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Wednesday, 15 November


Turkey and Russia to launch first Nuclear Power Plant in Akkuyu Keep Talking Greece

Russia and Turkey plan to launch the first reactor at Turkeys Akkuyu nuclear power plant in 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday. Speaking alongside Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Putin said the Russian state nuclear agency Rosatom would begin work at the Akkuyu site in the near future. Putin and Erdogan met in Sochi,

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Message to the Saker Community about Great October Socialist Revolution The Vineyard of the Saker

Dear friends, I have been getting a lot of requests to express my views about the event which was officially known as the Great October Socialist Revolution.  All over the


Aus den Schaltzentralen der europischen Macht: Yanis Varoufakis erzhlt Die ganze Geschichte video DAS ERSTE-ARD Yanis Varoufakis

Als griechischer Finanzminister lste Yanis Varoufakis 2015 eine der spektakulrsten und kontroversesten Auseinandersetzungen der jngsten politischen Geschichte aus, als er versuchte, die Beziehung seines Landes mit der EU neu zu verhandeln. Trotz massiver Untersttzung, nicht nur in der griechischen Bevlkerung, sondern auch in der Obama-Administration, bei konservativen britischen konomen, bei Emmanuel Macron, der damals noch franzsischer Finanzminister war und sogar bei Christine Lagarde, der Chefin des IWF, hat sich Varoufakis mit seinen Analysen und Konzepten nicht durchsetzen knnen. Dabei sind sie, bei aller Komplexitt, bestechend logisch und einfach.

Um das Video anzusehen, klicken Sie hier

Stattdessen blieb das Image eines RocknRollers, der sich auf der politischen Bhne verirrt hatte. Er, der Wirtschaftsmathematiker und Spieltheoretiker, wurde als Zocker hingestellt, der vom politischen Geschft keine Ahnung habe ein Linker, der mit seinen schnen theoretischen Ideen sptestens an Wolfgang Schuble scheitert und sein Land nur tiefer in die Schuldenkrise gerissen habe. Nun legt Yanis Varoufakis einen spannend geschriebenen 500-Seiten Bericht ber diese Zeit vor, ein Protokoll der EU-Krisenpolitik aus intimster Nhe, wrtlich aufgezeichnet mittendrin im Zentrum der politischen Macht.

Zig Milliarden fr ein bankrottes Land

Was passiert mit unserem Kontinent? Was wird aus Europa? Wir besuchen den grten Anhnger der Europischen Union. Und den schrfsten Kritiker ihrer fehlerhaften Konstruktion. Yanis Varoufakis hat einen Politthriller geschrieben, ein einzigartiges Zeitdokument aus dem innersten Zentrum der europischen Macht. Ich kann Ihnen versichern, wenn ich unterschrieben htte auf der gepunkteten Linie und mehr genommen htte von Euren Milliarden, dann wre ich sofort wahrgenommen worden als verantwortungsvoller Finanzminister, der es hinkriegt, seine theoretischen Vorlieben zu berwinden und wre mit Respekt behandelt worden, sagt er.

Er fand es wahnsinnig, zig Milliarden neue Schulden zu machen, die sein Land nie wrde zurckzahlen knnen. Sein Land sei bankrott, hatte er gesagt, und das sollte die EU anerkennen.

Ein Spiel, das nur Verlierer produziert

Gerade ist sein Buch in Griechenland erschienen. Zur Prsentation kommt der bedeutendste Filmregisseur des Landes, die Kinolegende Costa Gavras. Er will Varoufakis Whistleblower-Bericht verfilmen. In dem alle nur das Beste wollten, am Ende aber eine Tragdie herauskam....


John Paterson speaks out! GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

Now John Paterson, a London-based political commentator, believes lobbyists have a high influence on many top officials in the country. Very senior politicians in the government are controlled because of money they are taking, he told Press TVs UK Desk on Sunday.

Paterson also made reference to cases of official scandals and noted that lobbyists use their clout over politicians through money and information they gain on them.

The latest report, dubbed Lifting the Lid on Lobbying, says major party donors can be offered peerages through these loopholes and that there is no requirement on lobbyists to declare spending on gifts and hospitality to public officials, etc.

A recent TI UK survey shows some three in five Britons believe the government is entirely or to a large extent run by a few big entities act...

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Tuesday, 14 November


Take it from the AIPACs Mouth (video) Writings - Gilad Atzmon


By Gilad Atzmon

In this precious video, AIPAC delivers a devastating message to the American people. Your political system is hijacked by a foreign aggressive lobby -- it doesnt matter if you vote for the Democrats or the Republicans, if you like Clinton or prefer Trump, your political system is dominated by a Jewish lobby group that doesnt even try to conceal its diabolical operation.

This is exactly the situation I describe in my new book Being in Time a Post Political Manifesto. The political has been obliterated by now. If you want to understand why America, Britain and France are fighting Zionist immoral interventionist wars, spend one minute and watch this video!

cover bit small.jpg

 If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto, , and  here ( 



Insanity Cubed: Trump Official Suggests Merging Taxpayer-Backed Banks With Corporate Conglomerates Rigged Game

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens of Wall Street on Parade

A man holding one of the most important and powerful jobs for keeping the U.S. banking system safe from another epic crash like that of 1929 and 2008 has tongues wagging over the bizarre speech he delivered at the Clearing House Annual Conference last Wednesday in New York.

Keith Noreika is the acting head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal agency responsible for supervising national banks and inspecting them for safety and soundness.

What Noreika recommended last Wednesday, however, would make the U.S. banking system significantly more dangerous than it already is. Noreika thinks there is no good reason to prevent giant corporate conglomerates from owning insured depository banks that are backstopped by the U.S. taxpayer. He had this to say in his speech last week:

The narrative persists to keep commercial interests from owning or having controlling interests in banks, in part, because many view them as public interests rather than the private businesses they are. In more modern times, this line of reasoning was used to keep companies like Walmart from owning a state-chartered FDIC-insured industrial loan company, while allowing others like Target, to own a credit card bank. The narrative also ignores the fact that banks are subject to a robust regulatory regime to ensure their safety and soundness and compliance meant to protect both markets and consumers.

Noreika must have spent the last nine years in a coma from which he has just emerged with this insane epiphany. Over the past decade that this Trump appointee has not been paying attention to the failed status of bank supervision, the largest banks in the country have been charged with rigging foreign exchange and interest rate markets, gaming the subprime debt market, fleecing millions of Americans with illegal overcharges and, by the way, collapsing the U.S. economy in 2008 and 2009. Federal regulators allowed the illegal conduct to go on for years without detecting it think JPMorgan Chase and its regulators allowing Bernie Madoff to launder money through the bank for decades in support of an epic Ponzi scheme. (See JPMorgan and Madoff Were Facilitating Nesting Dolls-Style Frauds Within Frauds.)

Noreika is not some wide-eyed innocent who is simply offering a preposterous position based on naivet. Prior to his appointment by Trump, Noreika had been a corporate lawyer for the past 10 months at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. But the real smoking gun is what Noreika did for the 18 years prior to that. He spent those years at Covington & Burling, the law firm that sent multiple lawyers to run the U.S. Justice Department under Obama,...


Uncertainty Hits American Farmers and Mexican Consumers Rigged Game

NAFTA 2.0 gets complicated.

With the fifth round of NAFTA negotiations scheduled to begin next week, Mexico finds itself facing a very uncertain future. The free trade agreement upon which its entire national economic model was built is now looking precariously fragile. Ildefonso Guajardo, Mexicos economy minister, told the Mexican Congress last week that the way things stand, an end to NAFTA cannot sanely be ruled out.

In such an event, the resulting economic pain for Mexico could be considerable, according to calculations from Banco Santander. It forecasts a 15% drop in exports and a 16% fall in imports if the US declared a full trade war rather than reverting to World Trade Organization tariff rules. Moodys Investors Service estimates Mexicos economy could shrink as much as 4%.

The biggest problem for Mexicos economy is the sheer scale of its dependence on trade with the US: 81% of its exports go to the U.S., and about half of its imports come from there. Mexico is so deeply integrated into US supply chains, particularly manufacturing production that the IMF describes Mexican and American industrial production as co-integrated. Increases in American economic output are transmitted one-for-one to Mexican output.

Now, with the future of NAFTA increasingly in doubt, Mexico has begun diversifying its import and export markets away from the U.S., as we warned would happen in January

Continue reading the article

Filed under: Global Corporatocracy, Mexico and South America, Monsanto & Friends


Airbnb refuses to disclose financial data to Greeces Finance Ministry Keep Talking Greece

Airbnb refused to provide the Greek Finance Ministry with information on property rentals thus delaying the launch of  an online platform where owners should register the rental transactions and pay the necessary taxes. According to information obtained by economic news website,  the Finance Ministry has tried for five months to get in touch with

The post Airbnb refuses to disclose financial data to Greeces Finance Ministry appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


2000 Years of Jewish Ritual Murder Philosophers Stone

The Jews work very hard to keep Satanists/Pagans from being heard when speaking of the Jewish crimes against humanity. The most youll usually find regarding the truth about the Jewish ritual murders are from Christians. In the Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews have replaced the term Gentile (Pagan/Satanist, whos God is Satan) with Christian and Christ. As High Priestess Maxine wrote in a sermon about how the Jews deceive, Christian is a code word for Pagan/Satanist. With this being said, the Jews are not blaspheming their beloved messiah Jesus of Nazareth (Ben Yahashua), but Satan who is the true God of the Gentiles. There are millions of other cases of Jewish ritual murder, but here is a comprehensive list that covers from the years before the common era to 1932. Satan demands that Gentiles see the Jews for the sick murdering pedophile, lying bastards that they really are. Those who read this and still dont have a problem with the Jewish race, have a death wish.

Human sacrifices are to-day still practised by the Jews of Eastern Europe. as is set forth at length by the late Sir Richard Burton in the MS which the wealthy Jews of England have compassed heaven and earth to suppress, and evidenced by the ever-recurring Pogroms against which so senseless an outcry is made by those who live among those degenerate Jews who are at least not cannibals. Aleister Crowley


The earliest of historians, Herodotus, informs us about the Hebrew cult of human sacrifice. He writes: The Hebrews sacrificed humans to their God Moloch. (Herodotus, Vol. II, p. 45)

The ritual murders that have been passed down through writings since before the current era until today are:

169 B.C. King Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria, during the plundering of the Temple of Jerusalem, found a Greek lying on a bed in a secret chamber. He begged the King to rescue him. When he began to beg, the attendants told him that a secret law commanded the Jews to sacrifice human beings at a certain time annually. They therefore searched for a stranger which they could get in their power. They fattened him, led him into the woods, sacrificed him, ate some...


Jazz Views Album Review Writings - Gilad Atzmon

GiladAtzmon_SpiritOfTrane_300.jpg Share


By  Eddie Myer

Gilad Atzmon - tenor & soprano sax, clarinet, bass clarinet & flute; Frank Harrison - piano; Yaron Stavi - bass; Enzo Zirilli - drums
With the Sigamos String Quartet
Ros Stephen - violin, arranger; Marianne Haynes - violin; Felix Tanner; Laura Anstee - cello

As 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the man who still bestrides the music like a colossus, theres a slew of celebratory and commemorative releases. Coltranes most commonly audible legacies today are perhaps his speed, harmonic ingenuity and extreme prolixity - whenever a young sax player takes innumerable choruses at breakneck tempo and unwavering fortissimo, they can justify their artistic choice by pointing to Tranes legacy, as filtered down via such athletic virtuosi as Joe Henderson and Michael Brecker. Atzmon is a familiar figure on the UK musical landscape, renowned for his forceful playing and equally uncompromisingly assertive personality, and one might have been forgiven for expecting a high-velocity barnstorming shredfest from this offering. Refreshingly, Atzmon and co have taken an entirely different approach to this tribute. A clue is offered by the presence of the Sigamos String Quartet, who collaborated on the well-received Gilad With Strings project - another by the tracklisting. Of the eight compositions, only three are by Coltrane himself - ballads predominate over cookers. 
The album opens with Ellingtons In A Sentimental Mood - pianist Harrison replays the motif introduced by Ellington on his collaboration with Trane,  rich-toned bassist Stavi takes the first carefully considered solo,  and Atzmons contribution is an exercise in restraint, simply stating the melody with every note given its full weight of conviction and intensity before taking flight in an emotionally charged...


Symi in State of Emergency after powerful thunderstorm, island without power (pictures, video) Keep Talking Greece

State of Emergency has been declared for the island of Symi that was badly hit by extreme weather phenomena with torrential rain and hail-falls on Monday.  The daylight shows extensive damage to all infrastructure on the island, flooded homes and businesses and tons of mud on the streets. Special machinery has been deployed from the

The post Symi in State of Emergency after powerful thunderstorm, island without power (pictures, video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The positive self-organisation of South Essex Freedom News

Positive stories celebrating community self-organisation are a relative rarity in our modern cynical era, while Essex is often the butt of London jokes about self-interested Tory jingoism, something the following blog aims to rectify. This post is a celebration of people and groups who just go out and get on with stuff people and


Is the Illuminati Planning a Mega False Flag Event in Multiple Cities? [New Video Nov 2017] Philosophers Stone

Phil Stone Says

The Zios are probably planning to destroy Big Ben, maybe the houses of parliament. Renovations cost too much, Big Ben is leaning to the northeast. It would make a great spectacle to destroy it, blame it on some group to bolster their agenda to depopulate, and enslave what is left of humanity.



UK map showing fluoride areas. None in NI or Scotland. UK Against Fluoridation

Newsweek Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities Study Shows - Fluoride in water us map


This post is called Fluoride In Water Us Map. You can download all the image about home and design for free. Below are the image gallery of Fluoride In Water Us Map, if you like the image or like this post please contribute with us to share this post to your social media or save this post in your device.
World maps showing fluoride

This map is dated as it shows the plans to fluoridate Southampton/Totton/Eastleigh. NHS spent 1 million in the failed attempt. They gave up but never stop trying to bring it in elsewhere.


PM Tsipras announces to distribute 1.4billion in one-off Christmas bonus to austerity-hit Greeks Keep Talking Greece

Stunned and with hanging jaws Greeks saw and heard Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announcing that he will hand out 1.4 billion euros as one-off social dividend in December. The welfare benefits  totaling 1.4 billion euros, is more than double than that paid out last year (600 million euros) and this is made possible because of

The post PM Tsipras announces to distribute 1.4billion in one-off Christmas bonus to austerity-hit Greeks appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Link UK Against Fluoridation

nunzio castiglione youtube
Published on 13 Nov 2017
Here is another Iconic classic natural health video from world experts ...I have been simultaneously listening to natural health videos from experts in the field for decades from sunrise to sunset (thats over 50,000)hours)on my outdoor speakers while concurrently working on my organic biodynamic permaculture farm Nunzio Castiglione Whittlesea Victoria Australia....I am interested in making some documentary films on natural health to upload on youtube but i do not have time since i am busy from sunrise to sunset working on my organic farm if you are an overseas visitor to australia I can offer complementary board and food in return for producing some outstanding youtube uploads and cultural exchange I have been on my organic farm since 1950 so i have a lot of knowledge in this field Published on Jul 10, 2017
Help support us at

Get the latest at

Dr. David Kennedy discusses what you're not being told about the use of fluoride in water and as a preventive dental measure. Find out what's being talked about and more importantly, what's not being talked about when it comes to fluoride and your health!


Demolish the Cabinet! North Yorks Enquirer

A Letter to the Editor from Dawn HALL of Whitby who, having found her views regarding the Cabinet of Scarborough Borough Council echoed by many of her friends and customers, feels moved to expressing them in the public domain.


Dear Editor,

Having been a visitor to wonderful North Yorkshire for many years, and over the past 15 years a business owner and resident of Whitby, I feel I must write to give my views on its history and current decline.

For centuries, the Vikings were stereotyped as marauding barbarians arriving in their helmeted hordes to rape and pillage their way across Britain. A number settled in Whitby and became an integral part of the fabric of social and political life here. Sadly it seems that a new wave of barbarians have appeared, masquerading as the Cabinet of Scarborough Borough Council.

Over the past years, I have witnessed rape and pillage on a massive scale, stealing and selling the assets, taking the revenue in order to satisfy their lust, incompetence and waste. The Cabinet seem to have a total lack of respect for anyone outside their little flock and especially to their fellow elected Councillors.

They seem to lack any foresight and have shown sheer incompetence on a number of occasions, lavishing electors hard-earned cash on their egotistical projects. A Cabinet where the Leader has imposed a strict monastic silence over his Councillors, forbidding them to dare to challenge him or vote against him or his Cabinet.

What have they done with our money (and I do include Filey in this)?

All spent on Scarborough, on projects that give little income, jobs or return on investment. A loan for the water park (9 million), indoor market refurbishment (2.8 million), and now 4 million on the proposed demolition of what, hidden beneath, is a beautiful and historic building The Futurist.

Unfortunately, it is too late for the first two. The 9 million will one day be written off, as it is and will remain a loss making facility that charges far too much for the majority of families to afford. It beggars belief that, if true, the Cabinet has sanctioned such a loan without any security! If correct, they should immediately be held to account for their sheer incompetence and malpractice!

As for the Market, I am informed that a few people do not even pay rent or rates.

And now The Futurist, to be flattened and held until the day one of their cronies decides it is wanted by them. When there are so many areas in which such large amounts of money could have been invested, only morons would have done what they have. They now propose to spend 4 million on demolishing a beautiful building, turning the area in to a waste land.

I find it incomprehensible why someone would spend 4 million to ready a site for a future development; surely that is the developers responsibility as part of their development! Common sen...


(Not) In praise of Quentin Sommerville - an updated post Is the BBC biased?

This post has been updated - as you'll see....

I've left the original wholly intact, so you can watch me falling flat on my face!

One BBC reporter I do admire is Quentin Sommerville. 

Yes, he's typically BBC in his views (as expressed on Twitter), but he strikes me as fundamentally decent and brave.

He's best known, of course, for getting high and laughing uncontrollably while reporting in front of a pile of burning narcotics. (See the attached link!)

His latest 'scoop', however, is a stonking 'exclusive': Dirty Secret, the deal that saved the Islamic State in Raqqa.

All credit to him.



Grusel-Story des Tages: Die Amis haben mal geguckt, ... Fefes Blog

Grusel-Story des Tages: Die Amis haben mal geguckt, wie sicher eigentlich eine Boeing 757 ist, wenn man da mal kompetente Leute einen Pentest fahren lsst. Ergebnis:

We got the airplane on Sept. 19, 2016. Two days later, I was successful in accomplishing a remote, non-cooperative, penetration, said Robert Hickey, aviation program manager within the Cyber Security Division of the DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate.

[Which] means I didnt have anybody touching the airplane, I didnt have an insider threat. I stood off using typical stuff that could get through security and we were able to establish a presence on the systems of the aircraft. Hickey said the details of the hack and the work his team are doing are classified, but said they accessed the aircrafts systems through radio frequency communications, adding that, based on the RF configuration of most aircraft, you can come to grips pretty quickly where we went on the aircraft.

Das ist mal richtig doll gruselig.

So und jetzt kommt der noch gruseligere Part. Sie haben da mal ein paar Avionik-Experten drauf angesprochen. Und die so: Jaja, alter Hut, wissen wir alles seit Jahren!1!!

Daraufhin dachten sie, ok, ist bekannt. No big deal. Bis sie auf einer Konferenz ein paar Piloten drauf ansprachen. Und die fielen aus allen Wolken. Denen hatte niemand was gesagt. JA SUPER!

Update: Die Vermutung liegt nahe, dass das das hier ist.


Steun Wij Zijn Hier tegen ontruiming kraakpand WE ARE HERE


De bewoners van Wij Zijn Hier van het kraakpand Nienoord 2 in Diemen hebben de oprotbrief van de politie ontvangen: Vrijdagochtend 17 november 9:00 dient het pand leeg achtergelaten te worden.

De algemene vergadering van zondag 12 november heeft definitief besloten:

De Diemengroep van Wij Zijn Hier
Adam tel.: 0685031178



The residents of the Nienoord 2 squatting house received the police letter announcing their evition: Friday morning 17 November 9:00, their property must be left empty.

The general meeting of Sunday November 12th has permanently decided


De Diemen group of We Are Here
Adam tel.: 0685031178


achtergrond info:

Wij zijn een groep ongedocumenteerden die...


Syria War Report November 13, 2017: ISIS Conducts Suicide Attempt To Seize Back Al-Bukamal The Vineyard of the Saker If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: The battle for al-Bukamal


Genova: Incontro europeo delle organizzazioni comuniste anarchiche/libertarie. Anarkismo

in collaborazione con Spazio Libero Utopia
con la presenza di delegazioni di Alternative Libertaire - Francia; Workers Solidarity Movement - Irlanda; Organisation Socialiste Libertaire - Svizzera; Ffederasiwn Anarchaidd Cymru - Galles; Alternativa Libertaria/fdca-Italia


Losing the plot Is the BBC biased?

This was the lead story on tonight's BBC One News at Six:
Good evening and welcome to the BBC's News at Six. Ever since the Brexit vote MPs on all sides of the Commons have been demanding a greater say in how it's achieved. Today the Government appears to have offered a major concession. The Brexit Secretary David Davis says a vote on the final deal will be guaranteed by a new piece of legislation. Labour has called it "a climb-down". But the offer came with a warning: If MPs do vote against the deal, whatever it is, the Government says that Britain will still leave the EU, but without an agreement. 
And it wasn't just Labour calling it "a climb-down". The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg herself openly called it "this climb-down" too - thus rendering the BBC's dubious 'degrees of separation' framing ("So-and-so has called it...") utterly redundant:
That's not what this climb-down from the government is really about. 
But was it "a climb-down" though? Or was it, in fact, nothing particularly new? 

I heard this story today and thought, "Er, isn't this old news?". I just couldn't work out why it was being presented as an earth-shattering piece of 'breaking news' that was bringing this tottering government tottering ever nearer to its total destruction. 

Yes, David Davis said a specific piece of legislation will be put forward to confirm Parliament's final say, but Theresa May said that Parliament would get the final say ages ago.

And, as Alan notes, the Brexit minister David Jones told Parliament in February that Parliament would get the final say on whatever Brexit deal emerged and that the...


The BBC finds Nick Bryant wanting Is the BBC biased?

It's typical though that they only "partly upheld" the complaint.

The fine folk who reside in the desparate-last-ditch-effort sector of the BBC's complaints process (of what scientific pedigree or level of knowledge?) still judged the main thrust of Nick's report to be "soundly-based", even though they found him to be grossly inaccurate on that one specific point...

...which, I must say, is jolly nice of them.


Il movimento anticapitalista nella Repubblica Catalana Anarkismo

traducin italiana
Un articolo introduttivo sulla situazione in Catalogna e sulla posizione di alcuni anarchici catalani.


Lucca: Donne Contro - intervista a 10 donne anarchiche, marxiste e femministe nella Rivoluzione Spagnola Anarkismo

presentazione del libro di Isabella Lorusso alla Biblioteca Popolare quartiere S.Concordio
Interviste a dieci donne Anarchiche, Marxiste e Femministe che hanno vissuto la guerra civile spagnola (1936/1939) incontrate tra la Catalogna, la Francia e l'Italia dal marzo 1997 al febbraio 2013.


a-Fisking we shall go : Daniel Huggins in CapEx Version Brian M. Lucey

So, I read a lot of stuff on Brexit and so on. This fatuous drivel which I fisk, below the line, is earbleedingly bad. Its from CapEx,  by a chap called Daniel Huggins. He is the grandiloquently titled Director of Research at a gingergroup called Get Britain Out.

Who benefits most from the UKs membership of the EU? Much has been written about the terrible impact on us of a cliff-edge, no-deal exit. But the political implications of it on both the EU institutions and individual member states is almost untouched by contrast.

Given that the UK is one of few sizeable net contributors to the European Budget,

There are 28 member states. Part of how it works is that the poorer and more agridependent get transfers from the wealthier. Then, when like Ireland, they catch up, they start to pay in in net terms. Like in the UK or any state larger than a hanseatic city on an island.  Heres a nice graph from the House of Commons.


the EU is surely worrying about the fiscal black hole

Total EU gross budget (Coz, thats the relevant cake for analysis here) is circa 140b over the last few years. UK gross payment is circa 14b. Thats 10%. Not a black hole. Irish government saw its gross revenue fall by 20% from peak...


Einige Leute haben mich gefragt, wieso ich bei den ... Fefes Blog

Einige Leute haben mich gefragt, wieso ich bei den Vorwrfen der sexuellen Belstigung und des Missbrauchs von einer Hexenjagd spreche.

Will ich damit sagen, dass das alles nicht so schlimm ist, dass das verjhrt ist, dass man mal Fnfe gerade sein lassen soll?


Ich beschreibe damit, dass die Vorwrfe schneller kommen, als man auch nur einen davon abarbeiten kann. Dass so viele Leute gerade mit Fingern aufeinander zeigen, dass man den berblick verliert.

Ich persnlich habe keine Vergleichsdaten, um beurteilen zu knnen, ob an diesen Vorwrfen was dran ist oder nicht. Ich wrde das erstmal fr glaubwrdig halten, aber bis wir beide Seiten der jeweiligen Story gehrt haben, sollten wir von Verurteilungen absehen.

Habe ich Mitleid mit Grapschern und Mchtegern-Vergewaltigern, denen das jetzt die Karriere kaputtmacht? Nein. Karma is a bitch.

Aber man muss eben auch sehen, dass hier gerade ein Klima der "den schie ich jetzt auch noch ab, die Gelegenheit ist gnstig" entsteht. Das ist fr alle Beteiligten sehr gefhrlich.

Der eigentliche Skandal ist fr mich an der ganzen Geschichte nicht mal, dass es anscheinend so viele Flle von sexuellen bergriffen gab, sondern dass es so ein "wir machen sie fertig"-Mistgabelmob-Klima braucht, damit die Opfer mal Anklage erheben, und damit ihnen jemand zuhrt. Besonders krass ist, dass es da einen Dokumentarfilm drber gab, der voll gefloppt ist. Kein Verleih wollte den ins Programm nehmen. Der ist von 2014. Alle, die den gesehen haben, fanden ihn richtig und wichtig. Damit er nicht ganz verloren geht, haben ihn die Filmemacher bei Vimeo hochgeladen. Das finde ich noch gruseliger als die bergriffe. Dass unser Strafrechtssystem auf ganzer Linie versagt hat und sowas nicht verhindern konnte.

Und ich stelle mir natrlich die Frage, ob das in der deutschen Unterhaltungsindustrie auch so zugeht wie in den USA.

Ich habe mir gerade den neuen Zerocopy-Modus von Linux ... Fefes Blog

Ich habe mir gerade den neuen Zerocopy-Modus von Linux 4.14 angeguckt, um das in libowfat und gatling zu implementieren, aber habe mich dann entschieden, es doch nicht zu tun. Hier ist die Dokumentation dazu. Money Quote:

Copy avoidance is not a free lunch. As implemented, with page pinning, it replaces per byte copy cost with page accounting and completion notification overhead. As a result, MSG_ZEROCOPY is generally only effective at writes over around 10 KB.
Dieser Fall kommt nicht vor. gatling sendet einen kleinen Header, unter 1KB, und dann die Datei. Die Datei ist hufig grer als 10 KB, aber das Senden der Datei findet nicht per write oder sendmsg statt, sondern per sendfile, und das ist bereits zero-copy.

Ich knnte das fr den Proxy-Modus implementieren, aber ehrlich gesagt sehe ich den Payoff nicht. Die Latenz kommt da nicht vom Kopieren sondern vom gzip der Daten, und dem https (im https-Modus geht zero-copy eh nicht, auer man macht Kernel-TLS, und das untersttzt im Moment noch niemand). In der Praxis halte ich die Auswirkungen von diesem Code daher fr Null. Die Entwickler davon mussten auch einen synthetischen Benchmark bemhen, um einen Vorteil nachweisen zu knnen.

Ich ignoriere das jetzt mal, bis mir jemand zeigt, dass das was bringt.


Extreme weather phenomena leave Symi without power, strike Rhodes and Nafplio (videos, picts) Keep Talking Greece

Powerful rainstorms with gusty winds, hail-falls and lightening  have been striking the islands of Rhodes and Symi in the south-eastern Aegean Sea on Monday. Especially hit is the small remote island of Symi that remains without power for several hours by now. Video posted earlier on Facebook by Symi resident Agapitos Skiathitis Roads on Symi

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Why won't Boris Johnson issue an unequivocal apology? AAV

Last week Boris Johnson made one of the most extraordinary gaffes a British Foreign Secretary has ever made by uncritically repeating Iranian accusations against an imprisoned British citizen as if they were fact.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe (who remains in an Iranian jail), her family and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office all consistently maintained that she was in Iran on holiday, with the purpose of introducing her young daughter to her Iranian parents. Despite this, Johnson decided to declare that she was in Iran "teaching journalism", which is precisely what the Iranians have imprisoned her for.

The Iranian authorities have taken Johnson's foolish remarks as confirmation that Zaghari-Ratcliffe was in the country training propaganda agents, and the case against her has been reopened with the possibility of her jail sentence being dramatically extended.

After a week of blustering, evasions and carefully qualified non-apologies Johnson was called to parliament to answer urgent questions over his disgraceful handling of the Zaghari-Ratcliffe case.

Here's exactly what he said:
"I acknowledge that the words that I used were open to being misinterpreted and I apologise to Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her family if I have inadvertently caused them any further anguish."
As we can see, this is another half-apology based on the false narrative that his words had been "misinterpreted" rather than being completely at odds with the established Foreign Office position that she was there on holiday.



Theyre Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains Anti Oligarch

Right up to the creepy line and beyond! A microchip in your brain? Theyre spending billions to make this a reality within the next decade. Will you accept it? Resources: Bryan Johnson invests $100 million in Kernel to unlock the power of the human brain SUPERHUMANS: Chips inserted in brains will give us MIND-BLOWING abilities []


Qualcomm hat Broadcoms bernahmeangebot abgelehnt. ... Fefes Blog

Qualcomm hat Broadcoms bernahmeangebot abgelehnt. Broadcom hatte 103 Milliarden Dollar geboten.

103. Milliarden. Dollar.

Hier ist die Begrndung:

Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm Inc on Monday rejected rival Broadcom Ltds $103-billion takeover bid, saying the offer dramatically undervalued the U.S. company.
Oh. Ach so.

Zum Vergleich: Qualcomm, machte 2016 23,5 Milliarden Dollar Umsatz, und die Marktkapitalisierung von Qualcomm ist aktuell ca 96 Milliarden Dollar. Soviel zu "dramatisch unterbewertet".


King Charles Writings - Gilad Atzmon

king Charles_edited-1.jpg Share

By Gilad Atzmon

Yesterday the impossible happened -- the non existent Jewish Lobby attacked Prince Charles for mentioning the Jewish Lobby. 

Amid the ongoing outburst of Jewish paranoia, Prince Charles has come under fire after the exposure of a private letter he penned in1986 in which he blamed the influx of foreign Jews for causing unrest in the Middle East and called on the US to take on the Jewish lobby. 

The Princes observations are astute and accurate.  And for the Brits there is the clear message that by the 1980s the Prince was well- qualified to become their King as well as their Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. 

The British Zionist league sprung into action when the news of the leaked letter broke. The farcical Campaign Against Antisemitsm (CAA) launched an immediate attack on the Royal Prince. Most outrageously, they called upon the Prince to repudiate his 30 year old letter. Openly and shamelessly the CAA actually falsified the meaning of Prince Charles words. Although Prince Charles wrote about the fact that an influx of European Jews drove the Zionist settlement in Palestine, the deceitful CAA claims that Prince Charles referred to an influx of Holocaust survivors. 


Of course, the Prince didnt even mention the holocaust. But, as we well know, some believe that lying for the cause is kosher. 

Add Prince Charles to the long list of humanists subjected to malicious Zionist campaigns. This m...


Laffaire Wakefield: Shades of Dreyfus & BMJs Descent into Tabloid Science Anti Oligarch

Age of Autism links to Alliance for Human Resesearch Protection for Vera Sharavs damning indictment of the British Medical Journals intervention in the Wakefield affair. She traces its history from the beginning but focuses on the journals allegations of  fraud in 2011 and its sinister repercussions. Introduction: I have undertaken this review of the case against []


Elderly woman dies when device she used to keep her warm catches fire Keep Talking Greece

A 90-year-old woman died when the electric water bottle she used to keep her warm caught fire. A fire broke out Sunday midnight in an 2nd floor apartment in Neapoli, Thessaloniki, northern Greece. Neighbors who saw thick smoke coming out of the apartment called the Fire Service. When fire fighters arrived the fire was almost

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44 motorbike owners gather in Athens to protest ban of sows on asphalt roads (videos) Keep Talking Greece

Hundreds of four-wheel motorbike owners, most from Greek holiday resorts, have blocked traffic outside the countrys Transport Ministry to protest a proposed ban of the motorbikes Greeks call Gourounes (sow) on asphalt roads. The bikes, also known as all-terrain vehicles, ATVs, or quad-bikes, are popular among tourists on Crete, Zakynthos and other Greek islands, and

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Syrians in Berlin against the regime of Bashar al-Assad Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

Syrian activists Held a Rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin an near the art work Monument by Manaf Halbouni The Installation remembers the three upright busses in Syrian Aleppo which were used to protect civilians from snipers.

The participants chanted against the Regime of Bashar al-Assad and its allies Russia and Iran. Also against Hezbollah and Daesh.

Here you can find more pictures from this rally and Syrian protests in the past until 2011: Flickr album Solidarity with Syria.


Isn't it incredible what right-wing Brexiteers are trying to pass off as "the will of the people"? AAV

Had the Brexit campaigners actually ever come up with a serious policy document outlining their plans for how to manage the Brexit transition period, and a proposal for what post-Brexit Britain was to look like, I would have given the idea of quitting the EU some serious consideration. But since there was no policy document, nor any outline of realistic objectives, it was beyond obvious that the whole thing would turn into an extraordinarily damaging let's make it up as we go along Tory administered farce.

And just look at the state of it now:
  • We've passed the halfway point between the Brexit vote and the deadline of March 29th 2019, we're still completely stalled on the very first phase of the negotiations!
  • The fanatical hard-right faction of the Tory party are propagandising ever more loudly for a ruinous "no deal" flounce out of Europe, and they're continuing to drag their weak and directionless leader ever closer to the economic cliff edge. 
  • Tories like Liam Fox are proposing reductions in UK consumer protections and product standards as part of a UK-US trade deal. Any such reductions would render access to the Single Market impossible because continued free trade between the UK and EU would create a gateway for...


IMFs projections on Greeces economy, Fund presses for banks withdrawal from the Balkans Keep Talking Greece

Greek economy is expected to grow by 1.8 pct this year, 2.6 pct in 2018 and 1.9 pct in 2019, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Monday. In its report on European economy, the IMF said it expected a 10.8 pct increase in net investments this year, rising to 11.8 pct in 2018 and

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A review of Godfree Roberts yin-yang Xi-Trump crystal ball predictions. Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker The Vineyard of the Saker

by Jeff Brown for the Saker blog Cross-linked with: Love, hate, war, peace, the good, the bad and the ugly? Lets see how Godfree Roberts crystal ball


AltRight vs The Saker The Vineyard of the Saker

A very telling example of a very ugly trend I just got an email from my daughter this morning saying Youve probably seen this, and you might not really care


Die Aufklrung der Shadowbrokers-Leaks bei der NSA ... Fefes Blog

Die Aufklrung der Shadowbrokers-Leaks bei der NSA kommt anscheinend nicht voran.

They had operational insight that even most of my fellow operators at T.A.O. did not have, said Mr. Williams, now with Rendition Infosec, a cybersecurity firm he founded. I felt like Id been kicked in the gut. Whoever wrote this either was a well-placed insider or had stolen a lot of operational data.
Das braucht ja auch eine besondere Art von "Patriotismus", seine Cyber-Firma dann nach den CIA-Folterflgen zu benennen. Krass.

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Monday, 13 November


UPD Athens Metro workers suspend 24h strike Nov 16, work stoppage remains Keep Talking Greece

Update: Athens Metro workers decided to suspend the 24-hour strike scheduled for Thursday, Nov 16/2017. the work stoppage scheduled for Wednesday remains valid. Workers at Athens Metro will launch one more work stoppage, in addition to the planned 24-hour strike. Work stoppage on Wednesday, Nov 15th, will start at 9 p.m. until the end

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If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesnt Worry You, Youre Not Paying Attention Rigged Game

By Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

While turbulent during the best of times, gigantic waves of change are now sweeping across the Middle East. The magnitude is such that the impact on the global price of oil, as well as world markets, is likely to be enormous.

A dramatic geo-political realignment by Saudi Arabia is in full swing this month. Its upending many decades of established strategic relationships among the worlds superpowers and, in particular, is throwing the Middle East into turmoil.

So much is currently in flux, especially in Saudi Arabia, that nearly anything can happen next. Which is precisely why this volatile situation should command our focused attention at this time.

The main elements currently in play are these:

  • A sudden and intense purging of powerful Saudi insiders (arrests, deaths, & asset seizures)
  • Huge changes in domestic policy and strategy
  • A shift away from the US in all respects (politically, financially and militarily)
  • Deepening ties to China
  • A surprising turn towards Russia (economically and militarily)
  • Increasing cooperation and alignment with Israel (the enemy of my enemy is my friend?)

Taken together, this is tectonic change happening at blazing speed.

That its receiving too little attention in the US press given the implications, is a tip off as to just how big a deal this is as were all familiar by now with how the greater the actual relevance and importance of a development, the less press coverage it receives. This is not a direct conspiracy; its just what happens when your press becomes an organ of the state and other powerful interests. Like a dog trained with daily rewards and punishments, after a while the press needs no further instruction on the house rules.

It does emphasize, however, that to be accurately informed about whats going on, we have to do our own homework. Heres a short primer to help get you started.

A Quick Primer

Unless you study it intensively, Saudi politics are difficult to follow because they are rooted in the drama of a very large and dysfunctional family battling over its immense wealth.  If you think your own family is nuts, multiply the crazy factor by 1,000, sprinkle in a willingness to kill any family members who get in your way, and youll have the right perspective for grasping how Saudi politics operate.

The House of Saud is the ruling royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (hereafter referred to as KSA) and consists of some 15,000 members. The majority of the power and wealth is concentrated in the hands of roughly 2,000 individuals.  4,000 male princes are in the mix, plus a larger number of involved females all...


Transport Ministry plans reduced ticket fares for short journeys in Athens Keep Talking Greece

Greeces Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis announced government plans to allow reduced ticket in Athens public transport means for short journeys. According to economic news website, Spirtzis said in an interview it was not fair that someone who travels across Attica pays the same fair as somebody who uses public transport means only for short

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The Paradise Papers reveal that the Queen is the worst parasite of them all. GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

Sourced from Daily Record, written by Annie Brown.

While hardworking Brits have to declare every penny HRH is forgiven for being 'unaware' of where her millions are invested, says columnist Annie Brown.

10million of the Queen's cash is said to have been invested in offshore tax haven funds (Image: AFP)
It should come as no shock that Royal cash has been invested offshore in the unscrupulous sharks of Brighthouse.

There is a fag paper of difference between the parasitical nature of the Royal institution and Brighthouse, who have made millions lending to the poor.



460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_28b9eebf550d43177f73a101bb5894a5.jpg . , , .


Why Its Not Over in Catalonia Rigged Game

The plan to restore permanent stability to the rebel region now hinges on a knife-edge election.

By Ben Sills, Charles Penty and Esteban Duarte and cross-posted from Bloomberg

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has two piles of problems on his desk, an associate joked: those that have solved themselves and those that will solve themselves if they are given enough time.

Theres already evidence, though, that the would-be nation of Catalonia wont just go away as the most troubling issue facing the country, its economy and Rajoys six-year premiership.

Rajoy held off demands for decisive action during weeks of high drama before seizing control of the region, which accounts for a fifth of Spains economy. The plan to restore permanent stability now hinges on preventing the separatists winning a majority in the Catalan election Rajoy called for Dec. 21. Polls suggest the result will be on a knife edge.

Do I think its a genius political strategy? said Ken Dubin, a political scientist at ISDE law school in Madrid. Its classic Rajoy. Its obvious that the independendistas overplayed a not particularly good hand, but does the Spanish government have any plan at all for if theres a majority for independence?

The brinkmanship culminated in judges jailing Catalonias separatist leaders and a legal, if not complete, victory for Rajoy. Spain was left intact and his authority was renewed as his opponents crumbled. But Rajoy is seeking to limit the fallout rather than addressing the root of the Catalan grievances over the right to determine their own nationhood that have plagued Spanish leaders intermittently for centuries.

The risk is that the fragile peace unravels after next months vote and Spain is engulfed in turmoil again

Continue reading the article


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1,700 Greek doctors work in UKs NHS, number doubled during economic crisis Keep Talking Greece

The number of Greek doctors who work in the United Kingdom has doubled since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2009. 1,700 of doctors working in UKs National Health System were born in Greece, overwhelming majority of them has also studied in Greece. They hold the second place among EU member states in NHS.

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Die Sddeutsche ber Jenna Abrams, ein Trollaccount ... Fefes Blog

Die Sddeutsche ber Jenna Abrams, ein Trollaccount der Russen. Money Quote:

Abrams ist ein Produkt der berchtigten Internet Research Agency. Hunderte Menschen arbeiten in einem unscheinbaren Brogebude in Sankt Petersburg. Kein Firmenschild verrt, was hier produziert wird. Der Auftraggeber der meist jungen, oft wenig gebildeten Schichtarbeiter ist der russische Staat. Ihre Mission: Verwirrung im Westen stiften. Sie kommentieren auf europischen Nachrichtenseiten, verbreiten Kreml-Propaganda oder erstellen geflschte ukrainische Webseiten. Und wie seit einigen Monaten bekannt ist, haben sie sich aktiv in den US-Wahlkampf eingemischt.
Also wenn junge, wenig gebildete Schichtarbeiter in Russland so einen Troll in einer Fremdsprache in einer anderen Kulturzone abziehen knnen, dann sollten wir uns echt Sorgen um unsere Konkurrenzfhigkeit auf dem Weltmarkt machen. Was knnen dann erst die geschulten Fachkrfte!?

Hey, wenn da schon eine Sex-Hexenjagd stattfindet, ... Fefes Blog

Hey, wenn da schon eine Sex-Hexenjagd stattfindet, wieso sollte da nicht auch Mnner aufspringen? Ex-Bodyguard von Mariah Carey bezichtigt sie der sexuellen Belstigung.


Notes from the US: Oil and the law Freedom News

Freedom Columnist Louis Further rounds up some lesser-known happenings on the other side of the Atlantic. Court win shuts down pipelines There was a judicial victory for environmentalists in the middle of last month. A district court judge in Minnesota ruled that he will allow oil pipeline protesters to present a necessity defence in response


Veteran journalist and former PASOK minister Yannis Kapsis dies at 88 Keep Talking Greece

Former deputy Foreign Minister and prominent journalist and politician  Yannis Kapsis died at the age of 88 in the early morning hours of Monday. Kapsis had served as PASOK minister and was a closed associate to part founder and prime minister Andreas Papandreou. He served as deputy foreign minister form 1982 until 1989. He had

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[Nijmegen] Nijmegen tegen Racisme tweedaagse solidaire & antiracistische marathon 25 & 26 november Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen

Om samen te vechten voor een wereld waarin we grenzenloze solidariteit voorop stellen, organiseren we op 25 & 26 november een antiracistische marathon met workshops, discussies, eten, films, feest en acties om de strijd tegen racisme te versterken.

To fight together for a world where we picture solidarity without borders, we co-organize an anti-racist marathon on the 25th and 26th of november. This will include workshops, discussions, food, movies, party and actions to strengthen the struggle against racism. [For English, read on below]

Twee jaar geleden organiseerden we een zeer succesvolle demonstratie voor een Nijmegen dat migranten welkom heet het was een duidelijk signaal voor vrijheid van beweging, tegen racisme en voor grenzenloze solidariteit. Twee jaar later, met de electorale winst van de PVV en FvD, de aanwezigheid van de AfD in de Bondstag en Trump als president van de VS, lijkt de steun voor extreemrechts gedachtengoed een nieuwe impuls te hebben gekregen. De afgelopen jaren zijn de racistische intimidaties en gewelddadige aanvallen op moslims, migranten en mensen die zich uitspreken tegen racisme enorm toegenomen.

In Nederland uitte dit zich onder andere in de bejegening van antiracisme-activisten als Sylvana Simons, gewelddadige aanvallen op vluchtelingenopvangcentra, en de recente acties tegen bijvoorbeeld islamitische scholen en moskeen. Lokaal beklom een Pegida-demonstrant afgelopen jaar het podium bij de Nijmegen Against Hate manifestatie en zag kans om juist daar zijn haatdragende boodschap te verspreiden. Ook probeerden extreemrechtse figuren van Nijmegen Rechtsaf tot twee keer toe een bijeenkomst tegen de racistische karikatuur Zwarte Piet te verstoren. Helaas zijn dit niet slechts incidenten. Racisme is namelijk nog steeds onderdeel van de Nederlandse samenleving. Dit land is nooit echt losgekomen van het koloniale verleden en profiteert er nog altijd van. Kapitalisme, nationalisme, kolonialisme, racisme en fascisme: het n bestaat niet zonder het ander. Institutioneel racisme manifesteert zich onder andere in de vorm van politiegeweld, het Europese anti-migratiebeleid en de achterstelling van groepen mensen met een migratie achtergrond.

Mensen zonder papieren worden steeds verder gemarginaliseerd evenals mensen die hen ondersteunen. Landen van de Europese Unie maken afspraken met Libi en Turkije om migranten tegen te houden voordat zij berhaupt de Middellandse zee kunnen bereiken. Migratie kan veel verschillende oorzaken hebben, en veel wordt veroorzaakt door westerse economische en b...


Big participation in PASOK leadership elections, Gennimata leads the race Keep Talking Greece

PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata has gathered the majority of votes on Sunday elections that were held in order to choose a new leader for Greeces socialist part PASOK. According to, with 50 percent of the polling stations counted -which corresponds to about 70,000 votes- the results are: Fofi Gennimata 46.84% Nikos Androulakis 27.05% Giorgos

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Greek yogurt is produced only in Greece, European Commission warns the Czech Republic Keep Talking Greece

The never-ending dispute of what is Greek yogurt and what is not Greek yogurt and the protection of its geographical origin. There is none.  The denomination Greek yogurt cannot be used for yogurts produced outside Greece, a European Commission spokesperson said amid mounting tensions between Athens and Prague on the issue. The Commission is in

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A modern Ottoman Anti Oligarch

The Turkish cleric Fethullah Glen, winner of our intellectuals poll, is the modern face of the Sufi Ottoman tradition. At home with globalisation and PR, and fascinated by science, he also influences Turkish politics through links to the ruling AK party. Published in July 2008 issue of Prospect Magazine Is it possible to be a []


Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support Anti Oligarch

Getty Images It is fair to say that most Americans dont know exactly what to make of our ally Turkey these days, as it endures a prolonged political crisis that challenges its long-term stability. The U.S. media is doing a bang-up job of reporting the Erdoan governments crackdown on dissidents, but its not putting []


Targeting Michael Flynn & Shielding the Radical Cleric Gulen: Special Counsel Robert Mueller MUST Step Down Anti Oligarch

General Michael Flynn, Former National Security Advisor to President Trump, is being investigated by Special Counsel for accepting legitimate payments from Turkish companies for researching and exposing Wanted Terrorist and Radical Islamist Fethullah Gulen and his $25+ Billion criminal network in the United States. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is Special Counsel in charge of the case. He is the same []


More Holiday Madness Is the BBC biased?

Sfunny what people get up to on their hols. Colluding with foreign governments, drug-smuggling, trying to bring down the Ayatollahs government while slapping on the suntan lotion. Theyre all at it. 

As Craig has rightly pointed out, Alan at Biased-BBC recalls a time - it seems like a lifetime, but its only about ten days ago - when no-one saw anything provocative in someone taking some holiday-time-out to do a spot of teaching.

One minute it was a harmless-sounding sideline during a family visit, next minute it was a pretext for the mad mullahs to up the ante and double up on the incarceration.

The bit about teaching journalists turned out to be a figment of Boriss lack of imagination. However, even if she had been, teaching journalists is not exactly spying. 

I mean, isnt accusing a visitor to Iran of being a spy kind of par for the course? Especially when they hold  a British / Iranian passport. You know what theyre like. Its okay, its their culture;  incarceration is the inevitable consequence of picking a bad holiday destination.

Charging her with spying and locking her up is still not actually Boriss fault. The Boris-bashers disagree. Boris, they insist, should have foreseen that the mad mullahs would use his clumsy misspeak as a pretext for doubling the length of her sentence, barmy as this is.

They argue that teaching journalism (mysteriously upgraded to training journalists) was bound to infuriate the mad mullahs, and Boris should have known better; and they do have a point, even if we have to ignore the possibility that going to Iran for a holiday is a provocation in itself.

But so incensed with Boris are they that theyve lost sight of the fact that, as Michael Gove reminded us on the Marr show, that whatever Nazani...


Sarcasm, passive aggression and the BBC Is the BBC biased?

Donald Trump's sarcastic tweet about the big-boned North Korean god-dictator...

...has been described by Sky News, quite rightly, as "sarcastic". 

(It's the sort of thing I'm rather prone to too).

BBC News, however, calls it "passive aggressive" - which, surely, isn't quite le mot juste here. 

Both terms however - "passive aggressive" and "sarcastic" - fit neatly together in a new article on the BBC News website tonight by BBC reporter Aleem Maqbool:

The whole thing is quite breathtaking (so please keep your inhalers close at hand before you read it).

Seriously, ple...


Trouble with Twitter Tribbles Is the BBC biased?

Veering wildly off-topic (even though our blog's sub-heading allows us to go as 'off-topic' as we like), why does my Twitter feed keep on recommending William Shatner for me to follow in my 'Who to follow' suggestions? 


Nazanin Is the BBC biased?

Alan at Biased BBC has ferreted out a 1st November report from the Independent that, in the light of everything that's followed on the Boris/Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe story, makes for fascinating reading. 

It shows how uncontroversial and widely-welcomed Mr Johnson's remarks were until, a few days later, they suddenly became controversial and widely-reviled. 

The game-changer was an Iranian judicial decision (if it can be dignified with such a term) to bring her back to court on the basis of Boris's remarks. 

Partisans here are getting fired up, and - weirdly - Brexit seems to be the dividing line. 

Michael Gove has now found himself attracting flak too for his comments about the case on this morning's Andrew Marr Show. Mr Gove was defending Boris Johnson and, in doing so and in responding to a question from Andrew Marr ("What was she doing when she went to Iran?"), replied "I don't know". And when pressed ("You say that you dont know what she was doing. Her husband is very clear that she was there on holiday with her child") replied, "Well, in that case I take exactly her husbands assurance in that regard". And when Andrew pressed again ("So was she training journalists?") replied, "Well, her husband said that she was there on holiday, and her husband is the person who should know."

To some he was merely being honest; to others he was compounding the lie about Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe. 

The fired-up Brexit Partisan brigades then began amplifying it all -...


Mark Mardell goes too far Is the BBC biased?

It always amazes me how Mark Mardell has managed to get away with years of biased broadcasting without ever getting his comeuppance. (No offence!)

Today, however, the effluent may have finally hit the apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation. 

Yes, he went too far even for Radio 4 audiences, who famously know their punk. 

On today's The World this Weekend, Mark described The Clash as "probably the most important punk band ever". Oh dear! "No, that was The Sex Pistols", went up a cry which shook the world. 

This is the biggest bias allegation he's faced since he said the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles - and, worse, that the Beatles are rubbish. 

P.S. I hope that Mark paid for that ticket to the Clash tribute concert himself (if it cost anything). I do hope it didn't come out of the BBC licence fee. 

Frequent licence-free funded trips to Lake Como are bad enough but expenses-paid Clash concerts would be so beyond the pale that the pale (whatever that is) would be lost from sight forever. 


And has the BBC fact-checked this too? Is the BBC biased?

Honest Reporting has a post today about a BBC Travel article headlined Israel's ancient underwater treasure. 

They say, quite rightly, that it's an interesting piece, but they note something peculiar about it: there's a missing word that begins with 'j'. 

The BBC piece focuses on the discovery of 2,000 gold coins in the sea near what is now the Israeli city of Caesarea but avoids the word 'Jews', merely (and bizarrely) calling the 1st Century inhabitants of the area "the native people". 

Isn't that quite something (he says, putting it mildly)?

I have to say though that Honesting Reporting may only have scratched the surface of the historical perversity of this BBC article. 

The BBC piece says that Caesarea was "the capital of Roman 6AD", even though it was actually the capital of Roman Judea at the time. It was only in the 2nd Century AD that Hadrian changed the name of the province from Judaea to Syria-Palestina. 

And that's just for starters. The author - one Breena Kerr - also wrote this: 

The bit about the city coming under Cleopatra's control "sometim...



"Nobody said it would be his hard" Is the BBC biased?

This past week saw Radio 4 broadcast the second series of former BBC Brussels correspondent Chris Morris's Brexit: A Guide for the Perplexed

I found the last series to be heavily anti-Brexit biased - as you can read here - so I'll admit that I wasn't expecting something particularly neutral or particularly nutritious (mentally-speaking) this time round either.

And, yes, this series followed on - in more ways than one - from the last one. 

But if you really want to study BBC bias in action then please listen to the episode on immigration

If there's one subject guaranteed to bring out the worst of BBC bias other than the EU it's surely immigration, and when the two are combined then the bias is pretty much bound to rocket towards the outer spiral arm of the Andromeda Galaxy and beyond.

As is so often the case with this kind of biased programme there was a sop towards impartiality. 

Here it was the presence of Lord Green of Migration Watch - the organisation that has most accurately forecast the massive shifts in the UK's population over the last couple of decades. Chris introduced him as an "ardent advocate" opposed to mass immigration.

In contrast, Madeleine Sumption of the Migration Observatory - whose record of prediction is woeful in comparison and who is pro-immigration - was introduced as a disinterested expert.

Lord Green was challenged by Chris Morris with long, contradicting questions, and Madeleine wasn't - quite the reverse (Madeleine being asked reinforcing questions instead). 

And who else did we get? A pro-immigation lawyer, a Polish businessmen running Expa...


Doctor Wakes Up and Blows Whistle On Vaccine Scam! Philosophers Stone

Doctor Wakes Up and Blows Whistle On Vaccine Scam! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

A board certified doctor used to be one of those typical ego filled doctors who told everybody to get all their vaccines. He had a vaccine quota to fill and his word was not to questioned! That was until he began seeing his own patients regressed into autism. He tells the



UK needs Norway-style deal post-Brexit, says Varoufakis The Irish Times Yanis Varoufakis

The UK should stay within the single market for five years after Brexit and Northern Ireland beyond that under nominal control from the UK, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has said.

Speaking on a visit to Ireland, Mr Varoufakis, who was Greeces finance minister in 2015, said Britain should apply for a five-year transitional arrangement to remain with the European Economic Area under a Norway-style agreement at the end of the three-year Brexit negotiations.

That will give everyone a sigh of relief and an opportunity primarily for the House of Commons in London to debate amongst themselves what on earth they want to do in the post-Brexit world, he told The Irish Times before appearing at the Kilkenomics economics and comedy festival in Kilkenny on Friday night.

Mr Varoufakis called on British prime minister Theresa May to end these phony article 50 [Brexit] negotiations, which are not really negotiations and to seek EEA status for five years to allow for the restoration of sovereignty to the House of Commons.

Impossible positions

If I were sitting here in Dublin, I would be pushing both Brussels and London in the direction of climbing down from their respective impossible positions, said the 56-year-old economist.

A transitional model similar to that Norway, which, as an EEA member, operates within the single market but is not a member of the EU would be ideal for Ireland, Britain and Europe, he said.

Brexit negotiations were stuck in a never-ending loop, he said, and the only way Ms May can respect Brexit and create certainty was to secure the short-term EEA arrangement.

This would provide the EU and London with an opportunity to alter their positions and come up with solutions that are now absolutely impossible.

His plan B would involve telling London: Either that, folks, or you have to accept that Northern Ireland is going to remain in the single market, and Mrs May, sort it out with the DUP.

Ms May relies on the Democratic Unionist Party for a parliamentary majority at Westminster.

Beyond the five-year period, Mr Varoufakis said Northern Ireland could, with enough goodwill, remain within the single market with nominal jurisdiction and sovereignty from London.

We need to be innovative, he said. We need to create new forms of sovereignty.

Belfast Agreement

He described the Belfast Agreement as a very innovative agreement that allowed Northern Ireland to have a complicated sovereignty regime. By 2025 thi...


[Mexican prisons] Letter from comrade Fernando Brcenas Contra Info

To all rebel comrades

I write to all those who build their paths of autonomy, to remember that within these walls we try to apart our vital time from the machinery generating moments of lucidity in a suffocating world This is how, in those years, there were proposals of resistance, isolated struggles in forgotten areas, lost cry of rebellion in obscurity, collective moments of informal organization in the daily life of the open regime, that is to say, in the [prison] population in general, where, almost three years ago, came up the idea of creating a different space where prisoners could shout that we are enough from all this annihilation.

We know that the prison system is designed to subject our bodies and our minds to the structure of commerce and that is why we are not going to ask them to change, we know that money is the language of the powerful and that is why we do not have any requests, now we want self organize our lives on these walls because we know that what their social rehabilitation programs seek is to create submissive, repentant, and guilty human beings and this is why therefore they accept slave labor in the hands of prison officials.

Thus, the idea of founding an alternative library in the auditorium of the Northern Reclusory came up. But for this project of autonomy to grow and to allow its operation, we need your support and solidarity, because within prison we are more effectively repressed and therefore, this is a call to all those who know we are at war, we need you, only with you can we reach the strength to face the rotten logic of the system

Do not leave us alone in building another space for autonomy, our struggle is no less important, we are also slaves, children of war, we are poor, called criminals and therefore we are marginalized, but together with you, we will prove that we are capable to live the freedom here and now, even being behind stone walls

That is why we ask for support to maintain this project, the autonomous library in the North Reclusory.

With love and strength for all.

Fernando Brcenas



Translated by to...


Five Apps Every Freedom Loving Person Needs to Have Philosophers Stone

Justin King

Were revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click here to get started.

(TheAntiMedia) One of the greatest things about the technological revolution is that it has granted us the ability to have more computing and communication power in our pocket than ever before. Your cell phone has more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft. Instead of downloading the latest emoticons or browsing for pictures of cats, maybe its time to update your phone with apps you really need.

 ACLU-NJ Police Tape
Cost: Free

The app, put out by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, gives users the ability to record audio and video at the touch of a button. It also contains some basic tips on handling police interactions. The app automatically hides itself once recording begins to enable clandestine recovering. When the recording is over, it allows it to be uploaded with a single click to prevent law enforcement from deleting the evidence.

Tinfoil for Facebook
Cost: Free

Even those of us that are adamantly in opposition to government and corporate spying still end up being almost forced to use Facebook, even with their invasive permissions and spying. To help mitigate these concerns Daniel Velazco developed Tinfoil, an obvious reference to the tin foil hat we need because were concerned about our privacy.

The app runs Facebooks mobile site inside a quarantined area on your phone, keeping the cookies out and limiting Facebooks ability to track you.

Cost: Free

While technically not an app, its a service you need. Kitestring was developed as a dead mans switch. It allows the user to set a time to check in by. If the user does not notify Kitestring that everything is ok, the program sends out text messages to selected people letting them know the situation.

While the app is obviously useful for journalists who are on their way to meet with a source that might be a just a tad unstable, its also useful for anybody concerned about their safety. Lets say that youre going for a midnight stroll, simply let Kitestring know youll be back in 20 mins. If you dont check in, your friends will...


Weather Warning: Low Euridike to strike Greece with rainstorms, strong winds up to 9B Keep Talking Greece

Greeces national Meteorology Service EMY warns of weather deterioration with rains, storms and hail as wells as Sahara dust due to strong South winds. Winds will be blowing wiht intensity of  up to 9 Beaufort in North Ionian and South Aegean Sea -see maps below. According to the warning, the bad weather front called Euridike

The post Weather Warning: Low Euridike to strike Greece with rainstorms, strong winds up to 9B appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Has the BBC fact-checked this? Is the BBC biased?

This morning's Sunday on Radio 4 marked Remembrance Day by, among other things, featuring an interview with Hayyan Ayaz Bhabha, secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. 

That's a very 'Sunday' thing to do!

Hayyan is also associated with Muslims in WW1, a group dedicated to investigating "the global allied Muslim contribution in the First World War", and Sunday invited him on this morning to tell Radio 4 listeners about the group's startling claim that the number of Muslims fighting for the allies in World War One has been massively underestimated. 

The traditional figure,  Ed Stourton informed us, is 900,000, but Hayyan reckons it's more like over two-and-a-half million - and that, he says, is "just scratching the surface" and that the actual figures will be "much higher". 

It emerged, however, during the course of the interview that Muslims in WW1 is including labourers as well as soldiers to achieve these high figures. Ed asked if it's right that that's "not traditionally been done" and Hayyan replied, "I'm not sure" - which doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence.

One for More or Less or the BBC's Reality Check maybe. (As if!)

Also, as the interviewed closed, Ed asked him why the number of Muslims serving in the British Army now is so "tiny" (just a few hundred, a mere 0.5% of the total). Hayyan replied that Muslims in the UK aren't comfortable with some of the UK's recent military interventions, especially in Muslim majority countries. And guess what his solution is to that? Yes, he wants the Government to listen more to Muslim concerns. And Ed then closed the interview. 

I'm wondering what the 'true' Hindu and Sikh numbers are? Is anyone investigating that?


Greece: Text from Tasos Theofilou about his release from the court Contra Info

The depth and intensity of my gratitude for the people who with whatever means supported me all these years far exceeds my ability to express it. At the same time, my discharge from all categories is much more important than a personal vindication. It is a victory for the world of the struggle against repression. A victory of the underdogs against the deep police state. A victory of the movement and alternative media against the dominant mainstream media. A victory of counter-information against the regimes propaganda. A victory of the movement against the depravity of authority.

The decision of any court that had to confront such a voluminous file, but missing any kind of proof, such as the first degree court and also the second degree one, could not be anything other than political. But in contrast to the 1st degree, the majority of the members of the 2nd degree Felony Court of Appeal had the honesty to remain consistent in their declarations of still classist criminal justice and not succumb to the pressure of the lobby of the anti-terrorist crusade, but listen to the solidarity movement, ultimately acquitting me of all the charges.

So this decision is at the same time a first threshold on the machinations of the anti-terrorism unit and their industry of persecutions that have as their spearheads the anti-terrorism law 187A and the pseudo-scientific element of DNA.

The field of criminal justice can and must be one more field of struggle, as the individual court decisions that materialize also define always within the limits that their class position imposes social and political correlations. This particular struggle has future points of reference. From Iriannas release application to the court on July 17th to the trial of Skouries case following in September, and any protester trial up to every terror-court.

Tasos Theofilou


Translated by A.F.F.N

via 325.nostate l portuguese


Athens: A toy for every child SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN Contra Info

Against apathy, racism and xenophobia, with anarchy and solidarity among the oppressed as our power, we are creating another solidarity initiative.

As an anarchist/ anti-authoritarian radio, we make a call to everyone; every comrade/ companion, squat, assembly etc. to participate either by offering toys or by undertaking similar actions in our cities and neighborhoods. Lets make each city and neighborhood a place of struggle and solidarity.

Within the campaign, we collect toys in good condition (not broken or dirty). From today till the New Years Day, we deliver toys to the children of war living in refugee camps in Greece as well as to those children in need. If you want to offer a new one, please, prefer shops that are not labor camps or large multinational companies. Against the Christmas consumerism, we advocate actions without mediators which strengthen solidarity and anarchys ideal for the destruction of the capital and the state that generates fascism and wars.

Toys collection points:
  * , Exarcheia  Athens.

P.S. The collection points list will be updated continuously.

Free voices, shattered prisons

in German /Greek /Portuguese


666, Bitcoin , Mark of the Beast , 10 horns 7 heads, New World Order Philosophers Stone

Wallet address too difficult to remember ? dont want to save it online easily hacked get a chip


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Friday, 10 November


How Trump rose to power (in 233) Business Insider video Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece and author of Adults in the Room: My Battle with the European and American Deep Establishment, explains that the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right is a symptom of the failure of the establishment and liberal capitalism. Following is a transcript of the video.

Yanis Varoufakis: My name is Yanis Varoufakis. Im a failed finance minister of a failed state called Greece. Ive written a book, Adults in the Room.

Donald Trump is a symptom. Hes a symptom of the failure of the establishment. Hes a symptom of the failure of liberal capitalism to deal with a crisis of its own making.

In the European Union, the Euro crisis, which was a comedy of errors. Every time the great and the good in Europe in the European Union Council and the Eurogroup met since 2008, 2009, they compiled one gross error upon the next. The result being that now there is absolutely no leadership in Europe.

Angela Merkel had a splendid opportunity to be the leader that unites Europe, that turns us into United States of Europe, because effectively the moment you start unifying different disparate economies by means of a common currency, that should be a first step towards federation. Instead we are having the opposite process of fragmentation.

The alt-right, both in the United States and in Europe, is a symptom. Its a symptom of our generations 1929, which of course took place in 2008, and of the establishments spectacular, colossal failure to deal with the challenges by this, first the financial sector collapse and secondly, inability of our market societies to rise up to the occasion and to find ways of recovering a kind of equilibrium between savings and investment so as to create the prospects and the jobs good quality jobs that are the only real antidote to the rise of xenophobia populism.

Youve got to remember, we have to remember, that deflationary periods, like the 1930s, breed political monsters. So when the great and the good, and the Obama administration has a share of this blame, failed to deal with the crisis that started in 2008, failed to boost investment in things that humanity needs and things that can restore hope, effectively created the circumstances for their own demise and for the rise of the Donald Trumps and the Marine Le Pens and the xenophobic, racist populace around the so-called civilized world.

Saturday, 04 November


On Catalonia, the Muslim Ban and a Sustainable World Order Yanis Varoufakis

We continue our conversation with economist and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. His new book is entitled Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europes Deep Establishment.






On Nazi Resurgence in Europe & Why ISIS Loves Donald Trump On Democracy Now tv Yanis Varoufakis

We speak with former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis about the rise of the far-right Golden Dawn party in his country and how their policies have infiltrated the mainstream in European politics, including anti-immigrant measures similar to those proposed by Trump. Varoufakis says Trumps vow to crack down on immigration after the attack in New York City will only inspire more attacks, noting that ISISloves Donald Trump.



On Global Capitalism & How Trumps Tax Plan is Class War Against the Poor On Democracy Now tv Yanis Varoufakis

President Trump and House Republicans have unveiled their long-promised proposal to reform Americas tax code, with Trump calling it a big, beautiful Christmas present for the American people. Critics say the gift is a tax cut for the richest Americans. We discuss the proposal with economist and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who argues, Its an out-and-out class war waged against the poorest, the weakest, the disenfranchisedthe very same people that Donald Trump appealed to in order to get elected.



Puerto Ricans Deserve an Escape from Permanent Debt Prison on Democracy Now tv Yanis Varoufakis

As the White House finally agrees to release FEMAdisaster aid with more flexibility to try to help rebuild Puerto Ricos devastated power grid and other infrastructure, we speak with economist Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister, about the history of the islands debt crisis and what to do as it recovers from Hurricane Maria.


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