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Saturday, 23 September


12 dead, 92 missing as flooding hits eastern Congo following torrential rain "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 12 people died and 92 were missing after heavy rains caused flooding in two villages in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, an official said Wednesday. "The provisional toll after torrential rain hit the villages of Bihambwe and Matanda in Masisi Territory is 12 dead, 18 injured and 92 missing," said Julien Paluku, governor of Nord Kivu province, where the villages are located. The rain started on Tuesday, causing a river to flood, local residents told AFP. "The rain began in the afternoon, forcing those coming back from the fields to take shelter in homes near the river. The flooding caught them by surprise," said Joseph Ndabita, a resident of Bihambwe. He told AFP he had counted "10 bodies and (seen) others being swept away by the strong current towards the river."


South Africas Rhino Paradox "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

South Africas recent reversal of a ban on trade in rhinoceros horn has invigorated support for commercial farming of the product. But breeders' argument that a legal market will protect wild populations ignores how the illicit trade in wildlife products actually functions.


Ben Hubbard does what he does best: produces propaganda for the Saudi royal family "IndyWatch Feed War"

Look he summed up the life of King Faisal: "One ruled Saudi Arabia for 11 years, outlawed slavery, spread public education and introduced television to his country."  This is the man who was first to declare Jihad (in the religious fanatical meaning of the word), the man who fought progressive, secular movements thoruhogut the world, the man who was a benefactor of every reactionary anti-communist movement in the region and beyond, the man who inspired the alliance of Islamist political forces in the Cold War, the man who sponsored the fanaticism of Ibn Baz, who would inspire Bin Laden and his ilk, the man who used the oil wealth to fight the war in Yemen, the man who solidified the alliance between the house of Saudi and the religious Wahhabi establishment.  King Faisal was one of the most notorious anti-Semites in the entire contemporary history of the region, and he funded anti-Semites in the world.  But for Ben Hubbard, he "ended slavery and brought television".  In fact, he did not want to end slavery but the regime of King Saud in its last year, championed progressive issues especially in the economic and oil sphere, and Faisal did not want to appear less progressive and Western powers supported his coup in return for the ostensible reforms which he announced.  Slavery in the kingdom did NOT end in 1964. 


Lightning strike kills civil servant in Kwara, Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 47-year-old civil servant, Salami Adekunle, was on Thursday struck to death by lightning in Oro, Kwara State, the News Agency of Nigeria reports. NAN gathered that the deceased was, until his demise, a staff of the Registry Department of the College of Education, Oro, in Irepodun Local Government Area of the state. The deceased was said to be leaving the institution's examination office for the registry department at about 10a.m. when the incident happened during a downpour. The body of the deceased, who hailed from Ilesa in Osun State, was sighted lying on the spot of the incident.


Trump to Scrap Drone Restrictions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human rights groups argue the move could led to an upsurge in civilian casualties, which are already soaring under Trump.

(COMMONDREAMS)  President Donald Trump is reportedly gearing up to roll back even the most limited restrictions on U.S. drone operations overseas, further opening the door for the expansion of airstrikes and commando raids into nations like the Philippines and Nigeria and setting the stage for an upsurge in civilian casualtiesalready at record highs in Afghanistan and soaring in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

Zeke Johnson, senior director of programs for Amnesty International USA, told the New York Times in an interview that while Obama-era restrictions on drone strikes fell far short on human rights protections, any move to water down drone warfare rules even further would be a grave mistake.

The White House appears to be committed to the move nonetheless, the Times reported on Thursday, noting that the plan has quietly taken shape over months of debate among administration officials and awaits Trumps expected signature.

The Times notes that at least two rules are on the chopping block:

  • First, the targets of kill missions by the military and the CIA, now generally limited to high-level militants deemed to pose a continuing and imminent threat to Americans, would be expanded to include foot-soldier jihadists with no special skills or leadership roles.
  • And second, proposed drone attacks and raids would no longer undergo high-level vetting.

The plan, in effect, would deepen American military involvement in nations considered to be beyond combat zones and allow the U.S. militaryand the CIA, which has for months lobbied for more drone authorityto target individuals that are not even deemed national security threats by the U.S. government.

[D]rone operators and commanders would face fewer internal hurdles to launching specific strikes or raids, the Times concluded.

As Common Dreams...


Lawmakers Salaries: Meeting with Saraki raises more questions than it answers SERAP New Telegraph Online

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has confirmed that its representatives yesterday met with the Senate President Bukola Saraki to discuss issues relating to details of annual salaries and allowances of lawmakers. In a statement today by Timothy Adewale SERAP deputy director the organization said that, While we appreciate the expressed commitment by Saraki to transparency and accountability of the National Assembly, and the rare opportunity to dialogue with him, we remain deeply concerned that the leadership of the Senate has unfortunately not satisfactorily addressed the damaging allegations byProfessor Itse...

The post Lawmakers Salaries: Meeting with Saraki raises more questions than it answers SERAP appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


SHOCKING: NGOs, CSOs used to fund terrorism Reps New Telegraph Online

  In spite of the public outcry trailing the impending passage of the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) regulation bill by the House of Representatives, the lower chamber has said it is determined to pass the bill because some of the NGOs are used to fund terrorism and insurgency in the country. The deputy majority leader of the House, Hon. Umar Buba Jibril (APC, Kogi), who made the position of the House known in a statement issued in Abuja yesterday said the intendment of the new NGO bill was to forestall alleged illegal...

The post SHOCKING: NGOs, CSOs used to fund terrorism Reps appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


Biafra: Group to honour Kanu for restructuring Nigeria New Telegraph Online

The Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA), a pro-Igbo and restructuring group, on Friday, announced plans to honour the leader of the recently outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in October. A statement made available to Saturday Telegraph in Enugu and signed by Chief Mrs. Maria Okwor, Deputy Leader, ECA and also the leader of Igbo Women Assembly (IWA), noted that Kanu will be honoured at a presentation of a book titled How Nnamdi Kanu Restructured Nigeria. Mrs. Okwor stated that the book produced by the ECA, documents the travails, the journey and...

The post Biafra: Group to honour Kanu for restructuring Nigeria appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


BIZARRE! Man with three wives, 14 children rapes seven year old orphan for four years New Telegraph Online

A 70-year-old man in Akpoha, Afikpo North local government area of Ebonyi state, Simon Alobu popularly known as papa Eke  is now in police custody  for allegedly hypnotizing and repeatedly raping a 7-year-old orphan, Favour(surname withheld). The incident occurred in Ezi Imo compound, Ohanwegu in the area. Favour was first raped in 2014 allegedly by Alobu and since then, the man has allegedly been raping her. The suspect  tore Favours bottom with razor blade where he presumably apply some charms to prevent the girl from revealing his identity until the...

The post BIZARRE! Man with three wives, 14 children rapes seven year old orphan for four years appeared first on New Telegraph Online.

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Friday, 22 September


North Koreas role in rhino horn, ivory and other smuggling in Africa Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Global Initiative

New report by The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime lifts the lid on state-sanctioned North Korean criminal activity in Africa, exposing diplomats and embassies linked to illicit trade in rhino horn, ivory, cigarettes and minerals. Research conducted by the Global Initiative has linked North Korean diplomatic passport holders to at least 18 cases of rhino horn and ivory smuggling over the past 30 years. Drawing on interviews with high-level North Korean defectors, diplomatic and government sources and hundreds pages of documents, press reports and academic articles, the report Diplomats and Deceit North Koreas Criminal Activities in Africa, examines North Koreas involvement in Africa and allegations that the countrys embassies in several African states are intimately connected to a complex web of illicit activity aimed at the bolstering the Kim Jong-un regime and enriching cash-strapped diplomats.

About The author:

Julian Rademeyer is an award-winning South African investigative journalist, a senior research fellow with the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime and is currently leading a project for TRAFFIC on protection of Africas wildlife and ecosystems. Julian is the author of the best-selling book, Killing for Profit Exposing the illegal rhino horn trade.  His two previous reports for the Global Initiative, Tipping Point: Transnational organised crime and the war on poaching and Beyond Borders: Crime, conservation and criminal networks in the illicit rhino horn trade together represent one of the most current and in-depth investigations into the illicit networks enabling the desecration of the rhino species in Southern Africa.



See the full report here:



Emir of Deir ez-Zor among ISIS commanders killed in bunker by Russian airstrike "IndyWatch Feed World"

Some 40 Islamic State terrorists, including the so-called emir of Deir ez-Zor are said to have been killed as Russian warplanes struck and wiped out an underground command center and communication unit near the city, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russias Su-34 and Su-35 fighter jets scrambled from Khmeimim Air Base in Syrias Latakia province hit a high-profile gathering of Islamic States (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) field commanders on September 5, the ministry said. It noted that the Russian Air Force was acting upon the intelligence it received from several sources indicating that a meeting of senior IS militants was about to take place in one of the underground command centers on the outskirts of Deir ez-Zor.

The militants were set to discuss ways to fend off the offensive by the Syrian forces, which were making rapid gains toward the city, which had been besieged by IS for three years.

As result of the airstrike at least 40 IS members, including four field commanders, were killed on the spot. An underground command center and terrorist communication hub were destroyed.

The effective actions of the Russian Air Force speeded up the lifting of a siege from the city of Deir ez-Zor and allowed the Syrian troops to begin liberating the city, the ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Among the senior militants killed is internationally wanted Abu-Muhammad al-Shimali (also known as Tirad Al-Jarba), the self-proclaimed emir of Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that the militants death has been confirmed.    


Al-Shimali, an Iraqi-born Saudi citizen and a former Al-Qaeda member, pledged his allegiance to ISIS in 2015 and later became notorious for being the one in charge of smuggling foreign fighters into its territory.

In 2015, the US State Department offered a bounty of up to $5 million for information leading to al-Shimalis capture and arrest, while describing him a key leader in ISILs Immigration and Logistics Committee coordinating smuggling activities, financial transfers, and the movement of supplies into Syria and Iraq from Europe, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Apart from smuggling recruits into Syria, al-Shimali was also believed by several European intelligence agencies to be involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks, the ministry added. French investigators had previously determined, according to media reports, that at least three of the att...


Global Action Keeping Famine at Bay But Failing to Prevent Suffering "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nearly seven months after the United Nations issued an urgent call for action to counter the threat of famine in South Sudan, Somalia, north-east Nigeria and Yemen, global efforts have kept that crisis at bay but millions of people still suffer and many are dying at this very moment, Secretary-General Antnio Guterres on 21 September warned.

In the western desert town of Dinsoor, Somalia, newly arrived drought victims receive food supplies delivered by the UNs World Food Program (WFP). Photo: Giles Clarke/Getty Images Reportage | Source: UN News Centre

To keep famine at bay doesnt mean to keep suffering at bay, Guterres said at a high-level event on famine prevention and response, organized by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the World Bank.

So, millions and millions of people suffer, millions and millions of people are not food secure, and we have people dying at this very moment, he added.

The Secretary-General noted that since the call for action was issued in February, 60 per cent of the $4.9 billion required to cover urgent humanitarian operations has been received.

Humanitarian agencies and their partners are reaching close to 30 million people each month with life-saving food, livelihood support, health, water and sanitation and nutrition assistance, he added.

However, in each of the four countr...


Have we lost our way in war? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, September 21, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

Opening debate remarks at the University of Pennsylvania on September 21, 2017, on the following proposition: Are Americas wars in Syria and Afghanistan just and necessary or have we lost our way in the use of military force, including drone weaponry, in conducting US foreign policy?

Wow, Ive already gotten more applause than Trump got for his whole speech at the UN.

U.S. wars and bombings in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and the Philippines, and threats to North Korea are unjust, unnecessary, immoral, illegal, extremely costly in several ways, and counterproductive on their own terms.

The idea of a just war comes down to us over some 1600 years from people whose worldview we share in almost no other way. Just war criteria come in three types: non-empirical, impossible, and amoral.

The Non-Empirical Criteria: A just war is supposed to have the right intention, a just cause, and proportionality. But these are devices of rhetoric. When your government says bombing a building where ISIS stashes money justifies killing up to 50 people, theres no agreed upon, empirical means to reply No, only 49, or only 6, or up to 4,097 people can be justly killed. Identifying a governments intention is far from simple, and attaching a just cause like ending slavery to a war doesnt make that cause inherent to that war. Slavery can be ended in many ways, while no war has ever been fought for a single reason. If Myanmar had more oil wed be hearing about genocide prevention as a just cause for invading, and no doubt worsening, the crisis.

The Impossible Criteria: A just war is supposed to be a last resort, have a reasonable prospect of success, keep noncombatants immune from attack, respect enemy soldiers as human beings, and treat prisoners of war as noncombatants. None of these things are even possible. To call something a last resort is in reality merely to claim it is the best idea you have, not the only idea you have. There are always other ideas that anyone can think of. Every time we urgently need to bomb Iran or were all going t...


INTERVIEW: What transpired between Nnamdi Kanu and South-East Governors. OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


Tunisian Navy Rescues 78 Migrants Off Coast "IndyWatch Feed War"

TUNIS Tunisias navy rescued 78 migrants including two girls after their vessel en route to Europe took on water off the coast of Chebba and was stranded for three days, the defense ministry said on Friday.

Human traffickers increasingly use Tunisia as a launch pad for migrants heading for Europe after Libyas coastguard aided by armed groups tightened its controls.

Naval forces rescued 78 illegal Tunisian migrants 70 kilometers east of the coast of Chebba on board a boat that was damaged and leaking water, the ministry said in statement, adding that nobody died in the incident.

Tunisia has been praised for its democratic progress after a 2011 uprising against autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali but successive governments have failed to create jobs for young people, some of whom head to Europe to seek work.

(Reporting By Tarek Amara; Editing by Matthew Mpoke Bigg)

Related image


Link Pan-African News Wire

The COSATU National Strike Is About Pushing Back Against Kleptocracy and Neopatrimonialism
The preparations for the upcoming COSATU led National strike on the 27 September 2017 are in full swing and the workers are making it very clear that they are tired of State Capture and Corruption. They are clear that these twin evils lead to economic decay and job losses.

Workers and ready and willing to fight the immoral and criminal phenomenon of State Capture and the cancer of Corruption, which robs them of their livelihoods, steal their resources, causes job losses and perpetuate poverty.

South Africa is struggling with the real unemployment rate of 38%, with close to 10 million people struggling to get jobs and over 17 million people on welfare.

This is happening while South Africa is losing roughly R147 billion from the money that is illegally taken out of the country per year. This is the money that will allow South Africa to accommodate all South African students at a university level for free. According to Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel, Corruption costs the SA gross domestic product (GDP) at least R27bn annually as well as the loss of 76 000 jobs that would otherwise have been created.

The recent data by Statistics South Africa report that shows that out of a population of 56 million, around 13,8 million people are now living below the food poverty line of R17.38 per person per day .It also shows that more than 30 million people out of 56 million are poor.

This is happening at the same time that the U N Conference on Trade and Development released last year in July showed that mining companies hid more than R1 trillion of tax invoices to avoid taxes between 200-2014.

Millions of South Africans are struggling to buy and build homes for their families, while the notorious GUPTA Family has managed to steal more than R10 billion rand from the country and have bought mansions costing up to R450 million in Dubai. Out of 1,4 million public servants, over 900 000 of them do not have houses.

What makes this possible is the fact that our government has been captured. Our government has adopted policies that benefit the private sector and the tiny elite. The Public Protector report showed us that the president sold...


Hypocrisy Of Buharis Presidency Stinks HURIWA. OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


Link Pan-African News Wire

ANC Humbled by Overwhelming Support in Cape Town Ward By-election
21 September 2017

The African National Congress is humbled by the overwhelming support received from the people of Ward 37 in Nyanga, Cape Town in yesterday's by-election. 71% of all votes cast demonstrated our people's confidence in their movement, the African National Congress with the closest party following the ANC, the Pan African Congress (PAC), receiving 18% of the vote.

The ANC does not take this support for granted and remains committed to ensuring that the City of Cape Town delivers against the aspirations of the people of Nyanga and the black (African, Coloured and Indian) communities of Cape Town in general. We will use this victory to give further impetus to our campaign to reclaim the City of Cape Town and the Western Cape province.

We thank our volunteers, members and supporters of the ANC for tireless work which resulted to this victory for the people's movement. We equally, thank all the voters who cast their votes in these elections.

We congratulate the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for continuously delivering the credible, free and fair by-elections.

Issued by the African National Congress
Zizi Kodwa 082 330 4910
National Spokesperson
Khusela Sangoni 072 854 5707
National Communications Manager


Link Pan-African News Wire

ANC Statement: Mining Authorities Must Step Up Efforts at Mine Safety
20 September 2017

The African National Congress has noted with grave concern reports of the death of two miners at the Impala Platinum Mine in Rustenburg in the North West province yesterday, 19 September 2017. This tragic incident follows the death of five mine workers at Kusasalethu mine in Carltonville earlier this month and the growing number of workers losing their lives in our countrys mines. It cannot be that our mines have become death traps for workers and a job in the mining industry carries with it major risk on the workers life.

The mining industry remains a dominant and very important sector of our economy, built - as it is - on the back of the working class who for decades have endured dangerous and exploitative conditions. It has been and remains an unambiguous objective of the ANC that we create safe and decent working conditions for mine workers. The avoidable deaths reported in the industry fly in the face of this objective and require drastic action by all stakeholders to eliminate fatalities and injuries.

Accordingly, the ANC calls on mining authorities and other stakeholders to employ all measures necessary to decisively deal with the safety challenges in the mining industry. Government is further called upon to use all means at its disposal to pressure the industry to correct the defects and adopt all necessary safeguards deal to these senseless deaths. Fatalities and injuries must be eliminated within the timeframes agreed by the industry; one death of a mine worker is one death too many.

The African National Congress expresses its sincere condolences to the families who have lost loved ones from these tragic incidents in our mines. Government, the mining companies concerned and the industry as a whole, are expected to give support and comfort to the bereaved families during these difficult times.

Issued by the African National Congress


Zizi Kodwa 082 330 4910
National Spokesperson

Khusela Sangoni 072 854 5707
National Communications Manager


Link Pan-African News Wire

ANC Condemns Arson Attacks on CPUT
20 September 2017

The African National Congress (ANC) condemns in the harshest possible terms the torching of several buildings at the Cape Town University of Technologys (CPUT) campuses in Bellville and Mowbray, Cape Town. These criminal acts must be punished using the full might of our law enforcement system as they can never be a justification for any grievance anyone may have had.

In 2016, the Department of Higher Education and Training estimated the cost of damage to universities as a result of protests at approximately R459 million. This is money that would be most optimally used to fund the shortages and challenges in our higher education system rather than addressing unnecessary damages. Behavior such as burning university buildings is short-sighted and devoid of any appreciation of the dire need faced by students and our institutions of higher education.

The ANC calls upon any person with information in relation to these unlawful acts to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to book.

University management and the student body at large must close rank to expose and isolate these agent provocateurs should they be within their ranks.

All stakeholders are further called upon to redouble their efforts to find amicable and lasting solutions to disputes and the restoration of the academic programme.

Issued by the African National Congress


Zizi Kodwa 082 330 4910
National Spokesperson

Khusela Sangoni 072 854 5707
National Communications Manager


#Greece: African Street Musician Assaulted by Racist Cops in #Athens "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cops assaulted an immigrant street musician at Monastiraki, Athens, and at the police department in Omonoia.


Image by

Originally published by Translated by Black Cat.

Greece: African Street Musician Assaulted by Racist Cops in Athens

Cops assaulted an immigrant street musician at Monastiraki, Athens, and at the police department in Omonoia.

Kamara Mohammed, a street musician and immigran...


Link Pan-African News Wire

Ahead of a special meeting on Friday morning, Lindiwe Sisulu says she hopes the NEC will discuss why the party's leaders rejected a request to hold a consultative conference.

FILE: Lindiwe Sisulu, whos an ANC presidential candidate, was open about her decision to accept the nomination. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN.

Clement Manyathela
Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - As the African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee (NEC) prepares for a special meeting on Friday morning, presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu has raised questions over why the party refuses to hold a consultative conference.

The partys leadership is expected to take a final decision on whether to appeal a court ruling declaring the ANC KwaZulu-Natal's 2015 elective conference unlawful.

Sisulu says she hopes the NEC will discuss why the party's leaders rejected a request by the stalwarts to hold a consultative conference.

A consultative conference is not one where we talk about policies going forward, it is one where we talk about the here and now. What is the health status of our organisation?

When asked if she thinks Friday's meeting must discuss another motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma, she said: What would the difference be between now and before?

Meanwhile, Cosatu has called for the special meeting to discuss the possible reinstatement of criminal charges against Zuma and take bold decisions about what it calls his lack of leadership capabilities.


Link Pan-African News Wire

Khoza has been vocal in her belief that President Jacob Zuma should be removed from office.

FILE: ANC presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu at an event in Kliptown on 22 July 2017. Picture: Katleho Sekhotho/EWN

Clement Manyathela
Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu says that she is saddened by Makhosi Khoza's resignation because the African National Congress (ANC) needs people of courage like her.

Khoza announced that she's quitting the party on Thursday during an emotional speech, where she hit out at ANC leaders and warned that the party is beyond saving.

Khoza has been vocal in her belief that President Jacob Zuma should be removed from office.

Sisulu says that the news that Khoza has resigned has saddened her.

Im really saddened by it because I think we need people of courage to stand up and say: this far and no further.

She says the party needs people like Khoza.

The ANC needs people of courage because it is them who are able to tell us when we go wrong and got the ANC to where we are.

The Minister says that just like Chris Hani was critical of the ANC and helped put the party on a good path, Khoza should have also been given the space to speak out against the wrongs in the organisation.


Arab Media Idolized Qatar Royals Who Left Home to Live Abroad Both called this week to convene a meeting of the Qatari ruling family to discuss the crisis. "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Aziz El Yaakoubi


Link Pan-African News Wire

Lindiwe Sisulu revealed that shes been pushing for the President to be disciplined.

FILE: Lindiwe Sisulu. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

Clement Manyathela
Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) presidential candidate Lindiwe Sisulu has told Eyewitness News she doesn't understand why President Jacob Zuma still hasn't been taken through the party's disciplinary processes for bringing the party into disrepute.

During a sit-down interview with EWN, Sisulu revealed that shes been pushing for the President to be disciplined.

She says a diagnostic report presented by ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe at the party's policy conference earlier this year, confirmed that scandals involving Zuma had caused unhappiness and cost the party.

Sisulu has taken issue with the fact that President Zuma still hasn't appeared before a disciplinary committee.

I have been insisting that there must be a disciplinary process so that if there is an interpretation that if you put the ANC into disrepute, that is an offence.

She says this worries her.

If we all agreed at the policy conference that that is what happened to the president, why was he not taken through a disciplinary process? We have an integrity committee [and if they fail] they should take the matter to the disciplinary committee.

Sisulu says the president must go through a disciplinary committee and be suspended if found to have brought the party into disrepute.


Next Generation Nigeria: Participation, Accountability and National Cohesion | Chatham House OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


Does forest certification work? Africa Sustainable Conservation News


forest certification really work? Written by Shreya Dasgupta, research by Zuzana Burivalova. by on 21 September 2017

Mongabay Series:

  • Based on a review of 40 studies, we found that certified tropical forests are overall better for the environment than forests managed conventionally.
  • But there wasnt enough evidence to say if certified tropical forests are better than, the same as, or worse than conventionally managed tropical forests when it comes to people.
  • We also found that profits and other economic benefits are hard to come by for certified logging companies working in tropical forests.
  • This is part of a special Mongabay series on Conservation Effectiveness.

Tropical timber has earned a bad reputation.

When we think of timber from lush, tropical forests, it conjures up images of valuable old-growth trees pillaged by logging companies and illegal timber mafias, ignoring the plight of wildlife and local communities.

But tropical timber does not have to be bad, some experts say.

Tropical wood forms an integral part of many of our daily-use products, like furniture, toilet paper, flooring, construction, and packaging material. And this important reso...


Interpols role in combating the rhino horn trade Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Times live (South Africa)

Interpol joins global war against poaching

22 September 2017 05:50 By Tony Carnie
Image: Reuben Goldberg

With South Africa in 2017 likely to record 1000 rhino killings for the fifth year in a row, conservation and security experts are calling for smarter strategies to track down the big fish who drive global wildlife crimes.

Rather than focusing mainly on the armed foot soldiers who enter state and private nature reserves to shoot an average of three rhinos a day, researchers from the Pretoria-based Institute for Security Studies believe there is still a lack of data on transnational criminal syndicates that profit from the poaching of rhino and other wildlife species.

The illicit trade in wildlife is a very serious conservation issue, but has important social impacts too. Syndicates operate in more than one sector. The trade in wildlife products like rhino horn, pangolin and lion bones supports a supply of guns and drugs and contributes to corruption at multiple levels. said ISS researcher Ciara Aucoin.

Exposed: Rhino chop shops in SA

Chinese syndicates in SA dodge cops by sawing horns into beads and trinkets for exportc
4 days ago

Aucoin and fellow researcher Zachary Donnenfeld suggest that wildlife crime is the fourth-most lucrative organised crime globally and one of the most expensive security challenges facing Southern Africa.

Aucoin and Donnenfeld are part of a new initiative, ENACT, to tackle transnational organised crime in...


Link Pan-African News Wire

Helen Zille: Conservative South African Opposition Party Responds to the Cape Water Crisis
By Pumza Fihlani
BBC News

How far would you go to save water?

Well, for the head of a provincial government in South Africa, it seems there is no sacrifice too big.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has revealed that she only showers every third day.

But it seems that what may appear at first to be a drastic, and somewhat smelly, move is, in fact, a noble one.

The Western Cape - famed for its winelands, mountains and beaches - has been experiencing severe water shortages which have worsened in the last year due to a drought in the region.

"I shower briefly once every three days and for the rest wash in the hand basin. I used to wash my hair every day but now only when I shower with visibly negative consequences," Ms Zille wrote in a column.

"However I regard oily hair in a drought to be as much of a status symbol as a dusty car."

Still, Ms Zille, the founder of South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), has shocked many with the revelations of her showering schedule.

Ms Zille is no stranger to controversy. She caused a storm recently after posting a tweet in which she suggested there were some positive aspects of colonialism.

Of course, for some South Africans, sacrificing your shower time might seem to be a middle-class problem.

Those living in Cape Town's informal settlements have to rely on a communal tap for water and bath out of a basin, while low-income households would usually have running water in the house and a bath.

So how did we end up knowing about the hygiene habits of one of South Africa's best-known politicians?

Well, Ms Zille was rebuffing a recent article by TimesLive which raised questions about the provincial department's use of tax-papers money to install a water purification system at her official residence in Cape Town.

Desperate to show that she takes the water crisis seriously, she said: "As for my husband and I we try to use so little water that I sometimes get worried about the hygienic and aesthetic consequences."

The news might have provided some light...


The NGO regulation bill. The most dangerous piece of legislation ever considered by the National Assembly. OBLONG MEDIA

Please listen carefully to this recording of the former Executive Secretary of the Human Rights CommissionFiled under: Uncategorized


Link Pan-African News Wire

Ruling Reveals a Court Beset by Disagreements
Kenya Daily Nation

In Summary
The dissenting judges accused their colleagues of being obsessed with processes at the expense of the material import of the election.

But Justice Njoki Ndungu sought to dismantle all these assertions in a 440-page ruling she read in full for four hours.

The Majority ruling had said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission failed to conduct the election in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws.


The sharply divergent decisions of the September 1 ruling, which were expounded on Wednesday, have offered a glimpse into a deeply divided court.

The judges were clearly worlds apart in their philosophical orientation.

Supreme Court judges Njoki Ndungu and Jackton Ojwang faulted their colleagues Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Justices Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola for nullifying President Kenyattas win in the August 8 poll on.

The dissenting judges accused their colleagues of being obsessed with processes at the expense of the material import of the election.

The Majority ruling had said the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission failed to conduct the election in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws.


The judges said IEBC did not transmit presidential results (or forms 34A) from polling stations nor provide all forms 34A as a means to verify forms 34B which contain constituency tallies.

The majority ruling also cited a number of anomalies which include the lack of security features on some forms 34, and the commissions refusal to comply with the Courts ruling to provide access to their server and access logs.

It further ruled that the Kenya Integrated Election Management System (Kiems) which is used to identify voters and transmit results was modified without reference to all the candidates.

But Justice Njoki Ndungu sought to dismantle all these assertions in a 440-page ruling she read in full for four hours.

She said she had conducted a...


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Forms 34A, 34B Were in Order: Ndungu
 Kenya Daily Nation

Lady Justice Njoki Ndung'u at the Supreme Court before delivering a full judgment on reasons for nullification of President Kenyatta's re-election. Justice Ndungu ruled that forms 34A and 34B were in order. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary

The judge, who was the last to deliver her ruling, said the court should have real grounds for concluding that the election results were not credible.

She faulted her colleagues for not using the certified forms filed in court by the commission to verify the claims made by Nasa presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga.

She also faulted her colleagues for deliberately overturning a previous decision of the court on section 83 of the Elections Act to favour a finding of nullity.


Supreme Court judge Njoki Ndungu Wednesday tore into key parts of the evidence which informed the ruling that annulled the August 8 presidential election.

Justice Ndungu said the disputed Forms 34A used to declare the election outcome were proper in form and content.

The judge, who was the last to deliver her ruling, said the court should have real grounds for concluding that the election results were not credible.

Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and justices Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola had earlier upheld arguments by the National Super Alliance in the petition.


They ruled that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission failed to verify the numbers before declaring the election winner and that Nasa had shown that the declaration of the results was made before all the 40,883 Forms 34A had been received.

The court also said a random scrutiny of Forms 34A showed there were discrepancies. Justice Ndungu, however, said she conducted an analysis of the 291 Forms 34B 290 constituencies and one from the diaspora and the disputed Forms 34A and noted they were okay.

She faulted her colleagues for not using the certified forms filed in court by the commission to verify the claims made by Nasa presidentia...


The full moon puts lions prey species on edge Africa Sustainable Conservation News

University of Minnesota

Stirred in the middle of the night by a steady stream of light, we wonder: is that a full moon or streetlight? Although an annoyance, most of us quickly fall back into REM sleep. Stakes are higher out on the Serengeti. For prey aiming to avoid a lion encounter, the fullness of the moon can impact whether or not theyll survive until morning.

In a recently published article in Ecology Letters, a group of U of MN researchers explore how the lunar cycle impacts the behavior of animals that lions feast on. Researchers show that the brightness of the moon can impact how prey move across the landscape in an effort to avoid  predation.

This research explores strategies that Serengeti prey use to avoid lions and Meredith Palmer, the lead author notes, the work will make it much easier to create models that predict preys behaviour and subsequent impacts on their community and the environment.

Zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, and Thompsons gazelle must carefully select their grazing grounds to avoid becoming a lions next meal. The idea that prey avoid high-risk areas or where lions gather is aptly dubbed the landscape of fear by re...


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Key Points in Supreme Court Presidential Petition Judgement
Kenya Daily Nation

Supreme Court judges on September 20, 2017 when they delivered a detailed judgement laying out their reasons for annulling the August 8 presidential election. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary
The court acknowledged the fact that no election is perfect and that the law recognises this reality.
The Judges wondered why the manually transmitted forms arrived faster than the electronic ones.
They said there was no evidence of misconduct on the part of President Uhuru Kenyatta.


The Supreme Court Wednesday delivered its full judgment on the nullification of the August 8 presidential election.

In a majority decision, the apex court chaired by Chief Justice David Maraga explained that it quashed President Uhuru Kenyas re-election because, among other reasons, the National Returning Officer Wafula Chebukati did not verify the results before declaring the winner.

The following are some of the key points from the judges decision:

A ballot paper is counted as a vote if it is filled in accordance with the set procedure. The court observed that a rejected vote a vote which is void, a vote that accords no advantage to any candidate cannot be used in determining the 50-percent- plus-one threshold set in the Constitution for winning Kenya's presidential poll.

The court acknowledged the fact that no election is perfect and that the law recognises this reality. That said, it is difficult to categorise the violations of the law as minor inadvertent errors. In their view, IEBC behaved as though the provisions of Sections 39, 44 and 44A of the Constitution did not exist.

That elections are not only about numbers. That, to arrive at a mathematical solution, as taught in school, there is always a computational path. That one has to prove that the process indeed gives rise to the stated solution. In short, the apex court said elections are not events but processes.

IEBC and its Chairman Wafula Chebukati failed to offer any plausible response to the ques...


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Kenya Opposition Claims Broad and Vague, Says Justice Ojwang
Kenya Daily Nation

A National Super Alliance supporter (left) shouts at a Jubilee supporter near the Supreme Court of Kenya premises on September 20, 2017. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary
The judge, in his full ruling read in court Wednesday, argued that Nasas arguments were anchored on generalities and not factual evidence and hence failed the test of burden of proof.

To him, it was the respondents, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and its chairman, Wafula Chebukati who were enjoined in the case as the first and second respondents who provided better evidence to justify the credibility of the elections.

The judge noted that it was, therefore, prudent for the majority judges who ruled against the respondents to have asked for a recount of the votes before annulment.


Supreme Court judge Jackton Ojwang, in his dissenting opinion on the election petition, said Nasa leader Raila Odinga failed to prove his case after making broad and vague claims.

The judge, in his full ruling read in court Wednesday, argued that Nasas arguments were anchored on generalities and not factual evidence and hence failed the test of burden of proof.

Justice Ojwang noted that while the weight of the petitioners case lay on credibility, transparency and credibility of the results relaying process, Nasa largely made broad claims on alleged wrongdoing on the part of the electoral commission.

The petitioner, he argued, instead invited the court to ascertain the scope of its evidence.

To him, it was the respondents, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and its chairman, Wafula Chebukati who were enjoined in the case as the first and second respondents who provided better evidence to justify the credibility of the elections.


He noted that however profound a legal argument might be before the court, it must be anchored on the facts of the case. The evidence need to be credible, not objective unless it is from an expert witness, he added.

The Con...


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Judges Ignored Crucial Evidence, Says Kenyan President Kenyatta
Daily Nation

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto address the nation on the Supreme Court ruling at State House, Nairobi on September 21, 2017. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

In Summary
Chief Justice David Maraga, Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu, Justice Smokin Wanjala and Justice Isaac Lenaola in their ruling upheld arguments by National Super Alliance in the election petition.

Justice Ndungu faulted her colleagues for not using the certified forms filed in court by the commission to verify the claims made by Nasa presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga.

The IEBC changed the date from October 17 to 26 to allow it more time to prepare for the poll.

 The cabinet has also approved a supplementary budget that shall be forwarded to the National Assembly next week for the purposes of the fresh election.


President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday accused the Supreme Court of subverting the will of Kenyans who voted on August 8 by failing to consider all the evidence adduced by the electoral commission.

He said it was incomprehensible how a bench of four judges could nullify a decision by more than eight million Kenyans who voted for him without due regard to evidence presented before them.

The President, who was with his deputy William Ruto, spoke a day after Supreme Court Judge Njoki Ndungu in her dissenting opinion poked holes in the majority ruling, arguing that her colleagues had failed to verify the result forms on whose basis they annulled the presidential election.

In an address to the nation from State House, Nairobi, a day after the judges read their full judgments, the Head of State said the apex court handled the presidential petition poorly and was misguided in its majority ruling.


He said had the court verified documents and forms supplied by the Independent Electoral and Boundar...


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Be Vigilant During Repeat Poll, Raila Tells Observers
Kenya Daily Nation

In Summary
In the August poll, the Carter Centre had sent former US Secretary of State John Kerry to lead a team of other observers.
Mr Kerry heaped praises at IEBC for conducting a free and fair elections despite the concerns raised by the opposition.


Opposition leader Raila Odinga has told the observer mission in the country that they have a second chance to effectively play their role in the coming fresh presidential poll scheduled for October 26.

In a statement to newsrooms after meeting with representatives of two election observation missions on Thursday the National Democratic Institute and the The Carter Centre on the preparations of the new elections Mr Odinga told the observers to be vigilant in the coming fresh poll and pay keen attention to what the Supreme Court found to have gone wrong in the August poll.

We believe in election observation and see it as a critical part of ensuring free and fair polls if the observers focus on the right things, Mr Odinga told the Carter Centre delegation.

In the August poll, the Carter Centre had sent former US Secretary of State John Kerry to lead a team of other observers.

Mr Kerry heaped praises at IEBC for conducting a free and fair elections despite the concerns raised by the opposition.

Mr Odinga said the endorsement of the August poll by Carter Centre which has since been nullified by the Supreme Court is now water under the bridge and the focus should be on the coming fresh poll.

In the glowing complements to the IEBC and talking of how Kenya is leading the continent in the path to democratisation despite our protests, the Carter Centre went too far. But to err is human. We just hope it does not happen again, Mr Odinga said.

In the meeting that was also attended by Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, the opposition leaders stuck to their guns that all the major concerns they raised on IEBC must be addressed before they can participate in the repeat presidential election.


The meeting largely focused on the role of observers which came under sharp cr...


How Long Until Our Most Secret Data is Used Against Us in Court? "IndyWatch Feed World"

How long do people have until our most private data is used to formally convict us of crimes in court?

Several court cases have inched closer and closer to this all-encompassing surveillance/police state in the past, but now we seem to be on the precipice of a nightmare.

How long do we have before our private Facebook messages are used against us in court, collected at the highest levels of state surveillance by the NSA and other intelligence agencies? How long do we have before our secretly recorded audio, phone in pocket, is used to convict us in court?

What if a person says something about, for instance, illegal psychedelic mushrooms in 2017, and in 2027, that person is convicted of a crime for selling the mushrooms 10 years later, when the laws are changed to allow convictions based on sensitive data collected through surveillance?

Its difficult to know where to start on this issue: every country has a different policy when it comes to data collection and court convictions, so to measure the worst conditions for data collection in the world, it would make sense to look at China first.

China is of course home to some of the most Orwellian, totalitarian internet censorship and surveillance on the planet. There, social media users can be imprisoned for speaking out against the state, or doing anything the state deems unlawful.

There, it is unclear whether or not private social media messages can be used in court to convict a person, but understanding how the Internet works there, it seems very likely this is already happening.

Recently, China launched its own court to deal with internet related cases.

(Image credit: China)

One website that is following this issue is titled Social Media Law Bulletin.

In South Africa, the boundary is being pushed with hacked private Facebook messages, obtained illegally, qualifying as evidence in a court case.

According to...


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Kenyas Repeat Election Postponed by Nine Days
by John Aglionby
Financial Times

Kenyas electoral commission has postponed the repeat presidential election by nine days to October 26, citing the need to meet the standards set out by the supreme court in its judgement that nullified last months ballot.

The court voided the result of the August 8 vote on September 1, citing irregularities and illegalities after Raila Odinga, the defeated opposition leader, appealed against the re-election of incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta.

On Wednesday the judges gave their full ruling, with a majority blaming the electoral commission for systematic errors in the transmission of returns from the polling station to the constituency and national tallying centres.

They told the electoral commission to go back to the drawing board to prepare for the repeat election or risk that being annulled too.

OT-Morpho, the French company that provided the equipment delivering the electronic voter list and results transmission system, said earlier this week it would not be able to prepare everything in time for October 17, the date the commission originally set for the repeat vote but could meet a deadline of later in the month.

Under Kenyas constitution the repeat election has to be held within 60 days of the original vote being annulled.

Mr Kenyatta, who beat Mr Odinga by 54 per cent to 45 per cent, said on Thursday he respected the supreme court ruling but strongly disagreed with it. He said the judges had subverted the will of the people.


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Brexit Is Not Expected to Negatively Impact Mozambiques Trade Relations
21 September 2017

The United Kingdoms exit from the European Union is an opportunity to make more investments in Mozambique and will not have a negative impact on bilateral trade relations, the British Minister for International Trade said on Wednesday in Maputo.

Minister Liam Fox, who travelled to Mozambique as part of a tour of some southern African countries, said that what worries potential British investors is the guarantee of macroeconomic stability and a stable legal framework.

The SADC Sugar Producers Federation last week in Maputo expressed concern about losing the main sugar market in the European Union after Brexit as the United Kingdom absorbs more than half of the output of the countries in the region.

to Mozambican daily newspaper Notcias, the minister reassured the countries in the region that his country will maintain the existing business relationship, despite being subject to further negotiations.

Fox said the UK was willing to support Mozambique in the investigation of undisclosed debts amounting to US$2 billion taken on by three public enterprises with the support of the State and that are the basis for the freezing of international aid to Mozambique by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Group of 14 donor countries.

Fox visited Maputo where he met with the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi and the Minister of Trade, Max Tonela, to review of trade agreements between the two countries, due to the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. (macauhub)


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Mozambique Hopes to Raise $500 Million for Renewable Energy Projects
MAPUTO, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Mozambique offered a portfolio of small renewable energy projects to foreign investors on Tuesday which it hopes will attract $500 million in investment and give everyone in the southern African country electricity by 2030.

Around 60 percent of people living in Mozambique, which is highly indebted, have no access to electricity.

"The initiative is intended to ensure that within a 15 year horizon the Mozambican population has access to electricity outside the national power grid, thanks to small autonomous systems," the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy said.

The portfolio has identified potential sites for projects using solar, hydro or a combination and could attract an estimated investment of $500 million, it said


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Angola: Physicians Told to Consult Rural Areas - Administrator
Luanda The newly entry physicians are expected to conduct periodic ambulatory consultations in the outlying and rural areas of the municipality of Viana, said the municipal administrator, Jeremias Dumbo Tchilelevika.

Jeremias Dumbo Tchilelevika, who addressed 15 physicians recently hired in the municipality of Viana, said that a working system will be created so that doctors do not wait for patients in the hospital.

This system, he added, will also help, in addition to the consultations, diagnose some common diseases in certain areas, also indicating what is necessary for prevention.

On behalf of the doctors, Osmar Jos Mrio pledged to give his best and recalled that they are distributed in several hospital units of the municipality with the aim of contributing to a better health care for the residents.


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South Africa Returns MiG-21 Fighter Jet to Angola
Written by Dean Wingrin
Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Angolan MiG-21 being removed from the SAAF Musuem.Under a cloak of secrecy, the South African government has returned to Angola a MiG-21 fighter jet that it acquired during the Border War conflict in 1988.

A prized possession of the South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum and placed on display at Air Force Base Zwartkop, the MiG-21bis Fishbed with serial C340 of the Fora Area Popular de Angola (FAPA, the Angolan Air Force) was acquired in December 1988 when the jet landed in northern South West Africa (now Namibia) after becoming lost and running low on fuel.

General Francisco Afonso, Commander of the Angolan Air Force, announced on Angolan National Radio (RNA) that the MiG-21 was returned to Angola on Sunday 17 September. This was, he is quoted as saying, a goodwill gesture by South African President Jacob Zuma to mark the official opening that day of the Cuito Cuanavale monument.

The fighter was quietly removed from the SAAF Museums display hall where it was exhibited next to a Mirage F1CZ, its SAAF adversary during the Border War, on Friday 15 September before being transported to the nearby AFB Waterkloof. It was then flown to Angola inside an Angolan Air Force Ilyushin IL-76TD Candid (serial T-911) transport aircraft.

It is not known if Angola specially requested the return of the aircraft, but Angola has many old MiG-21 aircraft available locally for display purposes.

The news has not been met with enthusiasm by South African military historians and aviation enthusiasts. The aircraft had pride of place at the SAAF Museum and was an important exhibit, drawing many local and foreign visitors to view and take photos of the two old adversaries standing next to each other.

The fighter was acquired by South Africa during the Border War, when on 14 December 1988 FAPA pilot Lt Vinez took-off from the airfield at Lubango for a routine ferry flight to Menongue airfield. However, he became lost after entering cloud and decided to divert to the airfield at Cuito Cuanavale.

Flying in a south-easterly direction, but west of the planned route, he became low on fuel and ex...


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Pope Francis Congratulates Angolan President-Elect
Lunada Pope Francis sent on Wednesday a message to the Angolan President-elect, Joo Loureno, congratulating him on his election and hoping that the new Head of State will have success and prosperity in the destiny of the Angola.

According to the message, the Holy Father also wishes to strengthen ties of fraternal coexistence, a future of peace and blessings.

As President-elect, Joo Loureno has already been congratulated, among others, by the US State Department, the presidents of Russia, China, Portugal, France, Brazil, Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Botswana and Togo.

He also received congratulatory messages from the Angolan embassies in Mexico, Ghana, China, Canada and the Pan-African Parliament.

Joo Loureno will be inaugurated on September 23.


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Glencore Strikes Multi-Year Purchase Deal With Angola LNG
SEPT. 20, 2017, 7:24 A.M. E.D.T.

LONDON Trading house Glencore is to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies from Angola LNG over a multi-year period, adding to similar recent deals between the producer and traders including Vitol [VITOLV.UL].

Angola LNG on Wednesday said the deal was another step towards building its sales book with the most important players in the LNG market.

Last month it sold LNG to Vitol over a multi-year period and also entered a sales deal with the trading arm of Germany's RWE.

Until recently, Angola has been selling all of its LNG via competitive tenders in the spot market, partly because a previous plan to ship LNG to the United States fell through because of the U.S. shale gas boom.

Concerns over the Angola LNG plant's reliability as well as limitations on feed gas supplies from offshore fields also prevented the Chevron-led project from previously locking in an LNG sales deal.

(Reporting by Oleg Vukmanovic; Editing by David Goodman)


China, Russia support UNSC aspirations of India, Brazil, SA "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

BRICS Foreign Ministers held their annual meeting on the margins of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly on 21 September 2017 [Image: MEA, India]

In a meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA in New York, BRICS Foreign Ministers said they will seek to gather global support for reforming the world body.

BRICS nations have stressed on the need for a comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, with a view to making it more representative, said a joint statement.

Britain, France, Russia, China and the US are veto-wielding members of the UNSC.

BRICS members, India, South Africa and Brazil have bid for permanent membership of the UNSC.

The BRICS statement on Thursday said the UNSC  must increase the representation of the developing countries so that it can adequately respond to global challenges.

China and Russia reiterate the importance they attach to the status and role of Brazil, India and South Africa in international affairs and support their aspiration to play a greater role in the UN, the statement added.

The UNSC, which has powers to authorize military action, impose sanctions and set up peacekeeping operations, has 10 rotating members. The US, China, Russia, France and Britain are permanent members which wield a veto.

With more than 80 per cent of issues taken up by the Security Council relating to African affairs and not a single permanent member from Africa, the UN has battled with issues of legitimacy and representativeness.

The 54-nation African continent has a representation of only three non-permanent members without veto power in the UNSC.




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Congo Refugees Pour Over Border to Angola
Stephen Eisenhammer

DUNDO, Angola (Reuters) - Captured by militia and accused of being married to a Congolese government official, Kimpanga Caro could smell the fire she was told would be used to burn her decapitated head to ash.

Caro, whose husband is a pastor not an official, was freed when one of the militiamen recognized her. She raced back home to find her husband in their ransacked village. They fled south, on foot with their five children, towards a country they heard was safe: Angola.

Thirty thousand of her compatriots have made the same journey so far, among 1.4 million people driven from their homes in a year of violence in the central Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are signs that the refugee crisis is causing Angola -- a powerful regional ally that helped sustain Congolese President Joseph Kabila and his father in power for two decades -- to question its support for the leader of its volatile neighbor.

At least 3,300 people have been killed in Kasai since the Kamuina Nsapu militia launched an insurrection to force a military withdrawal from the area. Refugees say villages have been destroyed and women have been raped both by the militiamen and by soldiers who have fought them.

Their flight into the Angolan province of Lunda Norte has brought an international relief effort to the area for the first time since Angolas own 27-year civil war ended in 2002.

A cooling in Angolas support for Kabila would leave the Congolese president more isolated than ever and make it even harder for him to hang on to power beyond the end of this year, when he has pledged to hold an election already a year late.

Angola, with the third largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the regions strongest militaries, has twice in the past sent troops to prop up Kabila. Now, its soldiers are trying to contain the violence on the frontier.

Luanda has doubled its troops and police on the border, according to Marcelino Caetano, provincial director of the Service for Migration and Foreigners, responsible for Lunda Norte provinces 770-kilometre border with the DRC.

We will maintain this level of cont...


A New Hope for a Nuclear Free World But Where Is the UK? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

Image: United Nations/Flickr, Creative Commons.

Yesterday [20 September] the UN Secretary-General Antnio Guterres opened the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) in New York.  Heads of state and senior officials from over 40 countries lined up to sign the ground-breaking treaty on its first day.

They represent billions of people from across the world, from Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, including large countries that have given up nuclear weapons programmes, such...


More Than Half of Children and Youth Worldwide Not Learning UNESCO "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

21 September 2017 About 617 million children and adolescents worldwide are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, signalling a learning crisis that could threaten progress on global development goals, a report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows.

Youth in the classroom. Photo: Deshan Tennekoon/World Bank. | Source: UN News Centre

The figures are staggering both in terms of the waste of human potential and for the prospects of achieving sustainable development, said Silvia Montoya, Director of the UNESCO Institute of Statistics.

The report suggests some 387 million children of primary school age (or 56 per cent) and 230 million adolescents of lower secondary school age (or 61 per cent) will not achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading and math.

Across Sub-Saharan Africa, 202 million children and adolescents are not learning these fundamental subjects. Nearly 90 per cent of children between the ages of about 6 and 14 will not meet minimum proficiency levels in reading and math.

Central and Southern Asia has the second highest rate, with 81 per cent, or 241 million, not learning.

Surprisingly, two-thirds of the children who are not learning are in school. Of the 387 million primary-age children unable to read proficiently, 262 million are in classrooms. There are also about 137 million adolescents of lower secondary age who are in classrooms, but unable to meet minimum proficiency levels in reading.

The report indicates that along...


Out of Africa: Understanding Economic Refugees "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Sep 19 2017 (IPS) Not a single month has passed without dreadful disasters triggering desperate migrants to seek refuge in Europe. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 2,247 people have died or are missing after trying to enter Europe via Spain, Italy or Greece in the first half of this year. Last year, 5,096 deaths were recorded.

Young African migrants seek opportunities abroad as the World Bank projects that the worlds extreme poor will be increasingly concentrated in Africa. Credit: Ilaria Vechi/IPS


The majority including economic migrants, victims of people smugglers, and so on were young Africans aged between 17 and 25. The former head of the British mission in Benghazi (Libya) claimed in April that as many as a million more were already on their way to Libya, and then Europe, from across Africa.

Why flee Africa?
Why are so many young Africans trying to leave the continent of their birth? Why are they risking their lives to flee Africa?

Part of the answer lies in the failure of earlier economic policies of liberalization and privatization, typically introduced as part of the structural adjustment programmes (SAPs) that many countries in Africa were subjected to from the 1980s and onwards.

The World Bank, the African Development Bank and most Western donors supported the SAPs, despite United Nations warnings about their adverse social consequences.

SAP advocates promised that private investment and exports would soon follow, bringing growth and prosperity. Now, a few representat...


Urhobo Monarch, Ohworode Advises Omene To Stop Parading Himself As UPU PG Urhobo Today


LAGOS SEPTEMBER 22ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom, Delta State, HRM, Ovie Richard Ogbon, Ogoni-Oghoro 1, has advised the immediate past President General of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, Chief Joe Omene, to stop parading himself as the President-General of the union.

Speaking to journalists in his palace, the monarch, said that Omene ceased to be the PG of UPU since December 2016 when his tenure lapsed.
On January 2, this year, the 24 kingdoms of the Urhobo nation, represented by delegates led by the president generals of the 24 kingdoms, with majority of the monarchs in attendance, elected a new executive of the UPU led by Olorogun Moses Taiga, at the Urhobo Cultural Centre in Uvwiamughe, Agbarho. As at today, the only recognised president general of UPU Worldwide is Taiga, the monarch said.
The Ohworode, who is also Chairman of Urhobo Traditional Rulers (Ukoko RIvie RUrhobo) said Omene has been parading himself in the media as a PG, even when he does not have the mandate of the Urhobo nation.
According to the monarch, Omene has been ostracized by the Urhobo nation and therefore, only exists in the pages of newspapers as PG.
As a father, I advise him to toe the path of honour and channel his energies to other useful endeavours, the Ohworode said.


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First of Angola's Russian-made Su-30Ks Arrive
September 21, 2017
Robert Beckhusen

The first two of 12 Sukhoi Su-30K fighters Angola ordered nearly four years for $1 billion have arrived in the country, giving a country with one of the most formidable air forces in the region some of the best military hardware Russia has to offer.

Angola enters the club of African states possessing Su-30s along with Uganda and Algeria. The planes bounced around a lot before they got there.

In 2013, Angola inked the purchase with Russia for the fighters, which served with the Indian Air Force from 1998-2005 before returning to Russia in exchange for more modern Su-30MKIs. Via Russia, the Su-30Ks headed to Belarus for refurbishment and an upgrade to their radar and navigation systems, before heading to Angola.

And Angola is considering buying more.

Angola has long had one of the largest air forces in Africa, a fact which owes to the Angolan civil war from 1975-2002. During the 1970s and 1980s, enormous amounts of outside support poured into the country in an extended Cold War proxy conflict a war which began to recede following the 1994 Lusaka Protocol.

The Soviet-backed MPLA, which prevailed in the war and rules Angola to this day, received aircraft, weapons and training assistance from the Soviet bloc and Cuba the latter which sent its own warplanes and pilots to enter the fray. Zaire and Apartheid South Africa intervened on the side of the FNLA and UNITA, which both received support from the United States.

Above a Russian Su-30. Aleksandr Markin photo via Wikimedia. At top a Russian Su-30MKM. Carlos Menendez San Juan photo via Flickr

South Africas intervention and its heavy use of air power bombing bases and strafing convoys posed as one of the MPLAs biggest thr...


Zambia name squad for Nigeria New Telegraph Online

  Ahead of the October 7 World Cup qualifier against Nigeria, Zambia coach Wedson Nyirenda has announced a 20-player provisional roster for a training camp billed to commence next week. The squad which consists of domestic based players is made up two goalkeepers, eight defenders, six midfielders and four attackers will begin training for the showdown against Nigeria on Monday, September 25. An analysis of the roster revealed that Zanaco, Power Dynamos, Zesco United and Nkana have contributed four players each, Red Arrows two, while Green Buffaloes and Nkwazi are...

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36-state structure unsuitable for Nigerias federalism Okunnu New Telegraph Online

Former Federal Commissioner for Works and Housing, Alhaji Femi Okunnu (SAN), in this interview with Mojeed Alabi, canvassed for the return of 12-state structure and review of revenue sharing formula among the tiers of government   What is your take on the current agitation for restructuring of Nigeria? The debate on restructuring has been disjointed so far. What people are saying about restructuring differs from person to person. If it is restructuring in terms of the number of states in the federation and the ability of the various governors to...

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Im ready for Zambia challenge Ezenwa New Telegraph Online

Super Eagles goalkeeper, Ikechukwu Ezenwa, has said he is ready to shut out the Chipolopolo of Zambia if given another opportunity to man the post in the next Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. The CHAN Eagles captain said it was a privilege for him to play for the Eagles and would do his best to help the team to qualify for the World Cup. According to him, playing against Cameroon back-to-back has given him more confidence while also appreciating the effort and support of the other players especially the...

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Why Nigerian carriers cant compete Investigation,Why Nigerian carriers cant compete New Telegraph Online

Expert blames mismanagement for failure The fragmented and microscopic nature of Nigerias domestic aviation market, are majorly responsible for why the nations carriers are not competitive, New Telegraph has learnt. Investigations revealed that the total number of aircraft in the fleet of eight Nigerian airline operators is 78 aircraft according to the records in the custody of Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). This is a far cry and pales into insignificance compared to other places in Africa where a single operator operates all the aircraft Nigerias domestic aviation. More worrisome...

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Customs intercepts 1,570 rifles from oil company New Telegraph Online

2,671 guns imported in eight months Ali, Turkish envoy parley on arms importation     An oil firm, Great James Oil and Gas Limited, has been linked to the importation of 1,570 rifles into Nigeria from Turkey within one week. Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Col. Hameed Ali (rtd), made the disclosure yesterday in Lagos after inspecting the seizure of 470 Jojef action pump rifles imported from Turkey by the oil firm at the Tincan Island Port. The rifles, falsely declared as Elbow Plumbing Plastics, were ferried to...

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WAFU Cup: Nigeria beat 10-man Benin New Telegraph Online

Battle Ghana in final The Super Eagles of Nigeria on Thursday survived a major upset at the ongoing WAFU Cup of Nations in Ghana as they defeated the Squirrels of Benin 1-0. The Squirrels were the better of the two sides as they outplayed their more industrious counterparts over 90 minutes despite playing almost 60minutes with a man down, after losing midfielder Marcellin Koukpo to red card in the first half. The first 10 minutes of the game was all Benin and they nearly took the lead in the 9th...

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Abaribe: Govt should consider implications on Ndigbo New Telegraph Online

      Senator Enyinna Abaribe is the chairman, South-East Caucus in the National Assembly   We appreciate the efforts of the South-East governors and the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo in the handling of the agitations in the South-East with regards to the confrontations of the military with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), especially in Abia State. We condemn all acts of terrorism. In the case of IPOB, we reject the branding of any organisation in Nigeria without cause or following due process, where such cause do exist. We take this...

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Abraham rejects Nigeria amidst speculation New Telegraph Online

Swansea Coach prefers England stay   England U21 striker Tammy Abraham has told the FA he remains available for selection and has rejected reports he wants to switch his international allegiance to Nigeria. Abraham, who has also represented England at U-18 and U19 level, was born in London but is also eligible to play for Nigeria through his father. Contrary to reports in the media today I would like to clarify that I have not agreed to switch my national team allegiance, said Abraham in his statement released on Thursday....

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Residents kick as Okorocha hosts week-long birthday festivities New Telegraph Online

          MASSOB: Tone it down, or call it off   Many residents of Owerri, Imo State have expressed disappointment over at the elaborate 55th birthday celebration of Governor Rochas Okorocha. Okorocha, who turns 55 today, has declared week-long activities to mark his birthday. Activities marking the birthday commenced on Monday with a solidarity march by women and will climax today with a celebration at the Imo International Conference Centre (IICC), Owerri. Expected at the birthday are three African presidents South Africa, Liberia and Ghana and their aides as well...

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30-year-old graduate held for tax scam New Telegraph Online

  Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Lagos zonal office, have arrested a suspected Internet fraudster, Ake Olusegun, for tax fraud. The 30-year-old suspect, a graduate of Computer and Information Science also known as Ijoba in local parlance, was arrested in Lagos, following intelligence report. The Head, Media and Publicity of EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, said sometime in January, Oluseun, who owns Can bit Music, Can bit Resources (Nigeria) Limited, Istartup Enterprise and Volta Company, allegedly sent an email to an employee of an American company requesting for...

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Western Critics Miss Big Picture in Myanmar Religious Conflicts
By Bi Shihong
Global Times
2017/9/21 20:58:39

Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi broke her silence on the Rohingya issue on Tuesday. In her first address to the nation since the attacks by Rohingya Muslim insurgents on August 25, Suu Kyi said Myanmar does not fear international scrutiny and the government is committed to restoration of peace and stability and the rule of law throughout the country. She also condemned human rights violations and violence and assured all terrorists involved in the Rakhine clashes would be held accountable.

However, she pointed out the West's criticism of the Myanmar military's human rights "abuses" in Rakhine state should be based on more evidence. She also invited international organizations to Rakhine state and listed humanitarian assistance it has received in recent years, saying the Myanmar government would implement recommendations by the Advisory Commission led by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan.

The Buddhist-majority state of Rakhine suffered several waves of ethnic conflicts since 2012, leading to tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing across the border into Bangladesh and India. The Rakhine issue has triggered social, ethnic and religious contradictions in Myanmar and its neighbors, and cast a shadow on its relations with ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The terrorist ambushes on August 25 were perpetrated by Rohingya insurgents who staged surprise raids on police posts, killing officers and security personnel. The tension in Rakhine has intensified due to subsequent military and police operations.

The purported uncontrollable forces outside Myanmar have played a key role in the Rakhine crisis. Some external terrorist forces from the Islamic State (IS) and other jihadist cliques are backed by Rohingya Muslim militants. As extremist IS militants and jihadist groups are steadily losing ground in Iraq and Syria, they attempt to capitalize on the plight of Rohingyas to revive their egregious power in the Middle East.

Western countries have not been satisfied with the Myanmar government's stance on the Rakhine violence and Suu Kyi's speech. Some international organizations even suggested she be "stripped of...


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Freedom of Speech No Excuse for Challenging Chinese Sovereignty
By Liu Lulu
Global Times
2017/9/21 23:38:39

The China Scholarship Council (CSC), a branch of China's Ministry of Education, is reported to have frozen applications by Chinese scholars for state funding for study at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), a move that is seen by some in the US as retaliation against UCSD for inviting the 14th Dalai Lama to speak at its commencement ceremony in June.  The report has not been confirmed by Chinese authorities.

The Dalai Lama has been active in Tibetan separatist activities under the cloak of religion and has instigated a few bloody violent incidents in Tibet. As one of the top universities in the world, UCSD should offer students an objective picture of Tibet. But regrettably, it called the political exile "a man of peace" and used "freedom of speech" to challenge China's territorial integrity.

Beijing's determination to guard national interests cannot be overlooked, and China will not allow its territorial integrity to be challenged.

By inviting the Dalai Lama to address the graduates, UCSD has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. China, at both the non-official and official level, will not treat the university like before. Chinese universities will have to take cooperative projects with the school into consideration and voices calling for Chinese authorities not to recognize UCSD diplomas or degrees are heard. Putting a freeze on CSC-funded Chinese scholars to the university may not be the end.

Western media are hyping about the Chinese government steadily putting pressure on overseas institutes to suppress dissidents. But inviting the Dalai Lama to give a commencement speech at an American university is not a matter of freedom of speech. It is a serious challenge to China's territorial integrity and Western media should learn more history before judging the Chinese government.

Today's China has greater influence in the world and consequently, greater say in international affairs and a growing number of Chinese students have gone to the US for study to better contribute to China's development. Meanwhile, US studen...


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Nuke Deployment in South Korea Worsens Situation
By Shen Dingli
Global Times
2017/9/21 20:53:39

Some political figures in South Korea and Japan are feeling extremely uneasy as North Korea steps up its missile and nuclear tests. The Moon Jae-in government has not only deployed the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile interception system, but is also mulling the deployment of US tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea.

This plan started from the previous Park Geun-hye administration. Although the South Korean government holds reservations about developing and introducing nuclear weapons from the US because of public opposition and legal restrictions, top security officials of the Park government have held informal talks in this regard, and communicated with the US.

However, high-ranking security officials of the new government still remain open in terms of the introduction and development of nuclear weapons after Moon took power.

South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo visited the US last month to hold talks on nuclear weapons. Although President Moon claimed the talks were not held with the agenda to bring back tactical nuclear weapons from the US, it is clear that the new government has made attempts to do so.

Seoul is facing hardships as missile and nuclear programs in Pyongyang almost spiral out of control. Despite the US nuclear umbrella, South Korea must have its own nuclear deterrence to confront North Korea if the US goes back on its words.

However, for a long time, the US does not allow its non-nuclear allies to develop nuclear weapons. Hence, top security officials of the Moon administration may use their position of not developing nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip for demanding more assurance from the US on the Seoul-Washington alliance, which can be achieved through the installation of tactical nuclear weapons on their soil.

The deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea will only exert symbolic impact on North Korea. More flexible plans lie ahead if the US considers hitting North Korea with nuclear weapons, such as using those deployed outside the Korean Peninsula to intimidate Pyongyang.

The introduction of US nuclear we...


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South Korea President Calls for Caution Dealing With Korean Peninsula Issue
2017/9/22 7:12:37

South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday advised caution for the handling of the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, saying all endeavors are to prevent war.

"All of our endeavors are to prevent the outbreak of war and maintain peace. In that respect, the situation surrounding the North Korean nuclear issue needs to be managed stably so that tensions will not become overly intensified or accidental military clashes will not destroy peace," Moon told the UN General Assembly.

"We should all remind ourselves of what former US President Ronald Reagan said: 'Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.'"

Moon made several pledges in this respect: "We do not desire the collapse of North Korea. We will not seek unification by absorption or artificial means. If North Korea makes a decision, even now, to stand on the right side of history, we are ready to assist North Korea together with the international community."

The spirit of the United Nations is to realize global peace through multilateral dialogue, and the Korean Peninsula is where that spirit is most desperately needed, he said.

"We need the United Nations to play a more active role on the Korean Peninsula. The most important role the United Nations is asked to play today is to come up with fundamental measures to stop the vicious cycle of increased provocations and heightened sanctions."

He urged the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to "immediately cease making reckless choices that could lead to its own isolation and downfall and choose the path of dialogue."

"I urge North Korea (DPRK) to abandon its hostile policies against other countries and give up its nuclear weapons program in a verifiable and irreversible way."

The efforts of the international community should be further strengthened, said Moon. "It has to strongly and sternly respond until North Korea gives up its nuclear program of its own accord. All nations must thoroughly implement the UN Security Council sanctions resolutions and seek new measures in case of any further provocations by the North."


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North Korea Could Seek Nuclear-powered State Status
By Liu Xin
Global Times
2017/9/22 0:56:10

More nations urging talks to resolve crisis

North Korea may seek nuclear-powered nation status during its foreign minister's speech at the UN General Assembly on Friday, which the international community is likely to reject as more countries unite in calling for peaceful ways to resolve the nuclear crisis, an expert said.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho flew to New York from Beijing on Wednesday to attend the UN General Assembly meeting. He is scheduled to address the global gathering on Friday and meet with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday, South Korea's Yonhap News reported.

"Ri may protest US President Donald Trump's speech on Tuesday and warn Washington not to act rashly. And he would also express North Korea's intention to be recognized as a nuclear-powered state," L Chao, a research fellow at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, President Trump said the US "will have no choice but to totally destroy" North Korea unless Pyongyang refrains from nuclear tests and missile launches.

Speaking to reporters in front of his hotel, Ri said that "if he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that's really a dog dream."

"Considering the escalating verbal battle between North Korea and the US, there is little chance for the two countries to arrange meetings during Ri's stay in New York," L said, but added that US and  North Korea representatives may have some contact.

L said that the international community would never accept North Korea as a state with nuclear weapons as nuclear nonproliferation is a trend. "More countries, which used to consider the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue as none of their business, have paid attention to the problem and  have begun to make efforts to resolve it."

Guterres appealed on Tuesday for statesmanship to avoid war with North Korea and criticized world leaders stoking resentment over refugees for political gain, two apparent digs at Trump, Reuters reported.

He said the North Korean crisis must be...


NPAN, NUJ task journalists on social media challenge New Telegraph Online

Mr. Nduka Obaigbena, Chairman, Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) has advised the Nigerian media to see the social media as a positive challenge. Obaigbena made the call while delivering a goodwill message at the ongoing All Nigerian Editors Conference (ANEC) holding in Port Harcourt. He stated that the emergence of the social media was being wrongly viewed as a problem to the mainstream media. According to him, the emergence of the social media had, instead, created room for Nigerians to have their say within the public sphere. The social...

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How well grow Nigerias tourism, by NTDC boss New Telegraph Online

Tourism is a money-spinner that can immensely scale up the fortunes of Nigeria Currently, the focus of Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) is to treat tourism as a business and huge foreign exchange earner, not just as arts and culture as it had always been wrongly classified. Director-general, NTDC, Folorunsho Coker, disclosed this to select editors in Lagos. Insisting that tourism is a money-spinner that can immensely scale up the fortunes of Nigeria if properly handled, he said for the country to reap the huge revenues locked up in the...

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Dialoguell resolve SEast crisis, says ACPN candidate New Telegraph Online

The governorship candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria in Anambra Sate (ACPN), Akunwata Ejoh Ojiba, has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to withdraw Operation Egwu Eke II and the troops deployed in Abia and South Eastern States in the guise of dealing with the agitation for a referendum for self determination. Ojiba in a statement in Awka, yesterday, said the Federal Government is in a better position to know that dialogue is the best option to conflict resolution instead of aggressive and offensive military action against unarmed...

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How well grow Nigerias tourism, by NTDC boss New Telegraph Online

Tourism is a money-spinner that can immensely scale up the fortunes of Nigeria   Currently, the focus of Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) is to treat tourism as a business and huge foreign exchange earner, not just as arts and culture as it had always been wrongly classified. Director-general, NTDC, Folorunsho Coker, disclosed this to select editors in Lagos. Insisting that tourism is a money-spinner that can immensely scale up the fortunes of Nigeria if properly handled, he said for the country to reap the huge revenues locked up in...

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FISD, UNILAG set to empower potential entrepreneurs New Telegraph Online

Beginning from next month, the University of Lagos Consult Limited in conjunction with Fountain Initiative for Social Development (FISD) will commence training for individuals and groups wishing to start their own business. The training tagged, Business Startup Essentials, will hold every Saturday. A statement by the organisers said highlights of the courses included entrepreneurship journey with key competences for success, strategies for setting prices, attracting and securing customers with the Internet and e-business training, as well as partnerships with potential investors and funders, among others. It added that participants would...

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NIPR, LCCI seek partnership on manpower devt New Telegraph Online

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has proposed an enduring partnership with the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in the area of training and manpower development.  President and Chairman of Council of NIPR, Dr. Rotimi Oladele, said this in Lagos when he paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of LCCI with some key members of the Institute. In a statement, he said the partnership was not limited to training alone but that the Institute would organise certification courses leveraging on its existing association with reputable local...

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How the US Became a Warmonger Police State "IndyWatch Feed Economics"


How the US Became a Warmonger Police State

Paul Craig Roberts

Professor David Ray Griffin is a tenacious person. He has written a number of carefully researched books that demonstrate the extraordinary shortcomings in the official account of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the subsequent anthrax attack. He has provided the mountains of evidence completely ignored by the US governments account and the presstitute media.

In his recently published latest book, Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World , Professor Griffin demonstrates how 9/11 was used by the Zionist Neoconservatives, the Cheney/Bush regime, and the military/security complex with the complicity of Congress and the US media to create Islamophobia among the American public in order to launch wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and provinces of Pakistan with Iran in the crosshairs. These wars are based on lies and fabricated evidence, on determination to control pipelines and oil flows, on maximizing profits for the military/security corporations in which Cheney has a personal interest, and on extending neoconservative hegemony over the world.

One consequence has been the destruction of US constitutional protections that protect liberty and violations of US and international law such as the laws against torture.

Another consequence has been millions of displaced refugees from Washingtons wars over-running the countries of Europe.

Indeed, Europe faces a Camp of the Saints situation, and the US now has a police state in which all citizens are subject to: indefinite detention (imprisonment) on suspicion alone without conviction or evidence presented to a court; assassination on suspicion alone without due process of law; and total violation of privacy, including body cavities, without presentation of a court warrant. American women are now subjected to having their vaginas examined by police in public on the roadside.

The hoax war on terror has turned America into a Gestapo state. Not many Americans directly experience the consequences, but they will be denied valid information as the Gestapo American state closes down all dissent on the grounds that it is harmful to national security. People who speak their minds will find that they no longer have First Amendment protection.

Every passing day truth is less and less prevalent in the United States. Democratic control over the government is already nonexistent. Essentially, Americans live in the Fourth Reich which has already budded and is now blossoming.

Wars and their expense will continue to multiply as the military/security complex uses manufactured threats to cont...


BON Hotels pledges enhanced mgt skills to boost tourism New Telegraph Online

The Chairman of Bon Hotels International West Africa, Mr Otto Stehlik, has said the group will continue to be in the forefront of the efforts to ensure that Nigerians have the rights skills that will drive the nations tourism and hospitality sectors of the economy.  According to him, whatever challenges Nigeria is facing in terms of making tourism and hospitality a national revenue earner will become a thing of the past, when basic trainings and skills development are put on the front burner. Speaking in Lagos while playing host to...

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Strike: Kaigama restates illegality of ULCs action New Telegraph Online

The President of Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Nigeria, Bobboi Kaigama, has flayed the decision of United Labour Congress (ULC) to call a nationwide strike, which commenced early this week, though without the usual compliance by Nigerian workers including some of the unions members. In a statement, the TUC leaders, while questioning the legitimacy of the existence of ULC in Lagos, said: The ULC has not met any registration requirement according to the laws as stipulated in the Trade Union Act. The Act states clearly that for you to set...

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Coalition seeks amendment of NOSDRA Act New Telegraph Online

A coalition of civil society and community organisations yesterday called on the National Assembly to amend the NOSDRA Act 2006 in order to enhance an environment with zero-tolerance for oil spill incidents. Addressing newsmen in Abuja, spokesman of the group, Dr. Kabiri Sam, from Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) said there was the need to strengthen the mandate of the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) to take up absolute regulatory and managing functions of oil spillage in the Niger Delta and other oil producing...

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SSANU, NASU suspend strike for four weeks New Telegraph Online

After two weeks of strike, the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) and the Non-Academic Staff Union of universities (NASU), yesterday called off its industrial action after reaching a new agreement with the Federal Government. While directing its members to resume work on September 25, the aggrieved union leaders, however, warned that failure on the part of government to honour the agreement within the next one month would resort to the unions resuming the action again. The unions made this known in a...

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Dedicating Her Life as Guard of the Leader
The bust of Kim Jong Suk, anti-Japanese war heroine, at the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt Taesong in the suburbs of Pyongyang.

Every September many people visit the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt Taesong.
The cemetery houses the bust of Kim Jong Suk, who passed away in September 1949 at 32.

She died so early, but she is still remembered by all.

The Korean people, young and old, call her anti-Japanese war heroine, mother of the revolution and mother of Korea, not only because she fought bravely during the bloody anti-Japanese war, but also because she staunchly defended the ideology and line of General Kim Il Sung.

Still vivid in memory are what she shouted at a renegade, We are soldiers of General Kim Il Sung. Who are you? You are the enemy of the revolution. Revolution will not forgive you.

She fought against the enemy of revolution uncompromisingly without caring about her own safety, setting a brilliant example for others to follow in fighting to carry out the idea and line of the leader by keeping absolute faith with their leader.

She did not hesitate to risk her life to safeguard the General.

On display at the Korean Revolution Museum is an enamelled iron bowl with two bullet holes on it. It happened in the period of the anti-Japanese war. While in a battle, she happened to find a group of enemy moving towards the headquarters. She wasted no time to run in the opposite direction to attract the enemy who began to notice and fire at her.

When the guards of the General were very surprised to see the holes in the iron bowl which was in her backpack, she casually told them that the Generals safety was all that counted for her.

President Kim Il Sung said in his reminiscences With the Century:

She snatched me from the jaws of death on several occasions. She was always prepared to become a shield herself to protect me from enemy fire.

During the battle on the outskirts of Dashahe, a critical situation arose around me. A group of enemy troops were approaching me stealthily, yet I was not aware of the situation for I was commanding the battle. But for Kim Jong Suks help, I would have been killed. S...


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Korean Women in Japan Sends Letter of Thanks to Supreme Leader
A delegation of the Union of Democratic Korean Women in Japan, which visited the socialist motherland on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its foundation, sent a letter of thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on September 12.

Busy as he was demonstrating the DPRKs pride and national strength to the full, the Supreme Leader called the delegation to the motherland and showed them heartwarming trust and care, they said, sending a deep bow to him in reflection of the profound gratitude of the officials and members of the union.

During their stay in the DPRK, they noted, they bore in mind the faith and belief that the final victory of the patriotic cause of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan lies in faithfully supporting the Supreme Leader. And they pledged that they would launch a dynamic mass movement to embrace compatriot women of different social standings to maintain the national identity of the Korean community and make steady efforts to promote national education, thus carrying on the baton of patriotism.


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Visit to Renowned Fruit Producer in South Hwanghae Province
Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission    of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, visited South Hwanghae Provinces Kwail County, one of the countrys leading fruit producers.

Officials and workers of the county have made a miraculous achievement of increasing the per-hectare yield 2.5 times as against last year, particularly 5.8 times for apple, even in the face of persisting drought and high temperatures.

The Supreme Leader shook hands with every local official, saying they took much trouble to produce a rich crop in the teeth of harsh natural disasters. He highly appreciated the efforts of the county officials and working people, saying they have truthfully demonstrated the validity of the Party policy by devoting their heart and soul to fruit farming in the first year for the implementation of the decision of the Seventh Party Congress.

He looked round the county revolutionary museum and the hall dedicated to the history of the county.

Then he dropped in at the Pomology Institute.

And he climbed onto a platform to feast his eyes on the overall view of the county fields before making his way to orchards.

Touching each apple on heavily laden branches, he said this points to so many fruits hanging in clusters that ground gives under them. It is tremendous that many work-teams have reportedly registered a per-hectare yield of 70 to 80 tons, he said, adding it is amazing that each tree bears 200 apples on average, and 300 at the most.

He called the county a pacesetter and role model for the entire country to follow in the efforts to carry out the decision of the Seventh Party Congress, and gave it thanks in his capacity of the Chairman of the WPK, plus special bonus.

He specified important tasks to be tackled by the county, emphasizing that it should build on this years success to make further progress.

He was accompanied by Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong So, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee, vice-chairman of the DPRK State Affairs Commission and director of the K...


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Bright Future for DPRK Children
They say the future of a country depends on its children. Children are the icon of the future of the country. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has recently achieved a lot in education of the rising generation by reconstructing a lot of schools and universities and introducing modern educational facilities and methods. Ryomyong Primary School in Taesong District can be cited as an epitome.

Gardeners of Future

Primary school days, when people start to develop their intellectual faculties and cultivate the bud of their talent, constitute an important part of their life. Thus, teachers who are in direct charge of education of pupils are often likened to gardeners of flowers.

You should be an excellent gardenerthis is the creed of the teachers of Ryomyong Primary School.

They devote all their efforts and enthusiasm to the work of finding out the pupils aptitude and talent and improving educational methods and content to suit their psychological features. All of them spend every minute after school studying how to improve teaching methods while exerting themselves to enhance their ability in accordance with the developing times.

The school has created dozens of experimental apparatuses and teaching aids including a mosaic map puzzle and an electric balance. By making effective use of walls of corridors and classrooms, it set up educational pictures suited to the pupils minds. Recently it made dozens of electronic visual aids and multimedia programs and applied them to educational practice. Meanwhile, it established a perfect teaching system based on an intranet, thus laying a firm foundation to develop the educational work as required by the IT era.

Hong Kwang Ok, headmistress of the school, says, I think it needs a lot of efforts to rear young pupils who have a poor outlook on the world. As a song goes lest he gets wet, lest he gets cold, it is hardly possible to cultivate beautiful flowers without devoted love and care. So I often tell teachers to become gardeners of the future.

Where Hopes Bloom

Pupils of Ryomyong School, which always resounds with the sound of their reading, have great hopes.

Kim Kuk Bong from class 2-5 is nourishing a hope to be a famous football player...


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Ridiculous Behavior of South Korean Regime for Relying on Sworn Enemy of Nation
The south Korean puppet regime is tightening political and military nexus with Japan in response to the measures for bolstering the nuclear force taken by the DPRK for self-defence.

Much upset by the consecutive launches of intermediate-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 over the Japanese archipelago, the chief executive of south Korea frequently exchanged phone calls with Abe in which he called for "increasing the pressure on the north to the extremes" while expressing "deep sympathy and concern" and talking about an "outrage against a neighboring country".

At the third East Economic Forum-2017 in Russia some time ago, he held a talk with Abe where he mentioned the urgency of close relations between south Korea and Japan and even let out such rubbish that Japan's past crimes "should never be a stumbling block in improving the bilateral relations."

It is in the extension of this pursuance to Japan that the abolition of past crimes including the crimes related to the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army were shunned and the validity of an agreement on protecting military intelligence between south Korea and Japan was extended despite the strong protest and denunciation by the public at home and abroad.

It is nothing surprising that the puppet forces are taking to flunkeyism and treachery to retrieve from its clumsy position strategically inferior to the DPRK.

Irony is that they are resorting to Japan whose situation is nothing better than them, the island country hardly breathing within the striking range of the nuclear force of the DPRK.

It seems that the puppet forces do not mind even the sworn enemy to get rid of a pretty fix just like a drowning man catching at a straw.

The American master whom they relied so much is snubbing them as they fail to play its role, being at a loss how to carry out its north Korea policy.

Recently the owner of the White House called the Japanese prime minister to discuss the DPRK's measure for bolstering nuclear force, leaving south Korea in the cold. He even posted an article openly criticizing the south Korean chief executive on twitter, bringing shame to hi...


Karuturi demands compensation from Ethiopia for failed land deal "IndyWatch Feed World"

21 Sep 2017 | BloombergKaruturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation.


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Turning the Entire DPRK Military into a Cadre Army
Turning the entire army into a cadre army means training the service personnel politically and ideologically, militarily and technologically to make them all, from privates to generals, capable of discharging the duties of the next highest rank in the event of an emergency.

This helps towards preparing a large contingent of commanding officers who can lead all the armed people militarily in case of emergency. And it significantly raises the combat efficiency of the army, making it possible to maintain at a fixed number the standing army for national defence and socialist economic construction in peaceful days, and to preserve the high qualitative standard of the army in step with its sudden numerical increase in the event of an emergency.

An important factor in turning the entire army into a cadre army is to prepare all its officers and men politically and ideologically, militarily and technologically so that they can carry out their duties with credit, however complex the circumstances may be.


No Moderation In Washington, War is the only Virtue "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

No Moderation In Washington, War is the only Virtue

Iranian Presidents UN Address

by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is a distinguished figure, supporting world peace, deploring war polar opposite his Western counterparts.

On Wednesday, he addressed the UN General Assembly in New York, speaking forthrightly, explaining his agenda calls for moderation and respect for human rights and prosperity and economic revitalization at home, and constructive engagement around the world.

US and Israeli accusations against his nation are malicious, hateful and false, a way to attack its sovereign independence, inventing reasons to justify whats vicious and unjustifiable.

(M)oderation isthe chosen path of the great Iranian people, Rouhani stressed, seek(ing) neither isolation nor hegemony impl(ying) neither indifference, nor intransigence.

(M)oderation is the path of peace, an anathema agenda in Washington, other Western states, Israel and their rogue allies.

Iran threatens no one, Rouhani explained. It seeks mutual cooperation with all other nations. It rejects intimidation and threats.

Its impossible to achieve global peace and stability while Muslims in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Myanmar and so many other places live in misery, war and poverty, he said US imperial ruthlessness the root cause in most places.

Iran is committed to combat terrorism, not support or spread it like Washington and its rogue allies. Accusations otherwise are malicious lies. Tehrans leadership has no imperial ambitions.

It abhors nuclear weapons. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) bears testimony to wanting these WMDs eliminated regionally and globally.

It is reprehensible that the rogue Zionist regime that threatens regional and global security with its nuclear arsenal and is not committed to any international instrument or safeguard, has the audacity to preach to peaceful nations like Iran, Rouhani stressed.

Tehran strictly observes JCPOA terms. Itll respond decisively and resolutely to its violation by any other party.

Trump wants the agreement rescinded, undermined or renegotiated. He decided on what action hell take, not yet revealing his scheme clearly something to sabotage an international treaty, how Washington operates unaccountably.

Rouhani said breaching it will come at a high cost to Washington. Trump already revealed his rogue agenda, seeking ways to heighten his ignominy, not re-certifying the JCPOA or undermining it by other means something he likely intends.

Rouhani, Foreign Min...


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Study Tour of Oun Revolutionary Site Held
Young people in Pyongyang, including students, made a study tour of the Oun Revolutionary Site on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Ils start of military camping in Oun-dong on September 17.

They laid floral baskets and bouquets before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il at Kim Il Sung University and paid tribute to them.

Prior to the start of the tour, they held a ceremony.

Kim Sung Du, chairman of the Education Commission, Thae Hyong Chol, president of Kim Il Sung University and minister of Higher Education, youth league officials and members of the study tour group attended the event.

Jon Yong Nam, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League, made a report, followed by speeches.

The reporter and speakers said that the Chairman during the days of his military camping developed in a systematic and comprehensive way the Presidents Juche-oriented military ideas and tactics by dint of energetic ideo-theoretical activities and wisely led the work for preparing students to be strong and reliable backbone of the Songun revolution.

They stressed the need to learn more deeply the sacred revolutionary career and exploits of the
Chairman and give full play to the high level of their ideological and spiritual world and noble traits as befits the young vanguard of the Songun era that is strong in organizing ability, unity and combat efficiency through the study tour.

After the ceremony they started to march for the Oun Revolutionary Site, flying red flags.

During the march they held a poem-recital gathering and a contest of march chorus, in which they sang the praises of the Chairman.

On arrival at the destination, they looked round the historical materials and buildings associated with the Chairman after being briefed on the revolutionary site.

Then an oratorical meeting took place before the monument to the revolutionary exploits of the Chairman.


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Military Ideas and Theories
The DPRK upholds the man-centred military ideas and theories that embody the Juche idea and the Songun idea created by President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founding father of socialist Korea.

These ideas and theories consist of the principles that will serve as guidelines in carrying on different types of revolutionary wars, army building and military actions, and also the theories and methods to be applied in crushing the enemies that are boasting of their numerical and technological edge, by dint of politico-ideological, strategic and tactical superiority, in conformity with the characteristics of modern warfare and the actual conditions of the country.

They are Juche-oriented military ideas and theories that enable the Korean people to develop their self-defensive military capability by themselves in line with the requirements of the Korean revolution and the specific situation in the country, and they constitute an encyclopedia giving comprehensive and scientific answers to all the theoretical and practical problems arising in army building and military actions in the present era.

Since they have been guided by these original military ideas and theories, the Korean army and people won the fierce wars against the US and Japanese imperialists that were incomparably superior in numerical and technological terms, and have achieved one victory after another in the decades-long military confrontation with the United States.


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Sinister Intention of US to Re-deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons into S. Korea Disclosed
A spokesman for the Institute of American Studies under the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA on September 15 as regards the fact that the Trump administration is publicizing through the media the possibility of re-deploying tactical nuclear weapons into south Korea and developing an up-to-date miniaturized nuclear bomb of low-intensity:

Recently, NBC  and other  American press reported that the  Trump  administration is currently examining various plans  for  developing  an  up-to-date  miniaturized  nuclear  bomb  of  low-intensity  to  deal  with nuclear threats posed by the DPRK,  Russia and  other countries, and that it would  not  rule out  the  option for re-deploying tactical nuclear weapons into south Korea in case the south Korean regime so requests.

The fact that the deliberate leakage of the information about tactical nuclear weapons by the Trump administration coincides with its moves to impose heinous sanctions and pressure and intensify military threats against the DPRK, raises an alarm at unleashing an actual nuclear war by the US on the Korean peninsula.

The US has generated the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula by deploying more than 1 000 nuclear weapons in south Korea from the 1950s and turning it into an outpost for a nuclear war, and has posed constant nuclear threats and blackmail to the DPRK.

In the early 1990s, as the international support for the just anti-nuclear, peace policy of the DPRK and its sincere efforts increased, the US declared the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from south Korea, but it has never stopped threatening and blackmailing the DPRK with various nuclear assets.

Explicitly speaking once again, the continuous nuclear threats and blackmail and vicious hostile policy of the US towards the DPRK are the very reason the DPRK gained access to nukes and strengthened its nuclear force for self-defense.

Besides, the re-deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, which are meant to be used for actual warfare beyond the purpos...


Is the designation of IPOB a terrorist group right? OBLONG MEDIA

. Mr. Ikenna Mbazuike-Amechi (A Lagos-based legal practitioner) Designating the Indigenous People of Biafra a terrorist group is not the More


When Progressives Make Palestinian Rights Taboo, They Are Coddling the Far Right "IndyWatch Feed World"

Earlier this month, Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss removed Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as his running mate in the Illinois gubernatorial race due to Ramirez-Rosa's refusal to oppose the 2005 Palestinian-led call to use boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) tactics to pressure Israel to respect Palestinian rights and to comply with international law. BDS campaigns, inspired by the South African anti-Apartheid struggle, are vigorously opposed by Israel's fiercest defenders, [...]


EFCC blocks ex-Minister Alison-Maduekes offer to return to Nigeria for trial. OBLONG MEDIA

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Wednesday successfully blocked an attempt by embattled former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, to More


Report: White House planning for confrontation with Iran "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Donald Trump takes to the U.N. General Assembly to demonize Iran yet again, the Trump administration is also considering a more aggressive strategy towards Iran behind closed doors, sources have told Reuters. According to six current and former U.S. officials, the U.S. will be looking at more hostile responses to Iran's forces, its proxy armies in Iraq and Syria, and its support for militant groups. According to the sources, the current proposal was drafted by Defense Secretary Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national security advisor General H.R. McMaster, and several other top officials before it was presented to President Trump at a National Security Council meeting on September 9. The proposal will ultimately be made public before the end of September, two of the sources said. The sources requested anonymity because the draft proposal had not yet been finalized. "I would call it a broad strategy for the range of Iranian malign activities: financial materials, support for terror, destabilization in the region, especially Syria and Iraq and Yemen," said a senior administration official, as quoted by Reuters. Comment: Priceless self-reflection in a one-way mirror. Without giving specific details, sources said the current draft proposal seeks to do the following: target cyber espionage and nuclear proliferation; provide for more aggressive U.S. interceptions of Iranian arms shipments heading to places such as Yemen and Gaza (even though U.N. experts confirmed earlier this year that they could find no evidence of a large-scale Iranian weapons supply line to Yemen); react more aggressively in Bahrain (presumably, to prop up the government in the face of Shia-led unrest) as the country's Sunni Muslim monarchy has been suppressing its majority Shia population, a move that continues to anger Iran; and most importantly allow U.S. naval forces to react more forcefully when harassed by armed speedboats operated by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Funnily enough, many of the encounters taking place between U.S. ships and Iranian ships are arguably within Iranian waters. Who is harassing who, exactly?


Ohio State University Tells Students In Privilege Workshop Only Whites Are Racist "IndyWatch Feed World"


Ohio State Universitys Privilege Workshop, tells students that not only are white people the only ones who can be racist but that they also cannot be victims of racism. The workshop is apparently to educate white students about their privilege and how to not act racist.

During the workshop, students were taught there are three ingredients of racism: race, power, and prejudice. At the beginning of the workshop, students were asked to introduce themselves, followed by their preferred gender pronouns. They were then asked to state a fact about themselves that people would not know just by looking at us. Then a worksheet is given out to attendees which also listed 26 examples of white privilege, such as seeing people of their race widely represented in media and television. Students are also being encouraged to stop by the universitys multicultural center this week to sign a Week of Action Pledge and post a statement to social media to demonstrate #BuckeyeValues.

Whiteness grants you power and access to things, one student said during the workshop, according to an attendee who is a reporter for The College Fix. As a white woman, I can walk into any space and know that my white privilege will grant me power and access to things that someone else is not going to experience.

The session, titled Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People, was part of the universitys ongoing Ally Week of Action, a series of events hosted by its multicultural center. About 20 students attended the workshop. During the event, an African-American student asked Angie Wellman, associate director of the Student Life Multicultural Center and who led the event, if white people are the only racists.

Yes, she replied, according to The College Fix. The news website also said Wellman claimed that every race that is not white lacks the power aspect, which is why white people cant be victims of racism. But the Univers...


Famine is a symptom of protracted war "IndyWatch Feed World"

News release | At a UN General Assembly the High Level Event on Famine Prevention and Response, ICRC President Peter Maurer underscored the conflict roots of the famines facing communities in South Sudan or Somalia.


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Kogi Workers Embark on Indefinite Strike 
SEPTEMBER 21, 20176:23 PM
Nigeria Vanguard

The organized Labour in Kogi State has directed workers in ministries, agencies and parastatals to commence an indefinite strike as from Friday, Sept. 22.

The Chairman of the state chapter of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Mr Ranti Ojo flanked by his Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), counterpart, Mr Onu Edoka gave the order while briefing newsmen in Lokoja On Thursday.

He asked the workers to shun offices indefinitely until directed otherwise. He said that labor was forced to call out workers on strike because of refusal of government to invite them for negotiation over their demands.

According to him, the strike is the only lifeline left for the workers to negotiate their survival in the hands of the administration of Gov. Yahaya Bello. Ojo directed the workers to ensure maximum compliance, saying that all government establishments, offices, facilities and institutions be shut down by workers.

The organized Labour had on Sept. 13, issued a seven -day strike notice to the state government to meet its demands or risk industrial action by its members. In its reaction to the notice , the state government through the Director -General , media and publicity to the governor, Mr Kingsley Fanwo described the tone of the lanours notice as harsh and described signatories to the notice as unknown.

The state Head of Service , Mrs Deborah Ogunmola made a last minute ditch to halt the strike when she called the Labour leaders for a meeting in her office on Sept. 21.

The meeting, however, failed to stop the workers to declare a strike. The Labour is demanding among others, full payments of salary and allowances to workers being owed between two and 21 months arrears. The workers are also demanding payment of outstanding leave, yearly incremental allowances and reinstatement of workers unjustly treated during the recently concluded screening exercise.

Be prepared to stay at home till eternity if it takes government to eternity to meet our demands, Ojo admonished the workers. The Labour lampooned the government for its poor attitude to workers welfare , saying that never in the history of the state has civil service records the...


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Court Strikes Out Alison-Maduekes Name from $1.6bn Fraud Trial
September 21, 2017
Nigeria ThisDay
Photo: Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke

Alex Enumah in Abuja

Justice Nnamdi Dimgba of the Abuja division of the Federal High Court Wednesday struck out the name of the former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, in the ongoing trial of the Chairman of Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept (AEDC) Nigeria Limited, Mr. Jide Omokore, and five others standing trial over their alleged involvement in a $1.6 billion crude oil fraud.

The trial judge struck out her name while delivering ruling on the former ministers motion seeking to be joined as a defendant in the suit.

Omokore, AEDC, Atlantic Energy Brass Development (AEBD) Ltd., Victor Briggs, Abiye Membere and David Mbanefo are standing trial for their alleged involvement in defrauding the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), the exploration and production subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), of $1.6 billion.

Omokore and his firms AEDC and AEBD had entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement (SAA) in 2010 to provide funding for the development of six joint venture oil blocks operated by NPDC.

The SAA allowed AEDC and AEBD to recover their investments in the oil acreages through crude oil lifting under an agreed sharing formula with NPDC.

However, both firms were alleged to have diverted part of the proceeds from the sale of the crude oil which should have paid to NPDC.

But sources close to AEDC and AEBD have maintained that the amount due to NPDC stood at about $800 million as of 2015, and not $1.6 billion as alleged by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which charged the parties to court for alleged fraud early this year.
Of the $800 million, they disclosed that $500 million had been repaid to the NPDC after a reconciliation process.

They have also maintained that the companies had not committed any fraud and the matter was a breach of contract which should have gone to arbitration as provided for in the SAA.

At the re...


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University Non-academic Staff Suspend Strike in Nigeria
By Tony Akowe
The Nation, Federal Republic of Nigeria
September 21, 2017

The two-week strike by the Non teaching staff of Nigerian Universities under the auspices of the Joint Action Committee has been  suspended.

They embarked on the strike to compel government to implement agreements reached with the union with a threat to resume the action if the government fail to implement the agreement.

The three non teaching staff of Nigerian universities began an indefinite strike action on Monday, September 11 as a result of government failure to meet their 12 point demands.

The demands include the non-payment of earned Academic allowances, shortfall in salaries of members, poor funding of universities, non registration of Nigerian Universities Pensions Management Company among others.

Speaking at a news conference, Chairman of the Joint Action Committee and President of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), Comrade Samson Ugokwe directed all members to go back to work with effect from Monday, September 25, 2017.

The union are Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), National Association of Academic Technologists and the Non Academic Staff Union.

Ugokwe said The strike by the university based non-teaching unions was indeed avoidable and would have been averted if government had done the needful. Arising from the series of deliberations and engagements, we have once again gone to the drawing board.

The negotiations we have had since the beginning of the strike have developed a template which we hope will be a panacea to the continued conflicts between the university based non-teaching staff unions and the Federal Government.

We have developed an actionable template with specific timeframes to implement salient aspects of the agreement. Based on the foregoing and following exhaustive and extensive consultations with our various union organs, we hereby announce the suspension of the strike action embarked upon by the Joint Action Committee of NAAT, NASU and SSANU, on the understanding that the...


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UATH, National Hospital  Joins JOHESU Strike Action in Nigeria
By Vincent Ikuomola and Olugbenga Adanikin, Abuja
The Nation, Nigeria
September 21, 2017 

The Chairman, National Association of Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU), University of Abuja Teaching Hospital (UATH), Steve Oricha has said the union is in solidarity with the indefinite strike action code named operation alligator bite.

He said during the protest, on Thursday, at the hospital in Abuja that the protest was in compliance with directive issued by the national body to commence nationwide indefinite strike action.

Oricha said a 30-day notice was earlier given to the Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Health, followed by another seven days without any response.

He noted that until the federal government honours the agreement, which the union had been demanding, the protest will continue.

According to him, JOHESU demanded for a review in salary structure, promotion and most importantly for the federal government to honour a National Industrial Court judgment on irregular promotion method among other 19 demands.

He argued that since 2010 when the judgment was made, the federal ministry of health has refused comply.

His words: There are almost 23 demands by the national Johesu. It includes the payment of arrears, adjustment of Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS), promotion of our colleagues that are due to be promoted to directorship. It also include, recognizing our members who have risen to that peak of their careers as consultant.

We want government to also replicate the residency training and other interventions in other segment of the health sector in our union. For instance, we both graduated from the same university, spent the same five years. We got employed at the same time but as I was employed, government gave me CONHESS 8 but a medical doctor is given CONHESS 13. Why is that disparity?

He argued that the federal government would thereafter train the medical doctors on through what he described as residency training for five years, adding that upon arrival, the doctors are promoted.

No other categories in the health sector have the same privilege. The f...


Tucker Carlson exposes the real reason why North Korea refuses to give up its weapons program - learned lesson from Gaddafi and Libya "IndyWatch Feed World"

The DPRK learned a lesson from Gaddafi and Libya. Tucker Carlson goes one-on-one with former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, and goes where no media commentator has dared to go with regards to North Korea.


Lightning  kills College Staff in Kwara New Telegraph Online

A 47-year-old civil man was yesterday struck to death by lightning in Oro, Irepodun local government area of Kwara state. The incident followed a heavy downpour that took place in most part of Kwara state in the early morning. The deceased was identified as Salami Adekunle, a staff of the Registry Department of the College of Education, Oro. He was a native of Ilesa in Osun state. Eyewitness accounts reported that the deceased was leaving the institutions examination office for the Registry Department at about 10 a.m.  when the incident happened....

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Police arrest, parade 13 suspected kidnappers New Telegraph Online

Special Police Forces on Operation Absolute Sanity, have arrested thirteen kidnap and armed robbery suspects along the Abuja Kaduna Highway. The suspects, who were paraded yesterday at the Jere Divisional Police Headquarters in Kaduna State, were alleged to have terrorised motorists and commuters along the Jere Kaduna, and Jere Abuja roads. Presenting the suspects before journalists yesterday, the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Mr. Jimoh Moshood, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), said the arrest followed the reinforcement of Operation Absolute Sanity with two units of special...

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PDP suspends Ubah, refers Kashamu to disciplinary panel. OBLONG MEDIA

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has suspended Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah for one month. The party has More


Ohaneze take message of peace, unity to Sokoto New Telegraph Online

President-General of the apex Igbo socio-cultural association, Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nnia Nwodo, has urged all Nigerians to promote virtues of peace and tolerance for one another so as to enhance the unity of the country. Speaking when he led members of the association on a courtesy visit to Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal in Sokoto, Nwodo stressed the need that Nigeria should never be allowed to undergo another civil war. He said although the nation is now facing challenging times, the cohesion that existed over the years was worthy of being...

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Eagles beat Benin, qualify for WAFU Cup final New Telegraph Online

Super Eagles of Nigeria have qualified for the rejuvenated WAFU Cup of Nations tournament after beating Benin Republic 1-0 in Ghana. It was a hard-fought victory for Nigeria as the Squirrels were the better side despite playing almost an hour of the game with a man down. Kano Pillars captain, Rabiu Ali, scored the only goal of the game in the 11th minute with an assist from the Nigeria Professional Football League top scorer, Tony Okpotu. Midfielder Marcellin Koukpo was Red-carded in the first half after receiving two yellow cards....

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IPOB: Saraki saved Buhari from embarrassment Northern Elders Forum New Telegraph Online

North Elders Forum (NEF) described as unnecessary, the alleged rift between the presidency and the National Assembly over the declaration of the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist organisation.   President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, on Monday, faulted the action of the military, and said it is only a legislation from the National Assembly could make such declaration.   This was immediately countered by the presidency, in a statement by special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on prosecution, Okoi Obono-Obla, who said the declaration by the army...

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Terrorist tag: Its a black market court order IPOB New Telegraph Online

Says: Justice Kafarati bowed to blackmail  Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has reacted to Wednesdays court order proscribing the group and designating it a terrorist organization.   A statement signed by Emma Powerful, the IPOB spokesman described the order outlawing IPOB as an obnoxious, disgraceful concoction, adding that Justice Kafarati of the Abuja Federal High Court who granted the order, has placed his judicial reputation on the line by openly siding with evil.   IPOB further alleged: Justice Kafarati is more concerned about the APC Government confirming him as the substantive Chief Justice of...

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JUST IN: PDP suspends Ubah, queries Kashamu New Telegraph Online

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has suspended Dr Ifeanyi Ubah for his disparaging statement against the partys leadership and the panel that conducted the Anambra state governorship primary. The party also issued a query to senator representing Ogun East senatorial district, Senator Buruji Kashamu for allegedly taking the party to court. National Publicity Secretary of the National Caretaker Committee, Prince Dayo Adeyeye said Ubah was suspended for one month and his case referred to the National Disciplinary Committee after he failed to answer a query issued to him by the...

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JUST IN: Thugs beat up Osun commissioner, Bola Ilori, in Ondo New Telegraph Online

Suspected thugs yesterday beat up the Osun State Commissioner for Regional Integration, Hon Bola Ilori during the All Progressives Congress (APC) zonal meeting of the partys Committee on restructuring and true federalism that took place in Akure, the Ondo State capital. The incident that occurred at the International Event Centre, The Dome marked the end of the programme meant to take position of Ondo, Osun and Ekiti States on the lingering issues of restructuring and true federalism. It was like a drama when the suspected thugs descended on Ilori who...

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Somalia rebukes its states for breaking with Qatar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Somalias government rebuked its three semi-autonomous regions on Thursday for cutting ties with Qatar, saying it was determined to stay neutral in the Gulf nations dispute with other Arab states. The region of Galmudug issued a statement on Wednesday saying it stood with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the regional row, followed similar declarations last month by []



Mozambique six Tanzanians and two locals arrested in Niassa Reserve for poaching Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Club of Mozambique

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Getty Images (File photo)


Two Mozambicans and six Tanzanians have been arrested by Mozambican authorities accused of poaching in the Niassa National Reserve. One of the Tanzanians is to be repatriated for the completion of a prosecution he is facing in his own country.

The gang was arrested after a three-year investigation by the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) and prosecutors in the districts of Mecula and Montepuez in the provinces of Niassa and Cabo Delgado respectively.

Last August, Pemba Judicial Court in Cabo Delgado sentenced Mateso Albano Kasian, 39, also known as Mateso Chupi, to six months imprisonment for assuming a false identity as Martinho Adamo Muinduma, according to a statement sent to @Verdade.

The aforesaid individual is Tanzanian and the Mozambican government is preparing to extradite him to his country of origin, where he is accused of several crimes and faces trial for elephant poaching.

Kasian is thought to be the mastermind of numerous elephant deaths in Niassa National Reserve and Serous Reserve in Tanzania, and has been sought by Tanzanian authorities since 2013.

Although Mozambican authorities did not know the true identity or whereabouts of Mateso Kasian, they detained him in Niassa National Reserve in September 2014 along with six people under his direction and in possession of weapons, large quantities of ivory, axes, ammunition, vehicles, supplies and other belongings.

At the time, one of the members of the gang, Abdala Ali Quiporia, also of Tanzanian nationality, escaped leaving all the evidence in the hands of the authorities, including his son Kipo Quiporia, also a member of the gang who like his boss, had false documents such as a driving license the likes of which circulated freely in the border area.

Abdala Quiporia was detained a year later in October, 2015, tried under Law 5/2017, of May 11, Law on Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity, and sentenced in June to eight years imprisonment and a fine. If he cannot pay the fine, his sentence will be extended to October 2031.

The six members Abdala Quiporia headed were also serving sentences ranging from eight to 11 years in Lichinga city, after they were tried and convicted by the city court, the statement said.

Other individuals were convicted for poaching elsewhere in Mozambique and in South Africa. In Cabo Delgad...



The Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has challenged the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, to name the More


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Illiteracy Rate in Nigeria Alarming, Says FG
21 September 2017   |   2:23 pm

Education Minister, Adamu Adamu

The Federal Government on Thursday described the rate of illiteracy in the country as alarming.
The Minister of Education, Alhaji Adamu Adamu, made the remark when he paid a courtesy call on Gov. Alhaji Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State in Birnin Kebbi on Thursday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the minister and the delegates were in the state for a two-day International Literacy Day conference organised by the National Commission for Mass Education.

Adamu said the country had about 65 million to 75 million illiterates, describing the figure as unbecoming and high, considering the countrys population.

Education is the bedrock of any countrys development and any country that does not educate its populace is bound to fail.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria we have a very large population of illiterates; the illiterates figure, considering our population, is unbecoming, he said.

Adamu, who was represented by Mr Jonathan Mbaka, the Director of Basic and Secondary Education, Federal Ministry of Education, said that the federal government was targeting educating out-of-school children.

The minister said this was part of its strategic plan to reduce the number of the illiterates in the country.

The government is doing all it can to reduce the number of children that are out of school.

This includes the adoption of inclusive education where every Nigerian will be given the opportunity to go to school, regardless of background, ethnicity and gender, he said.

Adamu commended the governors wife, Hajiya Aisha Bagudu, for reducing the number of out-of-school children and illiterates in Kebbi State through her Mass Almajiri Literacy and Poverty Alleviation Initiative (MALPAI).

Responding, the governor said that most of the security challenges the country faced were manifestations of the level of illiteracy in the country.

We have an army of people whose inability to read can be exploited by divisive elements in the country



President Trump and the Geopolitical World Order: Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"


There are two major tenets of President Trumps Middle East policy: 1) a general disengagement with no new military commitments; and 2) a renewed focus on conventional US allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The prevailing logic is that the United States can ensure regional stability via strong and dependable allies. Its a policy that resembles that of past US administrations, and it has made a comeback thanks to intervention exhaustion in Afghanistan and Iraq and, perhaps more importantly, the shale revolution which has made Middle East oil reserves strategically redundant.

Yet the Middle East is a region that has become synonymous with sectarian conflict, and this conflict risks worsening should the US disengage and picks sides. The Shiite-Sunni split has become near genocidal at times, as seen in the civil wars in Iraq and Syria. Climate factors are also threatening to strain water and food resources in the region, leading to mass migration, political upheaval, and war (see our recent backgrounder on climate change in the Middle East.)

For US policy planners, the Middle East is a hard region to look away from: violence is never far off, and local clashes have a tendency of cascading into full-fledged regional wars. Should President Trump abdicate the United States seat at the table, theres no guarantee it will still be empty should he or future US presidents change their mind.


Saudi Arabia

US-Saudi relations have been rebooted under President Trump, with the United States pivoting back toward one of its most stalwart and longstanding allies in the region. A kind of tunnel vision has prevailed during the Trump administration, stripping the bilateral relationship of some of its more controversial aspects, including the Kingdoms human rights record, its support of Salafist ideology worldwide, and its dogged pursuit of the shale-OPEC oil price war. What remains is a pure security calculus and an apparent willingness on President Trumps part to stand by this US ally of over 70 years regardless of what comes.

President Trumps warm embrace of Riyadh contrasts with President Obamas strategy of rebalancing US foreign policy in the Middle East away from an overreliance on Saudi Arabia and Israel. Now safe in the knowledge of its place under the US security umbrella, the Saudi government has adopted a more proactive foreign policy. This newfound assertiveness has manifested in several ways:

  • The war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has ramped up its war against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen. There is currently no obvious path to military victory in Yemen, yet the...


BREAKING: Ali Modu Sheriff meets Osinbajo in Aso Rock New Telegraph Online

The former governor of Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff is presently in a meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the presidential villa, Abuja. Ali Modu Sheriff arrived the villa at about 4:56 pm and proceeded straight to the Vice Presidents wing of the villa for the closed-door meeting. Details of the visit of the former Borno governor still remains unclear as at press time.

The post BREAKING: Ali Modu Sheriff meets Osinbajo in Aso Rock appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


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Nigeria's Debt Rises by $4.33b in 2 yrs- NBS
By Francis Arinze Iloani
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 20 2017 2:19PM

Nigeria's total debt rose by $4.33 billion in two years to hit $15.05 billion in 2017.

This was disclosed in the foreign and domestic debt statistics of the country as at June 2017 released on Wednesday by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in Abuja.

The apex statistical body reported that country's domestic and foreign debts as at June 30 were $15.1 billion and N14.1 trillion respectively.

The report showed that the Federal Government accounts for $11.106 billion, or about 74 per cent, while the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja account for  about $3.94 billion, or 26 per cent.

Nigeria had debt stock of $10.72 billion in 2015, and this rose to $11.41 billion in 2016.

The debt stock in 2017 exceeded those of the previous two years to stand at $15.05 billion.

The Federal and State government shares of the debt stock grew from $7.349 billion and $3.369 billion in 2015, to $7.84 billion and $3.568 billion in 2016, and $3.94 billion and $11.106 billion in 2017 respectively.

The NBS gave further disaggregation of the countrys foreign debt to include $9.67billion as multilateral debt; $218.25million as bilateral (AFD) and $5.15billion from the Exim Bank of China credit to the Federal Government.

Details of the debt figures show that the domestic debts figures of the 36 states of the federation and the FCT have continued to grow since 2015 under the present administration.

From about N2.503 trillion in 2015, the NBS data showed the figure rose to N2.959 trillion in 2016 before reaching the latest point of N3.001 trillion in 2017.

NBS reported that out of the total N14.017 trillion national debt stock, the Federal Government accounts for about N11.058 trillion, or 78.66 per cent, against about N2.959 trillion, or 21.34 per cent by all the states and the FCT.


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UNDP Will Remain in Northeast for Recovery
By Judd-Leonard Okafor @judd_leonard
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 21 2017 7:29AM

Newly arrived IDPs sit amid their belongings and try and protect themselves as a dust storm rips through Maiduguri. UNDP mandate is to coordinate early and full recovery
related newsNorth east crisis assessment goes to the UN

The United Nations Development Programme coordinating recovery efforts in the north east says it will remain in position to ensure the region recovers in a sustainable manner.

UNDP country representative in Nigeria, Samuel Bwalya, said the agencys coordination has helped pull more than $300 billion in resources over the last three years for the north eastand especially the worst hit states of Adamawa, Yobe and Borno.

It is behind a technical skills acquisition programme targeting more than 500 young displaced people in three centresKaduna, Maiduguri and Yobe.

A first batch of 79 graduated after yearlong training at the PAN Learning Centre in Kaduna and got full set of tools to begin work in automotive industry.  Another batch is expected to graduate in Yola next week.

We think that by empowering young people with skills and equipment, we will be transforming their lives, said Bwalya.

Once you build skills in an individual, we believe that education is permanent and has permanent impact on the individual targeted.

Defending the agencys use of skills acquisition and its sustainability considering similar programmes that have failed in the past, Bwalya told Daily Trust: Our goal is not to say we are setting skills acquisition centres but using centres that already exist. We facilitate them, empower them, provide technical support to enable them provide the training.

The major challenge for Borno is rebuilding homes destroyed in the wake of Boko Haram sweeping through the state, according to Nuhu Gulak, commissioner of Bornos two-year-old ministry of reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement.

He said Borno would require huge resources to rebuild, a process thats beginning in Bama, one of the worst-affected council areas.

Bama is completely destroyed, but...


Some 100 Migrants Missing After Shipwreck Off Libyas Coast "IndyWatch Feed War"

CAIRO The Libyan coast guard says some 100 migrants are missing after a shipwreck off the countrys west coast.

Spokesman Ayoub Gassim told The Associated Press on Thursday that the damaged vessel was found the day before, some 20 kilometers (12 miles) offshore from the western coastal city of Zuwara. The migrant boat had set out earlier from the nearby city of Sabratha, bound for Europe.

Gassim says the vessel was carrying some 130 migrants, mostly Africans, of whom around 30 were rescued.

Libya has become one of the main migrant transit points to Europe as traffickers have exploited the chaos following the 2011 uprising. The European Union has given tens of millions of euros to Libyan authorities to try to curb the flow of migrants.



Drone Strike Hits Tribal Areas As US-Pakistan Tensions Rise "IndyWatch Feed World"

A US drone strike on Friday, September 15th, killed three men in the tribal area of Kurram, which lies on the border with Afghanistan, according to government and security officials as well as tribal sources.

The attack is the first since President Trump announced his new strategy for Afghanistan in a speech last month. In it he vowed to no longer be silent about Pakistans safe havens for terrorist organizations, sparking concerns the drone war in the country may escalate.

Fridays strike is reported to have hit a compound belonging to Maulvi Mohib, who sources in the Afghan Taliban have said is affiliated with the Haqqani Network. The Haqqani Network are believed to be behind numerous attacks in Afghanistan, including the devastating truck bomb that hit Kabul on May 31.

The strike was the fifth to have taken place this year. Strikes resumed in Pakistan in March, nearly two months after President Trump came into office, following a nine-month hiatus. They have been sporadic since their resumption, with the strike before the latest one hitting in mid-June.

All but one of the strikes have hit Pakistans tribal areas. On June 13, however, a strike was reported to have taken place in Hangu, located in the so-called settled areas of Pakistan.

Related | US Revives Afghanistan Airdrops, Signaling Escalation Of Conflict

The strike was only the third outside the tribal areas in 429 strikes since 2004. It angered Pakistans military chief, who shortly after called on the US to share actionable intelligence with Islamabad and warned that unilateral actions, such as drone strikes, were counterproductive.

Tensions between the US and Pakistan have been escalating in recent months, as the US administration has been exploring ways to hardens its approach towards Pakistan. The US is said to be eyeing up several measures  including expanding the drone pr...


Audit of the Department of Justices Handling of Known or Suspected Terrorists Admitted into the Federal Witness Security Program Audit, September 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"


The federal Witness Security Program (WITSEC Program) was established to provide for the security, health, and safety of government witnesses whose lives are at risk as a result of their testimony against organized crime members, drug traffickers, terrorists, and other major criminals. 1 Since the WITSEC Programs inception in 1971, more than 8,700 witnesses and over 9,900 family members and other associates of witnesses have been admitted into the WITSEC Program.
Within this population, there are known or suspected terrorists (KSTs) who have agreed to cooperate in major terrorism investigations and prosecutions, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building attack in Oklahoma City, the 1998 East Africa Embassy bombings, a 2007 plot to bomb John F. Kennedy Airport, and a 2009 plot to bomb the New York City subway system.

In May 2013, the Department of Justice (Department) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued an interim report on the Departments handling of KSTs admitted into the USMS WITSEC Program. The report included 16 recommendations to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General to improve information sharing among entities responsible for the WITSEC Program and reduce the risk to the public when admitting KSTs into the WITSEC Program. As we described in that report, we found that the Department had not identified all KSTs admitted into the WITSEC Program; lacked adequate and appropriate oversight of
these individuals; did not ensure that the identities of KSTs admitted into the WITSEC Program were placed on the governments consolidated terrorist watchlist,
as appropriate; and did not appropriately share information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other national security stakeholders, thus preventing these stakeholders from taking necessary precautions with respect to, and properly monitoring, these individuals.

In this report, we follow up on findings in our May 2013 report to determine whether the corrective actions taken by the FBI, USMS, and OEO sufficiently addressed the risks we identified. Specifically, our objectives for this audit were to evaluate the Departments: (1) handling of KSTs admitted to the WITSEC Program; (2) practices for watchlisting and the processing of encounters with this group of WITSEC Program participants; and (3) procedures for mitigating
risks to the public...


[PHOTOS] Millions of Yemenis Celebrate Third Year of Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sanaa (GPA) Millions of Yemenis from across the war-torn country filled the streets of the capital city of Sanaa today celebrating the third anniversary of the September 21st Revolution.

Men, women, and children expressed their support for independence from foreign powers and national liberation. They reiterated the need for a cohesive domestic front to face the Saudi-led aggression and U.S.-supported foreign occupation of Yemen.

On September 21st, 2014, Ansarullah (aka the Houthis) stormed the capital eventually forcing the Saudi-puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi to resign. Shortly after, Ansarullah and their allies formed a revolutionary government which seized control of key government buildings throughout the capital.

RELATED: Heres Exactly What 900 Days of War Against Yemen Has Destroyed

Saudi Arabia began their devastating air campaign in March of 2015 which continues to this day with disastrous effects. Tens of thousands have lost their lives from air strikes alone. Tens of thousands more have died as a result of the ongoing siege which restricts food, medicine, and other crucial imports.

In just the past 24 hours, the Saudi coalition carried out dozens of airstrikes throughout the country claiming the lives of many civilians. This has been a daily occurrence for Yemenis for two and a half years.

The September 21st Revolutions goal is to remove foreign influence from Yemen particularly from Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. The U.A.E. currently occupies most of southern Yemen along with the island of Socotra. The United States has also jumped at the chance to occupy Yemen with troops, effectively transforming the country into a military base.

Mr. Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, leader of the Ansarullah movement, spoke on the eve of the revolutions anniversary. He explained that the September 21st Revolution is an authentic movement by, of, and for the Yemeni people. Mr. al-Houthi reiterated the steadfastness of the Yemeni people in the face of foreign aggression.

RELATED: 9 Things the MSM Doesnt Want You to Know About the War in Yemen

He also condemned the U.S. involvement throughout the region as the root cause of sectarian violence. Al-Houthi commented on the recent Kurdish independence referendum as a foreign plot to further divide the region and cause unnecessary infighting to Washingtons and Israels advantage.

President of the Supreme Political Council, Saleh Ali al-Sammad, commented on the achievements of the Septembe...


UK weapons peddlers pay pitiful tax on vast Saudi arms sales "IndyWatch Feed World"

The UK arms industry has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from its dealings with Saudi Arabia during the conflict in Yemen, but the UK government has received just $40m of corporation tax, a new report says. The report, released by children's charity War Child, claims that corporations, including BAE systems and Raytheon, have made an estimated $775m in profit on $8bn worth of revenue by selling arms to Saudi Arabia between March 2015 and the end of 2016. Yet corporation tax receipts since the war in Yemen began stands at just $40m, something the NGO describes as "pitiful".


Irish citizen remains in Egyptian jail despite acquittal "IndyWatch Feed War"


Ibrahim Halawa was acquitted on Monday after spending four years in prison for taking part in anti-Sisi protests


Myanmar: The Responsibility to Protect is Working Exactly As It Was Supposed To "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a guest post from Aidan Hehir, a Reader in International Relations at the University of Westminster. He has published widely in a number of academic journals including International Security, The Journal of Peace Research, Ethics and International Affairs, and Cooperation and Conflict. He is author/editor of a number of books including, Protecting Human Rights in the 21st Century (Routledge, 2017); Libya, The Responsibility to Protect, and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013); The Responsibility to Protect: Rhetoric, Reality and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012).

In recent weeks, the desperate plight of the Rohingya fleeing from the Rakhine province into Bangladesh, has received sustained international media coverage. Many reports from inside Myanmar have attested to the brutality of the national military and their commission of egregious atrocities; indeed the UN Secretary General recently declared that ethnic cleansing was underway.

These scenes have, naturally, led to expressions of outrage and revulsion. In particular, some have claimed that the situation, and particularly the paltry international response, constitutes a violation of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) as agreed by states at the 2005 World Summit. In fact, the situation is a textbook case of R2P working exactly as it was supposed to; it is not that states or the UN Security Council have failed to apply R2P, it is simply that once again R2P has proved to be a failure.

It is worth remembering that the crisis in Myanmar did not erupt recently; it dates back to (at least) the 1982 Burma Citizenship Law which failed to recognise the Rohingya as a distinct ethnic group thereby leading to tensions. Since 2012 clashes between Myanmar security forces and the Rohingya including the insurgent group Harakatul Yakeen now known as...


UAE youth team withdraws from Qatar football competition "IndyWatch Feed War"


The UAE's under-16 team has withdrawn from the AFC U16 championship qualifiers


Trump Blasts Iran For Backing Syria, Ignores Russia, Praises Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trump more or less threatened to wipe out the 25 million people of North Korea in his speech at the UN.

Then he turned to the Middle East, where he again pledged to undermine the Iranian nuclear deal.

In other words, he put forward a plan to turn Iran into North Korea as a geopolitical problem.

The speech was a weird amalgam of white nationalism and Neoconservatism. It abandoned the isolationism of the former and eschewed the idealism of the latter.

Concerning Iran, Trump said:

The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy. It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos. The longest-suffering victims of Irans leaders are, in fact, its own people.

I swear, I thought Trump was talking about his own administration there for a second. Hes the one, not Iran, who called Nazis very fine people and blamed Heather Heyer for being run over by one of Trumps supporters. I have been critical of the Iranian regimes human rights record, as well, but Trump doesnt have a leg to stand on here.

Rather than use its resources to improve Iranian lives, its oil profits go to fund Hezbollah and other terrorists that kill innocent Muslims and attack their peaceful Arab and Israeli neighbors. This wealth, which rightly belongs to Irans people, also goes to shore up Bashar al-Assads dictatorship, fuel Yemens civil war, and undermine peace throughout the entire Middle East.

Hezbollah was formed to get Israel back out of Lebanon. Israel committed a naked act of aggression against little Lebanon in 1982, invading and shelling Beirut indiscriminately. The Israeli army then occupied 10% of Lebanese territory, in the south of the country. The far right Likud party has sticky fingers, and it had no intention of ever leaving. Hezbollah fought a low-intensity guerrilla war to get the Israelis to withdraw, which they finally did in 1999. Israel still occupies the Shebaa Farms area that belongs to Lebanon.

Israel still occupies the Shebaa Farms area that belongs to Lebanon.

Related | Trumps Efforts To Find A Pretext For War With Iran Are Failing

The Yemen civil war wasnt fueled by Iran but by a Saudi air campaign against the government of the north of the country. The Houthis were unwise to make their coup in early 2015 against the interim...


The Conflict in Eastern Ethiopia, Explained "IndyWatch Feed World"

(GV)  Ethnic tensions between Ethiopias two regions, Oromia and Somali erupted into violent conflict that killed at least dozens of people and drove thousands of men, women and children from their homes during the second week of September 2017.

Reports on social media about the death toll and displacement of people are wildly different depending on who reports them. Pro-government journalists based in the capital Addis Ababa reported dozens of deaths while diaspora-based media put the number much higher. However, both reported that thousands of people were displaced.

A referendum still reverberates 14 years later

The longest border in Ethiopia is shared between Oromia and Ethiopian Somali region, which are respectively the countrys first and second largest administrative regions by area.

Tension has been simmering for years along this border which led to intermittent clashes involving mostly Oromos and Somalis.

In 1994 an opposition political party known as Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) accused the Ethiopian Somali Region of infringing into the south-eastern provinces of Oromia Region. OLF was eventually labeled as a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian regime. In June 2000, OLF reported that at least 70 people were killed in an armed conflict that ensued between Oromos and Somalis.

In December 2003, a violent clash over scarce water and land resources led to the displacement of 19,000 people in the border.

In 2004, the Ethiopian government held a referendum to settle the territorial dispute. The official results of the referendum gave about 80 percent of the disputed districts to Oromia Regional State.



Houthis celebrate three years of control in Yemen capital "IndyWatch Feed War"


Saudi coalition jets fly overhead as huge crowds gather for third anniversary of takeover of Sanaa


Biafra: Change your attitude towards Igbos, Ohanaeze tells Buhari New Telegraph Online

Apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has pleaded with well-meaning northern groups and other Nigerians to inform President Muhammadu Buhari to change his attitude towards people of the South East in order to stem the tide of agitation and cry of marginalization in Igbo land. Speaking in Enugu yesterday while playing host to the Speaker of Northern Youth Assembly, Rt. Hon. Ukkasa Hamsa Rahama and the National Clark, Abdulrazak Danjuma, the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Enugu state, Chief Alex Ogbonna said that Ndigbo do not want secession again, but a...

The post Biafra: Change your attitude towards Igbos, Ohanaeze tells Buhari appeared first on New Telegraph Online.


BREAKING NEWS: France denies link with IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu New Telegraph Online

* Asks Nigerian Government  to provide evidence The government of France has denied any links with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the group seeking a referendum to carve out a separate country in the South East region of Nigeria. The federal government of Nigeria which launched a brutal military clamp down on the separatist group last week, subsequently proscribed declared it a terrorist organisation. The government  also alleged that the group was being funded from France and that it would take urgent measures to block it. But in a...

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Produce Nnamdi Kanus father now or. Igbo monarchs tells Army New Telegraph Online

Traditional rulers in Umuahia North Council Area of Abia State have called on the Nigeria Army to release dead or alive, their colleague and father of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Eze Israel Kanu, saying since the invasion and attack on his palace by soldiers last Thursday, they were at a loss as to his whereabouts. In condemning the attack yesterday, the royal fathers also condemned frowned at what they called the discretion of the Palace and throne and demanded the repair of the structures in the palace as well...

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Donald Trump about Africa "IndyWatch Feed World"

The world according to Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump did not just threaten North Korea with nuclear war in his United Nations speech.

He spoke about Africa as well.

From the Huffington Post in the USA today:

HERES WHAT TRUMP HAD TO SAY ABOUT AFRICA AT THE UN I have so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich. He also saluted the nonexistent country of Nambia. Stephen Colbert had a field day with his screw-up. [HuffPost]

Perhaps the president of the USA meant Narnia when talking about Nambia?

  • ...


UK government rejects call to engage with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood "IndyWatch Feed War"


Government cites group's 'ambiguous relationship with violence' after parliamentary committee calls for discreet relations with exiled officials


Uneasy calm in Kanus community over Familys whereabout New Telegraph Online

The people of Afaraukwu community in Umuahia North council area of Abia State are still agitated over the health and whereabouts of the their traditional ruler HRM Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and the father of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu, who has not been seen one week after his palace was invaded by the military during the operation python dance. The palace of Eze  Kanu was last Thursday invaded by the military, apparently in search of his son, Nnamdi. Though calm has returned to Umuahia,...

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Hundreds of Thousands of Yemenis Mark 3rd Anniversary of September Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

September 21, 2017 Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, to mark the third anniversary of the countrys September 21 Revolution and condemn the bloody Saudi war against the nation. The demonstrators in Thursdays mass rally reaffirmed their commitment to the government in Sanaa and the Yemeni forces defending the []


You are a disappointment to us Igbo elders tell Rochas Okorocha. OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


APC is a Failure Prof. Itse Sagay Blasts Party OBLONG MEDIA

Professor of law and Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption has the leadership blasted the All Progressives Congress. More


Borno APC rejects Ali Modu Sheriff return. OBLONG MEDIA

With the alleged plan of the former governor of Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to return to the All More


French neofascists expel bigwig for eating treasonable African food "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2016 video is called How To Cook Simple Vegetarian Couscous.

Couscous is a famous originally North African dish, now eaten in many countries.

Recently, Florian Philippot, the vice president of the French neofascist National Front party, was spotted eating it.

Philippots fellow neonazis did not like that treasonable eating of Muslim food.

The quarrel between National Front fuehrer Marine Le Pen and deputy fuehrer Philippot led today to Philippot no longer being deputy fuehrer and no longer being a National Front party member.

In Italy, the French National Fronts racist colleagues, the xenophobic Lega Nord Party, who used to be in the Rightist Berlusconi government coalition; a party whose Members of the European Parliament praise mass murderer Anders Breivik from Norway, are infamous for their crusade against other Islamic food: kebab.

One should hope that a Lega Nord bigwig will spot another Lega Nord bigwig secretly eating kebab. And that the quarrel resulting from that will harm the...


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NLC, TUC Reject ULCs Calls for National Strike in Nigeria
By Kayode Ekundayo, Lagos
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 18 2017 2:00AM

Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), however, has rejected the seven-day ultimatum, issued by its parallel body, United Labour Congress of Nigeria (ULC), saying the proposed strike is meant to blackmail the federal government with the ultimate goal of obtaining registration.

In a joint press statement signed by the NLC president, Ayuba Wabba and Trade Union Counterpart, Bobboi Bala Kaigama, said the ULC consists of NLCs colleagues who are trying to take advantage of the unstable security and industrial relation situation in the country to increase the tension and give bad name to trade unionism.

Nigerians need to know that they are not a legitimate organisation recognised by the laws of our country. They are largely a collection of individuals who find it difficult to accept the will of Nigerian workers, as very clearly demonstrated during the March 12-13, 2015, election that took place at the
Eagle Square, Abuja in which they were roundly defeated.

ULC which is being led by Joe Ajaero, a former vice president of NLC last week issued a seven-day ultimatum after which the union shall embark on Industrial actions.

The ultimatum expired last week Friday.

We urge the Federal Ministry of Labour and workers to discountenance the threats of this illegal association. The ministry must be steadfast in upholding the laws governing trade union practice in the country, the unions said.

Since their failure in the March 2015, 10th delegates conference of the NLC, these individuals have tried to use every tactic to destabilise the industrial relations scene in the country. First they tried to factionalise the NLC, and for almost two years were parading themselves as factional leaders of the NLC. When they realised that they were largely ignored by Nigerian workers and the Nigerian people, at the beginning of this year, they dusted up the name of one of the four trade union centres that in December 1975 voluntarily merged to form the NLC, and now purports to have become a new Labour Centre in the country, called the United Labour Congress.

Part of the 11 demands by U...


Uhuru terms Kenya Supreme Court ruling as coup by four judges "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Uhuru Kenyatta has described the Supreme Court decision nullifying the 8 August presidential election as a coup by four people sitting in court.


Arabic press review: What happened to Saudi crown prince Salmans $550m yacht? "IndyWatch Feed War"


Also: Reports that Houthi rebels have UAE military vehicles; and Saudi university is expelling academics sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood


Nigeria: At least 550 peaceful pro-Biafra activists killed in combined chilling crackdowns. OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


Link Pan-African News Wire

Nnamdi Kanu: The Morning After
By Jideofor Adibe @JideoforAdibe
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 21 2017 2:00AM

In my column of September 7 2017 entitled, Nnamdi Kanu and the Redeemer Complex, I made a few propositions about Nnamdi Kanu that now seem prophetic. I will like to quote two passages from that piece:

...a redeemer movement becomes dangerous when the leader starts believing so much in his own hype or the hype of his followers that he loses all sense of proportion. At this stage, the danger of doing something really stupid is high. I have read people telling Nnamdi Kanu that he is bigger than Buhari or that no one can touch him. He will be a fool to act on such hype.

Standing in front of a moving train is stupidity, not a demonstration of courage. It will be naive to mistake the defence of ethnic pride that led to the mobilization to get him out of detention with a blank cheque to force his vision of Biafra and how it will be actualized on everyone - without debate. The meeting with the Five Governors of the Southeast is a golden opportunity, a soft landing if you like - for Kanu to start normalizing his agitation within the framework of the Igbo political mainstream. As the Igbos would say, a fly who listens to no advice, invariably gets buried with the corpse. Apparently Nnamdi Kanu only listened to his own hype and the hype of his followers.

Now that the militarys Operation Python Dance 11 exercise has managed to lower the tension in the Southeast (despite inconveniences to the civilian population) and IPOBs activities have been proscribed, it is important to reflect on the lessons learnt from the whole situation:

One, is the danger of groupthink. In groupthink, loyalty to the group requires individuals to avoid raising controversial or non-conforming issues and ideas or even alternative solutions. One of the consequences of this is that the in-group often significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making, significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the out-group) and believes passionately, even irrationally, in the inherent morality and rightness of the cause(s) they espouse. Groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions and utterances against the out-group in the forms of stereotyping,...


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Arewa, Igbo Youths Sue for Peace in Anambra
By Emma Elekwa, Awka
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 20 2017 4:06PM

Arewa and Igbo youths, under the auspices of Arewa youths, Anambra state chapter and Igbo Peace movement, on Wednesday signed a peace pact with a resolve to the commitment of a united, peaceful and indissoluble Nigeria.

Signing the pact in Awka, Anambra State during a press conference, the groups, resolved to take steps towards ensuring that no civil unrest would be experienced in the country again.

In a communique signed by the President of Arewa Youths ,Alhaji Bello Maigari and the Leader of  Igbo Peace Movement, Divine Onyekachi, said the pact was necessary as there could be  reasons for agitations by some sections of the country.

They commended the federal and state governments for the measures taken in reassuring Nigerians of the country's unity, especially the recent visit of some Northern governors to douse the tension in the south eastern region.

"Peace and unity of the country are paramount and should supersede every other interest.

"The country's strength is in the nation's unity in diversity and only convergence of efforts from all ethnic groups can make Nigeria reclaim its rightful place in the comity of nations." the group stated.

They underscored the need for Nigerians to always channel their energy and resources on things that would restore the lost glory of Nigeria rather than things that would divide it.


Egypt and the cactus pear: My trip home "IndyWatch Feed War"

I spent 18 days in Egypt this summer, talking to everyone - the poor and the rich, those against Sisi and those praising him. But it was the cactus pear merchant who showed me what I really needed to see


Taiz torment: No surgeon for Yemeni children wounded by rebel shells "IndyWatch Feed War"


'I will never forget the sound of those children crying and their mothers screaming in desperation,' says father of girl hit by Houthi shells


SEC bans Ogiemwonyi for life, operating license withdrawn New Telegraph Online

.As  Omoragbon, other five directors get 5yr ban Following breach of corporate governance, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ban the Managing Director of Partnership Investment Company Plc and Partnership Securities Limited Mr. Victor Ogiemwonyi for life from holding directorship position in any public company in Nigeria for his unprofessional conduct in respect of the activities of both companies and also withdrawn the operating license of the companies. This is just as the Ministry of Finance has also approved recommendations of SEC on Partnership Securities and Investments including its...

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Defeat of ISIS may trigger another US-Iran crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Hal Brands
Straits Times

The United States is rapidly heading down the path of confrontation with a rogue-state adversary, a potential foe that has proved rational yet ruthless in pursuit of its interests, including the aggressive development of its nuclear programme and associated military capabilities. The rogue state this description best fits, however, may not be North Korea, but Iran.

Although the slow-motion crisis involving North Koreas atomic and missile programmes is undoubtedly perilous, it still seems likely that the logic of nuclear deterrence will promote a degree of caution on all sides. In the Middle East, however, the Trump administration is barrelling towards a potential conflict with Iran, one that the White House has shown little capacity to handle thus far.

That looming confrontation is being driven by three powerful factors that are now converging. First is the rapidly approaching endgame of the struggle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The defeat of that terrorist army is removing a point of tacit cooperation between the US and Iran while sharpening the regional competition between them. Washington and Teheran are gearing up for an intense political struggle for influence with the government of Iraq. The potential for violence between any US troops that remain in Iraq and the Iranian-backed Shiite militias that strenuously oppose such a presence will be omnipresent.

In Syria, US and Iranian-backed forces are also coming into closer proximity in and around the few areas ISIS still holds. The middle Euphrates River Valley has already seen clashes between the US military and Iranian-backed militias operating in support of the Assad regime. As the vice closes around the militant group, and its enemies strive to stake out their spheres of influence in a post-ISIS Syria, the potential for violence will intensify.

The second factor leading towards a new crisis is the Trump administrations determination to push back against Irans pernicious influence throughout the Middle East. By the close of Mr Barack Obamas presidency, there was a widespread sense in Washington and much of the Middle East that Iran was ascendant, and that it had exploited Mr Obamas war-weariness and his desire to reach the nuclear deal with Teheran to push its influence from South Asia across the Middle East.

In reality, Irans interest is more intense, and its influence far more pervasive, in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq which constitute something close to vital strategic interests than it is in a se...


Okorocha is a disappointment ECA. OBLONG MEDIA

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has accused the Igbo of playing the worst politics in Nigeria, saying the Hausa More


Poor Orphan Crops So Valuable, So Neglected "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

ROME, Sep 20 2017 (IPS) When think-tankers in the mid-1990s formulated their famous think global, act local slogan, they probably did not expect humankind to require a couple of decades to implement such practical advice.

A group of people heading towards Mangoky River (Madagascar) past Baobab trees. Baobab leaves and fruits are sources of food for people and fodder for animals. Credit: FAO/Aris Mihich

At least this has been the case for the so-called neglected, under-utilised, minor or promising crops, which have been forgotten over the last century.

Now scientists and policymakers are beginning to recognise the value of these colourfully dubbed orphan crops, affirming what local communities have already known for generations.

What Are They?

But what are they all about? The United Nations leading food and agriculture agency provides the answer with some specific examples the African Yam Bean and the Desert Date, and Ber, a stocky tree with a vitamin-rich berry.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) explains that the African yam bean, cultivated mainly for home consumption, is planted for its seeds, which are high in protein and low in calories, and are often eaten after being dried and ground into flour or simply boiled and seasoned.

The starch-rich, tuberous roots, similar to spindly sweet potatoes in shape, are consumed either fresh, cut into strips in salads, or dried and ground into flour. The leaves can also be cooked and eaten much in the same way spinach is.

The crop seems to be little affec...


How a Werfalli Execution Site Was Geolocated "IndyWatch Feed War"

This article was collaboratively researched and written by Timmi Allen, Klement Anders, Daniel Romein, and Christiaan Triebert of the Bellingcat Investigative Team.


In August 2017, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued its first ever arrest warrant solely based on social media evidence. The arrest warrant accuses Mahmoud Mustafa Busayf Al-Werfalli (hereafter referred to as Werfalli), an alleged commander of the Al-Saiqa Brigade of the Libyan National Army (LNA), of mass executions in or near Benghazi.

Bellingcat has highlighted the importance of this development, which aligns the ICC with the realities of many of todays conflicts, in an earlier article. The article marked the start of a crowdsourcing campaign to geolocate the seven locations of the executions on which the arrest warrant is based. Four execution sites have been geolocated so far, and one of them  Incident Seven is worth discussing in further depth as it is an excellent example of team work and using a wide variety of open source information such as satellite imagery, geotagged photos, conflict context, geolocations from other sources and news articles.

The Evidence: A Facebook Video

The video which prompted the ICC arrest warrant was uploaded on July 23, 2017, by a Facebook user named Mohammed Al-Gali. The video has been deleted since, though an archived version exists.

The video shows the execution of twenty individuals who are, according to the description, terrorists found guilty of kidnapping, torture, killing, bombing, and slaughtering and members of the so-called Islamic State (IS). Mohammed Al-Gali appears to have a direct link with the military unit led by Werfalli, as numerous videos and photographs on his Facebook document events related to them. It is possible that he is the individual who filmed the executions. Werfalli is visible in the video and gives the order to execute the group of twenty individuals. According to the arrest warrant, Werfalli reads from a white document in the video of Incident Seven, and refers to a decree decision, which shall be executed today 17/07/2017.

The first part of...


Senator Achonu: Time to Hold APC Accountable. OBLONG MEDIA

A stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party, Senator Athanasius Achonu has accused the All Progressives Congress of riding roughshod over More


Arab Federation for Human Rights Calls For Removal of 2022 World Cup from Qatar Supporting and financing terrorism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stop supporting and financing terrorism, federations tells Qatar

Image Credit: Agency
Federation called on Qatar to meet the 13 demands from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt, the four Arab nations that cut ties with the country.
Published: 07:39 September 21, 2017Gulf News

GENEVA: The Arab Federation for Human Rights has called for the withdrawal of the 2022 World Cup from Qatar because of its record in the field of human rights, especially violations of workers rights, and the financing of terrorism.

In a press conference held at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva, the federation called on Qatar to stop supporting and financing terrorism and activities that undermine the stability of the region, to end its policy of providing safe havens for terrorists, and stop providing a platform that helps promote radical ideologies.

Everything you need to know about Qatar Crisis

In its report, the Federation pointed to international and regional treaties signed by Qatar, including those related to anti-terrorism, corruption and human rights and labour agreements.

The report included 26 recommendations, most notably the need for the state of Qatar to stop its support and financing of terrorism and extremism that undermine the stability of the region, stop the policy of the harbouring of terrorists, not provide them with a platform to promote their extremist ideologies.

It also called on Qatar to meet the 13 demands from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt, the four Ara...


The Labour Room Reality TV Show OBLONG MEDIA

Imagine a Television Reality Show that can create direct and indirect employment for over 200 thousand Nigerian youths and stimulate More


United States cities sue Big Oil over climate change "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 20 September 2017 video from the USA is called San Francisco and Oakland sue top five oil and gas companies over costs of climate change.

From Reuters news agency:

California cities sue big oil firms over climate change

Sept 20 California cities San Francisco and Oakland filed separate lawsuits against five oil companies on Wednesday seeking billions of dollars to protect against rising sea levels they blamed on climate change, according to public documents.

The lawsuits, filed in state courts in San Francisco and Alameda Counties, alleged Chevron Corp, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil Corp, BP Plc, and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, created a public nuisance and asked for funds to finance infrastructure to deal with rising sea levels.

According to a news release from San Francisco city officials, the lawsuits mirror 1980s-era lawsuits against tobacco companies. They allege the oil giants knowingly and recklessly created an ongoing public nuisance that is causing harm now and in the future risks catastrophic harm to human life and property.

Shell said in statement the issue should be addressed by...


Tiahuanaco: Gateway to the Gods "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gateway to the Gods
by Dan Eden

"Ask most people who are the oldest civilization or where the oldest civilization lived and you'll hear answers like Mesopotamia (Iraq), Egypt or Iran. While these cultures can be traced back to 4000 B.C., the mysterious ruins of Tiahuanaco, in Bolivia, could be 14,000 years old! If you think the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a technological marvel, wait until you see what artists and engineers were doing in Tiahuanaco. This culture thrived at the breathless, oxygen deprived elevation of 13,000 feet. They managed to somehow move stones weighing up to 200 tons and invented modular building techniques that would even today, be cutting edge.
The most famous icon of the archaeological site at Tiahuanaco is the Sun Gate. This structure has been described as a "calendar" almost as long as the monolithic gateway has been known to exist; thus the Sun Gate has also been called 'the Calendar Gate'. This calendar sculpture, though it undoubtedly depicts a "solar year," cannot however be made to fit into the solar year as we divide it at present. The calendar has only 290 days, divided into 12 "twelfths" of 24 days each, plus 2 intercalary days.

Some researchers have attempted to explain this as being a ritualistic calendar while others have claimed that, 14,000 years ago, the length of a year was somehow different from today. Still others believe that it may represent a year on some another planet. Extraterrestrial connections were first suggested by Eric von Danken and have been perpetuated by discoveries of the apparent advanced knowledge that Tiahuanacan engineers seemed to possess - thousands of years ahead of other cultures....


Joint Statement From the Ministerial Discussion on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ministers of Canada, Denmark, Egypt, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States met September 18 to discuss Syria and related issues. They agreed on the following points, which will guide their united efforts: 1) There is only a political solution to the Syria crisis to be arrived at through full implementation of UNSCR 2254. The ministers reiterated strong support (...)


Sauropod dinosaur evolution, new research "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

17 September 2015

Saturnalia is an extinct genus of basal sauropodomorph dinosaur known from the Triassic of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil.

Saturnalia was originally named on the basis of three partial skeletons. The holotype, MCP 3844-PV, a well-preserved semi-articulated postcranial skeleton, was discovered in mid-summer at Sanga da Alemoa, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, in the geopark of Paleorrota. The two paratypes are MCP 3845-PV, partial skeleton including natural cast of partial mandible with teeth and some postcranial remains, and MCP 3846-PV, partial skeleton including postcranial remains. All specimen were collected in the Wald-Sanga locality from the Alemoa Member of the Santa Maria Formation, dating to the Carnian faunal stage of the early Late Triassic, about 225 million years ago. A partial femur from the Carnian Pebbly Arkose Formation of Zimbabwe was also attributed to the genus. It is one of the oldest true dinosaurs yet found. It probably grew to about 1.5 meters long.

Saturnalia was first named by Max C. Langer, Fernando Abdala, Martha Richter, Michael J. Benton in 1999 and the type species is Saturnalia tupiniquim. The generic name is derived from Saturnalia, Latin for Carnival, in reference to the discovery of the paratypes during the feasting period. The specific name is derived from a Portuguese and Guarani word meaning native.

The primitive nature of Saturnalia, combined with its mixture of sauropodomorph and theropod characteristics, has made it difficult to classify. Paleontologist Max Cardoso Langer and colleagues, in their 1999 description of the genus, assigned it to the...


Mexico earthquake: Race to find survivors under collapsed school New Telegraph Online

Mexico earthquake: Race to find survivors under collapsed school  Rescuers are racing against the clock to reach survivors trapped under the rubble of a school in Mexico City which collapsed during Tuesdays earthquake. One of them, a 13-year-old girl, is believed to be sheltering under a table, officials told the BBC. At least 21 children and five adults died when the primary school collapsed and many others are missing. The school was one of dozens of buildings toppled by the quake. So far 230 people are known to have died....

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La Liga:Real beaten on Ronaldo return, Atletico win New Telegraph Online

Antonio Sanabria struck deep into stoppage time to hand Real Betis a shock 1-0 win away to Real Madrid on Wednesday as the European champions failed to score for the first time in 74 matches. Defeat leaves Real already seven points adrift of leaders Barcelona just five games into their defence of La Liga having failed to win in all three home games so far this season. Even the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo on his return from a five-match domestic ban couldnt break Betis resistance as former Real goalkeeper Antonio...

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Machine Learning Helps Small Farmers Identify Plant Pests And Diseases "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new app aims to help smallholder farmers fight pests and diseases that are killing their crops.

The worlds 500 million smallholder farmers have a new weapon in their never-ending fight against pests and plant diseases: an app called Plantix. By uploading pictures of affected crops to the mobile service, they can quickly diagnose unwanted funguses and insects and get ideas about how to deal with infestations before they get out of control. Three years after launch, the app is being used more than 1 million times a month, particularly in India, Brazil, and North Africa.

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Donald Trump is Just Another New World Order Apprentice "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Donald Trump is acting and sounding more like Obama than the self he was projecting at the campaign trail last year. This only means that he is double-crossing the nation in favor of the privilege that the White House position could provide to his own enterprise.

Otherwise, a lot of things could have happened already.

No, it's not about what the Deep State will do to him. It's whether he had the vertebra to do it in the first place.

True or False? Fact-Checking Five Key Points of Trump's First UN Address

01:05 20.09.2017(updated 05:02 20.09.2017)

After referring to North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un as "rocket man" in front of the UN General Assembly, US Presidential Donald Trump made a slew of remarks with questionable accuracy.

Trump stepped up his aggressive rhetoric toward Tehran, berated Kim's "suicide mission" in developing nuclear weapons, and spared zero effort touting what he claims are his own economic accomplishments. Were the claims true? Sputnik News has a quick review of key points where the president may not have been fully truthful in his comments before the UN.

"We want harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife."

US foreign policy since the 9/11 terror attacks has been nothing if not violent. US soldiers have occupied Iraq since 2003 after toppling Saddam Hussein's regime. Since 2001, US airstrikes have peppered Yemen to reportedly eliminate al-Qaeda militants, but the UN itself calls the Saudi-led (and US-backed) coalition in Yemen the worst humanitarian crisison earth. US forces are arriving in places like Somalia and...


Researchers Link Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Futurism

Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces.
Brain Meets IoT

A team of researchers at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa have made a major breakthrough in the field of biomedical engineering. According to a release published on Medical Express, for the first time ever, researchers have devised a way of connecting the human brain to the internet in real time. It's been dubbed the "Brainternet" project, and it essentially turns the brain "into an Internet of Things (IoT) node on the World Wide Web."

The project works by taking brainwave EEG signals gathered by an Emotiv EEG device connected to the user's head. The signals are then transmitted to a low cost Raspberry Pi computer, which live streams the data to an application programming interface and displays the data on an open website where anyone can view the activity. Adam Pantanowitz, a lecturer in the Wits School of Electrical and Information Engineering and the project's supervisor, said:

Brainternet is a new frontier in brain-computer interface systems. There is a lack of easily understood data about how a human brain works and processes information. Brainternet seeks to simplify a person's understanding of their own brain and the brains of others. It does this through continuous monitoring of brain activity as well as enabling some interactivity.

Intellectual Muscle


Ughelli College To Honour Members In Annual Dinner Urhobo Today

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 21ST (URHOBOTODAY)-Next month, Lagos will host members of the Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association (GCUOBA), a foremost secondary school in the defunct Midwest region. The members will hold their annual national dinner on October 7.
The event, slated for Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, will feature the Minister of Education, Alhaji Adamu Adamu as well as Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State and Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State. Ambassador Christopher Kolade is expected as chairman of the event. Dr. Chris Uwaje, Coordinating Chairman, Council for West African Information Technology Professionals would deliver the keynote address at the dinner.
During the event, various honours would be handed to a few living and dead members of the association.
At a recent meeting of the GCUOBA National Executive Council and members of the National Dinner Organising Committee, acting President-General Worldwide (PGW) of the old boys, Mr. Charles Majoroh, reeled out some of the expectations on the night.
He said the 2017 National Dinner was the sixth in a roll of the rotational dinner that started in 2012 in Asaba, Delta State. He reiterated that the dinner was being held to bring the old boys together in celebration, many years or even decades after graduation, listen to a keynote speech and meet friends and other well wishers.
In addition, we discuss the state of affairs of our old school and look at ways of carrying out infrastructural development projects in the college. A lot has been done in that direction in the last decade but much more needs to be done as the old boys cannot afford to rest on their oars. The association plans to provide an e-library for staff and students as well as rehabilitate the Wood and Metal workshops.
Emphasis in our interface with the school is largely on the cherished culture and tradition that built the reputation of the school and the character of the students that went through its portals, he said.
National Dinner Organising Committee Chairman, Mr. Alfred Okogui, who is the Group Managing Director, Arco Group Plc, said: Every year, we give out 10 awards to deserving alumni. In the...


The bloody Python Dance New Telegraph Online

One hell of a dance! For residents of Aba and Umuahia, two major cities in Abia State, the activities in the state in the past one week is just a nightmare. Their peace was shattered while apprehension, fear and disbelief took over the streets. IGBEAKU ORJI, in Umuahia, reports on the unusual experience   Dance, in its generic sense, connotes celebration of success or achievement of uncommon feat in battle, academics, or other fields of human endeavour. But the dance of the python, a beast whose proper habitat is the...

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Gaidam commends WFP, wants activities scaled up in Yobe New Telegraph Online

Hassan Jirgi DAMATURU Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, has commended the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for its support to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and other vulnerable groups of people and children in the state, since the Boko Haram insurgency in the state. The governor gave the commendation when Ms Myrta Kaulard, WFP Country Director led a team from the UN Agency, including Mr. Tito Nikodimos, the WFPs Head of Maiduguri Area Office, who were in Yobe on a courtesy visit to him in his office. Ms Kaulard told...

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Biafra: France, financial HQ of IPOB, says FG New Telegraph Online

Anule Emmanuel Abuja The Federal Government has declared France as the financial headquarters of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Government said Nigerians based in France and other parts of the world were providing financial support to the group. Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said IPOB remains a contraption against the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari. The Biafra group, according the minister, was being sponsored by the coalition of the politically-disgruntled and the treasury looters. IPOB is a contraption against the Buhari...

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Nigeria Information Minister Says UK Frustrating Closure of Radio Biafra
By Isiaka Wakili
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 20 2017 7:52PM

The Federal Government Wednesday vented its anger against the British Government for allegedly frustrating efforts towards closing down Radio Biafra sited in the United Kingdom.

Information Minister Lai Mohammed, during a news conference held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, said the Nigerian government had, to no avail, taken some diplomatic moves to contain activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Mohammed, however, decried that despite all the damages done by Radio Biafra, the British government was hiding under the right to freedom of expression.

"Who does not know that the IPOB internal radio is located in London? We know the diplomatic moves we have been taking and approaching the UK, all the damages it (Radio Biafra)  has done, but they don't see it that way, for them (the British government), it is about freedom of expression.

"If we've a person in Nigeria openly soliciting arms to come and fight the UK, what would you think of? Would you consider that freedom of expression? And this is a country that also has had a history, what did Iraq do to be labeled a terrorist organisation? They were planting bombs, they were fighting the British army.

"I don't want any diplomatic row, we know for a fact where the funding is coming from and we are going to stop them but it is difficult to stop them and we have been working on it and we will not stop," he said.


Court strikes out Diezanis name from $1.6bn fraud charge New Telegraph Online

Tunde Oyesina Abuja The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has struck out the name of former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke from a nine-count charge bothering on $1.6 billion crude oil fraud. The suit was originally instituted by the Federal Government against businessman, Jide Omokore, and five others. Deizanis name had appeared in Count 8 of the charge. The former minister had, however, through her counsel, Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN), told the court hat she was indicted in the particular count, yet was not given the opportunity to...

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Nigeria Information Minister Says IPOB's Finance HQ in France
By Isiaka Wakili, Ismail Mudashir, John Chuks Azu & Clement A. Oloyede 
Nigeria Daily Trust
Sep 21 2017 2:00AM

South East lawmakers kick

The financial headquarters of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is in France, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, said yesterday.

He said records showed that the secessionist group is getting money both from home and overseas.

The Federal Government knows where the funding is coming from, the minister told reporters after the weekly cabinet meeting at the Presidential Villa, Abuja,

He said: We have the records, we know IPOB collects money from many people from Diaspora, they collect money from many people in Nigeria they collect money from some foreign countries, this is clear.

Let me tell you, the financial headquarters is in France, we know...You have to block the sources of finance that is what I said recently.

It is incontrovertible that some people in Diaspora contribute money to IPOB, where does he get his money from.

We know this as a fact again there are a few very knotty diplomatic issues which you need to skip.

Asked to name IPOBs financiers, the minister responded: I think this is not rocket science. Any treasury looter would do everything possible to distract government.

If by any act, God forbid, Nigeria is today engulfed in war...what would be the first priority of government? It will be to quell that riot.

So, it is a way of distraction to ensure that government is not focused.

I dont want any diplomatic row, we know for a fact where the funding is coming from... we have been working on it and we will not stop, he said.

UK govt refused to shut Biafra radio

The minister also pointed out that despite all the damages done by Radio Biafra, the British government was allowing it to continue to operate, hiding under to right freedom of expression.

Who does not know that the IPOB internal radio is located in London? We know the diplomatic moves we have been taking and approaching the UK, all the damages it (Radio Biafra)  has done, but they dont see it that way, for them (the Bri...


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Nigeria Supreme Court Proscribes IPOB, Declares it Terrorist Group
TVC Nigeria

The Federal High Court in Abuja has given judicial backing to the executive order by President Muhammadu Buhari, outlawing the Indigenous People of Biafra, and its activities.

The Acting Chief Judge, Justice Abdu Kafarati, granted the order proscribing the group.

The court declared that the activities of IPOB in Nigeria, particularly in the South-East or South-South regions, constitute an act of terrorism.

The judge did not sit in open court to deliver the ruling, choosing to hear and grant the ex parte motion filed by Attorney-General, and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami in his chambers.


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Zimbabwe to Recruit 100 Specialist Doctors From Cuba
TVC Nigeria

Zimbabwe is reportedly set to recruit at least a hundred specialist doctors from Cuba to deal with what the Minister of Health and Child Care calls a serious shortage of specialist doctors.

David Pari-ren-yatwa said the country was hoping to deploy the doctors to mostly provincial hospitals with a plan that at least five specialists will be on call.

This is as opposition leader and former prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, says he is responding well to what has been described as a routine medical procedure, after being airlifted to South Africa last week.

Reports last week indicated that the 65-year-old had fallen ill during an MDC Alliance strategic meeting on Thursday.

The report said he had returned to Harare, where his condition had worsened, leading to him being airlifted to SA in the early hours of Friday.


Warri Party Killings: Delta CP Orders Arrest Of Yahoo Boys Police Escorts Urhobo Today

LAGOS SEPTEMBER 21ST (UROBTODAY)-The Delta State Commissioner of Police, CP Zanna Mohammed Ibrahim, has ordered the immediate arrest of four policemen over an alleged professional misconduct and murder.
The CP gave the order following a report that the policemen shot three persons during a child dedication ceremony at Warri.
A statement signed by the Delta State Acting Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Andrew Aniamaka and made available to newsmen said the Policemen to be arrested include Insp. Samuel Imana, Inspr. Anthony Nwali, Sgt. Anthony Oniri and Cpl Innocent Ajah, attached to the Area Commanders office, Warri.
The policemen were alleged to have engaged in shooting which resulted in the death of one Elvis Ovie m and injury to two others during a child dedication ceremony at Edjewo, by Poloko market, Warri at about. 1840hrs on 17/9/2017.
The CP who was miffed at the apparent reckless and unwarranted shooting by the police officers vowed that appropriate sanctions would be meted to the erring officers after investigation is concluded.


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Zarif Meets Tillerson, P5+1 Representatives Over JCPOA
Thu Sep 21, 2017 02:40AM

Representatives from Iran and the six world powers have come together to highlight the necessity of complying with Islamic Republic's nuclear agreement, despite threats by US President Donald Trump to scrap the deal.     

We raised the issue of Washingtons non-compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) during the Wednesday meeting, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.   

All the representatives present at the meeting stressed the necessity for the signatories to respect the JCPOA, the Iranian foreign minister stated, adding that it was the second Joint Commission meeting of the JCPOA at the ministerial level on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Zarif went on to say that the meeting was held to show consensus among the P5+1 group of countries on remaining committed to the 2015 nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries.

Referring to the US president's speech at the UN General Assembly, the Iranian foreign minister said Trump's anti-Iran rhetoric proves that the US is detached from the realities of the international community.

Trump told the General Assembly on Tuesday that the nuclear agreement is an embarrassment for Washington, accusing Tehran of violating the deal.

Good opportunity to meet Zarif

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for his part, said he had a matter of fact exchange with his Iranian counterpart, but he said that Washington still has "significant issues" with the nuclear deal.

"It was a good opportunity to meet, shake hands. The tone was very matter of fact. There was no yelling, we didn't throw shoes at one another," Tillerson said.

"It was not an angry tone at all. It was a very, very matter of fact exchange about how we see this agreement very differently."

EU: No need to renegotiate the JCPOA

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini confirmed Zarif's remarks, stressing that the nuclear agreement was "delivering" despite calls by Washington to renegotiate it....


Africall become food basket of the world Dangote New Telegraph Online

Business mogul, Aliko Dangote, yesterday told investors at a business meeting in the United States that Africa will soon become the food basket of the world. At a packed room at the headquarters of global law firm, Shearman and Sterling LLC, high level business leaders and international diplomats invited by the Corporate Council for Africa to hear Africas richest man, Aliko Dangote and Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, openly converse on Africas opportunities and challenges. Both leaders underscored the ongoing movement to diversify African economies. In the case of Nigeria, Africas...

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Building accountability in MDAs IT procurements New Telegraph Online

The need to ensure accountability in Information Technology procurement by the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government is currently in the front burner of a collaboration between the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). KUNLE AZEEZ reports   Nigeria currently plans to achieve 80 per cent automation of all its activities by 2019 and this move, which is in tandem with the Federal Governments desire to enthrone e-government. While there are about 900 ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of...

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Merkel Slams Trumps Threat to Destroy North Korea
Wed Sep 20, 2017 07:56PM

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses an election campaign rally of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Kappeln, northern Germany, on September 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says US President Donald Trumps threat to totally destroy North Korea is wrong, citing economic pressure and diplomacy as the only "appropriate" ways to resolve the conflict.

I am against such threats, Merkel told the Deutsche Welle channel. We consider any form of military solution as totally inappropriate and we insist on a diplomatic solution.

From my point of view sanctions and their implementation are the right answer. But I consider everything else concerning North Korea as wrong, she added. And that is why we clearly disagree with the US president."

The German chancellor made the remarks in reaction to Trumps debut speech at the United Nations General Assembly, where he said Tuesday that the US was ready to destroy the North to resolve the ongoing standoff over the countrys ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program.

"The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea," he said.

"It is time for North Korea to realize that its denuclearization is its only responsible future," he added.

The Trump administration has been pushing for greater international pressure on North Korea through the UN and by pressuring China, Pyongyangs main trade ally.

The pressure peaked in early September, when the North announced that it had successfully exploded a hydrogen bomb, its sixth overall thermonuclear test.

The UN Security Council adopted new sanctions against the North as a result, a move that Pyongyang warned would not go unanswered.

Germanys role

Merkel said in her interview that Germanys strong ties China, Japan, South Korea and the United States puts it among the few countries that could actually help resolve the North Korea crisis.

"Even if this co...


Emefiele: Land tenure system, others hinder mortgage financing New Telegraph Online

Abdulwhab Isa Abuja Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has canvassed for the review of land tenure system to pave the way for proper development of housing sector. The Apex Bank governor stated this yesterday in Abuja while delivering keynote address at a workshop for judicial officers on mortgage, with the theme: Mortgage Disputes in Nigeria: The need for expeditious resolution of case. He said the Land use Act of 1978 in its present state does not encourage proper development of robust and sustainable housing sector in...

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Forex market liquidity declines New Telegraph Online

T-bills oversubscribed as foreigners buy debt Offshore funds in the country yesterday offered to sell the dollar at close to its parallel market rate worsening a liquidity lull on the foreign exchange market, Reuters reported yesterday. According to the news agency, traders said the funds, which shifted dollars into the market last week to buy naira treasury bills, offered to sell the U.S. currency at N365, close to the parallel market rate of 367 local banks were bidding to buy at just N359. The naira was quoted at N305.85 per...

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Forte Oil puts N20bn shares sale on hold New Telegraph Online

Forte Oil has put a planned N20 billion-share sale on hold, after it received regulatory approval for the offer, due to restructuring. The company notified the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), investing public and its stakeholders that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the companys proposed offering by way of book building. In a statement obtained from NSEs website, and signed by the Company Secretary, Akin Olagbende, the oil firm however, noted that the Board of Forte Oil has taken a strategic decision to put the offering on hold...

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NSE partners Ciuci on business enterprises New Telegraph Online

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is partnering with Ciuci Consulting, a Strategy and Consumer Intelligence company, to inaugurate the Nigeria Business Composite 10 (NiBC 10). NIBC 10 is a selection of 10 successful Nigerian Enterprises, which have exhibited high potential for growth and have over the years maintained a brilliant track record. This event, according to a statement from NSE, is aimed at celebrating these companies whilst inspiring confidence in the Nigerian society and its potential to produce thriving businesses. Speaking on the initiative, Acting Head, Corporate Services, NSE, Pai...

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Link Pan-African News Wire

Negotiations With US On Any Issues Would Be Waste of Time: Rouhani
Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:27AM

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani attends a presser on the sidelines of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York City on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed prospects for engaging in negotiations with the United States, saying doing so would be a "waste of time" as Washington does not honor its commitments.

At a presser after his speech at the 72nd UN General Assembly in New York, Rouhani said there could be no future dialogue with the US at a time when Washington speaks of leaving the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement with the P5+1 group of countries.

"We held negotiations for many years on [the nuclear] agreement..., but today the Americans talk of leaving the deal. So why should negotiations on other issues be held [with the US]?" Rouhani told reporters on Wednesday night. 

Given the current situation, holding talks with the US "would be a waste of time," the Iranian president added.

Rouhani further added that the country had "various options" such as "the removal of obstacles" if Washington pulls out of the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

"It means that our hand would be completely open to take any action that we see as beneficial to our country," he added.

Rouhani also said that US President Donald Trump should "apologize to the Iranian nation" for his UN speech, which he said was a violation of the JCPOA.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump accused Iran of engaging in destabilizing activities in the region.

He also claimed that Iran's "support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments of many of its neighbors to fight terrorism and halt its financing.

Trump also denounced the nuclear agreement as an embarrassment that Washington may abandon. 

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China plus Germany signed the nuclear agreement on July 14, 2015 a...


Link Pan-African News Wire

Rouhani Censures Trumps Anti-Iran Rhetoric
Wed Sep 20, 2017 03:26PM

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has lashed out at US President Donald Trump for his ignorant and spiteful comments against the Iranian nation.

Delivering a speech at the 72nd UN General Assembly session in New York on Wednesday, President Rouhani said the ignorant, ugly, spiteful literature of the US president, which was full of false information and groundless allegations, against the Iranian nation were beneath the dignity of the United Nations.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump accused Iran of engaging in destabilizing activities in the region.

He also claimed that Iran's "support for terror is in stark contrast to the recent commitments of many of its neighbors to fight terrorism and halt its financing.

Trump also denounced the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, including the US, as an embarrassment that Washington may abandon. 

He said the Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.

In response, Rouhani said that the Iranian nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was an international agreement backed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

The JCPOA does not belong to one or two countries. The JCPOA is a UNSC document, which belongs to the entire international community, Rouhani said.

Rouhani also responded to the US threat to scrap the deal, saying Iran would respond to any breach of the JCPOA.

The Islamic Republic of Iran will not be the first country to violate the JCPOA, but will firmly and appropriately respond to any breach, he said.

He also warned about bids by incompetent policymakers to dismantle the JCPOA, but stressed that such attempts would fail to stop Iran from treading the path of progress.

By reneging on its promises and violating international obligations, the new US administration will only discredit itself globally and lose the trust of governments and nations in any future negotiations and commitments, said the Iranian chief...


Kenya court blames electoral body for nullified vote "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kenya's Supreme Court has criticised the election board for failing to verify official results of last month's nullified presidential election before announcing them.


Plight of pregnant female awaiting trials New Telegraph Online

Born prisoners: Inmates children and stigma   Several innocent people spend years in prison custody while awaiting trial. Most pregnant inmates literally go through hell before being delivered of their babies, writes JULIANA FRANCIS   A glance at Rita, in her body hugging, black and white striped gown, leaves one with an impression of a beautiful lady. Rita is fair in complexion, slim and of average height. Her long hair, falling straight down her back, caresses her shoulders. She is shy and finds it difficult to make eye contact. But...

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Childs dedication: Four policemen arrested as drunken cop kills guest New Telegraph Online

Dominic Adewole and Ola James Delta State Police Commissioner, Zanna Ibrahim, has ordered the arrest of four policemen, attached to the Area Commanders Office in Warri for murder and professional misconduct. They are Inspectors Samuel Imana, Anthony Nwali, Sergeant Anthony Oniri and Corporal Innocent Ajah. On Sunday, one the policemen, who was said to be drunk, allegedly shot and killed a man, Elvis Ovie, and also injured two others during a child dedication ceremony at Edjewo, by Poloko market in Warri. One of those injured is Onome Eko aka Chairman....

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Terrorism: Buhari lauds Jodan on military support New Telegraph Online

Anule Emmanuel Abuja President Muhammadu Buhari has commended the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for its support to Nigerias campaign against terrorism and insurgency. The President specifically expressed happiness with the countrys donation of military hardware to Nigeria and its pledge to further supply helicopters. Speaking during a bilateral meeting with King Abdullah II shortly after his address to the 72ndSession of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President Buhari said the very expensive donation of about 200 Armoured Fighting Vehicles reflects true concern for Nigerias security situation and...

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The Best Bad Guys Money Can Buy: Radical Islamic Terrorists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Radical Islamic Terrorists are everywhere, it seems. Theyre all over Syria and Iraq. Theyre in Libya and Nigeria too. 

They attacked the former Soviet Union from Afghanistan and modern day Russia from Chechnya. Weve seen them in the Philippines. They attacked an Australian cafe in Sydney, so we were told.

Recently theyve been in Myanmar (Burma). Theyve infiltrated Europe and are behind various attacks in London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, so we were told.

Theyre even in China (Uyghur/Xinjiang). And of course, they paid a grand visit to the US on 9/11 in 2001, right?

Youre told radical Islamic terrorists are the root of all evil in the world. But have you taken the time to peel back the layers? You may be surprised

Read Entire Article


Dogara to swear in Benue Rep next week New Telegraph Online

Philip Nyam Abuja Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, will next week swear in the member-elect for Vandeikya/Konshisha federal constituency of Benue State, Hon. Dorathy Mato. The House is due to reconvene from its annual long recess on Tuesday, September 26. New Telegraph gathered that with the Supreme Courts reaffirmation of its decision to erstwhile chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on the FCT, Hon. Herman Hembe, Hon. Mato will be sworn in when the lower chamber resumes. A female member of the House told our...

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Nigeria needs cultural diplomacy to tackle hate speech Runsewe New Telegraph Online

Baba Negedu KADUNA The Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, yesterday disclosed that Nigeria needs cultural diplomacy to tackle hate speech and other prevailing challenges in the country. This is as he also disclosed that the Kaduna International Trade Fair complex will be designated as the cultural village during the forthcoming National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFEST). Speaking at the opening of the National Council of Arts and Culture meeting of Chief Executives of culture of the federation, Runsewe, said: The truth is that...

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FG: No going back on airports concession New Telegraph Online

..approves N45bn severance package for ex-airways workers Anule Emmanuel Abuja The Federal Government yesterday vowed to proceed with its decision to privatize all Federal Airports across the country beginning with Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kano in the first phase. Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika, disclosed this while briefing State House Correspondents after the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at the presidential villa, Abuja. The minister, who said that government was not in a position to fund the existing 22 airports in the country and has therefore, opted...

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Ekweremadu wants strong opposition New Telegraph Online

The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday, said that efforts must be made by politicians in Africa to create and sustain effective and responsible opposition, to check impunity in government in the region. This was even as he advocatedforahybridconstitutional system that would draw from the benefits of the presidential and parliamentary systems of government. Ekweremadu expressed these positions when he received, on behalf of the President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, a delegation of the opposition in Parliament of Uganda, which paid a courtesy visit on...

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Sagay lauds CJN on new strategies for graft cases New Telegraph Online

Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) Chairman, Professor Itse Sagay, yesterday backed the nations Chief Justice, Justice Walter Onnoghen, on fresh strategies for speedy trial of corruption cases. He agreed that the Chief Justices declaration on the new strategies would fast-track justice for looters of the nations treasury, including other high profile criminal elements, who are responsible through their fraud and economic sabotage for the economic adversity of Nigeria, its underdevelopment and the pain and suffering of its masses. The countrys Chief Justice had on Monday during the event marking...

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Chelseas Abraham begins Nigeria switch process New Telegraph Online

Luqman Abdulraheem President of Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick, has said that Chelsea wonderkid Tammy Abraham has started the process of switching from his country of birth England and has decided to represent Nigeria at international level. It was under the stewardship of Pinnick that the likes of William Troost-Ekong, Tyronne Ebuehi and Ola Aina chose to represent the Super Eagles ahead of their countries of birth. The ex-Delta State Sports Commission boss is upbeat after talks with Abraham and his father in the English capital last week. I was...

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Onuachu scores hat-trick for Midtjylland New Telegraph Online

FC Midtjylland striker Paul Onuachu bagged a hat-trick in his sides 7-0 demolition of 2nd Division club Greve IF in the DBU Pokalen on Wednesday evening. This is the second time this season that the FC Ebedei product has found the net three times in one game, having first achieved the feat on July 6 in a Europa League qualifier against Derry City at The Showgrounds. In Onuachus first start for FCM after an appendectomy, he struck in the 27th, 61st and 65th minute to take his tally for the...

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1. December 18th-20th 1980_ Kano, Kano State_ Islamic Revivalists (Maitatsine group) attacked Christians and burnt churches; over 4,000 Christians were More


Mexico: Civilian Brigades Save Lives as Victims Await Government Response "IndyWatch Feed War"

Carla Gonzalez Communities in Mexico have gathered in a show of solidarity to remove rubble, rescue people and attend the wounded after an earthquake struck the country on Tuesday. The initiative, according to a leader of the brigades, presents an alternative to the governments slow response. Juan Martinez Cruz is currently leading relief efforts in...


Remarks by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the UN General Assembly "IndyWatch Feed War"

Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov Remarks at the UN General Assembly,  September 21, 2017,  New York 20 September 201720:14 video, photo Speech by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the UN Security Council session on reforming UN peacekeeping, New York, September 20, 2017 20 September 201711:04 video, photo Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovs interview with TASS...



Fellow Heads of State and Government, Mr. Secretary-General, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, On behalf of my country, Nigeria, I More


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus speech to the UN General Assembly, September 19, 2017: OBLONG MEDIA

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, Were in the midst of a great revolution, a revolution in Israels standing among the More



Who is kidding Who in this geographical expression call Nigeria. In 1976, Niger state split from Sokoto; In 1991, Kebbi More


BEST OF THE WEB: The momentous Syrian victory in Deir Ezzor "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Syrian Arab Army have achieved yet another dramatic victory this time lifting the ISIS siege of the heroic city of Deir Ezzor. For years Deir Ezzor has been surrounded by enemies and under siege first by the FSA and Al Nusra and then by ISIS. They have withstood repeated attacks by the US-NATO air force most infamously last fall when the Americans bombed Deir Ezzor right after agreeing to a ceasefire, a treacherous move that paved the way for a nearly successful ISIS offensive to capture the city. The brave defenders of Deir Ezzor withstood these endless attacks becoming a symbol of the heroic resistance of all of Syria. For years Syrians and their friends around the world have dreamed that one day this siege would be lifted. Our dreams have finally come true and faster then anyone could have imagined. The liberation of Deir Ezzor from ISIS siege is the culmination of months of dramatic SAA victories against ISIS. Now we dream that a final victory may be near in Syria. Once again the SAA and their allies Hezbollah, Russia, and Iran have stunned the world. The empire of Chaos is in a panic. Netanyahu of Israel is hysterical with rage attempting to spoil the victory in Deir Ezzor with yet another of it's illegal and cowardly air strikes on Syria. The whole strategic balance of the world is changing before our eyes. And it is all due to the enormous courage of the Syrian people who have withstood this dirty war launched by seemingly half the world on their country. Syria has resisted the US, Israel, the British, the Saudis, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, France, Germany, and the rest of the GCC/NATO lackeys that make up the the Axis of Chaos. They have resisted armies of fanatical, brutal, killers recruited across the middle east, Africa, Europe, and Central Asia. They have defeated a CIA trained horde of torturers, rapists, slavers, cannibals, and, of course, killers. Has any country in history battled against the odds Syria has faced? Is the victory in Deir Ezzor the most glorious in human history?



Before you crucify Igbo people, read But ask yourself, did the Igbos put guns on anybodys head before buying up More





Trump Slams US and Saudi Foreign Policy in Fiery UN Speech "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) In a bold move, President Trump condemned the violent, oppressive behavior and policies of the U.S. and its allies while speaking at the U.N. this week.

He described the decline of a wealthy country, with a rich history and culture, into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.

His description accurately fits the United States, which has devolved from a country with high-minded (if not fully realized) ideals, courageous struggles for human and civil rights, and a strong sense of independence into a nationalistic, militant nation with a fledgling economy and an increasingly impoverished population whose government has spent its wealth arming radical extremists and waging endless war. The U.S. government has sowed chaos around the world over the years, from Iran to Iraq to Libya to Chile and Guatemala, spilling the blood of countless innocents as it plays geopolitical chess to favor its own hegemonic interests.


Trump also called out the despicable behavior of U.S. allies, blasting entities that use their oil profits to support terrorists that kill innocent Muslims. He asserted that such wealth is used to fuel Yemens civil war, and undermine peace throughout the entire Middle East, an apt description of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities, he bravely said.

Further, apparently con...


Ohanaeze warns fed govt against obtaining frivolous court order against IPOB. OBLONG MEDIA under: Uncategorized


IPOBs death. By Ray Ekpu. OBLONG MEDIA

On paper the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is dead. The five Governors of the South East states proscribed the More


Commonsense. OBLONG MEDIA

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League Cup: Holders United drawn away to Swansea in fourth round New Telegraph Online

Manchester United will play away at Swansea City in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup, while Chelsea will be at home against Everton. Manchester City have been drawn against Championship Wolves, with Tottenham hosting West Ham in a London derby. Arsenal play Norwich City, while Leicester City, who knocked out Liverpool, face Leeds United at home. Bournemouth host Middlesbrough and Bristol City take on Crystal Palace in the other fourth-round ties. Jose Mourinhos United, who beat Southampton in the Wembley final in February, moved into the last 16 with...

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Sudan President Omar al-Bashir pushes for Darfur arms collection "IndyWatch Feed War"


Darfur has been awash with weapons since 2003, when ethnic minority rebels took up arms against Bashir's Arab-dominated government


Niki Okuk on Cooperative Economics in African-American Communities "IndyWatch Feed Economics"

In her engrossing TED Talk, business owner Niki Okuk explores three key themes: racism, economic oppression, and privilege, and how they relate to cooperate economics. Okuk, who runs tire recycling company Rco Tires, shares her personal story of starting the business, but puts it in larger, historical context. "So a lot of people ask, 'How did Rco come to be,'" Okuk says. "And I have to be really honest.


Rachel Maddows lineup of crazy U.N. speeches spotlights Arafat and leaves out Netanyahu! "IndyWatch Feed War"

On MSNBC last night, Rachel Maddow did a rundown of unhinged speeches at the UN General Assembly.

She included the late Muammar Qaddafi of Libya evidently this rant about swine flu and the Kennedy assassination

A freaking 4-and-1/2-hour speech by Fidel Castro, in 1960.

Nikita Khrushchev slamming the podium with his shoe. And the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela calling George Bush Satan and saying he could smell sulfur in the air.

And Yasser Arafat from 1974, saying he carried an olive branch and a gun. Maddow:

Arafat did mean that quite literally. He insisted on wearing a gun in a holster for his first U.N. speech which is nuts. But you know, every year theres someone.

How fair is that? All the men were heads of state, except for Arafat. The United Nations resolved there should be an Arab state in Palestine in 1947; but it never followed through on that plan. So Arafat represented a dispossessed people, and surely was acting in the tradition of such peoples in vowing to fight occupation.

Moreover, Maddow doesnt actually take issue with anything Arafat said in his speech. Instead its a superficial attack on a symbolic gesture (and the gun probably wasnt loaded).

OK, but lets be devils advocate and stipulate that it wasnt diplomatic of Arafat to wear a gun inside the General Assembly.

However, if you are going to make a list of crazy UN speeches, you really have to twist yourself into a pretzel not to mention Benjamin Netanyahus theatrics.

Youd think Maddow might have put Netanyahus cartoon bomb on the list, from 2012.

Or the time he said that militant Islam is an insatiable crocodile:

They cast as enemies of peace those of us who insist that we must first erect a sturdy barrier to keep the crocodile out, or at the very least jam an iron bar between its g...


Irish student acquitted in Egypt after four years of mass trial "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Reprieve)  An Irish student who was a juvenile when he was arrested has been acquitted at an Egyptian mass trial, four years after his arrest at a protest.

Ibrahim Halawa from Dublin, was 17 when he was arrested with hundreds of other people in 2013, as part of a crackdown on protests in Egypt. He has been held in pre-trial detention since then, and has reported being regularly tortured.

Ibrahim was tried as an adult alongside 493 other people, despite having been a juvenile at the time of his arrest. The mass trial one of several to have taken place since 2013 was frequently postponed in the last four years. Hearings of the trial were criticised for failing to meet basic standards.

Egypt in its region (undisputed) by TUBS

The Irish government has said it has received assurances from Egypts President Sisi that Ibrahim will be returned to Ireland following the verdict.

Maya Foa, Director of human rights organization Reprieve, which is assisting Ibrahim, said:

Todays verdict is long overdue. Ibrahim was arrested as a child for the crime of attending a protest, tortured, and tried facing the death penalty alongside adults in an unfair mass trial. For years, these court proceedings which were designed to punish political dissent made a mockery of justice. The Irish government and others, like the UK, must now not rest until Ibrahim is at home in Ireland. The wider international community including the EU, which helps to fund Egypts courts must also call urgently on Egypt to end its use of patently illegal mass trials.


Did Trump prevent a war between Saudi Arabia and Qatar? "IndyWatch Feed World"

In early June Saudi Arabia gave Qatar a 24 hours ultimatum to fulfill 10 conditions or face annihilation. Saudi Arabia's leaders are determined to make Qatar into a subservient satellite of Riyadh, much like the current government in Yemen Institute for Gulf Affairs Founder and Director Professor Ali al-Ahmed told Sputnik News... "I project the invasion of Qatar... I have received reports of Saudi military movements near the Qatari border." "The Saudis: They are preparing." Al-Ahmed warned that a full-scale invasion of Qatar could occur much sooner than anyone anticipated. "Check on the frequency of bombings in Yemen... A key sign will be if there is a cessation or major reduction in the number of Saudi air strikes being conducted against the rebel forces in Yemen. That would indicate the Saudis are massing their forces for a sudden move against Qatar instead." Al-Ahmed further claimed that Trump had signed off on a Saudi invasion of Qatar..."I have it on good authority that Trump has already told the Saudis he would have no objection." Yesterday Bloomberg reported that not only had Trump not signed off on a Saudi invasion of Qatar, but that the POTUS prevented such an invasion from taking place.


Kenya wildlife pays the price of Laikipia grazing invasions Africa Sustainable Conservation News


Wildlife pays the price of Kenyas illegal grazing


AFPSeptember 20, 2017

African wild dogs, elephants, buffalo, lions, giraffes, zebra and antelope have all been affected by shooting, starvation and disease, or by being forced out of their usual habitats (AFP Photo/Handout)


Nairobi (AFP) Its devastating. Ive been following them every day of my life for the last year, said Dedan Ngatia, a wild dog researcher in Kenyas central Laikipia region. Theyre all dead.

Months of invasions by sometimes armed semi-nomadic herders, and tens of thousands of their livestock, have had a disastrous impact on the wildlife of a region heralded as a conservation success story.

The large-scale walk-ons, driven by drought and politics, have begun to abate thanks to some rain and the completion of last months local elections.

Now conserva...


International cooperation needed to conserve lion populations Africa Sustainable Conservation News


Lion conservation requires effective international cooperation

Lions belong to the worlds most charismatic megafauna. However, lion numbers and range have declined alarmingly over the last two decades.

To turn the tide, international cooperation is crucial, says a team of lawyers, conservation biologists and social scientists.

In their recently published review article in the journal Nature Conservation, they assess the current and potential future role of international treaties regarding lion conservation.

To conduct this study, international wildlife lawyers Arie Trouwborst and Melissa Lewis from Tilburg Law School in the Netherlands teamed up with lion experts David Macdonald, Amy Dickman and other scientists from the University of OxfordWildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) the research group that made Cecil the lion famous.

Their analysis clearly shows the importance of various glo...


Court denies Dylann Roof's request to fire defense lawyers because they are Jewish & Indian "IndyWatch Feed World"

A federal court denied convicted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof's request to replace his two defense lawyers, who are Jewish and Indian. Roof called the lawyers appealing against his death sentence his "political and biological enemies." Roof, 23, killed nine and wounded three black parishioners at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in June 2015. He told police he wanted to start a "race war." He was found guilty in December 2016 and subsequently sentenced to death in a federal hate crimes trial. On Tuesday, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Columbia, South Carolina issued a one-page ruling dismissing Roof's motion to replace his two defenders. "The court denies the motion for substitution of counsel on appeal," the 11-word ruling said. Roof had submitted a handwritten appeal to the court on Monday, arguing that he could not trust the two attorneys as they were his "political and biological enemies," according to AP.


Dead whale found on beach in Keta, Ghana "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Tettekope beach in Keta in the Volta Region is the site of a rare scene as a dead whale washed ashore on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. It is unclear what might have led to the death of the whale, but a Chief fisherman in the locality, Seth Kedey, told that the mammal could have been hit by a large vessel. Reports indicate that a Wildlife Officer in the Keta Municipality, Abdul Karim Fuseini, said the whale was about 39 feet long and 16 feet in height. "The residents who were amazed at the sight of the dead whale, employed various means to draw much closer to catch a glimpse of it," reports news portal


The White House Is Secretly Planning for Confrontation with Iran: Report "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIMEDIA)  As Donald Trump takes to the U.N. General Assembly to demonize Iran yet again, the Trump administration is also considering a more aggressive strategy towards Iran behind closed doors, sources have told Reuters.

According to six current and former U.S. officials, the U.S. will be looking at more hostile responses to Irans forces, its proxy armies in Iraq and Syria, and its support for militant groups.

According to the sources, the current proposal was drafted by Defense Secretary Jim Mad Dog Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, national security advisor General H.R. McMaster, and several other top officials before it was presented to President Trump at a National Security Council meeting on September 9.

The proposal will ultimately be made public before the end of September, two of the sources said. The sources requested anonymity because the draft proposal had not yet been finalized.

I would call it a broad strategy for the range of Iranian malign activities: financial materials, support for terror, destabilization in the region, especially Syria and Iraq and Yemen, said a senior administration official, as quoted by Reuters.

Without giving specific details, sources said the current draft proposal seeks to do the following: (1) target cyber espionage and nuclear proliferation; (2) provide for more aggressive U.S. interceptions of Iranian arms shipments heading to places such as Yemen and Gaza (even though U.N. experts confirmed earlier this year that they could find no evidence of a large-scale Iranian weapons supply line to Yemen); (3) react more aggressively in Bahrain (presumably, to prop up the government in the face of Shia-led unrest) as the countrys Sunni Muslim monarchy has been suppressing its majority Shia population, a move that continues to anger Iran; and most importantly (4) allow U.S. naval forces to react more forcefully when harassed by armed speedboats operated by Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Funnily enough, many of the encounters taking place between U.S. ships and Iranian ships are...


BREAKING: Court proscribes IPOB, designates it as terrorists organisation New Telegraph Online

The Federal High Court in Abuja on Wednesday granted an order declaring the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as a terrorist organisation and acts of terrorism and illegality. The order, which followed a motion filed by the filed by the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, also proscribed the existence of IPOB throughout Nigeria, with particular attention paid to the South-East and South-South regions. The suit which was marked FHC/ABJ/CS/871/2017 and listed IPOB as the only respondent was argued by the AGF, Abubakar Malami SAN. Details...

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Researchers Have Linked A Human Brain To The Internet For The First Time Ever "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Patrick Caughill via Futurism

Researchers from Wits University have linked a brain directly to the internet. Data gathered from this project could help fuel the next steps in machine learning and brain-computer interfaces.

Brain Meets IoT

A team of researchers at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa have made a major breakthrough in the field of biomedical engineering. According to a release published on Medical Express, for the first time ever, researchers have devised a way of connecting the human brain to the internet in real time. Its been dubbed the Brainternet project, and it essentially turns the brain into an Internet of Things (IoT) node on the World Wide Web.

The project works by taking brainwave EEG signals gathered by an Emotiv EEG device connected to the users head. The signals are then transmitted to a low cost Raspberry Pi computer, which live strea...



The 10yr old boy who was killed during the demolition of Eke-Ukwu Owerri by Gov.Okorocha led Imo State Government has More


Borno APC rejects Ali Modu Sheriff return New Telegraph Online

With the alleged plan of the former governor of Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to return to the All Progressives Congress, the Borno State Chapter of APC has rejected him. According to a statement issued yesterday in Abuja by the Borno state party chairman Maina Bashir and state secretary, Abdullahi Mala on behalf of the Borno APC Coalition, the state party chapter expressed concerns over Ali Modu Sheriff political antecedent. The state party executive expressed satisfaction in the leadership of the party by the governor, Alhaji Kassim Shettima said they would not...

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Western Lotto rewards N15m jackpot winner Dorcas Nwagbara New Telegraph Online

Frontline gaming and entertainment company Western Lotto Nigeria Limited Wednesday formally presented a cheque of N15m to the first winner of the jackpot on its platform, Miss Dorcas Nwagbara. Nwagbara won in the Powerball draw on August 13. Powerball is one of seven international lottery games on the Western Lotto platform. The N15m prize is arguably the highest winning on any lottery in Nigeria. An elated Miss Nwagbara, a microbiology graduate of the Imo State University and entrepreneur, said she was initially in shock when she received a call informing...

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Oando crisis: Reps summon SEC DG New Telegraph Online

The House of Representatives Committee on Capital Market and Institutions has summoned the Director General of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Mallam Mounir Gwarzo to appear before it and clear the air over the management crisis rocking Oando PLC. A group of shareholders had on Saturday stormed the Annual General Meeting of Oando Plc venue in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state with placards demanding the resignation of the companys Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wale Tinubu over alleged gross abuse of corporate governance and financial mismanagement. The Committee in a statement on Wednesday said the invitation...

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Pacify IPOB sympathizers, Group to South East Govs New Telegraph Online

A pro-Nigeria Unity Group, Project Nigeria First has called on the South East governors, traditional and religious leaders to pacify the sympathizers of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB and followers of the Nnamdi Kanu, leader of IPOB. The Group also charged them to work hard to give a sense of direction to the youths. Briefing journalists in Abuja, the Group in a statement jointly signed by the National Coordinator, Uche Nwabukwu and Secretary, Otunba Ganiyu Zubairu commended the Federal and state governments for been proactive to deploy military against the...

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True or False? Fact-Checking Five Key Points of Trumps First UN Address "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik)  After referring to North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un as rocket man in front of the UN General Assembly, US Presidential Donald Trump made a slew of remarks with questionable accuracy.

Trump stepped up his aggressive rhetoric toward Tehran, berated Kims suicide mission in developing nuclear weapons, and spared zero effort touting what he claims are his own economic accomplishments. Were the claims true? Sputnik News has a quick review of key points where the president may not have been fully truthful in his comments before the UN.

1.       We want harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife.

US foreign policy since the 9/11 terror attacks has been nothing if not violent. US soldiers have occupied Iraq since 2003 after toppling Saddam Husseins regime. Since 2001, US airstrikes have peppered Yemen to reportedly eliminate al-Qaeda militants, but the UN itself calls the Saudi-led (and US-backed) coalition in Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. US forces are arriving in places like Somalia and Afghanistan in greater numbers as recently as the past month.

2.       No one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in North Korea. It is responsible for the starvation deaths of millions of North Koreans. And for the imprisonment, torture, killing, and oppression of countless more.

The US has engaged in a laborious effort to both cover up its torture program and to simply torture for the sake of torture, former CIA officer John Kiriakou has said. To silence potential leakers of the torture program, the CIA told its own contractors who it paid to design the torture program a nuclear bomb was going to be exploded in the United States and that because I told them to stop, I had lost my nerve and it was going to be my fault if I didnt continue. On these grounds, the US lacks the moral authority to preach to other nations that torture is morally wrong.

3.       We cannot let a murderous regime continue these destabilizing activities while...


Medicinal value of coconut New Telegraph Online

To many people, the coconut plant is an ordinary plant. Many people do not see anything special or interesting in the plant. But to those who have eyes to see, the coconut plant is a blessing, a gift from nature. CocosNucifera is called coconut in English, Kwakwar in Hausa, Ivi-Obio in Bini, Ake-bake or aku-oyibo in Igbo, Agbon in Yoruba, Uvien in Esan. It contains glycerioles of capprylic, capric, lauric, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids. Every part of this plant is medicinal. The bark of the plant dried...

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South Africa converts to Islam plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why shouldnt a convert to Islam become antisemitic? The Quran depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allahs power []


Osun declares Thursday public holiday to mark Islamic New Year New Telegraph Online

The Governor of  Osun state, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has declared Thursday, September 21, 2017 public holiday to commemorate the Islamic New Year. Thursday, September 21, 2017, is the New Islamic Year 1439 AH. The Islamic year started counting in 622 AD after the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in Saudi Arabia. Governor Rauf Aregbesola had adopted the day as an official public holiday in the state on November 15, 2012. Governor Aregbesola wished Muslims in the state and across the world a happy New Year celebration and enjoined residents...

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Kenya police officer arrested in possession of illegal ivory Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Standard (Kenya)

A policeman and two civilians were arrested as they tried to sell 25kg of ivory worth more than Sh1 million. Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Ngugi Gachaga said the men had identified a buyer for five elephant tusks and approached him to sell the ivory to him

Through our intelligence, we were able to arrest them as they tried to sell off the ivory. They are under interrogation and will take plea soon, he said. Gachaga said they are yet to establish the source of the ivory and that the seizure reveals up to three elephants were slaughtered. He said the arrest indicates some state agents were involved in the crimes but vowed their crackdown will continue.

The three were locked up at the Langata Police Station ahead of their arraignment today where they face possession and trafficking of ivory charges. This is the latest such arrest in the city. Last year, three other officers were arrested after they were found with similar ivory.

Poaching in the region is on the rise.

Read more at:


Operation python dance 2: Army free medical outreach records low turn out New Telegraph Online

The free medical care of the Nigerian Army,  82 Division declared for rural dwellers of Abakaliki local government, Ebonyi state in its ongoing operation python dance 2,  yesterday recorded low turnout. Beneficiaries of the free medical care were to be drawn from 7 communities of Abakaliki local government area of the State but only those within Nkwagu Military Cantonment attended the exercise. At the venue of the event, children in school uniforms were seen occupying a canopy while family members of soldiers residing within the cantonment also graced the exercise...

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United opposition threatens half-century father-son rule in Togo "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Patience Nitumwesiga

Embed from Getty Images

Thousands of Togolese protesters dressed in red opposition colors have been flooding the streets of the capital city of Lom over the past month, shouting slogans that have gone unheard for 50 years. Hashtags denouncing dictator Faure Gnassingb continue to circulate across West African social media. Activists young and old, male and female, are still fighting online and offline. Everyone is waiting to see what will happen next, including the regime, which wants Togo to remain the only West African country to have never experienced a democratic transition.

The beginnings of a 50-year dynasty

Shortly after Togos 1960 independence, tienne Eyadma staged a coup and ousted the countrys first elected president, Nicolas Grunitzky. He immediately suspended all constitutional processes and banned all political parties. Five years later, a referendum was held and Eyadma ran unopposed, thereby confirming his rule as president and extending his military reign another seven years until partial civilian governance was allowed in 1979.

Following his self-declaration of power, Eyadma successfully thwarted several coup attempts. In one instance, in 1986, a group of more than 70 armed Togolese dissidents crossed into Lom from Ghana with the intent to overthrow his regime, but state forces thwarted the insurgence. In 1990, riots were sparked by students distributing anti-regime literature. This led to a few months of violent clashes between anti-government activists and security forces, resulting in very little gain for the activists. Three years later, an attempt to assassinate Eyadma was also squelched by Togos military.

Eyadmas ultimate downfall was a heart attack, dying in February 2005 en route to France for medical treatment. Given the more than 15,000 people he killed during his dictatorship, Eyadmas death was hardly a sad event in the history of Togo. Whats more, it led to the ascendance of his son Faure Gnassingb as president.

Since 2005, Gnassingbs government has been characterized by incompetency and the severe repression of dissidents. The health sector has been particularly neglected, with Togos best hospital still lacking running...


Police Chant: Whose Streets Our Streets After Mass Arrests "IndyWatch Feed War"

Police officers watch demonstrators as they continue to protest in St Louis Police officers watch demonstrators on Sunday night after Jason Stockley, a former St Louis police officer, was found not guilty of the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. Photograph: Joshua Lott/Reuters View more sharing options Shares By Jamiles Lartey for The Guardian - Police officers in riot gear gathered alongside a St Louis boulevard late on Sunday night, chanting whose street, our street, a common refrain used by those protesting against the acquittal of a white former officer over the death of a black man, after successfully clearing the street of demonstrators and onlookers. At a news conference early on Monday, interim police chief Lawrence OToole said police had seized at least five weapons and said he was proud to tell you the city of St Louis is safe and the police owned tonight. Were in control, he said. This is our city and were going to protect it. The chant drew criticism, however, from protesters, activists and some police officers. In a statement, Sgt Heather King, president of the Ethical Order of Police, a group founded by African American officers, said: That chant goes against the very code of ethics we swore to abide by. Whether we agree with demonstrations, protests or acts of violence, it is our job to do our job free of personal bias. On Twitter on Monday, the group said: We are human and we will make mistakes. We are also people who have the last word, which can be arrest, freedom, or death. No need 2 chant. Hundreds of officers had mobilized after another day of peaceful protests over the acquittal of Jason Stockley in connection with the death of Anthony Lamar Smith. The protest began at the police headquarters downtown. Hundreds of people marched through downtown streets, the posh Central West End and the trendy Delmar Loop area of nearby University City.


Army raids kidnappers den arrest seven in Ondo New Telegraph Online

The 32 Artillery Brigade in Akure, the Ondo State capital yesterday announced the arrest of some suspected kidnappers that have been terrorizing the commuters and residents of Akoko in Ondo North senatorial district of the state. The Owo/Akoko axis of the state has become kidnappers den with many commuters and residents kidnapped by on their way to Akure or other parts of the country. In fact, no fewer than five travellers were reportedly abducted by some unknown gunmen in Oba Akoko, Akoko South-West Local Government Area of Ondo State last...

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Dropped ICPC Board Nominee, Maimuna Aliyu Fingered in another EFCC Corruption Charges New Telegraph Online

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has once again indicted an Abuja based controversial ex banker, Mrs Maimuna Aliyu. In a new court application filed by one of the EFCC prosecutors, Mr. Ben Ikani against former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Muhammed and his son, Shamsuddeen, Mrs. Aliyu was alleged to have served as a proxy to the former Minister in unlawful acquisition of properties in and around Abuja while the Minister was in office. According to a report published in the Punch online of September...

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Buhari approves N45bn severance package for Airways workers New Telegraph Online

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the sum of N45 billion for the payment of severance benefits of workers of the liquidated Nigerian Airways. Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika disclosed this while briefing State House correspondents at the presidential villa, Abuja after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The affected workers on Wednesday in Lagos protested against the Federal Governments failure to pay their severance benefits estimated N78 billion. The protesters had said they intended to draw governments attention to their plight as many of them had...

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Man abandons wife for giving birth to triplets New Telegraph Online

A woman, Mrs Ukamaka Nkwegu who gave birth to triplets last Tuesday at Maternal and Child Health Clinic Azuiyiokwu, Abakaliki local government area of Ebonyi state yesterday called for the help of government and concerned individuals to enable her to take care of the babies. Mrs. Nkwegu was picked from a prolonged labour in her village, Ozibo Obegu Ibenta, Ebonyi local government area of the state by a good Samaritan and taken to the hospital by a pastor. Mrs. Ukamaka Nkwegu who is in her late 20s is the third wife...

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Interview with Peter Koenig: BRICS Potential and Future in an Emerging New World Economy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Based on an interview with Tashreeq Truebody, Radio 786, South Africa Questions Global economy and Brics Peter Koenig Lets put the BRICS in perspective: The BRICS are of course Brazil, Russia,


JUST IN: Health workers commence total strike (UPDATED) New Telegraph Online

The Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) has declared a nationwide strike beginning from tomorrow. National chairman of the union, Comrade Joy Josiah has just addressed the media on the development in Ilorin, Kwara state. The strike is titled Operation Alligator Bite. Health workers across the country have decided to down tools again, following the alleged failure of the government to honour collectively bargained agreements with them. The agreements, which covered various issues were entered into between 2009  and 2012, according to Comrades Joy Josiah and Ekpebor Florence National President and Secretary...

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Britain Signs Military Cooperation Deal With Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Britain and Saudi Arabia signed a framework deal on military and security cooperation, Saudi state news agency SPA said on Tuesday, redoubling efforts to counter Iran in the Gulf region and defeat the Islamic State (IS) group.

Prime Minister Theresa May said in December that Britain would invest over 3 billion pounds ($4.05bn) in defense in Gulf Arab states over the next decade as it seeks to build on traditionally strong ties with the conservative, oil-wealthy monarchies before its planned departure from the European Union.

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon discussed military cooperation with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who serves as the kingdoms defense minister and deputy prime minister, the SPA report said without providing details of the agreement.

Gulf Arab states say Iran is trying to expand its influence in Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and Arab allies have been waging war against the allegedly Iran-aligned Houthi forces that control much of Yemen.

Britains close relationship with Gulf states has drawn concern from human rights groups, including criticism of Saudi air strikes in Yemens war that have killed hundreds of civilians. British military personnel have been working with the Saudi forces.

Top photo | Saudi King Salman, right, receives British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. (AP Photo)

Middle East Eye

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NNPC begins prospecting of hydrocarbon in Sokoto Basin New Telegraph Online

The Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) said it has started the process that will lead to the exploration of oil and gas in the Sokoto basin. NNPCs Group Managing Director, Maikanti Kachalla Baro, stated this when he received the Governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, who paid a working visit to the NNPC Towers in Abuja. We have been on the issue of exploration in the frontier basins and so far some measures of stpes have been taken. We have already purchased aeromagnetic data and its being intepreted to...

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JUST IN: Court strikes out fraud charge involving Diezani New Telegraph Online

Nnamdi Dimgba, justice of the federal high court, Abuja, on Wednesday, struck out a charge involving Diezani Alison-Madueke, former minister of petroleum resources, in the trial of her associate Jide Omokore.  The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had brought a nine-count charge of fraud to the tune of $1.6 billion against Omokore. Alison-Madueke was named in the eighth count of the fraud charges, but the judge struck out the charge. This was after he heard an application filed by the former minister that she was named in the...

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Uhuru insists fresh Kenya election must be held within 60 days "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Uhuru Kenyatta said he expects Kenya's election re-run to be held within the 60-day period set out in the Constitution after the annullment of the August presidential poll.


Atiku to Buhari: Replicate UN advice on minority treatment in Nigeria New Telegraph Online

Former Vice President and chieftain of All Progressives Congress Atiku Abubakar has commended President Muhammadu Buhari on his speech at the 72nd Session of United Nations General Assembly in New York, advising him to replicate his advice on minority treatment in Nigeria. President Buhari in his presentation at the Session had drawn the attention of the UN to the sufferings of Myanmars Rohingya people, cited by the UN as perhaps the worlds most persecuted minorities and also asked the United States of America to dialogue with the North Korea. But Atiku...

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The Importance Of The Fight For The SouthAnd Why It Can And Must Be Won "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Bob WIng and Stephen McClure for Organizing Upgrade - The importance of the fight for the South is a matter of considerable controversy. Whatever the rhetoric it's safe to say that most progressives outside of the South have put little time, energy or money into this struggle since the height of the southern Civil Rights movement. Many have outright given up on the South, considering it either a reactionary lost cause or simply unwinnable. We beg to disagree, and in this essay will make the case that failure to the fight for the South downplays the centrality of the Black struggle in U.S. politics, strategically surrenders the upper hand to the far right and the Republican Party and cripples the fight against poverty. The South is a dynamically changing region and the fight for it is absolutely crucial to defeating the far right and winning a progressive future. Specifically, we argue that as regards building the progressive movement into a powerful force in this country, the South is crucial. (1) Defeating the right and building a strong progressive movement in this country needs the leadership, experience and energy of African Americans, a growing majority of whom who live in the South. (2) Targeting the Southern racist rightwing in its own backyard, on issues of race, poverty, militarism, climate change and democracy, is a crucial part of a broad movement to defeat the right nationally in public opinion, on policy and in elections.


Botswana nine elephants electrocuted by falling power cable Africa Sustainable Conservation News


Botswana elephants shocked to death update

This image of the electrocuted elephants appeared on Facebook

Sad news out of Botswana is that nine elephant bulls have been electrocuted.

The incident occurred on Monday, September 18, near the Dukwi veterinary check point south east of Nata.

It is apparent that the elephants were heading to a water source, when an overhead power cable fell, or was toppled, coming into contact with the elephants.

The Botswana Power Corporation has put out the following statement:

The Corporation proactively undertook a 33kV distribution power line assessment on 18 September 2017 following intermittent faults noted at the Dukwi area. The 33kV line running across Dukwi supplies power to Water Utilities Corporation boreholes. The intermittent faults were signified by frequent auto reclosing (on and offs) of the distribution protection system which alerted the Corporation that there could be possible physical contact with the 33kV distribution power line in the area. Evidently so, BPC found eight (8) dead elephants underneath the power line while one (1) was alive and the Corporation made effort to save the one (1) elephant by switching off supply to the distribution line, but unfortunately upon BPC crews return from switching off the power line, the remainin...


Fact Checking Benjamin Netanyahus Speech At The United Nations "IndyWatch Feed World"

Yesterday, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the United Nations in a speech that served as a kind of appendix to Donald Trumps controversial, bellicose declaration that was delivered hours earlier.

Both speeches predictably focused on Iran and both leaders told a great deal of untruths and half-truths about the situation.

Here are some of the most glaring untruths, followed by a factual explanation of the situation.


1. Iran is devouring nations. 

The full quote from Netanyahu is as follows:

Well as you know, I strongly disagreed. I warned that when the sanctions on Iran would be removed, Iran would behave like a hungry tiger unleashed, not joining the community of nations, but devouring nations, one after the other. And thats precisely what Iran is doing today.

From the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, from Tehran to Tartus, an Iranian curtain is descending across the Middle East. Iran spreads this curtain of tyranny and terror over Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, and it pledges to extinguish the light of Israel.

In reality, Iran occupies zero countries and has not occupied any country in its modern history. By contrast, Israel has occupied part of Syria, the Golan Heights, since 1967. This occupation is condemned by the United Nations and all five permanent members of the Security Council, including the United States.

The other country on Netanyahus list that has been occupied by Israel and not Iran is Lebanon. After invading Lebanon in 1982, Israel set up a permanent occupying force in southern Lebanon between 1985 and the year 2000. Israel maintained a presence in the country until 2006 when Israeli forces retreated in the face of strong Hezbollah defenses.

Israel continues to occupy Palestine according to the UN and most impartial observers. It previously occupied Egypt, the Jordanian West Bank and in 1981, illegally bombed Iraq.

Iran, by contrast, has done no such things. The Iranian assistance provided to Syria during the conflict in the country has been done under a legal agreement with Damascus based on mutual friendship and a common cause against Salafist terrorism. Irans training of some Iraqi volunteers has been conducted on a similar basis.

By no logical stretch of the English language, could this been seen as devouring nations.


2. We will act to prevent Iran from establishing permanent military bases in Syria for its air, sea and gr...


South Africa Hugo Ras protest over rhino poaching trial delay Africa Sustainable Conservation News

The Citizen

Ilse de Lang

SOUTH AFRICA 16.9.2017 06:10 am

Ilse de Lange

The bail conditions of two of the accused were relaxed and one of them, a former Hawks warrant officer, will now be able to travel overseas.

The alleged ringleader of a rhino poaching syndicate, Hugo Ras, has complained bitterly to the High Court in Pretoria that he faced indefinite imprisonment because a trial date has not been set more than three years after his arrest.

Ras legal counsel said his client wanted to turn to the Supreme Court of Appeal now in an effort to secure bail as he still did not know when his trial would start or end and feared that the actual trial might run for up to 10 years.

Ras has repeatedly been refused bail. Of the 10 accused, only he and fellow accused Arno Smit and Willie van Jaarsveld are still in custody.

Acting Judge David Mhango provisionally postponed the trial of Ras, a former safari company owner, and his co-accused to March 28 next year at the states request.

Several of the other accuseds advocates also put on record their objection to yet another long delay. But prosecutor Joanie Spies told the court the state and defence had agreed the trial would not proceed before judgment in a constitutional challenge to regulations underpinning the criminal charges filed by two of the accused, Joseph Wilkinson (an attorney) and Bonnie Steyn (a pilot).

The application would initially have been heard early this year, but was delayed when the Department of Environmental Affairs gave notice that it wanted to intervene in the application.

The court was told that not all the papers and heads of argument had been filed in the civil application, for which a date still has to be determined.

The bail conditions of two of the accused were relaxed and one of them, former Hawks warrant officer Willie Oosthuizen, will now be able to travel overseas under strict conditions.

His counsel told the court he was being prejudiced as his life and any ventures he wanted to engage in were on hold because of the criminal charges hanging over his head.

Ras and his co-accused were arrested in September 2014 in a countrywide operation by the Hawks. The charges they face involve rhino poaching and the alleged theft and illegal possession, transport and sale of rhino horn.

The accused also face charges of racketeering and money laundering. Ras co-accused include his wife Trudie, brother Anton, brother-in-law Abraham Smit and alleged main hunter Mandla Magagula.



Survival International pulls out of mediation with WWF over treatment of Baka in Cameroon Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Conservation Watch

Survival International pulls out of OECD complaint against WWF




Survival International has abandoned its OECD complaint that the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) funded human rights abuses in Cameroon.

Survival International made the complaint in February 2016. The OECD accepted the complaint at the beginning of 2017. The OECD set up a mediation between Survival International and WWF on 6-7 July 2017, in government offices in Bern. Since then talks had continued, but on 5 September 2017 Survival International pulled out.

In an article about the breakdown in talks, Stephen Corry, Survival Internationals director, describes the complaint:

The complaint detailed Survivals allegations that WW...


Republic of Congo three arrested for ivory trading; decline in forest elephant numbers Africa Sustainable Conservation News

Vox Congo

Three Ivory Traders Arrested in Owando (Republic of the Congo)

VOX Congo

September 18, 2017

See link <> for


The elements of the national gendarmerie and forestry agents stopped in

Owando in the Cuvette on 14 September, thanks to information provided by

the Wildlife Enforcement Support Project (PALF), three alleged traffickers

of ivory tusks. These wildlife offenders risk up to five years in prison.

All persons who derogate from measures for the protection of animal species

in the Republic of the Congo shall be liable to penalties provided for by

law. It is in this context that the three presumed large ivory traffickers,

Leandre Ngassai, Daniel Kounga and Jacques Konga, all of Congolese

nationality, were arrested, in flagrante delicto detention, trafficking and

attempted illegal marketing of six ivory points weighing a total of 30 kg,

which can be estimated at more than three massacred elephants.

The arrest took place in Owando, the capital of La Cuvette, by the

officials of the departmental department of Eaux-et-For?t and the national

gendarmerie, thanks to the information and support of the PALF project.

These three defendants, whose age varies between 25 and 60 years, live

exclusively on ivory trafficking. One of these three defendants would be a

trader who circulates throughout the national territory to seek and buy

ivory from the poachers. Ivoires that the latter has the habit of resell

with his clientele. He would also be a sculptor of ivory objects.

The other two (father and son) would be suppliers of these products that

they would find after massacring elephants in the forests of the department

of the Cuvette. All three defendants have all acknowledged the facts

alleged against them. They incur penalties of up to five years


Over the past 10 years, wildlife trafficking in the world has become more

organized, lucrative, globally widespread, and more dangerous than ever.

Wildlife trafficking has serious implications for the safety and prosperity

of people around the world.

A report published by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) states that

African forest elephants have declined by 62% in 10 years. The same report

adds that every 15 minutes, on average, an elephant is illegally shot down

on the African continent to feed an insatiable demand for ivory. The

illegal trade in wildlife products is leading to the extinction of wildlife

around the world by 2025.

In the Republic of Congo, the elephant is part of the fully protected

animal species, in accordance with Order No....

Wednesday, 20 September


Food for thought. OBLONG MEDIA

Only gullible, uninformed and untrained onlookers would fail to realise that it was the south east governors, for fear of More


Netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in Antarctica "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mr. Netanyahu, what a speech at the UN yesterday.

You opened with a boasting about the Israeli innovation nation, saying that were in the midst of a great revolution, a revolution in Israels standing among the nations, and that this is happening because so many countries around the world have finally woken up to what Israel can do for them. You boasted of having visited six continents in one year, and expressed hope to visit a seventh. This is where you talked about penguins:

I havent yet visited Antarctica, but one day I want to go there too because Ive heard that penguins are also enthusiastic supporters of Israel, you said. You explained that penguins have no difficulty recognizing that some things are black and white, are right and wrong.

You laugh, you said about that joke but Im not laughing. I think you should go to Antarctica. And stay. Hey, maybe you should attempt a Zionist colonization of Antarctica! The Zionist founder Herzl, whom you lauded as our modern Moses in your speech, he wasnt closed to such options! Argentina, Uganda why not Antarctica?? Look, I think it wouldnt be that silly really, because the colonized penguins they wouldnt resist. And if you gave them loads of fish well, hell, they might even begin to sing Hatikva, the Zionist national anthem!

Those Penguins, they would completely know whats what. Black and white. Obey get a fish. Resist no fish. Nowadays you are congratulating the far right Decision Plan for annexing the West Bank, which is also black and white: Accept Apartheid, leave, or face the wrath of Israel. Palestinians might not like this, they might prove difficult. Penguins will be much easier. Fish will do the trick. Theyll stay, and you can become the Caesar of the Caesar penguins! It will be glorious!

Having quoted Isaiah with I have made you a light unto the nations, you noted that Israels light is shining across the continents, bringing hope and salvation to the ends of the earth. Alas, not to the Palestinians.

Why save the whole earth, Netanyahu? Why not just save the penguins? They will love you for it! And we probably wont have to hear more drivel from you at the UN and many other places.

You also used the light unto the nations notion in relation to Iran, sending a message the Ayatollah Khemenei: The light of Israel will never be extinguished. Its kind of weird, because your own official government tr...


Activists Are Documenting the Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar but FB Is Censoring Their Posts "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIMEDIA)  Facebook is silencing Rohingya activists based in Burma (also known as Myanmar) and in Western countries, the Daily Beast reports. According to the report, Facebook has been removing posts documenting incidents of ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people, and these Facebook users are frequently having their accounts suspended or taken down.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority in Burma who have faced extraordinary persecution from the Buddhist majority. The Rohingya, among others, are not even allowed to vote in Burmese elections, though E.U. observers still praise the transparency and the credibility of the countrys elections to date.

The violence has been intensifying in recent weeks. A top U.N. official described a renewed offensive by the Burmese military as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. Residents attempting to flee the violence have allegedly been encircled and told by local Buddhists to leave or we will kill you all.

Why Facebook would feel the need to censor this behavior is unclear considering many world leaders with notorious human rights abusing relationships, such as the U.K.s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, have publicly spoken out against the violence currently taking place. Boris Johnson is the same man who said that if the U.K. didnt sell arms to Saudi Arabia currently waging a war of aggression in Yemen rife with banned munitions and criminal acts someone else would.

Despite this open condemnation of what is taking place in Burma right now, Facebook has decided to censor individual users who attempt to bring to light the true horror of whats happening on the groun...

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