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Thursday, 22 November


Ferdinand Mount: First and Only Empress London Review of Books

Miles Taylor emphasises the agency of the queen. She was never Melbournes puppet, and she did not become Disraelis either. In the process, we are made aware of the extreme oddity of Britains empire on the subcontinent and the peculiar impact that Victoria herself had on the way things went. She was by turns an evangelical zealot, an enthusiast for the expansion of her empire and a passionate humanitarian. But she was never quiet. In all her mutations she left her own mark on minds and events. It is not too much to say that this strange, self-educated, self-propelled little woman deserves a place among the makers of modern India.

Eric Foner: Punch-Ups in the Senate London Review of Books

In her new book Joanne Freeman shifts her attention to the three decades leading up to the Civil War. She reports that not a session passed without punches being exchanged between congressmen, and knives and pistols being drawn. The pervasiveness of violence among lawmakers will surprise even specialists in 19th-century American history. From the mid-1830s to the outbreak of war in 1861, Freeman counts more than seventy violent incidents duels, fistfights, stabbings in the halls of Congress and the surrounding streets. Anticipating violence, she writes, congressmen regularly strapped on knives and guns before heading to work.

Emilie Bickerton: Photomania London Review of Books

A few pictures have come to represent Flix Nadars work: Charles Baudelaire, undated, but probably between 1855 and 1862, standing in his elegant dark coat, half-unbuttoned waistcoat and bow tie, hands in pockets, staring back at the camera defiant perhaps, but with the mouth and the eyes, which Nadar called two drops of coffee, betraying some vulnerability. Victor Hugo, side-on, avuncular, or on his deathbed; a glacial Eugne Delacroix; the incredibly joyless Goncourt brothers; a series of portraits of George Sand, who went to Nadar in desperation after a competitor had captured with great vividness her drooping mouth and double chin. The image was making everyone scream, Sand wrote to Nadar.

Neal Ascherson: Declinism London Review of Books

There is a fine Scots word for the sale of the contents of a house, farm or factory: a displenishment. We have certainly witnessed the displenishment of Great Britain. James Hamilton-Patersons grief, his sense of injury and loss, is eloquent. But, speaking for myself, I cant share that brand nostalgia. I would trade a hundred Hillman Imps or a dozen Bristol Britannias for one Man from the Ministry, standing outside an advance factory waving an Industrial Development Certificate. He didnt stand around in a wasteland of nail-bars and food banks, squeaking that Britain is open for business! He planned the business, planted it where it was needed and gave it a launching push with public money.

Letters London Review of Books

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 22 (22 November 2018)

Table of contents London Review of Books

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 22 (22 November 2018)

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Thursday, 15 November


Fox News stellt sich hinter CNN in der Jim-Acosta-Nummer ... Fefes Blog

Fox News stellt sich hinter CNN in der Jim-Acosta-Nummer (Kontext).

Fox News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporters press credential. We intend to file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court. Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. While we dont condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the president and the press at recent media avails, we do support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people, Fox News President Jay Wallace said in a statement.
Hier ging brigens eine beispiellose Welle an Mails von verstrahlten Altright-Leuten ein, die fanden, der Acosta sei ein arroganter Prolet, der da nur rumpose und das schon verdient habe, dass er mal ordentlich einen in die Fresse kriegt. Die haben alle nicht verstanden, dass er explizit nicht wegen seines Verhaltens (das Mikrofon nicht wieder abgeben wollen) rausgeflogen ist sondern wegen einer transparenten, plumpen und offensichtlichen Lge. Ich bin echt schockiert, wie viele Verstrahlte Trump-Fanboys /r/the_donald oder 4chan oder wer auch immer da zu mir geschickt hat. Meine Gte. Herr, wirft Hirn vom Himmel!


Groussaka: Prince Charles invents a royal-style Greek Moussaka Keep Talking Greece

Prince Charles has invented a royal-style Greek Moussaka. A Groussaka! The dish is made with grouse instead of lamb meat.

the Prince revealed his love of groussaka on the day he turns 70, on November 14..

The Prince of Wales made the comments in the latest edition of magazine Country Life, which he edited to mark his birthday.

Writing in Country Life, the prince talks about his love of food and the magazine features one of his favourite recipes pheasant crumble pie.

He says: I got this recipe from someone I know. It is delicious.

I invented a grouse one recently, coq au vin with grouse, as well as moussaka with grouse. It doesnt always have to be lamb in other words, groussaka!

Millions of Greeks who use minced meat of beef or pork for their moussaka rose their commoners eyebrows. Moussaka with grouse? Yuc..!

Others were shocked to read that His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales gets his olive oil shipped form Italy and not from Greece, the country where his father was born.

A British-Greek chaos! A truly grouesome Royal faux pas.

The Prince did not reveal his groussaka recipe but some on social media apparently already tried the new royal invention.

Many Brits criticized the Prince for unsustainable grouse shooting for a bloody Groussaka.


EP Rapporteur calls for suspension of EU-Turkey accessions talks Keep Talking Greece

European Parliament Rapporteur Kati Piri proposes the formal suspension of accession negotiations with Turkey reiterating her call on Ankara to refrain from threatening Cyprus.

Dutch socialist MEP Kati Piri presented on Wednesday to the European Parliament in Strasbourg her draft report on Turkey`s accession progress.

Her report said that continuing a negotiating process aimed at EU integration of Turkey has lost all credibility under the present circumstances.

With the full implementation of the constitutional amendments, which legitimizes an all-powerful presidency with powers to personally appoint or dismiss ministers, select judges and rule by decree, a red line has been crossed for the European Parliament, said Piri.

She added: In its last report the European Parliament warned that it would propose a formal suspension of the accession talks if this would indeed happen. That is now the case.

Continuing a negotiating process aimed at EU integration of Turkey has lost all credibility under the present circumstances, Piri said. Apart from the clearly autocratic nature of the recently introduced presidential system, which lacks the necessary democratic checks and balances, it is impossible to ignore the further regression of the rule of law with over 50,000 people, including journalists, politicians, and human rights defenders, still in jail since the attempted coup and 150,000 civil servants dismissed without proper legal procedures.

The more friendly statements of the Turkish government about the EU and some of its member states or for example the restoration of full diplomatic relations with The Netherlands cannot conceal these facts, said Piri.

The Council is partly to blame for this situation since it has not used past opportunities to engage the Turkish regime in serious talks about democracy and rule of law by refusing to open the relevant negotiating chapters, as proposed several times by the European Parliament, reminded Piri and added that Now that there has been a stark regression in all these areas, the same Council refuses to draw a red line, although fully aware of the fact that in reality, accession talks have come to a complete standstill.

Both the EU (or at least a majority of Member States) and the Turkish government itself seem to cling to the membership option more in theory than in practice. It seems that an impasse is the favored option of both sides. Consequently, the relations between the EU and Turkey have become more and more purely transactional, added Piri.

Piri, although proposing the suspension of the accession negotiations, does not want to close the door on Turkeys people. A democratic and economically stable Turkey is...



Streamed live on Nov 8, 2018

DARK JOURNALIST SPECIAL REPORT ON THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM: DISCLOSURE CULTS & DISINFORMATION! THURSDAY NIGHT AT 7PM ET! SPECIAL GUEST CLIF HIGH Dark Journalist Support We are 100 Percent Independent and Supported by Viewers like YOU! You can make sure this important work continues by subscribing to Dark Journalist here: New Age Deep State Part 5: The Art of the Steal! The Dark Journalist X Series Trailer: The Dark Journalist X SERIES:



Looking at the Lugansk Peoples Republic November 11th Election The Vineyard of the Saker

by GH Eliason in Novorussia for The Saker Blog For the November 11th election, I was asked to be a part of the International Election observer team Lugansk Peoples Republic.


Greece state budget shows mammoth primary surplus 6.46bn Jan-Oct Keep Talking Greece

Greeces state budget showed a primary surplus of 6.46 billion euros in the January-October period, up from a budget target for a surplus of 3.584 billion euros and up from a primary surplus of 5.33 billion euros in the same period last year, the Finance Ministry said in a report released on Wednesday.

More specifically, according to provisional budget execution figures on an amended cash basis, the general government balance showed a surplus of 1.650 billion euros in the 10-month period, from a medium-term programme target for a deficit of 1.127 billion and a surplus of 144 million in the corresponding period in 2017.

Net revenue was 42.436 billion euros, up 839 million or 2.0 pct from budget targets, while regular budget net revenue was 40.753 billion euros, up 4.0 pct from targets.

Tax returns totaled 3.097 billion euros down 770 million from targets. Public Investment Programme revenue was 1.683 billion euros in the January-October period, down 746 million from targets.

State budget spending was 40.786 billion euros in the 10-month period, down 1.939 billion from targets, while regular budget spending was 38.96 billion euros, down 618 million from targets. Spending was up by 358 million euros compared with the same period last year. Public Investment Programme spending was 2.089 billion euros, down 1.321 billion from targets.

In October, state budget net revenue totaled 5.222 billion euros, up 263 million from monthly targets, while regular budget revenue was 5.108 billion, up 576 million from monthly targets. Public Investment Programme revenue was 114 million euros, down 314 million from targets. Tax returns totaled 146 million euros, down 262 million from targets.

State budget spending was 3.433 billion in October, down 396 million from monthly targets, while regular budget spending was 3.433 billion, down 313 million from targets. Public Investment Programme spending was 417 million euros, down 83 million from targets. via

The post Greece state budget shows mammoth primary surplus 6.46bn Jan-Oct appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


RSPCA TELLS DOG OWNERS" UK Against Fluoridation

From Ann.

Dog owners have been warned not to brush their pet's teeth with human
toothpaste after research suggested it was being seen as a solution to bad
The RSPCA said the presence of fluoride in high-street toothpaste brands,
along with the occasional use of the artificial sweetener xylitol, could
prove toxic to dogs if swallowed.
It came as a survey of 2,000 owners showed nearly 8% had tried to offset
their hound's halitosis by scrubbing their teeth with a human toothbrush &
Small doses of fluoride can give dogs diarrhoea & induce vomiting as it
reduces the calcium in the blood & increases potassium levels, Dr Nicola
Robinson, head of the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, said.   The
presence of xylitol in certain types of toothpaste could prove even more
serious - potentially leading to death if left untreated.
Caroline Allen, London veterinary director at the RSPCA, said: "Not only
will pets be less likely to tolerate the foaming & the minty flavour of
human toothpaste but there is also a risk to their health from swallowing
human toothpaste. While there is a potential risk to pets from the ongoing
swallowing of fluoride...the inclusion of the artificial sweetener xylitol
in toothpastes is a more serious concern as this is much more toxic &
products containing this ingredient should not be given to dogs." ...


As it is useful info for you UK Against Fluoridation

As I'm restricted in what I can do and you've told me it is useful I'll continue with the blog/



November 14, 2018: Turkish-PKK Conflict Escalates Amid Fresh PKK Attacks The Vineyard of the Saker The Peoples Defense Forces (HPG), a military wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), claimed that it had attacked 6 military bases in the southern Turkish provinces of Hakkari


Der israelische Hardliner-Verteidigungsminister Avigdor ... Fefes Blog

Der israelische Hardliner-Verteidigungsminister Avigdor Lieberman hat hingeworfen.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned Wednesday in protest over a ceasefire reached with Gaza militants, saying the move was tantamount to surrendering to terror.
Das ist deshalb interessant, weil es wohl Neuwahlen auslsen knnte, sagt AP.

Ich verstehe ja immer nicht, woher Kanada den guten ... Fefes Blog

Ich verstehe ja immer nicht, woher Kanada den guten Ruf hat. Neulich erst musste sich Trudeau ffentlich entschuldigen, dass Kanada 1939 (!) ein Schiff mit jdischen Flchtlingen abgewiesen hat.

Und jetzt kommt raus, dass in Kanada Frauen der Ureinwohner-Indianerstmme (dort First Nations genannt) im Klinikum sterilisiert wurden. Und zwar natrlich ohne ihr Einverstndnis. Sie waren im Klinikum, um dort ihr Kind zur Welt zu bringen.

Wann war das? Gut, dass ihr fragt!

Sterilizations happened as recently as 2017
Das behauptet jedenfalls ein Gerichtsverfahren, das Betroffene jetzt eingereicht haben. What the FUCK, Kanada!?

Gute Nachrichten aus Luxemburg:The taste of a food ... Fefes Blog

Gute Nachrichten aus Luxemburg:

The taste of a food cannot be protected by copyright, the EU's highest legal authority has ruled in a case involving a Dutch cheese.

'Noch eine Meldung zu dem apokalyptischen Kalifornien-Feuer:The ... Fefes Blog

'Noch eine Meldung zu dem apokalyptischen Kalifornien-Feuer:

The tremendously destructive Woolsey Fire has been widely reported as beginning near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL or Rocketdyne), but it appears that the fire began on the Rocketdyne property itself. Cal Fire identifies the fire location as E Street and Alfa Road, a location that is in fact on SSFL. It was recently reported that the Chatsworth electric substation experienced a disturbance 2 minutes before the fire was reported, but that substation is in fact on SSFL, near that location. A photograph posted on Twitter from KCAL9s Stu Mundel shows the fire starting Thursday afternoon near the same location, which is only about 1,000 yards away from the site of the 1959 partial nuclear meltdown of the Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE) reactor.

Ich hatte ja von der norwegischen Fregatte berichtet, ... Fefes Blog

Ich hatte ja von der norwegischen Fregatte berichtet, die bei der Rckfahrt vom Nato-Manver mit einem Tankschiff kollidierte.

Die klglichen Reste von dem Schiff haben die Norweger zur Kste geschleppt und dort vertut, um am nchsten Tag mal zu gucken.

So vertut man fachmnnisch.

So wurde die Fregatte vertut.

So sah das Ergebnis vllig berraschend am nchsten Morgen aus.

Einmal mit Profis arbeiten!

Ein Reddit-User meint auerdem noch:

Also interesting is that literally next door to the wreck is Sotra Anchor and Chains, a big producer of heavy duty chains, used for example to raise the Costa Concordia. But for some reason the navy went for these weaker and wrongly mounted wires instead.
Wie heit es so schn? Wer billig kauft, kauft zweimal? :-)

Wo wir gerade bei Internet-Regulierung fr die Freiheit ... Fefes Blog

Wo wir gerade bei Internet-Regulierung fr die Freiheit waren: Die sterreichische Regierung schlgt ein "digitales Vermummungsverbot" vor.

Die grte Ironie an der Nummer ist, dass das Militr vor ner Weile auf Digital-Flecktarn umgestellt hat. D.h. Digital-Vermummung, knnte man sagen. Googelt das mal, wenn ihr das nicht kennt.

Die Bundesregierung will 3 Milliarden Euro fr "gemeinwohlorientierte" ... Fefes Blog

Die Bundesregierung will 3 Milliarden Euro fr "gemeinwohlorientierte" KI lockermachen. Ich vermute mal, unter ethisch und gemeinwohlorientiert meinen sie berwachungstechnologie. Denn die Nacktaufnahmen sind ja weniger schlimm, wenn da nur eine KI draufguckt!1!!

Das Argument hat am Flughafen super funktioniert, ihr erinnert euch.

Manche Schlagzeilen sind wie gemacht fr dieses Blog: ... Fefes Blog

Manche Schlagzeilen sind wie gemacht fr dieses Blog: Autofahrer auf der Autobahn mit Mettbrtchen attackiert :-)

Auf der A 48 bei Koblenz ist es zu einem ungewhnlichen Vorfall gekommen. Ein Autofahrer wurde vom Beifahrer eines anderen Wagens mit einem Mettbrtchen beworfen. Eine entscheidende Frage ist laut Polizei noch offen.
Oh? Die entscheidende Frage ist noch offen?! Welche ist denn das?
Ob auch Zwiebeln dabei waren, konnte nicht mehr festgestellt werden, gab die Polizei weiterhin bekannt.

Kurze Durchsage von Emmanuel Macron:Internet muss reguliert ... Fefes Blog

Kurze Durchsage von Emmanuel Macron:

Internet muss reguliert werden, um frei zu bleiben
Oh ach SO ist das! Wir brauchen weniger freiheit fr mehr Freiheit!

Mit George Orwells Rotation knnte man aktuell die EU mit Strom versorgen.

Streichen will Macron unter anderem das Haftungsprivileg fr Hosting Provider. Diese seien nicht weniger verantwortlich als Inhalte-Provider, so Macron.
Htte uns doch nur jemand gewarnt, dass wenn sie mit Youtube und Facebook durchkommen, dass sie dann auch den Rest kaputtmachen!

Die ACLU hat ein paar peinlichen CIA-Folterknast-Unterlagen ... Fefes Blog

Die ACLU hat ein paar peinlichen CIA-Folterknast-Unterlagen befreit.

The history reveals that CIA doctors were hunting for a truth serum to use on prisoners as part of a previously secret effort called Project Medication. The CIA studied records of old Soviet drug experiments as well as the CIAs notorious and discredited MK-Ultra program, which involved human experimentation with LSD and other drugs on unwitting subjects. The CIA doctors involved in Project Medication wanted to use Versed, a psychoactive drug similar to some of those used in MK-Ultra, on prisoners.
Ja prima! Wenn wir die schon foltern und ein paar von ihnen mglicherweise dabei umkommen, dann sollten die wenigstens nicht umsonst gestorben sein und vorher noch unser Gehirnwscheprogramm vorangetrieben haben!1!!

Security-News: Bei pwn2own gab es dieses Mal nette ... Fefes Blog

Security-News: Bei pwn2own gab es dieses Mal nette Exploit-Chains fr Xiaomi Mi 6 und und Samsung Galaxy S9.

they leveraged an out-of-bounds write bug affecting WebAssembly to achieve code execution via NFC.
Das war das Xiaomi. Das selbe Team hat auch das S9 exploitet, via Heap-Overflow im Baseband. Und ein Iphone X haben sie ber Wifi ber einen JIT-Bug bernommen.

Ein zweites Team hat das Xiaomi ber Wifi gehackt.

resulted in a photo getting exfiltrated from the targeted phone. ZDI says the exploit involved 5 different logic bugs, including one that allowed the silent installation of an app via JavaScript.
und das Samsung-Phone ber ein gehacktes Captive-Portal, und ein dritter Teilnehmer hat einen Type-Confusion-Bug im Browser benutzt, um auf dem Xiaomi Code auszufhren.

Und das war nur Tag 1.


Squatters digest- low tide: next comes the flood Freedom News

Welcome to the Squatters Digest, a new column for Freedom News, highlighting the ongoings of the squat scene in London and beyond, along with providing opinions on the politics of said goings-on. Quality and coherence are not guaranteed. The 29th of October saw 150 high-court bailiffs and police descend upon the Tidemill Community Garden in


bikefest ADM


Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 12:00

8 december bike building. 9 december: racing.  

Event type: 


Deborah Tavares with Jeff Rense, April 30 & May 1, 2015 The Plan To Burn Up Northern California Philosophers Stone

Deborah Tavares with Jeff Rense, April 30 & May 1, 2015, on the plan to burn up Northern California, intentional depopulation of the area along the northern coast of California, The Luciferian Fisher Family of San Francisco and their companies (GAP, Pisces) connected to developments in Rothschilds Sonoma County CA, MISO (Military Information Support Operation) and more bad news, such as the fight against Rothschilds (PG&E) smart meters in Sebastopol California, smart cities, Beamed Microwaved Radio Frequencies from outer space, Resilient cities, the California Drought, Incremental Regional Consolidation, The Water Shortage Hoax vs Primary Water, Climate change thanks to the Rothschilds weather weapons and weather control, the murder of Dr. Rauni Kilde M.D. from Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde on targeted individuals, Brain implants in Ohio 1974, and much more incredible horror.





Greece-A 365 Day Destination voted Worlds Best Tourism Film 2018 (video) Keep Talking Greece

One more award for the tourism film Greece A 365 Day Destination. The film won the Peoples Choice Award Worlds Best Tourism Film 2018 of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT), the biggest competition to reward the Worlds Best Tourism Films and Worlds Best Tourism Commercials.

The film produced by Greek National Tourism Organization (GTNO) was voted first among 29 nominees by audience in 136 countries that voted online.

With 7135 votes Greece A 365 Day Destination scored almost double from the next competitor Peru, the richest country in with 4227 votes.

It is the latest Award added to a long-list of awards the film directed by Andonis Theocharis Kioukas has won since it was released in September 2017. Script by Don Morgan Nielsen, Music by Rene Aubry.

Director Kioukas and the head of GNTO Austria Eleni Melita accepted the award on behalf of the tourism ministry and the Greek tourism board, at a special award ceremony held in Vienna.

Kioukas conveyed the gratitude of Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura and GNTO Secretary General Constantinos Tsegas for the award and invited everyone present to visit and come to know the beautiful destinations Greece can offer 365 days a year.

This was the eighth award won by Greece A 365 Day Destination this year and a testament to the success of the GNTOs efforts to launch and communicate an effective campaign to promote Greece worldwide as an attractive year-round tourism destination, in accordance to plans drawn up by the ministry and the minister.

The International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) organises 18 tourism film festivals throughout the world, aiming to promote excellence among the films produced to promote destinations and tourism products. The Greek film was entered into the competition by the GNTO office in Austria, where the CIFFT is based.

The post Greece-A 365 Day Destination voted Worlds Best Tourism Film 2018 (video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Wednesday, 14 November


Greece-Ecuador-Australia: Joint police operation to dismantle cocaine-trafficking ring Keep Talking Greece

A major police operation in cooperation of Greek, US and Ecuador authorities to dismantle an international cocaine-trafficking ring is underway on Wednesday.

Simultaneous arrests are taking place in Greece and Ecuador after authorities in the Latin American country found and confiscated 300 kg cocaine on a yacht.

The yachts was to transfer the cocaine to Australia and from there the drugs were to end up in Europe via Greece.

The worth of the 300kg drugs is estimated to be over 1.5 million euros.

Greek police has arrested two Greeks and one Albanian national who are suspected for having organized the cocaine transfer from Ecuador to Australia.

One of the Greeks is reportedly owner of a cafeteria, the other one was a cars dealer. According to media, the three are the masterminds of the international drugs trafficking ring.

No further details have been reported about the case. More arrests are expected in Greece.

Another six people have been arrested in Ecuador.

Greek police has been reportedly cooperating with US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The post Greece-Ecuador-Australia: Joint police operation to dismantle cocaine-trafficking ring appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Authorities order opening of bank accounts of former PM Simitis, two ex ministers Keep Talking Greece

Investigation is welcomed, I have nothing to hide, former Prime Minister Costas Simitis said in a short statement issued on Wednesday just hours after daily Ta Nea revealed that the anti-money laundering authorities have ordered the opening of Simitis and his close relatives.

Relevant publications focus on slander. And I will respond to the slander after I find out who is behind it, the PASOK prime minister (1996-2004) added.

According to an exclusive report by daily Ta Nea, the Authority against Money Laundering has ordered the opening of the bank accounts of the ex prime minister but also of former Public Order Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis, ex deputy public Order minister Evaggelos Malaisios and his spouse as well as the accounts of middleman for weapons systems.

The order for the opening of the bank accounts of Simitis, his wife Dafne and his brother Spiros Simitis, Chrysochoidis and another former official has been launched following media reports about alleged bribes paid for the modernization of 6 Navy frigates in 2003.

A former manager of Thales Group, the French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets. had claimed that he was asked to paid bribes for the C4i security and surveillance system for the Athens Olympic in 2004. Thales had won the contract to modernize the frigates but lost the C4i bid to US companies.

Opening bank accounts does not necessarily means suspected flow of money or that crimes have been committed, ta nea notes citing judicial sources.

Speaking to Skai TV, Chrysochoidis also confirmed the bank accounts have been opened, they can do whatever they want adding also that he has nothing to fear of.

Chrysohoidis underlined that they (judicial authorities) have for a some time now tried to implicate Costas Simitis, and they are now involving his wife and brother in (more than decade-old) testimony by a former Thales executive, which was interested (the French company) in the C4I (a law enforcement-related contract for the Athens Olympic Games); who was found guilty in France because he (the former executive) could not prove what he was alleging.

According to ta nea, the Anti-Money...


Misogyny: Police Chiefs Support NYE North Yorks Enquirer

Misogyny: Police Chiefs Support NYE



The Misogyny Controversy

The NYE has been covering the current controversy over classifying offences that are perceived by the victim to be motivated by misogyny as a hate crime. Article here.

This was in part because North Yorkshire Police (NYP) was one of the four forces in the UK that had adopted this policy although there is no national policy or authorisation for this and no legislation to support it. The others are Avon & Somerset, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

An amendment to the Voyeurism Bill (which will criminalise taking photographs up womens skirts) which would have defined misogyny as a hate crime and allowed more severe sentences on men convicted of crimes against women if they were motivated by misogyny, has been rejected by the House of Commons. Instead, the Law Commission is to review how sex and gender are treated currently and if a change in the law is required to make misogyny a hate crime. Comprehensive BBC report here.

The National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) currently has no position on monitoring Misogyny based hate crime. A NPCC spokesman said:

Police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland annually monitor five strands of hate crime. Police chiefs will be presented with a paper that asks them to consider the case for monitoring gender-based hate crime in the same way. The consultation is still underway.

NYP Policy on Misogynistic Hate Crime

NYP recently published a statement on NYP hate crime policy. It includes a link to some examples showing how the sentences of criminals who are convicted of a criminal offence are uplifted, if the offence is determined to have been a hate crime.

The policy was implemented by Chief Constable Jones. An article from York Press dated the 9th of March 2017 on the change in policy by NYP the then Deputy Chief Constable (since promoted to Chief Constable ) Lisa Winward states:

DCC Winward said on Wednesday that the force would now classify misogyny as a hate crime and officers would be trained in the recognition and prosecution of the offence in the coming months.

The article can be read here.

There were a number of errors in the article:

  • CPS policy is that misogyny cannot be prosecuted as a hate...


When Protesting is put in a museum Undercurrents reports

In the age of Brexit and Trump and Climate chaos, Protest has come of age so the establishment has responded by mounting an exhibition.  This month saw the launch of I Object in the British Museum curated by Ian Hislop (Editor of Private Eye).

I travelled to the museum in London to check it out only to discover it was an eye watering 12 entry. While I was thinking about handing over hard earned cash or not,  I spotted a row of hard backed books supporting the exhibition. Flicking through the pages told me everything I suspected about the exhibition.  The 25 book showed just how narrow and dull his definition of dissent is.

I object an exhibition at the British Museum

Ian Hislop told the Guardian
Thereve been exhibitions of protest and 1960s artwork and revolutionary design,
says Hislop, but what I wanted was something different [to celebrate] every time anyone had made or tampered with a material object in order to say: No!

However this exhibition looked dull from the book. The entire exhibion was only limited to the museum's own archives.  No effort was made to obtain recent protest articles. So I went online to read some reviews before making a decision about forking out the 12 entry fee.

'I Object is joyless in the extreme' The Guardian

'It was a very poor experience with some of the items having only the most tenuous link to the very broad subject of dissent.... Dont bothering going'  Faye H on Trip Advisor


Gaza Burns Hotter than Hollywood Philosophers Stone

The world is fixated by the forest fires in Hollywood burning down stars mansions. With supreme irony some of them belong to those who helped raise millions of dollars for the Israeli Army which is now burning the hovels of Gaza.

The Hollywood warriors have insurance of course, and other homes too, sometimes many of them. The hovel-dwellers of Gaza have neither.

The brave firefighters of California are well-equipped and have the wind of hope of millions of well-wishers at their backs. There are no firefighters in Gaza.

The hovels of Gaza are unfortunately well-known to me, since long before Hamas even existed. In fact I saw Hamas be born, and Israel was the midwife. I was a comrade of Yasser Arafat then the Chairman of the secular PLO, an Arab nationalist, whose executive committee consisted of Arab nationalists and Moscow-aligned leftists like the PFLP led by the late Dr George Habash.

Israel feared this then zeitgeist in the Arab world so they turned, as the British had earlier in seeking to undermine Egypts President Nasser, to the Islamists. The Muslim Brotherhood, a client of the British in Egypt had brothers in Gaza of course. Those brothers became Hamas with the full cooperation of Israel.




Jewish Politics in America A Post Political View Writings - Gilad Atzmon

shutterstock_592610987-600x398.jpg Share

I was invited to join the Unz Review, here is a link to my first contribution:

The two contradictory Jewish ideologies (Identitarianism and Israelism) are each well- ensconced within the two rival ideologies that are tearing America apart. The red Republican counties want America to be Israel Again. The large metropolitan areas near Americas coasts have adopted the twelve tribes of Israel model a loose Identitarian coalition threatened by Samaritans, Canaanites, Amalekites or as Hillary Clinton calls them the basket of deplorables.


Sports and Games at SHARE SHARE: Frome, A Library of Things

Sports & GamesSports & Games is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have over 40 items in the Sports & Games category including cricket and badminton sets, scooters, a trampette, a snakeboard, various other indoor and outdoor games plus juggling clubs and a big hula hoop!

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Good grief! Is the BBC biased?

James O'Brien

Here's Jimmy, calling for Andrew Neil to be sacked:

Meanwhile, here's award-winning Carole saying that the BBC conspired with the Government and right-wing lobbyists to cover up massive electoral fraud:

Altogether now...


Choosing an angle Is the BBC biased?

Has anyone ever noticed how much Mrs Merkel looks like Ken Clarke in drag?

Listening to tonight's Radio 4 Six O'Clock News and its coverage of Mrs Merkel's calls for a European army, I was very struck by its angle. 

The angle I've been reading this afternoon/evening concerns lots of pro-Brexit people saying that the likes of Nick Clegg have been proved to be liars, so you'd expect the idea of a European army to be at least acknowledged, in the usual BBC terminology as "controversial" - if only in passing. 

But, no. 

Instead we got Jenny Hill presenting it almost as if Mrs Merkel had finally, thankfully, got off the fence and done the right thing.

For here was Jenny telling us that "an uncharacteristically impassioned Angela Merkel was on fighting form" today and that, "after months of fudging her position on the subject", Mrs Merkel  had "unequivocally" backed President Macron in calling for the creation of a European army ("..albeit one day.."). And Mrs Merkel didn't just back M. Macron; her statement was also likely to "enrage" Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Donald Trump "took aim" at M. Macron "over Nato contributions, the Second World War and wine production". 

So the angle was: Mrs Merkel taking M. Macron's side against President Trump. 

Cast it in that way and the idea of a European army might well appear uncontroversial and might especially appeal to people who don't like Donald Trump.

Cast it, in contrast, as being the latest federalist move from the increasingly unpopular leaders of France and Germany a...


And another BBC Andrew apologises Is the BBC biased?

And another BBC Andrew apologises (for nothing, and to a #FBPE):

Laura Kuenssberg: Seems to be all lining up for Cabinet to sign off a text of divorce deal tomorrow.... but but but, not confirmed yet and we have been here before...
Andrew Marr: Ha! Now the fun begins!
Diana Strasser #FBPE: Definitely not much fun for us EU27 nationals who have to apply to be able to stay in our own homes but as long as you are having fun. :( #StopBrexit #Stopthismadness
Andrew Marr: I wasnt using fun in the sense of, you know, actual fun. Twitter can be a tad literal at times.
Diana Strasser #FBPE: I got that but I would hope for a bit more sensitivity from a senior BBC journalist. There are people who fear to have to leave their homes, people who fear for their jobs, people who 'literally' can't afford Brexit.
Andrew Marr: Thats fair. Whats ahead may be horrible for many. I let reporterly bloodlust go to my head: apologies, Diana.


A helpful question Is the BBC biased?

BBC One's London local news this afternoon reported on Sadiq Khan's attendance at a memorial ceremony for the Bataclan massacre in Paris today and BBC reporter Karl Mercer interviewed the Mayor. 

How's this for 'message placement' courtesy of the BBC?:

Sadiq Khan: I'm here to pay my respects but also to show solidarity. London and Paris have many links. Last year we suffered four terrorist attacks and 14 people lost their lives. It's really important we show solidarity to our French friends.
Karl Mercer: And there's been much cooperation over those three years, particularly in the field of counter-terror, something you're worried will change come March?
Sadiq Khan: One of the things that many Londoners may not realise is that because we're members of the EU our police and security service have a huge amount of cooperation with our colleagues - European Arrest Warrant, being members of Europol, being able the EU passenger name records. On a daily basis our police and security services check DNA records, fingerprints, wanted lists. The UK Borders Agency checks  the watchlists of most of those coming into our country. If there's somebody who leaves London and they've committed a crime we can get them extradited really quickly. And my worry is if it appears to be the case that we leave the EU with no deal, as seems very likely, what will happen on March 30th? There'll be no deal whatsoever. What I'm saying to our government is that bearing in mind there's a possibility now, a real possibility of no deal, work now on a separate security arrangement so on March 30th our police and security services can still work with the EU.

And that was that.


Update: The evening London news bulletin on BBC One tonight returned to this, with the BBC presenter saying:
Three years to the day after the Bataclan terror attack in Paris which killed many dozens of people - the Mayor of London has been to the ceremony to remember those who died. He was joined by survivors and relatives of Londoners who were killed - and he used the occasion to raise concerns over how security in London might be affected after Brexit.
It featured another short interview with Major Khan, where he said much the same as above. Was he again prompted by Karl Mercer of the BBC?

Whether he was or not, two French politicians featured in his report backing up Sadiq's views and no contrary views we...


Omission Is the BBC biased?

One of the things I intended to check tonight, especially following a point made by John in the comments here at ITBB, is whether the BBC would engage in 'bias by omission' by not making much of Mrs Merkel's call today for a 'real, true European army' - an army unlikely to appeal to most UK voters in the event of a second people's referendum vote - and, on so doing, I find that her call is a major story (ranked fourth) on the Sky News website but conspicuous by its complete absence from the BBC News website's front page. 


Los ms actualizados y confiables blogs de SEO

En un entorno comercial cada vez ms competitivo dentro de Internet se hace necesario tener amplias nociones de posicionamiento que garanticen que una pgina web estar en las primeras posiciones de los motores de bsqueda. Y en caso de que no se domine esta disciplina, es recomendable buscar informacin a travs de blogs especializados si no se desea hacer una inversin monetaria.  

Las empresas estn enfocadas en adentrarse en el negocio online, por ello se crean blogs, los cuales inician creandolos en plataformas de manera gratuita y posteriormente algo ms profesional. Por ello, conocer las pginas o blogs para seo, donde la informacin sea veraz, actualizada y confiable es un factor fundamental para lograr los mejores resultados.

Los mejores cinco blog seo en ingls y espaol

Las ltimas informaciones para lograr estar en los primeros lugares de los principales buscadores como Google, Bing, Yandex y Yahoo,  lograr retener a las personas en la pgina o blog, provocar que el usuario realice una o ms acciones y que se mantengan por el mayor tiempo posible, evitar una alta tasa el rebote son algunos de los consejos que se consiguen al entrar en los mejores blogs de seo.

Los cinco mejores blog de seo en espaol son:

  1. El Blog de Jos Moreno
  2. Vivir de la red
  3. Blog de sistrix
  4. Blog de Iaki huerta
  5. El blog de David Ayala

Los cinco mejores blog de seo en ingls:

  1. Search engine land
  2. Search engine watch
  3. Search engine journal
  4. Search engine roundtable
  5. Google webmaster central blog.

El objetivo actual debe estar enfocado en marketing para buscadores

En la actualidad, las estrategias de marketing global estn muy orientadas hacia el marketing digital, con el cual se puede adquirir clientes de manera gratuita, a travs...


Viajar: una experiencia que abre nuevos horizontes y cultiva el espritu

Viajar, segn muchos viajeros frecuentes, es el mejor modo de invertir el dinero, pues el cmulo de experiencias y vivencias que se acumulan perduran en el recuerdo, por toda la vida. En el panorama turstico mundial toma cada vez ms importancia el turismo responsable y la urgente necesidad de practicarlo, en el sentido de preservar el medio ambiente.

Las opciones para viajar son infinitas y solamente hace falta pasin por conocer nuevas culturas y nuevos paisajes. Lo dems, tiempo y dinero terminar viniendo.

Trekking y auroras boreales en la sorprendente Islandia

Islandia es uno de los pases ms sorprendentes del mundo. No tienen ejrcito, no cuentan con un solo McDonalds y en sus amaneceres se pueden observar las deslumbrantes auroras boreales y practicar el trekking, disfrutar de travesas a pie con guas expertos, durmiendo en refugios de montaa. Toda la planificacin necesaria y todos los detalles los ofrecen los viajes organizados a Islandia.

Cataratas impresionantes, un giser nico, glaciares sobre los que es posible caminar y hasta inslitas playas negras, es posible encontrar en la naturaleza islandesa.

La Navidad y el Ao Nuevo son experiencias inolvidables cuando se disfrutan observando el increble y cambiante colorido de las auroras boreales. Islandia tiene menos habitantes que Murcia, en Espaa, unos 440.000 habitantes y no est permitido que alguna mujer gane menos salario que un hombre, una caracterstica nica en ese pas.

Historia y leyendas en los castillos del Renacimiento Francs

Los fantasmas, leyendas y toda la historia del Renacimiento francs deambulan por los exuberantes jardines, los buclicos lugares ribereos y los majestuosos fosos de los castillos que se disfrutan en la ruta de los castillos en Francia, mejor conocido en las rutas tursticas como el Valle de los Reyes.

Son 80 maravillosos castillos enclavados en el valle del ro Loira en Francia, pueden disfrutarse viajando en coche. Recorriendo este territorio lleno de historia y majestuosos paisajes, el turista terminar deslumbrado por una hermosa zona catalogada como Patrimonio Universal de la Humanidad por la Unesco.

Este valle ha cautivado los corazones de todos los viajeros durante siglos...


Los juguetes ms vendidos para navidad a solo un clic

Se avecina la poca de navidad y con ella sus preparativos, tales como la decoracin del hogar, la cena de navidad, los obsequios y regalos para los seres queridos y principalmente, los juguetes para los ms pequeos de la familia.

En la actualidad, los pequeos estn muy identificados con los juguetes de sus series favoritas de televisin. Esta tendencia los ha convertido en los ms vendidos para este ao 2018. Comprar los mejores juguetes para los pequeos del hogar antes de que se aproximen demasiado las fechas, permitir generar un ahorro econmico ya que a medida que se acerca la poca, el precio aumenta y las posibilidades de encontrar estos juguetes comienzan a desaparecer.

Juguetes Super Wings, toda una experiencia de transformacin

Los SuperWings, es una famosa serie de caricatura infantil en donde los aviones se convierten en robots con extremidades para que puedan llevar a cabo misiones especiales. Adquirir artculos relacionados con esta serie es posible a travs de webs como, donde se puede encontrar toda la gama de productos, tales como aeropuertos, muecos y figuras, aviones radio control, mochilas, peluches, puzzles y ropas.

Los juguetes de esta serie vienen en colores llamativos y variados lo que hace que sirvan tanto para nios como para nias. Los personajes de la serie son Jett, Dizzy, Jerome, Donnie, Mira, Paul, Bello y Gran Albert.

Entre los juguetes ms vendidos de esta serie tenemos:

  • Paquete de 4 aviones super wings: Este paquete contiene Jett, Paul, Astra y Donnie, con el cual los nios podrn usar su imaginacin y crear las ms atrevidas aventuras por el mundo para lograr realizar las misiones asignadas.
  • Jett: Es el personaje principal de la historia, lo cual implica que muchos nios estarn felices de tenerlo en casa. Siempre viaja por el mundo a hacer entrega de paquete a los nios y su frase favorita es Entrega de paquetes, soy Jett, a tiempo todo el tiempo. Con este personaje los nios refuerzan la responsabilidad.
  • Aviones radio control: Especialmente pensados para apoyar el desarrollo fsico y emocional del nio, ayudarle a crecer feliz y saludable. Tienen el tamao ideal ya que es grande no implica peligro de tragrselos. Adems tiene luces, sonidos, ruedas y con el control podrn dirigirlo a cualquier parte....


Cosas que recomendamos hacer despus de comprar un vehculo

Despus de hacer una inversin importante como lo es la compra de un coche u otro tipo de vehculo, hay que ponerlo a punto y ms cuando es uno de ocasin que siempre habr unos cuantos detalles y accesorios que queramos aadir.

Tasas nuevas, neumticos de ms calidad, cubrir los asientos con fundas personalizadas, pegatinas, un sistema de seguridad, colocarle unas lunas y llevarlo a un mecnico de confianza por si acaso, es parte de lo que las personas optan por hacer para que el coche quede a su gusto.

Lo primero es comprar un coche de ocasin con garantas

Es recomendable ir a un concesionario de confianza si lo que buscas son coches de ocasion dacia, ya que la garanta y la confianza que ofrecen a sus clientes dice mucho de la experiencia que tienen en materia de venta de vehculos de segunda mano.

Las condiciones de los coches son excelentes, tanto como si estrenaras uno y es que se trata de modelos cuya matriculacin es del 2014 en adelante y con una media de precios muy accesible. Puedes encontrar los vehculos que ms se venden, a diesel o gasolina,  siendo detalles como estos lo que hacen que muchos clientes prefieran comprar un coche de ocasin.

Ahora bien, una vez el coche es tuyo debes prepararlo para la Inspeccin Tcnica de Vehculos ITV de tal manera de asegurarte de que est en las condiciones que necesita para pasarla sin problemas, si desconoces los pasos a seguir para pedir una cita previa debes consultar pginas de informacin, como por ejemplo

Son tres las formas de obtener una cita para pasar la ITV, la primera y la ms recomendable es por Internet, lo cual haces en pocos minutos y mediante unos pasos muy sencillos; el nico impedimento sera que el taller donde quieras llevar el coche an no est adecuado a este sistema de citas.

La segunda es acudir directamente al taller y hacer una fila tal como si te correspondiera ese da la cita y al llegar hacer la solicitud de la fecha, se pierde mucho tiempo pero es una alternativa que no se puede descartar.

La tercera es por va telefnica, donde vas a poder comunicarte directamente con el taller donde sers atendido.



Die Lage fr Ideen auerhalb der engen Grenzen der ... Fefes Blog

Die Lage fr Ideen auerhalb der engen Grenzen der aktuellen Dogmatik in der Wissenschaft ist so bel, dass jetzt ein Journal Publikationen kontroverser Ideen unter Pseudonym ermglichen soll.

Fandet ihr TLS auch viel zu sicher? Da kann man ja ... Fefes Blog

Fandet ihr TLS auch viel zu sicher? Da kann man ja gar nicht mitschnffeln! Das geht nicht. Wie soll der Arbeitgeber denn dann die TLS-Verbindungen aufbrechen und gucken, dass da keine Pornos oder Malware reinkommt?! Nee, das geht so nicht. Verschlsselung ist nur wirklich sicher, wenn man die unterwegs entschlsseln kann.

Findet jedenfalls die ETSI und nennt ihre kaputtgemachte Version von TLS 1.3 "eTLS". e nicht fr elektronisch sondern fr "Enterprise". Fuck, yeah!

Aber der Hhepunkt der Meldung ist, wie sich vllig unironisch das zustndige Kommittee nennt:

ETSI Technical Committee CYBER has recently released a Middlebox Security Protocol specification
Kannste dir gar nicht ausdenken sowas.


Greek archaeologists say ancient city of Tenea settled by Trojan POWs located Keep Talking Greece

Greeces Culture Ministry has said that archaeologists have located the first tangible remains of the lost ancient city of Tenea that, according to tradition, was first settled by Trojan war captives after the Greeks  sack of Troy.

In a statement Tuesday, the ministry said excavations from September to early October in the southern Greek region of the Peleponnese turned up proof of the existence of the ancient city of Tenea, which was only known up to now from ancient texts.

Lead archaeologist Elena Korka, who has been excavating in the area since 2013, told The Associated Press the team unearthed walls, door openings, floors of buildings apparently houses and household pottery, dating from the 4th century B.C. to late Roman times.

Excavation work also continued on the rich cemeteries surrounding ancient Tenea.

During the excavation tombs, skeletons, pottery, jewelry, cons and other items from the Hellenistic and Roman times were found.

The Ancient city of Tenea was established approximately 15 kilometres SE of Corinth and 20 kilometres NE of Mycenae shortly after the Trojan War.

Findings of ancient Tenea

It is believed that the first inhabitants were Trojans prisoners of war to whom King of Mycenae  Agamemnon permitted to build their own town.

Hence the name Tenea resembles that of Tenedos, their home-town, an island opposite of ancient Troy..

Together with Rome, according to the...


Even Simon McCoy... Is the BBC biased?

Fans of ITV's The Chase will know that chaser Paul Sinha is often described as "Sarcasm In a Suit" by Bradley Walsh, but maybe it's time that the BBC followed suit and christened its very own Simon McCoy "Sarcasm In a Suit" too. 

As you may know, Simon is the BBC News Channel's main anchor in the afternoon.

And here his is, this very afternoon, being deadpan about Donald Trump:

But he still might do well I think to heed the following friendly words of caution, however much he knows the nation loves him:


November 13, 2018: Gaza Is On Edge Of Israeli Ground Invasion The Vineyard of the Saker The Gaza Strip is on the brink of a large-scale Israeli military intervention. The current round of escalation started on November 11 when a covert unit of the Israeli


Norwegian frigate sinks after collision with Greek-owned tanker Keep Talking Greece

There go 400 million euros under water and the captains career. The Norwegian frigate KNM Helge Ingstad sank deeper in the water in the night from Monday to Tuesday, just days after its  crew ignored warning signals by a Greek-owned tanker that a collision was imminent.

The pictures made public by the Norwegian Defense show. Tuesday morning, most of the navy ship is under water.

Last Thursday morning while it was still dark, KNM Helge Ingstad and the giant oil tanker Sola TS collided in Hjeltefjorden, north of the Sture crude oil terminal in ygarden municipal in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway.

Photo: Jakob stheim / Norwegian Defense

The warship, one of Norways five top modern frigates, was on her way home to Haakonsvern naval base after participating in NATOs large-scale exercise Trident Juncture.

It is still a mystery why the well-equipped warship couldnt avoid colliding with the 250 meters long oil tanker just north of the oil terminal. The weather was good, the waters in the area has real-time shipping control systems, there was radio-contact between the vessels up front. And, maybe the biggest unanswered questions: Why couldnt the easy-to-steer frigate, with all its radars and sensors, manage to change course?

While an official investigation is launched by the marine department at the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board (AIBN), the navy in cooperation with others have worked around-the-clock to secure the wrecked frigate. 10 wires were bolted to the rocks onshore, but several of the wires were broken during the night to Tuesday.

The photos from the Defense shows that only the radar-tower of the frigate is over water. The warship still has all weapons on board.  via the barentobeserver

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Crete: Drunken priest punches police officer, bites another Keep Talking Greece

A drunk priest on the island of Crete punched one police officer and bit another after he was stopped for driving down a local road the wrong way.

The priest was found on Sunday night to drive a lane in Herakleios main avenue the opposite way. He was driving under the influence of alcohol.

When police stopped him, the priest refused to undergo an alcohol  test.

The police officers took him to the central police station in the city and informed his daughter to come and get him.

After he was found guilty for offenses regarding traffic regulations, the man got angry. He attacked and punched a police officer and bite another.

The clergyman was taken to the court on Monday for insulting and causing bodily harm to the officers.

The priest asked for a deadline for his testimony, his trial is set for later this month.

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Link UK Against Fluoridation

Sorry about no posts but spent five days in hospital recovering from a minor stroke. Will see how I feel about restarting. If you find it useful let me know by making a comment. or email me  


All aboard Is the BBC biased?

Meanwhile, a freedom of information request from The Times has forced the BBC to reveal that "more than 2,700 BBC staff were handed pay rises of more than 10 per cent last year, despite the corporations claims that it does not have enough money":
The median increase was 4,979, and the total cost to licence fee-payers is 17.8 million a year. The BBCs total headcount is about 18,200, indicating that about 14 per cent of the workforce were given substantial pay rises.
The top five comments beneath the Times report are all pretty much of one mind:

  • BBCs latest accounts show 523m in cash!!! Bloated, arrogant state organisation which requires restructuring to remain relevant.
  • Further evidence the BBC has lost touch with reality.
  • The gravy train rolls on. The BBC, financed by a tax for owning a television, needs sorting out. For a start make it a subscription service.
  • 10% - absurd - when so many millions only receive 1, or 2 or at best a 3% pay rise.   The BBC needs to be held more to account.  Perhaps we should all refuse to pay our TV licence, until such indefensible and irresponsible pay awards are checked, and the pay of already grossly overpaid presenters is frozen or reduced.
  • Noses in the trough. Abolish the licence fee and make it s subscription channel. They can then pay them what they like.


Another post featuring Andrew Neil Is the BBC biased?

Hope he's not going to get told off by the BBC for this one as well, as he's only telling it like it is:

He also calls The Mash Report "thirty minutes of self satisfied, self adulatory, unchallenged left wing propaganda" and says The Now Show is "contrived ideological commentary" - and he's not wrong there either. 

Here's the whole exchange:

Simon Pinsa: I would be happy if the BBC were just impartial. When was the last time they had a right wing comedian on the BBC?
legalclaret: Geoff Norcott on the Mash Report last Friday.
Andrew Neil: For three minutes out of thirty minutes of self satisfied, self adulatory, unchallenged left wing propaganda. Its hardly balance. Could never happen on a politics show. Except this has become a politics show.
Marchal: Like HIGNFY and The Last Leg the show exists so that audiences can applaud themselves at how clever and progressive they are.
Dave P: HIGNFY is on its last legs. Never heard of The Last Leg.
jeff: I've only managed to watch some moments of each but, incredibly, I'd say it was more left wing. It's hard to imagine how broadcasters get away with the continuous overt propaganda.
Andrew Neil: When it comes to so called comedy the BBC has long given up on balance, on radio and tv. Nobody seems to care. And I dont want right wing comedy, whatever that is. Id just like comedy. Which is in really short supply. On tv and radio.
Louise Rowntree: Or is it just that liberals are wittier than... illiberals?
Andrew Neil: If you think Mash or The Now Show is funny as oppo...


Peru baby trafficking ring: Ex-police chief held. Police looking for Israeli connections Philosophers Stone

Police in Peru say they have busted a suspected baby trafficking ring in the southern city of Arequipa.

Among the 14 people arrested in early morning raids is the former head of Perus national police force, Gen Ral Becerra. He has not yet commented.

Police suspect his partner of being the ringleader of the gang which convinced poor women to hand over their babies and then sold them.

A five-month-old baby was rescued as part of the raids, officials said.

Police said 500 officers took part in simultaneous raids on 18 properties in the industrial city, starting at 03:00 local time (08:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

Read more about child trafficking:

One of the properties searched was that of Gen Becerra, whom police suspect of being a key accomplice in the criminal scheme allegedly led by his 32-year-old partner, Cinthia Tello.

Gen Becerra, 61, led Perus national police force from 2010 until his retirement in 2011. Neighbours said Ms Tello ran local beauty contests and organised public events.

Investigators say the gang looked for poor pregnant women who were considering having abortions because they felt they could not afford to bring up a child.

The gang then allegedly offered the women enough money to convince them to carry to term and would then sell their babies at huge profit.

Investigators allege the babies were sold for 4,000 Peruvian soles ($1,187; 900). Police are still investigating whether the children were sold to foreign couples looking to adopt or to organ trafficking gangs.

A gynaecologist and a paediatrician are among those arrested, as well as three women who allegedly fished for pregnant women by pretending to offer illegal abortions.


Tuesday, 13 November


Tsipras tries alliance of Social-Democrats, Greens and the Left ahead of EU elections Keep Talking Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras tries to build a broader alliance among the progressive forces of Europe, ahead of the EU elections in May 2019. Social Democrats and the Left must meet on the basis of a progressive plan for the 21st century in Europe,Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said addressing the SPD conference in Berlin on Saturday (Nov 10).

Such a strategy can stop the upsurge of extreme right, nationalism and xenophobia, he added.

We need political courage to take this step. Because it primarily calls for self-criticism. The example of Portugal and Spain is the practical proof that Social Democracy and the Left can and must work together on the basis of a cooperation for the benefit of social majority, Tsipras added.

The success for a left party is not only exiting a crisis, but exiting the crisis with the least possible losses for the weakest people, the poor, the middle class, the workers and the young, he said among others.

Ahead of the European elections in May 2019, Alexis Tsipras and his close ally, senior Syriza MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis, are launching a number of initiatives to build bridges among Europes fragmented progressive political forces and create a broad alliance ahead of the EU elections.

The left-wing and progressive political forces that were the initiators of European unification cannot be non-united in the next European elections, especially when the ghosts of the past reappear to break the European project [] when the extreme right is on the rise, European Parliament Vice-President Papadimoulis told

According to the news website for EU Affairs, Tsipras will coordinate this effort centrally while Papadimoulis will focus on a European Parliament level.

The main objective of this push is to bring leftist and progressive political forces closer both before and after the EU election. Syriza also aims to create a broad alliance, from Tsipras to Macron,  especially when it comes to the protection of EU values.

For Syriza there is no way to join another European Political group, euractive was told. Cooperation with progressive forces is envisaged in a greater degree after the European elections than before.

Over the weekend, Tsipras spoke also with the German Greens, who currently are on the rise, and participated also at the Peace Forum in Paris as a guest by French President Emmanuel Macron, one of the many leaders invited to celebrate the end of World War I.

While in Paris, Tsipras invited his Spanish counterpart Pedro Snchez to Athens. The Social-Democrat Prime Minister accepted the invitation, the date has not...


Greeces self-employed and farmers to pay less for pensions as of 1.1.2019 Keep Talking Greece

Legislation to decrease pension contributions to self-employed and farmers has been submitted to the Greek Parliament on Monday. It is estimated that 250,000 people will benefit from the reduction expected to go in effect as of 1. January 2019.

Pension contributions for freelancers will be reduced to 13.33% from 20% currently. Affected will be freelancers with net taxable income of over 7,032 annually.

Farmers contributions will be 12% from 18% currently.

For the category of so-called new scientists contributions will be 13.33% until the 5th year of the professional activity.

Most benefited from the cuts are reportedly freelancers and self-employed with annual gross revenues between 7.033 and 9,346 as they will pay the lowest social security contribution of 157.9 per month 117.2 for main pension and 40.7 for health care.

Example: a self-employed with annual income at 20,032 will pay as of 1.1.2019: 173 for main pension + 115 for health care + 64.5 for supplementary pension and lump sum = 352.5. Before the reductions the monthly contribution would be at 469.

For self-employed doctors, engineers and lawyers, the reductions affect their supplementary pension and contributions for lump sum.

The reductions in the contributions for the main pension will end up that self-employed will receive a bag full of peanuts when they reach the retirement age.

However, the legislation allows that they pay higher contributions in order to receive also a higher pension.

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Cardiff- showing of Power Trip:Fracking in the UK Undercurrents reports

Cardiff- I am on tour with my latest film showing the resistance to Fracking in the UK.
On November 20th you can join me for a showing (FREE ENTRY) at Cardiff University. Open to all.

Time: 6pm
Room 006 - Journalism,Media and Cultural Studies
2 Central Square
CF10 3NB
Link to details are here

The School of Journalism, Media and Communication in collaboration with the MA International Journalism (Documentary pathway) invites you to the screening the documentary POWER TRIP (Fracking in the UK), by Undercurrents.

The documentary follows grandmothers (Lancashire Nanas) as they team up with younger activists (Reclaim the Power) to shut down the fracking firm Cuadrilla's drilling sites. The film widens the discussion to highlight the role of the media and lobby groups in shaping public perception of unconventional gas and oil exploration, with statements by energy experts, journalists and key politicians, local residents and councillors.

There will be a Q&A with the director Paul O'Connor after the screening. The event is free and open to the general public

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.


Building black working class counter-power against state, capital and national oppression Anarkismo

warren.jpgInterviewing Warren McGregor, ZACF, South Africa
Interview with Warren McGregor of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF), South Africa. Warren McGregor is an activist born in the Coloured townships of the Cape Flats, now resident in Johannesburg, where he is involved in working class and union education.

What is anarchism? Who really rules South Africa? Should we form a "workers party"? How does anarchism address racial and national oppression? How can we build working class counter-power? What is the state of the left? How do we link fights for reforms to revolutionary transformation and counter-power? Where does anarchism come from and what is its history in South Africa? Where to now?


Olivers Army by Karen Blackshaw c/o Chris Spivey GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

Well I am delighted to tell you that because of your generosity this site continues to live another month Thank you one and all.
So, to kick us off what follows is an article written by Karen Blackshaw exclusively for this website.
Course you may know Karen better by her commentor-name, Curious Girl. Moreover, Karen tells me that she has been made to suffer by TPTB as a direct consequence of her affiliation to this website, although it isnt my place to tell you exactly how and why.
Nevertheless, what she has written is a stunning bit of research and a blinding bit of dot connecting

Olivers Army

Karen Bradshaw

PHOTO: Oliver Cromwell
I expect you were as excited as I was by this summers royal wedding. What did grab my attention, though, were some comments about the venue, St Georg...


The Moon Part 3 by Chris Spivey & John Hamer GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

In this the third and final part of my articles about the moon we are going to take a look at some of those people who have made the deception possible.
So lets start with what the author and historian, John Hamer has to say on the matter:
On 27th January 1967, the astronaut Gus Grissom along with two fellow astronauts, perished in a fire in what was to be Apollo 1 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Even in death, Grissom is still tormented by those who would believe that he did not live up to his countrys expectations, not to mention his own expectations.
On 13th April 1959, Air Force Captain Gus Grissom received official word from the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson air-force base that he had been selected as one of the seven Project Mercury astronauts. Six others received the same notification; Lieutenant Malcolm Scott Carpenter, US Navy Captain, Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr. (33rd Degree Mason,) US Air Force
Lieutenant-Colonel John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (33rd Degree Mason,) US Marine Corps Lieutenant Commander Walter Marty Schirra, Jr. (33rd Degree Mason,) US Navy Lieutenant Commander Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., and US Navy Captain Donald Kent (Deke) Slayton.
The Mercury programme was the United States first manned space venture and the first step in the countrys quest to reach the moon. Being a Mercury Astronaut meant being constantly subjected to scrutiny both by the public and by the media. Hailed as heroes when the missions went well, they could equally expect to be chastised for any problems which might occur along the way. Indeed, Grissoms first space flight, aboard the Mercury Redstone Liberty Bell 7, was somewhat less than a complete success.
Although take-off and re-entry went as expected, upon splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, the 70 explosive bolts which held the hatch in place unexplainably exploded prematurely, forcing Grissom to evacuate the capsule and swim for his life while the rescue helicopter frantically tried to save the capsule from sinking. It was unsuccessful, and Grissom nearly drowned whilst the Liberty Bell sank to the bottom of the ocean, never to be recovered.
This was only the beginning of Grissoms media woes. The press hounded him mercilessly, and he underwent an inquiry by NASA into the loss of the spacecraft. Although his fellow astronauts strongly supported him, a...


Buy a Politician Today for only 3 a month... GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

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All The Kings Horses North Yorks Enquirer

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the one-hundred-and-sixty-second in a continuing series of so-called Photoons cartoons developed from digital photographs highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond.

Readers are left to place the protagonists in the context of news articles.




One dead, nine injured in traffic accident with migrants in North Greece Keep Talking Greece

One woman died and nine people were injured in one more traffic accident with migrants in northern Greece.

The traffic accident occurred at a side road of Egnatia Highway near Thessaloniki at 8 o clock Tuesday morning.

According to local media, the driver did not stop at a police signal and increased speed instead. The car soon got out of the road and turned over in a field.

The car was transporting migrants to Thessaloniki.

Traffic accidents of this kind have recently increased as more and more migrants and refugees prefer to illegally enter Greece via the Evros River, the natural border with Turkey.

Just four days ago, a 4-year-old boy died and 27 people were injured when the van that was transporting them collided with a truck also near Thessaloniki. Among the injured were five children with the youngest to be a 5-month-old baby.

In most of the cases, the traffic accidents occur and people lose their lives when the traffickers try to escape police.

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Crticos de IU denuncian la falta de pluralidad de la lista de las europeas

Los tres principales sectores crticos de IU (Izquierda Unida) han criticado la candidatura impulsada por la direccin federal del partido para las elecciones europeas por su falta de pluralidad y la laminacin de cualquiera que no sea un garzoner, haciendo alusin a los que simpatizantes del coordinador federal, Alberto Garzn.

De la misma manera los crticos de IU han embestido contra el proceso de primarias que ha diseado la direccin federal para ratificar la lista ya que, a su juicio, no es ms que una caricatura de participacin, que adems consuma la subordinacin a Podemos.

La propuesta principal por la cpula de IU es Sira Rego, la dirigente federal, y no incluye a ninguno de los eurodiputados actuales, siendo esta la nica que competir en las primarias ante la carencia de otras candidaturas, segn informa la direccin.

La corriente de la eurodiputada Paloma Lpez,  (+Izquierda, anteriormente IU s; con ms fuerza), encarada a Garzn en la ltima asamblea, ha decidi no participar en las primarias al estimar que no existen garantas que impidan que la presencia y la propuesta de IU quede subordinada a la agenda de otras fuerzas polticas.

Este sector, uno de los crticos de IU, explica en un comunicado, que no est de acuerdo en confeccionar una candidatura antes de conocer los elementos esenciales del acuerdo de confluencia con otras fuerzas polticas.

No existe todava un programa electoral conjunto para las elecciones, por tanto no sabemos si se garantiza la visibilidad de nuestra propuesta poltica, diferente a la de otros miembros de la confluencia y cual va a ser el grado de autonoma para llevar a cabo nuestro programa, afirman.

Tambin manifiestan que no se ha debatido qu grado de compromiso existe para formar o no, parte de una misma delegacin y/o grupo parlamentario y que no se tenga en cuenta el respaldo democrtico que cada fuerza tuvo en las anteriores elecciones, sacrificando la presencia de candidatos de IU en las candidaturas conjuntas a las elecciones europeas.

Por su parte, otro de los crticos de IU, el partido del diputado asturiano y excoordiador federal de IU Gaspar Llamazares, Izquierda Abierta (IzAb), piensa que las primarias no son ms que una caricatura de participacin, en las que adems no se garantiza ni la federalidad, ni la pluralidad de la organizacin, a la vez que ha sido incapaz de aprovechar el momento para impulsar una amplia participacin entre sus afiliados y simpatizantes.

Por todo ello, IzAb considera que la direccin de IU, que es de facto la del Partido Comunista de Espaa (PCE), consuma su estrategia de secuestro de IU para entregar...


Las marcas de cosmtica se unen a la lucha contra el cncer de mama

El mes pasado fue el mes de la lucha contra el cncer de mama. Con motivo de lo cual muchas marcas, cuyas principales consumidoras son mujeres, se han sumado a la causa realizando diferentes estrategias y promociones.

Todas estas marcas se han teido de rosa para contribuir a la causa, y recordando a la poblacin femenina la importancia de los programas de educacin para la deteccin oportuna, los cuales intentan reducir la tasa de mortalidad en Espaa, y exponer las marcas y fundaciones que apoyan distintos tratamientos y reconstrucciones. Son cada da ms las empresas que sacan al mercado productos para recaudar fondos con este fin. Entre ellas, las que citamos a continuacin.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera, la marca que cre el Carolina Herrera perfume, ha lanzado una aplicacin que permite a las usuarias hacerse selfies y mostrar as su apoyo a la lucha contra el cncer de mama. Este mismo programa permite hacer donaciones para la Sociedad Americana del Cncer.

Este Lauder

Este Lauder Companies ha venido comprometindose con su Campaa de concienciacin durante ms de 25 aos, ayudando as a las mujeres a liberarse del cncer, y a prevenir y tratar dicha enfermedad.

Esta marca lanz el Limited-Edition Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, que consiste en un suero reparador para utilizar todas las noches y conseguir una piel simplemente radiante. La totalidad de sus ventas se donan a la causa.

Por otro lado, con cada #PInkRibbon utilizado en Twitter se dona tambin una cantidad contra la investigacin del cncer. Adems, el diseo de la edicin limitada tiene un toque de color azul para representar al 1% de hombres que se ven afectados tambin por la enfermedad.

Michael Kors

En esta ocasin Michael Kors ha presentado su nuevo perfume para mujeres, disponible durante el mes de octubre bajo el nombre Wondelust y caracterizado por una perspectiva del mundo de la belleza inspirada en el de los viajes. Este perfume resalta la sensualidad de todas las mujeres, y su precio tambin ha sido para donarlo a la causa.


Esta marca cre un blush en tono Berry Pop con el smbolo del lazo rosa en medio. Clinique ha desa...


Bomb outside home of Supreme Court prosecutor in Athens Keep Talking Greece

Special teams of anti-terror squads of Greek Police have defused an explosive device left outside the home of Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos in Vyronas suburb of Athens early Tuesday morning. The bomb was hidden in the trunk of a motorcycle parked outside the prosecutors home.

Police rushed to Dogiakos home after a warning call to a newspaper and a news website six minutes before 4 o clock in the morning.

The anonymous caller warned daily Efimerida Ton Syktakton and website Zougla that a bomb left outside a specific address would explode in twenty minutes.

Police, special squads and fire service rushed to the address given by the anonymous caller, cordoned the area and urged residents to stay inside their homes.

The explosive device was found inside the trunk of a motorcycle parked in front of Dogiakos house. It is alleged that the bomb did not explode most probably due to a wrong wires connection.

The bomb was defused and transferred to the laboratories of the police and so did the motorcycle.

Dogiakos told private ANT1 TV that it was police that informed them of the bomb and that they should not go outside.

According to media, the bomb was inside a cooking pot.

The explosive device was similar to the one used also at the Court of Appeals in Athens in December 2017, media report citing police sources. An urban guerilla group named Group of Popular Fighters had claimed responsibility. Bombs in cooking pots have reportedly placed in the past also by the groups Revolutionary Struggle and Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.

The anonymous caller did not mention any organization, neither has any organization claimed responsibility so far.

Isidoros Dogiakos is head of the Appeals Prosecutor at Arieos Pagos, Greeces Supreme Court. Dogiakos has been dealing with at least three important legal cases like the investigation against  the far-right and neo-Nazi Golden Dawn and the bribes by German Siemens to Greek officials, daily efsyn notes.

Citing the deputy prosecutor, state broadcaster...


Music/Media/Audio-Visual @ SHARE SHARE: Frome, A Library of Things

Music/Media/Audio-VisualMusic/Media/Audio-Visual is one of our ten categories of items here at SHARE:Frome Library of Things.

At the time of writing we have over 40 items in the Music/Media/Audio-Visual category. Weve got various musical instruments, recording devices, amps, pedals, tuners & PA systems, projectors and screens and more.

To view all 10 categories browse our inventory.

If youd like to sponsor this category and have your business advertised with every item borrowed from within it, as well as inside the shop and on our window, please get in touch with us.

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How public education cripples our kids, and why by John Taylor Gatto Anti Oligarch

Against School* John Taylor Gatto** I taught for thirty years in some of the worst schools in Manhattan, and in some of the best, and during that time I became an expert in boredom. Boredom was everywhere in my world, and if you asked the kids, as I often did, why they felt so bored, they always gave []


Israel to Police European Coastlines Protecting the Continent from Refugees? The Vineyard of the Saker

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog This sounds like a bad joke. It aint. Its real. One fascist government helps another fascist government. Yes, I have written about fascism


Yemeni War Deaths Have Been Underestimated by At Least 5 to 1 Rigged Game

Civilian casualties in the three-year horror in Yemen has been vastly underestimated by mainstream organizations.

By Nicolas J. S. Davies and cross-posted from Consortium News

An NGO responsible for reporting on war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it has underestimated the casualties in the three-year-old conflict by at least five to one.

Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project had originally estimated that about 10,000 people had been killed in the war in Yemen, roughly the same number reported by the World Health Organization. WHO surveys are regularly cited as estimates of war deaths in Yemen by UN agencies and the worlds media.  But ACLED now estimates the true number of people killed in Yemen is probablybetween 70,000 and 80,000.

ACLEDs estimates do not include the thousands of Yemenis who have died from the wars indirect consequences, such as starvation and preventable diseases like diphtheria and cholera. UNICEF reported in December 2016 that a child was dying every 10 minutes in Yemen, and the humanitarian crisis has only worsened since then.  At that rate the total of all deaths caused directly and indirectly by the war must by now be more than one hundred thousand.

Another NGO, the Yemen Data Project, revealed in September 2016 that at least a third of Saudi-led airstrikes, many of which involve U.S.-built and (until Friday U.S.-refueled warplanes) using U.S.-made bombs, were hitting hospitals, schools, markets, mosques, and other civilian targets. This has left at least half the hospitals and health facilities in Yemen damaged or destroyed, according to the Yemen Data Project, leaving them hardly able to treat the casualties of the war or serve their communities, let alone to compile meaningful figures for the WHOs surveys.

Even comprehensive surveys of fully functioning hospitals would capture only a fraction of the violent deaths in a war-torn country like Yemen, where most of those killed in the war do not die in hospitals. And yet the UN and the worlds media have continued to cite the WHO surveys as reliable estimates of the total number of people killed in Yemen



A Worldwide Debt Default Is A Real Possibility Rigged Game

Debt Doesnt Fuel Growth Anymore.

By John Maudlin and cross-posted from Forbes

Is debt good or bad? The answer is Yes.

Debt is future spending pulled forward in time. It lets you buy something now for which you otherwise dont have cash yet.

Whether its wise or not depends on what you buy. Debt to educate yourself so you can get a better job may be a good idea. Borrowing money to finance your vacation? Probably not.

The problem is that many people, businesses, and governments borrow because they can. Its been possible in the last decade only because central banks made it so cheap.

It was rational in that respect. But it is growing less so as the central banks start to tighten.

Earlier this year, I wrote a series of articles (synopsis and links here) predicting a debt train wreck and eventual liquidation. I dubbed it The Great Reset. I estimated we have another year or two before the crisis becomes evident.

Now Im having second thoughts. Recent events tell me the reckoning could be closer than I thought just a few months ago.

Debt Doesnt Fuel Growth Anymore

Central banks enable debt because they think it will generate economic growth. Sometimes it does. The problem is they create debt with little regard for how it will be used.

Thats how we get artificial booms and subsequent busts. We are told not to worry about absolute debt levels so long as the economy is growing in line with them.

That makes sense. A country with a larger GDP can carry more debt. But that is increasingly not what is happening

Continue reading the article


Saudi plan to assassinate General Soleimani, NY Times reveals The Vineyard of the Saker

Press TV reports: Saudi Major General Ahmed al-Assiri, who has allegedly been fired over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, took part at a meeting in Riyadh in 2017 that involved


Julianne Moore message of solidarity to Susan Orfanos for gun controls Keep Talking Greece

Hollywood star Julianne Moore, herself a mother of a son and supporter of gun controls, sent a message of solidarity to Susan Orfanos, the mother of Telemachus Orfanos who was killed during the shooting at Thousand Oaks last week.

Posting an older picture of her with her son on her instagram account, she wrote:

I keep thinking about Susan Orfanos and her son Telemachus who survived the Las Vegas shooting but was killed at #thousandoaks. Imagine her grief and the grief of all of the many many people who have lost their loved ones to gun violence. I wont stop fighting for them until we have real change in our country @momsdemand.



Souvenirs de Villingen The Vineyard of the Saker

Jazz music is often famous for featuring amazing improvisations and that is absolutely fair: Jazz did re-vitalize the art of improvisation which almost disappeared with the end of the Baroque


The Meaning of a Multipolar World The Vineyard of the Saker

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog Right now, we live in a monopolar world. Here is how U.S. President Barack Obama proudly, even imperially, described it when delivering the


Melbourne, Australia: Mural in memory of Mikhail Zhlobitsky Contra Info

Received on 10/11/2018; for the case of Mikhail Zhlobitsky check here and here:Narrm / Melbourne so-called Australia: Graffiti mural in memory of 17 year old Russian Anarchist-Communist Mikhail Zhlobitsky who died while carrying out an explosive attack against the FSB (Federal Security Service) Regional Headquarters in Arkhangelsk, Russia on October 31st.

Never Forget Our Fallen Comrades!



Historic moments in Cyprus as the two communities open Dherynia checkpoint Keep Talking Greece

Historic moments in Cyprus with the opening of two checkpoints after more than half a century. Officials from both sides, opened two new border crossings Monday for the first time in eight years, the latest push for peace by the two sides after UN-backed talks collapsed last year.

Dozens of Greek Cypriots streamed across the eastern Dherynia border post, walking past United Nations peacekeepers into the breakaway Turkish-backed north.

At the same time, the Lefka-Apliki crossing opened in the northwest of the eastern Mediterranean island.

Ahead of the Dherynia crossing reopening, soldiers removed barriers wrapped in rusty barbed wire and a small group of riot police stood by.

More than three years after the Cypriot leaders agreed to open the  checkpoints at Dherynia on the east coast and Lefka-Aplikli some 50km from the capital, hundreds of people from both sides queued up early on Monday to finally make the long-awaited crossing.

For majority of people, opening the crossing was another step towards peace and reconciliation.

For others such a move was politically unacceptable.



Novorussian elections SITREP The Vineyard of the Saker

by Auslander for The Saker Blog International press has pretty much ignored the ongoing civil war between 404 and Novorossiya for the last year. However, for those in Novorossiya, be

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