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Thursday, 08 November


Malcolm Gaskill: Death of an Airman London Review of Books

Van Dyke Fernald liked flying skylarking, as he called it, was glorious, the star stunt of the war. There were breathtaking views of the Alps and of the Adriatic and Dalmatian coastlines; the gloom hed felt on the Western Front seemed magically to lift. A pilot from his squadron described Venice glittering like a pink opal in the warm early sunlight. A classical education led these young men to frame their experiences metaphysically; leaving the earth felt like separating body and soul. We moved like spirits in an airy loom, Cecil Lewis recalled.


What the FUCK!? OK, wer von euch war das?! :-)Vampire ... Fefes Blog

What the FUCK!? OK, wer von euch war das?! :-)

Vampire lehren Grndern Buchhaltung

App-Game "Count FEFE" soll mangelnden Kenntnissen bei Start-up-Inhabern entgegenwirken

Brller der Woche: Die Girl Scouts verklagen die Boy ... Fefes Blog

Brller der Woche: Die Girl Scouts verklagen die Boy Scouts.

Punchline: Die Boy Scouts wollten sich zu Scouts umbenennen, fr mehr Inklusivitt und Diversity.

Das Asylbewerberheim Burbach wurde anscheinend sehr ... Fefes Blog

Das Asylbewerberheim Burbach wurde anscheinend sehr traditionell deutsch gefhrt. Zu traditionell, wenn ihr mich fragt.

Wachleute und Betreuer des Flchtlingsheims im siegerlndischen Burbach haben Asylbewerber eingesperrt, verprgelt, erniedrigt - gedeckt von der Heimleitung.
Wie, keine Zwangsarbeit?!

Die Midterm-Wahlen sind durch, und die Democrats haben ... Fefes Blog

Die Midterm-Wahlen sind durch, und die Democrats haben das Unterhaus gewonnen.

Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass sich dadurch nichts ndern wird.

Immerhin knnen sie jetzt sinnlose Untersuchungen gegen Trump anstoen. Bei denen Dinge rauskommen werden, die eh alle die ganze Zeit gewusst haben, und die nichts gegen Trump ausrichten werden. Und auenpolitisch haben die Democrats ja noch nie Kriegen und Sanktionen gegen irgendwelche Lnder im Weg gestanden, oder neoliberale Wirtschaftspolitik bekmpft.

Und solange die Democrats nicht im Senat die Mehrheit haben, gibt es keine Amtsenthebung gegen Trump und er kann weiterhin Richter ernennen, wie er lustig ist.


Brexit, Dark Money and the DUP Is the BBC biased?

I was intrigued by a comment from Rich over at Biased BBC this morning which ran as follows:

The bBBC produced a much heralded, by them, piece of speculation that was supposedly cutting-edge journalism a while ago in the shape of a BBC NI Spotlight special. 
This programme asserted that 435,000 donated to the DUP and used by them to back the Leave campaign was in their words Dark Money from a disreputable and illegal source and blatantly queried the integrity of Leave campaigners and supporters. At the same time this left the DUP as a party and as individuals open to claims of criminality, financial sleight of hand and of using Dirty Money. From, of all people, the bBBC and subsequently Sinn Fein? 
Travel to Europe, lots of shots of piles of paper in dark and empty offices, empty assumptions, blatant innuendo and nothing more than hyperbole produced a programme that seemed only to be an attempt to undermine the validity of Brexit and to discredit the DUP. The programme itself left me asking both is that it? and so what? but the matter was referred to the Electoral Commission and was investigated. 
Today they decided that the DUP has no case to answer and the donation was permissible under UK law. 
As they say here, Hell slap it up ye bBBC!.

The BBC News website had a report yesterday about the Electoral Commission's ruling, with the headline DUP's pro-Brexit advertising money was 'permissible' which confirms what Rich wrote. It begins: 
The Electoral Commission has told MPs that it is satisfied that a 435,000 donation to the DUP was permissible under UK law.
And it goes...


Scoop? Is the BBC biased?

As discussed on the Open Thread, the BBC really did appear to get a major scoop yesterday.

Some notes were "passed to them" of a step-by-step timeline ('grid') of how the Government might try to sell a Brexit deal to the public and parliament. The Government is denying that it reflects government thinking and is denying its authenticity, but it's a fascinating read nonetheless - and, were it authentic, it would be deeply worrying, as it would prove Government manipulation on a grant scale. Time will tell if any of it still pans out and confirms it. (But if it is genuine, won't it be scrapped now, following the leak?)  

It transpires, though, as so often whenever the BBC claims a scoop, that it wasn't quite the 'BBC exclusive' they implied it to be. Both the Guardian and PR Week make it clear that these 'notes' were leaked to several media outlets, including the Guardian, and not just the BBC. (So why are the BBC so obsessed with claiming 'exclusive' status and with not acknowledging other media outlets?)

Anyhow, as also noted on the Open Thread, it's striking how little use the BBC has made of its 'scoop'. Yes, there have been the US midterms to...


Passing thought Is the BBC biased?

The lovely Jane Kelly makes me smile. Here she is just now, tweeting:
On BBC Radio 4 Extra now there's Daljit Nagra archive on Isaac Rosenberg, WW1 poet. Wilfred Owen tomorrow. On BBC Radio 4 you can have a play about how terrible the police are to young black men. Those were the days, when you could get a policeman.


Cartoon eyes, a BBC sandwich-stealing scandal and Trump on the couch Is the BBC biased?

This week's All in the Mind marked the programme's 30th anniversary. The dulcet tones of the late Anthony Clare were heard again before its current presenter Claudia Hammond told us how she got involved in the programme. And it can be a very interesting programme, where you learn things like this: 

That if you draw some eyes on something and give people a sense that they are being watched they're less likely to behave badly and more likely to behave well. I think I already knew that, but I certainly didn't know that some hospitals put a couple of cartoon eyes on hand sanitisers as people are more likely to use them than if they haven't got any eyes on. And then Claudia noted that packed lunches were being stolen from fridges at the BBC, so she drew eyes on the paper bags she kept her sandwiches in and no one ever stole them again. (Note for any passing Daily Mail journalists, there may be a story about a sandwich-stealing scandal at the BBC. And you're welcome to it if you want to 'scoop' it!). 

And then it was onto a feature about whether politeness or incivility works best for politicians, and I bet you'll guess who was the almost exclusive focus of this segment? Yep. Except for one mention of ' basket of deplorables' (unattributed), it was the Donald in the dock, or on the psychiatrist's couch, all the way.

The psychologist behind the research, Dr Jeremy Frimer, said he'd actually cried on hearing that Donald Trump had been elected because of his incivility as he feared the Donald's election marked the end of a culture. He's found, however, that politeness pays. Nearly everyone - except a tiny fringe - dislikes President Trump's insulting tweets and name-calling and his popularity with his voters exists despite not because of his incivility, and he'd gain another 2% in the polls if he cut it out. Or so says Dr Frimer.

Happy anniversary, All in the Mind! (he says, politely). 


Metro 3 to resume direct connection to/from Athens Airport after outrage Keep Talking Greece

Athens Metro Line 3 will resume direct connection to/from Athens International Airport in the next few days following an outrage by commuters and travelers who had to change platforms with their luggage at <Doukissis Plakentias> station. Worth noting that the new decision is  taken just seven days after the halting of direct connection went into effect.

Athens Urban Rail Transport Organization (STASY) announced on Wednesday that the direct connection for Metro Line 3  Agia Marina Athens Airport and vice versa will resume in the next days.

Once the direct service resumes, airport train journeys will continue for the entire length of line 3 and passengers will not have to switch trains and platforms at Doukissis Plakentias Station, STASY said in a statement.

The new decision reverses the STASY decision that went into effect on 1. November 2018 and forced travelers to climb and descend stairs with their luggage in order to change platform and catch another Metro from <Doukissis Plakentias> station to the Airport.

Halting the direct connection had the effect that no other public transport means on rail track other than suburban train Proastiakos was available for those wanting to reach downtown Athens.

According to STASY, halting the direct connection to/from Airport was aiming to increase the frequenty of metro schedules between <Agia Marina> in West Athens and <Doukissis Plakentias> in East Athens during peak hours.

Neither this explanation is convincing nor the one that the Transport Ministry was allegedly not aware of halting the direct connection to/from the Airport.

Citing sources, news agency amna and other media report today that the secretary general of the Infrastructure and Transport Ministry, Thanos Vourdas, sent a letter to the Athens Public Transport Organisation (OASA) and STASY administrations, criticizing the decision and asking for explanations, including whether OASA had approved the changes made by STASY.

PS There is a nice German proverb: too many cooks spoil the broth as every cook adds his own ingredients and if something goes wrong nobody can claim responsibility.

The post Metro 3 to resume direct connection to/from Athens Airport after outrage appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


10,000 priests go from Greek state payroll, 10,000 civil servants come Keep Talking Greece

The agreement between the State and the Church frees 10,000 jobs for civil servants, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told reporters during a regular press briefing on Wednesday.

This gives the opportunity to cover these places with the hiring of civil servants to cover needs of the social state, by hiring doctors, teachers and others, Tzanakopoulos said.

An agreement between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and leader of the Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop Ieronymos foresees among others that 10,000 priests lose their status as civil servants.

Their salaries will no longer be paid directly by the state but by a Special Fund to be managed by the Church.

The state will still subsidize the priests salaries with an estimated amount of at least 210 million euros per year.

The decision has triggered an outrage among a large part of Greeces priests who threaten with dynamic protests.

Announcing the (future) hiring of 10,000 doctors, teachers etc even before the Holy Synod approved the Agreement is a clever political move to mute reactions.

The Health and the Education sectors have been severely hit by the austerity measures in the 8 years of bailout agreements with personnel shortages.


The post 10,000 priests go from Greek state payroll, 10,000 civil servants come appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Gone to Pot- Helping Grayson Perry find his lost artwork Undercurrents reports

An infamous living artist put out a tweet and I realised that he was involved in the same squat as I was in 1994. Grayson Perry had his Pot stolen from the Art House which was built on Claremont Road in a squatted house due for demolition for the M11 Link road.

This was his Tweet

Grayson's lost pot in the background
I realised that I held that pot in my hands and filmed it too. It is in the background of the artist who curated the Art House in this video still from this video. So I am on the hunt to find what happened to it. If anyone has any clues I would love to explore any possible leads.

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.

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Wednesday, 07 November


Favourite Is the BBC biased?

So, according to Nick Robinson, the auditions have already taken place for those seeking to replace David Dimbleby on Question Time. The six applicants were: Nick Robinson, Emily Maitlis, Samira Ahmed, Kirsty Wark, Victoria Derbyshire and Fiona Bruce. Nick doesn't reckon he'll be picked, and I'm pretty sure he'll be right about that as David Dimbleby is bound to regenerate into a woman this time. Nick thinks it will be (and deserves to be) Emily Maitlis. 


The day after the night before Is the BBC biased?

He's back already! I'm guessing he had three hours sleep at most, but you just can't keep some BBC reporters away from their Twitter feeds for long...


MUST SEE Is the BBC biased?

You must see this - well, at according to the front page of the BBC 'News' website:

Yes, a university student says she's received marriage offers after rolling her eyes at Nigel Farage on TV.

Well, I'm rolling my eyes at this article.


Bumped Is the BBC biased?


And to think it was only six days ago that a smirking David Dimbleby got his Question Time audience to laugh by saying:
The week after we're in Milford Haven. And believe it or not, at the moment at any rate, Arron Banks is going to be on the panel! So that's...we'll see! No, we'll see!


Las salidas laborales reales de los estudios en diseo grfico

Por qu resulta uno de los mejores momentos para estudiar diseo grfico? En la actualidad, la mayora de la informacin llega a las personas a travs de estmulos visuales.

De hecho, la mayora de la informacin que actualmente se transmite viene acompaada de una imagen que permita una mejora en la comprensin de los interesados. Por ejemplo, un mtodo de comunicacin visual muy usado en la actualidad son las infografas, las cuales consisten en una imagen donde se describe un proceso o se representan una serie de datos de manera continuada, permitiendo una mayor asociacin de la informacin. Estas infografas pueden ir complementadas con informacin en texto, aunque en la mayora de las ocasiones no es necesario.

El profesional en diseo grfico tiene un perfil multidisplinar, ya que su trabajo puede aplicarse a distintos mbitos de una misma organizacin. Su finalidad ltima es aquella de captar la atencin de los clientes, a travs de una apariencia atractiva y de una funcionalidad simplificada. Para aquellas personas que estn pensando en realizar estudios en un mster en diseo grfico, los perfiles profesionales demandados por la mayora de las empresas son:

  • Diseo publicitario: en este caso, el profesional en diseo grfico formar parte del equipo de publicidad y marketing de la empresa. La concentracin de una serie de ideas a travs de un diseo sencillo, se puede conseguir a travs de la creatividad y causa un gran impacto cognitivo en los potenciales clientes.
  • Diseo editorial: consiste en la maquetacin y composicin de pginas que pasarn a formar parte de revistas peridicos o libros. Se puede aplicar tanto para la impresin en papel como a travs del medio virtual.
  • Identidad de marca: la identidad de marca es el conjunto de valores que definen a una empresa. La concentracin de los mismos a travs de un diseo uniforme es una de las tareas ms demandadas del profesional en diseo grfico.
  • Diseo web: la web corporativa debe de ser uniforme y debe de estar correctamente estructurada. La navegacin a travs de la misma debe de ser intuitiva. Las imgenes deben de ser las adecuadas y se debe de buscar la armona de los colores. 

Estas, as como muchas otras, son las reas profesionales donde el especialista en diseo grfico podr desarrollar todo su potencial. Adems, la formacin en esta disciplina es altamente recomendable para profesionales que ya s...


Cmo obtener dinero a travs de Crditos Rpidos y el Trading Online

En ocasiones muchos se ven en la necesidad de solicitar prstamos rpidos de dinero para resolver una emergencia o situacin de ltima hora. Una opcin es pedir prestado a un familiar o amigo cercano, pero normalmente estos tampoco pueden responder a las cantidades y rapidez que se necesita en estos casos, entonces lo mejor es recurrir a crditos rpidos.

Hay que aclarar que las expresiones minicrditos online y crditos rpidos online son usados como sinnimos, pero aunque el fin es el mismo, entre ellos hay una ligera diferencia de concepto.

A qu nos referimos con los minicrditos online?

Los minicrditos online se refieren a pequeas cantidades de dinero que se puede pedir prestado a travs de prestamistas y hasta los 1000, en cambio los crditos rpidos online incluyen cantidades superiores, que pueden ser hasta 40.000.

Aunque muchos bancos pueden ofrecer prstamos similares a los crditos rpidos, es sabido por todos que los bancos suelen pedir una serie extensa de requisitos y el tiempo de entrega del dinero puede ser hasta de meses, en cambio los crditos rpidos tienen dos caractersticas que los superan a las transacciones bancarias tradicionales:

Son crditos rpidos ya que su aprobacin puede ser casi de inmediato y en cuestin de minutos. Para lograr esto, es recomendable que las entidades bancarias del prestamista y el beneficiario sean las mismas, para que el dinero sea transferido rpidamente.

Los crditos rpidos se pueden aprobar incluso si el beneficiario est en la lista de Asnef. Casi ningn banco se atreve a prestar dinero a alguien que est en una lista de morosos, en cambio los crditos rpidos funcionan en base a garantas de pago, que pueden ser algn inmueble.

A travs de un minicrdito online se pueden pedir prstamos de hasta 1000 en tan solo 10 minutos, mientras que un crdito rpido online se puede llegar hasta 40.000 y el tiempo de aprobacin puede ser entre 24 a 48 horas.

Aunque los crditos rpidos no son aprobados inmediatamente, sin duda alguna son mucho ms rpidos que un crdito bancario tradicional, cuyo tiempo de aprobacin puede durar varias semanas, meses o en el peor de los casos, ni siquiera son aprobados.


Hay que revisar...


Endereza los dientes con la ortodoncia invisible Invisalign

Muchas personas an piensan que la ortodoncia es un tratamiento principalmente dirigido  para nios y adolescentes. Pero en la actualidad cada vez hay ms hombres y mujeres, considerando colocarse aparatos de ortodoncia para colocar sus dientes en la posicin adecuada.

En vista de que la mayora de las personas por razones de esttica, no quieren tener puestos los tpicos aparatos metlicos en la boca, una alternativa novedosa y discreta es la ortodoncia invisible Invisalign.

Qu es Invisalign?

El sistema Invisalign endereza tus dientes sin cables ni soportes, utilizando una serie de dispositivos transparentes, personalizados y extrables llamados alineadores. Es casi imperceptible, por lo que nadie se dar cuenta que ests enderezando tu dentadura.

Invisalign se genera por ordenador a partir de un molde o impresin en 3D de los dientes del paciente. Los alineadores Invisalign estn diseados para ajustar tus dientes paso a paso con mnimas molestias hasta la posicin final requerida.

Cada alineador est graduado y elaborado con precisin para adaptarse a su boca en cada etapa del plan de tratamiento.

Cules son los beneficios de Invisalign?

Con Invisalign las mejoras en la apariencia de los dientes van de la mano con importantes ventajas para la salud:

Reduccin del riesgo de enfermedad bucal

Adems de corregir los dientes torcidos, con huecos o apiados, Invisalign tambin corrige las funciones de mordida anormales, cuando las mandbulas superior e inferior no se juntan correctamente.

Si los problemas de mordeduras no se solucionan, pueden provocar problemas de salud bucal adicionales, como caries y prdida de dientes, infecciones de las encas, erosin del esmalte dental y dificultades para hablar o comer.

Los dientes que estn muy separados o aglomerados pueden provocar una enfermedad de las encas llamada periodontitis. Cuando tus dientes estn colocados correctamente, las encas se ajustan firmemente alrededor de los dientes, proporcionando una fuerte defensa contra las infecciones de las encas.

La correccin de los problemas de ortodoncia puede poner fin a problemas como el mal aliento (...


Experiment Is the BBC biased?

I thought I'd carry out a little experiment and listen to Woman's Hour's midterm election coverage this morning to see how balanced it was. The hypothesis I was testing was that it wouldn't be balanced. 

The results include the imbalance of guests. It wasn't, as you might have expected, one pro-Republican versus one pro-Democrat but one pro-Republican versus two pro-Democrats. 

And, secondly, guess which of the three was the only one to be on the receiving end of an interruption? Yes, the lone pro-Republican guest, who Dame Jenni Murray interrupted to repeat her aghast-sounding question about racism in the Republican campaign. 

So the conclusions of my experiment are that Woman's Hour had an anti-Republican bias. 

I'm now off into a nearby wood to monitor some bears. I'm researching claims that they go to the toilet in such tree-filled locations.


Greeces priests declare Holy War for losing civil servant status Keep Talking Greece

Priests are fuming over the change of their labor status that was announced on Tuesday after a meeting between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and leader of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Ieronymos. According to the joint declaration of the Greek State and the powerful Greek Church, priests will no longer be civil servants and will no receive their salaries from the state but from a Special Fund managed by the Church. The state will just subsidize the salaries.

The Holy Association of Greek Priests, a union not formally recognized by the Church of Greece, is furious about the change also against the Archbishop.

The Archbishop and the Prime Minister negotiated about us without us, they acted behind our backs, we feel betrayed, deputy chairman of the union Father Georgios Vamvakidis told ANT1 TV on Wednesday morning.

This is not an agreement between the Church and the state, but an agreement between two people, he said.

The union threatens with legal measures and peaceful mobilization.

The priests are concerned about pay-raise, insurance, retirement  as well as possible loss of organic work places and demand answers.

According to the change of the labor status

  • priests will be no longer be civil servants and paid directly by the state
  • the state will pay annually to the Special Fund the sum of the priests salaries and will be distributed through the Metropolis as in the past
  • pay-raise will be adjusted according to salary raises of the public sector
  • priests will continue to be insured at the unified EFKA social security fund and they will received their pensions accordingly

The number of priests is estimated to be 10,000.

So whats the problem? Being a civil servant a priest can change parish if he wants to and continue receiving his salary without a problem. By changing the labor status priests fear that they will now depend more on the local Metropolitan bishops.

The Agreement between Prime Minister Tsirpas and Archbishop Ieronymos has still to be approved or rejected by the Holy Synod, the ruling body of the Greek Orthodox Church, that will meet later today.

Criticism did not come only by a part of the priests but also from SYRIZA. I cannot understand how the priests will no longer be civil servants but the state will keep funding their salaries with at least 210 million annually until the end of eternity, former Education and Religious Affairs Minister Nikos Filis told newspape...


Dont Believe the Hype: Demonetisation in India Was a Great Success For the Better Than Cash Alliance Rigged Game

Demonetisation disproportionately hurt the poor, as they were robbed of the free means of payment that they used to have at their disposal: cash and which was working well for them.

By Norbert Hring and cross-posted from The National Herald

I have been invited to write a comment on the failure of the Demonetisation exercise of Prime Minister Modi. True, it was an obvious failure if you judge it by its declared objective of fighting corruption, terrorism funding and tax dodging.

Almost all the demonetised banknotes were deposited in banks and thus re-inserted into the legal economy. It was a failure also if judged by the secondary goal of promoting financial inclusion. Rather than helping the poor by giving them access to modern means of savings and payment options, demonetisation disproportionately hurt the poor, as they were robbed of the free means of payment that they used to have at their disposal: cash and which was working well for them.

Those well integrated into a social web of support found ways to cope. Those at the margin of society, like migrant workers, suffered tremendously from being temporarily excluded from participation in the monetary economy.

It would be unthinkable for a US-government to take most of the cash out of circulation at four hours notice. If it is done in India to Indian people, however, it is alright! Representatives of the US-Government praised the measure. Bill Gates, head of the richest foundation of the world, declared the overall benefits well worth the temporary suffering of the poor. So did the Better Than Cash Alliance, of which the US-Government and the Gates Foundation are the two core members.

The excitement in the US about demonetisation is understandable, if inclusion is taken literally to mean locking-in, i.e. locking-in of all money in the commercial financial sector. In 2015, at the Financial Inclusion Forum in Washington, PayPals CEO Dan Schulman explained: Financial inclusion is a buzz word for bringing people into the system. And Bill Gates elaborated at the same occasion that the US-government had to make sure that financial flows take place in a digital system in which the US-government can find those transactions that you want to be aware of or you want to block.

Gates also said:

It is certainly our goal to make full digitalisation happen in the next three years in the large developing countries. We have worked directly with the central bank there (India) over the last three years.

Nachiket Mor is head of Gates Foundation, India. He has also been a member of the central board of the Reserve Bank of India until recently, with responsibility for financial supervision. Demonetisation has been q...


Link UK Against Fluoridation

Story image for fluoride from

Fluoride's Epigenetic Effect on Bone Development hours ago
When it comes to dental health, fluoride is considered a champion against tooth decay. It's in just about every brand of toothpaste, even added to our drinking ...


Houston voters approve removal of fluoride from drinking water UK Against Fluoridation

HOUSTON, Mo. Voters in the city of Houston have approved the removal of fluoride from the citys water supply.
The measure to continue the practice failed 482-292. The measure was approved for the ballot by the city council at their May 21 meeting.
Several public meetings on the topic were held in the weeks prior to the initiative being approved for the November ballot. Detractors say fluoride causes a darkening of the teeth and that studies touting the benefits of fluoride are lacking.
Those in favor of keeping fluoridated water say the chemical helps fight cavities and tooth decay.


USA - Springfield fluoride issue fails, will not be added to city water UK Against Fluoridation

The Springfield city fluoride issue failed at the balllot box Tuesday.


Nia Vardalos, John Stamos join forces with THI to rebuild wildfires-ridden Orphanage Keep Talking Greece

Actors Nia Vardalos and John Stamos have joined forces with The Hellenic Initiative to help rebuild the Lyreio Orphanage that was largely destroyed during the Athens wildfires in July. Funds raised through the online campaign will be funneled directly to the orphanage that does not receive subsidies and is funded only via donations. #THI Partners

The post Nia Vardalos, John Stamos join forces with THI to rebuild wildfires-ridden Orphanage appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Its not funny but its a joke: Londons housing activists Freedom News

At the weekend I attended the March for Homes, this was called by five of the council estates that are under threat of demolition in London. The demo was outside City Hall near Tower Bridge, it started at noon on Saturday and City Hall where the London Assembly sits, and the Mayor has his office


La primera medida de Bolsonaro es prohibir el comunismo en Brasil

El pasado 15 de octubre, el gobierno de Michel Temer aprobaba el Decreto presidencial N 9.527, que acaba de ser sancionado, por el que autoriza la creacin de una Fuerza de Tareas de Inteligencia para enfrentar al crimen organizado en Brasil.

El presidente electo, Jair Bolsonaro, elegido por 57,8 millones de personas representa el creciente apoyo al conservadurismo, el protagonismo de valores religiosos, el encarcelamiento y la represin como mecanismos de su gobierno. Durante su campaa, el candidato logr imponerse con su discurso de odio y su referencia a la dictadura militar, lo que nos lleva a asociar esta medida con la de los Destacamentos de Operacin Interna (DOI) y los Centros de Operaciones y Defensa Interna (CODI) que fueron creadas en la dictadura militar que gobern el pas desde de 1964 hasta 1985.

Estos destacamentos se ocupaban de controlar la informacin y reprimir a los opositores al rgimen en Brasil, entre ellos movimientos estudiantiles, colectivos sociales, investigadores y resto de opositores.

El actual decreto N 9.527 afirma en su artculo primero que la fuerza de tareas tiene el objetivo de enfrentarse al crimen organizado en Brasil, teniendo la competencia de analizar y compartir datos y generar informes de inteligencia, con el objetivo de servir de base a polticas pblicas y a la accin del gobierno, en el enfrentamiento a organizaciones criminales que atacan al estado brasileo y a sus instituciones, pero el mismo no concreta a que denomina organizaciones criminales quedando as abierta la interpretacin para la agencia de inteligencia militar.

Criminalizar el Movimiento de los Trabajadores Sin Tierra

El Senado brasileo, apenas un da tras las elecciones, realiz una consulta a travs de la disposicin SUG 2/2018: Vd. est a favor o en contra de criminalizar al Movimiento de Trabajadores Sin Tierra (MST), al Movimiento de Trabajadores Sin Techo (MTST), y otros movimientos llamados sociales, que invaden propiedades?.

La Cmara de Diputados ha propuesto castigar la apologa del comunismo

Al mismo tiempo, la Cmara de Diputados acepta deliberar sobre el proyecto de ley N 5358/16, presentado por el hijo del presidente electo, Eduardo Bolsonaro. El proyecto propone la criminalizacin de la apologa del comunismo.



5G in action: sparrows fall dead from the roof Philosophers Stone

The mega network for mobile telephony, popularly called 5G, is currently being rolled out. However, there seems to be a horror scenario to play, because there is animal death in the vicinity of deployed 5G masts and transmitting towers An example of this 5G mast on the corner of the Hoefkade in The Hague, is on the roof from HS telecenter a new 5G mast, low on the roof, but hardly visible. This antenna is not yet visible in the Antenna register.

A 5G test was done, in relation to Dutch railway station Hollands Spoor. To view the range of the mast and see if any adverse equipment damage would occur on and around the station. Immediately afterwards, the birds fell massively dead from the trees. What is going on here..? This is really a horror scenario, when these two facts are causally related to each other, which means that bird death is caused by the 5g-masts. Because we are on the verge of rolling out the national 5G network.

But we can probably go to sleep safely, or at least radiant, because it has all been tested well. Yes, surely? But the following days it will hit again in The Hague, in the Huygenspark, a stones throw from the Hoefkade .. Dead birds, with dozens on the ground .. As if were watching the thriller The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is currently screening a number of birds in the laboratory of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. Parts of the park have been deposited and dogs are no longer allowed to be let out. The dead birds are always cleaned up as quickly as possible, which in itself is a lugubrious scene. The Hague council member Robert Barker of the Party for the Animals had the feeling of being on a crime scene. The fact that so many birds fall from the sky at this location must have a cause and must be investigated....


Pension contributions for freelancers, self-employed, farmers to decrease as of Jan Keep Talking Greece

Pension contributions by freelance workers, the self-employed and farmers towards their pension will drop from 20% to 13.3% once a new law is voted, Labor Minister Efi Achtsioglou told News 24/7 radio station on Tuesday. The draft law for the reductions, which will include other professions as well, will be tabled within the week, she

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DIY at SHARE SHARE: Frome, A Library of Things

DIYDIY is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have 231 items in the DIY category. As well as all of the hand tools, power tools and DIY accessories you could think of, the category also includes things such as ladders, cables and more obscure items such as a floor nailer and a high pressure washer.

Working with pipes? This section includes a pipe cutter, a pipe blocker and a pipe bender!

A sack truck, a plastering kit and wallpaper steamers are further examples of the wide array of items in this section.

Most of the hand items in the DIY category are free for 2 day borrows to standard and subscriber members.

To view all 10 categories browse our inventory.

If youd like to sponsor this category and have your business advertised with every item borrowed from within it, as well as inside the shop and on our window, please get in touch with us.

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ADM came out to town, with music, banners and flyers to give the crowds a taste of current counterculture. FreeSpace Ruigoord did a insect show inside, calling out to save free spaces in Amsterdam.This is our flyer text:



Young Greek-Australian doctor killed by a shark in Great Barrier Reef Keep Talking Greece

A young Greek-Australian doctor was fatally mauled by a shark in the Whitsunday Islands Cid Harbour and died short time later after submitted to a local hospital. 33-year-old Victorian doctor Daniel Christidis worked as a research fellow in the urology department at Austin Health in Melbourne. It was believed that Dr Christidis had only recently

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The Immaturity Of American Concepts The Vineyard of the Saker

by Denis A. Conroy for the Saker blog One imagines from outside of America at leastthat the political system there, robust one year, retro the next, is on its way


Tsipras, Archbishop Ieronymos agree on Joint Fund for Church Property exploitation Keep Talking Greece

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and leader of Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop Ieronymos met on Tuesday afternoon ahead of the crucial Constitutional Revision. The poilitical and spiritual leaders of Greece agreed to set up a Joint Fund for the Exploitation of Church Property. Furthermore, they seem to have agreed on the Constitutional revisions with regards to

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Greek minority member murdered by Albanian Special Forces The Vineyard of the Saker

  CIA sees instability in the Balkans Greek minority member murdered by Albanian Special Forces This is how the plan for Greater Albania unfolds This analysis is made


The BIGGEST TruthBomb EVER! Philosophers Stone

Behind the scenes proof of how the Establishment Zionists in Great Britain put Trump into the presidency as a [Fake] Anti-Establishment candidate, using EXTRAORDINARY DECEPTION via Cambridge Analytica [This Is HUGE !!!!!!!]:

Here we prove that Donald Trump is a Zionist, NOT a Patriot, and even the ADL admits these are mutually exclusive terms (see item number 7) below). We will see clearly that Donald Trump is merely selling the illusion that he is Making America Great Again.

It is awesome that the QANON phenomenon [now exposed as a SCAM to Make Money see item number 32) below] resulted in many new truthers learning how to do some deep research, HOWEVER, NOW is the time to wake people up to THE UNDENIABLE FACT that Donald Trump is a 100% home-grown Zionist Bankster working for the Israeli mobsters. These Luciferians are like the central hub of the elitist PedoVores, who believe drinking infant human blood keeps them young and in power. If you ever wondered why Jewish Rabis traditionally (even up to this day) drink blood straight from the penis of freshly circumcised infants, now you know!




November 6, 2018: Russian Mercenaries Casualties Narrative Resurfaces In MSM The Vineyard of the Saker Russian-linked private military contractors (PMCs) have suffered new casualties in Syria, Syrian pro- and Russian pro-opposition militant media outlets claim. Initial speculations on this issue appeared on November 3


Inside Dark Justice: Are Our Children Safe? Philosophers Stone

Scott and Callum are the UKs most prolific paedophile hunters. As Dark Justice, they have provided the evidence to put eighty-four dangerous and predatory sex offenders behind bars since 2014.

Their success has propelled them into the public eye but Scott and Callum have always kept their faces and real identities hidden.
Now theyre faced with the biggest decision of their lives as they consider whether to finally reveal themselves, despite the very real dangers associated with doing so.

Newcastle based Scott and Callum say that the failure of the criminal justice system to deal with people effectively makes the rise in hunter groups inevitable.

Despite sustained criticism from the police, hunter groups evidence played a role in 47% of convictions for online grooming last year a seven-fold rise over two years.
Is their uncomfortable rise set to continue?


To learn more about this project and how you can help make it happen please visit:








Syrians and supporters hold a rally in Berlin to commemorate the... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

Syrians and supporters hold a rally in Berlin to commemorate the fate of the prisoners of the Syrian regime.
Tens of thousands of people, including children, are held in inhumane conditions in the prisons and torture basements of the Bashar al-Assad regime. Torture and hunger are the order of the day. The activists also remind of people abducted by Daesh, including children. 11/03/2018.
#berlin #syria #freesyria #detainees #prisoners #revolution #uprising #struggle #freedom #democracy #humanrights  #save_aleppo #idlibgasattack #saveghouta #warcrime #rally  #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #journalism #documentary #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #photooftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


An Open Letter to the Mayor of Scarborough North Yorks Enquirer

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Scarborough

From County & Borough Councillor Tony RANDERSON [Lab.], in regard to the ludicrous conduct of Scarborough Mayor Councillor Joe PLANT [Con.], who appeared content to jerk around as others pulled his strings.


Cllr Plant,

With regard to the debacle that you oversaw yesterday in the Town Hall Chamber, it has become very apparent that amongst your other attributes you also must be telepathic. You may now wish to refer yourself in a Formal Complaint for breaching the Constitution and bringing the Council (and your party) into disrepute.

There is no point having a Constitution if you, the Mayor, on instruction may flaunt it at will.

It is because I personally truly believe in openness and transparency that I am making this an open letter to ensure the public are clearly aware of my distaste at the commencement of yesterdays meeting.

Please enlighten myself on just how you justify your actions in your refusal to allow free speech when I stood to raise a very legitimate Point of Order.

How could you possibly rule it not a Point of Order when I hadnt even got to the Point of Order ?

Could you please enlighten me on just what I didnt say didnt comply with the Constitution, hence your clear telepathic powers must have come to the fore.

It is going to be extremely interesting just how you will be now instructed to respond with the legal arguments to show that what I didnt say did not comply with standing orders / constitution.

Note Well :

13.12 Of Scarborough Councils Constitution

Point of Order

A Councillor may rise on a Point of Order and shall be entitled to be heard immediately. A Point of Order shall only relate to an alleged breach of Standing Orders and a Councillor shall begin by specifying the Standing Order or Councils Procedures or Rules of Law and then state the way in which he or she considers it has been broken.

This role cannot be suspended.

I was in the process of undertaking this when you were instructed by Officers to curtail my free speech, contrary to the above clause.

The Tail is very clearly wagging the Dog here, yet again, and you are clearly comfortable in allowing this to occur.

Tony Randerson



Ex FM Kotzias files lawsuit for defamation, intimidation and spreading of fake news Keep Talking Greece

Former Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has filed a lawsuit for defamation and dissemination of fake news aiming to undermine him and the Prespes Agreement. The former FM filed a 10-page lawsuit at the Prosecutor of Greeces Supreme Court. The former minister believes that legal suits for treason brought against him by certain organizations, bullets sent

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"All we need now is for Andrew Adonis to be appointed entertainment correspondent" Is the BBC biased?

The comments under the BBC Press Office's tweet announcing Faisal Islam's new BBC Economic Editor job are really quite something - and possibly highly revealing. If you 'do Twitter', you ought to give them a read.

Yes, there are lots of fellow journalists wishing him well and saying good things about him, but mainly its ordinary Twittering members of the public, and there's a massive split among them:

On one side there are lots and lots of anti-Brexit people very warmly welcoming his appointment, heaping praise his 'balanced reporting' and praying he'll bring more 'balance' to the BBC's Brexit coverage. It really is striking seeing so many #FBPE types singing a senior broadcast journalist's praises in so an unqualified a fashion. They seem to really like him. (One non-parody #FBPEer even seriously tweeted, "BBC News, please allow him the freedom to express his views as he does now"),

On the other side there are lots and lots of pro-Brexit people very strongly not welcoming his appointment, calling him a 'Remoaner' and saying that the BBC is cementing its reputation as 'the leading broadcaster for Remoaners' by picking him for the job. ("Whilst I hate to talk ill of a fellow United fan, Faisal's leanings toward Remain have been undisguised since the referendum. Did that not concern the BBC, even slightly?", asked Dr Paul Stott, for example).

The partisan reaction suggests that Faisal is a 'controversial' choice. Maybe even, as the BBC might themselves put it, a 'divisive' one?


Israel lawmakers to debate death penalty for Palestinian terrorists Freedom News

Israels parliament is plannig to renew a debate next week on a bill that would make it easier to sentence Palestinians to death, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said today. He also vowed to have it passed. A law to sentence terrorists to death was one of Liebermans election promises in 2015 and the recent plan to


Krass. Seit Jahren gngeln uns die Banken mit immer ... Fefes Blog

Krass. Seit Jahren gngeln uns die Banken mit immer bescheuerteren Pseudo-Sicherheits-"Innovationen", und damit haben sie den Bogen offensichtlich deutlich berspannt. Jetzt ist offenbar der Groschen gefallen, dass die Kunden das als im Wesentlichen sinnlose Barrikaden betrachten, die ihnen im Weg rumstehen. Ergebnis: Fr berweisungen bis 30 Euro verlangt Comdirekt jetzt keine TAN mehr. Na dann kann da ja nichts schief gehen.

Wenn also Leute ihre Onlinebanking-PIN jemand anderem gegeben haben, weil sie dachten, der kann ja nicht viel kaputtmachen ohne TANs, dann sind die jetzt gearscht.

So "Dienste" wie Sofortberweisung wird das sicher freuen. Ein bser Mitarbeiter dort kann sich jetzt mal eben ein paar Millionen ins Ausland berweisen, oder wie?

Update: Mehrere Einsender erzhlen, dass auch einige VR-Banken das so machen, auch mit 30 als Schranke. Einer meint, dass comdirekt pro SMS-TAN 9 Gebhren nimmt.

Benutzt hier jemand Apple Facetime?Ich bin ja fasziniert, ... Fefes Blog

Benutzt hier jemand Apple Facetime?

Ich bin ja fasziniert, dass wenn jemand von Project Zero Apple-Ingenieure fragt, ob sie mal kurz was ausprobieren mgen, dass die dann nicht alle NEIN!!!1! brllen und wegrennen. Die haben echt immer noch Reste von Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field am Laufen und halten sich fr kompetente Programmierer. Unglaublich.

Update: Mir sei noch der Hinweis erlaubt, dass sie das mit RTP-Fuzzing gefunden haben. Erstmal ist es ausgesprochen peinlich, wenn berhaupt ein Bug mit Fuzzing gefunden wird. Peinlich, aber leider nicht unblich in der Industrie, so beschissen ist ihr Zustand. Aber dass Apple einen mit Fuzzing findbaren Bug nicht selber gefunden hat, das ist echt unakzeptabel und unverzeihlich. Wenn Apple-Kunden mehr als eine Hirnzelle htten, wre Apple echt in Schwierigkeiten.

Ein Einsender meldet gerade, dass N26 einen Product ... Fefes Blog

Ein Einsender meldet gerade, dass N26 einen Product Security Engineer einstellen mchte:

N26 is Europes first Mobile Bank with a full European banking license. We redesigned the banking experience to be simple, fast and contemporary. Founded in 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal, N26 has more than 500 employees and more than 1,5 million customers in 18 countries. N26 has raised more than $215 million from renowned investors including Allianz X, Tencent Holdings Limited, Li Ka-Shings Horizons Ventures, Peter Thiels Valar Ventures, members of the Zalando management board and Earlybird Venture Capital.

Once here you will

  • Use penetration testing skills and methodology to strengthen our internal and external applications and services.
  • Use software engineering skills to build services for security related topics such as: access management, continuous security testing, intrusion detection, fraud and abuse detection.
  • Use systems engineering skills to architect and build out solutions and frameworks that address current and future threats.
  • Use your knowledge of security architecture to help software engineers build secure products and services.
  • Perform application security design, threat modeling and code reviews.
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.
  • Delve into large datasets to find significant features, anomalies and patterns.
  • Enable other engineering teams to find flaws before they are introduced into production.
  • Perform reactive incident response when a security event occurs.
  • Perform proactive research to detect new attack vectors.
  • Educate technical and non-technical staff through our security awareness training program.
  • Improve our customer education program.
Also ich empfehle ja meinen Kunden immer, lieber erst Security und dann Produkt zu machen als umgekehrt. Dann hat man eine Chance. Sorum wird das erfahrungsgem ein ewiges hinterherlaufen und nie ankommen, wie bei Apple und Microsoft. Der Einsender hat noch einen Screenshot mitgeschickt.

Inhaltlich klingt das alles sehr nach "das ist SO verkackt, dass wir jetzt alles wegschmeien und nochmal ordentlich neu machen wollen". Sie suchen jemanden, der wei, wie man Architektur ordentlich macht. Das ist nichts, was man nachtrglich ndern kann.

Endlich tut mal jemand was fr die armen unterdrckten ... Fefes Blog

Endlich tut mal jemand was fr die armen unterdrckten Marktteilnehmer, Nestl und Unilever.

Um kleine und mittelgroe Agrarbetriebe vor unfairen Handelspraktiken zu schtzen, brachte die EU-Kommission vor einiger Zeit eine Richtlinie auf den Weg. Die UTP-Richtlinie (unfair trading practices) sollte Bauern davor bewahren, dass Handelsketten Vertrge nachtrglich ndern, Bestellungen stornieren oder die Ware erst mit Verzgerung bezahlen.
Klingt nicht schlecht. War es auch nicht. Bis jemand von der CSU es angefasst hat. Die CSU ist ja sowas wie der Anti-Midas. Was die anfassen, wird zu Scheie.
Bislang verhandeln nmlich die Edeka- und Rewe-Zentralen mit den berregionalen Lieferanten. Die gebndelte Einkaufsmacht sorgt fr gute Konditionen, was Lieferbedingungen und Preise angeht. Ginge es nach dem Europaparlament, wre das knftig verboten. Nonn ist entsetzt.
Ja gut, Rewe und Edeka zerschlagen ist ja eine Sache. Wo kommen Nestl und Unilever ins Spiel? Hier!
Was den Hndlern das Leben zustzlich erschwert, ist ein weiterer Coup der Parlamentarier. Sie haben beschlossen, dass nicht nur kleine Bauernbetriebe, sondern auch groe Lebensmultis wie Nestl und Unilever unter den Schutz der Richtlinie fallen sollen.
Das erinnert mich an den Film "The Corporation". Falls ihr den noch nicht kennt: Holt das nach! Ist ein alter VHS-Film, von dem es ranzige Versionen auf Youtube und co gibt, wenn man ein bisschen sucht. Die beschreiben dort, wie die Idee, dass eine Corporation eine juristische Person ist, eine pervertierung der Abschaffung der Sklaverei ist. Auf entsprechende gesetzliche Regelungen haben sich dann nmlich pltzlich nicht wie geplant Schwarze berufen, sondern Firmen. Das war der Startschuss fr die Idee der juristischen Person. Gut gemeint ist halt das Gegenteil von gut gemacht.

Update: Stellt sich raus: Hier gibt es eine brauchbare Version von The Corporation, von statt youtube, d.h. geht auch nicht weg, wenn ich drauf linke. Sehr schn! Englisch muss man allerdings sicher knnen.

Die Aliens haben uns eine Aufklrungsdrohne geschickt!1!!We ... Fefes Blog

Die Aliens haben uns eine Aufklrungsdrohne geschickt!1!!

We discuss the possible origins of such an object including the possibility that it might be a lightsail of artificial origin. Our general results apply to any light probes designed for interstellar travel.

Wir hatten hier ja schon hufiger Bullshit-Bingo-Texte, ... Fefes Blog

Wir hatten hier ja schon hufiger Bullshit-Bingo-Texte, aber der hier belegt aus dem Stand eine Top-Position. (man muss oben das Plus-Icon klicken, um den ganzen Text zu kriegen). Ich zitiere:

RESISTO platform is an innovative solution for Communication CIs holistic situation awareness and enhanced resilience (aligned with ECSO objectives). Based on an Integrated Risk and Resilience analysis management and improvement process availing all resilience cycle phases (prepare, prevent, detect, absorb, etc.) and technical resilience capabilities (sense, model, infer, act, adopt), RESISTO implements an innovative Decision Support System to protect communication infrastructures from combined cyber-physical threats exploiting the Software Defined Security model on a suite of state of the art cyber/physical security components (Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT security, Airborne threat detection, holistic audio-video analytics) and services (Responsible Disclosure Framework) for detection and reaction in presence of attacks or natural disasters.
Da muss man schnell Bingo-Zettel nachdrucken, um das komplett zu wrdigen!

Da war meine Fantasie noch nicht apokalyptisch genug ... Fefes Blog

Da war meine Fantasie noch nicht apokalyptisch genug fr die Realitt: Bei pltzlichem Herzstillstand wird Frauen von Umstehenden seltener geholfen als Mnnern. Also hat eine Professorin mal eine kleine Umfrage unter 50 Leuten gemacht:

Die Teilnehmer sagten unter anderem, sie wrden sich Sorgen machen die Frau versehentlich zu verletzen. Einige gaben auerdem an, sie hielten Wiederbelebungsversuche wegen der Brste fr schwieriger oder htten Sorge, wegen sexueller Belstigung beschuldigt zu werden.
Besonders krass: Sie haben dann ein VR-Experiment gemacht. Selbst wenn die zusammenbrechende Person virtuell war, haben Leute Frauen weniger geholfen. Vermutlich weil es nicht so sehr darum ging, ob die Frau selbst dich wegen sexueller Belstigung anzeigt, sondern ob ein Passant das sieht und dich anzeigt. Wow.

Oder das ist noch krasser und aus der Angst vor Metoo-Style Karrieremord ist jetzt eine veritable Gynophobie geworden, wie mein Einsender vermutet.

Erinnert ihr euch an diesen italienischen Physiker ... Fefes Blog

Erinnert ihr euch an diesen italienischen Physiker neulich, der beim CERN einen Gender-Vortrag gehalten hat, der sofort dazu gefhrt hat, dass er suspendiert wurde und das CERN seine Folien gelscht hat?

Die Nummer ist noch nicht zuende. Es gab damals eine Reaktions-Webseite, und die war eben auch nicht sauber, sondern erffnete schon mit einer rhetorischen Totschlagformulierung, bei der man den Browser-Tab direkt zumachen konnte.


Developments Is the BBC biased?

Carole Cadwalldr, possibly wearing Paul Mason's spare leather jacket

Well, what to make of the Information Commissioner's report into the misuse of personal data during the EU referendum, and the BBC's coverage of it?

The BBC is currently leading its news website with Leave.EU and Banks firm face 135,000 fines, concerning Arron Banks and the leading unofficial Leave campaign (or at least it was when I began writing this post. It's now gone back to the US mid-terms!), while also I'm seeing tweets from Tim Shipman, political editor of The Sunday Times, placing a very different emphasis on the Information Commissioner's findings, concerning both the unofficial and the official Leave campaigns:

  • Information Commissioner appears to find no evidence that Vote Leave used the Cambridge Analytica dataset or that there was any conspiracy involving them and AIQ.
  • Information Commissioner has also concluded that, beyond some initial scoping conversations, Leave.EU  did not use Cambridge Analytica either. Which unravels another thread of the conspiracy.
  • The claims are that: 1) Banks and Cambridge Analytica worked together on the referendum 2) Vote Leave was secretly coordinating with them via AIQ offshore. The ICO has found no evidence of 1 beyond the original discussions in public domain in 2015, and no evidence of 2.
  • The Information Commissioners report goes a long way to debunking the data conspiracy claims. The focus will now, rightly, be on the source of Banks money.

The BBC's take sounds much less appetising for Leave supporters than Tim's.

And the likes of Guido Fawkes...


Greece & Poland should join forces for WWII Reparations says German historian Keep Talking Greece

Greece and Poland should join forces also with other countries and demand together WWII reparations from Germany from damages they suffered during the Nazi occupation. Germany has an obligation to pay, says German historian Karl Heinz Roth who has also published a book on the German WWII debt to Greece. Historian and publisher Karl Heinz

The post Greece & Poland should join forces for WWII Reparations says German historian appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Giles Fraser on Asia Bibi and 'some people' Is the BBC biased?

This morning's Thought For The Day came from the Rev. Dr. Giles Fraser (yes, him). It was a bit of a curate's egg, but the main point he was making is an interesting one and I thought I'd share it with you via a transcript:

In the last presidential election 81% of white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump and 16% for Hillary Clinton. And there's little reason to expect anything other than a similar level of support in today's mid-terms. 
Christians vote for President Trump. One of the consequences of this is that Christianity is rarely seen as something neutral in America's acrimonious culture wars an, so, a strong association has been established between Christianity and, to put it crudely, rich white American men - or, if that's not exactly right, between Christianity and historic privilege and power. 
And the problem with the closeness of this association. reinforced by the media attention given over to American politics, it not that it isn't partially correct, because it clearly is, but rather that it doesn't speak anything like the whole truth about global Christianity. For whilst in some places Christianity may indeed be the religion of privilege and power, it's also the world's most persecuted faith. 
Take the case of Asia Bibi, not a rich white American man but a former farm worker from the Punjab. In 2009 this Roman Catholic woman was arrested after an argument with co-workers who said that she was too dirty to drink from the same cup as them. The subsequent accusation against Bibi, which she denies, was she insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Bibi was charged with blasphemy and sentenced to death by hanging. Since 2010 she's been locked up, attacked by fellow prison...


Tilting Is the BBC biased?

The coverage of the American mid-term elections on this morning's Today programme featured interviews with two BBC reporters (Dan Johnson and Jon Sopel), plus interviews with two US congressmen - the splendidly-named Representative Ted Yoho from Florida (Republican) and the more prosaically-named Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia (Democrat). In the non-partisan spirit of Senator Kaine's contribution, I'll happily say that both he and Ted Yoho came across well.

Justin Webb wasn't too bad either, particularly his interesting report from Levittown, though Mr Yoho got the less friendly set of questions and I smiled at his later summary of the two interviews: "We've heard from a Republican congressman who told us Donald Trump was not a racist but a unifier. We heard from Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016, who told us the Republic itself is under threat if the Republicans are seen to win this election".

But the two 'expert' voices, a ex-CNN reporter called Bill Schneider and a best-selling author called Michael Lewis, were both unsympathetic towards the Republicans (especially Donald Trump) and so, balance-wise, the programme tilted strongly in a Democratic direction. Confirming my suspicions (grounded in what they said) I Googled and discovered from non-BBC pieces that Mr. Lewis considers himself a "liberal Democrat" and that Mr. Schneider belongs to a centre-left Democratic Party-aligned think tank called Third Way.  


Changing headlines Is the BBC biased?

Hmm. A BBC News website headline drew a bit of unfavourable comment this morning. It ran: Lloyds Bank 'to cut 6,000 jobs but create 8,000 new ones'

Someone else quipped, "Surely it should be cut 6000 due to Brexit fears, create 8000 despite Brexit ".

Anyone, the headline has been changed. It now readsLloyds Banking Group revamp to affect thousands of jobs

Sky's headline, if you were wondering, is:


Mind your language Is the BBC biased?

A very minor point but whilst perusing Newssniffer today to find a different report, I spotted a BBC News website article about a former SS guard going on trial in Germany for Holocaust-related crimes and spotted that the BBC's ever-vigilant language police were on high alert. Version 2 talked of "the wheelchair-bound defendant", whereas in Version 3 that was changed to "the wheelchair user". I'm guessing 'wheelchair-bound' is now considered 'inappropriate'. 


Council of Europe trolls Greece: Austerity hampered access to Health Care Keep Talking Greece

The Council of Europe and Commissioner of Human Rights are trolling Greece. With several years delay, the European officers have discovered that the austerity measures demanded by the same EU officers and institutions have hampered citizens access to health care system and education. The Council of Europe is urging urged Greece to improve living conditions

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Sussex University investigates professor who claims Israel was behind 9/11 Twin Towers attacks with help from Zionists in US government Philosophers Stone


  • Professor Kees van der Pijls tweet was immediately met with mocking replies
  • Used as source conspiracy site that also claims Al-Qaeda is a front of Mossad
  • Sussex University said it is aware of the Facebook post on November 3

Sussex University is investigating a professor after he claimed Israel were behind the September 11 attacks with help from Zionists in the US government.

Professor Kees van der Pijl, the former head of its international relations department, used as his source an article entitled 9-11/Israel did it by conspiracy theory site Wiki Spooks, which also claims Al-Qaeda is a front for Mossad, the Israeli spy service.

The retired academic, who was responding to an article criticising US sanctions on Iran, was immediately inundated with a storm of mocking tweets, including one that joked, Yes, and Bruce Lee was the first man on the moon, damn media!

Sussex University said it is aware of the post and has not yet decided whether to take further action.


Phil Stone Says

Academia catching on to reality at last



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Tuesday, 06 November


Athens proclaimed the European Capital of Innovation for 2018 Keep Talking Greece

The Greek capital Athens has been proclaimed the European Capital of Innovation for 2018. In a special event organized in Lisbon, the Greek capital was declared the winner of the European Commission iCapital Awards. The prize awarded Athens for its ability to harness innovation in order to improve the lives of its citizens, the EC

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parliamentarian naivety UK Against Fluoridation

Photo of Paul BeresfordPaul Beresford Chair, Administration Committee

As my right hon. Friend is aware, I am a very part-time dentist and I am also a supporter of the British Fluoridation Society. Probably the very biggest reason for children attending hospital for general anaesthetic is to extract decayed, rotten, abscessing teeth caused by dental caries. Fluoridation of the water supplies is a very effective means of prevention. Does he support fluoridationof the water supplies, and what can he do to actively promote it, because, at the moment, it is in only 10% of our supplies?



Der TV Sd hatte anscheinend eine Remote Code Execution ... Fefes Blog

Der TV Sd hatte anscheinend eine Remote Code Execution auf ihrer Webseite. Und zwar da, wo jeder Pentest als erstes guckt: Bei der Suche.

Beim Aufruf der Suchfunktion auf der TV-Webseite werden mehrere Variablen bergeben. In eine dieser Variablen konnt man Perl-Code einfgen, der anschlieend ausgefhrt wurde. Testen konnte man das, indem man dort einen sleep-Befehl in entsprechender Perl-Syntax (z.B. ${sleep(10)}) eingab, der fr eine bestimmte Anzahl von Sekunden wartet.
Und wenn ihr euch jetzt denkt: Hey, das geht ja nur noch besser, wenn sie den Fix verkacken! Dann habe ich gute Nachrichten fr euch :-)

Die gute Nachricht: Tesla hat in ihrer Autofabrik in ... Fefes Blog

Die gute Nachricht: Tesla hat in ihrer Autofabrik in Kalifornien eine eigene Notfallmedizin.

Die schlechte Nachricht: Deren Ziele scheinen nicht so auf die Patientengenesung ausgerichtet zu sein.

The on-site medical clinic serving some 10,000 employees at Tesla Inc.s California assembly plant has failed to properly care for seriously hurt workers, an investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

The clinics practices are unsafe and unethical, five former clinic employees said.

Benutzt hier jemand Bitlocker? Auf einer SSD mit Hardware-Krypto? ... Fefes Blog

Benutzt hier jemand Bitlocker? Auf einer SSD mit Hardware-Krypto? Das ist wahrscheinlich keine so gute Idee. Bitlocker vertraut dann der Hardware-Krypto und macht keine eigene Krypto mehr. Und die Hardware-Krypto in typischen Produkten ist voll fr den Arsch, wie sich rausstellt.

Meine Vermutung ist, dass die Hersteller noch nicht mitgekriegt haben, dass man ihre Firmware extrahieren und reverse engineeren kann.

Ich sage gleich mal voraus, dass die Firmware ab jetzt verschlsselt kommt, damit sie kein Geld ausgeben mssen, um die Software in der Firmware ordentlich zu machen.

Update: Christian, der von Crypto mehr versteht als ich, erklrt:

Bitlocker macht OPAL, zumindest die Samsungs die ich seit eh und jeh empfehle, untersttzen DEK-Ranges. Das tun Sie auch hier. Damit ist die Sache safe. Im ATA-Security Modus das Master Passwort mit read-Recht so umzusetzen ist sehr ungnstig aber fixbar, wer OPAL nutzt ist davon aber auch nicht betroffen. [...]

Die DEKs liegen mit dem Passwort (genauer in dem Fall TPM Key) verschlsselt vor. Vllig normales Vorgehen, keine Hintertr, kein Incident. Fig. 8 hilft Dir weiter.

Das Paper ist in seiner Argumentation und Darstellung undurchsichtig und Verzeihung unsauber.

Da jetzt pauschale Ableitungen wie am Beginn des Papers draus zu postulieren ist Bldsinn.

Zur Erluterung: OPAL ist der Standard fr SSD-Verschlsselung. DEK ist der Schlssel, mit dem die Daten verschlsselt sind. Da nimmt man einen separaten Schlssel und nicht einfach den Hash des Passworts, damit man das Passwort ndern kann, ohne alle Daten zu verlieren. Die Grundlagen erklrt das Arch-Linux Wiki, das m.E. zum Weltkulturerbe zhlen sollte, soviel hilfreiche Dinge, wie da immer wieder drin stehen.

Update: Ich habe mich nochmal mit Kollegen unterhalten und die finden, dass doch das Paper Recht hatte und nicht Christian. Das Paper geht darum, dass jemand deine Platte klaut und du nicht kooperierst. Die Anforderung ist, dass das Laufwerk die Daten mit einem zuflligen Key verschlsselt, der nicht auslesbar ist, und den sonst keiner kennt. Das lsst sich natrlich auch nicht prfen, ob nicht alle Laufwerke von Baureihe XY statisch immer denselben Key verwenden oder so. Aber an sich haben die Laufwerke alle einen Zufallszahlengenerator (der auch hufig Mll ist, aber das ist ein anderes Thema). Man schliet die Platte jetzt mit einem Passwort auf. Die Platte kann aber nicht einfach den Schlssel aus dem Passwort ableiten, weil man sonst das Passwort nicht ndern knnte, ohne alle Daten zu verlieren. Idealerweise will man daher aus dem Passwort einen Zwischenschlssel ableiten, und mit dem den eigentlichen Schlssel verschlsselt haben. Das Paper hat jetzt rausgefunden, dass das bei den meisten Laufwerken nicht so...


John Macris: CCTV footage shows the moment of assassination in Athens Keep Talking Greece

Footage from CCTV shows how the 46-year-old Greek-Australian John Macris was shot down outside his home in Voula suburb of south Athens on October 31st 2018. Macris is in his car when a man approaches and fires at him from the co-passenger side. The man wears a jockey cap,a two-colored jacket, black trousers and black

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Faisal Islam to become Economics Editor for the BBC Is the BBC biased?

Guido Fawkes has been tracking biased and/or innacurate reporting at Sky News for a while, particularly from its political editor Faisal Islam. Here's are three Brexit-related examples:

So, in the light of that, if Guido is correct, what shall we make of the announcement today that Faisal Islam is joining the BBC and taking over Kamal Ahmed's old job as BBC Economics Editor?

Well, at least his reporting now comes under the remit of Is the BBC biased?!


Make Car Parks Used Again! North Yorks Enquirer

Having lived in Scarborough town centre for a number of years the residential parking situation is generally dire. It can be quite difficult to find a parking space near your home. It is always interesting to listen to the stories of other residents, how much worse their parking problems are and have a think about easy remedies.

One disabled resident lives near The Street off Dean Road and their car is their lifeline. The particular road is busy twenty four hours a day. As you would expect during an evening and through the night, it is mostly packed with the vehicles of residents. Mostly, but you dont need a permit to park during those hours.

During the day it is packed with the vehicles of folks who work at The Street and surrounding businesses. The disabled resident has great difficulty getting around and upon returning home they have to park a couple of streets away and it is a bit of a struggle getting back home.

There is a solution however. North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) could create a disabled bay outside their home. The length of time to get a disabled bay implemented is long. First it takes visits from people with clipboards to assess the situation. The whole process then needs to be rubber stamped and written into local traffic orders by solicitors. It could potentially cost a few thousand quid for a few blobs of white paint.

If another disabled person turns up and parks outside their home, they are right back to square one.

This got me thinking about a long term solution that would improve the lives of residents. What drives working people to park on those residential streets during working hours?

Currently, you can buy two different business parking permits from two different councils to park in the area. From NYCC you can buy an on-street parking permit for 125. From Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) you can buy an off-street parking permit for 493. Naturally everyone buys a permit for 125 and parks on residential streets.

The parking problems are created by the two local authority bureaucracies that serve the area. So I popped down to Dean Road car park during business hours on three days in October and took some photos.

15th October 2018



#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #waiting #streetphotography... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #waiting #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


The Lesson of Brazil Anarkismo

The catastrophe expected and foreseeable has happened. This immense country, with its 200 million inhabitants, is now in darkness. At best, it will take a decade or two to emerge.


Evo Morales espera tener buenas relaciones con el Brasil de Bolsonaro

Evo Morales, el presidente boliviano desde el 22 de enero de 2006, declar durante el transcurso de un evento que esperaba la continuidad de acuerdos comerciales entre Brasil y Bolivia durante el gobierno del ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro.

En la rueda de prensa, el presidente del pas andino dijo que no tuvo oportunidad, tras haber enviado la Cancillera boliviana una nota oficial de felicitacin por su triunfo, de conversar con el nuevo presidente brasileo, Jair Bolsonaro, pero que espera del gobierno de Bolsonaro la continuidad de acuerdos econmicos y polticos entre los dos pases:

Hemos definido muchas polticas de acuerdos, muchas polticas de integracin con ex presidentes desde Lula, Dilma y Temer, vamos a retomar esa agenda, como estamos haciendo con Paraguay (tras la llegada al poder en este pas de Mario Abdo Bentez). Tenemos nuestras diferencias ideolgicas, pero por encima de eso, estamos juntos para trabajar por nuestros pueblos.

Evo Morales coment adems que espera un dilogo con el presidente brasileo sobre la integracin comercial entre Brasil y Bolivia:

Tenemos integracin no slo de carcter fsico, en la parte de caminos, como tambin la integracin comercial es importante, somos pases vecinos, eternamente seremos vecinos, finaliz.

En el evento donde realiz las declaraciones estaban presentes miembros del Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior y empresarios del pas vecino. El alcalde de la ciudad brasilea de Corumb y miembro del PSDB (Partido de la Social Democracia Brasilea), Marcelo Iunes, tambin particip en la ceremonia.

La Repblica Federativa de Brasil elega el pasado da 28 de octubre de 2018 al nuevo presidente brasileo, repitindose como en el caso norteamericano con Donald Trump, la eleccin de un presidente de derechas con propuestas extremas.

La entrada Evo Morales espera tener buenas relaciones con el Brasil de Bolsonaro se public primero en


Los errores de la izquierda brasilea que auparon a Bolsonaro Anarkismo

El relato victimista del PT, la divisin de las izquierdas, la ausencia histrica de autocrtica y apostar por la polarizacin ayudaron a la ultra derecha a tomar el poder en Brasil.


Calling the police Is the BBC biased?

A private video of several people cheering and laughing as they burned an effigy of Grenfell Tower for Bonfire Night was shared on social media. For this sickening joke, five men have now been arrested. 

The BBC, and many others, are prominently reporting it (it's been the main headline on Today and BBC Breakfast this morning), but doing so without even the slightest nod towards the kind of concerns popping up across my Twitter feed today:

  • What's noticeable about the Grenfell Effigy disgrace, is not that anyone was despicable and ghastly enough to do it, we've always had idiots, but that we now live in an age when the PC Empire mob demands the police validate their opinions, while really crime goes unsolved.
  • Sick joke. I understand why people are offended and upset. However, this does not need "further investigation". This isn't a "hate crime". Not everything that's "wrong" should be a crime. 
  • I do hope some enterprising journo analyses the time (and money) the Met spends devoted to different kind of crimes. Seems that snowflake 'crimes' are disproportionately resourced to seriousness of say, stabbings and gang crimes.
  • Fear not Gary (Lineker), the Met Police are already on the case. They literally have nothing else better to do.
  • Nobody has been prosecuted over the deaths of 72 people in the Grenfell inferno (excluding compensation fraudsters). We shouldn't lose sight of the real scandal amid calls to charge idiots who burned a model of the tower (heartlessly offensive but is it a legal offence?)
  • Making a video making light of a fire where many died is obviously disgusting, but it is not against the law. Britain makes itself a global laughing stock when it does stupid things like arresting people for bad jokes.
  • Investigating what? Is bad taste illegal now?
  • Four people murdered in four days in London. Meanwhile, after a national manhunt, police finally catch the people who set fire to a model of a building.

These idiots were vile to do what they did, but, seriously, how far should arresting people for this kind of idiocy go? After all, should the police be called in every time an effigy of Boris Johnson is set alight (especially after the murder of fellow MP Jo Cox), or after effigies of Donald Trump are burned across Britain (especially after one Brit has already tried to assassinate him)? Will the BBC ever ask...


Simon McCoy breaking the Spice Girls news Is the BBC biased?

I do like Simon McCoy:


USA - Fluoride ballot measure in Brooksville: What you need to know UK Against Fluoridation

  • Brooksville residents will be asked if they want to keep receiving fluoride in their water supply.
  • The city has added fluoride to its water since the mid-1980s but stopped at some point. A debate in 2013 led to its return.
  • The ballot measure is a response to official debate on the topic that has sprung up this year. Across the county, a vocal minority has protested public water fluoride programs.
  • Medical and dental organizations widely agree that adding fluoride to the water supply at the recommended levels is critical to preventing tooth decay. Local dentists have urged the city to keep fluoride in the water for all its citizens, especially  those who cannot afford dental care.
  • ...


EHN editor Brian Bienkowski joins the weekly program Living on Earth to talk water fluoridation UK Against Fluoridation

Bienkowski reported on the the studies last month and the story was one of's most viewed.
One study, from Canada, found that adults who are iodine deficient and have higher levels of fluoride in their system have a greater risk of an underactive thyroid. A second study, from Mexico, found mothers with higher fluoride exposure during pregnancy were more likely to have children with symptoms of ADHD. Both studies were published in the journal Environmental International.
A third study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that among 1,566 pregnant women in Canada, fluoride levels in urine were almost two times higher for women who lived in regions where the element was added to their drinking water compared to pregnant women in regions with non-fluoridated water.
"The disagreement is whether it's being put in our water at levels that's indeed doing that," Bienkowski said. "So, I think that the best way to go forward here is to follow the science and have policymakers follow through on actually using the best available science."
You can listen to the entire segment with Bienkowski aboveEHN editor Brian Bienkowski joined Living on Earth's Steve Curwood to talk about three new studies released last month linking fluoride exposure to ADHD in children and thyroid problems in adults.
"It's an interesting debate because there are two points of public health pitted against one another," Bienkowski said. "You have healthier teeth because of this, but also some of these links are concerning. And I think the concern for many health researchers is that we are putting this in our water and we're not sure exactly what each person's exposure is."


Australia - LETTERS: Don't force fluoride on us UK Against Fluoridation

Don't force fluoride on the population
THIS is not about fluoride, rather it's about our right to choose how we live.
Does the community have the right to force the ingestion of a substance many of us don't want and don't need?

Fluoride won't stop tooth decay any more than a reduction in our sugar intake and good oral hygiene will.
The fact is for every expert who lauds fluoride there is one who decries it!
No, not really surprising this is normal when it comes to experts.
If people really want to ingest fluoride there are many ways they can do so, without the need to enforce their will on the rest of us.
The 'right' to mass medicate is a slippery slope which leads, who knows where?


F.A.N. Newsletter UK Against Fluoridation

Erin Brockovich Urges Voters to Reject Fluoridation on Election Day

At least three communities in the U.S. will be voting on fluoridation this election day on November 6th. 
Houston, Missouri started fluoridating after a council vote approved it in 2002. Local resident George Sholtz voiced his opposition to the practice at a regular council meeting this past April and shared the latest science with leaders.  This resulted in a public forum held in May, where Paul Connett, PhD presented the case against fluoridation to a full town hall.  Soon thereafter the council voted unanimously to place the following question on the November ballot to let voters decide for the first time whether they wanted to continue the practice (note the use of the proper additive name for fluoride in the question):
Shall the City of Houston continue adding fluoride--hydrofluosilic acid--in the municipal water? The water is currently treated as recommended and approved by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services?
Springfield, Ohio (population served 85,000) will vote on fluoridation for the third time since 2005, as the County Health District has successfully gathered enough signatures to have the question added to the ballot in a repeat effort to initiate the practice.  Both recent votesalong with a third vote in 1969--resulted in nearly 60% of voters rejecting fluoridation, which officials speculate will cost over $1.25 million to implement.  The pro-fluoride lobby attempted to have the vote immediately after raising the issue in May, but the council killed that proposal so citizens could educate themselves prior to making a decision.  To learn more visit the local campaign Springfield Against Water Fluoridation.


Baby and Children at SHARE SHARE: Frome, A Library of Things

Baby & ChildrenBaby & Children is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have 53 items in the Baby & Children category from Reusable Nappies, High Chairs and Bed Guards through to Scooters and Roller Blades via toys including a Mini Trampoline!

To view all 10 categories browse our inventory.

If youd like to sponsor this category and have your business advertised with every item borrowed from within it, as well as inside the shop and on our window, please get in touch with us.

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1MDB Is a Nutty Story. Heres Why Rigged Game

Sometimes the real world really is stranger than fiction.

By Harry Cassin and cross-posted from The FCPA Blog

The former chairman of Goldman Sachs in Southeast Asia, Tim Leissner, pleaded guilty yesterday to FCPA and money laundering conspiracies in connection with a plot to loot the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB.

Here are eight odd facts about the 1MDB investigation.

1. The alleged mastermind is a 36-year old fugitive.

Low Taek Jho a.k.a. Jho Low, pictured above, is a Malaysian whos sought by U.S., Swiss, Singaporean, and Malaysian authorities.

He may be traveling on a passport from the Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Low has also supposedly been seen in Phuket, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai since the 1MDB scandal broke.

He was supposedly last seen in China, but local authorities deny hes there.

2. Spies are involved.

Eight former agents from Malaysias foreign intelligence agency were arrested in August for allegedly stealing $12 million in government funds possibly related to 1MDB.

The agents worked for the Malaysian External Intelligence Organization or MEIO.

3. Tim Leissner is married to fashion designer and reality TV star Kimora Lee Simmons.

Simmons television show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, aired from 2007 to 2011 on the Style Network. This picture shows Leissner and Simmons with Malaysian ex-PM Najib Razak.



SWIFT verweigert wegen neuer US-Sanktionen dem Iran ... Fefes Blog

SWIFT verweigert wegen neuer US-Sanktionen dem Iran die Zusammenarbeit. Damit ist der Iran vom weltweiten Banking abgeschnitten. Nur weil Trump was fr den Wahlkampf brauchte. Und weil der Iran den deal mit Obama gemacht hatte, nicht mit ihm.


Villa of War of Independence hero Miaoulis for sale for 4.5million Keep Talking Greece

A legendary villa with historical significance is for sale by Sothebys real estate. Constructed in 1808 by Venetian architects it was the residence of famous Admiral Andreas Miaoulis,one of the most important men of the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. Loaded with history, architecture and decoration that combines past and present, cultures and

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...and on and on... Is the BBC biased?

Meanwhile, following Sunday's The Andrew Marr Show, the War of Arron's Ear rumbles on...

spiked's Brendan O'Neill has written what I think is an absolutely spot-on defence of the BBC over at the Spectator. (And Rob Burley will love it).

Brendan rails against the "self-important" enemies of free speech - and a free media - who want to force the BBC to permanently exclude people whose views they dislike, and contends that such people's "unhinged Banks-bashing" is merely a cover. Remember, remember, he argues. "Remember it is voters theyre really hating on" - Brexit-voting voters:
It is the role of a news organisations to decide what is interesting, to arrange interviews, to interrogate people who are involved in politics or business or some other important public pursuit. That is exactly what the BBC is doing this morning. It is contributing to a healthy open society. Those trying to starve Banks of the oxygen of publicity are doing the opposite: they want to limit media freedom, freeze difficult discussion, and force broadcasters to conform to their worldview. They are a menace to democracy and open debate.
Meanwhile, over at the Guardian, those very people are out in force. There's Lord Adonis, of course,  who described Andrew Marr's treatment of Arron Banks as "pathetic", but also Suzanne Moore (who I can never think of without thinking of Germaine Greer's infamous description of her "hair bird's-nested all over the place, f*ck-me shoes and three fat inches of cleavage"), who talks of "Marrs failure to press Banks" - which certainly isn't what I saw - and of the...


The False Feminine Philosophers Stone

by Soren Dreier

The feminine spirit is such a beautiful thing, so why are a lot of women abusing it to a degree where the kindest thing to do is to label them as: A very stubborn and dedicated bunch of hyenas.

Seems like women really do not need the degrading masculine in order to assassinate the divine qualities that would define the feminine spirit.
In the way that they conduct themselves; nasty, angry, passive aggressive, openly aggressive and what have we, they degrade it and themselves, hiding behind that same feminine spirit as a tool for self-victimization every time they feel somebody stepping on their most feminine toes.

I will not go into defining the feminine spirit in this post, since I have done that enough. What I will address is the misunderstanding and the cowardice that urges women to take the feminine spirit hostage in their attempt to feeling entitled to it by default.

In the big society we have seen that happen with the election in America. Men and women really said, really wrote, really argued that Hillary should be elected on one account, and one account only: That she is a woman.

I will not go into what else Hillary is here, since it is not a political post. But, isnt that just her gender? A woman, in this case Hillary, and the woman argument is not a matter of the feminine, Hillary couldnt be further from it, but nothing more than a hollow gender referral. I mean, why vote for a man just because his gender is male?

So I or anybody else should vote for The Woman? Only that? No matter how far in mileage they are...


Only connect Is the BBC biased?

And talking of openDemocracy...

That piece on the BBC News website today, which I know some of you have read, headlined The ordinary people making the world more right-wing, was written by Professor Richard Youngs of the Carnegie Institute. 

Googling around, as you do (or, at least, I do) after reading such a BBC piece, I found that Prof. Youngs also writes for openDemocracy

And I wasn't particularly surprised to discover that.  


Turkey hallucinates of Greek research vessels when none is around Keep Talking Greece

Paranoia has reached an alarming level in Turkey and our neighbors see Greek vessels violating their narrow territorial waters where none are. A Greek research vessel for the Greek Navy entered Turkish territorial waters. Turkish news agency IHA reported adding that the vessel was sailing towards Kusadasi coming from the island of Samos. The movements

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Las actividades de venta estn presentes en casi todo lo que hacemos

No solo se trata de la comercializacin de un producto, va mucho ms all de eso: tiene que ver con ofrecer una conferencia, prestar determinado servicio, colocarle lmites a tu hijo e incluso defender ante tu pareja algn destino vacacional. Todo ello es venta y as lo confirm Nstor Braidot, uno de los especialistas ms consultados sobre la aplicacin de las neurociencias al desarrollo de organizaciones.

Tan presente est el proceso de venta en nuestras vidas que el experto en neuromarketing, neuroliderazgo, neuromanagement y neuroventas reflexion al respecto: Por ms que pueda sorprender, la mayora del tiempo estamos vendindonos. Cuando queremos convencer a nuestros superiores de que merecemos un ascenso, cuando empezamos una relacin, entre otros.

Braidot insisti en la necesidad de desmaterializar, desmitificar y habla de levantar lo que conocemos como el proceso tradicional de ventas. Su explicacin tiene que ver con el hecho de que la neuroventa a su juicio- est ntimamente relacionada con los comportamientos humanos. Por eso es que sugiere que en el mbito comercial se sumen nuevas metodologas que permitan llegar al cliente esencialmente como personas y en paralelo apoyarse de los ltimos avances en el rea de las neurociencias con el fin de establecer relaciones que partan de cmo funciona el cerebro.

De igual manera, lament que en la actualidad algunos vendedores se valgan de tcnicas tradicionales que en nada contribuyen al entendimiento del cliente. Con las neurociencias modernas podemos entender que de seguir haciendo las actividades como hasta ahora hay un significativo ahorro de energa para el cerebro, que ms all de ayudar crea una especie de prisin invisible al contribuir con la creacin de una zona de comodidad, de confort.

El experto insisti que de all es que resulta tan difcil para muchos cambiar los hbitos, modos de relacionarnos, tcnicas y hasta pensar y hacer.

Quedarse en esa zona de comodidad es un error. La actualidad demanda vender con inteligencia y sobre todo con resultados que permitan a los profesionales poder aprender de manera cotidiana y con ello capitalizar el avance del conocimiento cientfico y la tecnologa. El contexto actual demanda flexibilidad, dinamismo, plasticidad y modernidad, puntualiz.

La entrada Las actividades de venta estn presentes en casi todo lo...


November 5, 2018: Former US-backed Militants Switch Sides In Conflict The Vineyard of the Saker Former members of US-backed militant groups are joining forces with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, operating in Syria, the WSJ reported on November 1. According to the report, approximately 2,000


A Tale of Belief and the BBC Is the BBC biased?

Talking of hatchet jobs...

Here's John Sweeney!

As soon as I looked at the Radio 4 schedule today and saw A Tale of Belief and the Courts: Joshua Rozenberg investigates the Christian Legal Centre I thought, "That will probably be a hatchet job on the Christian Legal Centre". 

After all, conservative Christian campaigning organisations campaigning for Christian values and the rights of traditional Christians really aren't the BBC's cup of fair trade tea. (To put it mildly).

Now, of course, a hatchet job can only be a true hatchet job if it's seriously open to doubt that the person or organisation being hatcheted deserves a hatcheting. So is it open to doubt here?

Given that the balance of voices in the programme, 'talking heads'-wise, was 5:2 against the Christian Legal Centre and that I'd place a rough estimate of the total 'talking head' airtime as going quite possibly as high as 4:1 against the CLC, this certainly wasn't a balanced programme - stats-wise at least. 

And no one from the CLC agreed to cooperate with the BBC, so their voices were absent. 

And the overwhelming (im)balance of voices against the CLC was drafted in support of Joshua's narrative and the CLC's defender (who. very nicely, sent Joshua a 'thank you' tweet today) was duly contradicted by Joshua as his narrative resumed. 

Yet Joshua, who's been a part of my listening life for so many years now, did make a damning-sounding case against them, wielding either his hatchet or his scalpel (to taste) expertly. 


Petrounias undergoes surgery and posts a picture to thank his supporters Keep Talking Greece

Greeces Lord of the Rings, Golden athlete Lefteris Petrounias posted a picture from the bed where he lies just hours after the surgery in his left shoulder. The surgery was conducted in France on Monday morning, just a couple of days after Petrounias won his third Golden Medal in a row in Doha, last Friday,

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Hatchet time Is the BBC biased?

Tommy Robinson says the BBC is about to broadcast a "hatchet job" on him, with the aim of "destroying" him.

They've got "secret recordings", he says.

He doesn't know which BBC programme will be brandishing the hatchet, though I'm guessing Newsnight. (John Sweeney probably.)
And so the world now waits with bated breath for the BBC's hatchet to fall...


ND MP: Scrapping religious oath will ban Christmas, remove cross from Greek flag Keep Talking Greece

Constitutional revisions with regards to religion reforms prepared by the government have triggered a religious frenzy of such level that even Greek Orthodox hardliners would envy. Religious neutrality and scrapping the religious oath for lawmakers and the President of the Hellenic Republic will end up in banning public celebration of Christmas and removing the cross

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Thursday, 01 November


Lecciones en portugus. Otra bofetada ideolgica. Feminismo 3G Anarkismo

Feminismo 3G
Progresistas, reformistas, feministas, izquierdistas vendidos, oportunistas, corruptos, nepotistas: patas de la misma araa de rincn que envenena y paraliza la movilizacin de la clase trabajadora. Esos que son incapaces de presentar un proyecto poltico serio o de levantar una organizacin que vele y se la juegue por los derechos de todos.

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