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Sunday, 17 June


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Spain: Animal Liberation Front Targets the Running of the Bulls Earth First! Newswire

from Bite Back

The Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for an arson and sabotage targeting facilities in Irua/Pamplona that will be used during the festival of San Fermin. During the night of June 6-7, a forklift was set on fire, anti-bullfighting messages painted and other damage caused inside the Corrales del Gas, enclosures for bulls who will run in the encierro (running of the bulls) and be killed in the bullring during the festival. Earlier in the week, 13 holes used for the placement of fence posts along the route of the bull run were filled with cement.

Anonymous communique (translation):

Every year in the city of Pamplona, under the rusty umbrellas of tradition and festivities, more than 40 bulls are killed. More than 40 animals will face a painful and agonizing end in the streets and bullring of this city. For these animals, the Corralillo del Gas becomes their corridor of death, and the fence becomes their cage: some waiting days for their turn to arrive, they pass from the bad drink of the morning confinement and the painful death of the bullfight in the afternoon, and although the fact of killing these animals seems neither more cruel nor more unnecessary than the exploitation, use and systematized murder of millions of animals around the world for consumption, experimentation, clothing or leisure, we believe it is necessary to take measures to end this cruel act that takes place in the city of Pamplona

For reasons that we consider more than obvious and sufficient, and that we will not go into explaining now, we consider legitimate:

All kinds of protest and struggle against the suffering we cause to animals.

Liberating animals from their confinement and providing them a decent home.

Recording or obtaining images to expose conditions in which animals are kept.

The boycott of companies and institutions that contribute to the abuse of animals.



Conflict of Interest Discovered in $80 Billion Deal with China Frack Check WV

FOIA request for MOU rejected by State of WV

Possible conflict of interest clouds West Virginias natural gas deal with China

From an Article by Ken Ward, Jr., Charleston Gazette-Mail, June 15, 2018

PHOTO: Then-West Virginia Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher (seated at left of table) meets last November in Beijing with China Energy President Ling Wen (seated at right of table) in front of President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping. From: W.Va. Department of Commerce

A member of West Virginias negotiating team on the $80 billion natural gas investment deal with China was asked to repay $23,000 in travel expenses after the Justice administration raised questions about a potential conflict of interest, the governor revealed Friday.

Last November, President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping looked on in Beijing as officials from the Mountain State and a Chinese energy company signed what was hailed as a landmark deal for West Virginia.

Under the deal, China Energy Investment Corp. would invest more than $80 billion over the next 20 years in West Virginias natural gas industry.

Gov. Jim Justice and other state leaders have been banking on the China deal, predicting it will create tens of thousands of additional jobs in the state. It also was described as a victory for Trump, the largest in a series of Chinese investments in the United States that totaled $250 billion.

But on Friday, Justice revealed an ethical cloud over the China deal: At least one member of the states trade delegation an industry executive was also working to help his private company.

Brian Abraham, the governors general counsel, said the state was using someone who probably shouldnt have been involved in the negotiations as part of its trade delegation.

People that were there in China maybe representing their own special interests, we didnt think was right, the governor added.

West Virginia officials are eager to see the fruits of the China Energy investment, as a cornerstone to the natural gas industrys continued growth in the state. But along the way, some lawmakers and watchdogs are questioning whether the state is putting the industrys interests ahead of the public concerns about broadening the states...


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Fernandina volcano erupts, lava flow reaching the ocean, Galapagos The Watchers Latest articles

A new eruption started at Fernandina volcano (Cerro la Cumbre) in Ecuador around 15:00 UTC on June 16, 2018, IGEPN reports. This large shield volcano is a part of Galapagos volcanic archipelago. Its last eruption occurred in September 2017. The eruption is taking...... Read more


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16 Unique Energy Flow In Ecosystems Worksheet Answers Pictures

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Wednesday, June 20: Second Lake Rail Bridge Discussion in Sandpoint Wild Idaho Rising Tide

At 7 pm on Wednesday, June 20, please join #No2ndBridge and Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) activists and concerned, community members for refreshments and a Second Lake Rail Bridge Discussion and slideshow presentation, at the Gardenia Center, 400 Church Street in Sandpoint.  Event hosts of this free, open meeting invite participants to bring and share snacks, stories, images, and donations, and learn about the natural and human environment of Lake Pend Oreille, the ongoing and potential traffic, pollution, and derailment dangers of fossil fuel and hazar...


Strong eruption at Sakurajima volcano, pyroclastic flow, ashfall reported in Kagoshima, Japan The Watchers Latest articles

A strong eruption took place from Sakurajima's Minamidake crater volcano at 22:20 UTC on June 15, 2018 (07:20 JST, June 16). The eruption sent ash up to 4.7 km (15 400 feet) above the crater (5.8 km (19 000 feet) above sea level) and produced several pyroclastic...... Read more


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 16, 2018, #149 Geoengineering Watch

wwr3Dane Wigington So many breaking dire headlines about the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment are pouring in that it is impossible to cover and comprehend all the incoming reports, but we must try just the same. What will be the response of global governments to all that is unfolding? The June 16th installment of Global Alert News


FIRE-EARTH Alerts: SWMB, KRPQ 061602 Fire Earth

CJ IGE OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Alerts: SWMB, KRPQ 061602 ALERTS issued by FIRE-EARTH Science. Details available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Alerts 061602 . . . . . Advertisements


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Saturday, 16 June


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As Drilling & Fracking for Oil Continues, the Natural Gas Surplus Grows Greater and Greater Frack Check WV

Fractured Land by Lisa Peters (2014)

Side Effect of Rising Oil Drilling: Indigestion for Gas Frackers

From an Article by Christopher M. Matthews, Wall Street Journal, June 15, 2018

As companies step up oil production, the natural gas byproduct is weighing on already low gas prices and on gas producers. Higher oil prices are helping many American shale drillers. But they are hurting companies that frack for natural gas.

As companies respond to rising oil prices by drilling more for it, they often unearth gas as a byproduct. That has further weighed on already low gas prices, pressuring shale frackers in regions that primarily produce gas.

The average share price for the five top companies focused on the oil-rich Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico are up more than 16% over the past year. Share prices for the top five producers focused on the Marcellus Shale in Appalachia, the countrys largest deposit of natural gas, are down more than 9%.

Its going to be tough for the Marcellus for a while, said Brian Lidsky, managing director at oil-and-gas research firm PLS Inc. There is just a tidal wave of gas coming out of the Permian.

Like most shale drillers, those focused on natural gas in the Marcellus a group that includes Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., EQT Corp., Range Resources Corp., Antero Resources Corp. , and Southwestern Energy Co. have been under investor pressure to live within their means, curtail excessive spending and improve returns. And they have come closer to doing that.

As a group, those companies spent about $106 million more than they made in the first quarter of 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of S&P Global Market Intelligence data. That is down from outspending cash flow by more than $274 million in the previous quarter and more than $735 million in first quarter of 2017.

The shares of the top five shale drillers in the Marcellus region have lagged behind their peers that drill mostly for oil in the Permian Basin.

Still, investors have been reluctant to put more money into gas drillers, and the reason is simple: Gas has been cheap for years and doesnt look primed to go up soon.

Demand for natural gas is predicted to rise globally over the next decade as many countries switch from coal-fired power pla...


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Dog Would Probably Prefer To Forget What Happened During Lake Trip Thrillist

Even if this sweet dog named Sam were suddenly granted the power of speech, he'd probably prefer to stay silent on this one.

Well just call it the "lake incident.

Credit: Twitter/Holly_Monson

Like most golden retrievers, 2-year-old Sam enjoys spending time in the water. So when his family decided to take a trip to the lake for a day of swimming, it only made sense to invite Sam along. They brought a life jacket him, just to be safe.

But once the fun commenced, things took a rather ugly turn. The basics of water safety apparently slipped Sam's mind.

In all the excitement, he almost drowned his human.

Credit: Twitter/Holly_Monson

"My dad threw his ball into the water for him to get, which he did until he spotted my sister and decided to swim over to her instead," Holly Monson, Sam's owner, told The Dodo. "I don't know if he was trying to save her or save himself."

Whether Sam was driven by courage or cowardice, either way he certainly wasn't helping things.

Thankfully, Monson's sister was also wearing a life jacket. At that moment, she needed it.

Credit: Twitter/Holly_Monson

"He put my sister under for a good five seconds before my dad came to the rescue!" Monson said. 

Sam wasn't meaning to be bad, of course, but photos of the incident are still pretty damning.



Chubby Stray Cat Is One Of The Largest This Shelter Has Ever Seen Thrillist

Staffers at this animal shelter in California certainly have their hands full.

This week, a Good Samaritan lumbered through the doors of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA carrying a rather heavy load. The person had just found a cat wandering down a busy road, and was now bringing him to the safety of the shelter.

But this wasnt your average stray kitty. This cat was massive tipping the scales at a whopping 29 pounds.

"He is 29 pounds of love," shelter president Julie Bank told KTLA.

Credit: Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

Where the cat came from is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, he wasn't microchipped or wearing an ID, so it's unclear if he has an owner. One thing is certain, however this kitty hasn't been underfed. Staff at the shelter have since dubbed him "Chubbs."

Whatever his past, Chubbs was in need of help. His fur was severely matted, a problem his rescuers at the shelter were able to resolve with a careful shave.

They're hoping to tackle his weight problem next; it's unhealthy, of course, for cats to be so heavy. He's so big, the shelter is barely equipped to handle him.

"Chubbs has taken up residence in a staff office because hes too large to fit comfortably in a kennel," rescuers wrote online. "He has a sweet disposition, but his heavy load makes it uncomfortable to move around freely."

Still, Chubbs is getting plenty of love in the meantime.

If no one comes to claim Chubbs, he'll be made available for adoption on Sunday. Visit the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA's Facebook page for more information.


Fisherman Catches Rare 'Cotton Candy' Lobster And Decides To Spare His Life Thrillist

On a cold November day last year, lobsterman Robinson Russell was shocked to see what came up in his trap.

I live on a tiny island off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada, called Grand Manan, Russell told The Dodo. I have been fishing for over 20 years and its the first one Ive ever seen of that color.

With his bright, almost translucent shell glowing with hints of pale blue and purple, Lucky the lobster couldnt help but stand out from the crowd.

Credit: Instagram/Robinson Russell

Though at times he appears white, Lucky does not have albinism. His unique rainbow pigmentation has even earned him the nickname the cotton candy lobster.

Researchers with the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine estimate that a lobster like Lucky is one in 100 million, and Russell knew that he may never see a catch so special again.

The lobsters typical brownish-green coloring is caused by the expression of different pigments in his shell, according to Cynthia Callahan, manager of the Huntsman Marine Science Center. Luckys unique coloring, on the other hand, is due to a genetic mutation that causes one or more of the red, blue or yellow pigments present in the shell to be displayed. Lobsters can have all kinds of color abnormalities Russell has seen bright orange, blue and yellow lobsters all come out of the same bay.

But Lucky was the rarest of all.

Credit: Facebook/Huntsman Marine Science Center

Russell knew lucky was special and he couldn't bring himself to let the unusual animal end up on someone's plate. 

We named it Lucky on the way in, and I posted a few photos of it on Instagram, Russell said. I really didnt want to sell it, so I ended up donating it to the Huntsman [Marine] Aquarium in St. Andrews where it...


Dog Abandoned At Shelter Completely Transforms When Someone Notices Her Thrillist

When staff from Humane Society of North Texas arrived at work last Thursday morning, they were met with a heartbreaking surprise sitting on their doorstep.

A young dog had been tied up with a rope at the entrance of the building. She looked tired and worried.

She had no note, no collar or anything, Cassie Lackey, community relations manager for the rescue, told The Dodo. The rope was wrapped around her neck about six times.

Credit: Humane Society of North Texas

The staff members got out of their cars and the dogs tail and body instantly started wiggling as if all she was waiting for was to no longer be alone. When they approached her, she started smiling at them.

The minute they stepped toward her, its as if she was saying, Oh my God, theres people here! Im good now, Lackey said. She was friendly and so sweet since the very beginning. She will give anyone kisses, whether they like it or not!

Credit: Humane Society of North Texas

The team named the sweet mystery dog Betsy, and brought her right into the shelter to get checked out by their veterinarian. They learned she was around 2 years old and had recently weaned a litter of puppies. She was also suffering from a bacterial skin infection.

She was really dirty when we first found her, Lackey said. It seemed like she hadnt been bathed in a while. She was itchy and very uncomfortable.

After checking the shelters security cameras, the team realized that whoever dropped Betsy there had done so in the middle of the night.

The shelter is considered a safe haven but Lackey is still disheartened that Betsy was abandoned the way she was, especial...


Ponies Had Hooves So Long They Could Barely Walk To Greet Their Rescuers Thrillist

Around every turn at the farm was a new, heartbreaking discovery.

In a barn, ponies were locked away in stalls with no food and water, forced to stand in a swamp of mud and feces that was 4 feet deep. Others lived outside in a pasture full of overgrown weeds and their only source of water was a small puddle in the ground. More ponies were trapped in a dusty, fenced-in lot with no food.

Credit: ARL

They were starving and so desperate to eat that some were eating hair that had shed from the backs of their pen-mates. Some had hooves so overgrown that they curled up into the front of their legs, painfully scraping them every time they took a step. The bodies of two others who didnt survive were found nearby.

On a farm in Earlham, Iowa, nearly 60 Welsh ponies lived this way, day in and day out.

Credit: ARL

They had been suffering for so long but last month, help came. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) searched the property with local police and was allowed to take in the nine most severely neglected animals to their farm animal sanctuary, Second Chance Ranch.

The other ponies remaining on the property are still under the care of the owner, but are being monitored by ARL and local law enforcement to ensure theyre getting the vet care and attention they went so long without. So far, he has complied with their care standards.

They clearly did not get this way overnight, Tom Colvin, CEO of ARL, said in a statement. There is absolutely no excuse for what these ponies have gone through.

Credit: ARL

When the nine most...


Someone Found This Purse Lying On The Ground Then Realized It Was Moving Thrillist

A resident of Cardiff, Wales, was out taking a walk near their home when they saw a zipped-up purse lying on the ground. They didnt think anything of it at first and just assumed someone had lost the purse until they realized the purse was moving. They quickly opened it up, and were shocked to find a kitten stuffed inside the closed bag. 

Credit: RSPCA

Seeing as the bag had been zipped up, someone had clearly not wanted the poor kitten to escape her terrible predicament. The Good Samaritan who found her, whose name has not been released, knew she needed help as soon as possible, and contacted the RSPCA to come out and collect her. 

I feel shock and dismay that anyone would deem it acceptable to treat a kitten in such a cruel and dangerous manner, Annie Simmonds, an inspector with the RSPCA, said in a press release. She must have been absolutely terrified.

Credit: RSPCA

The kitten, who was around 20 weeks old, was rushed to the vet, and thankfully seemed to be doing OK despite her ordeal. Once she felt safe in the care of her rescuers, her personality began to emerge. She has turned into the sweetest, friendliest little kitten, and is doing extremely well in the care of the RSPCA. 

Even though everything worked out and the kitten is safe and healthy, everyone involved is still horrified that this happened in the first place, and they are continuing to search for answers. 

Credit: RSPCA

Were desperate for anyone with information related to this awful ab...


Officials Stop Suspicious Truck And Find Saddest Thing Inside These Bags Thrillist

A tip-off about a suspicious truck in Vietnam ended up saving 74 lives at the very last minute.

A team of forest rangers stopped the truck on Wednesday in the Hoang Hoa district to examine what was inside. They found dozens of blue bags, tied tightly and slightly moving. 

Credit: SVW

The bags contained live animals and not just any live animals. They were pangolins, the most trafficked kind of animal on the planet. 

Credit: SVW

Even though it's illegal to sell pangolins, which are critically endangered, there's a continuing high demand for their scales, which are considered medicinal in traditional Eastern medicine, and their meat, which is considered a delicacy. It's estimated that at least one million pangolins have been killed in the last decade.

Credit: SVW

Sometimes traffickers are stopped too late to save the animals shipments of pangolin scales are often uncovered as they make their way east. Thankfully, in this case, these 74 Javan pangolins were intercepted before their lives were lost. 

Rescue workers from Save Vietnam's Wildlife (SVW) rushed to free the animals who are shy by nature and tend to curl up into little balls when frightened from the netted bags. ...


So Many Dogs At Puppy Mill Had To Share This Tiny Broken Doghouse Thrillist

When the RSPCA began getting reports from several families across London and Berkshire about reputable breeders who sold puppies who later fell extremely ill, they quickly launched an investigation and ended up uncovering an elaborate puppy farming operation that was so much bigger than anyone expected. 

During our enquiries, we estimated this network of dealers sold at least 5,097 puppies during five years making a whopping 2,548,500 [about $3.3 million dollars], Kirsty Withnall, an inspector with the RSPCA who led the investigation, said in a press release. The gang imported puppies from abroad, keeping them in plastic sheds in their gardens before advertising them online as much-loved, family-bred pets to unsuspecting members of the public. Unfortunately, many of the puppies who were sold fell ill very quickly and, tragically, some even died.

Credit: RSPCA

After a thorough investigation, the RSPCA and local police worked together to raid four different addresses, and were absolutely shocked by the conditions and the state of the 46 dogs and puppies they found throughout the different properties. 

Whenever families came by the properties to look at the dogs, the breeders made it seem like the dogs were well cared for  

Credit: RSPCA

but the reality was very, very different. 

Credit: RSPCA

Some of the dogs and their puppies were being kept in dirty, dimly lit sheds  ...


Cops Check Stolen Car And Find The Saddest Surprise Inside Thrillist

When deputies with the Pasco County Sheriffs Office opened the car door, they werent quite sure what theyd find. But when they looked inside, they were met with a troubling sight.

Clinging to the driver's pink polo shirt was a young monkey, wearing a diaper and attached to a leash.

He should have been with his family, but instead he had just survived an auto crash in a stolen car.

Credit: Facebook/Pasco Sheriff's Office

The tiny capuchin monkey became an unwilling passenger early last Friday when his 23-year-old owner, Cody Blake Hession, allegedly stole an unlocked car and crashed it into a ditch near Holiday, Florida.

According to Hession, the monkey, named "Monk," was purchased from a breeder in South Carolina, where the licensing of small primates, such as chimpanzees, lemurs, capuchins and marmosets, is not required by law. Hession says in police body cam footage that he cared for Monk for three years before moving to Florida.

In the video, as Monk climbs on his owners shoulders, the police inform Hession that owning a Class III wildlife species without a permit in Florida is considered a misdemeanor. But while it's only a minor legal offense to keep a wild animal locked away, for primates the psychological damage can last a lifetime.

Credit: Twitter/Pasco Sheriff's Department

Sadly, Monk's plight is far from unusual. The HSUS estimates there to be 15,000 primates currently kept as pets in the United States, and tens of thousands more kept by private owners around the world.

Often separated from their mothers at a very young age when they're at their "cutest," monkeys in the pet trade are deprived...


16 Fresh Kindergarten Language Arts Worksheets Photograph

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This Country Is Trying To Make Eating Whale Meat 'Trendy' Thrillist

Each year, Norwegian hunters kill hundreds of minke whales with harpoons, allowing them to die slow, painful deaths. The reason for hunting them is to sell the whales meat, yet very few people in Norway choose to eat whale meat anymore. But instead of killing fewer whales, the Norwegian government is doing something controversial  its trying to make eating whale meat trendy.

Its actually illegal to kill whales for commercial purposes, and it has been since 1986 when the International Whaling Commission (IWC) placed a global moratorium on commercial whaling. Yet Norway as well as other countries like Iceland and Japan have ignored the ban and continued killing whales, despite international outcry.

Last year, Norway aimed to hunt 999 minke whales, and ended up killing 432. This years quota was raised to 1,278, but only about 163 whales have been killed so far, according to Fabienne McLellan, codirector of international relations at OceanCare.

Even if the Norwegian hunters dont meet their quota this year, its unlikely that theyll be able to sell all of the whale meat. Right now, fewer than 5 percent of Norwegians regularly consume whale meat, according to a recent study. The lack of demand has brought in very little money to the Norwegian whaling industry, and the whaling programs are heavily subsidized by the Norwegian government, according to McLellan. As as result, the Norwegian government is doing everything it can to encourage people to eat more whale meat.

For several years now, Norway has been attempting to re-brand whale meat away from something associated with the older generation, and more commonly associated with coastal fishing communities, to something which has an increased appeal to younger people and can be sold in trendy restaurants in towns and cities, McLellan told The Dodo. The Norwegian government has directed public funds into research and promotional initiatives aiming to increase the market for whale products.

Whale meat is now being marketed as something cool to eat, according to McLellan....


Woman Sees Pile Of 'Garbage' In Road Then Realizes It's Alive Thrillist

Last December, Alix Mattingly and her boyfriend at the time traveled to Chelem, Mexico, to stay at her parents house. Shortly after they arrived, their trip took an unexpected turn.

One morning, Mattingly went out to feed some stray dogs, since she always volunteers for No Mas Perritos, a local rescue group, when she visits her parents. When she and her boyfriend were driving back to the house, they saw something strange on the road.

I saw this pile in the middle of the road, Mattingly told The Dodo. It really just looked like garbage. But the closer I got to it, I realized it was a dog.

Credit: Alix Mattingly

Mattingly only had less than a handful of dog food left, but she got out of the car and tried to offer it to the dog, who looked sickly and skinny. The dog was also skittish and he snarled at Mattingly when she came close but he didnt have enough strength to flee.

He tried to run away, but just collapsed, Mattingly said. So I laid some food out for him, went back into the car and gave him a second. Then he started getting up and kind of shifted and came closer to the car.

Mattingly got a towel and slowly approached the dog again. Then she slowly bent down and wrapped the towel around the dog and carried him to the car.

Credit: Alix Mattingly

He just looked awful, so we gave him a little bit of water, Mattingly said. But we didnt have a bowl or anything, so we gave him some water in a trash bag.

Then Mattingly and her boyfriend drove the dog to the vet clinic. The dog, who was only about 6 months old, had other issues besides being underweight and dehydrated he was riddled with parasites, including heartworms, and h...


Upcoming Northern California Climate Engineering Awareness Event Geoengineering Watch 445731On Saturday, July 28th, 2018, a critical public awareness event has been scheduled at the Shasta County Fairgrounds in Anderson, California (1890 Briggs St). The event will be in the Fusaro Hall which has seating for approximately 800. Verifiable evidence will be presented to the public on the ongoing global climate engineering / geoengineering  programs that are wreaking havoc on the atmosphere, environment, and


Latam Eco Review: Paddington Bear Captured on Camera in Peru Conservation news

Among the top articles from our Spanish language service, Mongabay Latam, for the week of June 4 10 was one about a golden spectacled bear named after Paddington Bear that was caught by a camera trap for the first time in Peru. In other news, the debate on hydroelectric plants intensifies in Colombia, and the Siona community of Ecuador seeks justice for the damage in their territory from oil exploration. The image above by Michael Tweddle shows the golden spectacled bear caught on camera in Peru. The most popular image of the week on Latams social network was this one from the vast Mongabay archive of a Diaethria clymena butterfly, known as Cramers eighty-eight for the curious design on its wings. It is found from Mexico to Argentina. Paddington Bear Captured on Camera in Peru The rural community baptized the golden Andean bear captured by a camera trap for the first time in a mountain zone of the Amazonas region, Paddy. The name is due to its similarity to the famous fictional character from the story A Bear Called Paddington, who arrived in London from the dark forests of Peru. Also called Golden Bear, the animal belongs to the species Tremarctos ornatus, known as the Andean or spectacled bear, but is different from the rest of the population by its color: Andean bears are black, but this one is brown. Paddy could be the only example of a golden bear that inhabits the Amazonas region. Image by Michael Tweddle/ Hydroelectric

Footage of elusive Negros bleeding-heart dove captured in the wild Conservation news

New footage of one of one of the most elusive birds in the world the critically endangered Negros bleeding heart dove has been released. A team with the Bristol Zoological Society, a UK-based conservation and education NGO, spent five days searching for the bird in the forests of the Philippines Panay Island in order to capture a video of the rarely seen species in the wild. You can see the footage here:     The Negros bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba keayi) is a medium-sized, ground-dwelling species of pigeon endemic to the Philippine islands of Negros and Panay. There are perhaps as few as 70 and no more than 400 individuals of the species left on the two islands it calls home, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The bird gets its colorful name from the blood-red patch of plumage adorning its white chest. This species has an extremely small, severely fragmented population that is likely to be undergoing a continuing decline owing to forest loss on the two islands where it occurs. For these reasons, it is listed as Critically Endangered, the IUCN notes in its assessment of the species conservation status. Habitat degradation is the primary threat to the species, as agriculture, timber, and charcoal-burning continue to imperil the remaining forest fragments on both islands. The primary forests of Negros Island have been almost completely destroyed, with just 4 percent of any type of forest cover remaining as of the late 1980s, the IUCN

Scientists find new snail-eating snakes, auction naming rights to save them Conservation news

Able to retreat into their hard shells, snails seem to have a pretty good defense against would-be predators. But theres a type of snake that has evolved unique adaptations and behaviors to get around this problem: the aptly named snail-eating snake, which uses its long, delicate teeth and unique jaw structure to suck snails right out of their shells. Snail-eating snakes can be found in tropical forests in many places around the world, including South America. Now, a team of scientists has announced the discovery of several more in Ecuador. Their description of the new snakes was published this week in the journal ZooKeys. The scientists, from institutions in Ecuador and the U.S., found the new snakes in rainforest and dry tropical forest habitat during a four-year expedition that took place between 2013 and 2017. They compared the scales and DNA of snakes they collected during their expedition to more than 200 museum specimens of known species; their results indicate that five of the snakes they found were distinct enough to be considered new species. But of the five species, four are threatened with extinction. Of these, three qualify as Vulnerable according to IUCN criteria, according to the researchers, and the fourth is likely to be listed as Endangered. The species Dipsas klebbai is the only one of the newly described not currently threatened with extinction. Photo by Alejandro Arteaga Habitat loss appears to be the main threat for these newly discovered snakes. In response, the researchers that found them


14 Awesome solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Worksheet Answer Key Images

Quadratic Equations Walk Around or Gallery Walk with a Riddle from solving quadratic equations by completing the square worksheet answer key , Mathematics 9 from solving quadratic equations by completing the square worksheet answer key , LITERAL EQUATIONS WORKSHEET Solve for the indicated...


Tropical Cyclone "Gaemi" hits Taiwan, heading toward Japan The Watchers Latest articles

Tropical Cyclone "Gaemi" made landfall in Kaohsiung, a massive port city in southern Taiwan, between 07:00 and 08:00 local time (midnight UTC) on June 15, 2018, disrupting traffic and closing schools and offices. While Weather Forecasters in Taiwan and...... Read more

Stationary Tropical Depression Four-E to become tropical storm before reaching Mexico The Watchers Latest articles

A new tropical depression formed June 14, 2018, on the same day Tropical Storm "Bud," the second named storm of the 2018 East Pacific hurricane season, was making landfall along the southern tip of Baja California Sur. This new storm is currently a...... Read more

The 5G network threatens to overcrowd the airwaves, putting weather radar at risk The Watchers Latest articles

The new 5G network promises to revolutionize mobile telecommunications. But it could also push telecommunications companies onto the frequencies used by the Bureau of Meteorologys weather radars, indirectly putting the accuracy of weather information at risk....... Read more

Species recognition shifts into auto with neural networks Conservation news

People love camera traps. Placed in the middle of a forest or savanna, their motion sensors trigger a photo when an animal or person passes by. They allow us to verify the presence of cool, cryptic animals at a given place and time, and grids of camera traps help us better understand site-level distributions and potential interactions among species. As image datasets grow to include millions of photos, project teams spend increasingly greater amounts of time manually extracting the desired information such as the presence and number of poachers or of rare and nocturnal wildlife from the images. In a study published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), a multinational team of scientists assessed the capacity of an advanced type of machine learning, called deep neural networks, to automatically recognize the number, species, and behavior of animals in the savanna ecosystem of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The studys artificial intelligence system says that in this camera trap photo there is a zebra, moving. He is really moving! Image by Snapshot Serengeti project/Norouzzadeh et al. 2018. PNAS . From image collection to analysis Analysis, rather than collection, of camera trap data has become a bottleneck to obtaining the desired wildlife information. Manually obtaining information from hundreds of thousands of camera trap photos has become an expensive, time-consuming process. Moving vegetation can trigger a motion-sensor camera to take a photo, resulting in many camera trap images with no animals. When animals that are


The Last Zero-Sum Game: Planet or People? Fire Earth

CJ EAC OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Presentation: The Last Zero-Sum Game: Planet or People? Humans final zero-sum game has a major twist. [Prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Teams.] Presented via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. . . . . .


FIRE-EARTH Alerts: KMTR, HNGW 061502 Fire Earth

CJ IGE OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Alerts: KMTR, HNGW 061502 ALERTS issued by FIRE-EARTH Science. Details available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Alerts 061502 . . . . .


13 New the Cell Cycle Coloring Worksheet Questions Answers Photograph

worksheets 47 awesome cell transport worksheet high definition the cell cycle mitosis and meiosis university of leicester 266 best cell images on pinterest bio 102 test bank pdf at university of nebraska lincoln studyblue biology archive november 12 2017 biology archive november 12 2017...

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