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Thursday, 19 April


Interior Awards $17.68 Million Contract for Dam Modification in Utah to Tribal Company Native News Online

Steinaker Dam

Published April 19, 2018

Award Shows Commitment to Infrastructure Improvement, Tribal Economy

SALT LAKE CITY  The Department of the Interiors Bureau of Reclamation today awarded a $17.68-million contract to Weeminuche Construction Authority of Towaoc, Colorado, which is 100 percent owned by the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, for modification work at Steinaker Dam near Vernal, Utah.

This award represents the Administrations commitment to infrastructure improvement, public safety, and supporting the tribe in building its economy, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said.

Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman noted that, Beyond improving the structure of Steinaker Dam, this work will result in a safer facility that will better serve water users and protect the surrounding community.

Steinaker Dam impounds an important off-stream reservoir fed by flows diverted from Ashley Creek via a two-mile feeder canal. It is an important part of the Central Utah Project and provides reliable water for Vernal and Jensen Unit CUP lands. Restricted operations have been in place at the dam since 2014, when a slope failure was observed on the upstream face of the right abutment. Upon completion of work under this contract, Reclamation anticipates a return to full and normal operations at the dam.

The firm, fixed-price construction contract will correct the problem at the right abutment. The work will include extending the existing outlet works concrete conduit with a steel-lined, concrete-encased conduit upstream; constructing a new cast-in-place concrete intake structure; and reconstruction of the embankment, including flattening the adjacent upstream slope.

Reclamation previously completed a full environmental assessment of the modification project, which resulted in a January 2017 Finding of No Significant Impact.

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Red Lake to Host 13th Annual Youth Leadership Conference Native News Online

A fashion show was among the events at the 2017 Youth Conference

Published April 18, 2018

Theme is Healing Through Culture 
RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION The 13th Annual Red Lake Nation Youth Leadership Conference will be held Wednesday thru Friday, May 2 4, 2018, at Red Lake High School in Red Lake Minnesota. The conference theme this year is Healing Through Culture.
The conference will feature national and local presenters and performers, youth activities and banquet. Wednesday, Day One, will not begin until evening at 6 pm at the Red Lake Humanities Center and feature a fashion show, The 1491s comedians, and a round dance social.
Workshops and presentations will be held from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM on Thursday and Friday. As usual, several workshops will occur simultaneously. Topics will include healthy relationships, healthy eating, wellness and food sovereignty, laughter and medicine, healing through culture, hand drum making, moccasin and medicine pouch making, moccasin game teaching, and Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers.


Navajo Nation President Swears in New Veterans Advisory Council Member Native News Online

Navajo Nation Karessa Kee, Candice Pioche-Zunie, President Russell Begaye, Kim Silentwalker, Katrina Yazzie, Lt. Col. Tracey Clyde.

Published April 19, 2018

WINDOW ROCK President Russell Begaye on Tuesday administered the oath of office for Kim Silentwalker, who was sworn in as a member of the Navajo Veterans Advisory Council.

Silentwalker, of Round Rock, is an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, during which she was stationed in Herbert Field, Fla. Silentwalker is Todichinii born for Taheedlinii.

She will represent the Chinle Agency on the advisory council.

Established in the Navajo Veterans Act, the Veterans Advisory Council comprises 10 members: two representatives from each agency, one male and one female.

The Office of the President and Vice President (OPVP) welcomes Kim Silentwalker to the advisory council, President Begaye said. The advisory council plays a critical role in advising OPVP on veterans issues. We look forward to your perspective on issues facing your comrades and your fellow women veterans.

Lt. Col. Tracey Clyde, director of the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration, said he appreciates Silentwalker coming aboard. In her new role, Silentwalker needs to tap into the knowledge she gained in service.

Were on the same team and the same side of the fight, Lt. Col Clyde said. At the end of the day, we work together.

Maintaining good communication between the advisory council and OPVP is important, said Karessa Kee, an OPVP Executive Staff Assistant and veteran liaison. Kee said the duality in council membership is critical.

Its valuable to have this duality, she said. We need to use this to best guide the services that are afforded to our veterans.

Veterans Agency Council members Katrina Yazzie and Candice Pioche-Zunie thanked Silentwalker for stepping into her new role. Pioche-Zunie said it felt good to have another sister on board.

Yazzie said that shes always pushed for female representation on the advisory council.

How are men supposed to know what obstacles women face in the military? she asked. Female representation brings harmony into full balance.

President Begaye told Silentwalker that the Chinle Agency is a heavy load and that he lo...


A Forest of Canoes Opens in Toronto on April 27th Native News Online

Published April 19, 2018

TORONTO  The Bentway presents A Forest of Canoes by Dana Claxton, a site-specific installation co-commissioned with Scotiabank will open Friday, April 27 and will be on display through the spring and summer at The Bentway Skate Trail.

Vancouver-based artist Dana Claxton (Lakota Sioux) considers the iconic role and symbolism of the canoe in Canadian, Mtis, and Indigenous histories. Claxton works with photographs sourced from the Internet, adding layers of colour and graphic treatments for a Pop Art aesthetic.

A Forest of Canoes (2018) is presented as a series of 16-foot tall murals adhered to the columnar bents supporting the Gardiner Expressway.  Claxtons installation creates a forest of canoes, amidst the surrounding forest of high rises, to wander among and consider the layered narratives of The Bentway site.

From traditional imagery of birch bark canoes to contemporary leisure vessels, Dana Claxtons hyper-saturated depictions describe both digital and physical modes of travel, setting the stage for a dialogue between past and present, explains Ilana Altman, Director of Programming for The Bentway. It is important to me that The Bentway, which is located on the Treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the New Credit and the traditional territory of many other Indigenous nations, and which follows the original shoreline of Lake Ontario, participate in and stimulate those conversations.

While construction continues towards the completion of phase one, The Bentway has exciting plans for spring and summer pop-up programming. A Forest of Canoes will be featured in the Public Installation Bike Tour on May 26, (11am-1pm); The Bentway and Fort York National Historic Site are both participating in the 19th annual Doors Open Toronto on May 26 and 27; and The Bentway will participate in the Indigenous Arts Festival, produced by the City of Toronto and hosted by Fort York National Historic Site, June 21-24. More programming will be announced for spring and summer including the official opening of the Strachan Gate in August and the launch of the fall season.

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Days of palestine - Palestinian ex-prisoner: You sit there wishing you would die Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Days of palestine - Palestinian ex-prisoner: You sit there wishing you would die: Although they approved the visit for three mothers, including myself, a prison guard informed us during the visit that one of the mothers, who hadn't followed some rules, would be banned from seeing her child as a result. I refused to let them bring in some of the children and not others, so none of us got to see our kids that day.

I couldn't bear the thought of holding my daughter while she watched me, but I was crushed inside. I went into the canteen and broke down into tears.


Selin Girit // #Turkey's #antiwar protesters detained: 'Everything is a crime' - BBC News Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Turkey's anti-war protesters detained: 'Everything is a crime' - BBC News: The arrests began after a demonstration on campus that opposed other students handing out Turkish delight to hail the army's capture of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northern Syria.

The protesters had opened up a banner reading: "There should be no celebration of an occupation or a massacre."


Rifat Fareed // Asifa's rape and killing: The girl, her family and the accused | India | Al Jazeera Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Asifa's rape and killing: The girl, her family and the accused | India | Al Jazeera: For the next three months, the rape and murder of Asifa seemed to be just another case of sexual violence that is rampant in India but rare in Indian-administered Kashmir, until the barbarity and the plot came to fore in a 16-page charge sheet presented by the crime branch - a local investigating agency.

The investigation revealed that the rape and murder were systematic, preplanned and rooted in religious hatred harboured by Sanji Ram, a Hindu, against the Muslim nomadic community of Bakarwals.


Wladek Flakin // Erdogan Has Left-Wing University Students from Istanbul Arrested Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Erdogan Has Left-Wing University Students from Istanbul Arrested: [] Immediately, a witch-hunt against the activists began in social media, soon taken up by the mass media. The university rector defended the "free speech" of the Islamist students, while calling the anti-war activists "terrorists" without any further explanation. This is typical in Erdogans Turkey: Any opposition to the government is characterized as "terrorist". The AKP is trying to change the university law to make it easier to expel students from the university and silence criticism.

On Thursday morning, six students were arrested by the police in their homes. By noon that day, students had gathered at Boazii University to protest against the repression. Here, seven more people were detained by the police. Of the 13 arrested on Thursday, 7 were released the same day and 3 more on Friday. But a further activist was detained on Friday. So at the moment, four students remain in prison.

Most of the activists are from the Marksist Fikir Topluluklar (Community for Marxist Ideas, MFT) and the Sosyalist Emekiler Partisi (Socialist Labourers Party, SEP), Trotskyist organizations with a long tradition at the Istanbul university.


Event in #Utica: The #Rojava Revolution and the Battle Against ISIS Love and Rage Media Collective Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Event in Utica: The Rojava Revolution and the Battle Against ISIS Love and Rage Media Collective

by Utica IWW/Press Release

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 a panel discussion will be held at Mohawk Valley Community College about the Rojava Revolution in Kurdistan and the battle against ISIS. The event will take place from 7:00pm 8:30pm at MVCC in Utica, NY in the Information Technology Building (IT) in the Excellus Room 225 (it is not in ACC). The event is free and open to the public and is a part of the colleges cultural series.

In the midst of the tragedy of the Syrian civil war, the violent rise of ISIS and the authoritarian rule of the Turkish state arose a major social revolution in a place called Rojava. It is located in Kurdistan, an area populated by the Kurds who for years have been denied a nation to call their own and have been occupied by the Ottomans, British, Americans, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The Rojava Revolution started in 2011 in a number of Kurdish towns which carved out their own autonomous cantons where they have created a social revolution rooted in concepts of feminism, mutual aid, cooperation and participatory democracy.

It is here where women have taken the lead in the fight against ISIS and have successfully beat them back. It is here where the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party, has carved out an alternative to the systems envisioned by Islamic fundamentalists, authoritarian states and the Capitalist West. It is a system that many would call anarchist in nature and in practice.

This event will consist of a panel discussion including cofounder of the US Green Party Howie Hawkins, Rochester community organizer and Kurdistan solidarity activist Cresczenzo Scipione, IWW Organizer and Adjunct Professor of History Brendan Dunn, a  veteran of the YPJ militia who volunteered to fight in the revolution, and a Kurdish refugee.


Middle East Studies Association // Exposing Canary Mission: A Resource for College and University Leaders Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Middle East Studies Association: Canary Mission is a secretive but clearly non-academic political organization that uses its website to engage in defamatory attacks against college students who advocate for Palestinian rights, against student and other organizations engaged with this issue, and against faculty who teach, or speak publicly, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Canary Missions tactics threaten students right to pursue an education without harassment as well as the employment prospects of those whom the website targets by name, including undergraduate and graduate students but also untenured and contract faculty.

Its campaign of vilification should alarm educators who value academic freedom and free speech rights in their classrooms and on their campuses, along with deans and other university leaders whose job it is to ensure the safety and well-being of their students and to help them secure decent jobs after graduation. The Middle East Studies Associations Committee on Academic Freedom, which strives to combat threats to and violations of academic freedom in North America as well as in the Middle East and North Africa, believes that educating U.S. college and university leaders, faculty and students about Canary Missions goals, methods and impact is an urgent priority.


Thousands Gather in Las Vegas for National Indian Gaming Associations Annual Tradeshow & Convention Native News Online

Some 6,000 are expected to register for this years NIGA Tradeshow & Convention. Native News Online photographs by Levi Rickert

Published April 18, 2018

LAS VEGAS Thousands of employees of American Indian tribal casinos and others involved in economic development from Indian Country are in Las Vegas for the National Indian Gaming Associations annual tradeshow and convention.

National Indian Gaming Associations Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr. addresses attendees.


Joe Garcia, former president of the National Congress of American Indians, offered a prayer at the opening ceremony.


Attendees at last nights Chaimans Reception.


Wednesday, 18 April


Oklahoma Education Funds and Native Students Native News Online

Jacob McCleland / Oklahoma Public Media Exchange

Published April 18, 2018

TULSA Frustrated and hopeless, is how first grade teacher Sharon Winnie-Vann described feeling after she heard the teacher walk out ended without the desired increase in funding for education. Winnie-Vann has taught in Oklahoma schools for 24 years, the past 14 of which she has taught at Turkey Ford, a small, rural school in northeastern Oklahoma. The school has a large Native population and is located near Winnie-Vanns own tribe, the Seneca-Cayuga Nation.

When I first started teaching there [at Turkey Ford] we had band, we had choir, art. We had counselors. As cuts came through all that had to go. Now, we combine grades in the afternoon. It is very difficult to meet students needs. When I reached her by phone, Winnie-Vann went on to tell me that the schools science textbooks are over a decade old. The last time the small school was able to purchase new textbooks, they bought used books with help from a fundraiser.

Because of issues like these teachers, parents and administrators across Oklahoma staged a massive walk out to demand better staff pay and increased funding for education. The states teacher union ended the walkout after hitting a wall with state lawmakers, who only manage to pass revenue bills to generate $479 million of the $3.3 billion teachers demanded.

While factoring for inflation Oklahoma has decreased the states per pupil funding by 28 percent since 2008. Oklahoma...


Senate Committee on Indian Affairs to Hold Hearing on 30th Anniversary of Tribal Governance Native News Online

Published April 18, 2018 

WASHINGTON On Wednesday, April 18 at 2:30 PM EDT, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs will hold an oversight hearing titled The 30th Anniversary of Tribal Self-Governance: Successes in Self-Governance and an Outlook for the Next 30 Years.


WHAT:          A committee oversight hearing titled The 30th Anniversary of Tribal Self-Governance: Successes in Self-Governance and an Outlook for the Next 30 Years.

WHEN:         2:30 PM EDT, Wednesday, April 18, 2018

WHERE:       628 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Live video and written witness testimony will be provided here.


The Honorable Melanie Benjamin, Chief Executive, Mille Lacs Tribe of Ojibwe, Onamia, MN

The Honorable James Floyd, Principal Chief, Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma, Okmulgee, OK

The Honorable Carlos Hisa, Governor, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, El Paso, TX

The Honorable Arthur Butch Blazer, President, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Mescalero, NM

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Native Arts & Culture Foundation Names 2018 Mentor Artist Fellows Native News Online

(Top Row) Lily Hope, Aurolyn Renee Stwyer, Bryan Akipa (Center Row) Will Wilson, Lisa Telford (Bottom Row) Kathleen Carlo Kendall, Patrick William Kruse, Jason Garcia

Published April 18, 2018

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation has named eight artists who have been awarded a 2018 Mentor Artist Fellowship, who are listed below:

Contemporary Visual Arts

Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo Tewa) New Mexico. Jason Garcias contrast depictions of postmodern and traditional Native imagery perfectly portray the dichotomy of living in two worlds.

Kathleen Carlo Kendall (Koyukon Athabascan) Alaska. Kathleen Carlo Kendall is one of Alaskas most prominent sculptors, imbuing significant and fascinating cultural metaphors in each piece.

Will Wilson (citizen of the Navajo Nation) New Mexico. Will Wilsons vivid photography counterpoints the archival impulse embedded within the historical imageries of Native peoples, and he depicts the hazardous impact to environmental change in his photo-series entitled, Auto-Immune Response.



Cheyenne River Youth Project Receives $10,000 Grant Native News Online

Julie Garreau, CRYPs executive director, accepts check from Ginger Niemann, SDCF program officer,

Published April 18, 2018

PIERRE The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) presented a $10,000 South Dakota Fund grant to
Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Our relationship with the South Dakota Community Foundation goes back many years, and its always been one
of mutual respect and friendship, said Julie Garreau, CRYPs executive director. Theyve supported us in every
aspect of what we do, from building and maintaining our facilities to developing and enhancing our youth
programming. Were deeply grateful for this new investment, which will support our food sovereignty initiatives
here on the Cheyenne River reservation.

Funds will be used to assist with the purchase of the Keya Caf Food Truck which will enable the Cheyenne River
Youth Project to take their restaurant on the road, closer to the population of Eagle Butte and to other
communities across their reservation. The truck will also help with transporting their produce grown in their
two-acre pesticide free garden making it readily available for purchase.

The South Dakota Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Cheyenne River Youth Project and
support this entrepreneurial effort, says Ginger Niemann, SDCF program officer. Not only are they boosting
their budget but they are also making healthy produce and meals readily available for a good portion of their
community members.

The South Dakota Fund is an unrestricted fund that makes grants in support of culture, economic development,
education, health and human services. The SDCF awards grants throughout the year to nonprofits that meet
vital and diverse needs across the state.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in applying for future grants.


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Disappeared persons are in Sri Lankan detention camps claims released Tamil man | Tamil Guardian Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Disappeared persons are in Sri Lankan detention camps claims released Tamil man | Tamil Guardian: The 31 year old was arrested on April 26 2009 and held for almost 9 years. He was acquitted of all charges and released in December.

Many Tamil mothers claim that their children have been subjected to enforced disappearance, but many of their disappeared children are still living in detention camps going through untold agonies, said Nishanthan.

He went on to state that prolonged torture while in detention in the past have traumatized them to lose their identity and consciousness.


Deadliest U.S. Prison Riot in 25 Years Shines Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons Across Nation | Democracy Now! Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Deadliest U.S. Prison Riot in 25 Years Shines Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons Across Nation | Democracy Now!: At least seven prisoners died and 17 were seriously injured after bloody violence broke out Sunday night at a maximum security prison in South Carolina. It was the deadliest prison riot in the United States in 25 years. A coroner said all of the prisoners were stabbed, slashed or beaten. Six of the seven were African-American. No guards were hurt. In total, at least 20 prisoners have been killed by fellow prisoners in South Carolina since the start of 2017. One investigation found the number killed across the states prisons had quadrupled from 2015 to 2017. The states prison agency has also been hit with several lawsuits that outline a long history of violence and allege sometimes the violence is encouraged by guards. We speak with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Heather Ann Thompson, who wrote Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy.


Mariana Alvim // Pesquisa revela aumento de operaes e mortes em favelas do Rio aps assassinatos de policiais - BBC Brasil Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Pesquisa revela aumento de operaes e mortes em favelas do Rio aps assassinatos de policiais - BBC Brasil - "A polcia deveria ser a instituio que encerrasse o ciclo de violncia, mas ela perpetua", afirmou, em entrevista BBC Brasil. "A consequncia de uma morte fica para toda a unidade. No se olha para o policial que dividia uma rotina com o morto, ou para aquele que estava presente na ocorrncia ou foi ferido. Normalmente este policial aquele colocado em uma operao no dia seguinte, tendo at mesmo a folga cassada".

Os dados foram apresentados em 2017 pela pesquisa de mestrado de Coelho na Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro. Por meio de tcnicas estatsticas, o clculo foi feito de forma a neutralizar os efeitos da violncia local nos nmeros - evitando que os resultados reflitam, por exemplo, simplesmente o fato de uma rea ser mais violenta.


Syrien-Konflikt: OPCW-Team erreicht offenbar Duma | Aboriginal News Group Newswire

Syrien-Konflikt: OPCW-Team erreicht offenbar Duma | - Die Experten wollen in der einstigen Rebellenbastion den Ort untersuchen, an dem die syrischen Regierungstruppen nach westlichen Angaben mit Chemiewaffen zahlreiche Menschen gettet haben sollen. Die syrische Regierung hatte sich unter internationalem Druck bereit erklrt, dass OPCW-Experten den Ort des mutmalichen Giftgasangriffs untersuchen. //The experts want to investigate in the former rebel bastion the place where the Syrian government troops allegedly killed many people with chemical weapons. The Syrian government had agreed under international pressure that OPCW experts are investigating the location of the suspected poison gas attack.


NCAI President Jefferson Keel Responds to Senate Vote on Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act Native News Online

Published April 17, 2018

WASHINGTON Yesterday, the Senate failed to come up with the necessary votes to proceed with a full vote on the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act, an amendment to the National Labor Relations Act that would include tribes in the same exempt category as all other government employers in the United States. The Senate voted 55-41 in favor of moving forward with the legislation, but this tally fell short of the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.

Obviously, this is disappointing, said NCAI President Keel. But I want to thank the Senate for taking up this important issue, and thank each Senator for the time he or she spent to understand the issue and the nature of tribal governments. From the comments we heard on the Senate floor today, we still have much work to do to educating Congress about the fact that tribal sovereignty is not a conditional proposition. However, I am encouraged that we won a majority of votes, and that our issue made it to the Senate floor. We will be back.

NCAI President Jefferson Keel.

The purpose of the legislation is to fix a problem created by the National Labor Relations Boards decision to single out Indian tribes as the only form of government in the United States subject to the National Labor Relations Act. Over 90,000 other units of government in America, who employ over 21 million Americans, are not subject to the NLRA. The Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act is a crucial step for Congress to ensure that the United States consistently respects the sovereignty of tribal governments.

Keel continued: Everyone knows that the U.S. Constitution set up our federal system of governm...

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