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Friday, 10 August


On Russians, Warmongers, Election Meddling, and Fair Play New Eastern Outlook


I want to offer NEO readers a revelation today. As an American, a human being, or as a geopolitical analyst, I have no problem whatsoever with Russia meddling in the U.S. or any other elections. Even if the allegations are true, my Mamma always told me turnabout is fair play. And in this, I firmly believe. Heres a fair play look at why every decent American should just toughen up on RussiaGate.

First, let me say that I have no indication that ANY Russian official had ANYTHING to do with the American elections other than rooting for this politician as opposed to another. Now that this is settled, I want to present a series of proofs that the United States has meddled in just about every election on Earth. Lets start with Moldova in 2005.

March of 2005, George Soros Open Society Foundations, along with Senator John McCains International Republican Institute, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albrights National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, conspired to change the course of Moldova politics. This is not conjecture, Soros OSF bragged about it here. Also in on the electoral rigging were Brock Bierman, Senior Advisor, Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, USAID, Ambassador John T. Stewart, OSCE Elections Observer to Moldova, Lee McManis, U.S. Department of State in Moldova, and agents from the Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), to name a few. Other participants in the Moldova political orchestra included Ukrainian parliamentarians in Petro Poroshenkos block, Armenian national figures, Georgian officials, and German officials and a cohort of EU officials, representatives of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Offices (KAS), and etc., etc., etc. Orchestrated, funded, strategized, rigged, as I said.

Moving forward with proofs on U.S. meddling we find prima facie evidence provided by none other than the Council on Foreign Relations. I quote from their report of March 2006 on the use of so-called soft power:

Democracy-promotion has long been an aspect of U.S. foreign policy, but it became a central component after September 11.

In this report NGOs, the IRI and Senator McCain are framed in conjunction with USAID, former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albrights National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), and organizations tasked with ensuring fairness in foreign elections...

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Thursday, 09 August


The Unpleasant Truth About The 1941 Parachuting Of Rudolf Hess In England (I)

To confront the spectrum of narratives that our official history offers, especially in the case of an event that took place 77 years ago, independent researchers have to mostly rely on logical speculation, because of the lack of access to precious documentation that is kept confidential in locked vaults, usually for national security reasons.

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Alex Jones and the Rise of Corporate Censorship Strategic Culture Foundation

How can we convince the owners of social media to permit the freest speech possible and to trust their users to negotiate the world of ideas for themselves? This is the question we should be asking ourselves, rather than concocting more ways to encourage these corporate overlords to censor and blacklist.


Alex Jones Purge: US Tech Giants Meddle into 2018 Midterm Elections Strategic Culture Foundation

Voices expressing the opinion opposite to mainstream media are deprived of the opportunity to be heard by voters before the 2018 midterms.


On the Wrong Side of History: the Dangers Facing Brexitland Strategic Culture Foundation

Populism, nationalism and a form of fascism and the deeply flawed inward-looking myths about the greatness of the nation have engulfed many western European nations, with Britain sadly leading the way in a regressive, narrow-minded and divisive politics led by the uber-elite and ultra-nationalists.


Butina Case: Neo-McCarthyism Engulfs America Strategic Culture Foundation

If you are a Russian and you are caught talking to anyone in any way influential, there is potentially hell to pay because the FBI will be watching you. You are automatically assumed to be part of a conspiracy. Once evidence is collected, you will be indicted and sent to prison, mostly to send a message to Moscow.


The World is Facing an Ever Increasing Number of Climate-related Disasters New Eastern Outlook


Leading climate scientists have been discussing abnormal heat levels registered this summer in Europe and in other regions of the world. The general consensus is that this anomaly is a sign of global warming, which is believed to be caused by our irresponsible use of resources. The impacts are a plenty, including fires, floods, drought, abnormal heat. No matter what you believe in, the climate we live in is changing rapidly with every passing day, forcing us to face the consequences nobody initially anticipated. Last year alone, the losses suffered from natural disasters by various countries of the world exceeded 353 billion dollars.

Scientists say that by the end of the century, extreme heat waves capable of killing the entire population of a town in a couple of hours will hit India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), recent years have been marked by an abrupt decline in arctic sea ice, which resulted in the global sea level rising by 3 inches, exceeding the all time high registered some 25 years ago. Moreover, the temperature of Arctic seas has also risen by up to 4 degrees in comparison with the average annual temperatures.

Global warming is also associated with intense hurricane seasons striking various regions of the world. Those seasons produce such devastating hurricanes like Maria that left the entire Caribbean coast in ruins, along with Harvey that brought unprecedented rainfalls to Texas and Louisiana. At the same time, the Middle East had to deal with extreme drought. In some regions of Syria, Lebanon and Israel there hasnt been no rains at all. The summer heat stroke the south of California, the east of Canada and Scandinavia, with the temperature along the northern coast of Russia reaching 86 F. Over the course of last July, there was a total of 118 temperature records registered across the world. Last year, at least 330 different natural disasters caused by climate change occurred across the planet.

According to the MIT study released in the Nature Communications journal, extreme heat and extreme humidity growth threatens one of the most densely populated areas on Earth the Great Plain of China, that is where Beijing is located. This could lead to the situation where by the year 2070 the region that serves as a home for some 400 million people will become completely unsuitable for habitation. This is the third similar study by MIT on how d...


Israel Stamps Approval on Europe"s Largest Post-WWII Ethnic Cleansing Strategic Culture Foundation

Instead of continuing to hold Croatia to account, the Israeli government and armed forces have chosen to legitimize that countrys glorification of slaughter and ethnic cleansing, built on a foundation of Holocaust relativization and WWII revisionism.


Lets All Move to Taxlandia! #PropagandaWatch The Corbett Report

So how much taxation is too much? And how much is too little? And how much is juuuuuust right? Don't worry if you don't know, the European Union is here to educate you (and your children) on the right answer to these questions with their latest propaganda indoctrination "game," Taxlandia! Happy gaming!


Imran Khan and the Silk Road New Eastern Outlook


The election of Imran Khan represents a turnabout in policy in South Asia in ways few expect. Khan will close the door on Americas longtime policy toward the Caspian Basin, a policy of dominance, regime change and military colonization. That policy will die a needed and painful death.

First of all, where no Pakistani leader ever could before, Khan will reach out to India. Indias Modi continues to push for strong suppression of Muslims in Kashmir and a wartime footing against China.

India, only recently, shelved their cooperative deal with Russia to develop a 5th generation fighter aircraft in favor of buying off the shelf technology, possibly from the US. The longtime military technology cooperation between Russia and India has been an unrealized buffer that has quelled hostile rhetoric between China and India, the burgeoning economic superpowers of the Silk Road.

The Silk Road, which will tie China and Germany with branches to South Asia, the Caspian and Caucuses, Turkey and Iran, even Afghanistan, will supplant all economic influence from the US and Saudi Arabia. What is also clear is that a regional economic community that spans Europe and Asia will quell the manufactured conflicts, fake terrorism and regime change tactics that America under Deep State leadership has turned to time and time again.

Toward this end, the election despite American and Israeli attempts to smear Imran Khan, of a Pakistani leader finally willing to cut ties with Wall Street and Tel Aviv, will signal a new age. This is particularly important in that Pakistan is the worlds only Islamic nuclear power as well.

Pakistan has long propped up Saudi oligarchical rule, efforts that have allowed Saudi Arabia to war on Yemen and openly join with Israel to support ISIS and al Qaeda and manipulate America into planning a sneak attack on Iran as well, or so recent leaks have announced to the world.

In the end, the alignments achieved during Syria and Iraqs successful wars on Western backed terrorism, may well provide a platform for not just trade but regional security as well. Therefore, splitting Turkey from Iran and Russia, the Astana powers, is a prime policy consideration for the US.

As Turkey becomes increasingly distant from an American controlled NATO, particularly with Erdogan deeply concerned with Americas love affair with radical Gulanites he believes responsible for what he also considers a CIA backed...


Pakistan Needs A Strong New Leader

After decades of dynastic politics under the Bhutto and Sharif families, there is suddenly hope that newly elected cricket star Imran Khan and his Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) may just may tackle Pakistans four biggest problems: endemic corruption, military interference, political tribalism, and a half-dead economy.

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Gaisano Camiguin Soft Opening with Hard Hat New Era for Camiguin News from the Philippines

CAMIGUIN Gaisano Camiguin Soft Opening

Yesterday Gaisano opened the first mall in Camiguin province. The center of Camiguins Capital Mambajao is now dominated by a 5 storey shopping mall.

Gaisano is known all over the southern Philippines. I had been in a Gaisano Mall the first time in my life in Kalibo, Panay Island. The Gaisano family is a Chinese Filipino family prominent in the Philippine retail industry particularly in Visayas and Mindanao. They are known as the Ayalas of the South.

I would classify the Gaisano Malls as Mega-Mega-Sari-Sari-Stores.

Gaisano Camiguin
Gaisano Camiguin the main entrance. The hollow blocks being insulated with styro foam which will be covered by aluminium or steel panels.

Gaisano Next year, maybe.

Soft Opening

Soft Opening is an Asian style. Soft opening is usual on all levels here in the Philippines. I think Ill have to add a new chapter in our...


The Coming Wave of Internet Censorship The Corbett Report

We've all seen the latest moves to de-platform independent voices online, but how many people can see beyond their immediate reaction to the way they are being programmed to embrace the coming wave of government censorship? James Corbett joins Garland Nixon and guest host Eric Ladny on Radio Fault Lines to discuss this pressing issue.


Shamefully, Illegal Human Organ Trafficking is Still on the Rise New Eastern Outlook


It would seem that at this point in time nobody can tell us anything new about the illegal sources of income all sorts of criminal gangs and terrorist organizations are exploiting to turn over massive profits, however it turns out that on top of the illegal drug trade, oil trafficking and theft of historical relics, there is also income derived from the black market human organ trade. What we once could only see on the pages of best selling novels is a disturbing reality of today, as at this point illegal human organ trafficking turns out to be one of the most profitable types of criminal activities. It flourishes in Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and across the Middle East. On the black market, one can basically find any part of a human body for transplantation, but above all others, kidneys seem to be highest in demand. Every tenth inhabitant of our planet tends to encounter kidney-related diseases at some point in their life. According to the World Health Organization, some 70,000 kidney transplants are being conducted annually, with well over 20% of those performed illegally.

As its been noted by LEspresso, at least 10% of all transplants in the world are done using organs purchased on the black market. The estimated turnover of this criminal enterprise is believed to reach some 1.7 billion dollars a year, while the involvement of middle men increases the cost of an illegal transplantation by 500%, making the total sum astronomical.

In this black market, both sides are equally unfortunate: the one that looks to sell is in desperate need of a means of living, while the buyer is usually facing death if an organ is not found, using every single penny they have to survive. When conflict breaks out in nations like Syria and Ukraine, there is corresponding and massive increase in supply on this market, which has resulted in patients coming from the Persian Gulf, Israel, the United States and Europe to Turkey and Egypt in hopes of getting a second chance at life by illegally obtained organs. Nations where foreigners would typically come to receive medical aid, have absorbed some 4 million Syrian refugees together with Lebanon, with a lot of displaced individuals being desperate enough to sell their kidneys to foreigners.

Last March, as the Egypt media platform...


3D Printed Guns: Debating Inevitability New Eastern Outlook


3D printing and other forms of computer-controlled manufacturing have allowed nations, companies and even individuals the ability to go from consumers to producers. As this technology improves and costs drop, access to this technology and the ability of the technology itself will increase, making it possible for virtually anyone, anywhere to make virtually anything.

In May 2018, prominent US-based corporate-funded policy think tank, RAND Corporation, had published an article titled, Four Ways 3D Printing May Threaten Security. In it, an argument was made about the dangers of 3D printing becoming more accessible, first by citing 3D printed guns as well as drones and other forms of technology it claimed criminals and terrorists could leverage. But then RAND would reveal a threat, particularly to its corporate sponsors, that highlighted the true fears 3D printing invokes among the captains of established industries decentralization.

The fear of 3D printing taking jobs for example, can more accurately be described as taking both jobs and revenue from large corporations and shifting them both to small companies or individual entrepreneurs. Along with this shift, goes the concentration of wealth and influence these large corporations have enjoyed, some since as early as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

RAND also feared nations targeted by US sanctions being able to easily circumvent them by acquiring the parts and systems required by simply manufacturing them themselves through the use of technology like 3D printing. In reality, RAND and other representatives of established industries seem more concerned about losing their wealth and influence than of any threat such technologies might or might not actually pose.

3D Printed Guns 

The notion of 3D printed guns has been around for a while. Cody Wilson of US-based  Defense Distributed has promoted a vision of home-based gun manufacturing, leveraging 3D printing and a peer-to-peer (p2p) network of online files share...


In Gaza, fears of a new war stir old traumas +972 Magazine

By Amjad Yaghi

GAZA CITY In the village of Abasan in the southern Gaza Strip, Hussein Shaheens family still lives in rubble. Their house was destroyed during Israels 2014 war on Gaza, and they havent rebuilt it since.

Since Gazans started the Great Return March several months ago, Israel has been retaliating with force, and tensions are high once again. Israel and Hamas are reportedly in the advanced stages of negotiating a ceasefire, but the constant uncertainty of whether the situation will change for better or worse, of whether Gazans should prepare for easements or escalation, induces severe anxiety. The 2014 military offensive and its consequences still haunt the residents of Gaza, and to them, the possibility of another war triggers painful memories.

Shaheen, 38, lives with his wife, Samaher Abu Jamea, 33, and toddler daughter, Salma, in tents they set up amid the rubble. After the war, they approached the Palestinian Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza for assistance in reconstructing their house, without success.

For four years, we have been living and eating in the rubble. Jamea said. We have gone many times to the ministry to demand that they accelerate the construction of our house, but unfortunately, many obstacles stand in their way, she added, referring to Israels restrictions on the entry of construction materials into Gaza.


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Wednesday, 08 August


Helsinki Summits Positive Fallouts On Syria

In northeastern Syria, which is dominated by the Kurdish militia, there are new stirrings. The situation on Syrias southern border has calmed down. These substantial achievements and the fact that Syrian government has become more stable and is in greater control will give impetus to the efforts at finding a political solution to the conflict.

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Fourth Meeting Between the Russian, Mongolian and Chinese Presidents New Eastern Outlook


This meeting took place on June 9-10, 2018, on the sidelines of the 18th Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, on Chinas east coast. The first meeting between the presidents of the three countries took place in Dushanbe in 2014, at the initiative of the then Mongolian president, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, and it was then that the SCO Summits were chosen as a venue for future meetings between the three presidents. It was decided that these meetings would be held annually.  That was the start of a new stage in strategic relations between Russia, Mongolia and China: three-party cooperation.

Readers will remember that the key achievement of the second meeting between the presidents, which took place in 2015, in Ufa, as part of the 15th SCO Summit, was the Road Map the medium-term Programme for the development of three-party cooperation until 2020. The third meeting, in the 2016 Tashkent Summit, saw the approval of a general decision on the creation of an Economic corridor between Russia Mongolia and China. As part of this, 32 joint projects were planned in the areas of transport, energy, production, infrastructure, tourism and humanitarian work.

The current Mongolian President, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, took part in the three-party talks for the first time in 2018, playing a very active role: he had bilateral talks with both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, met the Indian President Narendra Modi and the Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, and spoke at the Plenary Session of the Council of Heads of Member States and SCO Observers, which was attended by representatives of international organisations.

At the opening session of the three-party talks, the Chinese President formulated certain shared principles to be developed by the three parties, working together: strengthening of political and strategic interaction, development of mutual support, respect for each others core interests and consideration for each others unique characteristics,and strengthening of coordination and cooperation in international and regional matters.

The Russian and Mongolian Presidents also spoke in favour of strengthening the cooperation between the three parties, and agreed on the importance of carrying out the Programme for the creation of an economic corridor.

In general the main issue in the fourth three-party meeting was the implementation of the already-approved agreements and projects for the extension of the three-party cooperation. And in Qind...


Marking 10 Years After Georgia Started War with Russia Strategic Culture Foundation

In the early morning hours of Aug. 8, 2008, heavy fighting erupted in and around Tskhinvali, the capital, which spread to other parts of South Ossetia. Georgia violated a 1992 peace agreement and opened fire on Russian peacekeepers.


In a Corporatist System of Government, Corporate Censorship Is State Censorship Strategic Culture Foundation

Today Twitter has silenced three important anti-war voices on its platform: it has suspended Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, suspended Scott Horton of the Scott Horton Show, and completely removed the account of prominent writer Peter Van Buren.


Trump"s Talk of Isolating Iran Speaks More to US Global Isolation Strategic Culture Foundation

Trumps evident bad faith and lies towards Iran and his outrageous dictate to the international community on how it conducts sovereign business are ensuring that Washington will become further isolated as a rogue state.


Codename Acor Sycamore The Saudi-US-Al-Qaeda Operation to Reconquer Canada Strategic Culture Foundation

Donald Trump will follow the Canadian Saudi dispute with strong interest. He believes that "giving Canada their independence" was "the biggest mistake America ever made". In May he accused Canada of burning down the White House. It is high time to take revenge for that burning insult.


Trump"s Sanctions Admit the End of US Military Dominance Strategic Culture Foundation

Iran, like Venezuela, Russia and China will not negotiate with someone who has nothing to offer except the back of his hand.


The Coming Polynesian Union Strategic Culture Foundation

The Polynesian Leaders Group is a step in the direction of unity for Pacific peoples. The only barrier to it and the Melanesian Spearhead Group is interference from the politico-military viceroys in Canberra, Wellington, Washington, London, and Paris.


Top 12 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the World Taaza Khabar News Taaza Khabar News


By Taazakhabar News Bureau

Honeymoons for all seasons and reasons come in all shapes and sizes. From beautiful sun-kissed beaches to ski trips in snowcapped mountains, fairy-tale theme parks, jungle safaris and far-flung exotic locations there are a variety of options and logic behind selecting the most romantic and hottest, luxury hot spots in the world. Selecting the best place to go for the honeymoon is arguably the best part of getting married. From Thailand, Greece, Maldives and Hawaii to Italy or South Africa finding the perfect honeymoon destination is one of the most crucial decision that the newlywed couple has to take.

This is not an easy task and may be the reason why some tried-and-tested honeymoon destinations like Hawaii, are always popular, while places like Iceland, Mexico and Greece come and go with the latest trends.

If all goes well, the first post-wedding getaway can lead to evergreen and everlasting memories. The time the couple spend with each other without the stress and strains of personal and professional life helps them understand each other and plan for the future. Above all, it lays the foundation for memories to last for the lifetime.

Here, is a list of the top 12 most romantic and luxurious honeymoon destinations in the World:



Hawaii is undoubtedly the dream destination and a perfect place for newly-wed couples to start their married life in comfort, style and luxury. From volcanoes to rainforests, protected parks, spectacular coral reefs, golden sands and aquamarine bays Hawaii has something for everyone. The 50th and most recent state to join the United States, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful Honeymoon resorts. Anyone visiting Hawaii almost any time of the year is assured of perfect weather, plenty of sunshine and postcard-worthy view of the beaches and volcanoes.

The six major islands of Hawaii boast of emerald valleys, active volcanoes and golden sands during the day, while the setting sun over Haleakal, a dormant volcano offers such a breath-taking view that Mark Twain described it as the sublimest spectacle he ever saw.

Whatever you choose to do on your...


The UAEs Ethiopian-Eritrean Mediation Confirms That Its A Transregional Power

Altogether, the prime takeaway from the UAEs hosting of the Ethiopian & Eritrean leaders and its awarding of the highest state honor to each of them is that Abu Dhabi is signaling to the world that its capable of punching well above its geopolitical weight and has indisputably become a transregional Great Power in spite of its tiny size.

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CNN Jokes About Obvious Truth: US Media Works With Intelligence Community New Eastern Outlook


As CNN reporter, Gary Tuchman, mocked supporters of Donald Trump who displayed signs supporting the internet Q-Anon movement, he blatantly misrepresented a well-established fact.

Tuchman taunted one Trump supporter who said mainstream media was weaponized by the CIA saying: I dont know anyone in the CIA except for a few people Ive interviewed over the years? But weaponized by the CIA? What does that even mean? Do you think Im weaponized by the CIA?

The truth is that mainstream media does indeed have a relationship with intelligence agencies, and the US government works very hard to control and cooperate with the mainstream media to achieve its goals.

The CNN anchor who introduced Tuchmans package was none other than Anderson Cooper. Anderson Coopers work with the CIA is public knowledge. The Washington Post quotes him saying that It was less James Bond than I expected I actually made a fake press pass, and I borrowed a camera and I decided to start going to wars by myself.

Its hard not to believe that Tuchman was being intentionally disingenuous, laughing off the idea of the CIA working with the media, when the very anchor introducing his package had openly worked for the agency.

A long, open relationship

But the CIAs relationship with American media is very longstanding, going back much further than Anderson Cooper. The CIA maintained a program called Operation Mockingbird for many decades. Operation Mockingbird involved crafting the medias narratives in ways that were favorable to the agencys foreign policy goals.

Ramparts Magazine first exposed the project in 1967, but extensive details became public knowledge during the 1970s, when the Congressional Church Committee [SF2] was investigating the work of the CIA and FBI.

But beyond Anderson Coopers ties, and specific programs, the relationship remains even still.Respected academic Noam Chomsky explained how this relationship works in his interview with Phil Donahue and Vladimir Posner: Say youre the chief diplomatic correspondent of the New York Times or you know a...


Interview 1376 James Corbett on the Next Wave of Internet Censorship The Corbett Report

[audio mp3=""][/audio]We've all seen the latest moves to de-platform independent voices online, but how many people can see beyond their immediate reaction to the way they are being programmed to embrace the coming wave of government censorship? James Corbett joins Garland Nixon and guest host Eric Ladny on Radio Fault Lines to discuss this pressing issue.


What spurred Israels Druze to demand equality now? +972 Magazine

For most of Israels minority groups, the Jewish Nation-State Law was far from surprising. But for many Druze citizens, who for decades have served in the military, it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Elders of the Israeli Druze community are seen at a mass protest against the 'Jewish Nation-State law' in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, August 4, 2018. (Gili Yaari/Flash90)

Elders of the Israeli Druze community are seen at a mass protest against the Jewish Nation-State law in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, August 4, 2018. (Gili Yaari/Flash90)

Eman Safady, like many Druze citizens of Israel, felt personally betrayed by the Jewish Nation-State Law. A journalist from the village of Abu Snan in the Galilee and an officer at the Union of Journalists in Israel, she was one of the tens of thousands of protesters who took to Tel Avivs Rabin Square last weekend to oppose the law.


The Jewish Nation-State Law did not shock most of Israels minority groups. The law is merely a symbolic acknowledgment of a discriminatory reality theyve long grown accustomed to, in which Israel and its institutions favor Jewish citizens over non-Jews. The l...


Hashima Brutal History and the Most Haunted Island on Earth New Eastern Outlook


Do you want to see perhaps the spookiest island on earth Hashima (also known as Gunkanjima the Battleship Island) which is located just 30 minutes by speedboat from the historic Japanese port city of Nagasaki? Now you can. Just book online, pay the equivalent of 40 American dollars, and then hop on one of those shiny sleek vessels belonging to Gunkanjima Concierge or to some other company.

Do it, and you will see the island which looks like an abandoned monstrous wreck; like a sunken and haunted ship.

You will sail around it. You will even be able to disembark and walk a few hundred meters on a fenced path. Guides/minders will let you take a few snapshots.

But that is all. No stepping left or right off the path. No going ahead of the group. No lagging behind. And please, no provocative questions!

The guides are well trained to entertain you, to tell you just how haunted the island is and how vibrant it used to be in the past.

Sugary smiles never leave their faces.

But were you to defy their written and unwritten rules, theyd immediately jump and appear next to you. They would even loudly scold you. Suddenly theyd become very rude.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? What really took place on this island?

The true horrors of the past will never be conveyed to you. It is all about WWII, and Japan is still in denial.

A Japanese tour guide (designated for the Japanese-speaking visitors) as well as a carefully prepared electronic recording for the English speakers, will recount countless details about the islands geography and uncontroversial chapters of history, but close to nothing about the terror of the slave labor into which the Korean and Chinese people were forced into, during World War II.


On 6 July 2015, The Guardian reported:

Unesco has decided to grant world heritage status to more than 20 old industrial sites in Japan after officials from the country agreed to acknowledge that some of them used Korean forced labourers before and during the second world war.

The 23 Meiji period (1868-1912) sites include coalmines and shipyards that Japan says contributed to its transformation from feudalism into a successful modern economy.



Excercise regularly and stay fit to fight depression and heart disease Taaza Khabar News Taaza Khabar News

By Taazakhabar News Bureau
There is a correlation between exercise and fitness on depression and heart disease. Exercise and physical fitness are as crucial to a patients good health as finding an effective antidepressant.
dr trivedi

Dr. Madhukar Trivedi, Director, UT Southwesterns Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care

 A new study, which examined nearly 18,000 participants found that those with high fitness are significantly less likely to die from heart disease in later life, even if they were diagnosed with depression.

The research a collaboration between UT Southwestern and The Cooper Institute underscores the multiple ways in which depression may ultimately impact health and mortality. It also highlights the importance of overcoming a common dilemma among patients: How does one cope with hopelessness and still find the motivation to exercise?

Maintaining a healthy dose of exercise is difficult, but it can be done. It just requires more effort and addressing unique barriers to regular exercise, says Dr Madhukar Trivedi, co-author of the study and Director of the Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care, part of the Peter ODonnell Jr. Brain Institute at UT Southwestern.

Doctors Tips: How to Stay Fit While Treating Depression

Dr Madhukar Trivedi cites previous research showing that depressed patients can often perform about three-fourths of the exercise theyre asked to do. He recommends patients take several steps to boost their chances of success:

  • Set aside a consistent time to exercise every day, but do not get discouraged by stretches of inactivity. Resume activities as soon as possible.
  • Keep a log to track progress.
  • Vary the exercises to avoid monotony. Keep the workout interesting and fun.
  • Exercise with a friend.
  • Task someone with holding you accountable for maintaining the exercise regimen.

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry utilized a Cooper Institute database of participants who had their cardiorespiratory fitness measured at an average age of 50 years. Researchers used Medicare administrative data to establish correlations between the participants fitness at midlife to rates o...


Good sleep, enough of it is essential for everyone including children: study Taaza Khabar News Taaza Khabar News


By Taazakhabar News Bureau

Children can sometimes be fickle eaters, but how many parents know that their childs bedtime and sleeping habits also affect the way they eat?

Research from the University of South Australia now confirms that sleep timing and sleep quality can influence the dietary behaviours of school-aged children, causing them to skip breakfast and eat more junk food, both warning signs of poor nutrition.

The world-first study examined the ffood1sleep and eating behaviours of 28,010 school children aged between 9 to 17 years from data collected via the South Australian Wellbeing and Engagement Collection from 368 government and independent schools in South Australia.

Results show that children who regularly go to bed after 11 pm are more likely to eat fewer than three breakfasts a week, and more likely to eat junk food.

Lead researcher, UniSAs Dr Alex Agostini says the findings clearly demonstrate the links between sleep and diet among school-aged children.

Sleep is important for everyones health and wellbeing, but when children and teenagers are regularly missing breakfast or eating junk food, their bodies and minds can suffer, Dr Agostini says.

When children have poor sleep and go to bed late at night, it increases their chance of missing breakfast the next morning.

Late bedtimes also increase the odds of children and teenagers eating junk food more often, which is never a good thing not only does it lack nutritional benefit, but it also contributes to the growing concerns around childhood obesity.

Professor Kurt Lushington, co-researcher and Head of UniSAs discipline of psychology, says the study also found a substantial proportion of children in the study to be

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 9-11 hours sleep for children aged 6-13 years and 8-10 hours sleep for children aged 14-17 years. Yet according to these standards, 16 per cent of children in this study were not getting enough sleep, Prof Lushington says.

Good quality sleep and enough of it is important...

Tuesday, 07 August


Debunking A Century of War Lies The Corbett Report

In the modern age of democracy and volunteer armies, a pretense for war is required to rally the nation around the flag and motivate the public to fight. That is why every major conflict is now accompanied by its own particular bodyguard of lies. From false flag attacks to dehumanization of the enemy, here are all the examples youll need to help debunk a century of war lies.


Dealing With Pakistans Multiple Tyrannies

Pakistans new Prime Minister has acknowledge the country has serious governance problems and will hopefully attempt to redress soonest its self-inflicted tyrannies. Only then will the country and its new Prime Minister restore its credibility within its own citizenry and also abroad as a trusted nation and reliable ally.

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Song-birds sing in the trees by the brook: Study Taaza Khabar News Taaza Khabar News

bird 1

By Taazakhabar News Bureau

Woodlands in agricultural lands surrounding a forested Protected Area support multiple guilds of a wintering bird community, a new study finds. The results provide insights into the role of mixed agriculturalforest landscapes in the conservation of different facets of biodiversity.

betel leaf cultivation (agro-forests)This study builds on the premise that while efforts to protect biodiversity in tropical forests have largely relied on the establishment of Protected Areas (PAs), there are limits to how much PAs can expand, and thus there is need to also evaluate agricultural land-uses for their potential to supplement biodiversity conservation. The paper titled In a tree by the brook, theres a songbird who sings: Woodlands in an agricultural matrix maintain functionality of a wintering bird community explores the potential of an agricultural landscape in Meghalaya to support a wintering bird community. It is the result of a Masters thesis by the lead author, who is a student of the Post-Graduate program in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, a joint program by the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program and the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.

The study was conducted by Mr. Biang La Nam Syiem of the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program, National Centre for Biological Sciences and Centre for Wildlife Studies; and Dr. Divya Vasudev and Dr. Varun R. Goswami of the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program, Centre for Wildlife Studies and Conservation Initiatives. It appears in the international journal PLOS ONE.

The study uses a guild-based frameworkthat is a framework whereby bird species with similar characteristics are grouped togetherto investigate the effects of vegetation structure and proximity to a PA in influencing the use of woodlands in agricultural lands surrounding the PA by the wintering bird community. It also investigates changes in species composition between the agricultural lands and the PA in the landscape. The study area covered approximately 100 square kms in the Nongkhyllem landscape, located in Ri-Bhoi District of Meghalaya, Northeast India. The area included the Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve forest, agro-forests, agricultural lands and community-managed forests. Occupancy models were used to understand habitatbird relationships and predict site use. The study was conducted between November 201...

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