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Saturday, 26 August


Jazz, Resistance and Me (documentary) Writings - Gilad Atzmon



I came across this KontreKulture's video today. I am not sure it was featured on my site before. It was actually very interesting for me to watch. I speak about many things to do with music, Israel, Palestine, being in the world,  but also about the manner in which Jazz  and beauty were obliterated by education and fake diversity.

Gilad Atzmon Entretien mlomane by kontrekulture


Village on Zakynthos evacuated as raging wildfire has burned down houses Keep Talking Greece

The small village of Anafonitria in the northwest part of the island of Zakynthos is being evacuated as the raging wildfire has been threatening houses and human lives. Already some houses have been burned down. The fire broke out short before 12 noon Saturday in a forest and low vegetation area between Anafiotissa and Volimes.

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Durban: 67 years after Apartheid evictions, ANC violently attacks Cato Manor occupation Freedom News

Two people have been blinded this week in violent reprisals from State and local ANC-linked thugs as they try to push land occupiers out of Cato Manor in Durban, South Africa. The relatively new occupation, organised with shackdwellers movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), has been shaken by the extreme violence, which saw Smiso Maphumulo shot in the eye []



, .


Trump begnadigt "Sherriff" Arpaio. Der Typ ist wegen ... Fefes Blog

Trump begnadigt "Sherriff" Arpaio. Der Typ ist wegen Racial Profiling verurteilt worden. berlegt euch mal, wie krass man es treiben muss als Sherriff, um wegen Racial Profiling nicht nur angeklagt sondern verurteilt zu werden. Mir ist kein anderer Fall bekannt.

Falls euch der Name nichts sagt: Wikipedia hat seine Karriere dokumentiert. Von der Dehumanisierung seiner Hftlinge her htte der sich auch als KZ-Wrter gut gemacht.

Wollt ihr auch mal eine positive Meldung ber Regenwald ... Fefes Blog

Wollt ihr auch mal eine positive Meldung ber Regenwald und Umweltschutz hren?

Hier ist eine. So geht sie los:

In exchange for donating a portion of unspoiled, forested land to the rea de Conservacin Guanacaste a nature preserve in the countrys northwest the park would allow the company to dump its discarded orange peels and pulp, free of charge, in a heavily grazed, largely deforested area nearby.
Die Firma hat es gemacht. Zehn Jahre ist da keiner hingegangen. Sie haben damals ein fettes Schild aufgestellt, damit sie den Ort wiederfinden. Dann ist jemand gucken gegangen und hat das Schild nicht gefunden, so dicht war da die Vegatation. Und die Vegatation war viel dichter und diverser auf dem Boden, wo die ihre Abflle abgeladen hatten, als daneben.


A record year of wildfires? Aerosols from Canada fires reach Greece Keep Talking Greece

Southern Europe and British Columbia have been devastated by wildfires this summer. And theyre not the only ones it seems like much of the world is ablaze right now, and this could be the new normal. Scientists have long predicted that global warming would lead to more wildfires in both the defrosting Arctic tundra

The post A record year of wildfires? Aerosols from Canada fires reach Greece appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Racist woman with Greece on t-shirt harasses Mexican family (video) Keep Talking Greece

Things are getting out of control over there, in the United States of Donald Trump. An obviously  racist woman full of prejudice harasses a Mexican family driving through her neighborhood. She preforms a citizens arrest on a Mexican family. The self-proclaimed police asks the poor family for driving license, when she apparently saw them driving

The post Racist woman with Greece on t-shirt harasses Mexican family (video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Local farmer pays land workers in Cannabis instead of cash Keep Talking Greece

New morals in recession Greece. We know that employers delay salary and wage payments or that they pay in vouchers. But workers payment in kind and thus in form of drugs? Never heard of this before. Land workers in Peloponnese received their wage not in euro but in form of freshly cut cannabis. 215 gr

The post Local farmer pays land workers in Cannabis instead of cash appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Fluoride: Potential Developmental Neurotoxicity UK Against Fluoridation

Running water from faucetFluoride is added to municipal water supplies and dental products, such as toothpaste, to prevent or reduce tooth decay. People are primarily exposed to fluoride from drinking water and use of fluoridated dental products, with water fluoridation representing 30% to 70% of a typical individuals total exposure. Fluoride is also used in consumer products, such as cleaning supplies, and industrial applications.  Workers in some occupations may be exposed to fluoride by inhaling fluoride compounds at their place of employment.

Systematic Reviews on Potential Health Effects of Fluoride

Completed systematic review
In 2016, NTP completed a systematic review of the published animal literature looking at neurobehavioral effects of exposure to fluoride during development and adulthood in rats and mice. The assessment found a low to moderate level of evidence that support adverse effects on learning and memory in...


Clif High August,19 2017Huge Crisis Headed,Credit Freeze,Bank Runs RiotsClif High August 2017 Philosophers Stone




Minecraft Creator Tweets Pizzagate Is Real To 4M Subscribers #PIZZAGATE Philosophers Stone

#PIZZAGATE Creator Of Minecraft Tweets Pizzagate Is Real Has 3.87 Million Followers




Der Neuseelnder Geheimdienst htte Kimble und seine ... Fefes Blog

Der Neuseelnder Geheimdienst htte Kimble und seine Mitarbeiter nicht abhren drfen.

The GCSB has been found to have acted unlawfully when it spied on foreigners in the FBI-led Megaupload investigation.
Das Spannende ist, dass die Argumentation war, naja, Kimble htten sie vielleicht nicht abhren drfen, weil der ja in Neuseeland wohnt, aber die anderen Mitarbeiter sind Auslnder, und Auslnder haben keine Menschenrechte, jedenfalls nicht aus Sicht von Geheimdiensten. Und Geheimdienste mssen sich ja normalerweise eh nicht um Gesetze kmmern, die erklren einfach alles als geheim und schon sind sie unantastbar. Nun, das hat in diesem Fall nicht geklappt.
When the GCSB's role was discovered, it led to admissions it had broken its own law because the spying included Dotcom and Bram van der Kolk who were both New Zealand residents at the time.

The admission led to an intensive review of the GCSB and a finding it didn't understand its own law. The GCSB was found to have unlawfully spied on 88 people, resulting in a change in the law under which it operated and an overhaul of the entire agency.

Man kann ja von Kimble halten was man will, aber da hat er echt einmal Totalschaden angerichtet.


Russia and Syria create joint air defense system The Vineyard of the Saker

TASS Reports Russias air defense group in Syria includes a radio engineering battalion, a battery of Pantsir-S units and the S-400 air defense missile systems. A unified air defense system


What is Antifa? A decade of reporting from in between them and the cops The Vineyard of the Saker

by Ramin Mazaheri Its been amusing to hear American journalists mispronounce Antifa: An-TEEF-a, is it? Well, in many ways they are lucky because the Anti-Fascists are as chummy with the


American Gulag where trust and truth have gone extinct Philosophers Stone



Prisoners of principle get tortured

By John Kaminski

You can read this directly at

You dont hear anybody talking seriously about peace anymore. Back in the 1960s all the lefties talked about was peace. Now all the lefties talk about is killing the president. Something really bad has happened to them between then and now. Now, there is no one on the political left who dares to defend the disappearing rights of the ordinary citizen against that ubiquitous foreign power that controls every aspect of our existence.

More people are beginning to notice that America has crossed the line into insanity. U.S. leaders openly murder foreign leaders of much higher moral character than themselves and blithely bomb women and children as a favor to the oil companies. Trust and truth have gone extinct as the fibers that hold civilization together begin to fray and unravel, sure signs of our imminent demise.

By now deprived of its own volition by the Jews who own it, the USA is now the darkest force for evil in the world, obliterating all opposition (including its own citizens) as it attempts to rearrange the assembly of nations into a plantation it controls utterly and ruthlessly.

American exceptionalism is a Jewish production used to bludgeon the world into submission.

Jewish billionaires hire unemployed proles to violently protest people who are at least trying to act on principle. And even the victims are victimized, having been betrayed by their leaders who are secretly working for the opposition.

What a mess! There is no trustworthy higher authority to appeal to, no competent referee who can wedge the two sides apart and explain whats happening. There are only partisan voices corrupt mainstream media which have merged with an occupying government always preaching for war. Disorganized peaceniks and other people of principle have no chance against the information drenching of the white noise machine.

We have devolved into a world of secret agents and unsuspecting victims. The freedoms we thought we had, it turns out, were just advertising slogans designed to get you to give up your most cherished information. Just like Facebook.

It is only in a totalitarian tyranny that people get tortured. The saddest part of the Guantanamo prison tragedy is that the movers and shakers in the war against Islam knew all of those prisoners were innocent since the U.S. braintrust created the original Al Qaeda terror corps by recruiting them in the same way that the Antifa thugs in Charlottesville were hired by George Soros to continue and accelerate the social destabilization of the...


Lithium in tap water may cut dementia UK Against Fluoridation

People with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water appear to have a lower risk of developing dementia, say researchers in Denmark.

Lithium is naturally found in tap water, although the amount varies.
The findings, based on a study of 800,000 people, are not clear-cut. The highest levels cut risk, but moderate levels were worse than low ones.
Experts said it was an intriguing and encouraging study that hinted at a way of preventing the disease.
The study, at the University of Copenhagen, looked at the medical records of 73,731 Danish people with dementia and 733,653 without the disease.
Tap water was then tested in 151 areas of the country.
The results, ...


Chamado Solidariedade Os Quatro de Boiketlong e a Criminalizao da Pobreza e do Protesto Anarkismo

Liberdade para Dinah e Sipho, Justia para Papi!

Em fevereiro de 2015, quatro militantes comunitrios da favelai de Boiketlong, na regio de Vaal, no sul de Joanesburgo, foram sentenciados a 16 anos de priso cada um, aps um protesto comunitrio. Essa uma sentena muito severa e a condenao foi baseada em evidncias duvidosas. Os Quatrode Boiketlong foram presos por terem supostamente atacado a sub-prefeita local e ateado fogo em seu barraco e em seus dois carros durante um protesto comunitrio. Eles foram condenados por agresso com inteno de causar dano corporal grave, incndio criminoso e dano intencional propriedade.


Tourists condemn driver, as carriage horse collapses at Venetian harbor in Chania Keep Talking Greece

The horse drawing a carriage collapsed in the middle of the Venetian Harbor in the city of Chania on the island of Crete, amid a shocked crowd of people. The animal needed a bucket of water and several efforts to stand on its feet, while angry animal loving tourists were condemning the owner for the

The post Tourists condemn driver, as carriage horse collapses at Venetian harbor in Chania appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Syrian War Report August 25, 2017: Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Southern Raqqah The Vineyard of the Saker If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: ISIS has made


Disposable income of Greek households has increased, claims Keep Talking Greece

The disposable income of Greek households has increased in the last two year, Panagiotis Rigas said on Friday. Who is P. Rigas? The General Secretary of Greeces governing SYRIZA. In an interview with Athens 984 radio, Rigas claimed the disposable income of Greek households has increased in the past two years. He justified his claim

The post Disposable income of Greek households has increased, claims appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Germany: Indymedia Linkstunten shut down as police raid journalists homes Freedom News

In a chilling extension of the ongoing crackdown against anarchists in Germany, The Ministry of the Interior has shut down radical open news platform A corresponding prohibition has also been handed down to three alleged operators in Freiburg and house raids have been staged in connection with the ban. The site was closed for []


Suicide attempt reveals family drama: 5 years without electricity and water Keep Talking Greece

They probably thought they had no other choice to escape the appalling conditions in which they have been living for the last five years. They decided to make a very loud noise about their own personal drama in Europe of so-called Solidarity in year 2017. Two brothers went on the roof of their home in

The post Suicide attempt reveals family drama: 5 years without electricity and water appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Friday, 25 August


6 Greeks, 2 Germans arrested for illegally fishing antiquities from the sea Keep Talking Greece

Six Greeks and two German were arrested in the last two days for illegally fishing antiquities in the Greek waters. The Greeks aged 34-50 were arrested in Gytheio in south-east Mani in Peloponnese on Monday afternoon. The men were diving to a roman shipwreck in Limani area. They were arrested ashore with the antiquities they

The post 6 Greeks, 2 Germans arrested for illegally fishing antiquities from the sea appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Versteht eigentlich jemand, wieso die FDP gerade die ... Fefes Blog

Versteht eigentlich jemand, wieso die FDP gerade die Innenstdte mit Fotos tapeziert, auf denen ihr Spitzenkandidat so aussieht, als habe er keine Zeit fr Politik (oder seine potentiellen Whler), weil er gerade auf seinem Handy Candy Crush oder so spielt?

Was genau, haben die sich gedacht, ist da die Botschaft?

Falls ihr euch fragt, auf welcher Rechtsgrundlage das ... Fefes Blog

Falls ihr euch fragt, auf welcher Rechtsgrundlage das BMI linksunten verbietet: das haben sie auf Twitter ausgefhrt.

Kurz gesagt: Ein Taschenspielertrick. Sie haben die Betreiber kurzerhand zu einem Verein erklrt, und den dann verboten.

Seht das jetzt bitte nicht so negativ, wie es auf den ersten Blick wirkt. Auf der Rechtsgrundlage hat das BMI jetzt endlich auch eine rechtliche Handhabe gegen den Verein Facebook, den Verein Google, den Verein Youtube, den Verein Spiegel Online und die Vereine AfD und Linkspartei! Endlich alle verbieten!

Ich habe ber die Jahre hufig auf den Spiegel gelinkt. ... Fefes Blog

Ich habe ber die Jahre hufig auf den Spiegel gelinkt. Die Grnde waren, dass die Artikel dort auch Jahre spter noch verfgbar sind, ohne dass man an einer Archiv-Paywall zerschellt, dass die relativ schnell und breit berichten, und dass man auch mit Adblocker bei denen klicken konnte.

Letzteres ist jetzt vorbei, daher hat es in letzter Zeit auch eine krasse Reduktion an Spiegel-Links gegeben, falls euch das nicht aufgefallen ist.

Warum hat Tony Abbott (erzkonservativer Katholik) eigentlich ... Fefes Blog

Warum hat Tony Abbott (erzkonservativer Katholik) eigentlich 2009 die Abstimmungen verpasst, bei denen es darum ging, das Stimulus-Programm der Rudd-Regierung zu stoppen? Abbott war von 2013 bis 2015 Premierminister von Australien. Hier ist der Grund:

Mr Abbott has for the first time revealed he drank too much and slept through several votes in federal parliament in 2009.
Nur falls jemand denkt, bei uns sei Politik besonders abstoend und anderswo sei das weniger schlimm.

Wisst ihr noch, als ich davor gewarnt habe, Nazi-Webseiten ... Fefes Blog

Wisst ihr noch, als ich davor gewarnt habe, Nazi-Webseiten zu zensieren, weil wenn man erstmal anfngt mit dem Zensieren, dann sind bald auch linke Webseiten dran?

Nun, das Innenministerium verbietet

Wie zunchst der Spiegel berichtet hatte, sei eine entsprechende Verbotsverfgung den drei in Freiburg lebenden Betreibern der Website zugestellt worden. Dabei kam es auch zu Hausdurchsuchungen, Computer wurden beschlagnahmt. Festnahmen gab es allerdings keine. Aktuell finden noch Durchsuchungen mehrerer Objekte statt, sagte Baden-Wrttembergs Innenminister Thomas Strobl (CDU).
De Maiziere sagte in einer Pressekonferenz:
In der Begrndung fr das Verbot heit es, das Portal laufe nach Zweck und Ttigkeit den Strafgesetzen zuwider und richte sich gegen die verfassungsmige Ordnung.

Update: Noch ein Lacher aus der Pressekonferenz:

Bei den Durchsuchungen seien Laptops, Messer, Schlagstcke und Rohre gefunden worden. "Es sind typische Gegenstnde aus der linksextremistischen Szene", sagte de Maizire.
Hey, wisst ihr, wo man das noch alles findet? Im Polizeirevier! Die sind also auch alle linksextrem!1!!

Mehrere "Coding Boot Camps" machen dieses Jahr wieder ... Fefes Blog

Mehrere "Coding Boot Camps" machen dieses Jahr wieder zu. Hintergrund: Diverse US-Unis haben in den letzten Jahren sowas angeboten. Die Idee:

In the last five years, dozens of schools have popped up offering an unusual promise: Even humanities graduates can learn how to code in a few months and join the high-paying digital economy. Students and their hopeful parents shelled out as much as $26,000 seeking to jump-start a career.
Die Formulierung ist ja groartig. Selbst Geisteswissenschaftler sollen Zugang zu gutbezahlten Programmier-Jobs kriegen!1!! :-)

Jedenfalls gab es in dem Markt anscheinend so viele Mitbewerber, die dann so wenig geliefert haben am Ende, dass da jetzt der Reihe nach wieder zumachen.

Many boot camps have not evolved beyond courses in basic web development, but companies are now often looking for more advanced coding skills.


Hollywood and Charlottesville Another Deep State Event? Philosophers Stone

nikolaj-1170x659by Soren Dreier

Was the Charlottesville Incident planned beforehand or is this just another coincidence?
I really dont think so.
The division of America sure gets a lot of positive press in the review of this movie Shot Caller.
Somebody is putting out fire with gasoline. They want America to burn.

Family = His American fellow man
Prison = USA
Why Coster-Waldau = Because he peaks now in Game Of Thrones, with an estimate of 80 mill. people watching.

Feeling played?

2017-Soren Dreier

From Game of Thrones to White-Nationalist Thug

To audiences around the world he is best known as Jaime Lannister, the rakishly handsome Kingslayer of Game of Thrones whose vices include pushing children out of windows and sexing his power-drunk sister.

So it comes as quite the shock when you catch your first glimpse of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the new movie Shot Caller. The svelte scoundrel has been replaced by a swole inmate, his face obscured by a horseshoe mustache and his torso blanketed in ink. The words WHITE PRIDE are emblazoned in big black letters across his back.





Enter: The Devils Advocate (upd) Philosophers Stone


Yes his persona(s) are coming out:

A tale of two Trumps

Trump Goes Full Delusion Mode With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally


Donald Trump actively reviewing sending weapons to Ukraine

Enter: The Devils Advocate

There is a lot to be said about Donal John Trump.
The signs are too many to be ignored.

The First thing that really threw me off was Donald John, sexualizing his daughter as: A Great Piece of Ass.
One has to be truly deranged even to jokingly do that.
The Second was his ignorance towards his wife when they arrived at the White House.
(The Advocate can only use the feminine, not respect it or cherish it...


Greece calls Siemens: Prosecutor seeks indictments over C4I security system Keep Talking Greece

An appeals court prosecutor on Thursday called for former Siemens Hellas executive Michalis Christoforakos and another 17 people to be indicted to trial in connection with the Greek states acquisition of the C4I security system for the 2004 Athens Olympics Games. According to the proposal by prosecutor Stelios Kostarellos, Christoforakos should be tried on criminal

The post Greece calls Siemens: Prosecutor seeks indictments over C4I security system appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Just 3 a month can save a childs life; A Party Political Protest on behalf of the Moai King William IV Party. GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

The Moai King William IV Party is gearing up for the party political conference season.

Join us and see for yourself that only the Moai, led by sorrogate King William IV, John Wanoa, can provide the real and positive change that our country is crying out for.

This is the first of many party political protests on behalf of the Moai King William IV party which will be released over the coming months.

Just 3 a month can save a child's life.

To learn more about the Moai, check out


Give the poor More; a Party Political Protest on behalf of the Moai King William IV Party. GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

The Moai King William IV Party is gearing up for the party political conference season.

Join us and see for yourself that only the Moai, led by surrogate King William IV, John Wanoa, can provide the  real and positive change that our country is crying out for.

This is the first of many party political protests on behalf of the Moai King William IV party which will be released over the coming months.

Give the Poor More

To learn more about the Moai, check out


EU states begin returning refugees to Greece Keep Talking Greece

European Union member states like Germany, UK and others to send asylum seekers back to where they first sought refuge, despite the continued economic strife in Greece. European countries are poised to begin the process of returning refugees to Greece, as migrants seeking reunification with their family members mostly in Germany step up

The post EU states begin returning refugees to Greece appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Book Review: Squatting in Britain 1945-1955 Freedom News

by Norman Spinrad ISBN: 978-1-60486-810-4 PP: 264 Publisher: The Merlin Press 16.99 After World War II, many people squatted empty properties, often government-owned ex-Army camps, since a housing crisis had been created as a result of the hugely damaged housing stock, slow state action to build new homes and a huge influx of returning servicemen as well []


The Rle of Party Whips in Local Government North Yorks Enquirer

The Rle of Party Whips in Local Government

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, examining the party Whip system, as applied at local government level.


My opposition to party political representation at the County, Borough/District and Town/Parish Council levels of local government is, I should hope, by now well known; in my opinion, it is neither desirable nor necessary.

This view has, for the most part, been embraced at Town/Parish level for the rather obvious reason that the powers of third-tier Councils are constrained, geographically, to the Parish boundaries and, statutorily, to the management of allotments and the like, and not much more. They are also, of course, Statutory Consultees for all the notice the Planning Authorities ever accord to them.

So, at least at Town/Parish level, there is no relevant frame of reference for declaring allegiance to the dogma of any particular political party. Quite rightly.

I regard this as an extremely important manifestation of true democracy at the local level. Why? Because I am satisfied that the decisions made by the Town/Parish Council, limited as they are to quotidian issues of the most mundane and practical nature, need not be informed by political dogma from any quarter of the political spectrum.

I would contend that there is nothing in the nature of the necessary actions of a Town/Parish Council that depends on the ideologies of the recognised political parties. Grass-cutting is not a party political issue. There is no distinction to be made between Labour and Conservative public conveniences. Support to Britain in Bloom groups is not restricted to red, blue, yellow, green or purple flowers.

Unfortunately, this apolitical outlook does not extend to Borough/District or County Councils. Quite the reverse. They are almost invariably hog-tied by the power of the Party Whips.

For those unfamiliar with the term, at local government level, Party Whip is the name given to the Councillor(s) whose duty it is to ensure that all Councillors in her/his party (i) do their utmost to attend meetings and (ii) vote in favour of any Motion tabled by her/his party (or against any Motion tabled by any Opposition Party Councillor). Abstentions and votes against the party line are punishable by periods of suspension of the whip (effectively, suspension from the Party Group) or, in extreme circumstances, outright expulsion from the Party viz. the case of Dominic PEACOCK of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (granted that ERYC is a Unitary Council, i.e. closer, in terms of statutory powers and responsibilities to a County Council rather than to a Borough/District Council). Wikipedia states:



Fluoride exposure and indicators of thyroid functioning in the Canadian population UK Against Fluoridation

Fluoride exposure and indicators of thyroid functioning in the Canadian population: implications for community water fluoridation
Amanda M Barberio1,2, F Shaun Hosein3, Carlos Quionez4, Lindsay McLaren2
Author affiliations

Background There are concerns that altered thyroid functioning could be the result of ingesting too much fluoride. Community water fluoridation (CWF) is an important source of fluoride exposure. Our objectives were to examine the association between fluoride exposure and (1) diagnosis of a thyroid condition and (2) indicators of thyroid functioning among a national population-based sample of Canadians.

Methods We analysed data from Cycles 2 and 3 of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS). Logistic regression was used to assess associations between fluoride from urine and tap water samples and the diagnosis of a thyroid condition. Multinomial logistic regression was used to examine the relationship between fluoride exposure and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level (low/normal/high). Other available variables permitted additional exploratory analyses among the subset of participants for whom we could discern some fluoride exposure from drinking water and/or dental products.

Results There was no evidence of a relationship between fluoride exposure (from urine and tap water) and the diagnosis of a thyroid condition. There was no statistically significant association between fluoride exposure and abnormal (low or high) TSH levels relative to normal TSH levels. Rerunning the models with the sample constrained to the subset of participants for whom we could discern some source(s) of fluoride exposure from drinking water and/or dental products revealed no significant associations.

Conclusion These analyses suggest that, at the population level, fluoride exposure is not associated with impaired thyroid functioning in a time and place where multiple sources of fluoride exposure, including CWF, exist........

..............Since Peckham et al (2015)13 was the first population-level study to examine the relationship between CWF and thyroid problems (in particular, hypothyroidism), additional research is required to determine if these findings are consistent across different contexts, and when individual-level biomarkers of fluoride exposure are used.

The present study utilised high-quality Canadian survey data from a national population-based sample that includes individual-level estimates of fluoride exposure from urine and tap water samples, as well as measures of thyroid functioning. Our objectives were to examine the association between fluoride exposure and (1) the diagnosis of a thyroid condition and (2) indicators of thyroid functioning, specifically TSH and free T4 levels, among a population-based sample of Canadians........

Perhaps there is no objective world out there. We see and find what we want to see. Opposing...


USA - Local group rallies against fluoride in Orange County water UK Against Fluoridation

729dd69f-b482-47b6-9659-941407fc7815.originalA number of local activists took to the sidewalks outside of Chapel Hill Town Hall on the evening of Thursday, August 24th, to protest the OWASA board's continued fluoridation of Orange County water sources.

The Fluoride Free Chapel Hill/Carrboro (FFCC)rallied outside Chapel Hill Town Hall to protest against the fluoride in Orange County's water Wednesday night. 
The protests came in response to a cancelled meeting set for Aug. 24 by the Orange County Water and Sewage Authority's Board of Directors, in which members of the community planned to address the fluorinated water issue. OWASA cancelled all their summer meetings, making it three months without an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns in a public comment meeting.
Anybody that wants it, wants to put it on topically; thats your business. You can go to a dentist who will give you a fluoride tray who will put it in there, but dont put it in the water and medicate me without my permission, said Mike Willock, a protester and dentist of 28 years.

OWASA suspended fluoridation after the fluoride overfeed, or the OWASA water crises, this past February. Yet on March 9 they decided to resume with the chemical for some time in September. 
The OWASA Board received numerous comments and questions regarding fluoridation in 2013 and in 2017, we welcome public discussion of the communitys water and water resources, Greg Feller, OWASAs public affairs administrator, said............


Florida - Fluoride's benefits settled; grin and bear it | Editorial UK Against Fluoridation

Its been called one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So why isnt every public water system in America adding fluoride to its drinking water? Thats a question that has been asked consistently by public health officials and dentists since the fluoridation wars began in the mid 1940s.

And its being asked again in Boynton Beach, which is nearing completion of a $30-million upgrade of its aging water treatment plant that wont fluoridate the system until sometime in 2018 once all construction is finished and hasnt done so for the past year.

Public health officials long ago declared fluoridation a highly cost effective approach to fighting tooth decay. Adding minute quantities of the chemical to water strengthens enamel, which enhances resistance to decay.

Boosting the natural level of about 0.4 parts per million to 0.7 has proven to be a major weapon in the fight against tooth decay.

As reported Monday in the Sun Sentinel, Johnny Johnson, a former pediatric dentist and president of the nonprofit American Fluoridation Society, recently contacted Boynton to urge the city to reintroduce fluoride soon. "You drink the water, it does the job," he said.

Yet many Floridians oppose the practice. Statewide, 77 percent of the water supply is treated. Broward and Miami-Dade fluoridate 98 percent of their water systems. Palm Beach County reaches only 64.7 percent of its population and Boca Raton stopped fluoridating its water in 1999.

Twenty Florida counties are 100 percent fluoride free, which helps bring down the statewide average.

Opponents of this common sense approach to a significant public health problem reject it as a government overreach that takes a medical decision out of the citizen's hands. And they question the science behind it as well; fluoride could do undetected harm, they suggest.

Fluoride in the drinking water has been a concern for customers "on both sides of the issue," said Boyntons Colin Groff, assistant city manager and former utilities director. City staff has received more calls from customers who don't want fluoride added to the water than from those who do, Groff said.

In Pinellas County fluoridation became a tea party cause. In 2011 the county commission voted to stop the countys fluoridation program after a bitter fight. Pinellas became the most populous county in Florida to go fluoride free. A year later the 4-3 vote to stop fluoridation was reversed by a 6-1 vote of a newly elected majority. Pinellas came to its senses.

We regard this as a case closed issue. The science of fluoridation is as settled as science can be. The health benefit is undisputed save for a small but vocal group of deniers. Its time to declare victory and move on.

Editorials are the opinion of the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board and writt...


NZ - Fluoride in drinking water is not the answer to tooth decay UK Against Fluoridation

Dr Lawrie Brent hasn't seen any evidence to convince him fluoride added to water is the answer to reducing toothe decay.Three health professionals will add their weight to a move to keep fluoride out of Waipa's drinking water.
Dentists Dr Lawrie Brett, Dr John Jukes and Te Awamutu doctor Janion Heywood will present to a public forum hosted by Fluoride Free NZ in Te Awamutu on Saturday.
Backed by medical facts, they will discuss their own observations why Waipa's drinking water shouldn't be fluoridated.
After 40 years of working in an oral practice, Brett an active advocate for fluoride-free drinking water, remains unconvinced of any benefits of intervention.
"Not only was water fluoridation not reducing tooth decay, but that it also carried general health risks," said Brett

In 2014 Local Government New Zealand urged the Government to amend the appropriate legislation so that the addition of fluoride to drinking water supplies is a decision made by the Director - General of Health rather than a council.
The Health Amendment Bill is progressing through parliament and is at the second reading stage.
Once passed it will transfer the decision making process regarding fluoridation to the district health boards.
Any thoughts of DHBs having the only say without public consultation is hard to swallow for groups opposing fluoridation.
Fluoride Free NZ spokesman Kane Titchener recently presented evidence to the Waipa District Council outlining the proposed process was "fundamentally flawed".
"There would be a 10-person board making the decisions and it would include four government appointees and six members elected from the community," he said
"Their level of understanding of fluoridation would be no greater than local councillors making the decisions.
"Council continues to ignore the call to consult with the community on the issue.
"Under DHB control, fluoridation won't be stopped and soon it will be added to areas like Waipa who have never seen it before."
Titchener is disappointed with the council.

"They failed to understand they have not given their community an opportunity learn more about fluoridation and allow consultation."
The talk will be held from 4-6 pm on Saturday, September 2 at the Community Room, Te Awamutu Library, Selwyn Lane, Te Awamutu.


Joy Warren made this Freedom of Information request to Public Health England UK Against Fluoridation

Dear Public Health England,
When water fluoridation was first proposed in the USA in the 1940s, scientists established an optimum of 1 mg fluoride/litre of water. This level was accepted as being the level at which fluoride would be effective at preventing dental decay but which would not cause moderate dental fluorosis.
In the past 5 years, the concentration of added fluoride has been reduced to 0.7 mg fluoride/litre of water in the USA because too many children are experiencing Moderate Dental Fluorosis. Thus the US Health Authorities have been able to move with the times and have acknowledged the causation between too much fluoride and Moderate Dental Fluorosis.
In the 1940s 1950s, the use of fluoride by dentists was not widespread and it was considered to be safe to add 1mg fluoride/litre drinking water. These days, we are being assailed with rather more fluoride in our environment: fluoridated toothpaste, fluoridated bathwater, fluoridated varnish, fluoridated foods and drinks, fluoridated floss, fluoridated mouthwash, fluoridated dental cement and fluoridated pharmaceutical drugs.
Fluoridated toothpaste is instrumental in causing Dental Fluorosis if swallowed. Unfortunately, according to Rock and Sabieha (1997), young unsupervised children swallow their toothpaste and this, together with swallowing fluoridated water, contributes to Dental Fluorosis. The York Review (2000) estimated the prevalence of Moderate Dental Fluorosis as being 12.5% of the population where the water is fluoridated at 1mg fluoride/litre water and 48% Dental Fluorosis of all types at the same concentration. Even at 0.7 mgF/litre, the estimate is 10% and 42% respectively. Estimates were arrived at by examining all the research on Dental Fluorosis which met the Reviews researchers quality checks and criteria. The York Review was commissioned by the Department of Health in 1999, so its conclusi...


UPD Greek mother who injured in Barcelona terror attack died Keep Talking Greece

UPDATE: the news of the death of the woman doe snot seem to confirm. by Fridat noon, Greek media report that the woman is clinically dead. Early Friday morning, KTG reported citing a Greek website that seemed to have been in contact with her family: The Greek mother of two who got injured in terror

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Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states The Vineyard of the Saker

This analysis was written for the Unz Review First, a quick disclaimer or, should I say, a clarification: When I speak of minorities, as I will below, I do that


Syrian War Report August 24, 2017: Second ISIS-held Pocket Is Created In Central Syria The Vineyard of the Saker If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: Voiceover by Harold


Woman jailed for 10 years for making series of false ... Fefes Blog

Woman jailed for 10 years for making series of false rape claims

Das ist ein besonders krasser Fall, und entsprechend saftig sind die Anmerkungen der Anklage und des Richters.

Sentencing her on Thursday, the judge, Nicholas Loraine-Smith, said: This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.

The prosecution described your life as a construct of bogus victimhood.

Der Richter hat sich in dem Urteil explizit darber ausgelassen, dass solche falschen Anschuldigungen geeignet sind, andere Frauen, tatschliche Opfer von Vergewaltigungen, dazu zu bringen, die Tter nicht anzuzeigen. Die Polizei-Ermittlungen zu ihren Anschuldigungen haben eine Viertel Million Pfund gekostet, und nochmal ber 100k fr das Gerichtsverfahren jetzt.

Wegen einer dieser falschen Vorwrfe sa brigens ein Unschuldiger im Gefngnis. Das finde ich ja das krasseste daran. Sie knnen ja keine Beweise und keine Zeugen gehabt haben, wenn das alles blo ausgedacht war. Da hat also ein lgendes "Opfer" gereicht, um einen Unschuldigen ins Gefngnis zu werfen. Diese Vorstellung finde ich absolut gruselig.

Vom deutschen Euro zur deutschen EZB German Foreign Policy

(Eigener Bericht) - Die Bundesregierung versucht mit Bundesbank-Chef Jens Weidmann einen der lautesten Kritiker der bisherigen expansiven Geldpolitik der Europischen Zentralbank (EZB) an deren Spitze zu hieven. Weidmann hat die monetre Linie der EZB, die mit Niedrigzinsen und massiven Anleihekufen die in zahlreichen Krisenlndern desastrsen soziokonomischen Folgen des deutschen Austerittsdiktats abzufedern sucht, stets erbittert bekmpft. Die vehemente Ablehnung seiner mglichen EZB-Prsidentschaft im krisengebeutelten Sden der Eurozone hofft Berlin mit personellen Rochaden und einem ersten strukturellen Zugestndnis berwinden zu knnen: mit der Einfhrung von Eurobonds.


Stop Everything and Watch This: David Icke on Free Speech Destroyers Writings - Gilad Atzmon


In the most calm and scholarly manner David Icke delves into the meaning of censorship, the reasoning behind it and who drives this dark force.


Einige Leser haben mir geschrieben, dass sie den Eindruck ... Fefes Blog

Einige Leser haben mir geschrieben, dass sie den Eindruck hatten, ich sei gerade niedergeschlagen oder htte schlechte Laune oder die Welt belastet mich oder so. Wahrscheinlich weil ich ein paar Tage Pause hatte neulich.

Nein, keine Sorgen. Mir geht es prchtig. Das einzige, was gerade nicht optimal ist, ist dass ich einen fetten Sonnenbrand auf den Armen haben von einer schnen Schiffsfahrt neulich. Ich mache gerade Sommerferien, daher weniger Blogfrequenz.

Aber es ehrt mich natrlich sehr, dass ich euch wichtig genug bin, dass ihr euch Sorgen macht.

Ein Leser schlug vor, die Twitter-Hater zu einer Folge Alternativlos einzuladen, damit sie mal so richtig erklren knnen, was eigentlich ihre Kritik ist. Wenn du das hier also liest, und ein fieser Twitter-Hater bist, und das kme fr dich in Frage, dann melde dich doch mal bitte kurz per Mail. Ich habe das noch nicht mit Frank abgesprochen, und es ist wahrscheinlich eine total doofe Idee, aber selbst wenn es nichts wird, kann Kommunikation ja nicht schaden.


European aviation agency EASA orders Airbus A350 safety fix Keep Talking Greece

The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued an air worthiness directive about Airbus A350 -941 aircraft, warning that a problem could lead to an engine explosion under certain conditions if not corrected. The Cologne, Germany-based agency, said that Airbus has already come up with a fix and the directive, which goes into effect Thursday, orders

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Tsipras seeks govt reshuffle and replacement of Finance Minister Keep Talking Greece

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is reportedly considering a cabinet reshuffle. Something which is logical after Greece passed the test of the second review and now the government has to set other priorities. The reshuffle could take place in early autumn. If  there wasnt a major problem. Tsipras want to replace the Finance Minister, however, Euclid

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Greece picks up the Sunbed battle, plans to increase leasing prices Keep Talking Greece

Another state effort to bring order into one more field of  Greek chaos: the sunbeds on Greek beaches. Illegal spread of sunbeds, tables and chairs, low leasing prices. The Public Properties Secretariat is preparing a bill to increase the leasing price and take the chaos under control. However, also this effort would fail, if there

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The State, last episode. Is the BBC biased?

This blog has kindly given itself permission to address matters other than BBC bias, although (arguably) much of our grumbles can be traced back to the BBC.
So, unapologetically, this is another post about The State. Yes, it was shown on Channel 4. If youre looking for BBC-only content, you need to take a right at the crossroads and straight on - you cant miss it.

There has been quite a lot of coverage of Peter Kosmisnkys four part series about British would-be jihadis and jihadi brides.  Opinion is divided, but one particular complaint was unanimous. Most critics thought that the drama needed a back story. What, they wanted to know, led these particular characters to radicalisation? 
If youre looking for answers, Peter Kosminsky isnt going to be providing them. 

Kosminsky has been telling the media that he and his team spent eighteen months trawling through reams of testimony and guidance from witnesses and experts on Islam.  
(Otherwise how could a 61 year old middle-class Bafta-winning film-maker justify making a ground-breaking film about the subject?)

Im sure he believes he knows enough - at least enough to take a selection of interesting anecdotes and string them together into a gritty award-winning work.

As human beings were all capable of holding dozens of contradictory beliefs and opinions at once. Cognitive dissonance, isnt it?  

Here, the script delivered, and we were expected to swallow, leading characters so full of cognitive dissonance that the finished product came across as a string of anecdotes cobbled together - thatll do - and very heavy reliance on the acting and Kosminskys cinematographic expertise to see it through. 

One example of what seemed to be an isolated  interesting factoid thrown in for the sake of it, was protagonist Jalal being advised to speak Arabic, not English, because the particularly volatile knife-wielding psychopath and beheader-in-chief had a thing about Brits. I can almost hear Kosminskys team saying Thats interesting, well use that one.  

Another was the pick n mix assortment of individuals amongst the new recruits, like a box of Milk Tray. One blonde, one German, one ex-squaddie, one long-haired lover from Live...


3 Major Banks Are Now Warning of Another Global Recession Rigged Game

Cross-posted from The

Highlighting conditions similar to the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis, three major Wall Street banks this month issued warnings that a proverbial Winter Is Coming for planet-wide financial markets. From Bloomberg:

HSBC Holdings Plc, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley see mounting evidence that global markets are in the last stage of their rallies before a downturn in the business cycle.

Analysts at the Wall Street behemoths cite signals including the breakdown of long-standing relationships between stocks, bonds and commodities as well as investors ignoring valuation fundamentals and data. It all means stock and credit markets are at risk of a painful drop.

Andrew Sheets, chief cross-asset strategist at Morgan Stanley, wrote in a note to traders Tuesday that a large part of the problem is that investments are increasingly untethered to Forex (FX), the decentralized global market for the trading of currencies.

Equities have become less correlated with FX, FX has become less correlated with rates, and everything has become less sensitive to oil, Sheets wrote.

Morgan Stanleys financial model shows that global assets are the least correlated they have been in a decade. Essentially, investors are basing decisions solely on factors specific to the individual stock and ignoring larger outside drivers like manufacturing data just as they did in the last half of the 2000s.

As this occurs, relationships between assets break down, as Sheets wrote Tuesday:

These low macro and micro correlations confirm the idea that were in a late-cycle environment, and its no accident that the last time we saw readings this low was 2005-07.

All this investor confidence has led to a decrease in stock market volatility. Thats not a good thing, says Steven Major, global head of fixed-income research for HSBC Holdings.

Low volatility across asset classes may give a false sense of secu...


Top Institutions and Economists Now Say Globalization Increases Inequality Rigged Game

Cross-posted from Washingtons Blog

Weve all heard that globalization lifts all boats and increases our prosperity

But mainstream economists and organizations are now starting to say that globalization increases inequality.

The National Bureau of Economic Research the largest economics research organization in the United States, with many Nobel economists and Chairmen of the Council of Economic Advisers as members   published,  a report in May finding:

Recent globalization trends have increased U.S. inequality by disproportionately raising top incomes.


Rising import competition has adversely affected manufacturing employment, led firms to upgrade their production and caused labor earnings to fall.

NBER explains that globalization allows executives to gain the system to their advantage:

This paper examines the role of globalization in the rapid increase in top incomes. Using a comprehensive data set of thousands of executives at U.S. firms from 1993-2013, we find that exports, along with technology and firm size, have contributed to rising executive compensation. Isolating changes in exports that are unrelated to the executives talent and actions, we show that globalization has affected executive pay not only through market channels but also through non-market channels. Furthermore, exogenous export shocks raise executive compensation mostly through bonus payments in poor-governance settings, in line with the hypothesis that globalization has enhanced the executives rent capture opportunities. Overall, these results indicate that globalization has played a more central role in the rapid growth of executive compensation and U.S. inequality than previously thought, and that rent capture is an important part of this story.

A World Bank document says globalization may have led to rising wage inequality. It  notes:

Recent evidence for the US suggests that adjustment costs for those employed in sectors exposed to import competition from China are much higher than previously thought.


Trade may have contributed to rising inequality in high income economies .



Aus der beliebten Reihe "Subject: Du Nazifreund", heute:Wenn ... Fefes Blog

Aus der beliebten Reihe "Subject: Du Nazifreund", heute:

Wenn du dich nicht benimmst wie Hitler in Polen, dann wird dein Code auch nicht annektiert oder abgeforked.

[Geht noch weiter]

Beachtet auch das Artisanen-Fatshaming und die Drogenabhngigkeits-Vorwrfe vom moralischen High Ground aus. Wenn man Hitler beschimpft, ist alles erlaubt!

Das meine ich, wenn ich frage, wo eigentlich der ganze Hass der SJWs herkommt. Und das von den Leuten, die mir mangelnde Empathie, Teamfhigkeit und "soziale Intelligenz" vorwerfen. Nein, wirklich!

Ich will den jetzt nicht ankacken, der ist nur ein Beispiel. Ein abstoendes Beispiel, aber nur ein Beispiel.

Ich linke normalerweise nicht auf sowas, weil ich das fr eine unethische Ausnutzung meiner Reichweite mit dem Blog hier halte. Aber das heit auch nicht, dass ich mich einfach auf den Rcken lege und mir das 10 Jahre lang gefallen lassen muss. Ich knnte jetzt rumlaufen und Leute verklagen, aber das ist ja noch schlimmer.

Konstruktive Vorschlge willkommen!

Die EASA hat eine Explosionswarnung fr Airbus A350-941 ... Fefes Blog

Die EASA hat eine Explosionswarnung fr Airbus A350-941 rausgegeben.

Danach besteht bei einer Verkettung von Fehlern ein Risiko, dass sich das Kraftstoff-Luftgemisch im Treibstofftank entzndet.

Brasiliens Junta gibt den Naturpark Amazonas fr den ... Fefes Blog

Brasiliens Junta gibt den Naturpark Amazonas fr den Bergbau frei.

Der Nationalpark Reserva Nacional do Cobre e Associados (Renca) in den nrdlichen Bundesstaaten Amapa und Para umfasst rund 46.000 Quadratkilometer und ist damit grer als Dnemark. Dort werden groe Vorkommen an Gold und anderen Mineralien vermutet.

Die "Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative" der Uni ... Fefes Blog

Die "Alt-Right Open Intelligence Initiative" der Uni Amsterdam hat sich mal durch alle Reddit-Kommentare big-data-t, auf der Suche nach einer Taxonomie der Alt Right. Zusammen mit der "UK Home Offices Extremism Analysis Unit". Das ist schon deshalb interessant, weil sie da die typischen Wrter pro Teil-Strmung listen und zu erklren versuchen. Und sie haben jeweils ein exemplarisches Posting verlinkt.


Another Revealing Interview With Robert Kennedy Jr. On Vaccines Philosophers Stone

ROBERT-759x420Watch New and Very Informative Documentary: The Truth About Vaccines

A recent interview was conducted by STAT News reporter Helen Branswell with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from The World Mercury Project, an organization whose mission is to raise public awareness of the dangers and sources of mercury, with the ultimate goal of banning all uses of mercury on a global level. They believe the public desperately needs  accurate information about the sources and dangers of mercury, as this will allow them to better protect themselves and their families from the potentially devastating effects of this potent neurotoxin.

They emphasize:

The average person does not know that mercury is the second most toxic element on the planet, nor do they know that it is an incredibly potent toxin even at small exposure levels. Once in the body, mercury has a high affinity for moving into the brain where it can become trapped for decades. Once in the brain, mercury causes a chronic inflammatory process in the tissue which has been connected to autism, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease) and many more adverse health consequences.

When it comes to vaccines in particular, contrary to popular belief, many vaccines still contain unsafe levels of mercury. The flu and tetanus vaccine, for example, still contains 25 mcg of mercury. Mercury has also seeped into the food chain and hundreds of other medical pharmaceutical products, along with dental fillings.

None of these preservatives have ever been proven safe by science, so what is going on here? Why do we continue to allow this to happen?

This is precisely why Kennedy, along with several other supporters, held a press conference offering $100,000 USD to any scientist or journalist who could provide evidence showing it is safe to inject mercury into babies. While doing so, he presented approximately 100 studies that proved it is unsafe to do so.

Despite their long use as active agents of medicines and fungicides, the safety levels of these substances have never been determined, either for animals...


Windows of Tescos are smashed in by a man Undercurrents Blog

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.


From the US Embassy in Kiev: Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! The Vineyard of the Saker

This video was made by the US Embassy in Kiev and posted on YouTube with the following message: On behalf of the American people, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and the staff


How We Know The So-Called Civil War Was Not Over Slavery The Vineyard of the Saker

by Paul Craig Roberts When I read Professor Thomas DiLorenzos article the question that lept to mind was, How come the South is said to have fought for slavery when

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Charlotteville: Anarkismo

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Eurobank analysis reveals why Greece remains in bailout programmes Keep Talking Greece

The reasons why the Greek crisis was so profound and long-lasting, and why Greece was currently the only country that had yet to emerge from memorandum [bailout] programmes, were the focus of a Eurobank analysis unveiled on Wednesday. According to the studys authors, the countrys ability to service its debts could not alone explain the

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! Yanis Varoufakis

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To documenta 14: This is how democrats deal with controversy not by bringing out the censors! Yanis Varoufakis

The news that documenta 14 Cancels Auschwitz on the Beach Performance Amid Intense Criticism should worry us all. Censorship is the cowards way out of controversy. Dialogue, fierce disagreement and, hopefully eventual synthesis, is the hard road that democrats dare to tread.
Back in early July Franco Bifo Berardi wrote an open letter, addressed to myself and to DiEM25, explaining why he is resigning from DiEM25s Advisory Panel. That letter of his was founded on the Auschwitz on the Beach argument, which later became the basis for his performance the one that was, in the end, censored by documenta 14.
When I read Bifos letter, I appreciated his rage against Europes lost soul. At DiEM25 we read it as a I accuse you all letter meant to awaken our consciences. His excellent point was that, despite denials, Europe wants the refugees who cross the high seas to face grave dangers, as well as harsh treatment when/if they land on our beaches, in order to deter more of them from coming. This instrumental use of the refugees trials and tribulations, and of their deaths even, is despicable and, yes, bordering on the criminal. As for the analogue with Auschwitz, I saw it as what it was: a deliberate attempt to say something outrageous to stir us up, to cause us to have this debate.
That Auschwitz and the Holocaust are truly exceptional and incomparable to other forms of cruelty or mass murder, I have no doubt the basic difference being that the murders in Auschwitz and the other death camps were an end-in-themselves, rather than instrumentally useful to the murderers. Nevertheless, at DiEM25 we chose not to focus on Bifos provocation but, instead, to highlight our main concern as progressive internationalists: In my reply to him (you can read both Bifos original letter and my reply in full here), I put it as follows:
[M]ad as we are at Europes crimes, [we] understand that renouncing Europe but not Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Britain etc. only plays into the hands of those propagating the fantasy of returning to the bosom of our benevolent nation-states; a fantasy that I know you abhor and one that DiEM25 is railing against.
Then, I finished with: &#8220...


Berlusconi in Varoufakiss path: He proposes parallel currency Keep Talking Greece

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi touted the idea of a currency parallel to the Euro. The European Commission shot the proposal down right away. However, the former Prime Minister could be a strong card in the next elections May 2018. According to Berlusconis plan, the parallel currency would be in form of  of something

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Wednesday, 23 August


Comments on The First International and the Development of Anarchism and Marxism by Wayne Price Anarkismo

This text is a commentary of the contribution of Wayne Price recently published on,  The First International and the Development of Anarchism and Marxism  (
Wayne made a review of my book (among others) : "Social Democracy and Anarchism in the International Workers' Association 1864-1877" (Trans. A.W. Zurbrug.) London: Anarres Editions.

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