews are now returning to Germany, maybe we Brits can reclaim their Imperial War Museum, now reduced to a permanent holocaust shrine.  

But why does the Rabbi and other Jews want to be Germans again? The answer lies in the ‘Wandering’. Jews just love to travel and, as Rabbi Neuberger said: “German passport holds the promise of a future with full access to the EU and its practical benefits such as freedom to travel” and she went on to say “We can then live and work anywhere in a bloc that has 27 other nations - rights that Britons may no longer enjoy after Brexit is enacted.”

Astonishingly enough, the Rabbi is a member of the House of Lords. Now, I could be wrong but is her behaviour here the kind of patriotism one would expect from a British Lord?  Rabbi Neuberger offers an explanation. Deep inside, she is admits to be German: “there is some German in me after all and it goes very deep,” she said. 

Reuters suggests that “It is a remarkable twist of history that Jews who lost family members in the Holocaust are now using such old documents to obtain modern Germany's maroon-colored passports.” No, it’s not remarkable at all. Berlin has been attracting Israelis for at least a decade. 

Julia Neuberger with her grandmother's J-stamped passport (Photo: Reuters)

Julia Neuberger with her grandmother's J-stamped passport (Photo: Reuters)

Apparently the Rabbi is not going to flee immediately. “Like other British Jews seeking German citizenship, Neuberger intends to stay in Bri...

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Thursday, 22 September


This chemical company is bringing back fracking to the UK Philosophers Stone

oil-pulls-back-after-big-jump-on-us-crude-stock-draw-2016-9by Jana Kasperkevic

Red velvet curtains hung on the windows and painted cherubs played on the ceiling as Jim Ratcliffe accepted the 2016 ICIS Kavaler Award at the Metropolitan Club in New York last week.

The British billionaire is the first foreigner to be awarded the honour, given by leaders in the chemical industry. It comes as Ineos, the chemicals company he founded, plans to bring fracking – the controversial oil and gas extraction process – back to the UK.

Ineos is planning as many as 30 applications for fracking sites in the UK within the next year. As part of its campaign to win over critics, Ineos invited journalists to tour fracking sites in Pennsylvania operated by Consol, a Pittsburgh-based producer of natural gas and coal and, supposedly, an example of why fracking will be good for the UK.

What’s in store for the UK can be seen about an hour southwest of Pittsburgh, in township of Switzerland, Ohio, where a rig stands near a farm. The well is in its earliest stages: drilling goes on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sitting in a big armchair surrounded by screens, “T-Ball”, a burly 6ft drill operator, works 12-hour shifts, controlling the drilling like a video game. He does this for two-week stints. At night, another person takes over – also working a 12-hour shift.

Ineos estimates that it will be at least five years before any of its UK wells are actually producing shale gas.





WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer) Raging Bull-shit

By Glenn Greenwald and cross-posted from The Intercept

Three  of the four media outlets that received and published large numbers of secret NSA documents provided by Edward Snowden — The Guardian, the New York Times, and The Intercept –– have called for the US government to allow the NSA whistleblower to return to the US with no charges. That’s the normal course for a news organization, which owes its sources duties of protection, and which — by virtue of accepting the source’s materials and then publishing them — implicitly declares the source’s information to be in the public interest.

But not the Washington PostIn the face of a growing ACLU and Amnesty-led campaign to secure a pardon for Snowden, timed to this weekend’s release of the Oliver Stone biopic “Snowden,” the Post editorial page not only argued in opposition to a pardon, but explicitly demanded that Snowden — the paper’s own source — stand trial on espionage charges or, as a “second-best solution,” accept “a measure of criminal responsibility for his excesses and the U.S. government offers a measure of leniency.”

The Post editors concede that one — and only one — of the programs that Snowden enabled to be revealed was justifiably exposed — namely, the domestic metadata program, because it “was a stretch, if not an outright violation, of federal surveillance law, and posed risks to privacy.” Regarding the “corrective legislation” that followed its exposure, the Post acknowledges: “We owe these necessary reforms to Mr. Snowden.” But that metadata program wasn’t revealed by the Post, but rather by The Guardian.

Other than that initial Snowden revelation, the Post suggests, there was no public interest whatsoever in revealing any of the other programs. In fact, the editors say, real harm was done by their exposure. That includes PRISM, about which the Post says this:

The complication is that Mr. Snowden did more than that. He also pilfered, and leaked, information about a separate overseas NSA Internet-monitoring program, PRISM, that was both clearly legal and not clearly threatening to privacy. (It was also not permanent; the law authorizing it expires next year.)

In arguing that no public interest was served by exposing PRISM, what did the Post editors forget to mention? That the newspaper that (simultaneous with The Guardian) made the choice to expose the PRISM program by spreading its operational details and top-secret manual all over its front page is called … the Washington Post. Then, once they made the choice to do so, they explicitly heralded their exposure of the PRISM program (along with other revelations) when they asked to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize

Continue reading the article 



Are the New Labour clique deliberately trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy? AAV

David Miliband (the New Labour stalwart who ran away from British politics when his brother beat him to the Labour Party leadership in 2010) is the latest New Labour figure to throw the "unelectable" trope at Jeremy Corbyn.

Attacking and diminishing the leader of their own party was bad enough when the divisive Labour leadership coup was going on. But now that it's clear that the coup plot, the vote-rigging and the purges were almost certainly in vain, and that Corbyn is going to win again you have to wonder what the motivation is to keep on like this.

The first suspicion is that it is just petulant foot-stamping. They right-wing of the party didn't get their own way, so now they've venting their toddler-like fury without even thinking about the consequences of what they're saying.

By continuing to repeatedly badmouth Jeremy Corbyn they're making it seem that they're unaware of the concept of a "self-fulfilling prophecy".

Of course Corbyn is going to have a tough time with the entire mainstream press demonstrably fighting a propaganda war against him. Of course he's going to have a tough time trying to reunite the party and undo some of the extraordinary damage this inept and shockingly timed coup-plot inflicted; and of course it's going to take a lot of hard work to undo the shockingly widespread public misconceptions that Tory austerity is actually good for the economy, and that Theresa May is a competent politician.

But that job is going to be made all the more difficult if a bunch of bitter sore-losers in his own party insist on repeatedly carping from the sidelines.

The other option of course is that these people know perfectly well what a "self-fulfilling prophecy" is, and that they're deliberately trying to create one. After all, their idol Tony Blair has openly stated that he'd rather see the Tories win the next General Election than a Labour Party that has returned to its democratic socialist roots. It's perfectly possible that Tony Blair's acolytes are simply doing his bidding with their persistent efforts to sabotage the Labour Party.

The problem with the strategy of trying to deliberately create the self-fulfilling prophecy that Jeremy Corbyn is "unelectable" is that if the prophecy...


DAPL is Just the Beginning — Federal Bill Seeks Largest Native American Land Grab in 100 Years Here Comes The Sun

For the First Time in 100 Years, Federal Initiative Seeks Massive Native American Land Grab for Big Oil Three years ago, Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz came up with a proposal called the Utah Public Lands Initiative. This … Continue reading



NY AND NJ BOMBINGS – INSIDE JOB FALSE FLAG CONSPIRACY, PRE-ELECTION ‘Ahmad Khan Rahami and his brother Mohammad Khan Rahami in Pakistan’ (Facebook).One of Ahmad Khan Rahami’s sisters, Aziza, ‘posted material on Facebook’. ‘New York bomber’ Ahmad Rahami. “She shared a post … Continue reading


Food Liberation: Why the Food Movement Is Unstoppable Raging Bull-shit

By Jonathan Latham and cross-posted from

Over the long run of history, the most effective opponents of excessive wealth and privilege have not normally been city dwellers, workers or unions. Instead, they have usually been those with close links to food and the land, what we would now identify as the food movement.

Even today, in more than a few countries, food is the organizing principle behind the main challengers of existing power structures. In El Salvador, the national coordinator of its Organic Agriculture Movement (MAOES) is Miguel Ramirez who recently explained:

We say that every square meter of land that is worked with agro-ecology is a liberated square meter. We see it as a tool to transform farmers’ social and economic conditions. We see it as a tool of liberation from the unsustainable capitalist agricultural model that oppresses farmers.

According to Ramirez, the Salvadoran organic agriculture movement wants much more than improved farming. It is seeking enhanced political rights, long-term ecological sustainability, social equity and popular health. Ramirez calls it “this titanic but beautiful struggle, to reclaim the lives of all Salvadorans.”

They may be small farmers, but they have a grand ambition. This ambition is even shared worldwide. But how realistic is it? Are they right to imagine food and farming are the missing vehicle for transformative social change?

The question is timely. Not long ago, The New York Times asserted that the center aisles of US supermarkets are being called “the morgue” because sales of junk food are crashing; meanwhile, an international consultant told Bloomberg magazine that “there’s complete paranoia” at major food companies where food movements are being taken very seriously.

Food movements are rapidly growing across the world. In the US alone, there have been surges of interest in heirloom seeds, in craft beers, in traditional bread and baking, in city garden plots, in organic food and in opposition to GMOs. Simultaneously, there has been a massive growth of interest in food on social media and the initiation or renewal of institutions, such as Slow Food USA and the Grange movement, to name just a few.

Even at the normally much quieter farming end of the food value chain, agribusiness has had to resort to buying up “independent” academics and social media supporters to boost the case for GMOs and pesticides.

All of a sudden, individuals all over the globe are scrutinizing the products and processes of the food system

Continue reading the article



Surge in anti-migrant violence in Eastern Germany ‘threatens economy’ – govt report-Every Fifth Person In Germany Is A Migrant Here Comes The Sun

A dramatic rise in assaults on refugees and the spread of xenophobic sentiment in the eastern German states that previously formed the German Democratic Republic pose a threat to their economic and social well-being, a state report on German reunification … Continue reading


The REAL Cost of the War of Terror Philosophers Stone


We all know by now that the real terrorists (the politicians in the suits and ties and the banksters that pull their strings) are waging their war of terror on multiple fronts for multiple reasons.

Domestically, it rallies the population around the flag, keeping the flock in check. At the same time it justifies the build up of the police state control grid to catch the thought criminals who resist.

It also writes a blank check for the illegal wars of aggression abroad. Simply place your terrorist boogeyman in the square of the chessboard you’re looking to occupy and — hey presto! — you’ve got yourself an excuse to invade. (Even if you “accidentally” end up supporting them, right Uncle Sam?)

But of course the politicians, their string pullers and their fellow travelers benefit from the war of terror in a more straightforward sense. They get to use the terror scares that they themselves create to drum up billions upon billions in the name of fighting the boogeymen.




Saudi jets kill nearly 50 civilians in Yemen’s Hudaydah Philosophers Stone

d44def0f-d7ff-4f2e-a3d0-f1a5d1639427Nearly 50 civilians have been killed and scores more injured in a Saudi airstrike on Yemen’s western Hudaydah province.

The strikes were carried out against a busy marketplace in the province’s Hawak district late on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, Saudi warplanes targeted residential areas in the northwestern province of Sa’ada.

Meanwhile, Yemeni forces have carried out a retaliatory missile attack on a Saudi military base in the kingdom’s southern Najran region.





US coalition Predator drone spotted at time & place of Syria aid convoy attack – Russian military Philosophers Stone

The Russian Defense Ministry says that a US coalition drone was in the vicinity of a humanitarian convoy when it was attacked outside Aleppo. According to the Russian military, the unmanned aircraft was a Predator drone.

On the evening of September 19, in that specific region, a drone belonging to the international condition, which had taken off from the Incirlik air base in Turkey, was flying at a height of 3,600 meters and traveling at around 200 kilometers per hour,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

The object was in the area around the town of Urm Al-Kubra, where the convoy was a few minutes before it caught fire,” Konashenkov added. “It left after about 30 minutes.

The Defense Ministry spokesman said he wanted to point out that, as was the case with the tragedy on September 17 which saw US-led coalition airstrike kill and injure 200 people, the Russians would not be making any unfounded allegations.

Only the owners know what exactly the drone was doing at this particular area at that exact time,” he added.

Moscow says it has provided all the data it possesses regarding the attack on the convoy, which was carrying aid to rebel-held areas in Aleppo, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday.

There was another unacceptable provocation on September 19 – the shelling of a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo,” he said. “I am confident that such coincidences require serious analysis and an investigation.”

On September 19, a humanitarian convoy consisting of 31 trucks was attacked while heading to Aleppo. According to the Red Cross, 20 civilians and one aid worker died as a result. Initial reports claimed the convoy had been targeted by an airstrike. Later the UN said all it could confirm was that the convoy was attacked.

On Tuesday, the Russian Defense Ministry reiterated that neither it nor the Syrian military had launched airstrikes on the convoy.

Russian and Syrian warplanes did not carry out any airstrikes on a UN humanitarian aid convoy in the southwest of Aleppo,” Konashenkov said in a statement. He added that the military had studied video footage of the convoy, which appeared to rule out that an airstrike took place.





30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia’s Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo Philosophers Stone

13950631000516_photoiTEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria’s coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers.

“The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,” the Arabic-language service of Russia’s Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

The operations room was located in the Western part of Aleppo province in the middle of sky-high Sam’an mountain and old caves. The region is deep into a chain of mountains.

Several US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and British officers were also killed along with the Israeli officers. The foreign officers who were killed in the Aleppo operations room were directing the terrorists’ attacks in Aleppo and Idlib.

Earlier in September, the Syrian army units launched a preemptive strike on the terrorists of the so-called Aleppo Operations Room in their gathering centers near Castello road in the Northern areas of Aleppo and Mallah farms, foiling their plots to attack the region’s supply route, a source said.

The source said that the army’s artillery units attacked the terrorists’ gathering centers near Castello and Mallah farms in Zahra Abdo Rabbah, Kafar Hamra and Hurayatyn which killed and wounded dozens of militants.

Also, the Syrian air force attacked the terrorists’ supply route in Northern Aleppo towards Hayyan and Adnan as well as the supply roads in Western Aleppo towards the North and smashed the terrorists’ convoys in al-Aratab, Urom Kobra and Ma’ara al-Artiq which thwarted the terrorists’ plots and forced many of them flee towards the Turkish borders.

Informed media sources disclosed earlier that the Syrian army has continued its advances in the Southern part of Aleppo, and regained control over several strategic areas in the town of Khan Touman.

“A number of key warehouses of Khan Touman are now under the Syrian army’s control,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed informed source as saying.

The source noted that the Syrian air force and army’s artillery units also targeted the gathering centers and fortifications of the terrorists in Khan Touman.




The Acorn – 27 winter oak


Number 27

In this issue:

  1. ZAD alert! Eco-zone warns of imminent attack
  2. Indigenous peoples lead fight against fracking pipeline
  3. Tearing off capitalism’s “green” mask
  4. I don’t want to fuck a robot
  5. Thailand slips into dictatorship
  6. France – the social war kicks off again
  7. The Sultan and the Sage
  8. Acorninfo

1. ZAD alert! Eco-zone warns of imminent attack


An important focus of European anti-capitalist resistance is likely to come under brutal attack from the industrial system any day now, activists are warning.

Official papers authorising the start of work on a new Nantes airport in France were signed on September 14 and the ZAD (Zone à Défendre or Zone to Defend) is currently on full alert.

Mainstream media are reporting that the protesters are ready to resist any attempt at eviction of the zone at Notre-Dame-des-Landes (NDDL).




Since it was established in 2008, the ZAD at NDDL has become much more than an eco protest camp. It is a symbol of resistance, an autonomous zone where the cops stay away and people are able to experiment with different ways of living, growing their own food, baking their own bread, publishing their own newspaper, running their own radio station and, most recently, setting up their own library.


The French state, in cahoots with corporate developer Vinci, has long wanted to get rid of the ZAD. A previous attempt in 2012, involving 1,200 police and two helicopters, failed when the cleared areas were rapidly reoccupied.

Now, with the help of the extra police powers under the “state of emergency” introduced and prolonged as an “anti-terrorist” measure, and in the wake of six months of state violence against the social revolt around the Loi Travail across France, the authorities are set to try again.



Link UK Against Fluoridation

Worth seeing again.


How Fluoride in Your Water May Cause Diabetes UK Against Fluoridation

Glass Pitcher of WaterThe United States is one of only a few countries to add fluoride to its water, which may be contributing to rising diabetes rates.
Recent studies have unveiled the many health risks of water fluoridation, including lower IQs among children exposed to water with high levels of fluoride. That finding came from a 2012 meta-analysis conducted by Harvard researchers, while a 2014 study published in Lancet Neurology classified fluoride as a neurotoxin.
Now, a new study published in the Journal of Water and Health makes the fluoride-diabetes connection.

Fluoride May Increase Diabetes Risk

Diabetes rates have increased nearly 4-fold in the last 30 years, and show no signs of slowing. An estimated 25% of the 29 million Americans with diabetes don’t even know they have it. Water fluoridation may be contributing to the problem.
Kyle Fluegge, Ph.D., a health economist for New York City’s health department, tested the theory as a post-doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Fluegge used mathematical models to examine the possible connection between fluoride concentrations in water and rising diabetes rates in 22 states from 2005 to 2010. An analysis showed a direct increase between water fluoridation and diabetes, with a 1-milligram increase in fluoride correlating with a 0.17% increased risk for diabetes. This increased risk was determined after other factors, such as diet and physical inactivity, were accounted for.
Interestingly, different types of fluoride exhibited different outcomes on diabetes risk. For instance, sodium fluoride and sodium fluorosilicate both appeared to increase diabetes risk. Sodium fluoride was the first type of fluoride to be used in water fluoridation efforts, and the one most studied in toxicology research; however, its use has been dramatically scaled back. Naturally occurring fluoride and fluorosilicic acid, on the other hand a...


Camber Sand's Tragedy - A Cover-up? GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

A special report by Matt Taylor.

Five die at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year!

Isn't it incredible that five fit and health young men, could all die along the same stretch of beach at Camber Sands?

Camber Sands has been visited by sun seekers for a hundred years and then all of a sudden, six fit and healthy young men die with-in a few weeks of each other.

Five friends from London and a 19 year old Brazilian man...

19-year-old Gustavo Silva Da Cruz
Sussex Police and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, were quick to blame the deaths on dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands, but then again, dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands have never claimed a life before, along the miles of soft golden sandy Camber beaches visited by hundreds of thousands people every year.

Something fishy is going on and I don't believe the official story one bit.

But I just can't work it out?

There are many absolute truths in life. Truths like:
  • Light will always follow dark
  • A smile will always precede a laugh
  • Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade
  • Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade
  • Boys are made of snips, snails and puppy-dog's tails
  • Girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice
Its also an absolute truth that fit young men DO NOT die at Camber Sands because of strong rip tides and dangerous quick sand.

Its an insult to my intelligence that the likes of Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are telling us otherwise.



¡Huele a azufre! 10 años del histórico discurso de Hugo Chávez en la ONU LibreRed

Se cumplen diez años del célebre discurso del Comandante Hugo Chávez ante la 61ª Asamblea General de la Organización de


Bombardeos saudíes matan a 24 personas en Yemen LibreRed

Al menos 24 personas han perecido este miércoles como consecuencia de los bombardeos saudíes en una localidad en el oeste


Un 67 % de los colombianos votaría ‘Sí’ en plebiscito por la Paz LibreRed

El SÍ se mantiene en 67,6 por ciento ante el NO que se ubica en 32,4 por ciento, según el


Bahamas Leaks, nuevo escándalo financiero de paraísos fiscales LibreRed

Una nuevo escándalo financiero se ha producido tras la filtración sobre empresas en paraísos fiscales en las que aparecen importantes


Estado de emergencia en Charlotte por protestas contra violencia policial LibreRed

El gobernador Pat McCrory confirmó en Twitter que fue declarado el estado de emergencia en Charlotte luego de la segunda


Evo: Erradicar el capitalismo debe ser el objetivo LibreRed

“Más de 800 millones de personas en el mundo sufren hambre. Esta es la cara del capitalismo”, arguyó el presidente


Mexican Peso Plunges against Dollar, in Toxic Cocktail of Forces Raging Bull-shit

A recipe for a debt crisis.

On Monday morning the world’s tenth most traded currency, the Mexican peso, set a historic precedent that few Mexicans will welcome. For the first time ever, one US dollar fetched as many as 20 Mexican pesos in some of the nation’s banks, including its biggest, Bancomer, following eight consecutive days of losses.


There are plenty of reasons for Mexico’s peso woes, including the nation’s slowing economy, the government’s tightening fiscal strains, and the recent resignation of the Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Luis Videgary Caso, after being blamed for arranging an impromptu meeting between Mexico’s Premier Enrique Peña Nieto and the Donald Trump.

The pains of much-shrunken, desperately debt-challenged, state-owned oil giant, Pemex, have also taken their toll. All these factors have contributed to the peso’s spectacular fall from grace – it now takes 60% more pesos to buy $1 than it did in January 2014. But there are two other, even more important reasons for the currency’s spectacular fall from grace

Continue reading the article at WOLF STREET


Syrian War Report – September 21, 2016: Government Forces Advancing outside Aleppo The Vineyard of the Saker


Westgeschäfte German Foreign Policy

(Eigener Bericht) - Begleitet von wachsender Kritik treibt der Bayer-Konzern die Übernahme seines US-Konkurrenten Monsanto voran. Durch die Übernahme entstehe ein "Megakonzern" auf dem Agrarsektor, der entscheidenden Einfluss auf "die Ernährung der Weltbevölkerung" habe, hieß es gestern in einer Aktuellen Stunde im Bundestag. Während die Kritik im Parlament folgenlos bleibt, fördert Berlin systematisch den Ausbau der transatlantischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen, die durch den Bayer-Monsanto-Deal noch weiter gestärkt werden. Die Vereinigten Staaten sind der bedeutendste Investitionsstandort der deutschen Industrie und inzwischen auch ihr größter Absatzmarkt: Deutsche Firmen verkauften dort im vergangenen Jahr Waren im Wert von fast 114 Milliarden Euro; die 50 größten in den USA ansässigen deutschen Firmen steigerten ihre Jahresumsätze auf rund 400 Milliarden US-Dollar. Die Ausfuhren in die Vereinigten Staaten, die der deutschen Exportwirtschaft immense Profite bringen, sind allerdings zuletzt etwas zurückgegangen; der transatlantische Boom erhält leichte Risse. Auch bei Versuchen, mit US-Konzernen zu fusionieren, um auf dem Weltmarkt eine dominierende Stellung zu erlangen, verzeichneten deutsche Unternehmen zuletzt Rückschläge.


“The Judgment” North Yorks Enquirer

A Letter to the Editor from Rob BARNETT (who has served as a Labour Borough Councillor in the Streonshalh ward of Scarborough Borough Council since May 2015), writing to request the publication of Judge Humphrey FORREST’s Judgment in the Ben Marriott -v- Scarborough Borough Council constructive dismissal hearing, in the public interest.

The Enquirer has been covering this case (or one very like it!) for three years now, and is happy to oblige.


Dear Editor,

I write to request publication on your web-site of Employment Judge Forrest’s judgement in the case of Mr Ben Marriott’s successful constructive dismissal claim against Scarborough Borough Council. Now that the matter is in the public domain, I believe the public interest is best served by publishing the judgement so that members of the public can form their own opinions regarding the conduct of the Council and its officers.
As a long standing campaigner for the proper implementation and respect for employment rights, I am firmly of the belief that public bodies should be beyond reproach in their treatment of workers, respect for the law and well enshrined codes of conduct in these matters.


Rob Barnett

Rob BARNETT, Whitby. 21st September 2016.

Download the PDF file BM_JUDGMENT.


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Völlig klar: Wir brauchen Vorratsdatenspeicherung, härtere Strafen gegen Hacker, stärkere BKA- und Geheimdienst-Befugnisse und wir müssen endlich mehr Budget für Cyber-Trallafitti bereitstellen!1!!

DDoS-Abwehrfirma manipuliert Routing im Internet.Sie ... Fefes Blog

DDoS-Abwehrfirma manipuliert Routing im Internet.

Sie haben das getan, um DDoS-Anbieter auszuschalten bzw. zurückzuverfolgen, wer da an den Hebeln sitzt, und das war dann eine israelische "DDoS-Firma", deren Betreiber umgehend von der Polizei verhaftet wurden.

Der Einsender kommentiert:

Mit "Wir sind die Guten" wird aktiv und massiv in die Infrastruktur eingegriffen. Das ist die Technische Umsetzung der "Hate-Speech" Denkweise.
Auf der einen Seite kann man argumentieren, dass die ihre Rechte durch den DDoS-Kram verspielt haben. Auf der anderen Seite finde ich aber, dass wir nicht besser sind, wenn wir dann solche Methoden anwenden. Und das ist meine Anforderung an die zivilisierte Gesellschaft, dass sie besser ist, als die, die sie als Kriminelle brandmarkt.

Zu dem Nachdenkseiten-Interview kamen Beschwerden rein, ... Fefes Blog

Zu dem Nachdenkseiten-Interview kamen Beschwerden rein, dass ich die Abhörschnittstellen-Situation falsch dargestellt habe. Ich schrieb:

Anbieter müssen eine genormte Schnittstelle anbieten, über die die Polizei oder mittels dieser dann die Dienste automatisiert Daten abgreifen können und zwar ohne dass der betroffene Diensteanbieter sehen kann, wer da gerade abgehört wird. Das will man auch so haben, denn sonst könnte ja ein Terrorist einfach selber eine kleine Telco aufmachen und wüsste dann immer, wenn er abgehört wird.
Das stimmt so nicht. Bzw. stimmt es in anderen EU-Ländern doch, aber nicht in Deutschland. In Deutschland erlässt ein Richter einen Abhörbefehl, schickt den an den Provider, und der leitet dann die abzuhörenden Daten raus. Der Provider darf den abgehörten Kunden natürlich nicht sagen, dass er abgehört wird.

Alles gut? Nein, denn die ganzen großen Anbieter outsourcen den G10-Kram, der Platzhirsch in der Branche ist NSN (ehemals Nokia Siemens Networks). Da sieht dann der Provider auch nicht mehr, wer abgehört wird, weil die Anfragen an den Outsourcing-Dienstleister gehen und der dann aus der Ferne die Ausleitung konfiguriert. Der Provider könnte in die Datenbank gucken, aber ob das im Tagesgeschäft jemand macht, das könnt ihr euch ja überlegen, ob ihr das annehmen würdet.

So und jetzt gucken wir mal aus der Sicht des Einzelnen auf die Lage. Ändert sich da was? Ich finde nicht. Aber das ist eine Entscheidung, die jeder für sich treffen muss.

Ich halte es daher für sinnvoll, wenn man mit dem Bedrohungsszenario arbeitet, dass man jederzeit von irgendwelchen schattigen staatlichen oder nicht-staatlichen Stellen abgehört werden kann, ohne eine realistische Option zu haben, das zu erkennen.

So und wie ist das jetzt, wenn ihr euren eigenen Server betreibt und alle Kommunikation verschlüsselt? Dann würden sich die Behörden im Zweifelsfall das E-Mail-Postfach per Beschlagnahme des Servers beschaffen. Wenn ihr ein RAID aufgesetzt habt, dann werden sie nicht den ganzen Rechner raustragen, sondern die eine RAID-Platte ziehen und mitnehmen. Achtet also darauf, ob auf eurem Server spontan das RAID degradiert, weil eine Platte weg ist.

Wer übrigens denkt, Festplattenverschlüsselung hilft gegen die Cops, der täuscht sich. Es gibt da Spezialkabel, mit denen man einen Rechner unter Strom halten kann, während man ihn rausträgt.

Beachtet aber bitte, dass ich selbst noch nie eine G10-Schnittstelle programmiert habe, und daher keine autoritativen Aussagen machen kann, wie das tatsächlich in der Praxis funktioniert. Aus meiner Sicht sollten wir einfach als Bedrohungsmodell davon ausgehen, dass grundsätzlich irgendjemand unsere Kommunikation mitzulesen versucht. Wer sich an der Quelle informieren will, wie die Details aussehen: Hier ist die aktuelle Technische Richtlinie der Bundesnetzagentur. E-Mail ist ab Seite 90.

Solange ihr also Posteo glaubt, dass ihre Infrastruktur wirklich in Deutschland steht, kann Posteo sehen, wenn ihr von deutschen Polizei-Behörden abgehört werden, aber sie dürfen euch nicht Bescheid sagen.

Wenn da jemand weitergehende Einblicke aus 1. Hand hat, würde ich mich über eine E-Mail mit ein paar Anekdoten freuen.


Bradrsquos back HOPE not hate: blog feed

After a 20-year break white power singer Brad Hollanby is back with his band Squadron at this weekend's Ian Stuart Donaldson gig.


World SITREP September 21, 2016 by Baaz The Vineyard of the Saker

RUSSIA Russia Deploys Flagship Aircraft Carrier To Syria Coast 30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence officers, killed in Russia’s Caliber missile attack in Aleppo, several U.S., Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, British officers were

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Wednesday, 21 September


Syrian Ceasefire failed, what now? The Vineyard of the Saker

By Aram Mirzaei The “Ceasefire” One week ago I and many other analysts predicted that the ceasefire agreement brokered by the US and Russia last week was doomed to fail.


Russia provides definitive video proof that US backed ISIS jihadists attacked UN convoy in Syria Philosophers Stone


Over the weekend the US (and its “coalition puppets partners”) were caught red handed providing air support to ISIS fighters in Syria, helping the terrorists overrun a strategic air force base in Deir Ezzor.

This was an obvious attack on a sovereign nation, in support of a radical terrorist group. The US called it a “mistake”, but we know it was no mistake. It was a message to Syria, Russia and Iran.

The US will not tolerate seeing Assad and the Syrian government forces win the war on the ground. America’s policy on Syria is crystal clear…ISIS will raise its black flag over Damascus. Assad must go.

Russia called out the US on the attack in Deir Ezzor, and revealed that America is providing air support to ISIS fighters.

Cut to the UN summit in New York, and an attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in Aleppo. The US was quick to pin the blame on Russia and the Syrian government.

An attack on a UN humanitarian convoy exactly at the time of the UN summit. A conveniently timed distraction away from America’s attack on a sovereign. 

Russia and Syria was quickly blamed, no evidence and proof was provided.

Now we have video evidence from the Russian Defense Ministry, showing that their was no chance it had attacked the convoy, leaving the only option as to who actually attacked the UN convoy in Aleppo squarely on “moderate” rebels’ shoulders…who are connected to the US coalition.

A false flag distraction. No doubt about it.

The Russian military released drone footage of a pickup truck carrying a heavy mortar and driving past the humanitarian convoy.





Μιλιταρισμός και αντιμιλιταρισμός Anarkismo

στην ισραηλινή κοινωνία
Την Παρασκευή, 23 Σεπτέμβρη, στις 7μμ, στην ΑΣΟΕΕ (αίθουσα Αντωνιάδου) θα πραγματοποιηθεί εκδήλωση-συζήτηση με θέμα: ΜΙΛΙΤΑΡΙΣΜΟΣ & ΑΝΤΙΜΙΛΙΤΑΡΙΣΜΟΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΙΣΡΑΗΛΙΝΗ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ.
Η εισήγηση θα γίνει από συντρόφισσα της αναρχοκομμουνιστικής οργάνωσης σε Ισραήλ/Παλαιστίνη Unity (Ahdut/Wihda)


Ζούμε μαζί, δουλεύουμε μαζί Anarkismo

fq8a5544.jpgΟι παππούδες μας πρόσφυγες, οι γονείς μετανάστες,
Την Τρίτη 13 του μηνός (Σεπτεμβρίου) έγινε γνωστή η ανακοίνωση του συλλόγου γονέων και κηδεμόνων σχολείου του Ωραιοκάστρου, η οποία απειλούσε με κλείσιμο του εν λόγω σχολείου σε περίπτωση εγγραφής ως μαθητών ή χρήσης του κτηρίου από παιδιά μεταναστών. Αυτή η απόφαση έπεται του δημοτικού συμβολίου Ωραιοκάστρου και βρίσκει θερμούς συμμάχους και υποστηρικτές τόσο το δήμαρχο όσο και λοιπούς ακροατές και συμβούλους που εν χορώ διαλαλούν τα ρατσιστικά και ακροδεξιά παραληρήματα τους.


Could Germany Ever Allow Deutsche Bank To Go Under? Raging Bull-shit

By David Malone and cross-posted from Golem XIV

Deutsche Bank, one of Europe’s behemoths, is in very deep trouble having lost 90% 0f its share price value since 2007, has been falling sharply all this last year (48% loss this year) and, with its $42 Trillion in Derivatives exposure was singled out by the IMF, as the bank which…

“appears to be the most important net contributor to systemic risks…”

Of course Deutsche argues the standard ‘derivatives-aren’t-a-problem’ line, that this 42 trillion all nets out and their real exposure is a fraction of that vast figure. Which is fine as long as you think that in the event of Deutsche coming unstuck, 42 trillions-worth of derivatives contracts can be held in abeyance for the time it would take for all those contracts to be netted out.  As I’ve said before netting out is akin to getting a rowing boat full of people to all change places  without the boat overturning.

And now Deutsche has been threatened by the US DoJ with a $14 billion fine for its crimes for selling knowingly over-valued RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities) in the build up to the financial crash of 2007.

Deutsche cannot pay $14 billion without raising a great deal of cash. Deutsche has put aside $5.5 billion for paying fines. A mere 9 billion short. So could Deutsche go down? Financially yes it could. But politically, I doubt it. And it’s the tension between these two answers, between the parlous financial state and the huge political significance of Deutsche, that I find interesting.

Deutsche is Germany’s only G-SIB (Global Systemically Important Bank).

Deutsche is Germany’s financial flag carrier. It stands at the centre of Germany’s long held desire to have Frankfurt eclipse London as Europe’s financial centre. Although Germany also has Allianz as a G-SII (Global systemically Important Insurer), without Deutsche Bank Germany ceases to be a globally significant financial nation (G-SFN – OK I made that one up). Without Deutsche Germany would not sit at the top table of global finance. France would. France has three G-SIBs. The balance between France and Germany within Europe would shift. Maintaining that balance between France and Germany, at the heart of Europe, has been critical in European affairs since WWI

Continue reading the article



Google Developing Tools to Suppress Online Speech, Protect Elites’ Feelings Philosophers Stone

gettyimages-462254906-640x480by Jack Hadfield

Jigsaw, a small subsidiary of Google, is working on multiple technological projects that would work to censor speech on the Internet and increase monitoring of its users, according to an article published on Wired.

Under a veil of protecting people from abuse by authoritarian regimes and “online trolls,” Jigsaw founder and president Jared Cohen is releasing a set of tools known as ‘Conversation AI.’

“I want to use the best technology we have at our disposal to begin to take on trolling and other nefarious tactics that give hostile voices disproportionate weight… [we will] do everything we can to level the playing field,” said Cohen. Jigsaw argues that online trolls bully people into self-censoring their views, and that online speech must be moderated to ensure that nobody is silenced.

Conversation AI will use machine-learning techniques to pick up on “harassment” and “abuse” faster than any human moderator possibly can. According to Google, the filter has a 92% success rate at detecting so-called “abusive” messages in concurrence with a panel of humans, producing a false-positive only 10% of the time.

The major issue with such a tool is the possibly unintended consequences that automatic detection will create.






NZ - Top dentist cautioned over fluoride facts UK Against Fluoridation

Anti-flouride campaigners have complained about a leading dentist's comments on television. Photo / fileA group claiming a dentist misled the public and disrespected other health professionals over fluoridation has publicly released a letter from the Dental Council saying the dentist has been "cautioned".

Anti-fluoride lobby group Fluoride Free NZ published the letter from the council's legal adviser, which said Dr Rob Beaglehole was cautioned over comments made on TV show Paul Henry earlier this year. On the show, which aired in April, Beaglehole - who is a spokesman for the New Zealand Dental Association and chief dental officer at the Nelson District Health Board - said all health authorities around the world urgently recommended water fluoridation.

"There's not one reputable health organisation anywhere on the globe that will say water fluoridation causes problems that some of the anti-fluoridationists are highlighting," Beaglehole said on the show.

Fluoride Free NZ complained to the council, and Beaglehole responded that it was imprecise to use the word "all" when referring to health authorities around the world. The Dental Council "accepted that the comments were made in good faith in a challenging interview situation and that there was no deliberate attempt to mislead the public".

In the letter from the council, addressed to Hawke's Bay naturopath and anti-fluoride campaigner Kevin Tinker, the council said Beaglehole "rigorously rejected" the suggestion he lied or violated professional standards. The council recommended Beaglehole seek media training and said he was cautioned about expressing his views in public on the subject of community water fluoridation.

The campaigners have called the council's response "woefully inadequate". Anti-fluoride spokeswoman Mary Byrne said Beaglehole's comments were misleading because there was "virtually no water fluoridation in the whole of Europe".
In 2014, a panel commissioned by the Prime Minister's Chief Science Adviser Sir Peter Gluckman and the Royal Society of New Zealand president Sir David Skegg found there were "no adverse effects" of fluoridation of public water supplies.
A Dental Council spokeswoman said the letter was not publicly released, as stated by Fluoride Free New Zealand.

Beaglehole is overseas and unavailable to comment.

The NZ Dental Association said: "Dr Beaglehole is a leading advocate and spokesperson for sensible, safe, proven and effective actions leading to the improvement of dental health of our communities; community water fluoridation and reduction of sugar consumption being very high on his and the Association's list of effective measures to reduce tooth decay."Dr Beaglehole is currently in Geneva for three months working with the World Health Organisation on issues regarding the reduction of sugar consumption."
- NZ Herald
By Susan Strongman


Los ricos en España sólo pagan un 0,17% del patrimonio que declaran LibreRed

El Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio (IP) en España, que grava la riqueza, proporcionó 937 millones de euros a las arcas


6 países abandonan la Asamblea de la ONU durante discurso de Temer LibreRed

Representantes de seis países latinoamericanos dejaron la sala de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas en señal ‎de protesta cuando


Congratulations To Yemen On The Two-Year Anniversary Of Ansarullah’s Revolution! Mouqawamah Music

by Jonathan Azaziah

Right now, at this current nanosecond, I am FEELIN’ LIKE A HOUTHI for real! And unless your pulse has flatlined, you should too!

Yesterday, Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi defiantly declared that Ansarullah stands with the Saudi-occupied peoples of Jizan, Asir, Najran and Qatif. The Yemeni Islamic Resistance leader spoke to them directly and told them that Yemen is prepared to assist them in any way, shape or form in the struggle for liberation from the tyranny, oppression and injustice of Al-Saud, which he compared to cholera plaguing the body of the Arab-Islamic world. Talk about shots fired! 😀 Talk about throwing down the gauntlet AND the Jambiya! 😀 Doing his best impression of our guide and our pride Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Sayyed Abdul Malik delivered his “we’re going to liberate the Galilee” moment! Just replace Al-Jalil with Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and historically Yemeni southern regions! 😀

And with the the Yemeni Sayyed’s glorious speech in mind, today we commemorate the two-year anniversary of Ansarullah’s Revolution that freed Yemen from the manacles of US-Zionist-Saudi hegemony, inaugurating an era of independence not seen in more than three decades. Though Yemen suffers under the fog of war–an aggression that was launched by Al-Saud at the behest of the usurping Zionist entity and its US ally to smother the very freedom that Ansarullah had pried from the jaws of Wahhabi death–what the Houthiyeen have achieved on the battlefield and how Yemenis have refused to prostrate themselves before the Saudi “king” are going to be registered in the notebooks of triumph at the very top of the opening pages. The sons of Miqdad Ibn Aswad (R.A.), Ammar Ibn Yasser (R.A.) and Zayd (A.S.) stared down the beast and didn’t budge, didn’t break, didn’t even blink. Instead, they slapped Dajjal around and walked over their oppressor after knocking it out cold. Badassery actually originated in Yemen if y’all ain’t know! 😀

In a civilizational history dating back ten kiloyears, Yemen has never been truly conquered and Ansarullah is continuing that rich tradition. September 21st, 2014 will be remembered as the day that the prison Saudi Arabia and its puppets kept Yemen in for much, MUCH too long was melted to the ground by the conflagration of the Yemeni Mouqawamist spirit. In spite of all the martyrs, all the wounded and all the destruction, when the war is finally over and Ansarullah is designated the victor, the world will know that Yemenis, in rising up for what belongs to them, were undoubtedly, undeniably, unashamedly right. Rejoice ya Houthiyeen! You are not alone! Moustazafeen and committed Resistance Axis observers across the globe are smiling and rejoicing with you! #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #LongLiveAnsarullah


Ministro israelí exige pena de muerte para presos palestinos LibreRed

Un alto cargo israelí pidió al ministro de asuntos militares de Israel que cumpla con su promesa de aprobar la


Miles de personas en Bruselas dicen ‘No’ al TTIP LibreRed

Miles de personas han mostrado en Bruselas su rechazo al tratado de libre comercio negociado actualmente entre la Unión Europea


The Cambridge Union’s 2016 London Debate – Friday 23/9 Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis’ speech last Michaelmas was thought to attract over a thousand students [The following is re-posted from the Cambridge Union’s The Tab] With the Autumn Statement of the new Government looming, the Cambridge Union takes over Inner Temple hall to question the … Continue reading


Argentina: Trabajadores de la educación convocan paro nacional contra despidos LibreRed

Debido a una nueva etapa de despidos confirmada por el Gobierno del presidente Mauricio Macri, distintos gremios realizarán una protesta


Old and busted: Die Bankenkrise können wir nicht aufklären, ... Fefes Blog

Old and busted: Die Bankenkrise können wir nicht aufklären, das würde das ganze System gefährden.

New hotness: Das NYPD hat keine Ahnung, wieviel Geld sie so beschlagnahmt haben, und Transparenz würde an der Stelle das ganze System gefährden.

Ich finde ja, dass man in solchen Fällen das System dann halt mal gefährden sollte. So richtig, am besten. Nachdrücklich gefährden. Wenn das System das nicht aushält, dann war es wohl das falsche System.

Sitzt ihr zufällig gerade am Terrorbingo und wartet ... Fefes Blog

Sitzt ihr zufällig gerade am Terrorbingo und wartet auf Einschläge? Das Warten hat ein Ende!

2014 hat der Vater des New-York-Bombers das FBI angerufen und ihnen gesagt, dass sein Sohn ein Terorrist ist. Das FBI ist gekommen, hat ein bisschen ziellos rumermittelt und die Sache zu den Akten gelegt.

Wisst ihr, was wir jetzt brauchen? Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Und mehr Videoüberwachung!!1!


Syrian War Report – September 20, 2016: Militant ‘Humanitarian’ Convoy Destroyed on Road near Aleppo The Vineyard of the Saker


Italy: About the arrest of anarchist Divine Umoru Contra Info

On August the 2nd 2016 the Italian police stormed the house of anarchist Divine Umoru in the city of Bologna arresting him under the accusation of possessing explosive materials for fabricating bombs. The comrade was first send to the prison of Bologna and then transferred to the high security section AS 2 of the prison of Ferrara, staying in isolation and without being able to communicate with nobody for 18 days.

On August 21st there was a solidarity gathering held outside the Ferrara prison, while on August 24th it became known that Divine had his first visit from a family member, saluting all those who supported him and communicating that he felt loud and clear the affection, warmth and rage of those gathered outside Ferrara prison.

The comrade can send and receive letters, though his correspondence is being controlled by the COs. His address at the moment is the following:

Divine Umoru
via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

A video from the solidarity gathering on August 21st:



Avalanche – Anarchist Correspondence, issue 8 Contra Info


Click image to read/download Avalanche no° 8

French versions is also available, on

For copies, contact: correspondance[at]


Oh super, Brad Pitt und Angelina Jolie lassen sich ... Fefes Blog

Oh super, Brad Pitt und Angelina Jolie lassen sich scheiden!

Also wenn ich auf einer Familienpackung Klärschlamm sitzen würde, so richtig ekelig stinkende Sachen, so Dinge, die man nur mit Schutzhandschuhen anfassen kann, … dann würde ich die genau jetzt verklappen, wo niemand hinguckt.

Bei Spiegel Online sind direkt drei Meldungen auf der Homepage darüber. Der Rest fällt runter.

Ihr solltet also mal ein paar Tage sehr achtsam sein. Die werden da jetzt einen Haufen Industrieabfälle in die Flüsse kippen, weil sie glauben, dass niemand hinguckt.

Guckt also hin!

Gute Nachrichten! Die Hautfarbe des Bombenlegers von ... Fefes Blog

Gute Nachrichten! Die Hautfarbe des Bombenlegers von New York scheint geklärt, damit können wir jetzt auch endlich offiziell von einem Terroranschlag reden.

Bei einem Weißen wäre das bloß ein verwirrter Einzeltäter gewesen, wissenschon.

Ostgeschäfte German Foreign Policy

(Eigener Bericht) - Hoffnungen deutscher Unternehmer auf eine Aufhebung der Russland-Sanktionen im kommenden Jahr begleiten die für heute angekündigte Moskau-Reise von Bundeswirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel. Wirtschaftsvertreter gehen davon aus, dass der dramatische Einbruch der deutschen Russland-Exporte sich dem Ende nähert und nun - auf einem Niveau von rund der Hälfte der deutschen Ausfuhr des Jahres 2012 - "eine Bodenbildung" zu verzeichnen ist. Demnach könne im nächsten Jahr, wenn die russische Wirtschaft voraussichtlich wieder wachse, auch der deutsche Russland-Export zunehmen. Bereits seit vergangenem Jahr investieren deutsche Unternehmen in dem Land erneut Milliarden: Moskau fördert in Reaktion auf die Sanktionen die Gründung wettbewerbsfähiger Unternehmen im eigenen Land, um Importe durch Eigenproduktion zu ersetzen; dadurch ergeben sich Profitchancen auch für deutsche Firmen. Die Hoffnungen auf ein Ende der Sanktionen können sich nicht zuletzt auf Forderungen von US-Experten und -Spitzenmanagern stützen, die darauf dringen, die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zu Russland wieder zu normalisieren - nicht zuletzt, um der US-Erdölindustrie strategisch wichtige Förderprojekte in der russischen Arktis zu sichern.


Any Talk Of Russia And Syria Bombing The UN Aid Trucks Today Is Pure Zionist Propaganda Mouqawamah Music

by Jonathan Azaziah

No, Russia and Syria did not attack the UN humanitarian aid trucks today in Aleppo. Just like Russia and Syria didn’t bomb any of those Halab hospitals back in April and May either. Just like the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah didn’t starve the civilians of Al-Zabadani and Madaya. Just like the SAA and its allies didn’t commit the massacres in Houla, Tremseh, Baniyas, Al-Bayda, the Old City of Homs and it goes on and on to the point of nausea. And, for the kicker, just like it wasn’t President Dr. Bashar al-Assad who unleashed sarin gas on the people of Eastern Ghouta in August 2013. All of these atrocities, including what took place this morning, were all done by the Takfiri terrorist scourge with the full support of ‘Israel’, NATO and the GCC. Syria needs to stop being treated as if it’s a “complicated” conflict. It ain’t. At all. Nor is it a “multi-pronged, internationalized, proxy war”–like Syria, Hizbullah, Iran and the Iraqi Resistance are just Russia’s pawns and not sovereign actors with more agency than perhaps any other grouping of states and movements in the Global South–as some self-aggrandizing Western pundits laughably try to make it out to be. Similar to Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Yemen, etc., Syria is under assault from the Washington ZOG, even if the Washington ZOG happens to be using mercenaries. Simple and plain.

Thus, every insidious allegation thrown at Damascus about “human rights abuses”, “war crimes” and the Syrian leadership’s “lack of legitimacy” are nothing less than pretexts to generate the grounds for a “shock and awe” intervention. This is the Gulf of Tonkin incident vis-à-vis Vietnam; the fake assassination attempt on ‘Israeli’ ambassador Shlomo Argov by Mossad asset Abu Nidal vis-à-vis the Zionist incursion into Lebanon in ’82; the “incubator babies” scandal vis-à-vis the ’90-’91 Gulf War; the neocon-orchestrated WMDs/yellowcake uranium deception vis-à-vis Iraq in ’03; and the nonexistent “imminent Benghazi massacre” vis-à-vis Libya in ’11 all over again. If the Zionist media is demonizing a nation on the hitlist of the US-‘Israeli’ Imperium, 110 times out of 100 it is lying with an ulterior motive and a greater–as in ‘Greater Israel’–agenda to boot.

So it bears a little bit of redundancy: No, Russia and Syria did not attack the UN humanitarian aid trucks today in Aleppo. That was Jabhat al-Nusra–I’m not going to call it “Jabhat Fateh al-Sham” because then that would bestow legitimacy on this wholly illegitimate, head-chopping, baby-murdering, Takfiri guild of bandits and thugs–and its ilk committing yet another egregious crime in service of their Zionist-Imperialist masters, who desperately needed to kick off a fresh, hasbara-ridden news cycle as a means of taking the world’s eyes off its massacre of Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Deir Ezzor and its deliberate undermining and collapsing of the “ceasefire”. The Monsters have been using the same playbook for eons: Slander the nation, invade it, overthrow its president, install a puppet, steal the resources, subvert the culture and crush dissent. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Only with Syria, the resilience of its people and national military aas well as the commitment of its allies have derailed this scenario and driven it deep into the ground. Hence why the mainstream press keeps churning out the Langley-Herzliya-produced lies. And hence why we, as the Syrian Arab Republic’s digital front line, must maintain vigilance and keep on cutting through the thick smog of MSM’s treacheries. Day by day, brick by brick, we struggle along until Truth isn’t merely ...


Sorrow in the voting booth Philosophers Stone

godblessamericaAnother dead end election:

Either choice means more war,

continuing erosion of rights

U.S. is making war on the world

and most Americans don’t know it

By John Kaminski |

It was the final nail in the coffin of hope, at least for this election.

Millions of people aghast at the behavior of the United States in recent years have been holding their breath in the tenuous hope that Donald Trump could win the election, become president, and rescue America from the clutches of the murderous neocons that his opponent Hillary Clinton so disgustingly represents in her uniquely corrupt fashion.

But when Mike Pence, Trump’s vice presidential candidate, came out yesterday and said former VP Dick Cheney was his role model as vice president, well, then we all learned that Donald Trump’s candidacy was not really an alternative to the insane policies of an Israeli controlled White House, and that fears Hillary Clinton would start World War III also very much apply to Donald Trump.

Which also means that all of the pusillanimous palaver that we have been forced to listen to throughout the presidential primary campaign has been utterly meaningless and disingenuous as both candidates are cut from the same corrupt cloth that is wrapped around the minds of the American people that prevents them from seeing they are in fact imprisoned in a social system they may not escape or control, because they are totally under the command of a foreign power intent on destroying the United States.

The vast majority of people on this planet have no idea that this is so.

Pence’s praise of Cheney lauded the domestic point man for the greatest crime in American history. It was an unthinkable imposture for any American to conspire in the murder of nearly 3,000 of his own compatriots in exchange for a convincing excuse to allow the war machine to crush a string of countries for not paying protection money to the Jewish American world control mechanism, the big Jew banks in Switzerland who are robbing all the countries on Earth with their patented Shylock swindles.

Trump’s effusive praise of the soulless butchers in Israel has warned off people who are aware of the true nature of the Jewish spin machine that not much can be expected from him in the areas of individual freedom or governmental honesty.

The wars for Israel will intensify and spread under an administration of either candidate. Basically, a Trump administration would adhere to the curdled policies of the Bush administration while Clinton would continue Obama’s demolition of American prosperity, both of which are the same essential programs of treasonous larceny on behalf of Jewish bankers.





Syrian Truce Collapsed: the Syrian-Iranian-Russian Alliance Responds to U.S. Violations of the Geneva Deal The Vineyard of the Saker

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Tuesday, 20 September


Una proposta di Educazione digitale Anarkismo

Finora non ho avuto il tempo a disposizione per riflettere sul caso di Tiziana, la ragazza suicida per la vergogna. Ma non credete che si debba tentare un approccio più serio, intelligente ed approfondito rispetto ai vari post e ai commenti letti a riguardo?

Sunday, 11 September


Diario di un maestro [2] Anarkismo

All'inizio di ogni anno scolastico, si rinnova l'abitudine (quasi fosse un rito propiziatorio) di rivedere, con sommo diletto personale, lo sceneggiato televisivo "Diario di un maestro", prodotto nel 1972 da Mamma Rai, che all'epoca assolveva ad un'importante funzione pedagogico-culturale...

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