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Wednesday, 15 November


Severe storm, large tornado hits Turkey, leaving extensive damage and 25 injured The Watchers Latest articles

At least 25 people have been injured after severe storm accompanied by a tornado caused extensive damage to homes, vehicles and farms in southwestern Turkey late Monday into Tuesday (local time), November 14, 2017. The storm destroyed numerous roofs and uprooted...... Read more

Deadly windstorm hits Washington and B.C., knocks out power to 180 000 The Watchers Latest articles

A strong low pressure system swept through western Washington and British Columbia on Monday, November 13, 2017, killing at least 1 person and seriously injuring several others. It was the most powerful storm to hit the region so far this fall. The National Weather...... Read more

4 sperm whales dead after mass stranding in Sumatra Conservation news

Four sperm whales were reported to have died Tuesday following a mass stranding on a beach on the northwestern tip of Sumatra, Indonesia. A group of 10 sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) was spotted on Ujong Kareung beach in Aceh province on Monday morning, according to WWF-Indonesia, which has been monitoring attempts to rescue the animals. Officials from the Navy, fisheries ministry and local government deployed teams and worked with residents and NGOs to try to push and tow the stranded whales back out into deeper water. Two of the whales were reportedly injured, while the others risked suffocation and organ failure from being stuck in shallow waters for too long, according to Arman, a veterinarian from the Center for Wildlife Studies at the Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, the provincial capital. Four of the stranded sperm whales died after being stuck for several hours in the shallow waters off the beach. Photo courtesy of WWF-Indonesia. Seven whales were pushed back out into deeper water between Monday evening and early Tuesday morning, according to Whale Stranding Indonesia, a marine mammal conservation organization based in Jakarta, which has also been monitoring the rescue. However, one of them returned to the beach. By Tuesday afternoon, the four stranded whales were dead, according to WWF-Indonesia. We are coordinating with veterinarians to conduct a necropsy on the dead four whales, the NGO said. We are also using drones to monitor the six whales that survived. It is not yet clear why the whales swam

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Tuesday, 14 November


Study: climate change accelerates growth in trees, especially urban ones Watts Up With That?

From the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH (TUM) and the cities have greater CO2 and greater warmth department, comes this verification of Liebigs Law of the Minimum and a follow on to a story we covered on the same subject a few years back. International study on the impact of climate change on tree growth Trees in


Asteroid 2017 VL2 flew past Earth at 0.31 LD, a day before discovery The Watchers Latest articles

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2017 VL2 flew past Earth at 0.31 LD / 0.00079 AU (~118 182 km / 73 435 miles) on November 9, 2017, one day before it was discovered. This is the 47th known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the...... Read more


DOJ Vows to Prosecute Activists Who Stop Pipeline Construction Earth First! Newswire

from Grist

The Justice Departments edict comes after 84 Congressional representatives submitted a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions in October asking whether it could charge protestors who damage pipelines and other energy infrastructure under domestic terrorism laws.

Meanwhile, arrests are piling up. Last month, police arrested 23 people for trespassing as they stood hand-in-hand to block the construction of the Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline on land owned by a group of nuns. Activists won a brief legal victory last Monday when a court halted progress on the pipeline. But days later the U.S. Court of Appeals allowed work to restart. Both the construction and the protests are ongoing.

Across the Midwest, indigenous communities are organizing against the Line 3 Pipeline, which they say could contaminate soil and water and threaten wild rice crops on reservations. Police arrested several pipeline opponents in Wisconsin on Wednesday for holing up inside a pipe for seven ho...


Germany: Singing Activists Interrupt US Coal-Focused Event at United Nations Climate Conference Earth First! Newswire

by Chris Moony / Washington Post

Demonstrators interrupted a U.S. government event at the United Nations climate conference in Germany on Monday, protesting the Trump administrations support for coal-fired power plants and the presidents intention to pull the United States out of an international climate pact.

At the U.N. climate conference in Bonn, demonstrators interrupted the event following a presentation by White House energy policy adviser George David Banks. The event was titled The Role of Cleaner and More Efficient Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Climate Mitigation.

Excellent singing, said Banks. I think we should do Karaoke after this.

The interruption underscores the controversy over the panel, as well as the broader animosity toward the Trump administration at the climate conference.

President Trump has announced his intention to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, but technically the country cannot withdraw for three more years. Meanwhile, the few remaining countries not initially part of the agreement Syria, Nicaragua have since voiced their support, leaving the United States isolated and upping the frustration with the Trump administrations climate policies.

That frustration spilled over at the panel event. Banks and other panelists, including Holly Krutka, an official at major U.S. coal company Peabody Energy, argued that coal will be with us for some time and it should be made as clean as possible.

This argument is consistent with a number of scientific repor...


Pittsburgh Summit: The People vs. Oil & Gas Industry (11-17 to 11-20) Frack Check WV

The People vs. Oil and Gas Summit in Pittsburgh

The People vs. Oil and Natural Gas Summit will be held from Friday, November 17 to Monday, November 20 at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh.

This Summit is an opportunity for communities who are fighting back against fossil fuels to gather to share stories, strategies, and skills, as well as to collaborate with other communities who are doing the same kinds of work across the country. Most exciting, on Monday we will taking action at energy companies headquarters to make it clear we will not stop fighting for our homes, water, and air.

Hotel rooms in Pittsburgh for the weekend are sold out, but if youd like to attend the conference and are able to make it into the city, click here to register.


8:15-9:15 Breakfast
9:00 Registration Opens

9:20-10:20 Issue Panels:
-Climate & Infrastructure, -Wet Gas = Chemicals = Plastics

10:30-11:30 Issue Panels:
-Working with Landowners to Stop Fossil Fuel Infrastructure inc. How to Stop Eminent Domain
-Follow the Money: Funders of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure & How to Pressure Them to Stop

11:30-12:45 Lunch

12:45-1:55 Grounding in This Place: A Welcome From Local Pittsburgh Organizers
2:00-2:45 Getting to Know Each Other: Participant Mingle

3:00-4:00 Issue Panels:
-Climate Justice and Jobs
-Indigenous Sovereignty & Fossil Fuel Fights: Legal, Policy, and Communications Strategies
-Womb to Tomb: Gas / Oil Distribution Cycle & Points of Intervention

4:30-5:30 Issue Panels:
-Coal Impacts from Mines to Power Plants How We Fight
-Drivers of Expansion: Intervening to Prevent the Next Wave
-Rapid Response to Fossil Fuel Disasters
-Communities at Risk from FERC and Natural Gas Distribution Community Destruction

6:00-8:00 Social hour, food, and Conference welcome & overview of why we are here

7:30-8:15 Keynote: Community Impacts of Fossil Fuel Extraction & State of the Movement & Our Fights


8:00-9:00 Breakfast and Welcome

9:00-10:00 Stories from the Frontlines:
-Fracking & Frac Sand Mining, -Oil & Tar Sands Pipelines
-Gas Pipelines, -Oil Trains

10:10-11:10 Stories from the Frontlines:
-Regional Case Studies: PNW / Lummi & Gulf Coast, -Local Impacts in Pittsburgh
-State & Local Campaigns (inc. Local Land-Use Regulations)
-Other Infrastructure: LNG, Power Plants, Injection Wells, & More...


Skepticism requires high cognitive ability, strong motivation to be rational Watts Up With That?

Stephan Lewandowsky tried to make climate skeptics look stupid (by not even bothering to sample them, but impugning their beliefs as irrational from out of population samples), this study turns the tables on his execrable work and suggests that climate skeptics are both analytical and rational. Highlights Analytic thinking is not sufficient to promote skepticism


Indonesia coal power push neglects rural households, chokes urban ones Conservation news

JAKARTA Indonesias picturesque Wakatobi islands are so remote that the electricity only comes on at night. A thousand miles to the west, meanwhile, theres so much power surging into the capital, Jakarta, that it could end up killing residents from the air pollution expected to be generated by seven new coal-fired power plants. This stark disparity calls into question the governments ambitious plan to significantly boost the capacity of the national grid, largely through burning coal, which activists warn could endanger the health of up to 30 million people. The planned distribution of the new power plants, says Arif Fiyanto, energy campaigner with Greenpeace, clearly indicates that the governments target of providing electricity for Indonesian people who still dont have access to electricity can never be achieved, even if all of the planned projects were completed by 2019. The underserved areas include islands like the scenic cluster that make up Wakatobi, a divers paradise in Southeast Sulawesi province, where visitors find that electricity at some resorts is only available from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. The province has 81 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, with just over three-quarters of households connected to the grid. Sulawesi as a whole, including its outlying archipelagos, have a combined installed capacity of just 1,508 MW (1.508 gigawatts), or just 81.5 watts for each of its 18.5 million inhabitants. Its a different story in Java and Bali, which have a combined installed capacity of nearly 25 GW, or 167.5 watts for each of 149.2


Study shows urban trees are growing faster worldwide The Watchers Latest articles

Trees in metropolitan areas have been growing faster than trees in rural areas worldwide since the 1960s. This has been confirmed for the first time by a study on the impact of the urban heat island effect on tree growth headed by the Technical University of Munich...... Read more

Indonesian agribusiness giant APRIL outed in Paradise Papers Conservation news

Indonesias second-largest pulp and paper firm routed billions of dollars through a network of offshore shell companies, likely to minimize its tax burden in the Southeast Asian country, where it has drained vast swaths of carbon-rich peatland in order to establish vast timber estates. The company, APRIL, also sought the removal of an environmental condition from a $600 million loan it received from major banks in 2011. The revelations were published last week by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) as part of its reporting on the Paradise Papers, a leak of 13.4 million files that shine new light on how the worlds richest individuals and corporations hide their wealth in secrecy jurisdictions. Most of the documents come from the Bermuda-based law firm Appleby. They were leaked to a pair of reporters at the German newspaper Sddeutsche Zeitung and then shared with the ICIJ and its media partners around the world. [APRIL] has shuffled billions of dollars through a web of offshore companies stretching from the Cook Islands in the South Pacific to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Experts told ICIJ that such arrangements often shift taxable profits away from jurisdictions that bear the social costs of resource exploitation to others that simply charge lower taxes, the article reads. They also said that the use of shell companies in loan transactions enables banks to claim only limited involvement with natural resources companies that flout environmental laws. When loans are provided to offshore subsidiaries, identifying responsible parties


Researchers create largest, longest multiphysics earthquake simulation to date The Watchers Latest articles

Researchers at LMU and TUM in Munich are up for best paper at SC17 after simulating one of the largest, most violent earthquakes in history. Just before 8:00 a.m. local time on December 26, 2004, people in southeast Asia were starting their days when the third...... Read more


Official Climate Objective to Make Normal Appear Abnormal Continues Through Anthropomorphism Watts Up With That?

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball I gained a dramatic insight into the practice and dangers of anthropomorphism when I was asked to give a talk prior to a presentation by Jane Goodall, of chimpanzee research fame. I realized why I was invited after I spoke about the importance of trees in the urban environment using


Dog Who Was Too Hurt To Be Pet Can't Stop Cuddling His New Dad Thrillist

Changing ones name can be a powerful thing, signifying the joining of a new family or the promise of a better life.

For ZIB, it meant all of the above.

The 1-year-old border collies early life was filled with neglect. Languishing in a shelter in Claremore, Oklahoma, the young dog, then known as Kong, was suffering from a painful skin disease and a sunburn so bad that he couldn't be touched. His soft white fur was patchy in places, with shocks of bright pink skin showing through.

Credit: Curtis Hartsell

Taken in by Border Collie Rescue & Rehab in Prosper, Texas, and brought back to health, Kong took on a new moniker, becoming known as #387 on the rescues website.

Credit: Curtis Hartsell

But Curtis Hartsell didnt need a name to fall for the little white dog with the big smile and curious eyes.

I looked through his profile and just immediately fell in love with his single picture and the description they put on the page, Hartsell told The Dodo. His foster mom described his temperament and personality and I described my life to her a bit and she said we sounded perfect for each other.

Credit: Curtis Hartsell

Hartsell, a cyber threat intelligence analyst with a credit bureau based out of Little Elm, Texas, worried his active lifestyle wouldnt fit with owning a dog but something indescribable told him everything would work out, he said. So he submitted an application.

I asked for daily updates through the adoption process and felt as if he were mine from the very beginning and these people were just helping us get r...


Man Has Best Reaction After Wife Says Dog Can't Sleep In Bed Thrillist

World, meet Violet, a sweet little pug who loves nothing more than being cuddled as she sleeps. Fortunately, she found the perfect man willing to sate her with snuggles even at the cost of his own comfort ... and his marital bed.

But who could say no to this face?

Credit: Twitter/@doIIpxrts

When the man's daughter, McKenna, decided to adopt Violet this past summer, the idea didn't delight everyone at home. Ironically in hindsight, only McKenna's mom welcomed the pup at first.

Before long, however, Violet was able to work her charms to win over the one parental holdout.

"My dad was very not on board with getting a dog. It took about a week for him to fully accept," McKenna told The Dodo. "But there's something about my dad that my dog loves more than the rest of us, so when he saw that he was her favorite, they became BFFs."

Credit: Twitter/@doIIpxrts

Since then, their bond has only grown deeper. Nowadays, Violet joins McKenna's parents in bed just about every night (or else she actually has trouble sleeping). This little arrangement has never been an issue with either spouse.

Well, except for recently.

Credit: Twitter/@doIIpxrts

About a week ago, Violet underwent routine surgery. Though everything went without a hitch, recovery came with a caveat the pug can't be bathed until everything had properly healed.

With that, McKenna's mom put her foot down about letting Violet in bed last night.

"So, she's just super stinky at the moment and my mom just cleaned her sheets," McKenna said.

Rather than protest the decision, Dad sided with Violet and joined her to sleep on the floor....


Something else the climate scientists missed: outgassing due to continental drift Watts Up With That?

From GFZ GEOFORSCHUNGSZENTRUM POTSDAM, HELMHOLTZ CENTRE When continents break it gets warm on Earth  Rift zones released large amounts of CO2 from depth, which influenced global climate change The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere determines whether the Earth is in greenhouse or ice age state. Before humans began to have an impact


New Antarctic heat map reveals sub-ice hotspots The Watchers Latest articles

An international team of scientists, led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS), has produced a new map showing how much heat from the Earths interior is reaching the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. The map was published Monday, November 13, 2017, in the journal...... Read more

VaquitaCPR ends capture program in Gulf of California after vaquita dies in captivity Conservation news

VaquitaCPR, the emergency conservation team pulled together by the Mexican government in a desperate attempt to save the vaquita from extinction, announced last Friday that its capture program had come to an end. There are only 30 vaquita believed to still be alive in the wild. VaquitaCPR launched its effort to capture them in October. The plan was to keep the animals safe in specially built, floating sea pens until the species survival was no longer threatened by the illegal fishing activities and trade that have decimated its numbers. The vaquita is found nowhere else on Earth but the Upper Gulf of California, the body of water that separates the Baja California Peninsula from mainland Mexico. Just two of the marine mammals were taken into captivity by VaquitaCPRs scientists, and neither was able to adapt to human care. The first, a juvenile female vaquita, was successfully released after veterinarians determined that captivity had caused the animal too much stress. The second, a breeding-age female that was not pregnant or lactating, also responded poorly to being under the care of humans, and died as the team was attempting to return her to the wild. VaquitaCPR immediately suspended the capture program following the vaquitas death, and ended its field operations in the Gulf of California as of November 10. Because of the vaquitas reaction towards human care, VaquitaCPR lead scientists made a unanimous recommendation to an independent review panel of experts to cease the capture portion of the operation, VaquitaCPR said in

Madagascar petitions CITES to sell millions in stolen rosewood Conservation news

SAVA REGION, Madagascar Madagascar is applying to sell millions of dollars worth of illegally logged timber, prompting fears of a bonanza for traffickers. The country has stockpiled tens of thousands of precious rosewood logs seized from illegal loggers who cut them from beautiful, ostensibly protected national parks. An export ban has been in place since 2010, but Madagascar has now applied to the wildlife regulators under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to sell thousands of tons of the wood to China, Japan, the United States and the European Union. It also wants to facilitate sales in five other countries where stocks are being held. The CITES Standing Committee will make a recommendation later this month on whether sales should go ahead. The governments own director of forestry in the affected Sava region in northern Madagascar admitted to Mongabay that he fears that the rosewood mafia still owns many stocks. Its hard to tell who are the legitimate owners and who are the dangerous people, so its like a mafia action, said Arsonina Bera. Thats why Im saying its better to destroy the wood because otherwise the mafia would further intervene in our lives. Members of parliament and other public officials own stockpiles, according to Bera. The UK-based NGO TRAFFIC estimates that 98 percent of all Madagascan rosewood (genus Dalbergia) is exported to China, where it is prized for its deep red color and often crafted into high-end furniture. Rosewood has become the worlds biggest wildlife

COP23: Voices from Americas Pledge; in their own words Conservation news

Entrance to the U.S. Climate Action Center at COP23 in Bonn, Germany. This is the first U.S. pavilion ever not paid for and run by the U.S. federal government. Photo by Justin Catanoso BONN, Germany At the United Nations 20th climate summit in Lima, Peru in 2014, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a dramatic appearance and stirring speech that in essense apologized to the global community for Congressional Republicans blocking climate-action legislation. At the 23rd climate summit here in Bonn, a coalition of mayors, governors, U.S. senators and business leaders made an equally dramatic appearance to, in essence, apologize to the global community for sitting president Donald Trump, his threat to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and his administrations clear siding with the fading but still influential fossil fuel industry. This defiant U.S. subnational movement has arisen at a time of historically high global temperatures, rising sea levels, catastrophic storms, raging wildfires and relentless drought, all tied to more than a century of burning fossil fuels. What follows are excerpts and photos from a surreal day where subnational actors proclaimed their commitment to the Paris Agreement on behalf of the American people while usurping the two-decades-old role of the U.S. government in these annual negotiations. Photo credit: Bloomberg Philanthropies Ed Markey, U.S. Democratic Senator from Massachusetts: President Trump has called global warming a hoax. He has assembled a cabinet of big oil all-stars. Fear is rampant across the federal government in terms of the scientists who work


Baby Bear Stuck In A Poacher's Trap Gets Help From The Nicest People Thrillist

The young sloth bear was panicked and terrified. The barbed wire of a snare had tightened itself around his front leg  and no matter how hard he tried, the bear couldnt untangle himself.

The young bear was quite distressed and struggling to free himself, Kartick Satyanarayan, cofounder and CEO of Wildlife SOS, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife in India, told The Dodo. He had a snare wrapped tightly around his leg. To make matters worse, he was entangled in a barbed wire fence for nearly eight hours.

Credit: Wildlife SOS

Thankfully, local farmers spotted the sloth bear, who is estimated to only be about 10 months old  and they did the right thing. They alerted the local forestry department in Karnataka, India, and the forestry department got in touch with Wildlife SOS. A rescue team hurried to help the young bear.

In an attempt to break free, the bear had been struggling for hours, causing swelling in the leg forelimb from the snare, and had sustained scratches from the wires, Satyanarayan said. He was also bleeding from the mouth as a result of gnawing on the barbed wires.

Credit: WIldlife SOS

While he was pretty scratched up, the sloth bear hadnt sustained any serious injuries, and the team managed to treat him at the scene without having to take him back to a rescue center for further rehabilitation.

While its not known how the sloth bear got caught in the snare in the first place, its likely that he was just looking for food.

Credit: Wildlife SOS

Sloth bears typically...


Dog Has Been Lost For 96 Days But This Woman Refuses To Stop Searching Thrillist

Ninety-six days. Thats how long Bailey has been missing in the woods in Canada. But Baileys owner, Peter Weibe, as well as Kim Taylor, a professional dog finder, refuse to stop searching for her.

In August, Weibe was camping in the woods near Sundre, Alberta, with his three dogs Bailey, Atilla and Gusto when a thunderstorm swept through the area.

There was a bolt of thunder, and two of the three dogs ran Bailey and her son Atilla, Taylor told The Dodo. Peter went after them for four days and nights straight.

Credit: Peter Weibe

After a few days, Weibe found Atilla in a field but not Bailey. So Weibe started posting ads online and reaching out to local veterinarians, asking for their help. Thats how he got connected with Taylor, whos been professionally tracking and rescuing lost dogs since 2013.

Taylor started doing this work after losing her own dog, a Labrador retriever named Ryley.

My husband had our two Labs out for a run in the winter in February, and in about 20 minutes, one vanished, Taylor said. It just drove me crazy.

Credit: Kim Taylor

Despite conducting an exhaustive search, Taylor never found Ryley but this experience motivated her to learn how to find lost dogs, which she turned into a career.

Generally, I start where the dog was last seen, Taylor said. I pretty much go on my own, and I track by paw prints and poop. I find the animals water source from the place where it was last seen, and I look for prints around that area, and then usually we find signs of life.

In 2013, Taylor also adopted a rescue dog named Brandy, whom Taylor has trained to help her track missing dogs.



Earths future is worse than we thought 25th anniversary edition Watts Up With That?

From the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the most well-known concerned scientist is a dog department comes this bluster of worse than we thought 25 years ago. Scientists update their warning to humanity on its 25th anniversary Scientists have long engaged the public and leaders on crucial matters of environmental


THIS IS HOW IT ENDS: Thousands Of Scientists Sign Warning To Humanity Letter Predicting An Imminent Apocalypse Geoengineering Watch

this-is-how-it-ends500x336The just issued warning from the science community in the article below may seem dire, but in fact, the warning falls far short of reality.  Issues like the ozone layer collapse are completely glossed over in this new warning which simply pushes the official lie that the ozone layer is recovering (which, again, is patently false). The worsening ozone


Brave Baby Piglet Jumps Off A Moving Truck To Save Her Own Life Thrillist

Driving down an interstate near Ames, Iowa, over the summer, a passerby spotted someone completely unexpected lying on the shoulder of the busy highway: a tiny, pink piglet.

With her small face and body patched with road rash from scraping against the pavement, the piglet, later named Fern by rescuers, was rushed to the Iowa State University Large Animal Hospital where she stayed overnight for a health assessment and pain medication. After confirming Fern had not broken any bones, she was then transferred to Ames Animal Shelter, who connected with Iowa Farm Sanctuary to give her a forever home.

Credit: Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Judging by the nature of Ferns injuries and a serial number tattoo behind her right ear, the vets and sanctuary officials believe Fern had jumped out of a pig transport truck that was on its way to a commercial breeding facility.

As a female pig, her fate was to become a breeding sow, Chelsea Wilde, spokesperson for Iowa Farm Sanctuary, told The Dodo. She was heading somewhere to get a little older, get fattened up and start having babies. Luckily she was brave and did what she could to get out of the situation.

Credit: Iowa Farm Sanctuary

In a video of Ferns trip to her new home after leaving the animal shelter, sanctuary cofounder Shawn Camp cuddles the small piglet in her arms. As they approach a transport truck driving in the other lane, Fern instantly begins fearfully squirming and squealing as if she was experiencing pain.

We have never heard her scream like that since that moment, Wilde said of the video footage. It was almost like she was experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. She recognized the truck.

Now fully recovered from the road rash and trauma from that day, Fern has settled in comfortably to her new home. Since shes only a few months old and far too small to live...


First significant snowfall of the season, hurricane-force winds cause traffic chaos in Slovenia and Croatia The Watchers Latest articles

First significant snowfall of the season and hurricane-force Bura winds are causing traffic chaos on roads and highways in parts of Slovenia and Croatia on Monday, November 13, 2017. Wind gusts up to 150 km/h (93 mph) were measured today and up to 210 km/h (130 mph)...... Read more

A forgotten promise to forests? (commentary) Conservation news

The lungs of the planet let out a long sigh of relief when given their own special place in the Paris Agreement in 2015. Its not every day the trees in our collective backyard get such a prominent nod of respect for the important role they play in safeguarding human existence. But there it was, spelled out clearly in the landmark climate accord, with language urging all countries to conserve and enhance forests. The math shows that halting climate change is impossible without forests. Combined with phasing out fossil fuels and a transition to clean energy, reducing emissions from forests is critical. As new research suggests, the land sector which includes forests could provide more than one-third of the overall cost-effective emissions reductions the world needs by 2030. Notably, forests have the potential to deliver over two-thirds of those reductions. There are very few cost-effective and practical ways to combat climate change, and ending deforestation and scaling-up reforestation are two especially important methods. Despite concerted efforts to address the problem, deforestation and forest degradation have been on the rise. In 2016, global tree cover loss spiked 51 percent over the previous year resulting in a loss of forests the size of New Zealand. Needless to say, losing enough trees to cover the entirety of New Zealand in one year is worrisome for the climate. Not to mention the impacts on the more than one billion people who depend on forests for their livelihoods or the loss of

U.S. subnationals shoulder climate role in Bonn, Trump sidelined Conservation news

The U.S. subnationals gather at COP23. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg (left) greets Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto in Bonn, Germany, November 11, 2017. Photo credit: Bloomberg Philanthropies BONN, Germany For 22 years, at United Nations climate summits dating back to COP1 in Berlin, Germany, the U.S. federal government has sponsored a large pricy pavilion that stood out among other international pavilions. It provided office space for U.S. negotiators meeting with dignitaries and for hosting high-level panel discussions. No more. President Trump made clear when he announced on June 1st his intention of pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement that his administration would pay for no such pavilion at COP23 now underway in Bonn. He also ceded the countrys leadership role in climate negotiations. In the days and weeks immediately following Trumps announcement, an unprecedented climate-action initiative below the federal level formed to represent U.S. interests at COP23 (Conference of the Parties). Led largely by Gov. Jerry Brown of California and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that unprecedented coalition also paid for a pavilion of its own the U.S. Climate Action Center. The delegation underwrote a 102-page report describing non-federal U.S. progress toward meeting the nations Paris Agreement goals. And it hosted a standing-room-only event on Saturday, 11 November, at the end of the first week of the COP, dubbed Americas Pledge, with the hashtag We Are Still In. California Gov. Jerry Brown had to shout above protesters from his home state, but


Indiana: Night Owls Disrupt State Forest Timber Sale Earth First! Newswire

submitted anonymously / Earth First! Newswire

On the morning of Thursday Nov. 9th, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR)s Division of Forestry sold the timber rights to 299 acres of the Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Areas that are some of the oldest and most diverse in the state. Nearly 2000 trees were sold to Hamilton Logging, who have a long history of shady business practices and timber theft.

Despite over 200 people showing up to protest the sale, months of organizing against the planned logging, and a recent protest encampment being established on private property adjacent to the public land to be logged, the DNR insisted on selling another piece of some of the most wild and beautiful land in the state for a mere $108,000.

So during the weekend following the sale, we painted hundreds of additional trees to match those the DNR had marked for removal in two of three tracts on the chopping block. We did this to obscure the trees Hamilton Logging bought, and to force the DNR Division of Forestry to redo the work of marking these tracts, thus delaying when logging can start.

We understand there is a risk that these additional trees could be cut down, but only if the DNR Division of Forestry and Hamilton Logging show unprecedented, intentional negligence, by letting a group of pranksters mark the trees for them. Logging all currently-marked trees would be a violation of the contract between the two parties, which only includes the trees the DNR chose to mark, not the hundreds more we marked with identical paint and markings. We hope that by painting these additional trees we can stop them from taking any of them or at least slow them down.

To other defenders of Yellowwood: there are many more trees left untouched. All it takes it red or blue marking paint, and some careful navigation. We wish you luck and look forward to all the other creative and inspiring ways youll think of to protect the land.

<3 N.O.P.E.
Night Owl Paint and Exteriors


Tourist Hears Crying And Ends Up Saving A Stray Puppy's Life Thrillist

After going through a bad breakup, a woman from Pennsylvania decided to go on the trip of a lifetime to try to find herself and she ended up finding someone else, as well.

"I wanted to do something that would allow me to become more independent," Jessica Haltzman told The Dodo. "I decided that after my AmeriCorps year of service was finished I would travel."

Haltzman learned about a tree conservation organization in India called Sadhana Forest. "I decided that would be the perfect place to start," Haltzman said. 

In the midst of this journey, Haltzman was staying at a hostel in New Delhi, India, one day when she heard crying. She rushed outside to try to locate the individual in need of help. "What do I find? I find a tiny little puppy laying on the street in front of the hostel," she said. "I knew at that moment I needed to save his life."

Credit: Jessica Haltzman

Haltzman immediately picked the little dog up he was obviously injured and in pain. "I ran around the streets of New Delhi frantically trying to figure out where I could find a vet," she said. "Finally, this one tuk tuk driver knew of a vet and took me there."

Both of the puppy's hips were broken, Haltzman discovered, and he had a wound that was infected. The vet wrapped up his legs in casts to help them heal, and meanwhile, Haltzman found a pet shop where she bought everything she would need to take care of this little puppy.

Credit: Jessica Haltzman

"Of course the amount of anxiety I had was insane," Haltzman admitted. She still had a lot of traveling ahead of her, and now she had an injured puppy in tow. "How am I supposed to travel Southeast Asia with a dog?"



Join Hudson Valley Earth First! for an Action Camp in New York, December 1-4 Earth First! Newswire

by Hudson Valley Earth First! / Earth First! Newswire

Come join Hudson Valley Earth First! for an action camp! December 1, 2, 3, and 4.

We will be offering workshops, climb training, and most importantly campaign updates. The Hudson Valley faces many fossil fuel infrastructure projectsall gearing up for construction as we speak.

Learn about the Valley Lateral Pipeline, Lego Land theme park project, the Competitive Power Ventures Power Plant, and more. Come find out how to plug into the local resistance. We need all hands on deck.

Location: Hudson Valley. Exact location TBA.
RSVP/ ask questions by emailing hudsonvalleyearthfirst[at]

See you soon!

PS Check out this video of LegoLand Earthfirst! cuz who said campaigns cant be fun


Fiji Flooding is Fake News from #COP23 Watts Up With That?

Open Letter to Honorable Prime Minister of Fiji and President of COP23 Frank Bainimarama by Nils-Axel Mrner Mr. President, The community assembled at the COP23 meeting in Bonn badly wants temperature to rise according to models proposed (but never verified, rather seriously contradicted) and sea level changes that may pose serious flooding threats to low lying coasts provided


FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia: Crimes Against Nature Expert Witnesses Fire Earth

CJ OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Tribunal: Testimonies by Expert Witnesses FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Crimes Against Nature, RPP of Planet Earth Details including Record of Proceedings available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. All Groups Latest FIRE-EARTH ALERTS, BULLETINS and MESSAGES available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Advertisements Filed under: News Alert Tagged: CJ, []


Bright fireball over New York and Pennsylvania, 189 reports The Watchers Latest articles

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over New York and Pennsylvania, US at 02:20 UTC on November 11, 2017 (21:20 EST, November 10) and was seen by numerous witnesses. The event lasted up to 3 seconds. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 189...... Read more


See a Jaguar, Save a Jaguar Latest News

Conservationists ponder pay-to-protect program to safeguard South Americas biggest cat


Indonesian President Recognizes Land Rights of Nine More Indigenous Groups Global Justice Ecology Project

Indigenous groups in Enrekang district, South Sulawesi province, submitted on Oct. 26 a proposal to the Indonesian government to obtain rights to their forests. Photo by Wahyu Chandra/Mongabay Indonesia.   Originally Published by   Indonesian President Joko... Read More

The post Indonesian President Recognizes Land Rights of Nine More Indigenous Groups appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Exhausted Circus Elephant Gets Her First Taste Of Freedom In Decades Thrillist

Nosey, an elderly and arthritic elephant, was being carted through Alabama as part of a traveling circus act when something amazing happened.  

Nosey was shipped to the U.S. from the plains of Africa in the early 1980s after being taken from her mother. She was just 2 years old.

Since then, she has been performing in circus acts. For the last 34 years, she's been owned by Hugo Tommy Liebel, who runs the Liebel Family Circus (which has racked up its fair share of animal welfare violations over the years). Even though Nosey suffers from degenerative joint disease and other ailments, Liebel still hauls Nosey from performance to performance, renting her out to other circuses and local fairs, where she's forced to give rides, when she's not performing in his shows. 

Nosey hasn't been allowed to walk free or socialize with other elephants in over three decades, despite countless petitions from people concerned for her welfare urging the government to revoke Liebel's USDA license for Nosey and send her to a sanctuary. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee issued a standing offer to take Nosey i...


Oh noes! #COP23 attendees to hear that CO2 will rise again after 3 years of stability Watts Up With That?

From an outfit called Future Earth and the Well always have Paris department. Global carbon dioxide emissions projected to rise after three stable years By the end of 2017, global emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels and industry are projected to rise by about 2% compared with the preceding year, with an uncertainty range


Shifting storms under climate change could bring wilder winters to the UK Carbon Brief

The UK could face harsher and more frequent winter storms if global greenhouse gas emissions arent curbed, a new study says.

The research uses modelling to investigate how rising global temperatures could change the movements of mid-latitude storms by the end of the century. These storms form outside of the tropics and are ferried across the Atlantic towards the UK along pathways known as storm tracks.

In a warmer world, these storm tracks are expected to shift to be closer towards the poles, the author tells Carbon Brief.

This means that mid-latitude storms could travel further before reaching their maximum intensity and, as a result, countries further from the equator, including the UK and the US, could face more frequent and more intense storms during winter months.

Shifting storms

Much of the UKs more tempestuous winter weather is caused by storms blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean. The storms form in the mid-latitudes where warm air moving up from the tropics meets cold air coming down from the Arctic.

BCFB16 Storm clouds rolling in over Glyder Fawr taken from the Llanberis path close to Clogwyn Station on the slopes of Snowdon, Snowdo. Image shot 06/2009. Exact date unknown.

Storm clouds rolling in over Glyder Fawr, Snowdonia, Wales, 06/2009. Credit: Nature Photographers Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo.

These storms are called extratropical because they form outside of the tropics, and theyre often referred to as cyclones because the storm weather system rotates anticlockwise. (However, they shouldnt be confused with tropical cyclones that form in the tropics and can spin up to bec...


University of Pennsylvania : Israeli Tree Planting is Environmental Racism Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall [UPDATE: Edited from Penn State to University of Pennsylvania 8:43 am Pacific Time ~ ctm] h/t Nick If there was one Israeli initiative you would think radical greens would support, that would be Israeli efforts to restore ancient forests and improve national CO2 sequestration with a massive tree planting

Monday, 13 November


UK: Hunt Saboteur Punched in Face by Hunt Supporter Earth First! Newswire

from HSA

On Thursday 9th November members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs were monitoring the Warwickshire Hunt who were hunting in Birdingbury, Warwickshire. Whilst they were filming the hounds two male hunt supporters approached the saboteurs and became increasingly aggressive. One of them hit one of the cameras before punching a female saboteur in the face. When her back is turned on him he starts shoving her and then pushes her to the ground. When she challenges him about him hitting her he can be heard saying you can hit me if you want, I dont give a f***

Back on the road one hunt supporter apologies and says that should never have happened and then agrees that despite their differences the saboteurs have never been violent towards them.

The Saboteurs then challenge the Warwickshire Hunt senior master Charmaine Green and ask her if she thinks it acceptable to hit women, a female passenger in the back says youre not a woman, youre a monster and thats nothing referring to the blood coming from the saboteurs eye.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs said We were concerned that the hunt were hunting a fox and that the hounds were heading towards a busy main road. Suddenly two hunt supporters approach us and start shouting aggressively before attacking us. It shows what type of people fox hunters are that they think it acceptable for men to attack women, punch them and then shove them over from behind. He latter even admits on camera to what he had done.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: Fox hunting, by its very nature, is a violent activity and it is only a short leap from using violence towards animals to using violence against people. Just like they try to justify their violence towards foxes by vilifying them as pests they try to justify their violence towards sabs by calling th...


Animal Rights Activists Protest Circus Stop in Arizona Earth First! Newswire

from US News

The circus has come to Lake Havasu City and animals rights activists showed up with picket signs and slogans outside of the Arizona event.

The protesters wanted to draw attention to the condition of animals at the Havasu Shrine Circus, Todays News Herald reported .

Protesters also cited online videos of animal rights abuses by circus organizations worldwide in their efforts to force animals to perform.

Ringmaster Ariel Steeples disputed allegations against the Havasu Shrine Circus.

Theres good and bad in everything, Steeples said. Much of the footage theyve shown of abuse has been from circuses overseas. All of the animals in this circus are well taken-care-of, and are inspected every month by vets.

 The protest follows the submission of a 2017 Kingman municipal resolution in which the city would resolve to uphold the ethical and humane treatment of animals.

Havasu resident and protester Carolyn Long says animals in many circuses spend most of their lives in cramped cages with barely enough room to turn around.

The elephants are kept in electrified pens and are chained in the trucks while traveling, she added. We shouldnt be treating the most magnificent animals on Earth in this manner. Its unconscionable.



Study: we have the global warming physical process backwards Watts Up With That?

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology The missing piece of the climate puzzle In classrooms and everyday conversation, explanations of global warming hinge on the greenhouse gas effect. In short, climate depends on the balance between two different kinds of radiation: The Earth absorbs incoming visible light from the sun, called shortwave radiation, and emits


Who will Evaluate the China Deal for WV, When? Frack Check WV

China has dangled an $84 billion capital investment offer to blind us -- incredible!

The big West Virginia deal in China, value to be determined

Essay by S. Tom Bond, Retired Chemist & Resident Farmer, Lewis County, WV

While in China, President Trump signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreements talking about investing $250 billion in the U. S. One MOU is for China Energy Investment Corp. to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia over two decades, according to a statement from the WV Department of Commerce. For comparison, West Virginias Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the worth of all goods and services produced in the state for a year, is in the neighborhood of $66 billion.

A MOU is not a contract, little more than a statement saying we are thinking about this project. We should do a lot of thinking about this one. Over the last 46 years, U. S. capital has flowed to China, and the Chinese have managed to accumulate very substantial capital themselves.

However, the Communist party has maintained firm control and Xi Jinpeng, Trumps opposite number, was elevated to the same status as Mao Zedong. As thoughtful citizens know, some three-fourths of the disposable part of U. S. tax money goes into our military, designed to resist the advance of Communism, including China and North Korea. Russia is still strongly influenced by Communism.

That U. S. investment has built up China at the same time we have built up a military to defend against them, witness the pivot to Asia. Doesn this seem to be self-contradictory? The result is that China is a rising power. The headline says China GDP Growth Eases to 6.8% in Third Quarter 2017. For the U. S. the corresponding figure is at a more or less constant 2.8%.

Consider the proposed big deal in West Virginia. Chinese companies competing with American companies? Will they bring their own workers, as they have for projects in Africa? Will they hire American workers, pay American wages and benefits, work them American standard hours, etc.? Wont they want cheap Chinese labor (remember Trumps statement I am always going to put America first, the same way that I expect all of you in this room to put your countries first.) Remember the old adage He that pays the piper calls the tune. Will the Chinese give that up?

Then there is the language problem, and our submerged racial attitude toward our smaller, yellow skinned, brothers with different customs. If they would be fo...


Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #291 Watts Up With That?

Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, President USGCRP Science? As reported in TWTW last week, a search for the current budget of the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) found nothing newer than the requested budget for FY 2017, which ended in September 2017.


Analysis: Global CO2 emissions set to rise 2% in 2017 after three-year plateau Carbon Brief

Over the past three years, global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels have remained relatively flat. However, early estimates from the Global Carbon Project (GCP) using preliminary data suggest that this is likely to change in 2017 with global emissions set to grow by around 2%, albeit with some uncertainties.

Hopes that global emissions had peaked during the past three years were likely premature. However, GCP researchers say that global emissions are unlikely to return to the high growth rates seen during the 2000s. They argue that it is more likely that emissions over the next few years will plateau or only grow slightly, as countries implement their commitments under the Paris Agreement.

2017 emissions likely to increase

The GCP is a group of international researchers who assess both sources and sinks of carbon. It has published an annual global carbon budget report since 2006. Its newly released global carbon budget for 2017 provides estimates of emissions by country, global emissions from land-use changes, atmospheric accumulation of CO2, and absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by the land and oceans.

 Video summary of the findings of the GCPs new 2017 global carbon budget, via Future Earth and the GCP.

The figure below shows global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, divided into emissions from China (red shading), India (yellow), the US (bright blue), EU (dark blue) and the remainder of the world (grey). After a rapid increase in global emissions of around 3% per year between 2000 and 2013, emissions only grew by 0.4% per year between 2013 and 2016.

Annual CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by major country and rest of world from 1959-2017, in gigatons CO2 per year (GtCO2). Note that 2017 numbers are preliminary estimates. Data from the Global Carbon Project and available here. Chart by Carbon Brief using Highcharts.

Much of the slowdown in th...


Strong and shallow M6.5 earthquake hits Costa Rica The Watchers Latest articles

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.5 hit Costa Rica at 02:28 UTC on November 13, 2017 (20:28 local time, November 12). The agency is reporting a depth of 19.8 km (12.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.7 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles)....... Read more


Magnitude 6.5 16km SE of Jaco, Costa Rica November 13, 2017 and Magnitude 7.3 32km S of Halabjah, Iraq November 12, 2017 BC-ESP Seismograms

2017-11-12 18:18:17 UTC
Magnitude 7.3 32km S of Halabjah, Iraq 34.886N   45.941E
23.2 km depth
CNN News Report
USGS Event Page
2017-11-13 02:28:24 (UTC)
Magnitude 6.5 16km SE of Jaco, Costa Rica

9.526N 84.505W
Depth 19.8 km


Heavenly Palace space station expected to fall back to Earth early 2018 The Watchers Latest articles

China's first prototype space station, named Tiangong-1 (Chinese for "Heavenly Palace 1"), is expected to reenter the Earth's atmosphere sometime between January and March 2018 following the end of its operational life, during which most of the...... Read more

The emerging new physics myth of quark fusion The Watchers Latest articles

The emerging new physics myth of quark fusion is far more complicated than the myth of thermonuclear furnace that believed to exist at the core of our star. However, the fantasy notion of quark fusion is supposed to involve the fusion of elementary particles known...... Read more

Indonesian president recognizes land rights of nine more indigenous groups Conservation news

JAKARTA The Indonesian government has relinquished control over nine tracts of forest to the indigenous communities that have lived there for generations, President Joko Jokowi Widodo announced at a recent conference on land tenure in Jakarta. The move follows the governments recognition last December of nine other communities rights to their ancestral forests, in line with a 2013 decision by Indonesias highest court that removed indigenous peoples customary forests from under state control. The spirit of agrarian reform and community forestry program is how lands and forests, as part of natural resources in Indonesia, can be accessed by the people, and provide economic justice and welfare for the people, the president said in a speech to open the conference on Oct. 25. President Jokowi hands over a land certificate to a representative of an indigenous group on Oct. 25. Photo courtesy of Indonesias Cabinet Secretary. The nine newly designated customary forests, or hutan adat in Indonesian, cover a combined 33.4 square kilometers (13 square miles), on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi. The move is consistent with Jokowis campaign pledge to give indigenous and other rural communities greater control over 127,000 square kilometers of land, which helped him earn the first-ever presidential endorsement of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) ahead of the 2014 election. Three years into his presidency, however, the program is running behind schedule. The administration has rezoned just 10,800 square kilometers of community forests, of which 164 square kilometers are customary forests, according to


Strong M7.3 Seismic Event: Near Iran Iraq Border, Bakhtaran Province, Iran | alabjah, As Sulaymnyah, Iraq Head Space

Earthquake Event  Iran-Iraq Border Region The earthquake occurred in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Province of Bakhtaran (population 1,899,338) . The nearest places are Tzehbd, Iran, 25.1 km (15.6 mi) NW; alabjah, Iraq, 32.7 km (20.3 mi) S; Pveh, Iran, 41.8 km (26.0 mi) WSW; Sarpol-e Zahb, Iran, 47.6 km (29.6 mi) N; As Sulaymnyah, Iraq, 88.4 []


Spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction just before sunrise Monday Watts Up With That?

Set your alarm for before 45 minutes before dawn local time. On Monday morning, Nov. 13th, Venus and Jupiter will converge in the pre-dawn sky only 1/3rd of a degree apart. Look low and to the east about 30 minutes before sunrise. If you miss them on Monday, try again on Tuesday, Nov. 14th. The


New Irish End of Snow Prediction Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall You would think after past embarrassments climate scientists would have learned not to trust model predictions that snowfall will soon be a thing of the past. Global warming melts hopes of a white Christmas in Ireland A leading climatologist has some bad news for snow-lovers By Nick Bramhill 14:31, 12


Extremely dangerous M7.3 earthquake hits Iran - Iraq border region - more than 450 killed The Watchers Latest articles

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.3 hit Iran - Iraq border region at 18:18 UTC (21:18 local time) on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 23.2 km (14.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.2 at a depth of 19 km (11.8...... Read more


Galaxy-cluster collisions set off celestial fireworks display The Watchers Latest articles

A giant collision of several galaxy clusters, each containing hundreds of galaxies, has produced this spectacular panorama of shocks and energy. The collisions generated shock waves that set off a celestial fireworks display of bright radio emission, seen as red and...... Read more


FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia: Crimes Against Nature Prima Facie Case Established Fire Earth

CJ OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Tribunal Prima Facie Case Established FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Crimes Against Nature, RPP of Planet Earth Members of the C Jury have unanimously concluded that a strong prima facie case exists against the accused on the gravest of charges. Details including Record of []


Heavy rain, floods ravage Bangladesh rice planting area The Watchers Latest articles

Heavy rain and floods that hit Bangladesh this year have hurt prospects for rice area and production in the nation, forcing the country to brace itself for another season of highly probable less productive rice season. Bangladesh, once major rice produced, has...... Read more

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