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Friday, 17 August


Sagt mal, versteht ihr das eigentlich, dass der Hass ... Fefes Blog

Sagt mal, versteht ihr das eigentlich, dass der Hass in den Kommentarspalten immer mehr zunimmt? Ich versteh das ja nicht! Wir tun doch schon alles, was wir knnen! Wir lschen die Shitposts und lassen die Shitposter ansonsten unbehelligt! Wer konnte ahnen, dass die dann ihren Schei einfach nochmal posten? NIEMAND konnte damit rechnen!1!!

Wer konnte ahnen, dass sich dann Communities aus Arschlchern bilden, die untereinander damit protzen, wer mehr Shitposts gelscht bekommen hat!!1!

Wo kommen eigentlich diese ganzen Leute her, die glauben, wenn sie sich die Augen zuhalten, dass sie dann unsichtbar sind? Ist da eine Generation von Eltern komplett ausgefallen?

Komm, Erich, wir machen da Tipp-Ex drber, dann ist das Problem weg!1!!

Infrastrukturapokalypse: 7000 Haushalte in Alsdorf ... Fefes Blog

Infrastrukturapokalypse: 7000 Haushalte in Alsdorf bei Aachen nach Trafobrand ohne Strom.

Auf Hochtouren laufen derzeit die Arbeiten, um per mobiler, kraftstoffbetriebener Aggregate, die aus dem ganzen Land herangeschafft werden, die betroffenen Haushalte nach und nach wieder unter Strom zu setzen. Prioritt haben dabei das Altenheim in Hoengen, medizinische Einrichtungen sowie Supermrkte, Fleischereien und andere Betriebe, die dringend auf Khlung respektive Strom angewiesen sind.
Immerhin gibt es eine Infrastruktur von Generatoren, auf die in solchen Fllen zurckgegriffen werden kann. 7000 Haushalte sind kein Pappenstiel.

Wie China alle CIA-Agenten im Land auffliegen lie. ... Fefes Blog

Wie China alle CIA-Agenten im Land auffliegen lie. Das war ab 2010.

Now, nearly eight years later, it appears that the agency botched the communication system it used to interact with its sources, according to five current and former intelligence officials. The CIA had imported the system from its Middle East operations, where the online environment was considerably less hazardous, and apparently underestimated Chinas ability to penetrate it.

The attitude was that weve got this, were untouchable, said one of the officials who, like the others, declined to be named discussing sensitive information. The former official described the attitude of those in the agency who worked on China at the time as invincible.

Die Militrs immer, die leichtfertig mit Begriffen wie Supremacy und invincible um sich werfen m(


Deutsche Bank and Citigroup Bleed More Equity: The Reason Why Should Concern Us All Rigged Game

Problems at Deutsche could spill over onto big Wall Street banks like Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, which just happen to be where derivatives are deeply concentrated in the U.S.

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens and cross-posted from Wall Street on Parade

Spasms in big Wall Street bank stocks have been happening on a serial basis over the past three years. (See here and here.) Yesterday offered another one of those bank warning signs to a Congress intent on further deregulation of an already dangerously deregulated market.

As the stock market grappled yesterday with fears of sinking emerging market currencies leading to loan defaults at European banks that are derivative counterparties to the biggest banks on Wall Street, the Wall Street banking sector was a sea of red. Two banks in particular sold off more than others.

Deutsche Bank is the big German lender that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. It closed with a loss of 2.61 percent versus a much milder decline of 0.76 percent in the Standard and Poors 500 Index. Posting a final trade of $11.19, Deutsche Bank closed at just 83 cents above its all time closing low of $10.36 which came in late June. This leaves Deutsche Bank with a scant $23.1 billion in equity market value to support a notional (face amount) derivatives book of 48 trillion euros or roughly 54.6 trillion U.S. dollars. Deutsche Bank has lost 75 percent of its market value over the past five years while it has continued to remain heavily engaged as a counterparty to global bank derivative trades.

In 2016 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a report that set off alarm bells about the potential for systemic banking contagion to emanate from Deutsche Bank as a result of its counterparty exposures. The report provided a graphic (see below) that demonstrated that problems at Deutsche could spill over onto such big Wall Street banks as Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Those five banks just happen to be where derivatives are deeply concentrated in the U.S.

Deutsche Banks 2017 Annual Report contains additional cause for alarm. It shows that 28 percent of Deutsche Banks 48 trillion derivatives book is not being centrally cleared but is simply bilateral contracts between it and another pa...


Margaret Hodge has completely lost the plot in her latest anti-Corbyn rant AAV

Labour are once again ahead in the polls, and like clockwork Margaret Hodge has emerged to badmouth her own party in the most extraordinary manner. In this article I'm going to look at just some of the desperately cynical, wantonly offensive, and downright dishonest nonsense she spewed in her interview with Sky News.

Muddying the water

Hodge said a lot of off-the-charts nonsense in her interview, but I've got to start with the most cynical and dangerous of her assertions. In an effort to have a stab at Jeremy Corbyn she claimed that there's "a fine line between being pro-Palestinian, and being anti-Semitic".

This is blatantly untrue. One involves having a bit of basic human decency and expressing solidarity towards the victims of decades of brutal Israeli repression. The other involves being a disgusting bigot who hates Jewish people for no reason other than that they're Jews.

There is no "fine line" between decency and indecency, and this effort by Margaret Hodge to claim that there is, is nothing but a cynical effort to intimidate decent people out of expressing solidarity with the Palestinians for fear of being labelled a racist bigot for having done so.

Trivialising the Holocaust


F-16 escort Condor DE69 to emergency landing in Chania due to bomb threat Keep Talking Greece

A Boeing 753 of Condor Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Chania airport on the island of Crete on Thursday night. There was information that a bomb was on the plane. 281 people on board and the crew have been evacuated. Condor flight DE69 was flying from the tourist resort Hurghada in Egypt to

The post F-16 escort Condor DE69 to emergency landing in Chania due to bomb threat appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Yet another Tory Brextremist is cashing in by betting against Britain on the sly AAV

The Tory Brextremist Steve Baker has been caught investing over 70,000 in a company advising its clients to invest in gold in order to avoid the financial hit of a Tory "no deal" Brexit.

This isn't just any old Tory either. Baker was until recently an actual government minister working under David Davis (the guy who wasted practically all of the Article 50 negotiating period before huffing off in a strop because Theresa May's hard-right economically ruinous Chequers proposal wasn't hard-right or economically ruinous enough for his tastes).

Before Theresa May invited this ideological fanatic into government, Baker was actually the head of the secretive ERG group of Tory Brextremists which is now headed up by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The company Baker has invested in is called Glint Pay Limited, and they've regularly advised clients to invest in physical gold in order to financially insulate themselves from the negative economic impact of a Tory "no deal" Brexit.

This is far from the...


Medley Is the BBC biased?

A short medley of observations about BBC bias, Jeremy Corbyn, and related matters.
I am not a Beeb-basher, not least since so many of the people who bang on relentlessly about the BBCs supposed biases are stupid or horrible or both.
So says James Kirkup on the Spectator ()  His area of expertise appears to be transgenderism. And he has spotted a bias related to this issue within the BBC. Personally, I cant seem to get interested in transgenderism no matter how hard I try (not very) but I have to admit that when I see a six foot five-inch woman in high heels and mini skirt mincing along, the mind does automatically boggle.
I didnt get very far with Kirkups article. As someone said below the line, tl;dr, but I did ask myself if I was truly stupid and horrible -  wot, moi?  - but then I realised he wasnt talking about us (Craig and I.) surely he had to be talking about the semi-literate Momentum type keyboard warriors that accuse the BBC of being the mouthpiece of the far right. Like the tweeters on the Victoria Derbyshire thread. You know, the Judophobes who get cross when theyre accused of antisemitism.

 H/T Anonymous (Open Thread.) In a post, circa 2006, Peter Hitches presents a curates egg type prcis of pre-Nazi era antisemitism, from which I have plucked the following excerpt:
 But of course most people don't form their opinions in this way. They pick them up, as they pick up other fashions, from what they hear around them, from the prejudices of the media, which become their prejudices by a subtle process. These, by the way, don't take the form of the BBC correspondent saying "Israel wickedly bombed civilian targets last night". You only catch it on the edge of a remark. The reporters themselves often don't know they are doing it. It is their unconscious choice of verbs and nouns, their tone of voice, the selection of pictures and the attitudes to spokesmen that you have to watch. 
For instance, Palestinian and Arab spokesmen tend to be interviewed respectfully and courteously, whereas Israelis are often interrogated fiercely and aggressively (Watch out for this. I'm interested to see if any readers noticed a flagrant example of this on a well-known news p...


Turkish warships harass Cypriot fishing boat in international waters Keep Talking Greece

Two Turkish warships harassed a Cypriot fishing boat on Thursday and forced it back to Cyprus after threatening to arrest the crew, media report. The Cyprios fishing boat belonging to the company Ta Psarokaika on Thursday, while the vessel was in international waters, company head Aristos Aristeidou told Cyprus News Agency. Aristeidou said that the

The post Turkish warships harass Cypriot fishing boat in international waters appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Plea for Corfu: British Expat invites Tsipras to visit the Jewel island Keep Talking Greece

Garbage piles at road sides, potholes on main roads, broken traffic lights and pavements or no street lights at all are just some but very important problems on the island of Corfu, the Jewel of the Ionian Sea. Exhausted by the miserable infrastructure, the negligence and indifference by the local authorities, a British expat invites

The post Plea for Corfu: British Expat invites Tsipras to visit the Jewel island appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Antisemitism and Antiblackness Writings - Gilad Atzmon



By Eve Mykytyn


Great Britains Labour Party has been wrestling with allegations of antisemitism. One of the charges is that although the Labour party adopted The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) s definition (often incorrectly identified as the international definition) of antisemitism, Labour did not include in its definition all of the examples listed in the IHRA definition. Specifically, Labour omitted the provisions that define criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

Israel may claim that it wants to be a state like all others, but it vigorously campaigns to limit criticism of its expansionist policies by forcing critics to navigate a minefield of potential claims of antisemitism. I can think of no other country that even attempts to limit criticism by outsiders.

Even without the provisions relating to Israel, the IHRA definition of antisemitism seems overly broad and unnecessary in light of the discrimination that many people have faced. In the United States our record is spotty at best and many immigrant groups have faced discrimination by the legal system, by the actions of our public institutions and by the behavior of other Americans.  Notably, and at different times, Asians and Jews have been affected by quota systems in our universities, the Chinese were exploited and then deported under the exclusion acts, Japanese Americans were forced into internment camps during World War II and our president has accused Mexican Americans of being rapists.

And then, no group has suffered the systemic racism that has been directed against African Americans. Not only do we have few laws that begin to atone for their continued exploitation and incarceration, we dont even have a word in common usage that refers specifically to discrimination against African Americans. There is such a word in the dictionary, however, and it is antiblack.

Since the United States has not treated Jews any worse than its other immigrants, it seems odd that the State Department has adopted a specific definition of antisemitism and not of antiblackness. Borrowing from the IHRA definition of antisemitism, I would like to offer the following, modeled on the I...


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/08/16 Open Thread The Vineyard of the Saker

2018/08/16 17:00:03Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


25-year-old theft victim dies after falling 20m from rock of Philopappou Hill Keep Talking Greece

Greek police investigates the death of a 25-year-old Greek who fell from the rocks of Philopappou Hill in central Athens, on Wednesday night. The young man was there with his 23-year-old girl friend who is from Portugal. The couple was reportedly approached by three men around 11 o clock at night. Threatening them with a

The post 25-year-old theft victim dies after falling 20m from rock of Philopappou Hill appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Poland: Police break antifascist blockade, allow neo-fascists to march Freedom News

Remember this Polish neo-nazi group National Radical Camp, or ONR, who recently organised beach patrols in Italy in order to protect women from migrants? Yesterday they, together with another extreme right grouping All-Polish Youth (Modzie Wszechpolska, MW), held a march in Warsaw. The march, held annually, commemorates the Battle of Warsaw: the decisive Polish victory


Appeal re Burglary in Scarborough, Esplanade Gardens North Yorks Enquirer

Appeal re Burglary in Scarborough, Esplanade Gardens

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about a burglary that occurred at a property in Scarborough in June 2018.

The incident took place in Esplanade Gardens between 4.00pm on 15 June 2018 and 8.00am on 18 June 2018 and involved the offenders entering a property, that at the time was under renovation, and stealing a quantity of tools.

We are requesting the publics assistance to help establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

In particular, we are appealing for information from anyone who witnessed anything untoward in the Esplanade Gardens area at the time. This incident took place over a weekend and seeing workmen or others in the area with power tools may have stood out.

Police are also appealing for anyone who may have been offered any power tools for sale around this time to contact them.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for Iain Hall You can also email at

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12180108239

Contact details:

Iain Hall #1788 | 31788

Incident reference:



Papyrus in Ancient Greek reveals insults from man to man Keep Talking Greece

A certain Valerius and a certain Athanasius lived during the 5th century AD in Egypt. 1500 years ago, the certain Valerius wrote a letter to Athanasius in Ancient Greek. The letter contained insults and threats of lashing and burning. A fragment of the letter,  written on a Papyrus was translated by scientists. You trickster, you

The post Papyrus in Ancient Greek reveals insults from man to man appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Thursday, 16 August


Wo bleibt eigentlich die Maaen-Satire? Sowas wie ... Fefes Blog

Wo bleibt eigentlich die Maaen-Satire? Sowas wie dass Seehofer nur wegen Maaen noch auf freiem Fu ist oder so.

EILMELDUNG: Maaen hat auch berwachung der FDP verhindert.

Meine Ausfhrungen zu DNS und Komplexitt sind, wie ... Fefes Blog

Meine Ausfhrungen zu DNS und Komplexitt sind, wie sich herausstellt, keine Einzelposition. Der Typ hat sich aber viel mehr Arbeit gemacht und schne Grafiken erstellt, die das Problem eindrucksvoll visualisieren.

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Passend zum Ablauf der Umfrage-Frist ... Fefes Blog

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Passend zum Ablauf der Umfrage-Frist ist der Server nicht erreichbar :-(

Wieso geht von Netzfeministen eigentlich so viel strukturelle ... Fefes Blog

Wieso geht von Netzfeministen eigentlich so viel strukturelle Gewalt aus?

Und wie schaffen die das, sich einerseits als Rechtfertigung fr ihr Mobbing und Bullying in einer Linie mit denen zu sehen, die fr Abtreibungs-Legalisierung und rechtliche Gleichstellung der Frau gekmpft haben, aber dann aber andererseits brutal gegen Alice Schwarzer und Emma zu kanten, die das wirklich getan haben?

Mir ist ja die Tage dieser alte Emma-Artikel ber die Netzfeministen-Hassmobber per Mail reingesplt worden, und den habe ich bei der Gelegenheit zum ersten Mal gelesen. Der ist von Januar 2017, und damals hab ich in der Ferne Fkalien fliegen sehen aber interessierte mich nicht fr die Details. Ich bin nicht gerade ein Emma-Leser und halte Alice Schwarzer fr nicht satisfaktionsfhig, sptestens seit sie fr die "Bild" Werbung gemacht hat (aber auch ihre Haltung zu Pornographie und Prostitution fand ich immer zu fundamentalistisch). Aber hey, war nie meine Baustelle.

Jetzt habe ich den Artikel mal gelesen und konnte da keinerlei Schmhkritik finden. Der ist sogar halbwegs sachlich, insbesondere fr Emma-Verhltnisse.

Und hey, ich habe mindestens eine Sache gelernt aus dem Artikel, die ich vorher nicht wusste:

Die einzige wahre Wahrheit wird vorgegeben. Diskussionen sind nicht erlaubt. Unabgesichertes Denken schon gar nicht. Jede noch so geringe Abweichung wird im Keim erstickt. Was bedeutet: Stagnation und Sterilitt.

Das alles ist nicht neu. In den 1970er Jahren hie diese Art von Stellvertreter-Politik Klassenwiderspruch geht vor Geschlechterwiderspruch und lautete die ultimative Disqualifizierung brgerliche Feministin oder Reformistin.

Oh wow. Das wusste ich nicht. Ich hielt das fr ein neues Phnomen, diese Infighting, diese Zersetzungs-Manahmen wie aus einem CIA-Handbuch.

Ich stelle mir bei sowas immer vor, es gbe ein Patriarchat, und ich solle fr die eine Strategie entwickeln, wie man den Feminismus klein und irrelevant hlt. Das wre die Strategie. Bringt sie dazu, sich gegenseitig zu bekmpfen. Nehmt Themen wie Transsexuelle und Burkas und bringt die Fraktionen gegeneinander auf. Dann setze dich auf die Tribne und halte Popcorn bereit.

Nur langsam geht von den Streitern so viel verbale Gewalt in alle Richtungen aus, dass man sich Gedanken ber eine Exit-Strategie machen sollte. Vielleicht eine Aussteiger-Hotline anbieten oder so.

In einem Gesprch mit Freunden dazu wurde ich gefragt, wieso ich das berhaupt lese. Aus dem selben Grund, wieso ich Videos von Jordan Peterson gucke. Ich will das tun, was ich anderen empfehle: die Aussagen von Anderen wohlwollend interpretieren. Das hat bei Jordan Peterson brigens Erstaunliches bewirkt. Seine Thesen wirkten alle irgendwie konservativ auf mich. Dann merkte ich eines Tages, dass nicht seine Thesen konservativ sind, sondern dass er genau...

Im Vergleich zu meiner Kindheit sind die aktuellen ... Fefes Blog

Im Vergleich zu meiner Kindheit sind die aktuellen Insekten-Aufkommen in der Stadt geradezu winzig. Stellt sich raus: Das liegt an der Lichtverschmutzung und insbesondere der sich ausbreitenden LED-Nutzung. Und innerhalb der LEDs am Blauanteil des Lichts.


Why are the mainstream media ignoring the brazen extreme-right takeover of the Tory party? AAV

After Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015 the party membership swelled with hundreds of thousands of new members, mainly traditional Labour folk enthused by the party's first democratic socialist leader in decades.

The mainstream media were horrified by this surge of support for a guy who threatens the hard-right neoliberal orthodoxy that has served people like them so well for the last four decades, at the expense of millions of the rest of us, so the attacks on these new Labour Party members have been pretty much constant ever since.

The Labour membership surge

Ever since the Labour membership surge mainstream media hacks and opponents of democratic socialism have worked tirelessly to discredit it.

Aside from all of the abuse ("trots", "dogs", "rabble", "thugs", "Nazi stormtroopers") two themes have constantly stood out, the idea that left-wing people joining Labour are "entryists", and that Corbyn supporters are a "cult".

Anyone who is familiar with the history of the Labour Party would surely put up a counter-argument that the likes of centre-right pro-privatisation Thatcherites like Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, John McTernan, Margaret Hodge, and Alistair Campbell were the "entryists" who took over the party, and that the post-Corbyn membership surge is the mass home-coming of those who were driven away from the party by the right-wing pro-privatisation pro-austerity Tory lite agenda between 1997 and 2015.

But still the mainstream media persists in portraying the hundreds of thousands who jo...


Not Guilty: Reflections from Pont Valley Trial Freedom News

Last week, 6 defendants from the Campaign to Protect Pont Valley were acquitted at Teeside Magistrates Court for direct action taken at the new opencast coal site, officially known as the Bradley site, in County Durham. After a three day long trial all charges of aggrevated trespass were dropped by District Judge Helen Cousins. The


Are the mainstream U.S. newsmedia evil? The Vineyard of the Saker

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog William Binney, the U.S. National Security Agencys former technical director for global analysis, has, for the past year, been globe-trotting to investigate the


Turkeys Economic Crisis: Limited Options (UPDATED) The Vineyard of the Saker

by Gary Littlejohn for The Saker Blog It is said that when Groucho Marx was asked how he went bankrupt, he replied Slowly at first, and then much more quickly.


Noch ein Leserbrief zu mobbenden Direktoren in der ... Fefes Blog

Noch ein Leserbrief zu mobbenden Direktoren in der Forschung:

zu der Max-Planck-Geschichte wrde ich gerne ergnzen, dass es an der ETH Zrich letztes Jahr einen ganz hnlichen Skandal gab: Eine Professorin am Institut fr Astronomie hat ber Jahre hinweg ihre Doktoranden gemobbt.

Money Quote:
"Ein weiterer Doktorand, heute ebenfalls nicht mehr an der ETH, erinnert sich an eine andere Sitzung. Eigentlich galt das Treffen dem Zweck, bevorstehende wissenschaftliche Papiere zu besprechen. Stattdessen wurde sie von Gabriela M. auf persnlicher Ebene angegangen. Sie habe gedroht: Ihr seid wie Hausangestellte. Wenn meine Hausangestellte ihren Job nicht erledigt, dann feuere ich sie."

Dieses Zitat beschreibt die Situation sehr gut. Die Doktoranden sind ihren Professoren ausgeliefert. Doktoranden bekommen an der ETH Zrich - so wie an andern Hochschulen auch - immer nur befristete Vertrge fr ein Jahr. Dann kann der Professor nach Gusto entscheiden, ob er den Vertrag um ein weiteres Jahr verlngert oder nicht.

Die entsprechende Professorin ist mittlerweile beurlaubt und das Institut fr Astronomie wurde still und heimlich aufgelst. Nachdem die Zeitung "NZZ am Sonntag" von der Sache Wind bekommen hat und sie im Oktober 2017 publik gemacht hat, wurde auch eine Administrativuntersuchung gegen die Professorin eingeleitet. Diese zeitliche Korrelation ist natrlich reiner Zufall.

Zitat: "Der Entscheid von dieser Woche, doch eine Untersuchung zu lancieren, sei nicht aufgrund des medialen Drucks erfolgt."

Wenig berraschend ist diese Professorin kein Einzelfall. Mittlerweile wird gegen drei weitere Professoren ermittelt.

Im Herbst 2017 hat der AVETH (Interessensverband fr das wissenschaftliche Personal der ETH) unter den Doktoranden eine Umfrage zu den Betreuungsbedingungen durchgefhrt.

"An beiden Hochschulen [ETH Zrich und Universitt Zrich] gaben rund 25% der Teilnehmenden an, dass sie mindestens einmal das Gefhl hatten, dass ihre Betreuungsperson seine bzw. ihre Machtstellung missbraucht hatte. Hufig genannte Beispiele von Machtmissbrauch waren: unbezahlte Arbeit, unfaire Verhandlung bei Vertragsverlngerung und Kettenvertrge, lange Arbeitszeiten, Arbeit an Abenden und Feiertagen, Verweigerung von Urlaub und das allgemeine Gefhl, unfair behandelt zu werden. 7% gaben an, dass sie Angst htten, Probleme anzusprechen oder Hilfe zu suchen."

Beim Max-Planck-Institut gibt es inzwischen ein Positionspapier des PhDnet. Das scheint eine Interessenvertretung der Doktoranden zu sein. Und Interessenvertretungen (Gewerkschaften, Betriebsrte, was auch immer) sind ein hufiger Lsungsvorschlag in den Mails, die...

Die DLRG warnt, dass Eltern zu sehr auf ihre Smartphones ... Fefes Blog

Die DLRG warnt, dass Eltern zu sehr auf ihre Smartphones fixiert sind, und am Ende ihre Kinder ertrinken. Wer nimmt denn bitte zum Schwimmbad oder an den Strand das Smartphone mit und guckt dann auf den Bildschirm!? Da geht man doch hin, um weg zu kommen von Computer, Internet und Smartphone!

Kennt ihr Ist sowas wie Bento. Nur von der "Zeit" ... Fefes Blog

Kennt ihr Ist sowas wie Bento. Nur von der "Zeit" statt dem Spiegel. Inhaltlich praktisch identisch. Im Wesentlichen Twitter-Liveberichterstattung aus den Schtzengrben der Identity-Politics-Hassmobs.

Aktuelles Highlight: #WomenAreTrash: Das passiert, wenn man auf Twitter alle Frauen als Arschlcher bezeichnet

Haha, natrlich nicht. Kleiner Spa. Wie? Nein, von mir. Bei den Identity Politics Hassmobs sind es natrlich die Mnner, die pauschal als Abfall bezeichnet werden, nicht die Frauen. Das wre ja sexistische Kackscheie, wenn man Frauen pauschal als Abfall bezeichnen wrde.

Das geilste: Die Frau, die das proklamiert hat, sieht sich als das Opfer in der Chose. Weil sie jetzt bse Reaktionen kriegt.


Why Are ATMs Disappearing at an Alarming Rate after a Wave of Branch Closures? Rigged Game

Its all part of a broad trend aimed at curtailing cash services.

In Australia, banks are reducing ATMs by about 8% a year. In the UK, ATMs or cashpoint machines, as theyre termed locally are disappearing at a rate of around 300 per month, leaving consumers in rural areas struggling to access cash, according to a new report by the consumers association, Which? The rate of closures has increased sixfold in the period from November 2017 to April this year from a steady pace of 50 per month since 2015.

Banks in Spain have closed around 40% of their branches over the past ten years, on the back of unprecedented industry consolidation and cost cutting. In Barcelona, there are now less than half the number of branches there were in 2008. But its in small towns and villages where the impact is being felt most keenly. According to new research, by 2016 as many as 4,114 municipalities the equivalent of 50.7% of all urban settlements had no bank branches at all.

Banks in Spain are are also shutting down many of their ATMs. In 2017, the biggest lenders withdrew over 1,100 cash machines around 3% of the national total. This is all happening at a time when banks in Spain are making it more and more difficult to access cash from the branches that remain open. Spains third largest lender, CaixaBank, last year launched a pilot project in Madrid aimed at limiting cash services in their branches to less than three hours a day, from 8:15 am to 11 am.

Its all part of a broad trend. Bank branches are increasingly becoming so-called customer advisory points, where the primary role of branch staff is to sell customers a myriad financial products, many of them costly and/or risky, while curtailing the cash services they offer customers

Continue reading the article


"The UK Zionist Party" Is the BBC biased?

I dont normally watch the Victoria Derbyshire show because the Guardianista agony-aunt genre isnt to my liking. Victoria Derbyshire personifies empathy. Victoria Derbyshire = Empathy on a stick. As a TV host, she specialises in listening sympathetically, head slightly bent to one side, as her guests recount tales of misfortune and abuse. She listens to ill people, hard-done-by people and those who suffer from all forms of victimhood. When I say all forms I should have added apart from antisemitism. Thats one form of empathy I havent yet seen from Victoria Derbyshire.

Someone suggested I turn on the TV this morning to see Derbyshire interrogating two Zionists. I say interrogating, merely because she played devils advocate so utterly convincingly that she came across as less of an advocate and more of a devil. In fact, Ive never seen her so hostile. But I rarely watch the show, so maybe shes just as hostile with all forms of guests that are not to her liking

Being a Zionist is not illegal by the way. 
Zionism is the national movement of the Jewish people that support the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel
Youre still allowed to be a Zionist in this country (for the moment) - someone might advise Victoria Derbyshire of the fact. Its perfectly legal and above board.

There is a team of people working for Ms. Derbyshire. Shes not the only brains behind the operation. The BBC has researchers and so on. They come up with facts so that Victoria Derbyshire and her ilk are well briefed and equipped so that they can play devils advocate without making fools of themselves.

At first, I thought it was a false flag incident; maybe Mossad infiltrated the BBC research department masquerading as a researcher intent on undermin...


Italy's governing Five Star party dismissed concerns that the Morandi Bridge could collapse as a fairy story AAV

At least 39 people were killed when the Morandi Bridge in Genoa collapsed, sending 20 cars and three HGV's falling 45 metres to the ground, and crushing everything below under vast mounds of concrete.

The initial response of the Italian government was quite extraordinary. The Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the fascist Northern League party Matteo Salvini actually attempted to deflect blame for the tragedy onto the EU, and then set about deliberately deflecting attention onto Mediterranean refugees.

Salvini's desperate attempt to blame the EU for 'budget restraints' that supposedly prevented Italy from repairing or replacing the bridge is absolutely ridiculous.

Of course the EU has imposed ruinous austerity measures on countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain, but nobody in the EU has ever vetoed a bridge repair budget, (in fact the EU has distributed vast amounts of money for public infrastructure projects like road upgrades).

Then came the revelation that Salvini's Five Star coalition partners actually opposed repair work to the bridge, and publicly dismissed concerns that it could collapse as a children's fairy story ('favoletta') in 2013.

The Five Star party hastily removed the offending article from their website once people began looking at it, but it still exists in archive form as you can see here.

Only the very worst of Internet illiterates imagine that you can simply make a story go away by deleting the page in question, but this IT illiteracy is something that the Five Star movements have in common with their UKIP allies in the European Parliament,...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #mother #child #communication... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #mother #child #communication #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Zu dem "kinderfrei"-Trend schreibt ein Leser:In Werder ... Fefes Blog

Zu dem "kinderfrei"-Trend schreibt ein Leser:

In Werder (Havel) plant die Stadt aus eigenen Mitteln eine Therme fr weitere 28,5 Mio. EUR fertig bauen zu lassen. Es wurden bereits 23 Mio. ausgegeben. (Bund der Steuerzahler berichtete)

Das Familien- und Sportbad soll davon 7 Mio. kosten. Die groe Therme den Rest. Da sollen Kinder keine Zutritt haben.

Siehe letzte Seite in der tollen Broschre.

P.S. es luft ein Brgerbegehren, aber die Kommunalaufsicht kndigte schon vorab an, dass das keinen Erfolg haben wird.

Wow. Also das ist ja eine Sache, wenn ein privater Betrieb keine Kinder reinlassen will. Aber die ffentliche Hand?!

Bei der Geschichte mit der mobbenden Max-Planck-Direktorin ... Fefes Blog

Bei der Geschichte mit der mobbenden Max-Planck-Direktorin haben mich einige Leser angeschrieben mit Details zu dem Fall, vor allem ihrem Namen. Das will ich alles nicht im Blog haben. Internet-Pranger mag ich nicht. Mich interessiert viel mehr die Frage, welche Strukturen sowas ermglichen, ob es keine Checks & Balances gab, oder wenn doch ob die versagt haben.

Hier ist ein Auszug einer Leserzuschrift zu der Frage:

Das grundstzliche Problem ist, dass es fr Max-Planck-Direktoren wenig bis keine funktionierenden Checks gibt. Deshalb gibt es regelmig Probleme mit Machtmissbrauch in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft. Um einen kurzen Einblick in die Checks und Balances zu geben:

Die erste Anlaufstelle fr wissenschaftliches Fehlverhalten oder Problemen mit Vorgesetzten ist der sogennante Obmann. Mit dem kann man zwar reden, Befugnisse hat er aber keine, folglich hat dieser im vorliegenden Fall erklrt, man msse sich an den Fachbeirat wenden, da er angesichts der Machtflle eines Direktors nichst machen knne. Der Fachbeirat ist ein Kontrollgremium aus Spitzenwissenschaftlern aus dem jeweiligen Gebiet und Leuten aus der Zentralverwaltung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und das einzige Kontrollorgan fr Direktoren. Der Fachbeirat kommt alle 3 (!) Jahre und evaluiert die Abteilungen und Forschergruppen. Normalerweise sind die da nur am wissenschaftlichen Output interessiert, also Zahl und Impact der Publikationen, Vortrge in internationalen Konferenzen, etc. Die haben schon 2014 gewusst, dass es da Fehlverhalten gibt, reagiert haben sie aber nicht und der Direktorin eine sehr gute Beurteilung gegeben. Die Unabhngigkeit des Gremiums ist allerdings umstritten, da man sich in der Regel kennt und auch keine Skandale will. Die nchste Beuteilung kam 2017. Da es schon in anderen Instituten hnliche Probleme mit Direktoren gab, im Vorfeld um Hilfe gebeten wurde und es bei der vorigen Evaluation 2014 negative Berichte gab, hatte der Fachbeirat diesmal ein offenes Ohr. Reagiert wurde aber meiner Meinung nach sehr halbherzig, die Direktorin behlt ihre Position mittelfristig unverndert und hat vorbergehend etwas weniger Mittel und ein Sabbatical bekommen.

Wir haben auch noch andere sogenannte Beauftragte im Institut: Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, Doktorandenbeauftragte, etc. Das sind alles nette Leute mit tollen Ansichten, allerdings ohne Befugnisse. Im Ernstfall knnen die nur trsten und auf den Fachbeirat verweisen, der dann in ein paar Jahren wieder kommt und eventuell reagiert.

Hat man in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft als Doktorand oder Post-Doc ein Problem mit dem Vorgesetzten dann kann man sich nicht effizient und zeitnah wehren, denn man gefhrdet damit unmittelbar die eigene finanzielle und wissenschaftliche Existenz, die in der Regel keine Belastungen aushlt, da alles sehr kompetitiv und eher schlecht bezahlt ist. Dieser Umstand und die ungleiche Machtverteilung ermglichen Machtmissbrauch. Ich habe aus der Geschichte gelernt, dass...


Trade unions and the tech void Freedom News

Maurice Reclus considers the problems with organising at firms which are heavily virtualised and sited across multiple countries. I sat in as an observer at a social for Game Workers Unite the other day, an attempt to set up a union for the games development industry. It led to some interesting conversations about the difficulties involved


The Russian soft power is total crap (Anna Sochina) The Vineyard of the Saker

(please click on cc to see the English language subtitles) A big THANK YOU to Eugenia for translating and subtitling this excellent video!


Die U-Bahn von LA installiert Body Scanner. Das ist ... Fefes Blog

Die U-Bahn von LA installiert Body Scanner. Das ist ja per se schon vllig absurd. Kalifornien hat zwar mit die striktesten Schusswaffengesetze in den USA, aber man darf natrlich immer noch legal Handfeuerwaffen haben. Und so ist dann auch die Zielvorgabe fr diese Body Scanner eher lcherlich:

Were looking specifically for weapons that have the ability to cause a mass-casualty event, Wiggins said. Were looking for explosive vests, were looking for assault rifles. Were not necessarily looking for smaller weapons that dont have the ability to inflict mass casualties.
Das hilft dir als Opfer natrlich ungemein, wenn das kein Massenmord war sondern nur du und drei weitere erschossen wurden!1!!

Ja aber was ist denn jetzt mit der Einschrnkung der Brgerrechte dadurch? Keine Sorge! Das ist freiwillig! Nun "freiwillig":

Signs will be posted at stations warning passengers they are subject to body scanner screening. The screening process is voluntary, Wiggins said, but customers who choose not to be screened wont be able to ride on the subway.

In Berlin gibt es gerade eine lustige Geschichte ber ... Fefes Blog

In Berlin gibt es gerade eine lustige Geschichte ber eine Zivilstreife der Polizei, die von einem privaten Unternehmen abgeschleppt wurde. Die Cops haben dann da angerufen und die Firma hat sich geweigert, zu sagen, wo sie das Auto hingeschleppt haben, bis die Polizei 321 Euro zahlt. Nun haben die Cops das Auto auch ohne Hilfe der Firma orten knnen, weil da ein peilbares Funkgert drin war. Nicht nur ein Funkgert brigens, auch ein Haufen beschlagnahmte Drogen.

Aber wie so hufig: Wenn die Staatsgewalt selbst betroffen ist, ndert sich die Perspektive pltzlich grundlegend. Die Polizei fand erst, sie habe Sonderrechte fr ihre Fahrzeuge. Das Auto stand stundenlang in einer Feuerwehrzufahrt, sagt die Abschleppfirma. Money Quote:

Dem Vernehmen nach seien 20 Meter entfernt freie Parkpltze gewesen. Die Beamten waren einfach zu faul zum Laufen. Und besonders clever sei es nicht, Drogen in einem abgestellten Auto zu deponieren.
Aber jetzt der grte Perspektivwechsel:
Wie berichtet empfahl das Justiziariat der Polizei intern sogar ein strafrechtliches Vorgehen gegen die Abschleppfirma: Mit Verweigerung der Herausgabe des Abstellortes liegt der Anfangsverdacht der Erpressung vor.
Oh, ach?
Wie berichtet nrgelt die Polizei auch an den 321 Euro herum, nur eine niedrige zweistellige Summe sei vorstellbar.
ACH NEE! Das sind ja ganz neue Tne!

Es gibt gerade ein tolles Physik-Drama ber eine indische ... Fefes Blog

Es gibt gerade ein tolles Physik-Drama ber eine indische Forschergruppe, die in einem Experiment Raumtemperatur-Supraleitung gesehen zu haben behauptet.

Kennt ihr den schon? sterreich hat Asyl fr einen ... Fefes Blog

Kennt ihr den schon? sterreich hat Asyl fr einen jungen Afghanen abgelehnt. Der hatte vorgebracht, er sei homosexuell und dafr drohe ihm daheim Verfolgung und Tod. Also hat der Sachbearbeiter in der sterreichischen Asylbehrde mal geprft, ob der wirklich schwul ist.

Die Prmisse ist ja schon filmwrdig. Man stellt sich vor, dass man hbsche Frauen vorbeilaufen lsst und dabei seine Hirnwellen misst oder so. Aber nein. Soviel Budget hat die Behrde nicht. Hier sind Zitate aus der Ablehnungsbegrndung:

Es wird berichtet, dass Sie fter Auseinandersetzungen mit anderen Zimmergenossen hatten. Ein Aggressionspotential ist bei Ihnen also vorhanden, das bei Homosexuellen nicht zu erwareten wre. Freunde htten Sie nicht sehr viele, stehen in dem Bericht ebenso. Sind Homosexuelle nicht eher gesellig?
Moment, geht noch weiter!
Dass Sie nicht homosexuelle Jungs geksst htten, sogar viele davon, ist absoluter Unsinn (Seite 15). Sie htten das im Spa gemacht, behaupten Sie. Htten Sie das tatschlich bei einem nicht homosexuellen Jungen gemacht, dann htten Sie furchtbare Prgel bezogen. Kein Mann lsst sich von einem anderen Mann kssen, wenn er nicht homosexuelle ist. Das ist vllig undenkbar.
Ausnahmen besttigen die Regel.
Weder Ihr Gang, Ihr Gehabe oder Ihre Bekleidung haben auch nur annhernd darauf hingedeutet, dass Sie homosexuell sein knnten.
Liebe Homosexuelle, lasst euch das eine Lektion sein. sterreich lsst nur tuntige Schwule rein, am besten Drag Queens!1!!

Es gibt jetzt ein drittes Geschlecht im Geburtenregister ... Fefes Blog

Es gibt jetzt ein drittes Geschlecht im Geburtenregister "divers"

Divers? Wirklich? Ein besseres Wort habt ihr nicht gefunden? Da wren ja sogar "unklar" und "schwankend" besser gewesen :)

Mein Vorschlag wre "ja" gewesen.


Dealing with bigotry accusations Tory style: Purge your accusers! AAV

In 2016 Zac Goldsmith ran a despicable anti-Muslim fearmongering operation during his campaign to become Mayor of London. This campaign included several high profile Tories hiding behind parliamentary privilege to smear an innocent man as a terrorism supporter, and culminated in an absolutely despicable BNP-style propaganda piece designed to associate his Muslim rival Sadiq Khan with the 5/5 London terrorist attacks.

This bigoted Tory anti-Muslim campaign went right to the top of the Tory party, and it's being cited as one of many examples in calls for an inquiry into Tory anti-Muslim bigotry.

One of the leading figures calling for an investigation into Tory anti-Muslim bigotry is the Tory peer Mohamed Sheikh.

It hardly seems like a coincidence that Zac...

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Wednesday, 15 August


Colombie : la maquerelle, les trafiquants de drogue israliens et le rseau de prostitution de mineures donde vamos

En Colombie, un rseau de prostitution de luxe dont la maquerelle proposait des mineures sur catalogue est sous les feux des projecteurs depuis quelques semaines. Les 15 agendas de la proxnte, alias "La Madame", font pas mal jaser ces derniers jours. [...]


Jeremy Corbyn should demand an apology from Chris Grayling over his defamatory comments AAV

On the BBC Radio 4 Today programme the Tory government minister Chris Grayling told an absolute whopper of a lie about Jeremy Corbyn. Unsurprisingly the Today programme presenters didn't think to call Grayling out on his lie, they just left it there, further rotting away the BBC's own shockingly degraded reputation, as well as his.

The lie Grayling resorted to was a claim that "Jeremy Corbyn attended the funeral of terrorists" in Tunisia.

Here are the actual facts:
  • At the invitation of the Tunisian Prime Minister in 2014, Jeremy Corbyn attended a remembrance ceremony for the victims of an Israeli terrorist atrocity (the 1985 bombing of the Palestinian government in exile in Tunis that was even condemned by Margaret Thatcher at the time).
  • The event was not a "funeral" in any way shape or form because nobody was buried there on the day Corbyn visited.
  • There is no evidence that the Black September members who were buried in the graveyard in 1992 were "terrorists" or Munich "plotters" as alleged in the shockingly dishonest Daily Mail front page that kicked off this latest anti-Corbyn smear campaign. 
  • ...


Thrown In With The Deal North Yorks Enquirer

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the one hundred and forty-ninth in a continuing series of so-called Photoons cartoons developed from digital photographs highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond.

Readers are left to place the protagonists in the context of news articles.




IWW Cymru links with Spanish SAT union for international protest Freedom News

Members of the Welsh Branch of the syndicalist Industrial Workers of the World will protest outside Admirals Cardiff HQ on Friday in solidarity with Spanish workers facing a raw deal from the insurance giant. Workers at Admiral Group in Spain, where the company operates the Balumba insurance brand and plans to locate its post-Brexit EU


Greek soldiers back home after 167 days in Turkish custody (picts, videos) Keep Talking Greece

It was 3:19 Wednesday morning when the state airplane landed at the airport of Thessaloniki. On board were Greek soldiers Aggelos Mitretodis and Dimitris Kouklatzis, who touched again Greek soil after 167 days in Turkish custody. Second Lieutnant Mitretodis and Sergeant Kouklatzis exited the airplane wearing military uniforms and not the civilian clothes in which

The post Greek soldiers back home after 167 days in Turkish custody (picts, videos) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


How Did Socialists Respond to the Advent of Fascism? Anarkismo

The following talk was given on 21 July 2018 to a two-day seminar at York University entitled Historical perspectives on united fronts against fascism and the far right.


Witness Statement by Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor, Fiona Barnett GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS

ITNJ Witness Statement

My name is Fiona Barnett. I was born Fiona Rae Holowczak, on 28 October 1969, in Sydney, Australia. I am a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA.

Child trafficking is run as a single integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services. Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the Whitehouse. Detective Rothstein found that the CIA were behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters. I spoke with Rothstein who said he knew of an identical VIP pedophile ring that existed here in Australia, and that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the details of this.
The Australian wing of this child trafficking operation is coordinated by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician, Kim Beazley Sr. headed ASIOs child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazleys administration, I was prostituted, at age 6 years, to a pedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where I was r...


Canada - The pros and cons of removing fluoride from drinking water UK Against Fluoridation

Susan MacFarlane

Do you believe adding fluoride to drinking water is a pillar of public health? Or do you believe its time to stop the mass medication of the public via the water system?
As former general manager of Lambton Area Water Supply System, I was often asked whether I thought fluoride should be removed from the drinking water. My standard answer was, I get paid not to have an answer to that question.

Now that Ive left LAWSS Ive thought about the answer to this difficult question. For instance, I do accept that fluoridated drinking water is one of the greatest public health advancements of the 20th Century, one and has saved kids a lot of dental cavities.
But its also known ingesting fluoride, even at the approved dosages, is not the best way to deliver this method of cavity prevention to children.
I also believe ingesting fluoride may have negative health impacts on some children and adults. We also know fluoride in drinking water is only effective on childrens teeth up to a certain age, and that fluoride in drinking water can cause unsightly staining of the teeth, called fluorosis. I would suspect stained teeth could impact a childs self-esteem.
A Multitude of studies have been done on both sides of the fluoride question. One troubling study showed fluoride addition in drinking water might reduce childrens IQs. I have also read fluoride ingestion might damage joints, connective tissue, the brain and testicles.

But another troubling study found the rate of DEFS (decay, extracted, filling and surface troubles) doubled for children in the City of Calgary after fluoride was removed from the drinking water.
In my opinion the million-dollar question is does the positive impact of reducing cavities in all children outweigh the negative potential health effects for the population that doesnt need to ingest fluoride, either because of age or the fact they already get regular f...


More than 300 Pennsylvania priests committed sexual abuse over decades Philosophers Stone

Priests harmed more than 1,000 children according to a grand jury report released by the state supreme court



Divine Victory Day Is Also The Birthday Of Islamic Luminary and Nasrallah Admirer Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.), Who Wouldve Been 63 Today Mouqawamah Music

by Jonathan Azaziah

Islamic liberationist luminary Nashid Abdul Khaaliq (R.A.), Brooklyn and Grenadas own who passed away on February 17th of this year, wouldve been 63 today. It is not coincidence but providence that the blessed gift of his birth in 1955 is the same as the Lebanese Islamic Resistances Divine Victory over Israel 51 years later in the 2006 July War. Sidi Nashid told me often that there were two men that he admired above and beyond anyone else in the world: Sheikh Imran Hosein, the worlds leading Islamic eschatological authority. And Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hizbullah and Liberator of Lebanon. He loved the Sayyeds passion and his cutting analysis. Hed usually beat me to it when the Sayyed was scheduled to speak. And when I beat him, he incessantly reminded me to shoot over the transcripts, video links and anything I happened to write about it so he could proudly publish it through Ascertain The Truthwhere you will find many a piece about Hizbullah and its triumphs to this day.

A Sunni who followed the revolutionary teachings of Sheikh Warith Deen Mohammed (R.A.) and actually expounded upon the theorem put forth by Sheikh W. Deen about the Jahcubitesaka Global Zionism, the base of which is the Israeli cancer occupying PalestineNashid felt compelled, like it was a religious duty, to wake up fellow Sunnis tricked into falling for Saudi-Zionist lies about the Resistance and its patrons, Iran and Syria. Online and offline, he would succeed in doing so. And when he didnt, we would always talk thereafter on how better to counteract the hasbara. Sunni-Shia unity was paramount for Nashid and he hated sectarianism with all of his big and beautiful heart. That there was such a proliferation of division and sedition after the Zionist-orchestrated Arab Spring pained him. He believed that in this Dajjalic age, there was no greater Jihad than closing the gap between Sunni and Shia and filling that space with brotherhood and friendshipanother reason that he loved Hizbullah and the Sayyed so much, as bringing Muslims together to combat Zio-Imperialism is an existential imperative for the Party. Nashid constantly reiterated that all Muslims, regardless of their school of thought, should emulate the Resistances men in our politics, our character and our Jihadi observances.

Im writing this of all things on my beloved brother, friend and teachers birthday because it was archetypal Nashid. He didnt care about consensus nor &...

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Tuesday, 14 August


Sayyed Nasrallah On Divine Victory Day: The Killers Of Yemens Children Are The Same As The Killers Of Our Children In 2006 Mouqawamah Music

by Jonathan Azaziah

Have I told yall lately that I love Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah?! If not Then let me tell yall: I LOVE SAYYED HASSAN NASRALLAH! Dont you love Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah?! Well. If you dont Then you need help cause you damn well should! Speaking today to commemorate the 12th anniversary of Hizbullahs Divine Victory over the usurping Zionist entity over 34 days of perfectly executed asymmetrical warfare in 2006, the Sayyed of Sayyeds rocked it and socked it; he smashed it and thrashed it; he crushed it and grooved then he busted a move. It was the classic Nasrallah wit. The typical Nasrallah wisdom. And the quintessential Nasrallah fire that has set the enemy ablaze from the moment he took over the mantle of Hizbullah Secretary-General following Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawis (R.A.) martyrdom at the gnarled hands of Israel on February 16th, 1992.

Sayyed Abou Hadi humbly thanked all those who made the Divine Victory a reality, from Hizbullahs martyrs (R.A.) to the dauntless Lebanese people, the pro-Resistance political factions inside Lebanon to the Lebanese army, the Islamic Republic Republic of Iran to the Syrian Arab Republic. Nasrallah also made it a point to link the July War with what is taking place today in Syria, noting that Washington and Tel Aviv hoped to wiped out Hizbullah entirely and then launch their imperial scheme to the Syrian-Iraqi border but Lebanese steadfastness prevented it from occurring. The Sayyed said that though the Empires goals from 2006 remain unchanged today, just as the Divine Victory came to fruition, a similar triumph will be solidified in Syria before we know it. And before the enemy escalates, they should pause in the face of the Mouqawamah   Those who want war, we will give them war, and it will be a war that we are ready for and will triumph in, Nasrallah defiantly and spectacularly shouted.

The real rocketry popped off though when the Liberator of Lebanon began to chip away at the illegitimate Israel regime bit by bit like a master sculptor before bringing it to a crescendo. Nasrallah said that since August 14th, 2006, the Israelis have lost sleep over the day that Hizbullah will enter Al-Jalil (the Galilee) and worked themselves to exhaustion building up their defenses and formulating plans that will all just be futile in the end. Why? Because Israel is NOT the most powerful army in the region despite Zionist intelligence assessments and it is in fact the Lebanese Islamic Resistance which is far mightier than IOF.

Moreover, the Sayyed said that in its capabilities, experience, faith, will and bravery, the Mouqawamah was stronger today at this moment in time than it had ever been before. Hizbullahs Secretary-General also exposed the dirty Zionist hands in lead...


Happy Divine Victory Day To The Hizbullah Commanders Who Defeated Israel Then Gave Their Lives In Defense Of Syria and Iraq Mouqawamah Music

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy Divine Victory Day to my beautiful, brave, brilliant, blistering and blazing Lebanese brethren, the most triumphant people in the entire Islamicate! And more sincere wishes on this blessed occasion to all of the Moustazafeen (oppressed ones) worldwide. Because truly, Hizbullahs thrashing of the usurping Zionist entity over 34 days in the 2006 July War was a victory for all peoples of all types and all stripes. There were battles that were legendary (Wadi al-Hujeir and Bint Jbeil). There were martyred heroes who were larger than lifeso large in fact that their spirits still and will forever tower over the worlds mightiest trees and buildings combined and multiplied (Khaled Prince of the Battlefield Bazzi [R.A.] and Ali Bilal Saleh [R.A.] to name a couple). And there was a leader whose razor blade wit, booming truthful promises and unforgettable smile shook the enemy in biblical fashion and changed the course of history (Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah).

On the 12th anniversary of this monumental moment, in which Hizbullah saved the world from the neocons dystopian New Middle East project I find it imperative to remember and celebrate the Men of God who made the Divine Victory possible Only to find themselves martyred in a new phase of battle just 7 years later against the illegitimate Israeli regimes Takfiri Goy Golem in Syria and Iraq. And not merely a new phase of battle but a new phase of victory with it. Verily, their triumph in protection of their homeland in the summer of 2006 enabled and strengthened them in ways that they werent even aware of themselves until the time came that Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) called them to join the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and all the Shouhada (R.A.) To call them legends would be understating it so vastly that it borders on insulting. So well just let their Nour-filled faces, angel-like auras and stories of dauntlessness do the talking instead.

Muhammad Fouad Rabah (R.A.) was one of Hizbullahs first commanders to achieve martyrdom in Syria. From the town of Al-Labweh in Baalbek, where he was ultimately laid to rest, Commander Rabah was known for his jovial demeanor no matter how fierce a battle was and he played a critical role gathering intelligence against the Israeli invaders in the 2006 July War. He wo...

Thursday, 02 August


Nick Richardson: Elves and Aliens London Review of Books

The US government have publicly admitted, in effect, that highly trained and experienced pilots have seen aircraft that they are unable to identify, doing things that they and their colleagues are unable to explain. Unexplained doesnt mean alien, as the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson emphasised on CNN after the footage was released: Just because you dont know what it is youre looking at doesnt mean its intelligent aliens visiting from another planet. Well, yes, but credible alternative explanations are lacking.

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