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Monday, 20 November


Benutzt hier jemand BCache unter Linux?Ein Einsender ... Fefes Blog

Benutzt hier jemand BCache unter Linux?

Ein Einsender meint, ihm habe das das Filesystem zersgt (er hatte ein Backup von direkt vor dem Kernelupdate). Also Vorsicht!

Macht ein Cloud-Backup, sagten sie! Da sind eure Daten ... Fefes Blog

Macht ein Cloud-Backup, sagten sie! Da sind eure Daten sicher, sagten sie!

Nun, dass dachte sich auch jemand bei CENTCOM und PACOM (vom Pentagon).

Chris Vickery von UpGuard staunte nicht schlecht, als er Amazons Cloud-Speicherdienst S3 nach offenen Tren abklopfte. Dort fand er unter den Namen "Centcom-Backup", "Centcom-Archive" und "Pacom-Archive" drei riesige Datencontainer mit berwachungsdaten aus sozialen Netzwerken rund ber den Globus verteilt.
Ach komm, das sind doch eh ffentliche Daten!1!!

Interessanter finde ich ja, was fr Software die einsetzen. Es sind: Apache Lucene und Elasticsearch.

In einer italienischen TV-Dokumentation haben drei ... Fefes Blog

In einer italienischen TV-Dokumentation haben drei Georgier gestanden, bei den Maidanschtzen dabei gewesen zu sein. Bewaffnet wurden sie dabei von ukrainischen Maidan-Kommandeureen, und rekrutiert wurden sie von einem Militr, der frher fr Saakaschwili gearbeitet hat.

Sergey Pashinsky, ein Politiker von Julia Timoschenkos Vaterlandspartei, war einer derjenigen, der Taschen voller Waffen in die Zimmer der Kmpfer brachte, heit es in dem Bericht.

Toller Service: Trump kriegt von seinen Handlern nur ... Fefes Blog

Toller Service: Trump kriegt von seinen Handlern nur die guten Umfragen gezeigt.

Usually theyre the ones that focus just on voters who cast ballots for him in 2016 or are potential Trump supporters Trumps basebut occasionally include public polls like Rasmussen, depending on what the numbers say.

brigens, Lacher am Rande: Hillary Clinton hat ihre Prsidentschaft niedergelegt. Die Prsidentschaft? Ja! Die Prsidentschaft, die sie auf Fox News hat :-)

Aus der beliebten Serie "Gut, dass das keine Terroristen ... Fefes Blog

Aus der beliebten Serie "Gut, dass das keine Terroristen waren", heute: Reichsbrger-Arsenal mit ber 100 Schusswaffen sichergestellt.

Die Behrden messen dem Fall, der sich bereits vor einigen Monaten zutrug, aber keine besondere Brisanz bei. Im Gegenteil: Die Informationspolitik der Kreisverwaltung in der Sache verdient allenfalls das Wort defensiv.
Ja ach komm, nun wollen wir mal die Kirche im Dorf lassen hier! Die paar Schusswaffen, was htte man damit schon gro anstellen knnen! Wir haben es hier schlielich mit harmlosen Waffenenthusiasten zu tun, nicht mit Terroristen, die die freiheitlich-demokratische Grundordnung oder gar die Legitimitt unseres Staates in Frage stellen!1!!

Ich bin ja immer wieder fasziniert, wie viele Leute ... Fefes Blog

Ich bin ja immer wieder fasziniert, wie viele Leute in der Bahn mit dem gemeinsamen LTE-Datenvolumen glauben, irgendwelche Videostreaming-Dienste in Anspruch nehmen zu knnen, oder Gigabytes an Updates fr irgendwelche Online-Games runterladen zu knnen, die sie auf der Leitung eh nicht spielen knnen, oder irgendwelche Cloud-Dienste in Anspruch nehmen zu knnen, um ihre Fotos und Videos zu verwalten.

Und dann ncoh so eine Trotzreaktion bringen, ala "die Leitung war schon vor mir lahm". Ja, h, und? Wenn du nicht flutschig arbeiten kannst, dann soll es auch sonst keinder knnen?

Zum Kotzen.


Is Satire Fakenews? How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil Rigged Game

When professional fact checkers are flagging up satirical publishers for fake content, perhaps its time to worry

Cross-posted from Moon of Alabama

Since the issues of alleged fake news and Russian influence have cropped up, several media institutions highlight their public fact-checkers. Social media companies hire them to filter fake news from their content.

Traditional fact-checkers within a newsroom considered the veracity of the pieces their own reporters wrote up. They corrected factual mistakes before those were printed or aired. The new crop of fact-checker is testing the veracity of claims made by other media outlets and public entities.

The Tampa Bay TimesPolitiFact is one of the oldest and biggest of these organizations. It was founded in 2007 and has offices in several states. Like all such entities it has a certain political flavor. Thus the supposedly neutral fact-checking site PolitiFact gets fact checked by a site named PolitiFact Bias.

Last week Amy Sherman wrote an important piece for PolitiFactFacebook users had pointed her to this month old report about a military court case:

FORT BRAGG, N.C. Bowe Bergdahl, the Army sergeant facing charges of desertion, walked out of a military courtroom during a pre-trial hearing Monday and has not been seen since approximately 10:35 AM, prompting a statewide manhunt for the missing soldier.Sources inside the courtroom say that Bergdahl took only a half-full Camelbak and a long hunting knife with him as he calmly made his way to the exit during his own lawyers remarks to the judge regarding a possible plea deal.

Pentagon leadership is offering an unusual reward for information on Bergdahls whereabouts: $25,000 or seven Guantanamo detainees, depending on the credibility of the information.

The fact-checker applied the best of her abilities to debunk the assertions of the above piece:

Bowe Bergdahl wanders off during court-martial, said the October headline in Duffel Blog.

Facebook users flagged the post as being potentially fabricated, as part of the social networks efforts to combat fake...


Philip Hammond actually claimed "there are no unemployed people" AAV

Just imagine the mainstream media reaction if the shadow chancellor John McDonnell or anyone else from Labour had made a claim as ridiculous as there supposedly being no unemployed people in Britain. 

But that's exactly what the Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond did on the Andrew Marr Show.

We all remember the festival of hate that was aimed at Diane Abbott after she got her numbers horribly jumbled up during the general election, but at least she never made a claim as ludicrous as there being no unemployment at all.

Anyone who pays the remotest attention to politics must be well aware of the tricks and scams the Tories use to rig the unemployment figures like unemployed people forced to do unpaid "workfare" work being classed as employed, people working just a few hours a week on Zero Hours Contracts but still on benefits being classed as employed, people hit with draconian benefits sanctions not being classe...


Seasonal tourism in Greece takes toll on more than 98K jobs Keep Talking Greece

The seasonal character of Greek tourism has taken a toll on employment rates for October with 92,132 new job openings in April the start of the tourist season translating into 98,420 lost jobs in October, marking the end of the season. In the meantime, six in 10 new recruitments are low-paying, part-time or

The post Seasonal tourism in Greece takes toll on more than 98K jobs appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Sunday, 19 November


Rare Opposition To Zionist Terror within The British Jewish Community Writings - Gilad Atzmon

jcrethink.jpg Share

GA: The ultra Zionist Jewish Chronicle allowed a single voice of reason into its letters page this weekend.


In a rather belated response to Rosa Dohertys article of October 24, concerning a public appearance of Gilad Atzmon, I would like to take issue with certain comments reported therein.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons is quoted as calling Mr  Atzmon a notorious antisemite, and says that he has promoted Holocaust denial, compared Israelis to the Nazis and  Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies, holds that no reputable event should feature Gilad Atzmon, opinions I respectfully but vigorously disagree with.

Firstly, is  Mr. Atzmon truly an antisemite? An antisemite as defined by who, and by what criteria? Should we not apply ourselves to these questions before we  brand anyone with such a grave charge, however objectionable (nay, offensive!) their opinions be? As far as I know, and I may be wrong, Mr Atzmon has never denied that the  Holocaust happened but rather has opposed laws which seek to prohibit its denial; and did Mr Atzmon really compare all Israelis to Nazis, or is his clumsy and admittedly provocative critique of Israeli policies being taken as proof of something much more sinister? 

Even were Mr Atzmon to confess himself as a most virulent antisemite, both tactically and on principle, the last thing we should do is seek to ban him from reputable public events; rather, we should  welcome any  and every opportunity to debate him and people with similar ideas, with facts and well-reasoned arguments that will show any fair-minded, rational person how ill-founded Mr Atzmons discourse is. 

And before anyone accuses me of being naive and unrealistic in adopting this response, I would counter that to silence or shut him do...


Nicht alle Autobauer setzen auf Batterien als primre ... Fefes Blog

Nicht alle Autobauer setzen auf Batterien als primre Stromquelle fr ihre Elektroautos. Toyota baut jetzt ein Auto mit Brennstoffzelle in Serie.

Kurze Durchsage des Arbeitsamts Dortmund: Letztlich ... Fefes Blog

Kurze Durchsage des Arbeitsamts Dortmund:

Letztlich wurde das Betteln vom Jobcenter als Beruf oder Selbststndigkeit betrachtet und so behandelt. Die Spenden stellen hier fr das Jobcenter ein Einkommen in einer Grenordnung dar, die leistungsrechtlich nicht unbercksichtigt bleiben darf.
Nein, nein, der war nicht arbeitslos, der war selbstndig beschftigt mit nicht unerheblichem Einkommen. Der hat vor dem Arbeitsamt gebettelt. Dem krzt das Arbeitsamt deshalb sein Hartz IV.

Update: Das Spannungsfeld existiert schon lnger.

Hier hat jemand mal geguckt, ob das Auswirkungen auf ... Fefes Blog

Hier hat jemand mal geguckt, ob das Auswirkungen auf die Sterblichkeitsrate hat, wenn das Blut von einer schwangeren Frau kam.

In this cohort study that included 31118 patients who received red blood cell transfusions, receipt of a transfusion from an ever-pregnant female donor was associated with a statistically significant increase in all-cause mortality among male recipients of red blood cell transfusions (hazard ratio, 1.13) but not among female recipients (hazard ratio, 0.99).
Wenn man also Mnner umbringen will, muss man ihnen Blut einer Frau spritzen, die mal schwanger war.

Ich bin ja fasziniert, dass jemand berhaupt dieser Hypothese nachgegangen ist. Die Idee htte ich nicht gehabt.

Nun, h, aber abgesehen davon ist Geschlecht natrlich blo ein soziales Konstrukt!1!!


My Country: a Work in Progress Is the BBC biased?

I watched My Country: a Work in Progress on BBC Two last night. 

This put onto TV a National Theatre play about Brexit by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy and director Rufus Norris (both Remain voters). It interspersed acted-out vox pops collected from several parts of the UK (though not London or the South-East) with clips of politicians, all framed by dramatic moments from 'Britannia' and several 'Parts of the United Kingdom'. It ended with the words of Jo Cox captioned against a black backdrop - "We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us". 
Their declared aim was to leave their London bubble and to listen to voices beyond that bubble. 'It's the listening that matters', was the programme's message. 

Was it biased? Did Rufus Norris succeed in his stated intention to leave out his own political views (which are much as you'd expect) and let us listen to a full and fair spectrum of people's voices? 

I think the programme handled the matter of bias well - from the politicians to the vox pops. And I had to smile at the Guardian's account of how Rufus Norris managed to do so:
Norris has been careful to create a balanced picture, to the extent that his associate director has been tasked with counting each speech, and categorising it according to whether it is pro-remain or leave.
That sounds very much like the methodology used by groups like News...


You tell her, Rabbie! Is the BBC biased?

Imagine you're one of those BBC reporter-presenters who uses Twitter as part of their reporting and includes 'BBC' in their Twitter handle. Then imagine that you're also  one of those BBC reporter-presenters who is highly opinionated and one-sided on Twitter. The rules on impartiality that the BBC applies to its employees on Twitter (and Facebook) don't seem to unduly bother such a hypothetical BBC reporter-presenter, and on she steams. 

Say she's based in Washington and reporting about US politics, this is the kind of person who is so partisan that she would tweet huge numbers of tweets and re-tweets about the alleged sexual misdemeanours of a Republican candidate (all critical of him) but would tweet very few about the alleged sexual misdemeanours of a Democratic politician - and many of the latter would be statements by the politician, re-tweets of people praising the politician or the BBC reporter-presenter herself using that politician to criticise the sitting Republican president herself. 

Such is the very behaviour of the face of the BBC in the United States, Katty Kay

The hilarious thing about this is that ultra-partisan Katty has now had the cheek to post a one-sided rant on the BBC News website...

Its theme? The awfulness of partisanship. 

Or to be more accurate,  the awfulness of Republican partisanship.



Netanyahu Lies Philosophers Stone

The rise of Hitler actually aided in the advancement of the Zionists cause. Just as the 9/11 attacks presently benefited Israel! It is my contention that both the rise of Hitler and the attacks on 9/11/01 are the manufactured consequences of the Zionist agenda . . . Zionism is and was a malicious project conceived by Zionist Jews in order to steal the land from the Palestinian people. From the fall of the Ottoman empire to the Holocaust all fueled and fomented by the Rothschild/Zionists desire to create the unjust Self-Proclaimed Jewish State. The trouble in the Holy Land begins and ends with Zionism . . .



75 Years ago - How one incident caused 47 patients to die at the Oregon State Hospital UK Against Fluoridation

A ghastly scene unfolded during dinner 75 years ago at Oregon State Hospital.

Patients began dropping like flies after eating a batch of poisoned scrambled eggs, vomiting blood and writhing on the floor in agony.

Some died within minutes, others succumbed hours later, 47 people in all. Officially, there were 263 cases. Newspapers, however, reported more 400 others were sickened.

Gov. Charles A. Sprague called it mass murder.

Sabotage was initially suspected, what today we would call a terrorist attack.

This happened in 1942, with the country engaged in World War II. Fears of sabotage were real, especially on the West Coast. The food supply was considered a vulnerable target.

The eggs used at the state hospital came from federal surplus commodities distributed by the U.S. government, part of a shipment received six months earlier and divided between state institutions, schools and other programs in Oregon.

Gov. Sprague immediately ordered all institutions to stop using the eggs, which came packed frozen in 30-pound tin cans. The federal government issued a similar order.

Investigators from the Army, the American Medical Association and the Food & Drug Administration rushed to the state hospital campus in Salem..............................


SouthFront Documentary about Hezbollah (MUST SEE!) The Vineyard of the Saker

Dear friends, Check out this superb documentary about Hezbollah made by our friend of SouthFront.  It is superb. Please make sure to drop by here to support their work:


Santiago, Chile: Santiago Maldonado Present [video] Contra Info

Graffiti mural for anarchist comrade Santiago Maldonado


Spains Pension System Hits Crisis Point (And Everyone Ignores It) Rigged Game

But how did things get this bad?

By most measures, sun-blessed Spain is an idyllic place to grow old in. Life expectancy is among the highest in the world, and the national pension funds payout ratio (pension as percent of final salary) is the second highest in Europe after Greece. But if current trends are any indication, that may soon be about to change.

The countrys Social Security Reserve Fund, which was meant to serve as a nationwide nest egg to guarantee future pension payouts given Spains burgeoning ranks of pensioners has been bled virtually dry by the government. This started ever so quietly in 2012 when the government began withdrawing cash from the fund. Some of it was used to fill part of the governments own fiscal gaps while billions more were tapped to cover the Social Security systems growing deficits. As a result the pension pot has shrunk from over 66 billion in 2011 to just 15 billion in 2016.

To avoid wiping out the fund altogether this year, the Spanish government extended a 10.1 billion interest-free loan to Spains social security system, which enabled it to pay out the two extra pension payments due in June and December. That way, only 7-7.5 billion will be tapped from Spains public pension nest egg. Emptying the pot altogether this year would have been politically unpalatable, says El Pas. Instead, it will be emptied next year as the social security system racks up yet another massive annual shortfall

Continue reading the article

Filed under: Brussels Business, Europe, Faux Recovery, Spain


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #couple #communication


Wer sich bei der KI-Glubigkeit gerade ein bisschen ... Fefes Blog

Wer sich bei der KI-Glubigkeit gerade ein bisschen an eine Religion erinnert fhlt: KI-Kirche "Way of the Future" will gttliche KI schaffen. Und hey, warum nicht. KI soll ja schon alles andere finden. Wieso nicht auch Gott. (via)

Falls sich jemand fragt, wieso die Russen ein Veto ... Fefes Blog

Falls sich jemand fragt, wieso die Russen ein Veto gegen Giftgaskontrollen in Syrien einlegen wrden: Hier gibt es ein paar Daten dazu. Es scheint eine Kombination zu sein aus a) wir verlngern erst, wenn wir einen ordentlichen Bericht der bisherigen Arbeit haben, und b) die haben bisher weder die Einschlagstelle noch die Abschussstelle des zu untersuchenden Giftgasanschlags angeguckt.

Klar, warum auch. War ja eh klar, was da rauskommen sollte: Assad setzt Giftgas gegen seine Bevlkerung ein!


SBC Pleads Poverty North Yorks Enquirer

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) are pleading poverty on Yorkshire Coast Radio stating they need to save 4.7million over the next three years due to reduced funding from Conservative Central Government.

In the interview, Cllr Helen Mallory, cabinet member for Finance at Scarborough Borough Council stated:

Anything we can save to offset that saving, will basically mean that we can preserve the services were doing for the residents. 

So as much as weve cut back over the last few years and made efficiencies, what were actually looking to do now is to generate income which will reduce the amount we have to save.

Were going to have to still keep a close eye on everything and wherever we can, reduce the costs that the authority is having to pay out for things. 

But if we can generate an income, that will reduce the gap which would then hopefully mean that we can maintain the services that we are providing without having to cut back on things that would really hurt our residents.

So it begins to look like there will be cuts to local services or perhaps another rise in council tax, whilst the Scarborough & Whitby Tories are busying themselves shoveling 4million of local taxpayers money to their preferred developer for the Futurist site, Flamingo Land, in the form of a 4million demolition subsidy.

Perhaps abandoning the 4million demolition of the Futurist will help stop cuts to local services and will be seen as a far more prudent thing to do where the local taxpayer is concerned? The chances are slim to nothing since the Conservative Party hasnt been truly conservative for a very long time.

SBC finances are the domain of award-winning s.151 Finance Officer, Nick Edwards, who appears to have given SBCs preferred developer, Benchmark Leisure Ltd, a 9million unsecured loan to build the North Bay water park.

In other Futurist related news, the Conservative...


The less moderate candidate Is the BBC biased?

Ee bah gum, Scottish Labour has a new leader! Yorkshireman Richard Leonard beat Anas Sarwar to win the post today. 

The BBC's Scottish Editor Sarah Smith informed BBC One viewers this evening that Mr Sarwar "was the more moderate candidate in what was a fractious race". 

I guess that makes Mr Leonard 'the less moderate candidate' - or, to put it another way, 'the more extreme candidate'. 

A nice example of 'bias by labelling' there (even if it's true).


BBC transparency (or the lack of it) Is the BBC biased?

Here's an interesting take on BBC transparency from the estimable Bill Rogers of Trading as WDR (h/t Peter): 


Abusing the Irish is a really stupid idea AAV

"Shut your gob" and "grow up" shrieked The S*n after the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar dared to criticise the absolute shambles Theresa May and the three Brexiteers are making of the Brexit process.

Varadkar was hardly saying anything that we don't know when he complained that nowhere near enough progress has been made on the Irish border issue, or when he pointed out that "Brexit is a British policy, it's also one that Britain has imposed on the rest of Europe".

He is entirely right to be furious at the pitiful lack of progress on the Irish border, and he didn't say anything that warranted the furious backlash in Rupert Murdoch's UK propaganda rag, and certainly nothing to justify the hyperbolic accusation that "his arrogance stems from a delusion that he can single-handedly stop Brexit"

Anyone who gives a damn about Ireland knows how important it is to find a resolution to the Irish border problem, but then events in Ireland both north and south of the border get very little coverage in the UK mainstream media.



About the importance of moderation (a thank you!! to the mods) The Vineyard of the Saker

There was an interesting comment posted recently on the Unz Review under one of my recent articles.  It said the following: Kizas comment mirrors something I did indeed observe: every


The Zionist Hate Campaign Against David Icke Writings - Gilad Atzmon


Campaign Against Antisemitism was desperate to cancel David Icke's talk in Manchester last night.  Labour MP, Kate Green, worked hard on behalf of the Lobby. They all failed,  Icke's talk, so i hear, was a great success. I looked into the 'evidence' levelled against Icke by the Zionist hate groups. There is nothing there as I prove in the following video..

cover bit small.jpg

 If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto, , and  here ( 


Es gibt ein Update zur Kaspersky-NSA-Geschichte. Kaspersky ... Fefes Blog

Es gibt ein Update zur Kaspersky-NSA-Geschichte. Kaspersky rumt jetzt ein, dass ihr Schlangenl die NSA-Malware in ihre Cloud hochgeladen hat. Und dass da ein 7zip-Archiv mit dem Quellcode beilag, und das haben sie auch in die Cloud hochgeladen. Aber als sie gesehen haben, was sie da hatten, haben sie es gelscht, sagen sie.

A company analyst who manually reviewed the archive quickly determined it contained confidential material. Within a few days and at the direction of CEO and founder Eugene Kaspersky, the company deleted all materials except for the malicious binaries.
Sie sagen, sie bruchten ja die Quellen auch gar nicht fr ihre Arbeit. Das stimmt zwar, aber erstens: Wer wei, wie viele ihrer Malware-Techs da noch Zugriff hatten, und ob da jemand ein Backup gezogen hat. Zweitens: Aufgeflogen ist das ja, weil die Israelis bei Kaspersky im Netz waren. Wer wei, wer da noch war. Und mit wem die Israelis das alles geteilt haben.

Ich wrde aber trotzdem Kaspersky keine Schuld geben. Deren Software hat genau das getan, was sie gesagt haben, das sie tun wrde. Wenn jemand Kaspersky ein Pckchen mit Geheimdokumenten in den Briefkasten schickt, wrde man ja auch nicht Kaspersky beschuldigen sondern den Leaker.


Yarls Wood and Dungavel detention centres besieged Freedom News

Two migrant removal centres were surrounded by crowds today demanding that the facilities, which have repeatedly been exposed as substandard and dangerous, be shut down and proper support offered to the often vulnerable people inside. The solidarity rallies, which saw between 50 and 100 people at the Dungavel Centre south of Glasgow and more at

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Saturday, 18 November


Wo wir gerade bei Geheimdiensten waren: Helmut Kohls ... Fefes Blog

Wo wir gerade bei Geheimdiensten waren: Helmut Kohls Rstungsgeschfte mit Apartheid-Sdafrika kommen langsam raus, weil die Akten geffnet werden. Wie? Nein, natrlich nicht hier. In Sdafrika. Sdafrika hat da mehr Anstand, Moral, Transparenz und Demokratieverstndnis als wir.

Whrend West-Deutschland offiziell Sdafrika boykottierte, wurde auch auf der Ebene der Geheimdienstchefs abgestimmt, dass eine verdeckte Lsung fr das Problem gefunden werde. Die Partnerschaft beider Geheimdienste ermglichte sogar die Lieferung eines fr die westlichen Spione interessanten sowjetischen Hubschraubers und weiterer Flugzeuge, die man in Angola besorgt hatte.
Die Geheimdienste, msst ihr wissen, sind nmlich dafr da, die Bevlkerung vor Gefahren zu schtzen!

Und was ist der sicherste Weg, von Gefahren frhzeitig zu wissen? Na klar! Wenn man sie selbst herbeifhrt!

Lacher des Tages:An electronic warfare plane from Naval ... Fefes Blog

Lacher des Tages:

An electronic warfare plane from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in western Washington state created sky writings in the shape of male genitals in the skies over the rural community on Thursday.

Meanwhile in Tennessee:Police say two people were accidentally ... Fefes Blog

Meanwhile in Tennessee:

Police say two people were accidentally shot at a church in Tellico Plains Thursday afternoon during a discussion about the recent church shooting in Texas.


Germans, French among the 16 arrested during riots in Athens Keep Talking Greece

Sixteen rioters arrested on Friday night in Exarchia district of  Athens are to be brought to the prosecutor on Saturday. According to a statement by Greek Police the nationalities of the arrested are: Nine Greeks aged 18-32 Two French, 22 and 26 years old Two German 30 and 37 One Italian 27 One Lithuanian 20

The post Germans, French among the 16 arrested during riots in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Lawyer injured by flare during Athens riots in critical condition (shocking video) Keep Talking Greece

The 55-year-old woman who was injured during the riots in Exarchia in downtown Athens on Friday night remains in critical condition. After a 5-hour surgery in the leg, the lawyer remains in intensive care and is intubated. The woman has reportedly suffered a fracture and also respiratory problems due to inhalation of tear gas, media

The post Lawyer injured by flare during Athens riots in critical condition (shocking video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


On Radio 4 Comedy Is the BBC biased?

Sioned Wiliam

Sioned Wiliam, Radio 4's Commissioning Editor for Comedy, is no mean comedienne herself - at least if her Feedback interview with Roger Bolton today is anything to go by. 

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

She was absolutely brilliant. It's the best satire I've heard on Radio 4 in a long while and her performance couldn't be bettered. I almost believed she was 'for real'. 

Seriously, Sioned should be given her own Radio 4 series. (And, being Radio 4's Commissioning Editor for Comedy, if she can't commission herself, who can?). She has a great catchphrase too - "I don't think I agree". 

Roger Bolton made for a wonderful straight man here too. [And a genuine 'all credit to him' for his probing today].

Here's part of the script:

Roger Bolton: Well, let's turn to a political issue. It couldn't be more controversial at the moment. Sue Cooper wrote to us about Brexit.


How Jeremy Corbyn burned the UKIP Trojan Horse to the ground AAV

UKIP was always a Trojan Horse of a political party. It was absolutely obvious that they were a fake protest party designed to hoover up the votes of the dissatisfied in order to push the UK political spectrum ever further to the hard-right.

Anyone who cared to actually listen to their contempt for the NHS and the hard-right policies they promoted could tell what they were up to, but somehow  UKIP kept building momentum and attracting more and more voters who seemed entirely unconcerned that the party they were endorsing were pushing ever more fanatically right-wing policies into the political mainstream.

For a while the UK political scene was looking absolutely grim for anyone who believes in centre-left and liberal ideas, because the Tory+UKIP share of the vote was absolutely massive. At the 2015 General Election the combined Tory-UKIP vote share dwarfed the Labour vote share in every age demographic, even the under-30s!

We knew that all it would take would be for the UKIP and Tory votes to combine, and Britain would suffer a landslide election victory for a hard-right ultra-nationalist party that would make the Thatcher regime look like a bunch of mild-mannered moderates in comparison.

Had the 2015 Tory and UKIP votes c...


Three more bodies recovered, death toll in flash floods increased to 19 Keep Talking Greece

Three more bodies have been recovered in the floods of West Attica on Saturday morning increasing the number of dead into 19. Crews keep searching for missing persons. The body of one man buried under tons of mud was found near the depot of the Municipality of Mandra at the Elfsina-Thebes highway, the Fire Service

The post Three more bodies recovered, death toll in flash floods increased to 19 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Link UK Against Fluoridation

I find Alex Jones informative. OK his over the top tantrums are off putting for many people  but he is intelligent, knowledgeable and well connected.

From 5 minutes in all about subjects like the attack on traditional values, vaccinations.
Never heard about Soy food.



Research raises new questions about whether fluoridations benefits outweigh its risks
Author profile image November 17, 2017 If youre like many Americans, you drink fluoridated water without questioning its safety or efficacy. For decades municipalities have been adding fluoride to water supplies to reduce the incidence of tooth decay at the advice of numerous highly credentialed entities, including the World Health Organization, the U.S. Public Health Service, the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

But in late 2016, a coalition of activist groups Food and Water Watch, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Fluoride Action Network, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, the Organic Consumers Association, and Moms Against Fluoridation together with private citizens from around the United States petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban the addition of fluoride to water supplies, citing research pointing to health risks linked to exposure to fluoride.

What exactly are the benefits of fluoridating municipal water supplies? What are the risks? And how does a conscientious society balance the two? These questions are finding new urgency as a growing body of research calls into question its safety.....................


It's a fair comment to make Is the BBC biased?

This week's Newswatch saw Samira interviewing Katya Adler. It began with Katya saying that the sense viewers have that "BBC reporting is constantly knocking British negotiators, looking for failure" is "a fair comment to make." Aha, I thought! But, guess what? It's turns out that it's not the BBC's fault. (It never is on Newswatch). Here's a transcript:

Samira Ahmed: Well, the BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler spends much of her life living and breathing the Brexit process and she joins me now from Brussels. Welcome to Newswatch Katya. The biggest complaint we get is about perceived bias, a sense that BBC reporting is constantly knocking British negotiators, looking for failure. 
Katya Adler: It's a fair comment to make. It's a comment you would expect to make. As Europe Editor it's my job to put across the European perspective. Now that might come across as anti-UK but actually it's just putting across the other point of view. And as we see these Brexit negotiations become pretty bad-tempered, obviously there's very, very, very differing points of view. 
Samira Ahmed: Taking all that on board, viewers still feel that we don't seem to get the same scrutiny of EU negotiators and their strategy. 
Katya Adler: Since the Brexit negotiations started...I don't know if you're familiar with the Sicilian word - the Sicilian or Italian word - omerta. It means 'silence'. And we're sort of seeing a kind of omerta inside the European Commission building, amongst the many commissioners and amongst EU leaders themselves. They've been told to zip it and only let Michel Barnier, the lead Brexit negotiator, speak about Brexit. At this point in the proceedings, we just don't have that same possibility, the same access, to talk to the main players on the European side, as we do on the British side, to really put those difficult questions to them on camera, or on the record in a radio interview, and I understand that for our viewers and listeners, for the readers on the website, that is extremely frustrating, and it feels like we're not doing our job. But believe me...


Lesvos to hold a general strike to protest overcrowded refugee camps Keep Talking Greece

The municipality of Lesvos has called for a general strike on Monday, November 20 2017, to protest the overcrowded accommodation centers and the living conditions for the thousands of refugees and migrants stuck on the island of the Eastern Aegean Sea. Public services, clinics, shops and pharmacies will remain closed. They have put a noose

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Moveable Feast Cafe 2017/11/18 Open Thread The Vineyard of the Saker

2017/11/18 08:00:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Myron C Fagan: The Illuminati and the CFR [1967] Philosophers Stone

THIS WAS RECORDED 50 YEARS AGO! Here is a link to the written transcript: Biographical Info: And here at Wikipedia: This recording was made in 1967. Mr. Fagan gives documentary evidence on how the ILLUMINATI became the instrument of the House of Rothschild in their endevour to achieve a One World Government. He uncovers many plots of historical events. All this makes chilling listening! What he speaks of way back in the 60s is truelly coming to fruition as we speak. Its time to spread the word and wake the sleepy and sleeping before its too late.



Le consentement sexuel 13 ans, une vision rtrograde de la protection de l'enfance donde vamos

L'heure est grave. A part pour les pdophiles, videmment. Le tout nouveau gouvernement a en effet dcid d'abaisser la majorit sexuelle, pour la faire passer de 15 ans 13 ans. On nous fait le coup de l'hsitation, du truc qui n'est pas encore tranch, [...]


Anarchists riot with firebombs in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, one woman badly injured (videos, picts) Keep Talking Greece

Anarchists started to riot in two districts of downtown Athens after the peaceful march for the 44. Anniversary of the Polytechnic Students Uprising of 1973. After the march, the clashes started in Alexandra Avenue. According to protesters, riot police squads started to beat them without a reason. Anarchists hurled flares and molotov cocktail bombs at

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#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #solitaryman #waiting #blackandwhite


Microsoft hat anscheinend fr eine Komponente den ... Fefes Blog

Microsoft hat anscheinend fr eine Komponente den Quellcode verlegt, die jetzt ein Sicherheitsproblem hatte. Der Patch sieht ziemlich eindeutig so aus, als habe jemand das Problem mit einem Hex-Editor gefixt statt im Quellcode.


Alone in the rain, resistance fighter Manolis Glezos honors the dead of 1973 Students Uprising Keep Talking Greece

A fighter to the bone. 95 years old. Manolis Glezos is holding two red flowers and with the help of a walking stick goes to the Polytechnic University in downtown Athens to honor the dead of the Students Uprising in 1973. When he arrives in front of the Monument, his companion takes the umbrella and

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No Blue Flag for Scarborough North Bay in 2018 North Yorks Enquirer

No Blue Flag for Scarborough North Bay in 2018

Guest Author BOB ROBERTS breaks some more bad news for Scarborough businesses.
Last week saw the announcement of a Bathing Water Quality (BWQ) rating of Poor for Scarboroughs South Bay.
Meanwhile, North Bay will next week be announced as having fallen from Excellent to Good, thereby losing its coveted Blue Flag status, which it has enjoyed during what, for many years, were pristine waters.
I think for 20 years now at least since the inception of the Blue Flag Awards (the same number of years that South Bay has consistently NEVER been awarded a Blue Flag), North Bay has flown the Blue Flag for Scarborough.
From 2018, all that will be history.
Interestingly, one of the factors that will prevent the South Bay from EVER being awarded a Blue Flag is that industrial discharges in some measure do affect the beach area.
Yorkshire Water, unopposed by even SBC and/or the much-pleaded Yorkshire Bathing Water Partnership, have demonstrated a significant oversight in regard to the criteria.
Consequently, even IF the Wheatcroft Long Sea Outfall (the pipeline), considered by anyone capable of rational thought to be the prime cause of the pollution issues in the South Bay, discharged Evian spring water (an industrial discharge), the Blue Flag status would, by definition, be unachievable.
In addition to this, one of the criteria for being able to achieve the Blue Flag Award is that the BWQ MUST be Excellent. This has not been the case in South Bay and, as of now, the North Bay fails to qualify.
There are also other stipulations, being as follows, taken from the Blue Flag website
Water Quality
  • The beach must fully comply with the water quality sampling and frequency requirements. 
  • The beach must fully comply with the standards and requirements for water quality analysis. ...


The Spanish knew about Abdelbaki Es Satty's jihadist links, but they didn't bother to tell the Catalan police AAV

The Islamist extremist who masterminded the August 2017 terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils had worked as an informant to the Spanish security services.

Spain's National Intelligence Centre (CNI) have admitted that they had contact with Abdelbaki Es Satty that began during his four year jail sentence for drug smuggling between 2010 and 2014.

It's also been established that Es Satty was known to the Spanish intelligence services when he first arrived in Spain in 2002, and that his contact details were included in the address books of the terrorists who carried out the 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 193 people.

Es Satty was killed in an explosion in the bomb factory he was operating in the small Catalan town of Alcanar in August 2017.

The CNI have refused to admit when Es Satty stopped working as an informant for them, or how much he was paid. They also failed to intervene when Es Satty appealed against his deportation from Spain in 2015 because the court were presented with no information whatever about his links with Islamist terrorists.

The CNI have not offered an explanation for why none of the information on Es Satty's jihadist links and drug smuggling activities were ever shared with the Catalan police when it became clear that he'd settled in Catalonia either....


Syrian War Report November 17, 2017: Government Forces Once Again Storming Al-Bukamal The Vineyard of the Saker If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: The Syrian Arab Army


Rouvikonas anarchists walk in Defense Ministry, throw leaflets and leave (video) Keep Talking Greece

It is -supposed to be one of the best guarded buildings in Athens. The Ministry of Defence. Alas! Anarchists of Rouvikonas did not bother. They entered the premises from the main gate, threw leaflets at the stairs of the main building and left like gentlemen passing by the stunned and probably frozen soldiers guards.

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Friday, 17 November


Per una definizione dell'imperialismo nella fase del capitalismo globale e finanziario post-2008 Anarkismo

460_0___30_0_0_0_0_0_economicimperialisminindiaexamplemeaning.jpgE' necessario caratterizzare l'azione imperialista nel XXI secolo sia nelle cosiddette "rivoluzioni colorate", come nel suo effetto successivo, l'internazionalizzazione delle imprese nazionali
consideriamo essenziale interpretare il concetto di imperialismo globalizzato e finanziario. Questo si manifesta con forme pi grossolane, come l'invasione militare, all'oggetto di studio a cui questo testo si collega, i rapporti complementari e subordinati delle Transnational Corporations (TNC), paradisi fiscali, capitale finanziario come forma di accumulazione selvaggia contemporanea, indebitamento assicurato di intere popolazioni e l'esistenza di una nefasta somma di lite organiche che agiscono attraverso porte girevoli su scala nazionale e transnazionale, servendo e localizzando l'attuale versione del neoliberismo.

Wednesday, 15 November


The Maoriland Worker on the Haymarket Martyrs Anarkismo

maorilandworkerheader1912.jpegOn the 11 November 1887 the Haymarket Martyrs August Spies, Albert Parsons, Adolph Fischer & George Engel, all anarchists were murdered by the state in Chicago. A fifth, 23-year-old Louis Lingg, killed himself in his cell last night, cheating the state executioners.

This is how the Maoriland Worker commented on the anniversary in 1911.


Traditional Values: Housing & Direct Action Anarkismo

65327777a0f1ee1ab8a82c5d1d88c0c0.jpgThis brief article advocates a return to traditional values of solidarity and direct action to tackle the housing crisis in Aotearoa.

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