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Tuesday, 13 November


Contexto Internacional: "Guerra comercial y estado policial de ajuste" Anarkismo

far_contexto_internacional.jpegPeridico VOLUNTAD, rgano de la FAR, Noviembre 2018
La situacin mundial y latinoamericana vienen expresando elementos de un nuevo perodo marcado por la profundizacin de la injerencia del imperialismo norteamericano en todos los niveles. En el plano comercial la prepotencia yanqui viene provocando la reaccin de China en una guerra de aranceles a la importacin sin precedentes. Esta disputa entre las dos potencias capitalistas ms importantes del planeta, ms all del cambio de socios comerciales, representa un abrupto viraje hacia el proteccionismo imperialista que solo beneficia a las burguesas de ambos pases.


Around 500 people take part in a rally in Berlin under the motto... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

Around 500 people take part in a rally in Berlin under the motto Against Anti-Semitism! For Israel! For Jerusalem. The group March for Life as well as other Christian groups had called. A group of young people rapped the haTikwa, Israels national anthem. The main speaker was Arye Sharuz Shalicar, former press officer of the Israeli army.
Participants will use signs to show solidarity with Israel and for an undivided Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 11/10/2018.
#berlin #israel #jerusalem #jews #judaism #christianity #christians #flag #rally  #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #journalism #documentary #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #photooftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


MPs would receive 24,000 in retroactive payments stirs Greeces political kitchen Keep Talking Greece

Greek lawmakers secretly voted last week that they are also entitled to retroactive salary payments as those civil servants in the category of special payrolls, media reported on Monday.

According to a press release issued on November 12 by the Union for the Protection of Labor (ENIPEKK), each lawmaker is entitled to a amount of 24,442 euros in retroactive payments from the state.

The amount refers to wages cuts of 1,111 for each MP for the time period of 22 months.

According to the Greek Constitution wages for MPs are equivalent to the President of Areios Pagos, the countrys Supreme Court, the statement said among others.

Short time later, former SYRIZA MP Alexis Mitropoulos was claiming towards media that the legislation last week about retroactive payments to judges automatically means also retroactive payments to lawmakers.

The news spread like a wildfire and as expected, triggered an outrage in a country where millions of private sector workers earn wages insufficient to make a descent living.

Main opposition New Democracy quickly reacted to the news and issued a statement accoridng to which party leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has ordered lawmakers to abolish their right to receive the retroactive payments.

Similar announcements were issued by the Movement of Change (PASOK/KINAL) and To Potami. Both parties stressed in their statements that their MPs cannot claim these payments when the Greeks are tested in harsh economic times.

While the political kitchen pot was being stirred again, Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis  declared even if with some delay that MPs are not entitled for retroactive payments because of the amendment last week.

He reminded that lawmakers salaries were reduced by 10% as of 1. January 2016 (decision November 2015) and that the retroactive legislation is valid for cut wages from August 2012 until June 2014. Furthermore he added that MPs salaries are disconnected from the judges salaries since 2008.

ND, KINAL and To Potami should have asked at the Parliament first and confirm the news before going public, Voutsis said calling the whole issue nonsense!

Fact is that Greeces political parties are super quick to react to whatever X-, Y- or Z-claim and sometimes one has to spend half a day to find out what is fake and what is true. 

PS my head aches from banging it to the wall

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Monday, 12 November


Iran: court sentences 15 workers to prison and flogging for striking Freedom News

Fifteen workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO) were sentenced to prison and flogging in Iran. Their crime: organising a strike action. HEPCO, an Iranian company that produces road construction equipment in Iran and the Middle East, was privatized last year.  The plight of workers began right after the privatization. Before privatisation, 8000 people


Extinction Rebellion activists have occupied the Government department of Energy Undercurrents reports

Extinction Rebellion are occupying inside and currently glued to the entrance outside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

The UK government, specifically BEIS has been occupied today for promoting fracking. They met with fracking companies more than 30 times in the last 3 years, compared to zero times with anti-fracking groups despite massive local opposition with protesters across the country.


You can watch our film about Fracking here

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.


Mir hat jemand heute einen Artikel in der "Zeit" empfohlen. ... Fefes Blog

Mir hat jemand heute einen Artikel in der "Zeit" empfohlen. Darin ging es darum, dass die katholische Kirche mal gucken wollte, warum die Leute alle austreten, und berraschend rausfand, dass es nicht das Geld ist.

Leider ist der Rest des Artikels hinter einer Paywall. Man muss sich anmelden und zahlt dann mit seinen Daten. Ich wollte mich also in einem Privacy-Fenster anmelden. Wollten die mir eine Mail von schicken. Ja nee, liebe "Zeit". Von Spam-Dienstleistern aus den USA nehme ich keine Mails an. WTF? Ernsthaft? DSGVO, nie gehrt?!?

Update: Stellt sich raus: mailjet sind Franzosen, die bei Google in Irland hosten, keine Amis. Schreibt mir gerade ein Leser. Dennoch: Spam-Outsourcer bleibt Spam-Outsourcer. Ich bin ja fr Spam-Outsourcing. Dann muss ich nur die Outsourcer filtern.

Neulich so: China hat ein Problem mit Marxisten.Jetzt ... Fefes Blog

Neulich so: China hat ein Problem mit Marxisten.

Jetzt so: Ist ja komisch, die Marxisten sind alle weg!1!!

Authorities took away at least nine activists in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen late on Friday, and three more activists were taken away on Sunday in the city of Wuhan, sources told Reuters news agency.
Ja wo sind die denn jetzt? Na weg!1!!
The Ministry of Public Security, which oversees police forces across the country, did not respond to a request for comment.

Hey, wenn Googles Plan fr Berlin im Umspannwerk nichts ... Fefes Blog

Hey, wenn Googles Plan fr Berlin im Umspannwerk nichts wird, htten wir in Lichtenberg noch eine freie Immobilie: Das Stasi-Hauptquartier!

Pass ja auch inhaltlich ganz gut *hust*

(Zweite Quelle)


Turkey claims Greece tries to misappropriate Libyas Exclusive Economic Zone Keep Talking Greece

Turkey claims that Greece is trying to steal part of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Libya. Defense Minister and retired Army General Hulusi Akar presented maps to convince about his claim.

According to Akar, Greece is trying to misappropriate Libyas rights to Exclusive Economic Zone bu seizing 39,000 square kilometers south of Crete.

Of, course, Turkeys problem is not Libyas EEZ and the countrys rights but its own aspirations in the area and in hydrocarbon resources.

According to another map, Turkeys Exclusive Economic Zone in the South allegedly borders to Libyas EEZ with no Greek EEZ in-between.

Last month Akar presented another deliberately drawn map that showed an extension of Turkeys EEZ.

We shouldnt be surprised if Ankara claims one day that its EEZ reaches to Gibraltar and why not, also New York and even Australia. In order to build fronts against Greece, it apparently tries to win Libya on its side.

The post Turkey claims Greece tries to misappropriate Libyas Exclusive Economic Zone appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Greece Weather skips Autumn, goes from Late Summer to Early Winter Keep Talking Greece

It looks as if Greeces weather has skipped autumn this year temperature-wise. Still last week temperatures in Greece reached up to 26 and 27 degrees Celsius, calm waters and full sunshine. This week, however, temperatures are forecast to dramatically drop and bring early winter.

According to meteorologists, temperatures are expected to drop by 6 to 8 degrees Celsius as of Thursday night, November 15,2018.

By Sunday, November 18, average temperature is expected to be at 14C, from 15-20 C today Monday.

In the week to follow, cold weather will be settled for good.

The second half of November will be characterized by low temperatures, rainfalls and snow initially on the mountainous areas and later that is next next- also in semi-mountainous areas.

Analytical weather forecast by KTG later this week.

The post Greece Weather skips Autumn, goes from Late Summer to Early Winter appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.



Time For A SHAKE-UP! North Yorks Enquirer

Time For A SHAKE-UP!

Guest Author MIKE WARD spells out the methodology of the Scarborough Tories spin factory.


The Cash Cow that is Whitby: The Plug-hole that is SBC 

Scarborough Borough Council continues to take the proverbial out of the residents of our Town as well as its monies.

Pier Works to shut down Whitby Gazette 

Did we honestly expect anything else?

After months/years of prevarications & delays we are now told of yet another delay.

How much work, if any, was actually done in the last few weeks?

Will this delay now allow SBC to gain even more interest on the monies banked?

North Yorkshire Enquirer article 17th September 2018:

Would anyone be surprised to hear in the coming weeks that unfortunately with the unforeseen winter months approaching work has had to be postponed until next year even after a possible token show of workmen on site for a few days waiting for the weather to deteriorate? 

You can read them like a book.

You can picture the front page of an April 2019 edition of the Whitby Gazette already:


Congratulation and thanks, especially to our local hard-working
Conservative Councillor(s), for saving our Piers.

But hang about: arent the Scarborough Borough Council Elections to be held on 2nd May 2019?

Work on the Piers would be news so wouldnt be covered by any election embargo on electioneering!

Will another delay then be announced in June with the weather too hot?

We need Councillors who care passionately about our Town and who will not simply bend when leaned upon by Officers (our servants) and the inner circle of Councillors with blinkered vision and personal ambitions.

Our Town needs investment and cannot just be seen as a cash cow for the Councils coffers.

Too much is being taken out of the Town from community charge, business rates, parking and harbour revenue whilst so much needs to be done.

Where is that money going ?

Down the plug-hole that is Scarborough Borough Council.

Local residents are subsidising losses such as the Open Air Theatre, the demolition of The Futurist and soon the Waterpark.

When the Waterpark operator (Alpamare UK) pulls out, we will be left to pick up the pieces of the 9m loan and a failing business....


Corinth Canal open to marine traffic, says managing company Keep Talking Greece

The company managing the Corinth Canal said in a statement that marine traffic has not be halted. There is only a partial limitation for ships crossing, the company said in a statement.

Early Thursday afternoon, rocks fell into the Canal and local media reported that the passage was closed to traffic.

According to the company statement, the plan for the recovery and removal of the rocks was immediately implemented. At the same time, for the sake of compliance with the navigation rules, Navtex was issued with a partial limitation of crossings for passing ships.

There is absolutely no transit problem for the overwhelming majority of ships, and in particular for those scheduled to cross the Corinth Canal in the near future, the statement added.

Therefore, there was no general disruption of navigation, while scheduled traffic has been normally conducted, the scheduled crossings of Thursday 8/11/18 and Friday 9/11/18 have already taken place, the managing company AEDIK said.

The statement was issued on 9. November 2018, there was no new update on Monday morning, Nov 12.

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Elementary school veggies cooperative taxed with 800 for 200 revenues Keep Talking Greece

Tax officials have ordered a primary school cooperative that grows vegetables to shut down after the schoolchildren were unable to pay a tax of 800 euros for last years revenues of just 200 euros.  The tax office in Nea Moudania, Halkidiki in Northern Greece, classified the school project as a regular business cooperative, even though the revenues do not come from the vegetables sales but from membership subscription of supporters of the school project.

45 children of the elementary school in Olynthos started the cooperative Perivoli in 2017. In they courtyard of the school, they set up two greenhouses and started to grow their own tomatoes, onions, radishes, beets, parsley and carrots.

When the children tried to open a bank account, they were informed that they needed a tax number.

The tax officer issued a tax number for a regular cooperative as there is no special cooperative regime for schools.

Classified as a regular businesses, they were asked to pay a tax of 800 for the revenues of just 200. The tax included the so-called trade fee of 650 euros.

As the children were unable to pay the tax, the cooperative stopped working a few days ago.


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Almost 6,000 Turkish citizens seek asylum in Greece after failed coup Keep Talking Greece

A total 5,786 Turkish citizens have applied for obtaining refugee status in Greece, since 2016s failed coup attempt that was followed by a government crackdown, Turkish media reported on Sunday. According to a report by Diken attributed to the Greek Ministry of Immigration Policies, the number of Turks seeking asylum in the country has been on the rise in October.

The figures indicated that 706 individuals from Turkey requested refugee status from Greece in October, while the number was recorded as 3 thousand 807 between January and October.

In 2017, 1 thousand 826 Turkish citizens applied for asylum, the report added.

Prior to Turkeys military coup attempt that prompted a nation-wide crackdown on the dissident, the figures were as follows:

17 in 2013, 41 in 2014, 42 in 2015 and 189 in 2016, the last being the period leading up to the coup attempt.

Other figures shared by the Greek government showed that the total number of Turks applying to take refuge between 2013 and October 2018 is 5 thousand 922.

The number for the same period is 59,684 for Syrians, 24,072 Pakistanis, 24, 782 Afghans, 21,890 Iraqis, 8,605 Albanians, 5,478 Bangladeshis, 4, 417 Iranians, 4,031 Georgians, 3,386 Palestinians, 29,508 individuals from other nations.

The Turkish government launched a crackdown after the failed coup that led to the dismissal of nearly 140,000 civil servants and investigations into some 400,000 citizens on terrorism charges.

The government accuses the Gulen movement of orchestrating the failed putsch, designating it as a terrorist organization, although the movement strongly denies any involvement. via theglobepost

The post Almost 6,000 Turkish citizens seek asylum in Greece after failed coup appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


El responsable de la web de IU denunciado por atacar en redes con falsa identidad

Jorge Navas Alejo, el responsable de Comunicacin Interna y Web de Izquierda Unida, ha sido denunciado por Miguel ngel Vias, el coordinador provincial del partido en Zamora, a causa de una posible usurpacin de la personalidad jurdica de IU.

Navas Alejo supuestamente usaba la denominacin de Rancios Izquierda Unida en cuentas tanto de Twitter como de Telegram, por lo que el Consejo Poltico Provincial de IU Zamora llev ante el Juzgado de lo Penal que:

durante el ao 2016 y 2017 habamos tenido conocimiento de esta denominacin en redes (Rancios Izquierda Unida) por las publicaciones que se venan haciendo en las que se vituperaba la imagen de Izquierda Unida y muy en concreto de una parte de nuestra organizacin, con referencia a Zamora, a su Alcalde y a personas que se engloban en el espacio IU, s con ms fuerza.

Izquierda Unida Zamora seala asimismo que en el mes de abril de 2017 se intent cobrar a esa federacin las facturas del dominio en cuestin:

no solo se agreda polticamente a un sector de IU, sino que adems se le intentaba pasar la factura de dicha agresin por lo que se le aportaron los requerimientos de pago que se intentaron cobrar a Izquierda Unida de Zamora y nmero de contrato del dominio al Juzgado.

El Juzgado de Instruccin nmero 4 de la ciudad indic que las caractersticas de los hechos denunciados apuntaban a un presunto delito de usurpacin y estafa por lo que acord incoar diligencias previas.

Segn la Direccin General de la Polica, la persona que realiz la mencionada usurpacin y cre la web Rancios Izquierda Unida es el responsable de Comunicacin Interna de IU, que trabaja como asistente en el Parlamento europeo al servicio de los eurodiputados de Izquierda Unida.

Por su lado IU Zamora, dos das despus de aquella comunicacin, afirma que con gran decepcin se nos comunica el 8 de octubre de 2018 por el abogado que atiende la denuncia penal en Zamora que el coordinador federal de IU,...


Nasrallah to Yemenis: US/Saudis have failed, victory closer than ever before The Vineyard of the Saker

Note: Subscribe to our mailing list, well notify you when we publish text translations like the one below. Note: You can help our work continue and grow with as little


Bike party ADM


Friday, November 16, 2018 - 16:00

Event type: 


Khashoggi, Ben Barka & PressTVs Serena Shim: A 4-part series The Vineyard of the Saker

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog In October of 1965, 2014 and 2018 three journalists were prominently assassinated: Mehdi Ben Barka, Serena Shim and Jamal Khashoggi. Most readers likely


CCBGB Is the BBC biased?

In the CCBGB ('comments could be going better') stakes, I think the BBC's Diplomatic Correspondent James Landale has all won hands down today - with no need whatsoever for a second people's referendum vote to make certain of that. 

Two of his tweets have gone down extraordinary badly with the twittering public, even with people who usually disagree about everything else and throw insults at each agree. 

In fact he seems to have achieved the impossible, bringing the nation together, and even uniting #FBPE types with pro-Brexit types in total condemnation of his 'cheap political point-scoring':

Here's a small selection of the replies:

  • May laid a wreath at Thiepval with Macron on Friday.Today she was at the Cenotaph, accompanied by the President of Germany and watched by the Queen. Find a political grievance somewhere else.
  • This is a pretty shameful agenda you're pushing here, James/BBC. The Royal Family, May and others are in the right place at the Cenotaph - not abroad.
  • Today is not a time for trying to score points. Mrs May was rightly in attendance at our Cenotaph. As you know she was in Europe prior for other events.
  • So she's expected to snub the President of Germany then? And the British people?
  • Your snarky tweets dont serve you or the BBC very well today.
  • David Liddington? Far left of pictu...


Live Blogging 'Doctor Who' Is the BBC biased?

Tim Brooke-Taylor and (in the background) Bill Oddie - i.e. The Goodies.

As regular readers will probably know, I don't really watch BBC drama these days, except for Doctor Who, the ultimate BBC family programme, famously geared for kids - and, even more famously, geared for dads (via the female assistants and the whole sci-fi thing) . 

Yes, I know. I'm nearly 50 and shouldn't be watching such things. But, in my defence, I'm claiming it as my only such sin.


It features (Muslim) companion Yaz travelling back in time with (female) Doctor Jodie, and (black, dyspraxic) Ryan, and (stale, pale, male) Bradley Walsh to Partition India in 1947 to see her marvellous Pakistani granny (introduced as the first Muslim to give birth in the new Pakistan and the first Muslim woman to work in a cotton mill in England) get married.

And Bradley Walsh says he's really looking forward to ticking Pakistan off his to-do list, tourism-wise. (Don't we all? I particularly fancy the northern border with Afghanistan. Very scenic I hear. Check out 

Ah yes, it's a 'jolly hockey sticks BBC romp' with 'sad bits' homing in on the massively murderous partition of India and Pakistan, when Muslims and Hindus slaughtered each other whilst Labour's Attlee government (unmentioned) tried to do the right thing (unmentioned).

(Bad Lord Mountbatten got a mention though.)

So that's the context. And Bradley (speaking on behalf of his Chasers perhaps) is now saying heart-tugging things about us all coming together. And Doctor Jodie (n...


Saker message to the community and readers: thanks and mini Community SITREP The Vineyard of the Saker

Dear friends, Its time for me to give you a quick update on how things are going in our community and how we fit in the general political picture of


President Putin in Paris The Vineyard of the Saker

Interview to Russia Today TV Channel During his visit to France to attend commemorative events marking the centenary of Armistice Day, Vladimir Putin answered questions from a Russia Today journalist. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.


10 2018 Yanis Varoufakis

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Hahaha, der Putin! Macron so: Hey, die EU knnte mal ... Fefes Blog

Hahaha, der Putin! Macron so: Hey, die EU knnte mal eine gemeinsame Armee aufbauen. Die Amis so: Och n. Der Rest der EU so: Och n. Putin so: Tolle Idee!1!!


Protests and road blockades in Bulgaria trap dozens drivers in Greece Keep Talking Greece

Thousands of Bulgarians have blocked major highways and roads on Sunday protesting fuel prices and rising cost of living. The blockades have the effect that dozens of truck drivers and private motorists are trapped not only inside Bulgaria but also in neighboring Greece and Turkey.

The protests have spread across the country, a group has blocked the Bulgarian side of Promahonas border crossing with Greece. Dozens of truck drivers and private car motorists remain trapped in their cars on the Greek side, media in Greece report on Sunday evening. Blocked is also the road to Turkey, in the SE Bulgaria.

Over 2,000 people waving national flags marched in central Sofia chanting Mafia and Rubbish, frustrated with the rising costs of living in the European Unions poorest country, reuters reported.

Protests were also held in over 20 Bulgarian cities, with dozens of drivers blockading roads, including the one leading to Greece, for hours. Some demanded the resignation of the center-right coalition government of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

Fuel prices have risen in the past month following a spike in global oil prices. In an attempt to ease discontent the anti-monopoly regulator has said it would look at the fuel sector to see if there are any breaches of competition rules.

The governments decision to increase the tax on older and more polluting cars from 2019 has angered many in a country where the average monthly salary is 575 euros, among the lowest in the European Union.

Road Blockades

Among the many areas affected were the road via Blagoevgrad to Greece, three parts of Trakiya Motorway near Stara Zagora, Yambol and Bourgas and the highway close to the town of Shoumen. There were also large blockades in major cities including Plovdiv and Bourgas.

Traffic jams on Bragoevgrad highway to Greece via TheSofiaGlobe



It's the anti-Corbyn hypocrites who are really trivialising remembrance AAV

It's 100 years to the day since the end of the First World War, a conflict my great-grandfather died in, leaving his two young daughters fatherless. My mother's grandfather was one of 8 million military casualties (a similar number of civilians died during the conflict too).

I've spent the day thinking about my great-grandfather's tragic death and the ramifications that have rippled down through the generations for my family, and contemplating the unimaginably vast waves of grief, suffering, and poverty that WWI wreaked upon millions of other families all across the world.

Today of all days we should be solemnly remembering the horrifying consequences of war, but like clockwork the right-wing virtue signallers are out in force to use Remembrance as a stick to attack their political foes with.

This year they're deliberately trivialising the whole subject with pathetic claims that Jeremy Corbyn's grey raincoat wasn't solemn enough (?!?) and outright lies that he wasn't wearing a poppy (he wore two poppies on his raincoat and suit jacket while he laid a large wreath of poppies at the Cenotaph).

In 2015 the right-wing shreikers made ludicrous efforts to claim that Corbyn disrespected veterans and the war dead by not bowing deeply enough at the Cenotaph (when he was actually the only political leader to stay behind after the ceremony to chat to veterans as the rest of the dignitaries cleared off to a slap-up meal in the warmth).


90-year-old guard opens the doors of Allied Cemetery on Armistice Day Keep Talking Greece

90-year-old Djordge Mihailovic could not be absent from the ceremony marking 100 years from the end of World War I. Serbian Djordge Mihailovic is the keeper of the Serbian cemetery Zeitenlik Allied Cemetery in Thessaloniki, the biggest military cemetery in the Balkans.

Dressed in military uniform, the guardian of the 20,000 dead opened the doors of Zeitenlik and welcomed the officials and the visitors who attended the ceremony on the Armistice Day.

More than 20,000 Serbian, French, British, Italian Russian and Greek soldiers and Bulgarian POWs, who died in the battles on the Salonika front during World War I are buried in Zeitenlik.

The sleepless guardian over 20,500 souls is Djordge Mihailovic, guardians were also his father and his grandfather before him.

The largest part of the complex is the Serbian Military Graveyard, which contains the remains of c. 7,500 soldiers. The French sector contains the remains of 8,000 French soldiers. The Italian sector holds about 3,000 graves; the British sector holds about 2,000 graves, and there is also the Russian sector with about 400 graves. There are also graves of Bulgarian POW, such as graves of fallen Greeks transferred from the battlefields of Kilkis.



Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/11/11 Open Thread The Vineyard of the Saker

2018/11/11 16:30:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Dark Justice: Michael Ward caught trying to meet 15 year old girls. Philosophers Stone

This video is of when Michael Ward was caught trying to meet a child following sexual grooming! he has now been convicted in a court of law: 6 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years. He must also sign the sex offenders register for 7 years. And he is subject you a SHPO for 7 years.



Remembering Is the BBC biased?

Morecambe's War Memorial is unusual in that it dates the First World War to 1914-1919. Most memorials date it as 1914-1918. Built in 1921, it commemorates 216 men from Morecambe and Heysham who died in World War One, 180 from World War Two and one more who died during the Korean War.


The bells! The bells! Is the BBC biased?

Walpole St. Peter's Church (the church said to have inspired Dotty L.)

It's such a shame the BBC is scrapping Radio 4's Something Understood. This morning's edition on bells was a belter, beautifully delivered by Mark Tully - a fine mix of music and words. (Sir Mark seems to guess what things I'll like).

I learned, for example, that Dorothy L. Sayers wrote this in one of her Lord Peter Wimsey novels, The Nine Tailors on the subject of bell-ringing: 
The eight men advanced to their stations, and Hezekiah consulted his watch. 
Time, he said. 
He spat upon his hands, grasped the sallie of Tailor Paul, and gently swung the great bell over the balance. 
Toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; and a pause; toll-toll-toll; the nine tailors, or teller-strokes, that mark the passing of a man. The year is dead; toll him out with twelve strokes more, one for every passing month. Then silence. Then, from the faint, sweet tubular chimes of the clock overhead, the four quarters and the twelve strokes of midnight. The ringers grasped their ropes. 
The bells gave tongue: Gaude, Sabaoth, John, Jericho, Jubilee, Dimity, Batty Thomas and Tailor Paul, rioting and exulting high up in the dark tower, wide mouths rising and falling, brazen tongues clamouring, huge wheels turning to the dance of the leaping ropes. 
Every bell in her place, striking tuneably, hunting up, hunting down, dodging, snapping, laying her blows behind...


The Angel of the Bronx Is the BBC biased?

This week's Radio 4 Profile had a political subject. Usually (though not always) such editions have a reasonably fair spread of views. Not this one though. There was about half a minute of criticism in total in a programme that lasted last nigh on 14 minutes. (It came from a male US conservative.) And the narration was negativity-free too. The lucky lady was 'democratic socialist' US Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Maybe she should recycle parts of it for her reelection campaign? 


Birds of a feather tweet together Is the BBC biased?

Whatever you thought of President Trump's helicopter/rain problems yesterday (with or without ironic quotation marks), I was struck by the instant, almost unthinking downpour of disapproval and disdain that rained down on him from some of the BBC's finest (and John Sweeney)... chronicled by Guest Who at B-BBC in a quite devastating sequence

It really hits home when you see a stream of tweets like this just how like a flock they act...(whether that be of sheep, or of starlings, or of free, fair and impartial BBC journalists I'll let you decide!):



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Die Internationale Liga der Antiquare hat Amazon in ... Fefes Blog

Die Internationale Liga der Antiquare hat Amazon in die Knie gezwungen. Amazon hat vor zehn Jahren eine Site namens AbeBooks gekauft, und jetzt wegen irgendeiner Paymentsystem-Umgestellung mal eben vier Lnder von Marketplace abgeklemmt: Ungarn, Tschechien, Russland und Sdkorea. Also fr Gebrauchtbcher jetzt.

Daraufhin passierte das hier:

But Amazon underestimated the camaraderie of fellow booksellers, and was surprised to find that within days of sending the notices, no less than 600 booksellers from nearly 30 countries had decided to take a "vacation" from the service pulling more than three million titles.

Soon after the London Book Fair said it was pulling out of a sponsorship deal with AbeBooks, and cited its decision to cut off some countries as the reason.

MWAHAHAHAHA. Tsja, wie das so ist. Wenn man Menschen wie Dreck behandelt, dann machen sie ihre Geschfte lieber woanders.

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Das Marie-Elisabeth-Lders-Haus ... Fefes Blog

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Das Marie-Elisabeth-Lders-Haus des Bundestags muss wohl abgerissen werden.

In einen Erweiterungsbau des Parlaments dringt Wasser ein, die Sanierung ist kompliziert. Bundestagsvizeprsident Kubicki meint: Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken - als noch einen Fall wie den Hauptstadtflughafen BER.

Hey, wo wir gerade beim BER waren ... wie wre es, wenn Sie da mal zu einem Ende mit Schrecken beitragen, damit da nicht noch die nchsten Generationen mit immer weiteren zustzlichen Kosten belastet werden?

Sunday, 11 November


Touching moments when Marathon runners honor victims of wildfires in Mati Keep Talking Greece

Touching moments took place on Sunday morning when participants at the 36. Marathon Race of Athens honored the victims and the survivors in Mati, the area with the most victims from the wildfires in July. Residents of Mati had flocked along the race track and greeted the athletes with black balloons, banners, applaud and slogans.

Four kilometers out of the total 41.195 of the original Marathon race lead the athletes through the burned area of Mati.Mati is Alive and stands on its feet! the chanted from time to time. Athletes honored the victims and the survivors also with applaud, of the raised their hands.



Do My Tama: Greek-Orthodox e-shop for oblations to Saints from afar Keep Talking Greece

Technology in the service of Greek Orthodoxy. This must be the ideal e-shop for the Greek Orthodox Christians around the world. Startup Do My Tama offers the possibility that they fulfill their oblation to a saint even if they are far away.

Using a user-friendly interface, the Greek Orthodox Christian can choose a church or a monastery dedicated to a specific saint and order his or her offering: a candle, a prosforo* or a silver oblation.

One of the 70 members of the start up across Greece will look to fulfill the order and send a feedback including a picture if required.

The ordered oblations carry a tag with the name of the customer.

We help the Orthodox Christians of the world to fulfill their oblation in Greece, the Do My Tama founders write on the website.

The Do My Tama team is not just relatives, friends or acquaintances, but members of one another. They are Members of the One Catholic and Apostolic Church, members of the Orthodox Christian world. With the Love that our Christ taught us, we pray with you too, for the fulfillment of your tama, whatever that may be, such as treating an illness, a professional problem or the desire for a childbirth pregnancy in any church, monastery or a miraculous Icon that you desire in the Greek region.

The prices for the oblations service are anything than cheap, except for commemoration service that is reading the names of deceased beloved ones, that is free of charge.

The founders note that part of the money goes to a non-governmental charity organization of the customers choice.

Love and hope are the basic values that keep the flame of Orthodoxy lit. Do My Tama team lives and works with the primary goal of never turning off this flame. The flame of your own candle, write Maria Psyridi, founding member of the e-shop what operates both in Greek and English.


is a small loaf of leavened bread with a special seal offered at the Divine Liturgy.

The post...


Important for DPR & LPR People Their Determination by Coming to the Elections by Ruslan Ostashko The Vineyard of the Saker

Translated and captioned by Leo. Make sure to press CC for English captions.   The closer we get to the planned elections in the Republics of Donbass, the louder Ukraine


Hier ist einer fr Fans von "The Usual Suspects": ... Fefes Blog

Hier ist einer fr Fans von "The Usual Suspects": "Beschuldigter war zur Tatzeit in Japan". Die ihm unterstellte Tat war gefhrliche Krperverletzung whrend der G20-Proteste in Hamburg.

Stellt sich raus: Der "Staatsschutz" hat sich einfach einmal gegen Dissidenten, von denen sie schon mal gehrt hatten, irgendwelche Bullshit-Anklagepunkte aus dem Arsch gezogen und mal geguckt, wie weit sie kommen.

Sehr geil auch, dass sie behaupten, der Beschuldigte htte erst nach einem Warnschuss (!) der Polizei von seinem Opfer abgelassen. Das Menschenbild der Cops ist anscheinend: Das sind alles wilde Tiere, diese Demonstranten!

Die Polizei beschlagnahmte bei der Durchsuchung im Hainholzweg ein Jahr nach der Tat verschiedenste Gegenstnde wie ein Laptop, ein Handy, Kleidung oder das Hrspiel Die Knguru Chroniken von Marc-Uwe Kling auf sechs CDs.
Das bliche halt. Was man halt so macht mit den blichen Verdchtigen. Erstmal alles mitnehmen. Wer braucht schon ein Telefon oder einen Laptop zur Ausbung seines Berufs. In diesem Fall: Student der vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaften. Das klingt ja schon voll gewaltttig!!1!
Der Beschuldigte befand sich whrend der gesamten Zeit des G20-Gipfels in Japan, war aber als Tatverdchtiger durch Beamte des Gttinger Staatsschutzes im Rahmen einer internen Fahndung benannt worden, weil er in Gttingen politisch aktiv und den Beamten daher bekannt ist, kommentierte am Freitag Rechtsanwalt Sven Adam, der den ehemals Beschuldigten strafrechtlich vertritt.
Kannste dir nicht ausdenken, sowas!


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #woman #rush #night... Thorsten Strasas. Blog.

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #woman #rush #night #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Everyday Rebellion- a global film of resistance Undercurrents reports

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.


Bank Shares in Mexico (and Beyond) Plunge as Incoming Government Threatens Core Business: Fee Gouging Rigged Game

Part of a global trend, as exasperated consumers are squealing, but no country has threatened to do what Mexico proposed.

Mexicos stocks are plummeting, with the S&P/BMV IPC index down 5.8% on Thursday the worst drop in seven years and another 2.8% by midday on Friday. The dollar-denominated ETF, iShares MSCI Mexico [EWW], plunged 11% over the past three days and is down 22% since August 8:

What happened? Mexican stocks, which had been caught up in the sell-off in October and the cancellation of the mega-airport and corruption project at the end of October, bounced a little in November, but then took another hit on Thursday when a senior Mexican senator from the president-elects party proposed a bill that would ban or curb banks from charging commissions for many services.

Shares in the countrys largest domestic-owned bank, Grupo Financiero Banorte, plunged 19% Thursday and Friday so far, Santander Mexico  Inbursa, and Gentera all dropped over 8%.

If the proposed banking initiative gets passed, it will be a hammer blow for Mexican lenders, for whom commissions and fees provide around a third of revenues. That, says Ricardo Monreal, the bills sponsor, is precisely the problem: the banks in Mexico earn more in commissions than in almost any other Latin American country. And each year the amount grows. In 2017, the banks earned 8% more from commissions than in 2016

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Beyond Fake News Is the BBC biased?

Brandishing their simple swords of truth, the trusty BBC is donning armour and riding forth against fake news. 

And it's a global crusade too (not that they'd put it like that, of course). The season is aimed at Europe, the Americas, Africa, India and Asia Pacific.

The countries specifically mentioned so far are India, Kenya, Somalia, Russia and the Philippines.

Jamie Angus, supreme leader of the BBC's World Service Group, says the BBC must move beyond just talking about the global fake news threat, and take concrete steps to address it. 

And his first step will be to abolish BBC News. 

Only joking. 

He goes on:
Poor standards of global media literacy, and the ease with which malicious content can spread unchecked on digital platforms mean theres never been a greater need for trustworthy news providers to take proactive steps. 
We have put our money where our mouth is and invested in real action on the ground in India and in Africa. 
From funding in-depth research into sharing behaviours online, to rolling out media literacy workshops globally, and by pledging to bring BBC Reality Check to some of the worlds most important upcoming elections, this year were carving our path as a leading global voice for spotting the problems, and setting out ambitious solutions....


That's the way to do it? Is the BBC biased?

Might it not be much better if the BBC went down the route of Sky's The Pledge? Instead of endless discussions umpired by impartial BBC presenters who aren't always impartial, mightn't it be far better to broadcast more open-ended current affairs discussion programmes without such umpires - if the range of opinion is wide enough? 


Ecumenical Patriarch concerned about the Tsipras-Ieronymos agreement Keep Talking Greece

For two hours Educations and Religious Affairs Minister Costas Gavroglou was briefing Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul about the recent agreement between the government and the Greek Orthodox Church of Greece.

I twas the second time within two days, the Ecumenical Patriarch was receiving a briefing by Greek officials on the issue.

The Patriarch has every reason to be concerned about the agreement and that he was not informed in advance.

The government and the Church of Greece had been negotiating for three years about the Joint Fund for the Exploitation of the Church Properties as wells as about removing 10,000 protest from the state payroll.

The Ecumenical Patriarch does not only feel excluded by the negotiations on such an important issue, he also worries about several dioceses in Greece, the so-called canonical territory of New Lands territories that became part of Greek state after the Balkan Wars.

The New Lands are located in northern Greece and major islands in the north and northeast Aegean Sea. Most of these dioceses are de facto administered as part of the Church of Greece for practical reasons (except the Dodecanese), under an agreement between the Church of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The Ecumenical Patriarchate has ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the New Lands.

The New Lands have been a point of conflict between the churches of Athens and Constantinople, a meeting between the two spiritual leaders was recently cancelled for disagreements on this issue and in one case, the two churches will let the courts take the decision.

The Joint Agreement between Greeces political and spiritual leaders come in times when the Patriarchate is reportedly seeking a change to Article 3 of the Greek Constitution in order to fully place the Metropolises of Northern Greece under its control.

It is obvious that the Ecumenical Patriarch would like to know whether the New Lands are included in the Tsipras Ieronymos agreement.

Minister Gavroglou had apparently not much to say or he didnt want to say.

When asked by reporters about the New Lands, the minister said t...


Behind the closed doors of negotiations with the EU? The Guardian podcast, November 2018 Yanis Varoufakis

As the Brexit negotiations near crunch point, Theresa May is still battling to keep her party on side as she edges closer to a deal with Brussels. But is it possible to take on the EU in negotiations and win? One man who staked his political career on trying just that was the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. He tells Anushka Asthana about his gruelling sessions with negotiators in Brussels over a bailout deal during the Greek financial crisis. He remembers the airless rooms, the terrible coffee, the anxiety and suspicions that the real deal was being agreed behind his back.

Also today: following a mixed night for both parties in the US midterm elections, the Guardians US political correspondent Lauren Gambino highlights a night of success for one group: Democratic women.


Mavropigi SOS: Puppies and adult dogs at risk as PPC demolishes the village Keep Talking Greece

More than 50 dogs, puppies and adult dogs are in urgent need of help and adoption. Their lives are at risk as Greeces Public Power Company PPC is forwarding with the  demolition of the abandoned village of Mavropigi by Kozani in Western Macedonia, in order to proceed with the coal extraction.

After residents got compensation, the village consists of half-demolished houses, dilapidated churches and dozens of hungry dogs who have been dumped in the abandoned village long ago.

The problem started when replaced villagers left their pets behind and the strays, of course. Over the years, the ghost village turned into a dump place for unwanted pets from the locals in surrounding areas.

Video: One of the dogs always shows the way to the other dogs when the support group arrives at the village.

Three new puppies in miserable situation were spotted beginning of the week in Mavropigi.

The puppies landed at a local vet clinic, where they underwent health checks and received medical care.

Despite the sterilization by volunteering animal lovers of the broader area, the number of dogs has not creased as new are been dumped each and every day.

These same volunteers have been carrying food and water to the dogs of Mavropigi, but now the situation is dangerous.


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